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MANCllES'l'Ell HIGH SCIIINIL SENIIDR CLASS fmeaenii LES MEMIIIIRES S l 9 5 4 ie afzewafzc! "Forever gone . . . The pasT STill our own . . . The fuTure!" STepping forward inTo The TuTure we look back upon The days already passed. Regrei and pride shade The color of our ThoughTs. Many memories have evolved from our four years of high school. We hope To always remember The Things which have made These years memorable, misTakes To be remembered as signs of cauTion Toward repeaTed misTakes5 pleasures cherished for- ever, schoolmaTes and Teachers never To be TorgoTTen. May The guidance and undersTanding given us by The Teachers here aT Manches- Ter High School, help us To live as good ciTizens, loyal To God and counTrymen, in "The fuTure sTill our own." 74a Uevldccufdcwz We, The Class of 1954, cheerfully decli- caTe This ediTion of "Les Memoires" To Mrs. Roslyn L. King, our Teacher and friend-in recogniTion of her loyalTy and devoTion To our class, and in graTiTude for The en- couragernenT and inspiraTion which she has given us in all we have clone. M66 of dwzem l"0I'CXVOI'll . . Dodication .... AdIlliI1iSt1'?l'l,i0H .. lfzwlllfy ...... Autivitivs ., Ath1eTics ...... lvHdl?1'l'l2lSSIIl0I1 . . . Seniors ...,.... ADMINISTRATIO i ,ww ,wmv nd v o 0 o o V , de we ' ' magma cage Congratulations on your graduation from Manchester lligh Sehool. For many of you, this may mark the end ot your formal schooling. llowever, this -does not mean that your education is eomplete. Education is development, education begins at birth and has no end. We, as teaehers. have tried to eom- inunieate to you laets and ruless we have tried to help you in your mental development, in your thinking, in your observation and in your reasoning. This help will have been in vain unless you apply in the future what you have learned. Our efforts have been to help you build up a store house of information for your use in solving future problems. llow well you solve your problems will be an indication of the value of your edueation. We have attempted to help you to beeome a good citizen, eapable of assuming' all the responsibilities of adulthood. lVe are living in a world of confusion, a world that will demand the best of each of us. The future ot the world is in the hands of the youth of today. May we promote our own happiness in proportion to the eontribution we make to the happiness of others. Yesterday is gone. we may never see tomorrow, so let's live our best today. May the members of the Class of '54 live in sueh a Way that they will bring honor to our eountry, to our sehool and to ourselves. C.'LARI41Nt'E R. ORION DORF 6 4a I I ' TO TIIIC FLASS OF 1954: You are to be congratulated on your graduation from lilanchester lligh School. It has not been an easy task. At every turn in the road there was a temptation to turn from your objective and seek another. Many of the students with whom you started high school have thought it wise to terminate their formal education. I realize that our high school cannot meet all of the needs of every student. Ilowever, I am confident that we have helped you, the Class of 195-1, prepare to take your place useful, well-adjusted members of our democratic society. The school has not achieved this alone. Viiithout the help oi the home and the church your progress would not have been satisfactory. As a class you are apprehensive concerning your future, Nuclear fission has created new problems, jobs may be a little harder to find, military service is a real concern for some of you. These and many other disturbing factors have caused some people to say, " What 's the use.', Yours is not the first class or the first generation to I'aee diifieult times. Other generations of Americans have faeed problems just as complex and just as mysterious as those which confront you. With a deep and abiding faith in God, in yourself, and in our social institutions you will be able to overcome these adversities. There are some people in our society who have little or no faith in the youth of our time. I am not one of those people. After working with some of you students in junior high and with all of you in this your last year of high school. I have no fears concerning the future of our community. You have proven to me that you can think intelligently, act wisely, and live successfully. As you depart from MILS., I hope that you will not look upon your grad- uation as the end of something, but as the beginning of a new chapter in the great adventure we call life. CARI, W. NELSON 7 bnewaga- ?afcge The first meeting of the Forge llill merger comprised of Manchester Bor- ough, East Manchester Township, Mt. NN'ol'E Borough and York Haven Borough was held on July 7, 1952 in the Manchester lligh School, Manchester, Penn-. sylvania. On the same date. the Conewago Township School Board met' with the merged district and formed the Conewago-Forge Ilill Joint School System, This system operated for one year. During July 19533. upon proper motions of the Newberry Township Board of School Directors and Conewago-Forge lliil Joint School System directors, the Second Voting District ot Newberry Town- ship became the third member district of the present Conewago-Forge Ilill Joint School System. In order to expedite the efficient handling of the normal business which the Board of Directors transact. the committee system is used to the fullest extent. Each member of the Board of Directors serves on either the Finance, Building and Grounds, Transportation or Personnel Committee. lt is the duty of the Chairman of each oi" these committees to gather together the necessary information, pertaining to his committee, and recommend to the Board, at a regular meeting, the best solution to the problem at hand. The Board has employed the Buchart Engineering t'orporation as its arch- itect for the development and expansion of the school taeilities and it is to this end that the Northeastern York County School Building Authority was organ- ized in January of 1953, its sole purpose being to provide funds and build new schools or renovate present buildings for the school children in this area. Progress has been made for the expansion ot present buildingsg also plans are being made for the erection of new buildings for elementary centers. This expansion would eliminate the one-room schools in our area and would be replaced by the elementary centers to be located in Mount NYolf, Manchester, Concwago and York llaven. The Building Authority has been granted permis- sion to acquire the necessary land for this Elementary Building program. 'Iiand is being acquired for our Junior-Senior lligh School site. lt is the ultimate goal ot' the Board of Education of the Conewago-Forge Hill Joint School System to provide adequate school facilities and the neces- sary teaching staff to afford each pupil the opportunity of receiving the best education available, To this end your directors have dedicated themselves. 3 amz' aol SQ ganna! Left to right, seated-Earl Rentzel, George Ebaugh, Luther L. Bear, Paul Yost, board solicitor, R. O. Willmang Charles Wolf, Jr., presidentg Henry R. Buckwalter, secretary, Alfred Strine, Nelson King, William S. Kann, Earl R. Doll. Left 'to right, standing-O. C. Yeager, Curvin Shenberger, C. R. Orendorf, Fred Ebers- bach, Russell C. Strine, Harry Bottomly, George Crager, Frank W. Zeigler, Arthur T. Hendrix, Charles E. Heindel, Scott W. Knaub, George Wilkes, Carl W. Nelson, Christ A. Musser, Stanley Zook, B. H. Barry. 9 FACULTY xg , . 3 515 Q1 REQ I 1 - ' WM we if u x MR. CLARENCE R. ORENDORF MR. CARL W. NELSON MISS CLARA M, CASSEL B.S., M.Ed. B.S., M.Ed. B.A., M.A. Millersville State 'fCea,eh,e1's College Millersville State Teachers College Goucher College Elizabethtown College The Pennsylvania State University Buckneu University The Pennsylvania State University Su ject: problems of Democracy Subjects. Mathematics, English MR- WH-BUR F- ZIMMERMAN MISS MARGARET A. BARRETT MR. PERRY W. HULL B.A. B,S, B.S. DiCkiT1S0Y1 College Marywood College Elizabethtown College . . . The Pennsylvania State Universit Sublectsi S001-31 SC1eHCeS, Languages Subjects: Social Studies, English Columbia UHiV91'SitY Subject: Commercial l VL .V .X 0 I ! 1 . 611909. W sazzvmayrrwcd-ox 12 1 MR. JOHN R. ALLISON MR. DONALD S. KRAMER MRS. ROSLYN L. KING B.A. B.S. B.S. Southwestern Louisiana College Shippensburg State Teachers Shippensburg State Teachers Louisiana State University College College Subjects: Social Sciences, Health, Subjects: Biology, Chemistry Subjects: English, Civics, General Mathematics Mathematics ' .x ' H X , X 1' 7! f LR. WILLIAM A. BATEMAN MR- FRED E- BOTTERBUSCH Mlss CHARLOTTE E. BESHORE B.S. A.B. B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Gettysburg College Hood College Subject: Commercial Sublectsf Mathematics, Subject: Home Economics General Science A 'M Lf.. 13 1 I "MISS GLENDA E. BRICKER y B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Subjects: Physical Education, Health, American History MR. RICHARD B. SHADE B.M., M.A. Susquehanna University New York University Subject: Music MRS. ETTA McCLAlN R.N. Garfield Memorial Hospital School of Nursing rm ACTIVITIES X13 U? ? "W it CLUBS 14 'M ' fed eww First row, left to right-Gloria Frey, Jean Horner, Marian Lee, Zula Seifert, Linda Doll, Barbara Ferree, Linda Fink, Ada Paules, Frances Brenneman. Second row, left to right-Ardene Bucher, Donna Jordan, Dawn Myers, Doris Mitzel, Maryan Sipe, Anna Mae Brenneman, JoAnn Lloyd, Pauline Hoover. Third row, left to right-Miss Clara M. Cassel, Nancy Stambaugh, Laura Smith, Suetta Kohr, Joelynne Fritz, Mary Lockard, Sarah Knaub, Lois Boechel, Norma Jean Fair. The Alll0l'l02lIl -lunior Red Cross is the ,junior meinbersliip of the American Hull Cross enrollell in elementary and secolidary suhools--public, pl-ivzllv, and parouliial. ,Its members are givvii an opportunity to serve others in an organized llimmnitarian pro- grain. Olfiffvrs vlovtecl wore: liinmln Doll, president: Hua'- lmra. l+'e1'1'c-ls, vice-president, Zlllit Blue Seifert, scwrv- tary, and Blariziu Lee, ll'G?lSlll'Ul'. Activities inlelucloll f.'l1ristm:l,s caroling, svmling' toys and l'2lVUl'N to Vetvransf aml Ulllllll'Pll,S hos- pitals, illlil llio main one ol' filling' em oversozls vlwst wliic-ll was sent for iieelly l:l1ilml1'011 overseas. 18 Deane ' Front row, left to right-Thcda Lehr, Barbara Cassel, Faye Kline, Pat Stambaugh, Mrs. Roslyn L. King. Back row, left to right-Nancy Emig, Mary L. Gingerich, Sandra Snellbaker, Beverly Fries, Betty Fritz, Pat Burkey, Barbara Strausbauglx. lf you want to learn what goes on lmmkstagv. join the Dl'21lIl21tlLfS Club. The ululfs aims 21l'0 to a0q1121i11t tl both-1' 1111clQ1'st21111ling of stage tecel111iq11Qs, 11121112193- ing, lighting, s1fo111-1'y 211111 ll12llI6-UP. All lI1TClllg11'l1t C0O1JOI'2ltl011 QIIIIODQ' the lll0lIlllCI'S in its activities is the 11121i11 object. 