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- -- ..w.--,-- v-5---,-.,f v-....,..---... .... ,H ... .-,, 1 Xjwlk u 1 g Choo S gh E 5 'E Q 3 ii' 2 Op' Dugf ........... ............ W Always And F0rever..Q... N' Moving Up ................ Ns Q The Enforcersi ....... A Knight Time .................. Homeroom Happenings 'Ii-l.'-ESE ARE Ci-ll-XNGING 'TIMES Change is a natural thing, and NHS is no exception. We've made it to the year 1981 with only a few bruises and a lot of change. The administration is always an important aspect. No one could forget Mr. 'lWoody" Coates. Now here's a man who could put fear into even Bigfoot! The coal strike added to his image. Appearing out of the dark corners, the Knight Stalker would pounce on unex- pecting students. Cold Showers The energy crisis especially affected the gym classes. Knowing at the end of the hour a cold shower awaited you made nve day deodorant pads what they are today. The end of the energy crisis brought new conservation measures which we still follow. It all starts in the fall when the heat magi- cally comes on, don't let the temperature of 800 outside throw you. As winter draws near, the air from the register slowly but surely descends to subzero temperatures, turning spitballs into lethal weapons. 2lTheme This years changes are a result of our new administration, Mr. Manning and lVlr. Stephen. With them came maybe the biggest change to hit NHS . . . the Wednesday Special was changed to Thursday! As usual, there is a constant search for an illegal pass. Not only is it easy to break one of the many rules, but this year you can do it colorfully. There is a rainbow of pink, blue, yellow, and white slips that can be tacked on an innocent student. ' Too Much Work It's no fun skipping anymore, there's too much paper work involved. And no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As you walk through the halls a feeling of emptiness sweeps through your body. Won- dering if you've come to school on Saturday, you peek around the corner of a classroom to find 25 students, now get this, quietly study- ing. As the years follow, more changes will be made, some good-some bad, but bear with them because you too will soon graduate. By Susan Browne, editor - ' 'cf fp l 'M " f f- F - 3 Q 1 V S f 1 f 5 M - , ' Sw , I , , I I IFE D MW ? , Powderpujkrs Show H In Annua Av f i ,. L ,fi i ,fl 5 1,'iQ- 5 1. A,'With biting grit and ioads of deter- mination, this mighty hash is just Paula Fisher as she rushes madly down the held praying desperately for a touch- down. B!With a group of followers at his side, Mr. Rawlings takes pride in showing oh his shirt which states his position in three little words, llI'rn the coach," CfAs big senior Sandy Hall attempts to out maneuver the advancing rush of the opposite team, she seems to grip the ball and go, but all efforts look hope less. DlNlicci Townsend hands the ball to Ronda Ozbun as Lynnette Powell gets ready to defend the sophomores as Mr, Stewart watches the groups battle out the game. The Nighty ui'- si, .Ti A Mike Powell, Mandee Adams, Julie Harter, Mike Johnson, Tonya Legear, Tim Nocton, Tom Pearson and Brenda Herrmann smile as the 1980 Home- coming candidates. Bf"Just Another Roadside Band" sent out musical harmony and resounding waves to the audience who came to the 1980 Homecoming Dance in search of a good time. C!Senior Eric Myers seems to be trying out a new dance step with an unknown partner. From the look on his face, he doesn't mind if he does a good job or not! D!With a majority vote of the school, the 1980 Homecoming King and Queen, Mike Powell and Mandee Adams tour before the crowd and reign their senior year. 'S-55 riffs 'J P - ' f . ' f 5 V Rig "- J 9 A ' .. , - ,.v . rx 5 ,Q 1-.cs ,. -ik' Z: J' ..,, -' AY K : 2:55 A-.I ff fy ' kf V .tl v,, s ling 'K K' ex , hw . ,. 'S Weddzngs, Raccoons, And Lyfe Az HS 24 CJ lf'--...,, . Aftlohn Bleill ilefti, and Robert Wil- liams stop to pose with Nlr. Coon who caught our photographer roaming the halls and asked to have his picture taken. B!Both the varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders entertain the crowd with their skit ofa car. From the looks of it, half the car is going the other way. Cfilaptain Keith Webster proves he can smile at the camera and chew Red Fox at the same time, while Doug Gray tries sneaking into the photographer's view. D!Pam Turner and Tony Alexander seal their fates in a mock wedding in mar- riage and family class. Reverend Hawk- ins united the couple as the guests watched. EfThe Damsels perform during half- time at one of our basketball games a routine they made up for contest called l'America". Here, they show perfection and style. NHS Fans Boogie All Night Long FfRandy Adams and Connie lVlalicoat watch the other couples that are danc- ing at the Homecoming to see who's dancing with whom and if they're sup- posed to be. G Candi Vaden and Denver Conway shake-a-leg at the Homecoming Dance From the look on Candi's face, she is totally oblivious to the other couples dancing nearby. H Junior highers at Junior High Fun Night Dance shake their booties and have a good time doing it. Todd lVIcQuiston and Pam Sharp were just two joining the fun. IfJack Ward and Joy Brown decide to join the crowd at the dance and boogie. The dance was just one of the activities held at the Junior High Fun Night. JfLori Mullins takes John lVlcClain on to the dance Hoor as a partner at the Junior High Fun Night Dance even though they seem to be the only ones dancing. Id T raciiiions And New Beginnings Ai NHS , . , H7111 Q .. 'bv' 1.2: A!Santa's helpers, Brenda Herrmann and Liz George prepare to go out and help Santa spread the goodwill that helps any Christmas get oft the ground. BfDuring the Christmas holidays, Mr, Manning took charge of the good cheer department and proceeded to spread it by playing everyones favorite, Santa Claus. C Mr. Burgess and baby Sarah stop what they were doing to smile for the camera. Although Mr. Burgess smiles, Sarah has more important things on her mind. DfAttempting to bring some pep into the faculty basketball game are faculty cheerleaders, Miss Rutkowski, Mrs. Miracle, Mrs. Runnels, and Ms. Cod- dington. 1O!Candids i"""""mu-s E 5 All Things M ysierious And Weird E Shawn Dingwerth takes a mad swing at the birdie in a fast game of badmin- ton. Using his stylish form, the person on the other side had better watch it. F Someone with a weird sense of hu- mor thought it would be funny to drive a hearse to school, It may be a re- minder to our opponents of their unti- mely end, G Bob Stigleman decides it's time to rid the earth of such a terrible evil by putting the stake to Greg lVloore. Now you know what the hearse is really for. -sf' aj! a X, or-" MSA 0 . sag. 1-4 Y 4,5 , s " 1 . -" -, 4,--ah.: .-"",nA 4. Candidsfll XX rjgfrv . M "Q -W A- wg J 3 'img x . 5? f? I, v 5?-Qin Q, v rf' iq J , .1 fi' if u.S"':- M QL .1 u ,-1,1 an .an M. W , 5: Q A ,A ' Candids!13 Maidens Strut For Ist Time In Six Years C The Junior High Maidens perform at the last basketball game to the music "Dallas" played by the band It was the First time in six years that they per formed, D Kevin Harvey looks about getting his hair row knows it's gonna they get ready for the agerief' i' Plays, Parties and Mischief Az ortheaslern High School O O f nf E In the silence of the darkness with only a glimpse of light, Carol Sharp and Jeff Huntington share a tender moment as mother and son in the llGlass lVlen- agerief' F lVlr. Manning joins in on the celebra- tion of Brian Herrmann's 17th birthday! Although all grown up on the outside, lVIr. Manning proves to still be a child at heart, G Traci Biga, Jane Lahmann, Kathy Laswell, and Krista Lewis are trying very hard not to be noticed as they sneak out after an exciting venture through the boys' bathroom. Candids 15 + L 45,55 M 1 , 5' .5 5 "5 n3f '32 -Q f 33 L3 ', M9-wsf' nl' P "5 , D I . ' .1 ., 3 11 t fs ml . 21 . A 1 4053 gr, " " 7 as ' ' ' Z? I . if v Q Isa if :V If H-ff rlnlax K P lit J K ' :na W :IA X 'NN Q ,. if . . 'fi K f I X .'.. ,yi mb!! 'fig Ly, -' t , ' 5-Zv".'1nN.-'1 XA U .lf I3 ,' X, . gy ' Q Q P G, Cf- X .W -, , 3 A, ,4 Q Qin, 'v X. f,' 'I Z ' " - O 5 L .lk Oi X iff. A' ing fx jf , ' ' Q ll" , '1 . X' I F. A 9 . " . ' " ' vi J 1 vw , ,, 'V 1 ,I, .A N veg: I . A .. 0. I N X . 3 I n 2? 4' Q 141'- P 1 H xr wx ws gf!-. 6 .1 :EQ I f i ' A ,Y I Sl ei :Q a W if hx fi R + if 'Q V2 -'v . 3 q Y WE M. , mg I N , ,,,q.,,, .- pgs, z. -'i I--C sm ' 7,73 . Q9 WEN gig? E 5 f 55' '. I-EE 4 Q. ,. -Q, vs.. 3, 11 is W We.. A k QHPQ B ,F S Q in 'X 1 xxx. U I x A Y .I 6.6 l8fCandids v X .I s C N V . E 4 91' th' If Ve E1 X! Jr. High Band, front row, from left, Krissy Hubbell, Kim Hieger, Rachel Devito, Pam Sharp, Mechelle Creviston, Julie Brown. 2nd row, Jeannie Minniear, Janet Williamson, Angela Brown, Suzy Zepernick, Shari Stemple, Barbi Bowmer, Connie Earl, Relinda Myers, Kari Strobel, April Mullins, Laura Redmyer. 3rd row, Rachel Sheeley, Janet Rogers Jill Wilson, Kevin Nocton, Dewayne Parks, Kevin Land David Mullins Robert Rhoads, Mike Toschlog, Bob Peach. 4th row, Betsy Williams, Carolyn Rogers, Fred Morgan, Donald Baker, Mike Roth, David Schuerman, Brian Connor, Steve Tye. H - s L ' - .. K 414 Would You Buy A Used Car From These Guys? AfJoe Butler and Randy Boswell, of the B8tB Car Sales Service, advertise their buy of the century, a half built 1949 Jeep. B!7th grade class president Layshaa Ward and Tim Malloris join in the fun at their class party. CfThe 7th grade class party was held at The Skate where David Harris and Sky x 2 Epperson try and learn howto skate. LEARNERS F LOOB N. J Candidsflf? f jf g X X ,f X X f fx M , I Qi 421 ff lf? ifff . :'g,X5 E ,,'. is ' G f 1-K: T ' 3 l fwv , ', SX S X X M A . . Y 3' Q I all 'V A fx. W mg 3 5 T H- "' , .5 551- I 1 .f .