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Qi Ea Qifgfp N 1. 553135 a QLQJUEX JQISU U TH U H3 :J- Q C: ID C-'P' ,C-7.2. 'J CD C""+' :J 5 MENTS sf U15 I? 'iw Aiwa P' O R .--16267 6 J' 6 W 38, W lfnmg X313 mm Y 45 ox 665610 Q2 KR QOAOE ' X ,. ,.' X e Z 2? 6,3 ffm of WW QD 485 Tha! Zfe e Tha DQHI - ' O ffoss wewse- We Days Wffvoeffs fffzvf avec . Fkamosmns dw M57 FOQEVEA fiwo lava-se . Wwe wemams ins, .,. 5:1 Bur Muff 0?'ffeef51aavseva. izi: FQ'- 'ilu bi.: bg. P24 , . 52:2 3... F24 fn'- Zvi 54: iwe:s::::s5s::f:s::s::::::e:e 195 Kemps Pas By, 51 Wav Eefwns was ham, A Bfaasze 5cn77e'As Dwi. :2:1: Bu? ,Vow Em-5 me Gffwc-Q1 I- Zffc Mm Bacawf Days, W'-5 32.554 70,246 75 GUSI5. 7k 13051 Cbvees News M0 A-M 'lbwc-47 oC12emw-1 E Yfielwys Tm we ww 5 M0141 Hfvw-ff? OC71k9-fkem H1 .3 Wu Affmoan. us 41:4 . ' 9471104160 Zkya Be Cffffzfwgg MANY 7757925 wh.: 57744. E954 , UUE HQKNO5 191961914 Jflscmg Mf Mfofwounc wwf ' Gaz Wouefrfs um 261186 55056 Maas me D475-" EY fiswffvfr wfLa0f2,xf u.a' ..,. a'u' .g.g ...- .... 2:!:f:f:!:f:!:f:f:g'x?A 'sf, We P-mv of Bw Mefvawes 524 O O 3 S 5 S 4 May 14, 1978 Is IBig Day' For Seniors 'fx Ag SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS, from left, Betsy Nocton, secretary, Kim Nicholson, re- porter, Karen Tucker, president, Scott Lacey, treasurer, Steve Esarey, vice-president. r Yr- N. llWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." This was the motto for the Seniors of 1978. In September, the girls won the powder-put? game to succeed in becoming the only class to win it as both juniors and seniors. De- cember brought the Christmas tree tradition in which the class participated. Although 46 left mid- term, the class didn't lose their spirit. At the sectional pep session, they showed their unity by build- ing the winning pyramid for the second consecutive year. The classmates will head their separate ways, but the memories and friendships that they've made will -stay with them forever. LISA ATKINS-Cadet Teacher 3,4, Drama Club 4, H.0.T. Club 4, treas., Latin Club 1-4, Pres. 4, Library Club 2-4. MIKE BAILEY-Journalism I 3. DUANE BAKER-Cross Coun- try 2. Lisa Atkins Mike Bailey Duane Baker W -2 1 fa LORI BENNER-GAA 2-4, Badminton 2-4, Volleyball 2- 4, Gymnastics 2-4, Cadet Teacher 4, Damsel 1-4, Capt. 4, Spanish Club 1, Letterman Club 4. TONY BOSWELL-Cadet Teacher 3, Journalism I 3, Journalism II 4. MIKE BROWN-Cross Coun- try 2-4, Honor Society 3,4, ' Track 1-4, Karate Club 1,2,4, vi Who's Who Among American . High School Students 3. Lori Benner Tony Boswell Mike Brown 5 STEVE BYRD MARCY CALLAHAN-Cadet Teacher 45 CFC 1-4, Sec. 45 H.O.T. Club 45 Library Club 1- 45 Spanish Club 25 Model Leg. 4. JEWELL CAM PBELL- Band 1-4, Drum Major 45 Cadet Teacher 3,45 Choir 1-4, V. Pres. 45 CFC 1-3, Sec. 35 Drama Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Girls State 35 Jazz Band 35 Knights People 45 Library Club 1-45 Student Council 2-4, Rep. 3, Sec. 45 Swing Choir 1-3. TONY CATRON-Basketball 1. BILL CHRIS KEITH CODDINGTON-Base- ball 15 Basketball 2,35 Jour- nalism I 35 Journalism II 45 Football 3,45 Class Sec. 3. JONNY COLEMAN-Baseball 1-35 Spanish Club 35 Journal- ism I 3. MELISA COX-Girls State 35 Honor Society 2-4, Sec. 45 Li- brary Club 1-45 Library AV 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Stu- dent Council 1-3. RICK CREVISTON-Band 1-35 Baseball 25 Honor Society 2- 45 Track 3,45 Football 45 Salutatorian 4. LYNNETTE CUMMINS-Choir 1-35 H.O.T. Club 45 Library AV 3. STEVE CUMMINS-Basket- ball 1-45 Choir 1-4, Treas. 3, Pres. 45 F.C.A. 45 Library AV 45 Student Council 1,35 Track 3,45 Football 1,3,4, Capt. 45 Honor Society 1. BECKY DALE-Choir 1-35 CFC 15 H.O.T. Club 45 Jour- nalism I 25 Journalism II 35 Library Club 4. 6 51. . , ...fx gf'-fw.,1wf5vall ' 51 Xi!! s Q J' --If . 16 -eefifrlfsef. . Steve Byrd Marcy Callahan Jewell Campbell lk V I ai v I'-I n A I l M. Tony Catron Bill Chris Keith Coddington I 3 . I' ' , ' X X. I ., -1 1 ' E , . Jonny Coleman Melisa Cox Rick Creviston 5 S-. . fwvu , . , . we L . ,li 1.4. Lynnette Cummins 5 Steve Cummins Becky Dale 46 Mid-Termers Break Out In January 'vig' r -f-ft" we S xi f .lv Jamie Davis Randy Davis Mike Ellis gf' C"" Steve Esarey Brent Ferguson Susan Fisher JAMIE DAVIS-Band 1-35 Cadet Teacher 35 Choir 1-3, Latin Club 2,3, Sec. 25 Swing Choir 3. RANDY DAVIS-Drama Club 45 Track 3,45 Letterman Club 4. MIKE ELLISHArt Club 25 Li- brary Club 1-45 Photography Club 3,4. STEVE ESAREY-Band 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Baseball 1-45 F.C.A. 45 Boys State 35 Honor Society 2-45 Latin Club 1,25 Letterman Club 45 Class Treas. 1, V. Pres. 4. BRENT FERGUSON SUSAN FISHER-Cadet Teacher 35 CFC 1,25 GAA 1-35 Glee Club 25 H.0.T. Club 45 Spanish Club 1,2. iVlID-TERM SENIORS, front row, from left, Phil McDermitt, Mike Turner, Dickie Peed, Rick Pat terson, Bryan Nichols. Second row, Jim VanMiddlesworth, Cookie Hyre, Nancy Green, Joe Le- Lisa Jennings provides musical enter- tainment at the "FaIlin Into Winter" style show that was put on by the HOT Club. vandoski, Duane Baker, Darrell Wilson, Allen Sanders. Third row, Jill Shinn, Kim Vaden, Marsha Moberly, Debbie Young, Gerald King, Jarrell Wilson, Julie Murphy, Ellen Toschlog. Fourth row Lynrlette Cummins, Sherry Morgan, Jean Toschlog, Jennifer Robbins, Yolanda Nicholson, Becky Dale. Fifth row, Melvin Horner, Diane Smith, Debbie Terhaar, Tony Catron, Susan Fisher, Kelly Ward. Sixth row, Neil Thurston, Martin Ward, Brian Kenworthy, Bill Kurtz, Rick Thurston. ,Epidemic-Senioritis Outbreak Affects '78ers Nlelisa Cox and Dean Frame patiently h wait in line to order their graduation announcements and their cap and gowns. l l l TERRI FISHER-Library Club 45 Library AV 3,4. DEBBY FLEMING-Library Club 1-35 Library AV 35 Span- ish Club 1,25 Student Council 1,2. GLEN FODALE-Band 1-45 Cadet Teacher 3,45 Chess Club 1-45 Choir 3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Journalism I 35 Swing Choir 3,45 Karate 3,4, Rep. 4. KIM FOUCHE-Band 1-45 GAA 1,25 Gymnastics 1,25 Honor Society 45 Knights People 45 Latin Club 2,3, Cen- sore 2, Pres. 35 Science Club 3,4, V. Pres. 4. DEAN FRAME-Cross Coun- try 2-45 4-H 3,45 Tl'aCk 1-45 Letterman Club 4. DIANA FULLER-Cadet Teacher 45 Cheerleader 1,2, Choir 3,45 CFC 2-45 Glee Club 15 Journalism I 3. S "What can possibly happen next?" thinks a depressed Mrs. Backmeyer as she suffers through while Seniors Scott Lacey and Steve Cummins proceed in giving her a hard . l 1 gil T l l I l l,i. xL.L, .AL Photograph not available Glen Fodale 5 Q fi' V L, W X K gi Fouche Dean Frame Diana Fuller DALLAS GENTRY-Drama Club 45 F.F.A. 4. TERESA GRABLE-Cheer- leader 1-35 Drama Club 45 GAA 1,25 Library Club 1-45 Library AV 3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Student Council 1,4. NANCY GREEN-GAA 1-45 gowling 5,35 Volleyball 25 5, ,., panish lub 25 Cadet U Teacher 3. K ....--.': ---- Dallas Gentry Teresa Grable Nancy Green Chris Lahmann Receives D.A.R. Award Court member Lori Benner flashes a big , - V S- N , ' ,W .Y Wee-.. .,,......,.., A A smile to show how much the Winter Magic V " :'5"Q-E-. 51,51 LQQR' M1 Dance really was. W ' J' ' for ',,,,,' if V A - -W., V --rw K 'Tku ' V., an A 'fl' .5 4' , Q 1-at E , '-. Q "- 'A 4.1 - A .., -f H -- .-,5 .- 5 - -- aii- .Zhi iii!" , L ,... ' ' 'L 'R R' ' A . l XAVQ: ., , ' 9 I Q H, 5 X 1 I 9- ., 5 9.-Lf , 5- - - .1 -, ij 1 ,VM g 5 - ft 7' . J .2 vi ...i i -st. as ,. T QV '41 ' ASI, ' Q C' S ' ' I - i v 3 Agfa- ft - . N Lfgfp , f g X' 5, QM . 1 V " s X ' . of , 55, Q , 1 Q 5 . -A -r . ,J ,,, I 5153, -- s. . ' f . 'A 4 SJY R ' I sa WW -A 'nfff ' --F-6 - 5? ' , ,, Er , ' A-A, ec. s:"lu.....1z'-,.ui ' , .CQ 5 1 , .Aiea Fx' ' ii- 3 ,gi 1 5 41 A57 . at my as J' ' A ir -,LW . 5 . 4 I. .L A -. kc x , . I: A gm 4 .1. 5 ,. 5 NN! .. Q . g-:sf f ,, T2 4- 3 if- 5 iw, 4 erases- 5 ' - fy, J gp ER 3I:+Q'.2QLL'.1,L- ---' 43- '. ' , JV I ' :kay kay? 9 QQ! --5 T' ',f I ff' - V. K I "5 K ff 455 eww-rev -f D S . W, .2 J' ,V ,T 1 tg mfgvgi - 1 , - Q .Q f SENIOR ATHLETES, front row, from left, Eric Webster, Jim Low, Chris Lahmann, Carol Hamilton, Betsy Nocton, David Renyer. Second row, Joyce Hamm, Tami Sharp, Craig House, Kim Nicholson, Kathy Hurd, Kim Gwin, Lori Benner. Third row, Mike Brown, Randy Davis, Karen Turner, Steve Cummins, Dave Ketron, Steve Esarey, Doug Hopkins. Fourth row, Clayton Haisley, John Reynolds, Jeff McGill, Scott Lacey, Mike Seal, Kent Lewis, Mark Johnson, Dean Frame. KIM GWIN-GAA 1-45 Bad- ' 2 Q 5" minton 1-45 Bowling 2-45 , 17,5 5 '14 5? Volleyball 2-4, Capt. 45 ' f ' ' .' Cheerleader 1-4, Capt. 45 Spanish Club 1,25 Honor So- "' ciety 2-45 Cadet Teacher 4, CLAYTON HAISLEY-Art Club 15 Baseball 25 Cadet Teacher 2,35 Choir 45 Journalism I 35 Journalism II 45 Tennis 3,45 Track 3,45 Letterman Club 4. CAROL HAMILTON-Baskeb ball 3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 lgamsel 1,25 Student Council ,X ,- Kim Gwin Clayton Haisley Carol Hamilton 9 . YM, JOYCE HAMM-GAA 2-45 Badminton 2-45 Volleyball 2- 45 Bowling 2-45 Choir 15 Journalism I 45 Latin Club 2,35 Photography Club 45 Science Club 3,4, Sec. 4. RODNEY HARRIS-Choir 35 F.F.A. 1-4, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 45 4-H 1-35 Honor Society 3,45 Library Club 1,25 Library AV 2-45 Swing Choir 35 Wres- tling 25 Track 2,35 Photogra- phy Club 3, Pres. DAVID HEIGHWAY-Band 1- 45 Drum Major 45 Chess Club 1,25 Choir 3,45 Drama Club 1- 45 Honor Society 3,45 Jazz I Band 2,35 Library AV 45 Speech Club 45 Swing Choir 2-45 Boys State 3. MICHELLE HICKS-H.0.T. Club 45 Photography Club 4. DOUG HOPKINS-Band 1-45 Chess Club 1,25 Golf 2-45 Honor Society 2-45 Jazz Band 35 Knights People 45 Student Council 15 Track 15 Letterman Club 4. MELVIN HORNER-Cadet Teacher 35 F.F.A. 2,3. Joyce Hamm Rodney Harris David Heighway Michelle Hicks Doug Hopkins Melvin Horner --Lj,i7....,,1,,.5q,-v.-- CRAIG HOUSE-Band 1-4, X ' "' Pres. 45 Basketball 1,25 Cross Country 25 F.F.A. 1-4, V. Pres. 45 4-H 1-4, Treas. 35 Jazz Band 1-35 Knights -- "' ' People 45 Science Club 45 Student Council 3,45 Tennis 35 Track 1-45 Football 45 Let- terman Club 4. KATHY HURD-Band 1-45 Basketball 35 GAA 1-45 Bad- minton 2-45 Gymnastics 15 ' Volleyball 2,35 Bowling 3,45 Cadet Teacher 35 Damsel 1-45 Journalism II 45 Library Club 1-45 Library AV 45 Photogra- phy Club 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Student Council 3,4, Rep. 4. 'xx .3 XX X-. N 5 I 1 l X 'X xxx 3 ,,, , -X ---1 . ,.-- ---,,..-- . , -l ,41- Kim Nicholson, Betsy Nocton and Karen Tucker try to show off their crowns as the three snow queens. Craig House CLARENCE HYRE-Art Club 1-35 Treas. 1, Pres. 35 French Club 35 Wrestling 1. Kathy Hurd Clarence Hyre Graduation Day Approaches l Quicker With 17 Lisa Jennings Mark Johnson Brian Kenworthy David Ketron Gerald King Jeff Knipp Snow Days LISA JENNINGS-Band 15 Cadet Teacher 45 Choir 2-45 CFC 2-45 Knightengales 3,4. MARK JOHNSON-Basketball 1-45 Journalism I, 35 Library AV 4. BRIAN KENWORTHY-Crusa- ders For Christ 1-35 F.F.A. 2- 45 Class Pres. 1-3. DAVID KETRON-Band 1-45 Baseball 1,2,45 Cadet Teacher 35 F.F.A. 2,35 Boys State 35 Honor Society 2-4, Pres. 45 Knights People 45 Library AV 45 Letterman Club 45 Science Club 3,45 Pres. 45 Tennis 45 Wrestling 2,35 Valedictorian 4. GERALD KING-F.F.A. 1. JEFF KNIPP BILL KURTZ-Latin Club 2. SCO'l'l' LACEY-Band 1-35 Basketball 1-35 Cadet Teacher 45 F.F.A. 1-35 4-H 1- 3, Rep. 25 Shield Club 45 Track 15 Tennis 3,45 Class Treas. 1,3,4. CHRIS LAHMANN-Basket- bali 15 Cadet Teacher 45 Boys State 35 Drama 45 Honor So- ciety 3,45 Rep. 45 Journalism I 35 Shield Club 25 Student Council 2-45 Track 1-45 Foot- ball 1-4, Capt. 45 Letterman Club 45 Class V. Pres. 2. Bill Kurtz Scott Lacey Chris Lahmann T.- 9 ff- ' -----' 1 M-'I llfj:-l4,iYf' T i" -I! J 11 Melisa Cox Reigns Queen At Homecoming TAMMY LEGEAR-Cadet Teacher 35 Damsel 45 Drama Club 45 GAA 1,25 Volleyball 25 Journalism II 45 Library Club 1-45 Library AV 45 Spanish Club 1,25 Class Reporter 1. JOE LEVAN DOSKI-Class Re- porter 3. KENT LEWIS--Basketball 1,25 Journalism I 35 Journal- ism II 45 Track 1,45 Football 2-4, TERRY LOFTIS-Band 1-4, Sec. 45 Cadet Teacher 45 Drama Club 3,45 Speech Club 45 Model Leg. 3,4. JIM LOW-Band 15 Basket- ball 15 Baseball 3,45 Cross Country 15 Drama Club 45 Journalism I 35 Latin Club 45 Library Club 45 Photography Club 3,45 Science Club 2-4, Rep. 4, V. Pres. 35 Student Council 1-45 Shield Club 35 Football 2,45 Letterman Club 45 Model Leg. 2-45 Class Rep. 1,2. TONYA MADDOX-Glee Club 15 Journalism I 3. RANDY MARSHALL-Chess Club 1,25 Shield Club 3. TONI MCCONAHA-Cadet Teacher 3,45 Choir 1,25 CFC 45 4-H 15 H.0.T. Club 45 Li- brary Club 2-4. PHIL MCDERMITT The senior Damsels proudly wear their corsages that were presented to them by the underclassmen of the Damsel corps. They are, from left, Cathy Uhl, Tammy Legear, Kathy Hurd, Lori Ben- ner, Karen Turner, Pam Wicks. 12 y f Tammy Legear Joe Levandoski Kent Lewis Terry Loftis Jim Low Tonya Maddox Randy Marshall Toni McConaha Phil McDermltt Rodney Harris Crowned King JEFF McGILL-Band 1-45 Chess Club 1,25 F.C.A. 45 F.F.A. 2-45 4-H 1-3, V. Pres. 2,35 Jazz Band 1-35 Knights People 45 Football 2-4. MARSHA MOBERLY-Choir 4. TAMMY MONTONEY-Cadet Teacher 45 Cheerleader 1,3,45 Class Sec. 15 Drama Club 45 GAA 1,25 Honor Society 3,45 I Spanish Club 15 Student X K l f Council 1. Jeff McGill Marsha Moberly Tammy Montoney Eating in the dark proved to be no problem for Carol Hamilton as she stretches while gulping down her milk. To show their "gourmet" style of cooking, Dean Frame and Steve Byrd give their pizza a special touch as they try to cut lt with a plate. SHERRY MORGAN-Art Club 1-45 Sec. 35 Cadet Teacher 3. V RICK MORGENSTERN ' GREG MORRIS-Art Club 1,2 ' ' Baseball 15 Cadet Teacher 45 Model Leg. 3,4. ...I H .. I -, Sherry Morgan Rick Morgenstern Greg Morris 13 BRYAN NICHOLS KIM NICHOLSON-Badmin- ton 2-45 Cadet Teacher 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Choir 1-4, Sec, 45 Drama Club 2,45 Basketball 45 GAA 2-4, Pres. 45 Library Club 45 Science Club 2,35 Girls' State 35 Shield Club 35 Student Council 45 Volleyball 2-45 Letterman Club 45 Class Rep. 45 Model Leg. 3,4. YOLANDA NICHOLSON-Ca- det Teacher 35 Spanish Club 1. Q., J' Bryan Nichols Kim Nicholson Yolanda Nicholson Seniors Place On Top With BETSY NOCTON-Band 1-35 Basketball 3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 Damsel 2,35 4-H 1-4, Pres. 35 GAA 2-45 Volleyball 2-45 Honor Society 3,45 Journal- ism II 45 Photography Club 45 Letterman Club 45 Class Sec. 2,4. KENNY OLER-Baseball 2-45 Cadet Teacher 3,45 4-H 15 Journalism I 35 Journalism II 45 Library Club 45 Library AV 45 Photography Club 35 Let- terman Club 4, V. Pres. 45 Football 2-4. RICK PATTERSON BRENT PHELPS-Cadet Teacher 45 Library Club 3,45 Railroad Club 4. SCOTT PIERCE Sectional Pyramid Building Betsy Nocton Kenny Oler Rick Patterson x F , N 1!""f-sr Brent Phelps Scott Pierce . X f ' Seniors Kim Nicholson and Steve Esarey take one of the big steps toward the big day in May as they re- ceive graduation announcements in February. i 4 14 , . A P4 gf A U7 ,J 1 ' ii J , br' 1 'A of - ff' .. 61 at . - 1' ef an . , ,, . 