Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1952

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x w 9' f , , fl 1 .. ,N E :wgfssi l 1 1 1 2 f 1 5 xii? 1 1 F 4 H Q f , , I as 45 N 4. X w V V r V 1 1 T Q , UL. ' 1 x Z f f W j 'ggaxkgwmgiv J S I -, 4 Cx mi r . 4 xy' x 1 I - - 11.6-We A P 'YW's- 1 W' 'il fqfff ,V wx, n 4 V mv if wg, .1 I EW' 24 va. 'LQ - if-an as ' 'Sf af 4-Qi 'Q 'Qi ,., , ,, .fue-83 5 4 ,A .3 1' .wif ,W -. . M A .AH 4 'L . ., 'jp K NP 2 5 rf A . Q 1 .5 . .fs Nw -h. ,y 4 ,Mg f- : , V .,M,, ,iw 55' f. ff ,Ig M s Te ff! X I W P we .ea by if DONALD E SUPINSKI r Chef JEROME LUBER Ass te dr 99 ' jAImQ51g52 HURTHEHST HIGH SCHUUL l' A E ..',. .1 2L'.'.1. ' '.' V.-'. . . ' s a' . .,'.::.u: U. ' 0 ' , ' . ' I '.:f""' - -' .- . i u '-.-'gf 05, .I ' - nf'-Q25 2-I-' -f . ' . . . "s'.'.s'e f sl.: ' ' .' ' :7f7f'f:' 9 .4-"f".1' ' - 03.24 I. .1.,' : . . 53.020 X. Sf' . ' x1':1'.' ' ' If-ra'--1 . . 1' - :ang Q ' . . ,la . 0, . Q 0 . ' - 121 .5 - -' - five. " ' ' - r n I .otilliz 11.."a.r..l' .. ' . r '. 1 55:3 5 . 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A , f . 1 V ff , , I g 1 1' K' A " X' -' I' AV I f f , 1 X! A f 1 'V , K X ff 'X ,f K f+.. V X X f If , ,ff 'y f YY .. 5, H . .-nxt, 0 - .'. 1, -:J Q.-1 x i ff- 1. ffl- '3' ' '- '- :Tl- ffr ," ' 'K-,min -Jt. X --..'--Q",-.' . - .. . --4-fl. -11-gc.-2 ! 3....'::l' . -It ' '.: ..v' . .". :is-,. 'A' ..' - '. -' '.'J,,",.,..." ' . ' "u'.-1, ou' n 1 . ' '. ' ' ' . - ' - ' ' l . ... . : . 1 1 P X . X ' s '. I . ,f ' ff' , X XX 1 ff 14 Z DEDICATIO KA T11 o111 1192111 11o1 111111d1Co1 JO C 1 1 v 1 1 I1 1111 65 o DIEJGIG 111 o 111111 VV1111 111e1oH 1 11o11s 1:11191 Co1121o1 1 1310111111 Q 111wy 11ovG 1111111911 UQ 1o bocome 111 1111115 C11 76115 o1111e wo1111 C11 Q1 o111v bocou 12 O111161F 111111111 1111 llQ11OIl o111l 11 STDWQG 791:11 W111 W oecomo oood OI GQ Thev 1o11o111 11oQ been to 1 11 LIN OVQ1 woo 115 1o 1119- 111 11 11 C 'LJN UL QI W 7" ' X .' 11? 'A T. 'Ji-.3 .. 11 is1111!11s o1'o1111 the faculty of Northeast High School fi' 'l1'1D1Y 1f5'.'1 fbi,"-1QiL 11.1111-111',',111l1111f 101111. 1 Q gl X 1 X -fx Q . ' 1 -'.. I I fl . ff 1 3 f X745 ' ff A f 11 H 1 T S Av S -I AV 11 1' 3' 111114 111 11 111 CIIYY 11111-- 11111111 111' 111111131 11111- FJ1'1'SfJ11, 11111 1111 ff 111111111111 111111. f "N-1 ' - 151111111 41111 1111111 y1-11. S1C1J'l111 N111'111111S1, 11lLJS6' IZl1'I1 111v1 ,'f".,' 1 Y 1 , 1 . . .'11!b11 1 -1 E11.. .55 X 5 .MN-,.-. I 111 1 11 1 111, wx ..f'.Q1. t -' 3 ' .5 1 "1 1 . 1 '. , , 1 ' n"I'.-: 311: . h . 171 1 1 1 1 1 ' N C X' 5' H..,:v' .. I 1 1 ., . 1, . 1A 1, . .A . .ff'..':-'IA ' o'1:'.,'. 1 5' 11. Q Hx.: " -H 1 ,1 mln. -3, I . OIIP11' K ' - 1. '1e1 gi 1' A y r ' 1- H I -' ' 1"1-111' 111y111C11 11v5 11eo11, .s' u ' ', . I." U- . 1 I Y "N, ' . ' 1311 '11 s111111-111 W1111 W111 1,1-"111:. 1 sxc 'P-551111 111 1111 1' 1111- 111 . . .-' . 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X K 5421 gn 4 'QM ff: E 4 4 by Q MY FRIENDS THE CLASS OE IANUARY 1952 l am proud ot you graduates who are now talclng your olaces rn the world of men and 1n company w1th a host ot Northeast Alumn1 Your real worth w1ll be measured by the yardshclc of servrce and product1on May your ab1l1t1es be real17ed to therr full expre s1on The great cr1ses you must face w1ll take all your talents to resolve 1f our Amerlca IS to lead a gropmg world to freedom and decency Srr Owen Seaman has wr1tten Ye that have tarth to look wrth fearless eyes Beyond the tragedy ot a world at strtte And trust that out ot n1ght and death shall rrse The dawn of an ampler hte RGIOICG whatever angu1sh rend your heart That God has grven you tor a pmceless dower To l1ve IH these great tlmes and have your part ln Freedom s crowntng hour A talth such as thls Wtll lnsprre each hte to the ulllllment of tts own dest1ny Pray for that tarth Smcerely yours CHARLES A YOUNG Pr1nc1pa1 I1 . . st xl ,,, . -A-.L , , Q ' S' . , H , , P . .. , ,. ., f , 'zu X X Mn. QA ELMER 'rnmss A 's a JW T0 THE CLASS OF 1951 Your stoy ot Northeost now comes to o close Durlnq your stoy you hove qotned monv voluoble experlences oll destgned to 1nst111 IH you good c1t1zensh1p The future ot Amemco now depends on you ond rnllhons more who ore ot th1s t1me oroduohnq from h1qh schools from oll over the country Let us hope ond proy thot you wlll be steodtost 1n your work tor peoce ond eecur 1ty Peoce con only be ottouned by men dedlcoted to qood ond ded1coted to r1qht Modern scxence hornessed to cn wor mochtne con onn1h1lote our present culture ond CIVIIIZOUOH Modern sc1ence on the other hond Llt111Z6d by o peocetul economy con moke the next century the most q1or1ous ero 1n h1story Let us work hope ond proy for peoce ond rnoy God ble-Qs you tn oll your future endeovors Qlneerel Y FI MFE C THFIQ9 Flow Sponsor Szr ...- -'f ,-'J , . I ' , . 1 1 1 1 - ' 4' 1 .J 1 . Atn.,.,1 ... . n , VICE-PRI CIPALS TO THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1952: As l write this message, there is one thing that is uppermost in my mind-the Francis Bellamy Flag Award. Northeast is extremely proud to have been selected from all the schools in the great state of Pennsylvania for this national honor. We have received this award primarily because of the outstanding achievements of our graduates. Now you are one of them. We will be looking forward soon to your accomplishments in our great community of Philadelphia. As Northeast graduates, we know you will uphold the great traditions of a truly areat school. Sincerely yours, WALTER E. HCWARTH Vice-Principal . ,ff TO THE CLASS OF JANUARY 1952: You are following in the footsteps of many thousands of graduates of Northeast High School. Qt those living, many hold high positions in lndustry, Government and the Professions. For your advancement to these heights, let me urge you to continue your studies-at whatever cost-in your chosen field, at some school or college. Then, when opportunity knocks, you will be prepared not only to grasp the opportunity, but also to succeed. Vaya con Dios! GECRGE H. EISENHARDT X Vice-Principal ARCHIVE STAFF Editor in Chief DONALD SUPINSKI Associate Editor Photo Editor IEROME LUBER DONALD FISHMAN Biographies Co Editors MARVIN LOEV and MARIO EVANGELIST David Bogie William Zuener Beniamin Dlseroad Oscar Bogo law Herbert Hoffman Alan Cohen Features Editor JOHN KELSALL George V1nc1querra Paul Birdsey Lloyd Beck Theodore Hushr Leonard Stokler Kenneth Corbin Robert Grieqer Sports Editor IACK HOFFMAN Bernard Kramer Charles lacobs Marvin Mann lames Coae Richard Price Typing Editor FRANK MELLER Leon Kautfmai David Boyd Morton Grossman Art Editor IAMES HAZELEY Raymond Qcheet7 xt 1 Philip Agress Albert Ritter loseph Dramise Q- 0 MR. DOANE MR-HALE P1 R, FITZGE RALD fi ...Nw ff-:se --A-o wwf MR. PENNYPACKER f,1Q.f:ALKENg-QAQAN 5 , MFLBABCOCK f'1R.GuRANT REE? 'Exif' ff LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MR. HOWARD HENZEL Acting Department Head Fiont Row: Messrs. Charles Zimmerman, William Anson, Dr. Abraham, Howard Henzel. Rowland Doane. Back Row: Messrs. A. G. Eichel- berrger, Dr. Moses l. Frlichter, Charles Gardner. MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENT MR. C. RUSSELL MURPHY Department Head Front Row: Messrs. Vincent Cheverelli, Daniel lacoby, CharlesBuckley,C.F.Baumiiller, C. R. Murphy, Max Samotin, lohn Kelly, William Wilson, lohn Haraxiih. Middle Row: Messrs. Diimworth, Edwin Cratt, Edwin Kilous, Myers, Herwig, Clarence Hut' chinson, Adelbert Heinemann, Wayne Quigley. Back Row: Messrs. Williani Moat, liilian Hickok, Herbert Wyliner, Stephen Hale, Albert Fisher, ltidson Falker, Randolph Abbott,WilliamThonias,Charles Malloy. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT MR. LEIGHTON K. SMITH Department Head Front Row: Messrs. Earl 'William' son, Karl Brandt, Walter Lapp, Leighton K. Smith, Linneaus B. Earhart, William Winicov. Robert Bradbury. Back Row: Messrs. Samuel Nich- olson, Leon Cohen, Charles Knopf, Alex H. Alexander, Leo- nard Silverman. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MR. ABR!-XM PIWOSKI Department Head Front Row: Messrs. Harry Water- bor, Byron King, Charles Freed- man, Lawrence Babcock, Abram Piwoski, Lee Pennepacker, Myer Rosenthallobias Hahn, Nicholas Grant. Back Row: Messrs. Herman Hauser, Gerson Backhaut, Lewis Rofman, Philip Snyder, Clyde Sims, Murray Shrenlz, Samuel Erlick, Frank Henzel, Frank Boqia. fin? x ll ENGLISH DEPARTMENT DR. JAMES GORDON DSpC1Yf!I.f:'!l' Hefri Flaw? Row: Mwssw. lmcm Kwik, Nwisrvr IVIL"C:vCTW'v1IL, Icwwph F:'zqemid, Vff11Te!'CcwQHf', Georqe MC:1fqC1:1e1'y Smzzuel V, Gfmn HflI'f'Y Shyderrtnr., Her ry Burr' If hit Bcyfi. Mzfidlfn POW: MQ-ssz:1.Cf1rl Hem. G+w:c'1QSChr:L1ziT, P1eewf1x1m1G0l4i' luerq Pmxl ZGIPT, Peter' WEISS- lwem, Marcus Kmmfk, Srml Katz, Iyrher Rorick. Efufk Row: Messrs. Mmxxqce C"lfT'LZZ1, A. Mlltmi Gordcati, Vfflltelr' Kgduey, YV1ll1f11:1 Frihv, Drk, If11r1P:'Gm'dcX:1 Ins?-yuh Vwlqer. HISTURY DEPARTMENT MP. HAPRY KRUG Deparmiext Hemi FH :xt Km-.': Meffrs. I!'V1I15f'.lf,'.A.', Hez1w1rr.1r1 Sherzezy Ruciulyfh Fui' ki+!1hflQ9H, 10111, Rhrmcis, M11 Kxhzq, Melvm B16-ciler, Mumn Merikug, Mfbrzxs Smith, Henry VJQQUQI. f1'1ff1 N. ffzf. 'Zz' , 411- V4 We F1 1 ENS V -.'1:., De'.'11:., Ch'1:.s.f Tv.'.1..:1q, X'.H1rff:LCEf::k H'1::',' ka.-Q-r.sfe1ri, Dru. iVfFf1r.f'e1:q I,-If j,-f i f Elklm. PHYSICAL EDIIDATIDN DEPARTMENT MP. HOWARD GEIGES Depnrtmeni Herz.: From Row: Messrs. Elmer Thezss Rrxyrzzorid Mwllfnri, Lester Qwezi Howard Ge1qes, Robe-rf Smith Hc1rryM5'Km11eY. Bl R Raw: Messrs. Rlxssel Ton I kms, AllueriWOOley',Wf11te gmc , ph111fJSL'l'1I161lA9I', G'.l5f"l' Bum k, Pf1u1HuIlr1m. DISTRIBIITWE EDIIDATIDN DEPARTMENT Messrs. lack Vfegrier Grid Lecpefd Elkzus. M . FRANCIS MURPHY, IR. .Szxtvcn MR PAUL DUFFIELD MUSIC DEPARTMENT MR ROBERT SUNDERLAND DR. JAMES GORDON Seventeen IN APPRECIATION At th1S txme we the edltors and staff members would hke to pause and express our smcerest apprec1at1on to Mr Saul Katz and Dr Iames Gordon of the Engllsh Department and Mr Robert Sunderland of the Commerce Department Wlthout thelr a1d and contr1but1ons the perfectlon whlch we have trled to attcun IH our Record Book could not have been poss1bIe MR. SAUL KATZ RUSTER CHAIRMAN Mr Bradbury Wds the Semor Roster Chcurmon whose generous efforts ossur ed oll the senlors thot they hod enough credrts to groduote or to enter college rece1ved wos the sc1t1sfc1ct1on of knowrng thot he hod helped the boy I Lghtfen GUUISELDRS Messrs. Herbert H. Grossman Mortm M Goldberg Edgar W W1lson George-M Moore MR BRADBURY The only compensation Mr. Bradbury MR. LOUIS HERWIG '- - Q' V' -' ,L 1 -' 'J' m- a", :T-. ' f ' Q1 I' 'ffxv V " 5 4 I X Kg, -Fli r t-. . 4,5 5 K 'flvfsf 1 gy'-rx ffm- 'L 7"'fZQ WK- 'Q T ' nm His- s.f,1v,,. - 'W THANKS, MR HERWIG The qraduatma class ot lanuary l952 otters tts smcere thanks to Mr Lours B l-lerwla Mr l-lerwrg was the B class sponsor and would have been the present sponsor ot the A class had he not been str1clcen w1th 1llness He offered hrs au ama hand to the boys ot the B class rn helpmq them oraan1ze thetr term act1v1t1es lt was he who a1ded the Executrve Commrttee helpma them overcome dlttlculttes such as th l1'A11OT Prom and select1or ot the class rm Mr l-lerwra was a rlend ot the boys Hts advlce was tree to every member of the class and everyone telt tree OI d at ease when they went to drscuss a problem wrth h1rr H1 land warm hearted unaerstanama made h1m loved by all the boys ot h1s class HIS wrt and sense o humor otter cheered up a dull Executtve Commlttee meetma A tem o the ma v thn as Mr HGFWIQ took charae ot last year 1ncluded supervlslon or the B class Executrve ard Prom Commmttees and th s ll1na ot t1ckets to the B class tor the a nual senlor trlp The araduatr a cla s o lanuary 1952 wrshes a speedy recovery to Mr l-lerwla hoprna vll ls able to co trrt e Q rvma the boys at Northeast l-hah School as he has done ID the past Off- ff' X v 1 ll, if A T. A. MM, pi V . A , . . . . .. H H ,f . Y .X H . . . . , - . b . , T 1. c fl L. . . . J . . 4 5 . . 1 f 7 . J - . , . . A -. , . T .1 1. S , i N A . , . l . . . . , Y 5 V E . V . A f A U , , J A , . ff . . . . 1. ,V , , l 9 'S' 1 , , ., vw ' ' A YL! ST . . , T - ,f , LL' ,L rf ' ' Q ' ' s' ., V , ,r , .. . . ,T --... K A - - . Th yi 'A ,ig Mr. if-r".-ad. . VIN'e'f' GN' 0.3 mv -53?s1?'w"'x' M. ?"?:r " ,A ,git aiu I -.. R. 15'-2?'53""' 'Sha rp., Q wifi'- gb'-'x 61" "til go J S' Q, alps hy Jn 'ag' ., As 'qx,,1"!f,.vi' 3991 omg? 11 f's"'V.f -. QS avfigfc 'Utls I 'A .Ig ""'1f'rxq X tkssn .r "1 75 I-5'A':'inp g Q 1 'f 'I Qf J 1 to 1 'S ug- 1' sN 5 4 x rv I-,:,els I CJ' .r n l 5 I Q M A , , 'Ii I -H 0.5 4 1-Q s V J. 'S J :- .llel .F o f ' 5.14 1 ' ' I 1' .' . ' ' . -.4 . ' j ' L X -1?-M . ,0:....'I x 1 ' Y Q , 'AQIQ Q . 1+ A121211 , 'lea fs 'I' ' x s -, 1-0 ,fi x X VN Jvl v ' .wx -NY K RAR IM .T A -'Li I A w'I2'.':-fr ?r'1.'?-:dr r ,-13 " ' 'ng A uk, 5 . -'- ' v., 1 'f ,.'- x .:'u.:l. . D t ' 5 A g Q- 1 .Q N ' 1 .v. . . ' 1 .--'41--: --:--.e- ri. ., . su . . . ,vhs 'dn -.,. -...B ., -.. :-L.,N. . ,if-gs 1 gs -,. 9 -. 4-N: n . ' 4 1-'29 ".. ' ' -V35 W r . "'- o ' gm, -,fx S, u I 'V 'Q Y s -.T 11...' ""l'o -' 4. thi' ' 1'- V'-u 'I' lm Y', N 3' .. 1' f'wL-xx ,. 's s Q- ,',.:,z- - r 10. ' - - '. -'- 1 . ' 51 . . 1 r-"-4 'N ff X s -' 4 .f- 2 -' 5 eL.:g..g 11 M N .115 b A- K C , S1555-' 1 IA 5":a,j,i :fl ' ----fn.. 1 . - , ' " fu , 1 . . 1 :wi 'Xhy ,XX ' ,. 1 1 I .'K.. 91' '.' V1 "-' .11 '- 1 f , 1' 'Ai s'q"'- "ns r '1', . .' . . '.-'t.Q-.3-' 1 1 1x51 4'-4:1 A n' s ..-'ls " , ' - JW! n, . 1 1 fx- x-:T ,L x. fp un. . - .Jah -,,, . 1 X114 ,-Jill .3134 A. X 31-1-- . - 3 Rf . , -- ": 'Un' " h. ' 1,'- "fb-fzvfl ' 'fill' ' KN ' ' ,. . . -L-IL' fr ' iff, qw W' ITU 211' ,'fg', l , '1'?', . ...s , . .,. h.. . . .. Q K -1-1 I 11 ,g,.-5,9 5-.,g 1 f',,. f ' I W' -0' ' ' o '1 I W -K - A 1 e-ll fu' 5 Ji ..'s', K ,- ' ,V 344- Jgfg 1- S'- .15 ' P211 MA. .a" ' - ,,.. .' - -' .-11 'fd 1 11 111 .pf ,N -" -,l. 4' ' ' ' ' . 1 Im I 1 V 12' 3 1 ' 1-fQZ I" ' . ,- ' "I, "' ' 1-' 14 I"l'l' 31, .'.H. 5 - Y ' ,,-',9'.- . , . ' gl H wi 11,1 1 15211: . . . 1 1 .. - 1, .-,- . j . , 1 fl ' pf, J f' 1 ' ' tg: 1- -,' 2-2 ' 1 r nn.. ' 51, 11 ' Q, I' I, 1' ', E ', " . ' . .9 - 1' .- ' 1 1. .-. .'.In ' 5, - .' ..-'s .w1!"'.', 1, I 51 .' 1,4- . . 414 .1:f-v.,- .' 1 ' 1 1 11 W 11 ' 1 .- 1 . - 1 - - ' ' ' I In :I Q In :'s'l 'Q 0 'H ' :' .' F' ' X' I X I I! a ..l.f"'2 .n ' ."'.qi-' 'to 1- 1 , V 1 1 . . .a.-.a rs. , . . .. 1' 1 . -1-. .L -. 342 .. 111 ,1 I -' ' '- ":':2""Qf,fz'E'f'Y"-'34-vg. ' ' , 1 1 1 ' , ...T ".'a' -Ss'1"O0'52':-4 ., ' -.'5" . ' ' .:j..:,,'I.'b.'f .:l.' 7' .'j .f5u.'z':. U V., :' QQ:-5 L"'.,Pf:'4' '.- ' ". '.' .' " ' 1 :i.- ' ' W 1. . .-f '..4'.'j--'- i i.-f 1' . .. . : ' . .1 5'::':,::4..s...-:I t..- . .Da ',i 3: -3':::.I" 0:35, 1.-'. - - ' . 4. ' 'Ig' o,' ''9' x, ' en-K' 4 -. -'.,' hog. , - '- .- ' -. .-.- ,-nw .-:-' Sm -1-22:53.-.z-'.e.1As.. -: H - - - - 1. - . .- .-..-'-.f.- n. 4-,rv----v ...S .---v.- . - ' , .- . ' ' . ' '. . - . '- .nf-fs--'!'3, ig,-'.":1:-"'.--3 If--. - .-" W. ' 1 , - . . ."- . . -D, , . . ' - . ,'.i'. " J . -'- ' , I. U : I ' ' - 1 ..,:n' 1'-' -- 'T1 . A Y In A " , -3 .3 gi .2 .Q '-V. :1- . . . . lisa: K' - I .. F 'Tr' 'f , f '-5 'If "J '.', ag ...r f-. 1? af". .'--7' ' 1. 3x.'. ' - sf LF ..',. ., I 11- x 5 'f' '3 " MINS: - 1? ' , 31 E2 ff," -.' -' 'YF 2: .. , ' ."' L- . -'- . f S 05 U., :ov A 12: 1 . .ti E. . sg. . 1 -1 '. '. " - 1' r... -' 1 .. 2 iw lf" ."' I. , . I - qi' I ..' .id, y ...,...' A HU -." -'5 .", J .' " .g I: QD- v, .."-'I , 1- -,x a . Q r u-' s-1 0 -. , V., Qs? iv.: 2: Nl." ' . 5 , I- ' ' If ' n AS .' an I ' 'n 4' fp ' ,. . lt .- .. Q Q ' 'l.l - A ai: 'I 1 .av .fi V ," . , ' 1 1 . ' :. '.' 1 ' I A l .1 O - .. -, , - 9 I .gp iiw' ' 95' Qc, IJ,-171,13 1.45. 4-A 5 s gust' . ,QQ . ff. - o , ' I u. 'X' Q , 1 j .. ,,. . 1 N ..- - I, Y ' A n - x ' " .1 - . L- .v -'f- . -.t-if-. -. h Jr- .- , . -, .Nl-A ' -.. ' . ', ea' ,. - . fufb 1 . . . 5 . .v' , . fr, .. 1 "-- .R . a - I ' .":,.b' , . ., rw., - - --,L . n I I . NORTHEKST HIGH bi H001 IOSEPH ABRAMSON 8536 Forrest Avenue oe To be a m11l1ona1re Hey there' loe s act1v1t1es centered malnly around the track and crew team on wh1ch he was a spark plug He was a salesman 1n the D1str1but1ve Educat1on Course Ol1lS1de of school he was act1ve IH the S1gma Alpha Rho Fratermty of Amerlca lOHN ROBERT ALLMENDINGER 3055 Coral Street lohnny Eng1neer Shuck l Wh1le attend1ng Northeast lohn Trathc Squad He was elected to the pos1t1on of Senator 1n the E and A Classes Wherever lohn went he made fr1ends eas1ly and was well l1ked by all h1s classmates WALLACE THOMAS ANDERSON 1539 East Montgomery Avenue Sonny To be a success None at all Most of Sonnys trme 1s taken up after school hours when he 1S act1ve IH basketball and soccer He would l1ke to turn profess1onal W1th hlS determ1nat1on and ab1l1ty we are sure he w1ll succeed CHARLES BACHRACH 166 West Laurel Street Chuck Success You have to be a fool to be cool Chu k has been one of the most re pected and well l1ked bo s fn the ent1re class He has been a 1a1thful supporter of all class act1v1 19S He took the DlSlT1bUllV6 Educat1on Course lwenlv lm PHILIP AGRESS 3409 Kensmgton Avenue 1 lndustrlal engmeer Who s got the Span1sh'9 Ph1l took part 1n three Revues He was a member ofthe Megaphone News Statf the Arch1ve Staff the L1brary Squad the UNNE and the Honor Sect1on ln sport OCt1V1lY Phml was a member of the Fencmq Team the Table Tenn1 Team and was Manager of the Soccer Team He was selected a B Class Treasurer and Com mencement Speaker Outs1de of school he was a member of the S A R Fratermty ADAM AMODEI 462 West Glenwood Avenue Sonny Boy Contractor Play xt cool Adam has a good sense of humor and many acquaxntances who respect h1s advxce By play1ng 1t coo Sonny Boy won many trlends who are conhdent ot h1s success and who whenever they look back upon the1r school days w1ll always remember h1m DONALD ANDRESS 1439 We t Cayuga Street Ee To get ahead Get that Bunny' Don IS one of these fellows who dertve enyoyment from every type of sport although huntmg and f1sh1ng are h1s favor1tes He w1ll never be forgotten by the fr1ends he has made and who all w1sh h1m success NELSON BAITZEL l932 Devereaux Street Rebel Make money The South forever' Nelson known throughout the school and to hlS classmates as the L1ttle Rebel st1ll k1cks on the subyect of the C1v1l War He IS well l1ked and qu1te popular Rebel was guard on the Trafhc Squad and act1ve member of the A Cla s Execut1ve Comm1ttee We hope h1s amb1t1on mater1al1zes v - 1 - A K A 1 ..Ph.1,, . . , . , , ' , ' . s - , . . . Q . , V , , ' ' . . s , mu il N ' I, s. - ' . was on the Fencmg Team and the A y H g I A I ' I ll I' 1 ll! xx l ll , ll ll ' ' I , , I I I . 4 ' I L s 1 - , xl I I - , v , xx I1 . I Ltkbb Ol' ISNLKRX 1 ai IAMES BAUMEISTER 29 East Seltzer Street Bl1mps Graduate I l1ke 1t' Iames was IU the D1str1but1ve Educat1on Course Bl1mps hard work and determ1r1at1on should Old h1m 1n the future T1me w1ll tell FREDERICK WILLIAM BECKER 1441 West Cayuga Street Fred Eng1neer What a drag' Fred has proved h1mself as hav1ng excephonal muslcal ab1l1ty belllq a member of the Band Orchestra and SWIDQ Band HIS mus1cal knowledge won h1m a spot IH the All C1ty Band and Orchestra Freder1ck has had roles 1n the sprmg and fall plays He IS also ID the take Harry Iames Job on the S1dS but wouldnt want 1t to 1nterfere w1th h1s eng1neer1ng FLOYD GEORGE BELSITO IO43 West Orleans Street Bud Sports announcer How you gonna act? Bud was an GCIIVS part1c1pant IH school OCIIVIIIGS He IS a member of the C1rcle H1 Y the Kensmgton Northeast Dance Comm1ttee and the Megaphone Staff Bu Ce1Ved h1S NE from the Table Tenn1s Team Floyd IS 1n the Honor SGCIIOH and has had roles IH several Revues HIS hobby IS sports Bud has the g1ft of gab and w1ll make good use of 1t Good luck' ROBERT DALE BLOCK 2326 North Fa1rh1ll Street Black1e Gold d1gger Take It easy youll l1ve longer One of Black1e s favor1te ras t1mes so he says s loaf1ng He w1ll always be remembered by h1s classmates and h1s d1S1I'OL1Q1'111eQCl'1 ers for an overwhelm1ng frankne Th1s has not only made h1m stead fast fr1ends 1n the past btt also should contmue to do so 1n the future and carry h1m to success n any branch ot work he deCld8S upon lu enlx Ihr: LLOYD CHARLES BECK 1123 RISIHQ Sun Avenue Beck Engmeer 1 ll tell vou' Beck had the lead roles 1n Senate Plays and Revues Whlle a Northeast he was an act1ve member ofthe Kensmgton NortheastDance Comm1ttee the Arch1ve Staff and the Or1g1nal H1 Y Beck gradu ated as a member of the Honor SGCIIOU and made the Honor Roll CORNELIUS BELL 43 West Upsal Street Cornel Busmessman N1ck s rnan Upon enter1ng Northeast Cor nel qu1ckly set about to make the Track and Cross Country Teams He was also a member of the L1brary Squad and capta1n of the Traff1c Squad wh1ch under h1s of keepmg the halls IH order WILLIAM BETLEIEWSKI l49 Brown Street Doc Electr1cal engmeer Could be' Doc was a member of the TFGIIIC Squad and the Or1g1nal H1 Y He was elected to the post of Alternate 1n the B Class and he was on the Honor Roll numerous t1mes Docs tavor1te hobby IS photography HIS classmates w1sh h1m the best ot luck PAUL WELCH BIRDSEY 1254 Elbr1dge Street B1YdS CODSITUCIIOF eng1neer I m w1th you B1rd played cadet football wh1le at Northeast and was an act1ve part1c1pant IH the C1rcle H1 Y He also served as an Arch1ve Staff member and captam of the TFOIIIC Squad He was qu1te suc cessful scholast1cally mak ng the Honor Roll several IITTGS 1 W W Y 1 1 . 1 1' '1 ' 9'L -----------------------..---..---......----...-----..----..-..-..---- xl . . rl ' ' . , , , V 4 . 1 . . A I A V ll ll f A I . , . Honor Section. He would hke to surveillance, did an excellent job 1 . ' I ' ' ' 1: I1 . ' ' . . . . I .. dn re- 1 H H I 1 I 1 xl I rl . 1 1 . ll ll I ' I I 11 . 11 ' , -1 . 1 . 11 H ' H ' . ' I 111 . lr 11 . 1 11 . 1. J . 