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-1. ,- W., 1 ,Q- A , . ,N4 .X xi., , 'fx ,. J 4' w W, A... HT a 3 'H- 'I ay K. v 1 if Ao' ,sn ' J' 'ff ' ,ww ay ,4 , ,. In 17? F on 1 v . 4 5, ., X ' ' 'G 6 , , A f P 0' . M U , 'wg 4 , ,, x 5, . af' x I 1, f , H , I U M9 8 'ff ,, A 'f V W A f M A Q , 9 'K . , ' - .5 A, , K nv 7' 1 v: ' A, ' 1 '1 ' In A I an , 'A' , , Q F I A f, ' X Y D' ,, 9 ' Q gf A- , "' V K ' - Y 8 r .Q fx, ii 1 x X, ' 4 w M 4, 2 an V. . wi' 05, 1, - - X .f ? , ,N f , y . m , , I , gi, i W Q, ,, MQW Q f 2 fy V' '6 Q K A ' 1 3 ff - Y , in Q5 f ' W- 4 S ' g 'nv , ' ' 9 QF - .,,,,-, 4 -.,, , , , , .b X ' ..-LA -9- A. ff 1 ghlifor-.911 -Cafe! Darlene Jurkowski 66165 glclifor Judith Zimmer caferarg gcbfor Sharon Gilligon Senior ghhfom Bette Breen Anito Michoelson Jr: Elric,- Judith Steormon Zguaineru ghbfom Norton Sovlin Richord Ekstrom .fdcluizs or Mr. F. Fritzmcl nn F lecbcaf ion W, ,1 3' DR. BENJAMIN C. WILLIS Presideni' of Ihe College I2I if . f s Wi AW' l if DR. ROY N. JERVIS Firs'r Dean of 'l'he College DR. JEROME M. SACHS Dean of 'I'he College This, Chicago Teachers' College-Nor+h's firsl yearbook, is declicaled 'ro Dr. Benjamin C. Willis for our birlhg 'ro Dr. Roy N. Jervis for our childhood: lo Dr. Jerome M. Sachs for guiding us To rnalurily. Now and in lhe lulure, lhe gracluales of Chicago Teachers' College-Norlh will be gralelul for Jrheir leadership. E31 OTher people parTicipaTing in The ground breaking ceremonies were Mr. Phillip BroTherTon, archiTecT, and oTher communiTy leaders, as seen in This picTure. The ground breaking Tor The Tive and one hall: million dollar Chicago Teachers' C o l l e g e- Norfh occurred on Morch 31, l96O. Members of The school boord of Thor Time, oppeoring leTT To righT in The picTure: Mrs. W. E. Green, Dr. J. L. ReicherT, Mr. E. F. ScheTTler, and Mrs. J. B. Allen: Turned The TirsT spades of soil as Mr. L. Perkins and Dr. B. C. Willis looked on. lg Allrhough snow slill covered lhe ground, conslruclion ol lhe rnulli-million dollar school was begun. Even in Jrhese early slages, if is possible lo follow lhe dislinclive hexagonal forms crealed by archilecl Phillip Brolherlon. ln lhis view facing norlhwesl foward Bryn Mawr, lhe sweeping, ullra-modern designs are prominenl. l51 -4 The Beehive is a mere slnele- Jron ol wooden posls and beams, bul growlrh is indicaled by Jrhe progressively more complele appearance of Jrhe slrories as lhe lrameworlc is Jrraced foward lhe ground. g? E U in gf. .WA A E .LVL ' - . 361. 4... 3 MJ, '72 :Z Q.. As conslruclion advanced, sleel columns and cross beams were added To The scene. The rapidly developing slruclure was, as yel, only a promise of lhings lo come. Ladders and scallolds are evidence ol lhe worlcers who are building lhe sprawling gianl. -zsfnre' E af .N,.f..,5-L., .aff -L... X 8 ' .f 4 w ' 4 The over-all view was now cluffered wifh maferial soon To become a door pos+ or window frame, bur looking discarded and almosf forgoffen af Hwis poinf. l7l ' .. ..-Q These Two shois of +he Beehive iliusirafe rhe developmeni' of Jrhe siruciure. Men can be seen on The iop fioor measuring and placing boards for The peaks which mark The Beehive. ISI fa ,anti l-lere, willw Hwe preliminary conslruclion complefed, bricks and morfar sland in flue snow wailing 'ro be added fo Hfme frame. Canvas covers Jrlwe slacks of bricks, and slweers of plaslic enclose llie lower floors 'ro prolecr Hwem from inclemenl weallmer. l91 l P I-lere worlcmen are busy preparing lhe gymnasium labove and lhe swimming pool lbelowl for lhe many physical eclucalion C asses soon To use Them. The bi-level gym floor is The lafeslr in conven- ience and ulilily. The exlensive use ol glass in bolh areas lencls a feeling of cleanliness. ' QAEFQT' i 101 s ,f 'liz-M 'ff f za' iz These panoramic shofs of The audiforium illusfrafe The freshness and ingenuify of design. The wings of The sfage seem fo reach Toward an audience To convey a sense of closeness during a dramafic presenfalrion. The ascending floor assures every member of Jrhe audience a ciear view of +he slrage. .YY MP1, I N 1 X- NN-x M' wax., M, ls. ik, M-xx Y ,. 4' is-L if r' 'ins' . i fair' This is fhe Beehive-complefe and in use. Rolling green sur- rounds fhe glass-sfudded, whife- shuffered sfrucfure, buf behind fhe serene looking facade, fhe faculfy and sfaff are af worlc creafing a sound, meaningful curriculum. The oufer shell of fhe Bee- hive is now complefe and awaifs only furnishing and landscaping. Lighfs burn brighfly in every office fo diminish fhe darkness from fhe clouds overhead. ,faire Chicago Teachers' College-Norlh-complele and ready for occupancy. When The school opened ils doors on Seplember 6, l96I wilh an enroll- menr of I,lOO slrudenls, if was sloclced wi'rh one million dollars worlh ol eleclronic equipmenlr designed To help "es+ablish a communily ol scholars." as Dean Roy N. Jervis expressed i+. The school was slafled wilh 74 lacully members: a I5 To I sludenl-Teacher relalionship. Cl Jrhe inslrruclors, 36 were lransfers from Jrhe Sabin and Foreman branches. All ol Jrhe 74 had achieved MA. degrees. Of Jrhese, hall had earned Jrheir Ph. Dfs. N31 Dr. R. C. Jones, RT. Rev. Monsignor William E. McManus, Dr. Norman Burns, Dr. Beniamin C. Willis, Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Mr. Thomas J. Murray. The college was dedicaTed on May 24, I962 aT a ceremony held in The school audiTorium. IT was The TirsT dedica Tion oT a Teacher's college in The UniTed STaTes in 80 yea rs. The ceremony aTTracTed The ToremosT Chicago digni Taries including Mayor Richard J. Daley and Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Willis. They were welcomed by Dr. Roy N Jervis, chairman oT The execuTive council: Dr. Jerome M. Sachs, Dean oT academic aTTairsp Dr. Murray Tondow Dean oT EducaTional Research and Development and Dr. MaTT L. McBride, Dean oT College OperaTional Service , 2 I Q iq? Dr. Willis addresses 'Hue ga'H1ering. The faculiy, robed in a wide variefy of academic garb 5 i fx ..,wg'g HPR um Dr. Ma++ L. McBride. Dean: Dr. Roger Charlier, Prof. William Shack, and Dr. Anna M. Kummer. Dr. Vincenl' F. Malek, Mr. Dulre Fred- ericlr, Mr. Ely Liebow, and Mr. M. A. Samchyslwyn. Dr. William E. Kuschman, Rosella Linslrie, Dr. Dena M. Faires, Louise E. Chrisfensen, and Mr. Maurice Yochim. Dr. David Rappapori, Mr. Leonard Sefz, Mr. Gus Ziagos, Dr. Rober+ J. Goldberg, Dr. Rufh Ellis. Mrs. Delina Halushlra, Mrs. Rosalyn O'Cl1erony. Y? .4 Jerri! MN Dr. Murray Tondow, Dean: Rev. Archibald Carey: Dr. Roy N. Jervis: Dean of fhe College: Dr. Jerome M. Sachs, Dean: Mr. R Sargen+ Shriver, Peace Corps direcrorg Dr. MaH L. McBride, Dean: Rabbi Leonard Oschry, Dr. Vincen+ F. Malek. The college's lirsl gradualrion was held on Wednesday evening, May 23, I962 al 8 pm. in The school audilorium. The graduales, lheir guesls, and lhe facully were addressed by R. Sargenl Shriver, former presidenr of The Chicago Board of Educarion who is now serving as direcror of lhe Unired Slares Peace Corps. R. Sargenl Shriver addresses fhe gafhering as Dr. McBride loolcs on. . - Asif, . ,1 Mr. R. Sargenl Shriver congrafulaies Dr. William E. Shack on his appoinlmenf +o 'rrain a Peace Corps unif scheduled for du+y in E+hiopia. v. W- Some of 'lhe I55 s+uden+s who received degrees a+ C.T.C.-N's firs+ gradua+ion. l 19 l Dr. Roy N. Jervis and Dr. Jerome M. Sachs disfribufe diplomas fo a young man and woman. E201 wg T l I I N r r s i 4 Dr. Jervis congra+ula+es 1'wo ofher graduefes, proud of C.T.C.-N's policy of educa+ion for everyone, regardless of race. ? ', , 5 f f X f 5 1 l21l NL .gf mv 4' fi .lf 'uk Faculfy members gree+ high school scholarship winners al' a lea al 'Phe Mayfair School. These s+uden+s would soon be C.T.C.-N's firsf group of freshmen. ln +he piclure below, Dr. Jervis and Dr. Neal Duncan congra+ula+es Ed Hiclcs, a winner of +he Nalional Meril' Scholarship. X K d""x New so W v 313 gl an 4 4? pu x VWUX z s Dr. Jervis chars wifh four aboul-fo-be C.T.C.-N 'freshmen Karen Schmidt Sandra Lehmann, Eleanor Collins, and Sue Beh. Below, Dr. Jervis fells +l1e group of 'H1e modern facilifies planned for +l1e school. f A wrfg, 4, a 12K'wl'llfll'f 'r I1 " A, . Riu 1 I 5? 3 gb' , ' if 1 ' 3 IVVP l j ' Lu v. A I A 3 ' 'gy . Ca 1" ' . in ' 5 , Q gin : :ky K "i K 159' 4 1' .W ll , K vs rl I 1 M ll Il I I 1 1 1 + 1 i, t .1 1 .'-- W, f I ' ,L , w 1247! lf Q 5525 4 X X , ,gy -, ? . ,,., 4 , K f V ff iff, fa f fx 'EEL f I f W' 4 X 5: x 1 ' f! i" U N' ., I 'fn 'il . Q' '7 4- 3' 2' "h' T C , ' ,,, -5 - A . W , wx Q x M -wx 511' ,Y ..., , 4 5 x' M -.,. , S., ,J .. ,- A ' , 2 x fl' .0..,q,' A 4 K A -xgxgi JCM iw,-wxk ,g fu. , ,-2 Q ,- f - i f f E 1 , W 14" DR. JEROME M. SACHS DR. MATT L. MCBRIDE Dean of +he College Assis+an+ Dean in Charge Dr. Sachs became Dean of C.T.C.-N on Seplember I2, I962. Alfhough he rnusl have an over-all view of Jrhe school's opera- Jrion, Dr. Sachs finds 'rirnes in his busy sched- ule io Teach a course in nnalhemaiics. - I eallrf 26 1 Dr. McBride is Jrhe assislanl dean in charge of fhe physical managemenr of lhe school. l-le musl supervise all rules in lhis area from smoking regulalions' lo assign- ing rooms lor aclivilies. Dr. McBride also leeches courses in physical educalion. DR. ROBERT J. GOLDBERG Assis+an1' D-ean Supervision of graduale worlc is The 'raslc of Dr. Goldberg. l-lis dulies include guid- ance of seniors and clweclcing Jrlweir eligibil- ily for gradualion. ln spilre ol flue enormily ol Jrlwis iob, Dr. Goldberg leaclwes a course in biology. DR. CHARLES WV. MORAN Assis+an+ Dean ln his role as assislanl clean, Dr. Moran's specific dulies involve program develop- nnenl, balancing ol schedules, and class organizalion. Willa all ol lliese affairs lo manage, Dr. Moran also leaclwes mallwe- malics. 44-f I27 AIN MISS LOUISE E. CHRISTENSEN Mr. l-laas is CTC's Direclor of Slrudenl Services. l-lis inleresi lies in helping .each sludenl enrolled in our college. One of his nnany dulies is arranging and carrying lhrough +ours for any organizafion or group wishing To visil our campus. l28l Miss Chrislensen is CTC s Regislrar She can be found in her firsf floor office busily selling up regislrarion for classes each Jrrimesfer. She also handles changes in regislralion, dropping of courses, and mainlenance of each s'ruden'r's record MR RAOUL R HAAS .fdclmuu l 71 Mrs. Zimmerman is Direclor of Co-Cue ricular Aciiviiies. Any club officer who wishes lo publicize 'rheir acfivilies may see her in her office in Jrhe Sludenl Union. She is always ready lo assisf any club in solving ils problems. Any srudenls wishing ro s+ar+ a club may see her in regard lo a Charler for lhal club. I'6lfl0l'l MISS LOUISE C. JOHNSON i291 QV ,f g ,.. 1 .4 MRS. BERNEICE ZIMMERMAN Miss Johnson is Direcjror of Admissions. She supplies incoming srudenls wirh all Jrhe necessary forms fo enler Chicago Teachers College Norlh. She also arranges lhe infer- views for Jrhe prospecrive sludenis. Gilda? MISS JEANNE M. ABER MRS. SOPHIE K. BLACK I Library Science Library Science DR. HAROLD E. BERLINGER Music DR. PETER D. ABRAMS DR. MARY W. BOWERS Psychology Professional Educarion Ah MRS. DOROTHY S. BETTS Professional Ed uca+ion DR, JQSEPH C, BEAVER MRS. ROSE C. BRANDZEL English Language: Liferafure 50Ci0l09Y l30l 'Nw MR. NORMAN BRITAN MR. BEN C. COLEMAN N Social Science Spanish DR. ROGER H. CHARLIER Geology: Geography MRS. NORMA R. BURMEISTER DR. C. WALLACE DIERICKX Spanish Geography MR. MILLER B. CLARKSON Mafhemalicsg Physics MR. EDMUND S. CAVANAUGH MISS ANNE S. ECHOLS Professional Educa+ion I 1 Library Science 31 'T nm DR. RUTH ELLlS Psychology DR. JOHN F. ETTEN Professional Educalion MR. GEORGE L. FARNUM Library Science DR. THOMAS S. FARR Polilical Science MR. DUKE FREDERICK Hisfory MR. FRANK J. FRITZMAN Arl 'FW DR. DENA M. FAIRES