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1 , '4- fur 4 4? af . wi' . v , n ,Q .VW . 49 , .F re iq' . il 5. if -F 4 !k 4 L QA SQ BE j': 4 ,su MTL! ROCKET 63rd and Baldwin Lnncoln Nebraska Volume XXVIII 'I969 Lincoln Northeast High School J hl:A'Vl '-s. l 1 114- K' - , 2 . .Y.--.,- .. '- ' F I . i IKL F I I rl 'f - A N BAL- 5' ,Q ff, DLG- Q. .J ' f 3, ps Hv fi ,Q -r gall we rw. ' if fig: 'ml Q., sig- . A 'l R ' Q 433 ' .1 gy: li W 5 X I l l at g lr 3 5 ! s ROCKET Principal ...... ........................ H . V. Taylor Adviser ..... ...... M rs. R, Stanley Hughes Co-Editors ...... ....... J o Borgens, Jeanne Bucy J If , rx l...l, D' F ' W. ., 1-.,, 5g5g3x.A':31,g.,3 um gg, 'Y' S gfiailwi T F '55 " -"- ' Wiki: 1, .. eg- H. ..,',Vi3 'M 4- "., 'fx FS? . '. 2 ,gk 9' .Wg ll? H? we wa 'fi :5 ii 2 1 il Q 12 ? 2 Northeast student body upholds the mighty Rocket fr - , t f name through a new year The school year had not progressed for when l6OO students discovered that being a real Rocket was not an 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. assignment. Besides active and constructive classroom parti- cipation, they discovered that a well-rounded schedule included serving on committees, serving as officers, and active membership in the many extra curricular activities. They discovered also that their influence ex- tended beyond the classroom walls. They began to realize that they had an obligation to their community-local, state, and national. Assisting in such projects was a rewarding experience which added to their school year. ln yet another area, Rockets proved their effectiveness. This was the home, Each truly dedi- cated Rocket thought highly of his home, and this, in addition to his in- and out-ot-school. ac- tivities, made his year worthwhile and memorable. i ,- fi", W risw e ii' -i . f- Hr., I 5 W Y N . M I X 'X , If kyrk .ml :W ,WEE . , 2. I N., gjjllt' . ,i . , ,S ws, ir- ,, si gh L? A ' T i, ' 4,i'f,Q 'z. W, ' - 1 1 , A 2, t Y f,,,.f. , f -ig, ii Y1 Q. 4 if wif, 11.1 i,, .,.,,. fy, s if 1 . Fu, K ii 94,3 W, 1. as , ' '7 3 , R .vga . . - Q 1, T , , .,,, T ,K '?51'iW"f- wfmww ia ri Leif 5 - A 41,5 gf. F X M' wilt MQ: if gg, r Q .V Af' Am tiirlllh' ., -ii ,I 5 QM l it ,ig it ,, iif' - Z A ,ig j ii 37 4 , V, 9 I, 3. s' tt , 7. 4 Q fi, 1' Q T El ii Eli KM' fi it Q f girl gag' -i f 'L ls! 4 ij ' s 1 ' i i A ig ri i if C' ,fs f y i, 35 s f xg , f , U it ,fi , 5 J l 23 'Q C lllf ie i T T it l ' if2i15' QfiE?i if 4 ff' l 2 it FW' Q' ' 2 -L g ' - wtf W . 79' . 5274 .-N" w'ff1' it .iiigf ss5?i'ii'ifgl lie? 'spit Y . T 'linger f ,A ze is 'i 'U 2 -f fr 'tv' v - ,iii , :A , ' 5? 1 ,saw ":w:f Qi,i,."'1 If 'ii ' a Q i 'ZQFW ' '32 it H 11- M35-"ew, 'ei ,V vw K 'io ,ff I J -. is - ii by it Viflli q Ein ga i Mi.: s ii ,iii ,ir W, gg, 151 We - "-- i fr n... f 1222! The family promotes both RI?-"' i?TK?.z!':f: caarsiwxur ITS l!T ES faith and worshipg they Successful flights depend upon precision planning, minute adherence to the flight plan, and exact conformity to regulations. But these cannot guarantee success. Another requirement is the faith of the astronaut-faith in himself, in his craft, and in a power greater than these. Fortunate is the student whose family has fostered this faith. Like a contrail following be- hind the craft, faith is intangible and incorporeal, yet it is visible to all who watch. also add support to the everlasting Rocket spirit Sturdy construction is basic in the building of any aircraft from the lightest glider to the faster- than-sound outerspace missile. Only as tested ma- terials are assembled according to an accurate master plan, can a worthy aircraft be launched. The same is true in the life of a student. To be an effective and successful Rocket, a sound family relationship is all-important. l l As fads change Northeast students keep in step, 'Q 'Q--e,i ,,f ' .,.,.. -- qihig ,. . Fleets of rockets soaring into the heavens follow definite flight patterns. As the lead craft veers, banks, or zooms ahead, others follow in exact and precise formations. Students, likewise, follow their leader through intricate patterns of change. Styles seen in the itil 4' breaking some old -tradit hall, pastimes enjoyed in leisure hours, ideas discussed in the classroom often follow a design which has been originated by a leader. In aerospace, a new trip brings changes in the flight plans, changes in ideas, and changes in patterns. Likewise, each year students adopt new trends and new vogues, but always they will tend to conform to the crowd whether it be shoes and gaily-colored hose for girls, or a flower decal adorning the jalopy. Tradition builds memories, but it is change that marks the path for future tradition. A mis- sile flying onward into the sky leaves a contrail behind for all to see. This contrail becomes a tradition which will last until it is replaced by new and different ones. ions 'E all .W ,am M ' 10 Training a pilot, instructing a nav- igator, educating a ground crew. Such an undertaking requires a compre- hensive program of knowledge and skill, curiosity and desire. To man his craft, a crew member must understand each facet of the flight-each air current, each map, each instrument on his panel, each law of physics which will affect his course. ln a sense, each high school student is learning to become a pilot. He must learn all those forces which will help or hinder him as he leaves the runway and takes off to follow his own flight plan. A school pro- gram must, then, be comprehensive lt must be well-rounded. lt must lead the student down many trails, from the wide concrete superway to the little-explored byway of knowledge. And finally, it must challenge him to open new trails for the students who will follow after. Teachers saw much action through sponsoring clubs The faculty get into the swing of things by performing a skit at the G. l. rally, helping boost the LNHS spirit. World Lit teacher, Mr. Mason, opens his book, gives the class a smile and proceeds into one of his lectures. Northeast teachers had many new exper- iences during the '68-'69 school year. Newcomers were orientated by the veterans to the policies at LNHS. Teachers new or old always have new pages put into memory books. Some teachers performed in a skit at the Grand Island football rally. The Rocket spirit was lifted when the villian's magical mustache Mr. McClanahan's experimenting Sr. Comp class had a guest who spoke on her original poetry and read examples. Early on Monday morning three history teachers talk with much enthusiasm ot the activities scheduled for the week. at LN plus performanc e of a skit at the rally was confiscated by Mr. Hett, The skit, planned by Mrs. O'Brien, was original and will never be forgotten by the student body or the participants. Instructors shared and planned new ideas with their students. Co-ed gym classes, square dancing and the Spanish dinner were two examples of new teaching methods. Teachers took time out to enjoy delicious school lunches and talk privately without having any students around. day meetings. They wonder who or what the masks imitate Mrs. Wilcox ate heartily when her third year Spanish class prepared a dinner of foreign delights straight from Spain. Mr. Hetfelfinger combined the boys' and girls' PE classes for square dancing while he acted as caller. J.. - I Two teachers examine these objects at one of their Tues- Students found new and different experiences this 7 Who will ever forget this year at Lincoln M i i 1 Northeast? Many experiences were unforgettable and many you would like to forget but cannot. Boosting Northeast spirit was an effort of everyone during our undefeated basketball season. Hours were spent making signs and practicing skits to show what Rocket spirit exactly is. Along with rising spirit, students accornp- N Club staged a "Grin In" to help boost the basketball team to their season record of 16-0 by dedicating an original song to Coach Johnson. Mr. Putman models his new outfit given to him by the cast and crew of "Chalk Garden." Another N Club member recited a poem -+--We about the winningest Rocket BB team. W, ,,....-J-"N" . . Q o b Coach Ed Johnson taught his son, Jay, early what the game of basketball is. fire year while continuing lished much in their classes this year. Everything from making coffee tables in wood class to prac- ticing formations in band taught new facts, Everyone has now learned, with help from the office, one must obtain a parking sticker before parking in the school parking lot. Considering all phases of the year, no one will forget the fun ancl classes of this year. Mr. Hiza directs students alike by Woodshop teacher Mr. Coleman talks to one student about his project, finding mostly favoiabre comments on Brad Schuman's record cabinet betore he takes it home. Mr. Dietrich reminds a student that a sticker needs to be obtained to park in the la'- 3 -r some old LN traditions time the busy lunchroom traffic, teachers and putting up a sign and enforcing the law. The all school play light crew spent a lot of time preparing tor performances. After many long practices the Northeast band, led by Mr Schulz finished with saluting LNHS at home football games Many LN boosters took time lor school dances, both Northeast students always anticipated school dances. Preparation for the special dances took much time and work. Decorating demanded co- operation of many people, but when fully carried out, the theme put couples into a dancing mood. Homecoming was put into full swing by the Student Council. Election of a host and hostess, an alumni tea honoring the class of l'-758, plus the Harvest Moon dance were highlights of the event. An exciting evening in Wonderland, mak- ing students feel miniature, and voting for a King of Hearts climaxed the Turnabout. if . ,.. , g ef' . .es Rockettes sponsored the Turnabout, a dance where the girls are the host. The theme was carried out by entering through the keyhole to Alice's Wonderland of giant flowers and trees. Homecoming brought many unforgettable surprises, responsibilities, and joys to students, faculty and parents. Decorating with pumpkins and hay, naming Linda Gage hostess, and the dance - all were planned by the chairman, Margaret Burkhardt. l the casual and formal occasions The most memorable dances were the for- mals. These special evenings were planned by the juniors who made an extra effort to make the events unforgettable, Students will long recall the enchanted evening of the Junior-Senior prom. Everything from buying a formal to dining at a sophisticated restaurant will be a beautiful memory. Girls will remember their first formal and even the first corsage. The boys will recall how nervous they were trying to pin on the cor- sage, or trying to decide where to eat. No, couples can never forget their high school proms. Wan... iiorf LN was involved in the community, city and state Besides participating in extra-curricular school activities, Northeast students also partici- pated in community, city, and state events. A portion of them became involved in politics on Each year community clubs sponsor delegates to Girls' State and Boys' State. Northeast had the honor of having one of their delegates, Gary Papke, represent the State of Nebraska at Boys' 13 A. national and international levels. Student involvement came in a number of ways. Radio and television appearances, speech contests, and music competition were but a few. This year, supporting a presidential candidate was a new and unforgettable experience. Nation in Washington, D. C. Another Rocket was selected to participate in the i968 summer AFS program. Laura Weber will never forget her weeks in Holland. Also, Northeast hosts two foreign students each year through the American Field Service. Yearbook, newspaper, and journalism students devoted one day to a conference sponsored by the UN School of Journalism. Students heard assembly speakers who expressed ideas that broadened and in- fluenced the listeners' viewpoints. Mary Gossman wears her Girls' State beanie and displays other souvenirs. Senior cellist Alice Henline was named the state string division winner of the Nebraska Music Teachers' Audition. LN's Voice of Democracy finalists Cyndi Orr, Maxine Kirwan and Lloyd Swartz discuss their next speeches. Boys' State delegate, Gary Papke dis- plays a sign saved from Boys' Nation. AFS returnee Laura Weber is proud of the Holland flag, a pair of wooden shoes and a doll collected from last summer. , s , 1' -' ?SAl"f'f JH 1513 ii' 957,433-L-' if: P K I ' 1- we- -: K 2' p,..4,-ffemcgspsw. g.:efrs,,,, , .. gm V cf, .L mmf f-ai ',.g :'5:. . 'r va :IZ if ,. - ,. f ,K .QQMMW ,ff"""""""'S M wamwx GCDT DQNT GQTQJO CLASS Q! Involvement of the whole -.-P"""" 1 i 1 K v i H ff. I ' 5 A A 0 - school helped in promoting the 'Spirit of I969' The Spirit of '69 was promoted from January l3 through January l7. Rockettes spent many long hours preparing signs, badges and cookies. When entering the Hall of Fame, Home of the Rockets, on Monday morning each locker had a protest sign carrying the message 'Up with ROCKET spirit. Competition was held for the best sign plus a contest for decorating classroom doors which Dave Dahl won. Cookies bearing the letters LN were distributed at lunch Friday. At the Friday rally Rockettes performed a skit rep- resenting Charlie Brown, Lucy and their friends. The week was brought to a tremendous close with a victory Friday night over Lincoln High. Even though this special week was set aside, Rocket Spirit still rings through the halls tor LNHS enthusiasm continues. -if? sigh, f swf wel I . 5 FX! - ff' ifgzvsf I I r . 1 J M l r Lehi. 69 Changes in the building Students look down the line of food wonder- ing when the big new building would open. Watching each step, of the complex job of building Northeast a new cafeteria, students endured the odors going along with the loud noise of the construction. at Northeast took place Northeast took on a new look in two of its areas during the school year. Students and faculty looked forward to the initial moving date of April l into the new cafeteria. Most of all the cafeteria personnel appreciated the big move into the new building. New appliances were in- stalled while new tables and benches were ordered. Students endured many odd odors during the months of construction. Worst of all was the day of tarring the roof with the day of painting the walls coming second. Cafeteria ladies pack up on moving day, ready to relocate all of their utensils. throughout the school year Arriving before the new cafeteria came a long-awaited shipment of new curtains. The old curtains retired after twenty five years of service at Northeast. Everyone made the adjustment to the new look in the auditorium quickly. Northeast's school building is continually be- ing improved but this year seemed full of im- provements. All appreciated the new additions. The retiring auditorium curtains lie in a heap after twenty-five years of service to Northeast. l . The auditorium took on 'a different look with new curtains hung during the first semester of this year. Everyone notices the curtains, making positive comments on their bright look. After L 1', 1.1, , ,- . -1 . if Q-5 fgilxgt-5 ffl is-,f, gfezrf Ji gf' '12 rmiiqyr, yr' if-'M ...LA their undefeated season the Rockets earned The Rockets looked hopefully at another chance at the state tourney. Lincoln Northeast prepared for this trip in many different ways. When arriving at school Monday morning, Rocket boosters had a chance to sign papers for each member of the team. These were combined into a scroll for each player, and presented at the rally Wednesday morning. Rockettes helped boost spirit by selling but- tons. These buttons were black and white and read GO ROCKETS. Also, members of the pep club prepared locker signs for each of the l,2OO lockers. These signs were put not only on the lockers, but on the doors, windows, and hall bul- letin boards throughout the building. Lincoln Northeast was presented a new sign made of black vinyl bearing the name ROCKETS in white. The sign was first displayed at the dis- trict games at Pershing Auditorium and later during state competition. In addition to these extra touches for the tournament trip were in- numerable signs painted to boost spirit. '2' MW. The student body was commended for their fine conduct at these highly competitive games, and the entire school joined in thanking Coach Johnson for guiding the team to a state tourney. the third straight I trip to the state tournament in i ww- .-wwg we ea, rsvp xwkiml an as Sm .8 51 lg, nf: 4? 'I' M A y a saifaxv- 'ix kfmqkqkw fe, - I Ejjijgifsbisz, rl. , i , w :mfs W A . fx . .. , -- 1:2 3 -if v 5 my L W N 2 I' I 1' A space program is more than three astronauts stepping into a cap- sule, making a flight, and returning to earth. lt is more than a missile fired into the heavens-it is more than a squadron of aircraft proceed- ing in exact formation from base to target. lndeed, a space program is a complex organization, it is a com- posite of thousands of integrated ac- tivities, each basic in function, each vital to a complete expedition. Such is true of a school. A school is more than a routine of classes, studies, rallies, and assemblies. It is an entity which encompasses the many interests, aptitudes, and talents. It must be well-rounded. lt must lead a trail into the unknown. The influence and effect of each becomes a contrail visible to all. Row l.-S. Collins, N. Lahm, J. Jonas, P. Bunn, J. Greeno, M. Burkhardf, K. Gregg, N. Dean, L. Gage. Row 2.-K. Hipple, J. Rudell L Weber C Jasson, C. Fletcher, V. Ramos, P. Nielsen, D. Lichfy, J. Campbell, C. Bonscck, R. Anderson. Row 3.-B. Frickel, H. Hill, B. Biggs C Sinclair M Holfgrewe, J. Smith, M. Damkroger, B. Prochoska, Mr. Taylor, G. Sullivan, L. Brockmon, R. Genfhe. . . ' 4 M f V? if kia .,. 5 4 ,if w5,+i"sz'e?5gA 'W 1 41' 6 ef' Kyrie, me B jew sfufi S' iv in 3 5' fx 'Y 4 f '42 ,Q 4522 'fifsi " ,,,.-A WW Wi ' f '. .vkkgvf few? C' .. fjijifv ,ff 55343 s.- ,f . if f,.zh . ia?sx J . Qi ...... 31 Linda Gage, dedicated president of Student Council ll ll You used whose car for the car-bash? X iffg Council members labored hard for fellow students The qualifications ofa student council mem- ber are leadership, intelligence, and the ability to cooperate with their fellow students. With the fine leadership of Mr. Taylor, the elected mem- bers were able to accomplish many of the stu- dents' wishes. Some of their accomplishments were installation of a pop machine, circulating a questionnaire through the student body, and sending a delegation to the annual State Stu- dent Convention at Norfolk. First Lady Linda Gage successfully ran the beginning semester then gave up her duty to Chuck Sinclair for another eventful term. Two days each week members set aside one period for their meeting. During these sessions issues are constantly being discussed. President "Chuck" Sinclair discusses the minutes of the previous meeting with Secretary Debbie Lichty. Row l-N. Dean, V. Ramoz, L. Novak, C. Orr, B. Catlett, J. Rudell. Row 2-D. Lichty, R. Anderson, B. Ross, M. Holtgrewe, B. Prochaska, J. l-lerpolsheimer, C. Jonsson. Row 3-Mr. Taylor, R. l-lubka, G. Wright, B. Biggs, C. Sinclair, M. Wilkins, P. Koch. Row 4-V. Staberg, L. Gage, K. Gregg, G. Johnson, P. Bunn, N. Lahm, B. Knight, M. Eley, J. Jonas. Roclcett Row l-Miss Holm- quist, A. Henline, K. Dake, D. Thompson, D. Detenbeck, K. Bennett, C. Fletcher, R. Orr, J. Cook, J. Price, J. Borgens, S. Jones, J. Bucy, P. Jo- nas, N. Wheatley, S. Backencamp, P. Rin- ne, L. Benton, L. Warren, L. Nelson, D. Watts, Mrs. Adams. Row 2-S. Meier- henry, B. Knight, J. Novotny, M. Barnes, J. Torell, P. Lewis, P. Siemering, S. Welter, C. Slechta, R. Wall, D. Hovey, R. Lawson, L. Lortz, C. Swanson, N. Henninger, C. Fisk, J. Dolan, P. El- liott, L. Bontrager, C. Upton, P. Vercellino, S. Steenson. es displayed their enthusiasm by spirited Row 3-B. Buntmeyer, B. Huston, D. Walker, K. Sipp, K. Johnson, C. Jansson, P. Levey, L. Elliott, V. Butler, K. Hitz, K. Parker, D. Els, P. Nielsen, M. Gossman, J. Rank, C. Sipma, L. McKinney, A. Perkinton, M. Kirwan. Row 4-V. Dixon, C. Williams, M. Van Horn, D. Dinges, P, Schweitzer, S. Johnson, S. Ellis, M. Way, D. Upton, J. Robison, J. Oakeson, N. Dean B. Schuldt, J. Rumpeltes, J. Hansen, B. Pester, N. Thompson, S. Scharf, A. Boiler, M. Kaenel, P. Lageson. Row 5-S. 1 Schneider, C. Palu, T. Spadt, J. Gettman, M. Byleen, S. Swartz, L. Woelfle, M. Perkinton, P. Camerson, G. Johnson, J. Joiner, G. Sanders, L. Hohensee, J. Couch, N. Greb, C. Griffin, J. Mc.Glinn, J. Townsley, S. Robare, D. Woodcock, R. Walton. Row 6-J. Ewing, C. Reinke, C. Block, K. Hosek, J. Shelton, K. Gregg, S. Schreurs, J. Greeno, L. White, B. Bergt, M. Rein- hart, J. Sobotta, D. Lichtv, P. Webb, L. Prusia, K. Swanson, L. Greuter, B. Davidson, C. Ahrens, L. Johnson. Row 7-L support at school activities, games, and at rallies Frakes, J. Kirchner, J. Gabelhouse, B, Mclntosh, D. Gaston, L. Gaae, B. Sabalka, M. Jamison, J. Syslo, J. Standley, V. Ramos, S. Miller, P. Buckland, P. B'umer, K. Harfshorn, E. Peterson, C. Zier, D. Hoyt, V. Hall, L. Clark. Row 8-D. Faimon, J. Kennedy, K. Chaffee, P. Dunbar, N. Jurgens, P. Shaw, V. Sheldon, K. Williams, J. Smith, L, Way, C. Hildebrand, K. Eldenberg, M. Burkhardr, M. Lange, C. Orr, M. Hall, C. Cramer, V. Zessin, S. Kriz, J. Warnsholz, S. Chase. Row 9-D. Trautt, S. Belz, N. Magnusson, M. Mealhow, B. Fye, P. Brady, P. Vance, D. Strayer, P. Ore, K. Hornung, K. Hile, C. Kolb, C. Peterson, C. Haar, T. Durham, S. Birdwell, R. Hughes, P. Hill, R. Weber, K. Meduna, S. Hughes. l A Rockettes change constitution, sponsor "Through Karen Hosek displays the new Rockette hat. Officers for the first semester include President, Cindy Fletcher: Treasurer, Nancy Wheatley: Vice-President, .lean Dolan, and not pictured, Secretary, Margaret Burchardt. Thru rain and snow, the Rockettes still go . Rockette members brought many new changes to the rules of the club this year. During one ot the early spring meetings, the new members agreed to change the Rockette hat. Previously, girls were required to wear a white hat with the letters LN across the side. The Rockette constitu- tion stated that girls were not allowed to wear jewelry with their uniform, but members changed this, allowing them to wear the LN necklace. A final change was to allow members to drink pop at games without receiving a demerit. . - . - . - . . . . . 0 0 - . K' s ,.., sv -s --W-1...,... the Looking Glass," attend rallies, games, meets The theme for the Turnabout Dance this year was "Through the Looking Glass," based on the story "Alice in Wonderland." Rockette mem- bers worked diligently on decorations, posters, entertainment and refreshments to make the occasion a true Rocket success. Games, decorating goal posts, meets, migra- tions, squad assignments, attending meetings, making signs, pre-game dinners and many more spirit-boosting activities plus dedicated officers, cheerleaders, and sponsors, added to the spirit at Northeast and helped the teams bring home more of those "Groovy" Rocket victories. Rockette members wait for their bus for the migration to Hastings. Second semester President, Bev Bergr calls about Sponsors were Mrs. Adams and Miss Holmquist. u migration while the other officers, Jo Borgens, Nancy Wheatley, and Lisa Warren, wait hopefully. Linda White, Sharon Schreuers, and Retha Orr help decorate for the Turnabout. xkhs. Reserve Pep Club assures , . a ! . 'Typ Reserve officers include J. Metcalf, J. Markwardt, C. Gage, K. Kleeb, P. Marshall, V. Staberg, N. Schulenberg, not shown, B. Catleft. Sponsors include Mrs. Rudell, and Mrs. Vifquain. continuous spirit at LN Reserve Pep Club, whose membership is com- posed of junior girls, helps promote ,spirit the same way Rockettes do. A girl who wishes to become a member is required to pass a test on the constitution and she may remain in the club until she accumulates five demerits. Demerits are given if a member does not attend all home basketball games, or it she does not report to a squad assignment, assigned meet, or a meeting, without a written excuse from her parents. A highlight for reserve members is wearing the Reserve Pep Club uniform and being able to sit as a group at rallies, games, and meets. New to the organization this year were reserve cheerleaders for reserve football games. Sponsor was Mrs. Rudell and Mrs. Vifquain was her assist- ant. They presided over all meetings, gave their ideas and opinions and supervised activities. Members hurry to the gym and . . . . . . organize them- selves for their first rally as club members. Row l-P. Groat, A. Graven, P. Watts, L. Weber, V. Wilson, L. Hiza, K. Ketterer, S. Doughty, B. May, G. Warren, D. Zemke, J. Markwardt, N Story, P. James. Row 2-P. Shonerd, W. Parks, L. Frain, K. Perkinton, L. Swift, M. Hudzicki, V. Martin, M. Peterson, P. Wolfe, J. Johnson, N McKinney, L. Kalvoda, J. Stickriey, R, Tramdachs, N. Rasmussen. Row 3-R. Peacock, J. Layton, G. Crounse, M. White, V. Vallis, S. Essman C. Williams, J. Scott, D. Snesrud, S. Henninger, J. Berry, L. Brown, B. Hughes, V. Krogh. Row 4-V. Burchardt, C. Westcott, A. Sulek, A. Bouers, R. Chappell, C. Glaser, K. Wells, C Vandahl, J. Schafer, D. Ray, J. Gossard, D. Anson, C. Janda, L- RiDG. Row 5-T. Kipper, D. Farley, J. Tur- ner, G. Swanson, K. Parizek, C. Plock, B. Bickford, S. Edwards, J. Albert, K. Wiseman, V. Mays, A. Flock, B. Woerner, M. Woodward. Row 6- S. Toohey, S. Smith, J. Marshall, S. Gies, C. Thompson, E. Wolfe, D. Stilwell, P. Koranda, G. Witulski, J. Williams, J. Davis, D. Gergens, J. Benash S. Lightner. Row 7- A. Hughes, D. Smith, C. Pettet, C. Farr, E. Hawkins, J. Wulf, J. Mayfield, C. Dietrich, C. Pettet, C, Kirby, C. Sundeen, K Schmidt, J. Budt. Row 8-S. Jansing, V. Morris, N. Philippi, S. Carlson, J. Lee, P. Marshall, J. Cejka, D. Crorik, P. Bunn D, l-leffelfinger, C. Hoff man, C. Fowler, B. Basteder, T. Donner. Row 9-L. Smith, V. Staberg, K. Kleeb, B. Catlett, J. Ross, P. Barnhill, C. Gage, R. Zlab, J. Starita, S Mehan, L. Schultz, J. Prell, D. Roberts, N. Buls. Reserve Cheerleaders-G. Warren, S Doughty, K. Ketterer, L. Weber, B. May V. Wilson, L. Hiza, D. Zemke. i 3 5 Varsity cheerleaders generate pep and enthusiasm J M., :lr r,:: A V ' E5 19 E J aarre Ei tl' ' 1 -P kdm, ,,.. ,, rl 5 :.::. manual. ,r.,-f me m . wines- sewnsn ,I A , f -1 n s't L13 fl . ' M W , an ,L 'E 41 f' -:Q 5' :fl ,N wa. ' as A -f . VH:fL,gggviw .h ,V - 1 it ' 'Q , 5 ? 44 FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Row I-Jeanie Greeno, Judy Joiner, Gayle Johnson. Row 2- Jane Rumpeltes, Paula Blurner, Pam Levey, Sandy Johnson. in leading cheers, chants Varsity cheerleaders spent many hours per- fecting their skill and style as they worked to uphold the Rocket tradition of excellence. Some school time was allotted for the girls' use, but even so they could usually be found working into the late afternoon hours on locker signs, planning rallies, and making new cheers. The cheerleaders led the cheers and boosted the spirit ot the teams as they attended all in- town and out-of-town games. They made signs for the homes and gave each member of the team a good luck charm for the season. Mrs. O'Brien, cheerleader sponsor, helped the girls cheer the Rockets on to victory after victory. - --we,-,-5 ,is . ,, f -- -... ." f 9 Y 7' X' 'r'r ,rrt sf -rv rssr 2 . . ff . ' ,-T ,.,,V 5 , 5 .s ., i is! it if lr el LV 1 - Y 2 f lie I Q " - - t .i ' V, , . rg " . . I I l ft A r L . Q. 1 A SEQ N 4, A V:gs,:f.5I i- N r k X N T i S 'fwi3Zfs5i2?t25hl A Dm. ' J L Q L 1 P' U rit'l ' ' N V 2 i"t :ge .LH-1. ' L BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Pat Nielsen, Linda Gage, Judi Couch, Sue Swartz, Kathy Gregg Nancy Dean, Debbie Lichty. s liz, r HQ! , 1 R 5 it 7. ggi: - A A ifpifsfsrwx 5- E L" f--. riiilpz .. . . it - 1 F it - ,N V.. ii gg Q if e It I3 is i H Lt, ... is A 1' I 1 4- si Renewed vigor and spirit marked the I969 N Club Srlmrrl First the certificate . . 'affix iikln tgriifg llpd FIC? SWK! l ., .ere 5 r The- school letter, representing hours of effort, is always worn with pride. . . . Then that coveted letter Officers for the year included Chuck Sinclair, Phil Koch, N Club meetings are climaxed by a popular refreshment hour and Rich Hubka. Mr. Galloway again served as club sponsor. with the "eats" usually consisting of popcorn and soda pop . e N-Club provided dedicated backing for the Rockets This year's N-Club proved to be one of the most active and enthusiastic groups at Northeast. To qualify for membership, a boy had to letter in a varsity sport. They met the first Monday of every month, and one of their frequent cheers was "California oranges, Texas cactus, we play you guys for practice, California . . . " One of the highlights for the benefit of the student body was the hilarious skits the boys pre- sented at rallies. All members enjoyed the All- Sports banquet at which time they elected a queen to reign for the night. Much of the success of the group goes to the loyal sponsor, Bun Galla- way, Northeast Athletic Director. Michael Holtgrewe and David Dahl took the job of Mas- ters of Ceremonies at one of the spirit-boosting skits. Row I-B. Portsche, R. Stephenson, D. Dahl, M. Carlson, P. Koch, President, R. Hubka, Vice-President, C. Sinclair, Secretary-Treasurer, H. Hill, S. Krueger, C. Mayfield. Row 2-M. Starlin, J, Barker, G. Gould, L. Brackman, M. Holtgrewe, B. Beaver, B. Frickel, D. Krohn, B. Rolofson, S. Knight. Row 3-K. Nielsen, L. Hladik, R. Phillips, B. Southwick, C. Woerner, D. Von Rentzell, A. Sexton, C. Tische, D. Jansing, L. Swartz. Row 4-G. Sul- livan, S. Westover, K. Webb, R. Severn, R.iRohn, K. Young, M. Lowe, S. Umphreys, J. Renaud, C. Yearley. Row 5-R. Keane, A. Darr, J. Blumer R. Kempkes, C. Karlhauser, R. Greeno, R. Thompson, J. Moock, M. Lowe, D. Riggins. Row 6-K. Buck, R. Gochnour, R. Leach, E. Grace, D. Emery L. Graul, W. Rosenthal, J. Curtiss, S. Schafer. 1 Art Club members kept busy by painting archways The Art Club delved into a major project this ated with several unique designs. A new club pin year as they spent many long hours beautifying was designed solely by club members. Officers Lincoln Northeast. The entrances to each room launched a successful membership drive and were painted in various bright colors and decor- filled the halls with colorful posters, One exefniile of the fine work the Art Club contributed to Lincoln fo. Northeast was pointing the archways to all rooms in the building. Two Art Club members discuss their "flip- flops" which are displayed in Room 318. Row I-Luanne Neutzman, Karen Parizek, Pat Carlson. Row 2-Mr. Rush, Charlene Dietrich, Carol Petfet, Jacqueline Lageson, Gary Cline, Cindy Brotzman, Patty Herman, Elizabeth Willey, Gary Clough, Bob lfland. W i . x, M' .ff A Chess and Radio Clubs develop minds for the future Two clubs at Lincoln Northeast met regu- larly every week-Chess Club and Radio Club. Each Monday found the chessmen poring over their boards, competing against a fellow member or taking part in an intra-school meet. Their dedication was equaled by their determination. Dark ties and white shirts gathering in Room 4 indicated that a regular Wednesday meeting of Radio Club was about to come to order. Mem- bers studied radio equipment and prepared for their Federal Communications examination be- sides practicing coding, and sending and re- ceiving from their station, KOAZU. Dave Leavitt attempts the final touch to cap another victory. is, ' 5,2 Row I-D. Jacko Nice Presidentl, S. Schiermann fSecretaryJ. Row 2- Mr. Mason, B. Miller CPresidentJ, B. Jones, D. Leavitt, J. Herstein S, Sissel. I Where is good ol' Mr. Boiler hiding? tBottom to topj-G. Diekhoff, Mr. Boiler, R. Dean, D. Cunningham, M. Brown, K. Simonsen, J. Fischer. 1145. Students found Science Club the right experime Northeast's Science Club met the second the fourth Tuesday of every month for those dents interested in the many aspects of basic applied science. Sponsored by Mr. Jeffery, nt and stu- and Mr. Resz, Mr. Temme, and Mr. Watt, the club visited science departments at the University of Nebraska and toured the Civil Defense communications center at the National Guard armory. Besides . field trips, there were lectures by visiting speakers and the chance to observe experiments firsthand. Open to anyone interested, enrollment in a science course was not a requirement. The first semester Science Club officers, Delayne Cole, treasurer: Mike Carlson, president, Susan Smith, secre- tary, and Jim Hughes, vice-president, brew something up. 1 l s A Lectures and electron microscope typify Science Club field trips. . ei ,1-M.-.I was unanru wx-new i C3 L 7'55f's:.1 W sf , Seated, L-R-Duane Smith, Stan Schierman, Jack Schneider, Mike Bergstraesser, Delayne Cole, Rod Hartman, Robert Hahn, Susan Smith, Rick Brown, Bruce Miller, Dave Leavitt, Janice Nellis, Philip Spahn, Jim Hughes, Caroiee Nellis, Standing, L-RfMr. Temme, Mike Carlson, Mr. Watt, Mr. Jeffery, Mr. Resz. Ce M FFA grew in achievements during the '68-'69 year The FFA had many varied activities, including a picnic in the fall with the beginning and ad- vanced agriculture classes challenging each other to a game of football. Mr. Taylor was a guest at the Fall Banquet and was given an honorary membership to the club. Other awards were given for participants' work on farms and for "contrib- uting most to FFA outside of class." One of the FFA's projects during the year was taking left-over Christmas trees and using them to build a brush shelter for wild lite. President of the Future Farmers of America was Bob Schmied- ing, Vice President, James Weers, Secretary, Jon Gruett. Taking care of the money was Mike Nick- ell. John Ryan was sentinel, and Delwin Krohn was news reporter for the organization. Mrs. Judy Boyles, first NU Ag Ed grad- uate, did her student teaching at LN. Bob Schmieding, president, presented Northeast Principal Mr. Taylor with an honorary membership in the organization. l 1 Row 1-Bruce Whitefoot, Jon Gruett, Robert Joseph, Philip Spahn, Rick Gochnour, Gerald l Jakub, Lloyd Schmodeke. Row 2-Kenneth Sisel, Bob Schmieding, Larry Menebroker, Fred Starr, Kenneth Jensen, Keith Buck, Jerry Kirkland. FFA returned its tradition of an annual banquet, complete with turkey and all the trimmings and an auction afterwards. Q ft, sv", .W Row l-A. Graven, J. Lee, J. Stickney, C. Williams, L. Neutzman, T. Frank, C. Westcott, B. Sabalka, N. McKinney, B. Lahr, S. Batesg Row 2- B. Young, N. Larson, S. Brown, D. Carstens, J. Hansen, M. Lange, S. Carlson, M. VandenBosch, D. Ferguson, J. Munson, Row 3-B. Lehl, Mrs. Sturgeon, C. Griffin, B, Catlett, V. Morris, L. Frain, S. Gies, C. Orr, L. Ripa, S. Edwards, Row 4-J, Borgens, L. Grice, S. Essman, S. Evans, S. Back- encamp, V. Ramos, L. Nelson, M. Byleen, C. Orr, B. Fischer, J. Gabelhouse. International Club grew and divided as language This year's International Club maintained its traditional purpose in acquainting its members with foreign countries but also divided into lan- Mr. Okona discusses some of the problems of Biafra with Mrs. Sturgeon, the International Club sponsor. guage clubs so that the students might better understand the country which speaks the lan- guage they are studying. Mrs. Sturgeon, sponsor of International and French Clubs, received help this year from Spanish Club sponsor Mrs. Wilcox and Miss Dolezal, German Club sponsor. ..