4 1 ,i ' . ' H ' S" 1 ss. 1 , ' A ' 1 ' . , . Q , 1 1 W . ' ' -,"' 1t1 NORTHE SST HIGH SL H001 MARTIN ERNEST BOEKEL 4056 North Darten Street Boak Newspaper photographer That s cool' Book managed the Iumor Varstty and Varslty Basketball Teams Th1s m ltself was a full tlme Job but he was also on the Traffuc Squad and Honor Roll Martm w1ll exact the flnest thmgs from th1s world that l1fe has to offer DAVID FREDERICK BOGIE 2832 North Twenty Seventh Street Homer Pro basketball What atls you? Homer IS much 1nterested m the QCIIVIIISS at Northeast where he ts a member of the Arch1ve and Megaphone Staffs the Northeast Kensmgton Dance Comm1ttee and the C1rcle H1Y H1s hobby Pollce Athlet1c League Davtd IS also IH the Honor Sect1on Hxs 1m presstve record should be of valu able GSSISTQHCS to h1m 1n later llfe PAUL F BOORSE 8736 Perch Lane Paul Da1ry farmer H1 there' Paul takes part In panel chscus slons Hls favor1te sport IS football altho gh he IS actxve IH all kmds of sports outsrde of sch ol We w1sh Paul the best of luck ln the thlnas he would hke to do ln the future WILLIAM BOSTON 1842 East Bucktus Street Bugs Sports reporter Stop xt' Bugs was a star performer on the Soccer Team for three years and was a leadmg cand1date for All Publxc Hls fla1r for g1v1ng a good account of all sport1ng events sure to be of help to h1m IU the future enlx I OSCAR BOGOSLAW 5762 Bmgham Street B090 Busmess It s the greatest' Oscar played cadet football He has been ln the Honor Sect1on A and B Class Execut1ve Com mtttees Bogo was also on the Honor Roll and Arch1ve Staff Wlth the very trnpresswe record Oscar has bullt up at th1s school we are sure that he w1ll succeed as a busmessman CHARLES BOONE 3446 Kap Street Chtck To be successful Don t know do you? Chlck was a member of the Traffxc Squad and h1s hard work w1ll undoubtedly be of oreat ass1st luck Ch1ck WA LTER BOSTON 424 East Cambr1a Street Bmg Elm Get out of school I-I1 fans' B g Elm was a star booter on the Soccer Team for three years and the game he played was an mspxred one He was well llked by all h1s classmates and all wlsh h1m success ln ach1ev1ng h1s tlrst bzg obstacle m the course of l1fe that ot graduatmg DAVID BOYD 3014 North Howard Street Dave Pres1dent of U S It am t crlcket Dave was an alternate on the Northeast Kensmgton Dance Com mlttee ln the F Class He was captatn of the Trafflc Squad araduahon usher on the B Class Executwe Comrmttee and Archwe Staff member Dave played a terrlhc game as goal1e on the Iayvee Soccer Team Y . - 1 A I A ll I ll I ll ll - - . .ll ll , '- . ' is ' ' . bGSkefbCl1l, Vtfh1Ch he DIOYS folf the ance in fulfilling his ambition. Good . . I u . rr . , V: . . . . I 1 . . ll ll - - . ' is f . .' . 'C ' .'- 'Ulu When Don was not fa1thfully KBS 01' JKNLKRI 1 -J ALBERT BOWYER 3303 North Palethorp Street Class Class m1ttee P T C guard usher Success You know 1t handsome You know 1tl was an Alternate 1n the D and a Senator ID the C He was on the Electton Com and sold trolley t1ckets ID the booth Al was also a on the Tratt1c Squad an at graduat1on and a tcket collector of the Revue WILLIAM ANTHONY BRENNER 1532 North Fourth Street Brenner Pr nter Oh no' B11ls outstandmg leadersh1p led to h1s eleot1on as presldent ot the OFIQIHG1 H1 Y He 1S always read to help out a fr1end 1n d1stress Brenner w1ll w1tl'1outa doubt be come one ot the worlds foremost DTIHTSTS Good luck B111 HERBERT NORMAN BRILL 2528 North Newk1rk Street Herb Salesman Oh yeah' Herb was a Senator 1n the F Class and a member of the Honor Seot1on tor four terms He has been a star performer on the lumor VGYSl1Y and Varslty Sw1mm1ng Teams for three years OU1Sld9 ot school Herb s 1nterests turn to basketball and glrls RAYMOND BROOKS 2316 Oxford Street ay College We can t all be cool Ray was a member of 'he Track and Cross Country Tearr He was on the Tratflo Squad mas a Senator 1n the B Class and wa on the Execut1ve Counc1l Ray hobby IS horseback r1d1ng He also ltkes to horse around luenlx F111 EDWARD BREGMAN 1629 North Frankltn Street Neopr1me Denhst Who me? Edd1e was a Senator and an Alternate He was on the Trathc Squad and played 1n the School Band He was a loyal supporter of all school GC11V1l19S ard backed them to the utmost of hlS Oblllly DONALD BREWSTER 2726 Germantown Avenue Don Commerc1al p1lot lt a1nt easy supportmg Northeast s var1ous teams he enyoyed spendmg h1s extra t1me at h1s tavor1te hobbtes of sw1mm1ng and basketball cell1ng at both He also has the unusual past1me of tlymg wh1ch he hopes some day w1ll blossom 1nto a prosperous career HENRY BROOKER 1637 North E1ghteenth Street Hank To be successful What do you want from my 11199 Hank 1S known throughout the school to many boys through h1s sales of PTC t1ckets He IS also act1ve ln sports as a sport t1cket salesman Henry has also served on the Trafhc Squad Henry s well l1ked by h1s cla smates and when he goes out 1nto the bus1ness world he w1ll be a cred1t to h1s class IOHN BURNS 864 North Bambrey Street Mother Burns Electr1cal eng1neer Tell 1t to the b1rds lohn started out at Northeast as a Senatorm the F Class He played layvee Football As a merrber of he Stage Crew lohn reoe1ved much needed expenence that w1ll be a great help to h1m ID h1s chosen held of electr1cal engmeermg Cl 1 ff 1 v , Y - ., , 4. 4 A A -f HAI., , , . HAI., . .. ,, .. ,, , , , , .. , . , - 1 .. .. Q ' ' u H . .. ,, , . f GX- : 1 ' ' , . . , . s - .. H . ., , ,H .. . ,,, N . .. ., Ab. ., . . Q , ., , - 1 , . s ' WORTHE SST HIGH SLHOOI THOMAS BURNS 1925 North Hope Street Scruncher Spread the Gospel Iesus saves Tom was a member of the Brble Club and the Varsxty Crew and Football Team In the future h says I w1ll go wherever God would have me go and tell how accordmg to the scrlptures Chrtst d1ed for our s1ns FRANK CAPON 908 West Cambrla Street Ch1ck Success at a steady lob W1sh I had a car Ch1ck was always an thus1ast1c supporter of all Northeast sportmg events He has the un canny knack of be1ng able to name the make and year of practlcally every car on the street Good luck tn that yob Chlck SALVATORE IOHN CENTOFANTE 2960 Arammgo Avenue Q Draftsman Do the thmg' Sal was tn the Dtstrtbuttve Educatton Course and couldn t fmd much t1me to part1c1pate IU sports although he helped support the teams We hope he w1ll realtze hts worthwhlle ambltlon VALENTINE CHILELLI 4416 Eltzabeth Street Flash Basketball coach at NE D1rty rats' Flash was a Senator 1n the F Class Durlng the subsequent terms of h1s soyourn at Northeast he played cadet basketball and Iumor Vars1ty Baseball He also served the school as a guard on the Trafhc Squad Flash was always very popular wtth the fatrer sex ntx ALEX CALZADA 1338 East Eyre Street Flshtown Career ln Navy Hey Stuff Durmg h1s stay at Northeast Alex accompltshed successfully the dlftmcult task of makmg the Vars1ty Track and the Vars1ty Cross Country Teams Durtng the 1ntermed1ate seasons Fzshtown faxthfully sup ported the other Northeast teams HERBERT CASH 2812 North Reese Street Cash Undectded Im confused Cash was a member of the hopes to go to college and enter Law or the Mlmstry but he IS yet undeclded Whatever held he ftnally chooses there IS no doubt that hts name w1ll be a leadlng one un etther profess1on WALTER CARLTON CHILDS 1828 North Gratz Street Nookte Medlcal Doctor Durmg Walt s stay at North east he has been a member of the Ltbrary Squad the C1rc1e H1 Y and the Track Team He has also been a member of the Senate and the B1ble Club May he be a success tul M D PHILIP CIAVERELLI 3742 North Percy Street Chevte Pro baseball Chev1e started out rlght at Northeast by makxng the Ir Var xty Baseball Team H1s outstandmg ab1l1ty was soon recogn1zed and he became an acttve member of the Northeast Vars1ty Baseball Team In between baseball seasons he was an avud supporter of the other athlettc attracttons at Northeast 1 'W 1 A K A H " tu H , . , . V 9 . I V . I V ' ' ' lx . Il . , . . . ll I .. H . en- , , . . Trafftc and Llbrary Squads. He ' 1 , . - ll . IV l I I Us In xl ll - - . v . l . . I I - I tt If " - " . . F. U . . I . c' '-. S lkNlkR .J RONALD CIPOLLONI 1002 Ltndley Avenue to Have fur' Take one wlll ya? C10 played on the cadet foot Dall team Durlng h1s stay at North east he was actxve 1n student government as a Senator and an Alternate He was also on the Honor Roll and was a member of he Trafflc Squad VINCENT HENRY CLEMENTS 2028 West Berks Street D122 Doctor Ralse Chfckl Dtzz was on the Traff1c Squad and IS an ardent supporter of sports Outstde of school he llkes sw1mm1ng and enyoys b1ll1ards We are sure that Vmce wtll be a successful ALLAN SAMUEL COHEN 1201 Oak Lane Mllllonalre dent1st Its the greatest Al was a member of the Archtve Staff and Photo Club He lzkes gtrls dancmg enloys ftsh mg photography and swlmmtng Hts hobby IS cars Hts success 1D denttstry w1ll earn htm a mtlllon Tlme wlll tell KENNETH BERNARD CORBIN D443 Haverford Avenue Kenrv Draftsman How everv llttle h1ng9 Kenny earned letters ln Track ard Cro s Country where he has been a member for two years H epre ented hfs class tn the Senate one term and was Alternate an other Ken was captatn of the T afflc Squad and a member of he B Class Execut1veComrn1ttee We hope Ken wlllhaveasuccess ful llfe a a draftsrnan lu enlx .Bel en LELAND CLARK 1301 West Lehtgh Avenue ee Mechanical engmeer So how s the fam1ly7 Lee wa a member of the Trafflc Squad ana as oaptaln of the Bowlmg Team led h1s mates to a champtonshtp ln h1s spare tlme Lee IS a Numlsmattcs fan tcom collector to the uneducatedl and takes prlde ln hrs collectton IAMES ROBERT COGE 1815 West P1ke Street llmmle Doctor Later' Durtng h1s tay at Northeast llmmte was a top notch reporter on the Megaphone Staff He was also a member of the Revue Arch1ve Staff Clrcle H1Y Trafflc Squad and Ltbrary Squad Bob earned ts letter runnmg Cross Country Good luck RALPH KLEIN CONNER 2215 Almond Street Lefty Bxg leaguer You dont say? Ralph went out for the baseball team and became an outstandlng player He ts a supporter ot all athlet1cs and could always be heard cheertng above all the others when our teams were on the fteld 1OHN COURDUFF 13 Robblns Street ack Electrtcal englneer Ha n t o lack was a tecdfast guard or he Trafftc Squad one who never left h1s post He supported all the chool acttvmes and could alway D6 found at the fleld cheermg our teams n lohn hould have n rouble achlevlna uc e 'WORTIIESST HIGH Sl H001 DONALD CRAMER 5022 North Camac Street Don Electronrcs Yea Northeast ' Don was a ca dy salesman at the Revues He worked hrmselt up to frrst vroltnrst on the Orchestra and manager of the Table Tennrs Team Wrth hrs rngenurty Don rs bound to be a success rn hrs chosen freld Good luck Don PETER CRENSHAW 2324 North Erghteenth Street Pete Electrrcran Hey Prez ' Pete would lrke to be an elec trrcran when he leaves Northeast Srnce comrng to Northeast Pete has been a member of the Traffrc Squad and the Cross Country eam Pete s a swell fellow and we wrsh hrm the best of luck as an electrrcran ROBERT WAYNE DAILEY ll26 East Earl Street Bo Laboratory technrcran That was close' For three terms Bob was a member of the Traffrc Squad and he was elected to the post I Senator Hrs heated rnterest rn the scrences wrll make hrm a success rn hrs chorce of occupatron ob had a smrle for everyone WILLIAM DEBES 3Ol7 North Reese Street Dutch Iorn the Navy You know rt Dutch has always been rnter est d rn whatever Northeast was dorng and took advantage of every opportunrty to advance hrmself Brll s ambrtron rn trmes such as these rs a worthy one and he wrll no doubt rrse to hrgh rank rn the servrce of our country lu mix l1gh1 ALLEN EUGENE CREECH l747 Orthodox Street Flash Football coach Flashs actrvrtres are sports of whrch he has played two years of lumor Varsrty Football advancmg to the Varsrty for one year and earnrng hrs letter Wrth some further schoolrng and present ex perrences we are sure he wrll succeed LORENZO ROBERT CRUGER 2530 D Norr1s Drrve LOW Lawyer Say Prez Lows servrces to the school have been many As Senator for ore term and Alternate another he was a member of the Executrve Councrl of the Senate and a B Class Executrve Commrtteeman H also earned letters on the Cross Country Team and Fenclng Club Hrs hobbres are grrls baseball football and eatrng HAROLD DAVIS 2516 North Spangler Street Sonny Musrcran Moch ors Sonny has been a member of the Band for three years and has done a commendable Job Although most of hrs after school trme rs taken for band practrce he strll fmds trme to help our Revues rn productron Hrs musrcal understandrng wrll un doubtedly help hrm rn the future SAMUEL MAURICE DERRICKSON l828 North Camac Street Sam Electrrcal engmeer Cool yourself Sam partrctpated rn varrous sports and actrvrtres durrng hrs stay at Northeast He was a Track Team member tor two seasons played IV and cadet football and was captarn of the Traffrc Squad Sam rs a swell fellow and we wrsh hrm the best of luck as an electrrcal engmeer u w L L 4 rt 11 - .1 11 11 11 , . 11 1 11 . ,. 1 tt 11 r , ' 1 , . . . 11 11 . . I , - 1 . 11 11 - 1 - . .1 11 rt 11 . . 11 11 11 11 ' ' 1 - 11 1 11 . U 11 . . . 11 11 ', 1 - . 11 11 -p 11 1 11 ' 1 . , ' 1 1 , . 11 11 . . 11 bn . , 11 . 11 -1 11 .1 11 11 11 1 1 . . . , , , 1 - . HB 11 ' D 11 11 . -1 11 . . 11 . 11 1. 11 11 11 . .1 11 . . . . 9 . . .. . . - 1 11 . 1 11 .. . . 1 1 , . . . , .1 11 . IIKSS OF JSNUSRI 19a2 LOUIS DI BIASIO IR 3730 North Randolph Street Dtpper College Lou has a ltktng for many sports He played Varstty and luntor Varstty Baseball and was on our champtonshtp Bowltng Team If Dtpper conttrtues to do good work as he has done at Northeast he should not have any trouble tn college Good luck Dtp CLAYTON WILSON DILLON IR 1845 North Bouvter Street Clayte Doctor That s what they call me After leavtng Northeast Clayte tntends gotng to college to become a doctor Hts many acttvtttes around the school tnclude bemg a member of the Ctrcle HtY the Ltbrary Squad and the Trafftc Squad He was also one of the matnstays on the Track Team We wtsh Clayton lots of luck wtth hts medtcal studtes IOHN DONALDSON 1714 North Welltngton Street Don Electrontcs engtneer I can t play any louder' Dons stay at Northeast has been an acttve one He has played tn the Band Orchestra Swtng Band and was Copy Edttor of the Megaphone He has also been a member of the Fenctng and Cross Country Teams Iohn was tn the Honor Sectton and has made the Honor Roll ELLWOOD VERNON DRANSFIELD 2236 Rttter Street E11 Archttect I dont know Although E11 doesnt play on any of the teams at school a great deal of hts ttme ts taken up by netghborhood baseball and basket ball teams Good luck to you tn your ambttton to become an archttect ftlenty X me RICHARD DIERNBACH 2824 North Twelfth Street Rtch Get a tab Watt ttll next year' Rtch or Chuck as he ts also known to hts very close frtends was a member of the Honor Sectton for three and a half terms Chuck was always there wtth spontaneous outbursts of humor when thtngs were getttng dull Chuck s record wtll enable htm to fulftll hts ambttton BENIAMIN F DISEROAD IR 901 West L htgh Avenu Bentte Engtneer Never say dte' Whtle Ben was at Northeast he played a hot trumpet tn the Band He was a member of the Fenctng Team the Archtve Staff and Ortgtnal Ht Y Bentte also was an Alternate tn the F Class and parttctpated tn a Senate Play and a Revue IOSEPH IOHN DRAMISE IR 214 East Sheldon Street oe Doctor No ktddtn 7 Ioe has been an acttve partt ctpant tn school affatrs He was captatn of the Fenctng Team made the All Scholasttc Epee Team and took ftrst place tn the Ctty Epee Tournament loe was also a member ot the Trafftc Squad and tn the Revue and Senate Plays If successful he plans to charge half prtce for all Northeasters We are sure Ioe wtll be a successful M D PRENTIS DUNLAP 2827 West Colona Street Lover Boy To succeed Yteld not to mtsfortune Lover Boy made the Track and Football Teams and has done very well on both Because of hts never say dte sptrtt Lover Boy wtll eastly reach hts atm tn ltfe He ts well known and wtll be mtssed by many frtends VORTHE AST HIGH SCHOOL WALTER IOHN ERB 161 East Lippincott Street Wally A musician You know 1tl Walt IS an active member of the Bible Club and has a liking for sports Wallv likes playing hand ball when he isn t playing his accordian for a name band outside of school We are sure that Walter will accomplish his goal in the near future WILLIAM HENRY ENDIBROCI-I 5345 Sylvester Street 1 Electrician When IS the period over? B111 IS sure to become an expert in his chosen field He has been cooperative in all activities and was always cheering our teams on One of his many outside activities is girls Good luck Bill' COUNCELL ERNEST EUERLE 2227 Carol Street Count Bandleader like Count was a member of the Track Team and bel1eved in keep ing one step ahead of the other fellow He has a habit of always doing the difficult Counts amb1 tion is sure to become an accom plishment some day ROBERT MATHEW EVANS 2362 North Twentleth Street Bobby To succeed Lookout I-leads' Bobby s interests are in sports He spends his time playing baseball basketball and football His talents are taken up outside of scl'ool. Robert is a swell fellow and we wish him luck in any field that he would like to succeed in, lffliltx' FRANKLIN D R EHRMANN 1820 North Fourth Street Airboy Electronic enqmeer Dapper Dan Airboy puts his spare time to work in radio and T V in which he would like to maior some day If his wires dont cross Franklin will succeed IRVING MARTIN EPSTEIN 2525 North Twenty eighth Street rv Electrical engmeer Its all right 1n America' Irv has taken an 1nterest in school affairs He IS sure to con t1nue to be as successful in the future as he has been in his years at Northeast and h1s classmates wish him all the luck in the world MARIO VINCENT EVANGELIST 2915 North Van Pelt Street Vince Evans To succeed Noo ooo 1 ' Mario has been a Senator since the F Class and Alternate in the B He was a member of the Executive Council of the Senate the Lunchroom Music and Score board Loudspeaker Committee captain of the Traffic Squad and Secretary of the B Class Mario IS a member of the Northeast Kensington Dance Comm1ttee vice president of the Original H1 Y and Vice president of his class oe fenced and rowed for three years He likes basketball and emoys dancing IRWIN FACTOR 2153 North Corlies Street rv Successful in life You am t a bird' Irv served his class as Alter nate for a term and as Senator for another He served his Northeast ers in the Senate Store where we often see him on the other side of the counter. Irwin is fond of girls dancing and drawing. We wish him luck in his desires for a suc- cessful life. CLKSS OF JANUAR1 19.32 RAYMOND CHARLES FEGLEY 3529 K Street ay Draftsman l ll be a drrty word Ray has been on the Traffrc Squad for two years and on the Locker Squad for a year He earned letters rn Soccer and belreves the Mullanmen wrll reach therr one hundredth strarght wrn wrth ease Hrs hobbres are arrplane modelrng and drawrng We belreve Ray wrll be an accomplrshed draftsman rn the future TOSEPH FRANCIS FELIX 2035 Martha Street oe Busrnessman You know? .loe was a member of an un defeated Soccer Team throughout hrs stay at Northeast and has a few letters to hrs name Hrs rsever busrnessmen rn the future DONALD FISHMAN 3150 West Euclrd Street Don Success It s the greatest Don represented hrs class rn hrs stay at Northeast as Senator and as Alternate He was on the Lrbrary Squad and B Class Executrve Commrttee Hrs hobby rs photo graphy He served as Photography Edrtor of the Archrve dorng a lot of the camera work Donald was also a member of the Traffrc Squad ALFRED HERMAN F ORSTEN 3962 No th Srxth Street Chemrcal e'rgrneer Man thats cool' Al rs a member of the Honor Sectron and has proved hrs schol astrc abrlrty by berng on the Honor Roll every term Hrs actrvrtres rnclude the Spanrsh Club of whrch he was presrdent the Senate Play Trcket Commrttee and Senator Ifllflj Um STANLEY FEINSTEIN Carlton Apartments Twelfth and Louden Streets Stan Agrrcultural engrneer Belreve me' Stans hobbres are swrmmrng and photography Most of hrs trme rn these rnterests rs spent outsrde of school Stanley rs a member of the Agrrcultural Class He has chosen a worthwhrle career rn agrrcultural engrneerrng and we are sure he wrll succeed ALVIN EELS 3039 West Colona Street Barney Have a famous name Yeh' real nothrng' Barney has represented hrs class two terms rn the Senate once as Senator the other as Alternate He has worked rn the school store was a Megaphone salesman and rs rn the Drstrrbutrve Educatron Class Alvrn lrkes swrmmrng and enjoys dancrng rn whrch he rs noted for the latest steps and new styles BERNARD IOSEPH FLORKOWSKI 4708 Rrchmond Street Berny Mrllronarre How about that? Berny has partrcrpated rn three mayor sports baseball foot ball and basketball He has shown outstandrng abrlrty rn all of them whrle at Northeast Although he rs armrng hrgh hrs frrerrds do not doubt that Berny rs capable of reachrng hrs goal IOHN EDWARD FOSTER 4248 Romarn Street Hello baby doll ' I hn was a conscrentrous fellow who always had hrs heart rn hrs work Socral actrvrtres play an rm portant part rn hrs lrfe but not too rmportant to keep hrm from berng successful rn hrs chosen freld Rod wrll always be remembered by hrs many frrends . , - r I A ..........--......-----..---------------..-..--..---..--..----------..-..