5: -f., 1 My , A ,, ft 1, Y 6' U YI-.huge 9 fl K M " fbi, '21 .. v Kathy Reed David Renyer John Reynolds Jennifer Robbins Carol Roberts Chris Ruhl f"""l. 5 it Allen Sanders Steve Schilling 1 Mike Seal Tami Sharp KATHY REED-Cadet Teacher 45 Latin Club 2,3. DAVID RENYER-Baseball 1- 4, Capt. 45 Basketball 1,25 F.F.A. 1-4, Rep. 35 Sec. 45 Journalism I 35 Student Council 1-35 Football 2-4, Capt. 45 Wrestling 35 Let- terman Club 4. JOHN REYNOLDS-Basket- ball 1-35 French Club 2,35 Track 1-45 Football 45 Let- terman Club 4. JENNIFER ROBBINS-Band 1-35 Cadet Teacher 35 Choir 2,35 Damsel 1,25 Honor So- ciety 2-45 Student Council 1,25 Swing Choir 2,35 Model Leg. 3. CAROL ROBERTS-Art Club 25 H.O.T. Club 3, Pres.5 Jour- nalism I 3. CHRIS RUHL-Track 1. ALLEN SANDERS-Cadet Teacher 35 Journalism I 35 Track 2. STEVE SCHILLING MIKE SEAL-Basketball 1-45 Cadet Teacher 35 Cross Coun- try 15 F.C.A. 45 Journalism I 35 Journalism II 45 Library Club 45 Library AV 45 Student Council 1,25 Track 1,45 Let- terman Club 4, Pres. TAMI SHARP-GAA 2-45 Bowling 2-45 Cadet Teacher 45 Choir 2-4, Treas. 45 Drama Club 45 French Club 1,25 Journalism 145 Knightengales 3,4. 15 4 l JILL SHINN-Choir 35 H.0.T. Club 4. DAVID SMITHP-Cadet Teacher 45 Journalism I 3. DIANA SMITH-Cheerleader 15 Choir 25 CFC 1,25 H.0.T. Club 4. F. , - ,V r , I iii" , Jill Shinn David Smith Diana Smith Memory Books, Class Keys--Traditions KAY STAMPER-Choir 35 H.0.T. Club 4. I CURTIS STEVENS-Cadet Teacher 45 Chess Club 15 Choir 3,45 CFC 15 Latin Club 25 Swing Choir 35 Wrestling 5-gp Karate Club 3,4, Pres. o'Ei3e1E sum TERHARR- Cadet Teacher 3. fl ' U A NV f is-ft Kay Stamper Curtis Stevens Debbie Burt Terharr Dave Ketron, president of Honor So- . ciety, gives the opening speech at the induction ceremony in February. l . IIN 'x eplis' ig ng-I, Z.. Tammy Legear, Judy Tice, and Jim Low are three of the nine seniors that were induc- ted into Honor Society. Holding the candles symbolizing the light of the society, they happily participate in the ceremony. , I ' .4 'Q -- " jf- .Ya-, 6' 1 if H Q l 1 1 ' .I 1. l've heard of not being able to breathe . in the "?5t"00mf ,buf this If "idlCU'0U5! On a train platform, Tammy Legear, Kathy Hurd, Pam Wicks, Cathy Uhl, and Lori Ten Semqrs and 't rather Wm as they Benner do a hat and cane routine to Tuxedo Junction at the Variety Show while the an Cram 'mo one Stan- locomotive sits in the background. PATTY THORNBURG ROSS- Band 1-35 Cadet Teacher 3,45 CFC 15 Damsel 2,35 GAA 1-45 Gymnastics 2-45 Science Club 45 Volleyball Nlgr. 3. NEIL THURSTON-4-H 1,2. RICK THURSTON-F.F.A. 1- 4, Sentinel 35 4-H 1-45 Honor Society 2-4. Patty Thornburg Ross Neil Thurston Rick Thurston A an , JUDY TICE-Band 1-45 Cadet X Teacher 3,45 4-H 1-4, Sec. 1,2, Pres. 3,45 Knights People A 45 Journalism I 35 Journalism II 4, Editor-in-chief5 Honor I , ,, Society 4. 3 n .- S, V .IJ ' -A .5 A Judy Tice ELLEN TOSCHLOG-Glee . Club 1,25 Journalism I 25 " 8. Journalism II 3. JEAN TOSCHLOG-Art Club 'Q' 1-3, Pres, 35 Cadet Teacher 35 GAA 15 Journalism I 35 Li- brary Club 1-3. Ellen Toschlog Jean Toschlog 17 Ketron, Creviston, Heighway S Give Graduation Speeches KAREN TUCKER-Band 1-35 Cadet Teacher 45 French Club 3, Treas.5 GAA 45 Girls' State 35 Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Student Council 1- 35 Model Leg. Z-45 Class V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. KAREN TURNER-Band 1-35 Cadet Teacher 45 Damsel 1-4, Lieut. 3,45 F.F.A. Sweetheart 45 GAA 3,45 Journalism I 45 Volleyball 25 Letterman Club 45 Photography Club 4, Treas. ' MIKE TURNER-Cross Coun- - try 15 Journalism I 3. Karen Tucker Karen Turner Mike Turner 'r W ek,-15, 3, 9 Za. ati.. 'Sf .,., Billy Chris faces the ibig' problem that After receiving their diplomas, after being declared oflicial graduates, and after turn- occurred on graduation day-getting ing their tassels, Judy Tice and Mike Turner lead the class of 1978 out to a totally dif- the zipper in the gown uncaught! ferent W0l'ld- SHARON TURNER-Band 1- 45 Latin Club 1-3, Pres. 2,35 5 Library Club 25 Science Club 2-45 Cadet Teacher 3,4. CATHY UH L-Band 1-45 Ca- det Teacher 45 Choir 2,35 Swing Choir 2,45 Knighte- ngales 35 Crusaders For Christ 1-4, Council 1-45 V. Pres. 45 Damsel 1-4, Ser- geant 35 Spanish Club 25 H.0.T. Club 4, V, Pres. 45 Honor Society 2-4, Treas. 45 ' Journalism II 45 Library Club - 1-45 4-H 1-4, Sec. 1, Treas. 2,3. KIM VADEN-Glee Club 1,2. Sharon Turner Cathy Uhl Kim Vaden Eric Webster Pam Wicks Skip Wilburn , .,,,. I 5, . ,. .-"""v- 4:2 ' ,- --an e pf 9 tw! ,I it T-1 . t X ,lr y,rl',, ,Hf,,' ,' Mei.- Kathy Hurd and Cathy Uhl try to say goodbye and good luck to Pam Wicks but the only thing that comes is tears. They realize that parting is the saddest thing about JIM VAN MIDDLESWORTH- Chess Club 45 Railroad Club 45 Spanish Club 4. KELLY WAR D-Basketball 1. MARTIN WARD-Cadet Teacher 3. ERIC WEBSTER-Band 1-4, V. Pres. 45 Cross Country 2-45 Drama Club 45 Honor Society 3,4, V. Pres. 45 Library AV 45 Student Council 1-4, Treas. 45 Track 2-45 Letterman Club 45 Model Leg. 3. PAM WICKS-Choir 1-45 Damsel 2-4, Sergeant 3,45 Journalism II 45 Knighte- ngales 45 Journalism I 25 Drama Club 4. SKIP WILBURN-Wrestling 2,3. 'Q l These senior girls gather to con- gratulate each other, knowing that goodbye doesn't mean forever. 3 ZJIQ JQEQJ I ,fs I : , .4 . 4. I I 4 , f ' 4 . 1. " f :fi "' ,, is we - I r, V L. Ii 4 Q Ma - 4, .. , X I-:ff - f' , ' 4257 Q, 1 ,,lllffI,f ,ii ii ..,' H Q "- "f I U I D X' :SI f U s 8 3, N graduating. U BRAD WILLIAMSON-Bas- ketball 2-45 F.F.A. 1-4, Rep. 45 Journalism I 45 Library AV 45 Football 2-4. DARRELL WILSON-Journal- ism I 35 Wrestling 1. JARRELL WILSON-Art Club 15 Cadet Teacher 35 Chess Club 1-35 F.F.A, 1-45 French Club 15 Journalism I 25 Jour- nalism II 3. A --X ...Q Brad Williamson Darrell Wilson Jarrell Wilson "' "What are you doing upside down?" aslgs M" Jeff McGill as he hangs from the ropes in the gym. il , :ting -4 X rc ft, vgdlfw- x 7 'du v' . -4' "E:'?M', ,Q Iwi pays- A D-fi' I' H J afff'1'.TQ" A V f"" "': L.. ' wt' -wsu-' "Is he ok?" thinks Tammy Legear as she -ft "" " A , stares in wonder at Mike Seal. SAN DY WINTERS-Art Club 2,3, Treas. 35 Cadet Teacher 45 Honor Society 2-45 Jour- nalism I 35 Journalism II 4. MARLENE WOLFAL-Span- ish Club 2,35 Honor Society 354. CINDY WRIGHT-Cadet Teacher 45 Spanish Club 354, Sec. 35 Student Council 4, Pres. 20 4-G?" Master and Mistress Dave Ketron and ' " Sharon Turner were the emcees for the 1978 Variety Show. Sandy Winters Marlene Wolfal Cindy Wright Nlarty Wyramon MARTY WYRAMON SUE YOSTfChoir 3,4g Drama Club 45 Journalism l 35 Knightengales 4. DEBBIE YOUNG-Cadet Teacher 3. ,pb I Sue Yost Debbie Young ,,.,... sr . . j 4 if Chris Lahmann tries to defend himself as he appears to be fighting off all his imaginary girl fans, ipx. rx? ,Z Kim Fouche plays with her scientific l?l rats during her experiments, She won the Eis- enhower Scholarship and along with it came 510,000 for college tuition. Above-The newly pronounced graduates of 1978 stand up to leave, Below-The senior countdown sign was put up in Mrs. Backmeyer's room thirty school days before May 14. All the seniors helped decorate it by sprawling their names across it. -Q ' Na I 3 1,1 Sf" S X. Ksnuuv X, ,X 'Q fa P -A- A 1 L X3 '-.S-"'..f I KX '33 1 ..., :Q .N if rl. fl T 12 .- , '--nil I "'il!4' l' i I Long Awaited Senior Year Coming Soon 127 juniors began to get jumpy as they prepared for their final senior year at NHS. The most exciting part of the junior year was their 1978 prom. Juniors spent an estimated S1100 from the S1200 they helped the school earn by sell- ing magazine subscriptions. The juniors ranked lst in selling the subscriptions. The band Abacus played the theme song for the prom, ilThe Way I Feel Tonight," April 29th at the Lee's Inn. Bonnie Combs stated, 'The class of '79' brings me surprises every year." 1- - LS -gi Junior class officers, from left, Shelly Frazier, Jenny Flamm, Gayle Hartman Kim Wyramon, Tenley Davis. T , . A "Y N .infldf Keith Adams Sammy Alexander Tina Apsley Peter Atkins Kenny Bailey Tim Bailey Brenda Baker Cindy Baker Ann Beatty Bev Blair Diana Blue John Bockhofer Mike Brandley Mike Brobeck Kevin Brookshear Roger Brown Kelly Butler David Coddington Larinda Coddington Jeana Coffey Bonnie Combs Mike Conway Rhoda Creech Curtis Cummins David Davis Kim Davis Roberta Davis Tenley Davis Teresa Davis Rex Dillman Class of 79' Finds Plenty Julie Hubbell shows her acting abilities as she played the part of Kim lVlacAfee in the play Bye Bye Birdie Nov 11, Gena Dishner Diane Drudy Patricia Eales Carol Ferguson Jenny Flamm Teresa Fleming Andy Fodale Gary Fox Benita Frame Marlene Frame Tim Frame Victor Frame Shelly Frazier Ann Frilling Karen Fuller Clovetta Graves Allen Gray Steve Guard Brenda Hall Sandy Hall Gayle Hartman Vikki Hawkins Jeff Himelick Debbie Hinshaw Julie Hubbell Pam Ingram Rena Jackson Bruce Johnson David Johnson Valerie Johnson of Extra Time For lPlay' Juniors Rhonna Wilburn and Shelly Frazier seem to be amazed to see Myra Nichols catch the ball at the second NHS powder puff football game in September. Coach Rawlings gave it his best, but couldn't quite put it together as the seniors got a victory. l rf' -Uk 3' wifi Nu.. Dorothy Lahmann, Myra Nichols, and Judi Low start to put the finishing touch on the dresses they had been working on for several weeks in Miss Pollard's home economics class during the earlier part of the year. Mark Keller Kim Ketron Randy King Tim Kirby Pam Knoll Debbie Koons Dennis Ladd Dorothy Lahmann Kenny Laswell James Lee Mike Legear Holly Leonard Nannette Lipscomb Lynette Loper fo uv LOW Mike Lowden Alesia Madelans V Teresa Madelans Brenda Mashburn Bruce Mathews Kathy Mayberry Tammy McClure Cindy McNamara Steve Meyer Anthony Moberly Susie Monroe Becky Moore Lynn Moore Mike Mullady Helen Nichols Myra Nichols Darrell Nicholson Roxsanna Norris Teresa Oler Lisa Owens Shelly Ozbun ..., .- Susie Monroe finds it more entertaining to look at our photographer than to lis- ten to Mr. Lower's English lesson. 25 Juniors Learn lFun' of PSAT Test ed 4 Kim Wyramon NOT PICTURED Debbie Clevenger Chuck Snipe Edward Timmons Kim Whalen 'lDawn was an enthusiastic member of our C.F.C. She loved life as was evidenced by her radiant smile. We can't mea- sure her life by the length of her years but only with the full- ness with which it was Iived." Mrs. Ruth Williamson C.F.C. tCrusaders For Christi Sponsor 26 IN MEMORY DAWN RAGAINS JULY 7, 1961 NOVEMBER 25, 1977 Robert Parks Sabrina Petry Billie Jo Pierson Suzanna Rayborn Larry Redd Tracey Reuter Sue Ross Barbara Russell Gary Ryan Steve Schneider Delisa Schuerman Mark Seal Greg Shock Kellie Smith Penny Smitn Toni Stamper Karen Street Judy Taylor lVIark Thomas Brian Tucker Tony Valant Wendell Wadsworth Annette Walters Randy Wickman Tim Wickman Rhonna Wilburn Pam Williams Jeff Wise Lisa Wrenn Lois Wrenn Sophomores Treasure Class Rings 4-Ever The class of 1980: Two of the main events of their sophomore year was getting their class rings and drivers licenses after their teachers llenjoyed" a summer of teaching them. It was a thrill for the sopho- mores to see the familiar faces of their athletic buddies on the floor participating in the B-team and some in the varsity sports. They had taken a big step in their lives as a student at NHS and most made the best of it. Sophomore Terry Legear stated, llI'm really honored to be in the sophomore class and to be representing the class as a cheerleader." Sophomore class officers, from left, Kelly Brooks, Terry Legear, Kevin Lewis Teresa Street. J W Y , . , gf Lisa Abrams Renee Ambler Luanne Anderson Becky Bales Mark Barker Ed Berry Sandy Berry Joe Bleill Wayne Bond Beth Bockhofer Pat Brobeck Judy Brooks Kelly Brooks Tammy Brown Dennis Bryant Lisa Burke Doug Byrd David Campbell Sabrina Cavin John Chaney Kip Coats Vanna Conley Bud Conway Mark Coyle Linda Creviston Greg Crist Alvin Crowe Mike Cummins Tammy Cummings Tom Cummings Sue McGhee Wins Stereo In Drawing The highlight of the sophomore's year was the October. 28 arrival of their class rings in John Detweiler Scott Dillman Dave Drudy Lori Dunn Steve Ervin Sharon Evans Robert Ferguson Jeff Finley Jim Fisher Sherry Fisher Shirley Fisher Randy Fox John Frame Leah Freeland Beverly Fuchs Melinda Grays Penny Guthrie Ross Gwin Sharon Hackworth Doug Hamilton Sandy Hamm Keri Harkleroad Bruce Harris Jeff Hartman Debbie Heighway Cheryl Henry Rhonda Herron Jeff Hersey Duane Hieger Tim Higgs U x C i Here's our lucky winner of the stereo, Susan McGhee, standing and dreaming of the disco albums she'Il play. Mr. Nordmann, however, visualizes a nice Beethoven concert, since the hectic magazine sales are over. 1 -J, - S J if Bruce Hinshaw Cam Homer Darla Horner Joyce Huntington Ronnie Hyre Jim Jackson Kenny Jenkins Lisa Johnson Teresa Johnson Glen King Kathy King Joey Klemann Randall Lacey Pam Lakes Terry Lafferty Kim Langley Ranate Lanter Rodney Lanter Kurt Laswell Lisa Lee Terry Legear Kevin Lewis Sherry Lipscomb Greg Long Brian Lowden Rick Maddox Rex Madelans Debbie Martin Adina Mason Karen Mayberry Ronnie McClain Scott McDaniels Dennis McDermitt Susan McGhee Debbie Miller John Monroe Toby Moore David Morgan Missy Morgenstern Peggy Mullady Cecil Mullins Becky Newman Scott Nicholson Mary Nocton Jeff Norris Mike Oler Tim Oler Jill Owens Pattie Parker Rick Parker Don Pennington Duane Pettit Paul Pickering Janie Plankenhorn Sophomores Clutch Licenses For 1st Time . Y' Br YP 'F , 7.1 Ti 7 f 9 K F 9: TP iv- .1 I' 'ez my , ' ' ,J T ' 59 + ., 1 S 31334 i-.-'-.25 1 NOT PICTURED Ruth Blunk Butch Jennings John Campbell Teresa Oler Jeff Grays Jerry Pearson Rick Hensly James Pickering Johnny Hoff Steve Ringly The first two layers of the sophomore pyramid struggle under the weight of fellow classmen to show their spirit at the sectional pep ses- sion held in early March. 30 Mark Ward Mark Woodruff Mary Wright Steve Wringley Ronald Wyatt Shirley Powell Elaine Price Debbie Pugh Ann Ranck Nancy Rayborn Mike Redmeyer Liz Reed Paul Reuter Kathy Robinson Mike Robinson Jo Sadler Annette Sanders Tonja Schilling Sharron Seal Melissa Shelley Eric Sittloh Darlene Skinner Duane Smith John Smith Kim Smith Tammy Sparks Marsha Starn Randy Stegall Bobby Stoker Teresa Street Bill Swearingen Peggy Taylor Pam Terhaar Don Thurston Mary Tice Ruby Tice Sandy Toschlog Verlinda Toschlog Jeff Tudor Carol Turner David Turner Class Of '81s You've Got 3 Years Left! Winning the Wayne County and Randolph Southern 4-Way Basketball Tourneys was a highlight of the freshman class. Their trophies added to the school collection and were proudly on display in the office. The class of 1981 ordered class rings in lVlay as many of the 147 freshmen excitedly awaited their arrival. The time should pass quickly with driver education filling the summer days. Freshman class oflicersg from left, John Brooks, Greg Finley, Tonya Legear Laura Mandee Adams Jimmy Apsley Charlie Bailey Eric Baker Kevin Baker Rick Berry Janie Blunk John Bond Randy Boswell Kevin Boyce Jeff Boyd David Brawley Richard Brawley Kim Bridgeford Libby Brim Lora Bromagen John Brooks Mary Brooks Dennis Brown Donald Brown Susan Browne Sally Bryant Robin Bunger Jesse Burns John Burgoon Joe Butler Don Byrd Terri Byrkett Jane Campbell Teresa Carrier Freshmen Taste Victory In Two Tourneys Freshman Marla Limbrey and Tonya Legear try to act innocent, but our sneaky photographer caught them in the act, the problem is . . . at what! V .LJ 32 Marjorie Gibbons stops a minute to daydream of the fun she'll have over spring vaca- tion. Meanwhile, Mike Powell, Rank Marshall and Randy Boswell study super-hard so that they can pass Miss Rutkowski's test . . . and have a vacation free from worry of failing. Ray Chaney Jan Clements Rickie Coats Kristi Cope Sherri Coyle Jay Crowe Shelly Crowe Beth Dale Billy Davis Lisa Dawson Linda Deanovic Bobby Dillman Rhonda Dillman Pam Elmore Brenda Engle Patty Ferguson Greg Finley Kim Fisher Mary Alice- Frame Albert Fullerton Marjorie Gibbons ' Sandy Hall Dudley Hamm Julie Harter Laura Hawkins Brenda Herrmann Mike Herron Tommy Hill Rodney Hoffman Kelley Hurd X at A Doug Jay Carolyn Johnson Mike Johnson Jerry Jones Loretta King Mike Kirby -I 'S Lisa Kirtley Susan Klosterman Dave Kurtz Steve Kurtz Starla Kutche Joe Ladd Sonya Land Tonya Legear Marla Limbrey Eugenia Lipscomb Tony Long Rank Marshall Bobby Martin Doug Matheny Ronda McQueen Sherri Mers Becky Meyer Debbie Michaels Fay Moore Greg Moore Danny Moorelield Tom Mooreheld Teresa Morgan Scott Murray Eric Myers Tim Meyer Sid Newbold Arline Nichols Tim Nocton Lisa Nufrio Doug Oler Lisa Oler Neil Pardo Tom Pearson Ann Phelps Teresa Pierce Cheryl Pond Mike Powell Steve Powell Kim Radford Carol Rayborn Steve Redmeyer Kelly Reuter Dave Rich Kevin Riley Larry Riley Rick Ross Jimmie Russell Janet Sanders Rodney Schweizer Charlene See Tracy Shock Kim Shockney Daryl Smith Class Rings Bring Smiles To Their Faces Jay Crowe does 'lthe robot" to one of the songs from "Saturday Night Fever" at the Valentine Disco Dance sponsored by the Spanish Club. .... jx ' A". A n viz ' 4 . I- 5 P V A ' ls 5 , " if l 4 13 ,- Q A Q x x ,J 3 .1 ,Q A , UC 3 A f M3 1 5 A f' ' 1 4 'V g , sl .pa -Q , iff. " LY' :yin i 'A-s A if .,. NOT PICTURED Ruth Gray Jerry Martin Rich Townsend 34 as My .. ., Lisa Nufrio pays close attetion to Miss Rutkowski in lirst year French class as Lora Bramagen begins to get a touch of an infectious disease that struck in April and May: Spring Fever. A common symptom was a desire to spend every waking minute out in the sun. Sharon Smith Kim Snapp Alan Stamper Bobby Stigleman Deanna Terhaar r Heather Thomas - Tim Toschlog Kristi Trimble Amy Turner - . A , , Rusty Urich Candi Vaden L aa " r we L or if i 1 X ,L Uk :Jig 1 5 p 'ki , s ,FT if , - 'P' L ' t Aki' .:..l l E Cindy Wadsworth ' -w sw ici- Glen Walters Eric Ward . Kim Waterman , ' , , - 3 Rob Webb ' ,F ft Rick Westler .1 Sara Williamson Jimmy Wills Jimmy Winters Steve Wrenn . Rodney York Y 1 .. I . , , A .X A , ' T ., " , i Ma gg, 'jg 1 ' . 