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i A I 1 K J 2 E 2 -....,w...AW ""w'M"-t-...4m.,,, E N Tllinsrn UIGI Nl ips, : 'LBA 3 1960 LES IVIEIVIOIRES O THEASTERN IR.-SR. HIGH SCHOOL CHESTER, PENNA. VOLUME Z FOREWORD F all-Winter-Spring As the leaves oi the calendar flutter and become a thing oi the past, so we in turning the pages ol this book take pleasure in reliving the memories of the year. Within the covers of "Les Memoiresu you will be able to picture the school life of the year 1959-1960 as we, the senior class, saw it. 2 5211. -. sfsss 21111115 3 , 31 1111111111 H 2111111111111111. EEE1EEEE11122211H::, 1 1111111111111 sssfssssi' 22f111123z 11111111111. 1-za.11111111 'fg 111111111 11111111111111111112 W1111111 22111112111. 11211111f 1112111g 11111. ' 1111111 '21111111111. 1 -1111111'1 111111111 'Q1111111112 11111-4 1 1 5553111111 E111511112. 2111:111i1'f:111112111 ' .221111111: .11111' f Q0 'G' '-1115- 1111111111i1.' if 311111111 11 11121111' 23 .2 112111111 .qt 11111: M315 . . .. . ' 'N x .1 11 ---. .1 , .mv ' 3261 111111 ?? 21 5551 ..1:1::ss1. -'Ei-15 ' -' 42 23555522 A 1-12b223f124faW1b ' ?1 'i-. '1' 1. .111 -2H?163f2l?2SBS' ,M -- . ,mmEmE1,E1:,,5M. wi. -se11.w..t3Q,. E? . 11111111111111111111111111'-" ,. .-gaggpxggefagiwidna ffff . 1 ' 2" -2 1182 Q-'f--2- " 1" ' an 1, , 183 2 ,q13,1g:1,f,,5-. . nM:, - 1 -Q2-wxwafaafa-' Qiitvwr:-1 .--.Z1'f?G1Z2f111 Fflffitylv-v1.1 f --111111111Q?-- Z' 'H . .. ' - :13?3f1"a1: ''112111112111122111111121111111111111115111111--" . -ffm'-2.vv1Q,Wg.w,g .-Svwa .-wx,.,4'1,.-f,.uf,SQ'211,v 1y.-- ,...1:1...1:z... 9v1g.s-x12'V4h -,ms - ,,gXg?'x:.1, - --1...,1:...,11...,1:.-11:..-g11...-- 121 .21 - 1113? 2- 1 - . ,fm ...1,1111111111111111111" 11'-Qf23'31Q?5E?j?Qv.-1,.,fQ,1 " ' ' -22-11:2EE11::2111:32Z1:1g32- . 1, - - . - 1 ..- . '31Z:1EE1EZ115,f,1. f.,- .xl - - sssiisvm. .-:1111121111f1' 111111112v' 141' 2-113151 11 1 g-....:--... .... . 1 ,avr 14 g....-L, 'vig ,,,..g .... .z,,,..:.,,.:,,,..1,,,. N, Ravxq ,291 11 1, f - . 111 1111111222 11111-' -11111111111211112 -11111111111' - 11111111111111' .. , -' -2111111111111 'UN 2212333339 " -1125111112111 -Y :1111111' 1111211 . -1a12211111111z12111 . '--111111 1 1111113211' ' 3 -:111111' -122111 N. '1:1:13g111E1111:E11.. -fu-,g-1, 9 'fm' ' . -' 12321 . .... 1.. .rzisw A' 1- - .1 "-....'.,:1h , x r::::::? J 5 5 ' ' ' 2 . AQ- :1 .vw . ' If fi 'Vx 1 1 91121111115 1111:g31' ' - . ' 1EZ11153111.32E11z1 A16 1-S . Q" 5132? 111291 3 .,1111:5E1111gg, gp-Q21 111 2.41-r 1.,g111.,g:1..,: --.un - 'EEE' 7131151111111 2319? 5525 .lf TABLE OF CONTENTS FALL DEDICATION 6 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 8 SOCCER 26 UNDERCLASSMEN 32 WINTER CLUBS 46 AWARDS 56 SENIOR PLAY 58 BASKETBALL 60 3 SPRING SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 8 CLASS OF 1960 85 STUDENT ASSEMBLIES 128 138 PATRON S a '1 . 31 162 , 132 1123111111 ,' 1111117 . 111113311 .- Ei1115E.. ' 5 1111, . I .2221112221 11111: ff? 111111111- 111111111 -'5fiEEE2E1 511E11' 1 3 .:11E1Z1:1' - 511111 - 11111113111 vs , 1111111 . E1111EEE11, 53211111 C921 112111111' o'1:1111 ' ' --111:2111 .x'1111113' 1111111111 11111,' .1:11E1111' .1112El' ' '111:12i:1- 53121121 -8 1511111221 112111 -QQQ - 11 f-1 -111111111 - 51: 2111 '1 1111111221 11 111111 11111112111 111111112 1, ' 1 11111111111. 111111355 1'1111111111111Q 11-Q.. 12111111 -11111 1 212111112111 122' '211112111121. 2111 321151. 522:11 342 - 211112111111 111:15 fE111121E1151.. 311211-1 .1111111111111111 . fa- 11111111111-11.111111,gg -11111111111111111 " ' ' 112221112212 4 2:-' H21112111111111. wa 'i123EE11. 1.5 :gil fr I , 4 - , ,N 4 ' 2 f , - A f W Ki K ff fyf M ' f , na 'vi 1 A ,f ,L ,, 1 QW!-g g.: xx x H ,- ,P JZ fgg 7 Q ' , f y -Q31 lifx J -fg Aw gfi , V , ,i ,XXXY x Wg NLINLIWN 'h wy MW! lln...r'U w"W"'f:k ww f in f lmlllllll K-W N Mr 4 - ..if'5?-iv. F -0 'W mix ! 3" if 'W N ff? Q fi X9 ff WW if NW. "ffg!f, 'Wl f x ' ff' ,, 1 Q ef' I 'QQWNM LQT 'rrvi' fp - Z 2 X 4, NX ff ' ff ff n XXX ., if 7 M ff ff ' Mx YX X ff!! A jf x -.21-55 ffjl-iff 1 X .Jig ff f A! I llc' ' ff ,f X Xxx x 'A fflff life! 'xl X X XXZX f' . .zff-" ,-f f ff' ' ,Q x K f 'fill X! ff XV' 77 fl, 'ff ' K , gf ly , X ,, X V V! XX -Z-lg" ,ff X 'fy ff! -' ,ff f X .XX wwf ff f ff f f 441' ff V f X ,.f If ,f f f f , 'I - 1 K A f ,Y , ff, if X XX -, ,4 rf f , ' , 4,510 . f ,ff 413' A X if If I I f X f i E7 2 ' Q ...-?-L 1- -1 ,fi 1 ,f M f X 7 ff, f .f f"1 .. ff . V, lf" ,f 'X 1' , .f 'I I, , f f X f Z f 7fX X424 f ff ' - V' , vf' ,K ,f f 7 ' ff! A 'V -' ,df , ,fz 1 1 ' ff! 'fff '54 DEDICATION The Class of '60 has chosen two deserving faculty members to whom we are dedicating this edition ot "Les Memoires," Miss Clara Cassel and Mr. Warren Doll. Miss Cassel, one of our two guidance counselors, graduated from Goucher College and began her teaching career at Manchester High School in 1924. As a versatile teacher she taught English, Latin, Biology, General Science, and Algebra. In a tew years she lett to further her own education at Bucknell. Manchester High School was her "second home" after 1934. In 1954 she turned her attention to counsel- ing. The student body of Northeastern High is very grateful for the help she has given them in solving their personal problems and in planning their iuture. We can always depend on her helping us, no matter how busy she is. Her feelings about counseling in her own words are, "To me, guidance is challenging, although in- tangible. It is, on the whole, satisiying and reward- ing as a lite's career tor anyone who is sincerely interested in his fellow men." Thank you. Miss Cassel, for the guidance you have given to help us grow mentally, socially. and emo- tionally to become good American citizens. CLARA M. CASSELL In this progressive world the need ior capable mathematicians is increasing. For this reason, North- eastern is fortunate in having Mr. Warren Doll in its Mathematics Department. Mr. Doll is a native of Saginaw and graduated from Manchester High School. Before entering col- lege, he served with the Army and for some time was stationed in Korea. On his return, he continued his education. He entered York Iunior College and completed his undergraduate work at Dickinson College in Carlisle. He received his Masters Degree from Temple. He also studied graduate mathematics at Oberlin College in Ohio and Franklin and Marshall College in Lan- caster. Mr. Doll taught at Ridgewood and Cape May, New E Q . E S 3 it Iersey before coming to our area. This is his sixth year in this school district. He teaches all iorms of mathematics and in the words of his own students. "He is 'lthe best math teacher I've ever had." Sometimes classified as a "strict" teacher, Mr. Doll is liked and respected by the students, members of the faculty, and the citizens of our community. He has always taught his material well: and is willing to help his students. To you. Mr. Warren Doll, we extend our apprecia- tion Ior all that you have done for us, the class oi '6U, since our first meeting in iunior high school: and to the class of '60, Mr. Doll has one bit ot advice be- fore entering the world outside, "Get all the educa- tion you can, lor your own benefit and the improve- ment of your country." WARREN DOLL SCHOOL BOARD Seated: Frank W. Zeigler, William S. Kann, Russell C. Strine. Standing: Mar- shall C. Busser, Charles S. Wolf, Charles V. Coble, Stanley H. Gross, Henry R. Buckwalter. BUILDING AUTHORITY Seated: Fred Ebersbaugh, C. B. Musser. Standing: Merle Darr, Clarence Fishel, Stanley Zook. 7 York County Superintendent of Schools and Staff Seated: Ioseph R. Wilson, County Su- perintendent, Percy L. Cable, Assistant County Superintendent. Standing: Howard R. Sauder, Assistant County Superintendent, Heber R. Mutch, As- sistant County Superintendent. SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL C. R. ORENDORF, B.S.. M. ED. A. T. HENDRIX. B.S.. M. ED. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL R. B. REIFF, B.A.. M.S. ED. CURRICULUM COORDINATOR Charlotte Ahr i l Y? :lafhfi il ens. B.S. Science, Physical Education V v li l ? X 1 ZE N f- ' iiifizfm it " 72, ii liilillsi if iw K ni i , .,g tj!! 'lies . l , , E25 lx twill ' ll w O N , li E iff" t f 1 lg CQ!! f 1 v W 2 Q ' - I e l E2 lv .iitgggg q William Boddington, B.A. English FACULTY Iohn Allison, A.B. Mathematics Mary Birt, B.S. Music Glenda Bricker, B.S. Health, Physical Education 10 Clara M. Cassel, BA., M.A Guidance Counselor Q Charles Crider, B.S. Business Education Iohn H. Doll, B.S. Social Studies Evelyn Criswell, B.S. Business Education C. Merrill Cutshall. B.S. Geography Li Warren Doll. B.S., M.S.Ed. Mcrthemoztics 11 W . if Sarabelle Dunlap. B.S. Home Economics William Edwards. B.S. Physical Education f' ag mga? I oseph Farcht, B.S. General Shop f R "' mm . ,,,,, ,. ,,.,, .. E? 2 Lester Gross. B.S. Social Studies, Geograph Y Clarence Hake. B.A. Librarian 12 Adelbert Gordon, B.S., B.D. Driver Education Edward Himes. B.S. Wood Shop Richard Huber, B.S. Metal Shop Philip Kessler, B.S. History, World Geography Ioseph Kline, B.S. Science, Biology Richard Koch, B.S., M. Ed. Art 13 Faye Kline, B.S. Mathematics, Science Q J Edward Kraus, B.S., M.S.Ed English, German Earl D. Manseau, B.S., M.A. Guidance Counselor lane Murdough, B.A. Englis h Ernest Markel, B.S. Mathematics Etta McClain, R.N. School Nurse Ioyce Myers, B.S. Algebra, Mathematics Nancy Meyer, B.S. Home Economics 14 Ioseph Olsheiski, B.S. Science, Chemistry, Physics Alma Penrod. B.S. Pc. History, Geogroph Y Charles Pike, B.S. Science, Social Studies Ross Raifensperger, B.FJ-L Art Paul Rank. B.S. Science, History 15 Shelby Rice, B.S. English William Schaeffer, B.S. Health, Physical Education Thomas P. Roberts. B.S. Social Studies, P. O. D. , I l B 1 so , J Richard Shade, B.'M.. M.A. Music, Band, Chorus Curvin Senft, B.S.. M.S. Science Helen Smeltzer. English Shirley Sipe. A.B. History, Latin 16 B.S. Vincent Stcrnkus, B.S. Business Educatio 5 Curtis Smith Geography I1 Philip Stonesifer, B.S Business Education Annabelle Studebaker Mathematics Robert L. Yoder, B.S. English X Mar aret Wales. BA. 9 English 17 Wilbur Zimmerman. B.A. English, French Sandra DeLong. B.S. Home Economics Thomas Rutland, B.S. Mathematics f' Barbara Reinhard, B.S Health and Physical Ed. :AN X: fl 18 TEERING COIVIIVIITTE Mr. Himes, Mrs. Smeltzer. Mr. Hendrix. Mr. Reiff. Mr. Fcrtcht. Mr. Stemkas. CFF ICE PERSCNNEL Mrs. Doll Mrs. Clemens. Mrs. E 19 CAFETERIA WORKERS P. Grim, H. Maylock, M. Bupp, E. Kottcamp, C. Stark, M. Rhodes. CUSTODIANS Ross Miller Maintenance Supervisor First Row: V. Hawkins, G. Leight. Second Row: M Millar, E. Brenneman, N. Rentzel, C. Goodyear, R Mears. 20 FACULTY SN APSHCTS ???????? ws Problems. Did you hear about . . . Problems. Problems. ,qu "" Vx ll '4 s. 'I .f z' " r 1, A NNMW Uxwxv ' X yxcmrweasrxxhr X X HM Syd iw' Uk "' er Q x x ' my MQWMT Q' 'ff X xxfbxv kv W 9 V5 Q 'M 'nv I - I , . X 1 I E 0- . -3 YORK FAIR Remember the plzzcr the Round Up the teddy you cxlmost Won? Thls was York Four 1959 style As cz specldl crttrdct1o1'1 Tommy Sands entertcuned the hundreds of area teen cigers that Jcfmmed the grcmdstcmd cmd to the class of 60 he sends hls best Wlshes Edward Thompson-Glassblower. lose Silva-Mr. Banio. SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES David C. Barber-Near Eastern representative of Y. M. C. A. Ben Ferrier-Canadian Guide During the school year, several special as- semblies Were presented for the enjoyment of the student body. The assemblies depicted a few of the many Walks of life. 23 Fnends Romans Countryman How' s that for cr fit? There she blowsl So where s ihe steering wheel'-7 ff 9 , V . ala F35 L ' I i CLASSROOM Don't bump the elbow! Click . . . Click . . . Click. . . . Watch your thumb' Like this ? ? ? First Row: Lou Gingerich, Manager: Iohn Gladfelter, Rodney Sunday, Bob Bortz, Bradley Rentzel, Bill Danner, Bill Kirby, Iames Weigle, Manager. Second Row: Kenneth Decker, Kenneth Zook, Sam Willman, Howard Sheeley, Nevin Weirich, Tom Livingston, Lloyd Miller, Garfield McKim, Donald Sides. Third Row: Harry Bottomley, David Lingg, Barry Hake, Ronald Trayer, Gerald McCarney, Iames Decker, Milton Smith, Terry Heilman, Richard Smith, Terry Gross, Fourth Row: Coach Shaeffer, Dennis Willman, Iere Rentzel, Iohn Ferree, Gary Good, Marlin Knaub, Keith Sheffer, Tom Gingerich. Our soccer team this season was success- fully led into the York County Championship by Coach Shaeffer. The Bobcats' record over the season was five Wins, one loss, and three ties. The only loss came in overtime, after a long hard fought game against Lancaster at Elizabethtown. This was the first time in twenty-one years that our team has captured the title. The above four-are the senior mem- bers and co-captains of the soccer champions. N. H. S. Opponent 'l Penn Manor 2 3 Dover U l Spring Grove Covertimel l lU York Country Day School l 5 North Hartford 1 O Dover Covertirnej 0 U Spring Grove Covertimel O 5 York Country Day School U 2 North Hartford 1 "2 Lancaster Covertimel 3 ' Exhibition Games H District 3 Playoffs SOCCER Stop that ball! Champs at last Orbited You dont say' Practlce makes perfect Thats usmg the old head' One for the money Two for the show Three to make ready and Four to go! GIRLS' INTRAIVIURAL SPORTS Yeeaahh Patsy! The girls intramural sports are conducted during the eighth period. Anyone Who wants to participate in these activities may do so. Softball, basketball, and volley ball are the three sports in which the girls engage. The competition is between the homerooms with members of the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion acting as referees and