-.. HR ,, rr 11 ' V , . - , ance wrll make hrm one of our great . . . . . ' , LA . ' , ' : , A I lr ll , V ' I t r ' .. ,, rx Ar . . A1 . .. ., tl I lr V . c , . .. . . . - ll ll , . , ,. . L I NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL RONALD ELWOOD FOUNTAIN 1946 North ludson Street Ronn1e Carpenter Gates Ronnre has been an acttve member of the Track and Cross Country Teams tor two years He l1kes basketball best among the malor sports Hts hobbxes are handtcraft work and carvtng W w1sh hlm luck and hope to see htm mn the near future work1ng as a carpenter HOWARD EDWIN FRE1 ING 21 East Somerset Street Howle Work for Bond Bread I hke rt HOWIG s spare t1me IS taken up outsxde of schcol where he IS a member of the Ltqhthouse Boys Club He l1kes sports and televrsron We hope Howard fmds success 1n any held he deslres WILLIAM GABERI EIN 3112 E Street Gabe Chlet Elec Mate Jn Navy You know It' Gabe was a constant wmner on the Swrmmmg and Bowltng Teams He 1S sure to ma1nta1n h1s hne record m the years to come IH hls honorable amb1t1on and all who know htm predlct a brzlltant future w1th speedy promotrons rn the Navy ANTHONY SAMUEL GANGI 2323 West Cleartzeld Street Tony Success ln med1cal held Tony not only took an mterest 1n athletlcs but also m extra curr1cular actmvttles He served as a member of the Trattxc and Lrbrary Squads for two terms Hls amb1t1on 1S ln the medlcal held but by the manner m wh1ch he served on the Varslty Crew Team he w1ll soon replace lack Kelly l'l11rt3 fu 0 FRANKLIN WALLACE PINKETT 1914 North Twenty th1rcl Street Frankle Pharmactst lt s paradlse to be ln my world Frank1e was a member of the Cross Country Team and the Trattlc Squad He always went m for school act1v1t1es ln a brq way and h1s classmates are sure that anythmg Frankle undertakes wxll be a success He wlll fmd a way or make one ROBERT CALVIN FULTON 421 West York Street Hot Rod Remam slngle I hke xt Bob otherwxse known as Hot Rod was a partrcmpant IH football basketball and baseball Though actlve 1n these dlfterent sports he enyoys female company and tmds t1ons Robert 1S well known through out the school and wtll be mlssed by hrs many frrends RICHARD WILLIAM GALICHINSKI 5946 Newtown Avenue Galll Bopper and money maker Swmg man swmg' Gallx s muslcal knowledge and know how on several mstrument contrlbuted to he success of our Senate Plays and Revues Rlchard s muslcal GCf1V1tl6S were not l1m1ted to school He has played the accord1an ptano and bass IH several trtos Wxth the 1mpress1ve mus1c record D1Ck has had we are sure h w1ll reallze hxs amb1t1on HOWARD THOMAS GARDNER 2042 East Wlshart Street al Bookte And me? Hal has been an Alternate and on the Tratftc and Llbrary Squads HIS amb1t1on althotgh not perfectly legttlmate should blossom forth mto a prosperous career 1f he stays outside the l1ITl1tS of the Umtecl States Hts classmates wlsh hlm luck tn what ever career he may choose 1 ......--....--..---------------..----....--..--..--..--....---....--------- t xl ' 'I tl r ll , ' ' I e - u , 11 , . Y La - , ,, . . . . , , , ' f . . trme for dances and other recrea- ' ll . 1 ll tl . ll V V ' ' ll ,I ll . - s . u A . - . . A . , , , I tx - ll l I e , . . ,. l I . . , . ., 1 . , . , . - . , . V-. I C' SSS Ol' JKNLKRX 1 o lAMES ROBERT GARRIS lR 4047 North Twelfth Street Steve Dentls Let s face lt Steve IS fond of spor s and would ltke to see Northeast on op r all sports He was a member of the Honor Sectxon and has made the Honor Roll regularly We w1sh hm all the luck ln the world HARRY GILBERT 920 West Arizona Street Tookle To succeed Good one' Took1e was ID the Honor Sectuon and made the Honor Roll regularly Harry has represented h1s class 1n the Senate for one term We are sure that Took1e w1ll succeed no matter what f1elcl he enters FLOYD EDMIJND GOMAN 2444 North Dougla Street Gumbo Pharmactst Do It Dad Gumbo took part tn a Revue and was on the Trafflc and Lrbrary Squads He took advantage ot the many opportumttes that Northeast afforded Floyd realxzed that he must work hard to attam h1s goal but those who know htm are con fxdent that he w1ll succeed NORMAN GOUGH oO2l Frankford Avenue Norm Success Norm has never had the tlrne and the opportunlty to take part ln school act1v1t1es He has however always been a loyal Northea ter lhzrtx fhr 1 ROBERT GETTY 4471 North Seventh Street Bob A s c ess How about that? Bob was a guard on the Trafftc Squad Assxstant Manager of the VGYSITY Baseball Team and member of the Photography Club HIS a1m m llfe lg to be a success and h1s many frlends w1sh htm plenty of lt ROBERT GEORGE GRIEGER 2835 West Clernentlne Street Bo Mechanxcal engtneer Thats not cncketl Bob was a member of the Varslty Crew and Fenc ng Teams He was on the Archwe Staff North east Kensington Dance Commxttee and Treasurer of the Or1g1nal H Y Bob was a t1cket collector at Revues and Senate Plays He IS also ID the Honor Section and has made the Honor Roll regularly We know Bob wlll succeed ALYN IAMES GORMAN 295l Mxller Street Enyoy h1s flrst mtllton When do you get out? Al was actrve as a guard on the Trafhc Squad H1 hobby IS sports and the success of our teams Although hm wasnt acttve sports at Northeast he has more than h1s share of school sp1r1t DAVTD GREEN l9l4 North Rxnggold St ee Charrp Draftsman Ok ok Champ was on the Track ar-d Cross Country Teams and was chosen co captam of the latter He wa well known throughout the school for h1s proftctency ln athlettcs and has recetved f1Ve athletlc awards We all w1sh htm luck and hope he IS a uccess I N 1 w v v v 9 r 0 Al L A A A Q ,. .. u c .. .. . r J I H xx fr . .. H . 6 . rv I. 1 , A - L , O i . .. bn . . u rl V .. ' . S . ' ' i- . .. . H . .. H . , u H . ' s .. . ,, UAV, , Y . . wx fr . U H ' ' xx 1: , I . .C . ' xx. If I . . I - ID ' 1 t 1 ' r t F . ,. . . ., ,,, wx rr A A - , , s A I Y Y ' s' . .T . li, W 'WORTHFAST HIGH SCHOOL DAVID R GREER 6028 Edmund Street Dave Mechan1cal engmeer Don t get exc1ted boy' Dave was chalrman ot the Semor Prom Commlttee He was a guard on the Traff1c Squad and represented h1s class m the Senate two terms once as Senator the other as Alternate Dave has keen mterests IU all sports and would l1ke Northeast to contmue to stay on top MORTON IRVIN GROSSMAN 3331 West Harold Street Mort Own race track Let me clue you lack' Mort qutte a popular boy around Northeast IS also ltked by the fa1r sex He has been a Mega phone and Booster Club salesman a staff member of the Archwe Mort was also a member of the Fencmg Club and Fencsng Team JOSEPH HANNA 952 East Schzller Street oe Electr1c1an Chuck em out' .toe l1kes sports especlally baseball and he part1c1pates 1n sports outs1de of school L1ke any other Northeaster he was a loyal rooter If h1s wxres dont cross he w1ll succeed as an electrtctan EDGAR HAUCK 129 East Wlshart Street Hauckle Draftsman What do you say Moe? Edgar took an mterest IH sports wh1le at Northeast and always sup ported the tearrs He w1ll some day reach the top tn h1s fteld A great guy w1th a great personaltty Hauck1e IS sure of success rlx I THOMAS GRIFFITHS l742 Br1ll Street TOH1 Electr1c1an Let s get w1th 1t' Tom could always be found at h1s post as guard on the Tratftc Squad He always had h1s heart tn h1 work Tom w1ll w1thouta doubt succeed 1D h1s amb1t1on of becommg an electr1c1an CURTIS HAGINS l44l North Perth Street Lover Boy Own a bus1ness You don t have a chance Lover Boy IS here One of Curts many act1v1t1es ts be-mg an offxcer of a soc1al club to wh1ch he donates h1s t1me He entoys woodcraft and carvmg tn sw1mmer and would llke to meet a merma1d We w1sh htm all our luck and hope h1s amb1t1on comes true THOMAS HALEY 2351 North Etghteenth Street T0mmY Teacher Cookle please Tommy won the posts of Senator and Alternate of h1s class H made the Cross Country Team and s rved on the Trafflc Squad Tommy could always be counted on for support m any of the class act1v1t1es He IS a consc1ent1ous fellow ard would lxke to come back to Northeast as a teacher IAMES EDWARD HAZELEY 3004 North Baxley Street Haze Industr1al deslgner Oh my heart' hm was txcket collector at the Revues and Senate Plays managed the Track Team and served on the Kensmgton Northeast Dance Com mtttee He was chosen as News Ed1tor of the Megaphone Art Ed1tor of the Arch1ve and Chlef lustlce of the Tr1bunal Haze was also ID the Honor Sechon and has made the Honor Roll regularly Good luck 1n the future A A , , . ' ' . ll ll .. 1. 2 xl 'I A ll I ll . . . , V ' t. . a guard on the Traffic Squad, and his Spare time. --Lover BOYH is Q ll II I 1 I - A ' xv ll "I H ' ' .. . ,, , . .. ,f . I . g i e . . 9 - ' lx fl . ' . ' ' . , . . , . t A ' l xl , ll It I, , . , . . , . I . V I xl ' 'I ' I , . I ll ll t - ' A v'- 'NIU' IIXSS OF JANUKRI 19.1 CHARLES HELLIER 2003 Eas Dauphin Stree Chuck Dairy farmer rn Ve mont Okay Hrrata stop messrn around Berngmusrcallyrnclrned Chuck rained the Swing Band Orchestra and Band He was also an Alter nate and Senator of his section Charles was always willing to give hrs full cooperation to school actrvr tres and has made many friends while at Northea t EDWARD HIRATA 2509 West Allegheny Avenue Eddie Doctor Better stop messrn Hellrer Eddie was a guard on the Traffic Squad a diligent worker and a good sport Ed re popular in and out of school and hrs classmates are looking forward to the day when they will come to hrm rn hrs professional capacity ROBERT HILL 2756 North Farrhrll Street o Mrllronaire Hu ' ' Although not actrve in sports at Northeast he engages rn this field after school He enroys watching the many hrgh school sports events Bob was an actrve member on the Traffic Squad IACK HOFFMAN 329 East Somerset Street Ho Pharmacist All rrght take rt easy lacks record of actrvrtre r almost endless He rs in the Honor Section the Honor Society and the lnterscholastrc League Hoff was president of the B Class and president of the school community. He is Sports Editor of the Archive, student chairman of the Senate and a master at calisthenics. ln addition to these, "lack" was on the Track and Cross Country Teams for two seasons and is currently coscaptain of both for two seasons. 'VU IIVIIVIX'-f'-ll U MELVIN HEYWARD 2310 West Columbia Avenue Flash Own a night club There you go Mach Mant Flash was elected Alternate of his class He has been on the Cross Country Team and a member of the Traffic Squad Mel has many friends throughout the school who wrll all patronize hrm when he achieves his goal IEROME HIRSCHHORN 1422 North Seventh Street ferry ive lerry s activities are outside of school He follows the sports world and would like to see Northeasts Football Team the league champs lerome has participated n our school plays HERBERT HOFFMAN 3036 West Page Street Hoffy Admiral rn the Navy Some stuff Hoffy was of great assistance to his class He was on the A and B Class Executive Com mrttees and served on the Archrve Staff Herb s interests are sports He would also like to see Northeast maintain her hrgh standards WALTER HUGHES 2733 Sydenham Street Bud Plumber ts the period over yet? Walt saw actron on the Tennis Team and Traffic Squad He tries hard and supports school actrvrtre. such as the Megaphone and sports. ln the near future, if your school ring gets caught in the drain, do not forget to give "Bud" a call. 'NORTHE KST HIGH SFHOOI THEODORE HUSLIN 7238 Horrocks Street Hus Mechanrcal engrneer Would ra now? As a Senator Ted has been a member of the Revue Trcket and Athletrc Commrttees Whre member ofthe A and B Class ExecutrveComm1ttees Hus served on the lunror and Senror Prom Commrttees He was rn the Honor Sectron and actrve rn rntramural sports JOHN GILBERT IACKSON 2244 North Seventeenth Street Bunny Teacher There you go' Track and Cross Country Teams He was also a member ot the Fenc rng Club and the Traffrc Squad DONALD THOMAS IOHNSON 3428 North Farrhrll Street Don Electrrcxan You dont say? Don represented hrs class rn the Senate He was also a member of the Traffrc Squad D n s rnterested rn the teams at Northeast and hopes the Soccer Team con trnues 1ts long strrng of unbeaten games ALEXEI KALlSTRATOV 527 Farrmount Avenue Alex Engrneer Take rt easy' Alex made frrends easrly be cause of hrs ever smrlrng counten ance Hrs favcrrtes are sports Alex would lrke to see Northeast s soccer team unbeaten rn another hundred games Many of hrs frrends feel that Alex wrll be a successful engrneer Good lu lc' llnrlx SIX JACK HUTCHINSON IR 2163 North Eleventh Street Hutch Auto mechanrc Solrd lack' Hutch served on the Trattrc Squad and as a Megaphone ales man He was an ambrtlous student and a good sport He has taken advantage of hrs trarnrng at North east and wrll someday be a top rate auto mechanrc CHARLES JACOBS 6445 North Seventeenth Street Lucky Marrne engrneer You got the homework Al? Lucky played on the Soccer and Tennrs Teams Durrng hrs terms as Senator and Alternate Socrety Athletrc and Senate Play Trcket Commrttees and as charr man of the Senate Play Commrttee He was also actrve as a member of the Orchestra Revue Trrbunal Honor Sectron Spanrsh Club and Archrve Staff FRANK IORETT 2839 North Thrrteenth Street Reds Successful busrnessman I lrke rt' I 11 e rt' Reds parhcrpated rn a Revue and was a member of the Tratfrc Squad He was a hard worker Wrth a personalrty lrke he has Frank should make a sure frre hrt rn the future as a busrnessman Good luck Frank GEORGE KAMINSKY 431 Green Street George Mechanrcal engrneer George follows sports and hopes to succeed rn engrneerrng Hrs abrlrty rn Trrgonometry and Physrcs wrll go a long way rn helprng hrm achreve hrs goal . 1 4 I A I xl . ll .. ,, M I , I ' xx ll . ' ' . 'l a 5 . . - ll ll l , . lx ll l I ' If I "BUDDY WGS 0 member Of the Charles served on the Honor . . ' , M I I ' I , f I , ll ll . . o r . - . , ll .VI . ,' ' ' ' ' . T - .vt ll . - I' ' . C . Sb OF IKNIKRX 1 of LEONID KARPINICH 1632 North Frankltn Street eo Lawyer Well what do you mean? Leo enyoys dancmg and IS fond ot the oppos1te sex Hts hob btes are photography and read1ng plus actlve partlctpatlon IH volley ball He llkes all sports and would 11ke to see the Soccer Team w1n 1ts second hundred stratght H1s trmends are sure he w1ll be accompltshed lawyer IOSEPH KAZNICKI 2649 East Cambr1a Street Kaz Professlonal athlete Homework agam' Kaz ts one of those brg strong 1nd1v1duals who brave the crushmg tackles and bad weather to w1n h1s letter as a member ot the Varsuty veteran of the squad and was elected co captaxn th1s season H1s frlends feel that he w1ll some day replace D1ck Kazmaler IAMES KENNEDY 2929 North Thlrd Street Reds Marry a rlch gxrl Whats up? l1m has the pers1stence to atta1n hls goal and th1s w1ll br1ng upon htm hxgh recogmhon Reds was an enthus1astxc supporter of the athletlc teams GEORGE KIMPEL 237 West Ontarlo Street Ktmp M sslonary What he say? George has the courage that at tlngutshe leader He spent hts t1me bv smgmg 1n the school Vocal Group Ktrnp s tme vo1ce should help hlm ach1eve hls honorable a1m lhzrlx .Sezen LEON KAUFFMAN 1942 North Napa Street SO Doctor Wrd or wldout' Leo served as Typlng Ed1tor ot the Megaphone and also as a typ1st on the Arch1ve Staff He was 1n the Honor Sect1on and made the Honor Roll every term Leon ts a veteran of three Revues and was actlve ln the U NNE and the panlsh Club It Leon keeps h1s record as h1gh as 1t has been IN the past he w1ll certamly be a success 1n the near future IOHN EDWARD KELSALL 2729 North Darlen Street Buzz Swtm to Pans Tremendous' For h1s many contrxbutrons to the welfare of the school commumty Buzz has recelved a Senate Award He was co captaxn of the Swlmmmg Team Pres1dent ot the Northeast Kensmgton Dance Com mxttee and Organ1zat1ons Ed1tor of the Archlve He has also served on the A and B Class ExecL t1ve Commzttees Trattxc Sguad and Megaphone Staff DONALD KEYS 2534 East York Street Brg Ntck Career tn the Serv1ce Whats up? Don had l1ttle to say but was a fme worker and supported the teams the Megaphone and other orgamzatlons Those who know htm are sure that Dons ab1l1ty to understand and tollow orders to the letter assures hls success for a career IU the serv1ce WILLIE H KING 2441 North Opal Street B1 y Archxtect Boy' Bxlly was on the Honor Roll several tlmes durmg hrs stay at Northeast He love baseball and was actlve on the mne W1ll1e spends h1s spare trme swmmmmg We w1sh B111 the pest of luck mn lultllllng hls amb tton to become an archltect 1 W I LA . , I' ', ' 9",L I RJ NL ll ML .. V ' ' tt H . , . v . . . Q ' .,.. n . . S . an . . , I V . ' . ll - Il ' ll ll v - I I ' I ' ' ' ll ll . I Eootbal1lTeam. He is a two-year Circle Hi-Y, Chairman of the ' ' ll ll . ll ll ' I. ' , .. , ,, ' I1 ll . I I - . ll I VI 4 . A xl ll . 1 .. H ll 'll tx s VV t. , SA . . . Q ' s s. I 5 I 1 ' - Xl .ill I -. . . . V NORTHE KST HIGH bi H001 NORMAN KIRSCHLER 712 Lmcoln Avenue Norm Electrtcxan Norm served Northeast captam of the Trafflc Squad Whlle he was a sentor That masslve body of h1S comes from h1s favortte hobby welghthftmg No matter what he goes ID for we know Norm wrll succeed PAUL KOCMAN 1514 North Amerxcan Street Paul U S Naval ofttcer What s a matter for you? Paul s favortte pastrme 1S collect mg foretgn money Cas well as Amer1can'Pl Another of ht pas trmes IS SW1IT1f1'111'lgClDd h1s love of the water makes htm an excellent candtdate for the Navy No matter what he goes for we are sure he wrll be successful BERNARD KRAMER 1512 North Sxxteenth Street Bunsen Pharmacrst lt s the greatest' Bunsen has been a partrczpant tn several Revues and tntramural sports He was also m the Honor Sectlon and on the Archlve Staff Bern1e has also made the Honor Roll We all w1sh htm luck ln hrs career as a pharmacrst FRANK LaROSE 3716 Frankford Avenue Frank Mtlllonatre You can t frght Crty Hall' Frank was an outnelder on the 51 Varsxty Baseball Team Thrs good natured boy hkes to play basketball A leg 1n1ury srdehned htm from vars1ty football 1n h1s senror year after he had played a year of IV Football Frank may make h1s m1ll1on 1n ballplaytng Ttme wtll tell lhzrlx 1:1 Ill STANLEY KLEIN 2542 North Napa Street Stan Poltce offlcer Stan was on the Traffrc Squad and a member of the Drstrtbutrve Eclucatton Class He 1s1n the Naval Reserve and hkes hunttng and ftsh tng He also IS an avtd arrplane fan To become a pol1ce offtcer takes a long t1me and more school mg but we feel that he can do tt SIGMUND KURZENSKI 2407 East Gordon Street Slggy To be a success Yea sure lunderstand' Takxng care of the front bxllboard was a posltton delegated to very few boys and Stggy was one of them Also he was on the Traffrc Squad and served as both a Sen ator and Alternate He plays andlot football and hkes to play soccer and baseball Skatlng and boxmg are also among h1S hobbzes FRANCISI KUSHNER 1638 North Slxth Street Kush Aeronauttcal engtneer Holy crow' Kush loved to play tennts and at Northeast he was manager of the vars1ty and also played for the second team He hkes to ttsh and IS a model alrplane fanatrc Thts experlence should be very valuable to htm as an aeronaut1cal engtneer We are sure that Kush w1ll f1nd h1S way up 1nto the wild blue xonder ERWIN LAUFIK 3950 North Seventh Street rv Archttect Knock tt oft you guys' Erv was on the Honor Roll many ttmes durmg h1s stay at North east He hkes football and basket ball and hrs favorrte hobby collectmg bluepnnts of homes Stuclytng these w1ll probably be very valuable to hrm rn later lxfe w 1 1 A 1 4 11 -., H H 1 A tt H , . H H U ff . I - ' I . H 11 . ' U . H tt H H 1 H , , . 1 . . , It . U ' 'Q . ' . , . . , . , . , - . S . I . H H . . It H - -t W 1, -1 1 H , .t 1. . 1 n H , . H . ff - . 1- H . . ,E H . H 1 . . ff .t , H I , . ,. H . . . .1 '- E S0 IKNIKRX lo ROBERT LEVIN 3238 West Huntingdon Street Hot Rod Mechanical engineer Hi speed' Good looking Bob s favorite pastime is the opposite sex Ho Rod loves driving and tinkering with car motors because he wants to be a mechanical engineer We all Join in wi hing Bob luck in the future MARVIN LOEV 3336 Kensington Avenue Mgrv EdIIOI' Marv took part in three Revues and intramural sports He was a member of the Table Tennis Team UNNE Chess Club and Traffic Squad As a member of the Honor Section Marv consistently made the Honor Roll Along with his many other activities he also found tifne to be Biography Editor of the Archive and Features Editor of the Megaphone MARVIN A MANN 828 North Second Street Mqrv Undecided Certainly' Marv served his school in various ways This likeable fellow was co captain of the Swimming Team I-Ie was a Senator three times and was on the Executive Committees cf both the A Class and the Senate. Marv was on the Traffic Squad, and served on both the Senate Awards and Athletic Committees. He was also in the Orchestra and on the Archive Sta . GEORGE MARTIN 6167 Erdrick Street "Marty" Get out of school "Take ten." "Marty" represented his class in the Senate for two terms, one term as Senator and the other as Alter- nate. His interests are sports. He was a member of the Track Team and the baseball nine. George enjoys dancing. George was in- deed an active Northeaster and we wish him luck. 