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R RCW!! DONALD FERRETTI STEPHEN PETSIS IIUIIIHEIISI HIGH SIJHIIIII Presented by and CO-Editors-in-Chief PHILADELPHIA 0 PENNSYLVANIA ,Q -4 .14 On the wotl ot our sohoot hbrory longs Northeosters wtth whtch most ot us ore qutt tf mn or Th1S hst IS more tmportont thon the re tplents ot S note Awords or Vorstty letters or some snrnlor honor tt ts o hst thot hos grown roptdly tn the lost do7en yer rs tor It csonslsts ot the nomes ot those toyol Arghtves who To those Northeosters the heroto sons wt o t uve potct the supreme soCr1t1Ce so thot the Amert wr y o t te rntqht not perxsh we proudly dedtof te these p 1o s xx 1tr the proyer thot not o sthqte norne mov b rite-ot to the scrott t ' - ' ' ' 4 fl tlST ot . . . . C. . L Q I hove given their tives while serving in our !',1FYT1Qd torces. , , ' f 'fron rj t i 4 . A ,R I . J A k q 7. TA . ' A L , e C K ,xp TO THE CLASS OF 1954- lt now appears that our country may be tree from military action for a time, so that the develop- ment ot atomic energy tor peaceful use may be expanded. You, as citizens, will have a part in this matter. May your energies be devoted to improving our standards of living, and proving to the world that tree men, acting in a democracy, can do more tor themselves than forced labor in a police state. Your welfare is the welfare of all ot usp so never stop trying to improve it! GEORGE H. EISENHARDT Vice Principal TO THE BOYS OF THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1954: "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, l understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when l became a man, l put away childish things." I Corinthians, 13th Chapter, llth Verse. This Scripture has been read to you many times while you have been at Northeast, and, un- doubtedly, is well known to all of you. It has been our hope that during the last three years, you have grown mentally and spiritually from boyhood into young manhood, and that the concepts ot good habits and good living have been stressed, so that now they have become a part ot your lives. We know that you will leave Northeast with regrets, but, also, that you will meet your re- sponsibilities as citizens ot this great community. You are now a part of that great host of men who are "Loyal Sons of Northeast." May God bless you, and may you make your life worth living. Sincerely yours, WALTER E. HOWARTH Vice Principal - 1.7-.. .-4-ff .., I-A. A'-2 n-K-' f --X, , .:.... f..'J 15 , L . 1 f ,,.,,,..1, ',,-..,,.3.' .1..1--'.,-. , 1,2 Q vc--f LA--4 ' -Sw - f.. wr -, , A . ,--.J.-1-4-.5f,,..f1..b 1 4 .,,, ,J A. . 1 '. 1-3 I ' 'Sw .5 7, ' ' -V -,QM-:..T. , gf-g: .1-gf W cb , fy X ' f"- I-,p'L'h, ' f.. LJVI' ,Q LWJW, , Agn- W . 5 5.1, i 7' 'TEKEX DITOR IN -v ' us :iff 1-f T -i'l l?flfli'Q5 wr wi ai, J 5 ' "ff Q UTOR , n Q' 5 9x -Q, -1 1' ,,.. :P A-sv v uv-'Q ' v 'rw 1,11 -,. 1--.X T -1 fx-.JV 4 -H1 1-1" 1 v'm,P'ff,f-if rQ'f nr .. f f-- 1- -. ,rx f., ,.v.,,g, lfvfr- "KI . - ., 1. f-..v,.1.1. ---. --'tain ,J-.1 T- Y' ' 'W' rw, , - -- .. 4 f'wi-w lf? ,,,-,ufvgv-71 . 1-Y .."v. wr- ,,x,L .,.v,,r- .sq Q- gn-af'-r ,. 3 ,,,4.-V1-':'i'f W' ,?,,,7.,..:f1,?':'-S.. Q-vw-7: 4? :YW 4 ,aww Qvfagvv-'fx -' v 7.7-1-1l'QI'Q"""g',.v Q' Y ,,,,, - 'farm-n.v'-',fw - -' , ,-,,,-. . . ..-gm '- Q... -..-'.'.--1 ff"x'Tf,."IIjfl"1'.f'-.'l- ..f -43 v --. ,,,,---, Q..- ,.'..,f- -M,-ff: '-if 41 T A jnftfqp qvh.. kt. .r V., Q- --.-- X- Y-' 1' v' 'vf'...-,Qf-v',-.35'- -"1 - '-'- f' ..'..:.-r---1-'-'f", -4 a,,f'.,:,w-: f v'-' .,. .. ,,,... . vr v ' 1-fr s1'w.1- " .. 2" 4 'Q-'sh . ..H,,f--1' . a..1t-13" " 'il 2-1- ..,- ..,,,, - y,5.,,.,!.- -2 Qf vs f5'4a'p-"' ,- lfiggf-V 11192: 5,-7711 , K, Af. 1. ,.4xS...1'..,,. H' ' fn. --..:'f:-fn' ' .,, ,. , 1-d:'N:3,h,N ,,-,Sz M N-f - 'Af' .nugm 1474-4-Frxg-, V-,J ' tri' M2 A. +4 -f we-av -'fn '51, R .wwf -2 ,rv-,www.'v. 1- Q ff we A M1-'-'51 -frm. .vfv , -Mu-,' rv: ff " ,' 4,H.1.Qv,-r. Q. fwfvgm -vrA7N -far:--?f"f T.-,..., f-- M. -- -4-v --V --7 Y , . rf.-f .. . ,.-,..- ,n:s11e'-:V-"rar ,fi . 1-'.. .gary -'Yr' wwf?-tri?" "?" ' " Q. 6- W.. - My W +1-fv-SN' '.,, W- . .-f 1 , 4- fm--' ' F" ,, l.l-,,f,-e-v-mfs " 9 ' 'wuz i Q , Q If -f.,1-.1- I V . 71 Lr- ,QM vn- ,fx- Ps? era uv 1- ,,.. vu ,, ,.., 4 War'-. 1'-'iv PORTS col on '1- .xv-z' pq ,J .35 V----. .,..-, . .,.., ,- .,- 4- . , -1 ,,,.. 1- .f,...,,. w.,w,.-f as 'W -- ' N, W. .N,1,w,Q:-Y M2-MWM ,y 41 v ' n ,- ,. n . -Z - F 1 av " -v " 1 9 Y ., Q -qv ' Y.. - H' 'I 1 9 C' A I' ' 'S' 1 3, Q --- +11 ,s . . 'I F, . 4 0 1 -2 . 3- 4' I' m ' s ' N W - v ' . 1 f : "z ' X a 2 . J J - YI -S L ! V X Kg ' 'J - x 5 L U Q,5., ' ' 1 . 3' j r 2, Til x Q X N! 'I t Y J :JY X 11 3 :x :iw i I Q I- r 1 X Q, K, . , . R ,' . 'J 'Sl V ,- 33 U Z. ' V " ' E - ' 'Q . N . Q N 1 1. W 'V ' I L 7 I ' , v , . N' . ,. wi . .- -, -x v: Q V-,..1K' H f -gg - iizfffgz I Ev. , ., ,,-W..-. Wm? , H .M N , -fn f ... ., M 5 t ,K 4 v W vw, . ,LM . ff Y f v-V , .., M-.,.,,i-W., ,. 'f"ff'T' '-..-f ' '- - . L A'2'2if'g QL,"-'3'. A I , V , T 1- -' ,, , --,--,--- . - .-n--AN w.,'..-m:-f,.f-'r -qr we--f -- A V M ,, ..,h,,g,,-1.4 " -- 41" 1 ' ,. .. -. . ., s. -V ', W. .fy 4 A M - A ' ' 3' ,tif -K , . Y . ,nl 1 , , , .- f W' Mk ' x 1 ...f-. ,JVM f f-'wif FM f -- " W -' p , f 4 gf -K - f -xv-K iW"'1 M, ,g .- W, - 1 t, ,V , M , W ,ie .X h 'Q WA, , ,-.f..x,w-... TYPING EDITOR A x N' Q-ww .- , , . f 'M 4' fy 11- M " 4.5. . Y 4' 7 ...YM 1 ,V I - sv .fp 4.1Q',l3-Q -..x.,,"..fww' " - N f - A fn---a-M..-U,-Q lf -- M ' T F--..Q A, ..1-,QM K ww .,,.,:-1.7"-.vfq-g X-,f-16 ffw ' W ...KJ 3- - V. - -6 X Wrzvx ,. ,r W mf mx Y . , -nf, .. V Www- -,G - w. 4.15.-,H .www 4 x- -v N .. - . , W f . 4 WMM? . ., , ,A :N .f. 19511-M S ,ywfw -, -'funn X f-gfwf-f.-.. 1-'-.11 f-"'?.-P l ,, K G. ,,, frA.y wi-4. ,rv pany f f M... ,M fwfx.-L-A 1. mzv gary, .ft-+4 ,pw 'f ' W Qfmffff K .f, f .Saw I, ff K -'Q-fff-2. M ,fx 1,-rf J, l'AVAN U6H Xi: Q11 FINE AND MECHANICS ART DEPARTMENT Thtrd Row Messr Adelber l-lexnernann Charles Malloy lame Danworth Herbert Wyll ner luolson Folker Clarence Hutchinson Second Row Me sr Albert Flsher Lotn Herwlg Vlncen Cheverelll loseph Rowan Wtl lam Thomas Wynn Qtnqley F1rstRow Messrs lohn Horvath Stephen Hale Danlel lavohy Randolph Ahhott Wllllfilll Wll son Charles Bnrlcley Wllllflll McEwan MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Second Row Me srs Martn Stevens Harold Neerenb rq Anthony Marzlant Phlllp Sny Frank Boqxa F1rstRow Mes r Gersor Emile haut Charle Freedn an Tona l-lah Le1qh onSnn1th Lawre Baococlc Mfer Rose-r hxl N he a Cvra T' 3 MQ f' ., I' X gy! ,X f r o ' as .L rl S I L , 'r s' s. , S A , . I v l , . , .V , ' , , l 'z S' . . . , e , ' der, Clyde Sims,FranC1s Murphy, ' : 's s. 5 l r C . ' , , n, 5, t , " .noe ' ' , 1 ' 1' f V' . X E s nt. l 'C ' can 'llff i X3 'W 44 . Oda , if av 4 QQ. 41 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Se-Cord Row Me-sbr Wlllxcur Wmmov Hmxev ISVIVII Pob er H1141 Ol Fred PISILP Row Me r Ef11WxH1c1m LecrmrH S lverr C11 Lelqh Ivn K Srmth Robert Bradbury K r1Brcmd LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT H4 vy Jrd He-nzel Rolcric. Dvfxr Mr Q F hah e Char e r P hc d Ama 'Jrr PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 6' D FCE I H1 lbw vM DRIVING EDUCATION e4 P 11 Q , X4 ox. Dum. CONQLQAR omvfw EDUCAN Ziff, I zflufx COUNSELORS Herbert Grossman Mary Levy and Morfm Goldberg MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr Pc1u1Duff1eld SIXIULII Mr. Anthony Di Julio MR BRADBURY ROSTER CHAIRMEN We of the senlor class w1sh to extend our thanks to Mr Bradbury and Mr Herwtq for then' generous efforts as roster cha1rrnen Thetr Job that of assurlnq all the sen1ors that they had sufftclent cred1ts to graduate or to enter s1derab1e effort and t1me We are deeply grateful to them for thexr splendld ass1stance MR NERWIG -5 zen! n college, was one which required con- 'e' c' MR LUTHER RANCK IN APPRECIATION We the edrtors ond Stott members ot the Record Book would l1ke to express our opprec1c1t1or1 to Mr Luther Ronck ond Mr Soul Kotz ot the Enqhsh Department W1th urttrrmq ettort they hove osststed us Wrthout then' old cmd contmbutton the DSFf9Ct1OI'1 Wh1Ch we hove tr1ed to dttom m our Record Book could not hove been pOSS1blG MR SAUT KATZ I I1 1 I 1 . , . f . M :lg 1 vcr 'K MR ANTHONY FODERERO MR IOHN R COE Anthony Studios Williams and Marcus Company PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTING ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We the members of the graduating class would like to use this space to acknowledge the help that the following men have qiven us in compiling this yearbook Their aid and insplrahon have been invaluable QQ MR. MICHAEL PACKI MR. HAWLEY TWISS Philadelphia-Weeks Engraving Company Naiional Publishing Company ENGRAVING COVER AND BINDING .XVlflf.'lc'L'I1 M012 50 1954 AE'WAEAEAEAEAEAEAEMNEAEAEAEAEMAEAEAEMAEAENEAEAEAEAEAEMAEMMAEAEAE GERSON ALEXANDER 329 East Cnrard Avenue P1ckle Art1st Oh what a gooey mess P1ckle was a Northeast rooter at all sports events HIS hard work and determ1nat1on should a1d h1m IH h1s future occupat1on He enloys draw1ng and aorobat1cs We re sure he ll be a success 1n h1s chosen 16 d HENRY AREIS 2866 North Taney Street Hank Bu1lder Oh boy look at that Hank d1d not part1f'1pate 1n any school OCl1V1l1eS but was an ardent Northeast supporter Outs1de of school he IS 1nterested IH rac ng cars CHARLES S AUSTIN 914 North N1neteenth Street Th1S IS me the great Mr C Charles was on the Track Team dur1ng h1S stay at Northeast H was a loyal Northeast boo ter and llkeS basketball football ana sw1m mxng H1s classmates w1sh h1m the best of luck 1n h1S future under tak1ngs WILLIAM BAIRSTOW 3423 North Lee Street 1 Engmeer G1ve It a shot of Bardahl B111 served on the NE Electr1c Crew for l1Ve terms and was an announcer at the football games HIS 1nterests outs1de of school are hot rods f1sh1ng hunt1ng and foot ball We hope he IS successful IH hlS chosen f1eld of SHQIHSGFIHQ Tuentx Tu 0 EUGENE ALLEN 2306 North Th1rteenth Street Speedy College I don t want to sound square but you know Speedy IS one of those fellows who has great fun playtng any sport although sw1mm1ng and football are hlS favor1tes He w1ll never be forgotten by the fr1ends he made at Northeast and we all w1sh h1m success DANTE ARICO 2921 North Twenty th1rd Street Auto Mechan1c It was a long wa1t but lt f1nally came Although a qu1et boy Dan was a very loyal Northeaster HIS fr1endly att1tude made h1m popular w1th h1s classmates Outs1de of school he plays baseball footba1l and re bu1lds cars EDWARD FRANK BAILEY 640 West Ind1ana Avenue Beetle Auto Mechamc Do unto others as you would have them do unto you Ed d1d not have t1me to part1c1pate 1n any school act1v1t1es but was often on the Honor Roll H1s ma1n 1nterests are church sports and cars We w1sh h1m lots of luck 1n the years to come BENJAMIN BANKS 2400 West Gordon Street Benny Mach1n1st What I care you know Benny was qu1te act1ve IH athlehcs He was on the Cross Country Team for three terms He also ran on the Track Team Out slde of school Benny l1kes to play football and dance I . , L ll I " " If , s- , . , , . .I I ' , . '. ' f' l . ' , 'D. A.' ' tt H I 4 ,g . 4 A f V . . . Q A 1 I ' I Y - 'Sammy' Undecided ' ' ' I D ' f 11 . . I e . . . . C . . . . I I - . I V ' I I B'll' ' . , . . , . 1 1 1 ' - ' D - AEMAEAEAEAEAEMAEMMAEAEAEAEMAEAEAEMAEAEAEAEAEMMAEMAEMAEMAEAE 1954 WILLIAM BATCHELLER 3154 Salmon Street Batch Mus1c1an You never had rt so good Wh1le at Northeast B111 served as an art1st on the Megaphone Staff and art ed1tor of the Arc hue After school he plays 1n the Pol1sh Amer1can Str1ng Band After leav1ng h1gh school B111 mtends to be a mus1c1an W1th h1s w1ll1ng ness to work 1t IS almost certam he w1ll ach1eve success MILTON BENEN 2141 North Stanley Street M1 t Accountant One of these days pow r1ght on the k1sser 1vf1lt a member of the Honor Sect1on was unable to take part 1n any extra curr1cular GCIIVIIISS but was a loyal supporter of our teams Outslde of school M1lt IS on av1d sports follower ROBERT F BLOCK 2506 North Th1rty fourth Street Trebor Kcolb Med1c1ne Its t1me for a reform Bob was a member of the German Club Honor Sect1on and the UNNE HIS outs1de mterests center largely on chem1strv and a l1ttle astronomy We know he w1ll be successful 1n hlS chosen f1eld DANIEL C BONGIOVANNI 2010 Rowan Street Dan E.lectr1c1ar1 Crazy cat Wh1le at Northeast Dan was very act1ve He was 1n the Honor SGCIIOH mer1tor1ous three l1meS and Megaphone Representatxve Alternate and Senator each IWICG He was also a member of the Foot ball and Track Teams for wh1ch he rece1ved an award We re sure he ll have a successful career Tu enlx Thn ROBERT BAUMNER 1235 We t Westmoreland Street Bo Car Des1gner Stop Hank Gnrls' Bobs hobl:1es are tak1ng and developmg p1ctures He also en 1oys play1ng basketball We W1Sh Bob the best of luck as an auto moblle deslgner LAWRENCE C BERMAN 2726 North FOIIY s1xth Street Larry AFIISI What s cook1n good look1n 'P Larry was on our Fencmg Team wh1le at Northeast and fought h1s way to v1ctory many t1mes He mterested ID football baseball box1ng and art H1s ob1ect1ve ID l1fe IS to become an art1st Wlth h1s ab1l1ty to draw and pamt he should be a blg success CHARLES J BOGDANOFF 2026 Allegheny Avenue Bog Lawyer Kefauver and Lausche IU 56 Bog was gu1te act1ve around school He was a member of the Sw1mm1ng Team WIHHXHQ an NE He was on the Megaphone Staff sports ed1tor of the Art hut pres1 dent of the U NN E and also rece1ved a Senate Award HIS outs1de GCl1V1l19S 1nclude member sh1p 1n an S A R Fratermty but h1s greatest 1nterest IS 1n pOlll1CS ROBERT WALTER BRODE 2228 Trenton Avenue Bob Drummer H1 babe Bob was a loyal supporter of Northeast s athlet1c teams He IS 1nterested zn basketball box1ng bowhng danc1ng and s1ng1nq He has two ob1ect1ves ID l1fe to become a mOC1l1U1S1GHd a drummer Wlth h1s ab111ty and p rsonal1ty he IS sure to succeed i954 AEMMAEAEMMMAEMMMMMAEMAEMMMAEMMMMMMAEMAEMMMAEM FRANKLIN BRODY 2455 West Oakdale Street Brod Doctor Cherchez la femme Brod was really one of those all around boys H1s ab1l1ty on the football fteld brought htm an N and an NE 1n addttton to much popular 1ty Scholastlcally he was a mem ber of the NE and Nat1onal Honor Soctettes and tn the Honor Sect1on all slx terms ln h1s spare t1me he played tn the Northeast Band We are sure hell be a success rn any fteld he enters JAMES R BURKE 2841 North Fourth Street lm Auto Mechamc Get Wllh tt hm dld not have much ttme for after school act1v1t1es but he sup ported our teams hke a true Northeaster Hls mterests l1e 1 flshmq football hot rods and repaxrtnq cars We know he w1ll be a success as an automoblle