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Northeastern High School - Les Memoires Yearbook (Manchester, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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,n..11.Q g.'.':,1:q, 25: :ful-gs'.-' - gg.. -.1-.-,.v,,q:-'--1-,. iw, V-1 fu. -.U4 ,A.,y.,,f........ V. ... ,.f.f,55,..,,,.,.,,-,,,- . ,, r 1 1 x f.: I E 1 F i i i I 'Q I L I A if ' V K I ES MEM HE! S Published by the Senior Class of Mcmchesier High School Manchester, Penna. 1947 Edition X C OZZWOT Th1s volume of Les Memo1res 1S cornptled Wlth the earnest hope that the llfe of each member of the class of nmeteen hundred forty seven may be a lulhllment of hls hlghest dreams Certaln of the ao1l1ty of you the underclassmen wlth you the happy task of rnalntarnrng the hrgh standards of our school To you the members of the faculty We extend our gratttude for your patrence your kmdness your courtesy to us as we slowly groped our Way through these four years of learnmg on the road to knowl edge . , . . who are to be graduated in future years, we leave - l2l MISS CLARA M. CASSEL, BA., MA. Jwtzmfzm With deep appreciation for her guidance, friendship, and understanding We, the class of 1947, wholeheartedly dedicate this volume of Les Memoires to Clara M. Cassel. l31 jd 5X8 of C-Olftielflii Forevvord - Dedication - Administration - Seniors - Underclassrnen - Activities - Athletics -' Advertising Autographs 2 3 5- 8 9-38 39-42 43-52 53-56 57-71 72 E41 1 HUWIHISTHHTIUH UCIDEALGUD GDL? ELG TE N Stuart Iacobs V106 Pres1de-nt Wlllldm Kcmn Secretory Allen Beshore, Treasurer Frank Zexgler Pres1der1t L61 Dr. G H. Hoerner. Member D D A 1 , , ' I , THE LE' Clara M. Ccxssel, B.A., M.A. Goucher College Bucknell University Subjects: Mathematics, English UTY? Ira Y. Baker, I-LB.. A.M. Shippensburg Teachers College Gettysburg College Wilbur F. Zimmerman, B.A Dickinson College Columbia University Subjects: Languages and 1 Social Studies Penn State College Columbia University Beulah S. Frock, B.S. Margaret A. Barrett, B.S. Lebanon Valley College g Conservatory of Music MUfYW00d College New-York University Subjects: Social Studies, English Amenccm Institute of i7l Normal Methods Subject: Music 'LPHHE LE' '-'U TTY Shellctvay Doll AB Martha C Donahue BS Bucknell UHIVGTSITY Bloomsburg Stote Teachers College SubleCtSReIiIciI6-35 Eionomlcs Suloyects Commercwl Lloyd M Douglas BS M1llersv1lle State Teachers College Ul'11V9I'S1lY o Ccrlttormcx Subjects Scxence Geometry Robert L Koontz BS Perry W Hull BS Ehzorbethtown College College Sub1ects Commerclol E81 Subyects Engllsh Soc1ctlStud1es . . , . . ' ' ' I Shippensburg State Teachers is. XX- ff fy f I ff? SEIIIHHS ES MEMQDHERES HCMW7 RICHARD EUGENE SCHRIVER General How about that Red who has spent nine months 1n Uncle Sam s navy 1S very active and is always ready for a good time He is a great ports fan and president of his senlor class Red hopes some day to have a busmess of hi own RUTH VIVIAN WOLF Commercial What s 1t to you Wolfie 1S one of our Commercial glrls who her class After graduation she wants to be both a secretary and a beautictan Hats off to a very amb1t1ous young lady GRACE VERA DOLL Acc:dem1c If you 1ns1st Grac1e our edltor of the Echo Log has given us many a laugh Vivacious and full of fun she enjoys ports and has a definite liking for Jewelry Gracie plans to be an Air Line hostess l10l O ' . ' s ' . enjoys dancing, reading, and is vice president of 1 ' 1 I ES MEMGDHIRES IOYCE CHARLENE WILT Commerclcrl Dont be shamed Ioycle one of our cute llttle cheerleaders who enjoys sports and danclng IS treasurer of our class Her hobby IS collectmg Jewelry After retmng from secretanal work IOYCIG hopes to become a happy br1de IAMES SAMUEL BAKER Commercml You ed best WISG up I1m IS an all around good fellow Who 1S very ance as Spud ln the Semor Play Irm 1S plannmg to take up refrrgeratlon DOROTHY ROMAINE BECKER Acadenruc You popped a corney Dot came to our school after attendmg Mt Wolf Ir Hlgh School Most of her tlme 1S spent 1n rce skatmg movles swoomng over Perry Como and Just belng happy In the future you wlll frnd her dressed 1n wh1te at the York Hosprtal llll HQWIW O ' 1 I I fond of sports. We shall all remember his perform- ' A LES MEM RES UQDQ? HELEN MARIE BESHORE Accrdemlc Oh you make me so mad Helen IS a soc1al gal who loves dancmg sports skatlng and boys She collects books for a hobby After graduatlon Helen hopes to become a laboratory techn1c1an RUTH LUCILLE BRENNEMAN General Oh gosh An energet1c young m1ss of our class IS Butch CLes MemO1feS was lucky to have her as Art Ed1tor J She prefers lazz muslc to all other lands and thmks that converhbles are Just the th1ng EDWARD IVAN BROWN Commercml Oh fudge Ed IS one of our soc1al young men sports and danc1ng be1ng hls favorlte GCl1V1l1GS After the complehon of h1s enhstment W1th the Navy he plans to settle down on a ranch 1n the west l12l O I I I ' , Her hobbies are collecting elephants and drawing. I EES .CIEMQUDHESES LARIE DIANE BROWN Commercial l'Stupid" "Brownie" came to us from Mt. Wolf as a timid little sophomore. She likes sports and dancing and is very much interested in reading. Brownie is one of our many prospective secretaries. V- ' ' HARRY IACOB DIEHL. IR. General l"1'a,ha ha" "Diehly", a uhappy go lucky." gone serious, is a fellow .who enjoys hunting, fishing, swimming and eating. After Iune' the Znd he is bound for trade school. p In A DONALD' IACOB DOLL General ' "Silly girl" "Pappy" is the man with the voice. We shall all remember his excellent performances in the school operettas and Cantatas. Naturally, his main interest is music. However, he plans to do a little truck driving alter Iune the 2nd. E131 UCEPQ-'27 ES MEM H3333 UWB? PHILIP WEHRLY GROSS General Look at that Ph1l our class comedlan plans on becommg a contractor Huntmg hshmg and collechng penmes seem to mterest hlm whlle l'11S stones mterest us EVALINE URA HENDRICK Academlc Darn Eame IS one of the stud1ous members of our class She 1S mterested 1n the three Ms Note hops our cl'11ldren W11l learn thelr A B Cs from her Who Knows l IVHLDRED IRENE HOLDER Commercml No k1ClCl11'1 Henle lS a qu1et frlenclly g1rl who emoys readmg dancmg and all kmds of sports Her pet peeves are h1gh heels and Sllk stocklngs Henle plans +o be cr secretary when she has flrnshed hlgh school l14l O . ' I I ' ll ll ll I Il I A I Cmusic, mush ball, and moviesl. ln the future, per- 1 ll ' ' ' ll I l A I . A . ' 0 LES MEMEDHERES MARLIN IAY HOUSEHOLDER Commercml Smff smff Blrdy hkes b1cycl1ng ond IS mterested ln be commg cr chef In h1s spore tune he emoys skunk huntmg He IS cr Wh1zz 1n Bookkeeplng ond 1S one of our qu1et lods DOROTHY ANN HUMBERT Commercml Th1s 1S 1ust cz mmor case Dot cmother of our future typ1sts 1S qulte fond of collectlng snapshots especmlly li they ore of or certoun soldler She hos o very pleoslng per sonczhty ond lS one gurl we Just couldnt do W1thout ESTHER MAE HUMMEL Commerclcxl How can you tell From York Hoven comes Es cr very llkeoble glrl Wlth ci chormlng personohty She 1S fond of sports movles ond reczdmg Upon groducmon she plans to be cr typlst l15l 3941? I u . . 11 1 H . 1, . . . . . . ' - H . . . . ' ,1 1 u 771 ' . . . 