'l'liirtx-Xim' AMOS LEVITT 2530 North Thirty third Street ev Illustrator Oh boy' Lev was on the City Champion ship Varsity Soccer Team and earned letters on the Tennis Team As a senior he was captain of the Traffic Squad He is an excellent artist and would like to be a pro fessional illlustrator We wish Amos plenty of good fortune JEROME MARVIN LUBER 2623 Germantown Avenue Ierry Iournalist Let s check out' Ierrys popularity among his classmates was revealed early the term when he was elected treasurer ofthe A Class Among his more prominent activities while at Northeast were Associate Editor of the Archive a two term tenure as Sports Editor of the Megaphone and President and Vice President of the U N N E He was also on the Traffic Squad and a Senator H served on the Senate Awards and Lunchroom Music Committees EARL MAROUETT 2218 East Huntingdon Street Ear Stay out of trouble I like it' Ili e it' Earl got his biggest pleasure from driving his 42 Chevy to and from school every day He loves base ball and playing on the sandlot team. His witty and mischievious ways are likely to hinder him from fvlfilling his ambition. WILLIAM MARTIN 3106 North Hancock Street " i " Electrical engineer "Bill" was a mainstay on the City Championship Soccer Team for three years. He was of great assistance in extending the booters' unbeaten streak past the century mark. He was also a member of the Traffic Squad for two terms. We are sure "Bill" will succeed in his ambition to become an electrical engineer. NORTHE KST HIGH SC HOOL MERVIN MATTHEWS l804 North Eleventh Street The Slim Kid Undecided Knows that Mervin was a member of the Traffic Squad His interests are sports especially football e Slim Kid likes to make model air planes We wish Mervin lots of luck as he steps out into this cold wcrld CHARLES MCGRATH 3347 North Ella Street Chal Auto mechanic Chal s interests are sports mainly football He likes to watch football games although he would rather be playlng He spends h1s We are sure he will succeed as an auto mechanic PREVO MERCER l7l4 North Eighteenth Stree Prev Linguist De quois a git 117 Prev plays the piano H likes collecting foreign literature and photographs This knowledge of foreign countr1es will be useful to him in the future There will be an increasing need for men of Prev s aliber and he will have little trouble in making a go of it DONALD MILLER 2532 Newkirk Street Bones Win a football pool Cool cat' Bones was a loyal Northeaster He found time to support some sporting events and plav cadet foot ball in th E Class He ha been a vveli liked f llow and friend to ill forlx GEORGE McFARLANE 3441 North Mascher Street Mac Bank president Mac served on the B Clas Executive Committee and was a member of the Traffic Squad He enioys dancing and likes to follow sports We wish George luck in hi desire to succeed as bank president TAMES MCVEIGH 356 Stevens Street Mickey To be rich That s my boy' Mlckey likes to tinker with motors and fix up cars He has interests in the sea and water He would like to travel We hope Mickey will succeed in his work and fulfill his ambition FRANK MELLER l45 East Westmoreland Street Frim Fram Pharmacist You re kid n' Frim Fram was Associate Editor of the Megaphone and Typing Editor of the Archive He was Vice President of the German Club participated in the Photography Club and was also a member of the Honor Section Frank made the Honor Roll every time e wish him success as a pharmacist RICHARD MILLER Emerson Lane and Andalusia Road Dick Aeronautical engineer Well now' Dick being a cheerleader led the school in many cheers and was quite popular He was on the Gym Team and represented h1s class ir the Senate two terms once as a Senator and another time as ar Alternate . 1 - A I o 'W f' it ll . s V .A 4 ' it-I-h I 4 . I. ' , ' ' '5 1X I 11 . ll I .ll . V I . SDOF9 time bUildi1'1Q mfbdel Oifplfmes- Swimming is "lim's" favorite sport. ' Xl - ll - -. , ' f ,, ,, , t e .. . ,, . . , - V I . e .. s A ' -i e . c, . ' . S 0F JANYARY 1952 WALTER C. MILLER l864 East Wensley Street "Bud" Civil engineer "Bud" enjoys listeninq to music. His hobby is collecting different types of music and recordings, "Walt" is a good dancer and al' ways made a hit with members cf the opposite sex at the Northeast' Kensington dances. SAMUEL MORGAN 2639 North Eighteenth Stre Sammy Draftsman True Sammy s singing is known throughout the school as he has had roles in our Senate Plays and Revues Sam has been singing with the All Philadelphia High School Chorus for two years He is also a member of the Tennis Team We are sure Sam will succeed in his desires to become a draftsman ALFRED MURRAY 2029 North Van Pelt Street Real estate broker Later' Al s hobbies are drawing and collecting records He enioys swim ming and was a member of the Traffic Squad We wish Al the best of luck as a real estate broker and hope he never goes broke TAMES R NEVADONSKI 6360 lackson Street Nev Sales executixe Baby l teal your heartl Nev was on the Honor Roll he Senate and a member of the ade football ard oasketball team ard played layvee Football .lim wa a o active ir intramural sof oat is quite an athee a d he e hoping that he will be eo a a ale exe ve I urlx Uri PAUL MILLHAM 2023 East Castor Avenue "R9dS" Ratternmaker "Ready for the test?" "Reds" has served as a member of the Traffic Squad almost every term, He was captain of the Traffic Squad in his senior year. Paul has already started his career by making an enviable record at Northeast. Good luck, Raul, CARL MUELLER 804 West Indiana Avenue Carl To ge rich fast Carl likes to travel and swim He would like to combine both and swim the Enali h Channel Carl was a member of the Traffic Squad His ambition is an understandable one Although he will learn there are no good get rich quick methods Carl w ll soon make it to the top ROBERT T MURT 3053 North Front Street Bo Electrical field G orgel Bob s favorite sport and hobby is Weightlifting Although small Bob had strength He would like recognition as the man with the perfect body Robert was a member of the Traffic Squad We wish him all our luck and hope his ambition soon comes true TOHN NEWKIRK 2332 West Cumberland Street Don luan Pro golf and baseball Strictly for you lohnny is known as a sports enthusiast participating ir basket ball baseball and golf Yi which Don luan would like c oe a pro fessional ln his oa e titre read ng heads h list followed b ca virg and ood aft ohr a red hi le te go f A et .. ,, 5 , L - . .Q i . . . 1 ,A A . Al U it tt 9 . - ix f H ' U ' ' - tt H h , ' , . ll It A ll It T I ' V xl ll H H t in .t if A I Q . Traffic Squad. He was on the , . f A ' P ' c t . ' s i t 1' .. S is 5' A , tw . S. 1' ' i , - . 11. ukmn A I ltr 'img' ' 1. is ., y M F 'Q 't ' 4 r 1 . W cr .s. l 1 -- 1 ' . ' E . , on th 'af' s s s cuti . " V 'l 9 7- 5 f' 715 ll- ' f ,. , D. . .' ,- 6 NORTHEAST HIGH Sl Il00l 1OHN NOETZEL 4003 O Street Qhn Profess1onal we1ghtl1fter That s just the way the ball bounces lohn took an mterest IH h1s school work and showed h1s loyalty to the school by glvmg h1s support to athletxc act1v1t1es H1s mam mterest outs1de of school IS welghtllftmg H has become very proflcment at thns pastlme and wants to be a pro fesslonal wexghthfter Good luck future Mr Amerlca CLIFFORD OETZEL 3859 North Marsha'l Street C1 Be a successful lover Go swallow a germ' Chff s mterests l1e ln all kmds of sports but mostly IH football basketball and baseball ID wh1ch he earned h1s letter Cl1fford llkes roller skatlng and spends some of h1s spare tlme at the r1nks What ever h1s destres may be We W1Sh h1m the best of luck RALPH PAULIN 2340 North Exghteentn Street Ralph Enter the Servlce What s happenlng? Ralph was on the Trafflc Squad and Cross Country Team He was always seekmg for the fmest thmgs that Northeast provlded and IS very llkely to make h1s way to the top FRANK CHRISTIAN PFAU 1901 East Cambrxa Street Sonny Carpenter What do you say there' Whlle at Northeast Frank served on the Stage Crew If past perform ances IU the wood shops are to be taken as harbxngers of future suc cess Sonny wlll very shortly be a master carpenter I ortx Tun HENRY A NORRIS IR 1518 North Hollywood Street IUDIOT Muslc teacher Okay lunror H1s trumpet playlng has earned lunlor a place ln the Band Orchestra SWIHQ Band and A11 C1ty H1gh School Band Thrs helped h1m w1n a Senate Award ln the B Class He was also a member of the Trafflc Squad and has made the Honor Roll several tlmes ROBERT LOUIS PARKER 2919 West Cambrldge Street Bo Engmeer Yes str ree Bob' on the Varsrty Football Team bemg co captam of the 51 eleven Aside from sports Bob served as vxce presrdent of the school represented h1s class four terms as Senator was chalrrnan of the Rotary Club and the Bylaws Commlttee and served as a member of the lnterscholastlc League GERALD PERCH 241 East Allegheny Avenue IGFYY Doctor You fool you' .lerry was Ed1tor1n chlef of the Megaphone and presrdent of the U N N E He also has been a 1udge on the Trxbunal and a membe of the Honor Sect1on Moreover he has gamed Hrghest Honors every term We are sure that lerry w1ll be a success as an M D and whatever else he does 1ACK PICHNEY 2454 North D uglas Street Prck Accountant Do 1t Dad' Prck has been rn the Honor Sect1on srnce he entered Northeast lack has made the Honor Roll many txmes He lrkes mathematlcs and would therefore llke to be an accountant lack spersonalrtymade h1m popular wrth h1s classmates Y Y 1 1 1 A' ll . ll 0 I 1 4 , , . ' 7 ' . . - - - . e . , , I I I A u bu , .. HF, ll ll - ' ' ' It I I H For three years Bob ' held a spot ' - 1 ' . I I ' , ' ' ll ll . 1 I , ' r . 1 ' I I I . -I - - X' ' tl ll . I ' ll ll . 4 flkbb Ol' JKNISRI 19:12 ROBERT ERNEST PLUNKETT 303 East Freemont Street Gus Frrst clas electrtctan So long' IIS been good to know ya Gus was a member of the Bowhng and Baseball Teams H was a manager of the Football Team and also danced 1n the Revues Bobs many actrvtttes never tnterfered w1th h1s school work and he lS sure to be a ftrst class electr1c1an IOSEPH RICHARD PYTLEWSKI 2732 Stevens Street 1 Telev1s1on repa1r man Hello boy' Ioe has a f1ne record on the Trafftc Squad and UNNE H1s wtlltngness to work IS sure to make htm a success ID any f1eld he chooses to enter We feel sure hell fulftll h1s amb1t1on and become a top telev1s1on repa1r man VASYI.. REDKA 1611 Samt Marks Square 1 Rad1o techntctan I know I don t know anythtngl Btlls lourney from Russta to the Unrted States has handrcapped h1m IH some of the many act1v1t1es at Northeast but h1S academtc work was outstandmg He ltkes basketball and plays volleyball for a ne1ghborhood team Vasfl s fr1ends know he ll succeed SANFORD DONALD RICE 2128 Warnock Street an Successful butlder Kmdness IS to do or say the k1ndest thtngs 1n the kmdest ways San l1kes to attend all 1mport ant events IH mayor sports Hts hobby IS collect1ng recordmgs of popular arttsts He enyoys danc1ng and GSSOCIGIIHQ Wllh gtrls IS fr1ends thtnk the greatest asset tn h1s be1ng a successful butlder 1 San s determtnatton Good luck' I wx lhree RICHARD PRICE l9l3 North Twelfth Street Butterball Track coach Oh yeah IS that good? D1ck has put h1s talents tn smgtng to good use 1n the Revues and Senate Plays He was co captam of the Track Team and also a member of the Cross Country Team He won the State one kundred yard dash champ1onsh1p Butterball was elected VICE prest dent of the School Commun1ty has been an offtcer of the Trafftc Squad and a member of the Executwe Commlttee and Inter scholasttc League MANUEL RAEFSKY 3308 West Cumberland Street Raef Metallurgtst Get out of my ltfe' Raef won h1s letter as a goal1e on the lumor Varstty Soccer Team He has been IH the Honor Sect1on dur1ng h1s ent1re stay at Northeast Manuel has been on the Honor Roll too We are sure Raef w1ll suc ceed 1n h1s ambttxon IOHN REEVES 3049 North Water Street ack Bu1ld a home lack was a member of the Varslty Football Team HIS SClDIll lattng performances on the f1eld have captured the adm1rat1on of all Northeasters Few of the ODPOSII on have sltpped through hlS POSIIIOH lacks host of fr1ends w1ll mtss htm greatly GUSTAVE RICHARD 2848 North Taney Street T1ny Go to college Hey Iun1or' T1ny IS the type that makes f tends eas1ly Although he doesn t part1c1pate IH rrany acttvtttes he IS gu1te a foo ball player He llkes all port espectally baseball HIS hobby IS stamp collectmg We are u e Gus w1ll reach h1s goal NORTHE SST HIGH SCHOOI WESLEY RICKARDS 6303 Walker Street Wes Da1ry farmer Wes IS a member ot the Agr1 cultural Class and h1s spare t1me IS devoted to th1s lnterest Wes s hobby IS FOISIDQ trop1cal Ilsh smce he has a keen mterest 1n all sorts of t1sh We w1sh Wesley the best of luck 1n the thmgs he would l1ke to do 1n the tuture ALBERT MAX RITTER 1924 East Monmouth Street Max Industr1al eng1neer Idle hands make m1sch1et' Max was an usher at the Senate Play and an actor 1n the Revue He held the post of Chaplmn ot the I-I1 Y and was elected to the m1ttees Al was also on the Tratt1c Squad and the Arch1ve Staff RICHARD WALTER ROBB 1308 Marlborough Street D1ck Electncal eng1neer What do you say there? D1ck was an act1ve guard on the Tratt1c Squad tor two terms He was the Megaphone representat1ve and a member ot the A Class Prom Comm1ttee Rlch enyoys the work 1n the electrlcal held HIS many tr1ends are sure that D1ck Wlll not be short c1rcu1ted and w1ll became an enalneer Good luck' IAMES ROSE 1940 East T1oga Street Rosle Sportswr ter Rose rose I love me' I1m has represented h1s class 1n the Senate one term and was Alte nate another He IS an act1ve member ot the Megaphone Staff and a guard on the Trathc Squad We are sure that ROSIS w1ll ach1eve success as a sportswmter l'or15 Four SAMUEL RICHBERG IR 2642 North S1xteenth Street Sflm To travel Crazy man' Sam was an act1ve guard on the Traffxc Squad He IS a part1c1 pant on several nelghborhood teams HIS favor1te sports are football and baseball Sam l1kes tenn1s and enloys dancmg HIS many trlends w1ll m1ss h1m Good luck ln your travels IOSEPH JOHN RITTER 3047 Chatham Street ex Teevee serv1ceman Get out ot here' Most of Texs t1me outs1de school IS spent do1ng homework In hlS spare t1me he can be found sw1mm1ng and playmg basketball dance very much Ioe hopes to to be a televxslon serv1ceman be cause he IS very 1nterested ln the new med1um RAYMOND ROLLICK 4051 North Franklm Street Ray Buslnessman H1 Muscles' Ray was act1ve 1n the Northeast B1ble Club He has h1gh ldeals and the determ1nat1on to real1ze them Ray s w1ll to help others attracted to h1m many trlends who are con t1dent of h1s success 1n the busmess world and who w1sh h1m luck WILLIAM RULLO 4433 North Seventh Street W11l1e A man W1ll1e was well l1ked by all who knew h1m espec1ally the g1rls He wants to be a playboy after he graduates and w1th h1s personal 1ty he should have l1ttle trouble Wlllle s many adm1rers w1sh h1m the best of everyth1ng v 4 A A , , , . - I xx ll . - - I xl ll - . xx . . ll ll 'I . J- ' I I 1 4- HAH cmd "BH Class Executive Com, at the Y.M.C.A. He also llkes to xx I ll , - A I xx , ll xx ll .' ' ' . xx 1 ll , xx I ll 1 . . xl It ll ' ' ' ' - Ak I . . y 1 . . . I I ' I D x V I 1 1 ' 11 . H . ' 4 - 1 - A - KLKSS OF IKNLKRI .J PHILIP SALUS 3041 West Sedgley Averue 1 A success Thtngs are tough all over' Phll was qutte successful schol asttcally maklng the Honor Roll two terms He enloys basketball football and baseball and he was chosen to play on numerous nexgh borhood teams He has shown Qb1l1tY tn the past and should have no apprehenslons about the future GEORGE SAWYER 2412 North Twenty e1ghth Street Brut Busmessman Naye' Brut played cadet football He represented h1s sectton IH the school government as Alternate trlbuttve Educatton Course We would l1ke to wtsh Brut the best of luck 1n h1s amb1t1on We are sure he w1ll succeed as a busmess man RAYMOND SCHEETZ 2208 Sepv1va Street Ray Rtch playboy Real cool' Ray s artlstlc talents were put to good use on the Arch1ve and Megaphone Staffs He held the poslttons of Senator and Alternate of hls class and was chosen to represent h1s classmates on the Executtve and Htgh School Counctls Ray was also tn the U N N E the Traff1c Squad and the Revue and was promment around school as a member of the Northeast Kensmg ton Dance Commtttee NICHOLAS ROCCO SCHIAZZA 2964 Arammgo Avenue Nlck MIIIIOHO re Oh' what a ltfe' Btg Ntck as he ts known throughout the school by hts many frtends was a staff member of the Megaphone He also represented hts class as Senator Alternate and served on the Traff1c Squad N1ck s frtends do not doubt that he can reach his goal Good luck n the future' forty Fue IUNIUS SANDERS 1547 North Gratz Street Iuney Antmal Husbandry Iumus was 1n the Agrlcultural Course Although retlrmg tn man ner Iumus acquired for hlmself many lxfe lonq frtends HENRY SCHECK 2538 East Dauph1n Street Hank Engmeer GOIUQ to the hundredth'9 Henry won two letters as a mem ber of the Soccer and Track Teams Spamsh Club and Revue and Senate Play T1clcet Comrmttees Hank has also made the Honor Roll several times We are sure he w1ll succeed ln hls future deslres IOHN SCHEURER 3008 North Lawrence Street lohnrue A success Ye gads' lohn served the school two ways He was o guard on the Trafftc Squad and an actor ID the North east Revue lohnn1e llkes to lay basketball and he 1S a very good player lohn lS well l1ked by hls fellow Northeasters WILLIAM SCHULTZ 2737 East Ann Street 1 Rlch B ll supported every GCf1V1lY of the class and chool and he be came a fr1end of all through person al1ty and ftne manners ' . 1 . . . ' ' . ' I 9 ' 2 l ..Ph.l,. V lt ll . 4 George is Q m?mber of 'he DIS' He has been in the Honor Section, . . ll ll D ' t. 1, , l l E ' p I 4 I t. . H "B ll" ' V , xx :A . . S I i x . NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL STANLEY IULES SCHWEITZER 2552 North Th1rty second Street Stan MUSICIQH Take lt easy' Stanley has been the leader of th NE Swmg Band captam of drum sectlon IH the Orche tra and Bond He has part1c1pated 1n three Revues and three Senate Plays and has been capta1n of the Traff1c Squad RONALD HERBERT SENATOR 2519 North Twenty n1nth Street Ronn1e To see the world Thats the way the ball bounces' Ronn1e has supported North east by part1c1pat1ng 1n the Vocal Ensemble and also the 1950 and 1951 Revues and the Traff1c Squad ball basketball tenn1s and read 1ng ht tor1cal novels ROBERT SHECTER 5460 Morse Street Bo Successful auto shop Oh yah' Bobs tnterests are cars and motors He was salesman at the Booth sell1ng t1ckets to the many events He 1S also a member of the D1str1but1ve Educat1on Course THEODORE SIDORSKY 139 Ol1ve Street e Mar1ne alr ace I dont know' Ted s OCl1V1ll9S tend to move 1n the sports world where he hkes football HIS amb1t1on IS to be a Mar1ne a1r ace Whenever he has some free t1me he plays football Ted IS always a good man to have around 1f anyone wants to know anyth1ng about football for he knows a lot about the game lortx Su HAROLD SCLAN 1946 Myrtlewood Street Pharmac1st F lylng ay' Ku was 1n the Honor Sect1on He represented h1s class 1n the Senate Harold has made the Honor Roll regularly and h1s record speaks for 1tself We are sure he w1ll succeed 1n h1s amb1t1on and we are lookmg forward to patromzlng h1s pharmacy DONALD LEROY SHARP 3339 North Howard Street Don A success In busmess 1 Donald was 1n the Revue and a member of the Gym Team He has showed conslderable success 1n h1s act1v1t1es We all hope he w1ll atta1n the same success IH l1fe ROBERT SHIELDS 3529 Emerald Street Bob Make a m1ll1on Well now I must say' Bob has part1c1pated 1n every Revue durmg h1s stay at Northeast He also took an actxve part 1n the Kensmgton Northeast Dance Com m1ttee We are sure Bob Wlll make a m1ll1on 1n the near future Tlme w1ll tell ROBERT EDWARD SIEGLE 4715 Salmon Street Bo Mar1ne mechamc Bob spends some of h1s spare t1me on sports OUlS1de of school Bob llkes to watch and play baseball football and basketball Most of h1s spare t1me IS spent dolng lust that He has lots of fr1ends who are conf1dent of h1s success and they feel that 1t couldnt happen to a mcer guy - 1 , .. ., Q . . "Ku" ' l tt ll . 1 9 A . . , S A . ' ll I ll ll . . ,, He is fond of playing baseball, foot- high school athletic and scholastic ' ' 1 ' - . ' . . 's ' . . .. bn , . ' I , . T d .. bu . . ll ll - I ' I - . J ,-l' 1 IIKSS OF JSNLKRI 19.12 ALLEN SILVERSTEIN 2001 North E1qhth Street Dent1st That scares me' AIs mterests I1e 1n baseball and horseback r1d1ng where he spends some of the spare moments he has Allen was an act1ve member of the Trafhc Squad JEROME SLOBOTKIN 2208 Natrona Street lerry Successful busmessman How ya been? 1erry has represented h1s class as Senator for one year He also has been Alternate for a term Ierome IS IH the D1str1but1ve Educa t1on Class We w1sh h1m success as a bus1nessman BERNARD SMITH 2317 North Tenth Street Smltty ATCh1ISCt Get out of here' Bernard was on the NE Tenn1s Team IH 1950 and 1951 and was co captom 1n 1951 He plays the drums and prano and l1kes baseball foot ball and basketball We all hope Bernard w1ll be a success rn h1s chosen profess1on EDWARD WAYNE SMULLING 1923 Clarence Street Bunky A success 1 say there son' Bunky has been the Senator of h1s class for two terms He was a member of the Honor Sect1on Arch1ve Staff and the Executtve Comm1ttee Bunky also served as a t1cket collector for the Revues Ed has cons1stently been on the Honor Roll lorlx Set tn PHILIP SILVERSTEIN 2213 North Twenty nmth Street 1 BUSINESS adm1n1strator Lets face rt' Phll was an actlve part1c1pant rn Crew and the German Club H lxkes chem1stry and enloys exper1 mentmg w1th new th1nqs Ph1 was well lrked by all who knew h1m and especlally the members of the fem1n1ne sex IRVING SMILOWITZ 2120 North Thrrd Street Ace Electrlcal enqlneer Holy cow' lrvmg gave h1s tlme freely for the beneflt of the school as a member of He was a salesman 1n the Senate Store He has al o been on the Crew and the Fencmg Team Ace l1kes to dance and IS a IOVOTIIG Wlth the qlrls ROWLAND HARRY SMITH 2856 North Hancock Street Sm1tty lust to l1ve Where to go? Sm1tty s act1v1t1es were OUIS1d9 of school where he played football for a local grld team Smrtty was well l1ked by h1S classmates for h1s unendlng supply of w1tt1c1sms and all h1s frlends and classmates w1sh h1m future success IOHN LESLIE SMYRL 1889 Haworth Street Reefer To be rrch You dont have a car untll you have a Cadlllacl Iohn has been on the Trafhc Squad and lrkes raclng 1n outboard motor boats He IS an ardent rooter for Northeast rn sports as well as 1n the actrvrttes column We all hope Reefer l1ves up to h1S amb1t1on , , , , 1 Ai K A 1 - ..Ph.1,, . . . UAV' A tt 1 . 11 .. . . . . ' e ., ll ll - l the Distributive Education Course. ' - ll ll I . I I - , - . . . . . " " It ff - , , . -'Q 11 ' , . 1- u . D I ,, ,, , ' . . . 