CLARENCE BYRD l622 North Twenty stxth Street Byrd Auto Mechamc Sweetness Byrd was a hkeable ambtttous fellow He was on the Fencxng Team and spent three terms m the work expertence course Byrds chlef outstde act1v1ty IS maklnq hot rods He also llkes danclng skating and swlmmlng JAMES H CARBERRY 444 East lndlana Avenue Dmqleberry Carpenter Boy IS lean terrlftc lxm was qulte actxve ID school llfe servmg as an Alternate and a member ot the Glee Club I-le w1ll be remembered also for h1s work on the Arc hue Staff H1s lnterests lnclude danctng swlmmmg and skattng llm s classmotes wtsh h1m the best of luck Tuenlg Four WILLIAM BROWN 2837 West Montgomery Avenue Bones M1n1ster or Salesman l have not QIVSH my word so long as you have not taken 1t Bones was a member of the IV Baseball Cadet Basketball and Football Teams He also served on the L1brary Squad He achteved conslderable success ln h1s hlqh school athlet1c and scholast1c act1 v1t1es We all hope he w1ll attaln the same success IH l1te ALEXANDER K BURNS l925 North Hope Street BUTT Succeed You know Durmg h1s stay at Northeast Burr was a member of the Honor Sectron He also was act1ve 1n the B1ble Club and was on the Mega phone Staff As a senror he was Archu e Features Edltor Some of h1s outs1de mterests were teachrng a Sunday School class playlng east s teams MARTIN CALINOFF 2940 West Norrts Street M1ckey Success 1n Showbxz Supercalafrag1cexpeolados1s M1ckey took an acttve part ID many school act1v1t1es He was a member of the Dramattc Club and appeared ID a number of Senate Plays and Revues We re sure that he w1ll be a successful enter tatner rn show buslness KENNETH CARSON 3026 Frankford Avenue K1 Cartoon st What say boy? Ken who was both Senator and Alternate for two terms each was also actlve 1n sports recetvmg h1s numerals We re sure Ken w1ll succeed 1n h1s chosen career of cartoomng . , - I. Il 1 '- l . , - 4 . I I ' I - . . . I - h ' I - - l 4 1 1 f I li b ' mechanic- basketball, and following North- x I V I - I . . rt . . . ,, ' 't' i I ' II If , , A l . - ' . I V ' AEAEMAEAEAEAEAEAEMMAEMAEAEMAEMAEMAEMMMMMMAEMAEMMMAEM !95'4 JOEL E CHESNEY 24l6 North Natrona Street Ches College You should ltve but not long loe was a Senator or Alternate every term dur1ng h1s stay at NE He also served on the Prom Com m1ttee He lS mterested IH football and other sports W1th h1s ab1l1ty and wtlhngness to work loe ts sure to succeed CHARLES CLAYTON 2224 West Cumberland Street Clayt Go to Penn State Hey g1rl that s a a all rxght Charles was a member of North east s Basketball and Track Teams He was IH the Honor Sectton for three terms and a Senator ot h1s class Outsxde of school Clayt emoys swxmmmg horseback r1d1ng 1ce and roller skatmg All h1s trlends wlsh htm the best of luck ROBERT D COULDRON 5341 Frankford Avenue Teacher Test tomorrow Although Cy dxd not actually take part 1n athletlcs he was act1ve as a manager ot our Football and Baseball Teams and a member of the German Club and Honor Sectlon Hls outs1de 1nterests are baseball and astronomy GERALD CRAIG 292l North Roseh ll St eet lerry Loyal Worker Who s got the homework? lerry was qu1te a sports er thustast He would l1ke to see Northeast s Basketball Team become the league champs lerry s ab1ltty to fxmsh what he starts should help htm be come a great success fu ent5 I ue JERE PATRICK CLAWGES l64 West Estaugh Street Shade Motor Repatrman Man oh man Shades was one ot the most DOPular and respected boys m the entlre class He was a loyal North easter and a credtt to the school He IS a member of the Osmond Drum and Bugle Corps outs1de of school Good luck Shades JOHN L COOPER 2354 Hope Street COOP Avtator We re go1ng to m1ss you around here Coop played lV Baseball and IV Basketball He was a Senator and a member of the Honor Sectton and Execuhve Commtttee IS outs1de ac+1v1t1es are centered around zoology and astronomy CHARLES E CRABTREE 2825 North Fourth Street Chaz Electr1c1an Oh Yeah Chaz was a supporter of all the athlet1c teams durlng h1s stay at Northeast He dldnt have tlme to part1c1pate tn sports but he was always cheermg when our teams were on the held Charles enloys football baseball chess and swtm mmg outstde of school THOMAS CRUM llO3 West T1oga Street Crum Own a Busmess That s all rlght Durtng h1s stay at Northeast Crum wa a member of the Senate Execuhve Commtttee and sup ported all our teams Outs1de of chool he plays baseball and basketball on nelghborhood teams We are sure he wxll be a success tn whatever held he enters i954 AEAEMIWAEAEAEMAEMMMAEAEAEMAEMAEMAEIWAEMAEMAEAEMAEMMMAEM GENE DAVIS 1927 North Darien Street ox Be successful Oh' My nerves Gene served our school on the Stage and Drama Crew while at Northeast He IS interested basketball and IS on a neighbor hood team We wish him luck in whatever held he enters EDWARD DE WITT 2165 East Cumberland Street College How bout that? Ed did not participate in any extra curricular activities but was cooperative in all school activities Ed has a great personahty and was quite popular with all his friends VINCENT ECKERT l468 East Wilt Street c Tool and Die Maker What s the answer to no tive? Vince was quite active at North east He was a member of the NEK Dance Committee and the Orlginal H1Y He was on the Honor Roll a number of times Out side of school Vince likes sports and dancing JOHN ELLISON 1908 Morse Street Chunky Architect You ll make it lohn was a member of our Fenc mg Team while in Northeast He is interested in football basketball and boxing. We wish him lots ot luck in his endeavors to become a successful architect. 'wily ' ' JOHN DE VECE 2925 North Twenty first Street The Cat Make money and marry Meow Iohn was quite well known and liked by his classmates During his stay at Northeast he earned Meritorious Honors several times lohn s outside interests are boxing fishing and hunting ABRAHAM DIAMOND i719 North Eighth Street Re Undecided What did he say? Red was an active member of the class and he supported all the school activities He was well liked by everyone and his yokes and smiles helped his fellow classmates through many dull moments We wish him lots of luck in his future endeavors WILLIAM THEODORE ELIA l702 North Third Street Willy Car Salesman Ah your litney s busted' Bill was captain of the Northeast Varsity Bowling Team for two seasons His main interests he keeping himself in good condition and associating with attractive girls With his exceptionally good sense of humor and wit he should do very well in his chosen field of salesmanshrp JOSEPH ENGLAND 2515 Frankford Avenue oe Machinist Are you there? During his three years at North east loe was a loyal Northeaster and patronized most events. H was an outstanding member of the Hi-Y and enjoys dancing and listen- ing to music. ANTHONY FALSETTA 2519 East Ann Street Tony Hxstory Teacher lust a tr1m or all off? Dur1ng Tony s stay at Northeast he was a Megaphone Salesman and an Alternate Durlng h1s spar txme he qwes haxr cuts and plays baseball After leavmg h1gh school he mtends to become a h1story teacher Wlth h1s wlllxngness to work he 1S sure to be a success STANLEY FIELD 3213 West Berks Street Doctor Teacher Oh you dog Stanley was a member of the Honor Sectlon was actlve on the Stamp Club and Track Team We hope he w1ll be a success as a teacher JAMES FRICKMANN 818 West Er1e Avenue lm Agr1cultura1 Engineer 1 dxsagree hm was quxte popular around Northeast He was a member ol the Archue Staff Honor Sectlon ancl Presldent of the Or1g1nal H1 Y Well always remember 11m for h1s debates IH h1story class We know he w1ll be a successful agrxcultural eng1neer ALEXANDER GANTT 3041 North Sydenham Street A ex Learn How to S1ng Aww k1ll em hm' Alex was qulte popular 1n school He was a member of the Track Team and was also on the Honor Roll Hrs outslde GCl1Vll1eS 1nclude baseball and football Tuenlx Sewn RAPHAEL FELDMAN 1504 North Seventh Street Ray Busmessman Hey hm' Ray was known throughout the Senror Class as one of the most friendly and cooperatlve ln that group Although he dldnt part1 c1pate ln extra currlcular actlvlhes he was very actlve outslde of school takxng part IH basketball and other commumty act1v1t1es of mterest Good luck 11m HERBERT A FREED 2276 East Cambrla Street Satch Accountant Really? You re rlght Herb was an all :fund guy domg well 1n both sports and stud1es He was m the Honor Sect1on and played Cadet Basket ball Hls hobb1es are muslc sports and glrls Satch w1ll probably make a very good accountant MARVIN FROST 3154 Amber Street Frostee Art1st How about that? Marvm was unable to partxclpate ID after school OCl1Vll1eS but sup ported our teams 11ke a true North easter After school Marvln llkecl to sketch dance and collect glrls telephone numbers After leavmg hlgh school he mtends to become a cornmercxal artlst Lots of luck m years to come Marv JACK GARABEDIAN 1337 West York Street Moose Be My Own Boss 1 don t lrke you lack took part rn many actxvxtles around school He was a copy reader on our school paper and played 1V Baseball and was on the NEK Dance Comm1ttee He was an Alternate 1n the A and B class and also a member of the Semor Prom Commlttee FRANCIS MARTIN GENDEK 427 East Richmond Street Frank Get a College Degree Although Frank was unable t participate in extra curricular acti vities he supported most of our fine teams here at Northeast Photo graphy model airplane engines and cars are his main interests out side of school HAROLD GLOVER 2345 North Thirteenth Street Mr Baseball Own a Business Real chilly Harold won numerals for Cadet Basketball and was also the recipient of a letter for lunior Varsity Basketball He plays basketball on a neighborhood team as well Harold s friends feel sure that he will be successful in his future undertakings CHARLES GOBEL 6503 North Gratz Street Chaz Business Look at that cool cat An ardent supporter of all North east teams Chaz played football in the Pop Warner conference Out side of school he likes dancing and basketball We all hope Charles will be a success in the business world. RALPH GRANGER 1717 Berks Street inx Accountant Solid Hoss. Even though he hadnt the time to participate in sports or other extra-curricular activities here at school Ralph could often be seen cheering on one of our NE teams. Basketball is his main interest out- side of school. mill 'I-zrenly-Eiglil PETER GLITZ 3404 Tampa Street Pete Auto Mechanic Don t bet on it Pete was an ardent NE rooter at all our athletic events during his stay here Target shooting fishing and swimming kept Pete busy when schoolwork didn t WALTER GNIEWEK 2607 East Westmoreland Street Walt Navy Captain I can try Walt was an Alternate and Senator of his class He was a sup porter of all our teams and was often seen at athletic events His ability to follow as well as give orders should make him a ine captain GEORGE GOODRIDGE 3540 North Lee Street Georgie Going in the Navy Tell me more George was on the Northeast Crew and rowed in the toughest contests it ever had He is also inte ested in swimming and foot ball His future occupation in the Navy will no doubt be successful Good luck George. DAVID GREENWOOD 2925 North Bailey Street 'Sam Draftsman Gee s Oh Man Dave was very active in sports during his career at Northeast. He was co-captain of the Gym Team and a pole vaulter, receiving NE s for each. Dave also played Cadet Football. All his friends are ulling for him to be a successful dra tsman. AEMMMAEMMMAEMMMMMMMAEMAEMAEMMMMMMAEMAEMMMMM !95-4 PAUL E GUTEKUNST 7355 North Twenty frrst Street ex Draftsman Yo doll how s your duste 'P Paul played TV Basketball here at Northeast and recelved a letter Basketball swlmrnlng and base ball are hrs mam outsrde rnterests We are sure Paul wrll be a success ful draftsman LENNARTH E HALLBERG 517 West Troga Stree Lenn Research Chemrst That doesn t cut any lce Lenn a member of the Honcr Sectron throughout h s stay at Northeast was on the Tennrs Team German Club UNNE and Art hzr L Staff Lots of luck tn the future Lenn JOSEPH C HECK 2060 East Prckwrck Street Brg loe Constructron Burlder Where s drngleberry loe drd not partrcrpate rn any acttvrtres around school but he was a srncere fellow and was well lrked by all hts classmates Out srde of school loe rs rnterested ln baseball football and swrmmrng PAUL ALFONSO HENNIX 2127 North Darmen Stree Alfonso Gospel Srnger Maddemng Pauls mam xnterest rs mg ng and hls mam cutslde mte e The Golden Echo Srnger He w ll long be remembered because of hr frrendlrness and polrshed manne luenlx Nam ARTHUR M HAGGETT 6705 Woolston Road Bobo Marme Bobo was an asset to Northeast and was one of the persons behmd the scenes who helped put over the Senate Plays as a member of the Stage Crew and Drama Club M DAVID HAMILTON 3228 North Carllsle Street Beetle Indefmrte Don t lose your head Davrd was a Senator for three terms He managed Cadet IV and Varslty Basketball Dave served as an Executrve Offrcer Class Treasurer Senator and was a member of the Art hu L Staff Wrth hrs Wlll11'1QU9SS to serve and his unfarlrng good humor Dave should go far rn hrs future undertakrngs DAVID MARTIN P HEISE 931 West Butler Street Wh1tey TV Engmeer Lend me a cent Dave d1d not have any trme for after school OCllV1lIeS but he sup ported our teams lrke a true North easter He IS mterested rn tele xrsron radro cars and stamps He has chosen TV engrneermg as a career Good luck Dave RICHARD G HORN 2342 North Tenth Street Drck Electrrcran Hey Baby Rrchard known to all h s frrends a Drck was a member ot our Fenc no Club here at school Collecurg postcards kept hrm busy when he wasnt supportrng one of our frne team X954 AEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEMAEMMAEAEMAEAEAEAQEAEMAEMMMMMMMMMMM JONATHAN H HONORE 1505 West Dramond Street Tweety Mrnrster Chrrst for me Tweety partrcrpated rn many actrvrtres here at Northeat was a memb r of the Drama Cla s and Megaphone Busrne s Staff He was a Senator for four term a well as a vrce pre rdent of the school He was also a member of th UNNE Brble Club and the Track and Cro s Country Team HARRY O JACKSON 1929 North Thrrteenth Street ack Electronrcs Technrcran Hum m m Boy' 1 ' lack as he was known to hrs frrends was qurte popular Durrng hrs stay at Northeast he was a member of the Track Team Band Orchestra and was on the Honor Roll Hrs outsrde rnterests rnclude workmg on mechamcal devrces and playrng the drums RAY F JENNERS 2446 North Twenty seventh Street ex Artrst Knock rt otf' Although he hadnt the trme to partrcrpate rn sports or other extra currrcular actrvrtres Ray wa an ardent NE rooter Baseball draw mg dancrnq and grrls are hrs mam outsrde rnterests We srncerely hope Rays desrre to become an artrst wrll be futtrlled YAROSLAV