scorekeepersot the game. Activities such as this help build a good school spirit and promote good sportsmanship. Whooooopsllll w SEVENTH GRADE When entering the seventh grade, you en- counter adventures never before experienced. You meet classmates that, through the next six years, will form into lasting friendships. These are the years that will mold your character f Q I I I um, 1 First Row: Nancy Snavely, Raymond Wampler, Yvonne Micik, Glenda Clouser, Sally Witmer, Paul Sweitzer, Robert Kling, Frances Lehigh, Barry Witmer, Sterling Swartz, Russell Whisler, Debbie Sweitzer, Rodger Welty. Second Row: Victor Cable, Ianet Stough, Dennis Stover, Iohn Smith, Dennis Marlow, Bradley Zirkle, Tom Wallace, Bonnie Zinn, Linda Conway, Lonnie Wilt, Iohn Sutton, Linda Sutton, Gary Stump, Clair Leiphart, Iarnes Sunday, Kenneth Updegraff, Reba Buhrman, Bonnie Kraft. Third Row: Nancy Stover, Tom Danner, Clair Stoner, Cheryl Neff, Helen Troup, Susan Prowell, Verna Willard, Betty Schwartz, and eventually influence your future. The class of "GO" feels confident that our seventh graders have spent their first year to the best possible benefit. Barbara Smith, Iohn Sowers, Leonard Poff, Craig Werner, Royce Weirich, Ioann Wampler, Charlene Stiffler, Linda Wilt, Mary Weigel. Fourth Row: Donna Willis, Sheila Updegraff, Donna Strong, Darlene Myers, Willa Shellenberger, Elizabeth Heisey, Gary Krebs, Ruth Schurtz, Ioan Wagman, Albert Wilt, Wayne Stauffer, Sally Weigel, loyce Wire, Ioanne Nye, Keith Paup, Sue Wolf. Fifth Row: Carol Stambaugh, Carol Strayer, Cherry Rodes, Kathy Sanger, Sandra Kline- ielter, Ianeen Lingg, Darleen Snelbaker, Greg Smee, Beverly Reeser, Debra Knight, Connie McCleary, Iohn Sherrill, Avery Whit, Kenny Walker. First Row: Frank Evans, Stewart Funk, Elaine Fire- stone, Leslie Fishel, David Bupp, Michael Achaj, Richard Fahringer, Kenneth Franks, Brenda Decker, Philip Chaney, Floyd Buhrman, Gary Carbaugh, Sonny Della. Second Row: Donna Hendrickson, Philip Flinchbaugh, Terry Gingerich, Sue Corish, Peggy Baker, Clyde Bennett, Lois Fink, Sherry Eaton, Bonnie Beck, Donald Bender, Richard Hauer, Terry Edle- blute, Vonnie Davis, Iudy Ann Bupp, lames Baney, Ronald Ellis, Carolyn Fisher. Third Row: Larry Brenne- man, Bonny Grim, Tom Ebaugh, Edward Garman, Elaine Cunningham, Ieff Dorset, Iames Bostic, ludy Ely, Mary lane Bowers, Peggy Brenner, Philip Frigm, First Row: Linda Shaffer, Richard Shelly, Barry Sharer, Nancy Gross, lohn Montgomery, Linda Rodgers, Mil- dred Mumma, Donna May, Iohn Lawrence, Ralph Murray, Dennis Snellbaker, Patrick Mclfaddin, Donald Gembe. Second Row: Hugh Murray, Clair Ort, Larry Rhodes, Carol Lau, Larey Kauffman, Frederick Sand- ers, Ronald Heilman, Tonya Mohr, lack Smith, David. Lynn, Paul Kline, Tim Good, Linda Hoffman, Lynda Lauer, Beatrice Hitz, Barbara Hitz, Iames Kling. Third Row: Ronald Luckenbaugh, Gerald Hottinger, Barry Stambaugh, Marie Myers, Carol King, Robert Miller, Iudy McLaughlin, Ruth Hengst, Susan Kline, Kenneth Krone, Lynne Bruaw, Gerald Gingerich, Ioyce Daugherty, Terry Chatman, Peggy Ann Dravk. Fourth Row: Ianis Freed, Bonnie Sharp, Mary Ann Eppley, Barbara Kenny, Richard Druck, Ruth Craley, Freda Hamilton, Henrietta Heistand, Darlene Glad- felter, Linda Kile, George Dick, Robert Heilman, Harry Crump, Raymond Knaub, Luther Diehl, Charles Bailey, Larry Hartman. Fifth Row: Garry Beck, Pamela Angell, Gail Farcht, Robert C. Brenneman, Mary Bowers, leannette Bowers, Barbara Brenneman, Sherry Dolan, Iacqueline Allen, Robert I. Brenneman, Iohn Barnhill, Henry Buckwalter, Linda Altland, William Blouse, Richard Fissell. Linda Lantz, Brenda Kister, Darlene Kann, Virginia Hoke, Richard Malehorn, Craig Holler, Candy Etter, Brenda Fritz. Fourth Row: loyce Heindel, Howard Seaton, Marsha Hoover, Marlon Mansberger, Carol Heindel, Sharon Knob, Lorraine Rhodes, Kay Kennedy, Holly Geesey, Caroline Kyle, Brenda Hilbert, Robert Krout, Paul Kreeger, Gary Smith, Ieffry Sherman, Debbie Price. Fifth Row:'Linda Neiman, Sylvia Harris, Lini Gorham, Myrtle Gillen, Christine Herbst, Linda Senft, Kenneth Sipe, Delores Heffner, Kathleen King, Toby Gladfelter, Barbara Reed, Deborah Mohr, Sandra Hollinger, Kenneth Spangler. EIGHTH GRADE AQ 2' t 1 X f' i Qymultii, On completing their second year of junior high school, the eighth grade has reached the stage of familiarity with the daily school rouq tine and has achieved a sense ot belonging to the school. Many friendships are yet to be made and we find an eager air of expectancy in our second youngest class. Our class of "l964," one ot our most am- bitious and energetic groups, has already sponsored a very successful skating party. The success of this party was two-fold, the money earned served as a beginning for a class treasury and it showed the upperclassmen What .can be accomplished with a unified class. To these "go-getters," We need to offer little encouragement they Will seize opportunity and mould it to fit their needs in the coming years, First Row: Raymond Mansberger, Frank Doll, Ir., Curtis Anderson, Dennis Miller, Colleen Bruaw, Cheryl Carico, Richard Darry, William Duerr, Ray Nagle, Dorothy Craley, Sarah Beck, Dennis Anderson, Gordon Reprnan. Second Row: Larry Fetrow, Carla Allison, Mary Brenner, Ieff Pokopec, Peggy Dietz, Ioan Bear, Nancy Adams, Margaret Baugher, Ioyce Bear, Linda Chaney, Iack Dietz, Gene Ferree, Robert Witkowski, Elva Martin, Robert Bartram, Robert Fritz, Billy Fry. Third Row: Sandra Betz,,Darlene Dunavin, Kathleen Doll, Hedy Diehl, Brenda Abel, Suzanne Geesey, Diana Burkhart, Faye Bechtel, Sandra Aughenbaugh Reba. Arnold, Rosemary Benyak, Natalie Earhart, Kathy Bowen, Martin Ebersbach, Darene Repman. Fourth Row: Netty Renoll, Richard Anderson, Lynn Brown, Shirley Benedick, Larry Carbaugh, Alicia Elle- Wein, Heidi Eicher, Iudy Boch, Iohn Crerancl, Kay Ernig, Wilbur Craley, Iohn Eppard, William Gable, Ioseph Farcht, Patty Bear. Fifth Row: William Buck- ingham, Ned Davin, Greg King, Rusty Fisher, Billie Boyer, Barry Anderson, Rodney Buhrman, Carol Kohr, Linda Lloyd. First Row: Donald Weirich, Darlene Hollinger, Sandra Houch, Gloria Grove, Timothy Spiese, Kenneth Crall, Bonnie White, Roger Zirkle, Rodney Writer, Eugene Whitcamp, Iames Yinger, Sayre Turney, Ellen Ettin- ger. Second Row: Linnie Witmer, Brenda Heisey, Violet Firestone, Dirinda Updegraff, Iames Witkowski, Richard Kyle, Connie Rosinski, Susan Wolf, Gary Wilders, Carl Walker, Mack Kitner, Ronald Kemper, Penny Witmer, Gloria Gingerich. Third Row: Carol Gladtelter, Linda Warrell, Virginia Heisey, Philip Emenheiser, Carl Daugherty, Donald Gladfelter, Fred First Row: Iames Hollerbush, Eugene Lecrone, Catherine Grim, Delores Rodgers, Walter Stare, lames Harget, Paul Todd, Gregory Murphy, Beverly Lower, Michael Miller, Delight Huyett, Scarlet Horner, Virgal Mickley. Second Row: Stanley Stough, Lowell Murphy, Brent Norton, Eddie Runkle, Larry Winchell, Michael Pogle, Ronald Hamm, Guy Hoffecker, Deanna Gross- man, Terry Schaftner, Linda Pugh, Betty Grone, Larry Gross, Linda Stoner, lane Nusbaum, Ianet Stoner, Rickey Stough. Third Row: Pauline Poe, Sarah Orris, Susan Krout, Donna Roth, Iudy Mummert, Shonna Swords, Richard Kann, Ralph Stabley, Michael Horn, Ronald Trowbridge, Dale Ort, Clifford Graftius, Patricia Smith, Patricia Wilderson, Cheryl Doll, Mary Flinch- baugh, Rachel Ilyes, Wanda Wilt, Barbara Wilt, Della Gross, Iames Flinchbaugh, Frank Good. Fourth Row: Dorothy Landis, Connie Ferree, Keith Zeigler, Delia Kessler, Nan Good, Dorothy Krout, Darlene Sweitzer, Sharon Goodyear, Barry Knob, Lee Miller, Iohn Wicke, Ivor Ensminger, Ioe Drinket, Bill Shue. Fifth Row: Wil- liam Harris, Ray Stallsmith, Ierry I-leilman, Alan Naylor, Iack Heineman, Greg Craley, Tommy Snel- baker. Foller, Helen Hitz, Carrie Fernsler, Esther Ettinger, Michele King, Virginia Gotwalt, Helen Hoover. Fourth Row: Iuly McCandless, Carol Loker, Iames Holtzapple, Carol Hake, Rena Krebs, Betty Snelbaker, Stanley Myers, Diane Krebs, Wanda Horne, Ronald Heindel, Don Larson, Susan Metzel, Richard Hartman, Harold Markley, Glenn Livingston, Barbara Kohler. Fifth Row: Thomas Sipe, Gene Myers, Arthur Martin, Nancy Holder, Wanda Winchell, Tyrone Schrum, Sharon Senft, Diane Malcolm, Linda Reeser, Rebecca Knight, Dianne Kline, Steven Gross, Kay Koller, Connie Koerner. FRE SHIVIEN Every student looks forward With anticipa- '5 A tion to the year they enter high school and the beginning of the most enjoyable stage in their education. lt is during this year that the stil- dents for the first time select their own courses and begin to plan for the future years. 6 N fly' K Q '11, Q . Q, 1 HU' P First Row: Daryl Gemmil, Ioan Billet, Ted Fadely, Freeman Hoffmaster, Iarnes Richie, Michael Rouscher, Ronald Musser, Ieffrey Krebs, Gene Kreeger, Keith Orendorf, Sally Doll, Richard Shaffer, Richard Rodgers. Second Row: Robert Heilman, Samuel Hollerbrush, Tom Eberly, Theodore Harget, Rodger Updegraff, Richard Troup, George Forry, Gloria Cassel, Carol Strausbaugh, Maureen Miller, Ken Mead, Marbeth Eisensmith, Ross Miller, Dorothy Doll, Third Row: Bradley Rentzel, Sandra Delp, loseph King, Iohn Rode, Richard Reinecker, Robert Mann, Daune Crumling, Terry Heilman, Ioan Spangler, llene Crone, Linda Miller, Terry lones, Burnell Kennedy. Fourth Row: Charles Senft, Ernest Valentine, Robert Mundis, Iames Iordan, Susan Wolf. First Row: Iudy Nagle, Sharon Sipe, Martha Evans, Carol Krebs, Angela Holtzapple, Brenda Gembe, Linda Fogle, Coleen McFadden, Dixie Humer, Lindell Holtz-apple, Rose Kreeger, Pat Ruby, Peggy Hake. Second Row: Lonita LaPrairie, Kathy Lee, Iudy Runkle, Shelby Shallner, Shirley Troup, Kathleen Miller, ludy Snellbaker, Darlene Lecrone, Nancy Harris, Mary Criswell, Dorothy Swartz, Margaret Haw- First Row: Mearle Adams, Dale Swords, Martha Boeckel, lack Spiese, William Gladetelter, Robert Bortz, Darlene Troup, Helen Burkey, Raelyn Baublitz, Samuel Willrnan, Donetta Stonesiter, Mary Alloway, Charles Smith. Second Row: Babe Swartz, Barbara Watters, Marie Alloway, Calvin Edleblute, lack Harris, Dennis Conley, Bill Brenner, Richard Wilderson, Nevin. baker, Theresa Drawbaugh. Third Row: Lynn Neff, Barbara Walker, Diane Eyler, Susie Gress, Ann Landis, Leah Witrner, Lynda Sowers, Doris Fetrow, Susan Lumpkin, Shiela Gundy, Iill Fullerton, Pat Fitz- gerald, Sandra Repman. Fourth Row: Myrna Fuller, Irene McHenry, Pat Murphy, Ella Stence, Freda Glad- telter. Weirich, Wayne Sunday, Roxanna Anderson, lohn Strong, Pearl Anderson, Barry Bailets. Third Row: Larry Bailets, Donna Clemens, Douglas Devine, Iohn Gladtelter, Robert Dittenhater, Carl Sterner, Mary Altland, Elwood Sipe, Ronald Trayer, Meredith Bain- bridge, Rodger Strickler, Patsy Howell, Susan Reidel. Fourth Row: lack Diehl, Edward Ahrens, Torn Boch. SOPHCIVIORES 1 4 . 9 L ,t .ff lg Q-WTEIIU: First Row: Barry Lehman, Sandra Stably, Iulia Sanger, Verna Swartz, Sandra Grim, Iudi Goodling, Lorri Nade, Carol Hale, Norma Strausbaugh, Ioanne San- ger, Linda Grim, Dee Mumma, Rodney Hake. Second Row: Iudith Krout, Linda Rode, lacquelene Wilder, Louise Shelley, Paula Bear, Tom Livingston, lesse Pofl, Kenneth Kennedy, Linda Reisinger, Kay Haas, Gail Markley, Mary Hake, Gary Lantz, Ruth Lease. Welcome Sophomoresl This is the real be- ginning ot your senior high school years. lt is also the year that is, perhaps, the most enjoy- able year ot high school lite. For the first time graduation seems near. Nevertheless, between now and commencement lie three years of tun, parties, dances, basketball games, and most important of all, three years of learning. We hope that you, the class of 1962, use these tollowing years to their best advantage. Remember that these years will forever be looked upon as the best years ot your lives. Third Row: Fay Knaub, Norma Gladtelter, Brenda Wilt, Iuanita Wright, Ioann Smith, Robert Sweitzer, Robert Rentzel, Connie Keech, lane Reeser, Gary Hinkle, Ruth Rhodes, Ken Zook. Fourth Row: Bill Kirby, Steve Sowers, lohn Werning, Barry Shatter, Robert Wertz, Gerald Fisher, ferry Walker, Ray Hawbaker, Donald Hiesey, Frank Ort, Keith Shelter. First Row: Ioanne Bixler, Delores Duke, Beverly Brennarnen, Susan Doll, Lois Conway, Sharon Iack- son, Carol Crone, Rosemary Baker, Mary Allen, Susan Duerr, Susan Ensminger, Ginger Benedick, Marion Bacon. Second Row: Wanda Bailey, Sandra Fire- stone, Dorenda Devine, Dorothy Cunningham, lean Anderson, Larry Baugvher, Tom Ettinger, Linda Fink, Sterling Cassel, Richard Brennernan, Charles Craley, First Row: Daphene Snowberger, Diane Snowberger, Kathy McClain, Mildred Gross, Carol Toomey, Shirley May, Brenda Krebs, Elaine Pressel, Iudy Hollinger, Iacauie Freede, Leon Nouse, Alice Lecrone, Iudy Morthland. Second Row: Beta Martin, Gary Repman, Linda Snelbaker, Andrea Grossman, Ethel Kreeger, Bob Brenner, Iames Evans, Lois Crone. Third Row: Sharon Aughenbaugh, Lois Fahringer, Kay Ely, Dale Druck, Dorothy Ahrens, Boy Bupp, William Danner, Richard Aldinger, Buddy Crumling, Iim Fink, Dennis Dolan, Sandra Ebersbach. Fourth Row: Harry Bottom- ley, Marshall Busser, Carl Cassel, Earnest Fink, Paul Fishel. Robert Weirich, lim Mummert, Lloyd Miller, Phillip Muth, Garfield McKim, Gerald McCarney, Elizabeth McAlfee, Paulette Stambaugh. Third Row: Deborah Gernrnill, Karen Shenberger, Susan Fritz, Lois Walker, Leslie Snyder, Iohn Millar, Glenn Musser, Curvin Myers, Kenneth Holder, Lucy Geesey, Shirley Fries. JUNIOR CLASS 53 sl i alt.. , so 1 7' eb , QMMIHII First Row: David Beck, Nancy Deardorff, lane Conway, Delores Heisey, Karyl Dunlap, Gloria Benedick, Betty Fissell, Helena Boyer, llze Baidins, Pat Detwiler, Mil- dred Adams, Ingrid