Northeast High School - Viking Log Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1969

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Text from Pages 1 - 330 of the 1969 volume:

-. B-A. 4 X , V' , 0 1 ' 4 - 'F if -1 K, K w 4 H Ag. n -- -O V wg , x x ,, . 14, M Zmnhihlvu-:A ij ". V,-..z C 1. t . A fl, 1. . 114. fag: 1,5 - -.- 0. in ., A 1 v A ,A O 'W m e ,iw-'-r -1- - .. ' nu. 4 1 ' A 1 - Lo -A '-. jf, 'ff' .mv r. t WJ. , - A g. J 4. , no-,Q . ' ' . -, . ' .H .f,,, ' -if-. 4.1,-R 33, 5 . . . A v ,WML gw , . ' X is .,,,, Y L, . M., .. ' ,oxen , pg-, Q fb if .M w,, 1' '-1 A 4. A. ' .1 sr, M' - .. 1969 Viking Log Northeost High School 5500 16th Street North St. Petersburg, Floridoi 'V Q . 74 ,-. . . V' r- ,iv +V ' f ' , . , '.u.. 1 K :gy 'L K. zvfiwn,g4fwjg,s-'f?Sy'Q-2.1'i1,Q7L- 1Q' J+mgQ,' " 'wg,2' f'2ff5LH gbizk-wg: Wewwldu-ff1f'fz'rri3'i'm?3vw:Q?fS?Q, vw. -Q. ' f' 'A ' ff 'M 1-aww ? fb' v ' - Fi 4 5 g'fQGPg5j5.2 gff- 'f2v,,4,f'7., ,Q-R515 vf-2-'L if:".lQ ff' ' "ig - ,L,:Hd'1. - . E 1 1 , 1 gf A Q .. gwjrgwg g -"v. 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MMf,,:7.gj,v .Q rrlg, :ws'5k1.:a4z,4:f51'-L w. 1 A . H iff iigggi 52' ' - M ff M 2 39' L M V. 1, . ,gzff mwyzfmwwrfllz meg' ,Vg , 5, J Q ,, 4 -. 4 an MP' K f' iimffyhfgw WM- EM uk M 3- Wjgxiwfgt ' M -v 4 4? ,V F 1? if ,f Y Q 24. . ., -- v ,Q , ,m,.:f1,gW,w:'z,,.,w wpgf v 0 v'wq,y,:1X 3,fz,:.g:fs, 1 ,,vMk.'2,+s4z'L m?a+i:,wT:w- , ' . ,, , , fa--Q W Q w 1' , Q- 4 .f fzmzw f'w'a21rf :f wwf.-+' 'S 0' 'LW 5554 J ' ,M W M Q7 Q, 'ff' Qgw umnf W., ,y,f1mQ4gx'5fL ,g5f ,s52-Q? x W ' ff: -L2 we f H j A' 31,4 , ',f:Lig2:fg'3 - 'rw I M 1 x f s 'V 1- f Eigxw ,EQ ia, S. ,asia f.':.?'2"4 jj? - Il 1, V. f 1' f -. 55 kiigigg:5gfgfgeQQ37gX'vrgy,5.! my ay'-Q .I A .f 1 ,Aff i,w3p3,f,'i."Jf:::?f- 935' A -- L , sTfff20rfvfwf-'mgwwe 1' Aff I ' 'pw4,,"T1xw:' K wi" ff ,764 JL. A.. ,.,., M ,H . fra? R L f ' . m H Wifi? sw,- Tf.Qfg,, Z 'Z X fm - e 1 5 X32 f W t3 5 Envy www" TX L. if If Q 4 ff Q'-af MF Elimj-fl - ifiwfkxzwlahww-.:1i1N', . ,, 5:v,1,y..g, gp .7 gwwf,-ww ' -my " 'Www ei X A ,,,.,L ...v,..,..... 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Y .,.,,,,tm :,,., K A -K A - K K v. , , W I KK Q., .3 W -..,.1,,-Av iylfaw 'L Rx: 4- . my..-X lf 4... -Q-, K, ,gn Af K K KKK M, , M 'Lit-wi, vi-Fjiil 'Ta k'i"?"w. XE m f""'7" fn, " 'ffifii 'Y ' .WM w "' 4' "hw-N' .. ' Km, ,QWQWXLKK 1.. , -.r ,N K, X . SP3I1iSh Students enjoy a class fiesta. 1siesta?J Dedication This year's dedication belongs to an energetic and stim- ulating teacher who not only inspires students to attain a high quality of learning and citizenship, but also, when de- tecting personal disturbances, directs them back to happi- ness. It is because of these characteristics and your devo- tion to duty, both inside and outside the classroom, that we dedicate the 1969 Viking Log to you Mrs. Carmine Zinn. Mrs. Zinn, a graduate of St. Pete High School, received her Bachelor of Arts at Florida State University. She began her teaching career as a Spanish instructor at Meadowlawn Junior High. For a while she taught part-time at both Meadowlawn and Northeast. Eventually of course she came here full-time. Mrs. Zinn, as head sponsor, is most actively involved with the sophomore class. This year for the first time she organized "Sophomore Orientation Weekv to indoctrinate the new tenth-graders in the mysteries of high school life at Northeast. Through her endeavors, Mrs. Zinn has earned the high- est respect from faculty, students, and parents alike. North- east is indeed grateful for your services. Repetition drills are part of Mrs. Zinn's classes. Mrs. Zinn is eager to help students. Mrs. Zinn enjoys listening to students recite. 7 2 4 4 f if W, , , . 1, H' , .41 g-,:3"."'i,"',1 " -' W4 s 4 , my WTQHW .. mzlwe- if . f W ... M, Q 1 1' U? Y ' Q .J ,- V ', ' I ,M u Q.. -. ,,,. ., P' f 4 ,hm A "' K A 'K ., nwndfff M'WMM'M' nf, ww H ffm. f 472652231 f ' W 4 . , , . -. '3 , ': " -. 'ffl "" QTL'-Q 2'3" gI',:ff.4h T' .H ' M M E ' V 4. 'M -"ivy N. H HJ". '21, .:Qm'3"a ff ' 3 . I , :',,,,,,,,:,,k.f -Aw , . .M wx ,' 1-4 ,v A -1 ', ,Z +'sWf:,,f' Q,13p'r',,,,w- f- ,,, K , 1. Q ffgginifw f- fu ' ' '1 -gr fgQ'1.-wmv.-',.i . Jw j 3 1 Q 7. A Q , W .U' fr'-f L., Wy. it T .gk 4 I , iv, 1-Wlxijn, ,ry ,M A If ' ,V"fpP31 '1345'-'1'Y" "J ' .bw M-"5 gl g m Y .. M M F , ,. I V ..,,,,M, fir ,W":' .f I Q51 ' p 1 F. .iw W 'M ,, 1+ 4. f i ' , Fr J? , A 1 4 ZH, T., 4 A W W, af .iw T 3 f e ff' Wig' 'nk I TigiQff'f,'!L'I' ' H7 Eff? kv' iv? v-I -wc vi 6... ,J Viking Spirit Bubbles and Gverflows Touchdown! Charge! Mrs. Sexton and guests listen to dedication speech. Sexton Stolclium Becomes Cl Por Northeast gained a new landmark this year with the dedication of the Viking stadium to the late principal John M. Sexton on September 20, 1968. The dedication ceremony, which was planned by Opti-Miss, took place at halftime of Nehias first football game of the season. Opti-Miss president Pam Tougaw presented Mrs. John Sexton with a plaque in memory of her husband. Special speakers were Mr. William G. Justice and Mr. Merle H. Morgan, several other education offi- cials were also present at the ceremony. Mr. Sexton, who devoted his entire career to the field of education, was principal of Northeast High School from its founding in 1954 until 1965. Under his administration, the school grounds were developed to include the track, football field, and stadium, a baseball diamond, and the swimming pool. rf Student Life 'fx Student plots course tothe moon. 4 A 4 Q 'F 'J- AX K I R Af f ax A ., 'A ...xv N s S- i 2 .... A .- 3 - 'gif L. P ff ..,,-.1 E 4 ,".Kv . ri k SS -4 CCC 'il' Q- an Z iq- ,5: Q ,,,, ,I ,N I X , ,.,- , -.H . ,, . - 4 ,Aff .Q w '- 2 Q. ,Q-' 1- 1' 4' mf' .X Northeast High students display mixed emotions as they Watch food being served. Post and Presen AN. if 5 """"-we gnu, f. in-v"fzj g,. - -45 H Wg .f - Wu.-1' Q. 'W fm 1 ,5, I-'Iac- 'jh'..M, 'Aqv.:, ' ' -., ' ' H w - O' s-' 'W' ' A Mx... .,K, Q V M1 I .-. x , A 'LK -uv. ' NIM.-Q' A . xx ., ' ' K N K V, , 'Mn ,.:,.Nf. Y' K- , vi 5 y,. V .,.,. , , 3.,..,n w xl F i , --5 s , ,s ,-K, ,sh 1 . I- K - Y . , , -s - X .,-. Q . Q Y - .L Lf- -, ' . sf-1 , . . ,.. 1 - '-3 ,N N 1 ' --VH, Q , Q. f , f -, V-3, - JN I. . 'V - I- .Qu uw. 7-V -x W N v, -1 , ' f ,l Q .X , Ma, ,. 5. - . ,Wi-Q ' '-.rm h,:x,'5 s. , - x :'. . . X .W M A ' 1"'. . ,-' . ..,' 5., ' ' jx: -,1 ' "- . I .1 .-4' fx - Mix 'fi 'YYY-4 .V 1.L'z- f' Q- ' 1 . x". - ' , ,,, , Wsgrfr ,lk - 'VL K ' -pNv,g'q'- ,IH yt ,lad 4 0. , . ,351 .FK 3:1 .' x , .- 0. "Uk , W, 4 g-KV f 4. P '-5 Q '-1-52 l..,, 1 ki, 3:5-' :- 1 1- ,-' X f ' ' . ,V 4fk,':," ' N .u ' QQ' ' :wif 'fire- . Q ,.' -. Lf. .1 xf- V S: '- -sf-. --.-,AY X' 'ag -' fm.. , --'wif-.Lffw-N P "' 1 1v:,13.-. w.u'-'AXE' . m",.'W 'LQ GY "elf-ggcx: A Q- , :X .. . ..f vw., '- up --QV '. A 'Yin' .ff --fri!--1:q.' , W ' .JX"'4' ,M qi ,,,,g,,x4.:',g slr-vxkw I gi QA3, .sg-,-, - . xx fx. .- I Ah . Q .fi-, , :fi X frank. ssfx .kfijii .A 'iii .Ji - xiq,-NN-K Lg -'.-ET'Z1 'f 'U . V, ',- T-. XIX S 4. J .f .1 '-W A' 3--5 Mi' +- 'JP- .x1M'p1fg-Q4 ,lx M' xl..,,.x,M s-ff'-T. f" ' fm - , f -- .-.,,- f Vw t Lx H in , A .Af Q x ' u fvfgltf' ' 4 , 4.5,-,' -..-.' ' 4 . in 4 JQX xc ,Y', . K lg ,Q V Q .15 '- '. S13 Nsfrrk .- Y, 1 'N f ' 'H' A .xxxk 'gvmy u' , ai' , .L mf 7 3 I , Vi - . x g V A .Q-xx www ' X' X ,EN x, 5 ' www, M, xvf b - ,f I , , img. . mf, i.,.k:-- 1 . ., - f.. '. 4. , I . U : x d, 5' , 2 A yu, 'LKx..,.f:c. X x ,J-Q' AX . . . :7j', gxxw, N4 fi-Sn .gt 1' xx , 5 - 1 ...,4k . -,, Mp- , , , . .. w x - s M i..'?x' f "Zi - -z W I I .i ,x f ' Lj g'if7,- 'J ' X- V , :if ,I . . Y- 1- g.,t: 5. X.,--7 A L s:sQ,f5!. ,g'g.Ak.x, ff' -'fvf'L'i.. xx ' 74:-Z' .- 431 ' 'gg I W ' v .5-1 , ' .Sf Qxxglshl -T K '4, 1, . .gt , ' ' QI x . 4 x ,K A J 143- Nu if 'P I Ti ,' , -X. .. Wm.. L 'S ix ' '-, ,KV . . Q . ' W R 'xx X "-. f'x, X 39. 1 Q ,V t' -. w 'X 1 Mr. Justice Kisses Homecoming Queen Cookie Wheeler Every year Nehi stops its journey for one week to cele- brate homecoming. Homecoming means many things to many people. It is quiet day-which is a real test of school spirit for students and teachers alike. It is a bonfire with a victory march of the entire student body. It is red and white dayg sticker and tag dayg beanie day. It is Valhalla, the skits assembly, with a theme 'Happiness is being a Viking." It is no homework for students or teachers. It is a game with a victory over Bishop Barry, and a superb showing by McLay's boys. It is a halftime show in honor of the alumni. It is the long suspenseful moments before Mr. Justice names the queeng it is the tear-filled eyes of Cookie as she is crowned queen of Nehi. It is the cheer- leaders dressed in gloves and mums. It is the majorettes with their fire batons. It is the boy cheerleaders trying to do cartwheels. It is a mum. It is watching the court at the dance. It is a time for happiness in the midst of the year's journey. It is happiness for every Northeast Viking. .5 Wai' . M egg! J It Majorettes Perform during Half-time 44 W Row l: Candy Coleman, Wendy Warren. Row 2: Lyn Harrison. Marie Speed, Jane Harvey. Row 3: Cookie Wheeler. Kris Moss. Becky Freeman. Sherrie Guhse. Linda Bulger 17 The cast of My Sister' Eileen takes bow for their performance. Wreck takes a refreshing pause while Ruth and an old lady look on. E Mr. Challener-director. IB v ' K i f A Eileen watches as drunk breaks in. fx S, Mr. Apopolous points out the finer features of his room. .51 f . JK 5 1 ,Le Vs. 4' W .. . ,ga ir f -W i My A . K .- -, w V"' at 'MN'-'-f , . w f f . f in ' 3,4 V Q--W Ah M ,MW Hfxlmm I 3' W. ,-.L , . yf n 2 u ,L ' A Y 'li' lOl ii .Q-Vimei, NLQ. 55"-'L 6041 x -1-..... Candy Coleman helps paint stage scenery f W SSS? L L M Q ? E 7 V 1 ' - M .. 'E-52291 X-fc,,f2:,gf A' ,X .gv A fl 41 AFQYEYQQQ. zwqffwsf-wxIifigwgfwiwi-,gf-ffflsfgsQ -,sa ,ve-MQ: 1 .- 7 21-A . M 529 ax- WW 5,5 J '- 'wwflsuiqf mi'-zgif Bdflvlm-LQ2:2rM:wmffw,:fgff.gag,-L,, iL,f.,fLL.-pg fwyw,LW,,,WVLW2ILQ-.fgjfgf-.w,'efm,gfQ1.Wswf, :L . wwf' ,.:,s,gL,i, w , 7 w.x-- Y 5 .- 2 5:12. KW. L- fvwfX1'f-fy-.M55fLfbwfui-mg,f2.Mfqg5X1-wff,,fL5wg-Lgg.f11bffg,5LL V'-- 'rw asm-s,:L,,:1.. m1.11,wf-Lsff--vQi1fmsLm,flf-L ,L -' N '- QM ax- if -:-f xl K A, -Wm , H2 K Lgfgwffgfgfgim-5Q,1?3v1U,.,,,WMgszfffm-L5f55.nfimy,LLxffgxmgg.-LL Xfgrwp f, -t,.L,LiLL,., ,gQ,,,a,Lg1,5 xg. 3 M J A 1 - S . gigs:1yrVf,L,s1fif'i93,L?fl? ,A ,ef , "-- 43' 'S X f . -A I Yuflff, Lf:aL:w2Q7g?f32FbwnA sr2fsemXffSes?sw'f"' .vr I qmm fg'fUE:fz,ffL,54f,f,wr- V .,-Q. gm- wx ,Q ffwig.. Ax: .W N f V, x f, f , mf, MM-W.. m.,g'2,A-wk. Q W-Nb ,wg , ff Ulf - MSMKM-ww-W,. 2,11-2 Hmm 1 , .. . . . Af . ' A-3-T5 A 1 L . L Ly L ' 41 A -kLXf-'gi 5: -wg,fq:- Qui a ., L,,lLr,i L, L A- L V. A . 1 ,, L L - L , K V I f , ,55,Sf:sfWf2 arg ':1i4w,,P:av'fN5v-QMQ-f4 M 'J .sf ,. - , 1 .. QA . , , - ., t ,. k f V, ,L gf -?f,iM,i gL,,5 QWMXQLT 3 ,537 tif :pw L- M. A yr .Migafgggixz W,WM.W W i.,m,L,,L. M , -L '- ' x Lip- ff-W qgyzfii I Q ,V L. A . ,L , Q W , Q L- Q. Q W1 . . wi .. R . L, ggi' u 0 up f Q W- un.. a if Yr , 1' , ff -Y' ...K fl s:,1ny.1 J: I .4 -.4 Q ' fa fn Q ,g .. ss,N v. 4. 32? ww, 2' W! as si' -4 ....4P" M -- 'X 'li f Eg ": W 'Q .... "" + - ' '.,A. 'x" 'A 3 xxA ,1,,,.::1A V.,g . , A H 3 2 If ii--in ,,,,-f' 1 NR Q ,, mi 4. 5? 5 'x t tb' 'A Pie-throwingfmessy. but fun. Each year in the midst of football season, three of the girl service clubs sponsor Nehi's annual carnival. The activity begins at 5:30 with the faculty-student basketball game. This year,s faculty team won, following an estab- lished tradition. At the half-time, Chuck Parsons and Lyn Harrison were crowned king and queen of the carnival. After the game, the midway opened, and booths of all sizes competed for a S25 prize. All of the profits from the game, the midway, the king and queen campaigns and the dance are put into a fund to help pay for Sexton Stadium. .gg 'X V 'im 1 T... za K . .vw-M im:-Sass wlrmaunaaLvvz1r'.47.':rnIalu::1c.nw.rL..e's'fsza mama'-z,. if x .1mm1r.-14, Spa rks Fall Festivities Gondoliers sing "That Old Gang of Mine." Mr. Howard stars in "OklahamIet" Cover-girl is clean make-up. ll , S. W .T . , xl - ,. , f.-v. Wayne Weber and Becky Holland l . . i ' 1' l Y xl -., li . gg, Paula Smith and Walter Smith V w ife rx M' ,fi ri? x w fs H lr Rick Bradley and Debbie Bone ' 11210 if Z o -I' Q 2' cn U7 o 'U 3' 0 3 0 'W co UI U7 'L cn O -I' co Q. F ii' iii A A ' i!5itis'sff5 Terry Lowry and Jan Gerhart In every class there are certain members who are out- standing in their accomplishment and service to the school. Northeast's sophomore class of 1969 was no exception. These ten sophomores, chosen by their classmates, have displayed in just one year of Viking life the qualities that make them truly notable. By giving of themselves, their time, and their effort, these students have made themselves helpful and willing workers of the student body. Much can be expected from these sophomores in the next two years. Rick McGahan and Corky Conway 25 Being a Northeast Viking has been one of the most im- portant things in the lives of these ten outstanding juniors for the past two years. These ten juniors selected by the entire class of 1970, have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to the betterment of Nehi. They have contributed much in the way of service to their class, their school and their community. Each one is to be commended for his or her own individual accomplishments, whatever they may be, and the unselfish giving of himself. Gay Young and Mario Ferfoglia Gutstonding Juniors Chosen wg We Debbie Pytosh and Bob Greene MJF' i V wx F, xv '4 1, Nancy Fritz and Bruce Buck 'wu- ,,... . . K, - .e -f.fu,',' .5 , ., , 934, '3' 5 giiziifi. , . f 3- , nf: 1 Q ..-f 'I-g-f,,?'f.i 7 , f f"Wf'1f:i, ,a-M . -. A , m,.-- ' ' 4 we A A ,,, Q, f .N A -' ,J 3,-A T 6 f ,. W, :A M nf-, if-n,T Y ' JNA ,fy -'N -. ,V w f rr.-6129, ,K 'A 2. '14 I y 1.4 fiiff- lj' ' W, , e Him 'VL-A. 3, , mf ,Aa 54 w ' ,Q.,.e' J . F -"f" fs, -4' " .-T 1 ,- ' fA.4- ,, ' ' -, V 1. , N Ron Haskell and Marthawilliams '1"' ' 1 414. fr K ". "7 ' -I-fri?" f 1,1 f' . f-..4, : A -A M k ,fha I L ,A, . ,X .W . K -mi V Dana Somner and Greg Cross Senior Holl of Fome Every year, a faculty committee evaluates individual members of the senior class to select a group of twenty to be honored in the Senior Hall of Fame. Each of these stu- dents has been outstanding throughout their three years at Nehi. They are chosen on the basis of academic achieve- ments, athletic achievements, service to the school and community, character, and leadership. Northeast was im- portant to all of these seniors, it was a place of learning, of playing, and of growing. In appreciation, each one has tried to give Northeast something in return for the many things that Nehi gave to him. l Maria Perinis i l ,N P Marilyn Barger 28 Al Rich Bob Andringa 195' Pat Hughes Janey Brussel 1 A'Z"X Kassi Moss gg 29 David Tryon W Lyn Harrison 4.1 6 , . X 3 A A A X . . Q, ff Ed Kasica f, 7 I . X Rl ., i , , ff Q Denise Fast Richard Jones X Y f Lana Lewallen Bill Mitchell Marie Speed Mark Dean Dusty Willis lj 1 XL 1 XD- if Z AT ggi 17 iw i O JXQD ." Katie Smith if g v W' :- vii? iw ., A 5? L E ,S S ' E 2 Gleuvc Wood Kris Moss lyk- ,ffsay 5' - 4 -, N , AA , .' w. .' " . x , V W 'Nfl - , xl Q L - lv .- OCU and a ITILCS git !4f'g w.'A '- 'D Q A I- X I. ' , rl JN4 A ' . .0 1 If , ' 0 f ' - it . ,. 'a 4 , fn- T 'ix ,rf "V"'.,v-1 V ' 9 vi' .wh ,L x ' , 3. 'Cf , '1n'J ,I " M- I Q u" ' , g I v -, 4 32" v N xx 4 N Y S X 1 ' at - 'fr I X III f 9 71,51-U 4 " 1 ' '4 y f fl ,G-f A., - .- Vg x ' X, ' 'l,a .rn k N ' iq- 1 .2 : - . A , - EN inf' 4 , ,v oh 8.1 lit!! 'Q - J .I I xg 1 'NU' p q l 5 mx lx 1 ' r v Q 5 ax ,xx 123,11 K 'iq hy . ,lf U 4 - - X 'Q I4 0' x 'LN' 2 1- D . fm, --.- xg v 1 ' " 'V 1 Q -1 Q' ...Q . .,, 1 I A 1.-.... - , D ,-.. fi 111 11 rw ,,,-y. il, 3'L J I I If ...- -.4 If ...W .A-.. . - vu.. ,S .vx,- X - -nn- v,,' ,. X 'As X y ' I ' ,L-ry., AN lu. .p "I san- -5 ,, 1 -v .' -n..AAX- .v,j," I-vsl a fi Q 1 A--... l -'f"I'. n iv X! 'mags 11 . - ,,,., - ' x M , 'f ' --'W ' -A' X l"' , 51' -C-rs is ' 1 t 5' I rv .,' .,,s- ..- 3 A - -P -" UL, x..-W .. ,vv... V N -wil" 4. w -.. Aw-3" , 7' P -v -2 ig "1-W -ft: -vs-A -' 'IN- .fn ansev' fi f 'Nr Y I ..w51.,J 6315- ff. . E-ff -. ..: .A f, KE-Lg! ,sf -mv 13.21. . 1-?i3'.:t74"9?-J' 4' .4-1452 M v2.51 , WM, xp: r ff' ' ' '. ,- - ,J 7-,fm 1 . ly 31:3i,e,j L. - 1 , - ,f.. xv . ,'fW3,:s:L 'f- Xlfeyfmf, - ,,f55r.:f,, .v rf .hy 5- N , -Am M ,.., sin 4 p, J ,,vq,i. d,. ,A . ,.,, .-: ,AJ -.Q- . -1. - -'34 ,M . ' :L . .Aga fs J-fm.-ali. A 1 3 ,Ll , f , in 1 'J v ,rw . V 3 R. ,.- A., 4 Au., 5,5 - . V Y l ., 1 Q iz. V V ,,' . -': A -K , fir, i . 'ft VA nl ,, .. J Q75, - ff - 5 k,, - -:::g',z4 b K 'H 33 ., .,1 ',, 'K1'fJ'ia,?' ' ,, ' -4-jf ' Q: 1 JC? :.y1CQ!vE'dE"' "' .. ' -3. - s., Qs F , qs ., In -,Q ' .- - -Q-. .F f : .J .- - . ,- 'NH 4 2 3' wfn 'f . 'f f .ez M1 ws...-1 ' 4, .Ni xx-FQ' L ' if -,Kyg 1,1 ' 'E ,, gi ,U YQ, , ,515 -e-L I, Ks p gg W. , -- . .s-,,. . .,V.3.f 4 bf, , . K. ., f 'W' 'Eiiuii 221 ' 3312 "5" .gg A . f Zwsg, . 3, R , ...-f, It .-,..,j. M , N. .. z ".3iQg55g .l,j' , .Miz N ,' , bg .f u .. nqnlvl' 33 M r. Justice-Principal With many thanks to Mr. William Justice, Northeast can look back to the school year of 1968-1969 and be very proud of what it sees. Mr. Justice has led Nehi through a year of many changes and great achievements. He is a man whom all Vikings are proud to have as princi- pal of their school. He has worked above and beyond the call of duty to make Nehi the best school ever. Besides working closely with the Student Council to make it a more effective and more representative organization, Mr. Justice has put many questions of school policy to the pop- ular vote of the students. Mr. Justice wants Nehi not to be a school for the faculty, but a school for the students. 34 Mr. Justice's sincere interest in Northeast is evident in the very fact that not one Nehi activity passes which doesnit see him there. He is a strong supporter of our Viking teams, whether they win or lose. He has crowned our Homecoming queen, given the student body many inspirational words of wisdom, swept the stadium on Saturday mornings, welcomed the new members of the National Honor Society, and even played on the victorious faculty basketball team. Besides being our principal, Mr. Justice has become a true Northeast Viking in mind and spirit. A Mom of Molny Moods Mo. Mr. Justice confers with Mr. Durkin. Ixulking with studcnl On the phone A1 mg bunfil-6 Mr. Benjamin is glad to help students with problems. Mr. Benjamin keeps busy. Mr. Benjamin-Assistant Principal and Dean of Boys. Asst. Principal 'Yrs-r, .,,, A , .v 2 ails? ig, 4 ' , " P - r Q- We N,-.sw 3? Iiggw ' 6 ...Aw 'dh fl is l l ,, ' I M . " 5 . , -'pf L - ' 7 , W ' 36 e "7f'wQf W f 5 sb A , as ., ! . like I A N I . ' V I 7 K- s s 1 . i s i Zi, " 'ff ,, N ' fi if- Q i , ' W K X Nm., , and Deans 'i ,Nfl xr Am . X J i Mrs. Dunkle checks up on absentees Guidance tcttstn i N I " ' , il ' ,'.k KX ' Q' :ff 6 f f t f ii is t ' ,- V, : 1 'f Vince Durkin Jesslyn MCE-ride Lou Perry Tom Zachary Dorothy Chcuth tm my Mr,Zuch:1ry studics policy' shccts. 38 L- 's. Cheuthztm ztrrztnges appointment for student, Wi M rs Ezell piuses a mxnute from her work. Paula Tenney Dorothy Huff Violet Barth Eleanor Ezell Juanita Jensen Louise Congdon Industrial Arts Henry Fink Roy Buchaus William McNeil Kenneth Harris 40 if 1 , . -wi ,Wie X-.. wtaaa, - -4 at 1. ,Q . 1.WWL 1,W . .. K si .. . TQ.. figisgf ' , .A A L 1 WA M5749-lit ' f-. wsffsi 'ksiiflg-5f55f.zlf'5 M5 ii Mm.. , gg, ,,.f.Q.fi61 - .-.. ,.,.52.i.1M ,G Vgwspm .iQ.35ggafgk.iw' Gssaaazf.. -1.5, . t A ft K -4.. -K .- -. ta . - ... ,a,.,.c.i..1e., .. .. . fs.. f. .H-fr.. we tw.. ..- - 1 H tf. iff1e'1s-zfwvi va. . 'mzimesfswsa -Y .- Ziw itmtsfff-i.f-we -f 7. - M ix X WM- -5Z:e4...,.. vs . .mt . 'Sher-msw' '- v'-v'- wt. f- .. Eweg..T5Ln :r-..-- Y-A- -:: .. .sw-, .vp I Xa, M W X.saM..,.,. .Mi .,.,,i.5.w,k,kL,-,,..g-gg..-..m-.L:zSt.,, f-i'Z1fwff5ts. w . .:'--, : ' tl. ' ' he t ' . t 4 '- ww 1 -. t A ff Students create masterpieces. For those with talent, or simply the desire to have talent, in the arts, Northeast offers several courses. By challenging the student of drawing and painting to make use of his knowledge and to express himself creatively, the art classes have produced some fine artists who have brought honor to the school. Northeast also trains students in industrial arts, shop and drafting. These courses train skilled craftsmen in both the planning and building of tools and machines, and the objects which they can make. Both of these programs aim to teach gifted young people how to use their talent to make our world more beautiful and efficient to live in. i Leather crafts is one area of the department. mv my 41 Business Department l Grace Asel Carolyn Black Rachel Harless Lynda Schoonover Karl Diekmeyer Nancy Vogelsang Earl Wilson Gay Shirley Barbara Shorter Ray Nettleship 42 The business world offers many opportunities to the young person just out of school. Equipped with basic skills, he may choose to enter the field of Business Administra- tion or work as a secretary, bookkeeper, or at one of the many other positions available today. The Northeast Busi- ness Department accepts the task of teaching its students these skills by offering typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, salesmanship, and other courses. New classes are added as the need arises, in order for the curriculum to meet current needs. After having completed any of these courses, the student will find himself adequately prepared to work in his chosen position in the world of business. N Mr. Diekmeyer teacher salesmanship, anew course this year. FW' M rs. Schoonover helps Denise Ellinwood. Bookkeeping students learn to use adding machines f ' DE-DCT Many Northeast students choose to complete their high school education and work at the same time. The Coopera- tive Education department is designed to operate in this manner, through its two divisions, Diversified Cooperative Training QDCTJ and Distributive Education CDEJ. In DCT, students train for their chosen career by working somewhere in that field. DE teaches students the basic business principles of such areas as marketing, wholesaling, and retailing. In both divisions, students gain valuable knowledge. Mr. James lectures to his class. 44 .1 I DCT students discuss business. Lester Yerkes Richard James John Jones .kk Don Keller Edward Evans Don Palmer Students test their braking time, Driver Ecl One of the most useful and popular courses offered at school is Drivers' Education. Each year many students en- roll in this program to learn to drive or to qualify for a license or lower insurance rates. Once enrolled in Drivers' Ed, these students are sub- jected to a teaching method which employs a text, a Walkie-talkie set, and a simulated driving range to provide knowledge and training. Finally, through textbook study and actual driving experience, the three goals of the course are met: safety, smooth traffic, and enjoyable driving. Drivers' Ed students learn to drive from start to finish. 45 English Department W PARTS or A TERM PAPER Ano , Q,-w,E 5 mums snszv X V V W M.. I RQKwli'f-AFT x jf Bob Bearce. Suzunn Horning. and Bev Benefield study parts of term paper, In today's world, we realize more than ever the impor- tance of able self-expression. The ability to communicate our exact ideas and opinions is valuable, not only in our personal lives, but also in our chosen careers. By offering courses ranging from speech and drama to journalism and creative writing, the English department seeks to develop in its students the ability to express themselves in either voice or writing. Some of the courses are elective, but all students must take English every year. In sophomore English, students are introduced to the basics of writing and usage. They also begin literature appreciation and relate what they read to the world around them. Juniors study American literature and correlate art and music with it, according to time periods. They are encouraged to think about what they read in relation to what they do, and they also are assigned creative composi- tions to apply their expanding knowledge. The main Stress in Senior English is placed on composition, with the term paper as a major project during the course of the year. Seniors are also introduced to English literature, supple- mentarily. Throughout each year of high school English, effort is made to prepare students to take their places in the world with the ability to communicate effectively with others. Thelma Robinson Elizabeth Stone Shirley Miller Robert Rogers William Gibson Mai Choffai Joanne Field ,loan Vernotzy Martha James Ted Dahlem Allen Geyer Phyllis Rodgers 46 C h xllmnel iddresscs Publm Speakmg glass Sophomou Fngllsh stresses gl immar Mfgiwaiao "??3.... 'Flew awww dllfzaafuawvv , K44rLfrr1anww Qmnfwqm Nlr. Dahlem leads discussion on American literature. Thomas Cooper Judy Hoban Helen Fannin Robert Challenei English On bended knees. .lim Hardison turns in term paper to Mrs, Rob- inson. , Gary Chapin Coyle Bryan Paul Jenkins Mr. Pep Squad Gary Chapin also teaches English. 48 Home Ec Teaching young women to be successful homemakers presents a serious challenge to the Home Economics De- partment, but that challenge is ably accepted. In Food and Nutrition classes, students learn not only how to prepare foods, but also the principles of nutrition. Clothing and Textile students study garment construction and develop their own personal taste and style. The growth and be- havior of children is discussed in Child Development classes. These few areas show the many aspects of home- making offered by the Home Economics Department. In all the courses, the skills of running a home are emphasized. 1 5 X Nancy Wright watches Mrs. Taylor load washer. Dorothea Taylor .loan Clark Nadine Smith prepares bacon. Kay Gillespie and Judy Matz start a cake from scratch Q' we' Martha Frtikes Jo Anderson Mrs. Frakes helps studcnt locate a book. 50 Libro ry Northeast's library is the storehouse for a wealth of in- formation. Whether a student is doing serious research or just reading for pleasure, he is sure to find the material suited to his needs somewhere in the library. Magazines, pamphlets, and newspapers cover the newsg the audio- visual program offers films to be used in classg records and tapes are available for student listening. The library was dedicated to Edward H. White II in 1968 and contains many displays and articles related to his space explorations. ff'-N .4 N I '1 Q!:gstt-sm s f vw Elaine Nelson studies in reference area. 7' ' f . .fi . ...,.i. ... vuuusnnii-pu 1 The library is a quiet place for study. The choir prepares for an assembly. Mr. Beeman calls out formations for band, Eugene Beeman Velma Rowe Music Here at Northeast, a student interested in music may express himself by participating in the Scarlet Band, the Cream Band or the Orchestra or by joining one of Nehi's choral groups. These organizations are a vital part of North- east. Mr. Beeman leads the bands and the orchestra through many weeks of half-time performances, while Mrs. Rowe, department head, prepares her Gondoliers, Mixed Choir, Sophomore Choir, Concert Choir and Girls Ensemble for assembly programs. Music appreciations, a course of theory and history, is also offered. Anita Roller practices with band. 51 Language Department Rocky Wells ad libs in Spanish. 52 5 Arthur Brice Genevieve Shrum Carmine Zinn CH ' . . ,f 'f Pie- xm- Sandy Robbins listens to tape. With new inventions in science making every nation our neighbor, the ability to express oneself in a foreign language is becoming more and more important. The knowledge of a foreign language is no longer a sign of a well-educated person, but it has become an intricate part of our modern society. Before the world can have peace, man must be able to understand not only the language of other people, but also their way of life. The language de- partment under Mrs. Genevieve Shrum strives to fulfill both of these needs. Although the department's first ob- jective is to reach the communication of the foreign lan- guages, it also includes a program of the study of the for- eign countries and their people. Twice every week, each class goes to the language lab where each student has the opportunity to hear himself compared to a native. Roger Dardenne ' ,, Diana Oakes Clyde Bennett John Black ""'?V N' ,, , , 1 L 6 3 a 'G f 4 Ax , ,,,, seg F3 .4 5 i , E X .v y Mr, Dardgrme explains French geography, Mr. BI'iCC llSICIlS to CIBSSCS' Spal'llSl'l pFOl'1Ul'lCl3Il0n. 53 Don Williams Helen Stamper Inez Tsacrios Helen Webster Ralph Mercurio Phebus Pruett Glyndell Hadaway Charles Miner William Jacobs Don Howard Qerskiikl ' iff. : 5' 1. 