Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1960

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Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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k -nv J L. .. .,. A, , y 4. 1 M e1?':k R. 4 4 'fy' Q' f,Z'i'!1Ii:xf.v..An. .. w,.-.- A f,, 'QB-A 3. iffv . J? 'Nm vm -rf 9-.-4' A. Aww' x V, .AAA- vi ' 4 ,- Gif. .fs- vw in :yuh 'N . ' Q - . ' Q , .9 "Tiff if 1 jjj ':,,f,"1IJ QA. V I K ,- , ! 1, .N ' , ,N fi., mv - , Lx ,A -.V ,, 1 . 1, .y , 1, ' ,: ' '- j ' ' 'ff W ' r H. , ' 1 'T , , ' . ' , . , x 3 'V Q H f ff , N , . A' - ' 1 2 T .V ,' - f,,.- " f 'V' , V W 5 . . . J , K i V, W V , , K V 1, , , s 4 f , A , V , ' M ' .,AV r ' 5 M Q .j -4 V ,V 1 , Ig -,W , ' ' . M I i rw Q-'Ly-ea,i,p ,4 -- ' b - , ' V ' K ' , 'V ' , , W ju ,:.5:',wEf',"', V K 5 . . ' W ' , 4 -X P li, 1 M V .3 . 4 ' , 3 3 , 'Q F0 A , ,V ' ,l , ' 'Q' . . W 1 .V , .. 'N v yr' M Q 1 M- Mi, f 5 - ' -ff .gn V M- ' ' ' 1 "vw ' J," Q -Q f ' Q, ' Y ' , ' nw- gg , . 3 7 , ', , ' .1 ., W , 'Qiie E, z - ' H fx Q ' 1- a , 1 V f' ,gf x H M,.'m ifpnf A ' N01 sq K X W ' . I I r v-2 ' I vs . , 1- N, I L , . - 1! . i - L ,. P , X X . . X ' x ,, V ' V 1' J. 1.1 V ' - . lj i iffy, 'Mira 8 , . , fx. , A' ' , ' V , , 'X 1 A, N L 'fi .',,',,.QJ ' Q , . ,1: 1g5 i1Lgg Tiff Y f ' U ' , V ' ' ' 1 L . P "1'5"Ef-. vs ,, -I , " 1 f ' , ' ' .. -'NLJJ em jj , V I , ,Kuff .. ' If ,. .-V '...3v2T5'if.? 'f , JW X' ' ' , 2. 1.5, ,. if A ' ,fm-' , f f K' y M 1 1 - rw., .. , W -5- , , .Md . 'B 3 ' WHL -V, ' f ' A K g..-h,,w,,1,,-,xy 'ffl' -ww ,Q ' A f A 1 . X V X , V Ajggxf WM- :LQ . V W Li wwf gmiififigg-.ff' '.f,fff'f- -, ,4 f f y 'Rf ' - if " ' , , r , F , , A Y ' 4' 1 4 . ? V fr, , d lv , '3 f-2" .',, 111 U wif: A A ,-1,1 'J-' J LJ v J W 1 'ad fig! 'r ' F , V.....NA , 'Q A in . ,,' .S-'Di5"5-5"' -lr: .:i3,,.,:":, Q, N 5 ,V-,,,,,!-' ,ff-4 ,Q 5,2 W , :Ji ' M 'g,".3J'j:.v.a--V i ' 1 5' .V-v-"' ffl ,, d 5 k , .,l- . -1 ,ZA ' A , ""g,.m , 4 1.1 -P' Q ' ' ' , 1 J f ,. - X , V V 5, iw: - i.'Q-V-'TJLZ ,..A-A :ff Y ' "" .. 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E 2.14-.' .l3r.L.1:2Q.igQ fy...- W . fi 'i f e!9eia15:.1ffs5fs1QNL21lgif',,.1.f,gL .331 fiifffiiv - Q .-fs:-ff .M 0148 lfUOIf' What IS a llllfhlllllx Y A book we receive because our class dues are paid' A handy book for collectlng autographs' book we wlll never look at agalnq Most people Cl16I'1Sl'l 1 yearbook and keep lt as 1 memory of thelr best teen years yyhlch for us were those spent If Northetst As we turn the pulcs of our yexrbook we rellve our hlgh school diys the Junror Prom the trlp to Rye the sen1orsect1on cheerrng one one three at football Qames frxendshlps made at class partles and finally the Senlor Prom wlnch was certalnly Some Enchanted Evenlne Yes when We look into our yearbook now or IH the future we sec our cl iss IS 1 whole Cl lss One Hundred Thlrteen the llrst cl iss to no through Northelst hom lOA to IZB together What 19 CI temlmolt f Turn the pages and see Ellen Coltmftn 5 ' 1 . - , L ' 'l I c ' c ' , 4 I . H Y . , . , 1 2 ' . 1 V iv xx i dvsz Q vs ' x ' K EJ.: , ' 7 ' , Beach, Move-Up Day when we became the "A" class, ' ' ' ii 73 , , g 9 . . . 7 7 . Y . . S, C ' 97 a . Y C . ' X, 'fr 2."lf2 -, 1 ' -5 , X N s. Z uw g Q-T . xi L1 i- C February 11 1957 Remember? Northeast Hlgh had moved from 8th and Lehlgh to Cottman and Algon Avenues and welcomed 1ts new student body Monday February 11 Glrls arr1ved for Northeast had become co ed Class 113 began 1ts career jteellle 881' 90y6L. 6 I I - , D , ' 1 1. , em gs -5 1 s .wiki ,g:sn,..,,zx:N-n2- W Q' "' 'N Q-'N Q: 'n ,yn .., 1. ig f"'1"5I"':?.f1' ' N 2' '5 -Q .,,,--I-35,8 .V - ' Ie.. Nw.,-.. sdwuhiw W rt 5 Ns. HJNNI I 'mfg in A P 1 '-'aNQ.N'N '--Q -LN, ' ?w.. f 1 9 'Zfg':,s.f.:.,,.l: N-.93 ., K ,- L U "'- Q .Tis D N. N Q rarer- '- --"N Q as-. -L- A, --.,Af-ZF' Wm 5' 2:-. s '-N Ln7'31-.'s.,gi, t'--, "-- Q-., .rs N. ' "'-':."w?" -w. we vm.. NNN, 1. fi' -xr lx., T-W 'N 'ix Q kwa, w- We -I 5-Q N fn N L' N.. .... Wi '- an M ex N ' H te s-ffzf-4: 'I +fr- ,wwax 'Q-w,3f uf' wtT"f-J" U X ' - --. -we -t N. Wg MN. 'Q' ,L-. -.N ,T . f -. - . ,.., 'QQ-,.'?.ggs., "Q- ..,, MN X 'N'-1 - Q... W en -u.. N B M swam-N12 4 - V W .W we ' - . .Q ww if-n"'r W , Mm. 'J' Wu -. , O-1. Y, MM ,N .y-.,,,lqm'-.,, Q My .., 4,LW .W N, -QQ- 'sw " 242'-jx.. .If " me ' 1 -.N Q. t. , , F' 'Y .e W a.,.,jw as A we-e -. ffm O . ,M V' -M 4 'L 'Mew 41, -, A f ' 'T' ' ' N' is . L " fu "Wm " N .N K ww. ,Q ,L Nh I M :V t mtl" .W we ' ky- .tri f-M. .y- , .. -. - gnu Vw 1 w I.. Q ,V N. Q. , . - Y 1'-M --f Q -0 My-. ey. . ah . ' -, .. . ,Q N Q. x. -.. -4 ,st . 4 . 'Y' ,Q-Q 1 Fm ef rs- . 1 rw' 1 p 54. A WV: f 'i,f3.f'iiiyfT a., s vii. s ' t2fjifffI':if The minor incidents of our years at Northeast will, in time, take on an aspect infinitely more satisfying and valuable than their present significance would seem to indicate. Because the present constitutes the happy past of the distant future, it is our special desire to have the Archive serve as a spark to fire the imagination, as a catalyst in the process of recollection. We fervently hope that with the passage of time this Archive will eventually serve its true function as a key to the remembrance of things past. Renee Pugach 8 ff M. cfegmf They 11 never leave our memorles Our teachers and thelr Wlys Thelr saymgs lllell' Styles thelr classrooms In our hearts wlll excr st ly Shculfy j Q 5l0LIf'Lf 0 My c omroomo 0 A . . I , . 9 , ,. 1 -7 . . . V X. s A -9 , ' , .f .L . KN QSM df' w o-vinyl, Yu. C.. Pin-4 M W 7, .ffiipj I. J W lx Q . -, 3 ,YM . .f K M , f -j-J'--V, ,. - ., K af, Va i F' .5 ff xp M 'L Y A . 'X x T , m' .Lf A x- 'A A '4 I M, I A. f. KN! 154 Q ' qy kg iw, Q 3 PM K L: f , 3 fe 7 -. N '2 23, ., ff N- M. N, b Q x f V If M3' V . I xt .-i,f-Q55 . if Www" . , ,Qpyew-f k 2 . '41 W H 3 1' 1 If .t It L1 A 71. if wg A """nunn-f' Fam1l1ar face at football games W1ll the boys on the stage crew please connect me w1th the balance of the school heart and soul for Northeast our Our prInCIpaI new pr1nc1pal 12 To the Class of Jftnuary 1960 Congratulattons to you as members ofthe hrst class to complete tts enttre three yetrs rn the new Northe 1st Hlgh School Do you remember that hrst day Monday February ll 19579 I shall never forget the enthuslasm and lnterest shown by the new students You were amazed wrth the srze of the blllldlllg and tts faC1llt1CS Now after three years, these wonders seem mslgnlficant compared w1th the lmportant experlences that have been part of your school hfe at Northeast These w1ll tnclude the sktll of an excellent teacher, the understandlng of a patlent counselor, the d1gn1ty of an assembly program, the enthuslasm of a football game and above all, the Northeast sp1r1t, that mtangtble somethlng that makes you proud to be loyal North easters May God bless you ln all your future undertakmgs Smcerely yours, Walter E Howarth While sei ting In the Philadelphia public School system jln the partfnrty one gears Dt Howarth lzas flcrhrated his lyfc to the education and betterment of its young' cztz ens Bccausz ry' his morlcstt 111.5 xirtucs han not hun broadcast but have hun zllsplatcrl in thc unobtrusive ancl quzetlt affluent manner charaztuistiz of all his artions of his goodness It is the refore mth admiration and ajection that ne rlezlzcate the Archlve to Dr Walter E Howarth as a small toll en cj the esteem 11 ztlz whzch we regard hun . v- V . . , , ' . ., . I ' P ' J V ' l ' Y. P 77 IJ . . I , . 1 - v v 1 2 1 'A' ' 1 ' 1 ' " vw Through association with him, we have become consvious 7 5 ' 4 ' 1 . . ,Z . 2 u r i , f , 1 , . 13 Dr Mabel Haller Newest member of NE s administration eHic1ent fire drills I d like to review a few school rules a sense of humor Our Vlce Principals Energetic. . . sweet and lovely . . . "Please listen to the directions." . . . College Boards and F.T.A. . . . helpful and sincere. Dr Hyman Boodish DEAR GRADUATES Did you ever think of what trafhc would be like if there were no route number slgns no name dlrectlonal polnters no tralhc l1ghts" Chaos seems a mlld word for the cond1t1on doesn t1t'7 Or suppose we had all our present s1gns but no one pard any attentlon to them You know that Route 73 w1ll take you dxrectly to the Tacony Palmyra Brldge but you declde that Route l really ought to take you there so you follow It and never reach your goal You are doubtless saylng No one could be so s1lly' Welll School IS filled wlth route numbers dlrectlonal srgns Stop and Go hghts All these slgns have been placed at strategic spots for the sole purpose of helpmg you Yet some puprls disregard them or very reluctantly conform to them You are stall young and have by far the greater part of your lrves before you Remember the l1ne from our School Hymn True to thy noble teachings You have many years m whlch to be true to the teaching of your school ln whlch to follow the guldance of your teachers Thxs w1ll save you perhaps many lost years ln ICd1OUS by paths or IH retracmg your steps It w1ll glve you the assurance that you are on the rlght road w1th every day a new success as you travel hopefully from goal to goal My best wlshes go w1th each of you' Very slncerely yours Mabel Haller Vzce Prznczpal DEAR GRADUATES In l1fe there IS never any end wlthout a beglnnlng The completlon of your h1gh school educatlon marks ln a sense an end to your chlldhood and the beglnmng of adulthood Whether you plan to contlnue your for mal educatlon at college or to enter the world of bus1 ness and lndustry from the moment you leave h1gh school you become a man or a woman w1th all the respons1b1l1t1es that go Wlth adulthood To be successful 1n lrfe and also happy no matter what ones vocatxonal calhng lt helps among other thmgs rf your work IS creatlve meanmgful and serves a purpose 1f you have the love and devotlon of your famxly lf you can share ln the companlonshrp of s1n cere frxends and 1f you can engage per1od1cally IH sult able recreatlonal act1v1t1es I beheve and hope that the education you recelved at Northeast Hlgh School has lard a firm foundatlon to your contlnued growth and development But remem ber a h1gh school educatlon IS but a small mbble at the edge of the vast world of knowledge And w1th knowledge there must also be w1sdom and understand mg Whether 1n school or out of school contlnue to get knowledge w1sdom and understandmg so that you may grow 1nto mature manhood and womanhood My slncere wlshes for your success and happmess Hyman Boodlsh a a ' ' ss as - , . . . , . s ' 9 , . ' J 9 ' ss ' s ' 7, ' 9 , . as ' as 9 1 3 7 5 7 , - 9 , .- , . . . W 1 9 Q 1 9 , - , - 7 - 9 - a 9 1 4, F . .59 ,, 3? F 1 w Qi, w 2 1 f V1 I Ir', 11, ,, ,li 3 , 16951 S , f 5 4 QP' , ,,. E32 Liihil 5 I ,-vb--V., ,,.,.,..,.c 'T '. , M- 7 X,-can 2-2 i"" QSM' gf ksaayn, :SI PHILLIES 1. Q D .. , ix 5' ji .lx 'W .x vigrx ,ff xl -8 ,gi ' .,..,,,n .' .Q Why rs the sky blue? Stated Mr F Prerce Mrs B Hartman Mr S Alman Srandmg Mr S Deglm Mr W Barlsh An amoeba IS an an1maI7 Sealed Mrs L Goldberg Mr C Cochrane Mr L Sxlverman Smndzng Mr L D1Massa Mr S Segal Mr D Stelnberg M1ssV Dunn Breaklng Boyle s Law have rocket w1ll travel Oh' Smell that formaldehyde Plerce Arrow As sure as God made green apples blrdseed fungus among us Concoctmga chemlsrry fnal IS such fun' Seated Mr J Sllver D0 you dv fha' af h0me7 MT Rosenberg, Ml' stem, Mr E Wrlhamson, Department Head Mr L K Smlth, R SUTIOH Mr W Wmlcov Standzng Mr A Stabler, Mrs B Fenster, Mr 17 G Mayall, Mr M Olmsky A QQ 5 t 'r'.i"'?' A ,BJ - 1 4 f , . . . .' . . , . . . . . . . .' . . , . . , . . . .' . . , . . . , . 55 ' 99 x. Languages 1 Ax f.. s IQ . . I 4, fin'--CT: E if , : f'g5T1vve, . -.jr Q ggffgrjv -S' ' .U A . .as , , , 'Qgff CQQ, "S11encxo, por favor" . . . Are you working for a 3? . ..,f'-.wth I You must learn the irregular verbs . . . Spanish Club lg:.'g?lg, ri . , . 1--.-ggi A Of course lt s voluntary, but lf you expect to pass . p "Galia est divisaf' and so was our Latin class. D , 4 v Q ' Q 1 I lib!-int! sl CD 5, Seated: Miss E. Bastas, Miss M. Adamczak, Miss R. DeNicuolo, Mrs. H. Turick, Miss A. Gross, Mrs. A. Gaul. Standing: Mr. F. Bonasi, Mr. E. Levy, Miss E. Sadowsky, Mr. C. Zimmerman, Dr. M. Fruchter. 18 Arr 'EI like it! lt's dynamicll' . . . "Put your lunches away!" . . . Remember-source oflight, reflected light, shadow's edge, source oflight, reflected . . . "bring your paints- keep those shelves neat!" So many clean brushes . . . Sealed: Mr. E. Silberman. Standing Mr. L. Cohen. Throw that carriage !. . . Seated: Miss S. Gelman, Miss M. Rose, Mrs. B. Segal, Miss R. Becker, Mrs. M. Harvey. Standing: Mr. R. O'Barr, Mrs. E. Knable, Mr. D. Judd, Mrs. M. Noderer, Mr. L. Miner. All assets: no liabilities . . . Seated: Mr. R. Po- dolsky, Department Head Mrs. E. Dickey, Mr. H. Ross. Standing: Mr. S. Haut, Mr. E. Gold- stein. Of course the columns balance . . . Seated: Mr. T. Marchese, Mrs. F. Solomon, Mrs. D. Harber, Mr. S. Marchionni. Standing: Mr. A. Zack, Mr. H. Levine, Mr. C. Kaufman, Mr. M. Britchkow. Commerce "Keep your eyes on the copy, and know those vowels!" . . . Who jammed the machine? . . . not another prac- tice set? Oh! So many mistakes . . . debits on the side near the window and credits on the side near the door . . . Mr. Haut vs. Mr. Podolsky. 20 Nl' ,gy L- .4 -9, Q L - Z, ,Qlisw - X ' .. . : f 4 , f f ,'f 4 I F' T' Q 45' S ,et h 55 'gm X 1 - I . Q' A -V -5 1 5 J l l tw -q-n ,-ws K ""M"i' ...gall-v-fr - Turn If counrer cloclmm J Phllllps G Schwartz R Pugach Genuine leather . . . G. Schweikert, B. Sarnoff, S. Fischman. 21 Who needs UNIVAC7 Seated Mr F Bogla Mr G Ebbecke Department Head Mr J Huntzmger Mr H Neerenberg Mr F Holzwarth Standing Mr E Karr Mr M Rosenthal Mr F Mrller 0.,lAJ GA' Geometry IS so logical nsszmple Seated Mr P Snyder Mrs M D1 Massa Mr C Freedman Mr S Pltt Standzng Mr C Webb Mr N Ehlmer Mr D Rosen Another problem bltCS the dust as H Landsberg solves the case of the unknown X we-"""""" fihkll 1 Mathematics Have rule w1ll sllde the boss Th1s1s not good' All rlght people Neerenberg trlals math IS easy It s the students that make lt hard Flgure lt out for yourself .... .' . . ., . . , . . , . ' , l ...Q111-1 . . ' .- . . . . . . ' 2'2- , ' ' 'T' ' . -L- 'P' t at o K' ,W la' 1 2: 1 l x ' ,1- ,S 'Xb '. 7 L, x Q . ,', I ... .' . . , . . , . . , . . . .' . . , . . , . . . - Q- . . H . . ..." ' , "... ' ..."All ' 'S ' 79 , .. ca - ' as 22 UCCS S6lCCtlOl'1S fOI' COIT1l'I1Cl'lCCfHCI'1l Sit up straight please a little louder in the bass section try not to look at the words remem ber we have to be heard throughout the auditorium does anyone know how to play the p1ano9 23 Music Letls szng the Northeast School Song Seated Mrs E Overholt zer Standmg Mr E Deska, Mr R Steele . : '5 3 " 4 -' xxx 5- f ,S X, Singing becomes a serious business as a senior chorus class prac- . 66 ' ' 99 GS ' ' , . . . ' 99 66 97 SG - ' ' as 9 LG ' 19 Industrial Arfs Who is the newest member of the Fender-Benders Club? . . . Mr. S. Seidler. Mr. J. Matza. A seven cylinder engine ! ! . . . Mr. O. Duhrkoff, W. Agstcr, S Weisbaum, J. Smith. 