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WJ ky 7 Xw -fA""'JC-"Q Mak, !'9ff-.Af ,Q gff--fffff .f'..."'...L".-..-,,""'c""' . ,JA 9.A..f,.L, ,11L'P"-" JA, gg 444,191 A f 711, L+-LA. VW ynfzfvfp Ai.-WLT , I -F7-1,1-M671 www P i5f2'jfWw MV' 'ifwb W wwf ' . yiwfy f5WwL90ff? N . , , 1-9' -9 X, + w p E ',,, 1 , AAV. f ,., av, V ' 4456 -,dzftfff 7441.1 ,dawg ' f ,g..,J a,.,.4,2, ov 4 Medea fzzagou Z2 ' . , Y Z ff Iac 40,44 'W-4-5, -'yfwf f 4 Q42-fb '2""q, ., n,pf,j,Q' 51 if ' an 5 QQ . Zgf, X A 2 ' 314, -Q ' ,J , , Q -.10 "9"'! f rdf 4 5 4 ' D, 'J Q , ,Q MMF wa f Q A 1. Ai , ' P- C 1 wr 6 . , ff I 1 V 'V P Wf ' Q Q' vQ,,f-" " Y f'H QW vga I fif 5 , ,AY 2 I A I J 0-J wwf A ' A fgfv' I 1 J AV. A K 1 Qi ' "' Q ggi ,Gulf D5 wyz945Q X Lf , 1 X I C' I VL iff QQJIJZ . W 5 'E 5 I HQHQZIW 'fufu ,J UZ M1 lfwfnfqfw HU Emu? Mfg! fwfbfmfff ' Z Q fW,1 w,QJf5 in Alf 65jg4,jg,,4,, 4,5026 0,0f4Lf rf , ' , ' k A dim-M5r4 ',,,1,5af,f ,Za-M1 27 155254-VD gif A ' I ,f - . F JW' WL , T' 158 . , A gg-'1f"!-I3ex.,'4'm5g-"H-bifrr ' - ' 1 -5-'fx W, '1' it ,gn 'ff ", Ve' , '. ..V Mzwf- A K - :Qin . ...- ' fff gt ' ,.: my 7 '15, N Af" ' X ' M I , 1 " 5" ""- "9 '-K + ,, if - .,. gf ,. , ,"' ,f . 31 w X A MJ , WWE? , qv WJ' MPM Jf 'f1ll!Ty flfwigi if W if f 335Lf3iwfQ Uf9fp2 M L5 j M15 0 W - Jifx 61' v A 19' -M ' v lj Cf Us . , Ll ' , V , , W I L y I-964 Q5 . ,df F y 3 . J ' it , ,L4-f4g?4g14,J.,li7f2e-Qsggj .Zc4L' A 'Q . 60, 22.6 64,92 A4 1 , . If , 1,1111 I -4 .W ' ,di -fda 111111 ' ,rdf ,Ou ,fl 214, J Ll f 414' 1 . 4.4014 M, ill, , 414 R.. O4 11,1 A dM1L4' .l ,. 11,' ,KAL Q! , J, J pa ' f -J gm. ,ZEAL 2440442141 VamQ4,4Qew 1 ufjalg J J ll? If A W Mia ji Sue Rigler T Editor-in-Chief A' ,f ff., - .Qi ff 47,-ff f',' ff!! , f"Qj jg, ' Y Q, 54444771 Paul Jenkins ,zz L ,- , .139 2 fffg, ,T fri H ,J SPOU-501' 4 ,:',.f,f1., f 2' 7 2, -1 .1 , L' --fg V, ff w 7? f .4 . " , .- , 'L ' 2 f' Q -" "Slff,i4k"f'.l u 7 ' ,1Pi!' - 4 . f If fn ' . , Q pf 4 f I ef-'ii' +16 -14 4J9'f"g: if ,ff-fM'4 ,f"2. Af'f.g.? f "A"I'W f, ' -' 1 1.13. 2' a Ai w5fQ,M,f Sfwgpfff ,W Mg a5gf?ff,j,WWf EW f' "7 A3 J in ff? As? www VIKING LOG VOL X 1964 .ff 3.........--.- ,MW .11 ..-x L X 'x ,.. , "1""""""'4 X XEAL . glix' , 5 5' 1 X x' f f Q 4. - ' X 6 , NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL , . .. I -' I ' 5500 16th Street-North xv Ma K, - ,H , 4 St. P tersb g, Fl 'da , N ,fl '7' 2 'f mai- X vkgb 5 e ur on 1 sg, ,ks ark, Q1 sg 1 y 4 I 'RVN , an . qw, kr E. ' H- Qi NNW" 'lx' Flu-vi -wa A ' . ,, fn C , .- M.- f, Q gt'ylyg1.,Qf,gxg xi' up U n,A.W'x 4-Xmas. Sf N ,Q ' 4 -4 0 FL 8 :J 4, QS' xii txx T Q C K" X "'l-xi ., 'Y 'fin M5 In September of 1963, we boarded our Viking ship, S. S. NEHI, and embarked on one of the most important voyages of our lives-our senior year. We had prepared for this voyage all our lives. Wfith Mr. Sexton as our captain and the teachers as the officers We, the crew, were in capable hands throughout our journey. Did We make the most of our opportunities? It will not be long before We will know. The ship is rapidly approaching port, and we, the Senior Class of 1964, will soon dis- embark into life, .,,V. ' for having made the trip- A,.,: i ii VVe ha a log of our seni i p ear on the S. S. resygnt'-it to you in th iMViking Log. wwlj Prr ,t if t JXLWJJ QQ! , any MQ? V 'ffl 55 I f ,f ,ff Q f 'S kwa' -H fd44f1CfZ f Z QL , ' . L ,JL ifffjfftgf ' Wg, 45 we WW ' C M, Cid. j0M4 S I' IU' or ' A, .ilk f as-1 Lx Wig ,Me ,Wav , K,.. ,ff . swf aififfff W M-AJ, M M t rtt i ,,, it ' 1 f L ,, ' sa Virr ,N f l"' K tix . V,.5fWfawi,EmrfWwv nj it ."- f s siiitt Q N Ji ,Q a f' , 'Y k A nad' ,wif f 4, , ,A Lf: L ,L xi 1 I . if 'fa- fv ffffffc 'Q fi ' f i ,- - . , , Al K U , ' 1 V ,f ci-'ffq KVQ, MN ' ' ' Lf' Lf A . '15 "'A , I1 , J U I If 3 'Y , I . fn Ralf? J f Q LL gf 11 . SC J'Zffi4j.d If in ,A ,V 1 t if ffl, AY C' :lui-1 ,A I ,-,--w-m--,q,q- "-Q-1-4..Ms W 1, , ,,,.,, ,.., f f The interest Mr. XViIs0n has in his suivivct stimulates the interests of his classes. For your ability to conduct a class in a firm but relaxed mood . . . For your never-ending concern for aII students . . . For your outstanding wit and sense of humor . . . For the many extra hours you contribute to Viking activities . . . We dedicate this, the 1964 VIKING LOG, to you, MR. EARL WILSON Mr. XVils0n,s school spirit is put to work by sponsoring the Pep Squad. This familiar smile typifies the "personality plusn of Mr. XVilson. The Hguiling lightsv of the Pep Squad. Algiough he maintains discipline in his classes, a niler isn't used to oso. 7 . . A ,mf ,Y ,,,, , is TABLE OF CONTENTS it Faculty it T T6 Ciasses 46 Organizations T44 gports O 220 Features T T 250 Advertising T 254 ,,,, O 3 'Q rw ' E A I fl"-, L i X he e-Q i in X lk 1 'AWB 5? 1 2 in-Q Let the word go forth from this time and place, to d to . friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passe a new generation of Americans . . . John F. Kennedy it I Mwfi 'XL v .gk sf' L 5. S5 r A gi v v.. f . Y ? 3. L Q r 4 , 4 . :- 5 6 ,K 93 ff 1 af ,1 Northeists school spmt Wm ev1dent at Q11 of our football games. 'Nga X Q., , l f AL . '- 1 4. 'Q g.- M' '?'5z4'TM' '?!e.:"::h Blll Gumey tries to get the ball for Northeast 1I'1 the game agalnst Tarpon SprmgS The members of the D.C T Club sold Cokes at our home games NEHI,s majorettes were outstand- ing in all half-time performances. The Goncloliers have acquired an excellent reputation for themselves and the school 6 W M vi A L Our Editors-in-Chief DO smile sometimes. 12 Living in Florida affords us the opportunity to use the beaches year-round r I I i 1' , ii'-2 f Ng, iii., ""'f -'E ' if ,gf 1,.,Qi'53i2 7 , if ff MQ .+- ' , r 0 b t W ilfikigsl! -4 W' Cf f Bruce Boyer capably direct- ed the Viking Scarlet Band throughout the year. Tommy Davis carries tho ball for another first-down. ef 15,6 if F- J 1 n ki ,it AV, .4 ,.'.. ff J. .1 ' . V f 1 7 V ,.. f t, . - if N f. .. g f ,-,n'f,. Q' f V' fr A a ' ,. .,f' . ii W faq.. 2 U ,W , , f .1 , 4 f me iw Q , i, ,. v . x, V 5,3-if X, c - L via sity 1,1 ,V .,'l KZ .ff .R i' K . 1' 1' . Q4 , e. ,rx iw 3-Q,n 'I3 3,5 N V ,M 1 .uf .-Kafka Q ,ff . The beginning of our Homecoming activities-the bonfire . 4 .V ,h X 4' 4, . ,I Q1 K F A 9 V1 ,. S i, e W Northeast named its Homecoming Queen at half-time-Miss Becky Bond. K E ff' 7 Viking cheerleaders braved rain and cold to cheer the team on. 15 S. S. NEHI 1964 FACULTY w L ! . . J ' JL! ,wa 4424161 - f f . ' 7 14,4- W ' . - 64, m m, M. 4415 M7QMJ QQ 719+-Q 7 f'-fl'-- 4 . .J V -.41' .41.4...,: 1.1. A 4l!,,f-l... P iff, ,L ,IA 111: ' gf!-C ,ff ' ' vw , .LMCJ-4 , I sf'4"'lQf-C KVKA, J ....,AL4::..c7m., .Q,f.crLLcfQb..a!.z Q4 G 1 ANL 1 A- ' -ll-!- A.1-- 444.4 .-1 ,5.i,.,v M f fu QL, 1 N K K A -.1 1 Q ,R MT , " M ,-M.v,.,., . A. v,,. ,,..WME.. , W,.W,,,. ,..,. ,,.,,,, f ,f A Mr. Sexton 's Message I have been asked by the staff of our yearbook to reminisce a little through the years. First I would like to say I have met a lot of fine young people who have walked, and sometimes run, through these hallowed halls. Their parents, too, have been wonderful, as together they have donated many dollars and worked many hours so that those coming later might have a football field, a latex-topped track, a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, a research lab, more library books, and many other additions to our campus. They will always be a part of our school, and for many years when they pass I hope they have that glow of satisfaction when they view their past accom- plishments. To think back, though, I remember the day the School Board asked that the student body be called to- gether to suggest a name for our school, other than Northeast. You can imagine their reactions, because they had researched the word "Northeast" and had decided on Viking Log for the yearbook, Nofeaster for the news- paper, Vikings as the emblem, and scarlet and cream for our colors. Needless to say, the three suggestions made by all the students were N ortheast, Northeast, and North- east, and they wrote and wired our School Board to re- tain our present name, which the Board so graciously permitted. There followed flag presentations and school dedi- cation on December 12, 1954 - Rick Rados scored the first Viking touchdown - our first play, "Turn Back the Clockv - the first National Honor Society tapping and initiation - the big auction for polio - the old victory flag - our first Baccalaureate and Graduation came in rapid succession that first year - and the first Iunior- Senior Prom at the Palais Royal, and was it ever a hot one - temperaturewise. Fifteen of our original teaching staff are still here. Mrs. Winfree, our bookkeeper, and Mrs. Hicks, our caf- eteria manager, have been with us for ten years - so has Sarge of the custodial staff. Soundings first appeared in 1956 - Honors Banquets started the first year - the first April Fool edition was a knockout. A Code of Ethics was passed by Student Coun- cil - our clubs kept expanding according to need. The Class of 1959 put the Viking Head on the auditorium - DCT and the tree transplanting program - the apparent mold for cheerleaders, just the right size and pretty. The Science Fairs and the fabulous trips our youngsters have taken as prize winners - valedictorians and salutatorians over the years - the beautiful young ladies and the hand- some young men who have graduated from here make one feel proud - the many compliments we have re- ceived from colleges on the type of youngsters we are sending them. Memories are wonderful, but you do not have the space for me to continue, so I must close with this final thought. You have all been wonderful. I have followed most of you after graduation and I deem it a great pleasure to have known you. Prominent National Educator Guides Northeast Northeast has as its principal a prominent national educator, Mr. john M. Sexton. During his thirty years as a teacher and a principal, he has worked to improve standards of education. Mr. Sexton received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from De Paul University and his Master of Science degree in Education from Drake University. He began his teaching career in his hometown, Albia, Iowa, where he taught and coached football for three years. He also taught in Des Moines, Iowa, for five years be- fore coming to St. Petersburg, Florida. Here he taught and coached for five years and was principal of South Side Junior High School from 1948-1954. VVhile at South Side, Mr. Sexton was voted life membership in the Con- gress of Parent-Teacher Associations. In 1954 he was chosen to be the principal of the city's newest high school, Northeast. Mr. Sexton has held several important positions in educational organizations. He has been director and chairman of the Florida Education Association Depart- ment of Secondary School Principals. He is a member of the Continuing Educational Council of Florida, the FEA Committee on Teacher Education and Professional Stand- ards, the Florida Committee of the Southern Associa- tion of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the South- wide Committee on Evaluation of the Southern Associa- tion. Mr. Sexton's career of dedicated service to educa- tion culminated in his election to the office of president of the National Association of Secondary School Princi- pals, a branch of the National Education Association. He served on the executive committee of the NASSP before taking office this year as president. ln this capacity Mr. Sexton will continue his work for the betterment of sec- ondary education. FLOYD T. CHRISTIAN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Board Works To Strengthen Pinellas School System Twice monthly the Pinellas County School Board meets in Clearwater. Since 1912, when the Board con- sisted of three members, it has grown into a strong body of seven dedicated civic leaders. Appointed and directed by the Board is the Superintendent of Schools, who is the general administrator of the county school system, presently Floyd T. Christian. Through constant evalua- tion and long range planning, the Board strives to strengthen the local educational system. All policies, rules, and regulations for all the schools of the county must be handled by the School Board. W'hen making local rulings, they must remember the de- sires of local residents, as well as the state laws. As the School Board studies problems, recommendations, quali- fications of personnel, and approval of textbooks and cur- riculum, they must remember that the voters hold them responsible for managing the county schools as effective- ly and economically as possible. SCHOOL BOARD-SEATED FROM LE FT: Mildred Day, Elwin Vevier, Marjorie Whitley, jane Manson. STANDING: William Williams, Charles Helman, Iarnes Hendry, Edward Turville MARILYN HEMINCER Dean of Girls MERLE H. MORGAN Dean of Boys Assistant Principal Viking Deans Counsel Students, Assist Adminsfrafion VVhether signing admits to classes, checking the le- gality of class and club projects, or conferring with stu- dents on pressing and important problems, the deans of Northeast are eager to give assistance to the Viking stu- dent body and faculty. Although their jobs encompass a range of duties and responsibilities, Mrs. Marilyn Hem- inger and Mr. Merle Morgan are able to personally confer with students who are troubled by the courses they are taking. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Heminger work In order to be respected and accepted by both fac- ulty and student body, administrators such as these must be close to a school. Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Heminger are willing to share a good joke or discuss the latest game. With the help of our capable deans, all Vikings have the opportunity for excellent guidance and assist- ance at Northeast. closely together to help the student body. of ' f 21 The guidance department at Northeast aids students in planning their high school careers to suit their indi- vidual needs, whether or not they plan to continue edu- cation after graduation. Those who plan to enter college may receive infonnation and assistance from the guid- ance counselors concerning colleges, testing programs. and scholarships. Students who are unsure about their career choice may secure information about the various professions. Those who plan to enter the labor force im- mediately after graduation also find the guidance serv- ices helpful. The primary function of the guidance de- pzgtrnent is to help the individual student to help him- se . The members of the office staff are a necessity to the smooth functioning of the school. Mrs. Winfree, the bookkeeper, and her assistant, Mrs. Spears, are responsible for all monetary transactions. Mrs. Huff and Mrs. Mason act as secretaries for the general school and Mr. Sexton. Mrs. Trigg, the registrar, makes sure that the rec- ords of all students are complete. She handles schedule changes and sees to it that students will have the proper number of credits to graduate. A K . -S-wifi H A' 'K 5,555 1 if , Hi . LJ' W' RUTH TRIGG Registrar Guidance, Administrative Office Staff Aid Students F ERRIS POST MARY ANN MEEHAN Guidance 22 Guidance BERTHA WINF REE PAULINE SPEARS Bookkeeper Bookkeeper's Assistant And Contribute To Smooth Functioning Of School 93. dbg LOIS MASON DOROTHY HUFF Secretary Sgcretary ANNE GALE Nurse 23 The English department strives to develop in the student the ability to think and communicate clearly and effectively. A strong program in English usage and gram- mar is offered. Writing is stressed to develop both crea- tive abilities and evaluative powers. Through analysis of the classics, students are led DEPARTMENT to discrimination in reading tastes and in their judg- HEAD ments of contemporary literature. Oral reports fumish opportunities for research, organization of material, and effective presentation. Through audio-visual materials, listening activities also enrich the language arts program. Northeast offers its ablest students an honors pro- gram stressing critical analysis of classic literature. Atten- tion is drawn to the merits of contemporary literature, and encouragement given to wide reading. Correlation between literature and the fine arts is noted. Creative NC?RMi,L'iUgE and expository writing as well as formal study develop Cofiggi? B331 skill in semantics. English III English Department Develops Clear And Effective THELMA ROBINSON JOHN HUMPHREYS Elmira College, A.B. Merrimack College, A.B. English IV English IV Na...- I . , , . ,rpg , . hr! A 1-Tar. 3 aa 'S ALICE O. KRESS ROBERT ROGERS ALINE L. HOSTLER Marshall University, A.B. Westem Kentucky Illinois State English IV State College, A.B. University, B.Ed. Murray State College, M.A. University of English IV Illinois, M.A. English IV 24 HAROLD W. CARROLL Duke University, A.B. English III DOUGLAS ALLEY Florida State University, B.A., M.A. English III MARY S. BALDWIN University of Florida, A.B. English III Communication Through Language Arts Program. . . . . A. B. WINDHAM TINA N. BIERLY CHARLES W. BROCDON University of North University of South University of Southern Carolina, A.B. Carolina, B. A. Mississippi, B.S., M.S. English III English III, English III Ioumalism Mrs. Robinson lectures on the Anglo-Saxon Period. Q.. dw' Q a-is PL.. ' fins K I its fs? ,gil 26 lie ri 5 gg .f K C. ALLEN CEYER SARAH E. ALLEN HELEN M. FANNIN PHYLLIS RODGERS Wheaton College, B,A. Carson-Newman, B.A. Barat College, B.A. Westem Reserve Drake University, M.A. English II English II University, A.B., M.A. English II, III English II Of Reading, Writing, Speaking, And Listening PAUL JENKINS PAULA N. MUSTOE CYNTHIA W. BORDEN W. CARY CHAPIN University of University of University of Troy State Kentucky, B.A. Florida, B.S. Florida, B.A. Colle e, B.S. University of English III English II English II Indiana, M.A. Journalism Sophomores take tests to measure their verbal aptitudes. r. EUGENE BEEMAN Emporia State College, B.S. University of Kansas City, M.A. S phonic, Concert, Carle? and Dance Bands, String Orchestra DEPARTMENT HEAD The music department, under the direction of Mr. Eugene Beeman and Mr. Dale Stonecipher, covers a wide area in the musical field, including fine points of skill, technique, and performance. The curriculum is geared to help the student acquire musical taste and dis- crimination with the hope of enrichment in his adult life. Choral and ensemble work gives the student an op- portunity to train his voice and to use the acquired skills for the interpretation of a Wide variety of music from the early classics to modem popular music. This year Northeast has four excellent bands and an orchestra representing it at sports events, parades, dis- trict and state contests, and on the concert stage. Both band and choral music study are designed to include music theory, literature, and skills of composi- tion, thus creating an appreciation of all forms of music and of its importance in our culture. Students Acquire Musical Taste ln Chorus And Band Mr. Stonecipher works for choir to produce desired effect. DALE W. STONECIPHER Northwestem Louisiana State, B.S. gh :til Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Mus. M. Concert, Sophomore Choirs, Mixed Chorus, General Music, Gondoliers 27 ERNEST R. ROSS Greenville College, A.B. Miami COhioJ University, M.Ed SMSG Geometry, Solid Geometry Mathematics HELEN R. STAMPER College of William and Mary, A.B. Marshall University, M.A. Plane Geometry 28 DEPARTMENT HEAD The math department at Northeast, directed by Mr Ross, offers courses ranging from basic applied mathe matics to higher pure mathematics. In general math and business math students leam to apply mathematics to the problems that occur in ev eryday and commercial life. In Algebra I, II, and III students learn to perform calculations by means of let ters and symbols. Students who are interested in figures and dimensions may take plane geometry, solid geome try, or a combined course. This year School Mathematics Study Group geometry has been added to the curriculum The SMSG course uses a more modern and mathematical ly sound approach to the traditional concepts of geometry One of the higher math courses is trigonometry, the study of relations of the sides and angles of triangles Senior math, an honors course, includes trigonometry and an introduction to higher math topics. Through this program students have become more familiar with the different branches of mathematics. Department Offers Curriculum Including MILDRED E. FORTUNE MARLIN BROWN Albright College, B.S. Livingston State Algebra II College, B.S. University of Alabama, M.A. Algebra III, Trig, Senior Math HENRY S. FRAZE HELEN M. WEBSTER University of Florida West Virginia Florida, B.S.E. University, A.B Algebra II Florida State University, M.S Algebra I ,AM A. CHARLES MINER BARBARA 1. GLIHA VINCENT T. CANNON University of North Indiana State University of Carolina, A.B., M.Ed. College, B.S. Rhode Island, B.S. Business Math, SMSG Geometry General Math, Algebra I Plane Geometry Algebra I Both Basic And Advanced Topics A I rf JERRY MAGEE Indiana State College, B.S. Business Math General Math Mr. Ross uses a visual aid to illustrate a geometric concept. SCOTT.MCDLL Memphis State University, B.S. General Math ALICE E. SIMS University of Wichita, B.A. University of Kentuclgg M .A. Rea ing . Miss Sims gives directions for a reading drill. Beading classes benefit students through enlarging their vocabularies while increasing their reading speeds and skills. This area of study aids students in scholastic progress and helps to prepare the college-bound student for more advanced study. Reading, Speech, And Drama Work To Develop Skills up as , Through studying production technique and actual character portrayal drama classes stimulate an appre- ciation for the art of drama, its history, and literature The speech department offers students the basics of cor- ROBERT B CHALLENGER rect conversational and formal speech, oral composition, ' and ease in presentation through preparing and pre- of Technology, senting speeches. B.F,A., M.F.A. S eech II, IV, Public ' Spealging, Drama Workshop Carnegie Institute Mri Challener aids drama students in the oral interpretation of a p ay. BARBARA C. FRANCIS Florida State University, A.B. Speech I, III DEPARTMENT HEAD GENEVIEVE M. SHRUM College of Wooster, B.A. Spanish I The language department at Northeast, under the leadership of Mrs. Shrum, includes four languages in its curriculum: French, Latin, German, and Spanish. Three years of French and four years of Latin are offered. One of the courses added this year is German III. Spanish V, an honors course, is also new this year. In the modem language courses students learn to converse in the language. The language workshop, now located in the new wing, provides an opportunity for students to improve their conversation and comprehen- sion. The workshop has thirty student booths and a teacher console. Four of the booths are equipped so that students may record their voices on tape. The teacher can play as many as three different programs simultane- ously to students in the workshop. Through the language program students learn about the cultures of foreign countries, as well as the lan- gl1ag6S. Language Students Improve Conversation ln Workshop CARMINE R ZINN ARMANDO I. ALONSO JOYCE M. McDILL ROGER K. DARDENNE Florida State University Wake Forest College, B.A. University of University, B.A. of Havana, Ph.D. German, I. II, III Pittsburgh, B.S. Spanish II Spanish III, IV, V French I Northwestem University, University. M.S. CLYDE W. BENNETT University of Georgia, A.B. George Peabody College, M.A. Latin I, II, III, IV French I, II, III, IV Mrs. Zinn repeats a difficult passage for students in the language lab. ..W.4.,.gfW.,,ar,:m ,..,Wm. . fa, . ,,, W. . DEPARTMENT HEAD HENRY W. FINK University of Florida, B.A.E. Art I, II, III, IV Mr. Fink points out some important facts in sculpturing. , , faq, . MIN HELEN R. env- HOLLINGSWORTH Aubum University, B.S. George Peabody College, M.A., Ed.S. Arts and Crafts I, II l 32 The art department, under the leadership of Mr. Henry Fink, offers excellent training for students in- terested in art, crafts, shop work, and mechanical draw- ing. At Northeast, four years of art ranging from a study of fundamentals of lettering, design, poster making, por- trait drawing, and landscape painting in Art I to the specilization of advanced design and painting, is offered in Art III and Art IV. The main objective of arts and Art III and Art IV. The main objective of arts and crafts courses is to acquire knowledge and skill in the design and construction of three dimensional objects. Through such fields as electronics, acrylics, and rnold- ed fibers, industrial arts teachers strive to help their students understand the products and services of indus- try, find self-expression through planning and construct- ing projects, and gain self-reliance, self-discipline, and appreciation of good workmanship. Art Department Program Miss Hollingsworth helps student use arts and crafts equipment. WILLIAM R. MCNEIL Union College, B.S. Stout Institute, M.S. Industrial Arts Includes Varied Courses .va Mr. McNeil checks finished product for true straightness. Mr. Buchaus assists a student in drawing a set of plans. ROY F. BUCHAUS University of Indiana, B.S. Mechanical Drawing DEPARTMENT HEAD .sm ,Jia - v f . f W 5 X , Q s. ' ri V ,Fx sy f ESTHER H. DOBBINS U. of New York, B.S. Home Economics I, Housing Management and Family Finance The home economics department, directed by Mrs. Esther Dobbins, plays a vital part in preparing the young women of Northeast for their domestic roles of the fu- ture. The required Home Economics I course is designed to provide a general background in the areas of cooking, nutrition, sewing, textiles, and family life. The special- ized courses for the second year include child develop- ment, clothing and textiles, and management and family finance. Not only does the future homemaker acquire essen- tial skills, but she also attains a sufficient background to formulate for herself a workable philosophy of person- al and family life. Home Economics Prepares Girls For Domestic Roles VARENA L. BLATTNER '5ZiZTC'ifniEf?f5K Humvgrslty' I Home Econonflics I gnlgfhmcgqljgglllsw ' Child Development Nurse Iacobs, special instmctor for new child development class, watches Mrs. Clark test water for baby's bath. . f 7 iz 'Aff --. ' 1 ff- 'soit 'Wi -J 1 ee fsfr F Z I .-- " -c,,,,,-1' , If v 1 - f d iR'fwa.-- 34 41 -nf' Miss Lanphear uses card file to organize research materials. kv zt' K, l r y 4 LUCY M. LANPHEAR Geneseo State Teachers College, B.S. Florida State University, B.S. Head Librarian Library, Audio-Visual Now Located In New Rooms The tenth anniversary of Northeast finds the library in a new home. All supplementary learning materials - books, magazines, newspapers, filmstrips, tapes, and rec- ords - are available in the new material center. The main library has a reference corner for serious research, a magazine area for leisure reading of current materials, a sound proof room for committee work or class use of library facilities, a behind-the-scenes work- room, stacks for the present collection and future ex- pansion, and a large circulation area for fast service. Two soundproof booths enable teachers and students to enjoy the growing collection of tapes and records. ' f'-fl I ' lxiurrr. f 5. 'Q 'FY' J in IOSEPHINE ANDERSON Agnes Scott College, B.A. Audio-Visual Chairman The addition of an A-V workroom in the material center has made it possible to expand and improve this phase of library services. Except for the film projectors, all A-V equipment is stored here and sent out for class- room use. Also, teachers preview films here, transparen- cies and other visual aids are made, and tapes are cut. All these areas have been designed with the busy Vikings in mind to give maximum service to all. Mrs. Anderson demonstrates proper use of audio-visual equipment. 35 GEORGE N. RAYMOND Grove City College, B.S. Colorado State College, M.A. Biology DEPARTMENT HEAD The science department, under the direction of Mr. Raymond, provides a variety of courses in order to meet the needs of students at all levels. In biology students learn the basic concepts of plant and animal life. Those who wish to continue their study of biology may take advanced biology, which includes the fundamental principles of heredity and genetics. In physiology students study human anatomy and body functions. The two beginning chemistry courses are Chemistry B, the standard high school course, and Chem- istry A, a more detailed study stressing laboratory tech- niques. Students who plan to continue their study of chemistry in college may take advanced chemistry or do independent research. Physical science is a general course which includes basic chemical theory and fundamental physics concepts. In physics students do extensive labora- tory work in the mechanical aspects of science. Through the science program at Northeast, students have gained new knowledge of the scientific world. Science Program Includes A Variety Of Courses KENNETH W. PSCHORR St. Norberts College, B.S. Health, Physiology ROBERT A. HUNTER Maryville College, B.A. University of Wisconsin, M.S. BSCS Biology 1--My EDWARD P. ALLEN SUSAN C. POPEIOY GEORGE EFTHEMES Oberlin College, A.B. University of West Liberty State University Of Kansas, B.S.E. College, AB- Florida, M.Ed. Biology Biology Biology 36 ,,,Wi DONALD L. ABRAHAM Purdue University, B.S. Ball State Teacher's College, M.A. Physics, 'Physical Science 'Ulu-...ns 5"-f NRA Mr. Efthemes adjusts slide so that student may get a better view of specimen. WVALTER M. SVVAN Southeast Missouri State College, B.S.E. Indiana University, M.S.Ed. Chemistry A,B GERALD ROWLAND Concord College, B.S.E. Chemistry B nw ff RAYNIOND D. KUHL University of Florida, B.S.E. Physical Science 38 The physical education department, directed by Mr. Lee Benjamin, gears its program to include a wide va- riety of sports and the development of important char- acter traits. In the course of fulfilling the two-year physical ed- ucation requirement, a student may participate in several DEPARTMENT different sports, including football, golf, basketball, ten- HEAD nis track baseball, trampoline, soccer, archery, and swimming? Also, an important emphasis is placed on the value of physical fitness through a regular exercise pro- gram. Through his individual and group participation, a student gains a knowledge of sports fundamentals, a playing skill, the ability to think and act quickly under stress, and the satisfaction of fair and honest competi- tion. The instructors also endeavor to guide the student LEE BEN AMIN F101-idasjtafe toward good health habits, good sportsmanship, and University, B.S., M.S. Physical Education wholesome thinking and living. Physical Education Promotes Fitness, Sportsmanship BWKIEN2I:hAE.S0P DAVID A. HALL es es er ' ' - State College, B.S. PhYS1Ca1 E 11035011 Peabody College, M.A., Ed.S. Physical Education Miiss Freeman grades students in accordance with standards of President Kennedy's Physical Fitness Program. Q -L , MARGARET A PHILLIPS BARBARA ANN FREEMAN JEAN W. FOSTER University of Winthrop College, B.S. West Virginia Florida B S M S Physical Education University, B.S. Physical Education University of Tennessee, M.S. Physical Education Driver Education Teaches Sporfsmanlike Driving The driver education department, through the ef- forts of instructors Mr. Iohn Ash and Mr. Tom Zachary, is designed not only to help one obtain a license, but also to instill in each student common sense of driving and a knowledge of road hazards and how to contend with them. The course includes a study of highway regula- tions, car mechanics, and good driving procedure. A graduate of the course is one skilled in the fundamentals and capable of accepting the responsibilities of driving. Mr. Ash tests a student's depth perception. 