'ie 4 it rg . . . ..-e . 1 C ts A, M 38 Class of '82: About 1,540 School Hours Left One of the largest classes ever to stampede through the halls of NHS was the eighth graders. The class of '82 consisted of 182 students as they completed their last year of junior high. Required subjects for the class were English, math, social studies, and science. Elective subjects were home economics or industrial arts, band or the 12 week course of art, music, and physical education. - ' S M' - 5,15 .5 K 'M fu V1 N- We K ' 2 is kf,, 5 .A f bu ff? fi , , Q3 2 stiff ' l 9 A ..- .4 if A j ' vp Eighth grade class officers, from front left, Liz George, Damita Hawkins, Sherri Berry ll fi . J if fi' fx, 4 .F Y . A g1..' ., ,J ', EIA? Michelle Abrams Tony Alexander Rhonda Ambler Anita Ankrom Alice Baker Beth Barker Dana Barker David Bartram Mike Benge Sherri Berry Tara Biga Dale Blunk Lynetta Bockhofer Mike Bossert Janelle Boyce Vicky Branson Joy Brown Tom Bullock Jimmy Bunger Anthony Burdette Anita Burke Susan Burns Mike Campbell Tammy Campbell Pam Carlton Karen Catey Barbara Coddington Belinda Cohee Julie Collett Kim Cope Mike Cosgrove Marty Coyle Jeff Colvin Beth Creviston Cathy Cross Mike Cummings 182 Eighth Graders Swell Hallsg Largest Class Ever ,TWV ,...,X.., .gi , X . F if fs 3 SK 'Q Saw 5 , 14, -x 1-W Q " rl lf. L , l , A . 1 ' ' f - ' I' - ' 1. J' "X 1. A,-l Q ' l 7' 'QQ A ' '. ., e 3 W .2 ' :gi QE F fs, 1, . ia 1 -f' - , ,- U, .Tr y i, , 'Q' ,. ,. I ala to I, 'vs ' f ..z: -.p - is .s ite' btw E likckrn .t X, A-We ii 5 f- 2 ' 1 ' . 7 dj, Dona Cutler Randy Davis Frankie Day Earnie Eggers Steve Ellison Kim Elmore Debbie Fisher Dorothy Fisher Tammy Fisher Peter Frame Paula Frazier Brenda Fuchs Rick Gabbard Liz George Tammy George Christal Graves Belinda Grays Elizabeth Guard James Hall Helen Hamm Damita Hawkins Dan Heighway Brian Herrmann Darla Herron it t Vonda Hersey i Linda Hieger , 0 .- 'fl Stacy Hill A 'A Tammy Hill ..- it Charlotte Hollingsworth A 1, Louis Hubble sri . - - W Pam Turner and Lori Mullins sit while awaitin their turn at a word in the junior hi h isgoslnligpggggffffnglfgsniyptlgifj gg' spelling bee. While Lori wonders about the woed she will have to spell Pam wondersgif ' those boots were really made for walkin'. work studying to become a better student. ---sung v. 1 9- Ugg, :fi gl, Eighth grade art classes wouldn't be the same without such talented and energetic students as these. In this class, Charlotte Hollingsworth eagerly observes in amaze- ment as Jeff Shehan shows his artistic talent by macrameing with 'ljust one hand." Is David Keller: A. flipping out? B. imi- tating Mr. Pulley? or C. entering a Mickey Mouse look-a-like contest? x,...a., L Q 1 , J' 0 Q, -1 i ' -1 , U Sl '3' -4 ff Jeff Huntington Sam Hyre Julie Jackson Mark Jennings Doug Johnson Jeff Kaucher Brian Kaufman Dana Keal Dave Keller Tom King Greg Kirkman Rhonda Koons Scott Kramer Darren Lacey ? K 1,2 X and Tom Ladd Pat Lahmann Lisa Lakes Nan Langley K -pf .... an JS s ...A if Karl Laswell Tina Lawrence Teresa Lee Larry Lipscomb Mike Lipscomb Tim Longfellow John Longnecker Laurie Loper Mike Loper Shari Lovens Brenda Lynch Tammy Lyons .l Julie Madelans Julie Malloris Rome Marshall Marla Martin Mary Martin Rob Martin 37 Eighth Graders Tromp Thru NHS Halls V L ifffilf 4 Ronnie Martin , V Mike Martin . , 4, ,Z 3, Steven Martin . X. , 2 r ,Q Kenny Mayberry ,. , ' ' " ' P i' ' Linda Mayberry 'Jr V Wy' - myVy Ve Denise McDaniel - Q E - , P Jean McGon9h . V., ,V ,QA I , . . Q fp. L yJ"v r ...4-'Y ' ff: . , - fi , .,, i - g aa .,, a ' i .em L "4 B .. , V. V 3,5 ,.t.,t , www, W, ., . V ., W , . ,wig -' fr X ff - 1 . V - r-n'eri' as V- . V A ' - ' M f V Q ,L 3- i "F i e -, . , V 4 Q' f ' 'K ' 1' Q i ' 'M' ' " ,, Z tit. V " 7 'E A ,,tt ' . S ' 4 ' G K' -f i 'ff v. Lg , fi if L Y il -' iiiti P S P Q 1 stt -X ' at E .QV Z . 4- 11 1' 4 ,N .af Q Q 4 f 1 ea? x i S s - V0 A srry Va . , 2. "A"' 1 1- A - L "Well boys it's time we got things straight," states Mr. Bob Wright, physical education instructor. As it seems, most of the boys aren't going to be able to tell the difference between play tl and the option play. , R. XMX , .., .,i . , .nigga .r. C ix . XM V ,jf f Steve Mexin '- Jo Michaels Earl Miller ' Rod Miller K. David Mink PA-Z - 'fee -M xsegews-,og X Cindy Minniear Helen Moberly Lori Mullins Londa Murphy ' " Tom Murray Lisa Musselman 1 Cindy Newton Sandy Nichols Susan Nichols P . Eric Nicholson -1' f Gary Nunn i Ronnie Oler Sandy Parrett , Terri Phenis - Jerry Pickering - Curt Pierce E George Powell H.. Vg .AL Lynn Powell Lisa Railsback Dale Ragains Michelle Ramey Joannie Reynolds 1 Rocky Roberts 0 " Dana Rodgers N. Eighth grader Steve Mexin takes a break from working at a math problem in Mr. Weaver's tifth period math class. il-fi, w , wr 4 .f ' .1 ll fi' . ,Ai F a -v ,XX iff, ' - .4 Q I' l ' l , . X NOT PICTURED David Ferguson Rusty Gabbard Tim Higgs Raleigh Hollon Penny Lewis Dale Michaels Gina Plowman Mark Robbins Willard Shilts Mark Stamper Kathy Turner Pam Turner Todd York . . , '- Y , new 'f 'F ,- e 'B r 1 -.U , ,U 3' 'tr .F K? SN t 0 -0, ' I 0 rv ffm ff tx H, S qi i . Q, .4 - :I ,,.i y! 5 Sie 4 Q . S, , . ,l Y. I I M' S. . Q 1- L -Q 1 ,r mx f I an Q fi ,hx ,N ,. L J A ! 'kxiff - Wok Pe Z A K Tim Yandl A 1 . "fl F' S5241 'ff ' Q -x ., 'S , , 93 Y, g , Mx -v If s as ' x x Terry Rogers John Russell Jeff Ryan Sharon Schilling Tammy Seal Laurie Sheets Jeff Shehan Vince Shockney Ken Silva Kandi Smiley Tommy Sparks Bill Smith Billy Smith Jeff Smith Mike Smith Robbie Smith Randy Snipe Michal Stanford Rich Stegal Sherri Stonebraker Trent Thorman Shawn Thomlinson Vickie Toschlog Sherri Tudor Janie Turner Jerry Urich Ginger Wadsworth Darlene Walcott Paul Waterman Debbie Weintraut Robbie Wells Steve Williams David Wilson Tony Wilson Mike Wise Vicki Wogaman Eighth grade grammar class can be hard work at times. Doug Johnson, shuffling his booksg Earl Miller, reading "Sports Illustratedf' and Robbie Smith, walking around the room, illustrate how "rough" it can be on a person. , r.,.. ' i First Year At NHS Is Rewarding Courses they were required to take on a full-year basis were English, math, and social stud- ies. In addition, boys took a full year of industrial arts and girls studied home economics. Stu- dents had the option to take a full year of band or 12 weeks of music, physical education, and art. All students took 9 weeks of science, Indiana history, French, and crafts. Susan Toschlog, and Lisa Creviston. no' 1" ,fu Q Seventh grade class ofhcers, from left, Mary Toschlog, Pam Gaston, Dennis Frame ,, ,lv l .J Y I x"' FTW! s gn, 93,1 :Ez . T., , ' uigmg rg I. - D D- I A gig t, -1 , A T- 2 5 . Qi " e 1 I . .. '. U -ii 4 r' 'Cixi s, f . F 1 l ,. E :., 11 - ,arf 'ff' - ' ki +5 A -fs t tt 4 1 40 Max Adams Randy Adams Kelly Alexander Kara Atkins Tim Bales Todd Barker Chris Bartram Scott Berry Daren Bickel Joe Bond Sheryl Branson Doug Bridgeford James Brown Lora Brown Lisa Burns Teresa Bunger Angie Burke Dennis Byrd Tim Camden Jimmy Causey Mark Campbell Darla Carrier Jami Catron Sherri Cavin Darla Chaney Brian Clay Gretchen Conner Tammy Cosgrove Rhonda Cox Michelle Crist 'W f A -1 .3 - , .1 .. . . 1, me 1 53. K 4 TQ . ,,,, Q l 6 , . ' -v me L- A V A " e x we . 5 1. .' L -'-f'- li. 4 i ..... "X - M . . - fafi- 1 'ff' Y 'F .I gm. is, ' ., i ' ,. ., l ,, . Qi " V1 .. Q ix'-'C ' .- V. fs., .1 , - 1 .J . W 25 E ir ' 1-' fiqtj ' if 4' V? . it ' ' s. "' ff 1 xff- r cfywff S V, X' I ' k i T' 'if 19 " A .1 LL 5 A " I While Micki Townsend goes into her windup the look in her eyes shows determi- nation for that one strike-that strike she needs desperately. f Af!-v ,:.. A S fs .T v ffiei-nes.. - V .0 .V ...E --4 4 15' 'WY ,".. fl' 1 i ski, It is ., s e 1, g N , .v f gjd wft gc 'tr , 'Q P -4 1 1' 4: d. .5 A 1 .p + Q .O A ,G , . T 4- or ri , , ul! I F' Lisa Creviston Steve Crouch Johna Crull Tina Dawson Diane Deanovic Princess Dietemeyer Mark Foddis Paula Fisher Paul Fisher Betty Frame Dennis Frame Peter Frame Tim Frame Dave Ferguson Lena Fodale Mindy Fulks Tom Fullerton Debbie Fulton Rusty Gabbard Pam Gaston Sheila George Michell Goodman Douglas Grays Ruth Gray Becky Hall Wanda Hall Karen Hamm Jennifer Harris Paul Harris Garth Hartman "I thought the library was supposed to be a quiet place to study," thinks Todd Barker while he sits there watching Keith Webster make goofy faces and yell ob scene phrases to the people working at the desk. "Why did I get stuck at this table," wonders Ronnie Koons. puff' -s...,-, , ii l.l"f Tv Mark Hartman Anne Hawkins Curt Haynes I Dwayne Heeter ' A .KA be Lai z 4... '- .ri 5 we f Yu ,. ,-,H -.V Mike Hendrix Susie Hiatt il , Pam Hieger Melinda Hicks Fi Debbie Hill .. Tammy Hinshaw Tracy Horr Q iiie Kara Hubbell Glen Ingle Deborah Johnson Paul Knipp Ronnie Koons Dawn Kutche Becky Lahmann Reagan Lanter Joe Longfellow John Martin Lisa Martin Danny Mathews Diana Mayberry 6 ax ,M , '85 949' ' ,- S 11 222. Melissa McIntosh Wanda McKinney Stacey McNamara Mike Meyer Dale Michaels . .- vi I2 K' i 4' s ,-. E ' ' -A Qin 1 J - 'H' . V i ff I if 'Q f H ii Q , , f K It ' a l' .K v 1 . A K " A HA r xx? S Y .,c 1 sv d lr' - A- ' 1--we i 4 S Q 'X 5 1 t 1 1 nel ' .5 ' Ron Miller Mrs. Thornburg's lifth hour art class seems to be very interesting, judging by the look on Susie Hiatt's face. 'wir p-""" 42 fi W-.f"" N 1 it A 4 15 i P ,. ' "1 K . if A 1' 4 2 if ' 'f Junior high band can be a really different experience for the new coming seventh gra- de-rs here at Northeastern. In this band class most of the students seem to be utaking things easy," while Kara Hubbell works hard, doing her stuff. Williamsburg And Whitewater Students Bring Spiri he . -'U 6 ,aff le.. Ay! Seventh grader Greg Wise and another unknown seventh grader show off their school spirit with a poster that they made and proudly display it to our photographer while they take a break from the game. an --, . I. - ,av C? ' 'J fi , ,Q :Y f , . Q ' ' ? 'XSS me 'ks '. W , -if-.,z fr 1 4 , e "Resetting bowling pins isn't my idea of having fun" is what seems to be on the minds of Paul Harris and Bryan Smith Lloyd Mullins Trent Myers Bill Newton Kevin Nicholson Krissi Nicholson Kenny Nimitz Ronda Ozbun Kim Pardo Kim Pennington Donna Penny Tom Perry Lisa Petry Scott Pierce Lynnette Powell Melissa Ramey Kathy Rayborn Todd Riley Amy Robinson Bob Robinson Melinda Robinson Dan Ryan Scott Shewman Jimmy Sizemore Carol Sharp Wielard Shilts Monica Shelton Connie Shockney Sheryl Shockney Darrell Skinner Bryan Smith Tammy Hinshaw Wins Spelling Bee Honors Ted Smith Terri Sparks Ron Sparks Dawn Stamper Scott Stemple Kathy Terhaar Marie Sharp . Tim Thomas Sharon Toschlog Susan Toschlog Susan Toschlog - 4 Mary Toschlog fi Micci Townsend Rhonda Tucker Kathy Turner Pam Turner David Utsler Jay Vallandingham Kyle wan ffgki Keith Webster ' ,gr Scott Wesler i Alan Wetzel :ig Shelley Wickett ---' Greg Wise Jeff Wyatt I Not Pictured: Gary Johnston Mike Martin Laurie Powell Jeff Toschloo Preparing to sing a song in seventh grade music class in February are, from left, Susie Hiatt, Sheila George, Garth Hartman, Tim Frame, Mark Hartman, and Lisa Creviston. Seventh graders are required to take nine weeks of general music if they weren't in band. T Q 44 -3 .-v Eric SWTFPSOU District Spelling-B champion Tammy Alan 5t0baU9h Hinshaw proudly displays the trophy she won in competition 5 S S 25 I ,S I .,. 5 ,,f Mr. A. Gary Nordmann-Principal: Manchester College, Indiana and Ball State Universities, B.S. and M.A. HOBBIES: traveling, sports and model railroading ,f 1 Mrs. Nancy Tash-Guidance Counselor, Indiana and Ball State Universities, B.S. and M.A.E. HOBBIES: Bridge, water sports, and reading INTERESTS: traveling 46 '77-78 Brings New Principal Along With Other Changes As everyone knows one of the biggest changes this year was ... our principal, Mr. A. Gary Nordmann, of course. Among the other changes that were made was the magazine sales, a new honor roll system, and a revised version of the activity period. , M63 27.0254 if 'Diet' Mr. Woodson Coats-Dean of Students, Purdue, Indiana, and Ball State Univer- sities-I.U. East: B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: farming, gardening, and Bridge Mr. Nordmann also com- mented, l'I feel it has been a good year" and he is looking forward to helping bring more changes to our school system in the years to come. Mr. Gordon Ricketts-Director of Guid- ance: Hanover College, and Ball State University, B.S. and M.A. HOBBIES: coaching sports and jogging INTERESTS: attending automobile races During their first hour prep period in the teachers' lounge, "otherwise known as an oasis," Miss Mitchell tries to prepare her lessons, while Mr. Emery and Mr. Stewart get into a 'lheated argument." What do you want to bet it's about sports? School Board, front row, from left, Denver Frame, Ernie Heighway. Second row, Sam Hubbell, Frank Monroe, Charles Flake, Jarrell Brooks. H N Mrs. Norma Eadler-Secretary, Sinclair Community College and I.U. East HOBBIES: macrame, swimming, boat- ing, and camping INTERESTS: children and family I F 0 Mrs. Lois Gray+Secretary, Taylor University HOBBIES: sewing and crocheting INTERESTS: reading, cooking, canning, Mrs. Marcia Jeffers-School Nurse and grandchildren During the hrst pep session there was a contest in which three of our more humorous teachers participated. Here Mr. Emery displays his talent of eating bananas blind- folded, while Mr. Stewart and Mr. Lower watch intently. nb" Overpopulated Classes Bestow Problems English classes were over- crowded this year, some with 35 to 37 students. 