KAMINSKY 1825 West Cayuga Street Bob Electronrcs Enqrneer Bet you my lrte Bob was one of the qenruses ot our graduatrng class and could trequently be found explarnrnq work to hrs classmates or lendrnq them hrs homework Hrs actrvrtres rncluded the Table Tennrs Team, UNNE, Stamp Club, Honor Sectron and Natronal Honor Socrety Bob was on the Honor Roll every term Lots of luck to a swell guy llurlv CLIFFORD HUEBNER 2206 Coral Street C r Doctor How about that now Although he hadnt the trme to partrcrpate rn sports Clrtf sup ported our football and baseball teams here at Northeast Outsrde of school he rs rnterested ln base ball football and of course grrls We hope Clrff wrll come out ot college a worthwhrle doctor ROBERT E JAMES 2134 North Twenty frrst Street Bobby Electronrcs Engrneer Knock rt off Bob was a member of Northeast s Track Team durmg hrs stay here Hrs rnterests rnclude baseball foot ball and basketball He rntends to go to college and become an electromcs engrneer All hrs frrends wrsh hrm the best of luck DONALD J JONES 2511 North E ghteenth Street Debeaucre P lones College The most to say the very least Don s actrvrtres rncluded the Track Team and Alternate H also played rntra mural basketball whrle at Northeast Sports grrls and partres keep hrm busy outsrde of school WILLIAM EUGENE KELLEY 1718 West Oxford Street Wrzry To Graduate rn 54 1 hope I graduate Brll was a member of the Cross Country Team for two years, and also on the Track Team, and the Lrbrary Squad Hrs outsrde rnter ests rnclude radro, electromcs, and grrls Brll was a srncere fellow and we wrsh hrm the best of luck rn the future JOHN J KING a e a 1NaaEe Durrna h a lo T1 was ar enroe ct ll or shrp Soccer 'lean Gs a11 ntere '111 hot cl e mrs h1rr1 s cce S111 1 hr en e JOSEPH M LENCZYK 410 West Curnberlard St eet oe Colleoe Succe What a drag loe achreved great success dur mg hrs stay at Northeast He not only was outstandrnq scholas 1call but also took part rn many extra currrcular OCl1V1ll9Q whrch rncluded Gym Team Band Orchestra and Swmq Band He was a member ct the Natrona' Honor Socrety T11 nal d X 11111 greatest achrevement however was trrst befomrnq v1cepres1dent and then presrdent ot the schocl com munrty Wth a record lrke th1 loe 1S sure to succeed Conqratula trons to an outstandrnq leader LAWRENCE M O LOMAX 2221 North Twenty seven h Stree Soup P xchratrr Hey Lawrence was a 111911 oer ol 0 1 Cadet Football Team a 1d wa always 1n there playrnq when h1 ass engaged ra 1 rura oaskettrall games Avy IV tor hoo hrs tme rs tlled to sv r 1 Q dancmq and vvrrtrra poetr ANDREW W MAKSIN JR 2 1 Pe ot S ee rvlack e 1 Hey 1 rr 1 e e er rjf1.l'tO11C Mack was ,e.,.,,, 5 .. c. Ln '11 3 ass. e also 1. Ip- . " oferate Lg. S r'a.e Sim" .ers 1' T1l'19G.l. Foof ' .1 'Qfr,'1r, ' rl: ,ra rnq 1:1 V 1.11 .ill ff rr' f1.11e. ccd 4 "Eg GERALD C KLING 1217 Wesr H lton Stree' e ry E1ectr1cal Era ree D Q that crazy frqure D rnq hrs tay at Northeast lerry was well known and well lrked hy hrs classmates He was a rr er ber cf the Honor SeCllO11 and had consrstently qood marks HIS apnea ance frrendlrness old rokes and new frrends are sure to ass1st h1r1 on hrs way to success as an electrrcal enqrneer JOHN H LEWIS 3432 MSYIOH Avenue Baron Enqmeer Hey lazz how s the man Baron dmdn t play on any team III chool but was a real sports en ll'1ll's1OSl outsrde of school He also pent a great deal of t1me dancrnq wrth hrs qrrl Betty He was always noted tor h1s humor IH class We all w1sh hrm luck as an engrneer FRED MAIER 815 North Amer1can Street Engmeer Have your homework? Fred S popular1ty was show11 when he was elected Alternate of h1s class two terms and Senator once He was on the Honor Roll IH the E ard C classes HIS outsrde rterests rnclude dances partles and QDOrts JAMES A MARSLAND 3613 Nor h Elen enth Stree Electr c1ar1 H va a e a one ct o r N uphun 5. esnpen dunno his stay at North- e He wa- frequently on the Honor c . r:'.'- rr1a1. interes li in spcnf. He -xpported all our fearxs and we h.m lots ct luck 111 the treld of electrlcrty. I 95 4 AEAEMAEAEAEAEAEAEMAEAEMAEAEMAEMAEMAEAEAEAEMMAEAEMAEMMAEAEAE LEONARD L MATUSIESKI 3183 Tul1p Street Mat College Say do the homework? Mat was on the Honor Roll for four terms and spent part ot hxs stay here tn the Hcnor Sechon Because of h1s trlendhness and lokmg manner we re sure he wtll succeed IH college as an electtontcs student GEORGE MCDERMOTT 1301 East Montgomery Avenue Buddy Roach Draltsman Go dad go Buddy was a well l1ked person at Northeast He enyoys part1c1pat1ng 1n outdoor sports but because ot h1s yob after school he could not take an acttve part 1n any school act1v1t1es He d1d succeed tn earn mg a place on the Honor Roll George w1ll be remembered for a long t1me by all h1s frxends EDWARD C McKNIGHT 2069 East Dauphm Street lournahst See ya later Ed was very actxve whlle at Northeast HIS ma1n 1nterest was the Megaphone and he achxeved the d1S11l'lC11Ol'1 of bemg chosen 1ts ed1tor1nch1ef Ed spent part of h1s t1me at Northeast 1n the Honor Sechon was frequently on the Honor Roll was a member of the Arc have Staff and was elected to the Nattonal Honor Soc1ety lf h1s work on the Megaphone IS any ex ample he should be a btg success as a 1ourna11st CLARENCE L MILLS 2104 North Sxxteenth Street Clarence Tool and D1e Maker Later Clarence a1ded the school Track Team by parttctpatmg tn runmng and held events H1s t1ne character and abllxty made htm ltked by all OUtS1d6 ot school he enyoys 11 tenmg to mus1c Ihzrlx fu OTIS E McALILEY 804 Buttonwood Street Mac P1 ot That Cat Mac was on our Track Team and rece1ved a IV and Varslty Award He was a Senator and on the Honor Roll many ttmes Mac IS mterested xn all sports danclng and gtrls After leavmg h1gh school he s gc1ng 1nto the a1r force and then xnto engmeermg college Good tuck Mac EDWARD J McGETTIGAN 1341 West Rush Street Mac Sxgn Palnter He s the greatest Mac was well hked because of hxs good sense of humor and frzendly att1tude He was mer1tor1ous 1n h1s Tumor Year H1s outsmde mterests are cars basketball and sw1mm1ng He IS an all around good fellow and wxll be remem bered by all who knew htm CARL EMERSON MEYERS 3906 North Fa1rh1ll Street Peanut Machmlst Who me9 Although he hadnt the t1me to part1c1pate 1n school act1v1t1es dunng h1s stay here Carl s vo1ce could often be heard over all the crowd at athletmc events cheerlng our teams on to v1ctory We smcerely hope he w1l1 be a suc cessful mach1n1st JAMES MITCHELL 1919 West Wtllard Street Mttch Bus1ness Success Go to Ph1ladelph1a B1ble lnstttute How bout that Mttch was a member of two ot our teams here the Cross Country Team earmng h1s numerals and the Tenms Team from whlch he rece1ved a letter He enloys table tenn1s bowlmng socxal QCf1V11l9S and SIUQIHQ tn h1s le1sure txme AEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA5fxEA5A5AEA5fxeNAEA5A5A5fxEAEA5A5AEAEMAEMMMAEAENIAEi954 DOMINIC MOLINARI 1302 West Butler Street Ntcky Enqmeer l d1dn t do 1t N1ck played VGTSIIY Baseball for two seasons and frequently ap peared on the Honor Roll ludqmq by N1cks lme record he should have no trouble 1n becommq a successful enqmeer VLADIMIR MOSKALENKO 922 North Seventh Street Walter Engmeer I don t know Walter after commq to North east became a member of our great Soccer Team He also played volley ball and table tenn1s on our teams H1s out of school 1nterests are sports and g1rls Good luck to an amb1t1ous Northeaster JACK H MUNNIS l609 East Huntmq Park Avenue ake Be Successful H1 K1d lack d1d not take part 1n any act1v1t1es at Northeast but was qu1te popular w1th all h1s fr1ends and a real supporter of our team Hts outs1de mterests are hunt1nq f1sh1nq and baseball THOMAS NEILSON 732 East Kmgston Street Ne1rt Construct1on Electr1c1an Hey Bobo' Nexrt was a popular fellow throughout h1s ent1re Northeast career He played on the IV Foot ball Team and was elected both Senator and Alternate H1s outs1de rrnterest IS basketball Lots of luck om I-hlflj fhn LOUIS MONTANARO 425 East Cambr1a Street Lou Pharmaclst What a clown' Lou was on the Cadet Football and Basketball Teams He was a member of the Archzw Staff and a loyal supporter of all the school teams as well as a member of the Honor Sect1on for three years We know Lou w1ll be a success as a pharmac1st JAMES MOTEN l303 North Hope Street Lover Coach Now I wouldn t say that llm recelved an NE for POTIICI pat ng 1n Cross Country and Track He IS a member of L1ghthouse Boys Club and the Glad1ator Football and Basketball Teams llm IS 1nterested 1n drawmq and pamtmg He 1ntends to become a track coach alter graduat1on ROBERT C MUZSLAY 518 East Allegheny Avenue B1q Bob College at Florlda U Everythmg Kcpeset1c'P Bob pres1dent of our graduatmq class was a member cf our champ 1on h1p sw1mm1r1q team s1nce he started here 1n the F class He was also on the Crew and Senator of h1s class He belongs to the Key stone Sw1m Club and was a member of the Ocean C1ty Beach Patrol last summer WILLIAM OECHSLIN 2544 Emerald Street 1 Be Successful 1 don t know B1ll was well l1ked by hlS fellow Northeasters because of hls operat1ve fr1endly ways W1th IhlS type of personal1ty we re sure he w1ll have a successful future JOHN E OLIVER 2219 No th Chadw1ck Street Dan Engmeer That man s all rlght ohn was a member ot our lrne Cross Country Team wh11e at Northeast He 1S rnterested 1n basebal' football and basketball lohn IS one of those boys who can always see the l1ghter s1de of th1ngs We w1sh h1m lots ot luck Wlth h1s amb1t1on to become an engmeer CHARLES OTTO 104 East T1oga Street Chuck Draftsman Let s go ttshmg Anyone who attended our team s football games probably heard a tlne clear volce descrtblng the actron The vorce belonged to Chuck our announcer Outs1de of school Char11e l1kes t1sh1ng hunt tng and motorcycle r1d1ng MICHAEL PASSAMANTE 2913 North Van Pelt Street M1CkeY Malntenance Man What d ya say buddy? M1ckey was qu1te act1ve 1n sports at Northeast betng a member of the Fencmg Gym and lumor Vars1ty Football Teams In h1S spare t1me M1ckey l1kes to box and swtm The frrends he acgu1red here w1ll mlss h1m greatly SIDNEY PERKINS 1952 North Twenty mnth Street 1 Salesman Wanna bet? Std played cadet basketball and was a dancer m the NE Revue Away from school hrs mam 1nter ests are basketball and tap danc mg We pred1ct S1d wxll be a success as a salesman Thzrtx Pour GILBERT OSTRO 1827 North Marshall Street 1 lournallst Sure You re rtght G11 was a double success at Northeast Not only d1d he earn fme grades but also was outstand 1ng tn 1ntramural sports HIS rnterests 1nclude 1ournal1sm box 1ng and sa1esmansh1p PAUL A PAPP 2801 North Fa1rh11l Street a Successful Bu1lder Get out here Dmgleberry' Rat was a qu1et and pleasant fellow to have around He had a tlne school sp1r1t but h1S after school lob prevented htm from takmg an actrve part ln any extra curr1cu1ar GCl1V1I1eS He has a tavorlte hobby of custom1z1ng cars at whlch he IS gu1te an expert SHELTON F PELZER 829 Buttonwood Street Fonzo Accountant Are you crazy? Fonzo was a good student and was successful 1n makmg frlends He dtd not have trme to take part 1n school act1v1t1es but cooperated 1n all class undertak1ngs We w1sh htm lots of luck JOSEPH PESZEK 217 West Laveek Street oe Carpenter I get a charge out of that loe was an Alternate or Senator lor three terms Hls mterests out slde of school are dancmg swlm m1ng and skatmg loe always had a yoke to tell or a pun to make H has cho en carpentermg as career and we kncw he w1l1 be a success AEAEAEAEAEAEAEMAEAEMAEAEAEAEMAEMAEMAEAEMAEMMMAEMAEMMMMM X954 STEVE PETSIS 3822 North Tenth Street Pete Be Successful How about that? Steve co edrtor of our yearbook was a member of the Honor Sectron throughout hrs stay at Northeast appearrng on the Honor Roll every term In addrtron to hrs work on the Archzze Steves lrst of actrvr tres rncludes membershrp rn the Natronal Honor Socrety and Trr bunal as well as servrng as a Senator and copy edrtor of the Megaphone We know Steve wrll reach hrs goal of berng successful rn whatever freld he enters CHARLES REIFSNEIDER 3446 Kerm Street er Weaver What d ya say7 A frrendly and popular North easter Rerf served hrs fellow clas mates as Alternate He drd not play on any ot the school teams games cheerrng our teams t vrctory ROBERT W RICHARDSON 461 Rcbbrns Avenue Rrch Engrneer All rrght you guys Bob was a key merrber of our Varsrty Tennrs Team He was rn the Honor Sectron and on the Honor Roll every term Hrs actrvrtres rncluded the Natronal Honor Socr ety Class Trrp Commrttee Arc hrre Staff Trrbunal Senate and Execu trve Commrttee CARMEN ROSSI 440 West Indrana Avenue Bucky Tool and Dre Maker and marry Nancy I want what I want when I want rt We belreve Bucky wrll become an expert rn hrs chosen freld H could not partrcrpate rn any cutsrde actrvrtres but was a loyal booster of our teams I-hzrtx hue HENRY L REDDY 1904 North Rrnggold Street ou Pharmacrst That s Greek to me Lou was truly a loyal Northeaster as evrdenced by hrs lrst of actrvrtres He was a Senator Alternate copy reader for the Megaphone and recerved the Megaphone Pm Award Lou also served on the Arc hrr e Staff Hrs hobby rs troprcal frsh JOHN RICHARDSON 2007 North Erghth Street Sonny Law What s happen1ng'P Sonny was a lrkeable ambrtrous student who could always be found smrlrng He was actrve on the Track Cross Country and Basket ball Teams He rs an all around who knew htm RODMAN R ROBERTS 3326 North Lee Street o Naval Electrrcran That s besrde the pornt Rod was well Irked by all and cooperatrve rn the school com munrty Wrth hrs perseverance he should be a brg success as a naval electrrcran KENNETH W ROTON 2048 Wrlmot Street Ken College That s not nrce Ken was a good natured and socrable fellow and had many frrends at Northeast Hrs marn rnterest outsrde of school rs base ball We hope he wrll succeed rn hrs desrre to be an archrtectural drattsman after he graduates from college I - I lk I ll I . , A . ' . . . Y A . . ' A I I R f .. , . ,, tt I ll ' . , ' ' Q- . . . ' . " . I I I I ' bul he lfequ?mlY attended the fellow and was well liked by all O . I 1 1 - V . . .. . -R df - - , . I I I T . . , . . D e 4 ' 4 ' I - , JOSEPH SAUL 2233 North Broad Street oe Engmeer Repeat that please' Toe was a member of the UNNE Honor Sectton cmd the Arc hive Staff He was a loyal supporter of all school act1v1t1es and was often seen cheermg our teams on t vrctory PAUL SCHAEFFLER 7424 Georgxan Road ss Mechan1c Hello baby Esss mterest s followlng events 1n the sports world He plays foot ball whtch IS h1s favorlte past1me outs1de of school He also enyoys sw1mm1ng Paul w1ll long be remembered by h1s many frtends RAYMOND SCHECK 2538 East Dauphln Street Ray Engmeer lust qxve me the facts ma m Ray was ln the Band Orchestra and Swmq Band for SIX terms H was a member of the Arc hue Staff Honor Sectlon Natlonal Honor Soc1ety and h1s name often appeared on the Honor Roll H1s mam lnterest IS playmq a trumpet Our good luck W1Sh9S go wxth you Ray CARL SCHOER 5 Crescent Lane Ltghtnmg Sc1ent1st Crazy people Durlng h1s stay at Northeast Carl made many frxends He be came an Alternate rn the D class and dxd a wonderful 1ob selllng Megaphones H1s outs1de hobbles are dancmg photography and sclence Good luck Carl 1n your future occupatlon Ihlrlx Sur WILLIAM H SAVIDGE 3139 North Percy Street Worm Art1st You chrome dome Although a qulet boy Worm patronlzed many Northeast events and was a regular follower of the Basketball Team We wlsh h1m luck m h1s chosen held of endeavor ROBERT EDWARD SCHAFFER 2467 North Falrhlll Street Bob Plpefltter What do you say? Bob chd not have much tlme for atter school actlvxhes but he was a loyal supporter of our teams Bob s chlef lnterest out of school IS glrls He has chosen plpeflttxng as h1s future occupatlon Lots of luck Bob CHARLES SCHMIDT 1548 North Twenty etqhth Street Chuck Navy Dad' Chuck recelved an NE as an act1ve member of the Bowlmg Team A very frlendly fellow Chuck was well llked and could always be found sm1l1ng MORTON SHENKER 2520 North Patton Street Morty Law Id1ot' Well known durmg h1S stay at Northeast Morty was a Senator a member of the Senate Awards Commlttee and the UNNE In hms spare t1me he hkes to read and llsten to mL.s1c We hope he reaches h1s ultlmate goal 1n the fxeld of law 1 1 . 