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il I E . E A W 1 1: '.5'f"- .ii 3 ,. sr' 2 93,1 v F 2 'Z ,xl :ir Ae in ff pp 1 I , ..,, E Q ,f K u""f..2E,3ff i ,. , ' 5? . f .5"'i:'.I' ' lx . ' an - :eggs 1 ,ru f ....., rf. Q. ,giailiiiif ft i f K+ ' fs fr - 1' - 43 'HQ . ! ea, 1' 51' - W -.,.,m.. " 1 V 1' 2, f in-fglv lf' , ,Amr 5 ,, A "' HF. -X an-l!""':"" f ' -W -fi' I 4 9 0 2 :'5""'f l , L Y A N I A Qlm , A., W., ,.,:,.W,,.,,. H M F -Q jig Q .mn ' f W 5 is w , K 'Ag if lang. ' -nk Mn . , -an Mu M wma annum A 'Q wwf m..g,,fb Q-wx , dvi, fs A cv!! KXQ x iw W K4 1' , awk? ww 'Q If .L F' E in 1-is 311 rss mf 1, fi 'S 2: wi xi M, ,M .X ,. 4 A .nv U .4 NN-... ...ww ummm ww 3? A Table of Confenfs Foreword . . Dedication . . . Adminisfrafion . Faculiy ..... Acfivifies . . . Athlefics ...... Underclassmen . . Seniors ..... Patrons . . 4 i 455 fe 3 pa m 2 Y g g 4 Q' 'W up i ex 5 A"' or 1 'A":' .. ff., if vt ta. f. 1 . .a.i1r l . : f A . Q fig was .-,, ...ass :1::,:- i .Lg .,,, V '-V- 3 nz. Q A' ' , --,,VV - .:::... ...' :" Q :.,, , I -1-' '----- , 'i w , l W . ,,,- :,,,5 ltb, t Q . WM, ,WW M R A K 'f f rr-r ir , we Q if ,-, ,'..,,. g , rm lf -Q in Z K wg . UMW l if Q x 1 9 at f W ' X ,Ya The Foreword Looking forward on the train of success, the tracks are long and narrow, the rails are not always smooth, and there are many dangerous curves to be encountered and negotiated on the way. There are spur lines and side-tracks to which we may shift and upon which we must concen- trate and determine our direction for years ahead, just as many of us and our friends have shifted during our school years in both this generation and the gen- erations of the past. Shifts here and there are necessary to reach the desired destin- ation. Satisfaction to be left on a siding for too long surely will not spell success. The time table of getting ahead is inside ourselves and yet to be consummated. We must have the steam to carry it through in spite of the high mountains and the long bridges. Our signals will not always be clear to us, but the depot marked to our particular liking will materialize with perseverance. It doesn't matter whether we get there on the locomotive or the caboose so long as we reach the proper and desired destination. Our important ties of the past will help us in our future. We must realize and recognize all the dangers in our paths. We must remember to keep our hand on the throttle and our E eyes on the rails ahead. I i 5 5 l i I The Declicafion As we conTinue Toward our desTinaTion on The Train of success, we, The class of i955,'respecTfuiIy dedi- caTe This ediTion of "Les Memoires" To John R. Allison, one of The dispaTchers who has inspired us on ThaT dif- TiculT iourney To greaTer Things. 4 ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN RAILROADS PUBLIC RELATIONS DEFARTMENY Tlaulronvaflou lulLnlNa WASHINGTON 6, D. NAYICNAL B-0020 Rossnr s. HENRY Feb!-ua 2 vnu nnvnxuv ry 5, ALBERT R, eearrv L, Ann-nur v-ez num: 1 M4 J Y J Mrs. Roslyn L. King Manchester High School Manchester, Pennsylvania Dear Mrs. King: J. E. J r. o. J N MANAGIRI conusl. runuc I: r Rau.. In enum sz xlsmuau s 1 1 u:n.AL.av. A n rain. Acrucu R s1N:n.AlR. scuco c e su llfn. Nun Sze nc As requested in a recent letter from Mr. Payne, we are pleased to send you the Diesel-cab picture. Like Mr. Payne, we regret that there was some confusion in the handling of your original request. Jf we can be of further service :Ln any way, please 1B'b US know. Sincerely yours, THE PENKSYLVANIAK Il.fKILlKOAD l10FIl'ANY W f:l':NEll41l4 Cblflfll TIC ' ' E4 ZAVNE F F I W Sueunsan Svanon Bun.nmc. Theme JO Sinclair 'W' rv.-I. ..- '::1.'Lg1:t. ., .,.::.1::1..': 1 Hooooof, oooool o Colloeo Service Decenber 13, l95l, Mrs. Roslyn L. King Yearbook Advisor Manchester High School Manchester, Pa. Dear Mrs. King: We're happy to have the opportunity to assist you in your yearbook project. lkzclosed are several booklets and pictures which will give you an idea of how a railroad operates. You specifically asked about the titles of employes on a train. Each train crew is basically a five-man one--engineer, fireman, conductor and two brakemgn, sometimes called trainmen. One of the two brakunen is the flagnan of the train. The train is in charge of the conductor. ... -.. nt wheel f re.. Je In addition to this basic crew, there often is a baggage- man and when the train contains a mail car, there are a number of mail clerks who work :Ln it, sorting and dispatching mail as the train speeds along. Mail clerks are federal employes. On trains which have a diner, there is a steward in charge of the car and a number of waiters and chefs. When the train contains Pullmans there is a Pullman con- ductor and a porter for each Pullman. In some trains there are coach attendants to help coach passengers with their luggage and other miscellaneous little chores, On a long-distance train the train crews change frequently at division points. Train crews are paid on a mileage basis and a basic day's work for an engineer or fireman is 100 miles or less or 5 hours or less. For conductors and brakmen it is 150 miles or less or 75 hours or less. On a long-distance train, say from New York to Chicago, the employee working on it may number as high as ICD. I hope this will enable you to get off to an early start. II you need additional material, we will be very glad to assist you. Yours ve ' 5 Administration A CONEWAGO-FORGE HILL .IOINT SCHOOL SYSTEM MOUNT WOLF, PENNSYLVANIA PHONE 3393 CARL W. NELSON, Principal Manchester High School Manchester, Pennsylvania Phone 3131 THF TUPFPVIQTVG PFlNfIPAL'? MFPSLGE E ,-n..., ..ln.. The class of 1955 has new passed its first milestone. Many who started with you dii not finish. You who have graduated have obtained your goal and have my most heartfelt congratulations From your achievement let this be a lesson. Set your sights on a target and aim to hit it. Do your best in whatever you try. The world loves a winner -- aim high. The seabees during the last war had 3 slogan very apropos, NThe jcssible we can io now, the il- pcssible takes a little longer.H Their slogan was also a very short one, HGan Do.N This is a good slogan if we can rememoer it in the future. Do not say NI can't or I don't know how.N It's much netter to say ul aanu or Nl will try.N Learn to face life as it is rather than as you would like it to be. There is a song currently popular NGount Your Blessings.H Ee thankful for what you have and do not bemcan the fact that there are certain things which you do not have. True harriness can be obtainei from the things that we give rather than what we receive. The poet says: NNot what we give but what we share For the gift without the giver is bare Who gives hirnselflhis alms feels three, himself, his hungering neighbor, and mc.H Your high school days should have proved to be enjoyable years. Vour school has had a varied extra curricular program for you including dramatics, athletics, clubs, dances and many others too numerous to mention. l hope they have proved both profitable and enjoyable and will serve you well in the future. You are now in a position to take a full share in all the activities of the community, ani I hope that those activities will he worthwhile. Your school needs your support -- your church neris your support. Help both of them and any other worth- while activity to the best of your ability and may your years ahead be fruitful and wrought with many blessings and Successes in what you try to accomplish so that you will always bring creiit to first yourself, your community, your parents and anyone else who has had or will have a part in molding your niche in life. lgffer S,'AooA guifcl Effer 6ommunifie4 v 8 CONEWAGO-FORGE HILL JOINT SCHOOL SYSTEM MOUNT WOLF, PENNSYLVANIA PHONE 3393 CARL W. NELSON, Principal Manchester High School Manchester, Pennsylvania Phone 3131 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Congratulations to you on your graduation from Manchester High School. You are eagerly anticipating the great adventures which are to be yours.... higher education, a vocation, or perhaps a period of time in the service. As you go about these activities you will begin to find a new and greater appreciation of your high school education. It is true that some doors will be opened for you by virtue of the fact that you have a diploma. However, the qualities which helped you earn the diploma are the ones which will help you to succeed in your chosen vocation, and not the diploma itself. It is with pride and reluctance that we graduate you from high school. Pride in that we believe that you are well prepared to meet the realities of life---reluctance in that we will miss you. The class of i955 has become a part of this institution. You have had your influence on it, and in return it has influenced you. And now as a new chapter of your life unfolds before you, may I wish you many opportunities and the wisdom to recognize them as such, and the desire to make full use of them Elfer S4006 gui!! Eder gommunifiu v 9 School Board Message To you, The graduating class, who have trains as your theme for the yearbook, we, The Board of Directors, would suggest a basis upon which a train of Thought will carry you as you cast your lot upon society. We would like to offer The following words of encourage- ment to use as a guide in seeking happiness and success throughout your life: TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS AIM INTEGRITY NOBLENESS SINCERITY The truths which are established and Those we seek give us a sound foundation for our existence. Being righteous is a virtue, not only in a business sense, but also merits consideration from a family view-point. Your aim should be upon a goal which will lead you over The highways Towards The gates of eternity. Your integrity will fortify your courage to press forever onward and upward to the achievement of your ambitions. A noble person has The responsibility of perpetuating The dem- ocratic principles upon which our land was founded. Without sincerity in our hearts, iT would be difficult to compre- hend our successful association with others. The fruits of your Twelve years of education will manifest them- selves according to your ability to recognize right from wrong. A small train usually runs on a circular track. A super express covers a vast area. The decision rests with you. Which train will you choose? The Board of Directors of the Conewago- Forge Hill Joint School System is hopeful that you are now prepared to make this de- cision. With the expansion program, the integration of school boards, competent administrators, co-operation of parents and Teachers, and the help ofthe Building Authority, our school facilities will be ade- quate to provide the opportunity for those who seek further know- ledge. BOARD OF DIRECTORS I0 SCHOOL BOARD COMMITTEE MEETING Standing-W. W. Asper, supervising principalg A. Strine, O. C. Yeager, W. A. Kann F. Zeigler. Seated-R. Willxnarl, H. Bottornly, H. Bottomly, E. Rentzel. II Faculty I I V I 4 S 1 1 i 1 I S n I 1 ' I 4 F iremen MR. CARL W. NELSON B.S., M.Ed. Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University MR. WILBUR F. ZIMMERMAN B.A. Dickinson College Columbia University Subjects: Social Sciences, Languages MISS MARGARET A. BARRET B.S. Marywood College Subjects: Social Studies MR. PERRY W. HULL B.S. Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State University Subject: Commercial MR. JOHN R. ALLISON B.A. Southeastern Louisiana College Louisiana State University Subjects: Physical Education, Mathematics, Health VLR. DONALD S. KRAMER ppensburg State Teachers College Subjects: Biology, Physics MRS. ROSLYN L. KING B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College Subjects: English II, III MR. WILLIAM A. BATEMAN B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Subject: Commercial MRS. CHARLOTTE E. AHREN Hood College Subject: Home Economics MR. FRED E. BOTTERBUSCH A.B., M.Ed. Gettysburg College Temple University Subjects: Mathematics, General Science VlR. GEORGE K. SEACRIST B.S. in Education, M.LiH. Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh Subjects: English II, IV MISS GLENDA E. BRICKER B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Subjects: Physical Education, Health, American History MR. RICHARD B. SHADE B.M., M.A. Susquehanna University New York University Westminster Choir College Christian Choral School Peabody Conservatory of Music Subject: Music MR. RICHARD B. REIFF B.S. in Art Education Kutztown State Teachers College Subject: Art MISS CLARA M. CASSEL B.A., M.A. Goucher College Bucknell University MRS. ETTA McCLAIN R.N. Garfield Memorial Hospital District School Nurse ww ' wg? Activities wi 3 y x 1 Q, 1, , fm ,QW 11'- . sw? if v ll American Jr. Red Cross Hazel Rides Again l M en., s vV-' .:,,'- ' . n S 'if :A' K, First row, left to right-Verna Rumsey, Sarah Knaub, treasurerg Lois Boeckel, vice- A Q presidentg Linda Doll, presideutg Charlotte Wallace, secretaryg Shelva Zirkle. I X E? 5 Second row, left to right-Sara Ann Ort, Ardene Bucher, Carol Ann Deardorff, Pauline tr Q N, Q53 3 Hoover, Martha Mumma. f ' L M WWW, Third row, left to right-Nancy Stambaugh, Zula Seifert, Marian Lee, Anna Mae Brenneman. 55, -UV 'Y E Jw it Q l f lftxlrt M i F? ' sy, 1 Sf ,rye M 1 ,X tr 2 get .a i t sim E3 5. :-- . . r 'lla ,L.- A Lee Captures Prize 3 3 22 I X A 1 1 1 ff 15 1 owers, Faye Kline, First row, left to right-Patricia Hartman, Delores Bupp, Bonnie B secretary-treasurer, Gloria King, presidentg Ruth Baker, vice-president, Gloria Smith, Judy Kessler, Regina Kline, Kay O'Dell. Second row, left to right-Shirley Weigle, Annabelle Price, Linda Fink, Dorothy An- derson, Nancy Emig, Gloria Frey, Shirley Ranieri, Betty Bear, Barbara Kauffman. Third row, left to right-Mrs. Roslyn King, June Schroeder, Pat Gladfelter, Shirley ' ' ' l Seitz, Mr Witmer, Beverly Bowers, Kathy Chicote, Sandra Gillen, Phyllis Diehl, Eme yn George Seacrist. Fourth row, left to right-Louanna Kann, Mardella Fries, Jan Everhart, John Topper, dra Everhart, Sandra Snelbaker. Cassan Dramafics Club Topper Goes To The Top 23 .',- fir-MS ::' Q1 - miie , F Fi Q we T' Rtfgg pq, 2.51 ,p ' 'Uri' Fufure Homemakers of America 'K First row, left to right-Mary Ann Gross, Laura Smith, Bonnie Cramer, Phyl- lis Stambaugh, Esther Craft, presidentg Cathy Smith, secretary, Patricia Brenne- man, vice-president, Judy Miller, treas- urer, Judy Dietz, Theda Sipe. Second row, left to right-Mary Jo Watters, Geraldine Smith, Janet Stover, Helen Sheffer, Joanne Boileau, Delores Sipe, Dorothy Ely, Virginia Grim, Shirley White. Third row, left to right-Joan Bren- neman, Maxine Baker, Maxine Quillen, Florence Sipe, Mrs. Charlotte Ahrens. ss , . fi ' V rf' . ?'?,'z'fiL 'A H L1 ' "',.:: i'-'-'QT 'ii 5 .250 ' fini? gbtiii ,:dghJi:,m -:W 4... ' tiirzd 5 Miss? L... :fi dw we Quixtar mf: infix 'Q' DKK G Z Q wwe -HSN WEN pagan is iw 14 we it , ' ,,,,, .- 1 wg E .fa , Mrs. Ahrens congratulates Esther Craft, newly elected county F.H.A. president, in front of M.H.S.s Hrst prize winning exhibit. tif f M-M S fs ,W , -ef Af i A, I W ' ff 'S M M' ,:,,ff:, ,ze if Y '- fffrir 3 if ' Us 5 ag gif? M if-q ' . Q K'-T X Limp fiswzf , -- f "" E ' -rf.: Q 9 4 i 25 i fi g 4? 5, ,Q 9 . ,. an -,,.,,?k V xp :gif A . Q 5 ..., -J, -Q, , . sg S S-fifxgs gf. lf 5 A.. N' ,,' A if K3 M, 'wg '55 , .., , A- 1 - - ls ,izlrfit N A Mm T ,tw 5 X Yi fr, A t 4 , Af of -ff if Wir 5 ' it 2 ie 1 r ,emi Saw 2,55 f 3 'x k if .tg-. 5 --7' 5 ' this Nr 'Qi 7 ' L, , 2 ,E HV we 1, D Aft' ,iw gli: rf' flii if if if Ng iw ii , iw , N, X' it A if K SN, -i f -Sag e ,kat 7 Handicraff Club 06620 First row, left to right-Joyce Myers, Donna Jordan, Rachael Musser, Sonia Meads, secretaryg Bobba Lee Fry, vice-presidentg Madeline Lentz, presidentg Shirley Boll, treas- urerg Ellen Wilhide, Sandra Snellbaker, Dorothy Brenneman. Second row, left to right-Doreen Spangler, Carl Updegraff, Gail Julius, Anna Mae Mann, Barbara Bretz, Yvonne Aughenbaugh, Constance Stoppard, Leonard Heilman, Ei- leen Reese. Third row, left to right-Donna Jordan, Barbara Boyer, Dorothy Michalak, Rajean Willis, Barry Moul, Robert Staub, Nita Kessler, Rita Raffensberger, Miss Margaret Barrett. Fourth row, left to right-Larry Brenneman, Diana Ginter. 25 Hi-Y Service First row, left to right-Jay Hitz, Eugene Hanna, Clair Hoover, Ray Hoover, Carl King, Duane Bupp, Robert Musser, Larry LaPrairie, Leeland Hoover, Roger Ettinger, Wilbur Miller, Russel McCartney, Richard Miller. Second row, left to right-William Holiday, James Weire, Karl Strong, Roy Raffens- berger, secretaryg Glenn Meyer, assistant secretaryg Roger Bolton, vice-president, John Stoner, president, Ned Blymire, George Kohr, Ronald Danner, Gary Nouse, Richard Gingerich, Terry Hale. . Third row, left to right-Richard Stevens, Mervin Crawford, Kenneth Kock, Robert Campbell, Gary Miller, Glen Elfner, Ray Dennis, Rodney Boeckel, Walter Hoover, Larry Ranieri, Barry Julius, Ronald Lindenmuth. Fourth row, left to right-Mr. Wilbur Zimmerman, Richard Humbert, Donald Miller, Charles Yeaple, Richard Hoover, William Ilyes, Wayne Gundy, Sam Chapman, John Gross, Oscar Seager, Wayne Bucher, Robert Stoppard, George Shaffer, Mr. William Bateman. Fifth row, left to right-Richard Gladfelter, Wilbert Mickley, William Quickel, Charles Miller, Mahlon Harnme, Alan Toomey, James Deardorff, Stanley Ettinger, Gerald Keller, Lowell Reeser, Sylvester Kohr, Henry Kern. 26 LeHermen's Club First row, left to right-Larry Huyett, Raymond Bentz, Lance Strayer, vice-presidentg Gene Plowman, secretaryg Ken Strine, presidentg Ronald Knaub, treasurerg Larry Brenner, Gary Krebs. Second row, left to right-Jerry Werner, Floyd White, Terry Reinhard, Jesse Smith, Roger Weigle, Robert Diehl, Gerald Strine. Third row, left to right-Stanley Jordan, Lawrence Lower, Mr. John Allison, Bill Fitzkee, Stanley Craft, Donald Mum- mert. BARBARA BOYER Homecoming Queen SPORTS CLUBS Boys First row, left to right-Glenn White, Robert Miller, Glenn Staub, Roger Sunday, secretary-treasurerg Donald Sweitzer, president, Walter Rohrbaugh, Harry Fissel, Harvey Prowell, Barry Dolan, Roger Hoffman. Second row, left to right-Ronald Sunday, Kenneth Pugh, Robert Stough, David Strausbaugh, William Sipe, Paul Shaffer, Harold Reeser, Wayne Spahr, Larry Horner. Third row, left to right-Donald Walker, William Zinn, Ronald Toomey, Luther Sul- livan, Albert Strayer, Stewart Wasser, John Lockard, Thomas Brenneman. Fourth row, left to right-Jerome Wesley, Mr. Fred Botterbusch, Ralph Reeser. 28 Girls Q PART IF-MR M First row, left to right-Gail Julius, presidentg Madeline Lentz, vice-presidentg Donna Jordan, secretaryg Elaine Reisinger, treasurer. Second row, left to right--Sandra Sheeley, Rita Raffensberger, Diana Ginter, Rena Raffensberger, Constance Stoppard, Laura Smith. Standing-Miss Glenda Bricker. 29 Sfag Club First row, left to right-Thomas Updegraff, Douglas Ely, James Geesey, William Knud- sen, secretary, Norman Bair, vice-president, Edward Swartz, presidentg Charles Arm- strong, treasurerg Donald Stoner, Gary Gembe, Paul Wilt. Second row, left to right-Victor Bupp, Jack Fadely, Robert Crager, Bradley Duncker, Samuel King, Robert Dietz, Dale Biller, Keith Rode, Terry Prowell. Third row, left to right-George Benyak, Richard Stambaugh, Mr. Perry Hull, Clark Lehman, Wayne May. 30 Y-Teens "Wu-,"'j,','-"' cur, Kneeling, left to right-Margaret Britcher, Joyce Gillen, Barbara Hively, Linda Boyer, Bonnie Souser, Harriet Shelley, Gloria Lingg, Mary Jane St-erner. Second row, left to right-Sandra Hatterer, Juliet Stonesifer, Jesslyn Alloway, Betty Fritz, Carolyn Benyak, Patricia Danner, Todette LaPrairie, Dorothy Stoner, Gretchen Penrod, Shelva Danner, Audrey Reed, Norma Stambaugh. Third row, left to right-Judy Hollerbush, Lois Firestone, Katharine Free, Betty Lei- ster, Anna Dellinger, Betty Kochenour, Janet Baker, Lois Brothers, Jane Mohr, Delores Landis, Linda Bower, Lana Markley, Sharon Davin, Miss Glenda Bricker. Fourth row, left to right-Yvonne Brenneman, Glenda Doll, Gail Klinedinst, Nina Weigle, Jolene Buchar, Sandra Sheeley, Rena Raffensberger, Judy Witmer, Joanne Kott- camp, Patricia Bloss, Shirley Warner, Stella LoBianco, Charlotte Bentz, Mrs. Etta Mc- Clain. Fifth row, left to right-Joyce Emig, Beatrice Houck, Audrey Horning, Janice Ferree, Dona Hatterer, Ruth Schaffner, Nancy Snelbaker, Tillie Snelbaker, Janet Bowers, Joan Baughman, Brenda Wright, Dawn Smeltzer. Sixth row, left to right--Brenda Repman, Judy Earhart, Joan Bostic, Almeda Alt- house, Zoelynne Fritz, Mae Beaverson, Norma Jean Mann, Rosalie Yeaple, Pat Adams. 31 iusuqvr Clb' wg' ff 4 n I X Science Club Ei ta a First row, left to right--Ivan Mansberger, Sandra Sipe, secretary, Carolyn Shaffner, president, Ray Neiman, treasurerg Frances SheHer. Second row, left to right-William Humer, Leonard Siers, Edward Hoover, Earl Nace, Carl Murray, James Nouse. Third row, left to right-Nelson Brenneman, James Miller, Maurice Aldinger, Ronald Duncan, David McKenzie. Fourth row, left to right-Francis Hanna, Larry Gladfelter, James Dietz, Albert Shoe- maker, Mr. Donald Kramer. 32 W? Sfudenf Council First row, left to right-Bill F itzkee, Lance Strayer, vice-president, Gene Plowman, presidentg Barbara Boyer, secretaryg Ken Strine. Second row, left to right-Todette La Prairie, Joyce Gillen, Emelyn Seitz, Judy Wit- mer. Third row, left to right-Phyllis Diehl, Mr. Carl Nelson, Gretchen Penrod. , Mi u... Plowman Heads Council T, 1'-2 Ati N 5 33 Iirr Erli: 'Sig mm 1' mm Receiving The Ballot E lecfion Day Registration Mission Completed Final Count Ballot Cast '18 Thanksgiving Assembly 11 Tonsils Thomas gxgglygg ,agf .,,s,,,,,:::a: ::::: Eagaga sfs :esis :::::f.5:5s:15:5e 1 V TRACK 1' Study In Space 35 2 f , K K f elf J .J CHORUSES Boys First row, left to right-James Weire, Larry Brenner, Donald Mummert, Ken Strine, John Stoner, Glenn Meyer, Walter Rohrbaugh, Gary Krebs, Mr. Richard Shade. Second row, left to right-George Kohr, Sam King, William Ilyes, Norman Bair, Terry Reinhard, Bill Fitzkee, Larry Brenneman, Robert Dietz, Lowell Resser. 