- .lf x 4 X , ! . 2 un .J KH '4 . x ' m v,.,.i 1 X- 1' A Sophomore Lisa Creviston is one of the ofticials at the 7th grade field day helping Miss Bader, the sponsor. B lVlrs. Nancy Tash displays her "Siam- ese bananas" to the teachers of the Fifth hour prep. CfTim Toschlog hands over the reigns as president of FFA to Darren Lacey during the FFA Banquet in lVlay. DfFive 7th grade boys are really hang' ing on in the tug-of-war contest. They are from left, David Spencer, Steve Reece, Shawn Thomas, Darrell Culbert- son and Kenny lVlartin. E lVlrs. Donna Litton, substitute for lVlr. Jim Bussell, takes part in another fifth hour production, a party honoring Jim. Photos and a tape of the gathering were sent to him in the hospital. F Tim lVlalloris catches an egg at the 7th grade Field day in one ofthe many events. Do you suppose it broke? GfSenior Nlandee Adams is chosen Chapter Sweetheart at the FFA Ban- quet in Nlay. Tom Hill is honored to present the award. Candidsf23 FOR YOUR UIVIEIVIORABLE IVIOIVI ENTS" WE'RE READY WITH THE COLORS YOU WANT AND THE SIZES YOU NEED FOR YOUR PROIVI OR WEDDING IVIISTER PENGUIN FORMAL WEAR RENTAL 600 PROIVIENADE PHONE 966-5981 HTHE SIGN OF QUALITY" COMFORT COMPUTERS 0 P 377 935 1865 Qsmmmnny SHEET METAL mc. WESTSIDE STANDARD HEATING AIR coNDmoNlNG 'B0315'33f5f'H5clAfJf5T CONPLVTE Aura: Fzspmn noorme sPounNG 1320 SOUTH 9TH ST. P.0. BOX 1202 Ads RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 PHONE 962-4440 KEN'S INTERSTATE SHELL TL. I I l l l !,Z,.-ff 5890 NATIONAL ROAD EAST RICHIVIOND IN ouxu.rnr rooos GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER 4418 EAST IVIAIN ST. RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 TOIVI BROOKBANK CHEVROLET 5500 NATIONAL ROAD EAST RICHIVIOND IN realty: Al Dillon V P A Graduate of Your School District Williamsburg specializing in the Northeastern District For your Real Estate Needs Stop By or Call 2300 Chester Blvd. Richmond, IN 47374 Olice 966-3591 Res. 962-2200 CIRCLE A AMERICA I ER SHOP HAIR PIECES-HAIR STYLING FRAlVlE'S LYNNWOOD BARBER SHOP 122 NORTHWEST 5TH JW! A K' VIZZA KING 111.1 Ck., SJINIXXILIILS Spuilultn 329 I nsugnu Sahuls 966 1541 962 1591 8: JY fllf ,,.LiEf,1f.f7if,wg f w..f '. f V7., iv Mg, BU R M' IJIQPI. 118 ll'-191. 4, .h- Q 1, ' ' .1 .1 lf 7 East Mgin St. 1224 NW. 5th St. 26!Ads INDIANA UNIVERSITY EAST 2325 CHESTER BLVD. RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 PHONE 962-8261 AD COURTESY OF I. U. EAST FOUNDATION ASTQSATE LECTIQIG SUPPLZ IIC. STAIVI PER'S AUTO SERVICE . Q 4 Q .K si N 3 - 3 911, " 5. ? 49 F? I, xifij, q.,A ll ' 'MP ' ., , 4, 1'..Q,f 4 api. jg! 'J' Q - 1 U.S. 27 84 IVIAIN PHONE 847-5303 Ad 27 SERVICE mum ssnvlce ssaasseiuig JOH N COLLETT 47374 RES PHONE 317 966 2320 BUS PHONE 317 966 7702 DO RI-IVI E BOWLING LAN ES 3919 NATIONAL ROAD WEST RICHIVIOND, IN. PHONE 962-3201 :,, CONGRATU LATION S CLASS OF '81' ' 4 R ' X " " - I It WZ . INSULATION PH 847 - 2349 SEE PETRY PLUMBING FOR YOUR HEATING, ELECTRICAL AND INSULATION NEEDS. ,-.-T- PETRY PLUMBIN A HEATING 8. ELECTRIC IVIPLIIVIENTS OF C0 NAYNE DAIRY N SINCE 1921 f Qwfly- 715: Phone r 317-935-7521 I3eeT?RaEggii1Smg time Huse folks love' nur milk! CHESTER BLVD. C - lmuuu+u'IIIIl.l,li1Fg-f . , . -1 . .U ll I, ,X -" - ar rc. rfpll 1..- N I iM5l1W?il!IIllIlllilllllillmjugygiMlyfgIv.. gm' I ' . I. IIW-'Li I5 Sf"'f-W oo Q . gl' tg' IIN ,I Q , I tux" L59O NW. 11TH STREET RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 SCHVVINN CYCLERY 1607 CHESTER BLVD RICHM N 1 O D, N. SERVICE FOR ALL IVIAKES PHONE 966-6882 SENIOKS Always And Forever gf' 5 Ai . " "WX i'g'f':: Q! 'N' K Senior Class Takes Trgo To Kings Island Senior Class Officers, front row, from left, Angela Kreiner, treas., Tonya Legear, sec. Second row, Doug Oler, rep., Jim Wills, pres., Mike Johnson, vice-pres. What does it mean to be a senior? Does it mean that you have crossed all of the hurdles? No, you're just beginning the race. Some feel this is their big es- cape-escape from parents, teachers, etc. While others see it as a challenge-taking on the world one on one. However, we each see it differently. When Nlay 24 is over, we'll all go our separate ways, but the memories and good times we've shared through the years will forever be with us. Janie Blank-Sr. Class Editor 'ii lVlANDEE ADAMS-Spanish Club, 15 Honor Society, 2,3, re- I, 35 Journalism II, 45 Cadet Teacher, 35 9th Grade Cheer- leader5 Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 25 Homecoming Queen, 4. JINI APSLEY-Chess Club, 25 Journalism I, 35 Jr. Varsity Base Mandee Adams Jim A psley Kevin Baker ball, 15 Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4. KEVIN BAKER-Jr. Achievement 35 Band, 1,2,3,45 Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1. H, 1-25 Band, 1,25 Choir, 354. porter 45 Band, 1,2,3, vice-pres 45 Student Council, 35 Journalism 25 Varsity Cheerleader, 3,45 Gym nastics, 15 Powder Puff Football RICK BERRYMDrama Club, 35 4 Rick Berry Janie Blank John Bond JANIE BLUNK-Spanish Club, 2, pres. 35 H.O.T. Club, vice-pres. 45 Home Ec. Club, 35 Journalism I, 35 Journalism II, 3,45 Class Offi- cer, sec, 35 9th Grade Cheer- leader5 Powder Puff Football, 3. JOHN BOND-FFA, 1,25 Band, 1,25 Choir, 1,2,3,45 Journalism I, 3. Seniorsf31 Browne Makes All-Conference In Volleyball RANDY BOSWELL-Journalism I, 3. JEFF BOYD-Drama Club, 1,2,3,45 Thespian Society, 2,3,45 Swing Choir, 3,45 Choir, 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 CFC, 35 Cadet Teacher, 4. DAVID BRAWLEY LIBBY BRIlVlAFrench Club, 1,2,35 CFC, 15 Powder Puff Foot- ball, 3. JOHN BROOKS-Varsity Club, 2,3,45 Student Council, 35 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 Class Ofhcer, 25 Cross Country, 1,2,3,45 Varsity Wrestling, 2,3,45 Track, 1,2. SUSAN BROWNE-French Club, 1,25 Library Club, 1,25 Home Ec. Club, 1,25 Art Club, 1,25 Honor Society, 2,3, Pres, 45 4-H, 15 Choir, 1,25 Journalism I, 3 editor5 Journalism II, 4 editor5 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 GAA, 15 Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 1,25 Varsity Volleyball, 3,45 Girls Jr. Varsity Basketball, 1,25 Girls Varsity Basketball, 3,45 Girls Varsity Tennis, 3,45 Powder Puff Football, 25 Hoosier Girls State Alternate, 3. ROBIN BUNGERfFrench Club, 1: H.O.T. Club, 45 Home Ec. Club, 25 Jr. Achievement, 3,4. JOE BUTLER-Library Club, 1,25 FFA, 1,25 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 Varsity Football, 35 Track, 15 Jr. Varsity Wrestling, 15 Varsity Wrestling, 2,3, DON BYRD-Spanish Club, 25 Li- brary Club, 35 Choir, 45 Cadet Teacher, 3. 32fSenlors Qt s VP? Randy Boswell Jef Boyd David Brawley Libby Brim John Brooks Susan Browne , ' 5- 1 mal '. Rgbin Bunger Joe Butler DOF! Byrd Terri Byrkett Jane Campbell Jordana Cheing TERRI BYRKETTfFrench Club, 1,25 Home Ec. Club, 15 Art Club 1, pres. 25 Journalism I, 35 Jour- nalism II, 3,45 Cadet Teacher, 35 GAA, 15 Powder Puff Football, 2. 1 JANE CAIVIPBELL-French Club 1,2,3,45 Home Ec. Club, 35 4-H, 1,2, vice-pres. 3,45 Art Club, sec. 2, vice-pres. 3,45 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 GAA, 1,25 Girls Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 1,25 Girls Jr. Varsity Basketball, 1,25 Girls Track, 25 Powder Puff Football, 2,3,45 Ju- nior Leaders, 3,4. 1 120 Receive Diolomasg 38 M id-Term Grads Jan Clements Rick Coates Kristi Cope in Sherri Coyle Jay Crowe Shelley Crowe JORDANA CHEING-French Club, 45 Spanish Club, 45 Drama Club, 35 Gymnastics, mgr. 45 Girls Varsity Basketball, mgr. 45 Girls Track, mgr. 45 Powder Puff Football, 4. JAN CLENIENTS-Journalism I, 35 Journalism II, 4. RICK COATES-Jr. Varsity Wres- tling, 1,25 Varsity Wrestling, 3,4. KRISTI COPE-Spanish Club, 15 Home Ec. Club, 1,25 Journalism I, 35 Cadet Teacher, 3,4. SHERRI COYLE-H.O.T. Club, sec. 45 Jr. Achievement, 25 CFC, 15 Journalism I, 35 Cadet Teacher, 35 Class Oflicer, reporter 35 Powder Puff Football, 2. JAY CROWE-Art Club, vice-pres. 45 Karate Club, 1, SHELLEY CROWE-French Club, 35 Karate Club, 15 Journalism I, 35 Cadet Teacher, 35 Girls Jr. Varsity Basketball, 1. Seniorsf33 Doug Olerg Bob Stigleman, All-Conference In DEBBIE REYNOLDS DEAN f--- Spanish Club, 2,3, Home Ec. Club, 3, Art Club, 2,3, Drama Club, 2,3, Cadet Teacher, 4, GAA, 1,2,3,4, Jr, Varsity Volleyball, 2, Varsity Volleyball, 3,4, Girls Track, ' I' PAM ELMORE, French Club' Debbze Reynolds Pam Elmo e 2,3, Disco Club, 2, Audio Visual, Dean 4, 4-H, 1, Journalism I, 3, Jour- nalism II, 4. BRENDA ENGLE French Club, 1,2, Home Ec. Club, 1, Art Club, 1,2, Cadet Teacher, 3, GAA, 1. GREG FINLEY'--Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Class Officer, 1, Track, 1,2,3,4, 9th Grade Bas- ketball, Boys Jr. Varsity Basket- ball, 1, Varsity Basketball, 1,2,3,4. KIM FISHER -Spanish Club, 1,2 Disco Club, 3, Home Ec. Club 3, Karate Club, 3, 4-H, 1,2, Jour- nalism I, 3, Journalism II, 3, Ca- det Teacher, 3,4, Girls Track, 2, Powder Puff Football, 2,3,4, . I ' Greg Fznley Kzm Fisher ALBERT FULLERTON-Drama Club, 3,4, Karate Club, 1, Choir, 2,3,4, Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3, Class Officer, pres. 3. IVIARJORIE GIBBONS-Band, 1,2,3,4, Choir, 3,4, Swing Choir, SANDY HALL DUDLEY HAlVllVleChess Club, 3,4, FCA, 4, FFA, 1,2,3,4, CFC, 4, Special Olympics, 3, Cross Country, 4, Track, 1,4, Jr. Varsity Wrestling, 1,2, Varsity Wrestling, Majorie Gibbons Sandy Hall 34fSeniors F oolball Brenda Engle A lberl Fullerton Dudley Hamm Julie Harter Laura Hawkins Brenda Herrmann JULIE HARTER-Spanish Club, 1, Library Club, 1,2,3, Drama Club, 3,4, CFC, 1, reporter 2, vice-pres. 3, pres. 4, Student Council, sec. 4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, 9th Grade Cheerleader, Powder Puli' Football, 4. LAURA HAWKINS-French Club, 2, Spanish Club, 1, Student Council, 1, Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, 9th Grade Cheer- leader, Jr, Varsity Cheerleader, 3, Varsity Cheerleader, 4, Pow- der Puff Football, 2. BRENDA HERRMANN-French Club, 1,2,3, Disco Club, 2, H.O.T. Club, pres. 4, Home Ec. Club, treas. 