5 ,-1' -. NORTIIEKST HIGH SCHOOI CHARLES IOSEPH STASNEK l8O West TIOQG Street Ch1Ck Navlgator tn the Navy Where s your Cad1llac7 Ch1ck was on the Vars1ty Crew and a member of the Traff1c Squad He made the Honor Roll several t1mes If h1s accompl1shments l1fe fare as well as those of h1s school days we feel sure Ch1ck wtll be a success OTTO FREDERICK STRAUCH 3509 North Water Street Carpenter I m worr1ed' Ott IS an all around man n sports and because of h1s outstand mg ab1l1ty 1n baseball football basketball has made many r1e1qh the wood shop leaves no doubt IH the mmds of h1S fr1ends but that he Wlll be a successful carpenter DAVID WILLIAM TAIT 2202 North Seventh Street Tom T Successful engmeer A qu1tter never w1ns wmner never qU1lSl DOVIG played cadet basketball and ran Track and Cross Country TomTs favorlte pastlmes are sw1mm1ng and read1ng sports ed1 tor1als H1s motto IS an honorable one and 1f he DTGCIICSS what he preaches he w1ll go far as an engmeer IOSEPH TOTO 2820 East Salmon Street oe Success Hey bum' Ioe IS the type you dont often hear about but who was an asset to the school and a loyal Northeaster The boys ID h s class pred1ct a very br1ght and successful future for th s swell Northeaster Good luck oe' l'0rlx I zght LEONARD EARL STOCKLER 612 West D1amond Street Lenny Doctor Who does homework 'P Lenny was a member of the Honor Sect1on and made the Honor Roll regularly He played vars1ty Table Tenn1s and was also on the Bowlmg Squad AS1d9 from these act1v1t1es he found t1me to be a member of the U N N E a features wr1ter on the Megaphone and a member of the Arch1ve Staff DONALD GREGORY SUPINSKI lO9 AbbeYV1eW Avenue Soupy Com1c book tycoon Hes a kool kat that man' Soupy part1c1pated IH three Senate plays two Revues has been the Ed1tor of the Archlve Features Ed1tor of the Megaphone rec1p1ent of a Senate Award He lxkes collects Stan Kenton records Thxs Kool Kat IS also a member of the Or1g1nal H1Y Don was vlce pres1dent of the B Cla s memb r cf the Northeast Kens1 1gto'1 Dance Comm1ttee Good luck Don l IOHN NORMAN TANSKI 4624 Iames Street T1ny Playboy Get lost son Ya bother me' T1ny s favor1te hobby IS bu1ld mg model a1rplanes of all types He IS also a very adept basketball player Iohn l1ked to annoy the members of the faculty He IS well on h1S way to fulf1ll1ng h1S amb1t1on THOMAS IOHN TOWNSEND IO East Palmer Street Terr1ble Tonn Undec1ded Hello Mum' Tom played both Vars1ty and lumor Vars1ty Basketball He al ways supported athlet1cs and all other act1v1t1es Wth the f1ne personahty that he has d1splayed o h1s fr1ends there are no reasons why he should not be successful IH h1s later l1fe . A I L A I ll ll 11 fy 1 ll - . - .k . in , . . xl . ll 1 "Ott" 11 1 11 , . - 1 1 1 V ' ' . borhood teams. His adeptness in basketball and sw1mm1ng, and , , A ll lr . . I . I xl ll C Q Q ., , s . I 11 A ll , a ' , 11 . 1 11 . . . 11 1 11 . . l I A 1 , M .. . ,, . 111 VV A . .. 6 , i t ' ' , 11 11 ' ' A , tbb Ol' IKNLSRI 1 o RALPH TROEGLER 4214 North Etghth Street Ralph Mechantc Go go go go' Ralph saw actton as a member of the Bowltng Team He has rare abtlttv and ts desttned to be as successful a mechantc as he ts a bowler He was a well known ftgure tn the halls of Northeast GERALD VANARTSDALEN 5205 Marlowe Street Moppo Cadtllac owner Yes tts me' Moppo has been on the Trafftc uad as a guard for four ears That s worktng tt up Gerry We are sure Gerald wtll accompltsh hts goal Ttme wtll tell GEORGE VINCIGUERRA 2946 North Twenty thtrd Street osh Undectded What ts tt wtth you? losh was recently elected as Chaplatn of the Ortgmal Ht Y He was a staff member of the Archtve and a member of thts years ftne Crew Team George ltkes gtrls and entoys danctng We are sure he wtll succeed tn any fteld he plans to enter RICHARD FRANK WALLIS 2012 East Cornwall Street Dtck Archttect George' Dtck was tn the Senate every term as etther Senator or Alternate He was on the Electton and Budget Commtttees of the Senate Rtch also se ved a a member of the Lunchroorn Supervtston Commtttee He ts well known throughout the school and wtll be mtssed by many frtends lurlt Nut JOSEPH TUDIEK 3088 lanney Street Froggy Baseball player What a ya say Bucky Boy? loe has been a member of the Trafftc Squad A Class Executtve Commtttee and Varstty Baseball Team He was a staunch supporter of all the school teams and could always be found tn the stands cheertng the Archtves on to vtctory IAMES VILLAMOR 2717 North C Street Wawa Electrtctan You re too soft ktd Wawa ts well known around Northeast because of hts great playtng on thts year s Varstty ntne Iayvee ltm also represented hts class as Senator lf hts wtres don t cross we are sure he wtll succeed as an electrtctan GEORGE PETER VOLGRAF 2053 East Stella Street George Draftsman Get that boy Although George dtdnt partt ctpate tn many sports or acttvtttes he was a loyal supporter of North east s teams He entoys sports and drawtng Best regards tn the future THOMAS WALSH 2608 North Twenty thtrd Street Sktds Accountant Sktds tsgutteasportsenthustast He would ltke to see Northeast s football team the league champs Tom s hard work and de-termtna tton wtll help htm to succeed tn the ear fu ure Hts many frtends wtll nntss htm CL. " ' .t .' 7, ' 9'2 Sq - V - - Y ' He has worked himself f 1 He was captatn tn hts sentor year. U I H UP F0121 I ' I , - , HI ,, . - ' - f , ' r C I ' I . - Q I 3 H 1, 1 , . , 'Q '-. L' INORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL EDWARD IOSEPH WANG 2344 North Mutter Street Sm1l1ng Ed Pharmamst That s what I SOld Sm1l1ng Ed was an act1ve member of the Traff1c Squad wh1le he was at Northeast HIS act1v1t1es are bowl1ng and baseball earned letters 1n TSHHIS and as a p1n man on thts year s ChOmp1OU sh1p Bowl1ng Team He has chosen a very worthwh1le professton and we w1sh h1m the best of luck THOMAS WARREN 2517 West Dakota Street Mtster T Success Check your nerves Tom was a member of the Track and Cross Country Teams M1ster T was also elected to the B Class Executlve Comm1ttee and has also been a guard on the Traff1c Squad We W1Sh h1m all the luck and hope h1s Ombll1OD comes true GEORGE DONALD WEBER 7518 Lawndale Avenue Sparky Electrtcal engmeer Thanx' Sparky was an act1ve member the Arch1ve and Megaphone Staffs and German Club He was on the Basketball Team and tn the Honor Sect1on Don was often on the Honor Roll RONALD WEINRAUB 2536 North Twenty etghth Street Ronny Busmessman Im busy' ' Ronny a D1str1but1ve Educat1on Student was co capta1n ofthe cadet football team Ronald entoys all k1nds of sports One of the th1ngs Ron wants from l1fe IS to be a bus1nessman and we re sure he ll reach h1s goal l LINTON WARD 2108 West Jefferson Street Lenny Pro ball player Dag man' Lenny has made the Table TGHDIS Track and Cross Country Teams He was a constant w1nner 1n hlS many sports GCIIVIIISS Lenny IS the type of fellow who has a good word for everyone and everyone has a good word for h1m FREDERICK WEBER 6357 York Road Fred MetalIurg1st Watch your language' Fred served Northeast as a and Megaphone Staffs and Span1sh Club He was tn the Honor Sect1on every term and made the Honor Roll regularly WILLIAM WEBSTER 2940 Roseh1ll Street W1 Successful carpenter W1ll gets much enyoyment out of h1s past1me of model rallroad b 1 tdtng He was on the Stagecraft Crew and was always w1ll1ng to g1ve someone a help1ng hand W1ll1am has made a good record tn school and w1ll be m1ssed by h1s acquamtances ABRAM WEISBERG l5l8 North F1fth Street zzy F1reman How bout them Dodgers? Izzy s IGVOTIIG sport IS baseball He IS an ardent Dodger tan H would l1ke to see our n1ne as the CIIV champs Izzy s courage and ta1th w1ll be a b1g factor IH the yob as f1reman Y 1 11 1 - H B A It ll Ix . - ll ' 7 V ' . ..Ed,, ' . I A , I .1 H . ' , . . II ll 1' - " member of the Stage Crew, Archive Il ll ' ' I ' .. ,. . . 11 -1 If . , :' ' .1 . of ' I I HI H , xt ll , , . . ' . 4 . r e I ' I . 1: I ll V V I .A . . . . CI SSS OF JKNLKRX 19:19 MATTIS WEISNER 1831 North Th1rtyf1rst Street Mutty Electron c engmeer Do tell' Mutty served h1s class as Alternate and was a guard on the Trafflc Squad He was a member of the Crew Team for wh1ch he recelved hls varslty letter Mattxs lsn t shorted he w1ll succeed as an electromc engmeer LOUIS WENNER 3443 North Amber Street ou Sanltary enqmeer Thats my qlrll Lou IS a clean cut fellow who IS bound to be a success tn hrs future work He IS a hard worker and should have no trouble 1n over commq the obstacles on the road of llfe Hts frxends have falth 1n h1m and Lou w1ll try hard not to let them down IOSEPH WHITE 874 North Twentmeth Street oe MUSICIOH In God we trust' Ioe was a member of the Cross Country Squad and B1ble Club H was quxet but full of loyalty to the school and a hard worker If he advances 1n l1fe as he has at North east success should be h1s DAVID WHITMAN 3607 North Randolph Street Dave Farmer What s new? Dave s hobbles are sports espec1ally bowllng Havmq been a member of the Champxonshxp Bowlmg Team for two years Davtd has dlstmgutshed hlmself as a letterman by earmng h1s NE We wlsh Dave luck IH h1s amb1t1on as a farmer lzjlx Um IOSEPH WELLEIN 1226 East Berks Street oe Professxonal athlete Could be' loe s favorrte act1v1ty IS sports and he IS a profound student of all sports loseph hopes to become a professlonal 1n later years of l1fe We are sure that Ioe w1ll succeed m h1s amb1t1on as an athlete RICHARD WESTON 1514 West York Street R1ch Draftsman R1ch has a des1re to become a draftsman 1n tus future l1fe H1s deterrn1nat1on and know how w1ll help h1m Good luck R1ch RONALD WHITE 2335 North Elghteenth Street on P1 ct I1vet1me Iltterbuq Ron IS noted for h1s explo1ts on the Iun1or Vars1ty Cross Country and Varsxty Track Teams But hls favorlte OCl1VllY ts dancmq Ron may not be another Fred Asta1re but w1th hxs track ab1l1ty he could come another Iesse Owens MAX WILDERMUTH 316 West Thompson Street Kraut Undeclded How ya mak1n out? Max has played two years of Varstty Soccer on an undefeated team He was a loyal Northeaster and when not playmq soccer could always be found as a specta tor at the many other sports events at Northeast Krauts smcere manner won hxm many chums m and out of school Y v y V P A1 L A A I Q in --.---..-------..-----..-----------------------..-----------..--.. t .. ,, , . 'y ' ' . , HL ., , . - , . ll - ll UR ,, .I I . ., r ' . . . . - u H I ' I , , NIORTHE SST HIGH SFHOOI EZRA WILLIAMS 2364 North Twelfth Street Deacon Arttst Oh boy' Deacon IS qutte actrve and has many hobbtes He enloys clrawmg skatmg cmd boxtng Deacon a member of the Track Team Ezra also llkes baseball and football GROVER WILLIS 2313 North Tenth Street Butch Own a new car Be happy' Go lucky' Butch IS a f1ne gymnast and he was an asset to the team He was a favortte at Northeast and an acttve partxctpant tn sports and school affatrs Butch could always be depended upon to support hts class OCTIVIIJSS DONALD WILSON l733 North Twentteth Street W1 Mus1cxan My man' W1ll s hobby IS mustc asublect wh1ch he IS qutte famtltar wrth Popular songs are hrs favortte although he ltkes classtcals Good luck Don' WARREN WOOD 3612 Frankford Avenue Sneakers Baseball Gus gasher' Warren has been on the Varsrty Baseball Football and Bowlmg Teams Hts contrxbutton to the school came mostly tn the form of sports 1n wh1ch he was a valuable asset We v 1ll no doubt be seetng Sneakers name tn the mayor league l1ne ups tn the near future IOHN WILLIAMS 1700 North Beechwood Street Bxg Iumor Carpenter Iuntor s on the scene' Iohn played Iumor Varstty Base ball and was a member of the Stagecraft Crew He was always wtllmg to help out when needed He was persevermg and successfuly completed everythmg he under too ROBERT WILKINSON Newton Road and Gregg Street Buffalo Bob College I ll et' Bob was selected as captam of the Tenms Team H has led Northeast to a very success ful season Hts smcere mterest tn class acttvtttes showed hrs true sp1r1t Wtth h1s frrendly smrle Bob made many pals durtng hts stay at Northeast ROBERT WINSLOW 3244 North Hope Street Wtndy Undectded My ach1ng legs' Wmdy was a member of the Varsxty Soccer Team and was tnstrumental m leadmg the team to an undefeated season As a team mate W1ndys happy drsposrtlon and fme sportsmanshtp were an msplratxon He was always wtlltng to glve anyone a few pomters ERNEST ZANKMAN 5810 North Twelfth Street Ernte Busmessman Its a dandy' Ernte has been a guard on the Trafflc Squad and an enthust asttc worker on the Lunchroom Squad the Stagecraft Crew and the Photography Club He was qurte energetrc and could never be found rdle Ernre excelled rn rntramural sports and was ardent fan of Northeosts mtghty teams I 4 1 ---..----..-....--....--------..- ...... -,. -- I .. . ,f .. 1, . ,, ,, .. . , ,f .. 1, . . . y . - t . . .. H . , . IS - t. H .1 U b ., .. H . n 41 . . CO' . 1. H .. H . . I it . ll f H -H" - ' .. , ,f rt ,. . .. , ,, 1. . ,., . . . . f , . .. . , ,. . ,. - , U ff . . , . .. . ,, . .. H .. t H ll If I t t I , V I . . . ,' ' U . 1. . II V IV . , I an ' I . lwltx-Int' CIKSS OF JKNUARX 1952 IOSEPH ZEMARTIS IR 2119 East Sergeant Street oe Sports announcer lll thmk 1t over loe was an act1ve ballplayer on the Vars1ty Baseball Team He was a guard on the Trafhc Squad and a member of the A Class Execuhve Comm1ttee We w1sh loe lots of luck ID h1s amb1t1on NICHOLAS ZIGICH 1754 North Waterloo Street NlCk Success Cool cat N1clc lS a popular guy through out the school HIS GCllVll1eS tnclude membershm on the Trafflc Squad and messenger HIS hobby lS all sports He would l1lce to see hls Alma Mater r1se to tame lll the port columr WILLIAM ZEUNER 3444 A Street 1 A success Know what I mean7 B1ll was a member of the Clrcle H1 Y and Archlve Staff He was also a hne reporter for the Mega phone SIHCG B1Il was such a prom1nent f1gure at all the North east Kensmgton Dances he was made a member of the Northeast Kensmgton Dance Comm1ttee HIS amb1t1on and personallty w1ll carry h1m to the Hall of Fame "LClYAL SCINEB ARE WE" l"1' fix'-Al'l1l1'.' By DONALD G. SUPINSKI and lEROME M. LUBER As we grow older there will be many times when we will stop from our everyday activities and think about our happy high school days. Since memory alone is insufficient to meet the demands of this task, it is customary for a class history to appear in the record book. "F" CLASS , Finally the day we had long awaited had arrived. We were now full-fledged Northeasters. As we look back on those freshmen days we remember how proud we were to attend a school of such wide renown. As we first entered Morrison Hall, we were impressed by the manner in which we were first acquainted with Northeast. During our first term, Northeast was host to Mr. Louis P. Hoyer, Superintendent of Schools, at a special assembly commemorating Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Many students and teachers were hampered by a P.T.C. strike that lasted six days. The "Megaphone" won second place honors at the twentysfifth meeting of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Northeast's "All Sports Day", a combination of numerous athletic activities, again proved to a be great success. Artie Shaw made a personal appearance at our school to receive a Senate Award and play a few tunes on his famous clarinet. Amid the hustle and bustle of back stage action and excitement, the 1949 Revue paraded across the Morrison Hall stage. The variety-type show was enthusiastically received by a large audience. Since all other candidates were eliminated, Bill Bercher automatically succeeded as the president of our school government. Northeast was given a high rating in a tentative report that the evaluation committee gives at the close of a three-day inspection tour of the school com- munity for its cleanliness, cooperation, student government, and instruction. Mr. Luther Ranck suc- ceeded Dr. lames Gordon as literary advisor of the "Megaphone" The Public League ended in a two-way tie in baseball. The reason for this was Germantown's victory over our team during the season. Before that the "Archivemen" hadn't lost a game. The "South Philly" lads won the playoff game 10-2. Our fencing team once again proved its superiority by capturing the championship. "E" CLASS With the opening of the fall term, Mr. Philip Snyder was elected faculty chairman of the Senate and Bill Bercher assumed his duties as president of the school community. Northeast High School presented a Goethe 200th anniversary commemoration program. lt was well received by a large audience. The Dramatic Class presented an original play by Mr. Marcus Konick over station WIBG. Our championship soccer team was saluted by Cvimbels in a gala high school display. The 1949 football season came to a close as the "Archives" defeated a powerful Central team 7-O, and retained possession of the coveted "Wooden Horse." Our gridders finished with a league record of four victories, one loss and one tie, the only loss being to a strong Southern team. "You Can't Take It With You" was presented as our Senate Play to a capacity crowd both nights. The soccer team swept the title and retained the Terry Cup by defeating Girard College. ln the school elections, Robert Lennox emerged as president, with William Sawyer, Anthony Stagliano and Herbert Finkelstein as vice-presidents. "D" CLASS A Lincoln's Day Assembly Play was presented, featuring the Dramatic Class as the members of the cast. For the Washington Commemoration Assembly, Mr. Clarence Walker gave a speech on the life of our first president. The basketball team finished with an 8-6 mark in the Public League. The swimming team copped second place in the league with one defeat. Northeast lost many of its stars to the new Lincoln High School. At the early part of the term, the "Megaphone" once again received top award as they secured another "Medalist Award," highest honors possible for a high school publication. Miss Sonea Stolen, of the Philadelphia Orchestra, was a guest at a special assembly on March 3rd. ulingle langle" was the title of the Revue, performed once again before a capacity crowd. As the term closed, William Sawyer was chosen president of the school and lack Beck became editor of the 'lMeg." The fencers just missed the Public League title and finished third in State competition, while the bowlers took second place in the Public League. "C" CLASS Due to the drop in student enrollment and circulation, the "Megaphone" was cut from eight to four pages this term. Mr. L. K. Smith became head of the Science Department. At a special assembly, lullx'-lbrll' the Alumnl Assoclatxon presented 40 all weather yackets to the football and soccer teams The football team f1n1shed w1th a 3 21 league record by beattng Central ID the annual Thanksglvmg Day game 19 6 The soccer team aga1n won the League and C1ty Champ1onsh1ps and extended 1ts unbeaten strmg to 96 league games Northeast mermen f1n1shed th1rd Through the generos1ty of the Ongmal and C1rcle H1Ys mlrrors were rnstalled 1n the var1ous lavatorxes throughout the school Three teachers Messrs W1n1f1eld Moyer Spencer Roland and Solomon Thompson retlred th1s term The tr1o served a total of 70 years as Northeast 1nstructors A SGTIOUS note entered our lun1or year as several Northeast graduates were kllled IU the Korean War The Senate Play Room Serv1ce was played before capaclty crowds m Morrlson Hall The Broadway h1t was a howl1ng success on the Northeast stage Alumnus Frank WISCDSC tramer of the Phlladelphza Ph1ll1es was honored at an athletlc assembly and presented w1th a Senate Award "B" CLASS Wlth the term hardly under way the Megaphone 1n compet1t1on w1th over 15 000 h1gh school publlcatlons throughout the country brought back another frrst place award from the Columbla Scholashc Press Assoc1at1on Convent1on The basketball team f1n1shed w1th a 19 4 record C13 2 m league compet1t1onl and took fourth place ID the league playoffs Another league tltle was annexed by the bowl1ng team All Sports Day was aga1n presented and was recelved w1th great enthuslasm Anythmg But The Truth was presented as the 30th annual Revue lt was a b1g h1t both at the box off1ce and on the laugh meter Over 200 B Classmen made the semor trlp to Rye Beach Amusements sw1mm1ng and dancmg w1th g1rls from other schools provlded the enterta1nment and a good tlme was had by all Northeast aga1n was one of the few schools ln the c1ty to have a crew The oarsmen d1d a very cred1table lob 1n the1r second year of rowmg Elght faculty members departed at the term s end Mr George Montgomery head of the Engllsh Department was chosen Pr1nc1pal of West Ph1ladelph1a H1gh School for the commg term Dr Walter S Lapp was made head of the Sc1ence Department at Overbrook and Dr Samuel Gapp became head of the Engllsh Department at W1ll1am Penn H1gh School Our b1ggest loss came when Mr W1ll1am Pop Anson ret1red after 38 years of teachmg at Northeast The B Class Prom was at the Germantown Cr1cket Club w1th musrc prov1ded by the Stylers lack Hoffman was elected Pres1dent of the School Commumty and lerry Perch named Edltor of the Megaphone for the fall term "A" CLASS As we reach the most coveted of all goals the A Class all was not peaches and cream We return to advlse us as he had so capably done ln the past Mr Elmer Thelss became our gu1d1ng l1ght and successfully d1rected us to meet the problems we were to face as semors Dr Harry Emerson W1ldes who served as chlef of pol1t1cal and soclal affalrs to the Amerlcan Occupatlon Forces 1n lapan returned to h1s teach1ng dut1es at Northea t Dr lames Gordon succeeded Mr Montgomery as head of the Engllsh Department In the A Class elect1ons Bob Parker became Pres1dent w1th Marlo Evangellst as V1ce Pres1dent and lerry Luber as Secretary Treasurer Beglnnlng thls term Dr1ver Tralnlng Courses were mtroduced 1nto the Northeast curr1culum The Archlve under the d1rect1bn of Don Suplnskl and lerry Luber was dedlcated to the faculty IH an unprecedented move Dave Greer was elected Prom Comm1ttee Cha1rman and the Prom was held at the Germantown Crlcket Club on November 23rd MUSIC was furnlshed by the Stylers and everyone had an enyoyable evenmg to say the least Tlme to Klll was presented as the annual Senate Play Many who attended sald It was the best Senate Play they had ever seen but attendance was poor thus posslbly ehmmatlng future theatrlcal productlons at Northeast Thls year Northeast was the rec1p1ent of the FFODCIS Bellamy Flag Award The award glven for ach1evements of outstandmg graduates IS presented to one school 1n the country each year Thls year marked the flrst tlme that a Pennsylvanxa school won the award Mr Harold lGusJ G1eges term1nated a successful 25 year tenure as football coach after the season ended ln that trme h1s teams f1n1shed f1rst or second slxteen t1mes He brought Northeast s1x Publlc League crowns and two C1ty Champ1onsh1ps The soccer team won the league charnp1onsh1p and extended 1ts vrctory streak to 109 stra1ght league wms They fa1led to retaln the Terry Cup however as the C1ty Tltle game was lost to Glrard College 3 1 The swlmmlng team opened the league season w1th three w1ns and seemed to be champlonshlp bound whlle the basket ball team appears to be one of our best m years Once aga1n Northeast retamed the MOTFISOTI Trophy for all around athlet1c prowess As the term wore on graduat1on was v1ewed w1th mlxed emot1ons of re1o1c1ng and regret Reyolclng because we were about to achleve the goal we had str1ven for three years to attam Regret because we knew the three happ1est years of our hves would soon be commg to a close Flnally on the n1ght of January 24th at approx1mately 10 00 o clock 250 men became authentlc Northeast Alumm and stepped forward to take the1r place m the world ll xln ' ' I ' I I . , , . D . D I .. I . . . . I . , li ' . Al . . . . lt II . . . , , . . , , . . . . ll If V . ' I ll ll . . ' . - ll ll , I I ' were distressed to learn that our adviser, Mr. Herwig, became ill during the summer, and would not . Il ' I ' . , . . . I . . , S I . ' ll ll u . . . . . . . 