'iS11uv,' White Elllll the Scve11 DXX'2ll'iAS77 w21s pre- :.1-11t1-ml Zlllll 1li1'111ftv1l by the vlub, The 111121111191-s 21t- tcudml 21 Il21ll0w1f 7011 party, jo111'11eyc-ml to llerslwy to soo H10 Ivo Cz111211l0s. and viewed 21 few p1'orl111'ti011s 21t York Little 'l'l1v21te1'. Mrs, Roslyn King, f21c11lty 211dviso1-, witl1 F21yv Kline 21s presirlmmti, l321rl1211'21 Cassvl, vi1'v-pre-si1l1211t, 'I'he1l21 l1Qlll', sec1'vt211-y-t1'c21s111'e1', were 21ll l'CSD0l1Sl- ble for lllillllllg' this ye211"s vlub SUCl'ltSSflll. 19 ,A 3 fe 23523 f' ' W' 5' fr :E 'LEi::5Es:f::.. gm.. sv r alone Qfamemakew meziccz First row, left to right-Anna Dellinger, Audrey Myers, Jean Yost, Esther Craft, Patricia Fritz, Margaret Knaub, Nina Weigle, Dorothy Stoner, Judy Deitz, Shelva Zirkle. Second row, left to right-Nancy Slonaker, Charlotte Wallace, Norma Daugherty, Bonnie Bowers, Sylvia Spahr, Pat Brenneman, Lois Brothers, Dorothy Ely, Betty Leister. Third row, left to right-Juliet Stonsifer, Shirley Keller, Twila Zirkle, Lucille Hartman, Joanne Brenneman, Maxine Baker, Charmaine Griffith, Darlis Repman, Miss Charlotte Beshore. Pat Fritz led the F. ll. A'ers their president for '53-'54. Margaret Knauh filled the post of vice-president, seeretarialship chores fell to Nina Weigle. Esther Clloney liagsj Craft was treasurer. Watch eat. the gal who attends to all meeting' interruptions, was Dot Stoner. Our F. ll. A. is affiliated with the state and national organization. Man- c'hester's uieinlwrs traveled to eouventions and rallies, The annual farm show in llarrishurg' was attended by the group. Yarn dolls. and a faculty "Baby Photo l'outest'l helped hoost the elub's treasury. New lllCllllJGl'S were initiated at a party hm-ld at the school in the form of a 4-omlwined llallowe'en initiation party. 20 cwddm First row, left to right-Elaine Reisinger, Sonia Meads, Barbara Kauff- man, Barbara Boyer, Barbara Bretz, Kathy Chicote, Richard Hombach Shirley Boll, Yvonne Brenneman. Second row, left to right-Barry Julius, Crist Shearer, Lowell Reeser Sandra Repman, Ronald Toomey, Robert Murphey, Richard Stevens. Third row, left to right-Miss Margaret A. Barrett, Rita Raifens- berger, Mary Diehl, Charlotte Dittenhafer, Jan Everhart, Sara Ann Ort Connie Stoppard. This newly wgaiiizml 4-hih was under :ii 1-onstmit buzz oi' zu-tivity cluringg club periods. lvlltlll viitwiiig' the roohi one voulml fillil 21 moiclvl :1i1'plz1hO, or 21 painting near its l'011115lt'1lUll. Otlivr memhcrs were fouml 0I'0l'lll'tlIlg'. Working with lvzltlier gromls, or worltiiig on similar pi-ojwts. All of these projevts have worthwhile uses. Miss lizirrvtt spolisori-ml the vhih ziml with the help ol' the following oii'i4-ers thcgv have tQ'OlIlIJlt'tCll a Sllt't10SSflll year. The ottivvrs were: l,Y'0Slll0llf. Kathy fllllt'Otl'Z Xylt'Q-l,l't'Slllttl1f, l-Zzxrluzlrn Brotxg SCl'l'K'l2lI'Y, lgil1'lJ2ll'2l lioyvr: !lll'02lSl1l'l'I', Dirk ll0Illll2ll'll. 21 First row, left to right-Mr. Wilbur F. Zimmerman, Bob Boll, James Walker, Lee Diehl, Jack Stoner, Raymond Sweitzer, Lance Strayer, David Sipe, Glenn White, Leon Bupp, Wilbur Miller, Mr. William A. Bateman. Second row, left to right-Larry LaPrairie, John Gross, Leonard Heilman, Ronald Sunday, Thomas Brcnneman, Donald Stoner, Harry Fissel, Terry Hale, Glenn Staub. Gary Gembe. Third row, left to right-Raymond Bentz, Glenn Heilman, Mervin Crawford, Larry Brenner, Glenn Meyer, Larry Good, William Sipe, Gene Harget, Bob Godfrey, Duane Bupp, Bob Glatfelter. Fourth row, left to right-David Strausbaugh, Bob Dietz, Oscar Seager, Rodney Boeckel, Samuel King, Gary Nause, Ronald Danner, Edward Hoover, Paul Shaffer, Claude Harris, lVIahlon Hamme. Fifth row, left to right-Donald Miller, Paul Lo Bianco, Tony Lo Bianco, Jolin Staub, Dale Billet, Walter Hoover, Harry Hatterer, Ronald Lindenmuth, Dale Grim, Victor Bupp. Sixth row, left to right-Gordon Jacoby, Robert Stoppard, Stanley Ettingcr, Eddie Shank, Glenn Elfner, Richard Humbert, James Goodyear, Wayne Bucher, Martin Chapman, John Lockard, Richard Gladfelter. Seventh row, left to right-Francis Hanna, Larry Brenneman, Wayne Gundy, Terry Warner, George Benyak, Stanley Jordan, Wayne May, Roger Bolton, Larry Gladfelter, Ned Blymire, Larry Bare, William Quickie. Eighth row, left to right-Donald Sweitzer, VVilbert Mickley, George Bowers, Roy Strausbaugh, Richard Hoover, Larry Reeser, Terry Reinhard, Ken Brenneman, Clark Lehman. Flean speeeh, living. sports. and scholarship xvell as nhysieal. mental. social. spiritual or religions gi-ovvtli. is the purpose of the lli-Y t'lnh. A subsidiary of the Y. Bl. C. A., the local clnh enjoyed the taeilities offered hy the Y. M. t'. A. in York. Pennsylvania. Heading the Ili-Y tflnh this year was lianee Strayer as president with -lohn Stoner as vice-president. Other officers were as follows: Note Keeper, lree Diehl: t'asln-egister. David Sine: Chaplain, harry Hare. Mr. W. l+'. Zinnner- man and lli: William A. liateman served as advisors: Mr. lra Y. liaker. Mr. t'la1enee li, tlrenflort. and Mr. t'arl W. Nelson comprised the advisory council. Donating' hasliets to needy families at tfhristmas headed the list of activ- ities that was done hy the lli-Y tflnh during' the year. Other activities included a swininiing- party at the Y, ill. t'. A., a field trip to the State Farm Show at llarrishurgg and instruction in marksinanship, As an indneement to active participation in the lli-Y Clnh, lli-Y pins were awarded at the heginning ol' the second semester to those who met the demands of the lli-Y prograni. 6-Z Sefwdce .feilfmmeab , , ,ws ya: School spirit and promotion of ilitvrerst in sports is the idea. behind the Varsity lmttcrmcn's Club Boing' thc first mflulm of its kind at M. ll. S.. thc mom- lmcrs have solnething' oi' which to lw lDl'0ll1l. Thi 1-ttcrnivn sponsored the Varsity lhincc. l:l'Eltl1l"lUE Dick 3l,0lll and his On-vliestra. 111 which Gloria M Wciricli was l'l1OS0ll :ls Swv0tlis'zn't by the mm-mlzers md pinned by the prvsimlcnt. limlwzllwl Beck. First row, left to right-Frank Neff, Barry Kreb3, Don Prowellg Vice-President, Edward Becky President, Kenneth Strine, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Gene Plow- man, Thomas Schroeder. Second row, left to right- Floycl White, Neil Lloyd, Ed Weigle, Charles Miller, Edwin Beck, Gerald Strine, Larry Huy- ett. Third row, left to right-Glenn Knaub, Ronald Knaub, Mr. John Allison, Biwwwv EM l'l1otog'rz1pI1y Flulfs vliivf aim was the printing' zlml rlevoloping ol' piv- tures. Sonw ol' the zivtivitii-s v11,iOyec'l by the meiulwrs illf'lllll4'll C'?1ll10I'2l piviiivs, motion pif-tilrvs. ami Slbl'2lli1'l'S. A dark room wliivli was wwtml by the lll0llllWl'S was the main project oi' the your. The zlclvisors were Mr. Carl Nelson and Hr, Fred liottwliiism,-li, Sc-Vviiigl' as officers ol' 1110 1-lulw wow: l'l'vsimle1it. Volvitv NYeslv'v: Vil'P-l,1'l'Slllt'lll. Jay Diehl: Sw-1'vtz1x'y. lilorizl Wvirivli: and 'ill'02lSlll'9l', Arclell Kziuffimiii. First row, left to right-Madelyn Lentz, Jolene Bucher, Regina Kline, Gloria W'eirich, Colette Wesley, Jay Diehl, Ardell Kauffman, Pat Hartman, Loyetta Rode. Second row, left to right-Mr. Carl Nelson, Gloria Keech, Aurita Rolirbaugh, Judy Kessler, Ellen Wilhide, Shirley Raneri, Emelyn Seitz, Anna Mae Bentz, Louise Morris, Mr. Fred Botterbusch. Third row, left to right-Gloria King, Shirley Crone, Mary Herman, Phyllis Diehl, Dawn Eyler, Gloria Smith, Nadine Kraft, Annabelle Price, Betty Bear. Fourth row, left to right-Mardella Fries, Bonnie Cramer, Alethea Rode, Eddie Swartz, Diana Ginter, Donna Topper, Cassandra Everhart, Sandra Emenheiser. Fifth row, left to right-Rodney Heilman, Alan Toomey, Roy Raffensberger, Larry Bennington, George Shaffer, William Knudsen. Sixth row, left to right-Raymond Bowman, l1Villiam Zinn, Terry Prowell, Kenneth Koch. ,haf-qs. . First row, left to right-Carl King, Richard Stambaugh, Charles Armstrong. Second row, left to right-Jerry Warner, Leroy Jordan, Jesse Smith, Roger Weiglc. Standing-Mr. Perry W, Hull. MEllll'lll'STlll' Ili h Svl1ool's Stal' Vlub Qavv its lll0llllJOl'S El Varied Sell-Oiion P' x, ol' zwtivitivs and events to participate in througllout the your. The olub was llltl'l'l1Sl'91l in sports and witrlcssecl many sporiingzg events cluringg the svhool yr-nr, llom-kvy QIZIIIIUS were il fz1V01'itv, but the iillllllill trip to sc-0 :L major lflklglfllt' lmzlsvlmll game was the most importziut liighlight of the Stag flllllliS field trips. Thmey also took excursions tl'll'Oll,Q,'ll0l1t lhe yr-:lr lo many points of interest. The lmoys of the 4-lub 2ll'l:2lllg'Cll uml supportwl these an-ti1ivivs under thc vounsvl of Tllvll' zulvisor, Mr. Perry llull. 25 This past year iAl2llll'll0Sl0l'7S 1-lieerleaclers were lmnsy with their many llltllltjfelllillilllg projeets to supply llieni with new unilfornis and other neces- sities. 'l'l1e niain sales eainpaign lfeaturecl school jackets. They also set np a means wlmieh proyidelcl lnis ti-ansportation for students to most of the away games. 'l'l1e aiin of our seven entlinsiastie CllPQl'lt12lll0llS was to ereate a. spirit ol' Sll0l'lSIll2lI1Slllll ll1l"Ol1Q'llUlll the entire school. Among' their llltlily aetivities were elieering' at stoeeei' anll lmaslietlvall ggaines. lealling' pep rallies, and introclneing' new elleers. The elieering squall of Nl. ll. S. eonsistecl ol' Anna Mae lientz. Colette Wesley. Gloria lq6l'l'll. Seniors: Dvlores Rupp, liarlwara lioyer. ,Iuniorsg Eileen Reese ancl Anita. Kessler. SUllll0lIlUl'0S. ,.....64em6ecwlm4 Left to right-Anita Kessler, Barbara Boyer, Gloria Keech, Anna Mae Bemz, Delores Bupp, Colette Wesley, Eileen Reese. 26 rr1x,, X - I cm us. il mitiolrlllv rcvo gnizecl 0l'g!'2lIllZ2ltl01l, zirv zlssom-izltoal with the 'York l1l'2lll4'll of the Y. W, l', A, The zivtivitios im-liuleml ai swimming' pzlirty, an llllflililllll pu1'1y. El lilllf' pull, the Ive tkupzillvs. :intl il bike hike. It is: the purpose ol the vluli to help the girls develop wliolosmne activities 1. . . 