3, Honor Society, 3,4, 4-H, 1, vice-pres. 2, pres. 3 and 4, Good Citizen Award Received B Herrmann NY OCX V Mike Herron Tom H ill Kelley Hurd Doug Jay Lora Himelick Carobfn Johnson Damsels, 2,3, capt. 4, Student Council, 2,3, treas. 4, Cadet Teacher, 3, Class Ofiicer, treas. 3, GAA, 1, Powder Puff Football, 2,3,4, Junior Leaders, 2,3, pres. 4, Hoosier Girls State, 4, Matt Maid, 4. MIKE HERRON-French Club, 2, Library Club, 2,3, Varsity Club, 2,3,4, Audio Visual, 4, Model Legislature, 4, Journalism I, 3, Journalism ll, 3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Jr. Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1, Varsity Baseball, 3,4, Track, 2, 9th Grade Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, 2. TOM HILL-FFA, 1,2,3,4, 4-H, 1,2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3, Jr. Varsity Football, 1,2, Varsity Football, 2,4, 9th Grade Basket- ball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, 2. LORA HIMELICK-French Club, 1,2,3,4, Disco Club, 1, 4-H, 1,2,4, Cadet Teacher, 3, GAA, 1. KELLEY HURD-French Club, 1,2, pres. 3,4, Disco Club, vice- pres. 1, Home Ec. Club, vice- pres. 3, Art Club, pres. 3,4, 4-H, 1, reporter 2,3,4, Band, 1, Choir, 2,4, Student Council, 1,2,4, Ca- det Teacher, 3, GAA , 1, Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 1,2, Badmin- ton, 1, Girls Jr. Varsity Basket- ball, 1,2, Girls Varsity Basketball, mgr. 4, Girls Track, 1,2,3,4, Powder Puff Football, 2,3,4, IVlatt Maid, 4. DOUG JAY-FFA, 1,2, reporter 3, Cross Country, 1,2,3,4, Track, 1,2,3, Varsity Wrestling, 3. CAROLYN JOHNSON-Disco Club, 1. Seniorsf35 N ocion, York VWn Sectional In Wrestling Caught in the act at the 'lStarlight Dance" Eric Myers and Eric Ward dem- onstrate the power of a senior, as by- standers look on in awe CAROL RAYBORN JOHNSON- Spanish Club, 1, Disco Club, 2, Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3, Girls Varsity Tennis, 3, Powder Puff Football, 2,3 MIKE JOHNSON-lst Degree Black Belt-Tae Kwon Do. JERRY J0NESWVarsity Club, 2,3,FFA,1,2,3,4-H,1,2,3,4,Ca- det Teacher, 4, Jr. Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Track, 1,2, Varsity Wrestling, 1,2,3,4. GLEN KING-Jr. Achievement, 1,2, Journalism I, 4, Jr. Varsity Wrestling, 1,2. LISA KIRTLEY-Home EC. Club, 3, Drama Club, 1,2,3,4, Thespian Society, 3,4, Honor Society, 2,3, SEC.4,4-H,2,3,4,Bar1d,1,2,3,4j Powder Puff Football, 3, Nlatt lVlaid, 2,3. SUSAN KLOSTERNIAN-French Club, 1,2,4, Audio Visual, 4, Stu- dent Council, 2, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, GAA, 1,2, Varsity Volleyball, 4, Girls Varsity Tennis, 3,4, Girls Track, 1, Powder Puff Football, 2,3, Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 1,2. 36fSeniors 9- 5 i. ,I Carol Rayborn Mike Johnson Jerry Jones Johnson Glen King Lisa K irtley Susan K losterman Angela Kreiner Tonya Legear Rank Marshall Legearg Johnson And Oler Inducted In Honor Sociegf J oe Ladd Marla Limbrey Bobby Martin Sonya Land Tony Lon g Traci Mercer ANGELA KREINER--Drama Club, 1, Band, 1, Cadet Teacher 3,4, Class Officer, treas. 4, Gym- nastics, 2, Powder Puff Football 3,4, JOE LADD- Library Club, 1,2,3,4, Chess Club, 1,2,3,4, Varsity Club, 3,4, Model Legisla- ture, 2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 4, Cross Country, 1,2,3, Track, 1,2,3,4, 9th Grade Basketball. SONYA LAND-Home Ec. Club, 2, Jr. Achievement, 1,2,3, Choir, 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir, 4, CFC, 1,2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3. TONYA LEGEAR-French Club, 2, sec. 3, Disco Club, sec. 2, Li- brary Club, 1,2, Home Ec. Club, 3, Art Club, 3,4, Varsity Club, 2,3,4, 4-H, sec. 1, vice-pres. 2,3,4, Choir, 2, Damsels, 1, Ca- det Teacher, 3, Class Officer, pres, 2, sec. 4, Jr. Varsity Cheer- leader, 2, Varsity Cheerleader, 3,4, Gymnastics, 1,2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 2, Powder Puff Football, 2,3. lVlARLA LllVlBREY-French Club 2, treas. 3,4, Disco Club, 2, Home Ec, Club, 3, Art Club, sec. 3,4, Band, 1,2, Choir, 2, Cadet Teacher, 4, Girls Track, 2,3, Powder Puff Football, 2,3,4. TONY LONG-Journalism I, 3, Jr Varsity Tennis, 2,3. RANK MARSHALL-Spanish Club, 1, Chess Club, 1,2,3,4, Jr. Achievement, 1, Choir 1,2,3,4, Cross Country, 1. BOBBY MARTIN-Karate Club, 2, Journalism 1, 3, Track, 3. TRACI MERCER-Spanish Club 2, Damsels, 2,3, Capt. 4, Jour- nalism I, 3, Journalism II, 4, Ca- det Teacher, 3,4, GAA, 1, Gym- nastics, 1, Powder Puff Football 2. Seniors!37 1 1 BECKY MEYER-French Club, 15 H.O.T. Club, treas. 45 FFA, treas. 2,35 Sec. 45 4-H, 1,2, sec. 3,45 Journalism I, 35 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 Class Oflicer, sec. 25 Gym- nastics, 15 Powder Puff Football 2,3,45 Matt Maid, 45 Band, 1. TIM MEYER-French Club, 3,45 Spanish Club, 25 Science Club, 2 vice-pres. 35 Varsity Club, 2,3,45 4-H, 2,3,45 Model Legislature, 45 Cross Country, 15 Jr. Varsity Football, 15 Varsity Football, 2,3,45 Track, 15 9th Grade Bas- ketball5 Jr. Varsity Basketball, 25 Varsity Basketball, 3,4. Becky Meyer Tim Meyer Fay Moore Senior Class Sponsors All-School Dance FAY MOORE-Library Club, 15 H.O.T. Club, 45 Home Ec. Club, 15 CFC, 1,25 Journalism I, 35 Jour- nalism II, 45 Cadet Teacher, 3,45 Special Olympics, 1,2,3,4. GREG MOORE-Varsity Club, 3,45 Cadet Teacher, 45 Jr. Varsity Football, 15 Varsity Football, 45 Jr. Varsity Baseball, 15 Varsity Baseball, 15 Golf, 2,3,45 9th Grade BasketbalI5 Jr. Varsity Basketball, 25 Varsity Basketball, 3,4. THERESA MORGAN-Disco Club, 15 Chess Club, 1,25 H.O.T. Club, 45 Home Ec. Club, 25 Choir, 15 Journalism I, 3. SCOTT MURRAY-Library Club, 25 4-H, 1,25 Model Legislature, 45 Journalism I, 35 Journalism II, 45 Cadet Teacher 45 Cross Coun- try, 15 Track, 1,2,3,4. ERIC MYERS-Disco Club, 25 Li- brary Club, 1,25 Chess Club, 2,3,45 Science Club, 25 Drama Club, 1,2,3,45 Railroad Club, 25 FCA, 2,3,45 FFA, 1,2,3,45 4-H, 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Choir, 1,2,3,45 Stage Band, 2,3,45 CFC, 2,3,45 Cadet Teacher, 45 Jr. Varsity Tennis, 2,35 Jr. Varsity Football, 15 Varsity Football, 45 Varsity Basketball, mgr. 3. SID NEWBOLD-Drama Club, 1,25 Band, 1,2,3,45 Choir, 1,2,3,4 Swing Choir, 45 Cadet Teacher, 3,4. ARLINE NICHOLS-Journalism I 3. 38!Seniors 1 1 Greg Moore Theresa Morgan "fx Scott Murray Eric Myers Sid Newbold Arline Nichols Practice Takes Pearson To A Il- C orzferenee Tim N octon Lisa N ufio Doug Oler Lisa Oler Neil Pardo Tom Pearson Ann Phehs Suspense written all over her face, Sen- ior Tonya Legear waits for that Final buzzer to go off to declare a victory for the Knights, TIM NOCTONfSpanish Club, 2, 4-H, l,2,3,4, Band, 1,2,3,4, Stage Band, 3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Model Legislature, 4, Cadet Teacher, 3, Class Officer, vice-pres. 2, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Varsity Wrestling, 1,2,3,4. LISA NUFRIO-French Club, 1,2, Library Club, 1,2, Model Legisla- ture, 4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Pow- der Puff Football, 3,4. DOUG OLER-Spanish Club, 1, Library Club, 1,2, Chess Club, 2, Science Club, pres, 4, Model Legislature, 2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Class Oflicer, rep. 4, Jr. Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 3,4, Varsity Wrestling, 4. LISA OLER-Disco Club, 1,2, Li- brary Club, 1, Chess Club, 1,2,3, sec. 4, H.O.T. Club, 4, Home Ec. Club, 1, FFA, 1,2,3,4, Girls Track, 1,3, Powder Puft Football 2. 1 NEIL PARDO-Audio Visual, 3, 4-H, 1,2, Cadet Teacher, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2. TOM PEARS0N4French Club, 2- Chess Club, 3, FCA, 2, Journal- ism I, 3, Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1, Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, 9th Grade Basketball, Jr, Varsity Basketball, 2,3, Varsity Basket- ball, 3,4. 1 ANN PHELPS--Library Club, 2, Honor Society, 2,3, treas. 4, 4-H, 3,4, Band, 1,2, CFC, 3,4, Powder Puff Football, 4. Seniors!39 CHERYL POND-Library Club, 1,2,3, Honor Society, 2,3, vice- pres. 4, Band, 1,2, drum major 3, Choir, 1,2,3, Swing Choir, 4, Stage Band, 1,2,3, Student Council, 2,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Hoosier Girls State, 4. MIKE POWELL- French Club, 3,4, Library Club, 3, Chess Club 1, FCA, 1, Audio Visual, 3, FFA 2, Model Legislature, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Jr. Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Track, 1,2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Wres- tling, 2, Varsity Wrestling, 3,4, Homecoming King, 4. 1 1 kiivi RADEORD--Home Ec, Club, Cheryl Pond Mike Powell Kim Radford 2, Journalism 1, 3, STEVE REDNIYER-French Club, 3, Spanish Club, 1,2, Chess Club, 1,2,3, Band, 1. KELLY REUTER-Disco Club, 2, Choir, 1,2,3,4, Swing Choir, 4, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 3,4, Girls Varsity Tennis, 3,4, Powder Puff Football, 2,3. LARRY RILEY-French Club, 2,3,4, Library Club, 3, Science Club, 2, Varsity Club, 1,2,3, FCA, 1, Student Council, 3,4, Model Legislature, 2,3,4, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Cross Country, 1,2,3,4, Track, 1,2,3,4, 9th Grade Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basket- ball, 2,3, Varsity Basketball, 3,4, SHIRLEY ROBBINS RICK ROSS-Library Club, 1,2,3, FFA, 1,2,3, 4-H, 1,2,3,4, Jour- nalism I, 3, Journalism II, 4, Ca- det Teacher, 3,4, Jr. Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1, Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, 9th Grade Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, 2. JIM RUSSELL-French Club, 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club, 3, Science Club, 1, Drama Club, 1,2,3,4, Thespian Society, 2,3,4, Karate Club, 1, Railroad Club, 1, Band, 1,2,3,4, Choir, 1, Stage Band, 1,2,3,4, Model Legislature, 2,3,4, Varsity Baseball, mgr, 3, Golf, 1, Jr. Varsity Tennis, 1, Jr. Varsity Basketball, mgr. 3, Varsity Bas- ketball, mgr. 1, Knight People, 1. 40!Seniors Riley: Honorable Mention In All-Slate Cross Country Steve Redmyer Kelly Reuter A.. 9 at H s, , is '4 Shirley Robbins Rick Ross Larry Riley Jim Russell Deanna, Sarah, Rich, Rod Schweizer Tracey Shock McDermiIt 129+ Daryl Smith Bob Stigleman Kim Snapp Deanna Terhaar om Win Kim Shackney Alan S tamper , 'F' ' ' . A tr- if P If ,, . b at ff Kim Terhaar Dairy Inv. ROD SCHWEIZER-Railroad Club, lg FCA, 35 FFA, 1,2,3,4g CFC, 1,2,3,4, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 45 Jr, Varsity Football, 21 Varsity Football, 2, Jr. Varsity Tennis, 3, Varsity Basketball, mgr. 3. TRACEY SHOCK lVlcDERlVllTT- French Club, 2, Spanish Club, 15 Audio Visual, 3, Student Council 1, Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 3, 9th Grade Cheer- leader, Jr, Varsity Cheerleader, 25 Powder Puff Football, 2. Kllvl SHOCKNEY-H.O.T. Club, 4 Home Ec, Club, 2, Jr. Achieve- ment, 4. DARYL SMITH KIIVI SNAPP-FFA, 1,2,3,4g Ca- det Teacher, 4, Jr. Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Track, 1,2,3,4. ALAN STANI PER BOB STIGLEIVIAN--French Club, 2,3,4g FCA, 2, Student Council, lg Cadet Teacher, 4, Jr. Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 45 Track, 1,2,3,4g 9th Grade Basket ballg Varsity Basketball, 2,3,4. DEANNA TERHAAR-FFA, 2,3, treas. 4, 4-H, 1, sec. 2, pres. 3,4 KIM TERHAAR-Art Club, 1,2, 4 H, 1,2, Cadet Teacher, 3. Seniors!41 FFA Hoosier Farmer Degree Won B HEATHER THOMAS-French Club, 2,3, Art Club, 2, sec. 4, Honor Society, 2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3, Powder Puff Foot- ball, 2,3,4, Matt Maid, 2,3. TIM TOSCHLOG-Library Club, 2, FFA, 1,2,3, pres. 4, 4-H, 1,2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Varsity Foot- ball, 4. RICH TOWNSEND-FCA, 1,2, FFA, 2, rep. 3, vice-pres. 4, 4-H, 1,2,3,4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1,2, Varsity Baseball, 2, Varsity Basketball, mgr. 1,2, Jr. Leaders, 1,2,3,4. KRISTY TRIM BLE-Spanish Club, 2, Library Club, 1, Damsels, 2,3, CFC, 1, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 4, Cadet Teacher, 3,4, Class Officer, vice-pres. 3. RUSTY URICH-Railroad Club, 1, Band, 1,2,3,4, Stage Band, 3,4, Model Legislature, 4, Cadet Teacher, 4, Jr. Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 2,3,4, 9th Grade Basketball, Jr. Varsity Basketball, 2, Varsity Basketball, 4. CANDI VADEN-Karate Club, 1, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 4, Gymnastics, 2. CINDY WADSWORTH-Disco Club, 2, Karate Club, 3, Powder Puff Football, 2,3. ERIC WARD-Drama Club, 2, Audio Visual, 4, Jr. Achievement, 3,4, Band, 1,2,3,4, Stage Band, 1,2,3,4, Drum Major, 2,3,4, Model Legislature, 4, Journalism I, 4, Jr, Varsity Football, 1, Track, 2,3. ROD WEBB-Chess Club, 1,4, Railroad Club, 2, Audio Visual, 4, Jr. Achievement, 1, Journalism I, 3, Journalism II, 4, Golf, 2,3, Varsity Basketball, mgr. 4. 42fSeniors Heather Thomas Kristy Trimble Cindy Wadsworth Tim Toschlog Rusty U rich Eric Ward Sarah, Rich Rich Townsend Candi Vaden ,V Rod Webb RICK WESLER-Jr. Achieve- ment, 2, Journalism I, 4, Jour- nalism II, 4, Cadet Teacher, 4. SARAH WILLIAMSON-French Club, 2, Audio Visual, 3, FFA, 1,2,3, rep. 4, 4-H, 1,2,3, vice- pres. 4, Student Council, 1, Journalism I, 3, Cadet Teacher, 4, Girls Jr. Varsity Basketball, 2, Girls Varsity Basketball, 4, Pow- der Puff Football, 2,4. Rick Wesler Sarah Williamson Jim Wills ,IM W,LLS,F,e,,,,, CM, 3 ,I Science Club, 2,4, FCA, 4, Cadet Teacher, 3, Class OHTCEY, treas, 2, pres. 4, Cross Country, 1. JINI WINTERS ROD YORKvlVlodel Legislature, 4, Journalism l, 4, Jr. Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 3,4, Jr. Varsity Baseball, 1,2, Varsity Baseball, 2,3,4, Jr. Varsity Wres- tling, 1, Varsity Wrestling, 2,3,4 JOE ZURWELL-Audio Visual, 4, Cadet Teacher, 4. Jim Winters Rod York Joe Zurwell Senior Athletes, front row, from left, Jim Russell, Eric Ward, Joe Zurwell, Jim Apsley, Greg Finley, John Brooks, Rick Coates. Second row, Rusty Urich, Rod York, Bobby lVlartin, Bob Dillman, Scott lvlurray, Kim Snapp, Eric Niyers, Joe Ladd. Third row, Kelley Hurd, Tonya Legear, Sarah Williamson, Alan Stamper, Susan Klosterman, Doug Oler, Susan Browne, Doug Jay. Fourth row, Kelly Reuter, Jerry Jones, Tim Tosch- log, Mike Herron, Tom Hill, Rick Ross, IVIike Powell, Tim Nocton. Fifth Row, Tom Pearson, Tim lVleyer, Greg lVloore, Bob Stigleman. Seniors!43 X. The Memory Is Ours T0 Share . . . XS' ,V cv 4, an N Zvi: Commencement I2 Years Fmalbf Pay jf A'New beginnings . . . One month old son of Neil Pardo shares the joy of graduation with his father. B 'Far away from the excitement of graduation, Doug Oler reminisces over the past twelve years spent at NHS. C Eric Myers and Rick Wesler joyfully embrace as they realize that their high school days have ended, D In just a matter of seconds we go from high school seniors to adults. Fay and Greg Moore take the big step as they change their tassles over. E "This is it!" says Mandee Adams, as she and Mary Brooks walk through the archway, and on to the paths to their futures, F 'While others around him are teary- eyed, Joe Butler clowns around, appar- ently trying to cheer everyone else up a bit. G Tonya Legear, overcome with joy, as well as sadness, must finally realize the true meaning of graduation. H Far off in a gym corner, away from the confusion ofthe reception, Jim Wills and Tim Meyer talk over the good times of growing up together, having no regrets. I llHurry and get it over with!" seems to he what these seniors are saying as they anxiously await the moment they will hnally receive their diplomasfthe reward for twelve years of hard work. Seniorsl45 - 'f WY? -5,---.-.. 4-D ,S . ff, A - , . ,ff f 3 V ii' ,, , , P . W1 4' 28-V 46fSeniors w' !W"Y' ALB UM Moving Up Drwing and Dreaming, Is Prom Theme 1'Drifting and Dreaming," theme of the junior's 1981 prom was their major activity. It was the first prom in recent years to be held at the school. Juniors helped hnance the prom by selling more magazine sub- scriptions than any other class. Juniors were the largest class at Northeastern with 151 members. Michelle Abrams Tony Alexander Anita Ankrom Alice Baker Beth Barker -4. Dana Barker Junior class officers, from left, hrst row, Denise McDaniel, Reporterg Sherri Tudor Secretaryg Tammy Hill, Treasurer. Second row, Peter Frame, Presidentg Mike Camp bell, Vice-President. . -. V wg 4 J ' :Life . , , rw, . Q' P M ,, 1- David Bartram Mike Benge Pat Benner Sherri Berry Tara Biga - Dale Blunk Lunetta Bockhofer Mike Bossert Vicky Branson Dennis Brown Joy Brown Jimmy Bunger 'L 2- Anthony Burdette A Michael Campbell Mike Campbell Pam Carlton - Karen Catey A 1. A i as .I Kyle Chapman ...- r' Renee Clark Barb Coddington ' K " Belinda conee ' Q"' , , A T Julie Collett 'Jae 1,1-, ' ' Kim Cope - Mike Cosgrove A ' ' 7 197,-f 48!11th Grade l xi 13 Marty Coyle James Cramer Beth Creviston Cathy Cross Mike Cummings Frankie Day Ernie Eggers Steve Ellison Kim Elmore Tom Emigh Debbie Fisher Dee Dee Fisher Peter Frame Brenda Fuchs Rick Gabbard Liz George Tammy George Cristal Graves Elizabeth Guard Helen Hamm Damita Hawkins Dan Heighway Brian Herrmann Darla Herron Vonda Hersey Linda Hieger Tammy Hill Louis Hubble Jeff Huntington Sam Hyre Julie Jackson Mark Jennings Doug Johnson Jeff Kaucher Brian Kaufman Dave Keller Greg Kirkman Darren Lacey Tom Ladd Pat Lahmann Nan Langley Mike Lipscomb Lisa Little John Longnecker Tim Longfellow Shari Lovins Tommy Lyons Julie Madelans 5' s -Q X1 r 19 U .- llth Grade!49 Junior Damita Hawkins of the varsity cheerleaders shows interest as well as spirit at one of the home games Julie Malloris Beverly Marcum Rome Marshall Bill Martin Rob Martin Ronnie Martin Steve Martin Kenny Mayberry Linda Mayberry Teresa McClatchie Denise McDaniel Jean McGough Earl Miller David Mink Cindy Minniear Lori Mullins Londa Murphy Tom Murray Lisa Musselman Cindy Newton Sandy Nichols Sue Nichols Eric Nicholson Gary Nunn Ronnie Oler Pat Palmeri Sandi Parrett Diane Peach Terry Phenis Kelly Philpott 5O!11th Grade Jerry Pickering George Powell Lisa Railsback Michelle Ramey Joannie Reynolds Mark Robbins Rocky Roberts Dana Rodgers Terry Rogers John Russell Sharon Schilling Tammy Seal Laurie Sheets Willard Shilts Vince Shockney Mike Smith Randy Snipe Tommy Sparks Trent Thorman Phyllis Tillery Vicki Toschlog Sherri Tudor Jane Turner Pam Turner Jerry Urich Ginger Wadsworth Lori Ward Paul Waterman Rob Wells Steve Williams David Wilson Mike Wise Vicki Wogoman Joyce Wright Tim Yandl Todd York -.,.. -v 'W no -r 6' fu T 4 l ' oi i A i 'x-001 A ,- ' v - - A -vs- P411 Damita Hawkins goes wild at a pep session while Peter Frame, looking puzzled, claps with the fans. In Memoir of Micheal Steven Martin August 27, 1964 Juli' 8, 1980 ' S ophomores T ake A Hike At Glen Miller By Pam Hieger, Class Treasurer The sophomore class had their class party at Glen Miller Park. We chose this because it held many different activities for the class members to do. Other highlights would be get- ting class rings and many soph- omores getting their license. This was the first year for some to play on varsity sports, while others still held B-team posi- tions. Some have lettered one or two years in some sports. Eight sophomores were also in- ducted into National Honor So- ciety. Max Adams Randy Adams Kelly Alexander Kara Atkins Tim Bales Chris Bartram Todd Barker Scott Berry Rick Bicknell Troy Bledsoe Joe Bond Sheryl Branson Matt Brobeck James Brown Lora Brown Carolyn Browning Theresa Bunger Angie Burke 1 Bob Butler Dennis Byrd Mark Campbell Sherri Cavin Darla Chaney Brian Clay Sophomore class ofhcers, First row, from left, Mary Toschlog, Secretary, Pam Hieger, Treasurer. Second row, Matt Brobeck, Vice-President, Kevin Nicholson, President. r-5 'U' .APN S TP on 10th Grade '53 Gretchen Conner Tammy Cosgrove Rhonda Cox Lisa Creviston Michelle Crist Steve Crouch Johna Crull Princess Deitmeyer Jennifer Dow Brian Ewen Lynne Fannin Michelle Feaselman David Ferguson Paul Fisher Paula Fisher Lena Fodale Dennis Frame Tim Frame Mindy Fulks Tom Fullerton Pam Gaston Ruth Gray Becky Hall Karen Hamm Dennis Harris Jennifer Harris Paul Harris Stephen Harris Garth Hartman Mark Hartman Anne Hawkins Curt Haynes Dwayne Heeter Susie Hiatt Celest Hicks Pam Hieger Tracy Horr Kara Hubbell Glen lngle Paul Knipp Becky Lahmann Lisa Lakes Reagan Lanter Larry Lipscomb Joe Longfellow Brenda Lynch John Martin Danny Mathews 54!1Oth Grade Dia Charlotte McClatchie Me Wanda McKinney Stacey McNamara Mike Meyer Ronnie Miller Julie Moore Lloyd Mullins Tre Bill Kevin Nicholson ne Mayberry lisa Mclntosh nt Meyers Newton .A Kenny Nimitz 2 Rhonda Ozbun I Kim Pardo Kim Pennington Donna Penny if Krissi Nicholson ' sTV'1'7' ' ' :fi- '13 ff -1 1 4 """ 'gwss ,,f"' run-1 , -,fs yi -I 3' . l x l X Mm' xi fl: ' . 