Northeast High School - Record Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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M, sk im x 4 A Q KM 3355 F QS 4, ,fxwm WX-:fx 4' 11 W 0 ,,, i ,Q Tse-'ski W X 5 Lgqtlf- . ggi. . - 4? . NU WP- L ,xwX3PmN5?Qu ' u ' Q, B Lx B' il . QQ is X Q-3, .Y A, ww' ,Q J-in 5. . Nw ,Q Assisi 51 E 5 XXX xx XX sxS.Se Q Q, XXSSXX N SS .Tfaeoented 33g Joseph Cerino and Richard Greenwood Co-Editors-ln-Chief 96TH CLASS 49' B 1 J u N ls S o,.i S 4 .' 7 MO" I9 50 Northeas High School 8th Street and Lehigh Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania W, ,, W 'fsAKPf Ui" '1'Hli EELS THAT Wil LEQXVE YOU AND ADD Ts? VI' YGIER BEST CREIA'i'iP-MS FOR H1242 PUT' A IWSHLEIR IBHTTEFQ BEN um-1, nm DEDI T U 510 Com' QTRIVUIIISJ Throughout our high school days our parents have been the inspiration toward our final goal. They have helped guide us to one of the most important achievements in our young lives . . . a high school education. When the outcome appeared doubtful, they advised us wisely. When we encountered trivial difficulties that seemed very important to us at the time, they stood by our sides and defended us under all circumstances. They deplored our griefs, shared our joys, and tolerated all our adolescent pranks and jokes. They created the student- like environment in our home and offered assistance in various other ways. Our parents do not expect to be compensated for all their sacrifices made in our interestg these are the privileges of the parents of a high school boy. Their reward will come in our maturing into honest, upright and decent citizens. Then and then only will we be worthy of upholding their honored name. As the years go by and we recall our high school days, we will appreciate to the full the sacrifices made by them. With fond memories in our hearts we will always hold our parents in the highest possible esteem. Words, there are none to express our gratitude. As we encounter the normal obstacles of life, their companionship, wisdom, and guidance will continue to help us achieve the highest possible position in our chosen fields. To them, our parents, in loving appreciation of their aid, encourage- ment and tolerance, we dedicate this book. THE EDITORS, In behalf of the graduating class of June, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty. 5 4 x ii sw, ' WIT 21, Q-C ,lv g ig, Wig. vig ? I -'bf .tv 1, E gf Gm ? 7 N 1 S.. . ,, . ig. ' zz? , mf FQ 1 Ag 5. , Qffli " wi V , va v A z 3" mln? 1, 1 6 ,. 2, vw fix-f ,si K ,,,,x .. fs? ning 5 QI, JQ51-W: Eff! . We f ME , Qi., ,Qi Q as ' .,1 'Q , 1- W -as fs 'viflil 5 ,, f 5 if I z Ju x 9 . Y S ,. 2 xc X X X S 3, Q vi A: 2 i L 5 Q if A Q Q 'S xx a x Z? VM! Wisfiklwn- 1-wdwwww 1 ,nv , , I, grienals, gym glass of gg-June, 1950: This Nation, based upon government by the people, has achieved a leadership and responsibility in the world, and' is now being tested as to its worthiness to continue as such. It is a time of testing for us, too. Our con- sciences as much as our power-our friendliness as much as our size-and our acceptance of responsibilities to maintain decency, freedom and stability will determine our future leadership, influence and position in this bewildered world. Continuance of this way of life in a free country requires a large measure of self-discipline. If all rules of conduct must be set up by law, then freedom disappears. Only a dictator could enforce such rules. Our tremendous production, our advances in science, communications and energy sources complicate the decisions you must make. You are leaving Northeast, where the moral and ethical lessons you have learned will help guide you to right conclusions. We must never lose sight of the truth that material abundance, alone, yields little happiness. Only a fundamentally spiritual people can enjoy the blessings of continued prosperity and peace. God grant you the vision of a wonderful America and the strength to keep it so. Sincerely, CHARLES A. YOUNG Principal. Five In fl'lt'llll1f This is my last message to you as sponsor ot the Class ot lune, l95O. l have had many duties to perform, most ot them very pleas- ant, and in most cases they have worked out very smoothly and suc- cesslully. No other duty has given me more joy and pleasure than this one ot congratulating you upon your graduation trom North- east High School. l am thankful for the fine spirit ot cooperation trom the members ot the class. l am particularly grate- tul to those members ot the class whose splendid cooperation made this book and other class activities so successful. There is no short cut to wisdom and characterg danger and ditti- culty may beset our paths,but they can be overcome by those whose unswerving purpose is to reach to- wards lite's highest goals. The world today needs men who will assume their share ol its work and responsibilities. Northeast has tried to build such men but the re- sults are in your hands. Go torth resolved to do the best you can and l assure you that happiness and success will be di rectly proportionate to the energy you put torth. Sincerely yours, LOUIS HERWlG Six lil ' u TO THE GRADUATES OF TUNE, 1950: You are leaving the sheltering walls of this noble institution, at a time when economic conditions are considerably upset. Employ- ment prospects are not too bright, and political conditions are chaotic. Under these circumstances, all of your manhood and common sense will be required to steer a course calculated to bring you safely through the turmoil. May your abilities be equal to the task, and history show a creditable performance on the part of all Northeasters. GEORGE H. EISENHARDT Vice Principal. TO THE CLASS OF TUNE, 1950: l wish to congratulate you on your graduation from Northeast. This is a great school, with a wonderful history inherited from its thousands of loyal graduates. You are now part of that group, ready to make your own place in the Community. Northeast graduates have been particularly loyal to this school. They have entered every profession, business and industry in all parts of the world, and they always keep NE first in their minds. This loyalty and high fidelity of our graduates has paved the way for you, and to a large extent has made your path easier. For, no matter where you go, you will find a Northeaster ready and willing to give you a helping hand. Now, the corollary to this, is for you, the present graduates, to continue to develop the same respect for Northeast among your genera- tion. You owe it to yourself, your classmates and future graduates to keep Northeast in its proper position in our society. Best regards! Sincerely, WALTER E. HOWARTH Vice Principal. Sevvn IQSIIRH CFRINO Co- IfkIiIoi"i1iAChieiI ,uns RICI-IARD GREENWOOD C'o-Editor-iii-Chief 6 D I 114 I QE-'V B 15, 'tu fy THOMAS SIMONTON Biographies Editor MARTIN PERLIVIUTTER Activifie-5 Edifor fi iv--' W' Km' PETER GEITI-INER Sports Editor WIIIIIAIVI DAVIDSON IACK SCHWARTZ Hiisiiwss Moiioqebr Typiliq Editor THE HHCHIVE SIHFI Co-Editors-in-Chief IOSEPI-I CERINO RICHARD GREENWOOD Biographies Editor Sports Editor THOMAS SIMONTON Activities Editor PETER GEITHNER MARTIN PERLMUTTER Sports SMH Assistant A A H S H FRANK KEssLER WILLIAM MARS IRWINCASEEER AO AQSEPH WRANATZ Bioqmphies SWA STANLEY NOREIKA FRANK BALDWIN IosEPH YACYK WILLIAM KAUFFMAN GQRMAN PIERCE IOHN HLANY ALBERT OLENICZAK RUSSELL DECHANT FRANK ADIJEMAN WILLIAM MCCLALN JAMES EACHLoR JACK HAWTHORNE JACK SIMIDSON ' ' A IACK SCI-IWAIQTZ Business Manager WILLIAM DAVIDSON Ni nu .15 MR. STEPHEN G. HALE MR. RAY MULLAN 'fm DR. SAMUEL V. GAP? 'JI Il- ll MR. NICI-ICDLAS GRANT MR. IOHN WESLEY RHOADS JOHN WLSLEY 'RHOADS MR. PHILIP SNYDER MR. LICONARD SILVERMAN lflezrn MR. DANIEL S. IACOBY MR. SAMUEL H. NICI-IOLSGN MR. ICDSEPH W. FITZGERALD x HISTURU UEPHIWHEHT MR. HARRY E. KRUG Depdrimeni Hecid Front Row: Messrs. Spencer Roland, Benimnin Scherzer, Rn- dolph Fc1lkenhoqen,l-larry Krug, Melvin Beidler, lohn W. Rhoods. Seoond Row: Messrs. Leopold Elkins, Flililli Sullivan, David Weiiilier'q, lrvinq Soslow, Morris Snnih, If1c'lc Weirier. Third Row: Henry Woqner, Moriin Minkns, Wclliei' Clorlc, Charles Twininq, William Dev- lin, Henry Weislmerq. ey ,, ixiwfw ENGLISH llEPHHlIllElll MR. GEGRGE MONTGOMERY Deporimeni Head Firsil?ow: Messr's.MilionGoi'dcii'i, Leon Roflc, Hurry Snyderiniin, Horner locolvs, George Moni- qoinery, Luther Ronck, Waller Coles, Nelson McGowan. Second Row: Messrs. Hurry Rose-nsiein, Benimnin Goldherq, Poul Zdrelu, Wdlier Kidney, Curl Heirn, lohn Boyd, Scnnnel Gunn, lomes Gordon. Third Row: Mesws. Morvils Konielc, Soul Katz, Williniiii Fcxhy, Mmnricve Cupnzxi, loseph Volqer. , , , 2 Q ew. SCIENCE DEPHRTIHEHT MR. WALTER LAPP D9IlGI'lIllPI1l Head l"1'o11l Now: Messrs. L. Sinilh, Knrl Brandi, L. B. Eiirhorf, Wniller L111111, W1ll1c1111 Winiuov, lQol1e1'l l3r11mll1111'y. liiivk Row: Messrs. l.9OI1f'li'd Silveriiinii, A. H, Alexilnder, Cluirlos Knopf, Leon Cohen, Sciiniiel Niclmlsoii, Furl William- Skill D 7i'fl1 I Clif' 'l'l1i1lu1'11 HIHTHEHIHTICS UEPHHTHIEHT MR. ABRAM PIWOSKI Department Heod Fronl Row: Messrs. Nicholcxs Grant, Byron King, Chorles Freedman, Lee Pennepocker, Abram Piwoski, Lawrence Bob- cock, Myer ROS6Illl'lCll, Tolmicis Hohn. Bock Row: Gerson Bockhoiii Winfield Moyer, Frank Bogie Phlllp Snyder, Hurry Woierbor Clyde Sims, Willioin Devlin 1 1 1 Miirroy Shrenk, Lewis Rofmon. lllElIHHllIlI HHTS DEPHRTHIEHT MR, CT. R. MURPHY lYlf'f'11I'lll1P'Ill Hemel Frmll Nwwg Dclmel lficroluy, VmvmllCluvvmelll,C-1rlSf1vc1qe, W. li. lllllillllvlfi, C. R. lvluryvldy, WllllllIIllNflL'EW1'lIl, ll1flsO1xFOlke1', Wlllll1lllWllSfJIl. fSw'u1:ll Rcvwi lmlm E. Horvullx, Allwrl FIi3l'llPl', AclGllnerl Heme- ummm, l,fWlllF l'lHVw1rq, lcufepll l'Jc:wlm, Eulwm Cmll, Rfmclfvlph Alxlwll,C'fl1r1r'lPsBm-lqley,Charles M-dllcmy, Enlwm Bllqms, lOl'm Kelly. Tlurxl Rwwg ljflVl4.l Dyer, Mme' WvllSfllllflllll,Clli1I'lESBf1llIl1llllET, l. WyrmQ111a,1lwy, lulncm Hwkok, Wlllllllll lvlcwxl, Slephen Hale, llmry llullrm, Clr'1renf'e Hlllclll- llmm, l"lferl:er'l WylI1e1'. . LK U VAJJ K ijaqmv , , I .1 f l V' W .ZM l"uz1rlcun Q.. E 1 1 l PHUSICHL Ellllllllllllll llEPHHllllElll MR. HARQLD GEIGES Depurlmenl Hecul Fronl Row: Messrs. Roy Mllllflll, Harry McK1m1ey, Hnrold Geiqm, Elmer Tluemss, Hfxrry Nelson, Russell Thompkms. Buck Row: Messrs. Plullp Swhf I19lCl6'I', Albert Wocvley, leslm' Qwens, Paul Hullclm, Robert Smith, Waller Sllmsrm, Glmlfxv Pqoclc. LHIIGUHGE DEPHHTHIEIIT DR. RICHARD ABRAHAM Depurlmenl Head Front Row: Messrs. Ricluxrd AlUY'I'Illl1IIl, William Anson, Charles Zimmerman Buck Row: Messrs. Howural Hemel, Roland Doane, Charles GC1I'klIl9I', A. G. ElFl'1ellHerqer, s Fruclfmler. fl l f,l1MQ,, X ..,. lv '1- N l 1 MR. PAUL DUFFIELD MR. FRANCIS MURPHY I "ijh'cn HIUSIC UEPHHTHIEHT fi? f.i?SgE5I,ff 1 Iii NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL NEIL ABRAMS 3021 West Dakota Street PAUL ANGEL ,, ,, , 2528 Front Street Duke Iournalist .. ,, ,, ,, Doc To be successful You can bet me .. , . , 4 , , I Where there s a will there s Neil was a familiar sight to Q WQYH everyone at Northeast. He was always smiling and joking with everyone. Some of his activities while at Northeast were being a mem- ber of the Traffic Squad, the Spanish Club and an honor student. Neil will be re- membered by his friends long after he leaves Northeast. LEONARD ABRAMSON 1541 South Fifth Street "Lenny" Doctor "How-now brown cow" Lenny's good disposition will long be remembered by his fellow students. Some of Lenny's activities at Northeast were Alternate twice, member of the Lunchroom Squad, and manager of the Track Team. FRANK ADELMAN 2544 North Twenty-Eighth St. "Little Caesar" Engineer "Man, ldigthattothe ound" Frank afriend fevery- one and enem f no one at Nort e of his activit' a theast were the 3 taff, Traffic Squp , U. N. E., Senate, Libpbry S d, Lunchroom Squad, - varsity Track Team. Prank was well- known both by the students and the teachers. LEE ALEXANDER 4520 Teesdale Street "Alex" Builder Lee made a friend of every- one he met because of his pleasing personality. He will be remembered by his friends long after he has graduated from Northeast. Some of his activities while at Northeast included being a member of the Traffic Squad and the Library Squad. 