Northeast High School - Viking Log Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL)

 - Class of 1957

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Northeast High School - Viking Log Yearbook (St Petersburg, FL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 220 of the 1957 volume:

fi'?ff if K - Qvfffyfffgwpigy ff, :L fm Q gif? Hwdruy GUN WW 'fwcaf git I Emhfwwwg rj . -LA7"aw oaAf'ZL.fwAJJ,, 5? v-IM-127 Wlijll, www SMS ,M fqvygffg WET J Jfw,f',,,-ig, ef' ,xy Q dfkywi XS Q its m T f E f ?,W7Qgj7W g , - Q, Y ' ,fu df. 'Z U 4 I ,1' Q,m,,, 5, 2 , ,W ' , QW aim. dw -W H, 9 I 5- , 34122 L' Q . , 5- "' QW Q W 1 'Y ' ' 'if'-'-' if A 'fy ' i Quia Nb - Q mg 11 AE xxx N- gk ggi 'G E if X Kgig2 nE3225 'bw xafmw X316 'Q.x.Q.Q-dsx x Q.. QE, mluz QM ia V- w f f q WL Q W MMM ' SM! Kg ' 0 fbuujuj ,, ,, ,Li N k gm ' ,CLMPJW-"mMM?QW1W Cfv-ag.. X 1' HWKKW yum LQMKWMJQEMMEL 4 i13Q.,AN7fAwjQ A ,OVQL fx' ffwdk l GJOY 5. it il, AK vxfivg GSO Ce' G6 bali bio' sggfslff 455-U5-P-xy 'iggmk EX LIBRIS - Q X547 750' ffd7c'WIf Msfitifq Eigfgvi ks CLASS " 'A V 'i Q . 'N f QL NS. O - T lailli lml 1 If 4 T?,ff,gf5 ,Ma 1 A . A , -1 N f 4 Rf E'm""'s'4394iv,"2'O A M' m.....N,w R M 2 ,Q ,ffm , 1 H - -..3f4,.,,r NORTH EAST HIGH SCHOOL ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA I 5 5 3 1 4 2 3 3 E Z 5 E e E 5 3 5 a s 2 Z 3 3 s 5 E ,..-mu wmMw,mmmw,Lm,ngN- V nw. ,.gw.-,NMa q,,.,. , V .- -x ,L -i J at f, -.MQ -. W x W 1 :N at-. Mb , . fi. W WWA .HWXm,wm.wM,w.Mw.w.mW,V.,,MWW ,w.,.,.,.MWM.W0,,,f, WmW:,.M.Mw,,,.V,,WM M.,.x,.,,M,WN,,N...,,W...u , ...,.. MWWM Mmmw .mf ,, V WWW HM wbMPwww2 iicxelv 1 1 szwwmia xisimwf ui Qmiiaa: mw:Z'sw'4,wmgfzmWh1U zu w,1,4,-. M 'gs M M md xx W swf ag:A:4:esaNfsswnW,M...u..Mf1,Hfa e4fw1um wmmamwfwwnx wmwrr aw am.z:.1s..:'M """ My A-MM --S, l CONTEN SENIORS ..... UNDERCLASSIVIEN ..... FEATURES ....... ORGANIZATIONS ..... SPORTS .... ADVERTISING .... T M565 W' Jie LM fb FACULTY 9 flw Af, om. Back row-left to right: Mr, Floyd T. Christian, Mr, A. Franklin Green and Mr. E. C. Vevier. Front row-left to right: Mr. Charles Holman, Jr., Mrs. Frances Belcher, and Mr. Justin J. Albaugh. We are extremely grateful for the interest shown by Mr. Christian and the members of the Board of Public Instruction. Their helpfulness in treating edu- cational needs ot the youth of Pinellas County is most appreciated. Mr. Floyd T. Christian Superintendent of Schools 10 1+ Our official leader and reigning digni- tary, always nice 'ro meet and talk with- 'rl'1at's Mr. Sexton. Guidance Counselors: Mr. Whitted, Mr. Clinebell, Mrs. Trigg, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Barrett. Friendliness and understanding are notable characteristics of our Dean of Boys. I John M. Sexton Eric A. Whitted MRS. DOROTHY ADAMS, B,S.Ed. MlSS BEVERLY ALEXANDER, B.S., M.S. MRS. JOSEPHINE ANDERSON, B.A. MRS. CAROL BANKS, B.S University of Miami Florida State University Agnes Scott College Mansfield State Teachers Coll Civics Diversified Cooperative Training English Il English l 5 if l MRS. RUTH BARRETT, B.S., M.A. MR. EUGENE BEEMAN, B.S., M.A. MRS. CLYDE BENNETT, A.B., M.A. MR. LEE BENJAMIN, B.S., M University of lllinois Emporia State College University of Georgia Florida State University Dean of Girls Instrumental Music Latin l, English lV Boys Physical Education i I l Now, how many times do l have to tell you? 5 l MR. FRANK BOWLES, A.B., M,A. MR. DICKEY BROESEKER, B,S., M.A. MR. HUGH BROOKS, B.S.E., M.L. MRS. SUSIE BUSHFIELD, B.A., l Marshall College State Teachers College, Calif., Penn. University of Pittsburgh George Peabody College Biology lndustriaIAr1s, Woodshop World History, General Math Latin I L ii ROBERT CHALLENER, B.F.A,, M.F,A. Miss REBECCA CHRISTIAN, A.B,, M.A. MR. GEORGE CLINEBELL, MA, B,Ed, Miss DOROTHY CLONTS, B.M Carnegie Institute at Technology, Emory University University of Illinois Florida State University Public Speaking, SPCCCIWT DLSHVIC English III Guidance Counselor Vocal Music I ,f I S ilff l l l ' ' , 1 A ' - ' Q 5 I .RK Q ., , ', ' Tit., .1 l li-xxx ,..iQ C' I Early morning pow-wow Over the fence. 2. DANIEL CRUM, B.S., M.Ed. MR. ROGER DARDENNE, B.S., M.S. MRS. ESTHER DOBBINS, B.S, MR. JOSEPH DORSETT, B,S.Ed. University of Florida Northwestern University University of New York University of Cincinnati :ial Studies, Physical Education English I, French Homemalcing General Math Il wwf? IS. MARY LOU EVANS, B.S.E., M.Ed. MR. HENRY FINK, B.A.E. MRS. MILDRED FORTUNE, B.S. MISS FLORENCE GILLHAM, M.A., B.A. University of Florida University of Florida Albright College Columbia University Biology Art, Photography Comm. Math, Algebra I, Gen. Math Algebra I MISS ROSANNE HAGADORN, B.S. Florida State University Typing I, Shorthand I K fmaiff ' 'SEV- , 5 .... Q- I MR. WALLACE HAMRICK, M.S.ECI., M.S. MR. PRESTON HAYNIE, AB., M.A. MRS. MILDRED HOFFMAN, I Florida State University Williarn 8: Mary College Michigan State University Physical Education English I 8 III Homemaking MR. PAUL JENKINS, M,S., B.A. Indiana University Journalism MISS MAXINE JOHNSON, B.S,, M.S. MR. TOY JONES, B.S.E. MR. CHARLES KAEBLER, M.P Florida State University Butler University University ot Florida English IV Civics Physical Education 5 t It's getting so you don't even notice a pretty girl any more. I I I MR. ROBERT KAI-ILER, B.S., M.A. MISS LUCY LANPHEAR, B.S,, M.S,Ed. MR. WILLIAM MCNEIL, B.S., M.S. MR, MERLE MORGAN, B,A., M.A., University of Nebraska Physical Education Florida State University Stout Institute West Virginia University Library Mechanical Drawing, Ind. Art English IV I ff--.....,anw i 'E . rw Ja X we EVERETT MYERS, B.S., M.Ed. MISS MILDRED NEVVTON, A.B., M.A. MR. WILLIAM NIMROTIHI, B.A.EcI., MISS BERNEECE OVERHOLTZ, B.A Ohio State University Appalachian State Teachers College M.A.Ecl., M.A.I'I., Ball State Teochers M.A,, Miami University Driver's Education The heavenly respite. . . 2. KENNETH PSCHORR, B.S, St. Norberts College hysicol Science, Physiology THELMA ROBINSON, A.B. Elmira College English, English Il English I College, Senior Sociol Studies Shorthand mn, N-um. MISS ROSALIE PUGH, A.B. MR. GEORGE RAYMOND, B.S., M.A. MRS. MARY RICE, A.B., M.A. Florida Southern Colorado State Marshall College Audio-Visual Biology, General Science Guidance MR. ROBERT ROOT, B.S.E., M.Ed. MR. THOMAS ROTHCHILD, B.S.Ed., MRS. VIRGINIA SCHIFERI., B.S University of Florida M.A., Columbia University Iowa State College Algebra II, III, Trigonometry Current World Affairs, American History Homemaking i"3 MR. E. , I GUY SELLERS, B.S.Ed., M.A. MR. JACK SHARPE, A.B., M,A. MRS. MARIE SHEPPARD, A.B., M.A. MRS. GENEVIEVE SHRUM, E University of Florida Marshall College Peabody College College of Wooster Algebra II, Geometry American History Typing I, II Spanish I viiin.-.H-7 vi ,u,...-...., ...,....... ......- ., .... -....., ,..... ,.,., .. .... .,.-.., EI 21 s EL I . - - H ' E 'rr ' Special Instructions Physical Education General Science I '01 . . Give Us strength. . . I ,,tfl1Mu,'4v I lA' I , ,ff 1-'Q I MR. WALTER SWAN, M.S.Ed. MR. DOUGLAS TAYLOR, B.A.E., M.Ed. MRS. BYRD TRIBBLE, B.A. MRSGRUTH TRIGG, A.B. Indiana University University of Florida Wake Forest College University of Kentucky Chemistry, Physics English III English Il Registrar M .. i , -1 I . 5, W- t as A, Q , wi I Ria ' 2' ' . My I V 1 H5 MRS. IMELDA VAN FLEET, B.S. University of Florida Physical Education MISS JOANNE TYLER, B.S. Mississippi State Physical Education MR. LORAN WARD, B.S., MS. West Virginia University Ass't Coach, Senior Social Studies ,.gi" MRS, HELEN WEBSTER, A,B. West Virginia University Algebra I I Mr. Sexton will be here in a moment, friends and neighbors. pb? S. LOUISE WENTWORTH, A.B. MISS MARGARET WHITE, B.S. MRS. JOAN WHITTAKER, B.A. Florida Southern College Florida State University Manchester IEnglandi University Bible History, Civics Typing I, Bookkeeping I English Il, World History I I iv.. " 3 if ff it I 1:55, ij? . figgt i st. it ii ' IEQ3 .E:5,5g :ff1:1-1 fl li W- lei. . as I , ti WM. HK I MR. RALPH G. WILLIAMS, B.S. Wayne State University Diversihed Co-operative Training MR. EARL WILSON, B.S. MR. WILLIAM WRIGHT, B.S.,Ed. MRS. KATHRYN WEATHERWAX, A.B. East Tennessee State College Drake University Latin I, ll, Ill, IV usiness Math, General Math ll English I, General Science ecrefaried lt's a long, busy day for Mrs. Winfree, Janet, and Mrs. Manor, the backbone of the front office. Mrs. Bertha Winfree Mrs, Dorothy Manor Mis, Jane, Barnes Cakferia Every school day these ladies, under the super- vision of Mrs. Hicks, pre- pare for us hot and appetizing lunches. Willie Clements, Kenneth Sergeant, Bert Erickson, Fred McBride, Edwillie Jones. Joseph Williams, Leola Richardson, Curtis Compton. Wainfenance 2 2 E if 2 xt tr- X Front Row: Edith Nations, Betty Warfield, Helen Garlen, Opal Smally, Elizabeth Hicks, Dietician, Marie Winterbottom, Effie Murtagh, Lottie Burgess. Standing: Willie McCall, Norma Roberts, Hazel Lippert, Hattie Pettit, Naomi Bishop, Ruth Ault, Ethel Llewellyn, Betty Morgan, Marjorie Hunt, Inez Bishop, Lillie Luger, Margaret Mitchell. ua riuerd Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Craven. Mr. Blair, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Scott, Mr. Bedenstein, Mr. Danford. t if if El 4 -' .415 it 3 ii x Y. , ix N H Iii' y fi A ,,, gi A ' 4-' ill , , f UM S V .V .ri 2 W , EN affracfion in gforicla in Jwimming. W . ,. N4 , ,pei A - x ,..""' W, - W "' f jfffmwmw N 1 V6, f A ,, , .,,.,--f hA-P A Wlff Y mf :--V- bizb WW - 'W' X 'A f , , 1-H is A-, - ,is ,A , .,. I, V H N f ':,-- Q .,,. Q 4 Qlvll if ,:--55' I VI . .S g WQEMQ N Q + 1 1 MM :iff ' qgu SECRETARY: Joan Pufyeor VICE-PRESIDENT: Earl Goode S E N R PRESIDENT: Lee Baynard TREASURER: Gail Long C ASS OFFICERS Committies We, who have come to our last year, take with us many happy memories. When we came to a brand-new Northeast as sophomores, we had many duties and responsibilities waiting in the future. We hope that we have faithfully fulfilled these, and that the future classes of Northeast will remember our contributions. Perhaps they will match and even surpass our accomplishments. BACCALAUREATE COMMITTEE: CLASS NIGHT COMMITTEE: John Marchi, Mary Lee Hudson, Judy Harlow, Larry Mann. John Bagg, Sandy Pellerin, Jackie Isaacs, Billie Codington La Von Pierson, Margie Shay, Tom Roskelly. MOVE-UP COMMITTEE: HOMECOMING COMMITTEE: Barbara Kennedy, Barbara Warner, Carol Wilson, Polly Bob Rhodes, Luise Doubleday, Carolyn Alderson, Shirley Mose- Wolstenholme, Shirley Atkins, Juanita Brock. ley, Mike Craft. I g.- ' . -JIM . Q, A 'li S INVITATION COMMITTEE: Deanne Hagan, Faith McAllister, Carol Kapocsi, Judy May. Mr. George Clinebell Mrs. Evans SENIOR ADVISORS E Z GIFT COMMITTEE: Missy Adcoclc, Rochelle Sturm, Joan Hollis. Mrs. Dobbins Mrs. Bennett CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: GRADUATION COMMITTEE: Judy Barfleson, Faith MacAllisfer, Pat Fischer, Alisan Quocken- Stanley Satfinger, Barbara Thrasher, Foifh MacAllister, Helen bush, Wilma Young. Moore, Pa? Radecky, Jimmy Nail. 21 Glee Club, Viking Tuleni, FHA lNorTh Carolinal. JUNE Florida Illinois Class Night, Quill 8. Scroll, Times Reporter, Key Club, C umn Edifor-Nofeasler, Liierary Magazine. D.C'T. "ls if that bud?" ADCOCK L Florida Y the State Civiian, Civinette Club, Capt. Drill Team, Volleyball, Class Night, Dramatic Club. Court,C Night, Prom Decoration Chairman, Vice-P Viking Talent Club. 1 it Z use ALDERSON St. Petersburg, Florida 'arliamentarion of Student Council, Board of Directors of Keyettes, Homecoming Committee 'lead, Typing Editor for Nor'eoster, Class Night. - --" 'i" ' ' ' ' i...,.. ':" if L" ""' L L' Q V 37 L , ff 'M i i ' . - W 'M X 3' 'lv 3 i, v5"',f 5? f Q , , ! , - L, J .5 x L Y 1 Ki. , K 'six p Q 1-viff 2 K A short-handed Christmas. X V K f',Ml.'sf' l if ffimfif if r , Q gf L fl I I f , rfjfff' if, ffl 2 i f ff, D A, Ita! 42 ff, , l,hw , f4m ,T?f 1 Y, if fs? ' - fl ' f f V fi 'gf ff' if if 9' A W A San Antonio, Texas y,.,fM Key Club, NHS, Fla. Boys' State, Flo. State W,f"'M Champion Driver-National Teenage Rodeo '56, Mu Science 8. Engineering Club, Jr. Class Plays , f ,Q ,uf-'r' , ,f 5 " f ,M Los Angeles, California Creative Writing Club, Glee Club, Volleyball, Swimming, Nor'easter, Art Club. SUSAN ELAINE ARNID Quincy, Massachusetts BLA, Civinettes, Student Council, Assembly Committee lWeymouth High, Massachusettsl. GERALD CLIFFORD ASPEN Mlnneopolls' Mlnnesom Head Cheerleader, Anchor Club Pres., Class Student Council, Bond, Football, Basketball, Night, Quill 8. Scroll, Homecoming Court, Staff Baseball, Hockey lMinneapolisl. Reporter on Nofeaster, Peoria, 957 l95'7 UW BENNETT Clearwater, Florida Service Club, Home Room Treasurer. Spanish Staff, Petersburg, Florida Service Club, Rep. 9, X ,044 Hin BERG The things they pui' in boolcsl Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Girls' Tennis Team, Jr. Sec., Shutterbug Club, Sporfs Club, Spanish Club, No. l on Girls' Tennis gil BOWMAN Minnesoia D.C.T. Club, Naval Reserve. Florida Tri-Hi-Y, Future Business Leaders of America. BRADLEY JUANITA Georgia BROCK PEGGY ANN Quill :Sl Scroll, Spanish Club, V.P. Photography Future Nurses, Service Club, Dance Chairman, V.P. Tri-Hi-Y, k. Club, Class Nighi, Sludenf Council, Le Vi lng Log, Anchor Club. Homecoming Dance Comm., Annual Stclli, Class Team. Francais. Nighf. JEAN BROWN ' AUbUI'n, New YOI'k "Scolch tape, anyone?" Anchor Club, Viking Log Stall, Office Assistant, Student Council, Secretary Art Club, Comm iffee. BUTLER Ia Los Donadores, Prom lnvifclfion l l-lllll-,ally Club DAVID Canton, Ohio Lettermon's Club, Student Council. l957 CAMPBELL Joliet, Illinois as ""w.,, 55' 14,10 A I, l Y ELIZABETH CHASE Commun' Y pmlec ' Johnson City, New York Civinettes, Le Circle Francaise, Varsity minion. PRISCILLA St. Petersburg, Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y. WILLIAM Florida Junior Clvltan Club, Science Club, Rod Spanish Club President lGeorgial, Basketball. Club. CHAMBERS Tri-Hi-Y, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton. Bad- 8. Reel l957 CONRAD Columbus, Ohio Chemistry Club, Science and Engineering, Sgt.- UT-Arms, Key Club. Q E ,W we i Save, W, : 11 Q, L, 224 -Q 2 'sq DAVID Mic:-lA L coomsn Kansas Ciiy, Missouri Hi-Y, Le Circle Francais, "Not cl bad iob, but. . . MICHAEL E. CRAFT HAR Kane, Pennsylvania Dale JERRY COOPER St. Petersbu rg, Florida Rod ond Reel Club, Hot Rod CROLEY Alabama . Civifan, V.P. Science 81 Engineering, Varsify Pres. Jr. Exchange, 2nd Lf., Daughfers olball, Boys' State, Prom Co-Chairman, Home- America Award. ming Co-Chairman. Virginia ... bull, Night. -,dk My . V 44 H'-,4,,v,9 Group from the locoi scznitarium. DAY CAROLE Varsity Vollsy- 4- 9 5 I New Haven' Class k F.B.L.A., French l957 DEETZ Cleveland, Ohio " ' " i eww if Siizziw M Wil" 2 5 035 1 1 , , 12541. I H ,,... tiki? '22 'gg gzjff ,... . IQI- - -1 btw 5-1, 552.52 ' we . ': ..... saga: 'V .. A We ' e at , ""' 5' 5-5 ""25?fE1i ggi? ' ' feif ' 2 255? -. ' C if f 5 ff NAMES? ENCE DELONG Sf. Petersburg, Florida Captain Color Guard, Swimming, Red Cross lf' C vw amass iframes U 'xg EVERYONE WHO jlxag-la-5 MEWED -mu H stull. PAYNE Dill. St. Petersburg, Florida Elgin, lllinois Art, Band, Jr. Exchange, Dance Band Leader. A Youth Fellowship, D.C.T. Michigan Homecoming Court, inter-Service Club Council, V.P. Civinettes, Quill 8g Scroll TrivHi-Y, Art Club, Class Night, Nofeaster-Viking Log Stafts. FLORINS ELLIS M Hastings, Florida Volleyball, Le Circle Froncuise, Rod 8K Reel Club. A , l957 GRACE EWINS FARRIS Kansas City, Missouri Kee ne, New Hampshire NHS, Anchor Club, Pres, Tri-Hi-Y, D.C.T., Parliamentarian. 1, , 4-E22 353.2-'Hs N "No, fhat's not the carburetor, thafs The horn." NHS, Anchor Treasurer, No Class Night FISCHER Jackson, Michigan Club, Quill 8K Scroll, Hornroom r'easter Staff, Viking Log Staff DAVID DOUGLAS FISHER 'K LEE FITCH DALE FRANKENBERG Troy, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio 51, Lguig, Missouri Football, Hi-Y, Sportsman Club, Sr. Councilman- Jr, Classical League fSoph.J, Foofball, Basket- C,-,asf Guard Reserve, at-Large, Sr. Superlafive. ball Cfvioyfield Highi. 5 Florxdu Hugh Ah, to trade places! zz: sfayzssrzzszg 2?g2::zzS2:::s::::: Wm!iQT'3?ZE3?SZii2 Club, Fufure 4 X iQZw.wM , ,wgw in if Zia .Hifi EQ193' . .,., 1. . . , .':,-, ,mm s 225:55 :iq Q ls: , a fifiiiig 37355333 .x ,. -qfgggsz ub,I ,.,.. ,.4.., , WWW 5355555 wssxssf :aww . N ,. ZA E352 2 35513 2' - :g:. - , gngg WST' V -5 ,.:s:Ef1:E::,A 21,3252 55 .:. :. m.,,Mm.1N. , :IfFr' Hsin! -f -V mam w mg,,,N,,: ..,. , .Y .... - I ggggyf '-21:2 . .. PM mam 1. t X ,L Q wk , 'Z K MR R x 753 4. Ni!-an N an 5 . Y :K Q gif Wi' an 35 X' 'f an , W. . 2 -'-'VV 12-sr "WM-1 .-.-.-. :M 1 B1 N J N Mx M Y 1 Y R -9 Emi, Ron-4ALn LLOQD GJSJQRIYSON Romuius, New York 35532: 5533? 21,3 , WM W . 3 Na i-Fiikfiii f 2 S 5232313 iiwzzm :swims Eigizhwz Brawl v QYQTSQT yiinhgg Q -Uh P A 5. w ' 'V i if "-" f :" L 1 2.1" . - -Z : ...,. gali l 'a ff: :mx f if me il 5 we A al 'K ' si ga 5 RONALD GEORGE GARRISON Greenville, South Carolina Pallette 8. Brush. .L L,,,, J l957 1 P B' Two in seg cl1es." 1 GEARY 5 Latrobe, Pennsylvania Photography Club, Head Monitor, Photography Club Representative. EARL LESLIE GOODE Cape May, New Jersey Senior Class Vice-President, Key Club Vice President, Swimming, Jr. Class V.P., Hi-Y V,P 55-56fi. f ' ' ag-M if..eff5""? ww, 5 1. E - Ami Wg ' 55 :- V Q? L , f i A SARA JO GORDON PHILIP RUSSELL GOURLEY Chester, Russell, Kentucky Gainesville, Florida D.C.T,, Service Club, D.C.T. Homecoming Float, Tri-Hi-Y, D.C.T., Future Nurses. Varsity Football, Le1termon's Club, Soph. Year Sportrrierfs Club, Hi-Y, Baseball. GOWER lorida in . Library Anchor 0 Chairman a f . . lnvltahan Band, Anchor Club lTrecIs.D, Sr. ' f Social Committee, National JEAN HAESEKER Benson, Carolina Los Donadores l, DCT Club. Spanish Club, Music Club, DCT Club, Red CVOSS Representative, Methodist Y Youth Camp, Choir. Teacher? St. Petersburg, Florida HARDY of National Honor Q st Florida ?Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Prom ' CO-Chairman, G.A,A., Homecoming Queen, G.A.A., Red Cross Rep., Girls' Varsity, Volley Class Night. ball, Basketball, Badminton, Booster Club. 957 'N MARGARET JUDY HARRISON Jacksonville, Florida pennsylvania Iivinettes, Service Club, Choir, Circulation Edi- Acopeno Choi,- 'ar of Paper, Co-Chairman of Homecoming Dance, Co-Chairman of Floorshow Prom, Bfld' minton. ' 2 V K s . ,. s . l 4 " ' fggff' 4 ii., jg , ,V ' J , 'l' ' ,5f1i"a:zggg.-f -. V ' V , I .: K X X , W .,.,. Z- - 5 R J! 1 , , x J 1 ,l J A . W3-,QQ l N xg' X t RICHARD "Well, it looks like it's Christmas." HAZLETT is W... JOHN K ssgsaiiig-, Ohio Q .siossfszw Franklin, Pennsylvania IORNE St. Petersburg, Florida National Honor Society, Anchor Club, Library Club, Club E ditor of Newspaper, Decoration Committee of orida President of Amateur Radio Club, Treos. of Jr. D.C,T. Spanish i Club, Service Club, Exchange, Tennis Team. EDITH RONALD New Jersey Puerto Cortez, Honduras, C. Nofionol Honor Society, Keyeftes C55-562. Varsity Football, Baseball. Hell be ull right if has doctors Sf, Louis, Missouri Purliomenlorion - Tri-Hi-Y, Secretory - Tri-Hi-Y, Rod 81 Reel, Cheerleader-Si. Louis. ' DANIEL 9 5 i Key Club, Boys l56l, Fuiure Nurses ' A den?