-f"""t 1 W club's F5 U g PUHYI -f I event Santa Claus asks a laughing member if he has been a good little boy. Club officers dec- orate the bulle- tin board for the Christmas a special each year. Row I-P. Luke, J. Johnson, B. Bickford, D. Gaston, J. Jamison, L. White, C. Kelley, N. Kaye, M. Hudzicki, L. Kalvodaj Row 2-S. Jones, J. Cook, L. Graesser, P. Wach, C. Brotzman, M, Janda, R. Loos, D. Kahler, P. Ball, P. Carlson, P. Andreas, Row 3-C. Glaser, L. Lewis, B. Mclntosh, D. Thielen, V. Burchardt, K. Wells, J. Albert, R. Zlab, S. Pickerel, L. Johnson, Row 4-C. Hegener, J. Endorf, S. Meierhenry, C. Jansson, S. Kriz, V. Zessin, P. Rinne, L. Benton, C. Williams, M. Watts, J. Hicks. interest groups were successfully incorporated - I French Club displays their gaily decorated table of foods Along with an informing program, the German Club traditional at Christmastime in France and sister countries. gave cookies and punch from its abundant table. Delectable and gaily decorated cookies filled the Spanish Club table. use NFL, Debate .continued to develop talent in speech FN 5,4 .W , eg , 'V Y ' JW i 5' L L flgr tl tttt Wi? -it M my 'tm is ,rw Row l-Dale Rotschafer, Barb Clinefelter, Linda Hohensee, Karen Vance, Becky Drabant, Pam Brown, Julie Mayfield. Row 2--Johnie Rotschafer, Mark Gordon, Mike Drabant, Lloyd Swartz, Jeff Fox, Conrad Woerner, Torn Casady, Stephen Morgan. Row 3-Rod Hartman, Jerry Malcolm, Steven Schafer, Terry Mahlman, John Curtiss, Steven Schroeder, Rich Deeds, Ray Atwood. Members of varsity debate, Stephen Morgan and partner Rod Hartman, plot strategy. V ' I and other forensic arts Resolved: That the United States should es- tablish a system of compulsory service for all citizens. This was the topic with which the Northeast debaters worked all year. Their travels took them all across the state, including such meets as the Hawkeye Invitational in Sioux City, lowa, and the Norfolk Invitational. One of the debate highlights of the year took place at Northeast as the LN debaters hosted the l7th Annual De- bate Tournament early in December. Debaters and other speakers are awarded points for each speech they present. After earn- ing twenty-five of these points, participants qualify to become members of the National For- ensic League. Rich Deeds was elected president, Steve Schafer, vice president, and Jeff Fox, sec- retary. NFL was sponsored by Mr. Mueller. Keeping track of team records for Northeast's 'l7th Annual Debate Tournament always creates paper work. JA of Applying their well-plotted strategy, Steve and Rod await their opponent with some pre-debate studying and research. The opponent's-eye view of strong competition. With eight minutes left, Judge Judson Byleen, and two Northeast de- boters Jeff Fox and Rich Deeds, he faces an uphill climb GAA's 1969 list of activities includes parties, GAA, Girls Athletic Association, began this year with what is becoming, the traditional "Wel- coming Tea." All Northeast girls who wish to be- come members are invited. Many other parties, teas, and banquets were planned and organized throughout the year. Members formed teams and after school sports events were held. These activities included swim- ming, golf, tennis, and volleyball. By participating in these activities girls were able to earn different kinds of emblems. The sponsor for this Year's Girls Athletic Association was Mrs. Albers. GAA officers are S. Kriz, M. Hall, S. Edwards, and J. Albert. C , , ,, ... s A ,- I - H W -,,-. ..... . ..,...-wi? This is an example of what happens at a GAA Christmas party. Who are they? Modernized versions of Santa. Row l-C. Zier, K. Wiseman, E. Peferson, S. Owen, G. Zier, K. Keeney, J. Marshall, S. Slocum. Row 2-L. Kohl, C. Wheeler, P. Webb, M. Hall, L. Hennessey, J. Jonas, J. Cadwallader, M. Leishman. Row 3-Mrs. Albers, R. Chappell, J. Albert, K. Wells, N. Manley, P. Ball, R. Ingwerson, T. Donner, S. Miller, C. Glaser. A if its it ef . 1' is 1 E' ., .3 i t it an "iw its- 5 S . G ,, , sf M Li I Q ,, as if 2 4 l playdays, banquets, teas, and alter school lun , .9 ,Jas . .Q s , i,. . - slziffsesnis- ' K ' V Y After games and entertainment, refreshments complete a perfect GAA Denise Jakub concentrates on delivering the ball to Thanksgiving Party for all who participate in the organization. her opponents' team fora GAA volleyball championship. Row l-G. Barthuly, J. Walter, S. Sehnert, F. Jimenez, D. Jakub, J. Emery, P. Schweitzer. Row 2-M. McLaughlin, S. Essrnan, C. Williams V. Dixon, G. Oliver, S. Arnold, M. Raddaiz, J. Bonneau. Row 3-L. Novak, J. Sabalka, l. Machers, C. Jonsson, 5. Kriz, J. Merrill, L. Hunt. . W. .inf 5 4 E , . - I seam f ffiyf' lk" I ,, .' ii 2.5 '- 1.. . .V V A. L f ,sexi - 'iii . f' 1 Salute to Walt Disney highlights the Penguin year Unique and difficult solos were performed by Kathy John- son, Beverly Bergt, Susan Meierhenry, and .lo Ann Borgens. This year's Penguin Club, consisting of thirty- three members, presented "For the Young at Heart," a tribute to Walt Disney, as their annual fall water ballet. The show, directed by Bev Bergt and sponsor Mrs. Vietta Short, brought the well- loved storybook characters to lite as the girls swam to familiar theme songs from several of the popular Disney movies. Highlights of the show included four solos, two duets, a boy-girl number, and a finale of all Penguin club members in a salute to the Mickey Mouse Club. Hours of hard work spent on the mural, narration, pre-program diving, lights, and music helped to make this year's show one of the best in club history. The club is designed to perfect skill in diving, swimming, and performing stunts. Members are chosen at try-outs each spring and are eligible to earn a letter by accomplishing routines and swimming miles. The thirty-three members in this year's club is the smallest number who have ever qualified for membership. Row l-Linda Benton, Alice l-lenline, Susan Bussear, Jody Bonneau, Laurie Novak, Susie Jansing, Kathy Johnson, Karen Vance, Debbie Hoyt, Nancy Dean, .lo Borgens. Row 2-Susie Miller, Vera Burchardt, Carolyn Smith, Mary Barnes, Bev Bergf, Lisa Warren, Sue Meierhenry, Janice Torell, Janet Sabalka, Kris Bennett, Gail Warren. Row 3-Retha Orr, Mary Mealhow, Kathy Hile, Sue Jones, Mary Pike, MaryJo Van Horn, Vicki Wilson, Beth Mills, Pam Bunn, Linda Arnold. Lloyd Swartz, Doug Brooks, Rod Kempkes, and Alan Darr as- sisted these girls as they portrayed the heroic Robin Hood. Alternate Jodi Sy- slo receives her Penguin suit from President Sue Meierhenry and instructions from the sponsor Mrs. Vietta Short as ' master - of - cere- m o n ie s Doug Emery rehearses for show direc- tor Beverly Bergt. Added attractions were two quartets depicting the Disney favorites Cinderella and Pinocchio in water ballet form. A trio portraying Dumbo was, enhanced by huge ears .,,,,,,,.c ...,.,,,,,,, ,A 1,f n,tt,At 'JM M while Thumper, Flower, and Bambi displayed origi- A 2 V My VXAVV ,QW .i,,,,,., ,.,, nality in their costumes and style in their number. f M A ..,.. if IAQII- Ni, e 'e ,,:" h ,. ,..,g hd ,f g rs Black light .hd for- -4 D highlighted the Fun- sss, QL tasia act. Linda Ben- ,.i.. r,.. V -v0Y', 4-on and Lis, w,,,e,, teit gf" ft' i'sef portrayed Peter Pan ii iiiiii 5 1 iigi i'1'. and Tinkerbell while i iiiiii V ii,., iiiii I is 1'hS Vera- Burchardt and " V ' Vicki Wilson depic- Mwwwhff-f ',ff-h 2- hhhh -',-.'h - M 'rio o'f-ii 5 ted Mickey and Min- j iiiii nie in the two duets of this year's show. , r g v ua of SQMSSQ X im 3 Q X .yfcifi , fo' A lls .hothh S 1 he ' A 1 'iff i"- hh, f, VA ' f ' f' , 'fx 1' fi 'hhl 1 f 3 ' V A , fi lsiuh ,hss r,h,, f'hh: ul hl ' hlh- ,Nj may - ,f ,E1,,g,,.,,,,,,,-,WL -1,.,1-,V ,., I u.,, H .. , ,.,,, . , K . ,,,, , ,,,, ,. ,.,h,,,,,,,,M,,, ,,,, 5, ,,,..,L: t ,QM .V r v - , . M-1 ww-WM:!t:h:"vfi,1f:fW .- 7 VW, 756 51 Christmas was a busy time for Red Cross members 1 , , s N si W Red Cross kept moving during many busy sea- sons this year. Mr. Leatherman, club sponsor, invited interesting speakers and suggested many ideas which were turned into reality by the group's efforts. Christmas always seems to be an active time of the year, and it was even more so, as the Northeast Red Cross Council made plans for the KFOR-sponsored pop bottle drive to help buy toys and other presents for needy children on Christ- mas. "Operation Santa Claus" was traditionally observed, as boxes were made available to the students for depositing the Butternut Key strips they collected throughout the year. Red Cross members Paul Collister and Janet Cejka helped accumulate certificates for the "Operation Santa Claus." Members include tseatedi Sherry Lushcr, Bette Free, Peggy Ball, Vicki Morris, and Janet Cejka, Cstandingl Garald Michaud, Lynn Henkel, Mr. Leath- erman and Cynthia Wheeler. ,ii was si? QNX 'heir Quill and Scroll probed all phases of Journalism Quill and Scroll organized at the beginning of the first semester this year by students inter- ested in journalism. The club met twice a month with a program planned for each meeting. Activities included a visit to Short Typeset- ting, Arbor Printing, a visit to KOLN-TV, and others. Members included Jan Layton, Jeanne Bucy, Yvonne Forney, Jim Furrer, Jo Borgens, Judy Price, Carolyn Vandahl, Sue Jones, Joyce Rudell, Cindy Orr, Bette Free, Kathy Sipp, Mike Wilkins, Nann Greb, Steve Birdwell, Gary Foster, Ed Olson, Jayne Novotny, Mary Barnes, Jan Tor- rell, Chuck Bonsack, and Mike Holtgrewe. Mrs. Hughes was the sponsor of the organization. Among the extra-curricular activities of the year was assisting with the sale of bumper stick- ers, as well as initiating a student directory. Members observe the different types of "gaIIeys" at Short Typesetting Co. A tour of Arbor Printing was one of the first fall meetings Officers for the 19684969 school year were President, Mike Holtgrewe: Vice President, Gary Foster: Secretary, Jo Borgens, and not pictured, Treasurer, Chuck Sinclair. s ? 6 ,., C If 3 , Through progress and cooperation, the '69 ROCKET im . 5 7 s 5 nvll"'f'?k xf Co-editors Jeanne Bucy and Jo Borgens discuss with Mrs. Hughes some experiences of their trying but rewarding job. Cartoonist Jim Furrer looks on as copy edi- tor Yvonne Forney puts up some of his work. CORVIER "Unfoirl" pro- tests Gary Fos- ter, while tak- ing a time out from his year- book duties to play basketball with the other sports editors, Rich Hubka and Mike Holtgrewe. fer Sr Activities editors Jim Furrer, Judy Price, Sue Jones and Eddie Olson find that setting up risers is a part of picture taking. Sophomore and junior page editors Jan Lay- ton and Carolyn Vandahl listen carefully as they receive advice on their sections from senior editors Jeanne Bucy and Jo Borgens. depicts the life at LN Tradition was thrown to the winds as this year's Rocket staff of twelve decided on a com- plete re-arrangement of the yearbook. Several of the customary problems were, however, met and solved again this year with the assistance of sponsor Mrs. Marlys Hughes. A business manager was also added to the staff. Reflecting the image of Northeast and its students, the staff had the job of scheduling pic- tures, drawing layouts, and meeting early dead- lines. At the close of the year, as the final copies were delivered to Northeast, these people ex- perienced the immense satisfaction and startling realization that they had published a book. I l l l Leaving school to sell ads are advertising staff members Jan Torell, Donna Upton, Mary Barnes, Mona Way, Dean Bel- ka, Jeanie Greeno, and hidden in the back, Jayne Novotny. An intelligent Northeast student buys his year- book early from business manager June Robison. Members of the yearbook staff enioy the out-of-doors while looking through yearbooks of Northeast and other noted schools "Slot" helped stall distribute 37,200 copies New to room llO this year was "The Slot". The nine members of the NORTHEASTERN staffi found it very useful for not only distributing thel NORTHEASTERN on every other Friday, but fort also other business activity of the department, Added to the NORTH EASTERN this year was l a Salute of the Week advertisement, which hon-l ored a student from Northeast in each paper. Editorials from room llO by Mike Wilkins gave students an opportunity to voice an opinion and to read those of others. Jim Furrer hit the polit- ical scene with many cartoons pertaining to this year's elections, while sports editors Chuck and Sam kept students well informed on sports. ln addition to carrying out duties and respon- sibilites during the year, each staff member had the opportunity of attending the State Journalism Clinic at the Nebraska Center. Editor Mike Wilkins and Business Manager Polly 0'NeiII are tallying votes for the presidential mock election and the four proposals which appeared on the ballot. The election was sponsored and reported by the NORTHEASTERN staff. Editor Mike Wilkins assists several members of his NORTHEASTERN staff as they discuss puzzling problems of page qggignmenfg, of the NORTHEASTERN during '68-x69 school year H--.W 1 xl Sam Knight looks on as NORTHEASTERN page editor Nancy Wheatley, Bette Free, and Nann Greb discuss their pages. f Circulation Editor Kathy Sipp and Page Editor Bette Free are familiar faces at the new window christened "The SIot." Sports editors Sam Knight and Chuck Sinclair display their design that headed their weekly column in NORTHEASTERN. W, Ad manager Cecelia Slechta discusses ads with two ad- men of the yearbook staff, Mona Way and Janice Tarrell. Quality and excellence marked Girls and Boys Glee Row l-P. Bunn, M. Hudzicki, J. Markwardf, D. Zemke, J. Lee, J, Sfickney, C. Hoffman, G. Crounse, D. Heffelfinger, D. Eppens, C. Plock. Row 2-J. Budf, V. Krogh, N. Schulenberg, P. Wolfe, J. Johnson, V. Martin, A. Hughes, C. Orr, P. Barnhill, M, Bettinger, D. Snesrud, R. Rothe, G. Johnson. Row 3-J. Berry, L McGovern, B. Cafletf, V. Staberg, V. Wilson, K. Parizek, P, Watts, K. Schmidt, S. Carlson, L. Frain, L. Weber, D. Smith, A. Graven, P. Marshall, Mrs. Singler. Row 4-P. Shorierd, B. Bosteder, L. Swift, K. Perkinton, J. Cejka, J. Metcalf, C. Kirby, L. Fritfs, C. Holmes, J. Clough. Room 123 is the room where Miss Potter steps in to fill Mrs. Singler consents to o farewell photo the shoes of Mrs. Singler. "Might os well face them." before leaving her many new found friends- i "You tenors sound like Excedrin headache numb ll 1 u B u h h Its pretfy easy, states Mrs. enneft, w en you ave a new grand piano." Mrs. Snook comes over to lend a hand. Row l-M . Shelby, J. Hitch, T. Coverl, D. Wompler, R. Keane, R. Boyle, G, Ehlers. Row 2-Mrs. Snook, G. Sfofler, L. Bunlemeyer, J. Moock, T Seodore, P. Murphy, S. Schiermonn, S. Hollers, D. Wolfe. Row 3-K. Nellis, R. Hannemon, D. Clopper, R, Anderson, S. Westover, K. Phelps, C Steenson, M. Wilber. Row 4-J. Harrison, R. Porfsche, A. Brick, D. Gorbers, L. Worboys, I. Brornon, K. Kennedy, G. Hordf, M. Seip. Northeast Choir easily prove themselves Number One This year's Choir officers Steve Peter, Paula Blumer, and Mike Wilkins discuss plans for the up-coming operetta. ROW l - P. Bunn, D. Thompson, N. Jones, M. Lange, B, Knight, N. Schu- Ienberg, T. Schmidt, J. Gru- ett, R. Boyte, J. Ross. ROW 2-L. McGovern, K. Dake, N. Dean, K. Bloch, A. Boil- er, S. Anderson, J, Morris L. Swartz, L. Brockman, E. Olson, ROW 3-A. Cole- man, S. Gross, M. Burk- hardt, J. Joiner, A. Hen- line, R. Wall, F. Bush, P. Mattern, B, VandenBosch, D. Riggins, J. Lane. ROW 4-K. Cromer, P. Shonerd, K. Bennett, V. Dixon, C. Orr, C. Swanson, M. Wil- kins, B. Biggs, J. Robinson L. Livers, A. Cookson, G Michaud. 1 60 The Lincoln Northeast Choir, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Velma Snook, proved to be second to none. These select upperclassmen performedl many times throughout the entire school year. l Their first appearance was taking part in the Christmas vespers. During the month of February, the Choir sang for two concerts. One was at East J High with the select groups from the other three public high schools. The other was the vespersl performed by the Choir annually. Among their other obligations, they participated in the All- City Choral Festival in March and staged the annual Operettas early in May. The i969 Operetta highlighted the vocal music year. Choir members put many long hours into the choreography, music, and interpretation of characters for a most successful production. l Janice Torell helps cindy Fletcher!! straighten the collar on her robe. A little soul music helps cheer up the minds of many students. The main reason Northeast Vocal Groups are number one is exemplified by the amount of work on Mrs. Snook's desk. ROW I-R. White, D. Em- ery, C. Fletcher, J. Rump- eltes, M. Hall, J. Price, N. Henniger, S. Birdwell, C. Sipmo, G. Johnson. Row 2-G. Stotler, R. Anderson, L. Weber, P. Watts, B. Buntemeyer, J. Ookeson, J. Wornscholz, D. Swondo, S. Jones, J. Alberts, C. Wot- son. ROW 3- I. Bromon, E. Burchess, D. Clapper, L. Gettemy, D. Smith, M. Ma- bin, V. Sieckmonn, L. Weber, R. Lawson, Mrs. Shook. ROW 4- A. Sex- ton, L. Worboys, M. Web- er, L. Froin, P. Blumer, J. Metcalf, L. Fritts, P. EI- Iiot, B. Bergt, J. Torell. Triple Trio, Boys' Cctet, The Triple Trio and Boys' Octet celebrated the holiday season as they entertained at several programs together. and select instrumental Mature, well-trained voices blended together to compose this year's Triple Trio and Boys' Octet. The girls were outfitted in pink wool dresses and black shoes while the boys donned heathertone green jackets and dark green trousers. Both groups sang at many school and outside functions throughout the year and presented many joint programs during the Christmas season. Accom- panist for the Triple Trio was Karen Dake and Steve Biffle was at the piano for the Boys' Octet. Mrs. Snook, Triple Trio sponsor, and Boys' Octet sponsor Mrs. Singler spent many hours with their respective groups helping them learn songs, work on expressions, and produce a good blend. iaovs' ocrsr y Lonnie Graul, Dick Riggins, Steve Peter, Bob VandenBosch, Randy Portsche, Steve Hollers, ' Lloyd Swartz, Doug Emery. TRIPLE TRIO 1 1 +3 l E li, Nancy Schulenberg, Cindy Fletcher, Laura Weber, Kris Bennett, Cheryle Orr, Janice Torell, Rachel Wall, Paulette Watts, Cindy Sipma, groups uhhze the musk Select groups from the instrumental music department participated in a variety of activities helping to promote Northeast school spirit. Each day began with the Call to Colors, and assemblies opened with the Star Spangled Banner. On special occasions Rockets were provided with entertain- ment by the String Ensemble. The larger groups, including Prep Band, Ad- vanced Band, Prep Orchestra and Advanced Or- chestra, all worked hard on the music that they presented at Vespers and other special. programs. Advanced Band had the added responsibility ot playing for school basketball and football games. The twirlers and drum major, Dennis Burling, were also members of the fine LN instrumental music department, directed by Mr. Schulz. . I. i TWIRLERS, L-R-Sandy Lightner, Linda Ripa, Sue Wulf, Kri Bennett, Bev Bergt, Laura Elliott, Vera Burchardt, Barb Fye, Beth Mills. 5 -minded Each morning brings the Call to Colors. Dennis Burling, LN drum major, led the Rocket band through the season. The String Ensemble formed another of LN's select music groups. Opening assemblies was the job of the Star-Spangled Banner instrumental group, seen here in their characteristic pose. Orchestra, Band, and Mr Schulz formed the core oi ROW l-eBarb Fye, Mary Mealhow, Bev Bergt, Laurie Elliott, Pat Ore, Lynn Prusio, Kim Wiseman, Carol Jensen, Beth Mills, Gloria Witulski, Nancy Magnusson, Vera Burchardt, Pam Korancla, Connie Kelley. ROW 2-Pam Lageson, Sue Wulf, Linda Ward, Ellen Thompson, Taun- yia Sturgeon, Carol Brown, Art Sexton, Lyle Bigley, Stan Schwarzkopf, Dianna Stilwell, Kathryn Keeney, Carolyn Jando, Jeff Scheffert, Russell Alberts, Scott Marshall, David Jacko, Dennis Burling, Bette Free. ROW 3-Kris Bennett, Rachel Chappell, Donna Walker, Janet Bruner, Carol Robertson, Mike Brown, Diane Goeschel, Gloria Oliver, Greg King, Randall Dean, Gary King, Steve Birdwell, Ken Ore, Larry Hornlng, Richard Brasch, Dave Lux, John Bennett, Mike Connolly, John Coleman, Jim Husbands, Doug Biggerstaff, George Diekhoff, Jim Renaud, Steve Sissel, Mike Goodwin, John Curtiss, Tom Schulz. ROW 4-Sandy Lightncr, Linda Ripa, Jeff Lyness, Wesley Rosenthal, Jeanette Carlson, Alette Jensen, Linda Johnson, Pam Coatmon, Linda Brakhage, Stephen Morgan, Douglas Crabtree, Rich Deeds, Tim Lowe, Stephen Umphreys, Tom Swanson, Rich Feldman, Jeff Jobes, Tom Adams, Steve Biffle, Conrad Woerner, Gerry Tyler, Alan Darr, Dennis Peterson, Blair l-lall, Dan Studer, Alan McConnell, Steve Cromer, Jim Corning, Russ Severn. ROW 5-Ron Wulff, Steve McBride, Jon Gruett, Bob Schmciding, Craig Scheffert. 64 l the LN instrumental music department for the year The Northeast Orchestra, directed by Mr. Schulz, displayed its talents to the school in a variety of ways throughout the year. They pre- sented an exciting Christmas concert, as well as several vespers, and created the musical back- ground for the operetta. Members also partici- pated in State Music Clinic and took part in a concert with the Wesleyan Orchestra. New band uniforms topped the season as Northeast band members doffed their old mem- ories and donned their new ones for the home- coming festivities. There were the annual vespers and concerts but the new outfits helped "Mr. um n I 2 mwgflrz me mm Schulz and his Rocket Band" shine even brighter than before, as they marched out on the field, sat in the stands, and played for the public. ROW l-Kathy Johnson, Judy Albert, Edith Wolfe, Susan Gies, Gyn Sanders, Dorothy Clinefelter, Alice Henline, Delta Thompson. Row 2-Cindy Sundeen, Sheila Evans, Paul Collister, Jody Bonneau, Nancy Kaye, Susan Jansing, Charlene Dietrich, Mary Gossman, Lisa Warren, Connie Kelley, Pam Koranda, Dave Jacka, Janet Bruner, David Tyler, Pat Murphy. ROW 3-Ron Wulff, Kevin Murphy, Dean Belka, Cassie Reinke, Pam Lageson, Dianne Ferguson, Hollis Hackman, Dave Wamp- ler, Mike Goodwin, Tom Schulz, Craig Tische, Bob Portsche, Doug Big- gerstaff. Bill Krejci, Mr. Schulz, Michelle McLaughlin, Linda Brcikhage. Not all glory is the life of band members, who are faced with after school practice, ill -fitting uni- forms, transport trouble, and al- ways lqst lunch. We Mag? gm cava? H43 rd Sausage M xx Rii nl Nm Yi Btqffs 1, , N , -. 4 e ,,g,,1g7--swf,ff15,,,55fz.'-,-- . , . uv yr - - . ag, , r as jiri ' LV . .V tfiia, ,,,, ' ' . . ,.,. .,.. , , ,Mgr V . W L. .t., , A -f-- -- gf, fume, ,fc 5 .i. . . . ,eiMsms-sew, S-si-Nrsfw-fi .31 V .u ,. -. -f-1.,f1f - N 4. , rf ,ay ag,-,gt-,5,gg,a,tsm:fg --1s1'e,saff-'mf f f ----1 .1 Q tef - -2 1 , essays .3,3t?::ff.-tw 1 ' it - ' . ftsti ft isiit t MSW 'uewseaea 1 1 . fm " mis , " H A ' r"' ft 'f at f m t- 4 -- K+- K wisiwifpiy' . " f ,rw get -fe e: - fif?f,tfif'si':f:fzvf I ' J -Q 1: t ty ' 1 Z gif, . '- St-WifftZt"-' -- 'ie . -A WV, ,, v . m2sms5.,'f,ifff. fi' ' ' V C ft' ' New stage curtains grace UThe Chalk Garden" and Obsessed with murder, Laurel listens in fascination to the tales of courts and trials that the Judge relates. ,l iw sl it Bob Kells, chairman of the light crew, makes sure everyone looks up to him by taking a high position. Masque and Gavel sponsored "The Chalk Garden," by Enid Bagnold, as its first play. Laurel, a young girl described as "sixteen but backward," is a pyromaniac and shares an unusual interest in murder trials with the man servant, Maitland. The coming of a new and mysterious governess, Miss Madrigal, adds to Laurel's enjoyment and curiosity. The play comes to a climax with the arrival of a judge, an old friend of Laurel's grandmother, Mrs. St. Maugham, and the same judge who l5 years earlier had sentenced Miss Madrigal to death for the murder of her step-sister. The rec- ognition of Miss Madrigal's previous situation and the elements involved broke the bubble of fantasy that had existed in the house, and made the family accept reality. ' Q Q v -. Z !!."!.K'!.".'.'.'I!.",! III- e ' ' !.'4'.'.'.!!,!!.'.! - gf' I Cast members L-R-Ann Perkinton, Ruta Tramdachs, Bev Simons, Laurie Brehm, Jim Furrer, Shara Birdwell, Margye Reeves, Yvonne Forney, Anthony Brehm. "THE CHALK GARDEN" MISS MADRIGAL .......... Ann Perkinton LITTLE LADY ................ Shara Birdwell MAITLAND ...,.... ............. J im Furret THIRD LADY ................ Yvonne Forney LAUREL .............................. Bev Simons MRS. ST. MAUGHAM .... Margye Reeves NURSE .,...............,...,...... Laurie Brehm OLIVIA .,.,,..,,,............ Ruta Tramdachs THE JUDGE ...... ..,...,.. A nthony Brehm Madrigal is driven to an emotional climax and the Judge foresees crisis. "Arsenic and Old Lace" The Brewster home was the setting of the second semester all-school play, "Arsenic and Old Lace." Written by Joseph Kesselring and directed by Mr. James Putman, it presented the Brewster family as a little 'off' with the world. In the play, seemingly harmless old ladies, Aunts Abby and Martha have a peculiar habit of poisoning elderly gentlemen, thinking they are doing these unhappy men a great service. Teddy, a stately man in his forties, thinks that he is Theodore Roosevelt. Jonathan, the second brother, has just returned home from a career of sadistic murders. With him he brings his plastic surgeon, Dr. Einstein, who has recently made Jonathan look like Boris Karloff. Mortimer, the last member of the family, also has a problem. He is completely sane and accidentally falls upon a man his aunts have put to rest. The hilarious situations he meets while trying to solve this problem are the key to the plot of the story. Abby Brewster ..... Rev. Harper ................. ...,...AIice Coleman .Glen Densberger Teddy Brewster ...... .,.......,.. A rt Sexton Officer Brophy ..,..... ...... S teve Schafer Officer Klein ......... . ......... Jerry Renaud Martha Brewster ........ ......... B ev Simons Elaine Harper ....,..,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,, B orb Dell Mortimer Brewster ....,....,..., John Fischer Mr. Gibbs ........................ Bradford Jones Jona.than Brewster .........,.,.,,,., Jirn Furrer Dr. Einstein .......,.,...,, .....,,,, P at Olson Officer OIHGYC ...,,..,,,......,,,,,, Steve Peter Lieutenant Rooney ................,. Rich Deeds Mr. Hoskins-Mr. Spinalzo .... Rod Orduna Mr- Witherspoon ...............,.... Bill Kreici Cast members L-R-Jim Furrer, Brad Jones, Glen Densberger, Alice Coleman, Bill Krejci, Barb Dell, Bev Simons, Art Sexton, Rod Orduna, Steve Peter, Pat Olson, Jerry Renaud, Rich Deeds, John Fischer, Steve Schafer. ai 2 '12 The USS Oregon is headed for Australia as far as Teddy is"concerned, but Martha and Abby would rather it went along with Klein and Brophy to the children's orphanage. Standing backstage, Mr. Putman and Ann Perkinton await the hasty exit of Mr. Gibbs, the result of an unsuccess- ful poison attempt by the aunts with their special brew. ' ' v DECA became Northeast's most recent organization "This is absolutely the most comfortable mattress on the market," insists Supersalesman Vince Cornell. Mrs. Rudell and officers Sharon Ellis Dick Hanneman, Vince Cornell, and Con- nie Haar examine their new DECA charter. Candy Inn which opened February 'I4 at 'l'l2 Sweet St., brought all sorts of goodies to Northeast. Lincoln Northeast completed the enrollment of city schools in DECA-Distributive Education Clubs of America. Though membership was re- stricted to only the marketing and merchandising class, it became known to LNHS students through several projects. One of the highlights of the year was the Candy Inn. lt consisted of a candy shop selling brownies, fudge, cookies and Tizzy Toys which were resin balls shaped as little animals. The class divided into groups and carried out many aspects at the project such as adver- tising, sales, and production. Through dedication and much hard work the class made the Candy lnn a memorable part at the year at Northeast. In March they used their sweet shop profits and attended the DECA Leadership Conference. This was a two-day convention held at the Ne- braska Center in Lincoln that included contests open to all members in various fields of business including display, sales, advertising, and public speaking. lt proved to be a profitable experience for all who attended. 3? ,. g iii Q1 - ' f .Q fy, M 5 gm, - , sg Masque and Gavel meant loyal and dedicated members Masque and Gavel is one of the more select clubs at Lincoln Northeast. The members are chosen by the club officers and sponsors. In ac- cepting the oath set up by the club, members are to live up to them throughout their lives. Masque and Gavel was lucky to have two such fine sponsors as Mr. Putman and Mrs. Reeder. The dedication and effort of these two made the club successful. Some of the club's activities were ticket selling campaigns for each of the school plays, bers and newly-elected officers. Officers were Jim Furrer, Ruta Tram- dachs, Yvonne Forney, and Jeff Fox. Row l-Y. Forney, B Dell, S. Lusher, N, Henninger, S. Birdwell, L. Johnson, B. Simons, C. Slechta, K. Wiseman, A. Coleman. Row 2-S. Peter, J. Fox, R. Deeds, A. Perkinton, M. White, S. Hughes, G. Sanders, J. Berry, M. Ludden, K Brammer, L. Swartz. Row 3-Mr. Putman, S. Schafer, J. Furrer, A. Sexton, R. Kelis, R. Stark, M. Watts, P. Groat, S. Morgan, R. Tramdachs, C. Orr. In spite of changes in dates and spring vacation, Rocket Revue MC's Art Sexton, Lloyd Swartz, Mike Wilk- ins, Bob VandenBosch, Dick Riggins,qnd Stan Schwarzkopf work on planning the script for "Rockets in Wonderland." Northeast students tell through the magical mirror of talent and variety into the wonderful world of Alice's adventures with this year's Rocket Revue theme, Rockets in Wonderland. Beginning with the always tardy rabbit and ending with Clyde the horse, the program scheduled seventeen fast moving, fun-filled acts. "Today," "People," "Windy," and "Mame," were just a few of the songs included in the eve- ning's entertainment. Humorous and musical skits were many and ranged in title from "Music to Watch Bones By," and "Don Brown's Body," to "Parents," "The Future Hunter," and "Clyde Turns the Tide," about a horse in politics. Other acts included a puppet skit entitled "Diana and the Supremes," a jazz dance, and Indian Ghost dance and folk songs, "Sounds of Silence," and "Jane, Jane." All together this year's Rocket Revue was full of excitement for both performers and audience. "Arc My Ecrs on S'raigh'?" L-R Raw le-Debbie Hoyt, Joyce Sobotta, Debbie Gaston, Sue Edwards, Pat Vercellino, Kay Parker, Linda Clark, Carol Hildebrand. Row 2-CarolSmi1h, Pauline Schweitzer, Kathy Aylward, Sandi Kriz, Cheryl Upton, Linda Nelson, Sharon Ellis, Peggy Elliott, Yvonne Hughes. '69 Rocket Revue was once again 'show ol the year' Masque and Gavel members elevated choral reading to new heights with their satirical "Don Brown's Body." Gerry Tyler shows Mr. Schulz that setting up a mike is easy as long as the cord remains out of the way. Stage Band L-R Row l-Susan Bussear, Karan Vance, Stan Schwarzkopf, Dennis Burling, David Jacka, Pam Lageson, Art Sexton. Row 2-Linda Brakhage, Micky McLaughlin, Steve McBride, Steve Cromer, Dave Wampler, Alan McConnell. Row 3-Mike Goodwin, Tom Schulz, Doug Biggerstoff, Greg King, Steve Sissel. "Diana Ross and the Supremes" performed on the LN stage in the person of life-sized puppets. Setting up their act at the lower left, Diahann Harris, John Ross, and Pat Baker show what it looked like when finished lbelowl. Northeast's I968-69 Choir knows "How to Succeed" "Pray for Velma's Baby" was a slogan adopted by the school newspaper in relation to the success of the operetta. Judging by the out- come of the two performances, it didn't neces- sitate any prayers. Helping Mrs. Velma Snook with the directing was a highly gifted student, senior Mary Jo VanHorn. The students, as well as the directors, worked with determination, dedication, and pride to pro- duce one of the finest operettas in the history ot Northeast. A special tribute is owed to Mrs. Brehm for the many hours she put in as the chore- ographer. Her finishing touch added polish to the prod' -tion of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," by Loesser and Burrows. The operetta was based on a man fFinchl who wanted to get to the top of the World Wide Wicket Co. and didn't care who he stepped on to get there. As all stories go, he fell in love with Rosemary and together they climbed the ladder scheming to success. This year's production accomplished many things, one was revealing the fine talent of the Northeast Choir. Another accomplishment was the contribution it made to the student body and all who participated. The quality of the show creates one problem for Mrs. Snook, because she now has an achievement that will be ex- tremely hard to surpass. lt is safe to assume that it will take real work to top this show. Important executives of the World Wide Wicket Co. include Gatch, Jenkins, Tockoberry, and Toynbee. Bratt looks happy ot the prospects of a marriage between Hedy and Womper. Miss Jones gives a disapproving look to other secretaries Smitty and Miss Krumholtz and orders them to stop "goofing off" and get back to work. OPERETTA CAST FINCH ........... ROSEMARY ........ SMITTY ...... BRATT ...... FRUMP ....... WOMPER ,....... TWIMBLE ....... BIGGLEY ...,. GATCH .,...,. JENKINS ........ TACKABERRY ...... PETERSON ,.... MISS JONES .,.... HEDY ............ SCRUBWOMEN ...,. MISS KRUMHOLTZ TOYNBEE .......,...,..., OVINGTON ........ POLICEMAN ...... Bob VandenBosch ...........Cindy Sipma ......AIice Henline .......Mike Wilkins Sexton ...Garald Michaud .......LIoyd Swartz ..........Jon Gruett .....Rick Anderson ...Brad Andreesen .......Ivan Broman Olson ........Kris Bennett ......Debbie Smith .............Joyce Syslo Delta Thompson .......CheryI Kirby ......Lynn Gettemy ........Dick Riggins .......Steve Peter Mrs. Snook discusses some last minute details with accom- panist Steve Bittle and student director Mary Jo VanHorn. Biggley tries to woo Hedy as major leads Finch lBob VandenBoschI and Rosemary lCindy Sipmal discuss the possibility of mar- riage and businessmen Frump, Bratt, and Twimble all try to discover the secret at success in business without really trying. 73 TURNABOUT ROYALTY King of Hearts - Phil Koch Attendants -- Mike Korle, Mike Holtgrewe + 1 n I I i I L r w S w s I E 2 1 1 i 5 K Q 5 6 X s i E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Queen Pal- Nielsen Kung Harold Hull Attendants Nancy Dean Debbie Llchty Bull Biggs Jlm Starlta Wmimf SYV .- ' .Q 1 , qw ,.,. Mg, 1 S. :ffl - f-Q5Lfff3'. :rf- Ewlnffi A,'fe?Wk -- N.. Zfffkia f l-Sw-H.: 715: f , 45 75,15 fjmxw . g. 4 A-m lb.. ""i:L5:.,f1'-,i'3xYsa'Afv v Ijffff5'f.,A S 3, 4 .fra Ws??Lf1.f?5is342HfsS22h5 f- K , .. ., .W.X,,..f,.,,m L,,, ' psigwk,-:QS.,"1Fwf215ggfMy - f 'hr-Gi-Q, .iff-' Q wfv ifi , ' 1- 651, 'signup A QS., -' 1 .'f,2 ,,,y'f1w' f 05.,'g,z.5a:.1::w, A-ff 2 . 1. we X X 5 5 1 7 . N ,W f - 1-'s2 f'ifi.-YSVLQV 1 Z.. 'mgefiwfliiizi-215 " " .21 ' A 'V ' if 5 iw 2 'IA M.,-':sg53 ,f y -ggi wr-, ' 3125? . ,' ' ":'a,1'.s5..1'fi:3.,15f?' wi" 'iagffridx 'fm-WM ,iiziiii f fu., 'Q .f,..13m.l,?gi?-sffawfi. fl, .