39 MARIE M. SHEPPARD Bowling Green College, A.B. Peabody College, M.A. Typing I, II DEPARTMENT HEAD The business education department at Northeast, un- der the direction of Mrs. Sheppard, trains students to understand and live in a world controlled by economic factors and provides specific vocational training for stu- dents who plan to work in office occupations. Typing I, Typing II, personal typing, Shorthand I, Shorthand II, bookkeeping, and transcription are among the courses which teach basic office skills. Notehand is a course designed for the college-bound student who wishes to take more complete and accurate notes. It also includes study habits for college life and preparation for college lectures. The legal aspects of business are studied in business law. In the salesmanship course stu- dents leam proper sales techniques and the basic prin- ciples of business. Students who participate in the program of the busi- ness department are well prepared for office and busi- ness occupations. Business Department Curriculum Offers Training In 40 MARIE SIMONS Syracuse University, B.S. Personal Typing Typing I EARL R. WILSON East Tennessee State University, B.S. Bookkeeping Business Math Miss Balasso introduces new notehand character. MARY ANN TALLEY WILLIAM W. MANN ANGELA L. BALASSO University of Teachers Coll. of University of Florida, B.S.E. Conn., B.S., Alabama, M.A. Florida, F S.E. Typing I, Bus. Law, Typing I, Notehand, Shorthand I Salesmanship Shorthand II, Transcription Basic Office Skills And Other Aspects Of Business CAROL B. cooPE Florida state R E. RACHEL HARLESS University, B,S. Marshall University, A.B. Typing I Shorthand I, Shorthand I TYDUIS I Mr. Wilson patiently takes time out to answer a student's question. """--sw-I-a..,..mM.,.....f, ...M DEPARTMENT HEAD 0. R. NETTLESHIP Ill. State Normal University, B.E., U. of Illinois, M.S. Am. Govt., Bus. Math The curriculum of the social studies department, un- der the direction of Mr. Nettleship, is planned to meet the needs of students in this nuclear age. Students gain more understanding of the present through the past in American history and world history. In Bible history stu- dents leam to appreciate the literature and beauty of the Bible. Students explore the human mind and the relation of the individual to his environment in psychology. Sev- eral courses which concern the world at present are of- fered. They include American govemrnent, economics, and world geography. Contemporary history, which was added to the curriculum this year, combines the required Americanism versus Communism course with the study of current world affairs. The social studies department has used team teaching and educational television with great success in several of these courses. The social studies program at Northeast prepares students to accept their responsibilities as citizens in to- day's complex world. Social Studies Program Planned For Nuclear Age Mr. Lovell emphasizes important point in Greek history. LURA MAE DUNN Maryville College, A.B. Bible History REX MUSCRAVE JAMES V. GUNNIN University of University of Florida, B.A.E. Alabama, B.S., M.A. Contemporary History American History American History 3 .. s 5 , FAYE P. RICKER Florida State University, B.S.E., U. of Florida, M.A. Psychology, American History K, TK .fn li . A ..., M .X , vid' . :Wy Y I 'X K . sw 'ifrf , 5 ,1 know - '3'.,.fQ-E111 DOROTHY ADAMS LORAN WARD DANIEL CHUM University of Concord College, B.S., University of Miami, B.S. West Virginia Florida, B.S., M.Ed. World History University, M.S. Contemporary History, American History American History Mr. Musgrave wams against the evils of Communism. 'C' SAMUEL L. ROUND VOSE D. PNEUMAN Florida State U., B.S., U. of Florida, M.Ed. Economics, American History J 44' f . .se 'A A . 1 NED B. LOVELL University of Florida, B.A.E. World Geography, World History University of Florida, B.A. American History Tor W. JONES Butler University, B.S World History "VH, RALPH G. WILLIAMS Wayne State U., B.S. U. of Michigan, M.A. Diversified Cooperative Training DEPARTMENT HEAD The department of Cooperative Training, headed by Mr. XVilliams, offers two programs, Diversified C0- operative Training CDCTD and Distributive Education CDED for juniors and seniors who wish to receive on- the-job training while attending school. Part of the time spent in school is devoted to study related to the job and the rest is devoted to other subjects. In the DCT program students are trained for ca- reers in almost any occupation, depending on the limits of their abilities and job availability. Students are trained for careers in retailing, Whole- saling, marketing, and service fields in the DE program. which is coordinated by Mr. Forr. Because of the training they receive in these pre- grams, DCT and DE students are well prepared to make the transition from high school to the world of work. Follow-up studies have shown that most of them become outstanding employees in their respective jobs. Students Attend School, Work In DCT, DE Programs af, . ' 3. L . W, . . - t ,ft tr ,Q if F . .. t,i,, Q ' 3 i t W . , Qix f , -- V '. 7 'rtr fx . Q R 7. ' ' iii' 'if , 'Q' ' . ' I ' Tai- L 'E V i jt ? g WILLIAM A. FOBR Temple University, B.S. University of Illinois, M.S. Distributive Education Mr. Forr demonstrates the operation of a new machine to Mr. Williams and DCT and DE students. 44 i v . . 1 we 1, V S K ' z LA 4 'Z Q" E 5 g,. Z, -4 , vw '. 157 , , 5 fiend A . f ' -, fi 1 ,Q 2 -Y if K wt 1 9' J S8 3 E' 1 4 if if - 1 , Q5 L, h , , an ,K r 11.31, ,s"i" - Wait.. Q' . wi' if 4 w R 2 lk dir ggi l Q 4, , ,Q H M 1 My ff R51 I : ff 3, Q 'W ,ff , Q iii! 1 Ruth Brown, Inez Cradic, Tina Perincioli, Ellie Carroll, Ann Curtiss, Vera Kropp, janet Brown, Lois Lolley, Elizabeth Hicks, Pauline Klein, Inez Bishop, Opal Smalley, Leotis Watson, Elizabeth Maury, Thelma Johnson, Clyde Lancaster Cafeteria And Custodial Staffs Give Vital Services . X , 5 ff Kenneth Sargeant and Buster in fe, V F ,xr mizlarff S. N f C '4 Q "' .XV K5 it " lf? 3, ff A ggi in Ji Margaret Edgar, Naomi Bishop, Marilyn Hutchins, Ethel Llewellyn, Juanita Parker, Marcelle Williams 3 . fig Sl :EF 3 A - H . L ill X K f ', l' ia L Ernest Harris, Mabel McLeod, john Kazik, Horace Cooper, VValter Gicker, Harold Kropp, Emest Drolet, Stanley Ervin e CLAS S ES Mfzjyg fvijgftviligffgf ,tiny A1569 N299 . . . wp if wg xlfl ,M fgyy 9544? 2fM -F ww 1 QM' wife X. M... Q N 'W , ' ,1w,w"" Rv 1' 4 :W M, W 11 ,W . v,,. M-..u.u.. ,.,.. , H' .X 1, M1 ,..f.m.r,J M4 ma.,M,,,wM.,,,,,.A,,.,,A.,,,,.W...j,,.....W -.w,...,.,,. .,..,.W..W,.W,.........,. M , ,www ,t,,.MM,.m-Mmm .. V,,..,, W.V,.vL,ArA.N....un,..,.vMW..,,MY N.MW..u.....W. V WHQH wxgf -mmm W W Rf'ffWfJi' L 4: ,, ,W ,ww W ' -"H, r Q-Q 'V' ,W WH' ' ' Y' "' E' Q ,Wm ..,WWMMWW.5.,.,,Mm.mW.m., N M ,,,W,Y,,H.MWv.m.A.,.,N..A.. w.......,......,.,,..N........N..,.M................ ,.,w.,,.,..... N N UA SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS From left to right: Elizabeth Taylor, treasurer, Pat Murphy, secretary, Nancy Vogt, vice presi- dent, Lee Granger, president. We, the class of 1964, came to Northeast with the traditional confusion of sophomores, but we soon be- came accustomed to high school life. VVe chose Cordon Salisbury to lead our class that year. Our Homecoming float, the result of much hard work, was a great success. Our junior varsity basketball team won the county cham- pionship. The year ended with our sophomore party, which had an Hawaiian theme. VVhen we returned as juniors, we were faced with our all-important project - the Prom. We sold pompoms, collected dues, and staged a talent show to raise money. Under the leadership of Vaughn McCarthy, our presi- dent, and the committee chairmen, the Prom was care- fully planned and carried out. The long-awaited night arrived, and the gym was transformed by the beautiful wall murals depicting the "Four Seasons." We were seniors at last when we returned to school the following September. We chose Lee Granger, Nan- cy Vogt, Pat Murphy, and Liz Taylor as our class offi- cers. VVe accepted the responsibilities of seniors and un- dertook our projects with great enthusiasm. We pro- duced a colorful Homecoming and an unforgettable Class Night. W'hen the year drew to a close, the impressive graduation ceremonies signified the end of our high school careers and the beginning of our adult lives. .gp I, 43 3- 3 t Mrs. Fortune Mr. Humphreys Mr. McDill 48 SPONSORS 2 '-U1 Mrs. Robinson Mr. Ross Mrs. Shnim '05 SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Ni BACCALAUREATE GRADUATION Carol Bowden Colly Devine I-IOMECOMING Pete Pardoll and Marsha Goheen CLASS GIFT Mary Gresh :W CAP AND GOWN WAYS AND MEANS CLASS NIGHT INVITATIONS AND Martha Hayes David Lambrecht Vaughn McCarthy ANNOUNCEMENTS Yvonne McKeithen 49 3V Seniors Will Long Remember. . Our First Homecoming. . . The wood we hauled away . . . The Junior-Senior Prom ....... V . . Q- I ' T , if? V iff' 1 Q 5 is' j K r i The float that tumed out so beautifully . . . The transformation of the gym into The Four Seasons . . . i The Building of Our Dream How we worked for this pool . . . Assemblies .... XM The excitement when Reggie was chosen head cheer- Wvhen the SGCr6f WSHPOH Hgai11Sf Sf. Pete- High WHS leader , , , revealed . . . 51 sms., PAMELA MARIE ABDILL ROBERT WILLIAM ACHEE JACK FRANCIS ACKER Burlington, New Iersey New York, New York Greenville, South Carolina Library Club, Pep Squad. Lettermen's Club, Crosscountry Red Cross Representative. Team, Swimming Team I Cali- fomia D . MARIE ACQUAVIV A Brooklyn, New York C.A.A.g C.E.C.g F.B.L.A.g D.E.C.A. ALICE HELENE ADAMS Brooklyn, New York Drama Workshop, Wig and M a s kg G.A.A.g Swimming Teamg N.F.L.g Prom Entertain- ment and Refreshments, Co- Chairman. MARY DIANE ADAMS Brooklyn, New York Keyettsg G.A.A.g Red Cross Representative, Wig and Mask, Swirmning T e a mg F.H.A.g N.F.L.g Prom Band and Re- freshments, Co-Chairman. WILLIAM C. ALDRICH Gary, Imlrkma Future Business Leaders of America, Red Cross Represent- ative. DAVID ALEXANDER MARGARET RENEE ALLEN SALLY JANE ALLEN Ravenna, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Penn Yan, New York Concert C h o i rg Sophomore Concert Choir, F.H.A.g Pep F-B-L-A-5 Wig and MRSIG Li- Choirg Pep Squad. Squad, brary Club, Red Cross Repre- sentative. 52 TERRY L. ALLISON Ft. Wayne, Indiana Football, I.V. TONI ALTOMARO Cos Cob, Connecticut Future Business Leaders of Pep Squad. ROBERT AMMON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Concert Choir, Gondoliers, Red America, Spanish Club III, Cross Representative. BARBARA ANDERSON VICKI ANDERSON CAROL ARNOLD ELY ARTS Winston Salem, North Carolina Kalamazoo, Michigan Ch'Ca80, Illinois Brooklyn, New York French Club, Pep Squad, Squad Red Cross Representative. PCP Squad! T79-till Club? S0Ph- Red C I' 0 S S Representative Leader. Party Decorastrons Comm. Basketball, Mgr. fir CARY ALAN ATER DANA ELIZABETH BAER Springfield, Ohio Johnstown, Pennsylvania A-V Club, Bonfire Comm. Anchor Club, Chaplain? PGP Squad, Squad Leader. RECINE GAYLE BARCLEY Chatham, New Jersey H e a d Cheerleader, Anchor Club, Vice-Pres., French Club, I-C-C-3 W a y s and Means Comm. 53 if .Q V SUSAN BARCUS BILLY JOE BARFIELD KEITH SPENCER BARNES West Palm Beach, Florida Valdosta, Georgia St. Petersburg, F lorrkla Spanish Clubg Pep Squadg F.B.L.A.g Wrestling Team. Prom Decorations Committeeg Sophomore Party Decorations. SHELBY JAMES BARNES PAUL BARON JOSEPH BARTLETT LEE BAXTER Bedford, Indiana F lushing, New York Tifton, Georgrkz St. Petersburg, F bridal J.V. Basketballg Varsity Basket- ballg junior Exchange Club, Secretary. CAROLE LEE BEAR CRAIG WILLIANI BEHREN S JAY HENRY BELL Plainfield, Permsyloarulz Worchester, Massachusetts St. Petersburg, Florida F.H.A.g D.E.C.A.g C.E.C., Latin Clubg French Clubg Boys Track. Tre-as, Glee Club. 54 JOHN C. BENCH DOROTHY BENNETT MARY ELLEN BENNETT Bluefield, West Virginia St. Petersburg, Florida Newfvn LOUPGT Falls, Football, Track. Massachusetts Pep Squad, Future Business Leaders of America. PATRICIA BENNETT Akron, Ohio Sophomore Party Comm.g Nor'- Easter, Soph. Edition, F.H.A., Pep Squadg F.B.L.A. DONNA LYNN BLAKE LYNN BOESENBERC Evanston, Illinois Ofll1fld0, Flwfdll F.H.A.g I.C.L.g C.A.A.g Para- medical Clubg Red Cross Rep- resentativeg Nor'Easter, Page Editor. DIANNE CATHRYN BENSON St. Petersburg, Florida Future Business Leaders of America. REBECCA SUE BOND Tampa, Florida Spanish Club, Pres., Treas.g Rojan Club, Pres., Viking Log, Club Section Co-Editor, Quill and Scrollg Homecoming Queeng Swimming Team, Mgr.g Prom Steering Comm. LARRY JAMES BONNELL LEE I- BONNELL Morristown, New Jersey M Ofrlstown, New Jersey Prom Decorations Comm. 55 IOHN S. BOOS RAYMOND E. BORDNER New York City, New York St. Petersburg, Florida ROBERT BORUCKI Buffalo, New York Football, I.V.g Cross Country, Capt., Track, Capt., junior C i v i t a nz Lettermen's Club, Drama Workshop, F.B.L.A. THOMAS P. BOVEE Ft. Dix, New jersey CAROL ANGELA BOWDEN Decatur, Alabama Student Council, Prom Steering Comm., Opti - Miss Club, N.H.S., German Clubg Bac- calaureate, Chairma ng Pep Squad, Nor'Easter, Page Edi- tor, Prom Refreshment Comm. SAMUEL N. BOWEN BRUCE BOWYER St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, F lorhla C.E.C.g D.E.C.A. Band, Drum Major. ROBERT DAVIDSON BRADY DENNIS BRIGGS DWAN BROCK Clearfield, Pennsyloamkz Kansas City, Missouri Marianna, Florida Cross Country L Trackg Band, Bonfire Comm., Pep Squad. Bonfire Comm., Band. Boyls Glee Club. 56 .4 MARYBETH BROCK Lexington, Kentucky Future Teachers of Amcricag Mu Alpha Theatreg Musettcsg Glee Clubg Peppers Clubg French Clubg Green Dragon Staffg All Festival Chorus fHarlan, Ky.J. BARBARA BARTON BROWN St. Petersburg, Florida French Club, Red Cross Rep- resentativeg K e y e t t e sg Pep Squad. GREG BROUSE St. Petersburg, Florida Prom Decorations Committee. SYLVIA RUTH BUCHANAN St. Petersburg, Florida BILL BUECHNER ROBERT JAY BURKE JAINIES RAY BURNETT St. Petersburg, Florida Cleveland, Ohio Bedford, Virginia Ir. Exchange Clubg Swimming Library C l u b, Lettermen's I.V. Footballg I.V. Basketball Team. Clubg Football, Head-managerg Junior Exchange, Vice-Presi- Nor'Easter, Sports Editor. dent and President. SANDY KAYE BURNETT REED EDWARD BURNS ARNOLD I. BUSCHENA III Bedford, Virginia Staten Island, New York Winthrop, Massachusetts Civinettesg F.H.A.g Red Cross Cross Countryg Track, Latin Librarv - A.V. Clubg D.C.T. Representative. Clubg Key Club. Clubg C.E.C. 57 DAVID CAMPBELL DONNA NOREEN MICHAEL CAMPBELL Kansas C ity, Kansas CAMPBELL Berkley, West Virgima German Club, Science and En- WaSlliHgl011, D.C. gineering Club, Ir. Civitan. Concert Choir, C-ondoliers. l KAREN CARNEY JAMES E. CARROLL SUSAN MAUREEN WALTER H. CARROLL Wooster, Ohio Chester, Pennsylvania CARROLL Roanoke, Virginkz Pep Squad, Future Homemak- Bands Keynoters, junior Ex- Letrolee, Pennsylvania ers of America. change. Future Business Leaders of America, Pep Squad. DONALD PATRICK CASEY MARILYN CASEY MARGIE GRACE CATES Charleston, South Carolina Buffalo, New York Jacksonville, Florida Bonfire Committee, Chairman, Los Donodores, Los Quixotes, Anchor Club, Student COUIICHS Prom Committee. Wig and Mask, Opti-Miss. Swimming T e a m, Concert Choir, Spanish Club. 58 .ai X DALE CHAPIN SHERRY CHAPMAN PATRICIA CHEARS St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Concert Ch0ifi F-H-A-, Pilfl-3 Photo Arts Clubg D.E.C.A., Roian Clubg Future Homemak- Condoliersa Class Nights N-F-L-S Pres., C.E.C.g Nor:Easter. ers of America. Red Cross Representative. WILLIAM C. CLARK Vallejo, Califonnkz Pep Squad. EDWARD M. COCHRAN III Winchester, Massachusetts Cross Countryg Trackg Swim- ming Teamg Band, Color Guardg Keynotersg Latin Club. THEON COBB St. Petersburg, Florida WILLIAM D. CLAUD Tallahassee, Florida .-qqluvb' LARRY A. CODINCTON FAYE COMEAU Long Beach, Califormkz Wareham, Massachusetts LiAv C ub, Historiang Chess Red C 1 o s s RE-:ipresentativeg Club. F.B.L.A.g B a n g C.E.C.g D.E.C.A. IANINE COBLER St. Petersburg, F brida Swimming Teamg Prom Dec- orations Comm.g Soph. and Jr Superlativeg Nor'Easter. 59 EMILY DONA COMMEAN VICKIE COOK CURTIS COOKE Henley on Tharner, St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Oxford, England Future Business Leaders of Junior Superlative F.H.A. Americag Civinettesg D.C.T.g C.E.C. MWF WINSTON COPE RANDALL W. CORNELIUS ROGER COTTERHAN BERNADETTE CRAIG St. Petersburg, Florida Alma, Michigan Fort Wayne, lndikzna jamaica, Long Island, Bowling Teamg Radio Club French Clubg Football. New York CBishop Barryj. Future Business Leaders of America, Treasurer. JOAN CRAWFORD GAYLE B. CRIST IIIVI CRIST Canonsburg, Pennsylvamkz jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Lansing, Michigan F.B.L.A.g Pep Squad. Football fClearwater and Bish- op Barryjg Track CBishop Barryl 60 IANICE CRITZ MYRA IEAN CROSON SUE CROWELL Bowling Green, Ohio St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida G.A.A.g Tennis Team, Pep Concert Choir, F.H.A. Red Cross Representative, Y- Squad. Service, Vice - Pres., Sec., French Club, Vice-Pres. L CECIL CURTIS ARLENE DAVIS CLYDE DAVIS JIM DAVIS St. Petersburg, Florida Sf- Pefefgbliltri, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Sapulpa Oklahoma . . . F B L A LEE DAVIS Coloma, Wisconsin Band, Keynoters, Football, Mgr., Track, German Club, B0y's Clee Club, Mixed Cho- rus, N.F.L. DIANNE DAWSON MIKE DEADY Summit, New Jersey Dubuque, 100011 Keyette Club, Treasg Spanish Club, Candy Striper. SUSAN JACQULINE DEAN BENEDICT DELLO MARIE DESCHENES ' . Mobile, Alabama Paterson, New Jersey Berline, New Hampshire Tri-H1-Y, Sec., F.H.A., CMana- Science Club, Radio Club, F.B.L.A.g Civinette Club, Red tee H.S.D. fNewjerscyJ. Crossd Representative, Pep Squa . SUZANNE T. DEVICO ANNE CALDWELL DEVINE Trenton, New jersey East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania D-C-T-Q C-E-C-Q CNGW l6fSCYl3 National Honor Society, Vice- Booster Club, F.H.A. Pres., Viking Log, Co-Literary Editor: Opti-Miss, Corres. Sec., Graduation Committee. Chr., Los Quixotcs, Quill and Scroll. ...i CAROLYN KAYE DICK Danville, Kentucky Opti-Miss Club, Pep Squad. LOU ELLEN DICKEY Ashoille, North Carolina Opti - Miss, Vice-President French Club, Spanish Club F.H.A., Homecoming Court. LYNN MARIE DIMACCIO Bridgeport, Connecticut fDixie Hollinsl, F.B.L.A., An- chor Tri-Hi-Y, Rehellcttes, Homecoming Court. 62 MARY ANNE DOMEIER Detroit, Michigan CSt. Paul's, St. Petersburg, Flor- idaj French Club, N.F.L., G.A.A., Vice-President of Sophomore Class, French Cluh, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Tennis Team, Keyettes, Prom Decorating Committee. MICHAEL L. DONAHUE Atlanta, Georgih Concert Choir, Drama Club. l y i ii 1,5 IUDI ANN DORSEY MIKE DOTSON ANN MARIE DOZIER Monongah, Wes-t Virginia Fort Wayne, Indiana Atlanta, Georgia L o s Dichososg Paramedical Latin Clubg Paramedical Clubg Clubg Pep Squadg Opti-Miss, P10111 DCCOf2ltIOHS COIT1I1'liff66. LINDA CAROL DRAKE Terre Haute, lndwna French Clubg Junior Rcd Cross Reprcsentativeg WoSeLettesg Future Teachers of America, Sec. WAYNE DRUMM New London, Connecticut Glee Clubg D.E.C.A. BABARA GAIL DUNKLE Lock Haven, Pennsylvania Civinettes, Sec.g Student Coun- cilg Nat'1 Honor Societyg Prom Steering Committeeg American Field Service Finalistg German Clubg Spanish Clubg Junior Superlative. JUDITH DLANE EAMES CAROL EARLE SUSAN JANE EARLE Terre Haute, Indiana Tuscaloosa, Alabama H ackensack, New .l 01'-Vey Civinette Clubg Iunior Red Spanish Clubg Pep Squad. Spanish Club. Cross. VIRGINIA DUPUIS Lynn, Massachusetts G.A.A., Presidentg Tri-Hi-Y Girls Tennis Teamg F.B.L.A. Sophomore Prom Committee Pep Squadg Nor'Easter, Co-Edi tor. 63 ARLENE EDWARDS Youngstown, Ohio F.H.A., Library Club. RUTH-ANN CARROLL MARIE EDWARDS Washington, D.C. Wig and Mask, Sec. Red Cross, Los Q u i x o t e s, Paramedical, Swim Team CBuffalo, N.Y.J, F.H.A. SHARON LEE ENCK LAWRENCE EVALDI MABLE EVANS Lancaster, Pennsylvania Buffalo, New York Des Moines, Iowa Drama Club, Treas.g Chorus, Wrestling Team CKenmore East F,B.L.A., Pep Squad, Prom Sr. High, Tonawanda, New Decorations Committee. Y0rkJ. L 64 MALENE STEPHANY FACC Cincinnati, Ohzb Band, French Club, Tennis Team. JEAN FALLIN Lakeland, Florida F.H.A.g Paramedical, Vice Pres- ident, Band, Keynoters, Home- coming Committee. Service Finalist. JOE ELLETT Decatur, Alabama Prom Decoration Committee. RICK EVERY Washula, Florida ALLEN FARABEE Fort Myers, Florida Football, Concert Choir, Gon- doliersg N.H.S,g Spanish Club, junior Civitan, American Field BARBARA A. FERGUSON LAURENCE N. F ERNALD RODNEY I. FINCHER Detroit, 'Michigan St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Cheerleader, V a r si t y, I.V,, Spanish Club, Cross Country, Banda Keynotersg All County Homecoming Court, Opti-Miss, Mgr., Track, Mgr. Band. C h a p l a i ng F.H.A., Spanish Club, Nor'Easter, Editor of Soph. Edition. O MARTHA LYNNE FIRTH IERRY O. FISH MARION KAYE F LEEMAN NANCY SUE FLYNN Pittsburgh, Permsyloamkz Wyalusing, Permsylvamkz St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, F lorikla Prom Decoration s Comm., Library Club, Rojan Club, Pep Photo Arts Club, Viking Log, D-E-C-A-S C.E.C. Squad. Art Editor, Feature Editor, Nor'Easter, Art Editor, Prom Decorations Comm. STEVE FOSTER DONALD FOULKS DON F RANKENBERG St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida St. Louis, Missouri Football, I.V. Spanish Club, Band, Sgt. of Color Guard, Keynoters. 65 449' L BEVERLY FRIEDRICH FRIEDA K. FREEMAN Philadelphzkz, Pennsylvania St. Petersburg, Florida F.H.A.g Sophomore Choir, Con- Squad, Candy Striperg Glee cert Choir, D.C.T.g C.E.C. Club CVirginiaDg Civinette Club, N,H.S. DIANE FRISBIE El Paso, Texas French Club, G.A.A.g Photo Arts Clubg Tennis Team, Pep Squad, Candy Striperg N.H.S.g Civinette Club, Glee Club C Virginia D . STEVE FURNER Grand Rapids, Michigan 66 ROBERTA S. GAGYI Dayton, Ohio Student Council, WoSeLette Club, Swimming Team, Pep S q u a dg Paramedical Club, Spanish Club, Prom Invitations Comm. GEORGE CAINEY Lakeland, F hnrikla Interact Clubg Drama Work- shop, Nor'Easter. TERRANCE I. GALLAGHER Winona, Minnesota Football, I.V.g Prom Decora- tions Comm., Prom Refresh- ment C0mm.g Hi-Tri-Y. ERNEST T. GARNER II Wabash, Indiana Diving Teamg Swimming Team, Mgr., I u n i 0 r Civitan Club, Treasurer, Prom Decorations Comm. IOYCE LOUISE GATEWOOD St. Petersburg, Florida CAROL ELAINE GENTRY Providence, Rhode Island WoSeLette Club, Treas.g Fu- ture Teachers of America, Na- tional Honor Societyg Prom Decorations Comm.g Spanish Club. 1 JOHN GIBSON DALE KATHRYN GIVAN JOYCE CLESSNER Grove City, Permsyluamkz Detroit, Michigan Sharnokm Pennsylvania Spanish Club, Prom Decora- F B L A tions Committee, Swimming Team, F.B.L.A., Sophomore Float, French Club. - "W JA MARSHA N. GOI-IEEN St. Petersburg, Florida Rojansg I.V., Varsity Cheer- leader, Para Medical Club, Spanish Club, F.H.A.g Co- Chairman Homecoming, Prom Decorations Committee, N.H.S. 'QW RUDY GORGUS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvamkz KATHLEEN A. COLDSTON Hawkinsville, Georgikz C.A.A.g F.H.A. ROBERT A. GONSER WILLIAM T COODALL Springfield, Ohio Flint Michigan F.B.L.A. Club, Tennis Team J V Football junior Civitan Club. CAIL HAMILTON COWER St. Petersburg, F lorikia I.V.g Varsity Cheerleader, Ir. Board Keyettes, Swim Teamg Sophomore and junior Nor'- Easterg Sophomore Float, Sophomore Refreshment Com- mittee, Chairman, Para Medical Club, Spanish Club. LEE GRANGER Worcester, Massachusetts Exchange Club, Treas.g N.H.S.g Senior Class President, Basket- ball, Baseball, Viking Log Sports Editor, Quill and Scroll GERALD WALKER GREEN JAMES GREEN Sheffield, Alabama St. Petersburg, Florida Red Cross Representative, Nor'Easter, Bus. Mgr. KATHLEEN CRESH St. Petersburg, Florida Cheerleader, Varsity, I.V., Stu- dent Council, Councilman-ab Large, Sec., Viking Log, Class Co-Editor, Prom Chairman, Swimming Team, Quill and Scroll, Keyettes, Los Quixotes, N.H.S. MARY LOUISE GRESH Fair Lawn, New Jersey Civinette Club, Pres., N.H.S., Parlia., Class Gift Comm., Chr., Student Council, Sr. Councilman - at - Large, Prom Decorations Comm., Soph. and Ir. Superlative, Para Medical Club. LOIS GROOM BARBARA GROSSER ROBERT GROWE DeLand, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida F ultorl, New York Spanish C 1 11 bi F-B-L-A-5 Future Homemakers of Ameri- F.H.A., Chorus PAUL GRYNEWICZ WILLIAM GUINEY Boston, Massachusetts St. Petersburg, Florida Football, j.V., Pep Squad. Football, Capt., Baseball, Let- 68 termanis Club, Vice-Pres. JOAN CUSTAVSON Mobile, Akzbama F.H.A., F.B.L.A., Nor'Easter, Page Co-Editor, Pep Squad, Prom Decorations Comm. swf .4 PAUL HADSOCK DAVID L. HAINES SUSAN HALEY St. Petersburg, Florida Clifton Forge, Virginia South Bend, Induzna Cross Country Band, Se-c.g Orchestrag National Honor Society, Clee Club Cln- diana J. CHARLES HALL PATRICIA HALL STEPHEN KEITH HALL PATRICIA HALSTROM Danville, Virginia Sandusky County, Ohio Pittsburgh, Kansas St. Petersburg, Florida IL111i0r CiVifHI1 Clubs I.C.L. Football, Lettermarfs Clubg Anchor Club, Corr. Sec.g German Club, Prom Decora- tions Comm. F.H.A.g Concert Choir, Prom Refreshments and Entertain- ment Comm., Soph. Party Dec- orations Comm. CELETTA M. HAMEL Pittsfield, Massachusetts F.B.L.A.g D.C.T. Club, C.E.C., Corr. Sec. BRUCE HAMILTON Hackensack, New Jersey Student Council, Parlia.g Bas ketball, j.V.g Trackg Junior Civ- itan Club, Vice-Pres., Paramed- ical Club, Basketball, Mgr., Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. JEFFREY KEITH HAMRICK Cullman, Akzbama Football, Condoliers, Debate Teamg Cennan Club Uackson- villej. 69 RICHARD HARRIS Philadelpbuz, Pennsylvania ,gr- Bowling Team, Radio Club, Skindiving Club CBishop Barryj JANET HARTMAN Paxton, Illinois GEORGE HASELTINE St. Petersburg, F lorikla Band, Keynoters. LINDA HAWKINSON St. Petersburg, F lorikla Parameclical Club- Pe S uad, . , p q Homecoming Comm. 70 MARTHA LEA HAYES St. Petersburg, Florida Opti-Miss, Rec. Sec., Pres., Cap and Gown Comm., Chr., N.H.S. Treas.g F.B.L.A., Vice-Pres., Pres., Spanish Club, Vice- Pres., Soph. Float Comm. MICHAEL HAYES Bloomfield, New Jersey Football lColoradoj. ROBERT HAYES St. Petersburg, F lorula Interact Clubg Prom Decora- tions Comm., Nor'Ea.s-ter, Soph. Party Decorations Comm. KATHERINE HAZAM Ft. Iackson, South Carolina Art Club, German Club, F.H.A. CVirginiaJg Red Cross Rep French Club, Sec., Paramedi- cal Club. COLIN B. HEATH St. Petersburg, F lorikla Spanish Clubg Key Club, Stu- dent Councilg Prom Decorations Comm., Bonfire Comm.g Soph. Float Comm.g Soph. Party Comm. EUGENE E. HEIBNER New Orleans, Louisiana Key Club, Corr. Sec.g Spanish Clubg N.F.L.g Homecoming Comm., N.H.S. KATHRYN MARIE I-IEIMER JAMES M. HENN WILLIAM HENZLER Worcester, Massachusetts North T onawanda, New York Omaha Nebraska Band, Keynoters Club, French Pep Squad. German Club Club, C.A.A., Pep Squad, F.H.A., Soph. Party Decora- tions Committee, Nor'Easter, Sophomore Edition. LARRY HERBECK JUDITH LAUREN HERB RICHARD HESS WILLIAM THOMAS HIBBS Yonkers, New York Melrose, Massachusetts Wilmington, North Carolina Louisville Kentucky Library Club, French Club, Opti-Miss Club, Science and Engineering Club, Latin Club, N.H.S., Red Cross Representa- tive. BARRY JOHN HILL Portland, Maine Junior Exchange Club, Science and Engineering Club, Track Team, Prom Decorations Com- mittee, German Club, Bonfire Committee. ROBERT B. HINELY Decatur, Illinois I.V. Football, Varsity Football. PHYLLIS ANN HINSON St. Petersburg, Florida Rojans, Soph. Party Committee Red Cross Representative F.H.A., Student Council. LYN HISSONG JAMES HOCHSTADT MARY HOEPPNER Mt, Vernon, Ohm Fayetteville, North Carolina Long Island City, New York F,H,A,5 Pep Squad, N.F.L.g Debateg Bandg Key- Anchor Clubg F.B.L.A. noters, J.V. Football. l l. JUDITH ANN HOFFMAN CAROL F. HOLLOWAY WILLIAM HOLMES JOYCE HOLTSCLAW Cleveland, Ohm St. Petersburg, F lorikla Catskill, New York St. Louis, Missouri Soph. Choir, Concert Choir, j.V. Football, Key Clubg Var- D.C.T. D.C.T. Clubg C.E.C. sity Football. PETER W. HOPPER LYNN HOHNER CLAUDE D. HOWARD Washington, D.C. WoSeLettesg Spanish Clubg Charleston, Smith Cafolirw Track Team. Paramedical Club, jr. Red F00tb21ll5 B2iSeb2l115 C-E-C. Cross Representative. 