MR. RICHARD H. FURLOW Speeclwg English Language Anlh"0P0l09Y 1 I 32 1 MRS. PERI P. GEORGIOU Professional Ecluca+iong Music MRS. VALENTINE R. GLOCKNER Professional Educalion DR. MAURICE G. GUYSENIR Professional Ecluca+ion' Social Science is iff-uw MRS. DELINA A. HALUSHKA Spanish MR. PAUL HAN Mandarin Chinese: Philosophy 4. MRS. CLARICE L. HALLBERG I' MR. RICHARD K. GORSKI MR- JOSEPH HARKIN Aff Mallwemafics l33l ly' -4-9 MRS. DOROTHY J. HOLBY DR. R, BRUCE KIRK Spanish Psychology MR. HALVARD B. JOHNSON English Language: Liierafure DR. WILLIAM A. HOWENSTINE MRS. MARCELLA G. KRUEGER II Conserva+iong Human Ecology Professional Educafion Q MR. CHARLES G. KANE Physical Healih and Recreafion DR. WILUAM ,WN MR. ROBERT o.. KRUEGER Psychoyogy COnOmICS I 34 I ' Q! Q DR. JACOUELINE KRUMP English Language: Li+era+ure MR. COURTNEY B. LAWSON English Language: Li+era'I'ure DR. ANNA M. KUMMER Bo+anyg Biology Aa l .fs 1,-dl""" DR. VINCENT F. MALEK Music Wm fa-nv-""" DR. JOHN W. MANN Psychology: Anfhropology A I .I .fly L! .1 ' 5 ' ' 'X X ag. I ...ffl 0 "H-qi 'UR DR. CARL A. LEFEVRE English Language: Li+era+ure DR. WILLIAM E. KUSCHMAN Professional Educafion I 35 1 MISS DOROTHY M. McCREERY Counselling DR. HUGH S. MOORHEAD Philosophy MR. JOHN P. O'DONNELL Professional Educafiong Reading MR. EDWARD B. MUELLER Physical Heallh and Recrealion I ' M - A . . . . . V . if 17, 1 r in g . ,iii iii. i f f., 'I ' ' 6 . ' , f f ,f y ffl Q J " . Q .'. : f . 5. 9' , " 1 ' ' . .' .1 'Li' 41 , . as 5 llli ' ' I ' Y ' Q f i' -' mi 1 j X J' ,' , i " a ' . I 1 . ' . U I V ll , , ,f 'A' . 4 , 5 i ' .' G -1 1 i o 2 . f l MR. PHILIP J. OLLMAN, JR. Physical Science MRS. ROSALYN K. O'CHERONY Spanish li 1 4 MR. ANTHONY A. PATRICELLI Maihemafics 3 " il.: MRS. DOROTHY R. PATTON English Language yi , . , , 1,4- MRS. FLORENCIA R. RADELAT Spanish MR. JACK L. RANDOLPH Speech: Tele-Prompfer MR. SEYMOUR SCHNEIDER Library Science fwidmn MR. MIROSLAV SAMCHYSHYN Q gh DR. DAVID RAPPAPORT Ma+hema+ics 'QE Russian MR. BROOKE E. SAWYER, JR. Professional Educafion, I ww MRS. JOYCE S. SCHRAGER Hisfory Social Science MR. ARTHUR J. SABIN MR. DONALD M. SEIGEL Hi5+0fY I: :I English Language: Liferafure eff' '. 'rf DR. EDRIS P. SMITH MRS. LILLIAN K. VITTENSON Polilical Science Music: Counselling MR. EDWARD C. ULIASSI Social Science MR. PETER G. SPELTZ MR. ROBERT J. WALKER Physical Science Speech: Thea+re ,ww 'JOQ 4""7 DR. JUNE M. VERBILLION English Language, Lulerafure DR HUMPHREY STEVENS DR. RICHARD D. WENZLAFF Professional Educalionp TV Music l 33 l MRS. ZOFIA WERCHUM Russian MRS. DOROTHY L. WHITE Library Science MR. MAU RICE YOCHIM Ari MR. GUS ZIAGOS Physical Healfh and Recrea+ion MR. NORMAN MITTMAN Dafa Processing i391 FACULTY NOT SHOWN Dr. Roberl' F. Belz Dr. Percy Crosby Mr. Kenneflm D. DeVille Dr. Franlc W. Dobbs Mrs. Mar+l1a H. Field Mrs. Valerie M. Gallagher Mr. Arnold W. Gordon Dr. Willis L. Groenier Dr. M. Lucille Grogan Dr. Margrefhe G. Issac Dr. Donald F. Mason Mrs. Dolores L. Pe-Hy Dr. Afll1Uf A. Sclnarf Mr. Leopold B. Segedin Dr. Chrisiy Sllervanian Mr. David Temlrin .If 'Q 3 ,r K in 35 , ' .455 X s 'J W I ': if ,,o., 1111, Q QI X:l"'20 X l6l,.e' Y f ld0,'O. E Xt 9 .1 QQ! J'-Ln.. Q. NETTI ASTRIN Bursar 'Wa fwk '-"""'l.V SHARON AUGSBURGER Daia Processing 2 VIOLA BLAIS Sffcruhxfy 'ro Dann Sachs In JN 'mi I 1 rf .ff '10 U p,"E I' . i "":eoo3 0 "a"'n ""'o0" 'l. 'Oh "Iii lOI"'.QO', 103, .,9,,'.g.'.' 30 sooo0':,, 0, u'9"v 9-oe'o o""9'. "0' Q 'Q "o A ,n0"5, I IN 'll 'O """' qlu4'0l Quin' Q5-,I Q 0 o,,..gI .0 ,.. . 'Zz '.'-..'Mf'- "3 - - Q g 91 S, ', -,',' . , , S.: Q 1 l.o"'.."..l'0 ' . ELLA CHOMON MARIE GRANZOW RegisIrar's Office Library I I I Q- I ww 'ver MARION HANRAHAN Swifchboard Operafor 1 I I I A in fwb AU' ,Alu I, IR 1.8,-'Q I -fx..+- ' . we-vw? .-2 J-L HELEN S. COTTELEER COLETTE KELLY Secrefary +o Dean Moran Secreiary +o Regis'I'rar l- E, are f 9 M ' j J. f ,n bias . , i JS ,XJ we N1 4 4+ '.N -I ANNA LERNER MARGARET MULLEN Da+a Processing Library X NOREEN LONG ANAH PORGES Library Mahon -n. IWW pp., W.-af ALICE McDONNELL EDIE SALZSTEIN Library Sec. 'ro Bursar ar-' K 571, K """"b LORRAINE SOPEJSTAL Sec. fo Dean Goldberg g.fe"?-S? fn 'K Gay: Iff 'L i f' . if 2' ' 355 if A 1 sr ' 'f 1 ,Mx - H ELEN STRAZ Cafe+eria Manager Pri ,, JEAN WEICH Admissions 'mir' nf f rganizafiond J f 1 ROW I: Mrs. B. Zimmerman lSponsorl, Karin Lewinski, Jan Halliburfon, Judy Siearman, Dallas Browne, Richard Elrs+rom, Maria Bereian, Paul Guerino, Sharon Klein, Rober+ Zander, Daniel Gilberl. Arfhur Olson, Peier Roels. ROW ll: Norlon Savlin, Frederick Brill, Richard Thome, Kipley Appel, Margueriie Dawson, Anfoneiie Perrone, Thomas Brehman, Nancy Novak lSec.l, Donald Grejczylr lVice-Pres.l, Timofhy Sullivan lPres.l, Charlene Kosloff lTreas.l. l44l J Ulm Simlmf Simfe The Sludenl Senale is The governing body of Chicago Teachers' College-Norih. The senale, composed of members elecled by The sludenls, is a liberal organizafion which worlcs wilh The college adminisiralion in planning The academic and exlra-curricular ac+ivi+ies. The officers, including Tim Sullivan, president hope lhal The senale will conlinue To grow in scope and slrenglh. T451 ogfefdfy Karen Loeb: Sharon Klein: Gail Merlri: Mr. De Ville, sponsorg Carol Berg: Karen Lewinslu The Lirerary Club is sponsored by Mr. Kennefh De Ville, who helped creale The organizalion in The Tall of I963. The club meels four limes a monfh, on and off campus, To read and explore major lilerary worlcs as Jrhey relale lo moraliiy and censorship. Lilerary concepls and slyle are also discussed. The club publishes a magazine which offers a showcase for sludenl and facully wriling achievement Working wiih a four member guidance council, rhe club mainlains a bridge belween lileralure maiors and Jrhe lacully. T461 .gn ferim The lnTerim, The sTudenT newspaper, is published every oTher week. The sTaTT is composed oT an ediTor, assisTanT