1,1 .ff Jn, ,fjxvr , k,4xi,,,V ..., v.A J KA. , 51... . . .Sf . Time our for u conference . . . Sealed: Mr. L. Rowland, Mr. O. Duhrkoff, Mr. L. Herwig, Mr. R. Abbott, Mr. J. Kerry, Mr. R, Fluhr, Mr. J. Nell, Mr. M. Novack, Mr. D. Jacoby, Mr. J. Dunworth, Mr. W. Moat. F Monday morning symphony: buzz, buzz, slosh, slosh, grind, grind, swish, swish . . . "You're S.O.L.', . . . no lakers on the cab . . . You've never lived until you've had Mud Shop . . . Pass the shock, please . . . 'lGet the ink off the tloorl' . . . hot-rod project: a Pontiac pow- ered Plymouth . . . That's a cute sweater, dear! awry ' -1 . --'11 N z Automatic manicure . . . E. Lauff. 'Y-vit,-,T ff 4-A .y i I I , an ins x ' N- 'SX ' an 5" Av qt, AsfP:"'e-'vv'-e f - ii. 'HQ 25 The kirchen sink will never fit . . . R. Flitter. 431 A truck load of exammatzon paper just for us? Seated Mr L Ranck Mrs D Rakoff Dr H Burr M1ssJ Rosen Mr L Rack Standzng MISS E Jordan Mrs J Snow M1ss M Sommar dwg Q... ,J ,-...-4 Letshave an essay contest Mrs D Cahan Mass M Braunsteln Department nv- W Head Dr S Gapp Mrs L Cohen M1ssJ Mascmo Standmg Mr G Haas Mr S Katz Mr C Helm Mr B Ollver A' ""' Hurray V More books for the lzbrary f Secretary Mrs A Kesselman and Llbrarlan Mr S August cz ,M 'rv " .,- Wu Perhaps we should have monthly book reports Seated Mlss L Nelson, MISS P O'Hanlon, Mrs D Abrams, Mrs I Bach Standmg Mr E Ruttenberg, Mr A Stark, Mr C Swartz 26 '35 z - . S k f 1 A L Q K 13 I m I I in g IX ' , . . ' , . , . . . .' . , . . , . . , .... -, Vqstw A - -t NSI, Q ,.,. , , ,--- ' 'fi?. ., 1 -A . L' 'iw W - " ' 'f "LUX: , ,w7.SiJr'x1f1 K K fe- arxf-gs' " we C: Q, - ,ww - - - H .uf . q- iz iggyilufjkgfjl' I -' we, . S., ss , :,.,: Vw A i N . W, , , " .1 N 5. P S A HN N' 1 A V V. A i 7' , f BF' Yr: X 1 E 1 yr' ' 47. H -wr' af he lk, , gm , . az, ' ls ' .. - f " N W..--0 1 - - n S . . , . . , . . .' . . , . an W4 . , . . , . . . ' , ' .- ..pq,.f A N "'u L L. --L+ ,43- A.'t."' H4 it 'au PIN.. I ll 12:1-H.-A 'AB' vu.. t ga.-. W Q 'A .ff 1 1 To be or not to be" . . . L. Goodman, S. Sheinberg, C. Cohen . . . Oh! Those many book reports . . . last minute rush for commencement papers . . . Mr. Rack's objective and subjective book quizzes . . . weekly spelling tests . . . , pusillanimous, laconic, aborigines, etc., etc., etc .... Engllsh See how our vocabulary has augmented? . . . don't worry, pre-tests don't count. 'Bun-.kts E S1lver locates a trouble spot for a report on contemporary polltlcal problems An essay test? Of course' phases of soclal studles course are world contemporary Amerlcan and Euro pean history outlme the chapter on corporatlons for tomorrow geography Where IS Northeast Hlgh located" Recltatlons aga1n'7 Soclal Sfudles What next ln 1nstantfoods7 Boardman Standtng MISS F Chwalmska Seated Mlss E W Kulplnska Mrs Our students enjoy baszc research Seated Mrs G Zrmmermann Mr W Clark Mrs C HUFWIIZ Standzng Mr L Elkms Mr M Allen Mr B Tomkms What do you think of the world sltuatlonl Seated Mrs M Welnstock Mr A Sanstrom Standzng Mr D Greenberg Mr P Elsen Mr R Cassels I u Now shall we have that test on current events? Seated Mr B Heller M1ss C Cutler Department Head Mrs D Walker M1ssE Flemlng Mr M Sklar Stand mg Mr H Kessler Mr G Schuster Mr M Mauskopf 29 xN it I Physical Education What! No gym make-upsf. . . Seated: Mr.Woolley,Mr. Owen, Department Head Mr. Geiges, Mr. Engel, Mr. P. Hallam. Standing: Mr. Hasse, Mr. R. Mullan, Mr. Clothier, Mr. C. Martin, Mr. G. Baack, Mr. Patchell. 5. f l Field hockey is agreat game . . . Seated: Mrs. Rothman, Mrs. Val- entine, Miss A. Gallagher, Miss J. Fortunato. Standing: Mrs. Kerry, Mrs. Kipple, Mrs. L. Rappe, Miss B. Thumler. "Forward march!" . . . to the hockey field-dribble, dribble, dribble . . . drive! . . . Sorry no upper respiratory infections will be accepted!!! . . . Take distance to the rear . . . "What was your time in the quarter mile?" . . . the iron cross "really" isn't that hard! . . . Mr. Patch- ell's "red hat' at games. CQ -am... , "You've been late so often" . . . "Do you have an ap- pointment?,' . . . "Fd like to be dismissed early today." Counselors Vg! .A Whats your problem? Seated Mrs Conway Miss D Free man Mr Simpson Miss N Hirsch Standmg Mr Goldberg Nurses Its a shame that he has to mzss the rest of hzs classes but HOW lucky' Your temperature ts normal Nurse E Cowan hts cold ts so bad hell have to go home tmmedtately checks a student s temperature Nurse A Engle 31 , , - , . , . . .' . . I . 1 , 7, ., , 1 . kg ,A , . I ,. . .A ,, . ,. , . . . , . .... . . . , . . , Sealed Mrs A Montgomery Mrs A Kesselman Mrs R Secretarles Levm Standmg Mrs D Baack M1ssH Glmson Mrs B Cohen 1 HL. Dleflflan Mrs D Weaver Custodian H We"S X . -lg , R 'v ,,s-mggg-f I ff H if ' Mr. . 32 Zn iwtzmnrlam Mlss Anna Boyle, commerce teacher dled June I9 1959 The death of Mlss Anna Boyle on June I9 l959 saddened the ent1re Northeast Hugh School Commu n1ty Hard worklng and devoted to the educatlon of young people she helped prepare many excellent and well quahfied workers IH the commerclal field Always ready wlth a smlle and helpful hunts she made us want to try a llttle harder We wlll always remember Mlss Boyle wlth fondness 33 1- u 1 I ' 1 s s v a 9 as ' as ,' ' L L lunmhloc L I 'N Jmuux CO IISIII L 5614 was' lf'OlfL L 8 55 OIJLIWVLQI LVL 00 If COlf1fLO6LlfL Q R 0 7 . o 0 Q K Q K X gang xx - Nut wi1I1in1l1c ' ' wm. The oncs xxc went with to thc gums. x grczilcs dass that . '01'tl1Cz1s1's lmd. L 1" 'w is ' 5 :mx Q Q ,im X X xwx xxx 3 X4 Nlf L 3 42 f"""XN Q Q I 5,4 --1 ii' 4, Ei Y 1 Z., -Off!!! A JORDAN M. ABOWITZ 1 1134 Elbridge St. academic Jordy .... slapstick comedian . . . . ardent physics fan . . . . Miss Rosen's favorite student. . Council IIA-12Bg Tutor 1lB,- 1 .i... f -,.. 1 ,3155 cm?-gswgggwfs -..:-4.12: , , zfgfegvggg - 1,-1 ,gztf1sw : :-,.y-H. , A 55M :.-251-,f , my tr 'f - 4 .,t. J' '1::tf2:....4i'1 t ,, ,Je ll Q, , K 531,23 H62 fi 1 ff 'X av X Usher IZA. ":' ' 7 iii' 5 it Y KENNETH ALEVY 6647 Sylvester St academic Ken star gazer e 18th hole is in sight lover of the great outdoors DAVID ANDERSON 6935 Souder St academic Dane handy man with a camera watch out col lege here I come keep those marks high Turors 12A Aide 12A E199 ?35'223SrS' we 'ax BOB BACKERT t f' 513 E Godfrey Ave trade prep Mr Fix It for ailing radios Bob likes cars records swimming always a gen tleman future in elec tromcs 'Ulf ai L 3 MADELINE ALBERT 1132 McKinley St. academic Likes to tickle the "ivories" . . . . fine record collection . . . . strictly no homework for her. Archive IZA-I2B,' FTA l2B,- Library Aide I2A,' Medical Services IIB-l2B,' Hall Moni- tor l2A,' Red Cross l2B,' Lunclzroom Monitor l2B. JEAN ALLEN 621 E Rosalie St academic Doreml scalpels sponges and splints vo unteer worker Choir 10A 12B Girls Glee Club 12A Medical Serxicex 11B 12B SONDRA APTKEMAN 1217 Robbins Ave commercial This brown eyed brunette will one day be a medical technl clan nice report cards Sandy Monitors 12B Bowling Club 2B DONALD A BAKER 1917 Hartel St academic Don one more lap around the track please pass the alt only you can pre vent forest fires Archive 12B iarsitv traclt J V cross country IACQUELINE BALIS 1304 Glenvlew St vocational art lackze pretty clothes pretty pamtmgs pleaslng personality shorten my stlrrups please Archzve Art Staff 12B bowl :ng club 10A slum club I THOMAS BARBIERI 5938 Castor Ave uuulenm Muslc man s lm antl Hnals Don Juan DAVID BAUMAN 6634 Eastwood St academic w1ld passlon for soccer and basketball college Senator IOB IIA I2A IZB Megaphone 10B IIA IV bas ketball 10B IIA soccer IOA B RUTH BAYER 1170 Hellerman St commercial Real dynamlte Ruthie s actlon packed turn on the muslc and lets dance those dlmples Arclzzve Gzrls Sports Editor 12B Megaphone IZA bowling B 'fb ARLENE BALL 1117 Kerper St general popular medical secretary stuffed ammals melt her looks forward to class partles Class Secretary 10A Treas urer 10B IIB 12B Class Coun cll IIA bowling club 12B Llbrary Azde l0B Offzce Azde 0B JAY BARISH 7052 Rutland St general Pancho hlstory rates his favor dltto for basketball future teletype operator CAROL BAUS 725 Emerson St commercral Tall thats all qulet but shes sure awake those lucky NE teams sc1nt1l latmg secretary Lunchroom Monitors IZB Tu tor I2A JV basketball 10B 12B bowling IOB hockey 12B swlmmzng 10A IIA IZA vol leyball JV IIB I2B GAA Representattve I2B Trzp Com mzttee ROBERTA BECKETT 1562 Devereaux Ave commerczal Good thmgs come ln small packages VIVHCIOUS l1ttle Bobbz catches anybodys eye real Sportster suc cessful secretary Library Azde IIA monztor 12A tennis IIA PHYLLIS BECKMAN 7216 Large St commercial Tweety pie Heres a bandaide Where IS your hall pass7 clothes con scious Dance Club IOA IIB Monitor I2A F TA 12B Medical Services Club 12B bowling club IZB LOIS BELAVSKY 1419 Gllham St general o NE spirit person ality plus business college nine aide IOB usher l0B FTA IIIB IIB I2B Medical Serxtces Club 12A l2B mom tor 12A 12B bowling club 12B SONDRA BELSKY 7200 Large St academic A 10l of fun appreciates good music enjoys mak ing people laugh future teacher band 10A l2B orchestra 10A 12B monitor 10B l2A clialr man I2B basketball 10B I2B hocllev 10B 12B softball IOA 12A woodwind quintet 10B IIB All Plnladelplzta Sr Hzglz Orchestra IOA 12B All Pltzla delplzta Sr Htglt Band IOA IZB SHEILA BENDER 1131 Kerper St. general Turn on the records and let's dance .... splish, splash .... skip the spinach .... x-ray technician. Council lIB,' F.T.A. IIB-l2B,' Medical Services Club IIA- 12B,' ballet IIB-IZA: Girls Glee Club I2,' Swim Club l2A. EDWARD F BEHREN5 1411 Stirling St academu Future veterinarian s likes finals lots of fun Clttej traclt team manager IOA Mammalian A natomx Club B CECILE BELOV 2120 Hoffnagle St general strike' a 300 game one two cha cha cha com mercial artist Dance Club I2B bowling I2A B HERMAN BENEZET 217 Stearly St academic Herm strictly square for Spanish pass the test tube future chemist MAE BERGMEISTER 428 Chandler St. academic Pleasant and cheerful .... mmm, cheese steaks! .... Richie Ashburn fan .... home ec. teacher. choir 10A-IZA: F.T.A. 10A- l2B,' bowling club IOB, IIB, I2B,' basketball team manager IOB, IIB: monitor IZA-I2B,' History Club I2B,' sr. prom committee IZB. BEVERLY BERMAN 7229 Bradford St commercial A blonde gal with outstanding blue eyes loves that lazy living music and fun offce aide 10A monltor I2B LINDA BFRMAN 5909 C tstot Ave commcrtlal Lzu anybody for pizza" mother football Lime" tilts lletter please Miss Berm tn BRIAN BERNSTEIN 1507 Devereaux Ave academic Brock Burns here comes a touchdown easy going engineer tennis anyone" treasurer 10B council I2A Medical Servzces Club IZA JV football IIB 10B varsztv football 12B CAROLE BERNSTEIN l523 Ripley St. commercial Clean that table before you leave! .... so you want to dance .... look out for thin 'ce. tutor l2A,' bowling club l2B. EUGENE BERMAN 1414 I-I12bee St academic Gene our Prexy personality all the way score a touchdown s cessful enmneer class president IIA IZB vena tor l0A IIB counselors aide IOB treasurer IIA JV foot hall l0B cliatrman of Senate athletic tornuuttee ROB!-Rl BERNHEIM 8877 Calvert St geuerul Bow t sitisflcd W1bb'1Le listener likes sports inyonc for pizzil Spanish Club IIA CARL BERNSTEIN 662l Kmdred St academic soon to be deeply mvolved 1n accounting terms batter strike three ELAINE BEFTENMILLER 602 Levick St. commercial Pass the ball short stop .... athletic .... green eyes brown air. howling club l2B,' softball club 2A. ESTHER BETZ 7332 Ryers St. academic Splash queen .... this way please .... what, a perfect 3007 your temperature is 40 love Gzrls Glee Club IZB Medical Services IIB IZB Ushers IOB IZB basketball club IIA howl ing club IOB hocltex rluh IZB 111101 rluh 10A IZA GA A representatlxe IZB JV vu m ming IZA BARBARA BLECKER 6622 Sylvester St commercial Music lover future nurse sports fan dislikes vegetables Barb Girls Glen Club IZA IZB Medical Services IOB IZA IZB boultng club IZB HENRY BLUM 1411 Greeby St Illd art college Baseball and football fan Bud oh those pretty gals electromc engineer LINDA BOGDANOFF 6415 Dorcas St romm collfgz 5 2 eyes of blue hey Mr Mathis make with the music medical technician Med1cal.Serx1ces IZA IZB hull Monitor IZA IZB HOWARD BLATT 6741 Leonard St. general Hank and homework disagree . . . avid sports fan . . . future ma- chtnlst varsity swzmmtng 10B IIB DOROTHY BLOCK 1317 Levick St vocational art Dom music music music dont slip on the ice medical technician Archne IZB Dance Club 10A Medical Services IZA bowling club IZB tenms club IIA E LANNY BLYWEISS 1030 Grant Avenue musu Music man in school and ou a beatnik admirer enjoys good books future advertising Council IZA IZB Megaphone 10A Phalarope IZA Band IOA IZB Dance Band IZA Orchestra 10A IZB All Phila Sr High School Orch ana' Band IZA Chairman Senzor Prom C ommtttce PAUL BOGDANOFF 1114 Glenview St vocational art Paul another Van Gogh 1 2 3 say cheese" commercial artist Archzx e art stay? IZB WILLIAM BOI-IN 7322 Shelbourne St zndustrzal arts sportsman cautlon low brldge oh how I hate to get up m the mornmg a nall a hammer a pnece of wood and Bzll varsity baseball tarszty basket ball 10A I2A BARBARA BOTWICK 915 Brlghton St academic Bobble llkes lunch date balt nurses a1de future teacher Phalarope 12A FTA IOB 12B Library IZB Momtm IIB World Affairs Club IIB 12B suzm club IIB tolleyball 12B Jumor Prom Committee G A A representatlve 12B RUTH E BRADLEY 419 Gllham St academzc clever mlss sllence IS golden m favor of fel lowshlp Sunday school teacher Llbrary Aide 12A12B Tutor IIBIZB Usller IIB I2B World A17a1rs Club IIB 12B hockev club I2B JAY THEODORE BRAUDE 1929 Benton Avenue academic And Jay came tumblmg down three mmute mlle whlz wxth figures college of course Arch1veI2B Tutors IOA 10B 12B varsity track varslly cross country varszty gym team 10B I2B cheerleader BERNARD BOKEKO 6814 Lynford St general Bernze muscle man wheres the PIZZHII a those figures LILLIAN BOYCE 1221 Wellmgton St general Muslc lover Sunday school teacher box office patron fashlon plate en thuslast SHIRLEY BRADLEY 7414 Lawndale St commerczal Shzrl enjoys dancmg and swlmmmg d1sl1kes homework and test secretary choir 10A 12B JOSEPH BRAUN 2102 Longshore Avenue academic oe we want a home run future engmeer Senlor Class Treasurer varsity baseball 10A 12B SANDRA BRENDEL 7316 Palmetto Ave L Ummerc ml Eyes of brown a music lover Go man CJ ' ETTA BRODER 811 Prmceton Ave mmlunu Happy go lucky future teacher Spanish senorltn oy oh boy Trcasurerl IIB 17A ulor IOB IZB Council IIA MOIllIlII I2 IZB Spamxlz Club IIA FAY BROOD 1250 Unruh St commucml Ram ram go away booster cards but I just got on the phone' Treasurer 10B IIA Yenamz B ARLENE BROWN 6523 Souder St commerczal blue eyed blonde loves choco late nut sundaes Brounze transcrlbe these letters please JAY BRESLER 7l"l Ocnlsland St mdmrlzal arts athletic plays the plano and bon 0 drums ltltes nlrls Llrls glrls electrical ennlneer