Ensminger, Barry Fetrow. Second Row: Bonnie Flinchbaugh, Phyllis Crager, Ioyce Becker, Nancy Crall, Harris Adams, Iohn Brenner, To the Iunior Class: We, the class of 1960, extend to you our best wishes and fondest hopes that you will have a year of triumphs and success as seniors. May you also have the power and ability to face all of your responsibilities squarely, secure in the knowledge of over- coming all obstacles. Upon looking back over the annals of the Iunior Class we find many noteworthy occur- rences to cite: their wholehearted support of school functions, their sponsoring of a new school tradition - "Wacky Day" - and their "financial success." We feel confident that upon graduating, we are leaving the leadership of the school in the competentlhands of the Class of 1961. The Class of 1960 Tom Diehl, Philip Deardorff, Iim Decker, Grant Fernsler, Iohn Baublitz, Ken Decker, Third Row: Lloyd Dewitt, Barbara Brown, Edward Brothers, Sidney Doll, Linda Dittenhafer, Ioyce Brenneman, Dennis Aughenbaugh, William Brown, David Deardorf, Rodger Bruaw, Iames Benedick, Richard Fisher. First Row: Linda Zinn, Bonnie Witmer, Doris Neiman, Howard Sheeley, lanet Ort, Sandra Sweitzer, Ioyce Paup, Donna Strausbaugh, Reba Weirich, Ioyce Nagle, Ierry Seibert, Sheila Harris, Phyllis Stough. Second Row: Pat Weirich, Pat Topper, Francis Sanger, Glenda Snellbaker, Darlene Staub, Ruthann Prowell, Isabelle Poe, Richard Smith, Harold Werking, Doris Stetfee, Iacquie Moore, Ruth Ann Knudsen, Carolyn Whisler, First Row: Nancy Heilman, Sharon Hendrixson, Donald Marlow, Romaine McFadden, Sharon Mohr, Phyllis Lloyd, Susan Golden, Beverly Gheen, Leslie Kessler, Ann Griffith, Linda Forry, Mary Ann Gress, Barbara I-leindel. Second Row: Mike Hornbach, Davana Fuller, William Foller, Margaret Moul, Ioyce Gross, Brenda Ritta Walker. Third Bow: Bonnie Sullivan, lim Weigel, David Miller, Robert Wilderson, Robert Orendorff, Dale Stoner, Nancy King, loyce Miller, Albert Reinecker, Bonnie Rhodes, Calvin Snelbaker, Eugene Sanger, Gary Stoner. Fourth Row: Elwood Werner, Ierry Rode, Donald Sides, Charles Sharples, Mearle Reitf, -Robert lckes, Raymond Updergraft, Dennis Willman. Iordon, Io Ann Hottinger, Fred Myers, Carl Myer, Dan Krebs, Susan Leonhard, Clyde Heilrnan, Barry Kline- dinst. 'Third Row: Tom Gingerich, Iason Krout, Pat Fink, Franklin Hykes, Connie Folk, Ronald Gray, Iohn Good, Dale Gross, Larry Forry, Terry Gross, Larry Naugle, Iohn Groome. N -1 1 if f if lf!! ,4f47f,fff4,f,ff 7241.4 -'C 'A M' X -.4 Y f fg-444 A I -, V M- ' -:X 3 - .xy Q X X R WEG- N L idiinl Mm M W Rf ,X R - g" x Xxxxix- 1 - L Kg i ig Y-tg' if-Bk A i' Qg xg' Q S- Q-:?f 4z5f , xr , ?- l 1 ,lr ,, X- , 1 I 1 1 'i I ' 1 1 1 1 I I, I ,Al 1 I 1 1 1 lb 1 I 1 1 P 1 1 1 1 41 1, ,.1 'lx F11 1 11,- 7' 1 11 1 ff 1 w Q--7241 my gi .iff jf, 1 ,fy Zz' ' 'Sl' l x 'W ll Q 4 I Af 1 !f:,4ffb!!l2d!5f ' S f . 1 , f fV0!f if if , T X 1 y f 1 1 X X X :ll E 1 A - I 'fm 3 1 31111, 4 If ' Mg H131 131 Y s1N,11,,H1 l l , 'NH sf 4 f 4' 51-'H1 7114 M1111 11111. L 1' 1 11' ' 1 1 ' lj 1' 1 1'- ,' 1111 - f 1111, Q1 --11-P4 J' nghh 'K 'fl 41 ? M !VSx.1,1,g111 ' 1 gs 1, MXRE 1 1' ' f1!,11K'1 Q, 'L 5 1 1' WK' 1N 1 ' ' 1 ' 'H W1 1 '11 f y b M ',1 1 1', 1' .- J 111 V 11 1 1+ , A KM? 0' 1121 1X1 ' EX X ' ' 2' " A , QQ Z7 Q X X f -ffi First Row: Mr. Stonesifer, Advisory Tom Livingston, Treasurerg Barry Gross, Presidentg Charles Slharples, Vice President, Ann Griffith, Secretaryg Mr. Zimmer- man, Advisor. Second Row: Paul Kline, Gordon Rep- man, Linda Conway, lames Yinger, Barbara Smith, Brenda Gembe, Candy Etter, Linda Gembe, Nancy Harris. Third Row: Marbeth Eisensmith, Martin Ebers- bach, Robert Bortz, Alice Lecrone, Marian Badon, Pat Topper, Anita Reed, Arlene Kreeger. Fourth Row: Susan Metzel, Susan Wright, Connie Ferree, Deanne Kline, Paula Bear, William Blouse, Billie Boyer, Iohn Sherrill, lacquie Moore. Fifth Row: Blaine Rentzel, Susan Leonhard, Ioyce Brenneman, Ken Decker, Gerald McCarney, Linda Miller. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of the Northeastern Iunior-Senior High School has had a very successful year under the guidance and direction of the following officers: President, Barry Gross: Vice-President, Charles Sharples: Secretary, Ann Griffith: Treasurer, Tom Livingston. The Student Council does not intend to act in the capacity of Student Government, but aims to plan and direct activities for the benefit of the entire student body, closely coordinating these activities with the school adminis- tration. High lights of the 1959-1960 year were: staging an all-school-get-acquainted party in the fall, sponsoring post-basketball and noon-time dances, acting as hosts for the York County School Directors' Convention at Northeastern, at- tending the Southern Education District Student 'Council Conference at Corn- wall, plarrning a banquet for the council members and their guests at the West York Inn, and co-ordinating a final all-school spring social. The president of the student council acts as presiding officer at all assembly programs. Mr. Wilbur Zimmerman is the faculty advisor of the local Student Council organization. The school Christmas tree. The Student Council sponsored: Flowers in the hall. Special Valentine Dance Evening record hops. Iunior High Drcrmcrtics Working hand 'in hand with the basic principles used in the senior high club, this junior high group composed ot girls is led by Mrs. Smeltzer Their talent and interests are being cultivated into a better understanding ot the theatre and drama. During their club period the girls have practiced small skits among them- selves. First Row: Patricia Wilderson, Betty Snellbaker, Iill Fullerton, Darlene Gladfelter, Mrs. Smeltzer. Second Row: Darlene Hollinger, Iudy McCandles, Mary Ann Eppley, Ianice Freede, Ioyce Bear, Carol Loker. Senior High Dramatics First Row: Alice Lecrone, Dorenda Devine, Marion Bacon, Susan Duerr, ludith Goodling, Elaine Pressel, Mrs. Wales. Second Row: Susan Doll, Dorothy Cunningham, Andrea Gross- man, Gail Markley, Susan Fritz, Ioyce Gross, Norma Bentz, Dorothy Ahrens, Sandra Eberbaugh, 46 Future Thespians at Northeastern have organ- ized a Dramatics Club, headed by Mrs. Wales. The aims ot the club are the development of dra- matic appreciation through the study of theater arts. As soon as possible, the members Wish to join the National Thespian organization. In March, the group sponsored a memorable Beat-nik Dance. Earlier in the year several mem- bers attended a produc- tion of three one-act plays at West York High School. lr. High Iunior Red Cross First Row: Brenda Decker, Ilene Crone, Secretaryp Carol Krebs, Presidentp Dawn Crumling, Vice President, Ronald Hellman, Treasurer, Yvonne Micik. Second Row: Mrs. Penrod, Advisory Sterling Swartz, Curtis Anderson, Sarah Beck, Robert Kling, Stanley Stough, Martha Boeckel, lane Nusbaum, Darlene Gladtelter, Ernest Valentine. Third Row: Bob Mundis, Iill Wolf, Donna Roth, Harry Crump, Helen Hoover, Diana Burkhart, Carol Heindel, Mary Alloway, Harold Markley, Ronald Trayer. Fourth Row: Doris Fetrow, Cheryl Lauer, Tommy Snelbaker, lack Heinemann, lohn Strong, Lynne Neff, Nan Good. The basic aim of the Iunior Red Cross is to be of help to those who suffer. Northeastern's Club is represented in the County Council at the Chapter House in York, where meetings are held the first Monday evening of each month. Members of the group sponsored Tag Day 'and a Saint Patrick's Day Dance. The money from these events is used towards building and packing a chest for over- seas. An art exhibit from Greece, the United States, and Iapan Was loaned to our school for one Week by the Iunior Red Cross. Sr. High Iunior Red Cross First Row: Ioanne Bixler, Patricia Fink, Secretaryg Pat Fries, President, Sonia Stough, Vice Presidentg Michael Hombach, Treasurer, Sandra Grim. 'Second Row: Mrs. Penrod, Advisor, Nancy Deardorft, Bonnie Witmer, Norma Strausbaugh, Shirley May, Mary Ladd, Karyl Dunlap, Pearl Gotwalt. Third Row: lim Mummert, Ruthann Knudsen, Carl Meyer, Iim Decker, Steve Soweres, Barry Shatter, Kenneth Holder. 47 E CLUBS I-Ii-Y This high school organv ization is sponsored by the state and national "Young Men's Christian Association." Its purpose is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character to guide their footsteps into all walks of lite. Activities of this group include an annual trip to the Farm Show at Harrisburg and swimming parties at the First Row: Blaine Rentzel, Richard Smith, Charles Myers, Secretaryp Kenneth Metzel, Presi- dentg Robb Santimire, Treasurerp Barry Klinedinst, Gary Hatterer. Second Row: Tom Duke Robert Wilderson, William Faller, Ed Brothers, Ronald Grey, Ierome Rode, Iohn Groome Mr. Zimmerman. Third Row: Rodger Brauw, Raymond Updegratf, Tom Bortz, lim Benedict, William Millar. Y-Teens York Y. M. C. A. This organization, con- sisting of junior and senior girls, is affiliated with the Young Women's Christian Association. Their basic goal is a better understanding of religions. Activities ot the group included a Mother and Daughter Tea plus a trip to Washington, D. C., for the World Fellowship Service at the National Cathedral. The girls also sponsored a bake sale lor the purpose ot send- ing two junior members to the annual Y-Teen Conference. 'llll' iilllllh First Row: Anita Reed, Inter-club Council Representativeg lane Conway, Chaplainp Louree Brenner, Presidentg Daune Boyer, Vice President: Peggy Suky, Secretaryg Ianet Reinecker, Inter-club Council Representativeg Beverly Fadely, Treasurer. Second Row: Carol Sinclair, Bonnie Gross, loan Freede, Sharon Willman, Barbara Strouse, Nancy Slenker, Sharon Hendrickson, Mrs. Ahrens, Advisor. Third Row: Mary Ladd, Karen Musser, Linda Ditten- hater, Norma Bentz, Donna Pugh, Linda Gembe. Some ot the most popu- lar and best known in- dividuals at Northeastern belong to the Varsity Club. All members must have earned a varsity letter by their participa- tion in interscholastic sports. The aim ot the club is to develop sports- manship by Working to- gether. These boys are also kept busy by selling re- freshments at all home sports games. In the past year they have spon- sored the Varsity Home- coming Dance and a Triple Header basketball game. The club members have also journeyed to various nearby cities to View major league Varsity First Row: Tom Livingston, Howard Sheely, Lou Gingerich, Secretaryg Tom Hombach, Presidentg Terry Gross, Vice Presidentg jim Weigle, jim Decker. Second Row: Gerald Mc- Carney, john Ferree, Clyde Heilman, Milton Smith, Tom Gingerich, Kenneth Decker, Barry Gross, Mr. Allison, Advisor. Third Row: Mr. Kessler, Coachp Keith Sheffer, Donald llyes, basketball and baseball- Charles Sharples, Marlin Knaub, Mr. Allison, Coach. G. A. A. The Northeastern G-irl's Athletic Association is composed oi junior and senior high members. These girls are the pro- moters of intramural sports. During these games, they are quite active by participating as players, scorekeepers, and referees. First Row: Carol Weigle, Asst. Volleyball Manager, Peggy Zirkle, Secretary: Mary Hamilton, Presidentg Bonny Gross, Volleyball Manager: Norma Bentz, Treasurerp Linda Horne, Asst. Volleyball Manager. Second Row: Leslie Kessler, Phyllis Lloyd, Donna Pugh, Helen Simms, Bonnie Williams, Miss Bricker, Advisor. Third Row: Susan Doll, Susan Wright, Mildred Gross. 49 CLUBS The tasks of keeping a school library functioning Well are endless and many. The librarian alone cannot do all the Workg he must depend on the volunteer assistance of pupil librarians. Mr. Hake was particularly pleased this year with the energetic help of the large group of assistants Who devoted many hours to help ing the library serve the pupils and teachers of the school. Mr. Hake requires that his assistants be at least in the ninth grade, and he confesses that he always has' an eye out for good typists. 3 sfwrwwr Librarians First Row: Ted Fadely, Rosemary Baker, Barbara Wilhide, Faye Delp, Anita Mildred Gross, Dale Swords. Second Row: Mary Ladd, Brian LaPrairie, George Forry Romaine McFadden, Sharon Mohr, Debra Gemmil, Iill Fullerton, Rodger Strickler, Mr Hake, Advisor. Third Row: Lucy Geesey, Carol Sinclair, Ianet Reinecker, Anita Reed, Weigle, Richard Atwood, Leslie Snyder. Mmzizfazgtmzsisfiira, 6 Mr. Hake's main project for get catalog cards typed for the many books on the shelf which formerly had no cards. To get this task accomplished, he depended heavily on two fine typists from the senior class - Barb Wilhide and Brian "Angel-Fingers" l..aPrairie. These two typed several thousand catalog cards - each one different. 