'ir 4, ml -- Bev Benefield learns the use of a slide-rule. 54 ' .51 52125 ' ' -f E V,., , W S fl , , Janet Merrill constructs a triangle. - S X ,X ,f F if I . . . tm .. A , l ., G, 0 If A . H . Q Mathematics The math department of NEHI is well-staffed with teachers and well-equipped with tools. Mr. Don Williams, the department head, runs a tight ship. There are many opportunities for all students. From the important voca- tional aspects of the business math courses to the college preparatory courses, the entire department strives to stim- ulate and guide the students' inquiring minds. The de- partment's main objective is to increase the understanding of the world of numbers. Although an understanding of numbers may not appear to be very important in the eyes of a teen-ager, the day will come when numbers become an intricate part of their lives. A study in any mathematics helps to develop the art of thinking and reasoning logically. This an is important to anyone who wishes to be successful in life. Besides the work with numbers, the mathematics department strives to build a basic background in the his- tory of math and its greatest men. xxx 1...-Q Q' 'ilxffet N5 i i , T -ii il 9,M.,,,, N I . V- -giiggsfgg, it '- .. .,.. Q, E. Q f' -Q f 1155 - ig. f wer .wg Hr-'L 1 ' Y Q ff, 1 'i' mf' t he e .e fi' .A , . .. r .. . X ,ky 1 my k,,, . . . . -i, ' 7 f Y ' ' 5 A A, i ., - E c,,, ........... ,, ,...,.a. ,.af....,f..-..,.,A . FUN- t i A .Z I I 4 . ,, , , , , . . . . 1 , Mx. . Mr. Williams sprinkles his classes with magic tricks. Mrs. Tsacrios grades test papers. i Boys' Phys. E . Phys. Ed. is part of the daily life of every Nehi sopho- more. Coach John McLay, head of the Physical Education department, puts his goals high when trying to touch on a wide variety of activities. From swimming to wrestling, each boy develops skills and coordination while also learning the value of sportsmanship and co-operation. Nehi also offers courses specializing in special areas. John McLay .,, Jon Elder an Bill Roberts Tom Jones 4 Phys. Ed. classes enjoy volleyball. su-s.,,5.., N.,. ,Emil ii s. .-..-. - .www was gift Vivk 'V may . ..y. pi .....y. p typppt y Q i lfj Q 6' Jon Elder watches as class does sit-ups. 56 5 -9 H181 ...Q 1. K Q! 1 Pat Stull works out on trampoline. Girls' Phys. Ed. Northeast offers a thorough program of activities through the girls, physical education department. With units rang- ing from modern dance to field hockey, the program is varied enough to include all interests. However, this de- partment that seems to specialize in fun has a serious goal-to promote the desire for physical fitness and to provide the opportunity to learn various activities for lei- sure time. Mary Miller Joy Dance Jeane Robertson A Q, f' 1, .MW M fi ,M - 4 ,.s, My 7 , W s--f A W, W f - f ,X A . 1" ? ,- Mrs. Robertson watches her class in modern dance. 57 Science Department Scientific discoveries and technological advances are making living more complicated each day. In order to prepare Northeast students for coping with such a complex world, the science department offers courses in both bio- logical and physical sciences. Laboratory equipment is available to students for experimentation, as are textbooks for study. By taking advantage of the many opportunities for independent study and by participating in extracurric- ular science programs, the student can gain much valuable scientific knowledge that will benefit him in the future. ln Biology ll frogs are like one of the family, 58 F, ,fum f i'.M . Q I 3 r it 2. ,,i,,.i, 2:.x George Raymond Robert Hunter Walter Swan Henry Fraze Peggy McMurry Kenneth Pschorr l I K fd----w-.,N.,i fit f t Mr. Allen directs lab experiment. at ,W B sg, 'QQ' . my 'W' W EQ, E , .. ysss J B B i if i ii ' ' 'R ggi i l Terry Benjamin uses a stroboscope in Physics, Mr. Fraze wires up computer. Barbara Braid looks at biology specimen. if - ' Raymond Kuhl Edward Allen Garelle Jenkins Mitchell Joseph Casares Harold Brown Buczkowski Sociol Studies Mr. Musgrave stresses a point, World Geography student points out South America. The Social Studies department of Northeast, under the leadership of Mr. Daniel Crum, stresses basic human re- lations. Getting along with others is not the easiest task, but it is very necessary in the world today. Before peace can even be part of our world, man must learn to under- stand his neighbor. A basic knowledge of the world gives a student the background necessary for this understanding. Not only will social studies courses at Northeast lead the student to a better understanding of others, but it will also lead to a better understanding of himself. The main ob- jective of the department is getting across the necessity of good human relations to the generation which will soon hold the course of the world in its hands. One of the most progressive departments at Nehi, the social studies de- partment has moved away from the traditional straight lecture course. It is not uncommon to walk into an Ameri- can History class, for example, and find a mock congress in session or a political campaign debate. Participating in such activities, a student becomes aware of the problems of the world which he will soon have to face. 1 ' .wf JNL W- 'srl 543. pmffffgfigg . ,MN .1 KV Hrifgf' ff ,. ffl ,a 358 'I S sg Li ..,,A3g, 'nt Daniel Crum Fred Dorsett Harry George Mary Bryant Martha Mundoiff American History classes campaign for candidates. Department Chief Crum says "How!" bf David Mcfray Rex Musgrave Karl Nousiainen Roy Cours Patricia Bonanno Larry Rudislll "1 Terry Ambrosino asks a question in her Communism class 61 at uf f- ,tv I I 3 if 21 -ew Fi 3 R, , , I " , fl ' 7', ' 23, f f ' ' , I if iv. . Q, ,Q ix I I 4 f , J. ,I E V my gag", V f 5 ,yi -I i, ,K Y., 4 :jk , K -t xx Mm - r I Row I: Irene Wysocki, Dorothy Sylvester, Opal Smalley, Eudora Vigue, Dorothy Searles, Marion Cradie, Harriett Gillg Row 2 Margaret Ed gar, Thelma Johnson, Blanche Charist, Mae McGuire, Phyllis Greenwood, Janet Brown, Margaret White, Inez Bishop, Mary Ann Hunter Cafeteria and Maintenance Pete Couture Mabel McLeod Stanley Ervin Ernie Drolet fri 1 'S 5 swf 5593, f T' SM. S x Q 'al' ,X xx' t I ' . 1 , x 'off f 1' mmf- lb f"4',I XA ."'... -.-.. . 2 :' I offs Cn Fil: ffgavylx 3 .?'l f NW VK 1 n JW ' 1 k 'f'-Q 1 sl I1 3 If , . fi X 1 f ,. 1 1 f M 3 1 5 'Ps ' . W v J." 'i'i" f i,:4w.Y.- ,255 1 . J .k g K . 'Ji 450' 333' QQ.,-3' W X X "T," ,I 'G' :YQ f .ff K -L-avr - f 'YI-"QU 1 'Y ll, I - Ilrf I' ' wl "' ' J., I' V, Hr, 1 .I gf fu! MJ.. 'V ' 5' ,iii W f' fil l hx :T - N--agf 4,1-f' n, 1 W- ,, ., T- . Q -PM '.gv y I 4 Alvnnf 1 'NV Q 3' K I 1.1 m., ' ,M , 11 ' ,Q , Lx N1-1 Nw Q XM gr Q 'sry 1, ' -s,A' . -. ,..- Q jk 1 XX , an an f-: fs., -,.,,. ,..,, .f""-v -s-' A -44. A,- 5"9-v - - ,.fy.,x,,., -. -..45f,. -gg 4. 1 I E 9 McLay Makes ci Winner! Quays 1251 emma inn A man with determination This fall, when the head football coach position was given to Coach John McLay, he resolved to turn his hand- ful of boys, known as the 'gmini team,'i into a Hmini mon- sterf' And that is exactly what he did. From the very be- ginning, Coach McLay stressed the importance of having the proper mental attitude, along with having top physical condition. "To be a winner, you must think like a winner, and really want to be a winnerw was his philosophy. It was, and still is a philosophy taught and learned as gospel truth. From Coach McLay, the boys wanted to learn it as gospel truth because they wanted to Win. It was something about the new coach that made the team come back, day after day, to long, exhausting practices. In the end, it all paid off. Coach McLay had turned the many county-wide comments on Nehi's team of "sissies,i' who had no gump- tion, into gasps of awe when he presented "McLay's Boysi' in one outstanding performance after another. His Hmini team" had grown to men-men willing to dedicate every part of themselves to every part of every game. Each was a man of McLay's making, an inspiration and guide that could turn any boy into a man. By the end of the season, the entire team, school, and county knew that it was Coach McLay who had made the Viking football team a winner- the biggest winner ever in Nehi history. But, like many great men, he accepted the praise humbly, and turned to a more important matter-next season. 1 i Al Rich drives ahead. Horcl Blocking Sporks Vike Offence Nehi's varsity football team shocked the county with an outstanding record, 7-3, the best in Northeast's history. The season staned with a 13-0 victory over Gibbs, followed by the 19-7 victory over Nehi's greatest rival, St. Pete. The Vikings continued their winning streak against Lake- wood, but were momentarily set back by the number two and number three teams of the conference, Clearwater and Seminole. The Vikings sprang back with victories over Bishop Barry, Fort Meyers, Largo and Boca Ciega. In the final game, after a fine effort, we were defeated by Dixie Hollins, the Pinellas County champions. Through a special effort on the part of each member of the Viking "mini-team," Northeast ended the season in 4th place in County. Tom Kelley, Al Rich, Dave Dobrowol- ski were chosen to represent Nehi in the all-county team. Several other of Northeast's outstanding players were chosen to be for the all-city team. Superb blocking paves the way for Dave Starr. 1 A viii in .N f ,sf-,X ., . fires- ..,. . , itigf'-'I ws, A K as KXNA g .SQ-t lk ., --at 6 . ...t K f -, , - 'z ., . ,fg.iQ'?fsQy Q M ,X 'F wa jf f?' v V. ,, . W, .gf-'af M af, 1. ff 'nf' V i A VVV VM. V f .. , s, Vx VV xi V ' 73, Vi jg 5,-.IV.V ' A gm ' F1 pk . 15525 'Q W " '-155 fyfyf S? iii A 'Q PV X , 1 A .V V ,,,L , 5 V ,L 1 Y A VV, WV V K ! ' if W 1 Q ' V' Q 'ii ' Q 1 ft - U ,V V V SX X gmt , V f,,.?i,4 'Eff , . fi. X Q Q . , .,.- if wif? J ' V f A Q3 it 5' 3 V ,V I 5' . V VV W V V V - , .viA. " I , ii i Buck rolls out to pass. Ed Kasica ' 323, M, ':":Qff1,. ' f. a... Dick Lazzura Nick Hockett Pat Hughes Lazzara fights for yardage. Fumble! Go. Tom, go! WIS -QP' -133' Post Buddy Robbins Mighty Viking line Dave Starr Marshall Swindall Bob Weber Cr-rus-sh! Jay puts tag on Clearwater. Coaches Are Nucleus of Viking Success Ns g game strategy Vikes "fiery" coach yells out! 8 John Elder Don Palmer f . .J Q31 ,:'Q. 52135 - Q . .Q Coach Elder at practice. I' 'z ,AJ f, , . wg. ,wwe 4fia?f7,f5 ffm' Don Keller Larry Rudisill M itch Buczkowski Super '69 Vikes Al Rich Jim Grissim Tom Kelley Row I: Lyles Cranford, Al Rich, Jim Nash, Jay Caldwell, Will Davis, Jim Grissim, Larry Hensley. Row 2: Mark Taber, Tom Dobrowolski, Jay Post, Ken Crisson, Dick Lazzara, Bruce Buck, David Glatthorn. 70 'Ao ke History With the smallest football squad in the history of North- east High School, consisting of only 30 men, the Vikings stacked up win after win this season and finished with a stupendous record of 7-3, the finest in the history of the school. Because of the small number of players, they had to ignore injuries and keep playing, because at times there might be no one to take their place. Behind Coach Mc- Clay, they came through and lived up to his standards of determination, discipline, mental readiness and a will to win. L... Joe Bowman, Jim Fagan, Marty Scrivens, Jeff Wells, Jim Gunnin. LI Row l: Bob Weber, Dave Starr, George Gilkes, Scott Stiner, Wayne Weber. Pat Hughes. Row 2: Nick Hockett, Ed Kasica Tom Kelley Marshall Swindall, Greg Casler. I O I Vikings Better Lcist Year 'F D 5 'fe X 1 -R' ,iwesiiwrm Feaster dribbles pz1stSt. Pele. Lakewood shot blocked by Dave. i Sam muscles his way up against Bogie Hunter fires for two. Record With 17-9 This year, the Northeast basketball team opened its season with a stunning victory over Seminole, last yearls county conference champions. The Vikings lost a close decision to St. Pete but came back to roll over Lakewood. During the rest of the season the Vikes took two decisive victories from Gulf High, the Sunshine Conference Cham- pions. The team ended the season with a record of 17-9, the best yet at NEHI, finishing 4th in the Pinellas County Conference. Haskell lays it up. Rebels can't stop Andringa. 5 X T, 0 T I .. ' V M 1 X ul I 'K 'X Buck drives against Lakewggdl Lynn Feaster shoots over Seminole ay Knipe, Sr. Bruce Buck. Jr. Iob Hunter. Sr. Bob Andringa. Capt. Scoreboard Nehi 58 Seminole 55 Boca Ciega 78 St. Pete 56 Largo 71 Dixie 71 Lakewood 54 Southeast 76 Venice 65 Arcadia 64 Manatee 46 Dunedin 74 Gulf High 47 Clearwater 81 Bishop Barry 55 Gibbs 79 Seminole 52 Boca Ciega 65 St. Pete 62 Largo 67 Dixie 75 Lakewood 58 Dunedin 60 Gulf High 55 Clearwater 73 Bishop Barry 69 Gibbs ,41 WWW ,. r. l , 51 "',..f .rw xi J.V. Completes Successful Seoson Row l: Wayne Weber, David Cox, Phil Garrett, Tom Hefter, Scott Fulkman. Larry Campbell. Row 2: Jim Fagan, manager, Tom Johnson, David Feaster, Tom Jones, Steve Coppins. Tom Cunningham, Don Balas. Scoreboard NHS They 56 Seminole 3l 77 Bogie 67 75 St. Pete 53 52 Largo 21 70 Dixie 47 50 Lakewood 62 68 Dunedin 58 92 Gulf High 34 48 Clearwater 40 59 Bishop Barry 56 51 Gibbs 64 54 Seminole 50 40 Bogie 37 69 St. Pete 56 31 Largo 29 54 Dixie 55 55 Lakewood 50 66 Dunedin 55 55 Gulf High 44 42 Clearwater 44 jj gasbhbip Barry Coach Don Keller 77 Northeast Trock Stor o I X, Joe Burns clears hi h 'ump Dale Mastry way up over pole vault 2 J Gilkes straddles hurdles 353 , LK. ' U f i 'i i ggfgn.. : ,gsm Bruce Roche demonstrates broad jump form ome On Strong Bob Sinclair, James George, Coach Roberts. Rick Bradley, Coach Elder, Monte Nash, Roben Stribling. Chuck Eure, Steve Bradley, Greg Godbey. Bruce Roche, Ken Crisson, Bill Criswell, Dale Mastry. Wayne Johnson, Phil Andrews, Joe Burns, Gene Walters, Russ Kuecker, Kim Coffee, Brad Thorpe. Dave Macri, Terry Lowry. Walt Smith, Dennis Fowler, Buddy Robbins. Dennis Brantley, Tom Bowlin, Pete Andreatus. Jim Silas, Will Davis, Barry Gay, Walt Johnson, Dave Nicol, Carl Fernald, Jack Jackson, Layne Cady. Roy Hohenstern, Cy Beat, Bobby Brooks, Bill Gregory, George Gilkes, Hank Miller, Bill Downe, Andy Bivalaque, Randy Preim. 79 Under Coach John Elder and assistant Coach Bill Roberts, Northeast's track team looked forward to a good season. A second place in the Early Bird Track Meet, a meet including twelve bay area schools, also promised a successful season. The team has met since the beginning of the school year in an effort to learn and improve the basic skills involved in the various track events. The long hours of dedicated practice have produced many fine athletes, excelling in their individual events. Hand in hand with track is cross country. Many of the boys who run the long distances in track, also participate in cross country events. This small team competes in the fall under Coach Roberts, bringing many honors to NEHI as an outstanding team in the area. Will Davis flings discus 80 Coach Elder timing a finish Trcackmen Ru: Date Meet Site Feb. 15 Early Bird Meet Northeast Feb. 19 Clearwater Northeast Feb. 28 Northeast vs. St. Pete Northeast Mar. 4 Clearwater, Dixie, Northeast Clearwater Mar. 7 Largo Relays Largo Mar. 1 l Seminole, Northeast, St. Pete Seminole Mar. 14 Rutledge Relays Boca Ciega Mar. 14 Lakewood Relays Lakewood Mar. 20 Geneva Relays St. Pete Mar. 25 Dunedin vs. Largo Largo Mar. 27 Fun N, Sun Clearwater Mar. 29 Florida Relay Gainsville Apr. ll West Coast Meet St. Pete Apr. 15 Northeast Soph. Invitational Northeast Apr. 18 Pinellas County Conference Largo Apr. 25 District Qualifying Meet May 2 Regional Qualifying Meet iq ss y,, ,,M HMA. n QW :yzgzia h,nwss -nw 'Wm-' ,yy ,,,, X W? AX iv sm 3 3 QM ' fi. -i A A ' K Y j-A 4- f is ss5s4LlM,:,. - i w wsu su s vm,fi. wwwwww,,qwwm,wfMm.f s ,sbs f'Ws? 54? Wil, iw fqmss'79W? 57 Z , L , i ,di ,H 'H I I w . . Ld N by 4 " IQM1 gy Q' ,lj ,,g 1 3- W. "ff - 'ls K 1 gg is K +w in mus'if4iW'L:: sssis iff! ',f 1 if x A- ,A sh f??1 9'K V .- if . 23, V-'iv i ' ' 5 if 1 - . g 'M i . i i KLVV V 1 ' - - -' VLh- 'S' it 5 ' W 3 is 3,3 f gg siuf wmJQ g ax S E w if Y ,W ' si A 'xyg 4 . Q ' M ' isis 1 'S' I ii si at iw l i f " m " 'Mk' i 4 5' Fx Q 3 5 L 1,ifWiF9Wi , W, 'M' fgww lui ,m'sHQfiqM3 V3.- FW 'fx .. .. '.-'IS m1f-----'-- 'Vw " fr ff. . . ,,.,. .. ...s 5 . .- W. .: . .n ,N . ' .. ,Ja .' . ' 'a.,'gf,.411j+ZL,:1, 3 ,,2-wifi-4'-J - , is - 'af-"-gl 4 'iZ:'f,,f,k ,pfb- 1' , 4 if .- 3, 1 3.., 'i.- eff? 9-' ,Q 1 ' 'y A ' ff1 'f-f-?LFQgi,,.f- Jver Opponents 4 4 Coach Roberts demonstrates hurdling technique Discus thrower Buddy Robbins gsm 1. 8 w X 4- J 5' M ., ., +3292 af", ' , ki " "aT?:5x, V, . , iv w, . s g 3 tsts t 1 , ww ,. .. ' H 5 9 , N 'E x J v af Sift w s ' 4 ? Q 1 V 4 A A fi V , :f riggf :nn ::':f5:, ' u.. rg' 'fa' Coach Roberts giving orders 6- Cy Beat shows discus stance 1 i . s Dennis Fowler reaches to throw shot Greg Godbey, Monte Nash make exchange B2 i M..- farm ,Q 0 1 xx 2 M ..,.+ gf .L 'Eff si K Cross Country Teom Scoreboard Won Clearwater Won St. Pete Won Bishop Barry Won Dunedin Won Largo Won Seminole Won Dixie Undefeated in Dual Meet Competition 3rd in Conference 6th in State Team captain Brad Thorpe Row I: Carl Fernald, Bruce Roche, Randy Preim, Rick Bradley, Doug Stribling: Row 2: Brad Thorpe, Russ Kuecken, Bobby Brooks, Bill Downe, Tom Bowlin. Wrestling Vikings Mos John Jr helps Dad coach Thanks to the persistent and enthusiastic efforts of Coach McLay and the Viking wrestling team, Northeast this year captured its fourth consecutive wrestling title. When Coach McLay came to Northeast four years ago, he started the first wrestling team in the county. During the following four years, he persuaded other schools to sponsor wrestling, also. Now there are eight participating PCC wrestling teams. The PCC championship has gone all four years to Northeast. The popularity of wrestling has grown tremendously this year with large crowds of fans attending the meets. The skill of the Viking wrestlers was displayed consistently throughout the season. Because of this popularity and skill, many athletes were encouraged to participate in the sport, as were even more area high schools. The highlight of John McLay's coaching career came this February when his team won the District Championship. This coveted award came after two days of wrestling among l6l boys and 15 teams. Two Nehi wrestlers qualified for the State Tournament in Fort Lauderdale. 84 Steve Collins Tom Lightkep uccessful Sport Don Winters Steve Carlson Bill Prescott Arnold Mount Conference Champions Foul Jim Grissim i Craig Lewis ronsecutive Years Scoreboard Nehi 40 Gibbs 24 St. Pete 41 Clearwater 34 Seminole 44 Lakewood 53 Chamberlain 45 Boca Ciega 27 Dixie Hollins 43 Admiral Farragut Russell Warth Q ikffj 5 eg Z 3 ' 5 5 fi ff .S l if if 31032 f,f",ffx11 555 if M552 V l :ff 4 S Q ' f bei 54 in If If 5. ff., 5 ir .ff V Jay P051 Jim Gunnin. Manager Returning Baseball Champions Swinq Hockett pitches to Dane Smith. Catcher Lance Luttrel Catcher Bob Weber 88 And Pitch Through A New Seoson fy? ,Jas - , K f , ' xy x F' x Nick follows through on a pitch. Row I: Pete Lowry, David Motta, Tom Yume, Mike Reedy. Row 2: Charlie Gillam, Jeff Boyle, Bob Weber, Lance Luttrel, Joe Burns. Row 3 Coach Jones, Ron Gesko, Dane Smith, Nick Hockett, Tom Bozich, Steve Johnson, Ron Haskell. Pete Lowry fires one to home Jeff Boyle warms UP in outfield Hard-hitting Lineup Joe Burns snags one in left field 90 NHS 1968 Scoreboard Boca Ciega Westminister St. Pete 7 Seminole 5 Boca Ciega 6 Dixie Hollins 6 Lakewood 4 Dunedin 9 Tarpon Springs Gibbs 5 Boca Ciega 3 Bishop Barry 6 Largo 4 Riverview Coach Tom Jones Tom Bozich makes a stop at short Gillam puts tag on Steve Johnson Coach Allen's Swim Team Coach Allen gives Bruce Rodgers details From the beginning of January to May, the boyls swim team met daily, putting in long hours of practice. Coach Ned Allen is looking forward to a successful season, as Northeast once again defends its reputation as one of the strongest teams in the county. 1968 Scoreboard NHS 58 Boca Ciega 37 76 Dixie Hollins 19 lst City Championship 2nd Conference Championship 5th Regional Championship none State Meet Earl Greene splashes to record victory in difficult butterfly 92 Nin Mony Chompionships Backstroke Vikes most successful event Rick McGahzm in a perfect dive W'-Q Row l: Jody Rice, Guy Fish, Mike Cheezem, Mike Conway, Rick McGahan. Row 2: Walt McKinnzey, Tom McKenzie, Kurt Cochran, David Huber, Danny Daniels. Row 3: Jim Lundt, Vic Keller, John Nanus, Carlton Schowe, Earl Greene, Paul Bovee. 93 Girls Stroke, Dive Woy tc Coach Miller delighted with team's success Under Mary Miller, coach, the girls on the swim team have spent many hours in the water perfecting their strokes and bettering their times. The team, like the boys, com peted on Tuesdays and Fridays during the spring and anticipated a good season. Schedule Feb. Clearwater March Dixie Hollins March Riverview March Seminole March Boca Ciega March Lakewood March Daytona Beach Seabreeze-Boca Ciega April Sarasota Shelly wins first in butterfly Connie backstrokes to victory 94 uccessful Seoson - 'Wit Sue Huber outstanding in crawl stroke Barbara in a perfect swan dive as za Row I: Connie Plisko, Shelley Pacharzine, Barbara Braid. Sue Huber, Chris Turner, Ruth Ann Compton. Row 2: Natalie Robinson. Martha Williams. Mary Ormston. Nancy Fritz. Mary Hatfield, Pat Latimer, Barbara Widmeir, Sue Jaskiewicz. Row 3: .Ian Merrill, Corky Conway. Laree Fast, Gail Reed. Vicki Gans, Diane Mullens, Pat Sargent. 95 Boys In The Racquet Racke Row l: Mike Adams, Carl Stiel, Dean Senty, Charles Newcomer, Floyd Snead. Row 2: Mr. Musgrave, Wayne Gladd Bob Cobb Bill Kopecky John Bryan, Alan Peck, Mr. Nousiainen. Not present: Nin Bond. Coach Rex Musgrave Scoreboard NHS 4 Admiral Farragut 4 Largo 7 Dixie Hollins 4 Clearwater 6 St. Pete 4 Boca Ciega ock Up Points Bill Kopecky runs for a return Northeast had an outstanding boyas tennis team this year and one of which the student body can be proud. The boys practiced long, hard hours in order to be able to defeat their opponents. That effort paid off in matches that were won by Northeast. Outstanding performances by Bill Kopecky, Nin Bond, Mike Adams, and Carl Stiel sparked the winning season that began with six consecutive vic- tories. Carl Stiel hits it over easily Mike Adams returns serve with determination Row I: Trudy Chandler, Nancy Ciatto, Julie Andrews, Stephanie Forr. Row 2: Mary Ford, Gail Henslick, Ann Osborn, Donna Cremo April Maynard. r Girls' Tennis Teom Avoids Love The girls' tennis team was a winning team this year and racked up an impressive record. Key members Ann Os- born, Mary Ford, Trudy Chandler, and Stephanie Forr were backed by the other team members in working to- ward a successful season. Sponsored, encouraged, and coached by Miss Joy Dance, the girls put in much practice for their matches. Competition with other teams from the county spurred them on to their success. 98 Scoreboard NHS Largo NHS Dixie Hollins NHS 'Clearwater NHS ST. Pete. NHS Boca Ciega .1 , If is H H W - H 12 ' . ' 2 ' ., ' 1. 'zz 'z '. if - . ' V ' ' . V, ,I ,L K as i ,L Z K - -L rl , ., .1 V, F ig. 1 ina '- P L ? ,,5,f,5' fl A. ' , -s '-- iff, , . s - ' an X' s - ""' M I l AR X gf 5. ,. M- gg. , ' '5 fm -2 iii r' 2 -'-5, if-R, : m n, N A Q. , " -1 xhcyw A V, A K wk 'WL ,billy 5. I M, V ,yy H15 3 ,l kwivghfa ,y m . . A , - . .. 'XE' 'a' K'-A ': L Q H, H.-kwgtf' ' f X - if fr". K5 ffm H -155 '-9 fi W1 ff ifjg'-K " in L, ' ,, 5 1 " ,. , ' i' " , Q W 'W Q Fl - 'wg-' L f 2 P I , 4 s we iam: ASQ -" f - , ,., v ' ' is M . - ,- ' Q ' ' , L+-i'f'f1'f .1 i s f'h?.,fHl'G, H ' Filliiiiy ., iff? . ma., N 2 'L ' 1 rg ' . f m y -5:3-Mia?-w f3w:,,f if ni.. N. . if Q., L L , M g?f?, s,,iL 5 6 B , , ."""j' s t ,K .I sy ..: i - Nga: ':ix5'N,.i:-. 4, K A X. 115121. H I -. , iugfh' A V i 5 v .. we "" ' lf if xwfmiwxl v 3 I .. R" 'i Me? K , afli f - ':,.., 1 A K . I ak , ,, Q .Eg es Q. -QL A sw'-Qig:z2zfC ' A -l ,, - ' Q , ' . A . . M , gf f f 5-5+ fvf:fQe',QQ..a--kffw-f...m-A- .- :K 1 U , D 'Q in 1 A , A 1' . . . - -- .. ' 1 -i , 5 :m ul , .,... , ,.,, I A ...,.,. , ,..,,E D ,l , , ,A A ..,.:,.w :. if--'f'f . .:.uw'vals.'f' .. Q,,7,ei f K , effiia - f,, ,i:-,, , . ' Y -- ..:..gas-www .:- .... , I V , , A ,A MMM -- V L ' wig wvlilfmigiyiif fk 1:3 fe, K Donna Cremo returns a volley April Maynard reaches for ball 4- x, l iii-sw! H- -- 1 1 Admiring team gives Miss Dance their vote of confidence Golf Team Scoreboard NHS 6 Sarasota 2 5 Dixie Hollins 3 4 Boca Ciega 4 6 St. Pete 2 4 Sarasota 3 4 Lakewood 416 waterwa- Robin Wright chips one up S e,wLg.X Row I: Mark Barry. Dave Starr. Joe LeCompte, Robin Wright, Mike Watts. Row 2: Mr. Brown, Bill Permls Barry Gerhart Buck Cooksey Jeff Pratt. Jack Debbs. 'IOO ln, I lllldnwu i 1. ,, L, I I IW" su . ll I X -'I-f. ' 1- ln. .115 W, 5 ir , Uv 1 I ' 'M -la , w I Y " ... "ff r sf' 1' ' v I f - L ' H I Ky 1 ,. - - .1 - - QW -',L - ' ' X flu ' - X., 1 'S'- , ' N 7 L 1 X, T h 'A l l ' I 1-1,- - , - -, .Y A - -'h 4. -x -. 1- E LJ , f'52Z 5 "- 1, 'Iv' :P , I' 1 U 5 f " N , xx ' dd., K-Rx. .ciibl ,x'lQy,fg.l:, ' 5 . ' 1 ' 3: I ,4a?f"'fei' '1 A ' k :ff if '- ' ' Za, ' U ,' I' . ' 5 4: :J ,g . 'I N 4 xx. .af gtk X.':.s,. I., !,v - 1 ...g nl J. ,- 'sv-:2 3" - f' K.?'.,Q I - - :'f 1- ' ' , f""f ,""' ' I ' . 194' X 'J '1 4'f.??9'5'v ' L , .-5qa'nt 0 lj ' 4430 '15,-X 4 'x LQ: 'fi s 2:31 LES! 5 X321 Fifi' K' 5 ' ll ."'F'3'7:?g32'9 .Aki sf, X Nix. Kar? ? ' , ' v w - X 'ww . . L' Y, 3 gs ut' 3 -tn- K x"'k 544 , www S ! L. U ggi' 4.- , ff, ng, I J :I 'f , fe ' J. Clubs and Organizations: Arlene Campbell. Becky Bishop. Kris Moss, Lana Lewallen. Gail McAllister Although slavery may have been abolished one hundred years ago by the Thirteenth Amendment, it still exists under the iron fist of Maria Perinis, editor-in-chief of the Viking Log. Everyday the staff was committed to slave labor and solitary confinement during 5th period in room C-4. They were rewarded for their long, dedicated hours of mental anguish with producing the finest yearbook that Northeast has ever had. With the guidance of Mr. Paul Jenkins, head prison guard and sponsor, the staff has sur- vived its term and hopes that the school is pleased. - Q I warned you not to use that Hai-Karate!! Row l: David Burns. Adrain Carson. Row 2: Polly Stone. Judy Ric ciardi. 103 N45 Left to right: Debbie McLeod, Vice President: Sonia Searles, Secretaryg Bev Benefield, President: Kathy Scofield, Treasurer, Miss Vernotzy, Sponsor. Anchor Those hundreds of balloons released at the kickoffs of football games this year were sold by the girls of Anchor Club. Another of their projects was a perfume sale, which they hold every year. The money made from these projects went to a fund used for scholarships, presentations, or as- semblies. Anchor members served the community by work- ing at the Christmas Toy Shop and by collecting for worthy causes in cooperation with other civic and service clubs. The spring Safety Assembly was sponsored by Anchor also. 104 Left to right: Kathy Forsythe, Cheryl Barker, Vicki Haelein, Kare Craig, Candy Coleman, Julie McFarland, Melanie Callahan, Michel Garver, Debbie Pytosh, Diana Ellis, Linda Tirabassi, Peggy Evans. MQ, J , L... 1 .J , J Royv Jean Hall, Karen Sawyer, Nancy Becker. Row 2: Linda Klukkert, Jennifer Summey, Chris Turner, Cindy Barber, Kathryn Bob, Judy Quinlivan, Barbara McAnnich, Diana Donnelly. xl n 1 105 Row l: Martha Williams, Nancy Fritz, Mary Lynn Ormston, Becky Caves, Pat Frost, Toni Musfeldt. Row 2: Adele Wright, Becky Diller. Mary Ford, Gail Reid. Left to right: Barbara Williams, Treasurer, Lyn Harrison, Presidentg Miss Joanne Sponsor: Bobbi Lochner, Recording Secretary, Lynn Prescott, Vice President. Civinettes Civinettes started off the school year with a big welcome for students and faculty both, by providing an information booth for sophomores and sponsoring a L'Teacher Appre- ciation Dayf, Later in the year, the girls planned, prepared for, and produced a fashion show called 'LMuseum of Fine Fashion." During football season, the team was presented with a victory cannon from Civinettes, to boom at each Nehi touchdown. Besides sponsoring the carnival, they also produced 4'Oklahamlet", a musical comedy, at the carnival. Row l: Denise Fast, Terry Benjamin, Vicki Anderson. Row 2: Chris Mathis, Patty Paxton, Cathy Gibson, Janey Brussel, Toni Fatigati, Donna Daniels, Debbie Smoot. 107 Row l: Mike Conway. Bill Northsea, Joe Ryan, Greg Casler. Row 2: Rocky Appleton. Bob Bruce. Bill Contole. Gleave Wood. 1 v .rw as iQxfQNfTKxRx Civitan members check out fruitcake for annual sale. 108 Mr. Nousiainen emphatically urges Civitan members to make money. Civitan Sponsored by Civitan International, Northeastls Junior Civitans strive to fulfill the aim of service to others. The boys worked toward that aim throughout the year by working at school and in the community. They parked cars at Northeast's home football games and cleaned the stadium on Saturday mornings. The Civitan jail at the carnival was erected by Civitan members. They sold "1 Believew buttons to boost school spirit during football season and sold fruitcake at Christmas. Various charities were aided by Civitan, which was very active this year. Members constructjail for carnival. Jim Watts, Parliamentarianp .lim Grissim, Presidentg Gordan Mc Cutcheon, Treasurerg Greg Cross, Vice President. 