72 DAVID KENNETH HOYT ELAINE DORIS HUGHES JANICE EVELYN HUGHES Berea, Ohio Long Island City, New York Asheville, North Carolina Spanish Club, F.T.A., Vice Y-Service Club, G.A.A. President, Nor'Eas'ter, Prom Decorations Committee. Q"'v'1,- WILLIAM L. HUCUET JACQUELINE MARIE JOHN IACKSON ANN JACOBS St. Petersburg, F lorkla HUMPHRIES Patuxent River, Maryland Alexandria, Vifgimll Intramural Basketball, Baseball Jasper, Alabama N-H-5-5 Quill and Scrollg Cer- Team. F.H.A., F.B.L.A., So homore man Club, Student Council, Party Committee, Mixes Choir, Swimming Team, Civinette WoSeLettes, Red Cross Repre- Club, Treasurer, Prom Decora- gentative, tions Committee, Viking Log, Club Editor. MARION RUTH JAMES VIC IAPOUR HAN S IASPERS St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Waarland, Netherlands Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., French Club, Science and Engineering Club, F.B.L.A. German Club. 73 1, ll PAMELA JEFF ERIES BEVERLY ANN JENKINS Waukesha, Wisconsin Lawrence, Massachusetts Varsity Cheerleader, Jr. Var- Band, Keynoters. sity Cheerleader, Chairman In- vitations Soph. Party, Nor'East- er, Soph. Float, Decoration Committee, Pep Squad. MARY ANN JETMORE Logansport, Indiana Pep Club, Cheerleader fLaken- heath, Englandjg Pep Club CFayetteville, N.C.lg Pep Club. FLOYD JOHNS BETTY JOHNSON RONNIE JOHNSON CAROLE L- JONES Brunswick, Georgia St. Petersburg, Florida Windsor, Ontario, Canada New ROCIWZZQ, New York Track, J.V. Football. Jr. Civitan Club. C-E-C-5 WOSeLetteSa Red Cross gi-zplxgesentativeg Paramedical u . JOHN PAUL JONES KRISTINA M. KARLSSON EUGENE KEDZIERSKI St. Petersburg, Florida Washington, D.C. Chicago, Illinois Photo Arts Club, Presidentg Photo Arts Club. German Club, Bowling Team. Band, Paramedical Club, Nor'- Easter, Audio Visual Club. 74 NANCY LEE KEEFER DONALD KELLY JANE KENNEDY St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florrkla GUGWUMWO Balbcuba Student Council, LiAv Club, BaSk9fbf1H9 Baseball- Vvosel-'edesf Vice ' President? pep Squads D-E'C.A'g C'E.Cl5 Sophomore Party Decorations, Prom Decorations Committee. Prom Decofatlonsi French STEVE KEYES St. Petersburg, Florida junior Civitang F.B.L.A.g Foot- hall: Nor'Easterg Prom Decora- tions. MARGARET KEYSER Brooklyn, New York Iunior Red Cross Representa- tiveg Tri-Hi-Yg F.B.L.A.g Prom Decorations, F .H.A.g Student Council. DEEDEE KILMARK CLIFF KINDEL Macon, Georgkz London, England Spanish Club, Prom Decora- Swimming, Varsity Footballg tions Committeeg Opti-Miss Track CLackenheath, Englandl. Clubg N or'Easter. Club, N or'Easter. E H JV, , X' .wifi .. 'if f J:-1 f W. f f DIANE KIDD Syracuse, New York Red Cross Representative, Wig and Maskg Soph. Float Com- mittee: Sonh. Party, Prom Dec- orations Committee. MARIE KING Charleston, West Virginia Chorus, Orchestra, Delta Rho CBrooklyn, New Yorkl. RUTH KIEBLER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Opti-Miss Club, Spanish Clubg FH Ng Pep Squad, Nor'Easter N.H.S. 75 PAULETTE KING RONALD KING FRED KOKEMOHR Richmond, Virginia Erie, Pennsylvania Cincinnati Ohio F.H.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Pe Squad, Track Team. Junior Exchange Club German Prom Decorations a.nclpRefresh- ments, Future Nurses Club, CFloridaD F.B.L.A., Wig and Mask. Club, Prom Decorations Com mittee. l JOAN KIRKWOOD JOHN JOSEPH KLEIN CERTRUDE C. KLINE PAUL C KORP Washington, D.C. St. Louis, Missouri St. Petersburg, Florida Rockville Center New York 1 Spanish Club, Pep Squad. Varsity Football. Spanish Club, Library Club. Spanish Club Junior Exchange 1 N.H.S. Club. l ROBERT KUNST CRETCHEN L. LAIRD New York City, New York De Funiak Springs, Florida Science and Engineering Club, German Club, Keynoters, Para- Spanish Club. medical Club, Red Cross, Band, WoSeLettes, National Honor Society. 76 ANN LAKE Greenville, Kentucky Majorette, Band, WoSeLettes Keynoters Club, Prom Decora- tions Committee, F .H.A., Span- ish Club. .ai is DOUGLAS LAMB Terrell, Texas I.V. and Varsity Footballg Cer- mzm Clubg Science and Engi- neering Club, Vice Presidentg Junior Exchange Clubg Letter- man's Club. ROBERT A. LARSON M inneapolis, M innesata National Honor Societyg Nation- al Merit Scholarship Semi-Fi- nalist. DAVID LAMBRECHT St. Petersburg, Florida Key Clubg National Honor Society Presidentg Student Councilg Soph., Jr. and Sr. Councilman - at - Largeg Soph. Class Treasurerg Chairman, Ways and Means Comm. Sr. Classg German Club. , BRUCE LAVAL New York City, New York J.V. and Varsity Basketballg Key Club, Treasurerg Letter- man's Clubg Trackg Latin Club. ROBERT LANKARD Huntington, Pennsylvania I. V. Footballg J, V. Baseball. BARBARA LAYMAN Cumberland, Maryland F.H.A. Wirginial. National Honor Society. BARRY LAZZERONI DeKalb, Illinois I.V. and Varsity Footballg I.V. and Varsity Baseballg I.V. Bas- ketballg Spanish Clubg Letter- man's Clubg Prom Decorations Comm. NORMAN LEBEAU CAROLYN ELIZABETH LEE JOHN EDWAD LEE North Attleboro, Massachusetts Washington, D.C. Alexandria, Virginia Trackg Orchestrag Bandg CMi- ami, Floridalg Football. 77 1 MARILYN LEIGH JUNE ALICE LEONARD MURIEL LEMAR Sf- Pete'-Ybufg, Florzda Fort Walton, Florida Woocluille, New Hampshire PCP Salad. Student Council, Councilman- F.H.A,, D.E.C.A., C.E.C. at-Large, Treasurer of junior Class, I.V. Cheerleader, Varsi- ty Cheerleader, Hostess, Key- ettes. L.. MARGARET LENNOX Belleville, Ontario, Canada Band, F.H.A., Debate Team, Keynoters, Paramedical, Span- ish Club. 78 gg-,W-' CONNIE RENA LEWIS Eaton, Indiana Concert Choir, Pep Squad. SANDRA LYNN LESTER Detroit, M rbhigan Spanish Club, Opti-Miss, Prom Invitations Comm., Pep Squad, Graduation Comm. RICHARD EARL LEWIS Tallahassee, F lonkla Spanish Club, Science Club, Biology Club, I Tallahassee D, Presi ent of C.E.C., D.E.C.A. CHEYL ANN LIGHTS RUTH M. LINDSAY Saratoga Springs, New York Lynn Massachusetts National Honor Society, Para- National Honor Society, WoSe- medical, Y-Service Club, Key- Lettes, Paramedical, Red Cross ette Club, Vice Pres. Representative. FRED LINTZ St. Petersburg, Florida Band, Concert Choir. 'EZ' KATHLEEN LOEBER VICKI LOOKE I Schenectady, New York Sunnyside, California Concert Choir, Gondoliers, Wo- Latin Club: Y-Teens fTexasj, SeLettes, Pres., French Club, Pep Squad, Paramed1Cal Club- Prom Invitations Comm., Co- Chairman, N or'Ea.s-ter, Pep Squad, Soph. Party Comm. BETH LOUGHHEAD RONALD I. LOVETT St Petersburg, Florida Clifton, New Jersey D C T Treasurer. PAULINE LORD Manchester, New Hampshire Keyette Club, D.C.T.g Tri-Hi Y C"'b Treasurer, F.B.L.A. French Club. ROBERTA FAYE LUCAS Norfolk, Virginia Nor'Easter, Editor - in - Chief, AUDIE MCALLISTER Detroit, Michigan C.E.C., D.E.C A Student Quill and Scroll, Prom Decora- tions, German Club, Student Council, Pep Squad, Nor'Easter, Managing Editor and Iunior Edition Editor, Entertainment Co-Chaimian, Soph. Party. SUSAN JANE MCCANINCH St Petersburg Florida Keyette Club Sec Spanish Club P r o m Decorations Comm Pep Squad F.H.A., ROBERT MCCANDLESS JURA R- MCCARTHY Toledo, Ohm Buffalo, New York Swimming Team, Band, Latin Club, I.C.L., G.A.A., Pep Squad, Soph. Chorus. Council. 79 VAUCHN MCCARTHY Portland, Maine j.V. Basketball, Football, Varsi- ty, I.V.g Varsity Baseball, Presi- dent junior Classg Pres. and Vice Pres, of Interact Club, Prom Committee, Chairman of Class Night. SUSAN MCCORMICK St. Petersburg, Florida Soph. Party Decorations, Prom Decorations Comm., Spanish Clubg Anchor Club, Pres., Nor'- Easter, Co-Editor front page Iunior Edition. DENNIS R. MCDONALD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Band, Keynoters Club, Swim- ming Team, Paramedical Club STEWART McFARLAND F urth, Germany German Club, Concert Choir. YVONNE MCKEITHEN Tampa, Florida Soph. P a r t y Decorations Comm.g Red Cross Representa- tiveg Keyettes, Pres., N.F.L.g Chainnan of Invitations Com- mitteeg Pep Squad, Nor'Eas-ter, RONALD McMAHAN Asheville, North Carolina I.V. Footballg Ir. Civitan Club. I L Announcements Comm. MARY LINDA McNEELY St. Petersburg, Florida Rojansg French Club. IANE MIRIAM MacDUFF Dayton, Ohio Red Cross Representativeg Spanish Club, Opti-Miss, Sec. , Prom Decorations Committeeg Nor'Easter. LEE MACOMBER ANN MAIOCCHI Brandenton, Florida Woburn, Massachusetts Library C o u n c il CTam ajg F.H.A.g F.B.L.A. French Club, Photo-Arts Clliub. Q RAY MANTELL Brooklyn, New York Bandg Key Clubg Keynotersg Nor'Easter. LINDA JEAN MARCKESE Butland, Vermont Spanish Club. DONA MAROUS Cleveland, Ohio Soph. Choirg Concert Choirg Drama Workshopg Gondoliers. fps :PS 6 DEBORAH M. MARSHALL DANA I0 MARTIN LINDA GRACE MARTIN MARCIA MARTIN Worcester, Massachusetts Almey, West Virgimn St. Petersburg, Florida Lancaster, Pennsyloamo Pep Squadg Glee Club fWor- Libray Club, Sec.g F.H.A. Gondoliersg Concert Choirg F.H.A.g P r o m Decoratlon cester, Mass.Jg Future Teachers Drama Workshopg Opti-Missg Comm.g F.B.L.A. of Americag F.H.A.g National Spanish Club. Honor Society. GEORGE MARTINI BETTY MASTERS RHODA MEISNER Brooklyn, New York Chicago, Illinois N ewllflf, New .lef-Wy Interact Clubg J.V. Football. Latin Clubs Paramedical Club. l STAN MENDELBLATT LEIDIA MERHICE ETHEL C. MERRIFIELD Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania St. Petersburg, Florida Clearfield, Pennsylvania Junior Exchange Clubg Span- Civinette Clubg Nor'Easterg Pep Paramedical Clubg Spanish ish Club, Squadg Paramedical Clubg Ten- Clubg F.H.A.g F.T.A. WILLIAINI MICKLITSCH St. Petersburg, Florida Spanish Clubg Key Clubg Prom Decorations Comm.g Soph. Par- ty Decorations Comm. 82 nis Teamg Soph. Float Comm. LINDA MILLER THOMAS C. MILLER Altoona, Pennsylvania Milwaukee, Wisconsin German Clubg Science and En- gineering Clubg Iunior Ex- change Club. SUSAN ANN MILLS St. Petersburg, Florida Roian Club, Vice-Pres., Treas. Viking Log, Class Co-Editor Spanish Clubg French Club F.H.A.g Prom Steering Comm. Pep Squadg Red Cross Repre- sentativeg Nor'Easter. JUDY ELLEN MILNE SYDNEY A. MINER, JR. Rochester, New York St. Petersburg, Florida Spanish Clubg Pep Squadg Letterman's Club, Pres.g Jun- G.A.A.g Paramedical Club. ior Exchange Clubg Latin Clubg Footballg Trackg Prom Steering Comm. CALVIN ESSEX MINKLER Newport, Rhode Island Trackg Cross Country fMiamiJ 1 l PAMELA ANN MINKLER ANN MINOR JOHN MOLER Newport, Rhode Island St. Petersburg, Florida Winston-Salem, North Carolina Paramedical Clubg Pep Squadg KCYCUC Clllbi PGP Squads F .H.A. Spanish Club. A. EDWARD MONK LINDA H. MONTACUE ALEDA KAY MOON ARTHUR MOORE Dothan, Ohio St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Spartanburg, South Carolina Concert Choirg Sophomore Drama Clubg Mixed Chorusg Anchor Clubg Paramedical Choir. Concert Choir. Clubg Pep Squad. flihalg 'Wlaw RICHARD MORELLI JAMES MORGAN RANDY MORRISON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pensacola, Florida Sanford, F lorilla I.V. Football CSanford, Floridaj Latin Clubg Trackg Cross Coun- try Teamg Letterman's Club. 83 PATRICIA LOUISE MUAR PATRICIA E MURPHY Toledo, Ohio Detrort Mzchzgan Opti-Miss Clubg Paramedical Homecommg Court Student Clubg National Honor Societyg Councilg Spanish Club Junior YVays and Means F.B.L.A. FTA Soph Ir Sr Comm.g Future Nurses Club. Class Sec Soph Float Comm Soph. Party Comm Prom Dec orations Comm DAVID MYERS LINDA LOU MYERS DOROTHY NACY ROBERT NELLE Rwersdale Maryland St Petersburg Florzda Brantford, Ontario, Canada St. Petersburg F lorrda Baseball Chorus Concert Kevette Club Corr Sec Prom Band, Quartermasterg C.A.A.g Football, IV Basketball IV Choir Invltatxons Comm Pep Squad Keynoters. Baseballg Letter-mans Club PATTY NELSON MARILYN I NEWELL MARGARET K. NEWTON Surnrmf Ne 0 jersey St joseph M zssouri Toledo, Ohh? C E C D E C A Spanish Club Pep Squadg Homecoming Courtg Rojan Clubg Swimming Teamg Soph. Suoerlativeg C h e e r l e a der fWashington, D. CJ. ANDERS NILSEN New York, New York BETTY NOUSIAINEN Taruium, Michigan German Clubg Keynotersg An- chor, Sec.g Bandg Paramedical, gecq National Honor Society, ec. CHARLES D. OLIVER IR. Charleston, West Virginia LINDA M. OLIVER St. Petersburg, Florida Soph. Choirg Concert Choirg F.H.A.g Pep Squad. IEANNE P. O'BRIEN Clearwater, Florida Spanish Clubg Paramedical Clubg Opti-Missg Pep Squad. 'S KENNETH R. OLIVIERI Staten Island, New York, N.Y. Ir. Exchangeg I.i6tt6l'll1L1I1,S Clubg P r o m Decorations Comm.g Student Council Rep- resentativeg Red Cross Repre- sentativeg Varsity Footballg Track. RICK OLSON Dayton, Ohio Chorusg French Club DONNA L. OMASTA GREG ORCHARD IRIS A. B. OWENS Upper Darly, Pennsylvania Stratford, Ontario, Canada Cambridge, Massachusetts Ilgelsflnxtersg Bandg Majoretteg Bandg Spanish Clubg Keynoters. 85 'Hb 4 -arf' VERLINE KAY OWSLEY PETE PARDOLL MARY S. PARKHILL Thomaston, Georgia Brooklyn, New York Tampa, Florida Key Club, Pres., Spanish Club, Red Cross Representativeg C-emmn Club, Host, Swim- F.H.A. ming, Boy's State, Paramedical Club, Student Council, Iunior Ways and Means, Homecom- ing Chairman. M DENISE A. PAULSON MIKE PAXTON ALTHEA PEARL DANIEL JEROME PEEL San Antonio, Texas St. Petersburg, Florida H ollywood, California St. Petersburg, Florida French Club, Pep Squad, Para- Prom Decorations, Cross Coun- Bible Club, fGeorgial. medical Club. try Track, Pep Squad. LORENE PEPPER DENNIS PERKINSON MARSHA PETERSON Anderson, South Carolina Deland, Florida Des Moines, Iowa Band, Keynotersg F.H.A.g Cho- rus. 86 WALTER ANDREW PLOTT CAROLE POLCARO KATHERINE ANN POSKUS Wilmington, North Carolina Woburn, Massachusetts Boston, Massachusetts Track, Football. Band, Rojan Club, Y-Service. CNew IerseyJ Library Counc1l Social Studies Clubg F.H.A RICK POTTER JAMES L. POUST ADRIENNE L. PRESLEY JERRY LEE PRICE New Castle, Pennsylganm Miami, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg Florida Spanish Clubs Red Crgss Rep- Band, Keynoters Clubg Track. F-H-A-5 Y - Serviceg WoSe- resentative. LGUGSQ Pep Squad, Nor'Easterg Paramedical C l u bg Student Council, Swimming Teamg Candy Striper. L A TRUDI K. PRICE St. Petersburg, Florida Band, Keynotersg Keyettesg Y- Service Club, Treas.g Latin Club, Nor'Easterg Prom Deco- rations. RONALD PRILL MARY S. PUFFER Ancon, Canal Zone Minneapolis, Minnesota Spanish Club, F.H.A.g WoSe- Lettesg Wig and Maslcg C.A.A.g Pep Squadg Hostess. SUSAN PYLKAS Santa Monica, California Majoretteg Bandg Anchor Clubg Hist.g P r o m Decorations Commg K e y n o t e r sg F.H.A.g DORSEY QUANDT DENNIS QUILLICAN Indianapolis, Indiana . .St. Petersburg, Florida, , Key Club, Treas.g Paramedicalg Band, C a p t a i ng Keynotersg German Clubg Pep Squadg Spanish Clubg I.V. Baseball. Soph. Decorations Comm. Spanish Clubg Organizations Editor of Viking Logg Pep Squadg Girls's Stateg Quill and Scroll. SANDRA RAHN MARGARET REYNOLDS LINDA C. RHEA REBECCA ANN RICE St Petersburg Florida Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania Knoxville, Tennessee Corsieana, Texas Spanish Club Pep Squad. French Club. Bandg Pep Squadg Spanish Concert Choirs The Octet? Stu- Club? KCYUOIIGTSS F-H-AH dent Councilg Spanish Clubg Pep Squadg CVirginiaJ Concert Choirg Gondoliersg Opti-Miss Club. REBECCA I0 RICE Plymouth, Indiana Candy Striperg Latin Clubg Red Cross Representativeg Par- amedical Clubg Soph. Float Comm.g Prom Decoration Comm. Nor'Easterg Soph. Party Decoration Comm. BILL RICH Ft. M yers, Florida SUE ELLEN RICLER Hampstead, Maryland Viking Log, Editor-In-Chiefg Civinette Club, Vice-Pres.g Pep Squadg Paramedicalg Candy Striperg Student Councilg Nor'- Ensterg Prom Decorations Comm. KEITH RINGELSPAUGH SHEILA K. RITCHISON BOB ROMANELLO Piqua, Ohio St. Petersburg, Florida Enelewvvd, New l9fSe!l Interact Clubg Spanish Clubg Swimming Team. D.E. ' ,await RONALD STUART ROSEN JIM ROSS IUDITH ADELE ROSS Tam a Florida Louisburg, North Carolina Yuba City, California P 1 junior Classical Leagueg Sci- ence and Engineering Clubg Inter-Club Councilg National Honor Society. JAMES RUNKLE St. Petersburg, Florida PAULA DIANNE RYON Evansville, Induzna Spanish Clubg WoSeLette Club F.H.A.g Prom Decoration Com: mitteeg Soph. Float Comm. CAROL ANN SACKETT Bath, New York American Abroad Semi - Final- istsg Concert Choirg Condoliersg Keyette Clubg Nor'Easter, 1st Page Editorg Pep Squad. BARBARA ROSSI New York City, New York Science Clubg Latin Clubg French Clubg Para Medical Clubg Opti-Miss Club National Honor Societyg Nor'Easter, Co- Editor of Editorial Page. 89 11.1 GORDON SALISBURY LARRY SALTS ROBERT SAMSON Toronto, Ontario, Canada St. Petershurg, Florida New York, New York Soph. Class Pres., Spanish Los Danadores, Los Quixotes. Los Quixotesg Science EQ Engi- Clubg jr. Exchange, German neering Club, Ir. Civitang Club, Letterman's Club, Swim- Sophomore Party Refreshments ming Team, Pres. Student Comm., Prom Decorations Council, Bonfire Comm., Prom Comm. Decorations Committee, Ir. 81 Sr. Superlative. 3 GLORIA IEAN SAUL ANNETTE SAUNDERS CAROL SAWIN SUSAN ELLEN SAWIN 3 Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania Battle Creek, Michigan jackson, Mississippi Jackson, M Lssissippi Red Cross Representative, Vol- Spanish Clubg Library Club, D.C.T. Club, D.E.C.A.g C.E.C. F-HA-5 D-E-C-A-5 C-E-C-5 Red leyhall Team. Paramedical Club: Mixed Cho- Cross. rusg Concert Choir, Red Cross , Representative. N JAMES W. SCHAUWFKER IOANNE SCHERER IUDITH M. SCHERER Syracuse, New York Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek, Michigan Trackg Cross Country, Ir. Civ- Red Cross Re resentativeg Fu- Red Cross Representative. itan. ture Homemalkjers of America. 90 in 'nigga I ,fl GARY ALAN SCHROEDER Cincinnati, Ohio RICHARD LEE SCHWARTZ Muncie, Indiana Science and Engineering Club Red Cross Representative, Par- amediculg Baseball. WANDA SCONYERS Auburndale, Florida 5 C.A.A.g F.H.A.g Pep Squad. 53 GILBET SHAMAS Brooklyn, New York French Club, Pres.g Hostg Lat- in Clubg Ir. Classical Leagueg National Honor Societyg Inter- act Clubg Tennisg Paramedical Club. DANIEL EUGENE SHEA SANDRA I- SHEIIEANE St. Petersburg, Florida COIUWIYUS, GQOTEW Key Club, Soph. and junior Bands WVOSGLGUGSL F-H-A-3 Class, Vice Pres., F ootballg KCYHOUSTS, SGC-, TIGHS-5 H0316- Swimming. coming Court. PEGGY SIMCOX BILL SLAGHT Niagara Falls, New York Scott Field, Illinois Swimming Team. ww . 2 CAROL SBIALLEY St. Petersburg, Florida Soph. Party Refreshment Comma WoSeLettes5 Viking Log Business Manager. PAT SHIMKUS Chicago, Illinois Rojansg Paramedical Clubg Spanish Clubg Soph. Party Dec- orations, Ir. Nor'Easter Pa e Editor, Nor'Easter Page Emi- tor. 91 CAROLYN SUE SMITH SANDRA SMITH Tampa, Florida Brooksville, Florida D.E.C.A., Treasurer, C.E.C. LiAv Club, Secretary, Future Homemakers of America. IANET SMOOT St. Petersburg, Florida Roian, Chaplain, Paramedical Club, Sophomore Party Re- freshment Committee. RICHARD D. SNEED MARIA SOLAR STEVEN SPAHN New Orleans, Louisiana Havana, Cuba Queens, New York Key Club, Creative Writing Glee Club CBoca Ciega High Club, Vice President, Swim- Schooll. ming Team: Spanish Club, Let- termanls Club. EDWARD R. SPALTY, Jn. New Haven, Connecticut Nfrtinrml Honor Society, Key Club, German Club, Vice Pres- identg Science 61 Engineering Club, Secretary, Inter-Club Council, Class Night Commit- tee, Homecoming Committee. 92 SHFRRY LEE SPEARY LINDA P. SPRANKEL DON SPRAY VVilmington, Delaware Sussex, England St. Petersburg, Florida WoSeLette Club, Girls Athletic Spanish Club, jr. Red Cross P1-gm Committee, Bonfire Com- Association. D.C.T. Club, Representative, Wig and Mask, mittee, C-E-C Club- C.A.A. Nor'Easter. we BEVERLY ANN SPRAYBERRY JAMES JOSEPH SPRICCS CARY LEE STACK Chelsea, Massachusetts Welch, West Virglnrkz Springfield, Illinois' Civinettesg D.C.T.g F.B.L.A.g Jr- C i v i f 2 H Clubs Bonfire Paramedicalg S p a n i s h Clubg COHIHI-5 P I 0 ffl DCCOTHUOHS G.A.A. Comm. JEFF STARKEY Akron, Ohio xChorusg Bonfire Comm. VIRGINIA SUE STARRETT St. Petersburg, Florida Anchor Club, Treas.g Latin Clubg Future Teachers of America, Sec.g F.H.A.g Soph. P a r t y Refreshment Comm.g Soph. Edition of Nor'Easter. BARBARA C. STEPHENSON F lushing, New York Anchor Clubg Student Councilg French Clubg Drama Work- shopg Prom Decorationsg Nor'- Easter. BRUCE THOMAS STILES IACQUELINE STOCKTON St. Petersburg, F lorida M eadoille, Pennsylvania Exchange Clubg Concert Choirg Y-Teens fTampalg Clee Club Science and Engineering Club. CPanarna Cityj. JOHN JACKSON STOVALL St. Petersburg, Florida Latin Clubg German Clubg I.V. Footballg Wheel Club, Vice Pres.g Prom Decorations Comm.g School Spirit Comm. 5 Track. DAVID STEWART Toronto, Canada Library Club. 93 SYDNEY C. STOUCH LESLIE STOWELL SUE L. STROMER Rome, New York Somerville, Massachusetts Michigan City, Induzna Bandg D.C.T.g Tri-Hi-Y. G.A.A.g F.H.A. Maiorettei Bands Spanish Clubs Keynoters Clubg Prom Decora- tions Comm.g F.H.A. JAMES SWAN SUE SWEET FREDERICK SWIFT KATHIE SUE SWIFT St. Petersburg, Florida Morehead City, N01-th Carolina New London, Connecticut New Lvndorl, Connecticut Bandg Ir. Civitang Latin Clubg Paramedical, Treas.g Anchor FB-L-A-S G-A-A-, TfCaS-5 PYOITI Concert Choir. Club. COITUII-5 Soph. PHITY COIUHI- CAROL JOYCE TAYLOR Tampa, Florida Prom Comm. 94 ELIZABETH TAYLOR Birmingham, Alabama F.H.A.g Spanish Clubg Pep Squad, Sec.g Senior Class Treas.g Homecoming Courtg Civinette Club. PEGGY TAYLOR Civinette Clubg G.A.A., Sec.g Soph. Party Comm.g Spanish Clubg Future Teachers of Americag Red Cross Represent- ative. SANDI TAYLOR H untsville, Alabama WoSeLettes, Chaplain, G.A.A. Vice-President, Future Home- makers of America: Prom Deco- ration Committee, I.C.L., Fu- ture Teachers Club. SUZAN TETREAULT GARY R. THACKER Greenville, Massachusetts Miami, Florida Wig and Mask, Future Home- Concert Choir, Condoliers. makers of America, P r o m Committee, Pep Squad. -,111 ,M WILBUR THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida JOHN THOMPSON Racine, Wisconsin Paramedical Club, President, Recl Cross Council, Chairman, German Club, Interact Club, Corresponding Secretary. TERESA TIBERIA Orange, New Jersey JOHN TIRUMS M erningon, Germany LINDA TOPE St. Petersburg, Florida Head Majorette, Band, WoSe- Lette, Senior Board Member, Paramedical C l u b, Future Homemakers of America, Key- noters. CHARLES TORACINTA Pawtucket, Rhode Island TVB-:ear VN S CONNIE M. TIEDMAN Miller, Georgia Civinette Club, Historian, Fu- ture Homemakers of America. 95 KATHY TRABERT Bedford, Ohio National Honor Society, Rojans' Spanish Club, Concert Choir. PATTI ANN TREADWELL Bridgeport, Connecticut F.B.L.A.g Pep Squad. SUSAN D. TRAYLOR Middletown, Ohio , Nor,Easterg Sophomore Choir, Concert Choirg F.H.A.g Prom Committee. MARTHA TRIMBLE DAVID TULLER VICKI TUOZZO DANNY TYSON Orlando, Florida Kalamazoo, Michigan Brooklyn, New York St, Petersburg, Fhnrida Student Council, Jr. Home- Future Homemakers of Ameri- Ly, Football Manager, Base- room Representative, F .H.A.g cag Spanish Club, Concert all, grench Club, Prom Decorations Choir, omm. v JOYCE RUTH TUCKER KATHY LAVO VAN NANCY A. VERWHOLT St. Petersburg, Florida TORNHOUT New Haven, Connecticut Band. M ishawaka, Indiana Student Council, Pep Clubg Y-Service, Social Chairman, Foreign Exchange Comm. fAri- President. zonal, F.H.A.g Red Cross. 96 L " ' SUSAN VOELK St. Petersburg, Florida Opti-miss Club, Treasurer, Band, Historiang Los Quijotes, Keynoters Clubg Soph. Nor'- easter. NANCY ANN VOGT East Liverpool, Ohio German Club, Pres.g Senior Class Vice - Pres., Student Council, Soph. Party, Co-chair- mang Civinette Club, Pep Squad. GARY VOLLERTSEN Rochester, New York C.E.C., Vice - Pres., D.C.T., Pres. KATHLEEN JUNE VOSS ROBERTA WACER DARIAN WALKER JOSEPH WAREHAM IR Stoke-on-Trent, England St. Petersburg, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana Brooklyn, New York C.E.C., D.C.T.g G.A.A.g F.H.A. F.H.A.g Concert Choir, Soph. Condoliersg Concert Choir, Choir, Mixed Chorus. Viking Log, Faculty Editor, Co-Literary Editor, National Honor Society, Opti - miss, Spanish Club, Red Cross, F.T.A. DAVID PETE VVATTS JOYCE WA KENNETH BROOKS WEISS St. Petersburg, Florida Toledo Paterson, New jersey jr. Exchange Club, Golf Team, C.A.A. fSt. Paul's High Schoollg Banclg Kcynotersg Swim Team Ccrman Club, Latin Club, Los Donadores, Woselettesg Prom Decorations. F.H.A.g Pep Squad. ,fail ldqvrair SUSAN WELLS St, Petersburg, Florida Future Business Leaders of America, Treasurerg Future Homemakers of Americag Li- brary. Ziff' THOMAS WAYNE WELLS WILLIAM C. WELLS Albany, Georgia Erie, Pennsylvania J.V. Footballg Basketball, Mgr.g Chess Club. MORRIS WEST FRANK WHITE Robinson, Illinois St. Petersburg, Florida Bandg Pep Clubg Chorusg Art Track. Club f Illinois lg Band. -uni-w""' LEAH WHITE Pensacola, Florida French Clubg Spanish Clubg Debate Teamg National Hon- or Society. JERRY WIDNER Knoxville, Tennessee JOHN WIETZ JAMES W. WILLIAMS LINDA WILLIAMS Rochester, New York N orfolk, Virginia St. Petersburg, Florida I.V- Foofball fBiSh0p Barryi- C.A.A.g N.F.L. 4St, Paulsl Nor'Easter. 98 SARAH JO WILLIAMS Jamestown, Tennessee ,f"'Ni HQ' Q . . ' WILLIAMS New York G.A.A.g Civinette Clubg Span- ish Clubg Junior Red Crossg Nor,Easter. IANIE LEE WILLSON St. Petersburg, Florida French Clubg Opti-miss Club, Chaplaing Prom Decorations Committeeg Concert Choirg Sophomore Float Committee: Hostess. YD!- BRENDA WILSON Whiteoille, North Carolina ' fir' PAM WINDHAM Tampa, Florida G.A.A.g French Clubg Science Club CSt. Paullslg Prom Invita- tions Committeeg Nor,Easter, Editorial Editorg Quill and Scrollg Rojan Club. von' BRIAN WILSON St. Petersburg, Florida Los Donadoresg Keynoters Clubg Science ancl Engineering Clubg Band. Wa Vik? ,Ni SUZIE WINTER Downers Grove, Illinois Science and En ineerin' Club PZ t-, , Secretaryg Nor'EaSter, Man- aging Editorg Pep Squad, Presidentg Prom Decorations Committeeg j.C.L.g XVig and Maskg Paramedical Clubg Sophomore Float Committee. LYNDA WILSON Benton Harlzor, Michigan C.A.A.g Tri-Hi-Yg Tri-Teensg Pep Clubg Mirror CMichiganl. CAROL A. WOLFE Wes-tr,'lzester, Pennsylvania Cliorusg Concert Choirg Latin Clubg Parameclical Club. SID WILSON St. Petersburg, Florida Interact Club, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Seeretaryg National Honor Societyg Sci- ence and Engineering Club. 99 1019 ha... BARBARA ANN WOOD CAROL ANN WRIGHT Exeter, New Hampshire Washington, Pennsylvania Concert Choir, Sophomore Choirg D.C.T.g C.E.C. sr - 'Huw " i'l- SUZANNE RONNIE YAFFIN BILL YOUNG St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida Los Donadores, Sophomore I.V. Football, Track. Float Committee. LYNDA ALANE YURMAN johnson City, New York Student Council, Quill and Scroll, Rojan Club, German Club, Creative Writing Club, Nor,Eaqs'terg Prom Decorations Comm., Chr., Sophomore Party Decorations Comm., Junior Ways and Means Comm. IEANETTE ZIMMERMAN JUDY BURLESON St. Petersburg, Florida Winfield, Alabama Pep Squad. JAMES WILLIAM SANDERS August 9, 1946-september 2, 1963 Outstanding Seniors Elected to Hall of Fame These twenty-two students were named outstanding hy the memhers of the senior class by write-in ballot. They include the leaders of the Student Council, the class. the service cluhs, the activity cluhs, the puhlica- tions. and the varsity teams. ln addition to holding high offices, many of them excel in scholastic endeavors. They participate actively in committee work and social activi- ties of the school and have gained the respect of hoth students and teachers. By their election to the 1964 Hall of Fame, they have heen recognized as leaders of their class and potential leaders of the community. SUE RICLER Editor of the Viking Log DAVE LANIBRECHT National Honor Society President ROBERT LUCAS Editor of the NllJI',EIlSft'l' LEE GRANCER Senior Class President ANN IACOBS Student Council Historian GORDON SALISBURY Student Council President MARY GRESH Civinctte Club President PETE PARDOLL Key Club President RECCIE BARCLEY HL-acl Cheerleader DOUG LAMB Football Team Captain BARBY DUNKLE Civinette Club Secretary JOHN THOMPSON Puramcdical Club President Hall of Fame GAIL GOYVER Cheerleader 104 A ui- STEVE HALL Football Letterman BECKY BOND Homecoming Queen BRUCE HAMILTON Student Council Parliumcntariun NIARSHA GOHEEN Cheerleader VAUGHN NICCARTHY Interact Club President PAT NIURPHY Senior Class Sc-crctury BILL CUINEY Football Team Captain M KATHY GRE SH Student Council Secretary DANNY SHEA junior Class Vice-President , ,, ia, mba-fnfmM..,r...,., IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bill Bond, President, .Terry Conner, Vice-Presidentg Cenny VVells, Treasurer: Cathy Domeier, Secretary. IUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The class of 1965, in its second year at Northeast, undertook the projects and responsibilities of juniors with the same enthusiasm displayed in its sophomore year. The spirit and dedication of its members led the class through another successful year. VVhen they entered Northeast for the first time, the members of the class of 1965 soon made the necessary adjustments from junior high to high school. They chose Mickey Monrose, Danny Helou, Cenny Wells, and Cathy Robbins as class officers for their first year. In spite of the academic pressures, they found time to participate in extra-curricular activities, including clubs, student gov- ernment, and sports, both junior varsity and varsity. Through careful planning and hard Work they produced a memorable sophomore party, which had the theme "Swinging on a Rainbow." The year ended with the move-up assembly, in which the sophomores took the position vacated by the junior class. VVhen they returned the following September, the members of the class were prepared for their most im- portant project, the Prom. They had chosen Bill Bond, jerry Conner, Cenny VVells, and Cathy Domeier to lead the class. The students worked all vear raising money and planning for the junior-Senior Prom. Their efforts resulted in an unforgettable Prom. VVith the mat-uritv they have gained in their two years at Northeast. the members of the class of 1965 are well prepared to assume the dignity of seniors. Their enthusiasm and dedication will make them another out- standing senior class. SPONSORS NORMA MUSE ROBERT CHALLENER MARY ANN MEEHAN VOSE PNEUMAN HAROLD CARROLL 106 'M W , ,f J -P .5 ,,,,,,.. 4 ,, , 4 Q H R lk lv w"'V.i, r'UQ?H7'l?-'W " ' , 1 S . ,ga S X I S ri an J, L sr T i""'9u-" . 'i " Ain.-, 'X J A- Stcphvn Accvedo Ivff Adams Ion Alcott Nancy Allen yy L. ,4f fr 'Q H newly "' 4223 'J -'HQ ,'f:y-:?si?Qf,.eggg W ,H 4 y , S rw wif" ,, .5 rw :i f3 '?"'? ., 9 Ak V, , if -i Icrry Achcc Bom ard Adkins in , .,,, A,,, S I 4 I' Pm gra b- . K Nw I-fi ' , 5771 , LQ Wwiggzc M K 5135 S M 22535 if an S, T W - , , ' M ' at li . ..,..9wfm 22 wawg-fwx-,V . 1zwQ,4sfsgaamfq,,w, . .7 ,im V 'Z i HDV ai I 4. . .iid Dixie Ackcrmnn Roy Aerts Barbara Ann Aldcrson Virginia Allen Richard Allen ., ,. V. 3 f-fggiweffw-5" 49? J, Q 1 ' Q .M 'UP " Q k 35 I : . K 'Q , ff fig-' ' , Will A - Al V h igh K5 , L 1, 4. mr K ' , -qfgfvv c cw! ' 1 'K f '25-1: .. , 4 X Roger Altsaetter Karcn Ater Dcnnis Baldwin Iamcs Anderson Robert Athcney Brcndzl Ball Richard Allen tr lmnrs Anderson VVarner Iill Azarenok Stcrling Nancy Barr-lcy Iezm Barkcr -, ii r,,1,z,, L ,r,'- v--, Q-fifgfzl, ' ' mqffff La -H ,,,..Mw 5 its V 2 - . 