-Dramotics 455-561. ' Cross, Chorus. HENRY Braddock, HEYNE Vic PATRICK B. i957 St. Petersburg, Florida LINDA Deland, Florida President Student Council, Science 81 Engineer- ing Club, Delegate Student Council Convention i56l, Vice-President Civinettes C55-562. HOBBY "Now you plug this into that and. . . ." MARIE HOLLIS We We Sylvester, Georgia National Honor Society, Service Club, President Library Club, Los Conquistadores L55-56l, "Happy Journey" 1563. ' 5iiqg.,., ANN HOOVER WILLIAM H AY St. J9seph, Michigan ,Battle Creek, Michigan St. Petersburg, rxda ri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, Class Night, Publicity Library Club, Civinettes, Class Night, Future Booster Club, Soccer, Ad- eller Nor'eoster,x hairman Service Club, Treasurer Homeltoom, Nurses of America. Basketball Usher. Future Nurses. qv-'MX 4591 HUBER, JR. JOHN HUDSON Mt Clemens New Alexandria, Pennsylvania Road Exchange Club, Science Si Engineering Club. National Honor Society, Keyettes, G.A.A., Service Club, Varsity-Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Proofreacler Nor'easter, Class Night. t J,-.Mes WALLXQMHUMPHREY 1 Brooksville, Florida "No fair peeking." Q Rl CHARLES MILTON HUNT Nycc SI. Petersburg, Florida Boord of Comm' 5,4 Hi-Y Chapla Audio4Visual, Ass'f Stage Manager. Swimming, Annual Representative. l957 SQWW ANN HUNTLEY Canton, Ohio :dent Council Senator, Dramatics Club, xed Chorus, Business Club, "I dare say the in there somewhere," f fi . ,gsasamllg is ..,, J ..,,,.. : ::F" :- f JACKIE GILBERT AD soN Part York Cleveland, sz if Ieyettes, Co-Chr. Night, Tri-HPYQV57 National Honor Society, Ban Youth Fellowv Jor'easier, Homecoming dant "Seem '1 , ' ' ship Club. tars," Cheerleader l54-563, LAWRE Amsterdam, New York Basketball Mgr. Q54-551. I NGRAM Wwe WL in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Basketball Mgr. C56-579. Tennessee Youth Fellowship, Office Assistant. HEY, Service 0 upnmun uv-whv --,-MY-, lg., Lodi, Ohio Buffalo, New York Defroil, Michigan Civinetles choploin, Future Nurses Hisforion. Closs Nighf. NC1TiOI'10l HOUOV 50ClelYf Keveflesf Pfeslder F.H.A., Closs Nighi, "Turn Bock The Clock: r r oo o r Ju 3' H gpm an f Q' Y Q 1 E MICHAEL CRAIG KATCHINSKY 'U V . F Q , Benton Harbor, Michigan D.C.T. President, Hi-Y, Amateur Radio Club, DAVID KARNER 5 I Annual Cleveland. Ohio A 5 KESSLER Sf. Petersburg, Florida President A Copel lcefboll, Baseball. lo Choir, Jr. Exchange, Bos- l957 "You donfl like the woy l'm running lhis show?" CAROLE LACKEY Florida Trees. Dramofics Club, Closes Civlnefles, Mixed Chorus. E ' 7 , ' 4 q,,. ,... Q A ,.,,. in I , H A -5 '-.,' If 75222: . ' E, -' fl A ' ,,.,. 1 . if ' f ROSS MARTI 1LA DUKE Whitefield, Ne Hampshire Baseball, Basketball, Soccer. ri :N . 'Wil 51,3 ' ' .' .Vl..V lnll o ., ....,.,. I I , , . ' il l if : Q ..,.: ' ':.f.:':zsesq5.: iw A 5 REX . WLES Elmira. New York Skin-Diving Club, JOSEPH GEORGE UEHL New York City, New York Dromofics Club. l957 l957 ,wer AMY AMBER LITTLE Tampa, Florida GAIL LEORA LONG Akron, Ohio res. of Future Nurses Future Nurse District Head Maiorette, Band, Class Treas. for Three orr. Sec., Service Club, Red Cross Representa- Years, NHS, Keyettes, Pres. FTA, Pres. Red ve, Cross, Homecoming Court. V i 'Q ff' if P ..,,, C ' W ,M 3 j r "This is how we arrive at the lunch schedule." Moultrie, Georgia Future Business Leaders Club, Member Tri-Hi-Y, MARIE LUOMA ERNEST JACK Mcrqueite, Michigan ST. Petersburg, Colorado French Service Club, Palette 8K Brush, Music Appreciation Club. Tri-Hi-Y, Photography Club, Drill Team, Class Night. MW , Vw- ,., . M wwi wwf Qfuiwws- Wwwwvtm 'QsWW:ss.Waw:sssmsi5?3f awe ww S321 Zifw gitiim 'zsfggggwsv -- :':":2!2.2' ' -:-:- JQ5e , :: -.-- N7 " r afwx w :z,fss.sW::f wzftszs ' wfzszs wfv wfswwfas wffiwwi-Lf-f tw 'H M - 5fjgi 33s f A - xi fl ' fit-2252-I- 'M Qs V 0 5 ' wwswwswws Hi.. Vw' ' smarts' Mwfgsm. wwgis Mszsnss. sms., - .immw fs, . Q, X ,i we iw ,sk www A tw,-we ,gi was fi, f ,L . 'wwf ,wiszzzazazwwsssg-:Nww4gg:ws:W:w' was-S? M as esssiwfs fps? rs, egg? 4, sy 7 , ,WM , ,Q,MMX,. Hmmgfafi sssmyi AW lysis, ,ehgwsigigv ggi. si, 3 W, W .LW s Mui , , Wi W Q wzisiif ,f2:.2.m.25swssfwi32'w: w.::,23wss,,. Wnwlkwmmge 'lies-if wffsme mfg? A-Mmm' w.fs'sJww,., 'i ff r 123355 .:.,:. 4 ' I. . ri ffl llf ,zklus ' A A ge Q A we Q es 'Z ffm wigs , WW 1623, sjgwh s Q W, meegig, s tzsstffgt use ge i, Q sr f Q W , my ew G if zggeswgggwmfs si is ef gg f may age-f,,:, ,Ag 2 we if 3 3, J' 2 fa S' P if W .ms , . E '1 s W Lil 5 We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred titty-seven, leave to e lf, the forthcoming classes an example ot industrious teamwork. s, During our Junior year, we worked unceasingly to present our eq prom, "An Arabian Night." This important function was held at the g ,, ,h g li, s t, luxurious Soreno Hotel. All'the attending couples Hrst went to dinner, i , ,t f glamorously dressed in evening wear. From there they hastened to the Soreno and a night ot dancing and enchantment in an atmosphere E ot a night in old Arabia. At the end of the Junior year, Lee Baynard was elected our presi- f dent and leader tor our final year. Along with him, to guide us, were S . E is l Earl Goode as vice-president, Joan Puryear as secretary, and Gail 2 Long as treasurer. They all aided us in making our twelfth and perhaps qi, A s,wm,gsg'gyssggQgs'5iZwsggsSsfUgwgwsgqggzesqggggggwwswgisgxgsggwfQ56143ggawwgwgswegggygggagggmrgwepgkvsggymugyww wigs ...... W Wm.WMu,,fS,s, W 1, We E-sheer"-1 ,wmffstpssspf lfifaitw' Taiisswsawhi, QM, ,-4w:,,,.uw ,fl ZZ2'Ssf.Msg ?wsw,gs Q aw W1 . gy 41:01 ,lgegmf fp. N, Wie Q., -V-g gs ., M., k was , ,. ,W ,, vi , -::-:- -.:-.: W g i i rs " " ' A last year in school a memorable one. I ,V A 4 2 QT ?i'B A2iZ15SQpggQ2lfQayLwsggi! , r E s, li -, , - I Www H,t.sM , ,z.,... H .w. ,,,,,M. .WW . ,W W U . . 4 . . ' ' -a.....,..,....v...-.-....v..,...-.....,..,.., ,-..,.. .,.,.... .... ..,..,.. s. .4,,...,,.,.,..,..,... .... ...., . .. ...Wm ,.,,., ......,..,.,. K w2fg.,ir,,,,.c,, zsw4,a.s4lsw'2 ---- .. .... ,..,.,. . ..... V ..... i ..,.,. , ....- .... 1 25? Wi "" V ..... V -------- ---- ----' . .-- - V sms . --l- ...., .,.. ... . ..,...-. i -. ---- QQg1j',fg1g1a,1. -.-.--.- . 1 if--1.1-"'-12fl" n fztiis 'M rvigswizkiissssifg, iff --'-: 2:"f-'11- 'ii i-"" as--.lg :,Qsi .r-E E!-.'i"i - """' X ,.,., .... ..., :W "" W Q - ' , , 1:1 ai, Qnln JTFQQ31, .... "" A it A M W Q ' W' it-fi 111, W f-fill . w H " H a 7 ' ,si , ,: r 't 4 If V zliw-,grit 51: :-: s:,.::. gzfsiag gigs? ' Wife gm 6'H?iyg,jg,Z:'ZwE,':iLLZ'?w ig-.:,:':f ,353-g:':5g-:Ear .5 ..,. : ,V pm ,g:.gggg::igg1gg . . 0 :Wy 'f . :,, j:g tg . I -.-v- I " ---- . .. - ' ""' 5 , " ,... 31 ,.,., . .,,, .. ..... ,.,,. ' ,,,,,,, f.,.- : ' " A 1, . "" -i -'-"'- A gf --" , ---V .i ...- -r'r"'r' .,..f :" 2: ..., fl," - 9 ' ..,.... '-QQ?- 'EI2E"'5fs: ess, a',ss'.f1M,g,ffi, i- f ,,,g,:qg, M ,,,, W2 iViE ? 93??5w1 : ::f:e. :2 'i5f- f 'F.. ':2 :':E::". ::' -V:-.: ---" X'-II:- "fr- 2' iw .,2:: ,... .,. ,,,. , A A . M V ,V A A K S . .isis it I, ,. , ,, . . :. v.-,,.---, 3 1, I A t r ,,.. i 535525225 gy sisqgifitlgy HIT RY At the beginning of our Senior school yeor, meetings were held to determine our homecoming plons ond to loy the foundotion for the very beoutiful ond successful porode of decoroted cors ond floots. Clclss Night committees vvere colled together eorly to begin work with every Senior porticipoting in some copocity. Scenery vvos designed, scripts were written, ond props were gothered to moke the big night when vve Seniors vvere to disploy our tolents o successful one. With the copoble ossistonce of our Senior odvisors, lvlrs. Evons, Mrs. Dobbins, Mr. Shorpe, ond Mr. Clinebell, over two hundred of us Seniors groduoted. The commencement exercises were held in our own Northeost ouditorium. lt is here thot vve bid o fond forevvell to these holls, ocknovvledging our deporture from the precious doys of youth ond hoppiness. Rod 8g Reel Club. Leaders of Gosh, if 1 f : 1,w '-'V V ' :'.'Q , ., ,..,.: 2 22 ? gk ':"". zqu 'Q Ah ':"' V - A AV" 5 MAGDEFRAU ' fl , V ,ig x Mgmcy, A anis FUN-'Ve BUSWGSS Junior Exchange CIub,LJCamero Club, J.V. Bos , kefbalf, Pres. Camera Club. JOHl RCHI Glasgow, Scotland nior Civitan Club, Pres. French Club, Student iuncil, lnter Service Club. l957 .1- Florida Sec, G.A.A., Vice-Pres. G.A.A., "A" Varsity Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Badminton. Soccer, Boxing, Orchestra, Track 84 Field lTrini- dadl, Junior Civitan. MAY Keyette Parlna- Future Glee Massachusetts D.C.T. Club, Secretary Leaders ot America, lFresl1man Y lass Ways and Means Ring 81 Announceme mittee. nt Corn- JOHN PHILIP New York, New York Bond fCc1p1uinl. ROBERT Farwell Shuilerbug Club, Polleffe and Brush Club, Sociefus Club. ROY Frcmcusco gineering Club, Basketball, Bose 957 JUDITH Possoic, New l957 LYLE MOORE lowci Fufure Nurses Club, Tri-Hi-Y. A.V., Sfoge Mon. Budding young geniuses? MAYNARD Lodi, Letfermon's Club, Trock. Florida Ncxfionol Honor G.A.A., Keyeftes ond Scroll, Service Club, Homecoming Program, Photography Editor of Nor'eos1'er, Swimming Teom MUNCEY Ohio Most MYRA Tri-Hi-Y Club, Quill Scroll Club NELSON New York York National Honor Society, Secretary Jr. Exchange. Golf Team, Rod and Reel Club, Chemistry Club Basketball Co-Capt., Volleyball Capt., D NEWMAN Florida - D.C,T. Club, C.E.A. Club, Band C55-563. NICKS Florida Hot Rad Club C55-565, Biceps Club '54-55l, -...dh-uilun-v"lu-sl'hn-all i55-56i. matics Club, Pet Club lMaryland1l. l ,ffif Q Sr 52.1.1 E wh Crm up if fi ,i...,.. 1, it -::..V...-.-1:-hi- 2 1-1 we :ri 3 :M WM U www . CHARLES N " oLs Williamsport, Penlrzsylvania Baseball, Football, Stamp Club DONALD NIENDORF l957 E I WILLIAM BRYAN Desoto, 'OWU St. Petersburg, Florida Sergeon,-G,vArm5, DAC'-5-. Club. Camera Club, Science Club, J.V. Football. l 5 l Q E JOYCE "Now l'Il read it to you lust once morel" Sf. Petersburg, Florida Future Nurses, Glee Club, FBLA, Nor'easfer, Advertising Manager Nor'easter Jr. Edition, MAXI NE DONNELLE OLIVER RUTH GAIL NOMA Spelling, Al QLEN PADGETT Miami, Florida St. Petersburg, Washington, D, C. Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer Service Club, Spanish ll A Capella Choir, Tri-Hi-Y. Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Pram Decorations, Future Club, Future Home Makers, Class Night, Nurses of America. Sporfs- CHARLES Jr. Exchange quisfcudores. HEATH PATTERSON A Beoch, Florida .Y V Tennis Team, Los Con- YECSSS. PELLERIN Jersey l957 PIERSON Toledo, Ohio Minneapolis, Minnesota D.C.T. Trees, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses, Red Cross Art Ed. Viking Log, Anchor Club, Pres. Quill and Scroll, Photography Club, National Honor Representative. Society, Class Nig ht. "T.N.T. or baking soda?" JQAN POOLE Cl16Sl9V, Pennsylvania Tri-Hi-Y, Future Nurses, Class Night, Noweasier, Viking Log, lntramurals. ad"""m. 'WWE POWERS JOAN MARIE Florida New London, RICHARD PORTER Indianapolis, Spanish Club, Pres. Service Club, Pres. Key- Ollice Asst Decoration Committee, Tennis Club, ettes, N.H.S., Quill and Scroll, GAA., Sec, Jr. Class, Student Council. Science ond Engineering Club, Latin Club- CMcKeesport 1. Society Treus., Sf. Petersburg, Florida Key Club, Baskefbcll. 'S l if i lg! yr yi: in e lx 'J 4 31 M ff DANIEL RAMSDELL i957 KAREN Meadowbrook, Long Island, New York Albany, New York :Hermcm's Club, Hi-Y, National Honor Society Trl-Hi-Y, Fufure Homemdltefs. 54-563, Football, Baseball l54-56l. "If's a good thing we're not overcrowded here." r-'fra lf ilfYfFfencl1 Club, RHODES Florida SOCIETY Jw x 1511: Camera KENNETH Clevela Key Club, Student 4-H Club, Youfh Fellowship, Boskefball, Baseball. Sfamp Club, Wicomico High RICHARDS York Soccer at RIEDEL RLKEMAN SHERMAN RITCHISON K York, Pennsylvania Chelsea, Massachusetts St. Petersburg, Florida Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres. Future Business Leaders of Tri-Hi-Y Club Historian Girls Club ifvlelrose, D,C.T. Club. America, Spanish Club, Glee Club. Massachusetfsl. CHARLOTTE EMILY ROGERS Annapolis, Maryland "Get the line straight this time." Los Donodores, Tri-Hi-Y. ' - fi,-E.. .,.,., ,,,..,.....-. ,mmf ww 'B 13 is 3: -2: 2 . 2 M r ,,... ugfing, giiglgsgir E2 222.-: 1: si' . 'Z 1. ' qiisxsaessrs - 1 as-twg,mai 'Qi -Q fs S Ei.i,., be . -' ,isstiiwggsss f'QEE53Esw'fiss,121q 1:55 fl .. it :zz " 5,1 R005 s if nosxeuvs r W """,' 1 --',.f-' ,Z i D. C. . ,.g, TB, :Z ..., Hi ,.., .KNEW York 5 7:53, 5 Secretary Los Donadores, Anchor Club, Swim- Football Homecoming ,raueen .1 Vfcenpres my ming' Bond' Homeroom Treas., Class Night, Juniqr Exchange. BuFfolo, New York HELENE ROTH l957 'ice-Pres. Junior Red Cross, Junior Red Cross Zouncil, Future Business Leaders ond, of Americo, DOMINICK MERI Brooklyn, New York Amateur Radio Club. YJ "Now there's somebody who had guts." SATTINGER STANLEY Liberty, New York Pres. Science ond Engineering Club, Vice-Pres. Jr. Civitcm, Student Council Senotor, Junior Closs Play, Homecoming Committee. .-,V it I SEAMAN CHRISTINA ZABETHHSEDERLOF BETTY JEAN SCHORTEMEYER New Jersey Long Bro is , New Jersey Oceanside Long lsiofld. New York Glee club, Booster Club, D.C.T, club. Glee Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Lovin club, Volleyball, Basketball. , ALICE ANNE Mclieespori, Pennsylvania Gaylord, Annual Staff, Newspaper, Class Nighf, Tri-Hi-Y. 'QR Www SHULTZ Ohio Librarian of A Capella Choir, Service Clul Y.F.C Club. MARGARET SHAY Rochester, New Co-Head Cheerleader, Anchor Club, Service Club, Student Council Senafor, Class Night, Treasurer F.T.A., Log. "And now, before your very eyes . . X' JEAN SHEA , Placid, New, York A Team, Stare and Nafional Swimming Tiiles, Anchor Club, Juniorefres, Viking Log. SIMPSON Bloomfield, New York French Club, Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y, A Capell Choir, Girls' Rofary, Red Cross Represenfmivl l957 rg- ROSALIE SMITH Alcoa, Tennessee dvanced Spanish Club C5566l, Viking Talent lub, Camera Club, Civinettes. Clarksville, Tennessee Latin Club, Publicity Chairman for Trinity Methodist, Sec. of Art Club at Oak Ridge High. .s,H.qm,sM,s,,:-r nggmigxigzizllyk , I ' ,,.. , 5 ,ff .. - ' .1 'l.,4'. '4-ff-f". ': 1, C . ' T-eww. K Rfk ,, 'G'?ff'f:., fee: 3' Y ' If 95353, ffg iiifglg C klgfllijl' "" 2' . Q3'S14Q1,- , i U-1 gfpgsigfgss ..,. 219-- ,fgesaggggg 1 , f a- 1, r Zips -11:52. xssszzssw-wr, sf- ta J -Q 1. .-. f s il ' - ' F ,, X fsissigaafgf C F . -r:5r:r.Q's1:a:'N ...: :egg T e"' W lses Stagg-F HXRRY Louis souosn Jersey City, New York Key Club, Basketball Team, Letfermen's Club "Want to see how to collect some insurance?" , I xr T , K. " , r aureus, W MARIE 1 SPIVEY KENNE TEPHENS JANET ELAINE Lacoochee, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida CC1fflCl9I'1f New JGVSGY Varsity Basketball, V.P. A Capella Choir, Jr. Y.F.C., Future Nurses Club C55-563, Treasurer of Exchange, NHS- Homeroom, Decoration Prom. Q, 3? Xin it 1 Q, wk W ,gi 53 W 3: F , M 4 ca I. Q xy 3 L 'fwwm Q X We rr ir .I ww, ,. F ROBERT AXTELL STEWART ROBERT STRAWN ELIZABETH SY. Petersburg, Florida Sf. Petersburg, Florida F ' Si. Petersburg, Florida Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Key Club. N.H.S., Anchor Club, D.C.T. Club, Latina So- Boskeiboll 3, LeHermon's Club, Key Club, Pres, cieios, Bond. Hi-Y Club. .K"' ., f 1 ,pv- Qr r, i 'iff' ROCHELLE MAR! STU RM Sidney, Ohio "Now I know why Mr. Myers lefi so quickly!" N.H.S., Civinetres, Treas. Future Nurses, Band, Mcioreffe, Student Council, Chairman of Senior Mmzomzei swore 9 E 5 7 ANN TANNIAN SY. Petersburg, Florida Quincy, Massachusetts 5e"990nf'0l'ReC0"d5 in Band- ' Future Business Leaders of America. Hmmm l957 EMILY THIMONS THOMAS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania St. Petersburg, Florida Volleyball, Basketball, Tri-Hi-Y, Booster Club, Library Assistant, Red Cross. ,mu "Don't forget to let go!" W3 Y Th 'ez A it n V X 5 SYl.lliA THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida Basketball, Softball, PATRICIA THOMAS St. Petersburg, Florida Chairman of Cap and Gown Committee, Queen at Business Club, Business manager of Nor'easter, THRASHER R. TOBIAS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Urbana, Ohio Band Officer, Homecoming Program Chairman, Camera Club, Annual Photographer. F.B.L.A, Reporter. Q , Z , fm PAUL ST EN TOPKIN JAMES WARRNIE ESTHER VAN HART Brooklyn, New York Columbus, Georgia Hamilton, Ohio Sponisli Club. D.C.T., C.E.A. Club. Future Nurses Club, Anchor Club, French C ub 3 15 ,, GRACE Des Plaines, Illinois Viking Talent, Tri-HifY, Anchor Club, Class Night. WW. WW W ANN VAN NEST . Township, New Jersey wifwwiffwf .41 ina, mvgfw . K? ..3'-we-gg -ar , A ' ' ' we . , . A ,, '-it .fa af I im., ,ff lf' M ,i 7 mv'- JFQK f . SCIVER Florida Club' Nurses Club- Tennis, Woys and Means Prom Commiffee l957 FRED Postkey, WAGONER Michigan "lsn'i tho? our pug C-'vig' il " VICKERS Science and Engineering Club, Hi-Y, Rod and Reel Club. fl. 3 :,"ff1"A ff? , V I l - . , , 5 2, CAROL Boston, Drczmcfics Club, Tlnespion Society, Drill Team Glee Club. qu LEO WEIHER WEITZ Anchor Club, Business Tri-Hi-Y, Nighf, Annual Sfollf. Ohm Florida D.C,T. D-C-T BARBARA Bridgeport, Washington, D. C. Managing Editor of Nor'easrer, Sec. and Scroll, Sec. F.B.L.A., Anchor Club, Class Night, Vikefles, Independent Reporter. WHEELER Hills, Florida Radio Club. ROBERT llmllwd' 'U STV Petersburg' Honda "Aw, we are working, Mr. Fink!" Jr. Exchange Club, Quill and Scroll, Treas. and Engineering Club, Viking Log CAROLENE Pinellas Park, Fulure Business Leaders of America. 9 57 QKA. CAROL ELAINE Stilwell, Oklahoma Y-Teens, Future Businessleaders, A Capella Glee Club. 5 Y rw S l957 SHIRLEY WILSON WOODS Jacksonville, Florida l"'dlUf"0P0li5, lndl0f1U iational Honor Society, Chaplain of Future Tri-Hi'Y, Pan-Am Club iSt. Pete-7 lurses, Service Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Class iight. 'Wana-M. SANDRA SUE Our hard-working Quill and Scrolllers? Durham, North Carolina A Capella Choir, Accompanist, Band, Latm Club, Class Night, President Service Cub French Club, Anchor Club. , I S1 A gi irlo if or 1-' L C 'Q--'r' i iii ARRY use YANCEY rov zeieierz Beckley, West Virginia Live Art StaFf, Vikin Lo , J,V. Football, Chemistry Keyettes, G.A.A., Future Nurses Club, Booster 9 9 Club. Newspaper, Annual, Softball, Quill and Scroll, Senior Cap and Gown. i,T MOST INTELLECTLIAL E08 WHITAKER FAITH McALLISTER MR. AND MISS NORTHEAST PERSONALITY PLus TYPICAL GRADUATES My wmffqwwev ' MOST CCLIRTECDLIS LARRY MANN JUDY MAY -11341 'Wm 5 wfwgfgf mm MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED STANLEY SATTINGER LINDA HOBBS L ' ff: Z'-725, ,HA L I ,pn-,,,,,, vv1G""' E z I WWW' V ME 'T-Q X I , W 7 N v ' M Y ' +V .. , L fiiig M . , .HY , L L Y Y , gp MOST ATTRACTIVE PAUL RAY JEAN HAESEKER we ' MOST REPRESENTATIVE GLENDA POWERS MIKE CRAFT iii 5516, 1 Taff TN' Wfif-afrx M MOST HUMOROUS fw,.,fw MOST ATHLETIC BUTCH STEWART MARILYN MARSHICK fish. in WWA ' ' www.: MOST POPULAR WW , .WM .dw-A 'F is V FRIENDLIEST JOAN PU RYEAR TOM ROSKELLY Sify, X to xf if if M W.,...W,,A..m,4,.,.wM..WM.wA...A L-W,, A , , CLASS PALS Ni MOST VERSATILE -af""' CLASS PALS EARL GOODE MIKE MUNCEY I ,gzsf :WC gm ff? ,lfdiflsfw X . .. 2 :wjx .S..., . -vvug .......,,Q.m-0-Q M Ng ww +2 OST TALENTWED 1351555 Xen K. M.. 33 '99 sw pa-... lt's o short hop from doing this to the hospital. nwwwmw , . , .. . , R ACK O SCHCCDL IGHT S. . YQ The picture is up here, folks, World History with on English cccent. lt's beautiful, beautifull This is the woy they look w with them. Anyone for o whnf? of Chanel 3f2'7 l Sprightly interest was displayed by all who l attended. 76 Yes, we still do it th hen I get through tg, Sltggsgmmw is woy. mm Q11 l G ,, if E ' .ji E -721' E y as ,, 2 SQQN1 Mf ggx N M' fb Af5gE?gf6Eif E Ymfj ,mf u N D E RC L SM END, sf. fvefmfg. V' N xkiffw ff! -..A WH K H 1 -' - 'f Q' V- , Q ., M AA,. 'Q - A. .,, ,. . , ,V,,,, K? .W 1' It I' "i I, ', 'I I , '-"':' ",:u'-" ' V. : ,... , ""A .' " lil, ' J H ,, ' "l " V .:,A, ,,..,A Q .-,--""' wff J'fWfNg ww gMM fg' fWx M Qgv+fw'Q ' ,W Q lltlvl .:' vf'f'1 'r if' , ' . ,. Q. .. ", 5' My G A 2, " ,.' nk - VI ' X A M - 'W 1 W . V ' an Nfixn wwgxww M :Hi ...AA. f .- + 2ff Q 1kfQMMfmQvwmfmwKM , .. I , 2 ,MK , r - V, P 1, WM WY-,ww E wk ' -- s M i' nt is ' ri I "i"" F i , W A'A' l , i 'W viii? , me "' XR EBSQ : ' ' 2 lift? 1: 42 fm - fx t iam , '. ,fr ees A 1 A A-1 .1:gI5'1.f-1' gg? . 1: X t ADVISORS Mrs. Hoffman Mr. Darclenne Mei . f ,, 'fissstlsifsasg-ytWsssimtffsisfssirwetz .Qs -s.:,:w,g,,M 'Swat L 4sfsgs:sef,':w'et-'gkzk - et sasemiseesseesgizimtsfa 1 TREASURER: Curley Freak VICE-PRESlDENT: Doug Hotalen PRESIDENT: Sandra Creitz SECRETARY: Jane White The Junior Class this year has been very busy making money in order to put on one of the best proms Northeast has ever seen. Among their money-raising activities they made pom-poms, sold cokes after the football games, sold bumper-strips, had o dance alter a basketball game, three skating parties, and also presented three one-act plays. We have tried to make our contributions worthy ones, and now leave our duties to the future iunior classes, with the confidence in their ability to bring honor to Northeast. nd , M .12 ,. 2. 5 " ii: 'W "' M . W P " W9 1 U Ni ,,:.,.. .