IIIISIIX Imsltctlmll IZA IIA IIB tursm foolltull IIB JV IOB .IV lmxz ll II IIA mrsm urn A MELVYN BRODSKY 915 Prmceton Ave nuulenm Lanltx nt walt schools out each week crystal ball reads Mal he druggxst Tftllllllll' l2B Senator IOA ursm lnmluzt JV hon mg IUA and IIIB CAROL ANNE BROSS 9951 Wtstarla St comms rc ml Cum! not more homcwor one SIFILC two spares future secretary C0unc1l10B Chou 10A bowl me club 10B nmjorettev IOB softball 10A SAMUEL BROWNSTEIN 6144 Alma Street academic Sammy prefers Spanish to lunch there must be a shortcut future C P A 'JSI' 86. STEPHEN BRUMBERG 7107 Montour St academu re me f o te tllps for Miss Fortunato Thus wont hurt a b1t 2 + 2 are 5 Clam 10A IIB Biology Club f JACK CARDONICK 1135 Englewood St grmral Jake eager sports fm joys a good book dlsllkes bleached blondes hlgh school teacher Drama 10A 10B Hzstory Clu 12A 12B Monitor 10A 10B JUDITH CASPER 6723 Castor Ave commercial Judi school w1thout home work h1s ldeal enjoys bowlmg secretary SHEILA CHERRY 7209 Lynford St. academic A twirling deb .... hates curly locks .... doctor s helper . . . . no rain please! Choir 10A-IIA' Drama IOA' F.T.A. IIB-I2B' Medical Serv- ices IIB-I2B' Spanish Club 2B,' Majorettes IOB-I2B,' Mon- itor. ,rs E A-ef ANNETTE BURNE l8l4 Arnold St commercial A strllxe ln every ame shell strtlte her wry to fame is 1 prnate secretary Drama Cltb IIA Medical S nuts Club IIB Mont or 17B Bowling Clulv IZB RODNEY CARLIN 7706 H isbrook Ave Illdlllffllll arts Hold th at lme hot Rod s'ilute this scout uusttx football IIB IZB J V football 10B NANCY CATOR 549 Somerton Ave general Nan down wlth math problems croquet fan typxst or llbrarlan EUGENE CIRILIS 6903 Horrocks St. academic He made it! .... always on the run ,... its a strike! .... April Fool! varsity track 10A' varsity cross country 10B. GARY S COGAN 2219 Longshore Ave acadenm No candelabra what a racquet' man in the gray flannel suit Arclme 12B J V Ienniv 10A IOB ARNOLD E COHEN 1104 Glenview St academzt Cut up objection your Honor saxy band 10A 10B OICIIPSIIYI 10A IIA BARRY COHEN 1712 Megaree St commrrcml sports Monday morning blues likes school best during vacations com collector DENNIS COHEN 8642 Augusta St. music Dancing Denny .... doorbell pusher' jazzy .... drummer boy. Band 10A-IZB: Dance Band IOA-IZB' Orclzeslrrz IOA-IZB. '27 ALAN COHEN 6605 Sylvester St ucademlc A triumphant trumpeteer career aeronautical engineer m relishes radios treasurer 10A semifor IIA band 10A 12B dame band 10A IZA mclnstru 10A IZA Radio Club IZA 12B BARBARA COHEN 1230 Kerper St commercial Not an early riser music music music Ugh' Spinach' beautician CAROLE, B COHEN 6916 Lynford St 0 Ardent artist resists Rock n Roll tickles the ivories batty over baseball Arclme art staff IZB Drama Club 10B12B Medical Seri Ices Club IZA Mwzlror IHA IZB Uslzzr IZA ENID COHEN 1152 Passmore St. commercial Take a letter .... no Vitalis needed .... Where am I going to find a white pleated skirt? Arvlzive IZB5 F.T.A. IZA: Irip commiflee. STANFORD COHEN 5940 Almt St acaduttu Ytan class clown weekdays disagree with him will go Phar as a phar mactst treasurer 10B council IZA IZB FTA 10B ARLENE RHODA COHN ll00 Longshore Ave at ademtc Talented m music md art llterary expert on the Law Atchzxe IZB Girls Glu Club IZA IZB Fremlt Clulr IZA FTA 10B IIA Ltbrarx IIB IZA Monitor IZA chairman IZB Usher IZA IZB World Affairs C o u n L tl IIB IZB Leaders IOB IIA Mayorettt IOA sn1mcIubIOA SAUNDRA COOPER 800 Longshore Ave academic Sandi faithful fan of NE foot ball team likes spaghetti and meatballs future teacher council IIA IIB FTA IZA IZB Monitor IZB Ballet Club IZA RONALD CUTLER 1205 Unruh Ave. academic Ron ..., delights in dancing . . . . feels at home on the ice . . . . the less geometry the better. Senator IOB IIB IZA' lunch- room monitor IOB IIB' track team IOA,' Archive IZB. 70- "H, STEPHEN COHEN 825 Dlsston St academic Buenos dias Senor ram ram go away that me" What k1nd of a doorknob would you l1ke'l Arc me IZB Choir A Ypantsh Club IIB IZA Biol ogy Club IIA ELLEN COLTMAN 90" Knorr St academic Twmkletoes I thmk Ill buy another grape juice catch th it baton future te tcher Ellie Archue co editor tn rhuf IZB Dance Club IOB IZB FTA IIB IZB majorette IOA IZB J V softball 10A MICHAEL COYLE 1305 Frlendship St academic Mike curly hair bowling ts a favorite U S Air Force treasurer 10B track team IZA LYNNE DAROFF 6608 Kindred St. academic Big brown eyes .... loves the theatre .... ugh! shorthand and TV .... future chemist. leaders IOA' hall monitor IZA. -"1---1..,,,.. Ag... ,,.. Early shift-8:15 . . . "No loitering in the foyer, go right to the auditorium." . . . "I wonder if we'll finish Hamlet today?" . . . "Take your time. We've got two minutes." . . . "Did you see what she was wearing?" . . . HI almost didn't get here this morning." 46 RAYMOND DEBAECKE 318 Stevens St trade preparatory Ray likes cars dislikes homework future tool and d1e maker JOSEPH DILETTO Pme and Moredon Rds trade preparatorx SALLY DEERY 7934 Frontenac St academic A future in the classroom loves popcorn pleasant and popular Forward March' class itce president IIA IZB Senator IOA council IOB Cal or Guard 10A 12B Choir UA 12B Girls Glen Club IZA Drama Club 10A IOB Mont tor 10A PHYLLIS DINERT 1140 Devereaux Ave academic Strawberry blonde Always smilmg likes sports future plumber DEBORAH DINLOCKER 1339 Robblns St commercial Debbie Sunday School teacher likes Qym not in favor of history and English. GENE DOLNICK 1205 Glenview St. academic Foods his favorite .... ast winner .... sports minded. Archive IZB' Monitor IIB: Chairman monitor 12B: .l.V. track I-IA,' J.V. cross country IOB, IIB, 12B. those calories theres an a frat partyq Whereq social worker Senator 10A Treasurer IZA 17B Arflme 17B FTA I2B Monztors IOA 12A 12B Uri els 17A 17B ANTHONY DOLECKYJ 6527 Oxford Ave acadumc Tony mmm those NE gtr s architectural drafts man .... loyal Northeaster. Treasurer IIB. BARTON DOROSHOW 6318 Trotter St. vocational art The Rembrandt of NE .... goes for most sports .... congenial. Arclzixe art staff 12B' Water Color Club IOA-10B' gym team IOA. Y' CAROL DREER 804 Longshore Ave academnc Great personalnty muslc an no early blrd Sched ules please' Treasurer IIA Ofice Azde IOB swimming IZA CHARLES ECKLER 3654 N Marvme St academic Fc lla loves the accordlon jazzes ll up hugh dtver future p1lot mlm feam V 10B IZB zraclx VIIIKSIIV IOA IIA IZA BARBARA A EGGLY 1410 Knorr St academzc Barb actlve enjoys all sports future nurse Arcluve IZB Girls Glee Club IZA IZB Medical Services IIB IZB Ushers 10B A bcmlmg club IIB IZB dance club 10A .Sltllll club IZA IZB volleyball club IZB STEPHEN EISENBERG 6626 Oakland St academzc Enjoys photography whlch one are you? next step- college Ogice Azde 10A 10B Library Azde I 2B HARRIET DUBOFF 1431 Levlck St academic Har cant Wdll for that summer vacation te '1 joke Har hope he IS a future x ray tech mclan M6d16GlSEfllC6S IZA JOHN C1 EOGERT 1873 Lott Ave academic Good humored college hound lnterested ln Intcrx ture ln the swim of things Arclzne IZB Plzalarope IZA l2 Hall Patrol llA A IZB Mcmlmr 10B IIB World Afans l7B MARTIN EISENBERG 6626 Oakland St academic College bound llkes bowlmg Marty of Steve'7 Office Aide 10A IIA Lxbrary aide I ZB CAROL ELFANT 96l9 Decker St academic Enjoys show muslc good serve any Gxrl Scout cooklesZ DAVID ELFANT 816 Carwlthan St academzc Dave all round sports an friendly college ahead JV basketball IIA football IZB JV football IIB cross country IIB IZB track IOA IIA IZA CAROLYN ELLISON 6277 Large St commercial A future accountant Joys sports and scouting Clzozr IOA JV hockey IOB 12B JV basketball IIB 12A tennzs IZA Senate Store Aulr IIA 12B STEPHEN L ENGBER 2035 Napfle St commerctal Sports minded always joking stay in lme soldier how many fish did you catch'7 JOHN EVANS 6339 Martins Mill Rd. trade prep. Blonds .... Let s bowl another game .... machinist. CAROL ELLIS 1006 Ripley St academzc Crazy over cooking future Florence Nightingale tickles the lVOI'lCS Clzozr 10A IZB planzst IZA IZB Chorale 10B IIB Mont tor IOB IZB tutor IOB lead ers IOA IZB softball IOA Senior Trzp Committee IZA ROBERT EMMOTT 7511 Lawndale St industrial arts college Bo he dont like no grammar IIS a home run electronics engineer Drama Club IIB baseball IIA IZA JV 10A Prom Committee B LARRY ENGLANDER 6700 Eastwood St academzc Let me see your hall pa college man anyone need help with homework" Monitors IZA Tutors IZA LINDA EVANS 8597 Benton Ave. vocational arts in .... designing woman fclass pinj .... popular miss . . . . at ease with an easel. Council 10A IZB' Alternate IIA, IIB, IZA,' Archive IZB: leaders IOA,' softball V. IOA. CAROLE FACTOR 6749 Trotter St ZICIILIEIIIIC Car Hurray for pizza people and ICC skatmn' dlslxkes Spanxsh elemen tary teacher Preszdent 12A Dame club 10A slum rlub IIB EILEEN FEINBERG 1707 Hellerman St c ommerc ml enjoys dancmt, radlo and week ends could lwe happlly without homework and early shlft secretary Arclznr IZB SAMUEL FEINSTEIN 1119 Englewood St academac Skzp anti rock and roll pro glrls hot rod doctor treasurer IOA Orchestra IOA I V football IIB golf 10A 2A ROBERT FELMAN 2325 Emerson St general Bookless Bob sports fan Mr New Year 1n person bxrthday Jan 1 a cool career IH arr condltlomng xarslfy brrsltetball IIA IIB ARLENE FEINBERG 7247 Saul St conrmmuul Cap full of curls mee clothes too you mean nts time to get up already future medlcal receptlomst Treusmer IOA Council IIA IIB Afcl11reI2B BARBARA FEINMAN 6537 I 1rL,e 'il llflllltllllf Bohln bury those low calorle diets please enjoys tennls office rude IOB JEROME FELDMAN 6005 Augusta St aeadenm Jerry a good book whats on the menu? sports enthuslast Whlle collar worker DAVID FELSHER 6742 Souder St eommerrml Lznlt sharp dresser watch out for h1s wheels shall we dance" future accountant CAROL FERGUSON 13016 Worthmgton Rd commercial Future secretary a sweet songblrd good sense of humor Senator IOA choir IOA 10B offce alde montzor IOB Girls Atlzlettc Assouatzan 12B STUART A FIERSTEIN 916 Tyson Ave academic Hazel eyes black ha1r congenlal u ht fi an on to college Monztor 10A 10B Office Aide IOA 10B SHEILA FISCHMAN 1436 Hlgbee St distributive education Not another party'7 lllses workmg dlSllk6S walkmg future medlcal I6ChHlC121l'l Treasurer 10B Monitor IOA 10B WILLIAM FLEMING 1025 St Vlncent St acadenm B1 muslc man won draftsman plans RICHARD FIEDEL 1425 LCVICK St academic Dzck A good scout Ice cream sodas d1sl1kes homework Mammalzan Anatomy Club IIA tennis squad IOA IIA IZA intramural basketball B ROSLYN FINEMAN 902 Glenvlew St commerclal Roz llkes Chlcago smooth haxr styles frlendly Senator 10B IIA Counczl IZA Spanlslz Club 12A 101 leyball club 12B ARLENE FISHER 1507 Lardner St commerczal loves P1ZZa never an early b1rd Law yer s secretary Arclme 12B Office Aide 12B trzp commzttee ALLEN FLICKER 2110 Vista St academic Sports mmded no d1s lnkes pleasmg personallty salesman Table tennis 10B IIA ROBERT FLITTER 1440 Stlrlmg St general Boy h1s rod and reel are always ln h1s hand oot ball fan mechamcal den tlstry J V football IIB varsity traclt 0A DALE FORREST I 1034 Ferndale St commutml Twlrllng, ballerina grnee ful on stage and on the ILC blue eyes Chou IOB Metlreal .Seruus IIB Monitor 12B IIB Dance Club 10B Leaders IIA IIB DARRYL FREEDMAN 6623 Kmdred St academze On guard sports car enthuslast enjoys bowlmg medlcal professlon CARL GELFONT 1130 Gllham St academic Please no homework future accountant very contaglous laugh sure thmg for success MICHAEL FOGEL 1205 Stlrllng St academu Mzke future lawyer s1x footer brown eyes brown halr fore' Senator IOA IIB smm team 10B 12B golf team IOA I2A cadet football IOA RICHARD IQRANKEL 2044 Glendale Ave academm Sxllsy casu 11 pace mclmed toward sports Senator 12B Connell 10B IIA haskellrall BARRY GAVRIL 2117 Glenvlew St llflllltllllt Quiet gentleman enjoys rock n roll fishmg and sketch m Barr college and then 1 business career HOWARD GELLIS 1421 Levlck St academu Ge dxgs modern archl tecture short g1r1s pre ferred sports cars college bound Treasurer 10B Senator IZA bowling IIB cross country .IV A STANLEY GENSTEIN 6011 Castor Ave g,111e111l sportln Stan IS qulte the man brown eyed real fellow treasurer IIA NANCY GILLIE 2023 Oakmont St 1 0l71l716'lCIlll Ace batter up other Esther Wllllams beautlclan L1brarx Club IOB Leadel 10A DAVID GINDIN 6504 Roosevelt Blvd acadennc dark eyed Date brlght 1n mechanlcal world great future keep 1t up SANDRA GINSBERG 1732 Fox Chase Rd commercml Sands yawn' Those early mornmg classes mus1c mmded mademolselle future stenographer Gnls Glfe Club IZB ALAN GILI. 1431 Elbrtdge St academzc future physlcs teacher drummer boy gentleman Band 10B 12B Dance Band 10B 12B HARVEY GILMAN 1360 Fanshawe St 1 a lud wlth slull llkes sports sleep and stereo a real H1 F1 Nllt COIIHCII 10B IIA EVALYNE GINSBURG 1818 Danfort St acaa'em1c on stage 3Vld athlete musxc maestro please sea soned traveller Counczl 12B Drama Club 12A 12B Dance Club IZB World Affazrs IOB IZB L brary Club IZA 12B Spamvh Club 12B Tutor IOA IIA Baslterball Club 10B STEPHEN GIRARD 6526 Rtsmg Sun Ave academzc Steve a good scout ardent sports fan future po11ceman Monltor I IA DAVID GITTER 6417 Large St colnmuclal English is not his favorite sub ect strike' six footer pharmacist ARLLNIL OLABERSON 1137 Gilh tm St IILCIIIEIHIL Conversationalist likes hi fi music future te icher Council IZA Monitor IIA tutor IZA JOAN GLASS 7024 Kindred St academic Juana flashy sport cars rate her approval those awful early mornings green eyes hopes future is bright treasurer IOA Arclme 12B Spanish Club IZA tutor IIB Mamlnalmn Anatomy Clllb IIA Bowling Club 12B Sntm Club 10A RONALD GLICKMAN 6613 Roosevelt Blvd. lIC!lll6'I7'1IC Hebrew scholar .... shuns television .... talented tennis player .... biologist. .Alva BERTRAND B GIULIAN 4101 Comly St acadcmu' But a future physicist honorable musically inclined sparkling smile Band 10A 12B Dance band 10A 12B Orrhestra 10A 12B Tutors 10A 12B Gymnastics Manager 10B IIA JANICIL GLASS 1274 Fmshawe St sports car lover Johnny Mathis abhors early rismil love th it red trmrurtr 12A IZB KAREN GLASS 7147 Large St academu good student artistic enjoys movies ind music colltte then teaching Plmlumpc l7B Fruulz Club IZA FTA IIB IZB World Affairs IIB IZB ANGELA GODSHALL 709 Kerper St. ucademiv '1 wish it would snow .... English teacher .... favorite color blue .... cant wait to ea . Plmlarope IZB' F.T.A. 10A- l2B,- Monitor l2B,' usher 0B- I2B,' Basketball Club IIA: Bowling Club IOB: Hockey Club I2B,' JV swimming l2AJ Swim Club IOA-I2A. ROBERT GOI D 1117 Fansh awe. St tmml Sporty Bob too hot to read Shalxespe tre teach me to drtve STEPHEN GOLDBERG 6048 Castor Ave acmlmm Sr xt future economist tnll dark and hxndsome FRANK GOLDMAN 7722 Algon Ave acadwmc Cars and bowlmg tre hts speed stles engmeer mother strtke Graphic a rs 10A hasltflhall IIA ALLEN J GOLDSTEIN 1829 Kendrlck St general Goldze they re off sports mmded concett and lymg dont rate his approval senator 10B IIA IIB C0llI1CIl 12B foolballl V IZA baseball J V 10B JLDY GOI DBERQ "IV ShLlI11lI'C St cunzmutzul Etrly sehedule' No thank you Rulx enjoys rock n roll secretary Uxlms 1013 tollcxlvull Club l7A l7B MADELINE GOLDFARB 68l8 Sylvester St 1 onum ll ml S1 I volunteer il'I1l'3lllOllS type dance anyone Tllllllllfl llA SUHIIIUI B HOWARD GOLDSMITH 6928 Lynford St academzf Goldze blue eyed cars are cl must college bound ARLENE GOLDSTEIN 7050 Algon Ave academzc Candy sweet ofcourse glve the splnach to Pop eve future heurdresser Mt dlCIIl Svrxzccv IIB W fx LOIS GOLDSTEIN 6222 Summerdale Ave L omme rc ull busy gal Lame Japan IS so far away private secretary Ballet Club IZA boulzag club IIB IIA snzm Club IZA IEONARD 5 GOODMAN 1751 Stirling St lltllllllllll Stew yea team' goes for sport cars neer Radio Club IIA Tutors IIA Cho1rIOA IV baseball 0A football IOB RAQUEL GORDON 1337 Hellerman St commercial Sunshme smlle person allty plus lets meet peo e no more dlctatlon please Treasurer IIA bonhng IZB "Ti: HELEN GORMAN 2010 Lanslng St commerczal blue eyed blonde does a fig ur 8 another strtke and spare 1 ETHEL GONTKOF 7413 Palmetto academzt vltallty plus Lenerous athletic dlsllltes math and tests Et: phys ed teacher Treasurer IOB IIA Archne IZB Orchestra IOA IZB FT IOA IOB Locltu ac IOB IZA Monitor IIA IZA Usher IOA IOB Manmhau Anatomy Club IOB varxrtx barltetball 10B IIB IZB var stty hockey 10B IIB IZB leaders 10A xarsltv softball IOA IIA IZA LOIS GORDON 6814 Roosevelt Blvd commuc ml Have tire enmne wlll travel take a letter Miss Gor don' lamour d art Archlxe Art Staff IZB bowling' IZB tennis IZA tollexbull 2B RHODA GORDON 1034 Brighton St commercial Rhoda llkes rock n roll and Elvis Presley a receptlonlst after graduation LOIS GORSKY 1516 McK1n1ey St commerczal dances and smgs deslgns clothes soon she 11 be r1s1ng 1n advert1smg X r 1 - fm"-N ww. M M , .