1' 5 'TLA-1: Dv N J xx -s.,-h 'fl They say every picture tells a story. so . . . . . . 4 , phomores Cathy Rayborn and Lisa Petry am do n the t t d f th Wen' the gxpressmn on Mmdy Flflks WRIA spirit contest, We came in fifth. J W as y WH e Spm Car S or e face says it all. Maybe she is trying to scare the other team. Tom Perry Lisa Petry Darren Philpott X Scott Pierce Clifford Powell Laurie Powell Lynnette Powell Curt Railsback Melissa Ramey Kathy Rayborn Amy Robinson Dan Ryan 'lx 1 .., 10th Grade 55 Sophomores Mindy Fulks and Mary Band members Scott Pierce and Trent Myers wait patiently for the applause to die so Toschlog show their spirit by decorating they can begin another number their hall for the basketball sectional Carol Sharp Monica Shelton Connie Shockney Sheryl Shockney Eric Simpson Darrell Skinner Bryan Smith Ted Smith Dawn Stamper Scott Stemple Rick Stewart Kathy Terhaar Tim Thomas Mary Toschlog Susan Toschlog Micci Townsend Rhonda Tucker David Utsler Jay Vallandingham Kim Waskom Kyle Watt Keith Webster Scott Wesler Alan Wetzel Shelley Wickett Dale Wilburn Andrea Williams Greg Wise 56!10th Grade Freshmen Skate The N ight Away By Nene Ward, Class President It was fun being able to par- ticipate with upperclassmen in school and sports activities. It was a change this year since we had more choices on the courses we could take. This spring we ordered class rings and this summer took driver education. This really made us feel part of high school life. Barbara Abrams Terri Akey Tommy Allen Stacy Axe David Benge Richard Bromagem , ,...,.. Scott Brown Tom Bullock Steve Bussberg David Campbell Lisa Carey Rod Cole Tony Conner Bob Conyers David Coyle Doug Coyle Laura Coddington Trish Crowe Q Kim Davis Kim Day Dawn Dean Amy Devito Michele Dull Michelle Earl David Eggers Kam Elmore Cherie Fannin g Vernon Gibbons T Carla Gilbert ' Doug Gray 5 rv Freshmen class ofhcers, from left, first row, Steve Long, Vice-Presidentp Dawn Dean, Treasurer. Second row, Kim Ryan, Secretaryg Nene Ward, President. 'A 'Q .- M 'Q ' Q7 ,K . I ,Na x . 4 L. 'Q .1 , 5' SE K ,Q :.." I ' fr . A ,r,il,u 3 'lil - 'l . we 3 fr. E a ij' A r K' 3 ' ,1- 9th Grade! 57 Freshman Tina Hubble is hnding out how much air her lungs will hold It seems that Freshman Ronnie lVlcClain tries his lVlr Warvel is a little curious himself All freshmen had the choice of taking Biology I hand at testing his lung capacity in lVlr or general science. Warvel s Biology I class Joan Grubb Carla Haisley David Hamm Robin Harney Dawn Harris Kevin Harvey Shawn Hawkins Kevin Heeter Tricia Hengstler David Henson Kevin Hicks Lynn Hoffman Darla Honaker Denice Honaker Lisa Hoover Kim Hubble Tina Hubble John Huntington Robbie Hutchens Amy Ingle Kevin Ingram Richie Jackson Joe Jennings Donna Jewett Deborah Johnson Kevin Keith Therese Kutter Melissa Lacey Amy Ladd Jeff Lewis 58f9th Grade Todd Lewls Tony Leonard Steve Long Carmen Mellcoat evonda Mershall Kathy Martin Karen Mason Pam Mathews Jerry McDermutt Harold McGough Jeff Moore Skip Moore Kurn Newton Rodney Newton Robin Norman Don Pardo Randy Parrett Jefll Perry Karen Perry Randy Plckerlng Margaret Pollock Glnny Powell Jerry Radford Robert Radford Brent Rallsback Tammy Ravencraft Susan Retter Wayne Rnngley Trac: Rogers Ralph Russell 111 Mcmorm of Mark Allen Hallman Ap11l1 1965 Ap11l8 1981 HC V- -i X? Cadet ofncer Bob Conyers asslsts regular deputies at the Wayne County Sherlff s De partment In runnmg the radio and other daily actlvltles 9th Grade 59 . ' :C ., L1 .- lf , Er ' A - .. . 1 , W-7 r' - v N , ' l '1 t , - 7 l' -. La " -. 1 QA l f- ' ' gm - - - A f- 1 . g, 1 Y , 'Y 5 . , , . . g 1 , ' l 171 ri' 5' , V .4 " . -' ! af , , - . F: -- , . I if ,,, A' 4. .. sh 1 . 1 5 I - :fu ' ,g J' ' 'Q ' LA " -Q . f'. , A, ff, ,N ' 3. 1 X ,"u r ' , 1 , ' K ,ff ,C f ' X - A - . , A I f Kim Ryan Kevin Shelley Missy Sherer Sherri Simpson Tammy Smith Katrina Snowden Lisa Soenen lvlike Stanley Pat Starn Andy Stegall Ty Thorman Cindy Walters Nene Ward Reese Watt Anita Webb Robert Williams Steve Williams Terri Williams Lisa Wineinger Kevan Wogornan Judy Wright Terry Yandl ,iv i - if v i S ti - ' "' 47 I :Qi i .,-. - p . -.-f . ' . 3, '-' -r -1 'Yi ?'i'Mif,s?w'W'Vi 6 -in Nov v P' ww Embroidering on cloth is one of many hobbies Freshman Tammy Ravencraft Ends to do in her spare time. 6O!9th Grade .je Nlaybe the school lunches just weren't giving Nlr. Warvel and freshman Jerry lVlcDermitt the down to earth taste they wanted. Do french fry dandelions? i x.,.5umm , ii 5 3:5 4, 'Q 99- I Q ': if :: 32,6-, tam f: . v I-s -2 :g 221 Sth Graders Join In On 2 Fun Nights 'lThe school renovation gave NHS students a new attitude toward the school," stated Katy Retz, secretary of the eighth grade class. llOur class contrib- uted a lot to NHS sports and other programs that were of- fered," commented Kim Hieger, class president. Glen IVliller Park was the site of the class party that was held during the middle of lVlay. Tim Abrams Tammy Adams ' Chris Albert f Larry Allen . Donald Baker Deidre Bane Eighth grade class ofhcers, from left, Kim Niccum, treasurerg Mary Ladd, vice-presi- dent. Back row, Kim Hieger, presidentg Katy Retz, secretary. 4 ---f- -it .-fl. . ,T ,, 1- 4 51, Q 'F I -as I 'J K1 Lisa Bell Scott Berry Beth Bicknell Traci Biga John Bleill Bill Blue Keith Brawley Angela Brown Chad Brown Julie Brown Traci Butler Brian Callahan F. Cynthia Campbell Randy Campbell George Clapp Darren Collett Brian Connor Doug Conway Teri Corder Pam Cox Jolene Creech Nlechelle Creviston Marvin Crull Charlene Day ! i v , ,- sg 7' n n ' sv si , 1' ff diem ,Q ,BN . -is Q-v X Yi I l wi, f ' ggfatx F 41' mx L m X . '5'15 K 9 Q' K-. P K 1 '1 -1 ' Q' xv S., ao. 4 "iv M X- 9 .1 A ,vs O ffl wi 8th Gradefbl Leanne Day Rachel Devito Shawn Dingworth Micci Dunham Melinda Ellison Jody Farmer Sheri Farmer Mike Fleming Robbie Gauker Rodney Gilmore Vince Graves Doug Gray Susan Greeson Jan Hamilton Kelly Harris Bobby Herd Kim Hieger Grant Hollingsworth Mike Holt Leslie Horr Krissi Hubbell Julie Hyre warm uni,-.A M ary Ladd ' l L I Jane Lahrnann Jim Lamb Robbie Lanier Kathy Laswell Abby Lawson Krista Lewis - 1 'I Matt Loftus Brenda Martin Sheri Martin Richard Mayberry , I 'C Jon McClain I David McQueen Todd McQuiston Theresa Mercer Mark Miller Jeannie Minniear , Jim Moreheld A Fred Morgan Julie Morgan David Mullins Chris Murrah Ronnie Newton Kim Niccum 7 8th Grade fva Rosa McClurg 9 Eighth grader Janet Williamson participates in a game of co-ed volleyball during the nine week block course of P.E. Troy Nichols 'lex Danny Nocton is ag Kevin Nocton Bob Palmeri Bill Parker Traci Parrett Bobby Peach Keith Pickering Jim Powell Pat Powell Laura Redmeyer Katy Retz Robert Rhoads Bryon Ringley Robbie Roberts Janet Rogers lVlil4e Roth Karen Ryan Diane Sananstine Pam Sharp 'l l' .-1 'Fl The sectional hall decorations revealed many new talents as Katy Retz paints a knight and Elaine Stoker watches intently. 40, pi: 8th Grade 63 Rachel Sheeley Nancy Shilts Julie Smith Mark Smith Mike Smith Lisa Souther Donna Sparks Rod Spencer Danny Stamper Elaine Stoker Kari Strobel Lance Sullivan Kim Tillery Darin Toschlog Mike Toschlog Jeff Tucker Howard Turner Jerry Turner -1. .fr rf Joe Tutterow Steve Tye Jackie Urich Joan Vallandingham Troy Walters Tony Watson You Tom Wheeler Jeff Wickett Rena Williams Janet Williamson Debbie Wills Lori Young -- Eighth grader Mark Miller seems overly excited about put- ting layout dye on his metal sheet. Maybe he should calm down. Qi fi ll xc ji 5 -ig Metals is a nine week block course. Iii 44 Eighth grader Marvin Crull works on a metals project in April Skating Pargf Is 7th Grade Class Pargf We chose these three seventh graders, and asked them what they thought about NHS. Barbi Bowmer2tThere's a lot more people and the school is bi- gger." Kim lVlathews-'XI was excited about coming to NHS for the first time." Also Kim said that the teachers give alot more homework than she was used to. Brad Terhaar-HNHS has a well organized program for the spring and winter sports." Linda Allen Dennis Amyx Kim Amyx .,,., Stephanie Anderson Susan Anderson Seventh grade class ofhcers, from left, Bobby Lahmann, vice-presidentg Lynn Stewart, treasurer. Back row, Layshaa Ward, presidentg Tabatha Farmer, secretary. sf' --MIB April Apsley iv .5 Jimmy Austerman Holly Ater Kim Baker David Beckley Barbi Bowmer 'D 'UW ,J Darren Bowman Tammy Bunger Angie Buroker Jimmy Brooks 5? 3 . 