36 Mixed Girls W 3 . E 5 ,,.., First row, left to right-Linda Fink, Delores Bupp, Yvonne Brenneman, Carolyn Shali- ner, Kay O'Dell, Sandra Sipe, Joanne Boileau, Pat Adams, Sandra Sheeley, Bonnie Souser, Kathy Chicote, Rena Raflfensberger, Linda Bower, Shelva Danner, Louanna Kann, Mr. Richard Shade. Second row, left to right-Gloria Smith, Patricia Hartman, Bonnie Bowers, Eileen Reese, Geraldine Smith, June Schroeder, Judy Earhart, Carolyn Benyak, Emelyn Seitz, Phyllis Diehl, Judy Kessler, Judy Miller, Shirley Weigle, Mary Ann Gross, Todette La- Prairie. Third row, left to right-Laura Smith, Donna Jordan, Gretchen Penrod, Barbara Hive- ly, Frances Sheffer, Mardella Fries, Beatrice Houck, Esther Craft, Diana Ginter, Jan Ev- erhart, Sandra Snellbakcr, Linda Boyer, Judy Witmer, Glenda Doll, Almeda Althouse, Nita. Kessler. af""'MrM Long Timers: Mickley H uyett Bolton The Band V,,:A ::,A: 4 M In Iy: ' 3 V, , X Clarinets Ro er Bolton S Wilbert Mickley, Jr. Lance Strayer Sharon Wilman Shiela Bear Ronald Sunday Norma Bentz Jerry Rentzel Trumpets Robert Dietz Robert Diehl Stanley Craft Walter Rohrbaugh Alfred Chicote Dale Benedict Tommy Bortz Shirley Fries Donna Bear Robert Holder Baritones Kenneth Dietz Lewis Darr Trombones William Fitzkee Benjamin Dolbin Jack Fadely June Schroeder Jerry Snellbaker George Kohr Horns William Ilyes Leonard Heilman Stanley Ilyes Saxophones Norma Fries Almeda Althouse Peggy Dolbin Larry Huyett Basses John Stoner Tommy Hombach Drums Emelyn Seitz Larry Brenneman it 39 'EPART FRGM , f TRAEZK 'E L .:2f12T.R.A Q N s Shade Directs Athletics mm, 1' my 'wwcw 1, W' J ww :rxwws W Left to right-Coach Mr. John R. Allison, Gary Krebs, Ken Strine, Roger Weigle Jesse Smith, Gene Plowman, Ronald Knaub, Lance Strayer, Lawrence Lower, Bill Fitz kee. Baskefball Varslfy Left to right-Gary Krebs, Ronald Knaub, Gene Plowman, Bill Fitzkee Lance Strayer Ken Strine. Luffy -f W H5 Q jf X , asnl .- a.. Q ,W ' I Q W fm G 5551, .f jsalr Q, 6 , .Q ff AQ? ' 1 rf A' his ,. .,., 3 fl E is 1, at :CX V 1 H 5325 we ,W ., rilgw ' fi g , e m, au, Qi Fil ., ww f., Q , ' K .ifEQfE:ff'i ?' - aw 9 -su: ' W, 1 am-.-1:..:1'-5. M: 'Y wg? X AI Full Throttle Ahead! 1'i! !70 S I X. x ,- ay V. ff! Jump 43 First row, left to right-Maurice Aldinger, Barry Julius, Walter Rohrbaugh, Larry Ranieri. Second row, left to right-Coach Mr. John R. Allison, David Strausbaugh, Robert Diehl, Roger Wiegle, George Shalfer, Donald Mummert, Luther Sullivan, Stanley Craft, Lawrence Lower. Elbows .' 44 Jr. Varsify anchester Bids For Count Title In 1952, Manchester 1-lighiebooi 'ooo battled for its first school champ- 1-:",I . ionship in the York County Scliol-:Sh ,Q-Z, . sm BASKETBALL SCORES eff astic basketball league but lost out ig, Tv to Red Lion in a play-off gameig? with Red Lion. This year the Bob- lSti M-H-S ODDS- J cats are in a three-way tie for tbtfgf York Springs 69 52 Q 0.9 top rung of the Second hH1fS0HS0l1,'?,Q York sp.-ings QQ... 65 34 The Bobcats will meet Central 5 Northern Joint .,.. . 75 59 ' tomorrow night at YJC in a playoff. ug: East Berlin ----.---. - 61 41 'fx Q f I Manchester has given a good! S 36'5qui!'a'Fina TWP' " ' ,A X99 performance this year particul-11,37 S est hm """' ' 51 57 B Ko J, ary in the second half of the sea- 'De Cusguel 3113112312 "" ' 77 73 Q son. Coach John Allison had a ver-1. I en ra 'el 43 44 x. eran outfit at the start of the sea-, Kermard ,Da e ' kv son in Gene Plowman, Ronnif f, East Berlmg -4-'-'- ' 54 57 O Knaubh Ken Strine, plus Bill FA Northern Joint ...... 64 48 . kee, Uonee Strayer, Ken F Susquehanna Twp. . 47 46 . and Gary Krebs. New Cumberland . . . . . . 57 38 6 The Bobcats Started X Dzlllaslown ........ . 62 46 . league season in forr Spring Grove .... . 51 53 ion as they rolled ' Q 4 Dover ......... . 65 39 X exhibition game Viet, Q Eastern ...... . 57 69 b vincing soot-os. This si. Q Red Lion ..... . 53 48 p X tories started many obs W t Y k ,,,,,, 67 60 0 0 label the Bobcats as the . 'b ee .hammock H , 65 45 f 6 f , Susque beat in the strong county 4 Central Hi h H , 55 84 H - tl h k n 1 oi 4 g Q owevei, 18 rea s s ar eh tt 9 Kennard Dale 55 55 the other way by the time Q Spring Grove 34 31 xx X . oi' Dallastown . 82 59 X Dover ........ . 72 28 1 Eastern . . . . . . 50 74 XX Red Lion . . . , . 63 49 X X 0 X Q is , 1 X F-M 9 8 X99 A! 0 ' ,ff x 1 , 5 L 5 X The 90 Q J X ' ff xo X 9 f X 0 if 'P C , . QQ f of 1 Mzzzzt 99 X f vow as to gov' ,f ,X , x f 4 4 " f . . ' I I E ' 4 . o' ff" soccen scones ,, , ,hx , .O 50 5 ' -is 5 n .11 f 6,1 5 00 SEPTEMBER M.H.s. OPPS. yi ,mts 1 . could W' Kg 7 ' 21 at Northern Jo-int .. 1 1 0 ,nts in 3 ,f nl- 1 , ff,xP 1 f X 24 at Dover ............ 3 1 d 6 f - ,serves eoppe y ,ly XIV f 28 Spring Grove ..... ,. 1 Alam 513 To 24- vf UCTOBER' ' 99' , 1 at East Berlin . 3 Q 3 3 1 A 0 5 5 Central ........ .. 1 - ' 37 lg , X f 8 Northern Joint 2 12 Dover ......,.. .. 3 o '1 o 15 at Spring Grove 1 0 19 East Berlin ,. 2 ,Vo S 22 at Central .... .. 1 K 65e5?'ria5y ff e 9 9 . thine X ff! o xo is btoiexaaqxo 5691 .gd waz NORTHL X v . ,, oft se x Haar ,.,.. ff 1,5 U ' 9055 KOQ Y X-get 5, 1.319-XX Baker. .... ,f Q dai: noe, ,WW 6595 6 E5 cabo Slough ..,. .. . X' Q o 09' KQY K' -QR X nag ,605 Xe- XX Ryder. ..... r. X 4 7 1, X Q-32 Cyn 301 .oe 9 5 6,09 N909 .cigf f "i" 1 Ml 0 site voeadxo oouax 19209 J x0 Weoooai 55' 00 asa. oo-fl iims -2-roxiorioetiWlieeeieftiff'Xiemfr' M'1l .'fff.'ff.., tt "'W01'0m ow 'A va '0 s oil X0 o 'A Ricififode ..,... iniige -. 90 '-----4" Yo", C00 fj ef 6525 qofv' 96015 xo? KRW Ok W 4669! xv Evans outside In Q ...B.LeviSky ,foe 'soda Cro 55 B9 X210 9 K V3 5.6 , 'aft Q12 e 1 OCY' 00 00 o x Score by quarters. 0 8 2 0 1 0- JE xeaigb 6925 06 6 go 0606 wang vets 6 41 6 geo X5 'BY o NS" -----'- 0 0 0 1"1t Wm 1153 o an 'oe S QV? 9216 -xo an aio: X51 Q0 Goals-Huf'fman.Shau11. Oo ff 2- Pfowfu' H?1m'5' glow 930 34221 tot," 505 Qs W We soooeaav, we C Substitutions-Northern Join o I5 fms-Manchesffm fiom" swf V9 ,oe wi ,ofa for - 031 we ,ne was neman. Schaffstall. Central Joi. -6' frowell. Dr-ver: Lauer, epprga Ox St, C99 Ce 45,3 SQVKQ, ,055 1.90 Kgs on Coy. srrine. Chevaux, 1-rude, Vx an-fm Welvff- Wfch- kv 25.05 Xfxnsxec 5Acy.e5n,1 to kxQyY9A1.X9g7 192, X545 , 529 ..-AG? Brown. Smyser. Kneeling, left to right-Robert Diehl, Raymond Bentz, Walter Rohrbaugh, James Weire, Kenneth Pugh, Larry Huyett, Roger Sunday, Robert Miller, Larry Ranieri, Bar- ry Julius, Roger Weigle, Larry Brenner. Standing, left to right-Mr. John Allison, Jerry Werner, manager, Jesse Smith, George Kohr, David Strausbaugh, Stewart Wasser, Ron- ald Knaub, Gene Plowman, Lance Strayer, Lawrence Lower, Bill Fitz- kee, Donald Mummert, Sam Chap- man, Terry Reinhard, Ken Strine, Ronald Sunday, manager. Soccer A W With A Cloud Of Dust, And The Speed Of Light l -.. nn-u-r SENIOR SOCCER TEAM Kneeling, left to right-Raymond Bentz, Kenneth Strine, Larry Huyett, Larry Brenner. Standing, left to right-Jerry Werner, Ronald Knaub, Terry Reinhard, Gene Plowman. 46 f,j'3x'i.. L T in 1 x 1 D-SPAR? s-'ww V TRACK 1 ililll ' First row D. Mummert F. White G. Strine G. Nouse Second row R. Reeser R. Diehl R. Knaub G. Krebs B. Fitzkee P. Shaffer Third row W. Ilyes N. Bair R. Sunday J. YVeire S. Jordan L. Strayer G. Shaffer Fourth row J. Allison, Coach L. Hoover B. Dolan S. Wasser J. Smifch SLIDE K. Strme .. , . Brenner L .. J. Locka rd, manager CATCH W ms! ,Z iw! SEVEN J. Miller J. Schroeder N. Weigle L. Boyer B. Boyer B. Souser G. Penrod Cheer- leaders Girls' Sporfs Sure Shot Forwards H esitation Bully ir' I , W 1' i 'lhbiw t w..,,,w' il Ann . M Sb! 'fffxgkvp-3,,r, ff 5 f f .ff x Anticipation 1 ? . V , xv ' Aft? j ' K f ""' 3 'l Volleyball S. We-igle B. Boyer M. Fries R. Raffensberger G. King G. Bricker, coach F. Fritz J. Kessler J. Schroeder P. Bloss J. Everhart G. Penrod C. Benyak E. Reisinger M. Lentz P. Adams G. Klinedinst E. Reese S. Danner B. Fritz Smith Shoots w sf, w Rf 5 J H , I 5 fi 1 X N X 1,2 bk fx X fig EW. N 95 Q if , We . N l 1 as Izl :':' 2 V. 'I .J , E E ivfi l 3. l 3 4 V. .2 -,A::E I Ul1Cl2I'CI5SSITI2h 7i'?2"m W X 5 K , .WN fuw 9 0 uri. A ,, 4, , has 5 5 . EG Freshman Class First row, left to right Sandra Hatterer, Jay Hitz, Eugene Hanna, Robert Miller, treasurer: Mary Jane Sterner. vice-president: Barry Dolan, president: Lana Markley, secretary: Richard Miller, Russell McCartney, Roger Hoffman. Second row, left to right- Ivan Mansberger, Margaret Britcher, Clair Hoover, Dorothy Anderson, Joan Bostic, Ruth Schaffner, Nancy Snelbaker, Joyce Gillen, Roger Ettinrrer, Gloria Linmz, Harriet Shelley. Third row, left to right Brenda Repman, Judy Hollerbush, Dona Hatterer, Tillie Snelbaker, Lee- land Hoover, Katharine Free, Janet Bowers, Janice Ferree. Sharon Davin. Janet Baker. Fourth row. left to right Stuart Wasser, Lois Firestone, James Nouse, Robert Mus:-ner. Robert Stoufxh, Harold Reeser. Kenneth Pugh, Larry Horner, Paul Wilt, Thomas Updegraff, Mr. Fred Iintterbusch. First row, left to right Roger Hoffman, Jay Hitz, Russell McCartney, Richard Miller, Ivan Mans-. herxrer, Lana Markley, Gloria Lingir, Katharine Free. Brenda Repman. Second row, left to right f-Thomas Updegraff, Dona Hatterer. Tillie Snelhaker, Ruth Schaffner, Judy Hollerbusch, Lois Firestone. Larry Horner. Third row, Robert Miller, Harold Reeser, Stewart Wasser, Kenneth Pugh, James Nouse, Sharon Davin. Fourth row, left to right Sandra Hatterer, Eugene Hanna. Robert Musser, Paul VVilt. Margaret Britcher, Janice lferree, Harriet Shelley, Joyce Gillen, Joan Bostic, Robert Stouxlh- Fifth row, left to right Mr. Fred Botterbusch, Mary Jane Sterner, Janet Bowers, Dorothy Ander- son, Clair Hoover. Janet Baker, Barry Dolan, Leeland Hoover, Roger Ettingrer. 3 en SECTION I SECTION II Sophomore C loss First row, left to rijrhtf Ray Hoover, Mary Ann Gross, Yvonne Aughenhanyxh, Glenda Doll, Yvonne Brenneman, Rolrert Diehl, treasurer: Barry Julius, vice-president, Pat Adams, Jesslyn Alloway, Delores Landis, Charlotte llentz, Joanne Boileau, Judy Earhart, William Humer. Second row, left to right Almeda Althouse, Joyce Emig, Dorothy Brenneman, Anna Mae Mann, Patricia Danner, Betty Fritz, Toilette La Prairie, Joanne Kottcamp, Beatrice Houck, Virginia Grim, Don- na Jordan, Mae Beaverson, Linda Bower. Third row, left to right Carolyn Benyak, Barbara Hively, Terry Hale, James Geesey. Robert Crafter, Nelson Brenneman, David Mclienzie. Douglas Ely, Richard Gingerieh, William Holiday, Nancy Emig, Shelva Danner, lVlrs. Roslyn King. lfourth row, left to right Mr. John Allison, Thomas Brenneman, Ronald Duncan, Henry Kern, John Lockard, Maurice Aldinger. Gary Miller. George Kohr. Jack lfadely, Kenneth Koch, Dorothy Michalak. Fifth row, left to right VVilliam Ilyes. Bradley Duncker, Gerald Keller, Clark Lehman, Jan Ever- hart, Linda Boyer, Lawrence Lower. Bill Fitzkee, Larry Gladfelter, James Dietz, Wayne Gundy. First row, left to rightf- Leonard Siers, Rosalie Yeaple, Helen Sheffer, Theda Sipe, Sandra Sipe, Ray Neiman, Dawn Smeltzer, secretary, VValter Rohrliauuh. president: Harvey Prowell, Carl Updegraff, Shirley White, Delores Sine, Janet Stover, Verna Rumsey. Second row, left to right Karl Strong, Carolyn Shaffner, Francis Sheffer, Rachael Musser, Rena Raffenslieryfer, Judy Miller, James Weire, Carl Murray, Royrer Sunday, Bonnie Souser, Gretchen Penrod, Norma Jean Mann, Sandra Relunan, Geraldine Smith, Glenn Staub, Third row, left to right Sandra Sheeley, NVayne Slmahr, Donald WValker, Mary Jo VVatters, Robert Stauls, David Straushaugrh, James Miller, Maxine Qnillen. Larry Ranieri. Earl Nace. June Schroeder, Sandra Snellvaker, Judy Witmer, Brenda Wright. Fourth row, left to riyrht Mr. Donald Kramer, Lowell Reeser, Albert Shoemaker, Alhert Strayer, Je,-Omg Vlfesley, Luther Sullivan, Donald Mummert, Ronald Toomey, Mrs. Charlotte Ahrens. 