Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1972

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Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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E F Yi 's ' 2 F? S? E W L , X if W E KK sf Q fa U 4 QE SI ii ii 6 - ? LA, W -11-1-.,...., -nm 6, T, 'M-'IK -,,'..sq.mff -, ..:, .,1Q.E1 Q.. mm .1 ' .- -M.. Lf Q45 XB, . 1 Q. if .H of A ' . in . 1 fm, an -1 --X, f f',,1 .Q-2""w VV, 5 ' 1+ 1111X--.WX W' 'wh N ' Y My :W V JV X..XXXwX Q Q his V ,qw nm . S V ., K W I I .X .X X V W-35"V ' XX 1 X 11'-' if " ,,,, N, , 1111- :Q 1 ,,, 1' X XX min, X1-Wx... ml ,,,,, XM, .X ll X X. "" "W N-nW':mX,,M W 1 'H' all 1 ' ' M " ,.-1 XX A M- 4n.."11 -1 M aw... 53,715 N , 0 'mm Mu 1Q-ff"3- ,.......q.w """' 1 - 1-111-11 112- XX 1 ,X 1-'-W-wi, M, W. .-Q.. Universiff , , ND W ,,. V ' ": . V V- - . , X. ,,1,c,,,,.- .- ,MX 1 - W' -1 Q-dank Q, -X, we .. P 1-it 11 1 'E Q MM Iv. 1, V MXWX vm. X XX X Vw V 1 1 11 -- . WX -M-X X M 4 11 1M WXXm1'1'T,: 1 Q, -A ,, QQ., W1 W. -X V , V .4 1 , 'Q' ,1 M.. ...itf-31, dl M X vw W M ff- .X.....W Q : X-.X M M vvwzxm W mu, .M . 'W 1v1y'1fMm Ehwmhw- F '11-Sf V X.-.X WJ' 1 .X ., -51, ,sn-. 1 "'11'W1111111'11 asf . M1 , 1 V VW N V 1 V VV 1V -2 VV --M... M A XXX1 X MXXXXXXX ""'X1i'.-,lm ' .11 XXW 1 111' ' 111+ 'Tim f-1 " ' 111. -1 X ' V wmX.1 1 " "sf, M' Y M ,MM " 'LN' 1111111 1- 451- ...X X-wq,VXX 3'3" """1!lw- 0- 'T' , , 'Min 'Vw " ' ,X,.X,,mmm11XXAV' 19" x X -1 X .- 1 vw - - ' - - ',- -'fl 11 --ne11 , ,,..1 -lv.-. , A 5- W ,,.X.wffXX.,5.,X. 'VKX 1- W 1 M. V XXCQ 1 5 -, WW... Y X X,,.,,,,,V 4 W N .. . . V "'l'l"1 AX. ,MV VXVVQAQKVV in A ' ' 1 , ' Q3 ' www?1.:7X1.g11.,nW.M11'111 ,V t 414 F W - X . - "' X.-r W: " ' X 1XVjv,Xw111 'K -. -6- 111 .,V1' 1 .11 '- .X ' 1 W" 6. XXAQQMXX M V 1 M F A ,Z A V ww K in M ""'1'1:"' 1 11111111 ,VVV1 -. wa 1 'ff-1 '01-liar -ef ,A 1. 1 ' 1 mf-,MX mmm WH H-w111M'N'-f 111 'QQ 551 1223 ww MX 1- "W MEAE. ' V ,Q V4.5 1, 4 V J, ,X mn ' ,XM Mmm-AX -X , -X VVf'V,1 V Ki if Awgzgifgf ff- ,Qin , 'HM--11 "1 M Wm 1f11 N -. , 1 Egg KS .hw D , , X ,V , , me ' Q X , 1 , se-131, W X N 1 . v zgzg.. 5-X , X 1 1 1111 -1, QA, arg' , 1-1 mX:11f1X X " mfr: , 'W ' 5, 1 ,a"LV ' A MN ,X U N VM X. WAHM., V V My .. xl' 1 ,,,, e .X X ,X M ,XX Wm 1 ""'W' ' --- -- X V , VV V. X ww. .X h y M I X V VV V1" , VV A . " "A -EW1 11 ww WW"'W1 11w'f"""W1W"15:"11fXm. W f1.X 1 N' 'fx -f . "W" 1 W1 Xu. M, w , ,XX11 X? A XXXW'T,XX1 m1mXXXXXXX.X V WMV-bQaw.iya1X' '11 ww ',,1,4QwX5'Q1XXX 11 ' 4- ' A f -nga., ' wa' Jw-,XXXXX VVWMMM-W --1 'Qa"11,mA XX ""' " -.M ,-1 ,XmX.,.i, AV V V X XX V 1 -WW11,WN1wX1XX1-Www, M JP www X X mv' 1 as, '1 1111 11+w'111 1' M PM ,, 11 """ . V, 49" tm X-1 11 1 1 . 1-11 X g X - X,,X..W 1 1 f- 1 X . 1 11 1 X MQ" ' X V. ff-1 A M dam t s .lqlimafr Mg, M1 V ' 'S , K 'HM y WX N M W' N 'lf SM i W' 1 1 1 'M""' 1 W1 X '1' ' WX, L--E , W1 V XW XX VW1 W V VW Q 1 1 ,W ,, """"'z'-'L 1-gf' 1 ' 2" , , Q-XWW ,W ' 1-ff, XX - ,hw M 14-WX 11 11' 1w11m11mM11w1 k M Qu? ' XX, X " X X V M Q.. .W W V ,,,, AV ,, L, N J XX WM W - ... . M, WW 1 V XXV 'VXEQA , V 1 ,M ,AA4 WW X Y X M M VV ' 1 ,ng ,X A 'um 11 XX 15712521 X X X XM X, : , ww 1 , , 1 ,f g, A X M W Q M K W1-HX. W 11 fm 1m'1XpX1XXXXwf1XXg1,y: . QX 312311 -if ' " A. 411.X.X X 1 W- 91 GRADUATES ....... . Puoro EssAY FACULTYAND STAFF .... .... 168 8 BEEHIVE '72 STAFF Editor: E James Kent Editor of Photography and E "Sunrise Haze" Photo Essay Jack Challem E Graduate Layout Designer: E E E E Carlos Serrano ' E Special Events Editor: Marnie Fournier in tAlurimi:Associazion Representative: i Mary: AnnpGaul A k 41 4, ., A-an - M-:wxwx-LQM,--,y,,.Xw.Q-X,,,fff, , , 4 1 ff V M -. . . . . V . 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H5 V W-we 5591 an W EMMA A Tleggis F3 f ' i f E' W Z 5, gi ff f 1 Wm, if ,, v-W K' r W Q, gf., 2 ,Q .5 'K ' 'Q 'EW 'ua' X 3, P X .X if ' ' fi? ,- -uw ' .J ' 4 I I wg ,paw , 1 3? 3 ' "3:"' wif, W VV U - g ,, is ,L fa 3 4 5 1 Q f qw M ww 'rm f 1 ,pei , ,S 2 dl., APRH.1972 G RADUATES BACHELOR OF ARTS LlBERAL ARTS Muchael G Adam Arthur Allen Thomas M Altergott Muchael F Altfeld Ruchard Hull Arons Jack S Barnette Nancy J Barry Wulluam Francus Barz Kathleen Ann Bearden WalterH Bearer Jr James Henry Blackwell Marlene Blechman Thomas George Bottum Ethel N Bowue Danuel Thomas Budenz Ceculua Mary Bush Sandra Lea Bush Carl CraugCaruthers Jack Joseph Challem Warren KungChapman Colleen T Connelly Carol J Creagh Jay Alan Dabbs Wulluam S Dolgun Curtus Dennus Drake Natalle S Dranoff ChrustopherJ Euruch AlexJ Farmakus Martun S Feldman Lubby Lou Fuala John S Flemung Vurgunua M Frank Earl Louus Freeman Muchael S Gaber Steven Alan Gaffen Lunda Goldman John L Green Jeffrey R Gullu Walter J Hallbeck Terrue Lee Hart Jeffrey M Haskln Carolyn Ann Henry Steven Van Huller George M l-lorowutz Donna Anne Hough Mary Joan Huck Melussa Anne lvers Denuse Mae Iverson Gregory B Johnson Ronald Jay Kaplan Samuel B Kaplan ChrustuneM Kazmuerczak Alexandra Kochman Tommy Kleun Ruchard Kotzyba Harry Robert Kowal Susan M Krause Eluzabeth A Kurtyka Paul Kurylak Warren H Langguth Robert L Leengran Deborah Bonruue Lewus Sandra Lewus Leonard F Lllla Marcua Ann Luss AnneJ Lonugro Rance B Lumsden Gary T Lynch Juan Manuel Mendez LouusV Narduello Robert Albert Nelson ChrustlneH Novak Phultp James O Bruen TerenceO Reully Wayne Paul Olkowsku Refugua C Palomar Barbara A Parks Ruta Pettunger John C Pletz Rlchard J Potrue Bruce Norman Powell De Forest Devron Puckett John F Rafferty Phyllus Remer Cheryl Lynn Ruback Juduth R Rolfs MuchaelJ Roman Cary S Rosenblum Margo lleen Rush Arnold Wayne Sandler Patrucua Ann Schaefges Sharon Sebastuan Arlene Sender Danuel Steven Severyns BrendaJ Shore RaymondJ Shute Chrustune Surotuak Robun Sulver Harriet E.-Helnz Marsha Sumkun Alan R. Summons Anuta Slav Roy Craug Sonenberg LottueJ. Stapor Mathew M. Stefan Kathleen M. Stewart Bruce W. Stone Mabel Jensen Sulluvan M1rk James Sulluvan Joseph Paul Surma Euleen M. Szczepanuk Neal D. Tarshus Susan P. Taylor Ted Mltchell Temkun Patrucua T. Thomas Danuel Edward Tuetz Joseph Paul Tufo Cynthua A. Turbevulle Bruce Muchael Urso Gregory John Uthe Ronald Peter Ver-Kuulen Shurley Vulum Muchael P, Walker Susan E. Walther RobertJay Wasserman Martun Allen Wasserstrom Danuel Robert Wood Samuel R. Wrught CaroluneM. Wysocku Ronald J. Zaloudek Willuam Albert Zummerman Ray W. Zographos BACHELOR OF ARTS - TEACHER EDUCATION ElkaAbrar1'lchlk Lena M. Accuaru AnutaJ. Auello Patrucua Lynn Alvey Avrul K. Alward Judy Lynn Anderson Sharon Avant Beatruce Azruel Karen E Bachewucz Cathy Ann Backes Mary Louuse Balfettu Sharon Joy Baun Mary K. Balcom Joyce Lenore Barnett Maureen Joanne Barry Charlotte B. Baumgartner Erleen Mae Becker Glorua Lynn Becker Elyse Hope Berke LundaJ. Berlun Lots Arlene Buss MargaretJane Bloom Lunda Lee Boouust Susan Lynn Born Marlene M. Borowsku Melody C. Bruckley Robert H. Bruxner Michele D. Bryson Nadune Anne Buchholz Babette Buffington Joanne H. Bulett Katherine Burgess Thelma Bushnell Lynne M. Carpenter Elsue L. Carreon Cynthua Marie Castagna Joseph Frank Catalano Luusa Cepero Joan M. Cerasanu Susanne M. Chavuch Lunda M. CHOUCVIS Frances L. Chrustensen Barbara Esta Cohen Jenuse R. Cohen StewartJoel Cohen Stephanue Faye Colton Davud Melvun Comrov Suzanne P. Cook Damel Phulup Creely Rose MarueCulotta Gerald L. Danuel Ida Danuels Dorothy A. Davus Wayne Alan De Fellce Dorothy E. De Francusco James G. De Julto Duane Dale De Young Juduth Angelune Demma Ronalda Susan Deutch Lavonne M. Dumutroff Helen M. Doyle Ellen B. Echales Lunnea Lee Eckholm Mary Ann Egoavll Edwtna A. Erlemann Lynn Sandra Etturuger Charlene Faur Judy P. Farby Sheryl Lynn Feunberg Sharon L. Fulczer Felucua Rose Fullupan Susan R. Fine Paul W. Bartels 1 20 Jolune Fush Marlene Kay Flemung Mary C. Flesch Susan D. Flucker Olga Irene Flores Mary Ann Fok Susan Day Freedman Thomas H. Fruschmann Luanne K. Fritz Linda J. Frohardt Grace A. Fuoco Patrucua B. Galunsku Angela Jo Ann Ganuos Ronald Lewus Geusherrner Ruchard Gary Gelb Sue Anne Gerchukov Lunda Louuse Gercone Paula D. Gerowutz Elaune Marsha Gertler Ronald W.Gulluat Phyllus E.Glaszer Barbara Ann Goldutsky Muchael Steven Gore Chrusttna Gozdeckl George Thomas Greco Sandra Verontca Gregory Roger R. Hanna Catherune E. Hayes Glorua Gaul Heuns Muchael Charles Herman Marletta A. Hlrsch Bonnue Hoffman Charles M. Horvath Lynnette Howell Jane L. Hughes Davud Wayne Huttunen Nancy Penneoaker Ieuter Susan A. Jablonsku Reguna Jackson Sharon A. Jaenel Deborah K. Janus Mary Jo Jaroscak Jane H. Jeffery Esthe. R. Johnsen Duanne Jost LouuseAbbottJouse Muchael Kafenshtok Nancy L. Kanaby James Robert Kanuk Robert Kapreluan Susan B. Keene Januce L. Klimek lleeneJ. Knueser Donna M. Kolesnuk Barbara Jean Koller Harruet R. Kolllas Lunda Ann Kovak Margaret Ann Kowal Karen J. Kowalski Chrustune M. Kucharz Duane Mare: Kuzma Susan L. Lanes Ruta M, Laskowsku Paul D Latuszek Lunda Lee Lease Alan John Lee Susan G. Lesser Sheula Ree Levun Joan E. Lewus Merle Fran Luberman John T. Llpecku Nancy Ann Locke Lots Joy Lundouist Robert Howard Lynch Jr. Donna M. Marcus Marcy Anne Mark Arlene Jean Marsalek Esther F. Marx Bertha Mary Matsukas James J. Matzuka Carol Ann McBrude Sheula A. Medow Joan M. Mercuruo Joan E. Meyer Nancy Beth Muchaelson Laura Ann Mugdow Vlctorua Mllneck Mary M. Moltne Jacquelune R. Moore Muchele Dee Moses Danuel Joseph Murray Mary Alice Nucola Judlth Ann O'Bruen Karen T. O'Bruen Roberta June Ocampo John Karl Omlschl Pamela Mae Osucha lvlargue Owuder Patnck Vuto Paese Jeralyn Sue Pagen Mary Ann Paglunu James D. Pausley Lunda Ann Pannos Rose L. Parker La Verne C, Pavel Margaret M. Peck Margaret Ann Peran Carol R. Funk Llnda Ann Peterseru Jan Gall Peterson Loretta A. Plentowgku Steven Mark Puerce Adele C. Putts Wulluam Frank Placzek Rrchard S. Pollak Olga T. Popowych Pamela Ellen Posar Alexandra A. Pradella Nancy M. Preddy Connue Marte Puls Phulup Ned Raffaell Judufh Ann Reed Sandra L. Regula Anka Reuna Helle Remmet Mary Isabel Reyes Ellen M. Ruce Dons N. Ruchter Renee Eluse Ruesenm Carolyn K. Dunn Roberts Joseph A. Rosaruo Lynn M. Ross Wendy Lee Ross Lunda Susan Rothman Lunda Mae Rothsteun Nancy l. Ruduch John E. Ruskuls Vuolet Ruth Russell Barney J. Rutkowskr Shurley R. Sabun Ana Eluzabeth Sarracen Debra Sue Sax Susan R. Schuavone James Edward Schranz lrus Holly Schwartz Mary Ellen Segerson Beverly I. Serota Bernardune Ann Serwa Paul Edward Shannon Sanford Francus Shannon Janune Ann Shramek Shurley Jean Sulverman Bettye D. Sledge Maruna L. Slocum Nancy L. Slosberg Maureen Ann Smuth Rosemary Kelly Sobol Januce Kay Solus Danuel Glenn Spetner leva Sprogls M. Reguna Starr Marlene N. Steln Lynette A. Stern Ronald D. Stevens Gayle A. Stewart Andrea Joy Stutland Alison May Sulkun Helen Crum Sundberg Vera Ann Suvada Eugenua Szafalowucz Patricua Ann Szymczak Llnda S. Tanaka Charlene M. Taubman Dlane Donal Taylor Gaul Marue Tazuolu Gaul T:bbalS Duane M. Tluczek Joan M. Toepper Lula Trotsky Nancy Tuckman Barry G,Turnbull Claudua J. Uhde DuanaJ. Llsalus Muchael Thomas Vassalla Valerue A. Vugluetta Susan Jane Vutos Bonuta Emuly Vourvouluas Esther V. Wagner Judy A. Warman Ellyn R. Welsbach Lusa Welsbach Betty Weuss Mark B. Weussbaum Ethel Welles Karen C. Weller Jerry Werenucz DavudJ. Werner Sharon Ann Werner Randu Lee Wexler Pat M. Whltson Lulluan Wlaz NellteMarle Wuley Robert Edward Walken Thomas Danuel Wulluams Margaret Mary Wulson Rose Wlmsberg Barbara Jayne Wuschnua Mary Ann Dorothy Wloch Katherune Mane Woods Carol Clark Young Donna Therese Zuegler Lorel Lee Zuerk Andrew Allan Zummerman Paula Lynn Zutch Dennus Anthony Perullo Y m"""hm,,, LENA M. ACCIARI Abbott Linnea Ann Dean si-lonor List Abramcnik Elka Acciari Lena Mane Dean s High Honor List Dean sl-lonor List. Aiello Anita Jenard- Albanese Constance Ann - Aitergott. Thomas Martin - Economics, Intramural Baseball. Alvey. Patricia Lynn - Dean's High Honor List. Deans Honor List. AIward.Keith A.- Anderson, Judy Lynn - De-an's Honor List. Bachewicz Karen Elizabeth Dean s Honor List Backes Cathy Ann Lambda Sigma Alpha Baffetti Mary Louise KAREN E. BACHEWICZ JUDY L. ANDERSON MARY L. BAFFETTI PAUL BARTELS n Sharon o Dean s High Honor List Dean 5 Honor List Folk DanceClub Ba corn Mary K Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Bartels Paul Dean s nor List, llia Champion C1969-715, Student Representative to Math Dept. Becker, Eileen - Dean's Honor List, Intramural Volleyball. Becker, Gloria Lynn - Association for Child- hood Education, Dean's Honor List. Ber in inda June Women s Pool Champion 1971 Buss Lois Arlene Dean S Honor List Blechman Marlene Sandra Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List lvl E N C B uist. Linda ee - Lambda Sigma Alpha. Stu- dent Council for Exception- al Children Intramural Volleyball. Born, Susan Lynn - Men- tors. Para Psych Club. Bottom. Thomas - Dean's Honor List. LINDA L. BOQUIST LINDA J BERLIN rf' WH' "AN ' K . BORN SUSAN L, 24 MARLENE S. BLECHMAN THOMAS BOTTUM ROBERT H. BFUXNER Breckenfeld. Darrell - Band. Dean's Honor List, Print. Opera Workshop. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Intramural Basketball. Brickley, Melody Carole -HistoryClub. Brixner, Robert l-l. - German Club, Newman Club. Bryson. Michele Denise -Dean's Honor List. Buchholz. Nadine Anne - Physical Education Major. Physical Health Club, Snychronaut. Burgess. Katherine Lois - Association for Child- hood Education. Black Heritage. Black Caucus. Chorus. Pom Pom Girls CCaptainJ.Spanish Club, CYNTHIA M. CASTAGNA Castagna, Cynthia M.- Cepero, Luisa - Spanish Club. Challem, Jack J. - Beehive Yearbook, Dean's High Honor List Print, Northeastern Publica- tions, Honors Convocation. Chavich, Susanne Mary - LUISACEPERO JACK J. CHALLEM LINDA CHOPORIS A 1, , SUSANNE M. CHAVICH FRANCES L. CHRISTENSEN tm.,mmwstswww--fifmf:1m- ""-"""""' Choporis Linda Deans Honor List Geogra phy Club Honors Convocation CLeadershipj ln tramural Basketball Volleyball CWomen sl ln tramural Volleyball CCoedj Orchesis Physical Education Majors Physical Health Club Scuba and Allocations Committee Christensen Frances L Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Comrov David Dean s Honor List Intramural Basketball Football Volleyball TableTennis Club, Student Activities Council, Student Fees DAVID COMROV I I , ,.,i,,,,, CAROL J CREAGH ROSE Nl. CULOTTA Creagh,Carol J. - Culotta, Rose Marie - Dean's Honor Dabbs, Jay A. - Stage Players, Interpreters Theatre. WAYNE A. DE FELICE Delfelice, Wayne Alan - JAY A. DABBS 1 JAMES o. oEJuLio DOROTHY E. DE FRANCISCO De Francisco Dorothy Estelle Dean s High Honor List De Julio, James Gilbert Forensics Union, FRE. Major, Physical Health Club, Intramural Volley- ball, Golf, Badminton, Softball, Football, Demma, Judith Angeline - Association for Childhood Education. JUDITH A DElVllVlA - i .., Magma.-. - m High Honor List, Honor Convocation, Twenty-One Plus CPresident, Vice- Presidentj, Phi Alpha Theta. Echales, Ellen Bernice - Dean's Honor List. Egoavil, Maryann - Dean's Honor List. Eirich, Christopher James - Dean's Honor List, Geography Club. Physical Health Club, Student Activities Coun- oil. Student Government. Intramural Volleyball, Football, Basketball. Ettinger, Lynn Sandra - Fair. Charlene - Deans High Honor List. Doyle, Helen Nl. V Dean's I CHRISTOPHER J. EIRICH MARYANN EGOAVIL CHARLENE FAIR OLGA FLORES Fine, Susan Renee - A.C.E. Flesch, Mary C. - Deans Honor List. Fiores,OIga - Frank, Virginia Mae - Psi Chi Honor Society, Sigma Alpha Eta. Fritz, Lianne Katherine - Dean's High Honor List Dean 5 Honor List Frohardt Linda Band Dean s High Honor Lust Dean s Honor List Lamb da Sigma Alpha Spanish Club Exchange Program University of Puerto Rico Fuoco Grayce Anne Alpha Rho Omega COfticer Social Coordinatorj Bugg House Square Special Education Club Stage Players Student Council for Exceptional Children Gaffen Steven Alan Dean s Honor List Ecology Club History Club Print CPolitical Editorj Political Science Club CProgram Coordinatorj, Intramural Football, Parapsychology Club. Ganios, Angela - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club. Geisheimer, Ronald L. - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation, Stage Players. Gerchikov, Sue - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Gercone, Linda Louise - BARBARA A. GDLDUFSKY Gertler, Elaine IVI. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Foren- sics Union. SPAN, Stu- dent Government 4Com- mitteesj. Student for Israel. Glaszer, Phyllis Elizabeth - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Goldman, Linda - Dean's High Honor List. Deans Honor List, Hon- ors Convocation, Nationf al Student Speech and Hearing Association CPresident, Treasurerj. Goldufsky Barbara Ann - Deans High Honor List, Deans Honor List, Student Council for Ex- ceptionalChiIdren. Gore, Michael Steven- Gozdecki, Christina - JEFFREY R, GULLI JEFFREY Nl. HASKlN Haskin Jeffrey Nl Dean s High Honor List Print Stage Players Travel Committee CChair many Commuter Center Activities Board lVlem ber SPAN Dept of Speech and Performing Arts Curriculum Committee. Heins. Gloria G. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Bowling League, Computer Science Club, Dean's High Honor List, Earth Science Club. Heinz, Harriet E. - Band, Dean's Honor List, Sigma Alpha Iota. HE NZ E, HARRIET STEVEN V. HILLER ,gf ' iller Steven Van H Y ' . Honczaruk, Helen - Dean's Honor List, New- rnanClub. Hough, Donna Anne - Interpreters Theatre Lambda Sigma Alpha, Mentors, Student Activi- HELEN HONCZARUK ties Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon qSvveetheartj. , -w a. - - DONNA A. HOUGH DAVID W. HUTTUNEN LYNNETTE HOWELL Howell Lynnette - Dean's High Honor List, Huttunen. David Wayne - Varsity Tennis Team. leuter, Nancy Pennebaker - Deans High Honor is . Dean's'Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Orchesis. L t TER lEU NANCY P. Jablonskl Susan A Lambda Sigma Alpha Jackson Reglna Dean s Honor Lust Honors Convo catlon Mentors CPresldent Vnce Presrdentb Rom Pom Glrls Student Actlvltles Council Chorus Chamber Slngers Madrlgal Slngers Concert Committee CChaur many Honors Convocation Committee Jaenel Sharon A Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Deans Honor Lust History Club Honors Convocation Phu Alpha Theta Janus Deborah Dean s Honor Lust Student Coun or Exceptional Chlldren Janusz Susan Katherine Dean sHonorLlst Jaroscak Mary Jo Dean sHonorL1st DEBORAH JANIS SHARON A. JAENEL WW--use MARY JO JAROSCAK Kanabay Nancy Llnda Bowl :ng League Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Deans Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Honors Convoca tlon Mentors Newman Club P E Majors CVrce Presldentj Pnyslcal Health Club Student Actlvltles Council Intramural Women Basketball Volleyball Tennis Badminton Varslty Women Basketball Volleyball Softball Kanlk James Deans Honor Lust Ecology Club Economics Club Intramural Football Bas ketball Volleyball Kaplan Ronald Jay Band Dean S Hlgn Honor Lust Percus sion Ensemble Brass Ensemble Kllmek Janice Deans Hlgh Honor Llst Honors Convoca tlon Twenty One Plus Knleser lleeneJanlce RONALD J. KAPLAN X JAMES KANIK ILEENE J. KNIESER J Koller Barbara Jean Deans Honor Lust New man Club Student Councul for Exceptuonal Chuldren Kolluas HarruetR Deans Honor Lust Student Coun or Exceptuona Chuldren Kovak Lunda Deans Hugh Honor Lust Deans Kowal Harry Robert Kuzma Duane lVlarue Deans Hugh Honor Lust Dean sHonor Lust LSA Laskowsku Ruta Deans Honor Lust P E lVla ors CTreasurerj Physucal Health Club Intramural Volleyball Basketball Var suty Volleyball Spanush Club cuu u ' ' l Honor List, y HARRY R. KOWAL Latuszek, Paul David- Lease, Linda Lee - Dean's Honor List, P.E. Major, Physical Health Club, Student Govern- ment, Intramural Volley- ball, Women's Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. Levin, Sheila Ree - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation. KLAL, Lewis, Sandra - Dean's Honor List, Stage Players. Liberman, Merle - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Ger- man Club Newman Club, StudentGovernment. Locke Nancy A.