- 4 1 .- .K .Q 4 W4 if, .f Tifffziif fi M3 Q Dance with me? . . . The fioor's slippery today . . . They're playing our song-Poison Ivy . . . Do you have change of a quarter? . . . I'll race you to the P.T.C. booth . . . What! No knives, no forks, no change? . . . What's on the menu for today? DOUGLAS GRAMP 6918 Lynford St locational att Art for Art s sake scholarship bound check those foils easy to please HARVEY GREEN 1616 Placid St iocatzonal artx singing artist likes differ ent modes of transportation sleepy time boy Atzlme IZB Chou IUB IIA 2B GAIL GREENMEYER 902 Longshore Ave azadernu Pass the scalpel gay gui ar swift swimmer Whats cooking? Girls Glee Club IZB' Orches- tra IOA' Medical Services IIB- IZB: leaders IUB' .softball IOA,' .l.V. su imming IOA-IZB. DAVID GROSS 7937 Castor Ave. academic Dimples .... sports fan .... Charge it please. J.V. Crew team IZA' Carnival Conunittee IZA. ...ff ,av A CAROLI: GRAPIN 6751 Akron bt zrmzmerzutl Car how now brown cow future prlvite secretary enjoys all forms of enter tainment vitality plus Senator IOB IZB ARLINE GREENBERG 6054 Shisler St acadrmu Baton twirling R o ro teacher teacher clothes conscious FTA IZA IZB Monitors IZA IZB Tutors IZA Ushers IIB Majorettes 10B IZB DIANE GREGG 1423 Brighton St academu vitality plus blue eyed music lover yakity yak . . . . oh for a 300 game. IRMA GROSSMAN 6337 Langdon St. commercial part of a pair .... very talka- tive .... enjoys working with people. Treasurer IIA: Class Council IIB: Archive School Activities Editor I2B,- Ushers IIA. MADLYN GROSSMAN 7112 Montour St commerczal An early b1rd" Never Europe she wxll Hy Ll erdce the second 1 working Elfl TEDDA GROSSMAN 6337 Lmndon St amdurm Brown eyed be iuty beep beep everyone off the road boys dues 1nd clothes medlcal lCChI'llClll'l Srnaror IZA Czunczl IIA IIB IZB ArcI111eIZB M0111 tors IIA IZA SlIfJf'IlISOI I7B S' IIIIISII IZA Usllcrs A IIB Icazlcrx IIIB IZB Sena!! Awards CIOIIIIIIIIIZC IZA Car :mal Commuter CIIIIIFIIIIIII A JOHN HAESLER 1177 Devereaux Ave zndnstrlal arts Jack keeps tuned to WIBG easy does lt engnneer J V baseball IZA GEORGE HAHN 6119 Shlsler St trade preparatory crazy over cars dlgs WIBG flymg hlgh unto the wlld blue yonder J V track IIA STEPHEN GROSSMAN l635 Longshore Ave academzc Ladles man sklllful swim mer college bound ELINORE GUBEN 7213 Tyson Ave awdemzc Ellze plenty of cheese on that plzza lt s great Tldlflg wnh the top down Council IZB French IZA FTA IOA IZB Mezllccll Term :cu IZA Monitors IZA Car mxal Chairman IZA Group aulcs IIA IIB MERLE HAFTEL 6300 Langdon St commercial brown eyes auburn halr homework s for the blrds Mer secretary Ushers IUB LAWRENCE HAINES 1325 Welllngton St academic zoommg along 1n h1s car boat s aWalt1Ilg Satchemo anyone" Treasurer IOA Crew JV 12A 'Q' in GEORGE W. HALLOWICH 1916 Tustin St. aL'11cI'en1ir' Durclz .... likes cars .... all round good guy .... hard worker. sorter I OB. RICHARD HAMILTON 7708 Hasbrook St academlc Another basketball fo tall Rrch hold that lme knows hls way around the dance Hoor gym teacher Szrmnu IOB IIB Coumzl IZA JV ,7l1XlxlII7fIII 10B tm sl! IIB 12B JV foo! all IOB IIIISIIX IIB IZB DONALD HERMAN 1109 Knorr St flt!Id6'I71IC Tee off for a hole ln one muslc muslc music IC as just a bowl of cherrles ouch an electric shock Band IOA IZB Dance Band IZB OVCIIFSIIU IOA IZB golf 10A IIA HARRY HERSKOVITZ 6616 Lynford St zmademzc We want a touchdown wheres that pledge W1dC eyed engineer leave the studvmg to the blrds 100tImIIV 10B IIB EF!!! 'E' M JAY HALPERN 1244 Passmore St. academic Humor man . . . J. . . fond of Freud . . . future doctor. TONI HARAD 7611 Massey Way commercrul Talkanve green eyes dtex Jazz Mathts and Smatrx No gym or homework please Ive Lot bookkeep 1nL to do hllllllllg Club 12B FRANCINE HERSHMAN 6606 Large St comnzercml Dlgs long halr muslc dance ballerma dance lets go swlmmmg Treasurer 10A 10B Council IIB Usher IIA Trlp COIHHIII lee 17A HARRIET HETELSON 1237 Unruh St commercial Tests are pests Yea Penn State' top notch secretary LINDA HOPKINS 1330 Shelmlre St Qerzeml Blue eyed brlm please demonstrxte he rope polnt your toes Fhmk you Mm Cumzczl IUB Nlmlltm Leaders I0 IZB ALLAN INDIC FOR 7048 Lynford St atnzlmuf JUDY IVANS COWIIVICFCIIII Another mllkshake please dlctatlon her future voca Il0I1 BARBARA JASLOW 2137 Prlnceton Ave academic Bobble buzz buzz telephones busy never walk when you can rlde teacher MARSHA HUROK 709 Tyson Ave academm pretty brunette prefers pmk no enthuslasm for dogs and public transportatlon Arclme Copy Editor IZB French Club IZA FTA IOB IIA IZA IZB Library aide IIB IZB Monitor IZA ZB Ushers IZA IZB World Af fairs IIB IZB lmxltzllmll IOB softball IOA swim club IOA xollexball IIA BARBARA lSl:N 1203 Glenvlew St ucadcnm ctrrot top chemistry mayor cat hater pmno player wont max ham burgers and usp tr 1Lus Senator 10B Council IZA 0 clzestra IOA IZB FTA IIA IZB MECIILIII Serxzces IZA Tutors IOA IZB Usher 0A BUHIIIH., IOA IIA CAROL JACOBSON 7010 Horrocks St commercml attracuve efficient Carr cars and jazz rate her favor Scnator IOA Archive Serum Bzagraplzx Editor IZB Tutors IIA Leaders IIA IIB CAROL JOHNSON 1039 Rosalle St umznurcml that jazz moves me crazy bout dancmg leaders IIA IIB JERILYNN JOSEPHS 1141 Levtck St d1s education Jen: plans to attend business school Let s go bowlmg llkes to read leaders IOB IIA ALBERT KALMBACH 1009 Susan Rd academic Test tube expert what s cook mg nn those bottlesq LOUIS KAPLAN 1337 Howell St academu Lou varslty man enjoys all sports re scrrptnon please Class tice president IOA 10B Treasurer IIA tarstty basltet ball IZA JV 10B JV 10B IIB JV football 10B varvtty traclt 10A IZA CAROLE KAUFMAN 2134 Unruh St commercial Catr tall brunette pos srble teacher" go North east' Treasurer IZB Senator IIA IIB Council 10A 10B cheer leader IIA IIB captain IZA IZB leaders IIA IIB Va sw LINDA KAISER 1357 Kerper St comnurctal Lynn hazel eyes brown halr dnsllkes oral talks Fore' prrvate secretary Council IIA hockey IZB EDWARD KANFER 6274 Souder St academu Smzlex Chmese food and popular musxc Are finals really necessary" future accountant Counctl 10B xnrsm football IIB JV 10B SHEILA KAUFFMAN 1708 Bergen St academlc Shell oh those cold wm ter months some Jazz please medlcal technlclan of the future Dance Club IOA Medtcal Serv :ces Club IZA DOLORES KAYTES 7235 Hanford St academzc Dee does fturue Spamsh teacher plays the accor dxon Counczl IZB FTA 10B IZA Spamsh Club IIA tutors IIA IZA group aide IIA leaders IIA IZB RICHARD KAZAREb 6643 Souder St academic Rxclue loves food goes for new cars qulek wltted Treasurer 10B IIB 12B Sena to 10A golf varsity 10A A LEOLA KELSO 2216 Afton St gcnctal Lee loves to read gener ous future secret try Archive 12B swim club IOB MYRON KESSLER 1243 Hellerman St commercial speed and brams an ear for Jazz future ln advertxsmg Locker alde IOB varzsty traclt 10A JOEL KLAITS 6048 Roosevelt Blvd academic Smooth gentleman wavy halr .... a taste for sundaes . . . . a future in the Air Force . . . . oe. treasurer IIA,' senator 10A ,' Ar- chive 12B,' Library Club IOB, 11A,' locker aide 11B,' monitors 10A ,' J. V. baseball 10A ,' J. V. football 10B, IIB. JANICE KELLER Whltney St commercial Sweet muslcal an sports fan future secretary J V softball 12A 12B NANCY KERN 1439 Unruh Ave general ash blonde enjoys all sports future nurse Clzolr 10A IIB majorettts 10B A EILEEN KEVLES 6914 Revere St commercial Kev crazy llvmg teacher torturer future bookkeeper CAROL KLINGER 308 Hellerman St muszc Muslelan Hwe some plZZa wlth me? No! not .an- other chemistry test! Band 10A-I2B,' orclzestra 10A- I2B,' All Plziladelpltia Orches- tra 10A-12B. SHEILA KOGAN 1222 Longshore Ave Corrrrrrer c ml Koggre swmgs a vlclous pony al favorite past tlme glvrng class partles an eatmg plzza secretary leaders 10A Girls AIIIICIIK Association 12B ROSLYN KOLODNER 1019 Knorr Street ncaderrm R02 If sweet and lovely how she hates to get up 1n the mormng elemen tary teacher SANDRA KORMAN 1212 Prmceton Ave c omlrrer f ml Sarrclee brown eyes brown halr lets dmce medlcal techn1c1an ELINORE KRESS 1257 Stlrllng St acmlerrrzc honor roll of course oh just to gam five pounds lrttle gtrl wrth blg brown eyes Senator 10B Courrcrl B Arclrrve IZA IZB FTA A 12B Monitors 12A 12B Uxz ers IZA I2B leaders IOA B B LIBBY KOLINSKY 1317 Wells St rocanorzal art L1 model future magazme 111ustrator Isnt lavender lovely" Arclme art staff 12B JUDY KORMAN 6700 Large St acaderrzrc Judy never a wasted hour H + O -r '7 bralns w1th baton Senator IIB 17B Counul IIA Megzzplrrrrrr IOA Plmluropz A 12B F T A A B Morrlror IIA l2B Turors 10A A rrmforzlrrs UA 2B Horror Socrelx Clllllllllllll IZA 12B Group Aida IIA IIB MELVYN KOSHAR 1138 Unruh Ave uczultrrm Koxlz take me out to the ball zame that jazz swtngs college bound JOAN KRISON 1366 Kerper St acaderruc Watch out doctor' here I come plzza pursuer crazy over convertibles FTA IIB 12B Me1l1c11lSux :ces l2A l2B Morzrrors IZA 17B Spfrrzrslr Club 12B QQ '-are Z JUDITH KROUSE 1330 Passmore St. commercial Judz those early morning blues turn up that jazz an efTic1ent secretary Senator 12B Councll IZA Archive IZA 12B Dance Club 0B HAROLD LANDSBERG 1424 Kerper St academtc Anyone for pmg pong'I shutter bug connolsseur of cards destlnatlon un known Archive I2B ping pong IIA EARL LAUFF 1500 Shelmlre Ave trade preparatory rlch reclpes rarely remaln wxlllng to work dellghts ln all sports future callmg contractor MARILYN LENTZ 1326 Gllham St academic Lovely Lentzle a spar ltlmg senorlta able alde WILLIAM KUEHNE Pine Road trade preparatory ROCHELLE LAPAT 6446 Akron St vocational art Spllsh splash South Amerlca here I come dent artlst Archzve art staff I2B swzm club IIA IIB SUSAN LEAVENTON 823 Fanshawe St academzc Superb scrlbe the gavel xs sounded-everyone rlse breathless baton twlrler Senator IIA Council IIB Trzbunal 12A I2B Megaphone IOB 12A FTA 10B IZA Monztor IIA 12B Tutors IOB A Majorettes 10A 12B Group Aide IIA IIB Honor Society I2A Megaphone Bust ness Staff IOA Tribunal Chief Justice I 2B MYRON LENTZ 7210 Bradford St academzc Sportsman antlclpatmg a famous physlclst blood thxrsty bowler m m Locker aide IIA bowlzng IIB DONALD LEVIN 1328 McKinley St. academic Donnie .... We bought a Caddie .... whiz kid .... on the right track. Senator IOA IZA' monitor IOA JV track IIA cross coun try IIB JV 10B EILEEN LEVIN 6704 Souder St commercial chemistry lover where are my dancmg sllppersq open wlde please Dance Club IIA IIB SUSAN LEVY 1246 Levlclt St commercial Sues not collene bound she already has her B A oh what dark tresses thls faxr maxden possesses SHEILA LIEBERMAN 6928 Rutland St XOCHIIOHGI art Pet peeve Blology new halrdo SIIEII7 future tech nologlst Archive 12B K EDWIN LEVIN 1217 Magee Ave. academic College-bound .... roll that ball down the alley .... sum- mer school-stay away .... money man treasurer IIB IZA Cglmgll 10B IIA J V bon Img 10A B ROBERTA LEVIN 1939 Prlnceton Ave commerczal Bobble short and sweet doesnt llke the Yul Bryn ner type secretary Gzrls Glee Club 12B FRANCES LIBURKIN 1328 Wells St commerczal Franm green eyed PIZZH eater loves to talk class partles watch out when Franm s around Arclm e I 7B BEVERLY LINKER 1146 Hellerman St academzc Bene catch that softball never speak to her ln Spanlsh nlce to patlents shell be mmm pre med students Med1calSeruces IIB 12B Hall Momror 12B Spgmsh Club I2B leaders 10A major ettes I 0A MARVIN LIPSCHUTZ 6023 Shlsler St academic Marv enjoys facts lSc1enceJ and figures CMathJ promlsmg electromc engmeer Llbrary Club 10A Radio Club IIA Spanish Cllb IIB JV tennis IOA ELAINE LITVIN l0l8 Brlghton St academu You can be our Spannsh teacher my time Senorttx El une cha cha anyone I dont mention finals' Phalarope IIB French Club 1 A 12B F TA IIB 1 B Spanzsh Club IIB IZB usher IIB IZA HARRIET LITZ 642 Oakland St Commercial Heslue llkes page boy fluff good no assembly thls week future commer clal teacher Counczl IIA Phalarope 10B Dance Club IIA ofhce aide I B EDWARD LOEV 1253 Stlrlmg St academu Lover personalntv plus keeps a hx fi close Penn State treasurer IIA IIB IZB sena tor IZA Counczl 10B baseball IIA IZA JV 10A basket ball J V 10B J V football 10B ojfce alde 10B VW- JUDITH LITTO 1842 Arnold St lltlldenllf future x ray technologist Jud: PHYLLIS LITVIN 7349 1-rontenac St tommz I 4 ull Plul s favorlte class lunch dtg thts new ch 1 cha step 1 good typlst choir IOB offue azde IZB LEWIS LOESBERG 1205 Fanshawe St acadf mu Datly paper boy llterarl' :gent substltute teacher parlez vous francalsl figgero hggero asparagus ugh' Phalarope IIB IZB Editor ln Chief French Club IZA tutor 10B IZB KENNETH LORD 7413 Clarldge St zndustrzal arts a good humored Ken llkes cars Hshmg and h1 electromcs technlclan band 10A IOB dame band 10B orchestra IOA IOB mom tor IZA IZB Are you ready? E Guben E Coltman 1 Let s go f Front Leaventon R Kazares E Guben "-'X ew:-QW E Coltman Rear J Braun S 4.4 i1....... J Abowltz E Fran! J Braun t Mariha Leaventon V We forgo Rear S Q Walt a mznute Guben S Deery E Coltman L Prusack A Rothman R Kazares 70 drwerj 5 K ,,,....,,-..'--- M M..,ff -Lf:z"'? 