109 Officers: Tom Latto, Vice Presidentg Joe Burns, Secretaryg Richard Jones, Presidentg Jeff Pratt, Treasurer Mr. Howard, sponsor 110 l to 'Q Junior Exchange The members of Jr. Exchange were busy this year with many school and community service projects. One of their most interesting activities was scoring for the Handicapped Bowling League at local lanes. They also taped Christmas messages to send to servicemen in Vietnam. Jr. Exchange sponsored L'The Happening" booth at Nehi's fall carnival. Parking cars at football games and working at stadium clean-up kept the boys busy, as did working at the Christ- mas Toy Shop. Much credit can be given them for their efforts. ., xy , Clockwise: Bob Sinclair, Chuck Newcomber. Mark Dean. Dave Dunphy, Paul Elliot, Dave Huber, Ralph Egolph, Jay Lillquist, Bill Carrow, Kerry Knill, Kurt Cochran. ll'I Interact Interact Club has as its goal the promotion of inter- national understanding. The members of this club strive to reach their high goal by working together, both among themselves and with other organizations. The Club is spon- sored by Rotary International and directed at Northeast by Mr. Musgrave. Interact members work with other boys, clubs, parking cars at football games. They also own the loud-speaker system in the stadium. Interact also holds the annual Christmas tree sale as their major money- making project. . I I .rl t Dick Lazarra, Treasurer: Ed Kasica. President: Jay Post, Corres. Secretary Ron Haskell Vice President 112 Ken Knipe. Doug Keith. Mike Callahan. Dennis Atkins. Chuck Parsons. Lee Wheeler. Dusty Willis. Will Davis. Hugh Young. Nin Bond. 4 , Sponsor, Mr. Musgrave. ls this any way to win a merit badge?'??? ll3 Row l: Cynthia Reese, Joyce Reinhardt, Pat Shepard, Terry Ford, Vicki Smith. Keyettes Keyettes can be seen each year working with the other service clubs throughout the school and the community. Sponsored by Sinawik, Keyette members try to be of bene- fit to others. That goal is accomplished by the many hours they donate to various charities and worthy causes. At school, the girls sell victory tags before the St. Pete. foot- ball games, Dream Pets just before Christmas, and dough- nuts in the spring. Money made by these sales goes to- ward a scholarship awarded at the end of the year. The annual Talent Assembly is also sponsored by Keyettes. Mrs. Hadaway, sponsor. 114 Left to right: Stephanie Sherrill, Sue Hu Cindy Vaughn, Becky Schott, Michele Mary Ann DePiro. Left to right: DiAnn Dillon. Vice President: Maureen Spears.Treasurer:G:1il McAllister. Presi- dent: Linda Dees. Corresponding Secretz1ry1Shz1ron Kalle. Recording Secretary, Left to right: Carol Burns, Calle Spraggins. JoAnn Groves. Sue Sommer, Terri Duncan, Karen Kyminas, Sue Boyes. ll5 Far left. continuing clockwise: Terry Thompson Bob Mack Greg Heath Bill Perinis Dean Sentry Richard Korp Robin Saylor. One of the most active boys, service clubs this year was Key Club, sponsored by the Downtown Kiwanis Club. Their most well-known project was the sale of ice cream after school and popcorn at the basketball games. Their most successful project was the school wide Muscular Dys- trophy drive, during which they collected over 518000. Key Club members also sponsored several booths at the Northeast carnival. Stadium clean-ups and parking cars kept them busy during football season. Key Club was also active in community service. On "Take-it-Away-Day',, the boys collected repairable items such as pianos and re- frigerators to be sold by the Salvation Army. Money made this year was used to buy murals for the History Depart- ment. Lar Dillahunty. Vice-Presidentg Dave Burns. Presidentg Tom Hicks. Treasurer ll6 H . l Secretary Buddy Robbins reads Key Club minutes. 4 I U b Dave Burns confers with sponsor Mr. George :fm L Standing: Bruce Neri. Chris West. Nat Karns. Joe LeCompte. Gary Johnson. Seated: Mario Ferfoglizi. John Gatto. Bill Cris- well. Clockwisez Pam Tougaw, Presidentg Linda Norris. Kathy Dodwell, Recording Secrctaryg Carol Conover 118 Cpti-Miss Northeast's Opti-Miss members have contributed much to school spirit this year. Their first main project was the dedication of the football stadium in the early fall. Later they sold football-schedule pens and designed and sold new SD buttons for basketball season. Under the direction of Mrs. Black, the girls also decorated a Halloween booth at Al Lang Field, distributed posters for Youth Apprecia- tion Week, and worked at the Chamber of Commerce in order to serve the community. Members set up Ring Toss booth at carnival. f 1:4 'T'9.u.g- G 2. Sf Q QC -gg, '3f'7rffl, Wig. ,AKAQYST Q., Q59 We ' , , W if '--, Q7".J"feggi5 ,wiv Row I: Janice Bergeron. Nancy Lee. Connie Plisko. Karen Ruppel. Row 2: Heidi Quigley. Cookie Brunner. Trudy Chandler. Sharon Tidwell. Carole Russell. Row 3: Debbie Dillon. Karen Lovelace. Nancy Leggitt. Dana Sumner. Vice President: Nancy Crum fm" Row I: Pat Stull. Brenda Flagler. Terri Hole. Row 2: Una Bingenheimer. Yvette Dupuis. Treasurer. Row 3: Virginia Bix- ler. Katie Coryell. Sandra Wells ll9 ww Y we .Jfz,'f:i1v3 -,gifxgg fg Q -iw . i . 4 I ..-is ,. :fi i in- . ' V 275 si,fmsi5,fT:"E??'.2 i A , Row I: Gina Robinson, Jo Ann Lamy, Carlene Blankle, Ruth Compton. Row 2: Judy Drier, Karen Nutting, Carol Miller, Roberta Halstrom, Debbie Tulumaris. Rhonda Wilcox. Marilyn Barger, Karen Knill, Diane Byrd. Pava Radakovich, Presidentg Suzann Horning, Treasurerg Karen Davy, Vice Presidentg Marianne Thomas, Row l: Carol Mooers, Maurg Secretary. Rogers. Row 2: Linda Shaeff 120 1--El 5 Q F 3 i N 1... Stickney, Vicki Gans, Sue Rhodes, Mary Wall, Winnie Senty, Debbie Louise Lane, Stephanie Forr, Jean Jackson, Mary Jo Hawkins. "Z" Club "Growth Through Servicel' is the motto of the Northeast chapter of the "Zn Club, sponsored by the Zonta Club of St. Petersburg. The girls try to fulfill this motto throughout the year by their service to the school and community. At Christmas, "Zn Club sponsored "Deck the Hallsi' week, and awarded prizes to the homerooms with the best-dec- orated doors. On various holidays, "Z" members held parties for underprivileged children at community centers. Much has been contributed to school spirit by these girls. 41' is is , Ti, cg za , 1 ' ty ,X X f ,mf or 3 I .. ., -We Af' ff-r ff ff! Mryff mf, f Af ,,.. , v," ' . V74 W' K FOYIHHI iI1iIiHii0l1 CCfCITl0Ui6S- Far left, continuing counter clockwise: Polly Stone, Treasurer, Marie Speed, Mar- garet Marr, Faith Keniston, Gail Cooper, Nancy Reeder, Linda DeGroot, Char- maine Evilsizer, Debra Dabbs, Susan Futch. 1rv:Vl321f2 ::4.-aif 1 VS, Q Far right, continuing clockwise: Bev Fisher, Secretaryg Barbara Widmier, Diane Kurtz, Cathy Mateer, Jennifer Maxwell, Sandy Robbins, Sandy Scarborough, Wendy Chandler, Pat Latimer, Lana Lewallen. 122 'Wk Row l: Kassi Moss, Gay Young, MaryBeth Jones. Row 2: Judi Ricciadi, Jane Harvey. Lisa Cates, Kris Moss, Nancy Sneed. Row 3: Jackie Wantland, Presidentg Terry Adam, Vicky Barcley. Sponsor, Mrs. James. Roici ns Rojans have always been strong promoters of school spirit in both academics and sports. This year was no ex- ception. Rojan members compiled a school-activity calen- dar to sell to students, in order to make money to redeco- rate the front offices. Teachers received welcome-back notices from Rojans at the beginning of the year. Football players were honored by Rojans on the day of the last game, when the girls served as "slaves,' for a day. The Santa Claus in the cafeteria at Christmas was sponsored by Rojans. In the spring, all the basketball players and participants in spring sports received special recognition from Rojans. As did all service clubs, Rojans served the community. 123 To to bottom: Barbara Russell, Debbie Blanks, Cheryl Clever, P Bev Rogers, Cindy Middleton. 124 WoSeLeHes Jackie Protinsky, Vice-Presidentg Eileen Stickney, Treasurer Becky Bishop, Secretaryg Arlene Campbell, President. Sponsor, M rs. Shirley Row l: Jan White, Lynda Vincent, Louise Bohler, Row 2: Sandi Seltzer, Susan Simpson, Jane Hutchinson, Maria Perinis, Janey Beegan, Gret- chen Hogberg, Nancy Shaver, Kathy Clarke. Connie Thackery. The phrase "friendship through servicew typifies the attitudes and actions of WoSeLette members. The aim of this club, which is to foster an interest in school and com- munity service, is carried out by many projects during the year. As co-sponsors of Nehi's carnival, WoSeLettes are . very busy during the first part of the year. Then later they provide teacher aid, collect for various charities, sell foot- ball stickers, and hold an Easter party for children at the Community Day Nursery. Sponsored by Mrs. Shirley, the girls develop into strong, responsible leaders. , min. Row 2: Debby Abbott. Pat Miller. Linda Barker. 125 l Row l: Sherrie Gushe. Barbara Braid, Cindy Norris, Barbara Yag- Biology Club F A Row l: Jack Demmons, Bob Eanell, Melissa Simpson, Robert Elliot. Row 2: Paula Smith, Pat Sargeant, Claude Turner, Edward Robinson, Julie Parker, Ivy Nestoff, Mark Porter. Danny Faciano. Row 3: Paul Stafford, Nona Collins, John Arnaldi. Sandra Farrington, John Lunceford, Kathy Bartield, Suzanne Liberty, June Leland. 'N Chess oncl Checker Row I: Doug Kearney, Brian Snyder, Don Walden. Row 2: Mr. Kuhl, Mike Guryn, Bill DeGroat. Treasurer, Jim Bogaerts, Bill Church, Greg Walker, Vice President: Bill Sohl. Secretary. l26 Row l: Faye Harrod, Louise Lane, Barbara Boorman, Karen Strom, Claire Manato, Bonnie Boorman. Row 2: Bill Epeards, Tom Mish, Kathy Forsythe, Linda McDade, Terry Ford. Judy Gauger. Richard Rhudy. Row 3: David Moore, Bev Alvey. Sue Sommer. Janice Miner, Sharon Hayes. Mary Greco, Jerry Christianson, Becky Cook, Larry Tarantino. -be ' 'Wu Q .x as " i 2 Future Business Leaders 1,4-W A ,I , . . ,wa . - -has I if .ir ri .Q in Q -. Developing competent, aggressive business leadership is one of the major aims of FBLA, since most members plan to enter the business world sometime in the future. Members of FBLA are encouraged to cooperate in com- munity actions and efforts so that they might strengthen their confidence and usefulness. At Northeast, Future Business Leaders are well known for the voo-doo dolls they sell during football season and the heart-o-grams they send on Valentine's Day. 127 Foreground: Mike Reedy Row l: Cathy Anderson, Jeff Fulkman, Cassie Moss, Kathy Scofield, Sue Rhodes, Sandi Robbins, Jackie Protinski, Gail Henslick. Row 2: Dee Shattuck, Carl Fernaldi, Mike Watts, Susan Greene, Carolyn Balough, Linda DeYoung. Row 3: Gretchen Hoberg, Warren Crossman, Terry Hole, Ruth Baker, Stephanie Harvey, Debbie Evans, Scott Stiner, Bill Perinis, Diane Nystrom. ta Reclining: Mike Conway Floor tl. to r.J: Bill Morjon, Robin Wharton, Patty Dawson, Sitting: Vicky Mann, Sitting foreground: Mary Beth Joi Vicki Gans, Joe Styles, Romaine Dean, Rita Morris, Rhonda Wilcox, George Barnaby, Susan Strause. Marie Speed, Debbie Blanks, Shan Standing: Donna O'dell, Rick Brantly, Katy Duato, Gleave Wood, Nancy Ciatta, Joey Burns, Ann Burroughs. Peterson, Sue Boyes, Debbie Brow Vicki Bell, Kandy Cox, Greg Cros Ricardi, Adrian Carson, Polly Stone 128 OFFICERS Sitting: Carlton Schowe, Sergeant at Arms. Standing: Rebecca Bishop, Treasurer: Dusty Willis, Pres.: Terry Benjamin, Sec., Jim Watts, V. Pres. Drama Club Northeast's Drama club was developed for the purpose of stimulating an interest in live theater in itls members. Attending local theatrical performances and producing plays and skits are among the many activities of the club. Drama Club members usually present programs for the student body during club day, displaying their talents. The main project of the club this year was to purchase new cyclorama draperies for the stage. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Challener, the Drama Club has grown to be one of the largest clubs at Northeast. erry Cutler, Susan Futch. Linda Bulger, Cathy Sanders. lullins. Sitting above: Cheryl Clever, Betsy Hackett, Jeanie urady Renew. Standing: Dee Dobriner, Candy Coleman, icki Haeinlein, Nancy. Fritz, Becky- Fish, Sandy Colt. Judy ichard Morris, Rebecca Stonecipher. Ann Friende. li al i 1 I A i l 1 I l l ,I I Future Homemcakers Northeasfs Future Homemakers of America club is a chapter of the national organization by the same name. FHA is designed to help and encourage girls in their prep- aration for the roles of wives and mothers. Each year the members complete special projects in the field of home- making in order to earn awards. At meetings, programs are planned to provide interesting and practical informa- tion for the girls. Learning effective methods of house- keeping and childcare keeps the girls busy and helpful. Programs on child development prove interesting .Wu-uu..e..a'-7 Row I: Kaye Hicks, Pat Rogers, Linda Rolfson, Gail Crawford. Row 2: Carol Burns, Elizabeth Blue, Pat Groves, Lee Crouch Mary Dunlap Krista Meyers 130 Tri-Y Row I: Diane Mullins, Barbara Theis, Beverly Roesch, Vicki Roper. Carol Myers, Treasurerg Patrice Lovely. Row 2: Nancy Morrison, Linda Thornton, Mary Mooney. Louise Lane, Terry Shinkle, Barbara McAninch, Presidentg Phyllis Anderson. Row 3: Susan Smith, Adele Roesch, Pat King. Row 4: Judy Rausa, Joyce Collins, Barb White, Linda Borucki, Diane Kurtz. Girls Athletic Association ,...0-M-""'0""'i Row l: Martha Williams, Sherry Hatfield. Row 2: Donna Jackson, Cindy Vaughn, Debbie Le- Bus. Susan Kostuck, Kim Hudson. Row 3: Sue Seiling, Barbara Dodson. Pat Sargeant, Debbie Lovell. Row 4: Linda Connelly, Santa Berger, Cindy Janotta. Debbie Goldacker, Mary Feely, Corky Conway. Row 5: Mary Hatfield, Vicki Wells. Nancy Fritz. Ruth Ann Compton, Steph- anie Forr, Sandy Pennington. l3l Lettermen Any boy who has earned a varsity letter in any sport is eligible to join the Letterman's Club. At meetings, mem- bers hear experts lecture on films of Nehi athletes partici- pating in sports activities. These lectures inspire the boys to greater endeavors in sports. One of the activities of the club is the father-and-son chili supper held annually to create a better father-son relationship. Besides their in- volvement in Nehi's sport program, the boys' wrestling matches won the prize for making the most money at the carnival. Two wrestlers from the carnival Row I: Chuck Ware, Ira Pearson, Ralph Egolph, Mike Reedy, Tom Bozich, Sam Cornielson, Dave Dunphy Bob Brooks Row 2 Joe Burns Steve Johnson, Jeff Wells. Richard Owen, Barry Gay, Greg Godby, Bruce Roche. 132 Left to right: Dave Huber. Dwight Havener. Dane Smith. Carlton Showe. Paul Bovee, Tom Bozich. Sam Cornielson. Dave Dunphy. Charles Perinciola. Ron Haskell, Chuck Parsons. Bruce Rodgers. Earl Green. Officers left to right: Bob Andringa. Secretary: Lynn Feaster. President: Bob Brooks. Vice President. Clockwise: Al Rich. Jay Post. Don Winters. Dick Lazzara. Will Davis. Treasurer: Greg Casler. Ed Kasica. Mike Bingham. Jim Grissim. 133 Pei ro-Med For students who are interested in entering any type of kits in the Spring te make mgngy fer a Schglarghip fer 3 health career, Para-Med Club offers information and en- deserving Senier, They also Serve the community through wufagemem' SP0US0fed by MTS- Chflffat and MY- PSCh0ff, candy-striping. The state Para-Med convention was held the Club i11VitCS Pf0fCSSi0I13-l medical men and W0fI16I1 to in Daytona this year. Five Northeast students attended. speak at its monthly night meetings. Members sell first-aid Sitting L to R: Susan Georgia, Sue Lawton, Mike Glunt, Debbie Byrd, Darcie Barker, Cheryl Barker, Beth Lastraps, Vicki Bishop, Jane Ald- rich, Kandy Cox, Diane Donnelly. Karen Craig, Tom Hicks, Treas., Rebecca Bishop, Pres., Julie MacFarlane, Will Davis, Debbie N strom, Mary Hatfield. Cheryl Corbett, Peggy Evans, Peggy Crawford, Sue Durling, Jeanie MacFarlane, Janet Merrill, Danny Fasciano, Gail Cooper. Kneeling L to R: Joe Burns, Joe LeCompte. Joe Ryan. Standing L to R: Katie Lacey. Chuck Rhodes, Morene Adams, Nancy Witman, Rose- mary Mosely, Louise Lane, Vicki Tudor, April Maynard, Sandy Scarborough, Warren Crossman, Robin Stalk, Ann Burroughs, Nancy Wright. Oldest Para-Med member hams it up. F.T.A. Sitting L to R: Sharon Kennedy, Al Rich, Una Binenheimer, Margaret Marr, Diane Byrd, Cathey Warner, Cathy Burns, Jeanie Peterson. Standing L to R: Louise Lane, Donna King, Pat Blankenship, Joan Osborn, Linda O'Berry. Science and Engineering. X5 . . i E vtxgtf s 12? Row I: Bill Contole, Ben Rogers, Joe Killpecky, Bill Wright, Bob Palmer. Row 2: John Sheets, Floyd Snead, Bob Shirley, Frank Fleishmann. Row 3: Frank Randolph, Donald Pratnik, Joe Burns, Bill Boye, Diane Kurtz. l35 Pep Squad Spirit Socsrs to New Heights Efforts of banner committee liven up football games. Dunk booth makes big splash at carnival 0 D u rl n g 1 96 9 Tremendous school spirit was displayed by the Pep Squad this year. Over four hundred members of the stu- dent body joined the squad and made it a well-known or- SQN 'UR I Qi? QPF., cw ganization at Northeast. Providing busses to distant schools for football games and cheering as a group at the games were among the activities of the squad. The pep banners put up in the cafeteria were made by the members, who worked long hours under the guidance of Mr. Chapin to build the Pep Squad into an enthusiastic group of students. Mr. Chapin. Mr. Pep Squad. 7 9 'i if ,ff lr I , I '16 J Officers: Ron Haskell, Presidentg Nancy Fritz, Vice President. 'XXXQ '7- i my Q ut, , G' .2 ,, . , ,Q ,X Hundreds Cheer Vike Teams Pep Squad Forms Victory Funnel. 138 L Cercle Francois Le Cercle Francais, otherwise known as the French Club, is an organization open to all students taking French at Northeast. Once a month or oftener, members meet and present programs dealing with the language and customs of France. They also plan club socials. A special committee is designated to keep up to date notes and pictures about activities, on a French Club bul- letin board. This year one of those activities was the plan- ning and preparation of an end-of-the-year banquet for members, dates, and sponsor Mr. Dardenne. 11" I" "' D., mln If g'll f ul 'llfll Ilflff Il Sitting L to R: Barnie Barnard, Bonnie Boorman, Carlene Blankle, Diane Byrd, Katie Smith, Kathy Lower, Debbie Hampton, Karen Ruppel, April Maynard, Jackie Protenski, Holly Hidden, Donna White, Beth Lastraps ., 1 '-" - . .. wwf A - mx.. . Q 1 tTreasurerJ Alice Jane Ellis, Polly Stone CPresidentJ. Standing L to R: Mark Dean, Rebecca Bishop, Jennifer Summey, Debbie Barkan, Jan Crockey, Louise Wiseman, Jane Hutchinson, Jo ann Groves, Stephanie Sherril, Mary Wall, Marilyn Burgess, Terry McConnell, Make Vaughy, Susan Buzash, Michele Scott, Mary Strong, Pat Bredbinner, Raymond Bechtel, Debbie Harley, Alice Moseley. Earl Fultz, Margaret Marr, Renee Haugh, Anita Roller, Donna Mclean. Vicky Kalenivich, Richard McConnell, Wayne Tal- " , cott. Top of wall L to R: David Burns, Warran Crossman, John Lawrence. Steve Drukney. Ed Oesch, Paul Morabito. CNot Pictured-Lyn Harrisonl Sponsor. Mr. Roger Dardenne also head of French department. 139 Fine Arts Sitting: Lois Lane, Debbie Barnett, Linda McCarthy. Standing: Eric Turner, Roger Hoffman, Phil Roberts, Diane Mullens C rafts ABOVE: Gary Petry, Spencer Bray, Yvette Dupuis, Brad Hoffman, Gerald Christianson, Robert Caldwell. RIGHT: Gary Sterns, Kathy Allen, Earl Roberts, Dave Coomlis, Vicky Viking, Lisa Cates, Bruce Adams. 140 ia.-x,1i.,tp ,, wm1-T.. J - fy Lcitin Club Students interested in the culture and languages of an- cient Greece and Italy often join Northeastls Latin Club which is a chapter of the national Junior Classical League. ,, Latin Club programs often include films or skits and a great deal of planning for the JCL Forum in the spring. School projects include sponsoring a carnival booth and selling candied apples after school. A Roman banquet is held annually to conclude the school year. Sponsor, Mrs. Bennet, also teaches Latin classes. l- ii f irfta fiat FLOOR: Tom Hicks, Pat Evans. Tommy Thompson. SEATED: Winnie Senty, Judy Drier, Kay Hicks, Virginia Bixler, Bruce Neri, Judy German. Paul Mathis. STANDING: Charles Foster, Pat Latimer, Bob Kaiser, Doyle Kersey, Mike Qurwin, Larry Skinner, Joan Osborn, Linda Dees. Kathy Warner, George Monk. 141 Clockwise: Marcia Gurthie, Presidentg Evan Riley, Janine Wink, Sherry Kennedy, Debbie Criswell Treasurer Valerie Lyons, Vice-President, Martin Koch, Kathy Mueller, Floyd Snead, Diane Lind. Row 2 Bill Permis Jeff Pratt, Dave Burns, Neil Sando, Bill Carrer, Mike Glunt, Alan Peck, Jeff Dearman. German Club The German Club is an organization that was established for students who are interested in broadening their knowl- edge of Germany's Language and traditions. The club also strives to develop interest in the culture of Germany. Members hear guest speakers, watch films, and plan new projects at their meetings, held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. As a school service project, German club sponsored the Icee booth at Northeastis car- nival. The German club works in conjunction with the other language clubs. 142 Sponsor, Mr. Black, lectures on the sights of Germany Los Dichosos Students who take first and second year Spanish and plan to continue with their Spanish education are eligible to join Los Dichosos. Members are encouraged by the spon- sor, Mrs. Shrum, in learning the traditions and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. Throughout the year, pro- grams are planned to be informative and interesting, as are socials. This year at Christmas, Los Dichosos members took a decorated tree, a basket of food, and presents to a Sponsor, Mrs. Shrum, enjoys Los Dichosos' meetings. needy family. A Spanish banquet Concluded the year- . Row l: Al Phillips, Cindy Haines, Mike Harrow, Danny Miller, Debbie Pytosh, Pat Sargeant. Row 2: Debbie Dillion, Suzanna King, Terry Duncan, Joy Grim, Nancy Olson, Cindy Atwell. Row 3: Janet Smith, Chris Hampton, Susan Futch, Pat Debee, Diane Kurtz, Brenda Olson, Debby Abbott, Kathy Simones. Row 4: Barbara Theis, Chuck Rhodes, Linda Norris, Debbie Valin, Nancy Morrison, Judy Rousa, Sue Bordeau, Susan King. Row 5: Pat Rogers, Andrea Nease, Jean Hall, Sue Ryan, Debbie Presley, Nancy Hopkins, Becky Stonecipher, Pat Miller, Lisa Carol, Beth Sharp, Jackie Valin. Row 6: Eric Turner, Larry Stull, George Barnaby, Doug Kersey, Bruce Weese, Richard Coley, Craig Knight, Bob Knell. 143 Los Quiiotes Spanish III and IV students have a chance to use their language skills when they attend monthly meetings of Los Quijotes. The meetings are held in Spanish, under the su- pervision of Mr. Brice, in order to aid members in their pronunciation and comprehension of the language. Just as do other language clubs, Los Quijotes make use of films, guest speakers, and other sources of information for its programs on Spanish culture. This year, members spon- sored a booth at the Northeast carnival and held a banquet at the end of the year. Splash, splash .... you need a bath! Row 1: Becky Holland, Robin Saylor, Jose Vasallo, President, Arlene Campbell. Row 2 Larry Campbell Rosalee Lumia, Sherry Grim, Eileen Stickney, Dennis Atkins, Lynn Prescott, Chester Austin. Row 3 Paula Smith Rita Mor ris, Sue Chilton, Patty Dawson, Linda Swigart, Secretary, Debbie Davidson, Patty Paxton Cathy Gibson Sonia Sear les, Treasurer, Gary Johnson. Row 4: JoAnne Lamy, Katie Coryell, MaryJo Hawkins, Carole Russell Claire Cheezem Linda Klukert, Kathy Scofield, Bruce Buck, Bruce Neri. Row 5: Julie Jeffries, Cathy Weigert Debbie Lossmg Nona Collins, Mike Watts, Vice-President, Robin Wright. 144 Row I: Tom Mish, Bill Epeards, Gary Mollahan, Kurt Gell, Bruce Brown. Row 2: Richard Hopkins, Doug Banks, Nola Kaiser, Barbara Howard, Cookie Brunner. Row 3: Dan Adams, Mike Foulks. Danny Pitts. Mike D'Andrea, Neil Blevins, Daryl Dustin. Cooperative Ed The Cooperative Education Club, or CEC is a com- ucohon Club Peggy Keaton is student worker at Maas Brothers, bination of all students enrolled in either Distributive Education fD.E.J or in Diversified Cooperative Training CD.C.T.J. The CEC program is educational in nature, as it encourages high school students to use and learn profes- sional business ethics. At the same time, the program pro- vides many social activities in which the members can participate. One of the main results of this organization is a better relationship between employer and employee. na"-x I4 'PRE li OO Row 1: Pam Erickson. JoAnn Williams, Richard Owen, Mike Foulks, Mike Roberts. Row 2: Linda Olinger, David Young, David Moore, Billie Clarke. Tom Hill. April Jones. Nanci Druyor, Susan Bloom, Chuck Ware. Row 3: Bob Chase. Michael Dick, Harry Floener, Curtis Spears, Steve Ginn, Barbara Hall, Shirley Scholl. CEC Teaches Busines L o l 146 ,' r Drcictices cmd Ethics The goals of Cooperative Education are to develop lead- ership and scholarship within the membership and to pro- vide service to the school and the community. Members strive to reach this goal by working throughout the com- munity. By doing so, they gain an understanding of busi- ness practices and ethics. Then they attend district CEC conventions where students from this area hear speakers, attend awards banquets and meet other CEC members. Under the direction of Mr. Jones, Mr. Yerkes, and Mr. James, CEC has been very active this year and has contrib- uted much to school life through hard work. Row l: Don Biller. Sharon McCusker. Jomel Polk, Jim Topping. Janice Blackwelder. Virginia Caruso. Row 2: Pat Adamson, Chuck Reid, Bob Wincer, Charles Lanham. Rick Bible. Jack Engler, Emory Brantley, Ralph Caya, David Mead. 147 Q C golf' Row l: Richard Shipley. Row 2: Mike Beldon, Anne Ludwick, Pam Miller, Sandy Bond, Peggy Keaton, Shirley Straight, Pat Moyes. Row 3: Brenda Sooners. Kevin Tumulty, Linda Munch, Neely Voss, Michele DaSylva, Christie Tucker, Carol Miller, Ron Hayes, Joy Kirkland, David Hodgins. mf' . .warn Sponsor, Mr. Yerkes. discusses job problems with his students. 148 Sponsor, Mr. Jones. enjoys CEC splash parties. CEC Many interesting projects and activities are carried out each year by CEC members. They sell the programs at football games and candy later in the year. At Christmas, members present gifts to crippled children. A Christmas breakfast is also held. The candied apple booth at Carni- val is always manned by CEC members. Splash parties and employer-employee banquets are a part of the fun of being in CEC. Field trips to different places of business round out the educative phase of CEC. I . I l ws. MQ' s Sponsor, Mr. James. starts a fire the easy way. 149 Student Council Promote' Student Council representatives show school spirit on Clash Day The Student Council, a highly organized body of stu- dents, is Nehi's form of student government. Meeting at least once a month, the council, with representatives from homerooms, classes, clubs and organizations, leads the way to a better understanding between the students and the administration. At Northeast the Student Council is run strictly by parliamentary procedure which provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the various procedures of a democracy. Besides directing the student elections in the fall and spring, the Council also sponsors the Leadership Work- shop for the benefit of club officers. 150 ecidership Elected Officers CFront to Backl: President Kassi Moss. Vice Presi- dent Mary Ford. Secretary Barbara Braid. Treasurer Janet Merril. Jr. Councilman-at-large Adele Wright. Sr. Councilman Jim Watts. Soph. Councilman Dave Macri. Soph. Councilman Patty Dawson. Jr. Councilman Jane Beegan i wiaia:a VIKING QP was vi.-v , the-fbi ,.f-X of af Section Heads and Committee Chairmen tTop to Bottomlz Jay Post. Lyn Feaster. Joe Burns. Gleave Wood. Peggy Evans. Cookie Wheeler. Lyn Har' rison. Jean Hall. Donna Creamo. Denise Fast if Sponsor. Mr. Dorsett 151 l National Honor Society Excels Mark Dean Marilyn Barger President Vice-President 'Fl l- aw Q, is arf, Q Q W iid sw iw W g?igsr,sf,wi . :-tae: simw . is.1s.12fX1gfs'iw :-:ff ai- Victoria Macri Suzann Horning Secretary Corresponding Secretary Lana Lewallen Historian Maria Perinis Treasurer Joe Burns Betsy Barton Senior Board : - ,mg it ,Q ' J Q1 , . , -1 . xx, L5 'ig . in Bonnie Boorman Beverly Benefield 152 Robin Wright Gail McAllister Parlimentarian Senior Board Dorothy Cheatham Thomas Cooper Sponsor Sponsor By participating in the skits assembly and starting the new tradition of a tapping assembly, the Northeast Chapter of the National Honor Society has tried to become a more active organization. To be chosen for membership, a junior must maintain and keep a 3.3 academic average, while a senior must maintain a 3.0. The members must also meet the qualifications of leadership, service, and character. Under Mrs. Cheatham and Mr. Cooper, the society en- courages academic achievement in all students. It is indeed an honor for any junior or senior to be tapped into the National Honor Society. - ,L. Q, ,-fA, 2:- QJSQQTI: 5' ' . ,K S , 3' 1 X - ,J E "N 41 -1 Er,-SEE,,, 1'-fl" 'L A R ,. , . X A ' 5 S 2. X X Ii 1' iii W . X 'Q- , 4 , . 1 , is x Q V gg 2 M: Ei f fa, elif 'rf' 'M 4 H E 4, S qs. EEK in SKS A . age. 