Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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www ifyw 4 r 1 55 1 W ag A5 '."Xz:"!'?'1 1 if ,,, Q? ,sv7.z:ij'ggf?,N Miqyr 1 v W +' W an N M sf? g, 4 .gr wa u il 3l W! l :xv 1 fi-Q59 r wx A Jn v 'fxif' A A ,,,, up--,.,. .,,, :W H yi s , P Uyu 5 if QQ - I 1 p K , 'M .- xy H Q so SQ' 1 wi' wk ' .A 5 . " e . kvv. -1 9. K . , W U 5 i 4 , gn' '43 1,.., 5' Jai- :- 55551-i' 5 5 ., UMA " 5-A - 'Y-df. Z2 ,11- , 1 v, -L: . V , . -4 vs r Q .. - .u "- n rv , ,H ffl if fffwf Af. ki ' .,,1J'1' 5 -' A, y?- L V 'ffiiixff' 51:4 V' vtgg, , "27'75 -. ' as ,A , biz? ' Mt .K 3:11711 1 f?"f7f' 7 4 1 i QA ., . is f -5i?'-'F-"-F---'L' -' ' ' 3 sun 'tl xg fm ,Q ..'v5.:' , vm.- '1 " ' '- -A - M.. ,. -.. 'gr Ju- ' .- .4"' : :t 5 if 5: .- , ,. ..1 an Du I 5' uv Q K. K.. ..,. o 3 1 .N.,,..,, ,. Q. . .. , ,. .. !. ,. .. .- .. ,... -.. ,v -.. Er 22 rf :g cr' . u- .- as 3 . .. lf -, - inf.,-fy, Ay, ... -.. .. ... ... .. -., ..- SS. 3? ff tt: 7' f? 0' I .,L.,. 4 .n,1.,. n f ff, uw-'va - 1-v-' a-ggu X, 1 4 , f , YN I ff, ff .Q W '-Angx, 2 3 ? gf 2 f 3 4 Q Z n i 5 ., ,cg HEQ ii jf+f ,L AF'w ' 7-ff? . JN, Aff 1 f Q ' 4 V' MAU RICE BROWN Edifor-in-Chief HARVEY STEINBERG Associafe Edi+or I H X THE losfh cLAss or NORTHEAST HIGH JANUARY fflffffon of SCHOOL, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA PRESENTS THE THE ARCHIVE TVN-Q DEDICHTIUH M Q W w,5b5T1w Four ATE IN 1953, PRESIDENT DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER MADE HIS HISTORIC PLEA TO THE UNITED NATIONS FOR COOPERATION ON PEACE-TIME ATOMIC PROJECTS. THESE PROJECTS, IT WAS HOPED, WOULD PROVIDE GREAT BENEFITS FROM A FORM OF ENERGY WHICH HITHERTO HAD BEEN THOUGHT OF IN CON- NECTION WITH HUMAN DESTRUCTION. THE SOVIET UNION CHOSE TO DEFER ACTION ON THIS SINCERE AND VERY SOLEMN PLEA, THUS NULLIFYING ANY CHANCES OF IMMEDIATEY SETTING UP A UNITED NATIONS AGENCY FOR THIS PURPOSE. CONFIDENTLY, THE UNITED STATES AND THE OTHER FREE NATIONS OF THE WORLD INSISTED ON MAINTAINING THEIR IDEALS, AND TODAY, THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS OF ESTABLISH- ING AN AGENCY DEVOTED TO THE USE OF ATOMS FOR PEACE. WE, THE ARCHIVE STAFF OF JANUARY, I955, ARE PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO THE HOPE OF THE FREE WORLD, THAT THIS "ATOMS FOR PEACE" PROJECT WILL YIELD THE FRUIT OF UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING. LET US FERVENTLY PRAY THAT THE INFINITE ENERGY OF THE ATOM WILL CREATE A HUMAN HARMONY FAR BEYOND OUR BRIGHTEST DREAMS. Fife PRINCIPAL CHARLES A YOUNG Prlnclpal MY FRIENDS OF THE CLASS OF JANUARY I955 You have reached your goal of graduahon Congralulahonsl How deeply you feel depends on Ihe earnesfness wn+h whuch you worked al Norlheasl as you grew unlo manhood The lashng memories you 'lake wafh you as you Ieave are lhose of +he frlendshnps formed wnfh Ihe men and boys around fhe school and 'rhe moral and characler sfandards learned lhrough such fellowshups Your life a+ Norlheasl Io have had real meaning should have lnsplred In you a deep sense of personal faulh responsrbululy and :deals The same problems you have learned fo solve a+ school bolh un and ouf of 'rhe classroom wull presenl' Ihemselves lo you oul In lhe world The characler and forlulude you have developed al' Norlheasl wlll help you 'Io solve lhem agaln In 'Ihe name of Ihe faculfy and myself Godspeed Io you all CHARLES A YOUNG Str I VICE-PRINCIPALS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF JANUARY l955 To very few people as guven 'rhe abllrly 'lo forecasl' +he fufure Many of us however can definl+ely fore cas+ some fhlngs from presenl or pasl condrhons You wull End +ha+ +he possession of a hugh school dnploma parhcularly one from NORTHEAST wlll gave you an advanfage an lhe world of business or lhe Armed Forces H' wull be even more +o your credll' If you conhnue your educahon and hold diplomas or cerhficales from colleges lechmcal schools and o+her recognized educahonal msh+u'hons Donf glve up fhe Shlp Scholarshlp +ha+ ns ' Snncerely GEORGE H EISENHARDT Vice Principal TO THE BOYS OF THE CLASS OF JANUARY I955 A good man leavelh an nnhernlance To his chnldrens children Proverbs Chapler I3 22 Verse Educahon does no+ s+op af your graduahon from Norlheasl' Whe+her you conhnue formal schoolmg or nof +he wnse young man wall look forward 'lo hus reading You may selec+ from our greaf lubrarues and ofher 'l'reasure houses of greaf books To 'lhls exfenf wlll depend largely +he culfural Influence you wnll malre upon your 'Family and your commum+y May you be so good In your fufure cholces fha+ Nor+heas+ wll conhnue 'lo be proud of all 'rs gradua'I'es Sincerely yours WALTER E HOWARTH Vnce Pruncnpal Se eu --if ELMER C. TH EISS Class Sponsor TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF JANUARY I955 Congrafulafions upon your graduafion from Norfheasf High School. H' is quife nafural and fiffing on fhis happy occasion for you fo feel elafed and fo feel a sense of accomplishment You have proved fo yourself fhaf you can meef cerfain sfandards and fhaf you can discipline yourself for ulfimafe success. Hold fasf fo 'rhese qualifies, so fhaf fhey will serve you in good sfead as you go forfh fo meef more complex problems in a larger communify. Jusfify fhe faifh of your parenfs by choosing fhe good life, which is iusf as easy as fhe bad, buf far more rewarding in fhe end. Today you leave Norfheasf wifh many pleasanf memories. Tomorrow you sfand face wifh sferner faslrs. May God granf you fhe courage, fhe wisdom, and fhe sfrengfh fo meef fhem and solve fhem successfully, so fhaf yours may be a fuller and richer life. Sincerely ELMER C.THElSS lfllyflf MR PAUL HALLAM WALTER CLARK 'L EL. MR FRANK BOGIA MR DANIEL JACOBY MR STEPHEN HALE Nme ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HISTORY DEPARTMENT Tlurd Row Messrs Saul Kal: Davnd Proven Leon Hymovlfz Joseph Volger Lulher Ranclr Second Row Messrs Marcus Konuck Carl Helm Waller Kndney Saul Lander Norman Maller 'George Scl1m1d+ Flrsl Row Messrs Benlamln Goldberg John Boyd Waller Co es Samuel Gapp Henry Burr Homer Jacobs Leon Raclt Second Row Messrs Norman Keller David Shore Edward Goldslem Arnold Blumberg Joseph Brammlclr Farsi' Row Messrs Benlamln Sherzer Corneluus F Sullivan Davnd Keely Harry Krug Lee Elluns lsadore Soslow Walfer Clark LII Z . , 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I . . . , . Z . , 1 1 1 . Z . , . 1 1 1 1 1 - Second Row Messrs Daniel Jacoby Alberl Fisher Clarence Hufchlnson Joseph Rowan Louls Herwlg Charles Bahmueller Vnncenl Cheverellu Louns Labovuh Wynn ulgley Furs? Row Messrs Charles Malloy Adelberi Herne mann Judson Folker Sfephen Hale Ran dolph Abboff Charles Buclrley Wulllam Messrs Howard Henzel Roland Doane Moses Fruchfer Charles Znmmerman Richard Abraham MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENT LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT ll - I I O o . 1 I . : Thomas, John 'Horvaih, Herber+I Wyllner. I I . , I , X J MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Second Row Messrs Harold Neeren berg Clyde Sums Clarence Webb Pl-nllp F Snyder lrwm Schwartz Francis Murphy Flrsf Row Messrs Charles Freedman Toblas Hahn Frank Bogna Lelghlon K Smlfh Lawrence Babcock Myer Rosenihal Gerson Baclshauf Second Row Messrs Wllllam Wlmcov Harvey Levlfan Roberf Hudson Fred Puerce Furs? Row Messrs Earl Wllllam son Leonard Srlverman Lelghfon K Smnfh Roberf Bradbury Karl Brand? . . Tzuclzw' econd Row Messrs Gusfav Baacl alfer Slbson Charles Marhn Alberf ooley Roberf Smlfh Harry McKinney lrsf Row Messrs Elmer Thelss PauI allam Harold Gauges Les+er Owen ay Mullen Mr Roberf M Sml+I1 Mr Paul Duffield PHYSICAL EDUCATION MUSIC DEPARTMENT III I Z . , E ff' I I 4 J ff- ' "' .A t f ,I I Q ' A I ' I I 2 I .4 I 4' CCH COUNSELORS Mr. Herberf Grossmann, Miss Mary Levy, and Mr. Marfin Gold- berg. ROSTER CHAIRMAN Mr Charles Freedman I TH E JANUARY 1955 ARCHIVE Edilor-in-Clwiel MAURICE BROWN Associale Edilor HARVEY STEINBERG BIOGRAPHIES STAFF Ediror LARRY GUSST Ricliard I-ladilc Robe-rl Tlwiboldeaux Raymowd Kelly Richard Mason Herberl Vernick VVill'am Bradley Michael Elaine Roy And ews SPORTS STAFF Edilor CLAYTON CARTER V I am Feenam William B om y Jorm Bolceerio Ronald Miloviclw Donald Reiler Roberl Kornsey Jaclc Scoll FEATURES STAFF Edilor WILLIAM E LAT:-IAN Louis Fleislwer William MCK nley Josepm Goodman TYPING STAFF Edilor FRED BRILL redericlc Anl Roo rl Jclwse-ri Micliael I-Iaires ART STAFF Eclilor SELIG RURTZ Pi-IOTOGPAPI-IY STAF F359 -f V1 Edilor JAMES DURANT 5 I I.-1 S 1111 CLASS OFFICERS In order Io become a candudafe for class ofhcer one musr hrsI presenf a p hhorw srgned by 'rhrrfy hve semors Thrs pehhon ns Ihen grverw Io Ihe com muIIee whrch exammes Ihe duahhcarucns and records of Ihe varuous carmdrdares II eccepfeo Ihe candudede s name as enrered on Ihe eIechon ballof and Ihe hm3I decusmon IS decrded oy Ihe A cess In an eIec+Iorw voIe UsuaIIy +he vucfors and Ihe Iosers as Ihms year are persons who have oeerm very chve In Ihe school communhy The Pres Edward Whnrney was oh Ihe Irack and cross coLmIry reams Vuce Pre Larry Goss? was also very achve In schooI ahcmr The Ireasurer rs appourded by a Iacuhy commmr ree Ihs choIce ns made oh Ihe oess OI Ihe sh dehrs record A mosI moorrarwf Iacror I IH seIecIuoh rs Ihe sIudemIs marrwemahcal abwhry h Ireesu er s rob IS 'ro coIIecI and Iabulafe Ihe sen or dues LARRY GUSST WILLIAM BROMLEY Vlce Presrdenf Secretary Treasurer I xglmrn EDWARD WHITNEY PFESICIQDI CLASS PIN .IANSLLARY Q5 h E-EAS 9 SVMOVD O :J D IO each ferm Tmb J'zW'TO 6 VZ VW C5 ECI Oc O fer m Wo GS oreo fm Gm of mem er Jorr e e Cnet: P ffebyw M m1 5 uve ecrneo Gu fm e ay ' e mo rw 1f w e frwoef wn +ve T orfmeadr Ao ve Per vm O w y mg M 0 e c Q 5 X rm L 'Zz 5 H is We cukm of 'F 5 A 'cf N df V E5 1 ifeassp' . mspl 55 xsf, 'Hd -'rs WySUgKL+adMEkeH"ef,NcF ba 3? he ss of Jemafy 55. TA ' fg'+em he eos afance 3? +6 pi 5 qfrx In a gidg 'WHPI QQ' was! 'Q fn frmf cr F ' ,bclc NE, W Ich iw ieffvz " ' V V ' q H5 'f iff 1 N ' .. 'C '. , Sw A q 'HW .' pin he We 'exf f' J, Ja ,E v 55, afdifl fe ef 3? Jfdw- "id Belo We +'e"'g, IO M 15512, Qefcfkg "e m., , of We Cali. 'tuvz ONE HUNDRED HOWARD ALEXANDER 23l7 N Colorado S+ Oa+ Ca pen+er O MAN Oa+ w Alferna e ar' 'remoer om +ne JV Eoo+ba +eam Ouhwde or scnoo he IS In+eres1ed ln oelng a YMVA vxorlxer and pays +oo+ball o a nelghborhood +eam Hx uure occupallon s go g +o r en+ry and ne hopes +o be ood +amly ma We rhmk ne vu s creed FRED ANTON 26I0 N 8+I1 S+ Erl+Z Erglrweer TE T TODAY Fru+z was a member of +he Honor chon n has sen r ar he wer+ a L. Iommq 1 Megaphone ard Archlve s+a++s a o Lea ers club Because o+ hs quwer and +r1endly manner we all lcnow he w r succeed 1 hs chosen held Go d NOMAN JOHN BACON 2340 N Twen+y +I++h S+ Nole A Jazz Fran Tl-IEREYOL1 CO Nolce for +he pas+ +No years has been on our Lmde+ea+ed Table Tenn Doubles Team and nas earned Nl NE Ou+snde cl school he :Ice +o go parhes a basxe+ball en o azz o Noke wlll be ano+her grea ml Ivan Good c su cess ard fame a you a++em f JAMES BARLOW 6327 Homer S+ Jnmmy Mayor In Music mn Co ego I DON T Dl YOU A LITTLE BlT Jlmmy dmrng hs s+ay a+ Norfn s par+1crpa+ed + o+baI h +re hman year and was a member 0+ +ne Swnng Bard Jimmy always ha ml e d C es he was a o od Joe 'o av around Ou+s1de of sc ool he e 'cfs flsnrng deep sea s+yle EDWARD DAVID BENNET I506 N Marshall S+ Eddle Nava care PAL e s + u y o KI g s +cl g o an ben member o+ +he Moun+ Holly Pls+ol and Rlfle Team ou+srde o+ scno l +o p r cnpa+e cn ol a +v+ Eddle served + e o a a sa es'n me Serva+e FIFTH CLASS TTi'ClIf-I ROY RAYMOND ANDREWS I60 N I2+h S+ oy Teacner PLAY lT COO FELLOW PLAY IT COOL Roy was an acflve member ol e enclr an +racx +eam NE Leaders Cub Se a+e a Archzve s+a++ I.a+er he was elecfed lo +he Senor Execu :ve Commudee Roys clas ma+es wrsh hum +lre bes+ or en eavor an a+er 1 e MARVIN JAMES ARCHIE I225 W Norrls S+ CHP Carper+er Crap was a member o+ The cadel' +oo+baII +eann and +he I954 Publc League champronshzp +racIc +eam He also served as a Sena+or w or+heas+ Crap I9 a shoo+er as weul as a good baslcefbal player He wnshes +o become an Esqu re dresser and a progress ve rn src over H m n rle ds Cer awnly mrss hm GIL BADER 6I4 W Norrus S+ Cury Herpero ogr L HMM SURE' ury was we now + par+ rn +he I954 Nor+neas+ Revue Anolrner or' has lobs around s ho een selhng frolley +lclce+s C, r has o++en salo +na+ ome of hrs bes+ frrends are snalces HAROLD EDWARD BECKERFELT 3007 Boudunof S+ B c U S A I- BETTER WAKE UP CHILE Bec wrl a ways be remembered a one 0+ +he Can Can gurls IH e 54 Revue He also was a member of e lI'I ural c lS nnleres+e e mnln+ary serv ce as a re lon nd awa s + :rg + omeone +o g r +ne reserves Ou+srd o+ school ne engoys malcmo a rpawe models and s+udylng guns JACK BOKEENO 3I00 N 33rd S+ Lawyer NVHO KVOW B a member o +ve H r e was a versahle a+n ere be ng Q ne Varsl+y oo+ban and base a + ms H aso loaned e Arcwve sarcl prom c mmdree and Leader c uh Ever popu ar wn+n +he +a r ex lred +he NE Kr-IS c m:++ee H am rea hrs ambl+c WILLIAM F BRADLEY 2854 N MarshaII SI FEV FRED BRILL 2528 N Newklrh I: CI ana q W FFF' D3 ne ba BWI re 5 wefn Qr 'vga 'T' I G 9 6 T FYI MAURICE S BROWN 3220 Frankford Ave nr n L n erm M rru New a ar ac O ed Me Meqapn e sian bra y S Lad we rg N T nnes re re e ar a mennber of T Ieg Q,-5 we rn I' 9 VI JOHN GILBERT BYNUM I522 N Twen+y slxfh SI Ba keroa I I S O 'YTQVVI CI' 6 a ff be Ice na 3 fr D r c no 'ffm V9 13 'n A O 3 ROBERT CHEROK 364 Richmond S+ ORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL , 3' 1:9 RALPH BRATTON 2249 N Colorado SI WILLIAM H BROMLEY I75 W Dauphin SI' ri' A m6'Y1 Q 5 CST nfvo C575 + a SOLOMON BROWN I9I0 N Rlnggold SI I par Q pa x ya mem er LDVHV7 5 TS cz base Q 5 6 arnb CLAYTON T CARTER 437 W Winona SI Cm O DONT NI wr a, Q C fa I Tore ff Mwoao U g-3fY"To JAMES JOSEPH CLARK I525 E Hewson SI O E HUNDRED FIFTH CL SS WILLIAM J CLARK 4830 N Broad SI Bosco Army OI1cer I DONT BELIEVE I OuIsIde oI schooI Bos o erloyed asebaII sw VYIVTII Q buuldunq mode raI roads and IS emn Io cr records AII h IrIends and cIassrnaIe l'T'I e S O 5 I' S EDWARD COHEN I622 N Marshall SI I'ddI9 OIIIce work Ed I6 ddn+ I-ave enouoh Mme Ie oyer aIIer buIIdIrIg ns bu Inq eps I0 hIs spare IIme Io go ou any Ieams II Iooks a II E I Ires Io be Ihe mosI muscuar IyoewrIIer I key In Ihe busmess Good wIshes Irorn aII or yoI.r cas HAROLD CRUM II03 W Tioga SI e To Be a Success CHECK OUT Ike was a rrusfeo conscIenIIou empIoyee IIhe SerIaIe Sfore HIS ouIsIde InIeresIs are baseI:a'I and as eIbaII H s rn ny IIends w surey PWISS hm ELI M DEBS 2325 W Somersef SI CIoIhInq saIesman Ed IS aI ea e on the hardwo d IIoors II malces no CIITCTSFSDC wneIher IS dancIn on Ihem bowIn or pIa Ing ba keIbaII The WISdOVY1 GI hIs cI'-oIce oI occI paIIon IS evudenced h awareness oI sIyIe and s sharp dr ssInq ANDREW DROBONICK I923 N Mascher SI Andy Plscarorla ExperI HEY THERE Andy was a member of Ihe 53 Ienc ng Iearn He has aIso been Ser1aIor and an aIIernaIe OuI oI sc ooI he enIoys such hobb es as IS Ing and paymq IooIbaII an bas eIbaII Be-I oI IucIc Andy 1 Iwntx mo PARK CLEMENS 957 Frankford Ave Snarkey CarpenIer HEY NAPIDER LIL narIcey w s a gre I guy o now aIway wearmg In e a crackmq a o H s hobbIes are shoohng poo and pIayInq basIneIba'I e a so eonq e CVI Ir PaIroI and Ine Shackamaxon Boys CIIIb SAMUEL E COOPER 628 W Hunhngfon SI IS Food Mercnar UM COOD esI es SCIII q PTC IIcIceIs IS w s a great guy Io Icnow aways wearmg a smne and havInq a pocIceI oI IO es OUI oI sc ooI he en loyed IIshIrg and sImIIar sporIs We w Im sc e BERNARD DAVIS 274 N FIIII1 SI Bea ScIenre LaboraIory TechnI Ian WHO KNOWS Beak s TGVOFII6 sporIs were base hInq and crabblng He aso coIIecIs sIarnps and a connpame I Iends Io parIIes dances ard skahnq rInIcs occa IonaIIy WIIh nas person aIIIy he shouId succeed CLARENCE DE SHIELDS I900B N 25+h SI CIarence EIecIrIcaI Enqmeer COOL YOIJR BOOTS Durung CIa ences sIay aI NorIh e he was achve In Ihe C eer Ieaders CII,b and Ine SenaIe Away Irom school he enloyed basIceIbaII Ioo baII basebaII pnnq pong and dancIrq WILLIAM JOSEPH FALKOWSKI 3065 Cedar Ave Gus ArchIIecI THAT WHAT YOU THINK Gus was enough OI' a braIn s IIrsI Iwo Ierms af Norrheasf Io qeI Ihe Honor ROII He was aIso super saIesrnan for Ihe Megaphone He dw ded hIs ouIsIde IIme beIween sporfs IH generaI and Iaomng up on hus archIIecIuraI work -H I N Tug . "S " a a I b . ' I .Cv Y In , s ' a s II nd V L U W . . k I . . 'I , I I' I ' g azy I II e I ' in I. FS" f H I bI.sIIII NIA' WISII II II bef I IMI in I Ie - 0 ' I III , A 1' A N n nv IIF. hm . ' I IL A CI' H I I Q I, H I W", B 'd 'n . . . ' ,"F' h" I I Q ' V I . bic ' ' ' , I 6 - -I - v Iorl . s ' dd'e IM - It I h I - asp , . . .N . .I I I I OC , W ' Ish h' Iuclc, II.n, and 'ccess In ' " II . maIes, Ed. I I . ' . I . n I km "II: " I If W ' 5 0 I ' U -3 IDGII, Iis ' , ' . I I bk . I s I' I III 'T' ,U , ' I ,' I , I 3 - - ' wEdH s I Q M H ' ' . Q II H I 5 I O . r I he - I - q I e I- q asI ' ' h - . yi- . S I . 4 I . I I I - by Is I III I, I ' I ' ' I' I - - fl II IS - II " " . 'I " ' III I .. ' ' a on . a h f I I ' I ' ' ' I I' I-I' , I ' d ' ' I: . s I , " "I ' ' . WILLIAM FARRAND 2322 Sepvlva SI Ca pe Ier WGS W K w 5 d 9 Ice by Is Cassmaf wno w m e awa basl s e ere Day Dasn Ina LOUIS FLEISHER 2949 Frankford Ave Lawyer X' D O O LY TODAY a a member cr fne Honor S I ar was oier' VUSFIIOVIOLS a qreaf avorur-2 Tn e q rs a d emoys swImmIrIq basebaII bas e a d a he x e e w m ack and suc a he afremprs LEON EDWARD FRANCIS 2705 W Sedgley Ave ee RadIo Tecnmoan THAT N JU I WHERE IT T ee s a member of rrme 64 I E ngmeer Combar BaHaIIorI I6 deb a NarIonaI Cuard OUISId9 oI5 n s DIS I Ieresfs are worknnq dancmq rse rs ees Cass m +e and I erds Icrow h wII ee Ire career re ras cnosew WILLIAM MOYER FREY 2923 Marsfon S+ a sr OO TAKE A TRIP e r- r e Dow rg a or ar I' e ne qbbor rood dance H was on Hue basker baI and bowIIrIq reams ard a mem ber OIII19 Honor Sechon HIS OUISICIS Ir-reresfs IrIQIJcIe bow IRQ basnefba' CI He a o erved Me HUNEC GEORGE GARIFALOS 39I2 Elsmore S+ oreely U S 'VI C YOLR I RAN? Y P pa ar Gree-Iry as a cand dafe C pre en? f scI'I o e cas He was asoamem er r'Ie basebal ard frack Team reeky was a ways a 'oya Norrn easre NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL 7 utllfI fllfct' WILLIAM FEENAN 2024 Brandywine SI EnqI eer EE YOUR I D CARD was one of 'mose re w wk afays had a smIe and proved mm rue ner oa BIII was FI resd nr I me scIwooI and a mem o + e Vars oor a swIrrI m q a crew rearn Des I6 a e ra I I aso ma e a cred rabe sho GSII rec r e ech MELVIN FLITTER 3I4O Fonfaln S+ De'IIIsI HEY DOIN I VIIORRY was born a qe Iemar ar scno ar H w s very me II IU er esred a'I maIor sporrs baseba oo ba' and basIcerbaI T qo Q D ISAAC C FRAZIER I93I N 34II'1 SI' e Macn nn I I NY MY IVAN Ike nas bee an achve member of rhe Serare and Hue IIbrary squad r-Ie Ina re eved awards from ofn er' n cnoo' ne erroys na+IrIg nockef and dancmq S Ina I'I9'7 Cnr G Y ITI S 'III' GERALD GALLEO 23I7 Cedar S+ fl' od THI I OBINOXIOI, erry s s are Mme I.sIIa spem worn rg wmv fnose oId as err be I"nIc of meraI Iwo? rods VVWEV' s IPIGYIVIQ The par? of amareu grease r ev e s y pa arm rn G .J n Jerry ere s re qef Mar q od IO LEON GARRISON 2828 W Hunhngdon SI 5 Pnarmac RE CRI I BLDDY s we? was we r m r ser: rs He was a fT'I I'I'Ib V C' 3 fI II q r- e rs e Irferer s bas: ww s pre ry goo od LJ L S E HUNDRED FIFTH CL JOHN GERSTLAUER 26I2 E Cambria S+ Jer hey S 4 HEY IRON HEAD er he, s a member o fre a T Ioorba and baskefoa I am Iafer was or mored Io Me v r oc baI Iaq er In a defermm ome Iayy an JOSEPH GOODMAN 333I W Hunhngdon SI e FurrIITIIre D aer YF COD Joe IhroIqhoIII hls sChooI Ierm af Norfheasf was an achve member Y Ihe SenaIe serwnq as Sena+or Tor o e ferm and as AI+erraIe anofner Term HIs OLISICI6 IUISFGSIS are mode DUI Inq e IrIng veneIIan bInd ard oI course qIrIs RICHARD A HADIK 28I4 Amber S+ DIC Sheer meTaI worIce ILL LII' R IC has oIayed basebah Tor Norfheasf Ihe IaI Iwo years and r- ar nd hefe H has a o served as a Sera+or and as a mem r of Ie Archwe SIaI'I D In rerIaInIy an assef Io any schooI He a ea! ro qef ahea In e IITsIde wo ld and Icnowmq hIm wIlI succeed JOSEPH HALBER 24I8 N Slxfeenih S+ oe CommercIaI oIIoI' HEV COOMBAH Joes Three years aI Norfhear were IIIIed wIIh GCIIVIIY He spenf mree years on fhe IooToaII Ieam Iwo years on Ihe basebah Ieam and wo years on The 'IencIr-g squad He was a member of The Norfheasi If nsnnqfon dance COIYIITIIIISG Joe has I y been a OyqI Norfheasfer FREDERICK JOHN HILL 2I40 N Twenfy eIghIh S+ Brfsh Carperf r A membe ine IQF4 Pub Iqn 'IooI champIorIshIp Iraclr Ieam e gave Ir-e fars mary Ihr a re d ma y a n ge c as re :J ay r ase a a oasxe+baI 'I s assma+es w k s n career If I H ALPHONSO GIORDANO 3225 N Park Ave I 'N AI fpf FOI 'DI oIe Cmfw o w pee demon of Norfnea I He c I aways e r s eeo r e haf rva aqed ro ooI hIs n mohwcyce rar n 0 nie and p easIrQ Der rn e hm a s LARRY GUSST 9I4 W Sferner SI Gus ea ner CAI I BF DOI E IIrInq Goss sfay a ne was acuye o Ihe cheermaders cab Megaphone sfahf Serafe ard Lead ers CIIIb He aIso pIayed IV basscer vas crarrnaw or Ihe NE ens Ingfon dance commmee a d a o LDIOQFBDIWISS edIfor of Ihe Arcmye Iafer Gus was eIecred VIce Presr nr of Ihe A O a IoyaI Norfheasfer MICHAEL A HAINES 282 N 51h SI Iv1Ike Erecfrlca Eng reer WHAT RAY I es e sy gem wa s ave won hIm many 1'rIends whIIe af NE He Iomed Ihe swlmmmq Iearn and Archuye sfah and was a rn mber of Honor S chorv HI Iesure Mme IS spIII befween SWIITIIYTIUQ and Iush ng has aI Ihe affrrbufes of a s ressIuI engmeer ASHER HARTLEY 622 E Wlsharf SI Reds BIIlIard cnamp EIGHT BALL IDE PO KEI' Reds aIhIefIc InIeres+s are base baII swImmIng and Ioofbar He was cons+anI porfer of ac:fIyI+Ies ard hIs pIeasIrq person d a II+y Io make fren s nd make mm a IC RONALD HILL ZI36 N FaurhIII S+ CopI do we na YO I erloys Ioofoa a d ba r I asofaes nmay are ca mares aI remem er n a a rs ra a agree Ihaf b a GJ ru ARNOLD EDWARD HOPSON 2343 N Nlnefeenih S+ :J G 'TT D KENNETH HURST 2I58 N Warnock S+ TTT 'DL 'W V77 as newr w rv S par? fl ac J 5 as Da r Cu q we-T eo w 0 mea OSWALD JETHON I540 N 7th S+ Ozze ELG-Orme! Erqmeer TAT zz 0 u on Lom rg me 'uve un 1 r we! acfnvxhes He was a mem er fre Varsrfy smjcer fearr Nafror-al S crew d rer F e rma Award He vas r' We ex Cu commrffee repre en mq urn k Ozze RAYMOND KELLY 2029 E Orleans S+ Eecfrrc an 'OLlD Et Ter Qrvdmn fe r 0 av ervfra Ke came Norfreai ard ummeduafdy made "v y revds LLP was a member o e V ov be feam ar on me xe s eer per s ma 9 fn a W ,N 'zff . 'J i' CUCC. DANIEL KIRWIN 2723 N. Hemberger S+. .' ', ffari, a' 5 ' '42 2 2 - 1: f' 5 :ir 'r- W.. ' Q 42 'He'- -- 'r 'wg 'ff' .-:::e:'. '5 'f- ra yd barbs , HQ 2: ei" ve aw' A mdorr mmf are ,a -fi? may Verdi. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL 41 'l':.'.'r1!y-Elin' PRESTON GRAYSON HOLMLS 2530 N Slxfeenfh SY rV"r mar + Q GVY! K3 m JOHN JAY 30 3 N Uber S+ as e was a c r 3 a TV TAS oea m N S Tc a mv w e b s o P Carr-er ROBERT JOHNSEN 2025 E Ellrhari Sf Nui ear wc YOD CAN T HARDLY ET HEM NO MORt nw e ob N 5 ar N rrheasr 0 was a member of We Arc ve S arf Tora! HC or S I 5 Hover Secmofw On of rv omsw e wires I 5 be membe ' e Exp orer S OL 5 rw ab Ty and perseverarce +Gwr'y r z Mrs amp DANNY ALAN KETCHELL II29 W Wesfmoreland S+ Q ar' Ca 0 ver VYG a b sfa r F S d F u mend as many assmare know Among rn s s mrs! ad vmes ar tw: N rfrweasf Kerswqfov da Ce m H e ra m e 'f-, :M Ca oc + r. ROBEPT KOLLER 263I N. Braddock S+. r gm - 5 H. 1 4 I" wo oe' , 'b midi fra' 5 'ffxi ff A 2'i"'. GZCLZG 5" L i- .y 5 f 'Q ,Q m " I V: 'Ama 9 'Q Q ,' a rmenber ff vc Gfi-a'Qr Kg' "" gwv Jr" rg ba'd. We 5 "pf: "fa f. air me f fi fried , qrnflfl ONE HUNDRED FRANK ALBERT KOPESKY 2I9 E Girard Ave Herman EQ LJLH THE Hermar' w rbe bowl m nr reslwman year He was o o nose d a s c Herman serr rs nd L rn src as ferlr e am re ns be many T e r wllle qulps ed a es a qreaf ERNEST KRENSEL 4750 N Nmfh Sf Ernre e esrnan UR YOU RE Rl H Wlwrle al Norllweasr Ernre was on ne cadel baslcerbal Ream Leaders cub and broom pafro Oufsr e or scnoo' e fakes par? a spo ls enpoys dancrng H s a 1 collecfnon o oop and popular muslc arnesf Lccess SELIG KURTZ 3004 N FIHI-1 Sf Sonny Me llanrca enqrneer THAT w CREAT Sonny luas made many Tr ends al Norfheasr He was arf ed for of 'flue Arclnrve slaff and cle rqned rne cass rn Oulsrde aol nn e o wor rnq wrfn dl omo res H s we quy wrl brrqlw TL ur ANTHONY JOSEPH LAMBUTIS 23l5 N Orlanna Sf D lie Drawflsmar' V Hz T DO YOL AY X T own cmd The lwool or nclnq and cravrn or oo muslc Dulce nas become a celeo A rren w nrrn es of o e a o e 'rlmar wner- he ma es r m lon w l remem pals af Norlbeasl DONALD LANDAUER 2622 N. 28+h Sl. ' , ' Prlnrer l COLLDN T CARE LE ' on" nas een In ne for ec- ' n ', 'e . H was an a ive member nf T e w, a- 4 a Trlon dyldecl Hs oulslde ac+'vi- les amen 'r.s, ow'Ir ar baslcerball. Good-narored Dov made many Trends and was a ways a loya Norflweasfer. FIFTH CLASS Tfvrrzfy-xi.:- ROBERT JOHN KORNSEY 4I9 W OHTBYIO S+ Enqrreer HOV THE HECK ARE YA Tabe B b a man of man fa enrs and 'eresfs was a men' er e ars y s cc r Team Lea and sw mmrnq team He w aso Senator of rlwe Honor Seclron r senror yea: All wlwo lcnow lm a ree +nar ln v b success e r' en Ted ROBERT JOHN KRUSE 2224 Trenlon Ave Elecfronlc e qrneer WHETHER OR NOT THERE WlLl. ALWAY BE WEATHER s a lol or' baslre rn r ar mo e a r a s an pb leg ap Alnc qn s I T ow he gels ao wrlv everybody and nas made mary rrencls al Norlneasl HARVEY C LAMBERT I303 W Rush S+ Harv Busrressma Well known fnrouqlwonl flwe sclwool Harv lwas made many Trrend wlwle Norllveasl H s supporr T ra ac rvmes a sclwoo learns n we hs a o e cn s males wrsn lnrm flue besl QT RAYMOND R LAND 614 W Olney Ave Ace C Trop d T ERE ODAV ONE OMORROW ng cn ln o r or fwr r mroos Ace nas recerved e n qnesr non r aw rd Aafomo res e Jp m Tme bf away e r ys a good baseba qan'-e s many Tre el af neasr m ss n rn ALLEN LANGE 20ll N. Tweniy-fhird . " De'wH'f NHAT ARE YO' COT' JA DO7 ' w , a member o The C' m wnile af Norflreasf. He a enjoys bowling, baslcefball, and base- , ' ab'E+y fo mal: Trie ds ' made mm a promlnenl Tlqure around rr sclo: osor s caslll qs . WILLIAM E LATHAN I233 N 54+h S+ 9 wa a rfemoer e T re sray ea I 0 ed 'ff J a d ac I was a mem e e UNINE aders r D 5 N mm rvq Ieam I-Ie was re 0 A ecnapo e a Arc v d ear ed M qa IF Af a LAWRENCE LEIMBERG 7lOI Forresf Ave L a q e '-I v BOL D rr, 'was bee a memoer r ne I e re H Q U bes O ever e La ry easrer a sepo rIe a ms Hws c e mrg a LARRY LEVINSON 2606 N Twen+y nlnih Si I-arf Re'raII Buyer CRA Y L rry aways Q od for a lam lv rf va supper e e foe a am H s rsovaw www we s are Q mane rw 1' v pr Q CARL MCCLURE l2I2 W Allegheny Ave ema e ELC a member cf 1 e H ec y I e pers me mm m y wrwere oe was I Leader a Seraler and a messerqer v rfe per base a o a o a Ne weas e JOHN McGANN 3 N. Philips I. - e:rva"': f Ireer ' A' 1 r Hs 3 :S I' e s ways P s sm' oo "s ' c-. e W s f 'f feam " Q 7s a memb of rw ,o, er Z ..a . e wa' lwa s so V- L r me-. 'A w' ar 'ea' : N ' a J L erfoeer. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL 'mty-.n'z'vr1 WILLIAM E LEE 26I2 W Sferner SI pam paves s 1 v rfes are o a aseoa He ever' s ma y a s ry N I s x was a member ol 've q ad r ears a smafes Ms r-Im ine e f STANLEY LEVIN 529 N Franlrlm Sf Q nl-'A ARE YOL, FLT er VT: GFS Wm TYI '7 s zarw remarlcs He er y a J a TO fba a .N rea Ia rf any Cass ae IX. N 5 r CHARLES LOGAN 2444 W Sharswood S+ Saccessfw Cmzer Scrooge was a member of ine amp p loo a Ieam IF and asv paye Tac on 4 awp ervsbup learn of 3 w member of Me 54 looiba learn e was a o ine 54 C am pfrnpracn eamasas D WILLIAM McKINLEY 2924 N Reese S+ I' ,I-IAY I-I WPAIHCR avr a member e S I r-+rIbJ+ed a qre-a+ ea 9 'I VLVTIT pre FASO H rrwcaoe Haze 9 gre ary we experfs Ma emay s or aw 5 Q 5 GEORGE E. McWILLlAMS 33I2 Rorer S+. G :rgj 3 o GOOD fL,AMOT QM eecl"g rrc Q ' C 'r are rw: of Georges e,+s'd- 'oreresa 's m 'o o Lea 'r 'I 'Q e e C' swcer feam 'roar b " ,qar E ' pl-. ,a srfer of ss c v, s a' w Tie 5 every J ' an ew him. ONE HUNDRED MYKOLA MANDYBURA N S I1 I V Eng re r-1 I tj LOD N mx vw ere ed Y M uw a er mb r U as In f e a In rn v v V e oarr s 0 e orre e a r PAUL A Meme: 3337 N Hope BL A Fr GL r s er 'ao s me I an rg and p ereraw In mfe aseba H o +I1e ma Norfrveasfe a Mmm for Ls qreefwrwq a wer Wee rem wr am DAVID JOHN MONTGOMERY 22l9 E LeHerIy SI Ramar Bxq game rwnfef LO CO LO ru +I've oufsrde amar Hunfer and spends much of Ins hme Iargef pracfuce '-Ie s weI I by Ins dassmafes ns a oyaI supporfer o class acfwwhes awd an a aroun od a+hI fe H er r- ess m cLxosen ue RICHARD A MUELLER 3439 N Hurley S+ D C Busmessman IT BEEN REAL W ue ar Norfheasf Du Ir was member of Hwe Leaders dub and Noriheasf Kerwsmqfon dance commxf fee Oufssd Choo! He emoys smm ming asnefbam paym me axaonore H r' s s mm WALTER NASH I532 N Sevenfeenih S Nasns L S Ar w r-'F D I asms v n G were memo We of I a we a A fe nafe H U FIFTH CLASS 1.1111 If fhl RICHARD DAVID MASON 6 N 33rd VT m er I I 3 D r3 We H Ierm erxrq V w CF V' Be a near' r ve '5 e e Duc RONALD MILOVCICH 2509 Salmon SI 'I r 'ww mber of on Lu oe er acfrve Iworffweasfer rq eder a rwerrber of the Arm ve + swumm wo fearrw ar' Va sw am H 5 LJ su e xx sper s an We acr r I always be e-mem a w I ma C peasarvr pwace RAY MONTIJO 2752 N Dover SI' Momiy Successfux bu nvessmaw DON I ANYBODY MO IV N110 Iy 'nam mferesf arouw r GOI s sports O ISIdS of scwoo e ervloys qrs Ioor aIl swwmrmng a a ebal sf of wc I qre JAMES ELI MURPHY JR 24l0 W Jefferson SI Murph S Marne WHAT IHE NTORY MARE Murph was on We cross ccnmfry eam aw aII around afI'1Ie'e H s ra m mferesf are Iworseba rrar q gk swm I rq a we Marme C fps Reserve L r Le 0 ALFRED NICHOLSON I8I2 W HunTmg'ron S+ ma W' 'Ir O N fe a Leader r rw a ms awy I WALTER PAUL NOETZEL 4 O Sl W a L fem p cwrer AIT TH ease q L lss rem wcr S C O C G S r ca way 0 d ral ed Wease was wav peasa amp ROBERT OAKLEY l730 Laney S+ Dlese Ma rf a ce ared nl +ve yar 5 N rlneasl n llwe rnqlnr rcol by bema ee led Senalor La er lwe beeame a member ol llwe le cmq leam Qllslde sclw 'we qeli rnosl of lms pea Lre rom readlnq cl rnowe 0 e ear BERNIE OHR 623 E Wyoming Ave B ddy Drarl ma lj Ol A E L L y was IH he Vwforlc Experr r r' G rw S rn S' wmv av rrvm q A rn e ,mal e er LAURENCE PAULHILL I9l8 N Gralz S+ Sp rls Wrl lu r COLR Y lw year e l Team ar c e year we K D5 ra le rn He was a rnafe e a sa e mar , +ve Meqapmne Wn Q fi " 2 1, , .Le J ca we Rr, a in ase al. Cc LL-: i Wa Norfreaver. CLARENCE PRICE l9I3 N. Nineleenfh Sl. member fYl'e Y.M.C.A. a d sperd. rw r rg.. ' ' bl: Libby :I raw-Ano a . '. ' E. '- . cef-1 , i Temp' 2 e a a an v. 5 rrern er ,Z 'J 9 2'arnr:'i - .nf ' 2 rn. , 3 's ,.', - NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL - 'Jew L 'L' Q-rziru' RAYMOND M NOWAKOWSKI i363 E Monlgomery Ave df a e OO NLCH L G r lfv good adva laqe oL,r GO ' as elball sq ad Tnal' easy 5 ces m fre 'wo ve e e rea mblfwon f J r f er ole lx a pa r JAMES OCONNELL 3422 N Marshall S+ Oalcle Dra uma HONV ABOUT THA rrepresslb e Oalr e L e pe H oulsde ml nclude bowmc darcrq and many sporfs Whale af Normeasl be made many lrnends amcnq leaclwers a c L enls all e We n rn sf f L care drallsmarw JOSEPH ANTHONY PATALINO 4lI8 N Marshall WH! V HAH oe s a a a nund mem r e Fawfonuars AC He adds Y nr wrnq spread flne r lrolball a K a ar' as Od ad5 e l a Lr le e ns WL rw MORTON PORTNER 1626 N Franlxlm S+ lVlL'Y E ARE wO VlD'RlN als pe pe' a q eslvcr-cr e e bas mad or nrnpossbe He ncwevef LL ch Supp rfer r le r' W en 1' 'H sc em flu? I S Sw . llllkd d9DlVWS 'O' me NE snop, JAY PROUD 3230 W. Clearfleld Sl. NHOQ' ."f,V L. ' LC ,M f rncsl , Us llrre zwimmlnq ard N ' ht ' Lrq. WF - 'rr -5 Q, e N ce ", Njlneasr- , in Q nc ccmrnf e, a'd Granger 0 rm 4 L. '- -aq,- : GVVWD-C"S I ' , re rn, ' , 5 le' , r' .acc 's 'r 'V :risk ' 6' , ONE HUNDRED YALE RAPPORT I300 N Marshall SI Toogny B a soc es H NI H Tougnys body bu1Id1ng p nd oI wIIen Ie earned an NE on Ibe gym Ieam HIs body bea IIIEI Iwas drawn ny s Ir m e Ianr ex JOE RICE I645 N 7II1 SI SIow Joe Arr Force Hero SAY HEY Ow Joe was a rrember oI Ine 52 and 53 JV IooIbaII Ieams ard p ayed w III Ine 'V basIceIbaIIsq.1ad Eor Ine pasI season Joe has pIayed on II'1e VarsIIy IooIbaI Ieam Joes ou sde acIIvIIIes ar dancing oo asebaII as e ba a rs ALVIN J ROLLIN 592I Franllm SI Eecmca Erqnreer WI-IO ME Dunng Ins Iay aI NorII1easI A oarIlcIpaIed n numerous aII1IeIlc and oIIwer acIIvIIues sucn as II1e Leaders Club and crew He earne an NE Iws sevces o Ibe IaIIer e was aIso a rvember or Ihe JV IooI baII Ieam Has ouIsIde unIeresIs are ALBERT RUMPP I30 Taslrer SI EecIrucaI Engmeer I DON T EEATLRE THAT AI has been a oyaI NorIneasIer Inked by Ins cIassma es Some of Ins ouIsde acIlvIIues are ng u cars pIayIng bas ef a oo ba a d gonng on wIII1 grs ALBERT STANLEY SCHINDLER 2450 N 28II1 SI SaIc'I Engwreer I E IT ALL YOL E F T Sa ch nas been a member of Honor S cIIon e SWIQYI NorIbeasI He was a member ov Ire wlno Team In oJ swde acIIvIIIes de basne a bowhnq and readmg booms Sar n has made many Irends and In y w I ::erIaIrIy mwss n m FIFTH CLASS llurtx DONALD REITER 34I9 N PaIeII1orpe SI CInemIsI HOW ABOIJT THAT Da nIIess Don a member of Tne Honor SecIIon was an ouIsIandIng pIayer on Ine VarsIIy soccer Ieam snnCeII1e E CIass He beIongs Io II1e NorIIIeasI Honor SocueIy and Na IIonaI Honor SocIeIy Wnfn II1e qua: Ines IInaI Don nas dnsp-Iayed were e IIIaI 'we b sec u n e comung years RALPH D RICHMOND IBIS E Madlson SI Danry ArcnIIecI HE LO Eor Ine pasI Inree years Darny s b en very achve so IaIy e was or' Ine Prom CommIIIee and aIso was one oI Ibe puoneers oI Ine Leaders CIub Danry was ndeed a s I NUI e WILLIAM ROSNER JR I23I E WasI1lngIon Lane Mecbanxcal Engineer NOW LEI UQ NOT BE RADICAL w s o Ine JV basIceI a Ieam He was enroIIed IU II'1e Work Experwence Course and pwclced p some p nIs IIII wIII soon prove IU nspensabIe H aso served e scnoo as a ServaIor CHRIS SANDSTROM 46I E Moyer SI TwIs CommercIaI ArIIsI INO KIDDIN mong I1 m ny VI es orIneasI TwIs s o In IobaII I m Irme JV baske baI m and was In he 5 Revue A and B casse Iwe was on e VarsIIy IooIbaII Ieam and II'Ie Lead rs CI r ecIIveIy He a InIeresIed In I1oIrod Iempnng swrm ng a I CARL SCHMIDT JR 2026 E FlrIIl SI SmIIIy ArcnIIecI YOU WERE CEO E mIIy nas do a good IO In E cIass ne was a Sena r He nas aIso bee on Ine Honor ROI' Among nIs ouIsnde acIIvIIIes are ars asebaw drawmg uses rIs He was aso weII known Ior Ins zany remarks I DonII I I I I II I e I C s HI II III I II I Iv - . - a. E- 4 I ma I arI II o IEII I s . I 'h I I YII' sur I III e cessI III III I'sI I' . l 'I P II y U I I I h In Ina e I I . H M I . -V , +L , A I I I 5 baII, b , b I I II, nd qI I. IOY I 5' 0 ' " GSI- IIAI" I ' ' II I ' . I I I fr I IBII I ' ' I I I I IIBIIIII a n I . . b II . .. I , . . CI I 4 I u Ior I r I n . H ol a I I I . . - I d' . e I II1 basIceIbaII: I1oIrods, and qIrIs. I IIAIII I ' ' A is a acII IIE aI' ' N , II I 'I wa n e J.V. " " 5 I oI II ea , I . . I II and is weII-I I I . Iea I ' I 3 - In ' I . ' " Ine I 3 III IIIXI p , I In b II, I g X A ' If 1, 1 ,y ' I ' g ' I e ob 4 esp -. V IS .Iso ml , nd g'IIs. I I 'o . I I, so I I I I II I II ' A IIS I. II ne I b aI II'Ie e I smc V Irg NEA In he I yo- bo I' 4 I ' '53 ard I54, His I -I C If II. I II IIICII1 I I Ib I: I PC I and gi I. . I I . Q, I I ' . I I ' I , e I II ' I 'I , I I JOHN SCHNEIDER I850 N 4+h S+ H x vOR I- ay N keo by 'na a zebra cz a ar' sr We rf JACK D SCOTT I727 N 23rd S+ Crty F D Iwaa eer' e e a s He berwu ra sq a an was m m ber rr The UIXIINE H rved 3 Meqapw r I AN r N e r a p q essve JOHN P SMAGACH 2840 E Thompson SI Smaq Arrpa e Mecrwarw aq a s der NE e as reve bee a Hen rr a e HIS I e adwrre are m e VT em ef 'TI pf N rrrnq a C JAMES SMITH 2635 N Orkney SI Srmfry Comwercwa Ami WHA YOLR ELEPHO JE UND D HON Wne Srmriy came ro Ncrrneasr e ,owed The Cade+ cfba ream s Q rs de mrere de ba e ars c a ar Wm e a e cd e was ba K er an W e e Q I' WILLIAM R SQUARES 3223 W H:IIon SI e C J O I X4 e r sr- 1-unframed B payed JV a d 5 fba He wa a membe fr mffree a d pariwc pa e Re NORTHEAST Tlzzrlx rm HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT SCHUBACH 35 N Ella Sf US Navy CAD OF ROOV e ecray ac? wi es rw w S a sf cenf a W N e oy ma es e ma e V I HC 5 nr' a WILBERT SCOTT 2269 N CIeveIand SI Secffy U S A was we Q L5 eat r a r me Q 5 were Mmm as a foe GFS WILLIAM ELWOOD SMEDLEY 4052 N Franklin SI SWIGG 4, ry q e Smed becam a member cf rn on ecfwov 9 er er sc oo L W W V ren vm and 5 I I e n rn mary frerds r scro S nc Lded er a aseba a W mm SEYMORE DANNY SOFFER 4842 Rorer S+ s I OT A NERW TO AN wa or' Norrreasrs bas q an +0 prov ms ver 5 e Hon r 6 SV um r ye r vera a e m sf LEONID STEFIELIEV 86I N SIXII1 SI Y 5 V G NG G 'FD e e r Secrwc vera erm H wa e fers e Leade 5 C assmare ece 28 . . Jian Afffs' SCS' , ' ' I -' e ' S EAST! W , S . I . , Daring 115 sr af E, Ji" wal f e ,PV Sp ...L ai? ver If he ' ' wig Q ale res esoe- Cxqrariuikizjar , I 'd' -Sc' 3. ffa -, 'f 4 case. O' ve ff' , -E T TT-J S E at E S fde 'e was ,Me a baseba pa,e" ' 5.2353 ' H. S5111 Sy A . , .A A N U, :arid ach Tres, vcadfz 'sn 'q, :'d a' I ., a ff 5' :-::e,: ' Qpwb da .pq + .Cv mg .S Q .Lp .S E me N9 meager' CrC5':'err 'd, Q? curse q" 5. Sf Pny7:7a': IFN LB . I 'M FTC Seriry' ' b , Tv fr HW. r YHA: My Tj Y Secr fr fb Za K '. Siifrr, " ' Ik d r1.'d+"9 , N? I 'Y 1 E' wh by f. beg no ' ' ' ' 'e :eg '-cfm dev 5. Sc CI I-Ts uuisid qrkfrfef " "e :re s a T, rece v mg V, , - gn b nr W VU, . 'ne PW a d and as cv rn Ar- I ' A aid rc Sci' lkwf: " TM ffve stair ard Track earn, J H: V ' mee r: r 5 m,.5': and soir'-. . . , EIe'I 'Cai Ev In er f - .9 9 Sm " was qcod fa r, as mr, ' H VU' S4 I 'U III Cass a?+ record shows, Darmq M5 Inree year: I QGIIWQ INQWGSI Iwnors In IOA, HI: df I I1 I1 , f ' a by ,f 4 EH f W 'A IWOAMS ere sperr af f . ' QT. 51d ' " 5 ' Cd, CL bd ,EIS 4' dw-A 'IC ff-- b,.?c1?fo, cars, and a ' b s 'p I" -'fi "mf ' V - 1 - I cf M9 U C ,S S - B ,dn HI cds de acrlviries I I, bas. 'Hy b I- b I 5 , rid 5 ' faq. 5, ff I I 1 N ' in JK V V2.5 Sig A -cgess X ' ' 'Y 'fr .fx THA SN k ' r,rQ5wr:.1- " A H A I Q- . Scif' 5 I ' ' kef. If A ' fc! I - if bail 5 aad, d, e " 5 . Hfx U I WSIS fe, d 5 - Iggy! was Cr H1 O RC In he ba, CI I Orb , ,CR U Jw TT haf 3: MS -C ar He SQL Pqaoy L H dw afaqgicd pfgg eg Je? 55375 -S ge' I rd I5 fpe' ' J " V J ' a I ':'d 2' E, L. ,I+-w M ' 5, af J - . ' - LQ' 1 . Ci eq- EZDTIHETKVOI, VD ,,,,QS:d,P.O T'rt..c':,.+ W3 era af NE Lei I4 . 'lv Tru' wil w L" I 4 k 'as cried :faden d , ,. - Wri a? NE, he b:,: 'ir sfvve ' Q , ff, Him F- n 12,59 um Pea 5 , : rv 'Dev' Be, ,S T I 5. e 3 a so one :I In pin' e ' ' S , Fa" 'Y '55 ' J :J Ia r ab. A 3: be . 5 M2 Ercm C255 Qe Cn 2 MSI" mm Stk 4' , P I ' " "e M NE vue. 4 . I-, , ONE HUNDRED FIFTH CLASS HARVEY STEINBERG 2848 N. Germanfown Ave. "Haw" Physlclan 'THATS EOR TURE' "Harv," one ol lhe oulslandlnq sludenls of A l, was very prominenl In school acllvifles. These Included Edifor-in-Chief ol lhe Megaphone, Associafe Edlfor of lhe Archive, a member of The Nalronal Honor So r y d rk ol e Trrbunal ad rlron I hrs aclrvrlres he found frm lo be drsfrngurshed or e er every lerrn Harv should be one I Phrladelphras promrnenl M D s some day RONALD STOTT I824 E Church Si Speed! Masler Plumber THATS LIFE Speedy played rnlerscholaslr baskelball for Norlheasl as well rnlramural baskelball I h class He anolher one of lhose who look advanlage ol lhe Work Experrence Course Hrs rnleresls are baskelbal baseball swrmmrnq and 'track WILLIAM E SWEENEY 2630 W Slerner S1 Mach n 'r I NE BEEN DUPED Durrrg nrs slay al Norlheasl was a worlhy sludenl Amonq hrs numerous exlra currrcular aclrvrfres were The werghl lrlfrnq club and lhe locker squad He played J V loolba was oopular rlh ll h c males ROBERT LOUIS THIBOLDEAUX 2858 N Orkney Sl Drrbble Arc rle I HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT rr ble a he was call d by e o s ol lhe drawrnq class was a aclrve member of many organrzalrons suc a rne Archrve slah and he NE KHS Dance Commrlfee He was erlher a Senalor or Allernafe every erm Drrbble was also a proneer n lhe leader ub JAMES EDWARD UNDERWOOD 2677 Emerald S+ m Mrssronary lT TAKES BRAINS TO BE DUMB m een ro e rr e Work Experrence Course whale al Norlheasf Asrde from cnasrnq lhe befler assembled bodres of bones and harrks of harr Las Femmes h rqhls g fne prn bo s hard lrme Besf ol luck lo one who has chosen so frrre a prolessron re- img. Tlrzrh he 0 JACK STIEF 2I3I N. Leifhgow SI. IISIGVSM A Llle ol Ease "THATS SOME LlE"' During lhe pasl lhree years while Sleve has been al Norlheasl he was well 'iked by his classmales He was rndeed an asser 'ro our school Oul sde of school Sfeve plays loolbalr basebal and 'fre-als lne qrrls JOHN M STRUS 4I5 W Dramond SI Johnny Eleclrrcran OH YO Johnny was a good sludenl whr e affendrng lhrs school and he was a larlhlul follower of all NES sporls H played Cade? 