'lIdeally, an English class should not be more than 25 students," com- mented Mrs. Allman. But due to our number of rooms and English teachers available, this couldn't be helped. On February 21, 1978, Tammy Hinshaw was selected to represent NHS at a district Ab i X i ' i i ' English can be a subject of great opportunity. In this particular court scene, Scott McDaniel doesn't seem to agree with the Hjudgeff tMark Wardi, but decides that it is better to give in than to be smacked in the kisser with a navel. After seven months of hard work, se- nior section editor, Cathy Uhl is still working diligently on her section, 'il , 1 -. . -...,.,.., "H--.k.... .....,,g 1.4. Mrs. Mary Allman-Malone and William Penn Colleges, Drake and Ball State Universities, Th.B. and B.A. HOBBIES: swimming, reading, hiking, traveling, golf, and playing the piano INTERESTS: interior decorating and keeping a journal spelling bee, Lori Mullins was the runner-up. Also, the English Department hosted a Book Fair last spring. i M! Mrs. Ruth Williamson-Asbury College, A.B. INTERESTS: The Trinity Shoppe and church related activities Eric Sittloh shows off his talent in sports during a speech he had to givn English class. I r. I lVlr. David Lower+Earlham College and Ball State University, B.A. and lVl.A.E. HOBBIES: golf, tennis, and auto me' chanics INTERESTS: football and baseball 'f M K '75ilf5Xw'3?U.if S S Mr. R. Howard Rust-Indiana Central and Ball State Universities, A.B., M.A. and Superintendent's License HOBBIES: roses and rehnishing old fur- niture INTEREST: reading and grow- ing different kinds of house plants in , 5,1-f I Ross Gwin seems to find watching crazy photographers roam the halls, more en- joyable than his "daily lesson". Mrs. Helen Morgan-Asbury College and Ball State University, A,B. and M.A. HOBBIES: keeping scrapbooks and pho- tograph albums, collecting recipes, and reading .i 1 In a typical English class court scene, Bruce "Kitty" Harris is wondering when the court case will come to an end. In the meantime, Jeff Hersey tries to bribe the de- fense, who is Jeff Hartman, with his cute little baby face. 49 History Department Greets The history department this year consisted of nine different courses. Six of these courses were offered to high school students. hjlRUI'li .wav til-.imsnlo Senior Chris Lahmann was W v A' ii the winner, from NHS, of the Mk : , D.A.R. tDaughters of the Amer- free M-.Q 1 F ' sun ' ta., . 7: t K, '. X-. -X-XX' N , W I Q I - -'T Mr. Sherrow's maps have a personality 4, AML all their own, a lot like the projects stu- qi ' gf? D Q dents were assigned in class this year. JU! '11 " ' l, Q f fp, - A V, -a . ri. NIYST. Linda-BaClfIf19YeY-Miami and Mrs. Evelyn Bortner-Manchester Col- Indiana Universities, Earlham College lege and Miami University: 5.5, and and Western College for Women: A.B. MAS, and NLS. HOBBIES: house plants and crewel HOBBIES: swimming, tennis, and danc- embroidery ing INTERESTS: primarily her family Mr. Mike Rawlings-Ball State Univer- Mrs. Backmeyer's classes tgovernment and psychologyl bring about many different re- Sify! B,S, actions, as you can tell by the expression on the faces of these seniors. This kind of HOBBIES: all sports makes you wonder what they are really thinking about and looking at. 50 ,I Ball State Student Teacher ican Revolutionl uGood Citizen for 1978" award. 'II was sur- prised I won, the test was hard," commented Chris. Also last spring Lyle Messen- ger, from Ball State, helped out in the history department. ie.. Mr. Gary Cole-Ball State University, B.S. and M.A.E. HOBBIES: collecting and retinishing an- tique furniture, tennis, gardening, and reading INTERESTS: going to auctions Is Tammy Sparks trying to think of a brilliant answer on her history assign- ment or how to skip her next class? t qs.- 'wh-le, I Ifibi Mr. Cole's world history class brings different dreams about the past, to its members. To Teresa Johnson-it's being "Queen Victoria", to Dean Frame l'I wish I was Henry VIII with all those wives", to Kelly Brooks-a damsel from the Renaissance. Mr. Michael Sherrow-Ball State Uni- versity, B.S. and M.A. HOBBIES: participating in basketball and tennis f f E ,ff"',1' -Q: Nlrs. Peggy Hummel-Ball State Uni- versity, B.S. and M.A. HOBBIES: patchwork, reading, singing, embroidery, bicycling, and house plants INTERESTS: motorcyciing with hus- band, listening to Red's games, observ- ing grandchildren grow, and traveling- particularly west ---" 'Ty Math: lRead ies This year the math depart- ment welcomed a new member, Mr. Jim Fletcher, to their staff. Mr. Fletcher is also head bas- ketball coach for the Knights. lVlr. Weaver, chairman of the mathematic department, stated, 'lEvery course is de- lVlr. Larry Moore-Ball State University, B.S. and M.A. INTERESTS: Red's baseball and hand- ball at YMCA L Mr. Rob Weaver-Ball'State and Ih- diana Universities, B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: broadcasting, sportscasting, and golf 52 Students For Futur signed to help ready our stu- dents for the future. Since most students are undecided about what career they plan to pur- Mrs. Susan Marie Harrison-Taylor and Ball State Universities: B.S. HOBBIES: camping, backpacking, and canoeing INTERESTS: theatre and the drama students at NHS Eighth grader Sandy Nichols feels very confident that her answer for Mrs. Har- rison's tricky question is correct. e,' Says Weaver sue, they should be prepared no matter what direction they choose to take. We feel our cur- riculum meets this goal." Mr. James Bussell-Ball State and In- diana Central Universities, B.S. and M.A. HOBBIES: tennis, racketball and other activities that involve physical exercise INTERESTS: HI enjoy watching and helping my kids grow and develop" Mr. Jim Fletcher-Indiana State Uni- versity and Washington State: B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: sports, reading, and travel- ing INTERESTS: public speaking Science Department Proves Book Wrong Engaging in some research science teacher. The classes this year the science depart- discovered a way to increase ment proved the textbook to be the mortality rate for the off- wrong. "We've found a better spring, There were six different method of raising mice and courses offered in the science rats," commented Mr. Warvel, department this year. f . , v of 3 -f ff f- Y-. I' Mr. Warvel's tifth hour Biology I class did more than just dissect worms and crayhsh ...they had to split up giggling girls like freshmen Kelly Hurd and Susan Klosterman, Q who debate on whether or not to let their laughter burst out. .- 1 vw., Mr. Roy Short-Purdue, Ball State, an Bradley Universities, Earlham College, Mr, Dick Warvel-Purdue and Ball State Universities: M.S. and B.S. g HOBBIES: fishing, hunting, and loafing 0ut'of'd0o"S INTERESTS: Coaching stitution of Nuclear Studies: B.A. and , cross-country and track M A K Hobbies: farming and reading INTER- ESTS: teaching 1 'W Xt Mr. John Andrews-Vincennes and Pur- due Universities, B.S. HOBBIES: farming, machinery, and music INTERESTS: security ofiicer for Mr' Dalton Dalzell Alcoa - I 53 South Dakota State and Oak Ridge In- Art Show Is Big Success The Spring Art Show was once again a big success for the art department. 'tThere is so much new talent 4'-- Seventh grader David Ferguson exhibits his imagination and skills in art. I bet he just can't wait to color it. in the art department. This has been a pretty encouraging year," stated Mrs. Baker, sponsor. Mrs. Cindy BakerfBall State Univer- sity, B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: flying, drawing, and sewing INTERESTS: bike riding Music Department Presents The department started a tradition this year by presenting the first NHS musical, l'Bye, Bye Birdie." Also we welcomed a new band director, Mr. Mark Pulley. Miss Rosemary Mitchell-Ball State University, B.S. HOBBIES: plants INTERESTS: travel- ing, music, and Christian living Musical iBye Dave Keller, Trent Thorman, Doug Johnson, and Darren Lacey all "jam down" to the beat of their favorite song, l'Riff Rafff' A Mrs. Judy Thornburg-Ball State Uni- versity, B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: painting, drawing and read- Bye Birdie' ..lT4,. Mr. Mark Pulley-Ball State University B.S. HOBBIES: skiing, bicycling, handball INTERESTS: music Phys. Ed. Helps Student To X ' I M.. what chairman ofthe Become Physically Aware physical education department, commented that one 'tobjective how to work their bodies into con- The classes are also going is to help the student become dition, and to keep the body in through a transition to prepare physically aware of their bodies, shape." for next years coeducation. "Only 99 hours, 9 minutes, and 916 seconds to go and I'Il hold the world record," imagines Junior Robbie Brown as he tries to show off his strength by seeing how long he can sustain a chin-up in Mr. Wright's fifth hour physical education class. - ar. get t, ,f, "4 , IZ? T Mrs. Sarah Ricketts-Indiana and Ball State Universities, Los Angeles State . , . College, B.S. and M.A. Mr. .Mike Stewart-Indiana State Uni- INTERESTS: Spoytsl attending USAC versity, B.S. races, reading, camping, playing and HOBBIES: Sp0I'tS INTERESTS: fishing officiating volleyball yy ' l M r. Robert Wright Miss Ruth Coddlngton-Ball State and Miami Universities, B.S. HOBBIES: crafts, plants, and reading INTERESTS: remodeling an old school house, refinishing furniture, etc. for house, gardening, cats, horses and playing volleyball Home Economic Class Attends Home Show 7' - Mrs. Marla Franklin-Purdue, Auburn, and Ball State Universities, Columbus College, B.S. HOBBIES: sewing, snow and water ski- ing, bowling, reading, and numerous handicrafts Mrs. Olive Ranck-Earlham College and Ball State University, A.B. and M.A. HOBBIES: needlework, sewing, ceram- ics, and biking INTERESTS: music and travel if il .1 "HOT Club and housing class attended Indianapolis Home Show to tour the centerpiece home and see displays of home furnishings," replied Mrs. Ranck, department head, when asked about the activities of the year. The big change in the home ec. department was the addi- tion of marriage and family classes. "I wonder if these thin sheets of paper can really make something to wear," wonders Dawn Kutche, as she carefully studies her pattern. Meanwhile, Sheila George tries to figure out which lines of her pattern she should trim down. Melisa Ramey dabs her fingers in some glue so that she can paste the rest of her canister's "clothes" on. Miss Pamela Pollard-Ball State Uni- versity: B.S. HOBBIES: crafts, fishing, sewing, and cooking INTERESTS: sports Ilmprovement' in I.A. Dept, ZOOXQ Students Take Agriculture I'There has been an overall dicated by an increase in the improvement" in the industrial size of the department. "About arts department, stated Mr. 2070 of the students are Frame. In addition, a growing presently taking vocational agri- interest in agriculture was in- culture," commented Mr. Sims. g Mr. Robert Tutterrow-Ball State Uni- versity, B.S. and M.S. ,- HOBBIES: farming Q nl Mr. Stan Sims-Purdue University, B.A. and M.S. HOBBIES: sports and traveling I 5,9 ...I Mr. Darrell D. Frame-Ball State Uni- Mr. Gordon Riddle-Ball State Univer- versity, B.S. and M.A. sity, B.S. HOBBIES: teaching INTERESTS: HOBBIES: motorcycle riding, citizen farming band radios and Ending antiques IN- TERESTS: working on my home As junior Jeff Wise hunches over his drafting project, he tries to figure out whether to put the extra bathroom next to the den or near the swimming pool. "My bachelor pad will be the most desirable one in Fountain City," he dreams. iff Mr. J.M. Kuzma-Miami University, B.S. HOBBIES: traveling, motocross, and photography INTERESTS: Tae Kwon Do, American Indian cultures and art, and music 57 Business xss, 61 65 ' be Mt., 7 I qxu-v ,v,,, ,N,w?,.,,.v-"'X,. 1 , EQ suis. s,s, A if "I told you that you would get caught copying down those answers," laughingly com- ments Kim Langley when Mark Johnson gets interrogated by Mr. Hawkins during one of his infamous lectures in the sixth hour general business class. Mrs, Regina Kaye Baker-Indiana Uni- versity East and Ball State University, B.S. HOBBIES: gardening, sewing, tennis, and growing plants Curtis Stevens proves that typing can be difficult. After 27 weeks of class, he can finally type his whole name! Dept. Introduces HGiving students an introduc- tion to basic skills and knowledge of the business world," was the main objective of the business department, commented Mr. Hawkins. ,. gl Mrs. Pat Fenimore-Indiana State and Ball State Universities, B.S. and M.A.E. HOBBIES: crafts and working with the Damsels INTERESTS: teaching an adult night class in shorthand 1 Mr. Allen M. Hawkins-Indiana State and Indiana Universities: B.S. and M.S. HOBBIES: gardening, traveling, and playing golf INTERESTS: coaching and watching sporting events 'Basic Skills, Knowledge' l'This introduction will help a their everyday business student to determine if he or activities. she would want to pursue a ca- There were eleven courses reer in some phase of busi- that were olfered, pertaining to ness," he added. Also the the Held of business. courses will help individuals in -N. Mr. Lou Baumer-Nebraska State and Ball State Universities, B.S. and M.A. Atkins turns around to have a friendly little chat, while with a look of ecstasy, Carol HOBB-IES: woodworking INTERESTS: Roberts finally learns how to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on her adding machine. athletlcs Mrs. Fenimore's first hour business communication class isn't always all business. Lisa Mr. Larry Emery-Indiana Central Uni- versity, B.S. HOBBIES: coaching and officiating wrestling INTERESTS: all types of sports and music , 'Bly lu As an unknown typlst jams the keys by trying to peck out the letters with his nose, Pam Terhaar realizes that she has typed her assignment with the typewriter ribbon on 'stenciI." "Oh no!" exclaims Debbie Martin as she erases another mistake in Typing I. -Lib, IAwareness'-Sp. Ed. The library was able to par- Mrs. Petersime stated that ticipate in a career awareness their biggest accomplishment program. They purchased about was gaining "social awareness" 56,000 worth of materials. through the Special Olympics. -,r-Q5 Mr. Kenneth A. Boyd-Librarian, Ball State and Indiana Universities, B.A. and M.L.S. HOBBIES: photography, oil painting, and playing the clarinet INTERESTS: college football and traveling Mrs. Jan Herrmann-Indiana University and Richmond Business College --to-.,, 'Til'- hu Mrs. Shari Petersime-Special Educa- tion, Ball State University, B.S. HOBBIES: bicycle riding, hiking, work- ing for Gwen Conley Fan Club, and writing INTERESTS: Special Olympics, spending time with our two dogs, and being outdoors Foreign Languages Build Better Programs The two Spanish exchange students served as cadets for the Spanish I classes. In the French department, Miss Rutkowski commented, "I am trying to build a good French program from the two French I classes I have this year." Miss Janice Rutkowski-Ball State Uni- versity, B.A. HOBBIES: reading, traveling, coming to athletic events at NHS, and working with the French Club A K 5 At the "Winter Magic" dance, Ale- jandro Lutz and Marianela Concha seem to be discussing our American way of life. Mr. Paul Orsborn-Earlham College, Purdue and Ball State Universities, B.A and M.A. HOBBIES: bicycle riding and fishing IN- TERESTS: church work f 1 Our Busy Staff: Janitors, Three janitors, fifteen bus drivers, and ten cooks kept NHS running this year. The coal strike, causing a 507. cut-back, hit our cooks the hardest. The janitors had to remove 8-900 light bulbs and bus drivers had to drive on roads that were impassable. Bus Drivers, Cooks Adjust ' 3122? ,., vi i. V X f T 3 as X- a -' X V " khile-ru., Cooks, from left, Peggy Baker, Helen Greeson, Leah Kenworthy, Charolette Roberts, June Austin, Onda Fay Myers, Mildred Belcher, Alice Englebert, Thelma Lamb, Mary Jane Hopkins, and Helen Hinshaw. gene Favorite, and Hank Jeans. ' ..