'T if David Burns Wendy Chandler Peggy Coleman f Bill Contole Scholarship, Leadership Marcia Gurthie 1 1 S52 H , Q' t , of W' I . ' 40, ' . V 'C -za, an rail'-ffrq , Q f X 1 .W Richard Jones Sharon Kalle Karen Knill Doug Kersey My 2 E wi QV Gillis ' Doyle Kersey Carol Miller George Monk Kathleen Moss 153 Service, Character KrlS Moss Bruce Neri Ann Osborn Robert Palmer Linda Schaeffer Sonia Searles Dee Shattuck Maureen Spears Junior Members Mike Bush Norma Gentry Bob Greene Ron Haskell Thomas Henneka Martin Koch Beth Lastrapes Joan Osborne Lynn Prescott Debbie Pytosh Michele Scott Floyd Snead Mike Watts Chris West Martha Williams Jennifer Summel' Marianne Thomas Rhonda Wilcox Debbie Zussy INTE RNRTIONH L E, , jr Membership in the society of Quill and Scroll is the eligible are in the top third of their class and are staff mem bers on one of the three Nehi publications the Viking Log the Nor Easter or Soundings. Quill and Scroll is a club whose chief purpose is to honor these outstanding journal- ists by affording them recognition as well as by presenting interesting journalistic programs. Its members enjoy guest speakers and student forums during the school year. Quill cmd Scroll Helps Publications - iiigiiest iioiipi paid to any highschool journalist. riiose I igf y l . .I . Z Row l: Pam Tougaw, Karen Knill, Nina Radakovich, Adele Wright, Marie Speed, Nancy Sneed, Row 2: Mike Glunt, Pava Radakovich Carole Miller, Judy Drier, Miss Field, Barnie Barnard, Vicki Macri, Gail McAllister, Arlene Campbell, Maria Perinis, Marilyn Barger, Bobbi Loch ner, Rebecca Bishop, Lana Lewallen, Pam Howe, Polly Stone, Row 3: Barbara Braid, Martin Koch, Kassi Moss Soundings Sfoff Goes Underground Nehi's literary magazine, Soundings, is published each spring by the Creative Writing classes under Mrs. Shirley Miller. This year's publication, edited by Debbie Van Ke- steren, contained a variety of samples of the many fine talents which can be found at Nehi. The staff is often con- fronted with the difficult choice not of which selection is better, but of which selection will best fulfill the demands of the audience. After lots of hard work, and decisions the staff was pleased with its creation. Row I: John Arnaldi, Jeff Fulkman, Peggy Evans. Row 2: Richard Morris, Sue Huber, Sue Durling, Mel Tulgren, Debbie Van Kesteren-editor, Winnie Senty 156 i Row l: Judy Quinlivan, Judy Anderson, Don Leighton. Marianne Thomas Row 2: Polly Stone. Rhonda Wilcox, Greg Cross, Pat King. George Downe. Mike Conway Row 3: Earl Fultz. Wendy Warren. Bill Mitchell. Barbara Widmeier. Pat Blankenship, Randy Bayless Goncloliers Nehi's Gondoliers, a small vocal ensemble chosen by audition, are well-known throughout St. Pete. These aspir- ing vocalists perform at many civic and church affairs as well as provide entertainment for local hotels on special occasions. Several times during the year, the Gondoliers provide music for special occasions at school. This small group of students practice many hours in an effort to per- fect their musical talents. Northeast is lucky to have such a fine group of talented students. 157 Concert Choir The Concert Choir, selected by audition only, partici- pates in many school assemblies. It is the major choir at Northeast and performs in many local events, especially sacred concerts. Members of the choir are represented in the All State Chorus at the FMEA-the Florida Music Education Association in Daytona. The Concert Choir also participated in the County Music Festival where it was the host of rehearsals. Each member of this choir finds in music a means to express himself. The group, as a whole and as individuals, shows a great potential in the field of music. The Concert Choir has brought many hours of enjoyment to many, many people, including the students and faculty of North- east High. 'kk Mrs. Velma Rowe. Sponsor Row l: Judy Anderson, Pat Dillishaw, Marsha Birch, Sharon Bond, Pat King, Marianne Thomas, Betsy Barton, Lisa DeLoach, Renee Ellin wood, Dolly White, Clare Meadg Row 2: Stanley Crum, Dianna Donnelly, Donna Morris, Sharon Hyland, Barbara Lightfoot, Judy Quinlivan Nancy Ciatto. Jachie Hayes, Kathy Warner, Jim Mignereyg Row 3: Greg Cross, Linda Degroot, Tom Crutcher, Danny Miller, Bill Mitchell Bob Sinclair, Cathy Sanders, Linda Dees, Mary Jo Hawkins, Lynn Fruewirth, John Simmons, Row 4: Dean Critz, Roger Lataille, Bob Shorey Doug Keith, Mark Taber, John Ritter, Randy Hehr, Elaine Nelson, Ruthanne Compton. 158 Mixed Chorus Row l: Cheryl Engler, Donna King, Alice Knuckey, Linda McCarthy Sharon Bond Becky Caves Vicky Haenlein Barb Mather Terry Hole Valerie Miller, Valerie Panepintog Row 2: Dee Dobriner, Carolyn Nicholson Cathy Mateer Christy Swartz Lisa Cates Janet Sharp Debbie Reinhard, Sue Poindexter, Janice Bill, Sue Moberlyg Row 3: Grady Renew Judy Jones Robin Crisson Anne Burroughs Bev Pierscioney Peggy McCutcheon, Beth Anderson, Dorothy O'Hara, Caroline Richardson Jo Ann Solly Marcia Duana Earl Fultz Jay Caldwell Row 4 Don Schmoldt. Calvin Renew, Gary Starns. Greg Tate, Al Rich, Bob Manning Joe Samon Jerry Duval Bill Swann Mike Kennedy Bill Knier iem, Charlie Bratton, Mark Turgeon, John Wright. The Mixed Chorus is opened to all students who have a desire to participate in a choral organization. This chorus stresses vocal improvement with some of the music fun- damentals. Under Mrs. Rowe, the group studies many kinds of music including light sacred music, popular music and folk music. With much practice, the Mixed Chorus works to achieve a mature and clear sound, one which pleases every audience, including the Northeast audience, and also fulfills a personal satisfaction within themselves. Girls Ensemble Nancy Reeder, Dolly White, Sharon Bond, Sharon Morrison, Sharon Highland, Debbie King, Patty Dawson, Clare Mead, Peggy McCutcheon, Lynn Fruewirth. This year, the Choral Department organized a new group, the Girls Ensemble. Each girl was chosen after an audi- tion. The Ensemble will perform for various civic groups, as well as for Nehi assemblies, singing all types of music suitable to the girls, voices. Nehi is indeed proud to have this new group, which has already proven itself in many performances. Row 1: Tara Sturgell, Debbie King, Patty Dawson, Priscilla Hill, Bev Parkerg Row 2: Kathy Surver, Corky Conway, Beth Sharp, Brenda Green. Patty Poskus, Patty Hagedorng Row 3: Melanie Glass, Debbie Saunders, Debbie Harley, Barbara Spannagel. Cindy Barnes: Row 4: Wayne Crumb, Paul Stafford, Tom Wells, Rick Knight, Rick Bond. Sophomore Choir The Sophomore Choir at Northeast is open to all mem- choir that a student is instilled with the inspirations of bers of the Sophomore Class. This choir is essentially a music appreciations. Each member reaches for the high training choir for the students to become familiar with goals of perfection which are put before him by Mrs. Rowe, singing in an organized group. A major area of concentra- directress of all Northeast choirs. tion is the study of the fundamentals of music. It is in this 161 Symphony Orchestra Row l: Richard Jones, Jean Jackson, Mel Lamoreux, Richard Korp, David Burns, Renee Ellinwood. Row 2: Gloria Byrd, Virginia Crouch Debby Simpson, Charles Edmondson, Jean Hall, Betty Blue, Karen Young, Una Bingenheimer, Karen Knill, Ernest Butler, Dexter Rambo Salli Kimmig, Kerry Knill. Debby Lovell, Diane Byrd. Row 3: Debbie Grose, Linda Sargent, Gail Cooper, Tonya Bergstrom. Row 4: Mr. Bee- man, Robin Wright, Virgil Critz. Don Green, Gleen King, Larry Hill, Joseph Deal, Joan Osborne, Becky Fish, Buddy Robbins, Lynn Frueh wirth, Michael Adams, David Ruppel. Diana Ruppel, Mike Conner, Dan Giannico. Nehi is very fortunate to have its own Symphony Or- chestra. This group of dedicated musicians put on the an- nual Christmas assembly and various other concerts throughout the course of the year. The Orchestra represents Northeast every year in a statewide competition. Three of the Orchestra members, Richard Jones, Robin Wright, and Gary Tussing, also play in the Gulf Coast Symphony. Many of the members are principal players in the Pinellas County Youth Symphony. This fine organization deserves much praise. Flutist practices for symphonic concert. 162 Nehi's Viking Band Marches On Row l: K. Caldwell, R. Sawyer, D. Ruppel, L. Bupp, B. Hunt, B. Portaro, J. Hall, J. Valin, D. Alvis, K. Hoover. Row Mr. Beeman P Yancey K Knill P Miller U Bingenheimer, D. Tulumaris, L. Hill, M. Adams, B. Hood, J. Deal, T. Bozich, R. Wright, ,G.,Hohenstern. Row,3:'R. Hohenstern, R. Stach, M. D'Angelo, K. Gage, P. Latimer, W. Gregory, R, Giannico, Ruppel, D.. Morse, D. Brantly, R. Schwager, J. Harris. Row 4: R. Hutto, D. Pennington, R. Waugh, L. Fruewuth, S. Swain, S. Nousianien, C. Black, A. Mahann, T. Hicks, L. Lindsey, C. Keppler, D. Charleston, J. Hole. Row 5: Bevins, D. Abbott, C. Hutchins, N. Crum, M. Chapman, D. Peak, G. Ellerman, B. Fish, K. Mueller, J. Osborn, S. O,Bfl6H, W. Johnson, R. Young, S. Oliver. Row 6: B. Burke, S. McCarty, B. Conn, J. Motz, K. Blair, D. Potts, W. Schupbach, D. King, A. Roller, B. Gill, J. Dundas, J. Detterline, J. Pacecca. Row 7: D. Bucciero, R. Barfield, J. Randolph, S. Kimmig, B. Mather, A. Gicker, G. King, S. Marsh, T. Bowlin, S. Ranieri, L. Barker, C. Norris, N. Mueller. Row 8: D. Rambo, R. Hensler, D. Parrish, N. Karns, R. Kuecken, B. Endicott, J. Crocker, R. Ludwick, E. Rancolph, A. Blanco, S. Carlson. Row 9: B. Bearce, K. Knill, D Giannico V. Critz C. McConnell D. Patterson, S. Collins, R. Calvert, P. Lacey, T. Lightkep, D. Kennedy. Row 1.0: L. Haslup, D. Green, B. ,Toothaker, B. Howard, E. Butler, M. Bush, S. Mish, E. Krokoski, P. Mclntyre, J. Gatto, S. Bariteau, J. Howe. 163 Officers Lead Practice SCARLET OFFICERS: Row l: George Hohenstern, Karen Knill, Pat Miller, Larry Hill, Debbie Tulumaris, Row 2: Tom Bozich, Mike Adams, Paulette Yancy, Una Bingenheimer, Bob Hood, Robin Wright, Row 3: Barbara Hunt. Nehi's Marching Band, a credit to our school, is re- sponsible for many activities. The football season, the busiest of all, brings the long hours of preparation and practice. Each member must memorize both his music and steps for each half-time performance. Throughout the rest of the year, both the Scarlet and Cream Bands present var- ious concerts With a special one for the students in the l64 Spring. There are parades in which our band marches, in- cluding the Festival of States, Gasparilla, and Fun and Sun Festival. This year, the Band traveled to Miami to per- form at the Orange Bowl. Besides its performances, the Band participates in con- tests, continuing to reach for greater perfection. CREAM OFFICERS Rick Giannico William Gregory Pat Latimer David Ruppel Dianne Morse Dennis Brantley HORNS and BARITON ES: Tom Hicks, Robert Ludwig, Ray Calbert, Kathy Mueller, Lynn Freuhwirth, Becky Fish, Steve Collins, David Pat- terson, Phil Lacey. Sections Stress Perfection CLARINETS: Row I: Bobbie Gill, Donna Alvis, Dianna Ruppel, Karen Sawyer, Bobbie Potaro, Kathy Hoover, Karen Caldwell, Gary Eller- man. Row 2: Carol Keppler, Linda Barker, Janice Randolph, Barbara Mather, Una Bingenheimer, Debbie Tulumaris, Deanna Parrish, Susan O'Brien, Sandra McCarty. Row 3: Kathy Blair, Barbara Conn, Karen Young, Karen Knill, Margaret Chapman, Debbie Abbott, Salli Kimmrg. Row 4: Mike Adams, Russ Kueckew, Tom Bowlin, Kery Knill, Ernie Butler, Nancy Crum, Dexter Rambo, .lack Dundas. 166 . . . andthe Band Plciys on! fi! ss WHSBBVQ PERCUSSION: Row I: Robin Wright. Roy Schwager. David Charleston, Row 2: Bob Bearce. David Stach. Mark D'Angelo, Jeff Hole. Row 3: William Gregory. Jay Bevins. Jim Harris. Row 4: Tom Lightkep. Rick Giannico. Row 5: Ed Krokoski. FLUTES: Row l: Linda Bupp, Anita Roller. Susan Nousianien. Susan Ranieri. Judy Motz, Jean Hall. Row 2: Ann Mahaun. Pat Latimer. Cheryl Hutchins. Beth Burke. Lou- ise Lindsey. Row 3: Pat Miller. Carol Black. Donna King. Sue Swain. Barbara Hunt. Karen Gage. .57 X? af X V i Wie TROMBONES: Nat Karns. John Detterline. Steve Carlson. Glenn King. Lee Haslep. Don Green. 167 BASSES: Dann Giannico, Alan Gicker, Jim Howe, Steve Mish, Virgil Critz TRUMPETS: Row l: Roy Hohenstern, Steve Oliver, Joan Osborn, Wanda Schupbach, Dennis Potts, Wayne Johnson. Row 2: Dennis Bucciero, Jay Crocker, Buddy Endicott, Bob Howard, John Marsh, Alfonso Blanco, Row 3: Joe Deal, Larry Hill, Tom Bozich, Cecil McConnell, Mike Bush, Frank Randolph l f- M...Z' DOUBLE REEDS. ALTO and BASS CLARINETS: Left Row 2 Mike Adams, Randy Hutto, Kathy Barfield, Dexter Ranmbo. Barbara Mather. Karen Young. Right Row: Kiry Knill. Norman Mueller, Ernie Butler, Pam McIntyre. Salli Kimmig, Jackie Valin, Una Bingenheimer. SAXOPHONES: Row l: John Gatto, Danny Peak, Paulette Yancy, Sandie Bariteau, David Ruppel. Row 2: Richard Waugh, Roy Hensler, George Hohenstern. Dennis Kennedy, Diane Morse, Row 3: Bob Hood. Dennis Brantley. 16 Moiorettes Twirl into Action Linda Bupp, Bobbie Portaro, Karen Sawyer, Karen Cladwell, Jackie Valin, Barbara Hunt Diana Ruppel, Donna Alvis, Dathy Hoover, Jean Hall. Hard work and lots of extra practice is what it takes to be a Viking Majorette. This year's corp has participated in many activities which have helped to boost NEHI spirit. Besides the halftime shows, the Majorettes have per- formed in Pep Assemblies, parades, concerts, contests, and on New Year's day, twirled at the Orange Bowl in Miami. To be eligible for this corp, each girl must play an in- strument in the Scarlet Band and be willing to give up much of her free time. Each girl must dedicate herself to the corp and its performances. These girls, and especially Barbara Hunt, Head, are to be commended for their out- standing work in making many fine showings as represent- s atives of Northeast throughout the 1968-1969 school year. 170 Barbara Hunt Linda Bupp , Q awww, 5 ' Q A4 gf '7 'iiff JV's Slide into Action Bobbi Cole, Jan Gerhart, Kim Heacox-Head, Debbie Wheeler, Marilyn Burgess Lois Ungemach, Debbie Benjamin, Laree Fast, Corky Conway, Terry Mills Sponsor, Mrs. Bonanno Ncivigcitors Northeastis Navigators, a crew of 21 girls-7 seniors and 14 juniors-are responsible for the new order in the stadium and the gym on game nights. All in red dresses, checkered jackets, and white gloves, this honored group ushers Nehi's visitors at all home events. Two juniors and one senior are chosen from each of the seven girls' service clubs. Wendy Chandler, captain, works closely with Mrs. Bonanno, sponser, to make the organization a functional one, and one in which all at Nehi can take pride. Front: Wendy Chandler, Head. First row: Gretchen Hogberg, Nancy Shaver, Dianna Donnelly, Susan Sympson, Catie Coryell, Sharon Kalle Pat Latimer, Mary Hatfield, Dana Sumner. Second row: Steffany Forr, Julie HacFarland, Terry Benjamin, Sandy Scarborough, Carol Miller Karen Craig, Cookie Brunner Head, Katie Smith-Sr. Vicki Anderson4Sr. Denise Fast-Sr. Cheerleaders Help Builo M ary Ford-Jr. 1? v 5, , VM? ...J Row l: Denise Fast, Vicki Anderson, Jackie Wantland, Vicky Barckey, Martha Williams. Row 2: Debbie Brown, Katie Smith, Mary Ford, Pat Frost fnot pictured Toni Musfeldth rect Viking Spirit ,Sf Pat Frost-Jr. Toni Musfeldt-Jr. Martha Williams-Jr. 175 E N E-1157211 ll Northeast High School Stolffers Prepolre for '68-'69 Northeast has, as one of its busiest organizations, a hard working newspaper staff. Beginning in August, the entire staff sets out to find prosective patrons to help cover the many expenses of producing a top quality newspaper. Each staff member is also responsible for finding the news around school, choosing the story that the readers like best, and presenting it in an interesting and well-written article. Under Gleave Wood, editor-in-chief, the staff tries to produce a top-quality newspaper which will increase interest in the school and its activities, build school spirit and entertain the students. I Editor, Gleave Wood The N0r'easter is published fourteen times during the school year, usually every other week, including a special color edition edition for Homecoming. Each issue of the paper is carefully planned and put together by the staff under the able guidance of Miss Field, the teacher advisor. 176 ipppppzp y in Advisor, Miss Field The Yeor IT Happened The school year of 1968-1969 was filled with milestones in Nehi history. Beginning in September, the Student Council sponsored a Sophomore Orientation Week. The entire week was devoted to the entering class of 1971 in an effort to make them better acquainted with Nehi. The next new event was the Homecoming Skits Assembly, Valahalla. Any club or group of students could make up a skit with the theme, NHappiness is being a Viking? The three best skits were chosen to perform at an assembly. Another new assembly is the National Honor Society tap- ping. The new members are tapped and presented to the school. Photographer, Robert Bearce G 1 1,-, J f Ei! fvgfffi tge editor Yieki Xlzierii Reporters Bai'b:irztBr1iid. Nlziry Ann DePiro: Page editor .lim Watts. News editor Kassi Moss Reporter Nancy Sneed Reporter Judy Drier W- gg f 11.3 Features editor Marie Speed: Reporters Pava Radakovich. Nina Radakovich, Martin Koch: Features editor Arlene Campbell: Reporters Carol Mooers and Adele Wright. Circulation Manager Vicki Smith and Business Manager Pam Tougaw. V I , r -vs fs'- 6 jx v 1' Ury' I Zvi . .4- A- -:C-f 5 I IJ .... fx.. 'N' - , , ,.,, favs 4 ,eww .. I 0 ,--, T, U ,IV 1' cor 1 l f , ' 'I ..., , L fl 13" I 'I rfx 'M V -I4 !v- -. . fy, HUM. - 'N ,.,. "" ,...'3',I.f--h f , -.1-"33x-- 'QQ-J -' -ie' 5 "n , ,, "'-x, sw' wp' 1 X K lo' " 1 'v j y H-'Ss-g., .A ', ' , ' '-rt ., uv, ... ,, 1 X "Z, I ' Q ,- - .,,... .4 T'?L fvv 'AT , w- . 'W' "rf """f-f- A6 , X-A - . 1 ,,,- - Q ms- .fn hr-"' -Q, nl 5-Ev?-N avg qqylj -.,h 1 :-' dz: -5 , Am I' J I V 1 g - ...K - A v I ".. 2 I , 3, ""':'..f :Ji 1" " I ,.,. , '-'- A' .Kilim ' .WV ! 0' 1 L, 1 'I Wg? A A I 1.v,:.4, M' failfi 1 f Ytk x ' 615565 1 X' Q 'xW A x ' I QI! S I, il . 1 fr I 5 NL -. J ,gf gli V . , r" ,fiwb W1 7 1 ' y' '26-Qqlx yfx ya ,' 1 !:l' N A iw if f PN 1 Q1 , Q Af, 5 I N . gb If ' K " ff" K 451 'ff' .r - '11 I .Ck-X 5 I A X 1 i I I 9 5 1 1 5 1 1 I i L Senior Cloiss of 1969 Thel mu Robinson-Head Sponsor l The class of I969, excitedly facing new horizons, is looking back and finally realizing the important role that Nehi has played in its past three years. A sudden fear arises as each graduate awakens to find that the close friendships that he has formed will soon end as everyone goes his own way. No longer will the security of the close- knit Nehi family be part of them. Standing alone, each senior Viking can only watch Nehi embark on a new jour- ney, as he must also explore new and bigger horizons. No longer is the class of 1969 an intricate part of Northeast, but Northeast has left an indelible impression on the minds of each member of the class. A single thought of Nehi will bring back all the memories of their life at Nehi during the past three years-the football games, senior privileges, sophomore orientation, air-conditioned F-wing, pep as- semblies, student elections, beating St. Pete, dances, carni- val, flooded hall-ways, Twirp Week, Homecoming, and prom night. And everyone will have his own special memo- ries to sigh over and remember fondly. But all will be a part of Nehi, seniors, yes, a part of the wonderful world of Northeast. . fl el H. . . , . l79 Put Hughes. President: Marie Speed. Secretary: Sue Maury. Vice-President: Ixris Moss. Treasurer. Jack Andersen Linda Anderson Marlin Anderson Vicki Anderson Julie Andrews Robert Andringa Karlene Armstrong John Arnaldi 180 Terry Adam Mike Adams Catherine Allen Beverly Alvey Theresa Ambrosino Beth Anderson Turn Around, Seniors und Remember Deborah Barnett Marsha Barth Connie Bear Robert Bearce Cyrus Beat Wayne Beaulieu Tim Baeten Teresa Bailey Melanie Baldwin Douglas Banks Marilyn Barger Sandra Bariteau Cheryl Barker Bonnie Barnard Raymond Bechtel Charles Becker Lance Belcher Victoria Bell Beverly Benefield Terry Benjamin Janice Bergeron Remember the Wonderful World: Craig Bernard Richard Bible Una Bingenheimer Michael Bingham Rebecca Bishop Virginia Bixler Janice Blackwelder W 182 if Northeast Patricia Blankenship Carlene Blankle Neil Blevins Robert Bray Rhonda Brock Robert Bronsord Susan Bloom Elizabeth Blue Janet Bonacker Sandra Bond Bonnie Boorman Tommy Bozich Barbara Braid Charles Bratton Bruce Brown Stephen Browne Keiiha Bruce Robert Bruce Jane Brussel John Bryan Linda Bulger Linda Bupp Remember the Momy Good Time Stop tickling me! I give up! Marcin Burch David Burns Francis Burns Barry Buswell 184 Deborah Byrd Clifford Cady Janice Cady .lay Caldwell We Howe Shoirecl ln Ruxxiu school vas ncvcr like this. XVilli1im Czildxxcll Arlene Campbell Raleigh Czirpcrilci Adrian Czirson vll'glI1ll1f1ill'llSk7 Elizabeth Clues Wendy fhzimllci' Ciuil Chaney David Charleston Robert Chase Claire Cheezem Robert Chenevert Remember Weeks of Planning olnc r James Chlebus Brenda Choate Gerald Christensen James Clark , K l l Cheryl Clever Candice Coleman Margaret Coleman Richard Coley Steven Collins John Connell 186 William Contole me Roger Cooley Cheryl Corbett repolring Homecoming Samuel Cornelison Catherine Coryell Theodore Cotton 1 Kandy Cox Jan Crocker Virginia Crouch Bryan Cummins Robert Curtis Jean D'Alessandra Donna Daniels William Davis Mark Dean Thomas DeCesare James Decker Linda Dees Donna DeFrariceseo Tim Delaney Mary Ann DePiro Michael Dick Remember The Week Tholt W Don'l look at me! Larry Dillahunly Pal Dillashaw Deborah Dillon Denise Dohriner 188 l Vere Number l exft Kathy Dodwcll Dianna Donnelly George Downe Judith Drier What do you want mc to do. stand up and scream? 4-5, Nanci Druyor David Dunphy Yvette Dupuis Susan Durling Jerry Duval Charles Edmondson Ralph Egolf Renee Ellinwood L Robert Ewing Suzanne Fahy Kathy Fannin Frank Farrell Denise Fast Toni Fatigati Burnes Feaster James Fielden Paul Elliott Jack Engler William Epeards Janice Espy Margaret Evans Patricia Evans Remember Getting Measure. or Cop oncl Gowns y, Mary Forde Kathy Forsythe Melanie Franklin Rebecca Freeman Jeffrey Fulkman Earl Fultz Beverly Fischer John Fish Brenda Flagler Thomas Flattley Frank Fleischman Allen Flexon Harry Floener Cindy Fluger Michelle Garver Lester Gaskin Richard Gauthier Barry G ay Nancy Geiger Kurt Gell Susan Georgia Barry Gerhart emember Trying To Finish You ANU Whfllh il I0 50117 Judith Germann Ronald Geslto Anita Gettyx Catherine Gibson l92 f -Y Lawrence Gillespie Wzxync Gladd Nick Gligora Gregory Godbey It makes 21 handy clothesline. too. Nhol Term Pciper in One Night Q-.Q-y. A Caswell Green Donald Green James Green Ron Green Debra Greene Earle Greene Elizabeth Grimm James Grissim Deborah Grose Jo Ann Groves Toni Gugiiaminio Sherrie Guhse Christina Hampton Sharon Haney Karen Hanussak Jim Hardison 194 James Gunnin Marcia Gurthie Gary Gustavson Remember the Magic om Marie Hale Barbara Hall Jean Hall Lyn Harrison .lane Harvey ' Ronald Halley Slitter of The Senior Prom . . . ' M- Gilbert Henzler l Lawrence Hill V ff i Thomas Hill Dwight Havener Mary Jo Hawkins Michael Hawley Ronald Hayes Jackie Hays Gregory Heath Kathryn Heinchon John Henslick Nicholas Hockett Brad Hoffman Roger Hoffman George Hohenstern Daryl Holder Richard Hopkins Suzann Horning Pamela Howe Remember Finollly Being The When the big hand is on the twelve and . .. 196 Allen Hoyt Susan Huber Dayton Hughes Patrick Hughes Barbara Hunt Robert Hunter Jane Hutchinson Elizabeth Hyde l Yeah. it's a splinter ull right. i l i i Dnes To Leolve Eolrly for Lunch l Sharon Hyland Daniel .limpie Erie Johns Alice Johnson Stephen Johnson Gerald Jones W James Jones Judith Jones Mary Beth Jones Richard Jones Vicki Jordan Sharon Kalle Lynne Kanavel Edward Kasica Peggy Keaton Robert Keill Remember Ordering Cord: l Thomas Kelley Terry Kelsheimer Douglas Kersey Doyle Kersey Bonnie Kessler Susan Kessner :incl Announcements Salli Kimmig Patricia King Joy Kirkland Linda Klukkert William Knieriem Karen Knill Ray Knipe Karen Krepps Edward Krokoski Joseph Kubicki Russell Kuecken Jo Ann Lamy Randi Langas Richard Lazzara OO Dale Longyear Anne Ludwick John Lunceford David Lyne Valerie Lyons Robert Mack Victoria Macri Vivian Mann Joseph LeCompte Richard Lee Harry Leonard Lana Lewallen Thomas Lightkep Roberta Lochner Remember the All OUT Effor I 77 o B Exempt From Exams Susan Maury Gail McAllister Linda McCarthy Cecil McConnell Sharon McCusker Peggy Mcfutcheon Robert Manning John Marsh Choyd Masters Dale Mastry Catherine Mateer Barbara Mather Anne Mathis Paul Mathis Kathy McGahan Maureen McGrath Kendall McKenzie Thomas McLean Carol Ann Miller Charles Miller Patricia Miller Thomas Mills 202 Clare Mead David Mead Cheryl Michurski Remember Homeroom Bein Cynthia Middleton James Mignerey Carol Ann Miller Thomas Mish David Mitchell William Mitchell 'xtencled .lu T for Seniors . . . Kassi Moss Kris Moss Arnold Mount Gary Mollohan George Monk Georgia Montgomery Sharon Moody Susan Mooers David Moore Richard Morris Dean Morrissey 203 4 Patty Moyes Norman Mueller Linda Munch Stephen Nelle Elaine Nelson Bruce Neri Charles Newman Rebecca Newton Remember All The Senio Linda Norris Deborah Nystrom Daniel O'Hz1r:1 Michael Oldham Ann Osborn Dennis Ownbey Robert Palmer Valerie Panepinto Gary Parker N 0 ommirtees olncl All The Work olncl Fun Larry Parker Charles Parsons Christel Pawelzig Patricia Paxton Ira Pearson Debra Pennington Maria Perinis -Q- Gary Peterson V William Phillips Daniel Pitts Connie Plisko 205 l Roberta Portaro Richard Poskus Ferris Post Anthony Potts Marsha Powell John Power William Prescott Sharon Pruitt Remember Plounning for tht ' Randy Pugh Heidi Quigley Pziva Radakovich Daryl Ray Teaching isjust 11 hobby: l don't need the money. 206 Vale.: ie Ray Mary Alice Reetl Michael Reedy Glenn Reichard Oh. Mr. Wilson. you say the cutest things! ulure Thdt Hold Suddenly Come Mary Jane Reinhardt Grady Renew Judy Ricciardi Albert Rich Carolyn Richardson Larry Richter John Ritter Joel Robbins 20 7 Beverly Rogers Susan Roney Vicki Runtz Diana Ruppel Mortimer Salch Catherine Sanders Linda Sargent Karen Sawyer 208 Marie Roberts Michael Roberts Phillip Roberts David Roche Charles Rodes Bruce Rodgers Remember Anticipating Y eg retting Grolcluolfion S- David Semones Winifred Senty Robert Seyler Carol Seymour Janet Sharp Sherry Shattuck Linda Schaefer Frances Schmitz Shirley Scholl Carlton Schowe David Schrock Brenda Sconyers Sonia Searles Sandra Seltzer Patricia Shepard Donald Sherlock Stephanie Sherrill Robert Shirley Robert Shorey Susan Sieling John Simmons George Sines Remember Realizing That Beine Hup, Two. Three, Four. . . Earl Skelton FredericlgSm1ll 2 Carolyn Smith Dane Smith David Smith Katie Smith Nadecn Smith Vicki Smith Theres nothing funny about THAT. i Senior lsn'1 So Important . . . Deborah Smoot Nancy Sneed Brian Snyder Maureen Spears Marie Speed Catherine Spraggins Teresa Sprankel David Stach 211 David Starr Susan Stephens Maureen Stickney Polly Stone Theodore Suppel Dennis Sutton Christy Swartz Mark Sweeney Shirley Straight William Stratton Douglas Stribling Remember the New Tradition Karen Strom Patricia Stull Jennifer Summey Marshall Swindall Gary Swope Susan Simpson lhoit We Hove Set for Nehi Bradford Thorpe Donna Tillery Katrina Tillis Deborah Talbert Michele Tarantino Kathleen Taylor Connie Thackrey Barbara Theis Jean Thomas John Thomas Marianne Thomas 3 Leah Tirabassi Linda Tirabassi William Toothaker Norman Topping Pamela Tougziw Robert Trebbe Rodney True Christy Tucker 4 Remember All These Things snags' Joseph Tucker Debra Tulzlmuris Melford Tullgren Christine Turner Josephine Tyler Deborah Valin Darrel Van Dyck Deborah Van Kesteren Cynthia Vaughn enior, cmd Momy, Many More T+L Linda Vincent Hollis Vizandiou Neely Voss William Wallingford Harvey Walters Jacqueline Wantland Wendy Warren James Watts Richard Waugh James Webb Robert Weber 21 Karin Welcher Jeffery Wells Michael Werley Valerie West Susan Wetherell Robin Wharton Cookie Wheeler Remember Nehi, Seniors, Rememlo Dolly White Janice White Paul White Rhonda Wilcox Sandra Wilkes Dwyne Willis Angela Wilson 216 David Wilson fx Barry Winston Q' Marcia Winston TWell. IT' Now in Your Post Hr' Christopher Young, David Young Deborah Zussy Robert Winter Donald Winters Vincent Wix Christine Wood Gleavc Wood Robin Wright William Wright Paulette Yancey 7 Junior Closs of l969 David McCray-Head Sponsor Now that Juniors have been at Northeast for two long years, they have discovered that Nehi is a land of many adventures. From the very first day of being an upperclass- man, each junior also discovers that Nehi is a very im- portant part of his life. A new fear arises, many long hours, sometimes seemingly spent in vain, fill every night with study. America, land of the free, becomes a topic for discussion as each junior is exposed to his country's great achievements of the past and great potential for the future. Juniors awaken to the call of service, not only to Nehi, but also to their fellow man. Each listens carefully, and follows. Juniors get involved in Nehi activities, striving to become an individual. Next year, juniors, you won't have to follow. Next year, you will have the many responsibilities that come with the privilege of being Nehi seniors. wma, Nlarlha Williams. Vice-Pres: Barbara Williams. Sec: Lynn Prescott.Treas1 Danny Peak. Pres. Craig Albrecht Susan Allman Donna Alvis Debra Anders Bonny Anderson Judith Anderson Michael Anderson Phillis Anderson Rocky Appleton Dennis Atkins Cynthia Atwell Chester Austin Brenda Baker Carolyn Balogh Linda Banks Cindy Barber Vicky Barcley Linda Barker Russell Barker George Barnaby Debbie Abbott Bruce Adams Catherine Adamson Gerald Adkins Mike Ahern Frank Aiello Sue Barrett Mark Bary Sallie Baumgarten Randy Bayless Gary Bear Deborah Beatty Darlene Blevins Wayne Blevins Stephen Blumel Kathryn Bob Louise Bohler Sharon Bond Vernon Bonnell Barbara Boorman Rex Booth Jo Borden Gary Boring Michael Boring Ronald Boros Paul Bovee Tom Bowlin Joseph Bowman Maurice Bowser Deborah Boydston Sue Boyes Jeff Boyle Bonnie Bozarth Celia Bradford Stephen Bradley Thomas Bradley Nancy Becker Jane Beegan Carol Belew William Bell Marsha Bennett Thomas Bent Thomas Berchtold Gary Berg Andrew Bevilacqua Jay Bevis Debbie Bible Janice Bill Carol Black Lillith Blair Debbie Blanks HM- sy :fn ' 3 9? AJ 1 g' 3 5 J 'qv . 