'lOl' Ilwn' l0li,lll'0 time and to lll'0lll0t0 lriomlsliip with tovli-ag'vi's from otlwr svliools, Vl'j.Z'ill'lllChN Ol lldlltllldllfy or vlw-val. rw --' llw Ollll'lll"' ot the 1-lulm were as l'ollmx's: Maxine Rwpnmii. I5I'0SlflG1lt5 Tod- ctte l.:1l'i':1i1'iv. Vive-p1'vsi1lcz1t: Delores liupp, sm-retary: Pat lJ2lllllt'l', ll'02lSlll'01'g Slivlva Ilzumciz Clltllllillllg Shirley l'pmlvg'rz1l'l'. llltGI't'llll3 l'UIll'0Sl1lltHtlV0Q and Miss fill-mln l3l'lf!liCl', l:2l4'llll,'V zulvisor, ' 66014 I I I I I I I First row, left to right-Kay O'Dell, Shelva Danner, Shirley Updegraff, Delores Bupp, Maxine Repman, Todette LaPrairie, Pat Danner, Jane Mohr, and Betty Kochenour. Second row, left to right-Marilyn Willard, Pat Adams, Joyce Myers, Shirley Warner, Maxine Biser, Eileen Reese, Shirley Witmer, Mary Jo Watters, Sandra Sheeley, Audrey Reed, and Miss Glenda Bricker. Third row, left to right-Gail Klinedinst, Florence Sipe, Pat Bloss, Ruth Baker, Ruth Toomey, Linda Bower, Frances Sheffer, Martha Mumrna, and Nancy Leader. Fourth row, left to right, Julia Baker, Stella Lo Bianco, Luanna Kann, Audrey Horning, Joan Baughman, Nita Kessl- ler, Rena Ralfensberger, and Gail Julius. 27 First row, left to right-Patricia Danner. Joan Brenneman, Nancy Leader, Colette Wesley, Secretary-treasurerg Edwin Beck, Vice Presidentg Theda Lehr, Presiclentg Todette LaPrairie. Second row, left to right-Miss Glenda Bricker, Larry Huyett, Gloiia Keech, Bonnie Cramer, Donna Topper, Anna Mae Bentz, Shelva Danner, Edward Beck. Third row, left to right-Edward Swartz, Charles Miller, Robert Boll, Ned Blymire, M1'. Donald S. Kramer, Mr. John R. Allison. 745466126 z444ac6cu!6aa The ai111 of the Atl1letic Assoviati011 is to pl'0ll1OtQ better SDOI'tSlI12i1'1Sl1lp in every aetivity illltl il l2ll'Q,'PI' sports lIlf0l'QSl1 in all the StllLlClltS. Every Stllllixlll' at Al21llf'llGStPI' lligh is a member of this mganization and selects the oiiuim-e1's. lIc111'1e-1100111 c-l1ai1'111e11, 1-lass presitle11ts, three faculty acl- visors and the 0lTlt'4'l'S eo111p1'ise the at-tive 111e111l1ers wl1iel1 meei every Monday lIlOI'I1ll1g'. Miss Gle111lz1 lil'll'li0l". Mr. John Allison and Mr. Donald Kramer are the faculty a1l1'is111-s who help the offieers: 111'esi1lent, 'Flieda Lehrg vice-president, Edwin l3ec'kg and S01'l'Pi?ll'Y-ll'02lSlll'l'l', Colette Wvesley, in l'0?lf'lllll2 their aim. 28 Larry Blenneman, Larry Brenner, Dick Hombach, Gordon Jacoby, George Kohr, Barry Krebs, Gary Krebs, Glenn Meyer, Robert Murphy, Frank Neff, Donald Prowell, Lowell Reeser, Terry Reinhard, Thomas Schroeder, John Stoner, Roy Strausbaugh, Dave Stiausbaugh, Ken Strine, Ronald Sunday, Terry Warner, Ed Weigle. Ae 64 Betty Adams, Bonnie Bowers, Frances Brenneman, Jolene Buchar, Delores Bupp, Kathy Chicote, Esther Craft, Shelva Danner, Nancy Emig, Norma Fair, Mardella Fries, Diane Ginter, Pat Hartman, Louanna Kann, Judy Kessler, Nadine Kraft, Todette La- Prairie, Theda Lehr, Madeline Lentz, Stella LoBianco, Kay O,Dell, Rena Raffensberger, Eileen Reese, Loyetta Rode, Frances Sheflfer, Sandra Sheeley, Gloria Smith, Sandra Snell- baker, Doreen Spangler, Pat Starnbaugh, Barbara Swartz, Mary Jo Watters, Shirley Weigle. Alto Horn: William Ilyes, George Kohr, Terry Reinhard, Thomas Schroeder, Jerry Snellbaker. Baritone: Kenneth Dietz. Bass Horn: Donald Prowell, John Stoner. Clarinet: Sheila Bear, Norma Bentz, Roger Bolton, Gordon Jacoby, Wilbert Mickley, Roy Strausbaugh, Lance Strayer, Ronald Sunday, Sharon Willman. Percussion: Edward Beck, Larry Brenneman, David Strausbaugh. Saxophones: Almeda Althouse, Peggy Dolbin, Norma Fries, Larry Huyett. Trombone: Benjamin Dolbin, Jack Fadley, William Fitzkee, June Schroeder. Trumpet and Cornet: Donna Bear, James Becker, Dale Benedict, Robert Boll, Sianley Craft, Larry Crone, Robert Diehl, Barbara Dietz, Leonard Heilman, Thomas Homback, Walter Rohrbaugh, Donald Sweitzer, Lourie Wilbourne. With the stirring rhythm of " Wzisliington Post" the hand at Maneliester stzirted its reliearszds whieh were ealled every Wednesday morning' tlirough- out the year. The enjoyment of singing or playing' one reeeives hy partieipa, tion with other entliusiaists is not to he equaled, The musie ol' the masters of all time. from elzissiezil to modern. is played hy the hand ol' our sehool. The memhers of the hand eume l'i-om sehools in Slam-liester and Mt. Xlvolt. The m'g'z1i1izatio1i was under the direetion of Mr. Hieliard Shade. The section lead- ers were: hrassese-lioh lioll, and wood-windsflioy Stl'2lllSll2lllQfll. The hand has presented ai lll'll"lStllli1S l,I'0Q,'l'2lll1 and its annuzil Spring Voneert. The choruses also presented tl flllI'lSTlll?LS l,I'0Ql'l'2llIl :md ai. Spring f.'oiieert2, along' with the hand. The Boys' Chorus, relzltivellv new, has made Q'I'O2lt progress. All the hoys :ire energetie and get il lot ol' enjoyineiit out of singing, The Girls' tfhoru-x is an 0I'Q'2llllZ2ltlO11 at llanehester ol' whieh everyone erm he proud. They are known throughout the eoiiiinunity for their fine choral work. 30 31 ATHLETICS 'f K . 9 i Wanda' Standing-Donald Prowell, Lance Strayer, Glenn Knaub, Ronald Knaub, Eugene CDQCJ Plowrnan and Frank Neff. Kneeling-Kenneth Strine, Ed- ward Beck, Ed Weigle, and Coach John R. Allison. The liOl7C'EltS. on the winning end ol' 21 5--L 1'Cl'Ol'll in ezlvli half of the York lifllllll-V Sm-llolzlsti-3 lizlskethall League and El al win. Z3 loss exhibition 1'c-voml. can say they had 21 wry sim-essfill season. Oflillill Allison 's boys wlmflqed up 21. 56.8 point per game refforwl ?lQEllllSl' 52.7 for their- oppocnts. No less than four of our lmoys were on the list of the ii2llJOY0 150 points" group of XVllll'll tlwre were only 26 mf-mlme1's in the ll'2lg'l1C. Ken Swim- led the team with Qll points, .Doc ljl0XYlll21ll. Ronald Kmiub and Glenn Knzlulm fol- lowed in that 0111011 In vompli- strive with lUil,Qjll0 l'0Q'lll2LtlOUS, the mmies oi' lizlrlve Strayer and ICdwai'd Wvigxlv were sent as l'?ll1illll?llUS fm' ilw l02lQ'llQ foul shooting' tmplly. amdafz Wmadz' First row, left to right-Roger Weigle, Bob Dietz, Gary Krebs, Larry LaPrairie, Paul Shaffer, George Shaffer. Second row, left to right-John R. Allison, Eddie Shank, Lee Diehl, Stanley Craft, Ronnie Griffin, Jesse Smith, Edwin Beck, manager. 60464 York Springs ...... S11Slj1lC1lE1I1I121 Twp. .. Dillslmrg ........ Now C111l11l01'1311l1 North York .... Dzillastown . . . Dover ...... West York .... Dillslmurg .......... Susquuliannzi Twp. . . . York Springs .... Kennzxrd-Dale .. Susquellannof-k . . . Spring Grove .. Wrightsvillv .. 111111 Lion North York Dallzlstown .... Dover .... . Wcst York .. Ke1'1I1:11'd-Ilzlle .. Sl1Sl1l1U113.IlIl00k . Spring Grove NVrightsVil10 .. lied Lion .......... ik Denotes League Game. M.H.S. Opp 68 31 48 38 74 48 42 49 55 51 39 56 63 47 69 61 58 42 44 42 54 57 43 53 54 40 49 59 55 74 58 49 89 61 44 40 81 28 43 58 52 56 61 55 56 57 59 62 53 50 06667 Standing-Co-Managers Neil Lloyd and Charles Miller, Edwin Beck, Stanley Jordan, Frank Neff, Lance Strayer, Eugene Plowman, Leroy Jordan, Donald Prowell, Ronald Knaub, Samuel Chapman, Coach John Allison. Kneeling-Rodney Hellman, Glenn Elfner, Roger Weigle, Harry Hatterer, Kenneth Strine, Edward Beck, Ed Weigle, Larry Huyett, Ronald Griilin, Jesse Smith, and Co- Manager Raymond Bentz. First row, left to right-Gary Nouse, Gary Krebs, John Stoner, Floyd White, Terry Warner, Larry Brenner, Gerald Strine, and Ronald Sunday. Second row, left to right-Barry Krebs, Lance Strayer, Ronald Knaub, Stanley Jordan, Donald Prowell, Frank Neff, Edward Weigle, Kenneth Strine, and Glenn Knaub. Thiid row, left to right-George Shaifer, Jesse Smith, Glenn Staub, Dale Biller, Paul Shaffer, Victor Bupp, Raymond Bentz, Manager, Jerry Werner, Manager, and John R. Allison, Coach. 24465465 36 Slam'-l1es1er's liolu-:its eonipleted ilu-ir most successful som-er season in some time by finishing' in sec-ond place in The York County Sm-liolzistie Soccer League. The team won live Qznnes. lied four and lost only one. Mr, John Allison, who eonelles lmslcetlmll and lmselmll, took over The eouelling duties from former eozlell. Blr. Donald lirauner. Playing their final som-er game for the Bobcats were seniors, Edward lieek, lfldwin Beck, llnrry llzltlerer, Rod- ney Heilinan, lien-ry lirelms, Frank Neff, Donald Pr-owell, 'lllllll Schroeder, and Ed NVeiglo. Saccea .Scaau ll.llS. Opp Septenilmer Spring' Grove .. l 0 25 At. North York .. . 0 0 25? At Dover . . 0 0 U4-lolrer 2 lflzlsl lierlin . . 2 l - li X0lllll'l'll ...... . 2 l Returning Lettermen - Frank , l. b 1 Y Neff, Don Prowell, Ed Weigle, Ter- 9 Al blnmg GIOH ' 2 0 YY Warner, Glenn Knanb, BHTTY lil Norlli York O Il Krebs, and Coach John R. Allison. I lb Dover ........ 2 l 20 A1 lizlst lierlin .. O 0 23 ,Xt Northern .. . l l The liolmcnts ol' M.ll.S. sztarled pl-:relive on March 15 for wlmt they hoped would be another rzllm-eessflll lmaselmll t'1llllIT?llQ'Tl. There were c-igrlll letternien returning' from the '53 sqilad wliicli finislled second in the York County Scholastic liaselmll League. Tlney were: seniors-YFrank Neff. Glenn Knaub. Edward NYeigrle. lizlrry Krebs: juniorsflienliefli Strine, Ronald Knaulw. Ger- ald Strine, and Floyd White. These vet:-rznis hoped to avenge 21 llezn-tlweaking' 4-3 loss to lied llion which cost them the ehznnpionsliip the previous year. f'oael1 Allisonk nine played a l2 genie l02lf.I'll0 schedule which opened April 6 and eloraed May 21. Also participating' in the league were North York, 'West York. Dallastown, Susqueliaiinom-k. lied llion and Kennzird-llale. 'l'l1e latter school reentered the league after il yezlrk zilisenee. 37 exg 1 Coach Alhson Thnmas Schroeder Rodney mica 605 38 6 L, ,rv Sf if UNDERCLASSMEN -if r-marins-ultlhl HOMEROOMS 7,4 First row, left to right-Leroy Jordan, Larry LaPrairie, Betty Kochenour, Stella LoBianco, Gordon Jacoby. Second row, left to right-Betty Leister, Jo Ann Lloyd, Samuel King, Wayne May, Paul LoBianco. Third row, left to right-Wilbur Miller, Jane Mohr, Martha Mumma, Joyce Myers, Shirley Keller. Fourth row, left to right-Gary Nouse, Kay O'Dell, Terry Prowell, Rita Raffensberger, Nita Kessler, Eileen Reese, Carl King. Fifth row, left to right-Keith Rode, Oscar Seeger, Emelyn Seitz, George Shaffer, Paul Shaffer, Nancy Leader, Gail Klinedinst. Standing-Mrs. Roslyn King, homeroom teacher. 7? First row, front to rear-Lucille Hartman, Bonnie Cramer, Judy Deitz, Ronald Danner, James Dear- dorff. Second row, front to rear-Anna Dellinger, Lee Diehl, Phyllis Diehl, Robert Deitz, Glenn Elfner. Third row, front to rear-Dorothy Ely, Dawn Eyler, Linda Fink, Harry Fissel, Gloria Frey. Standing-Mr. John R. Allison, homeroom teacher. Fourth row, front 'to rear-Zoelynne Fritz, Gary Gembe, Sandra Gillen, Robert Godfrey, Norma Daugherty. Fifth row, front to rear-John Gross, Mervin Crawford, Francis Hanna, Eugene Har- get, Claude Harris. Sixth row, front to rear-Leonard Heilman, Edward Hoover, Pauline Hoover, Walter Hoover, Donna Jofdan. 