ediTor, arT ediTor, columnisTs, reporTers, phoTographers, car- ToonisT, business and oTTice manager, and adverTising agenT. The lnTerim covers news boTh on and oTT campus. IT presenTs drama, boolc, and Tilm reviews, sporTs coverage, and ex- presses The opinion oT The ediTor and sTaTT on perTinenT evenTs. All wriTing and ediTing is done by The sTudenT edi- Tors and sTaTT. The TaculTy sponsor Tor The paper is lvlr. Ely Liebow. ROW I: Kafhleen STroup lAssT. EdiTorl. ROW ll: Greg GoTTsTein lEdiTor-in-Chiefl, MarTha Thoennes lReporTerl, Gary Pearl fArT EdiTorl. Phyllis Begun, Ron Simon, Darlene Ullrich, KaThleen Sfroup, Greg GoTTsTein, Alan Hanley, Ann Dunn, KaThy Hammer, Mary Ann Gall, Gary Pearl, Laurene Truher, Barbara Belgrade, Virginia Schambari, Jim Oehler, Tim Scanlan, Ronna Teichman, Marfha Thoennes, Karen Lewinslri. T471 fag? pfdyefif , 11 1 A.. 1' ,.,. ,cy,.tj., La! .r -B 2,5-air i Wim.-J 5fis:WQ'flf ii A x V 0 sq' , ' Illflflg. ..1 , is , , X. , . , 1 , . J' . ff -me f.. - 1 ui ' ' , ,.:'-: ,U TV 'X v nfs.-' wif km' ROW I: Sue Befz lSec.l, Ray Adalco lVice-Pres.l, Dallas Browne, Eleanor Collins. ROW Il: Micheal Levin, Gail Merlri, Joyce Loofs lPres.l, Sieve Tallaclrson, Marilou Davis, Renee Margiofia, Rebecca Azelra, Karen Loeb, Tom SiIves+ri, Dean Hirshman, Paul Ma++es, Bob Slcaia. ROW Ill: Nancy Beard, Florence Oser, Carol Dahl, Janice Rockwood, Kafhy Sioesser, Jan Halliburfon. ROW IV: Kafhleen Sfroup, Mickey Goldsiein, Bob Schaclre, Rich Elzsfrom, Greg GoHs'iein. Originally known as ihe Reader's Theaire, ihe Siage Players sirive io perieci poise, good diciion, and vocal viialiiyg iraiis which are of value 'ro all aspiring 'ro Teach. Wiih ihe help of Mr. Donald Seigel, ihe group was organized in Sepiember, I962 wiih a casi of 35. Their second produciion was "The Reading Hour" in which 'rhey presenied excerpis from "Mary, Mary" by Jean Kerr, "J.B." by Archibald Macl.eish, and a soliliquy from G. B. Shaw's HST. Joan." The Siage Players firsi full-lengih produciion was in The winier of I963, Arihur Miller's "The Crucible." i481 'f .- - ' -4 : -' f . Lid. 'lil-i'.'..F.?i1lH Rial Q 4 ' i "-7. 1 i 5 ,vw . , . I , . -ws - V. , . .A i . ,ff ' 5 27 M 3 1 ' MEN'S OFFICERS: Heinz Manlel lPres.l, Daniel Gilberf lTreas.l. Charles Seminary lSec.l, John Champagne lVice.l. pkgaica eagh The Physical l-leallh Club, organized during The fall sernesier oi I96I, is under The sponsorship oi Mr. Gus Ziagos. The club arranges many aciiviiies, ai The school, including a Fun Nighl held once a rnonih. Special periods are sei aside for members of The club during which 'rhey can use The gym lacililies. Also, The Physical l-lealih Club sponsors baslceiball, badrninion, and 'fable Tennis iournarnenis. Trophies are awarded io winners oi These evenis. Special inieresi groups are encouraged io organize under The direc- iion ol The Physical l-lealih Club. TOP ROW: WOMEN'S OFFICERS- Marge Couper lTreas.l, Cyn+hia Golema lPres.l. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Gunderson lSec.l, Saran Axel- rod lVice.l. 1 'il 4 Q ' 1 . sys. 1 ' s nfwi ef: !' Q x--, N. ROW I: Maria Bereian lSec.l Sharon Kleine lTreas.l, Mrs. R L amazes. Row ii. Jam Oehler s as Mrs. B. Zimmerman, Pal' Seidler lChairmanl, Richard Thome. .S?lfl6!8l'Lf E'I'l0I"gel'lCg 06U'l .Clin Organized in April of I963, S.E.L.F. is designed io make emergency financial aid available To sludenls on a no-inreresl basis. S.E.l..F. was eslablished by Jrhe srudenls, lor lhe sludenls, and is supporled by Jrhe enlire school. The lirsl fund-raising benelil sponsored by S.E.L.F, was a Folk Singing Fesiival which raised 567500. The second, held on November 2I, V963 was even more successful. The Follc singers who have performed include lhe Sleel Singers, 'rhe New Fronliersmen, and Siu Ramsey, who appeared wilh lhe Barren River Ramblers. lvlrs. Rose Brandzel is The lacully Consullanr for S.E.L.l:., and Mrs. Berniece Zimmerman serves on ihe board. l50l E I T T sf-3 ROW I: Lynn Wahl, Toula Demas, Judy Siemienic, Ronna Teichman lVice-Pres.l, Mary Ann Zdeb. ROW ll: Bernacline Quam, Roxy Ehlerf lSec.-Treas.l, Carol Berg lPres.l. Mrs. D. McCreery lSponsorl, Char- lene Kosloff, Karin Lewinski, Sue Kloiber. R GUM The Chicago Teachers College Norfh chapfer of fhe American Red Cross offers ifs members fhe opporfunify fo help communifies, organiza- fions, or individuals in need. The club's sponsor is Miss McCreery. There are fiffeen acfive members, fhirfy people on fhe mailing lisf, and fhirfy more incoming sfudenfs. The club offers a variefy of acfivifies among which are: ll serving once a monfh as dance hosfesses for fhe pafienfs af l-lines Veferans' l-lospifal, where fhe members dance wifh men from fhe psychiafric ward, and 21 providing enferfainmenf for fhe men af Greaf Lakes Naval l-lospifal, where a limif of eighf Red Cross members go fo aid fhe physically sick. There may be a change in policy, whereby fhe organizafion will go fwice a monfh fo l-lines Veferans' l-lospifal, omiffing visifs fo Greaf Lakes Naval l-lospifal. ln fhe pasf, fhe group performed an oufsfanding service by collecfing money for much-needed proiecf supplies for a hospifal in Bolivia. T511 add ian 5'-0 ' 5 'V' f s R f Qi is ,zrgwfrff if-fi fr c x .-I'--x in "' .,f" . ,fl 'f . 1 , -1 1 I M, Chl ,I ,wr T" Wg 2 ei ' iii? - 'FQ' V 151 I Yi. J' A K 5, D w 'QI fi. fn-', . ,115 jk... :A g F ROW I: An+oni Wesolowslci lPres.l, Viole+ Anselmini lRecording Sec.l. ROW II: Ka+hy Sullivan lTreas.l, Ed Sienlciewicz lVice-Pres.l, Bessie Smyrnio+is lCorresponding Sec.l absent The Russian Club was formed in lhe spring oi IQ63. Sponsored by lvlr. lvl. Sarn- chyshyn and Mrs. Z. Werchun, lhe group rneels Twice a monlh. The principal purpose of 'rhe organizalion is lo gain insighl inlo Russian cullure and ihinlcing. Meefings are open lo sludenls sludying lhe Russian language or Those in+eres'red in Russian philos- ophy and hislory. The club provides a meaningful linlc belween curricular and co-cur- ricular aclivilies by means ol Russian records, songs, lilrns, and lileralure. i521 1: laanifilz The Spanish Club aT C.T.C.