-Cheer' leaders, Deans Honor List, Gymnastics P.E. lVlajors,Russian Club. Lynch Robert Howard Dean s Honor Lust Stage Players lVlauor Joyce Nlarue Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor lust Honors Convocatuon CAcaclemuc5 Nlarslaek Arlene J ceptuonal Chuldren lVlarx Esther F Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Honors Convocatuon lVle-dow Sheula Ann Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Stuclent floqncil for' EZ Novak Chrustlne H DeansHonor Lust O Brien Karen Dean s Honor Lust Sigma Tau Sngma O Brien Phllnp James Anthropos Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Ge ography Club StudentAlde for Anthropology Psychol ogy Depts and Security Servuces Ocampo Roberta Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Olkowskl Wayne Paul Chamber Orchestra Ornuschl John Karl , . V 1 v 1 I . , . . ROBERTA OCAN1 PO PHILIPJOBRIEN JOHN K. OIVIISCHL VICTORIA ANNE MILNECK - 1 fl!" NANCY BETH MICHAELSON Mendez Juan Manuel Dean s Honor List Politi cal Science Club Spanish Club Mercurio Joan Dean S High Honor List, Honors Convocation. Michaelson, Nancy Beth - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Milneck,Victoria Anne- Moses, Michele D. f As- sociation tor Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List. . , -v -1--uu1--n - mwmm use-rlsrswws f A N-nm-mmm N Mm- .M -sw , L .Nm JERALYN S. PAGEN Osucha, Pamela - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, Hon- ors Convocation, LSA CTreasurer, Pledge Moth- erl, Linguistics C , Mentors Student Marshall Owider Margie Dean s High Honor List Pagen Jeralyn S Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Men tors Student Council for Exceptional Children Student Aide for Student Teaching Staff Palomar Refugia Spanish Club Pannos Lincla Parker Rose Lillian Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Histo ry Club Psi Chi Honor Society Psychology Club Student Council for Ex ceptional Children Twen ty One Plus X Pavel LaVerne Claure rth Scuence C u Twenty One Plus Peck Margaret Mary Dean S Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Hustory Club Spanush Club Petersen Lunda Dean Hugh Honor Lust Dean Honor Lust Peterson Jan Dean Hugh Honor Lust Dean Honor Lust P tunger Ruta R DeansHugh Honor Lust Puentowsku Loretta Anto unette Art Club Deans Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Orchesus LINDA PETERSEN RICHARD S. POLLAK Pierce, Steven Mark- Pitts, Adele Christine - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, LSA, Spanish Club. Pollak, Richard Scott - Interpreters Theatre, Stage Players. Popowych Olga Tamara Deans Honor List RussianClub Potrue Richard Powell Bruce Deans High Honor List Dean s Honor List Veteran Club 1 ,ff Pradella, Alexandra Anna - Chorus Fencing Club German Club, Nl.E.N.C., Sigma Alpha lota Dean s High Honor List Dean Honor List. Raffaelli Philip Ned - Dean s High Honor List. Dean s Honor List Physi- cal Education Majors, Physical Health Club, Student Government. ln- tramural Football, Volley- ball Basketball. Reed Judith - Dean High Honor List Dean's Honor List, Mentors. Reina, Anka -Chemistry Club. Remmet. Helle - Bowl- ing League. Dean's High Honor List Dean s Honor List Folk Dance Club Gymnastics, Orchesis Physical Education lVla- jors, Physical Hea h Club. Riback Cheryl Lynn- HELLE REMMET Xi 2 ...Nl .45 ., ...- .5 f a ,f KN.. . 'Ns-"' ,4a1l!A....-- , W X'-.wiv iw sr . 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' ,I K, ' ,,,,4l' mv-1 - ' A f-- --2 - xffnxgt, sr 3, 1 cgfgfmi -:er-asf . - 'r V-- -,...,.-.r H '. 5 V 4 H 1. -gov" '-:IQ-, 35 -'V"':tLQ -- :L f ' inf - - -af - Q "fill-:--I' . , . v ' sz-?:,g.s , -23:41 gp ... 3, kgpiasf if:,.3,K4 ,,g35,5,,. ,1r'.g.5?? ,,,. I an- V. - ,L r 1-., 'r ' - f 4' - ff., was 5.25. Q, ,gf--fa-1-'. --: e,V5 f " I, 1,1 - W? P -.. -,,. , ,giiv f 3 ,e z xl D ,wif--rm-fu. . ,A . V -.1 E V 1 if --5, 1i.g.'1s " ' f ' V... . .V.. iQ1'1'-55 .174 , ,I Q -2' - 'P ' Ve--' .fi ,f , -V V 'f -Y .i. w"13.s.1 -fx 'K - g:g.,1Vm.- A If .!f,,f!f:-' 1 ' A V, .W L, 8. M D" ,,ig"i2,, wg ,, mf . +L-'PJ V K- , vga E5 .gif - I ,+,53.i,. , ' "V ,J if 251533330344 , . 1 diff. , 1 IM. , - 'V . -'es-mi at Q .. ,p f ' ' ef-,.,i wc -- ,Q-V. ' ' . V- . :,, 'Y , " ..-:V:,r,-1. 4u1,g- 53 .alfa aff- -.. '35-V '- 2"-4 ' W f I ' wr - - -as' wzia- ff- if H- . -,WV .' 5- 2 ' ?+fi.w Qif'1.xJ.- fx - RENEE ELISE RISENIVIY LINDA SUSAN ROTHIVIAN JOSEPH A. ROSARIO Richter. Doris - Risenmy. Renee Elise - Dean's Honor List. Rosario, Joseph A. F '- ology Club. Rosenblum,Cary Steven- Ross. Lynn lVlarie - Dean's Honor List, Gym- nastics, Orchesis, P.E. IVlajors, Physical Health Club, Student Govern- ment, Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, Basketball. Rothman, Linda Susan - Dean's High Honor List. -,E rw 4,1 ,Q 1 Rudlch Nancy Yvonne Assocnatnon for Chlld hood Education Dean S Honor Lust Ruskuls John Edward Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Lan gulstlcs Club Spanish Club Intramural Foot ball Basketball Rutkowskl BarneyJ Sabin Shirley Ruth Twenty One Plus Sandler Arnold Wayne Dean s Honor Lust Hon ors Convocation KLAL Ps: Chl Honor Society Psychology Club Student Fees 81 Allocation Corn mittee Student Govern rnent Student for Israel Veterans Club Young Republncans Ad Hoc Commlttee for Budget Override Sarracen Ana Elizabeth Black Caucus Black Hentage Spanlsh Club Young Republicans SHIRLEY R. SABIN A. SCHAEFGES PATRICIA CD 0 3' sm rv -,. U0 ro ff' 'U m ,-+ I. ' Q. m JP :x 3 ER SEND NE ARLE EK NEA. SHRAM N JA Schiavone. Susan R. - Association for Chiid- hood Education, Dean's Honor List. Schranz,James- Serwa, Bernadine Ann - Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation QLeade-rshipj. Lambda Sigma Alpha fpresidentj, Mentors, Student Aide CRecords Officey Linguistics Club. SUSAN R. SCHIAVONE BERNADINE SERVVA RAYMOND J. SHUTE JAMES SCHRANZ PAUL E. SHANNON Shannon. Paul Edward - Dean's Honor List Shramek,Janine Ann - Shute. Raymond Joseph - Chemistry Club Sender, Arlene - Dean's Honor List Simkin, Marsha - Dean's Hi h Honor Li g st, Deans Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Pep Club. Slay. Anita - Art Club, Physical Health Club, Sociology Club. Sledge, Bettye Dorothy - Honors Convocation Psychology Club. Silverman, Shirley Jean - Dean's Honor List. , ...3..1 Himuvnum -Wynn.-E.,-awww-V W f-..,w,f- - ANITA SLAV 1 I t: E an Qi Z l.i.l L1..l oc D fl E l Smith, Maureen A. - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's High Honor List, Deans Hon- or List. Sprogis, leva - Association for Childhood Edu- cation, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Stefan, Mathew - Chess and Checkers, Eco- nomics Club. RONALD D. STEVENS Stein Marlene Nancy Dean s High Honor List Dean sHonor List Stern Lynnette A r Club Stevens Ronald D Anthropos Stewart Kathleen Nlarie Band, Bowling League, Dean s Honor List, Sigma Tau Sigma. Sullivan, Mark James - Dean s Honor List Intra- mural Football, Basket- ball Baseball, Varsity TennisTeam. Suvada Vera Ann - Dean s High Honor List, De-an's Honor List. Szafalovvlcz Eugenla Dean s Honor Lust Flying Club Folk Dance Club Interpreter s Theatre Russuan Club Span :sh Club Square Dance Club Stage Players Szymczak Patrlcla Ann ans Hugh Honor IS Dean s Honor Lust Ps Chu Honor Soc CTreas Secb Stdnt Govt Ad Hoc Com Cent Bldg Comm Rep to Ill Bd of Hlgher Educ Stdnt Advlsor Comm Fllm Comm b Extended Hrs Com CChrmnJ Com Center Act Tanaka Llnda Sachlko D an s Hugh Honor Lst Deans Honor Lrst Student C unczl for Exceptional Children Taylor Dlane Donal Black Caucus Black Heritage Hlsto ryCIub Taylor Susan Patrlcla Al pha Rho Omega Cl-llstorlanj Young Republicans Chamber Singers Nladrlgal Singers Chorus Tlbbals GallG DIANE D TAYLOR 1 LINDA S. TANAKA Mum CYNTHIA S. TURBEVILLE Tluczek, Diane Marie - Honors Convocation, Lambda Sigma Alpha CVice-President, Pledge Nlotherj, Student Activi- ties Council fSecretaryj. Toepper. Joan Marie - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Turbeville, Cynthia Sulas- ki - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honor Convocation Ps' Chi Honor Society Turnbull Barry Gordon Deans High Honor List Dean s Honor List Physical Health Club Student Aid Turo Joseph Paul Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Honor Convocation Usalis Diana Jane SUSAN VITOS Vitos, Susan - Association for Childhood Edu- cation, Deans High Honor List, Dean's Honor Vourvoulias, Bonita Emily - Association for Childhood Education. Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Wagner, Esther V. - Association for Childhood Education Dean's Honor List. Warzala Pola lVl. - Sociology Club. ESTHER V. WAGNER Wasserman, Robert Jay - Boxing Club CPresif dentj, Dean's Honor List, Political Science Club. Wasserstrorn, Martin Allen - Folk Dance Club, German Club. Weissbaum, lVlark Bennett - Art Club, Biology Club. Ecology Club, Student for Israel. Veteran Club. MARK B WE SSBAUIVI . KAREN C. WELLER Weller, Karen Christina - Association for Child- hood Education, Pep Club. Welles Ethel- Whitson, Pat - A.C.E., Dean's High Honor List Dean s Honor List, Freshman Grientation Lead- ers CMentorsj Physical Education Majors. Physi- cal Health Club, Intramural Volleyball. Werner, Sharon Ann - Dean's Honor List. SHARON A. WERNER ROBERT E. WILKEN Wiki gh, to I MARGARET lVl.WlLSON ETHEL WELLES PAT WHITSON Wilken Robert Edward Physical Education Majors Physical Health Club Intramurals Wilson Margaret Mary AC E Commuter Center Board of Managers Northeastern Publi cation Peace Council Student Council for Ex ceptional Children. Women s Liberation, Young Democrats QPresidentD, Young Republicans, F.F.C., lntervarsity Pagan Fellowship - Ombudswomen. Wischnia. Barbara J, - Physical Education Ma- jors, Physical Health Club. RBARA J. WISCHNIA BA H- li Wloch Maryann Dorothy Assoclatron for Chlld hood Education Dean S Honor Lnst Newman Club Wood Daniel Robert Wysockl Carollne Dean sHonor Lust Zlerk Lorel Lee Bowl :ng League German Club Zummerman Andrew AI en Zographos Raymond Wayne Ps1Chu Honor Society LOREL L. ZIERK Il x 1 K N W mm ul ul" TM H.. f i 1 M +"WN'NW 'mmMmmmmmmwmmxx mx , U MQQHW 3 WWW MMM" Y wmmmm-FgMuu11l1 1 55 ff' W i fVWQv 1 ' i Nw I Q v UU' ,lx Ex 1 gg? E 'I li ,nk ' ,Q s A x b 1 few 1 " x: - ' 31 fy , ff A? Hkiyfk , We y H 'X' ?s 'xftwvf' iff 'fa if x v 'S 'J X a 32 31 I by ahvbt. ,AFM as H N Sk s 51 6,3 4: 541- Sp Q X S 5 Jaw f ' f ' ,r . 4, 3, 4 ,fx , 4 im R 2.1 -g L, K Q 3, 'ik . V! ' J x 1 iw E . W 1 Sit ff i ilk Ui? My H X 3 Q A u ' is ,X ' -2. me be ,,-nf,x 4L X 4 Q. H, w .ks :A vm W 32' " f it X Q ml- 'hs I! Ay we ' X N X 34 - if A if + wg -fx ,, f Q f X . f :Fm , 411342 M ,Q mi- .fi Q QL Q ,M Iv-M M, W EW Wm W N , Q ggi 19 X M1 ww-1, X 2 f. M 46 a"-, w , . w W M ,X NZ 'M- x, 1972 GRADUATES BACHELOR OF ARTS - LIBERAL ARTS Linnea Ann Abbott Christopher G. Banakis Eugene Barnes Douglas John Barnett John Raymond Barwick Reinhard N. Basting Carol Ann Bauer Geoffrey Steven Bent Sarah R. Bergmann Dennis M. Berns Jules E. Beuck Boleslaw Bielenin Maury Edward Birtman Cathy J. Bixby Bernice M. Bloom Russell G. Born James Weigler Boscamp Michael F. Bruckner Robert T. Butka Wayne A. Buttermore Eleazar E.Cano Barbara Jeanne Carton James J. Caserio Carol Joan Chaney Donald Lawrence Chapman Patrick Albert Collins Terry P. Collins Frank A. Coppola Phyllis L. Crystal James Robert C,erwinski Marshall W. Dawson. Jr. Janet Mary Di Nunzio Thomas Anthony Dick Dennis Charles Dilg Edward Alan Disch Harlo Joseph Dynek Louis William Fazzini Robert S. Fischer Brigitte Fleischman Robert Eugene Formanski Lee Roger Fredrickson Elizabeth Ann Gallagher Helen Gallagher Carol A. Goettler Francisco G. Gomez Roosevelt Gordon, Jr. Ronald E. Graham Thomas L. Grana Kathleen M. Grieve John F. Haley John Richard Hassel Robert William Hoppe Leon lntrater Pamela Lee Janke Stephan G. Johnson Virginia Darlyce Johnson Henry Kanabus Dennis Lawrence Karns Donald Kerstyn Jeffrey H. Kessler Bonita A. Klopacz Gerald Kosinski Carol Sue Kovitz Robert William Kruse Louise M. Le Boeuf Helen Sue Lebovitz Susan Joan Lindquist Lawrence John Link Norman Israel Litz Carol J. Lively Sophia Marie Manta Michael S. Mantel Dorothy March Maria F. Martinez AUGUST Ronald P. McDermott Jerry F. Miceli Paulina Sylvia Moore Linda M. Moyzis Harry Lee Munro Jeffrey Richmond Murdy Jeffrey Allan Myers Laurence J.Ei Neff Marcia Ann Orloff Pearl A. Osmon Robert F. Paprocki Thomas Ervin Pilewski James J. Pillar Richard William Pioppo Peter Pitassi Jo Ann Priddy Rita Jo Ramsey Jerome P. Rapacz David Alton Ray William P. Reichhold Janice Ellen Richardson Bonnie Ellyn Ritchie Myron Role Eden R. Rosen Janice M. Ross Michael Paul Rubel Ivan Lorenzo Ruiz Thaddeus Ruszkowski Bruce Schwartz Robert Alan Scorza Jacob Segal Eddie A. Sencer Richard Phillip Shuman Witold Marian Sikorski Paul J. Silvestri Margaret Sivin Annie C. Smith Richard E. Spalding Jr. Patricia Ann Spann Myra L. Spiwak Mitchell Z. Sroka Lelia W. Stacey James Eric Stamborski James John Stasiek Anatoli Stepovy Thomas John Theodore Charles Anthony Torre Teresa N. Turner Susan Rose Tyrpin Lisa Olga Tytus John Van Der Wel, Jr. Julie Lenihan Wagnes Pola Warzala Deborah D. Washington John Wesley Whitehead Teddy Williams Barbara P. Wishnick Thomas E. Wisniewski Thomas William Wixted Martin C. Zelenietz John Joseph Zierer Herman Zupnik BACHELOR OF ARTS - TEACHER EDUCATION Laura T. Aiello Constance Ann Albanese Jolynn Antal Michele Kay Appel Sue Cofran Arquilla Barbara A. Atkinson Henry Max Bach Richard Frank Baffa Janet Kay Baker Warren Lee Bauer Andrea Becker Barbara Bernstein Conna S. Block Suzanne Carol Boeckl Margaret Evelyn Bowlin Cecilia Ann Boyle Phyllis E. Bramson Mary Kay Brandimore Curtis Michael Younce S 58 Jacqueline Joyce Buford George William Capps Edward R. Carroll June A. Carsello Arlene Chiero Noreen E. Ciesielczyk Terrence C. Clarke Lorenzo Clemons Patricia Eileen Coghlan Maria P. Condus Marilyn J. Congine Virginia N. Conrardy Carolena Cook Mary E. Coste James Herbert Cunneen Mary Alice Cuny Linda S. Curtiss Lawrence Charles Cwik Christine M. Czerwonka Donna M. Dabrowski Michael A. Davis John Collier Dawson Eric John Dernehl Daniel W. Determann Barbara Ann Drury Esther Amelia Dubetz Elaine Sue Dykas Nels Elliot Deborah Lee Emin Louise R. Fields Karen Ann Filkey Adrienne Finocchio Merle Beth Fisher Concetta M. Fitzgerald Tavia Michelle Floyd John Edmund Forde Marion Fyfe Nancy I. Galassi Marilyn Gerod Lloyd Gill Nancy R. Gleistein Charles W. Goldstein Jerome B. Goldstein GrantJ. Goodrich Diane Marie Gorman Joanne Goroff Sandra S. Gregory Carol Lynn Grobman Wilfred Lendall Gustin Karen Joan Hackmeister Charles Jack Halevi Kathleen H. Halket Christopher J. Hansen Ronald William Hanson Adrienne R. Harris Diane M. Heflin Andrea Heim Dolores Amelia Hejza Jade Herbert Victoria H. Herr Gregory Charles Herriges Dorothy Hirsch Martha Hirsch Wendi Ellen Hirschenbein Barbara G. Hoffman Nancy Lynn Holmquist Helen Honczaruk Kathleen Ann ldstein Susan K.Janusz Arlene R. Jarzab Paulette D. Jeresek Ellen Louise Johnsen Peggy R. Johnson Pamela Jean Joyce Kathryn L. Kadlec Catherine Marie Kerkes Nancy Carol Kocol Joyce Stella Kompe da Jo Ann Koschny Christine Maria Koszalka Kenneth Stanley Kozin Nancy Kay Koziol Gerald A. Krajewski Catherine Ann Krier Barbara M. Kroll Mary Denise Kuhman Edward Lee Kurtzman Joyce Louise La Faire Phyllis H Landando Roberta J Lane Linda Kay Lange lris Diane Lapious Linda Lu Larsen Herta A Lartz Barbara Jean Lawrence Doris M Le Fevour Gerold Joseph Lekas Karen T Leung Martha F Levin Fannie E Lewis Elaine Lewy Walter Dennis Light Phoebe A Liebow Carol Jean Lindseth Corrine B Luisi Mary Jane Lyons Joyce Marie Major Shirley Mann Lynne Naomi Manpearl Angela Maria Margie Barbara Dale Marks Judy Katherine Mathis Dennis Neal Mc Allister Susan Marie Mc Hugh Vesla lduna Mc Nerney Esther Meckler Kathleen Mary Merkelz Lee Alan Mishkin Angela Mitropoulos Michael Dale Molick Kathleen Mary Moore Edward Lawrence Moran Marilyn A Morgan Ruth Eleanor Morrisett Ellen F Moss Ruth A Mueller Amy E Nakai Janet Chiyoko Nakai Susan M Novak Shirleyl Nuttin Eileen Ann O Connor Norbert Alan Pabich Janet L Palumbo Stephen J Pantos Catherine R Papp Monica J Pareia Nilda Pauley Valeria Ann Pepe Constance L Peterson Dillard Phifer Jr Patricia Pietschmann Helen C Pinsky Anita M Poll Jeanie Lucille Power JoanneC Prato Rosemary B Puckelwartz LonnieC Pudelek NanetteJ Radtke Corrine Pat Radzik Suzann Rankin Rachel Reifer Lynn Beth Reitman Sophia Rempas Erma L Richter Roben Lee Richter Mari G Riesen Janet Carla Riffkind Anastacia Mary Roggema Mitchell P Roman Jr Shelley Rubin LindaC Russ Delores F Ryan Maureen Elaine Rybicke Randall Owen Samborski Dennis R Sans Sandra Lynn Schaffer Sr Grace Schauf Christine F Scherb fl Q f'g Donna Carol Grieco Linda A. Oleske LAURA ANN AIELLO Aiello Laura Ann - Dean's Honor List, Sigma Tau Sigma. Appel Michele Kay - Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children. Baker Janet- Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Student Council for Exceptional Children. Banakis, Christopher G. - Dean's High Honor List, Stage Players. Barnes, Eugene - Beehive Yearbook, Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Print. S I BANAKI OPHER G. CHRIST LO RICHARD BARTO Boeckl. Suzanne Carol W Lambda Sigma Alpha, Young Republicans. Boland. Kathleen Mary - . Born, Russ - Creative Film Club, 11:45 Staff, Boyle, Cecilia A. - Dean's honor List, Honors Convocation, RE. Majors CPresident, Vice-Presi- dentj. Physical Health Club, Intramural Volley- ball. Badminton, Basketball, Varsity Volleyball. Brandimore, Mary Kay - Bowling League. Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Film Committee. CECILIA A. BOYLE vff ffmeawmm- KATHLEEN MARY BOLAND MARY KAY BRANDIMORE KEITH BORWN I 1 ,V RUSS BORN Brown, Kathleen Ann - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Brown, Keith - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Economics Club, Physical Health Club, Political Science Club, Intramural Volley- ball, Football, Varsity Basketball. Burdick, Norman - Circle of Contemporary Thgt., Dean's Honor List. Tau Kappa Epsilon, In- tramural Football. Basketball, Freshman Basketball. NORMAN BURDICK Candelas, Laura Teresa - Dean's Honor List, Union for Puerto Rican Students, Ex- change Student from University ofPuerto Rico, Carsello, June A, - Student Council for Exceptionai Children. Conan. Lauren- Collins, Patrick Albert - Bowl- ing League, Gymnastics, Hickey Club, Coste, Mary E. 4 Dean's Honor List. LAUREN COHAN Crystal, Phyllis Linda - Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Sociology Club,Spanish Club. Curtiss, Linda - Dean's Honor List, Gymnastics, Psychology Club, Sociol- ogy Club, Student Coun- cil for Exceptional Children. Cwik, Lawrence Char- e Y Czerwonka, Christine - Dabrowski, Donna - Association for Child- hood Education, Bugg House Square, Dean's Honor List, Para Psych Club Stage Players. Davis, Michael A. - Biolo- gy Club, I cHRisTiNEczERvvoNKA HELEN GALLAGHER Gallagher. Helen - Black Caucus Black Heritage. Gomez, Francisco - Dean s Honor List. Spanish Gordon, Roosevelt, J . - Biology Club, Black Caucus Cliresidentj, Black Heritage CVice-Presi- dentj, Austin Field Center CTutorj, Black Heri- tage Club Workshop CMusicianD, Dean s High Honor List, Dean s Honor List Honors Convoca- tion, Psi Chi Honor Society, Intramural Basket- ball, Student Aide. Q C O' 1 OMAS LAWRENCE GRANA TH i ,V .: ,V frm gf H --".-Y -l .ei f 2 Adm'-i."",-w.',.af,JgZ9' 'l -JJ. " ' 1195-'9i.f"',f'.' 1f,:fi,f:fi.,gly ,fgy2?52fq??'7' 1, wi.-lg-fi:4'5,'S'i3,es24:e ,V me i. ' ' ' gt?-fi,f1ff1f 332' I 1J14,g r'f,,.1 ki ' i, .' Y J . ff 1 I we - M W ta 1, jf 1 FRANCISCO GOMEZ DONNA CAROL GRIECO KAREN JOAN HACKMEISTER ROOSEVELT GORDON, JR. KATHLEEN MARIE GRIEVE Grana, Thomas Lawrence - Economics Club. Grieco, Donna Carol - Dean's Honor List. Grieve, Kathleen Marie M Dean's Honor List, History Club, Library Aide, Aide for Presidents Office and Security Department. Hackrneister, Karen Joan - Halket, Kathleen Mary - Art Club, KATHLEEN MARY HALKET JOHN COLLIER DAWSON Dawson John Collier - Dean's High Honor List. Dean s Honor List, Student Council for Excep- tional Children. Determann Daniel W, - Dean s Honor List, Lin- guistics Club, Mentors, Newman Club, Student Government, Veteran's Club. Dick, Thomas Anthony - Bowling League, Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club. Fazzini, Louis - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. N l UIS FAZZI LO EDWARD JOHN FINLEY, JR. LEE R. FREDRICKSON ROBERT EUGENE FORMANSKI lla lain i17 4nfr K ,mflfer I THOMAS ANTHONY DICK w Finley Edward John Jr Deans Honor List Flying Club Intramural Basketball Formanski Robert Eugene Fredrickson Lee R Gallagher Elizabeth Dean s Honor List Politi cal Science Club ELIZABETH GALLAGHER Handwerger, Nancy Gail ord Officey. Helm, Andrea - Art Club. Hejza, Dolores A. List Dean s Honor List. Holmquist, Nancy Lynn - Dean's High Honor DOLORES A. HEJZA Johnson, Peggy R. - Dean s Honor List, Student Counciltor ExceptionalChildren. Johnson Virginia Darlyce - Black Heritage, Joyce, Pamela Kadlec Kathryn - Band, Chorus, lVl.E.N.C., Op- era Workshop Pep Club Sigma Alpha Iota. Dean's Honor List, Opera Workshop. KATH RYN KADLEC Kierny,WilliamJames King, Kerry - Art Club, Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, Para PsychClub. Komperda, Joyce S. - Dean's High Honor List, De-an's Honor List Student Council for Exceptional Children Kozin KennethS Koziol NancyK Kraiewski GeraldA KENNETH KOZIN IRIS LAPIDUS Krier,Catherine Lane, Bobbie - Dean's High Honor List, Deans Honor is . La idus, Iris - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Student Council for Excep- ti0naIChiIcIren. Larsen, Linda Lu Le Boeuf, Louise IVI. - French Club, Italian Club, Le Fevour, Doris - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Psi Chi Honor Society, Twenty-One Plus. UNG KAREN LE r- rn c 3 qc' X ni 1 ro 3 QQ 2 O UQ K4 Q C 53' Z rn 3 P+ O -Y Ln Levvy. Elaine - Deans High Honor List, Lindquist. Susan Joan Lindseth, Carol Jean - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation, Physical Education Majors fljresident, Secretaryy. Physical Health Club, ln- tramural Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Base ketball. Badminton. Varsity Volleyball. Basket- ball. Softball. ELAINE LEWY CAROL JEAN LINDSETH GAIL R. LOCKE 1.1.4. nf.. Q -1' in gui-law mu H11- SUSAN JOAN LINDQUIST LAWRENCE JOHN LINK Link. Lawrence John - Bowling League, Eco- nomicsCIub, Locke, Gail R. Luisi, Corrine B, - Association for Childhood Education, Deans High Honor List, Dean's Hon- or List, CORRINE B. LUISI BARBARA DALE MARKS , V A I L 1 1 ' , , 4 1 1-1 111 '." 