50 F successful housewives F. N. A. s First Row: S. Stough, I. Freede, C. Sinclair, A. Reed, I. Gladtelter, N.'Witmer, M. Ladd. Second Row: I. Billet, P. Ruby, D. Snowberger, A. Lecrone, D. Humer, D. Lecrone, B. Brenneman, L. Fogle, Mrs. McClain, Advisor. Third Row: S. Duerr, L. Holtzapple, VV. Bailey, S. Aughenbaugh, P. Bear, L. Rode, K. Dunlap, I. Krafft. Fourth Row: I. Ort, R. Prowell, M. Moul, I. Crone, K. Ely, I. Fullerton, B. Wilt, R. Lease,'R. Rhodes. F. H. A. Girls of the Future Home-makers of America are taught the skills that are necessary to become Their talents in the field ot home - management, child care, cooking, sew- ing, buying, and per- sonal good-grooming are developed under! the leadership ot- Mrs. Dunlap. Members of this club include girls from ninth through twelfth grade. The Future Nurses ot America primarily stimu- lates an interest in a nursing career and re- lated fields. Several stu- dents serve as Cherry Red Girls in the York Hospital and the West Side Osteopathic Hos- pital. During the year they have attended a "Tea" held at the York Hospital for York and Adams Counties Clubs. They have also been ac- quainted with local hos- pitals by going on field trips. In the 'future'they hope to have a bake sale, pay a visit to the Cerebral Palsy School, and plan a trip to the Mental Institution at Harrisburg. First Row: Doris Neiman, Diane Snowberger, Daphene Snowberger, Barbara Heindel, Alice Lecrone, Marjorie Leash, Susan Duerr. Second Row: Mrs. Dunlap, Advisorg Darlene Staub, Glenda Snellbaker, Lois Strayer, Karen Shenberger, Isabelle Poe, Nancy Busser. Third Row: Mary Hake, Ioyce Akins, Lois Walker, Brenda Wilt. 51 CLUBS Newspaper Staff EDITORIAL First Row: Kenneth Zook, Iane Meade, Dawn Crumling, Lynda Sowers, Elaine Pressel, Dorenda Devine, Karen Shenberger, Andrea Grossman, Charles Sharples, Stephen Sowers. Second Row: Nancy Sutton, Linda Beisinger, Dorothy Doll, Norma Strausbaugh, Verna Swartz, Frances Sanger, Gail Markley, Sheila Harris, Norma Bentz, Brenda Smyser, Beta Martin, Susie Gress, lrene McHenry, Diane Eyler, Brenda Gembe. Third Row: Gary Strick- ler, Ginger Benedick, Lois Fahringer, Lucy Geesey, Connie Keech. . BUSINESS The members of this club are responsible tor our school newspaper, the "Orange and Black Yak." Headed by Mr. Crider and Mr. Yoder, these students have the task of collecting in- teresting news items. They often work during. and after school hours to bring out the s,choo1's monthly news sheet. Seated: Beverly Fadely, Kay Murphy. Standing: Wanda Knaub, Fay Benedickh Ruth Ann Knudsen, Mr. Crider, Barbara Wilhide, Delores Prowell. 52 F. T. A. Mr. Raffensperger, 'Richard Fisher, Gary Strickler, Glen Musser, Ken Zook, Iason Krout, Dan Krebs. Photography Stage Crew First Row: Dale Druck, Brian La- Prairie. Standing: Paul Bortner, Rodger Bruaw, Donald Sides, Mr. Koch. This group of industrious boys are the ones that Work "behind the scenes" to make our assemblies possible. They operate the light- ing, produce the necessary: special effects, and run the movie projectors. Their main project was building and paint- ing the scenery for the senior play. They have certainly done a commendable job in smooth- ing the path for our theatrical productions. ,sa Students interested in teaching as a profession have joined the Future Teachers of America Club, led by Miss Cassel. These girls hdve acted as substitutes for classroom teachers on many hectic occasions. As a part of their club activities, teaching techniques are discussed, visual aids used, and conferences set up between student and teacher as a guide to the club members' fu- ture ambitions. consisting of boys have formed a ography Club Under aftensperger s super rn, they learn the er use of a camera dark room and de- -ing procedures. The s pursue creative ography and study composition 'needed I good picture. enior High Camera- 5' . . R ' - P O New Fad? Friends: Take Cover! 1 QCY This is the Whackiest day in a student's Daaaaaaaah! I 1 I l school life. This year the Iunior class sponsored it for the first time in our school. On November 25, 1959, anyone who bought a ticket spent a morning of torture trying to find old family clothing. Everyone had a good time and turned out with cleverly designed outfits, as you can see from the pictures. Shall we Dance? Certificates of Merit for excellent scores in the National Educational Development Test. Left to right: Mr. Oren- dorf, Nancy Heilman, Ilze Baidins, Susan Leonard, Linda Dittenhafer. Left to right: Mr. Oren- C1O1'f, Larry Baugher ' lane Meads, Harry Bottomley Valdis-Finalist in National Merit Scholarship Test. Left to right: Mr. Oren-I dorf, Richard Fisher, Val- dis Baidins, Iason Krout, Grant Fernsler. AWARDS Nancy Busser and IoAn Conway were this year's winners in our baking contests. Nancy Won her contest by baking a cherry pie. She also Won the regional contest, repre- senting York at Erie, Pennsylvania. IoAn baked apple clurnplings which gave her second place in the county contest. Congratulations to both Nancy and Iol-in. Io Bn bakes her champion apple dump First Row: Ecrrl Raw. Second Row: Blaine Rentzel, Dennis Etter, Dorothy Smith, Dcxune Boyer, Richard Atwood, Norma Bentz. Third Row: Doug Dorset, Lou Gingerich, Barry Spcxhr, Peggy Suky, Donald Doll, Miss Rice, Beverly Fczdely, Sharon Willmcrn, Louree Brenner, Vczldis Bczidens, Anitcx Reed. SENIOR CLASSPLAY "THE PERFECT IDIOT" Wake him up, genius. Ach. diss iss qvite coniusink 58 I can't imagine why! Call the Marines! Thank you. Miss Rice. Smear it on. Ah-Come on Dan! Back Row: Lou Gingerich, managerg Terry Gross, Donald Ilyes, Mearle Rite, Marlin Knaub, Keith Sheffer, Coach Philip Kessler. Front Row: Gerald McCarney, lcrmes' Decker, Barry Gross, Mike Hornbach, Tom Hombach, Iohn Ferree. SENICR HIGH VARSITY Coach Philip Kessler's Bobcats closed out the season with a record of seven Wins in twenty-two games. This Was the coach's first year with the varsity and though the team did not hit their championship stride as yet, they have 'proven a power to contend with in the conference. The team would like to thank their coach Who, immediately, after coming back from training in the National Guard, took over the team without any rest. Coach Kessler was very successful in arousing team interest in sportsmanship. N. H. S.- Opponent 51 Central 50 48 West York, 57 57 Dallastown 72 66 Dover 60 42 Red Lion 76 70 'Southwestern 56 51 York Suburban 71 57 Spring Grove 74 53 Eastern 71 48 Central 61 52 Kennard-Dale 63 48 West York 68 56 Susquehannock 5 l 65 Dover 72 65 Southwestern 64 4l .Spring Grove 7U Fingertip Control. Anyone for Ballet! The Bubble-Rousers. Gross shoots Oops! Pardon me! Stop that man! W' J 171011 l First vou cross your legs. then Perfe t b lance! Koi the balll. f Q D 5 . ga so 0 X QQQ 1 i x " '1 Q 0 fs First Row G Fernsler G McK1m M Hombcrch, G. McCarr1ey, C. Heilmanfl. Walker, 'I' , Gmgerich T Livingston manager Second Row: I. Weigle, E. Sanger, L. DeWitt, R. Fisher, K Decker H Bottomly B Hake P Kessler Coach. SENICR HIGH JUNIOR VARSIT The Senior High Iunior Varsity is composed mostly of players coming from the junior high making their debut under the senior high colors. The team, coached by Phil Kessler. ended the season with a record of tive wins in twenty-one games. 64 Nothing like cr good stretch! This is one way oi doing it! N. H. S. OPP'-ment Central West York Dczllcfstown Dover Red Lion Southwestern York Suburban Spring Grove Eastern Central Kennctrd-Dolle West York Susquehcmnock Dover Southwestern Spring Grove Y WHS W1de Open' Driving for two! King Shoots! Back Row: Robert Bortz, managerg Eddy Ahrens, Greg King, Terry Iones, Coach William Schaeffer. Front Row: Sam Will- man, Nevin Weirich, Bradley Rentzel, Ierry Heilrnan. J UN ICR HIGH VARSITY Coach Shaeifer's Varsity took this year's basketball laurels. With a winning record of twelve and six, they finished second to only the undefeated Spring -Grove tive. This flying tive should bring many more victories to Northeastern. N. H. S. Opponent 44 Central 34 44 West York 42 39 Dallastown 26 58 Dover 20 38 Red Lion 28 27 York Suburban 33 33 Spring 'Groye 46 34 'Eastern 25 41 Central 18 53 Kennard'-Dale 39 26 West York 30 48 Susquehanna 22 48 Susquehannock 22 49 Dover 29 29 Spring Grove 35 First Row: Coach William Schaffer, Ned Davins, Harold Miller, 'Ronald Fisher, Iohn Sherrill, Glenn Livingston, Henry Buckwalter, Torn Wallace, Manager. Second Row: Iim Yinger, Manager, Royce Weirich, Dennis Delp, Ieff Pokopec, Larry Gross, Marty Eversbach, Clair Leiphart, Harry Crump, Craig Holler, Ieif Clemens, Barry Anderson, Doug King, Gregory Taylor absent when taken. JUNIOR HIGH JR. VARSITY Coach William Schaeiier's I. V.'s followed the winning ways of their Varsity brothers- carrying away the honors in nine out of thir- teen contests. In the fine iloorwork of these young ball-players. the possibility of a future championship team can be easily foreseen. I had it a while ago. Get up' You fool! N. H. S. Opponent 19 Central 33 23 West York 45 32 Dallastown 1 7 49 Dover 17 37 York Suburban 34 28 Spring Grove 24 42 Kennarcl-Dale 31 30 West York 43 49 Susquehannock 13 50 Dover 16 38 Spring Grove 20 CHEERLEADERS Dczune Boyer. Miss Bricker. Donna Bear. Peggy Dolbin. Dot Smith Peggy Dolbin, Captain Donna Bear Dczune Boyer Dot Smith 68 Iacquie Moore wloyce Becker 69 Ioyce Brennemcm JR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS First Row Helena Boyer Esther Murphy Dot Cunnmghczm Second Row IoAnne Hottlnger Karen Shen berger Kenneth Kennedy Iesse Poff Kneeling: Tonya Mohr, Lynne Brucxw, Barbara Smith. Stcmding: Mike Miller, Lindo: Pugh, Carol Krebs. That's right-Keep your eyes on the ball. GIRLS' VCLLEYBALL First Row: P, Zirkle, M. Hamilton, P. Lloyd, L. Kessler, R. Stare. Second Row: L. Horne, K. Musser, C. Weigle, B. Gross, G. Snellbaker, B. Williams, manager. 72 First Row S Doll S Lumpkin R Knudsen S. Hendrickson.'Second Row: L. Forry, I. Nagle P Topper L Strayer S Wright K Dunlap, I. Draft, R.Prowe1l. In many schools, girls' sports are some- times lirnited only to intramurals. Northeastern is not one ot these schools, for it has a girls' interscholastic volleyball team. The girls are taken from grades nine through twelve and chosen by Miss Bricker, the coach, on their playing ability. They must also have passing grades in order to remain on the team. Although the team did not end the season as champions, they had a good season, Win- ning seven of their thirteen games. Through such activities, the girls get to know students from other schools and to learn the real meaning ot good sportsmanship. The team Wishes to thank Miss Bricker for the help she has given them. Over the net. Zirkle! HERE Tom is aVPaine. f"5 lily! I was late for Doll's math class! AND THERE "Clemens to tower." '75 Glub! Glub! Glub! 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Greg. CHRISTMAS PARTIES Drink up! loin ihe party, Mr. Stankus. Preparing for the party SCUP SALES Qi course we are workingl Wash them nice and clecm. How much more soup to sell? s i Wide Open Mr. Stonesifef! Around and around the rink. NM SKAT IN G PARTIES Dot and Ioyce discuss the latest news. Watch where you re gomg Pat , - 7 f Y K ' fslx jl0,,m:g:"' ' -' 5 Inf- A ,A - y ff '-Ms f M ' W , A H " 'IGI-1.02:-i""ffi5f:gi?'.f9:'9ki5!:sfkQ':?? t -2 f f J X Y ' S'-Yi' gg, 1:-' 'mfr' 'gi-. 1. r A -Z L-7117" 14- gf, K J - I x ,-f ' f ' if , g 1 f f ' - ' Pf , l vw f ,44fgA-f-1-fy 15- M , , , f . X r , -". "Sf-'K giiQl?I Mg , ' if , f' If ' ff f ,W K' Ti 4 3, -A "" Ns f' , A ,N N I my J ' N I ' HW! A If W - l- , ,, ,, ., 5 X ,Z M f if 2? W IM I! f 'M f' 5 Q5 X ff l: fd 'ifm fl if g l l W mf W H, , ar m! .fm , , Q V ff Y. x UN JA f f X l '- 'fe 'isa-Six -X ' 1 A 4 X 22 -gi XM f , 13 -L Q 1 X 4 E . f X? 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If Mn aff, 1 f Mwfvailfnlnflnl'fZh7f5f??ff5Q X X j 'l I' !i ff! if I I' ,fl I .SQMQQMIIIIIIII MIJI I I AM " 7531551 JW aw X M ff If nm f 1 SENIOR CLASS 5 2 Evelyn Criswell Thomas P Roberts bi The past cannot be changed. but the future is still in our power. FLOWER Red cmd White Carnation x CCLORS 'g.S" X ff?-if 4 '!f-- t - 'f sz ADVISCRS Philip Stonesifer Wilbur Zimmerman CLASS HISTORY It was September. 1956, when we, the class of "SU," entered high school as freshmen. We had high hopes as we turned our faces toward our goal, our goal to become seniors: but we also had fears. So our freshman year was a war against fear to gain the victory of hope. Our class was split that year, half at Mt. Wolf Ir. High and half at Manchester Senior High. This hindered us to a degree, but our year was still fruitful in our learning and growing in mind and body. We started our sophomore year in 1957. Our class was at last a whole one: and we could really start to dive into our activities, enlarge our treasury, and build our class in honor and prestige. Those faces were still looking upward, but our goal was finally starting to take a vague form. The junior year was a wild, happy, and hectic one. We had many money- making projects: and they were successful, for our treasury grew big. We were busy, very busy, with extra-curricular activities and mounds of home- work: but we came through with smiling faces. Our goal to be seniors was bright and big in front of -us, luring us onward. Finally our goal was reached. We were high school seniors. We had many activities, many more than other years. Yearbook meetings, the senior play, chorus, band, soup sales, skating parties, and many more activities to keep us going. Our cries were heard by everyone. "Anyone for a quart of soup? How about a skating ticket, or maybe a play ticket? Would you like to buy a yearbook?" Our cries. were successful: and we make our treasury very fat. Fat enough to pay for our yearbook and go on a class trip. Our high school days were ending. This saddened us all a little. We shouted a little louder at basketball games, for we knew this was our last year of high school: a part of our life would be over. What will the future bring for us? Maybe sadness, maybe happiness: but whatever it is, we will never forget our wonderful high school days. The happiest days of our lives. 