1 Paul's activities at North- east included being a mem- ber of the Band, Traffic Squad, and Alternate. His hobby is being a bandleader. His happy ways are a familar thing around Northeast. Paul was always laughing and joking with his friends. HARRY ARCHIBALD 3960 Richmond Street "Archie" Engineer "You know" Harry was a well-known and liked boy around North- east. He was a good student and received high marks in all his studies. His activities at Northeast included being a member of the Baseball Team and the Traffic Squad. LJ THOMAS D. ASHE 'W' 3447 Shelmire Avenue Eighteen "Ace" Success "Smart play" Tom was a very popular boy around Northeast. He always had a happy word for his friends. His school work was very good and he was always ready to help his friends in it. His activities at Northeast were Traffic Squad captain and honor student. He left a lasting impression. IAMES BACHELOR 219 West Girard Avenue "Jimmie" Civil engineer "Yeah" limmie's happy face was a familiar sight around North- east. He was known by most of the Northeast students. His activities while at North- east included being a mem- ber of the Archive Staff, the Megaphone Staff and the Traffic Squad. Because of his outsideactivities, limmiecould not participate in sports at Northeast. CLASS OF IUNE 1950 RUSSELL S. BACHMAN 5922 Cottage Street "Russ" Electrical engineer "lt could be worse." Russ won his NE for out- standing work on the Pole Vaulting Team. He helped lead the 1949 team to an easy Championship and came within inches of breaking the record. He will long be re- membered by his fellow stu- dents. He was also active around Northeast serving as a Traffic Squad captain, and on the Lunchroom Squad. JAY A. BAKER 2042 North Thirteenth Street "Buddy" To own a house "Hello!" Buddy was well-known around Northeast for the cheer he brought to his friends. He was never with a frown. He never had a bad word for anyone. His hobby is collecting keys. Among his activities at North- east were the Traffic Squad and Track Team. FRANK BALDWIN 7242 Walker Street "Burr" Teacher "Hey, Rover!" During his stay at North- east, Frank was an active fellow, being a member of the Foreign Policy Association, Megaphone, Archive, U.N.- N.E., Spanish Club, Lunch- room Squad, Music Com- mittee, and the Honor Section. He also played on the lay- Vee Basketball Team. A day at Northeast would not have been complete without a wisecrack from Burr. ALBERT C. BARLOW 2420 North Third Street "Al" Auto mechanic UNO., Al's friendly smile was a familiar thing around North- east. He will long be re- membered by his friends after he leaves Northeast. His activities included being a member of the Traffic Squadg his hobby and favorite pastime is fishing. Qt Ola N i neleen EDWARD EVERETT BARLOW 2871 Jasper Street "Ed" Engineer "How about that." Ed's activities around Northeast ' clu being a member o raffic Squad, th 'r i-Y, the varsity l Team, and the Crew. d got along with everybody he met. He will be re- membered long after he graduates from Northeast. RONALD H. BARRATT 4311 Loring Street "Ron" Farmer "Confound it." Because of his time spent at Agricultural school, Ron could not participate in any activities at Northeast. His hobby is playing with birds and dogs. ln the time that he was here at Northeast, he acquired many friends who will always remember him. RUSSELL PETER BATIS 120 West Montgomery Ave. "Russ" Engineer "Hi-ya, Sam." Russ was a well-known fellow about school. He had many friends throughout his stay at Northeast. Some of his activities at Northeast were captain of the Traffic Squad, Executive Committee, and a member of the Honor Class. He will long be remembered by his friends. CHARLES DONALD BAXTER 2453 North Newkirk Street "Fast buck" Pro athlete "Slow down, lack." Charles will long be re- membered at Northeast. He was one of the top men in the 1949 Championship Pole Vaulting Team, He was a member of the team for three seasons. Some of his other activities at Northeast in- cluded being a member of the Swimming Team, lieu- tenant of the Traffic Squad, Football Team, and Senator. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL TOHN I. BECK 2813 North Second Street "Jackson" To retire "Elementary, Watson." lohn was a well-known student around Northeast. He was known for his joking ways. He always had his friends laughing. His hobby is shipbuilding. Some of his activities at Northeast were member of the Traffic Squad, member of the Executive Com- mittee, and honor student. RONALD BECKER 4929 North Sixth Street "Beck" Merchant Marine "Holy cowl" Ronald was a well-known figure around Northeast. He was everybody's friend, and was an honor Student. His activities around Northeast included being a member of the Traffic Squad, and the cadet Baseball Team. The friends he has made at Northeast are friends that he will always keep. WENDELIN 1. BECKER 314 West Somerville Avenue 'tWindy" Coach "Could be." Windy was a friend of everybody as he was always laughing. He will be re- membered by all of his friends long after he leaves Northeast. His activities at Northeast included being t.he captain of the Lunchroom Squad, Senator, cadet Foot- ball, varsity Baseball Team, and manager of the Baseball Team. IRVIN T. BE1DLEMAN 3209 Friendship Street "Irv" Metallurgist "What do ya say, man?" 1rv's happy disposition is one of the things that will be remembered by his friends and fellow students. He al- ways has a smile on his face. His activities included being an Alternate for two years, a member of the Library Squad, Traffic Squad, and he was an active member of the Circle Hi'Y. Irv's hobbies are girls and fishing. He also received a Senate Award. 9? X 'ull l ,i S h" X t Twenty FRANK LOUIS BELSITO 1043 West Orleans Street "Bell" Claim agent "Check out." Frank's smiling face was a familiar thing to the students of Northeast. His friends ranged from the "A" class to the "F" class. Frank was the president of the Circle Hi-Y, a member of the varsity Basket- ball Team, and the Traffic Squad. FRANK BENNETT 628 West Cayuga Street "Biff" Teacher "Keep fighting." Frank was a well-known figure around Northeast. He made friends with everyone. Some of his activities, while at Northeast, were being a member of the Traffic Squad, the Executive Committee and the Basketball Team. Frank will be remembered by his fellow students long after he graduates from Northeast. IRVING H. BERKOWITZ 2422 North Dover Street "Skeeter" Organic chemist "Greetings!" Irving was a well-known figure around Northeast. He was a smart boy in his classes but not a high-hat. He was always willing to help a friend in need. His activities at Northeast included being a member of the Megaphone Staff and the Traffic Squad. ERNEST BERRINGER 4212 Frost Street "Ernie" Success HA little bit." Ernie was an active mem- ber of the Archive Staff, Traffic Squad, and the Lunch- room Music Committee. His popularity was proved by the fact that he was elected Senator. Five of his six terms at Northeast were spent in the Honor Section. Ernie had a fine record at Northeast and we are all sure he will realize his ambition. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 IOSEPH E. BINTNER 654 East Sangor Street "Little loe" Electrician "Rough life, isn't it?" Little loe always had a smile and pleasant word for his classmates at Northeast. We are all hoping loe will be- come a successful electrician. LORENZO BISHOP 1531 North Nineteenth Street "Renzo" Disc jockey "How's the going?" Renzo's happy voice was a familiar sound in Northeast. He was always smiling. Some of his activities at Northeast included being a member of the Track Team, the Table Tennis Team twice, and the Junior Varsity Basketball Team. N IRVIN E. BLACKMAN 2214 West Cumberland Street "Sleepy" Lawyer "What's happening?" lrv's happy disposition is one of the things that will long be remembered by his friends at Northeast. Some of his activities at Northeast were being a member of the Tennis Team and the Traffic Squad. His hobby is partici- pating in sports. THEODORE FRANK BOHN 1809 Kinsey Street "Ted" Television "Hi-ya, sport." Ted was a popular fellow around Northeast. His hobby is participation in sports. Some of his activities while at Northeast included being a member of the Traffic Squad. Ted will be remembered by his friends at Northeast many years after he is graduated. THOMAS E. BOILEAU 7212 Montour Street "Tom" Navy career "l know one t ing." Tom was a frie of every- body at N t a ' 'He had 51 smile an a p y rd tar ev is will e- m by ,al his s. Q Tom's ' ' ities at rthe in lp being a mem o i8'Varsity Base- bal , , lunior Varsity B Team, Cadet Foot- ball Team, Senator, Alter- nate, Library Squad, and Senate Store assistant. RAYMOND 1. BONNERS 2963 East Thompson Street "Ray" Game warden "Check out." Ray was probably one of the most active boys at North- east. His activities included co-captain of the Track Team, Cross-Country Team, class Sena tor, ExecutiveCommittee, Lunchroom Squad, Library Squad, captain of Traffic Squad, chairman of Traffic Squad, School Decoration Committee, Circle Hi-Y, and Alternate. ROBERT F. BOOTH 6751 Ditman Street "Boothie" Engineer "What do ya say there?" Robert's stay at Northeast will be a long remembered one. His activities at North- east included being a mem- ber of the Honor Class, Soc- cer Team and lieutenant of the Traffic Squad. He was a friend of all of his teachers and will long be remembered by his fellow students. He al- ways had a happy word for everyone. WM. R. BORNASCHELLA 411 Fanshawe Street "Barney" Auto mechanic "See ya in church." Barney was a friend of everybody at Northeast. He was always joking with every- body. Because of outside reasons he could not engage in any activities at Northeast. His hobby is making money. Twenty-One NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL JOSEPH HENRY BOSS 5916 Tabor Avenue "Bessie" Be a millionaire "That's the way the ball rolls." Joe is a friend of everyone at Northeast. His hobby is sleeping. His activities at Northeast included being on the Traffic Squad. Joe hopes to be a millionaire playboy when he graduates from Northeast. THOMAS MICHAEL BOYLE 2447 East Garnet Street "Tom" Building trade Tom was well-liked by all of his friends at Northeast. His activities while at North- east included being a mem- ber of the Traffic Squad. He will be remembered by his friends long after he gradu- ates from Northeast. S ,r , S 55 ., of JOHN FRANCIS BRADY 1122 Rockland Street "Irish" To be a millionaire "That was close." John was a well-known fellow at Northeast. He was always smiling. His favorite pastime was roller skating. Some of his activities at Northeast included being a member of the Circle Hi-Y and the Traffic Squad. He will be remembered by his friends long after he has graduated. ELMER R. BRANYAN 3024 Ormes Street "Elmo" Com. navigator "All the time." "Elmo" was an active member of the Northeast Traffic Squad. His hobby is various types of sports. We are sure Elmo will realize his ambition. If X xaxx GEORGE C. BRAUNS 2077 East Monmouth Street "Bud" Accounting "Oh yeah." Bud's smiling face was a familiar sight at Northeast. He was a hard working stu- dent. His activities while at Northeast included being an usher at the Northeast Revue. Bud will be remembered by his friends at Northeast long after he graduates. LLOYD BREWER, IR. 2143 East Rush Street "Hipster" Businessman "Coolyourself,smallchangef' Because of outside activi- ties, Lloyd could not partici- pate in any activities while at Northeast. His chief inter- ests are boxing and other sports. He has a very pleas- ing personality and his friends at Northeast will remember him. JOSEPH FRANKLIN BRIGGS 6838 Marsden Street "Briggs" Office work "What do you say, fellow?" Joe's friendly disposition makes him one of the best friends a fellow can have. His activities while at North- east included being an Alter- nate for two terms and being a member of the Traffic Squad. His hobby is collect- ing recordings. Joe will be remembered long after he leaves Northeast. GERALD BRODSKY 3200 West Arizona Street "Jerry" To be a success "Take it easy, Champ." Because of outside athletic activities, Jerry was unable to take part in sports at North- east. He was well-liked at Northeast by his fellow stu- dents and will be remembered long after graduation. His activities at Northeast in- cluded being his class Sen- ator, on the Traffic Squad, and chairman of the Announcing Committee. Twenty-Two CLASS OF JUNE 1950 EDWARD IACOB BRYNER 5203 Oakland Street "Ace" Engineer "I shall not resign, Mr Rho dsl" w s v p r is sta e sf, serving as ernate, an usher at graduation, and spending five terms in the Honor Section. Ed was also a member of the Foreign Policy Association. Outside of school, he takes an active part in the Order of De Molay. of JM-A ROBERT W. BRYSON 254 East Ontario Street "Bob" To make a million "You ain't just whistling Dixie" Bob was a very popular boy during his stay at North- east. His favorite hobby is fishing. Bob participated in sports outside of school. He will be long remembered by his classmates. IULIUS BUCHHOLZ 2828 Overington Street "Sonny" Build own home "Okay." lulius was a well-known fellow around Northeast. He had many friends during his stay at Northeast. His hobby is building models. Some of his activities included being a member of the Traffic Squad, and the lunior Varsity Base- ball Team. STANLEY E. BUDINSKY 2415 Meredith Street "Stash" Flying a plane "Hurry up." Stash was a very popular fellow with the Northeast students. His hobby is play- ing basketball. Some of his activities while at Northeast included being a member of the Stage Crew and the Traffic Squad. Stash will be remembered by his friends at Northeast long after he grad- uates. 