-NorTh has a Two-Tolcl purpose. IT encourages iTs members To pracTice Their Spanish wiTh naTive spealcers Through iTs many acTiviTies. Such acTiviTies have included TiesTas, picnics, Tilms, dinners, lecTures, and varieTy shows. These evenTs TosTer The long range obiecTive oT The club: Triendships beTween our sTudenTs and The Span- ish people and an appreciaTion oT Their culTure. s 2 53 ROW l: Mrs. Radelai' fFaculTy Advisorl, Mrs. Rosalyn O'Cherony lFaculTy Sponsorl, Barbara BuTalen lPres.l, Paul Dominick lTreas-Sec.l, Joy Sfam lVice-P.l. ROW ll: Sharon PeTal:, C-irol McGraTh, Mary Papcialre, Renee Margio+Ta, Jill Wagner, BrigeTTe Lux. ROW Ill: Alice Wernancl. Rosemary Achlermeier, Chris+ine Prylra, Ri+a Burdine, Nancy Novalr. ROW IV: Joyce Redemslre, Diane Malcahy, Mary PeTrizzini, Mr. Beni. Coleman lFacul+y Advisorl. T531 Violel Anselmini, Edie Schlossmann, Joan Laslciewilz Cnfhia Golema, i Y Judy Sfearman lcenferl. gil CAI"0l'l efteff The Synchronized Swim Club is one of lhe newesl groups al CTC.-N. ll developed as a special inleresl arm of The Physical l-leallh Club. The sponsor is Mr. Edward Mueller. The club is organizing a program ol aclivilies in waler ballel lhal will be slaged lralher, pooledl for The sludenls and laculiy. Violef Anselmini, Edie Schlossman Joan Laslriewiiz, Judy Slearman Cyn+hia Golema. Birufe Rimberges iTreas.l, Pa+ricia Dukes lSec.l, Carol Snobel lPres.l, Lorraine Nash lVice-pres. ,rx ,s..M....1- W, """"'..":,-F. Orcliefsia The modern dance club was creafeol fo help Hs mem- bers gain poise rhrough enjoymenr of physical acfiviiy. The club meefs iwice a weelc and membership olues are 5 I.OO per Jrrimesier. Performances are presenlred every year under 'rhe direciion ol Mrs. Dolores Peily. v i Pairicia Dukes, Susan Nichols, Birufe Rimberges, Carol Snobel, Janei' Cooper, Lorraine Nash, Francine Wosfiniclry, Pa+ Lane, Sandra Parker, Linda Raslrin, Regina Casfella. .gzwlenf ammunify ufunfeera An enriching opporlunily enabling members lo serve now in Jrhe field of leaching is offered in lhe Sludenl Communily Volunlreers program. The group Jrulors children and acls as "big sislers and big bro+hers" To deprived children of Chicago. ll is a volunleer group led by Charlene Kosloll and dedicaled 'ro helping olhers. .11 if-1' .4 3 , - 1 ,: Q-ufffv' 'fig X1 lil 2:22 :ffl , 4 j f ' " ,I Q ROW I: Karen Kleinschmidf, Rifa Tuchfon, Marilou Davis, Mary Ann Zdeb, and Laverne Phillips. ROW ll: Barbara Jacobs, Bernadine Ouam, Karin Lewinslri, Wilma Williams, Charlene Kosloff, and Esiher Zbaroz. ROW Ill: Ralph Cnmpagna and Sfeve Tallaclzson. i561 I I J 3 il N Q podficafgcience ROW I: Dallas Browne, Jan Halliburfon, Raymond Adalco, Maria Bereian, Paul Guerino, Eleanor Collins, Nancy Beard. ROW ll: Karin Lewinslri, Richard ElcsTrom, Ralph Campagna. T Raymond Aldaco lTreas.l, Sharon Klein lSec.l, Paul Guerino lPres.l. Jan Halliburfon lVice.l. T571 The PoliTical Science Club is an organizaTion which Tries To expand The sTudenT's inTeresT in and under- sTanding oT poliTical aTTairs. Toward This end, The club has sponsored lecTures on Topical maTTers, debaTes, and Tield Trips. SubiecTs oT some oT The lecTures oT pasT monThs include "KaTanga," "Medi- care," and "The UniTed NaTions." One oT The club's Tield Trips was To hear PresidenT John F. Kennedy speak. The sponsor oT The club is Dr. Thomas Farr. rs s- 7, P899 0 ROW I: Carole Alexander, Mary Del Ciello, Rosemary Boyd, Karin Lewinslri, Mary Seaman, Elayne Andelman, Barbara Jacobs. ROW ll: Dierdre Talbo+, Joan Courlney, Phyllis Laslrow, Marla Gurvih, Ann Marie Sfachura, June Bilslre, Cynlhia Golema. ROW III: Lorraine Nash, Palricia Dultes, Pa- fricia Bryant ROW IV: Pam Walsh, Sandra Parker, Bonnie Maggini, Elsie Fosfer, Judie Pauls, Karen Zavoslrey, Carolyn Hummel. ROW V: Pai Sloehr, Paula Vaicunas, June Chrisfiansen, Nancy De Canio. ROW VI: Barbara Krohner, Elaine Morrison, Marfha Kissane, Mary Sue McGovern. ROW VII: Adie Berns+ein. ROW VIII: Kafhleen Bar+osz, Darlene Herman, Charlene Kosloff, Lenore Kehr- wald, Sue Leary, Ginny Pierce, Ka+hy Lindh, Linda Gladslone, Sandra Johnson, Belly Arnold, Viclri Comm, Barbara Franzen, Joanne Wilson, Maryann Heiden, Carole Baranowslri, Roen Fichfner, Me- linda Splefl, Jo-Ann Loos, Terri Knudsen, Gerri Knudsen, Donna Giovenco, Janice Ebmeier, Annelie Egger, Barbara Belgrade, Gail Benzel, Nancy Hilberg. ,sql 5 vvsfvv F Nl 'K -z 95 s-Q ll was Rmb K i""'- A 4-Lf ! I ,....-........... ' N 1 r s. Mrs. Schrager lSponsorl, Ellen Gavin lPres.l, Ri+a Tuch+en lSec.l, Karen Kleinschmidf lTreas.l. Lambda Sigma Alpha is 'rhe only all-girl organizalion on campus. Aclivilies include delivery of lood baslceis lo less iorlunale friends, making cur-our pumpkins lor chil- dren's hospilals and orphanages, and serving al leas. They have also presenled a musicalcomed produclion in conneciion wilh The Men's Service Club. The annual Penny Carnivallis sponsored by lhis group. When il was inilialed in I96l, Mrs. Wall- zon was ihe s onsor. Mrs. Sarah Golibaum loolc over in I962, and currenlly Mrs. Joyce Schrader is 'rhie direclor. I-531 0 I .sgfuclenf givlucafion :Mociafion FIRST ROW: Karin Lewinslri, Waller Porgus. SECOND ROW: Tom Cargill, John Keane, Milfon Handler, Evelyn Doeischman, Bev erly Burnell. THIRD ROW: Joyce Rader, Norma Schniher, Karen Schmidt Ellen Gavin. Speaking +o 'rhe group a+ +his meefing is Dr. Maurice G. Guysenic. The Sfudenl Educalion Associaiion was originally crealed ar The Sabin branch, and received iis charier dur- ing C.T.C.