53 First row, left to right Jesslyn Alloway, Almeda Althouse, Yvonne Aughenlmaugh, Mae Beaverson. Charlotte lientz, Carolyn Benyak. Second row. left tn right-fJoanne lloileau, Linda Bower, Linda Boyer, Dorothy Brenneman, Robert Crairer, Nelson Brenneman, Thomas Brenncman, Yvonne lirenneman. Third row, left to right Patricia Danner, Shelva llanner, Robert Diehl, James Dietz, Glenda Doll, Ronald Duncan. Fourth row, left to right- Joyce Emiyz, Nancy Emig. Jan Everhart, Jack Fadely, Bill Fitzkee, Betty Fritz. Standing. left to right Douglas Ely, Judy Earhart. Bradley lluncker, Mrs. Roslyn King, Patricia Adams, Maurice Aldinger. First row, left to right -Gary Miller, Anna Mae Mann, James Geesey. Richard Gingerich, Larry Gladfelter, VViIliam Holiday, Virginia Grim. Second row, left to right Dorothy Michalali, Mary Ann Gross, VVayne Gundy, Terry Hale. Barbara Hively, Ray Hoover, Beatrice Houck. Third row, left to right William Humer, William Ilyes, Henry Kern, John Lockard, David Mc- Kenzie. Fourth row, left to rifzhtf-Barry Julius. Gerald Keller, Sylvester Kohr, Kenneth Koch, Joanne Kottcamp. Fifth l'0W', left to right' Donna Jordan, George Kohr, Lawrence Lower. Delores Landis. Todette La Prairie, Clark Lehman, Betty Leisler. Standing, Mr. John Allison. First row, left tv right James Miller, Judy Miller, Donald Mummert, Carl Murray. Rachel Musser. Second row, left to right Earl Nace, Ray Neiman, Gretchen Penrod, Harvey Prowell, Mr. Donald Kramer. Third row. left tn right Maxine Quillen, Rena Raffenshergxer. Larry Ranieri, Lowell Reeser, Sandra Hellman. Fourth row. VV:xlter Rohrlmau5:h, Verna Rumsey. June Schroeder. Carolyn Shaffner. llifth row, left tu right Sandra Sheeley. l'rances Sheffer. Helen Sheffer, Albert Shoemaker. Leonard Sieis. Sixth row, left to right Deloree Sipe, Sandra Sine, Theda Sipe, Geraldine Smith, S l S lhilex Jxnet Stover Mrs Charlotte Ahren'-a Ros' lfirst table, clockwise Bonnie Souser. ,am ra . ne 1 Q '. 1 . , .. 1 ., alie Yeaple, Judy Vllitmer, Glenn Stauh, Dawn Smeltzer, Mary .Io Watters, Norma Jean Mann James Weire, Carl Updeuraff. I D Second table, cloclxvvise Shirley VVhite, Karl Strong, Donald Walker, Brenda Wright, Ronald Toomey David Strausbztuzxh, Roger Sunday, Luther Sullivan, Jerome Wesley, Albert Strayer, Wayne Spahr Robert Stauly. 55 Ii mi I JUNIOR BOYS First row, VVilbur Miller, Duane Bupp, Carl King, Gary Gemhe, Ronald Sunday, Mervin Crawfo1'd, Richard Stevens, William Sipe, Barry Moul, Sam King, Donald Stoner, Leonard Heilman. Larry La- Prairie, Glenn White. Second row, left to right-Keith Rode, Glen Elfner, Ronald Danner, Harry Fissel, Roger Weiglei, Edward Hoover, Dale Biller, William Zinn, Gary Nouse, Terry Prowell, Paul Shaffer. Third row, left to right-fW'ayne May, Walter Hoover, Robert Dietz, Ray Dennis, Oscar Seaizer, Francis Hanna, Jesse Smith, Wayne Bucher, John Gross, Sam Chapman. Fourth row, left to rightff-Mr. William Bateman, Edward Swartz, Richard Stambaugh, James Dear- dorff, Alan Toomey, Norman Bair, Stanley Craft, Larry Brenneman, Donald Sweitzer, Lance Strayer, George Shaffer, Ralph Reeser. JUNIOR GIRLS First row, left to right' -Kay O'Dell, Cathy Smith, Joyce Myers, Stella LoBianco, Beverly Bowers-. Maxine Baker, treasurer: Joan Brenneman, vice-president: Phyllis Diehl, president: Jolene Buchar, sec- retary: Patricia Bloss. Pat Gladfelter, Eileen Reese, Gail Klinedinst, Phyllis Stamlvaugh. Second row, left to right--Pauline Hoover, Lois Brothers, Jane Mohr, Shelva Zirltle, Dorothy Ely, Emelyn Seitz, Martha Mumma, Florence Sine, Judy Deitz, Shirley Witmer, Gloria Frey, Betty Kochen- our, Anna Dellinger. Third row, left to right- Joan Bauixhman, Charlotte Wallace, Sandra Gillen, Dorothy Stoner,- Bon- nie Cramer, Linda Fink, Donna Jordan, Rita Raffensberixer, Nina Weiirle, Shirley Warner, Ellen.W1lh1de. Fourth row, left to riirhtf Miss Margaret Barrett, Nita Kessler, Zoelynne Fritz, Laura Smith, Miss Glenda Bricker. Juniors 56 Row at far leftf-Jolene Buchar, Lois Brothers, Joan lirenneman, Patricia liloss, Joan Bauuhman, Norman Bair. Second roxy, front to rear -Phyllis Diehl, Anna Dellinyrer, James Deardorff, Ronald llanner, Stanley Craft, Duanne'Bupp. Third row, front to rear- Robert Dietz, Ray Dennis. Judy Dietz. Mervin Crawford, Bonnie Cramer, Sam Chapman. Fourth row, front to rear fNVayne Bucher, Sandra Gillen, Zoelynne Fritz. Harry lfissel. Maxine Baker, Glen Elfner. Fifth row, front to rear John Gross, Pat Gladfelter, Gary Gemlse, Gloria lfrey. Linda Fink, Dor- othy Ely. Sixth row, front to rear- Francis llanna, Beverly Bowers, Pauline Hoover, Edward Hoover, Leonard Heilman, Larry Brenneman. Dale Biller not shown. Standing --Miss ltlargaret Barrett, Standing, left to right- George Shaffer, Laura Smith, Stella LoBianco, Larry LaPrairie, Carl King, Nim Kessler, Gail Klineclinst, Betty Kochenour. Sam King. Walter Hoover, Donna Jordan, Emelyn Seitz. erry Prowell, Jesse Smith, Mr. VVilliam Bateman. First row, left to rigzhif- Phyllia Stamlrauygh, Richard Stamlwauprh, Rin-hard Stevcni, Donald Stoner. Second row, left to right Paul Shaffer, Florence Sipe, VVilliam Sine. Cathy Smith. Third row, left to right Rita Raffensherpler, Eileen Reese, Ralph Rceser, Keith Rode. Jane Mohr. Fourth row, left to right liarry Moul, Martha Mun'-ma. Joyce Myers, Gary Nouse, Kay 0'Dell. 57 EJEPART FROM TRACK? Lobby First row, left to right-Wayne May, Wilbur Miller, Char lotte Wallace, Shirley Warner. Second row, left to right-Shelva Zirkle, Nina Weigh Roger Weigle, Glenn White, Ellen Wilhide. Third row, left to right-Miss Glenda Bricker, Williar Zinn, Alan Toomey, Donald Sweitzer, Shirley Witmer. Fourth row, left to right-Dorothy Stoner, Lance Straye Ronald Sunday, Edward Swartz. Mickey Mouse C omics? IA Hits The Hay Man, What Funf Today We Eat! Seniors :wwf wulmw1m""'M-wma: u n mn- Coffee Break Yes, Mr. Director Paint Slingers 6UeI'y60C!g 25 Gaz? OM! CHARACTERS Un Order of Appearancej Ada Austin He-tty Metcalf .. June Austine Nan York .... Stan Barbour .. Greg Beecher .. Hiriam Dill .... Basil Lindsay Lee Tyson Gyshia Arndt .. Ken Spreads . . . . .Esther Craft . . . .Diana Ginter . . . .Kathy Chicote . . .Louarma Kann Roy Raffensberger . . . . .Gerald Strine . . . .Gary Krebs . . . . .Ned Blymire . . . .John Topper . . .Barbara Boyer I.. Gramps "Everybody's Crazy Now" DEPART PREM TRACK E L T R A 1 N 5 Play In The Making G. 63 K. Seacrist, Direct ECHO LUG Vol. 27, No. 2 MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, MANCHESTER, PA. May 31, 1955 5, George Seacrist, Advisor Ruth Baker, Editor-in-chief Seated-Mardella Fries, Regina Kline, Jerry Werner, Sonia Meads, Ruth Baker, Kathy Chi- cote, Ken Strine, Gene Plowman, Doreen Spangler. Standing!Bonnie Bowers, Lar- ry Huyett, Roger Bolton, Shirley Ranierl, Betty Bear, Louanna Kann, Ned Blymire, John Top- per, Mr. George Seacrist. ECHO LOG Editorial Staff Editor-in-chief: Ruth Baker Feature Editor: Sonia Mezids Associate Feature Editors: Louanna Kann, Shirley llanieri, Ned Blymire, Roger Bolton News Editor: Kathy Chicote Reporters: Bonnie Bowers, John Topper, Betty Bear, Larry Huyett, Delores Bupp, Judy VVltmer Club Editor: Mardella Fries Exchange Editor: Regina Kline Alumni Editor: Gene Plowmzin Art Editor: Ken Strine, Doreen Spangler Sports Editor: Jerry Werner Business Stalf Business Manager: Barbara Boyer Circulation Manager: Judy Kessler Associate Circulation Managers: Gerald Strine, Ronald Knaub, Gail Julius, Pat Brenneman Typists: Gloria King, Charles Miller, John Stoner, Pal: Hartman Advisor: George K. Seacrist Seated- Barbara Boyer, Judy Kessler. Standing - Patsy Brenneman, Patricia Hartman, Gail Julius, Gloria King, Charles Miller, John Stoner, Ronald Knaub, Gerald Strine, Mr. George Seacrist. Registration Top Brass Press Conference News Hounds Informed Yes, Mr. B lain er 'x wwg L, an-mf 9, . 'G v 4 g li Eg. ... an aw ,N tr in in f First row, left to right-sDelores Bupp, Ken Strine, assistant business manager: Ruth Baker, circu- lation manager: Gloria King, business manager: Ned Blymire, assistant business manager: Judy Kessler, Kathy Chicote. Second row, left to rightfBarbara Boyer, Sonia Meads, Mardella Fries, Nancy Stambaugh, Doreen Spangler, Betty Bear. Third row, left to rightAShirley Boll, Barbara Kauffman, Cassandra Everhart, Patsy Brenneman, Patricia Hartman. Bonnie Bowers. Fourth row, left to rightsMr. Wilbur Zimmerman, Charles Armstrong, Victor Bupp, John Topper, Constance Stommard, Elaine Reisinger. Fifth row, left to rightfWilliam Knudsen, Ronald Knaub, Terry Reinhard, Gary Krebs. Back, left to right-R. Raffensberuer, C, Miller, R. Bolton, G. Plowman, R. King, Advisor: M. Lentz. Front, left to riilhtf-W. Mickley, L. Huyett, L. Kann. A. Price, S. Ranieri, I". Kline. L. Doll, E. Kraft. G. Julius. R. Willis. if :Gan -ur si ,M Busines. E diforia Edztor LH C hze Photographer The Staff Sports Edztor Music E Qwgxw Swag mm D an img I Ss STM Q 1? liwmhn?q'L',T":3 Wm IRQ ' ill IH! Sig Ann vnu -as "E Wx z S ,gm X, GEORGE SEACRIST WILBUR F. ZIMMERMAN Our goal Successp Our aim To Win. MOTTO Green and Silver COLOR Talisman FLOWER Senior Class First row, left to right-Norma Stambaugh, Patricia Hartman, Audrey Reed Delores Bupp, Regina Kline, Bonnie Bowers, Patsy Brenneman, John Stoner, treasurerz Doreen Spangler, historian, Ned Blymire, president, Kenneth Strine, vice-p1'esident7Barbara Boyer, secretary, Gerald Strine, assistant secretary, Judy Kessler, Sonia Meads Mad- eline Lentz, Elaine Reisinger, Shirley Boll. y Second row, left to right-Barbara Kauffman, Faye Kline, Constance Stoppard, Kathy Chicote, Juliet Stonesifer, Shirley Ranieri, Raymond Bentz, Annabelle Price, Carol Ann Deardorff, Ardene Bucher, Gail Julius, Robert Campbell, Larry Huyett, Anna Mae Bren- neman, Shirley Weigle, Sara Ann Ort, Ruth Baker, Gloria Smith, Linda Doll. Third row, left to right-Donald Miller, Gary Krebs, Glenn Meyer, Betty Bear, Lois Boeckel, Barbara Bretz, Bobba Lee Fry, Louanna Kann, Sarah Knaub, Floyd White, Rod- ney Boeckel, Mardella Fries, Nancy Stambaugh, Gloria King, Audrey Horning, Victor Bupp, Ronald Lindenmuth, Larry Brenner. Fourth row, left to right-Jerry Werner, Marian Lee, Zula Mae Seifert, John Topper, Richard Gladfelter, Diana Ginter, Terry Reinhard, Richard Humbert, Charles Yeaple, Richard Hoover, Stanley Ettinger, William Knudsen, George Benyak, Rajean Willis, Charles Armstrong, Cassandra Everha.rt, Robert Stoppard. Fifth row, left to right-Mr. Wilbur Zimmerman, Ronald Knaub, Mahlon Hamme, Wilbert Mickley, Gene Plowman, William Quickel, Charles Miller, Esther Craft, Stanley Jordan, Roger Bolton, Roy Ratfensberger, Mr. George Seacrist. 