'W .Z i 41' 63' if .. 1,1515 - - w i" , " ,fl 71, L. M, Q ' K 1-if ,X m g : if : .'wzf21s,,wa am ,.: -,xl eww 1 a. gjw,:5ffs4fHkS f :ffl V wg.-.5 Q11 ii if 5 :IA 1. fi , Q, - 1 3? X 56 mar' M H3 if s is Na+ gifs 'slim . Las! ' , .Z This Wols the ,ang 1:52 .1 .... ag 1- Ygjgvzsfzgiiii 'i -::,'M- V I ?,3'iT?i ....- .,,.., :ig Q ,E ,iam Q2 lisa Him ww 'xl' gi Y Y X sg, F Sa? iw ig? ,,,. . 28 X X if R, W 9 si f .: -H. 1 J W M is iam , W 353212 ., as W saigwxgf A , 3 Q fam az ,f 2' , ay: S4 S5 51 , 12 Ye A -. V- ,,,. eww w5,,' :-' . 'K zskgiisg 3 X2 ,Q i mi 339,55 5532 s S ,a X 1 , 4 K Q1 fs f,s,.fz,. , were ' zgag e13,.3,f fR5r5gff5?a?X?f2- We giwflif ssgemssfefe fy 7' fezfwlaisie? kfieseesw ' , 571?ef51.i2s?' k'-: ' 1 ,mga ,- fw, .,., . . . - feyff: . . 1 If' ,X Qigfvsfg.: g . avg : ' " zgfjy gf5Lg,,sv,s .. , ,. ,,.., .. -V: :-11 L :IL ::-e: Zi Y sv.. as I L U i 'Sli an K1 ' Jigs 2 ,G si K 2 1 'S as H H M 2 QMFZH M X wg P 1 Q wma X kr SEHK wifi? 1 NR SQ' -- A 'fag . new 'Rg' j'jf':?: R 41 :i - was -5: x 4 g +1 . A, fi. N an :Fil i eoir for. . . Jack Brady Richard Brantley Philip Briggs Philip Brock Robert Brooks Debbie Brown Alita Brunner Ruby Bruorton Bruce Buck Becky Buddin John Burket Carol Burns David Burns Neil Burns Mike Bush Donald Butler Ernest Butler Jack Butler Belinda Byrd Dianne Byrd Honeymoon Cable Layne Cady Karen Caldwell Kathy Caldwell Robert Caldwell Doug Caldwell Melanie Callahan Michael Callahan David Calvert Raymond Calvert Joseph Campbell William Carrow Gregory Casler Sadie Caves Mary Chadwick James Chance Margaret Chapman Trudy Chandler Joseph Chumbley Nancy Ciatto Billie Clark Kathleen Clark Paul Coate Robert Cobb Kurt Cochran Carol Cole Jane Cole Sharon Cole Stephanie Coleman Linda Collins Ruthanne Compton Stephen Conley Connie Conner Michael Conner Roy Conner Carol Conover Mike Conway One more time, fella,just one more time. 222 Finolly Becoming on M aurice Cooksey James Coombs Gary Cooper Rhonda Cooper Charles Cotton Michael Cowell Karen Cowdrick Peter Cradic Karen Craig M ark Crampton Lyles Cranford Donna Cremo 135225215 xilwitgl 'iEi?f'El?35f K' .- fem .W- -, -gif:-'Q iias, '+'fxAAf:29 ,- D ,2 'fsfilzrf' K' ' 'Qffz3iL:::.e?L4eigsnifwalr . ,. ,.,A,a.n-,,,,i,w M, ,Q ,aa ,gm Y K A,,. , f fa f gem . . ,wsu . ,eg W - V ,Qi ww -.. ,ie f , ' iw, I -- szffiw - i :J , S - . 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Cheryl Ellinwood Diana Ellis Kurt Elmer Ernest Endicott 224 ' Finding Yourself Cough? in Th Sheral Engler Pam Erickson Charmain Evilsizer Cheryl Ewing Larry Fain Deborah Fannin Daniel Fasciano Rita Faulkner Richard Feltner Mario Ferfoglia Carl Fernald Rebecca Fish Victor Floener Charles Flowers Mary Ford Steffany Forr Charles Foster :'3':i,5::5J4 "1 5q5ii'l"S'A?ZW'YEY:1.LN2w .. .NZ gg jFffgST ' ' gg-F 3 T-5 ' 'E 'Z ' 'K , I . ., .Q , . , . ' in ,. V . .LA,Vh,. ,.,th V xv , , t-,. sy.h Q, W , V . . , ,, 'wr wa' ' A -Wfff regex 311.',,j,' : , "ok 'L Y ga 24,3455 if N fi it 1. i A sl .,. W., , --f tW,ff,, ,JIM s Rf? 4,g1f,2gfjgf'xf we-if mfg,-'wif 7-gt 4 f .fi 'f .ov 1 ,:zf1. :w . as r,',i:lf-AQ-fl? V,-ro, ,Sm , fjffllllx -S 5 fs1s"r 2 Jaxx . A if it ft t 5 iii., gf JI?-:ui " if citrix i sz Debbi Fritz Nancy Fritz Denise Frontel Pat Frost Polly Fulford Wendy Furbush Susan Futch Karen Gage Vicki Gans Richard Garbart Patricia Garver John Gatto Judy Gaugei' Norma Gentry James George Connie Gesser Judy Gibson Alan Gicker Jeanette Giffin George Gilkes Mary Ann Gillespie Roxanne Gillett Anita Gilmore vliclclle of Everything Stephen Ginn Melanie Glass David Glatthorn Michael Glunt Kathy Gonser Gloria Goostree John Gower Gee. l never thought of it that way before. 5 ,, R N, ' ' - 'gr o f , . K s . - - .' x 'X f f my . vf.- tt. - ??f,?3,xE, ' K Qv ff Q 4 1' I if sf ,gg Q 1 : wx! vga -' 3' N- -. H , it .t.,'fa1fs5w,. . . l. 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' 1- Vinoy Laughner John Lawrance Theresa LeDuc Nancy Lee Peggy Lee Nancy Leggitt Donald Leighton Sharon Lenas American History Skifs vi' ik fre.-S: J. , wt.. , ,. few eg fx 'ee 'lialgzg .1 . -4.3. A 31. ', 1 -111525-6 :, Tas it... V,-W., , Y, 1. X ' I!! 4 5'1- .swf-4-L' Q51 , 4':g:..,,if4-,+,5Q5 :I bfi K my V George Leslie Connie Lewis Barbara Lightfoot Jay Lillquist 4- M..-v-W' I When did you say your book was due? Karen Lind Judy Lipske Linda Logwood Richard Long Jim Lott Alan Loughhead EM F Ei Zggiigv .. px ggi legs? ' 5 in W ri' v i 1 we , ,E +L , fw is Q X 5 -- Q - ,:t11Wis,,gg it . M W , M Q 11 Q3 fig S, as ,ff up S WF' xx -Q ww. .ax , , Kathy Loughhead James Love Karen Lovelace Patrice Lovely Daniel Lowery Michael Lowry . .:., f'-' f - . I is 5 D, at 8 if , 35' " t ..-H , Pete Lowry Lance Luttrcll Mark Lyon te' William MacCartney Julie MacFarland r Debbie MacLeod 3 . - in-ty . na Q ,i 3 .S , We W H wr is V few f Mre " ea7 wt' . .. e e ,S awp-iwvfM :2f5gi?:gg:v - "a:'25.z3.ya'e::.,-.- -,M-:.f.::egg:5 .g::m:k A -A it .. - -. -J L ' z ,, U 1 .wfabif L, 7 ,i' P325 k ' - ,ar K A i X., ,, i - I:-5, . ,.., .W , ig! K , ,ai ,t,... gg, A ,ggi f - -- E 5 f 5 xi 'rig Ann Mahaum Mary Mahoney Sharon Mahoney Claire Maranto Deborah Marik Margaret Marr '6 229 Randall Mason Michael Mathis Ginger Maxwell Juanita May April Maynard When the Saints go Marching in Barbara McAninch Laura McBride Robert McCarthy Tom MaCang James McCIung Terry McConnell Waiting and Waiting for Cla Randall McCormick Gordon McCutcheon Linda McDade Pam Mclntyre Tom McKenize Charlotte McNeil Carolyn McPhillips Francis Melara Carol Merriott Linda Merritt Krista Meyer Dennis Miles Daniel Miller John Miller Pat Miller Roy Miller Val Miller 230 aw-Q , 2 J 'E Q Q 55:5 ,. J . - Rasfal -- zf -fag "1 i me-'uf , ii K 15 5 :Kgs ,g:f: s::e t5T1GT 5 E w iw was we ,SMA ,Q is it x N K Ms xt fs Marisa is QMQNX if Q5 x Km. gg Qt s L sg sit 3 We Ss Eg, J -N. -ii..-at f gf gi J a s . Keafziit- t at ' - arg- :K -it-,-atmusfezfs, . 'lf-f:':5iE525i55Ei5 . - visiissiiastii 'ww ,. awww Q eggs S wf at 5 st, i is ii Aw C7 x, S 5 .ings to B Delivered Ji fa QQ if 25 Cathy Neuberger Charles Newcomer Ginger Newhouse .lack Nollau Cindy Norris William Nonhsea Richard Nugent la,a e l . i A, . , 12 lille ,ggi ' James Nash Monte Nash David Neal Jackie Nease Michael Nelle f' iwwsasggfgts Sue Moberley Donald Monus Carol Mooers Mary Mooney Farlyn Moore Jerry Moore Nancy Morrison Mary Moseley Cindy Mount Dianne Moyer Kathleen Myeller Sharon Mullins Glynda Munford Toni Musfeldt Carol Myers Bill Myrgon Alan Nadzon John Nanos Dear John, ...... Karen Nutting Diane Nystrom Richard O'Berry Alan Odelman Lester Oesch D'Ann O'Hara .lane Oldridge Linda Olinger Bobbie Oliver Brenda Olson Nancy Olson William O'ReilIy Mary Ormston Joan Osborn Steve Oswald Of f W, ffl ' ' WZ ff we M Vi . V .4 - , 5 ,X N Neither Coming Nor Going, Bu Richard Owen Richard Paine M ary Parker Dot Parks Deanna Parish Bill Parsons 2 David Patterson Charles Paup Making explosives ,.... or bye. bye Nehi .... -J-:----g.t-fra , 4f,fwyxyJ1,w,- V' X .S 33, wg!-tfgf,,-,fig 7,545 H A . K. f 1 . 1 .uv e,,W.,f 1 ie 19112 . .. K , , V , , .,., -. J Belonging , Danny Peaks Kristie Peel Bobbie Pentz Charles Perinciolo William Perinis Judy Perry cvs ,tl K an IKONE W On celebrating a good test. William Peterson Gary Petrino Gary Petry , ,. ,A 'Lf Janie Pfister Alfred Phillips Cindy Phillips Nicholas Phillips Aw Pat Plessner Sue Poindexter Jane Polk Jane Posno Jeffrey Pratt Lyn Prescott Nadine Prine William Proctor Jackie Protinsky Tricia Pursley Debbie Pytosh ff--an-magma Ted Quincel Judith Quinlivan Mike Quinn Nina Radakovich Preparing for battle Nancy Rain Richard Ramsey Susan Ranicri Nance Reeder Cindy Reese Gail Reid Carol Reider Debra Reinhard Reollly Wolnfing To Do Something Debbie Reinhold Joyce Reinhardt Susan Rhodes Richard Rhudy Ken Rice Nathan Richardson Richare Risteyn April Rizzo Sandra Robbins Barbara Roberts Bev Roberts Donna Roberts Glenda Roberts Gina Robinson HX Natalie Robinson Adele Roesch f f Deborah Rogers Ed Ross If you're smart you'll get out before you get a plate. Karen Ruppel Barbara Russel Carol Russell , Herbert Russell Q Earl Rutland Pam Ruy :Jr Northeast and . . . Joe Ryan William Salch Susan Savoy J ohn Say Robin Sayler Sandra Scarborough Richard Schabert Don Schmoldt Becky Schott Wanda Schupbach Kathy Scofield Grady Scott 235 all Lori Scott Martin Scriven Arleen Sedgwick .U Q 440' .4 W S .gg , 'W SQ? TS- 3 ff tg 9, W gf 1, 2393 S j I K, M. J Wm S , K 2' ., f ,. f ,, -- f wr J 3?-11 IE? Michele Scott - ' ' 'I Kgs, .X xi 5" . -:I ' Hfi rg 1 ,gr S ' ei 1 pf Q Q 1 2' f 52' X, f Y A M 3 if v 11 s Michele Sevier Judy Sellstrom Nancy Shaver Lee Sheffield Mary Sheridan Thomas Sherrill Theresa Shinkle Kathy Simmons Bob Sinclair Barbara Singleton f' Je 'QF-1 ""1s"'w. , :r":5Iiaes!: - :. :W-fiflri - i i - a ima HY i' WSE Q . J 'z viflilfi y wzifn- , ' -- -,ram elf:-f ' if " L x 5-giwfh XA gi - v,-jug - '. -H 1-I.. M J." 5 Mft 255 Really Looking Forward To Bein Inflation-or-A dollar for your thoughts. Peter Smilts Janet Smith Joann Solly Dennis Soltis Connie Sommer Curtis Spears David Stafford Gerry Steed 236 sz tiiiiiiil' 5 , rr' as sgssw r 233 S QMS? My 5 sr sa a at sz S1 8 W l sm M 3 w fgwgmzlzfax -.1 , wie . .:. ,,1, T- . , 0 .. , , n 12 1 . , rl-dsl? L wi f-2 - ifgsziasfi . I wwf V CM- ,, w, .. -'.f.a. ter- ff qt'-+I' 1 Q an gp?" mrs' fs , if uw- f:'1nr..z"? 4"l-Sm , m N' -Jw qi. 4 , .M- :wf ,Q rv .1 fa R-,LQxz.f..f is 55, -:V Yr " i' 3. xi 2. t , .f':a:'i - HV ISV-, ,g . X . Env E rife A 'A N may - , W M A Mfwfsfg' , at ts 4 Q Wi 5 v it I Senior Carl Stiel Scott Stiner Debbie Stinson Allen Stout Dennis Straight Dorothy Strouss From the cafeteria to the bathroom. Dana Sumner Sharon Surber Mark Taber R Walter Talley Larry Tarantino Margaret Tatum Sheila Taylor Camellia Tew Linda Thompson Thomas Thompson Linda Thornton Gary Thrash 51. Sharon Tidwell Tom Topping Susan Troxel Maria Truelson Carl Truelson Charles Tuck i Ll 'K h -,si 1 l ' . ll.. Wifi! D t 5 A ali Kevin Tumulty Mark Turgeon Glen Turley Eric Turner rm vw - SPBRO Y. A i is if Ng :F x'.kQi 1 +V V Intlzpirationwby Henry Gibthon 238 Debra Wallace Kent Walls Bonnie Walton Kathy Warner Russell Warth Ken Watford Laura Watson Mike Watts Bruce Weese Janet Welch Sandra Wells Chris West 5 S5254- 15.4 4 ta 1' ui ' ii Joyce Van Deven Gary Van Dyck Terry Van Dyck Albert Van Nuis Jose Vasallo Mike Vaught Mark Venable Mary Wall ,pu il 5 f K-5 l E A " 24-sgiwgr' all M 1 Two Down om kiss in www M 5 i : ig -73' f . ,:rf?fs,,.-9: My ,X Z . 2 L , aw f i 255:."-:f:f:S:3:?f5:-1:,li "'Il'- .":,-:.'::5". .... .. ,. wwe X eff' X3 'X 2, 'S 3 5 2 S Q J S 32 5 Sf Q 2 S 1, , 9 an if f at Af S ts. 'la my S 3 , 3 H A l ll at S If its 251' sk Ki ms 3 f Q' :Lu , r W 8:1 is 1, - 'vs .Y 141. K H fi is 55 S- E Q d L, X J.. 49-.3 ,. ,Q 5.-5 .Qi , 'A 4 W' wgwsfgzgsgtggwaixig: ::...V.,, - 5532 5 John West Lee Wheeler Elaine White Barbara Widmeier Barbara Williams Fred Williams .lohn Williams Martha Williams in I has spoke! Dne To Go! Ronald Williams Lynne Williamson David Wilson Gary Wilson iii' vs-2. M - u P Q s A .- w as , W tr -i gf 1 Q Hs K 6 2 1 fx: E1 1 i f if Q... Dawn Wilty Barbara Windham Gail Womack Karen Wood Adele Wright John Wright Nancy Wright Stan Yabozaler Barbara Yagmin Kathy Yancey Gay Young Huey Young 9 Sophomore Closs of 1969 That first awkward day of being a sophomore is the hardest for any Northeast student. Hesitant yet very curi- ous, the sophomore wants to be an integral part of school life. Though he soon finds that his inexperience hinders him in his quest for importance, his enthusiasm boosts his status as he becomes involved. The impact of increased studying may temporarily slow him down, but after adjusting to longer, harder hours of work, his pace resumes. Although the sophomore is often teased about his low class rank and may be made to Udo the dirty work" whenever he volunteers his services, he is valued by upperclassmen more than he knows. In every tenth-grader there is a future leader, a junior and senior who will look back on his sophomore year as a voyage of learning. 240 Becky Holland. Pres1WaIter Smith. Vice-Pres: Debbie Benjamin Sec Juli l 'rrrnon Tre rs A K , Y SS isa . ' '11 1 -fs? 1, by , V Ron Antley Ann Antoun Mike Arnold Lou Arrington David Askins Gary Bailey Ruth Baker Donald Balas Shawn Baldwin Sandra Bancer Dennis Banks Kathryn Barfield Deborah Barkan Darcie Barker Nancy Barksdale Cynthia Barnes Deborah Adams Donna Adams Pat Aerts William Agerholm John Alexander John P. Alexander Alexis Anderson Johanne Anderson Sherilyn Anderson Peter Andreatas Phillip Andrews Paula Angoti Debbie Barr Pamela Bean Karin Beard Paul Becker Bill Beftoulides Linda Bell Debra Benjamin Joseph Bennett Tonya Bergstrom Pat Bierer Vicki Bishop Betty Bivens Brian Blair Alfonso Blanco Sarah Blanco Barbara Blankenship Richard Bledsoe Debra Boettger James J. Bogaerts Donald Bond Deborah Bone Wayne Bonne Janet Bordner Lou-Ann Borissow Linda Borucki Suzanne Bourdeau Christanne Bovee Richard Bradley Debra Bradshaw Sharon Brami Keith Bramlett Sheryl Brann Dennis Brantley Frederick Bravo Patricia Bredbenner Arthur Brice Ina Bridge -V L1 it i Mrlt,,m,,k..VQ. ,VVfff,.,Z mWvmm mm.,L .,,.,J-f-f.- M., ,Vtsszf ,-ef. ,- V. fgasgssiisaf " - ... y ,NM Qt ,'.. K V ...xi-'1"""W uk an ,yd my S.. 'iii iff? i.. ' ff W mm- 'KW me w mv ........ harimau .fy :Q -vqs iiitiifft-fi " sts-i,,::..a:5'zf Vitwitwsia . , .. .V J . MY. gmt zsrzzzwf ' . P . , -, . 1 ' . .V - ' ' - N- .,,. W, V., , . Haw --ff- -' ' an '5 W' ' V ' ' . A .. ' ' In at ' wfiisiin 'L ri ' 'K . - T35 wif W t f ' 3 1252?-1' i f -5 12,5 15 QQ' a ,' - .ff '. , . . V: 11' -tgfmgqii " ' ' .MM - A 1 v f' will farm as KA? V -'Vw iifst ' ' , i J :-r 'i ' gem 1 ' zt f 5 it M My f -W N, -'ffitzii . I A . Wiiffme , HV 23595 r ,. E25 V V-wV il'?55?Z'2'-'Y -4'- fi X 'S 3 S 155- c rw " was ' "IW ' .luwzaggsi Kaiser em: Law F " Wai? 2 .f . -. 5 1 Q mx ' I ,. ,Z 'H if V g twig-2 , -zwftsmrgfg mem-QV: V- , f iq vmzssgf Q, WW V .lgsszzgg igggizs '- as :s:feg..q,,,Ei as ,Eg f VV-,gi LAWS ' . fieEfEE?tfvi, Agzifiiilg M V , , if-ilskfkir ' 2, VV 1E'li?':1s Ygitisiii' DIV , . ' 1:24115 V ,issue 5 V' ffgszssfitlx itzfw- 22' wV-wake? V 'V::ffi?gE Eeirfftl - . f.1fz2Q?e5SVg f ' Vz.:e2?s5wr12 f ' m f gggtefff' . .- ,ti-.11rs5,m5tw, : 111215425 My ff 13.1. A - . :ua , L , , V V ,. .H-,g-1, , Vw V,-:Q-Vai, 'fr 3.2, , M. . - wr " 'fl g,. .3 V-1 ,W , V M 34255 3-5-, r wi-rfgf l V K ,ak gm g g, 1 1 ff 1 E, - " Sig 5 t 'Q , ' , , f S 2 ' E5 5 we at V' I ,1 5 ' f n . 52 .Vrf "i'.',..-if 'Zigi 2 2 V H , rms W imgm .. .- ., 1, - 'nf y M , DY,, AW .mt :V4. , V. -,.-, - V . - it .. .. M E WH QW A- ---- - 4 551225522 S 212 X M 42...1:::1-Z",-f 'wiaa's,:1H:i'- "H I HS mmf -s W --,fzv A MER' i f?S'2:,2:f2:.:.,1 .,2:.-:e:Qr:a. 1 :'H"'H:-zu--,,. ii ,H .. ' Mi .- f 5 " it " 2',1'Vi 22551232.15 ., 1 'sr it -A-ima 13, FQ-'frigag K. Z s,,V..t,,V. g 3 11- . 1 ,, a tgfrmgegfr- I. V , S X Being on Soph Gee these fire batons are sure hard on the arms! omore on Northeol Kim Bright William Brimacombe Kenneth Brissette Barbara Britton James Brock David Brodnick Carnell Brown Jade Brownell Dawn Bruttomesso Elizabeth Buining Marilyn Burgess Beth Burke Kathleen Burns Steven Burns Edmund Bush Meet ns Susan Buzash Gloria Byrd Anniversary Cable Pamela Caffrey Joe Cain Ruth Calhoun Boy, did I blow that test. Lawrence Campbell Rose Campbell Donna Jean Cano Eric Carl Gary Carlson Steve Carlson Theresa Carmen Lesa Gayle Carrell Diana Carrigan Cindy Carroll Janie Carroll Ronald Carroll Steven Chapman Paul Chenevert Susan Chilton William Church Cynthia Clare Cheryl Clark John Clauser Cynthia Coe Claudette Coffee David Coffee Roberta Cole Donald Coleman Nona Collins Edward Colson Sandra Colt Patricia Comber Linda Conley Barbara Conn Our editor hard at work 244 lm. Tim Connor Corinne Conway Edward Coombs Earl Cooper Nancy Cooper Steven Coppins Randy Costenbader David Cox Jackie Cox . -lf' ,V V M if -, H -4:-5, fag: 4: .... , it - , .... i Aff - - -:f g:gE,:- , 4 , is g K . 5 i Y Y '. slug, "', 'ie J ' . C , AE if S, Jrfqi.-. A ,5 W R if ! ..i, 5. f.. - -:: , 1 V, .55 fb, fi' . -: At. 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Betty Dees William DeGroat Carol Deming Danny Demint John Demmons Renee DeRobertis John Detterline David De Vault Thomas Devine Linda DeYoung Rebecca Dias William Dickman Janet Dillashaw Frank Dipple Barbara Dodson Edsel Dodson Douglas Doster Dwight Douglas Douglas Drake Jet? Drake Richard Dufresne Debbie Duncan Michael Dunn Rebecca Eames Robert Eanell Jan Eckert Kathy Edgar Gary Ellerman Robert Elliott Alice Ellis Linda Emmens Robert Endicott Marilyn Ernestine Ah, the joys of football. 245 Charles Eure Thomas Evaldi Debbie Evans Pamela Evilsizer James Fagan Patti Fairchild Being Required to Tolke cl Whole Mary Ann Farmer Sandra Farrington Stephen Farrington Craig Farrow LaRee Fast David Feaster WHO doesn't like my hai 246 r-do??'? 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H , A , fear of Phys Ed 1 fx ri Floyd Guthrie Margie Guttendorf Betsy Hackett Karen Hadnott Sharon Hadnott Patricia Hagedorn Alfred Hale Sharon Hamilton David Hane Think dirty. Peggy Gilbert James Giles Bobbie Gill Kay Gillespie Brett Gold Deborah Goldacker Myrna Goodin Jill Gordon William Gordon William Graber Linda Graham Mary Greco Beverly Green Brinda Green Linda Green William Gregory Sherri Greim Kathy Griffin Lee Grim Patte Sue Groves Jeanie Grynewicz Janet Guiney Janice Guiney Michael Guryn Michele Hannigan Gary Hanson Deborah Harley George Harman Georgena Harris James Harris Bill Hartway Deborah Harvey Allen Haslup James Hatch Cindy Hatcher Laurel Hatley Cheering for Yo Joyce Haugh Betty Hauschild Cynthia Hawkinson Nancy Hawks Daniel Hazellief Ginger Hazellief But, Coach. l only missed it by this much!" Ya A' .. 3 J ,jaf 35 . A A. . 'tt 1- f L V" 'fl s if Q.-t 'if ij' - A sq,-My Y - A, a, ,.. Km 7 W . W ..,.., ,. , . - , 'D at at V iii'i ' -T723 +A- S " 5 tm - Z 54' 'W -Q M 2 2 li t ,V W ,A 'Z l ' A 2, 1 ', 1 V ur Junior Varsity Michael Hazellief Kimberly Heacox Susan Heath Cathleen Heffern Susan Heffner Thomas Hefter John Hemberger Sherri Henderson Kristina Henry Roy Hensler Richard Henson Dennis Hetzendotfer Mary Hewlett Kaye Hicks Phyllis Hicks 'MQ G , 2 A . Cf 1 , 'i" A' , --1 1, Hifi?-5":. ff f-'HW ' N eges -, ' sitsff . .., 1. c 3' f if 5 -f'1vf31i'f ' f -- If ft. .Ist ' s " ts f N ? . . 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Debra Lebus Patrick Ledger Warren Lee Alan Lefstead Kathy Leinbach June Leland George Lesly Monty Lettys Michael Levasseur Craig Lewis Richard Lewis Diana Lind Louise Lindsey Joyce Litten John Lombardo Deborah Lossing Mason Love James Lovely Debbie Lovell Terry Lowry Robert Ludwick Kay Luetz Rosalie Lumia Richard Lyttle David Macri Carrie Maherley Janet Mankowski Diana Manning Gail Marino Stephen Martin Allemande left with the ole left hand Being the Lost Cloiss To B Cullen Howard Mason Barbara Mathis Cheryl Mathis Ralph McCahn Sandra McCarty Richard McConnell Barbara McCurdy Danette McDonald Jean McFarland Richard McGahan Bruce Mclntosh Robert McIntosh Walter McKenzie Charlotte McLean Deborah McPhiIlips Michael McRoberts Michael Mead Andrew Mercak Janet Merrill Barbara Metz Gary Micklitsch Stephan Miker Glen Miller Mary Miller Pat Miller Santa Mills Terry Mills Bobbie Millspaugh Wiliford Mintz William Miragas 252 9 Pep Assemblies Earl Misner Wanda Montgomery Michael Moock John Morabito Terrie Moreland Bobby Morgan Rita Morris Sharon Morrison Diane Morse Alice Mosely Ronnie Moser Richard Moses David Motta Judy Motz Diane Mullins Jennifer Murray Sandra Murray Gary Mygdal Patricia Nation Andrea Nease Marcia Nebera Ivy Nestoff David Nicol Cheryl Nickols Charles Norwood Susan Nousiainen Joanne Nugent Linda O'Berry Richard O'Berry Nancy O'Brien Donna Odell Wallace Oelkers Edwin Oesch Jack Oliver Jerry Oliver Steven Oliver Terry Overton Vincent Pacecca Deborah Paine Benjamy Parany Beverly Parker Julia Parker Richard Parker Richard Parker Julie Parks Paul Patronelli Allen Peck Margo Pelleyier Sandra Pennington Jean Petersen Werner Peyinghaus Janice Philie John Phillips Linda Plessner ' i--' 2:1 " , K 4 1 if 'bf wg , . 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W3 .X g gf wi ff l J , W sf Q: gl H 221 9 'Y -of u-.Aa 1,-A :. was View A John Shaver Thomas Sheridan Lola Shields Deborah Shugan Deborah Simpson Karen Siska Larry Skinner Jacqueline Slappey -1 - - -"i - '11 A H 1- . mfg' " .i f:am-:-:gms ,1 Ga 5 sa "2- ' ?',f i Xf??9' F s sf s 556 Q em-5 - ::.:5Qg,f,f,-. A ' 5 . . 1 5, I I it .f xg' fl Q it Sis 'Winn s 'H W2 f -.wise-M K we K New 5 gs ' Q 1 ji ei' -W iv Xl SJ? ' r rt Kathy Russell William Rutledge Susan Ryan Georganna Salg Nancy Salladay Georgette Sandberg Michael Sandys Pat Sargeant Carol Sargent Debra Saunders Wesley Scholle Norman Schulz Melanie Schwager Lester Schwark Laura Sellers Frank Sessions David Shapiro Beth Sharp Dear Santa,-I want, . Deborah Smith Judy Smith Paula Smith Peter Smith Elaine Snyder William Sohl Barbara Spannagel Joseph Spinoso Paul Stafford Julie Stambaugh gwvw AVA-'A ji Kirk Stanley Richard Steck N S its w- ,gp 3: v " il 'ix ' ' hy- -32' f - , . vs., .fl .. . 5, .Aw V M 4. 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Susan Sfaffz Brian Stoft ,rrr S y y V J S as J Rebecca Stonecipher t"i , Denise Stout V Q IJ - A tvrwff r Robert Stribling ' . V ef' Larry Stull farm .lrr i . tgyg fg ..7,rig lr.. H51 Q Rama Lee Sturgell if in t-,. gg? in Tara Lynn Sturgell ' f ' - .-Q . , -K i'f' 7 -S "lei" W' 2: ,vi i . - Krik Suchier Kathy Surver Sue Swain Gary Swanhart Vicky Sweat Linda Swigart Diane Switch Gerald Talcott Paul Tate w a. is .55 amish 'fseitftazza :lswsatftaiss!zwviifmgywwfg J fi?Q3zaffffimwifamfalizigfif-ztezzygi' Qggeeggsflnqmzfgiagasfa -'M' '-fwzwwfi vfwtitqgtgw1eea.l,f - ,f - . S JP J ,a S ly. 'Nj N' Jax. N f A, , 4 A 'GS M -. S if . X -Q ' frgwff, mi' 2145201 . "", " i ,wymfigt-, fr,-it " -' 'a . Yeast-gi xi.. n mat? - -uk ,lf . ,'-' 5 xL,,,5,,,.A.., J K is H-J Q unch Periods . . . Michele Voleno lug, Jane Vogel 'vf QA Q 6 3 ' 1 to X -1 J .sg Q AK i k- new e+hnmm.,- 2 David Walker 1 1 4 .gf wgkfefr K Joseph Walker ll. - ,Q gi, Vae Minetta Wallace r Evelyn Taylor Lynn Taylor Paul Taylor Deborah Tempro Catherine Testa Barbara Thomas Lea Ann Thomas Brenda Thompson John Topping Mark Travis Betty True Sheryl Tucker Claude Turner Julia Turner Gary Tussing Lois Ungemach Jackie Valiw Sharon Vanschaick Skirts are sure getting shorter these days! """ . , V-,1.zf:1f7ffVsrgf ? ' ,, V - sei - , , ' -- - i , Gary Walter ' , - . -"h Boyd WHIICVS .., .. - .- r ' -Z i f - W - , sa "'h W V , sewn . - Y 7 .-"'. SKS isisiiffx . ' ,. flfffais Richard Walton A ' f W V i . t it - W -' at -1. . V . Q, 5- ,A i . - h"L -- - . , V, Donald Ward - -- , - K - - fa " -it-vi, 3 I , fgig' 8 ' I . . 3:-V Cymhla Waffh 4 an - l it i 4 Mark Waters - - s - it , F' VV -- at -- -- aa fi ---- " 'AM . 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' : -- -. isa -- -Q-fi-ua--ri, fe FQ'-isiwfaiiv is-wwf'-4 1 , iw, ta .,: Q32? meg mi 3 .1- R5 wa 2 Vi xi - tags " sis? Ei . f,'1'iig . a ff : ia! 5, f V- , fi'-me , --t-:- -V - .t . Qafiifs ,-E-ag .:..: --a,-at -. , ,..,t-elm-VM ,, .wwkle , a w ry ' geiewffs w arfare-as VV ., V K ,ww , . . ,W Vw, . f ' -:gg eg. i i A - sw, fav . 21 .. .3 x -V . sg-, 1,1-.. . :. We i .:. ,-,www :wen t sitsggiiaa g g g gliiis- V,-':'tgsfL1'i.' -1 PfgVfigfEf5? Sgaigtszzrzgati -f2isgs2srgPiE:?s .E A ', Siivwssggsgi wesgslgffg,-1' 11, ' , 52555, V, 5- -at . , , vw f l-ezgig i- i, llilsiis 'f t ' , as 1- , 'A Via E129 .,,, ,Z M - we at ly! "hifi-g.g .. fl 'ff 1 Qst,.fl:.z,s W-v:xs,aVfe:.x'IfH:.f':.""2:,s.zgSi aim 1 , S EI l I P 1 2 2 15ggi:Pi23e11?i7 K 8 ,M - Ha 1-w mav- tw ew If I K' i A ' ' A. 'Vi , .L . wi Q' Q. i iii? ln s 1' . fi? 'M W fi I . . V 4 : " . Y 'Brew 3' .. . y f:'fGif'WYtvl l as , Elf? X Y is lf f it 5139.1 - ey gigs,-,fgs. . K im, ,,. .Q 1 ' 'ZZ- 1-.32 ,...,. 3" lf . g rx -i if .7 X K x rd, ' 5' 'x Yi' fx ti 'gpg :KW P2 .L A -K ef if Qi X. Pg z E N O rl' h 9 Cl S 'l' . ..,- - - ,--1 we -ew .iff 5,1-, K -W '- ix 4,8 Q F S' x 1 L v. gg , 21- V1 5 5 it 'ii ' x eils Y ttsl , MI: ' T? -v. , A 1 ' Y-1 ff- 52 ff, kk M '15 S, 55 R -sg?5' C w ....,-1 7 i "'L' r X ff 5 Q an F K 3 235 4 4. , -i V . ,.5.,-5,-75, 9 ' N- . Q F ci ' , f . H., f A 5+ - ' ,L W . 1 H ., g.,,..,,,,.,g, rag at , , ,,iQg1lzf,v1 ,Jig '1 5 ,iq So what's wrong with being Number 4? Es fbffm..,m Randy Willis Suzanne Willingham Michael Wilson Dean Wilty Louise Winston Philip Winters Louise Wiseman Q Nancy Wittman L "A Cheri Wix ff Timothy Wolfe Peggy Wood Douglas Woodard Laurence Woods Michael Woodside Vaughn Woodside Francis Woodward Trina Yancey Jan Yetman Janet Yorkey Karen Young Leslie Young Ray Yox Viviun Zimmanck Ed Zumar Susan Lawton Mary Strong Jane Stucker Gur Eyes Have Seen 60 'f'l,i if 4 1 M 5 ,W Moving the tassel, a senior finds himself moving into and beginning another voyage. Every voyage that is begun must also come to an end. When the-long-awaited destination is reached at last, and those who have been traveling sight the landmarks that are to guide them into port, the voyage is ended. Just as sailors come home from the sea and end their many jour- neys, so do we, in these last few days of school, complete our journey through this 1968-1969 school year. We have followed the charts and maps that we laid out at the start, and by following our plans we have reached our destina- tion. We may have strayed from our charted course, either by our own miscalculations or as a result of adverse con- ditions, but through our efforts we have set ourselves aright. Another school year, another voyage, is now in the past. Where are we to go from here? The sailor always re- turns to the sea, and so do we set sail for wider horizons. Some of us are still to go on other joumeys similar to this-more years of school, while others are to embark for parts unknown. Wherever we go, however, whatever we do, the poignant memories of 1968-1969 will always in- spire us. One last entry is made in our log: "Viking voyage successfully completed? Turning a class ring turns each senior to new horizons fw- W WM' 5' 'N 3 XV RV 9' 'ESRB K 'Q '3 W ?''k1fi5S'5 5 " X 3, w Q H 'sxsgw Q Ll M fs 1 W T 319252 , X, Mu X 41' 2 5 , X . J, k..,, X ff 1 L .V X M W-1,11 1.-as Y Q Xa :N S K 5 ff Y X ' , M gem 3 , Q wwf? bis ff +1 5415250 k'e'iw Lg ,. ym. , NM . !i"wvlr- 4 3. N4 QZQFXISA -7. W... H ' M na' was ,, rn -4 44 , .. li .. 4 H., nw-4u an ' HQ Q 1 Q an, ,4 on ,, no 4 mm- Q 4, is Lb? iwszgggi '- 5 5 D1 ww , Q ' , .. Y ff-Y? V . . "" ' -M ,. .-. , :Q ,., Lf --2 X ,, M . f 553 ,FJ-.Q L ' H' mv ,Q W ?3,gg,gwf" wif? wig Qi? gg, 3341. Y ,wer wg., 'S we wi ,fi .fwfw M yah- 'Uiibvw if-sh. ,M Q sf' f F5144 yang W 4 ,E V' Q ,M W 5? K R W W Y l - M J 4 fu ,bv if-i"'z-if ' 4 4 47 N, ., ,A W , V, 44 4 .M " 44 ' 'K W M A l,. 4 W-Mfg' M 443 K' . 'V 4 P, - " A MHP 1 Q-sf MW, W, W . - .. if Ki f,4 Y X, """" W1--N vang? 4 M ' . 4 -fffwff -' ff5.,.,, . --..,,, i"Mfhff,gg4 - va ,., 5 .. 'Mr W ,,,w 4 4 wwf. , - X ,mm . , :gy M-:ga ,315 Nw Q4 gawk W., DM ,Q ' ,W .-.QQ +1-6 M H 453 24, N' 4 "Af H 44., .h 'E' 'dw -1 W ,--new-wsgff 5,9 .,A., , W, L 8 M warg. Q W 4 4 ' bww 4 " 44 my ' - ,, Q .ww M f , , ff" 'JM - 3738? 7 H7 M,.gfx" ,mf ' . 44 ,.qEm.v.,,,..f:'f"' LM HN . 444 9551440354 :.: .:.1.. '. f "VW" L A ' M b, , A f2Fj"""W'wcfW' 'W' Q ,. w Y 44 wg.-'3"F"",7 'W 'A f 5.3 .. , ' 4444 A www 'N ww-V .. 4,45 . 4 , . ' 4,,g,4 wim 44 ,4 --gf 44 .,.:4i, , k.,, W,..,,,.,.,, I Wahl, , " mm., A4,-4,444,75 4 ,,, M, """'5-,W A X V Q , M. 4. 4 'umm F4 . 'M' ' 7 " M ' 44 : X, ff., ., 4 .E KA M444 W-N. 44 4.,g...'-w,i4 W 4-4444. - . MQ. 444 44 4 -Q,-.--wg: m4,,,,,.. . , ,, ,L-.gif W Y. 44. ..,, ,M W. .. 4 5 N4 - , V f .- 4 ' . W'M.,44jT'5wi", '...4d ' -W-swag' ,W 'gtarq--A-4 A . ' fan- ' .s-.,. - T" ,A V " H ff- -- 1 .31 ., -hw 4 . AM 2- I., 4 da. 4343+ 5-sg, Y. ,K My-.A 44 ' 1 1 Wi W" .M ,Q 14 - 4 ..4 444 If-1444 ,REM " 4 M M, me-, Wm' ' A 4 4 M, , , ?Q'X'i'5iff'.5fkX 4 it ' . .iff 'Z v-asf - .X , 4. 