83 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PEGGY DOLBIN Peg Commercial Public Opinion 105 Student Council 10, 115 Class President 11, 125 Class Secretary 105 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band 10, 115 Basketball 105 Cheerleading- 10, ll, 125 Captain 10, 125 Ex- change Student Candidate 12. THOMAS FURMAN BORTZ Tom Academic Anthropology 105 Hi-Y ll, 125 Vice-president ot Senior Class 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Trumpet octet 10, 11, 125 Intra- mural Volleyball l05 Intramural Basketball 105 Business Staff ot Yearbook 125 Exchange Student 12. DAUNE BOYER Daune Academic Y-Teens ll, 125 Advanced Gym 115 Echo-log Staff 105 Y-Teens Vice-President 125 Class Treasurer ll, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band ll, 125 Intramural Volleyball 115 Cheerleading 10, ll, 125 Class Play 125 Editorial Staff of Yearbook 125 Career Conference 105 Press Conference 10, ll, 12. WANDA LEE KNAUB Rusty Commercial Echo-log 105 Business Club ll5 Homeroom Secretary 105 Class Secretary 125 Homeroom Secretary 115 Chorus 10, ll,.125 Volleyball and Basketball 10, ll, 125 Softball 105 Busi- ness Staff ot Yearbook. CATHERINE MARY ADAMS Kitty Commercial Iunior Red Cross 105 Newspaper Club 115 Chorus 115 Volleyball 10. RICHARD ATWOOD Rich General-Academic Anthropology Club 105 Hi-Y 115 Drarnatics 125 Chorus 11, 125 Co-Ed. Volleyball 105 Senior P1ay5 Editorial Staff of Yearbook 125 Career Conference 11, 125 Press Conference 11, 125 Exchange Student Candidate 12. IOYCE ELAINE AKINS Igyce Academic F. H. A. Secretary 11, Vice-President 125 Vice- President ot Homeroom 125 F. T. A. 105 Dramatics 105 Volleyball 125 Managing editor of the yearbook 125 Press Conference 11, 125 Exchange student candidate 12. VALDIS BAIDENS Hector A.cademic Anthropology 105 Slide Rule 115 Newspaper 125 Dramatics 125 Senior Play Cast. ROBERT ANDERSON Bob General Rifle Club 105 Hi-Y 11. DONNA MAE BEAR Donna Mae Commercial F. H. A. 105 Business Club ll, 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 125 F. H. A. Secretary and County Secretary 105 Homeroom and Class Treasurer 105 Horneroorn Secretary 115 Home--' room President 125 Executive Committee 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Majorette 10, 11, 125 Cheerleading 10, 11, 125 Soccer Queen Candidate 10. RONALD ARNOLD Ron General Hot Rod Club 105 Gym cmb 11. F AY LOUISE BENEDICK Fay Commercial F. H. A. 105 Business Education 11, 125 Home- roorn Secretary 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Volley- ball 125 Basketball 125 Typist for Newspaper 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 125 Exchange Student 12. NORMA GRACE BENTZ Bentzie Academic F. T. A. ll, 12, President 125 G. A. A. Treas- urer l25 Y-Teens 125 Dramatics ll, 125 News- paper staff 125 Automotive Club 105 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 10, ll, 125 Softball 105 Basketball 10, ll, 125 Coed. Volleyball 10, 125 Bowling League 115 Field Hockey ll5 Girls' Volleyball manager ll, 125 Yearbook editorial staff 125 Senior Play 125 Press Conference 115 Career Conference 11, 125 Apple Pie Contest 125 Cherry Pie Con- test 12. CHALFONT CONLEY Chaif General School Science Club 105 Intramural Basket- ball, Softball and Volleyball 10. PAUL MARION BORTNER Bort General 1-li-Y 105 Newspaper 105 Stage Crew ll, 125 Volleyball 105 Basketball 115 Volleyball 115 Track 115 Art Staff of Yearbook 12. IO AN MAE CONWAY I0 Academic Dancing Club 105 Slide Rule Club 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Press Conference ll, 125 Apple Dessert Contest 125 Decorating and Tables Committees for Senior Dance 125 Yearbook Art Staff 12: BUDDY LEE BRENNER Rock General Varsity 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Basket- ball 10, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, 115 Soccer 105 Baseball 10, ll, 12. " ELIZABETH CRAGER I-i2 Q General F. H. A. 10, 11, Volleyball 10, 12. LOUREE EVELYN BRENNER Louree Academic Y-Teens 11, 125 Echo Log 105 lr. Red Cross Council 1l5'Y-Teens President 125 Homeroom Vice-President 10, 115 Secretary of Bowling League 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Bowling 10, 115 Press Conference 11, 125 Yearbook Edi- torial Statl 125 Senior Play 12. IAMES WILLIAM DAVIS. IR. lim Academic Hi-Y 10, 115 National Honor Society 11, 12,- Treasurer 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball 105 Co-ecl. Volleyball 105 Editorial Staff of Yearbook. F AE ELAINE DELP FUZY General Science 105 Secretary of Science Club 105 Chorus 10, ll, 12. FLORENCE ELAINE DUNA VIN Floss General Echo Log Staff 105 Turntable 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 1 Cherry Pie Contest 10, 11. 0, 125 DCNNA LEE DENNIS Diz General F. H. A. 105 Homeroom Secretary 105 Chorus 10, ll, 1-25 Yearbook Business Staff 12. DONALD I OI-IN ENSMIN GER Dewey General Automotive Club 105 Newspaper Club ll. DONALD IAMES DOLL Doll General Rifle Club 105 Science Club 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball and Volleyball 105 Busi- ness Staff of Yearbook,12. GERALD WILLIAM EPPLEY Ierry S General Science 105 Echo-log Staff 105 Yearbook Busi- ness Staff 125 Chorus 105 Band 10, ll,' 12. DOUGLAS LEWIS DORSET Doug Academic Anthropology 105 Ir. Red Cross Council 105 Slide Rule 115 National Honor Society ll, 125 Yearbook Art Staff 125 Homeroom President 10, 115 Exchange Student Committee Mem- ber 125 Exchange Student Candidate 125 Career Conference 12. DENNIS EUGENE ETTER Etts General Anthropology Club 105 Camera Club 115 School Photographer 10, 115 Yearbook Staff 11. BEVERLY ANN FADELY Bev Commercial Public Opinion 105- Business Education 11, 125 Y-Teens 125 Homeroom Secretary 105 Busi- ness Education Club, Vice-Presiclent5 Home- room -Treasurer ll5 Y-Teens Treasurer5 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 105 Yearbook Business Stall 125 Newspaper Tybist 125 Ir. Red Cross Council 105 Student Director of Senior Class P1ay5 Exchange Student 12. IOAN FREEDE Ioanie Academic Y-Teens 125 F. N. A. 125' Newspaper 10: F- H- A. 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Volley- ball 105 Press Conference 10, 115 Yearbook Business Staff 12. DOUGLAS FETROW Doug General Sports Club 10, 115 Aviation Club ll. PATRICIA ANN FRIES Pat Academic lr. Red Cross Vice-President 115 Sr. High Red Cross President 125 A. A. 105 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, 125 Basketball 105 Base- ball 105 Co-ed. Volleyball 125 Field Hockey 105 Career Conference 10, ll, 125 Yearbook Business Staff 125 Press Conference 115 Publicity Staff of Senior Play. MARY ELLEN FETROW Brownie Commercial Business Education Club 11, 125 Newspaper Typist 105 'Dancing Club Secretary 105 Intra- mural Volleyball and Basketball 125 Intra- mural Softball 105 Editorial Staff and Head Typist of Yearbook 125 National Honor So- ciety ll, 125 National Honor society Secretary 125 Career Conference 125 Press Conference 125 Apple Dessert Contest 10, 125 Cherry Pie Contest 10, 125 Program Committee of Senior Play. DENNIS FULLEN Pig Academic Sports Club 105 Advanced Boys Gym Club 115 Intramural Basketball 10. LOUISE MARIE FINK Louise Commercial F. H. A. 115 Dancing 105 Business Education Club 125 Chorus 110, ll, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 10. LINDA MARIE GEMBE Lin Commercial Newspaper 10, Y-Teens 11, 12, G. AMA. 12, Homeroorn Vice-President 105 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Student Council ll, 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 125' Career Conference 11. 1OY ANN GLATFELTER LOU MORGAN GINGERICH Louie Academic Sports. Club President 105 Slide Rule Club President ll5 Varsity Club 11, 125 President 125 Homeroom Vice-President 115 Homeroom Treasurer 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Basketball 10, 115 Volleyball 105 Basketball Manager 10, 11, 125 Soccer ll, 125 Baseball Manager 10, 115 National Honor Society 11, 125 President 125 Senior Play 125 Bowling 10, ll, 125 Exchange Student Candidate 12. GARY REED GOOD Gus General Varsity Club 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Vice- President 10, 125 Narnetaker-Varsity Club 12, Chorus 11, 125 Intramural Basketball and Volleyball 105 Interscholastic Soccer 10, 11, 12, Basketball ll, Volleyball 10. Ioy Academic F. T. A. 125 G. A. A. 10, 125 Advanced Gym 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 10, 125 Basketball 10, 125 Co-ed. Volleyball 125 Year- book Business Staff 125 Publicity Staff of Senior Play. PEARL GOTWALT Vick General Science Club5 Ir. Red Cross 125 F. H. A. 10, 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Basketball 105 Volleyball 12. IUDITH ANN GLADFELTER ludy Academic G. A. A. 105 Future Nurses of America 125 Girls Advanced Gym ll5 Secretary-Treas- urer ol Homeroom 115 President of Home- room 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball. 10, 125 Basketball 10, 125 Field Hockey 10, ll, 125 Baseball 105 Co-ed. Volleyball 125 Hockey Team 105 Yearbook Business Staff 125' Career Conference 125 Press Conference 115 Publicity Staff of Senior .Play 12. TERRY GRIM Grimmie General Rifle Club 10: Science ll. RALPH GLADFELTER Squirrel General Hot Rod Club 105 Gym Club 11. BARRY RAY GROSS Gross General Varsity Club 10, 11, 125 Vice-President of Iunior Class 115 Vice-President of Varsity Club 1l5 Chorus 11, 125 Basketball 10, ll, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 105 President of Student Council 12. BONNY RAE GROSS Gross Commercial Public Opinion 105 G. A. A. '11, 125 Assistant Secretary G. A. A. 125 Y-Teens 125 Homeroom Treasurer 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Volley- ball 10, ll, 125 Volleyball Manager 125 lnter- scholastic Volleyball ll, 125 Track 10, 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 12. MARLET HANNA Tweety General Rifle Club 10. CAROL ANN GROSSMAN Carol Commercial Future Homemakers of America 10, 115 F. H. A. President 105 Chorus 10, ll, 12. GARY HATTERER 301195 General Varsity Club 105 Hi-Y Club 105 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Newspaper C1ub5 Basketball 105 Volleyball 105 Softball and Basketball Man- ager 10, 11. MARY HAMILTON Mary General Advanced Gym 115 G. A. A. 10, 125 President G. A. A. 125 Chorus 125 Volleyball 10, 115 Basketball 105 Field Hockey 105 Interscho- lastic Volleyball 105 Business Staff Yearbook 12. WAYNE HAWBAKER Wayne Commercial Intramural Basketball 105 Basketball 115 Track 10, 115 Baseball 10. ROBERT HANER Bob General. Bowling League 115 Rifle Club 105 Science Club ll. CELIA I-IEINDEL Celia Commercial Dancing Club 105 Future Homemakers of America 115 Vice-President ot F. H. A.5 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Basketball 105 Volley- ball l0. ' HARRY HERTZLER Hunts General Biology Club l0p Gym Club ll. WAYNE HOFFECKER Wayne Academic Senior Red Cross l2. LINDA KAY HORNE Linda Commercial G. A. A. 10, 12, Chorus 10, ll, l2, Volley- ball 10, l2g Interscholastic Volleyball 10, ll, 12, Press Conference 12. EUGENE HOOVER Spike y General Fishing Club ll, Hi-Y 12, Rifle Club 10, Ir. Red Cross Representative from 202, 12. ROBERT W. HOLDER Mouse General Rifle Club 105 Newspaper 115 Hi-Y Represen- tative 125 Chorus 125 Band 105 Intramural Basketball 10. MICHAEL EDWARD HUMER Mike General Varsity Club 105 Boys Advanced Gym 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10. THOMAS LYN HOMBACH Tom Academic H1-Y 10, Varsity Club 115 versity President 125 Homeroom President 11, 125 Bowling .League President ll5 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 105 Bowling League 10, ll, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Student Council 10. ! I DONALD K. ILYES Don General Varsity Club 10, 1l, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Basketball 125 'Softball 105 Inter- scholastic Basketball 10, 11, 12. MARLIN LEROY KNAUB 1 Knaubie General Varsity Club 10, 11, 125 Intramural Basket ball 105 Volleyball 105 Softball 105 Inter 1 scholastic Baseball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 11 125 Volleyball 105 Soccer 10, 11, 12. MARY LOUISE LADD Mel Academic Science Club 115 Future Nurses of America 125 Y-Teen Club 125 Iunior Red Cross 125 President, Science Club 115 Chorus 12. RONALD KRAMER Ron General Rifle Club 105 Dancing Club 105 Chorus 10. ARLENE MAE KREEGER Arlene Commercial Co-Editor Chief of Newspaper 105 Secretary of Business Education Club 115 Homeroom President 115 Clfiorus 10, ll, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 125 Student Council Represen- tative 125 Business Staff of Year Book 125 Soccer Queen Candidate 115 Candidate for Vice-President of Student Council 11. BRIAN B. LaPRAIRIE Dut General Stage Cralt Club 11, 125 1..ibrarian's Assistant. LONA RAE LAUER Lona Commercial Basketball 105 Chorus 10, 11, 12. MARIORIE LEASI-I Marjorie General Future Homemalcers of America ll, 125 Chorus 10, ll, l25, Dancing Club l0. CLARENCE M'ELV'IN MANSBERGER Blossom General H1-Y ciub 12. FRANK LECRONE. IR. Frank Academic 'Rifle Club l05 President of Rifle Club ll5 Sergeant of Arms5 Science Club 105 Basket- ball l05 Wrestling Team 12. MARY MCAFEE Mary Commercial Dancing Club 105 Girls Advanced Gym 115 G. A. A. 125 Vice-President of G. A. A. 105 Basketball 105 Volleyball ll, 125 lnterscho- lastic Volleyball 10, ll, 12. DAVID H. LINGG. IR. Font General Varsity Club 10, ll, 12, Treasurer 125 Band 10, 11, 12, Intramural Basketball 10, Soccer 10, 11, 12. IARRETT LEE McLI-XUGHLIN Ierry Academic Hi-Y 11, 125 Secretary of Science Club ll, Rifle Club 115 Newspaper 10, Basketball 10, 115 Soccer 10, lnterscholastic Wrestling 125 Ir. Red Cross Representative: Exchange Stu- dent 12. BETSY RAE LYNCH Bets General Echo Log 10, Chorus 10, 11, 12g Yearbook Business Staff 12. C. KENNETH IVIETZEL. 11 Coot General Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, President 12g Chorus 10, 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Intramural Basketball 10. 