- hw 5 s ,sr W ' ., .:,.,,., J , f J . rs W ii N ,qw A "" I , M mf ,. M iw, it George Adalian Barbara Aerts Pat Ainsworth Put Albrecht Wi ig .,AA Z Q, 4 my f i: L A,.. f ra.. .I Q fy, In z 1 Ni . E .A., -B f '-M' 5 L L ., Mary Lou Andrews Gertrude Andringa Roger Apel Q W bi As M0 A 52554 Theo Baer i.,r. r rr r lil, 1. J , Loren Beard George Boice L ,... ' M ff: fi A 'fwagl Q25 Rose Brissette AIK- , K , f f I EE- .rf ' ,mg 7 .sE:,.' .: frgsg Diane Brown Karol , -ff' ,,kksf.L John Beat W v ai E W , 1 le, Mariorie Bolle We M 323, - .mf J it M S WNW I David Britner A L 4 fr as ww, 5 was gm sfiiflllf 4' iii- F Robert Brown , gl Q if William Balries ff? "f 8 -'wif' 5 Q I 3 . ., .. 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Q Q , f , N 2 ',.. f ' M V is , ' Gail Countryman Clara Counts Rena Counts i l l is HBV Diana Cummings Carol Curran Angelina Custode iz: :EZ-:.1 ,,.,., 3: -is A :Tu 15.2 rg.. . I 1. 1 +4 i il A I . -.N 5 ' s .... , ,X ,,:.,, aw , C W. 22332: ,. ,s A 2 'M' ,, - f M fi ' "" 32 'swf - -r, an -51 V f M12Ew: Nona Davis Samuel Davis Ruth Daugherty l sf it D ww 4' :I we I l 3-if l N' l 3 , . i 1" - l A mug 4 L 2' if y D f"'WFv 2 me r ,. if fa ll Jan Duggar .lohn Eaddy Joel Easom Af' ., W ,,,......,.. . , . Q. Q -im is hu? Jig 1 X 5 Eff AM f r Dave Bruneau Virginia Buckley Robert Burgess Verda Buss ex 2- .iv . y A I ' i M gym V . 9 QIAI, Q Ae - .1 5 aft' M' Ralph Buxton Martha Calvert Larry Cecconi Celeste Cipriano Myra Conklin Linde Crain Melaine Davey QW' i R .: .V ,, Sell 'W A' 323 Dale Deckner 4..., 'RQ A A. 1 xi, it , Q ,M vw Q Wu Sandra Ebbecka Wayne Cooper Sandra Corbett Nfl' Joyce Crown. 403 Dole Davis Dorthy Davis 2 Ivan Deitch Y, s is -ii x C Dwfiffm William Elder Doris Delnet , EE? 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' John Hardman 4 Janice Harrison Dorothy Hargreaves . ,Q I V W-J., I "S .1 . 3 X Q 'f A ,Ks Y N Marilyn Hartman 'K ,I egg. , e ,, Jane Fisher Q 'fl my '33 N"'-VV Richard Fraze was 'YZF X M 3:1 Mary Godfrey F wi R ,, WM? 5 1 'S' ,Sf 4 F F3 'th DF 5 vi Velsey Gray fe :Q J' me e,,,,.,o M, Orville Hall ., fi it of 'iv i f .Ac Pat Harmon we is J my ,F F, E9 Judith Hauser "" e , wi Alloyse Flood -V if .Q if , Corley Freck can Gary Goree H T Margaret Grayson L W .. ., Nl-1, gg Roy Haney , ,,.. .I July' my I ., Mig, X di Nancy Harris 'Lf W3 Martha Heath R 'mil e 'Rf wp ak, Robert Forman is R ' Q in ' Q f ,,A f 'if' me Patricia Gont F Q Q Susan Goree Larr Gr: ie , K .I i ,... ..f. 4. i J in M ' 5 A it 9? if Linda Fort Larry Foster as . M, ar- ' ,, W M kt -WA N -iff -Z .- I ., George Gatewood Betty Geiger Gary Gowers Marion Groves is M we 1 Q I If ff fs'- W? it Z, 1' , it 'f E , : . 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J Ji J K i N it J .U ,-,. s ., It E' M ,fl ,sg KE, , Me --:, . .- Ng 1 t figlw " nr: ai. if MFL, Jude Huber Carol Huffman Sterling Hugill Dave Humberstone " V? b.... :mia A ' 4 "Wx I --:, i 5: . , i ,I 1 lv- - -55:1 gi., ,E A ' . :Z Q 2' , if - 1 .. if A ,- .",i ' "" 1 2. Q Allllll X W if if if axes M 14 YA ::, , Q qw ,, A 1 4' .,.--, Ehvww -F35-1 'X "'i , ,..:, ,.:.. ff-if Lynda Jacoway Patricia James Carole Jelich Annie Jernigan 1 X QF, fha A """"f .fr '- M X , '2 iw Pm Q 'P' 3 '55 , . if W V,,. 2 i : EE ,. , , Rx 'M -.wif ' A.. mf-fr -K... J Stanley James Kaiser Frank Kapocsi Bonnie Katchinsky ...., J V ,Q-:Q with A 14 ,ww 1 we , J 2 ,'i' ' X' Wg' -- Wing Q- ,, ,. 3 Barbara Kogerman s ,U ' ,...., A I .r.rr, " l"' ' 5 ' ""' William Lawrence George Kohn Wm Estelle LeBeau John Krege . 32 , z sei" W . J -.HV Shirley Lee .Q X J J "9-wx. 'f , 1 Robert LaBrant '..i. , ,., ,. ..,1.. .:.., , iw Marguerite Leedy " We , wwf ll. Shirely Leigh he l Sheldon McKinnis l as ...iz 4' , Q egg, Lois Martin .- "ww-,. ef 'wi . Xi .Www 'gf' Gerald Mills -?f,4i,iisi,'t x ..,., K 37' E f M if I ,PE Mike Moustakas , . -,-- .,., - -K 'YPA itil' Ester Nickel ii, , , 'ie fy Mary LeVan li, ,.,, .F Aw W M... it V Joan Madden E l K' .2 in i fi? -fi Q nw Charles Lewark Teresa Magee .,.,,' Ti. '43 AW -gb 1 'wr' fi Barbara Menees Robert Merritt K . A W.' , M EM mae. N' V 'iw X135 5 ":' -. .ity-1 RW, I . W . :I V. W K Y Donald Mitchell Gordon Mollenhauer ,wgzf 'Nm Diane Mulligan Judith Nicholson ' xy 2 IIA: U dl '53-N ,,. , I ,-1 i x Jerry Nugent Earl Odom 5 jelswmw Arleen Mu rfin ,- 'V' S ,rv H+ " . M llll A V I V. I w:,-,: 5 ...., . I Ill' V' f ,1'-f': ,,,,:,. " P C' 7 if ' ' - N' . we- t -- 2 "if" jx , A-:M -i . If " i Bruce Little Shirley McClendon Susann McGowan Frederick McKenzie ,. mf .V -1'e , ' -'fr D M. . 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I I I A.,, ,I ':-" S so ,,,.,: I 2, - QI- I QQD, ' l Q I II. ...,, I-I, I I ai, -- III II ,vo ,gm I II EI ,IIE .I ,..- I I I - I ,II ,..,,. I I A ,f A-" 'T , gy' f ffjifsiifrz ,, " we gg iff? '- - " ' N ' 3 S x,... " ' M ' ' T WS' W L. 3 A., M W i Evelyn Sheridan Josephine Shiplevy George Siemers Melody Siplon Judy Skaggs Wendy Sleeth Clqrige Slover 5 ' I . ' I ,QI ' I I -. If , , I I Am, .. IW , Q? ,.,. 'fo Ty-ge Miko -III ., 'IH' M ..V. , ' ' 5 Q ff. Y we 'll sf R " 1 R f f l' J. 4' A E? '--. L! :six ' 1.. it of MW J . Q W E.: . ' H W.. sl , :A ' ' .I ,.,:, 2 ' 'X 6 Aaron Smith Helen Smith Jim Smith Loretta Smith Patricia Smith Ruth Smith lris Snead I is I . I ,NEMII :Y -'f .1 ..,, I, II I. II I izt K J... I ... g ' i ff, I . I -1 - Y , -Eze: . A 2- K Q... 4+ ' 4" Q33 M -f ,V,. 2 Q ,M SWS? WWE E :., ' A ii,i dm , iff my -,J If W I - f Fi., ' Eff -1- of .,, i 0 I ' 1 , I -:-- QI - rs 1, I M I ,,.,.:..., A .. , , - p N We-pI .. II IIIIIIIQIQQ I III,g.I J . .IIII . I III! Roger Snow Joyzelle Sorrells Doris Spaulding Ralph Spaulding Judith Stacey Bruce Stack Harry Steinhardt ,I I is : wi - at an ,. I I I IIII f J s, be-ef .J --, . J fl T if f . l-t- T of is . was 1 if-Er ., ly' , -' Y me K 'T gi M23 Q' mf? I, WH' 5 sfgiwk - E' .. -5' ff 'E' " I fr" . J , S ' A .',,',,,:.Q:2..Zz22:f2?5'' . Q A - sig' ' --'-' wi' at 7 "il-EEL WV ' ' . Mm? W A Eddie Stinson Gertrude Sullivan Lynn Swanson Janice Synstad Ann Taylor Patricia Teague Joann Terrie " 'l-' " 1 "" , I ' as ., ,, 1 . ,.... I .P E ,, on - W... ' "K , Q New it ' 31 ' ,,, Q1 5 M im 7' wi - ,,l.,, .-" " 1 J , W ' l l ., ,J I " W' IA - i'-i .41 ,,.l ---- 1 ,ZW li -N V I ' 5 ,,., f I , I I I ., lI IIIIIII I ., IIIIIIIIZITI ,..: Meribeth Thatcher Frances Thomas Jack Lee Thomas Kenneth Thom GS .II IIN I A l ., -' 2' .ff .1-4 lata" ' 'Fi , W f l L I III , , I ,f we . .I S I wg , , ' 5 , . Q sf. A fs? H ..: as Timothy Thompson Ronald Tichenor Duane Tobey Bobbie Jean Todd III I III - III- --l--'- I .,iI .I T, I I Q. ew, asa II II I .,,.,, II - III , t Q , I Ia I '- f ,. , at -' T -'l'l rw , ty L ' Elizabeth Townsend Gail Townsend Patricia Truesdale Nancy Tucker Fred Thompson Larry Thompson Sharon Thompson ...4 f? ,""'t William Weed Billie Ruth White W ew g K 3 X . James Willson -Q--....., s N :hi Ms Charles Welch f' .."'A' Roger Whitehead ww Robert Wilson A Barbara Wells Marion Whitehurst fi Marianne Wright ., ' J ' 'P is ,i.,., -Q r ---' tsl, fi -15. f J J' 3' A ii .,:,A, i A ,.:, i.V., ' i , i , M, , ,i., , .Y , .,i:, S . f f , ., .,.. 5,, . is im L ,eh ..: + . Z -Lg A V 2 Brenda Ulerich James Unfried Robert Vannatta Robert Vosburg W fy V i i :,,. A J it :., .,,, ,. .- A A A Norman Wagner Thomas Wagoner James B. Wall Delores Warfield 4 .Z., , V . Y Jacqueline Wells Robert Wells Mary Wenner John West if K - Q il We - flill fi 9 4 J jf gf ,.., -1. In rf by Nancy Whitman Walter Wiggins Jan Wilfong Judith Williams . ? 53' Nilliam Frank Wright Shirley Zumwalt Helen Leigh .fv 'Q Q 1 ' J , it , 'Pk ' Y .J , ' - 'V 'gigs 'A h, I-I A. V ,W . yn i Q ii Q . . ,, 9-v . ,,,.. 552 If l , V rv f li- sa 797 p v - J if 1 or 5, i 5' Q J i E A Q: gui f 'li QA 8 Q z Y A J il 1 'ii l il I ,'3f'?Fi5, J Q' 4 W-,sm - ismfmg We fr 86 xi! ' 5 ,,.u4i9' Q mi., , ,. l W WE' A,.. X .Ax was ' ' . 22-Q . :: . ff ,EQ .-7"g,:' X S Qgfgg i A - M E 7- - I s QQ " ' .zz if iDVlSORS Mrs. Robinson Mr. Bowles Miss Gillham Mr, Morgan WP ,luv-A E---1,5 f if F ,515 VICE-PRESIDENT: Larry Hawkins SECRETARY: Sharon Van Sciver TREASURER: Dawn Colfer PRESIDENT: Mike McNerny We, the Sophomore Class, have Tried To make This year a success- ful one, raising money by collecting our class dues and having bake sales every week. We have had two enjoyable dances This year. AT this time, we would like To extend our deepest Thanks to our class advisors whose help and guidance we greatly dppreciaied. X K: Ji' an ' gli .., A A :ii of V fl. -." ' -3 X Q' -' x Rebecca Abernathy Alice Acker Mary Lou Adams Carolyn Aiken Keith Allen ,--i - iff I Elf., .... -tv , Q Deanna Bailey if ' lf 4 , -fjz. David Bernstein ,J 11 ' ' Judith Bond ,1-ta ., W V J sin Q Charles Branan Ma ry O. Brown Robert Allen 12 .2 'M 'Q Terry Allen as Q ggi ,E i ., . if L. Robert Baker Bruce Barr A "i'i"' Madeline Betts Mike Bowen in if Edward Bigger W A 4 gf size in Q if Bonnie Bowman I:I::'E'S William Brennan Priscilla Brown Bruce Brown if V N, ,K 1 f., nw Rhonda Brown .41 Carole Allridge Q NR swtfnl , ,'zX'51ff" i C E4 Carolyn Akin pn at an 1' i :.,,., ,. 3 ,Q Aw VW- ' mu. J Maw Judith Akins Kay Amend William Argyros Beth Bartlett Claire Beaudet Devale Bisher , 1 41 Ralph Bowman 3 few? ., envy I Craig Brown Vernon Brown Dennis Bishop Susan Boyd Y,iQd0P1 I" , QW " , Gary C. Brown 4 7 A, ,,. , E 5, WL? Mx Wesley Brown ,. 4 ., Ai? Jerry Alderson MSIE, V. - , Z.- Ezra Bagwell fr-.,:, ..:,, .. i ""' V 1, A- 14 - yogi so Tony Becker Sharon Beckus .,... ' ' 'l l :iifia ' J I Dorothy Blagden James Blue " ir gm , .V .," E554 Margaret Bragg Wesley Bragg is g g . 1 - W V . is ' -If sg Gary E. Brown Mary E, Brown '17 T. ,. ' -qw., A ""f i William Bryan Sandra Burgette Pima Wax., Phillip Burns Barbara Cashin .A,, 1 .P '- ': is 1 Rooert Buss ' ,Mm . V ww ff. M A , Peter Celli ' e .,. . :::: Ronnie Chevalier Patricia Cherry 3 James Coffin i 75555 l Ken net h Cook ,. ,I Phoebe Cupples n 7 Thomas Davies in runny, li: ' Ruth Cohoon A :,,.. Dawn Cotter Joyce Curry - 5 fi' M Billy Davis .- ,V W. as -, .rg Ur' 2: I 'M 4 N Sandra Butler Ted Chambers I Joseph Cianci ,.. 'e"3,1A .332 is , .Z .rg :sw V - John Cannon :EQ A y P R ll it Thomas Chamlee L Dei-nis Clark MAN? Chloe Collins Charlotte Conant :rf Daniel Cottrell M. Q -1. .f 75 iz- Thomas Custode Hazel Davis fag, ff fm Q, : We Maxine Crenshaw 2 Roy Canon rag? . ,f ,wif W M f .... :,,, . 53:1 V James Chancey f 13-ff Julia Clark A 5 i k -V.,, Charles Conner L s 3 F La rry Crockett Carol Carr Mary Butt J X fm El Jon Carrington , ..,. A gags lQ,,,sMv3'3l V Sue Ann Charron Q L -1 -. : N I. . . ,.,,., MM . QQQQEQ egm g? qz, 'T 32 .C :.:: llll: ,. . ,X .. Clarence Cleesattle John Coate K , F15 ' wi Martha Connor I George Culverhous W , Gerald Conrad Jon Cummings - -- , v .Zan , l g ...A , h is if 'J ' Rein ggi? 'if5' J-se' 'vi+w+, ii felis ' r J J I 2 .1'- 2, 'I' kia' Norris Cutler Alice Daft Rudy De'Angelico Bob Daniels kk T N ,w i Robert Craft Marietta Davis Diana Dean Charlene DeBoer , , mi a W 'gg ,J 3 I 2: - R ,.,. 1 A:- YW t M f if rf be - ' . ., .M 'rg 1 we-a I - W L: ,lima 1 f ':: 1 -4:1 W 'Q ' Y 1 WM sg it 5 5 WE F? 1 Jacqueline DeChant Cora DeGroot .. G s ,,.:. In i' 'mil ' Susan Doubleday Dusty Downs Donald DeLancey :AZ ,. .-, ."' g' ,V William Downs A K 1: :',':Ij'Ie:5I,g:, :g ' - gi ,k ,sr sr 3 Lynn Dwyer John if E Phillip Evans We Q are X it Q w 2 Sf U ' -':- is-gag:,:-,.: 1. -.iff Eames Barbara Eastman - we Laura Ervin Ronald Fallender Ronald DeLancey -sf 'Mm I Lester Dufford Carol Easton rw -f ff we , ' fl Qs THA : Tom Fay get 4 V : Jerry Flint James Flood Margaret Flood Jackie Forsythe 4. i -,- My :gl y In -N i J " 'xg Kenneth Freeman Diane Frankenberg Carolyn Fulkerson Anna Lee Furner xml "fd f . .-.. Q -,,, I' at li i Nj I A 1'-:. ' lvll N 4 5 :ll V ,Z fa q - 12131 ,,..,, 3 ii Nina Garrison Phillip Gause Richard Geary Kathleen Giacobbe Janet DeLauder N e f f A " ' A Donald Dunham se ,,,s - Julie Edwards 5139 1 Af M Pat Ferguson W M 9 ., J we i f 15350 Q i gag Neil Franckle , , 3 2:.f...t , , V v I 2'22' Carolyn Garner Bill Defterline Thomas Dunn J M vt A f.,- 1 U- Dorothy Elwell Fred Fillmon Em .Mi S Clarissa Fraze 4 IZIE 1 Lewis Garney ii, .3 . E l la .,,. fi Z Arise Harry Diebold 'df 14 is Gary Duval ik We Ra - . -I David Evans Bobby Fitch Q it y . V.,,, 3,- ls tfr Ill' i he Cliflord Freeman 17 L E ,, , Q tyyytt t Marvin Garrett , . . A few Doris Gilbert Janice Goddard Penelope Goodman K ll ,.,,,, A VW 'liz 1. 'AA Larry Goodrich Roberta Gourley gf 6 . V.,A. ,mv-v 4 ., xy A.. J. H. Grooms Adrian Hadsock Q iii? A Alan Granger 'X' Henry Haeseker ii r ' ' rvr. 25:5 IW Q ' " - Q ij- A 'img f r fr, W' - 4 1 L 1 3- ., -- ig. '-- wi f i -.. Mike Hammill Sandra Hardin Ruth Hardin -J W -f i sf' k ef? w e s E. f or Warren Hartman ,. ' A ,.' M s Dorothy Haselfine Edward Hafch .I- EW 5 il? ff J xi sy A 4 'Q E M,Q4 ..rr,. as fi? ir Charles Hedgepaih Werner Heil 'Q My H' . .av- ,. A '. r 'U Q, N,,w,,f"! Richard Herr MDP George Hilliker lx . L . 7 7 Mary Hopper Jonathan Hook Jane Heilbron Harriett Hilton Malcolm Hooks fa,-5,w ..1 'S' 43" Q Nancy Green Q Edward Haeussner Q W ,S John Hardison , , W N? m Larry Hawkins aQ, ds- Edna Heiser Kathryn Holden gg ' o ij Houston Horne ea - -'I E Y 'vw .X ' "' Steven Green .gms 5 Q Barbara Hall Charles Harris Ruby Haynes - 1 bk. 4: Jack Held Wi Linda Holmes jim Lee Howard A - iz.. Billy Greene gmf , ,. .4 L H Nw. . QV I Joy Greene M James Hale Carl Hamer 'rl .ML . . ., zz Q .. : - Larry Harris Carolyn Hartman ge " fi " Jerry Heald sf Elaine Herce ag .. . 15 ,V Carol Hood Gerald Heckathorne ' , ':, f....., . 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', fa, ' J Ronald Zay .5 Q.. fl .Iam 5,2 'l f,:E: , 1... ,ss , T, halt Marge Swartz Carolyn Walter K 1- rS5E1:"'. - sv , Margaret West D Pamela Williams Jean ne Wood , 1. 2 S' J' r rw l Frank Walther George Warren A 3 4? elores Westerman John Whitaker W2 llwn A Patricia Williams Walter Williams Y rt rv I .mf ,112 4 Petr iva Wood Rose Worley l .ev v-if ,..,,..,. s Ursula De Long Joan Dodge M--v-....,,,, 9 I 'Vhnqg ,Q 6 5 mia,-, W2 s i si Y fr i 1 Wm? .MMV XDVISORS Miss Tyler Mr. Haynie Mrs. Anderson Mr. Ward is r Ns-. if ,eff ,sv fl ff! 1- 3 va! TREASURER: George Kramer PRESIDENT: Allen Wheeler SECRETARY: Beverly Barton VICE-PRESIDENT: Susan Swift The Freshman Class had come to Northeast High School this year from Mirror Lake and Lealman Junior High Schools. They have entered into activities and accepted responsibility with commendable progress. The "Sweetheart Swing," held March 8th in the Northeast Gym, was sponsored by the Freshman Class. ll . .V,,Q., , J , .,L, . fy W Wayne Adams Charles Adalian Calvin Adams Carole Adams it 'A it rf I Don Anderson Lynne Anderson J 6 --.- 2-1:1-Z,.'E if A Dave Andrews Charles Anker g ff? , Q , - jig , J we sw, 6 .r,. 5 gigs -V ' 3- Q J A li l 41 Qy s V .Z,:: , Q ,, ,sw :-, J. LQ v K .. In Bonnie Allen Clifford Anderson K .' ' -gtg I-vin... f 25 Rella Anderson Bob Anderson J C 3 N I Q 5 5.3 J Eddie Arnold Janice Artis .-A-:--:- 2 V A',:,.A 1 :Zi ull. U Js lgw V H :bv , ,,.,, I YW H .-- N., Qll. li we -. -, gel .se :, if ii .sr 4 :f ..L. Hz: - V ws' , - z , , . iw X , 3 1 2:1--f - 7 J ' .gf SB" N3 Z' ll A 5 tif ' ffi ' ' W? -I 'ff ' -. .Y ' 1,3 ,gil -3 - L fit' Ziff "": Q W , 221,515 he XE J . Miami Sandra Jean Bailey Wendy Bailey Jim Bakeis Linda Balcon Joanne Baragona Judy Barnes Jim Bartlett Bev Burton '--' t .,..,-, e, . ' - 1.2 T ,ulv I A A M ml: J if H my -'-' H . A .'., - 1 - - A A H , ' -3 ' 5 - 'Me , fs 'ri m Q' W, -:., : .I Y -V ' iii .'.- ' , N 'Q my W y? C WN if Wi Q, in img 'Wm Mahi . g Q' J if I Ea fs J 5 ri - e9f'efl5'l-' ' f fl, - . FH 5225? ri W 'J - , A A J ff 'e" s 2 ww e J at C 4+ ,if J M My QW I msg mi, ...F 4 J Beverly Barton Beverly Bass Larry Bossett Charles Bearce Roy Beck Wanda Belew Don Bell Noel Bennett , 1- ..,....: i ---- ' H Q C , -' ' '- .:,, , W ' Q '-.' A ' ""1 '- -. .5-Q.. . ff A A Q J , -if BQ ef eff J M . J A C C sg L W, W w ,. Sandra Bennett Eunice Benoit Gloria Benson Henry Berge Dick Bernardy Barbara Bessey Mildred Bethocourt .loon Betts ,.., :iii Q 'P y in ' ,g1 ,..:,. ,:.,5 ,. 1 H ' ,gg .,,',. -' , . rr, , fe 2, W " Wm? --',.' I 7 Wx 2:11, A 4' ' ' 'N ' ' J, 7 . W - , " . 1 113' f p 5 zgfgi W " 'ff' ' gy if-5? U J' is 14 if ser ' at in me ,.- 1 K - . . , ' Mit 75' if " 3 ' J A . " 1 J ' A .,,: . ,. 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Q' I, k 4 my, in T' J 4 HQ Jennings Campbell Catherine Canncey Charlene Carlin Olga Carrigan .lames Carver Robert Cates Ralph Chambers Margie Chapman R Q ' 'Q .Q fi! Q A Q ..,r, Q Q Q . ,X y 2 L H . he 'r J is W , S13 in 'ft e W W C, 'Q , A J R f Q s I t fr f M ' M 4 0 . ,,.- gig- . 4 W :Sgt-Ex . , gm TSVR blvzv -4 if 7' " i or ., N A WA Walter Chase Michael Circle Albert Clarke Barbara Clark Jules Clavan Diane Clem Diane Cobler Nino Cohen gm, 2 335235. :,, ,. K - . ..Ei 7 V J , ,,. ::, J E, 5 .I M R .. ,, r My W ' A. r 5 .5 l -f J ' K N f . , 1 2 1 . J f ' ' si? J are 2 i 'ni ' , Az M1 ,' b wma ' 5: N? 1 5 " Walter Collany Norma Cook Barbara Cooper Frank Cooper Karen Cooper Wayne Cooper A 1 .r,., Q' .24 5 V., A W , K' ' W A J vhs ,Z , K J Y Robert Counts John Copes t 51,12-.3 l . 4. Q we is d Cull 'R Q A. Lg' 3 Donna Cuccinello San ra y Royce Croft "V 2: P1 -by Evelyn Dallas Diane Cuccinello .. X Y f ffl Arthur Daniels aw. Vv Q Roger Dauyard Gerald Davis Michael Davis if W? QQ: 4 . RFE? If I Arthur Decker f Q Wv l fi' 1' Eugenia DeMar mf in vi Q? 'af at Paul Dietrich up , we wi N, at l H 132 Charles Donald lim ,, JE. V A 5 M ,Q J U f""'l ef. - WY 4 ,, iff, lg W 3 , Jane Deeg is Q1 " ..-.,' A. V ll., Shirley Demar ,fi is ., "r. 2' , Q. M- is 1 nr Af ,nf Q' 1' ,sn . J' . nj L, W, 1, 3. 5 Betty Dihm Ann Crowford ea We ' E kwa- Q miilxxxs 2 Daniel Donat Roberta Donnell 2.25 5 1-,.: ,.:, i tl Doreen Dutcher Ingrid Dworak Bill Dwyer 'W uf. Betty Ferguson Jacque-line Fisher fm -J ef' if ,5 il Q Ai tm. 4- X ff V l v' :Q we Patsy Dills n rr Yi -mr Gary Douglas Lonanne Decresie 'NJ rv 4 James Decresie VW , g if Q xg , Barbara Deetz .fi . 'J i 3 251552 Eileen Dersch Q D' Kathryn Dodson Betsy Diodato Sharon ixon .. ,,,.:. Q may as , ,, James Decsie 4' 4 sw Frank Delay ...., 51 lllil ' J Peter DeWitt ' W rf 1-. Jane Dodson , ggi or X ,i J 1. J ..,.- j Q S.. ' sw ,,.l-v.- : W , 5 Nr E U K ' -14, sw i il Margaret Dubose sfig, ...' fi , I it si A . me ,L . Elaine Erlich .,,. E mls J off pe g -- .,.,. l Jean Easton Q., K ,gm Q ,.,, H' E W Mi, ,fit ...- no Q ' 'sa rx Helen Fitch Chris Fleming Elba Flowers Judy Dunning Mary Duport F 5 A. f :S AA, -,N W ::' '- Q K 'Q . 'Q' W if s .... ww 'ms . 'ar ig W , iggwgi June Durham 'Rs fm fi - T -ai N Ester Glenda Fast Joseph Essig ancy wa -:,, V SZ Sharon Folsom Rita Frank Bill Frankenberge F XX -1 r N c N gg-I 1 im fc .Vw - r' V33 W , .-JN ,Sg- sf ,225 -V W 5 ., , al J '1 -Q ' Mn ee "1 , nf W " '33 win :eg 5 , u ,v . .,.,, .Ar 4 ef W .:, -Y .ee W in 1 nf' 3 " 1 E X . ,XV ,V VW I R 5 A . Q. :ree up ' ,- ' 2 N Sanford Frazier Sharon Freshwaler Sandra Friedrich Barbara Fugua Judy Fugua JoAnn Fulford Gary Fuller Cecil Gage ff? .,,., 4 715, JV mi J 1 J J if Q- y i up ' . "ig E F 41 nf- We "" ad 4 " . V, I ' F . QM 3 cv V W it ff . l.r- F Q' are 2 ' ,5 or ef? M' -F M ' W W ,,.,. 1 we fer N. 2 fi 1 Sf lis Gan? Ann Gay John Gingras Karen Glendinning Glenda Goley Richard Gourley Shirley Graham Phyl wx Ulf MW? 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Y - F - Mg 'F I - H " A H Q ':,fr1':5,'5Q,Qf ,Q ' C,-Gig Hoskell Jerry Hasfings Margaret Hafch Mickey Hazellief 8 L J' ii ., 'V ' if ii i 'N ' i i John Heiser Linda Henderson ,.,. .. . . , 3 ,W 251, ' do .3 ga 4 kgffkbfig V George Hieber Barry Hildebrand ,Q 5 s ,M N .2 Betty Hill , we 'Q' mm- Billie Holtman warm. , Jv- lf N Craig Holt 'il me , .sf ,L .. ,gk jk Q .. W. ,, ' if Carolyn Hiney 1' w as Cherie Holden Rebecka Holmen as S WMM? 253: 'Ill' Josephine Hooks Bill Hooks 25 ws . to Xi Kent Hobbs Ceo K '- i'B,,N 3 1 .v- 4 Evelyn Hoc e lg sa as Y 'rw if fl 5 K f k tt Pat Hoff Arthur Holtman ,, in gg. -1, ' f"".' iw N 'lc' .-,. '- H 75 ...,: .Q l , 35? K "'t""j ' Linda Holley Frances Holmelin 'iffgf . '. 