'UIQ F' I4 Scott Canon f if . ,, 9 Belinda Chafman xi , i.. Scott Coddington A Jack Compton Dan Conyers Shawn Coyle Jenny Creech Joel Crull Darrell Culbertson Bryan Davis Scott Davis Anna Day Clyde Day Gina Dean Kim Deitemeyer a .4 -ii ,.., i ,. if agua 5. M1 H 'eel ' A ' K . it ' ii .Q - n ,-K A " fs -v 1 'B 3: , , , 3 ., , - . . , Ji ' f Q 1 ' ,,'i 13-54 8th Gradel65 Jeff Delucio Sean Dunham Connie Earl Skyler Epperson Amy Farlow Tabatha Farmer Traci Fisher Todd Foreman Portia Fultz Patty Gabbard Deanna Gardner Tommy George Jana Haisley Bert Hall Bob Hall Angie Harney David Harris Brad Hester Pam Hicks Brett Hill Daniel Hollingsworth Jay Hoover Tina Hubble Eric Kindley Bobby Lahmann Lisa Lamb Kevin Land Chad Langley Sherry Landcaster Tony Lawhorn Connie Mallcoat Tim Malloris Kenny Martin Kim Mathews Dana McKinney Thereasa Miller Bryan Moore David Morell April Mullins Relinda Meyers Laura Newton Missy Newton Vicki Nicholson Traci Nimitz Paul Pardo Dewayne Parks Charlene Perry David Powell 66f7th Grade lVlike Ramey Jennifer Reece Steve Reece Natalie Retter Clayton Richie Stan Richie Randy Roberts Carolyn Rogers Angela Ross Tonya Ruble Larry Sandifar David Schuerman Chad Selmer Michelle Sherer Doug Shilts Robin Shinn Jay Smith David Spencer Shari Stemple Lynn Stewart Tammy Stonebraker Julie Street Greg Strunk Jim Taylor Linda Taylor Tim Taylor Brad Terhaar Shawn Thomas Jack Ward Layshaa Ward Tammy Waterman Rod Werner Jeff Willard Betsy Williams Carri Williams Jill Wilson Kathy Wiwi Beth Wright Sam Young Suzy Zepernick . ,.,A , s , .Y ,fr T L f M 4. E yer. i -up '41 -4 ..4 W ',N , ,,.l, , t ' XZ , 5 ' 1' ., ge A ' A l, J ,rA,.k, . , 4 ,an A S, 1- ' ea, e Q I ,xl I .sw . .,. K ' v .1 ai.. . , ,vga y' Q w xl at , 'O- l 'af ., , -0 .Q DV4' .i A 2 f' we .. - an 0 Q-f 1' ' ' x I I 7th Gradef67 BELDEN THORNBURCHS IVIARKET 68!AdS BELDEN CORPORATION QUALITY IVI EATS PRODUCE aI GROCERIES COVIPLIIVIENTS OF ELECTRONICAL DIVISION u.s. 27 SOUTH LYNN, IN. 47355 PHONE 874-2325 RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 BEACH HEATING SERVICE SERVING WAYNE COUNTY SINCE 1970 Insured Frm' Estzrnatv. BLOWN INSULATION FR.-XNKS . . . 1'-TllIISIllllfHIL' .Serzvcw SElEYlI3I'fEIVcg2JgT6E?c?N DS ALI. TYPES or INSULATION FRANK wAI.1'Ens R R I B X 209, M-dale R d Phone 847-2040 FOUNTAIN CITY, IN 473 I WILLIAM S CAR P ETS CORNER OF U.S. 27 84 IVIAIN ST. FOUNTAIN CITY, IN. 47341 PHONE 317-847-2511 VOGUE'S CLEAN ERS 10 SW. 5TH STREET RICHIVIOND, IN. NOT THE BIGGEST- BUT THE BEST CLYDE E. EAVING SR. OWNER PHONE 966-0032 IVIIKE DELUCIO 84 SON EXCAVATING SIN C E 1940 3436 CHESTER BLVD. RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 PHONE 962-8010 1 I McQuiston Insurance L 126 Northwest Fifth Street 'I ui Richmond, Indiana 47374 "I T11 iiilm I Agency, Ine. L. IVICQUISTON INSU RANCE AGENCY, INC. PHON E 962-4151 Ads!69 FOR ALL OF YOUR FURNITURE STRIPPING AND REFINISHING NEEDS SEE US AT OLDE NEWPORT DIP'N'5TRIP COMPLETE REBUILDING PAINTING SANDBLASTING ag TRIM CUSTOM TRAILER OR BUILDING OWNER CHARLIE KRAIVI ER PHONE 847-2336 310 US 27 S. FOUNTAIN CITY IN. PHON E 847-2042 SERVING THE NORTH EASTERN AREA FOR Insurance PHIL THONIAS DON A. TOWNSEND 203 S. GREEN STREET WILLIAIVISBURG, IN. FOUNTAIN CITY, IN. PHONE 886-5644 PHONE 847-2402 70 AdS WEDDINGS, POSTERS, SENIOR PICTURES, PORTRAITS HOT SHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY BY DARRELL NICKELL ,- 1, fl " IKE'S MOTORCYCLE SALES INC. 109-115 SOUTH 6TH STREET RICHMOND, IN. PHONE O62-3683 YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PROFESSIONAL FOR COMMERCIAL PM RESIDENTIAL I Gr INVESTMENT FARMS lQJALllk1vl66PiYiW3l-I A--. . --A --" PHONE I3173 935-7400 CENTURY 21 lieighway-Study Realty PEACH OFFICE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATEDH 32 S. 9TH STREET RICHMOND, IN. WANTED FOR RECYCLING JUNK CARS ALUMINUM BEVERAGE CANS NEWSPAPERS ALL OTHER METAL ITEMS RECYCLING CENTER INC. 630 SOUTH M ST. RICHMOND, IN PHONE 966-8295 HELPING SAVE AMERICA'S RESOURCES Ads 71 Ye ll PHOTOGRAPHY CONG RATU LATIONS CLASS OF u8l" H ERRON'S DU RACLEAN HAVE YOUR CARPETS AND FURNITURE HAND-CLEANED BY PROFESSIGNALSI KNOLLENBERG'S 64-fb f Y, DEPARTIVI ENT 004-' AGED- 1 xo OR X5 STORE 9 Ieorqx . -If I Q P3.h,P' DCA-xQg deeper XX 001. Q0 9601 fox? SOO Q92 50 xco os ,CC WYQS SERVING TH E S-::,1L1gw2 'fxixo 9 esdrxqilexlw RIC H lvl 0 N D 4 0 AR who 366 cleaninvgevgiiiiiggsig 4 Oriental carpets an gerNheE 2X+4Terman anUquefabHc CSQZIYC QS Ing Laboratories PHONE E 962-6646 4967 WEBSTER ROAD RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 BACH-CONN-OLDS-SELIVIER BAESCHER-BUNDY- BAFFET PIANOS AND ORGANS PH TO RAPH Q xjql A 0 G Y . . o err BY Muncie Music Center PHONE: r r ' PHONE 935-5117 RICK IVI U R RAY IILMQ- XIX I 4525 EAST MAIN RICHMOND, IN. I GATEWAY SHOPPING CENTER OFFICE 317-294-4418 HOME 317-282-6749 207 W. JACKSON STREET MUNCIE, IN. 47305 LU DWIG-SLINGERLAND RODGERS-KUSTOM-PENDER-GIBSON Ads 73 ACADEMICS The E n fo rcers O ' I -44, Aurlfj A v 'fs-1 -R u X. -.f 75 "rf-vip. sf' :.5is?3ii. Theyfre Caught Slyping Away T0 Play xg XX L,-V X- "' A Here vve see lVlR. IVIICHEAL lVlAN- NING. principal, enjoying a game of ra- quetball. On the other hand he just might be practicing a more effective way to swing the paddle B lVlR. GORDON RICKETTS guidance counselor, is the girls varsity basketball coach. In his free time he plays basket- ball. lt looks as if he is set to shoot for two C lVlR. KELLIE STEPHEN is our vice- principal and he enjoys spending his free time with his family. His family members are right to left Carrie Kellie Steve Cathy and Shannon. D lVlRS. MARILYN BAILEY is working on a quilt. She enjoys sewing and also likes writing poems and short stories. lVlrs. Bailey is our high school secretary. E Our high school bookkeeper is MRS. LOIS GRAY and her job keeps her very busy but in her free time she enjoys Crocheting. Some of her projects are displayed on her couch. Teachers 75 ,f"'l .www uv ,V ?f2-img' :nil X 1. .ml Nm 1 M y ., 5 .I .M Q 4 H Cs y J. 1 iw I . .1 ' g.,,l E .1 .f"4 W .f ,N ,ol Home Lje And Sporting Is Enjoyed By Everyone K A MR. DICK WARVEL is displaying one of his prize ish, a large mouth bass, He obviously enjoys the outdoor life. Mr. Warvel teaches science and biology, Bflflere we see the Schneider crew smiling pretty. MR. MIKE SCHNEIDER teaches science and enjoys spending time with his family. Right to left, John, Mike, Tom, and Cavela. CfThis cow seems to think she looks better in a farm hat than her owner does. MR. DAVE BURGESS teaches ag- riculture and is sponsor of FFA, He also raises cattle and enjoys fishing, DKMR. ROY SHORT is checking to see if Tim Meyer heart is still beating. Mr. Short teaches science, physics, physi- ology, and science research. E MR. DALTON DALZELL is seen here teaching Carol Sharp how to mix chem- icals for some kind of experiment. lVlr. Dalzell teaches agriculture, chemistry, and 'lenjoys sleeping." 31' 1.1 E775 Photography, Dance, Coaching NHS Teachers Do It All A lVlRS. TERRY RUNNELS is showing us one of her favorite hobbies, dancing. Here shes dancing at Runyan Center in Earlham College as a member ofa dance grotp. B lVlR. TOlVl NORRIS is enjoying alittle time to goof of? in the halls by taking a 78!Teachers picture. He teaches math and enjoys photography in his free time. C The 9TH grade basketball team is surrounding their coach, NIR. LOU BAUlVlER, in a time out. lVlr. Baumer teaches typing and enjoys bowling on F GENERAL ilESS the teacher's team, D lVlR, ALLEN HAWKINS enjoys work ing in his garden. He teaches general business and accounting. It seems he might be taking Snoopy's advice and firing up his class. f'?? 15 111 fy' X Q Q ,D Q , 2 .Af A Teachers Include Many Sports In 34 ? n-lg, Nm, ,-W1,,:, Q' 4: H' C liz, fzzf - 4 -'F 8iJ!Teaches5 O-5 il l Q. N' 'C ' . Ag p . . f I 4 xii' A!lVlR. GARY COLE is pictured here showing us all his skill in motorcycle riding. He is the llFonz" of Fountain City, also known as "Cool Change," and journalism teacher at NHS. B!lVlR. HOWARD RUST is sitting on his Victorian settee. He enjoys refinishing antique furniture, and also enjoys growing roses. lVlr. Rust teaches litera- ture and grammar, DXMRS. MARY ALLMAN is seen here doing one of the things she enjoys, playing the piano. She teaches English and mass media and is also chairman of the English Department. EXIVIR. DAVID LOWER coaches wres- tling and football. He spends his free time golfing, and likes do-it-yourselfers. lVlr. Lower teaches composition and English. lc! -...N Their Daibf Lives AfBusy preparing a French dine is MISS JAN RUTKOWSKI. She teaches French and literature, Miss Rutkowski enjoys bowling and is the varsity and j.v. cheerleading sponsor. BXMRS. NANCY TASH is one of the guidance counselors. She enjoys playing tennis in her leisure time. Now she is learning a new sport, raquetball. CXMRS. HELEN MORGAN teaches 7TH and 8TH grade English. She enjoys showing her creativity in Crocheting. Here she is finishing up an afghan, D MRS. RUTH WILLIAMSON is learn- ing how to play raquetball. Mrs. Wil- liamson also plays tennis and sponsors CFC. She teaches literature and read- ing. EXMRS. MARILYN MIRACLE is show- ing off her expert serving position. In her free time she plays and coaches volleyball. Mrs. Miracle teaches Spanish and English. Teachers i' 81 UA R5 HS Fczculgf Spend Time Wlh Sports A IVIISS BARBARA BADER teaches physical education and is very active in her free time. She scuba dives and does under-water photography. B The B-team coach looks very happy as he cuts his share of the net from their victory at the Wayne County Tourney. IVIR. IVIIKE RAWLINGS teaches history and government. 