'loolball Amonq hrs oulsrde achvrfres are basebalr grrls and loolball RICHARD N TAYLOR 7846 Lrsfer SI' C Arcnrre r IT VYAS EASY urrnq lhe rme rc s Nor+heasl he was one ol The school es lrked boys w s a O Norlheasfer and an avrd sporls rar H was a good sl denl as hrs hows Rrcn wa always rnleresled r nun rnq and T r q RONALD TURNER 27II Sedgley Ave Torgy Basebal P e AY HEY Torgy rs very sporls mrnded hrs ambrlron aflesfs For lhree year he nas been oufsfandrrq alh ele al 'Nlorlheasf as a member of 'rne JV and Varsrly baseball and loolba reams Oulsrde ol scnool he w always parlrcrpalrng n some sporl Wr hrs pleasanl personalrly e should succeed GEORGE EDWARD VAN CAMP 707 W Allanlrc SI an Tool and Dre Maker HITCH YOUR WA ON TO A STAR V n spenf on v boul' hall of h rme I Norlneasr srnce he wa lhe Work Experrence Course qelfrnq valuable pracrrcal experrence The opposrle gender and sporls rn genera occupy hrs oulsrde r 'reresls HOWARD K VASSALO 2669 N Oruanna ST e be T Terms O5 wa e ne Na, a mem r e earn a J T 'ne I-I V' VTIEVYILJGI' n e senfmq ncIude sTamps G od ev e We amoT ROBERT H WAHLEN I406 N Hollywood ST dr ca E qr e as ar ae ve mem er T q r- exery Term I-Ie w Ir am ar execrhve comrrnTTee repre s ouTs e acTIvI The Boy Scams coIIecTIn an C rr Tran Erdeav ur CI: ob FRED D WHITTAKER 732 W BuTIer ST Freddy EIecTron CONFOUND IT Because OT aTTer srnooI emp oy menT Freddy w snT ab e To ar TICIpaTe nn exTra Curr:cuIar achvn he was we k owr eII I around scnoo I: ed s orfswde s nrered arc Tre Mawr fps Reserve df ncn ne was a Ive mem er LOTS In re JOHN FRANKLIN WINSTON IBI6 N 28TI1 I I: Ice V aT CE 'M PKIFX' L AN n e N Tweas Frark e rned Iws NE c Tne vars Ty Team I-Ie was a so a meer eader and vr supp r er NE Team r nIcIes cr. wde Irrere INCL. aw req Oar I rn S S WOFK 5 SYLVESTER L. WEBB 2027 Wesfmoreland The Webb' PVarnn" -I -rw: A'-'F 'fri' 'ag ebo dd' n I I . ' r Ii' Ar ,Tie 1 3 ww a Lea e a'o "- 5: 4 e ff - ff- rs L ,,, Q A f- ne Weob 2 verr we! 'fn' fri :inte I 'e :few a" 5 'i sh. ff We. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL HERBERT VERNICK I325 Grlham ST I5 O eroy a T mem r me Leaders C b a d a memoe Tne Ardwve sTaTT I-I s o Ts de acrr s nc e oa I as e a er rb r :nod w ar e e rby was we y members OT T e w JULIAN WARD 2I08 Jefferson ST J dy Ieag er WHA n year aT NorTneasT y P ns N a a mem er The Tabe Terr Team He a so pIayed or The Freshman IooTba Team Judy Ines To pIay basebaI basIceTbaII and TooTbaI w en he s nof ocerrpned wrfn IS su ISS L y w s w I9 around scI1oeI WILLIAM WIBLE ls-as Tullp S+ TooI ard Dre Maker HE HAT N CE BI has been one of The sTars on our vars: y basneTbaI Team e ed Iwe courfmen wrn many q mes I-Ie .vas aso a member r e Leaders C b was a qo sTrIdenT and qoT aIong wITI'w everyone In ed Cars base a TO0Tba ad basIreTba NORMAN WEACHTER 2257 N STI: ST Norm Eedrfcran I' O Ngarm was a Se arrr a d a mem b r OT Tne eecT4 ommuTTee I-I N we Iked by Tvs cIassmaTes are I acners I-Ie w o an av sporTs enTImsIasT Norms cuTsude ac IvT1es Tba basIceTba a d base-ba DONALD WEISS 4736 N. 7Th S+. . ..i 'f L.sIr WOf YUOT. ei, I I din dd 'VT r'naIre Ine V, " ' 'H Tne Mcqapnor: for H21 n V li : ,, Iv N s XDDWS' ' YC-' rn ny Cm- ' Trrampny . s fr- Taq? C ' 'fi' VarsI' a" 'flf wa si y I ma ae oarTicIpaTed Ir- 'n'q'5q,a Q reel. Oefsfde T: ,crfq ne, 1 iifze. as spd Q ' :ve a . cc ri' 5 Tne Redhea WH: was nige T3 Fave arzfd. ONE HUNDRED FIFTH CLASS EDWARD WEST 2239 N Van Pelf SI To have my own busuruess A PENNY AVED IS A PENNY EARNED E ward was a member of Ihe Leaders Club whule af Norlheasl' Has fruends around Ihe school were many Edward was an acfuve member of fhe Fufzsumons Re realuon Cenler oufsude of school We wush Ed a lol of success un fhe busuness world DONALD YOUNG 2537 N 29'Ih SI Duppy C P A HI YA KID Duppy dudnl dusplay any of hus alhleluc Ialenls al Norfheasl lnslead he aflended +o hus sfudues and was rewarded by beung duslunguushed Iwuce and meruloruous fwuce Oulsude of school Duppy nlays baslrefbalu baseball and fooloall He always had a ,olce and a smule for everyone GILBERT ZIMMERMAN 500 D SI Army fhen Texlule School GI was a Senalor Ihree lumes and an Allernafe Iwuce whule al NE and also played on The JV baslcef ball and Ioofball Ieams He was also a member of fhe crew Oufsude of school Gl enuoys a sporls as weul as worlcung wulh Hof Ro s EUGENE ZYGNIERSKI 550 E Salmon SI Zuggy Enguneer OH YEA ln adduhon Io engagung un su h seasonal sporls as foolball un The wunfer and baseball and swummung un The summer Zuggy us one of Those rnorfals afflucfed wulh Ihe desure Io Tsh May Allah grant hum a lush so large 'rhaf he need no'r lue abou? ul 'lxluirty-fun r EDWARD NORMAN WHITNEY 244I JeITerson SI Eddue Teacher HOW S MY MAN Eddue made a bug hu'r al NE and the fellows showed Iheur apprecua fuon by elecfung hun' Presudenl of lhe graduafung class Some of hus acluvu fues were Vuce Presudenl of Ihe school member of The glee club and Ihe band Ihe cross counlry Team and lhe Senale ROBERT J ZAHNWEH I22I Marlborough SI' Zahn Carpenler IS THAT GOOD Zahn us whaf we af NE called a foofball player He was on fhe cham puon J V feam un 'rhe E class Varsuly Ieam un fhe C class and a member o Ihe 54 feam un Ihe A class Hus ou sude unferesls are lennus g swummung dancung and baseball Good luclc lo a grecl sporlsman ROBERT ZIMMERMAN 455 E Moyer SI um Carpenler THEY TOOK MY MUFFLERQ Alfhough Zum couldnl parlucu pale un school acfuvufues because of afler school employmenl h was always a brughl spof un any crowd around school Oulsude of school Zum lukes uce slcalung baseball danc n and foolball Lofs of luclc un a your endeavors Zum ,Sch for fill! 1 Ilzfrzal ka: Keen rnmylffeb by board T Wd 4 If ' H-.lif g'.:.-'I-'1.,','.Q':' '.5-"',1':',j"'..'-'J.': -'lJ.J,Q: 5: ,: '2.'.5'-' fi 7 '-Z5 1 """'-L3-: Z" f "- "'f'.'2':i'1" '-'- 4' -.1','.'.,'f,1", ' 1.,','-,'- 1:':' .' ,,-.g.., .1 -r, - ',', --,-,.: : -, .I : -I . ' I . 3 2, zu: 1' l..'.'... .--tc., .'.. -. -- ,. :g'..,:,.: ,,:,:l.,.f:g.: n,-.75-.-:.,- '..Y-.: ' f.'-721' -i ?.7 -' -'-'-'f .'1'1 I ." " aff. 1 I .':'. i.: - .' : ,-I". . L:-I... j','...::-'. -.,- :gg-,', wx ' ...': I -'.: - ':': 1-J - , t ' '-0 ' u "--'. '53 . my ' ..',"..'-:'.., .v, H In.. ....Y rl... 1... .l -1, ...,- . ,.2.".' ' :?q.- -H-.'.. . I, ,, .. -- IW ..:.5. .J D l. - i ,. . - . .., . , ., . x , , 1 ,' . . - .N-:',l,:'. ... ohf,, . .A-:.,: ..,,'.':- ' - ,'.'-I' ,'. ' '::.'j. fi: '. .1'Z- 'Z '-"3 ." 3:1 b I :ig 1.3. . . . -l- A V - K' '1-,- - - HONCJR SCDCIETY DR GAPP e NE Hon r Sofmefy orwqmared rw I938 rm 19 m mrueed 3 borworfa e elm VN Y W O :Hu enr efforf hwe armmed mr rho Hu wr an ave orwrvbme ofa fo exri war servwceb e reeuwremenfs for Hwe Honor S refy Ure mguushed rarmq era ine second report an IZA or wurh enflrner a Serwafe Award or an NE Tno5e rw Wwe Homer Sed on may be eerred mem a me rcrs rep L Hue Qfrwer re w emenfs lim dudenf elcded rerervea a cerhfrca c mime or ree m rn M FR AF CLASS OF Jf- 49 P-HC A S A JDINI SCJ 'WLANQHNP C'4f K C 'Sr LL, PERV gag "'W"' . I HARVEY STEINBERG Q ! f SENATE AWARDS , , The Norrheasl Senme Award ls lhe hlqhesl honor lhal ian be oesloweo by lhe school, Each year. slnce l9I5, boys, oolslendlng in exlra-curricular adlvllles and scholashc record, have been nomi- naleo by feocherg Cano Fellow slodenls lor lhls dlsrlnclion, One Senele Awaro Rs qlven lor every 200 sludenls el Norlhecsl. Each sluoenl hes lhe prlvlleqe ol lrylng lor 61 Senale Award. The sponsor will llll ln on lhe blank lhe emounl ol lime spenl on lhcal ecllvlly durlng and eller school hours and wlll also give lhe sludenfs worlc 5 rahno. The applfcallons, when properly Filled oul, are turned In for consldercllon lo The Norfheesl Senale Awards Cornmlflee. Thls cornrnlllee Qonslsls ol llve sludenl' Senarors and one lacully Senalor as Cforrman. DR. RICHARD ABRAHAM AQ' '5 5' 4' COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS WILLIAM LATHAN HERBERT VERNICK WuIITam I.aThar1 and HerberT Vern ck were The Two sTudenTs seIecTed To represehT The lO5Th cIas commerTcemenT speakers The Two speeche oeaIT wnTh The Toplc Edacahon Them and Now The TnTIe oT LaThan TaIk was WhaT The SchooI Teach Vermcks Theme wus SchooI Laws aho EmpIoymer1T The purpose oT The speeches wa To expIam TC h The edccaTTonaI sy Tem s mce They were oT schoo aoe arwo To ds ess brTeTIy ome of The mp ove 'nerTT we can expccT In The hexT Tew ye r lim 1 . . I as . 5 , . . . , I S ' The oarerwTs The pi chan es which had Taken Tace I 9 Q T3 I ' s I ' ' ' I c . A s I ' I r - L ' M A A In 4'lVX'-rllffff COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM QCCESSTCNAL VAQC NATTCNAT ANTE EN AND Q J E E TLJOTN N CCA IGN OPTC EGR SENTQP SPEECFES m wen SC QGT Law nd Emp vrrwe ' Wlmf The Scvoo Te TT e Coen Rem ELECTED TO THE NORTHEAST EONOR SOCIETY Ereci Br PRESENTATION OE DIP' CMA ACCEPTANCE CDE DTPLOMA AXNARDS S 6 G he 6 A Lrrm Cr Mem me e m rf G N1 rreTT DOLJOTU P Z a O TSQZ me Pmwfaoemphmd Ear e+ 1 T T909 V1 e ca e Cwuo we e 1 9 SENIOR C' ASS LEADERS JVTT E SC CD EVMN EXTT MARC O UWT 6 I rw Now roe Ve rw C m LMT' iw arc WHT E' rvey I rTec A Youmo Prurcm E 1W uri Whwfmey Pres de r he C 1 V79 9 V16 S 6 6 6 6 G BTTO Green N n w r mc P T mm C Awn D A R Aware A 'em Aww ney T1 L v Aw rw Aww C fCQvLJ3C ' :im 'PCE' GC, T prxfwfx Y V, L XL T, '. L-' -- Tv' ,AVI5-"-E-' SY, THE TL ' ' ,AJ TE TO TPC ELAG S -LC G W- !4XVT"6"AT: Tre ' fame" 'ff' nrt: 5" Pe TA-,g'ik."M 1 xfw T Pen Sieme T, V." .if NC"L?:i2T WSE T 1 X A 7' ECDCHTTCT TN 1 51 LL L1 L .5 fa. je , P. He' fr' f IL X f L Lw 'i"" VVTLLTQ 1 TED Sine 0 E X . fr fl El f T Tnev, Teeer T ' fi' Dim: R Her .ia A S+e'roe. . f L . C551 . . ' 'VCE F i r ' if P' QT? 'ESS Th T. I do TT r. rx cvs' A' 56 Tfe 1311111 A. S' feefarfi N1-di Th Jae Beef? A Iwi Tre S' 3 rat Engfen Pri, The Spemish pf-Z? Th L1 A L' 5 rf e T' E e 5 rfze Th CT 55 T ' , P 'Z :X Th VVTTQ .TLTTG fro TN. "J " " Q 1' T , Cl Cer. .ew Prfze Th . . . ' Tr Chas 0 ' P 'Z Th NW L. HTHO" wil TFe Exif ng ' ' AT rn TA SH 5 '. e 3 arj TF-e PV B if K51CC:3 Prize TP AQ. ri et' Pregenf :1 or' H. 5V:?ar3 Tgyxer, C511 5? SQCT Preihf' if "e A .WWI Afejffffh NNE Lg FFGGDEW Lirw Cv....T Hffrfffi BeiLer?e-TT Am Erime. 1 ,rr FM Dir: Y: 2Y.Zr1 g EJ I' Tl L. TFC FCCL Tre aedem, 7 ee eifez wee fee i .1 rrfrrife '..', T .. CH -- Pere: fri: Cflar, RQQ5 41 'C' . 1 'V ,,.4- CLASS PRCDM 'W 1 UNB OIC 'Cx I' f P Y U , L f w K : fi ' 1 N iv WM 'V E , E nk 'N X y .4 g X X 1 ' sw 1 7' ip. I vi . " " f 5 .- v kg xi , WW Hy ,- fa v 1 1' s 4,2 1 V - ak 'A' K I 1511, fir' N, M2 , 1 1, K., lp ' , I rw 1 we r M em m eve + 3 mf ng we PWD 'dn rg Q 4... C1 WOFG YT! O v 1 6 r mv A v QW :V W! V' r hme as! 4 Q.. ff O I May' HONOR MEN HAROLD BECKERFELT WILLIAM FEENAN LARRY GUSST The Honor Men oT The IOSTTT class were elecTed oy a voTe oT Thear Tellow sTudenTs Each poTenTaal Honor Man musT hand an a peTaTaon To The spon sorang Teacher Thas peTaTaon musT conTaIn The sagnaTures oT 30 senaors Durang elecTaons each CLASS F CLASS Four hundred and TourTeen TerraTaed and awed Treshmen saT an Morrason Hall on Monday February 4 l952 and heard welcomang greeTangs Trom Prancapal Charles A Young The school presadenT and The edaTor oT The Megaphone The laTTer spolce oT The Tane achaevernenTs oT our school newspaper and we were noT long an Tandxng ThaT everyThang he saad was True In Aprll The Megaphone was publashed waTh a supplemenT depacTang The haghlaghTs oT The Megaphones 30 years, and Thus work was a real credaT To Thas Tane scholasTac paper LaTer on, The Megaphone wenT on To wan a TarsT place award aT The Columbaa Scho lasTuc Press ConTesT BeTore a long Tame had elapsed, we were agaln remanded oT Those classes whach had come beTore us A specaal alumna day was observed an honor sTudenT has a chonce oT Three candadaTes Honor Men are popular and well laked among Thear Tellow sTudenTs The Three boys waTh The haghesT number oT voTes are selecTed Each Honor Man receaves a Trophy durang graduaTaon HISTORY oT The classes celebraTang Thear 5OTh 25Th lOTh and 5Th annaversaraes The usual NorTneasT Tradmon all oT e Archave aThleT1c Teams meT waTh a greaT deal oT success The baslceTball Team led by all scholasTac Joe BelmonT reached The sema Tanals of The Shaughnessy PlayoTTs only To meeT deTeaT aT The hands oT Benlaman Franklan Hagh School The swammang Team won The Publac League Champaonshnp and Then wenT on To deTeaT ST Joseph s Tor The caTy TaTle To Thas TaTle was added The Publac League Fencang Champaonshap, whach NorTheasT shared waTh BarTram and Franldord AT The end oT The Terrr Wallaam Raaney was elecTed PresndenT oT The School CommunaTy suc ceedang Jam Q-raTTaThs llflfl fur' . M. :-:g Lf f, L ' ' H I ln. -l ' , Th F CLASS W en we reTrlrne1 :Ter e cmfn r vwca lon e rn Ta eeven acc Ty mem GW o oe T ewel T T e e we m o ep mer nd lvl Tomcr ve a eo Tevn Dr rf J reo moe o mo l s were Taker' over by M a Sb on T Q 'Jym dep1rTr'nenT WwlTer E l'l'wwarTh Vrce r due TT The ore enT TT n Te eamyAw1r T WeTT'lloh c T C Nor ew ra won e Dlec C1 yGciF ln a moclr poll Tor ore udenT oT Tne UnrTed STaTe held aT The school Tne NorTheasTers proved To be poor pollTlcal propheTs when They elecTed Adla STL 1 nson by a wrde margln The l-lasTy T4learT was presenTeo oy The Drama Clu as The 28Th SenaTe Play on The evenunos