1 1 21 1 L" ' 1 , 1 . It my. W1 My , I 1 11.1. V V W 111, ' . 1 1' W 1 1 I W' 1 W W V 4 1 ' 1: ' , X A 1 ,..,....1..1a X Y 1 1 1,1 1 1 sw up u mulnumnlmul W, . I nun Y Mc Hugh Susan Marne Dean S Honor Lrst Sngrna Tau Slgma Mc Nerney Vesla De-an s Hxgh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust PhyslcaIEduCat1on Majors Me-ckler Esther Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Merkelz Kathleen M Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust KATHLEEN M. MERKELZ Miceli Jerry Frank Band Hockey Club Mishkin Lee Alan Biology Club Chorus Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Mentors Geography Club German Club CVice Treas Publicity Chrmnj Honors Convocation CLeadershipj, KLAL Stdnt. Aide CLib. Pro- cessing Department, Purchas- ing Department, Psychology Departmentl, Intramural Volleyball. Molick, Michael D. - Deans Honor List, Folk Dance Club German Club fPres.D, Student Council for Exceptional Children. Moore Kathleen Mary - D ans High Honor List, Dean s Honor List, Mentors, Physical Education Majors Physical Health Club, Stdnt. Activities Council, Stdnt. Gov- ernment CSec., Senatorb, lntra- mural Co-ed Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball, Basketball, Softball. RUTH ELEANOR NIORRISSETT NORBERTALAN PABICH ' """"' 2 ' - iaiuwfvfl V 'YE J' ' HY ' ' 1- 'fmsff-'fr 1 ' is 4 'Wi'- Nlorrlssett Ruth Eleanor Deans Hugh Honor Lust Honors Convocatlon Stu dent Councll for Exceptional Children Twenty One Plus Nuttlng Shlrley l Honors Convocation Oscarson lVlarty Varslty Baseball Pablch Norbert Alan Deans Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Honors Convocation Physical Edu cation Majors Intramural Basketball Volleyball Palumbo Janet Louise Dean s Honor Lust lntramur al Basketball Volleyball Women s Intercollegiate Vol leyballTeam Papp Catherlne R , ' . V .. 1 v , , l l Parela Monlca Jean Dean S Hugh Honor Lust Dean S Honor Lust Spanlsh Club Pepe ValerleA Pllewskl Thomas Dean S Ploppo Rnchard William Prato Joanne Carol Dean s Honor Lust Geography Club Sociology Club Student Coun cal for Exceptional Children Radtke Nanette J Dean s Honor Lust Honor List. RICHARD WILLIAM PIOPRO JOANNE CAROL PRATO VALER E A PEPE THOMAS PILEVVSKI NANETTE J. RADTKE JEROME PAUL RAPACZ Rapacz, Jerome Paul - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, Linguistics Club, Intramural Volleyball. Ray, David Alton - Biology Club, Veteran's Club. Richardson, Janice Ellen f Biology Club Dean' Honor List. Richter, Erma L. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Ritchie Bonnie Ellyn ERMA L. RICHTER MYRON ROLE DAVID ALTON RAY BONNIE ELLYN RITCHIE "!l'5'l'WW-ef-auf MITCHELL P. ROMAN, JR. JANICE ELLEN RICHARDSON Role, Myron - Phi Alpha Theta. Roman, Mitchell P. Jr. - Circle of Contempo- rary Thgt., Dean's High Honor List, Chorus. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Intramural Football, Basketball. Baseball. Rosen Eden Ruth Chamber Orchestra Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Hon ors Convocation QLeadership 81 Servicej Men tors Psi Chi Honor Society CPre-sident Vice Presidentj Psychology Club EDEN RUTH ROSEN SISTER GRACE SCHAUF Schauf, Sister Grace - Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children, Twenty-One Plus. Schultz, Joanne L. - Bowling League, Dean s Honor List. Dean's Honor List. Serota Sonya - Dean s High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, KLAL. Scott, Patricia Anne - Dean's High Honor List, SONYA SEROTA iir, f 5, , , . Q'- 1 JOANNE L. SCHULTZ GERALDINE SHEARIN PATRICIA ANNE SCOTT RICHARD PHILLIP SHUMAN Shearin, Geraldine - Student Council for Excep- tional Children. Shurrian, Richard Phillip - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Sikorski Witold Marian Simkus Kathryn Bowling League Newman Club Student Council for Exceptional Children KATHRYN SIMKUS , as RICHARD EUGENE SPALDING Sivin Margaret Deans High Honor List Deans Honor List Folk Dance Club Mentors Honors Convoca tion KLAL qPresidentJ Talent Scholarship for Leadership 84 Service Snelling. Constance f Bowl- ing League, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. Spalding, Richard Eugene - Dean'sHonorList. Sroka, Mitchell Z. Sypin, Maryclaire Tashiro. Jean Claire - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List. NANCY G. THOMPSON Thompson Nancy G Dean s Honor List Inter preter s Theatre Spanish Club Tillmanns Sharon Lee Van Hecke Kathleen Vestuto Suzanne Marie Student Council for Exceptional Children CPresidentJ naw-J,..u9w5-4' 1 7' fm ir I W SHARON LEE TILLIVIAN NS SUZANNE MARIE VESTUTO JULIE LENIHAN VVAGNES KATHLEEN VAN HECKE SHIRLEY VILLARREAL Wagnes. Julie Lenihan - Association tor Child- hood Education, Deans Honor List, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Twenty-One P us. Webber. Cheryl IVI. i Deans Honor List, Stage Players. Villarreal. Shirley I CHERYL NI. WEBBER lf' wwf f -vx'x ve x.1w ',mx'vf,rfxw.x.zr DOREEN E. WHITE Weirich,Genevieve Weisz. Eileen - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List. Twenty-One Plus. White. Doreen E. White. Sylvia -SPAN. Wick Bonnie Ann - Dean's High Honor List Student Councii for Exceptional Children Wi son Florence IVI Dean s Honor List 'X is uwmivwwmaeim-wi,ywuwirmn-1 L ,L-,c..WmWmf-3-N-.. me-1.-rum-Mmm LODAREK DONNA MARIE W U7 ,-v C ' Q. CD 3 f-o- ID O. CD Wlodarek, Donna Marie - Dean's Honor List, Mentors, Lambda Sigma Alpha, Math Tutor, Younce, Curtis Michael g Dean's High Honor List Dean's Honor List, Psi Chi Honor Society, Psychology Club, Psychology Department Major Representative. Zazove, Adele F. - Student Council for Excep- tional Children, Twenty-One Plus. Zieman, George E. - Chess and Checkers Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, Men- tors. Tau Kappa Epsilon. ms.-M. CURTIS M. YOUNCE GEORGE E. ZIEMAN JULES BEUCK ADELE F. ZAZOVE EL ZABETH E Z MMERLY Zimmerly Elizabeth E Dean s Honor List Beuck Jules Commuter Center Activities Board CActing Chairmanj Concert Series CChair many Northeastern Print Peace Council Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fTreasurerJ Student Activi ties Council Student Aide, Student Government, Student Radio, Young Democrats. Washington De Borah Diann - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Black Heritage Workshop CDan- cerj Dean's Honor List, Northeastern Print Spanish Club, Tutor CAustin Field Centery. DE BORAH WASHINGTON 11: 5?.E2'1E2i1" ' L ' aging Hui ,gi 12,1-1 1 , HI, 1 hp! 1 15 33? ,liffglfi flzzlhi 1 i 5 L 41 ffighgfy -1E.?:p' hi!!! !1 t y F 1' nz n3'fff11-11n'n' -'Q ,Lf gm' '1l'xHm' ' I! HIISHQII! W1 2554? f-.R 1.,u1 1 1:- Fir 1. 11 was-1 :sr -1 J ,. 1 -m""'l'I-II1Ii I 15+ I 1::1.:, lx. 11'1 'W 1-21. 1...- Mh ms .su 'un' L.zz"" 111. ,zz :1iqf:: 1-11. 91211111 W I H 111.1 1 fi 2 , 1 11 2 1 11, 3, 1 'x i 'I 11 1,1 :hm 1 H' 1 -3. '15, .1 11 , 1' 1-XI 1 Jil: 1 1 I I I,1::11.-ug... 1 1 4 1 1 1 xp 11 ,H F wig? ,fgggim Am txiggzl vtffirfigf i mas?--Hepa Ji E H nr.-r 'ff' I 'ISE' 4.4 5' 1 .Hi ""nE"' H NE 5' ,I 1 1 ik .iam-fm, 1 1 121111111 1 1 111' 1 1 if :Ek E 1 11, Qu 1 11 11151. 11,51 I 3 !"l!im,Lqi11,- di-,E .7551,1L W? 1. 6131, ik, W 1 tk Q gf?-11 ,sg .sl x x 1 2 Y I , .1- " 31"1'1f5l-1 I111111f1lif111....'JQW 22 ........ 35... 11. :,:m5::::::::: ::5:EEE!EEES25555:::zz::E5EESE:::ISii?:1:5255:::::QEES5:::12::::53533gg5:::::::::::::::EE5EEES,.. .... 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V .X N u -'wa-,W W i J' M' f f ,f:'il:,v-mmx: ' VW t rw , X,5,1 , Qg Q ' m w+w.w ' ig? . w r '- 'f ' 2? 4: - 3 X Y W , ,, , .L 1 WW , ' WWMQN- ' YE iif"1i:'n3Wr-YMwX'xIf .W Rf' ,' ,V ' , W ' W :1 " DEC 1972 GRADUATES BACHELOR OF ARTS Please Note: This list 's not a complete or ac- curate account of the December 1972 gradu- ates. This was the most current information available to the year- book at the time these pages were printed. However additions and deletions may have been made at a late date. Sharon Helene Abrams Nancy Mary Adams Nancy L. Adams Samuel E. Adler,Jr, Joseph S. Agnello William Ahlfeldt Jacqueline K. Albrecht Linda Hope Allind Cheryl Rae Anderson Ursula M. Angielski Arlene J. Arkin Gary Gene Arnold Zehra J. Asghar Alan David Axelrod Gerald Bagnowski Diane Bea Baker William W. Baldyga Deborah Banks Andrea Bartecki William Bartnick Richard John Bartolo Dennis Martin Baureis Colleen M. Beauregard Ronald S. Beda Isolde Bellington Robert Benwitz Marlene Berger Peter Berger Leonie E. Bergman Muriel Berman Bertha Bikulcs Kathleen Boland Suzanne R. Borg Donald G. Bowes Annamarie Boyle Ritsa Bozianos Janice Christina Brod Kathleen Brown Keith Brown Linda Ann Brudnicki Daniel Brzezinski Mary Ann Brzozwski Marianne Buckle Susan C. Budziak Norman H. Burdick Steven M. Burns Maxine Caisman Frances L. Camberis Laura T. Candelas Camille J. Caruso Thomas M. Casey Barbara Chalmers Mary Chimienti Christine Chlopowicz Li-Loy Chong Wayne Alan Citron Curtis David Clifford Maria J. Codsgeorgas Lauren Cohan Kathleen M. Connelly Mary Jane Connery Ronald L. Conrad Terry L. Cordero Patricia A. Costello Mona Crawford Kathleen M. Cronin Mary Elizabeth Crowley Virginia M Cudecki Jacqueline Marie Cullen Marie A D Onofrio Carl Conrad Dalstrom Joanne Davis Patricia DeCherrie Patricia J DeNutt Robert E Delane Kristina A Dentino Dianne DePaldo David John Derenzo Sonia Diaz Joanne DiVincenzo Richard Allan Dietz ValerieT Dixon Eileen Donahoe Marcia Suzanne Doonan Carol A Dripps Joan A DuSold Sarah Edidin Kathy Efantis Linda Kay Eizik Karen Erland Antonio Fasano Ruth Fields Sharon Joyce Fine Sherry Karamer Fine EdwardJ Finley Jr Murray Fisher Beverly Fishman Marjorie Flavin William Flosi Rhea Anne Fox Karen S Fredrickson Gregory Furch Katherine Ganakos lwan Ganeff Gary John Gartrell Dennis E Gawlik Bruce Gebien Barbara Geinosky Evelyn Geren Mary Ann Pemberton Gilbreth Patricia M Giovannini Katherine Louise Glover Margaret Ann Goetz Ronald Erwin Gold Judy Gonzalez Martin J Goodman Thomas Gora Joanne Gordon CarolJ Gorlewski Edward Paul Gorman Nancy Gottlieb Alberta Grant SulieGreendale Diane C Grigg Janet M Gubricky Raymond Wayne Guenther Martha R Guerra Narcisco R Guerra ThomasJ Guetzlaff Rudolph Gutowski Joseph Hall Neal Hallissey Nancy Gail Handwerger Charlotte Marie Hansen Norma Sue Hanson Steven R Hara Glenn Hartman Janet E Hawkins Justin Greogory Hayes WilliamG Hebble RobertC Herley Therese Hernacki Beverly Hides Georganne Hirata Ilona Hirsch James Hirsen Darlene Hoban Sharon M Holman Patricia Horton Barbara Horwitz Norma L Hulett Richard Janzen Marjorie B Jennings Leona Johns Christine Elizabeth Johnson Ronald Justmann I . . . 1 .. A i . . ' .Y l b . Donna L' Alfredo Evangeline Fitzgerald 82 Linda Ellen Kahn Trudi Kaluzna Annalee Kardaras Caryn D. Karmazin Fay Katlin Rosann Kaufman Norman Keller William J. Kierny Nancy Ann King Deatra I. Kinney Richard Klebek Diane M. Knight Natalie Kochman Eric Koivumaki Lynda S. Korn Jeanette Marie Koron Paul G. Kostelanci Lynn Lamb Ronald T. Landsnes John P. Langeland Carol Ann Larse Jeanine M. Leehgran Esther Lev Carolyn Levin Rena M, Lewis Jeanne M. Liedtka Gail Roberta Locke Bert Loebmann Nettie Lee Lyden Michael R, Lynd Janet Madenberg Wayne Madura Kristine Karen Malanca James J. Malarski Lawrence Malinowski Patricia Mangan Mary Ellen Mann Roula Manos Renate Marquis Nabila Masarweh Dorothy L Mason Margaret P. MacCaffrey Arlyss McCann Lynn M. McClain Neill T. McLean lll Don L. Meyers Victor B. Michet Susan Mikula Roberta Mishkin Thomas W. Mott Betty Lai Fong Moy Jane B. Muha Arlene Rae Murfin Linda T. Wonder Musak Marla Nathan Diana Kay Notaro Robert A. Nowinski Joseph B. Nutt Marvin R. Orr Jr. Lynne K. Ostrand Silena Carol Outten Felice Pacelli Michele Palello Jeanette M. Partipilo John Henry Pauls Kathleen A. Peacher Bradford Pearl Cathy Ann Petersen Robert N. Pfeiffer Harriet N. Phelus Reimar Pielstrom Kenneth Pierce Linda J. Pierce Anne M. Pijska Helene Potish Margaret Preiwisch Michele Price John Prezekota Hanna M. Przybylski Elizabeth L. Quasius Audrey M. Raffanti Gwendolyn T. Ramsey Paul T. Rawlings James E, Ray Joan A. Remkus Janet M. Reschke Reggie H. Richman Joanne R. Richter William Leonard Rink Eugene Rogal Lynette K. Kiser n Daniel Williann Rohan Pedro L. Rosa Deborah Carol Roseman Robin J. Rosenberg Marcia Denise Rosenthal Carol Russell Patricia J. Russell Raymond Ryan VincentJ. Rybicki Jr. Roswitha Sabo Katherine Sakellaropoulos Dennis Saldana Arthur Lee Salna EverettJ. Salter Susan Schak Christipher G. Schleicher Patricia M. Schoeman Diana L. Schudeck Shiela S. Schultz James M. Schwandt Marilyn Schwartz Robert Schwartz Gloria Sedlacek John M. Segerson Bernard Settler Bonita Helene Sherman Lana Jill Sherman Mary R. Shilkus Larry Shulich Mitchell Shulich Jerald Howard Siegel Norman Siegel Michael P. Simmons Suzanne J. Sindut Patricia A. Skiby Raymond G. Smith Rubbie Smith Judy Lynn Sproat Kelly L. Stewart Marilyn F. Stoklosa Ernest R. Stolle Janna Lee Strauss Sandra Strollberg Eileen Sutker Minnie Sweet Janice Rae Szymanski Emi Tado Victoria L. Tassone John Tataris Patricia Ann Thrash Charles Lee Thudium Barbara M. Thulin Kathleen M. Till Christine Joanne Tomko Charles A, Towsley Ruth K. Tsiones Kathleen C. Turlo Dorothy J. Tyler Janet Ulanowicz Karen A. Vaisivilas Christine Vaughan Margaret L. Verdi Larry Alan Vigon Daniel Vision Douglas A. Wadington Michele Ann Waimberk Dolores Jean Wakely Mary Ann Waldbuesse Margaret A. Walsh Ellen Waxberg Leah Weller Frederick F. West Susan K. Wester Alan Gerald White William Wiemhuff Barbara Ohs Wilkins Delores J. Williams Lynn Williams Juana Brissenden Wilson Margie Ann Winters Charles W. Wirtaneh Janice Wojciechowski Mary Ann Wright Thomas Yagnisis Naomi Yale Thomas A. Young Richard Zabransky Randy S. Zemel Wendy Zierk Allan J. Zwierzko David Rogers SAMUEL EDWARD ADLER Adler, Samuel Edward Jr. Alfredo, Donna Lu - Dean's Honor List, Italian Club. Pom Pom Girls QCO-Captainj, Spanish Club. Bagnovvski, Gerald Louis W Dean's Honor List. Football Club, RE. Majors, Physical Health Club CSecretaryj Intramural Basketball, Volleyball. Baseball. Banks, Deborah Anne - Black Caucus Black Heritage, Deans High Honor List, Dean s Honor List, Pep Club, DEBORAH BANKS K i RTNIC BA AM LLI WI DONNA LU ALFREDO BONNIE BARTELS We RITSA BAZIANOS GERALD BAGNOWSKI Bartels Bonnie Biology Club QVice Presidentj Bowling League Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Young Republicans Bartnick William Dean s Honor List Football Club Honors Convocation Student Activities Council Student Government Intramural Bas ketball Volleyball Bazianos Ritsa Dean s Honor List French Club Literature Club Psychology Club Young Republicans Beda Ronald Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List StudentAideCAudioVisualj . v . . V I I ' , . I I I I I RONALD BEDA Benvvutz Robert Wulluarn pha Chu Epsulon Deans Honor us Berger lVla lene Susan Bergman Leonue E B Dean s Honor Lust Berman Nluruel Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Twenty One Plus Bukulcs Bertha Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust Socuology Club Stage Players Student Councul for Exceptuonal Chuldren Coffee House Brod Januce Deans Hugh Honor Lust Deans Honor Lust Stage Players MURIEL BERMAN MARY ANN BRZOZOWSKI hood Education. Dean's Honor List. Carroll Edward Robert - Circle of Contempo' rary Thought, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convo- cation, PRINT, Student Activities Council, Stu- dent Government CVice-Presiclentj, Tau Kappa EpsilonCTreasurer5. CarselIo,John A. Caruso, Camille - Dean's Honor List, ltalian Club. Literature Club,Spanish Club. Brzozowski, Mary Ann - Association for Child- CAMILLE CARUSO MARY SABELLA Cl-IIMIENTI EDWARD ROBERT CARROLL BARBARA CHALMERS JOHN A. CARSELLO Chalmers. Barbara Chimienti, Mary Isabella - Dean's High Honor List, Twenty-One Plus. Chong, Li-Loy - Art Club, Deans High Honor List Deans Honor List Epsilon Kappa Beta Codsogeorgas Maria Jo Dean s Honor List Literature Club Newman Club Psychology Club Young Republicans MARIA JO CODSOGEORGAS Coffey Tlmothy Peter Black Heritage History Club Connelly Kathleen Chess Club Dean s Honor Last Hrstory Club Newman Club S lVl A S H Conrad Ronald L Costello Patricia Ann Dean s Honor Lust Crawford, lvlona Lisa - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List, Choir. Chamber Singers, Nladrigal Singers. Nlen- tors. lVl.E.N,C. Crowley, Mary Elizabeth - Dean's Honor List, PATRICIA ANN COSTELLO VIRGIN A Nl CUDECKI - hood Education. Davis JoAnn - Black Caucus Black Herita e. - S Pep Club, Sociology Club. DeCamp. Denis James -Tau Kappa Epsilon. DeCherne, Patricia Jean Cuclecki, Virginia lVl. - Association for Child JO ANN DAVIS PATRICIA J. DE CHERRIE KRISTINA A. DENTINO Delvluyt. Patricia Joanne - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List. Dentino Kristina A. - Dean's Honor List, Geog- raphy Club, Stage Players. Devllilkins, Frances Lee ES L. DE WILKINS FRANC K O II D N LIJ Q LJJ P LLJ i- tn Dezurko, Steve - Football Club, Intramural Basketball, Varsity Tennis Team. DiVincenzo, Joanne - Dean's High Honor List, Deans Honor List, Student Aide. Dixon, Valerie - Spanish Club, Black Heritage. VALERIEDIXON JOAN DU SOLD JOANNE DI VINCENZO li .1 MARIE DONOFRIO KATHY EFANTIS www? D Onofrio IVIarie A Cheerleaders Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Gymnastics DuSold,.Ioan Etavntis, Kathy - Physical Education Majors. Eizik, Linda K. E E i.u 2-Z 4 Q E 4 MADELINE ELKINS Elkins, Madeline - Black Caucus. Black Heritage, Homecoming Queen Qlst Runner-Upj, History Club. Fasano, Antonio - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, French Club. Italian Club. Fendrick, Marcia Louise - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, Geography Club. Fine, Sharon Joyce - Association for Childhood Education. Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List. SHARON JOYCE FINE KAREN S. FREDRICKSON ANTONIO FASANO MARCIA L, FENDRICK RHEA ANNE FOX Flavin Marjorie Dean s High Honor List Psi Chi Honor Society Fox Rhea Anne Association for Childhood Edu cation Bowling League Dean s Honor List KLAL Fredrickson Karen S Association for Children Education Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Folk Dance Club German Club Giles Gvvendoln Mary Association for Childhood Education Black Caucus Black Heritage German Club 4 F W Gleistein NancyB Glover Katherine Black Cau cus Black Heritage Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Literature Club PepCIub Goetz IVlargaretAnn Gonzalez Judy Gordon. JoAnn - Choir. Charn- ber Singers, Nladrigal Singers, Student Aide. Opera Workshop. lVl.E.N.C. Grant, Alberta - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Deans Honor List. Literature Club, Student Aide. JUDY GONZALEZ List. Dean s Honor List Para Psych Club. JODY LYNN GREENBERG Gutovvski, Rudolph Joseph - Alpha Chi Epsilon CTreasurer, Pledge-Nlasterj. Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Newman Club, Guyon Richard G. -Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hara, Steven Robert C3 1 m rn 3 A o' rn 1 'QQ L o C1 -4 I- -4 3 'J U cn cu 3 V? I on :r I o 3 0 -i RA THA ER ROB EN STEV RUDOLPH GUTOWSKI BILL C. HEBBLE DAVID HELFAND RICHARD G. GUYON Hebble Bill C Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Hechtman Rhonda Dean s High Honor List Helfand David Deans Honor List Physical Health Club Intramural Basketball Varsity Bas ketball Clvlanagerj Student Aide Hernacki Terri Sigma Tau Sigma Deans HonorList. V I V TERRI HERNACKI Hmes Beveny Deans Honor Lust Physical Health Club Wggns Thomas Deans Honor Lust PE Majors lntra nwural Football VoHeyball Vet eran sClub Hnata Georganne Assocm non for Chndhood Educahon Bowhng League Deans Honor 5 Hlrsen James Leslle Cham ber Singers Circle of Contem porary Thgt Dean s Hlgh Honor Usb Deans HonorLmt,Chorus Experiment Music Club, Tau Kappa EpsHon,lntmwnuralBas- ketbaH,VoHeyball Hoban. Danene A. - Peace Counol Hogan,RobeHa- Deans Hgh Honor Lst, Mentors. Honors Convocahon,HahanClub,Span ash Club. Student Representa- hve of Formgn Language De- parUnent on Student Facuhy AHawsComnMUee HoMw,ThewsaAnn DARLENE A. HOBAN BARBARA ANN HORVVITZ Horwitz, Barbara Ann - Dean's High Honor List Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation. Jennings, Marjorie - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Gymnastics. Jeresek, Paulette - Bowling League, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Film Committee. Johnson, Christine Elizabeth - Physical Educa- tion Nlajors, Intramuralvolleyball, CHRISTINE E. JOHNSON DENISE C. JOHNSON NIARJORIE JENNINGS DALE R. JOHNSON ANNALEE KARDARAS PAULETTE JERESEK ei I -1 :xii 'Hixprf x fi fi' 'Hr 1 .ss rv '5- fF'i M fi .. '11 'W -5- if 1.2 L tr Ea I 115 :r"" , 1 251-fi, 1, f I-xi 1, 'rf .i . 1 L Se. :W at gifs. 'L 'Sgr , ' lixffxl HJ rg i ' ', -1. isiig, ':,x,z X I R I 2 a, 55: 3 x 2 2' 'fied i wi- igigzaaaffi'-1. :. :wig ' ILS..