6 00 Twenty-Three THEODORE BURK 249 East Mayfield Street "Ted" Photographer Ted is known by everyone at Northeast. His hobby is photography. Some ot Ted's activities at Northeast in- cluded being a member of the Gym Team, the Soccer Team, and the Traffic Squad. Ted will be remembered by his friends long after he gradu- ates from Northeast. WILLIAM HARRY BUSSEMER 2094 East Pickwick Street "Buss" Cartoonist "To work is to succeed." The above saying has been put into practice by Buss. He was art editor of both the Megaphone and Archive. In his spare time he practices drawing ot cartoons. We are sure he will realize his ambi- tion. CHARLES DANIEL CAHALL 4824 Melrose Street - "Whitey" Auto mechanic "What do you say?" Many of the fellows dldn't have time to participate in extra-curricular activities. ws was true of Whitey. We ghim success in his ambi- ti' to become an automobile mechanic. VINCENT CAPPELLO 2805 North Twenty-Fifth Street "Vint" Sax in name band "You'll get over that." Although he took some time off for the Gym Team, in which he became accom- plished in tumbling, Vint's main interest was the Wood- land String Band. He also took part in the Revue and was elected an Alternate. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL THOMAS I. CAROLAN 3227 North Marston Street "Stud" To be a great lover "Now wait a minute!" Tom was very popular and well-liked around Northeast. He was active as a Senator, Alternate, and a member of the Traffic Squad. He partic- ipated in the famous North- east Revue. Stud will be re- membered as a true North- easter. LE ROY CASTAN 617 Levick Street "Castan" Mechanic Here it comes. Many fellows had interest- ing hobbies, but Castan's was about the most unusual. Rais- ing hamsters is indeed unusual for a high school stu- dent, but we imagine it could be profitable. He did, how- ever, find some time away from his pets to maintain his studies and serve on the Locker Squad. RICHARD CASTAN 2417 East Hazzard Street "Dick" Gym teacher "That's right." Although spending most of after-school hours engaging in athletics, being co-captain of the Gym Team and a mem- ber of the Track Team, Dick found time to serve his school on the Traffic Squad and was also elected class Senator. His popularity extended to the Original Hi-Y in which he was chaplain. IOSEPI-I CERINO 2862 N, Twenty-Seventh St. "Ice" Gentleman of leisure "Check out." Ice is truly cne of North- east's sons. As co-editor-in- chief of the Archive and news editor of the Megaphone, he proved his journalistic abili- ties. His other extra-curric- ular activities included the lnterscholastic League, Lunchroom Music Committee, Rotary Club, Circle Hi-Y, Northeast-Kensington Dance Committee, Senate, and the Spanish Club. He received a Senate Award and spent his senior year in the Honor Section. ' wx 1 'Twenty-F our LOUIS E. CHARTOCK 2078 East Cumberland Street "Lou" Medical Doctor "Drift." Lou was well-liked by his classmates in his stay at Northeast. He was a mem- ber of the U.N.N.E., Camera Club, Tennis Team, Stamp Club, and the Traffic Squad. Lou also spent three years in the Honor Section. His ambi- tion is to be a doctor and we assume he shall succeed. WILLIAM C. CLOPPER H862 Bustleton Avenue "Clip" To be a success "Dad-blame." It's a great asset to be able to take your car apart and fix what might be wrong with it. Such was Clip's hobby, and we understand that he was quite accomplished in it. He also served his class in the capacity of Alternate. WILLIAM COCO 4208 North Franklin Street "Coke" Gym teacher A natural athlete, as was exemplified by the fact that he won three varsity letters in Gym. Coke was also popular with classmates, be- ing elected class Senator and to the Executive Com- mittee. A true Northeaster, he was prominent in the Re- vue, and served on the Traffic Squad and Lunchroom Music Committee. ARNOLD A. COHEN 1934 North Thirty-Second St. "Professor" To be a success "Howdy friend." Many boys in our class feel that their greatest achieve- ment is reaching the "A" class, among them is Pro- fessor. Pcpular with the fellows he was twice elected class Alternate. fir - I 'Q CLASS OF JUNE 1950 LEONARD COHEN 2531 North Douglas Street "I'Ienny" To be a success "Work hard, pal." Althoughstartinghiscareer at Northeast in the Honor Section, Henny later left that group. His main interest was fixing cars. If he heeds his favorite saying, we're sure his ambition will be realized. RAYMOND ANTHONY COLA 3856 North Fairhill Street "Coke" Bookkeeper "Why don't you stop it?" One of the many loyal sports fans of Northeast, Coke's interest extended to the Senate Plays and Revues, but most of his after-school hours were spent in the bowl- ing alley. Although his am- bition is bookkeeping, we feel he will have to teach mathe- matics on the side. ROBERT WARREN COOPER "Coop" Successful "Oh yea, that right?" Big Coop always took it easy around school, never rushing here and there like the little freshmen. His hobby is, like the favorite outdoor sport of many, fishing. He fulfills his ambition by devot- ing much time to his hobby. Coop also played on the championship freshman Baseball Team. FRANCIS I. COZZO, IR. 2129 South Nineteenth Street "Frank" Accountant "You're a clown." Football, basketball, and baseball took up most of Frank's time. Although he was never acclaimed as some athletes are, he played considerably onthe sandlots of Phila. Frank was elected Alternate and also served on the Traffic Squad. With a little push, we're sure he will fulfill his ambition. Wi, 0 Twenty-Five WILLIAM CRONIN 43 East Silver Street "Bill" To be a success "Can you prove it?" Many fellows like various sports, but not everybody can make the team. Bill followed all of Northeast's sports events with great interest and con- tributed greatly to the out- standing characteristics of sportsmanship for which our school is noted. He also wrote for the Megaphone. He is a true Northeaster. CARLTON S. CUPPS 2857 North Bambrey Street "Carl' Auto mechanic "Come on, will ya!" The main interest of many of the fellows in our class is "fixing up cars." As this applies to Carl also, it ap- pears that the new car busi- ness is doomed. He also likes baseball and hopes someday to become a pro. Around NE he served on both the Traffic and Locker Squads. ALBERT DAMIANO "Al" To be a success "Have fun." Popular song recordings is one of the large industries in the United States and many of his friends believe that Al is responsible for it. Collect- ing these popular records takes up most of his time Cand moneyl. Al also was active in the dance class at our sister school, in the Stage- craft Club, and served as Senator and Alternate. RICHARD A. DARDEN IBS2 North Franklin Street "Dick" To be a success "We're going to miss you around here." One of the most widely dis- cussed problems around school, of course, was girls. Dick was no exception, rating them along with cars fthey go togetherl as his main interests. He was active in the dance class at Kensington and also served on the Traffic Squad. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL IRVING DAROFF 2616 North Thirtieth Street "Irv" Radio engineer "Prove it." Behind the desk in the library could often be seen Irv's brown hair and fair complexion. As an active member of the Library Squad, he contributed much to his school. He also served on the Megaphone and Traffic Squads. WILLIAM DAVIDSON 2737 North Eleventh Street "Davy" Chemistry "What's that about PB '?" An active member of the Megaphone and Archive Staffs, Davy's main interests seem to be in Journalism. However, his hobbies are stamp-collecting and chemis- try. Popular with the fellows, he was appointed delegate to both the Phila. Public Schol- astic Press Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. IAMES DAVIS 2205 East Hagert Street "Iimmy" Be a cop "How's the boy?" Although Iimmy did not take part in any activities at Northeast, he was a good student. His favorite pastimes are eating and hating women. RUSSELL G. DECHANT 2232 North Eighteenth Street "Russ" Electrical engineer "How are you doin'?" Besides being popular, Russ was perhaps the most active fellow in the class. He was ci member of the Orches- tra, Band, Swing Band, All- Senior High Orchestra and Band, Spanish Club, Kens- ington Dance Club. Russ was also a member of the Honor Section, Lunchroom Squad, and Archive Staff. With this background, Russ is sure to be a success. . 4: :x s,-Ci i ' ':1 t ta R-Xx HAROLD DEELEY 2948 North Hancock Street "Hal" Professional skater "Drop dead." They say practice makes perfect. With all the skating Hal does on the side, he should be just about ready to step into a professional spot. Popular with the fellows, he also used his skating ability to attract the opposite sex. IOHN C. DE LEONE Paguessing Avenue Somerton, Pa. "Ponce" Motorist "Hey, jerk." Although having the name of a famous Spanish explorer, Ponce was by no means inter- ested in exploring the deep, dark secrets of life. He is easy going, and well-liked by most of the fellows who know him. Elected class Senator, Ponce also acted in the Revue. EDWARD IOSEPH DENI 3415 F Street "Moose" Resort worker "There she goes." Popular with the fellows, Moose had that natural ap- pearence and charm to make ci hit with the girls also. His hobby of dancing certainly didn't hinder his relations any. We hope he will find some work when not fulfilling his ambition. .dj x FR CISCO DIAZ 2802 East Memphis Street 'Frank' i weightlifter On W SUT6 WI in his Twenty-Six 3' CLASS OF JUNE 1950 ROBERT DICKSON 3114 Friendship Street "Bob" Engineer "Well what d'ya know!" A quiet likeable fellow, Bob spent most of his time playing and following baseball. He hopes to someday become an engineer. We wish him lots of luck. ROLAND DIGGS 1848 North Ringgold Street "Fry" Success "Hey, my man," Fry was a member of the varsity Fencing Team and also manager. He played freshman Football, and also served this school community as lieutenant of the Traffic Squad, and on the Lunch- room Committee. If he con- tinues to persevere, we're sure he will be a success. FRANCO DIIOLS 1632 North Thirteenth Street "Sloco" Happiness 'Say there." An active member of the Traffic Squad, Sloco was good enough to make the second Table Tennis Team. His popularity among his classmates brought him the position of Alternate. Sloco also spent much time roller skating. WILLIAM DOUGHERTY 1651 Pratt Street "Doc" Radio announcer "I-low about that?" A sports hobbyist, Doc, as he was called by most of the fellows, spent a lot of time dancing. He became quite popular with the opposite sex because of this. With the voice Doc has, we're sure he'll make a fine radio announcer. VT Uri X 1 -I Twenty-Seven ' ..-XXV WALTER H. DRAYTON 1740 North Park Avenue "Muscles" Auto designer "T'aint necessarily so." A member of the Traffic Squad, he also played center on the freshman Football Team, where his nickname, Muscles, originated. He is one of the few fellows whose hobby and ambition coincide, and we hear Mr. Ford is waiting for Muscles' grad- luation to ink a contract with lm. ROBERT IOSEPH DREXLER 1252 Brighton Street "Drex" Corp. President "Hey, there." Some say that if your boat sinks you will swim whether or not you can. lf this is the reason for Drex's swimming ability, more of us should try it. He won three varsity letters in Swimming, and his main interest is boats. I ELMER C. DUCKIN LD 2320 Coral Stre "Duke" To be a success "Hi-ya, Bub." A member of the Honor Section early in his NE life, Duke always showed great interest in sports. He was one of Northeast's staunchest sup- porters, and got a great deal of pleasure watching our various sports events. If he applies himself to his saying, we guarantee success. JAMES DAVID DUNNFEE lO38 West Indiana Avenue "Big lim" Engineer "Gee whiz!" A scholar and a gentle- man, Big lim, as most of his friends called him, was a true Northeaster. He was elected class Senator and also was on the Table Tennis Team. ff.. li NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM FREDERICK DUNN 2137 East Cumberland Street "Dunny" Artist "Are you for real?" Many fellows who noticed the posters around school for the Revues and Senate Plays, didn't realize the work behind them. To Dunny we express our appreciation for the hours he put in working on them. To him we are in- debted for much of the success of these shows. JAMES FRANCIS EGAN, IR. 1124 East Tioga Stree "Butch" Meat tter "Let's go " .I With a 'ntere q hobby of photogl-?Dh tch has spent 61 g eat eal ei. time taking'kpictuiQ of nature. He was a iilember of the Press Photo Club and served on the Megaphone and Archive Staffs? We wish a great deal of luckxtq Butch in the butch- ery business. IAMES ROBERT EARLEY 6916 Keystone Street "1 ake" Make a living "What d'ya say!" Like many Northeasters, Iake took a great deal ot in- terest in our sports activities. His main activity outside of school was to get a team to- gether and play whatever sport happened to be in sea- son. Iake also served on the Traffic Squad. LOUIS CHARLES EBERLE 4117 North Franklin Street "Louie" Television field "Oh gee whiz." If he is as good in his hobby as in acting, the pants of the family will be worn by the op- posite sex. Louie's hobby is cooking and acting in Senate Plays and Revues. He also was elected secretary of the "B" class, and served on the Traffic Squad. if EVAN C. ECKERT 1344 Gillingham Street "Eck" Travel "You know it." An outdoorsman, Eck and several of his buddies spent many memorable weekends camping. He declares there's nothing like a good outdoor life. Eck also served on the Traffic Squad and was elected to the Executive Committee. 