54 'wwf 'ffm'-W. Foculty Directory Edward P. Allen, Jr. Science Oberlin College, University of Florida, AB, MEd. Josephine Anderson Instructional Materials Agnes Scott College, BA. Grace Asel Business State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania, BS, MS. Eugene Beeman Music-Band Emporia State Col- lege, University of Missouri, BS, MA. Lee Benjamin Assistant Principal Florida State University, BS, MS. Clyde Bennett Latin University of Georgia, Pea- body College, AB, MA. Carolyn Black Business Boston University, Uni- versity of Tampa, ACS, BS. John Black German University of Florida-BA, University of Florida, Auburn University in Alabama- DVM, BS. Patricia Bonanno Social Studies University of Tampa, BS. Arthur Brice Spanish University of Havana, Uni- versity of Akron, University of South Florida, LLD. Harold Brown Science Western Michigan Uni- versity, University of Mississippi, BS, MS. Coyle Bryan English Mercer University, BA. Mary Bryant Social Studies Jacksonville Univer- sity, Alabama, BS. Roy Buchaus Industrial Arts Eastern University, BS. Mitchell Buczkowski Science East Tennessee State, BS. Edward Bumgarner Industrial Arts Appalachian State College, BS. Joseph Casares Science University of Florida, BS. Robert Challener Drama Carnegie Institute of Technology, BFA, MFA. Gary Chapin English Troy State College, BS. Dorothy Cheatham Guidance University of Tampa, University of Florida, BS, MEd. Mai Choffat English University of Pittsburgh, BA. Joan Clarke Home Economics Gerea College, BS. Thomas Cooper English Furman University, BA. Roy Cours Social Studies Morningside College, Arizona State University, BS. Glyndell Hadaway Mathematics Troy State Uni- versity, AB, BS. Daniel Crum Social Studies University of Florida, BS, MEd. Jesslyn McBride Registrar Limestone College, University of South Florida, BA, MA. David McCray Social Studies California Poly- technic College, AA, BS. John McLay Physical Education Manchester College, BS. Peggy McMurry Science University of South Florida, BA. William McNeil Industrial Arts Union College, Stout Institute, BS, MG. Ralph Mercurio Mathematics University of Mi- ami, BS. Mary Miller Physical Education University of Florida, AA, BS. Shirley Miller English Florida State University, BS. Charles Minor Mathematics University of North Carolina, BA, MEd. Martha Mundorff Social Studies Florida State University, BS. Rex Musgrave Social Studies University of Flor- ida, AA, BAE. Raymond Nettleship Social Studies Illinois State University, University of Illinois, BE, MS. Karl Nousiainen Social Studies University of South Florida, BA. Diane Oakes French University of South Florida, BA. Donald Palmer Driver Education University of Florida, AA, BS. Louise Perry Guidance Florida State University, University of Florida, BA, MA. Mary Pownall Business Ball State University, BS. Phebus Pruett Mathematics Murray State Uni- versity, BS, MA. Kenneth Pschorr Science St. Norbertls College, BS. George Raymond Science Grove City College, Colorado State College, BS, MA. William Roberts Physical Education University of Florida, BS. Jeanne Robertson Physical Education Florida State University, BS. Thelma Robinson English Elmira College, Cor- nell University, AB, MEd. Phyllis Rodgers English Flora Stone Mather Col- lege, Western Reserve University, BA, MA. Robert Rogers English Western Kentucky Uni- versity, Murray University, AB, MA. James Dahlem English University of Tampa, BS. Joy Dance Physical Education Florida State Uni- versity, BS. Roger Dardene French Northwestern University, BS, MA. Karl Diekmeyer Business Indiana State Univer- sity, BS, MS. Frederick Dorsett Social Studies University of South Florida, AB. Caroline Dunkle Dean of Girls Duke University, BA. William Durkin Guidance University of Tampa, University of Florida, BS, MEd. Jon Elder Physical Education Duke University, BA, MPH. Edward Evans Driver Education Florida State University, AA, BS. Helen Fannin English Barat College, BA. Joanne Field English Stetson University, Univer- sity of Florida, BA. Henry Fink Art University of Florida, BAE. Martha Frakes Instructional Materials University of South Florida, AB. Henry Fraze Science University of Florida, Penn- sylvania State College, BSE, MSE. Harry George Social Studies Florida State Uni- versity, BS. Allen Geyer English Wheaton College-Drake University, BA, MA. William Gibson English University of Tampa, BA. Rachel Harless Business Marshall College, AS, AB. Kenneth Harris Industrial Arts Western Ken- tucky University, BS, MA. Judy Hoban English University of Florida, BAE. Donald Howard Mathematics University of Florida, BS. Robert Hunter Science Maryville College, Uni- versity of Wisconsin, BA, MS. William Jacobs Mathematics Milligan College, BA. Martha James English Hanover College, BA. Richard James DCT University of South Florida, BA. Garnelle Jenkins Science Bethune-Cookman College, BS, MS. Paul Jenkins Athletic Director University of Ken- tucky, Indiana University, AB, MS. John Jones DCT University of South Florida. Thomas Jones Driver Education University of Florida, BS, BA. Donald Keller Driver Education Manchester Col- lege, BS. Raymond Kuhl Science University of Florida, AA, BSE. Velma Rowe Music Florida State University, BME. Larry Rudisill Social Studies East Carolina Uni- versity, BS. Lynda Schoonover Business University of South Florida, AA, BA. Gay Shirley Business Westminster College, BBA. Barbara Shorter Business Florida A8cM Univer- sity, BS. Genevieve Shrum Spanish College of Wooster, BA. Helen Stamper Mathematics College of William 84 Mary, Marshall University, AB, MA. Elizabeth Stone English University of Alabama, BA. Walter Swan Science Southeast Missouri State College, Indiana University, BS, MS. Dorothea Taylor Home Economics University of Georgia, BS. Inez Tsacrios Mathematics University of Florida, BSE. Joan Vemotzy English Miami University, BS. Nancy Vogelsanger Business Taylor University, B.S. Helen Webster Mathematics West Virginia Uni- versity, Florida State University, BA, MS. Douglas Werth Social Studies University of South Florida, AB. Donald Williams Mathematics University of Maryland, Gettysburg College, Stetson University, BS, AB, MA. Earl Wilson Business East Tennessee State Uni- versity, BS. Iggster Yerkes DCT Arkansas State University, Thomas Zachary Dean of Boys University of North Carolina, AB, MEd. gzgmine Zinn Spanish Florida State University, Senior Directory ADAM, TERRY Para Med, Ro- jans Drama Club, Senior Day Comm., Cards and Announcements Comm. ADAMS, MIKE Band, V. Tennis Team, Orchestra, Capt. of Band ALLEN, CATHY ALVEY, BEVERLY French Club, F.B.L.A. AMBROSINO, TERRI GAA, Tennis Team, Sports-A-Rama, CEC, DECA AMMON, RANDY Key Club, Councilman-At-Large, Student Council, Latin Club Honor Roll, Drama Club. ANDERSEN, JACK Pep Squad. ANDERSON, BETH ANDERSON, LINDA Pep Squad, Tri-H-Y. ANDERSON,MARLIN Football, Basketball, Track, Jr. Exchange. ANDERSON, VICKI Cheerlead- ing, Para Med, Los Dichosos, Stu- dent Council, Civinettes, Jr. Dance Comm., Superlative, Pep Squad. ANDREWS, JULIE Tennis Team. ANDRINGA, ROBERT Honor Roll, Basketball, Key Club, Letter- man's Club, Deanis List. ARNALDI JOHN 131010 Cifib, i SY Chess Club, Soundings Staff. BAILEY, TERRI GAA, FHA. BALDWIN, MELANIE Latin Club, Z-Club. BALLIET, KATHLEEN BANKS, DOUGLAS Football, Cross-Country, DECA, CEC. 266 BARGER, MARILYN Z-Club, GAA, Los Dichosos, Jr. Edition of Nor'easter, NHS, Co-Capt. of Navi- gators, Creative Writing Club, Vik- ing Log, Prom Comm., Mum Comm., Bacc. and Comm. Comm. BARKER, CHERYL Anchor Club, Homecoming Dance Comm., Bacc. and Comm. Comm. BARNARD, BONNIE Cheer- leading, Civinettes, Carnival Queen, Jr. Superlative, Quill and Scroll, Viking Log Staff. BARNETT, DEBBIE Pep Squad, Para Med. BARTH, MARSHA Spanish Club, Anchor Club, Homecoming Activities, Prom Comm., Para Med. BEALE, LINDY Choir, Home Room-Vice Pres., Majorette. BEAR, CONNIE BEARCE, ROBERT Band, Swim Team, Norieaster Staff. BECKER, CHARLES BARTON, BETSY Student Coun- cil, Debate Club, Drama Club, Choir, NHS. BEAT, JAMES Football. BECHTEL, RAYMOND French Club, Soundings Staff. BELCHER, LANCE DE. BELL, VICKIE French Club, F.B.L.A., Drama Club. BENEFIELD, BEV F.T.A., Or- chestra, Anchor, Homecoming Queen Comm. BENJAMIN, TERRY Student Council, Spanish Club, Para Med, Soph. Rep., Soph. Derby, Drama Club, Civinettes, Jr. Dance, Navi- gators, Chr. of Sr. Breakfast, Homecoming Comm. BERGERON, JANICE F.T.A., Optimiss, Los Quijotes, Navigator, Creative Writing Club, Homecom- ing Dance Comm. BILLET, DON DE. BINGENHEIMER, UNA F.T.A., Band, Student Council, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Optimiss. BIXLER, VIRGINIA Optimiss, Latin Club, NHS, Homecoming Comm., Viking Log Staff. BLANKENSHIP, PAT Naviga- tors, Gondoliers, Homecoming Dance, FTA. BLANKLE, CARLENE Z-Club, French Club, Para Med Club. BLEVINS, COLLEEN Drill Team, Student Council, Cheer- leader, NHS, Crafts Clubs. BLUE, ELIZABETH FHA, Band. BOND, SANDY CEC, DE. BOORMAN, BONNIE FBLA, NHS, Homecoming Comm., Prom Comm., Sr. Gift, French Club, Cap and Gowns Comm. BRAID, BARBARA Swim Team, Woselettes, Class Sec., Navigators, Creative Writing Club, Spanish Club, Jr. Dance Comm., Student Council, Soundings Staff, Home- coming Activities Comm., Class Gift Comm., Quill and Scroll. BRUCE, BOB Football, Jr. Civi- tan, Baseball. BRUCE, KEITHA F.B.L.A. BRUSSEL, JANEY Cheerlead- ing, Los Quijotes, Jr. Dance Comm., Student Council, Soph. Derby, Civi- nettes, Carnival Comm. Chr. BUPP, LINDA Band, Honor Roll, Majorette. BURNS, DAVID Key Club, French Club, Orchestra, NHS, Bacc. gl Comm. Comm., Quill 84 Scroll, Viking Log. BURNS, JOE Basketball, Student Council, Track, NHS, Dean's List, Jr. Exchange, Lettermen's Club, Drama Club, Science 84 Eng., Para Med, Boy Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Cap 84 Gowns Chr., Home Coming Comm. BURROUGHS, ANNE Pep Squad, Para Med, Chorus, Soph. Derby, Jr. Dance, Drama Club, Homecoming Comm., Queen's Comm., Viking Log Staff, Prom Comm., Sr. Breakfast Comm. BYRD, DEBBIE Para Med, Ac- tivities Comm. CADY, JANICE F.B.L.A., Honor Roll, Civinettes. CALDWELL, JAY Football, Baseball, Home Room Repres. CAMPBELL, ARLENE Public- ity 84 Set Up Comm., Los Quijotes, Woselettes-Pres., Viking Log, Nor'easter, Mum Comm., Carnival Comm., Class Gift. CARSON, ADRAIN Woselettes, Carnival Comm., Drama Club, Sr. Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm. CARUSO, VIRGINIA CEC, DECA. CATES, LISA Para Med, Rojans, Homecoming Comm. CHANDLER, WENDY Latin Club, Rojans, Drama Club, NHS, NEHI Navigators-Capt. CHANEY, GAIL Orchestra. CHARLESTON, DAVID Band, Pep Band, Carnival. CHASE, DAVID DCT, CEC. CHEEZEM, CLAIRE Tennis Team, Honor Roll, Optimiss, Para Med, Los Quijotes, Cards 84 Ann. Comm. CHENEVERT, ROBERT Span- ish Club, Jr. Exchange. CHOATE, BRENDA Spanish Club. CHRISTENSEN, JERRY Track, Pep Squad, F.B.L.A. CLEVER, CHERLY Majorette, Band, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Woselettes, Mum Comm. COFFEE, KIM Basketball, Latin Club, Track. COLEMAN, PEGGY Swim Team, NHS, Honor Roll, Cap 84 Gowns, GAA, Jr. Edition of Nor'- easter, Viking Log, Soph. Derby. CQLEMAN, CANDY Anchor Club, Drama Club, Mum Comm., Homecoming Court. COLEY, RICHARD Track, Los Dichosos, Honor Roll, Auto Club, Homecoming Dance. COLLINS, STEVE Band, Wres- tling. CONNELL, JOHN Band, Pep Band, Auto Club. CONTOLE, BILL Student Coun- cil, Track, NHS, Civitan Club, Dean's List, Science 84 Eng. Club, Prom Comm. CORBITT, CHERYL Para Med, Drama Club. CORNELISON, SAM Football, Track, Boy Cheerleader. CORYELL, KATIE FHA, Opti- miss, NEHI Navigator. COX, CANDY Z-Club, Chorus, Para Med, Drama Club. CROCKER, JAN French Club, Student Council, GAA, French Club. CROUCH, VIRGINIA Pep Squad, Keyettes, Orchestra, FTA, FBLA. CUMMINS, BRYAN German Club, Tennis Team. DALESSANDO, JEAN Biology Club. DANIELS, DONNA French Club, Para Med, Homecoming Comm., Student Council, Civinettes. DAVIS, WILL Football, Track, Para Med, Interact Club, Letter- men's Club. DECESARE, TOM Wrestling Team. DE PIRO, MARY ANN Keyettes, Norleaster Staff. DEAN, MARK Student Council, French Club, Jr. Exchange, NHS, Soph. Orientation Week, Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm., Escort at Home- coming. DEES, LINDA Latin Club, Key- ettes, Concert Choir. DILLASHAW, PAT Soph. Choir, Concert Choir, Keyettes. DILLON, DEBBIE French Club, Student Council, Optimiss Club, Spanish Club. DODWELL, KATHY FTA, Op- timiss Club. DONNELLY, DIANNA Arts 84 Crafts Club, Spanish Club, Anchor Club, Pep Squad, Soph. Choir, Swim Team, Drama Club, Honor Roll, Para Med, NEHI Navigators, Caps 84 Gowns Comm., Comm. 84 Bacc. Comm. DOWNE, GEOGRE Los Dicho- sos, Gondoliers. DRASHER, PAM DRIER, JUDY Latin Club, Z- Club, Jr. Edition of Nor'easter, Quill 84 Scroll, Caps 84 Gowns Comm. 267 DUNPHY, DAVID Basketball, Soph. Dance Comm., Homecoming Float Comm., Spanish Club, Jr. Dance Comm., Jr. Exchange Club, Student Council, Swim Team, Honor Roll, Quill 8L Scroll, Letter- man's Club. DUPUIS, YVETTE Student Council, GAA, Optimiss. EDMONDSON, CHARLES ELLINWOOD, RENEE Tennis Team, Orchestra, FHA, French Club, Choir, Homecoming Dance Comm. ELLIOTT, PAUL Soph. Class Pres., Hi-Y Club, Track, Football, Wrestling, Jr. Exchange, Pep Squad. ESPEARD, BILL DE, FBLA, CEC. ESPALFT, RALPH Football, Basketball, Honor Roll, Jr. Ex- change. ESPY, JANICE Pep Squad. EVANS, PAT Optimiss, Latin Club, Co.-Chr. of Cards 8L An- nouncements Comm. EVANS, PEGGY Student Coun- cil, Anchor Club, Drama Club, Homecoming Comm., Soundings Staff. EWING, BOB FAHY, SUE Honor Roll, Home- coming Comm., Caps 84 Gowns Comm., Sr. Gift, Prom Comm. FANNIN, KATHY Z-Club. FARRELL, FRANK Swim Team. FAST, DENISE Cheerleading, Civinettes, Soph. Class Repres., Stu- dent Council, Honor Roll, Jr. Edi- tion of Norleaster, Quill 8a Scroll, Pep Squad. FATIGATI, TONI Spanish Club, Civinettes, GAA, Para Med, Drama Club, NHS. 268 FEASTER, LYNN Basketball, Pres. of Soph. Class, Interact, Su- perlative, Pres. of Lettermanas Club. FISCHER, BEVERLY German Club, Rojans, Concert Choir, Gon- doliers. FISH, JOHN FLAGLER, BRENDA Optimiss, Bacc. 8L Comm. Comm. FLATTLEY, TOM French Club, Track Team, Chess 8c Checker Club, Drama Club. FLEXON, ALLEN Pep Squad. FLOENER, HARRY DE, CEC. FOGELSONGER, CHARLES FORDE, MARY FBLA, Keyettes. FRANKLIN, MELANIE Jr. 84 Sr. Chorus. FRUEHWIRTH, LYNN Band, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Girl's Ensemble. FULKMAN, JEFF Basketball, Drama Club, Soundings Staff. FULTZ, EARL FTA, Chorus, French Club, Gondoliers. GAY, BARRY Student Council, Track Team, Civitan, Boy Cheer- leading, Letterman's Club. GEIGER, NANCY Swim Team, Band. GESKO, RON Chess 8L Checker Club, Football. GERHART, BARRY German Club, Science 8: Engineering Club, Key Club, Golf Team, Boy Cheer- leader, Homecoming Comm., Stu- dent Council. GERMANN, JUDY SPGR, Z- Club, Homecoming Comm., Cards 81 Announcements Comm. GETTYS, ANITA FBLA, Crea- tive Writing Club. GIBSON, CATHY Civinettes, Spanish Club, Sports-A-Rama, Para Med, Homecoming Dance Comm. GODBEY, GREG Track Team, Letterman's Club. GREENE, DEBBIE Optimiss Club. GREENE, EARL Latin Club, Swim Team, Letterman's Club, Co- Chr. of Homecoming Dance Comm., Boy Cheerleading, Science 84 Engi- neering Club. GRIMM, BETTY FHA, Drama Club. GRISSIM, JIM Football, Wres- tling, Student Council, Letterman's Club, Treas. of Jr. Civitan Club, Pres. of Jr. Civitan Club. GROSE, DEBBIE GROVES, JO ANN French Club, Keyettes, Mums Comm., Comm. 8a Bacc. Comm. GUHSE, SHERRIE Spanish Club, Swim Team, Woselettes, Prom Comm., Homecoming Court. GUNNIN, JAMES Football, Mgr. of Wrestling Team. GURTHIE, MARCIA Stamp Club, Forensic League, German Club, NHS. HALL, BARBARA CEC, DECA. HALL, JEAN Band, Student Council, Anchor Club, Orchestra, Majorette, Spanish Club. HAMPTON, CHRIS Spanish Club. HARVEY, JANE Cheerleader, French Club, Para Med, Rojans, Drama Club, Pep Squad, Home- coming Court. HAWKINS, JO Z-Club, Honor Roll, Los Quijotes. HAYES, RONNIE DE, CEC. HAYS, JACKIE Para Med, Crea- tive Writing Club, Homecoming Comm., Sr. Prom Comm., Concert Choir. HEATH, GREG Key Club. HEINCHON, KATHY Swim Team, DECA, CEC. HENSLICK, JOHN Football, Drama Club. HENZLER, GIL Drama Play Production. HILL, LARRY Band, Stage Band, Jr. Drum Major, Key Club, Pep Squad, Orchestra, Sr. Drum Major, Viking Log Staff, Carnival. HOCKETT,NICK Football,Base- ball, Basketball, FBLA, Para Med, Student Council, Letterman's Club, Los Dichosos, Drama Club. HOHENSTERN, GEORGE Band, Stage Band, Carnival Jr. Ex- change, Pep Squad, Homecoming Dance Comm. HOPKINS, RICHARD DE. HORNING, SUZANNE Z-Club, NHS, Navigator, Cards 84 An- nouncements Comm., Caps 8L Gowns Comm. HUGHES, DAYTON Track. HUNT, BARBARA Band, Ma- jorette, Spanish Club, Head Major- ette, Woselette, Homecoming Comm., Carnival Comm., Prom Comm., Queen Comm. HUNTER, ROBERT Basketball, Honor Roll. HUTCHINSON, JANE Student Council, French Club, Woselettes, Chr. of Motorcade, Jr. Edition of Nor'easter, Homecoming Queen Comm., Cap 8: Gowns Comm. HYDE, LISA Latin Club, English Club, French Club, Concert Choir, Girls Ensemble. HYLAND, SHARON Keyettes Concert Choir, Girls Ensemble. JONES, MARY BETH Para Med, Rojans. JONES, RICHARD Student Council, Football, Track, Orchestra, Debate Team, Jr. Exchange Club, Honor Roll, Science 84 Engineering Club, NHS. JORDAN, VICKI College Club, French Club, Woselettes, KALLE, SHARON Los Quijotes, FTA, Keyettes, Cards 85 Announce- ments Comm., Cap 8L Gowns Comm., NHS. KANAVEL, LYNNE Newspaper, Canteen Club, Sports Nite, Pep Squad. KASICA, ED Football, Interact, Lettermanis Club, Track, Vice Pres. 8L Pres. of Interact. KELLEY, TOM Football, Base- ball, German Club, Civitan, Letter- man's Club. KELSHEIMER, TERRY KERSEY, DOUG Science Club, Latin Club, NHS, Spanish Club. KERSEY, DOYLE Latin Club, NHS. KESSLER, BONNIE Student Council, Para Med, French Club, Prom Comm. KESSNER, SUE KIRKLAND, JOY DECA, CEC. KLUKKERT, LINDA Los Di- chosos, Anchor Club, Creative Writing Club. KNILL, KAREN ANN Band, Creative Writing Club, Orchestra, Z-Club, Jr. Edition of Nor'easter, Quill 8: Scroll, Annual Staff. KNIPE, JAY Basketball, Golf, Spanish Club, Interact. KREPPS, KAREN Para Med, Pep Squad. KROKOSKI, EDWARD Band, Science 84 Engineering Club, Auto Club. KUBUCKI, JOE Swim Team, Pep Squad, Science 84 Engineering Club. KUECKEN, RUSSELL Band, Track Team, Pep Band. LACEY, KATE Para Med, NHS. LAMY, JO ANN Drama Club, GAA, FHA, Los Quijotes, FBLA, Z-Club, Honor Roll. LANGAS, RANDI LAZARRA, RICHARD Foot- ball, Interact, Latin Club, Basket- ball, Soph. and Jr. Superlative. LECOMPTE, JOE Track, Latin Club, Honor Roll, Para Med, Ger- man Club, Baseball, Key Club, Homecoming Comm. LEONARD, HARRY NHS. LEWALLEN, LANA Para Med, Rojans, French Club, Tennis Team, NHS, Jr. Dance Comm., Nor'easter, Chr. of Queen Comm., Sr. Day Comm., Student Council, Viking Log. LIGHTKEP, TOM Band, Wres- tling, Football, Orchestra. LOCHNER, BOBBI Civinettes, Para Med, French Club, Quill 84 Scroll, Viking Log Staff, Mum Comm. LUDWICK, ANNE Pep Squad, Honor Roll, CEC, DECA. LUNCEFORD,JOHN PepSquad, Biology Club, Para Med. LUNHAM, CHARLES Auto Club, CEC, DECA. LYNE, DAVE Track, Art Club, Treas. 269 LYONS, VALERIE German Club. MCALLISTER, GAIL NHS, Mum Comm., Pres. of Keyettes, Quill 8L Scroll, Bacc. gl Comm. Comm., Viking Log Staff. MCCARTHY, LINDA Art Club. MCCUTCHEON, PEGGY MCGRATH, MAUREEN MCLEAN, TOM Football, Auto Club. MCKENZIE, KEN Auto Club. MACK, BOB Key Club, French Club, Basketball, Honor Roll, Sr. Prom Comm., Sr. Day Comm., Sr. Activities Comm. MACRI, VICKI Los Dichosos, NHS, Norleaster, Ed., Quill 8: Scroll, Pres., Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm., Prom Comm. MANNING, BOB Wrestling. MARSH, GEFF Band. MASTRY, DALE Football, Track, Lettermanis Club. MATEER, CATHY Student Council, Key Club Sweetheart, An- nual Staff, Prom Comm., Pep Squad, Rojans, Honor Roll, Beta Club. MATHER, BARBARA Band, Mixed Chorus. MATHIS, PAUL Creative Writ- ing, Football Mgr., Latin Club. MAURY, SUE Para Med, GAA, Student Council, Pep Squad, Tennis Team, DEC, CEC, Vice Pres. of Sr. Class. MEAD, CLARE MEANS, BECKIE Pep Squad, Chess Club. MERRELL, MIKE Baseball, Football, Track, Pres. of Soph. Class. 270 MICHUISKI, CHERYL MIDDLETON, CINDY French Club, Woselettes. MIGNEREY, JIM Track Team, Band, Chorus, Drama Club, Science 81 Engineering Club. MILLER, CAROL Z-Club, Hon- or Roll, NHS, Student Council, Navigator. MILLER, PAT French Club. MITCHELL, DAVID MOLLOHAM, GARY DE, FBLA. MONK, GEORGE Latin Club, NHS, Deanls List. MOOERS, SUSAN Swim Team, Soundings, Homecoming Dance Comm. MOORE, DAVID CEC, DE, FBLA. MORRIS, RICHARD Interact, Chess Club, Creative Writing Club, Soundings, Debate Club, Drama Club. MOSS, KASSI Spanish Club, Quill 8: Scroll, Drama Club, Jr. Superla- tive, Dean's List, NHS, Noraeaster Staff, Rojans, Pres. of Student Council. MOSS, KRIS Soph. Treas., Ro- jans, Student Council, French Club, Honor Roll, NHS, Jr. Treas., Drama Club, Sr. Treas., Homecom- ing Court, Viking Log. MOUNT, ARNOLD Wrestling. MOYES,PATTY DE. MUELLER, NORMAN Band, Chess Club, Second lieutenant in Band. NERI, BRUCE Honor Roll, Deanis List, NHS, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Key Club. NORRIS, LINDA Latin Club, Optimiss, Spanish Club, Navigator. NYSTROM, DEBBIE Para Med, Drama Club, Optimiss, Vice Pres. of Para Med, Student Council. O'HARA, DANNY Spanish Club. OLDHAM, MICHAEL Band. PALMER, ROBERT NHS, Sec. in Science 8L Eng. Club. PANEPINTO, VALARIE PARKER, GARY Football, Mgr. of Football, Honor Roll. PARSONS, CHUCK Baseball, Basketball, Football, Letterman's Club, Interact, Cheerleading, Prom Comm., Carnival King. PAXTON, PATTY Spanish Club, Sports-A-Rama, Student Council, Civinettes, Homecoming, Dance Comm., Prom Comm. PENNINGTON, DEBRA Band, FTA, Z-Club. PERINIS, MARIA Woselettes, Los Quijotes, Dean's List, Nor'- easter, Quill 8L Scroll, NHS, Nat'l Merit Finalist, Editor Viking Log, Co-Chr. of Bacc. 8L Comm. Comm., Mums Comm. PETERSON, GARY Swim Team. PHILLIPS, BILL PIERSCIONEK, BEV PITTS, DAN Band, Football, Stage Band, Pep Band, CEC, DECA. PLISKO, CONNIE Swim Team, Optimiss. POST, JAY Football, Basketball Mgr., Latin Club, Para Med, Wres- tling, Letterman's Club, Student Council, Interact, Carnival. PORTARO, ROBERTA Band, Keyettes, Majorette, Dean's List. POWER, JOHN Football, French Club, Honor Roll, Student Council, Civitan, Pres. of French Club. PRESCOTT, BILL Swim Team, Wrestling, Boy Cheerleader. PRUETT, SHARON QUIGLEY, HEIDI Optimiss, Homecoming Dance Comm. RADAKOVICH, PAVA Z-Club, Para Med, Nor'easter, Quill 84 Scroll, Soundings, Cap 8L Gowns Comm., Soph. Orientation. RAY, VALERI REED, M.A. Student Council, FBLA, Honor Roll. REEDY, MIKE Spanish Club, Interact, Baseball, Chess 84 Checkers Club, Nor'easter, Letterman's Club, Drama Club. REICHARD, GLENN RENEW, GRADY Drama Club, Basketball Mgr., Pep Squad, Sr. Comm., Homecoming Dance. RICCIARDI, JUDI Para Med, Biology Club, Soph. Dance Comm., Drama Club, Rojanis, Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm., Maas Bros. Repres. RICH, AL Football, Track, FTA, Letterman's Club. RICHARDSON, CAROLYN GAA, FTA, French Club, Drama Club. RITTER, JOHN Los Dicosos, Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Chess 84 Checkers Club, Boy Cheer- leader, Bon Fire Comm., Dance Comm., Pep Squad, Para Med, Prom Comm. ROBBINS, BUDDY Football, Basketball, Track, Key Club, Band. ROBERTS, PHIL Art Club. ROCHE, BRUCE Track Team, Interact, Lettermanls Club. RODES, CHUCK French Club, Honor Roll, Para Med, Los Dicho- sos, Homecoming Escort, Cap 8c Gowns Comm. ROGERS, BEVERLY Arts 8: Crafts Club, Woselettes, Student Council, Science 84 Eng. Club, Mum Comm., Sr. Breakfast, Sr. Prom. ROGERS, BRUCE Swim Team, Letterman's Club, Boy Cheerleader. RUBTER, LARRY RUPPER, DIANA Majorette, Woselette, Band, Orchestra, Honor Roll, Queen Comm., Prom Comm., Carnival Comm. SANDERS, CATHY French Club, Soph. Dance, Rojans, Soundings Staff, Jr. Act. Comm., Para Med, Drama Club, Prom Comm., Concert Choir. SARGENT, LINDA GAA, Or- chestra. SAWYER, KAREN Band, Ma- jorette, Anchor Club, Prom Comm., Homecoming Dance Comm. SCHAEFER, LINDA French Club, Z-Club, Activities Comm., NHS. SCI-IOLL, SHIRLEY SCHROCK, DAVID Chess Club. SEARLES, SONIA Anchor Club, Los Dichosos, NHS, Prom Comm., Carnival Queen, Student Council. SELTZER, SANDI Student Coun- cil, Wosolettes. SEMONS, DAVE SENTY, WINNIE FTA, Pep Squad, EYC, YASC, Z-Club, Latin Club, Soundings. SEYLER, ROBERT Football. SHATTUCK, DEE NHS, Drama Club, Comm., Comm. SHEPARD, PAT Keyettes. SHERRIL, STEPHANIE Key- ettes, French Club, Soundings, Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm. SHIRLEY, BOB Science 84 Eng. Club. SHORY, BOB Concert Choir. SIELING, SUE SKELTON, EARL Key Club, French Club. SMITH, VICKI Keyettes, Nor,- easter. SNEED, NANCY French Club, Para Med, Rojans Sports-A-Rama, Drama Club, Quill 8L Scroll, Stu- dent Council, Nor'easter. SPEARS,MAUREEN LatinClub, Keyettes, Cap 8L Gowns Comm. SPEED, MARIE Soph. Sec., Ro- jans, Ring Comm., French Club, Para Med, Drama Club, Prom Comm., Sr. Sec., Quill 8: Scroll, Sr. Day Comm., Homecoming Court. SPRAGGINS, CATIE Keyette, FTA. SPRANKEL,TERESA ParaMed, Spanish Club, Drama Club, Pep Squad, Homecoming Comm., Prom Comm., Sr. Breakfast Comm., Sr. Day Comm. STANTON, DAVID Pep Squad. STEPHENS, SUSAN Drama Club, Para Med. STARR, DAVID Football, Base- ball, Civitan. STONE, POLLY Rojans, Drama Club, French Club, Gondoliers. STRAIGHT, SHIRLEY DECA, CEC. STROM, KAREN FBLA. STRATTON, BILL Key Club, Honor Roll. STULL, PAT GAA, Optimiss. STICKNEY, MAUREEN Basket- ball, Volleyball, Z-Club, NHS, Creative Writing Club. SUMMEY, JENNIFIER French Club, Anchor Club, NHS, Mum Comm., Bacc. 8: Comm. Comm., Prom Comm., Cap 84 Gowns Comm. 271 SUTTON, DENNIS SWARTZ, CHRIS SWEENEY, MARK SWINDALL, MARSHALL Foot- ball. SWOPE, GARY Football. SYMPSON, SUSAN FTA, Diving Team, Spanish Club, Woselette, Jr. Dance Comm., NEHI Navigator, Homecoming Activities Comm. TALBERT, DEBBIE TARANTINO, MICHELE French Club, GAA. TAYLOR, KATHY Keyette. THACKREY, CONNIE Wosel- ette, Spanish Club, Student Council, Band, Majorette, Cap 84 Gowns Comm., Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm. THEIS, BARBARA Spanish Club, FTA. THOMAS, JEAN THOMAS, MARIANNE Z-Club, Concert Choir, Honor Roll, NHS, Gondoliers, Sr. Gift Comm., Sr. Breakfast Comm. THOPE, BRAD Track, Cross Country Team. TILLERY, DONNA TILLIS, KATRINA Mums Comm. TIRABASSI, LEAH Keyette, Soph. Vice Pres., French Club, Stu- dent Council. TIRABASSI, LINDA Sport-A- Rama, Anchor Club, Student Coun- cil, Vice Pres. Anchor, Queens Comm. TOUGAW, PAM Optimiss, FTA, Quill 84 Scroll. TREBBE, ROBERT Swim Team. TRUE, RODNEY Football. 272 TRYON, DAVID NHS. TUCKER, CHRISTY CEC, DECA. TULLGRAN, MEL JR. Exchange Club, Soundings Staff. TULUMARIS, DEBBIE Band, Spanish Club, Z-Club, Vice Pres. Z-Club, Mum Comm., Calendar Girl. TURNER, CHRIS Anchor Club, Swim Team. VALIN, DEBBIE Science Club, Latin Club, Band, Keyettes, Honor Roll. VAN KESTEREN, DEBBIE Soundings Editor. VAUGHN, CINDY Keyette, GAA. VIENO, KERMIT VINCENT, LINDA Woselette, GAA, Queen Comm. VIZANDIOU, HOLLIS Football, Drama Club. VOSS, NEELY DECA, CEC. WALDEN, DONALD Science 84 Eng. Comm., Chess Club. WALTERS, GENE Track. WATTS, JIM Football, Civitan Club, Student Council, Class officer, Nor'easter Staff, Quill 84 Scroll, Drama Club-Vice Pres. WAUGH, RICHARD Band, FBLA, Para Med, Biology Club, Pep Squad, Jr. Exchange. WEBER, BOB Interact, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lettermen's Club, Maas Bros. Repres. WELLS, JEFF Football, Wres- tling, Lettermans Club. WEST, VALERIE Art Club, Para Med, Drama Club, Sr. Day, Sr. Breakfast Comm., Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm. WETHERELL, SUSAN WHARTON, ROBIN French Club, Drama Club, Para Med Club, Prom Comm., Sr. Day, Sr. Break- fast Comm. WHEELER, COOKIE Cheer- leading, Student Council, French Club, Drama Club, Homecoming Queen, Prom Comm. WHITE, DOLLY FHA, Soph Choir, Concert Choir, Girls Ensem- ble, Cards 84 Announcement Comm. WHITE, JAN Soph. Choir, Wo- selette, Biology Club, GAA, Home- coming Comm., Oueen Comm., Prom Comm. WILCOX, RHONDA FTA, , CHOIR, Pep Squad, NHS, Gondo- liers, Z-Club, Drama Club. WILLIS, DUSTY German Club, Debate Club, Interact Club, Drama Club-Pres., Student Council, Homecoming Chr., Sr. Budget Comm., Prom Comm. WILSON, ANGELA FHA, Civi- nettes, Pep Squad, Mum Comm., Alumni Comm., Cards 84 Announce- ments Comm., Bacc. 84 Comm. Comm., Creative Writing, Sr. Gift Comm. WILSON, DAVE Football, Track. WINSTON, BARRY Track, Band, Football, Auto Club. WINSTON,MARCIA Basketball, French Club, Allied Youth. WINTERS, BOB DCT, DE. WINTER, DON Football, Wres- tling, Lettermenis Club. WIX, ERIC WOOD, GLEAVE Civitan Club, Football, Swim Team, NHS, Editor of Nor'easter, Student Council, Drama Club. WRIGHT, BILL Track Mgr., Sec. 84 Pres. of Science 84 Eng. Club. YANCEY, PAULETTE GAA, Band, Student Council, Carnival Comm. YOUNG, CHRIS Basketball, Key Club, Bon Fire. YOUNG, DAVID DECA, CEC. :-- - ...--- -1-Q U,-V-1 --W V Y.. Y --H iw kj nu ly ' hl .ff 9 L L 1 W- lil' I I n ll- ,' 4 Im ff . Q. Ag: 'L LIT 'lg' r All, I, .f-if ' ,I rh 1 ,231 'V rl, I I 1 ' ii ali 1 ' - l '-x I U v ' ofliius W.?5"74 sz 0 L o .X .X Ex VIZ., 'J 67" 1,1 efarerffkements X .l-'sf 'c ri 5 .-. I. u Y N .Q . Q Q ' A O A. ,A wx if 5'.s l' I 'ai' 'Ta , . 1 P I va 4 Pal f'1 , Q X' .42 ' 9, .-xx'-5 ' v 4' Q x A-vp , .V gl.: J r , x f kg-1 1 1 Y J" n ', W X . 0.