- 5 After the students come in to chow and Bus drivers, front row, from left, Bob White, Jack Anderson, Jerry Pond, Guy Hill, slop ... Mr. Favorite comes in to clean and mop! Bob House, Bill Bales, Kevin Starr, Dave Hill, Mike Hill, and Harold Hill. 61 Custodians, from left, Lou Conrad, Eu- Larry Mathews, Don George. Second row, Nate Schneider, Jerry Peed, Bob Tieman, 0 ,..o-0' , i A i l S QS S 3 'J Q 5 Memories May Be Beautiful And Yet . . .? Steve Wringley and Bud Conway join hands as they depict "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with their mat. fa, 5 fx.: fn.. Class of '78 Girls Remain Homecoming festivities began on September 30 on the foot- ball field with the kickoFf of the Powder Puft game. The victo- rious senior girls were coached by Mr. Hawkins and the juniors were backed by lVlr. Rawlings. At the bonfire after the game, everyone said they had a great time. Junior Myra Nichols does her tricky back- ward run as she assists teammate Rhonna Wilburn in carrying the ball. True Grit: Senior Karen Tucker is bound and determined to snatch Junior Lynette Loper's flag. Undefeated at Powder Puff v. Junior Gayle Hartman makes a quick, sound, landing as she reaches to rip off opponent Karen Turner's flag. 'lRed" Rawlings, Cwho is part Vikingl, exe plains a new way of playing football, URUN FOR YOUR LIVES AND HIDE!" mn ,. . ' 64 Happiness is . . . a victory for the seniors, C24-Oi, two great coaches, celebrating lVlr. Hawkins' birthday, screaming for unknown reasons, and a spirit bonfire for homecoming Knights Defeat Falcons at '78 Homecoming UHomecoming was a big suc- cess", reported Kathy Hurd, Student Council reporter. High- lights included banner day, in which hrst place went to the band. Second prize was given to the senior girls, and third to Jeff Wise. The main attraction was crowning Melisa Cox queen, and Rod Harris king. 33'THEHl'1gf, any A ogg 5 .'- K X ' F Rl X 1' 'Tr li' u. o AH AH AH 0 Spirit was shown all through the day as homecoming progressed. Here, the second- place banner is shown. Football Captain Chris Lahmann proudly presents our pretty queen, Melisa Cox, with a bouquet. Cheerleader Tammy Montoney continues to keep hopes up, and her determination to keep the NHS spirit up, paid off well in the 26-0 victory for the Knights. t Starting quarterback Ron McClain, a sophomore, calls loudly out, "Ready, set, hut!", and the Knights burst out to block the Falcons' defensive line for a homecoming win. The 77-8 Homecoming King, Queen, and Court: Freshmen Laura Hawkins and Joe Butler, Queen Melisa Cox, King Rod Harris, Sophomores Mary Wright and Ron McClain, Juniors Kim Wyramon and Bruce Johnson. 65 Musical lBye Bye Birdie' Rated Tops! 'lFantastic," commented Mrs. Sue Harrison when asked about the Drama Club's production of lBye Bye Birdie', and fantastic it was. This was the Hrst musi- cal produced at NHS and the whole school was proud of it. Everyone of the actors por- trayed their part to its fullest extent and Mrs. Harrison was really proud of how smooth the whole production went. Miss Rosemary Mitchell di- rected the orchestra while Ms. Coddington directed choreography. 66 a.!Conrad Birdie Ulm Low? seems to agree that he's a fine, out-standing, all American boy, as he shows his Army loyalty. b.! Kim Wyramon, a crushed fan, refuses to smile as Steve Cummins CAI- bertl sings "Put on a Happy Face." c.!Kim, CJulie Hubbelll tells Mrs. Mac- Afee CTami Sharpl how thrilled she is to receive her "One Last Kiss" from Conrad, d.!Adoring fans Deb Hinshaw, Deb Heighway, and Barb Russell seem to druel and sigh as they wait for an auto graph from Conrad. All Winter Takes Is Magic On January 14, Student Council presented their first semi-formal dance, HWinter Magic." The dance was held in the cafeteria, which was de- lightfully decorated with 396 I snowfiakes dangling from the .,, ,sk, , x 3 :tg ceiling, along with blue carna- -fmt? ' fi, ' Vg tions and streamers on the ff ,f :jfs 4,U.3..' tables. 1' ,f i,.1'P: A 15 f' Approximately 120 sharply 'V' , Z7-' A ,Q FK dressed students were at the , i festive occasion to see Cindy ' D XM Wright crowned as princess, X ,-ff ' , C .' B along with Kent Lewis, as 5 ,, -N " pl'iflC6. The COUl't lf'lClUdEd Mark XR , The .ni9ht proved tohbe magic as Kent Johnson Karen Tucker Craig ' 1 - 'i-" ' V Lewis and Cindy Wright were selected ' ' U 'z V 5 to reign as prince and princess. House, Lori Benner, Mike Seal, . As Carol Hamilton and her date Kent Karen Turner, ChI'lS Lahmann, Webb dance under the snowfiakes, and Kathy Hurd Carol wishes the night would never end. ABOVE: The senior court members are anxiously awaiting the announcement of prince and princess 1978. BELOW RIGHT: Eric Sitloh propositions Kelly Brooks with an offer, "let's dance". Kelley Hurd and her date must have been caught in the act. . .They seem to look so "innocent" li I. ,ov 1' 5- + 3:15. Q QN5'.5.' r - at br 4"T": 1-if ...:,f,,- '!iw,.,,,g.,. -. '..-8' 3-.2 "' A f 4 4 in Ap' A37 I I n I - -A. -' 2 f- 1, Nz ur' ' X- i 1-X I 1 ,J e E 7 ,., 94? gg-, 'FL X H-muy., -. '?""'4lHufg-W, 1955-. :1 1, - M N 3, al l 1' T 4 M, ,- V'-'U 1 , ,, - . 5 r- ? v 55 x'- QQ? i- , Q ...f-""'J' 8. Q3 -U uftff- if I I a n 'I 'Q : xxi x 4 1 ' 1 mx ,Ex 1 5' Sw 1 1 J., Kc fi xy., 22? 9 hi ., 9... 1 ,x 31,2 , . 5 v fl' 'ii - 41?- - if .5 In 3655 19 F ' ' 9 ff - PQ A ., 1 ' -1- .K " 1-9" ,JE H I Q' X1 ' :Q ' X' . ug , - . .X 4 in -' , .k x N- .. , r . s Qi' 5 inn 4 R '35 ix 4. at t . 1 i ' . X y? N. 1 A , , . ' E v3 . .--., ? f vw Q xi 1 ,NWV gn faq , Q , ...- 4 , rn i 1' 14 , I I W ' I f al , f.. 'kg 1 1 E M i Q 2. ' f , 3 5 AM. . . . rn, Y, , .K 7 1 ' . X . ll -1.-,Q '31 1 YR fi U f, I '1 ..,, A, . ' Q .v 3542 A. 1 ,if be ,lv- 1 ,Mfx , L K V ' 51f,L"?"l?Ei W ""i'Qu,g,,,. As the Karate Club awaits their next command, and pray that no one steps on them, Mike Redmeyer comments to Glen Fodale, "I forgot my chopsticks, and we're having rice for lunch." School Is A Lot More Than Learning "Come on baby, swing your partner," says Teresa Bunger as she prepares to shake, rattle and roll a folk dance. fo 6 softball game. g Wayne Bond wonders what the heck is going on as Mike Cummins and his friends give Linda Creviston a "helping hand" after she is declared 'llvlost Valuable Player" in a rid! we B 'Ndyl Jeff Hersey, Bruce Harris, and Mike Seal give each other a little squeeze af- ter they survive an intramural game. x 1 "S-a. f "Bottoms up," yells Senior "Shorty" Renyer as he joins in on the gaiety ofa world- 7 J',,,.. Student Council member Bev Fuchs helps decorate the cafeteria in prepara tion for the homecoming dance, 1 P' famed crabball game. It sorta became a struggle of one crab lmani for himself as Mr. Stewart thinks to himself, "And may the best man win." 1 rg it ,A Q4 '17 'J X , After Mr. Phillips resigned in Novem- ber, the band pitched in and bought him some interesting going away gifts It's just what I always wanted . . .What is it? 4 ll J r If The band roars out with laughter as lVlr. Phillips gives his llfareweII" address. 73 Tammy and Scott Reign lThe Way I Feel' l'The Way I Feel Tonight" disco band, which played from was the theme of this year's the beginning of the prom, 9 prom which was presented to p.m., to its end at 12 midnight. the seniors by the juniors. The The guests all voted for a band playing was llAbacus", a king and queen candidate when King and Queen Scott Lacey and Tammy Legear seem happy that their senior prom went so well. they arrived. The crowning took place at 11 p.m. when Junior Class President Gayle Hartman announced that Scott Lacey and Tammy Legear would reign as royalty over the evening. April 29 will be a night that the seniors will remember, as it was their last llbig" high school activity. Below: These couples seem to dream of an eternal prom. RIGHT: Steve Cum- mins and his date, Cindy, enjoy a mel- low song. Pictured above are the senior boys who are court candidates and their dates for the evening: tfrom leftl Craig House and Kelly But- ler, Kim Ketron and King Scott Lacey, Cindy Smitley and Steve Cummins, Debby Fleming and Steve Esarey. 74 -nk . 'gee At Lee's Inn s X, fi-Pi er N-K' N -qi A4 what .. ' L As Curtis Cummins and his date, Beth Dale, debate on whether or not to dance, Jenny Flamm and her date, Randy Sexton, have already taken the initiative. Here stands the lovely girl court candidates and their handsome dates: tfrom Iefti Teresa Grable and Dennis Eaton, Lori Benner and Jeff McGill, Queen Tammy Legear and Terry fVlcGiiI, Carol Roberts and Rick Moore, Lisa Jennings and Dave Heighway. Spirit Up, Thermostat Down Signs like these, made by the cheerleaders, helped to warm up the halls and the hearts of every Knight fan during the sectional spirit week. The fans helped prove they were backing the Knights with a record crowd showing up at the sectional to cheer the Knights. 0-,,.... Would you believe that Junior Becky Moore is working in the Spring edition of the DAYS OF THE KNIGHTS! It just goes to show you that you can put up with any hard- ships-like your Fingers freezing to the keys-just to get your work done. Spirit comes in all grades and sizes, Dawn Purcell and Rhonda Ozbun prove that sev- enth graders are just as proud of the Knights as the rest of the school, as they proudly sing UGO You Northeastern" before the game begins, I.-1-qi Thanks to the 110 day coal strike, our school spirit climbed to an all-time high in late win- ter. Thermostats, however, dropped to a spine-tingling cold of 55 degrees. Halls were dark, lunches con- sisted of soups, and rooms were filled with high-spirited students in coats and mittens. Sectional week, despite the cold, warmed up our spirits . . . or at least our hearts. 1. yi. its , gf Here is a rare photo of a Russian Flu bug talias Pete Atkinsl. Thanks Pete, we can all use a week out of school anyway! David Renyer and Bonnie Combs show their spirit on hat day and also make it a little warmer in the halls. Students: Proud and Rowdy 'sk' if elf l'Smooth Move Ranate!" In art class Ranate Lanter was mixing Plaster of Paris fquick dryingl in a milk carton with her hand. The result-Plaster of Hand! As Karen Fuller laughingly tries to pull it off she can't help thinking, what some people won't do to get their picture taken! 2 E25 i ABOVE: Not only is Cheryl Henry proud to be inducted into Honor Society on March 13, but her parents as well are proud of her. BELOW: Senior Joyce Hamm and Fresh- man Mike Powell take a "wild and crazy" stroll down the hall, looking for trouble to get into. "You'd be proud of yourself too, if you got two trophies," says Carol Hamilton at the athletic awards dinner. f-N. -g, I i f uf qvkaikli' mi 23' Qgyf . 'fi ""' yi. 9 x I. 'W 'I' Us 4 Someone sure got rowdy on the desk Steve Powell proudly displays. This ar- twork is of teachers at their best. 77 ,gf -9? lk ,Q- 31 Low. I And Suddenly, It's Hard To Find Those On lVlay 14, 1978, 105 seniors realized that uWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us," as they turned their tassels toward their fu- ture. Since there was a tie in grade point average, there were two salutatorians, Dave Heighway and Rick Creviston. Class valedictorian was Dave Ketron who spoke to the class about the closeness of the class of '78, Pictured here are the last hours spent together here at N.H.S. Where did the days go? Memories of the good times spent at Northeastern How through Susan Fisher Williams' mind. 78 f ....--am...-.. ,fun-sf makin" Valedictorian David Ketron proudly re- As Eric Webster leaves the gym after ceives his trophy from lVlr. Nordmann. the big step, he realizes his days of being the Knight Rider are over. '-.'5ra'r - tt .ati .X Sue Yost reaches down to give her friend, Terry Loftis, a goodbye hug as she tries to hold back her tears. Kim Vaden giggles at the fuss Sue is making, but still feels the sad and happy confusion. O Q , 5 gix 5,45 n. x Q f'v 'Q -Q' I , 'sr Y-if . g , ww' E29 I . 1 iw QQTX . I v v .l x- f' , r A , 4 'R-. ' ,AZ E , f f X 'K X Hey , .W fi. I s A a 2' I K-14, 4' elflfi 175 MQ., f itil u-uf f . ,,,,,,, ..- ftnf x on U 19x Q-gy ,'fwi."'at 75+ -. X :rl f M' ,, 1: A ,V . .. .Yi f Y "Neff , 1 ..,f . Y .,.. W. vfvawslf W XM? x9f V R 55 f"'1 Y ,m.f35":' lQv'7' -0-"""" ., N I The Knights girls' varsity bas- ketball team broke even at 5-5 for the season, with several games cancelled because of snow. Coach Gordan Ricketts said the team performed as well as he had expected. The team had seven letter- 'twomen", with four returning next year. The team will miss Carol Hamilton and Betsy Noc- ton, who graduated, also Rhonna Wilburn, who moved. Leading in both scoring and rebounding was Carol Hamilton. Rhonna Wilburn, with her tphe- nominal passes', led in the as- sists department. ft, Varsity girls' basketball team, front row, from left, Manager Kim Nicholson, Valerie 'hyper' Johnson, Gayle Hartman, Leah Freeland, Carol 'Betty irl' Hamilton, Coach Gordon Ricketts, Pam Williams, Betsy 'Betty ir3' Nocton, Rhonna 'Betty 32' Wil- burn, Manager Joyce Hamm. Girls' Varsity Basketball Has 5-5 Season The three tBettys', plus Gayle Hartman, get the defensive rebound and move down the floor for another phenomenal play. .dir .1-1' -fr ' s '4 Coach Gordon Ricketts is shown giving vital game instruction to his girls during the sectional at Randolph Southern. His team finished an even 5-5 for the year, after put- ting away Hagerstown in their tinal competition. Val Johnson, junior guard, takes one of her famous shots as Carol Hamilton says, 'lPass it to me!" 5' . . G v1'."k . 