42 First row, front to rear-Duane Bupp, Leon Bupp, Gerald Strine, Doreen Spangler, Wayne Bucher. Second row, front to rear-Doris Mitzel, Barbara Swartz, Nancy Stambaugh, Robert Stoppard, Juliet Stonesifer, Kenneth Strine. Third row, front to rear-Connie Stoppard, Joan Baughman, Joan Brenneman, Ruth Toomey, Ronald Sunday, Stanley Craft. - -- Fourth row, front to rear-Lois Brothers, Beverly Bowers, Maxine Baker, Rajean Willis, Larry Brenner, Martin Chapman. Standing-Miss Margaret A, Barrett, homeroom teacher. Fifth row, front to rear-Raymond Bowman, Betty Adams, Jolene Buchar, Floyd White, Maxine Biser, John Stoner. Sixth row, front to rear-Larry Brenneman, Shirley Weigle, Patsy Bloss, Dale Biller, Julia Baker, Donald Sweitzer. czfeteedai First row, left to right-Patricia Adams, Patricia Danner, Shelva Danner, Betty Fritz, Linda Bower, Jan Everkart, Yvonne Brenneman, Nancy Emig, Mr. Fred Botterbusch, homeroom teacher. Second row, left to right-Wayne Gundy, Larry Reeser, Thomas Brenneman, Larry Gladfelter, Kenneth Brenneman, Robert Gladfelter. 43 Seated, left to right-Audrey Reed, Elaine Reisinger, Shirley Ranieri, Loyetta Rode, Madeline Lentz, Aurita Rohrbaugh, Annabelle Price, Gene Plowman, Gloria Smith Charles Miller, Sonia Meads, Roy Raifensberger, Lincoln McKenzie, Donald Miller, Sarah Knaub, Zula Seifert, Sara Ann Ort, Marian Lee, Sylvia Spahr, Suetta Kohr. Standing-Miss Charlotte Beshore, homeroom teacherg 'William Knudsen, Wilbert Mickley, Ronald Knaub, Gary Krebs, 'Terry Reinhard, Glenn Meyer. mga First row, front to rear-Terry Hale, Clark Lehman, Rena Raffensberger, Frances Sheffer, Miss Glenda Bricker, homeroom teacher. Second row, front to rear-Barry Julius, John Lockard, Lowell Reeser, Sandra Snellbaker. W tQI'hird row, front to rear-Kenneth Koch, Glenn Staub, Sandra Repman, Mary Jo a ers. Fourth row, front to rear-George Kohr, Robert Murphey, Christ Shearer, David Strausbaugh. Fifth row, front to rear-Todettc LaPrairie, Rachael Musser, Sandra Sheeley, Ronald Toomey. 44 V3 First row, front to roar--Shirley Crone, Audrey Horning, Barbara Ferree, lVIardella Fiics. Second row, front to rear-Anna Mae Brenneman, Linda Doll, Ardene Bucher. Cai sandra Everhart. Third row, front to rear-Stanley Jordan, Pat Hartman, Faye Kline, Gloria King, Mr. William Bateman, homeroom teacher. Fourth row, front to rear-Dale Grim, Judy Kessler, Barbara Kauffman, Esther Craft, Louanna Kann. Fifth row, front to rear-Richard Humbert, Victor Bupp, Mahlon Hamme, Gail Julius, Deloies Bupp. Sixth row, front to rearYGlen Heilman, James Goodyear, Bobba Lee Fry, Stanley Ettingcr. First row, front to rear-Eddie Shank, Florence Sipe, Maryann Sipe, lVilliam Sipe. Second row, front to rearWNancy Slonaker, Jesse Smith, Laura Smith. Third row, front to rear-Richard Stambaugh, Richard Stevens, Donald Stoner, Dor- othy Stoner, Lance Strayer. Fourth row, front to rear-Edward Swartz, Alan Toomey, Charlotte Wallace, Shirley Warner, Nina Weigle. Fifth row, front to rearwRoger Weigle, Marilyn Willard, Glen White, Jerry Warner, Ellen Wilhide. Sixth row, front to rear-Shirley Witmer, Jean Yost, William Zinn, Shelva Zirkle, Twila Zirkle. Standing--Mr. Donald S. Kramer, homeroom teacher. I5 CLASSES madman M9 A W '35 First row, left to right--Yvonne Brenneman, Sandra Repman, Mary Jo Waters, Tod- ette LaP1'airie, vicc-president, Shelva Danner, president, Patricia Danncr, secretary, Wayne Gundy, treasurer, Pat Adams, Sandra Sheeley, Betty Fritz. Second row, left to right-Terry Hale, Thomas Brenneman, Christ Shearer, Rena Raf- fensberger, Linda Bower, Nancy Emig,'Rachael Musser, Kenneth Koch, Barry Julius, Glenn Staub, Miss Glenda Bricker. Third row, left to right-Frances Shelfer, David Slgrauebaugh, John Lockard, Larry Gladfellcr, Jan Everhart, Lowell Reeser, Ronald Toomey, Robert Muiphey, Sandra Snellbaker. Fourth row, left to right-Mr. Freud Botterbusch, Larry Reeser, Kenneth Brenneman, Robert Gla'fel'ter, Clark Lehman, George Kohr. 46 . f, ' sl' 9.5, ' a s Sa inmate 66444 First row, left to righ'rHMarilyn Willard, Anna Dellinger, Jane Mohr, Betty Leisier, Jolene Buchar, Ellen Wilhide, Dorothy Ely, Jesse Smith, treasurer, Joan Brenneman, president, Lance Strayer, vice-president, Ernelyn Seitz, secretary, Shelva Zirkle, Judy Deitz, Gloria Frey, Betty Kochenour, Nancy Slonaker, Betty Adams, Kay OiDell. Second row, left to right-Leon Bupp, Glenn White, Gary Gembe, Carl King, Leonard Heilman, Ronald Sunday, Donald Stoner, Robert Godf.ey, Eugene Harget, Terry Prowell. Mervin Crawford, William Sipe, Richard Stevens, Harry Fissel, John Gross, Duane Bupp, Lary LaPrairie, Raymond Bowman, Wilbur Miller, Miss Margaret A. Barrett. Third row, left to right-Joyce Myeis, Lois Brothers, Eileen Reese, Nancy Leader, Pauline Hoover, Florence Sipe, Julia Baker, Donna Jordan, Stella LoBianco, Joan Baugh- man, Shirley Witmer, Maxine Biser, Martha Mumma, Patsy Bloss, Gail Klinedinst, Char- lotte Wallace, Norma Daugherty, Shirley Warner, Mrs. Roslyn L. King. Fourth row, left to right-Nita Kessler, Bonnie Cramer, Lucille Hartman, Laura Smith, Jo Ann Lloyd, Maryann Sipe, Paul LoBianco, Jerry Warner, Ronald Danner, Keith Rode, Edward Swartz, Edward Hoover, Paul Shaffer, Doris Mitzel, Dawn Eyler, Phyllis Diehl, Linda Fink, Beverly Bowers, Twila Zirkle. Fifth row, left to right-Cathy Smith, Dorothy Stoner, Rita Raffensberger, Jean Yost, Gary Nouse, William Zinn, Samuel King, Roger Weigle, Claude Harris, Dale Biller, Robert Dietz, Glenn Elfner, Wayne May, Zoelynne Fritz, Nina Weigle, Maxine Baker, Sandra Gillen, Mr. John R. Allison, Shirley Keller. Sixth row, left to right-Mr. Donald S. Kramer, Walter Hoover, Martin Chapman, Francis Hanna, Richard Stambaugh, Larry Brenneman, James Deardorff, Stanley Craft, Alan Toomey, Leroy Jordan, Lee Diehl, Eddie Shank, Wayne Bucher, George Shaffer, Gordon Jacoby. 48 5 l e L .- I ,Q E S42 Si ,-1 E Q 4 I comin Www First row, left to right-Audrey Reed, Loyetta Rode, Sonia Meads, Shirley Boll, Patsy Brenneman, Barbara Boyer, secretary, Ned Blymire, presidentg Charles Miller, vice- president, Jack Stoner, treasurer, Patsy Hartman, Delores Bupp, Regina Kline, Madeline Lentz, Elaine Reisinger. Second row, left to right-Raymond Bentz, Donald Miller, Gerald Strine, Larry Bren- ner, Glen Meyer, Floyd White, James Goodyear, Kenneth Strine, Dale Grim, Victor Bupp, Rodney Boeckel, Gary Krebs, Glenn Heilman, Lincoln McKenzie, Larry Huyett, Miss Charlotte Beshore. Third row, left to right-Miss Margaret Barrett, Aurita Rohrbaugh, Barbara Bretz, Juliet Stonesifer, Barbara Swartz, Gloria Smith, Connie Stoppard, Doreen Spangler, Gail Julius, Shirley Weigle, Barbara Kauffman, Sylvia Spahr, Faye Kline, Judy Kessler, Bonnie Bowers, Mr. William Bateman. Fourth row, left to right-Pat Burkey, Bobba Lee Fry, Sara Ann Ort, Shirley Ranieri, Shirley Crone, Anna Mae Brenneman, Robert Stoppard, Bill Knudsen, Richard Humbert, Ardene Bucher, Annabelle Price, Gloria King, Linda Doll, Ruth Baker, Ruth Ann Toomey. Fifth row, left to right-Barbara Ferree, Betty Bear, Louanna Kann, Mardella Fries, Suetta Kohr, Marian Lee, Raejean Willis, Diane Ginter, Esther Craft, Zula Mae Seifert, Sarah Knaub, Cassandra Everhart, Nancy Stambaugh, Kathy Chicote, Lois Boeckel, Audrey Horning. Sixth row, left to right-Roger Bolton, George Benyak, Richard Hoover, Donald Sweitzer, Ronald Knaub, Wilbert Mickley, Larry Bennington, Mahlon Hamme, Roy Raf- fensberger, William Quickel, Gene Plowman, Stanley Jordan, Charles Armstrong, Terry Reinhard, Stanley Ettinger. 50 1 5: Nz Hi E 4 Z ae 3? Am 5. +A Q., E ?? Ev is E 2 an me 35 S Q .xx z S 3 lg PM mr" asm-uw' .nur ' in-ww V.. , . ,V . V V W SENIORS Q 0 ' , gf Q s. v f .5 1 as -.5'.:e: ..,. . 5 Q MOTTO. . . . ."Tl1e pasf forever gone, The future still our own" COLORS .. ...Blue and Silver FLOWER . . .... Iris 6644414 ' MISS CLARA M, CASSEL MR. WILBUR F. ZIMMERMAN 54 M444 gfdataaq How about those shaky knees and thumping hearts? You don't remember? Well, it was way back in September, 1950. On that big eventful day, seventy-five freshmen entered Manchester High School, a little more frightened than anything, with such thoughts as: "Look at all those kids," "Surely 'this isn't where we,ll stay," t'Will we all be together," and "Gee, maybe it won't be so bad after allf' Someone escorted us into a huge room, this they called the gym. There were already a few freshmen occupying the gym. They were watching the door with great curiosity. It didn't take us long to get acquainted or feel at home. I imagine it started when someone said "Whats your name?" This question seemed to be the opener and soon everyone was talking and having a good time. After a period of two weeks we were separated into two home-rooms, the stage and Cafeteria. Our home-room teachers were Mrs. Roslyn King and Mr. Luther Roth. Even with conditions crowded as they were, we managed quite well. Maybe we were green to outsiders but to ourselves we were enthusiastic young high school students looking forward to spending many happy days together. We soon felt the need for social activities and our two home-rooms participated in various parties throughout the year. Suddenly the first year was over. We were now called sophomores. We may have felt a little more important this year as we were joined by 48 students from Mt. Wolf which made our total 123. This year we were divided into three groups, home-room 1-A, whose teacher was Miss Gloria Snyder, home-room 1-B, Mr. John Allison, Miss Margaret Barrett in room 2. Beside the various home-room activities our class made and sold peanuts, which turned out to be not only profit making but also fun. The highlight of this year was our usoph hop," which we called the "Mardi Grasf' Never will we forget preparing for this big event or the thrill we felt that night when we saw the Hnished production and Colette Wesley, being crowned queen of the "Mardi Grasf' Before we were aware of it the fall of '52 came and we entered our junior year of high school. Now we began to take even a larger part in the affairs of the school. Our clam was still divided into three home-rooms. Rooms 8, 5, 7, with Mrs. Ormsby, Mr. Bateman, and Mr. Kramer as teachers respectively. As juniors we looked forward to our annual dance and a part in the J unior-Senior Prom. To add to our class treasury and raise funds we sold potato chips. It was a cool, crisp night on February 14, 1953, when we juniors held our "Sweetheart Dance." The huge crowd and lovely decorations helped make the dance a success. Just three months later, in the latter part of May, we helped sponsor the J r.