o December 5 and 6 The Term proved To be only a meoloc e one Tor The Archlve aThleTes The Soccer Team s record wln oecuslon To FrankTord and when TT wenT on To Tln sh n Tn rd place The TooTball Team compleTeo T e sor wnTh 3 record T e hrg I T o Tne s ason wa Wl n ra or' anx olvln D champuonshup J V Team however a oered beTTer Th ngs To come an The nexT season Te oTher Tll sporT organuzaTnon he cros counTry Team Tnnlshed nn TourTh place ln Twe Prbllc League Champuonsh1ps The sennlannual elecTuon Toand Tom Suwyer oroTher oT a Tormer school pre-sldenT elecTed T T e same oTTlce Thls was The TlrsT Tlme Two broTner had served as presldenT oT No TheaT D CLASS As The Term began elghT NE TacclTy member oeparTed Trom The school Mr A l-l Alexahder T e Sclence DeoarTmenT and Mr Ma r e Capozz Tne Enoll n De-oarTnnenT Trar T r ea T CenTr r Charles Twlr ng o T e e De ar menT and Mr l-larry B WaTe o Tre MaThe maT s De-oarTmehT wenT To Pram ro ano T-Tarry Snyoerman oT The Englusn Dep1rTmenT To T 1 o TTT n ln The VeTeran EoucaT or am 1 x 7 Ll, HARVEY STEINBERG WILLIAM LATHAN The NorTheasT Revlew was abSenT Trom The orrnson I-Tall sTage Tor The secono year rn succe Ion We had yeT To see our nrsT Revlew The Morrl on ChapTer oT The Nahonal l-lono ocleTy was esTaollshe aT NorTheasT malny Tnroogw The eTforTs oT Mr L K SmnTh Thls adoeo anoTner To Those wh ch NorTheasTers were abe To achleve Regorre-menTs Tor Tne accepTance were aT good s o rs up sc o rvnce leaoershl o Tne cnar Ter Charle Wlr ow was elecTeo oenT oT o e lvlegao P wo he Medw T war e oomoa Scn T re ohe T aw ro aTTalnaole oy 1 ho asT newspa er T e Archlve agaln came up w Th an ocTsTanoln w reic n h cl aT Th 5' TT e C T' Q wo Tal d la T l T: TT' ber, h Ll G T far l o The scroo. lnclrdeo among T' s re Dr. Ja es D. Gerson Pea oT Tne Erowsn D rarTf Q, 0 T. a T f. Russel' X- rs :Cach of Tre ' Archf B s la :T , . Soros vas X aceo T - by Sa V, Gasp, anl lvlr. Tc, dnl coacfog dc.T'ee 1 T r. NN Ter T' fT oT Dr. CT . To f , ' -F fncoal of NorTh- X ear,T, was one oT The X -Ts f X s a .Io oT P B llc f o o s S hoo! o Clev- f laano, Ohio, Th fsT 'T d T 'T Tn 1 A ,e 'lno I , R' s M ' ' s' f ' s l ' ' l fr 3 ' ' . " ' l b T ' , T 5 . T . J nlg slneln was broken aT II3 when IT losT a I-O A A I 'I . ' ls s a T ' a l-2- . h ' hl'gh T ' 'e s a ofo Tie 'Th Ce T l T Th- sg' ' g ay. A I ' o . h a ' ' , T s . . . . , 1 . C I I . ' I- I ' l C , 'XA ' ' I - S- ' Q Q. ,. . LT A . . - r u 4 Q T . M . I . ' , S X A I r, 5 - S . r T . d I . .T .T Q T T. T ' I l L . , , 5 I A l ' y I . - i ' ,, of seT ch la 'h'l, h ol se ' , T l ' 'p h ' , T T a Tc ' an ' I ' ac . 3 ' sl F T 9? ' 'gl , 5,6 f f ,C oresf The s :leTy. M. f 5 SQ55 gfwg E D +7 Th 3 no Te n T'T ella A o aT . 3 . ' r of of ' - To C l' " 'olas Tc p ss conTesT, This ls The Sc N T ' 'To , ' Mr. hfg s ' a " ' ' ' C sc T lc 'p , K l ' ' T 5 ' o h 'TA s f N' E' T T' g a p s' 'o ' s ' ron prog 6 . onike-Toa' Team, hich 1 hes The Tlnals I The "WJ 'QTIVLU' CLASS HISTORY ConTunued Swaughnessey playoTTs The Team was deTcaTed however 7I 62 by Overbrook whuch boasTed 7 TOOT STulTs Chamberlaun The NorTheasT Tuve was led by Cuuy Rodgers league leadung scorer who receuved The Markward Award emblemaTuc OT Phuladelphuas Top scholasTuc baskeTbau! player The swummung Team annexed anoTher Publuc League Champuonshup buT The Mermen were de TeaTed Tor The CuTy TuTle by ST Joseph s Joe Lenczyk wuTh perhaps The mosT duTTuculT name To spell un The school was elecTed presudenT OT The school communuTy Tor The Tall Term C CLASS The begunnung OT our C class was saddened wuTh The deaTh OT TaculTy members John Kelly and Wulluam Wulson BoTh OT These Teachers had been assocuaTed wuTh NOrTheasT Tor a long Tme On November I2 The TursT open house pro gram Tor parenTs OT NorTheasTers Took place uhus was parT OT NOrTheasTs observance OT NaTuOnal EducaTuon Week The bug TeaTure OT Thus Term was The phenomenal success OT The NOrTheasT aThleTuc Teams The Archuve soccer Team once agaun won The Publuc League Champuonshup and Then wenT on To wun The CuTy TuTle Three members OT The Team were selecTed on The All Publuc Team They were George Jones Gerald Mayall and Alan Shane The TOoTball Team under a new coach Mr Charles MarTun unsTuTuTed The T TOrmaTuon and wenT on To an undeTeaTed season The Archuves Thus gauned The rughT TO meeT ST James OT ChesTer CaThOluc League TuTlusT Tor The CuTy Champuonshup The Team ouTplayed Theur ruvals buT The Tunal score was 20 20 Three members OT The Team were named To The All Publuc Team They were Paul Boldun Frank Brody and Ed Kramer WuTh The annexaTuon OT These Two mauor TuTles NOrTheasT clunched The Morruson Trophy The presenTaTuOn was made un Morruson Hall on Decem ber l On January 5 NOrTheasTers wenT To The polls To elecT a presudenT Thomas Massey edged OuT Donald Davus un a very close elecTuOn B CLASS WuTh The openung OT The Tall Term The Mega phone un cOmpeTuTuOn wuTh over ISCOO hugh school publucaTuons ThroughOuT The counTry broughT back anoTher MedalusT award Trom The Columbua Scho lasTuc Press AssOcuaTuon ConvenTuon The baskeTball Team whuch suTTered one deTeaT durung The enTure league cOnTerence wenT all The way To The Publuc League Champuonshup game To suTTer deTeaT under Overbrook sparked by The m ndous abuluTy OT u su Chamberlaun AnOTher league +u+le was copped by The bowlung Team All SporTs Day was presenTed and receuved wuTh greaT enThusuasm The Crew Team emerged as Cwampuons The NOrTheasT Revue drew a record crowd when uT presenTed Harem Scarem a comedy play AbOuT ZOO sTudenTs were on hand Tor The class Trup a cruuse up The Hudson Ruver To Rye Beach Park The Senuor Prom was held aT The GermanTOwn CruckeT Club Here NorTheasTers Trupped The lughT TanTasTuc To The Tone OT The STylers Band The Prom and Class Trup are occasuons ThaT wull long b remembered by The sTudenTs Mr Nucholas GranT busuness advusor TO The Megaphone leTT NOrTheasT To Teach aT CenTral Mr Prederuck Puerce OT The Scuence DeparTmenT Tulled The Megaphone vacancy leTT by Mr GranT Wulluam Feenan was elecTed PresudenT OT The School CommunuTy and Harvey STeunberg was ap pOunTed as EduTor un ChueT OT The Megaphone A CLASS AT lasT we had reached The end OT our long Traul aooru we were TO experuence only memorues OT The TOndesT day OT our luTe The days we spenT aT NOrTheasT Hugh We were deTermuned TO make Our lasT Term aT NOrTheasT one we could remember Tor The resT OT our luves We realuzed ThaT un a Tew monTus we would be sayung goodbye To our Truends some OT whom we would probably never see agaun Some OT us would go To work oThers would go on To college As Tume wenT on we were Taced wuTh many Tunancual OblugaTuOns such as paymenTs Tor our class rung and Senuor Class dues A seruous nOTe was sTruck durung our Tunal Term when Mr Joseph FuTzgerald passed away Mr FuTzgerald TaughT aT NOrTheasT Tor 4l years and wull always be remem bered by The boys The Archuve was deducaTed To The AToms Tor Peace prOuecT Morrue Brown Took over as EduTor un ChueT OT The Archuve and Harvey STeunberg as EduTOr un ChueT OT The Megaphone Edward WhuTney was elecTed PresudenT OT The Senuor Class and Wulluam Feenan as PresudenT OT The School CommunuTy Funally The day neared ThaT we had looked Torward TO wuTh greaT anTucupaTuon graduaTuon BuT a Touch OT sorrow was TelT un our hearTs because all OT a sudden we realuzed ThaT we were leavung NOrTheasT never TO reTurn agaun WuTh The awardung OT honors Tarewell Talks quuck remunuscung and handshakes all over we loyal sons OT The IO5Th sTepped ouT unTO The world as proud alumnu OT NOrTheasT Hugh School I orlx four u Tre e H 7'l" W'lT The TTT' u I . ' ' ' ' 4' u . ll n ' S . I T . . . . . n rl F . . u u - I - ' ' ' u ' ' ' ' . . u . I - I , . l. . . . . ll ul . I 'M H,,4,I..,,,.v.1,,A,:h I E 'H NK if ' 5 5 E rm fx., L Mfigfivkl-2-g"3.Me-5fW2?3f1 0 qv' Q X .N-, 1- Q- we 'W f'2i:,..1f.Mw.2',-w.v,,m Q 3 in-I' siz- , i Y .5 We yl., I W, 5' I, Q 6, Xin: n .5 ' ' ' n 3 1 ,U if x I 4 4 "QA 4 fxfrrrrg . ' ' 5' . 0 -4- X I 'K T ' 5, W-kin? PXQQQMAIIA 'IQFM U If Q1 my vi?gtgi?ffHF' A Y is W W 1 mfwh- , v- ., 3 Xiwwtfee buf Wg.. -if 9 li A ff, ,si Qbiid' Anx- lHlXgJHMllIlIl?!IMiWl23H X7 THE NCRTHEAST SENATE NorTheasT has been lcnown Tor many years Tor :Ts ouTsTand1ng sTudenT governmenT No oTher Publxc I-hgh School Parochial or PruvaTe School an Phuladelphua has had more oT :Ts sTudenTs parhcu pahng un :Ts qovernmenT The SenaTe oT NorTheasT organized an I905 us composed OT represenTaTuves Trom every sechon an The school plus The PresudenT and The Three Vice PresudenTs oT The school corn munuTy Meehngs are held once each monTh ano are conducTed by The elecTed Chanrman who IS usually The school presndenT All vsTal schoo busuness and The SenaTors aTTer open debaTe are glven a chance To voTe Tor or agaunsT Them During The Term oT SepTember I954 Wllluam Feenan was The SenaTe Chalrrnan and The SecreTary was Edward Wh:Tney The SenaTe I:aculTy Chairman was Mr Phnlp I: Snyder and The I:aculTy SenaTor was Mr Cornellus Sulluvan oT The I-IusTory DeparTmenT The ludlcual powers deIeqaTed by The SenaTe are vesTed an The Trubunal Thus sTudenT courT as com posed enhrely oT sensors usually all Trom The I'Ionor Sechon The Tribunal ns under The careTul guldance "T--"""' WILLIAM FEENAN PHILIP F SNYDER SenaTe Chairman Faculfy Chairman I fx win I - I I - , -I 1 problems are broughT beTore The SenaTe, and Then of lTs advisor, Mr. Roland C. Doane. SENATCDRS and ALTERNATES T I I I SENATOR AND ALTERNATES The SenaTors and AITernaTes oT NorTheasT I-Tigh SchooI make up The governing body oT The schooI. These oTTicers are eIecTed aT The beginning oT each Term by Their respecTiye secTions. The SenaTors represenT Their secTions in The NorTheasT SenaTe. In case oT a SenaTors absence, The AITernaTe as- sumes The SenaTors responsibiIiTy, The AITernaTe also Takes care oT The sale oT The Megaphone. The SenaTors and AITernaTes oT The AM cIass are RoberT Kornsey, Larry GussT, Richard I-Iadik, Edward WhiTney, RonaId MiIoycich, John Bynum, Laurence PauIhiI', RoberT ThiboIdeaux, James Underwood, and WifTiam Rosner. EXECUTIVE T- THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Senior Execuhye CommiTTee is composed of Two represenTaTiyes Trom each A secTion. The iob of This group is To pIan The numerous acTiyiTies oT The seniors. The members oT The commiTTee are responsiI:JIe Tor The coIIecTion oT cIass dues in Their own secTion, They Then Tern The dues over To The secreTary-Treasurer oT The cIass. The commiTTee is under The Ieadershio oT Mr. EImer Theiss. CCJMMITTEE Ixk fnlighix H -,--war.,-1 .. a , fi' ff- - 4 fm T ,1y...i? . i E 'vi 71, wwf Ji --Ffh Katy ' F 'A -n?'gi..e 4 1. '- ,J '42 -' ' ."f,q fs 4 ' ' -1-.- K ' " ,fzhlii 5912- Pl Il. iz . 1 V 'figs '33-mi? 'f 5 V 1511 if V ' in ' . . rifff fs ,Q " 1-'.. i Norlheasr can lay claim lo one of The Tinesr scholasfic newspapers in rhe counlry, The Norlheasl Megaphone. This publicalion has won eilher a Medalisl' or Firsl Place award in each of rhe lasf 'ren years in The comperifion sponsored by rhe Columbia Scholaslic Press Associalion. The Megaphone was founded in I92l under The name of Ye Auld Dumbell. The following year The name was changed lo 'rhe Megaphone. The slall is under 'rhe guidance of Messrs. Lulher T. Ranclc and Fred Pierce. Mr. Rancli assisls +he edilorial slarf in ils worlc and Mr. Pierce serves as advisor To lhe business siaff, which fakes care of fhe sales and circulafion of The paper. The senior members of 'rhis lermls slafl include Harvey Sleinberg, Claylon Carfer, William Lalhan, Morrie Brown, Jaclc ScoH, William Bradley, William Bromley, Fred Anlon, and Larry Gussi. X Wifi' X Fiflywzzc Pie DRAMA CLUB U f T1 memoers of rne sm d nf body wno enloy achng and Jrnose wno bave + pro1CessuonaN adunq as Tnewr goal e Drama C eo conswbfs of Under me abNe arcus Konwck e members receuye valuab4e 'rrawnmnq an acfmnq iwrecfmng pYaywru+1nq makeup Mqhfxnq Th nn 1 er e u Yaf r Tne orqamzahon S one of rne mos? achye n me sclnod I+ meers frequemly for renearsak and re on ubWe for fne yeary Senafe ays yueS If , cn O s pda on many one ad a ' 'e iziemb y. wnshudmon ef Dr M Many of 'rr Lon Hweir giris fo 're Revue and were nof anamed fo say + af '+ pu? On by Oar own Norfneak sfudenis. e boys have bro 'Jr Ma. y of me-se boys may QC on 0 ccweqe ar! ew, r 'n lays, ana fro ff ' ' m eie :ome even 43 0 5 Broaoway. liwfrx'-fi.-I -sf' CLUBS THE TRIBUNAL S nce T TormaTwon n T936 The NorTheasT TrTbunaT ha been under The gwdance oT R Tand C Doane veTeran member oT The Tore4qn Tanquaqe deparTmenT IT TS The nob oT Thus QcnooT courT To Try Those Tude-nTs who are accm o oT brealcmng The laws oT The schoo commurnTy The Tr bunal ns composed oT senfors who rave exTra currncular acTlvTTue LIBRARY SQUAD In T938 a very TmporTanT parT oT our school hTe was orqalnzed The NorTheasT Llbrary came nTo bewng ThroughouT These years :T has oeen T4epT a TIT place In which To work and 5Tudy by The members oT The Library Squad under The very able supervuswon oT Mwss DoroThy Ward and M15 Mary T-TummeTwruqhT Sn e :Ts organ: zaTuon The squad has maunTauned order an The Lwbrary maksng :T The quTeT and dugnuhed pTaCe :T now S ,augur Nffwf ff NORTHEAST KENSINGTON DANCE COMM Thxs CommTTTee T Comprwsed oT member T boTh NorTheasT and Ker1swngTon T-hgh Schoos Sponsored nn NorTheasT by Mr Lee ETTQ n Tney pTan and run a dance once a monTh The dance TS heTd aT The LughThouse Boy Cho BoTh mem bers and sponsor do a Tremendo Tob Tre r Tob aTso mdddes seThng The TwclmeT Tr hool J weTT as c:oTTe Tung Them aT The door f ,W ,ye If , -,z ng' 'T 'Y if s 1 X . ,.T,o,T T TS I T , T iw? ' 5 ' ' ' o A 5 A fe ' I . , , dTsTTnqoTshed ThernseTves In boTh schoTasTTc and - 5. 