'L Q Ai' . . K i ' " 'k'L 15:3-IH ' -:ii-' - fi M. -' eerr R' ' 9 1 . I Q ,e , . , . . .' . , . , . , . , . . There's plenty ofroom . . . B. Weinburg, E. Cirilis, L. Bogdanoff, I. Grossman, M. Slingbaum, T. Grossman, M. Nathan Cdriverj, E. Gontkof. "I only parked five blocks away, today." "Are you driving home now?" "Good!" "Do you have room for me . . . And my girl friend . . . and her boy friend . . . and his cousin?" "Keep your eyes on the road, Ellie" "No sudden stops please, Manny . . . power backseat" "Of course I'm going right home- After I go to the library the bank the dentist, Lits, and stop for a soda." "Don,t run over John." i N Don't push . . . Shave gently. ARLENE LOZAK 1128 Prlnceton Ave academzc A regular senate member sentor trtp anyone' muchas gractas Class Senator IIA Class council 12B M4d1calSctv1cesIIBI2B SADCZIIIYII IIB Ofhce Ala' IZA Nm se s Atal 12B KENNETH LUBOFF 1449 Robbms Ave general Happy go lucky who has the car tonight" four m1nute mule" archltecture track IOB IIB cross country IOB IIB 12B MARK LUNSK 821 Brnghton St academzc Lunsky rovtng Romeo sports enthustast hxstory hater college bound RUTH LUTZ 7913 Oxford Ave academzc D1d everyone pay hts dues 7 cholr and Sunday School teach mg are her favorltes Oh' those lucky first graders' Treasurer IOA IOB IIB 12A Council IIA Chou 10A IIB volleyball 12B JANICE LUBER 1518 Stevens St academzc an enjoys good books mu SIC art spare her from west erns future Engllsh teacher Phalarope IIB 12B F T A IIB 12A Spamsh 12A SANDRA LUEY Townsend Rd general Sports and Jazz are her prefer ence no egghead muslc for the all Amertcan glrl teacher Chess 12A softball J V IIA A PHYLLIS LUMER 1455 McK1nley St general Hazel eyed Phyl ltkes bowl mg dancmg and ptzza not a TV fan secretary Library aide 10B majorettes 1 B DEANNA MACKEY 8240 Jeanes St academzc Northeast Locomottve Hrst woman pres1dent" regular Senate avtard wtnner wtns by a nose School Vtce President 12A School Sccretary 12B Senator IOA IIB I2B Senate Executive Committee 10A 12B Choir 10A 12B choir president 12A I2B LOIS MAGERMAN 6710 Leonard St czcademzc Those physlcs tests boy' spaghettl Meggze fs 3 at the prano medical W 3 technxclan F TA IIB Monitors I2B JOHN MASCIOTRO 7362 Ryers Ave md aris Hey there handsome cars are a must ever present at athletlc events SHIRLEY MCKEOWN 837 Medway Road comm erc ml Shzrl sweet drsposltlon an attractive blonde somebody s future secretary hon ling, 12B GARY MILLER 6502 Bradford Terrace academic grrls girls glrls luck that ball d1SllkCS Englrsh Kookze soccer IOB IIB I2B DeFOREST MARTIN 2122 Hartel Ave :nd arts Dees favorlte sports are cars and glrls wants to be a draftsman Instead of a draftee VINCE MCGLYNN 523 Selma St mdusrrml arts Vmce mechamc madness trnkers wlth cars best of luck foolball IIA JUDITH MENACKER l3l3 Greeby St academic Judy exotic art fis and music teacher teacher school art league 12A 12B dance club 10B FTA 12B locker aide IZB monztors 12B Social Service IIA IIB ELAINE MISLOFF 1204 St Vlncent St D E Erzre watch out gym teachers mermaid clothes conscrous WILLIAM MITCHELL 1736 Guilford St academic B1 track team makes our brown eyed boy a hit likes fishing football and bas ltetball electrical entllneer Council 12B J V football IUB ROBERT MULLINS 1017 Stanwood St Industrial arts Bob fun loving really churns up the H O when swimming engineer Sn 1n1 team 12B JV smm team IOB IIB traclt IOA EMANUEL NATHAN 6824 Eastwood St academic All out for athletics sense of humor generous world traveler enjoys good books future dentist Treasurer IOB Arclme IZB ltbrarv alde IIB office aide IZA IZB carnival committee IZA baseball IOA IIA JV football I OB BERNIS NEIMAN 6917 Souder St. academic Bunny .... future psychologist . . . . brains and beauty . . . . first-rate reporter. Treasurer IIA' Megaplt on e 10A-IZB' monitor 1IB-I2B- tu- tor IIA-IIB,' leaders IIB-I2B. LEONARD MOSKOFF 1205 Ixerper St acadfmu Lenny intellectually in cllned partial to plnochle business bound couuszlol s III!!! IUA Mamma Ilan Anatomy Club IUB from LUIHIIH IIB DOLORES MUMFORD 10118 Northeast Ave vocational alt Dee future artist spare time swimmer adores dancing hates history Arclme art staff 12B dam: club IIB JV bottling IZB JV softball 10A STANLEY NEEDLE 2230 Prmceton Ave commercial Likes sports and reading dislikes seafood future business man Class tice president 10A traclt team 10A IIA PHYLLIS NEWMAN 1212 Stirling St. academic Infectious laugh .... buzz buzz .... phone is always busy .... parlez-vous francaisi . . . . future teacher . . . . lucky students! Councilman 10B-Arcltlvc IZA- IZBJ Dance Club IOB-IIB: F.T.A. IOA-I2B,' Social Serv- ice Club IIA-IIB. CONSTANCE NEWSTADT 1016 Drsston St commercuzl Conme future secretary danclng Cl'lIl"ll1S1lSI golf pro homework hater Arclnve 12B Dance IOB ARLENI: ONINBERCI 1454 Stirling St Lommerczal Cooltze 300 perfect QIITIC I could have danced 111 m1,ht dlctite more slowly please FRED PAUL 7005 Lynford St l1C!ldElnlC loves the water pass the oar hows the weather look 1n Span1sh'? Council I2A Spanish I2B baseball 10A swzmmzng 10B IIA football 10B FRANK PELLEGRINO 1717 Chandler St academzc Llfe would be lovely wlthout L K s finals Frank a lawyer someday JANIS OBLON 7267 Rupert St commercial an spares and strikes are thus mrl s speed beatntcks beware Shall we dance'? beautlclan honlzng IAN ORNSTEIN 6058 Roosevelt Blvd academu A born fish spelled V A R S I T Y helpful oilice boy or hbrarlan Swami fore sees college degree m E E treasurer 10B Ofnce alde IZA 12B Lzhrarv aide IIB swim 1711715 10B l2B CAROL PEIN 1620 Longshore Ave voc arts Shes got the BEAT sports car enthuslast NE s No 1 decorator fads and fashlons m the future treasurer IIB senator 10A IOB Arcluve art edztor 12B DAVID PERLOFF 7113 Oakland St academzc Dave sports mmded thls court wlll come to order physlcs major Senator IIB Tribunal I2B Plzalarope IIA 12A Tutors 10B IIB ALLEN H PERRY 7353 Dungan Rd academzc plays a sweet trumpet slx footer CICCITICHI en21 neer LOIS PHILLIPS 7334 Bmgham St comm col spltsh splash curled up wtth a book collnslon ahead? not with LOIS behmd the wheel future nurse Senator IOB IZB Medlcal Serxrres IZA Momtor 10A IIA Office Arde IZB bonhng IZB softball 10A SUSAN PLENN 2030 Longshore Ave acadenm drlve ln the country any one'I Shell make the grade as a medlcal technologlst Orchestra 10A IIA Ushers OA RICHARD POLLOCK 6818 Horrocks St comm ez c ml Rzchre sports mmded future real estate broker treasurer IIA Iraclt team man ager JEFFERY PHILLIPS 1327 Gllham St commercial sports fan prefers home cooked meals radlo and televlslon techmclan tennls club 10B IIA CHARLES PILLEY 580 E Cheltenham Ave academic Chal fishmg s a favorxte let justice be kept aeronautlcal future Trzbmml IZA IZB MARY POLLOCK 6026 Belden St awdemtc Mary slums across the crazy about mustc Choir 10A IZB Girls Glee Club IZA IZB Library IOB Monitor IZA IZB Ushers 0B B MITCHELL PORIGOW 2113 Unruh Ave general Mztch everybody s bud blg man on the soc cer team Varszty soccer 10A 12B Blue eyes .... blonde hair ICS '--- how about H SONS? I . II . KX X 5 I ' ' ..... '- ' dy .... ' - 76 Kg JUDITH PRESSMAN 6918 Dorcas St acudurm Looking forward to a Ph D in enetics books and music good marks always sweet 411011 IOA 12B IOUIS PRUSACK ISU? lott Ave IICUIIIIIIIC Lou et future in muh watch that pltc pcrsontble president school president IZB scliunl tice pr: rzdent IZA senator IOA IOB Momfor IOA IIA Tutor IOA IIA B I V lmtclmll IOA IIA RENEE PUUALH 1774 Levlck St conzmezcml Oh so nttural lucky Friday the l?th lavender ind N A V Y just to be in the South Sets IILIISIIIU f Auluu C 0 Etllrm In C l11L III? Iwmu IIA U luis IIB leur x IIA IIB Cm t mul Dc commir, CIJIIIIIIIIILL IZA ELAINE RAITMAN IOIR Friendship St comma rc ml ....tenn1sfin,... friendly disposition .... future secretary. GERALD PRICE H20 Brighton St conumnlul Sportsman ca s are 1 must right down the tlley for '1 strike C P A hrmllng IIA I V IOB ELLIOTT PRUSSEL 6517 Souder St academzr popular with the girls Reading here we come likes sports movies and television dentists Se na to r IIA 12A Senate Awards Commzttee IIB I bzary aide 10A LARRY RABINOWIFCH 7010 Gormtn St indust arts dislikes women drivers Anchors Awelgh for Larry m January I V footlzall IIA SHIRLEY REES 7409 Whitaker Ave commercial Petite blonde haired cutie .... dancer at heart .... secretarial career ahead. class vice president IOA,' Coun- cil IOB-I2B' J.V. softball IIA. STANLEY REICH 1437 Levlcls St tommuclal Tennis anyone' prefers history and Encllsh hook keeper MARLENA ROBINSON 1775 Teesdale St IICIICIFIIIIC Mar classical music of course let s eliminate oral reports and tests history teacher Orchertra IOA IZB Mamma Ilan Anatomy IIA All Phila Senior High School Orchestra Phila Youth SIXIIIIIIIOIIN JANET ROGERS 1403 St Vincent St academic Blue eyed Jan Sunda School teacher future nurse Medical Sauces Club IIB IZB softball l0A IIA BARBARA ROSE 1339 Faunce St. ac'aa'z mir' Barb .... enjoys teaching children .... petite hockey manager .... music to relax with. F.T.A, IOA-IOB' tutors IOA- l0 ,' baske tball IOB- A: hockey IIA: softball IOA-IIA. MIRIAM RIGBERG 6612 Sylvester St acadenztc An active NE er loves long haired music academ ically inclined sorority a Mimi senator 10A Meqaphonr IOB I2A hbran IOA IIA tutors I0 IIB ushers IOA B si III1 ahzb l2A glonp az e A CARL RODY 2223 Disston St IIIdIISI mls car crazy very athletic policeman J V basketball IOB lraclt IOB B PATRICIA ROGERS 6132 Tabor Ave dist Pdllllll Pat ,Good humored likes sports and dancing beautician softball IIA iollex ball IOA BARRY ROSEN 1561 Stevens St. academic ar '.... oh such subtle wit . , . . that surely was a heated debate .... successful future in law. Q n a to r l2A,' Mammalian Anatomy IIA: Debating IIB- ZB. BRUCE ROSEN SI7 Brighton St academic Hall pass please To be or Not to Be Social Worker Drama Club 10B IIA Mom rms 103 IZR JEROME ROSENBERG 6609 Rutl ind St ucallumr RHODA ROTH 1340 Greeby St academic Brown eyed miss sorority glr need a tutor'7 teaching career Medical Serucer Club IZA F TA 12B Spanish Club 12B Tutor I IA MARTIN RUBENSTEIN l207 Knorr St. academic Tall sports fan . . . . interested in popular music .... prob- ably own a mens store. W! RONALD ROSEN 7324 Montour St general Ron batty on beatniks loves those high waves strictly a mmd of h1s own STEVEN ROSENFARB V732 P tssmore bt academu Petnuts no tight coll urs for him sports minded electrical engineer ARLINE ROTHMAN 1209 Hellerman St academic dancing doll academically inclined sweet and demure treasurer IOA IOB Archive 12B Phalarope IIAIIB Dance Club 10A 12B F TA 10B 12B Monitor chairman IIB IZB Tutor 10A IIB 12B leaders 10B 12B MITCHELL RUBIN 1214 Devereaux Ave. academic Duke .... nice foul shot .... Watch out Perry Mason Mitch will be a lawyer. JV basketball 10B-lIAg varsity cross country 10B-IIB. MICHAEL RUDIN 6133 Loretto Ave. IIFIILIIFIIIIK' Mike .... master gymnast . . . . avid sports fan . . . . neat dresser pharmftcist Arclme Com Edzlor 12B JV yn team IOB EVAI YNN SALTZMAN l7l5 Bergen St commcrcml Exlc lives for drlvlnx, and week ends no gym plelse future secretary CJIKIILXIIII IUA IIA ROBERT SANFERRARE 7'-15 Ldrne St acaclcfmlc Bach Beethoven and Br'1hms future clectronlcs en mee: vnolm sololst drools over sour pickles Band IOA 12B Orchestra IOA IVB All Yemor Hlgll School Orc rcstta IOA IIB Plums Club I2A Tutor IIA Mum nmllan Anatomy club IOA LORETTA SCHILBERA 7437 Oxford Ave acaclemzc llkes math muslc and sports mght owl math teacher vcfnator I2B Orchestra IOA IZB All Plula Senior High School Orcheatra 10A 12B FTA 10A IIA IZB Monztol 12A IZB tutor 10A IIA 12B xarsm basketball IOB 12B xczrslty lzocltev 10B IZB var vm .softball 10A IZA GAA representatue 12B group alde IIA IIB office aide IIB IZA V4 SHARON SAFT l2l3 Robbins St. lIC'lllI'l'IIlIC' SIIIIVOIII ..,. more pizza. please .... ten strikes-perfect score future teacher TIYIISIIIKI l7A I7B FTA MICHAILL SAMUEL 1433 Creston St acaclcmzc Btskethill s hrs game mvone for plzzcil future en meer locltcl arclc IOB monitor IIB I V lvasltctlvczll IUB IIB DAVID SASKIN 1503 Devereaux St commercial Hash that smlle Rccls works hard for Dad after school llkes DIZZI md sharp clothes clasv president IOA SAMUEL SCHETTINGER 2130 Fuller St IIIKIIISI arts Who has the wrench' oo much homework future mechamc ROBERT SCHMIDT 218 Hartell Ave zndustrzal Gone w1th the cars H0186 brrcklayer WILLIAM SCHRADER 7301 Bmgham St zndustrzal Have car wrll drag B1 future executlve DAVENE SCHWARTZ 1119 Hellerman St commerczal hkes swlmmmg drlvmg and musnc a teacher or perhaps a secretary Orchestra 10A Monitors 12A 12B Tutors 10A MELVIN SCHWARTZ 1341 Magee Ave trade prep Me sports fan mterested ln electronlcs Locker Azd 10B ,' . 'll... Dee . . . brains arrd beauty... The success of our yearbook could not have been possible without the guidance of these teachers to them the entlre Archive Staff IS grateful Ml L Cohan guided and stimulated us into pro ducmg the best fart work we could 'ggi '?""or Miss 0 Hanlon s enthusiastic efforts inspired us to do our best for the Archive Mr Hallam handled Archive business matters with splendid, painless and pleasant efficiency. 82 See me durlng your lunch perlod Mrs Hurwltz do you thmk you can get me an apphcauon for C P B CCollege for Pretzel Bendersjq I ll get my I D plc ture taken at Woolworth s What are you takmg up ln college" T1me and space v-af' Have you fled an application for college boards 7 Mrs C Hurwitz college ad vlsor mtervxews L Hopkms Hurry up and sharpen your penclls Dld you glVC me your apphcatlon yet? Remember neat hand wr1t1ng IS a must What kmd of job are you Interested m9 Mr Judd employment advlsor mter vzews C Baus 83 cc ' ' as ' . . . . , , . , . .-" .au '. . . . . . , - , . . 