- -fn ,. ".f5'1:-9"'f5i: -zl:E:E?.:'H5": ?'5if1LT55'4!f? aymzif?.iii"i55?K5743"f'Si:i,'.f' '55 - Wfv H regipfffsffeg cf- " , .V,..,I: X ,K ,S .ae QWMNJIWWM uf- mu-......, Experience major factor to LN success in spring The Lincoln Northeast baseball team, under the supervision of Coach "Stubby" Seng, headed into the competitive season with high hopes of success. The Racket diamond crew, who had ten lettermen returning from last year to bolster the squad, looked to conquering the campaign with consistent play and elimination of mistakes. L Draft Ts had , Varsity Pitchers-Rick Sittner, Dick Cades, Bob Dean. Not Pictured: Jim Starita. From approximately twenty enthusiastic boys, Coach Seng cut the squad to fifteen team mem- bers. Coach Ken Wall, reserve baseball mentor, received the surplus of the players plus ones he felt could contribute to the winning tradition. Coach Seng found experienced players at every position. Returnees included ace hurlers Jim Starita, Dick Cades, and Bob Dean. The in- field consisted of regulars Dan Cook, Tom Novak, Maury Damkroger, Rich Hubka, and newcomer Reed Stephenson. The outfield play of Jim Smith, Mike Karle, Craig Tische, and others was com- mendable. Randy Draper and Bill Biggs filled their roles as catcher adequately. Versatility proved vital in several games as many of the members were switched to strengthen various positions and to give others a chance to play. The season opened April 3 against highly touted Bishop Ryan in Omaha. Jim Starita was named by Seng as opening game hurler. The most competition in the city was supplied by Lincoln High and East High as the Rocket's showdowns with each always proved exciting. Varsity Team-Row l: Mike Carlson, Reed Stephenson, Jim Starita, Jim Smith, Craig Tische, Bob Dean, Eddie Grace. Row 2: Jim Moock, Rick Sittner, Maury Damkroger, Rich Hubka, Bill Biggs, Dick Cades, Coach Leroy Seng. i campaign as lettermen returned to bolster squad , sig, A " r "la" mirrkfsifis ' V V' K 4 'fi-ff-2 it 'ir f ,, t ' A f 1 '-.' f1a:+,ff,,fa.f,:f--a ,.,,, , ' ' ' " if Z M' 8 " , z vf,. Q-, 1-+A, arf? ' ff' ,A 12 , , 1,-- i Srfrflifi ,, -1 we QL ii . ,W M 'Wk ff X W ,Sir ,Q I A 4 I f A Kgwfwrggs M wg, if 1 K A 4 .V , ,gfg.,.v,g,,,ff, ,,,,,mf,:4,,a f ,Z ml 8 -Yiifaaagfiwiaiwfiw--M 'ff aa 5 ,f r 2 K f if, 1 W f , r ' M if ,yr KAW mi g ai S, r 4 Mig' wwgpf 'M 3 if ' , 1 '45 L X e. as T Pl' -2 1- 9' if Q rf 'fa My It Q' , at K it f .. -' - -ig-1-Lgvifiasw,H,3,a,M,g,i, 5 , t V, A 'M in M - f X i f Q A f' M fi , 5 ,- X1 1: , VX fr DX , , . N, , r 5 as a W 1 2 M y ff 52.1 'ff Q- l 1. J ug it M K gk 4 X 4 IP' r-:ww wi ,Q Vg., at .Q Q, 3 . - a-aa 1 fy QW! , n -.4 A M X, , am i, a aa , 2 K' - R, ,,,,,,,,, -tr Q., .-,,,m,x,,.e - w w .,,-f,--4 it r -1 ., w t f- -r. ,, ,wars 5 wat, A .fm :awww-'Q 1 ,,, , 3fg?,,,,,,,mf,,e, , -5 12' " X r . .51 - L' , S 4 .1-M ' ' h. 'aff-z,aiS5tWs, j,t:?f',f3vy ml , rw. , 5 A f Y ' 'fiinid , a 'T' " m9"i'f " A ' Va rsify -A 5 , , , I - - A-N - W- A :. -. awyrrw MW if at fr ig wif : ff 'GEMS ' f ' g a x gvu Ig ' egg: 3 Q. rv 1 E fl' ai Infielders-Rich Hubko, Maury Damkroger. Regulars Danny Cook, Randy Draper, Tom Novak, and Mike Varsity Outfielders-Bill Biggs, Jim Smith, Reed Stephenson, Craig Tische, Dick Codes. Karle patiently await for the start of spring practice ff' . ... .L ,L - Track Team: Row l-R. Gochnour, J. Ross, M. Lowe, L. Bird, B. Frickel, B. Portsche, G. Sullivan, B. Beck, D. Emery, K. Buck, R. Thompson. Row 2-R. Greeno, C. Karthauser, G. Gould, M. Wilber, M. Hut- chins, K. Simonsen, D. Gil- lespie, D. Stewart, R. Phil- lips, B. Olsen, J. Hart. Row 3-Coach Max Hester, S. Standley, R. Klimm, D. Vo- gel, K. Nielsen, J. Barker, H. Hill, C. Sinclair, B. Stutzman, P. Koch, S. Krueger, S. Westover. '69's classy Northeast cinclermen sought city crown The i969 Lincoln Northeast track team was thought to be one of the best in years as the cind- ermen took the track in the early spring, An abun- dance of talent and the fourteen returning letter- men greeted Max Hester giving him the material with which to work. Together with his assistant coaches, Mr. McMeen and Mr. Els, the "3" started early in molding the Rocket tracksters into a team expected to hold its own in state. Approximately seventy-five boys turned out for the colorful sport with many of them having worked hard all winter. Cold, wet weather hamp- ered workouts on the LN track in early spring but did not prevent the tracksters from getting into shape, under the eye of Coach Hester. Among the fourteen returning Iettermen, Lincoln Northeast had great potential in'the field events in 1969 with the return of Iettermen, Steve Krueger, Phil Koch, Chuck Sinclair, Kurt Nielsen, and Mike Wilber in the there was experience almost everywhere. Many were moved to other events for the Rockets to get the best possible balance. Leading the high jump corps was Chuck Sinclair. He and Mike Wilber went to State in the event in l968. Join- ing them this spring was Junior Kurt Nielsen. Also working in the field were Steve Krueger, Phil Koch, Jack Hart, and Steve Westover in the shot put and discus events. Bob Frickel and Bob Portsche returned for LN in the sprints. Bob Frickel also went to State in '68 as did miler Rick Gochnour. Gene Gould, Barry Stutzman, and Jim Barker gave Northeast a l-2-3 punch in the hurdles. Doug Emery, Dave Stewart, Rollie Phillips, Greg Sullivan, Ron Greeno, Cliff Karthauser, and Bernie Olsen comprised the talented group of hard-working distancemen. Returning Lettermen: Row l-R. Phillips, M, Wilber, G. Sullivan, D. Emery, R. Gochnour, B. Portsche, B. Frickel. Row 2-D. Stewart, B. Stutzman, C. Sinclair, P. Koch, G. Gould, K. Nielsen, S. Krueger. Rockel' shot put, discus, and high.jump events respectively. Foul weather forces the Rocket golfers inside with Captain John Wright hitting balls into the net while practicing his technique as other LN golfers stand by waiting their turns. lnexperience plagued Nort The late arrival of spring took its toll on all spring sports and golf was no exception. Coach Jack Mueller found it rather difficult to evaluate his talent having been able to hold only one prac- tice round before the first match. l-le, neverthe- less, had much praise for his inexperienced squad. With only two-year letterman, John Wright, returning, the hopes for much success appeared somewhat bleak when the season began. But hard work on the part of those wanting to play made up some of that deficit. After two weeks of hit- ting inta the net, all seemed ready and anxious ' -,Q l,.f ,7-, wg 1 ' sf ,A 3gg,ii'ff"' 'Q ,fl XY'-A TKSVXW , ' wkpfv, s ,k ii i, .... . , , lifes., Y g s. W il' r 355 ' ' .. -12 . ll YQ' J- " gm bf' ' f, ,ts - l vi- f- 1 -- Im ' ' ' 5 1 7 ' ' ' ' tu' .. . E vb, ,-33, . ...., ...,, , , 1 my wha. .s..... .,,. . A t Lg, Coach Jack Mueller holds a short conference with his tap five as he anticipates the upcoming match with Norfolk. I l heasts golfers in I969 to get out on the links and see what was in store for them in the spring. Some other top prospects for the Rockets appeared to be Gothenburg transfer, Greg Oberg, and Seniors Mike Lowe and Mike l-loltgrewe, both of whom played on the reserves in '68. Sopho- mores Pat Killeen and Jim Green also figured to play a major part in the rebuilding program planned by Lincoln Northeast. The Rocket golfers opened April 3 against Norfolk. Golf Team: Row l-J. Els, D. Kohler, P. Killeen, M. Lowe, T. Johnson, J. Chase. Row 2-J. Green, ' B. Lange, D. Goggins, J. Wright, M. Holtgrewe, G. Oberg, B. Rolofson. Not Pictured: Ricky Schneider and Tom Casady. Row I-J. Moock, B. Beaver, L. Graul, R. Stephenson, D. Cook, M. Karle, J. Smith, B. Portsche, M. Holt- grewe, B. Nutt, L. Hladik, S. Krueger, C. Steuben, W. Ros- enthol. Row 2-C. Scheffert, R. Rohn, L. Brockman, D. Codes, S. Walling, J. Siemsen, F. Bush, J. Mayfield, J. Hart, D. Stewart, G. Gould, D. Leishman D. Von Rentzell, J. Morris. Row 3-Coach Boroff, R. Hubka, P. Koch, M. Domkroger, T. Novak, C. Sinclair, M. Argello, B. Southwick, M. Starlin J. Curtiss, K. Webb, G. Wright, K. Weber, S. Westover, B. Biggs, Coach Els. Rockets rated in state despite losing campaign, Head Coach Claire Boroff and his assistant, Robert Els, take a short breather from practice to discuss strategy. Team Record: LN i3 Fremont ......... ...... 2 6 LN 26 Southeast . .... O LN i3 East High ..... .... O LN 3 Pius X ............... ...... 6 LN O Lincoln High ..... ...... 2 l LN 28 Hastings ......... .... O LN l2 Grand Island ..... .... l 3 LN 7 Bellevue ....... .... 9 LN 37 North Platte O 1 'E S - vb :Q 5 Q' :: if I 7 VMI ,:.. I ir22stHf'1 3 S ' showed improvement over last year's finish at 4-5 The l968 Varsity Football squad completed their second full season under head Coach Claire Boroff. Aiding in the strenuous task of coaching was new Assistant Coach Robert Els. The season as a whole had its ups and downs for the Rockets. All four victories Northeast scored over their opponents were by shutouts. But on the other hand the stubborn Rocket team lost three of their games by only six points. Though the Rockets were saddled with a losing season, they fared well in city competition. Northeast finished in a tie for second in city play behind powerhouse Lincoln High. This year marked the first intra- city varsity football encounter with East High, when the Rockets whitewashed the Spartans i3-O. This year's team had many outstanding of- fensive and defensive players. The offense was spearheaded by quarterback Chuck Sinclair and, of course, Maury Damkroger, Holding down the center of the defensive line were Bill Biggs, Jack Siemsen and Chuck Steuben. To emphasize the fine work done by both units Northeast amassed l4O points to only 74 points for their opponents. Defensive halfback Bob Beaver and "monster man" Gene Gould close in for the kill against a Lincoln High back. i Varsity Centers and Quarterbacks - Row l, Jack Siemsen, Steve Krueger, Larry Hladik. Row 2, Dan Cook, Chuck Sinclair, Tom Novak. Northeast gridders faced tough schedule, mistakes Student Managers Denny Von Rentzell, Wesley Rosenthal, Craig Scheffert, Jon Morris, and Jim Moock, check out the rope equipment before an upcoming practice session. . i l A Northeast l3, Fremont 26 - The Rockets found out just how tough the pre-season favor- ites were in their opening game. The Rockets scored the first two times they handled the ball, but were not able to halt the potent Tiger of- fensive attack. Dan Cook connected for two touchdown passes to Mike Karle and Lee Brock- man to account for the Northeast scoring. Northeast 26, Southeast O - Northeast chalked up their first win of the season over cross-town rival Southeast in an awesome of- fensive display. The Rockets scored early on a 45-yard pass from Chuck Sinclair to Karle. Sin- clair also connected with Brockman for a T.D. pass. Maury Damkroger hit paydirt later. Northeast l3, East O - East High was not to be underestimated as they stubbornly halted numerous LN offensive drives before falling in the school's first intra-city gridiron clash. The Rockets scored early on a Karle run but were held in check until late in the fourth quarter when Reed Stephenson snagged a Sinclair aerial. Northeast 3, Pius X 6 - The Thunderbolts proved they were not to be denied as they slip- ped by a determined Northeast crew. The Rock- ets scored what seemingly were the decisive points when Rich Hubka booted a 23-yard field goal but Pius marched on to score. l x 3? Z 5, J, W ,. .,.. . ,. . Varsity Ends-Gene Gould, Bob Nutt, Dave Stewart, Mike Argello, Kipp Webb, Rich Hubka, Reed Stephenson. and inconsistency plagued Rocket's winning efforts Northeast 28, Hastings O-Northeast rolled over their third opponent of the year much to the delight of the migrating Rocket fans. Junior Greg Wright tallied twice for Northeast while Stephen- sen and Domkroger each scored once. Hubka added all four extra points to complete the rout. Northeast l2, Grand Island l3-A home- coming crowd saw a stubborn Northeast team face the highly touted Grand Island crew in a game which was not decided until the last 20 seconds of the contest. Damkroger streaked 72 yards in the opening minutes for the first Rocket touchdown and added his second one in the last half. An unsuccessful field goal attempt late in the game proved fatal for any Rocket upset hopes, Northeast 7, Bellevue 9-Northeast, listless in the first half, exploded in the second half with a devastating rushing attack only to fall short of victory once again. A late field goal by the Chief- tains provided the margin of defeat for LN. Wright sneaked across for the lone score. Northeast 37, North Platte O-The Rockets proved they deserved their top ten ranking by amassing 435 total offensive yards as they soundly beat the Bulldogs. Damkroger, who rushed for 169 yards, and Tom Novak each scored twice for Northeast. Hubka caught a Sinclair aerial for a T.D., and Dick Codes added six more. Wet and wild Maury Damkroger shows he can go in snow as he rambles for a big gain during North Platte trouncing. Scrambling quarterback Charles Sinclair gets off a perfect Junior Torn Novak is corralled by a host of Lincoln High aerial bomb despite pressure from the Southeast defense. defenders in his attempt for another Rocket touchdown. Varsity Backs: Row i: Bob Beaver, Jim Smith, Mike Karle, Mike Holtgrewe, Bob Portsche. Row 2: Lee Brockman, Dick Cades, Greg Wright, Maury Damkroger, Charlie Mayfield, Jack Hart. Varsity Tackles: Steve Westover, Steve Walling, Mark Starlin, Phil Koch, Brad Southwick, Ken Weber. Hard-running senior halfback Lee Brockman shakes off a Senior Reed Stephenson and Junior Tom Novak go high in tackle while en route to another Northeast first down. I-he gif to break up an attempted Southeast pass play. Rockets placed three grrclclers on All City squad Lincoln Northeast's outstanding play through- out most of the year was rewarded with the an- nouncing ot the All-City team. Top honors went to Bill Biggs, Jack Siemsen, and Maury Dam- krogerr Those receiving honorable mention were Phil Koch, Rich Hubka, Chuck Sinclair, Chuck Steuben, Tom Novak, and Greg Wright. The Rockets did not place any candidates on the mythical All-State team but Maury Dam- kroger and Jack Siemsen were honorable mention. Varsity Guards-Bill Biggs, Chuck Steuben, John Curtlss Don Leishman Rob Rohn Lonnie Graul Frank Bush f mmm: . 1, Reserves stumbled twice, closed last for 5-2 mark Fullback 'Randy Leach gets up-ended after a long gain. The Rocket Reservists showed fine spirit and a willingness to win in posting a 5-2 season record under new Head Coach Clayton Luther and new Assistant Coach Reynold McMeen. The Rockets, feeling tremendous pressure after two straight losses to city rivals Lincoln Southeast and Lincoln High, came back to whip their remaining five opponents. The LN offensive assult was directed by quarterback Glen Muehlhausen, center Tom Ad- ams, and running backs Marty Lowe, Ron An- derson, and Randy Leach. The stout defense, which succeeded in shuting out three teams, was spearheaded by Greg Sullivan, Jim Skinner, Danny Kahler, Steve Avey, and John Esquivel. Overall, Coach Luther praised his team for the fine effort they put forth and indicated he was very proud of the entire SEGSOH. Team Record LN 7 Southeast ............ ...... l 3 LN l2 Lincoln High .... ..l3 LN 9 Hastings ........ ...... 6 LN l9 Grand lsland ..... ...... O LN 7 Pius X ............ ...... 6 LN l9 Fremont ...... ...... O LN 6 East High .... ...... O Row l-M. Ray, R. Severn, M. Lowe, B. Beck, G. Kuehn, S. Marshall, B. Danley, R. Anderson, D. Kahler, M. Kuck, J. Webster, R. Hall. Row 2- S. Neberman, B. Johnson, E. Weir, S. Knight, J. Thomas, D. Landstrom, J. Esquivel, T. Adams, G. Sullivan, D. Merrill, D. Clapper, R. Anderson. Row 3-Coach McMeen, R. Wisehart, G. Muehlhausen, D. Vogel, R. Dean, M. Weideman, J. Scheffert, S. Avey, J. Weers, J. Skinner, R. Leach, R. Portsche, Coach Luther. Sophomores remain city champs, boast 3-l-2 record The l968 Northeast Sophomores coasted to another successful season behind Coaches Hank Willemsen and Robert James. The Rockets out- fought many stronger opponents to produce a very respectable 3-l-2 record, bringing Coach Willemsen's seven year record to 29-3-5. The Sophomores' desire and determination served as a major factors in winning another city championship. An explosive offense and a cap- able defense will provide the varsity with many future prospects. The Sophs were led by signal- caller Mark Shields and by the fleet running of backs Danny Sloey and Jerry Barnett as the Rock- ets outscored their opponents 83-66. Team Record LN i9 ....... .................. S outheast l3 LN i9 ....... ..... L incoln High l4 LN 6 ....... ..... B eatrice 6 LN l8 ....... ..... E ast High 6 LN 7 ....... ..... S eward l3 LN I4 ....... ..... P ius X l4 Sophomore Don Dittenber swings outside for big yardage Row l-J. O'Hare, S. Harris, A. Elsasser, T. Muehlhausen, D. Standley, D. Bickford, C. Walek, D. Neberman, D. Hile, T. Hill, J. Hertzel, T. Danek, B. Morford. Row 2-H. Hackman, D. Dittenber, B. Hass, D. Witulski, D. Sloey, R. Kempkes,5D. Biggerstaff, B. Schuman, K. Hippie, H. Butler, J. Barnett, R. Genthe, J. Bell, J. Biggs. Row 3-Coach Willemsen, M. Reid, J. Sinner, D. Stilwell, L. Swensen, J. Michaud, J. Kennedy, M. Shields, T. Ball, J. Sollenberger, P. Graf, G. Watts, M. Bomberger, L. Carrel, S. Schramm, H. McGrew, Coach James. - 1-iic , A H l 93 Johnsons roundballers claimed number two rating Lincoln Northeast, handily winning the City and Trans-Nebraska Championships, tried what no other Class A team in the history of Nebraska basketball could accomplish-winning ci third straight state title. However, their bid fell short as a scrappy Omaha Central team downed the Rockets in the semifinals, 66-56. In district action, the Rockets advanced past a determined Lincoln High team and proceeded in soundly trouncing East High'in the finale to win a fifth straight trip to the state tourney. Northeast, entering the tournament as the state's number one rated team and riding on a 29 game winning streak through the past two seasons, found the going tough right from the beginning. Their first opponent was Hastings, who wanted nothing more than to knock off the mighty Rockets. A fourth quarter rally staged by Northeast prevented any hopes for a Tiger upset. The next team was Central, who hoped to erase any memories of the last two campaigns when Northeast denied them a state championship in the final rounds. Central jumped off to a quick start and never trailed, breaking the Rocket string of 30 consecutive victories. VARSITY TEAM Row l M Carlson B Nutt T Novak D Cook J Starita G. Wright, E. Grace. Row 2-B. Biggs, M. Damkroger, C. Sinclair, T. i i sg... ., .... r finishing I9-I in their bid for third state crown Varsity Team Record LN 85 LN 64 Kearney ..................... .,.... 4 6 58 Lincoln Southeast ..... ..... LN 53 Lincoln High .,,,.... ..... 5 l LN 68 Hastings ............ ..... 5 4 LN 69 Omaha Benson .... ..... 5 5 LN 49 Lincoln High ...... ..... 4 8 LN 62 45 LN 70 Pius X ..........,........ ..... 5 8 LN 68 47 LN 72 Lincoln East ............. ..... 4 4 LN 74 5l LN 73 Grand Island ...... ..... 6 3 53 Norfolk ................ ..... Lincoln Southeast ..... ..... North Platte ........ ..... LN 55 Beatrice ........... ..... LN 77 Fremont ....... ..... 5 7 LN 63 Lincoln East .....52 LN 73 5l Bellevue .....,........... ..... District Tournament LN 76 Lincoln High ......... ..... 6 2 LN 84 Lincoln East ......... ..... 5 7 State Tournament LN 60 Hastings .............. ..... 5 5 LN 56 Omaha Central ..,, ..... 6 6 "Stuff it, stuff it," encourages Central players as Tom Novak riddles the opponents by rising high above them. ,. M f3W?"7?5E'5 157. .g of ltlgff. ,.cc -, ""- 3, A Q ,515 eg A g -V gc 7 .L ,Iggy In Ji , ' 1 I 7 ,, Xi.. so ,. , , , L , L. , w 7 S '7 It is -ip its-. ig , - 3 7 - .Q -7 -i 1 fc ,, I li 1 ' L 1? V L -5 ,A . i in X K A. , ,Q 1. hx A i if 7 3.1 A . a K , ML:,.W-me 'ii' it 'n ' 5 ' . R is i . wit . I ' L. 2? , , - I ..c. 4, or 5 A . is ' gi' ' fpmxmf A , ' 2' ' 3 1 7 I .. Q lvl .-gl -,A M it N . .. i A 'i-' . PK: f ' X6 ,rjg y7s f 1i x T' 'ii 'i 7 " ff ' -"- , V nf , . 7 ,. ' lelrsl so 7 j ' ., W, ' 'ssel N , fs f 171 t 7 7 s . '7 A 7 . -fs - t 1:7 75frfgf7:77 ic.. . .as,'s-at V. Q. 7 Q, 1sv.fH 'e- J, 41,1 7 A- ,-7 . 7,i., 17:7 ".- 7' ' -s7h7 fi ' 7i" I 32593 7 in is" , 'if 7 , , ,.1 . Junior stalwarts, John Strain and Maury Damkroger, fly high and fight hard for an LN carom to start the mighty Rocket machine on its way to score and another vi-ctory. Rocket cagers John Strain and Tom Novak defend against a possible field goal effort by a penetrating opponent. Kiln 'Dk - N'-L. .v... me 4,3-, K 'wnuiiisfiiiff' Powerful Billy Biggs once again grabs the rebound, the Junior center John Strain takes a short jump shot over first step toward the all-important Rocket fast break. the Knight defense in the first intra-city game for LN. Varsity forwards-Greg Wright, Chuck Sinclair, Bill Biggs, Maury Damkroger. MQ' 3 wtf M3233 M Q9 wzrvf Varsity Guards-Don Cook, Tom Novak, Bob Nutt, Jim Stcrita. Determined Rocket Chuck Sinclair, turns a possible Spar- tan rebound into an LN bucket with his talented tip-Ain. Ignoring a Bolt defender, Rocket guard Dan Cook connects for added points in a crucial contest between city foes. Four talented LN stars honored for court tactics Once again the success experienced by the l969 Lincoln Northeast varsity basketball team was due to the all out efforts and contributions of all involved. But post season honors came to only four of the Rocket stars. Returning letter- men, Tom Novak and Maury Damkroger, were rewarded with first team positions on the All- City team. The two talented juniors will return to bolster next year's skillful squad. Joining Novak as an outside threat for the Rockets was Dan Cook. The scrappy floor general was selected to the second All-City team. Leaping center, Harold Hill, was tabbed with All-City honorable mention in his second season of varsity competi- tion under Coach Ed Johnson. Despite falling to Omaha Central in the semi- finals of the State Tournament, the mighty Rock- ets landed one man on the All-Class A tourna- ment team. Inside scoring threat and strong re- bounder, Maury Damkroger, earned a spot on the elite squad for the second consecutive year at the tournament. When All-State honors were announced, LN's Novak received top five recog- nition. Both Cook and Damkroger were awarded honorable mention. Thus a fine Northeast basketball season was complete. A familiar sight, Maury's patented jumper nets "two" Varsity Centers-Tom Maupin, Gary Foster, John Strain, Harold Hill 100 Reserve Team: Row 1-K. Sears, J. Barnett, J. Biggs, J. Smith, L. White, M. Wilber, J. Sinner, W. Rosenthal. Row 2-M. Reid, R. Tenopir, K. Webb, L. Shields, B. Stutzman, B. Olsen, D. Hill, Coach LeRoy Seng. Rocket reserves finish 8-7, inconsistency hurts Overly aggressive play on the part of Junior Mike Wilber is all that's needed to prevent a possible Benson basket. sf V 1: , """'-1 Competent head coach LeRoy Seng found the going rough at times but brought his inexperi- enced reserves to another winning season, his ninth in a row. The constant hustle and "never say die" attitude were big factors in their success, but the lack of consistent play sometimes hurt, which decided the outcome ofseveral games. Junior Mike Wilber led the balanced North- east attack by averaging l3.2 points per game, followed by Barry Stutzman and Roger Tenopir. The Rocket cagers tallied 853 points for the sea- son, outscoring their opponents by 86 points. Reserve Team Record LN 57 Kearney 38 LN 56 Lincoln Southeast 52 LN 51 Lincoln High 63 LN 53 Hastings 57 LN 53 Omaha Benson 57 LN 65 Lincoln High 33 LN 59 Norfolk 40 LN 64 Pius X 50 LN 45 Lincoln Southeast 48 LN 54 Lincoln East 68 LN 56 Grand Island 54 LN 47 Beatrice 54 LN 73 Fremont 48 LN 43 Lincoln East 50 LN 77 Bellevue 55 l i Sophomore Team: Row l-M. Hotovy, R. Greeno, J. Bills, R. Genthe, M. Stevens, C. Karthauser, D. Worley, J. Hertzel. Row 2-H. McGrew, M. Mahoney, C. Rau, K. Maresh, L. Keane, L. Swenson, R. Leach, J, Wright, Coach Wiliemsen, Sophomores surge to 9-2 mark, place first in city Hank Willemsen, successful sophomore bas- ketball mentor, once again proved his Sophs were hard to beat as he chalked up a second straight city championship. The young Rocket cagers, fall- ing only to Pius X in inter-city competition, dis- played consistent improvement throughout the season. They recorded seven straight victories be- fore succumbing to Beatrice late in the season. The Sophs were led by Leo Keane's i2 point average and the daring outside shooting of guards Mike Mahoney and Rick Genthe. The Rockets posted a 5l points per game average while holding their opponents to just 40 points per game. Sophomore Team Record LN 48 Lincoln High LN 62 Lincoln East LN 40 Lincoln Southeast LN 56 Lincoln East LN 56 Lincoln Pius X LN 57 Lincoln l-ligh LN 52 Lincoln Southeast LN 42 Beatrice LN 55 Lincoln High LN 39 Lincoln Pius X LN 53 Lincoln East Rick Genthe and Charlie Rau team up to secure a Northeast rebound as Cliff Karthauser stands ready to lend support. l i l lOl E Gymnastics Team: Row l-R. Roberts, R. Severn, M. Schuman, N. West, G. Horner, D. Strough, R. Alber, M. Crear, D. Knight. Row 2-Coach Bob Heffelfinger, B. Portsche, S. Marshall, R. Severn, M. Karle, R. Draper, K. lnness, B. Brown, M. Hamilton, M. Lowe, M. Lawe,C0qCh Dewey Strough. Row 3-T. Kohler, H. Chamberlain, K. Young, B. Prochaska, L. Willemsen, M. Ross, D. Krohn, J. Skinner, K. Nielsen, D. Sloey, K. Lee. Rocket gymnasts climbed to third in state in '69 The Lincoln Northeast gymnastics team found the '68-'69 season much to its liking as it finished the dual season with a highly respectable nine and three mark. In only his second year of coaching gymnastics at Northeast, Coach Bob Heffelfinger, with top notch assistance from Dewey Strough, built a well-balanced squad around his eight returning lettermen that stood up particularly well in the tough competition found throughout the state. The toughest opposi- tion, however, came from within the city itself as the Rockets fell to both Lincoln Southeast and Lincoln High in dual meets. Lincoln Northeast also finished behind the Knights and the Links in the Lincoln High Invitational, the Trans-Nebraska, LN's determined gymnast, Russ Severn, works hard and long for his smooth, well-organized routine on the still rings. and the District meets before going on to the State Meet at Lincoln High. The Rockets qualified ten men at the Dis- tricts to go on to the State Meet. Seven of the ten made it into the finals. "Heff" and his men's hard work paid off as Lincoln Northeast finished third in the wide field of Class A teams, with Lincoln Southeast and Lincoln High once again one and two. On the trampoline, Sophomores Larry West and Dean Strough finished 3rd and lOth respectively. Mike Ross tied for seventh on the side horse and Kevin Lee brought the Rockets 5th place on the high bar, Top finisher for LN, Russ Severn, got second place on the parallel bars with another junior, Ken lnness, getting a tie for 6th in the event, Sophomore Mike Schuman rounded out Northeast's scoring with a tie for 7th place in the turnbling. Russ Severn's efforts earned him a spot on the all-city gym- nastics team on his primary event, the p-bars. Gymnastics Team Record LN 79 Omaha Bryan 33 LN 65 East High 47 LN 65 North Platte 47 LN 66M Hastings 45M LN 4l Lincoln Southeast 7l LN 74 Grand Island 38 LN 54 l!6 Columbus 57 5!6 LN 59 Beatrice 53 LN 49M Lincoln High 62W LN 85 Omaha Bryan 27 LN 62M Bellevue 49W Gymnastic letterman Bob Brown executes a perfect bar vault while performing his routine on the high bar during a meet. Precision and strength are demonstrated by Sr. Randy Draper on the parallel bar as he' chalks up another first for LN. Hard work and determination on the part of LN's Mike Hamil- ton provided the strength and confidence needed to perform. 'AR' affgs' . Michael Karle executes perfection on the still rings, enabling Lincoln Northeast to record another victory. Performances such as this by Kevin Lee on the high bar provided valuable points in posting numerous victories. , . gi nn... Swimming Team: Row l-J. Blumer, B. Kraft, S. Smith, B. Schuman, R. Greer, B. Hall, R. Kempkes. Row 2-A. McConnell, A. Darr, T. Adams, R Keane, P. Collister, A. Jackson, R. Johnson, Mgr. Row 3- Coach Ken Wall, S. Umphreys, D. Jansing, L. Swartz, D. Riggins, G. Muehlhausen, R. Leach, S. Knight. Not Pictured: Darrell Jones. LN's aquamen registered 5-5 dual meet credentials LN's tankers stroked to a 5-5 dual meet slate in the '68-'69 season. lt was Coach Ken Wall's seventeenth swimming team at Northeast and extended his lifetime record to 84-84-2. At the Trans-Nebraska and City Meets held at East High, Northeast finished fourth. Top finishers for the Rockets included Darrell Jones, Sam Knight, Randy Leach, Doug Jansing, and John Blumer. Northeast went to the State Meet held at Omaha Burke and finished eleventh in the field of 26 Class A teams. Jones finished a respectable second in the diving competition marking only the second time in two years he has been beaten. Others scoring for LN were Leach, Knight, Swartz, Tom Adams, Rod Kempkes, Blumer, and Al Darr. Senior Letterman, Steve Umphreys, joined Knight, Jones, Swartz, and Jansing, as co-captains. LN's flashy Sam Knight demonstrates the form he used in setting the school record for the 100 yard butterfly. ' L. , sg., eg.. 2. , f 'i ,, 23' l ln l969, two swimming records were broken. Sam Knight bettered his previous record time in the l6O-yard individual medley and together with Leach, Adams, and Swartz broke the l6O-yard Medley Relay mark in a convincing manner. Swimming Team Record LN 59 Columbus 36 LN 52 Omaha Bryan 43 LN 56 Columbus 39 LN 33 Lincoln High 63 LN l9 Hastings 66 LN 27 East High 63 LN 53 Grand lsland 42 LN 33 Lincoln Southeast 62 LN 33 Fremont 62 LN 59 Omaha Bryan 36 Doug Jansing, Lloyd Swartz, Steve Umphreys, and Sam Knight, all hardworking Iettermen, strive for smooth, quick starts. ,..,.-,..,,..,,M Cross Country Team: Row l - M. Hildebrand, B. Whitefoot, L. Bird, K. Buck, F. BlackElk, Greeno, D. Emery, R. Gochnour, R. Thompson, B. Up- ton. Row 2-Coach Max Hester, R. Adams, A. McConnell, S. Standley, J. Barker, B. Olson, R. Hill, M. Hutchins, W. Schmidt, C. Karthauser, Art Sexton. Rugged Rocketmen dominated cross country jaunts Lincoln Northeast's i968 cross country team not only had an extremely fine season but left good reason for optimism in looking forward to the future. Coach Max l-lester's two milers once again showed the effects of fine coaching and hard work in upholding a fine LN tradition. The Rocket harriers turned up two firsts and two seconds in early competition before suc- cumbing to Southeast in a dual meet by only two points. They went on to take fourth in the Trans Nebraska and also rout Lincoln High, before tak- ing third at the District. At the state meet held at Pioneers Park, Lincoln Northeast finished sixth in a field of twelve. Top finishers for Northeast were Rick Gochnour, Ron Greeno, and Francis Black Elk. All three performed well in the City and in Trans-Nebraska meets. ' Lettermen Rick Gochnour, Doug Emery, and Francis BIackEIk Varsity Team Record 2nd l2 schools Kearney Invitational lst 3 schools LN-Pius X-East High lst 3 schools Lincoln High Invitational 2nd 8 schools Nebraska Wesleyan Invitational 2nd 2 schools LN-LSE 4th 7 schools Trans Nebraska Conference 3rd 4 schools City Meet lst 2 schools LN-LHS 3rd 8 schools District Meet 6th l2 schools State Meet Q ' ' I I Top Sophomore Prospects: Bernie Olsen, Cliff Karthauser, Ro evaluate their times during conference with Coach Hester. Greeno, gnd Ricki Thompson, V1 47 44 245, me -W - Rocket matmen fought hard for a 5-4 slate in '69 ,sf- LN's aggressive Larry Wilcox combines strength and strategy as he manages a takedown in a crucial match. Two year Letterman, Craig Tische, dominates his Spartan opponent en route to an impressive win in 120 Ib. class. The Lincoln Northeast grapplers anticipated a fine season when they began their mat campaign in l968. Under the talented leadership of Coach John Mclntyre, the Rockets responded with a winning 5-4 slate. In his fifth year at Northeast, Coach Mclntyre once again built a highly re- spectable team around his six returning lettermen. A well-balanced team of sophomores, juniors, and seniors joined their efforts for a sound dual meet season record. Seniors Mike Lowe and Craig Tische' captained the matmen. The Rockets traveled to Omaha for the Omaha North Invitational and finished tenth in a field of nineteen class A teams. Lincoln Northeast slipped to fifth in the Trans-Nebraska at North Platte. Rod Orduna added a first and Craig Tische and Larry Wilcox added second place points for the Rockets. Or- duna was rated number one in the state by the Omaha World Herald for most of the year. Tische and Wilcox also finished second in the District and joined Sophomore Art Longoria and Don Leishman in going to the State Meet. P,,,.,.-- Wrestling Team Record LN 34 Hastings l4 LN l2 Lincoln Southeast 28 LN l7 Fremont 2l LN 28 Beatrice l4 LN 29 Pius X 20 LN l6 Lincoln High 32 LN 34 Omaha Bryan l3 LN 29 Grand Island l9 LN 20 East High 26 Wrestling Team: Rowl - G. Garl, D. Stand ey, J. Ryan, M. Lowe, R. Orduna, A. Longoria, R. Menefee, M. Hutchins, L. Wilcox. Row 2-Coach John Mc- Intyre, J. Corning, M. Kuck, D. Merrill, R. Landis, J. Ball, D. Leishman, R. Anderson, T. Schmidt, J. Bell, B. Ross, As- sistant Coach Kent Renegar. Row 3-G. Papke, D. Bickford, R. Hall, A. Esasser, C. Reinke, J. Byler, J. Kirkland, J. Laher, M. Hildebrand, D. Kehr, C. Lehr, D. Ray. Not Pictured: Buddy Rolofson and Craig Tische. Tennis team initiated a new coach, fall scheduling For the first time, tennis became a fall ac- tivity in the Northeast athletic program. The change which gives team members a chance to practice throughout the summer, was decided upon by the Nebraska State Athletic Association at their '68 spring meeting. Science instructor Keith Watt became the new coach, and under his leadership and with the assistance of five lettermen, the team posted one of the best tennis records in recent years. In an early-season city tourney, Northeast placed 2nd. Later in the season Dave Dahl and Chuck Year- ley brought home the gold medal in the doubles competition at the Trans-Nebraska conference meet. Three Rockets qualified for the State meet.. Senior Letterman Chuck Yearley slams one of many serves that continued to cause trouble for LN foes. Two year Letterman Dave Dahl smoothly executes the backhand stroke as he captures an LN singles match. Varsity Team Record LN 7 Grand Island ................. ..... O LN 2 Southeast ...... ..... 5 LN 3 Pius X ....,..... ..... 2 LN 3 Fremont ....... ..... 4 LN 6 East High ........... ..... l LN 4 Lincoln High ..... ..... l LN 3 Pius X .,....... ..... 2 LN 4 York ......... ..... l LN 0 Southeast 7 LN 4 East High .................. ..... 3 LN 3 Lincoln High ................. ..... 2 LN 3rd Fremont Invitational LN 2nd City Tournament LN 2nd Trans-Nebraska Conference Row I-C. Yearley, T. French, C. Woerner, D. Hageman, J. Renaud. Row 2-D. Dahl, S. Schafer, J. Fischer, J. Renaud, D. Lux, Coach Keith Watt. s s c 2 1 107 Wm, I 5 l Intramurals at Northeast ,r a r aa a an Jim Starita uncorks the bomb under pressure from the hard-rushing Iinemen as "Ref" Seng watches intently. il. All eyes are on the ball as Randy Klimm the basket in an attempt to score points Crisp blocking and sure-handed flag-pulling spark under- High-flying Mike Wilber launches another long rated, but nevertheless, hard-charging interior Iinemen. pressure from Seniors Bob Brown, Randy Draper, 5 f carefully eyes for his team. bomb despite and Ed Olson. l Q , if . , 108 Rf in In I k, V., ','f fi? gave many LN athletes the opportunity to compete Intramurals at Lincoln Northeast were once again made a success as many sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors alike participated in the after school activities available. Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Berka and Mr. Maly, the intra- mural program gained in popularity once more. Both Mr. Berka and Mr. Maly put many hours into the organizing, scheduling, and officiating of the various sports. High caliber assistance was also given by Mr. Els and Mr. McMeen as the four men worked extremely hard, Some boys used the intramural program to stay in shape while others used it to get into shape for their respective upcoming sports. But whatever the reason, the type of spirit and com- petition shown in LN intramurals was character- istic of the all out effort Northeast puts Out. ln intramural flag football, the team cap- tained by Mike Wilber took first place in a close finish. They went on to represent Northeast in the inter-city flag football tournament held at Lincoln High where they fell to the Links 33-12. Barry Stutzman scored twice for the Rockets. Jarring .blocks enable Jim Srarira to pop rhrough the line and scamper for big yardage in rugged after school gridiron clash. The "Duke and his Court", Northeast's intra- mural basketball champions went on to the finals in the inter-city tournament only to lose by one point to Lincoln High. The Sophomores won their division, however, by going on to the finals and beating the East High Spartans' sophomores, Sophomore City Intramural Champions: Doug Neberman, John Ohare, Rod Glaser, Dean Stilwell, Joe Jensen, Terry Danek, and Rick Couch. City Intramural Runnerups: Row l-Reed Stephenson, Don Kurt- zer, Mike Wilcox. Row 2-Dick Codes, Darrell Gillespie, Rich Hubka, Charlie Mayfield, and Rick Sittner. 109 110 pf . 5, Q 1 i Q , LJ' sw H Missiles, spacecraft, satellites are tested and launched from a base- a base which is technilogically com- plex, scientifically sound. Such a base is manned by artisans who are both highly trained and vocotionally skilled. All personnel connected with the base study, examine, experiment, re- ject, accept before the final launching. Each dedicated workman, whether a member of a ground crew, a drafts- man laboring over the drawing board, or an astronaut preparing for flight, follows trails blazed by other space pioneers. It is the efforts of these dedi- cated workmen which leads to the suc- cessful take off, and each successful take off leaves behind a vivid, excit- ing, breothtaking contrail. 111 112 As the school year progressed Sophomores learned Sophomore class officers, Mark Westphalen, Laurie Novak, Bev Dean, and Patti Broadston, admire the efforts that the class of '71 put into Spirit Week at L.N. this year. S rl f ' it ', lws.fetf?3 .- i s Za- .5 'Eli 5" L ff..."egwgn,. . '-sg ,,,f -5 3 W . . ., . im? 5: If ,i g img' ' . A V gs ., A . ft: . Rf M- . if A fifty-,f-fig ri, so 'Yeti For the class of '7l this was a year of new beginnings. As sophomores, most were entering Northeast High School for the first time. Blank stares at the many corridors and seemingly end- less rooms, typified the newcomers. lt took a lot of nerve to ask a senior which way to go to find a class. But getting lost in the whirlwind of the first weeks is nothing new, and most upper classmen realized the plight of first year stu- dents, remembering how bewildered, and how mixed up they felt after their first few trips up and down the stairways. As if three floors were not enough to get lost on, some sophs were completely confused by the number 1109! lf they were lucky, some nice junior or senior might even sell them an elevator ticket, just to make sure they were completely orientated to Lincoln Northeast. But, as istrue every year, the pandemonium in the halls soon settled down town mild roar, as the classes, students, and new system- became a familiar routine, and the excitement ofbeing in a new situation was replaced with the expec- tation of new organizations and clubs. J Adams, Elisa Aguilar, Christina Ahlstedt, James Ahrens, Judy Albers, Wesley Alex, Rebecca Allen, Kathryn Allen, Wesley Anderson, Gordon , Andreas, Pamela Arnett, Mary Arnold, Linda Arnold, Shirley ' ,WN-L, Bach, Timothy Bailey, Connie Ball, Peggy Ball, Thomas Barnett, Jerry Barnhill, Janet Barthuly, Georgia Bartlett, Linda Bartlett, Terri Bates, Sheila Bauers, Dennis I Beaman, Keith Behrens, Peggy Beisner, Don X if 11 'sz Anderson, Ronald. 3 if s what being a Northeast Rocket fan was all about Sophomores were represented in the many LN organizations this year. Making foreign foods for the lnternational Club and selling Kings' tickets for the AFS was just a beginning. They took part in the Girls' Athletic Association as well as Red Cross, Art Club and others. lt didn't take long for most incoming students to become necessary and active members of their chosen extra-curricular activities. Student Council took on many new aspects this year as the sophomore representatives brought in their ideas and experiences. Student government was also influenced by the officers elected by the sophomore' class. The instrumental and vocal music depart- ments held new appearances for most first year students. Those selecting banxd spent many hours on the field learning marching formations. Sing- ers were given the opportunity to tryout for small groups and special clinics. Junior highs may have had royalty but noth- ing was more thrilling than being a May Day Second semester Sophomore Class officers, Judy Schmidt, John Bills, Jackie Jonas, and Jerry Barnett, glance through the student directories that were distributed this year. attendant during Even the students citement of the friends walk down Bell, Jeffery Berger, Kim Berry, Patricia the first year in high school. just looking on caught the ex- event as they watched their the aisle with the other royalty. Bescheinen, Deborah i Mr ,gm Biggerstaff, Dennis 1 . . 'ii ' gggfgtk BIQQS, James ' -'-:WI Bilbo, Bradley l '-" ' Bills, John ,M , ' Bloch, Daniel f' gi A Blumer, John i, i S h i ' ,ji Baettcher, David 1,7 5 A mt - g tatg p -1 1 1 fia ifliftwi g s - Bomberger, Michael ' , giif " I Bonneoul Joanne ...L g Bosteder, Cheryl 's 'EW , l J x Brammer, Karen H l Brethouwer, Dennis , ' Brinkman, Patricia A w "-- , Broadston, Patricia KJ ,G-H ,W i , I, H Brotzman, Cynthia g 'A' it 19 J Brown, CGW' C Brown, Cheryl .753-. , S Brown, Pamela g ' Brown, Shannon 5 A, -f Bruner, William m,,,,,,.-s . t ,,,, ,, Brunke, Marsha g it or ' , ga-fi H V Buell, Andrea T ,rl Burnett, Leaford 'Y at Burnham, Pamela 'ttiigpf V Q i KU ' r K Q Q A 113 114 Q.- , 5 V , . 0 A- me Qs, ff, '- fe ,fs - lie, AL ,ro W -ft, V Q, 5 5.1 3 y sw X Q, v l lis- ,11 -. A 'xy , ,M ,, Y-...Q NL hifi!!-igwti' -9 A S f eu l521,Ql?w--f'ff f ff uw..-r As if the "rules" in the Iunchroom oren't enough to bewilder a sopho- more, this boy must now find his books among the hundreds that accumu- late each lunch hour on the book shelves provided near the cafeteria. Bussear, Susan Butler, Harold Butt, Debra Butterfield, Steven Byler, Michael Cadwallader, Judith Cahill, Patricia Campbell, Pamela Cardwell, Thomas Carlson, Jeannette Carlson, Patricia Carsfens, Debra Casady, Thomas Chappell, Patricia Chase, John Chenev, Craig Chisholm, Diana Clinefelter, Barbara Clough, Gary Coatman, Pamela Coats, Kathleen Cole, DeLayne Cole, Susan Collins, Susan Connick, Steven Connlck, Susan Conover, Shannon Coolen, Rita Corder, Dick Catner, Michael Couch, Richard Cover, Steven Cox, Randy Crear, Janet Crook, Barbara Cruickshank, James Crumb, William Cruthers, Michale Cuba, Linda Daharsh, Jon Dake, Larry Dana, Jeanette fDanek, Terry- Davidson, Jeanne Dean, Beverly Dean, Randall DeFreece, Dianne Detmer, Torn Diaz, Fernando Diaz, George Diehl, Jack Dietz, Susan WDinsm,9re, nMarvinQ i' oiiiepqigeff, Richaijcy Dool ing, iChBa?'les Dorenbach, Jaan Doughty, Thomas Dow, Douglas Drabant, Rebecca Drewel, Mfvrilvn Dring, Steven Dudek, Adolph Dugdale, Cindy Ehrlich, Albert Eisel, Deborah Eley, Marcia Elliott, James Elsasser, Arlie.. Emery, Joyce Emry, Randy Endorf, Janet Estle, Marvin Evans, Sheila Everson, Douglas Faimon, Kathleen Fauth, Steve Fazel, Jil Feldman, Richard Ferguson, Dianne Fielder, Steven Fischer, Rebecca Fisher, Jeffery Flemmig, Bradley Folsom, Nancy Foreman, Carole Fossler, Orvia Fox, Margaret Francis, David Frank, Terry Garrison, Yvonne Genthe, Rickey i' a hh if 0 ,r R N " er WE f r ,, , me a , Eg Q , wi ik l u g K Y 'gy 3 iw 5 ., W i 2 if 7 e e 5 3 i , , K i ggal is 'if Q S Q., ..- i I 2 Z 5 , if 4 'f L i 'fi' we A ,W ,X so C.. i V, , ,M . xg i 2 ., -5 , -,Q ii.. .- iree , ', H K K ykk V V7 I 7' AwN ..,,t V y -aw, Wifi QQ'f , e we ' ' f. ,,.V. ,H , VE :I .Z - i f F' 52 - Mfizi-i,-ir 'mi .,z:1i,f ,-11 ,wir , - f .fr ' ' if .rw-ff.. H :r ,C ce., , ii i 'fm ei-we any i J i eggifflglzt w x f. We eq, ,gi ,M V 3952 -5 115 116 Q 8 1 X24'N4 3 ...,,. . xfv E. -a xr' ... ',1 , ' Q i ' , mg .Q . f e Yi SX 3 is ' ? fa, ali' S se L Q . W. G, Q ' i , i,, X Jw wwmysavm m fg if . 1 W - ' i ,Q SKQ M if ' i if? X wi, QQ" I I .: , M. Z s 5 , 5V 'aid G ii , , 22, 33 in L 1.1 Q fi I ,V . e A 1 i W 5 l if ' 1 it .- ,RQ Gerlach, Gary Giebelhaus, Nancy Gillispie, Lynn Glaser, Rodney Gordon, Mark Gordon, Sharron Gofhier, Michael Graesser, Louise Graf, Paul Graybill, Jolean Green, James Greeno, Ronald Greer, Richard Greever, Brent Grice, Linda Gunn, Toni Haas, Bill Haas, Norman Haas, Sheryl Hackman, Hollis Hadley, Michael Hageman, Karen Hahn, Deborah Hall, Blair Hall, Catharine Hamilton, Richard Hanna, Becky Sophomores soon became Sophomores added much support to the throng of Rocket fans and helped scream loyal Rocket boosters all of the Northeast teams on to the many exciting and important victories. Hansen, Janice Hanson, Brenda Hanson, Donald Harrington, Martha Harris, Jeffery Harris, Steven Harrison, John Hayner, Peggy Haynes, James Hegener, Cheryl Helmkamp, Donald Hennessey, LaVonne Henriksen, Linda Hensler, Sharol Hereth, Susan Hermann, Marilyn Herpolsheimer, Nancy Hertzel, James Heying, David Hiatt, Darla Hibbert, Lhonda Hicks, Janet Hildebrand, Michael Hile, David H ill, Glen Hill, Tyson Hippie, Kenneth it X K 'W' s, mx i L lb ,S ,rsa X X 22552581 . 3: gi: ,ki-in Q rag J H ef SF' ' .vzififfg sg ' k in les ig r , .J H We L ,M V sax' fi , 1 iifM"n i 'f ' I M X I 9' " tiff. 'ivgl ly K li sg, is sz 117 118 'tw Q i i , . ,gm , V, . s 9 Q, J Wrwef' w'-nav, f-i'? i ay. is. 2 5 N. 63 1 fs 1 l i Hofker, Gary Hohensee, Linda Horner, David Horner, George Hotovy, Mike Hough, Rebecca Humer, Katherine Hunt, Linda Husske, Denise Hutchinson, Stephen Ingwerson, Ruth lrick, Cynthia Irons, J irons, J erry udy Jackson, John Jacobsen, Annette Jakub, James, James, James, Jando, Jensen, Jensen, Denise JoAnn Joyce Linda Marilyn Alette Joseph Jimenez, Francine Johnsen, Gary Johnsen Johnson Johnson , Larry , Cheryl , Dionne Johnson, Duane One new thrill of being a sophomore is buying that first yearbook and wondering what it will be like. BU Y YOUR Xfllikllllflilli .iiwevwf We H li RE Johnson, Eric Johnson, Judy Johnson, Julionn Johnson, Lawrence Johnson, Linda Johnson, Todd Jonas, Jacqueline Jones, James Jones, Steven Jumper, Harriette Kahl, Laurie Kohler, Deborah Kohler, Terry Karle, Ted Karr, Steven Karfhouser, Clifford Kaye, Nancy Keane, Leo Kehm, David Kehr, Donald Keiser, Randolph Keller, Judy Kelley, Connie Kelly, Kathleen Kelly, Terry Kempkes, Rodney ' Kempkes, Sharon Kennedy, Joel Killeen, Patrick gym is 1 E 1: f" . J K ,, fl H 5 rd 2 i 3 In M W 'K iz' ii -' li Y 4 1 Q f P 'fm ' of-'ii' 'f 1:. ...W ""f1Z : . .,,, l ll ! ,J l. , .... ,J -abr 'J' 1 WK- 2-an F . . .L , , X eg . -.N ,K ' , K L 4 . ' .W an M PS., W' sf . Qu . '51, ' : J,, " "- A le is flaw fy, , 65 S S 4 X V ,.l,, J Q, A , , ,W , A illzg J 2 4 li ke f c ,J ll? -eifwffll I Nous aimons parler le Francais. Repetez: Nous allons faire une promenade demain. Guten tag wie gehts. Como esta usted? 119 120 Sophomores enjoyed many of the traditions set by the ii Q rw in I N '. m s: e, ,, Q3 we fri' 1. 1 ' l f ,ing f in E 9' L -"t V G , L C '21 5' W . J Q-.P , , - ., ,E .,,,'?Sv- ' y i f 1 if .. , f laj 53 5,11 131 ' if ' " 1 I im LL'b if S 515 as X 5 W vv.. ..:, . B upperclassmeng holding hands seemed to rank as a popular favorite am , . ., .M - Yawliif 1 ft a x. ' we 31 if 'fiii iv 'ik wa an Yr N K :Er , si K 'Y 4. 1 King, Gary King, Greg Kirby, James Kirk, Cathy Klein, Laura Knaub, Susan Knight, Duane Korlum, Michael Kraft, Robert Kreifels, 5.even Kroeger, Connie Krohn, Deborah Kubicek, David Lageson, Jacqueline Laher, John Lahm, Nancy Lahr, Rebecca Larsen, Thomas Larson, Nancy Laws, Linda Leach, Randy Leacock, John Leavitt, David Lee, Cindy Lee, Richard Lehl, Bobbefie Lehman, Kirby Lehr, Clark Lehr, David Leibel, Gary Leishman, Mary Levorson, Diana Lewis, Linda Lickei, Tim Lisle, Donna i'Sophs" enjoyed their role as LN Rocket boosters Lifflethunder, Yvonne Logan, John Longoria, Arthur Loos, Dennis Q, ,,, 'SX' TY 3 ri - ,,,,Y, , iv V, Loos, Rebecca Loos, Rochelle Lopour, Patricia Love, Catherine Ludden, Keith Lutes, Lamila Lyons, Harold McBride, Steven McCormick, Carole McGrew, Harold McKnight, Michael McLaughlin, Michelle M. : ., Q l e, 5 E22 Yfezfii Machers, llona Madsen, Joy Magorian, Joyce Magruder, Linda Mahlman, Terry Mahoney, Michael Makovicka, Florian Manley, Nancy Mann, Jeannie Manning, Cheryl Maresh, Kenneth Mason, Pamela riff . if -S 4' -cfs? .5 ' X , vb-9 TZ 1 ef L eng, f fr ,g 3 J fi is J A lloe xi W 1 Ir M There were varied reactions among students when it come time to pose for the yearbook photographer. This sophomore boy demon- strotes that it was not quite os poinful as o few liked to believe. J 1 7, C. , A 'N- x 121 gi an Q: 'sms K if i y i flex ' -is-. W , kd' Qi if , c ,, , q,i 1 5 ,,.. EA ., .M ,,..,- 1. , , . - ,fi ' ff ik V L 4 Ji K . is H :uw X Ji X Q ., L., , ef " K.. ,wwf 4 . 5 . ,.. ' Y, rf' ., 'mi ' I i i, . s,c We U .. V- 55,4 I Xfffif' K if ig '17 V -,. sa' s ' in S 5 1 V. gg, di +--4 se' i iw hf hi. gif 'gi x Erik 2 S , . ff, ml. W5 K 1 ii i 2 ni s B2 ,gy iifgi 3 li iff' e I , , 3. ' 1 - gm Sw K it Q ,wmv fm - , mg! , ,,. ,... Qi ee? 2 ,,. 2 in K , f 4 , .E Wsuik " - . Matthews, Gayle Matthews, Jeanne Mays, Robert Meduna, Tom Mehuron, Mary Meier, Larry Merrill, Janice Mertz, Rodney Meyer, Leon Meyer, Sharolyn Michaud, James Mohr, Floyd Monie, James Moore, Randall Morford, Robert Muehlhausen, Terry Munson, Jacqueline Munson, Yvonne Munyon, Barry Murphey, James Murphy, Kevin Myers, Joyce Myhre, Maureen Neberman, Douglas Neisius, Deborah Nellis, Janice Nelson, Phyllis Neukirch, Gregory Neutzman, Luanne Novak, Laurie Nunn, Roger O'Hare, John Oliver, Gloria Olsen, Barbara Olsen, Bernard Owen, Pamela Packett, Susan Parker, Deborah Patzel, Sherri Peter, Linda Peterson, Dennis Pierce, Pamela Planer, Theresa Podraza, Jacqueline Poor, Doris Price, Luella Quincy, Gloria Raddatz, Marae Rau, Charles Ray, Dennis Reeves, Marjorie Reid, Michael Reinke, Calvin Renaud, Jerry Rhoades, Michael Richards, Linda Richardson, Cheryl Richardson, Paula Rieke, Rick Robertson, Carol Robinson, Lana Robinson, Lonnie Rogers, Robert Although drafting wasn't a completely new subject to many sophomores. it ,was con- sidered a challenging invitation to those who included it on their dallY class schedUleS- Ross, Bruce Ross, Connie Rotschofer, Johnie Rush, Gary Sabalka, Janet Sanders, Dawn Schaffer, Terri Schamp, Kristie Scharf, Patricia Schilke, Daniel Schlegelmilch, Linda Schleicher, Michael Schmidt, Judith Schneider, Ricky Schnieber, Robert Schoonover, Delores Schramm, Scott Schuman, Bradley Sears, Ken' Sehnert, SuAnne Severn, Randall Service, Pete Seyersdahl, Gary Shepard, Linda Sherard, Cindy Shields, Mark Shipps, Rebela Sinner, James Sipp, Cheryl Siske, Linda Skiles, Christine Slocum, Linda Slocum, Shirley Smith, Cheryl Smith, Duane Smith, James Smith, Paula Smith, Robert Smith, Steven Smith, Theodore Snell, Mary Sobotta, Judy , waxy it in-fr' ' QEIS'-f M , ,, . J 1 92 'R . , ig, fi 1 ,i . S A kwa- is-S ,il ., . . V ft M Q 7' X M Q? T ' " i 'fn f. i Riga-ii' 7 ' if W.: A 5 ' :ig ' 5, 5931, fi -I Wg ly, , X , l 5 , 4 3 'tm f wg it 3 5, hw, ,,,is 3 F' 23" is is ,si W' X ,- li :iz sr.. 'fx 'K S Q -K S 123 124 AY-' Sollenberger, James , 4. Somerhiser, Beverly S' f Vg V V Spencer, Dean f' is ' ' i r Srb, Gregorv I Standley, David Stansbury, Deborah Staples, Douglas , 5 -,.rr r- Starr, Joseph 5 F Stevens, Michael Stewart, Linda N... :1.' -vw' Steyer, Michael V Stilwell, Dean if 6 D '2' A sniweii, Debbie Strough, Dean -..., f is fix? X , 5 Thompson ' Thompson H Thompson ga Swanda, Laurie N, Swanson, Thomas . ": Z ' ' Swenson, Ronnie ms? Syme, Joanne 1 Tabor, Thomas M .,"., Q ' Taylor, David Tenapir, Beverly Danny Daryl Ellen Randi Ricki Thompson .. s Thompson, Thoms, Joel Tipton, Dennis With the coming of the sophomore class came also computerized grade cards distributed in the gymnasium at the close of each quarter, replacing the familiar old six weeks Report to Parents. we ln school or out Titus, Dale Tomasek, Cheryl Townsend, Susan True, Amy Tuma, Donald Tyler, David Upton, Robert Vance, Karen VandenBosch, Mary Verbeck, Terri Voelker, Paula Wach, Pam Wagner, Robert Wagner, Tonic Waite, Debra Walek, Charles Walker, Teresa Waller, Herbert Walter, Jacqueline Wcples, Vicki Ward, Timothy Watts, Glenn Weihing, Adell Wendt, Connie Wentink, Russell Wenzl, Michael West, Larry Westphalen, Mark Wheeler, Cynthia White, Christie White, Larry Whitefoot, Bruce Whiting, Rick Wiest, Marilyn Wilhelm, Sharon Will, Richard Williams, David ,yn-is is , . ' 5,51 W, an K ,, of ol school the soph year was lun B 2 rl' fe l l i gf lwgl tk ef SZ ,: -: s ll ll ' Ii ai , I ws 1 rg, 1. , K l si? ,, if I it gig fi I x or . C ' It snowed and snowed-so sophomores waded through drifts, slid on the ice, and helped push stalled cars out of the parking lot. 125 126 Q Williams, Steve Wills, Ivan Wilson, David Winkler, Douglas Woellhof, Mary Wolfe, Judilh Wolfe, Wilson Woodruff, James Woodrum, David Worley, Daniel Wright, Jeff York, Leslie York, Scott Young, Beverly Zachek, Edward Zier, Gloriann Zimmer, Steve Zlab, Marilyn "Us soph's got spirit!" This was one of the many signs made and displayed by sophomores for Spirit Week at Northeast gov Sophomores conclude their first year as Rockets As the school year came to a close, minds tended to wander both backward and forward. Teachers had little hope of holding students to the present for a very long period of time. Although it may not seem possible that sophomores would have as much to, remember as seniors, sophomores wouldn't agree. For them it was a year of "firsts," a year of new beginnings to be carried into the future. lt took only a few weeks for sophomores to show the school thot they were now a part of the Northeast tradition. Their participation in school organizations and activities was widely varied and active. They took leading roles in plays, became officers in some clubs and leading members Sophomore boys swiftly became building blocks of Northeast athletics as they made soph- omore, reserve, and varsity teams, helping achieve many Rocket victories. But along with the excitement and happy memories of past events and activities, there is also the remembrance that this is only the begin- ning - that next year is coming quickly. Girls anxiously await joining Junior Pep Club along with their other activities, while boys save their spirit for N-Club and porticipation in sports, debate, band, and other groups. And so ends the year of "firsts." For sopho- mores it has been just o beginning and now there are two more years to anticipate. Two more years to grow in Northeast spirit, to live up to and continue the traditions which make Lincoln of others. Allen, Susan Baldwin, Charles Barnes, Harold Bickford, Derald Bilbo, Janece Black Elk, Marilyn Bontrager, Sharon Bowen, Sandra Brown, Michael Caughey, Ron Coon, Thomas Coy, Victoria Edmiston, Jay Erickson, Barbara Francis, Timothy .3 .M t , 2 of g : P .... X X Ji it i Frank, Leonard Franson, Kenneth Guaiardo, Marcial Harris, Diane Harrold, Sue Hladik, Yvonne Hollers, Christine Hosek, Douglas Howard, Barbara Husske, Denise lmus, Katherine Jackson, Alan Johnson, Jacque-lyne Johnston, Gilbert Northeast High School. NOT P ICTURED all other Kirkland, Jerome Kometschafer, Marlene Krieger, William Kuck, Mark Linderman, Richard Maul, Jerry Maxson, Linda Nahley, Alan Riedel, Marvin Scheer Wanclerharrl, Deborah Schilke, Stephen Schukar, Steve Schuman, Michael Sinica, Peter Bill Johnston tells new sophomore, Ron Rayer, that homework goes along with exciting aspects of Northeast. Duane Smith, LN sophomore, won an all- expense paid trip to Italy through the Lincoln Journal and Star Newspapers. Sloey, Danny Snowardt, Joan Sorrells, Rickie Standley, Patricia Summers, Eugene Swenson, Larry Thiel, Margaret Thurber, Gregory Ulberg, Larry Voelker, Paula Walker, Brenda Walker, Lindo Way, Brenda Webster, Jack Weese, Donald Witulski, Donald 127 128 Northeast .luniors follow old traditions and bring J Ms M J tm xx- sefp . , fo-f me 3' E. a s fl "1-so .f A Z. . ki I .. XV K 5 1 A -Y .. 1 . - fits , W "Ni "iii razfsyf fi. fh 5 ". .fret i frkr My , s in 1 Q . ,gs .sr , - .3 he Qs, , . -- , .N :sp . . X.,-5, .-?"15 'i if in 'il r i i ttrt I Adams, Richard Adams, Thomas Ahlman, Gregory Albert, Judith Alberts, Larry Anderson, Linda Anderson, 'ha Anson, Donna Argello, Michael Armanvos, Marija Armintrout, James Atwood, Raymond Avey, Steven Baer, Steven Ball, Keith Ballard, Steven Not being a sophomore any more is one of the best ports of being a junior. Not getting lost but being able to watch the sophomores and remember what it was like last year, lends a feel- ing of superiority to second year students. The excitement of choosing from all the clubs that there are to join and meeting old friends seems even nicer than the year before. There are new schedules, and new teachers to meet, but the familiarity is comforting and somehow makes the confusion a thrill. Getting a touch of what the senior vear is like were those juniors who took the PSAT and National Merit tests. ln some cases these scores are used for recommendation for scholarships, but in most instances they are mainly to pre- pare students for SAT and the Achievement tests the following year. Throughout the year students were given a part in school, as well as local governments. Junior class officers planned and carried out activities such as the Junior-Senior party. Stu- dent Council members sent out questionnaires and began planning for changes. One honor of being u Junior girl is the privilege of joining Reserve Pep Club and showing off Rocket spirit and enthusiasm during games. in new ones while preparing for their senior year County Government Day was an exciting time for those students selected to attend. They were given the opportunity of holding an office and learning how local government operates. Junior girls took part as Reserve cheerlead- ers, and were members ofthe Reserve Pep Club, helping to keep the Rocket spirit alive. They were present at all games and shouted louder than ever when the chips were down, to show the players that there was a lot of support behind them. Other girls were given the chance to host the Candlelight Ball, to which all Northeast girls were invited. Another event was the ahnual party, held this spring. Many hours of plahning and decorating went into this evening. Being a member of Choir was a special honor for juniors this year. It meant participation in the spring operetta. Under Mrs. Snook's direc- tion each singer had a specific job to do which, when put together made the total performance a success. Others took part in Girls' Glee, Boys' Glee, chorus, Octet and Triple Trio. A talent for acting was shown by several juniors in the All-School plays. Junior Lonnie Graul, new Northeast Ietterman, proudly displays his hard-earned, well-deserved letter to Northeast Football Coach Boroff. Barnett, Robert Barnhill, Peggy Bartlett, Anne Basler, Catherine Bauers, Aloris Ba uers, Susan Bauman, Debra Beck, William Becker- Kathie 5 ka Dean Benash, Joyce Beran, Stephen Bergfeld, Randy Bergman, Sandra Bergstraesser, Michael Berry, Jacqueline wi 1 31 .t 1 ati em 1 hill! 'mt 129 le? 130 , . 25, fm-3 ' 5' m if rg W -vu f, l ,X s X. . 1 r .- .. up 4 s ,sg i 5 LPM, rw tw' ,Q A 1 SWA X x Q AW lk, few Betlinger, Acie Bettlnger, Mary Bickford, Brenda Biffle, Steve Biggerstaff, Douglas Bigley, Lyle Bird, Larry Birdwell, Steven Black Elk, Francis Bliss, Johnnie Bohmont, Patricia Bonsack, Charles Bosteder, Barbara Botts, Jeffrey myte, Russ c , Richard Brakhage, Gary Brakhage, Linda Branaman, Timothy Brehrn, Patricia Brick, Allen Broman, lvan Brooks, Michael Brown, Linda Brown, Peggy Bruner, Janet Budt, Joyce Buls, Nancy Bunn, Pamela Buntemeyer, Larry Burchardt, Vera Campbell, Jerry ampbell, Timothy arlson, ' arson, Susan Carter, Terry Catlett, Rebecca Cejka, Janet Chappell, Rachel Clapper, Daniel Cline, Gary Collister, Richard Cook, Martin Cook, Sylvia Corning, James Covert, Thomas Junior gymnasts participated in many activities Craig, Stanley Crear, Michael Creel, Diane Cromer, Steven Cronk, Deborah Crosier, Suzanne Crounse, Virginia Crump, Sally Culver, Gary Damkroger, Maurice Danley, Bruce Donner, Teresa Darr, Alan Darr, Janene Davis, Jeanne Dawson, Lawrence Densberger, Glen Dietrich, Charlene Doughty, Susan Drabant, Michael Dragosh, Vicki Drapal, Richard Durst, Dale Ebben, Terry Edwards, Susan Eisenman, Arthur Ellis, Gerald Els, John was f I 1 ugly -is! S 2 ,M 7 'iii l QA 3 "Whaml" Jeff Knight and teammate get into the swing of things with a game of badminton. are 'QM' 4' These girls and their classmates demonstrate folk dancing which was a phase of their physical education course for the year. '25 131 i B ani- 5 img s M ii' sd' , Q. il, X .lzz M ir is i ia? me 2' I - Af G , lQLG Esquivel o ss n, Sandra Fager, Jane Farr, Cathy Ferguson, David Fischer, John Flock, Annette Fowler, Cheryl Frain, Linda Franson, Michael Free, Wayne Frltts, Lois Funk, Frank Furrer, James Gage, Cheryl Gammel, Robert Garbers, Dennis Gergens, Deborah Giebelhaus, Deborah Gies, Susan Glaser, Cathy Gochnour, Ricky Goeschel, Diana clwin, Michael' Gossard, - Ice Gossmon, Leslie Cindi Orr and Cathy Glaser, AFS finalists, study the globe and wonder which part of the world they might be visiting. Grace, Edward Graul, Lonnie Graven, Ardelle Green, Peggy Gritz, Gloria Groat, Pamela Gruett, Jon Hahn, Robert Hall, Richard - l". Qilgi eman, Richar ansen, Diane Hardt, Gary Hartman, Rodney Hartshorn, Terry Hawkins, Evelyn Hayes, Connie Hayes, Sharon Heacock, David Heffelfinger, Deborah Helm, Wanitta Henkel, Lynn Henninger, ,Sally Henrikson, Shirley Hergert, Janis Herman, Patricia HerpoEh Q Us 'n'5ETeTfFJorm Hielen, Diane Hill, David Hill, Richard Hiza, Lorraine Hladik, Larry Hoage, Lane Hoffman, Cynthia Hollers, Stephen Holmes, Candace Hood, Steven Hornung, Larry Hudzicki, Mary Hughes, Anita Hughes, Elizabeth Huston, Lyle fnness Kenneth ' Isaacs, Ellen Jackson, Dona'd James, Patricia Janda, Carolyn Jansing, Susan Jensen, Carol Jernigan, Lonnie Jessee, Susan Jolses, Jeffrey Johnson, Carla Johnson, Janice Johnson, Joyce Johnson, Michael Johnson, Reed Johnson, Robert Kaar, Barbara Kahler, Daniel Kalnins, John Kalvoda, Lindo . 5 , me 454 24 , 5 - e s i 'W sy ft wifi ' . if l , -11 A j u st ,Q , 1 ., ,M 1 5 Li' 3 2' 'M E 'Q we . nl' a t Sz, , as P' if ev' v 34 g ff E -' ,IL low E' Q? X r 1 F Q s 'i'i as.: We Qc 2 ,fig s :-f few f '53 . ,,,, sz 'f'2tl!1E?- 4 i J f , vw .5 " it ' , . tn. S f. J is ., 1 ,Q --"- .,,., E X c, H A , . i M - . Ali 1 was X-fi' lin 133 134 Class officers guided classmates through exciting Randy Leach, Janet Ceika, Bruce Prochaska, and Steve Westover discuss their duties as officers of the .lunior class. AM .2 neil .. ,S L K xy? 6 Ng? 1 f ,aria l J 4 iff ff ivan 5, - its I , fi en s ha Yi , 'E .. 1 ' 2-4' a,Lws-mt- f - L jlznighf, Scott as rr-M, , c 5 c , rw' v ce , S' 'Z-er K 'til Q- c vi l ew, at WW til l ii i Q 17 Keane, Rick Kennedy, William Kerrey, Margaret Ketterer, Kathy Kinison, Rosemary Kipper, Teri Kirby, Cheryl Kleeb, Karen KI imm dall Knight, Jeffrey XKM6e n , Lyne te Korancla, Pam Krejci, William Krogh, Vickie Kuebler, Stephanie Kuehn, Gerry Lahm, Dean Lamborn, Janice Lamson, Billie Landis, Ronald Landstrom, Douglas La anice Leach, Ran Te , ar ara Lee, Norma Jeanne Lehman, Mark Lehr, Michael Lenrfer, Donald Lewis, Beverly Lightner, Sandra Lowe, Martin Ludden, Mary Luke, Priscilla Lux, David second year as Rockets Lyness, Jeffrey McClure, Charles L McConnell, Alan 'L N, McKinney, Noreen 'GN Markwardt, Jackie my Marshall, Jacqueline i A ?f:, K f 15:22 X-. Ma am arshall, Scot or rn, Vicki Maffern, Paul Maupin, Thomas May, Mary Mayfield, Julia Mays, Vickie Meier, Mary Melichar, Judy Mellen, Ronald .fu enefee, Raymon N N ' rr,'ae Aj., i Merfz, Steven 1 Metcalf, Janice ' lf Michels, Jack ' ',,,' s I 1 H In W K, ::I,,,,- .,,..: V, , .W .' . if 'wi' . , bg,,,, "'..':' W 2 f iv' me sz, W M a 2 s 5 , Elissa 5 Miller, Carol Mills, Beth Moock, James Morgan, Sfephen ,,,M9rris,'-Vic ie J' iiy fMuehlhausen, Glen X I tiger 1 'E E ffff aifewyw-j 5 is my s, Organizing the Junior-Senior Party was one of the activities of second semester officers Scott Marshall, Jeff Jobes, Jan Cejka, and Beth May. ""! ,, .,,, , cm ,rice em, aw 135 136 'tg 1 w i ., W? ll - , 6 Q la . ui? -s an , .5 any ' "Future Rockettes" held pep club meetings to discuss making si going to games and meets to support all their Rocket teams fa gns and ithfully. Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Peggy Neberman, Steven Neisius, Nancy Neiswanger, Nancy Nellis, Kenneth Nielsen, Chris Nielsen, Kurt Novak, Thomas O'Donnell, Sally Orduna, Rodney Ore, Kenneth Orr, Cynthia Parizek, Karen Parks, Wanda Patterson, Catherine Peacock, Ruth Perkinton, Kathy Peterson, Mary Peterson, Robert Pettet, Carol Pettet, Caron Phelps, Kim Philippi, Nancy Phillips, Francella Pickerel, Susan Pickerill, Christine Pierce, Deborah Piontek, Arthur Plock, Cheryl Porter, David Porter, Debra Portsche, Randall Prell, Jacquelyn Priess, Russell Prochaska, Bruce Procter, Patsy Pueppke, Monte Rada, Catherine Rasmussen, Noraiean Rausch, Cindy Ray, Donna Juniors assisted in makin Joining a pep club and participating in the many athletic events highlight any year in school but the juniors in particular registered their en- thusiasm as tops. Junior girls participated active- ly in the Reserve Pep Club, attending all reserve sports and making signs and posters tor meets. Varsity as well as reserve teams kept many junior boys busy. Working hard all year brought many victories for LN and gave the Class of '7O' much to anticipate in their senior year. A new experience was brought to Northeast this year as the marketing and merchandising classes combined all their knowledge to open Candy Inn. Students were given the opportunity to buy homemade toys, candy and small items. g "sweet shop" successful "'l12 Sweet Street" was the address of the "Candy Inn" created by Marketing and Merchandising classes. The shop sold a variety of cakes, candies, cookies, and "tiny toys." 'wt Ray, Michael 'f' i v,:. V V , ,:. "w i J Res, Timothy S zs- 3 Reirihort, Lynn ' 2 'ik Rhocdofmeff Ricky 1-, S is Richard, Katherine ffiff sf il J tt s T Ripa, Linda , X Roberts, Deborah sl? 1 X' ' iyz . Roberts, James Rohn, Robert Rosenthal, Wesley , n 32, , is , Ross, Janice " , A.: Ross, John Hg ' 12 Rothe, Rae 2 Rotschafer, Dale it Rudell, Joyce Sandohl, Larry Scalt, Terry Schafer, JoAnn Scheffert, Jeffry Schiermann, Stanley Schippert, Rita q l 4 ix gli! Jr i , i Schlattmann, Judith ii? ' Schmidt, Katherian A5 5 .-, , Schmidt, Wesley 'Q ' , 3 in "1 Y ' Schuckman, Thomas 1 'fi 5 , X ,ss Schulenberg, Nancy ii' 'W' Schultz, Linda H rie s Q" Scott, Janet lsli , Seadore, Thomas ., .. f J 'r i Sellih Miclwel J J - . " f -',', J 4 . , Severn, Russell i " i 7 i ' Show! Vicky 15 'I KK ' 7 it Y I , gl 5' Shelby, Mark Sgxnqisi b , , . ., Shepard, Garry :" J its Sherry, David '- " 5, E, 1 its 3 .5 1 A vm: t , is is gift, it S Sf. is fl M - fs 1 ss 2- ::,z?ss:i:: ,. , ,. ,ist s g ,aw F 137 138 , ,,,ts,,g, i5giwmLg + 5 S it on X 3 ix at f X wg Rx Shonerd, Pamela " -. Simonds, Pamela J' L Simons, Beverly Simonsen, Keith Sinner, Terry Sisel, Kenneth Skinner, James 13 - it ti Skinner, Judy , X Slaughter, Glen X5 Smith, Debra R Smith, James Smith, Laurie Smith, Margaret Snesrud, Dorothy Sohl, James Spahn, Kathie Spier, Joyce Staberg, Vicki Starita, Jean Starr, D. Frederick Statler, Gary Steenson, Charles xt f if l V J Stevens, Douglas Stevens, Marcia , Stewart, David if , my Q! J Stickney, Jeanette Stilwell, Dianna 'A ix Story, Nancy i ft l - K li XJ , X!- ,i X r Strain, John K! X Strong, Sheila , NN W Y ,xt ,L xi Straugh, Jane Q 'Studer, Daniel Sturgeon, Taunyia Stutzman, Barry Sulek, Anne Sullivan, Gregory Sundeen, Cynthia Sutter, Jeanette Swanson, Gloria Swanson, Paul Swenson, Nancy Swick, Raymond Swift, Louayne Tabor, Michael Tenopir, Roger Thomas, James Thompson, Cathy Thrasher, Thomas Thurber, Richard Toohey, Sharon Tramdachs, Ruta Trausch, Sheila Trumble, Danny Turner, Janice Vandahl, Carolyn Vogel, Donald Wagner, Arthur Walling, Stephen Wampler, David Warboys, Larry Ward, Linda. L.. . ,L 3 x f sw: H , K N-5N,.iv' Y' bf: ,. ,rg WH ,V 2 K f al 9 . 4 X f in ,-affl l X 'Jw -X Cutting, busting, and put- ting in a hem is all part of the work Peggy Brown will have to do to finish her project tor clothing class. , stl, J 1 , , ,t,,t ' A . ' "Z A A 1 Y 4 5, 153 l ' 'lt - ' ' "ii L ' i . 7,,. ,Qpgvmo Z gL'?fgtaf ffs51s f- g Qs s 4 Qi. , QM 'ff . L m'fw"' "E s ax Q' 5 ,M K a 139 140 Concluding their Junior year, Class , . 3? iiii ii ,r ' c if ff srr ws! " 14,1 :i,, its IV, , A -I cefii :LH if iri W it 1... 1 " 2 . I i t s. of '70 looked Warren, Gale Watts, Cleveland Watts, Marsha Watts, Paulette Way, Robert Webb, Kipp Weber, Linda Weers, James Weihing, Martin Weir, S. Edwin Wells, Kathleen Westcott, Cheryl Westover, Steven Westrick, Cathy White, Marcia Whitebear, Ronald Whitney, Ada Vililcox, Larry Wilkens, Billidene Will, Thomas Williams, Christina Williams, Janice Wilson, Steven Wilson, Vicky Wisehart, Roger Wiseman, Diana Witulski, Gloria Woerner, Barbara Wolfe, David Wolfe, Edith Wolfe, Pamela Woodward, Margaret Worman, Rick Wright, Greg Wulf, Joyce Zanderholm, Dolly Je n Zemke, Doris Zierke, Richard Zlab, Rhonda During the year students attended many assemblies that were exciting, interesting, and beneficial to all. forward to the challenge of becoming LN Seniors Now that the school year has come and gone, juniors look back on the events that occurred. Planning the Junior-Senior Party, being selected as AFS representatives, being in pep club, parti- cipating in sports, music and drama events, and getting on the honor roll are golden contrails of a junior's memories. Remembering good and bad times, they also thought of the future. The many trails that led through the past year will shoot the new seniors still further into the future. Seeing friends in the present senior class prepare for graduation helps set juniors' minds on serious thoughts. What will the future be? How will it feel next year to be putting on caps and gowns? But, for now, Juniors still have another year of planning and carrying out goals in high school, as they take their place as the graduating class of l97O. Sandy Mehan shows Dean Vaughn and Connie Watson what they can look forward to as new Juniors at Lincoln Northeast. NOT PICTURED Alber, Ron Bailey, Steven Ball, Jerry Basler, Kathy Bauer, Pam BlackElk, Marva Bowers, Richard Brehm, Anthony Brethouwer, Kenneth Brown, Alan Brown, Ray Clover, Edward Cole, Richard Cole, Ricky Dean, Rockford Dickinson, Norma Dinges, Steven Ehlers, Gary Farley, Denise Farley, Ronnie Frerking, Helen Frye, Katherine Geclwillo, Thomas Hall, John Hansen, Billy Hart, Jack Hatfield, David Hitch, James Huston, Russell Johnson, Vickie Kluska, Joel Knaub, Kenneth Kraft, Thomas Ladd, Lynn Lee, Cynthia Lichty, Linda Lloyd, Joslyn Louthan, Joy Louthan, Leroy McGovern, Linda McVey, Janis Madsen, James Malcolm, Jerry Menck, Michael Miller, Tom "You have been chosen as the representatives from Lincoln Northeast High School to attend Cornhusker Girls State at the University of Nebraska," reads Mr. Colerick to Joyce Rudell, Cheryl Westcott, Cathy Glaser, and Cynthia Orr. Muir, David Q Neely, Carol Nordmeyer, Susan O'Keefe, John Olsen, Patrick Olsen, Richard Orosco, Robert Pearson, Linda Phillips, Francine Price, Deborah Rearick, Wayne Renker, Steve Roberts, Ronald Robertson, Ronald Robinson, John Rowell, Robert Sazama, Bernard Schmidt, William Scroggins, Katherine Standley, Steven Starlin, Gregory Surface, Connie Tibbits, Steven Turner, Linda Vallis, Vicki Vermillion, Terri Weideman, Mark Wheatley, Robert Wilber, Michael Young, Kenneth Pre-game dinners were one of the new activities that Reserve Pep Club girls enioyed during fall and winter sports season. l 141 142 Seniors 144 Seniors found Northeast Hub Club gave seniors a chance to relax after a game. activities entertaining The busiest year a Northeast student will ever encounter is his senior year. A year full of more activities than there's time for and, of course, dating heads the list. Northeast has spon- sored several dances-the Turnabout, Homecom- ing, and the Junior-Senior Prom-at which out- standing seniors were elected to royalties. Hub Clubs were scattered throughout the football and basketball seasons, between times the city filled in with a few Keentimes. Other activities seniors enjoyed were clubs, sports, field trips, conventions, plays and the operetta. ADAMS, CHERYL-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, lnter- national Club, GAA, Racket Revue, County Government Day, Honors Convocation. AHRENS, CONNIE-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. ALLEN, CHARLES-Transfer from Washington -State. 