'I ' -,J 'W .55 Q. My 'x MU -' , e ' ff 'I-1 ', if . wil : - ff, 5-2-55112: fag, I Q n fl ,e- '- ' Do the Dog. 4 Frank Adams Cheryl Albrecht Iohn Allen Rose Mario Allen , R 2 J I 1 73? ., f g xr Q Q ii , is . . A , ' Ei i V - QM ' K' ', 22-r fr'-bc "' . -K l., .5 Q ,N ia W 5 I :W su- 'L P nfs W. Q H' V? 8 5 gf X f J Q w A Dorothy Archer Hazcl Artille Cheryl Asay YVaync Bar-ncn Iamcs Bailcy Norman Baker Richard Barlow Stcphcn Bayless Thomas Baynard Anclcrsnn Bacun W x mv' was f QW Quick-hero comes my steady! hr' YN-wr Iudy Baxter Thomas Bell john Berry Sharon Black ,lg WM., . , --is .L K Kira . me 4' 1 , ' 2 fe ma ,dr I' 'Q 'Z f 1. ftii iw R , . Z ' M A 1. . 5 H'- , I ..,Vk tink!! f 1 QQT L 5' ks + ' I F N? Jean Beasley Louis Bender Priscilla Binklev Ann-Marie Blan char cl Elizabeth Beauchamp Frank Bentayou Orlando Bisesti Donna Blanchard .a.g X, ,, , :W . Jw xxx i RJ, his :LM R 'Q 5' " mv ' 'K 1 , , " X I - ' f A .QL A ' '- YV ' W 'W Q 'M , 2- N I H f R . ,A Ms mu, K as L - L B 1. i S Q L ea' L - - L a- 4 f 'M.2'ns'7 . , A , , , Q Q it 1' ' - L 'fi' 'W' ' H A -t ' V., ,f A vf fs, -.if-iffsqsef fi ' , , -kf' ,q,.s::,mfwfw,,:1-sw - - , 1 V B' 'Q . , u p YW, A, Christine Boemer Albert Bowman Edwin Brawn 108 Cathy Bond Susan Boyette Katherine Brazauskas an William Bond Duane Brandt Patricia Brewer Sandra Bordell Carol Ann Brady Diana Brewington ,L 1 L V, , i L , A Roger Boros Doug Brand Kandy Bright i W , hui ,kgiyxryygw ., M , .- an , 1-4. fgff9f,5np 59' YA Linda Bell Robert Berrett Susan Bishop Kenneth Blanchard ' "k',,-337' E f ' k S fr ': QA QL: lu., ' iq 4 1 ,fi Francis Bom-dean Roger Bowers Laura Lee Bransom Gloria Bratton Lee Brmson Brenda Brooks i 9 +53 K 5.9. Q 'we'-' f f ij: My 7 W' if E ii. Cf, ' if 'N' W Samuel Brooks Charles Buckley Michael Burroughs B ,H . C ' ' N. Qj1Q-1.353-ar'Q fe -k.- , . ' 'z , s . ' B-' f , 1- VL ' f? " Y N.. ' . a' I 6 - .. ' ,,, I 1 ,y M r B' e.? A , .B '- I , ' .: Y 1 W4 K --5--' ,.f"',, is """r , as 1 ffff' . f . E, M L L V K l f A 'L i f if , 5 " -r 1. 'W' i' K qw W, V, an mm 4,4 5335 in K A Ieffrey Brown Donald Burge Jeff Busch "':?'. ' we 4 fi H ff! ' ' s. Earnest Brownlee Linda. Bruce Aullen Brunnenmn Susan Burgess VVayne Burkhalter Brenda Burns Randall Bush Judy Buswell Linda Buswell A ,L , "' I lf. A 'T' . V' 'w ' e g A F t B ' cd I 1 Prism B ,M 5 B -1, ,keg X .F fir "' X sf . B .'f5'ier. , - f- ,. W P I ',., ,J I B I . Nr- ff.: ,B B fb- B i Q. Lv-Q. Y' Karen Byfield Judy Cappell Mary Carpenter Thomas Cade Bryant Carnwny Karla Casey Sharon Clinkenlwnrcl Bunny Cloud Ierewyl Cnin Iudy Czxrduzn Connie Cnfon Shi-ilu Clnytun .4 eilfsf ---" ---Q X Qrilsr znmfgisfl .1 l 7' C C .v 1 .5: WHO' . ff' Y, 5. Z ff' I f!7,,,v'. U Barbara Caldwell Daniel Carmichael Linda Chambers Diane Cochran J.'f,"fH' -gm WVilliznn Buchhnlz Bruce Burris Mary Butler Carol Bryant Bonnie Burns Henri Butler And I got an "A" in Safecracking I! 'I09 Sv' N L .. din Chix A m , ,MF Fw H' A Catherine Coleman Tim Coleman Claude Conroy Kathleen Cook Patsy Cotton Corey Coughlin rr . frgilgf 'M ' -'H C A . , I , il . . , Q1 . . 'NJ' " J . . It .I um. r I 'W 73' , WK: ll -A rv' C' "' ff' C rr V , K g 5 K .. 'X - - - "" '-L- 2:-..f:-:i3:: ': fi:-ff:-J r .'-.,.f:.,.:r2s?:' K' if 'fl5::.. T" -ff '-Zin. - " ' 2' ' 7'h" fw17i'ffif ifezzfzffillf fn - . ,. a. mewfw " :,. 'Ffa 1 :2 ' : " ' " 7':,Q-"Y - ffl 4 ' , . 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L- wa tf . x " ' x rem, Q V " ' 4 ' Q, ' Howard Curd Barbara Daniels Darrow VVnync Davis Ronald Curtis Daniel Daniels Maxine Davey Bonnie Dawson ,fi r -. 'md J," C gs, C Q iff' Keith Cushman Ieffrcy Daniels Bruce Davidson Iames Dawson af ff sf e-W Hoy Dayton Donna Deacon Diane De-Bacco Warren Df'Buty Sue Delacquesea Karen Delaney Peggy Deming David Denton M6 Cynthia Dean Earle Decker Linda DeLay George Dick ...av f'-.f lv 4 Judy Dearmin Herbert DeGroat Dawnette DeLong Richard Diemer : g oggle -E -V .fa bf , ' 'vv'-'J 'W It if . 1 Es- A A as . .,.. 3392- - V ' i e siiiie ' W F v Q 53355259 fa selliifx -4 ,g - " . f "W , , 'If' fx 'cz-J' Vt' . firm or LLL W V A 'tn 53 xl .2 L Dolores Digman Russell Dillow Patricia Dirling Miriam Dodenhoff Anna Donegan Pamela Dorman Iodee Driskell William Duckwall William Ebersberger Karen Edes Timothy Edgar Sharon Ellinwood At that point I kicked him rib' elif' ' 'S' A ' 7? 'iiel l ' .. - 1-:w11,'fi?i 9? A :gk of an .. . is R 'Q , fl , N ? 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Brenda Nelson Shela Nelson Chris Nesmith PRU'1Ck Neville Kathryn Niccum Mary Arm Nicholson Nancy Nicholson VCTHOY1 Nlllllh Dennis O'Connor Gary Odom Marshall Ogletree VVhat do you mean I gave out three pink admits last Week?l Billie O,Hem Alfred Oppel MMV Parks Linda Patrick Elmer Perkins joan Perkins Carole Ottesnn Nora Pate Clara Pema .21 L A. Wayne Owen Patricia Patterson George Peters vw -f Georgiana Panagiotacos Suzanne Pangie Rita Parker Alana Paulson Kenneth Peel Vkfendy Permiman Pamela Peters Linda Peterson Dgnna Deccari 119 All right, you guys! XVlio put the cement in our antiperspirant? VZTTP aw -4 fn , ,K qi sa , ,, I My 5 1 s 1 1. ""' """ :few "L' H faggifzii k ' if x, , 1 ' f lwwlg Y 3 'A K'Q'.L,L M if flii A ,VZLZ ,K A W Q, ,L . 5 PNQ.. 4' I M.-f Mauree Piehl Richard Plcss Gary Popovich VVilliam Powers Lynnc Pickard Becky Plank Jeffrey Pope Kathy Powers ef gat Ax wi :wuz Y f n A 'ti' an Olly ww J? E gag? Q. Mogwai? ii ' Gary Price Patricia Quinn Linda Renkcn 120 e,... 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' "L" 7 ,,,,, 'Z ' .5 y C 'M , A - 'A wzw Y Q S Sf' . . 4 E I . ,, A K f" 3.1, A ' 1' , ' , :G n . , f 4 fa 1 K -" bw AV f-J 5 .:., -' 4 ' 'fr' var ww 2, K f, , ,R 7 ' . ' ge Ali K ' 'V A -.1 X . ,Q ,ig I Michael XVilson Suzanne YVinL-ka Richard XVinus Mary Beth lving Joseph YVOjtan David XV0lfc' Martha XVoodruff John YVoods Becky VVright IXBISH YHHCCY Roy Yancey Iohn Yeager Linda Yinger Carole Young Kathy Zclt Barbara Zias james Zufgll Donald Zuggy if.-5, lay, - X 5,5 K ui 1 ' VVe all wear Hanes stockings. JUNIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN -ill'-"' r""Ivq,! ff' DECORATIONS Vic Daniels and Mary Both XVing INVITATIONS Mary jo xvilfltlllfld and Kay Knicricm 126 1,1 W V, REFRESHBIENTS Pam Dorman and Kathy Cook PROM CHAIRNIEN Linda Green and Christine Hollingsworth WAYS AND NIEANS Germy Wfells r ung? IUNIOR SUPERLATIVES ATHLETIC AND SCHOOL SPIRIT Dick Critz, Barbara Daniels, Cuylcne Grimm, Jim Murphey HUMOROUS and VERSATILE Mcrrily VVils0n, Ioe lY12lSCl1lI1O, Tom Bell, Cathy Domcier Y.. X 4 we -5 ' X C ATTRACTIVE and POPULAR Mary Jo Sclioclucr, Vic Daniels, Bill Bond, Nancy Burcley LIKELY TO SUCCEED and INTELLECTUAL Kathy Cook, jim jackson, lerry Conner, Linda Green 127 N SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer, Bob Halvorseng President, Ronnie Kidd, Secretary, Connie Kowalskig Vice-President, john Domeier. SPONSORS hir. Alnuliam i-2i Y X gf. . 1 :V Mr. McNeil Mrs. Popeioy Mr, Post Migg Simg 128 SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The Class of 1966 arrived at Northeast a mixture of graduates from several junior high schools, eager to become a part of NeHi life. In their first introduction to the school by Mr. Sexton they were officially estab- lished as a class, ready to embark on their high school career. Once accustomed to the daily routine of NeHi, the Class met as a whole to learn its function as a body and the requirements for candidates for office. Thus began a campaign after which the Class showed its wisdom by electing Ronald Kidd, Iohn Domeier, Bob Halvorsen, and Connie Kowalski. XVith the leadership of these officers and the help of the sponsors the class moved rapidly ahead. Because of the crowded conditions at Northeast sophomores were housed in a new manner. All home- rooms met at once in the auditorium-a new and un- certain situation in which the Class displayed its maturity and eagerness to make Northeast an efficient and smoothly running school. XVhen the year came to a close the Sophomore Class had accomplished a great deal-honors in schol- arship, and athletics, an impressive service record, a fine Sophomore Choir and Cream Rand-and faced its junior year with the confidence of ability and accomplishment. SOPHOMORE SUPERLATIVES ATHLETIC and HUMOROUS Dan Topping, Terry Knoll, Judy Allen, Mark VVinters ii QE N LIKELY TO SUCCEED and INTELLECTUAL Debbie Crumb, XValtcr Klein, john Domeier, Connie Kowalski POPULAR and ATTRACTIVE Ronnie Kidd, Ginger Hiley, Pliyliss Cupples, lim Chapman 1 ff SCHOOL SPIRIT and VERSATILE Margaret Mitchum, Bob Halvorsen, Greg Commes, Cindy Mae 'I 29 l fr f f V Q h ,vw 2. - 1' V N ii- isifv 'fu if tam, . 1 B ,ge ,W l 4-v 130 Robert Aho Roy Aiken jane Aikefns Linda Albritton Carolyn Allen Judy Allen Brenda Alstaeter Don Anderson LeRoy Amerson Gretchen Anderson Vicki Anderson Larry Andrews Terry Anderson Frank Anhait Monte Arbanas Ioan Arnold Mary Askins Patsy Atkins Suzanne Atkins Linda Atha Carol Austin Sandy Backus Elbert Barber Wayne Barksdale Iudy Barrett Steve Barth Marsha Babgett Wayne Barker Roger Ball Donald Barker Kenneth Barkley john Baron Carolyn Bassett Linda Bates Frank Bean Diane Beauregard Genevieve Beat William Beaver David Beck Patti Bellerson Sharon Bender Harold Bennett James Bennett Rhea Bennett Allison Benton Melanie Berard Diane Berg Michael Berman K . Diana Acevedo Frances H. Adams Frances K. Adams Virginia Adams Warren Adams Margaret Adamson Bonnie Adshead Bill Aerts David Agin About that point in the Clearwater game. . ' z ' V V L ,I ag? 2, lf.. f " I- "Ls .' - " ,B af x . ,e , i 5 V , . HA, at 4-I, N U.. k V 5 K ,W , . 1 t 5 N "'i V 5 mfg .. f fa, V aft, .. f.,,,ag, ,in 555, Q . ,l lux. .. 5 V , 'V - A is 1 0 V1 V ,VV V M- , Vw' w w . -V V iff A V . 7 1 5 ' 3 ,, E ' V. V ,. gf' n . HK - T, me-f V '37 V, f s 'W 1 H ff' V -Q . J i Q U Y' WW W 1 V 693331 V, 5 V Q. . wg 0 S :jg-kin: H I -we V ,V -rv, if .. . .A 1 f , , , it X f - , sf fm -' M- f V ' Wi 4:2 'rf' 1 ol' L' J Q W . i :far 5 ' ks , af f- , KV H- A - . K W new if I , .E ,team ,ws-, ie: flee -- f ww rms slixfffw- ' 1,-,shew if ggsizia-ev' , Vg - 'ff K - 2 , View 1 T V f ': Q 'W A B. I" E K., gr., 1 . 4, . f M . . A V y ,f sw A fi ! K ,Tl ' V V iff 'I ' ':.-- 1:31154-'fi-i'-'5Ptf4 '5 V ,:",,: in :,.:.5!.,2:.,,::1 Qgiiif-iifijfg-ff?'4EE?E5ii27. 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A , ' I an H Y .- . W .fn I 'I ...ev Thomas Burgess Ann Burket John Burwell Kathy Butter Patricia Butler Bernadette Bind lane Cade Connie Campbell Nora Campbell 41 712 u. -4, as fr rg: ,, r r -X e Gail Beswick Alan Bevnrd Fred Bez Mary Bidlc Carolyn Billups Charles Bishoff Sharon Bishop David Bittlingmier James Blackman Steven Blakey Robert Blaine Dave Blazuk Diane Blazuk Rainer Blomberg Carol Bloom Samuel Bond Alida Bontile james Bonham Barbara Bonsey Robert Boon Lynn Boros Charles Boux Brenda Bowden Ray Bowman Matt Bowser Linda Boyd Marion Boyd Jay Boyle Harry Bozarth Linda Braden Dan Brady Darlene Brago James Brand Gail Brannan John Brautigam Sherry Brewer Sherry Brimacomb Cecily Brookman Annice Brooks John Broverick Jerry Brown Kathy Brydebell Sherry Browne Beverly Browning Angelo Bucciero Celest Buchanan Diana Buckley Iames Buddy 6 Roberta Campbell Anthony Cangelosi Cheryl Caratzola Phyllis Carpenter 'fr "Q V , 'Zim V 1-ww. ' i 1 ing W wr fi... V 1 4.,' . ,Q , 8 . K no Elizabeth Charper " 1 U" K XII' f, V32-'1.i K ',K" 'N ,362 Cheryl Carson K' 'x""'f' if'ffL,,,K ' . KJ David Carter f ' K ,K -K, Bill Cash-r - K ' " ' "' K 'K Ronald Caton ' , Q 4 Ki : . K Diana Caya E V,k., 1, ii K ' Angela Chadwick K M y K K X ya, '-K' A ,KKK 'xi ,., ,,. "'-' - , K' , K Patricia Chadwick L, Y ,, , , K. ' I K K KK- , 5 Richard Chambers 'CM V ' ' fab. V 2 - 'V' A' . james Chapman K 1. M 1 "V .J john Chapman " ' , A . . Gary Clark V 3, . K x ,J V s f fr- N A' - f,.1 ,, ,K "'7f K, Q ,f ,J - - - KK M' ' Sheila Clayton K. 4: V 5 K 7 , Ken Clements ' ,K K XValtcr Clyne K J' ff, f Q Kb ' i . Frederick Coffman J M , V ' Ki , A ' K' H 'Q Q' George Cole ' M ,A , g -.4 Betty Coleman '77 - K ,' Ki K ' ' ,W Linda Collins K V K K M fl f Patricia Collins ' ,, K -- ' in , .if ' 'rfgv , V - i Grey: Coinnc-5 V1 KK Kim I if I Michael Conly ? 'E 41' K K Y Ioan Connolly 715 KK -' ii? ' - ,id :V , HN, H - . - A' - -"N 1- T, - K , ,P fbi ' . if elen Conwy 6 , K "'- df ., I K M K Ky A ' 5 Janet Cook ,Mis-vi,,,K f 1 ww K ,KK, K 'KK Q of Connie Cook WW Y .. 5 I 'M' ' Harvey Cooke - ' ' K 'V ' 2 ,ff Cheryl Cooper ix I , KAI K KK K ,, KKK I .. . i il .. ,..,, gr- W ' f"kK '-:':" I ' Carton Cooper ii ' Louise Ann Copa L' - ' V Q5 2 ff . Stephen Cornelison 1 A Steve Cournoyer K ' E 4 fi -' 4-' ,, K Donald Covill K wji KK K? M ' 'Q K M K ' Joy Cox "H KK Ek -7- "' ' ' A Cn.: Ry, ' -E Patricia Craig . ' K W' K Paulettr- Craig K,?KK.,fK ' f " K -i ' ffiffi3f2w,,f .V ,, pl?-',KfifvKk1 Q 'Q , I . H ww- K , :x,f,5,,ffryIf'iQ 2 -,K 5 Robert Craven 'K , "W" - 6 ' ' gm Iames Crolcy K - -V ' ' Jane Crook K f Melvin Crouch ' ,pq W 4 'K , Q K K K K' q K Deborah Crumh , K 5 Q KK K K " K 'W' Dorthy Coendet , -gr" '55 'J 2 1: 4... - eff, . Ellen Cunningham ' 7 I KM ' ' K K. 'K Phillip Cupples -- S V- , I 9 V 3 . A J f ., 'Q ' A Q ,ff.in7" 5' 1 K ,K W lhyllis Ciipplc-S ig Kfyzy. Bill Curtis Ceogory Dar-ke W3'f7K v Q, I K 62 K KV 4 K Donna Dalton Q' ,,,. 4' " R 'N' J Richard D,.'hIl1iL'CJ VYQT"f 'K' ",'f,f' " "'-'7' Vincent D',-Xnqc-lo , 5,4115 1 .',K. X. n AY 'i iff V '- 7 W ' - - Z ' 3' M ' ' . 'Q 25352: , .3 , , 'lv 'K Alfred Dann-ls 1 'L 'K ' , ., Dawn Daw-v J A V , EM' A -3- S , V K ' W Ki ive- " ' lX7lll1iU'l1 Davey K ' if' K i 'i'-- ii Xvllilik the name of this game? 132 Ij,i,JU I . And I didlft even have to knock a hole in the Wall! Cindy Davis Bill Davis Charles Davis Dennis Davis Inhn Davis Mary Davis Nancy Davis Peter Davis George Day siiv, S 11 11,1fe'fa-xrgiwmzssfffaiwas HQ - , . A , 133551 Sf VE Er -L5-51,1 ryan gf-wig --f,fm,4Qgi Q.,-rf., K Q A ' f ,4 .79 . W , 0 we A 5 g ' lv . K K, Y V ,. ' W X fi. 4 , X 2 . .fr W-":!,E:., .fr 5 , V? - ' 5 53232252 " Qtfyz ' . .HQ iq Q 3 ,Af 'H X' ' v , S" W 35 f . 'Q f?Q"' 'C I 1 , A y Ui, , K .lx . K l W v' 1. f infra 'f Q I 3 f ., 5 .. , , Y my . 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'f ' 13332, t ,aw .1 1 , ag, , .INT 93 Q .i nf ,as f Jack Davis Cheryl Dean Elizabeth Deane Virginia Debhs Sue Decker Peter De Carlonis jean Defrancesco Ricky Dekoven Cheryl Dell James Delong jerry Delong Robert Demsey Margaret Dessabt Diana De Stefano llosita De Vico Betsy Deviou joel Diamond Freddie Dickey Suzanne Dion Cheryl Desken Sharon Dixon John Domier Dona Donthnier Linda Dorman Edward Douglas Steve Douglas Sherry Downing Daniel Drake Patricia Dram Glen Drier Tommy Driver Sandra Drummond Lynda Dunning Linda Dyess Edward Eakes james Earle Ann Ebeirerzer Leila Eddy Pam Edgar Sharon Eastman Steve Elernian VVayne Elerman XVQ-mba Ellis Martin Evaldi Ray Evers Roger Ezell Patrick Fagg Hoyt Fallin r is A1 su, 3 ' 3 ' I 11, ' V. f' A ' ii? Ka S L. 1 6 Q ' .. M . tj Q ' ww i , A ? L V-rm 'fbi M ,V A jf rw ' " L ' if V4 V3 , , W V X " 2 up . I xi ii! Nancy Flemming Elizabeth Flexion Janis Flynn Alice Forbes Kathryn Forde Pat Foulks Georgia Fox John Fox Mark Freshwater Charles Futeh Karen Gabrielson Kristine Gagyi Mike Gallagher Kenneth Galloway Barbara Gammon Suzanne Garhart Edward Gardner Shirley Garner Susan Garner Linda Garrison Patty Gates Kathy Gay Jean Geary Charles Geiger Gail Gentry Aurlilia Georgariou Grain Gessford Andren Ghuthier Jerry Gibson Roberta Gibson Janice Gibbord Le,Ann Ginn Virginia Githens Gail Glaser Robert Glennie Richard Gonser Kathleen Goodall Mary Both Goodwin Neil Gorman Kathryn Gower Linda Graham Geneva Grawburg Pam Grazier Patricia Gmzier Robert Greenaugh Doug Gregory Thomas Gregory Simeon Gribble Fred Feaster Fem Feathers Pat Ferguson Robert Ferguson Steven Fernalrl Lewis Fisher Marion Fisher Susan Fisher Sandra Fujalko ff' A is 1 , A This teaching isnlt so hard. .1 .,... M if if , " , i 255 ww M 'Q ' 5 gg - ease Iv .5 K 'WIS' cy Q17 .. 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I gnu! gr ' 5 5 4 K .... t r K ',,, -fr - gf, Q1-'A'-1 5, 4, 4 Richard Hetherton Teresa Hewitt Ginger Hiley David Hill Jinx Hilliard Terry Hinen Nancy Hoenstine Earnestine Hoge Jill Hollingsworth , ,i 3 heals cv :exam l 9 Richard Griesinger Andrew Griffin Cynthia Grim Arlene Grimard Carolyn Grimm Cynthia Grissim Leslie Grizzle Barbara Gunckle Samuel Gurian Maridel Gustafson Patricia Guthrie Richard Gwarek James Gwen Stacy Haight Maria Haggerty Clayton Haile John Haire Richard Hale Gordie Hall Jacque Hallas Robert Halvorsen James Hannemann Catherine Hannon Donald Hanson Janice Hasket Steve Hardeman Jerry Hardy Thomas Hardy Michael Hargrave Cathy Harrington Jackie Harson Pamela Hart Linda Harting Jo Hatcher Clifford Hauser Martha Heaton Gary Heavens Wallace Hechenberger Aug Hedrick Charles Hebbn er Robert Heim Penny Heinz Christine Henn Stephen Henneka Paul Henry Margaret Hensley Eileen Henzler Mariha Hershly 3' i M Sr. ,. Af ,. i Q .v:,r,:.i:'::f'fr!Th l ' ia 3 , G ' s . 1-2- , V if . fi .QI l ' 75 1 4 -F'-' V f if John Hood Doris Hopkins Karen Hopkins Christie Horrigan Mary Horton Diane Hotalen Thomas Hotalen Craig House Linda House Marvin Hoyte Alan Huber Janice Hughes Lynda Hull Pam Hulse Charles Humphrey Norman Humter Mary Hunt Sidney Hunt Sharon Hynes Marilyn Isaacs Allen Jackson Caroline Jacobs Clyde James Marilyn James Michael A. James Michael J. James Charles Jarrett Linda Jay Doris Jenes Phil Jennings John Jerome Mike Jerreris David Jerry Brenda Johnson Patricia Johnson Paul Johnson Richard Johnson Robert Johnson Wendy Johnson Barbara Jones David Jones Karen Jones Sharon Jones Shiela Jones Ronald Juergens Sandra Justice Judy Kautz Phillip Kehoe X 136 s 2 if W fs If Q .an 5 1 . .2 ' , H W fi ?iS3XigiflSE2G ' 5 ' , QW Q ' T . ' i ll 1' . , l' . 1 as ' V , ... M , . L5-ff FY l limi i X 6.2 - ' 73 I ,, I 6 f . fl .ww l K . "" ' xfff ,Q I .fgfmla .ix N ' ' if t ... C . 4, " Z 03... 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E Lillian Knuckey Beth Kopecky Connie Kowalski Susan Kramer Joyce Kreissig Thomas Krepps Ralph Kretzer Janet Kuhn Madelyn Lacy Ralph Lamb Linda Lane Jack Langworth Charles Laporie Ann Larson Elizabeth Latto Fred Lawrence Rose Ann Layfield Sandra Lazzari Barbara Lee Robert Lee John Le Grant David Lemor Marion Lennon Joanne Lenti Linda Leonard John Lersch John Lettelleir Mary Jean Lewis David Lindsay Donna Liore Cheryl Lee Little Brenda Lockett Mary Lombana Mike Long Edith Lord David Luce Paul Lucia Terrence Majure Cynthia Maness Barbara Manstan Harold Maplet Bill Marshall John Martin Walter Martin Steve Martz Jeanett Masters Michael Masters Douglas Mather Q 137 Y 'H' Ty f H. ,- nb W :gk ix 1 5 2 Constance McLaughin Kim McNeil Beverly Menees Linda Merchant Dean Meyer Michael Mignone Glen Milford Patricia Milker Dorthy Millen Bruce Miller Mike Miller Mina Thomas Margaret Mitchem Barbara Mogelmick Robert Moller Sharon Mooney Gregg Moore Susan Moore Sally Moreland VVilliam Morgan Deborah Mosley Larry Moyes Earl Mowery Kathleen MuLaca.ny Christine Muller Cheri Millins Kathleen MuLuanity Kurt Musfeldt June Musser Paula Mutchrnos Scott Nagy Peter Nash Patricia Nauman Carl Neff Joanne Nels-Jn David Nesrnith Carol Newman Joy Newton Irma Niccum Jacqueline Nicholson Olga Nikolic Robert Nohren Pray Nunnery Shirley Oates Elaine O'Coin Tom O,C0!1llPl' Lesile Oliver Gary Olsen Margaret Mathers Robert Mathers John Mathews Larry Mauk Robert Maur Cynthia May Beverly McDonald Joyce McFarland Irene McFarland Buzzard Leader bites the dust. ,., J J .:,.- t . ::1.: 1 :.:,, ,.:: E ,5,: ' "' my K . J in f M 115 V v S 'Q' A S J cr -1 ' .ac ' 1 .. 1 ' - rv' I x K V N L. ? r X55 3 r f ksp, ' , ' Q , f I f R " . a, "iw ,Q x , - A 'J sg? . - wr., J w . S S J M J a 1 J 'Eg ' ,aw I: am 3 2 -5 Q I . 'ln - .FH ' ' Vis, ' flew " f J M , r i R b. ff i K ,fgeijr ,. 5 , Q S -f' 5f5wgg3,5 f x .. rf 5 . f' 3 ai 73 , Q ' va S ,J . C . Y ra 4' N J , W . Q , rf' if ' 1. ' V A . -f - 1 "" " , ,, TM J f 'J A'f"'J 4 ff- vs 425: f -, gre J ' rr' , A. . ' . yy! g 67 , w.,f C J V r rg ' Q R it X rr - - 3 "" I A , ,A , V W 1 g is C E . E 1 X - , Q- gr.. W . f A . , 'i , .,,: K A , 4' 5 I v i J r 53.3 an 1 t .., 'NMS Pf' '11-F .,, K ' , ru- Vx 1. r' . - .. J : 1 ' 925 " . 1 , fi' ' f i. - .E ..,. , ,,. I, J o 1 ,. , , Q. ' gi 4 : , W ,- 'I , . S F- Q5 ' -'1 sf, . EX 5 if H X- rf- X W 5 A ....,,.,., , a ti x 3 my A r W 1 J I . r . K sw . V -fx. if I fi X C , l af f ? ':::'f'::er-::-.::-:-.xffzn:rm-.fg 5 .1 wail:a,j:.. EZ,"-?'j53353:-,,s':af,'::va: W 1 r S "" Q i , ,J A r . J ., 1? ' ,..:. 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K. 4 M f E 4 -J ,ff.,i,, James Rocles Kathy Roesch Marsha Roesch Mary Jo Rogers Sharon Rogers Erna Roller 1 Jim Rose ' Becky Jo Ross 7' Lcnora Ross Farewell, farewell, fan-well. v-r in J 5 -1 fr: ...J . J 1' . t, 0' . F S Q ,A .154 ., N. .sa is it x Q fi Q 'V ,,.,., . Q T GK W nf Nlargaret 0'Neill Jean Orlouski Janet Ostrander Christy Ott William Ott Bill Paff Susie Parks Barbara Patient John Patrick John Pazclalski Kathryn Peakman Sylvia Pearl Lois Peel Toni Pentz Patricia Perry Kenny Peters Russel Petersen John Pfiffer Alex Phasko Diana Piper Christine Polske Donna Popovich David Proust Dorothy Powers Susan Pratt Sandra Pruett Ronald Pyron Patricia Quarles Philip Quigley James Quinlivan Blaralyn Rahn Diane Ramsey Jane Ramsey Betty Reaume Ronald Reed Vicki Reed Donna Rice John Riee Karen Rice Kenneth Richards Betty Ringheisem Janet Rigney Francine Robb James Robbins Judith Robinson Deborah Roberts Herbert Roberts Charlene Roderick ,ff 1- X '-x If X as . f f 6' N fi' s 121: Nancy Rouche Nancy Rountree Lynn Rowc Tom Royer David Ruppccht John Ryan Linda Ryon Af' .. - '11 A gg t . 3 ffffi N.. X35 4. 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Many things contribute to a good newspaper NcHi Cl1CL'l'lULltlCl'S discuss the vnlllisliukirig problem of uneven hemlines. I. V. CHEERLEADERS: Wemba Ellis, Donna Kyle, Kitty Gower, Susan Pratt, Connie Thompson, Phyllis Cupples. CENTER Debbie Crumb Head. 143 S. S. NEHI 1964 ORGAN IZATIO NS LA it , F rf' lf' arf' QW? ,fn if tif it-I. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS, FIRST ROXV: Kathy Cresh, secrctaryg Gordon Salisbury, presidentg lim Murpliey, vicc-president. SECOND ROVV: Bruce Hamilton, parliamentariang Ricky DcKoven, trcasurcrg Ann Iacobs, historian. SPONSORS Mir. Crum Mr. Musgrave X! 'I ,th-M., 4. COUNCILMEN-AT-LARGE, FIRST ROW: Mary Cresh, Caro- line Jacobs, Margaret Mitchem. SECOND ROW: David Lam- brecht, Linda Greene. Not pictured: Bob Hochstadt. 146 Council member Bob Samson raises another controversial question at a meeting. Student Council Functions as a The Student Council of Northeast functions primari- ly as a governing organization. It also serves as a liaison between the student body and the administration. Under the able leadership of Gordon Salisbury, the Student Council has become an effective form of student govern- ment. One of the goals of Student Council is the promotion of school spirit at Northeast. The Council worked to achieve this goal by selling NeHi stickers and by en- couraging student participation in a school spirit contest sponsored by a local radio station. The Council present- ed the entire Back-to-School program - the dance, the spaghetti supper, and the parents, Back to School night. Outstanding students are recognized each spring at the Student Council Honor Banquet. Members of the North- east Student Council participate in the County Exchange Day. An important branch of the Council is the Inter- Club Council, which coordinates the activities of all school clubs. The Student Council is a vital part of school life at Northeast. Through this organization students gain a better understanding of administration policies. 'M Parliamentarian Bruce Hamilton coimts votes on u motion to take action on study hall behavior. Governing Body, Liason fo Administration President Gordon Salisbury waits for order to be restored after announcing the winners of the free disk jockeys. N ,i,iuiiii, ,X , N Council member Beverly Thompson movcs that the meeting be adjoumed 'Q""'-'-fn-"1 f ,,...,- SUSAN MCCORMICK ' i ir 2 President ' I. V.: ...- iq., trvr V ' CANDY MOLER BETTY NOUSIAINEN Vic?-Pr6Sid6rlt Rec, Secretary PAT HALSTROM VIRGINIA STARRETT Corr. Secretary Treasurer Anchor Club Serves Community and Anchor treasurer Virginia Starrett collects dues from club members. 'I48 The Northeast Anchor Club, sponsored by the Pilot Club of St. Petersburg, is dedicated to the service of both school and community. One of Anchoris school projects is ushering at home football games. At the end of the first semester, the club presents its annual "Halfway to Heavenv dance. This year the District Convention of Anchor Clubs was held at Northeast. Anchor members participate in several community service projects. They work at the Tuberculosis Center at Christmas time. A program with refreshments is pre- sented at the Cripplcd Childrenis Hospital each year. Club members give full support to such worthy causes as the Muscular Dystrophy Drive and the March of Dimes. Through their participation in these projects, Anchor members have made their club outstanding in service to Northeast and the community. . s 7 s , rl 4 ' Q E s,..3 Q. S N in P . ki . . -th ' A is- V R. Allen D. Baer R, Barcley C. Brady M. Cates L, Chambers B. Dawson . , D 4 1 L. Greene ' 3 ' - . .. .V fl . 6 J n. ,. rx fl V ita fagwglwissgtw "-. -vffxsfgfg . wig-'fsfsf' H -sei:-straw wfgrimftfifiaw h 7' 'sfavifkir x ...W mb . 3 I A T 1? . , 8- gs. , - f sf at --iris we F ' ' -. ' ' . -r . - .. fn . 'A f - . X Qs.. ... me K ' n H ' M.. , I K N . 1 . I k j . X ik L- Hail K- H0411-Zesnn M. Hoeppne K. Kalbach A. Moon D. Paulson I. Perkins 5, Pylkag 'WI 473 B. Walters M. Wantland School, Hosts District Convention ""r-r s. r nn -"'T"3's '1-s . hi Club members set luncheon table for the district meet- Anchor sponsor Mrs. Kress and club members make beanies, one of their ing held at Northeast. major money-making projects. 149 af! was ta iii- ' D JIM BURNETT R BOB HOCHSTADT President S Vice-President JODY BARTLETT 0 MARK KATE5 S6Cl'6f2-fy Treasurer Junior Exchange Club Sets Up Point Ir. Exchange president Jim Bumett conducts a club meeting. 150 Each year the Junior Exchange Club of Northeast strives for its motto, "Unity for Servicef, The goals of the club are to make better citizens of its members and to help the student body and administration whenever pos- sible. During meetings the club members plan activities and new projects. Each year the club holds a dance after a football or basketball game as its main activity. This year it was suggested that a point system be set up to determine which two members will attend the state convention in Miami. The point system was ap- proved by the members and put into effect. Each year the club holds a fish fry at Lake Maggiore to earn funds to finance its many services to others. In a set assembly at the end of the year, the junio r EX- change Club gives a typewriter to an outstanding senior. N X . .. L A 'lv , if . A ' M W? N W, Bugchnef I. Conner H. Curd F. Kokemohr D. Lamb T. Miller S. Miner E. Moore ' fi'-. .'. get H L its 4 I ' Q-Q3 . A Clif A K. . vt A Q Q. T , 5 N' , . ' ?, ' X -pu. if M V Q ' - jf Q , ' , i 'K I A 17 X ' . -4 X ifzgg -1 QQ 7 ' . Sa., 1: J u A Www 5, If "'-.,':j' " iv X is .. ' 'Q I A D Q A A R. Morrison M. Ogletree R. Reid G. Salisbury L. Salts B. Stiles R. Swift S. Watson System, Recognizes Outstanding Senior Committee members jerry Conner, Randy Morrison, Bob Hochstadt, Peter Watts, and Bob Reid plan the dance to be held by the club. Ernie Moore and Doug Lamb set up the club banner, bell, and gavel for the meeting. 'I51 ..+. 4-""""' .K T. it Afv fQfQE MARY GRE SH JANE RAMSAY President Vice-President gif OF BARBY DUNKLE 9 Q JUDY CARDOZA xv o Secretary Treasurer 7'lZ: N Sal? Civineffes Sponsor Traditional 5 h l l . L L h 3 , .T K .- W NV 1 ,ai 0 W M: Q W' 'T' A I Y . , V . A . '5.,,w,Z x 1 L i N 1 x W A i k ,lil .,A?5MMl,dmu . .., ,C ,. N S. Boyelte S. Burnette C. Coleman M. Deschenes D. Eames D. Frisbie S. Gibson S. Greco if E, Hughes A. Jacobs C. Kirkland L. Merhige E. Taylor P. Taylor K. Knicrivm V. Leggitt C. Tiede-man N. Vogt S. VVilliams M. Wing Twirp Week chairman Nancy Vogt and her committee members plan activities for the traditional event. Last yearls fruitcake chairman, Sue Rigler, advises the new chairman, Jane Ramsey, as Mary Beth YVing looks on. Twirp Week, Present College Scholarships The Civinette Club of Northeast emphasizes good citizenship and true service to school and community. This club, sponsored by the St. Petersburg Senior Civ- itan Club, undertakes many Worthwhile projects each year. This year Civinettes offered a typing service for teachers, maintained the front hall bulletin boards, Worked at the Christmas Toy Shop, and participated in the Tuberculosis and March of Dimes drives. The money-making projects of the club are selling Claxton fruitcake and sponsoring Tvvirp Week. During that traditional week in March, each girl utwirpsi' a boy and assumes the responsibilities of asking for dates, car- rying his books, opening doors for him, etc. The Twirp Dance culminates the Weekls activities. The Civinette Club concludes its year of active serv- ice by presenting college scholarships to two worthy seniors. Mary Gresh and faculty sponsor Mrs. Dunn look over Kay Knieri- em's work on the scrapbook. 153 TOMMY DAVIS President I 5 ERNIE GARNER Treasurer 0,7725 NSW VIC DANIELS Vice-President Junior Civifan Club Sells Fruifcake, School sponsor Mr. Round and Mr. Albert Shepherd from the Senior Civitan Club discuss the sale of fruiteakes. 