-Sr. Prom. To most of us it was our first formal affair. This added to making it 'the memorable event of the year. In a day or two we were given report cardsg this made us seniors. Not much thought was given to the name, however, until the beginning of the term. "Seniors,,' our last year in high school and what a year to remember! Maybe not dignified, as they say, but just a group of young men and women eagerly looking forward to the future. Now we were put into rooms 3 and 4, if you would have stopped at room three, you would have seen the well behaved section which was taken charge of by Mr. Zimmerman and in room four by Miss Cassel. Bob Boll was our helpful president this year, working very hard to guide our class through any diHiculties that might arise. This year was by far the busiest and thoughts of a dance, play, banquet, trip and year- book Hlled the hearts and minds of all sixty seniors. The selling of ice cream was our main source of income. We also held a Turkey Supper on November 14 for the benefit of the yearbook and a variety show for the Echo Log. On December 26th we held our "Winter Wonderland Dance" which proved to be very beautiful. With the end of our Christmas vacation came play practice. We all worked very hard and as a result we turned out a fine drama. Next came the yearbook banquet with all the seniors, faculty advisors, and school board members making it a joyful evening. Right after our banquet we journeyed on our long awaited trip. Never did we enjoy ourselves so much as then. Time passed very quickly and before we knew it, Prom time had arrived. Although everyone of us had a gala night it was also a sad one for we realized it would be the last affair in which our whole class could participate. The beginning of June brought our high school days to a close. It was the ending of a memorable and pleasant voyage through strange ports and beautiful places. It. was com- mencement time when studies ceased and life work began. It was a sad occasion to part with schoolmates, but nothing can take away memories. 55 First row, left to right-Louis Morris, Theda Lehr, Mary Louise Gingerich, Dawn Myers, Manager, Nadine Kraft, Shirley Updegralf, Gloria Keech, Maxine Repman. Second row, left to right-Frances Brenneman, Ardell Kauffman, Mary Diehl, Char- lotte Dittenhafer, Charmaine Griffith, Mary Herman, Jean Horner. Third row, left to right-Terry Warner, Darlis Repman, Ada Paules, Mary Lockard, Jim Walker, John Staub. Fourth row, left to right-Mr. Wilbur F. Zimmerman, Advisor, Glenn Knaub. .EW Business Staff Editorial Staff First row, left to right-Dawn Myers, Dick Hombach, Anna Mae Bentz, Larry Bare, Norma Jean Fair, Gloria Weirich, Donna Topper. Second row, left to right-Ed Weigle, Pat Fritz, Louise Morris, Roy Strausbaugh, Sandra Emenheiser, Neil Lloyd. Third row, left to right-Beverly Fries, Mary Louise Gingerich, Jay Diehl. Standing, left to right-Mrs. Roslyn L. King, Advisor, Barbara Cassel, Editor, Theda Lehr, Pat Stambaugh, Stanley Lehman. 56 BARBARA CASSEL DAWN MYERS Editor-in-Chief Left to right-Mr. Wilbur F. Zimmerman, Business Faculty Advisorg Dawn Myers, Business Managerg Barbara Cassel, Editorg Mrs. Roslyn L King, Editorial Advisor. Business Editor 57 de Haw!! Nicholas Napoleon Xutt, "Nieky." Pl newlywed. . . Arlene Nutt, his bonny bride .... ........... Aunt Jubilee. the negro 1-ook .... . Elbertu Pezu-h. her dumb daughter ....... Dorothy Dolson, "Dot," who got jilted. .. Hill Jones. llotls emergeiiey husband .... Wilmer Sneed, Dot 's jilter ....,... . . Audry Ilardwiek. liill's lizuu-ee .......... . Iliram llztrdwielz. Audry's liarcl-boiled uncle. .. Aunt Ilazel Nutt. Nickyka militant old-maid zumt. . . Mrs. Jarboe, fXI'l9l'10lS dominating mother ...... The Wild Mun. who eats raw meat-Ilumzlnl. .. Her Emergency . . . .Robert lioll . . . . .Tlieda Lehi' . . . . . .Mary Gingerieli Patricia Stzuubaugh . . .Maxine 'liepman . .Roy Strziusbaugh . , .Edward Weigle . . .Collette Wesley . . . .Larry Bare . . . . .Donna 'Popper . . . .Barbara Cassel . , . .Glenn Kuaub I I I I I I I Husband" Production Dates .. .. .March l9 and 20, l954 Direcfor H ...Carl W. Nelson SS eadafz Qfamewama First row, front to rear-Ruth Bzker, Barbara Bretz. Second row, front to rear-Pat Stznnbaugh, Alethea Rode, Shirley Boll, Bonnie Bowerf Third row, front to rear-Barbara Strausbaugh, Gloria VVeirich, Lois Boeckel, Pat Brenneman. Fourth row, front to rear-Ed Weigle, Donna Topper, Raymond Sweitzer, Larry Bennington. Fifth row, front to rear-Roy Strausbaugh, Colette Wesley, Betty Bear, Ned Blymire, Sixth row, front to rear-David Sipe, Shirley Updegraf, Tom Schroeder, George Benyak. Seventh row, front to rear-Charles Armstrong, Roger Bolton, Raymond Benfz, John Staub. Eighth row, front to rear-Rodney Boeckel, Terry Warner, Jim Walker. Standing-Mr. Wilbur F. Zimlnerman, homeroom teacher. UH 1 LM, First row, front to rear-Louise Morris, Ada Paules, Darlis Repman, Maxine Repman, Larry Bare, Mary Lockard. Second row, front to rear-Mary Herman, Jean Horner, Ardell Kauffman, Margaret Knaub, Nadine Kraft, Frank Neff. Third row, front to rear-Stanley Lehman, Ronald Lindemuth, Neil Lloyd, Tony Lo- Bianco, Audrey Myers, Theda Lehr, Anna Mae Bentz. Fourth row, front to rear.-Norma Fair, Phyllis Ferree, Beverly Fries, Pat Fritz, Mary Louise Gingerich, Charmaine Griffith, Gloria Keech, Donald Prowell. Fifth row, front to rear-Larry Good, Harry Hatterer, Rodney Heilman, Dick Hom- bach, Glenn Knaub, Barry Krebs, Jocl Kunkel. Sixth row, front to rear-Delores Bowman, Frances Brenneman, Barbara Cassel, Mary Diehl, Charlotte Dittenhafer, Sandra Emenheiser, Dawn Myers. Seventh row, front to rear-Edward Beck, Edwin Beck, Bob Boll, George Bowers, Jay Diehl, Richard Glatfelter. Standing-Miss Clara M. Cassel, homeroom teacher. lil. NANCY JEAN ARNOLD 4'Nanc " Commercial 300 N. Main St., Manchester, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, 33 Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Red Cross, 4. LARRY JAKE BARE 'ilake " Academic Mt. Wolf, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 2, 45 Social Club, 3, Intra-mural Basketball, 3, 4g Year- book Editorial Staif, 4, Echo Log, 4. GEORGE EDWARD BECK ' ' Eddie l ' Academic Manchester, Pa. Science Club, 1, 2, Vice-President, 1, President, 2g Hi-Y Club, 3, Let- terman's Club, 4, President, 45 A. A., 3, 4, Vice-President, 35 Echo Log Staff, 4. EDWIN EUGENE BECK, JR. '4Beeky l' General R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club, 4g Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Manager of J. V. ANNA MAE BENTZ 'tBeni1ie" General R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Sports Club, 1, Social Club, 2, 3, Photography Club, 4, Intra-mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary, 33 Cheer- leader, 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Editorial Staff, 4, A. A., 4. ROBERT LESLIE BOLL "Bob" Avzulemic R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 1, 2, 4, Social Club, 3, Intra-mural Basketball, 2, 3, Class President, 1, 4, Class Treasurer, 2, Homeroom Chairman 3' Band 1 2 Baiketball, 35 Manager of Varsity 3 45 Av A., 1, 2, 4gSti1dent bodnf Basketball, 4, Intra-mural Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, A. A. Vice-President, 4. 62 cil, 1. GEORGE STERLING BOWERS HGQ-orgcl' General Mt. Wolf, Pa. H1-Y Club, 2, 3, 4. 4 DELORES MAE BOWMAN U Delores " Commercial R. D. No. 5, York, Pa. F. H. A. Club, 1, 39 Red Cross Club, 45 Intra-mural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus, 1, 2, "Butch," 2, Cafeteria. 4. FRANCES JANET BRENNEMAN HFran" Academic Manchester, Pa. F. H. A. Club, lg Social Club, 2, 3: Jr. Red Cross, 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, "The Seven Sharpsf, 2, Yearbook Business Staff. BARBARA ANN CASSEL " Barb " Academic R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Girls' Sports Club, 15 Social Club, 2, 35 Dramatics Club, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, Intra-mural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 A. A., 1, 3g Yearbook Editor-in- chief, Student Council, 1, 3, "The Laughing Cure," 23 Echo Log Staff. JAY HENRY DIEHL 'KDiehly ' ' Academic 89 S. Main St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. Dramatic Club, 2, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4g Yearbook Editorial Staff, 4, Echo Log Staff, 4, Feature Editor. MARY FLORENCE DIEHL 'LTarzan" Commercial R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Handicraft Club, 45 Intra-mural Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Volleyball, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, 4. 63 CHARLOTTE LOUISE DITTENHAFER ' 4 Ditty ' ' Coininercial R. D. No. 4, York, Pa. F. H. A., 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, Handicraft Club, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, 4. PHYLLIS RAE FERREE Hl'l1il'I Acadvniim- Manchester, Pa. Photography Club, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, Year- book Business Staff, 4, Echo Log, Circulation Staff, L'The Laughing Cure," 2. SANDRA LEE EMENHEISER H Sandy " Acadeinic 41 N. Fourth St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. Social Club, 2, 3, Photography Club, 4, Class Secretary, 3, 4, Home-room Vice-President, 2, Yearbook Editorial Staff, 4, Echo Log Staff, 4, L'The Laughing Curef' 2. BEVERLY JUNE FRIES "Bev H Academic Mt. Wolf, Pa. Social Club, 2, 3, Dramalics Club, 4, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Echo Log Editor, "The Laughing Curef' Director, 2. NORMA JEAN FAIR H Norinav Coimrwrvial Manchester, Pa. F. H. A. Club, 1, Social Club, 2, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Seven Sharps, 2, County Music Festival, 1, Echo Log Exchange Editor, Yearbook Editorial Staff, 4, "Butch," 2. PATRICIA ANN FRITZ "Pat ' ' Coinniercial R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. F. H. A. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 2, President, 3, 4, Intra-mural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Yearbook Editorial Staff, A'Butch," 2, Cafeteria, 4. 