-N's firsi semesrer. Wilh Dr. Jerome Sachs, dean, as sponsor, SEA. is lhe only professional organ' izarion on campus. Reginald Simon, l96I chapier president broughi honor To S.E.A., by becoming siaie presidenr in l962. SEA. sponsored Jrhe I5Jrh Annual Conveniion ol ihe Illinois Siudenr Educaiion Associafion in November, l962. The group has also had several guesi speakers ai Hs monihly meeiings held al ihe school. ,Q- ,- L, ,MMF Q , J J .1 1 A ff' AM! 0l"ll,5 FIRST ROW GeorgeTTe Ganas Jo Ann Wrlson Brenda Peel Car I S+ h f I CI-1 S I1 1-I P Sk k D Sue Haclzbar+h La Verne Phnlllps BeTTy Anfman JeaneTTe Fulruygma egrBSC5ND Rishi! Tlwlgr WeT1:llaTT olsizzjrrsbrl Bcjarilllya CBT-gljsg BeTTy Arnold Sandy Johnson RoberTa Maurer BonlTa Bauer Sophie Dumas Helen Dablsch Karen Jasen Adrean WaTTs The Chlcago Teacher s College chorus had :Ts beglnnlng aT The Sabln branch IH T955 AT The NorTh slde branch IT has exrsTed since SepTem ber oT l96I Sungung wnTh The chorus oTTers The sTudenTs an opporTun1Ty To sung a varueTy oT musuc Selechons The chorus has presenTed range Trom The Renanssance To conTennporary Broadway hlTs Dr Richard WenzlaTT as The dnrecTor oT The chorus l60l .9l'lJfI"ll,l'l'lel'lfCt! ..!4CfLUlfle5 C.T.C.-Norlh mainrains a band, a srring ensemble, and a variery of brass and woodwind ensembles open +o all sludenls who have had experience in playing band or orchesrral insrrumenls. The groups, headed by Dr. Vincenl Malelc, slrive ro make lisrening ro music an aesrhelic experience. Parricipalion in insrrumenlal performances carries one acriviry credir per rrimesrer. Roseanne Pe++i+, Barbara Smifh, Thomas Lydon, Daniel Goodwin, Daniel Leahy, Ronald Wayer, Jon Ford, Theodore Rachofslry Rober+ Zander, Trudy Naroweh, Sandford Garfield, Cyn+hia Golema, Judie Pauls, Carol Miller, Rober+ Weyler, V. Malek Direc+or Julio Jolly, Edward Volrurda. E611 ...ffl Darlene Jurlcowslci lEdi'I'or-in-Chiefl yeardool' In Jrhe fall of I963 a number oi siudenfs Jrhoughl ii was lime C.T.C.-Norih had a year- book io record Hs hisrory. The call wenr our for volunleers io form a sialic willing To pro- duce one. In answer, 32 siudenis appeared, and C.-l'.C.-Norrh was promised a yearboolc equal lo ihe high slandards mirrored in Jrhe modern laciliries and able laculry. Wilh ediior-in-chief Darlene Jurlcowslri selling Jrhe pace, and able assisrance from Mr. Franlc J. Friizmann from ihe arl deparlmenl, 'rhe slall has done Hs besi. lEdi+or's No'I'e: Special 'lhanlrs +o N.H. and all who were exfra help in meefing deadlines.l ROWI Norfon Savlin lBusiness Ediforl, Darlene Jurlrowslci lEdi+orl, Susan Schwarlz, Virginia Schambari, Pam Lichferman, Karen Si m Richard Elcsfrom. ROW II: Ann Dunn, Sharon Gilligan lLi+erary Ediforl, Edie Schlossmann, Liz Garfield, Frances Barach, Judy S+ arman lAr1 Ediforl, Roxy Ehlerf, Judy Zimmer lClubs and Acfivifies Edi+orl, Marshall Fisher, ROW III: Diana Gibbs, Brenda Har+er Su an Anderson, Dolores Deering, Sandra Leeman, Sandra Ash+on, BeHe Breen, Mary Whifford, Aniia Michaelson lSenior Layoul Q gw N. xi: 34, df -I V 0 I Wt 1 , yz V- 1,' f' Us Q W Iz' ' if, .-5 3.-,. . s 5 , Z we V fm . 5 vY:. r' . , f7Wf "'A f ,. ., , .-,' 1 l My Nm . ur 5? , . ,L .,., 5 4 . 3' .QNX 2 ig ' f . Y f If QfS2-,.,: :Y 432 .X If W ,, df ,wif 4 ,.. 9 . 4, l EW' in 1 I I ,f,5..:s- X ,f ' 1 4. 1 , . ' ,- .,,,., 1 K Q -e ,Lf ..., W A K ,. v A v mtg' 1 Q y 4 V 14 s 1 4'- ws W , A .X 1 ' w2X-Wsigffy A x X. 1 TN :JMS W , W- 1- wgu-z,13,r 'si'-:,: . 451- - ,ffrfxs 4 4- m, . x' .,.,. N ' ESQ X 1 W , dm? 9 y -!,. fm? r x I XM f 4 ,.: if . ,H ' 1 mg N ,, 1 .,,, 1 fig' ' 'Z ' F . . " N'3ff' fse ig' ' M ' y A , , ,mf MMM mmwmy. 5 , WW,..,,, ,xt N. SF? Q ,Y Q . Q Q , 415345 im , .fig 5, La I A I Ai .fgcfiuifiefi The Breens, Dramafic Duo 'H-nf Mr. Herber+ Hill represen+ing +l'1e NAACP. l661 -Ml X l, 1 fl M ' J mf 'Q bv- ! rife I as 0fs5HHPLE?' .1 TD ETL-IX! .1 Y .AL f Dr. Harlow Shapley visifs CTC-N 'for Convocafion. af' I67 Dr. Shapley is honored by college. DARK OF THE MOON gage Cty 2106 lgroclucfionri THE SANDBOX GLASS MENAGERIE I 5 l I J 55. 4 gg? ,O Confererwe Jian' a. ' 'l 'f l , I : Ll.: 5 n.rj'u: L, 4 x , was HGREAT DECISION AMPHU l701 gaffef guifvl of Clzicago Spanish Newspaper Sfaff wi+h sponsor, Mrs. Raclelai Roller Slca+ing Parly sponsored by Physical Healflw Club. Bowling League's Annual Halloween Parly Tom Silvesfri: Miss FH. Mrs. Dolores PeH'y, sponsor. l73l 0.1 X 74 iw ll 'UQ i761 O 6U'lC0: pl'e!u6!e fo lifwnfel' ln+erna+ional s+uden+s sfudying a+ Nor+h- wesfern Universi+y visi+ our campus. W Eff? 1 ' 1 """lu..h. af'-K , 5 , rr' If ' Q ff' I , 53 l , Vu " . M Us Q ,323 19 agp. 4' , 'gi -wx "' wif 53- - fu, ' lg 3 I7 i ., f ' i Q 7 X Q fu 'I Q it ,.. 41 ,by ' i wi J J "'f'T.s:f flih l Q- fx -' .,, Bergen Evans, Guesi Speaker. x 5 hm T801 The lirsr lull-lenglh presenla- lion of The Slaqe Players was a produclion of Arlhur Miller's "The Crucible." A drama based on The infamous Salem wilch Trials, The play was an oulslancl- ing showcase Tor The lalenls ol Jrhe various members of The casl. The Slage Players have become an imposing addilion 'ro CTC-N's Aclivilries program, W 1 4 5 W M W 1 N iw N E 1. ! W I Y frm I My 4 l'. P al g Add D.1Pu+N+h+u +y DEAN SACHS i831 v f I r F . X 1 l E i l I M1 I i ' 'QN- 3 cs . 2 f ww. iwf' W' L N K, ,V L' , ,, 1 ,, W J f--1 x , . .X , l 1 1 ' . 4 , '1- I v l 4L 33?9hn X .N vp: ... i gal-g .-. ., FF rglllfv ,A-4-, ly-U' nf- V N V 5 C C 0l"gLUe M5 I0 065152, Allin.. Wanfa be on my ieam? One man's a++emp+ for more lock- - er space. 5 , ,W W W -2t1'.'liff A , 'HBH K aw nk , 1 lu ffl:-1-1 5 R H, ill' MW, 1. rglKIlllm 4--P fd-uv' 1. . x- , ,, 4...,.., W rf ' uf ' Mflm.v,1 , ,Q 32 My """""" 'T""""fY , ' , ,. qt ,, 4... X ..i,"'5 1 vu X . WA, i, M 1 V a -u - 1 3 1 How +o kill +ha+ 2 hour break. 3 Even +l1e speaker lef+ . . Our apple free will bear fruil +l1is fall. Look who's oui' for exfra poin'I's! E931 L 1 1 I -1 nw Las+ of a dying breed? 