1 v..,.,.i,,'7-"T ff- ., . . EF. ... . Junior guard Rhonna Wilburn gets a hand in the face of her Winchester op- ponent, while Betsy Nocton gets ready to rebound. in Varsity football team, front row, from left, Craig House, Kenny Oler, Dave Renyer, Jim Low, Victor Frame, Jeff Hersey. Second row, Manager Peter Atkins, Tim Bailey, John Reynolds, Gary Ryan, Ed Berry, Greg Long, Dave Johnson, Mike Cummins. Third row, Coach Dave Lower, Andy Fodale, Frank Coddington, Kent Lewis, Jeff Wise, Chuck Snipe, Bruce Johnson, Mark Thomas, Brad Williamson, Ass't Coaches Larry Emery and Mike Stewart. Fourth row, Brian Lowden, Kevin Lewis, Ron McClain, Wendell Wadsworth, Jeff McGill, Steve Cummins, Eric Sittloh. Knights Gridders Show Much Improvement Although the Knights gridders nnished the season with only one win out of ten games, Coach David Lower commented, HThough the record doesn't show it, we were a varsity im- proved team, defensively. Our offense never really generated many points, nor did it maintain ball control." He went on to say, 'iwe averaged nine or more turnovers per game." The team placed seventh in the conference. A few key play- ers for the Knights were leading sophomore running back, Eric Sittloh, junior all conference lineman, Jeff Wise, and seniors The strong Knights defense, as shown here by Kenny Oler, end and punter, and Keith Coddington at split end. The team had a total of 27 lettermen, with 16 returning next season. Eric Sittloh led the Knights in both rushing and scoring with a total of 791 yards and 28 points. Chris Lahmann scored three TD's for 18 points. The leading receiver, Keith Codding- ton, made 15 catches for 226 yards. The leading defensive players were Dave Renyer with 79 tack- les, Jeff Wise with 68, and Eric Sittloh with 67. players Craig House, No. 88, and Kenny Oler, No. 85, converge on the Mississinawa Valley player, as Eric Sittloh, No. 44, and Steve Cummins, No. 12, "gang bang" the runner! Brother 0.J. Lewis, C427, tucks the ball and is off towards enemy territory as he receives a M.V. punt. Run 0.J. llThe team was young and in- experienced," stated Mr. Mike Stewart, coach of the junior varsity gridders. llWe made mistakes, but the team has a lot of potential." The team consisted of 22 freshmen, all of which have a good future in football. The team slated a 1-5 record. Im- portant players were Mike Kirby, Bobby Stigleman, and Mike Herron, stated Mr. Stewart. Leading the team with four touchdowns was Mike Kirby, who also led in rushing depart- ment. Bobby Stigleman led in passing with 180 yards for 10 catches. Andy Fodale had 43 tackles, with Kevin Riley close behind with 42. Defensively i E Junior varsity football team, front row, from left, Ray Chaney, Rich Townsend, Rick Ross, Tim Noctori, Mike Kirby Alan Stamper, Rod York. Second row, Rusty Urich, Doug Oler, Tim Meyer, Eric Meyers, Jerry Jones, Greg Long, David Johnson. Third row, Coach Mike Stewart, Gary Ryan, Eric Baker, Ed Berry, Tommy Hill, Chuck Snipe, Greg Moore, Tim Bailey, Coach Larry Emery. Fourth row, Mike Herron, Kevin Riley, Jeff Hersey, Bobby Stigleman, Mike Powell, Jay Crowe, Mike Cummins. Mr. Fletcher, member of the chain gang, has the arrow toward the opponents way, but Kenny Oler, No. 85, Eric Sittloh, No. 44 and Willie Wise, No. 76, know who recov- ered the ball. Northeastern went on to win the game 27 to ZIP! Some of the junior varsity squad is shown here warming up. Although the team was young and inexperienced, they showed a lot of future potential. Here the young Knights show how they stamp ants, or maybe they're rain dancing! i Jil I. The Knights Eric Sittloh, No. 44, scores six points against M.V., as their defense helps by pulling him across the line! 83 -I Varsity cross country team, first row, from left, Jeff Toschlog, Larry Riley, Johnny Brooks, Rick Coats, Doug Jay, Kip Coats, Jim Wills. Second row, Coach Warvel, Don Thurston, Scott Murray, Mike Brown, Mark Barker, Greg Crist, Joe Ladd, Pat Brobeck, Dean Frame, John Frame, Tim Frame, John Monroe. While the sun sinks into the horizon, Senior Dean Frame crosses the earth in ine form, destiny being the finish line. Across the vast wooded lands, Fresh- men Johnny Brooks and Greg Crist keep on bookin' and don't take time to smile. As the man Ted would say, l'It's a Free For All." Here Knights runners Dean Frame, ileftl, Mark Barker and Pat Brobeck, Ccenterl, and Joe Ladd, Crightl, take an early pace lead. Keep on bookin' boys! fig, Looking Good For Returning NHS Thinlies This year's varsity cross coun- try team showed highlights of what could be a conference winning team next year. Several outstanding athletes were Seniors D. Frame, and E. Webster, Junior T. Frame, Sophomores D. Thurston, and J. Frame. Most outstanding was Joe Ladd, who set a new course record and placed 18th in the sectional. Coach Warvel was quoted as saying, l'For a young team they did exceptionally well." Next year's outlook is bright as the team loses only two seniors. rua' , -is One of our more outstanding freshmen athletes, Joe Ladd, crosses that long bridge of good fortune to go on and finish high in the race against the Win- chester Falcons. I 0 Red Rawlings Racks Up A 8-1 Season l'0ur eighth graders slated an 8-1 season and were strong again this year. I was also very pleased with the seventh grade. They lost their first two meets but came back to win six of their last seven," stated Mike Rawlings, jr. high cross country coach. Performing well for the young Knights were R. Snipe, J. Ryan, and R. Gabbard from the eighth grade. Coach Rawlings commented that the eighth gra- ders ability to run in a pack was their strength. In the seventh grade Todd Barker and Rusty Gabbard were the best runners. Both teams performed well this year, with both teams win- ning their invitationals. Eighth grade runners Jeff Ryan and Randy Snipe show great style as they Seventh grade cross country team, front row, from left, Keith Webster, lVlark Hart- man, Mark Campbell, Ted Smith, Paul Harris. Second row, from left, Rhonda Ozbun lVlindy Fulks, Todd Barker, Dennis Frame, Rusty Gabbard. Third row, Coach lVlike Rawlings. Eighth grade cross country team, front row, from left, Rocky Roberts, Randy Snipe Rick Gabbard, Dan Heighway. Second row, from left, Dan Bartrum, David Keller, Jeff take a lap around NHS. Smith, Carl Laswell, Jeff Ryan, Coach Mike Rawlings. 85 Tennis Team Shows Great Improvement Tennis team, front row, from left, Jim Jackson, Jeff Tudor, Clayton Haisley, Bruce Mathews, Jimmy Russell, Jeff Hartman. Second row, Scott Lacey, Tim Oler, Dave Ket- ron, Randall Lacey, Kenny Jenkins, Coach Bob Wright. Dave Ketron, senior, has the slick and graceful moves of a real tennis jock. This is his twisted-body over-the-head- slam. 86 Even if it means imitating Gene Sim- mons, or catching flies, Scott Lacey, se- nior, shows his physical strength in the air. I +5 J J "We showed great improve- ment over last year, however, our performance was not as pleasing as I had anticipated," stated Mr. Bob Wright, tennis coach, compiling a 0-7 record. Coach Wright stated that S. Lacey, D. Ketron, and T. Oler were the best singles players. C. Haisley and B. Mathews were the number one doubles team. "S. Lacey and K. Jenkins were outstanding individual per- formers," stated Wright. Eight players return next year. Deep concentration and tremendous knowledge of the game is shown here by Kenny Jenkins, against the Winches ter Falcons. Girls' B-team Prove What Experience Can Do This year's girls' B-team bas- ketball team did much better than last season and proved what one more year of experi- ence can do. Coach Gordan Ricketts was uwell satisfied" with their 5-5 record. He was assisted by Me- rilou Fulks, who took the B- team over by mid-season. Individual performers in scor- ing were Sandy Hamm, Susan Browne, Kim Langley, and Linda Creviston. Leading in rebounds were Sandy Hamm and Mary Nocton. Linda Crevis- ton led the team in assists, which was weak and will be worked on next year. With the team performing well, next year's outlook is good. I 'gn nun . .. ga... i if H xt' E t. 3' X v . x sxmw .1 Sophomore Mary Nocton gets ready to make her break and come out as the team runs their 'man to man'? offense. g,.vf-er ra--W. .-.. ek-:I K? B-team girls' basketball team, front row, from left, Jo Sadler, Linda Creviston, Linda Deanovic, Shelly Crowe, Diana Blue. Second row, Coach Merilou Fulks, Kim Langley, Mary Nocton, Sandy Hamm, Kelley Hurd, Susan Browne. Third row, Managers Joyce Hamm and Kim Nicholson. Sandy Hamm pulls down the rebound and gets ready to put it up for 2 points as a Winchester opponent gives her some static. is ... U .i Coach Gordan Ricketts and Ass t Coach Merilou Fulks anxiously watch their girls work the ball on offense. 87 Northeastern's varsity volley- ball team slated a 7-7 record. Coach Barb Bader commented, 'iWe had some attitude prob- Iems this year. This is usually true when working with young girls." The varsity squad will lose four seniors, Lori Benner, Kim Gwin, Joyce Hamm, and Betsy Nocton. Coach Bader stated that uthe girls performed well as a team." "Our offense keyed on top performers Kim Gwin and Te- resa Street." She added, "Kim Ketron and Verlinda Toschlog were consistant with serves." Next year's outlook is bright. Junior Kim Ketron, showing tremen- dous fundemental skill, receives a serve with a bump and sets it up for a 'tkill play." Varsity Volleyball team, first row, from left, Lori Benner, Terry Legear Linda Crevis ton, Teresa Street, Val Johnson. Second row, Coach Barb Bader, Kim Gwin Kim Ket ron, Joyce Hamm, Verlinda Toschlog, Betsy Nocton. Varsity Squad Breaks Even U"" L- Q J Here Barb Bader is shown giving a few last minute instructions to Valerie Johnson Ju nior, as she gets ready to be substituted into the game. Miss Bader, who coached vol Ieybali a few years ago, is back for another go at it. Terry Legear, sophomore, yells Ugot it" as Teresa Street, lno. 307 and Linda Creviston, Verlinda Toschlog, sophomore receives Cno. 341 stand ready to set up another one of the Knights 'trazamanaz" plays against the ball and sets it to the front row as the Randolph Southern Rebels. Kim Ketron gets ready to spike iv" I .. ,- in ' 88 A,- ,,f YE' Jr. Varsity Volleyball team, front row, from left, Rhonda Herron, Susan Klosterman, Tammy Brown, Brenda Baker, Kelley Hurd. Second row, Coach Barb Bader, Susan Browne, Liz Reed, Leah Freeland, Kim Nicholson, Sandy Hamm. While J.V. Team Goes 4-5 ... I Leah Freeland, sophomore, receives the ball from the side with a forearm bump pass. The crowd is shown anxiously awaiting for the results of the play and for Senior "Spark plug" Nicholson to spike the ball, "I am King of the Court!", blurts Susan Browne, freshman, as she sets the ball back- ward to Kim lSpark Plug? Nicholson, with Brenda Baker, l12l, looks on the play and is ready to assist if needed. The Knights went on to win over the Rebels. I 51' '7- . 5 - is The junior varsity volleyball squad marked a 4-5 season. Coach Barb Bader also had the task of coaching these girls. She commented, l'This team was very young this year. lVlost of them should return next year." The top performer for the team was Verlinda Toschlog. Coach Bader stated, llVerlinda began the year as a starter. By mid-season she had earned a starting position on the varsity squad. llLeah Freeland was a very hard worker, her perfor- mance was usually very con- sistant," stated Bader. She hn- ished by saying, llRhonda Herron was strongest on serving." .2-T,----.. -.....l.... .,-,,,, ,WW 1 Junior Brenda Baker takes a Flying leap for the ball, sending it over the net. 89 1 'X Varsity Boys Show Improvement Toward l'During the last half of the year the team kept improving and played better than most people expected," commented Jim Fletcher, varsity basketball coach. The team finished the season at 5-16. Seven of the ten lettermen will return. Leaders in scoring were Mike Seal with 10.8 per game, Mark Johnson, Steve Esarey, and Tony Valant followed with 10.6, 10.3, and 9.3 respectively. Eric Sittloh led in rebounds with 127, Valant with 120, and Esarey with 114. Mark Johnson led in assists with 98, just missing the season record. In closing Coach Fletcher commented that this was Hmy most enjoyable year as a varsity coach." gd' After pulling down another rebound, Tony tDagol Valant is wondering whether to shoot the ball or punch out the opponent. 90 30 4 Varsity basketball team, front row, from left, Mark Johnson, Tim Bailey, Kenny Las- well, Mike Seal, Ronnie McClain. Second row, Steve Esarey, Eric Sittloh, Greg Crist, Mike Brobeck, Tony Valant, Coach Jim Fletcher. Third row, Managers Rich Townsend and Jimmy Russell. Eric Sittloh, sophomore center, skys with a Monroe Central opponent during the open- ing tip-off of the Union Tourney and hopes for a NHS victory under new coach Jim Fletcher. , 'X . ua . S'W?'5"W l,.,..,...f "....... .- 1 N ff- Mg 7.1.3 :AXA 1 Season Close r .4 " .1 - .,'g,. i Q4 ...AnQ--U' ' Senior guard Mike Seal grabs the ball and drives the base line for another easy two points for the Knights. Mark Johnson, senior guard, checks out the situation as the coaching staff watches and the crowd admires his legs. 3 n 'S ul ': Senior forward Steve iErchinbergerJ Esarey thinks to himself, "I want to Hy like an eagle," as he is knocked out of action during the tourney at Union. f-N Varsity cheerleaders, front row, top, Judi Low, middle, Bonnie Combs, bottom from left, Kim Gwin, Lynette Loper, and Tammy Montoney. Mike Seal, senior guard, hurries down the floor for a fast break attempt as the rest of the team plays "follow the leader," Seal, a super sub that game, was the high scorer for the Knights. Later in the season he gained a starting position. M' 5 'Af ii Individual Performers Lack A Team Unity 'tlndividually there were some very ine performers on the team. However, I, as coach was unable to mold these individual players into a cohesive unit. When these individuals become a tteam', I'm sure they'll be a very productive group on the court," explained B-team coach Bob Wright on team performance. Doug Hamilton led the scor- ing with 164 points, 8.6 points per game. Doug also led in re- bounding with a total of 135 boards, 7.1 per game. Following Doug in both scoring and re- bounding was Kevin Lewis and Ross Gwin, respectively. Kevin Lewis led in assists with 36, followed by Kenny Jenkins and Bob Stoker with 31 and 24, respectively. -,Aff Q 1. 3 'iGet the heck out of my way!" demands Doug Hamilton as he forcefully drives the baseline for another slam dunk! 92 B-team basketball team, front row, from left, Manager Rich Townsend, Kenny Jen- kins, Ross Gwin, Greg Finley, Mike Cummins, Don Thurston. Second row, Bobby Sto- ker, Doug Hamilton, Rick Parker, Pat Brobeck, Jeff Finley, Kevin Lewis, Coach Bob Wright. Kevin Lewis, sophomore forward, does tithe bump" with a Winchester opponent to gain position on the boards. Bobby Stoker, sophomore guard, trusts Kevin's rebound- ing ability and is ready to move down the Hoor. B-team cheerleaders, from left, Terry Legear, Verlinda Toschlog, Mary Wright, Kelly Brooks, Susan McGhee. 1, 5: .. w- .attliie Good Team Ball Leads The uThis was a great bunch of boys to work with. We had sev- eral boys with considerable tal- ent and still managed to play good team baIl," stated Mike Rawlings, freshman basketball coach. The roundballers had many close games, including the only two games they lost, by one point each. The team had 13 wins, including the Wayne County and Randolph Southern Tourneys. Leading the scoring depart- ment was Greg Finley, who later moved up to B-team, with a 14.8 point average per game. Coach Rawlings said Greg was l'the best all around ball player I've ever coached." Leading rebounders were Bobby Stigleman, Greg Moore, and Mike Herron, respectively. Freshmen To 13-2 Record Q' 'ff 6 may r 3 L44-" 9th grade basketball, front row, from left, Managers Mike Powell, and Mike Johnson, Rod Webb. Second row, Kevin Riley, Mike Herron, Greg Moore, Tom Hill, Bobby Stigleman, Coach Mike Rawlings. Third row, Joe Ladd, Tim Meyers, Tom Pearson, Rick Ross, Larry Riley, Rusty Urich, and Alan Stamper. -.J Rick Ross and Tim Myers, freshmen for- wards, look toward the bucket to pull down the rebound. Freshmen cheerleaders, from left, Tracy Shock, Mandy Adams, Laura Hawkins, Julie Harter, and Janie Blunk. "Help!, the referee is going to step on me!" pleads Kevin Riley during a freshmen bas- ketball game, after being knocked on the floor. Mike Herron seems delighted to see his teammate lie helplessly on the floor. Roundballers Unhampered By Weather l'Considering the problems of no practice and postponed games due to the weather, I was most pleased with the team's progress," stated Mr. Rob Weaver about his 8th grade team this year. The team hnished with a 7-5 record and won four of their last five games. David Bartram led the team in scoring, fol- lowed by Curt Pierce. Pierce also led the team in rebounding. Coach Weaver went on to say that "Karl Laswell, Tom Lyons, and Mike Loper were among the most improved players dur- ing the season." 5.5 Eighth grade cheerleaders, top to bot- tom, Sherri Tudor, Sherri Berry, Beth Barker, and Damita Hawkins. 