64 MARY LOUISE GINGERICH Hlllaryn Aczulomic Manchester, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 1, Social Club, 3, Dramatic Club, 4, Intra-mural Basket- ball, 2, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary, 1, Year- book Business and Editorial Staff, Echo Log Desk Editor. HARRY BERNARD HATTERER "HapU Academic Manchester, Pa. Science Club, 2, 3, Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Inactive member of Let- 1:erman's Club, 4, Intra-mural Basketball, 3, 4, Soccer, 2, 3, 4. CHARMAINE ROSE GRIFFITH "Blackie" Commercial R. D. No. 3, Dover, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Social Club, 3, F. H. A. Club, 4, In- tra-mural Basketball, 4, Echo Log, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, 4, Cafeteria, 4. RODNEY LEE HEILMAN HR0ml," Academic Mt. Wolf, Pa. Photography Club, 4, Soccer, 4, Class Vice-President, 3, Homeroom Vice-Chairman, 4, "Laughing Cure." LARRY RONALD GOOD 4Gus" Academic Manchester, Pa. Science Club, 1, 2, Stag Club, 3, Hi-Y Club, 4, Intra-mural Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Business Staff. MARY ELIZABETH HERMAN '4Rcml" ALi?l1ClCH1lC Manchester, Pa. Photography Club, 4, Year- book Business Staff, Echo Log Ciculation Staff, "The Laugh- ing Curef' 2. fwf' G5 RICHARD LEE HOMBACH UDiek" General Mt. Wolf, Pa. H1-Y Club, 4. JEAN MARIE HORNER I ' -I eanniv ' ' COlHlI1QI'I?lFIl York Haven, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Social Club, 3, Jr. Red Cross, 4, Yearbook Business StaiT. ARDELL KAUFFMAN UDell" Coinmeroial Emigsville, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Intra-mural Basketball, 35 Echo Log Contribut- ing Editors, Circulation Stall, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, "Butch," 2. GLORIANN KEECH i'KQ6Cll77 Coinmercfial R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Intra-mural Basketball, 4g Volley- ball, 3, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, 4g Cheerleader, 4. 66 GLENN EUGENE KNAUB HKnaulmiu" General R. D. No. 4, York, Pa. l Sports Club, 2, Hi-Y Club, 3, Var- I sity Club, 4g Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, 3, 4g Intra-mural Basket- ball, 2, Yearbook Business Staff. ' MARGARET LOUISE KNAUB , ' 4 Margie " Commercial R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. F. H. A. Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4g Intra-mural Basketball, 43 Cafeteria, 4. I NADINE ROSETTA KRAFT 4' Dczuin Clommcrcial R. D. No. 1, York Haven, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, Social Club, 2, 3, Photography Club, 4, Girls' Chorus, 3, 4, Homeroom Chairman, 2, Stu- dent Council, 2, A. A., 2, Circulation Manager of Yearbook, 4, Intra- mural Basketball, 1, 2. 1 1 . i BARRY LEROY KREBS ' 4 Krebs " General Mt. Wolf, Pa. Varsity Club, 4, Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4. STANLEY NORMAN LEHMAN t ' Stan ' ' Academic York Haven, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 4. THEDA NANCY LEHR :'Cheta" Academic R. D. No. 4, York, Pa. Girls' Sports Club, 1, Social Club, 2, 3, Dramatics Club, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class President, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 4, Chorus 2, President 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary, 2, Chairman, 3, Treasurer, 4, A. A., 2, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Yearbook Business and Edi- torial Staif, Student Council, 2, 'The Laughing Cure," 2, Cafeteria, 4. ANTHONY PAUL LO BIANCO ' ' Tony-Nccn i ' Commercial R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Hi-Y Club, Basketball Manager, 2. MARY ELIZABETH LOCKARD ' ' Liz ' ' Academic York Haven, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 2, Jr. Red Cross, 3, 4, Yearbook Business Staff. 67 DONALD NEIL LLOYD " l'r'ofessor" Acaclv111if: R. D. No. 3, Dover, Pa. Sports Club, 25 Stag Club, 35 Varsity Club, 45 Statisticiang Intra-Mural Basketball5 Echo Log, Club Editor5 Yearbook Editorial Staff Co-Sports Ed- itor. LOUISE ERETTA MORRIS "Pete 5' fIOll1lll6T1'1?lI 110 N. Fourth St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. Social Club, 35 Photography Club, 45 Yearbook Editorial Staff, 45 Echo Log, 4. AUDREY LOUISE MYERS "A11d1'0y'I C0lllllll'l'PlHl R. D. No. 3, Dover, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 25 F. H. A. Club, 3, 4. FRANK JONATHAN NEFF "Nelly " A1-21110111113 Hi-Y Club, 2, 35 Letterman's Club, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 3, 45 Soccer, 45 Boys' Chorus. DAWN MARIE MYERS " IMO" ,Af'HlIOlllll' R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 25 Science Club, 35 Jr. Red Cross, 45 Yearbook Business Managerg Editorial Staffg Echo Log, Typist. ADA MARTHA PAULES "Ada," COllllllCI'C'l22I R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Y-Teen ciub, 1, 2, Red cross, 3, 45 Yearbook Business Staifg Cafeteria, 4. ISS DONALD EUGENE PROWELL " Don" General R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Varsity Club, 4, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Treasurer, 3, Echo Log Sports Editor. ALETHEA BARBARA RODE H live " Commercial York Haven, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice-Chairman, 1, Echo Log, Contributing Editors - Circu- lation Staff, 4, Yearbook Bus- iness Staff, 4, "Butch,,' 2. DARLIS YvoNNE , REPMAN ttsisvv Af-arleinic York Haven, Pa. A. Club, 1, 4, Social F. H. Club, 2, 3, Yearbook Business Echo Log Circulation Staff, Staff, Cafeteria, 4. THOMAS DALE SCHROEDER - H'l'om" Commercial R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Sports Club, 1, 2, Hi-Y Club, 3, Varsity Club, 4, Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 3, 4. MYRNA MAXINE REPMAN "Max 7' Commercial York Haven, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 4, F. H. A. Club, 2, Social Club, 3, Class Secretary, 1, Chorus, 2, Echo Log, 4, Contributing Editors, Yearbook Business Staff, 4, Cheerleader, 1, "Butch," 2. DAVID EDWARD SIPE 'Gusipo H Academic Manchester, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Yearbook Business Staff. 69 PATRICIA ANN STAMBAUGH 'il'at ' ' Academic R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Social Club, 3, Dramatics Club, 4, Band, 2, Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Editorial Staff. JOHN LEWIS STAUB "Stauby ' ' General R. D. No. 3, Dover, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Sports, 2, Intra- mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Business Staff, 4. BARBARA JANE STRAUSBAUGH "Barb " Commercial Manchester, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 1, 2, Social Club, 3, Dramatics Club, 4, Chorus, 1, 2, 3. MELVIN ROY STRAUSBAUGH 4' Pencil ' 7 Academic R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 2, 4, Social Club, 3, In- tza-mural Basketball, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Edi- torial Staff, Music Editor. 70 DONNA ANN TOPPER ' K Mother Bird " General R. D. No. 1, Manchester, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 2, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Girls' Basket- ball, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Home- room Chairman, 1, 4, A. A., 4, Year- book Editorial Staff, 4, Echo Log, Contributing Editors, Student Coun- cil, 1, 3. SHIRLEY JEAN UPDEGRAFF ' ' Shirley " Commercial 179 N. Fourth St., Mt. Wolf, Pa. Y-Teen Club, 2, 4, Social Club, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, Year- book Business Staff, 4. JAMES FREDERICK WALKER "Jim" Commercial R. D. No. 1, York, Pa. Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, Sports Club, 2, Intra-mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Treasurer, 3, Yearbook Business Staff, 4, Echo Log, 4. I f i TERRY NEVIN WARNER "Terry" Commercial R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Hi-Y Club, Intra-mural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, Homeroom Vice-President, Yearbook Editorial Staif, 4. LESTER EDWARD WEIGLE "Ed " Academic Manchester, Pa. Varsity Club, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer, 4, Chorus, 4, Homeroom Treasurer, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, Echo Log Sports Editor, Yearbook Sports Editor. MARILYN MILDRED WEIGLE "Monroe 4' Academic R. D. No. 5, York, Pa. Handicraft Club, Intra-mural Bas- ketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball, 4, Yearbook Business Staff. GLORIA MAXINE WEIRICH 4 ' Snowball " Commercial R. D. No. 1, York Haven, Pa. F. H. A. Club, 1, Y-Teen Club, 2, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, Homeroom Chairman, 3, Treas- urer, 4, Echo Log, Contributing Edi- tors, Circulation Staff, 4, A. A., 3, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Student Council, 3, 'KButch," 2. COLETTE FRANCINE WESLEY ' 4 XVOS l ' Commercial R. D. No. 4, York, Pa. Baton Twirling Club, 2, Vice-Presi- dent, Social Club, 3, Photography Club, 4, President, Intra-mural Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer, 3, 4, Homeroom Secretary, 3, Chair- man, 2, A. A., 2, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 4, Yearbook Editorial Staff, 4, Echo Log Staff, 4, Cheer- leader, 4. 71 endaz Zhu First row, left to right-Louise Morris, Gloria Keech, Ann Mae Bentz, Pat Fritz, Nadine Kraft, Sandra Emenheiser, Bob Boll, Theda Lehr, Colette Wesley, Pat Stambaugh, Ada Paules, Jean Horner, Barbara Strausbaugh, Frances Brenneman. Second row, left to right-Ardell Kauffman, Mary Herman, Phyllis Ferree, Mary Louise Gingerich, Maxine Repman, Shirley Updegraff, Barry Krebs, Larry Good, Ronald Lindemuth, John Staub, Tom Schroeder, Margaret Knaub, Charmaine Griffith, Noima Jean Fair, Gloria Weirich. Third row, left 'to right--Tony LoBianco, Harry Hatterer, Joel Kunkel, Raymond Sweitzer, Charlotte Dittenhafer, Mary Diehl, Delores Bowman, Darlis Repman, Beverly Fries, Audrey Myers, Edward Weigle, David Sipe, Jay Diehl, Larry Bare. Fourth row, left to right-Miss Clara M, Cassel, Donna Topper, Alethea Rode, Mary Lockard, Dick Hombach, Neil Lloyd, Terry Warner, Rodney Heilman, Roy Strausbaugh, Frank Neff, Edward Beck, Barbara Cassel, Dawn Myers, Mr. Wilbur F. Zimmerman. Fifth row, left to right-Glenn Knaub, Richard Glatfelter, Stanley Lehman, Donald Prowell, George Bowers, Jim Walker, Edwin Beck. 72 Haw 70666 We, the Class of 1954, being more or less of sound mind, wish to leave some of our personal and precious properties in this our last will and testament. Nancy Arnold wills her ability to get along with Mr. Hull to Jerry Werner. Larry Bare wills his "Grand Canyon shorts" to Stella LoBianco-in case hers begin to show wear. Edward Beck bequeaths his medical ability to a certain alumnae. Or Qwatch that ax, Colettelj Edwin Beck is giving his ability to have an all-season pass in the halls to Doreen Spangler. Anna Mae Bentz's curly locks are left to Joann Lloyd. Bob Boll wishes to leave his cleats to Miss Cassel so she won't forget him. George Bowers also leaves something to Miss Cassel-his motor scooter. QViva la back tirelj We will Delores Bowman's visits to Mr. Hull to anyone who enjoys visiting. Frances Brenneman's quietness is left to "Butch" Kern. d Barbara Cassel's ability to gather copy for the printer is given to the next yearbook e itor. To Terry Prowell, Jay Diehl bequeaths his ability to crash into school buses. We leave Mary Diehl's, Charlotte Dittenhafer's, and Marilyn Weigle's grooved deten- tion hall seats to anyone who fits them. Sandra Emenheiser wills her ability to capture dairymen to all contented cows. Norma Jean Fair gives Wilbert to York High. Pnyllis Ferree leaves her