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l - ftor ir tWS ii -fc. WSL H . .- T-- ' l %4% .EA5 i m Ge J ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LI!3RAfl I ii till II mil mill II 3 1833 01834 3191 GC 977.102 SP84NO, 1971 TlJ ' r 4( I J kr-A Hi - Ii y Editors-in-Chief: School Personnel Editors: Class Editors: - Organizations Editor: Athletics Editor: Activities Editor: Advertisements Editors: Annual Staff Not So Advisor: Robert Miller Marcella Oney Doug Kincaid John DesCombs Betsy Gerhardt Jill Russell Betsy Donkin Robert Miller Cathy Tucker Marcella Oney Anita Barnes Mr. Stephen Ark In Memoriam juUeA nne Julie Van Horn I had a talk with God last night, He said lend to me your ear. I have a little message that I would like for you to hear. I walked the streets of South Vienna, One crisp December day. And although it really hurt me, I called one of yours away. I would like to thank her family, For they raised her pure and true. She makes a perfect angel on Her throne beyond the blue. I wish that you could see her. As she walks the golden stair. Her eyes shine like diamonds. And there is glitter in her hair. She is really very happy now, Her life on earth is done. Her parents gave to me an angel, As my Father gave His son. ROGER STEWART Deborah Cooley She Is Away You cannot say, and you must not say That she is dead, she is just away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand. She has wandered into an unknown land. And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be, since she lingers there, And you - O you, who the wildest yearn For the old-time step and the glad return. Think of her faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here; Think of her still as the same and say: She is not dead - she is just away! JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY 1971 Annual Staff Co-Editor Bob Miller and Co- School Personnel Editor Doug Kincaid look over a few of the multitude of pictures which flooded the staff, making the job of choosing pictures even harder. The Editors of the 1971 Jet would like to take this opportunity to thank the Camera Club and Russ Overman Studios for the fine pictures taken this year and wish the Jet staff of 1972 good luck in putting their annual together. Sincerely, Co- Editor Bob Miller and Mr. Ark, Advisor This is just one of the many good photog- raphers which took pictures this year. Others including Lonnie Michaelson are Jim Lawerence, Ken Hidderer, Mr. Cham- berlin and Mr. Hauerkos. 3 Yearbook Genesis oo nd in those days a cry went out to all the , country thereabouts that the King was wailing, ' for he was sore in need of a scribe, courageous and forthright, who feared not a hard day ' s labor. 2 Now it came to pass that the cry of the King fell upon the ears of the Arkangel Steph- en, who, meeting all of the above qualifica- tions but three, hearkened unto that cry. 3 And the King sought audience with Ste- phen and there told him of the yearbook that would go unprinted should a lowly scribe he had in mind not volunteer to guide the project. 4 But Stephen hesitated and lo, the King made mention of a government project, a certain lions ' den under construction nearby. 5 And Stephen, in a flash, saw the light and accepted the task, and went his way muttering oaths not of allegiance. 6 Only now did the king have second thoughts saying, " I would that the seeds of my cry had fallen upon more fertile soil. " r CHAPTER II nd so it happened that the angel Stephen went out unto the people in search of assist- ance. 2 He looked among the lowly and sick of mind and his search was fruitful, for in that area the lowly and sick of mind were not tare. 3 And among those he gathered unto him first were Bob the Miller and Anita of the Barnes. Others of their ilk followed suit and soon a great multitude had gathered, unique for its predominant femininity. 4 No hush fell upon that multitude, but Stephen spoke anyway, saying, " Go ye in pairs unto the factories and funeral homes and gather what gold ye can with the selling of advertisements. " 5 And it was done so, and the treasury was filled to overflowing. 6 Next he spoke unto a younger section of the multitude, about fifteen in number, say- ing above the tumult, " Go ye unto the re- maining sick of mind and sell yearbook sub- scriptions. " 7 This too was done and once more the treasury overflowed with gold. 8 And from out of the North came three savage horsemen. Chamberlain, Barber and Haverkos by name, barbarians all. 9 And they spoke to the angel offering the aid of their minds, such as they were, and giving no little help and much free advice. 6f I nd it can CHAPTER III nd it came to pass that the tasks were divided and the work begun. 2 Marcella and Anita, Jill and Betsy G. , Claudia and Bev, Kathy and Janeen, Doug and John, Betsy D. and Janet - these few began the business of begetting a yearbook. 3 But lo, they soon discovered that the angel Stephen, though indeed an angel, knew nothing of yearbooks, and they were sore afraid. 4 But mostly sore. 5 Yet the task, thanks to the efforts of the staff and in spite of the efforts of Stephen, was accomplished - yea, was well accom- plished. You have before you the product of their numerous efforts. 6 And may 1 say that on just one other occasion have so many owed so much to so few. 7 My thanks to the staff which comforted me. Sincerely and forever indebted, the angel ; CHARLES STEPHENS Superintendent CARL FRAZIER Assistant Superintendent MR. CHARLES PRICE Principal B. S. in Education University of Dayton M.Ed. Degree Wittenberg U. Graduate Work Wright State Miami U. I I MRS. JOAN YEOMAN Secretary MRS. -PEARL MOORMAN Receptionist MR. JOHN PARSONS Asst. Principal B.S. Ed. Miami U. M.A. Wittenberg U. MRS. VERNA VAN HORN Secretary • -S V-: 10 Bus Drivers JACK CRALL - Transportation Coordinator Carl Blankenship 24 Peggy McCombs 2 Virgie Combs 25 Robert McConkey 21 Ike Davis 12 Briggs Neer 15 Mike Duffy 22 Raphael Remsberg 16 Homer Engle 19 Francis Rheubert 1 J. Burton Haerr 9 George Ridder 11 Ralph Hays 14 Garnet Roberts 20 Janet Judy 13 Robert Tingley 27 Norretta Justice 8 Weldon Toops 26 John Laird 28 Kenneth Weber 3 Betty Massie 18 Howard Wells 23 )) MAUI NE BAUGH Wittenberg Library Aide LUANNE BEAN Library Aide HARIUET IRELAND Library Aide GWENZELLA RUNYAN W. G. WIMBERLY W-iaiTH 12 Teachers, Trolls, Etc. ;v. ' it I H ALBERT ABRAMS Hi m B.S. Ed., OSU Graduate Work Ohio State Vocal Music H Instructor BRUCE BANZHOF B.S. Ed. Wittenberg Algebra 1 Shop Math Comm. Arith. HAROLD BURT B.S. Ed. Wright State Spanish French STEPHEN ARK B.A. English Wright State General English Track Coach Yearbook Advisor JON BARBER B.S. Ed. Wittenberg English 14 JAMES CHAMBERLIN B. S. Ed. Bowling Green Graduate Work Wright State English Driver Ed. F. T.A. Advisor GI TA FELDWISCH B. S. Home Ec. OSU Home Economics LOUIS DRIEVER B. Music Ed. Otterbein College M. Ed. Miami U. Band Director CHARLOTTE COOPER B. S. Ed. Wittenberg Tuebingen U. Germany Typing I General Business llVL " f CHERYL FISHER A. A. Colby Jr. College B. S. Ed. Ohio University Art 15 RAY FOX Morehead U. B. A. History and Political Science World Geography 3. S. Ed. Bowling Green English 12 Composition w----- ROBERT GRAY B. M. B. S. Music Ed. Conservatory of Music Cincinnati