64 ' as cc ' . , ' . . . ,, 3 . . . . . . , , - GERTRUDE SCHWEIKERT 352 Devereaux Ave distributive ed Glddyap horse' future laboratory techntclan Boy' 1 45' Senator IOA IIA Council IIB orchestra IOA IOB drama Club IIA IIB DAVID SELTZER 1251 Robbms Ave academzc Dame safe 1n the surf wont this day ever en dont get shocked trymg to be a Dr Stemmetz JOEL SENDROFF 8547 Bustleton Ave acadenm Not another chem linal' doctor or dentlst another Eddle Flsher Senator IIA Counczl IIB choir IOB IZB SANDRA SHEINBERG 609 Princeton Ave commerual Hxgh stepping strutter no more math yearbook helper type this letter please Arelnve Faculty Editor IZB FTA IIB lzbrarv alde I2B, monitor 12A, majoretre IOA 'ea EDWARD SEIDMAN 6717 Akron St academxc Ltkes all sports but dlSllkCS gym class Penn State for engmeermg popular Ogle treavurer 12B Arclzzve A 12B Honor Society I2A 12B football varsztv I2B JV OB IIB golf 10A IIA IZA GALE SELTZER 1257 Elbrldge St comnzerclal Partlal to U of P keeps NES colors hlgh private secretary JAMES SHARP 1359 Dyre St rndusrrzal arts Bones Whats the combl natlon Lesq Gladly Mtss Fortunato armchair ath ete locker aide IOA 12B monitor 10A IIA offce arde IIB mar vm track IZA vamrtx zross countrv IZB ELAYNE SHER 8563 Bustleton Ave commerc ral Honex likes punctual people any volunteers" humorous medical technology Alclnve I2B, FTA IIB lzbrarv aide I2B, monitor 12A major etre 10A .. . I J ,I I A. J ' 12- av ' - " ffffi gf I 9 ll ' ' . ' X .... ' - V. .' V. I V l. 84 HARRY SHIROFF 1176 Gllham St academic Baseball and basketball fan oh how he hates gym lawyer SHEILA SHULMAN 6536 Kindred St commercial VIVHCIOUS brunette enjoys sports and dancmg secre tary Treasurer IIB senator 10A council 12A monitor 10A LARRY SILVERSTEIN 2119 Longshore Ave ncademzc sports spectator h1 fi fiend amo amas amat World Affairs Commtttee IZA monitor IZA ttttor IIA IIB JAMES SLOANE 6815 Lynford St trade prep Row row row your boat You want your car fixed Slfq Varszty Crew Team IIB LOIS SHOHEN 6622 Akron St commercial very nvy cute Ch1Clx cm have her ptck lf only the Caddy belonged to Daddy treavttrer IOB IIA I TA IZA 12B Medlcal Setxtcev IZB Monitor IOB ILDWARD SILVILR I35l Magee Ave atudtnttc Ftldte prefers Gershwm plzza and rxch glrls for 1 car wash agency colleae bound Arclzue Plzotograplzv Editor I2B JV tennts IIA MARK SLINGBAUM 6816 Horrocks St vocattonal art Slgns by Mzcltev curly halr sense of humor busmess cxreer ahead Arclmt Art Staff 12B ARTHUR SLOMSKY "ll2 Unruh Ave academtt Enjoys sports and muslc Art accountant I V football IOB IIB ww ik JOEL SLUTZ l0l4 Friendship St. r1cade111ic Joe 4... gymnast .... whiz with figures .... jokester .... future in physics. gynr team IIB. HENRY SMITH ALAN SNYDER 6003 Castor Ave academlc good in the aqua pura never a careless error sn 1111 team 10B IZB ADEI I- SNYDERMAN 7l'70 Horrocks St co111111t1zml Sinatra ind jazz records send er oh no shes reading again stylish clothes future Ie icher Aulmt S4111or Class EZIIIOI 17B FTA IZB FRANCES SMITH l847 Lott Ave. L'0l71I718I'CI'l1I Get a subtotal .... hold that Hag high .... yea! Northeast! . . . . Fran. bON'IIl1g IZB: colorguard IIA- IZB. JAMES SMITH 894 Brill St 1111111411111 ready smile 1111 friendly Il Imw Imll IIA IV fonlhull B JEROME SNYDER 6714 Horrocks St aca1Iu111c Swimmer hand me a test tube fi button down collar please Trerzvlner IZB C'01111c1I IOB Wmlzl' AHIIIIS CIOIIIICII IZA 11101111111 IIB IZB 111101 IIA CATHIE SOLOMON 704 Stmford St flllllllllllt Bring on the food Ctlfllll lady driver future teacher TFLIIXIIILI IZA 1511111101 IZB CUIIIICII 10B IIB CI1011 IOA 17B M0111r01 IZA IZB I7llSIt6I Im!! IIA Izockev IUB IIB lmzlws IZA EILEEN SPIVAK 1445 Benner St commercial Any more bl0 raphleso sports fan water skunn Treasurer IIB Counczl IIA Arcluve 12B Leaders IIA CELIA ANN STEINBERG 67"6 C tstor Ave Lonunerzml lil blue eyes the pl tys the thmg dl9lllx6S book lteepmg, prlvate secretary Drama Club 10B Sr Prom Comuutru IZB GERALDINE STURM 7017 Souder St qeuetal Jun I have a new record enjoys dancmn md 9ll'lLll'lL future secre ttry Clzou 10A Dame Clulv A PETER SUPP 430 Benson St tndustrtal arts Loves sports musxc for danclng Pete" HCIO nautlcal englneer Treasurer IIB Senator IIA 12A football IIB IZB JV basketball IOB V swtmmtng IZA JV IIA Track IIA 12A JV IOA ROBERT STEIN 7109 Oakland St commerctal Cluco a curly harled sports fan future un declded MARTHA STERN U28 Devereaux St auulunu Str rn ftvors frat pnrtles turns up nose at calorles cheerful 1n black enjoys jazz Tttasuru 12A Council IIB rc mt 2B F T A Monttors IIB 12B Ushers IIB 12B JV basketball IOB IIA leaders IZA 12B CATHARINE A SUDEIK l4"30 Bustleton Ave c ommt 1 c ral Catln lnterested IH sports Qee another final plwns to become 1 nurse Council IZB Mulual Yerxtux Club IZB softball IZA ROBERT SUTTON 2020 Ripley St tndustrtal arts Dlshkes blue Mondays and homework llkes all sports archltectural designer Varstty track IIA I2A ANITA SWIREN 1802 Mower St commerczul Mosquito enjoys long rldes and walks ln the country hates lTlllh secretary Drama IOB mafotette 10A JOEL TAFLER 1248 Fdnshawe St guzual Ra busmess tycoon Vtkmg bodtmdn SWITUS llke .1 fish ETTA TANKER 6823 Souder St tmuul Ugh' ortl talks enjoys readmg hazel eyes PHYLLIS TATARSKY 6848 Eastwood St auulemu Sinatra fan d15l1kCS gym future undeclded Choir 10A Gzrlr Glee Club IZA Library Alde 12A Med lcal Services Club IZA IZB Momtor I2B 'E' Q 45' 23' fi 15 ARLENE TABAK 900 Brlghton St academic Brown hanr hazel eyes loves plzza dlsllkes finals medical ICChDlCldI1 Mcqaplztarze 10A 12B Mulltal Services Club IIB I2B Mom for IIB Mummalmrz Anatomy A DIANE TAFT 18 Moredon Rd acuzlznm 5 2 eyes of ue shell gallop to success llltes to help others souxl worker Glrls Allzluu Association up rescntatue IZB LOUIS FARTAGLIA Pecan DFIVC zlctzrlenlu Lou hlgh Hylng gymnast lllxes chemistry m'1th end gym dtsllltes Latm and hlstory future doctor Gym team IIB JV 10B ma sztx track team IZA JV IOA I A GAIL TAUB 2112 Tyson Ave commercml Let me hear that music show me that stroke agaln secretary Trzbunal IIA clzozr IOA EDWARD M TEITLEMAN 7015 Kmdred St academic Cars sports and gxrls are hls cup of tea M x M mar gms lrk hlm chemlcal engmeer tutors 10B STEVEN TEPLITZ 910 DISSIOH St academzc Tep talks quest1on" answer amoeba jokes Hower of the muslc world Megaphone IOB 12B treasurer IZB Dramatic Club IOB sen ator IIA pmg pong team IIA CLAIRE TRECHAN 6137 Shlsler St commercza Lets bowl another game enjoys ICC skatmg clerk typlst file these cards ple use bonluzg club IIA J UDITH TROOP 936 DISSIOH St atademzt Petxte mlss collects stamps and colns home eco nomlcs teacher affine aule I2A .. ,- ffl-'IX 9 Nr CYNTHIA TENDLER 1542 Levlck St commerczal Cmdy popular NE veep ambltlon soclal worker school vlce presldent 12A class secretary IIA IIB senu tor IOA IIA 12B cheerleader 2B ORAM TONGE 7411 Whltaker Ave tndustrzal arts Future architect crazy over boats good sense of humor HARVEY TRITEL 1334 Hale St academia am IS just too ear jazz" natch' research chemist Bucky MARTHA TUCKEY 7030 Stanwood St academzc Marty bowlmg belle all around gal shell bat a thousand m whatever she does JV basketball 10B IIB I V bowlzng IIB softball IIA swzmmzng 10B ARLENE TUNICK 1114 Gllham St academlt day camp memorles loves those 88 keys teacher Spanzslz IZB Tutors 10A IIA e KARL VOGT 5815 Weymouth St ma' ans Llkes all sports and most cars negatlve vote for home work and Chevles future US Marme LYNNE WAINWRIGHT 8317 RlSlI'lg Sun Ave commuczal Musncdl enjoys modelm personallty plus Band 10A IZB JOHN WARREN JR 6306 Guyer Ave acudenm Babe sports m1nded blue eyes brown ha1r college bound fC'I1C'IIlg IIB soccel IOA GEORGE URBAN 1411 Shelmlre Ave auzclerrm Brown eyes brown halr sports of course allerglc to women drlvers Graplzlc Arts IZA Momtors B CHARLES VOIT 1973 Welsh Rd 1111 mfs Clucll Llkes boatms 'md swxmmlng dxsllkes women drlvers future automonve parts dlstrlbutor gun mam IIA IIB JEAN WALLACE 7"8 Hanford St aczzzleum learnt wxth the l1Lht brovln halr stands for justice Lenerous C0111111I IZB T11b111111l 17A IZB Fzenclz IZA IVI01111o1 IZA IZB UsI1e1sIIBIA xollmball Club 1111111112121 IIB IZB Ofhce A1de IZB Class Trlp Commzttee IZA BRUCE WEINBERG 1507 Benner St acadenuc Enjoys danelng an art lover sports fan 1'-'zur BURTON WEINBURG 1507 Benner St acaclcrnu Burt comic tl Lour met llkes Lood muslc Ypanzslz IZA 12B WILLIAM WEINFELD 1116 Passmore St academic Enjoys boatlng future Qym teacher shlp ahoy Tlz1cIt10A IIA IZA JV foot ball IIB RONALD WEINSTEIN 5118 Emerson St academic Ronnie cha cha records suave baseball 10A IVAN WEISS 6049 Frontenac St general lxltes modern art sharp dresser play those drums commercral .xrtlst BARBARA WEINER 6340 Oakland St acaclemlc H nzel eyes frlendly popullr teacher Wezncr Class Secrefary IZA 12B Trcas nrer 10B IIA Senator IIB IZB Momlor IIB IZA super vzsor I2B leaders 10A IIA 2B DEENA WEINSTEIN 6219 Trotter St academic Dee tweedy clothes rateful to Mr Alexander Gm ham Bell dental hyglenlst Council IIA Spanzslz IIB Usllcrx 12B bonlmig IZA STEPHEN WEISBAUM 1032 Longshore Ave trade prep Can I help you'7 future metallurglst muslc and car fan ESTELLE WERNIKOFF 1560 Devereaux Ave comm Champron bowler przza please prlvate secretary Treasurer IIB Monitor 12B bowling 10A 10B 12B SHIRLEY WILLARD 7955 Burholme Ave commercial Movle fan l1kes spaghetti future secretary IV basketball 10B I2A bowl Ing IIB softball IIA swzm ming 10B CAROLE WILSON 6615 Horrocks St commercza Car one ptzza commg up all out for sports prlvate secretary Counctl IIA IIB locker alde IZA tutor IIB usher 10B IIA bowling IOA 10B if CHARLES WISLER 1023 E Cheltenham Ave commerczul tall dark and handsome loves yazz popular Chuclt bug busmess ahead Library Club 10A track 10A PAUL WORREL 9314 Bustleton Ave academic electrlcally mclmed s likes English softball rates hxs favor engmeer Treasurer IIB .I V football 10B JV gym team IOA SUSAN WILLIAMS 302 Chandler St commerual Brown eyed Sue cute as a button a good swlmmer excellent taste ln clothes Counczl 12A Cltotr IOA IZB M 0 Il 1 to r 12A IZB bowlzng 10A IOB leaders IIB 12B Prom Committee I2B DAVID WISH EILEEN WOLF 428 Unruh Ave academzc forward march pots and pans fan hvely wlth the 1vor1es have books w1ll ande Library Club IOA I2B RAYMOND YARROLL 6809 Lynford St academzc ready srnlle snacks at Blg Boys drag races at Hatfield college T rack IZA ROBILRI ZASLAVSKY 6079 Lirae St 1111111111111 Strnke up the bxnd nltrx oz Zzggy hrnmrust 111111111 II I Bfllltll 111A 7B TIIIUI IIA 17B W1111111111111111 111111111 C1117 IIA S1 111 C11111 1111111 I2 I W111111 A111115 C1II1l 7A BILNITA ZINQIS 1'-10 Rlpley St 1111111111111 Muslc lower Spanlsh senorlti gentlemen prefer blondes MARC! LELMANOIHI- 7317 Faunce St 1111111111111 V1ol1n vnrluoso 1 lmp counsellor m lthem 1111 xl miss ilw nys lends .1 help 1nL hand 011111151111 IOA 17B A11P111l11 Sr HIQII 01111151111 10A IZA T111111' IOB I7B Us11e1 IOA Mtllllllllllltlll A ll ll 1 0 111 3 IIA 511111111 Aff L111Q11e IIB IZB M11111111111111s 7111111 IZA Zn iwlzmurwm Shirley Llpoff Leukemla clalmed the llfe of one of our classmates Shlrley L1pofT on March 21 1958 Shlrley attended the Blrney and Moore elementary schools and Wllson Jumor Hlgll At W1lSl511 her Interest ln sewmg and fashlons permltted her to create several pleces of cute apparel In sewmg cliss and to partxcrpate 1n the annual fashlon show An easy conversatlonallst Shlrl entertamed us vnth her lengthy formal talks on make up and the contents of a glrl s handbag Her sweet personahty and terrmc sense of humor helped her wm many new fxI'lCIldS at Northeast Her favorlte pastime was dancing Hospltallzatlon hmdered her partlclpttlon m Northeast aetlvltles ind sports The memory of Shirley Llpoif wlll llve m the helrts of her fellow Northeasters of the graduatmg Class of January 1960 94 P o o a v - . 1 1 . 7 . .N , ' ' f 1 ' ' 5 1 1 z f 1 7 - Q sc ' vs ' ' , . - Q Y. . 2 . Z . I A . I . . . 3 . 2 N d Zn iwlrmnrnam Harry Pearlmurter On that trrgle dmv in June I958 when Hxrry Peirl mutter died our class was deeply shocked and sad dened All who knew that great little guy with the danc mg feet loved him Heshie moved to Oxford Circle in Februlry l955 acquaintmces recognized the mmy line quilities he possessed He was trulv unseliish ln every respect 'md would always readily help 1 friend His Jocular person ality and his dancing style will be remembered as his trademark Hcshie was a member of our class and will always be on roll in our hearts 95 F 1 23's zu' - 1 x 2 12 - ' , 1 g 1 - as - sv ' - - l C . In that short time he made a multitude of friends. His ' Q 2 X ' 1 ' ' 1 ' z ' ' e L . 1 1 I 5 x W ' 1 x c C . 2 . ' . . - C . 1 1 Tf y Th lg t Sen 111' ,4 cfm! 6 8l4fL0lf'L8:5 My bljf fL 1fLlflfL8 5 6L QVL 0 0 0 0 64 K f A K af W The swirli g gowns at he Senior P m, These visions never goncg he un we had at R e Beach- e memories in er on. 7 ai K 2 3 1 2 ...J 1 - 1 2 E 4, , y r Jaw' ff ' 'if X3 . s ,Q V X iff 3? i 5' if 4 Ig, 2 ff i? I si, i 5 sf. 'K M 3. 4 i- Z 5 2 MAT! ,vs 7 A x Class Officers --f iwf an Class Counclls Q53 Aka Each term after we elected officers and a councll for 113 we relaxed We knew that our representatrves would handle plns proms and any other problems of class interest qulckly tactfully and efficrently G Berman presldent S Deery, vrce presldent B Werner, secretary J Braun, treasurer 98 C C li- r d i f 99w1,s?f E l Q I 9 7 . ' V - . I 9 1 . ' Scared on floor: E. Ginsburg, A. Lozak. Scared on chairs: T. Gross- man, B. Weiner, G. Berman, Mr. L. Miner, class sponsor, S. Deery, L. Blyweiss, J. Wallace. Standing: W. Mitchell, S. Cohen, E. Guben, D. Kaytes, S. Reese, A. Goldstein, J. Abowitz. No! photographed: L. Evans. W, ss., fa 4 lb 4 . 1 of Tw. f ,- A. K 5- H 114 V ' ' ' 3 .-4, , V, Y.:-few, 'if' Seated: A. Glaberson, S. Cohen, B. Weiner, Mr. L. Miner, class sponsor, S. Deery, G. Berman, S. Shulman. Standing: B. lsen, L. Blyweiss, S. Williams, J. Abowitz, G. Menale, F. Paul, R. 99 Fineman, S. Reese. Our Class Sponsor Cool calm and collected Indlspensable part of our class Soft spoken Frxendly congemal smcere and helpful No one could be finer ln our class than Mr Mmor Mr P Hallam Mr E Sllberman Mr L Mmor Have your money ready Sunny d1spos1t1on Our Our Roster Chairman Sympathetxc Sorry but thats the course you chose Artlstlc 100 - favorite "Tall Paul" . . . Ready, willing and very able . . . gz i , Our Advisors Seated Mr D Greenberg MISSJ Fortunato M1ssJ Rosen Mrs D Rakoff Mr L Rack Standing Mr M Olmsky Mr A Woolley Mrs G Zxmmerman Mr D Judd Mr A Taplar Mr C Freedman Notphotographed Mr G Mayall Mr Woolley The greatest advlsor Mrs Zlmmerman Be good llttle boys and glrls Mr Judd Our Employment Counselor MISS Rosen It ll all blow over M1ss Fortunate Coach of our hockey champrons Mr Olmsky Our 1mport from West Ph1lly Hlgh Mr Greenberg Good thlngs come IH small packages Mr Freedman Don t worry about tests you re Mr Taplar A sound for sore ears here to galn knowledge Mr Mayall Get me to the church on tlme Mrs Rakoff Warm personallty pleasant teacher 101 4' . . , D . , ' . , . . , . . ,, . . Mr. Rack . . . Conscientiousg perfectionist today? ' GG 9 77 . . . U I . . . H , , ' 77 G5 ' 97 ' . Junior Prom Committee Stairway to the Stars . . . pretty corsages and boufTant skirts . . . punch-ice-cold and delicious . . . We never dreamed the gym could look so nice . . . smooth music for dancing . . . our wonderful junior prom. Scared: J. Sendroff, S. Cooper, C. Tendler, G. Berman, S. Deery, S. Bender, J. Abowitz. Standing: S. Leaventon, S. Reese, C. Solo- mon, G. Menale, L. Miner, T. Grossman, I. Grossman, B, Bgt- 102 wick, E. Kress. WE WERE IMPRESSED WE ENJOYED WE LL REMEMBER by the new building . . . Mr. Snyder's efforts to keep the lunchroom clean . . . Oh those gym make-ups! The fragrant locker room, and refreshing showers . . . Move Up Day when we became upper class seniors Charlie Eckler and Jay Braude s tumbling and stunts adding zest to our cheers Broc Burns action on the gridiron A class football games fun in senior chorus Evaluation Day Miss O Hanlon s efforts for the Archive class parties at Sheila Kogan s house pizza at Gui seppi s Mr Hogan s story of the Piddling Pup choosing our Class pin famous senior class as semblies Manny Nathan s original A class song senior day comments by Gene Berman stunts by Mark Lunsk cheers for Sally Deery at football games NE s perfect typewriters I bid twenty one of course I see the U N building Rats' He trumped my ace We re almost to Rye Beach Rack s corrected copy of the corrected copy thought for the day clashing gears in metal shop Mr Bogia s Oh well maybe next term com pulsory volunteering do you Mr Pierce" when Alfred E Newman won election for class pin well almost writing biographies while standing in 204A Dave Bauman s beard at the school carnival June 5 1959 The Day That the Rams Came Down NE s first track victory at Lincoln Renee Pugach s many pictures of one person Englzsh -I- Sczence v-i Wedding Bells Mr Young s final year at NE pastel rolls of paper flying through the air approaching chemistry labs breathe at your own risk Elie Coltman s handbags growing larger girls skirts getting shorter all the Peter Gunn haircuts . . 