4i 'r eruom - i MARY JANE AIELLO JOLINDA ANDERSON KATHLEEN ANDERSON PATRICIA BAIRSTOW Dean's Lis+g S+uden'l' Sena+org Spanish Club: SP6fIlSl'1 ClUl-7? Physical Healfll Club. Physical Healflw Club. l ll 'JSR 1 ANN W. BANNOR CHESTER D. BARANIAK l l 1 I A ARDIS BARON FREDERICK BARTH VICKI BARTLETT JANICE BARTNOTSKI 5 SHEILA BARTZ ANITA BASS CHERYL BASSLER ARNOLD BENSON Physical Heal+h Clubg S+uden'l' Senafor. EMILY BERENBAUM ,JVM 6 'VN' PHYLLIS BEGUN JOANN JANET BERNES A. BELLA BONITA BAUER SHIRLEY BERNGARD FRANCIS BERNSTEIN MARTIN BERNSTEIN ARLENE BIEVER RENEE BLOCK MARLA BOLIN Dean's Lisfg Bowling League: Volunfeer Service. ROC-BER BOLTON KARYN BOLKER Dean's Lisfp High Honors. DIANE BORELLI NANNETTE BORZEWSKI ACE: President Secrerary, Bowling League: Chorale. 9-Q 'ir Dean's Lish High Honors Physical Heal+h Club. JUDY GAYLE BOSKO Physical Heal+h Club: N.E,A.g I.E.A. , . Q F , R ak 1, X ' MARY M. BOSTWICK JOANNE BOWLER ROSEMARY BOYD BETTE BREEN Dean's Lisfg Spanish Club: Bowling League: Yearbook S'I'aff. MARGARET BRENNAN SHARON BRETTNER GENEINE BRODA ELAINE BROWN IKOMINSKYJ GAIL BROWN WILLIAM BROWNSTEIN DANIEL N. BUONAMICI PATRICIA CLESCERI BARBARA BUTALLA Dean's Lisfg Spanish Club: Presi den? Ph sical Heal+I1 Club A+- I Y I Iended A.A.T.S.P. 81 I.M.L.Y.A. Unesco Conference: Sfaff of Ex agono Curioso. BONITA COHEN KATHERINE CALIGIURI MARGUERITE CARL MARCIA CARY ANNA L. CHIU DENA COLOVOS KATHLEEN CONAHAN Dean's Lisfg High Honors , Vg., 5, ' BQ 'ss JAMES CONLEY LOIS COOPER SHERRY COPELAND LINDA CROME JACK CZECK AUDREY DAVIS Dean's LisI'. MARILOU DAVIS PATRICIA DECKER Dean's Lisf: High Honors: S+agi Spanish Club' Players: Vice President PubIici+y Sfuclenf Senafor: ln+erim Sraff: Volunfeer Worlrer. nan-uc., EMIL DE JULIO Presidenr, Bowling League: Physi- cal Heal+l1 Club: Sfudenl' Senafor: Siege Players: SI'uc.len+ Aide: U nesco Cel. N, M-.M ,M JANICE DEWENHOLZ z JOYCE DILEONARDI f 3 2 SOPHIE DIMAS MARIA N. DROBECK Spanish Club: Physical HeaI+h Club. ANN DUNN Dean's Lisf: Inlerimz S'Iaff, Col- umnisf: Spanish Club: Yearboolr Sfaff: Physical HeaI+h Club: Bowl- ing League: S+uden+ Aid. fig FQ CAROL DI MATTEO BETTY JANE DISKANT Fencing Club: S.E.A.: Choir. MARILYN DISKO EVELYN DOETSCHMAN Dean's Lisf: High Honors, Honors: Physical HeaI+h Club: S+ucIen+ Aid, S.E.A. MADALINE DUNN NORMA DUSANEK Dean's Lis+: High Honors, Hon ors: N.E.A., I.E.A. 1 91 'fb af - B ,, ,, fm? DONALD EDWARDS MARCIA EISENBACH ROSE ERCOLE VALERIE EVANS Fencing Club: Vice President S.E.A.: Choir. ELLEN FARBER KAREN FAUST Bowling: Sfudenf Educafion Asso- ciaiion. MARGARET FAUST CAROL FEDDERN LEE FERMOYLE JOAN FICK Dean's Lis+: High Honors: Hon- ors: Bowling Team: S+uden+ Aid. BARBARA FINEBERG JUDITH FOMON MARCIA FRIEDMAN DEANNA FRANK SARA FREELING ARLENE M. FRISHMAN X X1 LORETTA FORD CAROLE FORMAN MARY ANN GAIL Dean's Lislg lnferimg Repor+er, Columnist Physical Healflw Club. PATRICK GALLAGHER In ELLEN GAVIN JUDY GEARSON ELIZABETH GERARDI GAIL GHILARDUCCI Lamba Sigma Alpha: Presidenl: Alfended Governor's Conference on Liferacy and Learning: Com- muni+y Volunfeer Worlcer. PENNY GLOSS KATHLEEN GOETZ MARY GIANOPULOS DIANE A. GIBBS Dean's List High Honors, Honors: Spanish Club: Physical Heal+h Club: S+uden+ Government Or- chesfrag Beehive S+affg EI Exa- gono Curioso. BARBARA GOLDBERGER NEDRA GOLDFINE CAROL GOLDMAN ARLENE D. GOLDSTEIN ELAYNE GOLDSTEIN GAIL GORDON MARGARET GRANT Dean's Lish S+uclen+ Aid. Dean's Lisf. Dean's List Spanish Club: S+u- Deanls Lisl- denl' Aid: Secre+ary in Commu- nicafion Skills Depar+men+. ELAINE GOU LD KATHY GRANT JUDY GROARK RUTH GROH SHARON GROSS Bowling League Physical Heal+h Club Spanish Club Ins'rrumen+al Achvlhes Polnhcal Science Club A EA N EA Siu en QM, , H , M my 3, f PAUL GUERINO S+uden+ Senafe: Polifical Science Club: Treasurer, Vice Presidenf, Presideni: Physical Healih Club: S.E.A.: N.E.A.: I.E.A.: Unesco: Stage Players: Fencing Club: A+- Iended U.N. Convenfion: S+uden+ Aid: Dean's Lisf: Honors and High Honors. ja, . , , V if ., ,. .I ,K , V is fe: gge fr f . , V 1 :E-, 7 . ., .I ,W A . ,J Q ' 'Qt I , 7 , . Ve' ' , 'R ' mf V , , " ,xi g:1,,,:-law:-. V, ' , I V CARLA HEIMSOTH JACQUIE HAGUE WILLIAM G. HERRICK Dean's Lisf. 4 .ss 2 KATHLEEN HAM MAR ENID HAUSER MARCIA HAUK Physical Heal+h Club: Bowling League: Unesco Conference: N.E.A.: I.E.A. LINDA HAUSER AUDREY HIGGINS NANCY HIGTON 'ic LINDA HOFMEISTER Physical Healfh Club: Presiden'l'g Red Cross: M.S.O. Swee+hear+g Bowling League: S.E.A.g Camp Reinberg "Pioneer"g A'H'ended Unesco Conference. TONI JAHNKE BARBARA JENDRZEJCZYK Dean's Lisfp Physical Heal+h Club: Sfudenl Aid. l LENNE HOLZER PHYLLIS JALASKY LESLIE JENSEN -ar' 4227! H415 , , Sill ' 15 3 ff' -, CINDA HORWITZ Physical Healfh Club. Q' 'grail N f ,,.. L-:S L w+w, ...e......:1. i,,iW if-1 . ,TL - ss lssfa nv-'I-"' 1 iiiixiixxiu sexually? a l ' ii -1 ' 1 JANICE JOHNSON Dean's Lisf: High Honors SHARON ISAACSON Symphonic Choir Sfage Players RUTH M JOHNSON ROSEMARY JULIEN INGA KAMINSKI LINDA KANTOR ROSEMARY KARASKIEWICZ MARY KEATING Dean's Lis+g S+uden+ Communi+y Service Program. f' , fail? . ELLEN KINAHAN Dean's Lislg Spanish Club: Physical Heal+h Club. HARRIET KA'IZ JOHN KEANE Dean's Lis'r: Honors, High Honorsg S+age Crew. MARILYN KING BARBARA KLINKER THERESIA KLOS CHARLOTTE KLUG , If Q A A-K 2 W., ,GW , E , H Q! if 3 -W. ZORINE KUNAR Physical Heal+l'1 Club. ANDREW KYRIAZES LEONA KOLOVOS BARBARA KONIECZNY LAURIE KROGER LEO MARY ANN LABBE NA KUEVER LINDA LAKEMACHER SHARON LANDAU SHIRLEY LARSON SANDRA LEEMAN DIANE LEEPER Dean's Lish S+uden'r Aid. j, ff MILDRED LAVIN MARLENE LAZZARA JUNE LEVIN MARSHA LEVIN Dean's List Honors, High Honors: In+erim: Repor+er, Co-Ediior: A+- fended Conference on Foreign Policy 81 Cul+ural Relafions. VIVIAN LE VINE PAMELA LICHTERMAN JOYCE LOOTS LINDA LUNDE Spanish Club: S+uden+ Aid. Dean's Lis+: Band: Spanish Club: Physical Healfh Club: Beehive Slaff. L V MARCIA MALL Dean's Lis+: Honors, High Honors: Physical Healfh Club: Spanish Club: Secrefary: S+uden+ Govern- meni: Sena+or: ln'rerim: Reporfer: El Exagono