1 . , . Y I ' I , , . , . , . I . - , I I , 1 ffl .- 7 1. CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT PARKER Pres1dent MARIO EVANGELIST VICE Presldent IEROME M LUBER Secretory Treasurer HONOR MEN IOSEPH DRAMISE MARIO EVANGELIST JACK HOFFMAN ROBERT PARKER The Honor Men of the 99th Closs ot Northeost Hlqh School were Chosen by the1r fellow students m cm elect1on They represent the cholce ot the groduotmq class ond flflx 3 l eoch received o gold trophy. ' '-. lt'lc'Il Commencement Speakers PHILIP AGRESS Athletxcs ond Educohon m the Post BENIAMIN F DISERCDAD TR JEROME M LUBER Ath1et1cs ond Educohon Todoy Athlehcs cmd Educohon Tomorrow In l I1 H . . . 11 . , . . . 1 - . 11 n . - 'il X'1kIl'l Commencement Program COMMENCPMENT THURSDAY TANUARY lt lf? P OVERTURE Errlrarrce ard PIOC6 ssro orrr lolarrlhr ll Xa PROCESSTQNAL MARCH Alhalra M rralel olrrr THE NATTONAI ANTHEM AND SALUTE TO THF l'lAC STNGTNG Arrre rrcso INVOCATTON eve-rerrdlarrre C Crlherl N E urr Q Sl Torres Epr Gopal Chrrrch West Plrrlaa lrhra ADDRESS Athlelrc arrnl Edrrcalrorr rrr the Pa r Phrlrp Aares TRUMPET SOLO Stars ol the Velvery SLV ar r9uf7 FrfderrCkW Becker Tr Tarrrrarv ADDRESS Athlelres arrd Educalrorr Todav BARTTONE SOI O Three for lack erra rrr E Dr eroad lohrr R Morrell lurre N43 ADDRESS Athlelrcs and Educatrorr Tomorrow ELECTED TO THE NORTHEAST HONOR SOCIETY Tohh Dorraldsorr Charles Tacoh lame-s Hazeley Marvrrr Loev Tack Hoffman erorrre M Lrrber C s rald lerCl H rrrv Scsheelx PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMA Qlarle A Yorrrra P rrcrpal ACCEPTANCE OE DTPLOMA Robert L Pa xer Presrrlerrl al th a AWARDS Presented bv Frederrclc C E1 chrer Esa Eehr arx P378 Presrderrr of the Alumrrr Assocralro r he Alumrrr Gold Meaal e Isaac A Sheppard Medal e Srmoh Gratz Errqlrsh Prr7e e Charles S Drckrrrsorr Art Prrge e Murrell Dobbrrrs Prrge e Class of H393 Prrze e Phrladelphra Ouar tel Clulv Gerrrrarr Prrze e Class ol l909 Pr ze SENIOR CLASS HONOR MEN Tack Hallman Marro V Exo ael Toseph C1 Drafrr e Roherl L Pa Marvrrr Loef Leorard E Sroclu r 6 FS THE SCHOOL SON EXTT MARCH Po ro ar nl Ch xo 6 S G S 9 9 9 16 Expharrae Club Aware Phr Beta Kappa Prrze Crraltor Cfreerrouah Awaro loh r Bosch Award Sparrrsh Prr7e Ererrch P rze C16-rrr arr Prrge Her or Clas lr rre 946 Awarl I X A I , R- lr, .SL , ' . r ' rrfr, .. Su rr rr ' T ll ' ,.,, . ,.,. . ef 'X ss ...R ' 1, S .'T.,l rqlalrl . . rj ' 'S. . 'T , . ale J ., 1 H . . ... . . Cl 'lie , f " "5 ' . ' . Beer rrr' . ,lri J ll ' .... .. . . Sarrrre-s ---" ' 4' " ..... .. lr' A . . ' 5" 1 . . . 'i ' -s . X, ri ' . .. .. . .. ' . rl"', 'i-'1 . he Cl ss - . . . 'e .. ., ' ., . 1: W.. . A f . . . Y T ' ,' Th' o '9 Th, . Th ' . A Th ' ' Q Th ' r r .. Y A "l Th . ' ' Th r N . Th. '. Th. Th L A X Th ' Th ' ' ' ' ' Th r r " Th 1 3 Tl' 1 ri ' 's, 1 . T rr Q V . .' . ' . ' :iq .rsr . . 5 .. rker . W ' , QL. P settlers P C - Cr CIOSS aria Audra-rice . l. YYXAJ rg lrv' Roof-rfs PHI, rfr, f Q f C., f TQ! 'lug' I 04' S '.N'S rms , r-Nl I ff, 6 'x f W wNW ' If fflv f 7 I f f Q2 f Wm! H h Shih "ix N9 'ir I f 1 I I h 5:-,.:' g 0 :lf '7-1fP?i?i?Zii::1Z1' '57 'llf, W ""f.,L,j':'?-'.ff'g . ,I G, lfvw ..'. :-:',...: ' w. '- , 'll n- - 1,:,Z,g,,-53:1-:1:.', :5-, 5 IL 3,-155 ' "UV X Q ,X 'zggg M 'rir 'Q ifiatx-' W'-'J-'I.5i:.5f:2,.:c:.'C'f 1" 1, , , 1 fr' JM XA :ff ,f-,:,. 4, I -:5s'...: .-,,:-A. , ,Q L W .', n' . i lv ge, .aZz.?::::-fag.: fi lf Wyfff neg.. , . lf, ff 55.252525-Q-A " 'A ff I " "?f: "EI-1? Fl ll ff If 1' ' T! ' , X 0,1 U' K- qv, zz'-A 3 'S ly 7.1 x, S 1 .-f ,V fL 1 If , I ,KA . 1 J iw' I N' J f J J! f W - , 'Y 4,r rf4 ff ff ff M M- 91 + 14 7 W f 4 W' M SH Qx . ,f K ff ff' ff 1. NX VV X wx , fpy, ' ffl ' 'I :Q Y' X 'N JAN 1 1 - 1 fffw ' Img! ' A Ax X X X WRX If f ix v lfvmxyvllu I, ,XV f '. if X ,,, XX '. I IV! ', X 'f -2 'A -f 'TA X lq kvlnlclfll I A W- VA f 3 fx 'qu' ', - N' Q K IW If 'f sry! ,' Inf I if 5,711 f'WU"v Jf l'l'U ' 'lf ' . 1 M jflff - f!?4'f!'0A!' X f, M 'bs if W ,W W4 A 'Sm 6 'J fl' N-' f f :gn '--.J . 'I+ J ' H! I Ji If '!o'!g.E:-a Ain' , X' I r,!'yA74, Q '3"7:n.::5 J s x f Lau! ' V I X if .Z Y J 1 5' 2,- VW I v W N 7x , J 'vs " , 1 ,' If Q 5,7 I f U iz 3523.-5. 3 xx gfk i rw XA 'Hwixyxx 'J ' 1 , f f ff X W 3 f uh: V Q, he 1 F lr 3 'I wif' - M O53 '1J9"!U!' W W I M 1 21611065 J,. 1 353 m Sw W X Ei EN mx Mx ji M 32512 mia T V, f ? A iff :M ?'E ' 'E x I .Q If fl 5 72. N., If -'R ian' R s 4 5 .Mgr f-Q? Q? Y, Mg, mf 1 gif ':'. S Qfvf WRT?-bv, M HE ..,. , . 1 4 E gif Z A:..,: z 3 s is 5 if 1 Q ml NF x' X I f fiiv' ' J.-lv' Q ,MW V at " , 1 MVWWIE, ix X , HSV' M gy' Bl 4 , . wwf Q, I TERSCI-IOLASTIC LEAGUE Few people know the actual work ot the lnterscholast1c League to many 1t may as well be the unknown league Th1s does not mean 1t lS not lmportant The Ph1ladelph1a lnterscholastlc League started 1lS exrstence 1U l935 but was not permanently establ1shed unt1l November l937 The league IS composed ot the Presldents V1ce Pres1dents Senators Chlel lustrces Student Ed1lOFS of scholast1c pubhcatlons of all the schools tn Phxladelphla ln recent meetmgs the league has concelved such 1deas as a Free C1ty College Th1s plan has been trled for many years wlthout any accomphshments An effort has been made th1s term by the league to get the leaders ot the l9h1ladelph1a area lnterested ID the protect Each school has formed comm1ttees and wrote arttcles to the da1ly newspapers 1n the clty Th1s prolect must have lots ot pubhclty to accomphsh tts goal Members of the league trom Northeast mcluded all the oft cers ot the Senate and Ed1tor of the Megaphone Each month the leaaue meets at a drtterent school there the ot rcrals of the student governments get together and dlscuss thetr problems and attempt new undertalanas lt runs and controls the Student Government ot the l3h1ladelph1a schools The league Presrdent rs the Presrdent ot the twenty Ph1ladelph1a l-hah Schools Semors ot the lnterschotastrc League ar laclc l-lottman R1cnarc' Prlce ana Robert Parker N1 tx I 1 I L , ,, . , ' , X , , L, . , 1 . .. - . . r. . l 'l tt ff . I I, . . I .c , ll .4 ' , ' , . i -Q . . K X - ., . . , . A , . , , . 1 - 'UH I-I0 OR SOCIETY Iohn Donaldson Marvln Loev lames Hazeley Gerald Perch lack Hoffman Henry Scheck Charles lacob Onglnated IH 1938 by Mr lohn W Rhoads the Northeast Honor SOC19tY IS composed of the schools outstand1ng puplls lt IS Northeast s most excluswe group composed of only those boys who by d1l1gent effort have atta1ned a hlgh scholashc rat1ng and have contrrbuted notable extra curncular serv1ces To be Sllqlble the student must be d1st1ngu1shed ID h1s semor year and must hold a Senate Award or an NE Mr Harry Krug who was preceded by Mr Rhoads and Mr Montgomery chooses the cand1dates for adm1ss1on To be clted thus as one of Northeast s flnest students IS lndeed the h1ghest honor and greatest d1st1nct1on that can be achleved by any Northeast boy .Szxtx I 11 1 . . . . . 1 . . , . . . 1 . . . ' 1 r , ' . 1 . . , . . , D.- . -L, SCHOOL OFFICERS The Executive Department of Northeast consists of a president and three vice presidents who are elected to office by a popular vote of the students of Northeast These positions are very important at Northeast because our student government is very active in running the affairs of the school This term s school officers are lack Hoffman Pres1dent lames Griffiths Walter Hall and Robert Harris, Vice-Presidents. The main object of their attention for this term was to strive for both a cleaner lunchroom and to bring the Auto-Driving course to Northeast. The class ot lanuary 1952 wishes to congratulate these boys for the fine services they have rendered our school. Sl'115'-Sir CLASS PI I 5 The Class Pm went on sale to the members of the A Class early ln September ot 5l The p rs whtch were destqnecl by Don Suptnskr were worn by qurte a few semors all term The NE on the pm IS the accepted abbrev1at1on ol Northeast and also appears as the varstty earn l tt r Red and black are the school colors wh1le 99 rs the number o the araduattnq c as The qlrl rn the bathrnq sult IS strlctly tor decorat on Look l1ke anyone you know? MS NORTHEAST HIUH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA SENATE AWARD BY HIS PERSONAL INFLUENCE CHARACTER AND INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT HAS MADE A DISTINICT CONTRIBUTION TO IHE STUDENT LIFE AND WELFARE OF THE NORTHEAST HIC H SC HOOL IN RECOGNITION THEREOF THI: SENATE f I AWARDS THIS C ERTIFICATE PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL DATE AJC! SENATE AW RDS The Northeast Senate Award IS one of the hlqhest awards a student ot our school can recelve It ranks second only to membersh1p ID the Northeast Honor Soc1ety In order to quallty for a Senate Award a student must be outstandmg IH h1s part1c1pat1on IH extra currlcular act1v1t1es He must also have a hlqh scholast1c ratmq Th1s award IS not connected wrth athletlcs 1n any way although 1t IS poss1ble tor those on the varlous teams to obtarn a Senate Award prowded they meet the qual1t1cat1ons Populanty plays no part IH the select1on A comm1ttee ot students headed by Mr Lelqhton K Smlth 1nvest1qates the record ot each student nom1nated and selects those who have QIVGD the most servlce to the School Commu n1ty Only a l1m1ted number ot awards are QIVSH each term the number bemg proporhonal to the number ot students at Northeast that term The members ot the Clas awards IH the B Class are Fred Becker Iohn Kelsall Henry Norr1s The boys who rece1ved th Tohn Donaldson Ioseph Dramlse Mano Evanqehst lames Hazeley Charles Helller LEIGHTON K SMITH .31xlxlf,l1l s of Ianuary 52 who rece1ved thelr Stan Schwe1tzer Donald Supmskx e1r awards th1s term are Iack Hoffman Marvln Loev Ierome Luber Robert Parker Gerald Perch V - w-f2S5si E3iI2'i222 :2Z2T!Z1g5?,3'2?QI2Zi12 1 H X! xi -,v. v-,...- IT Y lvl, , , 'll lll lvl ll' ' Ill ll W y ,ll Il tl ll lm l lll 4lll ll - - A - ll ll I ' I lf tl - I A tl ll ' ,ll ll I j lll K A llll Ill . . - - lll +lll "" M4 N f if' ' 'J' A - 3 A ll H' N., www? l ll, f mlll l A -l- ll' I' ll ll, - 14 ll M4 ll llls Ill -.. gy lm 4 1 E E3f5 ??gfig?i3fi?:sf2f1:-,J gm U jg? 7 f www-Nw iii: M A w b ,,::I ':,:.. 5 5 rf' V i 6' Y 1 55? S 49 if L-J' .ina Y 1... w 2 4' , ee?" f 'S I? 1 if W 1 1 my ,W " nd 3 , 4, fi's-1 fb 5 K 5 55 es! , if ,K ' 3530? -i New xg? Q lag? '35 'DV 1 y it 'll ORTHEAST Anythina but the Truth" was the title of Northeasts Annual Sprina Revue. The hilarious inusiral was presented to Capacity audiences on the niahis ot Friday, May 42 Saturday, May 5' Friday, May ll, and Saturday, May l2. The plot is the realization of the lies ol the worlds areatest liar Baron Von Munchausen, as told to a drunken reporter named Charles Gilhooney Cportrayed by Donald Supinskil. The Baron tells Gilhooney ot his so called travels and tribulations throughout Holland, lapan, lreland, and the roaring pioneer west, and, ot course, to Russia. After a series ot REVIIE side-splittina incidents, the play ends with the lame he well deserves. The show was written and directed lay Mr. Marcus Konick. The musical accompaniment was supplied by the swing band. Actors in the show who are in the senior class are: Lloyd Beck, Donald Supinski, Richard Price, Marvin Loev, Samuel Morgan, Ray Scheetz, loe Dramise, Ben Diseroad, and lerry l-lerschhorn. And we can't forget the chorus girls coached hy Mr. Paul l-lallarn. JllNl0R The night was just like any other night, but, for many Northeasters, it was different. lt was the night of the long awaited Junior Prom. The affair was held at the Oak Lane Review Club on May 30, l95l, under the sponsorship of Mr. Louis Herwig. The delightful music of the Stylers was enjoyed by everyone. They offered many fine arrangements of the currently popular and old, standard melodies. The dress was informal, but everybody was dressed in his very best. PROM Tony, the school photographer, was there to record in pictures this joyous occasion. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, but as the hands ot the clock approached midnight the couples began to leave. The fellows and their dates went to many ot the popular nightspots in the Philadelphia and New York-New lersey area. A short drive in the dream car and the approaching dawn were a fitting end for a night that will be remembered by all who attended the lunior Prom. SENATE The 25th Annual Fall Senate Play was presented on Friday and Saturday nights, December 7th and 8th, l95i, in Morrison Hall betore a capacity crowd. This years Senate Play, ably directed by Mr. Marcus Koniclc, who has directed many previous plays and revixes, was entitled "Time to Kill." Written by Mr, lrwin Shaw, it was oriainally entitled, l'The Gentle People." l'Time to Kill" is a thrilling story centered around two elderly men whose only enioy- ment in lite is tishina, Their quiet pastime is interrupted by a aanaster who demands pro' tection money trorn thefin. The two then plan to aet rid of this intrude-r. Wllll?ll1t'f,'fl!'t"fOI'IIi' ina a plari of action, the dauahter of one- ot them talls in law- with this aanaster and plans to run away with hiin. lnirnediately the two increase their ettorts to liill the aanaster' but before the? can rio C1I'.'y'lT,EY.TI flrastiri ll'f'CTClIif1f steer falls into tht- river C1IiflilIOVVIlS, lt'flYiIQf1tl'i6' l'NOiTtPI1tCi'PSfZiI1E'tl'1FrlI amiet life-. . ,, . As the Cllfhtfllf,C'ClIYT4KlCL'.'.'f1CI1Df'llilI'iLG'i,'I.1'QTQQl, rt marked 'tie iast Northeast prozlizcticri io? two rnf-fiiibers of thf cast Donato Stxpirislci arid loe Drartrisf- aradxzatf the Qftfli class. AY ll X V-1 ,. 5' iff: ,M II ff WW . ,af 7,3 , ,, K f 1. . .. ' A A. f ,,, . v"' SE IOR Well, after three years ot impatiently awaiting the Senior Prom, it arrived, took place, and went, leaving in its wake a never-to-be-forgotten night. The Prom was held at the Germantown Cricket Club. The well dressed young gentlemen in their tuxes and the young ladies in their flowing evening gowns and tlowers began arriving about nine o'clock. ln the reception hall, the girls received their "tavors," a diary and a school key. Although the weather was threatening, there were over a hundred couples that attended. The success ot the Prom was largely due to our Prom Chairman, David Greer, and his associates: Theodore l-luslin, Lee Clark, Ray Fegley, Alyn Gorman, George Martin, Richard Wallis, Richard Robb, Alvin Fels, and Irving Factor. Sincere thanks are given to these boys tor their hard work. We were honored hy having among our distinguished guests Mr, and Mrs, Young, Dr. and Mrs. Howarth, and Mr. and Mrs, Theiss. Qur tirst-class photographer, Tony, was there to insure high guality pictures ot the handsome couples. He also took several pictures ot the "sharp" dancers. Between dances and during intermission, we enjoyed cool refreshing drinks at the "Cocktail Bar" adjoining the ballroom. Alter a pleasant evening of dancing to the music ot the "Style-rs," the boys and girls went to such high spots as Palumbgs, the Shaguire, and Venturos. Some expert map readers tound tlaws in New lersey's maps while probina the interior ot the tlatlands. No one was disappointed in the evening, which was more eniovable than anyone could have anticipated. 5 We 591 PROM 'X r tm' Us 'C 5:-.isa " yr, II?-av A D' -I 1 7 - J- ar "SL 'f.gj'f!1,,.f'4 M ' sl 1 -?!",:44"z,4a-,: Q5 25" '-:.F"-eff.-'fl ' 'qwrfa oi' I s 5 P. Tq Ku I -.2 J' B ' IX.. as 0 ,I .I Cn Qctober l2 l9ol Northeast l-hah School wh1ch has honored so many natlonally known persons w1th tts Senate Awards recetved a nat1onal honor ttselt lt was the reclplent ot the tenth annual Bellamy Flag Award whlch 15 presented to one hlqh school as the natlonal school ot the year Th1s award IS based upon the success of tts araduates 111 busmess protesslonal and publlc hte t Francxs Bellamy The award a larae Amerrcan tlaa IQ commemorated IH the memory o author of the Pledae ot Allealance to the Flaa Mr Dav1d Bellamy the author s son and MISS Maraaret S Mlller not cl h1stor1an and author ot the book l Pledge Allealance pre d th award to the school lt was rc cetved by lack l-lottman presldent ol the school se nte e d t l the alumnl and Charles Youna rommumty Frederlclx Frechte class ol l928 presl en o prmclpal I1 Ill 5 4 ,, . 5? - - : . . ' 'Qi 12, :.:,-,- A . . 1- ', .I s U D I ' iq, ,,lv, guy. tip- 2 'a 'gr .WIP ' ' - - Q. . , . ,J .4 ,- A, . '. ." ' 1 - -N. .' 5 A " "' fr-.-sg,-. -' . , ., 0- a '- H' ' ' ' zj3'z'7-: .Z .'.-. ' . L.-.5 'I -n.S.:' 4- .: - -,.:g. - - . " ' ' . . 1' " ' "' " ' 5, 5 . N . oz.. ' .-5133. .M -6 'J , '. ' ' . , " ' 'to ' s' suugw 1-2 'ls .5 5' ' 'l I '. 4' ' ' N 4- x 4 .-4 : .- .f..4r.'- 3 -.: . . .. 1, -.-.s -, ,L .'.. - "' "5 .3-, ...-'3'-,-1 Pg-, . ' .. P z .4 rv. H'-M ,?,,. 45211, I, .,,1-1-1-9.4-IF.. ".', .. . 55. 1 . . ' w 5 a. ',",,'.',' . t Q Hu .,:' -:1:F, II,"", Zu.. ' -. -1.22 . F s :-I'.-:- 02. .. "-.f-'1r-.m::,J- .-1-' ' 1 -' - . . 'z - ,i N., . ,,,-.- -.-1, 5. .-,L . ,' "5 -1- gl -K '- "l.f.."'s'- -- 'TW ' --I . , '5l.'.' Q . u X ' 70 l', V.. , ,Q Kill . . 1 x . .,,,a In . ,ff -1. 4-1 :' -,u 0 .. Rag. R, Q pig, 1.1::- , .,"No. .- 1' ' . X- -1'1" . 7 ' f' '1 ':.'.'-' In, n S' - 1 9' --fzfiv .wr-. Fi-. " J ' '5-'x . . .- , . - , , .,. ' 'it at Jug '-:'3' 2 f 'LIP ,Q . -A I. . I. ' l '-"':a x ln . -'x: s"o . f':' ' . . Q: . . H g , gl. . -.-.ugh :s ...1 o .. ,. .f-.:..,h . ,. yet.. 2 . . 1 ..-13.8. dixxgfvr,--,Q 3.52-!.:::... s Lug:-.jfs b-:Eva-9 :..:.u.x:. '. .. .-.' 3'--., -.'... -"-.'.', " ', 5- ,' '. .,' i .,,. .-.--P+ 'sw 13. H.. "-.- -'.,-:M 'Q u". - I ' xp ' -' .' '.--'-'R ' -- ' 'tu J."-N Ll. 'Io ' ' -4 .','a,1.: lo,'! , sn.ou. .,", I ' N -, I ' 1 E5 '4.- '.' ., 2, '. . g- ', ,hu yo. x"' '10 '1 'H . ff: :1.--- '- V : . . "'-:J-"-so '--io :I "..1Ir.-- wr-- :- . . 1 -' ,-. ng. -. .- ., ug' vp. . . . ' wif.: --P3 "-1. 1" L'-3.:f' Jw - Q g a ,-.,'. . . -, . . i ' x U sq? ' i S. -a 2.4 ' ' X -' v" v' " 'Qt' - ". 7 '. ' is v "I mg.. -. ggi ' I - ' ' ' ,.-I. s Q., , .fy 5 0 ' 4 ' . . ' ' 5,5 I ,ug : .-'. ,-, . 1 ' O . 'ff 'V . , u I' 0 , . I g . nl 'O I u l '. ' ' ' P ' ' . ' ln ' I ' 1 ' 0 n 0 ' N6 . In ' ' 0 1 , . f f L , , , , , I kk I I, 4 lf, . . f f . . Q . . t. . ,, . . , , t, , . ., 2' .l 3 , , Y, , .l A I i I N ' . , ' V ,A v . ' '. A , , , ,. , c , . , , , , , Attendmg the presentatlon we e many d1st1ngu1shed guests both graduates and pub11c schoo1 O111C101S Among those who offered the1r congratu1at1ons were Colonel M111ard Brown pres1dent of Contlnental M111s class of 1899 Henry R1ttenburg New York artlst class of 1897 State Supreme Court 1ust1ce Grover Ladner c1ass of 1902 Dr LOUIS P Hoyer supermtendent ot pubhc schoo1s and Dr W1111Om Burkard assoclate superlntendent of schools The hrst Be11amy award was presented 1n 1942 and Northeast IS the flrst schoo1 1n Pennsylvama to TSCGIVS th1s award The p1edge was hrst reclted on Columbus Day 1892 At that tlme It was repeated by about one m1111on school ch11dren but that number has grown t111 today 1t 1S reclted by forty m1111on students throughout the Unlted States Thls award IS m recogn1t1on of the ach1evements of Northeast 1n the past but 11S1'1Oll1C1 also be an 1nsp1rat1on tor the future Northeasters to keep up th1s magn1f1cent work l :Allis On 1 , 1x.:u.: - 1- . . r , . . . A I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 , . , 1 . . , . 1 1 L 1 H -- L, 1 -2:8 X I HJ" " ' sign' , ,,,. f a o I y 11" I " '7-"H, f-Qx 5 ,aw 1:1 ss OI.. "xbs x0 K 'sa-I, ,. w. 0 s,.'-5. , ' 101: 43' fe fs 'X 3,05 I 'N ff "If , ' IJ C I 1 If ,nfl gsm I ,J I 'waz 2477 ' 'a ' 1 J-A .I ' 4 I Y r,:'?f f xx' W .r , ,,::, P':' 'ig Y S s f 'jr ,f xk lJo.r'f A 'o.s I x fr V X X 'G x NN - S J 'M 1' ff x I 5 'still Q45 I xvq nl i XA -if .. af' if 1 XX V- X 2' k":lfg5?.: 'ff N ? V' 'f'AC y :X A QQX m gllllilzpg ITWWGW ' O 5 . 0 , , 1 ' 0 4 : 0 :. ::,a'x: ' '. :Q ' 'hz ,'.':ifAc :REST no 0 ...J ...:J.t: .3 . I 1 ,f 4x ,'.-,Af x' C14 , 5 - 'fo 'X' ." 1' 'ff f ' ' 2 0 snr? 7, ' 'Q s 'gag ' M 0 - ' ' -' 'Mft' . ff' " 1' , v ,-'."'f, .7 . .flag-. 1, ' Q.: .1 'sci' Zeit. n X X . ' , , . '-'Vi N mf N . ' . ' '-'-T1'c'-I A 0 1 . . 1 ""' 0, 1 'l"'.1:Q' . ' . -. 1. . -. vu 1.f:gn::L . . -5.5455 -54.32 -..:..'.-:.H.u..: .L -5 . 0 X ' - '-'-.'2 5-'.E":ff:"!51"fPI"e 'L -' ' ' 5- - ' -1 r-'.--f--L's.-zw'-z-ff.. .-.rf-2'-'-2.-:nm ".J'. :'g5o:,?.'.,,': "" ' ' 5.7,-fag. 4: X nt -QL oi If 'M ' nf: . 0 ."',2 s SJQ' f 'f 1725 273 ' X 1' o' I-'.,',1Q , . n . - .,: -,...f'f:4f,:f- N gfafgzr'-121 E, .r 1.5.1. .-fc . . -'. -fs, -J.-7 7 'Ly f ,? -'fe' 0 Zzgfff. ' v-,-Q a .W ,f , ,, 4 . uv, ' .' ' ,'.,.'. 12-- I f :,,,:2"f?':'a X 1 f ,Ef"E.3",s'- ' :' 1-Ya'-" f " ' . -'.--'I I- I .' -' 2-'-1-:aff X ' A ak N 1'1"'-wg ' l'Zf:2-a:f9.1?1" , x In '-01 ' .' .J zip -'+'!',-f 2 x X 'noe' I : 5 Q 0 ' ',:.:.',51 Q .11 Q 0 . . ,.. . , , . , 1'."1':'5.4' f ' 1225- - . ,gg--v fi x ' , .'1.7!:7 , "1 X X -5'-' .,,..:a'f,f ' I' ixg x f 32 'f' . ,X f M N f 2.--:.f. '1.'i' ff ww-X xx' X f . fvffs. . . v -. , f up Q S, :'..-' ' '. 1 I , X, X N, MX 1 -'--:Q 1. v -, X 1 - A f' ' " u . 1 ", ' X x . ' sau. o ' X X X X .,g.: 0 . I ' '. 