4 -' ANDERSON, NORMAN ANDERSON, STEVE-Football, reserve. BACKENCAMP, SHERYL-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. BAKER, CHARLES BALL, JOHN-N Club, Football, varsity, letter, Wrestling, letter. BARKER, JAMES-N Club, Basketball, sophomore, Track., letter, Cross Country, letter, FCA, County Government Day, Honors Convocation. and academics challenging and worth their while Activities, although very important in the life ofa senior, do not come before studies. Many a senior spent the evening at the library com- pleting his stock report, writing a term paper or studying for a test or at home with an apple in one hand and a required book in the other. Lin- coln Northeast students provided stiff competition for other schools in city and state scholastic con- tests as well as within the school itself. A never ceasing flow of applications and entrance forms passed through the offices of senior guidance counselors on their way to fulfilling hazy futures. BARKLEY, ROBERT BARNES, MARY-ROCKET Staff, Penguins, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Quill 81 Scroll, Journal- ism Clinic, Girls' Chorus, vice-president. BARTHULE, DAVID-Intramural, football, basketball. BEAVER, ROBERT-N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, FCA. BECKER, GARY-Football, reserve, Baseball, reserve. BEESON, DEBRA-Transfer from California, BEHRENS, ALLEN-Football. BELZ, SANDRA-Girls' Glee, Roclcettes, Reserve Pep Club, Drama Class Plays, Voice of Young Citizen. BENNETT, JOHN-Band, letter, Mid East Band Festival. Seniors spent countless hours at Bennett Martin Library. Q-5, 145 146 BENNETT, KRISTINE - Band, letter, majorette, Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Penguins, Rockettes, Rocket Revue, Mid East Band Festival, State Music Clinic. BENTON, LINDA - Penguins, letter, secretary, treasurer, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Rocket Revue, GAA. BERGT, BEVERLY - Student Council, Band, majorette, Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Penguins, letter, student director, Rockettes, president, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. BIGGS, WILLIAM - Student Council, Choir, N Club, Football, varsity, letter, co-captain, Basketball, reserve, varsity, letter, Baseball, letter. BIRDWELL, SHARA - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, Mosque 81 Gavel, International Club, Spanish Club, Drama Class Plays, Honors Convocation. BLOCH, KATHLEEN - Student Council, Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, County Government Day, Girls' State Alternate, Honors Convoca- tion. BLUMER, PAULA - Choir, secretary, treasurer, Operet- tas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Spanish Club, Interna- tional Club, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Revue, Home- coming, attendant, Honors Convocation. BOILER, AVIS ANN - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, BONE, JAMES -- Football, reserve, Track. BORGENS, JO - ROCKET Staff, editor, Penguins, letter, Rockettes, secretary, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club, Rocket Revue, Quill 8K Scroll, secretary, Honors Convocation, Journalism Clinic. BRADY, PATRICIA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. BREHM, LAURIE - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Honors Convocation, All- School Play. BREHM, RICK - Science Club. BROCKMAN, LELAND - Student Council, vice-president, Choir, Operettas, N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, let- ter, Basketball, reserve, Track, letter, Sophomore Class Officer, vice-president, May Day, attendant, Honors Con- vocation. BROOKS, DOUGLAS - N club, Rocket Revue, Football, reserve, Swimming, letter, Intramurals, basketball. BROWN, ROBERT - N club, Gymnastics, letter. BUCK, KEITH - FFA, N Club, Football, Track, Cross Country, letter. BUCKLAND, PATRICIA - Rockettes. 147 Northeast student council members Kathy Gregg Linda Gage Cmdy Fletcher, and Nancy Dean smile in spite of the hour while waiting at 5 30 a m for the bus to take them to the Student Council Convention in Norfolk. BUCY, JEANNE - ROCKET staff, editor, Rockettes, Re serve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club, Rocket Revue, Quill 8. Scroll, Junior Class Officer, secretary treasurer, County Government Day, Journalism Clinic. BUNTEMEYER, BONNIE - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes Reserve Pep Club, GAA, Rocket Revue, Honors Convoca tion. BURKHARDT, MARGARET - Student Council, Choir Operettas, Rockettes, secretary, Reserve Pep Club, president Sophomore Class Officer, secretary, May Day, attendant. BURLING, DENNIS - Band, letter, drum major, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation, Dance Band, Mid East Band Festival. BUTLER, VICKI - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Honors Convocation. BUTTS, SANDRA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Art Club BYLEEN, MARY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, German Club, Honors Convocation. CADES, RICHARD - N Club, Football, varsity, letter, Basketball, reserve, Baseball, letter, Track. CADWALLADER, STEVEN il Higher goals were set by 'Ist Semester Class Officers Cindy Fletcher, secretary, Rich Hubka, treasurer, Kathy Gregg, president, Sam Knight, vice-president. CARR, LARRY - Choir, Operettas, Boys' Glee. CHAFFEE, KATHY - Transfer from Sidney High School, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Honors Convocation. CHASE, SHARON - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. CHRISTOPHER, GLENA - Girls' Glee. CHRISWISSER, PEGGY - Choir, Reserve Pep Club. CLARK, LINDA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. CLIFTON, DAVID - Band, Football, reserve, Track. CLINE, RICHARD - Transfer from Midland, Texas, Track. CLINEFELTER, DOROTHY - Orchestra, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Honors Convocation, Youth Symphony, Voice of Young Citizen, State Music Clinic, String Ensemble. CAMERON, PHYLLIS - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Art Club, German Club, Girls' State Alternate, Honors Convocation. CAMPBELL, KEN CAPPS, SCOTT 149 150 CLOUGH, JEANNE - Girls' Glee. COLE, JOLENE - Transfer from Norfolk High School, NORTHEASTERN Staff, Rockettes, COLEMAN, ALICE - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Mas- que Si Gavel, GAA, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Play Crew, All-School Play Crew. COLEMAN, JOHN - Band, letter, Mid-East Band Festival. CONNOLLY, MIKE - Band, letter, N Club, International Club, German Club, Rocket Revue, Track, letter, man- ager, Mid-East Band Festival. COOK, DANNY - Choir, N Club, Football, varsity, let- ter, Basketball, varsity, letter, Baseball, letter, Homecom- ing, host, May Day, attendant. COOK, JACQUELINE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Drama Class Plays. COOK, WILLA - Transfer from Lincoln High. COOKSON, ALVA - Choir, Operettas, Boys' Glee. CORNELL, LEE VINCE - Art Club, Intramural, football, basketball, bowling. COUCH, JUDITH - Student Council, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, reserve, varsity, Rocket Revue, May Day, attendant, Honors Convocation. CRABT REE, DOUGLAS - Band, letter, Football, Wrestling, Mid-East Band Festival. CRAIMER, CATHERINE - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, GAA, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. CRAMER, LINDA - Latin Club, Honors Convocation, Voice of Young Citizen. CRUMB, ROBERT CRUTHERS, DEBORAH - Transfer from Silver High. CUMMINS, PAUL-Band. CUNNINGHAM, DEAN, JR.-Radio Club. CURTISS, JOHN - Band, letter, trumpet trio, N Club, Masque 81 Gavel, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Boys' State, Honors Convocation, National Forensic League, vice-president, Debate, varsity, letter. DAHL, DAVE - N Club, Art Club, Science Club, Rocket Revue, Gymnastics, letter, manager, Tennis, letter, Boys' Octet. DAKE, KAREN - Orchestra, Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Con- vocation. DAVIDSON, BARBARA - Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. DEAN, NANCY - Student Council, Choir, Operettas, Pen- guins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, reserve, varsity, Rocket Revue, May Day, attendant. DEAN, ROBERT - N Club, Baseball, letter, Drama Class Plays, Intramural, football, basketball, DEEDS, RICHARD - Band, letter, secretary-treasurer, Mas- que 8t Gavel, Football, reserve, Debate, letter, National Forensic League, president, State Music Clinic, Mid-East Band Festival. DELL, BARBARA - Masque 81 Gavel, Red Cross, vice- president, lnternational Club, Honors Convocation. DENNIS, MARCIA DETENBECK, DEBORAH - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. DIEKHOFF, GEORGE - Band, letter, Radio Club, president vice-president. DINGES, DONNA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Honors Convocation. DIXON, VALERIE - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA, letter, Rocket Revue. DOLAN, SHIRLEY - Rockettes, vice president, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation, DORENBACK, MARY - Rockettes, Girls' Glee. DRAVER, MAUREEN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, Honors Convocation. DUNBAR, PATTY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, lnter- national Club, GAA. DURHAM, TERRI - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Art Club, lnternational Club, Drama Class Plays. 151 152 Northeast found a celebrity among its new arrivals Nicholas Androvitch, a second semester senior enrollee or- iginally from Ankara, Turkey, took no time in capturing the hearts of Northeast Rockets with unlimited musical talents. How many classes can claim a celebrity? Not many, but the spirit of Lincoln Northeast's Class of i969 was boosted when Nick Androvitch was added to the senior class roll. A talented young man with varied interests which includes speaking six languages, Nick has earned fame as a concert and jazz pianist. His appeal to every audience was evident in their refusal to accept the end of a performance. Nick displayed poise, warmth, and professional excel- lence. At a concert in Big Springs, Texas, Count Basie asked Nick to play for him after the show. Since Nick couldn't, he was invited onto the stage in the middle of the show to perform. He began playing the Warsaw Concerto and the entire orchestra entered in. Mantovani, Pat Boone, Fess Parker, and Dale Robertson are also among those for whom Nick has played. Nick's future plans include a television show of his own in Turkey, his nativeicountry, and possibly a career in motion pictures. The Class of l969 felt honored with the presence of Nick and wished him continued success in his career. EBKE, GLENDA EDELMAIER, RICHARD-Band, Tennis. EISENBARTH, PAUL EISENMAN, MARTIN-Band. ELDENBORG, KATHY-Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Drama Class Plays. ELEY, MICHAEL-Track. ELLIOTT, LAURA-Band, majorette, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. ELLIOTT, PEGGY-Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club. ELLIS, SHARON-Girls' Glee, Rockettes, GAA. ELS, DEBORAH-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Interna- tional Club, GAA, Honors Convocation. EMERY, DOUGLAS-Choir, Operettas, N Club, Rocket Revue, Wrestling, letter, Track, letter, Cross Country, letter, FCA, Boys' Octet. ERICKSON, DAVID-Tennis. ERICKSON, KENNETH-Drama Class Plays. ESSMAN, STEVE-Orchestra, Football. ,WG .Q EWING, JUNE-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Interna- tional Club, Honors Convocation. FAIMON, DONNA-Rockettes, International Club. FIALA, MARILYN FISH, QUINTIN FISHER, JACK FISK, CYNTHIA-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, honor reserve, Masque 81 Gavel, GAA, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays. FLANDERS, RANDALL-Basketball. li f 5. iii,- P - f ' . 9, 5 sms' it , Iv scv Steve Langston, Marvin Eisert, Robert Pecka, three new students, were welcomed to Lincoln Northeast second semester, 153 FLETCHER, CYNTHIA - Student Council, Choir, Operet- tas, Triple Trio, Rockettes, president, Reserve Pep Club, vice-president, Rocket Revue, Senior Class Officer, secre- tary, Junior Class Officer, president. FORNEY, YVONNE - ROCKET Staff, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Masque 81 Gavel, secretary, Red Cross, president, International Club, Rocket Revue, Quill and Scroll, All- School Plays. FOSTER, GARY - ROCKET Staff, sports editor, Quill and Scroll, vice-president, Basketball, reserve, varsity, letter, Journalism Clinic, Intramural, football. FOX, JEFFERSON - Swimming, Masque 81 Gavel, County Government Day, Honors Convocation, National Forensic League, secretary, Debate, letter. FRAKES, LINDA FRASIER, PAUL FREE, BETTE - Band, letter, NORTHEASTERN Staff, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, Quill and Scroll, All-School Plays, Mid-East Band Festival, Journalism Clinic. FRENCH, LINDSAY FRENCH, THOMAS - N Club, May Day, attendant, Drama Class Plays, Tennis, letter, Cross Country. FRICKEL, ROBERT - N Club, Basketball, reserve, Track, letter, Student Council. FYE, BARBARA - Band, letter, majorette, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. GABLEHOUSE, JANET - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club. GAGE, LINDA - Student Council, president, secretary, treasurer, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, secretary, Cheer- leader, reserve, varsity, Rocket Revue, Homecoming, hostess, May Day, attendant, State Student Council Convention, Student Council Leadership Workshop. GARL, GREGORY - FCA, Wrestling. GARRISON, DENNIS - Football, reserve, Basketball, re- serve, Track. GASTON, DEBRA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, County Government Day, Honors Convo- cation. GETTEMY, LYNN - Choir, Operettas. GILLESPIE, DARRELL GILLETTE, TIMOTHY - Student Council, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Honors Convocation. GORDON, MARILYN - Reserve Pep Club. GOSSARD, STEVE -- FFA. GOSSMAN, -MARY - Orchestra, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, honor reserve, Rocket Revue, Girls' State, Honors Convocation. GOULD, EUGENE - N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, Track, letter. GRADY, PATRICIA GREB, NANETTE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Quill ancl Scroll, Journalism Clinic, NORTHEASTERN Staff. GREENO, JEANIE - Student Council, ROCKET Staff, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Re- vue, Homecoming, attendant, May Day, attendant, Honors Convocation. GREGG, KATHY - Student Council, vice-president, Rock- ettes, Cheerleader, reserve, varsity, Senior Class Officer, president, Junior Class Officer, secretary, May Day, attend- ant, Honors Convocation. GREUTER, LINDA - Rockettes. GRIEPENSTROH, LAVERN GRIFFIN, CONNIE - Penguins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club. GRIFFIN, MARGARET - Transfer from Central High. GROSS, SHIELA - Transfer from Mission Viejo, California, Honors Convocation. GROVE, DOUGLAS HAAR, CONSTANCE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. HACKBARTH, ROBERT - Transfer from East High, Band. HAGEMAN, DALE - Band, Swimming, Tennis. 155 156 l Lisa Warren writes the Betty Crocker Homemaker Test in hopes of a scholar- ship award as do other senior girls. HALL, MARCIA - Orchestra, Choir, Operettas, Rocket- tes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA, vice-president, treasurer, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. HALL, VICKIE - Rockettes. HAMBY, ROBERT HAMILTON, MICHAEL - Masque 84 Gavel, Spanish Club, Gymnastics, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays. HAMILTON, RODNEY - Football, reserve, Honors Convo- cation. HANSEN, JAN - Rockettes. HANSEN, PAT HARRIS, RODDY - Honors Convocation. HARTSHORN, KAREN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. H EGEN ER, STEVEN HELLER, LARRY - Intramurals, football, Boys' Chorus. HENLINE, ALICE - Orchestra, letter, Choir, Operettas, Penguins, Rockettes, Masque 81 Gavel, Rocket Revue, Youth Symphony, State Music Clinic. "This is the most confusing day of my life!" was a familiar bewildered phrase heard on September 'l, 1966. As juniors, the Class of 1969 felt a little more at ease and began fitting into the daily routine of hard work. Today, as graduating seniors, the 69'ers have found Lincoln Northeast a school of infinite variety, a school all Rockets can be proud to attend and others can respect. 157 158 HENNINGER, NANCY - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve Peo Club, Masque 8- Gavel, treasurer, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays. HILDEBRAND, CAROL - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. li HILE, KATHY - Penguins, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. w.,,.:?-295 " .,.r, HILL, HAROLD - Student Council, N Club, Basketball, reserve, varsity, letter, Track, letter, May Day, attendant. HILL, RUTH - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, international Club, Spanish Club. HITCH, BENJAMIN - Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cross Country. HITZ, KATHLEEN - Band, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, GAA, County Government Day, Honors Convocation. HOHENSEE, LORETTA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. HOLLAND, ROBERT - Rocket Revue. The Class of 1969 found the atmosphere of Lincoln Northeast High School to be both business-like and unusually pleasant. HOLTGREWE, MICHAEL - Student Council, ROCKET Staff, N Club, Quill and Scroll, president, Football, re- serve, varsity, letter, Golf, letter, FCA, King of Hearts, attendant, Honors Convocation, Journalism Clinic, Intra- City Student Council. HORNS, CONNIE - Transfer from Syracuse. HORNUNG, KATHY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. HOSEK, KAREN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Masque 8. Gavel, Internattional Club, Drama Class Plays, The Gov- ernor's Conference for Youth, Nebraska Centennial Youth Day. HOVEY, DEBBIE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. HOYT, DEBORAH - Penguins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. HOYT, MIKE HUBKA, RICHARD - ROCKET Staff, N Club, vice-presi- dent, Football, varsity, letter, Basketball, reserve, Baseball, letter, FCA, Homecoming, attendant, May Day, attendant, Senior Class Officer, treasurer. HUGHES, JAMES - Science Club, vice-president, treasurer. H UGH ES, RUTH HUGHES, SUZANNE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Mas- que St Gavel, International Club, Drama Class Plays, The Governor's Conference tor Youth, Nebraska Centennial Youth Day. HUGHES, YVONNE - Rockettes, GAA, Girls' Glee. HUSBANDS, JAMES - Band, letter, Swimming, Mid-East Band Festival. HUSTON, BARBARA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. IFLAND, ROBERT - Chess Club, Radio Club, Art Club, Drama Class Plays. IRONS, JOHN -- Honors Convocation. JACKA, DAVID - Band, letter, Chess Club, vice-presi- dent, secretary, treasurer, Mid-East Band Festival. JAKUB, GERALD - Basketball, Baseball, FFA. iftv-rv 159 160 JAMISON, JUDY - Rockettes, International Club, Honors Convocation, Transfer from Ord High School. JANSING, DOUGLAS - Band, N Club, Swimming, letter, FCA. JANSSON, ANN CHRISTINE - AFS student from Finland, Student Council, Rockettes, International Club, GAA, State Student Council Convention. JENSEN, DENNIS JENSEN, KENNETH - FFA. JOHNSON, GAYLE - Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, varsity. JOHNSON, KATHRYN - Orchestra, letter, Penguins, let- ler, Rockettes, Red Cross, International Club, Spanish Club, GAA, Honors Convocation, Youth Symphony. JOHNSON, LYNNE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, ln- ternational Club, German Club, Drama Class Plays. JOHNSON, SANDRA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, honor reserve, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Revue. JOINER, JUDY -- Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Revue. JONAS, PATRICIA - Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA, Lincoln Council of Youth. JONES, BRADFORD - Chess Club, County Government Day, All-School Plays, Honors Convocation. JONES, DARRELL - Swimming, letter, N Club, Radio Club. JONES, NANCY JONES, V. SUE - Student Council, Choir, Operettas, ROCKET Staff, Penguins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, vice-president, Rocket Revue, County Government Day, Honors Convocation, Intra-City Student Council, State Student Council Convention. JOSEPH, ROBERT - FFA, Science Club, Baseball. JURGENS, NANCY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. KAENEL, MARCINE - Transfer from Fremont High School, Rockettes. Senior Rockets carriecl out old and new tfraclitions The class ot I969 carried on many Rocket traditions. For years high school students have received class rings as graduation gifts and bought yearbooks to remind them of their mem- orable high school years. This year a new tradi- tion was promoted by the Quill 81 Scroll Club, a student directory was published. Never before have Northeast boys had access to such a handy "black book" as this. Seniors were again priviledged in being the only students allowed to be elected to honorary positions, such as Homecoming Host and Hostess, May Day King and Queen, Turnabout King of Hearts. This year was the second year for Spirit Week, a tradition the classes of i968 and I969 hope will be carried on and on. Then of course, there was that age old tradition of graduation! KANE, KATHLEEN-Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA, Drama Class Plays. KARLE, MIKE-N Club, Football, varsity, letter, Gym- nastics, Track, letter, King of Hearts., attendant. KEENEY, KATHRYN-Band, letter, GAA, letter, Rocket Revue, Mid East Band Festival, Science Conference. KEHM, DEBORAH-GAA. KELLER, LINDA A.-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA, Honors Convocation. KELLER, LINDA S.-Girls' Gymnastics. KELL5, ROBERT-Rocket Revue, All-School Plays. KELLY, MICHAEL KENNEDY, JANICE-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, Honors Convocation. While his mother watches, Ed Olson buys his Northeast class ring, a traditional senior purchase for boys as well as girls. 162 KEYSER, EVELYN - GAA. KIRCHNER, JACQUELINE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club KIRWAN, MAXINE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Masque 81 Gavel, Voice ot Democracy Contest. KNIGHT, BARBARA - Choir, Operettos, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. KNIGHT, SAMUEL - NORTHEASTERN Staff, sports edi tor, N Club, Football, reserve, Swimming, letter, co-captain FCA, Senior Class Officer, vice-president, Junior Class Offi cer, vice-president, Sophomore Class Officer, president Honors Convocation. KOCH, PHILIP- Student Council, N Club, president Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Track, letter, Boys' State King of Hearts, May Day, attendant. KOLB, CAROL - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Interna- tional Club. KRIEGER, JERRY KRIZ, SANDRA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, Spanish Club, GAA, president, vice-president, sec reta ry, Honors Convocation. KROGH, SUSAN - Art Club, Girls' Gymnastics. KROHN, DELWIN - FFA, N Club, Gymnastics, letter, FCA. KRUEGER, STEVEN - N Club, Football, varsity, letter Track, letter, FCA, Honors Convocation. KULAWIK, TOM - Football, reserve, varsity, FCA. KUNZMAN, BEVERLY KURTZER, DONALD - Intramural, football, basketball, softball. LAGEMANN, GERALD LAGESON, PAMELA - Band, letter, Orchestra, Rockettes, GAA, Rocket Revue, Dance Band, Mid-East Band Festival LAHM, DALE 1 LANE, JAMES LANGE, MARILYN - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club, Honors Convocation. LANGE, ROBERT -- Golf. LARSEN, WALT - Transfer from Culbertson High School, FAA. LAWS, HALE - County Government Day, lntramurals. LAWSON, RICKI - Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, Drama Class Plays. LEISHMAN, DON - N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Wrestling, letter, Honors Convocation. LEVEY, PAM - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Interna- tional Club, French Club, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Revue. LEWIS, PAMELA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. LICHTY, DEBRA - Girls' Glee, Student Council, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheerleader, reserve, varsity, clinic, Rocket Revue, Hub Club Council, Student Council Convention. LISLE, SANDRA LIVERS, LARRY - Choir, Intramurals, basketball. LORTZ, LINDA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. LOWE, MICHAEL - N Club, Wrestling, letter, Golf, FCA. LOWE, MITCHELL - Football, Gymnastics, Golf, Track. LOWE, TIMOTHY - Band, Orchestra, Chess Club, Red Cross, Dance Band, Mid-East Band Festival. LUSHER, SHARON - Choir, Operettas, Masque 8. Gavel, Red Cross, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays. McGLINN, JUDITH - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, honor reserve, Art Club, International Club, Spanish Club, Rocket Revue. McINTOSH, BARBARA--Rockettesg Reserve Pep Clubj International Club. McKENDREE, JAMES MCKERNAN, JAMES-Intramurals, football, basketball. McKINNEY, LINDA-Rockettesg Reserve Pep Clubg Honors Convocation. MABIN MARGARET-Choirg Operettasg ROCKET Staffg Rocket Revueg Journalism Clinic. MAGNUSSON, NANCY-Band, letterg Rockettesj Reserve Pep Clubg Red Crossg Mid East Band Festival. MANNING, KATHLEEN-Red Crossg Art Clubg Interna- tional Clubj GAA. MARQUARDT. Joi-IN MARKWARDT, LINDA-Choirj Operettasj Rockettesg Re' serve Pep Clubj Rocket Revue. Second Semester Senior Class Officers Margaret Burkhardt, president: Mike Wilkins, vice-president: Judy Joiner, secretary: and Marti Hall, treasurer waste little time in getting to work. Lynn Gettemy and Mrs. Bowlin discuss announcements. MEDUNA, KATHY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. MEIERHENRY, SUSAN - Penguins, letter, president, sec- retary, Rockettes, International Club, GAA, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. MENEBROKER, LAWRENCE - FFA, vice-president. MICHAUD, GARAI-D - Choir, Operettas, Chess Club, Red Cross, International Club, German Club, State Music Clinic, Science Club. MILLER, BRUCE IMILLER, DONNA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA, County Government Day. MILLER, STEPHEN - Intramurals, Basketball, football. MILLER, SUSAN - Penguins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, GAA, letter, Rocket Revue, Junior Class Officer, vice-president. MOHATT, DAVID - Intramurals, football, basketball, Honors Convocation. MAYFIELD, JAMES - N Club, Football, reserve varsity, letter, Track, letter, FCA, Intramurals, basketball. MAYFIELD, ROY MEALHOW, MARY -- Band, letter, Penguins, let ter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club. fbb. 165 166 MORRIS, JON-Choir, N Club, Football, varsity, letter. NEKICH, JOHN-Band, letter, Swimming. NELLIS, CAROLEE-Spanish Club, Science Club, Honors Convocation. NELSON, LINDA-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, lrtterna- tional Club, GAA, Rocket Revue. NICHOLS, SUE NICKELL, MICHAEL-Intramural, football, basketball. NIELSEN, PATRICIA-Student Council, secretary, treas- urer, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Cheerleader, reserve, varsity, clinic, Rocket Revue, Junior Class Officer, president, Sophomore Class Officer, treasurer, May Day, attendant, Voice of Young Citizen. NINNEMAN, EARL NOVOTNY, JAYNE-ROCKET Staff, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, international Club, Rocket Revue, Quill 81 Scroll. NUTT, ROBERT-Football., reserve, Basketball, reserve, var- sity, letter, Drama Class Plays, Intramurals, softball. OAKESON, JANET-Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. OBERG, GREGORY--Transfer from Gothenburg Senior High School, Golf. Seniors found conferring with representatives from pro- spective colleges helpful in making the right choice. OLSEN, CURTIS OLSON, EDWIN - Choir, Operettas, ROCKET Staff, Masque 81 Gavel, Quill and Scroll, Voice of Young Citizen. O'NEILL, POLLY - Choir, Operettas, NORTIQIEASTERN Staff, Rockettes, Reserve' Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Voice oi Young Citizen, Journalism Clinic. ORE, PATRICIA - Band, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. ORR, CHERYLE - Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, president, French Club, Rocket Revue, State Music Clinic. ORR, RETHA - Penguins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Masque 81 Gavel, GAA, letter, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays, All-School Play Crew. OWEN, SHERYL - GAA. OWENS, GLORIA -- Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. PALU, CARLA - Rockettes. PAPKE, GARY - Student Council, Wrestling, reserve, varsity, Boys' State, Boys' Nation, Honors Convocation. PARKER, KATHRYN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Honors Convocation. PARRY, VIRGIL Mike Karle and Charles Steuben discuss a career in the Armed Forces with a speaker representing the ROTC. 167 PERKINTON, ANN - Transfer from Mount Marty, Choir, Rockettes, Masque 81 Gavel, All-School Plays. PERKINTON, MARY - Rocket Revue, Rockettes. PESTER, BONNIE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. l PETER, STEVEN - Choir, vice-president, Operettas, Boys' Octet, N Club, Rocket Revue, Tennis, letter, State Music Clinic. PETERSON, ELIZABETH - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. PHILLIPS, ROLIN - N Club, Football, reserve, Track, letter. PORTSCHE, ROBERT - Orchestra, letter, Operettas, N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Gymnastics, letter, Track, letter, FCA. PRICE, DENNIS - Boys' Glee, Youth Symphony, Intra- murals, football, basketball. PRICE, JUDY - Choir, Operettas, ROCKET Staff, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Quill and Scroll, Journalism Clinic. PRUSIA, LYNN - Band, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, Ali-School Play Crew. X RADDATZ, BETTE - Transfer from Lincoln High school. l RAE, STEVE - Transfer from Marcus Community High School. 1 RAMos, vic'romA - AFS student from spain, student I Council, Rockettes, International Club, Spanish Club, State Student Council Convention. RANK, JACQUE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. REA, KEVIN - Honors Convocation. REINHART, MARY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. REINKE, CASSANDRA - Orchestra, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, French Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation, Dance Band, Youth Symphony. RENAUD, JAMES - N Club, Mid-East Band Festival, Tennis, letter, Band, letter. RIEBE, JEFF RIGGINS, RICHARD - Choir, Operettas, Boys' Octet, N Club, Masque 8. Gavel, Swimming, letter, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays, FCA, Rocket Revue. RINNE, PATRICIA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, GAA, Rocket Revue. ROBARE, SANDRA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Hon- ors Convocation. ROBISON, JUNE - Rockettes, Honors Convocation, ROCKET Staff. ROLOFSON, ELWYN - N Club, Wrestling, letter, FCA. ROSS, JOHN - Spanish Club, Debate, reserve, Interna- tional Club, Choir. RUMPELTES, JANE - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve .Pep Club, treasurer, Cheerleader, varsity, Rocket Revue. RYAN, JOHN - FFA, Wrestling. SABALKA, BARBARA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club, GAA. SANDERS, GYNETH - Orchestra, letter, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, Red Cross, State Music Clinic, Voice of Young Citizen. SCHAFER, STEVEN - N Club, Masque 84 Gavel, Tennis, letter, Lincoln Boys' Choir. SCHARF, SHARON - Rockettes, Red Cross lnternational Club, Honors Convocation. SCHEFFERT, CRAIG - Band, N Club, Football, varsity, manager. SCHMIDT, TIMOTHY - Choir, Operettas, Football, re- serve, Wrestling, FCA, Honors Convocation. SCHMIEDING, ROBERT - Band, letter, FFA, president, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays, Dance Band. SCHNEIDER, JACK - Chess Club, Science Club, vice- president, treasurer, Swimming, FCA, Boys' State, Honors Convocation. SCHNEIDER, STARLA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. 169 l7O Sam Knight, Elks Club Most Valuable Student, displays a victory smile during a visit to the state capitol. SCH REURS, SHARON Club. Roc kettes, Reserve Pep sf N- .. in-'fr gt FF f C c. .. ,..j1.LsW M-Me'-W ,- - '--- WT' , ' Tiifj5'9T, 7' ' st, ' SCHROEDER, STEVE-Masque 81 Gavel, Boys' State, Hon- ors Convocation, Debate, varsity, letter, GOvernor's Youth Conference, Fine Arts Festival. SCHULDT, BARBARA-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. SCHULTZ, CAROL SCHULZ, THOMAS-Band, president, trumpet trio, letter, Orchestra, letter, Operettas, Rocket Revue, Dance Band, Youth Symphony, State Music Camp, State Music Clinic. SCHWARZKOPF, STANLEY-Band, letter, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation, Dance Band, Mid East Band Festival. SCHWEITZER, PAULINE SEXTON, ARTHUR-Band, letter, Choir, N Club, Rock- et Revue, Wrestling, letter, Track, letter, manager, Cross Country, letter, Dance Band, Mid East Band Festival. SHAW, PATRICIA-Rockettes. SHELDON, VIRGINIA-Rockettes. SHELTON, JANET-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. SIECKMANN, VICKI-Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club. SIEMERING, PENNY A variety of interests added to Rocket activities Paul Anderson, 1956 Olympic Weight Lifting Cham- pion, and Lee Brockman take time out before a YMCA youth assembly based on today's new morals. SIEMSEN, JACK-N Club, bouncer, Football, varsity, letter. SINCLAIR, CHUCK-Student Council, president, NORTH- EASTERN Staff, sports editor, N Club, secretary, treas- urer, Football, reserve, varsity, letten, co-captain, Basket- ball, reserve, varsity, letter, Track, letter, FCA, captain, Homecoming, attendant. SIPMA, CYNTHIA-Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, State Music Clinic SIPP, KATHLEEN-NORTHEASTERN Staff, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, lnternational Club, Quill Br Scroll, Journ- alism Clinic. SIPP, .MERVIN SISSEL, STEPHEN-Band, Chess Club. SLECHTA, CECELIA-NORTHEASTERN Staff, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Drama Class Plays. SLOCUM, MICHAEL SMITH, CAROLYN-Penguins, letter, Rockettes, GAA SMITH, JANICE-Rockettes. SMITH, NANCY SOBOTTA, JOYCE-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. SOUTHWICK, BRADFORD - N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, FCA. SPADT, TERRI - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. SPAHN, PHILIP - FFA, Science Club. STANDLEY, JOYCE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, Spanish Club. STARCK, RANDALL - Operettas, Masque 84 Gavel, All- School Plays. STARITA, JIMMY - N Club, Basketball, reserve, varsity letter, Baseball, letter. STARLIN, MARK - N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Wrestling. STEELE, SCOTT STEENSON, SALLY - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. STEPHENSON, REED - N Club, Football, varsity, letter, Baseball, letter, FCA, Intramurals. STEUBEN, CHARLES - N Club, Football, varsity, letter, Gymnastics, Drama Class Plays. STEVENS, GREGORY STOEHR, STEVE - Transfer from Coronado High School, FFA. STRAYER, DIANE - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. SUESZ, MICHAEL SWANDA, DEBBIE SWANSON, CYNTHIA - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA, Rocket Revue, Drama Class Plays. SWANSON, KATHRYN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, All-School Plays. I '12 xr K Mr. Watt examines specimen donated by Kathy Johnson. SWARTZ, LLOYD-Student Council, Choir, Masque 81 Gavel, president, Swimming, letter, co-captain, County Government Day, Honors Convocation, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays. SWARTZ, SUSAN- Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Cheer- leader, reserve, varsity, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. SYSLO, JODI THEILLEN, MIKE THOMAN, RICHARD-Gymnasfacs. gs., f THOMPSON, DELTA-Orchestra, letter, Choir, Operettas, S L,,,L ' Rockettes, Honors Convocation, Youth Symphony, State Music Clinic. . TINTERA, RICHARD-Transfer from Fort Dodge, Iowa. TISCHE, CRAIG-Orchestra, letter, N Club, Baseball, letter, Wrestling, letter, FCA, Trrus, DUANE y TOMPSETT, NANCY-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Art Club. TORELL, JANICE-Choir, Operettas, Triple- Trio, ROCK- ET Staff, Penguins, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Quill 84 Scroll, Honors Convocation. TOWNSLEY, JOANNE-Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, ln- , . fa WH tl Q :Bill ' r ternational Club, Spanish Club, Rocket Revue. 