Curioso: Edi+or: NCCJ Conference MARY MALONEY Dean's Lisf: Honors, High Honor Spanish Club: Physical Heal' Club. JUDITH MADER Dean's Lis+: Associafion of Child- hood Educafionz Treasurer. BONNIE MALICKE PAUL MATTES Bowling League: Vice Presidenf, Secrefary: Li+era+ure Club: Repre- sen+ed CTC af I25+h Anniversary of Cify of Chicago: Sfage Play- ers: Physical Heal+h Club: Sfudenf Sena+e. EILEEN McARDLE LAWRENCE McDOUGALD CAROL McGRATH NANCY MCHUGH ROBERTA MEDLOCK Dean's Lis+: High Honors: Span- ish Club: EI Exagono Curioso' Repor+er. Dean's Lisf. MICHALENE MENDAK MARY ELLEN MEYER BARBARA MICHELATTI MARLENE MINICKER MAUREEN MOGY ELIZABETH MONROE Dean's Lisf. RAY MOULD, JR. JOAN MUENZENTHALER ELIZABETH MURREL BARBARA MYERS TRUDA NEIDER Spanish Club. JUDY NELSON RUTH NEURBERG VERNA NEWSON MELANIE NIEMIEC CARL NIGRO Dean's Lisl. Dean's Lisfg Physical Heal+l'1 Club: Square Needle. INGRID NORTON ALICE NOWAK NANCY NOVAK DOROTHY OAKLEY KAREN OLSEN ART OLSON LORRAINE OSIMOWICZ CAROLL PANCZYK ff V nm MARY PAPCIAK Dean's Lis+g Spanish Club: Vice Presideni, President EI Exagono Curioso: Ediforg lnferima Re- porferg Unesco: American Asso- ciafion of Spanish 81 Por+ugueseg Modern Language Associafion. LAURYNE PAUZA , 'Wiper' SHARON PETAK DORIS PFENNING LORETTA PHILIP DIANE PIETSZAK Dean's Lis'I: Spanish Club: Presi- Dean's Lisf: High Honors: S.E.A. S+age Players: Bowling League. Dean's I-iS'I'I Physical I"IedI'I'I'I CIUID cIen+. KATH RYN PESCH KE WILLIAM POETSCH ANTHONY J. PODRAZA LEONA PONTONE WALTER PORGES ELSIE PORTER Spanish Club: l.E.A.: SIucIen+ Governmeni: Siudeni' Aid: Usher. I Q Q LORRAINE PROVISOR ESTHER PUTIRSKIS JOYCE RADER DIANE RAHLFS DVORAH RAND CAROLE REDINE DIANE RICHER PATRICIA RIOCH GLORIA ROGERS RONALD ROGERS JUDITH ROMANO JEAN ROSENBAUM CHARLENE ROSENBERG SHIRLEY ROTKIN LYNNEA ROWE MARY LOUISE RUSHFORD THERESA RUBINSON BARBARA RUSINEK JOYCE RYBANDT Dean's List High Honors: Physi- cal Healfh Club. f :mf 1 4. f ' ,N 4, .sgh A. A a, V xx ,L ,flu . ' 4 m jfx I v 0 f QL 9 X sl ' 'OL ' ". L 1 ,' . LL , k ' A- 0 L . L 1 , J aLn .W , 4 A 1 a MARY LOU SACOMANO FRIEDELLE SAGALOW CAROLYN SAMLOW VIRGINIA SCHAMBARI ln'I'erimg Spanish Club: Physical Heal'I'h Clubg Beehive S+affg Bowl- ing Leagueg Newman Club. CHARLES SCHELTENS SHIRLEY SCHECHTMAN KAREN SCHMIDT Red Cross: S.E.A. EILEEN SCHNEIDEMAN DIANE SCHNITZER NORMA SCHNITZER CHERIE SCHWARTZ Dean's Lisl: N.E.A.: S+uclen'I' Ai K our MORRIS SCHWARTZ MARLENE SEIDLER SUSAN SHAPIRO ANN SHOREY Dean s Lisi' Spanish Club, Physical Heal+h Club' Sfudenf Al PHYLLIS SHORRIS fi K ADRIENNE SIMON RONALD SIMON SALLY SJOBERG ELAINE SKINDER HEDY SKQI-NICK Dean's Lish High Honors: S.E.A. BONNIE SMITH PENNY SMOLENSKY JOAN SOKOLSKY ALICE R. SOLOMON FERN SPAGAT DIANE SPICE Dean's Lisfg Russian Club. BARBARA STACY JOY STAM FRANCES STEIN DIAN STENBERG Spanish Club: Vice Presideniw EI Exagono Curioso: Repor+er. 1 ' I Q W -I 'I RENITA STERLING DOROTHY STERN LOUISE SUKYS MARGARET SULLIVAN ELAYNE SWIDER TIMOTHY SU LLIVAN ZORA SWANSON Dean's Lisfz High Honors. WINIFRED SZPARA DIANE TARTOL EI-YSE TAUBER Sfage Players: Chorus. SHIRLEY TAUSZ INEZ TIVIN JANET TOMASO LOIS TOMPKIN DONNA TROPSTEIN .wg at KARON TULIP DARLENE ULLRICH GINGER URBAN MARJORIE VAN BUREN ROSANNE VITALE VALERIE VOIGHT EDWARD VOKURKA JUDY WARING KAREN WEBER Band. Dean's Lish Physical Heal'l'l'1 Club: Spanish Club: EI Exagono Curi- oso: Repor+er, AHendecl Illinois Modern Language Teachers Asso- cia+ion Conven+ion: VoIun+eer Worlter. PAMELA WEINTRAUB BARBARA WEINE , MYRA H. WEISBERG BERNICE WEISS ELIZABETH ANNE WELLS PAT WESSON V., PETER F. WILBERSCHEID DORANNE WOLL MARY WOODWARD LYNNE WORSHAM PALMA ZACCAGNINI CAROL ZEHREN Dean's Lish In+erim: Edi+or and Assis+an+ Edifor. A-.fl JEAN YATES ROBERT ZEIBEL ..V. , Q, GERALDINE YEAGER BARBARA LYNN ZENNER q ,I ,W fly? 4. :Q ,fav . V Q if 'Mg wifi Y, 5 I' ef ,I A 4? g f azv fm SJ Msiwsw. , ' any W' -A 2 K f 1 1 ,' W f My " .-W .2115 E is ADDITIONAL FACULTY PHOTOGRAPHS RECEIVED AFTER FIRST DEADLINE PATRICIA A. ZENTARA Dean's Lis+: In+erim: Repor'Ierg Physical HeaI+I'1 Club. MARY ANN ZIROLI MARLENE ZISNER I 126 DR. MARGRETHE G. ISAAC Professional Educafion DR. MELVIN R. KARPAS Educa+ion: Sociology MISS MARIAN LEVIN Library Science MR. ELY M. LIEBOW English Language: Liferafure I ADDITIONAL STAFF PHOTOGRAPHS RECEIVED AFTER FIRST DEADLINE JEAN PHILLIPS Secrefa ry JEAN DAVIS Library JUNE PODRAZA Library MARY DOUGHERTY Swifch board Operaior HELEN MAHANY Secrefary I27 JOSEPHINE SIEBEN SecreIary 5, 'R MW 20, 196 "Lef flne word go forfln from flnis fime and place, fo friend and foe alike, flnaf ffme forcli lias been passed fo a new generafion of Americans .... Lef every nafion know, wlieflier if wislw us well or ill, flwaf we slwall pay any price, bear any burden, meef any lward- slnip, supporf any friend or oppose any foe in order fo assure flue survival and success of liberfy. . . . , And so, my fellow Americans: Ask nof wliaf your counfry will do for you-ask wliaf you can do for your counfry. . . . . Lef us go forflw fo lead flue land we love, asking l'lis blessing and l-lis lwelp, buf knowing flwaf l'1ere on earfb Gods work musf fruly be our own." I f-f' f E , 'Nez' ,,...,, "5 Q, If 4, s'S"'Wb'f 'W W' ' ' KM- "f"4fsffW'i.,, 0 r if, v if I K W2 v 1 M .1 is E I ,971 mem orium JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 35TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES I9I7-I963 4 11291 .X4CLI'l0l,UA6!g 0l'l'l enf We, Jrhe members of The Beehive Sfaff, wish +o exfend our rhanlcs To rhe srudenrs, rhe facuhy, our advisor, Jrhe Acrivifies Office, +he Adminisrrarion, Marshall Phoroq- raphers, and fhe Paragon Press for Their parience, under- sfandinq, and co-operahon +hroughou+ rhe pasr year. 1301 l 'E 1 2 Q li ii E i W 1 W I L ! 'x 5 K M l 11 i 12 xi Zu :li Vi I, U Y I s . I 1 Q ,u"""'u..a! A -,wav 1 ,W u '42

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