U. Band Director ROBERT HAAS B.A., M.A. ■ ■ Ohio State Advanced Math Algebra II Geometry Basketball Coach LAWRENCE M. GIANGULIO B.S. Ed. Kent State M.Ed. Xavier U. Biology Phys. Ed. Asst. Football Coach 16 GLENDA HARENBERG B. S. Secretarial Science Salem College LARRY llAYHRKOS A. A., Urbana B.S. Ed. Cincinnati U. M.A., OSU Government Psychology Shorthand I, II Office Practice DANIEL HEATON B. A. Psychology Dayton U. History Math Social Studies English NANCY INSTINE B.S. Ed. Wittenberg Health Physical Ed. EUGENE JUDY B. S. , Miami M. A., New York U. Drafting Ind. Arts 17 PHILA KIBBY B.S. Health and Physical Ed. Cincinnati U. English Speech --f- JAMES KING DON LaBONTE B.S. Ed. Murray U. Amer. History B.S. Ed. Bowling Green Biology EDWIN KRANZ A. A., Wilson College B. S., M.A. OSU Vo-Ag. Guidance KENNETH LAWSON B. A. Histoiy Eastern Kentucky M.A. History Dayton U. American History Psychology Tennis Coach 18 KENNA LAYFIELD A.B. Degree Salem College Industrial Arts Golf Coach U. EDGAR McFADDEN A.B. , Miami U. B. S., OSU General Science Physical Science Driver Ed. EUGENE PITSTICK B. S. Math Ed. Central State U. General Math MARJORIE LOY B.S. Home Economics Ed. OSU Home Economics -a ' 11 1- ( i U ALEX PRESSNELL B.S. E. Tennessee State Typing 19 MARY PRINCE M.A. Ohio State U. Guidance KENT ROBINSON MARY PUCHSTEIN A.B. Degree Ohio U. Spanish I.II, lU A.B. Ohio Wesleyan Health Physical Ed. RALPH ROGERS B. S. Ed. Wittenberg M.A. M.S. , OSU Chemistry Biology LINDA RIDENOUR Miami U. B.S. Ed. Wright State English 20 DONALD SMITH B. A. , Glenville State College Speech Wrestling Coach GWENZILLA RUNYAN A. B. , Rio Grande College Wittenberg U. Wright State U. Librarian GARY SMITTLE A. B. , Earlham College Drivers Education Asst. Football Coach Baseball Coach JERRY STACKHOUSE B.S. Ed. Bowling Green Mathematics RONALD STEVENS B.S.. Ohio U. Rutgers U. Algebra 1 Geometry 21 DAVE) STOFFEL, JR. B.A. Parsons College Cincinnati U. Wright State World History Driver Education Counselor Football Coach RICHARD SUNMAN B.S. Ed. Ohio Northern U. M.Ed. Wright State U. Government n DONALD WARD A.B. Degree Pikeville College M.Ed. Xavier U. English RUSSELL WILLEMAN. B.S. Ed. Ohio State Art 22 W. G. VVIMBI-RLY B,A. E. New Mexico U. M.Ed. Colorado State Bookkeeping Typing I A.V. Coordinator ROGER WOODWORTH B.S. Ed. Ohio State Biology ROBERT ZUZAK B.S. Ohio U. Earth Science Physics 23 Student Teachers CANDY JOHNSON Spanish JAMES KITCHENS Science PAUL GREEN Social Studies JOHN LINKHART Social Studies STEVEN NYE Music SUE OATEY Art - . x ' ' XC Ui 24 SUSAN ROCKFIELD English -sr fS. iites CHERYL DWYER Science n 9S Mi U ' if? ll i ■i ||£ 1 Year For Juniors And Seniors . . . s e n I o r s CLASS OFFICERS (L to R): Rob Allen, Jean Kohn, Jim Cooke, and Rick Catanzaro. You can sit anyway to ready dirty books. 27 EDWARD ADAMS ROBERT ALLEN Football 2 Basketball 2,3,4 Golf 2,3,4 Science Club 2,3,4, V Pres. 3 National Honor Society 3.4 Varsity " N " 3,4 Senior Class Vice Pres. DEBRA ALLENDER Choir 2, 3 GAA 2, 3 Bowling 2,3 Glee Club 2,3 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 4 Cheerleader 2,3,4 Junior Class Treasurer JVS Student 4 KATHY ARBOGAST GAA 2,3 Spanish Club 3,4 Spanish National Honor Society 4 Choir 4 GAA Bowling 2, 3 MELANIE (MILLS) ALLEN JANET ALLEN BILLIE RAE (WEBB) ANDERSON TOM ARLT Intramurals 2 28 SHERIE ASTON Wrestling Cheerleader 4 Senior Class Play CHARLOTTE AUKEMAN National Honor Society 4 FFA 2,3.4 GAA 2,3,4 Science Club 3,4 Reading Club 4 Band 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 Latin Club 2 MICHAEL AUGUSTUS Football 2, 3.4 Track 2,3 Baseball 4 Intramurals 2 Varsity " N " 2,3,4 LARRY BALDWIN Wrestling 2 Track 2 100 Mile Club 2 RANDALL AUCKERMAN Latin Club 2 STEVE BAKER Intramurals 2 Basketball 2,3,4, Mgr. 2 Vo-Ag. 2,3,4 Choir 3,4 Varsity " N " 4 Baseball 10 BLAIR AUKEMAN WrestUng 2,3 Cross- Country 3,4 Vars. " N " 3,4, V. Pres. 4 Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4, Pres. 4 Science Club 2,3,4, Pres. 3, V. Pres. 4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 2, 4 Student Council 3 Science Seminar 2.3 Scholarship Team 2 DEBORAH BARKER Latin Club 2 French Club 3 Glee Club 2 Choir 4 GAA 2 FNA 2 29 ANITA BARNES GAA 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Library Club 2 Intramurals 2 Latin Club 2 Track 2 Prom Committee 3 Basketball 3 Homecoming Committee 4 JOHN BOWEN Camera Club 4 Tennis Team 4 Band 2 DENNIS BENSTON MARGARET BOWMAN Glee Club 2 GAA 2 Choir 3 Spanish Club 3 BEVERLY BARTLEY Librarian 4 FNA 2. 3 Reading 4 CHRIS BLUE Intramurals 2 Latin Club 2 30 DENNIS BROOKS 1 DIANNE CARRYER JUDY BURNETT GAA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 RICARDO CAT ANZARO Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3,4 Student Council 2,3,4 Class President 3,4 Football 2 Prom Committee Prom Court 3 Spanish Club 3 FTA 2 JOHN BROWN CAROL CARTER Senior Class Play Senior Committee Annual Staff 4 Scholarship Team 2 Choir 2,3,4 FNA 2,3,4 Latin Club 2 Girls ' Ensemble 3 RICHARD CANO Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Golf 2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3 Prom Committee 3 Band 2,3,4 MIRLAM CLASSEN French Club 2,3, Pres. 4 Honor Society 3, 4 Band 2,3,4 Reading Club 3,4 FTA 2,3,4 ■ " k 31 RUSSELL CRAIG Football 2 Basketball 3,4 Baseball 2 Varsity " N " 4 Spanish Club ROCKY DAY JAMES COOKE Senior Class Treasurer Spanish National Honor Society 4 Football 3,4 Reserve Baseball 3 Varsity " N " 3,4 BETTY CULP FTA 2,3,4 DEBRA CRABTREE Choir 2,3 FNA 2,3,4 Spanish Club 3 Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3 FHA 2, 3 FNA 4 TERESA DAVIS FTA 2, 3 French Club 2,3 Mixed Ensemble 3,4 Choir 2,3,4 Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3 JOHN DES COMBS Annual Staff 4 32 PAMELA DIEHL JVS Student 4 ELIZABETH DONKIN Nat. Hon. Soc. 3,4, Hist. 4 Band 2,3,4 FTA 2,3,4, Jr. Repre- sentative GAA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2,3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Latin Club 2, Secretary 2 Reading Club 4 Librarian 4 Prom Committee 3 SHERMAN DRAPER MICHAEL DILLAHUNT JVS Student 3,4 JANEEN DONALDSON Concert Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 GAA - Bowling 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 GAA 2,3,4 DIANNA DYER Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 3 GAA 2,3 GAA Bowling 2,3 FTA 2,3 Spanish Club 2, 3 Prom Committee 3 33 DEBORAH ENOCH JVS Student 3,4 JOHN ERTER «= .! DOUGLAS EVANS r S Student 3,4 I f EMILY FLAX National Honor Society 3.4 FTA 2,3.4. V. Pres. 4 Latin Club 2 Band 2,3,4 Newspaper Staff 3 FFA Queen Attendant 2,3 Senior Class Play JAMES ESTEP Newspaper Staff 3 French Club 2 DENNIS ENSIGN Latin Club 2, 3 Science Club 3 Newspaper Staff 3 ii jtei LAURA FANNING Band 2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4 SUSAN FLAX m ' S ' FTA 2,3,4 % French Club 3 M Jk " Latin Club 2 w - Block " N " 2 w m. a ti- 34 JAMES FLETCHER f ■:■- RONNIE FYFFE JVS Student 4 ELIZABETH GERHARDT Latin Club 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Annual Staff 3,4 t Senior Class Play (Stage Crew) JANNA GOODMAN GAA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2, 3 FNA 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Prom Committee 3 JANICE FOSTER SUSAN GEYER GAA 2, 3 GAA Bowling 2,3 