154 The junior Civitan Club, established ten years ago, was the first service club at Northeast. The goal of the club, which is sponsored by St. Petersburg Senior Civ- itan, is the attainment of high standards in leadership, citizenship, and character. The club has had several money-making projects this year. Members participated in the annual sale of Claxton fruitcake, sponsored the Beachcombefs Ball, and held a dance after a basketball game. This year for the first time the club sold maroon-and-white Northeast T-shirts. Wfith the money earned from these projects, the club was able to take part in several community service projects. A useful gift Was presented to the school at the end of the year by the junior Civitan Club. Delegates from the club attended the two district meetings and the state convention of Civitan Clubs in Miami Beach. This year the junior Civitan Club of Northeast has con- tinued in its tradition of dedicated service. Reese Kessler, lim Bailey, George Mitclieson, and Corey Cougliliii pre- pare for T-shirt sales. ,a,2'X 'ff M 5 , ill f . President Tommy Davis laugliingly calls for order Sponsors Community Service Proiecfs gwggsw , E 'F-5 'IN .g f labwlkl s A x V., 15. .. ' r , ? W .1 KY W " N Lx .P-a xg, fix! 4 1, Bailey S, Bm-neg R. Borucki D. Campbell B. Clark imw R. Kessler R. Johnson P. Mitchem B. Robinson I. Satterfield gl I C. Coughlin B. Gonzer S. Keyes Q A " ' 5 g ri sw J. Schauweker I. Spriggs I. Swan If 5 Y CATHY CORDES X Vice-President S YVONNE MCKEITHEN Q President O O ew, DIANNE DAWSON ff SUSAN McANINCH u H N N ,.. E e L . . X 0 I ML. K S. rf' Treasurer XC, Secretary 551111 Keyeffes Show Leadership, Cooperation G. Bechtel I. Kirkwood -Oi LG' I D. Blanchard fe: L a ' Av. A. T 'bby I C. L ghts in-. M. VVilson B B k D. Cochran S. Camel N G lley G. Gower K. G h 'fax . if . '- x B ' ,J xi Q R I 'I ' 'Q - A 3 V L k I inor L. Myers P C S k tt P T d ll ...qi x o p , l j , i Yvonne McKeithen lights Brenda Brooks, candle in the Yvonne McKeithen, sponsor Miss Balasso, and Cathy Cordes discuss plans initiation ceremony. for the club dance. through Numerous Service Projects The major objectives of the Keyette Club, which is sponsored by the Sinawik Civic Organization, are: to develop leadership and character, to gain experience in dealing with others, and to cooperate with the Key Club. The clubis school projects this year included polishing the school's trophies, placing the nativity scene on the auditorium roof, and presenting the annual Easter as- I' Keyettes take time out from a meeting to pose for the photographer. sembly. The annual "Keyette Kapersv dance was pre- sented as the main money-making project. Community projects of the Keyettes were: working at the Tuber- culosis Center, collecting for the March of Dimes, pre- senting a food basket to a needy family, and giving gifts to the children at Mercy Hospital. The Mother-Daughter Banquet was held in May. Keyettes distribute gifts at Mercy Hospital as a community service project. 157 -1 35' QA 9' X . fl 10, 253 L 6? I gl President ,r PETE PARDOLL A DANNY SHEA Secretary ' DICK cairz 6 Vice-President Q Q t an-'ff DORSEY QUANDT Treasurer Q fl ."IIIlI,, Key Cl The goals of the Kev Cluh of Northeast are: to cle- vclop initiative and leadership, to provide experience in living and working together, to serve thc school and community, to promote better citizenship, and to accept and promote the constitutional objectives of Kiwanis ln- ub Names First Sweetheart, ternational. Selecting the Key Club Sweetheart, raising funds for the annual HDollar for a Scholari' awards, and establishing the Kcy Cluh hanli were the three main projects of the year. D. Burge R. Bordner B. Hanley J, Hanley C, Heath E. Heibner VV. Holmes D. Lambrecht B. Laval R. Mantell B. Micklitsc-h R. Sm-ed E. Spalty T. Thurston D. Zussy 158 Sponsor Mr. Lovell presents club pin to Key Club Sweetheart Reggie Marsha Coheen dances at the Sweetheart Ball. Barcley. Establishes Student Loan Bank my 7, . .N President Pete Pardoll discusses club projects with Mr. Lovell. X Dorsey Quandt, Bill Micklitsch, and Dick Critz enter- 1 tain at a club meeting. David Lambrecht loans money to students from the Key Club bank. 159 MARTHA HAYES President fu.. NANCY BARCLEY Vice-President SANDY LESTER Rec Secretary COLLY DEVINE Corr. Secretary ' T.. . ' 1 . 'he J. " EA'S 'f SUE VOELK Treasurer Opfi- Miss Club Decorates Hospital, Carol Bowden is admonished by Ianie Lee Willson, Nancy Barcley, and Martha Hayes for missing too many meetings. 160 J f The Opti-Miss Club of Northeast, which is spon- sored by the St. Petersburg Opti-Mrs. Club, dedicates itself to the fulfillment of the ideals of its creed and to the active service of both the school and the community. This year the club had several money-making proj- ects. Club members sold NeHi buttons and assisted the YVest-side Optimist Club With the sale of circus tickets. The club sponsored 'iMr. Irresistible Dayi' and the dance. This year c'Slave Dayi' was held for the first time. On this day Opti-Miss members earned money for the club by working for members of their mother club. The community projects of the club included vvork- ing at the Christmas Toy Shop, decorating Mound Park Hospital at Christmas, and collecting for the March of Dimes. The Opti-Miss Club bought books for the new library and presented a gift to the school at the end of the year. 14? Committee members discuss plans for "Mr. Irresistible Day" and the dance. V, J I Martha Hayes and Colly Devine show sponsor Mrs Borden the revised constitution of thc Opti-Miss Club yn, me .f if. -. Q A'-If 'Q ...""I, M Qw- I Q. I I B. Ferguson I. Gustavsun I. Herr C. Hollingsworth s.. ii 43 59' ww A 4 a , 1 f -' F o 0 0 Sponsors Mr. lrreslshble Day 'V ,QQ-his V ' L., V f ,V A V . 1 V ' W V H 392153 s 4 C. Bowden L. Casey K. Cook C. Crabb f 'Q s l '4 . 5 . ., Q K K My ' E 1 , Q., fy . , , 3 -. A fl M. Jackson D. Kilmark I. MacDuff L, Martin P. Muar . gy if . . A ts A L4 V K . .v . Q M ,r.., i.:,..s-inn'-'N' l IV AW M. Smith D. Spraggins D. Walker 'fi I. O'Brien B. Rice B. Rossi it if I . S. Warren K. Watkins I. Willson . I at BECKY BOND President PAT SHIMKUS Secretary bw SUSAN BURGESS Vice President R?- SUSAN MILLS Treasurer Roion Projects Ronge from Purchasing Books The members of the Rojan Club of Northeast, which is sponsored by the VVomen of Rotary, strive to fulfill their motto, "Never-ending Friendship through Love and Sewieef' To raise money for their various projects, Rojans sold Northeast stationery, held a fashion show, and sponsored a dance. Rojans participated in several community projects this year: collecting magazines for rest homes, giving presents and singing Christmas carols to shut-ins, preparing a food basket for a needy family, and collecting money for the March of Dimes. One of the school service projects of the club has been to pur- chase books for the new library. In addition to these service projects, the club holds a Mother-Daughter Tea each year. Mrs. Alderson talks to sponsor Mrs. Fannin about the new Rojan dresses. 'I62 The cameraman catches Rojans unaware-s at a club meeting. frm or , his Q. jg N 'Es ,Q 'lv ' -. M .- , V iw I ,211 ng, 'M 4 1 -lf: P fi A it :zz f .A. .K Q ' ,.: ' W' ,,,. fq E f ii A , . 4 . i ' 11.412, V1 A - X B. Alderson C. Amold I. Azarenok S. Bishop S. Black I. Driscoll K. Flecmun P. Gibson W e L , 1. , -Iv , I M . --N 'A .- . It A l l l 'Q 'PM 'P 5' we re - ... me 1-1 . . f- w K ' " x, 5 S . in ' ' if E A' " ' s I ii. Q. I i P ,..,. M. Goheen P. Hinson M. Huff R. Lucas A. Paulson K. Trabert P. Windham L, Yulman " . . to Helping Needy 1 xiwgfmigh 5 . Rojans Kent Newton and Mary Linda McNeely demon- strate proper technique for selling Northeast stationery. Q 1 K' janet Smoot and Phyllis Hinson present Rojan blouse to Alanna Paulson. t l .glp new member President Becky Bond calls the meeting to order. 163 Presldent Vice President VAUGHN MCCARTHY BILL BQND .. WN SID WILSON TOM BELL Secretary T1'S3SL1I'6I' 3 ,ggi if X lr' 7 Af p i . Interact Club Achieves Goal of Dedicated Service The Interact Club of Northeast has as its goal the fulfillment of high standards of service, leadership, schol- arship, sportsmanship, responsibility, and integrity. To raise money for service projects, Interact members spon- sored the Fall Fantasy dance, held the annual Christmas tree sale, sold personalized key chains, and sponsored the drama department's presentation of the WVheel Are- na play. Interact service projects benefit both the school and the community. The club places posters with di- rections for escape in case of fire in each room and sup- plies library passes to the school. Interact also partici- pates in the annual Goodwill Industries drive. Through these projects the club has fulfilled its goal of dedicated service. Interact members john Stovall and Gilbert Shamas discuss plans for the Fall Fantasy. 164 Interact secretary Sid Wilson records events of the meeting in minutes. if ge. 14- H -fs B. Duckwall B. Hayes I. Jackson B. Lazzeroni G. Martini D. Myers K. Ringlespaugh I. Stovall A. Thomas I, Thompson R. Tiede through Various Projects SSN Ge 'Qui -N Jim Murphey and Tom Bell practice for an inter-club basketball game. Vaughn McCarthy presides over an Interact meeting. 5 Club members listen attentively as sponsor Mr. Wilson discusses an upcoming project. 165 I f I 4 si, ,gf ...I he A if .gf Q W .ih- J ' 2 KATHY LOEBER President JANE KENNEDY Secretary in .M n ,J . ,4 I if-K W w... PAM DORMAN Vice-President CAROL GEN TRY Treasurer WoSeLeHe Service Acfivifics Include Fund To promote high moral and spiritual values, to en- courage school and community service, and to develop responsibility are the purposes of the W'oSeLette Club of Northeast, which is sponsored by the VVomen,s Service League of St. Petersburg. Service activities of the club include Working at the Christmas Toy Shop, participat- ing in the United Fund Drive, collecting for the March wi J JE: J inn J un: p 1 fun r I l'1 '1 President Kathy Loeber appoints a club member as chairman of a committee. I66 of Dimes, presenting a program at the Crippled Chil- drenis Hospital, serving at the Tuberculosis Center, and helping at National Forensic League tournaments. In addition, VVoSeLettcs help their sponsor club by taking part in VVomen,s Service League projects such at Letters Abroad and by ushering at Service League functions. , 1 Sandy Sheheane takes the names of members who will work on the March of Dimes project. Votes are counted in a WoSeLette election. A r ww.-v WOSeLette members put up a poster to publicize their dance. Drives, Participation in Sponsor Club Projects P. Cooper M. Dodenhauff L. Drake R, Gagyi X . V 5' - A Pier "f' elsif "i - f . o . ., .r. ' ' . 'bw 'iLs-i S il I H lim " r tssrsi e . . we ....... M R 'iir 7' R. Lindsay j, Mabry R. Mueller C. Munch P R Qfsqsfa.-:'.C "H ' --: N - 'R aef - ' . J . T. Russell D. Ryon S. Sheheane C. Smalley 'lf W l x K. Gibson R. Gross 5. Holmes A. Lake .. .lle R3 Hit! - ' 4 . ' 2 S is 11' sb 1- . . ,gre Q. L S is . f.'. me 1,4 . I. Munson A. Presley S, Puffer L. Renken 2 A r ' E' ' 'G -GYM PA' A.. '- '- - ' g "Q . iiiffiif I if H V. -2 f . .5 Mziggg . ha gy. I . bl' I fs- page .. I S. Speary S. Taylor L. Tope 167 FRONT ROXV: Sherry Speary, Muriel Lemar, Carolyn Smith, Patty Nelson, Vicki Cook, Maria Acquaviva, Carol Jones, Beverly Sprayberry, joyce Holtzclaw, Ann Jessup. SECOND HOYV: Ar- nold Buschena. Susan Sawin, Pat Hall, Pauline Lord, Bonnie Crampton, Ruth Ann Lussier, Betty Johnson, Dale Chapin, Carole Bear, Kathy Voss, Carol YVright, Dudley Howard. THIBD BOVV: Richard Lewis, Bev Friedrich, Dave Kaufman, jerry Fish, Ginger Hamel, Sid Stough, Susanne Devico, Beth Loughhead, Audie Mc- Allister, Carol Sawin, Gregory Vincent, FOURTH ROVV: Norman Lebeau, Gary Vollertsen, Sam Bowen, George Dick, Bob Gonser, Wlayine Drumm, Betty Suddarth, Dave Ester, Judy Huffman, Tom Har y. Cooperative Education Club Fulfills Goal '25 I A A mv' . N"N0s-1 Mr. Ioe Griffith of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Williams, and Beth Loughhcad display the scrapbook for the entry of St. Petersburg in the Cleanest City Contest. 168 The members of the Cooperative Education Club CC.E.C.j strive to fulfill their motto of "Service to the school and the communityf, The three main objectives of the club are to develop leadership, to achieve a better understanding between the employer and employee, and to encourage the use of high ethical standards in busi- ness. Through membership in this elu b, students at Northeast are able to promote the growth and under- standing of the cooperative educational training in the high schools of Florida. Among the activities of C.E.C. were the Early Bird Breakfast, a field trip to Tarpon Springs, the district and state conventions, and the Employer-Employee Banquet. Projects of the club included football program sales and candy sales. Members participated in a "Clean-up, Paint- up, Fix-upv program as associate members of the Cham- ber of Commerce. Funds for the Memory Garden were raised through a community project, the Pancake Jam- boree. C. E. C. OFFICERS: FRONT ROXV: Nluriel Lamar, Ginger Hamel, Cary Vicki Cook works as a meat packet at Pub Vollertscn, Richard Lewis. SECOND ROXV: Beverly Sprayberry, Betty lix Market. johnson, David Kaufman, Sue Story, Sid Stough. of Service fo School ond Community Carole Bear works as a salesgirl at Maas Brothers cle- Tom Hardy gains experience as a short order cook at Royal Castle. partment store. 169 l 1 l 'F' 39 it Carolyn Smith, Dale Chapin, Ruth Ann Lussicr, XVayne Drumm, and Maria Ac-quaviva display the D.C.'I'. luanner. Pauline Lord works in thr- display department at Maas Brothers. 9 in .5ii5,ii1fixii,?A i Eli? 'BM aaadif i -.. D.E.C.A. candy sales chairman Betty Suddarth hands out candy to Susan Sawin, Audio McAllister, and Carole Bear. 170 Fay Comeau works as a salcsgirl in jewelry at Maas Brothers department store. Jobs of D. C. T., l .,f'g Sid Stough gains on-the-job training as a typewriter repairman at P. K. Smith and Co. ref .J and equipment. George Dick gains experience in body finishing ut Econ- o-Bake. D. E. Students Cover a Wide Range DENTAL ASSISTANTS, FRONT ROW: Ann Iesup, Sue Story, Joyce Holtzclaw. SECOND ROVV: Beverly Spravborry, Indy Huffman, Susan Devico, ...........h-,.......4- ,, Arnold Buschcna, Carol VVright, and Dudley Howard study office machines f Betty Suddarth works as il cashier at Publix Market. 'l7'l ,Hd A W, sf' f 4? f ll! A ' ,VIV . lx 3g5j..f . K x F.H.A. members decorate room F.H.A. OFFICERS: Toni Mott, Nancy Minkel, Susan McAninch, Linda Cree-nc. A. M' flu., , ,ff W f A 1' 1 . , '- A. xwsqkj, 7 I .Q ' Y 3 1, ,, 'bg 1, SJ: .-gf 'V for their fashion F. H. A. Sfrives for Individual Growth K' 'W - ,...,..i, ,wwf-a r""' F.H.A. OFFICERS, SEATED: Linda Crumb, Joan Perkins. STANDING: Joyce NVuwryzniak, Put Lu- to give to needy children. cas, Helen King. 'I72 show F.H.A. members work on their Christmas project, making stuffed animals FIRST RONV: Linda Spearman, Debbie Crumb, Connie Kowalski, Mary Horton, jean Kerr, Liz XVilliams, Pam Eyman, Pat Jarrett, Sue Smithson, Carole Otteson, Ioan Lazarra, Marsha Goheen, Sandy justice, Donna Keell, Pat Quarles, Cheryl Stanley, Kathy Harrington, Linda Williams, Sarah Holmes. SECOND ROXV: Ar- dith Rose, Carole Jones, Donna Saunders, Muriel LeMar, Ann Lake, Sue Stromer, Nancy Sandtoro, Rita Parker, Linda Jay, Kris Karlson, Wendy Wietz, Doris Spencer, Dale Gauthier, Betty Thompson, Leslie Oliver, Carol Messick, Debbie Marshall, Diane Frisby, Ienevieve Beat. THIRD ROVV: Jane Stage, Dana Io Mar- tin, Marie King, Phyllis Hinson, Pat Chadwick, Beverly VVheeler, Linda Cmrnb, Stephanie Puffer, 'Hannah Sharp, Sheri Sprague, Brenda Nelson, Kathy Niccum, Beverly Young, Ioette XVidner, Under the sponsorship of Miss Blattner, Mrs. Clark, and Mrs. Dobbins the Northeast Chapter of Future Homemakers of America endeavored to fulfill its eight national purposes as well as the national goal: To help individuals improve personal, family, and community living. With a membership of 118, this local chapter worked earnestly throughout the year with such proj- ects as Christmas caroling at rest homes, selling Christ- mas C01'S?lg6S, presenting a Valentine dance for the school, sponsoring a Parent Appreciation VVeek, and par- ticipating in National F .H.A. VVeek. Programs were pre- sented at group meetings and in individual home eco- nomics classes to further interest in these three goals: "Focus on Family Friendshipf' "Marriage Calls for Prepa- rationf, and "Stay in Schoolf' Chapter members earned Degrees of Achievement through individual self-im- provement and service projects. Charlene VVheelcr, Terry Knoll, Kathy YVoolcy, Donna Picarri, Mary Bidle, Ioan Perkins. FOURTH ROXV: Linda Oliver, Adelle Stockdale, Becky YVright, Linda YViggcnton, Ioan Connolly, ogla Nikolic, Sandy Pruitt, Linda Byon, Elizabeth Latto, Suc Giarbart, Lynn Casey, Stephanie Stone, Mary VVillison, Sandy Burnett, Susan McAninch, Sarah NVilliams, Erna Fox, Phyllis jackson. FIFTH RONV: Annette Hicks, Pat Lucas, Linda Greene, Helen King, Nancy Minkel, Toni Mott, Debbie Mosley, Linda Triggs, Cheryl Skelton, Cecila Laplant, Judy Greene, Suzanne VVineka, joy Newton, Elizabeth Lewis, Arlene Edwards, Becky Stall. SIXTH RONV: Nancy Verwholt, joyce XVawrzyniak, Trudy Trulsen, Sheila Nelson, Delores Schmuker, Barbara Thorpe. ii? Home Economics students hold a fashion show in which they model the clothes they have made. 173 FIRST BOYV: Margaret Dessalit, Donna Deacon, Pat Murphy, Cenny YVells, Mary Horton, Liz VVilliams, Jean Kerr, Pam Ey- man, Mary Jo Schober, Linda Hull, Chrystal VVestfall, Linda Troy, Joy Schwager, Sandra Hrunmett. SECOND ROXV: Diane Destc- phano, Carol Brady, Kathy Hazam, Donna Blake, Kathy Tienber, Cathy Harrington, Jane YVilson, Cenevieve Beat, Nlary Biddle, Norea Campbell, Cingia Fox, Dean Acevedo, Phyllis Hinson, James Brand. THIBD BOXV: Linda Jeffreys, Pat Dirling. Lorre Jones, Harena Sharp, Joanne Nelson, Cheryl Little, Brenda Brooks, Linda Peterson, Kathy Niceum, Marie Deschenes, Brenda Lyons, Candy Moler, Betty Harman, Frieda Freeman. FOURTH ROVV: Dorothy Archer, Walter Clyne, Corey Coughlin, Sue Thomas, Linda Montague, Annette Saunders, Nancy Verwholt, Sandi Burnett, Becky XVright, Gretchen Laird, Kitty Gower, Connie Thompson, Paul Mitchem, Jim Barley. FIFTH ROXV: Rick Potter, Elizabeth Tate, Jeanette Nlasters, Connie Xlunch, Daphne Spraggins, Doris Spencer, Sandra P1'uitt, Janice Gifford, Mark XVinter, Cordie I-Iall, Vinny D'Angelo, John Thompson, Mark Freshwater. School Red Cross Serves International Organization J r-Y Vinny D,Angelo, Donna Blake, Kathy Niccum, Connie Munch, and President John Thompson hold an executive board meeting. 174 The main goal of High School Bed Cross is to act as the link between the students and the international organization. Homerooln representatives meet regularly to discuss ways of bringing the students in closer contact with the American Red Cross services. There are many programs and activities of Bed Cross in which students may participate. They include the International School Art Program and XVorld Study Panels. One of the most important is the volunteer work done at the local hospitals. Over 13,500 hours of service were given by high school volunteers last year. Another important function of High School Red Cross is the spon- sorship of the annual student membership drive. The Student Exchange is financed through this drive. Under the Student Exchange program American students go to school abroad, and foreign students attend American schools. Jo Custavson and Brenda Brooks prepare the F.B.L.A. Christmas program. F.B.L.A. members make V00-Doodolls representing Nc'Hi opponents in football games. F. B. L. A. Promotes Interest in Business Topics Miss cooper J A' ff. , fa Ilia FIRST ROW: Nancy Allen, Cenny Wells, Jean Kerr, Marian James, Lynn DiMaggio, Maria Acquaviva, Kathy Swift, Janet Ostrander. SECOND ROW: Pav Svabek, Marie Deschenes, Mary Hoeffer, Pat Bennett, Judy Cappell, Lynn Bozwell, Sharon Enck, Barbara Minor, Sylvia VVarren. THIRD ROVV: Kay Dick, Brenda The main objectives of the Future Business Leaders of America fF.B.L.A.b are to promote business education and to stimulate an interest within the student towards the horizon of business administration. To achieve these purposes F.B.L.A. has guest speak- ers who inform the members about various business top- ics. Members participate in many school activities. The two main projects of the club are the presentation of the annual Christmas assembly and the sale of voo-doo dolls for football and basketball competition. Two of the highlights of the club year are the initiation and the final party. Brooks, Jura McCarthy, Patty Martin, Marcia Martin, Phyllis Hinson, Linda Jefferies, Joan Crawford. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Donaldson. Keith Barnes, Pat Lucas, Martha Hayes, Linda Ryon, Sherry Mullins. Pete Busch, Randy Morrison, Bill Aldrich. FIRST ROVV: Paulette King, Jean Fallin, Vicki Looke, Marsha Goheen, Kathy Hazam, Kathy Tremher, Ginger Riley, Suzie VVin- ter, Genny VVells, Judy Dorsey. SECOND BOYV: Connie Munch, Betty Masters, Mary Gresh, Betsy Deviou, John Jones, Linda Tope, Mary Linda VVilson, Pat Lamhert, Mary Bennett, Linda Hawkinson. THIRD BOVV: Rick Potter, Denise Paulson, Ann Marie Blanchard, Cheryl Lights, Jim Swan, Alanna Pauls-on, Para-Meds Prepare Viking pennants are sold as a means of raising mon- ey to send delegates to the animal district and state conventions. The cluhis most important project is its nursing honies. The Parameds have, in a sense, adopted three nursing homes and visit them regularly. The Para- Meclical Cluhs are a national and state organization sponsored by the Future League of Nursing and YVom- enis Medical Auxiliaries. for John Jones, Cheryl Lights, Betty Nousiainen, and Dorsey Quandt display their knowledge of the human skeleton. Gretchen Laird, Linda Rohhins, Judy Simpson, Brenda Nelson, Betty Nousiainen. FOURTH ROXV: John Thompson, Pat Shimkus, Leidia Merhige, Barbara Alderson, Danny Helou, Dennis Mac- Donald, Janice Gifford, Ann Springette, Jeanette Masters. FIFTH BOYV: Sheila Nelson, Annette Saunders, lane Sonherg, Dorsey Quandt, VValter Clyne. Careers in Medicine The Para-Medical Cluh deals with all forms of the medical sciences, from nursing and technology to veter- inary medicines. lt gives the interested member a pre- view of the medical career he Wishes to pursue. This edification is accomplished through speakers, patholo- gists. nurses, chemists, and other professional people's talking to the cluh of their particular field and through field trips to hospital labs or clinics. Mr. Pschorr 'T FIRST ROW: Pat Murphy, Linda Rhea, Sandy Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Sue Fisher, Marty Evaldi. SECOND ROW: Laura Man- Future Teachers of America was established to cul- tivate the student's interest in teaching as a carreer and to encourage others to enter the field. This organization strives for the recognition of the honor and service in- volved with teaching. Teacher Appreciation Day is the main annual project of this club. One day during the year each teacher at Northeast is presented with a red and white pencil representing the students, appreciation for the devotion of Viking teachers. Other projects of Future Teachers include giving a basket of food to a needy family at Christmas and baby-sitting for 54 Ave- nue Elementary School P.T.A. son, Jim Anderson, Linda Drake, Virginia Starrett, Pat Miker Henry Johnson. Miss Hostler ,. P? :WU .I so M 'P Teachers, Scientists Promote Education Mr. Swan FIRST ROW: Judie Herr, Ed Spalty, Ben Dello, Ronald Rosen, David Campbell, Tom Miller. SECOND ROW: Bob Samson, Walter Clyne, Richard Schwartz, Ralph Lamb, Tom Swedine, The Science and Engineering Club works to de- velop an interest in the science-related fields. Through talks by local professionals, field trips, and members' reports on their own science specialties the Science and Engineering Club combines the enlightening with the educative in the enormously important field of science. Doug Lamb. THIRD ROW: Barry Hill, Fred Feaster, Bill Sa- voy, Tom Krepps, Hans Iaspers, Mike Campbell, Bruce Stiles, Ron Kidd. el FIRST ROXV: Beverly Young, Kitty Cover, Sharon Black, Joyce Swagger, Caroline Jacobs, Carolyn Knisely. Donna XVilson, Paula Sunson, Linda Hull, Freddie Dickey, Rose Anne Layfield, Donna Dontheir, Margaret Dessolet. SECOND RONV: Virginia Schwartz, Marcia Sayers, Diane Buckley, Sherri Gilkes, Patt Cooper, Nancy Fleming, Cindy May, June Mciasser, Jackie Nicholson, Phyllis Carpenter, Mary Sayers, Doris Hopkins, Lila Eddys. THIRD ROXV: LeRoy Emerson, Michael Burman, Mary Lombano, Laurie Rheimer, Susan Moore, Diane Caya, Marion Fisher, Carolee Kingan, Bobby Holwerson, Sue Fisher, Joyce McFarland, Brenda Allstacter. FOURTH ROWV: Charles Buckley, Eileen Henzler, Cheryl Carotzola, Ricky DeKoven, Jo Ann Munson, Judith Robin- son, Fred Coffman, Cordie Hall, Charlie Davis, Sheila Clayton, Carol Brady. FIFTH RONV: Jeff Stone, John Baron, Mike Long, Randy Morrison, John Hanley, Alan Thomas, Alet Pesko, John Hare, Jack Day, Caroll Neff. Spanish Clubs Study Native Culture, Los Dichosos holds its meetings once a month at a membefs home. In December they hold a Christmas party resembling a traditional Mexican tertulia. The end of the year is climaxed by a visit to a Spanish restaurant in order to utilize Spanish learned throughout the year. OFFICERS: Sherri Gilkes, vice-president, Carolee Kingan, sec- retary, Mary Sayers, treasurer, Alan Thomas, president. 178 Los Dichosos is the Northeast Spanish Club com- prised of first and second year students. Under the guid- ance of Mrs. Shrum, Los Dichosos promotes interest in the Spanish language and also tries to benefit Northeast by contributing some item to its language department at the close of each year. Sponsor Mrs. Shrum points out an interesting article in a Span- ish magazine to Alan Thomas and Sherri Gilkes. 7 FIRST ROW: Valerie Legitt, Leah VVhite, Marsha Coheen, Di- Kiebler, Kathy Trabert, Leidia Merhige, Judy Dearman, Brenda anne Dawson, Barbara Dunkle, Paul Mitchcm, Stephanie Wil- Brooks. THIRD ROW: Linda Creene, Lynn Horner, Bill Bond, liams. SECOND ROVV: Anna Donegan, Elaine Hughes, Ruth Robert Reid, Malcolm Hayes, Cathy Coleman. O Q Dune Locally Usmg Language Through the Spanish language, the members of LOS The club,s activities make it possible for one to learn Quijotes, the- advanced Spanish Club, receive a better more about the language in a more interesting Way than understanding of Spanish-speaking people, their coun- he could in the classroom. YV hile knowledge is aug- tries, and customs. This objective is accomplished by mented, these Spanish Students find nexv learning ex- having speakers and various film strips at evening meet- ' periences through Los Quijotes. ings. Mary Beth Wing and Linda Greene look On as Anna Los Quijotes sponsor Mr. Alonso jokes with club members Leidiu Donegan uses language lah equipment. Merhige, Kathy Trabert, Brenda Brooks, and Ruth Kiebler. 'I79 FIRST ROVV: Jim Chapman, Charles Surdi, Steve VVest, Pam Monte, Jacque Hallas, Terry Senie, Stephanie Taylor, Ann Marie Blanchard, Peggy Russ, Judy XVhite, Marion Lennon, Jodee Dris- kell, Linda Sanders. SECOND RONV: James Swan, Phyllis Cup- ples, Ronnie Gross, Lou Ann Cope, Donna Picarri, Jim Black- man, John Domeier, Mike James, John Lettelier, Hoyce Smith, Sidney Miner, Ed Burns, Nancy Barcley, Mary Beth VVing. THIRD RONV: WValter Clyne, Martin Evaldi, Gary Shepherd, Paul Mitchem, Roberta Mueller, Connie Thompson, Gail Gentry, Jura McCarthy, Brenda Lyons, Mary Jo VVantland, Mike Kersker, Martha Horton, Susan Boyette. FOURTH ROVV: Robert Moody, Bill Bond, Danny Helou, Bill Davis, Kent XVorrall, Tom Davis, Alan Thomas, Carol XVolfc, Helen King, Reece Kessler, Carolyn Quick, Paul Stansbury, Roy Aerts, Tom Gregory. FIFTH ROW: Jad Dawson, Harvey Johnson, Steve Greene, James Bailey, Bill N Duckwall, Bruce Laval, Mark Kates, John Broderick, Wayne Wil- son, Ed Brown, Randy Morrison, John Martin, Steve Wheeler. Junior Classical League Follows Roman Customs Mrs. Bennett discusses Latin culture with interested students. 180 The Junior Classical League of Northeast is part of a national organization of high school Latin students. At each of its monthly meetings, the club observes a differ- ent Roman custom. Every year a number of students from each Latin class represent Northeast at the state Latin convention. The club ends its activities in the spring with a gala Roman banquet. Robed in togas, the c'Romasv enter the transformed cafeteria where they ob- serve old Roman customs for the evening. All of its members enjoy the Latin Club and agree that it furthers their understanding of the ancient Roman people. Junior Classical League members discuss plans for en- tering contests at the Latin Forum. Y ff' A is 1.C.L. OFFICERS: Mary Beth YVing, secretary, Kaye Knieriem treasurer, Mark Kates, president, Mike Kersker, vice-president French Club Promotes Interest in Language Mr. Dardenne FIRST ROW: Janet Kuhns, Reggie Barcley, Nancy Barcley, Mary Beth Wing, Jean Wilson, Pam Eyman, Kathy Loeber, Marion James, Liz Williams, Sam Bond, Margie Hinsley. SECOND ROW: Donna Blanchard, Pam YVilliamson, Henri Bulter, Bonnie Daw- son, Caylene Crimm, Cheryl Crabb, Kathy Hazam, Judie Herr, Leah White, Linda Lewis, Sheila Lochner. THIRD ROW: Sarah Holmes, Lois Hale, Martha Trimble, Lou Ellen Dickey, Jane Kennedy, Nancy Roche, Ianice ,Haskell, Brenda Lyons, Q - 4 Le Cercle Francais, the Northeast French Club, is an extremely active language organization. Composed of first, second, third, and fourth year French students, the club is sponsored by Mr. Dardenne. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in French culture and the use of the French language. One of the highlights of the year for the French Club was the dinner held at the Orange Blossom Cafeteria. Christine Hollingsworth, Kandy Bright, Peggy Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: Connie Munch, Ceorge Mitcheson, Vic Daniels, Linda Peterson, Linda Renken, Susan Gibson, Kathy Kolback, Marcia Smith, Carol Young, Candy Moler, Denise Paulson. FIFTH ROW: VVinston Cope, Iohn Pestozzi, john Hanley, Victor Commean, Steve Creen, Bill Bond, Steve Hansel, Malene Fagg, Lynn Hart- mann, Alanna Paulson. I . al. Drama workshop students and Mr. Challener discuss an upcoming production. X 1' I' . wt., wt ' 'BAA x. President Danny Helou and treasurer Donna Blanchard discuss future activities of VVig and Mask. Wig and Mask Promotes in Drama The YVig and Mask Drama Club takes its name from the tradition of the theater. Membership in the club, which was organized at Northeast in 1958, is open to any student who is interested in and enjoys the the- ater. The purpose of the club is to encourage and pro- mote interest in all phases of drama. One of the clubis important projects is the annual dance. Club members FIRST ROXV: Diane Cochran, Leslie Crizzle, Cenny Wells, Pat Murphy, Elizabeth XVilliams, jean Kerr, Pam Eyman, Jill Azare- nok, Donna Donthorier. SECOND ROVV: Betty NVood, Sally Moreland, Ginger Cithers, Mary Leta Sweet, Jill Mabury, Lynn VVells, jane VanderMeir, Diana Buckley, Cheryl Little. THIRD made tapes for the library and presented skits, mono- logues, dramatic readings, and scenes from plays for their own enjoyment. The members of WVig and Mask do not claim to be professionals, instead, they are stu- dents who enjoy fellowship, service, and good drama. Their participation in the club has given them a broader knowledge of the drama world. ROW: Geri VVright, Sharon Trimble, Linda Ryan, Irene McFar- land, Sherri Cilkes, Ann Marie Blanchard. FOURTH ROW: Shar- on Black, Danny Helou, Cheri Mullins, Linda Spears, Bill Mick- litsch, Charles Buckley. X NJA FIRST ROVV: Pete VVatts, Kay Flecman, Jeff Johns, Roberta Mike Dotson, Albert Goodrich, Cecil Curtis. THIRD ROW: Ron Campbell, Annette Hicks, Dana Io Martin, Gertrude Kline. SEC- Curtis, James Pratt, Auben Brenneman, Mike Jacques, Terry OND ROVV: Allen Langworthy, Sally Allen, Arlene Edwards, Myers, Ray Kile, David Stewart. l I Ll Av Club Sells Paperbacks, Candiecl Apples The LiAv Club, under Miss Lanphear and Mrs. An- derson, teaches its members the proper use of library facilities and A-V equipment so that they may better serve the school. Throughout the year the club sponsors the sale of quality paperback books, a project designed both to en- able students to own books they value and to make money for the club. LiAv also sponsors candicd apple sales. At the end of each school year, the club gives to the library some piece of equipment which will con- tribute to its efficiency. The LiAv Club is affiliated with the Florida High School Library Council and participates in its program. nf ,M FRONT ROXV: Sandy Smith, Roberta Campbell, Dana Io Mar- tin. SECOND ROVV: Sponsor Mrs. Anderson, Auben Brenne man, Ray Kile, Kay Fleeman, sponsor Miss Lanphear. 183 i?,,Lak'Y-13 ff f Q at L3 1 M551 C9093 FRONT ROXV: Denise Paudson, Chris Karlsson, Diane Frisbie, Donna Blake, Sarah Holmes, Pat Lucas, Chris Hollingsworth, Mark Mr. Fink XVinter. SECOND ROXV: Joyce Stacy, John Jones, Nancy Flynn, Bill Gessford, Linda Creene. Students at Northeast are given the opportunity to explore and develop interests in music through discus- sions and listening sessions in the Keynoters Club. The main activities of the club include field trips, instrumen- tal demonstrations, guest speakers, and films on con- temporary and historical music. The Christmas dance highlights the social activities of the club. Those students who wish to advance their abilities and interests in mu- sic and the cultures surrounding the important discover- ies in music are able to broaden their musical horizons in the Keynoters Club. Photo-Arts, Keynofers Provide Varied Activities To further develop interest in the art of photography is the purpose of the Photo Arts Club. Through projects such as creating a story in pictures and demonstrations as those of portrait lighting set-ups, members of the club have learned much about photography and the close relationship between photography and art. Mr. Beeman FIRST ROW: Beverly Jenkins, Dorothy Nagy, Sandy Sheheane, Lorene Pepper, Jeanne Fallin, Caroline Kniseley, Kathy Cook, Fred Tuck, Cheryl Houk, Cheryl Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Linda Starns, Karen Delaney, Judy Baxter, Phyllis Jackson, Lee Davis, Sherri.Cilkes, Patt Cooper, Betty Nousiainen, Judy White, Bunny Cloud. THIRD ROW: Malene Fagg, Dawn Quilligan, Brian Green, Cathy Kallack, John Helton, Linda Rob- bins, Angelo Bueciero, Roberta Muel- ler, Margaret Lermox, Linda Triggs. FOURTH ROW: Bob Moody, Roy Aerts, Harvey Hilliard, Aurilia Ceorgariou, Jon Alcott, Edward Cochran, James Carroll, Rodney Fincher, James Jackson, Dan Carter. FIFTH ROW: Martha Horton, Don Frankenberg, Bill Snyder. 1 FRONT BOW: Leah VVhite, Mike Kersker, jim Blackman, Mary Lombana, Keith Kewlcy. SECOND ROXV: John Patrick, Bob Barrett, lack Day, Tom Thurston. 'eil , ,fr N. F. L. Members Gain Experience in Public Speaking Mrs. Francis Students who participate in N ational Forensic League debate activities gain valuable experience in public speaking. This experience will prove very help- ful to those who plan a career in law, government, or any other field which requires poise and speaking skills. This year debaters travelled to Tampa, Sarasota, and Clearwater to attend Congresses, similar to our na- tional Congress, and conferences, which are round-table discussions on the national debate topic. Throughout the year debaters participated in debate and extemporane- ous speaking tournaments held at different schools. National Forensic Leaguc members prepare for a coming debate 185 FRONT ROVV: jim Horn, Vaughn McCarthy, Bill Batdorf, Tom XVaugh, Don Kelly, Ely Arts, Jody Bartlett, Frank Adams, Jim Montgomery, Marshall Ogletrec. SECOND ROW: Keith Ringle- spaugh, Vic Daniels, Ron Tiede, Mickey Burroughs, Jack Wil- son, Bob Borucki, Bruce Laval, Clyde Rogers, Bob Burke, Bob Brady, John Pestallozzi. THIRD ROW: Jim Pratt, jim Schauwek- LeHerman's Club P The main purpose of the Letterman's Club is to pro- mote sportsmanship, physical abilities, strength, and an interest in athletics. To qualify for membership, a boy must receive a letter from one of the many varsity sports offered at Northeast: football, basketball, golf, track, cross country, swimming, baseball, and tennis. All of the club's projects are connected With the athletic and physical education departments at North- east. Members serve as officials at gym entrances and help spectators at all home basketball games. One of the past projects of the lettermen was putting down the floor of the physical education room and coaches, office. Through strict principles and athletic spirit, the Let- termanis Club is able to attain its goal in promoting athletic excellence. Because its members are the leaders of Northeast in athletics, scholarship, and character, the high standards of this organization are faithfully and proudly upheld. 186 er, Pete Pardoll, Bill Duckwall, Ken Olivieri, Sid Miner, Doug Lamb, Bob Swift, Charlie Buckley, Fred Widener. FOURTH ROW: Randy Morrison, Dan Topping, Richard Sneed, Corey Coughlin, Bill Cuiney, Tom Bell, Cordon Salisbury, Bill Hanley, Steve Hall. FIFTH ROVV: john Hanley, Tom Davis, Dick Critz, Barry Lazzeroni. romofes High Standards Mr. Ward Mr. Gunnin V, X Northeasfs Tommy Davis fights valiantly but is overwhelmed by opposing tacklers. Lettermen give an impromptu demon- station of coordination and skill by form- ing a human pyramid without a vertex. of Sportsmanship and Character in Athletics President Sid Miner discusses Lettcrman's Club projects Don Kelly makes a long jump shot in the game against Dixie Hollins with secretary Bob Burke and vice-president Bill Cuiney. during the Christmas tournament. 'I87 FIRST ROW: Kathy Gibson, Liz VVilliams, Genny XVells, Sarah Holmes, Kathy Van Tomhout, Emily Wfoods, Kathy Stolley. SECOND ROXV: Becky Staull, Sheri Gilkes, Gerry Killen, Doris Spencer, Betty Thomp- son, VVendy Wheats. THIRD ROW: Marty Heaton, Linda Peterson, Terry Womiki, Sue Ducker, Beverly Jarrett, Christine Hol- lingsworth, Paula Gibson. Miss Phillips At m e e t i n g s of the Girls, Athletic Association QG.A.A.J, programs are presented demonstrating many different types of individual and group sports. Girls are given opportunities to participate in extra-curricular sports through the intramural and extramural teams. Club projects are financed through a car wash and the sale of Viking sweatshirts. Y-Service, G. A. A. Sponsor Various Proiecfs The go als of the Y-Service Club are leadership, goodwill, and higher ideals of friendship among the stu- dents at Northeast. The projects of the organization in- cluded painting toys for needy children at the Christ- mas Toy Shop. To finance the representation of North- east at the Tri-State Conference, the Y-Service Club sponsored a dance. Miss Freeman Q 2 R pq ,, ., ' 1- .. 'Cf' ' ,Q ag ,-kvgal l FIRST ROW: Peggy Taylor, Rocky Rhodes, Kathy Zeller, Linda Walters, Ginny Dupuis, Rose Ann Layfield, Kathy Tiember. SECOND ROVV: Ava Hedricks, Betsy Deviou, Lois Peel, Donna Piccari, Barbara Shark, Cathy Swift, Janice Critz. THIRD ROVV: Carol Newman, Beverly Jarrett, Candy Backus, Marsha NValter, Julie Lazzari, Linda Boyd, Monica Marrocces. . . ,..,,. . .. .. , .., ,.,, .N ..,.. W-, .U M-, L., .-- .m...,.,Mf,,X,.i T Y! f f J I .I SCARLET MARCHINC BAND Introducing Two Northeast Bands, Scarlet and Cream CREAM MARCHING BAND 189 M-.2-"six t. SCARLET SYMPHONIC BAND Viking Scarlet Band Performs at Football ij? .9 .f - - ,-,, t f or snr.: x :was in . ft-if f j -j..,- f x,.,.-N, . . ., 4..- ,, Qtr ' - A ,,,-kr.1,.kL f, .N V- ,- 11, ,-. -1 I5 ' , H fi if aff" if -lfgi' r J f u .,f , 7: L. kg.. .,, V- qgt 1 tt- 1 ..,.. V 1 'wr .. cv., it x ..1,.k.- yffy ,Ai 4? 3-yjgg, V' as . ,ff .54 'sg A is xjjij -I 3fs,L,Q.0j-, A ,fu tw , runs-ff-Q' R5 la Nffdig A :elf A - i4 '3V.:' M A fs lf x FJ I V Hx , f L it Z Sh. 'iii X 3 X T S5 S,fx'i, I .W X FM" t 1. t fs , A 3 ,M .ax A Q 2 H fig 'HA ' -b--3 seg'-ff' '1 4, -Pi 4 14 2, ' -xy 1 ' 44' SM ' W rw fs ' f' .fm '-:Mr N r gg, 1' - Alrlo f ,-.XM Y I . 5 I A A ' ,f . ' fwfr ' ., , , ., , rrirli X 4 - , V on v .- Mr. Beeman The first of the two Northeast bands is the Scarlet Symphonic Band, which is composed of juniors and sen- iors. The 85-member Scarlet Band is directed by Mr. Beeman and led by Drum Major Bruce Bowyer. The captain is Denis Quilligan. The Scarlet Band provided pep bands for pep as- semblies and marched at most football games. They marched in several parades, including Gasparilla, Fes- tival of States, and Clearwater Fun ln Sun. The Scarlet Band entered the district marching contest in November and the playing contest in the first part of April. In these contests they played as a Class AA band. The big project of the band this year was the trip to Nassau on April 25, 26, and 27. The club's money- making projects to sponsor this trip included two candy sales, car washes every two weeks, and the newspaper drives. The band also presented its annual Winter Con- cert. iifs' r- ag 0 r F K X x 1411 as BAND OFFICERS, FRONT ROYV: Sue Voclk, Historian, Gretchen Laird, Scribe, Linda Tope, Head Majorettcg Betty Nousiainon, 2nd Lt. of Girls, Dorothy Nagy, Quartermaster, Sandy Shelieane, Librarian. SECOND ROXV: Tom Steinberg, Sgt. of Details, Denis Quilligan, Band Captain, Bruce Bowyer, Drum Majorg Rick Morelli, 2nd Lt. of Boys, Steve Acevcdo, junior Drum Major, jim Jackson, lst Lt. Band members relax during halftime at a football game. Games, Enters District Contest. . . CORNETS, FRONT ROW: Marcia Robertson, Fred Tuck, Linda PERCUSSION, FRONT Row: ixmgafer Lennox, Donna omg- Roos, Linda Topo. SECOND ROVV: Ion Alcott, Cliff Stickland, ta, Dot Nagy, SECOND ROXVg Larry Holly, Ray Mantcll, Jim Dennis McDonald, Lee Davis. jackson, Pat Neville, jim Poust. 191 SAXOPHONES, FRONT ROW: Linda Triggs, Cheryl Houk, Phyl- lis Jackson, Roberta Mueller. SECOND ROW: Jeff Busch, Rob McCandless, Brian Holton, Mike VVilson, Bill Elmersberger. Marches TROMBONES, FIRST ROW: Bill Snyder, John Helton, Brian Green, Jim Swan. SECOND ROW: Tom Price, Morris West, Den- is Quilligan, George Haseltine. l l 'I92 FLUTES, FRONT ROVV: Linda Rhea, Jeanne Fallin, Caroline Knisely, Trudi Price. SECOND ROXV: Sue Strorner, Sherri Gilkes, Ann Lake, Martha Horton. in Several Parades, Plans DOUBLE REEDS, FRONT RONV: Judy Baxter, Betty Nousiainen, Lila Strauss, Carole Polcaro. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Nagy, Gretchen Laird, Judy White, Tom Geary, Kancly Bright. CLARINETS, FIRST ROVV: Sandy Sheheane, Ioyee Tucker, Barbara Evilsizer, Suzy Pylkas, Patt Cooper, Beverly Jenkins, Cheryl VVheeler, Karen Delaney. SECOND ROW: Bruce Bowyer, Orville Grounds, Linda Robbins, Mary Carpenter, Malene Fagg, Iudy YVhite, Gretchen Laird. THIRD ROW: Brian XVilson, Boh Moody, Roy Aerts, Ed Cochran, Brooks XVeiss, Don Frankenherg, Susan Voelk. Trip fo Nassau BASSES: Toni Price, Harvey Hillyer, Larry Hopkins, Tom Stein berg, Rick Morelli, Sandy Camel. FRENCH HORNS AND BARITONES, FRONT ROXV: Linda Starns, Kathy Cook, Bunny Cloud, Kathy Kalbaek. SEC- OND ROXV: jim Carroll, Dawn Quilligan, Dan Carter, Andy Mogilewsky, Rodney Fincher. 193 JK' CREAM SYMPHONIC BAND Viking Cream Band Members Gain Valuable S'-ex., W t -swsf , 194 M ' L,,.. Mr. Beeman The second of the two Northeast bands is the Cream Symphonic Band, which is composed of sophomores. The 75-member band is also directed by Mr. Beeman. The Drum Major is XVilliam Casler, and the captain is Rich- ard Griffin. Like the Scarlet Band, the Cream Band provides pep bands for pep assemblies and marched at football games. They marched in parades and participated in the district marching contest in November and the play- ing contest in the first part of April. Although the Scar- let Band is entered as Class AA, the Cream Band is entered as a Class B band. The Cream Band also went to Nassau in April. They participated in all of the moneymaking projects to finance the trip: the candy sales, car Washes, and news- paper drives. In the Cream Band sophomores gain expericence in performing and marching that they would not have had if there were only one band. After a year in the Cream Band, they are prepared to play in the more ad- vanced Scarlet Band. BAND OFFICERS, FRONT ROXV: Bonnie Land, Aurilia Georgariou, Jill Hollinsworth, Margaret Hurley, David Poust. SECOND ROVV: William gasler, Angelo Bucciero, Douglas Gregory, David Nesmith, Richard Grif- in. . , ,. if Stands are almost deserted at halftime as band members take a break. Marching and Performing Experience. . . PERCUSSION, FRONT ROW: Marilyn Isaac, Marian Boyd, Martha Heaton, Jane VanMeir. SEC- OND ROW! D3Vid'P0USt, 101111 Y0dSI1ik5 Chaflef CORNETS, FRONT ROVV: Angelo Bucciero, David Jones, Wayne DHVIS, LHTFY Glennie, 101111 Wllllams, VIUCCIH d Wilson, Douglas Gregory. SECOND ROVV: Steve Martz, Robert Angelo- Mauk, Iolin -LeGrant, Richard Griffin. 195 FLUTES, FIRST ROXV: Susan Haley, Bonnie Land, Jacqueline Hallas, Paulclie VVilliams, Margaret Hurley. SECOND ROXV: Diane Acevedo, Linda Dorman, Diane Hotalen, John Baron, Charles Jarrett. TROMBONES, FIRST ROVV: Steve West, Caroline Jacobs, Hoyt Fallin. SECOND ROVV: Robert Schlum- berger, David Jerry. Enters District Contests, Accompanies Scarlet DOUBLE REEDS, FIRST ROVV: Ginger Hiley, Diane Berg, FRENCH HORNS AND BARITONES, FRONT ROW: John Fzlgg, Aurilia Georgariou, Irma Niccum. SECOND ROW: Beverly MC- Jean DeFrancesco, Tom Brondstetter, Michael Kersker. SEC- Donald, Jill Hollingsworth, Janice Gifford, Robert Craven. OND ROW: VVilliam Casler, Cordon Hall, Gregory Woods, John Davis. 'I96 'iff SAXOPHONES, FRONT ROVV: Cathy Niccum, Sheila Clayton, Barbara Caldwell, Virginia Debbs, Dodie Hopkins. SEC- OND ROXV: Dale Thomas, Reiner Blomberg, David Nesmith, joette XViclner, Bryan Holtz. Band on Nassau Trip BASSES: Paul Henry, LeRoy Amerson, Leslie Tullo, Paul Mitchem CLARINETS, FRONT ROVV: Sandra Fiyalko, Patricia Howell, Ann Ebersherger, jean Ceary, Connie McLaughlin, Mar- garet O,Neill, Carolyn Lacy. SECOND ROW: Eileen Henzler, Kathy Butler, Kay Lewis, -lolin Fade, Linda Lane, Cheryl Carson, Richard Hetherton, Becky Stoll, Barbara Manstan. 197 -iff1 -w 1 - -Q u1wlu1f'l1wl my LENNY TOPE SUE STROMER SUZY PYLKAS ANN LAKE DONNA OMASTA ,U g g fx Q - X' V f ff X A X I X x f NN A -f ' I - ' SANDY CAMEL 'M 1 ,,- , 5 PATT COOPER ,fu A N s N ' A Aff I XX Q , l f X X X K . ,f -f 9 SHERRI CILKES BUNNY CLOUD Ss Ann Lake, Bunny loud, Sherri Gilkes, Suzy Pylkas, Lenny Tope, Patt Cooper, Donna Omasta, Sue Stromcr, Sandy Camel. High-Stepping Majorettes Lead Scarlet Band Viking Scarlet majorettes played an important part in the band performances this year. During the fall foot- ball games, majorettes added their skill and the results of hours of practice to the band's sparkling presentations. Their fabulous fire twirling made the events even more thrilling. The majorettes led the Viking Band as it marched in many parades. In the spring when the band entered area contests, these girls demonstrated their ability in the majorette contest. They each must play an instru- ment, and they rejoined the band as playing members in the concerts. The majorettes are an important part of the excellent halftime perform- Majorettes Ann Lake and Bunny Cloud relax ances put on at football games by the Viking Band. during il break at 21 fO0tlJ3ll game. 199 Chcryl Carson, Beverly MacDonald, loette VVidner, jill Hollingsworth, Nladelyn Lacy, Linda Lane, Ginger Hiley. Sophomore Maioreffes Lead Cream Band Jill Hollingsworth, Head Majorette The Cream majorettes are the counterpart of the Scarlet majorettes, marching and twirling with their own Cream Band. Like the other members of the Cream Band, the majorettes are sophomores. The Cream majorettes performed at football games and marched in parades with their band. They also en- tered the majorette contest in the area band contest. Like the Scarlet majorettes, they must be able to play an instrument in the band, and they rejoin it to play in concerts. 1 AK 5. ,J r to tiff 'gf rr Cream majorette squad practices a new routine. FIRST ROXV: James Budday, Stephen Barth, Janet Cook, John YVL-therell, Cenevieve Beat, Anne Triggs. SECOND ROYV: Sharon Trimhle, Tim Richardson. Linda Dorman, Peter DeCarlonis, Charles Jarrett, Cheryl Carson, Sandra Fiyalko, Diane Berg, Rohcrt Craven, Jill Hollingsworth, Connie Thompson. THIRD ROYV: Pat Neville, Marian Boyd, David Poust, David Jerry, Karnes Carroll, Douglas Cregory, David Nesmith. XIJSSINC: Carol Billips, Celeste Buchanan, Dan Drake, Linda Triggs, Cheryl Houk, Lois Peel, Michael Kersker, Rohert Mauk, George Hasel- tine. Viking Orchestra Has Successful First Year A highly successful addition to the music curriculum at Northeast has been the orchestra, which was organ- ized this year. The 35-memher orchestra is composed of sophomores, juniors and seniors, many of whom also play in the Scarlet and Cream Bands. One of the performances given hy the orchestra was at the XYinter Concert presented hy the two hands. The orchestra, directed hy Mr. Beeman, accompained the two hands on the trip to Nassau during the last week of April. One of thc important pieces in the orchestra The orchestra put on a successful performance at the annual YVintcr Con- is the kettle drum, played by Pat Neville. cert presented hy the Viking Bands. 201 FIRST ROXV: Donna Campbell, Marsha Goheen, Kathy Loeber, Mary Butler, Carol Otteson, Candace Winslow, Ruth Mook, Paul- ette King, Sherri Assay, Annette Hicks, Cheryl Albrecht, Connie Kirkland. SECOND BOW: Becky A. Rice, Rene Allen, Kathy Trabert, Nancy Roche, Kathy Domeier, Dona Marous, Carol VVolfe, Carol Sackett, Elizabeth Elliott, Connie Lewis, Linda Oliver, Freida Freeman, David Alexander, Pat Cheers, Linda Montague, Myra Crosen, Barbara Metcalf, Frank Walters. THIRD ROVV: Ed Monk, Bob Ammon, Mike Donahue, Bill Keith, Swan, Linda Bell, David Myers, Steve Bayless, Stuart MacFar- land, Dale Hadley, Cary Thacker, Allen Farabee, Fred Lintz, Eddie Lee, Bruce Stiles. NOT PICTURED: Bobbi Brown, Judy Hoffman, Annette Saunders, Iackie Humphries, Carol Wright. Concert Choir Has Varied Accomplishments, 'ilk Mr. Stonecipher 202 The Concert Choir, under the direction of Dale Stonecipher, is an organization with many purposes. Not only does it provide excellent programs for the student body and various civic groups, but it also deals with music education. The Choral Department is known for vitality and exceptional talent and is often mistaken for a college choir because of its mature sound. All types of music in many different languages are included in the Choiris repertory. In addition, music the- ory and appreciation are a part of the year's course. The annual Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies are but a part of the Choiris performance schedule. It also presents the Spring Concert, the musical, and pro- grams at churches and clubs in St. Petersburg. The curriculum of this class is designed to stimulate the studentis interest in music. The high quality of the Concert Choir is an indication of the hard work on the part of Mr. Stonecipher and the group to combine inter- est and ability into such a polished and satisfying product. 23 1 K2 iii' 'a y, A ,f-'ld Q W 4 L, s .ul Donna Campbell, Buddy Urschel, and Bob Simco is a scene from Down in the Valley. Allen Farabee, as Braclc VVcnver, longs to be free and see Iennic again. Produces Superlafive Results 'N um Sopranos work on a difficult passage. 1 ms- The Choir presents a beautiful assembly program for Christmas. 203 FIRST ROXV: Donna Campbell, Dona Marous, Linda Martin, Darian XValker, Nancy Roche, Kathy Loeber. SECOND ROIV: Pat Cheers, Becky A. Bice, Ray Bowman, Carol Sackett, Lee 5' wef- Davis, Ruth Mook, Cheryl Albrecht. THIRD ROXV: Bob Ammon, Steve Bayless, Allen Farabee, Cary Thacker, Dale Hadley, Buddy Urschel. Gondoliers Are Prestige Group of Northeast The Cvondoliers, a select group of music students who specialize in popular music, is an exceptionally Fine ensemble, well-known and Well-liked in St. Petersburg. Its superior quality speaks for itself, and thus the group, a prestige organization of our school, is kept busy throughout the year at various hotels, clubs, and shows in the city. Another song is added to the Gondolierls repertory. 'u 'X-Sf Q 204 This year the Concloliers rehearse as a class the seventh period. Its members add an extra h o u r to their school day to Work to make the group a better one. The many hours have certainly produced a rewarding prod- uct, and the student body and faculty alike take pride in the accomplishments of this highly entertaining en- semble. Gondoliers rehearse for one of their many hotel jobs. FIRST ROW: Patricia Cates, Wendy NVietz, Susan Haley, Sheila Ritehison, Lorene Pepper, Karen Gabrielson, Diane Frisbie, Clara Perna, Ioan Portwood. SECOND ROXV: Christine Muller, Sue Crowell, Debi Roberts, Sandi Pruett, Sharon Manning, Io Ann Choirs Enhance Northeast Munson, Marilyn Leigh, Roger Bowers, Helen King. THIRD ROVV: VValt Proctor, Jim Pratt, Jerry Price, Shela Nelson, Rick Olson, Bill Sehotr, Bob Meeks, Virginia Starrett. FIRST ROXV: Carolyn Allen, Mary Sweet, Cindy May, Ianis Flynn, Carolyn Billups, Jane Okins, Cheryl Ann Disken, Diana Destefano. SECOND ROXV: Mary Lombana, Karen jones, Jean Hewitt, Cheri Mullins, Debbie Mosley, Linda Graham, Sandee Kindel, Suzanne Atkins, Bobbi Gibson. THIRD ROVV: Harold Maphet, John Chapman, Frank Bean, VVayne Barksdale, Ken Galloway, Ray Bowman, Phil Kehve. NOT PICTURED: jackie Harson, Ernestine Hoge, Linda House, Cary Olsen, Lillian Kane. 205 Drama Students Learn Acting, Technical SMX Bonny Giles, Alanna Paulsen, Bill Kiely, Skiffie Harrington, Shar- Stephenson, Bobbi Strauss, Dona Marous, Allen Farabee, Cheryl on Enck, Cathy Bond, Bob Borucki, Wilbur Thomas, Barbie Albrecht, KandyBrigl1t, Ray Fumea Mr. Challcner 206 For five years Northeast Drama VVorkship produc- tions have delighted audiences. Interested students must audition to join the Workshop, and only members of the Workshop participate in the productions. Students learn acting and technical staging in an informal classroom setting and in the actual productions. VVorkshop productions over the years have been very successful. The more recent ones include "The Impor- tance of Being Earnest," which was presented for the Wheel Arena Theater last year. The VVheel Arena The- ater productions are performed as a theater-in-the-round and are sponsored by the Interact Club. Another recent production was the musical "Down in the Valleyf, which was presented by both the drama department and the music department. The first production this year was "Kind Ladyf also a theater-in-the-round. In the spring the workshop presents the Arbie Award Show, and the year closes with the presentation of Arbie trophies to outstanding drama students. Staging through Workshop Productions NK' Q5 Us Love conquers ull in "The Importance of Being Eamestf' ,......f-4 K5 Dona Marous realizes the evil motives of her house guests in "Kind Lady." Allen Farabee and Allen Thomas exchange sharp words over tea. The cast of "Kind Ladyv takes il bow after a successful performance. 207 O Qs A U19 , , j 1 f f rf' ' I Q3 mi' at Editor-in-Chief Sue Rigler shows first proofs to the Log staff. Sue Rigler Editor-in-Ch icf Award-Winning Viking Log Results One of the three major publications at Northeast is the Viking Log, the award-Winning yearbook. Wo1'k on the Log is begun as soon as the staff members are named in their junior year. Section editors make preliminary decisions and plans to be approved by the editor-in-chief. During the summer manv staff members attend the year- book Workshop at the University of Florida to become more familiar with the journalistic techniques used in producing an outstanding yearbook. The pace quickens as school begins again. The page layouts must bc planned, pictures are taken and identi- fied, and the copy is typed up. The publishing company sets up deadlines in November, December, january, Feb- ruary, and March by which they must receive each sec- tion. Business management is another very important part of the production of the yearbook. Accounts of stu- dent purchases and advertising must be kept. The ad- visors, Mr. jenkins and Mrs. Bierly, are vital, for With- out their help and patience there could be no yearbook. ""'- - ---Q fb The finished product is presented late in May when the book and its dedication are given to the students SPONSORS: Mrs. Bierly and Mr. jenkins. and fqculty 208 Ken Olivieri, Acluz'rtiSingg Anders Nilsen, Aflvc'rti,s'ing1g Carol Smalley, Busi ness. -1 Becky Bond, Clulzsg Sue Pylkus, OflLl'!lIllZllfl!7Il.S', Leo Granger, Sports, Ann Jacobs, Clulns. from Careful Planning, Hard Work 1 Q' M' Of, Kathy Grcslm, Cl!!-SS, Darian XValkcr, Facultyg Susan Mills, Clf1.s',s'. TOP TO BOTTOM: Nancy Flynn, Art, Darian YValkvr, Lifcfnflqfg Colly Devine, Litzwlry. 209 Roberta Lucas, Editor-in-Chief as T7 Y 5 ,ff -.31 fy- I f . v .es . . 1 1 . L . Journalism students count out papers to be distributed to the student body. Outstanding Nor'Easter informs Vikings .fjx 5 ---1 SPONSORS: Mrs. Bierly and Mr. jenkins. Fine writin g, excellent photography, and good management are combined in Northeastis outstanding paper, the N0r'Easter. Staffed and edited by journalism students, the Nor'Easter is published biweekly. Through their work on the paper, the members of the staff are able to learn more about journalism and to make use of their creative ability. Wfeekly deadlines are set up, by the printer for the receipt of all copy and pictures. Wfhen the printed copy is returned, the staff must paste the stories and pictures on galley sheets. Then when the paper is completely printed and returned the second time, the journalism classes distribute it to the student body. The business edi- tors mail copies of the Nor'Easter to all the advertisers. Through the Nor'Easter the students are informed about school news and sports activities. Articles on topics of general interest to young people are often included. In addition, the paper allowed Northeast students to sound off on their pct peeves. The hard work of many students has made the Nor'Easter an outstanding scho- lastic publication. f . Q .uw . SEATED: Carol Sackett, Front Page. STANDING: Pam Windham and Barbara Rossi, Editorial Page. SEQATED: jo Gustuvson, Page Tlzreeg Put Shiinkus, Page Six. STANDING- Donn-1 Blake, Page Tlzreeg Bob Burke and Ginny 1 A , . 1. 1 ' if Dupuis, Sports Page. of School News, General Interest Topics c Nancy Flyriry Art Editor and john jones, Photographer. .Xl 0,-1 , qv . V. li Anders Nilsen, Adrzertising Editor. Ginny Dupuis, Sports PIIQQQ Stephanie Puffcr, Copy Editor. 211 'TF FIRST RQXV: Cathy Domeier, Stephanie Puffer, Susan Traylor, Ginny DuPuis, Donna Blake, Pam Dorman, Suzie XVinter. SEC- OND BOW: Roberta Lucas, Nancy Flynn, Linda Sprankel, Sue Pylkas, Barbara Ferguson, Becky Bond, Ann Jacobs. THIRD ,V Mrs Bierly - .TFWTV . .Q-!'hEfa - OFFICERS: Cathy Domeier, secretary, Sue Rigler, vice-presi- dent, Roberta Lucas, president, Dave Myers, treasurer. 212 V wi t .ati ROXV: Cordon Salisbury, Bob Hayes, Bob Burke, Anders Nilsen, Ken Olivicri, Dave Myers, Pat Shimkus. NOT: PICTURED: Sue Rigler, Lynda Yurman, Colly Devine. 530 G, Q, 3 M..' Quill and Scroll Activities Quill and Scroll is a national honor society for high school journalists. Membership is by invitation only and is determined on the basis of scholastic standing, as well as journalistic endeavor. Members of the Viking Chapter of Quill and Scroll work on one or more of the three publications-the Nor'Easter, the Viking Log, and Soundings. When en- rolled as a member, each student receives a Quill and Scroll pin and a subscription to the national magazine. The Viking Chapter holds monthly meetings, and has various projects throughout the year. To raise money the club sponsors a dance after a basketball game. Mem- bers participate in the national Quill and Scroll contest, which awards scholarships to deserving writers in the various areas of journalism. Each year the chapter spon- sors delegates to the Florida Scholastic Press Association convention. Through participation in Quill and Scroll activities and Work on the publications, students are encouraged as future Writers. s Roberta Lucas helps Becky Bond identify pictures for the Viking Log. Pam Dorman shows the after effects of staying up late to meet a deadline. lnclude State Convention, National Contest wwfm Ginny DuPuis sells tickets to the dance sponsored by Quill and Scroll. Quill and Scroll members work diligently as staff members on the dif- ferent publications at Northeast. 3 V w A 213 National Honor Society Encourages High Standards ,E J . ' , .- ' if 33 . gg 5 1. - Saw M Q.. A' 5 52 H ,L 1. .. 5. 6' ty - ,, te .1 ' -. 3. . 59 ' 1 LE' 1' Q ' K . I ' 'M ,: :JE-.L V?" ' , ' . - .. ,, ' f - - ' . .. isffffwz-t.1 -C. '-zz:-A 1 1 zfigifg gsfy- ,. 