1 M .QI ? ii .3 Joe Hood Margaret Hook ' 4. .hw r . I . gm V -3? , Q as is , fi., ::'.' ' hw 3 f M 1 g rr assi? ' ' ,, V 9 swf W Terry Hootman if Q s , , ... -. .J . ww Erich Huber Robert Huber Carole Hudson . ..... ,",,"'ql Z ' , ' .sf V,., ,V i ,fx fr y r J as so Betty Ingold Howard Isaacs Richard Isaacs H ix V. ,.v. , E ,ls rm Aim . I F '-vV. : :J ws 1 V W 'a V 1-V , Donald John san Willard Johnson Jerry Joiner Carl Hoppenstedt Linda Hughes ,Q Q1 1 -:sg ., W 4k -1 wgzyz. f Carl Jackson 9 1 f fi f was V, . may Sandra Hopper Carl Hunt Q' an if ' my ff? Sidney Jackson 5 mm .Ez ' Michael Horton K 'r ,M ,r 1 N7 4 Kathryn Huntley 'Nw ' Geraldine Howe Drussella Hurley arms.. , -r . 'N ,. ai Pal James Mary Janey M r. if 1 4 'ff ff 4 is 8' Sally Jones Hamer Jones Marcia Jones Diane' Jordan Dennis Hubbard Pat Ingham C is Wanda Jergens ws , R ...qi . .f-rf' x Carolyn Judge ,L WEN.,-5 L l , My EMR? - Richard Kapocsi fflw X351-.g as .Q , ,. ..-2212? wg ,L Don Kelso 'V rn 7 v WW Muriel King x K ez W if rx, Rita Kohls riiw L v, , wi, if Art Lang 1 'W Sonny Leigh 'G . 'W' Bern'arcl Kehler Q! 6 Y' L 'rr A Peter Kersher , 51. 4 W ,J lf. Eg .1 g et - Sl John Knowlton J, 32 if n M X X wi .. , 4:43.12 WSE . I0 Y I me W EZ.: i V- -,gif :,:' 1 wi Liu V . ,M , fn V EM E Pete Karagines Karen Korner Sharon Korner 5 Q ' l , +25 fr' J W T Eleanor Kelton Kenneth Kennard John Kerner x eww . f is , 3 , H " " 'Wi y J 1, , 3 -I if J if ts. Rodney King Susan Knisely Robert Knowles ' -. ..,. A A , , . ' f JM' ' .L " I 552:51 "' X Carole Kramer if ' r . 0 ..'! y I one if s vs "i' Y Toni Larimer f wr is M George Kramer Jiajfk Annabelle Larson Lillian Lerner 1' - . Allen Lewis Judith Lewis en, W4 David Krumwiede Evelyn Kuehl 3 AM t - 52 4 J L Andrew Keller 91 , . I li' Y Ne. "ff .. 2 Bobbie Kettle f Diane King "Z Wilmer La Brant .J 4? 3 Doris Lashley V fm-1s , si I Q ' 12 , H. H " Barbara Kel ly ,lv Nw VW. Carl Kiebler ,www 5 A 'wi' Robert Koch "" ? Danny LaDulce Emily Lashley W -as - . v -4- Diane Lester 2. Susan ne Lewis Q'-' . V A. , min : I g Judith Kelly Q Ronald Kimball Y tr . 5, ,Lift me I an Christine Kohls "' 'dy 5:, ,. A. 5 X wr' Q Robert Lombeck .ts J James Lee ...L . Q :2::I: - W.. . w L Wayne Lester sn- . Judith Locket! 4 QU' ,K , sw ,, A -fn: I 'W . Q it J M2 at - ,J Y f will f iw ga y F J ,cf W rc. ,M i X. , y My ' .. 'Gu-. 3 3 1 K v Q4 v .Q K lam? iz I A., A J' gk- V ' R ' f , J -' - it ..., .3 3 f E ' K y A A "Y we ' my wi W ei 1 , Bob Loeber Celeste Loeffler Linda Love Mary Love Linda Loveioy Alan Lowe MX Q 'i Q ,, wt 1 , J -ff A ff Q? . ll mf Nfl Christine Licslcinslci Gordon Lundbeck Larry McDonald Connie McGeehar '-'-' ""' ' 2 I, . .. :1 L M315 S My, Wim' Z? 3' N J if Melinda McKenzie Archie McKinnis Ronald McLain Vi Jean Mc Williams , I . if .. :Q , . .,., I.:- L :li - : E , - yr 3? . t .- , .. In tl J., ' c R S 'M ? L.. sb ., x J lik, Q: 'fd Mike Maiocchi Dorothy Mantell Merritt Marks Judy Martin Steve Martin Ronald Mason Beverly Matheny Gary Mears MQ, t V ,ML Q: 65 'V 4 '2 W . 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J fi? lg rr Wgx ' nf gf, John O'Neill Richard Oppel Gene Osterhout Ev . Q.:-: A ' r ' 2: ,.., - V uw, Y ..,.L,.2.:R Priscilla Pabst ':- ff' J A .iw , Patricia Pa rl pyano la 'll' J Q TY' ,B , W 5 it . 4 it G , I r" 1-W 4 .,4-: WJ' Gary Munn Robert Murtzell Everett Myrick Larry Nastri Darlene Nations f' 1 f--- Z '," .:. gy t nmiwvq ,W Q we gas V . ' .ef veg ' ' A H1 4, Q ' 6 .f if 'X 'ff if X , , ' WWW , T 'M ' f qt-, Janet Neuman Rose Newman Tommy Newsom Bonnie Nixon Jeffrey Nichols ms -J A J r J -':,, .Ir ., - J gf 32? N 3' MVK H .. t :Ev A ir. it J H Karl Nouiainen Barbara Nunn Jean Olivera Joanne Olson Memory O'Neal .Q J 'Fill 'llllll ,lf .1 as " ., , A ,V ,. , W . ., Vtfrli A ,.,. V,, . Miz 1. ' M 4' , .Pg , Judith Ostrander Ruth Owen Arley Owens Judy Owens Barbara Oxley A it h -1:::':::,....., I EIL-ln" - ,ie ir V V W , K ""' 1 'HMI Jaan Palmer Joanne Palmer Carolyn Parks ...FZ 5 A 3, .1 ,em V- If Q Y lite Qs, J 1' E M t., Virginia Patten Joyce Payne ,.., t Q 1 ,,v, 7 f. 31, T M .. ' 5 , Eggs. .L , 'fffr me Jerry Peel Reba Peacock Elizabeth Pace Donald Palmer '42 'Wk iq. av . e.. V' Ha Marthanne Patane Robert Patten Sr 'S-'S'-1 M We y A-f if Marilyn Payne Thomas Payne s - x I x. s ' K -..,:: f Huw" it Barbara Pelletier Jeanne Pentecost X .,,, 1 - l 3 , ms Lenore Perkins Richard Persson Jacqueline Peters George Perrykowski Kathleen Phillipi Carolyn PHS ' n g E Q f 5564525 f , - is 'J J .. "IE V, ,l -, J A , - fe if ,, , 1 ,W Jr his Af ,.,,,,- Q M nasal M 5 t 5 A Q - gf, -2 if :gi , rm Ja Q is George Pinckney John Piper Gerald Polk James Polk 5 - vi. .. i 'Ti' my f 5 fr , f ' A., r-'vi 'fi as R P ' ' fi G f Jack Polk George Potter Robert Potter Jerry Potts M "' - ,Q i fide, ,- , ' ' 5, , ,1 Q, r 'W ' ir N 6 W 11 Q-A R ' Qi: 'f -Je A Q yi, " J - 1 , M , N P g , K7 s .,.,. , me TZ, use if , .,., Charles Poust Huston Powers Doris Preston Linda Price Joe Prill Gayle Purdue Linda Purvis John Quarles xv -' .. , , , . E-M age. 1 Q M V WM K A1 F, 3 sw ,Je f - . ' J- A we '12-.4 Sw 'A pe. 5 A 556, 14 it 'ri -' QQ V lf' X' A X Q get K nf fl if 9 1 ty , ... 51. A, N If V: AL WM I H A Q Mg? 1 r Ki H . , V A .lg:: 6 . f,,.l: if Fai 4' li Lois Ramsey Bill Reid Norman Rice Donald Rickards Phyllis Robertson William Robinson Louise Rogers Tim Potter I " H sr ei Q ' ,, ,.. -f M-A l? 'gr . V' U 1 5" 4 f - ' what I .' -r - i we ' so fi fi A 'P J Q ' 'El' J PM is is 1 is " 4 v. :Xie ww 3 ,gi V . Val Rohrer Sandra Roos Edward Root Howard Roydhouse William Rossley Sandro Russell Joyce Rywant Marrilee St. George gg Q 'W :Q -51 65 4 i 6 f I sr .. - Wm F L , ,. 'P fa ,, 35:1 "M ' "" Y' " A W iff 4: A , 1' as 1 W ' ' Q A . . 1 ' N s My g . A Y Nj K gy I A I - My f ,,k , t N ..,a . I ,My 3 , ,4:1m :z,-b 4 I, f - .... 4,25 P Madeline Salmeri Rose Salmeri Eddie Salsman Frank Santy Susan Schaffer Fred Scaggs Susie Scheal Dixie Schmidt 5,3 ,... , if .,:: . ,,,, . . ,A: S ,.,. L 1 : . i . y SW S ,C , Q ,,:., 3 ,., 1 S . V I I ,Q firm ff gi 4 Q fe? J i S W ii " 1 S S Q ' .. A J Janbd- ii S att Julia Sennette Joyce Sexton Janet Seymour Jean Shaw Patricia Schroih Charles Schwinn Carolyn Scott Mary Sc mf 5 rt' fm bvll .'.., A 5: 'if' ., Y i A 2 Z.. Q 1 352.1-P V 3 ,M - ,Qi . W -' ,, 4, 3 . E ,W W - . . J J H . fi up . 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' 'M I Harriet Spring Jacquelyn Stacey f -,,'i ,A Grace Steward Sandra Stewart F' W.: 'A ,, '69-4 mf k,' ww Linda Siumpft Ray Sfyers Gordon Stager Sandra Stallman fix Barbara Stedman Cynthia Stevens Q, 2 -1: M, fs., - Af' ,. me Eleanor Stockey Arden Stough lf, ,,... f Q E . Pwze .. A My gift? A 3 iw. is ,X 1 www Q .x Rodney Sutherland JoAnn Sutter Qi if x H , . t, , gd V-it Y E-ZH ' " K ,i 'nf 1' 'ff I M We T ' Q fi s 'T T fi T332 ., N Q 3 wa:-367 A - t if , 1 f , U mf ..:.,.: - I iz J: I la 551951 lillll fir i M Peter Swenningsen Carole Swenson Susan Swift James Taber Undo Tempus PM Thomos T " . M Y ,Q 7 1 ' ,rl J U11-Sis i ' W- an . Q W J, 4 1 , 0 L we is Allen Thomas Diane Thompson Tom Thornton David Thrumsfon - ,..l, .. .. ' Q3 ' "': 1 ,I as 1 ' ' ' fgfis 1 5 Y , Q S Sv iw. . E N ., ba an M , K is , T V T' J' ,, Roberf Thrumslon Carl Tilllorook Eldon Todd Beverly Tomes i i , . Q I ., , 1 was 4 T. 'X' 'ms we ,. A , -V aw 44' Q 3, w 3 A s A. f . ,Q ie ww Y, J, 5515? H Linda Tomlinson Ann Treckey Gary Trimble Sharon Turney John Vaughn Ralph Venezia John Vefier Michael Veifer J i M 5 5 ' W N I ,M S erm .Q 53 V, rpg, xg-, AX we 3 K e s,.,mif33'gQ K - 'sf X , 1 : ,M 'lf' 3 L, mf A gs Mn gi, -was ' Nm W. V ,, er nf ff M Y Vexhzs M -2 A ,, 'wg ,v-v U : , y W k 4 Km ' f .Q 2 ,sc ff ' Michael Vigue Alan Vision John Visfor Charles Voigt John Van Kaenel Judy Wagoner Kenneth Wagoner Mary Walker if 2 ' . .' ' , 'f W J . Q may prim I , l we l 3-1 Qi' -V me ' - M 2-QW 'lv 5 ' "N" i 'fag A ' mf' Q M1 Y N-l'g5f,xl 'DJ rin? .M W . if .. Wqfgg WW T, 25-if S , , F 4 L ,ii :W H1 1 ,, M.. if Craig Walsh Neil Walers Mike Walion Robert Walson Richard Webb Ernie Webster Elizabelh Wells Allan Wheeler 5 r," , L-in 357 Ag isa N v as lag ya Vw M Q4 eg? Wfim ..,. Aa gi: - K 7 A , 'x r D 5 V, NN . 'my Q, T, W ' M... 6 ,:' View if Q Y 4- r' M , J W ' 1 A N' gf 3 by B. ,Q-259' f if 'D . ' Q f as T N. 'T in ' Harry Whitstine Nancy Wilkins June Williams Robert Williams John Williamson David Whilaker Frank While David Whitney Qi- . 1. it " 5 'sr ,gf ' M1742 fam A J 46,3 . Dorinda Willard Stephen Woodward 'if Edward Armstrong L..-. XT s , fe- . Z James Ryan , X, ' 521 .- iw' 5 James Wilson Tyree Wilson Devona Wingfield C WR :Ig WL J ,wi :Y .,... was , SEA! M I. ,.,,,A , in M 5 ' 4 H ' ll 2'5fflli5 ix 3553 Virginia Wyckoff Robert Zaiser Beverley Zamoypki Anthony Zeoli Arthur Zoellner 1 1 ex ki- ytyit t 5 rm fy., 7 ,Q .,,. ff Si. . i,g:,M W v Roseller Cook Dennis Driscoll Ray Grosskopf .A:.' 51 'W' JH -1 H 'B fs... in F ,M 'YSL -gy N44 ' fy. ' xi ,W 'tw Aa ff" it he jeu My V, . nl-1. X 2 W,- lwv si' l aw 2 f 5 Q RECOITDERS Each morning we hear the voice of either Gilbert Jackson or Helen Moore, starting our school day with a brief passage from the Bible, the Lord's Prayer, and the salute to the flag. These services are brought to us through the Youth Fellowship Club, which also sponsors the chimes at lunch. Left to right: Mr. Whitted, Gilbert Jackson, and Helen Moore. MONITCRS I' ,,-?V g , L -1 M 5, Mr. Whitted Sponsor Standing: John O'Neil, George Krommer, Arthur Winters, Robert Zeiser, Don Richards. Kneeling: Pat Tomlinson, Jim Geary, Lindo Perkins. These are the hard-workers who help us with our "organized confusion"! l IO - 'if i s 14 , X PM "1-:: QQ? V515 1 n 'P Q 5 V3 :.:. A b Q 1 'W xi Vg ? Z , :,i, 3 .S7.,mLaf!lfn9 id .me of Me FEA TUR Eg ilz u date. M , , Y, ig 1 , Q .2 . A,, b 1 "' i 1,454 A W .. ,...-. 9 Kiggwmf , We accepted with gratitude the flag from the American Legion. il' L These are the pert and pretty representatives for Northeast this year. The fall brings something besides brown leaves and cool weather-the beginning of trainings! wwf ., , was-t..A be Adlvle, ' I t r M if it 3, 4 i ., Lovely homecoming queen Jean Haeseker l 2 Q ii , ,5 at ' ggi E? I f ,i i . l T' V L ,.,:,,.,,.,... .,,...,.. i I: g n 5 MQ X .X Quite a dazzling array to sparkle at our Homecoming Game eh Northeast? Linda Hobbs Sue Akins, Sandra Pellerin, Jean Haeseker, Alisan Quackenbush, Luise Doubleday, Shirley Atkins, Jackie Isaacs, Gail Long. '55, The parents got o taste of everyday school routine during Back to School Nite. These girls do a fair share ot representing Northeosts colors. 5 ...AV .. EVE2'w'LWf W-Hd HAS NZLVIVA N WU ' x ft' M L' get 2 -9 A if . .gyylflifisf With the help of the art department, everyone was reminded of the meaning of Thanksgiving Day. A brush with royalty for the lad. Two cheerleaders, large economy size. NOV BE 'QETWHVX A good try on a brave night. .fl A gi! T22 -5, Q W M, . Y W raw 2-'ig ,... , ees, . , f,,..w .ey-. ..., . - ., .-.W ,,,...1e.. .... ..X.o.,.. Where did we pick up this fugitive from the football squad? If nf -xii No snow, but c wonderful ottendonce cmd cz blg success come under heading of the Snowmorvs Bounce. Doris Hart, Fogeros bit of "Tennis, anyone" to Mr. Sexton and the students. DECEMBER . .. 1, Ag .4 Friendship, friendship, lust Q perfed blendship! ? if xi . . A yn: ,,:., M in J 'fx .,.' ' fx Y e wwf M W S .. jf ff? 5,5 Pe ff 5 QW 7 ,. g ""' E ,gay 5 'Z - f Q a' Q g ,ri . , , J 5 nj' ' 'N 3 Y' ,. ' if i 'Z i , 1 r A fri gg is , 3 A ig gi V 3 1 5325 i A i ,, ri Q iw fi ki Q ., , X . 3 riff if Nine degrees-slurp-io The lefri i There must be a pup of o caption for this one I cont think of Once again, now, from the third stanza-er, bar! The Harem from Howoii rated fifty dolicirs in the March of Dimes auction. LICTIO ks' A-' rr :iffy 35561 B Lu Von Pierson Art Edilor VIKI LOG Kwfff mamma Ann Muncy, Beth Kuhlrhou, Pol Tomlinson, Korolyn Bcgg, Nile Shea, Lo Von Pierson, Joe Dill, Luise Doubleday, Bonnie Hughes, Jere Slore, Myrtle Bodger, Connie Brown. Adv. Mr. Fink -'Ii lim-,g by Craig Brown, Robert Miller, Bill Tobias, Marion Liczbinslci, Howard Geory. ink .,........-...nw Editor-in-Chief ,,,,,,...g.. Anne Bradley PHOTO ' . i A' """"'!' Head Photog., Bill Tobias TAFF- I957 LITERARY rv:-yi Q", 5,23 Barbara Warner, Melody Siplon, Gayle Butler, Wilma Young, Bob Whitaker, Barbara Kennedy, Evadene Herndon, Nita Brock. Bob Whitaker Literary Editor f 5 These are the people who have worked hard Mr. Taylor Literary Advisor all year in compiling your yearbook. Mr. Jenkins Business Adviso BUSI ESS 'X Martha Best, Barbara Cashin, Pat Thomas. :Q .:.. -Q4 . Q ir ,,,, b as ' 'f-. M ,R Head Ad Seller, Gene Glennon -...ummm EDITOR-IN-CHIEF R'E STER BACK ROW: Bob Moore, Bill Holloway, Lynn Dwyer, Ellen Connor, Sharon Van Sciver, Wilma Young, Carol Alldridge, Barbara Cashin, Georgia Frisch, Judy Reinhardt. THlRD ROW: Joan Puryear, Peggy Bragg, Libby Brown, Melanie Vaux, Carolyn Fulkerson, Barbara Hall, Paula Manilli, Carolyn Aiken, Shirley McClendon, Lindo Crain, Dawn Cotter, Wendy Rice, Carole Thimons, Phyllis Wade, SECOND ROW: Beverly Barton, Sharon Freshwater, Bonnie Kindel, Jackie Michaud, Sandra Butler, Joyce Okerstrom, Bonnie Hughes, Barbara Kennedy, Alisan Quackenbush, Shirley Atkins, Shirley Moseley, Lena Snowman. FRONT ROW: Jackie Isaacs, Carolyn Anderson, Martha Best, Pat Williams, Mary Lou Andrews, Barbara Menees, Glenda Powers, Polly Wolstenholme, Marion Kline, Martha Hays, Sandra Pellerin, Pat Teague, Beverly Kopert. The Nor'easter, a familiar and welcomed sight that we see every two weeks, has really been a boon to our school. The people you see on these pages should be noted and appreciated, as their work does not cease after a deadline, but goes on all year, week after week. They have met this chal- lenge and presented us with a school paper to be proud of, keeping us up to date and informed ot all the activities of Northeast from scholastic achieve- ments to sports and organizations. Glenda Powers and her staff have done a commendable iob, and it is here that we wish their acknowledgement of our appreciation, Somebody goofed. Whflf blfdle? 118 TA EE AD SELLERS BUSINESS TOYA ZI HOBB EGLER, CAROLE THIMONS, VVENDY RICE, PAT Y FAD-SELLERSI. A MANAGING STAFF: MARTHA BEST, BARBARA CASHIN, I I.. PAT THOMAS. 11 ' 3, , , ff"i Iliff, W3 ff-onsnillhr V ' milk , zu .... , . -I 7 I, ,V STANDING: Carolyn Alderson, Pat Williams, Martha Best, Mary Lee Hudson, Marion Kline. SEATED: Glenda Powers, Sandra Pellerin, Polly Wolsfenholme, Beverly Kokert, Mary Lou Andrews. I I9 SPCNSOR EDITORS M E7 than wmmmuwwlmm .wa ,,.. f if Q vm, M me rv- 'ff 'P 'P .1,. . ,E g . ,R ,, as if 4 g, j T i ,1 , 5 '-' '-A 3lw g,'f'i E 4. ,lg v Win at VM? X A ' ll l L f Q, ,.,,. tw' it as N .M.,.,..,..,,,,,.,.,, naman'- WN W,,,,.W,..,4.,.,-rw l THIRD ROW: Archie McKinnes, Tony Zeoli, Carl Kiebler, Raymond Beck, John Burd, Cynthia Pearl, Dan Shulz, George Sprankle, Charles Voight, Tom Thornton, Patricia Hein, Tim Potter, Jackie Fisher, Jerry Grizzell, Gordon Lundbeck. SECOND ROW: Mike Vetter, Eddie Green, Robert Knowles, Mike Netzlafi, George Petrowski, Carl Tillbrook, Frank Noren, Judy Wagoner, Olive Cahoon, Donald Bell, Linda Harrington, Tyree Wilson, Frances McClain, Evelyn Hackett. FIRST ROW: Barbara Spitaleri, Doreen Dutcher, Eugenia DeMar, Sandra Stewart, Diane Haddon, Susan Knisely, Duane Bowyer, Laura Miller, Barbara Oxley. A I This band, composed mostly of freshmen, is the proving ground for our young musicians. Largely from it, the Senior S Band draws its new recruits. There is hardly now a member of the senior band who cannot boast at at least one year in the cadet group. row: Thomas Wagoner, Kenneth Wagoner, Spencer Kingsland, Calvin Adams, Barbara Bessey, Mark Piper. Second row: Jerry Potts, Edward Norse, Randy , Carl Nousionen, Edward Amley, Jerry Spaulding, Alan Wheeler. First row Fraze E Mantell, and Sandy Henry, Diana Jordan, Carol Horkless, Lindo Nelson, .lanith Bradley, M3 f Af' in Q , :,5 g '25, 5 tiki, Q 5,-of Q'M3,,3,,c W yt , 2 f In 4 H 1 c K ss J Q if- 5 s ,, t 3' it "' lbs is Q fi 3 . l 1. S ti l lg as if Y ' 'Y .1 H In f i ' it g tl ssl J . ' to 3 w MN 9+ l A' Nj scsi? X- cl' kg 'Q n A W- A -tv. f . Wing. , X A 1 .. l' .f' ll an ll N 3 I ' . ' . . 3 ,ll'2 1', :'s- ,l ' ,S v F M Q, - A :f s 'fs I E s E 5 , ,,,,, ,..--.. ---..--.., ---.- . ...---.5 ..-, -V--I 1-Syou, .fume rv nnnn si, vuucru Jullllaull, rleru QLNICITICJI1, Af! LOBIINBY, Bruce Beat, David Whitaker, Harold Croley, Buddy Young, John Mitchell, Bob Whitaker, Peter De Witt. Sth Row: Terry Allen, George Nousioinen, Walter Chase, Charles Patterson, Voce Pneuman, Duane Tobey, Joe Dill, Ronnie Hagan, Charles Poust, Bob Miller, Bob Batchelor, Joe Morton, Wesley Brown, Billy Lawrence. 4th Row: Toby Hilliker, Mike Oliver, Keith Allen, Tom Fay, Phil Morron, Peter Kersker, Fred MacKenzie, Billy Brennen, Fred Pneuman, Roy Cannon, Mickey Sellers, Dennis Odom, George Seimers. 3rd Row: Marge Schwartz, Judy Roth, Elaine Steinlaut, Nancy Hutt, Marianna Jordon, Audrey Seiss, Carlene Sykes, Jackie For- syth, Clarissa Fraze, Pat Morgan, Sharon Tobey, Linda Price, Susan Swift, Sharon Turner, Betsey Strott, Pat Fischer. 2nd Row: Mary O'Berry, Lin .Stumpft, Gail Long, Edith Teece, Connie Counts, Rose Cruz, Carol Rupert, Rochelle Sturm, Alice Hantz, Eva Newell, Eleanor Wgkey, Sandra Roos, Margaret Vetter, Marietta Davis, Jane Hollis, Jackie Wells, Deonne Hogan, Alison Quackenbush. 3 lst Row: Pricillo Brown, Jane? unds, udy Olson, Lilliam Pagano, Terr Kiebler, Kay iglolden, Barbara Thrasher, Eloise Swo . , ...,, . Q . X r c, Pe Sondra Elder, Diane Wilber,x ,V j t lo La mi H, .lu - fi - ,A ,,,gg.,, ' - 5 ? .,-:'-s -52 "-- ...:: ::i-f:5-:E.5'E5 . V ..:,:Qsf:i'-1. is: . , :"iQ??jCf V A ,igNwts:.l5y, w.:Lg. 1 .. A it i. 'f ' T f . 5 :': ff .. ,E ,gif 13 S J: , rv, y' - Q K WYESEE W a't"5"fr ix " sew' fl N w:3w2?3 2-iz' 4 - 2 -' x 4. ?.'. l'Mf,Mw ' 'W BAND OFFICERS 'H' Director Standing: Gilbert Jackson, Jack -iz. M . E A. Miller, Harold Croley, Joe Dill. r Belgfg: Seated: Verylene Cutshall, Alison Quackenbush, Gail Long, Barbara E 1 Thrasher. z .f 5 '2'. The Northeast band is one of the big- f gest organizations to represent the school. l This ear it has a roximatel one hun- , A Y PP Y A Tr' '- dred members, and in March entered the various concert and marching contests, ' coming through with a "Superior" rating ' , y, for the first time in three ears. .4 . .,.. .. . V Y H A -- f A A J With special thanks to Mr. Beeman, we are truly proud of our outstanding band. , , 5 if if N s lll E if ,ig fs. A 1 51 3 is W Q A 3 A .My f s t .2.2 is 1' A Qi 5 ,uf ,, , Spa f f gg . y s ,... . e Q fs We il' ' ' C ffl , gs age? All ,Pl .-if .ttn Q3 , l A lb'ii' x J -.A .., . fab' ,, P umm, i 2543? V ll : . K T xii is R Q, W 4 K Q : if . 5 rAl'r"s4i'1 ' ?'lX5',f,1.fM'5:l's fre li 'Z Qgiw, A5153-sg avg., E -1? J l if ft A Q. ,,bb,, .,:E. if in ,N t 'Qc V .,,.5 lu, , Y ..1f'!'i?. w,, 33 , W I J J I' ---- . A1 1 3 X 5 - -may 32.6 ,- I-1 ,S . . 1 N ' if' .iii ' NK 5 'H' Uv an : ,Mi A - ' . T T it A R t A Q 5 5 2 S Q 2 June Pounds. Long, Louis Petvengull, Roy Cannon, Phil Morron, Carol Hood, Marge Schwartz, film-35-7 wg' dv A 3' xo rl JL in ig Sharon Turney Bob Whlfoker Bob Batchelor Keith Allen Sondra Elder Susan Swlff Jone Hollis Barbara Thrasher hor es Pousi Bob Miller. , I ,,., ,,,, M5'g,B.fN ivy, Jain' Silk fri . ,U BI Q 'Nfl' -1- i Lindo Stumpfi Kay Silk Alison Quockenbush, Sfeinlauf. x ,gl 331 AWN Y 1 KN il .udrey Seiss, Peter Kersker, Kay Holder, Sandro Reorick, lary O' Berry, Po? Fischer, Morgoref Verter, Morieflo Davies. igQ4Aff,QL,Af"gQ 6 ,qi ly Brennen, Sondra Oxley, John Eoddy, Bruce Beal, .ann all in , 111,410 xx Carol Rupert, Jackie Forsyth, Edith Teece, Pricilla Brown, Sharon Tobey, Susan Speoren, Linda Price, Sandro Roos. T251 STANDING: Peggy Vetter, Edith Teece, Deanne Hagan, Roy Cannon, Mary O'Beiry, Linda Stumpff, Carol Rupert, KNEELING: Rochelle Sturm, Gail Long, Nancy Slusser, Rose Cruz, img? Roy Cannon MAJORETTE if , ff-P' Head Maiorette Gail Long These high-stepping maiorettes have added a touch of color and excitement to our band. ln the various contests they have competed in the special field of twirling and brought back honors for their proficiency. xy XX 'X we -9:-1. Jw sf? 45' ji i YM. "if bk" H' Wei' E if! 5 Line up, on field, and here we gol 124 wgbwn .I w ,f wg. 3.1.