55 ,, l I l . . . - ' s 5 GL ' 59 '9 3 E EG. ' ' 79 ls ' I ' 66 ' - Z , . . ' I . . 5 99 I eating spaghetti with spoons . . . Mr. King's ties . . . Mr. 9 as as - - . . D ' 9 66 99 ' , . . . . . , . . . . C A 9 'l ' . . . 5 ' - ' . . . l' 103 SENICJR COMMITTEES i ulIl""' W I U - ' Trip Sealed: J. Wallace, J. Braun, B. Weiner, G. Berman, S. Deery, D. Kaytes. Standing: F. Hershman, A. Lozack, C. Ellis, B. Zazlovsky, A. Fisher, L. Goldstein, C. Baus. Cup and Gown Kneelmg J Abowitz Standing M Nathan L Blywexss 104 Luncheon S Feinstein M Stern B Belnstem E Broder C Eckler H Gilman R Gordon B Linker M Nathan M Ruden C Solomon C Tendler 'Q' Lmda Evans, class pln deslgner Xl N V 9? ., of A 1'-3 ,ff am gk? gi., v,,.f- Z! VARY Our Class Pin Lmda Evans deslgned the pm Whlch the 'LAN class thought should w1n Our pm wlth semors, laughlng and gay, Was dellvered to us on Move Up Day We wore our plns proudly everywhere So all would know the HA" class was there 105 Q A gli! A M , Q' '- 'H QR! s 7' it ' F' D gi -e 2' gg, 3 . f -v ' 1 4. ' r X RQ, i xxx Y ,rg A r of N fr. gp A f 'dx T l Q4 "K Z7 l I I pass lt s your bxd sl XA lx. ..,N-in 1-,bk 'Q -11, Our Class Trlp .Iune 3 1959 fax IW ,........4--a Slt down you re rockmg the boat' 106 i I ---'11------......,..,.. V.---.-.?,, H aj- '81 ff 5 Q 'A A ' Z 1 if ,V V v g . 5? R E A 1 ' f' K ' ' .H i" Y 3 I Q y ' V I 40914 3 f x ' gl K lim -me M 5 I - , i I V A , A . P Y ' 53 li, A 4 4 Iii, V , ! I, X ,,Q..,5' E, 3 Q fihit . U Q A53 " ' , ' Boarding the train at Ryers Station with eager anticipation, food, cameras, and a million other necessities, we began our tireless journey to Rye Beach There was utter chaos well almost as we swarmed aboard the Peter Stuyvesant Singing dancing and laughter filled all three decks of the boat It was a day of fun Iilled with memories that will linger on sd' ,.,..,--" v.-.-., Time out from fun for a picture 8.--...Q gy? fi Hey' Let s swim to New York Get your ticket ready Here we go again 107 .. , 1 e ' v , f 1" bf l l , I rg 1 'ig . K V3 , . . X 5 5 . ff a 1 Q5 1' - K , Q rt Q 'Q M + - - s . f .f sf-fi? '-' ..- .Qs Wd, :- g it li! 1 L my I : ,J 7. 1 1 lg Q , . - . Move Up Day Move Up Day arrlved The ceremony was msprrmg Wnth red carnatlons and newly acqulred class pms plnned proudly m place we took our A class seats Exclted and rather awed we reallzed that we were semors fl' 109 3' ,1 Shall we use sentences or phrases? Seated Semor Class Edltor A Snyderman Co Edltor ln Ch1efE Coltman Co Editor 1n Ch1efR Pugach Standmg Glrls Sports Edrtor R Bayer Pho tography Edrtor E Silver Copy Edltor M Rudln Copy Editor M Hurok Faculty Edltor S Shemberg Not photographed School Act1v1t1esEd1torI Grossman Boys Sports Edltor R Cutler Just forty more biographies and we ll be fnished' . . . Seated: P. Newman T. Gross- man A. Brown J. Glass A. Cohn M. Nathan. Standing: E. Seidman E. Spivack J. Eggert. 110 4 Onlyfour meermgsthzs weekf Seated C Newstadt A Flsher E Feinberg E Cohen A Rothman H Landsberg G Dolnlck Slandmg M Stern J Braude M Albert E Kress P D1nert A Felnberg B Eggley D Baker Archive Staff Are you golng to the meetlng today'7 blogra phles blographles Who has the roll sheet? more biographies Another deadl1ne9 If most of us stand we can contlnue the meetlng ln 204A L 'N'-um '-X X Must we havearheme? Seated D Block J Balls Art Ed1torC Penn Mr L Cohen C Cohen D Mumford S Cohen Standmg B Dorshaw S Lleberman A Lapat P Bogdanoff L Evans H Green M Slmgbaum D Gramp L Kolmsky G Cogan 111 9, . . . . . . , . , . , . , . 5 ' s - - - - s ' a 1 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' ' 0 GG ' ' 57 ' - ' ' sc as . . . H . . . ,, , . ,' if 1 HM, 4. - L L 'S n 'i X '. ' 'v fi ., 4 ww.. -Q., X' - A 4 L5f":f' ws ' 52 . . . . . . , . , . , . . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . ELC 6LlfLfQJ UQVLLVLQ 'T O5 ff 3 I Sfuml on flow B Wumr Suma' R Iutz A Greenber N1 UILINILI I- :us W1 mms S un Smfzzlm 112 Q. Blxxulxs S Cunstun C1 Bumm . .L ,n . K C W' n. e '. W Q., 1 1 'I i 4. if ,n f Z I I I1 ' x Xe: K ll 's ki Q IW -14 ,iff 46' J' Q Berg "' 1 K 'X .. S, 'Ill '. Ci. flx' l'1CI'g..' ' NIV. l,. N1iI'l'l'. In 1' 3 . i. " 1 . I., .N , lv .hm i' 3 sf J-'IZ' Ni" ,H Wh tl W dd bt 541111111 ,4 ffm I1 s lflflf' Qbllffj OZVQ 8lf'8 OULQOOULIWQ 0 0 0 60 A 77 O e ier in drama, choir, or dancing, Senate or the rest, In all Northeasfs activities, e seniors i our es . , x n,YOA'-,.- ,,..- , P, K ,,,. ff X X N!! - A I ' if Y ,Qs W 1 3 I W Q H 51 1 f f 3 M Q ml i N- V M, ,M...w.M..'--,--- Y ,W . -- fi-'51, i 1 4 HH I' 4 1 ff ,xx x E MF mx! 1 R YM' :U!??m?'fl 1 F, 3 pz 4-v'D'f I Auf. Boeofworf L Prusack school president Senate "A government of the people, for the people and by the people" is the code ofthe Northeast Senate. Newly elected senators ofthe school community try to maintain the high standards and spirit so readily revealed in previous years. After being elected by their respective sections, sen- ators are appointed to committees which serve the school in special capacities. Winv""' -'QQ' EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated D Mackey L Prusack Mr P Snyder S Weller J Korman Standing F Sheeder M Brookman R Cutler - ...- Q x i I 4 . I ' l -1 , X y Ji' . W F" f . ' k V .r Lx . Kaffe i 0 lx : : . , . , 35ff" 'SL SENIOR SENATORS Seated E Broder L Phnlhps D Mackey Mr P Snyder C Tendler C Grapln C Solomon Standmg R Cutler B Wemer J Krouse L Prusack L Schebera J Korman R Frankel SENIOR TREASURERS Seated P Dmert, C KaufTman,J Snyder, J Glass, S Saft Standing S Tephtz, R Kazares, E Loev, D Gregg, M Brodsky, A Ball I ' ' ' E 'Q 'rm . XL T Q I ' IZ' 1 .. . f - v ,.:-I .1 ' K 1 Q" 'M ,V . 1.45 I Auf V f ef ' . .' . , . , . , . . , . . , . . .' . , . , . , . , . , , . . - I - .. ' 1 1 . A f 'ff . K . 'ff -- g A . A 4, n. 3 1-Y ? Senate Awards Committee Seated M Brookman M Adelman T Grossman Mtss A Gallagher Standmg L Schebera Senate Welfare Committee Seated B Sher Mrs G Ztmmerman D Sabatma J Pollack Standrng R Cutler C Paolettl :fry V 15' Lunchroom Monitors Fzrst Row J Korman, A Rothman, J Wallace, S Leaventon, P Dmert Second Row E Kress A Cohn, B We1ner,T Grossman, Mr P Snyder, B Neiman, C Solomon, S Belsky, C Ellts Thzrd Row D Gregg, E Broder, L Magerman, B Jaslow, L Prusack, J Snyder, M Albert, A Greenberg,S Cooper, S W1lllamS Fourth Row I Ornstem, S Cherry, J Krxson, S Aptekman, M Stern, E Lev1n,C Baus, D Schwartz, M Bergmelster, L Hopk1ns,C Cohen, G Dolmck 'Yau t Q ' -.tx , ,S tg '. ' S ' 7 ' 7 l 1 Xu . D xii . .' . , . . ' , . l , . . .' . , . . if il te 1-fi A Ax - ..- g : , 0 " ' 5 V , 4 sf l . , . O 11 xl F1rstRow M Pollack A Godshall Second Row M Albert A Burns L Bogda noiT Mr P Snyder L Schebera B Lmker E Wermkoff Standing J Eggert M Hurok L Belavsky B Gluhan A Brown P Tatarsky B Rosen Hall Monitors Senate Store 6 1' 119 'S Orchestra Directed by Mr. Deska, the orchestra provided us with many pleasant memories during our three years at Northeast. At assemblies or at concerts, playing classical or popular selections, the orchestra offered first-class entertainment. Plm 120 S , Seated: R. Sanferare, B. Isen, M. Robinson. Slanding: W. Flem emors ing, B. Giulian, L. Blyweiss, D. Cohen, D. Herman, L. Schebera 5 . 121 I 5, wie. J' vs wa... V ,MA 0116 G, FGJULJQ GJLEJ. . our Band mf Yaps echoed Ihrough Northeasfs stadium at haU Iime during the Edison game on Veterans' Day . . . B. Fleming. 122 :, .Ay-J A. s. N .msg-35.........,g .......,.,...,.....x .-.9-.0 1 R. , ,,,,m, ,-....w x .,. . .,X.., . 'fm ' 40 . 0 53 1 rVAA 1 t W H mwgm, M- W, M Q 30 i A' -W .M w?,.,,, - - . , ,X J h Y Z an A x 4 K I -AX ff 3 1, Af-f"" , 1 Q ' . ' s L I A I -Q x ' - fffjfl, Q .. 'fx' ig, U , 4,5 m .Q W L h4 1 1 'ki Q QQ-A ' ff . - UWM . f 4 1- M .aff .2 1' Q f fu' Y ' 'Maw ' h kj Q 1 I C f 1 rl-lj, 3 u U.. V t K 'Q H kk Z ' I' ,E 1 ,sr K gf 6 Q e ' JK Y f 0' .ffl Xi Y My 1 if Q K -Q " s x XY, 1 9 If ' 4 r all f X F ' ,V ,ff if fL I , Q' ' M :I sl af if X f 3 Af . 5 I 1 H., -A - 1 'Leak .... 3 J' -W L " ' -M IW W- ,N.,,,,. Musk .. M 7 : G W We- K - -4 1 ,,...,N-'N-' ,, Wu, V,,. .., . .W f 1 Sag if wilffi mimic if . . the CHOIR SENIOR CHORUS-Seated: Mr. Steele. Standing: J. Pressman, S. Deery, M. Pollock, J. Rogers, D. Mackey, S. Williams, C. Ellis, H. Green, J. Sendroff, C. Solomon. an afou, The Girls' Glee Club A A Seniors Benz, C. Ellis. S Seated: Mrs. E. Overholtzer. Szanding: B. Blecker, P. Tatarsky, M. Rigberg, M. Pollack, G. Greenmayer, A. Cohn, B. Eggly, E. C Pulley profhonorary S Leaventon chlefjustzcc' Mr L Rack J Wallace ruorzlcr D Perloff coordznaior lo thc Senatz The polrcy of A man IS rnnocent untrl proven gullty not only reigns ln legal courts but also holds true wrth T'-lbunal the Northeast Tr1bunal If a student shows hrs conduct to be unworthy of Northeast standards he IS brought before the Trlbunal H1s case IS heard and a declsron IS rendered Seated C Kubackl, D Perlolf, C Prlley, S Leaventon, J Wa lace, G Bu1e, K Damarlo Standzng Mr L Rack 126 E fglf if 5 .I i ,. '..'., -- v ' I' J , . I I . ,. . . N .. . .,, . . , . 5 Q f l . 4 9: Megaphone For the latest news happenmgs rn and around North east we depend on the Megaphone Pubhshed four t1m6S a term lt contalns news artlcles speclal features such as The Student of the Month and sports stor1es Mrs Snow s hterary staff and Mr Podolsky s busl ness staff work hand 1n hand to brrng Northeast news dlrectly to the students E1 Seated: S. Teplitz, boys' sports editor, B. Neiman, girls' sports editor. Standing: A. Tabak. Kneelzng S Leaventon Scand B Chell feature edltor K For man edltorln chief Standing A Brooksteln news edltor Mrs. J. Snow, sponsor Fu'rure Teachers of America S Fus1Rzm R Roth G Schwlrtz S Lelxcnton P Dlnert M Albert L Bdlusky J Lltto A Godsh 1ll Srmna' Row A Roth man E Coltman E Kress P Newman Mr E WlllldmSOH J Korman P Beckman E LIINH1 B Botwlck Tlznrl Ron L Shohen E Guben M Stern B Isen A Greenberg S Cooper J Krlson D Gregg M Hurok M Bergmelster L Schebera S Cherry K Glass B Jaslow S Bender Medical Services Club nf" ,po-I' VHMQL First Row L Bogdanoli' L Shohen G Schwartz L Belavsky M Albert G Greenmeyer Second Row B Lmker D Gregg B Eggly E Betz Mrs E Gowan J Allen C Ellls P Beckman S Cherry S Bender Thrrd Row A Tabak J Krlson P Ta tarsky A Burns B lsen J Lrtto A Lozak E Guber A Brown J Rogers r , .. J 9' ,e 3- .. W L - . K Q' M , L - ' rv X if .' '. . , . L , . c , . , . , . 1 " , . , . c . ' '. . - ' , . , , , . , , . , . ' , . ' , . , . . '. . , . , . . . , . , . , - , - J - v - , - - . , . 1 , . , . . K rl, ' ,W vi S . .ui 1 2 c . , I f 5 f O . 1' s I W 51271 'VUL V . . , . , . , . . . . , . . . . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . . , . . . . , . , . - , - v - , - , - v - , - N.,,. 'KK F1rstR0u M Blrest J Hutton Second Ron M Albert Mlss JUHIOI' Red Cross E Boardman E Polonsky H Goldberg ...M--vv""""' QF! .P 'E 1'7 Nr' Seniors appearmg m the above photograph mclude B Zmgns B Rose W Schleyer S Lucy B Botwlck B Llnker P Dmert Nursery C Factor A Glaberson E Wolf L Hopkms B Eggly S Bender R Lutz Teacher M1ssW Kulpmska 129 1 gi C .. o " '.' . . , . . ' . , . 5 . lx V X 2 Q' B ' New K' K . 1 ' I "" f K if.. L .. ' S "' g 'K 2 - f Ko U L 0 4 S r I , ,L B B 5, - K . , I , . Il . . ? 2 4' p . 4 t B. 'W T 6 " If ' BI ' 4 - 4 v .Q ' 7 Q ' ,M . ,J 7 ' v . M A '- 'M-N 1 S A 'W I I 5. J A . I . . . Z ' . ., . , 4 , - , - . , I , - Drama Club Ja .ai .f lf f- rl. . 15,14 fl ,xl A g,q1r"fT' ' ' I- 'filfi' Q, 1,f'.1Cv"g.? - C6513 Seated: C. Elfant. Standing: Mr. A. Sandstrom, D. Seltzer. Ushers Club Seated: S. Kaufman, Mr. A. Taplar. Standing: E. Ginsburg. Stage and Sound Crew Seated: A.Cohn, E. Kress, E. Litvin, P. Dinert, M. Hurok. Stand- 'SVI' ing: R. Bradley, J. Litto, M. Stern, E. Betz, A. Godshall. ,. .iq-. J 5. -Erik. ,i,1eLsi!Gi1 X P' ja.. .V Radio Club Phalarope RADIO 543111111 QW? eimkv-xg Q wg 9 9 K Seated: D. Gindin, J. Davis. Sianding: Mr. L. Rowland. ...S ha gn av 5 5 ---1, 131 Sealed: I. Silvert, J. Korman, M. Adelman, L. Loesberg, editor in-chief, A. Frankel. Standing: K. Glass, J. Luber, A. Godshall si"-' Sfaled S Kauffman E Wolf Mr S August A Cohn S Shemberg R Bradley Standing E Glnsburg B Botwlck M Hurok M Elsenberg --- Kneeling M Zelmanoff Seated B Glullan B lsen Mr G Ebbecke R Bradley J Lxtto Standmg J Braude L Phllllps L Schebera R Zaslavsky 4.115 -un-""" 4 l Seated: J. Dunlap N. Abahmad Bey Mr. J. King M. Harris R. Dunlap J. Boyd. Standing: J. Sharp J. Wister G. Skirven B. Campbell A. Epstein. 132 Library Aides Tutors Locker Alcles Spanish Club Office Andes HISTOYY Club f Fzrsr Row J Krlson R Roth Second Ron B Welnberg B Llnker Mrs M Adamczak M1ssE Bistas D Gregg F Piul Slandlng D Welnsteln A Tunlck R Flneman E Lxtvm E Ginsburg S Cherry T Grossman 1- W Sutton E Seidman R Frankel D Martm M Nathan S Eisenberg S Engber -fps' -g-11' Seated A Melnster C Dectrow D Robb1ns Mr L Elk1ns M Bergmelster R Metzger Standzng A Pagano M Frledman S Sklaro E Elsman L Brandt 133 .2 A ' L. . K I , ' . 2 ' , . , . 2 . ' : . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . . I V 1 4 , Seated: P. Litvin, H. Litz, Mrs. L. Keys, .I. Wallace, A. Lozak, A. Tabak. Standing: , , . ' ' , . , . l , . , . . , . 1 A S 1 r 0 I ! yv in . N Q xx, 1 , t L52-v , A 3: " ' A . s - , - ' , . . Q , . I , . . .' . , . , . , . , . . But from then on we flamed The splrlt of our class of 60 A Qpllll newer fclgncd Spnrfs j gQOLlf'5 6Llf'8 mg ML gf , 46 A 77 WL Ol' . We lost that game ihe Hrst Thanksgiving. I '-x14 we X" fwx 4 2. 5 S 5, ,Y 5 ! 