-f ::: :::...,i..-Iii? . ' ' " : M gif ...... . 1 1: -.:::l..5i55555512I1EEE25355FEEEE555IE?Ei5522E!EEE5:::iS'iE5E:::' Johnson. Dale Robert- Band. Chamber Or chestra, Collegium Niusicom. Dean's Honor List. Johnson, Denise C. - Black Caucus. Black Heri tage. Dean's Honor List, Student Government Student Affairs Committee, Student Representa tive of Elementary Education Kardaras Annalee Dean sHonor List Kaufman Rosann Jill ROSANN J KAUFMAN V' SHERRY ANN KAY Kay Sherry Ann Kessler Jeffrey H Deans Honor Lust Knudsen Bruce John Foot ball Club Honors Convocation P E Majors Physical Health Club Student Government LaFortune Faith Nl Dean s Honor Llst Leonard Melvlnla Assocla tion for Chlldhood Education Black Caucus Black Herltage Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor Lust German Club Levin Carolyn Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Slgrna Tau Slgrna FAITH MLA FORTUNE JEFFREY H KESSLER MELVINIA LEONARD BRUCE J. KNUDSEN CAROLYN LEVIN RENA M. LEWIS Dean s Honor List, Mentors. Loebmann, Bert N. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Economics Club, Political Scienceclub. Lyden, Nettie L. - Dean's Honor List. P.E. Ma- jors, Physical Health Club, Student Activities Council, Intramural Volleyball, Tennis, Basket- ball, Badminton, Varsity Volleyball and Basketball. I Lewis, Rena M. - Dean's High Honor List, KRISTINE MALANCA RENATE MARQUIS NETTIE L. LYDEN Malanca. Kristine - Dean's Honor List. Manos, Roula Marquis, Renate - Dean's High Honor List. Dean's Honor List, German Club, Mentors, Print. Maruyama. Rodney N. - Dean's Honor List. McClain, Lynn Marjorie - Dean's Honor List, LinguisiticsClub. LYNN M. MC CLAIN McManus Susan Rose Charn ber Orchestra Deans Honor is Mishkin Roberta T Nakayama, Margo Nathan, Marla - Dean's Honor List. Norton. Thomas L. Notaro, Diana Kay - Cheerlead- ers, Honors Convocation. FRE. Majors, Physical Health Club. MARLA NATHAN BARBARA JEAN OHS Ohs Barbara Jean Orr, Marvin R. Jr. - Earth Science Club, Geogra- phy Club. Outten, Silena Carol - Black Caucus, Black Her- itage, Dean's Honor List. Partipilo, Jeanette Marie MARY ANN PEMBERTON SILENA CAROL OUTTEN Pawlukovvsky, Alexandra - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, French Club, Russian Club. Pemberton, Mary Ann - Bowling League, Dean's High Honor List Dean s Honor List Newman Club Pom Pom Girls Pfeiffer Robert Neil Pierce Kenneth KENNETH PIERCE LINDA JEAN P ERCE - Dean's Honor List, LSA. Pijska, Anne Marie - Dean s Honor List Geography Club Russian Club. Pintozzi Rachelle Pomper, Barbara Sylvia - Association for Child- Pierce, Linda Jean - Dean's High Honor List, hood Education. BARBARA SYLVIA POMPER I . ff it 2, m,i,..,..f..,,1iQN,Q 11 I f. I . ANNE MARIE PIJSKA JOH N PREZEKOTA MARY SMITH QUINN RACHELLE PINTOZZI L. QUASIUS ELIZABETH Www' Przekota John Alpha Chi Epsilon Dean s Honor list Football Honors Convocation PE Majors Physical Health Club Boxing Club Scu ba Diving Club Student Government lntramur al Basketball,VoIleybaIl Badminton. Quasius Elizabeth L. Quinn, Mary Smith Ramsey, Gwendolyn Tomita - Deans High Honor List Dean s Honor List. GWENDOLYN T. RAMSEY SHARON LYNN RELICH Relich, Sharon Lynn Richman, Reggie - French Club, Twenty-One Plus. Richter, Joanne Ruth - Print, Pep Club CCaptain 69-703, P.E. Majors, Intramural Ping Pong, Volleyball. Rogers David W- Dean's Honor List, Football Club Honors Convocation, P.E. Majors, Physical Health Club Intramural Basketball. DAVID ROGERS PEDRO L. ROSA REGGIE RICHMAN NIARCIA D. ROSENTHAL WF JOANNE R. RICHTER Rohan, Daniel William - Earth Science Club. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Rosa, Pedro L. - Deans High Honor List Span- ish Club Varsity Cross-Country CLettermanJ Rosenthal, Marcia Denise - Association for Childhood Education. Ruff Betty L. - Association for Childhood Edu- cation Deans High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Twenty-One Plus. Union for Puerto Rican Students. V BETTY L. RUFF Ryblckl Vincent Joseph Deans Honor Lust Ecology Club Geography Club History Club Intramural Football Basketball Saldana Dennis Llngulstlcs Club Psychology Club Spanish Club Schak Susan E Dean S Hon or Lust Honors Convocation PE Majors Physical Health Club Varslty Women lntercolle grate Gymnastics Schultz Sheila Deans Hugh Honor Lust Dean s Honor List Schwandt James M Student Government Sedlacek Gloria Psychology Club NCENTJ RYBICK Vl SHEILA SCHULTZ 100 DENNIS SALDANA JAMES M. SCHWANDT GLORIA SEDLACEK Winans? Shiu Betty Lai Fong - Art Club. BETTY LAI SHIU Sikkut, Vello - Biology Club Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Football Club German Club Gymnastics. Skiby Patricia - Dean s Honor List. Dean's Honor List Intramural Volleyball. Sproat, Judy Lynn - Computer Science Club, JUDY LYNN SPROAT MARY KAY STAPLETON VELLO SIKKUT MARCIA SROCZYNSKI PATRICIA SKIBY Sroczynski, Marcia - Association for Childhood Education. Stapleton, Mary Kay Stein, Marty J. Stoklosa, Marilyn F. - Bowling League, Dean's :ojnor List, Newman Club CPresidentj, Student i e. MARILYN F. STOKLOSA - - :sm---my Strauss Janna Lee Dea Honor List French Club LSA Talaczynski Shirley Ann Tassone Victoria Lynn Dean s High Honor List Tataris, John Thrash, Patricia - Band. Thudium, Charles Lee - Dean s Honor List, Earth Science Club Intramural Basketball. KATHLEEN M. TILL GLENN R. TOBIASKI Till, Kathleen M. Tobiaski, Glenn R. -Varsity Baseball Ulanowicz,Janet-Pep Club. Vaisvilas, Karen Anne - Dean's Honor List, Lambda Sigma Alpha CVice-Presidentj, Student MARGARET VERDI Activities Council,Commencement Committee. KAREN A. VAISVILAS 4. DOLORES WAKELY JANET ULANOWICZ Verdi Margaret Wakely Dolores Dean s High Honor List Council for Exceptional Children Walsh Margaret A Twenty One Plus Waldau', Gaye Cff Dean's Honor List, Student MARGARET A. WALSH LSON NA Wi UA DELORES JEAN WlLLlANlS l REYNA WINOKUR l - A 1 J Williams, Delores Jean - Black Caucus, Black Heritage. Wilson, Juana - Association for Childhood Education. Winokur, Reyna Zila Phyllis - Concert Choir, Dean s High Honor List Deans Honor List M E N C Wirtanen Charles William Football Club Physical Education Nlaiors Physical Health C ub CHARLES WIRTANEN -1....,?-W--N--.una--mmm-um,i M., A.N.,...,. ...wmmy nm-ww .-.. --,....,,,.. Wisnousky Kay Dean s High Honor List Deans Honor is French Club Honors Convocation Yagnisis Thomas Victor F rensics Union Zaiczenko Maria Dean s Honor List Lambda Sigma AI pha, Russian Club. Zangora Karen Marie - Inter- preters Theatre Ccostumesj Sigma Alpha Eta. Zierk Wendy - Cheerleaders Dean's Honor List, Gymnastics, P.E. Majors Varsity Women's Gymnastics. THOMAS V. YAGNISIS WENDY ZIERK CLUBS AND DRGANIZATIDNS 5 F . Y.. .Q , .p . . wv M1 Iiifkfil 'G Q , J:-i4:1Q15ElM'i7l:2'i-Bri,-R.12: 19511 5,-ggf7,'71u14-x1':1m-' -vFir'ifU'A, -f":"Y'a nv, . ' , L1 . . ew 'S FEP?-. 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Q qv Ab L1 "fin ' FRONT ROW: Marshal Bronaugh, Gerry Carcello, Bob Gruss, Rick Costa CVice-Presidentj, Joe Consiglio, Bill Rink fSergeant-at-Armsj, Rudy Gutowski, Bob Benwitz. ROW 2: Phil Piotrowski QPresidentJ, Jack Meyers, Gary Alesi, Al Gorr, Ted Duber, Don Lewin Ureasurerb, Jim Scanell. ROW 3: Myron Krajnyk, Rick Paradiso QSecretaryJ, Rich Ruiz, Don Guidara. The primary words to describe Alpha Chi Epsilon are "service- able" and "fraternal." When the permanent charter was obtained on January 9,1967, AXE was formed as a service for the community as well as a social fraternity, with admis- sion open to all male North- eastern students. The brothers of AXE seek to develop friend- ships that will last beyond their college days. Alpha Chi Epsilon offers its members opportuni- ties to meet people, to com- pete in intramural sports, and generally to participate in the sort of activities which ma kea fraternity function. AXE also sponsors mixers forthe recre- ation and enjoyment ofthe student body. 3, FRONT ROW: Gail Grossman, Debbie Bodden, Bonnie Baumann, Ann Marie Halwix, Sue Taylor, Marcia Leibow CPledge Motherj, BACK ROW: Mrs. Angelina Pedroso QSponsorD, Nadeene Novy fvice-President-Treasurerp, Rose Gillcrist CPresidentJ, Eileen Wasserman, Kata Gillcrist, Bobbie Kranz, Maxine Levey, Louise Lazar fSecretaryD, Barb Cacciatore. 'E The Alpha Rho Omega Sorority was established in 1966 by Diane Lipkin and Sue Gaspar. It was decided that the pur- pose ofthe sorority would be to serve and uphold the inter- ests ofthe college, promote high scholarship among its members and provide aid and pleasure forthose in need. They serve the school and community by ushering at the films shown at school, collect- ing for the Heart Fund, and by collecting unwanted toys for mentally retarded children. . Their social activities include mixers - mainly BMOC CBig Man On Campusj - Mother- Daughter Luncheon, pajama parties, hayrides, bowling par- ties, and picnics. For the future they hope to continue serving the school and community and establishing a Sisterhood among their members. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION STANDING QLEFT T0 RIGHTJ: Judy Bree, Patricia Szymczak, Robert Brinkworth, Maryann Gaul, Dorothy Fuliett, Morris Sotonoff, Zachary Pinas SEATED: Avis Thornton, Alvin Paul III, Ellen Goldenberg, Louverta Hurt, President Sachs, Timothy O'ConneII, Gregory Golinski. NOT PICTURED Wayne Bradley. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ating seniors. The Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Association has been officially in All graduates of Northeastern Illinois University are automatically members existence since Nlay 6, 1971 when a nine-member Board of Directors was of the Alumni Association and receive the ALUMNI NEWS quarterly. Dues pay- elected and a constitution was ratified. The Alumni Association became an ing members of the Association receive a membership card entitling them to incorporated organization on February 2,1972. library use and reduced rates fortickets to specified events. Since its formation the Alumni Association has sponsored a Variety Show, The alumni logo, which appears on this page and on many of the car windows assisted with Homecoming, held two theatre parties, and sponsored a work- in the Chicago area, embodies the Alumni Association's affiliation. The hexa- shop on the open classroom in conjunction with Chicago State University and gon, mark of the University, embraces the torch, symbol of the Northeastern the University of Illinois. The Association honored Dr. Charles Nloran upon his Foundation, which was established to solicit and channel funds into worth- retirement for his outstanding service to Northeastern. lt has also secured a while projects for the benefit of the school. The Alumni Association is working year's free banking service at the National Bank of Albany Park for all gradu- with both ofthese agencies for a stronger Northeastern. ffluwltx NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY ASIAN AFFAIRS THIS ORGANIZATION DID NOT PROVIDE US WITH PHOTO IDENTIFICATION The Northeastern Association for Childhood Education is a student branch of the profes- sional organization, Associa- tion for Childhood Education International. The purposes of the organization are to work for the education and well- being of children, to promote desirable conditions in the nursery and elementary schools, to work to raise the standard of teacher prepara- tion and to help bring together all groups concerned with children in the school. North- eastern's branch was formed to find out what is happening in the field of education in the United States and around the world. A.C.E. has had many interest- ing speakers at their meeting including Dr. Michael Belica, co-ordinator of the Instruc- tional Media Program at Northeastern, Miss Bernadine Venn, head of the Stockton Schome, Mrs. Terry Urbank, founder of Supercare, Inc. a day care center in River Grove, Officer Friendly from the Chi- cago Police Department and Robert M. Bell from Education- al Teaching Aids. The organi- zation also sponsored a food drive for the American Indian Center. The sponsors of the Organiza- tion are Mrs. Peri P. Georgiou and Dr. Leonard A. Setze. FRONT ROW: Kathryn Brixy CSecretaryJ, Marilee Head Nice-Presidentj. ROW 2: Barbara Johnson CPresidentJ, Barbara Cacciatore, Patricia Groth, Laura Atherton, ROW 3: Eileen Marousek, Barbara Pomper, Helen Loukas. .-. suse' -Q.,-f Q.. get . W A 5 2 . 5,5 W 311 ESS ESS QQ E if . Fw W jf - M B S Q 5 iw s Q E. E, 1 ffijj 4 :Fi ROW 1: SEATED QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Lee Kivi, Charles Novak, Mark Malebranche, Nancy Pan opolos, Dale Johnson, Judy Ruppel, Gail Sonkin, Norman Keller, Robin Jacob, Louise Ales kiewicz, Jennifer Podgers. ROW 2: QSEATEDQ: Michael Kahles, Diane Scadron, Richard Fred erick, Carol Russell, Merelmarie Laabs, Irma Olivo, Cheryl Cordes, Gabrielle Jantelezio, Donna Dragon, William Sundberg, Daniel Powers, Marilyn Kalvig, Mary Berg, Laura Asta ROW 3 QSEATEDJ: Mary Helin, Patrice Patton, Georgette Soderstrom Jimneta Brown Henry Costa, Mary Malessa, David Drska, Steven Szafalowicz, Dean Rolahdo. Wayne Woicl BAND bert, Darrell Breckenteld, Marilyn Brown, Jose Acevedo, Shopan Entesari, William Cald- well, Robert Gradl. ROW 4 QSEATEDJ: William Gabriel, Mark Schultz, Michael Phillippi, Alan Hollander, William Kaempfe, Steven Yates, William Flosi, Lorraine Kruzel, Karl Strand, Murray Fisher. ROW 5 QSTANDINGJ: Ronald Kaplan, Lynn Uchida, Ted Duber, Jerry Miceli, Kathleen Draus, James Cleary, Harriet Heinz, Ronald Zagorski, Dr. Edgar Gangware. NOT PICTURED: Clare Burman, Kathy Clement, Ann Krawczyk, Rich Santoro, James Yamauchi, Kathryn Kadlec, Sally Mayerboch, James Rottman. BAND The purpose of the Northeastern Illi- nois University Band is to providean outlet for those students possessing musical talent and to experience the esthetic value of performing music. In addition to giving concerts, it provides a service to both the school and the community by participating in gradua- tion and basketball games, and spreading good will outside the univer- sity, through such activities as the se- nior citizens' concerts. Finally, it pro- vides a source of musical entertain- ment forthe students and the community. Dr. Gangware, director ofthe Band, came to Northeastern in 1966. At that time the band consisted of twenty-two members who rehearsed on the audi- torium stage. The band room was a small room behind the auditorium, which served as Dr. Gangware's office, storage room, practice studio, ensem- ble room, part-time rehearsal hall, and teaching studio. Throughout the year the Band partici- pates in several regular events. The most important of these are its trimes- ter concerts. At these, the band per- forms a wide variety of music includ- ing serious band music, orchestral transcriptions, popular show tunes and even experimental music. These popular concerts are scheduled every semester usually on a Wednesday eve- ning. ln addition, the Band sponsors a solo contest with the winners perform- ing in a soloists' concert during the winter term. Furthermore, the pep band is formed from the large concert band which helps provide a zesty spirit at our home games Cbasketball and footballj, and at least one away basket- ballgame. The climax of the year is when band members are selected to perform in the Nlid-America Intercollegiate Band for two days in iowa. BEEHIVE 1972 STAFF fRightJ Rosearm Podraza - Staff Member fBeIowJ Jack Chaliem - Photography Editor Ukbovej Phyllis Proszowski - typist 1AboveJ Mary Ann Gaul - typist r.. fBeIowJ Rosemary Childers - typist fBeIowJ Marnie Fournier - Concert Series Editor QBeIowJ James Kent- Editor 1Above, left to rightj Renate Lewin, Jack Challern, Roseann Podraza, Frank Fritzrnann, Mary Ann Gaul. welow, Comme pettmger - Advisor Uknovej Carlos Serrano - Graduate layout designer 1LeftJ Jenneice King Neai - Staff Member 119 - K FRONT ROW: Margaret Crellin Ureasurerb, Bonnie Bartels, Barbara Butzbach. ROW 2: Mark Shoub, Marie Bruno CVice-Presidentj, Debbie SaFranek QSecretaryJ, Herbert Bierman fPresidentj, Gail DeKoven, Michael Davis. ROW 3: Steve Losh, David Ray, Richard Levee, Dennis R. Sous, Marc LaBeau, William Reichhold. ROW 4: Mike Gaber, Grant Goodrich. NOT PICTUREDZ Annie Leung, Karen Leung, Mary Schick. Revived several yea rs ago by the biology majors at North- eastern and sponsored by Dr. Jules Lerner, the Biology Club has come to be an organiza- tion staunchly supported by its members. The purpose of the club is to enlighten persons interested in the science of life, and such enlightenment has come through excursions to mu- seums, lectures, and certainly on out-of-doors field trips. Dur- ingthe winter months, such places as the Field and Rosen- wald Museums, and the Shedd Aquarium, have become favor- itesgwhilethespring,summer, and early fall aretimes which have been used for field trips to such locations as the lndi- ana Sand Dunes,the Illinois Prairie Path, the prairie at 31st and Wolf Roads, and even the local LaBagh Woods for inspection ofthe early spring flowers. Club meetings duringtheweek are scenes of informative mov- ies and lectures by outside speakers, our own biology pro- fessors, and also ourowri members. At present and in the future, we are, and will be, concerned with the threats to our natural world, methods for attempting to alleviate the problems of pollution and overpopulation, and, with the help of more people, to try to maintain the delicate balance of nature. 1 4 FRONT ROW: Bernadine Canada,.Doris McCloud, Denise Johnson, Doris Thompson, Frances Sanders, Madeline Elkins. ROW 2: Jerry C. Buckley, Joanne Davis, Anna Dickenson, Claudette Benn, Alberta Grant, Denis Eldes. ROW 3, STANDING: Annabel McFall, Naomi Bun- dley, Carol White, Vera Walker, Debbie Washington, Renee A. Daniels, Rosemary Childers, Kathy Glover, Delores Williams. ROW 4, STANDING: Curtis Dorsey, James Kent, Donald Butler, Michael Walker, Dewey Hammons, Roosevelt Gordon, QPresidentJ. The Black Caucus is in the deepest sense, the Black Stu- dent Government at North- eastern. When the need arises to act on the behalf of any Black students interests, members of Black Caucus work together to find a way to resolvethe situation. Con- stantly the members of Black Caucus are mindful oftheir interests, both as Black people and as students striving in today's educational system. FRONT ROW: Anita Howard, Linda Paul, Lavern Lewis fPresidentD, lVlcKinley Johnson, Eugene Barnes, Nila M. Wooten, Marietta Amos. ROW 2: Juanita Stokes, James Paul, Sandra Dickerson, Almeadie Thomas, Beverly Porter, Sandra Wilson. ROW 3 QSTANDINGJ: Laura A. Allen, Cletes Shephard, Shirley Cravens, Larry Jones, Joe L. Williams, Stella Pundy, Leroy Williams, George Ross, Sylvia Bland. ' it 4. il The Black Heritage Club is an organization for Black stu- dents whose immediate goal is to expose its members to their heritage as African people andthen to live accordingto the principle ofsuch people. In addition,the club is the medi- um for communication among Black students andthetotal student body of Northeastern. Cultural events, speakers on topics of interest to Blacks and various kinds of entertainment are also provided by Black Heritage. The Black Heritage Club taps the resources of each of its members in order to create a viable fraternity and a unity that will prepare the members to work within their own situa- tions,whether as students, teachers, brothers, sisters, or friends, in order to build a strong Black Nation. STANDING QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Carol Burke-Fonte Cprogram advisory, Kevin Burke, Vickie Grant, Jerry Buckley, Dan Detterman, Bruce Rosenberg, Janice Meyer, Carol Girard Cassistant program advisory, Jay Reil. SEATED: Lynn Uchida, Jules Beuck, Linda Wolf, Gayle Wa- pole, Kathy Wanders, Jeff Haskin. The Commuter Center Activi- ties Board is the student union organization which co-ordi- nates the educational and rec- reational activities forthe UNI community.The areas in which they work are: special events, lectures, concerts, travel, films, outdoor recrea- tion, and publicity. The people participating in CCAB are: Jules Beuck Vickie Grant Luis Moya Jerry C. Buckley Frances Camberis Kathy McGuinnes Linda Wolff Sophia Rempas Warren Chapman Janet Meyer Willie Englehardt Claire Burman Janice Meyer Cheryl Webber Nilda Pauley Marcia Leibow Mark Sullivan Kathy Brown Bernice Bloom Connie Fitzgerald Mary Kay Brandimore Paulette Jeresek Kevin Burke Mike Cunningham Gayle Wapole Marty Wasserstrom Kathy Wanders Jay Rell Ted Cheffin Joanne Power Julie Davis Joyce De Angelis Jeff l-laskin Lynn Uchida. COMMUTER CENTER BOARD OF MANAGERS The Commuter Center Board of Managers is the main policy making board of the Commuter Center. The Commuter Center Constitution provides that the Board direct and administerthe affairs of the Commuter Center. This administering of affairs is subject to the counsel and ap- proval ofthe President of the University. All groups having space in or using the facilities of the Commuter Center are responsible to the Commuter Center Board of Managers. The Commuter Center Board has jurisdiction over all services the Commuter Center provides to the University community. These services include the cafeteria, vending consessions, the Book Nook, Student Service Desk, Candy Store, lockers throughout the campus, the checkroom, the Billiard Room, a check cashing service, catering for parties or meetings and a variety of proe grams that range from the films shown on campus to special concerts or speakers, Above all the Commuter Center is an organization made up of all the students in the university, and made for the students convenience. The Board is made up of nineteen members, each having one vote in the policy making process or the decisions of the Board. Eight members are undergraduates, two are graduates, two are members of the alumni. two are faculty members, two are members of the administration. two are Civil Service members, and one a representative from a neighborhood organization. Each member is elected by his peers except the twoadministrative members who are members be- cause ofthe office they hold, these being the Vice-President for Administrative Affairs and the Vice'President for Student Affairs. The Commuter Center Constitution provides that the Chair- man or the ViceeChairman be student, the only other officer is the secretary. The Director of the Commuter Center is employed by the Board of Governors after Consideration and recommendation of the Board. The Director is responsible for the overall operation and su- pervision ofthe Commuter Center according to the policies and rulings of the Board. He is re- sponsible forthe handling of all funds generated by the various areas of the Commuter Center and provides the Board with monthly financial reports concerning all the businesses of the Commuter Center. He is also responsible for the co-ordination of all services and activities within the Commuter Center. Adapted from "People and Process: The Commuter Center" fg.: COMMUTER CENTER BOARD OF MANAGERS TOP ROW: James Kent, Betty Gialessas, Margaret Crellin, Gregory Golinski, Mark Walsh. SEATED: Joann Powers Nice-Cnairmanb, Cliff Harraison CDire-ctorj, Jack Holt CChairmanJ, Herbert Bierman. 