1 1 . L . . . . , . K - u n n 11 - 1 I 1 -' 1 ' 1 LES MEMS IRES UCMR-W MARGARET IANE KANN Commerclal Thank s you re a pal Marg 1S known for her outstandmg talent as a p1an1st Bes1des her rnus1cal ab111ty she 1S an ex cellent dancer Murder stones and saddle shoes are her pet peeves Marg1e s amb1t1on 13 to be a good housew1fe namely Freds WILLIAM EDGAR KINGSBURY Commercml I dont' B111 another one of our young men greatly tnterested 1n sports emoys collect1ng stamps 11'1 h1S spare tune In the future he plans to be a busmess ITIGT1 DORIS RAE KLINE Comrnerclal GOSTI dem Dor1s IS one of our good home ec glrls She halls from Conewago and emoys horseback ndmg katmg and collectmg postcards as her pastlmes Her plans are def1n1tely for the home l16l I u 1 1 11 1 u n - . . 1 . . . - 1 , . . u 1 11 u . 11 1 I , . u rr 1 f-. ' ' I 3 I P. ms Msmonnss PAUL RAY KLINE General "l do, you know" Kliney, who is tall, lolond, and reserved wears a gold band on the third finger of his left hand. With his partner he enjoys roller skating and movies. At the present he 1S employed at the Mt Wolf Furniture Factory ROSETTA IANE KREBS Commercial Ya th1nk so Rosie is one of the gang from Saginaw Short and sweet is this lass who entoys sports and artistic work Her hobby is collecting pennies and after graduation she wants to be a secretary PATRICIA CATHERINE LAWRENCE Commercial That s no sense Pat is one of the typists for Les Memoires She en1oys drawing reading and writing letters ln the future Pat wishes to become a Commercial Artist E171 new . H . n I . 1 - n 1 H u If - - u - H , ' . u H . . t 4 1 s 1 ES MEMCQHLRES 0 UQD43.-W SARAH IANE LIGHTNER Academic "That's what I thought" "Ianie" has quite a correspondence with a certain French lad. Besides writing letters, which go to France regularly, she enjoys drawing, cro- cheting, and sewing. In the future girls will look to janie for the latest dress styles. CHARLOTTE CATHERINE LINGG Commercial "Aw, now you're kiddin" Little but mighty "Casey" is on the run con- stantly, if not on the basketball floor, on her way to school. She likes good movies, but snakes and classical music just "aren't up her alley". As yet "Casey" has made no definite plans for the future. DONNA IOANN MARCH General "Hubba ding" Donna, a very happy girl with a pleasing per- sonality, likes to read and ice skate. Her main interest however is Harry. She seems to be having quite a time deciding between typing as a career and just plain home-life. l18l EES MEMQDHEGES ALVIN HENRY MUSSER General Hubba hubba l love the glrls glrls g1rls Truly thls should be Crlst s Theme Song for lt seems to be all the young man thmks about Perhaps once out of school he Wlll turn to more pract1cal thlngs such as the land WlI.SON HAROLD MYERS Commerclal Balls of f1re Shorhe 15 a fellow Wtth an aboundmg source of energy Horseback r1d1ng col1ect1ng match boxes and sports head h1s hst of act1v1t1es Wllson beheves tn H1tch your wagon to a star although h1s star W1ll be a horse slnce he hopes to be a farmer DORIS BLANCHE ORT Con1merc1c:1 Oh daddy Among our happy commerc1a1 students we f1nd Dory She IS fond of reachng sewlng danclng and gtgghng Upon graduatlon she plans to be a typxst U91 HQ943-W l l w w u u 1 n . . . ,, . u . 1 H . - 1 . u - u vm - 11 . . . . . , - u - u - . I . . u n 1 n 11 . - . . . . ' 1 1 I t E l ES MEMQDHHRES UQDQ? PHYLLIS MELVERNA PROWELL Academm Oh my gosh Phrl IS a qulet 1ndustr1ous httle grrl who has her heart dehnltely set on a nursmg career In her spare moments she enjoys playmg the plano and dancrng Her favonte hobby 1S collectmg postcards MARY ELIZABETH REPMI-KN Commercml Oh heck One of our commerc1al lassxes IS Mermer She en1oys collechng prctures and has qulte a sweet tooth In com1ng years We w1l1 fmd her as a nurse at the York Hosp1tal GORDON STEWARD SCHAFFNER Commercml Hubba hubba Drnny another of the York Haven gang IS a sports fan He spends h1s 1e1sure t1me playrng cards and reachng books After graduahon It s the Navy for Dmny i201 ' u 1: - 1 U . ,, . . . . . . . u n I . . - u lr 1 u u u - 11 ' 1 . . . 1 , ES MEM HIRES RENA MAE SHAFFER Commerclal Thlnk so Reno IS CI very quxef and reflned g1r1 who en Joys recxdmg dcmcmg ond movles Her one d1S11k9 IS hots In the future he w1shes to become CI secretory ELAINE LA RUE SMITH Academlc But deflflltely Elcune our busy ed1tor of Les MSTDOIFSS shes hcmdy Wlth httle c:1n1mc1ls Her hObb1eS ore reodlng ffukmg and cxclchng pecxrnens to her butterfly collecnon LORRAINE RAE SPAHR Commercml Now fuss Spczhr ccxptcun of our cheerleaders 1S well known to every basketball fczn Dczncmg ond ICG skczfmg orc her fcxvonto oct1v1t1cs In the near future she plans to toke up secretcmod work E211 UQQ-W l 0 . Y . I , . Xl ' ll I V I I Xl n - ll . I . .. . is plonningwseriouslyon becoming cr doctor. You know I ll I I I X I I A I A V ' V, l ms Msmoumms aww CHARLES WARREN SPALDING Commercial " "No kidding" "Iiggs" hails from York Haven and is very fond of playing the piano. We hear that he sometimes joins "Birdy" in skunk hunting. "Iiggs" is planning to be an office worker. DoRo'rHY ROMAINE SPRENKLE Commercial . "Gee whiz" Dot, a slim, brunette girl, likes to sew, dance, embroider, and read. This year she has been a typist for the Echo-Log. Dot is still undecided about her future work. ROBERT IVAN STARE General "Ou la la" "Bob" is an outdoor man who likes hunting and fishing. He is activein sports and we all know how he enjoys eating. ln the future "Bob" will be sailing the seven seas as a nephew of Uncle Sam. l22l ES MEMCQDHLRES IOAN CATHERINE STARK Accxdemlc How can you tell Ioame entered our class 1n her 1un1or year Qu1te attractlve and popular she IS hostess at the Manchester Nrght Club Fond of readmg sports and dancmg she IS an all around energetrc person Ianuary 7 1930 Gul Reserves 1 Dramat1c Club 2 Soc1a1 Club 3 Hand Book 4 Treasurer Echo Log 4 Subscr1pt1on Manager Operetta 3 Chorusl 2 3 Cantatal 3 4 PAYE GLADFELTER Aprrl 18 1929 Student Councll l Grrl Reserves l Secretary Dramat1cs 2 4 Vrce Presrdent Soclal Club 3 Chorus 2 3 4 L1brar1an Operetta 2 3 Class Presldent 2 3 Class VICE Pres1dent 4 I l HCQPQW O . DOLORES BROWN 23 LES MEM HERES O EUQDQW YEAR BOOK STAFF Front Row Lett to Rrght Ruthe Brennernan Donna March Ioan Stark Margaret Kann Elame Srrnth Grace Doll Ioyce Wllt Dorothy Becker Back Row Left to R1ght Edward Brown Faye Gladfelter Wrlbur Ztmmerman Cfaculty adv1sorD Edltorlal Edttor 1n Clfuef Elame Smtth Feature Edltor Grace Doll Asststant Feature Edttor Ioyce Wtlt Art Edltors Ruthe Brenneman atr1c1a Lawrence Assrstant Sports Edttor Dorothy Becker Bus1ness General Buslness Manager Margaret Kann Clrculatton Manager Donna March Adverttstng Manager Ioan Stark Asslstant AdVSTT1S1Dg Manager Rena Shaffer E241 I ..'