Class Treasurer 2 Spanish Club 2, 3 Spanish Nat ' l Honor Society 3,4 FTA 2.3 Prom Committee 3 JVS Student 4 JACKIE GARRINGER Cheerleading 2,3,4 Class V. Pres. 2,3 Honor Society 3,4 FTA 2,3,4 GAA 2.3,4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 2 Band 2,3.4; Latin Club 2 Science Club 4 W ren ' s Teen Board Representative CAROLYN GOODY JVS Student 35 STEPHEN GRAY Football 2 Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 3 LARRY HALL JVS Student DEBORAH GOWER GAA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2 FTA 2 Spanish Club 3 Spanish Honor Society 4 Wrestling Cheerleader 2,3.4 Prom Committee 3 FFA Queen 2 CLAUDIA HACKER Scholarship Team 2 Latin Club 2 Glee Club 2 Annual Staff 3,4 Choir 3,4 National Honor Society 4 Mixed Ensemble 4 REBECCA GRUBBS GAA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2.3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 PAMELA HAMM Prom Queen 3 Homecoming Court 4 National Honor Society 3.4 Block " N " 2.3 Wren ' s Teen Board Representative 4 JVS Student 4 KIMBERLY JO GRAM Marching Band 2.3,4 Concert Band 2,3.4. Treasurer 4 Latin Club 2 GAA 2,4 Newspaper Staff 2 Annual Staff 3 Senior Class Play FNA 2.4 Science Club 3.4, Treas- urer 3,4 CHRIS HADDIX 36 JoANN HANEY Wrestling 2,3 Science Club 2,3, 4 Cross- Country 3 Honor Society 3,4 37 GREGORY HILLARD Varsity " N " 3,4 Wrestling 2, 3 Cross-Country 3 Science Club 2,3,4 FFA 2,3,4 DOUGLAS HOPKINS JVS Student DIANA HICKMAN Concert Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Head Majorette 4 MARK HOEWISCHER Latin Club 2 French Club 3,4 FFA 3.4 KENNETH HINDERER Band 2, 3 Latin Club 2 Science Club 3,4 Wrestling 2 Track 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Honor Society 3,4 Camera Club 4 ARLENE HOUSER Band 2,3 GAA 2,3,4 FNA 2,3 Latin Club 2 TERRY HILES DALE HOOVER Football 2 Basketball 2,3,4 Track 2,3,4 Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Prom King 3 Homecoming Court 3 Latin Club 2 38 DEBORAH HOWELL Girls ' Glee Club 2 Latin Club 2, 3 Block " N " 2,3,4, Treas. 3 French Club 3,4, Sec. 4 Science Club 3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Camera Club 4, Sec. 4 Senior Committee BENJAMIN HUTSON Honor Society 2, 3 FFA 2,3,4, Reporter 3 Spanish Club 2 Concert Band 2, 3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 Stage Band 2,3,4 CHRISTINA (ALLEN) HURST DL NE JOHNSON FNA 2,3.4 JUDITH HOWELL Science Club 4 Block " N " 3,4 Camera Club 4 FHA 2,3,4, Sec. 4 County Pres. 4 Girls ' Glee Club RANDALL IRELAND FFA 2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3,4 DOUGLAS HURST ' .4 PAMELA JOHNSON Honor Society 3,4 Science Club Camera Club 4, Treas. Choir 2,4 ETA Sr. Class Play, Stu. Dir. Klixed Ensemble Annual Staff 4 French Club Latin Club GAA 2 39 DOUGLAS KINCAID Band 2,3.4, Pres. 4 Drum Major 3,4 Stage Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Honor Society 3,4 Senior Class Play Annual Staff 3.4 Science Club 3. 4 FTA 3.4 Newspaper Staff 3 Latin Club 2.3 DANA KUHN JOHN KENNEDY Football 2, 3,4, Captain 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity " N " 3,4 JEAN KOHN FTA 2,3,4 GAA 4 Class Secretary 3,4 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 3 Homecoming Queen 4 STEVEN KNAPP Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3 Varsity " N " 3,4 Honor Society 3,4, V. Pres. 4 CLIFFORD LaFOLLETTE FFA 3,4 Cross- Country 3,4 BECKY KIMBLE Latin Club 2 Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band 2, 3, 4 Wind Ensemble 3 Annual Staff 3 LARRY KRUGH FootbaU 2,3 Basketball 2,3 Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Class Pres. 2 40 JACALYN LAIRD GAA 2,3 FNA 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4 Block " N " 3 Latin Club 2 PHILIP LAMBERS Spanish Club 3,4 Track 2 Football 2,3,4 Varsity " N " 3,4 Baseball 4 CAROL LEACH GAA 2 GAA Bowling 2 ! Sv- J AARON LEMASTER ■a JVS Student BROOKE LAMBERT Concert Band 2,3,4 Marching Baad 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3 Honor Society 3, 4 Spanish Nat ' l Honor Society 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Annual Staff 3 FTA 2 Spanish Club 3,4 Sr. Class Play (Stage Crew) JANET LeCOMTE Latin Club 2 Science Club 3 Honor Society 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 GAA Bowling 4 EDWARD LAVECK JVS Student ROY LeMASTER Baseball 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Varsity " N " 3,4 41 CHERYL LOCKE GAA 2 " , 3, 4 Glee Club 3 Choir 4 CATHERINE F LOVELACE JVS Student LYNNE MAGAW GAA 2,3 MLCOLM LOVELACE JVS Student vr GLORIA MAYNARD TERESA MAINE Block " N " 2,3 Latin Club 2 Homecoming Committee 4 GAA 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Office Practice 4 CYNTHLf=i IvIcCABE JVS Student ROSALEE MARKLEY GAA 3, 4 FHA2 Block " N " 2,3 Office Practice 4 42 GARY McCABE Latin Club 2 Golf Team 2,3 Football 2 Annual Staff 3 LOKNIE MICHAELSON Camera Club 4 43 BEVERLY MILLER Honor Society 3,4 Latin Club 2 GAA 3 Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Stage Band 2,3,4 Choir 4 LINDA MITCHELL French Club 3 FTA 2.3,4 Latin Club 2 Senior Class Play CHARLES MIELE GARY MINCER Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Wrestling 2,3 Track 2.3 Latin Club 2 Prom Court 3 Homecoming Court 3 BARBARA MILLER JVS Student ROBERT MILLER Band 2,3,4, V. Pres. 4, Student Dir. 4 FTA 4, Pres. 4 Annual Staff 3,4, Ed. 4 Science Club 3,4 Choir 4 Mixed Ensemble 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity " N " 4 Latin Club 2 Scholarship Team 2 CAROLYN MOORE CHERIE MINNICK GAA 2,3 Annual Staff 3 44 PEGGY MORRIS Wrestling 2 Band 2,3,4 Science Club 2,3 Spanish Club 2,3, V. Pres. Stage Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3 Senior Class Play 45 WESLEY POWERS JVS Student Marching Band 2, 3,4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 French Club 2, 3 GAA Bowling 3 46 Life Isn ' t A Iways Easy For Seniors! 47 JACK RICHARDS Football 2.3,4 Baseball 2,3 Latin Club 2, 3 Prom Court 3 Varsity " N " 4 - k i DONALD RITTENHOUSE JVS Student MICHAEL ROBERTS Football 2,3 Track 2 Varsity " N " 2,3,4 Prom Court 3 PAM RICHARDSON JVS Student PENNY RITTOFF GAA 2.3,4, V. Pres. 3 GAA Bowling 2,3 Annual Staff 3 CHERYL ROYER FTA 2 Latin Club 2 Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band 2,3.4, Sec. 4 Honor Society 3,4 Choir 4 Senior Class Play JILL RUSSELL FTA 2 GAA 2.3.4 GAA Bowling 2. 3 GAA Volleyball 2.3 Spanish Club 3 Annual Staff 3,4 Office Practice 4 CATHY ROWLAND JVS Student 48 MARY ELLEN SAUNDERS Marching Band 2,3,4 Concert Band 2,3,4 FTA 2 Latin Club 2 Scholarship Team 2 Senior Class Play (Stage Crew) Honor Society 3,4 GLENN SHACKELFORD JVS Student DEBORAH (WEIMER) SCHMID Cheerleader 2,3 NATHAN SHEERIN Baseball 2 KEVIN SCHISSLER Varsity " N " 4 Latin Club 2,3, Pres. 3 Science Club 2, 3 Reading Club 2.3,4 Student Council 2 Golf Team 3,4 Track 2 DAVID SHARP Latin Club 2 Football 2,3,4 Baseball 3,4 Varsity " N " 2,3,4, Pres. 4 Senior Class Play (Stage Crew) JOHN SCHMID DEBRA SIDNER GAA 2,3 GAA Bowling 2 Glee Club 2, Treas. 2 Choir 3,4 49 GAA 2, 3 Glee Club 2 Choir 2,3 GAA 2,3,4, Pres. 4 GAA Bowling 2, 3, 4 FNA 2, 3, 4, V. Pres. Block " N " 2.3,4. V. Pres. 