1 1 . 1. 11 A , 1. 11 I . , . , r . , 1 1 . . 'E ' ' ' .1 11 1. 11 . 1 . Q . , . .. . - , , 1 . . . , . 1 1 , t - C 1. . . 1 11 K I , . . 11 11 1 1 - 'V . . 1 1 - . . . , , . 1 1 . 1 I 1 1 A I 11 . 11 .1 11 . 4 1 1 , V . . . . , , . 1,1 HARVEY SHUBERT 2104 North Erghth Street Terry Salesman How you act unto others IS how they w1ll act unto you Although a qu1et boy Terry was a loyal Northeaster He attended many Northeast events and was always Wllllnq to lend h1s class mates a help1ng hand We w sh h1m a good future as a salesman SAMUEL SINGER 2530 North Th1rt1eth Street Sam Engmeer What s up? Sam was 1n the Honor Sect1on SIX terms and often on the Honor Roll He had the umque d1st1nct1on of belng elected Alternate for all SIX terms He also served on the Megaphone Busmess Staff and the Archzve Staff H1s outs1de act1v1t1es mclude sports and me chan1cs JOHN STAUB 28l7 North Or1anr1a Street ack Bu1lder That was close lack IS one of those fellows who der1ves enyoyment from every type of sport although huntzng and f1Sh 1ng are h1s lGVOFlleS He w1ll never be forgotten by h1S frrends and we all w1sh h1m good luck tn h1s future occupat on RONALD STEWART l8l5 North Twenty e1ghth Street Ronme Dent1st LIVE 1t up Popular1ty plus IS the only pos s1ble way to descr1be Ronme He was a Senator and showed h1S ab1l1ty IH sports by SGTVIHQ three years on the Vars1ty Fenclng Team TSCGIVIDQ an NE Ronme was well known as a cheerleader and at games could always be found cheer 1ng our teams to v1ctory Thzrtx Ser n RAY SILVERSTEIN 4848 North Franklxn Street Raffle Lawyer What s the odds? Ray typmg edxtor ofthe Arc hu e was qurte act1ve around school He was a Senator a member of the Execut1ve Comm1ttee basketball manager and scorekeeper and was a member of the Honor Sect1on throughout h1s stay at Northeast Outs1de of school Ray IS 1nterested 1n sports We all hope he brmgs d1st1nct1on to h1s school as member of h1s chosen profess1on JAMES SKELTON 3414 North Reese Street Ske Boxer How do llm played on the Northeast Football Team for two seasons H IS 1nterested 1n football and boxmg as outs1de GCl1V1lleS After leav1ng h1gh school llm plans to become a boxer Lots of luck IH the r1ng FRANK J STEPHENSON 3416 North D1llman Street Dutch Bu1lder Am t that cool' Dutch was a loyal Northeaster He was a Senator and a loyal sup porter of our athlet1c teams H was a well l1ked ferlow and a fr1end to all We feel sure he w1ll be a successful bu1lder THOMAS STRANGE 3362 A Street Tgm Auto Mechamc lf I can do 1t so can you Tom was an OIT1b1l1OUS fellow and was fond of all sports HIS favorlte past1me lS spend1ng many hours read1ng He l1kes to f1x cars and for that reason he should be a blg success Wllh h1 auto shop 1 . 1 1 .. A 1 .. 1 I ' ' ' 'v 11 ' - ' , . ,, - , ' 1 , . ' i .., . 1 . 1 . 1, .. , ,, , .. H . , . , , , . 'T " 1: . 1 ll su ' . - . e . . . . n I , . ' i . . 11 1 H ' ' 's . ,-K 1, ROBERT C SULOFF 2839 North Seventh Street Bob Draftsman Kinda rough am t he? Bob was a quiet fellow at North east Outside of school he played basketball If he is as good a draftsman as he was a student he should have no trouble in becoming successful in his life s work HERBERT R THOMAS 2312 North Twenty fifth Street Herby Pharmacist She s fabulous Herby received an NE for foot ball and was a key member of the team His mam interests are centered around football traveling and music We wish him lots of luck in his chosen f-eld LEONARD TRIPLER 316 West Cambria Street Trip Physician Are you really serious? Trip was a fellow anyone could get along with He was always ready to help his classmates We hope he achieves success in his chosen field of medicine RICHARD TUCKER 1509 West Oxford Street Tucker Architect What s happening? Tucker was one of the quieter boys in his class but was well-liked and appreciated by his friends. Outside of school his chief interest is collecting records. 'Thirty-Eight DONALD THIEL 2813 West Lehigh Avenue F ea Electrician Oh man shut up You re ugly Dons main interest is military service His activities were not extensive but he boosted his school in any way that he could We know that he will succeed in his future occupation unless he gets his wires crossed STANLEY G TIMSON 2459 lasper Street Spinner Engineer You drink good stuff Spinner excelled in sports during his stay at Northeast As co captain of the Basketball Team he was well known for his outstanding performances Spinner s popularity was proved when he was elected to the Executive Committee Stan will long be remembered by all his friends here DONALD TROULAND 2251 North Orkney Street Don Electrician Better do it now Don as he was known to his friends was well liked around school He was a member of the Bible Club and photography and basketball keep him busy outside of school JOSEPH S. USEWICZ 746 West Master Street Bunyock Civil Engineer What s the matter with you boy? Bunyock was on the Crew Fencing and Football Teams. He was a member of the Honor Section National Honor Society and on the Archiz e Staff. foe was extremely popular with everyone that knew him, and we know he will be a successful civil engineer. AEfxEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA5fxE1xEA5A5MAEAEAEAffxEA5A5w5MAEAEAEMAEMMNFAEAE 1954 NICHOLAS JOHN WEBER 2826 North Th1rd Street Ntck Electr1c1an What a doll Wh1le he attended Northeast N1ck ach1eved the rare d1st1nct1on of never be1nq absent HIS Chlel outs1de IHISFGSIS are cars and boats N1ck was one of those students who kept h1s troubles to h1mselt and shared others He wants to become an expert 1n the electr1cal f1eld ROBERT WHYTE BOO North Bambrey Street Bob Salesman I don t know Bob proved h1mself to be one of the best fr1ends that a fellow could have HIS personal1ty attracted many classmates to h1m and we know that he Wlll reta1n many of these boys as l1fe lonq budd1es Good luck Bob LOUIS E WILEY 2853 North Rmgqold Street ou Get 1n the Electr1cal F1eld You re mad Lou was well l1ked by h1s fellow classmates He IS 1nterested sports and enyoys playmq baseball and football on the outs1de Hts after school yob prevented h1m from takmq part IH school OCl1V1lleS RAINEY WILLIAMS 2661 A Glenwood Avenue Ray Bus1ness Adm1n1strator I feel for you Tumor but that S all For h1s SSFVICSS to the Track Team Ray rece1ved an NE H was also a member of the Cross Country and Gym Teams Rays popular1ty was demonstrated by the fact that he was elected to the Senate four t1mes Outs1de f school Ray IS QCIIVS 1n soc1al affatrs Thzrlx Xml WILLIAM WHITLEY 2902 North Front Street W1 Electromcs Enqmeer What you say there W1t was on our IV and VGFSIIY Football Teams wh1le at Northeast He also served as e1ther Alternate or Senator every term He has an 1nterest 1n boats huntmq and rad1o He IS sure to make a good electromcs engmeer JOHN WIELGUS 2967 Mercer Street Wlllle Auto Mechan1c Fmally made 1t Wlllle was one of the qu1eter members of the class He d1d not part1c1pate much 1n school GCIIVI t1es but he took part 1n h1S class act1v1t1es H15 OUIS1dS 1nterests 1n clude huntlng and t1 h1nq JOHN WILLIAMS 5707 Tultp Street Kat er Teacher Oh yeah' Ka1ser was an GCIIVE member of the Glee Club Orchestra and Sw1nq Band wh1le domq double duty on the Afthllt, Statf proved to be one of the most lolly members of the class and h1s Jokes saved the ret ot us many dull moments lohn shou1d have o trouble IH succeedmq ID h1s hte s work WALTER L WILLIAMS JR 3019 West Susquehanna Avenue Walt Dent1st L1 ten to th1s s1de l11'n Walt a qu1et fellow served h1s classmates a an Alternate wh1le at Northeast H spends many of h1s le1sure hours collectmq and l1sten1nq to reco d We re all pulhnq for h1m to be a success ID the f1eld of dent1 try ! 95 4 AEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEMAEMAEMAEMAEMMIMAEAENSMAEAEAEAEMAEMAEAEAEAE AARON WILSON 2lO6 North Park Avenue Aaron Pharmacist Oh well Aaron was truly a loyal son He excelled in sports being a key member of our Football Team as well as playing varsity ba ketball and track His popularity was demonstrated when he was elected vice president of the graduating class We hope he will be a successful in pharmacy as he was at Northeast DAVID J YOUNG 2221 East Ritter Street Dave Retire at 35 Kill it before it multiplies Dave was unable to take part in sports because of his health but whenever you went to a Northeast game you could hear Dave cheer ing for our team We wish him a lot ot luck with his ambition to retire at the age of thirty five 4 FRANK J. ZOLTOWSKI 2111 East Stella Street Zo Engineer Go Cat. Zol was on the Varsity Tennis and Cadet Basketball Teams. He was a member ot the Honor Section Prom Committee Class Trip Com' mittee Archiie Staff and chair- man of the Northeast-Kensington Dance Committee. His outside interests are sports dancing and hiking. Forty WILLIAM E WRIGHT 3135 North Twenty sixth Street Wee Willie Chemical Engineer loker Wee Willy was a member ol the Ari hive' Staff an Alterngte Sen OfOf Gnd G member of the Honor Section His outside activities are divided among photography basketball and model making Here s to his success as a chemical engineer THEODORE R YOUNG 2132 North Van Pelt Street e Law Strange things are happening An active member of his class and school Ted supported all of their activities He was also a member of the Library Squad We wish him lots of luck in his tutuie endeavors SCHOOL SONG W Cl V-lm SCHOOL HYMN 0 fm J 1 x rv 0 K C m PUXQ xfll' fl X ff, E 3 3 V- 4 . ' N III' fx 1 f ft' ' ' S'flI1iS"l ffl' -f sir. HOV- :fi f:11'7:." V-Q1t:11'y: 3 CW' 'IkL.I1Vf iw: if fl Hail Ncr'Hfc'1sT. ff' ,. N l,fx'yf'1' Srns 71" Vrfzui 1PiP-Cfvutrvst iz' r Slflfljiif gjfclisr- tr! HQ-r M ff- :1:'C1:i1tv mth- T111 '. T','g,f- :,f ioff '..' lif-' Sv Hs' tw "I1i'if,.2 1 ' K' AI"'.N'1ff.TI1C1f1EAi"71YE' Ilflll Nm'H1f-fnsi. Ei W Pi I wyfll Smile fu' Lv' Vt'vIz1T?wc'1rf'c1T- 'ffl T TL TEL' .V S.:1cI'1.f: PTITIESF 'rv H.-An by A. Sw U.M'f"11--r Im M fe-1 son f Nmfh-fr'1,1t H122 'Mui W- 11ywl1fT .rp frm 4: 'Umi nfl xp IY M-r gf r. Ak "f1li,'T .1 rpf wtvrrf: Tw HAM- ww li -- +5 iv'-1 'xym Thy :1C1t:1-- ii -4 1'--fr: 1 Wm' g,pi'f1',' Thy fC1':1+ 1:.f'i+f ai M 3' MST T231 Mile fiffl . ri :. Tlry ye-C11-s ore fgiefi ' .4,' ith 1 f TE1jfc1rv1e is SI2f?Ofl afar Tm- spirit Cf Thy Qfiwsefifirzis Fflyrws fl5'1CI'1ifl.I1ff 4711. H1115 .t if,"-'wa E-G i 'I' '.'.4'Tf ff :V-'.-.'f1: i. 'IN 21113 H.,-V f'1:A 2 if H'-ss Yin C' M'-nits fu'-1 Aff- f-- 'mfr 3 'lim-Tr',T11j. IfJI-H THf.v:1if 1: fffxwl. swf. 916111 -'IMI' 2,--, WHY- !:AC1:Lf'l.L:1Q: thi t-.i F. Ig f.f',.Q'Qlif f'i'LYT.'iCT'j.'. Ari l 11.1-bStt'1iAL As "J-ff z3.:1.i ww "TLP-': :R-fi 'fin U- . :'f,'lQ. "', ' 'I' :ff ': 'xr '- ' L 8' s-" IZA! rfofmc' SENATORS AND ALTERNATES At the beammna ot each term every adv1sory SSCTIOH elects a Senator and an Alternate to represent them m the student qovernmq body ot the school the Senate The Senator IS the spokesman ot hls class and QTIQVOHCGS ot the students are expressed when the Senator reports to hls advlsorv s ct1on the louslness dxscussed tn the Senate meetmq The Alternate takes the Senator s place when he IS absent He IS the busmess representatlve ot the Megaphone tn hls sectlon The A class Senators and Alternates Senators Frank Bxodw Thomas Cran Davxd l-lam1ltor Thomas N e tson Alternates Samurl QHIQG Damel Bonalovanm George Garabed1an Charles l?e1tsne1der llxllr , . this term are: A-l ' 4' , A . ' r A-2 ' 1 ' ' ' A-4 . i 1',, T ' . ,' :Alf - 'Tall EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The purpose ot the EXSCUTIVS Commrttee wh1ch IS composed of two boys from each sectlon of the senlor class IS to plan and carry out the rumerous actlvrtles of the semor class The dutles of thxs comm1ttee xnclude collechnq class duen and aldmq the prom commlttee to decorate and prepare for the Prom The tlne servrces performed by these boys have not gone unnotlced and unapprecxated by the semors Members ot the Charles Boqdanoft and Frank Zoltowskm W1ll1am Batcheller and Thomas Crum lonathan l-lonore and Robert Muzslav Stanley Trmson and Herbert Thomas Alexander Gant I rrlx committee are: A-l ' A-2 A ' . . A-3 A A-4 ' .A A-5 . "L , '-1'-ll u LIBRARY SQUAD The Northeast Library Sguad was organized in l938 under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Ward and Miss Mary l-limrrielwright. At that time the library had only a tew hundred books, but now more than twelve thousand books can be found on the shelves. The Library Sguad consists of boys who are in charge of clerical work and who keep the library a fit place in which to work and study. 