. .,..,..,...,,.... Sports Editor .,.........,.....,.......,.,.... Edward Brown LES M HHRES SENIOR CLASS Front row left to rtght Phylhs Prowell Charlotte Lmgg Rosetta Krebs Ioyce Wlll treasurer Rlchard Schrlver prestdent Faye Gladfelter Grace Doll secretary Patrrcla Lawrence Elame Smlth and Mary Repman Second row left to rrght Evallne Hendrtck Lorrarne Spahr Margaret Kann Lane Brown Dorothy Becker Sarah lane L1ghtner Ruthe Brennernan Donna March Dolores Brown Dorts Khne and Clara M Cassel Dor1s Ort Dorothy Sprenkle Ruth Wolf VICE presrdent Ioan Stark Helen Beshore and Wllllam Krngsbury Back row left to r1ght Wllson Myers Robert Stare Edward Brown Donald Doll Alvln Musser Harry Dlehl Gordon Schaffner Phrlxp Gross Iames Baker and Marl1n Householder ALMA MATER In the bonds of old Manchester We wxll ever be And well cheer our own dear H1gh School On to Vlctoryl Alma Mater Alma Mater Hear us as we cheer For that school rn old Manchester Alma Mater dear Through the gears that are ahead We w1ll eer be true Though afar from thee weve sped Well come back to you Alma Mater Alma Mater Our thoughts turn to thee We Wrll love defend and honor Thts our school so freel l25l 0 Q9 W Third row left to righti Charles Spalding, Esther Hummel, Irene Holder, Dorothy Hurnbert, EES MEM HERES UQDQW LES MEMOIRES Grace Doll Our htgh school days are over We have torled and had some fun In sprte of all our blunders There are battles We have Won The future l1es before us Challengmg one and all Wlth bod1es strong and mmds alert We rrse to meet the call But lmg rlng now rn memory We 1n a moment br1ef Sum up the years desplte the tears That burn our hearts Wrth grlef And now farewell We ll take our place Wrth those who have gone before We ll not forget What We Were taught At M H S rn days of yore Class Flower Green Carnatlon Class Colors Green and S1lver Class Motto Wrthout l-laltmg Wlthout Rest Lrftmg Better Up to Bo t l26l n 11 1 1 . 1. . , - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . - -G I I 'J S In Old ManChe.s'l'er' h flame Srmfh Mar reT Uane. Yann 'Wing WF Whe we lea M chesfiz Hgh W w Slngof her wfh ,Draw We P8 .S c cer' A Ref baffa df' ch Thrffhnyg es dr 5119 chee 5' In fh f d c I or' e y rsfh fh g nf? IWPQPFF wc mem ber- alf sh 5 done fr' as In our den ofd Hfgh ich f days .rfh ffe b aj! We wfff nf rgffhx year! I vedfh seg n' ld hgh sch old ys In 0 Mcznchesf r' Hfg f REFRMN we Hia ,4L5gjg,g .fan In ofd M ches1'?rHfgh' In ofa'Manches7'Er Hfgh! Ware lJfJJlJJ1'5fF5'FVVE' 5 J 4 J Pm .1 me ber aff fh se good ofa' a'y5 Inozu' own Ma chejfr' High i271 n H-,7 ' n I FEA Z I ve an r- i: egfff ' hes' V -- Bsnglueff, esjaf fn rnfh GZ fyilonebyf' Howl . ,L JJh I E .lJ5Qr:gLJJVP.P:IJJg51g31 day- auf Z- nf.: of , ' Offo- E 000 nh? 1 P? H Pj? F FQ! J3 ui H I E V V - Pi hh rf! n J Ja Ig 4. ggi? , .J , nFF'1iFFF 3 hi OLII' ES MEMGDHRES UWA? CLASS WILL We the class of l947 being of more or less sound mind declare this a last will and testament To Lois Boll Donna March w1lls her abllity to wreck cars lames Baker wills his lrke for gravy bread to anyone as hungry as he Margaret lane Kann bequeath the school piano to Charlotte Beshore And to Harley Donley Philip Gros wills that ability of con Jrncing people Dorothy Becker w1lls her wittiness to Donaline Bowers Carl Lehr will receive Edward Browns love for the oppos1te sex And Helen Beshore well she just leaves Irene Holder wills her love for basketball to Faye Snelbaker And Charles Spaldrng wills La Verne to the Freshman Class Rena Shatter wills her serious attitude to Minnie Shipley And William Krngsburys ability to k ep people guessing is willed to guess who To lames Holder Donald Doll bequeaths his fine tenor voice Rosetta Krebs w1lls her seat in the Saginaw bus to another of the gang And Evaline Henclnck wills her love tor Eugene to Barbara Blymire for Donald Barton Charlotte Llngg w1lls her tardiness to Mae Ensminger To William Leight go Gordon Shaitners flashy sock Paul Kllne bequeaths h1s hair styles to Leonard Diehl Patr1c1a Lawrence Wills her love for single lite to lacqueline Wiest Lane Browns love for cats lS willed to Mlss Ca sel And Harry Diehl w1lls those whiskers of hi to lames Craft Willrarn Clemens will receive Alvin Mussers l946 Ford Phyllis Prowell wills her quiet ways to loe Stephens And Just for the novelty Wilson Myers w1lls her ha r cut to Clarence Hake Mary Repman bequeaths that horthand book to anyone who 1S foolish enough to take it And to the Junlor home ec girls Dons Kline will her cooking ability B1chard Schrrver wills h1s cave man tacucs to Ronald Drager And 1t is with deep sorrow that loan Stark wills her true lover to Man chester l-hgh School Marlin Householder w1lls h1s bookkeeping abllity to Curtis Strock Elaine Smith w1lls her love tor ammals to all dog catchers And Dorothy Humbert bequeaths her reserved manner to Gladys Hoffman Bobert Stare s muscles are willed to Superman Grace Doll bequeaths her blacksmith shop to Mr Douglas And Ruthe Brenneman s love for draw1ng is willed to Betty Mundis l2Sl O I ' l I - s ' . Lorraine Spahr's vim, vigor and vitality are willed to Phyllis Hess. . . . .S Q ' ' ' i . EES MEM HLRES UCQQW Dons Ort and Dorothy Sprenkle wrll that wonderful frlendshrp of thetrs to Donald G1lbert and R1chard Yeager Ioyce W1lt Wrlls her cheerleadmg ab1l1ty to Iosephme Gladfelter And Sarah lane Llghtner bequeaths her sewmg ab1l1ty to all M H S grr s Ruth Wolf Wrlls her drgrufled attrtude to Delores Murphy And Esther Hummel wrlls her sunny d1spos1t1on to the school on those ramy days To the sophomore 1ur11or and sen1or classes of l948 we wrll our abrlrty to learn And to the Faculty we bequeath apprecratron for a task well done Srgned sealed pubhshed and declared by the above as our last wrll and testament E291 , O '1. ' ES MEMQDHEBES UWA? CLASS PROPHECY The followmg was cornprled from the drary of Iohn Sebastran Malory ace reporter for the You Dtg lt We Prmt lt Iournal Iune 17 1957 Arrrved early thrs evenrng on the 1sland of To Bo Was met at the alrport by my gurde Marhn Householder Proved to be qurte a nlce chap Had supper at the Hotel Hereafter Saw spec1al stage performance Learned from my program that the attractrve g1rl who sang was Patrrcra Lawrence House holder and I returned to the hotel Plan to tour 1sland tomorrow Iune 18 Started my tour early th1s mormng Followed a group of school chrldren and a young man to the school house Householder rnformed me that the gentleman was Uncle Phrl who conducts the chrldren s story hour Also met the school teacher Mrss Hendrrck the rdeal of her students Was qu1te rmpressed by the twtns Freddre and Margre Later l toured the Bonbon Manufacturmg Company Met the presrdent Mr Schnver and several of hrs secretar1es MISS Wllt Mrss Spahr Mrss Krebs and M1ss Brown In the afternoon we made for the country We saw numerous farms and met two farmers Wrlson Myers and Alvln Musser Together they had one QIVGD a l1ft by the Bonbon truck drrver Donald Doll Spent evenmg at the theater Was delrghted by a s1ster act a comedy by Dorothy Sprenkle and Dons Ort Iune 19 Went down to the sea early thrs rnormng Met three sarlors Gordon Shaffner Bob Stare and Ed Brown Spent all morntng roammg about on the sh1ps and talkrng w1th my new frrends Thrs afternoon we toured the hosprtal Very mterestrng and educat1onal Talked wrth three of the nurses Mrss Prowell Mtss Becker and Mlss Bepman Later met the head physrcran Dr Smrth who showed us about the laboratory There we met the Dr s chlef assrstant Mrss Beshore Thrs even1ng at drnner I was amused by a small boy at the next table He announced to me that he was Harry Iacob Dlehl the th1rd Householder mformed me later that hrs mother was the former M1ss March Iune 20 Arose late tht mornmg Had breakfast and wont for a walk up town Was attracted by a very unusual Beauty Shoppe Householder mtroduced me to the owners Mrss Wolf and M1ss Stark Next we toured to the Furnlture Store Very large and very expensrve Talked wrth the owner Paul Kllne l3Ul O I I ' I I I ' ' I ' I I I I ' of the largest farms I have seen. As we came back toward town we were , . ' I , . I I T . ' f I I - I 1 ' , . ES MEM TIRES HCM!