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 JACK SMITH ROBERT SMITH Intramurals 3 Track 3 ROYLETTA SMITH Reading Club 2, 3 GAA 2 Annual Staff 3,4 GAA Bowling 2 Choir 3,4 50 RANDOLPH SPARKS Baseball 2,3,4 Latin Club 2.3 DONNA STEWART Newspaper Staff 2 Glee Club 2 Choir 3 GAA Bowling 2.3 Honor Society 3, 4 JUDITH STEVENS FTA 2.3,4 GAA 2.3.4 Annual Staff 3.4 Latin Club 2 GAA Bowling 2.3,4 Prom Committee 3 DIANA THOMAS FHA 2,3.4. Sec. 3, Pres. 4 Ohio State Officer 4 Glee Club 2 Choir 4 GAA 2,3 GAA Bowling 2 Homecoming Committee 4 Annual Staff 3 DOLORES STEVENS Choir 2,4 Girls ' Ensemble 2 FHA 2,3,4 GAA 3 Annual Staff 4 GAA Bowling 3 KAREN STILES Concert Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2.3.4 GAA 2.3.4 French Club 2. 3 FNA 4 MISTY STEVENS Latin Club 2 Newspaper Staff 2 FHA 2, 3 Block " N " 3 CHERYL THOMPSON Glee Club 2 Latin Club 2 GAA 2,3 Science Club 2,3,4 Honor Society 3,4, Sec. 4 51 RICK THOMPSON Tennis 4 CYNTHIA TOWNSEND GAA 2 GAA Bowling 2 GAA Volleyball 2 GAA Basketball 2 Annual Staff 3 RICHARD TROXELL Baseball 4 Wrestling 3 Science Club 2 FFA 2,3,4 Varsity " N " 4 SHERRY UNDERWOOD GAA 3.4 GAA Bowling 3, 4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Marching Band 2,3,4 RICHARD TOMS MARY PATRICIA TOWNSEND JVS Student CATHERINE TUCKER FTA 2 FNA 2,3 Annual Staff 3,4 Spanish Club 2 GAA 2 ROGER VAUGHN 1 52 SUSAN VIRTS JVS Student SHERRY WATKINS Wrestling Cheerleader 3 Prom Committee 3 GAA 2.3,4 GAA Bowling 2,3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Senior Class Play ELIZABETH WALL JAMES WHITTINGTON Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 2,3,4 Stage Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Latin Club 2, V. Pres. 2 Honor Society 3,4 Wrestling 2 Baseball 3 Choir 4 Senior Class Play JOHN WADE Latin Club 2,3 Science Club 2,3,4 Camera Club 4 Football 4 J :v i , CAROLYN WHISMAN GAA 2,3,4 Latin Club 2, 3 FTA 2,3,4 GAA Bowling 2, 3 Annual Staff 3,4 French Club 3,4 CYNTHL WARMAN JVS Student BEVERLY WILLIAMS GAA 2 GAA Bowling 2 Latin Club 2 Annual Staff 3,4 Reading Club 4 Librarian 4 53 JAMES WINGET MICHELE WOOD French Club 2,3 GAA Bowling 4 Annual Staff 4 MICHAEL WILSON Latin Club 2 Football 2 Prom Committee 3 Cheerleader 2, 3,4 GAA 2.3,4 Spanish Club 2 Prom Court 3 Prom Committee 3 PHYLLIS WOOD Senior Class Play JOAN WINGERT Marching Band 2,3,4 Stage Band 2,3,4 Pep Band 2 FTA 2,3,4 Latin Club 2 Science Club 3,4 Spanish Nat ' l. Honor Society 4 Spanish Club 4 Concert Band 3 DIRK WOOD 54 KAREN WORTHINGTON Choir 2,3,4 n Zl- L OJENIA MEYERS JVS Student VAUGHN RANDY ZERKLE Science Club 3,4 Baseball 2 Homecoming Court 4 Senior Class Play WANDA WYATT PHILLIP BAKER JVS Student (■ ■■ PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE: Donna Adams, Jim Bartley, Bradley Bilyeu, Brian Campbell, Daniel Campbell, David Campbell, Richard Col liflower, Michelle Collins, Linda DeForest, Frank Dwyer, Michael Emmons, William Ervin, Karen Goody, Patricia Haendiges, Max Harrison, Patrick Killin, Patricia Paul, Robert Pontsler, Joseph Ramby, Donald Robinson, Robert Scaggs, Lonnie Stapleton, Samuel Stapleton, William ' anBeek, Gregg Wertz, Douglas Chiles, and Jack Sadler. 55 56 ,T 57 u n I o r s CLASS OFFICERS (L to R): Bryce Banion, Joyce Combs, and Bill Smedley. Lonnie Acton Richard Acton William Agle Terri Aldridge Phil Anderson Paula Anstine Carolyn Aronhalt Keith Ashworth Paulerte Aukeman Sue Bageant Patricia Bailey Dan Baker David Baldwin John Bale Banion Bale 58 Marcia Baughman Mark Bayes Debbie Boilon Jim Bowsher Judy Braam Janice Branch Keith Brickley Teresa Brooks Caihy Brucker Rita Burr Annette Butler Teresa Callicoat Janice Cashell Maruin Cason Janet Castle Jeff Castle Randy Cavins Linda Chaffin Mark Clark Steve Colliflower Joyce Combs Carol Creyts Carol Culp Gary Davis John Davis David Dodds Kevin Duffy Linda Duncan Alan Edwards Mary Elliott Tim Elliott Tom Elliott Kathy Engle Loretta Evans Terry Evans 59 Bill Eyman Robert Fannin George Fanning Sharon Fenton Steve Fifer Kristin Fippen Gloria Flarida Debbie Fligor Owen Frisby Mike Fultz Bev Fyffe Donna Gamble Pete Gillam Dave Glover Jack Goodman Keith Gorby Patty Graves Tim Gray Doug Greenwood Cathy Gregory 60 Mindy Grubb Tim Grubb JoAnn Guisinger Andy Haddix Robert Haffner David Haley John Harris David Hayes Tom Hayes Tim Heath Mark Helsel Debbie Hill J. B. Hill Tom Hinderer Rick Hohlmayer Jeff Hoover Pat Hoppes Rick Howell Dan Hoy David Hoyle Jerry Hudson Sharon Huennerkopf John Hunter Mike Inskeep Steve Jernigan Becky Johnson Jody Johnson Margie Joy Mike Judy Bonnie Kelley Kenney Key Dan Killin Keith Krautwater Charlotte Kunkle Millard Kuykendall 61 Debbie LaFollette Carol Lambers Sherri Lambert Jane Landis Virginia Larkin Linda Laveck Jim Lawrence S i John Lemaster Sue Lemen Debra Lewis Sharon Lieurance JUl Linkhart Rick Lockard Cindy Locke Doug Locke Jill Long Rick Lovingshimer Jerry Lyons Martha Maddex Naysa Magill Barbara Mann Gina Markel Roy Marrs Joyce McConkey Robert McDaniel Sam McG raw Bonita McKee Donald Meade Mark Miller Gloria Morningstar Larry Mullins Doug Murray Sheree Myers Linda Neidhart Jim Newell 62 Now Larry do it right! What should I paint now ! Greg New land Gene Oleynik Keith Oster Mike Pappert Joyce Parker Dale Paugh Christie Payton Richard Peck Robert Pennington Robert Picklesimer Joyce Pitzer Jimmy Queen Mona Raechle Tim Randolph Amy Ray Robert Reaver Alan Reeves Steve Richards Dave Ridder Georgeann Ridder 63 Steve Ridder James Rider Peggy Roberts Terry Robinson Tari Rossitto Karen Row and Oscar Ruth Laura Seeley Melissa Sharp Mary Shotts Joe Sisler William Smedley Cindy Smith Lynne Smith Steve Smith Tom Smith Peggy Snow Steve Snyder Becky Spahr Jean Spencer Audry Spridgeon John Stafford Angie Stapleton Joy Steiger Connie Steiner Judy Steiner Sheryl Stinebaugh Steve Stratton Richard Stultz Tom Swords Cathy Taylor Greg Thompson Bill Thompson Nancy Tingley Paul Tipton 64 Wendy Venrick Becky Violet Dave Walp Maria Weber Deborah Whip Jere White Steve White Susan Wildman Holly Williamson Diane Wilson Mark Winkler Jackie Woodhouse Rodney Yeoman Kathy Zimmer J. V.s Juniors 65 s o P h o m o r CLASS OFFICERS (L to R): Jay Peters, Judy Wilson, Jane Yowler, and Tom Troxell. Rhonda Adams Sandy Adams Susan Adams Debra Amlin Jean Arlt Rachael Aukeman Stan Baker Robin Ballard Kathy Barker Wilma Bauer Patty Baiunan Nona Bayes Cindy Beard Tom Bednarczyk Ted Beedy Aimee Berger Jeff Board Joyce Boughier Judy Boysel Forrest Brock David Brown Rev a Brown Dani Brubaker Beth Buiy Stella Campbell John Carper Jay Cavender Shirley Chamberlin Ross Chaney Ann Chaney Tonya Chester Suzy Circle Christine Classen Becky Clay Linda Cline Marcus Cochran Cindy Black Tony Coffey Rita Blake Dana Cooley Beborah Blosser Bill Cornelison Tim Blue Randy Crall 66 M i r i Skip Crosbie Jodie Criimmie Elizabeth Gulp Marcia Danley Patricia Davis Terry Deal Mitzi Demory Steve Dillahunt Lariy Dillon Barbara Dixon Patricia Doehr Pat Downey Doug Duane Marisa Duffy Margaret Edwards Marvin Edwards Tom Edwards Roxanne Elliott Don Ensign Kim Ferres Steve Ferryman Richard Fife Kenneth Floyd Tim Foster Charles Fraley Mary Frederick Cindy Fritts Lisa Geyer Mike Gillam Debbie Goody Debbie Gorey Tom Gray Carla Green Nancy Greiner Jim Guisinger Paul Hall Jim Hartman Teresa Hause Tim Hause Vickie Havens Tony Hay Jeff Hazlett Sarah Heath Gary Hellebrand Sharon Hidy Doug Hinderer Donna Hinton Linda Hoffman Steve Holloway Mike Hudson Janice Huffman John Hutchins Cheryl