- 2 If sw "Af"' . A v ' , f tn' nn If A 'cDt1 1,4129 4 3 ' 3 1 .1 I ,. J jf .D .. .I ff . "I-I h 4,11 QI., 1' 1' ' ,Q., I I 7 'Z' ' " ' fi . I Q 1 54:7 TY, I P ' '51 M1 ' A z. .. ' N ea- -' .,- a':'4U'q'w . , 4 .1 . , .9 axis' Qs 'nibx 51 L: 25 Q? :Q 52 3? .3 7 E F rw I. 1, QE mf 'Q v 43 W w an M 31 5 K S E E Q4 5 ff, f E! 4 Lu Au Just BEREAN CHRISTIAN SUPPLY 2220 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Henry Walpole Phone JZSNN' Mme wmv UNZI' gcMHQZhbMH2n Banking at Union Trust has been a Pinellas County tradition for more than 42 years. Why? Well, just ask your neighbor. His . .or her. . answer might be any one of these important reasons: convenient location 1 . soundexperience . . proven fi- nancial strength . . locally owned management . .or it might be the fact that they like the idea of doing business with a warm, friendly and interested group of people. Whatever the reason, over 50,000 of your neighbors already enjoy the tradition of banking at Union Trust . . just ask them! UN IO TRUST National Bank, OF ST PETERSBURG CENTRAL AT NINTH 10" ST. PETERSBURG. FLORIDA ueuazn vzoznat nzvoslv insunancz connonkv-on .V-1 vzngnat nzaznv: svuvzu SACINO AND SONS TUXEDO RENTALS Largest Selection Of Colors And Styles 624 Central Avenue Ph. 862-1830 Enjoy Yourself ln Your Car At 0LSON'S DRIVE IN 2500 4th Street No. St. Petersburg, Florida i g 47l l 34th Street North FARMBEST DANNES ww . uf, ,z f ,: ff? xif Z R X A , Enioy fhe Happy Difference Where Shopping ls a Pleasure PUBllX MARKETS 274 HAINES ROAD HARDWARE Painfs - Plumbing - Elec+rics Hardware 5043 Haines Road Phone 526-I672 GUllETT'S REXAll DRUG STORE Drugs - Sick Room Supplies - Foun+ain Free Prescripfion Delivery Phone 526-6452 MEADOWLAWN NORTHEAST GARDEN SHOP Noriheasl' Garden Shop, Inc. I I I I 62nd Avenue Nor+h Sf. Peferslourg, Florida 33702 5705 Haines Road No. S+. Pelersburg, Fla. Bill Long. JF- ln Grandway Phone 526-9036 owner 5"0PPi"9 Genie' 8 Inc. AH'era'I'ions One Hour Modern and Tradi+ional Clofhing for Genflemen Sl-llrl Service 300 Cen+ral Avenue GANT MARTINIZING FARAH CRICKETEER The Mosf In Dry Cleaning LONDON FOG Seminole Shopping Cenfer GOLD CUP Seminole, Florida BASS WEEJUNS Park Plaza Shopping Cen+er CANTERBURY Pinellas Park, Florida , , f A , . ltfgais yoig kind of placed ADDRESS GOES HERE - Oltbondd C049 'YI .1-fq, ,f Complimenfs of ANDERSON McQUEEN Funeral Home 22OI NINTH STREET NO. ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA 27 ' ' fb Q .s yi f Egg . . 5 . W. iv? W , ., ,L Pava Radakovich, Pres. Mary Jo Hawlrins 5vwr1f1eH0fnif'9. Jucly Drier Debbie Penninglon Treus. l Carol Miller Marriane Thomas, Rhonda Wilcox Carlene Blanlcle Sec. Ka ren Knill 5 . . , Pal King Debbie Tulumaris, Melanie Baldwin Maureen Sliclrney Linda Schaeffer Marilyn Berger, Perl His'I. SOUTH PASADENA MARINA INC. COMPLETE MARINE REPAIR MARINE ACCESSORIES 30-TON HOIST W. L. LABER, JR. 68IO GULFPORT BLVD. 276 fllll-alan sfud Gm l CONGRATULATIQNS CLASS OF '69 YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHERS WEDDING - PORTRAIT -- COMMERCIAL 2729 Cen+ral Avenue S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida F 0 ,, ew, Laffy L Hmsrfn mms FMA F' W' a I994 62nd Ave. No. - SI. Pefersburg, Fla. . ' A 9 R X fr L-ff: fun ZQW5.-,Jff'u223L V" .ff WESTERN MEATS 2 9' -4-uf 'QL-,W P I F5 Fresh Beef - Pork - Lamb - Veal Q Sgr- 6 59I5 Park Blvd. - Pinellas Park, Fla. Slay up Io dale wi'Ih +een sfyles a+ Asc scnool surrufs, INC MOORE FIELDS ol: ALLENDALE 240 9+h S+. No. S+. Pe+ersburg, Fla. 325I Nin+h SIree'r No. SI. Pefersburg, Fla. Office Supplies Phone 896-8820 And "The Freezer Fillers" Equlpmenl Al0HA l0DGE M0TEl "How do you get a Ioan szoo 4+h s+fee+Nor+h from Northeast?" U.S. 92 Mr.and Mrs. R. Todd Dean,Jr. S+. Pe+ersburg You promise to pay it back! Owners Managers 525-4868 fiQZ4-N ' 538 Cen'rral Ave. ' Norfheasf Shopping Cenrer ,iwfs-mgmugrgrgi. h . C + I ' 4 af Park Plaza S oppmg en er 4th Street North at 38th Avenue St. Petersburg member F.D.I.C. MICRAL industries NIICRAI INDUSTRIES INC. I0383 Oak Sfreef NE SI. Pefersburg, Florida Telephone 8I3-526-908l WE AT BAIFOUR lOVE EVERY VIKING WHO BOUGHT A RING FROM US Annow DRIVE-IN 278 Q Seniors Beclcy Bishop Recording Sec. Barbara Braid Ll-I Arlene Campbell m Presiden+ Cheryl Clever Sherrie Gushe Pam Howe Barbara Hun+ Vicki Jordan Cindy Middlefon Maria Perinis Bev Rodgers Chaplain Diana Ruppel Sandi Sel+zer Parliamenfarian Susan Sympson Connie Thaclcrey Corresponding Sec. Lynda Vincen+ Jan While Jane Hufchinson 279 EVER y yema GLeCTRiCi TY DOES MORE FOR YOU! 'ix 5521- 'fb-21'-2:5 .. 'S L FWNKET' v E .D1,,- P of 'fknwwapawfhf Q FLORIDA POWER CORPQRATIQN i'. YOUR flX-PIYING,lNVfSfOR-OWNfD ELECTRIC COMPANY 'Qs Q THE PRESCRIPTION SHOP INC. 666 6'rh S'I'reeI Soulh 534 Cenl'raI Avenue S+. Pefersburg, Fla. Dave Erigkson's C Texaco Service Station ROAD SERVICE MECHANIC ON DUTY 6I62 - 9th 'Street North Phone 526-9636 St. Petersburg, Fla GOLDEN TIGER HAMBURGERS ICIosed Mondaysi Tiger Burgers - PII Barbeque 63rd Ave. 8a 9+h S+. No. Phone 525-4674 SI. Pelersburg, FIorida ROllANDE AND PIERRE THE BARREI DRIVE-IN For Sandwiches - French Fries Barbeque - Fried Shrimp Fried Chicken - Onion Rings Restaurant 40: lblh S+. No. Phone sez-1383 Delicious French Cuisine IIEFTERFS d An music sion: American Dishes Phone 862-1894 2221 4+h S+. No. 2927 Cenffa' Avenue Phone 896-7I I I I 9 I Q MARY .TAKES John S. Rhodes, Inc. ' ' FUNERAL DIRECTORS 635 4lh S+. No. 862-5I55 900 49+h S+. No. 347-4I23 Groovy Garb For Viking Gals Central Plaza, St. Petersburg West Shore Plaza, Tampa Posno Flowers WM. POSNO "Your Personal A'Henl'ion" FLORIST Corner Pasadena Ave. 8: Pinellas Way Norlh S+. Pefersburg, Fla. I Block Nor'I'h of Cen+raI Avenue PHONE 347-I2I9 ANYTIME 281 BOND .HOTEL 766 0N SHOPS V V SOFT WATER IAUNDRY INC. Premium Dry Cleaning 5I5 22nd S+ree+ Soufh 5 POINT HARDWARE Ar+ Supplies Pe+ Supplies General Hardware 3333 9+I1 S+ree+ No. S+. Pefersburg Fla PI10ne 894-5707 BIII I'IUI.SE ROMO CAMERA SHOPS Friendship Picfures, Wallef Size Trophies From Nega+ive Or Pic+ure And Black And While Only 20 'For SI.50 SPOIIIII9 Goods I675 5+I1 Avenue Norfh Phone 347-30'8 S+. Pefersburg, Florida 6572 Cenhal Ave' MAAS BROTHERS ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA Judy Riccardi and Bob Weber, Teen Board Represen+a+ives PRINCESS MARTHA MOTOR HOTEL 4+h S+ree+ Ancl Cen+raI Avenue Down+own S+. Pe+ersIourg SUNSET COUNTRY CLUB 600 Snell Isle Boulevard Phone 89I-228I LENTZ ELORIST Serving S+. Pe+ersburg Since I92l wd.rren warm af? I:IOWeI'S FOI' OCCBSIOTIS PHONE: 862-7747 I2IO-I2I4 9+h S+. No. S+. Pe+ersburg, Fla. 1031 9TH STREET N. ST' PETERSBURG' FLA Phone 892-632I 62ND AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG HEATING BEAUTY LANE AND AIR CONDITIONING IO4I 62ncI Ave. No. Phone 525-6930 The Finesi, S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida in Air Condi+ioning E ' + Tov KING qu"""e" and IYourI HeacIquar+ers For Toys, Hobbies, Games Service Nor+heas+ Shopping Cen+er 695 28+h S+ree+ Sou+h You VE GOT A GREAT - FUTURE :will S Q ll Il IIllIIi'n 2' ll ' - U U l,lg'll::: ff, U lm""-. Illli 'fl u mmllllil E If you save part of all you earn at FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ST. PETERSBURG DOWNTOWN ST. PETERSBURG BEACH MADEIRA csrrrvun. AT roulvn noo consv Ave. no mAnsmA eenicn cswv. NORTHWEST PINELL S ARK SKVWAV oo ann s1'.N soo1 r-Ann :no :um sv. so. NEHI VARSITY CHEERLEADERS I Denise Fas+ Barnie Barnard Ka'I'ie Smi+h Mary Ford Vicki Anderson Jacky Wanfland Vicki Barcley Toni Musfeldf Marfha Williams Pai' Frosi' HO0D'S MILK, INC. Be 'rhey shorf, or be Ihey 'l'aII:- Here's HeaI'I'I1 and Energy for AII." 5700 22nd Sfreei' Nor'II1 525-22I I Y A I GUlFSHORE SPORT STORE "Every'I'I1ing In SporI's" 48 Nin+I1 S+ree+ Norfh CLARICE let-Set Beauty Salon 2004 4II1 Sfreei' No. 862-4323 Four Locafions To Serve You Phone 526-2I57 BILL BURNS TELEVISION ZENITH QUALITY SERVICE 330 62nd Ave. No. Sf. Pefersburg, Fla Black And Whife-Color Qualify Sales And Service "Wow! This glue really works!" S+e'eo Amennas WEBB'S CITY The WorId's Most Unusual Drug Store VIRGINIA'S EASHIONS 207 Firs+ S+ree+ Nor+h S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida Phone 824-0772 AL'S GULF SERVICE 4846 4+h S+ree+ Nor+h S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida General Repairs Phone 525-5005 SNELL ISLE HAIR STYLISTS "Pride 0+ The IsIes" I335 Snell Isle Blvd. Phone 894-7838 ADORN BEAUTY SALON I998 62nd Ave. No. Phone 526-4I79 S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida Frank And EIizabe+h Barker WO0LWORTH'S NORTHEAST SHOPPING CENTER ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. ,1 0 , -n nu - ,-nn-v 4 A., ...nh 4 1 "' -T- v -. an.- -"' Q - ..- RENTAL 6' SALES COIRNER HAINES RoAD at 24th ST. N. 526-9I33 SONE UNUSUAL GIFTS lFrom Many Landsj Phone 894-4350 244-248 Firs+ Avenue No. S+. Pe+ersburg, Fla. ST' PETERSBURG' FLORIDA J. E. Sultz Shoes 0 Bos+onian 0 Spaulding 0 Weejuns 0 Roamers ST. PETERSBURG-TAMPA BARCLEY BUILDERS 9+h S+ree+ Nor+h A+ 87+h Avenue ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. GOWER-GOHEEN Real+ors-Insurors Es+aIJlished I922 4+h S+ree+ Nor+h A+ I2+h Avenue Phone 894-5I6I SNELL ISLE GULF SERVICE I30I Snell Isle Blvd. N.E. Serving Snell Isle Shore Acres Pa+rician Poin+ Vene+ian Isles O I F G 1 x 25.559 Tom 9Y Presidenf Corresponding Sec. ca' ,K 4' ,P ,C .4 Q ' 2 Bev Benelield Cheryl Barker ' Q 9 " 1 5 Q' 9 Sonia Searles Linda Tirabassi Recording Sec. Marsha Barfh Linda Bulger Candy Coleman Dianna Donnely Peggy Evans Michelle Garver Jean Hall Linda Klulrlrerf Karen Sawyer Jennifer Summey Chris Turner -4' MINUT ELEANER5 3 I-llfl .JN LAJNDRI FUR 81 BOX COTTON GARMENTS STORAGE SIZED FREE FAST SHIRT SERVICE DOWNS-FORD FUNERAL HOKE. INC. Io4s-sIsAvaa..nanI.-se.ruansafg.rIuu. mouzm-am T. R. DOWNS. Pres. D. W. FORD, L.F.D. ThoFlnatSavieoAvaiIabkhpudlcuofYourlhan THE MADISON HOTEL MINOR REPAIRS OPEN 6 DAYS COMPLETE NO CHARGE 7 AM TO 9 PM ALTERATIONS "IT'S THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS" Fe' Reel Living Cenvenienee NORTH SIDE CENTER AREA souTH SIDE In The Hear'r of S+. Pefersburg 3163 51h A N 896 5754 2ooo C I IA 2223-91h Sf S 862 7906 720 4th sf N 862 5743 820 6471 1640-5th A S 862 2785 Cloes To Every+hing 2300 9th S1 N. 862-4794 3320 Lakeview Ave S. 867 I579 91h SI N. At 62nd Ave 527-5322 1426 Pasadena Ave s. 345-0678 Free Parking T401 22nd Sf s. 898-4378 N E P D R E 424 Cenfral Ave. Phone 862-785I STATE FARM INSURANCE GD GOOD GUY - NEARBY JOE WORNICKI, Agent 4599 PARK BLVD. PINEI.lAS PARK, FLORIDA Phone 544- I 47I 291 "I Irnow The ole 'my dog a+e my homework' Nick!" W I D E R E PRINTING CO., INC. Printing For ST, Petersburg Since 1923 Une of ST, Perersburgjs Besf Equipped Commercial Prinfing Plants 325 - Ist Avenue So. Phone 862-4577 ST. PETERSBURG BANK AND TRUST PHONE 898-08Il IAREA CODE 8I3I I60 UNITS RIGHT DOWNTOWN ON THE WATERFRONT EDGEWATER BEACH MOTEL 63l NORTH SHORE DRIVE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA JOHN AND ELEANOR BARGER OWNERS Andr if nada' ga David Burns Larry Dillahunfy Ba,-ry G h 1 Senior Board Member Pf95iden'i WCG P d f flfllll If era I '4:. 7. 'Z-. i ? -0 0 4 Q, 'fllllllfl D gH Larry H Earl Slrel+on Buddy Robbins Secrefary Bruce Neri J09 L C P+ EOIT1 4 PIZZA HUT ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA ff Tele. 527-1782 Across from Grundwoy and 710 So. Missouri, Clearwater Tele. 446-7923 .ll I'! ' , x H -I .gh 1 , 4 K5 Order By Phone For Faster Service Allow Approxlmately 20 Minutes DINE IN - CARRY OUT Qualify Pianos Telephone 345-0I7I 345-OI 72 Al HAVENER'S MUSICLAND, INC. 6000 Ceniral Avenue S+. Pe+ersburg, Florida Hammond Organs Represen+a+ive 295 THE MAN TRAP of St. Petersburg Specializing In Professional Hair Dressing 2842 9+h Sfreel' No. Phone 828-775I RundV Automotive Service Aufomofive Service Wrecker-Service Repairs S and H Green Sfamps 5400 34II1 Sf. No. Phone 526-9I96 NORTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Kennefh E. Moon-Morning Service J 8:30 ancl I I:00 Rev. Lewis Eakin-Sunday School 9:30AM FLORIDA SHIP SUPPLY Rev. Ralph Rowland-Evening Service mo PM TAMPA, Fl0RIDA Phone 345-2556 6000 38+h Avenue Norih PHARMACY TAMPA, FLORIDA 0 Prescripfions ' Gi'H's ' Cosmefics 0 School Supplies 0 Phofo Supplies THOMAS B. DANIELS, MEADOWlAWN RPH 296 Pam Tougaw Kallwy Dodwell Yveife Dupuis Presideni Recording Sec. Treasurer Linda Norris Ka+ie Smi+h Chaplain Hisforian Janice Bergeron Una Binginhimer Peggy Coleman V-MI Xxlf Q CLUB Kafie Coryell Debbie Dillion Brenda Flagler Debbie Greene Connie Plislro Heidi QUiQleY Pai Siull 29 7 TOM SAWYER MOTOR INNS Gainesville, Florida Only +wo minules sou+h of UF Res'I'auran+ - Swimming Pool For Reserva+ions Phone S+. Pelersburg 894-7202 Terry Adam Rhonda Brock Lise C395 Wendy Chandler .W X Mary Beih Jones Vicky Mann 'ill' Cafhy Mafeer Kaggi Moss Kris Moss Judy Ricciardi Caihy Sanders Nancy Sneed Marie Speed Jackie Wan+land Bev Figcher Corresponding Sec. Presiden+ Recording Sec, PONY Sione Jane Harvey Lana Lewallen Tfea5U"e" Senior Board Member Chaplain 299 It's Never Too EarIy To Sfart Saving Af HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND l0AN ASSOC. Northeast Office: 30I 38tI1 Ave. No. Main Office: I90I Central Ave. Sf. Petersburg, Florida SPAUlDING'S INC. WHOLESALE GARDEN SUPPLIES Everything For Every Garden I92I Fifth Avenue So. P. O. Box I0009 St. Petersburg, Fla. 33733 Flowers make life more beautiful . . HSS, Permanent Flowers make their beauty permanent! Northeast Shopping Center Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg Branclenfon, Sarasota, Venice St. Petersburg Automobile Dealers Association ADCOCK BUICK BERT SMITH OLDSMOBILE BILL BROWN MOTORS BROWN RAMBLER MOTORS COLONIAL DODGE DEW MOTOR COMPANY DICK WINNING, INC. GRANT MOTOR COMPANY NICHOLS BROTHERS, INC. O'BRIEN MOTORS, INC. ROSS CHEVROLET, INC. RISHER MOTORS, INC. SCARRITT LINCOLN MERCURY STEWART JONES MOTORS SWANSON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH WALDRON PONTIAC, INC. WALKER FORD CO., INC. IIIIII1 , 3 Gail McAllis1'er Presidenf 'C 'L 1 " "'llllllll' , 1' ' 0 ',. sv" .Z Q. Q J ls K N Q X 2 Q X x 5 .5 T. 5 I .U en., 'nl f "0 I I -iw! I-ind! D995 Mary Ann Depiro Terry Forde JO Ann Groves Corresponding Sec. Parliamenfarian Sue Huber Sharon Hyland Sharon Kalle ' Pai' Shephard Recording Sec. Sfephanie Sherrill Vicki Smiih Maureen Spears Caiie Spraggins Sr. Board Member Sr. Board Member Treasurer i 1 5 Ca+herine S. Gibson and Family D and E Lawn Service Mr. and Mrs. Peler Perinis Mr. and Mrs. R. McAIIis+er Mr. and Mrs. Sieve Sfevenson Colonel and Mrs. Carl Ma+eer Mr. and Mrs. Baya Harrison Carson and Young Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Lewallen Patrons Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Speed Dr. and Mrs. F. Joseph Burns Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur C. Sfone Nadine and Ralph Roberl' E. ScoI'+ Agency Mary Joan Mann Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wheeler Dr. and Mrs. Rowland Wood f A Good Place To Work . . . ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS, INC. ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Our model IBM 4360 Compufer on premises for sfudenf use. BIXBY BUSINESS C0llEGE Your key fo assured success in fhe business world. Offering courses in: Compufer Programming Compufer Operafion IBM Key Punch Recepfionisf Accounfing Aufomafed Accounfing Courf Reporfing Radio and T.V. Secrefarial Sciences Please accepf our mosf sincere congrafulafions fo fhe Graduafing Class. If you plan fo proceed wifh a four year academic course, may we wish you good forfune on your choice. If you do nof plan fo fry for a degree af fhis fime, BIXBY'S infensified fraining of less fhan one year will enable you fo succeed as a qualified professional in fields from Compufer Programming fhrough fhe Secrefarial Sciences. BIXBY BUSINESS COLLEGE 300 Building Easf Compufer Cenfer 300 BIS-I' Sfree-I' Ng'-1-h 3375 34'I'I1 S'I'I'eel' NOFII1 Phone 898-44I3 Phone 525-I I42 303 QQ Q 2 X 'QGH O X Abbott, Deborah L. 125,143,163,166,219 Adam, Terry Lynn 123,180 Adams, Bruce 140,219 Adams, Daniel 145 Adams, Deborah 241 Adams, Donna Fay 241 Adams Morene 134 Adams 169,180 Michael 96,97,162,l63,164,166, Adamson, Catherine 219 Adamson, Patrick E. 147 Adkins, Gerald L. 219 Aerts, Patricia Ann 241 Agerholm, William C. 241 Ahern, Michael 219 Aiello, Frank W. 219 Albrecht, Craig D. 219 Aldrich,Jane 134 Alexander, John C. 241 Alexander, John P. 241 Allen, Cathy Margaret 140,180 Allman, Susan 219 Alvey, Beverly J. 127,180 Alvis, Donna Marie 163,166,170,171,219 Amborsina, Teresa 180 Anders, Debra 219 Andersen, Jack Thomas 180 Anderson, Alexis K. 241 Anderson, Beth A. 159,180 Anderson, Bonny E. 219 Anderson, Cathy 128 Anderson, Johanne 241 Anderson, Judith A. 157,158,219 Anderson, Linda Jean 180 Anderson, Marlin A. 180 Anderson, Michael 219 Anderson, Phyllis L. 131,219 Anderson, Sherilyn 241 Anderson, Vicki L. l07,174,175,180 Andreatas, Peter C. 79,241 Andrews, Julie F. 98,180 Andrews, Phillip L. 79,241 Andringa, Robert J. 12,28,73,74,75,133, 180 Angotti, Paula 241 Antley, Ronald H. 241 Antoun, Ann Lesley 241 Appleton, Rocky 108,219 Armstrong, Karlene 180 Arnaldi, John A. 126,156,180 Arrington, Lou A. 241 Askins, David John 241 Atkins, Dennis W. 113,144,219 Atwell, Cynthia 143,219 Austin, Chester 144,219 Baeten , John Timothy 181 Bailey, Teresa Ann 181 Balas, Donald 77 Baldwin, Melanie R. 181 Balogh, Carolyn M. 128,219 Banks, Douglas 145,180 Banks, Linda M. 219 Barber, Cindy Sue 105,219 Barcley, Vicky 123,174,175,2I9 Barfield, Kathryn E. 169 Barger, Marilyn Ann 29,101,120,152,155, 181 Bariteau, Sandie J. 163,169,181 Barker, Cheryl Jean 105,134,181 Barker, Linda Gail 125,163,166,219 Barker, Russell J. 219 Barnaby, George B. 128,143,219 Barnard, Bonnie 101,107,l39,l55,181 Barnett, Deborah L. 140,181 Barrett, Sue B. 219 Barth, Marsha A. 181 Barton, Betsy E. 152,158 Bary, Mark L. 100,219 Baumgarten, Sallie 219 Bayless, Randall N. 157,219 Bean, Pamela S. 241 Bear, Connie M. 181 Bear, Gary Eugene 219 Bearce, Robert K. 163,167,181 Beard, Karen 241 Bearden, Peggy Ruth Beat, James C. 79,82,181 Beatty, Deborah Ann 219 Student Index Beaulieu, Wayne L. 181 Bechtel, Raymond 139,182 Becker, Charles W. 182 Becker, Nancy L. 105,220 Becker, Paul R. 241 Beegan, Jane 125,151,220 Beftoulides, Bill S. 241 Belcher, Lance A. 182 Belden, Mike Alan 148 Belew, Carol A. 220 Bell, Linda M. 241 Bell, Victoria F. 28,182 Bell, William R. 220 Benefield, Beverly 104,152,182 Benjamin, Debra A. 172,241 Benjamin, Terry L. 129,107,173,182 Bennett, Joseph, 241 Bennett, Marsha J. 220 Bent, Thomas J. 220 Berchtold, Thomas 220 Berg, Gary G. 220 Bergeron, Janice L. 119,182 Bergstrom, Tonya J. 162,241 Bernard, Craig 182 Bevilacqua, Andrew 220 Bevins, Jay 163,167,220 Bible, Debora J. 220 Bible, Richard 147,182 Bidden, Becky 221 Bierer, Patricia A. 241 Bill, Janice V. 159,220 Biller, Donald L. 147 Bingenheimer, Una 119,135,162,163,164, 166,169,182 Bingham, Harry A. 220 Bingham, Robert M. 65,86,133,182 Bishop, Rebecca 103,124,129,134,139, 155,182 Bishop, Vicki Lee 134,241 Bivalaque, Andy 79 Bivens, Betty Carol 241 Bixler, Virginia R. l01,l 19,141,182 Black, Carol Lynette 163,167,220 Blackwelder, Janice 147,182 Blair, J. Brian 241 Blair, Lillith K. 166,220 Blanco, Alfonso J. 168,241 Blanco, Sarah C. 241 Blankenship, Barbara 241 Blankenship, Patricia 135,157,183 B1ankle,Carlene 120,139,183 Blanks, Deborah Lee 124,128,220 Bledsoe, Richard W. 241 Bledsoe, Robert W. Blevins, Neil R. 145,183 Blevins, Darlene 220 Bloom, Susan Louise 146,183 Blue, Elizabeth S. 130,162,183 Blumel, Stephen M. 220 Bob, Kathryn Teresa 105,220 Boettger, Debra 241 Bogaerts, James J. 126,242 Bohler, Louise J. 125,220 Bonacker, Janet Lee 183 Bond, Donald R. 161,242 Bond, Nin 1 13 Bond, Sandra L. 183 Bond, Sharon A. l58,159,160,220 Bone, Deborah C. 24,242 Bonne, Wayne 242 Bonnell, Karl W. Bonnell, Vernon H. 220 Boorman, Barbara A. 127,220 Boorman, Bonnie M. 127,139,l52,183 Booth, Rex K. 220 Borden, Joanne 220 Bordner, Janet M. 242 Boring, Gary 220 Boring, Michael 220 Borissow, Lou Ann 242 Boros, Ronald J. 220 Bourdeau, Suzanne 143,242 Bovee, Christianne 242 Bovee, Paul Spencer 93,133,220 Bowlin, Tom Lee 79,83,163,166,220 Bowman, Joseph J. 71,220 Bowser, Maurice A. 220 Boydston, Deborah L. 220 Boyes, Sue Ellen 1 15,120,220 Boyle Jeffrey 87.90.220 Bozarth, Bonnie L. 220 Bozich, Thomas 89,91,132,133,163,164 168,183 Bradford, Celia A. 220 Bradley, Richard S. 24,79,83,224 Bradley, Stephen W. 79,220 Bradley. Thomas 220 Bradshaw, Debra K. 242 Brady John C. 221 Braid, Barbara Jean 95,l25,15l,155,183 Brami, Sharon Lynn 242 Bramlett, Keith A. 242 Brann, Sheryl Lynn 242 Brantley, Dennis 79,163,165,169,242 Brantley, Emory 147 Brantley, Richard 128,221 Bratton, Charles 159,183 Bravo, Frederick W. 242 Bray, Spencer R. 140,183 Bredbenner, Patricia 242,139 Brice, Arthur E. 242 Bridge, Ina M. 242 Briggs, Philip 221 Bright, Kim L. 242 Brimacombe, William 242 Brissette, Kenneth 242 Britton, Barbara A. 242 Brock, James C. 242 Brock, Philip 221 Brock, Rhonda L. 183 Brodnick, Donald D. 242 Bronsord, Robert 183 Brooks, Robert C. 79,83,132,133,221 Brown, Bruce W. 184 Brown, Carnell R. 242 Brown, Deborah J. l28,l74,l75.221 Browne, Stephen B. 184 Brownell. Jade 242 Bruce, Keitha 1. 184 Bruce, Robert E. 108,184 Brunner, Alita L. 119,145,173,221 Bruorton, Ruby L. 221 Brussel, Emily J. 29,107,184 Bruttomesso. Dawn E. 242 Bryan, John W. 96,184 Bucciero, Dennis B. 163,168 Buck, Bruce A. 27,65,66,70,74.75.144,221 Buining, Elizabeth 242 Bulger, Linda S. 17,128,184 Bupp, Linda E. 163,167,170.l84 Burch, Marcia L. 158.184 Burgess, Marilyn J. 242,139,172 Burke, Beth A. 167,242 Burket, John C. 221 Burns, Carol S. 115,130,221 Burns, David M. l03,l 16,139,142,l53, 162 .184 Burns, F. Joseph 78,79,89,90,110,132, 134,135,l51,152,184 Burns, Kathleen M. 135,242 Burns, Stephen R. 242 Burroughs. Margaret 101,l28,134,l59 Bush, Edmond O. 242 Bush, Elmer O. 163,168,221 Buswell, Barry 184 Butler, Ernest 162.163.166,l69,221 Buzash, Susan l. 139,243 Byrd, Deborah L. 134,185 Byrd, Dianne E. 120,135,139,162,221 Byrd, Gloria L. 162,243 Cable, Anniversary 243 Cable, Honeymoon K. 221 Cady, Clifford L. 185 Cady, Janice 107,185 Cady, Layne C. 79,221 Caffrey, Pamela J. 243 Cain, Joseph 243 Caldwell Douglas R. 221 CaldweI1:Jay B. 65,70,159,185 Caldwell Caldwell Q Karen C.163,166,17 Kathleen 221 Caldwell. Robert E. 140,221 Caldwell, William R. 185 Calhoun. Ruth A. 243 Callahan, Melanie R. 105,221 Callahan Michael J. 113,221 0,171,221 305 Calvert. David M. 221 Calvert. Raymond J. 163,166,221 Campbell, Arlene G. l03.124.144,155, 185 Campbell. Joseph 221 Campbell. Lawrence 77,144,243 Campbell. Rose M. 243 Cano. Donna Jean 243 Carl. Eric 243 Carlson. Gary W. 243 Carlson. Steven R. 85.163,167.243 Carmen. Theresa 243 Carpenter. Raleigh 185 Carrell. Lesa G. 243 Carrigan. Diana 243 Carroll. Cindy C. 243 Carroll. Janie L. 243.143 Carroll. Ronald W. 243 Carrow. William H. 111,142,221 Carson. Adrain L. 103,128,185 Caruso. Virginia M. 147.185 Casler. Greg 7 1.86.108. 133.221 Cates. Elizabeth L. 123.140.159.l85 Caves. Sadie R. 106,159,221 Caya. Ralph 147 Chadwick. Mary L. 221 Chance. James 221 Chandler. Trudy 98.119.221 Chandler, Wendy Chaney. Gail M. 185 Chapman. Margaret l63.166.221 Chapman. Steven J. 243 Charleston. David N. 163.l67.l86 Chase. Robert A. 146.186 Cheezem. Anna Clair 144,186 Cheezem. Mike 93 Chenevert. Paul R. 243 Chenevert. RobertJ. 186 Chilton. Susan J. 144.243 Chlebus. James Z. 186 Choate. Brenda L. 186 Christensen. Gerald 127,149,186 Chumbley. Joseph 221 Church. William J. 126.243 Ciatto. Nancy Clare. Cynthia J. 243 Clark. Billie 146.222 Clark. Cheryl 243 Clark. Kathleen 125,222 Clarke. James 186 Clever, Cheryl L. 124,128,186 Coate, Paul F. 222 Cobb. Robert Milton 96.222 Cochran. Kurt D. 93.1 1 1.222 Coe. Cynthia G. 243 Coffee, Claudette 243 Coffee. David G. 243 Coffee. Kim 79 Cole. Carol Anne 222 Cole. Jane M. 222 Cole. Roberta G. 172.243 Cole, Sharon L. 222 Coleman, Candice 17,105.128.186 Coleman. Donald J. 243 Coleman. Margaret M. 153.186 Coleman. Stephanie 222 Coley, Richard C. 143,186 Collins, Linda M. 222 Collins. Nona L. 243,126,144 Collins, Steven A. Colson, Edward H. 243 Colt, Sandra L. 243,128 Comber. Patricia M. 243 Compton, Ruthanne M. 95,120.13 1,158 222 Conley, Linda M. 131,243 Conley, Stephen J. 222 Conn. Barbara E. 166,243 Connell, John R. 186 Conner, Connie G. 222 Conner. Michael 162,222 Conner. Roy C. 222 Connor, Timothy J. 244 Conover. Carol L. 118.222 Contole. William L. 108.135,153,187 Conway, Corinne D. 25.95.131.l61,172. 244 Conway. Mike D. 93.108.128,157.222 Cooksey. Maurice G. 100,222 Cooley. Roger D. 187 Coombs. Edward R. 244 Coombs. James D. 140.222 Cooper. Earl T. 244 306 Cooper. Gary L. 222 Cooper. Rhonda G. l22,134.162,222 Coppins, Steven B. 77.244 Corbett. Cheryl 134,187 Cornelison, Samuel L. 72,74,132,133,187 Coryell, Catharine 1l9,144,173,187 Costenbader. Randy 244 Cotton, Charles R. 222 Cotton. Theodore 187 Cowdrick. Karen 222 Cowdrick. Robin 244 Cowell, Michael G. 222 Cox. David C. 77,244 Cox. Jackie 244 Cox. Kandy S. 128,134,187 Cradic. Peter 222 Craig. Claudette 244 Craig. Karen 105.134,173,222 Craig. Vernon L. 244 Crampton. Mark A. 222 Cranford. Elwyn L. 70,222 Crawford. Gail A. 130.244 Crawford. Peggy 134,244 Cremo, Donna 98,99.151.222 Crisson. Kenneth F. 70.79 Crisson, Robin S. 159 Criswell. Debbie L. 142.244 Criswell. William 79,117,223 Critz. Virgil D. l58,162.163,l68,223 Crocker, Jay 168,244 Cronauer. Barbara 223 Cronauer. Robert R. 244 Cross, Gregory H. 27,109,128,157.158. 223 Crossman. Warren P. 128.l34,139,223 Crouch,Clara1ee 130,244 Crouch. Virginia L. 162,187 Crouncher. Jan 139 Crum. Nancy A. 119,163,l66,223 Crumb, Stanley J. 158,223 Crumb, Wayne E. 161,244 Crutcher, Thomas 158,223 Cullers, Robyn L. 244 Culter. Terry L. 128,223 Cummins, Bryan R. 187 Cunningham, Tom 77 Cunningham, William 244 Cupples, Katherine 223 Curtis, Roben A. 187 Dabbs, Debra J. 122,223 Dalessandro. Barbara 223 Dalessandro.Jean M. 187 D'Andrea, Michael 145,223 D'Angelo, Mark P. 163,167,244 Daniel, Dennis M. 223 Daniel, Donna J. 107,187 Daniels, Danny 93,223 Daniels, Keith G. 244 Daniels, Wayne 244 Dasylva, Michelle 148 Dauphin, Patricia A. 244 Davenport. Philip J. 244 Davenport. Rita E. 244 Davidson, Debra J. 144,244 Davies, Joseph A. 244 Davis, Davis, Joel C. 244 Michael R. 244 Davis, Pamela E. 223 Davis, William M. 65,70,79,80,1 13,133. 134,187 Davy, Cathy A. 120,223 Dawson, Gary J. 244 Dawson. Patricia V. 128,144,151,160. 