1 Wm LEFT TO RIGHT: Christine Link, Ron Gilliat, Joyce Pomeraning, Robert Dubyk, Sue Gerhart, GaryIGarzo'netti, Seongki Nloon, Carol Carr, Edward Kurtzmann, Mike Kahies, Joan Re-mkus. NOT PICTURED: Kevin Burke, Linda Allind, Louise Weisczyk: Coordinator: Sanford Ol- shang Sponsor: Dr. Louis Becker. The Computer Science Club offers all students of the UNI Community an opportunity to become familiar with comput- ers and computational tech- niques, to pool their knowl- edge, and to meet others with comparable interests on a so- cial basis. Members ofthe club serve as tutors for the Comput- er Science program.Club meetings offer students an opportunity to discuss new and advanced techniques in computer applications with members ofthefaculty and outside experts, and to obtain information concerning pro- fessional opportunities in computer technology infor- mation science and data processing. 5 N, 4 FRONT ROW: Andie Fein Nice-Presidentj. Dr. Charles Shabica, Pat Holland, Chris Mrozinski, Anita Brandes CTechnical Assistanty. ROW 2: Dennis Skahen, Dr. Albert Forslev, Dr. Mohan Sood fsponsorj, Donna Prestle, Carol Hall CSecretaryj, Dr. Robert Doehler, Dr. lVlusa Qutub. ROW 3: Bob Hayes, Dennis Nlarton CPresidentJ, Dick Hansen, Dennis Gawlik. The Earth Science Club serves the dual purpose of study and recreation. Combined with a study ofthe earth processes and man's role in his environment, are such recreational activities as camping, hiking and canoeing FRONT ROW: Lucia Kajra, ki, Barbara Butzbach. The thrill and challenge of learning dances from other countries bring the folk dan- cers of Northeastern together. The Folk Dance Club meets once a week under the spon- sorship of lVlrs. Bettye Ehrlich. With the guidance of her great- ly diversified knowledge of dances the world over, the folk dancers practice the many in- tricate, graceful and forceful steps characteristic of each culture. Adding to the unique flavor of each dance are the colorful and authentic cos- tumes that accurately show each country's mode of dress. ln the past the Folk Dance Club has demonstrated its skills at performances at the college, at freshman orientation, and for various grammar and high schools.The club hopes to keep up this fine record in the future. Membership in the Folk Dance Club requires only that a per- son has interest, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. . .17 L FRONT ROW: Sue Zoltek, Carol Hall, Jim Norwine. ROW 2: Lou Jones, Karen Coyne, Anne Sneddon, Rich Hansen, Lee Mishkin, John Por- tenlanger. ROW 3: Mark Kipp, Chris Eirich, Jose Cortese, Barb Mack, Joann Dorsen, .lerry Mostek, Tom Behrendt, Mandel Pelz. Northeastern's Geography Club provides opportunities for interested students to ex- plore the cultural and physical environment around them. The club is not exclusively for Geography majors, but rather is open to anyone interested in the surrounding environment. The club's activities are varied and consist of field trips to such places as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Galena, llli- nois. Another popular activity is the monthly dinner at res- taurants vvhich specialize in a specific nation's cuisine. Res- taurants visited bythe mem- bers included those of Span- ish, Yugoslavian, Korean, German, and Peruvian nationalities. The varied activities of Club ltaliano during the 1971-72 academic year underlined the purposes of the Club's Con- stitution: "To develop among students on our campus an organization which offers its members all the opportuni- ties, responsibilities, and privileges of membership. To develop a program designed ab to acquaint all students with opportunities for cultural enrichment: bb to provide culturally enriching activities: cl to provide members with opportunities for practical experience in working togeth- er, developing leadership and responsibility, and the pos- sibility to discover and utilize sources of ltalian cultural interest." On October 15 a group of thirty attended, in high fashion, the performance of Verdi's Rigoletto at the Lyric Opera House. Bravissimo! Mr. Hoberg addressed the Club on November 4. Dante and His World - Part ll was the subject. Eccelentel With the exception of the oil and vinegar salad being served at the beginning of the meal, the second annual Club ltaliano banquet on November 18 at the Como Inn was an Italian affair. Ninety guests, amon them students, 8 parents, faculty, and Dr. and Mrs. Sachs, attended the banquet. The meal featured "lasagna", a series of pasta, and cheese layers topped with meat sauce. But it was the "Lambrusco", a sparkling semi-sweet red wine from the northern Italian provence of Emilia, that received the encores. Following the meal, Dr. John Maher CLinguisticsJ, and Mr. Thomas Hoberg CEnglishy were awarded honorary mem- bership in Northeastern's Club ltaliano for their cultural contributions as guest lecturers on several occasions be- fore the Club. Miss Frances Calabrese, president of the Club ltaliano presented this year's club officers: Diane Fuggiti Cvice- presidentj, Dorina Giannese Csecretaryj, Anna Muscarello ftreasurerb, Michael Abruzzini Csergeant-at-armsj. A slide program of Venice and the surrounding region, presented by Dr. Maher, preceded the lively entertain- ment. Laura Jean Zerlay and Lenny Goldberg presented a musical program to the delight of all present including a waiter, undoubtedly a septuagenarian, who could not help joining in the festivities with a dancing exhibition. Dr. Gal- assi's recitation of the "Mia Carlotta" added to the even- ing's merriment. Magnifico! The Winter 1973 was highlighted by a movie on the ltalian poet, Pier Paolo Pasolini. Incantevole! Membership in Club ltaliano is open to all students at UNI presently or previously enrolled in ltalian classes or hav- ing interest in the Italian language and culture. FRONT ROW: Francesca Calabrese CPublicity Chairmanj, Gloria Pope CPublicity Co-chairmanj, Mary Diana, Diane Fuggiti Ureasurerj, Roberta Hogan, Joe Atria CSergeant-at-Armsj. ROW 2: Anna Muscarello, Joycelynn Gazda, Marie Bruno, Gloria Marie Cruz fljresidentj, Janet T. Buonincontro, Dr. Battista Galassi CSponsorJ. ROW 3: Joe Locascio fVice-Presidentj, Dorina Giannese, John Cora. KLAL is a group of concerned Jewish students who have been on campus for about four years now. The club sponsors many programs, including that of educational, cultural, and community, service, as well as giving social parties. 5 s 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: Michele Wachovsky, Maxine Levey, Bruce Lev, Ted Rose, Ma Nlargi Sivin CTreasurerj. Q' rjie Gerchikov, Eileen Wasserman, Rich Karlin CPresidentj LAMBDA sioiviA ALPHA -Jem, FRONT ROW: Cathie Jacobs, Judy Gondek, Judy Johansen, Sue McCarthy, Pat Pomianek, Linda Cairns. ROW 2: Sue Concialdi, Donna Ma rtello, Pat Krzywicki, Donna Prestel, Kathy Moriarity, Kim Dawson, Sally Saunders. ROW 3: Bonnie Belli, Marilyn Penzel, Darlyn Dvorak, Nancy Kuta, Linda Ferraro, Micki LoPresti, Colleen Geraghty, Marlene Mitchell, Janiece Archer. ROW 4: Mary Pat Boyle, Evelyn Pontikes, Debi Patterson, Linda Meyer, Jean Dallman, Janet Dallman. Having received its charter in 1962, Lambda Sigma Alpha is the oldest sorori- ty on campus and also the largest with titty active sisters. The chief purpose ofthe sorority is one of service to the school and community at large. Among the in-school activities are a Penny Carnival, rattles, a Valentines Day Candy Sale, and a Winter formal at Christmas time. With members whose in- terests and activities cover a wide range, the sisters have adopted a Korean boy, and write to him regularly. ln addition, as service to the school, the sis- ters ot LSA usher tor concerts, graduations and other school functions. The carving of pumpkins at Halloween and the distribution of candy to hospital- ized children at Christmas and Easter are some ot the outside activities, FRONT ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Sue lVlcCarthy CRe-cording Secretaryj, Judy Gon- dek CPresidentJ, Judy Johansen Nice-Presidentj. TOP ROW: Nlicki LoPresti CCor- responding Secretaryj, Kathy Nloriarity CTreasurerj, 5 SEATED QLEFT T0 RIGHTJ: Diane Smietana CSecretaryJ, Cheryl Nleres CVice-Presi- dentj, Karen Rosenkranz CTreasurerJ, John Barnitz QPresidentJ. STANDING: John Ruskuls, Susan Ankieholtz, Amelia Kelly, Pat Wegrzyn, Dr. Audrey Reynolds fSponsorJ, Barb Hartgenbush, Paulette Cwik, Elaine Weaver, Judy Kinnane. Open to all students interested in human language and the field of linguistics, the LINGUISTICS CLUB is an organization offering a variety of activities and services. The club has provided a for- um where students m ay enrich their knowledge of linguistics, especially in its relations to other fields such as literature, psy- chology, anthropology, and English teaching. The past year has been the most successful in the club's history. The Linguistics Lecture Series, sponsored by the club included the following: Dr. Robert lllwitzer Dr. Peter lVlaher Dr. Thomas Koch man University of Illinois lvlr. Don Seigel lVlrs. Emily Ellison Dr. Ray Jackendoff Brandeis University Dr. Pete lVlaher Dr. James lVlcCawley "Semantic Interpretation of YES and NO" "The Name of the Eagle" "Social and Cultural Sources of Communication Failure" "Dialects in Literature" "Getting to Know Your Psyche Linguistically: Psycholinguistics' "Interpretive Semantics" "English As She ls Spoke" "On identifying the Remains of University of Chicago Deceased Sentences" lVlr. Harold l-lild "Renaissance Attitudes Toward Language" lVlr. Jack Richardson "The Spelling of Inglish" Csicj lVlr. Ed Maxwell The lecture series is not the only activity. ln December of 1971, John Barnitz, Cheryl lVleres, Diane Smietana, and Karen Rosenk- ranz attended the forty-sixth annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America Convention held in St. Louis. Otherfield trips planned by the club included visiting elementary and secondary schools where transformational grammar is taught. The Linguistics Klub tries to close the communication gap be- tween faculty and students. Every trimester the club sponsors a Student-Faculty Rap Session where issues such as curriculum and student problems are discussed. Last April, the linguistics students challenged the linguistics faculty in a brutal volleyball joust. Unfortunately, the faculty were victorious. At the end of every trimester, the club conducts a faculty evaluation survey which enables the students to evaluate teacher performance. ln 1972 the Linguistics Klub established a tutoring program for introductory linguistics students who seek assistance. VV- ,ge 25 W ? . "r"'?Ef'f' its 3' ,W ' ts C' if CP KNEELING: Janice Johnson CPresidentJ, Joanne Draths, Marge Conley, Sue Krach, Karyn Draths. ROW 2: Terry Strand, Lou Czaplewski, Bill Wysocki, Bob Depa, Chris Swierczynski, Peter Welsch, Mary Long, Rich Podraza, Reverend J. Hurley, Karen Rosenkranz. ROW 3: Richard Ruiz, Myron Krajnyk CTreasurerj, Marilyn Stoklosa, Linda Robert CSecretaryD. The Newman Club is an organi zation that offers students at Northeastern's commuter campus a sense of being part ofa community. The Newman Center is located at 5450 North Kimball, and provides a place where students can spend their free time, study, and maketriends. On Friday evenings there is always an activity planned, whether it be a party at the center, taking in a play, a mov- ie, ice-skating, or other activi- ty. The Newman Center also serves the Catholic communi- ty services during the Holy days. 3, +5 PHI ALPHA TH ETA BZ X, :ggi ,233--W ""'r THIS ORGANIZATION WAS UNABLE TO PROVIDE US WITH COMPLETE PHOTO IDENTIFICATION PHIALPHA Founded in 1921, Phi Alpha Theta is the International Honorary Society in History and has now grown to more than 380 active chapters with member- ship in excess of 60,000. Established to recognize and encourage excellence in the study of history, Phi Alpha Theta sponsors annual awards for scholar- ship, papers, and books, and publishes The Historian, a quarterly journal of History. THETA The Pi Gammer Charter, chartered January 28, 1970, is actively engaged in the pursuit ofthe purposes established by the National Council. Besides spon soring guest speakers in the field of history, the Pi Gamma Chapter has insti- tuted a program under which books will be donated to the Northeastern li- brary, and plans in the near future to establish awards for student papers in history. A FIRST ROW: Lee Kivi CVice-Presidentj, Bill Witt CPresident7, Dave Drska CSecretaryJ. ROW 2: Jim Chandler CHistorianJ, Karl Strand, Dave Farber CTreasurerJ, Norm Keller CAlumnl Secretaryj, Murray Fischer, Al Zwierzko, Paul Drennan fWarden5, Rich Piskator. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity is a professional music fraternity dedicat- ed to the advancement of music and to the brotherhood among men en- gaged in musical or related activities. Sinfonia's first chapter, Alpha, was organized in 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music to unite men with common musical interests. While this continues to be a major purpose, in addition, Phi Mu Alpha fosters the development of fraternal spirit, con- tributes to musical activities on col- lege and university campuses, and encourages loyalty to the Alma Mater. Nearly 300 active chapters, located on collegeand university campuses throughout the United States, initiate 3,000 men to membership each year. Alumni chapters in most major cities serve some of Sinfonia's more than 50,000 alumni members. The membership roster of Phi Mu Al- pha is a veritable "Who's Who" of men in music, Sinfonians may be found in all fields of musical activities. Mem- bership includes students, conductors performers, composers, arrangers, teachers, publishers, music mer- chants, and representatives inthe areas of radio, television, and motion pictures. Chi Omega Chapter started with a peti- tioning group of twenty-seven stu- dents and one faculty member early in the 1968-69 school year. Chi Omega was officially chartered at Northeast- ern on April 21, 1969. The chapter has grown to be an active part of the school and national organizations. Active on campus, the fraternity regu- larly sponsors concerts and recitals, holds a dinner for the music depart- ment, ushers at concerts, and holds a summer picnic. The brothers of Sinfonia, therefore, enjoy the advantages of a professional and social fraternity in one. v 2 'Q FRONT ROW: Eden Rosen CVice Presidentj, Teri Levin CPresidentJ, Nadeene Novy CSecretaryj, Lee Schaeff. ROW 2: Karen Filkey, Evelyn Geren, Roosevelt Gordon, Pat Szymczak, Gary Osgood. fil m, sf- i"'m"-N Psi-Chi is the national honor society in psychology. The purpose of this organization shall be to advance the science of psychology, and to encour- age, stimulate, and maintain scholarship of the individual member in all fields, particu- larly in psychology. The Chapter's most recent, and to-date, best-received, ac- tivity was a program entitled "Conversations With Psycholo- gists," which brings chapter members into informal but meaningful contact with pro- fessional psychologists. Our guests of honor share their thoughts, interests, values, goals and ambitions concern- ing psychology as a science and a profession. Membership is open to all qualified psychology majors and minors. fia- wr -x W., N .u..,,L. , MM W is ington lmer - ' . www S.,m2w.wfNe,mfu.u l FRONT ROW: Rosa Alvarez iDistributionJ, Edwin Claudio flillanaging Editorj, Marijuana Schram CTypistJ. ROW 2: Ricardo Rodriguez iPho- tographyj, Chuck Torre QEditor-in-Chiefj, David Delgado CAssistant Editorj. Que Ondee Sola translated into English means "lVlay it wave alone." It refers to our Puerto Rican flag and expresses a sen- timent that we are sure is embedded deep in the hearts of every Puerto Rican, and, for that metter, in the hearts of every man. lt says, "I am my own man and I can deal with every other man on equal and mutual terms." We believe this to be a primary goal of every individual -for it is, really, a guarantee of dignity. Que Ondee Sola was started in January of 1972 forthe pur- poses of: 1. bettering communica- tion and understanding between minority stu- dents Cparticularly Puer- to Ricansb, and the rest ofthe college community, 2. continuing contact with our Puerto Rican com- munity so that we as university students do not lose sight of our main duty of staying within that community to assure its progress in every area, and so that, at the same time, our community is aware of our existence and our intentions so that they can be guidesg 3. finally, as an instrument of education whereby we can inform ourselves and others about our history, cultures, litera- ture, etc . . . Que Ondee Sola is published twice a month and circulates within Northeastern, the Puer- to Rican community, high school with a concentration of Puerto Rican students, and individual subscribers, includ- ing some in foreign countries. SIGMA ALPHA ETA THIS ORGANIZATION DID NOT PROVIDE US WITH PHOTO IDENTIFICATION H X Northeastern's only school and community service sorori- ty, Sigma Tau Sigma was es- tablished when the university was known as Chicago Teach- er's College. Followingtheir goal of "culturally and educa- tionally enriching disadvan- taged children through tutor- ing," the sisters of Sigma Tau Sigma have worked as tutors in hospitals, orphanages, disci- plinary homes, and communi- ty schools. Because Northeast- ern is no longer completely a teachers college, many of the sisters are not future teachers. These sisters help plan fund- raising projects, the proceeds from which go to children's charities. Halloween dress-up and candy sale, pizza parties, car washes, and get-togethers with fraternities from sister- hood. Famous Flower Power, the beautiful dinner dance to celebrate the sorority's birth- day, theatre parties, and moth- er-daughter luncheons are all traditional activities. This year's events included a Flower Sale for St. Valentine's Day, a St. Patrick's Day Bake Sale and an Easter raffle, which serve a double purpose of sharing fun and food with fellow students and donating funds to chari- ties. With ski trips, parties, and tours of the city, the Sigma Tau Sigma sisters enjoyed a year filled with friendship and fun. i..fqg, FRONT ROW: Mary Diana Nice-Presidentj. ROW 2: Kathy Peacher, Linda Russ, Maria Vardon 1PresidentJ, Kathy Stewart CSecretaryJ ROW 3: Chris Campe, Donna D. Seno, Betsy Geavon CVice-Presidentj. NOT PICTURED: Terri Hernacki, Laura Aiello. SOCIETY OF MILITARY ART, SCIENCE, AND HISTORY An interest in military model- ing, conflictand diplomatic gaming and military science has always been the center of focus for S.lVl.A.S.H., along with the interests of military and diplomatic history. For this reason, it is completely separate from the History Workshop, the organization from which SMASH grew. S.lVl.A.S.H.'s highly compre- hensive and relevant series of films and lectures presented over the course of each trimes- ter, have been copied by, and useful to, many other of the university's