'W' c TRIBUNAL Under the guiding hand of Mr. Roland C. Doane, the Tribunal has been enforcing the laws of the school community since l936. Violators of these laws are tried by the court and punished according to the seriousness ot the offense, The Tribunal is made up of students who have distinguished themselves scholastically and in extra-curricular activities. I I U.N.N.E. The United Nations at Northeast was formed for those students who have a genuine interest in world affairs. Its aim is to acguire a better understanding of other nations and peoples. This club offers Northeasters a fine oppor- tunity to become familiar with the policies and problems of other nations today. Students participating actively are usually given extra credit by their history or social science teachers. STAGE CREW The Stagecraft Crew does all the behind-the scenes work tor the Senate and Assembly Plays except tor electrical work. Their interest consists of construction and thorough knowledge ot stage equipment Mr. Pugh, the club sponsor, and the members do a fine job. They take care of and build, when necessary, scenery for the productions. Their work does not stop with preparations, they also change scenery between acts, and control lights and curtains during rehearsals. THEATRICAL ELECTRICAL CLUB The Theatrical Electrical Club, under the direction ot Mr. Rowan, maintains our stage lighting, public address systems, and movie cameras. The club is one of the main factors in the success ot our Senate Plays. During the plays, they take care of the lighting, curtains, and scenery. The boys in this club gain valuable experience by taking part in such a worthy organization. it XJ LOCKER SQUAD The Northeast Locker Squad, under the supervision ot Mr, Albert Fisher and Mr. lames King, has taken care ot the locks and lockers in the school. The squad, organized in l936 by Mr. Fisher, performs a bigger job than most ot us realize. Before the new terms begin, the members ot the squad remain alter school and come in a few days early to reearrange the locks and lockers tor the new students. The task ot the senior members is to take the locks from the lockers ol the boys who were dropped from roll. DRAMA CLUB The Drama Club consists ot members who enjoy acting and those whose goal is pro- fessional acting. Under the able direction and instruction of Mr. Marcus Konick, the members receive valuable training in acting, directing, play- writing, makeup, and lighting. This organization is one ot the most active in the school. lt meets as treguently as reguired by rehearsals, and is responsible tor the yearly Senate play and the one act plays put on during assemblies. ORIGINAL HI-Y The aim ot the Qriginal l-li'Y can best be expressed by its motto, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and coin- munity, high standards of Christian character," The club is sponsored by Mr. Frank Bogia. ln addition to the Criginals social activities, such as dances, hayrides, and camping trips, the club has also rendered service tothe school as ushers at Senate Plays, and guides tor the Education Committee. FENCING CLUB The Fencing Club, sponsored by Mr. Brad- bury, meets in room lO2 every Wednesday at 2:20. There are no requirements or limits lor the club. There are many lectures by promi- nent tencers on the art ot tencing. Members ot fencing team and Mr. Bradbury give instruc- tions on the use ot the three weapons used. The best tencers ofthe club usually ioin the team to practice what they have been taught. GERMAN CLUB The German Club under the sponsorship ot Dr. Fruchter meets once a week. lts purpose is to acguaint the German language students with various aspects ot German culture which normally aren't studied in class, such as geo- graphy, history, and science. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY During the fall term of l952, a notable honor was bestowed upon Northeast, when the school was granted a chapter in the National Honor Society, This Society is composed ot juniors and seniors ot high schools throughout the United States. The number ot new members is limited to lO'Q ot the class. A committee called the National Honor Society Council meets and chooses those who are to be given membership in the society. Mr. Leighton K. Smith has been given the authority to represent the principal in these meetings. Membership in this society is one ot the highest honors awarded to Northeast students. NORTHEAST- KENSINGTON DANCE COMMITTEE The Northeast-Kensington Dance Committee is a co-scholastic organization composed ot members from Northeast and Kensington l-ligh Schools. The group, sponsored by Mr. Gustav Baack, was formed to organize dances and social attairs between the two schcols, with its main object the Northeast-Kensington Dance, which is held about once each month at the Lighthouse Boys' Club. The committee takes care of refreshments, collects tickets, plays records, and helps clean the hall when the dance is over. Forty-.N mu ORCHESTRA The Northeast Orchestra was founded by Dr. A. 0. Michener in 1903, who later left Northeast to become principal of Central High School. Criginally it was a club, but later, in l926, the orchestra become a regular school project under the direction of Mr. Paul Duffield. Now under Mr. Anthony Di lulio, the Qrchestra plays at assemblies, Senate Plays, and also entertains at other Senior and lunior High Schools throughout the city. SWING BAND The job of the Swing Band is to play at all social affairs and at junior high schools through- out the city. Formerly under the direction of Mr. Paul Duffield, the Swing Band is now headed by Mr. Anthony Di lulio. BAND The Northeast Band was organized in l93O under the direction of Mr. George Wascho. It is at present under the leadership of Mr. Anthony De lulio, who replaced Mr. Francis Murphy. The band can be seen and heard at all of our stirring football games. Each season it also entertains in assemblies and at lune com- mencements. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders appear at all Northeast basketball and tootball games, to lead the cheering which spurs the Archives on to victory. They are easily recognized by their white sweaters which bear the well-known Northeast letter. This group is ably directed by Mr. Leo- pold Elkins, a member ot the history department. The cheerleaders deserve a lot ot credit tor keeping the famous spirit ot Northeast alive, whether our teams are winning or losing. FW' ini:-, PHOTO CLUB The Photo Club provides its members with an interesting hobby and training for those who want to go into commercial photography as an occupation. Mr. Roland Doane, the club sponsor, and the members meet weekly to discuss cameras and developing niethods. Besides serving the very practical purpose of teaching photography, the club provides the Megaphone with statt photographers. STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club, under the sponsorship ot Mr. Roland C. Doane, is an organization which tries to foster a greater interest in stamps among its members. The club meets once a week, and discusses the value ot stamps, how they get into circulation, and the history and stories behind then.. Since the members' hobby is stamps, their interest is not limited only to tlie club. Qutside ot school, they collect and trade stamps from all over the world. sr 11 A 1 v 1 ll 1 11 v SA MH' xamp' one 111 11 11 11 1 T11 11111111.1111 THE GRTHEAST MEGAPHO h2 N11 Large Freshman Class Greeted By School Ojfcers L Hxg 1 1. 111 X111 111111 mx 11 mp U1 1 111111 1 1 1111111111 Thru 11 11 1 1111 gran 11 ung 111111, 1 1 111-111 1 '1 1111 1 Edxtors 1 McKmght Megapho ,A v 'Y nm U 'H IP '11 a fb lo 11 1 PA If as f 111 'wma 1 1111,-1111 yp 111111 111.11111 , 5 111111 11 Puma 11 :he monte 1 I 11 1111 11f1 1 fr M I 'mn K 4, 1, 1 1111 111 F1 1 K 1 n Q I nu v 1 DI K L ug 1 111111 511111-1 1.1 11 .Y h VK ll B 1 H WI K-1l:r11n1rf11 vif'.o1.1 sv fr " " A G' 3 ' 1111111111111 111111 1111111 111111111 1 PH' NDF! IHI X I IHNNSYI X UNI X VKll7XhSDN'1' FUTUBFR Zl Ula? PRN I TFN Cl INT! Publlc V Qme 'urder Cor 'fo Contest " School Loses Five or f Teachers, Gams 1 E1ght byTransfers Two Faculty Members Transfer Wnthm School Two Return from leaves Q In rl b 111111 11 U' llgl h 1111- 011.-hz 11111 1 11 11 1 111 1 1 11111 111 1111111 11111 111 1111 1111 1 11 111111 111 1111111 11-11 11 1 P11 1 1 111 11 1 11 111 11 H1111111111 111 11111 nd Mr Mr Lee Penn p1Ck I 1 th Malhemit 5 De ! nl IAP! l nsfcrrcd I An lhrr s mx D par! r an 1 nm hP'l I X 11 Nl Q n xnle 111'1111f1-1- 1 x nm 1 1 111111111 1111 11 1111111 11111 1 hxunihoari 111 I 11 111111 H 11111111111 11111-P 111 111 r1111111111111 1111 1 1 1111 Q 14111111111 1111 111 1111111f1r1-1-1 1 11 11111111 11111111111 H gh S 111101 111 111111111 nm 11111. re111r11 It 1111 1-1111 11 11 1-1111111 111 111111111-1 1 11-11 J 1 1,111 1111 f11u111 111 Wir HH! ng 1 1111111 'r 11 1 1 M1K111gr11 111111 111111111 X ung p v1 I lhvn 1 1 S7 111 1111111 H ., 11 1 1 1 1 s:,1iif1g:g:..z.: 411 11 1 111 n 1 1 1 'r 111 1111- 1:11 1111111 xc 1 11 111111 115 111111-11 H 1 ADURPOHS Wins 111111111111 111111 1 11111111 111 111111 'U H KVP h H 111111 11111111111 A11 n1pmm1111 111 1x11u11-1111 vr 1-1111 1 M111-phy 1111111 1111-11 11111111-1 11111 1111111 1 1111 11 11111 11111 1 1-1-11 10 1111 M111111 111111 n1p11111111111 11.1111 wr P11111 Northeosters have reason to be proud of the-1r school pubhccmhon, The Northeast Megaphone, for It has become almost trodltlonol for the paper to rece-we C1 Medohst or FIFST Place award m the com petltlon sponsored by the Columblu Scholcxshc Press Assoclotlon each ye-or The Meg Wh1Ch lost term celebrated Us 14th c1nn1versc1ry 1S Q large four page edltlon prmted on the lmghest quollty paper Wh1Ch brmgs to the faculty cmd students of Northeast news of every phase of our school commumty and 1tS mcmy oct1v1 hes four umes Q1 term The forerunner of the Megaphone was C1 Smale page m1meoqrc1phed toblold known os Ye Alde Dumbell, pubhshed by The C class for the beneht of the entlre school more than 30 years ago The Megaphone Stuff IS composed ch1efly of students who have token the course m Ioumohsm offered by the school 1'51ss1st1r1q the Qioff m 1tS work ore Mr Luther T Rcmck whose hreless efforts os Ed1tor1c11 Stuff Adwsor have proved C1 Vltfll factor m 'NQN' 'Z' I1f11 1710 -1.11 - X N 1 1 'T 1' A ' ' ,- 5.- ' . ' V7 E ' 1 X 0 .,o, 4. K. Jf' 'K 9 "T ""i""" . 'M' 1 , 1' 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 IM" , . 1 . I T 1111, ,, ,1 W 11' 1.11. . 1 Y 1 . . . A .1 .1 M - 11 k 1 4 W4 1.1 - -1 1 Q .. H., . . 10 xx , x .1111 1 . 1 .1, , 1 13 .11 T 11 y ' .11-11 ,,,'lf1,f'.er ' on -0 11 ,115 ' 1 ,i Y -f ' . 0111 ,105 1, X 1" jj' 1, .111 1-11 ' ffm 41,"" Z' U . 1 ' , 111 1, 1 111111112' 0 .a " ' X 52 " ' f -1, "'-' 3 l Au 1.11 F1 ' 'Z '9 V 2 1 1 11, WM' ..1 1 0 411 , 1 V 1. ,Q .11 111 1 1 19' 11,15 9- 1 - ' V v . . ' J 1 ' N1111n1-1111 11 S1-11.111 1111111111-1 , 1 ' ,AA ' 111 111.1111111111111 111-6131111111111-11 1'-.1-- 2 111 . . 1111- S-1111111111111 111. 111111-11 111 1 ' ' A ' M -11111111111 -1.1111 14 111:11-1111. V .111 - 4 111141 -111.1111.11111111111111111 1 'ff K Y ' -If 111115, pw N,,,mc,,,1 m,,,,,y ,. 1 N, 1111-'l'h1-vI1'1A XHHH12- . xx by "1 1 '11 1 -111 11-11 11 111 111 1111 11111 111 111.11 -'H rffw-If-M JH- Lvrw 117, ff A '111' 11-111 11111 1 1 51 111111 111 1-1111111 111111. 1111111111111-1-11111 131.1 A - X1-11-' 0 ,,,, , .A , I K1111111 111 1-1111-1.11 111-1111 11g 1 x - 1 . ,,.1. u,11,,,, 1 ,, in mu. g "MQ f1,, L 1 ' g Y' .1 JN N11rn11+111 . - - 11-1 'r111- 111.-1-11111111 11111-111-11 1.11111 1111- 11 1. 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N" Hi' H' Hfvw' I -1 ,,,,. l,,,,,,4',A1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,1 11, 5 E.. : 5 N., -W , -I rf 11 .m 11-1111.11-111-r.an11.!11 ,111 1. 1111111-1r1:1l11, M1 111-1111112 2:1111 -' ' I if 1 In 11 ,Q 111 x.:-111 ' E- ' fvhvi.-1 , 111 1111 11- 1- - 1 - 111111 D1 WH11111- H11w1111r1. 1111 . 1 , 111., 1 14- ,,1 , 11.1 , """"1'f'u1e e1grz11n111111.11 N11111111-"""'f"- WM 10 fieffmnlvwn- .11 111- 1111111111 111-11,11 -1 - . 1' 2 S ?.,X.sis.'111 1 H'x"f1 "ff: ,1,Lf'!"'-11'jf"'1','0w 1. ' ' ' "ZZ , "' U"f.'111-.11 1111111111111 1 1111111-1.1 r:1g1 1 11 11 1-1 111 .'11 1111 1111111111111 11111111- 1 .1- . , 5.111 11111111-11.111 Jr' 'u 17' rf ,"ff'!11M '11 " ,1f'1,. VJ .,7 Q 'Nils' ""'f0g11,,1, 11.11.111 of 1 1g Ah- 1,,,,,1,., A 'ga , 3. ', A Y11 .1111 1- 11 p 11111111 MM U the 'ww' yu,'j1.111,uf5Q. 'o 1115011 ,Ill .h 1 ' 5 V H Y""'1 0 111111 1 11 111 ' 11 1- ical 1 1 411111 1-.111 11- 1 11 1. N111111111111111 11 111111111111111111111111111111 gf U, 1, 'H 1., "'f:1f 1, 1. '41 "0 ' f ' ' i111 11111--11 ph 111-1.1, -111111 1111- 11111 1111111-11 111 111111 11111 1 11 .111 P111 H11 ull hh, k 1I llc lvl Q ,W f U ,, 5 H and K 11111111 1111- 131111 111111111 1111111111 111- 1111-1 ,.Xr,,,,,,,,,,, M ,,1, '11,ul7"i' Mm... gw,'7.1q" ml Ll S V, N Wh' ,mv 11111 1 A scr111f1l,11 111111- 1 -11 ng . ,,,.,.,, ,I 1 1 1-1111111111 11 , y ,-11111-1 ,,1,.,,,, mm W L' .mme 1, V' WZ A1111 ,Q 111 1911 11111-111-1111 1 11-1111 11-111 I-11 1-n111111 11 11- Mr H-11111111 -'Y11111-111111 K111 11111 or 31- - 1 1, ' h ke ' , " M qmluj 1-111-1111 p- , 1 1111 1111 .1 111 '11'- 1- 1 ,11- 1 - , 1-1111 11111111 .1111 pul 111111 11? ' "" ' ,,""' 1' JH 9 1 nl' K T ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 11 . 1 11 11 1 11-- ' 1 .11 ' I , 1 h ' I T1111 .11r111111r11111c smff s mm -d b. Pj A Wm he 5 for W .nw K 11 major 11' 11 11 1111 ' ' 1 , ".. ' e1 11 . " N "" " ' ' "'5 1. 1 1 , 111 1-1111111--111-1111111f. 111111 A 5 1 x mn ' ' 1-11 111 11 , 11 1 ,'1- 1111- 11111 11 11 c 3 1' . . 11 1111 '1-1111111 as 1111 1111111 , 11 111 x ' an ' ' 'row 1 111111111 ' ' . 1 1- '11 -. . r. 111 , 111 1-1111-111111111 11 - 1 5 111 1111- 1111,-1 m 111-11 111 111111111-M11111111111111.11news. , , , 11 . 11111 ' 1111 1 1 ' 1-11 1 1 1 - 1 1- . 11 W" ff h- YW 'h+'M"!1' "" ' " J111111-1 c11111111111111r1: 11-111111-cs. 11-1-cy . 1 11 1. .1 - , 1- 11 111- , . E' ' 1' H ' sv.-111111-1-1, 11111111 1 .1 011111, I 1 ,,,,,, A 1 l"10m"Y- 1- - . ' 1 . . I 1 I I - I 1 1 . L. , . , 1 . 1 1 1 1 . , . 1 ,,,-v1 ' A ' ' ' vw . 1 t , ' , ' f' - , ww- tg ight'-ff avg, Mtn si r- 'i'-ff if it "?'