1 1 1 WILLIAM FRANKLIN MILLAR Bill General Anthropology 105 Science 115 Hi-Y 125 Intra- mural Basketball 105 lnterscholastic Basket- ball 105 Iunior Red Cross 10. KAREN ELAINE MUSSER Kay Commercial Business Education Club 11, 125 Y-Teens ll, 125 F. T. A. 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Intramural Volleyball 10, 125 Intramural Basketball 10, ll, 125 Interscholastic Volleyball 10, ll, 125 National Honor Society ll, 125 Vice-President 125 Newspaper Staff 105 Yearbook, Eolitor-in- Chief 125 Press Conference ll, 125 Career Conference 12. HARRIET MUlVl1VIA Harriet General F. H. A. 105 Dramatic Club 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intramural Volleyball 12. CHARLES MYERS Chuck General Hi-Y- 115 Homeroorn President 125 Secretary of 1-li-Y 125 Band 105 Student Council 10. IAY ALLEN MUNDIS Iake General Dancing 105 Hi-Y 11, 125 Chorus 11, 12. GAYLE IOANNE MYERS Windy Commercial Echo Log Staff 105 Business Education Club 125 Homeroom Treasurer 105 Chorus 105 Intra- mural Volleyball 10, ll, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Softball 10. I KAY LOUISE MURPHY Murph Commercial F. H. A. 105 Newspaper Club 125 Classroom Secretary ll, 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Intra- mural Basketball 105 Volleyball l25 Cheer- leading 10, 11, 12. DEAN N OUSE Dean General HERBERT POE. IR. Herb General Dancing 105 Science 115 Intramural Basket- ball 10. EARL RAU Doc Academic Anthropology 105 Drarnatics 125 Basketball 105 Senior Play. JANET PRICE ' Ian General F. H. A. 105 Dramatic 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 lntramural Basketball 105 Volleyball 12. ANITA LOUISE REED Neeta Academic Newspaper Staff 105 Student Council 10, ll, 125 Y-Teens 125 F. N. A. 125 Library 125 Ir. Class Secretary 115 Y-Teens Interclub Coun- cil 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, 125 Field Hockey 105 Basketball 10, ll, 125 Inter- scholastic Field Hockey 105 Senior Class Play 125 Advertising Manager Business Stall of Yearbook 125 Press Conference 10, ll, 12. DELORES IUNE PROWELL Lori . Commercial Newspaper 10, l25 Newspaper 10, 125 Busi- ness Manager 105 Business Education ll, 125 Ir. Red Cross Council 105 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Basketball 10, 125 Volleyball 10, 125 Press Conference 10, 125 Exchange Student Com- mittee l25 Yearbook Business Manager-12. IANET L. REINECKER Ianet Commercial Home Ec. 105 Y-Teens 125 Vice-President Homeroom 125 Secretary-Treasurer Home- room 115 Y-Teens lnterclub Council Repre- sentative l25 Basketball 125 Volleyball 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 12. DONNA L. PUGH Donna Commercial Echo Log 105 Turntable 1l5 G. A. A. 125 Y- Teens 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, ll, 125 Basketball 105 Softball 105 Ir. Red Cross Council 10. BLAINE N. RENTZEL Rentzel General Hi-Y 11, 125 Echo Log 105 Horne-room Vice- President 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Cheerleading 115 Student Council 125 Senior Play 12. LEROY EUGENE RODGERS Leroy General Hi-Y 105 Photographic Club 11, 125 Basket- ball 105 Track ll, 125 Volleyball 115 Yearbook Photographer 12. IESSE RUFUS RODE less General Hi-Y 11, 12, Rifle Club 11, Fishing Club 105 Basketball 10, ll. CAROL CENA SHORTS Shortsie General Ir. Red Cross 105 Dramatics 115 Art 115 Intra- mural Volleyball 10, 125 Basketball 10. HEI.EN OMELLA SIlV1lVIS Ace Commercial G. A. A. 10, 115 Newspaper 105 Intramural Volleyball 12. MELVIN ROBERT RYAN Mel Academic Sports Club 105 Turntable 115 Basketball 10, ll. CAROL ANN SINCLAIR Caroly Academic Newspaper Staff 105 Ir. Red Cross Council IOAN H. SAN GER Ioanie General F. H. A. 105 Homeroom President 115 Chorus 12. 115 Y-Teens 125 F. N. A. 125 Library 125 Vice- President Horneroom 115 Secretary-Treasurer Homeroom 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 10, 115 Basketball 10, ll5 Student Council 105 Yearbook Business Staff 125 Press Conference 10 ll 12 1 1 - NANCY LEE SLENKER Slenk Commercial Newspaper 105 Y-Teens 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Volleyball ll, 125 Basketball 125 Business Stall Yearbook 12. MILTON L. SM1'I'H Smitty General Boys' Sports 105 Varsity 125 Volleyball 105 Basketball 105 Softball 105' lnterscholastic Soccer 10, ll, l25 Basketball 105 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Ir. Red Cross Council ll. K, B.. 5 'PW DOROTHY MARIE SlVlI'I'H Dot Academic Echo Log Staff 105 In. Red Cross Council 115 Yearbook Editorial Staff 125 Secretary Ir. Red Cross Council 115 Vice President 1-lomeroom 125 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Band 105 115 Basketball 105 Cheerleading 10, 11, 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Press Conference 10, 11, 125 Exchange Student 12. BARRY EUGENE SPAHR Mert A.cademic Rifle Club 105 Stage Craft 11, 125 Class Presi- dent 105 Homeroom President 125 Intramural Basketball 10, 115 Volleyball 105 Softball 105 Bowling 10, ll, 125 Student Council 10, 115 Yearbook 125 Cheerleading 10, 115 Senior Play Cast 12. RENA MAE STARE Ren General Home Ec. Club 105 Dancing 105 Dancing Club Secretary 105 Chorus 10,, ll, 125 Volleyball 10, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 10, 12. BRENDA EVELYN SMY SER Brenda Academic Newspaper Club 10, 11, 12, Intramural Volleyball 10, 121 Co-ed, Volleyball 10, 12, Yearbook Business Staff 12, Career Confer- ence l2, Press Conference 10. SONIA A. STOUGH Sonia Academic Echo Log 10, Ir. Red Cross Council ll, 12, Homeroom Treasurer ll, Ir. Red Cross Vice- President 12, Chorus 10, ll, 12, Basketball 10, 12, Volleyball 10, ll, 12, Co-ed. Volley- ball l0, Business Staff Yearboook 12, Maga- zine Campaign 10, 11. DARLENE MAE SOWERS Darlene Commercial Newspaper 10, 12, Business Club ll, Chorus 10, ll, 12, Basketball 10, Volleyball 10, 12, Volleyball Interscholastic 10, Business Staff of Yearbook 12, Exchange Student Candi- date 12. RICHARD STOVER Richard General Rifle ciub 10, chorus 10, ll, 12. LOIS ANN STRAYER Lois General Record Club 105 Dancing Club Treasurer 115 Advanced Gym 125 F. H. A. 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 125 Basketball 12. AMY MARIE WEIGEL Amy Commercial Red Cross Club 105 F. N. A. Club 105 Busi- ness Education Club 115 Chorus 10, ll, 125 Yearbook Business Staff 12. BARBARA ANN S'l'ROUSE Barb Commercial G. A. A. 105 Y-Teens 125 Homeroom Presi- dent 105 Secretary 115 Treasurer 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball 150, 125 Volleyball 125 Business Staff 12. 1 CAROL WEIGLE Wiggel General G. A. A. Club 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 115 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, ll, 125 lnterscholastic Volleyball 11, 125 G. A. A. Council 11, 125 Magazine Campaign 125 Busi- ness Staff of Yearbook 12. ll 5 sig xg , al 2 li . 1 15,2 5 5 K, 1 I PEGGY ANN SUKY Peg Commercial F. H. A. Secretary 105 G. A. A. 11, 125 Y-Teens Secretary 125 Homeroorn Treasurer 105 Vice- President 11, secremry 12, Chorus 115 12, Volleyball 125 Basketball 125 Business Stall Yearbook 125 Varsity Queen Candidate 105 Exchange Student Candidate 12. 'L RALPH E. WII.DERSON BO General President Fishing Club 105 Secretary Fishing Club 115 Fishing Club 10, ll, 12. NANCY WALKER Nancy Commercial Business Club 115 Chorus 11. BARBARA A. WILHIDE Barb Commercial Public Opinion Club 105 Business Education Club 115 Business Club 12. BONNIE WILLIAMS Bonnie Academic Newspaper Club5 F. H. A. 105 Slide Rule Club 115 G. A. A. Council 125 Chorus l0, ll, l25 Volleyball l0, ll, 125 Bowling ll5 Basket- ball 10, ll, 125 Field Hockey ll5 Student Manager of Volleyball Team ll, 125 National Honor Society ll, 125 Yearbook Editorial Staff 125 Career Conference ll, 12. NANCY WITMER Nance Academic Dancing Club 105 Future Nurses of America 125 Chorus ll5 Student Council 115 Yearbook Art Staff 12. KAREN LOUISE WII.LIS Karen Commercial Newspaper 105 F. H. A. llg Chorus 10, ll, 125 Business Staff of Yearbook 12. l MARLEEN RAE YINGER Fink General F. -H. A. 105 Ir. Red Cross Club ll5 Chorus l0, ll, 125 Yearbook Business Staff 12. SHARON ELAINE WII.LMAN Sharon Academic F. T. A. 10, ll, 125 Echo Log Staff 105 Slide Rule Club ll5 Y-Teens 125 Secretary ol Bowl- ing League 125 Band 10, ll, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 10,,l25 Co-ed. Volleyball 10, 125 Bowling League ll, 125 Senior Play Cast 125 Press Conference 105 Yearbook Business Staff 12. E s tml PEGGY ZIRKLE Peg Commercial Echo Log 105 G. A. A. Secretary 125 F. T. A. Treasurer 125 Business Education Club Presi- dent 115 Newspaper Typist 125 Yearbook Subscription Manager 125 Horneroom Presi- dent 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 115 Volleyball 10, 11, 125 Field Hockey 10, 115 Softball 105 Co-ed. Volleyball 105 Inter- scholastic Volleyball and Field Hockey 10, ll. MICHAEL I. WlI.T Mike Academic Automotive Club 105 Slide Rule Club l15 Intramural Basketball 105 Volleyball 105 Inter- scholastic Basketball 105 Volleyball 115 Wrestling 12. f-YS fr CLASS Being of sound mind and good intentions. Doug Dorset wills one gallon of liquid oxygen to the junior class who will sink its brains into the iathomless depths of chemistry. Peggy Suky wills her ride home in a green Chevy to anyone who is tired of walking. I. Celia Heindel, will all my freckles to anyone who wants them. Barry Spahr wills his love for Mr. Roberts' ties to anyone who wants it. Anita Reed wills her red Chevy to anyone that can take Gidgy where we take her. Nancy Witmer wills her love for Hershey Park to anyone who likes to go there. Donald llyes wills his ability to snoop in math class to future snoopers. Wanda Kirby wills her tattered bookkeeping book to anyone who is unlucky enough to get it. Peggy Zirkle wills her parking space to anyone who wants it. Donna Pugh wills her driving ability to Mr. Gordon. Linda Horne wills her love for Red Lion to anyone who cares to travel that far. Pearl Gotwalt wills her ability to mess up the math teacher to anyone who hates math. Dennis Fullen wills his curly hair to Mr. Manseau. Iudy Gladielter wills her little shoes to anyone who needs transportation to and from school Robert Haner wills all his broken pencils to the person or persons who broke them. Wayne Hawbaker wills his Bookkeeping ll book to Rebecca Knight. Mary Hamilton wills her "hot Ford" to anyone who thinks that he can handle it. Betsy Lynch wills the "last lav" to Sharon Mohr. Carol Grossman wills her interest in Business Law to anyone who wants it. Robert Holder wills his ability to throw clay in art class to next year's sculptors. Kitty Adams wills her oliice practice class to Ioyce Paup. Ioyce Akins wills her love for Edd Byrnes to Susie Fritz. Richard Atwood wills his acting ability to Mr. Olsheiski so that he can overcome his stage fright. Louree Brenner wills her ability to always be late to any speedy underclassman. Buddy Brenner wills his nickname Leo Sweeney to Mr. Barney Doll. Fay Benedick wills her knowledge of bookkeeping to Gloria Benedick. Donna Bear wills her position as majorette to Joanne Hottinger. Norma Bentz wills her love ol auto racing to Mr. Crider so that he. too. may enjoy the finer things ot life. Io Conway wills her height to Susan Duerr. I, Pat Fries, will my bookkeeping knowledge to Mr. Gutshall. Iames Davis wills his height to Gary Stump. Donna Dennis wills her beautician's ability to anyone who wants it. Iesse Rode wills his big straight eight to Mr. Senit. Ioy Glatfelter wills her Trig. book to anyone who wants it. Carol Sinclair wills her love for 10th and llth grade history classes to anyone lucky enough to get Mr. Kessler lor a teacher. Gary Hatterer wills his brains to Butch Glassick. Carol Shorts wills her flirtatious blue eyes to anyone who wants them. if id 7 if W WILLS Karen Willis wills her love tor Business Law to anyone who attempts to include it in their schedule next year. I. Arlene Kreeger, will my luck in the magazine campaign to anyone who wants it. Mary McAfee wills her positi-on on the volleyball team to the person who can hold it. Melvin Ryan wills his Trig. Book to anyone who likes to do homework. Ralph Wilderson wills his curls to Mr. Gross. Milton Smith wills his hot '49 Ford,-to anyone who thinks he is good enough to drive it. Richard Stover wills his car to Beshore and Koller. Blaine Rentzel wills his P.O.D. marks to Richard Smith. Darlene Sowers wills her seat in Peggy Zirkle's car to the poor kids who walk to school. Carol Weigle wills her love for a '55 Chevy to anyone who wants it. Delores Prowell wills Wayne's wrecked Ford to any future speed demon. Marjorie Leash wills her artistic ability to Mr. Koch and anyone whois an artist. Gayle Myers' dimples are willed to Harriet Mumma if she can stand all the teasing. Kenny Metzel wills his used set of drums to Don Marlowe. Donnie Doll wills his ability in science to Miss Kline. Daune Boyer wills her cymbals to any underclassman who wants a big bang. Ianet Price wills her love for the bed in the nurse's office to anyone that doesn't feel well. Brenda Smyser wills her "accent" to all the English teachers at N. H. S. Harriet Mumma wills her "tendency to speed" to Mr. Gordon's Driver's Education students. I. Gerald Eppley. will my unused Business Law book to anyone who wants it. Peggy Dolbin wills her numerous activities to anyone who can stay after school 180 days a year. Florence Dunavin wills her ability to "stay out ol trouble" to Butch Glassick. Louise Fink wills her long hair to Ioyce Kraift. Sonia Stough wills her love for 1080 to Susie Gress. Ianet Reinecker wills her blonde hair to anyone who wishes to be called "Blondie." Paul Bortner wills his artistic ability and his position on the yearbook stafl to anyone with a lot ot spare time. Karen