'MW' ""' ' ""' ' '-"'ll CXIVIISS RUTH CODDINGTON is coaching Julie Moore for gymnastics. She teaches physical education and substance abuse. Dhlumping rope is NIR. MIKE STEW- ART. He teaches physical education and Indiana History. lVlr. Stewart coaches football and is the assistant baseball coach. I1 'yii fz: .,.' f -if.., If ' 82fTeachers Home Ee. Teachers Enjoy Time With Pets Q-l Teachers l iliiillllllllllll .,,. . , Th . 4 I Rr ' V I A . 5. A 5 ' , Nxt il? ls, ' A X - I . , I lf' Sl A X 1 A IVIRS. OLIVE RANCK is seen here, in her newly remodled living room, holding her dog Pepper. lVlrs. Ranck is the sponsor of the HOT Club. She also env Joys playing tennis in her free time. B lVlR. BERNIE FRAZE is coaching his 7TH grade basketball players to a pos- sible victory. lVlr. Fraze enjoys skiing in the winter, hunting in the fall and soft- ball inthe summer. C Daffy Duck II is posing here with IVIRS. IVIARLA FRANKLIN, one of his many admirers. lvlrst Franklin is one of our home ec. teachers. She enjoys sew- ing and working in her garden D IVIRS. CAROLYN SPARKS and her daughter Susan, enjoy spending their spare time with Sanmraff and their other horses. Nlrs. Sparks is a home ec teacher at NHS. A COOKS right to left, Phyllis Horner, Charlotte Roberts. Peggy Walters, Helen Hinshaw, Helen Gree cher, Mary June Hopkins, Leah Kenvvorthy, June Austin. The Cooks Prepare 600 Meals A Day l , ' son, Onda Myers, Mildred Bel B MR. PETE FRAME teaches drafting Mr. Frame is an organic gardener and enjoys farming. He plans to spend alot of time in the Colorado Mountains in the next two years. CXMRS. SHARI PETERSIME is seen here with her Special Olympics Team. Mrs. Petersime enjoys coaching them and also likes running with her dog in her spare time. D!Looking in suspense is MR. TOM ZELL, to see if his Knights are going to score or not. Mr, Zell is the varsity bas- ketball coach and teaches woods and industrial arts. Stajj? Chaujjfeurs T0 Healer sch be A SCHOOL BOARD, back row, left to right, School Attorney Mr. Tom Snow, Business Manager Mr. Mark l-loelscher, Mr. Don Toschlog, Superintendent Mr. Darryl Stults. Front row, Mr. Denver Frame, Vice President Mr. James Rus- sell, Secretary Mr. Sam Hubbell, Presi- dent Mrs. Phyllis Townsend. B BUS DRIVERS, front row, left to right, Denver Alexander, Don George, Guy Hill, Bonnie George, Margaret Ma- licoat, Cheryl Gardner. Second row, Harold Hill, Bob White, Bob Tiemann, Kevin Starr, Bill Bales, David Schneider, James Nicholson, Aleata Anderson. C CUSTODIANS, left to right, Mr. Gene Favorite, Mr. Wayne Nash, Mr. Hank Jeans, and Mr. Paul Nichols. D Resuscitating Annie works with MRS. ELSA CATEY as she teaches CPR classes. Mrs. Catey is the school nurse at Whitewater, Williamsburg, and Northeastern. ' David Schneider 9' 86 Teachers Mr David Schneider to everyone he met He was always more than willing to give his time to others People loved him for many reasons. Al though he is gone our memories of him will live on. God bless David Schneider. December 22, 1929 March 9, 1981 51. j. was known to bring smiles A COUNTY REIVIC 5 ZQQW L65 N WAYNE aw' Q I N 1 COOPERATIVE PEOPLE WORKING TOG ETH ER I NAI RENOVATION SHOE SHOP 518 NORTH A STREET RICHNIOND, IN. 47374 PHONE 962-5636 4 I V "" I JIIVI FISHER'S FINE FOODS U.S. 27 SOUTH FOUNTAIN CITY, IN. 150 Years Old and New Everyday I 1175 N. A ST, RICHIVIOND, IN FOR INFORNIATION: 962-1575 READ ABOUT NORTHEASTERN SCHOOL NEWS AND SPORTS EVENTS IN THE DAILY PALLADIUIVI-ITEIVI I . 88fAds 1 PEPSI Y WILLIAIVISBU RG E LEVATO R WILLIAIVISBU RG, IN 47393 PHON E 847-2690 886-5811 1 - .. - 1... , BERMAN'S REXALL DRUG STORE YOUR PHARMACIST . .. 2 SW. 5TH ST. RICHMOND, IN 47374 PHONE 962-4949 KESSLERS SPORTS SHOP IT PAYS TO PLAY 916 PROMENADE RICHMOND IN PHONE 935 2595 MARIE'S BEAUTY SALON SERVING THE NORTHEASTERN AREA MODERN 84 TRADITIONAL STYLING AT THE OLD FASHION COUNTRY PRICES ON NEW GARDEN ROAD JUST OFF ROUNDBARN ROAD CALL MARIE NUNN 886-5829 BEACH-ARMSTRONG FORMAL WEAR 1019 NORTH A ST. RICHMOND, IN 47374 PHONE 966-2521 Ads!89 SMITH 84 IVICQUISTGN PHONE 4500 NATIONAL RD EAST 966 0505 90 Ad ZALES JEWELERS LOCATED AT THE RICHIVIOND SQ. IVIALL THE REIVIOUNT SPECIALIST PHONE 966-2504 UIVIAKE IT SPECIAL" auncen KI 4360 EAST IVIAIN STREET RICHIVIOND, IN. 47374 GYour GHometown GFamily' CFood Stores South 13th and E 501 Nat'I Road West 2021 Chester Bivd. 1522 East Main St. ll Tai: RENTAL CENTER 3230 E. MAIN RICHMOND, IN. 955-RENT AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS 3 Tlx, ,, CONVALESCENT EQUIPMENT bww 1 A CONSTRUCTION TOOLS '7 I' IH LAWN AND GARDEN TOOLS PAINTING EQUIPMENT 5 PARTY GOODS I is PLUMBING TOOLS ax TRUCKS, TRAILERS, TOWBARS I AdSf9l A 'PrlLE'I I CS Knight Time . . OJ . 9 V , - - 5 Q, ,j,...:.,,RiA y "5 V ' IPAQ? 3 'rg-T-:.'s. ....:- K r I ni -' . f 17' .f , 1 'ZU 7 4.4 , . . im y W q5f1f5'f'g' W ' 75?-i3T'i'3iz1?S!1' 'i1'iTf?'4Yi In '1,'.-.Eff-I ' VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY, front row from left John Brooks Larry Riley Doug Jay 2nd row Todd Barker Keith Webster Doug Gray, Brian Kaufman, Darrin Williams, David Hamm Dennis Frame 3rd row Dan Heighway Steve Williams Reese Watt Dennis H arris, Coach Warvel. X -Countiy VWHS Againg 10-3 Record The team finished this year with a 10-3 slate. uLosing Joe Ladd early in the season cost us two more victories. Larry Riley and Doug Jay turned in ex- cellent seasons, but will be lost to graduation," stated Coach Warvel. 'tDennis Harris, Reese Watt, and Doug Gray helped tremendously and will return next year," Warvel said. A Was that the Lone Runner? No, it was Larry Riley at the Richmond Sec- tional, Larry went on to finish 13th out of 120 B Brian Kaufman finishes the 5,000 meters in a home meet. Brian, a junior, was a big help to the team his year. x 'PA ,Ar Q5 X x JN., 2 - - x, . X ZX ck Q X Q.. .X . . - ,4 -.Ref ,-A g,.. fi 'F 'rw-rf, - . bi , 1 , g L ' :i--' 'v W., nu' , 'SEV' i H4 .. V .,g 1 . L. 5' ' 4 X X 1-fx, .Q fg- 'N 1 ,'x F . i E ' 4 AJ . ! iw' -if NHS Football Looks orwaro' To ext Year The 1980 football season was S as as as a long one for the Knights. The team finished the year com- piling a 1-9 record. The team was hit by many injuries which kept them from having a set starting line-up. Tim Meyer, Doug Oler, Alan Stamper, and Rick Ross re- ceived awards this year for out- standing play on the season. The Knights are ready for next year. VARSITY FOOTBALL, front row, from left, Coach Moore, James Cramer, Rod York, Lloyd Mullins, Alan Stamper, Dave Mink, Jeff Perry, Mike Lipscomb, Rick Bicknell, Rod Cole, Ty Thorman. 2nd row, Rick Stewart, Reagan Lanter, Pat Lahmann, Doug Johnson, Jerry Jones, Scott Berry, Tim Nocton, Rick Ross, Tom Perry, Jerry Urich, Mike Benge, David Campbell, Bobby Dillman, Coach Lower, Bob Harney, Greg Moore, Bob Stigleman, Mike Powell, Tim Meyer, Rusty Urich, Eric Myers, Tom Murray, Doug Oler, Mark Robbins, Jay Vallandingham, Troy Bledsoe, Brian Herrmann, Tom Hill, Mike Herron, Darren Lacey, Coach Stewart l A!Alan Stamper seems to be disap- pointed, even though he completed the pass, it was not enough for a hrst down. BfSenior running back Rod York looks up field for a hole to run through or looks for a key block from teammates. Varsity Football!97 i l N Q X . X2 1' N., jx 9 4 S '93 fu F' , 'I 4 Q ,ht if 'x . L N x A in-. ' up ? G, I 'lik 5" "' E' ,, 1 , 3 VI: "vw 1 if hx. pi .1 , f Q Q ll X 1 J A df fx f 5. ff f'f f nl' xxx Junior Varsity FootbalIl99 I .Elms HL l 42 EIGHTH GRADE FOOTBALL, front row, from left, Kevin Nocton, Dave McQueen, Tim Abrams, Matt Loftis, David Mullins, Row 2, Mike Holt, Joe Tutterow, Todd McQuiston, Mike Fleming, Mike Roth, Tony Watson, Row 3, Bob Palmeri, Howard Turner, Jim Powell, Mike Toschlog, Robert Rhoads, Row 4, Coach Fraze, Jack Gabbard, Bobby Peach, David Spencer, Robbie Lanter, Coach Emery Junior High Football Ends Season At 3-I UI feel that junior high football is a giant step towards a success- ful varsity program," stated Coach Emery. The team ended their season with a fine 3-1 record. They de- feated Hagerstown, Union City, and Cambridge City, their only loss came from Winchester. Out- standing players included these backs, Jim Powell, Todd McQuis- ton, Bob Palmeri, Mike Fleming and Kevin Nocton. Many of these players ended up playing on both the offense and defense. They gained a lot of valuable experi- ence which will help in later years. A!Knight place kicker Bob Palmeri boots the ball down field to awaiting returners. Bob played offense and defense. BlKnight defenders swarm the ball carrier like bees on honey. Joe Tutterow, 50, is the first Knight to arrive at the scene. f f " Q , :mm v ' ,, ,J V ,. I 8 w Q x Q? ne' 1 Af 2334? A '-'air' uf., Juan., -.4-su 9 J , ,A A Q ff J ' 1 ,?1:N.f H h 5 ,f- 1 A j ,gf 5 3 .fi K 5 .fy 1 , "pq: " if .in I 5 "'- -. 1' K Z E X "Ti .,, ,1 YQQQO -"mf: ff, .f msn 2.5001 ......,..-M...,,....,......,N grain.. I .A ,, A ,,,, QUE' X ! Q Wi! X wx el 11 ' ' Q 'T ........ . ,-- - N ' u E E qi Mi J A Y, ,Ji , ? Reserve Team Ends Year Vwzh cz 2-9 This years reserve team fin- ished out their season with a 2 and 9 record. llWe got big help from an experienced Brian Smith and also some much needed help from sophomore Larry Lipscomb and from Steve Ellison," stated Coach Wright. New Tennis Courts With new tennis courts com- ing to Northeastern next year, the team should get a lot of help from practicing on real surface instead of the gym Hoor. Coach Wright looks for- ward to success next year. Af Brian Smith shows good form on a return in a conference match with rival Centerville. RESERVE TENNIS, front row, from left, Brian Smith, Steve Ellison, Larry Lipscomb, 2nd row, Coach Wright, John Longnecker, Mike Campbell. x"',f"""m ffpnx I fflwp, 'IIUN I -,-.wlv6llgg' , A ,Q . If .ff 'QQ -.. , 5: 'T-, ,Q ' M. . , f 4 'iii YZ. X, .Jus- iff r- 'Y' ' Q-Q... X If .fx i 141 H if xfiy-0'-42' 7 0 vt Us 'X L +, X Reserve Team Ends Year At .500 Mark The junior varsity volleyballers iinished their sea- son at 5-5. The team really started to put things together and play well towards the end of the season. All ofthe players had greatly improved during the course of the season. As Lisa Creviston and Tara Biga were promoted to the varsity squad, Kim Ryan and Trish Crowe filled their spots effectively and played well. IVlary Toschlog did a great job as the number one sub. Next year should be a great one. A With knees bent, rigid arms, and a lot of concentration, Johna Crull, a ju- nior varsity player sends the ball over the net. B Sherri Tudor a junior varsity volleyballer returns a serve deep over the net in a key match against Win- chester. I I A ,. Fc:-Q f"' ' Ltd," ' .