69 'BT First row, front to rear-Ruth Baker, Anna Mae Brenneman, Lois Boeckel. Second row, front to rear-Delores Bupp, Carol Deardorff, Linda Doll, Charles Arm- strong. Third row, front to rear-Diana Ginter, Richard Gladfelter, Roger Bolton, Ned Bly- mire. Fourth row, front to rear-Malilon Hamme, Victor Bupp, Rodney Boeckel, Robert Campbell. Fifth row, front to rear--Patsy Brenneman, Cassandra Everhart, George Benyak, Stanley Ettinger. Sixth row, front to rear-Mardella Fries, Bonnie Bowers, Larry Brenner, Raymond Bentz. Standing--Cathy Chicote, Barbara Boyer, Betty Bear, Shirley Boll, Barbara Bretz, Bobba Lee Fry, Ardene Bucher, Esther Craft, Mr. Wilbur Zimmerman. Senior Homerooms ...... 70 First row-Louanna Kann. Second row, front to rear-Judy Kessler, Marian Lee, Sara Ann Ort. Third row, front to rear-Gloria King, Regina Kline, Rajean Willis, Richard Hum- bert, Shirley Weigle, Patricia Hartman. Fourth row, front to rear-William Quickel, Faye Kline, Sonia Meads, Robert Stop- pard, Gloria Smith, Barbara Kaulfman. Fifth row, front to rearw-Shirley Ranieri, Jerry Werner, Gary Krebs, Ronald Lin- denmuth, Glenn Meyer, William Knudsen, Wilbert Mickley, Constance Stoppard. Sixth row, front to rear-Annabelle Price, Terry Reinhard, Gene Plowman, Donald Miller, John Stoner, Larry Huyett, Richard Hoover. Along the wall-Charles Miller, John Topper, Stanley Jordan, Charles Yeaple, Ron- ald Knaub, Floyd White, Ken Strine, Gerald Strine, Gail Julius, Madeline Lentz, Nancy Stambaugh, Doreen Spangler, Juliet Stonesifer, Norma Stambaugh, Audrey Reed, Aud- rey Horning, Sarah Knaub, Zula Seifert, Roy Raffensberger, Mr. George Seacrist. if gg ,ffl sf is eftiiff-f aw.-f , -rw" CHARLES EDWARD ARMSTRONG R. D. 1, Manchester Jr. Red Cross Club 2: Stag Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4. "Pete" Commercial GEORGE RONALD BENYAK R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Sports Club 1, 2: Stag Club 3, 4: Soccer 1, 2. "Georgie" Genernl BETTY JOANN BEAR R. D. 1, Manchester Social Club 2: Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Les Mem- oires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3. "Betty" Commercial RAYMOND CHARLES BENTZ R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3: Varsity 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2: Soccer 4. "Ramie" Academic RUTH MARIAN BAKER 122 S. Landvale St., York Haven Homeroom Vice-President 3: Home- room Treasurer 4: Y-Teens Club 1, 3: Social Club 2: Dramatics Club 4: Vice-President 4: Cherry Pie Contest 2: Prom Court 3: Senior Play Usher 4: Press Conference 43 Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3,4. "Whoopie" Vocational Homemakinz NED CONWAY BLYMIRE 105 W. Maple St., Mt. Wolf Class President 2, 3, 4: Home- room President 1, 2, 4: Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Stu- dent Government 1, 2: Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: "Wilbur Faces Life" 3: Senior Play 4: Career Conference 3, 4: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4. "Ned" Academic LOIS MAE BOECKEL R. D. 1, York Haven Y-Teens Club 1: Jr. Red Cross Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President '12 Intra-Mural Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Lois" Academic BONNIE LEE BOWERS 19 S. Main St.. Manchester Homeroom Treasurer 1: Baton Twirling Club 1: Secretary 1: So- cial Club 2: F.H.A. Club 3: Dra- matics Club 4: Les Memoires Bus- iness Staff 4: Echo-Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. "Bon" Vocational Homemaking SHIRLEY ANNE BOLL 44 S. Fifth St., Mt. Wolf Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Les Memoires Bus- iness Staff 4. "Anne" General ROGER EDWIN BOLTON R. D. 3, Dover Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Press Conference 4: Les Mem- oires Editorial Staff 4: Echo-Log Staff 4: Band 2, 3, 4: County Band 2, 3: Intra-Mural Basket- ball 3. 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4. "Roz" Commercial 73 RODNEY CLYDE BOECKEL R. D. 1, Manchester H.-Y Club 2. 3, 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 3. "Boeckel" Commercial BARBARA JUNE BOYER 89 N. Main St., Mt. Wolf Class Secretary 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 2, 3: Homeroom Treas- urer 4: Student Council 4: Secre- tary Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3, 4: Secretary 3: Senior Play 4: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra-Mural Basket- ball 2, 3. 4: Intramural Volleyball 3, 4: Volleyball 4. "Barb" Academic ANNA MAE BRENNEMAN 133 N. Fourth St., Mt. Wolf 1-'.H.A. Cluh 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3, 4. "Anna Mae" Commercial PATSY ANN BARBARA ANN BRENNEMAN BRETZ York St., Manchester 156 N. Fourth St., Mt. Wolf Y-Teens Club 1: Social Club 2: F. Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3. H.A. 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Les 4: Vice-President 3. Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Hgarbh Commercial Log Stuff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: In- tra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3: In- tru-Mural Volleyball 3, "Pat" Commercial LARRY FLOYD ARDENE LOUISE BRENNER BUCHAR R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf R. D. 1, Manchester Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3: Y-Teens Club l: Jr. Red Cross Varsity Club 4: Chorus 3, 4: Soc- Club 2. 3. 4. Cel' 43 BIISGIPPIU 2- 3' 4- "Dene" Vocational Homemaking "Rock" Commercial DELORES MARY BUPP R. D. 1, Manchester Homeroom Secretary 2: Y-Teens Club 1, 2, 3: Secretary 3: Social Club 2: Dramatics Club 4: Apple Pan Dowdy Contest 1: Cheerleader 2, 3: Career Conference 2, 3, 4: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 2, 4: Intra-Mural Vol- leyball 4. "Buppie" Vocational Homemaking 74 ESTHER JANE CRAFT York Haven I"-H-A- Cl'-lb 1, 2, 3. 4: Renorter 1: Secretary 2: Treasurer 3: Pres- ident 4: Apple Pan Dowdy Contest 1, 2, 3: Cherry Pie Contest 1, 2, 8, 4: County Cherry Pie Contest Win- ner 4: Press Conference 4: Senior Play 4: Les Memoires Editorial Staff 4: Band 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1. "Esther" Vocational Hnmemaking VICTOR LEON BUPP R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3: Stag Club 4: Les Memoires Busi- ness Staff 4: Intra-Mural Basket- ball 3: Soccer 1, 2. 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3. "Vic" Commercial ROBERT HALE CAMPBELL R. D. 5, York Hi-Y Club 3, 4. "Bob" General CAROL ANN DEARDORF R. D. 1, Manchester 1f'.H.A. Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3. 4. "Cami" Commercial LINDA LEE DOLL 212 S. Main St., Manchester Jr. Red Cross Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Treasurer 2: President 3. 4: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Edi- torial Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4. "Linda" Academic KATHARINE FRANCES CHICOTE 3 High St., Manchester Y-Teens Club 1, 2: Vice-President 2: Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3: President 3: Dramatics Club 4: Senior Play 4: Press Conference 3, 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 3. "KathY" Academic 75 MARDELLA LOUISE FRIES 5 Harding St., Manchester Baton Twirling Club 1: Social Club 2: Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Apple Pan Dowdy Contest 1: Senior Play Usher 4: Les Mem- oires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra- Mural Volleyball 3, 4: Volleyball 3, 4. "Marty" Vocational Homemaking STANLEY BERNARD CASSANDRA ANN ETTINGER R. D. 1, Manchester Dramatics Club 1: Sports Club 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Intra-Mural Bas- ketball 1. 2. 3. 'Stan" General K. DIANA GINTER R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Social Club 1: Sports Club 2, 4: Baton Twirling Club 2: President 2: Photography Club 3: Handi- craft Club 4: Variety Show 1, 2: Senior Play 4: Press Conference 3, 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2. 3: Intra'Mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball 2. 3, 4. "Dee Dee" Academic BOBBA LEE FRY R. D. 1, Manchester Class Treasurer 1: Social Club 1. 2, Photography Club 3, Handl EVERHART 42 S. Main St., Manchester Homeroom Vice'Presiclent 1, Dra- matics Club 1, 4: 'l'rezxsurer 1: Social Club 2: Photography Club 3: Les Memories Business Staff 4. "Sandy" Vocational Hnmemaking MAHLON EUGENE HAMME 122 High St., Manchester Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2. 3: Intra- Mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3. "G enie" Commercial craft Club 4: Vice-President 4: IntraMu1al Basketball 3, Intra Mural Volleyball 3. Bobba Lee Commercial PATRICIA ANN HARTMAN 320 York St.. Manchester Homeroom Treasurer 1. 3: Y-Teens Club 1: Social Club 2: Photog- raphy Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Fashion Show 2: Prom Court 3: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3. "Pat" Commercial LARRY DEAN HUYETT R. D. 1, Manchester Homeroom President 2, 3: Sports Club 2: Secretary 2: Varsity Club 3, 4: Athletic Association 2, 3: Student Government 2, 3: Les Memoires Editorial Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Intra- Mural Basketball 2, 3: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3: Soccer 2, 3, 4. "Larry Dean" Commercial AUDREY JEAN HORNING 92 S. Main St., York Haven Baton Twirling Club 1: Treasurer 1: Social Club 2: Y-Teens Club 3, 4: Fashion Show 2: Les Memoires Business Staff 4. "Aud's" Vocational I-lomemaking RICHARD EUGENE HUMBERT RICHARD EUGENE HOOVER R. D. 4, York Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4. "Rich" General STANLEY LEROY JORDAN R. D. 4, York Sports Club 2: Hi-Y Club 3: Var- sity Club 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3: Soccer 3: Baseball 3. "Stan" Commercial R. D. 1, Manchester Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4. "Rich" General 188 S. 4th St., Mt. Wolf GAIL ROBERTA JULIUS R. D. 1, York Haven F.H.A. Club 1: Social Club 2: Y- Teens Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: Sports Club 4: President 4: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Edi- torial Staff 4: Echo Los: Staff 4: Band 1, 2: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. "Red" Commercial LOUANNA BELLE KANN 78 S. Main St., Manchester Homeroom Vice-President 1: Y- Teens Club 1, 2, 3: Social Club 29' Dramatics Club 4: Press Confer- ence 3, 4: Senior Play 4: LGS Memoires Editorial Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 41 Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4. "Nonnie" Academic BARBARA ANN KAUFFMAN Emigsville Dramatics Club 1, 4: Sports Club 2: Handicraft Club 3: Les Mem- oires Business Staff 4. "Bobbie Ann" Commercial JUDITH ANN KESSLER FAYE ELIZABETH KLINE York Haven Class Secretary 2: Y-Teens Club 1: Social Club 2: Dramatics Club 3, 4: President 3: Secretary-Treasurer 4: Les Memoires Editor-In Chief 41 "Lizzie" Academic 78 Sports Club 2: Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Senior Play Stage Manager 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 3, 4: Intra-Mural Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Vol- leyball 3, 4: Volleyball 4. "Judy" Academic GLORIA RUTH KING Manchester Homeroom Secretary 4: Dramatics Club 1, 4: President 4: Sports Club 2: Photography Club 3: Prom Court 3: Senior Play Usher 4: Press Conference 4: Career Con- ference 4: Les Memoires Business Manager 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Chorus 1: Intra-Mural Basketball 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4. Volleyball 3, 4. "Kingie" Vocational Homemaking WILLIAM H. KNUDSEN 411 Center St., Mt. Wolf Sports Club 2, 3: Stag Club 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4. "Bill" Commercial REGINA MAE KLINE 16 High St., Mancheter Y-Teens Club 1: Sports Club 2: Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Cherry Pie Baking Contest 1: Variety Show 3: Senior Play Usher 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra- Mural Basketball 1: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3: Volleyball 4. "Jennie" Vocational Hornemaking SARAH BELLA KNAUB R. D. 1, Manchester F.H.A. Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Cafeteria 4. 'Sarah" Commercial SUETTA IRENE KOHR R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Social Club 1, 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: Fashion Show 2: "Wilbur Faces Life" 3: Intra-Mural Basketball 1. "Sue" Commercial GARY LEE KREBS R. D. l, Mt. Wolf Sports Club 1, 2: Stax: Club 3: Secretary 3: Varsity Club 4: Sen- ior Play 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Intra- Mural Basketball 1. 2, 3: Intra- Mtil-al Volleyball 1, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. "Pat" Commercial RONALD GORDON KNAUB R. D. 4, York Sports Club 2: President 2: Var- sity Club 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Bus- iness Staff 4: Intra-Mural Volley- ball 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4. "Ronnie" General 79 MARIAN LUCILLE LEE R. D. 1, Manchester Social Club 1, 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Cafeteria 3, 4: Chorus 1. "Lucy" Vocational Ilomemaking GLENN DALE MEYER R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2. "Randy" Commercial RONALD LEE LINDENMUTH York Haven Hi-Y Club 3. 4. "Ron" General SONIA FAYE MEADS G9 Walton St., York Haven Class President 1: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Homeroom Secretary 3: Y-Teens Club 1, 2: Secretary l: President 2: Handicraft Club 3, 4: Secretary 4: Student Government 1: "Wilbur Faces Life" 3: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4. "Sonia" General 80 MADELINE ELIZABETH LENTZ R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Social Club 1: Sports Club 2, 4: Vice-President 4: Photography Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: President 4: Press Conference 4: Les Mem- oires Editorial Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 3: Chorus 1. 3: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 2, 3: Volleyball 2, 4. "Pickle" Academic WILBERT MICKLEY, JR. R. D. 4, York Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Press Confer- ence 3, 4: Les Memoires Editorial Staff 4: County Band 2, 3, 4: Band 2. 3. 4. "Bill" General CHARLES RAY MILLER R. D. 1, Manchester Class Vice-President 1, 3: Home- room President 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross Club 1: Treasurer 1: Social Club 2: Varsity Club 3, Hi-Y Club 4: Student Government 2: Athletic Association 2, 3: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Edi- torial Staff 4: Echo Log: Staff 4: lntra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3: Intra-Mural Volleyball 1, 3: Bas- ketball 1, 2: Soccer 1, 2: Soccer Manager "Chas" Academic ANNABELLE PRICE R. D. 1, Manchester Social Club 2: Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Press Con- ference 4: Les Memoires Editorial Staff 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4. "Annie" Commercial SARA ANN ORT R. D. 1, York Haven F. H. A. Club 1: Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3: Jr. Red Cross Club 4: Cafeteria 4. "Sara Ann" Voc. I-Iomemaking '1 GENE WILLIAM PLOWMAN 57 S. Main St., Manchester Homeroom Vice-President 4: Sci- ence Club 1: Secreta1'y 1: Sports Club 2: Varsity Club 3 ,4: Sec- retary-Treasurer 3: President of Student Council 4: Les Memoir-es Editorial Staff 4: Echo Loi: Staff 4: Intra.-Mural Basketball l, 2: Intra-Mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4. "Doc" General 81 DONALD EUGENE MILLER R. D. 1, York Haven Science Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: lntra-Mural Basketball 3, 4. "Chita" General WILLIAM H. QUICKEL Mt. Wolf Science Club 1: Jr. Red Cross Club 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Intra- Mural Volleyball 1, 2, 3. "SkiD" Academic SHIRLEY LEE RANIERI lt. D. 1, Manchester Homeroom Secretary 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 1: Social Club 2: Pho- tography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: "Wilbur Faces Life" 3: Press Conference 4: Les Memoires Edi- torial Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4. "Shirl" Vocational Hnmemaking AUDREY EDITH REED 36 Main St., York Haven Baton Twirlingz Club 1: Social Club Y-Teens 3, 4. Reedie" Vocational Homemakim: LOYETTA JEAN RODE York Haven Ilomeroom President 1: Y-Teens Club 1, 2: Sports Club 2: Pho- tography Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: "Wilbur Faces Life" 3: Chorus 1, Ll, 3. "I,oyelLa" Academic 82 ROY M. RAFFENSBERGER R. D. 1, Manchester Homeroom President 1 : Home room Vice-President 2. 3: Jr. Real Cross Club lg Hi-Y Club 2, 4: Sec- retary 4: l"liotoi:ra1rhy Club 3: Athletic Association 1: Student Government 1: Variety Show 3: Wilbur Fares Life" 3: Senior Play 4: Les Memoires Editorial Staff fi: lntra-Mural Basketball 2. "Raffie" General TERRY EUGENE REINHARD R. D. 1, Ml. Wolf Class Vice-President 2: Stag Club 2: Hi-Y Club 3: Varsity Club 4: Press LIOIIIISVGIICE 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Band 2. 3: Chor- us 2, 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 2, 3, 4: Intravllflural Basketball 2, 3. 4: Soccer 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4. "Rhinehune" Academic ELAINE MARJIE REISINGER R. D. 1. Manchester Baton Twirling Club 1: Vice-Pres- ident 1: Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3, 4: Sports Club 4: Treas- urex' 4: Apple Pan Dowdy Contest 2: Variety Show 2, 3: Les Mem- oires Business Staff 4: Intra- Mural Basketball 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3: Volleyball 3. "Lanny" Vocational l-lomemaking NANCY LOUISE STAMBAUGH R. D. 1, Manchester 1".H.A. Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3. 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4. "Nan" Commercial ZULA MAE SEIFERT R. D. 1, Manchester Y-Teens Club 1: Social Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3, 4: Secretary 3: Chorus 1: Cafeteria 4. "Zula Mae" Voc. Hnmemakiny: JOHN FRANKLIN STONER York Haven Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4: Home- room Treasurer 1, 3, 4: Stag Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Vice-Pres- ident 3: President 4: Press Con- ference 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. "Jack" Commercial JULIET MAE GLORIA MAE SMITH STONESIFER 54 S. Main St., Manchester R- D- l- Mt' Wolf Homeroom Treasurer 3: Social Club 500ml Club li l'-H-A- Club 2' 39 l. 2: Photography Club 3: Drs- Y-Teens Club 45 Varlety Show li matics Club 4: Fashion Show 2: Intra-Mural Basketball 21 4- Les Memoires Business Staff 4: "Julie" Commercial Chorus 2, 3, 4. "Smitty" Commercial DOREEN MAE SPANGLER R. D. 1, Manchester Homeroom Treasurer 3: Class His- torian 4: Jr. Red Cross Club 2: Photography Club 3: Handicraft Club 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 14. "Pet" Commercial CONSTANCE EVELYN STOPPARD R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf l".H.A. Club 1, 2: Handicraft Club 3, 4: Sports Club 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4. "Connie" Vocational Homemaking JOHN RAYMOND TOPPER R. D. 1, Manchester Photography Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Press Conference 4: Senior Play 4: Echo Loy: Staff 4. "Topper" General GERALD ALLEN STRINE R. D. 1, Manchester Class Assistant Secretary 4: Home- room President 4: Hi-Y Club 2: Varsity Club 3, 4: Press Confer- ence 4: Senior Play 4: Les Mem- oires Business Staff 4: Echo Log Staff 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 3, 4: Intra-Mural Volleyball 3: Base- ball 2, 3, 4. "Gerry" Commercial KENNETH EUGENE STRINE High St., Manchester Class Vice-President 4: Homeroom President 3: Science Club 1: Social Club 2: Treasurer 2: Varsity Club 3, 4: Secretary-Treasurer 3: Pres- ident 4: Athletic Association 3: Student Council 4: Les Memoires Business Staff 4: Echo Lug: Staff 4: lntra-Mural Volleyball 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain 4: Basketball l, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4. "Ken" General 84 ROBERT KEITH STOPPARD R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf Sports Club 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 3, 4. "Bob" General SHIRLEY ANN WEIGLE 20 High St., Manchester Baton Twirling Club l: Social Club 2: Jr. Red Cross Club 3: Dramatics Club 4: Fashion Show 2: Chorus 3, 4: Volleyball 3. "Shirl" Commercial FLOYD RICHARDSON WHITE, JR. R. D. 1, Manchester Hi-Y Club 2: Varsity Club 3, -12 Intra'Mural Basketball 3, 4: Intra- Mural Volleyball 3: Baseball 2, 3. "Floyd" Commercial CHARLES EDWARD YEAPLE R D 1 Manchester Hi-Y Club 3, 4. "Ike" General HARRIET STUDEBAKER li. D. 1, York Haven Transferrefl Activities - Girls' League 3, 4: 1-'.H.A. 4: Ilequese Committee Chairman, Girls' Ath- letic Association 3. 4: Intra-Mural Basketball 4. M.H.S. Activities Y-Teens 1, 2: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2: Intra- Mural Volleyball 4: Press Con- ference 2. "Harriet" Academic 85 RAJ EAN GRACE WILLIS 47 S. Main St., York Haven Homeroom Treasurer 2: F. H. A. Club 1: Social Club 2: Handicraft Club 3. 