- SEZ" ici . "Now lift both legs!" Missy Adcock Nancy Lackey s S ALB I T 1 5 Mrs, Van Fleet This peppy group of girls from Northeast are active primarily as a pep squad and pom-pom demon- stration group at pep assemblies. They were also active in all local parades. l DRILL TE M M mf, ' .fs .ivy - 'fi ,i:,3:"- :EE:e..gaE.:5?i if l Back Row: Loretta Meals, Sandy Bailey, Judith Cameron, Alma Morely, Doris Preston, Margaret Hook. Second Row: Betty Bursani, Gayle Purdue, Judy Martin, Janice Goddard, Sharon Folsom, Nancy Wilkins. First Row: Lillie Miller, Nancy Lackey, June Dur- i ham, Missy Adcock, Barbara Nunn. W B.........2' ,A CAPELLA CHORU 4. .25 Back Row: Larry Hawkins, Weyman Kessler, Ken Stephens, Len Scipioni, Bill Phiel, Jim Decresie, Bill Mangold, Arvill Renner, Bob Kock, Wayne Cooper, Bob Moberly, George Marks, Charles Welch, Louis Ateck, Lynn Swanson, Dan Heyne, Jim Coffin, .lim Miller, Ken Simpson. Third Row: Ellen Van Nest, Gayle Butler, Diana Brown, Virginia Payne, Clarice Slover, Pat Smith, Pam Williams, Sue Goree, Ellen Conner, Claire Simpson, Judy Norman. Second Row: Rosie Ramsey, Sharon Bennett, Judy Nicholson, Joe Ann Peters, June Sharpe, Sue McGowan, Sandra Howland, Sandra Wyatt, Sue Akins, Judy Skaggs, Sue Sprague, Joyce Hutter, Penny Goodman, Donna Reed. Front Row: Marilyn Shultz, Grace Van Horne, Judy Harlow, Nan Harrison, Carolyn Gramling, Jo Ann Roos, Joyce Sorrells, Beth Bartlett, Nancey Lackey, Carley Freck, Ann Leedy, Sandy Sanders, Diana Woods. ee.-l Ken Stephens, Sandra Wyatt, Judy Harlow, Weyman Kessler. . asm, Miss Dorothy Clonts Louis Ateek, Judy Norman, Len Scipioni, Sue McGowa n, Heyne. John Fitch, Sharon Bennett, Dan The Northeast High School chorus, under the direction of Miss Clonts, has contributed greatly to the school activities and school spirit. Through its participation in activities of such well-known organizations as the Rotary Club, the Civi- tan Club, and Lions Club, it has spread the good reputation of Northeast throughout our city. lt has also entered into school assemblies which were very well accepted by the student body. We were all very sorry to see Miss Clonts leave due to illness, but we are looking forward to a good season with our new director, Mrs. Findshay. 126 J A VANCED GIRLS' GLEE Nancy Tucker, Donna Reed, Joan Dodge, Janet De Lauder, Barbara Paftord, Sue Akins, Judy Akins, Con- nie Counts. si , , A ss 'W ' ' N""' ' H- " 5. A , ' ..,. . V I - lf If 4 , ' ,Ji ' Third Row: Joan Madden, Nancy Tucker, Joan Dodge, Jane Delores Rebovich, Caroline White, Linda Daughtery, Mary Brown, Vivienne Morrison, Julia Smith, Judy Akins. Second Row: Barbara Todd, Judy Haines, Barbara Henry, Carolyn Garner, Lyda Graser, Joyce Okerstrom, Peggy Brockman, Rhonda Brown, Diane Frankenburg, Sue Akins. First Row: Barbara Pafford, Petriva Wood, Caludia Morrison, Phoebe Cupples, Chris Kohls, Rose Worley, Dorothy Elwell, Joan Lautler, Cora DeGroot, Pat Myers, Janet DeLauter, Donna Reed, Connie Counts. MIXED CHORUS in Back Row: Chloe Collins, Muriel King, Bob Patton, Phil Croft, Eddie Arnold, Bob 'Di Copes, Norman Harris, Bob Lambeck, Carol Swenson. Second Row: Sharon Dixson, Glenda Fast, Rose Neuman, Maureen O'Rourke, Bobby Kettle, Wendy Bailey, Olivia Dodson, Diane Thompson. First Row: Mary Scott, Glenda Gourley, Sandra Bennett, Jackie Stacey, Linda Medeiros, Stanley Jordan, Kent Hobbs, Sue Shaeffer, . Joyce Crow, Virginia McDermott. Sandra Medeiros, Stanley Jordan, Diane Thompson, Mary Ann Taylor. BQYS' GLEE CLUB sau... Standing: David Krumwiede, Bob Moore, Larry Snyder, Wayne Weitz, Dennis Hubbard, Frank Walther, Carl Monson. Seated: Jim Tabor, Carlton Jackson, Billy Whitstine, Robert Fournier, Jim Jones, John Gingros. , Frank Walther, Carl Monson, David Krumwiede Wayne Weitz. Standing: Marilyn Payne, Sylvia Morrison, Barbara Clark, Donna Gray, Nancy Green. Seated: Charlene Carlin, Ellen Kelton, Pam Moore, Celeste Loeliler, Shirley Smith. y 128 4 ig, "W- is S fe Q 5 69 :EQ-5 5 E Q 55 If .. V 2 - -. -.: ,, Z, 2,52 'T 1 Q uf f A 5 t. , , , , ,Z 1 2 . I , 2 1 , W, .,,:.:., f. l i 'vlgc' 1 g a t L jgg K 1 y T 2 , X, W 2 Q 'fs i l AA . ,.,, wi ,azll i Ja M ORGAN lzATloN pw Wag. , .... M A.'fV1 W A- . .v,Qh. 1 1 P A V E 'Aq P. A - " A At. """ f Q 1 Et Holt, Larry Howard Issacs, Richard Kaposci, Jim DeCresie, Clif Freeman, Hank Haeseker, Lester Duftord, Sue Double- day, Anne Bradley. THIRD ROW: Glenda Powers, A. Blank, Sondra Pellerin, Lynn Dwyer, Carole Allridge, Rosellen Cook, Karolyn Bagg, Bonnie Hughes, Sandy Peddycord, Sandra Henry, A. Blank, Carol Hinie, Marion Kline, Jean Davis, Sylvia Dunn. SECOND ROW: Connie Counts, Judy May, Barbara Wells, JoAnne Roos, Rella Anderson, June Williams, Radina Simpson, Sally Stuart, Celeste Cipriano, JoAnne Olson, Barbara Nunn, Pat James, Celeste Lottler, Jane Heilbron, Joy Purdue, Melanie Vaux, Rochelle Sturm. FIRST ROW: Kathy Hutchins, Judy Bartleson, Sharon Freshwater, Sharon Turney, Linda Price, Jim Brickley, Linda Hobbs, Phyllis Wade, Carolyn Alderson, Sara Emery, Deanne Hagan, Judy Akins, Trudy Andringa. TUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council is our highest step in student self-government. lt is composed of representatives from each homeroom, class councilmen-at- large class presidents, and honorary members such as the two editors-in- chief. Each year the Student Council keeps an open channel for student suggestions and all school improvements. The biggest proiect for the year is the school carnival in the spring Each club participates in the carnival in some capacity, and the entire carnival day program is set up and supervised by the Student Council. Congratulations for a successful year. 'V I "" Vg -..,. :Eze .din Zig, 2- BhLssi5Te,.SldraHl?mery, Deanne Hagan, and Doug Fisher. E Ist Row: Linda Price, Phyllis Wade, Linda Hobbs, Carolyn Alderson, and Jim g jwff It Brickley. Miss Helen Stamper Bonnie Hughes, Sandy Henery, Linda Stumpff, Clifford Freeman. 'lst Row: Sarah Emery, Deanne Hagen, Connie Counts, and Judy May. SOCIAL This committee schedules all school activi- ties. It also controls the social calendar and strives to aid all groups to social success. gat: Et' De 'ti if ' fi . . if r s al 5' - 2nd Row: Craig Holt, Doug Fisher, Stan Sattinger, And Howard Isaacs. Ist Row: Kathy Hutchins, Barbara Wells, Jane Heilbron, and Susan Doubleday. GROUNDS The improvement of school grounds is in the hands of these councilmen. They are the ones who maintain our school lawns as the best in the city. 2nd Row: Don Rickards, Sandra Peddycord, Sally Stewart, and Richard Kapocsi, Charlotte Huntley, Glenda Powers, Sandra Pellerin, Sandro Creitz. ASSEMBLY This group is in charge of planning the assembly programs. lt is entirely responsible for the scheduling of these same programs. 2nd Row: Hone Haeseker, Trudy Andringer, Jim Brickley. lst Row: Judy Akins, Rochelle Sturm, Sylvia Dunn, and CLUB This is the parent organization of all clubs. i It establishes a useful club procedure, and is J responsible for our superior club program. Joanne Olson. ..,k s 5555 fs ,, .sy Third Row: Jimmy Nail, Lee Baynard, Gilbert Jackson, Sandra Creitz, Shirley' Moseley, Glenda Powers, Mary Lee Hudson, Pat Hobby, Ralph Buxton, George Salzman. Second Row: Gail Long, Virginia Payne, Jane Fisher, Marion Kline, Pat Teague, Camille Ewing, Faith McAllister, Marth Hays, Carol Messenger, Janet Heilheld, Deanne Hagan, and Rochelle Sturm. First Row: Kathy Hutchins, Shirley Wilson, Clarisse Slover, Barbara Wells, Pat Radecky, Jean Hoeseker, Judy May, Trudy Andringa, Helen Moore, Darlene Furman. Miss Maxine Johnson Membership in this club is based upon scholarship, serv- ice, leadership, and character. The N.H.S. strives to stimu- O O ' late a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development at character in students of Northeast High School. My Q34 ,f...,.,,.,.,,,..,.. N814 Bock Row: Barbara Wells, Pat Radecky, and Judy Moy. Front l-Ookl Thi-2F6'S US! Row: .lean Haeseker and Wesley Amend. 4 g 5 0 4, Third Row: Don Adams, Sandra Pellerin, Shirley Atkins, Bob Whitaker Marion Kline Joan Puryear and Dan McLaren. Second Row: Luise Doubleday, Wilma Young, Pat Fischer Karolyn Bagg Billie Codington, Glenda Powers, and Shirley Moseley. First Row: Anne Bradley Pat Teague LaVon Pierson Polly Wolstenholme, Myra Ann Muncy, and Nancy Lackey. Quill and Scroll is the international society for high school journalists which was organized for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual achievement in Journalism, creative writing, and allied fields. The Viking chapter was organized to serve the individual staff member by recognizing and rewarding his particular talent and ability. Quill and Scroll also brings to you the Platter Chatter show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. .291 figs 'MQW And now we hear from our latest record. . . Third Row: Bill Downs, Louis Ateek, Dan Heyne, Dennis Odom, John Mclianless, Bob Shields, Bob Warren, Len Scipioni, and Larry Cecconi, Second Row: Dan Ramsdell, Wayne Weitz, Joel Colston, Bob Strawn, Harry Sauder, John Quinby, and Wesley Amend. First Row: Paul Ray, Dan McLaren, ' Jim Brickley, Earl Goode, Butch Stewart, Ralph Buxton, Jim Wilson and Don Adams. Y lt The members of this club are chosen on the basis of leadership, loyalty, and scholarship. Its objectives are: to develop initiative and leadership, provide experierce in living and working together, serve the school and community, cooperate with the school principal, prepare tor useful citizenship, and to accept and promote the B constitutional obiects of Kiwanis International. The club helps with the planning of College Day and Career Day, and serves as host for these. Each year they sponsor a dance and worlc on the Festival of States. Mr. William Nimroth Second Row: Jim Brickley, Secretary, Ralph Buxton, Treasurer. "Gee, we were small then, weren't we? First Row: Earl Goode, Vice President: Butch Stewart, President. o-Q.. S g.p.....,,5 '55 Third Row: Jere Slate, Carol Kapocsi, Carolyn Chase, Marge Schwartz, Gail Long, Elaine Steehler, 'E ,," A r Carol Allridge, Mary Ellen Brown, Beth Kulthau, Carley Freck, Jean Davis, Janet Delauder, Carol . Huftman, Judy Norman, Margarita Schone, Jackie lsaccs, Kay Amend, Barbara Thrasher. Second H Row: Gloria Rankin, Jane Johnson, Jackie Johnson, Wilma Young, Clarissa Slover, Gail Barnes, Kathy .,Iiu.td1inB, Sandra Creitz, Barbara Monrose, Carol Curran, Carol Berg, Bonnie Hughes, Nila Shea, 'E i' Ellen Van Nest, Bonnie Kindel, Kay Parks, Jo Ann Peters. First Row: Sue Akins, Mary Lee Hudson, gf tg, K Joan Puryear, Carolyn Alderson, Judy Akins, Jean Haeseker, Glenda Powers, Trudy Andringa, Sandra fl X' - Pellerin, Judy May, Shirley Moseley, and Barbara Kogerman. This club dwells upon developing character, initiative, Miss Mildred Newton and potential leadership. lt strives to create opportunity tor practical experience in adult dealings with others. The members cooperate with the principal in all school matters and proiects. The members of this club have worked on the drives tor polio and multiple sclerosis and gave Ci service day for the other Keyette Clubs. KEYETTES IQ 4 h 4 ff J """' ,M dam Z Does that Sun everybody? Carolyn Alderson, Board of Directors, Judy Akins, Treasurer. Front Row: Judy May, Parliamentarianp Trudy Andringa, Vice- President, Glenda Powers, President, Jean Haeseker, Secretary, Mary Lee Hudson, Chaplain. ox 11 1.5 -,V i. Ei? 222253-g2ef:2,1.:,52: Eg va sem Mr. Jack Sharpe JU IOR EXCHANGE Jimmy Nail, Secretary, Harold Croley, President, Ralph Spauld- 4 1 pw' Third Row: Eugene Glennon, Harry Steinhardt, John Krege, Bill Parks, Jim Parrish, John Bagg, Bob Whitaker, Bill Pheil, Dennis Bishop, Lester Duftord. Second Row: Vose Pneuman, Neil Franclcle, John Hudon, Bill Thayer, Merle Ladd, Larry Mann, Phil Patterson, Kenneth Stevens, Weyman Kessler. First Row: Tom Roskelly, Bob Hunter, Dick Hazlett, Harold Croley, Ralph Spaulding, Jim Nail, Lee Boynard, and Bob Miller. ,fi-.X ri Lost yeoi this club presented the school with a fence N around the tennis court, financed with money raised from its annual fishfry, one of the most waited for events of each season. lt is a service club and one of the most active at our school. Zia, ff 3 5 ' fgwwl J , rr 'R' , Keep smiling. ing, Vice-President, Richard Hazlett, Treasurer. ,fl IN. W . . i Q? '-. 1 5 t-,A Third Row: Margaret Shay, Alice Stucky, Martha Hays, Jackie Gower, Polly Wolstenholme, Betsy Strott, LaVon Pierson, Pat Hobby, Edith Steeler, Pat Fischer, Gayle Butler. Second Row: Sandra Wyatt, Esther Van Hart, Anne Bradley, Sara Emery, Grace Van Horne, Barbara Warner, Phyllis Wade, JoAnne Roos, Evadene Herndon. First Row: Connie Brown, Pat Teague, Barbara Wells, Faith MacAllister, Shirley Atkins, Carol Messenger, Deanne Hagen, Janet Heittield, Ann Taylor, and Camille Ewins. at The Anchor Club is a girls' service club in Northeast, sponsored by the Pilot Club of St. Petersburg. The motto is "Anchored, we hold." Our aims are to work hard and serve school and com- munity better. This year we sponsored the "Kiddie's Bowl," and the participants came dressed as little chil- dren. We also have a Big Sister proiect which consists of showing new students around Northeast on their first day. We wish to thank our sponsors for a wonderful year. ANCHOR CLUB 1 3 lift' , lf' Q 5 . S asc? l l I P Fifi Chaplain, Pat Teague, Senior Director, Janet Heitfield, Treasurer, Deanne Hagen, Junior Director, Anne Taylor. Front Row: Secretary, Barbara Wells, President, Shirley Atkins, Vice-Presi- dent, Faith MacAllister, Historian, Carol Messenger. We've got some new members, tool z Q' Q . fl nm H 2 Q V Third Row: Bill Gicker, Jack Weaver, George Shultz, Larry Hawkins, Hank Haeseker, Bob Batchelor, ' 'W' Hardy Bryan, Richard Meters, Jim Kaiser, Qruce Stack, Jerry Alderson, Kent Mitchell, Marion Liczbin- ski, Mike Hunt. Second Row: John Marchi, Richard Porter, Arville Renner, Gary Brown, Stanley Neri, Ronald Mullen, Roy Canon, Robert Foreman, Joel Eason, Lynn Swanson, Ronald Overstreet, Robert W 4 Levan, George Nousianen, Charles Hedgepath. Front Row: Bill Brittner, Bill Lawrence, Richard Hupp, Larry Fannin, Charles Laufter, Mike Craft, George Salzman, Jan Duggar, Phillip Morrin, Stanley Sattinger, Steven Green, and Neil Savage. msn , .3 Mr. Frank Bowles The goals of this club are to build better citizenship through the practice of the Golden Rule, to make this practice pay dividends in the development of leadership in members, to enhance a spirit of cooperation between students, school officials, and the community. Ju This club contributes to both school and community L projects and works with the Student Council. its mem- bers have sold over 5,000 pounds of fruitcake this year, and the money received goes into the fund for North- east's track. Back Raw: Mike Craft, Librarian, Phillip Morrin, Chaplain, Stan Neri, Sergeantsat-Arms. Front Row: Charles Laufter, Secretary, George Salzman, President, Stanley Sattinger, Vice-Presidentg and Jan Duggar, Treasurer. "Here's a i958 new model .... " C tl X A I Y.. l f'-ff ff 'i yes. vs.. . X J ' i " 35 sn A!! .s w X 3 A gn f ,ggi Q 3 ss s Ss W Q T A 4 4.15 Q s s,,. is DFA?-A . 2" w A Fourth Row: Alison Quackenbush, Susan Doubleday, Carol Povkov, Anne Jernigan, Arlene Muffin, 'V T- ,,,. , Rosalie Smith, Carol Socher, Karen Carlson, Susan Arnio, Priscilla Canning, Sandra Hedden, Carolyn 1-v Walter, Rena Counts, Sharon Van Sciver, Jane Heilbran. Third Row: Barbara Kennedy, Nancy , Lackey, Pat Ainsworth, Joan Moody, Susan McGowan, Carolyn Gramling, Sandra Rearick, Carolyn j 5, Chase, Jane Fisher, Marion Kline, Betty Lou Hankey, Judy Hoover, Barbara Hall. Second Row: Diane .Qs ' If Brown, Linda Crain, Susan Goree, Jerry Day, Judy Harlow, Pat Radecky, Marion Whitehurst, Luise X' --'-: s Doubleday, Carol Rupert, Helen Moore, Rochelle Stuun, Linda Hobbs. First Row: Angela LaRocca, Y s, . ,Q Sue Ellen Sprague, Penny Goodman, Joyce Huffer, Diane Frankenburg, Pat Tomlinson, Pat Smith, r Ann Abernathy, and Judy Pelletier. l' x This club renders service to the school and community ' and strives to create better citizens. Miss Maxine Johnson The members sold 500 dollars worth of fruitcake this v year to help build our new track. At Christmas this club made a scrapbook tor retarded C S children. They sponsored a dance and raised fifty dol- A lars selling plants on Arbor Day. -Q.,-is fl Helen Moore, Historiang -Pat Radecky, Secretary, Judy Harlow, Corresponding Secretary, Marion Whitehurst, President, Louise Doubleday, Vice-President, Jerry Day, Sergeant-atAArms, and Carole Rupert, Treasurer. . . Collapsible fruit cake to be on sale in l957." 8 2 WHEEL CLUB MAX B lc R wr George Marks, Chaplain, and Rudy Phillips, Treasurer. uc o Front Row: John Eaddy, Vice-President, and Wood Reed, President. A 4 Q J - gf 3, init ' 1 E 222 i B Paul Watkins Sam Davis and Fred McKenzie. Third Row: Gary Kromer, John Oliver, Gary rown, , , d R John Kempt Mike McNerney Edward Lavender, Jim Blue, and Bob Wheeler. First Row: Secon ow: , , George Marks, John Eaddy, Woody Reed, Rudy Phillips and Henry Kapala. The Wheel Club, a new service club at Northeast, is a national organization sponsored by the Rotary Club. The obiects of our club are to develop and recognize l d h' , to develop a spirit of friendliness, tolerance, ea ers up and cooperation among the club members. We have several projects, which are, the Bus Stop Bop, the car- . . d nival, a car wash, to help the Goodwill industries, an our school track. The club is planning more projects for the future. 4... 5 'Y Q. levi. '-,QM gg, . l if , J . X 'J I 'Z fi' 5' 'ini ii J -2-11: ist 4 H ei? Z N Zfifiif ,5 J iid x.. We weren't even in the book last year! 4 if wtf . 1 4 ,A 'Q ,,, if :gm 'EE5'Eff' 'Q K ll uw ui Third Raw: Esther Nickel, Shirley Wilson, Peggy West, Edith Teece, Aletha Olson, and Celeste Cipriano. Second Row: Myra Miller, Ellen Connor, Karolyn Bagg, Mariorie Meyer, Claire Simpson, and Elaine Steinlauf. First Row: Ann Leedy, Judy Bartleson, Judy Meldrium, Amber Little, Sandra Peddycord, Marilyn Shultz, Sue Spern, The Roian Club is a brand new club in the school. The name is original andthe club is the first of its kind in the United States. lt has twelve obiectives: leadership, co- operation, integrity, fellowship, service, religious faith, international good will, patriotism, scholarship, toler- ance, worthiness, home membership and unity. The club is a chartered group, sponsored by the Women of Rotary, and the work they have done this year is to be commended. Here's what our principles are based on. 3 list Mrs. Imelda Van Fleet ROJAN CLUB Back Row: Edith Teece, Corresponding Secretary, Karolyn Bagg, Treasurer, Judy Bartleson, Recording Secretary, Virginia Payne, Parliamentarian. Front Row: Ann Leedy, President, Celeste Cipriano, Vice President. ' Miss Beverly Alexander D. C. T. Third Row: Joe Hendley, Eddie Stinso Ewins, Eddie Mihalak, Melvin Bidwell Heins, and John Hardman. Second Gicker, Aicleen Padgett, Bill Ander n, Gene Newman, Kenneth Sassaman, Dean Richardson, Camille , Judy Huber, Barbara Hall, Ruth Daugherty, Bob DePugh, Bill i Row: John Heckathorne, Donald Niendort, Ed Weiher, William son, Polly Griswold, James Trimm, Shannon Lawson, Juanita Seaman, June Alderman, Donna Quick, Diane Mulligan, and Gary Goree. First Row: Darlene Furman, Marie Daniels, Susie Gordan, Carol Strott, Faye Uhl, Part Thomas, and M Perkins, Ray Barfield, Carol Messenger, Carole Lennox, Betsy ae Frances Greene. D.C.T. is a club here at Northeast which will benefit any junior or senior who wants to train for future employ- ment. D.C.T. prompts better relationship between the employer and the D.C.T. student. The Employer-Employee Banquet was a highlight of the the year, The culminating event of the school year, and most colorful, was the Annual State D.C.T. Conven- tion held in Miami. To the sponsors goes gratitude for their guidance and unceasing devotion. 