?,fM2 H59 U gfffytri 505, :Es 5? ,317 aw- a N1 mfl 'itil aww Q .a+ K' at 's 'W 2 4, maintaining the prestige gained by the paper and Mr Nicholas Grant Business Advisor whose work has malntained a circulation of about l4OO copies per issue Whenever there is a practical problem to be dealt with concerning photography or art Mr Roland C Doane an amateur photographer in his own right and Mr Stephen Hale director of the art department have given freely of their time in solving any such difficulties. At graduation the Megaphone will lose many of its key staff members. They are: Stephen Petsis Frank Kelemen, Donald Ferretti Edward McKnight Wayne Waters Walter Barford loseph Atkins Walter Yeager Algis Lukas Earl Patrick William Batcheller lames Cavanaugh Alan Oliver Albert Becker Raymond Wrightson and Neil Kaye. i S Fi f l y- 'Th ree 1111550 gl' SENATE Cn the evenings ot December 4 and 5, Morrison Hall shook with applause and laughter, for on these nights the l953 annual Senate Play was presented. This year the play was the mystery-comedy hit ot stage and screen "Arsenic and Qld Lace." The play was ably directed by Dr. Marcus Konick, who has been responsible lor many of the great Northeast shows. The tine scenery was prepared by the stage crew under the leadership ot Mr. Fred Pugh. An excellent job ot lighting was done by the electrical crew under the direction of Mr. Toseph Rowan. The setting ot the play was an old Brooklyn house in which two old maids lived. These old maids feel sorry tor lonesome bachelors and try to assist them to a happy alter-lite by serving them wine with just a dash ot arsenic tor tlavoring. PLAY Those who saw the 'exif never fcraet tie tx-so old rriaids the crackpct nephew, and the cellar which contained at least l3 dead boaies. The mere thoualtt oi this comedy rio doubt briiia SIf11lSStO the faces of those who saw it. The cast ot characters was as follows: Abby, played by John Burke, Dr. Harper by Edwin Mackay, Teddy Brewster by Dan Paul, Brophy by Rimas Lucas, Klein by Edward l. Malloy, Martha Brewster by Walt Bartord, Elaine by Mrs. Delores Calhoun ot the ottice statt, Mortimer by David Lindsay, Mr. Gibbs by Thomas Campbell, lonathan by Alqis Lukas, Dr. Einstein by lonathan Honore, Q'Hara by Robert Dluaosz, Lieutenant Rooney by Vince Campel- lone and Mr. Witherspoon by Harvey Shubert. K N, 'tra 51 - f, u, ry. L LJ' C ww 'G .- I is 5 . .6 Aw: A SENICR Q ul 151,11 I1.ffl!ST 11:111- 111 111-'1.1s7w'g.'111 Nm111111v h TUX QU1' 1 Il 11 N111 1' 'AH 5"'c'1w 10 H1 S1 A ' P1 Mfly U 111 Q7 11111 C1 .1- '1 .1 gf 1 , f -C111 OYY 'QQ G1 6 'wr ' ITOWTI 1 Mwl-.1f,c'11111Mf111.s 95- 1 q 11" 1 if I.f.1 :Vg 1. 1f. if xv ' . 1 .1 .141 4: 1 I1 fit 1 Q 1 W gpg 3: 1: f1ffQ'.1f111 fl . 11 c,1'111'rQ '1:.: N11c111L.x 1 1 ' 31 ,. KK 'Y - 1 A 1 1 V 3,12 . M Llffl'-1 p11++"1111f'1 vom 1133-1 111 1111 11031. Q 1 ' ' P1 1'1"Cti1 sl-y 0111! C-1 146: C1112 fk7lfli'?i flnnre 1 QM Q 1 LU 51: I' ix?'3 A 1 9-X iii .Q M43 N A Q ., K U 749 N YL- Y Agfa f gg QC 'QT hx 1 ' 'zz I N 5 4 v ,..f ,v av i"', 1 1 Y.. PRCM 1 I 3 ,fil l -9 to your lady iair, who looks-d lovelier than you PVMT' realized shi- could. The Prom Committee hazl selected the .Slfx'luri. 1 5 featurrna fatty layne as vocalist. to furnish fixi- rriizsic. A When you pecame a little weary frcrn .iC1I.C'1I1i'T . you could walk out onto the Cocktail Bar and order A 'Q a soda for your aal and yourself. N A few of the distinguished quests that attended the W--ie prom were Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Young, Dr. and Mrs. Walter E. Howarth, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hallam, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Siloson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith. and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Theiss. As usual, Tony, the school photoarapher, was present to take pictures of the couples. His pictures will help to brina hack to life a few of the wonderful moments spent that niaht. When the clock struck eleven, the couples heaan to leave just as quickly as they had come. Most ot the-in were headed for their favorite clubs that featured floor shows. The others went to restaurants and inns for a meal. The last dance, which was played for only four couples, was Trim! in He. When you arrived home, you looked at your gal and noticed that her corsaae had wilted and was no longer fresh. But you know that the memory of the wonderful time you had at your Senior Prom will always remain as a pleasant 'Q .W recollection of your last year at Northeast. ge- . 1 , 'tif ,Y .f , S 3 - 'wx lik g EL ' . twfs N l 2 Z NA' 1-r li iz vlkws A , P It l W if' 3 46 1 Q "' 1 '- . Q .6 . W . .. ifg, F4 "' ir fl Q i te 1474 f . me 1' I 1 X-NJA. 'hw I JAN. K fd CV CLASS PIN P OV1 10, desuzm mode up Ever term ihe qr0c1uot1r1q Claes of Norfh Q1 1 ho m F11 Il O Q h one of the bemors of the 0 QCII c1t111q 1 Y Thwierm sp11'1wc1Qdes cmed hy W1l11Q1 Bcxtchell C A 7 1 Q 1 at OI NON eo C11 d Q The Red and Bxcmck NE 011 the pm lb th GCCGY Clppeors os the V012 ty team Vehers wh1We hm repr wht 1 1 Q 1 Gfcfqbcltl 1g C 0 L L TC 16 1 The C3111 1D 1 he bothmq S1111 we Qtrwtlv fOI clecO1c111O1 e Xrxlx v A 1 ' , 1e S 9 ,1 1 f Q it' 1 ' 1 . 1 1' r ,Q ' C oss. . I - . V . . N I 1 - 1 I1 1 .er I -M, , ' , , ' 6 Hi b'J1'ev1 i xof' .11 51" 1 150 , -1 1. .. , 1. 'TA fee: ,, he 111.11. ,e 4 11: V IA 1 ss. , ' ' A . ' Q ' 1, , ' 1" :11 -e her? NORTHEAST SENATE Northeost wos one ot the t1rst schools to hove o student qovermnq body ond the Northeost Senote IS now one of the best specrmens ot student ochlevernent rn the pubhc schoot svstern Composed ot representotrves trorn every sect1on ot the school the ch1et dut1es ot the lowrnotunq group Consrst ot opproprlotlno money for the budoet leonstotrno tor the school ond qrontlnq chorters to newly orqonlzed Clubs The Cholrrnon ot the Senote rs Mr Phrhp Snyder whlte the VICG Chorrrnon ond sec etory ore The Senote Tr1buno who e rrernber ore chosen bv the tocutty hos vested rn t tre Juchctot powers ot the school Senote Xzxlx Un , A h t b " p . , ' o ' T- ' . r elected members ot the student body. A ' t, Vs . . s A , ' i t ' ' R0 QMQEG Q3 i 'mil' , r Q 4 J -:mfs X44 f 1 ya: X .ikgw 2fQ"X -..Qu -X xx Q., limi if-RM K 4 I' K fl PSR 7,-Q' ff '45'ri' I X , J E . if 4 il! A Tkxcrj J' CHO O L EDWARD MCKNIGHT COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS CHARLES BOGDANOFF COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM OVFRTURF On the Tratl Grand Canyon Sulte Grote RROCESSIONAL MARCH Washrnqton Post March Sousa THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND SALUTE TO THE FLAG SINGING Arner1ca INVOCATION Rev I H Honore Trtedstone Baphst Church TOPIC FOR SENIOR SPEECHES Loyal Sons Are We Thy Farne IS Spread Atar Edward McKn1aht Great Day V Yournans Stout Hearted Men Rornbera The Northeast Glee Club To Thee we ll e er be Loyal Charles lay Boqdanott Hora Staccato D1n1cu Ioseph Lenczyk Tenor Saxophone PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMA Charles A Young Rr1nc1pal ACCEPTANCE OF DIRLOMA Robert Muzslay Rres1dent ot the Class AWARDS he Alurnnr Gold Medal e I aac A Sheppard Medal e e Strnon Gratz Enqhsh Rrxze e The e Class of I893 Rrrzes The e Class ot IQOQ Rr1ze e Exchange Club Award e e Rh1 Beta Kappa PTIZG e Murrell Dobblns Rrrze e Ph1ladelph1a Quartet Club German PFIZQ e e Grafton Greenouqh Award Iohn Bosch Award Spanlsh Rrt e French Rr1ze e W1ll1am C Tuttle Award D A R Award e WIIIIGTTI L Hrlton Award Stanley H Lana Award Alumnt Award Presented bv H Blrchard Taylor Class ot IQOI SENIOR CLASS LEADERS Ioseph Lenczyk Rrestdent ot the Alumnx Assoc1at1on Robert ML zslay Robert R1chardson lp ,K Stanley T1rnson Dav1d Hamllton I resen ers THE SCHOOL HYMN EXIT MARCH Romp and Chualry Roberts S1 lxl T ' Th Th s . Th . Th ' ' ' Th ' 'z . . Th . Th ' Th ' ' . , ' ' A Th . . . Th ' Th ' ' . ' Th Th . Th ' ' E Th ' IOSEPH LENCZYK HONOR MEN STANLEY TIMSGN RQBERT MUZSLAY s I x CLASS OFFICERS RCBERT MUZSLAY Presldert Hi Al-WGN WILSCN DAVID HAMILTGN Vme Pr? d9Ii S C tory Treasurer x 1 x SCHOOL OFFICERS IOSEPH LENCZYK Presldent THOMAS MASSEY DONALD DAVIS FRANCIS CUNEO V C Pre md f1 VICE Pr Gent V1C6 Pres1dent S 1 I If CLASS HISTORY As we move on IU l1fe through the years ahead there w1ll be no doubt many ttmes when we pause tn our datly act1v1t1es to th1nk about our happy htgh school days Unfortunately the mtnd does not always retatn as clear a ptcture of thtngs as we would l1ke tt to For th1s reason the Archzve Staff feels that tt 1S f1tt1ng that we have thts class h1story IH our record book ALEXANDER BURNS "F CLASS That day for whtch we had long awatted ftnally came February 2 l95l Cn th1s clay 400 fresh men who were to become the lO3rd class of Northeast were greeted by Prtnctpal Charles A Young IH Morrtson l-lall He advtsed them to take part tn extra currlcular gct1v1t1es and stressed thts po1nt by saytng You only get out of Northeast what you put tnto tt These words were to become more and more meantngful to us as ttme passed Even as freshmen we learned some of the thmgs whtch tn addltton to the classroom work made Northeast the great tnstttutton It IS Wtth the term hardly begun the Megaphone tn competxtton w1th l5 O00 other h1gh school publ1cat1ons throughout the country won another Ftrst Place Award at the Columbta Scholasttc Press Assoctatton Conventton IH New York The basketball team ended the season wtth a l9 4 record Cl3 2 tn league compet1t1onD taktng fourth place tn the league playoffs The bowlma team captured another league tttle All Sports Day was celebrated w1th enthustasm Northeast aga1n was one of the few schools 1D the ctty to have a crew The oarsmen d1d a credltable 1ob ID thetr second year on the water The fenc1ng team ended 1n a t1e for thtrd place wtth Southern The 30th annual Revue presented by the Northeast Drama Club sponsored by Dr Marcus Kontck featured Anyth1ng But the Truth The Pres1dent of the School Communtty durtng our ftrst term was Bxll Brtll At the term s end several faculty members who had served fatthfully at Northeast for many years departed tncludmg Mr George Montgomery Mr Wtlllam Cpopj Anson and Dr Walter Lapp "E" CLASS Th1s term Northeast was honored bv the presentatton o the Francts Bellamy Flag Award a large Amer1can Flag gtven annually to one htgh school tn the Untte l S at s on the bas1s OI the success of 1ts graduates tn buslness professtonal and publ c l1fe The award was proudly accepted by lack Hoffman school prestdent The soccer team aga1n won the league champtonshtp lt was th th rteenth consecuttve ttme Northeast had taken thts honor The Archtve booters stretched thetr streak of league vtctortes to lO9 The Northeast sw1mm1ng team also won top honors tn tht league Qur football team was not as successful as the soccer or swtmmtng tt-ant and ended tts sea on wtth a 2 3 l league r cord Szxlx 1 , - , , , II I I ' 1 A , , ,. . ' - I . .t , . ,, f , , I ' .f ' , . 1 . . . , . L ' . , . ., . , , , . , ,, . f 4 f , . , . . , . , ' 4 f- ' 5 .' V A ' ' V . . . . A . f 4 i . , , J ,Q t T., . , . . . . , , . ' , ' . ' ' e 4 - ' ' . . , Q , 1 A W , gy fl . - - , e , . y 1'-Nutt' Mr Harold lGusD G eges terrnlnated hls twenty ftve years tenure as football coach at the end of the season In thxs t1me h1s teams f1n1shed ftrst or second stxteen t1mes He brought Northeast stx Publtc League Crowns and two C1ty Champ1onsh1ps Northeast agaln retalned the Morrtson Trophy whtch IS awarded for all around athletlc ach1evement At the close of the term lames Gr1ff1ths was elected Pres1dent of the School Communtty for the followlng term "D" CLASS Th1s term marked thtrty years of pubhcatlon for the Megaphone In add1t1on to the usual 1ssue of the paper there was a four page supplement whtch gave a brlef account of the years of pubhcatton A specxal Alumnt Day was observed IU honor of the classes hav1ng annlversarles of BO 25 lO and 5 years The day tncluded a tour of the school luncheon the Northeast Olney baseball game an Alumn1 Show wr1tten espectally for the occasxon by Dr Marcus Kontck a dtnner and 1nd1v1dual and general alumnt meettngs Mr Nelson A McGowan of the Enghsh Department rettred after 30 years of teachtng at Northeast Dr R1chard Abraham head of the Foretgn Language Department returned after a s1x months tour of Europe and the Near East The Megaphone once more rece1ved a FITST Place Award at the annual Columbla Scholastlc Press Assoc1at1on Conventlon The Northeast basketball team captaxned by Toe Belmont and coached by Mr Albert Clkel Woolley drtbbled 1ts way through an exc1t1ng season to a heartbreaklng f1n1sh 1D the league playoffs The Archtves playmg aga1nst Benyamm Franklln s ftve lost by one po1nt scored IH the last th1rteen excellent work on the courts The fenctng team coached by Mr Robert Bradbury dtd a f1ne lob all season and shared the champ1onsh1p w1th Frankford and Bartram The sw1mm1ng team gurded by Mr Ray Mullan took the c1ty t1tle The bowhng team annexed 1ts second consecut1ve league champ1onsh1p Wtlltam Ramey emerged v1ctor1ous ln the school pres1dent1al elect1on "C" CLASS Mr Russell Tompkms of the Physlcal Educat1on Department and baseball coach resxgned after 2l years at Northeast wh1le Dr Samuel Gapp replaced Dr lames Gordon as head of the Engllsh Department For many years Archlve soccer teams had proven the1r supremacy ID league competltlon Thls term the streak of the booters was broken at ll3 league v1ctor1es The loss occurred on Qctober 22 when Frankford w1th ftne defenslve play turned back the Northeasters l O It was an away game however and the Arch1ves ma1nta1ned the1r record of not hav1ng been defeated on thexr home fleld dur1ng a fourteen year perlod Germantown gatned the tltle thus endlng a relgn of th1rteen years for the Archlves although they f1n1shed the season w1th a respectable lO 2 l record Our cross country team placed fourth ID the Publ1c League Champ1onsh1ps The football team f1n1shed 1ts season w1th a 6 6 t1e agamst Central IH the annual Thanksa1v1ng Day contest and wound up the season w1th a l 2 3 record The mermen once agaln brought home the pubhc league t1tle for coach Mullan and Northeast Thxngs looked prom1s1ng for next year s football and soccer teams as both the Tumor Vars1ty soccer and football teams won the1r respect1ve league t1tles "B" CLASS Pres1dent Thomas Sawyer along w1th V1ce Presldents Russell Blackney lonathan Honore and loseph Lenczyk took ofttce havmg been elected the prev1ous term X1 nlx seconds of play. Toe Belmont was presented with the William H. Markward Basketball Prize for his - Az' A' ' L A CLASS XX II v V , '.'