5 f Qk ,, . -1 PP ,1- '1 -nn-qv ,f f ,lv-'Q-rf' I+ M 2 f . gf V m'3NZ99U2iicg,g Lrvemg nW.,w, n Northeast Vikings under the able coaching of Charlie Martln and Dave Patchell started out on a successful season by defeating Overbrook 20 to 18 The Vikings continued its winning way by rolling over Mastbaum 26 to 6 The following two weeks Northeast was stymied by Gratz I4 to 6 and then by Germantown 8 to 6 Northeast came surging back to win the Little Brown Jug from Frankford by a score of 30 20 Unbeaten Southern came to Northeast expecting an easy win After a hard fought battle the Rams of Southern High came on top by 12 to 6 Our forces next met another undefeated opponent in Olney High Olney triumphed 1n a close contest 16 8 Northeast led by Phil Cantor s stirring runs played Edison and romped to an and were subdued by the score of 30 14 This year s team as in previous years teams represented the name of Northeast High well Although the victories were fewer than usual the team never lost its fighting spirit The 1959 football team was led by the best running halfback in the league Phil Cantor Cantor sparked the team throughout the season Cantor s best games were Frankford and Edison The Bull scored 3 touchdowns in each game Other standouts were Marvin Mitchell Rod Carlin Brock Berstern Guerney Brothers Paul Adler Jay Blumenthal Mike Blank and Joel Seidman l Lt 136 ' ' ' sc ' as - 7 55 77 ' 9 ' 9 . , 1 ' ' 55 ' S! . ' , . . I , . . . I , 7 easy 26-14 win. Our boys next played neighborhood rival Lincoln . , . . , . 7 7 ' s , ' . . a ' as as 1 . . . . , ' S6 S! ' 9 7 7 7 , . ' H i - - .1959 First Row D Elefant M Mltchell S Dranoff P Adler J Lebed P Cantor D Roffe E Smlth P Keller N Green Second Row D Meyers J Blumenthal P Gerney I Kravltz G Smlth R Read R Malehorn S Smlth E Seidman L Cooke J Budowsky Th1rdRow R Thelss N Buckner J Muller B Bernstem J Rappaport P Plmer R Carlln D Wemtraub F Goman M Blank J Gerney Fourth Row Mr D Patchellasslstant coach P Supp T Moffett L Helnold L Skale R WCIHSIOCK M Speeny M Rosen R Hamilton N Dorman manager Mr C Martm head coach Kneeling P Supp R Carlln E Seldman D Elfant Srandmg R Hamilton B Bernstem Coaches D Patchell C Martm 137 , z ' 1 z -11 ' K.. .,, as f . -"v 1:1 ,, ' - 1-f T .cr My ' ' . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - , . . . . . - , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . - , . . - s f I . . , , , . , . . . , . , - . , . . Veterans Day Phil Cantor hits the Edison line for 3 yards in 26-14 victory on Ml Ain X R Malehorn tackles a Southern Hlgh runner Smnth runs back a knck ofT .L vw .4114-u. iwlfviifs fire Nmiivifklhuly. aw Kfwvupfq, an 9' 9 ,,"'fr 1 mg W4 Kula' L4-zu r'-0 fm -sr 'A-t"7?': dy L. 134.535 9 2642. arm?-fIA"'F 13" YY A 40 ..- 'Db -4, ww ld Y-Q gf 32 S: Don lld B lktl D lNld B mm III Bum t Howtll Bl III WlllllI11 Bohn lav B1 iudt Joe Brum Rodney C ulm Eufmne Clfl1lS Shtll1Cherrx Ellyn Coltmqn Ch1rlc5 Eckler rol I Dixld Ht mt Cirolxn Ellmon Robut Fmmott Mlchfxel Fozel Ethtl bontkot Arlmt Grctnbtr Varslfy Letters 141 Rlch 1rd H 1ITlllIOI'l louxs K lpl 111 Rlchard Kazares ludlth Kormm Que Lexvcnton Edwird Lou Emmmuel N lthm I m Ornsttm Mltuhtll Porlgoxx Bftrbwrd Rose LOFLIII Suhebcrx Edward Seldmfm J mmm Sh lrp Al in Qnydcr Peter Supp Robert Sutton Lotus Tfirt igllx 1 L L 7 z z llriun " .'I'il1 ,, l . rl l ' 2 2 . 'z ' . , . 1 1 z . 2" . . 1 ' ' . . 2 2 ,, ' L Gary Miller 2 , 2 2 z Cu iltlmt . z 5 - ,L " Q I . . . , , , 1 ' " ' 1. c ' ' X z 2 I cl V . E c z 1 ' x 3 3 Q ' 2 . - ' . 23.2 SOCCGI' Q-W ew? Seated D Grabner R Daulerlo A Krumblegel M Porlgow P Evchenco Standmg D Bauman P Daulerlo D Vaders J Mac Donald H Evans manager I I Thls year the soccer team took another step closer to brlnglng back a champlonshlp team to Northeast Our booters had an outstandmg record of 11 2 1 fimshmg xn thlrd place just one po1nt short of taklng the cham plonshlp Our only losses were to Olney Publlc Hlgh Champlon and Lmcoln Hlghhghts of thus season were wms over Central fl OJ Frankford Q2 lj and a tle wlth Edlson fl IJ The team performed well and always showed that Northeast IS very hard to beat Semors G Miller M Porlgow D Bauman 142 .L N? IL I- - 5 -5 X U! . rx t f r Q 1 I ,dy h I J ll , if , . ,. swf, ,ix I .. . . 9 f , if n' A A-,Sk T YI talk:-,' f' ,.--bv ' gynff , Q-'I . w 5 tis .. - 3 3 A I f' Y . A ,, fn ' 4 P-Q.: K ' L ' 1 V- w S , .' . , . , . , . , . . .' . , . , . , . - , . - . , - . . H . . ' 7 I . ,, . , . - , .. , - . . . , . , . First hit . . . D. Bauman That's using your head. SENIORS-D. Bauman, G. Miller, M. Porigow, Mr. Mullan coach. -vi Q basketball Sw1sh' Another basket for the Vlkll'lgSl Thls year the squad showed the student body of Northeast and a great many other schools thelr excellent team play shooting and superlor floor play The ftbulous V1 kmgs came ln fourth ln a seventeen team league The Vlklngs overall record was fifteen w1ns and mne losses with a very lmpresslve record of twelve vlctorles and four losses 1n the publlc league eompetntlon The squad s only losses were to the three top teams 1n the league In the begxnnma of the season the team played most of the Cathollc leaaue ftves and dld a pruseworthy job agalnst them They defeated North Clthollc and Cardlnal Douaherty Northeast Hlszh s Hne basketball team was headed oy All Publlc Joe Shmuekler Joe was the star forward and hugh scorer for the team Semors on the 1959 team were Btll Bohn Jay Bressler and Rlch Hamrlton The student body of Northeast IS very proud of lts hghtmg never say d1e basketball team ot l959 Seated: D. Weintraub, E. Soren, H. Turnoff, B. Fives, L. Levin A. Whitman, J. Mirrow. Sranding: A. Wooley-coach, C. Peters R. Hamilton, B. Bohn, J. Bressler, J. Shmukler, N. Buckner, L Foley. R. Hamilton J. Bressler B. Bohn 'mwurwq baseball lip' . I. N X 1 4 1 1 .Z snub! Q The national pastime, baseball, is also a favorite pas- time of the student body of Northeast. The 1959 team fielded by the Vikings finished in a tie for fourth place. Northeast won a place in the Shaughnessy play-oiis. Its first opponent was West Philly whom it trounced 13-0. Next the Vikings triumphed over their arch-rival, Central, in extra innings by a score of 1-0. In the semi- final game, Northeast having played three games in one hectic week, bowed to Bartram 5-3 with extra innings played. Barry Olshin, an outstanding pitcher in the Phila- delphia school leagues had two no-hitters against Ger- mantown and West Philadelphia in the 1958 season and led the team in 1959. Senior members of the team are Joe Braun and Bob Emmott. B Seated: B. Boulden, J. Moore, B. Olshin, J. Shoemaker, R. Triboletti, L. Cooke, N. Miller, N. Barry, J. Brown, Standing: J. Zelavsky, Mr. A. Wolley-coach, M. Donsky, J. Dossandro, G. Clement, C. Curtis, R. Emmott, J. Gerney, J. Speeny, J. Mikulack, P. Keller. 146 ' x N ,,,,,,,mf. has EV,,.,wf..1ff fi -.Q-fu. ' 15 ."i: K V smashing groundu J Braun mtcher mawugku-m Q.,-fi' I el' 331'-P" Almost had hlm Ihat time ,,g,'l-.Wx nu' Ap uv 1 mw'5wfWk" QW .wf"""br J. .mqiywilfwqpwivdltw 1 sl .M,,,,R"lw,., -. 'Y Wivgr "5""'+- at was in 11" R Trlbolettl wafwtrhi Q y f A ,my www Mwwmuw M, we -we-if fl' Jew W f-we-N, W"-1 ' WWW' 4' Hurra fl y t s the thlrd out 147 P Keller third base S Glauser shortsto D " .'. . . -'s . -.....4 f fwk f K ia LV A muy H at M 14' - ,-r:.gN of Q . - - w A Mme- 'A --'Q 'wi 1 4 I 7 X 1 : ' 'S H L 1 , ..... .. A ' ff ' A .jf 0 "W K X ' ' f 1 .. .... ' K - if ' . i ' 8 sr I K V' . 'W - Qi' -.,, E " ..-, l I f M- mf t-'uf W E mm i ,.m.m 9 M U.. , ,fm ea N W m ml ' A X ,.,, .M Ann - ,X ww , , .., M. , . r ,r - ...- V 1 I 1 1 ' '31f,iL .lm Mn In W Wh ' A H ' 4 Q N , . ., V .wngiigiimwff-NQQZ VN 'SLIM k V: Hwwk A + , . I , V 'L ww-Nm.-mgw. , - w-wwffw' -'AW "'1P"l72?fI5?1,A"-FW" , A zA,,vf,Unf,f,fg, ws ' A ' , ,.w,,w M M ,L Mi A I i V ,bl L. ,, I . I ,- ,L -vi MLM I it I rx if m f 2 ' , ir X ,W I , . . : ff W 'W J uw . -3 . 'W Aly. f ,Q 1, - - - . I vs I-Q05 M ' 5"N'1 Q rdnkw Q' 1 ' hw Q M A i - jA.,xf,N1A -' an ffl " 'A ,Na+ '2 ,Zami ,ir 1 ,gf , Aviallug 1 ' A -' I 6 u-vw. Y "N --:, ,,,, 21-'15 ,- ,. - - f' 1-'W,,"" . MQ' V "'V'lK' W V ' 4 A ' A A :A , m A m V' f ".-ffm? M, m W Qw. 1., M W, ,. -ff, M . I N k M ww .W MV-, f5,,4N ima. f :Q .i V 1, xndpqv . .74 W .ixhM,,-Nj , W , , ,..k Q ,Q L. A , ,, L, QV N ,mf-1 .TMA 1 . Aww WMM A Y ' A f - Us- . , Q , 3 VINE., 1..-Lib 7,5 4. 'iv sax' A .4 44 A . 'A .L Q K Q A, .1 , V . 4 ,f,,' ,1-N-kyvof-fi.,:.p,," , 3, . 4 K' , A , Wx , K , 5 I , r ,. X fix L ,A .Mn U , , . . . . . . - , . - swlmmmg champions Swrmmmg one of Amerrca s most compet1t1ve sports IS growmg nn popularlty 1n today s schools The team representmg Northeast th1s year was superror to any other 1n the Publlc League competrtlon The V1k1ngs defeated everv Publlc League opponent by as much as th1rty or forty polnts All the hard work and practrce were not 1n va1n as the V1k1ngs broke Central s three year hold on the pub hc hrgh champlonshlp As one of the members sa1d The mght at Hutchlnson Pool when we captured the champlonshlp was the most thr1ll1ng event ln my llfe easlly defeated 1ts closest r1val Central by 3895 polnts The closest meet of the season was wrth Grrard Col lege ThlS ended by a score of 44 42 1n favor of North east The meet was highlighted by outstandmg team effort The only loss of the season was to Bonner by a score of 51 35 Although they lost the meet the V1k1ngs must be commended for a line showlng agamst Stlff competl t1on Outstanding senrors on the team were Charlle Eckler Csecond rn the c1ty 1n d1V1I1gJ and Ian OfHStC1H Wlth the a1d of Bruce Lundy a swlmmer of cham plonshlp caliber and a returnmg champlonshrp J V team the Vlklngs are hopeful of retammg their cham plonshlp The unbeaten Vikings coached by Mr. David Rosen, 148 Nl: 16 NE 18 NE 9 NE 7 NE 12 NE ll Aklba Acad Girard College Edrson Central Olney Frankford F1rst Row B Kahn J Rubmson Second Row Coach Mr S Marchlonnl S Taylor M Shapiro A Thomas G Carlltz Thlrd Row G Gerhardt J Labadle R Sokol F Aitken D Gramps fencing champions 149 , Y Q K ' Da' K, ' 6 K lgfff, 1 I A A A x f g Q S, 4 1' M .5 fe , . 1 ' . A fb f ' A X I an A 1 ' . ll ' ' 9 ' 8 10 . 5 6 5 E .tt if it iP Q. Q as 4, Q Up and over . . . C. Eckler pole vaulting as L. Tartaglia and P. Supp watch. It's now or never . . . B. Weinfeld does a running broad jump. The 1959 season started off with head coach Lester Owen in charge of the hurdlersg Mr. David Patchell distance coach, Mr. Gordon Hasse in charge of field eventsg and Mr. Dirck Brendlinger taking the sprinters and quarter-milers just for the 1959 season. At iirst things didn't look too bright. Our hope for a successful season rested on the shoulders of the boys back from the 1958 squad. As our able coach put it, "We are going to surprise people." At our iirst meet, we dropped to Overbrook and Gratz and missed second place by 2M points. In the next three we hit the tape last and lost to Central and Bartramg Olney and Germantowng West Philly and Bok. Then our luck turned-we thumped George School 54 to 35..At the next meet we came in second be- tween Edison and Southern. We appeared much strong- er by beating Lincoln and Dobbinsg we added Franklin to our victories the week after. In the Lincoln invitation we placed third behind Lincoln and Olney with Frank- ford last. Seniors on this year's team are: Louis Tar- taglia, Jay Braude, Charlie Eckler, Dave Elefant, Lou Kaplan, Bill Weinfeld, Bob Sutton, Pete Supp, Jack Novek, Don Baker, Gene Dolnick. em? ffgfffrfffnzfi ' BP '-Ati Seniors in the above group include: L. Tartaglia, J. Braudc, C. Eckler, D. Elfant L. Kaplan, B. Weinfeld, B. Sutton, P. Supp, J. Novak, D. Baker. Norpholographed G. Dolnick. Klll !lBl WA 5 ,iA10Hf ware A rn' j First Row: M. Saxe, D. Jacobs, M. Borowsky, D. Frank, R. Steck, J. Greene, G. Schwartz, R. Huberfeld, B. Flood. Second Row: A. Minster lManagerJ, R. Levin F. Sherman, G. Dolnick, D. Drain, G. Fleisher, P. Greenberg, R. Chant, R. Rov- ner, J. Baskin. Third Row: Mr. Owens fCoachJ, J. Davis, A. Solomon, R. Bell, A Zabarkes, R. Fein, C. Schleyer, V. Myers, M. Moses, J. Sharp. Fzrsr Row C Hyman J Trotman S Shore J Challklan J Weber S Cllbanoff B Chell M Brlstern Second Row H Wemtraub C Elfant S Levm L Bell J Goldberg G Merves C Hat Evans C Bardes M Phllnps Fourth Row J Wallace B Hull S Kravitz N Foster D Bezar J Chapm G Ferness L Blatstem J Fmkelman Mrs Valentme Volleyball SENIORS C Elfant J Goldberg J Wallace Mrs Valentme C Baus 152 l l ton, M. Sheiken. Thlrd Row: J. Riggs, C. Whltely, R. Mayer, C. Baus, N. Resh, J. Goldman, J. varslfy w UU C? Q3 F1rstRow B Vogt R Aschman S Stem D Sabatma J Lelby C Bell C Lash Stcond Row varslf E Gontkof A Lo J Mang S Bey G Sutton D Glllesple C Berry L Ruffolo C Elllson B Y Roberts C Merkel Th1rdRow S Belsky M Kennedy H Goldsteln Mlss Fortunitotcoachy Mrs Ktpplefassxstantcoachj L Schebera C Pearson Hockey We dld rt agam' Hurrah, for another eventful season whrch brought us the hockey champlonshlp for the sec ond consecutlve tlme A note of thanks to our coach, Mlss Fortunato Northeast 1 Glfls, Hlgh 0 Northeast 0 Lmcoln l Northeast 3 Roxborough I NOI'thCaSI 1 Frankford 1 Northeast 3 P,S,D. 0 Northeast 1 Bartram 1 Northeast 2 Olney 1 Northeast 2 St. Basil's 0 SENIORS-Kneeling: Mrs. Kipple, Miss Fortunato. Standing S. Belsky, L. Schebera, E. Gontkof, C. Ellison. Basketball in 1 tv Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Roxborough Kensmgton South Phxla Gratz Olney Frankford Llncoln Bok W1ll1am Penn Bartram SENIORS M Bergmelster Manager S Rees C Elhson E Gontkof L Sche bera co captalns C Elfant S Belsky C' Q First Row Assistant Coach Barbara Thumler W Fusco D Glelesple N Boll S Rees S Wlllard J Lexby M Adelman Coach Miss Alberta Gallagher Second Row Manager M Bergmelster C Wlchterman G Fernes M Kennedy P Varslfy Belrne G Sklrven S Belsky Th1rdRow J Rodenhaver C Elllson C Elfant E Gontkof L Schebera M Myshehyshyn M Weber M Peaceman D Regan 155 , . , y ! - L- .. , 0 ., 9 'I QL! , ,Z ix, Y 4 . J .Q K .,i x , xx S .4 .......:hW .. 411- l . CCA, Srgqelzlrlg Glieilolllrlan S Cherry Standing S Leaventon .I Kor QQ 75- Fzrst Row E Fmzlmer C Tendler M Mathason S Fmkle C Frantz S Berkhof B House Second Row S Freedman B Norwltz V Wallace N Sachs S Goodman D Allen C Kauf man CCaptJ J Mollmger B Rahmsky L Leof Mlss Gallagher 157 I O . . .' . , . . .' . , . ' W ' ' f 'nf' -'M W K , . 6 , 5 ' C Q 'S I Q S v X F. , C ., K K K vis, A 4, . ,Q e:,, .Q m 5. 4 , x Q ' S 2' 1-Q N- S Q Q' 'K I 'b ' . . 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' I 7 ' , . , . . .' . 9 ' , - , f , - , . , . ' ' 9 ' 7 ' Y ' 3 Mrs Rapp S Wlllxams T Grossm Rothman E Kress C Elhs 158 Dance Club E Coltman A Rothman an B Neuman B Wemer L Hopkms A . , . . 3 - s - 9 - , . , . , . , , . , . . Softball The g1r1s softball team had a very successful season 1n 1959 They won SIX games and lost only two Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast Northeast 8 3 Roxborough Bartram Kensmgton G1r1s Hlgh Frankford Penna Schoo Olney Lmcoln I for Deaf SENIORS Kneeling E Gontkof J Keller Standing S Luey L Schebera C Elfant Seated E Laege C Elfant W Fusco P Belrne L Schebera E LSVIHC D varslfy Regan Srandmg M1ss Thumbler Ccoachj .I Lelby D GlllCSDlC L Ruffolo M Roberts F Polaskl E Gontkof M Myshehyshyn M Kennedy Photography by 7110 Castor Ave Ph1la 49 Colo, p1,o,,gmp5,5J, The Anthony Stl1d1O 2332 South 17th St Phlla 45 12 3 12 6 12 ' 5 16 ' ' ' 5 18 6 f 14 . 7 12 ' 5 , ' Q 5 ' 1 g ' ' 51.11 t.!2,,..tf1t 159 6'Ll"8 W8 wlyvsy 1.33 3 Wf fb L EVANS -43,-Q 5 Q M ,,-'Af Y-Jie if fe! Aafnf H ' , by P ,QI ,M .K J 'Q f ' . ki - .is 45 I - A -gf., si up ' . k 1 a it , 3 ' K 1 A 'Y I f'

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