1 . T . I 'T T a r . .1 .S . . D ic . .- t ' T . . . .S . S O ' , I S, T ' ' S 1 T . - , ' ' ' ' ' ' L45 - ' ' ' ' 3' ac FE F . - ,,- - l"1'HAx'-rff11' BAND e Norfheaf Band wa r mzed h nder The Teaoemhp of 'vlr George Waamco M Rooerf H Smnln who reoa ed Mr Arvhofw L 0 Th +e m :nomo a erhar aoe 0 w + e e 0 e a 0 een are ear a a XJLV e TRO Teoma games Ea bon T' aa efwferfam um a emowes and a+ Jwe commer e mefwf CLUB SWING BAND a 'we h + earo OT Tor T re wer w O Dano TO OT The awmg md ws ahca rs and af ,ww r hugh schoa T roughow The fy The expereh e :named oy + e wx 0 sara eaoe Meov oewe eochef The oam, ORCHESTRA The Nor+heaa+ I-hgh Sch C' orchesfra moe e abTe superv wcm QT Messr Paul Du1CheTo ado Roberf H Smmfh has parhcwoafeo vw humefeas Nor+heas+ Senafe Plays and maqmfcenf Revue The orchesha has been a popaTar achvmfy af Norfheasf smce T902 PTaymo af gradua on exercwses and a+ spec:aT a semohes Comshhke Two more wmporfamf TUVWCTTOP OT The OrChes+ a The memoers of he orcheqfra refeave a qreawx deaT OT experuen e whrch C ew heTp L TP 'GTS' T ' C5 'T 'Me Q ,bs 'A T' sehec, C e C: WE ea? F" Ig? Tckfheshd' ,Tfe ' ' b ' ' oa ' " To pay af ai scea f TQ T' 1 Z3 T' I , K C, Tcl' hshl-, J.. ,,' F-351 WQ5' Z+ff'e'eV' f awe' , ,, ,, F A . 0 , , F +5 Ts' 5. ' ' - . I ' Y . 1 1 ' , . ' J +1 ' ' ,s r. ' Q , ' L v T15 ' TTC. T 'T' Y ' Th 5 9 0 ga I I, I93O LJ 1 ' I . 'I . f. ' . ' , C . DeJ I his f Ts T A J ' r ,f Tc 'T IC Ffh is 'oys. Thbnacae ee hfdf cf' rch? A ' ' . in sea' I, We X . . EE W. Y C P ffm-elfff L- CLUBS LOCKER SQUAD Crue of fhe med achve group? ef NE L We Locker Sfluad. Tr! fre C'QahYzfa+fQh CSQQP Er IQ37, when fhe few builofro wee QQDSJVVUCTGU fmd fhe locker room ffacihhee were e Mbhshed. Preyioua fo fhis, -fudehfe hilfi fhelr kogkera In fhe weho GD w Q ov eo r Cher fo fer? 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"ea mfs :QV Ve' ' ee' FPC e-:face +'e"' :Ween ""CC'Gf :Vee ea: T275 'S 113 'fe-e y1..f':L 91 'K :C eirffr TF: "W: -V T'Te 1 wtf-' 'P +45 imc TTT fe "fi: '51 Seve "J e pe: e 35 sine' fe e wine Ta' LQ.. -,rw CT mine, 3TAerey ' "il if T ve' I T 'C-'TCI of C :fins e, 'CQ T T T .ID . Y n 4+ T efaT':f1 eTecTrTc ,UT TN 51 ' Dfnewr R lub Tor mens e play. ' Q Noffh QT e ..e. Um 'Tr :fem OT TVTT. T2 ar, TTT QLTQ T mf H. T' L:.cT: ede --,ET , ,LT 'mf- Tmg eqmpmem' Qmfu mowe camefeas. During DUN' The Tub NTSC Taken me ,T T' ' A, ,ard -e . , CE Q 1 Inc' MT! Q Tr ,if Q A Tw' 3,5 V TQ, 'e cw 5 cT.' QQ.: fo' CCM? , 'Ts 5' De :yew- -fief Q' 'T we: fi' Tcf W 5, swf. TT Ca! Ji CQ ' CC'T,'E.1 Cu ea we. M, ef' 55 'V 1.5 1: ':-':"' P T Ng ejpjgy f-, Q 1 'fF1TTT,'1 1 up ..:Q":P. 'Tj ire 'Qi fe ,' 'i i:',',.. 'veem el' ai QLIJJL 1: v,iL"3 C Fi':, pe- ,ff T T3 :if ee"ieie 'Md 'F 1,0 nw wt 'e mfesef. 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A captain and Heree Lleufevavfa are ap- OL I fc L wie' LLL LeederfLL LL MY. LLL7 . L L L . cs L 5 L13 - ' QL Io. fg Lw S R LL 3 :fe L L 5 ' L 1 V we '1 L .- VH. -,lm h 1 QQ' Q13 'vii' .,-,op Z' i 55,4 .n' A I S 5 sg ,fx 1' 1 1 n g 1'-la I" lil V, Y- . 5 .. Y 70324 WGN M? -ff 1-1' 1 ., A ,' kart, 4'LA 52- ., - I L :-......I ,gf-at 'ul , .f 'tif' It X 5.-. nv' - - A 4, 1 bf 1 .fr 14nd What A C7444 V sm an wg FGGTBALL Sf-duh M lv-HQ Kwai' psf :gm xgsffx' sf.. yr T, if-lu NorTheasTs l:ooTball Team coached by M Charles MarTun and lvl George SchmudT Tunushed uTs season un brulluanT Tashuon The Team ddnT wn The champuonshup buT proved To everyone ThaT uT was The Team To beaT nexT year Thus year s quad was co capTauned by senuors Oluver Beamon Wulluam Feenan Wulluam I-lasleTT and Charles Logan WuTh only a Tew weeks pracTuce behund Them The Archuves meT Roman CaTholuc aT 29Th and ClearTueld STs The game was domunaTed by Roman un The TursT halT buT NorTheasT made a Tune come back un The second halT When The dusf cleared The NorTheasTers were on The shorT end OT a I3 7 score The Archuves Then meT Two Teams ThaT were To go Through The season unbeaTen ln The TursT game wuTh FrankTord The TuTure Publuc League champs our NorTheasT aggregaTuon suTTered a 24 6 deTeaT The second game The Archuves 'neT a Tough Bok squad who had The beneTuT oT sprung prac uce The game was domunaTed by NorTheasT Tor Three guarTers unTul a rough break Torced uunuor guarTer back Floyd Wulluams ouT oT acTuon The Bok Team capuTaluzung on Thus break smashed ouT a 33 I3 vucTory Nm-f iv The umprovung young Archuve crew nexT meT WesT Phuladelphua and un a rough bruusung game The NorTheasTers managed To eke ouT a 6 0 Truumph Tor Theur unuTual vucTory oT The season Luncoln was nexT on The schedule NorTheasT led by senuor Jum DeShuelds and uunuor Angelo C016 walloped The RaulspluTTers 33 I3 The Archuves Then Trampled lvlasTbaum 37 6 AT Connue Mack STaduum The NorTheasTers en counTered Dobbuns Led by sensaTuonaI runs oT 60 77 78 79 yards by Angelo Couo They swamped Dobbuns by a score oT 40 0 The much awauTed Turkey Day game wound up wuTh The CenTral Murrors on The long end oT a I9 7 score The once beaTen Murrors consudered by many The besT Team un The Publuc I-lugh ConTerence were up Tor Thus game CenTral hadnT won The Wooden I-Iorse un Three sTraughT years Tl'e CenTral Murrors played a possessuon Type game keepung The ball Tor long marches down The Tueld NorTheasT was unable To geT The ball Tor a susTauned druve The Archuves scorung play was a 60 yard uaunT by Jum De Shuelds Through The CenTral secondary Szxty two e 4. 'W T 'c 1.3. A, 5 n 'V r -' . V f. wg - Y ,.,,..A4 - A. L I ' ,ls -.M . F Huy ' in -' , 2 -K ', ' n ':" ' "J-. f. s"'." u " '-' Ru -if I '., A gf . A me su.-f-'ffl . a I ,,.,. - ' " 'V ob 4 I . v W ,, u, T , I . - - X '12 ' . Q- . 'Il a Vg"Yw ' T I ,7 7 T . 1' , ' K' - " 'Y' 'Af ' ' ' 'A -' f" 1 ' 'u"' 1 K W . A f . , fp K . I V W h , . V I, . p., ..,Vg., mfs' I JY' , . 'v -f 4 uv . ' . f-rag' . 3 ' - . " .7 I wg. hs' 4 'v .V fgfiffs 5 , 5 . s-,gy N+,4?,g.. .,, 10,3 3 f17,Jf'sf.f A" ' A Y, - - ,T , f -rv : u , - . ' T 'Tegq HIS 'TT' +T5'ifit','+ff4- 32? jshfal' fm ,jul wg 3 U' N -few .jwaui JJ- T- ,, dass' , I .v ,TEV ,wks Rx, Vw -4 iv, ,Hu .1 , su. , , r. IT- u I u u u . l I - . u A Q D . I 7 u . I . . . I V . . u u , . u ' - I 1 ' u l ' , + . . - u . , . I , . u - CO-CAPTAINS OLIVER BEAMON CHARLES LOGAN WILLIAM HASLETT WILLIAM FEENAN INQI Presen+I Su-rx tlzr e me AHcH1vEs,m,.w,1f Q I : N .uf , , . :Se ved een comlaefifion on fke he!! a ,Q na we 1, 4 K ., 31, k i BASKETBALL The I954 55 baskeTball Team coacned by Ike Wooley hoped To equal uT noT beTTer Theur record oT The I953 54 season when They reached The Publuc Hugh School Champuonshup Tunals aT The PalesTra DespuTe The TacT Thaf only Tour leTTermen are back Trom lasT years squad Coach Wooley Thunk ThaT he may nave one OT The besT all around sTarT ung Tuves un NorTheasTs husTory WuTh las+ Junes graduaTung class Th Team losT all oT uTs heughT n men luke Donald Davus and Thomas ChomenTowsku Thus year s squad however makes up un speed wha+ uT lacks un heughT The men reTurnung Trom lasT years Tuve are co capTauns Sonny Hull and Jum Parham Bobby Young and Herb Adderly The new members oT The Team are Leon Gulmore Joe Parham Don Hackney George Tumbers John DeMuluo Charles Browr' Suu! X Henry FreuTag Harvey Grossman and Charles Charen Even Though Jum Parham a member OT lasf year s All Publuc Team and Team hugh scorer us back T appears ThaT The Team wull have Tuve equals on The courT Thus year sunce all sTarTers are TalenTed all phases of The game The Team Taces a duTTuculT schedule Thus year opposung Luncoln MasTbaum and CenTral each Twuce and FrankTord WesT Phula Bok BarTram Dobbuns and SouTh Phula each once In exhubuTuon games The NorTheasT Tuve plays ST James SouTh CaTholuc ST Josephs NorTh CaThouuc La Salle Camden CaTholuc ATlanTuc CuTy GraTz and Roman CaTholuc Hugh School WuTh The graduaTuon oT The lO5Th class The NorTheasT quunTeT loses none OT uTs members , .u uu - - , I I l . - ' Y u . u I , 5 , Il'1 I , 9 I u ' u -u I u u . . . - - - I . u , . .. ' - - u I u u u u . u . . u u I. . . .' D'' WILLIAM HILL JAMES PARI-IAM CO-CAPTAINS ia!! Scam ? H" I 5 ll 'Q' mem Q! p"'.' Gi dl .,,. ,Vt l"s ,.. X,..a - -w 3 .a V Q I 1 fer, . t ' I soccfuz TEAM - We i NorTheas Hugh s Soccer Team coached by Ray Mullan won The Publuc League champuonshup oy wunnung all uTs games un The I954 season There wasnT a Team un The league whuch could maTch The abuIuTy spuruT and Tue wull To wun oT The Ar huve booTers Durung The season The Archuves played schools Tord GermanTown and many oThers buT came ouT vucToruous each Tume Franldoro s Team had beaTen The Archuves un 52 and 53 buT Thus suTuaTuon was reversed Thus year when The Red and Blaclc Tru umphed over The Puoneers by a score oT 4 I Olney Hugh s Team playung on Theur home Tueld provuded sTrong opposuTuon buT was downed by The close score oT 43 On November I The Red and Black meT The very sTrong GermanTown Team uru a Thrullung conTesT buT The game ended wuTh The Mulanmen o The TaT end T a 2I score The .Muna booTers also deTeaTed Upper Darby GermanTown Academy and SwarThmore College by scores oT 3 O 6 O and 30 respecTuveIy The mosT Thrullung conTesT oT The season was The game beTween NorTheasT and Gurard College Even Though There was no crown aT sTake NorTheasT came ouT on Top by a 4 I score Bob Holden and Ray STaubIe aT The Tullbaclc po Ts Don ReuTer Jum BaxTer and WaIT Kudenlco aT haIT baclc Ozzue JeThon and Bob Kornsey aT ouTsude IeTT and ouTsude rughT respecTuveIy Tom Wunslow Alex Fall: and John Sergas aT unsude IeTT cenTeu Torward and unsude rughT OTher members of he champuonshup Team were Tom Wood Gene MaIoTuy Tom STrohm Dorsha Schogurow PeTer McCall Andre Beruslcuan and Joe Shauerman The booTers were co capTauned by John Sergas and Jum BaxTer and managed by Bob Gohery Sv cum A dd - 4- .. -iyq, which had Tine soccer squads, such as Olney, Frank- The CI'16mpS' lineup WGS WaI+ ChriSTmaS GI QOGI. I n o - . I I - fra jaL9 jllem hw:- Aff! XIli!I.U'HU.N'li. WIiIJ.X'IiSID.'kY. lJIiCIiXIHIiR IS. 1954 3 ----r----HX--X W 1 V-,,,, X XXXXX- -'X-X-H' X X-W r ' C'r H ' . .xnlzzn-5 u,mm-fl v.g-, Iwxmrlsr-lv mf: VI.-u:,fH .wx X xffnnlng pm-1 eat Glrard 4'I, Q-Ur.-.1 nm Wm.: g-1.11 nf Ihr- www, mf' ,nw .-.M mm,-.1 in rw un- mm , Ipsvt f'1'lllr:ll5-I IQ- l.v 141-.N lv-wf'l:,' -H111-', Alrk Un Nulvrnhf-1' .. Hn- lfth--hvrllnd I-'Jie I-HH: ww-f: IN ,gH,1lf flmrm: P1fwIz'rs -l1'f1'.'1lw1 f'1-hllul Ffllqll, 5-I. 'lil' H fx-xi: Vw lrdf !l.- INN','lH' I K d k Tlrv Vlszllrlg .hwhru-N rxukm-11 up lhrlv fm' 1 L'.:'!'- ::,,:rQ 11 Iiw ,xf fum! two ax er! u 0 :Unix m thu- lin! ,mir :mvl .ulflf-fl Iwo ,wah m Nm ,g':un'- mlh Sf-:mfs and hhx -lark N4-ntl nz-'rv mn Hn' Iinul .1-Mmm V.-rr 11 . ,lu 'vw' :'w- M", f '--H .Xflw flmfhsng 'hw I'ulfln Hugh Un Trw-Mlzmy. Nfwf-:nm-1-51. zhc Rnd Un H1-'Arn-.wl.'1'x' .N'fnf'n.hw IT, nr If-, Hz" wrlrwfln: .1.-! fuxllwl Ar- fum Blank fifmm--I I-'mnkfmvil 5-1 nn 2f'!h .mi r'lf-,urn-M SLN. zhl- .-Xnhzw-s 2, lfff If-rx wmv: wh-:sun uunrh theluserslie-141 mfklwl Sffullzvnl mllmg up .muthvr -nv Mulhzn uffn fm- umffluml mty Adding unnthvr .Nhutnut zu their xhuluut xntuz-v Tin' Rv-fl ,md Bla:-k - -21.1111 rmmingf ivft'--:1l:n,q fI11':n'd undefoalf-fl string, lin- Arvhivex de- bf fflm-:A 111-ff-:nf--I the- :fppf-.wrwn by an 29th fmt:-41 iimlnm, :7-ff -,n Hlflzn-sd-45'.m'v11rhwlrz11l1g wmv fn wr The une-- rl, all ' th :md Clearfield two um1h:n.al1fm uf Xmtln--wt H ' . Fulk and v! .. .mrrrs 1- .11-'I hnlf nf the' J' 1 af u-if 6 xt.-,zu 1 A1 N I "ot 'a 2 -,' , . 14 I i I., 1 ,A , H 1' 'K .I f " 1-"I-' f 'ff . LV.-7 .,N,,-: . W., JP',d'? . J N 4 .K U, -,.,w1v-"j"1":f.. as .sv Qu. I . , V 5, r-F v M Q PS .4 x BH HW .Ji if 1,51 "":s"n vaio' f f I r" 1 qw' 5- . my. , 4-Q-f ' .vp MP' N-.-5 1- an ua4L.a'.H.- .- , .