?,'- ' I v I SENATE AWARDS NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA SENATE AWARD BY HIS PERSONAL INFLUENCE CHARACTER AND INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT HAS MADE A DISTINCT CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDENT LIFE NND WELFARE OF THE NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL IN RECOGNITION THEREOF THE SENATE AWARDS THIS CERTIFICATE rnsslomr or nm SENATE PRINCIPAL or 'ms SCHOOL on l The Northeast Senate Award IS one of the hlqhest awards a Northeaster can recewe The award IS glven only to those boys who have been outstandlnq 1n extra currlcular act1v1t1es It IS not presented for athletlcs nor IS populamty lnvolved Recxplents are chosen by a Senate commtttee under the d1rect1on of Dr Rlchard Abraham When a student applles for a Senate Award the comm1ttee examlnes h1s record and selects those who have con trlbuted the most servlce to the School Commumty The number of awards QIVSH each term IS propor txonal to the number of students at Northeast that term The members of the class ot Ianuary 54 who re cexved Senate Awards are Charles Boqdanotf Edward McKn1qh+ Dav1d Greenwood Stephen Petsls DR RICHARD ABRAHAM lonathan Honore Henry Reddy loseph Lenczyk Raymond Scheck oe: enlx Tu o 1 v '-f5 3 3 5 E55iE?3 i35?3f3?53E?Q:E?i5535iT?23S:fl W ll W I I ll ll, W tal 'll ls ll ,nl ,llt ll' ll ll, ll l l l ll - lst , Ill l Llp , ill . all ll' 1 4 I ll ,ll . , rl' I , . XL l l l ll . Mi- llll ll ll 4 u ' la 7 ll Ill l l l 4 ,N this! ULZEEQEESgigigiiigigigifSEZ53gZi3?2EiE?iEE?E i3g?5S5-EA 43' I HQNOR SOCIETY THE NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL SENATE PHILADELPHIA A MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF BY REASON OF HIS OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP CHARACTER AND SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP HAS BEEN ELECTED TO MEMBERSHIP IN THE NORTHEAST HONOR SOCIETY IN RECOGNITION THEREOF THE SENATE HAS AWARDED THIS CERTIFICATE AND CONFERRED THE RIGHT TO WEAR THE INISIGNIIA OF THE SOCIETY D-XTE The Honor SOCIGLY Northeost s most exclusive orqomzotron IS composed of those students who hove combmed both o good scholoshc record ond notoble extro currtculor servlce to the school Orlqlnoted n 1938 by Mr Rhoods the Northeost Honor Socletv IS now under the sponsorshlp of Dr Gopp The cond1dote must be d1st1ngu1shed ln h1s sen1or yeor ond own e1ther o Senote Aword or o vors1ty letter to be el1q1ble It IS xndeed o greot dxstmchon to rece1ve such on honor ond Northeost IS proud of these members the outstondlnq students of Northeost Hlqh School DR SAMUrL GAP? S1 nlxl 111 I . 1 I . . . . . ,Q . J Xf, - ' -z I E num : l,.2.' 1 f. v . 1-1 1 Q -,, F , mme: ,:,,.f 001 COMNUNIY1 YIESIDEN1' . 1 . , . , . . . 5 . . , 1 I , E . 1' Q' '- 'tv ' The members of our class who have been elected to the Honor Society are: Charles Boqdanott Franklin Brody Yaroslav Kaminsky Ioseph Lenczyk Edward McKnight Seve Stephen Petsis Robert Richardson Raymond Scheck Stanley Timson Ioseph Usewicz nty-Fin' BEST SELLERS The followmg books are recommended as good readrng matertal for the graduatmg class Cunnlng Clues for Catchmg Cutters Ten Ways to Tougher Tests The K1ttens The Evxls of Drmkmg Care of the Harr Tall Storres The New Deal SIX Ways to Stop Smokmg The Whtstler WHO Frrst one on the board That IS a demon w1ll you star rt? Are you lOO', fully prepared? Do you see? Lets take lO mmutes out ot our dlscusston on sports tor Engltsh We haven t got the trme You ve got as much chance to pass as a snowball rn Hades Do you have a word l1st young man? R1ght fellows? I don t l1ke your attrtude What are you a WISQ guy? And IH the tltth gumtrle we have You only get out ot Northeast what you put mto rt SAID THAT' Homer lacobs Letghton K Smtth Qaul Katz lohn W Rhoads Leonard Srlverman Charles Malloy Le1ghton K Smlth Tohn W Rhoads Charles Freedman Leon Rack Tohn W Rhoads Frank Sulhvan Toseph Frtzgerald Leon Rack Lerghton K Sm1th Charles Ztmmerrnan Ph1l1p Snyder Paul Dutflelcl Martm Menkus Robert Bradbury Charles A Young N rnlx X11 ' .. . , l...,... ,,..l ...,.......,.... ,.., l . A Frank Bogia 0 , .,,.........., .,.,.,.,...,....,. ....r.,,..4.. TROPHY CASE The students ot Northeast are qulte proud ot the trophy cases wh1ch stand 1n the school hbrary For many years awards for Northeast s outstandmg leadershlp ln athletrcs have been kept ID these cases ln l922 the students of Northea t donated n honor of the late Dr Andrew I Morrlson the most rmportant of all sports troph1es IH lnterscholastlc League competmon the Morrxson Trophy Northeast has held thls trophy almost every year smce 1t was flrst placed 1n compet1t1on It 1S presented to the school wh1ch has the best over all sports record each year Another lmportant trophy the Terry Cup IS awarded to the best soccer team tn the c1ty each year SIHCG 1945 Northeast has won the Terry Cup every year except 1947 l95l and 1952 In l948 Northeast shared 1ts possess1on w1th Glrard College Northeast won the Wooden Horse Trophy lh1S year and has won 1t l1Ve t1mes mn the last seven years w1th one t1e 1n 1952 The trophy IS a horse carved out of sohd mahogany by a former North easter The wlnner of the annual Northeast Central football game keeps thls trophy for one year Smce Northeast won th1s year s Thanksgwlng Dav game l2 7 we w1ll hold the trophy unt1l next November Other troph1es are the two Dutch Trophles presented to champtonshlp football and basketball teams the Prmceton Cup awarded to baseball teams the Football ASSOC1Gl1OH ot Eastern Pennsylvanla D1SlT1Cl Trophy to cross country aggregatlons the Matthew l O Brlen Trophy for track and held the M1rror Trophy for swlmmlng the Leonardo Terrone Trophy tor fencxng the Henry Brachold Memor1al Trophy for bowhng and the Markward Basketball Trophy presented to Guy Rodgers These troph1es are a hne trlbute to the athletlc prowess ot Northeasters past and present Suenlx Set n 1 . . . . - 1 0 'l ' , Q , A . . , I . 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' I 1 - ' . . 1 . . . . , ' 1 .. . . . . 1 1 . . . 1 . . 1 - 1 1 A 1 , . Q I 5 H "l VL' OQ T50 ...K 3 FOOTBALL TEAM The Northeast gr1dders chmaxed one of the greatest seasons 1n the hlstory of the school by coppmg the Pubhc League T1tle and tymg for the C1ty Champtonshlp Led by All Pubhcs Ed Kramer Paul Boldtn Frank Brody and Aaron W1lson the Arch1ves rolled over all oppos1t1on comp1l1ng a 9 O 1 record the only blem1sh of thexr outstand1ng record belng the t1e by St Tames The team operated very successfully from a T formatlon w1th Ed Kramer dolng the pltchlng and B111 Rushxng Paul Boldm Bob Lucarml and George Keehfus carrytng the ball Boldln estabhshed a league record by scormg 20 touchdowns The offenslve l1ne consxsted of Arrmgton and W1lson ends Brody and Sharp tackles Haslett and Feenan guards and Beamon center On defense were W1lson and Arrmgton ends Brody and Sharp tackles Wh1tley and Schwartz guards and Moyer center The defens1ve backs were St1nson Rushmg Pmo Gale and Tones After defeatmg Roman Cathollc 18 0 and Germantown Academy 19 O 1n non league matches the team went on to defeat a stubborn Bartram eleven who f1n1shed second to Northeast 12 6 1n thexr openmg league t1lt The Arch1ves returned home on October 15 to romp over Olney 32 O The next opponent to come before Northeast was Mastbaum Tech When the dust had cleared the Mast s were on the wrong end of a 31 O count After hum1l1at1ng Germantown 39 6 Northeast s grtdders ran up agalnst the1r toughest oppos1t1on Dobbms but managed to come out on the rlght stde of a 26 12 score Gratz was an easy 21 O vlctory for the team The 65th trad1t1onal Thanksgwtng game agatnst Central was a hard fought battle but once agaln the Martmmen were the vxctors 12 7 The Crtmson and Gold put a real scare 1nto Northeast when they threatened to score w1th mtnutes left but an 1ntercepted pass staved off the rally The vxctory over Central clmched the Publlc League T1tle and set the stage for the Ctty Champ1onsh1p Game Frankhn Fteld was the stte of one of the most thrtlhng contests smce the C1ty T1tle was xnaugurated as Northeast faced St lames of Chester the Cathohc League wtnner The Arch1ves overcame a quxck 7 O lead by the IIIUITIIGS to score 13 pomts 1n a Northeast domtnated ftrst half Northeast scored agam 1n the thlrd quarter to lead 20 7 but St Iames snapped back wtth an end run attack to t1e 2O 20 and was on the verge of scor1ng agaln when they fumbled and Northeast recovered to end the game Names hke Rushtng Kramer Brody and W1lson stood out but the whole squad turned IH an admxrable yo Greatly responsrble for the success of the Arch1ves were head coach Charley Martln and hne coach George Schmxdt Mr Martm who played under Gus Gelges tor Northeast returned to h1s alma mater to w1n h1s flrst champ1onsh1p Eighty-Um: .x X SQ: -sf' Q H! I V SA 5 ,gf Kii ' fi- '. , 4 -' f-,' W.,-, 1 ,b--sv., - ' . Q .pf-2' n -'vw' ,ff Ji WWW .Db-9 gas..- . .L ' -1.4 4 - V .GY RV ,W "'-, '+ , BG sf . . - V. . . Q ' A ff!-:4,,Q..,.5-,- I .MJ ,N 'f'-+w5.L.f'.?, --, W, 5 M-'R " 'f " f,,..s k. . .5 rc. -I ,- .1. mil, '1"9f'fv "Q--555 1 , L.. W ,HA .'1,a',. , "- av. 1 W A . QU Q 5 1-rx I -'Sk ww. ' aj LM A W. i ., I, .art V., x K ' n ,. wi .,.A ' .. ' IA KA Jai' K " N. , 5 A 1 K gy,-.,., - . rf V- Qfiw: arf: Syl-6 ' A NAM, . - we-f-. .X 1-.M ww ,W wif of mv. f v'Jlfy, fx. --yr 351 A 5,1 ,M QA VW ffww, ' "'361s,gw ,A 4, 1 ,. :WM MW 'Pa 19' 9 twig: pw vu 'WI N24 wif I' B- 'hiv ,J ff' Www fr ,gif SOCCER TEAM xsfw,5 -we v ' -X " "7 ' . it irq, ,.'. ' - ' ' . i '- 214,--xv 'y , , - . ,jigs - , 1- -fix-...An W f ,ww ,fa , ' if My A gf, Q ,K 'Yi - QM: M f, ff 1 i if ., , v' v , , Q is ws me fku X p ir The Northeast Varsity Soccer team completed its 53 season by capturing the Public League Crown and afterwards going on to win the City Championship from Girard College l 0 lt was a season with special significance for Northeast The booters had been beaten last year by Frankford and Central and tied by Germantown which eliminated them from competition for the Public and City titles Out for revenge they succeeded in defeating all opposition except Frankford which turned the trick agam this year by dging the Archives 2 l The Frankford defeat did not carry as much weight in the league standings this year since the Pioneers had been beaten twice before The Red and Black booters clinched their first place position when they beat Lincoln l O in the last league game of the season This gave the soccermen a l3 l record The Mullanmen came through the r schedule nearly untouched by inluries The only serious loss was Robert Kornsey center halfback who suffered a broken ankle during the Central game Coach Mullan faced with the loss of his center half for the remamder of the season switched George lones fullback to center half and pulled Walt Kudenlso from the forward line back to left fullback With the new defensive lineup Northeast went on to finish its season and cop the City Title The Archive booters exhibited true Northeast form all season Their passing attack and strong shooting was the basis of the consistent playing which led them to the title Alan Shane at inside right and George lanes at fullback co captamed the 53 squad Shane with 16 of fullback a key position in the Northeast defense ln the outside left and right positions lohn Ferraro and lerry Mayall two excellent wingmen have tallied l3 and ll goals respectively to furnish a threat on each wing to any team George King per formed above average all season as goal tender Graduating this year will be Alan Shane George lones George King lerry Mayall and lohn Ferraro Lighlx F116 goals to his credit posed the Red and Blacks main scoring threat, while lones starredlin his position '5E'?Q'L'h-Z' A' ff ,wif rfg mcgvw . gk", 'w,gf3i, H. 'fj,.1w,A ,, 4, I , Ziff," Z --'Q' ' QA ,fk 11.5, wil ' ,Q-if?" 5'-WKATA.. fffki ",lqN?,a, f' w 1 A 'iff-,' 'I' V ffiln rxzkw f Q H 'fm ,s k x 11: ,Q MQW Az 1. .fix ., 1, 431 1, ws.-W fy. ' : 1577" 'V ., men fvvtwgl, -x ,ffl A . X My zz X in 1 . ,,,4- J 'O ZW .J 4 CROSS COUNTRY +6 fe The hard runnlnq Cross Country Team placed second 1n the annual Publxc League Champ1onsh1ps on the Strawberry Mans1on Course Thls season proved to be a very successful one tor the Archwe Harrlers The two key men Ed Haley and Iohn Thompson led the team to a VICTOFY over Lmcoln and West Phlladelphla The Red and Black then 1ourneyed to Lansdale and scored a 22 28 v1ctory Th1s was a non league meet Then the tollowmq week on Qctober 2l the team lost a close meet w1th Germantown 96 98 wrth Frankford scormq l9l and Southern comma ln last wlth a score ot 279 pomts The tmal meet ot the season before the champ1onsh1p was taken by the Archwes The Harrlers scored 71 pomts to Bartram S lO8 and Dobbms 128 polnts Coach Gwen s pred1ct1on ot a good season was tultllled largely because many of last year s boys returned lfighly-Eight A-32 Y 1:51 WHL' 33,40 Q az-J N TRACK Q3 ""'w-Q NEB 5 fl Q3 NHVQNS ,vp 4' ,wi ' .Ia AQ 4452, zzrelyf ,.,.,:" sa .W-, F.. .. ' Q 1-' f ' I f f V fe QE. W fi 2' . ..,,,, Yf ' . as 13 55 4 , W BASKETBALL TEAM L I - 1 1 4 ' - "' The Northeast l-hgh School Basketball Team coached by lke Woolley w1ll durmg the 53 54 season try to ma1nta1n the success that prevrous Archrve teams have ach1eved rn the three years we have been at Northeast The Woollevmen have partrctpated 1D the playotts each year wrth great teams led by such stars as loe Belmont and Guy Rodgers both ot whom were chosen on the All Scholashc Basketball Team Thrs year Coach Woolley has several veterans returnmg led by co captalns Don Davrs and Stan Trmson They are backed up by the M1ghty Mrtes Mrke Qmaley Bob Parham and Bob Schlembach Aaron Wrlson and B1ll Wrble are also returrma The Publlc League w1ll dtscard the system of d1v1d1ng the srxteen teams 1lTO tour d1v1s1ons and wrll revert to the old system ot havrng a stra1ght srxteen team unrt league The top tour te ams IU the hnal standtngs wtll partrcrpate ln the Shaughnessy Playo s Thts does not mean that a team w1ll play every team IF the Pubhc League There strll W ll be only l2 league games on each team s schedule three reaulars fteams that are played 'N cel and srx other publrc hrgh schools Last year Northeast experrenced o e o tts most success ul sea o s Mr Woolley l rat the school wrll agarn have a aooa t am tls s year but w1ll hav dr rcult task n ox com1ng such obstacles as Strlts Charroe lam and Company on the .va to a charnptor hrp The hoopers wrll lose co captaln Star lrmson and Aaron W1lson Nhe the lflflrd Clas graduates Nm M Un . .N 11 . . e 1 1 1 1 1 , . A . . . . T I 1 -A , 1 , , ' . .1 . . 11 , . Y - 1 A 1 . , . X . . - . l . , , . . . . . U . ? l. . , . X . . Q 1 . , . N I . ' I ' I .. ,.-. , I - , Q 1 .. c ' , . '. - : xl . . .66 b L . . 1 . .11, , L. EE 11 'Q O " ' - I 'EF- .l T. ,A A1 t J .: . . . -F, , - . . l . ' Ii 1,1 ,S Eg- L' lla fb E51 Eh Qu W - a ll ll ii I . - sl, at , 1 Nga nib: 'g ix sq? , f ,, 'NT 'A S mx if Z' if Z L X X 49 3, , A 3 H r Q L E 1 Y Y ' 'B ug 'ii L, 4 X I f Q ,Y J, , ,. , I s A-. mn 1 5 'rmzw 5 k L W? i U if 24 , 'I 'PETE EQ sul ,aw We XX ,.......Y. i I-iifwliw r k ' ' jv- ii -f f f O Q kk g Y fi J tk A TRACK TEAM The Northeast Track Team under the capable leadersh1p of Coaches Lester M Owen Elmer Thelss and Bob Sm1th IS expected to do a ttne ob th1s season as 1t has IH the past The cmdermen showed themselves as a powertul well balanced team last lune t1n1sh1ng rn t tth place Some of the ma1n events are the quarter m1le halt m1le and the two m1le relays Runnmq these events are Roy lones Moten Heath Donaldson Fowlkes Wllson Boldm Dukes ATTIHQTOH Haley De Shlelds lames C010 Becker and Rushlng Runnmq the low and htqh hurdles are Boldln Moore Russell Arrmqton PFICS Sharp Wh1tney Edwards and Kasper The team IS expected to show well IH held events such as shotput pole vault runmnq broad Jump and h1qh yump Members of these d1v1s1ons are Shotput Vogt Kramer Wells Logan Brody Mxller Broad lump lames Dav1s lackson and Hutch1ns Pole Vault Stemlns Nlchols Green Andress Hlqh lump Robeson Sharpe Dav1s Paulhlll Harr1s Brown Last term the Archwes downed Frankford South Ph1la Central Glney Germantown Lmcoln Ben Frankhn and Dobb1ns Senlor track stars are Moten Dukes Wllson lackson Wells Brody and Greenwood X 1 I 1 1 - 1 . . . . i . 