organizations. It has given valuable help and advice to many other clubs and also departments of both faculty and administration. It continually seeks to work to- gether with other clubs such as the History Workshop with which their day and night se- ries of programs each term bring forth an average attend- ance of over one thousand. i l FRONT ROW: Pat Welninski, Zoila Mesa, Betsy Rodriguez, Renee Goldner. BACK ROW: Bruce Allman, Donna Alfredo, Roberta Hogan, Le- ticia Delagarza, Dr. Angelina Pedroso, Judy Mathis, Nadeene Novy. The following will give you an idea of the past events of Span- ish Club 1971-72: ln Septem- ber the Club gave a welcome to the University of Puerto Rico's exchange students, and pre- sented a special program on Puerto Rico. We continued the activities by holding a Taco Dinner before the "Music of the Americas" concert, where guest soloist Rafael Mendez was a great success. We also succeeded in getting Dr. Maso, who is on our foreign language faculty to tell of his experi- ences in Cuba. To continue showing our appreciation for our faculty, the Spanish Club worked with the Italian Club in holding a birthday party for our Department Chairman, Dr. B. Galassi. We then ended the semester by honoring our sponsor, Dr. Angelina Pedroso, with a Cuban Banquet of "le- chon and congrif' The winter semester featured in collaboration with other departments, a tribute to Pi- casso, Casals, and Neruda. A banquet was held some weeks later at LOS ANGIOS restaurant. We have been busy welcoming students from various high schools, CCalumetancl Tilden, for examplej, to Northeastern, emphasizing our great Spanish Department. This years officers are: Renee Goldner CPresidentj, Millie Cruz CVice-Presidentj, Roberta Hogan CSecretary7, Bruce Allman CTreasurerJ, and Betsy Rodriguez and Nadeene Novy fPublicityJ. STANDING QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Jack Bronstein, Dan Pearson, Jack Meyers, Kathie Fosczc, Sammy Schwartz, Bob Eichenfeld, Roger Nash, Chris Banakis, Bob Lynch. SEATED: Jay Katzman, Linda Russ, Nilda Pauley, Rita Bonem, Ruth Gordon, Marcia Doonan, Cheryl Webber, Gayle Wapole, Barbara Wishnick. The Stage Players is the single producing agent of the theatre at Northeastern. The club is unique in that in order to be a member, you must work on a production. Therefore, there are no inactive stage players. This club is responsible for all parts of production: publicity, costumes, set construction, lighting, make-up, box office business, and, of course, act- ing. Any student may be a member- he need only be vvillingto work. STUDENT CCUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN 3,4452 Ways? I3 -mfs LEFT T0 RIGHT: Sue Vestuto, Arla Apel, Gayle Regula, Princess Thomas, EIIen Brandfon, Marti Craig, Barbara Klaeren A professional organization aimed at promoting high professional standards by the progress made towards achieving adequate education for exceptional and improvingthe preparation of people dealing with exceptional children, children. SCEC has accepted a great challenge. The results of its efforts are evidenced 'm STUDENT ACTIVITIES COUNCIL THIS ORGANIZATION DID NOT PROVIDE US WITH PHOTO IDENTIFICATION FRONT ROW CLEFT T0 RIGHTJ: Carl Costanza, Mark Faitek, John Firak, Rick Guyon, Ed Groenwald, John Gaerther, Joe Leone, Ricky Guit- terrez. STANDING: Mark Herbert, Bill Maniates, Paul Hagen, Conrad Firszt, Mike Rohan, Denis Smith, Marilyn Mink QSweetheartJ, Bob Wooley, Norm Burdick, Mike Lerich, Tim Blanchard. .ki mfr f , 1' 1, 8 , gi ,. 3 y, ,. , if t W. .. J, M The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon represent the only national social fraternity on campus. Tau Kappa Epsilon, with its thirty-seven active members, helps adapt new male students to college life both scholasti- cally and socially. Popular with the entire student body are the Tau Kappa Epsilon mixers which occur twice a month and the annual Sweetheart Dance. Active in the intramur- al sports on campus, the fra- ternity also participates within the college community in such work as raising money forthe Ray Schellong scholarship tund given to a deserving ath- lete, and in helpingto give donations ot blood. Not merely a fraternity for the men's col- lege years, Tau Kappa Epsilon is also their fraternity forthe rest oftheir lives. UNION FOR PUERTO RICAN STUDENTS FRONT ROW: Dr. Ben Coleman, lnes Bocanegra, Samuel Flores CPresidentJ. ROW 2: Maximino Torres CSponsorD, Hector Luis Rosario, Magdalia Soto, Evelyn Rivera, Ricardo Rodriguez, David Delgado, Mary Jane Schram, Pedro Rosa. ROW 3: Rosa Alvarez, Carlos Torre, Miguel Rios, Edwin Claudio, Edgardo Rivera, Carlos Serrano Nice-Presidentb. Not Pictured: David Archilla CMarshalID, Millie Cruz, Dory DeJesus, Miguel Del Valle CTreasurerJ, Ray Marnitez, Paulo Ramirez. The Union for Puerto Rican Students exists forthe purpose of promoting the appreciation of Puerto Rican culture and history, enhancing the under- standing ofthe Puerto Rican being, and establishing com- mon bonds with the rest ofthe university community. SPORTS Aw, L,,, , .,. www' 531 ' Alf' ex l f Www' ,W , ,,,, .,z,,,,, 'dy , V V, I I K . Y , I W I ,..,, ., Fi S .. H ' " W4'?W!!W16"11wM.,L31i': U,:'fLE?, "4 H 1'--1 . uf if "?' ZmifSk fY'1ff1v521f"27 f"', U 1- ?i':f" 71'W '-fxiffffsfz 'lf - -15,12 -LW! :?,:.:'i f K ' " rf . ,, I x fy ff- Q X -, ' ' 1 3, M2 1 ' f 11311 f f 4 f, , " ' fwvewr' fifmvh' 1 11? Q 1 yi aka 1,3 1 1 1 1 W V f M 1 K1 ,,.. .W ,V W1 1 5 1 R g wg , 2 pg 1 . - ' M 1 k 7517557255 L 4' ' - I M ,,,,,, " ' . Y ,,, ,igm w YVVY ng., .H E ' 5255 ,, A .1L..1 1 -, L ' ' 1 ' ':ft: W iw 1,, w iix Yi If! ' A 1 M gffl if ff 55 ff is f 1-11 2 wwf W1 Q 1 iw l is C H E E R E A D E R S KNEELING: Pam Liberman. STANDING: Connie Kamberis, Nancy Johnson. U.N.l.'s cheerleading squad, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Collins, has been smiles and involvement of everyone in a unity of spirit during the games and leading basketball fans, and just recently, football fans, in a variety of cheers pep rallies. The cheerleaders were chosen for their ability to fulfill these quali since it was first organized in 1966. Enthusiasm and strenuous practice ses- fications. "Energetic" is their key word and these girls have to put that extra sions are indispensable to the cheerleader whose goals are never-ending bit of vitality into each game. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 'Wwwwz:wf:ww3ws.wrm:mmiW9WWW7w4fM2EE3+'Z SWK Y ,,.,, X 4--- W f 'f4f12ffQ7'f4Wi'n?1WWfwlwf, mffW?J"1' I 'We -fn-.X , F ROW 1: Rich Godin CCaptainb. ROW 2: Dennis Xanos, Steve Hess. ROW 3: Michele Coleman. MISSING: Rich Crumbacn, Mark Labeau, Bruce Gabien. F O O T I3 A L L C U B FRONT ROW: Casey Kozuk CAssistant Coachj, Wayne Stephansen, Jim Schmitz CCaptainb, Dan Creely CCaptainJ, Bill Bartnick, Chuck Jenkins, Rick Wenthe, Mike Hionis, Cliff Wagner, Jim Stamborski, Jim Ray. ROW 2: Larry Greenberg Clvlanagerj, Fred West, Jasper Lagambi na, Tim Wisniewski, John Gaughan, Ray Edmaiston CCaptainJ, John Przekota, Ken Thulin, The football club finished its second season of intercollegiate competition with a somewhat disappointing 3 and 6 record. However, the success of Northeastern's club football program does not depend entirely upon the win loss record. Just having the opportunity to be able to participate inthe sport that they love so much would be enough to insure success for all club mem- bers. Northeastern's defeat of St. Louis University, the number one football Dave Rogers, Eric Koivumaki, Larry Nlalinowski, Ambrose Panico, Tom Robinson, Bruce Knudson, Jake Koziol CCoachJ. ROW 3: Roger Rzepka, Phil Czernik, Fred Dryanski CAssist- ant Coachj, Len Lilla, Gerry Bagnowski, Jim Szymul, Bob Fischer CCaptainJ, Joe Proko- peak, Joe Sorgani, Will Vitols. club of the nation last year, by the score of 6-3, and the defeat of a strong University of Chicago team, 48-6, definitely spelled success for all players and - supporters and made the season. The Northeastern Illinois University Foot- ball Club is open to any student interested in any aspect of the game of football. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Gary Alesi, Ulf Chayer, Rick Podraza, Jerry Bagnowski. G Y M N A S T I C S ROW 1: Wendy Zierk. ROW 2: Leo Reilly, Nancy Johnson. ROW 3: Karen Wilken, Teena Akyama, Anita Mausser, Estelle Friedman. ROW 4: Kathy Brym, Nina Magarian, Debi Patterson, Sue Schak. Womervs Gymnastic Team had another successful year under the coaching of Miss Betty Meyer. Outscoring Wheaton, U.l.C.C., George Williams, and De- Paul in dual meets, the team had only one loss to Triton College this year. Northeastern also hosted the Northern Sectional Gymnastic Meet this year. Seven schools competed resulting in a third place award on balance beam for Sue Schak and a first place on floor exercise awarded to Kathy Brym. Total scores resulted in a third place team trophy for Northeastern. The team then competed at the State Gymnastic Meet held at Northern Illinois University. In addition to competing, the women assist in the Midwest Gymnastic Meet, held gymnastic clinics for D.G.VV.S. compulsory routines and for modern gymnastics, and participate in the Physical Education Majors Playday for Chicago Area high school student. The Eagle Hockey Club was formed in September 1971. Although comprised of Northeastern students, it is run independently from the university. record. ln its initial season, the Hockey Club was faced with many frustrating experi- ences. The record, at the time of this writing, was no wins, fourteen losses, and no ties. There were several games still remaining, however, so perhaps FRONT ROW: Bob Dunn, Howie Whitehouse, Jim Scallan, Ralph Capparelli. BACK ROW: Mark Breen, Ray Smith, Marc Century, Jim Burgess. if s. js H O C K E Y T E A Nl the club has given the opportunity to prove their skill by improvingtheir Next season the Hockey Club looks forward to school support and the eventu- al formation of hockey as a varsity sport on campus. U I uvipeuea SiO SU 25391103 0 6 IN C5 5 2 HL E 5' 52 1 9.033 S Q. UT-XII' 7? 3 UJNIO FD mo 5235 'ri 41: ,.-m-,- go Q,-U mzww -x :m cccc 53 ww 33:3 U71-f X40 2'2'2'2' OO OO fvrbmw 29 29 7777 11 1- fQ.zxff.C2.-Ufg0fg-UfgUfg-Z '2'-2'K'2'Q':lmm-lcoru -l-l P-5 P-fm P-'F' P-4 ONUTXIUTWTXJP-'CX305Owl"' cccccccccccc ZZZZZZZZZZZZ -bv-'P-'lvb-bO4buJlxbb4b OSZL'TL6T SHHO .aww LEFT TO RIGHT: Kata GillCrist,CCaptair1J, Fay Schwartz QTreasurerD, Georgette Ersch CSecretaryb, Donna Martin, Linda Ettinger CCO-captainj. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Dworski. POIVI POIVI GIRLS She WGIRS through The halls with 2 'School SDiVi'f' Gif, and is SDOWSOVGCI by She's chosen for her rhythmic dancing skill and a natural talent for spreading suave Dr. Gangwareg good willg Basketball and football, She'S really with it in helping tO DVOFNOTG 8 IOT of She has a very vvell-natured personality, and friendliness and smiles come school spirit, naturally: At home and away games, she'll perform in her little gold and brown uniformg Who is this being that Sounds out of this world? To make the games enjoyable for the fans, she puts forth all the effort she None other than a Northeastern POM POIVI GIRL! can, and provides entertainment that can't be beat, To accomplish this, she'll practice day and night till she's got her routine qPoem written by the Pom Pom Girish worked out just rightg FRONT ROW: Cathy Trester, Judy Szczepanski, Bonnie Bauman, Maureen Whalen. au sl FRONT ROW: Andie Fein, Donna Prestel, Marla Sherman, Bruce Knudsen, Mark Walsh Cllresidentb. ROW 2: Thomas Dick, Chuck Wirtanen, Rich Wilson. ROW 3: Bill Kierny, Daniel Rohan, Richard Baffa, Patrica Kazcek, Fred West. FRONT ROW QLEFT T0 RIGHTJ: Tim Dowling, Dan Kolb, Milan Mitrovic, John Shastal, Kurt Karrasch, Kevin Grimes. BACK ROW: Steve Huber, Stu Kaufman, Jim Malebranche, Ray Christl, Ron Faloona Ccoachj. NOT PICTURED: Curt Rankin, Mark Pohl. FINAL RESULTS OF 1971-72 VARSITY SWIM SEASON 47 UNI vs Triton 66 83 UNI vs DuPage 29 65 UNI vs Wright 29 40 UNI vs Milliken 84 45 UNI vs Principia 67 38 UNI vs UICC 74 81 UNI vs Univ. of Chicago 28 11 UNI vs George Williams 0 90 UNI vs IIT 23 50 UNI vs North Central 62 67 UNI vs Lake Forest 45 52 UNI vs Wheaton 59 61 UNI vs North Central 51 WON 7 LOST 7 in DUAL MEETS 6th Place in Rockford Relays 5th Place in District 420 NAIA Meet 3rd Place in Conference Championships S W I M M I N G T E A M TENNIS TEAM . f x FRONT ROW ILEFT TO RIGHTJ: Jim Scannell, Steve Dezurko, Rich Godin. BACK ROW: Mark Anderson, Ron Schwartz, Ron Faloona CCoach5, Dave Huttunen, Mark Sullivan. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM SEASON RESULTS SEASON RECORD:VVon8 Lost UNI 5 IIT UNI 9 Wright UNI 6 Niles UNI 9 Rooseveit UNI 6 Aurora UNI 2 UICC UNI 6 Oakton UNI 1 Great Lakes UNI O UICC UNI 6 Niles UNI 7 North Park UNI 1 Concordia UNI 1 Great Lakes LEFT T0 RIGHT: Janet Ohka, Chris Mangialardi, Gail Weldon, Leo Reilly, Janet Palumbo, Judy Rosen, Kathy Serczyk, Linda Harty W 0 lVl E N S S O F T B A L L T E A lVl FRONT ROW: Chris lvlangialaidi, Lauren Foster, Karen Wilkin, Connie Kamberis, Christine Akiyama. ROW 2: Gail Weldon, Judy Rosen, Pat Walsh, Sue Pillar, Carol Johnson, Leo Reilly. ROW 3: Janet Palumbo, Linda Harty, Cathy Chester, Barb Bergdahl, Carol Hiyama. The Womens Intercollegiate Softball Team opened their 1972 season with a centerfield and although she was put out tryingto stretch a triple into a home thrilling 6-5 victory over Chicago State University. George Williams went down run, the run she batted in prevented the shut out the Rock Valley was antici- before the team's batting barrage by a score of 22 to 16. The tearn's first de- pating. A comedy of errors caused their 17-7 defeat at the hands of Circle feat was dealt to them by one ofthe state's top pitchers at Rock Valley. With a Campus. They went on to finish their season in a winning fashion by trou nc- 2O-O score, two outs and the last inning, Lourdes Ubides walked, then stole ing Concordia 22-5, sparkling defensively against Northwestern and triumph- second base. Linda Harty became the hero of the day by hitting a long ball to ing 19-2, and closed with a 20-7 victory against Trinity. CD Xl SPECIAL EVENTS Commuter cents' ,fz 58 a .. , ,yzzsfgeagggqgaggkif g Xfsisgl .mf : - ''r-i'X?XX?k7ESx'1:I-w Q S I-in L91 1.52152 72 f 7111-mini, 'iw L L A E xx K i x ' , -,pl 2 I. .wa iii wx xiii- Il315555l'?3w595?7L. VL L . , .--fx'fif?s?f4fsfzfS:f'..ia:?,:1.1ff1s. N -5. -M Q T1 ff: ' f . 1-Km-,si Y Q. ",.1S51?f?Q'k- .J ifiglygigfil-9 'L , -vA-Q- - A ,LLV ,Qf- A f - .L-'Vi.'F.f " 'Lliiirv 'N 551-WWW" Jil" Y ir, , l - f mi' -J-1" ,FYI ,Y--miiil' dmmp, , ,-N !, H wfesw W "E Ji "EW ' . 'W5'Erc,af, A-191154, saws: 1, U5 gg,l'!, Wives," ul mx ,zhimi"'2" ,. ml T21 .:l'x""3?'5v ur "QNX we " ff hifi. H f?155fr1!?l 2' ,1!!!fN1i1!l!'fE1 f11E:':.f'I -V f?ZjQ53f3!!'fH ENN Ai! I , I' 1 , Inq zwgfggfwties ::f'S 'W"' . :mgif ,wx , 44 Msiiiff' i2E,?M15' 925 i12E:ii iiilxmwf .Mr f Neff ":A W ffyff,?!'!ffw ,fill , 1 170 wi Q ig QRS Actlvltles Boa rd ' swf :fam wi! 1,1 , P, ' W1 QV ,.,.,Sw,.5 ,Q W3 il - . H. f1"'i2isf': I Notes on Hot Lrcks Jq F Sftmger Clwasfeirs me On the oaks 172 WGBH? OUISLRUH Make Mine a Straight, 0ver the Rocks, by Christopher! Christopher Kearney of Toronto ordered his notes from the UNI musical bar as "fun- ky, country oriented rock and roll" Septem- ber 27-30, 1971. He preferred making music to talking and the music he preferred is like him - powerful, rough and full of expres- sion. Chris complains that people have been typing him as a folk singer because of his acoustic instrumentation. Now, will he be cast as a rock singer with electric accompaniment? He repeated, "My roots are funky country. Although l'x.e played a lot of wood and l've played some electric. l'm justa singer." That was simple. Maybe the appeal of C.K., personally and in his music, is just this easy- going simplicity. His home-made voice is limited in range, but not in power: he drives every song. Those songs are full of the feeling called soul, though completely without being bluesy. When he pushes on "Loosen Up," for in- stance, the music rolls brazenly. His ballads, "Country Lady" and "Rocking Chair Ride," move with muscular grace. Christopher Kearney is a typical member of the Canadian folk music scene - he's not a folk singer. He is a singer-songwriter who writes for and from himself and performs his music for anyone willing and interested enough to listen. His cuts are varied in style with touches of country and traces of rock. His album, written with thick, deep-pile texture, "Christoper Kearney," was released April 10, 1972. Recordings include the songs listed above plus: "Let it Be Gone," "Special Day," "Long Old Train," "House of D," "Ev- erything Here," UZOWJ Off," and "Get Back Home." After the album was released, Toronto re- viewers acknowledged that C.K. is as magnifi- cent live as his album, Christopher per- formed before Queen Elizabeth on Parlia- ment Hill. Chris was guest ofthe public as Massey Hall in Toronto. Kearney toured Can- ada, the United States and represented Cana- da at the Brazil international Song Festival in Rio de Janeiro. The pick of the puck performers, south- paw guitarist, Kearney, plays upside down. When Chris started, he tried to pick along on a garish old cast-off guitar. Instead of re- stringing it to suit a southpaw, he turned it upside down and learned all the chords back- wards. Christopher still plays that way, forc- ing anyone in a jam to practically stand on his head to imitate him. C.K. comes from Toronto, Lindsay, Ontar- io, Columbus, Georgia, San Francisco and St. John's, Newfoundland - where his parents live and where Chris knew he could get a good meal. And he writes about what he knows best: the people he's met, and places he's been and the roads he's hitch-hiked. Much of the future has yet to happen for Christopher Kearney, this singer-composer, folk-rock performer and the toast of the Canadian Club. 174 7 Lend An Aura at Hi h Spirits The appearance of Aura was at 2 p.m. March 13, 1972 in UNl's North Dining Hall. Glowing in the brassy Chicago tradition, Aura rocks with an airtight sax, trom- bone and trumpet trio belting out simultaneous staccato notes and rhythm. Alto sax, Fred Entesari, breaks into some fine solo riffs in "Song of Everything." Someone else inserts some heavy flute into "Can You Imagine." Sam Alessi on the organ or electric piano lays in some humble but earnest dex- terity while Bill Waidner leads off and nimbly holds most ofthe songs together with his guitar work. To produce the sound of his dreams, AI Lathan, who organized Aura, uses his voice as an additional instrument. if t 176 Wu., 'V' w e J I, . - '- .,1':.'gf: Ps ' f as ,i- ' :sw-. - . fi' : fv so 1 5 .X Q wa . f e ' -3:21. , tf1:fs+'.-:ssl Beware . . . When the line "Ides of March" was spoken September 14, 1971 at UNI it was not mouthed by Caesar, Brutus, Cas- sius or a Soothsayer. Nor was it something of which to "beware" as it was vocalized by Jim Peterik, Chuck Sou mar, Mike Borch, Bob Bergland, Larry lVlillas or John Larson. They are three Scorpios, two Pisces and a Virgo who com- prise the Ides of March rock ensemble. Under these astrological signs, Shakespeare was shelved for a few hot rock arrangements. Jim Peterik plays lead guitar with the group. Chuck Soumar is the newest lde having subbed for John Larson when he was ill. One of the primary arrangers ofthe group is Mike Borch, a rock drummer. Bob Bergland is an original ide who has played everything from guitarto kazoo. The first star in the Ides is Larry Millas who started as a guitar player and later switched to the organ. 177 e Drinks Like a Byrd Charlie Byrd currently boasts of having a quintet of musicians. He could also brag ot a triplet of musi- cal realms he has mastered. AI- though most widely known for his jazz artistry, Byrd can claim classi- cal and popular arrangements as well. He has struck a chord in ap- pearances at jazz festivals at New- port, Nlonterey, Long-horn and Vir- ginia Beach. 57649 .1 ' ftls' - " ii' ti 1 -122-L it ' -'Vs N Jie Mgt Q Q51 f P is 'EW W X if kgs, f , vs H v " i.:?-ji filly W, . I . i ss? i KEEP 1 R aff' i -5 vi , 'ws 1 -1 LEE ' if - Y ,-" i- if H , 4 cfs ., i w, it ii .nift y ef 5- -s ,- if V " H' x i JR ' .,,ivf-el. qw-lyfzf: 5, . s My it wi wi V 1 iw lim' "Q, 2' "' f , i" 3 Aix? 44 111 ' H- ' B'Z552?iei12:?7 ' f" '? A451 H vu' 'i " i1"":i r s ' izwfiws.-:s'. A V: - . : ,H-Je? - -1,2 me as we-4 V rw M - f fs: in N- 5 V 5 . - Q P 'ss' ' , ' "Qi iw ' 11? It ' Another performance praised by Byrd's fans included his concert in the UNI auditorium February 16, 1972. Classical claims by Byrd in- clude appearances vvith the Nation- al Baltimore, and Minneapolis Sym- phonies. ' 'vig' .