1 ' 'Xa ' f '5:::1'-- . ' ' X N' .K f sv ",'.,i' , '39 xslsfu, I' ' X X wx X 82.4.5 : . X I XX 'x y A ,wi av: . ' , , Z: N ,gn ,.. a,: so . Q' ' 2 - - - I-. ' S ' -' K' ff -if ,,,. '-f- " szy... ..-. , l ,MV - g Y 4 if '3jy,:g, fd V - M W fa 'ken 93,1 - 3-Q ff ggi!" , " 'Z' f' f. 'g' ff ff yfffv Lim-ix K 'sb' 4-" F, ,- 16- V',,,.i----W -'S og -qi 4-,..- I 1 'Gi ' x I I-,,.,.. .- qu eg- W f-ff K' xx , A 1'-ff' ' f nh- ,I X1 i ! ! Q xg if x l -11 1-'W f , 1,1 3 r :ag 1 2 4,,,,.- 1-- - X V X J' Q 1 , I X :bf tx , ' Z I NN 1 ' if. Q ,,-...- f 5- f 44 L T rl 1 ff, I , J V EXEC TIVE COMMITTEE The purpose ot th1s comm1ttee wh1ch IS composed ot two boys elected lrom each A sectxon IS to plan and carry out the numerous events ot the sen1or year The commlttee should be commended tor 1ts f1ne work tn executmq these plans such as collectma class dues atdmq the prom commxttee to decorate and prepare tor the prom The ttne servtce wh1ch these boys have performed has not gone unnotlced and unapprec1ated by the boys ot the class Members ot the commlttee are Ted lsluslln Edward Smulllnrg Nelson Baltzel Qscar Boaoslaw Kenneth Co bln Marlo Evanqehst l-l rbert Hottman lolnr Kel-sall FTONCIS Kushner lerome Luber Marvm Mann Robert Parker Albert l?1tter Donald Supmsla loseph Tudyek Toseph Zemartts D A ...,. , T l.,r... Ael r ' '- ........l . 4 . .A-5 ' ,l.. . .A-l ,......,,. ..,..A-T ' A W , .... ...,,. A -2 ' ....,, .... , A15 ' ,.. ......., A-2 , 4,,..., . , , ,AA5 lrv Epstein ..,,.l. ..... ,,,. A - 3 Richard Price, A . . . . , . . .A-6 r'. ,.... ..A-3 ' WA-6 ' ' ..A....,...l A-3 ' ' .... ,,l.., . AV6 e .. ....,.. T , .A-4 ' ..,,.4..,.... . , A7 A . . .,,..,., ,.,. . .A-4 A ...,... . . . A-7 lngltly-l"u11r v SENATORS AN LTERNATES At the beqmmnq ot each term each aclvrsory sect1on elects a senator and an alternate to represent them ID the governma body ot the school the Senate The alternate acts as the senator rn the senator s absence The A Class Senators ancl Alternates thrs term are Senators Sectwon Alternates Charles lacobs lohn Almendmqer Marlo Evanqehst Robert Parker Rav Scheetz lame Vlllamor Fred Becker Walter Boston Lorenzo Craaer Georae Martna Stan Sclowertz Rrchara Wallace - .,,..,.. ,.,,....,.., A -l .... , .,.., ' ...... ...,..,. . .A-2... .. ..,, S L ' ' ..,. . .... . . . 1, Charles l-lellier, , , . . . . .All 4 . . . .Melvin lnleywara A ...., . ,. .,., ,. . .,,.,.. - 1 ' A 'SY s ' .... . . ,A-7. .. A . , , A ' A , l'l4f1!x-f"l1t' STAGECRAFT CLUB Construction and a thorough knowledge ot stage equipment are the interests ot the boys enrolled in this club. Construction ot stage props, scenery, and equipment tor the Revues and Senate Plays is the main iob. Mr. Louis lnlerwig, the sponsor, says: 'The boys have done their iobs well." LIBRARY SQUAD The Northeast Library was organized in 1938. At that time it had only a tew hundred books, but under the capable guidance ot Miss Dorothy Ward and Miss Mary Himrnelwright, more than twelve thousand books can now be found on the shelves. The Library Squad consists of boys who are in charge ot clerical work, fixing books, and generally keeping the library in orderly work- ing condition. GERMAN CLUB lulieutsche Verein"j The German Club, under the sponsorship of Dr. Fruchter, meets once a week. The club gives the students a fine opportunity to learn about the culture, language and activities of the German people. At each meeting there was always a speech on a famous German individual and a quiz, the winner which received a small prize. 5'1" .' If: girly-.bu nw . ' 1 LOCKER SQUAD Many students do not realize what a tre- mendous task it is to care for the many lockers in the school. ln order that all defects of the lockers could be repaired, Mr. King organized the Northeast Locker Squad in l936. The Locker Squad consists of experienced boys, who were well qualified to fix the lockers and other faulty equipment. NORTHEAST-KENSINGTON DANCE COMMITTEE The Northeast-Kensington Dances originated as an after-school social affair, held weekly in the school gym' they now take place on alter- nate Friday evenings at the Lighthouse Boys Club. These dances are looked forward to, as they are a great help in getting acquainted with our sister school, Kensington. The committee organizes and conducts these dances and deserves credit for a job well done. They have put forth great effort in bringing pleasures to the boys and girls of the respective schools. They always were successful both socially and financially. If 1Gjli15-.Ski 7' T THEATRICAL ELECTRIC The stage lighting for plays, assemblies, and the Revue constitute the enormous responsibility of this organization. Under the supervision of Mr. William Wilson, they also handle the movie projector and the public address system. The boys meet each day at advisory time. The membership is limited to ten boys. ORIGINAL HI-Y "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character and leadership." This is the motto of the Qriginal l-li-Y, founded in l935. This club is composed of boys from the HF" to the "A" class inclusive, and is under the super- vision of Mr. Frank Bogia. Some of the club's activities include the following: hay rides, dog- gie roasts, dances, splash parties, and bowling parties. The preside-:Lt of the cligb this year is Bill Brenner, Vice-President is Mario Evangelist. TRIBUNAL Under the guiding hand of Mr. Roland C. Doane, the Northeast Tribunal's duty is to see that all laws passed by the Senate are enforced. Students who violate laws are brought before the Tribunal, tried by it, and, if guilty, are punished according to the degree of the offense. ln its thirteen years of existence, the members of the Tribunal have been students who have distinguished themselves scholasti- cally and also in extra-curricular activities around the school. Members of the senior class were: Tames T-lazeley, Chief lusticep Gerald Perch, Clerk and Charles lacobs, lustice. TRAFFIC SQUAD The Traffic Sguad, one of the largest organiza- tions in Northeast, is under the direction of Dr. Howarth. Members of the sguad are posted at each door and stairway to prevent boys from wander- ing in the halls and disturbing classes. For each period there is a captain and lieutenant who are usually seniors. The work of the Traffic Squad is exceptionally difficult because it takes strength of character to reprimand a friend tound breaking the rules. PRESS PHOTO CLUB The Press Photo Club, under the direction ot Dr. Iames Gordon, has been providing much enjoyment tor photography enthusiasts. Members ot the club meet weekly and dis- cuss cameras, developing methods, and many other things of interest to l'Shutterbugs". The club stimulates interest for those who plan to go on to commercial photography, as well as those who are just interested in pictures as a hobby. Some ot the better t'lensmen" go onto become photographers for the t'Megaphone". FENCING CLUB The season tor this club extends trom November through April. Mr. Bradbury's tencers meet in room 102 every Wednesday at 2:20. There are no requirements or limits tor the club. There are many lectures from prominent fencers on the art ot tencing, which help to improve the skill of each member with the toil and epee. The best members of the club usually join the team to carry out what they have been taught. ghlx-Xi CIRCLE HI-Y The Circle l-li-Y is under the supervision ot Mr. Russell Tompkins and is one ot the most active clubs in the school. Along with the other l-li-Y ot our school, they try to work hand- in-hand in order to make our school a better place to live in. Along with its work, there are also many social events which the club pro- motes throughout the school year. The work which these boys have done has been greatly appreciated by the boys ct the school and we hope tuture clubs can do just as well. The president this year is lohn Kelsall. THE CHESS CLUB The Chess Club meets at any appointed date chosen by the acting President, lts functions are play and considerable practice of the game of Chess among members and accept- ance of challenges offered by any individual student. Members may play with equipment supplied by themselves on any day they desire. Unfortunately this term the club had no sponsor and functioned without faculty supervision. TABLE TENNIS CLUB The Table Tennis Club is under the capable supervision of Mr. Smith. This club gives boys the chance to practice, play and learn more about the exciting game of Ping-pong. After considerable practice and training those boys who show outstanding ability and promise of developing into good players usually attain positions on the school Table Tennis Team. U. N. N. E. The U.N.N.E., a relatively new club, was formed in l947. lt consists of students who have a genuine interest in world affairs. The present sponsor, Mr. Twining, took the position in l947. This club offers Northeasters a fine opportunity to become familiar with the policies of other nations and with some of the problems that face the United Nations today. Students participating actively are sometimes given extra credit by their history or social science teachers. Jerome Luber was President in the HB" Class and Gerald Perch in the "A" Class. .X infix MR PAUL DUFFIELD MR FRANCIS MURPHY IR MUSIC ORCHESTRA Our fme orchestra under the able super V1SlOl'1 of Mr Paul Dufheld has been a students orqamzahon smce 1ts orlgm 1n 1902 Two of IIS most lmportant tunctlons are to play at gradu atlon exerclses and at Speclal Assemblles SWING BAND Guxded by Mr Paul Dufheld Stan Schwe1tzer IS the student conductor of the Swmq Band As a rule members of the band are usually orchestra members also The Job of the band IS to play at all soc1al afta1rs and at Jumor h1ghs Its most xmportant job IS to prov1de the mus1cal port1on of the Revues and Senate Plays BAND The Northeast Band was orgamzed IH 1930 as a rostered subyect wh1ch gave credlt to IIS members toward qraduat1on It IS at present under the leadersh1p of Mr Franc1s Murphy Its hne format1ons and tmqlmg mus1c can be heard at football games It also offers fme muslc lessons to boys who w1sh to learn The Band has been popular and enyoyed by part1c1pants as well as audlences N mely One . . . 1 ' 1 - 1 1 . , . MEGAPHO E About the bus1est place IH the school rs room 2l9 lt s only a small room unnotrced by many but nevertheless rt IS the heart and bra1n of our great school paper Begun ln l922 the Megaphone was at flrst a small m1meographed tablo1d pubhshed by the members of the C Class Smce that frrst publlcatlon appeared the Meg has passed through a permod of evolut1on unt1l today 1t rs one of the fmest of semor h1gh school newspapers Now IH 1ts twenty nrnth year the Megaphone IS publ1shed four t1mes a term and has a c1rculat1on of about l4OO coples per lssue Northeast can lndeed be proud of the t1me and effort her students put 1nto each 1ssue for 1t has not been ID va1n In the past nme years the Northeast Megaphone has ably represented our school talang erther Medal1st flrst or second place ID compet1t1on w1th thousands of other student papers throughout the country The Meg has also been rated several tlmes as havmg the best features of any paper The staff to a large extent IS made up of students from the 1ournal1sm classes but also mcludes other boys who are also mterested ln wr1t1ng The staff advrsors wlthout whom the paper could not be publrshed are Mr Luther T Ranck ed1tor1al staff adv1sor and Mr Nrcholas Grant bus1ness advrsor The photography consultant IS Dr lames Gordon and the art consultant IS Mr Stephan G l-lale Unfortunately we all have to go sometlme and those Megaphone staff senlors goma thfs term mclude Ph1l1p Agress Davld BOQ19 lohn Donaldson lames l-lazeley Leon Kauffman lohn Kelsall Marvln Loev lerry Luber Frarlq Meller lerry Perch Raymond Scheet7 Lerny Stoclcler Donald SUD1IlSlCl loseph Whlte and Wllllam Zeuner Nm . . . 1 . 1 1 1 . tt 11 . . . . 1 tt 11 . . . . .1 11 - 1 . . . U 11. . . . . - I I 1 . . . .1 11 ' f 1 1 .t 11 . . 1 1 1 1 . , . , - , . . , , . , . . , 11 11 . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , T , ' , , . ., .T . , . , , , A . . vlx-lun 4- :Z ! m rv e mis. W ,pvha ali' r., mfg-r 'S axis ...W 53,1 .. ,ww Wx KL wwf: 5 Iames Hazeley Leon Kauffman Iohn Kelsall v.f"1'iYi 'g,ggir,..'A'g5 "'-if 752' ggi E if 1' 5 5 f 5 3 5 Phlhp Aqress , . 'Ev Davld Boqle 5 wp r ,- .FL -+-laehf 5 3' Q 'L 'e 'Z .fm ,. if .1 3 John Donaldson Marvm Loev Ierorne Luber Frank Mlller Gera1d Perch Raymond Scheetz Leonard Stockler Donald Supmskl Ioseph Wh1'e W1l11am Zeuner N metg Thru w .-:IRC-"-: . ,-fiegg 3, V,1,Vg,:3,,.. -4-ifi?f F5 ' Z55W'N'52-I-3':T:ff7'4i'f4f: . .. . ::r":?'- ffffiiifly' :A-2 "'I-':"-L--S-r.".flf 152'-if-".E:V-QV V.-.-.-...F .,...,V,,.. .-ff . .,, ,..1 -V .VM V.V, V V1,..V.V. V , 1. ., -. ..:,.A.V .1 4, I j? Qa.VfVg,:9f!7i.V.V. . VV U.. VV .V QIQ'tg,w K- "a'- " .-'V:, V' - X . - . ' - - ,' fs Q .V.. q.1.:.--,j'j.p.- f ., V-.45 - 13,9355-'ra' ' - V . V V-.,'-',4-.4 V, Vg, F qw. , .., . ' '-. ' HW.: , 'YLJ .- r " 'lv ' -I - ". ' "1 '-"- .-FV fd'-. 3-543' if . . ' .i"-Rf? - '7'?' ' 45? it 5531 ' RC' JE. VNS 1 -If?-1-flP5fg,'5'I'V"'-"f51b!,5i' ,V .... 'gig ., 3 Vp 4 ' ' ..-- , .15-45 .1 : 1? -. I 1: . V-.Q ' S -' "TW 3 ,V r .gpggq -j,,..:- . 5, .QV-gg. V , .,- .VV.:: - I-I--f.'4,V"4'Ji-2.-f1,'f,'- F53 .'Vg.'E!'.' ' -f,v.' , V. ' Mia.. ..r . .21 +l:......45fr--- 1'- - pa, 5155 , -.1 . ,..-P .- 'Wifi'-vrwrxi, 'qaf 'iw-at1.-.,'p'.:s1f,.... 4 -- A .ci-:.V - ' V . .z-nf.-1 5 ','-1--Q-"",-V:-'Y . ffzzf - rn- 'Q '-' K . ., ,.,- - ,. V .y ,V.,,, . 1 5 , ,-, - . .yin -V .gg ,, 'wi Vj- 4515- nj: ,gb ..i.. . '-, 3 H3 . .11-r ima-une. .- . -X-Razr-fw..V..V.' f X wrv ' 4, ,s.. . ...,.,f-..V, w..9,,,r. -,Q .44..,,. .-.-1 , rm, - . I 'x"w'- ' ' -1" " "..Y.."- -ff." 1 ui. f 1 .k',Rl- . " Vg- ,, I-1 ' f Q: 'Wf :L A "Q, ' hi :YW H.: TfFv.'-3: A f 54' ' . : ' ' 'ur ' 15" 4. ,V , 4, V.V,.V,, ,, . ,, : . N.. r ,V 1'1"' -'5LfQS2"", fm. ' " I' li?':.9.-'.f.,-.-.59 uv' " ""3"f' El..LQ'fS. 5 "?'w. ' ' - ' ' . 3 A ,:.,VV.l.V,I:?,M.. 14. - V 'VV gil. if-Fx.. Aw F 5 V Q41-V 'V F-. - 4 ' ':'.'P ', 325 5rZ'.1:'f:i':-,, 'N 51 V ' 1-gr iiikfimv- , 'wi I-1: Aff ' 1 ffl' : ,ffiiim NN, ' ' F . -1' .1SfgM"', -13 .2-'5f31'35. 1 . " 91. fu, ff., .,V I - A ..5q '. .. ' .. . X--nf," , '--inngr ' - .. ..' 1. div . --- ,f,.g--1411 I-.. .gtfii-V",f .wf V :: rfgirfif 5415, !V - 5 - ' ,V VVVV,W,,V.V.d,....V..V.,,.,5V,... .. A V , VV . V3 ,amy ...Q - V - V -V ff -':- Vw. .wa-.:f: .- .. 1 - .- V4 .f- Q . . xiyvv : ,',.gI.-93-ag:-'. ,.15gV.-f151- V . .. 'Q :VIH-Qi A . V 535 . .-2-rv.-Iwi., - VV.:,UV:V - ,V::VV:V,4, - V' V- VV QV.,-V .. la , Via '-'fffiw' ' 'E ""q1'-'53'--'Ziff'-" " .' ' ':-iii" is M3 :1":"v :S -' r. -11. ' w' 1 -. fu... .V . -. xv. 1- . IFPS- 11- V 1 - J K -. .. ' -,-1112 . " .. - "W P8 f gm V' -.'12vg'A1rL ' -' . L. .- 1 -. a ,Q3:'244g'2?31f" 1311 379. ' ".f.V"',.V V ' I , ffl- rf Vw' .1 - - A' .V '-f, 'fam . :-V , ,V-Vial.:-V,-JV. ftp, y I .,,. Lt L 3 ?mit,.,w3V ,5 -. - . .... V. ..-. - ,- . , V 154 - ' iff. V P V 525 'ggi' AQ. "H, - gf- V ':.:,V- . V , wV .. -..V ,VV. V VV .N -na-"1"' - . V . , 5.4,jf,f-'. I ' . .- . .4 4 .' H 4. - -ti' ." . .,., J Q I -V - 1 .A ' .4 .. V " im", - , ., 'Vw 1 fi:-1-11'3:"fI'f7f"?-"I-35"FG15Ll g',,3,a5-VV,- VV ?3.V.V,1V,g :.-. W" ' " .5 ti -:sf-V ' .VVJVQ-5 w r N ql.g THE SENATE The Northeast Senate, which was organized in l905, has ttme and aga1n shown 1ts value to the school Northeast is one ot the few schools wh1ch has a large number ot students part1c1pat1ng in school government. Mr, Philip Snyder represents the taculty at the meetmgs held every month. . L' " :Ullf asslstants plus the student 1ury case of absence student body mented on a lob well done Xm 151 The 1ud1c1al powers ot the Senate are vested 1n the student tr1bunal conslsttng ot a ch1et 1ust1ce and f1V9 Each adv1sory sect1on elects two representat1ves a senator and an alternate The senator represents h1s home sect1on 1n the meettng whtle the chtet duty of the alternate IS to take the place ot the senator ID Dutles ot the Senate lnclude the tollowmg appropr1at1ng money for the school budget and taklng charge ot all school act1v1t1es concermng the Thls year s Senate IS to be compll School Song 1 Let very SON at Nartheawt l-he VOICC uplltt IU Sona That all may lxIlOW her to at Aaaxe all Qtau O wrehta a CL we ee Delaa y latte xy e Ce Q We pray thy a lnerea ha Max last tlll t me Qhall emcl Thy years are t lled wltla alary V tame lQ p eacl a at The pmt al thy ClGNQIOON the as a a 4 ha law lt tarevf lea u Ta x Clary ata l T' l'19OInlQ QVC VCT? 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A V, 9- x.1 XY ' , . my ' 'T R :I X N .O-., L 3 ,' ' -. . - ' ,',- I X " "X -X. 'f c 'f J' ' x' r:-X, N 1 ' W I' . - ,Uv 1 , s M X wx 1 II: X, . .' . Q X Q Vi 41.2 , f -1 .X X-x X X. , , ff, ' V717 9 1 1 f: " . , 1 , . "Y N" 'ff' ,7 -Q ..' ' X ' I xl 8 - 1 Q - Xi ,qv V QV", Y 4 --.fst X X f , . - Q --+ ., J - - I ,N N Q1 11" IT. . Q f 4 fx A Q f' - - - ' x ,, . . 'QL ' X ' , j 'f Q-Y ' l Q .. X 1 .x ' ' , 1 x f ' ' XX ' if ' S ' Z 51 X 'Nw ' Q 5 . "'. ig-9.11 . . .X " ,r Ano- ' I l . . , 5 Q . D 1, . . , . , -X ' ' . 'S' 'v , I ,.'n ' 8 . N.. ' I I ' . ,- . .. '. ' ' I f - . ' . ' . ' ' fs ' , 0 . ' .ol I r - -. - ' lb 1 5 H ' . . - . u .K ' ' AX! is Q.. ' . ' ' ' x ' I S q'. .. ' ' - . - 4 , A . , ' . . 1 'P I , ' . X 4 -. . . . X :N 0 I 2 n . ' s ,fi . ., . . - . , o 5 . 4 ' fn 5 .A-Q K , . . x X J QNX . .- w ' 4- 3 Q , . li:-. - 0 . i 1 ,K X - J . u --X - , Q, N fx , , XS N - -i .'i,,-- A 4 A.- n .' I 1- i , Q f ix X ' ' A tx F X" -'lf' ' Q I o ., SEX!! X N A Q N L x ,' . , . 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My 3554? yqxq L., -if X , ., , 1 , wjvlfwf., Z ...Jr M-sk, . Z'-Qakj, I Mi A M L I. I J it S rv, Ni-Ilya, . ',w. T, 4, A A iff' fy?-5 .ilk-, , xfwjx ' V Xxx , ig 'J-lx 3"'g?x,'f 3 fi fgiflf'-,' ?'f.3:'-if -A 4, fp? ,ax ,pf J". Q75 .X . .xg tr,.flif't.' ip. A N xglhl-,gif-Af v ' ,-.Y P' A f f'A,.f' , :'Av'l4,3' QQ' f 'S ' '..:f'?Q42'." was ffm "f-S. f fr f,w"' -. gwgfff-"h'1 . ' 7' ff? '-'W k f '-2 Yfwfv ,gf if 'I L? ff f 1- 1 -4."' ...f.2,w M Q-aw'- ' f, Q., 1'sf fm-4f'fi "f-25 f -g. if K '. . f ' W , Q 9 ' v Q ' ' r H f , 1 I v , ., "v ' - ,S nu..-ul, . iwzx I ' 4 , WML: ,-X, I V iff- I 1 v. Z, MJ N I QV, f ,, I .,, 61, , is '4 """'H'f-Q3 'Y' 15 ' L' '41 1 FN: Y .""" f'.,"x' 1 f--+ LJ. A -mv X3 4 V z f. p ,KJ W 53 fn . , , . i Mk , - ,. x 1 A , - LM. :A K , V N 1 , ,W ' -' A .viffifal FOOTB LL TE M Faced with one of the toughest football schedules in the city Northeast s gridiron forces finished the l95l Public League season with a 2 3 l record after dropping two tough exhibition games With very little practice under their belts the Archives opened the season against a suburban powerhouse Lower Merion and were defeated 21 O f ld Rgrgian Catholic proved an able contender by downing the Archives in a night game at Northeast ie G Northeast showed an amazing reversal of form as the Public League season got under way The first loop opponent Germantown was blasted by an l8 O count with Tam Parker and Kaznicki scoring touchdowns Tam scored on a seven yard break off right tackle and Bob Parker passed 20 yards to loe Kaznicki who sprinted 46 yards for the second touchdown In the last period Parker bulled over from the one for the final score ending a 38 yard advance Northeast scored its second victory of the season a l2 6 triumph over Bartram to take first place in the Southern Division of the Public League Bartram scored in the first period on a 76 yard run but Northeast tied when Parker collaborated with Kaznicki who snared the 20 yard pass in the end zone to climax a 60 yard drive in the second period The winning tally came in the last period on a quarterback sneak by Parker This play was set up by an interference penaltv when ubiquitous Gerety was tripped in the end zone ln the following game Northeast was turned back by Southern l9 7 at the latter s field The Archives recovered four fumbles made by the Southern team in the first half but only once were they able to take advantage of the break and score The lone Northeast tally came on a l3 yard pass from Anthony Tam to Bob Parker. Ever-dangerous Frankford came next and Northeast looked like champs as they vaulted to a 6- point lead after the first few minutes ot play. The Pioneers put on a spirited offensive rally to preserve their undefeated record but not until the waning seconds of the game were they able to score to produce a deadlock. Northeast s score was the result of a l6-yard drive which paid off when lohn Brauning pitched the ball over the middle of the line to Dick Pryjomski in the end zone. Alter that heartbreaking decision the Archives Couldn t seem to fully utilize their potentialities. Dobbins and Central knocked off Northeast on successive week- 25-6 and l9-O, respectively. Winning the annual battle on Thanksgiving day gave Central the traditional Wooden Horse. Graduating with the 99th Class are: Thomas Burns, loseph Kaznicki, Robert Parker, lohn Reeves, and Warren Wood. Seymour Davis was selected on the All-Public lst Team. Kaznicki was on the 2nd All-Public Team. Parker and Fairweather received honorable mention. .Nutr Q- 1 1' i 5 0 Qu' yf,.i.'f.A xi 6 . CC ,U 5 li dvi' JV'-'rn 11 n fn- mag' 0" ww! , -' , 9 . ,Q Q Wh., ,, 0 6' ,fs ,C 9 ff' ffTff2 s Wy!! any Wm ,Wg E5 , A 1 W3 V 4 ,Ji Q Z E BASKETB LL TEAM Northeast s basketball team coached by lke Wooley will try to repeat the success of last year s five The team aptained by loe Belmont who was All Scholastic in the 50 51 season is optimistic about what the future has in store for them lke has a couple of capable veterans on hand loe Belmont and lohn Qliver give him a nucleus of experience The new members are hawk like Guy Rodgers elastic hmbed Parker and Walt Hall Bob Griffiths Rich Borakowski Allan Cartacki and Wayne Kalcheries The Public League will try a new system in which the sixteen teams from the Public schools will be divided into four divisions Northeast will meet Central Germantown and Gratz twice in league competition The Archives will also play Cverbrook Ben Franklin and Lincoln in single league games The two top teams from each division ttotal ng eight teamsb will play in the Shaughnessy Playoffs Mr Wooley and his boys avor the new set up since half the teams in the league will be in competition. ln addition to the six league games, the Archives will play three exhibition games against Clney, Dobbirs and Frankford. Last year Northeast witnessed one of its most successful basketball seasons. Mr. Wooley feel: that the team will be strong again this year. The hoopers won tlose any of tticir members when the 99th clas.. graduates in lanuary l95l. Un'll1m r' 1 wr" ' X '1 'E'Y ca' L. VW, " 8 I f, 'QQ I K 'I 2 Q.: I X A X -vw W' ,. QW f T ' A'.Q Q . 