Musser wills her love for Plymouths and the "Drags" to "anyone concerned." Bonny Gross wills her gum cracking ability to Mr. Roberts. Linda Gembe wills her love tor East Market Street to anyone who has transportation there. I. Wanda Knaub, will my Business Law grade to anyone who wants to ilunk Law. Dennis Etter wills the camera to anyone who can use it better than he can. Dot Smith wills her cheerleading uniform to her sister, Barbara. Mike Wilt wills his "Fan Club" to anyone who can handle it. lay Mundis wills his "Hot Mercury" to Mr. Sentt. Tom Hombach wills his tuba to anyone who can carry it. Lona Lauer wills all her "good luck" to Betsy. Amy Weigel wills her love for Bookkeeping to Sandy Ebersbach. Rena Stare wills her love for Bookkeeping to Nancy Deardoril. Bonnie Williams wills her thinness to George Weeks. Lois Strayer wills her driving skill to Dale Aldinger. if- 'W-gr 1- ,afgstv 4551.4 i ir' Y CLASS PRCPHECIES It is a bright, sunny day here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The crowd numbers in the thousands: many of them famous and many plain and ordinary. There are also a large number of working people here: people who made this whole day possible. The team of mechanics performed a great iob in speed and proficiency. Gary Hatterer did a magnificent job in windshield wiping. Lou Gingerich and Tom Bortz were a great team in tire changing, aided by the super strength of Frank Lecrone. who lifted the cars when the iack broke. Other mechanics were Iay Mundis, lesse Rode, Ronald Kramer, Robb Santymire, Robert Ander- son, and Milton Smith. On hand are a staff of doctors and nurses, who each year, save the lives ofimany drivers. Some of the top nurses are Sonia Stough, Nancy Witmer, Ioan Freede, and Iudy Gladfelter. The head doctor is lim Davis: and under him are Doug Fetrow, Chalfont Conley, and Melvin Ryan, who served as bandage cutters. Chuck Myers can be seen clearly by everyone, waving the flags at the drums. The red light, operated by Brian LaPrairie, has just gone on: and there goes the crash crew to mend the trouble. Among the crew are: Herb Poe, Dean Nouse, William Millar, Henry Krout, Richard Stover, Ralph Wilderson, Dennis Fullen, and Wayne Hawbaker. The cars that the contestants are driving were designed by Barry Spahr and Paul Bortner. The rubber in the wheels is a new synthetic invented jointly by the two great chemists, Valdis Baidens and Doug Dorset, aided by Bonnie Williams. The drivers' outfits were made, by Ioyce Akins and Fay Benedick. Ierry McLaughlin is your able announcer with his Yogi Bear voice. On his staff are a number of good secretaries, Peggy Dolbin, Darlene Sowers, Mary McAfee, Gayle Myers, Delores Prowell, and Florence Dunavin. The reporter on the scene is Arlene Kreeger. "Anyone for a sandwich?" This is the cry from the elevated restaurant. The waitresses givingsthat cry are Beverly Fadely, Donna Bear, Catherine Adams. Donna Dennis, Carol Sinclair, Lois Strayer, Karen Willis, Elizabeth Crager, Fae Delp, Amy Weigle, Helen Simms. Rena Stare, and Barbara Wilhide. The stands are packed today with many different and interesting people. The First Platoon of the Second Cavalry of the Third Army with its famous General Buddy Brenner is seated in the front section. In their uniforms are Donald Ensminger, 'Gerald Eppley, Ronald Arnold, Marlin Knaub, and Richard Atwood, winner of the Purple Heart. The Navy division sitting as far from the Army as possible, is headed by the courageous Admiral Dennis Etters. His midshipmen are Ralph Gladfelter, Terry Grim, Robert Hanner, Marlet Hanna, Harry Hertzler, Wayne Hoffecker, Eugene Hoover, Blaine Rentzel, and Ken Metzel. The Wome:n's Marine Corps are also honoring the speedway with their presence. They are Brenda Smyser, Pearl Gotwalt, Louise Fink, Ioy Glad- felter, Linda Horne, Mariorie Leash, Peggy Zirkle, and Carol Weigle. There are a number of prominent people present today. His Honor Presi- dent Robert Holder and Vice-President David Lingg are with their secretaries Donna Pugh and Ianet Price. A few multibillionnaires are scattered around the stands with their secre- taries. They are Leroy Rodgers, Donald Ilyes, and Sir Earl Rau with Mary Ellen Fetrow, Mary Hamilton, and Bonny Gross. 118 Basketball star Barry Gross of the Philadelphia Warriers, is here with his famous friend, Tom Hombach, star of the Boston Celtics. Great names in the film work world are also present. Gary Good, magnifi- cent star of the movie, "Transport to Siberia," and his co-star Ioan Sanger, are here with starlets Betsy Lynch, Daune Boyer, Peggy Suky, Sharon Will- man, Louree Brenner, and Dorothy Smith. Also in the party are director tycoon Mike Humer and producer Don Doll. 'Pat Fries, great medical technician, is here with her entire staff of workers: Anita Reed, brain surgeon: Wanda Kirby, Carol Grossman, Celia Heindel, Nancy Walker, Mary Ladd, Loma Lauer, and Ianet Reinecker. Other spectators of importance are Nancy Busser, best cook oi 1971: and Ioan Conway, best cook ol 1972. Linda Gembe, Miss America oi 1963, and socialites Kay Murphy, Wanda Knaub, Harriet Mumma, Marleen Yinger, Nancy Slecnker, and Carol Shorts are seated behind the soldiers. Down below can be seen Karen Musser, waiting anxiously for the conclu- sion ol the race. She presents flowers to the winner and kisses him. Yes, the last lap is started, and now the drums are telling the excitement, as the driv- ers are turnitng the curve-coming down the home stretch. 'l'here is the winner, driving Norman Bentz's car, Mike Wilt. CLASS PCEM Now as we leave this school of ours, We look back through the years, And see just how our lives are shaped Through all our ioys and fears. We came to learn three years ago All that our school could' teach. We studied hard to gain prestige: Our various goals to reach! We did so much, we worked, we toiled: And had our gay times, too. We strove to mold our destinies, And learned what we should do. The past cannot be changed, we know: Foundations have been laid. The fu-ture, though, is in our power! Let not ambition fail. Come, class ot "SU," may our goal Be service to mankind, In work for freedom, peace, and love May each contentment find. P 119 CLASS SONG f'bff,3l fgli 1 Xa if E FE EF: e fer l. These years we have worked, these years we have toiled. 2. The future and what it holds: this is ours. -wel ,A T if l 3 'Q fi These years we have learned of life's way. To turn into loss or to gain. E 43464951 QT ,ff QE 1 5 ? if S ' r fl E ,kanji f f e gg f Each minute. each hour, and each day. 4 Our efforts must not be in vain. Ahead is the future, though gone is the past. 4. Farewell. now Northeastern: our thanks we proclaim Our duties are plain to discern. We leave you with pangs of regret. But great opportunities beckon to all Be ours. the high calling to build structures tall. If to the right pathways we turn. From plans we can-never forget. 120 AUTCJGRAPHS Y QE? Ei 2 Q 2 5 sz If E 5 ? 5 li sa i 3 V 1 SCCIE .V i SIE", W Q? N? V E ff lf H rj 5 V w V5 , Q-VQSMSPE : vii' V - ' fc' ' mf M ' Vi' , .W V s ig w er lv V- .. '- WV B V' V V is fag. V12 ' .V 4 -V Qgs . E53 -' ef 1 ., V. ,V V- VV or , .. -V V, . .. V h x W"- V VV ., V V ' QV V f VV W V V ., ' ' " .V " 4- Q V . 5 , 'I V. W H 5 "" 1 E V V, V V ' 5 V- . -V : A f+f,,':VV4:VV-V' .gnzr-Vw ' . 2 .-1 V V z ra . . , ,V my se, E 5 2 5' V , . V E. X Q.. ,V ,N is Qgpfiqegi V152V', -l"Vf',i'.,1Qliflfgi''P1TiVi:5jif"if,V"'fVL5. Ri' 7 V ' L '51 ' V - ,f 'xl ' iff ::"' :in J",-'Z ,' ,"?- f "5',V',V1,lai..TV iw? i'fVZ2i.,:r ff g' V ' 2 V , , V 4' E 1. 1 .,.. V5 Q 219 , 5 EV V , ..: Eg V -3 V ?'?iv gVigffg1V. V5 5 , V ,. V VI 1 . V :Va -2 1 , 11- V , , ' ., VV -V QV MV 'MiViVQ'f.jfge5 is Q 2 V ..: , , -aa 'VP V Ee V V , ' i n QU 55,1 g V M .V , , V , VV V g' if l 2 V I H ig ' , 'V V V ,VV ., . - , Vs ss , , -:,r12"' TI-' magma .V ' ' VV ' V 'V , x l V , -Q V' sf , V ' 2 V V , ff f a? V 5 V 5 V ,vi V, , A . , 33,5 V- -Seam ' ,. M ,, ,V,.,,, KV .,,., .....i. ,. . ... ,. 3 , . ., , AV, . ,. . L .fi QV ,xi mg. ,M ' , ' f Vw V V V , V , V ' Vs Ee? ,wgqfVVVfsisVwV,f'gm,V?eRV:V,?s .1 ' . ,- V4 My V , . V VP V2 E . :z VVVVVVVMHVIV 5 35 161 se ,V ,VY V V ' --" 'V V V ' V- Vfwexsmx .Vie w -1 V' -rs I 1 ' V ,, V , V VV V f?E?2amf'5W,Q!Y L V 555,55 'S ll ' 5 " Y 5 V, V we-:w,F5n,5,?hVv iQ1V5?Q?eV VV V Egm23s:d1,f'i:?Vg,fsqVsefgVVV,1s:fy1241, V te .Vx Veer V Vf -::Vf,,-eg: V ,5 V, f ,-, Vf Q iV .. re ,E ,. a g Si Q E 5 VV m e ,. .V V 5 Y ll .. VV V VVVV Vw V . , V V :V , . Vl ' , gfg 'J ' -V A, , First Row: Bonnie Williams, Karen Second Row: Iames D avis, Treasurer, New Honor Society Musser, Vice-President Mary Ellen Fetrow, Secretary. Lou Gingerich, President, and Doug Dorset. First Row: Ioyce Akins, Mary Ladd, Delores Prowell, Beverly Fadely, Valdis Baidins. Second Row: lane Conway, Barbara Heindel, Nancy Heilman, Ilze Baidins. Third Row: Iames Weigle, Terry Gross, Richard Fisher, Linda Dittenhafer, Susan Leonard. 124 I don't know what to do with my cup Congratulations, everyone. Are you back again, Mr. Doll? On April 6, l96U, fourteen new inductees were admitted to the Scott W. Knaub Chapter of the National Honor Society. lt was a glo- rious day as the six nervous "veterans" gave their speeches in the spirit of reverence, fit- ting that occasion. They smiled as the surprised, grinning fledgings came to accept the robe and pin, symbolic of the 'mantle-of responsibility tall- ing about their shoulders. The repetition of this ceremony brought memories of their in- duction one year previous, when they ex- perienced the same feelings. A note of sad- ness crept in too, for they realized their time of active 'service was soon to end. The realization that the nine would carry on the standards ot character, scholarship, leadership, and service cheered them up, however, and plenty of cookies and punch at the "tea" wiped out all traces of stark reality. Yes, they were to leave soon, but the Society would not die for the torch ot fellowship had been relighted. First Row: Beverly Burroughs, Sue Ann Paul, Diane Thomas. Second Row: Marcia Washburn, Christine Lawrence, Midge Rosell. The Hadley-Luzerne stu-dents met Governor Lawrence and Assemblyman Nelson. First Row: Butch Morrison, Steve Whitcornb, Thomas Hughes. Second Bob Palmer, Leon Allen, Ioe Moses. Fay' Benedick, Linda Dittenhafer, Beverly Fadely, Susan Leonhard, D01'0T1'1Y Smith, loyce Becker. EXCHANGE STUDENTS Front Row: Thomas Bortz, Ierry Mcltaughlin. Second Row: Iohn Groome, Iohn Good, Iim Weigle, Ken Decker. 127 This year, for the first time, Northeastern High School participated in a student ex- change program with Hadley-Luzerne Central School District in upper New York State. The program was sponsored and financed by the International Paper Company with a very favorable outcome for the participants. Six girls from Northeastern traveled to Lake Luzerne, New York during the first two weeks of February. The same number of girls from Hadley-Luzerne visited in Manchester. An equal number of boys were exchanged sev- eral weeks later. The importance of this program is to create a feeling of understanding between two states, the schools, and all of the people con- cerned with the exchange. Educational, recreational, and industrial ideas were ex- changed, as well as the various geographical differences. These students have the Christmas spirit. Ninth grade pupils prepare tor the Thanksgiving feast. STUDENT ASSEMBLIES The Christmas story-as told by the junior boys. What have we here? Handsome Greg s1ngs Homer and Iethro??? The nu tive dance. SENIOR BAND The senior band consists of approximately fifty members. The enrollment has-remained constantly around the fifty mark, however, in 1957 it rose to sixty-tive. Due to an increased interest in the band a junior loand has been formed this year. The aims oi the band are to develop band techniques, skill in the individual instrument, and appreciation -of good music. Among the various activities of the band are playing in the community Memorial Day and I-lallowe'en parades, presenting programs for the high school P. T. A., and the Conewago Elementary P. T. A. They have also played for the dedication oi the new iirehouses at Manchester and York Haven and each year the band has presented a Spring Concert. In 1957-58 the band along with various community groups raised enough money to buy uniforms for the band. First Row: Richard Smith, Kenneth Zook, Kenneth Metzel, Daune Boyer, Blaine Rentzel, Tom Danner. Second Row: Ronald Trayer, Ianet Ort, laneen Lingg, Martin Eversbach, Garfield McKin, Ingrid Ensminger, Bob Bortz, Cathy McClain. Third Row: Sharon Willman, Delia Kessler, Irene McHenry, Diane Doll, Marbeth Eisensmith, Norma Bentz, Iere Rentzel, Ruth Lease, Buddy Crumling, lim Mummert, Daphene Snowberber, Sally Doll, Lynne Neffe. Fourth Row: Daryl Gemmill, lim Neigle, Shirley Fries, David Lingg, Torn Bortz, Harry Bottomley, Iim Roth, Donna Bear, Tom Livingston, Sam Willman, Ricky Stough. Fifth Row: Richard Kann, Carl Meyers, Bradley Rentzel, Gerald McCarney, Gerald Eppley, Iohn Brenner. First Row: Donna Strausbaugh, Reba Weirich, Harriet Mumma, Sandra Sweitzer, Fae Delp, Nancy Slenker, Ioyce Paup, Linda Gembe, Barbara Heindel, Peggy Suky, Phyllis Stough, Donna Dennis, Mary Ladd, Sonia Stough, Nancy Deardorff, Rena Stare, Patsy Fries, Ioyce Nagle, Peggy Zirkle., Second Row: Dorothy Smith, Celia Heindel, Lois Fink, Patricia Detwiler, Lona Lauer, Sharon Mohr, Arlene Kreeger, lo Hottin- ger, Wanda Knaub, Sharon Hendrickson, Donna Pugh, Beverly Gheen, Linda Horne, Nancy Heilman, Bonnie Witmer, Anita Reed, Ioyce Kraift, Barbara