-, , ,AW ., - ,, .f B ..-D" ,, . . f if C 4 RESERVE VOLLEYBALL, front row, from left, Kim Ryan, Sherri Tudor, Kara Atkins, Mary Toschlog, Tammy Smith, back row, Nlgrs, Teresa lVlcClatchie and Dana Barker. Trish Crowe, Lisa Soeneh, Karen Hamm, Johna Crull, Susan Toschlog, lVlrs. Nliracle, Coachp Linda Hieger, manager. -' 1? g W 'A' 'ii' 44,2 '-' I -'M ' " . L... Lfhx-. h Y V4 I - 1 I q 1. A-eq kr a- . off? X tl I, Ja- , 4 if-S v ,X- . J "' '5 XX fm X I J' if ,1 X x ff , ,, ,O ' 'fi . xx N , 1 f haw: G? I X gqqu Q, ns 5 ' Au , 1-I ,3- B is C am, .." -4 1 ,B :gym-A-Qfl Tv New Coach Brzngs New Lyle To Team A Dan Heighway gets out-jumped by a taller Winchester opponent in one of the last home games of the year. The Knights lost a rough one by a score of two points. B Darryl Stigleman Dawkins glides on ln, in an attempt to put through an Hin your face disgrace." .M-I--1 "Y .li T! UQ l 9 VARSITY BASKETBALL front row from left Greg Finley Larry Riley Tom Ladd Tom Pearson, back row, from left, Coach Zell, Greg Moore Bob Stigleman Tim Meyer Steve Williams Bob Harney Kevin Nicholson and Coach Rawlings, Junior Varsity Tearn Wins Coungf Tourney A Kevin Nicholson shows his great jumping ability as he controls the tip- Coach Rawlings put his supe- also won the county tourney. off in a conference game with Lincoln rior talents together to combine Kevin Nicholson, Kyle Watt and BQ msd 'Wig Yagi ea""ed he Ume , . . . WI SCIS Y 3 EVA SU El' AFHE IH for another winning season, Dan' Heighway moved up to the Wayne County Tourney gt NZM- posting a 15-5 record. B-Team varsity. eastern. B-TEAM BASKETBALL, front row, from left, Todd Barker, Reese Watt, lVlark Hartman, Kyle Watt, second row, IVlax Adams, Karl Laswell, Dan Heighway, Dave Bartram, Matt Brobeck, third row, Coach Rawlings, Kenny Nimitz, Allan Wetzel, Bob Harney, Kevin Nicholson, Chris Bartram. 1 .in L - Y- Freshmen Encounter Dwticulliesg The ninth grade team had somewhat of a rough year, finish- ing up their season with a 3-14 record. Their team had a shot at the Union tourney, after defeating their first opponent, but lost to a tough Monroe Central team later on. Steve Bussberg and David Eggers lead scoring and rebound- ing respectively. A!Steve Bussberg, trapped in the back- court, looks for someone to receive his pass before he gets called for a violation. B!Center Rod llKareem" Cole skies high on the tip to start the game the right way for the fighting Knights. sv' ill ' 1 X . . w..e,. - ' Q, A 'idk .ill la, gfilf' '-1 1 Gain Necessary Experience ,, '-QM t -- r.te U 5 Ate., L NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL, front row, from left, David Coyle, John Russell, Steve Bussberg, Doug Gray, second row, Coach Bau- mer, Rod Cole, David Campbell, Ty Thorman, David Eggers, Steve Williams Q A i v 1 1 1 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL, front row from left, Danny Nocton, manager, second row, Mike Fleming, Joe Tutterow, Kevin Noc ton, third row, Randy Campbell, Todd McQuiston, Mike Toschlog, David Spencer, Jim Powell, Robert Rhoads, ,lon McClain, Coach Rawlings. A , t . I A s "' 112K Eighth Grade Basketball Eighth Grade Boys Team Comes Up Short On Heighth The eighth grade squad com- baiier, displays his dribbling skills at a pleted their Season with a 7-10 home game against rival Centerville, B Todd McQuiston fires an in-bounds pass to an unknown teammate, or maybe he is just swatting at Hies in the combined for the best guard Wm- , , C Rod Spencer skies high to add an- other two points to the Knights winning record. Rawlings said, HJon McClain and Mike Fleming combination in our area." Afdon McClain, eighth grade round- cause. Rod led the team in rebounding 'Q'-s. - 5 '14, MXN! x X Ill, 5 I . F C in 1 - .1 " my ......--una'-uuupnqnsa x fam elp of IO 'YE- an ont row, from left, Mike Ramey, manager, Second row, Bobby Lahmann, Chad Langley, Dennis iird row, Coach Fraze, Larry Sandifar, Dan Conyers, Skylar Epperson, Jack Ward, Brian Davis, 40, ., . Adds New Touch T 0 Game W qA,L M. ,.,...s: First year coach lVlr. Fraze brought the seventh grade te a winning season with a 9-4 record. Brad Hester led all scorers with an 11.9 average Fraze received some super h from the bench in the form Epperson, IVloore, and Ward. A "Marques" lvlalloris, alias Timmy takes off up an open floor to put tvi points on the Knights side of the sco board, B'Brad Hester viciously pulls down offensive rebound and goes back up with the ball for an additional two. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL, fr Amyx, Brian Nloore, Tim lVlalloris, tt Bobby Hall, David Spencer. TY VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL, front row, from left, managers, Tara Biga, Kelley Hurd, Jordana Cheing, second row, Julie Jackson, Mindy Fulks, Susan Browne, Lisa Creviston, Vicky Branson, Karen Catey, Londa Murphy, Micci Townsend, Coach Ricketts The varsity ended the year with Rebounding: Vicky Branson-296. V - J a fine 10-9 record. Coach Ric- Assists, lVlicci Townsend-73. S ketts stated, llWith hard work, we should be a big threat next year. I We need to Cut down on errors A!lVlicci Townsend dribbles across the ten and become more free lance." second line with the ref watching closely. . Outstanding performers included lVlicci was one ofthe regular starters. S h I B!Susan Browne powers the ball up over t ese team 'eaders' Free throw three Union City defenders on a fast percentageg Julie Jackson-69f!Q. break. Susan was also a starter. l H . o - I 5' XE ,V Y ' .. . L ,f r- is P7 -91 S L r,f T A "' " T' .,,.s-Q ,. '-f' "" 'T all C V I ,..-:rv-'rv . 1' . ,L . ",-"5 as ' . ,.,,,,,,,,, A M Q A B , 114 Girls Varsity basketball Junior Squad Finishes Wth 8-6 Slate The J.V. squad finished up their season with a 8-6 slate. Coach Wright stated, uit was a team effort, all players have con- tributed to the teams success with hard work and dedication to the game." Team leaders included: Scoring, Tricia Crowe-76 points. Reboundingg Karen Hamm- 1 1 1. Assists, Kim Ryan-23. Free throw percent, Laurie Sheets- 5570. AlLynette Powell throws a cross-court pass to teammate Tricia Crowe. Kim Ryan works the center position waiting alertly. B!Kim tlLefty" Ryan leads a fast break after a steal. Kim was a real asset to the team. Lynette Powell trails. lf. Q-QQQKNMW M- B X, W7 - Lt xg. . -sx, W-A . ni in NX'-Q., GIRLS RESERVE BASKETBALL, front row, from left, manager, Tara Biga, second row, Lynette Powell, Laurie Sheets, Carla Haisley, Tammy Smith, third row, Joy Brown, Tricia Crowe, Amy Ingle, Lisa Hoover, fourth row, manager Kelley Hurd, Kim Ryan, Karen Hamm, Barbara Coddington, Coach Wright, Jordana Cheing, manager Girls B-Team Basketball 115 Wczhnedelghth grade. squad p with a winning 6-5 Breaks .500 Eeocfify feifmiiaifitnllaiiliiiin was leading scorer with a 17.5 - per game average. Krista Lewis II A 615 was second in scoring with a 4.5 per game average. Dx - The seventh grade girls team had a rough time getting things together, posting a 2-9 record. All of the seventh graders will return for their repeat perfor- mance on next years eighth grade squad. Layshaa Ward led in scoring. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL, front row, from left, Traci Biga, Jody Farmer, Deidre Bane, Kari Stroebel, Teresa lVlercer, Rachel Sheeley, 2nd row, Coach Bussell, Jolene Creech, Jane Lahmann, Kim Hieger, Krista Lewis, Kathy Laswell, Brenda lVlartin. zi 43 Q. gf 'Q-nv' .I gc . .4 ,-- SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL, front row, from left, Traci Biga, Rachel Sheeley, 2nd row, April Apsley, Traci Fisher, Betsy Wil- liams, Kathy Wiwi, Angie Buroker, 3rd row, Coach Bussell, Jana Haisley, Julie Street, Linda Taylor, Jill Wilson, Layshaa Ward, Car- olyn Rogers, Kim Newton. 116fGirIs Junior High Basketball Grapplers Place Second In Conference The varsity grapplers ended their season with a winning record. They posted an 8-2 in dual meets, 4th at Jay Co., 10th at Connersville, 2nd in the con- ference, and a time 4th place at Sectional, York, Coates, Brooks, and Jones were conference champs, while Nocton and York were sectional champions. AfSenior Rod York, 145 pounds of pure muscle, works vigorously towards an- other pin. Rod won conference and sec- tional. B John Brooks appears to be rather fa' tigued after becoming crowned confer- ence champ. The ref had a hard work- out too. VARSITY WRESTLING, front row, from left, John Brooks, Rick Coates, Kevin Keith, Dan Ryan, Larry Lipscomb, 2nd row, Jerry Jones, Troy Bledsoe, Dudley Hamm, Doug Oler, lVlike Lipscomb, 3rd row, Coach Emery, Tim Nocton, Rod York, Jerry Urich, Coach Lower. RESERVE WRESTLING, front rovv, from left, Tom Perry, Jeff Perry, David Benge, Steve Long, 2nd row, Coach Emery, Kevin Heeter, Mark Robbins, Pat Lahmann, Coach Lower. MEN IIN :mx , X 'mv W X7 x 'mm N" Jinx 1 KNIGHTS PRIDE, front row, from left, Ronda Ozbun, Carol Sharp, Laurie Sheets, Julie Collett, Amy Robinson, 2nd row, Becky lVleyer, Brenda Fuchs, Brenda Herrmann, Monica Shelton, Jennifer Harris, Kelley Hurd. l18fB-Team and Knights Pride

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