Ireland Beth Iverson Mike Jenkins Steve Jenkins Doug Johnson Patty Jones Vickie Judy Terri Kellough Terry Kelly Kathy Kennedy Darrell Kestner Terry Kieffer Lori Kimble Teresa King Jerry Kinney Gloria Klopferstein Nancy Knox Linda Krabach Steve Lanter Debra Lawhom Kenny Leach Janine Leist Joetta Leist Pote Lemen Karen Lewis Zackary Lockard Maty Looney Diana Lovingshimer Carla Loy Leisa Magaw Pat Magill Sharon Magill Tina Manning Rick Markel Barbara Marts Kent Marshall Rick Martin Sam Maynard Teresa McConkey Mike McGlone Don McKee Fonda Mefford Larry Mefford Joann Miller f M ■1 ' 1 ' - l ' M f Mi 67 Mike Miller Robin Miller Randall Mills Dan Mitch Connie Mitchell Mark Moore Robert Moore Robert Mosier Barbara Mossbarger William Mowell Rex Miihlenkamp Mark Myers Deborah Neff Christine Neidhart Ray Nichols Cindy Oesterle Angle Owens Sue Owings Kay Parker Ron Parker Debbie Parrett Karen Parrill Lisa Parsons Robert Patten Steve Paugh Paul Pence Marion Penwell Jay Peters Bev Phillips Robert Phipps Connie Picklesimer Steve Plank Doug Plantz Jackie Potts Tim Preston Esther Prosser David Ranch Judy Rawe Steve Ray Cheryl Reaver Greg Reed Vickie Reisinger Carol Rodgers Mike Retherford Jeff Reynolds Cindy Elider Sandy Rigsby Roger Ripley Ralph Robertson Robin Rockfield Lynn Ryan Allen Schissler Kathy SchoU Gary Sharrock Pam Shaw Pat Shaw Tim Sheerin Terry Shirk Rick Shook Ray Shrewsberry Chris Shuey Mike Sidner Anita Sims Bill Slone 68 gf ra Andrea Smith Charles Smith Rocky Smith Cathy Smittle Marvin Sparks John Spears Jeannette Stapleton Jan Stevens Jewel Stevens Diane Stevenson Dan Stiles Debra Scinebaugh Keith Stuckey Mark Sturgeon Jeanne Swords Shelley Taulbee Caroline Tracy Shirley Trimble Tom Troxell Rick Truman Melanie Tullis Marvin Underwood Tom VanWay Don Violet Dennis Wall Howard Walp Robin Ward Beth Wayne Susan Wayne Becky Weimer Rhonda Wical David Wilson Judy Wilson Ivan Wimberly Jerry Winget Chris Winkhouse Terry Woodburn Randy Wyatt Terri Wyatt f . Katherine Yowler Peggy Jones Sandy Miller 69 F r e s h m e n CLASS OFFICERS (L to R): Mark Eyre, Jo Ann Chase. Mickie Blosser, and Cindy Dean. MMM. Deborah Adams Sandra Adams Cathy Anderkin George Anstine George Brickley Deborah Brofford Bemetha Brown Fred Butcher Vicky Aston Mark Auckerman Kathy Allen James Augustus Terry Carrol Tim Carter David Cashell Vickie Castle Michael Austin Kathy Baker Linda Baldwin Brandyn Banion Joyce Cataldo Jim Chapman Jo Ann Chase Austin Chesshir Loraine Bartley Joetta Bass Robin Bauer James Beamish Greg Clark Vicky Comer Kathy Conway Robert Crabtree Candy Bean Paula Bidwell Deborah Black Mickie Blosser Teresa Cremeans David Crippen Linda Culler Steve Cunningham Linda Boggs James Bowen Gary Bowsher Ray Brewer Lois Daniels Deena Davis Janet Davis Jeff Davis MSt-iL 70 I ££ Diane Day Lori Havens Ronald Deal Steve Hawkins Becky Dean Cathy Henry Cindy Dean Joyce Hensley Cindy Demory Bryce Hill John Deselem Sandy Hines Ron Derrick Mark Hirtzinger Parry Dewirr Kathy Hodgson Peggy Donaldson Jeff Hoppes Melissa Donkin Rebecca Howell Anita Dory John Hupman Ellen Douglas Tina Hurd Sue Douglas John Hurley Steve Downey Gerald Jenkins Joe Downing Vicky Johnson John Duhl Bonnie Jones Kathy Dwyer Wayne Joy Bonnie Elliot Ken Judy Ed Evans Carey Kelley George Evans Robert Kennedy James Evans Kevin Key Mark Eyre Jane Kimble Dean Fenron Bill Koster Marilyn Flercher Greg Krirzwiser Joyce Freeman Linda Lamer Mark Frirts PaiHine Larkin Lonnie Giddens Ed Lemaster Sreve Gill Mark Lewis Mildred Gordon Cathy Litteral Doreen Grassle Diane Litteral Glenda Greenwood Kenna Littersr Jim Griffitts Tom Loekard Rita Griffitts James Maccora Robert Grubbs Steve Manring Barbara Grube Mary Marshall Diane Grube Charles Mason Phil Hacker Melvin Massengill Mike Haddix Bruce McConkey Robert Haddix Kyle McGraw Bill Haddix Ed McKee Elaine Haemmerle April McMinn Bill Haendiges Tom Mellon Susan Haffner Bonnie Miller Tom Halderman Keith Miller Cindy Haley Serh Miller Kirk Hamilron Susan Miller Sherri Hanes Mike Mills Stan Hannah Karen Mincer y r 71 Martin Mingus Richard Morris Mike Mounds Karen Murray Kim Murray Debra Nawman Twylla Neer Curtis Neff Mike Neff Bill Newell Roberta Norris Greg Oren Rick Parrat Dale Patton Denise Paugh Dennis Paul James Paul Joe Paul Todd Peterson Mary PetUcrew Robert Pinson Tamera Poling Steve Pollock Charlene Pollock Susan Prosser Gerald Rapp Deann Reed Elvin Reed Kim Retherford Tonya Reynolds RonRheubart Don Rice Debbie Richards Brenda Richardson Renee Richardson Mike Ricketts Linda Ridder Alex Rossitto Kathy Royer Debra Runyan David Saunders Jim Schuyler Susan Sears Melinda Shade Cindy Shaw Terry Shockey Steve Shuping Bill Sims Dan Sisler Charles Smith Darlene Smith Gloria Smith Jeff Smith Dan Snyder Brenda Spencer Nancy Stafford " V- ' ' ' 72 I Doug Stanley Doug Stevens Ronna Stinson Jeannettc StoU Bonnie Storer Ron Storer Doug Stultz Robin Sultzbaugh Sue Sutton Cindy Teach Eric Teach Joyce Thomas Teresa Thompson Amy Troxell Heidi Uptegraph Mike Vaughn Rusty Venrick Steve Virts Karen Wagner Patty Wall Ron Wallace David Weaver Ken Wheeler Jody Whip Don Whitlatch Deborah Wildman Gary Williams Carla Wilson Howard Wingert Lori Winkhouse Belinda Winkler Jennifer Womacks Ann Wren Linda Wylie Malea Zinn 73 74 Organizations Camera Club Spanish Club Band F.T.A. Spanish National Choir Reading Club Honor Society Block ' W " IMC Assistants National Honor Society G.A.A. F.N. A. F.F.A. Varsity " N " Science Club F.H.A. Annual Staff French Club 75 Camera Club ADVISOR - Mr. Chamberlin 76 Pres. - Bob Miller V. Pres. - Emily Flax FTA Sec. - Linda Neidhart Treas. - Amy Ray Reading Club ADVISOR- Mrs. Runyan I IMC Assistants 77 ' ■ " i ! : i ... • ' .Mi President - Julie Ray Vice President - Jackie Laird A.M. FNA ADVISOR - Miss Prince Secretaiy - Joyce Combs Treasurer - Linda Laveck President - Jane Yowler Vice President - Aimee Berger P.M. FNA Secretary - Melanie Tullis Treasurer - Ann Chaney 78 President - Dave Mellott Vice President - Blair Aukeman f • 7 1 Secretary- Treasurer - Kim Gram i ClCHCC ( ItlU Publicity - Charlotte Aukeman ADVISOR - Mr. Zuzak President - Miriam Classen Vice President - Pam Shaw French Club ADVISOR- Mr. Burt Secretary - Debbie Howell Treasurer - Mark Hoewischer 79 President - Frank Dwyer Vice President - Bill Payne j , Secretary - Kathy A rbogast Treasurer - Becky Violet A.M. Spanish Club Spanish National Honor Society P.M. Spanish Club 80 Secretary - TWYLA NEER President - Blair Aukeman Vice President - Steve Knapp Secretary - Cheryl Thompson Treasurer - Ken Hinderer Historian - Betsy Donkin National Honor Society Old Members New Members 81 FFA •f- .. ±. ?:::f ' -t ' Winners Of The State Farmer Degree Ben Hutson - 4th, Randy Ireland - 6th, and Rick Troxell - 7th in individual land judging in Ohio. Land Judging Contest Winners No. 1 In Clark County No. 1 In District 12 No. 1 In Ohio See how much fun we have in FFA? Mrs. Howell was made Honorary Member at F. H. A. Banquet. Diana Thomas - State Public Relations Officer. F.H.A. Advisor - Miss Ley, Miss Feldwisch 83 Drum Major L. to R. : D. Gorey S. Steinbaugh J. Steiner Head Majorette D. Hickman Majorettes DOUG KINCAID r.« w;» ' . M «9l , • , We would ' ve been out of here 15 minutes ago if he hadn ' t yelled " Break. A.M. Band practices for contest. N. E. ' s own Herb Alpert with " This Guy ' s in Love. " Phys. Ed. isn ' t the only place we ' ve got exercises. 