-W and wrth hrs two Olf1CG workers B111 Kmgsbury and Charles Spaldmg The hve ot us had dmner together Took 1n a movle 1n the afternoon and on returmng to the hotel 1 thought of my dear wrfe Householder suggested The Dress Shop So back up town to West Frfth Avenue Purchased a beaut1ful gown from a sales g1r1 Mtss Lmgg and then had the d1st1ngu1shed pleasure ol meettng the dress destgner Mlss Ltghtner Talked w1th her two secretartes Mtss Holder and MISS Shatter and her typrst MISS Hummel Iune 21 We arrrved at the alrport at 8 35 a m Recelved a box ot Bonbons from Mtss Humbert a representatwe ot the factory Also rece1ved a copy ot the funny paper from the cartoomst Ruthe Brenneman Could eat and read on the plane then Met our charmrng a1rl1ne hostess Mlss Doll Bade Householder goodbye Plane took oft at 8 53 sharp Arrwed home at 7 30 p m Fascmattng lrttle rsland W1ll make report to Journal tomorrow mormng 1311 . . 1 1 - 1 , . , . . , . ROSETTA KREBS August 16 1929 Girl Reserves 1 2 Social Club 3 4 Fcho Log 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Operetta 3 SARAH I ANE LIGHTNER February 5 1929 Girl Reserves 1 2 3 Social Club 4 Choru 2 3 4 Cantata 3 4 Operetta 2 3 Echo Log Stall 3 4 Senior Play 4 Home Room Treasurer 2 IAMES BAKER Iuly 15 1928 Aviation Club 1 Glee Club 2 Social Club 3 Sports 4 Chorus 3 4 Senior Play 4 Operetta 2 3 4 I V Basketball 1 Z 3 Var ity Basketball 4 Soccer 1 2 3 Baseball 1 2 MARGARET IANE KANN February 26 1929 Girl Reserves 2 Vice-President Social Club 3 Secretar Chorus 2 3, 4 Operetta 2 3 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Librarian 4 Year Book 4 Business Manager Cla.. Secretary 3 Echo-Log 3 4 News Editor IOYCE WILT September 1 1929 Girl Reserves Social Club 3 Trea urer Echo-Log 3 4 Class Treasurer 4 Librarian 4 Senior Play 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Secretary Operetta Z, 3, 4 Cantata 3, 4 Year Book Ass't Feature Editor IOAN STARK November 13 1930 Dramatic 3 4 Librarian Chorus 3 4 Operetta 3 Senior Play 4 Year Book 4 Frolic 2 Assembly 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 EDWARD BROWN November 23 1930 H Y 1 Aviation Club 2 Vice President Social Club 3 Sports Club 4 Vice Pres Operetta 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Office 4 Librarian 4 Cantata 3 4 Year Book 4 Sports Editor As embly 3 RUTH BRENNEMAN October 5 1929 Girl Reserves 1 2 Dramatics 3 Vice Pres Hand Book 4 Home Room Trea urer 2 Chorus 3 Echo-Log 4 Year Bool. Art Editor CHARLOTTE IQINGG October 2 1929 Girl Reserves 1 2 Treasurer Social Club 3 , Dramatics 4 Treasurer Choru 3 Echo-Log 3 4 -enior Play 4 GORDON SCHAFFNER March 17 1929 Aviation 1 Glee Club 2 Science Club 3 Hi-Y 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 4 . . .I - I . N - . , .3,4 . i- S , , , ' , ,4 ' ' - . I I , , Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 , ' '7 L41 1 ' s , , C' 1 I - ,- t s f Y ss s S 2 . ,4 s ' 1 EES EMQDHERES CHARLES SPALDING February 28, 1930 Aviation Club l Glee Club 2 Social Club 3 Hand Book 4 Chorus 3, 4 DOROTHY SPRENKLE Decernber 8. 1929 Girl Reserves 2 Etiquette 3 Secretary Social Club 4 Echo-Log 4 Typist DORIS KLINE Iuly 7, 1928 Girl Reserves l, 2 Etiquette Club 3 Social 4 Basketball l ROBERT STARE September 10. 1928 Glee Club l Dramatics 2 Science 3 I, V. Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 4 Baseball 3, 4 Chorus 2 DONNA MARCH April 6, 1929 Social Club 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Cantata 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Senior Play 4 O DOROTHY HUMBERT December 19, 1928 Dramatic Club 2 Social Club 3, 4 RENA SHAFFER November 29, 1929 Girl Reserve 1, 2 Social Club 3 Y-Teen Club 4 Class Treasurer l Home Room Secretary 3 Echo-Log 3, 4 1 Year Book 4 Operetta 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 WILSON MYERS Iune 14, 1929 Aviation l Glee Club 2 Science 3 Hi-Y 4 Operetta 3 Chorus 3, 4 Soccer 3, 4 RUTH WOLF Iune 27, 1929 Girl Reserves l, 2 Etiquette Club 3 President Hand Book Club 4 President Assembly l Librarian l, Z Chorus 3 EchofLog 4 Class Vice President 4 ESTHER HUMMEL Ianuury 5, 1929 Girl Reserves l, 2 Social Club 3 Y-Teen 4 Ass't Secretary of Home Room 3 Echo-Log Staff- Contributing Member 3 Circulation Staff 4 HCEPQW DONALD DOLL April 3 1930 Aviation Club 1 3 4 President Astronomy Club 2 Chorus 2 3 4 Preside it Operetta 2 3 Cantata 3 4 Senior Play 4 ELAINE SMITH October 12 1929 lunior Red Cros 1 Girl Reserve 2 SCIGHCG Club 3 Secretary Hand Book Club 4 Vice President York H1 Weekly 2 Echo Log 2 3 Make up Editor 4 Feature Editor Year Book 4 Home Room Secretary 3 Home Room Chairman 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Secretary Librarian 4 Assembly 2 GRACE DOLL Ianuary 21 1930 Girl Reserves 1 President Dramatics Club 2 Social Club 3 Y Teen Club 4 President Home Room Secretary 2 Home Room Treasurer 3 Student Council 1 Chorus 3 4 Librarian 3 4 Intramural Basketball 3 Class Vice President 3 Class Secretary 4 Cantata 3 Operetta 3 4 Assembly l 2 3 4 Echo-Log 3 Malfe-up Editor 4 Editor-in-Chief Yearbook Feature Editor HARRY DIEHL IR. October 27 1928 Social 2 3 . Sports 4 Soccer 2 3, 4 Home Room Chairman 2, Chorus 2 3 Cantata 3, 4 Operetta DORIS ORT October 29, 1929 Girl Reserve Club l, 2, Social Club 4 Typist for Echo-Log 4 DOROTHY BECKER April 25 1929 Social Club 3 Dramatics 2 4 Ninth Grade Play Senior Play Chorus 2 3 Librarian 4 Home Room Vice Pres Echo Log 3 4 Year Book 4 Operetta 3 4 Cantata 3 4 ALVIN MUSSER February 8 1930 Glee Club l 2 Sports Club 3 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Senior Play 4 PATRICIA LAWRENCE October 4 1927 Cirl Reserves 1 2 Treasurer Social Club 3 Dramatics 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Echo Log Staff 2 3 4 Student Council 1 librarian 4 Senior Play 4 Prompter Year Book 4 Asst Art Editor LORRAINE SPAHR August 31 1929 Girl Reserve l 2 Secretar Social Club 3 Handbook 4 Secretary Home Room Chairman 2 Secretary ot Athletic A ociatlon 3 Basketball 1 Cheerleader 2 3, 4 Echo-Log 3 4 Staff Senior Play 4 Operetta 3 4 RICHARD SCHRIVER December 2 1928 Aviation Club l Social Club 2 3 Hi-Y Club 4 Pre ident Chorus 2, 3, 4 Vice-Pres. Operetta 3 Cantata 4 Class President 4 President of Athletic Association 4 Baseball 2, 3 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 ES WIEIMICTDHRES O UQ941? I A . ' 3 ' I l , ' 4 . f , , 4 ' . . 