1 1 1 - , , - . i . I . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 mc y- 'our 1 "fif- " on "Nf- '11 .-sv A A 'v' xi! 54.1 . - J . 12' Y .P 1, 5 X I K . 0124! -YUM ' ,Mfg-xi - X . fi , .L X 1. . . Q i, .. 7,1 4 -v T' s Q 1, Q I . ' x X 'Q ' ' ' X ' ,, .. ' 4 ' ig- I . ' . .,.. 1 N I x . ' .1 A sqexd, 1-A L- .. ,gig 'XIX ki 'L-' I 'H - -Ev-v r lu ' s l fm :Hi . V.-.-. ,iq L :1 -lf' zzibif- 51. ,. - . 'i"?L35Hf3 ' , Ile' ' L, L rua. . ..-rf T' ""-' X-Aj . , . ' " , , - . A 4 sflfwf ar 4 ll ,- wxifwis .A-.v.k, .',, A "' -,A.-Q . . ' . --v-H. Q' J' I' 1 lava:--f'? -S ff-'?ff13 ' f, . I .af-21"'lU6 ,-Qf -.,..4'- W., X - j ' A , V Q 2 J ' 'G Y . ' ,s?w2a " ,- ' -A ' .x.E' ' f.. 2 3 3 . .RQ-f' 5' I Q! - . 'ful' - N V1 lj' 7 1 gli' 05.1 -Nz V 55 ' f ' , J 'I , :M f , gf N 5 ,g l . .I ,- Q. A v.f if ww.: M .2 X ' Q v 3 . ,una gzfi.. 'fha ws-ug -Q., 1453 BQ 9 BASEBALL TEAM The Varsxty Baseball Team under the drrectton of Coach Walter Slbson frnlshed the 53 season w1th 8 w1ns and 7 losse After w1nn1ng both of thelr two pre season games agaxnst Penn Charter by scores of 3 2 and 2 O the Stbsonmen were blanked ID the1r f1rst league game 8 O by Ben Franklm The team came back w1th a 9 5 v1ctory over Slmon Gratz Bob Lucar1n1 then p1tched a two h1tter to defeat Dobblns 8 O The Archlves traveled to West Phlladelphla where they nosed out a l3 l2 vlctory IU a htgh scorlng thrtller The next contest resulted IN a 9 7 loss to Roxborough followed by a shutout by Olney 2 O The team returned home to play Bok 1n a thr1ll1r1g ten 1nn1ng contest to w1n over the Blue and Whrte 5 3 The Slbsonmen were paced by Dom1n1ck Molmarl ln an easy vlctory over Germantown 8 3 Another w1n came when Northeast nosed out Mastbaum 6 5 on the Red and Blue s f1eld A strong Frankford team edged the Arch1ves by a 12 ll score at Northeast s fleld The Archlves scored 7 runs IH the thlrd 1nn1ng to tr1umph over lohn Bartram 12 9 Overbrook won a close lO 9 dec1s1on 1n twelve IHHIDQS The Central M1rrors downed the Archlves wxth a 6 O shutout Southern defeated the nlne on walks 4 2 but Northeast snapped back to defeat Lmcoln 51 1n the1r season fmale to put the Logs out of the Champ1onsh1p The startlng lme up was lB Dom Mohnarl 2B Leslle S1mmons 3B Don Mllls SS Bob Gale LF Bob Coleman CF Al Tackson RF Tom Sawyer P Bob LUCGTIHI and Ron Herrmg C Pete Back and Ron Thompson The only graduatmg semor IS Domxnlck MOl1HOT1 X tx S 1 1 1 . . S. . A T I I T I . I . . T I I - ' , ' . I T ' T 1 . . . . I - I I T I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . me j-. ll '41 'xvb W' -41-.-,:5W,.0.v ww Q SWIMMING TEAM The Northeast Vars1ty Sw1mm1ng Team w1th two stra1ght Pubhc League Champ1onsh1ps to 1ts cred1t and a new coach w1ll start the 1953 54 season as the tavor1te to repeat th1s year Last year s squad dom1nated the league by ga11op1ng to v1ctory IH all s1X ot 11S Pubhc 1-hgh meets Br1ll1ant performance by the ent1re team led to v1ctor1es over L1nco1n 65 9 Mastbaum 65 10 Dobblns 52 23 Germantown 40 35 West Ph11adelph1a 53 21 and l1I'1OllY Central 45 30 To top ott th1s great record the Red and Black members under Coach Ray Mullan emerged v1ctor1ous 1n the Publlc League Champ1onsh1ps IH wh1ch B111 Rushmg was crowned 50 yard freestyle kmg and Don Least1n1shedt1rst1n d1v1ng The 200 yard freestyle team of B111 Rushmg Shep Arrmgton Ed Cuneo and Don Leas d1sp1ayed great form f1n1sh1ng f1rstata1 54 4 c11p ln the Clty Champ1onsh1ps the Mermen lost a heartbreaker to St loseph s 30 45 The score does not really 1nd1cate the closeness ot the meet SIHCG at least three Northeasters were beaten by less than one tenth ot one second Bob Muzslay starred copp1ng the 100 yard breaststroke and the 150 yard 1nd1V1dualmedley B111 Rushmg and Don Leas emerged v1ctor1ous 1n the 50 yard freestyle and d1VlDQ departments respectwely Mr Clarence C1oth1er new Archwe sw1mm1na coach feels sure that w1th the ass1stance of such mamstay semors as Bob Muzslay Charles Bogdanotf Ed Cuneo B111 Rushmg and Shep Arrmgton the team w1ll aga1n be 1n the race to the champ1onsh1p All of the ato ment1oned semors are three year vars1ty men Nm lxl 1 , ' . 1 . .,,.. . ' - I . I T I T I - I I 1 1 - ' 1 . . , . . . , 1, . 1 1 1 - - . . . 1 1 I 4 - . . I . - 1 , 1 I I I 1 I T' . .. YQ' 1' .'- Llyllll , A-i,,::s , . isis ' wil"n V f 534' - JW. Z v-ggi' "v J .tv r I I 1 gf vw" HE' VX v NU Q-Q I . ,,,. ...GQ .N X' ' ' X ,xx -. 'H Riff 1 1 4 .--U-uvm... ll!!! xilliilll l nuuuu 1 als: ' . llll' " ' X131 uh :AY 7'-W' K -4 Hi.- 'N Ii , A Z, . II 'YNH 1 uv Im LW. -.Xglugs .- A f M - ' v N 'X 'Q . R , em- 'nrifx ,ii -g,.,!,":'?!'EfE'5 Wg, Q V ,....4?'Wfrff Kilziiigrr ' TENNIS TEAM Mr. Gustav Baaclc, in his tirst year as tennis coach, was torced to build the l953 sauad with inexperienced players because last year's varsity members had all graduated. Tom Chomentowski and Henry Schilling, who were tirst and second singles men respectively, were chosen co-captains ot the sguad. Frank Zoltowoski and lim McCord rounded out the singles team, while Tom Massey and Bob Richardson composed a strong doubles team. Northeast lost to strong West Philadelphia and Central teams 5-O. Germantown, Lincoln and Olney gained close decisions over the Archives, but the Red and Black netmen rebounded by rolling over Bok and Bartram 5-O. They then defeated Gratz 3-2 and Roxborough 4-l, while losing a hotly contested match to Southern, 3-2. The team ended the season with a fl-6 record. This year many freshmen tried out tor the team, showing there has been a revived interest in the sport. Coach Baack is hopeful that the experience gained this year will aid in producing a good tennis team next season. Seniors are Bob Richardson and Frank Zoltowski. GYM TEAM Q"""'-1' qw: 4 .Sc'WE", e9""f TGEKTA 9 GYM 'P' 'W' UW st um qw: run run rum i95yM4-'L TEAM 1,921 SLM UCL SXTHI4 QTHI4 'Scam 5' XMTHI4, xssvn '9 Wu ftgxffff-ff WI HAM TGEYA f 'run 51 .fy HAM QA xl GYM 1fAH Last years gym team, piloted by Mr. Gustav Baack, showed marked improvement over the previous season. The gymnasts placed higher in the league and had better total scores, thanks to Mr. Baacks constant striving for team improvement. They beat such teams as Germantown, West Philadelphia, and Ben Franklin: while losing to Dobbins, Gratz, Olney, and Southern. Their defeat by Dobbins was close, losing only by ill points out ot a possible lTOO. Graduation will take three experienced men: Captain David Greenwood, Mike Passamante, and losepli Lenczyk. The boys ot the UE" and MF" classes will be trying out soon, and a lot will depend onthe willingness ot the remaining members to give Mr. Baack a hand in getting the new tellows in shape. He will be working under the handicap of a green team, and, in spite ot all his experience, his Job will not be easy. Gnce the team realizes what is expected ot each member as an individual, it will be a touah sauad to beat. GOLF TEAM The Northeost High School Golf Teom is under the direction ot Mr. lohn Boyd, who will be serving his sixteenth seoson os the mentor ot the Red ond Block Golfers. This will be the third consecutive octive seoson tor the linksmen since the one yeor lopse in l95l. The previous two seosons hove not been very successful becouse ot the lock ot experienced ployers, but this yeor it should be on entirely ditterent story os the H954 Archives golt sguod will include severol two yeor veterons, who ore due tor on excellent seoson. The title lost yeor wos copped by Roxborough High School. Qt course, going out tor the golt teom otters o good chonce to eolrn on NE, but it olso oftords o chonce to leorn o sport thot you con ploy tor the rest ot your lite, which is not true ot oll sports. The Boydmen proctice ond ploy their home gomes ot the Tunicito Golf Course. Another volue of the teom to Northeost is thot just by entering into Public Leogue competition voluoble points ore goined towords the Morrison Trophy which Northeost hos held for mony yeors. BOWLING TEAM The Northeast Varsity Bowling Team under the direction of Dr. Samuel Gapp ended the l9S2-53 Public League campaign in a tie for second place with Qlney. ln the All-City Bulletin Cup meet the Archives took fourth place. Finishing with a record of 30 wins and lO losses, the Red and Black defeated Mastbaum, Cfratz, Dobbins, and Central by identical scores of 4-O. The other triumphs were 3-l decisions over Frankford and Southern. The Northeast keglers tied in league matches with Lincoln, the League Champs, Germantown, Clney, and Qverbrook. Seniors Charles Schmidt and Bill Elia paced the team. Schmidt had 4616 pins in 30 games for an average of l54. Elia in 27 games toppled 4ll4 pins, compiling a l52 average. With the TV team capturing the Public League Title, the new coach, Mr. Roland Doane, should have an excellent team to represent Northeast next season. FENCING TEAM Coach Robert Bradbury's fencers finished higher in the league in '53 than had been expected. Mr. Bradbury, who had suffered the loss of all his varsity members except two, did not expect to win many contests. He decided to concentrate on building his team for l954. But the inexperienced tencers came through, finished in second place, losing only to Haverford and Penn Charter in non-league matches, and to Southern High, the city champions, while rolling over Bartram, Clney, and Frankford. This year's team will suffer no great loss from graduation except Ronald Stewart, whose specialty is sabre, and lohn Ellison, a foilman. The sguad hopes to win both team honors and the individual championship. Headed by Harry Childs, the team will include Henry Summers, Vince Campellone, Frank Winston, Sherman White, Graynle Edwards, Lonnie Moore, Marshall lohnson, Leon Bush, Carl Harrison, and Les Abramson. The freshmen fencers are being taught by Mr. Bradbury, Mr. Frederick Pierce, new assistant coach, and the older members of the team. The Fencing Club serves as a training organization for aspiring young fencers. The boys who are the best in the club usually make up the team which consists ol nine or ten men. The l9S4 season will include exhibition tours to Kensington High, Girls High, and a few iunior high schools. These trips to junior high schools are taken to encourage the younger boys to take up fencing. 43 40' CREW ex 15 +x fs F545 :NIA 4-il' 4 The Archive Crew has finished its fifth consecutive season of scu11ing after a 1apse of thirty-three years. The sport was abandoned in 1916 and was not revived unti1 1948 when 1ohn Carlin, NE '15, started the reviva1 movement by p1acing the Fairmount Rowing Association cost1y equipment at the schoo1's disposa1. A back breaking training schedule was 1aid out by Coach Robert Thomas to condition the oarsmen. The day's practice began with racing starts which are extreme1y important in competition. The boys then rowed to a point above the Strawberry Mansion Bridge and raced back over a mi1e course. The total distance rowed each day was about seven miles. The daily workout was then finished off with a mi1e run. The team did fairly we11 considering that most of the men were as green to rowing as was Coach Thomas. Most of the races were heartbreakers in which the Archives 1ost by a matter of feet, or in photo finishes that were 1ost in the same way, The coup de grace came in the race for the 13ub1ic 1-1igh Championship and the 1ohn Car1in Trophy. The Northeasters pu11ed ahead at the auarter mi1e mark and continued to widen the gap unti1 they finished with open water between them and the 1?ai1sp1itters. The jubi1ant crew was a11owed to think that they had won unti1 five hours after the race, when they were po1ite1y informed that they had been disguahfied for using N number five 1ane instead of four. - The varsity seniors are Richard Parker, George K Kefetifizs and 1oe Usewicz H 2 Q' TABLE TENNIS TEAM The Northeast Table Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Georae Bchmidt, finished the TQB3 season in second place in Public leaaue standings with a record of 2 and 2. Central has taken the chaniyjiopslnit iot.rteen years in succession with the Red and Black usually close behind. The 1933 team consisted rriostly of freshmen. The Archives played Ben Franklin and Central twice. Ben Franklin was defeated twice, while the Bed and Black los: liofh meets with the Mirrors, giving the Centralites the championship. Tohn Bullock, Charles Kina, and Yaroslav Kaminsl-Ly were the rnainstays of the Archives winning combination. This trio won a combined total of fifteen matches, while losing only three. The doubles team ot Norman Bacon and Nate Human also aided the Archives with their skillful playing, compiling a record ot tour wins and no losses. Since they became sguad members, Bullock and King have a combined record ot 50 wins and l2 losses, with King triumphant in 27 ot 34 matches, and Bullock capturing 23 ot 28 games. The following boys played on the squad this season: Yaroslav Kaminsky, Charles King, Tohn Bullock, Herbert Grant, Leo Paul, lerry loseph, lulian Ward, Norman Bacon, and Nate Human. SENIOR LETTERMEN Y'ygfV1g'T"lif yy vi-M W r .X Q V195 QW vs, its XV? HJ wx fel-:germ -A322 wi W P ,W JV We wiwyhw my gr' seem gwff J PWA flff It 8,9155 M AV R tr ff X ff is fyM+ 4 A55 if A www Q 1+ 3545 legal' W mia., fszjgjf ,g pkg! uf? vw gm? it ffwwfzffv se W9 X. J' 4291 we 'Fw 1 " Wil if ww Yr dingy x xv! TENNIS Robert Richardson Frank Zoltowski TRACK Philip Dukes David Greenwood Otis MCAliley Iames Moten David Wells Aaron Wilson CREW Ioseph Usewicz SWIMMING Charles Boqdanott Robert Muzslay BASKETBALL Stanley Timson Aaron Wilson GYM TEAM David Greenwood FENCING lack Ellison Ronald Stewart BOWLING William Elia Charles Schmidt SOCCER lobn Kina One lluniirsiz' and Sewri FOOTBALL Franklin Brodv Robert Couldron Herbert Thomas William Whitley Aaron Wilson CROSS COUNTRY Iames Moten BASEBALL Robert Couldron Dominic Molinari TABLE TENNIS Yaroslav Kaminslcy AUTOGRAPHS 'Nz fx Q is ,,!,fgg-41 1,3 AUTOGRAPHS .-5

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