161,244 De Alto. Marina J. 244 Deacon, Kenneth G. 244 Deal, Joseph L. 162,163,l68,223 Dean, Dean, Mark W. 3l.1Il,139,l52,l88 Romain H. 128,223 Dearmin, Jeffrey 142,244 Debbs. Jack D. 100,244 Decesare, Thomas M. 188 Decker. James E. 188 Dees. Betty J. 245 Dees. Linda G. 1l5,141,158,188 Defrancesco, Donna 188 DeGroat, William B. 126,245 DeGroot, Linda 122,158,223 Delaney, Timothy 188 Deming. Carol 245 Demint, Danny R. 245 Demmons, John H. 126,245 Dennis, Douglas L. 223 Depiro, Mary Ann 114,188 DeRobertis, Renee 245 Deschamps. Patti S. 223 Desiato, Dominick 223 Detterline, John D. 163,167,245 DeVault. David B. 245 Devine. Thomas A. 245 DeYoung, Linda S. 128,245 Dias, Rebecca 245 Dick, Michael P. 146,188 Dickman. William A. 245 Dietrich, R. Steven 223 Dillahunty, Larry L. 116,151,188 Dillashaw, Janet L. 245 Dillashaw, Patricia 158,188 Diller, Rebecca S. 106,223 Dillon. Deborah 119,143,188 Dillon. Diann L. 115,223 Dipple, Frank B. 245 Dobriner, Denice A. 128,159,188 Dobrowolski. Thomas 78,223 Dodson, Barbara E. 131,245 Dodson, Edsel G. 245 Dodwell. Kathy M. 118,189 Donatelli, David 223 Donnelly, Dianna L. 105,134,l58, 173 189 Dorman. Thomas H. 223 Doster. Edward R. 245 Douglas, Dwight 245 Downe, George H. 157,189 Downe, William H. 79,83,223 Downey, Sheila J. 223 Downing, Teresa A. 223 Drake, Doug G. 245 Drier,Judith A. l20,141,155,l89 Drobny. Steven S. 139,223 Druyor, Nanci A. 146,189 Duane, Marcia 159 Duato. Karen 128,223 Dufresne, Richard 245 Duncan, Deborah J. 245 Duncan, Terrie 115,143,224 Dundas, Jack M. 163,166,224 Dunlap, Mary Ellen 130,224 Dunn, Michael D. 245 Dunphy, David H. 72,74,102,l 1 1,132 133.189 Dupuis, Yvette M. 119,140,189 Durling, Sue A. 134,156,189 Dustin, Darryl P. 145,224 Duval.Jerry 159,189 Eames, Rebecca 245 Eanell, Robert J. 126,245 Eckert, Jan M. 245 Edgar, Kathy J. 245 Edmondsen, Charles 162,189 Egolf, Ralph C. 111,132,189 Eichenmiller, Eugene 224 Ekhoff, Patricia A. 224 Ellena, Stephen 224 Ellerman, Gary E. 166,245 Ellinwood, Cheryl D. 224 Ellinwood, J. Renee 158,162,189 Elliott. Paul 65,1 11,190 Elliott. Robert 126,245 Ellis, Alice J. 139,245 Ellis, Diana M. 109,224 Elmer, Kurt M. 224 Emmens. Linda Lee 245 Endicott. Ernest D. 224 Endicott, Robert 168,245 Engler, Jack A. 147,190 Engler, Sheral J. 159,224 Epeards, William H. 127,145,190 Erickson. Kay P. 146,224 Ernestine, Marilyn 245 Espy, Janice L. 190 Eure, Charles H. 79,246 Evaldi, Thomas L. 246 Evans, Deborah S. 128,246 Evans, Margaret A. 105,l34,151,156,190 Evans, Patricia L. 141,190 Evilsizer, Charmaine 122.224 Evilsizer, Pamela D. 246 Ewing, Cheryl J. 224 Ewing, Robert A. 190 Fagan, James F. 71,77,246 Fahy. Suzanne 190 Fain, Larry G. 224 Fairchild, Patti 246 Fannin, Deborah 224 Fannin, Kathy 190 v Farmer, Mary A. 246 Farrell, Frank 190 Farrington, Sandra 126,246 Farrow, Craig R. 246 Fasciano, Daniel 134,224 Fast, Denise C. 30,107,153,174,175,190 Fast, Laree K. 95,176,246 Fatigati, Toni A. 107,153,190 Faulkner, Rita l. 224 Feaster, Burnes L. 72,74,75,133,15 1,153 190 Feaster, David P. 77,246 Feeley, Mary E. 131,246 Feltner, Billy W. 246 Feltner, Richard W. 224 Fexfoglia, Mario 26,1 17,224 Fernald, Carl H. 79,83,128,224 Ferrer, Francesca 246 Fielden, James E. 190 Filmon, Glen D. 246 Fineran,.1ack E. 246 Fischer, Beverly J. 122,190 Fish, Guy Howard 93,246 Fish, John O. 190 Fish, Rebecca S. 128,l62,163,166,224 Flagler, Brenda J. 1 19,190 Flattley, Thomas M. 191 Fleischman, Frank L. 135,191 Flexon, Allen W. 191 Floener, Harry 146,191 Floener, Victor R. 224 Flowers, Charles E. 224 Fluger, Cindy S. 191 Footlick, Paul M. 246 Ford, Mary T.98,106,1l4,127,151,174, 175,191,224 Forr, Stetfany 98.120, I 3 1,173,224 Forsyth, Kathleen 105,127,191 Forsyth, Penny L. 246 Foster, Charles A. 141,224 Foulks, Michael L. 145,146 Fowler, Dennis G. 79,82,246 Frady, Sandra K. 246 Franklin, Melanie A. 191 Freeman, Rebecca A. 17,191 Fritz, Nancy Lee 27,95,106,128.13 1.139, Friig, Deborah 225 Frontel, Denise E. 225 Frontel, Joe P. 246 Frost, Patricia A. 106,175,225 Fruewirth. Lynn 158,160,162,163,166 Fulford, Polly A. 225 Fulkman,Jeffrey 128,156,191 Fulkman, Scott 77,246 Fultz, Earl 139,l57,l59,l9l Furbush. Winnifred 225 Furno, Maureen 246 Futch, Susan C. 122,128.143.225 Gage, Karen E. 167,225 Gallienne, Valerie 246 Gans, Vicki 95,120,128,225 Garbart, Richard H. 225 Garrett, Philip A. 77,246 Garver, Michelle 105.192 Garver, Patricia M. 225 Gaskin, Lester E. 192 Gaskins, Jesse B. 246 Gatto, John A. 117, 163, 169,225 Gauger, Judy L. 127,225 Gauthier, Richard J. 192 Gay, Barry W. 79,132,192 Geiger. Nancy 192 Gell, Kurt A. 145 Gentry. Norma J. 225 Geoghegan, John J. 246 George, James K. 79,225 Georgia, Jane S. 134,192 Gerhart, Barry P. 100,192 Gerhart, Jan E. 25,172,246 Gerhart, Raymond L. 246 Germann, Judith L. 141.192 Gesko, Ron J. 89.192 Gesser, Connie L. 225 Gettys, Anita J. 192 Giannico, Daniel R. 162,163,168 Giannico, Ricky P. 163,165.167.246 Gibbons. Debra A. 246 Gibson, Catherine L. 107,144,192 Gibson, Judith A. 225 Gicker, Allen L. 163,168,225 Giffin, Jeanette L. 225 Gilbert. Peggy G. 247 Giles, James 247 Gilkes, George H. 7 1,78,79,225 Gill, Bobbie J. 163,166,247 Gillam, Charles W. 89 Gillespie, Kay E. 247 Gillespie, Lawrence 193 Gillespie, Mary A. 225 Gillett, Roxanne D. 225 Gilmore, Anita R. 225 Ginn, Stephen F. 146.225 Gladd, Wayne B. 96.193 Glass, Melanie 161,225 Glatthorn, David 70.225 Gligora, Nick S. 193 Glunt, Michael 134,142,152.225 Godbey, Gregory P. 79,82,132,193 Gold, Brett G. 247 Goldacker, Deborah 131,247 Gonser. Kathy P. 225 Goodin, Myrna Gayle 247 Goostree, Gloria J. 225 Gordon, Jill A. 247 Gordon, William J. 247 Gower, John S. 225 Graber. William Grave 247 Graham. Linda L. 247 Granger. Walter 226 Gray, Peggy E. 226 Greco, Mary F. 127,247 Green, Beverly 247 Green, Brinda 161,247 Green, Caswell 193 Green, Donald E. 162,163.l67.193 Green, Linda J. 247 Green, Ronnie D. 193 Green, Claude E. 92.93.l33,193 Greene, Debora A. 193 Greene, Robert 26,226 Greene, Thomas 193 Gregory. William A. 79.l63,165.167.247 Greim. Sherri J. 144,247 Griffin. Kathy M. 247 Grigsby. Candace L. 226 Grim. Lee J. 247 Grim, Leslie Joy 143,226 Grimm, Elizabeth 193 Grissim, James G.86.109,133.170,193 Groff. Deborah L. 226 Grose, Deborah A. 162.194 Groves. Jo Ann 115.139.194 Groves. Jon S. 226 Groves Patte S. 130,247 Grynewicz. Jeanie V. 247 Gugliemino. Toni A. 194 Guhse, Sherrie K. 17,125,194 Guiney, Janet S. 247 Guiney, Janice A. 247 Gunnin. James V. 71.87.194 Gunnin. Theresa J. 226 Gurthie. Marcia E. l02.142.153,194 Guryn, Michael T. 126 Gustavson. Gary R. 194 Guthrie, Floyd 247 Hackett. Betsy 128.247 Hadnott, Karen S. 247 Hadnott, Sharon A. 247 Haenlein. Victoria Hagedorn. Patricia 161,247 Hale. Alfred 247 Hale. Marie 194 Hall, Barbara 146.194 Hall. Jean E. 105.143.151,162.163.167, 170.17 1.194 Halstrom. Roberta G. 120.226 Hampton Hampton Randall D. 226 Sharon L. 247 Hamilton. Hamilton. . Christina 143.194 , Deborah A. 139.226 Hane. David C. 247 Haney. Sharon M. 194 Hanney. James 206 Hannigan. Michelle 248 Hanovich. Karen L. 226 Hanson, Gary l.. 245 Hanussak. Karen S. 194 Hardison. James D. 194 Hardy. Michael L. 226 Harley. Deborah K. 139,161,248 Harman. George W. 248 Harpe. Joyce A. 226 Harris. Georgenzi 248 Harris, James L. 167.248 Harrison.Jess1yn L. 17.30. 106. 1 39. 1 5 1. 195 Harrod. Richard C. 226 Harrod. Vivian F. 127.226 Harrow, Michael T. 143.226 Hartway, William V. 248 Harvey. Deborah J. 248 Harvey. Jane A. 17,122,195 Harvey. Stephanie A. 128.226 Haskell. Ronald L. 26, 12.133, 138.226 Haslup. Allen L. 163,167,248 Hatch. James W. 248 Hatcher, Cindy L. 248 Hatfield. Mary E. 95,107.13 1.1 34.173, 226 Hatfield. Sherry G. 131.226 Hatley. Laurel 1. 248 Hatley. Ronald L. 195 Haugh. Forrester L. 226 Haugh. Joyce R. 139.248 Hauschild, Betty M. 248 Havener, Dwight 133.195 Hawkins. Mary Jo l20.l44.158,l95 Hawkins. Pamela A. 226 Hawkinson. Cynthia 248 Hawks. Nancy C. 248 Hawley. Michael C. 195 Hayes. Ronald 148.195 Haygood. Shelia 226 Haynes, Cynthia J. 143.226 Hays. Jackie S. 158.195 Hazellief. Daniel 248 Hazellief. Ginger S. 248 Hazellief. Michael 248 Heacox. Bruce 226 Heacox. Kimberly K. 172.248 Heath, Gregory W. 195 Heath. Susan M. 248 Heffern. Cathleen S. 248 Heffner. Susan M. 248 Hefter. Thomas J. 77,248 Hehr, Randall K. 158.226 Heinchon, Kathryn 195 Hemberger. John Rod 248 Henneka. Thomas A. 226 Henry. Kristina Y. 248 Hensler. Roy F. 163,169,248 Hensley. Kenneth 70.226 Henslick. Gail J. 98.128 Henslick. John 195 Henzler, Gilbert 195 Hetzendorfer. Dennis 248 Hewlett. Kathleen S. 226 Hewlett. Mary C. 248 Hicks. Kaye E. 130.14l.248 Hicks. Phyllis J. 248 Hicks. Thomas L. 116.134.141.l63.166. 226 Hill. Lawrence H. 101,162.163.164,168. 195 Hill, Thomas R. 146.195 Hines. Pam M. 249 Hockensmith. Jana L. 107.226 Hockett. Nicholas W. 65.66.7 1.88.89. 196 Hodges. Brenda J. 249 Hodgins. David 148 Hodgkinson. Randell 249 Hoffman. Brad A. 140.196 Hoffman, Hugh K. 226 Hoffman. Roger 140.196 Hogberg. Gretchen 125.l28.l73.227 Hohenstern. George Hohenstern. Roy A. 79,l63.l68.249 Holder. Daryl D. 196 Hole.Jeffrey 167.249 Hole, Terri 1I9.l28.159.227 Holland. Becker 24,144,249 Hood. Robert D. 163.l64.169,227 Hoover. Kathleen L. l63.l66,l70.17l. 227 Hopkins, Loretta 249 Hopkins. Nancy B. 143.249 Hopkins. Richard P. 145.196 Horning, Steven L. 249 Horning, Susann 120.l52.196 Hovey. Kathleen A. 249 Howard. Anna L. 249 Howard. Barbara L. 145.227 Howard. Robert L. 163.168 Howard. William 0.227 Howe. James P. 163.168 307 Howe, Pamela 102,155,196 Hoyt, Allan E. 196 Hubbard, Michael B. 227 Huber, David C. 93,1 1 1,133,227 Huber, Melissa L. 249 Huber, Susan M. 95,1 14,156,196 Hudson, Kimberlee M. 131,249 Keniston, Faith 122,228 Kennedy, Dennis F. 169,250 Kennedy, Michael 159 Kennedy, Sharon D. 135,142,228 Kennedy, Shirley P. 228 Keppler, Carol A. 166,250 Huffman, Elaine L. 227 Hughes, Hughes, Hughes. Hughes, Hulvey, Dayton O. 196 John W. 249 Melvin H. 249 Patrick W. 29,66,71,196 Randy L. 249 Humcke, Walter 249 Hume, Thomas H. 249 Kersey, Douglas E. 143,153,198 Kersey, Doyle 141,153,198 Kessler, Bonnie E. 198 Kessner, Arlene M. 250 Kessner, Susan B. 198 Kilburn, Steven P. 228 Kimmig, Charles E. 250 Kimmig, Salli A. 162,163,166,169,199 Kindel, Jeff W. 250 Hunt, Barbara A. 163,164,167,170,197 Hunter, Robert W. 72,74,75,l97 Hutchins, Cheryl L, 163,167,227 Hutchinson, Jane O. 125,139,197 Hutto, Randall E. 169,249 Hyde, Elizabeth C. 197 Hyde, Robert L. 249 King, King Deborah L. 61,160,163,167,250 Donna D. 135 159 228 King' Glenn R. 162,163,i67,22s Kingi King Linda F. 250 Patricia A. 131 157158199 King: Susan M. l43,2,50 ' ' King, Susan R. 228 Hyland, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Sharon L. 158,160,197 Dennis K. 249 Donna L. 227 Donna R. 131,249 Jack 79 Jean R. 120,162,227 Paul J. 249 James, Melissa J. 227 J anotta, Cindy D. 131,249 Jarrett, Melba T. 227 Jaskiewi cz, Susan M. 95,227 Jeanseau, Walter A. 227 Jeffries, Julie 144,249 Jimpie, Daniel 197 Johns, Eric A. 197 Johnson, Alice J. 197 Johnson, Gary M. 117,144,227 Johnson. Grady B. 249 Johnson, Janet Y. 227 Johnson, John F. 249 Johnson, Khristine 227 Johnson, Lori 249 Johnson, Raymond 132 Johnson Ste hen M 89 91 1 P - 1 Johnson, Thomas F. 249 Johnson, Thomas L. 77 Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson , Walter 79,249 , Wayne R. 79,249 ,William D. 249 .William J. 163,168,249 Vadia 227 Joiner, Elaine J. 227 Joiner, Jenelle M. 227 Jones, Alan G. 250 Jones, April 146,227 Jones, Calvin J. 227 Jones, Dale 250 Jones, F ranklin 227 Jones, Gerald 197 Jones, James F. 197 Jones, Jo Ann 227 Jones, Judith A. 159,197 Jones, Kathy 227 Jones, Mark R. 227 Jones, Mary Beth 123,128,198 Jones, Richard C. 30,1 10,153,162,198 Jones, T homas E. 77,250 Jordan, John R. 250 Jordan, Vicki L. 198 Justice, Elizabeth 227 Kaiser, Gerry 250 Kaiser, Nola C. 145,228 Kaiser, Robert A. 141,250 Kalinevitch, Vicky 139,250 Kalle, Sharon L. 115,153,l73,198 Knavel, Lynne J. 198 Kane, Jane A. 250 Kapp, Bonnie J. 228 Karns, Nathaniel l17,163,167,228 Kasica, Edward M.30,66,71,112,l33,1 Kaufman, Mark P. 250 Kearney, Catherine 228 Kearney, Douglas M. 126,228 Keaton, Peggy 148 Keith, Douglas W. 113,158,228 Keller, Harry 228 Keller, Victor C. 93,250 Kelley, Katherine Kelley, Thomas W. 70,7 1,198 Kelsheimer, Terry R. 198 Kelso, John N. 250 Kirby, Jacqueline 250 Kirkland, Joy A. 148,199 Kirkwood, Roy P. 228 Klarman, Donna 250 Klecker, James T. 228 Klein, Stephen H. 250 Klinger, Burt A. 250 Klukkert, Linda M. 105,144,199 Klukkert, Richard A. 228 Kneill, Robert 143,198 Knieriem, William C. 159,199 Knight, Craig T. 74,143,250 Knight, Richard D. 161,250 Knill, Karen A. l02,120,l53,l55,162,l63, 164,166,199 Knill, Kerry 111,162,163,166,169,228 Knipe, Kenneth D. 113,228 Knipe, Ray J. 74,199 Knuckney, Alice J. 159,228 Koch, Martin R. 112,142,155,228 Kolaric, John W. 250 Kolaric, Mary E. 250 Kopecky, William F. 96,97,228 Korp, Richard A. 162,228 Kostuch, Susan 131,250 Kramer, Charles 250 Krepps, Karen L. 199 Kringe, Frank M. 228 Krivoshein, Anthony 250 Krokoski, Edward J. 163,167,199 Kubicki, Joseph J. 199 Kuecken, Russell D. 79,83,163,166,199 Kupka, Matthew W. 250 Kurtz, Diane M. 122,131,135,143 Kyminas, Karen L. 115,228 Lacy, Kate 134 Lamoreaux, Mel 162,228 Lamy, David A. 250 Lamy, Joann 144,199 Land, Paula S. 251 Landis, Patricia A. 251 Lane, Louise J. 120,127,13 1,134,135,140, 228 Langas, Randi M. 120,199 Lanham, Charles 147 Lanphere, Sally A. 251 Larmon, Juliana 251 Larsen, Michael 228 Larson, Betty L. 250 Lastrapes, Meribeth 134,139,228 Lataille, Roger A. 158,228 Latimer, Patricia L. 95,122,141,165,167, 173,228 Latto, Wesley T. 110,228 Lauer, Kathryn A. 251 Laughner, Vinoy 229 LaVigne, Allan G. 228 Lawrance, John T. 139,229 Lawton, Susan 134 Lazzara, Richard C. 65,66,70,l l2,133, 199 Lebus, Debra A. 131,251 LeCompte, Eugene J. 100,l 17,134,199 Ledger, Patrick 251 LeDuc, Theresa M. 229 Lee, Nancy L. 1 19,229 Lee, Peggy A. 229 Lee, Richard J. 199 Lefstead, Alan 251 Leggitt, Nancy 1 19,229 Leighton, Donald F. 157,229 Leinbach, Kathy 251 Leinbach, Kathy J. 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Doreen 229 Love, James A. 229 Love, Mason W. 251 Lovelace, Karen A. 1 19,229 Lovell, Debbie 131,162,251 Lovely, James T. 251 Lovely, Patrice 131,229 Lowery, Daniel H. 229 Lowry, Debbie 251 Lowry, Michael P. 229 Lowry, Pete D. 89,90,229 Lowry, Terry 25,79 Ludwick, Anne 148,200 Ludwick, Robert P. 163,166,251 Luetz, Jackie K. 251 Lumia, Rosalie 144,251 Lunceford, John C. 126,199 Lundt, Jim 93 Luttrell, Lance 88,89,229 Lyne, Dave B. 200 Lyon, Mark S. 229 Lyons, Valerie 142,200 Lyttle, Richard B. 251 MacCartney, William 229 MacFarlane, Julie G. 105,134,173,229 Mack, Robert 74,1 16,200 MacLeod, Debbie L. 104,229 Macri, David M. 79,151,251 Macri, Victoria L. 152,155,200 Mahaum, Ann B. 163,167,229 Maherley, Carrie 251 Mahoney, Mary G. 229 Mahoney, Sharon L. 229 Mankowski, Janet E. 251 Mann, Vivian 102,128,200 Manning, Diana C. 251 Manning, Robert L. 159,201 Maranto, Claire A. 127,229 Marik, Deborah S. 229 Marino, Gail A. 251 Marr, Margaret A. 122,135,139,229 Marsh, John Jeffers 168,201 Martin, Stephen 163,251 Mason, Howard J. 252 Mason, Randall K. 230 Masters, Cloyd D. 201 Mastry, Michel D. 78,79,20l Mateer, Catherine J. 102,122,159,201 Mather, Barbara H. 159,l63,166,169,201 Mathis, Anne C. 107,201 Mathis, Barbara E. 252 Mathis, Micheal R. 230 M athis, Maury, Paul M. 141,201 Susan 179,201 Maxwell, Jennifer 122,230 May, Juanita Ann 230 Maynard, April 98,99,134,139,230 McAllister, Gail F. 103,1 15,152,155,201 McAnninch, Barbara 105,131,230 McBride, Laura E. 230 McCahn, Ralph L. 252 McCarthy, Linda 140,159,201 McCarthy, Robert 230 McCarthy, Sandra Ann 166,252 McConnell, Cecil 163,168,201 McConnell, Richard 139,252 McConnell, Terry 139,230 McCormick, Randal 230 McCurdy, Barbara 252 McCusker, Sharon 147,201 McCutcheon, Gordon 109,230 McCutcheon, Peggy 159,160,201 McDade, Linda 127,230 McDonald, Danette 252 McFarland, Jean 134,252 McGahan, Kathy 202 McGahan, Richard 93,125,252 McGrath Maureen 202 Mclntosh, Robert 252 Mclntosh, Bruce 252 Mclntyre, Pamela 163,169,230 McKenzie, Kendall 202 McKenzie, Thomas 93,230 McKenzie, Walter 93,252 McLean, Charlotte 139,252 McLean, Thomas 202 McNeil, Charlotte 230 McPhilips, Carolyn 230 McPhilips, Deborah 252 McRoberts, Michael 252 Mead, Micheal 252 Mead, Clare 158,160,202 Mead, David 147,202 Melara Francis 230 Mercak, Andrew 252 Merril, Janet 95,135,151,252 Meriott, Carol 230 Meritt, Linda 230 Metz, Barbara 252 Meyer, Krista 130,230 Michorski, Cheryl 202 Michorski, Gary Micklitsch, Gary 252 Middleton, Cynthia 124,202 Migernrey, James 158,202 Miker, Stephan 252 Miles, Dennis 230 Miller, Carol 120,153,155,173,202 Miller, Carol Ann 148,202 Millerr, Charles 202 Miller, Daniel 143,158,230 Miller, Glenn 252 Miller, Hank 79 Miller, John 230 Miller, Mary 252 Miller, Pamela 148 Miller, Patricia 252 Miller, Patricia Ann 163,164,167,230 Miller, Patricia L. 125,143,202 Miller, Roy 230 Miller, Valerie 159,230 Mills, Santa 252 Mills, Terry 172,252 Mills, Thomas 202 Millspaugh, Bobbie 252 Mintz, Wiliford 252 Mirages, William 252 Mish, Steven 163,168 Mish, Thomas 127,145,203 Misner, Earl 253 Mitchell, David 203 Mitchell, William 3 1,157,158,203 Moberley, Suzanne 159,231 Mollohan, Gary 145,203 Monk, George 141,153,203 Montgomery, Georgia 203 Montgomery, Mary W. 253 Monus, Donald 231 Moock, Micheal 253 Moody, Sharon 203 Mooers, Carol 120,177,231 Mooers, Susan 203 Mooney, Mary Rose 131,231 Moore, David 127,146,203 Moore, Farlyn Ann 231 Moore, Jerry Alan 231 Morabito, John P. 139,253 Morejon, William 128 Moreland, Terrie R. 253 Morgan, Bobby 253 Morris, Richard 128,156,203 Morris, Rita 128,144,253 Morisson, Nancy 131,143,231 Morrison, Sharon 253 Morrissey, Dean 203 Morse, Diane 163,165,169,253 Mosely, Alice 139,253 Mosely, Rosemary 134,231 Moser, Ronald 253 Moses, Richard 253 Moss, Kathleen 29,123,128,l5l,l53,155 203 Moss, Mary Kris 17,32,103,123,154,203 Motta, David 89,253 Motz, Judy 167,253 Mount, Arnold 85,203 Mount, Cynthia 231 Moyer, Dianne 231 Moyes, Patty 148,204 Mueller, Kathleen l42,163,166,231 Mueller, Norman 163,169,204 Mullins, Diane 95,131,140,253 Mullins, Sharon 128,231 Munch, Linda' 148,204 Munford, Glynda 231 Murray, Jennifer 253 Murray, Sandra 253 Musfeldt, Toni 106,175,231 Myers, Carol 131,231 Mygdal, Gary 253 Nadzon, Alan 231 Nanos, John 93,231 Nash, James 70,231 Nash, Monte 77,82,231 Nation, Patricia 253 Neal, David 231 Nease, Andrea 143,253 Neace, Jacqueline 231 Nebera, Marcia 253 Nelle, Micheal 231 Nelle, Stephan 204 Nelson, Elaine 158,204 Neri, Bruce Thomas l17,141,l44,154,204 Nestoff, Ivy 126,253 Neuberger, Catherine 231 Newcomber, Charles 96,11 1,231 Newhouse, Ginger 231 Newman, Charles 204 Newton, Rebecca 204 Nichols, Cheryl 253 Nicholson, Carolyn 159 Nicol, David 79,253 Norris, Cynthia 125,163,231 Norris, Linda 118,143,204 Northsea, William 108,231 Norwood Charles 253 Nousiainen, Susan 163,167,253 Nugent, Joanne 253 Nugent, Richard 231 Nutting, Karen 120,232 Nystrom, Deborah 134,204 Nystrom, Diane 128,232 O'Berry, Linda Ann 135,253 O'Berry, Richard 232 O'Brien, Nancy 166,253 O'Dell, Donna Lee 128,253 Oelkers, Wallace 253 Oesch, Oesch, Edwin 253 Lester 139,232 O'Hara, Dan 204 O'Hara, Dorothy 159,232 Oldham, Michael 204 Oldridge, Jane 232 Olinger, Linda 146,232 Oliver, Bobbie 232 Oliver, Larry 253 Oliver, Jack 253 Oliver, Steven 168,253 Olson, Brenda 143,232 Olson, Nancy 143,232 O'Reilly, William 232 Ormston, Mary 95,106,232 Osborn, Ann 98,154,204 Osborne, Joan 135,l41,162,163,168,232 Oswald, Steven 232 Owen, Richard 132,146,232 Ownby, Dennis 204 Pacecca, Vincent 163,253 Pacharzina, Shelly 94,95 Paine Deborah 253 Paine, Steven 232 Palmer, Robert 135,154,205 Panepinto, Valerie 159,205 Parker , Beverly 161,253 Parker, Gary 205 Parker, Julia 126,253 Parker, Larry 205 Parker, Mary 232 Parker, Richard E. 253 Parker, Richard T. 253 Parks, Julie Lee 253 Parrish, Deanna 163,166,232 Parsons, Charles 1 13,133,205 Parsons, William 232 Patronelli, Paul 253 Paup, Charles 232 Patterson, David 163,166,232 Paweizig, Christel 205 Paxton, Patricia 107,144,205 Peak, Daniel 163,169,233 Pearson, lra 132,205 Peck, Allen 96,142,253 Pelletier, Margo 253 Pennington, Debra 163,205 Pennington, Sandra 254,131 Pentz, Bobbc 233 Perinciola, Charles 73,74,133,233 Perinis, Maria 28,10l,125,l52,155,205 Perinis, William 100,117,l28,l42,233 Perry, Judy 233 Peterson, William 233 Peterson, Gary 205 Peterson, Jean 254,128,135 Petrino, Gary 233 Petry, Gary 140,233 Peyinghaus, Werner 254 Pfister, Janice 233 Philie, Janice 254 Philips, Alfred 143,233 Philips, Cynthia 233 Philips, John 254 Philips, Nicholaus 232 Philips, William 205 Pierscionex, Beverly 159 Pitts, Daniel 145 Plessner, Linda 254 Plessner, Patricia 233 Plisko, Constance 94,95,1 19,205 Poindexter, Leona 159,233 Polk, Jamel 147,233 Portaro, Roberta l63,166,170,171,206 Porter, Linda 254 Porter, Mark 254,126 Poskus, Patricia 161 Poskus, Richard 206 Posno, Jane 233 Post, Ferris 66,70,87,1 12,133,15 1,206 Potts, Dennis 168,254 Potts, Robert 206 Powell, Marsha 206 Power, John 206 Prachnick, Donald 254,135 Pratt, Jeffrey l00,110,142,233 Prescott, Lynne 44,106,233 Prescott, William 85,206 Presley, Debra 254,143 Priem, Randolph 79,83,254 Prine, Nadine 233 Proctor, Stephen 254 Proctor, William 233 Protinsky, Jackie 124,128,139,233 Prudente, Martin 254 Pruitt, Sharon 206 Pugh, Randy 206 Pursely, Tricia 233 Pushee, Sandra J. 254 Pytosh, Deborah S. 26,105,143,233 Quigley, Heidi 119,206 Quincel, Theodore 234 Quinlivan, Judith 105,157,158,234 Quinn, Mike 141,234 Radakovich, Nina 177 Radakovich, Pava 120,155,l77,206,234 Rain, Nancy 234 Rambo, Dexter 162,163,l66,169 Ramsey, Richard 234 Randolph, Frank 254,135 Randolph, Janice 163,166 Ranieri, Susan 163,167,234 Rankin, Vincent 254 Rausa, Judy 254,131 Ray, Dale 206 Ray, Valerie 207 Reed, Mary Alice 207 Reeder, Nance 122,160,234 Reedy, Michael 89,128,l32,207 Reese, Cynthia 1 14,234 Reese, Patricia 254 Reichard, Glenn K. 207 Reid, Charles 147 Reid, Gail R. 95,106,234 Reinhard, Debra L. 159,234 Reinhardt, Joyce F. 1 14,234 Reinhardt, Mary J. 207 Reinhold, Deborah 234 Renew, Calvin 159 Renew, Grady 128,159,207 Rhodes, Randy W. 254 Rhodes, Susan J. 120,128,234 Rhudy, Richard 127,234 Ricciardi, Judy 103,122,128,207 Rice, Joseph M. 93,254 Rice, Kenneth V. 234 Rich, Albert H. 28,70,133,135,159,207 Rich, Joyce 254 Richardson, Carolyn 159,207 Richardson, Denise 254 Richardson, Nathan 234 Richter, Larry A. 207 Riley, Evan F. 142 Risteyn, Richard W. 234 Ritter, John F. 158,207 Rizzo, April 234 Robbins, Joel 66,79,81,162,207 Robbins, Sandra E. 122,128,234 Roberson, Martha S. 255 Roberts, Roberts, Barbara A. 234 Beverly J. 234 Roberts, Donna L. 234 Roberts, Earl 140 Roberts, Glenda M. 235 Roberts, Marie C. 208 Roberts, Michael L. 146,208 Roberts , Philip C. 140,208 Schowe, Carlton P. 93,129,l33,209 Schrock, David D. 209 Schupbach, Wanda H. 168,235 Schwager, Melanie 166,255 Schutz, Norman J. 255 Scofield, Kathryn 104,128,144,235 Sconyers, Brenda G. 148,209 Scott, Grady M. 235 Scott, Lori K. 236 Scott, Michele K. 139,236 Scriven, Martin L. 71,236 Searles, Sonia T. 104,144,154,209 Sedgwick, Arleen C. 236 Sellers, Laura 255 Sellstrom, Judy 236 Seltzer, Sandra L. 125,209 Senty, Dean 96 Senty, Winifred l20,141,156,209 Sessions, Frank E. 255 Sevier, Michele R. 114,236 Seyler, Robert 209 Seymour, Carol A. 209 Shapiro, David 255 Sharp, Beth A. 143,161,255 Sharp, Janet M. 159,209 Shattuck, Sherry D. 128,209 Shaver, Nancy M. 125,173,236,255 Sheffield, Lee R. 236 Shepard, Patricia L. 1 14,210 Sheridan, Mary H. 236,255 Sherlock, Donald E. 210 Sherrill, Stephanie 114,139,210 Sherrill, Thomas 236 Robinson, Edward C. 126 Robinson, Mary G. 120,235 Robinson, Natalie A. 95,235 Roche, David B. 78,79,83,1 12,132,208 Rodbro, Lisa L. 255 Rodes, Charles W. 134,143,208 Rodgers, Bruce A. 92,133,208 Shields, Shinkle, Shipley Lola M. 255 Theresa A. 236,131 Richard A. 148 Roehm, Roesch, Roesch, Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Alfred F. 255 Adele Y. 131,235 Beverly J. 255,131 Beverly A. 124,135,208 Deborah A. 120,235 Patricia A. 255,143,130 Roller, Anita 139,163,167,255 Roney, Susan 208 Ro er Vick L. 255 131 P 1 Y 1 Ross, Alan S. 255 Ross, Edward 235 Rowens, Robert 255 Ruland, Kathy 255 Rulifson, Linda J. 255 Ruppel, David E. 255,162, 163, 165 Ruppel, Ruppel, Russell Diana 162,163,166,170,171,208 Karen 119,139,235 Barbara M. 124 235 Shirley, Robert G. 135,210 Shorey, RobertJ. 158,210 Shugart, Deborah K. 255 Sieling, Susan J. 131,210 Silas, James P. 79 Simmons, John K. 158,210 Simons, Kathy E. 143 Simpson, Deborah 162,255 Sinclair, Robert E. 79,111,158,236 Sines, George T. 210 Singleton, Barbara 236 Siska, Karen Lynne 255 Skelton, Earl L. 210 Skinner, Larry G. 141,255 Slappey, Jacqueline 255 Small, Fredrick C. 210 Smith, Carolyn J. 210 Smith, Dane M. 88,89,133,210 Smith, David N. 211 Smith, Deborah A. 256 Smith, Emily K. 32,102,139,l74,l75,211 Russell, Carole 1 19,144,235 Russell, Herbert G. 235 Russell, Kathy A. 255 Rutland, Earl J. 235 Rutledge, William R. 255 Ryan, Joseph R. 108,134,235 Ryan, Susan M. 255,143 Salch, Mortimer 208 Salch, William D. 235 Salg, Georganna G. 255 Salladay, Nancy E. 255 Samon, Joe 159 Sandberg, Georgette 255 Sanders, Catherine 128,158,208 Sando, Neil R. 142 Sandys, Michael J. 255 Santomasa, Michael Sargeant, Pat 95,126,143,255 Sargent, Carol A. 255 Sargent, Linda 162,208 Saunders, Debra J. 161,255 Savoy, Susan A. 235 Sawyer, Karen L. 105,l63,166,170,171, 208 Say, John 235 Sayler, Robin D. 144,235 Scarborough, Sandra 122,1 34,173,235 Schabert, Richard A. 235 Schaefer, Linda S. 120,154,209 Schier, Kirk P. 256 Schmitz, Frances J. 209 Schmoldt, Don C. 159,235 Scholl, Shirley A. 146,209 Scholle, Wesley T. 255 Schott, Rebecca 114,235 Smith, Janet A. 236,143 Smith, Judy E. 256 Smith, Nadine A. 211 Smith, Paula C. 24, 126, 144,256 Smith, Peter M. 256 Smith, Vickie L. 114,211 Smith Walter B. 24,79 Smoot, Deborah K. 107,211 Snead, Floyd C. 96,135,142 Sneed, Nancy K. 123,155,211 Snyder, Brian D. 123,126,211 Snyder, Elaine J. 256 Sohl, William A. 256,126 Solly, Joann 236,139 Soltis, Dennis G. 236 Sommer, Connie S.236,127,115 Spannagel, Barbara 256,161 Spears, Curtis R. 146,236 Spears, Maureen 102,1 15,154,211 Speed, Marie B. 17,3 1,102,122,128,155, 211 Spinoso, Joseph E. 256 Spraggins, Catherine 1 15,21 1 Sprankel, Teresa 21 I Stach, David C. 211 Stach, Robin J. 134,163,167 Stafford, David 237,126 Stafford, Paul H. 256,161 Stambaugh, Julie A. 256 Stanley, Kirk A. 256 Starns, Gary 140,159 Starr, David W. 67,71,l00, 102,212 Steck, Richard H. 256 Steed, Gerry 237 Steen, Robert J. 256 Stephens, Susan L. 212 Stertz, Susan J. 256 Stickney, Eileen 124,144 Stickney, Mary M. 120,212 Stiel, Carl G. 96,97,237 Stiner, Scott R. 237,128,71 Stinson, Deborah A. 237 Stoft, Brian 256 Stone, Polly A. l03,l22,l28,l39,155,l57 212 Stonecipher, Rebecca 256,143,128 Stout, Allen Keith 237 Stout, Denise R. 256 Straight, Dennis F. 237 Straight, Shirley 148,212 Stratton, William J. 212 Strauss, Dorothy L. 237 Stribling, Douglas 79,83,2l2 Stribling, Robert A. 256 Strom, Karen A. 127,212 Strong, Mary B. 139 Stull, Larry N. 256,143 Stull, Patricia L. 119,212 Sturgell, Raina L. 256 Sturgell, Tara L. 256,161 Summey, Jennifer L. 105,139,154,212 Sumner, Dana L. 237,27,l 19,173 Supel, Theodore 212 Surber, Sharon 237 Surver, Kathy E. 256,161 Sutton, Dennis F. 212 Swain, Susan C. 163,167,256 Swanhart, Gary M. 256 Swann, William J. 159 Swartz, Christy L. 159,212 Sweat, Vicky Noreen 256 Sweeney, Mark C. 212 Swigart, Linda S. 144,256 , Swindall, Marshall 67,71,213 Switch, Diane M. 256 Swope, Gary 213 Sympson, Susan E. 125,173,213 Taber, Mark B. 70,158,237 Talbert, Deborah K. 213 Talcott, Gerald W. 139,256 Talley, Walter R. 237 Tarantino, Larry A. 127,213,237 Tate, Gregory G. 159 Tate, Paul L. 256 Tatum, Margaret 237 Taylor, Evelyn A. 257 Taylor, Kathleen N. 213 Taylor, Lynn E. 257 Taylor, Paul F. 257 Taylor, Sheila M. 237 Tempro, Deborah 257 Testa, Catherine A. 257 Tew, Camellia M. 237 Thackrey, Connie L. 125,213 Theis, Barbara E. 131,143,213 Thomas, Barbara 257 Thomas, Jean M. 213 Thomas, John C. 213 Thomas, Lea A. 257 Thomas, Marianne 120,154,157,158,213 Thompson, Brenda K. 257 Thompson, Linda K. 237 Thompson, Thomas B. 141,237 Thornton, Linda J. 131,237 Thorpe, Bradford B. 79,83,2 13 Thrash, Gary D. 237 Tidwell, Sharon L. 119,237 Tillery, Donna 213 Tillis, Katrina N. 213 Tirabassi, Leah M. 214 Tirabassi, Linda M. 105,214 Toothaker, William 163,214 Topping, John O. 257 Topping, Norman 147,214 Topping, Thomas N. 237 Tougaw, Pamela L. 118,155,214 Travis, Mark P. 257 Trebbe, Robert 214 Troxel, Susan M. 237 True, Betty S. 257 True, Rodney G. 214 Trulsen, Carl J. 237 Tryon, David R. 29 Tuck, Charles B. 237 Tucker, Christie 148,214 Tucker, Joseph 214 Tucker, Sheryl A. 257 Tullgren, Melford A. 156,214 Tulumaris, Debra A. 120,163,164,l66, 214 Tumulty, Kevin M. 148,238 Turgeon, Mark J. 159,238 Turley, Glen A. 238 Turner, Christine M. 95,105,214 Turner, Claude H. 126,257 Turner, Eric B. 140,143,238 Turner, Julie 257 Tussing, Gary 257 Ungemach, Lois A. 172,257 Valin, Jacquelyne 143,163,l69,170,l7l, 257 Valin, Deborah 43,214 Vandeven, Joyce L. 238 VanDyck, Darrel 215 Vandyck, Terry L. 238 Vankesteren, Debbie 156,215 Vannuis, Albert 238 Vanschaick, Sharon 257 Vasallo, Jose 144,238 Vaughn, Cynthia C. 114,131,215 Vaught, Michael P. 139,238 Veleno, Michele A. 257 Venable, W. Mark 238 Vincent, Linda L. 125,215 Vizandiou, Hollis L. 215 Vogel, Jane 257 Vogel, William R. Voss, Neely 148,215 Walden, Donald 126 Walker, David P. 257 Walker, Joseph G. 126,257 Wall, Mary S. 120,139,238 Wallace, Debbie 238 Wallace, Vae M. 257 Wallingford, William 215 Walls, Kent C. 238 Walter, Gary D. 258 Walters, Boyd J. 258 Walters, Gene 79 Walters, Harvey E. 215 Walton, Bonnie B. 238 Walton, Richard S. 258 Wantland, Jacqueline J. 123,174,l75,2l5 Ward, Donald L. 258 Ware, Charles 132,146 Warner, Kathy 135,l41,158,238 Warren, Wendy L. 17, 102,l07,157,215 Warth, Russell L. 87,238 Waters, Mark E. 258 Watford, Kenny W. 238 Watson, Laura M. 238 Watts, James T. 109,129,151 Watts, Michael F. 100,1 12,l28, 144,238 Waugh, Richard F. 163,169,215 Weaver, Charles R. 258 Webb, James E. 215 Webb, Sandra H. 258 Weber, Robert I. 67,71,88,89,215 Weber, Wayne J. 24,71,77,258 Weese, Bruce A. 143,238 Weigert, Kathleen R. 144,258 Welch, Janet L. 238 Welcher, Karin L. 216 Welder, Robin D. 258 Wells, Jeffrey R. 71,132,216 Wells, Ralph K. 258 Wells, Sandra M. 119,238 Wells, Thomas J. 161,258 Wenck, Jeanene G. 142,258 Wendel, Duane L. 258 Werly, Michael A. 216 West, Christopher 117,238 West, John S. 239 West, Va Wetherel lerieJ. 216 l, Susan M. 216 Whaley, James M. 258 Wharton, Robin L. 128,216 Wheeler, Wheeler, Wheeler, Deborah J. 172,258 Ethel E. 17,151,216 Leland 113,239 White, Dolly 158,160,216 White, Donna 139,258 White, E White E dward D. 258 laine M. 239 whnej Janice M. 125,216 white Pan1T.216 Widmeier, Barbara J. 95, 122,157,239 Wiehaus, Patricia A. 258 Wilcox, Rhonda V. l20,l28,l54,l57,2l6 Wilkes, Sandra K. 216 Willette, Francis H. 258 Williams, Barbara J. 106,239 Williams, Bobbi 258 Williams, Fred 239 Williams, Jo Ann 146 Williams, John B. 239 Williams, Kim G. 258 Williams, Martha K. 26,95,106,13 3 Williams, Rodger D. 74,258 Williams Ronald R. 239 Williams bn, Lynne 107,239 Willingham, Suzanne 259 Willis, D wyne T. 32,1 13,129,216 Willis, Randy L. 259 Wilson, Angela G. 107,216 Wilson, David A. 217 Wilson, David L. 239 Wilson, Gary R. 239 Wilson, Michael A. 259 Wilty, Dawn C. 239 Wilty, Dean C. 259 Windham, Barbara 239 Winston, Barry T. 217 Winston, Louisa 259 Winston, Marcia J. 217 Winter, Robert S. 147,217 Winters, Donald C. 85,133,217 Winters, Philip 259 Wiseman, Louise M. 259,139 Wittman, Nancy Ann 259,134 Wix, Cheri 259 Wix, Vincent E. 217 Wolfe, Timothy 259 Womack, Gail S. 239 Wood, Christine O. 217 Wood, Gleave A. 32,l0l,l08,l28,151, 176,217 Wood, Karen E. 239 Wood, Peggy L. 259 Woodard, Douglas W. Woods, Laurence E. 259 Woodside, Michael A. 259 Woodside, Vaughn J. 259 Woodward, Francis M. 259 Woodward, Douglas W. 259 Workman, Jennifer Wright, Adele 106,151,155,239 Wright, John M. 148,159,183,239 Wright, Nancy 134,239 Wright, Robin 100,144,152,162,163,164 167,217 Wright, William P. 135,217 Yabczanka, Stanley 239 Yagmin, Barbara 125,239 Yancey, Kathleen 239 Yancey, Paulette E. 163,l64,l69,2l7 Yancey, Trina D. 259 Yetman, Jan E. 259 Yorkey, Janet P. 259 Young, Christopher 217 Young, David C. 146 Young, Gay L. 26,123,239 Young, Huey P. 113,239 Young, Karen L. I62,163,166,169,259 Young, Leslie K. 259 Yox, M. Ray 259 Yume, Tom 87 Zimmanck, Vivian M. 259 Zumar, Edward J. 259 Zussy, Deborah L. 154,217 311 Autographs 4 ,- Q , H ,K 1 A . f ucv- ' ws fl., 6 F. 1 sf hx M

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Northeast High School - Viking Log Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 76

1969, pg 76

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