94 .9 CC IB Eighth grade basketball team, front row, from left, Doug Johnson manager, Brian Herrmann, Dale Blunk, Darren Lacey, Earl Miller, Tom Lyons, Tom Ladd. Second row, George Powell manager, Dan Heighway, Mike Loper, Dave Bartram, Ricky Gabbard, Mike Lipscomb, Steve Mexin, manager. Third row, Karl Laswell, Mark Robbins, Curt Pierce, Jeff Smith, Steve Williams, Coach Weaver. Tommy Lyons gets ready to receive the ball and put it into play as the defenders and teammates Curt Pierce, number 43, and Mike Loper, number 42, hustle down the hardwood to set up on offense. Dave Bartram, number 34, and Curt Pierce, number 43, block out their opponents and get ready to pull down another important rebound as Tom Ladd, number 22, gets ready to take the ball down the floor. 42 44 his A Seventh grade basketball team, front row, from left, Todd Barker, Max Adams, Kyle Watt, Scott Berry, Brian Clay. Second row, Coach Stewart, Alan Wetzel, Rusty Gab- bard, Kevin Nicholson, Mike Meyer, Chris Bartram. Third row, Scott Pierce, Mark Hartman, Dennis Frame, Tim Frame, Keith Webster, Tim Bales, manager. Could this be a loud fan or the scoreboard? You can bet Coach Stewart knows, along with the referees and Tim Frame, Scott Berry, and Rusty Gabbard. Q .4154- s Y 1 , , 4 ,, ,W A 'F , ,- s.-1 ,,, ,l ,if-'-fiat tttt . ' The seventh grade team shows tremendous movement away from the ball as Alan Wetzel, number 40, Max Adams, number 54, and Mark Hartman, number 20, get into position for the play. Nicholson And Barker Lead Roundballers uThey did not play up to their potential. They will have to play smarter ball in the coming years," stated Mr. Stewart, 7th grade basketball coach, when asked about the team. The team concluded the sea- son with a 5-4 record, with Ke- vin Nicholson and Todd Barker being the team's high scorers of the season. Pulling down the most rebounds for the Knights were Kevin Nicholson, Kyle Watt, and Max Adams. The seventh grade B-team had a 2-1 record and was led by Dennis Frame, Chris Bar- tram, Mike Meyer, and Rusty Gabbard. '. -.y t 4 1 af Q' i 0 x 5 vel! 9. .f .ljf K S 1 1 xi ' . ' 5 V my F' - -' " Urn Z 'If ' ts- :in VY I i 'J f K.. E If 3' t . . Nf - 1 i 4 , V ""fu Af f 4 17' A ' ' fs ylmfg 1 7.3. 1 5 , - . '31, Seventh grade cheerleaders, top, Gret- chen Conner, bottom, Kara Hubbell, Anne Hawkins, Mindy Fulks. 95 T95 di P if nit Cancellations xHamper' Knight Grapplers U0ur duel meet record was hampered by cancellations. We jumped three places in the con- ference and were constantly improving," stated wrestling coach Larry Emery. The team slated a 3-5 record and placed fourth in the TEC. There were ten lettermen, nine will return next year. Outstanding freshmen honors went to Tim Nocton with a 10- 6-1 record. Outstanding soph- omore honors went to Kip Coats with a 10-6-2 record. Tim Frame, junior, was named most valuable wrestler with a record of 16-2. Frame also took top honors at the Jay County In- vitational, the conference, and the sectional. ml N- Varsity wrestling team, front row, from left, Rick Coats, Tim Nocton, Kip Coats Andy Fodale, Greg Long, Tim Frame. Second row, Coach Larry Emery, Dean Frame Gary Ryan, Brian Lowden, Victor Frame, Jeff Wise, Steve Ringley. Third row, Patty Eales Pam Knoll, Traci Reuter, Myra Nichols, Knights Pride members. - Junior Tim Frame, who was the Knights most valuable wrestler this year, appears to In Closmg Coach Emefy be grinding his opponent's face into the mat at the Tri-Eastern Conference at Hag warned that NHS gl'applEl'S erstown. Frame won 16 matches and lost only two at the 138 pound class 'twill be ready for action next 'll year. -1 f Tim Nocton, freshman, shows how to properly warm up by torturing himself in this unique position. 96 Dean Frame, the Knights only senior wrestler this year, is ready to begin the period in the lup' position. Cancellations from the blizzard conditions hampered the Knights this SEBSOD. l""""4i- in :fax A 1' ,.., - JA, 95. A K Junior varsity wrestling team, front row, from left, Ed Berry, Jerry Jones. Second row, Rodney York, Mark Barker, Coach Larry Emery, Joe Butler, Jay Crowe. Freshman Joe Butler gin his match, as the jumps out of his way gets ready to be- referee frantically ' wk-1,. A. ew- ,Hs '.p'F.f." fi: R ..',,, . .'4, E " e1"'-.F L' A, .,. W. ,gsm Gary Ryan, junior, gets ready to 'man handle' his opponent. Ryan will be one of the nine returning next year. rv ,,, ' lt l .I g . - 'B' d '-"'Y:ff'ff'f. ,Tiff 4. H A, ' K -. Shown here are most of the varsity wrestlers getting ready to grant good luck to their Hagerstown opponents. The grapplers, who placed fourth in the conference, showed constant improvement throughout the season. As Coach Emery paces with anxiety, some grapplers watch a fellow teammate. Shown are Man. Steve Ringley, Ed Berry, Joe Butler, Mark Barker, and Greg Long. The future for wrestling is bright because of returning lettermen and the B-team squad. Badminton team, front row, from left, Lori Benner, Kim Gwin, Valerie Johnson, Kelley Hurd, Myra Nichols, Gayle Hartman. Second row, Sandy Hamm, Tammy Brown, Liz Reed, Coach Ricketts, Joyce Hamm, Kim Nicholson, Kathy Hurd. The badminton team placed Hrst over Richmond for the fourth consecutive year. Joyce Hamm, senior, was leading sin- gles player, losing only one game out of 28. Val Johnson was close behind with 24 wins. Lori Benner and Kim Gwin were the leading doubles players with 21 out of 28. When asked if the team per- -' formed as well as expected, Coach Sally Ricketts replied, llYes, except in state com- She also stated Kathy Hurd and proved players. Smashers lst, Special Olympics Triumphs ULet me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in my at- tempt," was the Special Olympic Team oath. Last year was the hrst year for overall competition including many additional sports. It was also the first year for the team to have uniforms. Mrs. Shari Petersime was the coach and sponsor of the team and was aided by Mark Coyle and Eric Baker as student coaches. Outstanding athletes in some of the events were Rhoda Creech in bowling, Mike Ellis in skiing, Joannie Reynolds in run- dribble-shoot, Cynthia Baker in gymnastics, Reagan Lanter ln swimming, and Richard Brawley and Darlene Walcott in track and field. Ribbons and trophies were awarded to the students and were on display in March. 98 Part of the badminton team is shown here with their trophies. Joycana Joy- canahamma lJoyce Hamml was the number one singles player with only one loss. A combination team of Lori Benner and Kim Gwin placed first in doubles competition. Special Olympic team, front row, from left, Rhoda Creech, Lisa Hicks, Cynthia Baker, Joannie Reynolds. Second row, Mrs. Petersime, sponsor, Jeff Kaucher, Wayne Bond, Mike Ellis, Reagan Lanter, Richard Brawley, Bill Chris. petition where we bombed out." Myra Nichols were the most im- Energy Crunch Brings On The energy crunch caused cancelled practices and meets to the gymnasts this year and lowered the season to just seven meets. The beginning team slated a 4-3 record while the inter- mediate team had a record of 1-6 with Eve gymnasts and one manager lettering. They were Myra Nichols, Judi Low, Lori Benner, Teresa Street, Kelly Brooks, and Karen Turner, manager. Commenting on individual performers, Coach Ruth God- dington said that 'tall gymnasts have an outstanding perfor- mance either in a meet or prac- tice." UI would say though that Lori Benner, Myra Nichols, and Judi Low were the most con- sistent performers." Cancelled Practices 84 Meets 'Gymnastics team, front row, from left, Kelly Brooks, Judi Low, Kelly Smith, Beth Dale, Karen Turner, Lynette Loper, Becky Meyer. Standing, Coach Ruth Coddington, Penny Smith, Traci Mercer, Debbie Koons, Mandy Adams, Teresa Street, Kim Ketron. On beam, Dorthoy Lahmann, Tonya Legear, Lori Benner, Brenda Baker, Myra Nichols. Teresa Street shows her grace and skill as she performs on the balance beam. Her praying must have paid off! 99 Cindermen Have Winning Season, 14-5 With a seasonal record of 14- 5 including invitational, confer- ence, and regular meets, the varsity track boys were one of the two 1977-78 varsity teams to finish with a winning record. "The nucleus of the team was freshmen and sophomores, so we should have a good team next year," stated Mr. Dick Warvel, coach. ' Outstanding individual per- formers were Joe Ladd, estab- Iishing a two mile record of 10:10, Mike Cummins was con- ference high jumper, Don Thurston conference 440, and Kevin Lewis who scored the most points with 103. Mike Seal, senior, books around the track with Don Thurston in hot pursuit of Mike for the 440 yard victory. A Varsity track team, front row, from left, Randy Davis, John Reynolds, Dean Frame, Chris Lahmann, Kent Lewis, Mike Seal, Rick Creviston, Eric Webster, Mark Barker. Second row, Don Thurston, Bob Stigleman, Kevin Lewis, Joe Ladd, Mike Cummins, Dave Johnson, Doug Jay, John Frame, Joe Butler, Jett Hartman, Jay Crowe. Third row, Coach Dick Warvel, John Monroe, Mike Powell, Bruce Johnson, Kim Snapp, Rick Parker, Brian Lowden, Scott Murray, Pat Brobeck, Greg Finley, Managers Jerry Jones and Rod Webb, Ass't Coach Mike Rawlings. iii-it Kevin Lewis and Bob Stigleman think something is pretty humorous, but all Mike Seal is concerned about is anotner team victory. The team won 14 of their 19 meets, in- cluding a climax by winning the Hagerstown Invitational. Here, some of the varsity track stars seem confident after doing a few warm-up exer- cises. Mike Seal watches the Lewis brothers who have finished their warm-ups and are ready for anything! M - 1 101 Guys-Girls' Jr. High Track Is Popular Yu Girls' Junior High Track, front row, from left, Laurie Loper, Rhonda Koons, Sherri Tu- dor, Anita Ankrom, Beth Barker, Mindy Fulks, Rhonda Ozbun. Second row, Micci Townsend, Carol Sharp, Ann Hopkins, Kara Hubbell, Lynette Powell, Kim Pennington Kelly Alexander. Third row, Laurie Sheets, Brenda Lynch, Julie Collett, Debbie Fisher, Joy Brown, Carla Chaney, Johna Crull. Fourth row, Tammy Hill, Sherri Berry, Londa Murphy, Jane Turner, Mary Toschlog, Tara Biga, Miss Pam Haler, coach. 'll think the team would have done better if the weather had been more conducive to track," stated Mr. Mike Sherrow, ju- nior high boys' track coach. Regular season standings were 3-1 for the seventh grade, 2-1-1 for the eighth grade, 2-0 combined, and second place in the Invitational. llThis track team will do very well in the future if they con- tinue to improve at the rate they did this season," com- mented Mr. Sherrow. I...- UI was extremely proud of the girls' performance in our only meet," stated Mrs. Pam Haler, junior high girls' track coach. This was the irst year track at the junior high level was of- fered for girls. Although they lost their only meet there were several outstanding perfor- mances. Mindy Fulks was out- standing in the 50, 100, and 440 yard relays and the long jump, Rhonda Ozbun in the 880 run, Julie Collett in the high jump, Joy Brown and Darla Chaney in the 440 yard run. .. ..!. .. 4 102 Boys' Junior High Track, front row, from left, Tim Bales, Randy Shipe, Mark Hartman, Mark Campbell, Darrin Bickel, Keith Webster, Dennis Frame, Jimmy Causey, Paul Har- ris, Todd Barker. Second row, Ronnie Martin, Steve Martin, Tom Lyons, Scott Berry Tom Perry, Todd York, Joe Longfellow, Darrell Skinner, John Martin. Third row, Mike Lipscomb, Rick Gabbard, Jeff Ryan, Dave Keller, Chris Bartrum, John Frame, Dan Heighway, Tom Murray, Matt Brobeck, Rusty Gabbard. Fourth row, Mark Robbins, Kevin Nicholson, Pat Lahmann, Jeff Smith, Rob Smith, Karl Laswell, Dave Bartrum, Jeff Colvin, Mr. Sherrow, coach. 1 While Bruce Mathews laughs at the jokes Roger Brown is telling him, Eric Sittloh gets ready to take his position on the field at one of the final home games. Diamondmen Suffer With A Young Team 'tWe didn't perform as well as I'd hoped," state-d Coach Bob Wright, B-team baseball coach. Regular season record was 0-6. t'Several individuals showed promise as future varsity base- ball players. Jesse Burns, Mike Herron, and Greg Moore showed potential as pitchers and Alan Stamper, Tom Pear- son, Rod York, hit the ball very well," commented the coach. Ulf these players continue to work hard and give 100 percent all the time, I'm sure they can develop into a fine baseball team," explained Coach Wright. Junior Mike Brobeck stretches forth from thd bag in order to force the op- ponent out. Sophomore Ronny McClain gets into "his" position as he awaits for the arri- val ofthe ball. -fl . it 'tWe are a very young team and the mistakes we made showed this very plainly," said Mr. Dave Lower, varsity base- ball coach. Finishing the regular season with a 3-12 record, thir- teen players received letter awards. Ron McClain was the leading hitter with a .469 batting aver- age. He had 23 hits. Eric Sittloh and Ed Berry had home runs. Mike Brobeck and Kenny Oler had 18 and 16 runs batted in respectively. Steve Esarey, according to Coach Lower, had 'lseveral out- standing pitching perfor- mances." Kenny Oler also pitched well, but each time Hour defense just didn't support him." FE? Varsity Baseball, front row, from ieft, Mark Ward, Mike Brobeck, Steve Esarey, Kenny Oler, Anthony Moberly, Bruce Mathews, Roger Brown, Ass't Coach Bob Wright. Sec- ond row, Coach Dave Lower, Kevin Riley, Bobby Stoker, Ed Berry, Sam Alexander, Ronnie McClain, Eric Sittloh, Randy Fox. B-team Baseball, front row, from left, Rick Ross, John Brooks, Jeff Hersey, Steve Er- vin, Mike Oler, Mike Kirby, Ronnie Wyatt, Rodney Hoffman, Coach Bob Wright. Second row, Rich Townsend, Rod York, Tom Pearson, Greg Moore, Jeffe Burns, Alan Stamper, Doug Oler, Mike Herron. . .,.. 1-1... 103 Future Looks Bright For NHS iSwingers' Junior Tony Valant led the golf team with a low average of 46. The greensmen finished up their regular season with a record of 2-11. Kurt Laswell was labeled the most improved by Coach Rob Weaver. Lettermen included Juniors Tony Valant and Mike Mullady, Sophomores Jim Jack- son, Jeff Norris, and Kurt Las- well. All lettermen will be re- turning for 1979. llNortheastern's golf future should be somewhat brighter with such a young team com- peting this year, however a lot will depend on dedication," stated Coach Weaver. Tony Valant, junior, thinks, "What a fool he is!" as Jim Jackson wonders, "What kind of a bird laid this egg?" Junior Tony Valant worries about his feet as he swings one last time, this time away from the trees! 104 Tv e 59 Q 9 9 Golf team, Greg Crist, Doug Hopkins, Jeff Norris, Jim Jackson, Mike Mullady, Tim Higgs, Kurt Laswell, Tom Cummings, Tony Valant, Coach Rob Weaver. is fit., 619 Yin K Doug Hopkins, senior, shows his style and graceful techniques as he swings his club to a victory. iso he thinksli Girl Bowlers For G.A.A. End An Era Equal rights for the sexes has hit home for the girls' bowling program. Since segregated sports are no longer allowed Hthis is the end of an era for the Girls' Athletic Association as we have known it for the past ten years at Northeastern." I'We are moving on to a new di- mension-whether it be good or bad," explained Mrs. Sally Rick- etts, sponsor. Team one consisted of Val Johnson, Tammy Brown, Deb- bie Koons, and Rhonda Herron. They placed third in the league. Team two consisted of Diane Blue, Kim Ketron, Sandy Hamm, and'Pam Knoll. Team three consisting of Kathy Hurd, Joyce Hamm, Tammy Sharp, and Kim Nicholson, placed sec- ond in the league. Kathy Hurd also took top honors with a league high game of 204. Northeastern bowlers has a six week program but were hampered by bad weather. -f ,t V C? O- A Bowling Team I, Debbie Koons, Valerie Johnson, Coach Sally Ricketts, Rhonda Herron Tammy Brown. Bowling Team III, kneeling, Kim Nicholson, Kathy Hurd, Second row, Coach Ricketts Tami Sharp, and Joyce Hamm. Fark vlan After rolling the ball, Val Johnson fol- lows its path with her eyes as Tammy Brown guffs with delight! 