4'?"i Mr. Ralph Williams z",-Q fi EM V fwaw' Wt Back Row: James Trimm, Vice-President, Gene Newman, Presi- dent, Donald Niendorf, Sergeant-at-Arms, Front Row: Carole Lennox, Corresponding Secretary, Carol Perkins, Treasurer, Carol Messenger, Recording Secretary, and Camille Ewins, Parlia- mentarian. TRAINEE Alderman, June Anderson, William Bartield, Raymond Bidwell, Melvin Daniels, Marie DePugh, Robert Ewing, Camille Furman, Darlene Gicker, William Gordon, Suzy Greene, Mae Griswold, Polly Hall, Barbara Hardman, John Heckathorne, John Heins, William Hendley, Joseph Huber, Judy Katchinsky, Mike Lawson, Shannon Lennox, Carole Messenger, Carol Mihalek, Edward Mulligan, Diane Newman, Eugene Niendort, Donald Perkins, Carole Quick, Donna Ritchinson, Dean Sassamon, Kenneth Seaman, Juanita Stinson, Edward Strott, Betsy Thomas, Patt Trimm, James Uhl, Faye Weiher, Edward Oinlo POSITION Dental Assistant Photo Laboratory Tech. Assistant Manager Training Radio T. V. Repair Receptionist Manager's Training Stenographer Typist Stock Clerk PBX Operator Sales Clerk Typist Sales 8a Display Stock Clerk Radio 84 T. V. Repair Stock Clerk Owner Dental Assistant Mail Clerk Chairside Assistant Dental Assistant Stenographer Camera Repair Watch Repair Apprentice Embalmer Stock Clerk Dental Assistant Soles Clerk Branch Manager Nurseryman Office Clerk Lawn Gardener X-Ray Technician Receptionist Apprentice Embalmer Coalater Stock Clerk I43 4? v ' i C pg. EMPLOYER Dr. McLendon Webb's City Kwik Chek Belmont Radio Southeastern Sales Corp. Publix Market Robinson Mohr Pinellas County Board of Education S. H. Kress 8. Co. Sears Roebuck 81 Co. S. H. Kress 81 Co. Robinson Mohr Virginia Dare Shop Sears Roebuck 8g Co. Professional T. V. Publix Market Red's Nursery Dr. Guito St. Petersburg Times Dr. McCreary Dr. Parkinson Pinellas Credit 8. Collection Robinson Mohr Rutlands Osgoods Funeral Maas Brothers Dr. Dunbar F. W. Woolworths Fashion Cleaners Sassamon's Nursery Florida, Power Corp. Stinson's Lawn Service Mound Park Hospital A. H. Holloway, Jr. Optician Layton's Funeral Grissom's Printing Service Sears Roebuck 8. Co. Bureau Fourth Row: Fred Arc, David Larson, Gerald Mills, Cap Wilson, Richard Tucker, Gary Lyens, Doug Fisher, Bob Wilson, Dan Ramsdell, Woody Reed, Jim Parrish, John Quimby, Cliftord Hulsart, Vernon Renner, John Tremble, E. J. McCary, John Trammell, Gary Billings. Third Row: Ronald Hagen, Garrett Johnson, Steve Woodward, Roger Dauyard, Jim Geary, Phil Gourley, Gary Adalian, Dale Nenundorf, Ronald Taylor, Jerry Flint, Dennis Brown, Gary Brown, Richard Nickel, Bob Van Meter, Mickey Moustakos, Roger Whitehead, Ronald Heiter, Mike Craft, Bob Johnson. Second Row: Lester Duftord, Bob LaBrant, Bob Childress, Tom Roskelly, Butch Stewart, Bob Hunter, Earl Goode, John Bagg, Doug Hotalen, Stan Neri, Mike Muncey, Gene Glennon, Larry Bassett, Arden Stough, John O'Neal. First Row: George Kohn, Jan Wilfong, Clit? Freeman, Bill Keown, Mike Cooper, Carol Homer, Dick Isaacs, Dick Gourley, Bob Vannatta, Jerry Spaulding, Stanley Jordan, Richard Hupp, and Charles Welch. Mr. Earl Wilson This active club adds another feather to Northeast's II I V hat. They have successfully sponsored the Snowman s H I Y Bounce" and the March of Dimes auction. - A future proiect is the selling of candy mints, and the proceeds will go totally to the dock at the Hi-Y camp. gi or al Back Row: Bob LaBrant, Secretary, John Bagg, Sergeant-at-Arms, Guuoping mhlefes of Northeast. ' I . and Bob Childress, President. Front Row: Tom Roskelly, Vice- President, and Butch Stewart, Treasurer. Q-VER 'Q all wel Third Row: Jean Betts, Carolyn Aikin, Barbara Warner, Grace Van Horne, Gayle Butler, Priscilla Canning, Joan Poole, Celeste Cipriano, Sharon Karner, Karen Karner, Sondra Elder, Karen Renken, Linda Crain, Suzanne Rhodes, Aloyse Flood, Judy Urschel, Sandy Henry, Sue Schietter. Second Row: Vivienne Morrison, l Kathy Hutchins, Barbara Kennedy, Sharon Bennett, Alice Seyler, Margie Shay, Sara Gordon, Diane Cobler, de' Glenda Fast, Barbara Monrose, Carol Curran, Jean Davis, Jean Robertson, Barbara Bowman, and Harriet y Hilton. First Row: Susie Smith, Donna Reed, Janice Comeau, Rena Counts, Ainsley Rickman, Carol Lennox, 1 Camille Ewins, Peggy Brockman, Ruth Smith, Barbara Kogerman, Helen Smith, Loretta Smith and Barbara J Ackerman. Miss Beverly Alexander 3 The purpose ot Tri-Hi-Y is to render to the best ot our ability service to God, country, home, community, and school, and to promote higher ideals ot friendship among the students of Y Northeast High School, ' ' Q s 'A it 'Z c,,, ii 5 Z, Q-, Fourth Row: Billie Campbell, Carole Jelich, Sandy Peddycord, Joy Purdue, Carolyn Fulkerson, Sally Suart, Phoebe Cupples, Aval Mather, Marie Miller, Henrietta Kelly, Paula Manilli, Sandy Oxley, Jane Pounds, Carolyn Walter, Amber Little, Anna Furner, and Sandy Sanders, Third Row: Barbara Menees, Melane Vaux, Shirley McClenclon, Jackie lssacs, Susan Doubleday, Susan McGowan, Joan Moody, Diana Woods, Diane Brown, Judy Huber, Barbara Oxley, Linda Medeiros, Betty Lou Keyes, Martha Calvert, and Pam Williams. Second Row: Judy Robinson, Bonnie Katchinsky, Judy Skaggs, Barbara Riedel, Judy Mitchell, Chris Sederlot, Betsy Pheil, Barbara Hall, Rose Newman, Joan King, Sharon Van Sciver, Ellen Connor, Penny Goodman, Joyce Hutgler, Gail Oliver. First Row: Linda Fort, Martha Heath, Eva Newell, Libby Brown, Wendy Rice, Claire Simpson, Luise Doubleday, Carol Perkins, Diane Marler, Peggy Bragg, and Pat Schatzel. my Third Row: Dolores Westerman, Linda Pearl, Sandra Peddycard, Sally Tannian, Diane Wilber, Carol Rupert, Carlene Sykes, Jackie Gower, Alice Acker, Kay Carlson, Sue Arnio, Wendy Sleth, Judy Roth, Meribeth Thatcher, JoAnn Terrie. Second Row: Melody Siplon, Judy May, Jean Robertson, Barbara Menees, Gail M Loveiay, Maxine Crenshaw, Beverly Lightfoot, Jackie Forsyth, Penny Sutton, Bobby Patctord, Bobby Todd, ff Barbara Bowman, and Pat Smith. First Row: Myra Miller, Mary lou Andrews, Jane Johnson, Clarice Slover, Janice Synstead, Janet Heitfleld, Polly Wolstenholme, Barbara Thrasher, Judy Bartleson, Barbara Warner, and Joyce Robinson. ,Aw . -V ,...-, 1 .6 It . i ff im Those interested in the Future Business Leaders Club must, Miss Rosanne Hqgadorn tlrst of all, be enrolled in two business subiects. The pur- pose is to help pupils acquire information about the kinds of omce jobs available in St. Petersburg. It is also to deter- mine the requirements tor obtaining such positions. The members concentrate on the bettering of preparation and training for these iobs. They have had three cookie sales, a penny-roll, which bought a record player and shorthand records. Clarice Slover, Secretary, Barbara Thrasher, Reporter, Janet Heit- HMYI fhis is G Crowded bus Sgoplff field, President, Janice Synstead, Vice-President, Polly Wolstenholme, Treasurer. 146 i Third Row: Audrey Siess, Kay Silk, Barbara Cashin, Barbara Ann Cruse, Sandra Pellerin, and Sandra f Howland. Second Row: Eva Newell, Marietta Davis, Susan Spearen, Barbara Sytrett, and Betty lngold. First Row: Ken Freeman, Virginia Payne, Gail Long, Donna Reed, Connie Counts. The purpose ot this club is to create an active interest of teaching in high school students. lts members earn pins by reading books and helping in community service clubs. The club has been giving general service to the school and community and has been doing a fine iob. "This is one of our awards." 147 Mrs. Josephine Anderson FUTURE TEACHERS ac. si If 'gif . . 513 4+ -1 4' P ge! 1 1 ig . Back Row: Donna Reed, Secretary, Kenneth Freeman, Parlia mentarion, Connie Counts, Treasurer. Front Row: Gail Long President, and Virginia Payne, Vice-President. Third Row: Jane Heilbron, Ann Taylor, Judy Stacey, Rose Cruz, Deanne Hagan, Carley Freck, Carol Huttman, Joan Moody, Jane Hollis, Maridell Haram, Alisan Quackenbush, Jane Pounds, Davalee Bisher. Second Row: Carol Hood, Joyce Okerstrom, Joan Dodge, Marianna Jordan, Jackie Smith, Annolee Ferner, Wendy Ormiston, Judy Peel, Judy Hoover, Penny Wasdim, Charlotte Conant. First Row: Carolyn Gramling, Anita Mancini, Billie Louise Codington, Rochelle Sturm, Amber Little, Martha Hays, Ellen Van Nest, Deanna Jones, Sandra Lee, Carolyn Garner, Nina Garrison. The members of the Future Nurses Club have a desire to help promote better school and community health. They also have an interest in the profession, and most of the members are planning to become nurses. FUTURE URSES ' This year the Future Nurses Club has helped Student Nurses Association by raising money by selling tickets. They assisted with the Orange Day and Easter Seal sales. These girls take as their project the giving of service to Mound Park Hospital. l Back: Ellen Van Nest, Chop., Deanna Jones, Hist., Rochelle Sturm, Treos. Front: Billie Codington, V.P., Amber Little, President, Martha Hays, Sec. 'I48 is mx of Third Row: June Durham, Kathy Nourse, Linda Lovejoy, Diana Jordon, Marilyn Payne, Donna Cuccinellof Barbara Fuqua, lrene Borman. Second Row: Diane Cuccinello, Eunice Benoit, Sundry Henry, Eleanor Stocky, Linda Stumpff, Carolyn Scott, Helen Fitch, Joanne Baragona, Barbara Spitaleri. First Row: Carolyn Pilz, Sundry Stewart, Diane Clem, Ruth Solberg, Diane Haddon, Frances Holmelin, Pam Moore, Linda Hughes, Eileen Dersch. Mrs. Newton if And this is the lounge for the student nurses. N01 50 Clase! Nat so closel I rvi e Renner YOUTH FELLOW A .al X s, 5 3 ' sg L yr iQft4QQJA,HJ.QB Rfiltsfg,'J5nle'fllsigQsQf." T T ' ' ' A'A'1 The object and purpose of the club is to bring ""' 'l':""" V Christian teen-agers into fellowship together. f The club does not teach creed, nor denomina- ffi' tion, but Christ. The club is open to any one f a eugue who wishes to join. lfm 4 f as if ii! r,g,s,,s,,,W,, ..,f- Mwwswfcffercr ., , ,ggfgfi Ly3I15Q1.5Wr1nson I ,, i 3,f'fslifV' s 4 The club has, last year, purchased a set ot chimes which were bought for the purpose ot conducting a noon-time blessing of our food. The club has also furnished three of its members to play them at the respective lunch periods. This year the club plans to buy, for the li- brary, several reference books which will aid in Bible History study. 2355532212: c.,,,,m , We 2555.5 ' Y fsfimffzp f , if fi 1 Blosser, Lols'Marfin, Alice Duet, Joyce Crow. U ' I LY V fs fi: M V.N-v W Mfx- fame-3,343 Qf f -Tiaiirlaf ff lfiffdltawf xl iiliifg Q x Q Sal' 53515: A3232 f' fy vggfzvswmt .J E I i1SiS::,f:' Y gqwzs wig 1' if kU::gg1gz,iS"5g1 S : Q:fa,gsi.Ls mf M A FI!-Z .,.,. JS, sax' Eff ..,. Q .- ., A r lffw x +5 wgii as 3 J5m'2s'v B2 Kvkagg 1. W f W .we-?Qk,g-1:4922 1: rw ww wiv M Www: mix S: p s i Wu de xx Efifgcgh, gift-. Q 4 jf gfgilgzj :ss , K' f- flfffmzriiiizz L Lf A 1 I -::iL,p: W5 VQSQX' " 313525 x?if:iiEii5A13iW s 25552523 k ivfjiibsk gg 111 'vw-'eze4:,s, -.,,p.w:s sg ff L A , If re. .W aim? ,J ,U W f ,pm Xvkiigfhfwifq if f Q W H ,3Swf,:3?:5igf53:?s ry - fl -Www: v,:v:vs143zg:fe2G'm A Nz: Y Wifi - aan? gigigmywk A N 'H ztaipwfw X mx, S -,Lai ,.X, W Q :ssiiak pfwsg 23 325 Q , 2 B- ,: :."',:.: .::::: i ..:g S 3 .... . .N Q X35 X- Q he Q it sv if :si3i: ?Q- sig? M 2 E -94" aafgfi we Nfl? if v x 'W cw-+5-Q X Q 3 65 'fi' mg Q gk ZW- S S - .- '- 11 'A 'W B 9 . V.-. W X ,,ps-.ia N M 3 FN Jw T .i-is MQW ,, . -um' rel. is 51 f if we-7 gist Third Row: Barbara Wells, Shirley Hadsock, Nancy Wilkens, Shirle MCCI d P y en on, at James, Edith Teece, Evadene Herndon, Harriet Spring, Cynthia Stevens, Pat Tempus. Second Row: Diane Sabin, Judy Sprague, Annabelle Larson, Ruth Merritt, Phyllis Robertson, Reba Peacock, Sandra Stallman Kris Kohls, Nancy Meyer, and Wanda Belew. First Row: Marge Swartz, Mary O'Berry, Terry Kiebler, Elaine Steinlauf, Joyce Ray, Mariorie Me er, C l H' Hopper. y aro yn iney, Peggy West, Cher Holden, and Sandra This is an organization for girls who have been taking a course in hamemaking. The Northeast chapter is part ot the National Organization which promotes an achievement program ot degree work, making it possible for girls to set their sights on goals of personal advancement. FUTURE HGMEMAKERS Back Row: 'ei i 3 It.. ' 5 it The club has undertaken worthwhile projects such as the making and selling of Christmas corsages, and the preparing ot a holiday basket for needy members of the community. President, Elaine Steinlauf, Vice President, and Joyce Ray, Treas- These are our new omcefs mlflng omli- urer, Front Row: Margaret West, Parliamentarian, Hazel Davis, Secretary, Barbara Applebaum, Song Leader, and Barbara Wells, Historian. 1 1 an wnuwimqg, 555 ' fm Elf. 4th Row: Alison Quackenbush, Roberta Gourley, Eleanor Fielder, Judy Lewis, Phoebe Cupples, Betty 'I-5 Lou Keys, Pat Kaplhamer, Henrietta Kelly, Vivian Morrison, Avril Mather, Annabelle' Larson, Penny Wasdin, Charlotte. 3rd Row: Joan Betts, B. J. Hottman, Barbara Applebaum, Gloria Renkin, Hazel Davis, Sandra Stewart, Lynn Anderson, Susan Goree, Joann Fulford, Bonnie Kindel, Maxine Oliver, 'Shirley Looma. 2nd Row: Judy Harlow, Sandra Pellerin, Juanita Brock, Margie Shay, Judy Hauser, 3. M W? ,,.., - .,,-- 3 J., -we tx- -- , E, , . 'sr:gj,,,, .,....-- I, Glenda Powers, Jane Johnson, Melanie Vaux, Georgia Frisch, Shirley Moseley. lst Row: Joan Pur- year, Susan Swift, Linda Price, Linda Holley, Betsy Wisdota, Beverly Kokert, Pinky Kerns, Pat White, The purpose of this club is to render, to the best of its ability, service to God, country, home, community, and school, and promote higher ideals of friendship among the students of Northeast. A its projects have been, this year, to help with the March ot Dimes drive, an orange day, sale. They have also held a March of Dimes Dance for the benefit of crippled children. fp. .1 2 W . A 'l af-P' ' Q is 27, s ? 'sm ' ,. ,cj X M 'Sv gf -WW S55 f 1 Y wi!" ' ,sei-A "Remember the trip to New York?" ERVICE CLUB Left to Right: Shirley Georgia Jane Johnson, Chaplain, Betsy Diadot, Proiect Chairman, Glenda Powers, President, Margie Shay, Point Chairman, Judy Hauser, ViceAPresident, Sandra Pellerin, Social Chairman, and Juanita Brock, Dance Chairman. X Mrs. Shrum '4 1, .E ,fem N -u -is as 5 f.. 5 P' fs- - ff ' 2 ,fs :P Buck Row: Andy Keller, John Williams, Cap Wilson, Richard Isaacs, Larry McDonald, Bill Wright, Bruce Hugill, Denis Oden, Tom Thornton, Willard Johnson, Ed Nourse, Bill Coates. Middle Row: Betsy Diodato, Nancy Morgan, Lillian Lerner, Linda Nelson, Linda Love, Karen Cooper, Margret Hook, Carole Burklin, Tony Lariner, Lyn Anderson, Elaine Huce, Kathy Phillippi. Front Row: Evelyn Keel, Priscilla Pabst, B. J. Hoffman, Doris Preston, Shirley Graham, Jean Pentecost, Margaret DuBose, Evelyn Hocket, Eugena Demar, Jerry Howle, Geraldine Howe. This is a club made up of promising first-year Spanish students who are interested in improving their spoken Spanish and learning more about the customs of the Latin-American countries. Every year the club makes a generous donation to the Spanish department and pre- sents an award to the most outstanding student at first LOS DONADORE xii-tiitfvsf: M323 5' ff 1-tiff? year Spanish in the Awards Assembly. Tiff My i ,O K Doris Preston, Treasurer, Shirley Graham, President, Jean Pente- mllhis fequllo is 0Ve" loo Ye0l'5 cost, Vice President. .ZS lf Standing: Dennis Clork, Jone Hollis, Mrs. Thompson, Beotrice Kerns, Vern Renner. Seated: Dorothy King, Bill Detterline, Angelo Lo Rocco, George Schultz, Dorothy Elwell. Los Conquistodores is for the odvonced students of Spcnnish, os those of Spanish ll, lll, ond IV. Under the direction of Mrs. Thompson, they hove planned trips to Ybor City ond the Sponish Restouronts. These Lotin- minded people bring o touch of beoutitul Spain or dashing Mexico into their everyday home ond school lives. 6 LOS CCJNQUISTADGRES -' ' lb 'J ' ll 3'- ' is "This is how l used to throw the bull in Madrid." l55 kftkaiiifiigla l iislgg 1, Treosurer: Carlton Reichert, President: George Schultz, Secre- tory: Angelo Lo Rocco, Vice4President: Bill Detterline. ,,, in 0 is Q 1 Mr. Roger Dardenne LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS ff ' f ,rt ---- W- -::s1:'- : 1.11. i in Vice'President: Mary Ellen Brown, President: John Marchi, Treas- urer: Dawn Cotter, Absent: Secretary Rose Brissette. Standing: Anne Bradley, Allen Granger, Carol Curran, Bonnie Hughes, Shirley Luoma, Susan Warren, Carolyn Chase, Elizabeth Townsend, Jon Jennings, Ruby Haines, Seated: Sandra Wyatt, Dawn Cotter, Mary Ellen Brown, John Marchi, Rose Brissette Kathy Ver Wiebe. Le Circle Francais is composed of students who have successfully passed one year of French and are studying French during the year in which they are accepted. At Christmas, the French Club decorated and donated a Christmas basket for needy families. Each year during the Awards assembly, the French Club taps its highest scholastic student into La Societe Francaise. N-0 Boniour, mes amisl S. Back Row: Neil Waters, Mike Herton, David Whitaker, Craig Haskell, Ronnie Mason, Bruce Haskell, Peter Kersker, Duane Bowyer, Frank Cooper, Bob Anderson, Richard Oppel, George Kramer. Middle Row: Carol Woods, Bonnie Allen, Rosellen Cook, Rita.Frank, Dorothy Mantell, Kay Buchanna, Sharon Freshwater, Kent Hobbs, Rita Kohls, Don Anderson. First Row: Barbara Cooper, Sharon Turney, Linda Price, Edward Amley, Paul Deitrich, Dick Gourley, Ingrid Dworak, Karen Glendenning, Barbara Clarke, Randy Collany. This Latin Society encourages a mutual understanding among Latin students and helps them to understand the ways and means by which the Romans lived. Its members have been selling seeds and are profiting nicely. The club plans to purchase books tor the Latin department this year. SOCIETAS LATINA YJ I ' A M, gg, FN No, 'Liberace' is not an inflected form of 'Liber'." Iwi QQEQQQQQQQ Third Row: Iris Meeking, Christine Liczbinski, Barbara Shirley, Dorinda Williard, Bill Pheil, David Bernstein, Carol Probst, Sally Ross, A. Blank, Sandra Roos. Second Row: Kathy Huntley, Rella Anderson, Betty Bursani, Judy Cameron, Betsy Pheil, Sondra Burgette, Carol Vincent, Ruth Lamb, Marsha Jones. First Row: Chris Fleming, Beth Kuhlthan, Jan Wiltong, Nancy Lackey, June Sharpe, Dan Heyne, Marion Kline, Gail Townsend, and Beverley Barton. This club's obiective is to create a further interest in drama through acting, writing, and technical studying. Each year it presents several dramatic performances. One of the performances ot the Junior Class this year was a one-act play which was staged by the Dramatics Club. Mr. Robert Challener lt 0 f Et , . ...fs.,..efrfs H T f 5,1 42,1 is ,fr M ' f I as I. 40. ' I Daniel Heyne, President, Marion Kline, Secretary, and Jan This sounds like a good scriptl Wilfong, Vice-President. .Q ZS ans I fl, in Back Row: Judy Peel, Carol Povkov, Joan Kelly, Sandra Stallman, Alice Stucky. Front Row: Pat Gant, Jackie Gower, Joel Eason, Martha Hays, and Judy Hoover. This is one of those clubs that after practical experi- ence in a field which some of its members may well go into. At the same time, it brings real benefits to the rest of the student body. The club's basic concept is that of inspiring in its members efficient work habits by allowing them to participate in the preparation and circulation of library materials. LIBRARY if t X A ,sf x 5 Miss Lucy Lanphear ,,,,,, , I, vs? "This one was overdue 1? - l record. ff r - ..., 'lst Row: Dorothy Mainella, Pat Schroth, Alice Maiocchi, Kay Amend, Carole Alldridge, Cliff Free- ' if man, Florence Owens, Paul Nicholson, Robert Levan, Steve Green, Luise Doubleday, Dixie Smith, Mfr? lrrno Thomas, A. Blank, Dickey Groves. 2nd Row: Dan McLaren, Rose Worley, Pricilla Brown, Q Carole Hudson, Wendy Bailey, Judy Barnes, Betty Winser, Robert Williams. it f ,S g .fl -43. ,Lv F we , ,r., H ,,,. ur,. , rr, , ,.,,, . Mr. Henry Fink P LETTE AND BRUSH This is the club that brought so much honor from the county fair last year. lt is also the club meant to provide an opportunity for interested and talented people to develop their potentialities both vocationally and for leisure time. Secretary: Carole Alldridge, Treasurer: Cliff Freeman, President: Kay Amend, Vice-President: Alice Maiocchi. 'WB v free? 'M' " ,ai 1 3535552522 ,. Qfrw ' ' 4 "You can't paint it until it's empty." i f4 Back Row: Howard Geary, Ronnie Mullen, Eckley Powlus, Roger Douyard, Charles Sands, Richard Geary. Front Row: Dan McLaren, LaVon Pierson, Craig Brown, Bill Tobias, Anne Bradley, Karolyn Bagg, Larry Mann. The club this year, under the leadership of Mr. Fink, has done many things. Among the accomplishments of the club are the pictures that the members have entered in the Times Newspaper contest. Three of the Northeast entries have taken first prize. The Shutterbug Club's purpose is to foster an interest in photography and to explain its usefulness to the members. gi 1' Mr, Henry Fink SHUTTERBLIG "See how nicely this one came out?" T"eC'5U"e'1 l-GUY Bill Tobias, Secretary: Craig Brown. Anne t evMit.1i1sfiIs3'i'5f?2tii9zia-2.35 imgi?