173 Once in awhile these carefree senior boys found a nice day more lnvlhng than a strenuous day at Northeast, TRAMDACHS, GUNTIS - Honors Convocation, Intra- murals. TROUTT, DEBORAH - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. TYLER, GERRY - Band, letter, International Club, Mid- East Band Festival. UMPHREYS, STEPHEN - Band, letter, N Club, Radio Club, Rocket Revue, Swimming, letter, co-captain. UPTON, CHERYL - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. UPTON, DONNA - Student Council, ROCKET Staff, Rock- ettes, Reserve Pep Club, president, Rocket Revue, Quill and. Scroll, Honors Convocation. VANCE, PATRICIA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. VANDEN BOSCH, ROBERT - Student Council, Choir, Operettas, Masque 81 Gavel, Spanish Club, Rocket Revue, Junior Class Officer, treasurer, All-School Plays. VAN HORN, MARY - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Pen- guins, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. VANSCHOIACK, EDWARD VAUGHN, KENNETH - Masque 8. Gavel, Drama Class Plays, All-School Plays. VERCELLINO, PATRICIA - Orchestra, Chorus, secretary- treasurer, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, Spanish Club, GAA. VCN RENTZEI-I-1 DENNIS - N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Wrestling. WAGNER, PEGGY WALKER, DONNA - Band, letter, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Art Club. WALL, RACHEL - Choir, Operettas Triple Trio, Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue. WALLICK, ROBERT GREGG - Intramurals, football. WALTON, PATRICIA - Rockettes. WARNSHOLZ, JANELLE - Choir, Operettas, Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. WARREN, LISA - Orchestra, letter, Penguins, letter, treasurer, Rockettes, treasurer, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation. WATTS, DIANNE - Band, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Rocket Revue, Honors Convocation, Mid-East Band Festi- val. WAY, LYNN - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. WAY, MONA - ROCKET Staff, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, honor reserve, treasurer, Rocket Revue, Quill and Scroll, Journalism Clinic. WEBB, PAMELA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, GAA. WEBER, JUDY WEBER, KENNETH - Band, N Club, Football, reserve, varsity, letter, Wrestling, reserve, Honors Convocation, Mid-East Band Festival. WEBER, LAURA - AFS to Holland, Choir, Operettas, Triple Trio, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, International Club, French Club, Honors Convocation. WEBER, MARY ANN - Choir, Operettas, Rockettes, Re- serve Pep Club, GAA. WEBER, REIDA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. WEBER, THOMAS WELTER, SUE WESTLING, RICHARD - Choir, Operettas, Boys' Gleei Honors Convocation. WHEATLEY, NANCY - Student Council, NORTHEAST- ERN Staff, Rockettes, vice-president, treasurer, Reserve Pep Club, secretary, Rocket Revue, County Government Day, Honors Convocation. WHITE, LINDA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Inter- national Club, French Club. WHITE, REX - Choir, Operettas. WILKEN, CALVIN WILKINS, MICHAEL - Choir, president, Operettas, NORTHEASTERN Staff, editor, Quill and Scroll, Honors Convocation, State Music Clinic, Journalism Clinic, ln- tramurals, Student Council. WILL, MARSHA WILLEMSEN, LARRY - Gymnastics, letter. WILLEY, ELIZABETH - Art Club, vice-president. WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, International Club, GAA, All-School Plays. WILLIAMS, KATHY - Rockettes. WILLIAMS, ROBERT WITHAM, LYLE WOELFLE, LINDA - Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club. WOERNER, CONRAD-Band, letter, N Club, Masque 81 Gavel, Tennis, letter, Debate, letter. WOODCQCK, DARLENE-Rockettes, Drama Class-Plays. WRIGHT, JOHN-N Club, Golf, letter. WULF, SUSAN-Band, letter, majorette, Girls' State, Drama Class Plays, Fine Arts Festival, Mid East Band Festival. ..,...,-' WULFF, RONALD-Band, letter, Orchestra, Track, Cross County. WYLDER, NANCY-Transfer from University High School. YEARLEY, CHARLES-N Club, Football, reserve, Tennis, letter. YOUNG, MICHAEL-Football, reserve. YOUNG, STEVEN-Football, reserve. ZESSIN, VICTORIA-Girls' Glee, Rockettes, Reserve Pep Club, Red Cross, International Club, treasurer, German Club, GAA. ZIER, CARO L-Rockettes, GAA. Aksamit, Rick Andreesen, Bradley Aylward, Kathleen Baumfalk, Melvin Berogan, Eugene Bontrager, Lana Bouges, Connie Budt, Alan Burchess, Edward Bush, Franklin Casady, Richard Chamberlain, Harlan Clements, Mary Collins, Doug Danley, Kathy Draper, Randall Dunn, David Edgar, Karen Eisert, Marvin Ethridge, Dale Fowler, John Gardner, Teresa Gettman, Jane Gibson, John Gilliam, Donnalea Goggins, David Graybill, Vicky Green, Gary Haney, Brenda Hansen, James Harris, JoAnn Hart, Patricia Heiserman, Byron Helmick, Ronald Kelly, Gayle Kinney, Michael Kinney, Timothy NOT PICTURED Klopp, William Knollenberg, Perry Kometscher, Michael Lawler, Dianne Lee, Diana Lee, Kevin Maul, Michael Mealhow, Mary Meyer, Leslie Muir, Gene Owen, David Pierce, Linda Pike, Mary Rader, Karen Rankins, Richard Richters, Maris Rivett, Thomas Roclcel, Gary Schafer, Robert Schukar, Michael Sittner, Ricky Sitzman, Christina Smith, Carol Smith, Darrell Snell, Edith Stanley, Kenneth Stinson, Daniel Stolzenburg, Alan Streuer, Joseph Surmacz, Genowef Taylor, Sharon Thompson, Mary Voelker, Thomas Ward, Dennis Whitney, Jo Anne Wilcox, Michael Cl 177 Lincoln Northeast senior honorees got a headstart l Sam and Kathy are Nebraska's mast valuable students. Cindy Fletcher received the N.S.A. Scholarship. 178 Early in the year scholarships, honors, and special awards began arriving for members of the Senior Class. Northeast was honored to receive both the boy and girl Elks Most Valuable Student awards on the city and the state level. Both stu- dents were required to fill out an application and prepare a scrapbook showing their accomplish- ments. The awardees, Sam Knight and Kathy Johnson, also received other awards. Kathy, who is headed for California to be- come a marine biologist, received a scholarship and grant-in-aid from the University of California at Irvine. Also on her list is second place in the Soroptimist Youth Citizenship Contest, Her awards and scholarships totalled Sl,785. Kathy felt she was "lucky and surprised!" Sam Knight, winner of the Elks Most Vol- uable Student Contest, Gateway La Sertoma Club Leadership Award, Sertoma Club All-City Scho- lastic Team and second runner-up in the Elks Leadership Contest, could think of only one thing to say about his awards, "Thanks, the help will come in handy." Sam plans to attend the Uni- versity of California at San Diego. Sandy shows a smile for her P. E. Scholarship. on future plans throug Two other Northeast scholarship recipients were Cindy Fletcher and Sandy Kriz. Cindy was chosen from five other girls to receive the Na- tional Secretaries Association Scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, Cindy was nominated by the Northeast business teachers, she attended a banquet held by the N. S. A. and was inter- viewed by a panel of judges. She will receive Sl5O to attend the University of Nebraska, Sandy, who also plans to attend the Uni- versity of Nebraska, received the E. R. Moore National Women's Physical Education Scholar- ship. Sandy was presented the SlOOO scholarship h scholarships and awards May l2, by Governor Tiemann, in the presence of her parents, Mrs. Short, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Moore. Only five girls in the United States re- ceived this scholarship which makes the honor even more exciting and outstanding. Lincoln Northeast has always been among the top rated schools scholastically. This year students from the top lOfXn of the Senior Class were named to the National Honor Society. A new point system based on grade averages, ac- tivities, and leadership was used in selecting members. These students are to be commended for their effort at Northeast. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bennett, Kristine Bergt, Beverly Birdwell, Shara Bloch, Kathleen Blumer, Paula Borgens, JoAnn Brehm, Laurie Bucy, Jeanne Burkhardt, Margaret Burling, Dennis Butler, Vicki Byleen, Mary Cameron, Phyllis Chaffee, Kathleen Clinefelter, Dorothy Curtiss, John Dake, Karen Deeds, Richard Dell, Barbara Dolan, S. Jean Els, Deborah Ewing, June Fox, Jefferson Free, Bette Gaston, Debra Gillette, Timothy Gossman, Mary Greeno, Jeanie Gregg, Kathy Gross, Sheila Hall, Marcia Harris, Roddy Hart, Patricia Henline, Alice Hitz, K. Kay Holtgrewe, Michael Jamison, Judy Johnson, Kathryn Kelly, Michael Kennedy, Janice Kirchner, Jacquelyn Knight, Samuel Koch, Philip Kriz, Sandra Lee, J. Kevin Magnusson, Nancy Meierhenry, Susan Miller, Bruce O'Neill, Polly Papke, Gary Parker, Kathryn Reinke, Cassandra Robare, Sandra Robison, June Rumpeltes, Jane Schafer, Steven Schneider, Jack Schroeder, Steven Schuldt, Barbara Schwarzkopf, Stanley Sipma, Cynthia Sissel, Stephen Swanson, Kathryn Thompson, Delta Torell, Janice Tramdachs, Guntis Warren, Lisa Weber, Kenneth Weber, Laura Wheatley, Nancy Wilkins, Michael Woerner, Conrad Zessin, Victoria Jones, Bradford Jones, V. Sue Scharf, Sharon Schmidt, Timothy Miss Delbridge and Mrs. Copas, faculty members who were new to Lincoln Northeast the second semester, pause to congrat- ulate Kathy Chaffee who ranked number one in the Senior Class. 179 180 AFS students, Vicky and Ch risse, found it diffi- cult to study on an hon- or roll student, Rocket game days. Chrisse, headed into a The senior class welcomed Maria Victoria Ramos and Ann-Christine Jonsson to Northeast this year as AFS students. Both girls took an active part in school activities, as well as, out- side activities, such as Lin-Co-Y. Chriss is from Grankulla, Finland, where she attended Grankullo Sauiskola High School. Her father teaches Naval Architecture ot the Tech- nical University of Helsinki and her mother teaches physical education to elementary and high school age students. Here in Lincoln, Chrisse lived with the Wil- Iiam Millers at 429 Steinway. Mr. Miller, a teacher at Southeast, Mrs. Miller, a physical edu- cation teacher at the University of Nebraska, Vicky helped out with the cheer-in held by the var- sity cheerleaders for in coming sophomore girls. Chrisse spent her AFS year with the NVilliam Miller family. Both Chrisse and her family, Mr. and tMrs. Miller, Susie and John, have many heartwarming memories that won't be forgotten upon her return to Grankulla, Finland, and the Jansson home. memorable year as they entered the Rocket Kingdom Susie, a Northeast senior, and John, a East High sophomore make up Chrisse's American family. Maria Victoria Ramos, better known as Vicky, hails from Madrid, Spain, While Vicky has been here in Lincoln, her father, who works for the Gonzalez Byass Wine Company, and her mother, a former school teacher, became proud grandparents of two boys. Vicky graduated from an English and a Spanish high school before coming to the United States to spend a year with the Donald Levey family at 600 Redwood Drive. As in Chrisse's family, the Leveys are split between Northeast and East, with Scott and Mark attending East High and Vicky and Pam attending Northeast. . ""'-an -,..,-1" NBS My t l it N i E were iw . QS? W5 Ns.-L-E esutf K if gs ' tw 1555 tx Rh KN l .Xi we N 5 if 1 r 1. It took little time for Vicky and Chrisse to become friends. The Donald Levey family lost no time in making Vicky feel welcome and like one of the family. Since Vicky was unac- quainted with American customs, Pam, Mrs. Levey, Mark, Scott, and Mr. Levey all helped in her difficult adjustment. 181 182 The Class of I969 undoubtedly has many unforget- How can we ever forget these crazy high school days? Remember those Rocket rallies . . . "two bits, four bits, hey!" . . . , bombing through King's right after a Rocket victory, dates, going steady, the Turnabout, the Prom, Homework that never seemed to get quite finished, CliH's Notes, daydreaming, spring fever, how about those ever flowing car rallies, or those never ending office calls, "KLMS-l-48 in Lincoln, Nebraska", or just gabbing with our best friends? All we have now, Class of l969, are memories, unforgettable, of moments which are impossible to relive. Our futures are ahead, the Rockets, this time believe it or not, are behind forever. Vx 2 x if ,Q f table memories to carry them into their futures fiyu.. -4 184 Students find LN faculty Teachers were affected by many changes this year. Preparing report cards for the com- puters each nine weeks instead of every six weeks was not as easy as it seemed. But this added re- ponsibility was not disheartening, and Northeast asm X S 3 Q f' S V 'il l iz ' . . .11 T . 'L .... V i V t i s 7 4"' ' Q s is . ' as t --,f helpful each day in all teachers still rated No. l in the eyes of the students, and throughout the city. In addition to the new grading system the individual departments also made adjustments in their activities to meet the changing require- ments of the students. For example, the everyday routine of an English class was broken by listen- ing to popular music, visiting with "hippies" and discussing problems of the United States. One of the highlights of the year was a teachers' skit during the Homecoming rally, The Rocket 'good guys' triumphed over evil, as they removed a curse which had silenced the cheer- leaders and pep clubs, keeping all of their win- ning spirit locked up. Adams, Mrs. Janet-B.S., Nebraska, English, Rockettes Adams, Mrs. Marjorie-B.A., Wayne State, Nebraska, Mathematics Albers, Mrs. Joan-BS., Western State, Nebraska, Biol- ogy, Girls Physical Education, GAA, Girls' lntramurals Berka, Mr. Melvin-B.A., M.A., Wayne State, Nebraska, History, Intramural Director Billings, Miss Margaret-B.S., Colorado State, M.A., Nebraska, University of Colorado, Co-Sponsor of Senior Class, Guidance Boiler, Mr. Evan-B.A., M.A., Colorado State, Iowa, Simpson College, Electronics, Mechanical Drawings, Radio Club Boroff, Mr. Claire-University of Nebraska, Kearney State, History, Varsity Football Bowlin, Mrs. Beryl-BA., M.A., Nebraska, Guidance, Senior Class Sponsor, Ushers Brown, iMrs. Wanda-A.B., Kearney State College, Peru State College, University ot Nebraska, Home Economics Bruner, Mr. George-A.B., M.E., Nebraska, Wisconsin, History Cascini, Mrs. Edythe-B.A., M. Ed., Hamline University, Nebraska, Albany State Teachers College, Emporia State Teachers College, Medio Specialist Cech, Mrs. Sharon-B.F.A., Nebraska, Art, Pep Club Sign Committee Coleman, Mr. Watson-BS., M.A., Nebraska, Cotner College, Santa Monica Tech, Wesleyan, Industrial Arts phases ol school lile Crozier, Mr. Lynn-B.S., Midland College, M, Ed., Ne- braska, Guidance, Co-Sponsor of Junior-Senior Class. Dolezal, Miss Margaret-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, German Els, Mr. Robert-A.B., Wesleyan, M.E., Nebraska, As- sistant Track Coach, Reserve Football, Mathematics Galloway, Mr. Bernard-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, Amer- ican Driver Education and Safety Conference, Kansas, Driver Training, Director of Athletics, "N" Club Gast, tMrs. Mary Jean-B.A., Wayne State, University of South Dakota, Nebraska, Home Economics, Refresh- ments-Homecoming, Jr.-Sr. Prom Gustafson, Mrs. Jeanne-B.A., Nebraska, University of South Dakota, English Heffelfinger, Mr. Robert-A.B., Wesleyan, M.A., Uni- versity of Nebraska, Physical Education, Varsity Gym- nastics, Intramurals Hester, Mr. Max-B.A., Wyoming, Health Education, Varsity Track, Cross Country Hiza, Mr. John-B.S., University of New Mexico, Uni- versity of California, Berkley, California, Nebraska, Doane College, Economics Holmquist, Miss Jean-B.S., Nebraska, History, Rock- SNES Hughes, Mrs. Marlys-B.S., Kearney State, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, English, Publications, Quill and Scroll Jacoby, Mrs. Mabel-B.S., Wesleyan, Nebraska, Com- mercial Arts Qsw 3 fthe .L t 5 'qsoyrsipo-1 .sri '-:1:wf 3 Mr. Schultz and student teacher, Mr. Hanner, en- ioy a cup of coffee in the teachers' lounge be- fore returning to work. 186 Faculty enjoys time out for a bit of sociability I .ii :A, My f , V 4 ' .t, is ,R James, Mr. Robert-B.A., Peru State, M.A., Nebraska, National Science Foundation, Summer Science Institute, Physiology, Sophomore Football, Driver Education Jeffery, Mr. Ellis-BA., M,A., Nebraska, Physics, Co- Sponsor of Science Club Johnson, Mr. Edward-B.A., M.A., Missouri, Drafting, Varsity Basketball Klockner, Mrs. Ida-l3.S., Nebraska, Home Economics, Refreshments-Homecoming, Jr.-Sr. Prom Kos, Mrs. Barbara-B.S., B.A., M.A., Nebraska, English Krause, Mrs. Helen-B.S., M.E., Nebraska, University of Connecticut, Oklahoma A and M, Oklahoma State University, Latin, English, Latin Club Larson, Mr. Richard-B.A., Wesleyan, Nebraska, ln- structional Media Center Leatherman, Mr. Keith-B.A., Georgetown University, BD., Union Theological Seminary, Nebraska, Economics, Philosophy, Red Cross Mach, Mr. Don-BA., Peru State College, Nebraska, Kearney State College, Engine Mechanics, Metals Mrs. Bowlin pours coffee as Rocket teachers gather around the table for refreshments at their October teachers' meeting. h Ask ik" X ff, .fa '59 H55-.. .see ' if Maher, Mrs. Ula-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, English Maly, Mr. William-B.A., Wesleyan, M.E., Nebraska, Guidance, Junior Class Sponsor, AFS Coordinator Mason, Mr. E. Lawrence-B.A., Hastings College, M.A., Nebraska, TH.B., Northwestern Seminary Minnesota, G. E. Fellowship, Purdue University, Literature, Chess Club iMcClanahan, Mr. Frank-B.A., University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, Nebraska, Senior Composition McCormick, Mr. John-BS., M.E., University of Ne- braska, History Mclntyre, Mr. John-B.S., University of Nebraska, Driver Training, Varsity Wrestling ,McMeen, Mr. Reynold-BS., University of Nebraska, Biology, Reserve Football, Track Mueller, Mr. Jack-B.S., Augustana College, M.A., South Dakota, Nebraska, History, Debate, NFL Nagele, Mr. S. Richard-A.B., Wesleyan, B.A., M.A., Kearney State, Purdue University, Nebraska, Mathe- matics, Concession Manager O'BrEen, Mrs. Nancy-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, History, Cheerleaders Plum, Mrs. Dorothea-B.S., M.S., Iowa State, Nebraska, Special Education, Building Representative Putman, Mr. James-B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan Univer- sity, University of Wyoming, Georgetown University, Nebraska, All-School Plays, Co-sponsor of Masque and Gavel Reeder, Mrs. Elizabeth-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, Drama, Mathematics, Masque and Gavel, Sponsor of Speech Pre- sentations and Contests, Voice of the Young Citizen Renegar, Mr. G. Kent-B.A., Wesleyan, University of Nebraska, Vanderbilt University, English, Wrestling Resz, Mr. Robert-B.S., Peru State, M.A., Nebraska, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Iowa State, Chemistry, Science Club Richards, lMrs. Mildred-B.S., Wesleyan, Nebraska, Commercial Arts Rudell, Mrs. LaVerne-B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan, Mc- Phail School of Music, Nebraska, Business Principles, Marketing and Merchandising, Football Ticket Sales, Co-Sponsor for Alumni Reception, Reserve Pep Club Rush, Mr. George-B.A., Morningside, M.E., Nebraska, Art, Art Club ,Qs,Wl,,,,i ,,,, , ,N L, s,ts,,t sl 5 E Q- , i ,-Ws52w,fa14ez.f'-Riagg 1 1 i 5 i Sefiilxsslizifc,-2,.:, ','f5:. ,-,f.-ff.-,f.. - fs ,,,.. S, gf MM-f,4:3wt ' ,, ,,,,,,,,q, Vw, ,, ,, ,L 3 N, H . f , 5 fs . it ,: ' J i- ll 1 - -mv .-'. ., 1. - sn,-sis, ,... i . 774225.14 1 ' -gig 1 ,lf - M . A, ,i,:'1..:wss1is44is, sits , .., ,,.,, ,,,,, lt,., E . S ir, 1 ai i Y x S- sl V ,, S259 5 . . , . t , lg a lm, Few iygssrm K E Sl , s at rig- , litiiif?Z5ll?i9?2?EL5sg?31fi i it J ,-5 'S C swf' are l , 4 V , i ll i if rs .. tl K , 4 l L 'S is ht U11 J is 'beef f S Q it 1 I t ., fi ,Q ,ix X S 4 M.-2 1 tw' ll ,1- ls? 3214 if 2, Erin. 5 V331 iii X352 2 , l i r lf 2:5-N A it ,, L: 3+ , 3, .95 X1 tri: tw Sf an .U 'ff' ir 1 .1 5? ale A-M ivrffffist Wet, .W ,. t, T., .Xu 187 188 T as . . L ,, ,...,.,,.. as sz sm we - to .uw ,ma 1:-V , 7 1. I, 5 glt y syyy ls, .2 -f -11. . 'sz . . fe 1 X f , ii. , I 5 st, . ,':'1-,'P4-93352 "xii, -' 4511223 5 fl a-.allzem - ew? are I Q" " f sssf' ,A As year draws to close teachers work 'img ,asks 2 ,, ,T 1,1 Schmadeke, Mr. Lloyd-B.A., Nebraska, Agriculture, Engine Mechanics, F.F.A. Schulz, Mr. Duane-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, Wayne State, Northeastern University, Rocket Revue, Instrumental Music Seng, Mr. Leroy--B.A., Wesleyan, Nebraska, Wayne State, Driver Training, Reserve Basketball, Varsity Base- ball Short, iMrs. Vietta-B.A., M.E., Nebraska, Physical Ed- ucation, Penguins, Girls' Intramurals, Co-Ed Bowling League Shumard, Miss Audria-B.A., MA., M.E., Colorado, Commercial Arts Simon, Mr. Frank-B.S., Nebraska, Guidance, Sopho- more Class Sponsor Singler, Mrs. Barbara-B.S., New Paltz State University, Ferdonio State University, Vocal Music Snook, Mrs. Velma-B.A., M.A., Nebraska, Vocal Music, Operetta Stednitz, Mrs. Margaret-B.A., Nebraska, English, Ushers Strange, Mr. David-B.S.E., Emporia Kansas State Teach- ers College, University of Nebraska, English Sturgeon, Mrs. Norma-B.A., Bethany College, Linds- Kansas, Ft. Hays, Kansas State, University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France, Colorado, Kansas, Ne- English, French, International Club T m e, Mr. Richard-B,A.E., Wayne State College, .S., Ia University, Eastern Illinois University, log ' c ence ub Thomas Mr. Bure B.S., M.A., Kearney State, Kansas Co do State, Bowling Green State University, NEIDVOSK ' erncfics CX conscientiously to prepare students lor future Vitquain, Mrs. Dorothy-B.S., Nebraska, Commercial Arts, Co-Sponsor Reserve Pep Club, Ushers Wagner, Mr. Robert-B.S., Nebraska, Mathematics , A 21" r ns ,Q?'f"?. S l . . . . N 'S ni .5 ,X 7 - 1, i.,V'VV g 7 sr- raliii, 'L' in l AQ' S ' f 11 -1 15 -' . - . . 2 4 s Wall, Mr. Kenneth-B.S., M.A., Nebraska, English, - 595 4 S Swimming, Driver Training, Reserve Baseball B? , X is Watt, Mr. Keith-B.S., Tarkio, Missouri, M.A,, Uni- versity of Nebraska, Biology, Science Club, Tennis Wilcox, Mrs. Judy-B.A., Wesleyan, Spanish Willemsen, Mr. Henry-M.E., University of Nebraska, Colorado College, Modern Problems, U. S. Government, Sophomore Football and Basketball Wilson, Mrs. Vivian-A.B., Peru State, M.E., University of Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska, Guidance, Sophomore Class Sponsor Wohlers, Mr. Robert-B.A., Nebraska, Colorado State, Wesleyan, North Dakota, California, Mathematics Mrs. Diane Pauley, who substituted for Mrs. Reeder in the drama department, talks with a student about plays. ggi 'U .. my We 3 ,, 1 ,. J Im EY e 5' 4 If N, V, V syywx, . ,fi .,.. W ' s 1.11. ' ' Q " ,Tia -1 ' V' ' - f 'Y " , '. - elf. 1 vs-ei' I if s W :iff ' ,G fi i ff fe' , ' 1.1 ,Q f. N . 1 it ., ,,, , . . : a 'wigs K- Teachers and office help get tired too, Mrs. Gast, Mrs. Hubka, and student teacher Miss Becker take a coffee break in the lounge during some well-earned free time. P 'E . 435 3 189 190 New trends appeared in curricula of City Schools Mr. John Prasch, Superintendent of Schools ad- Providing teachers, facilities, and a stimu- dresses patrons al- a community parents' group. Iating curriculum for over 30,000 students in fifty schools became the task that faced Supt. John Prasch and the Board of Education. In the face of rapid and often radical educa- tional changes sweeping the nation, the Board surveyed the Lincoln City Schools. They reviewed policies and practices in the light of the demands of a space-conscious society. ln an attempt to retain the sound procedures and stabalizing phil- osophies of the past, they studied and incorpor- ated changes which resulted in an updated and expanded curriculum on every level. ln addition, board members maintained their open-door policy by holding regularly scheduled meetings at various schools throughout the city. The one change of procedures authorized by the Board and most noticed by teachers and stu- dents, was the change from a six-week report to parents to a quarter and mid-quarter system. No longer were "report cards," handwritten by the teacher, distributed to the student each six weeks. Instead, at the close of nine weeks, students re- ceived a computerized form showing results of their quarter's work. School Board Members: Mrs. Catherine Angle, Mr. Robert Wekesser, Mr. John Prasch, Mr. Robert Magee, Dr. John Lux, Mr. Edward Copple, Mr. Don Biehn. l Administrators at LN are always anxious to assist Upon Mr. aylor's shoulders falls the respon- sibility of maki Ng the hundreds of decisions which keep a school oving smoothly and harmoniously. As vice-pr'ncipal, Mr. Dietrich took care of all problems directly concerning the individual student, he also had the "pleasurable" job of planning and lorganizing the many all-school assemblies andy school gatherings. As head of the instruction area, Mr. Moore, assistant principal, had charge of class schedules and teaching assignments, while Mr. Colerick fulfilled his area of student service through stu- dent counseling, accounting and enrolment. 5. ffl mn! EQ ls " i i.. In addition to his regular duties at LN, Mr. Taylor, prin cipal, keeps an eye on the new cafeteria under construction. Mr. Dietrich, vice principal, assists Vickie Shaw in checking a schedule to locate a stu- dent during a typical Northeast school day. Assistant Principal Mr. Moore, keeps busy with the many Mr. Colerick works at his many duties as assistant prin- administrative problems which he encounters during a day. cinal of Northeast: conversing on the telephone is one. f W 1 ' 5 3, f S es- 1 X la X W K ' 191 192 Efficiency became the keynote of Northeast offices The combined efforts of the school office staff kept Northeast "rocketing" forward. Mrs. Hubka serves as Mr. Toylor's secre- tary. Mrs. Scheffert has charge of the office machines and is responsible for all those ditto and mimeogrophed assignments and tests. Mrs. Ruth- erford's job as receptionist includes receiving incoming phone calls while Mrs. Kahm's first duty each day is the attendance sheet. l Records in the office are kept by Mrs. Col- lister, who also takes care of training the office assistants each year. Taking dictation is one of the many responsibilities Mrs. Pavey has the title of Activities and placed upon Mrs. Hubka as secretary for Mr. Taylor. Business Office Manager, but she is commonly known to students os the lady in the Book Room. Mrs. Witt, school nurse, assumes the tremendous responsibiliy of caring for illnesses or injuries. Mr. Burnham, Neigh- 2 1 .4 V borhood Youth Corp 1 A -' A. Director records data A about LN students -" l A and We-time robs. ,v, , , s Wait km. .... . ,A , "- cf's' Mrs. Witt, the school .... inf nurse, admires her new cupboards as she tells A i . 1H.5f:gf.,. i'fiMsf.gQ.x ' -,'- about their features. . 1 - l 'Nasa i".' "7" I K we 'liis' ' f 5 .- g'?'e?' ffv,g?:ivgigs.2g932112-'.a.f?fi . f. . . A - gfrfesrrfissfiisstiifgr f Mrs. Pavey is busy at her adding machine: keeping records of school finance is just one of her jobs as activities and office business manager at school. . ln the school offices, Mrs. Rutherford, Mrs. ter, Mrs. Scheffert lstandingl and Mrs. Kahm lseatedl offer helpful assistance to all at Northeast High. Collis- a s School helpers kept Northeast intact for students .11 ii ' ' . . I. , f L - I W ' T, A ' ' 5' U51 ' . Q X ' . -4 ,fmwf I 'v ai. 31, fl 'I 'egg 'Rf ,Q .M if RQ' . 3 ' -2 limi is ssss f t Zirilliffltz - gfxsfjf' B. Schafer, B. Husbands, S. Kempher, A. Roth, S. Lehl, C. Cline, L. Grant, A. Crouse, D, Clark, H. Tenopir, M. Nelson, H. Miller, H. Schnert, J. Moore, E. Anderson, E. Bolon, K. Gray, G. Walker, V. Norwood. School custodians, Mr. Layton and Mr. Pine, discuss the changes in their duties as the new cafeteria at Northeast nears completion. is I la i if SE Q E. . 1 25 gi gs . Vi H 5 Mrs. Lovelace pauses from checking girls athletic equip- ment to watch "Leroy" demonstrate school's snowblower. E E 5 194 PEANUTS COLD DRINKS ICE CREAM nik BALLS APPLES Y Sta ml yu Every jet that speeds down a run- way represents hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every manned or unmanned flight into space denotes the expendi- ture of vast sums of money. Only as individuals realize the worth of a program are they willing to underwrite it. When the business man, the professional man, the gain- fully-employed individual, the home maker appreciates the importance and need of any program, he will do his part in promoting the enterprise. To try to conduct such an undertaking without the support of an informed public would be futile. Whether it be a space program at Cape Kennedy, or a school activity on the plains of Ne- braska, it becomes the obligation of the program and its sponsors to show results worthy of the investment. Education at Lincoln Northeast represents a tremendous investment in dollars and cents. Students, in choos- ing a trail and following it to finality, are obliged to show the investors a profit on their investment. This profit becomes the contrail of a Rocket. 195 196 1 V ncollz Ldw For all types of yardwork Noraiean Rasmussen and Ruta Tramdachs know that Lincoln Lawn Service, 2301 No. 50th, is the best in town. Picture a yard, clean of leaves, with a freshly trimmed hedge and ready to challenge any house in 3Ul NU SQTH ,gr S Ph, 466'2Q the neighborhood. This is how your lawn could easily look if you will entrust ir to the Rasmussen's. They offer com- pletely insured work at moderate prices and can be con- tacted easily by simply calling 466-2035. Why not try it? lilllliu "Oh, that's where the engine is!" says Judy Joiner after the help of Jim Jones ond Buddy Rolofson. Denny's Cham- plin, located at l44l North Cotner, know where the en- gine is and know how to keep it in tip-top condition. 'WJ J This outstanding picture of Gail Warren, a Northeast Re- serve cheerleader, is just another example of the work done by Ramsey's Studio, located at l4O South 48th. Re- member Ramsey's for "the" best quality of photography. Mary Barnes and Jayne Novotny and some of their friends, know that Perky's Pizza 81 Pizzaco Place, located at llth ond Q, is the ploce to go to get their favorite pizza or pizzaco. Perky's specializes in eight different piz- zas. The swinging atmosphere is just the right place for a friendly get-together. Remember, Perky's Pizzo St Pizzaco Place have their own delivery service. Call 432-7720 for the best food and fastest service in town. 197 Dorothy Clinefelter has discovered that at Dietze Music House she can get all her orchestral supplies. Dietze also has all the popular records plus instruments for sale or rent. Stop and see Dietze's at I208 "O" Street. 4 I I I I Jeanie Greeno and JoAnne Townsley shop at Nebraska Book Store for all their school needs. They have artist sup- plies, textbooks, and a complete line of those handy pa- per backs. They're on NU Campus at Il35 'R' Street. Marie Draver and Vicki Butler of Northeast School stop in at Gates-Knight Insurance for some from Bill Grice, Dennis Costin and John Knight of Insurance, located close by at 4820 Hur Street. Laura Weber, Linda Keller and Retha Orr stop Congress Inn for some magnificent food. Remember, Inn has American and Chinese food, prepared by chefs. The Congress Inn Restaurant is at I9OI West Street. W 5 C te I P I 5 I V N V,,,,,, A c-:, ' '.'i-" gcc"-, iss :usa Wyman, - . N L.: t ,W s. f-52 is t A V X '53 M -2. Q , is f wa - . .... -.9 ' . " ti: of is me - c" "' . I Nt i fa I " . ii - u , , A "1 V X' ,V . it I at I' ,, 1 ,,, , rg -",:,,. .v zz W" '- af. f . gi ,li 1 I ' , , 2833 1 f I fl W E if ,s J '..-H' . ".. , 'L ' , v ,ta , Q I W .-.j ' 9 5 I Q 1.5 ,,..,.,, 5 w my ,, , , . Q, 'f X . Jeanne Bucy and Bob Frickel know that Young's Plaza Phar- macy is the convenient and right place to stop Ifor a wide variety of items, such as school supplies, fi e candies, and cosmetics. Young's Plaza is at 333 Norh Cotner. in ig Have you grown just a little tired of being the family dishwasher? Lori Hiza, Peggy Green, Sue Pickerel, and Char Dietrich have the one answer. Visit Green Furnace 81 Plumbing Co, lnc., 2747 N. 48th, and prove them correct. 4 sim Your hair can look as great as Jan Torell's if you call Mrs. Ruth Hemmer at Midwest Hairdressing Academy. This academy is located at ll5 N. l2th. And girls, remember, too, that ccsmetology is a fast growing and top earning 44' , it Marty Hall and Sandy Kriz make Miller's Jewelry, 6l27 Havelock Ave., a regular stopping place. Whether in need of elegant jewelry or just to browse, there's always a big choice. Remember: Stop in when you haven't the time. , Wig profession, and if you're interested in it as a career, this is one of the best schools in the 'state. Call them soon, at 432-4939, or better yet go in to see them: a beauty service open to the public at student prices. 199 2OO X C The Havelock National Bank at 6145 Havelock, now offers you, as well as Lincoln Northeast juniors, Jan Layton and Carolyn Vandahl, CHECKING PLUS. This allows you to write a check bigger than your balance. lt's a friendly bank that cares about their customers. You are always assured of courteous and fast service as well as sound bnd helpful advice. lf you're thinking about a loan for college tuition, Havelock National Bank is the place to ga for sbch a loan. ff""x?w "l could eat five or six of these buckets," says Gary Foster to Mike Holtgrewe who both really go for chicken in a big way. For the best chicken, Rich Hubka and Eddie Olson, as well as Gary and Mike will settle for nothing less than Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken at 48 8. Van Darn for that tender, crisp taste. So if any of you are hungry for chicken, just give Kentucky Fried a ring at 489-7l36 for the best chicken you've ever eaten. Let's try some today. Beverly Dean and Gale Matthews decorate the front of the attractive and modern Matthew's Texaco Station. Located on 48th 81 Leighton in University Place, Matthew's Texaco specializes in complete and efficient one stop service. Joyce Sobotta and Sue Smith show two excellent examples of the work done by Smith Signs at 3240 North 6lst St. They're trying to tell us about the beautiful signs of all varieties from Smith's Signs. Just call 466-72l9. 