1 - U. ' tri? - 1 Tzi.. S .iiffr fx .W .1 9 1 if 1.5 1 ' 5. s if W we Sifieitiiititill iiifi Q' ' it ' ' s - . 1 ,qt . ' L i S gan.. if - , NM., ,, .,,,y, . M Q51 ia, -K - .. .. . gg, up ikr21E'ii?t5s5,. . .-ff' , ae, ',,. -N.. 5 . . .,,,, at , "" -wg E - iTfi1f?fl,g ' - -Q r - 214:1ifsf:1iia2fL.. 1 ti 1 it . . 7 . "rf t' ii'57ffl' 'rs Q. 1 . , ti .- . . Q .A s em V- f .. - ,. - if? ' gfd' i x iz, '- ' D sl' 'H' .. i4?,.,1,5g, ,I W . ,gi :V J sy .r Y? f ,V f Jfn:-if .pf gif.. -. 2 xiii, rr. a aisle- f ' M' 6' 4 an x'M'r, . . Sw, ' t"r .ai':::f:.:ti::l'E:11''hifi '1. ' ' I..IIZ:Q.I5f..E',.!jj-sif?a.2: giiilsitffi' ' IT ' " gm' . 'f "ff 5 tif, ,gigs if . ? "-,' K 5' . " ,, qw . f is . f waan g. .L . 12 as . f l yfuxsii' ' ' ziz3,'iV'fVjQ , W" ' KL!-I - I ' 'i 1 3 ft it-Wg. . r .- o,,.,,. . K -f sastf r , p - . .iw . S- f 1 me f at fs . .J " i'i-r " ' ' Y . A .gg 1 S "-, was 'v e x U Lf X ' " Carol Bowden Anne Devine Barbara Dunkle Allen Farabee Marsha Coheen Eugene Heibner David Lambrecht VVilliam Graham Judith Herr Robert Larson Lee Granger Kathleen Cresh Ann Jacobs Barbara Layman Ni H.S. members eagerly anticipate the weekly sale of doughnuts. Ruth Kiebler Cheryl Lights ns.. f st. .. ...A . , , . rx, dia' ! , fm., .. .- . We Y V Ui iiiy ' .,.,,- mrs .:-- f tfxgiifitrrggxi ' ,.:. Q NS . Z -fy V gig 5- ' .. Ne ill' it , V. Diane Frisbie Mary Gresh Ioan Kirkwood Ruth Lindsay Carol Gentry Martha Hayes Gretchen Laird Jane MacDuff The Viking Chapter of the National Honor Society follows the objectives of the national organization: to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to serve, to promote student leadership, and to encourage the development of character. One of the highest hon- ors a high school student can receive is election to Na- tional Honor Society, for his character, leadership, and service, in addition to his scholarship, are recognized as outstanding. The grade point average required for elec- tion to the Society is 3.25 for juniors and 3.0 for seniors. Membership is limited to ten per cent of the junior class and fifteen per cent of the senior class. Because of its high standards and qualifications, membership in Na- tional Honor Society is a life-long honor. of Scolarship, Character, Leadership, Service '94 if ir 1 f 4 Wei .qu 'Q film Q fa K 333 -, ,af f S i.-N . fe 25:-' i 5 gg ww Deborah Marshall Linda Martin Leidia Merhige Peter Pardell Ronald Rosen Barbara Rossi Gilbert Shamas Edward Spalty Sandra Taylor Susan Veelk Nancy Vogt Darian Walker To finance the clubs activities, members sold dough- nuts each week. Members maintain a free tutoring serv- ice for the student body. As a community project mem- bers made Christmas bundles for retarded children. Dele- gates from the Viking Chapter attended the district meeting and the state convention of National Honor So- cieties. In the spring the chapter held an induction ceremony for the members who were tapped this year. '-Q-51.3 A , , ' ia' , 5' ., gg f f W WU 4 W' S S 2 mf we .fr-fi it il if xi 1:46. W . ... ' f . .W be Betty Nousiainen Robert Samson Kathleen Trabert Patricia Muar Marilyn Gordon Salisbury Larry Ighn Thompson Vicki Tuozzo Leah White Sidney Wilson Mr, R055 Mr. BI'OgdOI1 REGCIE BARCLEY CAIL GOYVER MARSHA COHEEN IUNE LEONARD KATHY GRESH FIRST RONV: Kathy Crm-sh, Gail Gower, june Leouurcl, Barbara Alclersou. , SECOND ROXV: Nancy Burclcy, jucly Carcloza, lVl2ll'Sllll Gohccn. THIRD ' M ROXV: Cz1ylr3ncC1'imm, jill Azarcnok. TOP: Reggie Burclcy. A 'fil Z- I JILL AZARENOK CAYLENE GRIMM BARBARA ALDERSON IUDY CARDOZA NANCY BARCLEY 216 Viking cheerleaders smile prettily for the earneraman. 'xg-ji," if . 7' . x X 5 A f , J' Nc-Hi and Largo cheerleaders take a Coke break at halftime. Viking Cheerleaders Display Loyalty, Pep Present at all football and basketball games, the Viking cheerleaders exemplify the sportsmanship and school spirit of Northeast students. Their enthusiasm and loyal support of the team spreads throughout the student body. The cheerleaders begin their practice sessions in Au- gust each year. They not only learn the traditional cheers thoroughly, but also make up new ones. XVhen the sea- son begins, they present novel pep assemblies before each inter-city game. Spirit, determination, and loyalty have combined in these ten girls to make a superior cheerleading squad. Marsha Coheen and Reggie Barclcy lead a spirited cheer for the Viking football team. june Leonard, Kathy Gresh, and Cail Cower display the new pompons purchased by the Civinette Club. 217 OFFICERS: Mike D'Amico, treasurcrg Suzie VVinter, presidentg Joey Granger, vice- Sw president. Miss Balasso Mr. VVilson 6 S5559 .fx Pep Squad members prepare to begin a new cheer at a pep rally. 218 Ai 'sw Pep squad members pause during a break in a pep assembly. Pep Squad Encourages The Pep Squad was newly organized this year under the directorsliip of Miss Balasso and Mr. Wilson. The squad is open to all students of the school, and its ob- jectives are to promote school spirit and support the athletic program wholeheartedly. Members are issued a Pep Squad emblem and the squad cheers as a group at athletic meets. A point sys- tem is used with credits for attending meetings and games. High scorers received letters at the end of the year. The Pep Squad has done a fine job toward helping to promote school spirit this year, and we hope to con- tinue and grow for many years to come. Pep Squad members cheer enthusiastically for NeHi,s basketball team ut an exciting game. .21 le ii . K TC Members relax during halftime before il second half of StI'Cllll0llN cheerin g. School Spirit at Football and Bokefboll Gomes I . Q .34 , Three cheers for Mr. Fisher! 1 41" The Pep Squurl leads the crowds in the rhythm cheer, 219 S. S. NEHI 1964 .ffgwgw f , l V K5,,Zz,CfZ. 41,4 Axlbb W ,ffm QLXLJ 6,4-,fy4,aJ ,, '22, , J-14-1 ,f4+fk. d'f. ,51,vJ4g JQ,, 7 M X-J .4.f.Q,4QfL, I H4 vzczfff . JA7 Lfgoucyffc A Y ,Qc 1 JQQL ,L-'fcflfc c2f6a.f4fJE4 J 5 ff' . Ma? fggf, wow, ,Z143-2, I NLHLQL bg,-f,-ZH ,,d,dyg4 L, 7 J,-5',L,v,, ,4.ff6 QLQYC ,X JQL, LMYQDLJL J f?,41L dn dn. if , , M! -,Z6'o4,w.?ff.f fggii ' , Lrcff P 611 ,I wx. '?ff .- 1 3 "H , 'f.s. ' I wr. ' 'wif .Z , 4 sf, h i , W? FR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM, FIRST ROW: Sterling Bacurl, ,lim Hanneman, Tom Broundstctter, Coach Loren WVard. SECOND ROWV: Ken Richards, Tom Davis, 'lack Brodrick, Larry Andrews, Elbert Barber, Ken Clements, Corey Coughlin, jim Montgomery. THIRD RONV: David Beck, Charles Hoffner, Kim McNeil, Bill Vike ball-carrier is downed after a short gain. 222 Marshal, Ralph Lamb, Mike Mignone, Bill Jennings, john Baron, Leslie Tullo, Coach Ceorge Efthcmes. FOURTH ROW: Barry Lazzeroni, Tom Price, Greg Comnes, Bill Hanley, Coach Bear Cunnin, Mike Hovey, Ken Olivieri, Doug Lamb. The Season's Roundup: Although the losses of the 1963-64 Viking Football Team were great, the boys used the experience they gained to advantage. Through working together so ear- nestly under the guidance of such leaders as Ken Olivieri and Bill Cuiney they came to understand the true mean- ing of teamwork. Since the majority of the team were underclassmen, there are many trained and experienced boys to come back and fight for the Viking cause next year. This yeafs legacy includes such outstanding players as Dick Critz, Fred Widener, Tom YVaugh, Tom Davis, and Corey Coughlin. With these and the other team veterans, Northeast should enjoy a successful season next year. Even though the team suffered many drawbacks, the boys were always in there fighting with true Viking spirit and drive, and we are proud of their efforts. 4' , K MIM iff FIRST ROW: Roger Bowers, Rick Cwark, Vaughn McCarthy, Viking end and Dixie Hollins defenders scramble for a pass Tom VVaugh. SECOND ROXV: Ron Ticdc, Bill Cuiney, Coach Tom Zachary. THIRD ROXV: Dick Critz, Dam Topping Richard YVincS. A Look Back And Ahead 'I' K A Q TMA isxxnia W ff W' ' 'ii KTMVJ' qfylzni Vx V9 'Q COACHES: Tom Zachary, "Bean, Cunnin, Kim Alsop, Head Coach Loran Ward. Viking Football Team Works Hard, ll 'M 2 uv September 20 St. Petersburg 27 Palmetto October 4 Dunedin 11 Open 18 Largo 25 Robinson N0V6mbGf 1 Tarpon Springs 8 Boca Ciega 15 Bishop Barry 22 Clearwater 29 Dixie Hollins CAPTAINS: Bill Cuiucy, Ken Olivieri, Stove Hall, Doug Lamb. Steve Hull lieucls clownficlcl after receiving ll pass. 224 Tom Davis zeroes in on Dixie Hollins ball-carrier. I i Coach VVarcl and manager Bob Burke ready substitute for action Gains Experience Drive and determination pay off in Viking effort. Dick Critz stops 21 Dixie Hollins bid for yardage. Sid Miner cxccutcs fake to spring ball-carrier loose MANAGERS, FRONT ROW: William Batclorf, lim Horn. SECOND ROYV: Bob Burke, Frank Adams, Marshall Ogletree. Bill Guiney evades Boca Ciega blocker and closes in on ball carrier. Tom VVaugl1 drives hard for extra yardage. 226 J. V. Football Team Trains for Future Hvliuw I. V. FOOTBALL TEAM, FIRST ROXV: Marvin Hoyt, Steve Hardeman, Elbert Barber, Mike Quinglcy, Tom Bronsteadcr, Billy Davis, Kim McNeil, Jack Brodrick, Lester Knight. SECOND ROYV: XVarren Adams, Steve Young, Greg Moore, Larry Andrews, Norbert Muller, john NVinters, John Baron, Bill Marshall, Lcsile Tullo, john Kennedy. THIRD HOXV: Jim Lersch, Ken Clements, Bill Iennings, Mike Long, Charles Hoffncr, David Beck, Tommy Hotalen, Mike Mignone, Alcan DeFrancesco, Bill Mina, Ken Richards, Coach Efthemes. The junior Varsity Football Team, coached by George Efthemes and john Ash, completed its season, and the I.V. performers now have their eyes on varsity football berths on next yearis team. The prime purpose of the junior varsity program being to provide sopho- mores with experience under game conditions, the season can well be designated highly successful. Playing a five-game schedule against the junior varsity clubs from other area schools, the NeHi Future stars showed the promise that will enable 1964 and 1965 NeHi gridiron teams to continue their tradition of determination and fighting spirit. Many times past performances of the varsity have shown how really im- portant a sound, well-balanced sophomore team is to the football future of Northeast. The long hours of practice spent in master- ing the fundamentals of blocking, running, tackling, and passing will make the difference between an average season and a superior season. Vike team plans second-half strategy in the locker room. 22 New Athletic Director, Head Coach Appointed .M f' 1 I Athletic Director Paul jenkins welcomes new Head Coach Carl Adams to the Viking staff. Next year the Viking Football Team will have a new coach, Carl Adams, who succeeds Loran V. Ward as Head Football Coach. Coach Adams also teaches business math and is assistant track coach. He came to Northeast at the beginning of second semester this year from Port Charlotte, Florida. Coach Adams was born in Hamilton, Ohio, on Iune 14, 1929. He received his bachelorls degree from Man- chester College and his masteris degree from Ball State Teachers College. YVhile in college he received varsity letters in both football and baseball. Coach Adams began his career in Dayton, Ohio, at Dixie High School. He then coached an undefeated conference championship team at Criffinth High School in Criffinth, Indiana. After coaching at Peru High School in Peru, Indiana, he returned to his alma mater, Man- chester College, where he served as Defensive Football Coach. After moving to Florida, he taught at Edison Junior College in Port Charlotte. He has a record of 25 wins, 10 losses, and 1 tie as a Head Coach. 228 Athletic Director and Business Manager of the Athletic Department, Paul Ienkins, carries a large re- sponsibility in the sports curriculum of Northeast High School. Acting in this capacity, he coordinates the entire athletic program. All coaches are under his supervision and he must see to it that they carry out their duties. Also, Mr. Ienkins does most of the clerical Work neces- sary, thus leaving the coaches more time to train our fine Viking teams. Too, he serves as the public relations person for the department with parents and the com- munity. Mr. Jenkins, who earned his B.A. at the University of Kentucky and his M.A. at Indiana University, has had an extensive sports career himself. In college he played and coached football and basketball, and was all-American While on the University of Kentucky Basket- ball Team. Since that time he has coached for a total of twenty-six years in Kentucky, Ohio, and Florida. Mr. jenkins has been at Northeast since the school was established ten years ago. TCS Ken Olivicri escorts fleet Vikc halfhtack clown the sideline. 1' as w L-rm ,, . , 4 f 'im I Fred XViclener receives medical attention after a field mishap Freshmen Prepare for High School Debut f-,., v,-,f , Mika , W get ,ik A' t fwiirfl-if . , 98.1-1 ... CJ N FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM, FIRST ROVV: Steve Unger, Tom Stovall, Steve Horning, Larry Chandler, Tom Allison, Bill Harkey, Ronnie Reid, Mike Miller. Harry Thomas, manager, Bryan Hamilton. SECOND ROWV: Steve Cihson, Hank jackson, Bob Howe, joe Greco, Hugh Lee, Chet Cauger, Charlie Watts, Steve XVinters, jim Hollingsworth, Eric XVinters, Andy Sear- lJO1'OUQ,l'l, joe Blish, Mike Champley. THIRD ROYV: Don Davis, Rodney Schaefer, Dave McNeal, jim XVinters, Mike Miller, joe Kelley, Tom Taylor, Greg Meyer, Cary Trangas, Steve Ritch, Marty Cilkes, Boh Flack, Coach Hataway, Coach Cook. 229 Viking Cagers Exhibit Ability, Spirit, M. Q23 KNEELING: -lody Bartlett, Coach Benjamin, Fran Bourdeau. STANDING: Bruce Hamilton, Dan Topping, Larry Holly, Lee From early December to the end of February, basketball dominated thc sports scene at Northeast. This yearis team, under the direction of Coach Lee Benjamin, overcame its height disadvantage to post a successful record of 10 Wins and 8 losses in conference games. Team members began work early in the year, tak- ing part in intramurals before official practice began. Then, after football team members had a chance to try out, the final twelve members of the basketball team Were chosen. The team faced opponents from other high schools in the Pinellas County Conference. In addition to the regular games, the Viking team participated in the Christmas and District Tournaments and played an ex- tra game against Florida High School from Tallahassee. Ability, spirit, and hustle Were outstanding char- acteristics of Viking play this year. These factors com- bined to make a successful year for the NcIIi basketball team. 230 Granger, Tom Price, Tom Bell, Bill Bond. MISSING: jim Murphy. Coach Benjamin and team members follow action from the bench in a close game. Hustle, Accomplish Fine Cuarcl Fran Bonrclcau clrivcs in for a lay-np against Tarpon Springs. Flying Tom Br-Il hooks it in for two more- points. Showing Dm-oinlucr' January February 6 Boca Civga 10 Clearwater 13 Tarpon Springs 17 Seminolc' 20 Largo 26-28 Cliristinas Tonrnaniont 7 Dnnoclin 10 St. Pctcrslinrg 14 Dixiv llollins 17 Bisliop Barry 24 Boca Cicga 25 Florida Hi gli 28 Clearwater 31 Tarpon Springs 4 Seminole 7 Largo 11 Duncclin 14 St. Petersburg 18 Dixie Hollins 21 Bishop Barry 27-29 District Tournament Dixie Hollins fincls Vikc lim Xlnrpliy liarcl to stop 231 Managers, Team Work Hard Fran BOlll'Cl6'1ll,S sparkling floor performance contributes reat- . . . . g ly to Viking effort, MANAGERS: -lim Anderson and Eli Arts. a 15" 2 2 W 6 A Loose ball creates problem for Tom Bell and Don Kelly. 232 Bill Bond exhibits determination and hustle which marked Viking play this season. for a Winning Season ff! CAPTAINS: Tom Bell and Loc Granger. 'Stretchu Murphy puts in a rebound for Northeast. Luc Granger puts in two more for Northeast in a close St. Pete game-. Lev Granger and Tom Price battle with Barons for 21 rebound. Fighting Vikes in Action Twin B4-ll iumps high to put the ball up for a two-point hifi. Sophomorc- Dun Topping finds that handling that slippery ball isnit easy. Northeastis Lee Granger manages to get off il shot amidst a host of Dunedin Cagers, uqf x han... Tom Pricv snzlrcs il rchouncl and gets rmrzicly to shoot. 234 -QV rf. n L JUNIOR VARSITY, KNEELING: Coach George Efthemes, Charlie Davis, Fred Feaster, Torn Steinberg, Jim Hanneman, Dale Seitz. STANDING: Steve Henneka, Tom Broundstetter, Steve Adams, Bryant Smith, Glen Drier, Dave Ierry, Frank Sctzer, Frank Adams, john Domeier. J. V. Basketball Team Has Successful Year Northeast students are proud of the junior Varsity Basketball Team, which this year produced its out- standing record of fifteen Wins and only three losses. These satisfying results are to be accredited to hard- Working coach, Mr. Efthemes, and all the boys on the team. The efforts of this team not only make a fine show- ing but also promise a good season for the varsity team of next year. NVith the combination of talent and experience of the players on the I.V., the up-coming varsity already has a fine start. Northeast students salute the junior Varsity Team with such able members as Tom Steinberg, Charlie Davis, Fred Feaster, Dale Seitz, and Glen Drier, the fine coach, and the teamis admirable accomplishments. jayvee coach George Efthemes relaxes after a real 'ihardv practice session. nr' QM-v 'N 'l Track Team Excels in Various Areas TRACK TEAM, FIRST ROW: Corey Coughlin, Bob Schlum- berger. john Van De Steeg, Clyde Rodgers, Creg Comnes, Richard Critz, David Luce, David Van Leween, Herb De Croat, Greg Moore. SECOND ROW: Robert Saul, Ken Richards,1im Montgomery, Pat Kelley, Randy Morrison, Tom Bell, Bill Bond, This year's Viking Track Team successfully met the challenge of a full and strenuous schedule. Among the many areas included in track are dashes, relays, high jumping, broad jumping, pole vaulting, and discus throw- ing. Each team member trains and competes in the area for which his special talents are best suited. To build speed and stamina, members of the team took part in isometric exercises. These, together with wind sprints and work on the fundamentals, constituted the major part of the teamis training. After such vigorous workouts the team was ready to meet its opponents from other high schools. In addition to the regular meets, Viking team members participated in the city, conference, group, and state meets in April and May. 236 Jgrlflf Roger Bowers, Mike Adamson, Kevin Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Coach Carl Adams, Ed Burns, Tom Driver, Loren Kelley, Sam Curin, Richard Cwark, Jim Bailey, Roy Aiken, Ron Reed, Kent Worrall, Eakes, Stan Higgenbotham, Coach Kim Alsop. Northeastis Roger Bowers makes his landing while practicing for the broad jump. 3? Y ' P in J , - '- V " ' 4' Y' aa, 0, W, fa fr K VM' 7,,,.fw,fCfs, K . va L, r 'iq j ' 1 '15, 1 1 -.. 4 554- A rg, -gi 1 ..,. ,af . 5 S.. L , .,, J, K, A A 1 ,E .,,......A Wd... -f .rf-f 'Fi if ' 2 -. . r.,.girIE'.-5 'lfriiah Ur, - 4 . r Y A A, f Q53 W ' Q K , ,,,.,, 5 - . A i. ' S.M2i..Lv K . fvzii - . it 1 t x ' J hi 'WJ f- V f - X 1 .. -i df -it J , 4 - r ww , . rl 11,31 ' f Qxftzxiff wwivi, Q' 7 , .ef-if ff" .ri ' ff, 4 eu-3-w g?-' 9 33,1 '-'f -, ,ff W . N Av I A W ,L K ., -Nf- Q -- , .w , -.,.,,w,g' , 4 xanga grwe' , ..-Qt iY ?,3W"' f-Q '.vE:r:iQffYf'RSM .t K it ' - wma .f M 1 1 I z N..- K , -x..,.,. ,M A ' ' , M" ,. A ,.r.....- ...J -.-M, A ' 'A 'X 7 'ww-ewkew-vga The preparation for ll meet involves a lot of hard work shown he-rc by track performers. Vike track coach Kim Alsop wears a friendly smile not seen too often hy NeHi cinclermen. Trackmen Prepare for First Meef Y ui f 'Xi if 3 .r,,,fi,5, "- ftqi. lil m r, x Sprintvrs lfcl Burns :incl Roger Bowers exhihit excellent form :is they negotiate the low liurrlles. . . 1, M 1 , fi :Y t W MQMAQ , i .. wr ,K ,gi -2 ' 'mf' , . ef " 'PQ' Q ,Q 'lu Q ' ff 0' N' W 7 Coach Carl Adams ponders over Northeasfs chances for the coming season. Kim McDill puts in some time working with the Weights. Viking Track Team Builds up Strength, Managerial duties of the track team are Stan Higgenbotham and Jim Anderson. 238 Dick Critz puts the shot as weight-man Greg Comnes checks for form. handled by managers if - 4 my !f' , : , 1 . Msfifiiiflii rf- - i Bill Bond goes through a "dry run" in preparing for competition in the high jump. NeHi's jim Bailey displays a good follow- through as he throws the discus. Endurance Through lsomefrics, Work-Outs February March April May 28 6 13 20 26 28 2 7 10 17 24 2 9 Bishop Barry, Dixie Hollins Dunedin, Bishop Barry Seminole, Dixie Hollins Rutledge Relays Geneva Relays Florida Relays West Coast Meet Fun and Sun Relays Largo Invitational City Meet Conference Meet Croup Meet State Meet junior Tom Bell "explodes" out of the starting blocks in an effort to improve 100-yard dash times. 239 Viking Swimmers Compile Outstanding Mr. Allen and Miss Freemen seem happy about the swim teamls prospects for the coming season. The 1964 Viking Swimming Team, under the direc- tion of Coaches Barbara Freeman and Ned Allen, made full use of the advantage of having a pool at Northeast in completing another successful year. To build up endurance and strength, the squad did various exercises, including Warm-ups, stretches, iso- metrics, and push-ups. In order to improve their skills, team members trained for long hours in all sorts of Weather. The Northeast team competed against teams from other area high schools in the six categories: back- stroke, breast-stroke, butterfly stroke, freestyle, medley, and diving. The strength and talent of both girls, and boys, teams enabled them to make an excellent showing at the city, conference, regional, and state meets, as well as in the regular meets. GIRLS SVVIM TEAM, FIRST ROVV: Stephanie Taylor, Penny Hines, june Musser, Sandy Justice, Ros- anne Layficld. SECOND ROXV: Carolyn Sharples, Kzthy Cay, Carol Lee Kingan, Ann McDaniels, Roxan- na Rhodes. THIRD ROWV: Chris Caygi, Cathy Coleman, Mary Hunt, Brenda Ball, Donna Seitz, Sandy Backus. 240 Records in Various Areas of Competition BOYS SWIM TEAM, FIRST ROW: Steve Ellemian, Don Tiesler, jim Ferguson, John Edwards, Barry Stewart, Ken Potts, Bruce Bob Micklish, Bob Van De Steeg, Bob Ferguson, Bill Swanson, Davidson. THIRD ROW: Bill Duckwall, Richard Sneed, Bill Butch Ringlespaugh. SECOND ROW: Vic Daniels, Lee Saffer, Buechner, Alan Reeger, Cordon Salisbury, Bill Green, Paul Lucia. Girls swim team managers Pat Quinn and Roberta Caygi find just enough spare time to do a little studying. A, 'Est il MW I fi Diver Bob Van De Steeg makes his entry into the water following a spring off of the high dive. 241 Northeast Pool Provides Swimming Team February 28 March 6 13 20 24 26 April 3 8 10 Boys team manager Howard Curd relaxes before practice. 17 24 May 1-2 8-9 Clearwater St. Petersburg Sarasota Dixie Hollins Riverview Boca Ciega Seminole Fun and Sun Largo City Meet Conference Meet Regional Meet State Meet Swimmer Vic Daniels puts in a few practice laps in the butterfly stroke. With Opportunity to Imp Chris Gaygi reaches out for a little extra speed in the back-stroke. Back-stroker Alan Reeger churns the water while preparing for the first meet. rove Skills CAPTAINS: Roxanna Rhodes, Keith Ringlespaugh, Cordon Sal- isbury, Kathy Coleman. w i w 1 Bill Duckwall and Bruce Davidson "clown" a bit during a leisure moment. 243 Hard Practice, Determination Produce ,K r N Y x sw,-,K ..,,... . S f-v-mmm? Gary Scopes demonstrates good form for sewing during a practice session. 244 Keen competition and deserved victories were high- lights of the 1964 tennis season at Northeast. Each member of the two NeHi teams, boys, and girlsi, dedi- cated himself to high standards of skill and sportsman- ship. Under the guidance of Coaches Phillips and Ben- jamin, the two teams had another successful year. The experience of the returning lettermen and the ambition of the novices were combined in this yearis teams. Daily sessions of hard practice were instrumental in developing the skills to meet the stiff competition of such city and conference rivals as St. Pete. The abilities and determination of the team members enabled them to place well in doubles competition, as well as in singles matches. Lf. J Joyce Mac Farland, Pat Ferguson, Joy Newton, Coach Margaret Phillips, Carol Newman, Barbara Shank. A .4 KNEELINC: Ginny Dupuis, Diane Frisbie. STANDING: Leidia Merhige, Malene Fagg, Ian Critz, Mary Domeier, Elizabeth Elliot. 4 Outstanding Year for NEHI Netters BOYS TENNIS TEAM: Gil Shamas, Richard Schwartz, Dave Lambrecht, Steve Hansel, Gary Scopes. 74,4 R xt, 'xx XA Ry x 1 S, S 1 if S ' Q-: 'LT f Pat Ferguson receives a few helpful hints about her back-hand from coach Margaret Phillips. Netter Gil Shamas puts just a little bit of extra effort into this serve in an effort to perfect it. 245 MW Talent, Determination, and Sportsmanship if EZ- F 1:5 iii Q 5 E Q: BASEBALL TEAM, FIRST BOXV: Vaughn McCarthy, Dean Saggitt, Jim Zuffel, Ed Gwark, Ken Vanderpool, SECOND ROXV: Fred NVidener, George Mitcheson, Barry Lazzeroni, Bruce Boyle, Bob Nelle. THIRD ROW: Manager Frank Adams, Bill Huguet, Lee Granger, Bill Kiely, Larry Holly, Bill Cuiney, Coach Tom Zachary, Coach John Ash. IF' Coach Tom Zachary takes time out for a little rest before starting a long practice. 246 The 1964 season began for the Viking baseball team early in the second semester with practice sessions lead- ing up to the first game in March. After working on its strong and weak points throughout the spring, the team was at the peak of its ability as the playing season arrived. This yearls team capably met the challenge presented by Northeast's record of excellence in past years. The Viking baseball squad excelled in fielding as well as in hitting. The skills developed in practice en- abled the team to score important victories over city and conference rivals. Talent, determination, and sports- manship made this year's team a success. Coach John Ash will add new depth to the NeHi coaching staff this year. Foundation of Success in Baseball March April May 3 6 10 12 17 19 24 26 31 2 7 9 14 16 21 23-25 30 1 8 14-15 1 5 1 Y,- A new addition to the Northeast coaching staff, Mr. Miner. Largo St. Petersburg Dixie Hollins Boca Ciega Seminole Bishop Barry St. Petersburg Largo Dunedin Dixie Hollins Tarpon Springs Boca Ciega Bishop Barry Seminole Clearwater Sub-Group Group Group Regional State Bob Nelle slams the ball for another Northeast home run. Bill Huguet works to perfect the double play Third to second to first. Barry Lazzeroni catches a foul ball for the third out. Perfecfecl Skills Lead fo Many Wins Pitcher Larry Holly warms up before a game. Ground balls are no problem for Peach Mitcheson. Golf Team Works Hard, Has Good Results l LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW, Bill Davis, Jim Rose, Mark Kates, jim Young, Tom Baynard. BACK ROW: Coach Toy Jones, Henry Clancy, Ion Alcott, Tim Hailey, Pete Watts. The golf season began for the Viking team early in the second semester, The team members practiced each day for about three hours at the Lakewood Country Club. Each week four members qualified to play in the next match against opponents from an area high school. Through the efforts of past teams, Northeast has become known for its talent and determination. The 1964 Viking team was no exception. The keen judgment and definite skill developed through long hours of prac- tice made this year,s Viking golf team another in a long line of successful Northeast teams. Tom Baynard exhibits fine form while teeing Coach Jones gives T OID 3. V ,MAL wil X 3 1 it off. --4 F E, Baynard points on putting. ' 3 K ,mf Nfr, t rw of -,ia If if ' gi J x Ts? Q ,H K I . 15 lv A 1, fr 4 51 '1 ft '. ....,,,,.Wm W I S. S. NEHI 1964 FEATURES 'S Fiji ,nf-L: smug 3'Nm?.CugK .f 5 w, T ff' L' .gk New Wing for The Wing nears completion. v , me .. Final touch, the books are put into place. 1 XA 'N A ,5 New lab equipment is moved in, soon to be used by science students. NEHI in 1964 The new wing, which all Northeast students are so proud of, is the outgrowth of a space problem which began two years ago. In addition to having too few classrooms, our library was insufficient. In order to meet the requirement of five books for every one student, it needed more room and a downstairs location since no more weight could be supported in the upstairs room. Because of these needs, plans were begun for the ad- dition to the building, and actual construction was started during the summer of 1963. The wing, completed in January of this year, houses seven rooms and the library, all of which are air-con- ditionally controlled and have indirect lighting. Each of the three chemistry labs, the two biology labs, and the reading room holds 24 students, and the language lab holds 30. The library accommodates 200 students and is designed for 20,000 books. The wing cost 3228,652, with 8195.000 of that sum being paid by State Board of Education bonds and the remainder being paid by local taxes. The building not only serves our needs but also is a beautiful asset to our campus. New lab is checked by Mr. Sexton and Mr. Raymond. The library is ready for business 253 5.5. NEHI E E 1964 ADVERTISEMENTS . -,J gpm 1' " - " mmamff " FOR S LE high f ff' Qxiw vi A L' QI 5 fig JUNIOR CIVITAN SERVICE TOM DAVIS .......... VIC DANIELS ......... GEORGE MITCHESON ,. EARNEST GARNER . . . CLUB Presiclenf .. Vice-President . . . Secreiary . . . Treasurer el' G90 999 7525859 Ronnie Johnson Sieve Moyes Jim Schauweker Bob Borucki Bruce Hamilton Bob Samson Corey Coughlin Joe Spriggs Reese Messler Sieve Wheeler Bob Gonser Jim Swan As your Annual Photographers, we at BRYN-ALAN talce great pride in having served you on tlwis, one ot lite's most memorable occasions, Your Graduation. BRYN-ALAN STUDIO "Finest in Portroits Since l936" Additional Prints May Be Ordered 2729 Central Ave. From Your Annual Poses PHONE 862-59lO Weddings Portraits Commercial Curiosity + knowledge + pu r pos e : P YO Q I' E S S Today's students can make progress in tomorrow's world if their purpose is to gain knowledge so that they may satisfy their curiosity. GENERAL ELECTRIC X-RAY DEPARTMENT PINELLAS PENINSUL A PLANT OPERATION HA STATE FARM FlRST" GOOD STUDENTS GET 20'M: DISCOUNT STATE FARM INSURANCE L JOE WORNICKI, JR., Agent Auto - Life - Fire and Casualty 4599 Park Boulevard No. Pinellas Park, Florida Phone: 544-1431 WORLD'S LARGEST AUTO INSURER i 8 r SALUTE TO THE GRADUATES Hood's Dairy, serving Suncoast scholars for three generations, extends best wishes for good health and success in the challenging years ahead. H O O D ' S THE SUNCOAST'S FINEST DAIRY ill I PICTURE FRAMING by V O L P E - DISTINCTIVE CUSTOM FRAMING WIDE PRICE RANGE FRAMES PRINTS MATS ORIGINALS WALL DECOR MIRRORS MYLAR LAMINATING PICTURES CLEANED -- RESTORED GOLD LEAFING 898-4540 1916 CENTRAL AVENUE THE FLOWER MART Flowers For All Occasions Phones 862-3281 - 828-3912 I ql- ,I I -s'8 g c E PHONE ee e 59 - 14 " f, ffgilagiy Rucf ATTERS "..' if v "f""i""M M. I N C. - mil 4 I " REGISTERED JEWELERS 7 I' 'I ' 7 AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY "' 'i Dimonus-Gems - SILVER -WATCHES NO: HO, you Speak to U5 NEXT Weekl 434- Central Avenue ST.PatzrSbur9.l:lOrIda CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OUR FIRST CONSIDERATIO For Home Delivery Yellow Cab Co., Inc. DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 862-8151 All Cabs Equipped With Meters and 2-Way Radios WIDERE AND SMITH SERVICE 921 ard street soufh 862-7777 Printers Since 1923 325 1st Avenue South Phone 862-4577 W K cl Phone 894-3069 JOE PERSQN e 0 CSimpson's Jewelryy g DEALING IN RARE COINS Ci Also Complete Stock of Supplies Jai, 658 Central Avenue - 7-2375 entire wear family cocktail gifts casual 'eWe"Y fam' THE BARREL DRIVE-IN SPOVIS Consignment Shoppe N h Bobble Kuykendall 2710 ' 4th Sweet Norlh Alwa4c:,lStl:6llI:a SI6eEhd fdln Date Proprietor St. Petersburg, Florida Y P Y CAQQQ QQ 207 First Street North Ph - St. Petersburg, Florida one 824 0772 Qaafzlions SACINO and SONS TAILORING 624 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 862-1830 Those girls play rough! P T I DJ 'Lf ARTHA HAYES . . . NANCY BARCLEY . . SANDY LESTER .... COLLY DEVINE .... SUE VOELK ..... KATHY COOK ..... KAREN WATKINS . . JANIE LEE WILLSON .. -MISS SERVICE CLUB President . . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . , . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . . . . . . Parliamentarian . . . . .. Historian . . .. Chaplain i L 'T M ls or it llfjjf C '?NA1N Carol Bowden Lynn Casey Cheryl Crabb A Jo Gustavson Judie Herr Christine Hollingsworth Mary Ellen Jackson Linda Lewis Darian Walker Jane MacDuffv Linda Martin Pat Muar Jeanne O'Brien Becky Rice Barbara Rossi Marcia Smith Daphne Spraggins I- V K g "XX I I I I I A X - 1, ff' we I w .N If 1 , Z, er H i- F is SORENO HOTEL IIO Beach Drive One of St Petersburg's Finest Hotels SUN HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 3125 34tI1 Street North Phone 526-9086 Churn that butter! red Carpet decade of 'L ' .4 .5 i- J .' W "JJ 'C . A Wd' SGPVICS if ,. f 3 - f lO Time has a strange habit of slipping away. Todays soon become yesterdays while weeks melt into months and months fade into years. Looking back, it is difficult to realize that a decade separates the present from the time that Citizens National Bank was chartered. They have been exciting years , . . filled with a constant series of events that have marked the spectacular growth of our wonderful St. Petersburg area. They have been memorable years warmed by the recollection of a long line of friendly faces. They have been good years during which your bank grew and prospered. They have been rewarding years, not to be evaluated in terms of dollars and cents, but by the faith and trust you have placed in us by your acceptance . . . pwmwedayapfmfa off central ave at 31st st. I st. petersburg, florida SFRWCE.-E NATIONAL 'T O C efawwzs e e e system - federal deposit insurance corporation Blxlu 'C W VVhatevcr you say, Coach. THE SAND DOLLAR RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 2401 34th Street South BANQUETS AND PARTIES JOHN V. DAHLBERG, General Manager Telephone 862-2121 ENJOY YOURSELF YOU cfm" See 'I But It's There Z IN YOUR CAR A-1 Auto SGISSI - Mac! Reputation For 'C AT FAIR DEALING! . H 'R ' 898-3156 or . N Ol.SON'S DRIVE IN 898-3157 E E L 1 d E- R 2500 4th sneer North 221,61 e A U T0 . 5 A l E 5 Central Avenue CHENILLE 8. CARPET MONTGQMERY-WARD HOUSE, INC. 4501 34th Street North Phone 526-9001 ST. PETERSBURG'S MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE 101 34th Street North Phone 898-2171 WHAT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE? MAKE YOURS BEAUTY CULTURE . . . GULFPORT Hairdressing Academy offers a thorough course. Competent faculty. Day, or part-time classes. Male or female students, 16 years of age and over. Moderate tuition. Terms arranged. GULFPORT ACADEMY OF BEAUTY CULTURE 4924 22nd Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 345-4435 FRANK MEDIAVILLA, Director if , Sure you have tl headache, jan, hut dont take it out on Reggie. Please send me your free brochure. I THE BOND eq, DINING ROOM Banquet Facilities s . hu vw. , -X--. , . sX , QE ' ,, 5 Open AII Yr. ' I V q Parking Lot - - 4th Ave. 81 2nd St. No. H vbrv , 4- , I. Q A 1 is 'tr X ' 4 U I Ii' -Q PI X It X nl . " gh 5 Q' f N C Li ' 4, X 'VL ll g , - t--I .ly .. A , Motor Entr. D . E 3-, ',. ...I V' I ... Luk 5 H - 4, ,, QV.::Eii:?:1::::553.2.35 .',.. 15.1.5 ..-. i O, A jig yff f l JI' X . PONCE DE LEON II 1fm ,f,li 'f.-E YEAR AROUND Im ,mftgigf ff DOWNTOWN E -E Ilffjltr. WATERFRONT w I , .. COFFEE SHOP N I .LB II rn w mi 4.1. Sam F. Bond - '12k?:,Tg,f li 862-7887 U ,E IQSEE-jp-. 95 Central Ave. VJ A I Q f' s PENNSYLVANIA X. I MOTOR ENTRANCE EUROPEAN PLAN SOCIAL PROGRAM DINING ROOM Ein Fountain - Copktail Lounge 'I Open Oct. to May 'figfgfq .L if W I 862-7753 A ,CRJIEL soo .uh sf. No. In Q I f ww 1 igIII?.FlI. I E ' Eli Hu . or It tl lla! 5 .1 Qilgggfg Xi i Coffee Shop - ,ff my - ,, 1.30 yd 9- L. "mu 1,5 4. .,.,g'E'I ' -.E 'a E 'V F-1 1 , 1 5 V 'N' Xiig-7i4xj'Il g. , MH , 'I 19E,,g,f5 H . .' YHI. E ,J I III AV fi' ' , .. Relax, Kathy, you only have 300 pages for tomorrow. HILLSIDE SUNDRIES Opposite Nehi Before and After School Treats School Supplies and Post Office GULLETT'S DRUG STORE DRUGS - SODAS - SUNDRIES Prescriptions Carefully Compounded 5705 Haines Road North Phone 526-9036 BORDEN'S DAIRY "If lt's Borden's, It's Got To Be Good" Phone 862-4145 ROBINSON INSURANCE AGENCY 3113 Central Avenue Phone 862-2148 COAST BEVERAGES, INC. 5908 Fifth Avenue North St. Petersburg 10, Florida GEO. J. LAMBRECHT, REALTOR Real Estate - Insurance - Mortgage Loans CReliable Service Since 19341 1126 Central Avenue 862-1157 or 894-3220 MARY JANE'S iFormerly MODERNE, Same Ownershipl Next to WOLFIES Central Plaza SOFT WATER LAUNDRY, INC. AND SANITONE DRY CLEANERS Phone 862-4131 - 862 1134 515 22nd Street South Sportswear and Campus Fashions ,E I I,-, 'raft Vi1lag..9i SOUTHERN Touns, INC. 'P F I 7 E A Chartered Buses to Anywhere in Florida 4 J 2710 MII SIreeI Norlh 100 Fourth Street South - Telephone 896-2655 , I - - .-r 4... SNELL ISLE HAIR STYLISTS 1335 Snell Isle Blvd. EXPERT HAIRCUTTING QUALITY PERMANENTS SMART COIFFURES "OK" AUTO SALES 34th Street and Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida Youire not singing along hack there. f A' S + gf . I 13 Q .5 -L. : - S J V- 1f.- f A. 5 Q ., xx XX, jf ' K. 1 NX T ii ., A, ,fy ' ' ,ff Til XTX- x 5 'f X' X if f ,ff " X! X 53? s . ,ff Nwwf- X X. D' . X , i .735 T I L ,i xi X w 546'-' ' ' fisfgiii Q' ' -" l . 'y If 1 u-- f "-an DOWNTOWN CENTRAL AT FOURTH NORTHWEST BOO-49TH ST. NO. ST. PETERSBURG BEACH 400 COREY AVE. PINELLAS PARK som PARK BLVD. MADEIRA 7IO E. WELCH CSWY, Ilene ONE OF AMERICAS LARGEST 1 1 A Unxted States Charter Number 3 Resources Exceed a. Quarter Billion Dollars Heres me Qporf Cdfd ffzafs afways '71+" ' D 95 f N , . Q L "ST. PETE" FEDERAL A FAMILY SAVINGS AND MORTGAGE CENTER SINCE 1935 Central Avenue at 6th Street FREE PARKING WEBB'S CITY The WorId's Most Unusual Drug Store Tell ya what I'm gonna do . . . Bus. Phone 862-7146 "In Business for Fun" WILSON SPORT STORE SPORTING GOODS - SPORTSWEAR 117 9th St., North St. Petersburg, Fla. J. R. CJERRY1 MOOREFIELD TUSSEY'S DRUG STORE 1131 4th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida SPAULDING DRUG STORE 16th Street at 38th Avenue North Phone HE 6-2555 Phones 894-9863 - 894-7028 MOOCK'S TAVERN GOOD FOOD J. GERTRUDE MOOCK ERVEN J. MOOCK 709 16th Street North St. Petersburg, Fla. Next Trip Use BARRACUDA BRAND Fishing Tackle FLORIDA FISHING TACKLE MFG. CO., INC. St. Petersburg, Florida GULF LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 631 4th Street North P. O. Box 263 862-4735 - 829-8432 CAPRI AUTO INTERIORS Seat Covers - Tops - Original Materials - Custo McMILLAN PHARMACY, INC. m Interiors , 525-9613 3001 Sixteenth Street, North 2727 38th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida COUNTRY CUPBOARD RESTAURANT fFormerly WINN'SD 628 4th Street North One of St. Petersburg's Busiest and Most Popular Restaurants - Serving Three Meals Daily Flowers For All Occasions LENTZ FLORIST 1210-1214 9th Street North Phone 892-6321 COLONIAL MEAT PACKING CORP. 2700 22nd Street North St. Pete 894-3185 WX2254 drive in Io FREE on s Wil' For SAFE Holiday have, 4 ' I 9 AFETV CHEQ Iflf We will now leam the McCarthy Flop. JUNIOR EXCHANGE SERVICE CLUB JIM BURNETT ......................................... President BOB HOCHSTADT . . . JODY BARTLETT . . . MARK KATES . . . . . . Vice President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Lee Granger Howard Curd Thomas Miller Doug Lamb Robert Moody Bruce Stiles David Watts Bill Buechner Robert Reed Steve Watson Gordon Salisbury Ken Oliveri Sid Miner Ernie Moore Jerry Conner Larry Salts Marshall Ogletree Fred Kokemore Randy Morrison Robin Swift WILSEY AUTO SERVICE, INC. 3001 9th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida Phones: 821-2461 - 894-3203 PUBLIX SUPER MARKETS "Where Shopping ls A Pleasure" There Is One Near You For Your Convenience and Shopping Pleasure- In St. Petersburg- 1720 16th St. No. 7701 9th St. No. 3340 1st Ave. So. 1,-l 4350 6th St. So. 890 49th St. No. 200 37th Ave. No 3501 49th St. No. 2375 34th St. So. Other Locations 662 East Welch Causeway -Madeira Beach 6850 Gulfport Blvd. - Pasadena 7580 49th St. No. - Pinellas Park X 1 'Q ' U ,X Q - , . - ,ly xx ,dfx 1 Q, . .lf "vi X I Q- 15 1 1 f Q , if rx v 1' M75 ,Af X? Y, IV' X XA R K 1 1 K 'r' I xi' ,INV 11 I ,126 Al 1' 1 f 1 " 2 ,fig . ,E 3 C L1 I A ff! i " X ' I W '11 X.. 5 af' xx , H, x , X X yu LJ! H l 1' 1 1 f '1 1 I 1 1 ii ' I ? X 1 O f 1 X V ll 1' A 0 li X Sofia ff' f I , . ' 1 1 It is happily and kindly provided that in every life there are Certain pauses, and interruptions which force consideration upon the careless, and seriousness upon the lightg points of time Where one course of action ends and another begins. - Samuel johnson We wish you the best of everything in your new "course of aetionf, , ,1 '7Z9'Po:mmh7DweA9f FLORIDA PowER CORPORATION YOUR TAX-PAYING XNVESTOR-OWNED frfcmfc COMPANY I fi ffgzleegll eg: , 1 Qafizgfsgizegwfli "T K , ' egveyffgzzsqesgz-. ' GREMDSI DAIRIES 4711 34th Street North VISITORS ARE WELCOME St. Petersburg Printing Co., Inc. LETTERPRESS - OFFSET 118 18th Street South Telephone 862-4177 St. Petersburg, Florida EARL R. LAMB Specializing in Commercial and Industrial Construction 3029 Lown Street North Phones HE 6-1373 HE 5-6535 I can't go this long without something t . lr3A I'm on the Committee for Lunchroom Behavior. JOHN S. RHODES, INC. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 4th Street and Seventh Avenue North and 49th Street and 9th Avenue North AMBULANCE PHONE 862-5155 Awkfjl Serving You - ST. PETERSBURG AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION ADCOCK BUICK COMPANY ALAN PETERSON MOTORS BERT SMITH OLDSMOBILE, INC. BILL W BRO N MOTORS BRITISH AND CONTINENTAL MOTORS, INC. BROWN - RAMBLER MOTOR CO. DEW MOTORS DICK WINNING, INC. GRANT MOTORS NICHOLS BROTHERS RINGER MOTORS R. J. O'BRIEN MOTORS, INC. ROSS CHEVROLET SCARRITT MOTORS STEWART JONES MOTORS WALDRON PONTIAC WALKER FORD CO., INC. ST. PETERSBURG BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 716 9th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida Phone 525-2137 ANEQFUINITUIIIM, ' if 5 r'-Qfvtt-N 1 4: N 1 r1E':qL "f , X-f gf kkxxy ' '-'- TZ?-IEXxX:x'i m 71, yQlz,Mk2l1.,. vit. -1 ff qw 4f,,.q1i1i 1 NM 9313527 fp.. 1. Lk' -' A f 'f " ' '-"' KAN E'S kwnwkc 4501 34th Street North U.S. Highway I9 Coach Fischer, what,s our next play? BROTHERS St. Petersburg's Great Store MEN'S WEAR 469 2ncl Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida Telephone 862-3986 INVITES YOU! Amouse!! gl X71 7-H - N, e er B 1 I A Wllh ennetts nsurance gency mt no M ,X , I K -F X X l 1 ,ge myoy f Qlie 633 ist Street South ? Tk3'gf Y A figl l DRINK St. Peterburg, Florida ' ,QQ 'C sr. SillEri3'ii6iiiimE'oi5i'fE5iioii5iiiiNis co. - YouR BANK or X ma A A- FRIENDLY sERvicE Modern and Traditional Clothing for Gentlemen 300 Central Avenue UNION TRUST CO. Central at Ninth BIFF BU Biff Burger No. 19 3065 34th Street North RGERS MILK SHAKES FRENCH FRIES FAST, FRESH and GOOD 2 lli Down the Yellow Brick Road. W. Duckwall 2nd V.-Pres. J. Thompson Corr. Sec. my if R. Hayes "if B. Lazzeroni rv-lf? in .M . Q .. H., 'fi-. if W S f - 'X M T Mr. VVilson Sponsor ""V V ! H V. McCarthy B. Bond President lst V.-Pres. rs . 4 I 4 1 wr S. Wilson Rec. Sec. T. Bell Treas. I. jackson D. Myers K. Ringelspaugh A. Thomas R. Tiede G. Martini PATRON ADS ADAH J. PYLKAS ANN AND GORDON B 8. B ELECTRIC MOTOR SHOP BECKY BOND BREWER'S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION DR. AND MRS. L. H. DOMEIER EUGENE R. PONESSA FOUR JUNIOR GIRLS GULF CITIES GAS CORP. MISS BALASO'S HOMEROOM YVONNE MCKEITHEN MRS. LEO C. TRAYLOR MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS BURTON BURKE EMMETT HOOD, SR. LESTER J. HOOD FRANCIS TETREAULT PAULINE BROUILLARD SCARLET MAJORETTES SCARLET SYMPHONIC BAND SNELL ISLE HAIR STYLIST THE MIXED CHORUS -SENIORS A Acquaviva, Maria 170 Allen, Margaret 151 Amold, Carol 163 Arts, Ely 186 B Baer, Dana 149,151 Barclay, Reggie 149,151,159,217,2i7 Bames, Keith 155 Bartlett, Joseph 152,230 Bear, Carol 169,170 Blake, Donna 174,211 Bond, Rebecca 15,162,163,209,213 Borucki, Robert 155,186 Bowden, Carol 160,161 Boywer, Bruce 193 Buechner, VVilliam 151,153 Burke, Robert 187,211 Burnett, James 152 Burnett, Sandra 150 Busehena, Amold 176 C Campbell, David 155 Campbell, Donna 202,203,204 Carroll, James 193 Casey, Marilyn 161 Cates, Margie 151 Cochran, Edward 193 Cook, Vickie 169 D Dawson, Dianne 156 Deschenes, Marie 152 Devico, Susanne 176 Devine, Ann 160,209 Dick, George 176 Drake, Linda 167 Drumm, YVayne 170 Dunkle, Barbara 152 Dupuis, Virginia 211,213 E Eames, Diane 152 F Fagg, Malene 193 Ferguson, Barbara 161 Fincher, Rodney 193 Fish, Jerry 170 Flynn, Nancy 209 Franlaenberg, Don 193 Frisbic, Diane 152 G Gagyi, Roberta 167 Gamer, Earnest 154 Gentry, Carol 166 Goheen, Marsha 141,159,163,216,217 Gonser, Robert 155 Gower, Gail 141.156,216,217 Granger, Lee 209,218,230,233,234 Gresh, Kathleen 141,146,156,209,216 Gresh, Mary 146,152,153,217 Guiney, William 10,187,224,226 Gustavson, Jo 161,175,211 H Halstrom, Patricia 148,150 Hamel, Celetta 169 Hamilton, Bruce 146,147,230 Hayes, Martha 160 Hayes, Robert 165 Heath, Colin 158 Heibner, Eugene 158 Herr, Judith 161 Hinson, Phyllis 163 Hoeppner, Lynn 151 Hoffman, Judith 176 Holmes, VVilliam 158 Holtsclaw. Jovce 176 Howard, Dudley 176 Hughes, Elaine 152 280 Student Directory 1 Jackson, John 165 Jacobs, Ann 146,152,209 Jenkins, Beverly 193 Jessup, Ann 176 Johnson, Ronald 155 Johnson, Betty 169 Jones, John 176,211 K Kelly, Donald 187,232 Kennedy, Jane 166 Keyes, Steve 155 Kirkwood, Joan Kokemohr, Fred 151,153 L Laird, Gretchen 193 Lake, Ann 167,199 Lamb, Douglas 151,153 Lambrecht, David 146,158,159 Laval, Bruce 158 Lazzeroni, Barry 165 Lebue, Normon 170 Lemar, Muriel 169 Leonard, June 141,216,217 Lester, Sandra 160 Lewis, Richard 169 Lights, Cheryl 156,176 Lindsay, Ruth 167 Loeber, Kathleen 166,202,204 Looke, Vicki 156 Lord, Pauline 170 Loughhead, Beth 168 Lucas, Roberta 163,210,212,213 Lussier, Ruth 170 M McAnnincl1, Susan 156,172 McCa11ister, Ardith 170 McCarthy, Vaughn 164,165,186 McCormick, Susan 148,150 McKeithen, Yvonne 156,157 McNeely, Mary Linda 163 MacDuff, Jane 161 Marous, Dona 202,204 Marshall, Deborah 215 Martin, Linda 161,215 Martini, George 165 Merhige, Leidia 152,215 Micklitsh, Bill 158,159 Miller, Thomas 151,153 Mills, Susan 162,209 Miner, Sidney 151,153,187 Minor, Barbara 156 Moon, Aleda 151 Morelti, Richard 193 Morrison, Randy 151,153 Muar, Patricia 161,215 Murphey, Patricia 182 Myers, David 165,212 Myers, Linda 156 N Newell, Marilyn 215 Nilsen, Anders 209,211 Newton, Kent 163 Nousiainen, Betty 148,150,176,215 O O'Brien, Jeanne 161 Olivieri, Kenneth 209,224 Omasta, Donna 198,199 P Pardoll, Peter 158,159,215 Paulson, Denise 149,151 Presley, Adrienne 167 Price, Trudi 156 Puffer, Mary 167,211 Pylkas, Susan 149,193,198,209 O Quandt, Dorsey 158,159,176 R Rice, Rebecca A. 202,204 Rice, Rebecca J. 161 Rigler, Sue 12,153,208,212 Ringlespaugh, Keith 165,241 Rosen, Ronald 215 Rossi, Barbara 161,211,215 Ryon, Dianne 167 S Sackett, Carol 156,202,204,211 Salisbury, Gordon 146,147,151,215 Salts, Larry 151,215 Sawin, Susan 170 Schauweker, James 155 Shamas, Gilbert 164,215 Shea, Daniel 158 Sheheane, Sandra 166,167,193 Shimkus, Patricia 162,211 Smalley, Carol 167,209 Smith, Carolyn 170 Smoot, Janet 163 Sneed, Richard 158,241 Spalty, Edward 158,215 Speary, Sherry 167 Spriggs, James 155 Starrett, Virginia 148,150 Stiles, Bruce 151 Stough, Sidney 169,170 Stovall, John Stromer, Sue 198,199 Swan, James T Taylor, Elizabeth 152 Taylor, Peggy 152 Taylor, Sandra 167,215 Thompson, John 165,174,215 Tiedeman, Connie 152 Tope, Linda 167,198,199 Trabert, Kathleen 163,215 Treadwell, Patricia 156 Tuozzo, Vicki 215 V Voelk, Susan 160,193,215 Vogt, Nancy 153,157,215 Vollertsen XV Walker, Darian 161,209,215 Watts, David 151 Wawrzyniak, Joyce 172 Weiss, Kenneth 193 White, Leah 185,215 Williams, Stephanie 152 Willson, Janie Lee 160,161 Wilson, Brian 193 Wilson, Sidney 163,215 WVindham, Pamela 163,211 VVinter, Susan 218 Wright, Carol 176 Y Yurman, Lynda 163 -JUNIORS A Acevedo, Stephen 107 Achee, Jerry 107 Ackerman, Dixie 107 Adams, Frank 107,186 Adams, Jeffrey 107 Adkins, Bemard 107 Aerts, Roy 107,193 Albrecht, Cheryl 107 Alcott, Roy 107 Alderson, Barbara 107,216,217 Allen, John 107 Allen, Nancy 107 Allen, Richard 107 Allen, Rose 107,149 Allen, Virginia 107 Alstaetter, Roger 107 Anderson, James 107 Anderson, NVarner 107 Archer, Dorothy 107 Artille, Hazel 107 Asay, Cheryl 107 Ater, Karen 107 Atheney, Robert 107 Azarenok, Jill 107,182,216,217 B Bacun, Sterling 107 Baenen, Anthony 107 Bailey, James 107,155 Baker, Norman 107 Baldwin, Dennis 107 Ball, Carol 107 Barcley, Nancy 107,216,217 Barker, Jean 107 Barlow, Richard 107 Baxter, Judith 108 Bayless, Stephen 107 Baynard, Thomas 107 Beasley, Jean 107 Beauchamp, Elizabeth 108 Bechtel, Gay 156 Bell, Linda 108 Bell, Thomas 108,230,231,232,233,236 Bender, Louis 108 Bentayou, Robert 108 Berrett, Robert 108 Berry, John 108 Binkley, Priscilla 108, Bisesti, Orlando 108 Bishop, Susan 108 Bivens, William 108 Blanchard, Donna 108,156,182 Blanchard, Kenneth 108 Boemer, Christine 108 Bond, Catherine 108 Bond, VVilliam 106,108,230 Bordell, Sandra 108 Boros, Roger 108 Bourdeau, Francis 108 Bowers, Roger 108 Bowman, Albert 108 Boyette, Susan 108,152 Bradt, Duane 108 Brady, Carol Ann 108,149 Brand, Douglas 108 Bransom, Laura 108 Bratton, Gloria 108 Brawn, Edwin 108 Brazauskas, Katherine 108 Brewer, Patricia 108 Brewington, Diana 108 Bright, Kandy 108 Brinson, Lee 108 Brooks, Brenda 108,156,157,175 Brooks, Samuel 109 Brown, Jeffrey 109 Brownlee, Ernest 109 Bruce, Linda 109 Brunneman, Auben 109 Bryant, Carlo 109 Buchholz, William 109 Buckley, Charles 109 Burge, Donald 109 Burgess, Susan 109 Burkhalter, Wayne 109 Burns, Bonnie 109 Burns, Brenda 109 Burroughs, Michael 109,186 Burris, Bruce 109 Busch, Richard 109 Bush, Randall 109 Buswell, Judy 109 Buswell, Linda 109 Butler, Henri Ann 109 Butler, Mary 109 Byfield, Karen 109 C Cade, Thomas 109 Cain, Jerewyl 109 Caldwell, Barbara 109,197 Student Directory Cappell, Judith 109 Caraway, Bryant 109 Cardoza, Judith 109,152,216,217 Carmichael, Daniel 109 Carpenter, Mary 109,193 Carter, Daniel 193 Casey, Karla 109 Caton, Connie 109 Chambers, Linda 109,149 Clayton, Sheila 109 Clinkenbeard, Sharon 109 Cloud, Bunny 109,193,199 Cochran, Diane 109,156,182 Coleman, Catherine 110,152 Coleman, Timothy 110 Colson, Joyce 110 Colston, Dawn 110 Comes, Sarah 110 Commean, Victor 110 Conner, Jerry 106,110 Conrey, Claude 110 Cook, Kathleen 110,193 Cook, XVilliam 110 Cooper, Patricia 110,167,193,198,199 Copeland, Larry 110 Coughlin, Corey 110,155,186 Cordes, Catherine 110,156,157 Core, Robert 110 Cotton, Patsy 110 Crabb, Cheryl Ann 110 Craig, Richard 110 Crampton, Bonnie 110 Critz, Richard 110 Crumb, Linda 110 Cunningham, Ann 110 Curd, Howard 110 Curtis, Ronald 110 Cushman, Keith 110 D Damico, Michael 110,218 Daniels, Barbara 110 Daniels, Jeffrey 110 Daniels, Virgil 110,154,186 Davey, Maxine 110 Davidson, Bruce 110 Davis, Tommy 13,110,154,155,187 Davis, Wayne 110 Dawson, Bonnie 110,149 Dawson, James 110 Deacon, Donna 111 Dean, Cynthia 111 Deannin, Judy 111 De Bacco, Diane 111 Debuty, Warren 111 Decker, Earle 111 Degroat, Earle 111 Delacqueseaux, Sue 111 Delaney, Karen 111,193 Delay, Sally 111 Delong, Danette 111 Deming, Peggy 111 Denton, David 111 Dick, George 111 Diemer, Richard 111 Digman, Dolores 111 Dillow, Russell 111 Dirling, Patricia 111 Dodenhoff, Miriam 111,167 Domeier, Catherine 106,111 Donat, Yvonne 111 Donegan, Anna 111 Dorman, Pamela 111,166 Driskell, Jodee 111 Duchwall, XVilliam 111,186 Dufala, Dennis 111 Duffield, Kenneth 111 Dunnan, Malcom 111 E Ebersberger, William 111 Edes, Karen 111 Edgar, Timothy 111 Ellinwood, Sharon 111 Elliot, Elizabeth 111 Engler, Dianne 111 Estes, NVillia.m 111 Evensen, Bruce 112 Evilsizer, Barbara 112,193 Ewart, Debbie 112 Eyman, Pam 112 F Fabrizio, Madeline 112 Fade, John 112,197 Fagan, Mark 112 Faivre, Karen 112 Fannin, Ronald 112 Faurote, Sandra 112 Feezel, Robert 112 Ferguson, James 112 Fisher, Eric 112 Flack, James 112 Fletcher, Dennis 112 Fogg, Beth 112 Footlick, Clifford 112 Forholt, Eric 112 F orker, Robert 112 Fox, Erna 112 Francesccne, Carole 112 F raze, Carolyn 112 Fredrickson, Patricia 112 Frid, Stuart 112 F umea, Raymond 112 G camel, sandra 112,156,193,198 Garren, Daniel 112 Gaskill, Philip 112 Geary, Thomas 112 Gettys, Loretta 112 Gibb, Amy 112 Gibbs, Mary Ann 112 Gibson, Katherine 112,167 Gibson, Lola 112 Gibson, Paula 112 Gibson, Susan 112,152 Gilbert, Andrea 112 Giles, Ronald 113 Gilkes, sharyn 113,199 C-ilkey, YVilliam 113 Gilley, Nancy 113,156 Ginn, Sue 113 Glenn, Andrew 113 Goff, Paula 113 Goodrich, Albert 113 Gower, Geraldine 113 Grandon, Camille 113 Gray, Marsha 113 Greco, Sharon 113,152 Green, Brian 113 Green, VVilliam 113 Greene, Linda 113,146,149 Greene, Stephen 113 Greilick, Kenneth 113 Griffin, Arthur 113 Grim, Gaylene 113,217 Grim, Shirley 113 Gross, Ronnie 113,167 Gwarck, Edward 113 H Hackett, Mary 113 Hadley, Dale 113 Haseker, William 113 Hale, John 113 Hale, Lois 113 Haley, Timothy 113 Hamilton, Carol 113 Hamilton, Linda 113 Hammett, Sandra 113 Hammond, Richard 113 Hample, Christine 113 Hampton, George 113 Hanley, John 113 Hanley, Williams.1 14 Hansel, Stephen 114 Hardy, Thomas 169 Harman, Sharon 114 Harrington, Deeva 114 Helou, Daniel 182 Horn, James 186 Hurley, Margaret 195 1 Johnson, Carl 115 Johnson, Harvey 115 K Kaufman, David 169 Kerr, Jean 116,182 Kessler, Reese 116,155 Killen, Geraldine 116 Kirkland, Consuelo 152 Knieriem, Kaye 116,152,153 L Lataille, Madeleine 116 Leggett, Valri 116,152 Lettellier, Linda 116 Lewis, Elizabeth 117 Lewis, Linda 117 Limbocker, Coxon 117 Linthicum, Richard 117 Lochner, Sheila 117 Loebl, Thomas 117 Logan, VVilda 117 Long, Dennis 117 Lucas, Patricia 117 Ludlam, Ethel 117 Lyons, Brenda 117 M McCanless, Janelle 117 McCartin, Jane 117 McCord, Starr 117 McDade, Debra 117 McDaniel, Ann 117 Mclntyre, Marilyn 117 Mabry, Jill 117,167 MacDonald, Clarice 117 MacFarlan, Gerald 117 Mackie, Bonti 117 Mankey, Lynn 117 Manning, Sharon 117 Manser, Donald 117 Manson, Laura 117 Marcelli, Anthony 117 Markiewicz, Paul 117 Marr, Mary 117 Marsh, Dixie 117 Martin, Patricia 117 Martindale, Carolyn 117 Maschino, Joseph 117 Mason, Stephen 117 Masters, Blake 117 Mather, Loureen, 117 Maury, Patrick 117 Maynard, Betty 117 Meeks, Robert 118 Mesh, John 118 Messick, Carroll 118 Metcalf, Barbara 118 Meyer, Fredrick 118 Micklitsch, Robert 118 Miklas, Bonnie 118 Milburn, Ann 118 Miller, Terry 118 Mills, Bonniface 118 Milsaps, Kenneth 118 Minkel, Nancy 118 Miragas, Monika 118 Mitchell, Mary 118 Mitchem, Paul 118,197 Mitcheson, George 118,155 Moche, Spero 118 Mogelcwski, Andrew 118,193 Mokel, Felix 118 Moler, Candance 118,148 Montfort, Joseph 118 Montgomery, James 118 Monti, Pamela 118 Moody, Mandel 118 Moody, Robert 118,193 Mook, Ruth 118 Moony, David 118 Moore, Earnest 118 Morgan, Carolann 118 Morgan, Donna 118 Morrhew, James 118 282 Student Directory Mort, James 118 Mort, John 118 Mott, Toni 118 Mueller, Roberta 118 Munch, Constance 118,167,174 Munson, Jo Ann 118,167 Murpliey, James 119,146 Musfeldt, Judith 119 Myers, Terry 119 Myers, Terrel 119 N Nash, Jesse 119 Nauman, Patricia 119 Nelson, Brenda 119 Nelson, Shela 119 Nesmith, Christine 119 Neville, Patrick 119 Niccum, Kathryn 119 Nicholson, Mary 119 Nicholson, Nancy 119 Nulph, Vernon 119 O O'Connor, Dennis 119 Odom, Gary 119 Ogletree, Marshall 119 O,Hern, Billie 119 Oppel, Alfred 119 Ostrander, Janet 119 Otteson, Carole 119 Owen, Wayne 119 P Panagiotacos, Georgeanna Pangle, Suzzane 119 Parker, Rita 119 Parks, Mary 119 Pate, Nora 119 Patrick, Linda. 119 Patterson, Pat 119 Paulson, Alanna 119 Peel, Kenneth 119 Penniman, Vfendy 119 Perkins, Elmer 119 Perkins, Joan 119,149 Perna, Clara 119 Pestalozzi, John 119 Peters, George 119 Peters, Pamela 119 Peterson, Linda 119 Pfeiffer, John 119 Piccari, Donna 119 Pickard, Lynne 120 Piehl, Mauree 120 Pinholster, Peter 120 Pixton, William 120 Plank, Rebecca 120 Pless, Richard 120 Polk, Regina 120 Poore, Dale 120 Pope, Jeffrey 120 Popovich, Gary 120 Posselt, Jon 120 Potts, Kenneth 120 Powers, Earl 120 Powers, Kathy 120 Pratt, James 120 Price, Byron 120 Csame as Thomasl Price, Carolyn 120 Price, Gary 120 Price, Gene 120 Proctor, VValter 120 Pschorr, Sandra 120 Pulkrabex, Terry 120 Q Quick, Carolyn 120 Quilligan, Dawn 120,193 Quinn, Patricia 120 R Ramhorst, Catherine 120 Ramsay, Jane 153 Redd, Jerry 120 Reedman, Linda 120 1 Reeger, Alan 120 Rehmer, Lorraine 120 Reid, Robert 120 Renken, Linda 120,167 Rharnstine, Thomas 120 Rhodes, Roxanna 120 Richards, John 120 Richardson, James 120 Robbins, Cathy 120 Robbins, Linda 120,193 Roberts, Paul 121 Robertson, Marcia 121 Rodgers, Clyde 121 Roos, Linda 121 Roper, Candy 121 Rose, Ardity 121 Ross, Carlos 121 Rogotz, Dean 121 Rodriguez, William 121 Robinson, Bruce 121 Roman, Charles 121 Runkle, Jay 121 Roman, Judie 121 Russ, Peggy 121 Russell, Trina 121,167 S Sadecki, Mary Ann 121 Saltzman, Mary 121 Sands, Claude 121 Saul, Joyce 21 Sayers, Dennis 121 Satterfield, James XV. 121,151 Schober, Mary Jo 121 Schumm, Ronald J. 121 Schwager, Joy E. 121 Scopes, Gary M. 121 Seitz, Charles 121 Sessoms, Eldridge 121 Seymour, James 121 Sfuffert, Thomas YV. 121 Shannon, Annie J. 121 Shepard, Gary F. 121 Simmons, George 121 Simmons, Robert D. 122 Sinclair, David L. 122 Sinclair, Fayola J. 122 Skelton, Cheryl A. 122 Skrabak, Paul H. 122 Smith, Bryant 122 Smith, Linda J. 122 Smith, Marcia 122 Smith, Mary A. 122 Smith, Patricia J. 122 Smithson, Suzzane 122 Snyder, NVilliam C. 122 Smosna, Paula A. 122 Sonberg, Jane E. 122 Sorg, Thomas P. 122 Spalty, David 122 Speck, James Leo 122 Spraggins, Daphne S. 122 Springett, Anne M. Stacy, Joyce L. 122 Stanley, Cheryl K. 122 Stansbury, Paul S. 122 Stansel, Linda. J. 122 Starns, Linda S. 122,193 Staub, John P. 122 Steely, Michael S. 122 Stein, Gloria 122 Steinberg, Thomas 122,193 Steiner, Joyce 122 Sterghos, Peter M. 122 Stockdale, Adelle R. 123 Stoft, Lynn D. 122 Stolley, Kathy 122 Stone, Stephanie 122 Story, Susan S. 122,176,169 Stout, Lynn D. 122 Straight, Doris 123 Strauss, Lila M. Strayer, Pamela 123 Strauss, Barbara J. 123 Strickland, Cliff 122 Stryker, Joseph F. Suddarth, Betty J. 123,170,176 Sutherland, James D. 123 Svbek, Pavlynn 123 Swartz, Marlene B. 123 Swedine, Thomas B. 123 Sweet, David H. 123 Swickheimer, Linda D. 123 Swift, Robert M. 123,196 T Tadder, David A. 123 Tate, Elizabeth A. Thaden, Ronald E. 123 Thomas, Alan 123 Thomas, Dale N. 197 Thomas, Richard B. 123 Thomas, Suzenne R. 123 Thompson, Beverly S. 147 Thurston, Thomas F. 123 Tiede, Ronald J. 123,186 Tieniber, Kathryn L. 123 Tiffany, Cheryl A. 123 Triggs, Linda S. 123 Truelson, Andrew R. 123 Trulson, Trudy L. 123 Tucker, Joyce 193 NVantland, Mary J. 149 Waugh, Thomas H. 186 YVells, Genny S. 106,182 XVheller, Cheryl 1. 193 White Judy N1 193 Student Directory VVilson, Mary L. 156 XVing, Mary Beth 152,153 XVojtan, Joseph F. Jr. XVolfe, David E. A Amerson, Leroy 197 Batdorf, XVilliam 186 Boyd, Linda 195 Bronclstetter, Thomas 141 Burgess, Thomas 195 Butler, Kathleen 197 Carson, Cheryl 197 Casler, William 195 Clayton, Sheila A. 197 Crumb, Deborah 141 Cupples, Phyllis 141 D'Angelo, Vincent 174,195 Davis, Charles 195 Debbs, Virginia 197 Dekoven, Reginald 146 Ebersberger, Elizabeth 197 Ellis, Wemba 141 Fiyalko, Sandra 197 Geary, Jean E. 197 Georgariou, Aurilia 195 Glennie, Robert 195 Gower, Kathryn 141 Gregory, Douglas 195 Grizzle Leslie 182 VVilson, JackiRr 186 ' Griffin: An W 195 I ' I if vita? 2'.jig5j5Q.f fi Heaton. Martha 195 Hemter, Norman 141 Henry, Paul 197 Henzler, Eileen 197 Hetherton, Richard Hollingsworth, Jill 195 Hopkins, Doris 197 lsaaes, Marilyn 195 Jacobs, Caroline 146 Jones, David 195 Kyle, Donna 141 Lacy, Madelyn 197 Land, Bonnie 195 Lane, Linda 197 Legrant, John 195 McLaughlin, Constance 197 Manstan, Barbara 197 Martz, Steven 195 Mauk, Larry 195 Mitchem, Margaret 146 Nesmith, David 195,197 O'Neill, Margaret 197 Poust, David 195 Stall, Rebecca 197 Thompson, Connie 141 Topping, Daniel 186 Tullo, Leslie 197 Vanmeir, Jane 195 Vodenik, Judith 195 Widner, Sheila 197 VVilliams, John 195 Wilson, XVayne 195 Zumwalt, Carol 141 W QSM Ogg WWMXW My WWW yt of JOK V0 QVQZQMLLON yxwmwmkwf W M km W! 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Suggestions in the Northeast High School - Viking Log Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) collection:

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1964, pg 136

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