4 EdllO1"ln'Chlel Hi-Y Club 4 Treasurer I Y x , 3 1 3 3 I F' 3 ES MEMQDEF ES 0 UCMLW HELEN BESHORE Icmuary 7, 1930 President ot Class 1 Treasurer of Class 2, 3 Home Room Secretary 3 Girl Reserve 1, 2 President 2 Social Club 3 Dramatics Club 4 Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 1, 2, 3 Chorus 3, 4 Librarian Cantata 4 Senior Play 4 Echo-Log- Contributing Member 3 News Editor 4 Operetta 3, 4 LARIE BROWN December 24, 1929 Chorus 2, 394 Cantata 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Dramatics Club Z Social Club 3, 4 Librarian 4 MARLIN HOUSEHOLDER May' 22, 1930 Aviation 1 Astronomy 2 Social 3 Hand Book 4 MARY REPMAN August 11 19,28 Girl Reserves l, 2 Etiquette 'Club 3 Vice-President Hand :Book 4 W Ass't Secretary Chorus 3 PAUL KLINE October 23, 1928 Student Council 1 Astronomy Club 2 Science Club 3 Class Ass't Secretary 2 Baseball l IRENE- HOLDER December 23, 1929 Girl Reserves l, 2 Social Club 3 Y-Teen 4 Librarian 3, 4 EVALINE HENDRICK December 21, 1929 Girl Reserves l Dramatics 2 Social 3, 4 Librarian 1, 4 Home Room Treasurer 4 Echo-Log News Editor 3 Desk Editor,'4 PHILIP GROSS November 2, 1927 Aviation Club 2 Social Club 3 Hi-Y Club 4 Track 3 Chorus 3, 4 PHYLLIS PROWELL March 10, 1930 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3 I Social Club 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Echo-Log 3 4 Exchange Editor WILLIAM KINGSBURY Iune 7, 1930 Aviation 1 Astronomy 2 Social 3 Hi-Y 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 4 ES MEMEJHESES Philip Gross .... Irene Holder .... Harry Diehl ...... Dorothy Sprenkle . . Doris Ort ..,..,. Paul Kline ........ Helen Beshore .... IDENTIFICATION MARKS Sarah lane Lightner ..... .... Alvin Musser ...,.. Evaline Hendrick .. Mr. Douglas .... Margaret Kann Grace Doll ..... Miss Cassel ....... Phyllis Prowell .... Dorothy Becker .... Donald Doll ..... Elaine Smith .... Mr. Zimmerman . .. Dorothy Hurnbert . . Charles Spalding .. Rosetta Krebs ..... Miss Barrett ....... Patricia Lawrence . Larie Brown' .... .. Mr. Hull ........., Marlin Householder Ioan Stark ........ Mary Bepman ..... Mr. Koontz .... Ruth Wolf .,.... Charlotte Lingg . .. Robert Stare .... Ioyce Wilt .... Donna March . . . Mrs. Doll ....... Wilson Myers ..... Buth Brennernan . . . Mr. Baker ........ Rena Shatter .... Iames Baker .... Lorraine Spahr ..., Gorden Schaffner . Mrs. Erock ........ Esther Hummel Edward Brown .... Doris Kline ........ Richard Schriver .. William' Kingsbury Miss Donahue .... If36l 0 IQIQPQ-W tall tales blushing sticky rolls Doris Ort Dorothy Sprenkle combing his hair hair styles fOh, noi Crocheting girls meal tickets homework Fred Echo-Log understanding seen and not heard happy " singing Year Book lots of fun giggles La Verne jolly current events Teen-Age Books jitterbugging money skunks chewing gum Clarence basketball Tom tardiness cowboying jokes Harry good eats horses drawing keys books restaurant Phil flashy socks words and music sunny necking noise dogs quiet a good sport E. ES MEMCIDHEBES 0 3943? a w K K l E371 4 EES MEMCIDHRES 0 UMW i381 - .W I. fp .Q nz" I utr mls Q. .Q , 'Ill ,I 1 ' Q Wifi M 7 , ,f M, . j . x li ' X 1 l lx AZ ' f! v 1. I 5 ' 4 , 4 vfg f ' , 79 QP f X f , K-' ' 3 2 I H I 0,10 1' U Ke 0 sfi Ml. WI N y "M N WY, fx W n D090 W 5 ,g 4L5'-1:3 I 6 I unnnnc nssmfn EES MEMGDHESES 0 UQDQW CLASS OF 1948 Front row left to r1gl'1t Dons Ferree Phyllrs Hartman Betty Wernch Shlrley Clemens Patr1c1a D1etr1cl'1 George Blynnre loyce Melhorn Lots Boll Dolores Murphy Audrey Kochenour and Clarence Hake Second row left to rlght Robert Koontz Phylhs Hess Isabel Kohr Iacquehne W1est Mae Ensmlnger Sl'11r1ey Roller Arneha Musser Orpha Fnes Arrneda Shlpley Nancy Loker Betty lane Kohr Annabelle Brenneman and Margaret Barrett Thrrd row left to rlght Robert Ollphant Ohver Plame Harley Donley Gladys Hoffman Patr1c1a Medura Phylhs Shank Mary Hoover Cec1l1a Snell baker Ruth Wrlt Paul Stnne Rtchard Krng Gerald Sanders and Charles Murphy Fourth row left to nght Curt1s Strock Herbert Beshore Robert Goodyear Robert Ahrens T1llman Mohr Chauncey Etscnhower Robert Schnver W1lmer Pressel Rrclnard l-l1tz Stanley Good and Donald Barton loyce Melhorn VICS Presrdent Lots Boll Secretary Patncra Dretnch Treasurer l4Ul I I l I . I ll I . I l 1 1 1 ' ' 1 I I I I I l I I I V 1x I 1 I ' 1 ' 1 l George Blymire ...,......,..................... President EES MEMQDHESES 0 UQ9Q'??g CLASS OF 1949 Front row left to right: Genevieve Ridgeway, Nancy Ream, loan Leader, Lois Kohr, Maxine Knaulo, Charlotte Beshore, Luella Spahr, Betty Mundis, Marian Chapman, Barbara Blymire, and Carolyn Dolloin. Second row left to right: Lloyd Douglas, Audrey Gross, Delores Bupp, Delores Sipe, Ianice Gundy, Pauline Kline, Audrey Miller, Lois Herman, Clara Waser, lune Brown, Phyllis Hake, and Miriam Frank. Third row left to right: Catharine Poe, Victor Aldinger, Donald Fries, Duane Shelley, Leonard Diehl, lame-s Holder, Edward Strine, Leo Kohr, Renford Penrod, Theodore Hoover, Rodney lacobs, and Doris Baker. Fourth row left to right: Ronald Drager, Lewis Lawrence, Dean Brown, George Aughenbaugh, Iames Craft, Donald Davin, Dale Kline, Robert Schaffner, William Clemens, Eugene Gross, William Kline, and Harvey Andrews. Charlotte Beshore .,.. ........ P resident Maxine Knaub , . . ..... Vice-President Lois Kohr ...... ........ S ecretary Luella Spahr . . . , ., .... Treasurer I41l ES Memo RES 0 new CLASS or 1950 Front row lett to right: Doreen Wilt, Louise Duncan, Marion Ziegler, Gloria Livingston, Peggy Gross, Rodney Beck, Lu An Oliphant, Rena Mae Clemens, Elaine Bowen, Vivian Etter, and Phyllis Lingg. Second row left to right: Wilbur Zimmerman, Rozella Kope, Donaline Bowers, Iosephine Gladfelter, Norma Strong, Martha Musser, Minnie Shipley, Mazie Mundy, loan Lady, Faye Snelbaker, and l-lelen Preble. Third row left to right: Raymond Fink, Douglas Cheape, Phyllis Melhorn, Gloria Detwiler, Estella Lehman, La Verne Wiebenga, Martha Shellenberger, Mary Musser, Charlotte Mundy, Daniel Repman, and lames Cassel. Fourth row left to right: David Lippy, Ray Krebs, Richard Yeager, Donald Gilbert, Carl Lehr, William Leicht, George Kline, loseph Stephens, William Goodyear, Preston Bupp, and Carl Snelbaker. Lu An Oliphant .... ..,..... P resident Rodney Beck ..,.. ..... V ice-President Gloria Livingston i . , ,.....,. Secretary Peggy Gross ,.... ..... T reasurer l42l if ff 2 '.1Q:'?."3 9 J gg' 611 UBTIVITI ES EES MEMQDHBRES O UQDQ-W ECHO-LOG STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Grace Doll, Desk Editor, Evaline Hendrick, Make-up Editors, Lois Boll, Robert Ahrens, .Clarence Hake, Feature Editor, Elaine Smith, News Editors, Helen Beshore, Margaret Kanng Alumni Editor, Wilmer Presselg Exchange Editor, Phyllis Prowellg Sports Editors, Donald Barton, George Blymire, Art Editor, Sara I. Lightner. Contributing Members: Rosetta Krebs, Ruthe Brennernan, loyce Melhorn, Patricia Medura, Charlotte Beshore, Clara Waser, lune Brown, Barbara Blyrnire. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager, Rena Shaffer, Advertising Manager, Donna March, Asisstant Adver- tising Managers, Edward Brown, Harry Diehl, Alvin Musser, Curtis Strock, Circulation Managers, Esther Hummel, Dorothy Becker, Patricia Lawrence, Charlotte Linggp Subscription Managers, Delores Brown, Lorraine Spahrg Assistant Subscription Managers, Marlin House- holder, Wilson Myers, Gordon Schatfnerg Typists, Faye Gladtelter, Doris Ort, Dorothy Sprenkle, Ioyce Wilt, Ruth Wolf: Faculty Advisor, Clara M. Cassel. SPORTS CLUB Front Row Lett to Right: Leonard Diehl, Harry Diehl, Donald Barton, Edward Brown, George Blymire, Paul Strine, and Robert Ahrens. Second Row Lett to Right: Vfilrner Pressel, Stanley Good, Edward Strine, Chauncey Eisenhower, Donald Davin, Iames Baker, and Lloyd Douglas Ctaculty advisorl. Third Row Lett to Right: Robert Stare, Ronald Drager, Charles Murphy. Rentord Penrod, Iames Holder, and Rodney Iacobs. E441 EES M MQDHRES UQ? W SOCIAL CLUB Front Row Lett to R1ght Betty WG1T1Ch Phylhs Hartman Rosetta Krebs LOIS Boll Margaret Kavm Armeda Shlpley loyce Melhorn l..o1s Kohr DOIIS Ferree Phyllls Prowell and Phyllls Hess Second Row Left to B1ght Phylhs Shank Donna March Dor1s Ort Dorothy Sprenkle Dorls llme Dorothy Humbert Sarah lane Llghtner Evalme Hendrlck Lame Brown Ruth W1lt Audrey Kochenour and Shel1avay Doll Cfaculty GdV1SOTl Thlrd Bow Left to R1ght Martha Shellenberger Norma Strong Faye Snelbaker Shxrley Annabelle Brenneman and Betty lane Kohr Back Row Left to R1ght Iune Brown Sh1rley Clemens Gladys Hoffman Orpha FIIGS I abel Kohr Patr1c1a D1etr1ch Cec1l1a Snelbaker Ioyce W1lt Rena Clemens and M1nn1e Shlpley HANDBOOK CLUB F1rst Row Left to R1ght Dolores Brown Lorrcune Spahr Ruth Wolf Elame Sm1th and Ruthe Brenneman Seco td Row Lett to Rtght Perry Hull Ctaculty adv1sorl Curt1s Strock Dolores Slpe Mary Bepman Duane Shelley and Charles Spaldmg E451 O 1 I I 1 1 I f I r I 1 ' 1 C , 1 ' 1 V I , . , , . . . X I 1 1 A I 1 I I I I V . Holler, Mary Hoover, Iacquelme Wxest, Mae Ensmmger, Delores Murphy, Nancy Loker, l N 3 f l 1 , ' h f EES MEM HEEES QMS? Y TEEN Front Row Left to Rlght Peggy Gross Nancy Ream Betty Mundts Lu An Ohphant Clara Waser Grace Doll Charlotte Beshore Maxme Knaub Luella Spahr Phyllls Ltngg and Doreen Wlll Second Row Lett to Rtght M1r1am Frank Cfaculty advlsorl Iosephtne Gladfelter Mazle Mundy Barbara Blymrre Glor1a Llvrngston Glorta Detwxler Lourse Duncan V1v1an Etter Phyllrs Hake DOTIS Baker and Margaret Barrett Ctaculty adv1sorD Th1rd Row Lett to R1ght Donahne Bowers Charlotte Mundy lrene Holder Esther Hummel Martha Musser Mary Musser Marlan Zlegler Amella Musser Catherlne Poe lamce Gundy Back Row Lett to R1ght Helen Preble Carolyn Dolbrn Cenevleve R1dgeWay Lots Herman Audrey Gross Delores Bupp Martan Chapman Pauhne Kllne and Ioan Leader AVIATION CLUB Front Row Left to Rrght Donald Gtlbert Harvey Andrews Donald Doll Beulah Frock Cfaculty adv1sorJ Vlctor 'llcunger George Kl1ne and Davrd Llppy Second Row Left to R1ght Robert Goodyear Ceorge Aughenbaugh Rtchard Krug Ttllman Mohr Damel Roprnan Dale Kltne Eugene Gross Rrchard Yeager Raymond Flnlc Wllltam Goodyear Pre ton Bupp W1ll1Um Klme Carl Lehr and Rodney Beck l46l O . Z . . . I . I . . . I . I A I and Audrey Miller, t l t . , U In , , . . : I 7 I . my . A I .V K I . I I . I I ' ' , s , ' ' ' , , . EES MQDH ES O UW!-W Hi-Y CLUB Front Row Left to Right: Lewis Lawrence, Ray Krebs, Carl Snelbaker, Herbert Beshore, Richard Schriver, Alvin Musser, Robert Oliphant, Wilson Myers, loseph Stephens, and Dean Brown. Second Row Left to Right: lra Y Baker Cfaculty advisorl, Philip Gross, Donald Fries, William Leicht, Gordon Schaffner, Robert Schriver, Iames Craft, lames Cassel, William Kingsbury, and Wilbur Zimmerman Ciaculty advisorl. U Back Row Leit to Right: NVilliam Clemens, Leo Kohr, Robert Schaffner, Harley Donley, Theodore Hoover, Oliver Plaine, and Gerald Sanders. DRAMATICS Front Row Left to Right: Estella Lehman, Ioan Stark, Patricia Medura, Clarence Hake, Faye Gladielter, Helen Beshore, Charlotte Lingg. Back Row Left to Right: Douglas Cheape, loan Lady, Phyllis Melhorn, La Verne Wiebenga, Dorothy Becker, Patricia Lawrence, Elaine Bowen, Rozella Kope, and Robert Koontz Ciaculty advisorl. i47l me me organs O me W CANTATA Front Row Lett to Right: Phyllis Shank, Delores Bupp, Peggy Gross, Barbara Blymire, Donald Doll, Ioyce Wilt, Charles Spalding, Donna March, Helen Beshore, Dorothy Becker, Larie Brown, and George Blymire. Second Row Leit to Right: Beulah Frock, loyce Melhorn, Lois Boll, Gladys Hoffman, Audrey Gross, Rena Clemens, Dolores Brown, Charlotte Beshore, Maxine Knaub, Patricia Lawerence, Rosetta Krebs, and Margaret Kann. Third Row Lett to Right: Leonard Diehl, Donald Fries, Isabel Kohr, Betty lane Kohr Patricia Medura, Lois Herman, La Verne Wiebenga, Gloria Livingston, Sarah lane Lightner Audrey Kochenour, Ruth Wilt, Edward Brown, and Vvlilliam Clemens. Back Row Left to Right: Herbert Beshore, Stanley Good, Robert Ahrens, Chauncey Eisenhower, Donald Davin, Harry Diehl, Wilmer Pressel, Reniord Penrod, Charles Murphy, and lames Holder. ORCHESTRA Front Bow Leit to Right: Renford Penrod, Margaret Kann, George Blymire, Elaine Bowen, Beulah S. Froclc fconductorj, Elaine Smith, Stanley Good, Samuel Schroll. Back Row Left to Right: Robert Kochenour, Wayne Gentzler, Charles Murphy, Donald Barton, Barry Schriver, Lewis Hale, Lu An Oliphant, and Helen Preble. l48l EES M HHRES O il Q y 4 SENIOR CHORUS Front Row Lett to Right: Betty lane Kohr, Lois Boll, Lorraine Spahr, loyce Wilt, Richard Schriver, Donald Doll, Faye Gladtelter, Rosetta Krebs, Patricia Lawrence, and Phyllis Prowell. Second Row Lett to Right: Beulah Frock, Patricia Dietrich, Ioyce Melhorn, Grace Doll, Evaline Hendrick, Ruth Wilt, Dorothy Becker, Larie Brown, Audrey Kochenour, Phyllis Hartman, and Margaret Kann. Third Row Lett to Right: Robert Ahrens, Chauncey Eisenhour, Isabel Kohr, Gladys Hoffman, Dolores Brown, Patricia Medura, Phyllis Shank, Donna March, Helen Beshore, Ioan Stark, Sarah lane Lightener, Stanley Good, and Paul Strine. Back Row Lett to Right: Wilson Myers, Herbert Beshore, Edward Brown, Charles Murphy, Charles Spalding, Wilmer Pressel, Alvin Musser, Harry Diehl, George Blymire, Philip Gross, and Iames Baker, IUNIOR CHORUS Front Row Lett to Right: Beulah S. Prock, Carolyn Dolbin, lames Holder, Barbara Blymire, Iames Craft, Charlotte Beshore, William Clemens, Lu An Oliphant, Donald Davin, and Helen Preble. Second Row Lett to Right: Peggy Gross, Delores Bupp, Audrey Gross, Clara Waser, Lois Herman, La Verne Wiebenga, Estella Lehman, Gloria Livingston, Rena Mae Clemens. Maxine Knaub, and Betty Mundis. Third Row Lett to Right: Ronald Drager, George Aughenbaugh ,Dean Brown, Leonard Diehl, Donald Fries, Rentord Penrod, Robert Schattner, Duane Shelley, Leo Kohr, Harvey Andrews, and Rodney Iacobs. ' E491 DES MEMQDHESES O SENIOR PLAY Front Row Lett to Right: Sarah lane Lightner, Edward Brown, Ioan Stark, Donald Doll, Helen Beshore, Alvin Musser, Donna March, and Dorothy Becker. Back Row Lett to Right: larnes Baker, Charlotte Lingg, Ioyce Wilt, Faye Gladtelter, Lorraine Spahr, Grace Doll, Margaret Kann, Patricia Lawrence, and Robert Koontz Cfaculty advisorl. , LIBRARIANS Front Row Lett to Right: Elaine Bowen, Ioyce Wilt, Margaret Kann, Doris Kline, Patricia Lawrence, Dorothy Becker, Elaine Smith, Irene Holder, and Dorothy Humbert. Back Row Lett to Right: Charles Spalding, Marlin Householder, Barbara Blyrnire, Larie Brown, Grace Doll, Margaret Barrett Cfaculty advisorl, Clara Waser, Charlotte Beshore, Betty Mundis, Evaline Hendrick, Edward Brown, and William Kingsbury. I5Ul EES MCDHEXES 0 UQDQ-W CAFETERIA Left to Right: Patricia Lawrence, Doris Ort, She-liavay Doll, Doris Kline, Phyllis Hess, Mrs. Ruth Myers Ccookl, Mae Ensminger, Annabelle Brenneman, Gladys Hoffman, and Esther Hummel. ' FACULTY Front Row Left to Right: Clara Cassel, Margaret A. Barrett, Ira Y. Baker, Beulah S. Frock, Wilbur F. Zimmerman. ' Back Row Left to Right: Robert L. Koontz, Sheilavay Doll, Lloyd M. Douglas, Miriam U. Frank, Perry W. Hull. L51l mms MncmQvJHEaEs O WW . x . ,,' W 'Stl' 'Y"""w U 14" KMA-:'fu.