2 gr: J- t we :Q .-'.- i"- 4 . . 5 M A "We love popcorn!" cry Dave Owen, Mike Mahoney and Ellen .Isaac as they contentedly walk out of the Topper Popper. Topper Popper is located at l402 N. Cotner in Bethany. Remember that address for delicious treats of all kinds! Jackie Cook and manager Jack Clark both agree that this stylist from Reece and Sybil is doing a beautiful job on Pam MarshalI's hair. Located at 230 N. l3th Reece and Sybil is also known for their courses in Cosmetology. Becky Catlett is serving as a beautiful example of the excellent photography at Anderson Studio. Quality photos at moderate prices is the Anderson Studio slogan. So be sure and see them at 1056 O St. for your next pictures. 201 202 Y , , . XX 1 A ,,.. jffxivlsfg " A 5 f f K '. f:z 'f'f fs5 s'f Fpl:k2:?iQa w,, 1 551 255-ff, v- iafffiz, 1 No matter what shape, size, or color your favorite class ring is you'll find it at Zale's Jewelers, 1329 O. Jackie Prell and Jackie. Markwardt both agree that this is where they'll find only the best quality of jewelry available. Does your future hold an office career? A visit to the Lincoln School of Commerce 8K NBI has informed Jo Borgens and Yvonne Forney that this is a fine business school. Any questions? Stop in at 1821 K and see for yourself. Yyfyi-'gn..,.i,,k V' W . uf ,,,, N W PFI fC'f'r'Ll7fl'0. 7' if s'smA.,,F - 51-if' We Delta Thompson looks on as Debbie Detenbeck demonstrates some of the first-class make-up displayed at the Varsity Drug, 2700 No. 48th. It you're in the need for school supplies or prescriptions then Varsity is the place to go. 'A gg Q A 54 On a field trip to Arbor Printing, 416 So. 11th Street, Quill and Scroll members were able to see the process of printing the school newspaper. They were so pleased that they recommend it to you for your printing needs. - - wry J Janet Shelton can't wait to start sewing a new outfit from this lovely material that she has discoverd at Ten-28 Fabrics, 1028 "O" Street. Your dreams of being a "cool dresser" can start to become a reality here. E fm For a snack after a night on the town, or for a great meal, Shakey's Pizza Parlor, north of O on 48th is the place to go. Joyce Rudell and Keith Heckman have found Shakey's great food and atmosphere simply unbeatable. You'Il think so too. - VANILLA my 20' ' 4,1193 -i?"t'J: 'li ' ,,,.,.qg. gowaf Sl.i?s!i'.313EfS 60' iwiavsa ra 'Afwa if we-v-...R V It f li re e. is I Qi 1. ii. .mu W 1, .Q I - mains If your taste buds tell you to get something different follow Dave Goggins to Clifton's Corn Crib, H50 N 48th. Here Dave Clifton or one of the other friendly employees is ready to serve you with the best popcorn and other goodies in town. When you're looking for a great deal on a new or used car, make sure to stop at Du Teau Chevrolet, l8th and O. There you can choose between luxury or sporty cars, such as the one Debbie, Dean, Evelyn, and Roger have chosen. Gr0Ovy! For any occasion Jim Herpolsheimer and Donna Upton go to Tyrrells Flowers located at H33 North Cotner. When you want corsages, floral arrangements. wall ornaments or center- pieces Tyfells iS the Place YO 90. Their number is 434-6361. Janice Torell, Mary Barnes, and Jayne Novotny know that MerIe's Home Bake Shop, i549 No. Cotner offers fresh home baking at reasonable prices. Here you'll find Mrs. Speer, Pam Lewis, Carol Kolb or Kathy Hile ready to serve you. 203 204 CEN Thinking right now about a large thick chocolate malt? Why not go to Stiverson's Dairy Queen located at l44O No. Cot- ner? Pat Vercellino and Larry Willemsen always stop at Stlversons for their favorite after-school or midnight treats. Reed Stephenson and Phil Koch know the place to go to receive the best buys on heating or air-conditioning is Bryant Air-Conditioning 81 Heating Co., 6317 Havelock Avenue. lf you want to enjoy ,the great indoors, buy Bryantll today. ix You're in the middle of a scary science fiction show and what happens but the television goes out. For fast service call 434-8338 to get Triangle TV, 4900 Dudley St. Go to Triangle for fine selections of TV's and radios, right now. E ,--1 Have you been having trouble starting your car? Why not go to Mealhow Standard Service at 70th and Havelock Ave? Mary Mealhow, Doug Crabtree, Nancy Magnussen, and Francis Black Elk, always go there for speedy auto service, l ,ll Q l ft , ' ri, t.,,, Kathy Ketterer and Doris Zemke always go to Bethany IGA, l432 North Cotner for the most economical buys. Bethany IGA has always been noted for their excellent supply of meats and produce. For bargains today, always flqgrlk IGA Y sllgllllliilgg Barb Sabalka, Janet Shelton, and Vicki Sieckmann stop at Rocky's Cate tor something delicious and refreshing such as a large cold coke after a hard day at school. Rocky's Cafe is located close by at 6l i2 Havelock Avenue. Stop today. -9 . iam - ttf? f 1 ,....,.....t wg!! Darrell Gillespie and Mike Wilkins from Northeast High School are regular customers at Norden's Conoco Service located at 2244 North Cotner. Norden's Conoco has the best buy on Premium, Regular and Conotane gas. qnd oil, wcmm emma , time Lisa Warren and Mary Gossman always recommend Victory Cleaners, located at 4317 North 62nd St. for the best results. Victory Cleaners has had forty-nine years of experi- ence. Remember - they've a drive-in service too. Handy! xxx Tom Kulawik and Mike Young go to Elce 81 Son bindery for the best job in binding. Elce 81 Son specialize in binding church hymnals, law, medical, and reference library books. Elce 81 Son's bindery is located at 2626 North 48th Street. l Q , t-fn ,A ,Q Q if eg? N ,rg gg A 'wetivzwu 1 vw 4 , omlthllitltizkiws . Bill St Tony's is the best place to go for the best buys in groceries. Rebela Shipps and Pat Broadston are getting pizzas and Pepsi for their party. Bill 81 Tony's IGA is easy to find- they're located at 620i Havelock Avenue. HUFFY On Over! 5 X, . ' Hi. 2 ff - We stee iiiil'i as A W Chris Nielsen waits for his turn to have his hair cut as Tom Wulf and Kurt Nielsen get a trim. The Royal Barber Shop, located at 62l3 Havelock Avenue, has experienced and expertly trained barbers to give you the best cut. anywhere, 205 206 QKSVE HY? aw We a ' -- Jan Torell, Dean Belka and Jim Herpolsheimer know that Runza Drive ln, located at 1501 N. 56th, excels in great tasting, oven baked runzas. Fast and efficient service is shown by Pat Walton, Marilyn Fiala and Sandy Robare. Mohawk Cap 81 Gown has the best quality of gowns for all your graduation needs. Nancy Dean and Bill Biggs agree and also like their sensible price and friendly service. Call them at 432-0111 or better yet, stop in at 1125 R today. Steenson's Conoco has the "hottest tire rolling," with the power of John Ryan and Sally Steenson. This tidy, well kept service station is located at 48th and Adams and they are ready to serve you promptly and courteously. Try them, Paul's Barber Shop, 6109 Havelock Avenue, is the right place to go to get that great looking hair cut. Pau1's exper- ience and superb training can assure you of getting your hair cut or trimmed precisely the way you- always want it. Stop in at 11th and M and look over the wide selection of appliances that can be found at Christensen's. Mike Wilkins learns what good sounding quality comes from one of their nifty stereos demonstrated by Mr. Christensen. proprietors is "Let's go in and browse around," says Rick Rieke to Linda Arnold and Don Hansen. Rick knows that Kaufman Furni- ture at 27Ol North 48, has Quality Furniture at a price you can afford. Use Kaufman Furniture 1 CLENJ "Since l9l4," Butler's Cleaners at 4725 St. Paul, have been serving the folks in Lincoln well. Susan Jansing and Gayle Warren like the City-Wide Pick-up. Choir robes and band uniforms are always cleaned best at Butler' Cleaners Sheryl Backencamp and Pat Rinne know that the staff of professional cosrnetologists at Arleen's Suburban Salon at 2328 No. 48, always offer the latest in Personalized Styling, with 0 SP9Cl0l Occenf on individualized cutting and shaping. throughout . is-.M fs,-'."'s"-...W I g Q.. r - - ., Shoes, shoes, shoes! There are always hundreds of styles of shoes to select from at Carlton Shoes, 6l33 Havelock Avenue, to make that outfit complete. Nancy Schulenberg and Linda Frain both agree to look at Carlton's store first. Y? "I like this one," says Nancy Story to Vince Cornell who always look at Mr. J's, 6228 Platte for the best in corsages. Mr. J's always have a wide variety of planters, plants. and gifts for weddings and proms and all other special occasions. 207 208 Roger Tenopir and Jim Herpolsheimer heard that National Carpets was Nebraska's largest carpet specialty company so they went to I323 O St. to check it out. Being helped by Mr. Malcom both boys agree that seeing is believing! Look complicated? Well, it probably is, but Mark Gordon has complete confidence in the experienced employees at Gordon 84 Morgan. At their two Lincoln shops they boast expertness in manufacturing, engineering, and designing. Barry Munyon and Bob Kraft take advantage of one of the several model offices at Exons lnc. What's Bob telling Barry? He's telling him that Exons Inc. at 23 84 O has the best lines, designs, and prices in office furniture anywhere! cc , is Q Sgt f Vi, ,,c U i N' ,lt ,,, . , EB, fi P 5 8 'L s , l Q Golden Barber Shop, located at 6100 Havelock Avenue is proud of the fact that they've been serving Northeast Lin- coln for 4l years! Tom Doughty and Rick Couch say you can't beat them for friendly service and a good haircut. Mr.Copple proudly presents the vault at The Commonwealth Company to Debbie Hahn and Cheryl Upton. He's con- vincing these two girls that there is plenty of money for all for any worthwhile purpose. Where? At l26 No. llth St! 4 es L ,,-fIs K . ik ii i Qz' N N Rick Thurber intently observes Mr. Don Meyer, owner of Short Typesetting Company, as he demonstates methods used on the job. Short Typesetting Co., known for speed, quality, and economy is easily found at 2322 O Street. fliitm Q 2723 ,, N me .Q .VAVVY Candy Holmes and Rick Keane are stocking up on some of the delicious food that they know will be only the best because they're shopping at Holmes Grocery and Market. The location of this friendly store is 2600 North 48th. - 5 G Q X. .".1 AG 1 is -Q ti't f 9 W se"3.',-eq Q Q . SG ' as .. .s . 4 'F " 1 'X 5' ." ' .. . Y ,' QQ Bae. Wes r--' H W '- , . "Pegg -f 1 91g,9 'ltmw MQW Q.,,,,ssf 14 1-' ,, , . Ii, n.J ..'.k Qgfheki. s,5u?we:sgtH. M , V W .. ,1 , ar- ' fErng,gii!:'lsg.,,gmf M wW,l,,5L,... K r VAKAV ., .,,V dl 9 W1 i K ' 1 1 s Q az T13--TWMTPKR' li 4' ' A i w . . , Mr. Gould is showing his son Gene and Pam Shonerd a few examples of the expert cupboards Gould Industries puts out. This business, located at l375 South 33rd is great at making beautiful cabinets for every room of the house. is Greg Sullivan beams as he is preparing to get another strike at Northeast Lanes, 45l5 North 56th. But Glen Muehlhausen and Doug Landstrom aren't worried-they're sure this is the perfect place for truly great competition. Townsend Studio, located at 226 South llth, congratulates the members of the Senior Class and the Student Council upon their work this year. First semester president of the Council was Linda Gage who served most efficiently. l I 209 210 Sam Knight has his father, George, explain the great new BankAmericard to his cousins, Barb and Scott. This card gives the holder instant identification and credit to over one hundred Lincoln businesses. There is no fee 3 ff 1 rrcc t ,.,, it so ,,,,, For the Sittner know that Hinky Dinky, 59th and Adams, is the place to shop. Hinky Dinky offers a terrific assortment of fresh meat, and is stocked so as to fulfill all of finest quality in all foods Jim Starita and Rick . , R ls, if ,Q fl kg l l f for this service and if your card is lost or stolen it can be replaced. Along with the BankAmericard, Citizens State Bank, located at 2500 North 48th, gives you fast and courteous service on any type of account or loan. your families needs. Hinky Dinky offers employment to many eager Northeast students, such as Shiela Gross and Mike Hamilton, who have found that the total savings program is the best way to buy food products for less. Wondering where to take your date that's alot of fun yet inexpensive? Why not try Snooker Bowl? At Snooker Bowl located at 47th and Dudley Street, you can bowl, minia- ture golf, or shoot billiards-all under one roof. Jim Madsen, Janet Cejka, and Karen Kleeb are shown here en- joying Snooker's fine bowling facilities. If you want to rent a large place for a party-why not try Snooker? Snooker means fun. Open daily--lO a.m. to midnight. Panel discussions, dramatic presentations, vocal selec- you'll have it for future reference. Judi Couch, Jane tions, cuttings from plays, speeches-these are only a Rumpeltes, Donna Upton, and Jerry Campbell record a typ- few of the materials that Roto Records can preserve for ical school production which they may replay as often as you. Have your discussion or your dialogue taped-then they wish. Remember Williams Recording, 2650 No. 48th. 211 212 if i A rv - ' ,mmf m.,.-mga Cindy Fisk and Nancy Magnussen from Northeast High talk with the manager of Safeway about the savings you can get if you shop during their 42nd anniversary sale. The Safeway grocery store is located at 6235 Havelock Ave. KathyMeduna's portrait is an example of the fine work done at the Le Suer Studios ot4117 "O" Street, so call 489-3656 for an appoint- ment for senior pictures, brid- al portraits, or other types of photography, ox If you're looking for a good place to take your car, take the advice of Doug Grove, and he'll tell you, Ed's Mobil Service Station is the place to go. Ed's Mobil Service is at a convenient location, at 5600 Holdrege Street. It you want money and time saved, and looking for good service on your plumbing and heating, ask Cheryl Sipp and Kathy Sipp and they'll tell you about Biggerstaff Plumbing 81 Heating, which is located at 7120 Logan St. ' Q swf.: .. Want to own the finest home? You really could - if you only would - buy all your wood - from Paul C. Hood! Bob Hahn, who is getting ready to load a truck with building materials, points out Hood's address - 2141 North Cotner. l People with plans bank at the First National Bank as do Laurie Novak, Marcia Eley, and Nancy Herpolsheimer. For all your banking needs, such as deposits, loans, or checking accounts, visit the Full Service Bank on l2th and N. St. Goodwin Cycles, located at ll6 So. l6th St., is Nebraska's Finest Cycle Center, featuring Bridgestone, Kawasaki, and Royal Enfield. Mike Goodwin knows he can get a good deal from his dad and so can you by just stopping in. i i You can't beat fun! Join your friends for a gay after- develop their co-ordination, lt also gives them an oppor- noon or evening at Cool Crest Triple Links Golf Course. tunity to outdo one another and provides an atmosphere This game offers clean, wholesome amusement, while it of beauty, music, and fun. Located at 220 N. 48th St., helps Nancy Henninger, Cindy Swanson and Jim Haynes to it's obvious this is the place to enjoy your leisure. 213 214 s QQ? 3 c. ,rs i pw, snows: 5' 1' l Q The Arena Roller Skating Center at 300 North 48, offers the best in skating music and the finest skating floor. Debby Price, Chuck Stueben and Terry Donner always call 466-9940 for their party arrangements. Skating is fun. You'Il like the fast, courteous service at Arthur Owens 134 So. 13, in the Federal Security Building. This fine portrait of Lincoln Northeast junior Lori Hiza is just one of the many examples of their work. Call 432-6272. Judy McGlinn, maiden in distress needs a knight in shiny armor to save her from the villain, Nann Greb and her buzz saw. Saws, lumber, and building supplies are specialties of Meek Lumber Company at 2441 North 48th. nuvswrnw J Park , snow .1iHg,Yy m Linda Hohensee and Becky Fischer always save Community Blue Stamps. They know stamps of Blue buy more for You. The Community Saving Stamp Co., 238 North 13, gives and redeems. They are a member of Lincoln Park 8. Shop Assn. Dan Roland Photography, 2945 O St. always offer pictures that please you. Linda Markwardt and Polly O'NeilI know that satisfaction is always guaranteed. Weddings are G specialty, beautifully done in color or black and white. "Eeny meeny miney mo!" Dick Wible, computer programmer at the National Bank of Commerce, jokingly shows Janice, Virginia, Pam, and Steve one ot many ways this computer helps the people at l3th and O run an efficient service. i it Mike Holtgrewe, Gary Foster, Rich Hubka, and Ed Olson, seem happy with the information that the representative from Midwest Life Insurance is telling them. If you want to hear the good news in insurance visit 500 S. l6th St! Marty Hall brings a long row of friends to Hub Hall Real Estate Insurance on lll Piazza Terrace. She wants them all to know about the complete real estate service they can find there. Vicki Zessin, Mary Weber, and Margaret Burkhardt study the Hub Hall sign while Cathy Cramer is already thoroughly convinced that this is the place to go for appraisals, insurance, and custom construction. Why don't you come and check out Hub Hall Real Estate? 215 216 I r S For superb entertainment the Joyo Theater is located at "A penny saved," quotes Northeast Senior Nancy Wheatley, 6102 Havelock. Sylvia Cook, Willa Cook, Sheryl Owen, Sharon Toohey, and Cathy Carlson explain that the Joyo provides yummy refreshments besides top-ranking movies. "is a penny earning more pennies and more pennies for me at the friendly office of Union Loan 81 Saving Assoc- iation, iocated at either 209 South l3th or 5500 'O'." "Mr, Ben" is supervising over Linda White, Joyce Rudell and Cheryl Westcott as they admire their new hair-do's created by his students. Ben Your Hairdresser is the place for women who care to look their very best. Ben's is not only a beauty salon-it's also a beauty school. So if you're interested, stop in at 304 South llth and you'll see that this is an excellent school to fulfill your hope of becoming a beautician. Call Ben's, 432-l7l7l H an Qt., 4.05 -1 -fur -F + . ,rt L-ati.. fl: t ml as 5 ' ? ' .H ' 4' . ,." ,Q i Have a house to sell? Want to buy one? Need one managed? Or just want to rent one? Whatever your question may be, stop and visit, as Donna Upton has done, with the friendly folks at Nebraska Real Estate Corporation, 5500 Holdrege. ..r' . Fill your tank at Fleetwing's Conoco Station, 5745 "O" St., with the "hottest brand going." And while you're there, don't forget to grease up with their super motor oil as Tim Branaman and Jeff Jobes do whenever needed. 7 3 iff' I M00 jfw"fft if , QE filvfwu gg For that after-game refresher, stop in at Taco Joe's located on 27th and W St., as Vicki Zessin, Mary Weber, Margaret Burkhardt, Cathy Cramer, and Marsha Hall do. To take the order is Mr. Dittoe, former Rocket student. Vicki Wilson looks on as Linda Weber receives the latest styling tips. For that extra touch of loveliness, visit Mary's Bethany Terrace Salon, i326 N. 66th, where there is complete beauty care besides wig and wiglet service. "Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, all these foods stir my tum!" Vicki and Sue can't decide between a delicious dinner or a tasty sandwich. The Patio Restaurant, 48th and Fremont, has in- side-outside service plus convenient carry out orders. 217 218 UHF ,.....---0-"" c,d,,....o..fe-- Nancy and Bev Dean are admiring the beautiful selection of cars displayed at Dean Brothers. Make it a point to go by this place, located at l835 West "O", and see the rows of clean used cars as well as the new 1969 models. RUUT BEER Ted's A 81 W Drive-ln, located at 941 North 48th, is a favorite stop for all Northeast students. Here Ivan Broman and Steve Morgan are enjoying a refresher ser- ved by Debbie Hoyt. Manager Ted is a former LN Rocket. PE 1 gi Wondering what to have for breakfast or snack time? Try G 81 S Donut Shop, 832 No. 27th, for a large selection. David Sherry, Dick Hanneman, Steve Birdwell, Glen Dens- berger, and Dale Hageman know G 8. S Shop is the best: For the best buys in lumber, hardware, millwork, and also paint, Landy Clark Co., located at 60th and Platte is the place to go. Tim Rivett and Jeff Riebe always go to Landy Clark's to get the best dollar value in town. es fssrsfiu Robbie Rogers, Tim Branaman, and Jeff Jobes stop at London Aquarium, located at 6840 Havelock Avenue, to purchase more fish for their collection. They are fascinated by this ferocious but fascinating pirqinha. -f i 1 X Dennis Garrison and Randy Flanders know that whenever their cars have aches, pains, or just need nutrition, Barry's Standard, 2542 No, 48th is where to go. Here your car will receive the best doctoring at low prices. Garner Tool 81 Die, located near by at 5724 Seward Street is noted for precision in the tools-dies and plastic molds. Gomer Tool 81 Die has a lot of special machines for both engineering service and punch press service. . F 11073 1 Bl'00ks W .saws , SUPSDLIERS Brooks Window Suppliers, located at 1517 North Cotner, is always ready to help customers like Larry Meier, in their selection of fine quality materials. Brooks also offers free estimates on all of their aluminum awnings. l Laurie Smith, a junior at Lincoln Northeast, knows that Edholm and Blomgren, located at 318 South 12th, is the place to go in Lincoln for fine quality work at moderate prices. Appointments can be made by calling 432-6686. .lf With the help of such friendly employees as Mrs. Esther Claussen, Christina Williams and Martin Weihing discover Havelock Pharmacy, located at 6136 Havelock Avenue, to be one of the finest multi-service stores in all Lincoln. 219 220 Sociable students sauntering Swiss-ward see smiling, snappy servers scooping Swiss specialties - sodas, sun- daes, spuds, Swisswiches, Swiss 'n sticks. So, students Scurry, scoot, 'n sip 'n slurp some soothing Swiss sweets. For complete portrait and commercial photography visit Ken Schmieding of Hamilton's on the corner of l4th and P St. or call 432-2426 for an appointment. lt's easy to detect their fine quality in this portrait of Jim Bone. This well-known sign belongs to the Q. P. store, located at 1554 N. 48th. lt's an amazing store because you can get anything you need at lowest prices. There's such a variety of items it's fun to stop in and browse around. Bill 655198 A familiar face and a familiar place - that's Mr. McCart- ney at his Auto Service in Bethany. He and Mr. Coleman give Barry Stutzman and Mike Wilber some good advice as Donna and Mona await a ride in Barry's old Model T. Q V 'f f ft-X-T-.,f,'.f wc." w gp ' X , g 'QW"T'?Q ' , -- 7'4" 'r . ff" ,f'-,fitswgzw fn., ,xl 44- ---4. sr.. wx. fr, 1 f' ev 1 as-1 . , I- f- '.-:-M. ge "Asda,-' 9" f rf' K" 'Wi' R .' Xa? 'ft tf ri f 1 5, 2 g Mi l fs,-fg3E5,: I. Y A wfirmgm-'1:5..f2 ,Q ef? - , n . - V s c K-w haf..-.L si-7 , -45 2.4 . , L1 ,Y?z'-""4.' LFE. sys?-'ll 11 -' ' - v-fl 3 Y " , ,515 .'.s' P21615 ' " gi fs' Q W - is sf 4'l'5"T'A' V ...Q ,..,. . Us ll ti l 'im-eta mg." ' W . 1 Q., L- . ,,..4,,s.0 . .,k A xiii., . , . Q , . ,S W M11 - -I 'W' l ??fg5f'p1.gsa- "'-- .',- 1 V W ' K, ,W ' v--- V -,es-W.m.s.4,.W. '1 4 - .. - U ...eww .,, ,,,. M, , 2 ., , ,W , .. ..., . , , , MW., ...,, . .m'-,.7ggaiz3'5fewTir1gf+gt,z?- - . " " :x,4:1mpf.-'y:z5..... ., , ,,,. , ffvaawwf-X' f- - - .,, f f - - ,fw,s,,f:.f.,e:-y,,, 'uf-',w. N -1- ,. ,, , -.2 . N H 5 .g A, ,W ..... K, , .. A I , , Q. ,, -,.?Vw.k,k'Mw Need some paint or varnish? Or a tool, or a gift, or a toy - or even sporting goods? Perhaps it's grass seed or lawn supplies. The friendly helpers at Bethany Supply, 2l4l North Cotner, will take care of your every need. Wanna' know where to go for all famous brands of furni- Dear me, Iet's see -- shall I buy a lot, or build a home, ture, carpeting, appliances, color TV, or stereo? The or remodel a home, or just check my insurance? Whatever answer to your question is Wanek's, located at the east Jeanie's problem is, Scand, lnc. can solve it for her. edge of Crete, They are open Sundays and evenings too. This is their business, they are at 2109 North Cotner St. We wish to express our appreciation to the businesses who have advertised in this 1969 ROCKET. Each of them is a loyal Northeast booster. Without their support Lincoln North- east could not carry on its 'many projects and activities - a school can be successful only when it has the backing of parents and commu- nity. We are grateful for this backing. - Advertising Staff 221 222 Before a game, after a game, or just for a re- freshing snack, Northeast Rockets head for a King's Food Host USA. One of their favorite locations is at 66th and Cotner. Here you will find groups of students relaxing over a Pepsi, or enjoying one of those fabulous "hamburgers with fries." After meeting a strenuous news- paper deadline, Cecelia Slechta, Nann Greb, Bette Free, Polly O'Neill and Nancy Wheatley stop for a malt. Here they find Jim Herpol- sheimer, Vicky Ramos, Dean Belka, and Debbie Lichty enjoying several of King's specialties. 41 21591 has proud 21, is the doy the Rocket Stoff onticipoted when' We plfesent to youl this reofosenting long hours ond short fing- We hope mas bool! wan aoovo behind o this school yeor for you The staff is of you will olsop Q ROQlFETlll5T7fSlFF Q 1- li oi ol, ,A f. 61 X Barnett, Robert 129 224 A Adams, Cheryl 144 Adams Adams , Elisa 112 , Richard lRandy1 105, 128 Adams, Thomas 64, 92, 104 128 Aguilar, Christina 112 Ahlman, Gregory 128 Ahlstedt, James 1 12 Ahrens, Connie 30, 144 Ahrens, Judy Lynn 112 Aksamit, Ricky 177 Alber, Ronald 102, 141 Albers, Wesley 112 Albert, Judith 35, 48, 61, 65, 128 Alberts, Larry Russell 64, 128 Alex, Rebecca 112 Allen, Charles 144 Allen, Kathryn 112 Allen, Susan 127 Allen, Wesley 112 ALL-SCHOOL PLAYS 66, 67 ALL-SPORTS ROYALTY 76 Anderson, Jean 127 Anderson, Gordon 1 12 Anderson, Linda 128 Anderson, Norman 144 Anderson, Richard 59, 60, 92, 128 Anderson, Ronald 28, 29, 92, 106, 112 Anderson, Steve 60, 144' Andreas, Pamela 1 12 Andreesen, Bradley 177 Androvitch, Nicholas 152, 177 Anson, Donna Lee 35, 128 Argello, Michael 84, 87, 128 Armanovs, Marija 128 Armintrout, James 128 Arnett, Mary 112 Arnold, Linda 50, 112, 207 Arnold, Shirley 49, 1 12 ART CLUB 40 Atwood, Raymond 46, 128 Avey, Steven 92, 128 Aylward, Kathleen 71, 177 Bach, Timothy 1 12 Backencamp, Sheryl 30, 44, 144, 207 Baer, Steven 128 Bailey, Connie 112 Bailey, Steven 141 Baker, Charles 144 Baker, Pat 70 Baldwin, Charles 127 Ball Ball Ball Ball Ball Jerry 141 John 106, 144 Keith 128 Peggy 48, 52, 112 :Thomas 93, 112 Ballard, Steven 128 BAND 64 Barker, James 39, 82, 105, 144 Barkley, Robert 145 Barnes, Harold 127 Barnes, Mary 30, 50, 55, 145, 197 Barnett, Jerry 93, 100, 112, 1 13 Barnhill, Janet 112 Barnhill, Peggy 35, 58, 129 Barthule, David 145 Barthuly, Georgia 49, 112 Bartlett, Anne 129 Bartlett, Linda 1 12 Bartlett, Terri 1 12 Basler, Catherine Elaine 129 Basler, Kathy 141 Bates, Sheila 44, 112 Bauer, Pam 141 Bauers, Aloris 35, 129 Bauers, Dennis 1 12 Bauers, Susan 129 Baumfalk, Melvin 177 Bauman, Debra 129 Beaman, Keith 1 12 Beaver, Robert 39, 84, 85, 89, 145 Beck, William 82, 92, 129 Becker, Gary 145 Becker, Kathleen 129 Beeson, Debra 145 Behrens, Allen 145 Behrens, Peggy 112 Beisner, Don 112 Belka, Dean 55, 65, 129, 203, 222 Bell, Jeffery 93, 106,, 113 Belz, Sandra 30, 145 Benash, Joyce 35, 129 Bennet, John 64, 145 Bennett, Kristine 30, 50, 60, 62, 63, 64, 147, 179 Benton, Linda 30, 50, 51, 147 Beran, Steven 129 Berger, Kim 1 13 Bergfeld, Randy 129 Bergman, Sandra 129 Bergstraesser, Michael 42, 129 Bergt, Beverly 30, 33, 63, 64, 147, 179 Berogan, Eugene 177 Berry, Jacqueline 35, 58, 69, 129 Berry, Patricia 113 Bescheinen, Deborah 113 Bettinger, Acie Lee 130 Bettinger, Mary 58, 130 Bickford, Brenda 35, 45, 130 Bickford, Derald 93, 106, 127 Biffle, Steven 62, 64, 130 Biggerstaff, Dennis 93, 113 INDEX Biggerstaff, Douglas 64, 65, 71, 130 Biggs, James 93, 100, 113 Biggs, William 28, 29, 60, 77, 80, 81, 84, 91, 94, 97, 147 Bigley, Lyle 64, 130 Bilbo, Bradley 113 Bilbo, Janece 127 Bills, John 110,113 Bird, Larry 105, 130 Birdwell, Shara 30, 60, 66, 69, 147, 179 Birdwell, Steven 64, 130 BlackElk, Francis 105, 130, 204 BlackElk, Marilyn 127 BlackElk, Marva 141 Bliss, Johnnie 130 Bloch, Daniel 113 Bloch, Kathleen 30, 60, 147, 179 Blumer, John 104, 113 Blumer, Paula 30, 36, 60, 75, 147, 179 BOARD OF EDUCATION 190 Boettcher, David 113 Bohmont, Patricia 130 Boiler, Avis 30, 60, 147 Bomberger, Michael 93, 113 Bone, James 147, 220 Bonneau, Jody 49,5O, 65, 113 Bonsack, Charles 28, 130 Bontrager, Lana 30, 177 Bontrager, Sharon 127 Borgens, Jo 30, 33, 44, 50, 53, 54, 147, 179,, 202 Bosteder, Barbara 35, 58, 130 Bosteder, Cheryl 1 13 Botts, Jeffery 130 Bouges, Connie Mae 177 Bowen, Sandra 127 Bowers, Richard 141 Boyte, Russ 59, 60, 130 Braasch, Richard 64, 130 Brady, Patricia 30, 147 Brakhage, Gary 130 Brakhage, Linda 64, 65, 71, 130 Brammer, Karen 69, 113 Branaman, Timothy 130, 217, 218 Brehm, Anthony 66, 141 Brehm, Laurie 66, 147, 179 Brehm, Patricia 130 Brehm, Rick 147 Brethouwer, Dennis 1 13 Brethouwer, Kenneth 141 Brick, Alan 130 Brinkman, Patricia 1 13 Broadston, Patricia 1 12, 1 13, 205 Brockman, Leland 28, 39, 60, 84, 89, 90, 147, 171 Broman, Ivan 59, 130, 218 Brooks, Douglas 51, 147 Brooks, Michael 130 Brotzman, Cynthia 40, 1 13 Brown, Alan 141 Brown, Carol 64, 1 13 Brown, Cheryl 1 13 Brown, Linda 35, 130 Brown, Michael 41, 64, 127 Brown, Pamela 46, 113 Brown, Peggy 130, 139 Brown, Ray 141 Brown, Robert 102, 103, 108,147 Brown, Shannon 44, 1 13 Bruner, Brunke, William 113 Marsha 113 Buck, Keith 39, 43, 82, 105, 147 Buckland, Patricia 30, 147 Bucy, Jeanne 30, 54, 148, 179, 198 Budt, Alan 177 Budt, Joyce 35, 58, 130 Buell, Andrea 113 Buls, Nancy 35, 130 Bunn, Pamela 28, 29, 35, 50, 58, 60, 130 Buntemeyer, Bonnie 30, 61, 148 Buntemeyer, Larry 59, 130 Burchardt, Vera 35, 50, 51, 63, 64, 130 Burchess, Edward 177 Burkhardt, Margaret 28, 30, 60,148, 164,179, 214, 215 Burling, Dennis 63, 71, 74, 148, 179 Burnett, Leaford 113 Burnham, Pamela 113 Bush, Franklin 60, 84, 91, 177 Bussear, Susan 50, 70, 114 Butler, Harald 93, 1 14 Butler, Vicki 30, 148, 179, 198 Butt, Debra 1 14 Butts, Sandra 148 Butterfielfd, Steven 1 14 Byler, Jay Michael 106, 114 Byleen, Mary 30, 44, 148, 179 pu C Codes, Richard 80, 81, 84, 89, 109, 148 Cadwallader, Judith 48, 114 Cadwallader, Steven 148 CAFETERIA STASF 193 Cahill, Patricia 114 Campbell, Jerry 28, 130, 21 1 Campbell, Pamela 114 Cameron, Phyllis 30, 149, 179 Campbell, Kenneth 149 Campbell, Timothy 130 Capps, Robey Scott 149 Cardwell, Thomas 1 14 Carlson, Jeannette 64, 1 14 Carlson, Michael 39, 42, 80, 94, 130 Carlson, Patricia 40, 114 Carlson, Susan 35, 44, 59, 130 Carr, Larry 149 Carstens, Debra 44, 1 14 Carter, Terry 130 Casady, Richard 177 Casady, Thomas 46, 83, 114 Catlett, Rebecca 29, 35,, 44, 58, 130, 201 Caughey, Ron 127 Cejka, Janet 35, 52, 58, 130,134,135, 211 Chaffee, Kathleen 149, 179 Chamberlain, Harlan 102, 177 Chappell, Patricia 114 Chappell, Rachel 35, 48, 64, 130 Chase, John 83, 114 Chase, Sharon 30, 149 CHEERLEADERS 36, 37 CHESS CLUB 41 Cheney, Craig 114 Chisholm, Diana 1 14 Christopher, Glena 149 Chriswisser, Peggy 149 Clapper, Daniel 59, 92, 130 Clark, Linda 30, 71, 149 Clements, Mary 177 Clifton, David 149, 203 Cline, Gary 40, 130 Cline, Richard 149 Clinefelter, Barbara 46, 1 14 Clinefelter, Dorothy 65, 149, 179 Clough, Gary 40, 58, 114 Clough, Jeanne 150 Clover, Edward 141 Coatman, Pamela 64, 1 14 Coats, Kathleen 1 14 Cole, Delayne 42, 114 Cole, Jolene 150 Cole, Ricky tCharles1 141 Cole, Richard lDale1 141 Cole, Susan 1 14 Coleman, Alice 60, 67, 69, 150 Coleman, John 64, 150 Collins, Douglas 177 Collins, Susan 28, 114 Collister, Richard Paul 65, 104, 130 Connick, Steven 1 14 Connick, Susan 114 Connolly, Michael 64, 150 Conover, Shannon 1 14 Cook, Daniel 75, 81, 84, 86, 94, 98, 150 Cook, Jacqueline 30, 150, 201 Cook, Martin 130 Cook, Sylvia 130, 216 Cook, Willa 150, 216 Cookson, Alva 60, 150 Coolen, Rita 114 Coon, Thomas 127 Corder, Dick 1 15 Cordray lBruner1, Janet 64, 65, 130 Cordray tBruner1, John 127 Cornell, Lee Vincent 68, 150, 207 Corning, James 64, 106, 130 Cotner, Michael 1 15 Couch, Judith 30, 37, 150, 21 1 Couch, Richard 109, 115, 208 Cover, Steven 1 15 Covert, Thomas 59, 130 Cox, Randy 1 15 Coy, Victoria 127 Crabtree, Douglas 64, 150, 204 Craig, Stanley 130 Cramer, Catherine 30, 60, 150, 214, 215 Cramer, Linda 150 Crear, Janet 115 Crear, Michael 102, 130 Creel, Diane 130 Cromer, Steven 64, 70, 130 Cronk, Deborah 35, 130 Crook, Barbara 115 Crosier, Susan 131 Crounse, Virginia 35, 58, 131 Cruickshank, Jarnes 115 Crumb, Robert 150 Crumb, William 115 Crump, Sally 131 Cruthers, Deborah 150 Cruthers, Michale 1 15 Cuba, Linda 115 Culver, Gary 131 Cummins, Paul 150 Cunningham, Dean, Jr. 41, 150 Curtiss, John 39, 46, 64, 84, 91,151,179 D Daharsh, Jon 115 Dahl, David 39, 107, 151 Dake, Karen 30, 60, 62, 151, 179 Dake, Larry 115 Damkroger, Maurice 28, 80, 81, 84, 87, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 131 Dana, Jeanette 115 Danek, Terry 93, 109, 115 Danley, Bruce 92, 131 Danley, Kathy 177 Danner, Teresa 35, 48, 131, 214 Darr, Alan 51, 64, 104, 131 Darr, Janene 131 Davidson, Barbara 30, 151 Davidson, Jeanne 1 15 Davis, Jeanne 35, 131 Dawson, Lawrence 131 Dean, Beverly 112, 115, 201 Dean, Nancy 28, 29, 30, 37, 50, 60, 77, 148, 151, 206, 218 Dean, Randall 41, 64, 115 Dean, Robert 80, 151 Dean, Rockford 92, 141 DEBATE 46 DECA 68 Deeds, Richard 47, 64, 67, 69, 151, 179 DeFreece, Dianne 1 15 Dell, Barbara 67, 69, 151, 179 Dennis, Marcia 151 Densberger, Glen 67, 131, 218 Detenbeck, Deborah 30, 151, 202 Detmer, Tom 1 15 Diaz, Fernando 115 Diaz, George 115 Dickinson, Norma 141 Diehl, Jack 115 Diekhoff, George 41, 64, 151 Dietrich, Charlene 35, 40, 65, 131, 199 Dietz, Susan 1 15 Dinges, Donna 30, 151 Dinges, Steven 141 Dinsmore, Marvin 1 15 Dittenber, Richard 115 Dixon, Valerie 30, 49, 60, 151 Dolan, Shirley Jean 30, 32, 151, 179 Dooling, Charles 115 Dorenbach, Joan 115 Doughty, Susan 35, 131, 217 Doughty, Thomas 1 15, 208 Dorenbach, Mary 151 Dow, Douglas 1 15 Drabant, Michael 46, 131 Drabant, Rebecca 46, 1 15 Dragosh, Vicki 131 Drapal, Richard 131 Draper, Randall 81, 102, 103, 108, 177 Draver, Maureen 151, 198 Drewell, Marilyn 115 Dring, Steven 115, 215 Dudek, Adolph 1 15 Dugdale, Cindy 115 Dunbar, Patty 30, 151 Dunn, David 177 Durham, Terri 30, 151 Durst, Dale 131 E Ebben, Terry 131 Ebke, Glenda 152 Edelmaier, Richard 152 Edgar, Karen 177 Edmiston, Jay 127 Edwards, Susan 35, 44, 48, 71, 131 Ehlers, Gary 59, 141 Ehrlich, Albert 1 15 Eisel, Deborah 115 Eisenbarth, Paul 152 Eisenman, Arthur 131 Eisenman, Martin 152 Eisert, Marvin 153, 177 Eldenborg, Kathy 30, 152 Eley, Marcia 29, 115, 213 Eley, Michael 152' Elliott, James 115 Elliott, Laura 30, 63, 64, 152 Elliott, Peggy 30, 70, 152 Ellis, Gerald 131 Ellis, Sharon 30, 68, 70, 152 Els, Deborah 30, 153, 179 Els, John 83, 131 Elsasser, Arlie 93, 106, 115 Emery, Douglas 39, 60, 62, 82, 105, 153 Emery, Joyce 49, 1 15 Emry, Randy 115 Endorf, Janet 1 15 Eppens, Delora 58, 132 Erickson, Barbara 127 Erickson, David 153 Erickson, Kenneth 153 