4: Les Memuires Editorial Staff -I. "Rajean" Vocational Homemakinll Class History September 7, 1951, the M.H.S. Limited pulled into Manchester Central Station and 84 ner- vous, wide-eyed, passengers alighted and en- tered a red-brick building consisting of ten rooms, a hall, and oodles of Sophomores, Jun- iors and Seniors. This building was called Man- chester High School. On our four year tour of high school, our first stop was in a big room called the gym where we gathered for assembly. After being there a few minutes we began no- ticing a few people around us and somehow started a conversation which, for most of us, began a life long friendship. Then we were as- signed to our home rooms and in a few weeks we had become an active part of this great body of students. A few of the highlights of the year were the Freshman party on April 18, 1952, to which we invited the freshman class of Mt. Wolf Jr. High, some great Halloween parties and a number of hayrides. We were having such a grand time that it seemed only a few short weeks had passed, when all of a sudden we heard the whistle of the Limited and we were off for a happy sum- mer vacation. When we stepped into the halls of good old M.H.S. the following September, we had be- come Sophomores and were very proud of our class of 99 pupils, including the 44 students from Mt. Wolf who had joined us. We were now assigned to three different home rooms, room 1-A with Miss Snyder, room 1-B with Mr. Allison, and room 2 with Miss Barrett. There were many memorable events throughout the year, but one of the greatest was the "Cinderella Ball." Gayle Arnold was chosen as Cinderella. We also raised funds by making and selling salted peanuts. We had some hay- rides and held several homeroom parties. Almost before we were able to open our books and close them again, summer had come and we were all ready for a vacation. Now we were Juniors! What a feeling! Our high school years were fast drawing 'to a close and we hadnit even started right yet. Our class was now divided into four groups, consisting of room 8, with Miss Beshore as teacher, room 5 with Mr. Bateman, Miss Bar- rett's room 2, and Mr. Zimmerman's room 3. We knew this year was going to be busy but happy along with our activities and books. This year we would buy our school rings. There were also many dances and parties to attend, along with soccer, basketball, and baseball games. We sold potato chips to raise funds for our senior year. The Junior-Senior Prom was an important event for all as we had an active part in helping to sponsor it. The theme of the prom was "Rainbow Serenadeu and was held May 28th. Next came the fall of 1954 and we had now climbed to that much wanted position of a Senior. All the events we had dreamed of were now a glorious reality. For the greater part of us our formal schooling was almost over and we were putting on the last minute touches before entering into life for ourselves. There were 83 students in our class and we were now separated into two groups. One group settled in room 3 with Mr. Zimmerman as teacher and the remaining group in room 4 with Mr. Seacrist. First came the hard work of practicing for our senior play, "Everybody's Crazy Now',, held November 11th and 13th. Then we ordered our name cards and had our graduation pic-- tures taken. Next came the Turkey Dinner on December 4th. Everyone was thinking of the remaining few short months and everything that was to be planned. There was the Ham Dinner and Variety Show to look forward to. Now the time for the prom had come and no one could say it wasn't the most enjoyable evening we had ever had together, even though there was a small ache back in our hearts as we realized the time was .fast coming that we must depart. June was upon us and with it came gradu- ation. In the distance we could hear the whistle of the M.H.S. Limited as it made its way around the last bend. We climbed aboard, all of us feeling a tinge of sadness at the thought of parting and entering a new life. A tear was fought back as we pulled away and saw Manchester High fading into the past. Class Will We, the Class of 1955, being more or less of sound mind, wish to leave some of our personal and precious properties in this, our last will and testament. Charles Armstrong leaves his popularity with the girls to Jay Hitz. Ruth Baker's black eyes are willed to any steak-toting underclassman. Betty Bear wills her tiny ears to Jack Fadely. To Jan Everhart goes Raymond Bentz's shortness. Mr. Nelson is the lucky recipient of George Benyak's bubble blowing techniques. Ned Blymire wills to the future patron hun- ters of the yearbook, his sym athy. Lois Boeckel wills her blond, hair 'oo anyone who tried but failed. To all voice changing underclassmen we will Rodney Boeckel's squeek. Quiet Shirley Boll leaves her joke telling ability to Mr. Shade. Roger Bolton would like to will his ability to himself for college use. Bonnie Bowers, Gloria Smith, and Sandy Everhart's stick together ability goes to three men on a horse. To all future cheerleaders Barbara Boyer be- queaths her cheerleading maneuverability. Happy whispering Rena, you've just inherited Patsy Bren.neman's quiet voice. We will Larry Brenner's ability to sell candy for his Sunday School class to all future sales- men. Barbara Bretz leaves her intelligent questions, Htourniquet, on the neck" to anyone who can answer them. Ardene Buchar's blush we will, to "Cookie Smith." To Bonnie Souser goes Delores Bupp's per- fectness. Vic Bupp's skiing ability is willed to all fu- ture olympic stars. Robert Campbell wills his hillbilly music to Mrs. King. Kathy Chicote wills her confused heart to Bryn Mawr for experimental purposes. To all future homemakers go Esther Craft's degrees. Carol Ann Deardorff leaves her lunch time seat in room four to all "pack-carriers." Linda "bell barrier breader", Doll leaves her 100 yard dash record to any future track man. Stanley Ettinger's love for English III to all future juntios. Mardella F ries' and Regina Klinels knit suits we will to the moth. Happy eating! Bobba Lee Fry's "hot pretzel" we will to Mr. Bateman. We will Diana Ginter's grass skirt to Billy Jacob's power mower. Happy Mowing. Mahlon Ha.mme's ability to remove front seats to all future upholsterers. Patsy Hartman wills her red pants to Santa Claus. Richard Hoover wills his basketball ability to the coach. To Audrey Reed and Ronald Lindenmuth we will Audrey Horning's ability to maintain peace. Richard Humbert wills his sharp-shooters medal to the victim's widow. We'1l just will Larry Huyett to Judy. To all insomnia sufferers Stanley Jordan wills his "sleepiness." Gail Julius' peppy personality to all "geratol jr." users. To all unsuspecting colts we will Louanna Kann's horse laugh. Barbara Kauffman leaves her love for school to all underclassmen. To Pauline Hoover goes Gloria's way with the fellows. We will Faye "Nightingale" Kline's pill pushing ability to all sickly underclassmen. Sarah Knaub, Marian Lee, Sara Ann Ort, Zula Seifert and Anna Mae Brenneman leave their dish scraping to any dish scraping antici- pater. Ronald Knaub leaves his baseball glove to John Gross. William Knudsen bequeaths his speed to "Butch" Lower. To J. Fred Muggs goes Suetta Kohrs roller- skating ability. Gary Krebs wills his pink shoes to Emelyn Seitz. Madeline Lentz wills her love to play bas- ketball to Rajean Willis. Sonia Meads gives her curly hair to Mr. Reiff. We leave Glenn Meyer's love for Central to Central. Wilbert Mickley wishes to leave his love for the teachers to the teachers. We will Charles Miller's undying devotions of the yearbook to the next yearls staff. Donald Miller leaves old burnt out television tubes to R. C. Z. To Lance Strayer we lovingly bequeath Gene Plowman's harem. Shirley Ranieri and Annabelle Price leave their industrious study hall hours to Jay Hitz. To Larry Ranieri goes William Quickel's side burns. Roy Raffensberger leaves his "speed grafix" to any "shutterbug." To all Cub Scouts we will Terry Reinhard's Eagle Scout rating. Connie Stoppard and Elaine Reisinger will their inseparable companionship to any Siamese twins. Doreen Spangler wills her hot Plymouth to any shoe leather express commuter. To the Editorial Staff Nancy Stambaugh wills all the 8:37 A.M. trains. Jack Stoner leaves his office of treasurer to anyone with S eyes. Juliet Stonesifer leaves her seat at basketball games to future basketball fans. Robert Stoppard leaves his artistic tablet cover to Mr. Reiff. Gerald Strine leaves his way with assistant county superintendents to anyone whose Dad is on 'the school board. Ken Strine's ability to go steady goes to Eddie Swartz. To any up and coming fireman goes, John Topper's ability to climb ladders. Shirley Weigle leaves her ducks to June Schroder. To A. P. Wire Service we bequeath Jerry Werner's newsstand for faster circulation. Floyd White wills his construction ditch lan- terns to all unsuspecting faculty members. ,Charles Yeaple leaves his "Ike Blessed, way elephant" to Mr. Nelson. Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above as our last will and testament. Class Prophecy Dear Kathy, I've just arrived in California for a month's vacation, not that Ifm in need of it. I came by train and had a. very enjoyable and comfortable ride. Seems good to get away from school even though we finally got the new building. I'm taking for granted that you knew I was 'teach- ing business education at good old M.H.S., how- ever, a very modern and .different building. Now, to tell you all about my trip. I called a taxi to take me to the station and the driver turns out to be none other than Richard Hoover. My next surprise came when I walked up to the ticket window and who should turn around to sell me my ticket but Delores Bupp. She told me Suetta Kohr had just bought a ticket and was also heading for California and to be sure and say hello to Diana Ginter if we get to Hol- lywood. In the process of being seated I saw Madeline Lentz who told me she was Mrs. El- wood Swartz. We began what was only the be- ginning of a long ugab-session", telling each other about old classmates. Barb Boyer and Gail Julius have graduated from West Chester and are now teaching Physi- cal Education. Barb handles the skirts, and Gail's boys' varsity basketball team just came through its class A championship. Judy Kessler can be seen passing band-aids to injured pupils, who,s got Etta's '48 Chevy, and the school nurseis position. At noon time the kids rush first to "Topper's Snack Bar", which has a bevy of '55 beauties slinging hash-Zula Seifert, Sara Ort, Sarah Knaub, and Marian Lee. Then they dash to f'Raffensberger's Studio", which develops any- thing. Mahlon Hamme's Cassistantb chief con- cern is keeping the fioor clean of burned out flashbulbs. Did you know M.H.S. now has a student lounge, complete with a 24 inch T.V. set, don- ated by Donald Miller's Cut Throat T.V. Service Inc.? Esther Craft's daily program "From The Gar- bage Can Lid", sponsored by Rodney Boeckel, Super-Duper Florist, is viewed daily by the home-making students. Charles Armstrong now delivers ice cream as a William Knudsen Dairy retail route man. The train stopped-layover at Chicago. Lo and behold the ladies' lounge has a wall size television screen, and whose smiling face is gleaming as it announces Quickel's Blue Blade, but John Stoner. Today's game decides Ronald Knaub's fate, will he top Babe Ruth's record? Program previews spot The Gary Krebs show, produced and directed by Stanley Jordan, light- ing by George Benyak, written and .devised by Shirley Ranieri and Annabelle Price. The chan- nel's guest panelist on the Charles Yeaple Spraynet program will be the world famous skier, Victor Bupp. Panel members scheduled are Lois Boeckel Bankhead, Bonnie Bowers Meadows, Anna Mae Brenneman Emerson, and Gloria Smith De Haven. The all aboard finds us, just that, all aboard. Audrey Reed has just taken over Ron Lin- denmuth, and Lindenmuth has taken over his Dad's service station. Digger Plowman's Funeral Parlor has now been completed. His staff has an articulate air. Floyd White heads the grave digging detail, Jerry Werner takes complete charge of obituary notices and tombstone epitaphs. Gerald Strine Contractors, Inc. forcefully staffed with Larry Brenner, Raymond Bentz, Charles Miller, as carpenters, and Bob Stoppard heading the masons, have just completed a one story struc- ture for Betty Bearis cosmetic concern. Coming through the club car whom to our wandering eyes should appear, but, homberg, briefcase, Bolton and all. After talking to Roger we find Ned Blymire has just opened his ofiice of dentistry with5 Ruth Baker as his