Strouse, Glenda Snellbaker, Ioy ,Glatfelter Third Row: Ritta Walker, Mary Hamilton, loan Freede, Nancy Witmer, Patricia Topper, Marjorie Leash, Patricia Weirich, Fay Benedick, Lois Strayer, Nancy King, Bonnie Sullivan, Dovana Fuller, 'Bonnie Gross, Leslie Kessler, Karyl Dunlap, Florence Dunavin, Ruth Ann Knudsen, Karen Musser, Connie Folk, Gloria Benedick, Ioyce Miller, Delores Prowell, Daune Boyer, loyce Becker, Ilze Baidins. Fourth Row: Iacqueline Moore, Donna Bear, Romaine McFadden, Iudy Gladfelter, Carol Sinclair, Betty Fissell, Isabell Poe, Carol Grossman, Nancy Busser, Susan Leonhard, Marleen Yinger, Louree Brenner, Norma Bentz, Ioyce Brenneman, Linda Zinn, Bonnie Rhodes, Ioan Conway, Bonnie Williams, Amy Weigle, Linda Dittenhafer. Fifth Row: Ronald Gray, Robert Wilderson, Richard Stover, Iohn Good, David Miller, Donald Doll, Richard Atwood, Blaine Rentzel, Richard Smith, Carl Myers, Mike Hombach, Lou Gingerich, Iames Weigle. Sixth Row: Tom Hombach, Henry Krout, Donald llyes, Barry Gross, Kenneth Metzel, Thomas Bortz, Iames Davis, Raymond Upde- graif, Charles Sharples, Rodger Bruaw, Gary Hatterer, David Deardorff, Donald Sides. SENICR CHCJRUS The Senior High Mixed Chorus was started in 1953-54 with sixty-tive mem- bers. Previously there had been separate choruses for boys and girls. The chorus grew and in 1956-57 attained its highest enrollment of one hundred sixty-five. Due to the increased enrollment, the chorus was split in 1958-59 into groups, the sophomore chorus open to all members of the sopho- more class and the senior chorus for which members of the junior and senior classes are eligible. A variety of activities has highlighted the days of the chorus. The 1954-55 group received a rating of excellent in the Forensics, while the 1957-58 chorus sang at the Viennese Ball. Last year the chorus entertained members of the Rotary Club of York. The aims of the chorus are to develop voice and choral techniques, further the appreciation of good music, and increase the cultural level of school and community. First Row: Nancy Snavely, Tonya Mohr, lane Nus- baum, Tim Witmer, Carol Krebs, Mary Weigel, Bar- bara Keeny, Daryl Gemmill, Robert Miller, Greg Smee, William Brenner, Delight Hewitt, Frederick Sanders, Lynn Bruaw, Lonnie Wilt, Gary Wilderson, Rodger Zirkle, Victor Coble, Iohn Lawrence, Richard Shelly, Donna Henderixson, Rodger Welty. Second Row: Charlene Stiffeer, Lini Gorham, Peggy Brenner, Glenda Clouser, Carla Allison, Freda Hamilton, Linda Reeser, Dixie Humer, Brenda Fritz, Dianne Krebs, Ivor Ensminger, Robert Brenneman. Craig Holler, Direnda Updegraff, Pamela Angell, Darlene Kann, Mary Michael Achaj, David Lynn, Linda Pugh, Brenner, Henry Buckwalter, Richard Hauer, Gary Carbaugh. Third Row: Raelyn Baublitz, Linda Kile, Marie Alloway, Gail Farcht, Cheryl Doll, Iudy Snel- baker, Sheila Gundy, Sharon Goodyear, Ronald Trayer, Terry lones, Kenny Walker, Philip Emenheiser, Carl Walker, Ioanne Nye, Pat Wilderson, Heidi Eicher, Sue Wolf, Nan Good, Linda Miller, Irene McHenry. Fourth Row: Carolyn Kyle, Shonna Swords, Leah Wit- mer, Darlene Snelbaker, Mary L. Bowers, Delia Kess- ler, Dawn Crumling, Ella Stence, Robert Brennman. Fifth Row: Rachel Ilyes, Iill Wolf, Rebecca Knight, Debra Knight, Maureen Miller, Rose Kreeger, Brenda Gembe, Susie Gress, Nancy Harris, Dorothy Doll, Micky Holtzapple, Gary Krebs, Luther Diehl, Kenneth Sipe, Kathleen Miller, Craig Werner. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS The junior high chorus is a new organization formed this year. It consists of ninety-three members selected from the two hundred and twelve junior high students who auditioned for a position. Various musical groups have been formed from the chorus, a girls sextet, boys quartet, and girls ensemble. This organization is one of the more active in our school, having partici- pated in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies. They have pre- sented a Christmas and Easter concert. They have had several money raising projects: three bake sales and two dances. The money was used for electric candles, the Christmas concert, told- ers for music and music. The aims ot the chorus are to introduce the members to choral singing and, in general, to create an interest in music. SCPHOIVICRE CHCJRUS First Row: Kay Bremmen, Linda Reisinger, Paulette Stombaugh, Verna Swartz, Ruth Lease, Paula Bear, Shirley Fries, Mildred Gross, lane Reeser, lane Meads, Gail Markley, Kay Ely, Connie Keech, Susan Doll, Helen Sterner. Second Row: Dee Mumma, Io Anne Bixler, Carol Crone, Kathy McClain, Daphne Snow- berger, Barbara Walker, Ethel Kreeger, ludy Morth- land, Beverly Brenneman, Deborah Ann Gemmill, Ginger Benedick, Lois Fahringer, Brenda Krebs, Lori Nade, Carol Toomey, Louise Sheeley, Carol Hale, Mr. Shade. Third Row: Grace McAfee, Iuanita Wright, Norma Strausbaugh, Ioann Smith, Linda Snelbaker, Karen Shenberger, Marion Bacon, Susan Fritz, Reta Martin, Dot Ahrens, Elaine Pressel, Dot Cunningham, Andy Grossmen, Alice Lecrone, Dorenda Devine, Sandy Ebersbach, Sharon Aughenbaugh, Andrea Boch, Fay Knaub. Fourth Row: Bill Danner, Barry Shaffer, Kenneth Holder, Bill Kirby, Buddy Crummling, Donald Toomey, Marshall Busser. Fifth Row: Iohn Werning, Robert Weirich, Tom Livingston, Dale Druck, Iim Mummert, Iesse Poff, Kenneth Kennedy, Gary Repman. JUNIOR HIGH BAND First Row: Victor Coble, Gerald Hottinger, Gregory Murphy, Dennis Delp, Michael Rauscher, Frank Good, larnes Richie, Henry Buckwalter, Lenord Poli, Robert Kling, Tom Wallace. Second Row: Delight Huyett, Linda Lauer, Iames Yinger, Larry Hartman, Timothy Good, Barbara Smith, Robert Miller, Clair Leiphart. Third Row: Carol Hale, Robert Brenneman, Clifford Grattius, Harry Crump, Iohn Sherrill, Faye Bechtel, Dick Reinecker, Richard Rodgers, Robert Brenner, Ivor Ensrninger, Linda Neiman, Susan Wolf, Darlene Gladfelter, Craig Holler. LES IVIEIVIOIRES STAFF EDITORIAL First Row: D. Smith, K. Musser Editor-in-Chief, Mrs. Murdough, Ad- visor, I. Adins, Managing Editor Second Row: B. Williams, I. Davis N. Bentz, R. Atwood, D. Boyer, L Brenner, M. E. Fetrow, Typisi. BUSINESS A. Kreeger, F. Benedick, D. Doll, T. Bortz. First Row: L. Gembe, P. Fries Reed, D. Prowell, P. Zirkle, I ger, M. Hamilton. Second Row Stonesifer, Advisor, S. Siough Suky, B. Gross, N. Slenker Strouse, W. Knaub, I. Freede Sinclair, I. Gladfelter, B. Pac Third Row: G. Eppley, S. Wlllr ' E K. Willes, N. Walker, D. Dennls Lynch, M. Yinger, B. LaPra Fourih Row: B. Smyser, I. G felter, L. Strayer, L. Lauer Weigle, I. Reinecker, C. Weigle Are you sure you wrote 1t? Back to the worth-while cause Cut the cotton plckln thlng. PHOTOGRAPHER Leroy Rodgers Think! 135 PATRCNS Anderson's Tropical Treat Katharine Beecher Butter Mints Beshore 6. Koller Henry Blatner Bright Star Restaurant Harry C. Busser, Inc. A Friend Fries Restaurant Charles E. Kline Charles Mohr. lr., Building Contractor Mt. Wolf Auto Rebuilders Carl W. Nelson R. H. Strayer's Garage George H. Wolf, Inc. York Bldg. 6 Const. Trades Council, A. F. L.-C. I. O. York Container Company York County Gas Company Frank Zeigler 136 Manchester Manchester Manchester York York York Haven Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Manchester Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Dillsburg Mt. Wolf York York Mt. Zion Rd. York York Manchester PATRONS Adams Garage Emigsville Adams 6. Sheifer New and Used Cars York Arnold's Marine Supplies Manchester Barton's Bakery Mt. Wolf Baughman's Memorial Works Dover Carl Beasley Company York Bern Haven, Inc. Mt. Wolf H. E. Bixler , l Manchester Dr. G. S. Blymire 6 Dt. G. S. Blymire, lr. Manchester Bowers Garage Mt, Wolf Brenneman's Gulf . Mg, Wolf Bricker's Garage Dover The Careva Company, Inc. York Charlie's Barber Shop York Haven Dr. -6: MIS. Alfred Chicote Manchester Iohn Dauber's Flower Shop York Diehl's Home Furnishings Mt. Wolf Mr. 6 Mrs. Richard Dorset 6 Family Dover East York Bowling Center, Inc. York Emrich Chevrolet Emrich -Construction Company Manchester Fidler's Bowlerama 6. Manchester Restaurant Mt. Wolf Foam Products Manchester Forry's Sinclair Service Station Mt. Wolf Frey Furniture Store York A Friend A Friend 1 York Haven Fun Bowl Manchester Gil Tunney Studio, Incorporated York Gray's Gulf Service York Iohn E. Groome Mt. Wolf Harper's Pro Shop York Harry's Milk Bar York Dr. 6. Mrs. Warren Herrold Mt. Wolf Iennie Lee Doll Hospital Mt. Wolf Iordan's Food Market Mt. Wolf Newswanger's York East York Bowling Center, Inc. Iulius Music House Dr. Iames S. Keller F. F. Kling 6 Sons The King Press C. C. Kottcamp 6 Son, Inc. Homer S. Kottcamp 6. Sons Lau's Sewing Center Marvin Lauver, Insurance Lehr's Esso Service Manchester Grange Manchester Pharmacy Martin 61 Kohr Mr. 6 Mrs. Ezra Miller Mundis Mills, Inc. Mundis 'Supply Mrs. H. C. Neibert Northern Radio Service L. K. Poli, Plumbing' 6: Heating Contractor Frank I. Reese 5 Sons, Iewelers Royal Paint and Wallpaper Rutter Bros. Dairy, Inc. Saginaw Real Estate Company C-laude Shelley Sherrill Sand Company Mr. 6. Mrs. Roy Sowers Bertha Sprenkle Mr. 6. Mrs. Elmer Stabley Standard Rag and Paper Co. T. R. Sterner, Electric Contractor F. E. Stough Thumma's Service Station Howard Wallace, Tile 6. Linoleum Contractor Sally Weigle Williams 61 Stambaugh Mr. 6. Mrs. Charles S. Wolf Mrs. 'Charles B. Wolf, Sr. Mr. 6 Mrs. George H. Wolf, Sr. Wolf Supply Company York Haven State Bank York York Haven Manchester York York Zion View York Mt. Wolf York Emigsville Ma.nchester Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf York Dover York York Mt. Wolf York York York Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Manchester York Manchester York Mt. Wolf Manchester York Haven Manchester Manchester Manchester Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf York Haven Acme Markets Mr. 6- Mrs. Robert Ahrens. Ir. Antone's Beauty School Arnold's Paint and Body Shop Mr. 6. Mrs. I. L. Aughenbaugh The Barn Mr. 6: Mrs. Albert E. Benedick 61 Family Mr. :S Mrs. Harry Benedick C. I. Beshore 5. Sons Mr. 6. Mrs. Roy Bishop Blouse's Sinclair Blymire Barber Shop Bowlers Supply Shop Bright Star Bruaw's Butcher Shop Buck's Esso Station Mr. 6. Mrs. Henry Buckwalter Pete Burgard Burger's Beauty Shop Central Bowling Lanes Mrs. Betty Clemens Colonial Hotel Compliments ol a Friend Conewago Beverage Conewago Inn Cousler's Food Market Dauber's Nurseries Peggy Davin Beauty Shop Davin Beauty Shop Attorney df Mrs. Michael Deckman Bob Deitz Sporting Goods Store Mr. G Mrs. Leonard Diehl Drawbaugh's Store Mr. 6. Mrs. Fred Ebersbach Chester S. Ely, Insurance Ernst Pharmacy Mr. 6. Mrs. Thomas Evans Mr. 6. Mrs. Norman Fetrow 6. Girls Mr. rS. Mrs. Richard K. Fisher Mr. 6- Mrs. Elwood Fitzkee Food Fair A Friend The Friendly Reminder Card and Gilt Shop Mr. 6. Mrs. Richard Fritz 5. Family Miss Faye N. Glace Mr. 6. Mrs. Iohn Gladlelter 6. Family W. T. Grants Company Gruver Pharmacy Harb-old's Grocery Mr. 6. Mrs. Harry Hatterer Mr. 6. Mrs. Edward Helfner 6. Family C. R. Heidlebaugh C. E. Heindel, Builder I. Luther Heisler, Plumber Hershey's Amoco I. B. Hershey Hoflman's Furniture Store Mr. 6: Mrs. Richard Hombach PATRONS York Manchester York York Mt. Wolf Y-ork York Strinestown York Mt. Wolf Dover Mt. Wolf York York Mt. Wolf York Mt. Woll York Mt. Woli York Manchester York Manchester Strinestown Manchester York York Mt. Woll York Haven Mt. Woll Mt. Wolt Mt. Wolf Zions View Mt. Wolf York Dover Mt. Wolf York Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf York York Manchester Mt. W-oll Strinestown Manchester York York Dover Manchester York York Mt. Wolf York York York York Mt. Wolf Hussie's Restaurant I. :S A. Produce Iewel Shoppe D. I. Kennedy 61 Son, Refrigerator 6 Washer Service Keystone Garage Kline's Suburban Store Mr. 6- Mrs. William Knudson Ray W. Krebs ' Mr. Mrs. Raymond Lady Lincolnway Flower Shop Lindsay Gift Shop Manchester Fruit Farm-Clair Bear Treva McCarney Beauty Shop Meadowbrook Swim Club I. Allen Melhorn Miller's of York Mr. 6 Mrs. Henry Mohr Monkey Center Faye Moomaw Bill Mundis Irvin F. Mundis Naylor Candies Neiman's Garage Neiman's Snack Bar New Leeds Chet Patterson I. C. Penney Company Peoples Laundry 6 Dry Cleaners Polar Palace Prowell's Radio 61 T. V. Service F. W. Rehm Self-Service Store Iere R. Rentzel, Paul Rentzel Rhinehart's Garage F. Scott Robinson Rohrbaugh Grocery Scha'tlner's Shoe 'Store Mr. 6 Mrs. Kenneth Slenker Snelbaker's Body Shop George E. Spahr Staub's Beauty Salon Mr. 6. Mrs. Truman Stoppard Strausbaugh Garage Suburban Memorial Gardens M. L. Sullivan, Ieweler Sweitzer's Store Trail Coffee Shoppe Violet's Beauty Salon Vuxta's Grocery Mr. 6 Mrs. Carl Weigle Wertz Meat Market White Rose Paint 6: Wallpaper Store Wilt's Grocery Store Mr. 5. Mrs. William Wolf Wollgang's Shoes :S Sporting Goods Clair Wright George Wright York Fabrics Zeller's Barber Shop Mr. :S Mrs. Iohn Zimmerman Shalfner's Ieweler Mt. Woll Manchester Manchester York York Dover ' Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Manchester York Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf , Mt. Wolf York Mt. Wolf Goldsboro Manchester Emigsville Emigsville Mt. Woll Dover Dover York York York York Newberrytown Mt. Wolf Etters Manchester Manchester York Mt. Wolf York Haven Mt. Wolf York Mt. W-oll Dover Mt. Wolf York Dover York Strinestown York Mt. Wolf Dover Manchester Strinestown York Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolt York York Manchester York Mt. Wolf Mt. Wolf York AUTCGRAPHS ,gl

Suggestions in the Northeastern High School - Les Memoires Yearbook (Manchester, PA) collection:

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