85 86 Pep Band Student Director BOB MILLER Stage Band O f B f a n d I c e r s 87 A.M. Choir Mr. Abrams - Director 88 Mixed Ensemble Jr. - Sr. Ch o ir in A ction At Practice For The Christmas Concert Choir Officers 89 P.M. Choir Director Mr. Abrams This isn ' t a sensitivity session - we ' re just warming up. 90 Pres. - Lisa Parsons Sec.-Treas. - Jody Whip Block " N " Advisors - Mrs. Insane and Mrs. Bean Posed And In Action 91 Pres. - Jackie Smedly A Ti f A A V. Pres. - Cheryl Wiseman yj , Jyl , (j A, A, Sec. - Angie S:apleton Treas. - Patty Graves And he thinks he ' s getting steak for dinner! She ' s heavier than I thought! 92 P.M. G.A.A. Advisor: Mrs. Instine They never turn the lanes on. Oh what talent! Our fearless leader. Super Pep 93 A.M. Varsity ' W Before Advisor - Mr. Woodworth Pres. - Dave Sharp V. Pres. - Blair Aukeman Sec. -Treas. - Jim Cooke After 94 At The Games what would you give me for Mr. Parson ' s fine hat? You wouldn ' t believe what Rob ' s got up his sleeve! P.M. Varsity ' W A Year To Remember . . . Athletics Fall Sports: Winter Sports: Football Basketball Cross Country Wrestling Spring Sports: Golf Baseball Tennis Track t 14 ' rS S IN. On 98 Seniors M. .r.- MIKE AUGUSTUS All League Halfback ' ' -,f ' . fti?? . . " : ' JIM COOK Placekicker and Punter MARK HELLEBRAND Defensive Back COACHING STAFF Coach Wenz, Coach Smittle, Coach Giangulio, Coach Haunstein 99 ' 4 ts ' 4. ' V TERRY HILES Tackle r " " ' •iiim ?•. ' ». - - - • :■■ . 1 , - PHIL LAMBERS Halfback ■C DON RANDOLPH Tackle JOHN WADE Linebacker -. , 100 :4- — V-V- ' i X ' liB ' •••:f JOHN KENNEDY Tackle DAVID SHARP Fullback and IJnebacker Most Valuable JACK RICHARDS Center and Defensive Tackle Most Improved 101 Jet Scores N. E. 20 Miami Trace 14 N. E. 59 Southeastern 7 N. E. 40 Miami East 6 N.E. 20 Graham 8 N. E. 34 Northwestern 12 N. E. 27 Pickerington 18 Shawnee 42 N. E. 7 N.E. 37 Greenon 30 Covington 28 N.E. 20 Catholic Central 48 N.E. 12 Record: Wins 7 - Losses 3 Coach Wenz fires up the Jets. Another crunching tackle by the Jet Defensive Unit. 102 Jet Reserves — ' S IS. II., Jtll ., 11 :: U 103 Seniors BLAIR AUKEMAN CLffFORD LAFOLLETTE o ■ ' Kr- DAN PAUGH New Record Setter 10:26 ROGER STINSON 105 Seniors ROBERT ALLEN Forward RUSSEL CRAIG Center JIM HAYES Center DALE HOOVER Guard 107 ROY LeMASTER Guard STEVE PRICE Guard STEVE GRAY All-League Forward Most Valuable " High altitude wrestling " under the basket. 108 Gray outjumps the Braves for a rebound. Hayes, Allen, Gray and Price await the airbound ball to miss the bucket. Jets surround Coach Haas for advice during a time-out. Scores London 57 N. E. 53 (o.t.) N. E. 73 Southeastern 69 N.E. 88 Greenon 58 Springfield South 78 N. E. 62 N.E. 57 Northwestern 53 N. E. 53 Shawnee 38 Yellow Springs 64 N. E. 58 N.E. 75 West- Liberty Salem 51 Graham 62 N.E. 57 Catholic Central 70 N. E. 55 N. E. 73 Northwestern 72 Tecumseh62 Miami Trace 50 Shawnee 46 Greenon 58 Covington 80 N. E. 72 N. E. 70 Miami East 45 N.E. 79 Urbana 71 Class AAA Troy District Tournament Greenville 60 N.E. 55 (o.t.) League Games N. E. 65 N.E. 68 " N. E. 51 N.E. 78 Jet Reserves Jet Freshman 110 j ' li wn Tyi 1 , JS ct ■M m m M ' H J " Ev r ' t Bi l ■nar nMH I i A Seniors LARRY HALL 132 lb. Class RANDY IRELAND 155 lb. Class RICK CATANZARO Heavyweight Class RICK TROXELL 155 lb. Class 112 GARY MINCER 167 lb. Class DAN PAUGH 105 lb. Class League Champion District Champion Troxell tries to rum his opponent over for a pin. Another pin for the Jet wrestlers. 113 The Wrestling Team of Northeastern has had a very unusual situation for the past two years. This situation can be summed up in five letters, PAUGH. Senior Dan and Junior Dale have a very impressive record on the mat. Dan had a three year varsity record of 81-11 and won the League 2 years and competed in the State competition two years. Dale, with a year still remaining, has also compiled a fine record and has won the League 1 year. He might have traveled to Columbus for the State matches but was sidelined by a rib injury in a Sectional meet. Congrattilations to Dan for his three years of success and good luck to Dale in his Senior year of grappling. 114 Wrestling Cheerleaders Jean Arlt, Sheri Aston, Debbie Gower, April McMann, Andrea Smith, Lynn Smith. lis Seniors : t ?5 ' ' ROBERT ALLEN Co-Most Valuable RICHARD CANO aw . ' V ■ w ' ' ■■m -■ STEVE PRICE Co-Most Valuable ■:--H-: ■ ' KEVIN SCHISSLER 3rd League Medalist 117 h ' Seniors Si:S3 STEVE KNAPP All- League Shortstop JL - PHIL LAMBERS 3rd Base ' ' .k r DAVE MELLOTT 2nd Base RANDY SPARKS Catcher 119 fes. -,«■ JOHN KENNEDY All- League Catcher iimt A 1 Ml lit. If »p«-« ' yUB i- ' f -. ' fc ' ' ' , - ' h N- f-- " ■ ' J-: " ■ - . ■ . . £ii:. i: -,r tr " " " ■tl- ROY LeMASTER All- League Pitcher ROBERT MILLER All- League Centerfielder DAVID SHARP All- League Rightfielder Pitcher NOT SHOWN: Mike Augustus Outfielder 120 e Reserves Varsity Scores Bellefontaine 2 N. E. 1 N. E. 7 Southeastern N. E. 13 Yellow Springs 2 Catholic Central 5 N. E. N.E. 11 Tecumseh 10 Yellow Springs 10 N.E. Urbana 4 N. E. 2 •■ ' Graham 13 N.E. 3 Triad 10 N.E. 8 Shawnee 11 N. E. 1 ' ' N. E. 8 Greenon 6 Miami Trace 11 N. E. 5 League Games Bellefontaine 11 N. E. 3 N.E. 11 Miami East 6 Springfield South 10 N.E. 1 N.E. 1 Northwestern 5 Urbana 6 N. E. 5(9 innings) - N.E. 3 Tecumseh Fairborn Park Hills 7 N. E. 4 N.E. 15 Southeastern 7 N. E. 7 Covington 3 AAA SECTIONALS N. E. 4 Springfield North 1 Springfield South 10 N.E. 4 (Finals) Most Valuable Player John Kennedy Honorary Captain John Kennedy Most Improved Player Gary Davis Batting Champion John Kennedy (.310) Earned Run Average Champion Roy LeMaster (3.40) 121 ww ' ' ' i s g: ' ' -r ssjsi 1 . . 1 ' -: i Z ' • V lB f-!siin0 Senior Tennis swingers (L) John Bowen and (R) Rick Thompson. John Circle is shown with Sectional winner Doug Campbell of South, who defeated John three of his five losses, and Troy ' s track coach. Below is Tennis Coach Lawson with the League singles champion John Circle. Circle placed 2nd in Sectionals and compiled a 22-5 record. 123 LI ..€ ..¥. t ' tVi ' ; .13 - - Av % v . «1. •i i- ? ♦f . ► tf » ,r i " " W t:»v iti • v: ' v.Jt: " - Si K ' » . »■ ■ r-t ' ' l. j r Hi ,l»t «v. ' f. V " . ' _ ' ' Wh r After winning the meet, the Shawnee boys posed for the photographer when Dale jumped in front of them when this picture was taken. Senior trackman Dale Hoover 100 yard dash - new school record 10.2 sec. 220 yard dash Long jump Anchorman on 880 yard Relay Team Most Valuable Trackman Members of the squad pose after a meet. Their enthusiasm is sometimes completely ovei whelming. 125 Shotputter Bryce Banion shows his form while bettering his best effort by two feet. John Hutchins keeps stride with his opponents in the 120 yard high hurdles. Sophomore Pole Vaulter Steve Paugh clears the bar at 10 feet. Dale Hoover wins the 220 yard dash by a sizeable margin. Scorekeeper Carolyn Aronhalt provides the entertainment between events. 126 Freshman Track Team J ' » My m ' M vm . 