3 X. gi if Bowling Team II, Pam Knoll, Sandy Hamm, Coach Ricketts, Diane Blue, Kim Ketron. X 'EY' 'U Q2 KARATE CLUB, front row, from left, Mr, Kuzma, sponsor, Curt Stevens, presidentp Helen Nichols, vice president, Mike Lowden, sec- retary Joey Klemann, Bruce Hinshaw. Second row, Glen Fodale, treasurer, Bill Swearingen, Dana Rogers, Toni Stamper, Peter Atkins. Third row, Mike Johnson, Kenny Silva, Jeff Colvin, Sam Hyre. Fourth row, Dawn Stamper, Bud Conway, Karen Fuller, Dallas Gentry. Karate Trains, Yearbook Captures '77-'78 KARATE CLUB t'The purpose of Karate Club is to develop mental and physi- cal fitness, and to train in tech- niques of unarmed self de- fense," commented lVlr. Kuzma, sponsor. This year the junior and se- nior high Karate Club was com- bined into one group and had a membership of about 30 members. JOURNALISM II This year the yearbook staff consisted of 12 students and lVlr. Cole, advisor. Each person put a lot of work and dedication into their sections to try and JOURNALISM II, front row, from left, Sandy Winters, Tony Boswell, Judy Tice, Kenny Oler, Betsy Nocton, Mike Seal. Second row, Mr. Cole, advisor, Sue Ross, Cathy Uhl, Tammy Legear, Kathy Hurd, Pam Wicks. capture all the fun times and memories of the school year. 'tit was a hard job and I hope each person that holds this book will appreciate the work that we, the yearbook staff, put in it to make it the best NHS Lance ever published," com- mented Judy Tice, editor. 'Q -5- Y Q ART CLUB I frrfs 5 xv "'w"' 'lSpecial events that went on for the Art Club this year were the Annual Art Show and the trip to McGuire Hall," stated Mrs. Baker, sponsor. The Annual Art Show was put together by the Art Club with proceeds going to the NHS scholarship fund. JR. HIGH GAA I This year there were 74 Ju- nior High GAA members at NHS. When asked the purpose of Junior High GAA, Miss Codding- ton, sponsor, stated, lilt gives all junior high girls an opportu- nity to participate in sports. Art Club Shows While JR. HIGH GAA 4Girls Athletic Associationl, front row, from left, Miss Coddington, sponsor, Darla Harron, Sherri Tudor, Rhonda Koons, Anita Ankrom. Second row, Anne Hawkins, Mindy Fulks, Rhonda Ambler, Helen Hamm, Tara Biga, Vonda Hersey, Beth Barker, Julie Collett, Denise McDanieIs, Micky Townsend, Wanda McKinney, Beth Crevistion. Third row, Belinda Cohee, Sandy Par- rett, Lonna Barnes, Kara Atkins, Stacey Hill, Shari Lovins, Linda Heiger, Julie Jackson, Tammy George, Karen Catey, Michelle Abrams. Fourth row, Vicki Wogoman, Dana Keal, Janelle Boyce, Lisa Creviston, Paula Fisher, Karen Hamm, Nan Langley, Kim Elm- ore, Cathy Cross, Debbie Fisher, Janie Turner. Fifth row, Tammy Seal, Kandi Smiley, Laurie Sheets, Cheryl Branson, Joy Brown, Julie Madelans, Michelle Ramey, Crystal Graves, Vicki Branson, Penny Fisher, Julie Maloris. Sixth row, Lisa Railsback, Debbie Weintraut, Shelly Wickett, Sheila George, Rhonda Tucker, Darla Chaney, Michelle Crist, Sharon Fisher, Angle Burke, Rhonda Cox, Gretchen Con- ners, Amy Robinson. Seventh row, Lisa Lakes, Dee Dee Fisher, Lynnette Bockhofer, Mary Toschlog, Carol Sharp, Kelly Alexander, Johnna Crull, Monica Shelton, Pam Heiger, Becky Lahmann, Kim Pennington, Debbie Fulton, Lynnette Powell. Eighth row, Linda Murphy, Tammy Hill, Laurie Loper, Rhonda Ozbun, Pam Gaston, ART CLUB, front row, from left, Becky Bales, vice president, Roberta Davis, Kathy Mayberry, president, Brenda Engle. Back row, Tim Wickrnan, treasurer, Jeff Hersey, Roxsanna Norris, Sabrina Retry, secretary, Mrs. Baker, sponsor, Steve Ervin. LQ Ak GAA lGirls Athletic Associationl front row, from left, Gayle Hartman, treasurer, Kim Ketron, secretary, Myra Nichols, vice president, Kim Nicholson, president. Second row, Brenda Mashborn, Sharon Evans, Darlene Skinner, Vanna Conley, Susan Browne, Brenda Engle, Jane Campbell, Teresa Street, Terry Legear. Third row, Karen Turner, Karen Tucker, Susan Klosterman, Kelley Hurd, Brenda Herrmann, Lora Bromagen, Kathy Hurd, Verlinda Toschlog, Rhonda Herron. Fourth row, Brenda Baker, Debbie Koons, Pam Knoll, Kim Wyramon, Patty Eales, Lynette Loper, Dorothy Lahmann, Betsy Nocton, Joyce Hamm, Lori Benner. Fifth row, Mary Wright, Su san McGhee, Sherry Fisher, Mary Nocton, Tammy Brown, Liz Reed, Joyce Huntington, Jo Sadler, Leah Freeland. Sixth row, Terri Byrkett, Becky Meyer, Pam Williams, Diane Blue, Larinda Coddington, Valerie Johnson, Kim Gwin, Marsha Starn, Peggy Taylor, Sandy Hamm. Seventh row, Tracy Mercer, Peggy Mullady, Lisa Abrams, Teresa Pierce, Lisa Burke, Nancy Green, Tonya Schilling, Linda Crevistion, Tami Sharp. FCA And GAA Compete SR. HIGH GAA The purpose of this club was llto offer an extension of the girls physical education program for those who want intramural and low organized inter- scholastic competition, com- mented sponsor, Mrs. Ricketts. 'lTube socks were sold by the 62 members this year," added Mrs. Ricketts. FCA Fellowship of Christian Ath- letes tF.C.A.7 consisted of 12 members sponsored by Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Emery, and Mr. Lower. The purpose of this club was ltto confront athletes and coaches, and through them, the youth of our nation with the challenge and adventure of fol- lowing Christ, participating in His church and serving Him through our lives," stated Mr. Lower. FCA lFellowship of Christian Athletesl front row, from left, Tom Lyons, Dan Heighway, Garth Hartman, Kyle Watt, Tim Bales, Alan Wefzel. Second row, Steve Esarey, Jeff McGill, Mike Seal, Mike Lowden, Richie Townsend, Larry Lipscomb. Third row, Jeff Wise, Brian Lowden, Curt Pierce, Mike Lipscomb, Ron Koons. Fourth row, John Reynolds, Mike Powell, Kevin Riley, Kevin Nicholson, Mr. Fletcher, sponsor. Bridge Club ShufHes, Photo Club Snaps BRIDGE CLUB As a new club at NHS, the purpose of Bridge Club was to provide members the chance uto learn a skill which is helpful socially in later Iife," explained Mrs. Nancy Tash, sponsor. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB llThe purpose of Photography -.' W, , C 5 F ' ...- Club was to acquaint the stu- , -5 ' ' dents with the basic processes F and principles of photography, - .sal and to Trtlstlcally Study the ef- BRIDGE CLUB, from left, Pam Ingram, Missy Morganstern, Mrs. Tash, sponsor, Nan- fect of light," explained Mr. Ku- nette Lipscomb' Zma, SDOHSOY. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, front row, from left, Jim Low, Ranate Lanter, secretary, Sharron Seal, vice president, Missy Morgerstern, president, Karen Turner, treasurer, Bobby Stoker, Rick Parker, Shirley Fisher. Second row, Sharon Hackworth, Vanna Conley, Kathy Hurd, Joyce Hamm, Betsy Nocton, Doug Hamilton, Darla Herron, Linda Murphy, Helen Hamm. Third row, David Turner, Bud Conway, Kenny Bailey, Larry Redd, Jeff Himelick, Rod Webb, Jimmy Bunger. Fourth row, Rhonda Herron, Jo Sadler, Beth Creviston, Sherry Lipscomb, Kelly Reuter, Patti Parker, Tim Higgs, Jeff Norris, Randy Stegall. Fifth row, Pam Lakes, Jill Owens, Tammy Sparks, Mary Nocton, Richard Keal, Rod Lanter, Mark Ward, Kurt Laswell, Mr. Kuzma, sponsor. 110 T Homemakers -g Now Have 1 A Two Clubs T -'if HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This year 32 freshmen, soph- iv omores and juniors organized the Home Economics Club. Sponsor Mrs. Franklin com- mented that the plans for this club were 'tto increase the number of projects which mem- bers are able to share and help others learn." ' HOT CLUB 'Z' llDespite the excess snow days, we had a busy and re- Warding yearfn Stated a HOT HOME ECONOMICS CLUB, front row, from left, Mrs, Franklin, sponsor, Becky Bales Club Qmger, president, Annette Sanders, vice president, Darla Horner, secretary, Janie Plan- - kenhorn, treasurer. Second row, Vanna Conley, Karen Mayberry, Elaine Price, Judy Thls Xear they learned to Brooks, Fay Moore. Third row, Joyce Huntington, Sandy Toschlog, Billie Jo Pierson, style hall' at NIV. G'S, and Marlene Frame. Fourth row, Sherry Fisher, Toby Moore, Lisa Johnson, Sabrina Petry. Fifth row, Kristi Cope, Becky Meyer, Terry Byrkett, Pam Terhaar, Debbie Miller. Sixth Presented a fall Style Show- row, Peg Mullady, Patti Parker, Kathy King, Tammy Cummings. l'FalIing Into Winter." HOT CLUB iHomemakers Of Tomorrowl, front row, from left, Lisa Atkins, treasurer, Carol Roberts, president, Toni McConaha, re- porter, Cathy Uhl, vice president, Susan Fisher, secretary, Mrs. Ranck, sponsor. Second row, Lynnette Cummins, Marcy Callahan, Michelle Hicks, Julie Murphy, Kay Stamper, Becky Dale, Diana Smith, Jill Shinn. 1. fi 'r ,. - 95. - Evil.. .155 ' f'. :T - I tr . . . , x 1 .- . ,' WIQQ vis. KQAQ , Nj! , .. 1 Sail "1 . i ig' ,Lg , J S.C. Has Successful Year, CFC Makes Future Plans STUDENT COUNCIL uActivities that the Student Council sponsored this year were the HWinter Magic" dance, Homecoming dance and -: the bonhre, school assemblies and they tinanced half of the new sign board for the school," commented Mrs. Backmeyer, sponsor. The money made by these ac- tivities went to pay the tele- phone bill and any other contri- bution made by Student Council to the school. CFC Crusaders for Christ, tC.F.C.l sponsored by Miss Mitchell and Mrs. Williamson had a total of 60 members which met twice STUDENT COUNCIL, front row, from left, Jewell Campbell, secretary, Kathy Hurd, re- porter, Eric Webster, treasurer, Cindy Wright, president, Kevin Lewis, vice president. Second row, Kim Nicholson, Chris Lahmann, Teresa Grable, Craig House, Jim Low, Jenny Flamm, Shelly Frazer. Third row, Pam Knoll, Judi Low, Myra Nichols, Rhonna Wilburn, Jeff Wise, Larinda Coddington, Roger Brown, Becky Bales. Fourth row, Johnny Monroe, Mark Barker, Pat Brobeck, Beverly Fuchs, Kelly Brooks, Mary Wright, Terry Legear, John Frame, Don Thurston. Fifth row, Todd York, Beth Dale, Tracey Shock, Laura Hawkins, Kelley Hurd, Bobby Stigleman, Sarah Williamson, John Bur- goon, John Brooks. Sixth row, Tony Wilson, Steve Mexin, Peter Frame, Tara Bigga, Sherri Tudor, Laurie Loper, Sherry Berry, Rhonda Koons, Laurie Mullins, Melisa McIn- tosh. Seventh row, Randy Davis, Jeff Smith, Matt Brobeck, Kara Atkins, Kara Hubbell, Mindy Fulks, Rhonda Ozbun, Donna Penny. every month. t'Some council members planned and put on meetings for the other stu- dents, commented one ofthe ofhcers. The club didn't participate in any special activities but are making preliminary plans for future sponsored events. CFC fCrusaders for Christi front row, from left, Miss Mitchell, sponsor, Cathy Uhl, vice president, Marcy Callahan, secretary, Debbie Hinshaw, reporter, Julie Hubbell, president, Mrs. Williamson, sponsor. Second row, Mary Brooks, Julie Jackson, Nannette Lipscomb, Darla Horner, Dawn Ragains, Susie Monroe, Vikki Hawkins, Diana Fuller, Lisa Jennings, Becky Newman, Penny Guthrie, Dan Heighway. Third row, Pam Gaston, Tammy George, Lori Mullins, Beth Dale, Liz George, Kara Hubbell, Tammy Cummings, Kandi Smiley, Jonnie Catron, Gary Johnston, Jeff Wyatt, Karen Catey, Cindy Minniear, Dona Cutler, Peter Frame. Fourth row, Tony Wilson, Teresa Oler, Kim Davis, Teresa Causey, Kathy King, Dale Ragains, Jeff Hartman, Rodney Schweizer, Kevin Riley, Pattie Parker, Ton McConaha, Eric Meyers, Jean McGough, Teresa Lee, Helen Hamm. will A. 1 .. XJ, sd Wav -J V 1 I ,X ,T,. tru 1 , . . 1. si K ff FOLK ART CLUB, front row, from left, Lisa Martin, Linda Heiger, Shari Lovins, Cathy Cross, Janie Turner, Debbie Fisher, Crystal Graves, Wanda McKinney, Dawn Kutche. Second row, Mrs. Hummel, sponsor, Joey Longfellow, Joy Brown, Julie Madelans, Nan Langley, Susan Toschlog, Kay Hicks, Johna Crull, Terri Sparks. Third row, Matt Brobeck, Steven Crouch, Lisa Musselman, Julie Mal- loris, Belinda Grays, Doug Grays, Cindy Minnear, Terri Phenis, Michelle Ramey, Mrs. Thornburg, sponsor. Fourth row, Paul Harris, Jeff Huntington, Kevin Nicholson, Steve Williams, Frankie Day, Tom Fullerton, David Ferguson, Keith Webster. Fifth row, Stacy McNamara, Liz George, Tammy George, Lori Mullins, Brenda Lynch, Denise McDaniel, Julie Colett, Deborah Johnson, Betty Frame, Princess Deitemeyer, Susan Haitt. Folk Art Creates, Spanish Presents Dance FOLK ART CLUB As a new club, Folk Artin- volved students worklng with arts and crafts of long ago. i'The purpose of Folk Art was to reach some understanding of the creating talent our ances- tors had, and to enjoy the expe- rience of students creating their own fun," stated Mrs. Hummel, sponsor. SPANISH CLUB Alojandre Lutz and Marianela Conoha, two exchange students from Chili, arrived in January. They were sponsored by the Spanish Club. The club held a special "Sweetheart" dance in Febru- ary featuring WHON disc jockey Randy Kokes. SPANISH CLU B, front row, from left, Mr. Orsborn, sponsor, Mary Wright, secretary, Verlinda Toschlog, treasurer, Kim Fisher, presi- dent, Carol Rayborn, vice president. Second row, Renee Ambler, Brenda Mashburn, Sharon Evans, Missy Morgenstern, Jill Owens, Mary Nocton, Liz Reed, Tammy Brown, Susan McGhee, Patty Ferguson. Third row, Sandy Toschlog, Cindy Wright, Tammy Sparks, Jo Sadler, Teresa Street, Terry Legear, Kevin Lewis, Jeff Toschlog, Joe Ladd. Fourth row, Becky Newman, Tammy Cummings, Pattie Parker, Tracey Shock, Laura Hawkins, Mandee Adams, reporter, Beth Dale, Julie Harter, Teresa Carrier. Fifth row, Marsha Starn, Peggy Taylor, Lisa Burke, Teresa Pierce, Lisa Abrams, Dawn Ragains, Doug Oler, Randy Boswell, Bobby Stoker, Rick Parker, Mark Ward. ' lv, .A . L" :gf- vr t N'-1' Honor Society Inducts, Jr. Library Files HONOR SOCIETY UMembership is considered the highest honor the school can bestow on a student," stated Mrs. Olive Ranck, Honor Society sponsor. To be a member of the Na- tional Honor Society the stu- dents are judged on scholastic eligibility, character, leadership and service. The Honor Society was in- volved with a few activities such as selling sporting tickets, ush- ering for open house, and col- lege visitations. JR. HIGH LIBRARY This year there were 42 stu- dents who belonged to the ju- nior high Library Club. M The purpose of this club was 1. -sf. to provide junior high students I I 1 I an opportunity to serve the school by working in the library. Their duties included running the circulation desk, filing ma- terial, and delivering overdue notices. ,A HONOR SOCIETY, front row, from left, Mrs. Ranck, sponsor, Cathy Uhl, treasurer, Dave Ketron, presidentg Melisa Cox, secretary. Second row, Myra Nichols, Kim Gwin, Tammy Montoney, Jennifer Robbins. Third row, Gayle Hartman, Jenny Flamm, Nan- nette Lipscomb, Kim Fouche, Sandy Winters. Fourth row, Dave Johnson, Doug Hop- kins, Rick Creviston, Rodney Harris. Fifth row, Besty Nocton, Karen Tucker, Chris Lah- mann, Eric Webster. Sixth row, Steve Esarey, Steve Cummins, Dave Heighway. JR. HIGH LIBRARY CLUB, front row, from left, Sherri Berry, Laurie Loper, Anita Ankrom, Beth Barker, Vonda Hersey, Micci Towns- end. Second row, Dawn Stamper, Melissa McIntosh, Denise McDanieIs, Nan Langley, Lonna Barnes, Melisa Ramey, Sheri Tudor, Bar- bara Coddington. Third row, Mr. Boyd, sponsor, Stacy Hill, Linda Mayberry, Julie Madelans, Rhonda Ambler, Dan Heighway, Susan Toschlog, Peter Frame, Rhonda Koons, Doug Johnson, Doug Bridgeford, Lloyd Mullins, Matt Brobeck, Garth Hartman, John Martin. ,nr

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