1 H A Zi.,-5"'uT ff fad , KE ' VJ... ,awgMf!. ',H,..-H' g . E , E ,L M X we J - Xi M, .,,,3T-71 ff 'Q 4 , y. . ,,,- an e - J I ' , .1 X i' V , ,. , ,... X, . "QL ' nl, ' Q y u l W L, ,fri 3 Rai? IZ 1 rv 'H v14 x , 1 , ., Qs u. Q QA m 'N ff - 5 .IT -.N AL X ' '-V ' 8 ii-awk an A 'WU' A 1 , 3, .F if dm Sava if X we? W 1 . M , E725 3 K , ls-N Xkw X .. G, . .,,- 6, X Qu. vu., iw an X55 W 5 ,gr Q ww gg Q? 1 , ' ' .,g A,,"AA, ' M , M W ' .3 Q . ' 5 n Q1 'Q' 4 A 1 Y - R Q 1 N . Y I 4' 2 Q 1, ' ' 1 p x tt w K. U W Y is item ,, M A M" X, V I 1 4 Y , '31 , , 'ha LY 4, I I ,"' 5,21 fs ff i ' L 3 Q, Q A 1 KQV' Exif? f?i','?3 gui? tg' .frggkaxy i MQ K if . N 1 ' 41i45.l5sr32' fn' fi! sr, " U5 gf . ff' . -- Q -V -1 ii 1 Vi 45 A it YZ. R 5 'J N. 'K gf2ffQ. af15 f. mfg! -gf 5 K , u 1.2 , . ffffgzikf. .1 'if f'2 Q1 M,-1' w 1' " ' 2 ' 'FA M ' 2 3, if, it 1 Eigfmnr S i , In X,-ki Er, idx V , U 'JS ig 'Ly SW! I lg I 35 ,iv A 'f 'Q Q' r, ' ' V' 193, 1 sq ,, A k ' Q 1 H' f, W' . ' ' , . H 1 ' g f? 5 9 4iB'?W' i W Qs . fi A Y , mm? U ' ,X , sf -,'f kr. , xr K 4 'V 3.9 , if "' ,rvffff ' ' Xi A , . 2 I x ,B J, fs! K ff ig 7 gi Q,f,qYg,Qa' K, ia 4 S. K 1 8 Q my I Q Uv t in , , W4 W 1 f .-'- iii ' '7 2' R, f f 11 I Q .i ,lt 'S Qs u ' M ' ' , A . M ,, ,gi w.W '- 1 , ,W . nv W ' 'giij af ' W? 1, f' Nj 'ff' 3 f 'S' Q ag X .A - .x - ' ' it A,.V I K gif: QI! Y: y A ax R55 ,A ,, V I x , 1 gffi! 2122? , 5 gif . f Q s "' xx 3 Q - k . 4 a v"v 1 -gy: 2 I ,' , 3' ,Y H v K , X 1 ?, r fig- ' M ! fi Q Q b ff Ak ,, AV .. X . 2 x X 9 ' ' f 1: If 'fi Y' Q, 1 W2 K A V ' , Q, . A ' ff ry? fij YV, Q I ' . ig -in ' JUQ, Z, "L ' 3 5 ff aff 'f 'A K 1 Q 1 an i, Q 8 1' ' i A ' gl 4 f 1 " Q, ggi! D? ,132 f fi . Vg ' , x 1 iw' f 1' il' af . Q f Q? Q if 5 4 y , if gf f , . , ' ' Q Af f 5 W' ' 55' f bf iw? A I ,jg if sf 1 K 4 Northeast High s Soccer Team coached by Ray Mullan won their l3th consecutive Public League championship on the l3th day ot November when they beat Bok Tech by a score ot 4 O Upon completion of the regular schedule in the Public League the Archive victory streak reached a total ot lO9 lcjonsecutive wins There wasn t a team in the league that could match the spirit the will to win ot our oys During the season Northeast beat Lower Merion and North Catholic by scores ot 2 O and 7 O and vere picked to play Girard College tor possession ot the Terry Cup lt was a thrilling contest all the way but the game ended with the Arch ves being on the short end ot a 2 l score The team scored a total ot 97 goals throughout the course of a l6 game season and had but one goal scored against them Ioe Depue hit the net 23 times lohn Oliver 13 Ioe Felix and lerry MacDonald l2 times apiece Billy Martin ll and lohn Ferraro lO Max Wildermuth 9 Walt Boston 3 Bill Boston 2 and Toe Loyd 2 Defensive honors go to Bob Winslow Iohn Oliver B ll Sears James Mood Bill Boston Herman Groeber Lou Appiott and Lee Luberski tor a Job well done tor keeping the ball out ot the Archive net The champs co-captained by Tohn Qliver and lerry MacDonald placed four on the All-Public team. They were Tohn Qliver Terry MacDonald loe Depue and Tames Mood. lerry MacDonald and Tohn Oliver also made the All-Qcholastic Team. The graduating seniors ot the team are: Bill Boston Bob Winslow, Max Wildermuth, Bill Martin, Walt Boston and Ioe Felix. lames Mood will captain the next year's team. Uni' llimi rm uni . kiwi mm ww: 2 kN4"5r Q HG' 4 -n -X W. Q MX' , H ,. :L sw, M.. ' Wfmm. ,pqmv . ,W , ,, f fviggq- 2,4 ' -..M Wfffx ' X ,F Q - im...- 7 , 1 4. M 1 4 I jaws, mer . '- .35 V 1 x ,Am 1 , A. ,. ' . jgrljh, IMQSZSX- YM., ,A w , ,gl f... y. ' Q A B ff' F' f, , , .3 mf! 7 ' 'Q ,ff ' , , ,fm I ., . A iii ' 1 fn VM. W. , 7. 4 ' ,M Qs' jpg.. . 'W -. , ,Q X :P '04, . -4 A , , ,ff A"a'Aa" Ari? Q f .Mm 'J ' ' ,, ' Y' '-33" 'ffm' f,: 'N .44 -: '--'JJ i ll,-5Z",! A ' .f .L i in , ,051 Q M. I ,.'.-, ,W GX L, . fy, wifi WVR 7,45-1. fgl, mm' h . ', f Q f 'fri-Wi' ' M , .nf nga' "V Q.-wif' ' - ' 1 f'9F9f7l"Y" Q fig' - - M 'ff nk 1 . Y - an Vgfffff 411 ff, A "f2'f224f '74, . f"K',71 -Q.: T22 'ii ,Q ' in-'V 32157 IZ-.f '7' Y fwidk' ' 63 -1 .i wg 3f'.g, . 4 il ' ' WMV, t",:2i,. I 3 - ,3 Y ...auf ,ummm- G l fr 4 T? ' 'r -K: I Q 1 m , ,- A, 1. 1 an 1 "4 ,A .1 C , Vw 'ff fm' V f Q 49- A '17 Q:"'f" eff tw 17 'x f o P -1 - ,M W 145341 am ,15.,-Q-21 Hn far' Q- W 'A af W was-uv -f x '- y ,. rw ln, .. WW -A ' ,X ,Kai 'M 3 I fy by Q, it A , 4-L f JP' f ,.A P V V 4 iw' AV qw p--vw .l......- 'w 1 mmm I lpn? A J I k K 90-Q '7 , A x I "'V .4 v 5 ' f . . A ' A " Q I xl v it r' . 4 ,3 T " 1 v5 ' M -'- f ,A 'A ' ,fu 1' 1 f " ' . 4 H N' , oe" ,N .L ., , rg, ft ,.. Q 155 N F' BASE BALL Last season Northeast High School s Baseball Team came up with one of those oft dreamed of games Al Quinta pitched a no hit shutout against Bartram' Previously against Public League competition the Archives had lost to Overbrook 8 O dropped a game to Ben Franklin 6 l and then a tough one to Dobbins 6 6 Northeast won two games in a row from Bok C5 23 and West Phila C6 OJ before dropping a 7 2 contest to Roxborough The next game was a real heartbreaker a 4 3 loss to Olney who scored all their counters in the last inning Mastbaum was trounced l6 3 and Germantown lo t 2 l before Frankford came up with a 8 6 victory Central gave North east a good deal of trouble but lost 2 l Then came the glorious day against Bartram' Again S Philly triumphed to the tune of This team came through the season with a record of six wins and seven defeat . The stars of the l96l aggregation were the aforementioned Al Quinto and the scintillating catcher, Bob Lambert. This year Mr. Tompkins loses Bob Plunkett lim Villamor loe Tudjek loe Zemartis Warren Wood Phil Chivarella and Louis DiBiasio. Um' llzni.J'rt.f um! 'lun l if J JD 9 I -s . 4 X 'J 5 uzxJrw'.1mm ll 1 ll sew 342 Y TRACK TEAM X NL g to place fourth IH the Pubhc League Champ1onsh1ps In sp1te of thls handlcap all of our charnplonshlp sprmters are back for the l952 campa1gn Led by two versatlle co capta1ns lack Hoffman and R1chard PFICG the clndermen opened thelr season Wlth a vrctory over Central West Phlladelphla and Olney The trackmen were able to w1n three meets and place second 1n two others In the champlonshrp Central scored an upset over Qverbrook defendrng champlons by three and a quarter polnts The half and guarter rn1le relay teams competed 1n the Penn Relays Brldgeton H1gh Relays and at the lngurrer lndoor meet at Convent1on Hall For three seasons the Northeast half and quarter mlle relay teams were undefeated unt1l the Publlc League Champ1onsh1ps where they suffered two heartbreakers Although the team d1dn t do so well the reputatlon of Northeast was upheld by co captam Rxchard PFICG who captured the Penn lnv1tat1on lOO yard dash t1tle Coach Owens comments that our team w1ll be stronger th1s year because of the new materlal that has arr1ved The sen1or members of the team are Corbm lohnson D1llon Hoffman Prrce Whlte Calzada Green laclcson and Smyrl U11 llml r an Il I t f T S T , 5' , ' f it ' :fl Q ' 1 ' ' Ifibn ' A . V X. 1 I WN EP , J' Y X .c- 4 . 'yf ,r ix ff. W? 1 I A X X X J I . Because of the graduation of some of our top cindermen, the l95l Track Team managed c tl url tl 'I' 'clru 15 1 N..-2 rv 3 , wvus 'nw 'sf If X N in W Q c,. K . -5.1 P. O sg' .NM W' WA N 96'- 'yg 'fa skit ,,.,..-A-,...+-Q +4-.A a",. u 1 4 ? in WMU. 'K ,Jw-"""' 'Ns 5' ,.,..,,A ff "1" ,Vi yn 4 Af ,N ,qzi.,,,,m 1. CROSS 'yo-X T 119119 COUNTRY W Our 1951 Cross Country Team captamed by such consrstently good runners as lack Hoffman and DOV1d Green seemed almost certaln to brrng the cross country crown to Northeast There was a good Splfll on the team throughout the season The NE harrlers ln practrce ran from three to trve mrles dally Travelrng to Lansdale the team scored 1ts tlrst vrctory 21 to 38 Co captarn Green led all the way and trnlshed rn a t1me ot 13 1O The team had a talrly successful season never frnrshrng lower than second rn 1ts frve league meets The season s schedule was opened wrth the Clty ChOmp1OHS Overbrook opposrng Olney and Northeast The Archrves trmshed second rn th1s race ln the next meet they were vrctorxous over Bok Ben Franklln and Southern On November 7 the Northeast harrlers competed 1n the Publrc 1'11gh Champ1onsh1ps and tmrshed thrrd behmd Overbrook and West Phlladelphra The second team placed second and the thrrd team took the novlce champronshlps The semors ot the team are Green Hoffman Prlce lackson Brooks Ward and Calzada Un llzm Ir rnllr lfl I I Efwt- LJ bw-s S D31 , X ,,.,, ss ati 3. .- ' ,- , x N. t I , 9 If Af , A f fix! I 1 '- Q A qt X ,ff 4 1 ,. ' M ff 1 f M , . . L' 1 cd 1 L '-tl UUII Q if g:KgWx:'agf.,,,,w,, N L 5 ww -x x so ,A iny,:.,,r '? 0 - K 2 ,pe Pwgk an 411 Www' 5, ' fi' A9 li'o B , 'Rafi VIH ig, 1 Vlrg. - ' il S, Y' F , 5 gf'-454, ' I 'Aw It Q' rf? I 3 , X , we A Q 2 O I Jang A sv I f 'M fi . .xqglszi "QM 1 ev J ff ' fgafim 'ik . ,, V1 X Q VM . .4'A,,3:1 455: 4? maxi f , f f Q-QM 5-W.: 1 7 Q ,- , 'ma .4 I, M? gf., y ,N Q V A , . 'fl' ' , A ."., ' ,f " 5: , ,aj Ai' . Z , A Y A Kwii 0, Y. 'L ,- ,z XA: 'mm-L .,z 'mtg x up 445O"if" Q Sw PM if l.1 ,-4 CREW Although our Crew s capable coach Mr Phlllp Schne1der performed a commendable lob bad breaks were too numerous to surmount ln thelr hrst race agalnst Washlngton 81 Lee and George Wash1ngton on the Potomac the Northeast crew t1n1shed thlrd IH a rugged mxle course The next two races dld not tlnd the Red and Black at the t1n1sh l1ne ln the Stotesbury Cup Regatta ln Rhlladelphla w1th crews from V1rg1n1a New lersey and Pennsylvanla competmg one ot the Arch1ve oarsmen caught a crab Thls forced the team to retlre halfway through the race ln the natlonal l-hgh School Champlonshlps held ln Ph1ladelph1a agamst crews from all over the U S and Canada a rudder rope snapped on the Northeast boat ln the trad1t1onal NE sp1r1t they tr1ed to contlnue wlthout any steerlng a1d but fmally had to w1thdraw The tmal race was the Ph1ladelph1a Champ1onsh1p agamst other competmg schools IH the Ph1ladelph1a area The Archwes trymg to redeem themselves tor past d1sappo1ntments fought arduously to hmsh a close th1rd Co captalns on th1s year s crew were Fred l.1ttle and Blll Rother Members ot the Northeast crew who are now graduatmg lnclude Robert Cmeger Thomas Burns Marlo Evangelxst loseph Gangloft Charles Staznek and Anthony Gang1 Un llmlrl n , . . . , - , , . I ' r , I , .. ,. . . . , , - - V - 1 , . - , , . , , . . 1- I , f f f 1 - u z r u. u tI.S1rzt-m rn umlru ln. 14 Ill: 1 n 1 Y Y ' 2 v 'll '14 IN" " SWIMMI G TEAM X, The 1951 52 sw1mm1ng team coached by Mr Ray Mullan and capta1ned by Marvln Mann and lohn Kelsall seemed 'ntle bound at the t1me of cur graduat1on from school Because of the return of only four lettermen the team IS bolstered by sophomores and 1un1ors Thus far the mermen have humbled Roman Cathol1c 46 22 downed South CGthOl1C 39 36 and have overcome a stu ong St loseph s team 42 33 In our flrst league meet Northeast de feated Central The M1rrors have for the past two years won the publlc league t1tle and last year were Ctty Champ1ons The flnal score was 47 28 The tank men took seven of n1ne f1rst places and s1x of seven thlrd places Thts shows depth whlch has been lacktng 1n recent years Defeatlng Central gave the team a b1g l1ft Champ1onsh1p hopes are hlgh as the team rounds 1nto great shape Sp1r1t and the w1ll to w1n are very apparent on our team The graduatlng senxors on the squad are lohn Kelsall Marvln Mann and Herbert Brtll lohn sw1ms the hundred yard tree style and 1S also the lead off man on our tlne two hundred yard free style relay team Marv spec1al1zes ID the one meter sprlngboard d1v1ng He also sw1ms 1nd1v1dual medley l-lerby sw1ms the flfty yard tree style and IS the anchor man on the medley relay The schedule was as follows Dec 7 Central Dec 12 Germantown Dec 17 Lmcoln lan 19 Dobbms lan 16 West Ph1ladelph1a lan 22 Champ1onsl'nps at Penn s 1-lutchmson Pool Une Hun fred aniL1,t,hI n Q 1 ,X . -g ' I - 1 , - . I I . I - I I . . ' . , ' 1 1 - . . , . , . , . . . . . . 1 . , . , . . ' n ' L ' ' UU Q ew. , .1 : f. :Ar a - :. ,.:5,,.a A , x ,J Y was ,- W, xg, f lv if q K 4 1 3 Q . 'M fu r 4 2 'Q 'S 4,,,.,,W I 3" 1' ' iw ir 1. u V. 1 M491 W 1 ,M .143 :fi ti" an' ,U ff My .WW , I 1 FENCING TEAM JJ Under the guldance of Mr Bradbury the Fenclng Team has shown excellent progress Durlng the season the team was strong ln all three weapons toll epee and saber The team was especlally strong 1n toll Wllh Rlchy Mahoney and Wendel Baker The team th1s year w1ll lose tour of 1ts tlrst strlng men Captaln Toe Dramlse Cepeel Ben D1seroad Csaberl MOFIO Evangehst Cfolll and Bob Grleger Csaberl Each one of these boys has done a great job on the Northeast Fenclng Team Toe has taken the Clly champxonshtp become a number one fotl man Bob has done a great deal rn all three weapons but h1s cho1ce IS saber wh1ch also has brought h1m to the top ln preparlng tor the season Mr Bradbury had the team v1s1t some 1un1or h1gh schools to put on exh1b1t1ons to g1ve some of the younger fellows practlce Also a lot should be SGld about the outslde work most ot the boys do ID tenclng In preparmg for a meet some of the boys borrow egulpment to take home and pract1ce ln thelr spare tlme Qorne enter amateur tencmg competltlon and do very well Captaln loe Dramlse has entered three CO1'I'1D6tll1OT1S and has won a medal m each one After leav1ng Northeast most of the boys w1ll contlnue wlth ,thelr tenclng IH the Amateur Fencmg League or m college Un Hun r I x mm Y x , n - A in epee, while Ben has won tame as a top saber man. Foil is Mario's specialty and he has I ' I r .I nl um! 'llu 1' ll ' 1 fxlx 1 GYM TEAM This year steam which was handicapped by first year men did a splendid job and should receive a great deal of credit Mr Gustav A Baack deserves a hand for shaping up a team that has a chance of winning first second or third place next year Our captain Nelson Louis is a top performer on the ropes Grover Willis Larry Rilera and Donald Leas star on the high bar rings and mats respectively This quartet was the nucleus of our team Others that deserve credit are Ben These boys are the foundation of a championship team Un ll m Ir Right, lim Griffiths, Ron Richardson, Seymour Shapiro, Maurice Heckler, and Richard Dresher. 1' 1 nl uni! Il-ll'c'lllX-llxllll TABLE TENNIS TEAM Northeast Hlqh School s Table Tennrs Team hmshed tts l95l season by lostng to a strong Central team lO 2 thus t1n1sh1nq IH second place The second place paddlers had an 8 and 2 record loslnq 1lS only two matches to Central The Red and Black had no trouble 1n subdumq Bok Lmcoln Southern Ben Franklm and Overbrook tw1ce each durmq the season once at home and once away Central has taken the charnplonshtp the last twelve years w1th Northeast usually a close second Th1s year s team had lots of sp1r1t and determlnatlon but Central st1ll remamed thelr JIHX team Marv Loev and Lmton Ward are the qraduatmq members of the team Un llzmlr Iunll-11 ntx fllr ill 1. Q1 3 ,T A x jg? , " f 111 X l - . I I I I I I A ' 1 c' L 61 m I 'L' r'-T UL' BOWLING TE M The 1951 1952 Bowlmg Team IS coached by Mr Russell Tompkms and captamed by Lee Clarke and Ken Frylmg Last year the keglers coached by Mr Walter Clark won the Publ1c 1-l1gh Champlonshlp Th1s year the new coach Mr Tompkms expects the team m1ght ach1eve a greater tr1umph 1D w1nn1ng the C1ty as well as Pubhc Hlgh Champ1onsh1ps Graduahon 1S bound to hurt the team because four out of the f1rst f1VG bowlers are to be graduated Qur 1un1or Vars1ty has some very f1ne bowlers on the team They are return1ng w1th the same sguad who won the 1 V Champ1onsh1p last year Startmg bowlers and the1r averages are as follows Edwm Skoczylas who hasa 164 average Next the two co captams Lee Clark and Ken Fryhng who average 166 Lou D1 BIOSIO IS next Wlth 158 Last but far from least IS Dave Wh1tman w1th an average of 156 Keglers graduat1ng are Clark Fryl1ng D1 B1as1o Wh1tman Plunkett Almendmger and Wood Schedule IS as follows Germantown who we have beaten 4 O Then comes C1rat7 a new team 1n the league Frankford IS next and 1t IS expected to be a tough match Central Qverbrook and Dobbms follow Next IS Olney who won the c1ty t1tle last year Southern Bok L1ncoln and Mastbaum follow IU that order U11 H1111 r , . . 1 - 1 1 1 N . . . , - I I ' 1: 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 -1 1 ' ' -1 . . , . , . . , , , 1' .l1'.l1111.1' 'l111'11lx-l"1111r Thls year Mr Walter S1bson w1ll replace Mr Nlcholas Grant who had coached hrs team to twe wlns 1n fourteen starts The netmen played non league matches agalnst Eprscopal Academy O6 Bryn Athyn O6 La Salle 2 3 West Cathohc O5 and St loseph s O 5 In the Pubhc League Northeast played mne matches wmnrng f1V9 and loslng four Gratz L1ncoln and Roxborough proved easy matches but a strong Central team won 5 O Germantown put up a hard match but lost 3 2 Atter the West Cathohc game came a 3 2 loss to Olney and a 5 O setback at the hands ot West Phtlly South Ph1lly won a hard tought contest 3 2 and Franklln ttnally suc curnbed 41 The sentors are Bob Wtlktnson and Bernre Smrth co captams and Frank Kushner On llml I nl It CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders are present at every lootball and basketball game to lf a l the crowds ln splrlted Cheers Th h ey C eer our teams on to vlctory and even though we rnav ne loslna th y Contlnue to Cheer wlth that typlcal Northeast splrrt an are now ur der the capable dtrectlon ot Mr Elklns and are Captalned by Rlchard Mlller Graduahna thm ter rn a Rrchard Mtller Robert Sh1elds and Edward Srnullmg Un llzl 111 ll ll XII '1 in The Cheerleaders were originated in Northeast IN l89l d t . 7 u 11.1rp." rt" uf x-. CRQSS CCUNTRY Ho mcu Gm It Ioctwom Pmoe CREW Gmeger Bums Evorqehst Gonqto Stozne-tt TRAC tx VO Flfx Q91 1 C 1 D1to Wt11t C ot-C1 1 LETTERME tI1NNt5 11 1 SQCCER W11l1om Boston Walter Boston W1tdermuth Mortm Sctweck Cmqr D tooob BASKETBALL Booket Cmqr D 13 EBNV U 4 ll 111 1 N SWtMM1NICN Ke V7 MGIW B 1 B C C 1m FQQTBALL Pot txbl KC1!NtC'txt Bums Re evgs Wood pttllitxf-'tt H11 CI GYM Qhorp WtttlS FENC INC Dton xo t 1 IABII- TPNNI 1 Nfl! f U' 1' .' tw'tv71ttltI'L.gCIi: ..' U P... 'I , . -,., ... A 7- . - -.' '. F1 ,ta IT 1 '. ,i I ' U , ' - I V ...J ..--.1-.-':'l .' ' '. '- - Fetif- ff'-I".-:ff ' :ft N 21 Qf1l-iI7f'.".' A I - . ' '. I 'I' . V -,::,,'.:?..:'-,':: . - - :5::-jg11:1.-.p-I'- ' 1 11 . , .- -- , 1 .- gr, 1, u , .. .'- .. I ' ,, ... L I 1 -' . -- ' - 1- 5-'H31-3'.'-': ' ' " ' ' -H - 2 ' ' 1, A ' :':'Z'If:"':5f'-""'.1z"t't-'J1-:':'-:'-'iff':Tit-."25' ' ' ' 4+ . ' '. :Z r- -:I3 I-I':'-.1-' . . , -. og..-jztijIq..1.1.'.5-:',1-123i'-I-':...-52'zf,g'. f' E5 ' W., Q 5 Hoff:.1 11 V111 1:1o1 1 115'- PYTC3' tfxxrkfg-it tf' :1Q:H1s' GIF'-11 f"1o1'.'P1'Q1 'ir PGH t 'VSW it ti1f'1sf', DZFP'I'fQft'Z wi kt7t . T11finQ.Q tbti isnt: H t Vi 41 tt F1 fi 't.Avvt.tNftQ C,1, m,.,Q v' ,f ,1 K V I 1 ,Ii if 14 do .gQfJ"' - riitrport tm-1.1 Dr-'!'!r,'?15C:I B ' 6 us' 11 Fibtlfltflttz tt my 1n1.Jft'J'1f.1 '1t'f!..t"1'r1 TROPI-IY CASE The students ot Northeast are lndeed proud ot the Trophy Cases whlch stand IH the school l1brary For many years awards lor Northeast s outstandlng leadershlp xn athlet1cs have been kept 1n these cases In l922 the students ot Northeast presented 1n honor of the late Dr MOFTISOH the most rmportant trophy ot all the Andrew I Morr1son Trophy Northeast has held thls trophy almost every year s1nce 1ts hrst presentat1on lt 15 presented to the school whlch has shown supremacy IH the most sports each year Another lmportant trophy IS the Terry Cup wh1ch rs awarded to the best school soccer team Smce 1945 Northeast has won the Terry Cup every year but l947 and l95l ln l948 there was a t1e tor 1ts DOSSSSSIOH The Wooden Horse Trophy has been 1n our llbrary for the past tour years The trophy IS a horse carved out of sol1d mahogany by a former Northeaster The wlnner of the annual Northeast Central football game keeps the trophy for one year Other troph1es are the two Dutch Company Trophles presented to champronshlp football at1on ot Eastern Pennsylvama D1SlF1Cl Trophy to cross country aqqreqahons the Matthewl O Brlen Trophy for track and held the M1rror Trophy present d for swlmmlnq the Leonardo Terrone Trophy tor fenclnq and the Henry Brachhold Memonal Trophy for bowllnq These troph1es are a hne trlbute to the athlet1c prowess of Northeast fin llzm r n l and basketball teamsg the Princeton Cup, awarded to baseball teamsg the Football Associ- U tl ull Ll tl 'llzlunlkx-liglzl ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We, the members ot the 99th graduating class, would like to take this time to acknowledge the help that the following men have given us in compiling this yearbook. Their aid and inspiration have been invaluable. 'K MR IGI-IN R CCE MR ANTHONY FODERARO Williams and Marcus Company Anthony Studios PRINTING PHOTOGRAPHY MR MICHAEL PACKI MR I-IAWLEY TWIQS Philadelphia Week Engravira Corrpanw National Publi h ng Con pam ENGRAVING FOVER AND BINDING Un llim ireian I Tuenlx Nm AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS If 1 L , Y YY , H I. . , -. . . , ,.V

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