-'1 1I:7 E E: D058-vi' 'G' ' L Ju ia- U llhni hits 744-u. Ca-tml Gran 6 Hnnuy DAL! Khin., 4 FTM. X 1 a , Ai. 5947 to .'K,1f Bsa.T wh 'D-441 'pu' QW my A C "MJ T N n t js- 93 V f f-L fi mzusi .a-:'su V J 'QQ .i1'f,,,f,1x.1 F ' V "A 4 A2 , . In V . 'Q' '- . B 4 A , X "YVh,-51 ICA.-nn 'Du-Ana. D. D, ll ED Hence-T ' WM RFI' f.'d.uTir iftutnamf J"'1"tuB'u"1' S", wld Has? 'SUT Lanunca W .hh -.v-'Q A Nl TIN- Llilhcl- Loon. ' bv' nvu an .K ,, y r Q firing Q I ' K ' 1 j-na.--m.I 5 4 sf Lu xl gl fi-2, V155 - ,::-- - '15 I -:' ,- ' ,. lanllf STq.'u.' Cv D Il J W .P A 1, Lovr ' ' STOVC L 5.1 3 luv' P. Ji-nn ' Q.eIoHsT. Us-KS1 ' haw nl", Donn. un nu ,- 9.- 1r?re 6 4 3 5 - F-""" --""'.1.""l 149-X3 w h L.- --f I. lwnsus., TJ' 5-d X57 3-K Je- 'cre-m. HoxAm' ' W ow, . N em... giv,L ,-,.,U1 --,Pom.Tmh 9"L""f A0004 D'V1l51 Full wuvhillr D E521 r A ? ' O X. i I I S EI CHEERLEADERS Left io Right Ioyce Melhorn Faye Gladieiicr Ioyce W11t V Y Y Y Y ' 'I 1' , 12' 4 If ' 6'br0f', ' 00" W ' 4' ' ' fo. 90,6 of 'Q 1 I ,N 9, 11 "fa . I as 'glove' 'v"'!v. X Q ' I ,0p,, O .4 01,9 'A 1 10 of , , 'uoflg 1 11:9 N, 'Q 19' 3 i 0 ' Q of 1 1.2, 1.94, 5,1 Wm? 0"'f N .4 07' I fL."QeA 4 3 I .0 'f' ,jbo . : I I - I ' ' X v 'V ' Minnie Shipley, Patricia Dietrich, and Lorraine Spahr. XKOJAQAQ A 7f.'2P'T':o'!'1 ' J " 'W' l,c'Q 'V 1.1, .:.'0,' ' ' ' gl," 'I f V ' J I 1 4 . S ' f 1 'Q 9 0 ,-,f, 9, ' Q -f , , ,A .Q wif, I, 5 UI W' " : .'-'l",'1 'O ' - f Ff a- f Q ff 1' ' 7' fx. ny "1 'ao ' "f,'o 4 If ' ff" 'O o Q o 4 ',. A '01 'I V! ' ' HTHLET -4Jf4ffIg,f4v -' IES ES M MQJHRES O Q9 W ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Front Row Left to Right: Edward Brown, loyce Melhorn, Richard Schriver, Margaret Barrett, Donald Barton, and Faye Gladfelter. Back Row Lett to Right: Ira Baker, Perry Hull, Robert Koontz, Lloyd Douglas, and Wilbur Zimmerman. SOCCER First Row Left to Right: Wilmer Pressel, Stanley Good, Leonard Diehl, Paul Strine, Donald Davin, and Robert Stare. Second Row Lett to Right: Robert Ahrens, Wilson Myers, Edward Strine, Donald Barton, Charles Murphy, Rodney lacobs, and Edward Brown. Third Row Lett to Right: Lloyd Douglas tcoachl, Ronald Drager, Harry Diehl, Richard Schriver, Robert Schriver, lames Holder, and George Blymire. i541 EES M IMCI HERES O UQ? W VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row Lett to Right: William Kingsbury, Gordon Shaffner, lames Baker, Leonard Diehl, and Paul Strine. Back Row Lett to Right: Robert Koontz fcoachl, Edward Brown, Chauncey Eisenhower, Donald Barton, Robert Ahrens, Leo Kohr, and George Blymire. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row Left to Right: Wilmer Pressel, Stanley Good, Robert Stare, William Clemens, and Edward Strine. Back Row Lett to Right: Lloyd Douglas fcoachl, Ronald Drager, Oliver Plaine, Donald Davin, Reniord Penrod, Harvey Andrews, and George Aughenbaugh. l55l EES MQDHERES D Q? BASEBALL Front Row Left to Rlght Rlchard Schrlver Edward Brown Gordon Schaltner Donald Barton Robert Stare cmd Wrlham Kmgsbury Back Row Left to R1ght Robert Koontz Ccoachl Clarence Hake Wllmer Pressel Paul TRACK Front Row Left to R1ght Chauncey E1senhowe Robert I-Xhrens Robert Stare Donald Barton and Edward Brown Bock Row Lett to Rlght Phlllp Gross Lloyd Douglas Ccoachl and Clarence Hake WW O 9 Strine, Charles Murphy, Robert Ahrens, George Blyrnire, and Chauncey Eisenhower. ' I ' r, , , X a W I , J fb Q3 5 'W K . , I " x wii W7 - V I DVEHTISIHE .wa ie av. an at o e Qt av. Jr. ae. .sc ae. af. it ' 3 cfzx Cuz . X x if Q .1 az ef 'J - Yi C 3 - .x, : L j g in . XL fl X 1 2- 'C X KL 4 4 QS , N-'L ,lg 1 - T' x 51 K ' fr C-C-N n ' ' 1-fc 9 4 aa. XJ! X X 5: N 4 - Q X: Reign X 1. 1- is - Q X X 3- X X y ' tty it ' H tllll . X X X X ZEZZT. LI4, 'C6EI4fl.4 g Odd business, isn't it? . . . Yet-most of the significant monuments to your hopes and V ambitions are moments marked with gifts of jewelry. A baby 3 spoon . . . graduation Watch . . . engagement ring . . . anni- versary sterling or china. Ours is "dream stuff"-yes! at I modest, down - to - earth 1 prices. 3 Ieweler Silversmith Diamond Merchant U wg, gc . I 'n ar we nc me vc 'oc e we uv St. Tea. i581 ac ac .vc an se .ac :G an ac ac. af. ' at " vi I. M. ANSPACH P1'erc1'ij1ti0n Drnggist York Haven State Bank Your Pntronnge Soliciten' SODA WATER ICE CREAM AND GARDEN SEEDS Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. YORK HAVEN, PA. HARRY C- BUSSER Manchester Grange 'HOME APPLIANCES U. QS. Hybrid Seed Com PLUMBING, HEATING AND Wayne Feeds - Coal ELECTRAL CONTRACTING Ernigrnille, Pez. Phone 56201 YORK HAVEN, PA. IRVIN E. MUNDIS JOHN L- DIETZ GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL MERCHANDISE . FLOUR 85 FEED Phone Mnncloerter 9-R-4 t EMIGSVILLE, PA. Mt. Wolf, Pa., R. D. NO. 1 . "There if no better food than J, Clnzrcoezl Mailed food." Horne Owned Cofnfnnnity Store Visit the Bfmlbufgef Phone Manchester 9-R-5 Sandwich A MT. WOLF, PA., R' D. NO' 1 634 W. MARKET ST. T. BETRAM BAIR - Yerk, Pa. Proprietor 'If W A 'if DC UC 7C JC 'K N - - 'if 'QC -SI SC E591 MAY-DEL 259 W. MARKET YORK, PA. "Acce5J01'ie.v for the Gentlewomann t JL JF JL ec it JC It JL JL JL .Sf 4. A Compliments of the STAR TEXAS LUNCH HOOver's Furniture CO. 132-134 W. Market St. York, Pa. . COMPLETE HOME OUTFITTERS Compliment: of E. Sc W. GRAND 5C tO 31.00 Store 54 W. Marker Sr. ' YORK, PA. ' COCK ELECTRICALLY Edison Light 84 Power CO. YQUTH CENTER- Department Store for Children 41 W. MARKET ST. YORK, PA. Compliments of YQRK COUNTY GAS CO. ' 79 JC M' QL . we 'DL ae 7? W JC W JC T .IL ae. .an an ac. na. It ao. c ar. ac n JG R 'Helen Weiser Ziegler PQIST Tmdgel' of Singing Pormzitf of Fine Quality , Member of New York Singing SPECIAL PRICES FOR GRADUATES Teachers' Association Dial 56220 STUDIO-43 S. PENN ST., YORK, PA. 2 Tel. 34260 43 W. MARKET ST. YORK, PA. I If ARCHIE K. MAY The Jeweler ac 626 W. MARKET ST. vows unnes srone YORK, PA, 3 I3-ls w. Munn staff! A "W'loe1'e Gems and Gold Are Fairly Sold" x K The Radio-Appliance Store of York R BENDIX KET-VINATOR QUALITY - VALUE - SERVICE AUTOMATIC REFRIGERATORS HOME RANGES X LAUNDRY HEATERS . h d B ' If If OS. SUNBEAM - MIXMASTER 3 t 8 g r T196 F1'le726l!y H lynn: qillr- I1 If Furniture Store Victor - Columbia - Decca - Capitol ' Y0r,e'I Exclmive Recorel Sloop 277-83 W. Marker Sr. York, Pa. 129-151 W. MARKET STREET 3 YORK, PA. 'Ir sc we 'ac 'xr ur we Jr we we Ji 72. E611 JL DL JL JL DL JL JL JL JL DC DL JL L GO TO COLLEGE IN YORK York Junior College 1 'The Commzmify junior College" Two Full Years of Accredited College Courses For Information Apply to Registrar COLLEGE AVENUE AND DUKE STREET ANTIQUES BOUGHT AND SOLD APPRAISER OF ESTATES Yorktowne Antique Shop 238 W. Market Street YORK, PA. J. H. SCHMUCK, Auctioneer Phone 64297 York's Only Complete ' Musical Department Store PIANOS - RADIOS - RECORDS Band and String Instruments Every Kimi of Publifhed Mmic Chl , 143 WEST MARKET "W'lJere F1'i67761i.f of Mmif Meet" GREIMAN BROS. MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR 126 South George Street YORK, PA. 1 rrr Cleaners and Rug Cleaning Phone - Dial 7511 550-2 S. George St. YORK, PENNA. ' For Your Pgpulaf Records G0 to NEON SIGNS WINDOW 84 TRUCK LETTEIIING THE RECORD SHOP KEYSTONE SIGN CO. 8 So. QUEEN ST. York, pa- Phorze 34472 PHONE 5847 if 'DC TC 'JC 'lf 'JC 'JC 'K if 'JC 76 .JC 'rl' E621 JL JC JL JY. JL JC JL JL JL JC JL Compliment! of American Bag 81 Barrel 530 S. VANDER AVENUE Northern Radio Service 954 North George street REFRIGERATORS, WASHERS, ELECTRIC RADIOS, SWEEPERS PAW 65231 JAMES PROWELL Radio Sales 8: Service MT. WOLF, PA. FRITZ BROS. Meat Market FRESH AND CURED MEATS Constantly on Hand Everything Electrictzl MILLER BROS. Radio and Electrical Sales and Service ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING EXPERT RADIO REPAIRING SIXTII ST., MT. WOLF, PA. "Say it with Flowerf' KUBIK'S FLOWER SHOP -Bill Stonecipher, Prop. DIAL 5840-537-545 N. GEORGE ST. YORK, PA. 