9th ■ ' I • ' ■ " III! PR% 1 1 ' ' «ESHMAV J 9th i nil Varsity Scores Fairborn Baker - 87 1 2 Bellefontaine - 54 1 2 N. E. - Never Mind N. E. - 74 1 2 Northwestern - 57 Bethel - 11 Catholic Central - 76 N. E. - 42 Graham - 101 N. E. - Not quite that much Greenon - 73 Shawnee - 48 N. E. - 37 N. E. - 74 Southeastern - 52 Tecumseh - 64 1 2 N. E. - 62 1 2 Bellefontaine - 101 N. E. - Came in Second N. E. - 69 2 3 Miami Trace - 55 1 3 N. E. - 79 Fairborn Park Hills - 48 M.R.V. L. - N. E. Did not win Varsity Meet - Shawnee - 1st N. E. - 2nd Tecumseh - 3rd 127 A cheerleader ' s job goes beyond just cheering. Practice makes perfect. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS (opposite page) are: Debbie Allender (Senior) Judy Braum (Junior) Rita Burr (Junior) Kathy Engle (Junior) Jackie Garringer (Senior) Linda Neidhart (Junior) Cheryl Wiseman (Senior) Peek-a-boo. 129 Reserved Cheerleaders: Lisa Magaw, Barbara Marrs, Christine Neidhart, Kathy Scholl, Debbie Stinebaugh, Shelly Taulbee. Freshman Cheeleaders: Robin Bauer, Kim Retherford, Debbie Richards, Susan Sears, Jeannette Stoll, Amy Troxell. 130 ,s Sports Potpourri 131 132 134 A ctivities 135 Homecoming 1970 Court Queen: Jean Kohn 136 homecoming | Dance Game Jets — 34 Warriors — 12 1 1 f 1 1 fefc. 1- Joe Jones signs autographs. Who would think a defensive end could jump that high! Cleveland Browns vs. N.E.H.S. Faculty We ' re waiting! 138 We ' re coming! iViene Udf iVomos o celebror Iq semono de espanoll Spanish Week 139 Hit me with another round! And when we ran out of clearasil, we just said the heck with it. Sadie Hawkins Dance Don ' t look now, but there ' s a girl with the same outfit as yours. False eyelashes do wonders for a girl ' s looks 140 141 DIANE THOMAS - Chapter President Old Officers FHA Banquet New Officers FFA Farm Day Not another busload! 143 I would recommend a darker powder. Why does she have to stick the pins in so hard? I can almost see myself in this mirror. Back Stage Preparations Let ' s make sure your eyebrows are on straight. Senior Class Play The play begins. ' 144 Don ' t tell me that you ' re going to complain too! Did anyone ever tell you that . . kind of . . . heavy. you re Well uhh . . . uhh now let me think about that. ' How do I love thee, let me count the ways. Yes sir, anything you say sir, any- thing at all sir! Thanks to Mrs. Fdnk. 145 Spring Concert And Art Show Mr. Willeman ' s art classes joined to paint his Volkswagen. 146 GAA Banquet Thanks to Mrs. Instine for being a wonderful advisor. Trophy Winners 147 Time For Us ' ' Prom Court Prom Queen, Linda Neidhart, and Prom King, David Dodds, were crowned by last year ' s Queen, Pam Hamm. 148 We danced and danced and danced. The swan looked beautiful in the center of the pool. Everyone talked and enjoyed themselves. And all too soon it was over. 149 We buy _all_ our clothes at Vogue. I ' m studying to be a hippie. What did you think I was doing here? Senior Grub Day I should smack him with my purse. The savage! 150 con ersani " -Vail qcyj I C» S , d ■ o l tui-i-. . . or Slavic " Hey look, it ' s we! ' See how good I can spell! We ' re number 1 ! 41 - Come on in and join the part) ' . cr 151 COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM PROCESSIONAL Northeastern High School Band Mr. Louis Driever, Direator Mr. Robert Gray, Assistant Director INVOCATION Rev. Glenn Greenwood Berea Bible Center SCRIPTURE Rev. Glenn Greenwood " TURN BACK MAN " Hoist Northeastern Choir Mr. Albert AbramSj, Direator INTRODUCTIONS Mr. Carl R. Frazier Assistant Superintendent of Northeastern Schools CLASS ADDRESS . . . " EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT GRADUATION BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK. " The Honorable Clarenae J. Brown, Jr. Congressman, Seventh District, Ohio PRESENTATION OF CLASS Mr. Charles E. Price Principal, Northeastern High School AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS Mr. Charles W. Stephens Superintendent of Northeastern Schools Dr. George L. Fifer President, Northeastern Board of Education " IMPOSSIBLE DREAM " Leigh Northeastern Choir " MASTER OF HUMAN DESTINIES " . .Hillman. Northeastern Choir BENEDICTION Rev. Glenn Greenwood RECESSIONAL Northeastern High School Band 152 ■t t ' T Wf The Graduating Class Of 1971 CLASS OFFICERS: President: Rick Catanzaro Vice-President: Robert Allen Secretary: Jean Kohn Treasurer: James Cooke 153 The guest speaker was Clarence T. Brown Jr. His speech was on the topic, ' ' Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Graduation, But Were Afraid to Ask. Mr. Price has been a great help through all our high school years. Yes, and someday we ' ll be old enough to graduate too. 154 Seniors line up. Senior Choir members sing for the last time with the rest of the choir. ■i . ?, l J lif The diplomas are awarded. 155 In my left had I am holding the names of the seniors that didn ' t pass! Oh no! Don ' t tell me I ' m one of them I Don ' t look at me like that. I ' m a Senior. 156 So I graduated. So what? Any bright young,, intelligent boy like me could have done it. I wish she would hurry up I ' m getting out of step. Yep, that ' s me. Dale Cool! 157 Scholarships And Awards BLAIR AUKEMAN Ohio Instructional Grant; General University Scholarship; National Defense Student Loan; WIZE Student of the Week; Ohio State University. ANITA BARNES Upward Bound Scholar- ship Urbana College JANICE FOSTER Springfield Women ' s Business Association Scholarship General University Scholarship Ohio State University JANET LaCOMPTE Salutatorian University Scholarship Heidelberg University MIRIAM CLASSEN Northridge Lions Club Scholarship J. B. Smith Scholarship Eastern Menonite College ROBERT MILLER Ohio Instructional Grant John Philip Sousa Award Ohio State University CHERYL THOMPSON McCleary- Jones Inc. Ohio State University Not Shown CAROL CARTER Woman ' s Auxiliary Scholarship Clark County Medical Society Community Hospital School of Nursing DWIGHT KINCAID John Philip Sousa Award Otterbein University ■ JACKIE GARRINGER Valedictorian Bowling Green State University 158 YOUR TROUBLES VANISH A d V e r t m I s e m e n t s 159 HART JEWELRY " your class ring headquarters " 26-28 East High Street Phone 325-1594 Read more 10, 000 Titles in Stock Tasty Pizza Downtown Park Southern Village it ' s a gas! BONDED 160 " It ' s Not a Home Until It ' s Planted " Quality Compliments of: A J MARKET wiau flQu 2525 Lagonda Avenue South Vienna 568-4352 Springfield, Ohio Reading Problems? Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 Call BETTER READING T N GULF CENTER 1251 North Belmont Springfield, Ohio 322-4002 Congratulations Class of 1971 SCHMIDT DRUGS Compliments of ■ , K Northridge R ' Shopping Center NORTHRIDGE BAKERY Phone 399-3330 SAF IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments of INC. " I Lt- ' Columbus Ave. Congratulations IjoHM omwnmj to the THE HARVARD Class of 1971 Springfield, Ohio 325-4681 161 ■unmistakably right as P. A. HINSON COMPANY We Redecorate Your Living Areas ! Live Better in Beauty! Dial 325-7627 146-8 W. Main St. Springfield Join the Engageables at ROGERS The " In " Place for the " Now " Crowd! -ii 1 1 UJULJJ ijuiLUii • jummjuu-umjL t 1 1 1 1 t uLH L 3 ' OHIO FEEDLOT INC. South Charleston, Ohio •rrrrrmm m Trrrrrm ¥ B ri-n im 1 1 »Tri 1 1 ! mS 6 E. Main St. Custom Cattle Feeding Feeder Cattle Phone 462-8323 162 Make the BOSTON STORE Your Headquarters for Fashion In Downtown Springfield THE KILN SHED Factory Outlet Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Service That Makes Fine Products Better I- LANDMARK Landmark of Clark County The Locally Owned . . . Farmer Controlled Co. Springfield - South Charleston Selma McGRAW CARPET FABRICS 1 East Main South Vienna, Ohio Wide Selection of Upholstering, Drapery, Dress Fabrics, Royal Sweepers - Yarn GEORGE MEEK CO. INC. Sporting Goods Congratulations and Best Wishes 36-38 N. Fountain Ave. Dial 323-4918 HATTON ENRIGHT INC. Pharmacy " Serving Champaign County Since Before The Turn Of The Century " Ph. 653-5253 Urbana, Ohio ROBERT ' S MARKET Family Grocery Store Catawba NORTHRIDGE SWIM CLUB, INC. Congratulations Seniors 163 Complete Food Service SHOEMAKER ' S SHOPPING CENTER " Most of the Best for the Least. " Selling Fine Meats, Groceries 568-4362 South Vienna, Ohio 0° e. ,v-- . 