-,..s,,,as,,g,f, f " Wwe, 'L Back Row: Jean Hardy, Myrtle Badger, Judy Rienhart, Lynn Dwyer, Anne Taylor, Sandra Creitz, ' ,ge Mary Lee Hudson, Glenda Powers, Sharon Van Sciver, Norma Norris, Patricia Williams. 2nd Row: Celeste Cipriano, Barbara Monrose, Estelle Le Beau, Henrietta Kelly, Cecile Parker, Virginia Foster, M ' Ellen Connor, Sue Ellen Sprague, Sandra Howland. Front Row: Catherine Etheridge, Helen Leigh, 8 . Marilyn Marshick, Faith MacAllister, Trudy Andringa, Shirley Mosely, Wilma Young, Nancy HUH. ff N KV Ein.: The Girls' Athletic Association promotes girls' athletic activities and contributes to the development of high ideals. Each month its members engage in some activity which is not ottered in school. Some of these are: swimming, water skiing, horseback riding, roller skating, bowling and camping. The Association renders service to the physical educa- tion department by painting lines on the playing courts, officiating at games, and purchasing necessary equip- ment for the sports program, WWE Shirley Simpson 9 Ao AQ we-i was ,W-f lwl -mm...W....,-s Helen Leigh-Sergeanteat-Arms, Faith MacAllister-President, Mari- lyn Marsick-Secretary, Shirley Moseley-Treasurer, Cathy Ether- idge-Business Manager, Trudy Andringa+ViceAPresident. Not present: Glenda Powers-Reporter, Mary Lee Hudson-Chaplain, Jean Haeseker-l.C.C. "Boy, you look funny in shorts!" 1 L fN- 7. s a . 7 if.. .f ,l Back Row: Lee Baynard, Dick Hazlett, Doug Hotalen, Stan Neri, John Quimby, Danny Ramsdell, Ronald Pcidot, Woody Reed, Bud Delong, John Bagg, Bob Hunter, Bob Childress. Middle Row: Clitt Hulsart, Phil Gourley, Mike Muncey, Jim Parrish, Joe Dill, Larry Fannin, Bob Vannatta, Ken Stephens, . 'Q t Weyman Kessler. Front Row: Butch Stewart, Tom Roskelly, Gary Brown, Bob Vanivleter, Ron Taylor, i Mike Croft, Bob Shields, Bob Taylor, Bill Downs, Ronald Heiter, Earl Goode. 2. x ,K , . The membership ot this club is composed of athletes each ot whom has won a letter in at least one varsity sport, and is considered outstanding for his sportsman- ship. The members, individually and collectively, work to promote school spirit, sportsmanship, and student participation in athletic activities. LETTERMAN'S CLUB 9 Officers-Douglas Hotalen, Bob Childress, John Bogg, Robert LaBrant, Earl Goode. Front Row: Tom Roskelly, Butch Stewart, Bob Hunter. "We almost won that game." as l ""u, 4th R w: Billy Chambers, Jerry Alderson, George Gatewood, Eric Huber, Eddie Green, Robert Zaiser, Wesley John Bagg, John Hudon, Roy Cannon, John Spidell, Charles Bull, Sam Davie. 3rd Row: George o Brown, Salzman, Jack Rankin, Herb Schleman, Bill Slater, John Gingras, Bruce Wilson, William Rossley, Jan Duggar, William Bakeis, Rudy Phillips, Jan Hedges, Tom Conrad, Bob Wilson, E-ill Weed, Tom Fay, Roy Mills, Mike Hunt, Jennings Campbell. 2nd Row: Carl Nousiainen, Connie McGreen, Leigh Miller, Aletha Olsen, Jere Slote, Mike Craft, Larry Cecconi, Stanley Sattinger, Bob Whitaker, Joe Morton, George Vickers, Robert Craft, Gary Kramer, Bruce Brown. 'lst Row: Peter DeWitt, James Coffin, Kenneth Simpson, George Kieber, Tom Payne, Robert Koch, Charles Bearce, Ed Root, Jim Bakis, Phil Morron, Gerald Douyard, Robert Lambeck. "-wayne M . W lt S r G er won This organization was newly-formed this year from the old Chemistry Club. Its members are those students interested in chemistry, physics, mathematics, and bi- ology. One of its proiects is an annual gift to the science department. At each meeting, members are entertained by films, speakers, and experiments. SCIENCE A D ENGINEIERI G ...lg v Secretary: Larry Cecconi, President: Stanley Sattingerp Treasureri Hes demonslmlmg Bob Whitaker, Absent: Vice-President Mike Craft. M. JS. L 'i 'NU' iff... Back Row: Charles Kepner, Walter Chase, Charles Voigt, Mike Sheriden. Front Row: Louis Ate-ek, Mike Walton, Roberta Buss, Michael Vigue. Imaginary trips to tar-off, romantic places are possible when members of this club gather at one of their meet- ings. Through their stamps, visits may be made to any country or continent in the world. Collecting stamps may be profitable also, since many unusual stamps have quite a high value. At meetings albums are compared and stamps are exchanged or sold. +1155 ' N, 'iff' ifilfiwwzttfeitgtzst- F'-1. Am.. "This one came all the way from Afghanistan," Mike Vl9Uef VlCe'P"95lden Mike Walton, President. Mi. Jones STAMP CLUB tg Louis Ateek, Secretary-Treasurer AUDIO-VISLIAL CLUB The members ot the Audio Visual Club are students skilled in the setting up and oper- ating of the audio-visual equipment. Dur- ing the year they have given us faithful and etticient service. 'YM J, ii Q1 'W Miss Rosalie Pugh Lyle Moore, Diana Dean, Paul Tierney. lll IDR CLASSICAL LEAGUE The members of this club must have the qualification ot being able to converse in advanced Latin. At their meetings they have speakers who tell about Rome and the Latin customs. Films are also shown to create a further interest of Ancient Rome, mythology, and old Roman customs. uin Paul Tierney, Charles Hunt, Lyle Moore, Joy Purd Diana Dean. in "f" .K 4, if ' M., fi . . ggi, ,, , my g g V .,.. S +' l X lsfzjvs ,.. ' .H fee-was its 'Af-GG gms . .pta 'zr' Mrs. Bennett Evans, Betty Lou Wayne Weitz. Back Row. Buddy Young, Jean Wood, Barbara Sy Jim Jones. Front Row: Wayne Weitz, Betty Lou key, David Evans. U9, trett, Han- F Back Row: Charles Kraus, Toby Hilliker, .lim Simmons, Merle Lada, Frank Walther, Bill Thayer. Front Row: Sondra Butler, Barbara Eastmen, George Nousianen, Tony Becker, Patricia Morgan, Chloe Collins. assi BIDLDGY CLUB The newly-organized Biology Club was founded tor the express purpose of promot- ing interest in the natural sciences, and the club's members are, tor the most part, those students who are now taking Biology. Many members find the club's program at activities invaluable as a supplement to the science courses they are already taking. We 16 .1 1 .FB-kim if. 1 , r.:' A I Ki' 'Qilf MHZ? Officers-Back Row: George Nousianen, Tony Becker, Front Row: Pat Morgan, Barbara Eastmen. Back Row: John Williamson, Edward Bigger, Graham Mowrer, Howard Miller, Richard Herr, Richard Me- ciano. Middle Row: Elizabeth Hooks, Pat Gant, Jacque Stacey, Judy Riddle, Linda Purvis, Noel Bennett, Lo- retta Meals. Front Row: Mary Goderey, Pat Parlryano, Elizabeth Wells, Carry Ramsey, Carolyn Walter, Joyce Pane, Sharon Korner. RIDI G CLUB This club was iust recently organized and is composed of members interested in horse- back riding. Its purpose is to promote and further interest in horses and riding skills. Riding sessions are planned tor certain Saturdays for these talented equestrians. Judy Riddle, Linda Purvis. I i fig C x Mr. Raymond is in 2 ,Q 0 '3 J 'wmsw' ,S vi ll Mr. Whittecl IKI G T LENT CLUB A member of the Viking Talent Club should be able to entertain, participating in the general purpose at being available tor television shows, assemblies, club meetings, hospital entertainment, and other activities. These talented members are available when requests come from different organ- izations. SQ f T , ,Q - 4 Back Row: Barbara Ackerman, Mike Hammill, Alan Wheeler, Larry Hawkins, Mike Reed, Bob Thrumston, Larry Snyder, Ernie Webster, Martha Show. Middle Row: Olivia Dodson, Morguerita Schoenau, Janet De Laughter, Grace Van Horne, Sue Akins, Ann Leedy, Andy Rearick, Celeste Loettler. Front Row: Judy Nor- man, Linda Holley, Susan Swift, Len Scipioni, Judy Akins, Diane Frankenberg, Pat Tomlinson, Muriel King, Lu Ann Decreasie, Phyllis Gant, Bill Mangold. abt Miss Clonts Judy Akins, Lelonqfdgziponi, Diane Frankenberg, AMATEUR RADIO CLUB All those students of Northeast interested in amateur radio should pay special atten- wif, tion to this club. The Amateur Radio Club is to foster not only an interest in radio, but to get its members together for an exchange of information. Their project for the year was the "Ham Hop," given to make money to purchase a code oscillator. 6359 N Jim Bartlett, Eddie Salzman, Fred McKenzie, Robert Lawson. R Mr. Myers Eddie Salzman, Fred McKenzie. an CRA FTS Standing: Dale Davis, Bob Skinner, Gene Osterhout, Larry Britner, Roger Bruce, Tommy Chomlee, Ronnie McLain. Seated: Shirley Smith, Archie McGinnis, Gary Douglas, Charlene Carlin. 3rd Row: Jimmy DeCresie, Bill Frarikenburger, John Pfister, Steve Polk, Jules Clavan, Allen Lewis. 2nd Row: Craig Welch, Bill Dwyer, Cecil Gage, Everett Myrick, John Knowlton, Joe Hood, David Whitney. lst Row: Merritt Marks, Ray Muncy, John Heiser, Jack Polk, Bob Cates, Arden Stough. The Crafts Club is designed to develop interest and experience lor worthy use of leisure time. Since most of its members have had little or no shop experience, they are, for the most part, developing a hobby in learning to make such Aobiects as bookends, shadow boxes, and lamps. .iw R Q 'K' 5- , , ,Q V I A Q 1 fi ul is f " i " 1 I It X . I . , rj lx my D v..:v iv - ati . , 1 Qs h., ' Q. ' lx . -'- , ' 9,6 my .. .. . g Ji . i fag: X fs: i Z: -..,'- x dm ' ' Mr. Broeselcer Shirley Smith, Charlene Carlin, Archie McGinnis, Gary Doug- las, Roger Bruce. ROD 5 REEL CLUB Although the members of this club are primarily interested in fishing-as the name implies-that is certainly not their only in- terest, tor they also strive to foster an appreciation of outdoor lite and to promote the conservation of natural resources. Mr. McNeil Vice-President: Jack Polk, Secretary: Ray Muncy, President: Bob Cates: Treasurer: John Heiser, 1, qi-p 4' 158 M1 Ka 3 -as as 93,3 Mrs. Virginia Schiferl ,fs 'A fx, 4 :mul ,msd 2 'Her' 32, 9' we mx 'fr 'drew- ' ,""'7""l', An- 'V 'Q J K ef L r.W.,,,, 1? Back Row: Glenda Goley, Kenneth Harrington, Susan Knisely, Susie Shields, Eleanor Kelton, Joan Betts, Billie Louise Codington. Middle Row: Betty Geiger, Charlene De Boer, Diane Haddon, Sandy Peddycord, Carol Perkins, Claire Simpson, Carol Stevensen, Davalee Bisher, Sylvia Dunn. Front Row: .lim Bartlett, Barbara Pafford, Alice Studkey, Barbara Kogerman, Gail Long, Sandra Howland, Robert Lawson, Judy Lewis. The Jr. Red Cross is an active organization, sponsored by the local Red Cross Chapter. The Jr. Red Cross '- sponsors drives in the school and trains personnel for J u switchboard, canteen, and disaster corps worlc. -R, A' :wx One main purpose is to develop the potential leader- ship in students. my ,M- i ta , hows ,3 i 4, J ff 5'-Eg ,, ft 5 is MV I gy ' as , U 'V ,....... 1 A ' Ui X Bad' Row: Sandy Peddycord' Roberl Lawson' Alice Sluckey' Now, we'll have to establish homeroom representatives .... First Row: Sandra Howland, Barbara Kagerman, Gail Long. 4 F 5 1 i E v-...g M2172 x ere are a l'lJlfll7A' of goof! .CJ orirla if W S W , ,. ' , if f' W I lv'AA V ' ' '- V Y 'A ,. ' . M ' . V A , , ,,.. , 'W' A -W .W , ' 'A f ' -." ' Pwkff 4 ,-'. : ' ' ' -,gm 'wi' " , ff '27L2'?f"g . " 12 H? 1 .' ,fx , ' Ti ' - , ' W. ' ' f M Q V .,,- ,,-' - - hw ll' 'V f .1 , W '."W- ' ' 1 ' 1 Qi i ,'-A we ' Sl' - " . ,. .,... ' , ' , - V ' v ' 'rr' , 'W I W - 'W' ':': H f iw I , ' ' ' W. " .., ,f.1,::- A V Bk 'fiifx ' . g K , .- A f , ,'," "1 ff,' - I 3 ,- ' . 'W - . QE' W My ,sas . an , 4. :Q Coach Bob Kohler, Coach L. V. Ward Back Row: Bob Wilson, Bill Downs, John Quinby, Doug Hotalen, Ron Padot, John Bogg, Butch Stewart, Ron Heiter, Jim Parrish, Bob Childress. Middle Row: Max MacCastlan, Tom Roskelly, Larry Hawkins, Ivan Dietch, Mike Craft, Stan Neri, Howard lssacs, Ron Taylor, Phil Gourley. First Row: Bob LaBrant, Mike McNerney, Gary Brown, Cliff Hulsart, Bill Davis, Bob Van Meter, Dick Gourley, Don Shields. Northeast's football team, under a new coaching staff, was runner-up in the city championship. ln the last game of the season we beat Boca Ciega, a rival in the city, who was favored to win. This was a great victory for our boys! The record for the season was two games won and eight lost, but that didn't stop the Vikings. They were always onthe field fighting for the game they loved. E F KEN, H.W Mi 1 gl I957-58 PDSSIBLE TEAM Back Row: Max MocCastlon, Bob Shields, Bob Von Meter, Doug Hotolen, Ron Taylor Middle Row: Gary Brown Larry Howkins Mike McNerney, Bob LoBront, Dick Gourley, lvon Deitch. Front Row: Cliff Hulsort, Bob Wilson, Bill Davis, Howard lssocs Bill Downs SEASON RECORD Tarpon Springs ........... O-I9 Hillsborough Clearwater Jefferson . . Manatee . . Chamberlain St. Pete .. . Plant . . . Sarasota . , O-25 ...27-O 7-8 O-41 7-19 O-20 6-39 O-i4 Paul Tierney, Jack Weaver JOHN QUINBY -I .5 6551153 ., .1 Y M STAN NERI JOHN BAGG BUTCH STEWART RONNIE HETTER j , 4. A . f I I E, E ,I at I A MIKE BOB CHILDRESS PHIL GOURLEY RONNIE JIM PARRISH miigii wmiml? CRAFT TOM ROSKELLY The Junior Varsity football team lost 3 games in 3 starts during the 1956 season. Due to lack of depth in many positions, the Junior Varsity and Var- sity was combined for the remainder of the season. Third Row: Charles Brannen, Don Shields, Frank White, John Mar- shick, Bob Shields, Richard Tucker, Second Row: Robert Lowe, Ronald Zay, Jerry Alderson, Kenneth Roberts, Richard Nickels, Jerry Flint, Tom Larson, Max McCoslin, First Row: Jerry Mills, Dave Williams, Bill Coate, Arnold Smith, Dale Nuendort, Ed Skaggs, Bob Smith. ln their coach's opinion, the fresh- man team was one ot the best he had seen in many a year. At the beginning they were inexperienced but by the end of the season they were good. ln years to come these boys will make good varsity players. Fourth Row: Ronald Dunham, Jack Polk, Bob Zaiser, Gordon Lund- beck, Jim Lee, Ed Salzman, Jim Muncy, Bill LaBrant, Stan Polk, Al Vision, Steve Woodward. Third Row: Dick Gourley, Dick Isaacs, Bill Wright, Bill Reed, Mike Davis, Larry Nastri, Rodney Sutherland, Richard Kapocsi, Andy Keller, Sandford Frazer. Second Row: Calvin Adams, David Krumwiede, Mike Walton, Larry McDonald, Tom Guillaume, Robert Skinner, John O'Neill, Bernie Kehler, James DeCresie, Jett Nichols, Connie McGeehan. First Row: John Pfister, Steve Polk, Ed Burton, John Quarles, Sonny Leigh, John Knowlton, George Cramer, John Heiser, Howard Isaacs. 176 'Vi : D it Q, 2 We ' 1- sw usa? ihirley Atkins Iarol Curran ii.. 3X3 if .etiggy-WM . X Qt' ff if ' .., - Q ' X we if :gg ii WY tg x ft Ti Q6 HHZA I . ,V ,.:, 4, ,f"" Top: Shirley Atkins, Head Cheerleader. Middle Row: Barbara Wells, Barbara Monrose, f Carol Curran, Shirley McClendon. Kneeling: Barbara Kogerman, Margie Shay, Karolyn Iarolyn Bagg It :,, was fbi g WW Iarley Freck it tn-M ', S arbara Wells sq + Bagg, Corley Freck, Sandy Crietz. HEERLE DERS "Two bits! Four bits! Six bits! A dollar! All for Northeast stand up and holler! Congrat- ulations to our peppy cheerleaders for their leadership under the supervision of Miss Jo Ann Tyler in this year's outstanding display of school spirit. At every game, these girls were on hand inspiring the crowd to keep our teams well supplied with moral support. Truly, they are examples of loyal Vikings. Margaret Shay Shirley McClendon T ar ,a X I M . T' ., ' f 'gs ff Q if V I 1 Barbara Monrose Barbara Kogerman 8 . af- 5' , il if bg if -lf wi Q la A f' "The Rockettes have nothing on us!" S X ., . ., T 'fs WWW 'Q it andy Creitz awww, , 'Weir-rss WNW Coach Benjamin Back Row: Doug Hotalen, Roger Whitehead, Harry Souder, Larry Hawkins, Bob Van- natta, Weyrnan Kessler. Middle Row: Kirk Clinton, Bob Van Meter, Ken Renner, Doug Passen, Paul Ray. Front Row: .lim Puterbaugh, Jim Brickley. VAR ITY BASKETB LL The basketball team, under the never-failing efforts of Coach Benjamin, has tried its best all season. When the going was rough, our boys never gave up. They were always in there playing for the school and for the enjoy- ment of the game. Bud Ireland, Don Notts Hawkins, Jim Pure Jim Brickley. SCHEDULE Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan Jan. Jan . 4- 8- Ii- 12- . -Chamberlain-Away -FT. Myers-Home -Manatee-Away -Hillsboro-Home -Florida High-Home Clearwater-Here Jefferson-Away Sarasota-Home K.M.I.-Home 18-ST. Pefe.-Home -Plant-Away Back Row: Doug Hofalen, Roger Whitehead, Bob Vannaffa, Larry rbaugh. Front Row: Kirk Clinfon, Bob Van Meter, SCHEDULE Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 29- 1- Boca Ciega-Away Manatee-Home Hillsboro-Away 5-Clearwater-Away 8-Jefjferson-Home -Sarasota-Away I5-Chamberlain-Home 16-K.M.l.-Away I9-ST. Pete.-Away -Plant-Home ' -Boca Ciega-Home 5 I ,ei ef x ,, ,g Wggijif .gb Q 1?Tfgi'Zf ?92 is gf sf 3 px :iff 'G 'wwf' ,nn 5 55 'gy JAYVEE SQUAD The Junior Varsity won 8 games and lost l2 games. FRDSH SQUAD SCHEDULE Northeast l6 Southside . . .58 Northeast 47 Walker Jr. Hi.5O Northeast 36 Disston ..... 24 Northeast 28 St. Pete. Hi. .26 Northeast 57 Tyrone ..... T7 Northeast 38 Walker Jr. Hi.34 Northeast 40 Southside , . .33 Northeast 38 St, Pete. Hi. .24 Northeast 30 Disston ..... 24 Northeast 45 Tyrone ..... 22 This group of boys we ot fine offensive and defensive play. Next YSCIF they will fT'lC1lCe G strong Bock Row: Jim Craver, Jerry Alderson, Dan LaDuke, George Salzman, Jerry Spaulding VG'-Sify fecm. John Roberts, George Kramer, Hank Haeseker. Front Row: Coach Hamerick, Ed Skaggs Orville Renner, Craig Brown, Fred Scaggs, Ron Mullen, Hardy Bryan. Boys on the Freshman t a hard working group -. .N,... Watch these boys in the next two Back Row: Tom Newsom, Dennis Driscoll, Don Anderson, Don Palmer, Allen Lewis. Front or fhree years. Row: Dick Isaacs, Dick Gourley, Howard Isaacs, Billy Reid, Art Lang. .li in 'Nittany 375' Q 43, st Back Row Wayne Marshall Tom Roskelly Ron Padot John Coate Clyde McGuire Middle Row: PeeWee Branan Larry Hoddson, Billy Davis Dave Larson Mickey Moustakes Ben Wall. Front Row: Butch Stewart John Marschick Allen Grange Paul Boyer Billy Thayer. Jhtfg VIKINGS VARSITY Butch Stewart, Billy Davis, Mickey Moustakes, Q A iA Ron Padot, Larry Hoddson, Paul Boyer, Tom i Ben wan, John Mmchack. Roskelly. Nr' March March March March April April April April April April April May May May June SCHEDULE 3 5 9 I2 I3- 22- 26- 29- -Boca Ciega-There -Chamberlain-There -Manatee-There -Hillsborough-Home Plant-Here Sarasota-Home Clearwater-Home Jefferson--Home I9-S.P.H.S.-There 23 26 -Tarpon Springs-There -Boca Ciega-Home 3-Clearwater-There I 0-Manatee-Home I 7-S.P.H.S.-Home I0-State Tournament Returning to the baseball team were lettermen Butch Stewart, Dan Ramsdell, Ken Stephens, Weyman Kessler, John Marshick, Larry Hawkins, and Bill Thayer. Many other enthusiasts for the game tried out for the team, too. Our baseball Vikings played a fourteen game schedule with the conference championship being based upon the season record after playing each opposing team once. The district championship was decided by they season record after playing each team twice. I82 Ron Padof, Tom Roskelly, Peewee Branan, Dave Larson, Ben Wall, Billy Thayer, Dan Ramsdell, Ken Stephens, Weyman Kessler. E. wi 411 Alan Granger, Peewee Brcman, John Wayne Marshell, Dave LGFSOH, Billy Marschick, John Coate. Tlwyef, Clyde MCGUll'e- BASEB LL Ken Stephens, Peewee Branan, Tom Roskelly. Ben Wall, R011 PGd0f, Dove LOFSOFI- 1 CHUM . 2 4 i f , A s 5 cg Q, K : . . 6 K 5 It -I':I2::,:g Qi' -1 Kneeling: Max McCaslin, Ronald Zay, John Quarles, Jim Bakeis, Phil Morron, Cap Wilson. Standing: Danny Neuton, Grant Cul- verhouse, John Roberts, Herb Muncy, Bob Wilson, Bill Thomas, Carl Fritz, Danny Neuron. TRACK TEAM SCHEDULE March I3 ................... Plant March I4 .... ..... J r. High March 22 .... . . Stewart Field March 29 .... . . . County Meet March 30 .... . . . Gainesville April 5. . . ...... Hillsborough April I2 .... . . .West Coast Relays April T8 .... ...... C ity Meet April 26 .... .. Conference May 3 .... . . Group Meet May I l . . . .... State Meet The Viking Track Team has been handicapped this year with only one returning letterman. The team is small com- pared with last year's, but they show much promise. A deciding factor in the strength of next year's team is that nearly all the team will be returning. The Track Team is under the capable direction of Coaches Ward and Kohler. 