'lf 'IK' 'll' 'lt' 'if 79 16' Complimentr of Wolf Supply Company MT. WOLF AND YORK, PA. DEPENDABLE BUILDING MATERIALS FUEL OIL - PAINT - COAL 'JK' 'JV 'N' UQ N' 'JC DL JL at. JL I. JL JL JC f. af. 0. JI. ot. GLENN H. WOOD CLEANERS AND DYERS 1124 North George SI. YORK, PA. PHONE 37261 Conzplimentf of George E. MOtter'S Sons 815 N. GEORGE ST., YORK, PA. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES DIVISION SUNOCO SERVICE STATION SALSGIVER 81 MOHR North George Extended and Lighrner Avenue CORKY'S PLACE Eats, Drinks and Oil ZION VIEW, PA. PrOWe1I'S Commercial School Complimemff of A PRIVATE SCHOOL EOR BUSINESS INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION AND WILLIAM PROMOTION 2-8 North George Street MOUNT WOLF? PA' YORK, PA. THOMPSON COLLEGE York-205 S. George St. Harrisburg - 222 Marker Sr Courses ACCOUNTANCY MEDICAL SECIY SECRETARIAL CIVIL SERVICE SALESMANSHIP BANKING FILING STENOGRAPH DICTAPHONE STENOGRAPHY EDIPHONE KEY PUNCH A pproved for V6l61'd77,5 Training ur 'mc' 'ze of we wc 'Je 'rc we 'rr it 'lf if E641 L Dk JL JL JS. JC JL JC. DC JL JL JL C R. H. Strayer's Garage Buy Sale! G Service I NASH Clothes and Save Mt. Wolf, Pa. PHONE MANCHESTER 6-R-21 Az F0011 of North York Hill Compliment! of 1. FRANK REFsE sc soN Jewelers 1012 N. GEORGE ST.-PHONE 37390 TROPHIES - DIAMONDS - WATCHES Complimenii of Union National Bank in Mt. Wolf MT. WOLF, PA. Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. B. F. Crumbling 81 Sons Dealers in GENERAL MERCHANDISE Green Groceries, Provisions and Feed MT. WOLF, PA. HUSSIE BARE Restaurant MT. WOLF, PA. Memiifaelzi1'e1'.t of the W01'ld'5 Finest INSECT SCREEN CLOTH - HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL WIRE CLOTH American Wire Fabrics Corp. Sizbfidimy of Colorado Fuel 8: Iron Co. FARMERS FOR BEST RESULTS-USE jebco Ground Burnt Lime Snowflake Pulverized Limestone fAir Floaredj Maniifezeliifeil by The E. Baker Factory Executive Offices C0111 pany MT. WOLF, PA. NEW YORK, N. Y. MAIN OFFICE -YORK PA. wc 'ar me sc uc. -sc sc -nc ae 'ir we 'rr 'sr - l55l JL L 3 L JL L JL JL JL L JL JL A. H. DIEHL sf sONs Furniture and Floor Coverings A. H. DIEHL 81 SON Distinctive Funeral Service MT. WOLF, PA. "Say it With Flower!" IOHN DAUEER Florist 1705 NORTH GEORGE STREET CLAUD WITMER Sc SON Dealer! in All Kind! of 54 RAW F URS Strinestown, Pa. Eat .... Drink MEET YOUR FRIENDS RAMONA Compliment! of HERSHEY BAKING CO. MCFALIJS Tlae Store for Men 18 N. George St. YORK, PA. GWW One of Pennsy1vania's Finest MCH,S Stores if if if C UC' if 'JC 'it' if 'JF WC 'Sf W JC it C JL JL JL L JL JL JL JL JL SL Compliments of W. E. HARTMAN MANCHESTER SHOE REPAIR I In business over 40 yemur ZEIGLER Compliments of MANBECK BAKING CO. F REED 81 BOWERS INSURANCE AUTO FIRE Notary Public Auto License 829 E. Boundary Ave. York, Pa. EVe1yn's Beauty Shoppe 111 N. Main St. SHAMPOO - FINGER WAVE MANICURE - FACIAL ' PERMANENT WAVING PETE STOUGH BARBER Manchester, Pa. WILLIAM S. KANN Residence, Manchester 14R2 Repesentative METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW YORK Phone 59395 Complimentf of DR. 85 MRS. I GEORGE S. BLYMIRE 1 we wc we ag . ac 'IQ W we 1 at nr wc we DL JL JC JL 54. JL JL JG JL JC. JC. J C A ROYAL TYPEWRITERS WITH Compliments of G. Sc T. CANDY CO. TOUCH CONTROL H. G. BANCROFT 35 S. Duke St. YORK, PA. Y01'k'5 Fine!! Gi I Store , f TEMERSON S Ma A A Q ' A C A Ready to W6d7'ACC65501'i65 ' m r , I 0 f w . 5 S GEORGE 1 ' RK PA, Formerly Nita SIIOP 41 E. MARKET ST. YORK, PA Our 55th Year CLEANERS DYERS NEW WAY DRY CLEANING CO. MAIN OFFICE 8: PLANT 535 W. College Ave. , Phone 6622 3 elezyx ferwee HUMBLE - MUNDIS ' CO., INC. Dim'ibuto1'.I ATLANTIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS DELCO OIL BURNERS I 1526-56 N. GEORGE ST., YORK, PA. Phones 5884-5777 ge sc uc. sr ae sr sc we we sr we sc sq I681 at Jr. at at at ' Qc ar. JL ac. .ac at JL ' it RUTTER BROS. DAIRY Pasteurized Dairy Products Ess-Kay Sweet Cream Butter D-Rich Chocolate Milk NORTH GEoRGE ST. EXT., YORK, PA. I PHONE 2035 Compliments of Warren C. Herrald, M.D. Treva's Beauty Shop TREVA MCCARNEY, Prop. Mt. Wolf, Perma. Seitz Bros. Market BIRDSEYE 'FROZEN Fooos Mt. Wolf, Perma. WOLFGANG'S Shoes and Sporting Goods 1121 N. George Street, North York, Pa. Not a Bank Bat a Good Place to Save Money 56 'il' 'JC WC .JC . 'JC 'K 'Of WC 7C 'IC -,JC Jf JL JC JG JL JL JL -Compliments of Shue'S Self Seryice Store MANCHESTER, PA. C JL DC 'WC JC. JC. L KATHERINE BEECHER BUTTER MINTS Phone 19-R-4 MANCHESTER, PA. Electric Ranges, Washers Kelvinator Refrigerators E. E. Kling Plumbing, Heating and Tinning MANCHESTER, PA. Duro Water Systems Columbian Coal 8: Gas Ranges Complinzents of Dr. 8: Mrs. George Hoerner FUTER BROTHERS The House of Quality Diamonds Distinctive Jewelry and Fine Watches On The Square YORK, PA. Georgeis A Stationery Store 500 S. GEORGE ST., YORK, PA. Phone 7225 BIBLES, GIFTS, CARDS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES Eord Mercury Lincoln Zephyr SALES AND SERVICE Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Power Farm Machinery Beshore 84 Koller MANCHESTER, PA. Official AAA and Keystone Service PHONE 31-R-3 56 'SC' 54' 'N' SL 'Sf 'JC 'JC 50 'lf 'if 'if WC JL JL it ac JC ' :EC JL JL JL JL JL JC 5'- THESE WORDS: - Jittefbug "Vitamin--D" "I-lomogenizedi' wx - may sound. pretty "toney" to you - but when they're put into 'milk they roll up their sleeves and go to work creating extra pep, extra energy, extra health. Drink it regularly. PENSUPREME I-Iomogenized Vitamin-D Milk P. S. -Listen to the 3 Q's Shelve Your Hair Worries and Visit Thelma's Beauty Shoppe 49 S. MAIN ST. MANCHESTER, PA. ROYAL PRESS MANCHESTER, PA. 0 is A if NVQ' , lliiiill' 1 , f' EEFEVER 'EEN 'F"l'5ix X 7525512- '-s ugaiT, A l A few easy lessons will give you that poise and confidence you need. Fox Trot, Waltz, the exotic Latin Rhythms, as Well as Ballet, Tap or Dramatic Art will be surprisingly simple to learn at ZW 0 CALL 7440 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. job commercial Sat. 'til 5 P.M. Pfinfins Pfinfing zo NORTH BEAVER sir. 5: wr 'sc or me 'ac 'ac 'sc ac at ' at JL JL JL JL JC JC. JL JL JL L JL JL J WWW 5 r- , -w X r N - 1 X 1 J., 4 1 O I . ' 4 1 TI' E L N if 5 ' 5 r F' .I 1' . ' W ff' , , n x W 1 , , If u ,I ' 1 .A f ,'. f-41. 5 A 'f c 4 v ,.,.p..1, f x ' w

Suggestions in the Northeastern High School - Les Memoires Yearbook (Manchester, PA) collection:

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