receptionist and his hygienist is none other than Sonia Meads. Larry Huyett has just received his de- gree in Archaeology from Penn State. Doreen Spangler is on her way to Africa as a mission- ary. Barbara Bretz has just been signed for the feature roll in "My Friend Erma." Robert Campbell's Bar H Ranch is currently featuring the "Pat Duet", Brenneman and Hart- man respectively. Gloria King has reached the height of her ambition and is business manager for Paper- Mate Pen Company. Terry Reinhard is their chief under water pen tester. Linda Doll is headed for California to Cedars of Lebanon to specialize in pediatrics. Carol Ann Deardorff plans to join the business staff of the same hospital. Mickley's Chevrolet garage is featuring Rie- gina Kline as the main calendar attraction, ad- vertising his beat-up cars. Glenn Meyer, Stan- ley Ettinger, and Richard Humbert are Mick- ley's gas pump jockeys, grease monkeys, and coffee drinkers. At Sunset and Vine Streets, we were amazed to see, as we passed the intersection on the way to our hotel, one of Hollywood's finest beauty clinics, whose proprietress is Sandy Everhart, chief manicurist is Bobba Lee Fry. Our hotel, a classy joint, boasted the finest service in the world, and Ken Strine, as captain of the bellhops backed up the boast. Desk clerk, after we found her behind the counter, was Ardene Buchar. Barbara Kauffman's voice kept saying "number please" into the hotel's switch- board. Our after-dinner stroll down the boulevard was uneventful. We bumped into, and she is still sitting there, Rajean Willis, who ,resides at the Long Beach Naval Base Officers' Apart- ments, with her husband. Rajean just had news from home. Faye Kline is doing graduate work at Temple. Juliet Stonesifer, Connie Stoppard. and Elaine Reisinger have inaugurated a new driver training program at M.H.S. Mardella Fries just returned from her honey- moon. Shirley Weigle, Loyetta Rode, and Aud- rey Horning are clerical typists in the ultra- modern school office. Nancy Stambaugh suc- ceeded her Dad as freight manager for the P.R.R. and is delaying trains for M.H.S.'s year- book staffs. I hope this letter finds you happy and enjoy- ing your private duty nursing along with your housework. Sincerely, Louanna Kann LoPiccolo's Restaurant ............... York, Pa. Business Patrons Almoney, George J.-Mason Contractor York, Ann's Beauty Shoppe .......... Manchester, Arnoldfs Esso Station .......... Manchester, Bair, Marlin B.-Advertising ..... Camp Hill, Baldwin Oil Burners ......... Weiglestown, Baum, R. F.-Plumbing 81 Heating R. D. 10, York, Bern Haven, Inc. .............. York Haven, Beshore Fruit 8: Turkeys. .R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf, Beshore 81 Koller .............. Manchester, Pa. Besh.ore's Motel .................... Etters, Mt Blymire, George-Barber ..,..... . Wolf Bob's Sporting Goods ...... ..... M t. Wolf Bo-Do T. V. .............. . Bonnie Lee Children's Shop .......Y0rk ......Mt. Wolf, Bower's Garage ...... ............ M t. Wolf, Boyce Heating 81 Air Conditioning Co. York, 1 y Brenner, Charles-Grocery ....... Mt. Wolf Bricker's Garage .................... Dover, Brookside Garage ..,............... Dover, Busser, Harry C., Inc. ........ York Haven, Chick's Atlantic Service ....... North York, Chicote, Alfred L., M. D. ...... Manchester, Cities Service Station ............ Mt. Wolf, Cline Service Station ...... R. D. 2, York, Colhub Printcraft .................... York Compliments of Grace 8: Schroll Manchester, Compliments of Manchester Newsstand Manchester, Compliments of Sutcliffe Dairies ...... York, Cousler's Food Market .......... Emigsville, Coylels Tropical Treat ........ Manchester, DeHoH, Alvin H.--Jeweler ........... York, 1 Deibert's Motel ............ ...... E tters, Dennis Grocery ................. Mt. Wolf, Diehl's Home Furnishings ........ Mt. Wolf, Dower, E. W., Co.-Photographers .. Drexel Hill, Drawbaugh's Grocery ......... Zions View, Eby Heating Company .............. York, Emrich Chevrolet .............. Manchester, Ettlineis Restaurant-Shady Dell R. D. 2, York, r Stauffer Home Improvements, Inc.. .. Fashion Hats ........................ York, Fiegler, R. H.--Nurseries .... R. D. 8, York Flavorland ...................... Emigsville, Formprest Cleaners-Tailors Bl Dyers York, Freed :Sz Bowers .... ....... Y ork, Frey Furniture Co. .... ........ Y ork, Fritz's Market .......... Golden Glow Cafeteria .... Greener's Used Car Lot .... Herrold, Dr. Warren ..... Hob-Nob Coifee Shop ................ Hoffman's Furniture ............ ....Mt. Wolf, .......York, .......York, Wolf, York, Emigsville, Hoffman's-Quality Electrical Merchandise York, Hornls Roadside Market ...... R. D. 5, York, Hunter, Frank M.- Water Conditioning Equipment R. D. 9, York, Hussie's . .,...................... Mt. Wolf, John's Grocery ............... York Haven, Jordan's Furniture :Sz Appliances .... Shiloh, J ordan's Food Market ............ Mt. Wolf, King Press-Printing ................ York, Kline's Grocery Store .... Manchester, Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa Pa Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa Pa Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Kling, F. F. and Sons .......... Manchester, Pa. Knudsen, William J .-Dairy Products Mt. Wolf, Pa. Kottcampls Meats-Wholesale 84: Retail Zions View, Pa. Krone, Darrell-Texaco ........ Manchester, Pa. LaPrairie, LaRue-Insurance R. D. 1, York Haven, Pa. Lauer :Sz Gross ...................... York, Pa. Latchawis Frozen Foods ...... York Haven, Pa. Lehmayer's .............. .......... Y ork, Pa. M 8a S Restaurant ............ Manchester, Pa. Manchester Grange, Inc. ........ Emigsville, Pa. Manchester Post Office ........ Manchester, Pa. Martin Sz Kohr's Service Station R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. May, Archie K.-Jewelers ........... York, Pa. Meads Brothers Grocery ...... York Haven, Pa. Meads, Mrs. Mabel-Oil Painting Instructions York Haven, Pa. Mel's Place .......... R. D. 1, York Haven, Pa. Miller Brothers ................. Mt. Wolf, Pa. Mohr, Charles C.-General Contractor Mt. Mohr's Fruit Farm ....... R. D. 1, Mt. Union National Bank ............ Mundis Mills, Inc. ........... R. D. 5, Wolf, Pa. Wolf, Pa. Wolf, Pa. Mundis, Irvin F. ................ Emigsville Pa. Yorki Pa. Myers, Glenn-Atlantic Service Station R. D. 4, York, Pa. Ness Sunoco ......... ............ Y ork, Pa. Ogle's Garage ............... R. D. 5, York, Pa. Parkside Cafe ................ North York, Pa. Patterson, Chet and Son ............. York, Pa. Penn Dairies ............ ....... Y ork, Pa. Penn Dixie Lines, Inc. .............. York, Pa. Pete's Barber Shop ............ Manchester, Pa. Pine Tree Inn Restaurant and Day School York Pa. Poif, L. K.-Plumbing at Heating. .Mt Wolfi Pa Pugh's Restaurant ............ York Haven, Pa. Reese, J. Frank and Son-Jewelers, North York, Pa. Rutter Brothers Dairy ............... York, Pa. Saginaw Hosiery Mill ..... R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Sanger Paint Shop ........... York Haven, Pa. Schell Fruit Stand .................. York, Pa. ShaFfner's Jewelry Store ............. York, Pa. Shiloh Garage .............. R. D. 10, York, Pa. Singer Bros. ......................... York, Pa. Smith, William D.-Trucking Service Station Mt. Wolf, Pa. Spahr, George E. Sz Son. . .R. D. 1, Mt. Spangler's Grocery Store. .R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Wolf, Pa. Spurgys Drive-In ................... Y-ork, Pa. Stagemyer's Gulf Service ............ York, Pa. Stambaugh Gulf Service ........... York, Pa. York, Pa Stein, Elmer M.-Florist ...... R. D. 2, York, Pa Stough dc Brenneman ......... Manchester, Pa Stough, F. E.-General Store...Manchester, Pa Strayer, R. H.-Garage .......... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Sullivan, M. L.-Jewelers .... ...... Y ork, Pa Terry's .............................. York, Pa The Jewel Shoppe ............ Manchester, Pa Thumma Esso Station. .R. D. 1, York Haven, Pa Toomey's Music Shoppe .......... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Trail Coffee Shoppee ................ York, Pa. Utz Potato Chip Co., Inc. ........ Hanover, Pa Vedder Oil Co., Inc. ....... ....... Y ork, Pa Walker's Sinclair Service Station ..... York, Pa Walt's Printing Service ........ Goldsboro, Pa Wantz, Howard F.-Jewelers .... West York, Pa Webb 85 Wolfe, Inc.-Sporting Goods. .York, Pa Weber, Ray-Used Cars ....... North York, Pa Wehler, M. L.-Interior Decorating .... York, Pa Weinbroom, Joe-Your Jeweler ...... York, Pa White Rose Appliance 8z Oiiice Supply Co. York, Pa Williams :Sz Stambaugh ...... ..Manchester, Pa Willow Springs Fruit Farm. . .R. D. 5, York, Pa .- -vw.-up-f--.f 1- Vlfolfgang, D. E. Candy Co. .......... York Wolfgang's Shoes and Sporting Goods,York Wolfspar, Inc. ................... Mt: Wolf Wolf Supply Company .: ........ Mt. Wolf: York Haven Garage .......... York Haven York Hoover Corporation ............ York York Tobacco Company, Inc. ........ York A Friend ............................ York Zeigler ........................ Manchester Zeigler's Light Lunch 8: Pool. .Manchester, Patrons Edwin Beck Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beecher Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Q. Boll Miss Glenda Bricker Mrs. Earl Bruaw A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bupp Mr. and Mrs. George W. Callahan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clemens, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. King Roslyn and John King Mr. and Mrs. Claude Kline A Friend Faye Kline Barry Krebs Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lauer Mr. and Mrs. Horace Lecrone y v r Larry Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Percy Clemens Shirley Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Coble :Sz Victor Rose Danner Mr. and Mrs. John Dickinson, Jr. Samuel Doll Glenn Eisenhart A. J. Fable Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. George Fitzkzee, Sr. Miss Gloria Frey Dr. J. Joseph Friedman A Friend Pat Fritz Miss Joan Gheen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hartman Pat Hartman Anna E. Longstreet Mr. and Mrs. Willard Miller 8a F Warren W. Mundis Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Musser Mr. Carl W. Nelson Gene W. Plowman Mr. and Mrs. William Plowman A Friend Leslie Reeser Mr amily Compliments Mr. John A. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr, James S of a Friend Holtzapple Perry W. Hull Harry E. Hykes Stuart Julius W. S. Kann Keller Mr and Mrs. Richard Reiff Mr and Mrs. Paul Rentzel Mr Ray G. Rife Mr and Mrs Raymond Ruth, Jr. Mr and Mrs George Seacrist Mr. and Mrs. Willis Shellenberger, Sr. Mr and Mrs H. W. Simons Mr. and Mrs Jesse Smith Mr and Mrs. David Spangler A Friend H. Luther Stoner Ed Strine Ken Strine Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Toomey Whoopie and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wolfe Photo page 1 courtesy of Chicago, Burlington Sz Quincy R.R. Page 3 courtesy of Great Northern R.R.. ..-...yn ..4....-.....,........... , A ,A -....,

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