5 " Jets " About to Take Off With COKE. Springfield Coca Cola Bottling Company Serves Our Well Known Jet Country. 164 Ph. 462-8357 GEORGE INGLING Compliments of SPRINGFIELD PROVISION To Class of ' 71 227 East Cecil Street Compliments of GLENN ' S SOHIO |:SOHIO Harmony r 5! Real Estate Sales AiII JIm Complete Mortgage Service ' ; " ::i-J ' FHA-VA Loans i Iii Building Service DRESBACK REALTY COMPANY 505 First National Bank SELBERT S. DRESBACK Springfield 325-6244 " Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 " SCHAEFERS BAKERY Mnmt $c Sagburn Since 1919 Store of Fashion and Service London, Ohio 11 South Main Street PRODUCERS LIVESTOCK ASSOCIATION Monday Auction and Daily Market Springfield South Charleston Royal Typewriters Victor Adding Machines Electric and Manual and Printing Calculators NEWTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY, INC. Sales and Service 534 W. Main St. 322-7891 Springfield 165 SILVER MACHINE INC. South Vienna, Ohio JOHN E. PARKER REAL ESTATE 1668 East Main Springfield, Ohio 325-7664 WHITACRE ' S PHARMACY Springfield, Ohio Nationally Advertised Naturalizers, Jacquelines, Connies, and Hush Puppies CARMEN ' S SHOE SALON 42 S. Limestone Springfield, Ohio With Our Compliments 37 N. Fountain Avenue Springfield, Ohio 45502 Compliments of Dr. Charles E. Evans Dr. John R. Collins Optometrists Northridge Shopping Center 399-3223 Oil Change ONEY ' S ARCO SERVICE (Sinclair) 2533 East High Street U-Haul 1 c 3p] Farms OPES Residential M XEAITOR Commercial % -;J ' R. DAVID COPES Broker -ingfield, Ohio Office: 399-5755 Residence: 399-2687 166 COLUMBIA MOTORS INC. The Home of Price Quality Selection of Used Cars 400 E. Columbia St. Springfield, Ohio Phone 324-5341 HUMPHREYS FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE - OXYGEN EQUIPPED 1873 OUR 97TH ANNIVERSARY 1970 PAT HOLLINGSHEAD - OWNER MASON - ROTARIAN - AMERICAN LEGION 318 N. MAIN 653-7740 URBANA, OHIO LITTLETON FUNERAL HOME 830 N, Limestone St. Springfield, Ohio Congratulations to Class of 1971 FIRST STATE BRANCH The Springfield Bank South Charleston, Ohio Complete Modern Banking Facilities and Service The Future Is Yours - Start Your Career at Frederick ' s, Tec ericas- acac emy oi heautu culture 13 E. High St. Phone 324-0601 Devoted to the Art of Beauty Culture Since 1925 ia The bank that helps nice things happen! BANK OF SPRINGFIELD MEMBEB f OIC Main Office Main-Belmont Office South Side Office North Office New Carlisle Office 4 West Mam 2025 East Main 1850 South Limestone 2222 North Limestone 320 North Mam 167 COON ' S CONSTRUCTION CO. Service and Workmanship Second to None General Conctractors Residential - Farm All Work Personally Supervised Ideas • Planning • Layouts Rec Rooms Attics Siding Bathrooms Patios Porches Family Rooms Garages Additions Roofing Kitchens Cabinets Steel Buildings Pole Bldgs, Masonry Painting FREE ESTIMATES 652-1151 Prompt Area Wide Service Rear 114 W. Market St. Urbana, Ohio 168 PEPSI-COLA - DR PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Compliments of MADISON COUNTY AUTO DEALERS ASS ' N Bob Rigg Mercury - Dodge Kile Pontiac - Buick Inc. Bob Chapman Ford Inc. Fresch Chevrolet, Olds, Cadillac Inc. Goodyear Plymouth- Chrysler Rod Bell Ford, Inc. FREKING ' S INC TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE Wf RE KNOWN FOR TV KNOW-HOW Expert Auto Repairs Carburetor and Ignition 122 E. Columbia 325-2431 RGil 169 __ — _ ffiS ' TOM SCHILLING, Owner nt A Phone 325-6211 Enjoy Reading Local News of Your Area JEtCf (Jbe abiaon J)rffi« The S( ' 17riP( ' l TOM ' S BARBER SHOP " To Look Your Best, Visit The Best " CENTRAL OHIO PUBLISHING CO. 2429 East High St. Springfield, Ohio 30 S. Oak St. London Closed Wed. FORMAL MODE GIL ' S GULF SERVICE Sales and Rental Motor Tune-Ups Rent a Tux Towing Service Latest Styles in Stock Complete Auto Repair for All Occasions AAA 301 West Main Main and Urbana Streets 323-8241 South Vienna, Ohio SPRINGFIELD AUTO DEALERS Quality Tools ASSOCIATION for the Professional Mechanic Baker Ice Motors, Inc. Trenor Motor Co. LAMAR D. ARBOGAST Wade-Walsh Chevrolet Distributor Mitchell Motors, Inc. Springfield Motors Davidson Chevrolet 2520 East Home Road Springfield, Ohio 45503 Jim Foreman Pontiac Phone: 399-3567 Springfield Lincoln-Mercury 170 COFFELT CANDY COMPANY Distinctive Art Gifts Candy Manufacturing and Sales 220 Thdmaston Trail Springfield, Ohio 45503 NORTHERN ESTATES National Homes Construction Corp. P.O. Box 1371 Springfield, Ohio Ph: 513-399-9555 Congratulations From STRAUSS JEWELERS We Will Open Teenage Accounts 39 East Main St. Springfield, Ohio L. W. BOSART CO Wholesale Tobacco ■Candy Fountain Supplies Paper Supplies 119 East Main Street Springfield, Ohio 171 Ph0T06RAPRIG QoVT me rcial Xv ciu54r(Q Tiedcic v QVJer -for Senior 9iclur€5 Phone -37. -%5(d 172 Congratulations Now Take a Big Step Into a Happy Future Choose a Career With a Future OHIO BELL VARIETY WHOLESALE INC. 1551 Commerce Rd. Springfield 325-6100 Wholesale Only Toys - Novelties - Sundries School Supplies - Fish Pond and Festival Supplies UOHIXl McEIXlAIMEY PRIIMTIIXIQ Park Shopping Center 1129 Bechtle Ave. Springfield, Ohio 45502 - Wedding Invitations - Hours 8:00 A.M. -6 P.M. Monday thru Saturday Closed Wednesdays IVAN ' S BARBER SHOP 1036 E. Home Rd. Springfield, Ohio Phone 399-2131 IVAN HASTINGS, BILL INSTINE Appointment or Walk in Downtown Park Shopping Center Southern Village New Carlisle TONY CATANZARO Best Quality - Fruits and Vegetables Corner Belmont and Lagonda Phone 324-4542 Fruit Baskets a Specialty You Have the Party We Have the Place VALLEY VIEW INN 2400 Mechanicsburg Rd. Springfield Restaurant and Catering Service All Legal Beverages Served 173 Compliments of NORTHRIDGE BARBER SHOP Northridge Shopping Center Phone - 399-3529 Compliments of JERRY ' S NORTHRIDGE SHELL HEL 1321 Moorefield Rd. SPRINGFIELD LAUNDRY CO. Call Main Office 323-5544 Northridge Shopping Center Branch Congratulations to the Class of 1971 JACK FOREMAN ' S CAMERA Congratulations to the Class of ' 71 8 South Fountain Ave. Congratulations Seniors From SECURITY NATIONAL BANK SENIORS ARE GREAT V 174 Hoppes Builders r - fmi i ek-A s Fine Brick Homes Built to Your Specifications in Northridge By HOPPES BUILDERS 399-1531 As Low as 10% Down »T3 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " m 1 ? ' » ■ ' ' rf m if mm i| J DMh ui • 1 :, . . 3r fi .. ?%4% irtr » " » 7 t . ■!iy Rf?

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