2 an it Sf I 2 f T . . . . s 1 T , .ir. - ff . ..t. .... i is s i siri Lap after lap, hour after hour, all part of the daily grind that goes into making Northeast's top-flight track team. 184 Uh John Roberts, sholfput and high-lump. Cop Wilson, John Roberts. Back Row: Ronald Zuy, Danny Neufon, John Quarles, Knnling, Bock Row: Phil Morron, Bob Wilson, Bill Thomas. Kneeling: Max Grant Culverhouse, Jim Bokeis. MCCUSHH, Curl Frifz, Herb Muncy. i A 185 Back Row: Frank Walther, Bill Pheil, Joe Dill, Bob LaBront, John Spidell, Bill Rossley, Frank Cooper, Richard Oppel. Front Row: Tom Larson, Mike Cooper, Bob Hunter, Earl Goode, Mike Muncy, Ken Dowdy, Len Scipioni, Bob Merritt. VIKI G SWIMMERS Bob Hunter,- Robert Merritt. The V'?'iil'ng Swimming Team this year has a new coach, Mr. Gibson, who is working hard with his team of twenty-two boys. Included in the twenty- two are seven lettermen who are making a strong showing. They are Bob Hunter, who is one of the State's finestiin the backstroke, Joe Dill and Bob LaBrant, freestyle, Earl Goode and Len Scipioni, breaststroke, Mike Muncy, butterfly, and Bob Mer- ritt, backstroke. Because of graduation, we were unfortunate in losing the State Diving Champion, Rico Moschino. SCHEDULE March I5-Sarasota ............ .... H ome March 22-Boca Ciega .... .... T here March 29-Clearwater . . . .... There March 30-Ft. Myers . . . . .Home April 5-Sarasota ..... .... T here April I2-St. Petersburg .... Home April l8-City Meet ..... ..... N E Host April 27-Conference .... Boca Ciega May 4-Group Meet ..... ...St. Petersburg May Il-State Meet . . . .... Gainesville A' I i ,J R .1gf'j-, g:3- x x. ,,A,,A Q Heads up? Mike Cooper, Mike Muncey. 3 5 5 1 E l W 1 l Len Scipioni, Frank Blank, Joe Dill, Bob LoBronf. l i CHA MP5 K, . John Spidell, Bill Rossley, Dick Oppel, Roger, Lorson, Gordon Cornelison, Poul Tierney, Bill Pheil. M-qv!!! X Qt , t, 5- 1 1 Bock Row: Linda Purvis, Erma Thomas, Joann Olson, Doronda Willard, Sue Schiefter, l it 5' T ...N l X ' ' . , g fn Pat Tomlinson, Karen Korner, Barbara Cooper, Sandy Henry, Dorene Dutcher, Sharon Karner. Front Row: Judy Rinehart, Nila Shea, Ann Taylor, Sue Sprague, Diane Shea, Judy Baker, Karolyn Bagg. S giiggfgigs f 1. Mgr. Rinehart GIRLS' SWIMMI G Many of the girls who swam to victory in l956 are again on the team this year. This, plus the return of our diver, Pat Tomlinson, and the addition of three outstanding swim- mers, Nila Shea, Diane Shea, and Barbara Cooper, com- prised a very capable squad. Because of this the girls all worked diligently for a successful season. Coach Simpson 188 Nilo Shea, Karolyn Bagg Sue Sprague, Barbara Cooper 'K My, WSW Q H' kg if WfZ+'?ihl 'A X Swv gf .qw I K: , ,f Q.-. 411' . . 1 ' ' QQ- :P ,.-vw 0 v,- ,,,. wgwf Judy Baker, Diane Shea, Ann Taylor law. -ff, T3 N "1 y "' f new Q' ,., MVWVQ-'Q J x, K ,. 'N W'M"a"X ' Y- wav" . -a W . r via, -.W ff- ,,.,, f Y ,FT ' 'QA AK' W A 2.3 L Mx rf, Mlm ,ff . KM 50 ,-:fB'mzw fr, QS' M ,W Lt Pot Tomlznson ww-'3"" N ,Q www mf ' "Can you see it down there?" Ge? the rhythm, girls!" "Beg inners' class?" "Our own cuqucn-belies." "Well, that was better, but I I I I:-- I .v ' f 3 I II I' fer fl I 5 .f S1d':D'dTh t,BbW ,HdB ,J'S' ,N'IF kl I3 0 Y 5 ' T I5 N N I S T E A M BifT1!25.'kenSILgef. 'Tlljfwflee B'ZSS2fd, 'fH,.YR0IK212.d,"3'fevLmUZ'Qssdv'Zf. e QM 1 ' ' v"' f egg f 6 .. --1-11: -... - :-- 1 -..V ' V :isigii . 5,4 :,.: 3 . A . . ,:x 1 . . I Q. i s lk I ft my S d':P W'II' ,EH K ,B HlI,M.V Flf,J Wd,S G I R I- 5 ' T E N N I 5 T I5 A M sI,1'LfZ',3 61.11lgl"s'HT.,mf2'f.,n"E1'?C.,f,TMS YQULL, +T.3.,nT1wZ7m oo 191 GIRLS' SPORTS li Jerry Day has been chosen the most outstanding senior in girls' athletics. Coaches: Miss Simpson, Miss Tyler, Mrs. Van Fleet. Back Row: Doris Hart, Lee Baynard, Carol Fageros. Kneeling: Sharon Van Sciver, Carol Berg. Girls' sports at Northeast include many dilterent and interesting things such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, recreational games, badminton, golf, and baseball. The girls are ably supervised by Miss Simp- son, Miss Tyler, and Mrs. Van Fleet. The intramural sports, played during sixth period and after school are volley ball, basketball, swim- ming, tennis, golf, and badminton. 192 l Q -fm ARCHERY ,K . Q , I , sir 5' iq .... 1 , ,. , , , . ill Q A .: 4 E-'if lll- Y ,fl it tt i , 'N f 3,2 Q! ,f - 'M . . A 1 '2 , 'f, ,,.,,, 'L ,V W r 31: 'vii .,,, ,.,, ' fl X" . Q Q I, i5:'f.if.'::t- J J' K iiifii 4 if W M z m f z il rl ij i L' t i ff ' . sfisirarrzlf ,M i - ' H L w 7, in ' 6513 ,,,x,i,ggi,,1ggg2s flngiizglgg , 3Q'EQiWfg 25 mill? iff' ----- 'rf' "Hit the target, not us!" Linda Fort, Del Ann Henertauth, Jean Hardy, Judy Baker, I I I E 4 I l Virgil-llc, Foster, Mcrllyn Morshlckf Myrtle Badger, Miss Billie Ruth White, Virginia Berkley, Margaret Glosser, Judy Wul- Slmpsonl liams, Virginia Jones, Jean Sheridan, Clarissa Rogers, Georgia Frisch, Jean Robertson, Karen Carlson, Cecile Parker, Joan Poole, Betty Myers, Hele n Leigh. Top Row: Marilyn Marshick, Jean Haeseker, Jerry Day. Bottom Row: Helen Leigh, Cecile Parker. BADMINTON "Watch the Birdie" Marilyn Marshick, Helen Leigh, Jean Haesker, Cecile Parker, Jerry Day. V- M Q " urq, . -A It .l lll gf lil' M- ' in J, f ,A Q Q Ga -- -- i l , .,.. 7 .M st A M V ,Q wi ,. 1.4. H I 1415 ,, Q ' MTW ,t " ,. . W ,WK Y Mis , ' , T W wif, ,,Q,"' W i .si fi HWW1- sf N H' , , N ev: 'M - .P - "Strike her out!" Top Row: Marilyn Marshick, Cecile Parker, Jerry Day, l Pm Williams. Bonom Row: Eslelle Le Beau, Belly Myers, Estelle Le Beau, Marilyn Marshick, Helen Leigh, Cecile Parker, Helen Leigh- Jerry Day, Pat Williams, Betty Myers. ulrdify M8231 3 Miss Simpson- V A Back Row: Jean Hardy, Mary Lee Hudson, Jerry Day, Marilyn Marshick, Helen Leigh, Front Row: Helen Moore, Trudy Andringa, Sandra Creitz, Betty Myers, Barbara Monrose, Henrietta Kelly. Northeast A 34 24 B 38 15 Northeast A 36 22 B 34 29 Northeast A 21 36 B 22 27 Northeast A 32 30 194 vs. Clearwater 8 25 16 28 St. Petersburg High 8 12 23 11 vs Boca Ciega 18 9 10 19 vs. Largo 18 13 me - ' ' et A 2 . . t-It-:"'-22.1. ' .V QQ Nw S 4325 Q 4 ' K 7 3 wwf? 5:.iI4-Z-E:I35:-f':lEIEiE5'fEfI3E5':l'5:1:' "" ' " I 335253358 :. A5 .xii gylgsgimgsgglhizggg wS5g5.5.:, - " . " - Z.'5'rffwZt4SQ'?gvf' f"f'S.'fsZ.':igzs9 " ' . . 521 -lww.,., gh 5,......t ag.: ., - . .. .. -- ' f ,MSN WJ" KTTH? ,LII " ' f . . , .,f.-its .- . , , , - him' If ' " ' s , I , . W , vw. ,, V , -- f -, Q ': ' if 5 ,sr ff ff --A:- ., .W , jig v 1: x'Q,i,, il' 'Hr if 1,5 amifg TEAM Back Row: Judy Reinhardt, Karolyn Bagg, Cathy Etheridge, Norma Norris, Pat Williams. Front Row: Myrtle Badger, Celste Cipriano, Estele La Beau, Sue Sprague, Judy Baker, Cecile Parker. The girls! A cmd B Varsity Valley Ball teams were selected from the Intramurals teams according to their sportsmanship and skills. After much practice they had a very successful season. They won six and lost one of their games. -'-4. ,, at ft ,f ...,.. - mi . sf 55 il I , Qi. ol ly 1- 5, ,, get Y 16 v V V V k. gf it m4 1 Aw L, Q ,, , gig.. , 1 4 Q S? 'Mx 1. N 4 f " it .. 1 'T Ji lg 'Wg A? A Kc., ' V if e sc ll twill P -1 4, A .. ,ff 4 v 9 15 H f was 233 r - f -r me W ik W ' n M T. fi"-fr Eu A I . A tm 'Fifi ss. -1 J Lf:'.mf,..:rs.g',g..'?g-'..., . ,Q-.. Miss Tyler gg, M . F? -13:51 ' pf '?' W 3gS'S??"',1f,"" ni: Miss Tyler TEAM V R ITN The "A" and "B" teams, coached by Miss Tyier and Miss Simpson, had no outside competition. Therefore, they were forced to play against themseiyes. The girls were very capable players. I l TEAM an E D "B" TEAM Top Row: Sandy Henry, Sue Schaffer, Celeste Cipriano. Center: Norma Norris. BASKETBALL This year our girls' basketball "A" and "B" teams have had no competition and have held games among themselves. Marilyn Marshick was chosen the most representative girl of all the physical education classes. S an is .,..., 5 ,:. "1:fE' ,.... I If " 12 52. .,..,. K ....,. 1 . 'T :' ... 1 . 3 'M is w...a Marilyn Morshick WINNER RUNNER UP Top Row: Janet Seymore, Jean Haeseker, Katherine Top Row: Judy Reinhardt, Sue Scha. Ver Wiebe, Barbara Cooper. Bottom Row: Linda fer, Sandy Henry, Bottom Row: Pat Tempus, Cathy Ethridge, Sandra Hopper. Willigmg, Normq Norris, it - K -lm --:- -,.. .,r.... 4:4 MT 1 --2-' s lfffggfi A' H f . MS fs: mn, 13? i ff is SIZE? 7 1 .685 X we ,0 uv ,. W? OFFICE STAFF L fn' img EM K ' 1 "N ,,-I uf """'f I mln' -5' A"FE- 'Tff y .,.,FV F, , ,H-Q W, .M Back Row: Jim Brickley, Gary Brown, Dan Heyne, Ralph Spaulding, Ralph Buxton. Center Row: John Eaddy Larry Mann, Wesley Amend, Ronnie Padot, Ken Maynard, Larry Hawkins. Front Row: George Salzman John Bagg, Mike Craft, Tom Roskelly, Stanley Sattinger. 1 I5 J hav. 415 , 1 aw GOLF TEAM Left to Right: Mr. Jones, Bob Vannatta, Ed Amley, Bruce Haskell, N r P F it I , 1 9 f f f 5 Q , 5 E , 4 E , if if fa. ADVERTISING ff 7104 in My psmL4Mzg,4,' ,, A gat zzrmgv ,, -:Wg-df-K -ugm. Uiggj.. I ,rvuzmslmse-ff, ,. . .NW-+1-L. :-44.1" m.v.EW14 V f X. 5 :Q ' - if l.7:?H1-- Q ,f-N Y ' V ' l 154 f,4!g.!" X 1? 6 5 Wg? WV' wfw 0 9+ gym' ' W? V' J' 34 3, R ,suv ff'1pK8ffbMfUf,+" ,Jf as awk A Q V N . Uni .-ing J x . aj! Q if W fp WM Qili M 1 F?- 3. ' 1' "Ti-f ,X f ' ,f 'Y ff'-Q y . Y 'G-My qi' fx: f A-A 4 3 ' S . 'P X if ,f Q N IV' V -"V L, x Q 049 r 4, ' ,Xin nijguf' f ,Q Ana' X ' ' Il ' 9 y Q' P. , ,' 9 COCOIZYQ fp, wi . . 10nfmcneoL,E fq, 1' L-1 1 . - Q K A. fl' 6. 4 '4 W 'Y T 0 ,fy .53 I , A""'g , 4' am--pf y la w- g' ' :if .s 1 f' W- 5 X I X9 H .X 'NRM 3 X' V fl ' 2 i Q, A5 X ' X?.f Jf -fm: xg, , N . . P x . . L. Q 4,1 3 J -ak QA-L , ,N J ,TW lf' .Iv G 5 6.-an ? 4 we WWW ' 9 Q -Q1 gi is L7 o 40 Q . fy .A fb Z lb ,. S A gpaerg ful: P 53 If ,lf X I ,NJ E -V 'IS x ffl X ' ff V . if .V - rx X3 'fy X f! ' ' i i I . dvi 'hui fmjim, ml f ,l x ,,,,,7+mf1 'fares ' 459' Q ' . f f gf 5? Q V . I . 0 3 4 VV 'L 8 f-faf' 'y- Ai.:-a tb' 'P A. 3 ,f Q S if TW ,f U' 'F XX X fm ' " X x 1 1 mi f ' . - -X ' .' S S3 kg ' , ,Qi f K 'gf.iaPIPf"Qh1iII'Q Emma W: vp' 0 , L W WJ XO FLSISJAS-BESTAJEWSPAPER 'N s -' -A-7 Calf'-f-P., I ,f 1' , f -a . GMM, Q ' ,lf-gf :Inf :QM-4d610'wMf?'f9 ffmyfc-ffm'-'fl l 1 ,.,Wfiei?ffI,I F I RST ED RAI. g'YiFllF , ii? 2,35 ff lllliilliiilziliii F E i1, . .f' sAvl N G s , 4. :ll -1 agg,.,:::,. -Ls.-I,, A 2,5 Q,.,.,,9 51,-E AND LoAN AssociATioN OF sr. PETERSBURG MAIN office - cannon at Founh Qgff Nonmwesr OFFICE - soo - 49th sr. im. 2' BEACHES OFFICE - 401 Corey Ave. RESOURCES OVER 125 MILLION DOLLARS E" Unifed Sfofes Charfer Number 3 One of Americcfs Lclrgesl' ANNE BRADLEY, EdiTor ond GENE GLENNON, AdverTising Monoger of The VIK- ING I.OG llefTI ore being shown The inTricoTe Time clock mechanism of The mommouTh Diebold door which guords The Mdin Office vczulT in The bosemenT. VERNON KELLY lkneelingl former NorTheosT Viking now employed in The MorTgoge Loon Depc1rTmenT of FirsT Federol, poinTs To The Time clock, while Sovings Teller, DICK GLENNON lbroTher of Genel looks on. ,651-,Q 54, f ffl, 5, mf ff., Lg' . Lim, 0,2'IZy'fm.4m5a't7 5"'fL"2 06 W5 'X Ur. fan-4.,Zoa.cZaf ,gl 4 2744, 3 Q43 Janw M-144.7 f7-Q'-11. 9' " ' . 5'ffaZ1"5. Jfiaouag!-Ufw . -' 'V gavwwa' V4MF1'6H?ZNEPA ' '6L Zf Wwmiwmg' ff-cw gm f, Lfvtjba 764, ggn.,-, Q,..Qf rn ,Q .fr-Gcgfwy 0560911229 594532-QNSQWWEMM 3 " dffffQ1ag?E35fgf'ed 7-3 33 Phopes -O 83 cw f ,val . , Ad if r, 2'Li-Q., 254,62 I' .S Zia, 10-e-of.. ,, M 340 ""' ' . , , Q I3 A 3 3 :55 A . -f 4 2, 3 ,m f fwww w Wf AM Mwffawffwf-isfwfff LOAMQYF es Ejgsi ZWQEKQFSQALTEST. Gaqdfnuvcwfj . J629"3'fIma96w'5Zfj F'i'7,G-,if i E M Z ,, 4 OL-glephoni 7-81 lid-LJ - . dl gdb 66ufEFi'5 1LK .N w4gg,Qo54SfoU . Mez-QA0??a,:, ,hw - -'fJ'51QjufC27'2f fm A4114 . : lnwffpaglj dLl,,L.JQ,0C ZZZAIQJA ,ieuru Q, awe-xc!z7l'fff y,59.u QLMMXQAJC ,aaa-fm-2 f"'Z"Zf6."""'f'f"5A1'fL""' ' J !!,efR gf! U- - A- f' Z I f"'z744"'i" ff f, ff ' f' ,Z U 1 D , B , ' A .S L 1 SMA fwfg-A E ffie' A f Mff , t Se Northeost High I t ',A dfg' .5:""tf:'A"' SC H . 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PETERSBURG KENNEL CLUB HOME OF HISTORIC Phone 42-5061 DERBY LANE "The Career Girls' Headquariers' 680 On Your Radio Dial , W P I N A Your Favorite Station For Fourth and Cenfral Phone 5-5191 Muslc and NEWS ST. Petersburg, Florida EGERTON AND MOORE COMPLIMENTS OF OUTFITTERS FOR MEN , Fw, sms - MAAS BROTHERS Serving Greafer Pefersburg ia... I I E K fry X FGQ QQ I' to s ' 'E l k .7 E W0 X7 6 fn. x . y 5 Everyhody's Going For Flavor- Rated ik .-'-' A V Bread. K 7 1-5 , ff. - Qxmzexy.1ssuv,s . E . 1' , .1 .- ., , - '-3:53. 33: I. I ' . . . ...M --1-1 . Ea-., - r:5"..- .. A " f SAME DAY SERVICE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING APPIDVID SEIVICI 515 22nd Street South 701 Second Avenue South 834 34th Avenue North Centrol At 22nd Street Phone 7-1134 - 7-4131 NEW PoRTABLE TYPEWRITERS sroo A WEEK Eoiz FREE io DAY TRIAL BUSINESS EQUIPMENT UNLIMITED 839 First Avenue North Phones 7-2320 - 52-2641 CRAFT VILLAGE Come often os you like, No Admission Charge Croft Shops - Hobby Instructions Dining Room On Fourth Street ond 27th Avenue North "SIMPSON'S GOOD FOOD" 464 Centrol Avenue GULF LIFE INSURANCE CO. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Legol Reserve Life Insuronce 631 4th Street, No. Phone 7-4735-79-8432 CONGRATULATIONS FROM BOOSTER PATRONS CAKE BOX BAKERY Mr. And Mrs. J. R. Reichert Mr. ond Mrs. Douglos Doubledciy Lentz FIorist 1214 Ninth Street North GARRETT'S STANDARD SERVICE Mr. ond Mrs. Alderson Mr. ond Mrs. Joy J. Willson Bruce Werts Meots L :1:1: .N,. 4 -f 'X I . ' A ::: ' X A 'ia s. if 7 l coasts l vilw 35 "A. P BER I Located 2 Miles South ot University On Highway 44l g fl 1. , Ab GAINESVILLE, FLoRiDA Fmklm 2-1463 f x A Home ot University ot Florida P' 0- BOX 673 v't L2 JL FOR THE UTMOST IN COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE 0 Room Phones 0 Swimming Pool 0 24 Hour Service 0 Air Conditioning 0 Hot Water Heat 0 Wading Pool 0 Shuffle Board 0 Play Ground 0 Television 0 Restaurant ' Quiet Location 0 Large Rooms TOM SAWYER MOTOR INNS ALBANY,NEw YORK and ELMiRA,NEw YoRK Compliments and Best Wishes of the ST. PETERSBURG Automobile Dealers Association ADCOCK MOTORS GRANT MOTORS BERT SMITH -OLDSMOBILE SCARRITT MOTORS DEW MOTORS NICHOLS BROS. BROWN - NASH WALDRON PONTIAC ROSS CHEVROLET R. U. O'BRIEN GARY WALSH RUEBEL 81 SMITH STEWART JONES ALAN PETERSON MOTORS BRITISH AND CONTINENTAL MOTORS, INC. Best Wisihes To NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL School Supplies, Gifts, Books, Greeting Cards, Office Supplies, Furniture, Portable Typevvriters ROYAL - OLYMPIC - SMITH- CORONA - REMINGTON ln S.t. Pete - lt's P. K.'s School Supplies - Gifts - Books Cards - Electrical Applia.ces Office Supplies and Furniture Royal Typewriters Standard - Portable - Electric PINELLAS PRINTING 8x STATIONERY P. K. SMITH 8m COMPANY COMPANY 295 Centro' Avenue 326 Central Avenue Phone 5-5l I4 Compliments Of Winn's Municipal Pier Grill St. Petersburg's Municipal Pier And Winn's SPA Sandwich Shop SPA BEACH-ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA PERRY R.. MARSH INCORPORATED GENERAL INSURANCE IQOO Ist Avenue North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Phone 5-5lo6 STATE THEATRE Central at 7th "lf It's at The STATE, It's the Best in Town" GULFSHORE SPORT STORE "The AthIete's Best Friend" 48 Ninth Street North School Clothe ancklgkui ent kr J W W LUV HoME FEDERAL AW SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION or IK 5 -I-it ,INC ST.PETERSBURG,FLORIDA xg A, S PERRY R. MARSH, President lL! A V 'l 4 nd ,Q A North IQOI Central Avenue Phone 7-658i Ulcmce . 0 e 7-5155 f I J I M4 ff f 'AQJIL ,D ,i JW' I I , l ' ' Jr' f l I V .9 fuljl Ben! l i es rn I 5 if Avifr 1,lf ,I g :iv f ' ff? fl' oorviiwerr Jui lrihe lsuvnv sruvics tif 4' TIMIHXVENUE. . - ,I e 7jlf'll 1 , E ,I Illdlaines 'Ra diat' 28 AASL North Phone -My , ,NL fifth A I Else, Sflggiersburg Beach - Phone 2 -1371 fl 302 E Jef as sr., ciwwam - Phone 3-son COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN TOURS, INC. Charter A Bus to any Place in Florida MUISIC SHCDP LIBTIRJQS' I ll' Tele h ' p one 5-4308 iwn alldnlgrz M c I N T Y R E LADIES APPAREL, INC. 277 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, Florida EVERYBODY'S BANK f 1f - - C , -w as . J F . i imliitllif ll I B fgiudqiit 0 QMIQ - -' Hiitii tigiattiiiil at suam at' r35'..rf ,rlofiaa mms.. r.a.i.i umm m....m. cm mm. N-'iw-.ramen GYM POOL Meet Your Friends and Family At The "Y" Y. M. C. A. II6 Fifth Street, South Phone 7-5141 DANCES CLUBS "AImost Everyone Appreciates the Best"-Coca-Cola Best Wishes From Y. M. C. A. Northeast Service Clubs 680 Mirror Lake Drive Sports Clubs Sports tor Girls If It's Real Estate see AL WERLY REALTOR Since I9I9 Developers of Mokingbird Hill lAcross the Street from Schooll II6-6th Street, North Phone 7-4I I9 Compliments Ot CANNING'S INTERIORS 146- 150 Beach Drive No. P.Ione 7-5978 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA , I . WILSEY AUTO SERVICE Automotive Electrical Repairs General Overhauling - All Makes 300 9th Street North Phones: 71-2461 and 5-9460 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Compliments Ot WEST COAST TILE COMPANY .f Compliments Of YELLOW CAB COMPANY Phone 7-7777 nr ' PARKER RABE PAPER COMPANY Blue Horse School Supplies Home Owned - Home Operated 1000 Central Avenue ST. PETERSBURG THE COLISEUM DANCES-CONVEN 'ONS-SPORTS EVENTS Entertainment Center for ST. PETERSBURG BEST WISHES WIDERE and SMITH PRINTERS SINCE 1923 325 1st Avenue, South Phone 7-4577 TURNER PHARMACY, INC. Phone 7-4758 2805 9th Street North st. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Compliments Of RIECK 81 FLEECE LUMBER CO. 1216 Central Avenue HOTEL PONCE DE LEON Overlooking Tampa Bay On Waterfront Beach Drive at Central Avenue ' .. lil, Best Wishes SORENO HOTEL WILSON SPORT STORE Sporting Goods - Sportswear 117 9th Street, North Phone 77-146 Mmrmtmmsv A. H. BALGEIVIAIXIIXI, owner "-" inns: lffiaflllllllli HODGES DRY CLEANERS 2000 CENTRAL AVENUE ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA H. H. GLIDEWELL Phone 70-0471 Phone 5-3070 It Pays to Look Your Best 333 16th Street, North Compliments Ot STRAND CAMERA SHOP 9 Second Street North Phone 5-4372 Established 1916 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1957 16th Str ot 3 Ave North SPAULDINGJDQJG STORE ff I v9,JP?gBURG,-'IAORI Rf ,J f .fr COY'S I. G. A. MARKET 1.3359 38th Avenue North Phone 42-6211 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA ,yijgielff , M ,I f v CDI' 7' I WAN!! M REAL ESTATE BEANIE'S MARKET A MORTGAGE LOANS QUALITY MEATS fiff' ,J YMAN WILLINGHA a. specf-LNcR1QsBEA3pegQI Orders fff! J 9'-COMPANY' 'Ng' 4986 Hcanlgs Rood sr.'PETEREEuRe, FLA NSURORS - RE R5 Between 23rd ond 24th St. No. fj 54 First ,jJPNqrtlyA one 7-6544 Phone 42-991 74' I ,I 1' pllments LILLIAN MYERS - ROSE TOBIAS CLYDE J. KEYS INDUSTRIES BEAUTY SAI-ON Tronsit Mix Concrete - Cement Blocks We Ore expggiljjjdcmhig branches of Plastering Moteriols 5209 Hoines Roocl Phone 42-8132 WILHELM FUNERAL, INC. 145 - 8th Street, North Phone 7-8181 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA R Compliments Ot PARKWAY VARIETY STORE 5625 Pork Blvd. ATON MUSIC COMPANY 1203 - 4th Street, North Phone 7-5595 CHICKERING PIANOS AND HAMMOND ORGANS Best Wishes PHEIL HOTEL -iq . Compliments Ot MORRISON AND SCHIPPERT IN s U R A N c E DEYO'S SUPER MARKET 1128 Fourth Street North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA . A., . ALLENDALE DRUGS YOUR REXALL STORE 34th Ave. ond 9th Street North Phone 5-5777 ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA We Give S 81 H Green Stomps FREE DELIVERY Best Wishes to THE GRADUATES BENNETT'S PHARMACY City's Oldest 5543 - 9th Street North ',V . LOWE'S CITY COTTAGE AND TRAILER PARK 5300 -- 28th Street, North ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA Compliments Ot AUNT HATT1E'S RESTAURANT 625 -- 1st St. South gwfpwgf 5 W ,42,,,,fwf,, vo-...Z4C... W, '6"f" 'J 'fZZ:'?".f 1 If tm-Zi-ffm i JM 41...-Qfv QQWW w NW M W if I M W WP gf? Qffwfkfffy Wywgy Mwfffff WW L VX? ' Mj f -wyfy Z ,ff,fi?4ff5 fbljbov in OKUWUPBQ ',,2j,fXfHff I :K lf what M X wwf4.fpf3iD j1 V 94 U 'M 50 if M.'ff 'f N? fQ ff ff -N149 gg' fi 1, 5 .',K 44Mj b glfy sg?" -1235335 Q'R3f 4 - R S3 Q . 330 b 5 im Q was gg Q QMS EW Cb 5' 5 i fu Wu ,f f fy L, 4 f 44. X Wfa, -if 'dw Jvf' MW' fw 'f s 1, fl 4 . O , :ag 'CM V' "I: F jill! A xi W ,V V- . if . A . I ,fha Lf,-X o'fQ,,ff'j,L-g.+f,f,, bij L ' ' qY,f 1f,W , J J ' , 5 kv! , A 5 an-,f-Q

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1957, pg 136

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