- ..w"1ki,..Js W -A at Q52-NSVELA 11 . . new g qulk I 3- 4. '10 0 O.. I- o at Li ht on the Water, Please "lt's beautiful," folk singer Shawn Phillips says regarding his Positano home in Italy 40 kilometers south of Na- ples. "There's a continual change going on - the sky picks up water from the sea, the mountain takes it, and gives it back to the sea, and the whole process starts again." Maybe this sentence could run-on into a description of Shawn's music. He performed some of this music on a guitar at the UNI Folk Festival December 6,1971. "I think my music contains elements of every kind of fundamental music that exists in the western music." Shawn added that there were eastern influences as well: "l've been playing the sitar for 12 years, but I do use three basic ' ' ' ' t to follow the techniques Indian classical players movements of classical Indian music when I play, I don t attemp use, because I am not a ' ' n Indian and I have never been to India. I just play what happens." 179 S SK 180 Make Mine a Many made a double take at the Folk Festival January 17 and 18, 1972 when Carolyn and Cathy Ford appeared. The twin sisters have developed into major vocal talents Double with their singing in several lan- guages and their artistic strum- ming. The Gate of Horn supports this viewpoint - according to them Cathy Ford "handles the bulk ofthe 181 vocal efforts with well controlled pipes." Popularity polls have shown the Ford sisters' audiences all rec- ognize the skillfull puck backing which Carolyn provides forthe pair. 182 K- Spirited Spontaneity Sparks Solisti The incomparable chamber orchestra of I Solisti di Zagreb played in UNl's Concert Series as one glorious sound- ing instrument on Nlarch 6, 1972. Twelve Yugoslavian virtuosi performed as the peer of any chamber orchestra with- in memory. The group's string sounds shone like glowing silk. The Philadelphia Bulletin spoke ofthe ensemble's style as "so round, so firm." The Print spoke ofthe auditorium that night as being "so fully packed" with spectators that few more could be added. 183 Flagello or Falstaff? 18-4 He sings one. He plays the other. And Ezio Flagello did both in a fine operatic performace in the UNI Evening Concert Series February 22, 1972. Although still in his thirties, Fla- gello has grown so in artistic stature since his Metropolitan Opera debut in 1957 that he has become one of the finest singing actors ofthe day. Flagello has limited his operatic appearances primarily to this coun- try since he is in such demand here for his characterizations of nearly all the great bass and butto roles. 185 Shall We Dance X r V ,,V, 153 X ff' .Cf .- OO O1 ,gi Maggie Kast, director ofthe Chicago Con- temporary Dance Theatre, answeredihat in the company's March 9, 1972 performance here. She and her modern dance ensemble "toenated" Nothing is the Thing to Fear. Sh Stooped,Sh Saw,SheConquered i.e., Mrs. Hardcastle Uanet Gladishb protects her son, Tony Lumpkin CHarlan Schneiderj in a National Shakespeare Company pro- duction April 3, 1972. Her husband, Hardcastle, tRichard Ronald Beebej threatens him in the opening scene of UNl's performance of Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer. The mistakes of the night before were rectified by a wedding the morning after in Dr. Goldsmith's sentimental comedy aided by an avid audience in the university auditorium. Traveling with an imaginative classical set constructed of aluminum, and National Shakespeare Company created an illusion of a classical stage in the UNI facility. The National Shakespeare Company has contemporary origins, having been founded in 1963, As its name implies, it will continue in its tradition of bringing the superb theatre of ancient, medieval and modern, but always, the world's greatest, playwright's to inter- national audiences. if S. Q rgspgigw K - AV il! 8, M ' w 5 1 YW' ' 1, is W fi QE. 51 Phi Nlu Alpha Sinfonia, profes- sional fraternity for men in the field of music, was represented at the Activities Festival in the UNI gym. The Music Department tape recor- der was used to record the goings on. Norm Keller, frat member with his back to the camera and his face tothe recorder, looked on. xxx, .swf eff' X if g 5 Q S ff , . i ff f W' ff' l"k 'ii fwzk-Qt, ,. ,t.., . ,MM A., ..,,...Mfs 188 Hers Sigma Alpha Iota, professional fraternity for women in the field of music, seemed to prefer the punch at a rush tea. Nls. Brenda Pastin served as hostess. Circling the table fleft to rightj are the lVls's. Clara Schneider, Beryl Mathias, Agnes Smith, Gail Fisher and Maris Demsch. 189 Theirs No Han ups Here The author of Sex Without Guilt, Dr. Albert Ellis, spoke here February 29, 1972. Dr. Ellis discussed the syndrome of sexual guilt and frus- trations and problems these can cause - marital, psychological and social. He is noted for his studies and writings on a topic which has many know-it-alls but few serious scientists. Albert Ellis has written over thirty books and monographs including How to Live with a Neurotic and Murder and Assassination. If the seventies are a decade forthe iden- tification and treatment ot hang- ups, Dr. Ellis has something to say forthis period. O 1 W ,aw m.,,1,, 5 W if .1 r A y U, if If f ' 1 A ,gg W , ,, nag I :pf 5. t l 1 'Sf' .ff ff, f 7. . Y ' 21? :ffl a Photo Creditfor left Photo: Antony Di Gesu Mead on Womens' Lip et al Anthropologist Margaret Mead spoke on the UNI campus March 16, 1972. Margaret Mead gave a bit more than lip service to the Womens' Liberation movement. Dr. Mead said, among other things, that whatever men did was achievement, whatever women did, wasn't. Dr. Mead commented, "People in this country think the world began in 195O," when asked about the current status of women. She added, "The 1950's were a descent into abysmal conditions. We should get back to the 1920's when there was a much larger proportion of women in graduate school, women had more opportunity, and were freer." Regarding the status of the family she said, "There is no society without marriage. No society without the family." 193 A MAN'S A MAN CAST ...CarolMcBride .... Marcia Sala ..... Ruth Gordon Sophia Begbick ,..,.... ,. Celeste Morawski Private Johonny Jones Corporal Solly Schmitt ,. Agatha Begbick . ., Jenny Begbick .. Jobia Begbick .... .. ...Michael Rossman .... Dennis Elder Sexton ....,.......... ...... J ay Dabbs Piano. .. .. Mary Piskorski Brecht At Northeastern. Seven nights they came. They assailed and commandeered the auditorium to preach their gospel of violence and empire-building. a cursing. sweating, drunken mob of soldiers, and their train of gaudy, Ieering women, Each night they acted out the old, old story of Galy Gay. the harmless and homey waterfront porter metamorphosed into the "human fighting machine" by "His Maiesty's Imperial Indian Army". "They" was Stageplayers, and the occasion was their production fWinter, 19729 of Bertolt Brecht's A Man's A Man. The opening words of the Master of Ceremonies tplayed by Pat Dillonb invited the audience into a bizarre India of Brecht's creation, an India that symbolized all the world's oppressed, enslaved by a British Army that symbolized all the world's oppressors. ln the seaport town of Kilkoa, home of Mr. and Mrs. Galy Gay CSean Mann and Kathie Foszczi, the machine-gun unit, appropriately nicknamed "The Scum" tChris Banakis, Bob Lynch, Roger Nash and Bruce Ursoj, have ransacked the pagoda of the wily Mr. Wang tBob Eichenfeldj. One of them is left in a drunken stupour at the scene of the crime, and the other three inveigle Galy Gay into taking the place of their missing comrade at roll call W in order to avoid the wrath of the punctilious and menacing Sergeant "Bloody Five" iTom Goral. So. they lead their dupe off to the "traveI- ing canteen" of Widow Begbick, where they find him a uniform. The Widow tSue Kleinj and her "Begbick Girls" lollow the army all over India, rendering, for a small fee, all the little services so dear to a soldier away from home. After roll call. when Galy Gay has drunk himself to sleep in the canteen, it transpires that the missing soldier is not going to return for some time, so the remaining three of "The Scum" decide that Galy Gay must stay in the army! Playing on his peasant greed and conceit. they lure him, next day, into a fraudulent deal involving the sale of an army elephant. He is convicted of a series oftrumped up charges and sentenced to death! In a quasi-surrealistic scene. Galy Gay is knocked unconscious tbelieving himself to have been shot by a firing squadj. and, when he wakes up. finds himself addressed by everyone as "Jeriah Jip" - the name of the missing soldier. For a while he is suspended dizzily betweentwo person- alities: but. gradually, he loses his original identity and assumes that of Jeriah Jip, This, howev- er, is no ordinary Jeriah Jip - Galy Gay has become the "human fighting machine", a mechan- ical monster whose sole function is to carry out orders pitilessly and without question. He has been stripped of all aspects of humanity with which we can sympathize. All that remains to dis- tinguish him from clockwork is his gross and repugnant appetites and savage delight in the kill, A slave to "das Fressen und die Liebe" Cfood and lusty, this new Jeriah Jip consumes vast quantities of rice, and replaces Sergeant "Bloody Five" as Widow Begbick's chief customer. The audience can detect scarcely a trace of the reticent waterfront porter in the soulless brute who bellows out his last line of the play: "Might is right". Brecht's play is more than simply an indictment of empire and the exploitation of man by man. lt contains a unique examination of the machinery by which much of this exploitation is effected, namely the machinery of dehumanization, The metamorphosis of Galy Gay is a gro- tesque parody ofthe way in which large combines attempt to mould the individual into the "or- ganization man". The process is the same, Brecht would maintain, for armies and business corporations alike. The individual must learn to kill without question or to get the better of competitors at any cost to human dignity. He must be brainwashed into a loyalty to the com- bine. The combine sees to it that, if the individual keeps its rules, he will be allowed to indulge his mostanimal instincts without restraint, So, the soldier who fights well is permitted to enjoy the exhilaration of the kill and to give free play to his physical appetites: and the up-and-com- ing businessman may indulge his avarice in proportion to his contribution to the corporation, By throwing in the teeth of his audience the most brutal aspects of such institutions, Brecht hoped to incense people into going out and doing somethingabout it. He did not aim at produc- ing some kind of innocuous "family entertainment", but rather at provoking people into mak- ing the world a better place. Director. David Unumb, ensured that the playwright's aim of social education governed the Stageplayers' production. ln authentic Brechtian fashion, no attempt was made to create the "illusion of reality", Instead, the play was staged in undisguised theatricality. Both wings were exposed throughout to the view of the audience, so that they could see all the off-stage actors, technicians and equipment. Make-up was used lavishly. The soldiers changed the set tdesigned by Durward Reddy for each scene in full view of everyone: and the songs tcomposed specially for the production by William Schutt, Department of Music, Northeasternj were sung un- ashamedly straight at the audience. After all, Brecht wanted to hammer home his social mes- sage as directly as he could, and not to create a world of make-believe for his audience to doze off into for a couple of hours. Mr. Unumb further reinforced Brecht's motif by the use of slides and film projected on to the back wall at each side of the playing area. Included were shots of Lenin addressing a mass meeting, Hitler inspecting the S. S., and sketches by George Grosz. depicting some of the more repugnant aspects of human nature. After the way in which Brecht directed his own plays, every resource available was used to bombard the audience with the playwright's social statement. The Stageplayers' production, we hope, made friends for Brecht: it may even have made enemies, but, surely, only the most heavily insulated against theatre could have seen it and remained indifferent. Sean Mann ABOVE MATERIAL AND PHOTO CAPTIONS WRITTEN BY SEAN MANN 4 Mr. Wang CBob Eichenfeldb asks the gods why it has to rain today, of all days. Galy Gay fright, Sean Manny is terrified by the interrrogation of Polly Cleft, Bob Lynchj. Final tableau of A Man's A Man. pregnable naivety of Galy Gay CSean Manny. Left: Sergeant "Bloody Five" CTom Goraj, in civilian attire, jokes with the Begbicks, while sol- dier CDennis Elderj stares admiringly from the right. Directly above: Corpse-like Master of Ceremonies CPat Dillonb browbeats the audience, recruiting for "His Maiesty's Imperial Indian Army." 195 Above left: Widow Begbick CSue Kleinb attempts an inroad on the im- NORTHEASTERN BAND CONCERT APRIL 5, 1972 197 BLACK HERITAGE MONTH FEBRUARY 1972 Q E 198 199 'WR C Wm , 1 ,A M e , 3 ,Aki E , V fa, ,Q L ff W, 7 i CHORUS CONCERT SPRING 1972 5 M ,, il '14, 3 5 201 NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY NINTH ANNUAL fgijlfigwf :IETJZ "' P965 -1 11- -'Q 1 we -Og' '. HONORS CONVOCATION HONORS: Lorraine Allen Linda Allind Patricia Alvey :John Barnitz :Charlotte Baumgartner :Kathleen Bearden Andrea Becker Marlene Blechman :Margaret Bloom Janice Brod :Nadine Buchholz :Elsie Carreon :Luisa Cepero :Joan Cerasani :Jack Challem Arlene Chiero Mary Chimienti Frances Christensen Noreen Ciesielczyk :Barbara Cohen :Suzanne Cook Marie D Onofrio :Duane De Young :Helen Doyle :Alex Farmakis Karen Filkey Karen Fredrickson Marion Fyfe Barbara Geinosky :Ronald Geisheimer :Ronald Gilliat :Linda Goldman Joanne Goroff Ronald Graham :Sandra Gregory Charlotte Hansen Sherry Hawk Marilee Head Dolores Hejza Gregory Herriges Roberta Hogan Barbara Horwitz Lorraine lrmen Patricia Jensen Joanne Johnson Ronald Kaplan :Susan Keene Catherine Kerkes Thomas Kerrigan :Linda Kovak Susan Krach lris Lapidus Barbara Lawrence Doris Le Fevour Carolyn Levin Sheila Levin Deborah Lewis Rena Lewis Marcia Liss :Anne Lonigro :Joyce Major Kristine Malanca :Esther Marx :Joan Mercurio :Joan Meyer Richard Michalski :Laura Migdow Susan Mikula :Jacqueline Moore Ruth Morrisett Susan Novak Shirley Nutting :PhilipO Brien Margie Owider Rose Parker Cathy Petersen :Loretta Pientowski Jeanie Power Rita Ramsey :Judith Reed :Ellen Rice Reggie Richman Erma Richter BonnieRitchie Michael Rivera Pedro Rosa :Violet Russell Christine Scherb Judith Schwimmer Sonya Serota Sharon Sheinfeld Anne Sneddon :Gayle Stewart :Mabel Sullivan :Helen Sundberg Kathleen Swanson Jeanette Tenenbaum Barbara Ulman Kay Vrba Dolores Wakely Joyce Weber Eileen Weisz Bonnie Wick Barbara Wieczorek Bettye Wilson Juana Wilson Kay Wisnousky Thomas Wixted :Carol Young :Donna Ziegler LEADERSHIP AND SERVICE Christine Akiyama Sherry Alpert Susanne Arendt Richard Baffa Eugene Barnes William Bartnick :Linda Boquist Cecilia Boyle Katherine Burgess Linda Choporis Lorenzo Clemons :Daniel Creely James Cunneen Daniel Determann Marcia Dooan Timothy Dowling Robert Eichenfeld :Christopher Eirich Murray Fisher Lawrence Gold Linda Goldman Roosevelt Gordon Julia Hartnett Roberta Hogan Arlene Jarzab Terry Juliar Norman Keller Bruce Knudsen Eric Koivumaki Rita Laskowski Linda Lease Nettie Lyden :Marcy Mark Johnny Melendez Zoila Mesa Lee Mishkin Milan Mitrovic Diana Notaro Pamela Osucha Alexandra Pawlukowsky :Adele Pitts Jennifer Podgers John Przekota :Phil Rafaelli Betsy Rodriguez David Rogers Eden Rosen :Arnold Sandler Sandra Schaffer Susan Schak James Schmitz :Bernardine Serwa Cynthia Sims Margaret Sivin Caryn Spayer James Stamborski :Kathleen Stewart Patricia Szymczak "Diane Tluczek Karen Vaisvilas Christopher Velissaris Gail Weldon Frederick West Donna Wlodarek Wendy Zierk :Black Cap and Gown April Graduates NINTH HONORS CONVOCATION Honors Convocation gives recognition to those students who have maintained a high level of scholastic excellence and to those who have shown outstanding effort in leadership and service to the University Community. The following criteria were used for awarding the President's Certificate of Achievement: 1. students who are currently enrolled in their 6th, 7th, or 8th trimester, who have a cumulative grade point average of 4.5 or betterg who have been on the Dean's Honor List with a 4.0 or above for two or more trimesters, and who have not previously been honored at an Hon- ors Convocationg 2. students who have shown outstanding leadership and service to the University, who are in their 6th, 7th, or 8th trimester, who have not previously been honored, who have been nominated by a Student Advisory Committee andfor the Dean or Women for consideration ofan Zgjcrgnbiglggnl-gjorngrs Convocation Committee, who have met the minimum requirements of fifteen activity points and who are in good 202 203 204 KLAL FUN NIGHT MARCH 11,1972 AUGUST 1972 GRADUATIGN the last august graduation at UNI 'Z',. ff' I , ,E f . AA"' A J , I ,.,. W if V "'2 , , . "?'.. ' g,, 4 A A . idiwf , "' 1 Zi 52212 Wg? ,V i n ,V H Vg 'vgzgrz 2 V A 'i--W. V f f A it I ' ,. .f , 6 ? 1:'A 11 ' Eg '+ f A ' 1, ,. .,. . ' 2' .m gum: I ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AND STAFF I .A g. . L ,AA A , . ,wi ,' gn' Q ,rv + J ' - , 1 ,N L 1 A' - , ' L1 1 s . - ' . 1 1 W , . . M: f,,,X - ' , ' :gf , . , :ffl 'lx ,d" in :Q z vi, . . , 3 Z5- i .. f r, .A . 5 ffl mv' lLLlNO1S ,.:'.Y my 15, ., My Q J? ' aJf , " W Qwg L 'Q1 I ,. f . Sw if A, f ,, A.,,. 17431 L. L' 1" f ,,, My ,,4L. A ?'ii I mn 2 , W' X ' " '45 I , f 1. f vzlyl my , M . ar f' f ,,'L 1 ,,,, . 3 EV k ,vrrxh-,f 5 it eww N L 9 V 7 J :,, 1 ' M . 7 , WJ .Q - . , My f vw ' My aiiiwm- M,,,,,,,y .,,. DR. JEROME SACHS PRESIDENT NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY I x IA l I Goldberg, Dr. Robert - Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Poorman, Dr. Richard O. - Assistant Vice- President for Academic Affairs. Lienemann, Dr. William H. - Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Mohamed, Dr. Harold - Assistant Vice1Pres- ident for Administrative Affairs. Smith, Miss Ann E. - Assistant to the President, Hudson, Dr. Randolph H. - Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Malek, Dr. Vincent P. - Dean of the Graduate College. ,,,,WMwf iff! S x is X it Q ' f 7 K' yn A 5 Q gg I-:wi 5, " . . , ,L F1255 . M 115. 1 ,i.fwM1f,,.i . ,'Y7'if ,Sf'igm7fi51wfLQT7fWgE5i 5 m Lf'-ws 1 Sf , 4415? I I 4 . 1 . " ' Q if my .14-es Uwfzirznf 1 kj-wi .:. - f Wi - ,.,.,,.,,,,,0..., ,.... . . 1 W -2 1 as fi, . . in ,114 1' bam, r . . ' .. . , sg.: aa! 'w x -ff 46 ' 1 1 ,.?:'S9W:. :A 203471 MWW7.. 5-1 fffwfziw 'Q 1f.'l'WTi-.f1'..' 7-'f'14i" zf'-2 f'Pf-T1v"!-he VP' Miiiw1W'-xwf- aff ,1 1. Y M3 4 R 4 1 Q QW! , If 1 4 5 , iz , J. t . 519 ZW 1, V. I., . 1 tid lf- ',.1 ,fv VVVI . ff, 12 :', if n"5 Iirzii, X AYVY A,'A 1 ' mg? ' M 1 K N A as 2 1 M qffefvf '4 iv 1 Ang! ,,, i gi S 0 UV ai! any K .Nweir , 4 My Z 1 i 5 11 il? 5 KM! f at , rw c 1 M ff ia e ty! M s ff ,Y 1 af " 1 ff! Q a 1' is ff A if 2. it M. 1 . . Q - f U:.,1iz'::1ta1f5gQfJ' . vi .JW fu ,.zzw11sw.fiwf J 1 . fi fr w :f1'ei2?f ' .1' 'INV ,P " r IE.. v K ZW 4. 1231- , . . 11-ynv. M 1 '..-' as 24 'Z 1 "Fr" , N 1 ."L -Z, 1 L',, .. 'w ' 1 :" . ,, E " ' Geyer, Dr. George - Associate Dean of the Graduate College. Scales, Dr. Eldridge E. - Dean ofthe College of Education. Slater, Mrs. Leida B. - Executive Assistant, College of Education. Spetcn, Mr. William - Business Manager. Howenstine, Dr. William L. - Vice -President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students. Zimmerman, Mrs. Berniece M. - Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Women. Pitts, Dr. Griff D. - Associate Dean of Stu- dents. Haas, Mr. Raoul R. - Director of Admissions. 'nigga -vm-Nw Q Moch, Mr. Eric B. - Assistant Director of Admissions. Cook, Mrs. Barbara A. - Registrar. Glicken, Mr. Irwin J. - Assistant Registrar. Elward, Miss Kathleen C. - Assistant Registrar. Gallagher, Mrs. Valerie - Director of Place- ment. Harralson, Mr. Clifford E. - Director ofthe Commuter Center. Stamps, Dr. Charles H. - Director of Learn- ing Services. Cannon, Mr. Gerald - Director of University Communications. .M Grimes, Jr., Mr. George P, - Director of Stu- dent Teaching. McCreery, Miss Dorothy M. - Coordinator of Counseling Services. Speller, Mr. William - Counselor and Instructor. Behrendt, Barbara - Counselor and Assist- ant Professor. James, Edward - Executive Assistant in Stu- dent Services. Wendell, Mr. Ronald - Director of Financial Aid. Chiarelli, Mr. Sam - Coordinator of Adminis- trative Services. Etten, Miss Marion - Cooordinator of Health Services. FACULTY C01-LEQE ANTHROPOLOGY GF DEPARTMENT A RT S A N D Stant S C I E N C E S Britan, Mr. Norman - Associate Professor of Anthropology of Anthropology. ART DEPARTMENT Fritzmann, Mr. Frank - Assistant Professor of Art. Hallberg, Mrs. Clarice L. - Associate Profes- sor of Art. Johnson, Miss Janice - Art Faculty Assistant. Segedin, Mr. Leopold B. - Associate Profes- sor of Art. Mm, Manx ,V Mg, AJ Ornelas, Mrs, LaVerne - Assistant Professor of Art. Willie, Mr. Alan - Chairman and Assistant Professor of Art. Yochim, Mr. Maurice - Associate Professor of Art. BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Crean. Dr. Joseph - Professor of Biology. Lamp, Dr. Herbert- Chairman and Profes- sor of Biology. Lehmann, Dr. Wilma - Associate Professor of Biology. Lerner, Dr. Jules M. - Associate Professor of Biology. ,Wi S :E lf' l Shabica, Dr, Charles - Assistant Professor of Earth Science. Rose, Miss Susan - Assistant Professor of Biology. Wiercinski, Dr. Floyd - Professor of Biology. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Clark, Dr. Earl- Professor of English, Fareed, Dr. Ahmed - Coordinator of the Reading Program, Associate Professor of Reading. CGIVIPUTER SCIENCE Becker, Dr. Louis - Coordinator and Asso ciate Professor of Computer Science Pro gram. Hoberg, Mr. Thomas - Assistant Professor of English. Hoffman, Dr. Donald - Assistant Professor of English. Krump, Dr. Jacqueline - Professor of English. Lawson, Mr. Courtney - Associate Professor of English. Liebow, Mr. Ely - Chairman and Associate Professor of English Department. Mozzi, Mrs. Lucille - Assistant Professor of Reading Program. Patton, Mrs. Dorothy - Associate Professor of English. Verbillion, Dr. June - Professor of English. - A .-I-HJ FOREIGN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT Burmeister, Mrs. Norma - Assistant Profes- sor of Foreign Languages. Busse. Mrs. Bonnie - Associate Professor of Foreign Languages. Coleman, Dr. Ben - Associate Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of Community Relations. Friedman, Mrs. Serafima - Assistant Profesf sor of Foreign Languages. Galassi, Dr. Battista - Chairman and Assist- ant Professor of Foreign Languages. Gonzales, Mr. Rodrigo - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. Holby, Mrs. Dorothy - Assistant Professor of Spanish. A6 , ,,,,7,S,, f.,,.,i W M. -, timmy w e X, if: wtgwxf .1 i Jolly, Mr. Julio - Assistant Professor of Spanish. Maso, Dr, Calixto - Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages. Nlilanesi. Mr. Albert- Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. Najera, Mrs. Valeska - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. O'Cnerony, Dr. Rosalyn - Associate Profes- sor of Foreign Languages, Pantigoso, Mr. Edgardo - Assistant Profes- sor of Foreign Languages. Pedroso, Dr. Angelina - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. Russell. Dr. Henry - Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Dierickx, Dr. C. Wallace - Chairman and Professor of Geography and Environmen- tal Studies. Easton, Mr. Robert - Instructor of Geogra- phy and Environmental Studies. Kiang, Dr. Yin-Cheng - Associate Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies. NN...-ff' MM' if WWW Samchyshyn, Mr. Miroslav - Associate Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages. Wiedemann, Mrs. Friederike - Assistant Pro- fessor of Foreign Languages. HISTDRY DEPARTMENT Frederick, Dr, Duke - Professor of History. 222 Harrison, Dr. S. Lorenzo - Professor of History. MacDonald, Dr. J. Frederick - Assistant Pro- fessor of History. Morton, Dr. Joseph - Associate Professor of History. Sabin, Dr. Arthur - Professor of History. Smith, Mr. Craig - Assistant Professor of History. Sochen, Dr. June - Associate Professor of History. Walker, Dr. Sue Sheridan - Assistant Profes- sor of History. Zegger, Dr. Robert - Professor of History. LINGUISTICS DEPARTMENT MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Ansari, Mr. Abdus - Assistant Professor of Mathematics Boukidis, Mr. Nicholas - Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Q 53 'f ' Wim ,N Af' i J 5 F Beaver, Dr. Joseph - Chairman and Profes- sor of Linguistics. lllwitzer, Dr. Robert- Associate Professor of Linguistics. Richardson, Mr. Jack - Instructor in Lin- guistics. Seigel, Mr. Don - Assistant Professor of Lin- guistics. . 41' ...ww Ns is SK .....4t,.,...s. Czarnecki, Dr. Adam - Associate Professor of Mathematics. Rappaport, Dr. David - Professor of Mathe- matics. Tuzar, Dr. Jaroslav - Professor of Mathe- matics. Weiner, Dr. Louis - Chairman and Professor of Mathematics. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Anderson, Dr. Charles - Associate Professor Music. Gangware, Dr. Edgar- Harmon, Dr. Harold - 2 Professor of Music Professor of Music ' c 5P'0":?f53fQTQ?'f 5 ML - ff: sf: 1 1 get X ' - -.i',,.jsf:... ' . ,f is. 3-Vw. 4, M .,.. tim,-f:'1 My ' .v fkggsyf i - jj. 1. 4 g ag-- ,ty .is . , .,.. , v.:AL f . , ' M Y P - .5fS35f5'5u Q .' 2 :K g ,. " it . I- 3 fr ss.-,ti 3 S , -,za so . - wr.-,-ifqftfflf-.5-., 1 :ss.1z.i1g.: 2.51 gg . E Jorgenson, Mr. Dwayne - Assistant Profes- sor of Music. Lewis, Miss Marcia - Assistant Professor of Music. Nicosia, Dr. Dolores - Associate Professor of Music. , .. Mx . L- ,L .. is N f l - QS, 'rx - .- A Q . A , .A 3 A t if A" -. Wiaffskfgzl wsore 1 -1 1 tssffw,-A X, swf ffsfilrfxiif if NJ:-:sri S A tex, 5 sf-'mise 4. 'Wk Six. fggiiii- - A 6 gif-,fs-f 521'-sfsf 44 -'s'Kx'Hf-'Ns X t Q, I sf X 5 ff Af GK 1- 1 1 - M ' i x REQ- 355' ' QE- 1 '- '-iffif. - X ,gk - 1 5-1'fQ5l?:G5f" t P 1. 5e3,,f-zfiffifawi A Slim Fw 152111 'fglyiil jQWj..,f-Q'-A "ze 1 if 'T Xflifgi ,fix at i' llfx. f-it W 'E in x,.jf.l5 . A- in-l: PHILOSGPHY DEPARTMENT Chacon, Dr. Roger - Associate Professor of Philosophy Moorehead, Dr. Hugh - Associate Professor of Philosophy Rizik, Dr. James - Assistant Professor of Philosophy. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT I. ii 1, W ' i , 7' 5' . 2 SY' 5: fy Antonopoulos, Mr. William - Graduate As- sistant: Instructor in Physics. Bachrach. Dr. Joseph - Professor of Chem- istry. Charlier. Dr. Roger - Professor of Geogra- phy and Environmental Studies. Clarkson, Mr. Miller - Associate Professor of Physics. Dobbs, Dr. Frank - Chairman and Professor of Chemistry. Doehler, Dr. Robert- Associate Professor of Earth Science. Forslev, Dr. Albert - Chairman and Profes- sor of Earth Science. Gilbert, Dr. Robert- Chairman and Asso- ciate Professor of Physics. Mason, Dr. Donald - Professor of Chemis- try, Nissim-Sabat, Dr. Charles - Associate Pro- fessor of Physics. Poskozim, Dr. Paul - Associate Professor of Chemistry. Qutub, Dr. Musa - Assistant Professor of Earth Science Svoboda, Mr. Wayne - Instructor in Chemis- try POLITICAL SCIENCE ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Farr, Dr. Thomas - Professor of Political Science. 228 Hsu- M59 X we 'fvgwxwlf ti Firoozi, Dr. Ferydoon - Associate Professor of Economics. Frederick, Dr. Edris - Chairman and Profes- sor of Political Science. Gilpatrick, Mr. Clarence - Professor of Polit- ical Science. Husain, Dr. Asad - Assistant Professor of Political Science. Kokoris, Dr. James - Associate Professor of Economics. Sidnu, Dr. Nancy - Assistant Professor of Economics. Varophas, Dr. Kusal - Assistant Professor of Political Science. Welty, Dr. Paul - Professor of Political Sci' ence. PSYCHOLGGY DEPARTMENT Aronov, Dr. Bernard - Professor of Psychol- Ogy. Dufour, Dr. Victor - Chairman and Asso- ciate Professor of Psychology. Ellis, Dr. Ruth - Professor of Psychology. Gordon, lVlr. Arnold - Assistant Professor of Psychology. Khan, Dr. Rafi - Professor of Psychology. Kirk, Dr. Bruce - Professor of Psychology. Loos, Dr. Frank - Professor of Psychology. In .NPGS Mann, Dr. John - Associate Professor of Psychology. Martindale, Dr. James S. - Associate Profes- sor of Psychology. Rosenthal, Dr. Vin - Professor of Psychology. Temkin, Mr. David - Associate Professor of Psychology. SCJCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Mages, Mrs. Libby - Assistant Professor of Speech and Performing Arts. SPEECH DEPARTMENT lven, Dr. Donna - Chairman and Associate Professor of Sociology Department. 231 'ix Stewart, Dr. William - Assistant Professor of Speech and Performing Arts. Walker, Dr. Robert - Professor of Speech and Performing Arts. Barushok, Dr. James - Chairman and Pro- fessor of Speech and Performing Arts. Binish, Miss Judith - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. Burger, Mrs. Mary - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. COLLEGE EARLY GF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION EDUCAWON DEPARTMENT Georgiou, Mrs. Perl - Chairman and Assist- ant Professor of Early Childhood Educa- tion. lsaac, Dr. Nlargrethe - Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education. Krueger, Nlrs. Marcella - Associate Profes- sor of Early Childhood Education. Ware, Mrs. Gussie - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education. ii 2? 5 f , ,Q j.: - ii Glockner, Mrs. Valentine - Chairman and Associate Professor of Educational Foundations. Goldblatt, Dr. Phyllis - Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations. Olson, Mr. Jerry Brooks - Assistant Profes- sor of Educational Foundations. Vogel, Mr. Mitchell - Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations. Austrheim, Miss Bernice - Associate Profes- sor of Elementary Education. Etten, Dr. John - Professor of Elementary Education. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 2311 f Harper. Dr. Ray - Chairman and Professor of Elementary Education. O'DonneiI, Mr. John - Associate Professor of Elementary Education. Rothbardt, Mrs. Marlene H Instructor in Elementary Education. Setze, Dr. Leonard - Professor of Elementa- ry Education. Stevens, Dr. Humphrey - Professor of Ele- mentary Education. 63 INNER CITY STUDIES Langley. Dr. Elizabeth - Chairman and Asso- ciate Professor of Guidance and Counselor Education. Walsh, Dr. William - Assistant Professor of Guidance and Counselor Education. Arnez, Dr, Nancy - Director of Center for Inner City Studies and Professor of Inner- City Studies Education. Bailey, Mr. Donn - Assistant Professor of Inner-City Studies Education. Sithole, Mr. Elkin - Instructor of Inner-City Studies Education. Belica, Dr. Michael J. - Coordinator and Associate Professor of Instructional Media Program. s J ja t I INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA 236 LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Black, Mrs. Sophie - Head of Public Services and Assistant Professor of Library Science. Buurstra, Miss Annette - Assistant Profes- sor of Library Science. Gregg, Mr. Joseph - Instructor in Library Science. Jen, Mr. Albert - Assistant Professor of Li- brary Science. Kim, Mr. Jung - Instructor in Library Science. Lee, Mrs. Karen - Instructor in Library Science. Levin, Miss Marian - Assistant Professor of Library Science. McGregor, Mr. James - Head of Technical Services and Assistant Professor of Library Science. Butler, Dr. Gerald - Associate Professor of Physical Education. Faloona, Mr. Ronald - Instructor in Physical Education. Mistaras. Miss Evangeline - Assistant Pro- fessor of Library Science. Otte, Mrs. Maxine - Assistant Professor of P H L Library Science. Trenery, Mr. Frank - Instructor. Instruction- aIMedia Program. White, Mrs. Dorothy - Assistant Professor of Library. If ffik . .,,. -by A - -lv: fi p x' , . Hostetler, Dr. Frank - Associate Professor of Physical Education. Kasper, Mr. Raymond - Instructor in Physi- cal Education. Meyer, Miss Betty - Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Mueller, Mr. Edward - Chairman and Asso- ciate Professor of Physical Education. Petty, Mrs. Dolores - Assistant Professor of Physical Education. Prueske, Dr. Eleonor - Associate Professor of Physical Education. Waechter, Dr. John - Associate Professor of Physical Education. Ziagos, Mr. Gus - Director of Health Recrea- tion and Physical Education: Associate Professor of Pysical Education. 5', is i Mm 1 SECONDARY EDUCATION Abell, Mr. Bertram - Assistant Professor, Dept. of Secondary Education. Lockwood, Dr. James - Assistant Professor of Secondary Education. Guysenir, Dr. Maurice - Chairman and Pro- fessor of Secondary Education. SPECIAL EDUCATIDN Bell, Mrs. Mary - Assistant Professor of Spe- cial Education. Bernstein, Dr. Dorothy - Associate Profes- sor of Special Education. Coven, Mrs. Ludmilla - Supervisor of Practi- cum in Learning Disabilities Special Education. ,mi Y - . qgqgyqggqwi 5 . .Q . '--3z..,.-c.,.,f,Lt.- k N . M- at is Wigs. Itkin, Dr. William - Chai of Special Education. Jacobson, Mrs. Anita - of Special Education. Karlin, Dr. Bernard - Education Instructor. - Assistant Professor of Special Education. Steigman, Dr. Martin - of Special Education. Thompson, Dr. Glen - of Special Education. Vittenson, Dr. Lillian - Kooyumjian, Dr. Mary Education. rman and Professor Assistant Professor Part-Time Special Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor of Special Widen, Dr. Irwin - Professor of Special Education. STAFF Allen, Mrs. Lucille - Administrative Clerk of the Graduate College. Astrin, Mrs. Nettie - Assistant Business Manager. Ball, Mrs. Carol - Physical Science Depart- ment Secretary. Beard, Miss Nancy - Switchboard Operator. Beerman, Mrs. Betty - Secretary for the Col- lege of Education. Beese, Mrs. Jan - Financial Aid Advisor. Berger, Mrs. Muriel - Computer Services Secretary. . 1 -QL, 1 5 93-225: -ff ' L 'f ,, KL 'Q e rink WW Betnard, Mr. Derald - Computer Programer. Bingaman, Miss Nancy - Records Officer. Borows, Mr. Walter - Carpenter. Bourget, Mrs. Vivian - Library Secretary. Bowarchuk, Miss Sonya - Computer Services. Boyle, Mrs. Patrica - Secretary Records Office. Brody, Mr. Jack - Library Attendent CPart- Timej. Bronaugh, Mr. Marshall - Duplicating Operator. - . ,-i, . .I., me E fl , A . V 2 ,ar If A ' gM " f. ' , if, :gf K 2' ,,., -V,f'. . , jew tvs. 5 ,, , We t,,t Q ,,,f t f,ii , -1 wg L rrlzsff 'Z".J" ,Z'1'::i' . 1 se .',::,',f9f511:f-- HEY ' Awxfyn, .1557 ,W ' -. :i. - ' - 7 ,.... , . Az' f 8 X... ,V M fag 14-.bT'Sffi?'bl . wif..-. ,g.,-wvifff. - i 4 , if 5 , if . -xx in 'Q H retval ef W. N? , 4-RQMSTZWE s 1 If as s 33.-W,i. , ,L lax. . .4 rf Q' 5333621415: , . 'f"f:SM.1:r:.'5'1':1'h WJ? '.. -' W 4 . ,. ' , X .l f ' ' f ffwwrfti . -A ., sgq r srrf 'Aff if .eh . . ' TW 6 I . - -Y ' .51 ii: , 'Ng-. ' A,-. Q , R IELTPV ,M if? X- ki V - . Q xi s Wx 11 ss. -2 E -s be .E my :gamma Qs. an A , N? gg , B i 102: QW Brown, Mrs. Marilyn - Library Secretary- Transcriber. Bueltmann, Mrs. Jean - Psychology Depart- ment Secretary. Chatham, Mrs. Marliss - Dean of Women Secretary. Chorley, Mr. Richard - Data Processing Analyst. Cooperman, Mrs. Rosalyn - Geography Department Secretary. Coxworth, Mr. Richard - Institutional Com- munications Technical Operator. Edelheit, Mrs. Gertrude - Speech Depart- ment Secreta ry. 5---V Y, .,s.,.!4n ""ii3YWll1-f fe w WX... LZ fp- - i i gfamiizrig M" ' R X , X -i,XfXX.i.XXXX-,M X fw fr' X ,, A i XMI' l iLi:XWril.i9Yl'?' ' we my ,ini if X' ' C , wi, Xliifiziir . W XX if gi f' 5 511, ., 6-V '- 'iff we 2 'ix i fiiilftifffff 'X ' A,,..,.fX,.,,f. L.. iv ww:-9:1 X . ' '33 ., ,Lexi is ,, ,43.,,,,, E 5: fiXXi.ztfiiFl Xia v i .Azeri --E yr t .,.a-IXLM XX: X ag N fi A 1' C' J 1 il 4 P 3 bqfflv I 3 A ' i 99' fa S if :Qi ,eligigxi W if s , Xfi fairer?-Effie "Clin 'f :X X 'i- ,Ke "' lj 2 me M in K ' 'age ' l A few J ii N ii X ' if K X 1 xg 'tb 2 Q X qi. "1 X X r 234,255 if 5' :M vi ii X if 4 . 'Hu X wi X . + 1 it is rl A i, .f f ,um - V. 4. , n-...qt . Mew C XX X 'A ii ' , 4 X1 fl if ' fliiigfl i " il f l l X ii X li X' if :Xgly XX . X rv WX J, Xf XA, X' X if X 'Wfnil' l 'lXXXiXlr'l' f Xdffjw Jiri? Xi, X iXXXX wrwisnnuwlp' X ,, , 1'X"'lli,l:TlIl,X J' ,gy 1 Mlm. X f. X lam 'K fl E' .f ,XXs,Sg': X 5 X iX ' "" ' ' ' l XX yi' ,XX it i , xy, ' vi, ' li Q 1, ki E W1 X 1 X c , ,FX X pi X f iw g 4 ' N , ll1gX.i:QXvXiX ,A X. Xl F 1325 Wu. QV a:,:fX1": N ri. X.XX..r Jryvgyf- at bf? VREliiii5:35iX?,. A . ,. i .. X . . , - XX X .vi.ssXXe-XGMQMHIIX P+ X' .r -aiu - s ' Xi.sXxXtX' XmemfXX:- X ,xr f ii. X I- , -aaa? 'NAS -ix" 9SXt1X5ESfiit?i?2Q3 "9 A '5 X Af - . - 'I 4 ,JJ-,W ...M . X 5, 'ali A X QWQS - was ., X X 15538 "' -X e v- ..-Xe .s.,.. , Xi., k X ., 'f-:swf r .X -efgigj-in 'iq:rx ,,':i:1l -A V Xa Y iffy ' ' l i' in i x :xii 5 ,H .cXJ ,X:.q-'rig X .X Xi. . , , Pimwia XXX1 N M -,X f Xe: 31" -ll'i"C ll U r f wi-wwirzf Q. X X. X., , XX.3X5X.XX .X Xi' HX a-:-:1X.,i',,g5fy, W, 'flj.., 1- , 5, if- 'w v ' was-1 gli' X 'iw X-,XX V - 2:--V g.: X- .Q , Elliott, Mr. Roger - Personnel Officer. Epstien, Mrs. Shirley - Coordinator of Class Schedules. Fagus, Mr. Neil - Computer Services. Finley, Mr. Edward - Campus Planning Analyst. Flack, Mrs. Marion - Mathematics Dept. Secretary. Fleming, Mr. Thomas - Operating Engineer. Flood, Lt. Francis - Supervisor of Security and Parking. Fritts, Mrs. Nicoletta - Library Technical Assistant. Gallivan, Mrs. Karen - Program Administra- tive Assistant. Gallivan, Mrs. Margaret - Keypunch Supervisor. Geane, Mrs. Georgia - Admission Officer. Giles, Mrs. Sylia - Library Clerk-Typist. Goldberg, Mrs. Judith - Record Office Secretary. Gomberg, Mrs. Alice - Sociology Dept. Secretary. Gordon, Mrs. Barbara - Dean of Student Clerk-Typist. Graham, Mr. T. Earl - Data Processing Analyst. 535. 'Q-f' waitin W' Www Granzow, Mrs. Marie - Library Clerk. Hanrahan, Mrs. Marion - Switchboard Operator. Hasiuk, Miss Wanda - Library Secretary- Transcriber. Heinkel, Mr. Harold - University Management. Heller, Mr. Calvin - Buildings and Grounds. Hirsch, Mrs. Diane - Secretary to Vice-Presi- dent Goldberg. Hirsch. Miss Lynn - Library Messenger. Holt, Mr. Jack - Assistant Supervisor of Security and Parking. . Writ Kamm, Mrs. lda - Admissions Office Appli- cation Secretary. Kaplan, Miss Lottie - Dean of Students Secretary. Keith, Mr. Nathan - Library Book Mender. Kelcnauser, Miss Jean - Program Adminis- trative Assistant. Kerwin, Mrs. Rosemary - Record Office Secretary. Klein, Mrs. Anne - Financial Aid Advisor. Knack, Mr. William - Campus Planning Coordinator. Krass, Mrs. Annette - Keypunch Operator. fs 3. wggv Jr-ag. ' fmfftgil 1'- ., . if-2 Kusserow, Mr. Martin - Duplicating Machine Operator. Langridge, Miss Diane - Personnel Office. Lerner, Mrs. Ann - Personnel Assistant. Levin, Mrs. Shirley - Financial Aid Advisor. Levun, Mrs, Esther - Accounting Clerk. Lukinsky, Mrs. Lorraine - Psychology De- partment Secretary. MacDonald, Mrs. Leslie - Graduate Place- ment Officer. Marsh, Mrs. Helen - Switchboard Operator. wa Mattila, Miss Beatrice - Record Officer. McDonnell, Mrs. Alice - Library Secretary. Mcliendrick, Mrs. Kathleen - Recorder. McMuIlin, Miss Patricia - Graduate College Secretarylranscriber. Medansky, Mrs. Zelda - Health Service Nurse. Melchior, Miss Ann - Library Secretary- Transcriber. Meyer, Mr. Jack - Learning Services Techni- cal Operator. Miller, Mrs. Susan - College of Education Secretary. Mills, Mrs. Joyce - Library Clerk. Morin, Mrs. Barbara - Placement Office Secretary. Morrow, Mrs. Sharon - Key-Punch Operator. Moskowitz, Mrs. Rebecca - Secretary. Nelson, Mrs. Helen - Psychology Dept. Secretary. Norinsky, Mrs. Shirley - Library Clerk. O'Learny, Mr. Brendan - Operating Engineer. Ortinau, Mr. Robert - Campus Planning. .2 GM, M: W r .4,,, H 'iw egg' X 1 E NORTH EASTERN iLLlNOlS UNIVERSITY 4 ff' '7 M "K'm"""'E , ,fir J 4233! Wiz? f -::,:. :f.,:- Z -,fe mf.4w.,', -- -f ef? s MA? I .41 Maw ' ,Wil , V7 1 Y ysx a if A nfilfff' f 6 . if + V Hi. we f ? 99 Q , -if tw w,,,ff ,f, t ,, 3 .v my Ac, ,j,.t:-N.,-ii,, it , --fem, ,, , 1 ,f12,11,vmq 73?7c,fC-1?,!,AL?ig5fg!iEiiE7l'E7i'Elf ,, V ' ' , . , LX A 5' WW- 115' ,fx ,' r 1 . C, ,. if Wife if V it . , fa' My i 'Kg v 1 33? A 2zLA,, , my tt, f-, .. . ff- its ,- , , ...- A ' . 1' r '2 'fwi' ,L 5 We 5 f 2, 5 '95 .. ' M, ww, 'ff ,, V, ' wwff . I ,. , ' - 3 ig, ' wigs: - ,53?,- ,v if rf ,, ,- ,,,. , ,, . ...,,.., Aw 4 ' 5Q222if'f.Zeif,'i' V 5, I ' Pawcnuk, Mr. Basilius - Gym Facilities Supervisor. Pearlstein, Mrs. Gene - Library Clerk. Pettinger, Miss Constance - Records Officer. Phillips, Mr. Alexander - Art Equipment Attendant. Phillips, Mrs. Jeanne - Record Office Secretary. Plank, Mr. Robert- Custodian. Podolsky, Mrs. Anne - Audio-Visual Depart- ment Secretary. Poglitscn, Mr. George - Art Equipment Technician. Q56 X ,,-' . rig.. Pomerantz, Mrs. Evelyn - Secondary Educa- tion Dept. Secretary. Porges, Mrs. Anah - Matron. Przytula, Miss Irene - Locker Room Attendant. Reynolds, Mrs. Margaret- Graduate College Secretary. Roth, Mr. Raymond - Purchasing Agent. Rovner, Mrs. Shirley - Commuter Center Secretary. Rowe, Mrs. Rose - Record Office Secretary. Schroeder, Mr. Werner - Duplicating Operator. .fi , 5 mr-mwg.. . .e win . , . fc 'W , W , . ' K grip v tl, K -Z, , 'W N ' 1, 3 135 jx y Q, Y fr t .fy W if 5 2 " M' if i- 3" 1, i. tiff W. WZ! 2 F ' 3 ' rink . 5 rf N -r ft 2 if R. M f ' M A ' ' 'wiiikw r wr f i.: I . is 'ainff-43 . 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Trzcinski, Mrs. Penny - Admissions Officer. 2 M 4' i w W i .1,i:ij'jf3Q: ' " was ,Q vii i f 'G ' Mr-ffl'E'1?4 if ' Jgr'-QLQQQQ ff, asa "Vi "w Q. " Q: ,,,iN-W Q wig , 1 i . iggW'i', ., , Y a. wwf.- , M, , X ,Q zivbwm Ward, Mr. Kenneth - Director of Non-aca- demic Personnel. Weich, Mrs. Jean - Admissions Office Secretary. Winters, Mr. Robert- Instructional Commu- nications Programmer. W 256 257 58 259 60 l 261 262 LAST MINUTE ADDITION .... gg! ik NORTH EASTEF2N'S FOOTBALL CLUB WINS MID-CENTRAL CONFERNCE!!! Q A Q , v 1 263 sffewwm l 'V .f-f - "G-uhx ' ,"' i . .- Laila- .ffz x: 'y'""v 264 C .J 266 267 fr ,fm ef M., wwwfw ,K in i""1 '2 V. ,... Q in 3011? Qi, if ,fu ' ,ff W "Bw ZW 5 Wh V' w 1 mov 43 Photograph by Ken Grabowski 268 4 ,fu 425' if 1423, 'in 1 n -1.v fzfQ m 'V

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