- ,..L.'I'f2, Q- .1-.. .....,.,,m ...A 1 8 Maw: '.,,, ,L 4 . s ,, L, -4 -uf CROSS COUNTRY 'La-M' l l I.. ' The Red and Black T-larrne s under Coach l.esTer Owens placed TourTh behmd Overbrook Luncoln and Dobbrns an The Public Hrgh Championships To close a very successTul T954 season lndavndual honors were capTured by Lincoln s Ron RoberTson l-lns Tame was I2 O8 O5 Jam Sumner placed TourTh behind RoberTson and led The Owensmen To Theur TourTh place berTh Coach Owen anTscapaTes even a beTTer season nexT year because oT The comparaTavely small num bers OT sensors who were on The squad The Archives opened The season on SepTemb r 29 w1Th a wun over Dobbins and Ben Franklin In a Trnangular meeT Wnllne Devlnn lead The Owensmen over The Two and Three eughTh mule course He was Tollowed closely by Jnm Sumner Eugene Pearson Dewey Parks Jerry Parker Sydney Russell Ben Robinson and WalTer SmuTh who compruse menTor Owens eughT man TursT Team On OcTober 27 The NorTheasT SpukesTers downed Olney FrankTord and OraTz Tor Their seasons second wan The Archives enTered The league champronshups wuTh only Two seTbacks suTTered aT The hands oT Lincoln and Overbrook The large crowd ThaT usually waTness The Champnonshnp was sparse be cause oT The heavy raunTall ThaT blankeTed The course The condnhons were unTavorable Tor running vndual race developed unTo a duel beTween Lrncoln s RoberTson and Boks Drummond w:Th RoberTsons kuck The deTermunrng TacTor In has v1cTory The NorTheasTs TourTh place showing as an und: caTuon oT a sTrong Team nexT year snnce The Team IS comprnsed oT all lower classmen We all hope ThaT Overbrooks domunahon of Thus sporT wall be halTed by our Archive Harrlers nexT year Se entx four l l h T T as The TemperaTure hovered around 400. The indi- HARRIER HAROLD PEAX AND CAPTAIN SYDNEY RUSSELL 4-IA-K AW? BASEBALL TEAM l- The Archuve Baseball Team under The gundance oT Coach WaITer Srbson sTarTed The season wnTh hlgh hopes oT wunmng The Publnc League Champnon shup These expecTaTnons were largely due To The reTurn OT many veTerans and added Junnor VarsuTy sTrengTh On Aprul I The Szbsonmen In Theur TursT pre season game were downed by GermanTown Acad em 65 F e Eplscopal l6I days laTer NorTheasT rolled over behnnd The Tune pnTchung oT Bob Lucarnnn ATTer NorTh CaTholac came back To losung The nexT Two games agannsT 2 I and ST James I4 2 The Archuves score a one huT no run ball game agannsT Lower Menon 9O Once more Lucarml was The wmnmg hurler Tor The baTsmen In The league opener The Snbsonmen agaun sparked by Lucarml and has baTTery maTe PeTe Back deTeaTed Ben Franklin by a one huT 7 O core On Aprul 22 The Dobbnns lv1usTangs lourneyed To The Clearfneld dramond only To go down To deTeaT by a 8 5 Archive Truumph The NorTheasT baTTers Then Topped WesT Phnladelphua 83 To chalk p Their Third sTraughT Trnumph Sc H13 In The nexT league encounTer Bok spelled ouT hearTbreak Tor The Red and Black The Archives were lrmrTed To Tour hnTs as The Bokmen regnsTered none buT The laTTer whlpped The NorTheasT baTsmen 4 O Followung Thus game The Duamondmen dropped Two more To Roxborough and Olney by The scores OT Il 3 and 4l ATTer Three consecuhve losses The Snbsonmen beaT MasTbaum 64 behnnd The Tour huT pnTchung OT Eddue Denzler May I3 proved To be lucky Tor The BaTsmen as Tram Then beaT The Red and Black by The scores oT 8 7 and IO4 The Snbsonmen goT back In The won column as They beaT CenTral 43 In one of The TnnesT games of The season In The nexT game wuTh SouThern The suTuaTnon was reversed as The Rams won I4 5 On June I and 3 NorTheasT beaT Overbrook and Lancoln respechvely 9 2 and 6 3 Four days laTer The base ball squad closed :Ts season w1Th a I5 3 v1cTory over The GraTz Bulldogs To Tlnnsh a hard ToughT cam paugn w1Th a 9 6 record The Graduahng Sensors are Ronald Turner Rnchard I-Iadak and Jack Bokeeno E 'W 46 I A W' L I g W I Xg Y -g iv ' I -. . . . . . . h . . They beaT GermanTown IO-3. Frankford and Bar' , , I , I . . T - . . - U . . r .' zu' '-.fix SWIMMING TEAM Tha-ya, ATTer capTuring Two sTraighT Public League Championships, The l954 Swimming Squad Tinished a close Third behind CenTral, and WesT Philadel- phia in The Public League Championships, aT Penn's l-luTchinson Pool. Co-capTains Bob Muzslay and Bill Rushing each capTured individual honors in The meeT. Under new coach Clarence Webb The l954-55 Archives are ouT To annex The Public TiTle ThaT eluded Them lasT year. The mermen opened iTs season wiTh vicTories over MasTbaum, Dobbins, and Lincoln. They were edged by SouTheasT CaTholic in a non- league TesT, 38-37. DespiTe The loss oT such ouT' sTanding veTerans as Bill Rushing, Bob Muzslay, and Charles BogdanoTT, Coach Webb Teels ThaT This squad has an excellenT opporTuniTy To Tollow in The TooTsTeps oT previous championship Archive Swimming Teams. This years squad is builT around veTerans Roger Sproul, who placed TourTh in lasT year's diving championships, Earl Blaclc, Paul Lange, PeTe McCall, Jim Wilson, Bob Iv1cKennon and Seymour RapporT. Roger Crawford, Dave Beary and Frank Vinci, have moved up To varsiTy berThs. GYM TEAM Under 'rhe menforshlo of coach Gusfay Beach the Archive Gym Team compiefed Hs I953-54 feason wfrh a 474 sYa+e. The rnafmen downed Gerrnanfown, Dobblnf, 'N'Ves+ Pn7?ade'o"fa, and Franldord while oropofrg rom rneefs To orner ieaqoe rwaxs. The Gym Team ooeneo Ere season on Wednesday, .January 6. in a +rlanqJar mee? aqains' Frankun and Germanfown, edqnq Frankhn 6894 ro 6801 Germanfown was far behind wlrh 57I7. ihe socad as a who'e was re'a+iye:y Inexpen- enced, wfrh aoow han cf fhe Ten-man souad con' alsrlno of D ani: E boyi, Coach Baack Jared fha? 'rho +eam had no par- hcdarly odrsmndinq Qars, a'+hCuqn Wlllram Nichok, Frank Lewrs, Harry Evans, and Cofcapraln Herb Marhn showed very dehnne prooress, All of 'nese socad members are back Vis year. They wI'i oo The maIns'rays of rho l954f 55 squad. Lasr year's L'ncoNn marmen, coached by Mr. PL-I'Ip Schneider, were fhe sfrorgesf feam in +he eaque, srared Menfor Baack. Mr. Schneider Is a former Arcfye afar Qymnad who, Upon qracparior from Temple Urryersny, oecame a physical educafon reacher af Norfheaeh and rhen rnoyeo rs Lircor. QTNI4 QQYSVMS' I. Qafwfip TEAM - ,x GYM TEAM -FENCING TEAM Coach Roberl Bradburyis l954 Tencinq squad Tinished in second place behind Soulhern in The Public League lille race. Two members ol The T954 souad caplured individual Public League Charn- pionships. l-larry Childs, who caprained The SGUECT, won indiyidual sabre honors and Vince Carnpel'one placed Tirsl in rhe epee dyision, In securing lhese individual lilles These Nodheaslers followed a line oi Archive qreals who have caplured league +i+le3. Despife a secono place showing, Menlor Bradbury 1, Tencers had a line season wilh oulslanding per- Torrnances all season by laclc of The varsily cornoelilors. 4 This years relalively inexperienced squad will be caplained by Lonnie Moore. a holdoyer from lasl years reanri. Carl l-larrison, who is edual'y adepl al eilher sabre, Toll or epee, will also be counled heavily upon This year. The olher varsily berlhs will probably go 'ro Vance Blaclc, Eyerell Taylor, Norman Wriqhl, Bob Beaver and Jerry Cobb. Assislinq Coach Bradbury as he prepares Tor The 55 campaign are Mr, Willis Jones, a former Brad' bury Tencer and Mr. Pierce, who was such a valuable aid 'ro lasl year 5 sduad. Walla My Q, if BGWLING TEAM Under The guidance oT Mr. Roland C. Doane oT The Foreign Language DeparTmenT, The NorTheasT Bowling Team won The All-CiTy Bowling Champion- ship lasT year. The Archive Keglers won The TiTle by deTeaTing NorTh CaTholic by a Tinal margin oT 25l pins. On Their way To The championship The Archives wenT Through an undeTeaTed season in The Public League. The Team managed To compile This un- blemished record despiTe The loss CT Two lcey men, Bill Elia and George Schmidt who deparTed be- cause oT mid-year graduaTion. During The season, The Archives beaT Dobbins Tech by a score oT 3-l and deTeaTed Lincoln by The same score. They Then whiTewashed SouThern by a 4-O margin, and deTeaTed GermanTowri and Franldord by 2-I scores. LasT years sTarTing bowlers and Their averages were as Tollows, Joe Berger, I7l: William Danson, IS6: Ronald Kolber, T567 Vlfilliam Coburn, IS47 WalTer Clarlc, l5l. LasT years J.V. BowlinQ Team also capTured The Public League TiTle Tor The second consecuTive year wiTh The helpTul advice CT Coach Doane. TENNIS TEAM NY QWQQYTHASYJ3 , N9 Q-if 011454 I A . f ns W The l954 Tennis Squad, coached by Mr. Guslav Baaclc, was comprised almosl exclusively ol inex- perienced players. Despile lhis Tacl lhe leam linished wilh a record ol 7 wins and 4 losses. The Archives did nol fare very well in lheir lwo non-league malches, as lhey mel' wilh deleals al 'rhe hands of Wesl Calholic and Bryn Alhyn. Wilh lhe opening of lhe regular season, however, lhe leam, led by Tom Chomenlowslci and Jim McCord, managed lo deleal Lincoln by a score ol' 5995 Htqas A 4-l and Roxborough by lhe shuloul score ol 5-O. They lhen ran inlo a losing slrealc, and were de- Tealed by Soulhern 3-2, Wesl Phila. 5-O, Olney 5-O, and Cenlral 5-O. The Raclcelmen lhen bounced baclc lo deleal Gralz 3-2 and blanlc Franlclord 5-O. The season ended wilh viclories over Bolf 5-O, Barlram 4-l, and Germanlown 4-l. Nor+heasl's only lennis championship was annexed in I946, when lhe leam was under lhe supervision ol lvlr. Nicholas Granl. GOLF TEAM The golT Team under The supervision oT Coach John Boyd suTTered a considerable number oT seTbaclcs during The T954 season. The Red and Blaclc squad is made up oT eighT men. The score Tor each player is deTermined by The number oT holes he wins during This game, noT by The number oT sTrolces iT Tool: him To compleTe The course. ATTer all The Teams have played each oTher, a TournamenT Tor TirsT and second men oT each school is held aT The Borderwood GolT Course Tor The comple-Tion oT Their sTandings. The responsibiliTy Tor winning The Team games is noT iusT placed on The Top Tcur men oT The iduad. GolT is an individual sporT, ThereT'ore, The boTTom Tour by winning Their games can eiTher Tie or win The Team maTch, depending on whaT The TirsT Tour do. The Teams co-capTains Tor This year were Tom T-Taigh and Paul Lang. The remainder oT The Team consisTed oT T-Tenry Moguilanslcy, Carl hlausman, Ed BrandT, Jaclc Bulloclc, Neil Kaye, and Alan Oliver who are mosTly in The senior class. Coach Boyd Teels ThaT The Team s poor showing was a resulT of The loss oT veTeran leTTermeh and The poor TurnouT Tor The souad on The parT oT NorTl'easT boys. WW? 1 1-2 fwfr f , f TRACK TEAM The l954 Track Team broughl' anoTher cham- pionship To NorTheasT. On SaTurday May 22, The spikesTers edged Overbrook 249lf2 To 249 To cop The Public League Tifle. This Triumph marked The TirsT Time The Archives have Taken a crown since l94I. ATTer annexing The Public League crown, The Archives encounTered a sTrong WesT CaTholic Team and were deTeaTed by The overwhelming score oT 59 To 40. ATTer a surprisingly large TurnouT Tor spring pracTice, The Owensmen opened Their season wiTh a win in a Triangular meeT over German- Town, Lincoln, and Franklin. The Tollowing week The Trackmen were edged by WesT Phila's l'Speedboys." Rebounding Trom This seT-back, however, The spikesTers downed Olney, Dobbins, BarTram, FrankTord in consecuTive weeks and conTinued rolling unTil The Public T-ligh crown was capTured. DespiTe The loss OT seniors Marvine Archie, ClayTon CarTer, Clarence Price, Laur- ence Paulhill, and Charles Logan, Coach Owens expecTs anoTher successTul year nexT spring. 5 i '-" A- - Qi . f W if -Z. .J 5 V Y is . li 3 is f i , T -'v as T 4 ff as 4 1 gx :gs- 1 L 'QL' WS , I 1 .uiff 'Af ia - S A ' Tl 'J 5 V I I X ' Ni ,W H' . ' , ffl, ',, f - iq wvigslfq Q ..-'ig ,K ,. ., T' zs?f2sg??5'3f' aff' ' ff fi: M. -I .- .-.- wi- ,,, ' ,y'-+"T2' Y 'YM , -gf-..f-'.F f-1 ' -- f-i. , -- 2. . "-A fy, ' T- ' T' 2 Y ' T. . "Q ' iv -Ffa Er If ', 'WU T' f' L' f vi T if .T T'i"'4'9T'9f. 1'T"'n' ,' . T' gg? ii 1 iqlfitikozvgfggi , iz li., V A T 'T ' 'P 77' A "' -"5 ' M51 Iflrjlllfj'-frllli' CREW The Archive Crew opened iTs sixTh consecu- Tive season oT sculling in l954 aTTer a lapse oT ThirTy'Three years. The sporT was abandoned in l9lo and was noT revived unTil l948 when John Carlin, NE ll5, sTarTed The revival movemenT by placing The FairmounT Rowing Associahonis ef7uipmenT aT The school s disposal. Coach RoberT Thomas seT up a vigorous Train- 'ng schedule To geT The oarsmen inlo condiTion. ATTer The boys did a mile and a halT run They were ready To geT inTo The boaTs. They Then pracTice Their racing sTarTs on The Schuylkill River aT a poinT above The Shawberry Mansion Bridge. Coach Thomas poinTed ouT ThaT sTarTs are an imporTanT TacTor in crew compeTiTion. When The crew Tinishes pracTicing sTarTs, They row over The mile course. The ToTal disTance rowed each day is approximaTely seven miles. The Teamls co-capTains Tor This yearls squad were Alvin Rollin and William Feenan. Four seniors will be losT To The crew nexT year. They are: Thomas SalvaTore, Ronald WoiTylalc, and l:JoTh co-capTains. A IX M x V wfiff E ffm TABLE TENNIS TEAM f M.,.s-wb. The NorTheesT Table Tennis Team, under yeTeran coach George SchmidT, Tinished The l954 season in second place in The Public League STandinqe, wiTh a 2-2 slaTe. The Big Four consisTinq oT T-lerb Grant James Thomas, lNlaTe l-lbman and lylorrie Browr were The main TacTors in The Tearnls yicTories. This Tomsorne combined had a winning ToTal oT Twelve yi:Torie,. Dobbirs Vocahonel School In YT, Tir? year of Table Tennis compeTiTion losT Two oT fTs for oame To The Red and Blaclc and The remaihfno 'wo Tc CenTral. The Archives cornpleTed The season beaT- 1 fng Dobbins IO-7 and lO-i anc: losing To The G CenTraliTes by scores oT lOfI and IO-9. M WiTh only Two yeTerar's, lvlorrie Brown ana Jb fan '2Naro, qraduehnq This Term, Coach SchrnioT feel The Team has a fine chance oT wihnlhg The crafn bionshib. This years souao was bolsTered by l-Tero GranT, James Thomas. lvlorrie Brown, NaTe T-lunar i-Tuqh HeaTn, Gil Berl4owiTz, ArT CTaoman, Jame Talley, and Thomas Camobem. lffli lzfjfifi'-. i FOOTBALL WILLIAM FEENAN CI-IARI ES LOCAIN 'AIIRENCE PAUL? JO EPI-I RICE I IV-f5' 'I OKI! "N'11-D' s fp 1 I :qu LQ is -vxv 4, I M NX I 'E :ilu 5 N' J lqfsntf L 'A 13' q facts If M, I A v 4 ,, 1, N Q -bpul if augur J :J Hn' I ' r "NA-,Qi P ,iv xl-34:1 Ii!!! :C -E L5k1,L,,,!.4'f,Li. ,wi 5,1 H 3 F11 u x 5.-I5-:VL S -.a.5,,,,.q,,e5s rin xr' ,111-3,k:5rfv:xq, S ' -5fnf,ZLfiEu..v 5, I 4 I -v 1 qQ:f,:g-Q, QQ sm, A .rp fgx ,, 1 x '! suv 1 ff 4- f '- 0 '.f"1'x'7,g J.: vnu c 'M ,Si . assiuvz-gk EI. mix- A I ,XJ -ni, v u J-1, 4,x I 354 . ,432 " to rp, I 4 Var! an-'bb 3 70uf '75 'A-3.j?' '19 I 'I I 14' -, S:-57' 11 7:5 ' L1-'1 'y vi'-I 1 A 'm'II?'?r"' 1" ., 3.1 '-.'If'7'Av"e 4 J 'I N 1. CHRISTIAN SANDSTROM RONALD TURNER ROBERT ZAI-INWEH SOCCER OSWALD JE I-IDN ROBERT KDRNSEY DONALD REITER ALAN SHANE BASKETBALL FRED BRILL VW' LIAM VVIBLE f . 'wc . x.5g,A.,, er vxul, 3:59. -'K , I ao f 1 r' , , R 'I Ai'-73? "W r ' HX " ' I 'B I 4 1"u 1' IIs'.l'NL ,N, f SJ:-I" 4 s, J s 'lv 1 ll' Q, .r i Lfr'Ws E, , x 0. 