Esquivel, Johnny 92, 132 Essman, Sandra 35, 44, 49, 132 Essman, Steven 153 Estle, Marvin 115 Ethridge, Dale 177 Evans, Sheila 44, 65, 1 15 Everson, Douglas 1 15 Ewing, June 30, 153, 179 F FFA 43 FACULTY 184-189 Fager, Jane 132 Faimon, Donna 30, 153 Faimon, Kathleen 115 Farley, Denise 35, 141 Farley, Ronnie Ray 141 Farr, Cathy 35, 132 Fauth, Steve 1 15 Fazel, Jil 115 Feldman, Richard 64, 115 Ferguson, David 132 Ferguson, Dianne 44, 65, 1 15 Fiala, Marilyn 153, 206 Fielder, Steven 1 15 Fish, Quintin 153 Fischer, John 41,, 107, 132 Fischer, Rebecca 44, 1 15, 214 Fisher, Jack 153 Fisher, Jeffery 1 15 Fisk, Cynthia 30, 153, 212 Flanders, Randall 153, 219 Flemmig, Bradley 115 Fletcher, Cynthia 28, 30, 32, 61, 62, 76, 148, 154 Flock, Annette 35, 132 Folsom, Nancy 1 15 Foreman, Carol 1 15 Forney, Yvonne 54, 66, 69, 154, 202 225 226 Fossler, Orvia 1 15 Foster, Gary 53, 54, 94, 99, 154, 200, 215 Fowler, Cheryl 35, 132 Fox, Jefferson 47, 69, 154, 179 Fox, Margaret 1 15 Frain, Linda 35, 44, 58, 132, 207 Frakes, Linda 30, 154 Francis, David 115 Francis, Timothy 127 Frank, Leonard Terry 44, 1 15 Franson, Kenneth 127 Franson, Michael 132 Frasier, Paul 154 Free, Bette 52, 57, 64, 154 179, 222 Free, Wayne 132 French, Lindsay 154 French, Thomas 107., 154 Frerking, Helen 141 Frickel, Robert 28, 39, 82, 154, 198 Fritts, Lois 58, 132 Frye, Katherine 141 Funk, Frank 132 Furrer, James 54, 66, 67, 69, 132 Fye, Barbara 30, 63, 64, 154 G GAA 48, 49 Gabelhouse, Janet 30, 44, 154 Gage, Cheryl 34, 35, 132 Gage, Linda 28, 29, 30, 37, 75, 148, 154, 209 Gammel, Robert 132 Garbers, Dennis 59, 132 Gardner, Teresa 177 Garl, Gregory 104, 154 Garrison, Dennis 154, 219 Garrison, Yvonne 1 15 Gaston, Debra 30, 45, 70, 154, 179 H Gedwillo, Thomas 141 Genthe, Ricky 28, 93, 110, 1 15 Gergens, Deborah 35, 132 Gerlach, Gary 1 16 Gettemy, Lynn 154, 165 Gettman, Jane 30, 177 Gibson, John 177 Giebelhaus, Deborah 132 Giebelhaus, Nancy 116 Gies, Susan 44, 65, 132 Gillespie, Darrell 82, 109, 154, 205 Gillispie, Lynn 116 Gillette, Timothy 155, 179 Gilliam, Donnalea 177 Glaser, Cathy 35, 48, 132, 141 Glaser, Rodney 109, 116 Gochnour, Ricky 39, 43, 82, 105,, 132 Goeschel, Diana 64, 132 Goggins, David 83, 177, 203 Goodwin, Michael 64, 65, 71, 132, 213 Gordon, Marilyn 155 Gordon, Mark 46, 116, 208 Gordon, Sharron 1 16 Gossard, Janice 35, 132 Gossard, Steven 155 Gossman, Leslie 132 Gossman, Mary 19, 65, 155, 179, 205 Gothier, Michael 116 Gould, Eugene 39, 82, 84, 85, 87, 155, 209 Grace, Edward 39, 80, 94, 133 Grady, Patricia 155 Graesser, Louise 116 Graf, Paul 93, 116 Graul, Lonnie 39, 62, 84, 91, 129, 133 Graven, Ardelle 35, 44, 58, 132 Graybill, Jolean 116 Graybill, Vicky 177 Greb, Nanette 30, 57, 155, 214, 222 Green, Gary 177 Green, James 83, 116 Green, Peggy 133, 199 Greeno, Jean 28, 30, 36, 55, 75, 155, 179, 198, 221 Greeno, Ronald 82, 105, 1 10, 1 16 Greer, Richard 104, 116 Greever, Brent 116 Gregg, Kathy 28, 29, 30, 37, 148, 149, 179, 155 Greuter, Linda 30, 155 Grice, Linda 44, 116 Griepenstroh, LaVerne 155 Griffin, Connie 30, 44, 155 Griffin, Margaret 155 Gritz, Gloria 133 Groat, Pamela 35, 69, 133 Gross, Sheila 60, 155, 179 Grove, Douglas 155, 212 Gruett, Jon 43, 60, 64, 133 Guajardo, Marcial 127 Gunn, Toni 116 H Haar, Constance 30, 68, 155 Haas, Norman 1 16 Haas, Sheryl 1 16 Haas, William 93, 116 Hackbarth, Robert 155 Hackman, Hollis 65, 93, 1 16 Hadley, Michael 1 16 Hageman, Dale 107, 155, 218 Hageman, Karen 116 Hahn, Deborah 116, 208 Hahn, Robert 42, 133, 212 Hall, Blair 64, 104, 116 Hall, Catharine 116 Hall, Jeffrey 127 Hall, John 141 Hall, M 156, 215, Hall, Ri mic 30, 48, 60, 164, 179, 199, 217 chard 92, 106, 133 Hall, Vickie 30, 156 Hamby, Robert 156 Hamilton, Michael 102, 103, 156 Hamilton, Richard 116 Hamilton, Randy 156 Haney, Hanna, Brenda 177 Becky 1 16 Hanneman, Richard 59, 68, 133, Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson 218 , Billy 141 , Diane 133 James 177 , Jan 30, 156 , Janice 44, 116 , Patricia 156 , Brenda 116 Donald 116 207 1-iofdf, amy 59, 133' Harrington, Martha 1 17 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Harriso Diane 70, 127 JoAnn 177 Roddy 156, 179 Jeffery 117 Steven 93, 117 n, John 59, 117 Harrold, Sue 127 Hart, Jack 82, 84, 89, 141 Hart, Patricia 177, 179 Hartman, Rodney 42, 47, 133 Hartshorn, Karen 30, 156 Hartshorn, Terry 133 Hatfield, David 141 Hawkins, Evelyn 35, 133, 203 Hayes, Hayes, Haynes Connie 133 Sharon 133 ,James 117, 213 Hays, Shirley 127 Hegener, Cheryl 117 Hegener, Steven 156 Heacock, David 133 Heffelfinger, Deborah 35, 58, 133, 203 Heiserman, Byron Carl 177 Heller, Larry 156 Helm, Wanitta 133 Helmick, Ronald 177 Helmkamp, Donald 117 Henkel, Lynn 52, 133 Henline, Alice 19, 30, 51, 60, 65, 156, 179 Hennessey, Lavonne 48, 1 17 Henninger, Nancy 30, 60, 69, 158, 213 Henninger, Sally 35, 133 Henriksen, Linda 117 Henrikson, Shirley 133 Hensler Hereth, , Sharol 117 Susan 117 Hergert, Janis 133 Herman, Patricia 40, 133 Hermann, Marilyn 117 Herpolsheimer, James 29, 133, 203, 206, 208, 222 Herpolsheimer, Nancy 117 Herstein, John 41, 133 Hertzel, James 93, 110, 117 Heying, David 117 Hiatt, Darla 117 Hibbert, Lhonda 1 17 Hicks, Elizabeth Janet 117 Hielen, Diane 133 Hildebrand, Carol 30, 70, 158 Hildebrand, Michael 105, 106, 117 Hile, David 93, 117 Hile, Kathy 30, 50, 158, 203 Hill, David 100, 133 Hill, Glen 117 Hill, Harold 28, 39, 77, 82, 94, 99, 158 Hill, Richard 105, 133 Hill, Ruth 30, 158 Hill, Tyson 93, 117 Hipple, Kenneth 28, 93, 1 17 Hitch, Benjamin 158 Hitch, James 59, 141 Hitz, Kathleen 30, 158, 179 Hiza, Lorraine 35, 133, 199, 214 Hladik, Larry 39, 84, 86, 133 Hladik, Yvonne 127 Hoage, Lane 133 Hoffman, Cynthia 35, 58, 133 Hofker, Gary 1 18 Hohensee, Linda 30, 46, 1 18, 214 Hohensee, Loretta 30, 158 Holland, Robert 158 Hollers, Christine 127 Hollers, Stephen 59, 62, 133 Holmes, Candace 58, 133, 209 Holtgrewe, Michael 28, 29 39, 53, 54, 74, 83, 84, 89, 159, 179, 200, 215 HOMECOMING ROYALTY 75 Hood, Steven 133 Horner, David 118 Horner, George 102, 1 18 Horns, Connie 159 Hornung, Kathleen 30, 159 Hornung, Larry 64, 133 Hosek, Douglas 127 Hosek, Karen 30, 32, 159 Hotovy, Jacob Mike 101, 1 18 1 Hovey, Deborah 30, 159 Howard, Barbara 127 Hough, Rebecca 1 18 Hoyt, Deborah 30, 50, 70, 159, 218 Hoyt, Mike 159 Hubka, Richard 29, 38, 39, 54, 75, 80, 81, 84, 87, 109, 149, 159, 200, 215 l fland, Hudzici 133 Hughes ki, Mary 35, 58, , Anita 35, 58, 133 Hughes, Elizabeth 35, 133 Hughes, James 42, 159 Hughes, Ruth 30, 159 Hughes, Suzanne 30, 69, 159 Hughes, Yvonne 70, 159 Humer, Katharine 118 Hunt, Linda 49, 118 Husbands, James 64, 159 Husske, Douglas 118 Husske, Denise 127 Huston, Barbara 30, 159 Huston, Lyle 133 Huston, Russell 141 Hutchins, Mark 82, 105, 106, 133 Hutchinson, Stephen 1 18 I Robert 40, 159 Johnson, Cheryl 118 Johnson Dianne 118 Johnson, Duane 118 Johnson, Eric 1 19 Johnson, Gayle 29, 30, 36, 58, 60, 160 Johnson, Jacquelyn 127 Johnson Janice 35, 58, 133 Johnson, Joyce 133 Johnson, Judy 119 Johnson Julionn 119 Johnson, Kathryn 30, 50, 65, 160, 173, 179 Johnson Johnson Lawrence 1 19 Linda 64, 1 19 Johnson, Lynne 30, 69, 160 Johnson, Michael 133 Johnson Reed 133 Johnson Robert 92, 104, 133 Johnson Sandra 30, 36, 160 Johnson, Todd 83, 1 19 Johnson, Vickie 141 lmus, Katherine 127 Ingwerson, Ruth 48, 1 18 lnness, Kenneth 102, 133 INTERNATIONAL CLUB 44, 45 Irick, Cynthia 118 Irons, Jerry 118 lrons, Johnny 159 lrons, Judith 118 lsaacs, Ellen 133, 201 J Jacka, David 41, 64, 65, 71, 159 Jackson, Alan 104, 127 Jackson, Donald 133 Jackson, John 118 Jacobsen, Annette 1 18 Jakub, Denise 49, 118 Jakub, Gerald 43, 159 James, Jo Ann 118 James, Joyce 1 18 James, Linda 118 James, Patricia 35, 133 Jamison, Judy 44, 160, 179 Janda, Carolyn 35, 64, 133 Jando, Marilyn 118 Jansing, Douglas 39, 104, 160 Jansing, Susan 35, 50, 65, 133, 207 Jasson, Chrisse 28, 29, 30, 49, 160,180, 181 Jensen, Alette 64, 1 18 Jensen, Carol 64, 133 Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Denis 160 Joseph 109, 118 Kenneth 43, 160 Jernigan, Lonnie 133 Jessee, Susan '133 Jimenez, Francine 49, 118 Jobes, Jeffery 64, 133, 135, 217, 218 Johnsen, Gary 118 Johnsen, Larry 118 Johnson, Carla 133 Johnston, Gilbert 127 Johnston, William 127 Joiner, Judy 30, 36, 60, 160, 164, 197 Jonas, Jacqueline 28, 29, 48, 113, 119 Jonas, Patricia 30, 160 Jones, Bradford 41, 67, 160 179 Jones, Darrell 104, 160 Jones, James 28, 119, 197 Jones, Nancy 60, 160 Jones, Steven 1 19 Jones, Virginia Sue 30, 50, 54, 61, 160, 179, 212 Joseph, Robert 43, 160 Jumper, Harriette 119 Jurgens, Nancy 30, 160 Jurgens, William 127 K Kaar, Barbara 133 Kaenel, Marcine 30, 160 Kahl, Laurie 48, 119 Kohler, Daniel 83, 92, 133 Kohler, Deborah 119 Kahler, Terry 102, 1 19 Kalnins, John 133 Kalvoda, Linda 35, 133 Kane, Kathleen 161 Karle, Michael 81, 84, 89, 102, 103, 161, 167 Karle, Ted 119 Karr, Steven 119 Karthauser, Clifford 82, 105, 1 10, 119 Kaye, Nancy 45, 65, 119 Keane, Leo 110, 119 Keane, Rick 59, 104, 134, 209 Keeney, Kathryn 48, 64, 161 Kehm, David 119 Kehm, Deborah 161 Kehr, Donald 106, 1 19 Keiser, Randolph 1 19 Keller, Judy 119 Keller, Linda Ann 161 Keller, Linda Susan 161, 198 Kelley, Connie 45, 64, 65, 1 19 Kells, Thomas Robert 69, 161 Kelly, Gayle 177 Kelly, Kathleen 1 19 Kelly, Michael 161, 179 Kelly, Terry 119 Kempkes, Rodney 51, 93, 104, 119 Kempkes, Sharon 1 19 Kennedy, Janice 30, 161, 179 Kennedy, Joel 93, 1 19 Kennedy, William Keith 59, 134 Kerrey, Margaret Sue 134 Ketterer, Kathy 35, 134, 204 Keyser, Evelyn 162 Killeen, Patrick 83, 119 King, Gary 64, 120 King, Greg 64, 71, 120 King, Kathy 127 Kinison, Rosemary 134 Kinney, Michael 177 Kinney, Timothy 177 Kipper, Teri 35, 134 Kirby, Cheryl 35, 58, 134 Kirby, James 120 Kirchner, Jacquelyn 30, 162, 179 Kirk, Cathy 120 Kirkland, L. Jerome 43, 106, 127 Kirwan, Maxine 19, 30, 162 Kleeb, Karen 34, 35, 134, 211 Klein, Laura 120 Klimm, Randall 82, 108, 134 Klopp, William 177 Kluska Joel 141 Knaub, Kenneth 141 Knaub, Susan 120 Knight, Barbara 29, 30, 60, 162, 210 Knight Charles Scott 92, 134 210 Knight, Duane 102, 120 Knight, Jeffery 130, 134 Knight, Samuel 39, 57, 76, 104, 210 149, 162, 170, 179 Knollenberg, Perry 177 Koch, Philip 29, 38, 39, 74, 82, 84, 90, 169, 179, 204 Koehne, Lynette 134 Kolb, Carol 30, 162, 203 Kometschafer, Marlene 127 Kometschafer, Michael 177 Koranda, Pamela 35, 64, 65, 134 Kortum, Michael 120 Kraft, Robert 104, 120, 208 Karft, Thomas 141 Krejci, William 65, 67, 134 Krieger, Jerry 162 Krieger, William 127 Kreifels, Steven 120 Kriz, Sandra 30, 48, 49, 71,162, 179, 199 Kroeger, Connie 120 Krogh, Susan 162 Krogh, Vickie 35, 58, 134 Krohn, Deborah 120 Kroh, Delwin 39, 102, 162 Krueger, Steve 39, 82, 84, 86, 162 Kubicek, David 120 Kuck, Mark 92, 106, 127 Kuebler, Stephanie 134 Kuehn, Gerald 92, 134 Kulowik, Thomas 162, 205 Kunzmon, Beverly 162 Kurtzer, Donald 109, 162 5 L Ladd, Lynn 141 Lagemann, Gerald 162 Lageson, Jacqueline 40, 120 Lageson, Pamela 30, 64, 65, 71, 162 Laher, John 106, 120 Lahm, Dale 162 Lahm, Dean 134 Lahm, Nancy 28, 29, 120 Lahr, Rebecca 44, 120 Lamborn, Janice 134 Lamson, Billie 134 Landis, Ronald 106, 134 Landstrom, Douglas 92, 134, 209 Lane, James 60, 163 Lange, Marilyn 30, 44, 60, 163 Lange, Robert 83, 163 Langston, Steven 153, 177 Larsen, Thomas 120 Larsen, Walter 163 Larson, Nancy 44, 120 Laughlin, -Yvette Lawler, Dianne 177 Laws, Hale 163 Laws, Linda 120 Lawson, Mark Lawson, Ricki 30, 163 Layton, Janice 35, 54, 134, 200 Leach, Randy 39, 92, 104, Leach, Randy 110, 120 134 Leacock, John 120 Lear, Barbara 134 Leavitt, David 41, 120 Lee, Cindy 120 Lee, Cynthia 141 Lee, Diana 177 Lee, John Kevin 102, 103, 177, 179 Lee, Norma Jean 35, 44, 58, 134 Lee, Richard 120 Lehl, Bobbette 44, 120 228 , t Lehman, Kirby 120 Lehman, Mark 134 Lehr, Clark 106, 120 Lehr, David 120 Lehr, Michael 134 Leibel, Gary 120 Leishman, Don 84, 91, 106, 163 Leishman, Mary 48, 120 Lentfer, Don 134 Levey, Pamela 30, 36, 163 Levorson, Diana 120 Lewis, Beverly Denise 134 Lewis, Linda 120 Lewis, Pamela, 30, 163, 203 Lickei, Tim 120 Lichty, Debra 28, 29, 30, 37, 77, 163, 222 Lichty, Linda 141 Lightner, Sandra 35, 63, 64, 134 Linderman, Richard 127 Lisle, Donna 120 Lisle, Sandra 163 Littlethunder, Yvonne 121 Livers, Larry 60, 163 Lloyd, Joslyn 141 Logan, John 121 Longoria, Arthur 106, 121 Loos, Dennis 121 Loos, Rebecca 121 Loos, Rochelle S. 121 Louthan, Joy 141 Louthan, Leroy 141 Lopour, Patricia 121 Lortz, Linda 30, 163 Love, Catherine 121 Lowe, Martin 39, 92, 102, 134 Lowe, Michael 83, 106, 163 Lowe, Mitchell 82, 102, 163 Lowe, Timothy 64, 163 Ludden, Keith 121 Ludden, Mary 69, 134 Luke, Priscilla 45, 134 Lusher, Sharon 52, 69, 163 Lutes, Lamila 121 Lux, David 64, 107, 134 Lyness, Jeffery 64, 135 Lyons, Harold 121 M McBride, Steven 64, 71, 121 McClure, Charles 135 McConnell, Alan 64, 71, 104, 105, 135 McCormick, Carole 121 McGlinn, Judith 30, 163, 214 McGovern, Linda 58, 60, 141 McGrew, Harold 93, 1 10, 121 Mclntosh, Barbara 30, 164 McKendree, James 164 McKernan, James 164 McKinney, Linda 30, 44, 164 McKinney, Noreen 35, 135 McKnight, Michael 121 McLaughlin, Michelle 49, 65, 71, 121 McVey, Janis 141 Mabin, Margaret 164 Machers, llona 49, 121 Madsen, James 141, 211 Madsen, Jay M. 121 Magnusson, Nancy 64, 164, 179, 204, 212 Magorian, Joyce 121 Mahlman, Terry 46, 121 Mahoney, Michael 110, 121 Makovicka, Florian 121 Malcolm, Jerry 46, 141 Manley, Nancy 48, 121 Mann, Jeannie 121 Manning, Cheryl 121 Manning, Kathleen 164 Maresh, Kenneth 1 10, 121 Markwardt, Jackie 34, 35, 58, 135, 202 Markwardt, Linda 164, 214 Marquardt, John 164 Marshall, Jacqueline 35, 48, 135 Marshall, Pamela 34, 35, 58, 135, 201 Marshall, Scott 64, 92, 102 135 Martin, Vicki 35, 58, 135 Mason, Pamela 121, 215 MASQUE AND GAVEL 69 Mattern, Paul 60, 135 Matthews, Gayle 122, 201 Matthews, Jeanne 122 Maul, Jerry 127 Maul, Michael 177 Maupin, Thomas 94, 99, 135 MAY DAY ROYALTY 77 Maxson, Linda 127 May, Mary Elizabeth 35, 135 Mayfield, James 39, 84, 89 109, 165 Mayfield, Julia 35, 46, 135 Mayfield, Roy 165 Mays, Robert 122 Mays, Vickie 35, 135 Mealhow, Mary 30, 50, 64, 165, 177, 204 Meduna, Kathleen 30, 165, 212 Meduna, Tom 122 Mehan, Sandra 35, 141 Mehuron, Mary 122 Meier, Larry 122, 219 Meier, Mary 135 Meierhenry, Susan 30, 50, 165, 179 Mellchar, Judy 135 Mellen, Ronald 135 Menck, Michael 141 Menefee, Raymond 106, 135 Menebroker, Lawrence 43, 165 Merrill, Dale 92, 106, 135 1 1 Merrill, Janice 49, 122 Mertz, Rodney 122 Mertz, Steven Richard 135 Metcalf, Janice 34, 58, 135 Meyer, Leon 122 Meyer, Leslie 177 Meyer, Sharolyn 122 Michaud, Garald 52, 60, 165 Michaud, James 93, 122 Michels, Jack 135 Miller, Bruce 41, 42, 165, 179 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller , Susan 48, 50, 165 Miller, Carol 135 Donna 165 Stephen 165 Tom 141 Mills, Beth 50, 63, 64, 135 Mohatt, David 165 Mohr, Floyd Gregory 122 Monie, James 122 Moock, James 59, 80, 84, 86, 135 Moore, Randall 122 Morford, Robert 93, 122 Morgan, Stephen 47, 64, 69, 135, 218 Morris, Jon 60, 84, 86, 166 Morris, Vicki 35, 44, 52, 135 Muehlhausen, Glen 92, 104, 135, 209 Muehlhausen, Terry 93, 122 Muir, David 141 Muir, Gene 177 Munson, Jacqueline 44, 122 Munson, Yvonne 122 Munyon, Barry 122, 208 Murphey, James 122 Murphy, Kevin 65, 122 Murphy, Patrick 59, 65, 136 Murphy, Peggy 136 Myers, Joyce 122 Myhre, Maureen 122 N N-CLUB 38, 39 Nahley, Alan 127 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Neberman, Douglas 93, 109, 122 Neberman, Steven 92, 136 Neely, Carol 141 Neisius, Deborah 122 Neisius, Nancy 136 Neiswanger, Nancy 136 Nekich, John 166 Nellis, Carolee 42, 166 Nellis, Janice 42, 122 Nellis, Kenneth 59, 136 Nelson, Linda 30, 44, 71, 166 Nelson, Phyllis 122 Neukirch, Gregory 122 Neutzman, Luanne 40, 44, 122 NFL 47 Nichols, Sue 166 Nickell, Michael 166 Nielsen, Chris 136, 205 Nielsen, Kurt 39, 82, 102, 136, 205 Nielsen, Patricia 28, 30, 37, 77, 166 Ninneman, Earl 166 Nordmeyer, Susan 141 Norris lHenricksen1, Linda NORTHEASTERN STAFF 56, 57 Novak, Laurie 29, 49, 50, 112, 122, 213 Novak, Thomas 81, 86, 89, 90, 94, 95, 98, 136 Novotny, Jayne 30, 55, 166, 197, 203 Nunn, Roger 122 Nutt, Robert 84, 87, 94, 98, 144, 166 O Oakeson, Janet 30, 61, 166 Oberg, Gregory 83, 166 O'Donnell, Sally 136 OFFICE PERSONNEL 192 O'Hare, John 93, 110, 122 O'Keefe, John 141 Oliver, Gloria 49, 64, 122 Olsen, Barbara 122 Olsen, Bernard 82, 100, 105, 122 Olsen, John Curtis 167 Olsen, Patrick 67, 141 Olsen, Richard 141 Olson, Edwin 54, 60, 108, 161,167, 200, 215 O'Neill, Polly 56, 167, 179, 214, 222 OPERETTA 72, 73 ORCHESTRA 65 Orduna, Rodney 67, 106, 136 Ore, Kenneth 64, 136 Ore, Patricia 30, 64, 167 Orosco, Robert 141 Orr, Cheryle 30, 44, 62, 167 Orr, Cynthia 19, 29, 58, 60 69, 136, 141 Orr, Retha 30, 33, 50, 167, 198 Owen, David 177, 201 Owen, Pamela 122 Owen, Sheryl 48, 167, 216 Owens, Gloria 167 P Packett, Bonnie 127 Packett, Susan 122 Palu, Carla 30, 167 Papke, Gary 18, 19, 106, 167, 179 Parizek, Karen 35, 40, 58, 136 Parker, Deborah 122 Parker, Kathryn 30, 71, 167, 179 Parks, Wanda 35, 136 Parry, Virgil 167 Patterson, Cathy 136 Patzel, Sherrie 122 Peacock, Ruth 35, 136 Pearson, Linda 141 Pecka, Robert 153, 177 PENGUINS 50, 51 Perkinton, Ann 30, 66, 67, 69, 168 Perkinton, Kathy 35, 58, 136 Perkinton, Mary 30, 168 Pester, Bonnie 30, 168 Peter, Linda 122 Peter, Steven 60, 62, 67, 69, 168 Peterson, Dennis 64, 122 Peterson, Elizabeth 30, 48, 168 Peterson, Mary 35, 136 Peterson, Robert 136 Pettet, Carol 35, 40, 136 Pettet, Caron 35, 136 Phelps, Kim 59, 136 Philippi, Nancy 35, 136 Phillips, Francella 136 Phillips, Francine 141 Phillips, Rolin 39, 82, 168 Pickerel, Susan 136, 199 Pickerill, Christine 136 Pierce, Deborah 136 Pierce, Linda 177 Pierce, Pamela 122 Pike, Mary 50, 177 Piontek, Arthur 136 Planer, Theresa 122 Plock, Cheryl 35, 58, 136 Podraza, Jacqueline 122 Poor, Doris 122 Porter, David 136 Porter, Debra 136 Portsche, Robert 39, 65, 82, 84, 89, 102, 168 Portsche, Randall 59, 62, 92, 136 Prell, Jacquelyn 35, 136, 202 Price, Deborah 141 Price, Dennis 168 Pace, Judy so, 54, eo, 168, 212 Price, Luella 122 Priess, Russell 136 Prochaska, Bruce 28, 29, 102, 134, 136 Proctor, Patsy 136 Prusia, Lynn 64, 168 Pueppke, Monte 136 Q QUILL AND SCROLL 53 Quincy, Gloria 122 R Rada, Catherine 136 Raddatz, Bette 168 Raddatz, Marae 49, 122 Rader, Karen 168, 177 RADIO CLUB 41 Rae, Steve 168 Ramos, Vicki 28, 29, 30, 44,168,18O, 181, 222 Rank, Jacque 30, 168 Rankins, Richard 177 Rankis, Andrew 127 Rasmussen, Noraiean 35, 136, 196 Rau, Charles 110, 122 Rausch, Cindy 136 Ray, Dennis 106, 122 Ray, Donna 35, 136 Ray, Michael 92, 137 Rayer, Ron 127 Rea, Kevin 168 Rea, Timothy 137 Rearick, Wayne 141 RED CROSS 52 Reeves, Marjorie 66, 122 Reid, Michael 93, 100, 122 Reinhart, Lynn 137 Reinhart, Mary 30, 168 Reinke, Calvin 106, 122 Reinke, Cassandra 30, 65, 168, 179 Renaud, James 39, 64, 107, 168 Renaud, Jerry 67, 107, 122 Renker, Steve 141 RESERVE PEP CLUB Rhoadarmer, Rick 137 Rhoades, Michael 122 Richard, Katherine 137 Richards, Linda 122 Richardson, Cheryl 122 Richardson, Paula 122 Richters, Maris 177 Riebe, Jeffery 169, 218 Riedel, Marvin 127 Rieke, Rick 122, 207 Riggins, Richard 60, 62, 71 1 104, 169 Rinne, Patricia 30, 169 207 Ripa, Linda 35, 44, 63, 64, 137 Rivett, Thomas 177, 218 Robare, Sandra 30, 169, 179, 206 Roberts, Deborah 35, 137 Roberts, James 137 Roberts, Ronald 102, 141 Robertson, Carol 64, 122 Robertson, Ronald 141 Robinson, John 141 Robinson, Lana 122 Robinson, Lonnie 122 Robison, June 30, 55, 60, 169, 179 Rockel, Gary 177 ROCKET REVUE 70, 71 ROCKET STAFF 54, 55 ROCKETTES 30, 33 Rogers, Robert 122, 218 Rohn, Robert 39, 84, 91, 137 Rolofson, Elwyn, 39, 83, 106, 168, 197 Rosenthal, Wesley 39, 64, 84, 86, 100,137 Ross, Bruce 29, 106, 123 Ross, Connie 123 Ross, Janice 35, 60, 137 Ross, John Michael 102, 137 Ross, John 70, 82, 169 Rothe, Rae 58, 137 Rotschafer, Dale 46, 137 Rotschafer, Johnie 46, 123 Rowell, Robert 141 Rudell, Joyce 28, 29, 137, 141, 203, 216 Rumpeltes, Jane 30, 36, 60, 76, 169, 179, 211 Rush, Gary 123 Ryan, John 106, 169, 206 S Sabalka, Barbara 30, 44, 169, 204, 205 Sabalka, Janet 49, 50, 123, 204 Sandahl, Larry 137 Sanders, Dawn 123 Sanders, Gyneth 30, 65, 69, 169 Sazama, Bernard 141 Scalf, Terry 137 Schafer, Jo Ann 35, 137 Schafer, Robert 177 Schafer, Steven 39, 46, 67, 69, 107, 169, 179 Schaffer, Terri 123 Schamp, Kristie 123 Scharf, Patrica 123 Scharf, Sharon 30, 169, 179 Scheer, Deborah 127 Scheffert, Clarence Craig 64, 84, 86, 169 Scheffert, Jeffry 64, 92, 137 Schiermann, Stanley 41 , 42, 59, 137 Schilke, Daniel 123 Schilke, Stephen 127 Schippert, Rita 137 Schlattmann, Judith 137 Schlegelmilch, Linda 123 Schleicher, Michael 123 Schmidt, Judith 113, 123 Schmidt, Katherian 35, 58, 137 Schmidt, Timothy 60, 106, 169, 179 Schmidt, Wesley 105, 137 Schmidt, William 141 Schmieding, Robert 43, 64, 169 Schneider, Jack 42, 169, 179 Schneider, Ricky 83, 123 Schneider, Starla 30, 169 Schnieber, Robert 123 Schoonover, Delores 123 Schramm, Scott 93, 123 Schreurs, Sharon 30, 33, 170 Schroeder, Steven 46, 170, 179 Schuckman, Thomas 137 Schukar, Michael 177 Schukar, Steve 127 Schuldt, Barbara 30, 170, 179 Schulenberg, Nancy 34, 58, 60, 62, 137, 207 Schultz, Carol 170 Schultz, Linda 35, 137 Schulz, Thomas 64, 65, 71, 170 Schuman, Bradley 15, 93, 104, 123 Schuman, Michael 102, 127 Schwarzkopf, Stanley 64, 71, 170, 179 Schweitzer, Pauline 30, 49, 71 SCIENCE CLUB 42 Scott, Janet 35, 137 Scroggins, Katherine 141 Seadore, Thomas 59, 137 Sears, Kent 100, 123 Sehnert, Suanne 49, 123 Seip, Michael 59, 137 Severn, Randall 102, 123 Severn, Russell 39, 62, 92, 102, 137 Service, Pete 123 Sexton, Arthur 39, 64, 67, 69, 71,105,170 Seyersdahl, Gary 123 Shaw, Patricia 30, 170 Shaw, Vicky 137 . Shelby, Mark 59, 137 Sheldon, Virginia 30, 170, 215 Shelton, Janet 30, 170, 202, 205 Shepard, Garry 137 Shepard, Linda 123 Sherard, Cindy 123 Sherry, David 137, 218 Shields, Mark 93, 100, 123 Shipps, Rebela 123, 205 Shonerd, Pamela 35, 58, 60, 139, 209 Sieckmann, Vicki 170, 205 Siemering, Penny 30, 170 Siemensen, Jack 84, 86, 171 Simonds, Pamela 138 Simons, Beverly 66, 69, 138, 167 Simonsen, Keith 41, 82, 138 Sinclair, Charles 28, 29, 38, 39, 57, 75, 82, 84, 86, 89, 94, 97, 98, 171 Sinica, Peter 127 Sinner, James 93, 100, 123 Sinner, Terry 138 , Sipma, Cynthia 30, 60, 62, 171, 179 Sipp, Cheryl 123, 212 Sipp, Kathleen 30, 57, 171, 212 229 Thompson, 230 Sipp, Mervin Ronald 171 Siske, Linda 123 Sisel, Kenneth 41, 43, 138 Sissel, Stephen 64, 71, 171, 179 Sittner, Ricky 80, 109, 177, 210 Sitzman, Christina 177 Skiles, Christine 123 Skinner, James 92, 102, 138 Skinner, Roberta Judith 138 Slaughter, Glen 138 Slechta, Cecilia 30, 57, 69, 171, 222 Slocum, Linda 123 Slocum, Michael 171 Slocum, Shirley 48, 123 Sloey, Danny 93, 102, 127 Smith, Carolyn 50, 71, 171, 177 Smith, Cheryl 123 Smith, Darrell 177 Smith, Debra 35, 58, 138 Smith, Duane 42, 123, 127 Smith, James 123 Smith, James 28, 80, 81, 84, 89, 100, 138 Smith, Janice 171 Smith, Laurie 35, 138, 219 Smith, Margaret Sue 35, 42, 138, 201 Smith, Nancy 30, 171 Smith, Paula 123 Smith, Robert 123 Smith, Steven 104, 123 Starita, Jean 35, 138 Starita, Jimmy 77, 80, 94, 98, 108, 109, 172,210 Starlin, Gregory 141 Starlin, Mark 39, 84, 90, 172 Starr, Donald Frederick 43, 138 Starr, Joseph 124 Statler, Gary 59, 60, 138 Steele, Scott 172 Steenson, Charles 59, 138 Steenson, Sally 30, 172, 206 Stephenson, Reed 39, 80, 81, 84, 87, 90, 109, 172, 204 Steuben, Charles 84, 91, 167, 172, 214 Stevens, Douglas 138 Stevens, Gregory 172 Stevens, Marcia 135 Stevens, Michael 1 10, 124 Stewart, David 82, 84, 87, 138 Stewart, Linda 124 Steyer, Michael 124 Stickney, Jeanette 35, 44, 58, 138 Stilwell, Dean 109, 124 Stilwell, Debbie 93, 124 Stilwell, Dianna 35, 64, 138 Stinson, Daniel 177 Stoehr, Steven 172 Stolzenburg, Alan 177 Story, Nancy 35, 138, 207 51, 60, 62, 69, 71, 104, 173 Swartz, Susan 30, 37, 173 Swenson, Larry 93, 1 10, 127 Swenson, Nancy 139 Swenson, Ronnie 124 Swick, Raymond 139 Swift, Louayne 35, 58, 139 Syme, Joanne 124 Syslo, Joyce 30, 51, 173 T Tabor, Michael 139 Tabor, Thomas 124 Taylor, David 124 Taylor, Sharon 177 Tenopir, Beverly 124 Tenopir, Roger 100, 139, 208 Thiel, Margaret 127 Thiellen, Michael 173 Thoman, Richard 173 Thomas, James 92, 139 Thompson, Cathy 35, 139 Thompson, Danny 124 Thompson, Daryl 124 Thompson, Delta 30, 60, 65, 173, 179, 202 Thompson, Ellen 64, 124 Thompson, Mary 177 Thompson, Randi 124 Ricki 82, 105, Smith, Theodore 123 Snell, Edith 177 Snell, Mary 123 Snesrud, Dorothy 35, 58, 138 Snowardt, Joan 127 Sobotta, Joyce 30, 70, 171, 201 Sobotta, Judy 123 Sohl, James 138 Sollenberger, James 93, 124 Somerhiser, Beverly 124 Sorrells, Rickie 127 Southwick, Bradford 39, 84, 90, 172 Spadt, Terri 30, 172 Spahn, Kathie 138 Spahn, Philip 42, 43, 172 Spencer, Lloyde Dean 124 Spier, Joyce 138 Srb, Gregory 124 Staberg, Vickie 29, 34, 35, 58, 138, 217 Standley, David 93, 106, 124 Standley, Joyce 30, 172 Standley, Patricia 127 Standley, Steven 82, 105, 141 Stanley, Kenneth 177 Stansbury, Deborah 124 Staples, Douglas 124 Starck, Randall 69, 172 Strain, John 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 138 Strayer, 172 Streur, J Linda Dianne 30, oseph 177 Strong, Sheila 138 Strough, Strough, Dean 102, 124 Jane 138 STUDENT COUNCIL 28, 29 Studer, Daniel 64, 138 Sturgeon, Taunyia 64, 138 Stutzman, Barry 82, 100, 109, 139, 220 Suesz, Michael 172 Sulek, Anne 35, 139 Sullivan, Gregory 28, 39, 82, 92, 139, 209 Summers, Eugene 127 Sundeen, Cynthia 35, 65, 139 Surface, Connie 141 Surmacz, Genowefa 177 Sutter, Jeanette 139 Swanda, Laurie 124 Swands, Deborah 61, 172 Swanson, Cindy 30, 60, 172, 213 Swanson, Gloria 35, 139 Swanson, Kathryn 30, 172, 179 Swanson, Paul 139 Swanson, Thomas 64, 124 Swartz, Lloyd 19, 39, 46, 124 Thoms, Joel 124 Thrasher, Thomas 139 Thurber, Gregory 127 Thurber, Richard 139, 208 Tibbits, Steven 141 Tipton, Dennis 124 Tintera, Richard 173 Tische, Craig 39, 65, 76, 80, 81,106,173 Titus, Dale 125 Titus, Duane 173 Tomasek, Cheryl 125 Tompsett, Nancy 30, 173 Toohey, Sharon 35, 139, 216 Torell, Janice 30, 50, 55, 57, 61, 62,173,179, 199, 203, 206, 215 Townsend, Susan 125 Townsley, Opal Joanne 30, 173, 198 Tramdachs, Guntis 174, 179 Tramdachs, Ruth 35, 66, 69, 139, 196 Trausch, Sheila 139 True, Amy 125 Troutt, Deborah 30, 174 Trumble, Danny 139 Tuma, Donald 125 TURNABOUT ROYALTY 74 Turner, Janice 35, 139 Turner, Linda 141 Tyler, David 65, 125 Tyler, Gerry 64, 71, 174 U Ulberg, Larry 127 Umphreys, Stephen 39, 64, 104, 174 Upton, Cheryl 30, 71, 174, 208 Upton, Donna 30, 55, 174, 203, 21 1, 217 Upton, Robert 105, 125 V Vallis, Vicki 35, 141 Vance, Karen 46, 50, 71, 125 Vance, Patricia 30, 174 Vandahl, Carolyn 35, 54, 139, 200 VandenBosch, Mary 44, 125 VandenBosch, Robert 60, 62, 71, 174 Van Horn, Mary 30, 50, 174 Vanschoiack, Edward 175 Vaughn, Dean 141 Vaughn, Kenneth 175 Verbeek, Terri 104 Vercellino, Patricia 30, 71, 175, 204 Vermillion, Terri 141 Voelker, Paula 104, 127 Voelker, Thomas 177 Vogel, Donald 82, 92, 139 VonRentzell, Dennis 39, 84, 86, 175 W Wach, Pam 125 Wagner, Arthur 139 Wagner, Peggy 175 Wagner, Robert 125 Wagner, Tonja 125 Waite, Debra 125 Walek, Charles 93, 125 Walker, Brenda 127 Walker, Donna 30, 64, 175 Walker, Linda 127 Walker, Teresa 125 Wall, Rachel 30, 60, 62, 175 Waller, Herbert 125 Wallick, Robert Gregg 175 Walling, Stephen 84, 90, 139 Walter, Jacqueline 49, 125 Walton, Patricia 30, 175, 206 Wampler, David 59, 65, 71, 139 Waples, Vicki 125 Warboys, Larry 59, 139 Ward, Duane 177 Ward, Linda 64, 139 Ward, Timothy 125 Warnsholz, Janelle 30, 61, 175 Warren, Gale 35, 50, 140, 197, 207 Warren, Lisa 30, 33, 50, 51, 65,156,175,179, 205 Watson, Connie 61, 141 Watts, Cleveland 140 Watts, Dianne 30, 175 Watts, Glenn D. 93, 125 Watts, Marsha 69, 140 Watts, Paulette 35, 58, 60, 62, 140 Way, Brenda 127 Way, Lynn 30, 175 Way, Mona 30, 55, 57, 175 Way, Robert 140 Webb, Kipp 39, 84, 87, 100, 140 Webb, Pamela 30, 48, 175 Weber, Judy 175 Weber, Kenneth 84, 90, 175, 179 Weber, Laura 18, 19, 30, 62, 175, 179, 198 Weber, Linda 28, 35, 58, 60, 140, 217 Weber, Mary 176, 215, 217 Weber, Reida 30, 176 Weber, Thomas 176 Weers, James 92, 140 Webster, Jack 92, 127 Weese, Donald 127 Weideman, Mark 92, 141 Weihing, Adell 125 Weihing, Martin 140, 219 Weir, Edwin 92, 140 Wells, Kathleen 35, 48, 140 Welter, Susan 30, 176 Westling, Richard 176 Wendt, Connie 125 Wentink, Russell 125 Wenzl, Michael 125 West, Larry 102, 125 Westcott, Cheryl 35, 44, 140, 141, 216 Westover, Steven 39, 59, 82, 84, 90, 134, 140 Westphalen, Mark 112, 125 Westrick, Cathy 140 Wheatley, Nancy 30, 32, 33, 57, 176, 179, 216, 222 Wheatley, Robert 141 Wheeler, Cynthia 48, 52, 125 White, Christie 125 White, Larry 100, 125 White, Linda 30, 33, 45, 176 White, Marcia 35, 69, 140 White, Rex 60, 176 Whitebear, Ronald 140 Whitefoot, Bruce 105, 125 Whiting, Rick 125 Whitney, Ada 140 Whitney, Jo Anne 177 Wiest, Marilyn 125 Wilber, Michael 59, 82, 100,108,109,141, 220 Wilcox, Larry 106, 140 Wilcox, Michael 109, 177 Wilhelm, Sharon 125 Wilken, Calvin 176 Wilkens, Billidene 140 Wilkins, Michael 29, 56, 60, 71,164,176,179, 205, 206 Will, Marsha 176 Will, Richard 125 Will, Thomas 140 Willemsen, Larry 102, 176, 204 Willey, Elizabeth 40, 176 Williams, Cynthia 30, 49, 176 Williams, Christina 35, 44, 140, 219 Williams, David 125 Williams, Janice 35, 140 Williams Kathy 30, 176 Williams Robert 176 Williams Steven 126 Wills, Ivan 126 Wilson, David 126 Wilson, Steven 140 Wilson, Vicky 35, 50, 51, 58, 140, 217 Winkler, Douglas 126 Wisehart, Roger 92, 140 Wiseman, Diana Kim 35, 48, 64, 69, 140 Witham, Lyle 176 Witulski, Donald 93, 127 Witulski, Gloria 35, 64, 140 Woelfe, Linda 30, 176 Woellhof, Mary 126 Woerner, Barbara 35, 140 Woerner, Conrad 39, 46, 64, 107, 177, 179 Wolfe, David 59, 140 Wolfe, Edith 35, 65, 140 Wolfe, Judith 126 Wolfe, Pamela 35, 58, 140 Wolfe, Wilson 126 Woodcock, Darlene 30, 177 Woodruff, James 126 Woodrum, David 126 Woodward, Margaret 35, 140 Worley, Daniel 110, 126 Worman, Rick 140 Wright, Greg 29, 84, 89, 94, 97, 140 Wright, Jeffery 110, 126 Wright, John 83, 177 Wulf, Joyce 35, 140 Wulf, Susan 63, 64, 177 Wulff, Ronald'64, 65, 177 Wylder, Nancy 177 Y Yearley, Charles 39, 107, 177 York, Leslie 126 ' York, Scott 126 Young, Beverly 126 Young, Kenneth 39, 102, 141 Young, Michael 177 Young, Steven 177 Z Zachek, Edward 126 Zanderholm, Dolly 140 Zemke, Doris 35, 58, 140, 204 Zessin, Victoria 30, 177, 179, 215, 217 Zier, Carol 30, 48, 177 Zier, Gloriann 48, 126 Zierke, Richard 140 Zimmer, Steve 126 Zlab, Rhonda 35, 140 Zlab, Marilyn 126 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Adams, Mrs. Jan 30, 33, 184 Adams, Mrs. Marjorie 184 Albers, Mrs. Joan 48, 184 Berka, Mr. Melvin 109, 184 Billings, Miss Margaret 184 Boiler, Mr. Evan 41, 184 Boroff, Mr. Claire 84, 129, 184 Bowlin, Mrs. Beryl 165, 184, 186 Brown, Mrs. Wanda 184 Bruner, Mr. George 184 Burnham, Mr. Guilford 192 Cascini, Mrs. Edythe 184 Cech, Mrs. Sharon 184 Coleman, Mr. Watson 15, 184, 220 Colerick, Mr. Richard 141, 191 Collister, Mrs. Ermal 192 Copas, Mrs. Joan 179 Crozier, Mr. Lynn 185 Delbridge, Miss Jean 179 Dietrich, Mr. Harold P. 15, 191 Dolezal, Miss Margaret 185 Els, Mr. Robert 84, 109, 185 Galloway, Mr. Bernard 38, 185 Gast, Mrs. Mary Jean 185, 187 Gustafson, Mrs. Jeanne 185 Heffelfinger, Mr. Robert 13, 185 Hester, Mr. Max 82, 105, 185 Hiza, Mr. John 15, 185 Holmquist, Miss Jean 30, 33, 185 Hubka, Mrs. Helen 187, 192 Hughes, Mrs. Marlys 54, 185 Jacoby, Mrs. Mabel 185 James, Mr. Robert 93, 186 Jeffery, Mr. Ellis 42, 186 Johnson, Mr. Ed 14, 94, 186 Kahm, Mrs. Jeannette 192 Klockner, Mrs. Ida 186 Kos, Mrs. Barbara 186 Krause, Mrs. Helen 186 Larson, Mr. Dick 186 Layton, Mr. Carl 193 Leatherman, Mr. Keith 52, 186 Lovelace, Mrs. 193 Mach, Mr. Don 186 Maher, Mrs. Ula 187 Maly, Mr. William 109, 187 Mason, Mr. Lawrence 12, 41, 187 McClanahan, Mr. Frank 12, 187 McCOrmich, Mr. John 187 Mclntyre, Mr. John 106, 187 McMeen, Mr. Reynold 92, 109, 187 Moore, Mr. Barry 191 Mueller, Mr. Jack 83, 187 Nagele, Mr. Richard 187 O'Brien, Mrs. Nancy 13, 187 Pauley, Mrs. Diane 189 Pavey, Mrs. Selma 192 Pearson, Mr. Leroy 193 Pine, Mr. Cecil 193 Plum, Mrs. Dorothea 187 Potter, Miss Mary 59 Putman, Mr. James 14, 69, 187 Reeder, Mrs. Elizabeth 69, 187 Renegar, Mr. Kent 106, 187 Resz, Mr. Robert 42, 187 Richards, Mrs. Mildred 187 Rudell, Mrs. La Verne 34, 68, 187 Rush, Mr. George 40, 187 Rutherford, Mrs. Grace 192 Schafer, Mrs. Blanche '193 Scheffert, Mrs. Leona 192 Schmadeke, Mr. Lloyd 43, 188 Schulz, Mr. Duane 15, 64, 65, 70, 71, 188 Seng, Mr. Leroy 80, 100, 108, 188 Short, Mrs. Vietta.51, 188 Shumard, Miss Audrey 188 Simon, Mr. Frank 188 Singler, Mrs. Barbara 58, 59, 188 Snook, Mrs. Velma 58, 59, 60, 61, 188 ' Stacey, Mrs. Ruth 192 Stednitz, Mrs. Margaret 188 Strange, Mr. David 188 Sturgeon, Mrs. Norma 44, 188 Taylor, Mr. Harland 28, 29, 43, 191 Temme, Mr. Richard 42, 188 Thomas, Mr. Buren 188 Vifquain, Mrs. Dorothy 34, 189 Wagner, Mr. Robert 189 Wall, Mr. Kenneth 104, 189 Watt, Mr. Keith 42, 107, 173, 189 Wilcox, Mrs. Judy 13, 189 Willemsen, Mr. Henry 93, 1 10, 189 Wilson, Mrs. Vivian 189 231 Witt, Mrs. Lucille 192 Wohlers, Mr. Robert 189 ADVERTISER'S INDEX Arbor Printing Company 202 Arena Roller Skating Center 214 Arleen's Suburban Salon 204 A 84 W Drive-ln, Teds 218 Anderson Studio 201 Barry's Standard Service 219 Ben Your Hairdresser 216 Bethany I.G.A. Foodliner 204 Bethany Supply 200 Biggerstatt Plumbing Co. 212 Oliver Blake Conoco 212 Bill 81 Tony's IGA 205 Brook's Window Suppliers 219 Bryant Air Conditioning St Heating 204 Butlers Cleaners 207 Carlton's Shoe Store 207 Christensen's 206 Citizens State Bank 210 Clifton's Corn Crib 203 Commonwealth Company 208 Community Saving Stamp Company 214 Congress Inn 198 Cool Crest Galt Course 213 Dean Brothers 218 Denny's Champl in Service 197 Dietze Music House 198 DuTeau Chevrolet Company 203 Edholm 81 Blomgren Studio 219 Ed's Mobil Service 212 Elce St Son Binders 205 Exon, Inc. 208 First National Bank 213 Fleetwing Conoco Station 217 Flowers by Mr. J. 207 Garner Tool and Die 219 G 84 S Doughnuts 218 Gates 84 Knight Insurance Agency 198 Goodwin Motors 213 Green's Furnace 81 Plumbing 199 Golden's Barber Shop 208 Gordon 84 Morgan Machine Co. 208 Gould Industries 209 Havelock National Bank 200 Havelock Pharmacy 219 Hinky Dinky Super Market 21 O Holmes Grocery and Market 209 Hood Lumber Company 212 Hub Hall Real Estate 215 Joyo Theatre 216 Kaufman Furniture 81 Appliance 207 WALSWORTH Kentucky Fried Chicken 200 Kings' Food Host USA 220 Landy Clark Co. 218 LeSuer Studios 212 Lincoln Lawn Service 196 Lincoln School of Commerce 8. NBI 202 London Aquarium 218 McCartney Auto Service 204 Mary's Beauty Salon 217 Matthews Texaco 201 Mealhow Standard Service 204 Meek Lumber Co. 214 Merle's Home Bake Shop 203 Midwest Hairdressing Academy 199 Midwest Lite Insurance 215 Millers Jewelry 199 Mr. Swiss 220 Mohawk Cap 81 Gown 206 National Bank of Commerce 215 National Carpet Co. 208 Nebraska Book Store 198 Nebraska Real Estate Corp. 217 Norden's Conoco 205 Northest Lanes 209 Owens, Arthur, Studio 214 Paul's Barber Shop 206 Patio Restaurant 217 Perky's Pizza 197 Q St P Store 220 232 Marceline, Mo., L'.S.A. Ramsey Studio 197 Reece 81 Sybil School of Hairdressing 201 Rocky's Cate 205 Roland, Dan, Photography 214 Royal Barber Shop 205 Runza Drive-ln 206 Safeway Stores, Inc. 212 Scand, Inc. 221 Schmieding-Hamilton Studio 220 Shakey's Pizza Parlor 203 Short Typesetting 208 Smith's Signs 201 Snooker Bowl 21 1 Steenson Conoco 206 Stiverson's Dairy Queen 204 Taco Joe's 217 Ten-28 Fashion Fabrics, Inc. 202 Topper Popper 201 Townsend of Lincoln Studio. 209 Triangle TV 204 Tyrrell's Flowers, Inc. 203 Union Loan and Savings Association 216 Varsity Drug 202 Victory Cleaners 205 Waneks of Crete 221 Williams Recording 211 Young's Plaza Pharmacy 198 Zales' Jewelers 202 v w P I K a ' ' 1 s I 1 1 . .Y- v 5' ,- If l 1 9,9 fx ' Q 1, Q. 1 5 L. 1 51 . . -A . . 2 . I 1 . if I ig? ' lf YN . - 23 3' ' M sf' ,, 1 . " ,, ,. .. , h J ,. 1 ..,L,c . ,K yi., wi.. f' . if , 1 :rw M , 'Q 1. ..

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