giggle to Barbara Swartz. We bequeath Beverly Fries' ability to do colored make-up to anyone who wants a sun tan and can't afford to go to Florida. Pat Fritz is leaving her dishscraper to her sister, Betty. To Bev Bowers we will Mary Louise Gingerich's blush. Charmaine Grif'fith's black hair is given to Diane Ginter. Larry Good and David Sipe will their fire-fighting membership to the F.F.F.A. fFuture Fire Fighters of Americaj Harry Hatterer's ability to drive anybody crazy is willed to the man in the little white coat. Rodney Heilman bequeaths his chemical ability to Terry Reinhard. To Shirley Ranieri, we give Mary Herman's red hair. Dick Hombach wills his haircut to Jim Geesey. Jean Horner's beautiful complexion is bequeathed to anyone allergic to measles. Ardell Kauffman's jovial bounce is left to Connie Stoppard. Gloria Keech wills her love for suburban Starview to Sylvia Spahr. To "Little Heckle Bupp" we leave Glenn Knaub's tallness. "Margie', Knaub wills her blonde hair 'to anyone who has black hair and wishes to change it. Nadine Kraft's quiet way of enjoying a situation is left to Kathy Chicote who is always giggling. Barry Kreb's ability to get along with the girls is bequeathed to Charles Armstrong. Stanley Lehman wills his trailic violation tickets to Miss Barrett. Theda Lehr's sweet disposition is given to Toddy La Prairie. To Betty Leister, we will Tony Lo Bianco's daily bicycle ride-so she won't wear out her shoes. Mary Lockard's quietness in French class is left for Mr. Zimmerman's next year's Frenchmen. Neil Lloyd gives his score keeping books to anyone who is interested. Audrey Meyer's love for hillbilly music is bequeathed to Mrs. King. Dawn Myers wills her typing ability to anyone who wants to get out of class but still Work. We will Louise Morris' ambition and cooperativeness to all underclassmen. Frank Neff gives his singing talent to Liberace. Ada Paules' quiet manner is left to Suetta Kohr. Don Prowell's pie making ability is bequeathed to Miss Beshore's home-ec students. Darlis Repman's watchful eye over the desserts is left to any Dragnet fan who wants to keep the boys in line. We just leave Maxine Repman to Stew. Alethea Rode's twinkling toes are willed to "Frosty." Tom SchDoeder's seat in those Wednesday morning band rehearsals is left to anyone who can fill it. Pat Stambaugh wills her hillbilly band to Mr. Shade. To Mr. Hull, we will John Staub's bookkeeping ability. Barbara Strausbaughis letterwriting is given to anyone who likes to write. "Pencil" Strausbaugh bequeaths his fighting ability to Ronnie Toomey. We will Donna Topper's rheuinatism to Kathy and Louanna. CLong may they sitlj Shirley Updegrafif leaves her man-catching tactics to Miss Bricker, "Jim" Walker's curly locks are left for Mr. Botterbusch's receding hair line. We bequeath Terry Warner's rosy cheeks to Yvonne Brenneman. "Edu Weigle wills his pinafore apron to all up and coming Turkey Supper servers. Gloria Weirich's constant vigil at 1-A is left to anyone interested in its next year members. Colette Wesley gives her ax to "Pencil" QHappy huntinglj The play cast wills its acting ability to Cecil B. De Nelson's next year's problems. Signed, sealed, published, and declared by the above as our last will and testament. 73 H444 79 ecq It didn't seem possible that after ten years I, Pat Stambaugh, was going back to Man- chester, my alma mater, to teach music. As I whizzed on, I wondered whether I would see many of my old classmates, just then a siren interrupted my thoughts and a state t'bull" Cpardon the expressionb waved me to a stop. I just could not think of any excuses when the trooper asked me just where I was going. The trooper and I were both surprised because that trooper was Stanley Lehman. Stanley told me his close friend Dick Hombach was now a stock car racer. After a nice little chat I continued on my merry way. There along the road, was a sailor and a soldier hitch-hiking. They both looked familiar and so I picked them up. Edwin Beck seaman second class and Dave Sipe P. F. CPrivate foreverj were the lucky boys to ride in my '40 Dodge CKing's blitz buggyj. Edwin Beck told me Roy Strausbaugh was the champion boxer of their ship the U.S.S. Washtub. We breezed along until we saw a diner and decided to stop. Our waitress was none other than Margie Knaub, who told us she owned the hash house, "The Jersey Cow," which was quite pros- perous. While leaving, we saw none other than Shirley Updegraff and Maxine Repman, now Mrs. Dick Dart and Mrs. Stew Clemens. They had been to Philadelphia on a shopping trip and were on their way home. Max told me she had a little girl and Shirley a little boy. Very fortunately we were in York when the tire blew out. Dave and Ed recommended the Frank and Son Tire Shop. We were surprised to find Frank NeE was now sole owner of it. After having the tire fixed we decided to stop at Pizzera, Italian restaurant for some steak sandwiches. You can imagine our surprise when the chief cook and bottlewasher, and owner of the place turned out to be Tony LoBianco. While eating, Jim Walker and Terry Warner walked in. They told us they owned a barber shop and were doing all right for themselves. John Staub was their bookkeeper. Ed and Dave asked me to go to a basketball game with them that evening. I told them I would be delighted. We made the necessary arrangements and parted. I did some shopping at Murphy's, the sales girl was our own Phyllis Ferree. She told me Delores Bowman had just been there and was a secretary in a big law Hrm in York. As I was going around the corner at Murphy's I bumped violently into a man. 'When we both had gathered our belongings and ourselves together I saw the man was Edward Beck, now a forest ranger. I walked on only to see a group of Boy Scouts being led by Larry Bare. I bought a newspaper at the nearest news- sand run by Barry Krebs. He called my attention to the picture on the front page. It seems that the two big game hunters, George Bowers and Rodney Heilman had been in a plane crash, but their stewardess, Mary Herman, had rescued them and all was well. The basketball game was especially interesting to us because the Glad Trotters coach was Charlotte Dittenhafer. The Glad Trotters won. After the game we spoke to Charlotte and some of the members of the team-Charmaine Griffith, Ardell Kauffman, and Darlis Repman. The reporter who had covered the game was Harry Hatterer. We ran into Mary Diehl, a dancing instructor at Arthur Murray's as We were leaving. The next morning I awoke feeling wonderful, you see today was the first day of school. On the way to school I stopped for gas at Arnold's Gas Station, to find Nancy behind the pumps. She told me her close friend Pat Fritz was Governor Leader's secretary. I was surprised to learn Neil Lloyd was teaching mathematics but Mr. Nelson was still principal although he was a little stooped and using a cane after the years of wear and tear. Hearing someone talking a mile a minute, I turned to see Donna Topper, the History teacher, and Sandra Emenheiser, the school nurse, Norma Jean Fair, Mr. Nelson's secretary, and I made plans for lunch. After lunch we were watching T.V. on the school set donated by Louise Morris, whose uncle had died and left her quite a lot of money. Then who to our startled eyes should appear but Glenn Knaub, a ball player advertising razor blades, Just then Barbara Cassel, principal of York Haven Elementary School, and her secretary, Anna Mae Bentz, walked in. Barbara told us that the Zion's View Band, under the direction of Tom Schroeder, was giving a concert and that the Firemen of Manchester were holding a dance that night. We decided to go to the dance. I stopped at Fries Pharmacy on the way home. The phar- macy was run by, as you guessed it, Beverly Fries. She told us the new building going up next door was a perfume shop and a beauty parlor run by Jean Horner, Mary Lockard. and Aletha Rode. As I was leaving Dawn Myers, manager of the Mt. Wolf Bowling Alley, came in and told us that Don Prowell was having a grand reopening of Bar1xon's Bakery since he became manager. Upon arriving at the dance we were greeted by Larry Good, Fire Chief, and Ed Weigle, who told us that he is the chief mattress tester for Leinhardtls. The orchestra leader was none other than Bob Boll, a former classmate. Many other classmates were at the dance, among them was Frances Brenneman, a 'telephone operator, Ada Paules, a secretary to Colette Wesley, a famous clothes designer, who was having a fashion show the next day. One of her top models, Gloria Weirich was there with Mary Louise Gingerich, a famous lawyer. The former Theda Lehr and her husband, Hennie Jacoby, were there with Gloria Keech and her husband, Jim Knaub. After the dance we stopped at Bev's Pharmacy for a coke where we saw Barbara Strausbaugh, now a WAVE and Jay Diehl, manager of Diehl's furniture business. Barbara told us she had just seen Marilyn Weigle, Nadine Kraft, and Audrey Myers, all happily married. And so to bed so I am bright tomorrow for those little darlings at school. I'm sure we were never like that, or were we??'? 74: QR N JS E E E S 5 2 Q 4 2 if if 5 5, 5. KE :4 92? 'X 48 S Q 53 5 2 a W. 1 Q ? 5 Q 6 5 li li ! 5 P1 S in Bk A Y 2 sf S Q m F - .. ,......,,,.. M. , ... ,, .. . ..,. , , H pamm Mr. and Mrs. Earl Anderson Miss Gloria Anderson Rev. and Mrs. C. M. Ankerbrand Mr. and Mrs. Lewis W. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Aughenbaugh Dr. and Mrs. Philip Aulbach Mr. and Mrs. Jacob G. Bare Larry J. Bare Mr. William Bateman Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bear Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bear Mr. and Mrs. Luther Bear Hazel Beaverson Mrs. Daisy M. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Diehl Miss Gloria Dietz Robert H. Dietz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz Mr. and Mrs Clarence Dittenhafer Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Drawbaugh William L. Ehrhart Mr. and Mrs. Jim Eisenhart Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Eisenhower Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Emenheiser Sandra Emenheiser Norma Emig Mrs. Martha Fadely Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fahringer 8: Mr. and Mrs. George F. Beck Joyce E. Beck Dave Beecher Henry Beecher Miss Charlotte Beshore Mr. and Mrs. James Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bixler George S. Blymire Paul Boileau John Bortz Fred Botterbusch Wilbur Bowen Raymond Bowman Miss Glenda Bricker Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brenneman Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brenner Miss Patsy Brenner Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bupp Mr. and Mrs. George W. Callahan, Jr. Dr. Arch Campbell Miss Barbara Cassel Miss Clara M. Cassel Jim Cassel Millard E. Cassel and Mrs. Martin Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Chicote Henry Clemens, Sr. Larry E. Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Percy Clemens Rena Mae Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Clemens Shirley Clemens Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Cousler Mr. and Mrs. Duke Cramer Dr. Lyle Cruse Dan Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Danner, Sr. Miss Roberta Danner Mr. and Mrs. William J. Dauber Mr. and Mrs. Charles David Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Fair Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Forry Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Farcht John A. Fetter Lucien Fickes Elwood Fink Kenneth E. King Mr. and Mrs. Nelson King Jacob Kissel Mr. and Mrs. Miss Faye Kli Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and lVIrs. Charles Kline ne Robert Kling William Kling Charles Knaub Scott W. Knaub Mr. William Kochenour Miss Doris Jean Kohr Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kottcamp Mr. Barry Krebs Mr. and Mrs. Paul Krebs Raymond Lady Miss Nadine La Prairie Mr. and Mrs. Stewart E. Lau George Leader Carl A. Lehr Mr. and Mrs. Luther A. Lehr Mr. and Mrs. George Leicht Alexander C. Lindemuth Mr. Edward Livingstone Mr. and Mrs. James R. Lloyd Patricia Markley Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCarney Etta McClain Mac McDonald Mr. Kenneth Melhorn Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mellon Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller C. R. Minnich Miss Donna Mae Mohr Family Mr. Mrs. Eva I. Morris Dick Moul Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edith Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. P Elwood Mundis 8z Family Warren Mundis :Sz Family Fred Murphy, Jr. Richard K. Fisher Melvin Fries Robert Fritz Arthur Geiselman Leslie Reeser and Mrs. Paul Rentzel Mr. Miss Peggy Riedel Ray Rife Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Rode and Mrs. Melvin Rohler Clair B. Gingerich Miss Evelyn Gingerich Miss Mary Louise Gingerich Mr. and Mrs. Luther Gingerich Miss Robyn Claire Gingerich Attorney and Mrs. Vincent Gingerich Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gladfelter Good Friends Mr. and Mrs. Frank Good Mr. and Mrs. James Good Miss Theone Good Hugh McGrady Mr. Lewis Gary Hale Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hale Dr. Eleanor Mary Hallman Mr. and Mrs. Pvt. and Mrs. Eddie Herr Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kervin Hamme Wayne S. Heindel Warren C. Herrold Edwarmd Heindel Mr. Leo Rutter Mr. and Mrs Luther Schriver 8: Barry Grace N. Schroll Second Period P.O.D. Class of Manchester High School Bud Shelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shelly Sipe and Good Robert Sipe Mr. Warren Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Snyder Ben Sprenkle, Jr. Don Stambaugh Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stambaugh Pat Sterner Mr. Ray Strausbaugh Mrs. Violet Stonebraker ' Mrs. Floyd Stough Pete Stough Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Strickhouser Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Strine Conrad H. M. Strine Edwin Strine Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hilker Kenneth Hoover Mr. William Horner Mr. and Mrs. Perry W. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Strine Russel Strine Daniel Sweitzer James Sweitzer Master Robert Ickes Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Kann Dr. James S. Keller Mr and Mrs. Clark Kimmel Mr and Mis. Raymond Kimmel Mr Clarence King Mr. and Mrs. Howard King Mrs. Henrietta Taggart Mr. James Throne George H. Thumma Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Toomey Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wallace Sallie and Karin Weigle Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weirich 8z Family Mrs. Ida King Mr. and Mrs. John King 8: Miss Dawn Myers John Nade Melvin Nade Johnny Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weitkamp Cpl. Walter Welsch Mr. and Mrs. Merle Wentz Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Wesley Dean G. Westhafer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nell Mr. Carl W. Nelson Belvinarrow Wilt George Wilt Mr Mr. lVIr. Daniel V. Ness and Mrs. Kenneth Ogle C. R. Oxendorf Miss Ada Paules Mr. and Mrs. George Price Mr. and Mrs. Walter Raffensberger Miss Betty Jane Ream Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Witmer Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Wolfgang Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmerman Mr. Wilbur Zimmerman Doll Zirkle Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Zook ccadaew patzma Ace Heating Company ........ King's Mill Road Arnold's Esso Station .......... Manchester, Pa. Baldwin Oil Burner Service..Weiglestown, Pa. Bancroft, H. G. ...................... York, Pa. Bell's ................. . .............. York, Pa. Beshore and Kohler-Fords .... Manchester, Pa. Bill's Service Station ................. York, Pa. Blatner, Henry M.--Photographer .... York, Pa. Bo-Do T.V. .......................... York, Pa. Bower's Garage .................. Mt. Wolf, Pa. Brenneman's Food Market Sz Locker Plant York Haven, Pa. Brenner, M. and Sons, Inc. ..... Harrisburg, Pa. Bricker's Garage ........... R. D. 3, Dover, Pa. Bright Bells General Store ..... Lewisberry, Pa. Bright Star Restaurant ....... R. D. 4, York, Pa. Busser, Harry C., Inc. ......... York Haven, Pa. Cohen Brothers ......... .......... Y ork, Pa. Colhub Printcraft Co .... ............. Y ork, Pa. Clothesline, Inc. ..................... York, Pa, Compliments of York Sunday News Conewago Beverage Sales R. D. 1, Manchester, Pa. Conewago Hotel ........ R. D. 1, Manchester, Pa. Daven's Beauty Shop .......... York Haven, Pa. Daven's Grocery Store ........ York Haven, Pa. Diehl's Home Furnishings ........ Mt. Wolf, Pa. Dolls Garage, Inc. .................. York, Pa. Dutch Village Motel ................ Route 111 Ebehart, Charles E. .......... Kreutz Creek, Pa. Ehrhart's Hobby Shop .....,...... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Emrich Chevrolet ....... .... M anchester, Pa. Ettlinels Grocery .................... York, Pa. Fernsler,s Grocery ............. Strinestown, Pa. Fitzkeels Home Made Candies ........ York, Pa. Flinchbaugh Brothers ................ York, Pa. Fritz Brothers ................... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Futer Brothers ...... ........... Y ork, Pa. Haar's Skating Rink ......... R, D. 5, York, Pa. Harry's Place ................ R. D. 5, York, Pa. Heidlebaugh's Appliance Store Hoifman's Furniture Store ...... Emigsville, Pa. Hoover, J. B., Insurance and Bonding.York, Pa. Humble-Mundis ..................... York, Pa. Hussie's ..................... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Hyke's Mill ................... York Haven, Pa. International Jewelers ............... York, Pa. J. Jenkins Sons Co., Inc. ...... Baltimore, Md. Jordan's Furniture and Appliances. .Shiloh, Pa. Julius Music House .................. York, Pa. King Press .......................... York, Pa. Kitty's Confectionery Kling Plumbing and Heating Contractor Manchester, Pa. Knighfs Life Insurance Company Kottcamp, C. C. and Son ............. York, Pa. Kramer Motor Service and Storage..York, Pa. Krebs and Fries .................. Mt. Wolf, Pa. Lauer and Gross Electrical Contractors York, Pa. Leinhardt Brothers .................. York, Pa. Manchester Grange ............ Emigsville, Pa. Martin and Kohr's Service Station.Starview, Pa. Mase's ............,.................. York, Pa, May, Archie K.-Jewelers .... .... Y ork, Pa. Mead's Brothers ............... York Haven, Pa. Mel's Place ............ R. D. 1, York Haven Pa. Miller's Shoe Store .................. Dover, Pa. Mitchell's Restaurant ......... York Haven, Pa. Mohr, Charles C.-Contractor .... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Mt. Wolf National Bank ,......... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Mundis General Store ........... Emigsville, Pa. Neiman's Garage ..... I ...... R. D. 3, Dover, Pa. New Leeds . ......................... York, Pa. Northern Radio Service .............. York, Pa. Patterson, Chet and Sons .... ..... Y ork, Pa. Pensupreme Dairies Inc. .............. York, Pa. Pme Tree Inn ....................... York, Pa. Poff, L. K.-Plumbing and Heating Mt. Wolf, Pa. Pugh's Restaurant ............ York Haven, Pa. Rudisill, Ray R.-Contractor Rhinehart's Service Station Rutter B1'o'ther's Dairy ....... ...... Y ork, Pa. Salem Restaurant ......... .......... Y ork, Pa. Seegar's Restaurant .... .... M anchester, Pa. Seitz's Food Market .... .... L ongstown, Pa. Seitz's Food Market .... ..., M t. Wolf, Pa. Seitz Music Centre ........ ......... Y ork, Pa. Shaifner's ............,............... York, Pa. Silver Lake Inn ................ Lewisberry, Pa. Smith, Warren-General Insurance. . .York, Pa. Spangler's Grocery Store. .R. D. 1, Mt. Wolf, Pa. Spangler Office Company ............. York, Pa. Spahr, Clyde-Grocery ..... R. D. 3, Dover, Pa. Spahr, George E. and Son Meat Market Starview, Pa. Spurg's Ice Cream Bar ................ Spry, Pa. Square Deal Garage Stauffer, D. F., Biscuit Co., Inc. ...... York, Pa. Stony Brook Meat Market .... Stony Brook, Pa. Strayer, R. H.-Garage ........... Mt. Wolf, Pa. Strickler, S. L.-Stony Brook Garage Stony Brook, Pa. Sweitzer's Cafe ...................... York, Pa. Terry's .............................. York, Pa. Twilite Luncheon and Grocery R. D. 3, Dover, Pa. Twin-Kiss Drive-In .......... Clearsprings, Pa. Walter and Blanche's Antiques. .Manchester, Pa. W'einbroom, Joe ...................... York, Pa. Werning's A-G Grocery Store .... Starview, Pa. Wertz Meat Market .... R. D. 1, Manchester, Pa. Wertz's Modern Cleaners .... Susquehanna Trail Whiterose Paint and Wallpaper Store.York, Pa. Williams and Stambaugh Television Manchester, Pa. Wilt's City Service ......... Newberrytown, Pa. Wise, Elmer C.-Farm Implement Dealer Lewisberry, Pa. Witmer, Claude-Raw Furs .... Strinestown Pa. Wo1fgang's Shoes and Sporting Goods North York, Pa. Wolf's Supply Co. ................ Mt. Wolf, Pa. 1 York Cigar and Candy ............... York, Pa. York Corporation .................... York, Pa. York Haven Garage .......... York Haven, Pa. York Haven State Bank ...... York Haven, Pa. York Hoover Corporation ............ York, Pa. Zeigler's Light Lunch and Pool.Manchester, Pa.

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