'JJ' Vg' .I 'sur C n Q "'1'.' V' V.. +- 9 6 51: ,I L Ri' s G" , 105' X L vu nf 'Inga sin 'guy' .113 km , I 4, -,-.Lex yy fm.: X- . I 5 A ' " :"""I1J" ' su? lc 11 lv 15 , W t Q y 'I W " l'r'x 1 , Lhcd 1- in-Q " 'AE' K 'g V M". 1 WN N, 1-Ls, 51, N. N 4 rl -4, ,cw :xx SWIMMING WILLIAM EEENAII ROBERT KCRNSEY GYM YALE RARPDRT TABLE TENNIS NORMAN BACON MAURICE BROWN JLJLIAN WARD FENCING IOSEPI4 I-'F-LBER ll1rf1H xL Lil TRACK MARVINE ARCH E IDNN BECKNC CHARLES LOCAN LALRENCE PALILI-4I CLARENCE PRICE ICr-RN IHOMPSON BASEBALL JACK BCKEENO RICHARD HADIK RONALD TURNER CREW WILLIAM FEENAN ALVIN ROLLIN I P .. '-J' ' --Q.-. -..: .... - .A--c. . . - ... ..- ,'. ..- . , ,x.1..,.., .,- ., . :.. ::.'.- . ,-. : 3 vs ,--- r. fx., 2: 12 ,:2qS1k2..sfRi1ff-i:'.: f::':E:ffafj'-1.-. 'vii-f21f?Ez..w - 1 - 2 . .:" Q.-z.-',,:g'L-.1 JS, -gg .-'I vw-J ::- -gn 'if L fx, f 5'- Bjt, --'95 3' '-'C' . in ' 4 aa' ,:jf54"-'L-5'-S., 1j"4,. "tk '. .'gA'.. ." - 1,-' :N ggi' Z",-f3f f ,:'-:I -'vw'-5"1 gZ-- C " 24? -'ruff li '-' A f"f11f5"'f'I ' JZ. "'.5:f:.'I:1g':g,f-3- -S f ri-"E .- 1-Jaqnj' a-,-f,.'-F fs- EP.--I 252-:hai fi I.:ug555213-?:2g1LQe?,24911iI 1 S'4"e" 4:2-5.-'u"""'3r:-'.. 'Ff'R25""'7f'l' Rai 55' H+:-.1-ia-Aa' 775234:-'15iT1f'f? 5-Q, 72,:,.u'Q-'-:,Q,'q:-:L 935: ' fggg3..:, ng.. .vh .4-vt-.-' ---'Ave'--'.-2: fi:-5?-,.:'-iidgg. 'f '- '- ' - --'L -1 - 2:1 . "' ' 3414- '-an :Zag - f f'F1.1-afwzuiff -L .rzu-.-, " " '- " M1- ,uv-1,4 .. .. :Sz Qt., ,n'.gf'JQvqg2q. fi. '13 Lf-6: "1 -51:-'.:-iy .. '53'ix!55':j-:51 5 -:- ' -f. S. '-: ,.-M, A: .-:- auf fy..-R H., ' "3" : ", 1:11-pq'-sg, .:.-:'r7r.i3'-:.. -4 .- .:. ,. A.: -' -1..'."'-in 5.4: -'.f-.haw .41 fl .-..-' '- ' . P :.. , :pa 1.3. -4,11 y.- -.1 A5--'S : . ,Q l r n-ri.. 1-.qf,,. QQ. ., . 5 25... 3. . ...:',, .-..n x,l..f .f., sr- ' " EW' ' H -.:. :rg , R . ,ax ,- 1 " .-'55 2-53' g'.' 571' -Ti" -1- 1 ' 'ji' . ' .125 . ,. :Says 1324? . ,J , -vt L,-,St . ' - b3f:':: 51: 3- H S n '-w. -.. ' -.-.-'L--A -.1 - .s . . x.- . . - ' --R--' . I ,E .. L r'-.---1. 14 '.f 'L' - '.- . .- .--'P'-1' '.. .. .' -...Q - . H319-Q' 5:E:f-- ' i' N Evffzzf' -. 51- .-:.:,,..:,-..,.,, .g31.'.:..,g3, 4,7155-S1 71- f' -we-1 ,lQ:.-2 ' ' ' ' V. Q--7 1. ...s ' 7 !"lg:" 'i"2 QSL, 7253? -111-, .-3 'f1c.., kg-"--fp ' r ag -,1. -gg .-'.- 1.-.-.4 ,:.r,5 vi-L.c1,... ' 1,,P,.'f2 ur. ,. ,. l , , .,,... , .1 .-A .- ' -- nr, '.--.,- - n ..:' , .1 . f 1-...f:,.l.-...,1, ...,,.,. K,-3-. H '1l"..,:- .' - nu, .R 1.1172 :J QL ,.,1':'Q,-if 1.f.:-: 1 -J.,-gf. . -,"--,',g5'-L - 7:1 Mfg-'5z:.5'I"-, .4 51.1-Tag -:r--.-'Lue!-f-uf'-'-zz,.4-.f.g' 4.14-Sw:-111 lead T- - --: -H...-2 -- -' :-L R.-. - -' af.-: 1. 1 1.- -2 4 'L ffcf.-5'-i If-,ff ::Z'1.'--'91 -1-Frv-..N14:-131-.I-1.-.1 PQ '1'- ' ' f" u 'ali 62- uni' in-i'.4g-g--'.g 5. S'-x'-J-'.i's:A' 4'-1.26 I'- vi 'wg-21 - - 1 30 ' '?.151u3:'.'n:g-. ' . rg.:-4-.-v.' Q -'.u3g'll',- Q' -,'-:v?::'Qi" 1 ,--c' .-. .Q 4-,f.. . 8 .g-If, Lv.-1. :..1.1-.,:,q..-- -. ,-E If ,.-3 ...xv--. U. -1.3 'J ., . ,..--sw. ,. N .- cuz.. ., -.fx 4: - -.--1--1-gi-.Q--. I .-0,1-YS f:g4-ug-243 af-':s'Q:.gIrv1.S-,q.' -1:-:. :??.-EW? , - .,1!52r:,f.:i1. wr - 7 ,-, .'.:r-:'r E., --. :ga i'a-.vs , -"-4:11-. ' J.-, uns 'y:':--- - - -' - I I N , ' I - -' I , I L. I I I - 'II 7 'R A S ' E L I I A , , W , , v Y I I . TROP HE sTudenTs oT NorTheasT are qulTe proud oT The Trophy cases whuch sTand In The school lubrary For many years awards Tor NorTheasT s ouTsTandung leadershsp an aTh1eTncs have been lcepT nn These cases 1n 1922 The sTudenT oT NorTheasT donaTed IU honor oT The 1a+e Dr Andrew J Morrnson Th mosT nmporTanT oT all sporTs Trophies IH lnfe scho1asTlc League compeT1Tson The lvlorruson Trophy NorTheasT has held Thus Trophy a1mosT every year since :T was TursT placed IU compeT1Tuon 1T as pre senTed To The school wuTh The besT over all sporTs record each year AnoTher nmoorTanT Trophy The Terry Cup ns awarded To The best soccer Team nn Tne caTy each year Since 1945 NorTheasT has won The Terry Cup every year excepT 1947 1951 and 1952 In 1948 NorTheasT shared :Ts possessuon wuTh Girard College Times an The 1asT eughT years wuTh one Tne In 1957 The Trophy us a horse carved ouT oTso1ud mahogany by a Tormer NorTheasTer The wnnner oT The annual NorTheasT CenTra1 TooTbal1 game lceeps The Trophy Tor one year OTher Trophres are The Two DuTch Trophnes pre senTed To championship TooTbal1 and bas1cTbal1 Teams The PrmceTon Cup awarded To baseball Teams The FooTba11 Assocnahon oT EasTern Penn sylvanaa DusTrncT Trophy awarded To Cross counTry HY CASE aggregahons The MaTThew J OBrnen Trophy Tor Track and Tueld The Mnrror Trophy Tor swlmmnng Th Leonardo Terrone Trophy Tor Tencung The 1-1 nry Brachold Memorial Trophy Tor bowling and The Marlcward Bas1ceTba11 Trophy presenTed To Guy Rogers These Trophnes are a Tune TrlbuTe To The aTh1eTlc prowess oT NorTheasTers oasT and presenT llqhfx f'11l1l NorTheasT won The Wooden 1-Torse Trophy Tive Northeast Hugh School History September I l885 marlced the start ot ev nts leadung to the beoznnung ot Northeast It was tnnally beung notuced that condutmons were too crowded ID the old Manual Traunung School when ID I889 Isaac A Sheppard ot the Board ot Educa tlon tnrst aslced tor another school t-te was advanced te sum ot I50O to eguap a part ot the od Vlnlluam A Lee School Howard Street below Grrard Avenue and tnus started the log rolling I0 000 worth ot Improvements and 535000 tor an addutuon to the exustang buuldlng were then spent so that the Northeast Annex could open on Sep tember w h a tull enrollment ot I20 pu I Wrlllam L Sayre was then Pruncupal tor both th Central Manual Trannung School and the North ast Annex Wuth the entranc ot the third regular yearly class on September I I892 C t'lantord t-lender on was elected Prlncupal The tnrst graduatlon was held lolntly with Central at the Academy ot Muslc Northeast sent I2 ot Its 58 graduates to college In l894 the Alumnu Assocuatnon was started J Monroe Wullard next became Pruncupal n l896 tollowed n I8'-28 by Dr Andrew J Morrison Seventy one boys graduated an I899 The school was overtlowung with 406 puplls attendlng the tour year cour Q Pruncnpal Morruson toolc Phnladelphla s Mayor As ridge throu th school pountung out the crowded condlt on Ashbrldge set as de the land urroundnng the Falrh ll Roservolr as the sate tor a new Northeast Manual nd a new puollc llbrary The cornerstone ot the new North ast was land on January 9 I904 The school was exp ctecl to be e ot the n I country A great step In the educational development ot Phuladelphsa occurred on November I7 l905 when the granite structure on Lehngh Avenue was completed Woodrow Wnlson the presudent ot Prunceton Unuversuty was guest spealcer at the many ceremonnes The buuldung long awarted had at last become a realnty' In I907 a two term year was unaugurated Northeast Manual Tralnung Hugh Schools enroll ment reached the I046 mark The athletnc tleld at 29th and Cleartleld was dedncated on October 3l I908 The school was renamed Northeast I-hgh School In I9l2 having academuc and commercual tour year courses In l9I3 a language department was started A second annex was also opened In I9l3 The ornglnal bulldnng ot Northeast Manual was the turst annex Northeast acqulred Centrals athletic tneld at 29th X: Cambrua I I9I4 a n gym department was started In I9l5 the alumn assocuatuon held a twenty tutth annnversary banquet Thurty trve loyal Northeasters I t theur Ives World War One during l9l7 and I9I8 Contracts made In I9l6 brought about the completnon ot Shallcross I-lall the spacuous gymnasium In l920 the audntoruum also was completed Dr Andrew Morrnson died on June I I920 only 29 days b tore he was to retire In l92l Morrlson I-tall was ded cated IH memory ot Dr Morruson A large plpe organ was Installed ID Morruson I-lall at a cost ot l6000 Pruncupal Dr George F Stradlung torm d departmental heads ID the taculty In ICP23 Senate Awards were inaugurated In I924 by the North east Senate In l927 the Concrete grandstand at Northeasts athletic tleld was deducated The I-loward Street annex was abandoned In l928 Dr Stradllng dued on January 24 I932 Theodore S Rowland then became pruncupal From I933 to I934 the crowded condutuons ot the school whlch had 4 200 pupils became apparent Each day was stretched to nune perlods On September I0 l935 ar applncatuon T r addutlonal wang was tlled The Class ot June IQ36 a a record ot 40l graduates In I937 the schoo had accommodations tor over 5000 pupuls the new bunldung was complete l94l txrst and and alr rand drllls becam com mon practnce at Northeast Many Northeast stu dents graduates and teachers tound them elves nn unutorm by l942 Many ot these hero s shall never return to Northeast again In IQ46 a tund to create a War Memorual Library was begun The annual Northeast Revue celebrated nts twenty tmtth annnversary the Senate Play presented nts twentneth annual production In I947 the War Memorxal Library was completed and the Megaphone publushed nts twenty tutth ann versary Issue IH the same year Mr Charles Young became prnncupal atter Dr Rowlands returement In January ot l948 I 111 nm . ' ' ' . ' ' ' . n ew It S . ' ' I . 1 ' , ' ' . ' - ' os ' I in I7 it pls. A ' . . . . . . . 9 . . I I S ' ' e ' . ' I- . . . 2 . T "I" T T . . hb ly, e - , . I I I X C an I S. I . . . . S I I I I d I 1 a . . . - 'on tlnost a d best egupped In the In ' ' S ' , s - ' 55 . . - . :- . . . . . ff tty- ' ' e ll Never Forget 11 11111 1111 V11 1115111115 1111111111 1111111 1113 111 11111 11111111 1111111111 1111117111 15 51111115 11 1111115 1111111111111 V11 MlI'1lHS 11111y 11111 111 P11115 P1111 1V11111s 1.111111 11111 M111111 111 11111 111111111 111 111135 M 111 V11 E11111s 1.11111 1,1115 V11 111 111-15 111111111 131111111111y 11111111 V11 131111115 1311111111111 11111s11111111y 11 91111111 111111 1113 new 111111 1-1111111111111111 11111111 1611111 11111 1113 11111-1131 91111111 N W ' H1111 111111:k111111111 111111 1111111 111 11111111 1111 1111 111. 1111111615 31 1111111 11111115 P . -' ' . 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Th were ', 13 e-J C :emi X Nw fa W fn:fea5e3 X, 331' fl H. e jP'i1 emi. TM yer: ive 5' ec MM g :W TW lame lsr fi' Tie Spf' Q5 +w ii Tljw SP'rei 1 QQG' O: 'H. Mn, " itnfef xeec T: ':':w: fe ive. Tj 'EJ "ee af: +5 :ef 'fee CJ Levi ife FJ- T,,':':.. ein, Tue re 'M nice Weatfeg' Eff? 12' Sei eve' Se Vffe 'eafiefgj +'f:,'5' L- !r QQQ2 4 iifmse A Aft: fwe' 'ee fffie ' Pvc: we 51 e Ce ea 'Z ei' T?'E'6 1" fe: Came 55 LV Tfef TV vi"e 'i "'Vf:'::6.'. IN APPRECIATICDN MR. LUTHER RANCK IN APPRECIATION We, Ihe edi+ors and sfaff members of 'Ihe Record Book, would Iike +o express our apprecia+ion Io Mr. Lufher Ranclc, Dr. Samuel Gapp and Mr. Saul Kafz of +he English Depar'I'menI'. Wi+h un+iring efforf, fhey have assisfed us. Wifhouf Iheir aid and confribufion, fhe perfecfion which we have Iried +o aHain in our Record Book couId no+ have been possibIe. MR. SAUL KATZ MR. SAMUEL GAPP MR HAWLEY TWISS Na al P bl sh ng Co pany COVER AND BINDING 'X MR ANTHONY FODERERO Anfhony Siuduos MR JAMES A CLARK 3 se ENGRAWNGS AND PRINTING ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We fhe members of The one hundred and fiffh graduahng class would IlIre 'ro use fhls space fo aclmowl edge fhe help fha? 'rhe IOIIOWIDQ men have given us an complllng fhus yearbook Thelr and and mspnrahon have been unvaluable XIII I Hon u I I m fb' ' PHOTOGRAPHY CI rk Prinfing Hou , Inc. . 'I Ufj'-811116 Dedlcatlon Pr1nc1pal VICE Pr1nc1pal Class Sponsor A Class Advlsors Faculty Sen1or Sectlon D1v1der ARCHIVE Class OfflCEfS Class Pun Honor Soc1ety Senate Awards Commencement Speakers Index Page Page 6 Page Page Page Pages IO 14 Page l Page Page l Page l Page 3 Page 3 Page 3 Class Prom Pages 40 4 Honor Men Page 42 Class Hlstory Pages 42 4 Organlzatlons Dlvlder Page 4 The Northeast Senate Page 4 Senators and Alternates Execut1ve Commlttee Page 4 NORTHEAST MEGAPHONE Pages 50 51 Drama Club Pages 52 53 X Clubs Sports DIVIdef Football Basketball Soccer Team Cross Country Baseball Team Swlmmmg Team Gym Team Fenc1ng Team Bowllng Tenn1s Team Golf Team Track Team Crew Table Tenms Team Lettermen Trophy Case Pages 54 58 Page Pages 62 65 Pages 66 69 Pages 70 73 Pages 74 75 Pages 76 Page Page Page Page 81 Page Page Page 84 Page Page Page Page Northeast H1gh School Hlstory Page Well never forget School Song School Hymn ln Appreclatlon Acknowledgments Page Page Page Page Autographs Pages 95 96 ' ' .........,........,......,......,....... 4 .....,.,.......a...................... ,, - ' ' ....................,.......t..,.,.,r....... .......,..aa..,....,.,....... 61 ' ' ' ,................................. 7 ,,.,............................ ., - ' ,,.,,,,,r,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,t, 9 .....,...................... - - - ' - ,...,.,,,,A,.,..,,., 5 ..........,,........... . ,77 16 ' ' 78 ' '.'"...,'.'..'..b.".'...''.4" 8 .................................... .. 79 - ,QAHAAIlngAAEIHQVAI-..V-",,.'.."--g'.. 9 ' ...........,................,... so Seniors "Y'....'..A..I.'-.A'....g.......A.' Pages 20-34 ' ..........................,................ . . '.IInlrh......'-""h4..-'.-"" 6 ' .............s..........,......... sz 85 ' .......r........,..,.. as ' "-'---"'-'-"""---"" ' 4 ........................,...,..... as ' ' " .....,.......,...... 7 - - 89 8 ' 90 I - , ...,......r. 9l ' -----""------'-'----'-""'- 9 ' ' ..,..............,....,...... , 92 . .................,........ 93 Autographs Autographs 'N 4 f mum ,W w ,, .-,wp-M .- , 4' , be.-...,-. -......,.. .-.. .. -. 11- I---...f... ..-. - -.- N.-

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