1-Ie'll have to earn a little money though, to fulfill his ambition. WILLIAM H. ECKHARDT 3252 Hurley Street "Eck" Travel "Hey, Ace." For a fellow to play three years of varsity Soccer at Northeast is quite an achieve- ment. Eck spends most of his time playing soccer, as his record shows, and has be- come quite accomplished at the sport. It seems that in playing soccer he doesn't travel enoughg he still wants to do more of it. He should j, have joined the Cross-Coun- try Team. Nt! tail' Oli IOHN IOSEPH EINHAUS Twenty-Eight 4247 North Reese Street "lay" Merchant Marine "All rightie." One of those fellows who likes to play football the year 'round, I ay has to diversify his sports, for the reason that there's nobody to play foot- ball in the summer. He took an active part in dramatics while at N. E., being in the Senate Play and Revue. IO1-IN EISMONT 2102 North Ninth Street "Iohnny" Missionary "Take a week off," Having one of the most wholesome ambitions, we wish Iohnny a lot of luck in it. He was fairly active around the school, serving as captain of the Traffic Squad and as Senator and Alternate of his class. Most of his time out of school was spent in playing basketball. WV, WANNA" CLASS OF IUNE 1950 DAVID REGINALD ELLIS 5014 North Sixteenth Street "Dave" State Police "Yeah." Another muscleman of our class, Dave could often be seen on the second floor lift- ingweights. Healsobelonged to the Weightlifting Club. This hobby should build him up physically to obtain his desired job in the police department. ALPHONSO EPPS 1845 Toney Street "Eppy" Surgical doctor Eppy was very active in his stay at Northeast. He was a member of the Swimming, Gym, and Fencing Teams. He was also active outside the athletic field, being a member of the Lunchroom Squad. Alphonso would like to continue his studies until he has a Dr. in front of his name. 'A 0 ' , I -- WILLIAM HENRY ERKERT 4126 Howell Street "Erk" Construction work "Hey, Buster." The organization that was appreciated by the student body was the Stage Crew. Erk was a member of the organization and did much to maintain the proper functioning of our stage. His time outside of school was spent mostly indulging in sports. RAYMOND CARL ERNST 4048 Neilson Street "Ray" Success "lust my typeifemalef' Ray was well-liked by his classmates while at North- east. He was a member of the U.N.N.E., Honor Section, Lunchroom Squad, and Lunchroom Music Committee. Ray's hobby is photography and he spends considerable time at it. To Ray we wish all the success in the world. If N Xyxs. Twenty-N i ne RALPH CHARLES ESTERLY 3543 Stouton Street "Es" Success "You don't say?" Ralph was held in high re- gard as a friend and athlete by his classmates. He loves the outdoors, and hunting and fishing are his favorite pas- times. During his stay at Northeast, Ralph served on the Traffic Squad and as an Office Aide. He also spent three years in the Honor Sec- tion. To Ralph we wish loads of success. IOHN N. FAFALIOS 3114 North Seventh Street "John" To be a doctor "Hello there." Homework is regarded by many as a drudgery or a necessary evil. Iohn even goes as far as to classify it as his occupation or hobby. We're glad he likes it because if he is to attain an M. D. degree, he'll have plenty of it to do. I - ,I 4, ROBERT H. FEINDT 303 Gifham Street "Feindto" ' Landscaper f'You said it!" Robert's favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. He spends most of his spare time following these interesting pastimes when they are in season. WILLIAM R. FENSTERMAKER 4440 Shelmire Avenue "Fence" Success "I don't know!" Bill was quite a student at Northeast, being on the Honor Roll every term. He was quite popular with his classmates, too. While at Northeast, Bill spent his time in the Honor Section building quite a reputation for himself. He also served as an Office Aide. With his fine record, he is sure to be a success. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL ALEXANDER A. FERRARA 2710 East Somerset Street "Perry" Executive "Hi, Ziggy!" Alex has the very fine hob- by of stamp collecting, which always keeps him on the look- out for new American and foreign stamps. He also has actively participated in our student government as a Senator and has taken part on the school Traffic Squad. day? RALPH E. FIELD 463 East Cheltenham Avenue "Ralph" Be successful Ralph's main enjoyment is to sit down and watch a good television show. He also en- joys stamp collecting and carries this into his school life by taking an active part in the Northeast Stamp Club. ELI FILDES 3553 Oakmont Avenue "Barney" Engineer "How are you doing?" Eli is a very diligent worker. Being a member of the The- atrical Electrical Crafts Club keeps him very busy while he is in school, as he takes care of the lighting in the auditor- ium and the public address system. His crew also helps to make our Senate Plays and Revues the successes they are by taking charge of coloring and lighting. THOMAS I-I. FIRTI-I 3019 B Street "Tom" To get ahead "HowdyI" Tom has the fascinating hobby cf building model air- planes. So if you want to know anything about air- power, don't ask Arthur God- freyg ask Tom! N Mere! Thirty WILLIAM P. FISCHER 4058 Howland Street "Bill" Go to college "What's a matter?" Bill has been an active member of the Traffic Squad. His pleasing personality made him many sincere friends while at Northeast. e?,",,1"f-' " I x" ' ff! THEODORE FOX l3l2 Hellerman Street "Ted" Salesman "Man, you said it!" Ted is kept very busy by being a Distributive Educa- tion representative. Al- though he is very active in this, he has still found time to take part in our Senate and Revues, and also student government as a Senator and Alternate. He served on the Traffic Squad and also found time to be a member of the Iunior Varsity Football Team. HYMAN FRANK 2434 North Thirty-Second St. "Hym" To study medicine "Oh yeah!" Although Hyman has never found time to go out for any- thing because of working after school, he is a very proficient student, and is very willing to help his classmates when they are in need of assistance in their school work. DONALD E. FREDERICKS 3657 North Eleventh Street "Duckey" Businessman Donald has a very popular sport as a hobby. He is very adept at the intricacies of ice skating and roller skating. He enjoys this hobby very much and indulges in it as much as possible. While in school he is a member of the Traffic Squad and a very earnest student. CLASS OF SEYMOUR FREEDMAN 3140 West Berks Street "Sam" College "Very good." Sam, while at Northeast, could always be seen with a friendly smile on his face. Because of this, he was well- liked by everyone. Sam spent three yearsin the Honor Section and was a member ot the U.N.N.E. We are sure that no matter what Sam attempts, he will be a success. FREDERICK P. FREY, IR. 2920 North Bambrey Street "Fred" Forest ranger "Thettown's jumpin'!" Fred has the very quiet and educational hobby of reading. He reads all types ot literature, ranging from westerns to classical writings, and he spends all his spare time curled up in a comfort- able position reading a good book. NICHOLAS GABALY 254 Richmond Street "Nick" Become rich "I don't know!" Nicholas likes to make money and since there is only one way to make money legally, he does it. He works hard and diligently after school hours. He is also quite a fine student in school. RICHARD W. GABRIEL ll2l Cottman Avenue "Rick" Ballplayer Richard is a very ardent sports tan and is up to date on all sports, professional and amateur. He is a fine student and a very loyal Northeaster. I U N E 1 9 5 O JAMES F. GALLAGHER 3129 Kensington Avenue "Bud" Corporation owner "Ycu're a phoney!" Iames came to Northeast from North Catholic in his junior year. He has been an exceptionally fine student throughout school. WILLIAM GALLAGHER 2821 North Ninth Street "Beagle" Electrician "Yo geeg!" William enjoys electricity and is always tinkering with electrical gadgets. He is also a fine student in school. xN W X IUTTEE T. GARTH 2243 North Twenty-First St. "Slim" Dentist "Wahtcha say, prez!" Iuttee is very athletic and has been a member of the Track Team, Cross-Country Team, and Iunior Varsity Basketball. He has also been active in school affairs, being a member of the Traffic and Lunchroom Squads and a Library Aide. He has taken active part in school govern- ment by being an Alternate and a Senator. While doing all these things he has been a member of the Bible Club. NN NX DONALD R. GEISLER IOOI West Dauphin Street "Fritz" See the world "Yeah!" Donald is a very ardent sports fan and keeps track ot all sports the year 'round. He is also a very fine automobile mechanics student. Thirty-One NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL De FOREST T. GASKINS l827 North Eighteenth Street "Dede" Draftsman "You win itl" De Forest's favorite hob- bies are football, basketball, and baseball. He has car- ried these hobbies into his school life by going out for these teams. He has also been manager of the Track Team and a member of the Traffic Squad. ALBERT I. GEISS 3853 Elsinore Street "Al" Traveler "Get off my ear." Albert has a very fine hobby of building model air- planes and is very interested in air as a medium of travel. While he was in school he was on the Traffic Squad. s -s .y I JAMES -t-1 ms K P 58 la Street. ll 'llim" A liitect XKT 's what I say ' I l' s has a Jinferesting ho yg it's a m cal one. He plays the dr s and is very good e is a fine stu- dent ands a very helpful person. HARRISON M. GINDHART 1330 East Palmer Street "Gillie" To be prosperous "Look at that!" Harrison is a very popular fellow and his favorite hobby is dancing. He has been an Alternate in school govern- ment and a member of the color-guard for the school Band. F. GEORGE GEITER ,Q ' 4552 North Mole Street ,- l "Fred" Photo-engraver JN "You know ii." Z g George has been active in W4 WILLIAM H. GIST school government serving as 2318 West Oxford Street Senator and member of the "Billy" Contractor Senate Executive Committee, a school representative to the Interscholastic League. He is a member of the Circle Hi-Y, on the Traffic Squad, Lunchroom Squad, Mega- phone' Distribution, and chairman of the Senate Awards Committee. While ddng -all these things, he has been a member of the varsity Track and Cross-Country Teams. PETER F. GEITHNER 7244 Forrest Avenue "Pete" College "Game today?" Pete was a typical North- easter being a standout ath- lete and an honor student. He was a member of the Tribunal, Honor Section, Honor Society, President of the Original Hi-Y, member of the Foreign Policy Association, Alternate, and Sports Editor of the Archive. Pete played lay- Vee and varsity Basketball making the All-Public Team. He was also Vice President of the "A" and "B" classes. 'Thirty-Two "Hey prez, you're on the kick." William is fond of all sports and enjoys dancing very much. He has been in stu- dent government and has also been a member of the Traffic Squad. He is a friendly fellow and a fine student. IOHN R. GIZARA 3039 Gaul Street "Geezer" Electrician "Whatcha say?" Iohn has been a member of the varsity Gym Team and has gone out for pole vaulting on the Track Team. He has also been a player in the Revue. He is that fine combination, a scholar and athlete. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 FREDERICK GLOZEK 2224 Orthodox Street JOHN l- GOODH-ART ..FmZ.. Doctor 549 Kerper Street ..ThGt.S rig .. "lack" A good citizen Fred enjoy t g and reading g s when he's at ho when he comes to o he enjoys hims so more by being a yp' n the Megaphone f. has also been a er of the Cross-Country e m. 1' 'A ' AARON eLUcK 609 West lefferson Street "ConnecticutKid" Caterer "Is that sc?" Aaron likes all types of sports although he has spe- cialized in cadet Football throughout school. He has also served on the Traffic Squad for a tew terms. fi mx Q "You don't say!" lohn has been active in athletics as a member of the varsity Golf Team and lunior Varsity Football Team. He has also been in school government as a Senator and Alternate. He has also been on the Traffic Squad. O. OSCAR GRANT 2042 West Boston Avenue "Dutch" Surgeon "What's happening?" Oscar has been active in student government as a Senator and as an Alternate. He has been on the Traffic Squad. He has also been a prominent member of the Track Team. W. ROWEN GRANT KENNETH GNAU 307 East Girard Avenue 1201 Cambria Street "Rowe" Funeral director "Ken" Millionaire "Take a lunge!" "You're terrific!" Kenneth enjoys all sports and is very adept at quite a few of them. He is a good student and he is well-liked by all who know him. FRANK GOODFRIEND 1260 East Pike Street "Bud" Own General Motors "O.K. Lazy legs!" Frank enjoys working after school and is a popular fellow. He has been a mem- ber of the championship lunior Varsity Football Team. He has been in student government as an Alternate and a member of the Traffic Squad. 'Thirty-Three Rowen spends most of his time helping his father, who is a funeral director. He wishes to follow in his father's footsteps. He has taken an active part in school athletics as a member of the Fencing Team. RICHARD H. GREENWOOD 2925 North Bailey Street "Rich" Artist "He's all right!" Richard likes gymnastics so very much that he carries it right into his school life by being a member of the Gym Team. He has been active in school publications and has been assistant editor of the Megaphone and co- editor of the Archive. He has also spent a great deal of his time on the Locker Squad. While doing all these things he has found time to be an Ialctbve member of the Original I- i DAVID N. GRIFFIN 750 North Twenty-Second St. 'lBug Dave" Contractor "You boob!" David likes and follows all sports whether they are amateur or professional. He is a good student and well- liked by his classmates. GEORGE GRIFFINBERG 3349 North Howard Street "Griff" Successful "Where are we going?" George likes sports and takes an active part in any- thing he plays, and once in a while he likes to sit on the sidelines and watch how the other fellows are doing. He is energetic and ambitious and is a fine student and liked by all the fellows that know him. EDWIN GRZESNIKOWSKI 954 New Market Street "Heifetz" Concert soloist "What do you say, kid?" Edwin enjoys playing the violin immensely and he spends a good four to six hours a day practicing. All the way through high school, he has been a member of the Orchestra and Swing Band. He has also been a member of the All-Philadelphia High School Orchestra as First Violin. THOMAS W. HACKNEY 1816 Murray Street "Tom" Builder "Whatcha say, lad?" Thomas enjoys reading popular novels. He is the class Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee. Be- sides these important class duties he is also a member of the Theatrical-Electrical Stage Crew. He is a good student and wellsliked by his fellow classmates. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT HALL 2242 West Allegheny Avenue "Halsey" Get a good job "Yo ho!" Robert has the well-paying hobby of photography, and he does very well at it. He has been a member of the Varsity Tennis Team. WILLIAM HALL 2322 North Ninth Street "Bill" Bell Telephone "What do you say, Ace?" William enjoys playing basketball, and plays it all year around. He is a fine fellow to know and is a good student. tg ASE f 141 , Gvx 'F iff l Wff FREDERICK E. HAMMET 3039 Redner Street "Fred" Artist "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Frederick enjoys hunting and fishing in their respective seasons. He has been a member of the Circle Hi-Y. He is a true Northeaster. ROBERT E. HANLEY 5927 Chenault Street "Bob" See the world "A word to the wise is sufficient." Robert enjoys building model railroads and stamp collecting. He has been in student government as a Senator. Thirty-Four CLASS OF JUNE 1950 WILLIAM I. HANNIGAN 426 Knorr Street "Bill" Pharmacist "That's all right." William is interested in all sports and participates in as many as possible. He has been in student government as an Alteirnate. He has been a member of the Traffic Squad and an active member of the Circle Hi-Y. He is on the "A" class Executive Com- mittee which keeps him pretty busy. GEORGE W. HARLING 2539 West Dakota Street "The Hawk" Mechanic "Be-bop-a-mop!" George enjoys playing foot- ball and does plenty of it. He is also a very good dancer and likes be-bop music. He is a good student and helps you when he can. DONALD L. HARRIS 2324 North Twelfth Street "Don" Army 'lDelightful" Donald enjoys woodwork- ing in his spare time. Be- cause of his working after school, he doesn't participate in any extra-curricular activities. He is a very fine student and very industrious. CLAUD HARMS 6812 lackson Street "Claud" ? "Hi, kiddof' Claud served both as a Senator and Alternate. He was a member of the Orches- tra, Traffic Squad, and German Club. We are sure Claud will become a success in his chosen field. it 010 lynx ,. viltlnf , XQIV Thirty-Five FRANK SAMUEL HARRISON 5200 North Eighth Street "Sonny" Businessman "Hello, pretty dish." Sonny is a very pleasant guy who cooperated with all the school drives. He also tried to better the school by being a member of the Traffic Squad, Lunchroom Squad, and Fellowship Club. Here's wishing Sonny good luck in his quest for a busi- ness career. GEORGE HARTLEIN 4601 Ashville Street "George" Businessman "Hello, is that you?" George is the quiet type of fellow with not too much to say. But when it comes to model railroading, he can talk all day. George also made the Honor Roll twice and served as Alternate once. We feel sure that George will become a successful business- HIGH. HENRY HASSIEPEN 3061 Martha Street "Hank" Draftsman "How about him?" "How about him" is the familiar phrase which this senior uses to signify his presence. Hank was a var- sity Crewman as well as serving on the outside and inside Traffic Squads. A fine friend, is what we can say of Hank. RICHARD HAVER 202 West Diamond Street "Reds" Engineer "Pipe that whip." "Reds" is easily identified around school by his shook of bright red hair. Besides being a likeable and easy- going fellow, "Reds" was a member of the Track Team and served on the Traffic Squad. Many good wishes go with Reds as he leaves Northeast. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL .TOHN W. HAWTHORNE 3906 K Street JAMES HEIDLER "Tack" College graduate ln addition to being in the honor section throughout his three years, lack had many activities. Among these were the World Affairs and lunior Science Councils, U.N.N.E., Spanish Club, Senior Prom Committee, and Archive Staff. He was also elected clerk of the Tribunal, treasurer of the Stamp Club, Senator, and to the Executive Committee. He won minor awards in base- ball, basketball, bowling, football and track. CHARLES HAZZARD "Charlie" Mechanic "Hi, fellows." Charlie was active on the Traffic and Lunchroom Squads. He also served as an Alternate. Charlie was well-liked by his classmates and will be missed by all his friends. THOMAS JAMES HEANEY 2502 North Twelfth Street "Tom" Personnel manager "Get a ladder, midget." At Northeast, Tom was a very industrious and popular fellow as shown by his list of activities which include: Sen- ator, Alternate, Circle Hi-Y, outside and inside Traffic Squads, Library Squads, "B" Class executive, usher for Revues and Senate Plays, and school decorator at Christmas and other holidays. Swell job, Tom. IOHN HEANY 1421 Friendship Street "lack" Engineer lohn was a well-liked fellow because of his friendly atti- tude and pleasing personal- ity. While at Northeast, fohn was quite active, being in the Honor Section, Mega- phone Staff, Archive, Spanish Club, U. N. N.E., Foreign Policy Association, and Lunchroom Squad. He also played Baseball and was Chief Iustice of the Tribunal. Tohn is destined to be a big success. S. Thirty-Six 2842 North Seventh Street "Timmy" Army captain "How you doing?" Although not taking part in any extra activities, limmy's pleasing personality made him a host of friends at Northeast. All those who knew limmy think highly of him. We all wish him lots of luck and hope some day we can address Iimmy as Capt- ain Heidler. ROBERT HEIMERDINGER 7122 Shelbourne Street "Bobby" Builder "Hit" Bobby is one of our pleasant and willing workers. A fine friend is one of the many things we can attribute to Bobby, who also was a mem- ber of the l. V. Bowling Team for two years. We think that Bobby will rise to great suc- fess in his journey through 1 e. ROBERT E. HEISER 1654 North Sixth Street "Boot" Salesman "Vos is los?" Boot, with his keen sense of humor, has many pals at Northeast. He is quite a fellow for exchanging wise- cracks and puns, besides serving on the Traffic Squad. Boof would like to become a salesman, and, from the effort he put forth at school, this should be accomplished. RICHARD W. HELLINGS 7130 Ditman Street "Dick" To move west "What! Are you kidding me?" Dick was a big help to the school as he often sold ten or more tickets for the Revue and Senate Plays. Besides this, he captained the Traffic Sqaud for one term. We all wish Dick luck in what- ever field he chooses. CLASS OF IUNE 1950 RICHARD HEMINGWAY 775 North Twenty-Fifth St. "Rich" Carpenter "You may as well try." Rich is a member of the Stage Crew, which performed all the necessary backstage details needed for our assem- blies, Revue, Senate Plays, and such. Rich deserves a lot of creditfor this job, which is often overlooked. GEORGE H. HENDERSON 1621 North Corlies Street "Artist" Commercial artist "When you want to do something: do it." George is a good friend at Northeast and his hand for art is as great as his friend- ship. He can make objects spring to lite with a few strokes of brush or pencil. It seems a cinch that George will realize his ambition. N GERALD JOHN HERON 3029 North Orianna Street "1erry" Sportscaster "Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow." The Traffic Squad is grate- ful for the services rendered to it by lerry. Besides this, ferry is greatly interested in sportscasting and this ex- plains why he so ably sup- ported all "Red and Black" teams. We wish Ierry lots of luck and hope he achieves his goal. HENRY FRANCIS HEYWOOD 4207 Chippendale Avenue "Hen" Successful in sports "Hot rod!" Hen, while not taking part in any extra-curricular acti- vities, shared the friendship of many Northeasters during his stay here. Hen was inter- ested in and supported almost every sport at Northeast, and has a complete knowledge of every sport page. 'Th irly-Sclwn DANIEL R. HILL 2069 East Stella Street "Hillie" Retire early "What'd he say?" This jovial senior served on the Traffic Squad for two terms and was elected class Senator once. Hillie's ambi- tion is one that requires determination, of which he has excess, so there seems every possibility of Hillie reaching this much desired goal. CHARLES M. HOFFMAN 2845 Lardner Street 'lHoff" Businessman "That's life." Hoff is one of the quiet and reserved members of the class. While at Northeast he acquired a host of friends and was elected to the "A" class Executive Committee. He also served on the Traffic Squad. We all wish Hoff luck and feel sure he will succeed in life. STANLEY 1. HOLDOWICZ 4504 Devereaux Street "Pinky" Airplane mechanic "What's up, doc?" Pinky's outside hobby is collecting stamps, on which he spends a great deal of his time. Pinky's quiet yet com- mendable efficiency will no doubt assure his success in airplane mechanics. Pinky is always willing to lend a help- ing hand in any venture. EDWARD HOLLIN 701 Fairmount Avenue "Bad Eddie" Enjoy life "As you were saying-" Eddie, for three terms, was a Megaphone reporter and editor. He also was a tennis manager. This likeable guy served on the Traffic Squad and made the Honor Roll twice. Eddie's pleasing dis- position enables him to get along well with all his fellow students. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL DAVID M. HOLMES 2106 Welsh Road "Dave" State forester "Don't tell me your troubles." One of Dave's favorite pas- times is that of hunting. When it comes to hunting, Daniel Boone had nothing on this country-loving senior. Dave also spends a lot of his time fishing, and we all hope he soon catches the one that aways gets away. Around school, Dave helped out by being an ardent Traffic Squad member. RICHARD W. HOLTZ 8136 Halstead Street "Dick" Television engineer "What are you selling?" The arrival of television afforded Dick his life's ambi- tion. Since he is greatly in- terested in this field, Dick would like to become a tele- vision engineer. Dick is an- other of those quiet fellows who gets along with everyone. He also served on the Traffic Squad. We hope Dick real- izes his ambition. GEORGE I. HOPELY 838 Sanger Street "Hope" Gym teacher "You're a phoneyf' Hope is truly one of North- east's sons. He was one of our gymnastically inclined Cheer- leaders and the mainstay of the Gym Team. George's popularity is shown by his being elected "A" class President as well as "B" class leader. Besides this Hope is an "A" class Honor Man and also was a Senator three times and Alternate once. Our hats off to George Hopely, a real Northeaster. OWEN IOHN HORAN 3944 North Percy Street "Wimp" Photographer "When do we eat?" Wimp's outside activities include photography, on which a great deal of his time is spent. Wimp also plays on a neighborhood basketball team, but prefers photography as a future pro- fession. From all indications, it looks as though Wimp's going to be a future photo- grapher. , , 4 J' 1 X K Xqxx . L+ Q Q .vw - ftfgx 2' lit ' . 'llliirly-Eight JOHN CHARLES HORN 2316 North Fairhill Street "Iohnny" Electrician "1ohnny." Around school you never hear too much of lohnny be- cause he is slightly on the shy side. But this didn't stop him from making a good number of friends. As a hobby Iohnny likes to play chess, at which he is quite good. He is also a member of the Northeast-Kensington Dance Committee. ERWIN LEROY HUBER 2536 North Orianna Street "Erv" Engineer "Seven come eleven!" Erv, who enjoys all sports, was a well-liked, easy going fellow. While at Northeast he was in the Honor Section, member of the Megaphone Staff, Archive, and also a member of the Cross-Country Team. We wish him all the luck in the world. WILLIAM ROBERT ILES 1626 Fontain Street "Billy" Businessman "I-low's everything?" Billy was a member of the Track Team, who was always striving to improve himself. He also takes a great interest, outside of school, in dancing. We wish Billy lots of luck and hope he succeeds in life. FRANK RICHARD IAMES 1429 North Eighteenth Street "lessen Businessman UN-ixlu lesse, who is no decendant of the famed Iesse lames of years ago, performed on the Track Team. He also was a Traffic Squad officer. lesse was known around school for his use of the word "mx," whenever he wanted to show disagreement. CLASS OF IUNE 1950 RUDOLPH 1ANDR1S 2717 North Sixth Street "lan" Musician "Oh, 1don't know about that" lan participated in the Northeast Revues and was a member of the school Orches- tra. One of lan's biggest moments comes each year on lanuary 1, as he marches up Broad Street as a member of one of those famous Mummers String Bands. We hope lan becomes a great musician. ROXIE HARVEY IANNAMON 1325 West Seltzer Street "Harve" Surgeon "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Harve was a very active member of the Bible Club and also belonged to the Original Hi-Y. He took a deep interest in his work and would like to further his education to the point where he c n become a fl IAMES N. IENKINS X ' 1312 North sixteenth street We 'llim" Art director "Later, Dick." Through hard work and determination, lim succeeded in all his undertakings. He was known as a sincere and dependable person with amazing talents in art work. Because lim wants to accom- plish his ambition he works earnestly. We are sure lim will become an art director. WILLIAM IENNINGS 325 East Tusculum Street "Big Bill" Good job "Strike the bum out." Bill helped out all the teams of Northeast by cheer- ing for them at all their con- tests. Bill, who is quite a pitcher outside of school, was also a member of the Circle Hi-Y, Lunchroom Squad, and Traffic Squad. May success go with him in the future. HARRY S. IOHNSON 1318 East Berks Street "Buzzie" Attend Annapolis "Yea-Yea." Buzzie earned his NE in Football. He played on the l. V. Football Team before moving up to varsity. Besides this, Buzzie was captain of the Traffic Squad for two years, and was elected as Senator for two terms and Alternate for three, which proves he was quite popular. CUTLER 1ONES 192OG N. Twenty-Seventh St. "Pinhead" Travel the world "Hey there." Pinhead didn't take part in any extra-curricular activi- ties, which could be said to have been caused by his great interest in fishing. Many a day after school Pinhead would grab the pole and reel and head for some nice, quiet spot and spend hours trying his luck at a sport he loves. HERBERT WILLIAM JONES 3415 A Street "Herb" Musician "Hi-ya" Herb could be seen any afternoon after school in the music room hard at work practicing his musical talents. He was a member of the school Orchestra as well as the Swing Band. Herb also served on the Traffic Squad. ROBERT DALLAS IONES 1802 Columbia Avenue "S1ingum" Mortician Bob was very active in and out of athletics. He was a member of the Track and Fencing Teams and indulges in weightlifting. His non- athletic activities consisted of being Senator, Alternate, and a member of the Traffic Squad. Slingum will be remembered by many of his friends at Northeast. 'l'llirtv-Nine NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL PAUL IORETT 2732 North Reese Street "Coffee" East Stroudsburg "What's that make me?" This sturdy looking senior was an Original Hi-Y man. Coffee helped out by being a Traffic Squad officer and was a member of the Northeast- K.H.S. Dance Committee. He also made the Honor Roll several times. Coffee will be missed by all those who made his acquaintance. WILLIAM F. KAISER, IR. 1348 East Palmer Street "Bill" Carpenter "What did you say?" Bill participated in the Northeast Revues and served on the Traffic Squad. Be- sides these contributions to the school he was a member of the Stage Crew and the Northeast-K.H.S. D a n c e Committee. We wish Bill lots of luck. THOMAS ELLIS KATEN 5016 Ogontz Avenue "Tom" College "Not bad fora light lunch." Tom was a serious minded student who took a deep interest in all his work. This fact was proved by his making the Honor Roll. Tom would like very much to further his education in col- lege and all his fellow class- mates hope Tom does just that. WILLIAM KAUFFMAN 6062 North American Street "Bill" Businessman "Play it cool, Iim." Bill, despite his humorous attitude, made the Honor Roll consistently throughout his stay at Northeast. Bill also was a member of the Archive Staff, Traffic Squad, Lunch- room Music Committee, and also was a Senator. He was elected to the "A" class Executive Committee and Prom Committee. Bill also played basketball in his freshman year. X xxx Forly HOWARD WILLIAM KEARNS 7514 Watson Street "Lump Load" Own a store 'lCl'1ick out loser" This king-sized senior had a likeable sense of humor, which he expressed at any desirable moment. He was elected Senator and Alter- nate, and also served on the Traffic Squad. Thanks to Howard, our school days were not as difficult as they might have been. ROBERT KELESHIAN 2852 D Street "Bob" Good job "Hi-ya." We know that Bob will be "somebody" in life, because he has strength of character. He was well-liked by all the by all the fellows in his classes, and was a con- scientious and active member of the Traffic Squad. Bob actively supported our school and social events. GEORGE KELLER 338 Passmore Street "Curly" Radio work "What's cooking, good looking?" Curly was a quiet fellow at Northeast. He could always be counted on to support all the school's activities and athletic events. When he graduates he intends to be- come a top-notch radio man. Your classmates wish you luck, Curly. SAMUEL R. KELLY 310 East Cornwall Street "Samba" Electrician "What's new?" Samba was known through- out the school as being an ardent A's fan. Any morn- ing one could hear him ask thatfamiliarquestion, "How'cl the A's make out?" Samba also likes to do electrical work and hopes to someday become an electrician. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 PETER I. KENNEDY 3902 North Marshall Street "Pete" Engineer "Don't work too hard." Pete played I. V. Soccer for two years before moving up to the varsity where he proved to be one of the main cogs of the team that went on to take the championship. On the intellectual side, Pete made the Honor Roll quite often and should prove himself quite an engineer. CHARLES F. KERHART 802 West Lehigh Avenue "Charlie" Navy admiral "How you doing?" Charlie was quite a guy with the cue stick and was rarely behind the "8" ball. Although he didn't take part in any school activities, due to his working after school, he made a host of friends and leaves Northeast with the best wishes of his classmates. FRANCIS KESSLER 2340 North Gratz Street "Frank" Ballplayer "Hi-ya, Bush." Although not arriving at Northeast until the "D" class, Frank overcame the handi- cap through hard work and determination. Besides being a varsity Baseball man, Frank was a member of the U.N.N.E., the Megaphone Staff, Archive Staff, "B" class Executive Committee, Senator twice and Alternate once. Frank also made the Honor Roll four times. BERNARD KLEVAN 201 West Girard Avenue "Bernie" Accountant "All right." Bernie served his alma mater by being on the Traffic Squad, Library Squad, and Spanish Club. He was also a candidate for the Table Ten- nis Team. Bernie takes a deep interest in everything, and he should prove himself a success in the accounting business. I 4, 4 'GN ,Q ff 94 Forty-One HARRY WILLIAM KLINE 1624 North Sixth Street "Hairy" To eat "Hello, Ice!" Harry Kline, "Hairy" as his friends call him, did not have much time available for activ- ities at Northeast. He was always too busy eating. He did, however, find time to attend many of his school's sports contests and to support the Revues and Senate Plays. IOSEPH KNAB I722 North Third Street "Bud" Have a harem "Hi-ya, Babe!" Bud was respected and well-liked by his many friends at Northeast. He was a con- servative fellow and liked to take things easy. Guns and girls are his main interests outside of school. That's quite an ambition you have, Bud! RUDOLPH W. KNOPF 3221 North Hope Street "Rudy" Electrician An ardent supporter of all of his school's ventures, both athletic and dramatic, Rudy was a boy of good character and amazing perseverance. He enjoys horseback riding and spent much of his free time engaged in that sport. LYSLE A. KNOWLTON, IR. 3l34 North Percy Street "Bunny" Engineer "I would if I could, but I can't." Bunny was a good natured fellow who always seemed to be laughing. He had plenty of school spirit and found lit- tle trouble in making and keeping new friends. He liked to fool around with motors during his spare time. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT KOHRI 3426 Kip Street "Bob" Own Bowling Alley "What about that?" His favorite hobby being bowling, Bob was naturally a candidate for the Bowling Team. His ready humor made any class of which he was ci member more pleasant and helped him to establish many new friendships while attending Northeast. HENRY KOTARSKI 3376 Livingston Street "Herky" Ballplayer "Boy oh boy!" Like many fellows at North- east, Herky listed sports as his favorite hobby. He played on the lunior Varsity Base- ball Team and was well-liked by his many classmates. GEORGE KRAMER 2855 North Franklin Street "Samson" Ballplayer "Hot dawg!" Samson may not have been as strong as his name- sake, but he certainly was a good fencer. He established a good record on the Fencing Team and an equally good one in his studies. MALCOLM CARL KRAUSS 4946 North Warnock Street "Shorty" Army captain "Whatcha doin' boy?" Dark haired Malcolm Krauss, known to his friends as Shorty, served very capa- bly on the Traffic Squad for several terms. This amiable fellow's hobby is fishing and we hear he is pretty good at it. ,Kj- -ff-we - KX S X t PETER S. KRETZU 2843 North Twenty-Fourth St. "Pete" Business executive "You fooled me, pal." Pete's hobby is ping-pong and he is considered a top- notch player. Always wear- ing a smile, Pete was liked by everyone. While at North- east, Pete spent his time in the Honor Section. Here's hop- ing he has loads of success. WILLIAM KUCHERA 1817 North Sixth Street "Bill" Engineer "lt's got me baffled!" Whenever a witty answer was needed to a question, Bill usually came up with it. He spent his time at North- east in the Honor Section and he had many friends. Bill hopes to be a mechanical engineer and with his humor and knowledge, we are sure he will achieve his ambition. JOHN KUHFUSS 3523 North Hope Street "lack" Engineer "Honest to lohn." lack always presented an interesting and pleasing per- sonality wherever he went. His favorite pastimes are music and sports. He also enjoys making new friends, especially girls. He made the Honor Roll continuously at Northeast. HENRY CARL LAHNEMAN 4022 Vista Street "Chick" Electrician Chick, besides being an active member of the Original Hi-Y, played lunior Varsity Football for two consecutive years. He spends his spare time fixing and improving his model railroad. Forty- Two CLASS OF JUNE 1950 RONALD LOUIS LAIB 6621 Iackson Street "Pedro" Boatbuilder "What's the matter with you, boy?" Even before he came to Northeast from Harding .lunior High, Pedro had a tremendous liking for boats. He was an amiable fellow who served his school as captain of the Traffic Squad and as an assistant in the office. WILLIAM A. LAKE 6542 Tulip Street "Lakey" Mechanic "I should know?" Even though his classmates say he did sleep a bit in class, blond-haired Lakey was by no means a quiet boy. He did not let his hobbies, boats and motors, interfere with his school work for he managed to get good marks. He rode to school every morning on his motorbike. FRANCIS LAND 3041 North Sydenham Street "Frank" Navy "That's right!" This blond-haired lad rep- resented his section in the Senate both as a Senator and as an Alternate. Besides taking an active part in the school government, he was also a member of the Traffic Squad. DONALD LANE 1685 Fillmore Street "Lane Brain" Television 'tYe gads!" Lane Brain was an en- thusiastic baseball player and fan. He was robbed of his chance to play his favorite sport because of a broken arm he sustained on the rings. He had to be content with rooting for the Archives. x X N Forty-'lillrve IACK LASPEE 428 East Comly Street "Laspee" Engineer "Do you have t sics?" lack, while a ortheast, spent his t ' the Honor Secti n wa on the Hon oll any times. Be- cause is pleasing person- lity d friendly smile, lack iked by all who knew ' . His ambition is to be a engineer and his friends are sure he will make the grade. WILLIAM IOHN LAUMER 5941 Bingham Street "Willie" cking " Iunio Willie e congenial presen ' r. Fruchter's German C , where he was musi 'r r, He worked in the Q 1- and supported the na Plays and Revues. I e 5 of. was described by ix assmates as quiet and ervative. RONALD JOHN LEHRFELD 3029 North Swanson Street "Ron" College "Cut it out!" Besides being quite an athlete, Ron is tall, dark and handsome. While at North- east, he played varsity Soccer and Tennis. His hobbies in- clude practically everything except homework. Ron spent some time in the Honor Sec- tion, and, if he really had applied himself, could have become quite a scholar. ROBERT LENNOX 2504 West Sterner Street "Bob" College "Check out!" Bob was a real credit to Northeast. He was President of the Senate and the school community and a member of the following: The Rotary Club, Interscholastic League Transportation Committee, "SO" Revue Committee, Cir- cle Hi-Y, "A" class Executive Committee, Traffic Squad and Lunchroom Music Committee. He earned his NE on the Swimming Team where he compiled an amazing record. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES LERMAN HENRY B. LOCKER 2642 North Thirty-Third St. "Hey you!" Singer "How about that?" Because his after school work kept him busy, Charlie had no time for school activi- ties. The time he did have, he spent practicing his favors ite sport, boxing. His winning the P.A.L. heavyweight championship showed his caliber as a boxer. A familiar sight to all NE students was the "heap" he rode to school every morning. STEPHEN LESKO 3350 Mercer Street "Steve" To be successful Steve was a typical North- east student. He played on the lunior Varsity Tennis Team and took his studies seriously. If making friends is an indication of future suc- cess, Steve will certainly have his share of it. SOLOMON LEVIN 3403 G Street "Sol" Movie star "How are all your girls doing?" Sol was so respected and admired by his classmates that he was elected Senator for two years and Alternate for another. He was very interested in all kinds of sports and served as manager of the Football Team. HARRY LEVITT 2940 Page Street "Spider" Be the greatest Spider says the thing he likes to do best is play base- ball and we believe him. He played on the Baseball Team and also found time to serve on the Traffic Squad. We hear he is quite a man with the ladies. 1 Ot do 1852 Mohican Street "Herb" West Point "Take a walk!" Herb was a very modest fellow, in spite of his wonder- ful record. A student of above average intelligence, he found time to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities. He was a member of the varsity Football Team and also served on his school's Traffic Squad. His one burning ambition is to attend West Point. ROBERT L. LOCKLEY 21lO North Thirteenth Street "Bobby" To be successful "Live and learn." Bobby was one of the tallest members of his class. They say silence is golden, and if this is true, Bobby certainly compiled a fortune at North- east. He played on the Basketball Team and prac- ticed his favorite hobby, ping-pong, in the game room during his free periods. THEODORE LORENC I-fl .y,'fi' R 31' v, "'l :A .ii MM .1 1 'T U 3054 East Salmon Street "Ted" Learn a trade "How do l know?" Making new friends was no hard job for Ted, as he was very apt at this profession. He was a likeable member of his class and could always be depended upon to sell his share of tickets for the Revue and Senate Play. WILLIAM IOHN LOMAS 3 Penn Court "Bill" Farmer Bill never had any time for extra-curricular activities around school because he was kept busy in his farm work which he takes very seriously. After his gradua- tion he expects to continue his farm work as a vegetable grower. Forty-Four CLASS OF JUNE 1950 EDWARD GEORGE LUCAS 2353 North Cleveland Ave. ' 'Lu ke" Retirement "That's right." Being an outdoor man, Luke enjoys fishing very much. During his stay at Northeast he made many friends while playing on the lunior Varsity Football Team and attending his various classes. IOHN N. LUDWIG 4313 Van Kirk Street "Farmer Ludwig" Farming lohn never had any time for extra-curricular activities around school because he was always kept busy in the agricultural field. He is much interested in the farm and would like to continue in agricultural work. .Q Ads 1: N C ' is -vvu .-sr -1 4 v . 7511 . , .i . yi41v 1 ,wus -. i4 l . -i w RONALD HARRY LUKENS 6308 Shelbourne Street "Lukes" To make the grade "Turn blue." One thing Lukes was known for was his habit of always being neat and welldressed. He was a member of the Archive Staff and Traffic Squad. A great joker, Lukes has amazing artistic ability. IAMES MacDONALD 2953 North Bambrey Street "Mac" Pro. Baseball "Check out!" Mac comoiled a truly amazing record while at Northeast. He played both varsity Football and varsity Baseball for three years. His play on the Football Team, of which he was captain, was really outstanding. He made All-Public and received the Maxwell Award in 1948. His other activities include the Senate and the Traffic Squad. Xxxx Forty-F ive IAMES R. MacPl-IERSON 5814 Reach Street "Mac" Electrician vi'Ybu ysnt o rgceifpn ' ' " r -R8!SS'iiii pot r wqii hkoarries him to X day. His modesty an cerity made him a po ar member of all his classes. He was a capable member of the Traffic Squad. RICHARD IRVING MAQUIRE 1501 Benner Street "Honey" To be a lover "Go pound sand." We don't know how hand- some Richard Maquire got the nickname of Honey, but it certainly describes him. He made many friends while serving as Alternate and as a member of the Traffic Squad, Bowling Team, and Swimming Team. ROBERTL V. T.,1vr41xisEY 2934 West Clementine Street "Tyrone" , To be a succms Q'Ai-n't bad!" 7, " Tyrone was one cf Bae most popular boys in,,Northeast because of his, congenial per- sonality. .Tie-. played very ably on thd varsity Football Teamncmd also served on the Traffic Squad. This hand- some, red-headed fellow could always be counted on to tell a joke or tall story. ROBERT MALLORY 1850 North Marvine Street "Nature Boy" Mechanic "Real cool." Robert"Nature Boy"Mallory was an enthusiastic supporter of all Northeast teams, even though he could not take part in them because of his after- school job. He possessed a good sense of humor and was always joking. 1 NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL WILLIAM MARS 2027 North Thirty-Second St. "Bill" Business "Vey es Mer." Blond Bill was very popular with his classmates. Besides being elected Secretary of his class, he served on the "A" and "B" class Executive Committees. He was very active in the Senate, where he served for two years, and was on the Budget, Lunch- room Music, and Lunchroom Squad Commissions. His other activities are: Archive Staff, Senior and Iunior Prom Committees, and Chairman of the Class Pin Committee. TERRENCE MARTIN 1517 Earl Street "Terry" Television ..HeY!., As the boys at Northeast who had occasion to visit the library know, Terry was a very active and likeable mem- ber of the Library Squad. He also served his section as Alternate and was a member of the school Traffic Squad. His hobbies are hunting and fishing. IOSEPH M. MARTINEZ 2244 North Fifth Street "Mart" Business college "You're on the ball." Mart's activities were many and diversified. He was a Senator for one term, a mems ber of Mr. Doane's Spanish Club, an officer on the Traffic Squad, and an active well- liked member of the Iunior Varsity Football Team. HENRY IOSEPH MASON 1935 East Sergeant Street "Emil" Marines "I'm not proud." Emil did not have time to take an active part in sports for his after-school work con- sumed most of his time. He did, however, find time to boost many of them. He was a boy of good character and always had a pleasant smile for everyone. N Forty-Six ROBERT A I 33 2 t re .. : t .. e 1' ' .. Op d 1' 1 e fr - bei g one of the C .- u a - the class, Bob wa ' well-liked and re- spe 1. by his classmates. He has a liking for music, which he developed while still in Stetson Iunior High. EDWARD MAHWINNEY 3422 North Dillman Street ' 'Ed" Engineer "Women are the root of all evil" Ed's job took up most of his spare time, however, he did manage to take part in inter- sectional sports and to keep his grades above average. Ed, who was on the Honor Roll several times, says he likes to make new friends. We believe him, especially if they're girls. IOSEPH MAZZONE 2939 Belgrade Street "Moe" To graduate "You know it." Moe's greatest ambition was to graduate from North- east, a school he served so much. He played on the varsity Football Team and, not content with earning one NE, was also on the Baseball Team. Moe says his hobby is sports and we certainly believe him. WILLIAM H. MCCLAIN 3650 North Sydenham Street "Herbie" To be successful "Mr. Rhoads, I am 95Z prepared" Herbie was noted for being one of the sharpest dressers in the class. He was a mem- ber of the Swimming Team for two years, and was a loyal follower of Northeast's sports. Herbie was an active member of the Circle Hi-Y and the "A" and "B" class Executive Committees. He used his knowledge of sports by writing for the yearbook. The class wishes him the best of luck in his later life. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 PAUL W. MCCLARREN 2006 East Somerset Street "Mac" Telephone Co. "You know what I mean." Mac makes use of his spare time working with his photo- graphic equipment. He hopes to be an employee of the Bell Telephone Company. Mac spends his Wednesday nights at the Navy Yard as he is a member of the Naval Re- serve. He was elected Sen- ator for two terms, and he also served on the Traffic Squad. DOUGLAS MCCLELLAN 713l Marsden Street "Mick" Store Supt. "Where ya goin' ?" Mick's ambition is to be an American Store superintend- ent, and all of his friends feel that he will be a good one. His hobbies are sports and models. Mick's activities at Northeast consisted of the Traffic Squad and the Track Team. DONALD MCCREE 3213 North Seventeenth Street "Don" Engineer "Hey, skinhead." Don was very fond of hunting, and li ll sports. He is determine 'gtbecome an engineer an vfe all feel that he will succeed. His activities' at Northeast in- cluded the cadet Baseball :Team and an usher at the Revue. FRANK 1. C. MCCULLA 2337 North Fourth Street "Mick" Draftsman "Oh, my aching pocket!" Mick could almost always be found at the NE Shop. He was on the Gym Team for two years, the Tennis Team, and the championship Fenc- ing Team. His ambition is to become a draftsman. xQf is 1 X Forty-Seven IOSEPH McDOWELL 664 East Ontario Street "Duke" To be successful "I give up!" Duke's charming personal- ity has won him many friends at Northeast. He spent al- most all ot his spare time participating in sports outside of school. We all wish him the best of luck in his later li e. CHRISTOPHER A. MCGINNIS 1233 West Firth Street "Muggs" Electrician "You hit me where it hurts the most" Muggs, as he was known by his classmates, was a popular and well-liked stu- dent. He has worked at electricity for three years, and hopes to be a successful electrician. Outside of school he plays football. A success- ful lite is foreseen for this Northeaster. l ARTHUR MCKEAGE 829 East Mercer Street "Art" Businessman "Hi, ape!" Art spent most of his time participating in sports out- side of school, chiefly basket- ball. His hopes are focused on becoming a businessman. All his friends wish him suc- cess in whatever business he enters. IOSEPH McLAY 537 East Carver Street "Bud" Engineer "Lend me the Trig." Bud, during his stay at Northeast, was a top student in the Honor Section and was thought highly of by all he came in contact with. He was also a member of the U.N.N.E., Traffic and Lunch- room Squads and served as an usher at graduations. Bud's hobby is making things out of wood, and he has shown evidence of his skill. He is a sure success. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT F. MCMICHAEL 2514 West Stewart Street "Mike" Pharmacist "What's happening?" Mike has chosen Pharm- acy for his profession. His classmates wish him the best of luck in his chosen field. He enjoys nothing better than playing music. Aroundschool his activities included the Traffic Squad and the Tennis Team. GREGORY MEADE 4624 Disston Street "Greg" Millionaire "Check that." Greg's main interests lie in the field of sports. His ambi- tion is one which a great many of us envy. His activi- ties were first and second team Basketball, and first and second team Baseball. ROBERT MEGLESH lll4 North American Street "Rebel" Architect "Hey man!" Rebel has chosen a very interesting profession and we all feel confident that he will be a successful architect. He was interested mainly in sports while at Northeast, and most of his time was occupied practicing with the varsity Baseball Team. FRANK L. MERTENS l916 East Somerset Street "Merts" To retire rich "Hi, fake." Merts was popular and well-liked around the school. He likes to dance. He dis- played his athletic ability by earning an NE in Track and Cross-Country. His pleasing personality won him many friends at school. A success- ful life is foreseen for this Northeaster. fn, 0, I Forty-Eight ROBERT G. MIFFLIN 3427 Decatur Street "Miff" Retire rich "Shaip" Miff liked to go skating. All of his friends wish him luck in attaining his ambition to re- tire rich. He was an active member of the Original Hi-Y. He also served on the Traffic Squad for two terms. THOMAS MILLER 3652 North Eighth Street "Lefty" Millionaire "What's the story?" Lefty was noted for his pleasing manners. He was interested in sports and liked to play baseball after school. He also had an eye for women. Lefty was onthe Traffic Squad for two terms. He kept up in his studies and made the Honor Roll. THOMAS O. MILLER 4613 North Broad Street "Tom" Make a million "Say now." Tom's hobby was women. His ambition is one which many of us would like to achieve, but we hope that he may be one of the lucky ones. He served on the Traffic Squad for three terms, was elected Senator for two terms, served on the "A" class Executive Committee, and kept up in his studies by making the Honor Roll. IOHN MILLS 3903 K Street "Pillzie" Electrician "Let's keep the kinsfolk out of this." Pillzie has worked hard while at Northeast, and we hope that he will become a successful electrician. He enjoys dancing and is especi' ally fond of girls. The class wishes him the best of luck in the future. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 CHARLES MILNER, IR. 2847 Gaul Street "Duckie" To graduate "You know it." Duckie used his spare time by helping the school sell PTC tickets. There is nothing that he likes better than to work on automobiles. He has worked hard to graduate and we wish him the best of luck in the future. LEROY I. MIMS 1727 North Woodstock Street "Roy" Civil engineer "Solid." Roy enjoys his hobby, cycle riding, tremendously. We all feel sure that he will prove to be a successful engineer if he gets the op- portunity. He was on the Track Team, and served on that squad that did such a fine job of keeping the halls quiet. f ':: 1: -.L 2' ' .-, :Q IOSEPH MISCENICH 2724 East Albert Street "PeeWee" Artist "Hey, what you say?" PeeWee served as an Alternate. He will always be remembered by that favor- ite saying which he always used. His hobby was roller skating. We all wish him the best of luck as a com- mercial artist. ROBERT I. MITCHELL Maple Avenue, Somerton Bob" Photographer "That's for sure." Bob intends to be a photo- grapher and he spends most of his spare time working with photography. He was liked by everyone in his class. We wish him the best of luck as a shutter clicker. it R-XX HAROLD MITERMAN 3334 West Harold Street "Mit" Businessman "There ya go." Mit took the Distributive Education Course. He kept up in his studies and for his effort he made the Honor Roll. He enjoys going to Shibe Park when the Phillies are in town. We hope that he will be a very successful businessman. MARVIN MORGASSEN 4220 West Stiles Street "Morgan" Businessman "All rightyf' Morgan was one of the smart dressers around the school. His ambition is to become a businessman. He was on the Track Team and served as a Senator for two terms and an Alternate for one term. DAVID E. MULDOON 148 West Allegheny Avenue "Dave" Radio actor "Swamp girl." Dave was well-known be- cause of his charming person- ality. Someday he hopes to become a radio actor. A lot of fellows envy his hobby- "Dancing with some beauti- ful girl." He served as a faithful officer on the Traffic Squad. IOHN P. MULDOON 146 West Allegheny Avenue "lack" To live a soft life "Live slow, die old." lack's hobby is day dream- ing, and he wants to live a long and soft life. He had many friends at Northeast anci they wish him the best of luc . Forty-Nine NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL FRANCIS MUNIZZA 5388 Charles Street "Minisi" Road constructor "I-lowdy!" Minisi has his heart set on becoming a road constructor. His hobby is dancing, and he frequently attends dances. His activities around the school were the Baseball Team and the Traffic Squad. DANIEL I. MURPHY 1229 East Alcott Street "Murph" Go to Florida "That's mostly awful!" Murph spent many hours fishing. We hope that he gets a chance to go to Florida. He had many friends at Northeast, and they all wish him success in whatever pro- fession he takes up. IACKSON MILNE MURRAY 4029 North Sixth Street "Mur" To graduate "Right?" Mur was liked by all of his classmates. His hobby was to loaf around. Mur's ambi- tion is to graduate and all of his friends wish him luck in whatever profession he enters. WALTER EARL MUTH, IR. 563W Rosalie Street "Moose" Tour U. S. "Be good" Moose is interested in hunt- ing and fishing. We're sure that his pursuit of this ambi- tion will be very interesting. Moose was in the German Club. All his friends wish him the best of luck in what- ever field he enters. 14,1 0 Q . 1 i Wx! Fifty HARRY F. MYERS 3023 Teesdale Street "Monk" Major in music "Birds" Monk was an active and popular member of the Original Hi-Y. He was a very popular and well-liked student. He hopes to study music in college and classical music is his chief interest. Outside of school Monk plays semi-pro baseball. His friends wish him the best of luck. IOSEPH MYKYTYN 3435 North Second Street "I oe" Pharmacist "Wat t' go." With Ioe in class there was hardly a dull moment be- cause of his witty remarks. While at Northeast, loe was in the Honor Section, and a member of the U.N.N.E., Traffic Squad and an usher at graduation. Ioe's hobby is collecting Liberty-head nickles and he has quite a collection. We wish loe lots of success. WILLIAM WALTER NAGEL 3548 North Marshall Street "Bill" Photo-engraver "All righty" Bill has decided to be a photo-engraver, and his class- mates are sure that he will be successful in this field. Bill's hobby is girls. He was well- liked among his classmates. WILLI ERNEST NAGLE 5 Alcot treet ' 'Bill' la, rpenter ow's th id?" t 1 er Bil' hob y,c ctingdust, ' ' with his itio h to be a rst-cla ent . All his assm e eel that he will be suc essful in his chosen profession. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 HOWARD IRVIN NELSON 2526 West Hagert Street "Sonny" Carpenter "Everything's cool." Sonny spent most of his time outside of school working with photography. He plans to be a first-class carpenter, and is working hard to achieve this ambition. We feel he will be a success in whatever work he chooses. While at Northeast he served on the Traffic Squad. ALBERT T. NESCIO 3400 Brighton Street "Ness" To get curly hair "Everybody can't be smart." Ness spends most of his time working with photo- graphy. We hope that he achieves his ambition to get curly hair. We feel sure that Ness will be successful in his chosen profession. ! STANLEY DAVID NOREIKA 1122 Bleigh Street "Stash" ' To get a british I "Beans!l' t, Stash was very much inter- ested il drawing. He was very active at Northeast. He was elected Senator for one term' was' on the Tennis Team, served on the Traffic Squad for two terms, and served on the "A" and "B" class Executive Committees, and was on the Archive Staff. MARTIN C. NOWICKI 2260 Kennedy Street "Marty" Auto mechanic "When you play hookeyf' Marty hopes to be a first- class auto mechanic. We feel that he will be successful in this field. His hobby is collecting pennants. His ac- tivities include the Traffic Squad and the Lunchroom Squad. O was IOSEPH I. M. OLDENBERGH 2863 North Fourth Street "lay" Baseball player lay was very popular in his stay at Northeast. He had no trouble in making friends because of his pleasing per- sonality. He had quite an athletic career at Northeast, standing out in Baseball, where he pitched and played the outfield. Tay also played junior varsity Football, and was a member of the Traffic Squad. ALBERT T. OLENICZAK 3908 Glendale Street "Al" Chemist "You know it too?" A member of the Honor Section for three years, Al was also President of the German Club and a member of the following: "A" and "B" class Executive Com- mittees, Senior and Junior Prom Committees, Archive Staff, U.N.N.E., andthe Traffic Squad. He achieved Highest Honors several times and represented Northeast on three radio quiz programs. FRANCIS I. OLEYKOWSKI ft. I ill. ,llyqlw x . Fifty-One 2622 Richmond Street "Babe" Be a rich "Polak" "Hi, men!" Babe was very popular with his classmates and his popularity won him many friends around Northeast. He used his sporting ability out- side of school playing basket- ball and football. His class- mates wisely chose him to represent them in the Senate. He also served on the Traffic Squad. IAMES l. O'NEIL 2849 Stouton Street "lim" To get a job "All right, boy." lim was well-known around school and his popularity led him to be elected Senator of his class. He used his sport- ing ability outside of school by playing baseball. We hope that he will succeed in finding a good job. He also served on the Traffic Squad. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL GEORGE W. OROSZ 1619 North Sixth Street ' 'Big George" Accountant "No doubt!" George was one of the best-liked fellows in and out of class. While at North- east, he was in the Honor Section, the German Club, and an usher at graduation. George's ambition is to be an accountant, and with his pleasing smile we are sure he will make it. Loads of success to a swell guy. WILLIAM A. ORR 3318 B Street "Bill" Sleep all morning "Oh, yeah!" Bill was an active member of the Original Hi-Y. We hope he gets a chance to put his ambition into effect. He spent his spare time outside of school fooling around with animals. The best of luck to Bill. RICHARD PAPAS 1625 North Twenty-Ninth St. "Ric" Get through college "What do you say?" Ric was one of the members of our Tennis Team. He passed most of his time out- side of school participating in sports. We all wish him luckinachievinghisambition, DONALD F. PAPOUSCHEK 6526 Oxford Avenue "Pap" Bellhop "Take it easy!" Pap has a personality that won him many friends at Northeast. His hobby is col- lecting dust. Pap has de- cided to become a bellhop. He participated in the '48 Revue. 4 if l E- ,tr "1Qn"f X ffl X t 1 Fifty-Two ROBERT NEAL PARHAM 2132 West Oxford Street "Keno" Businessman "You get it all, kid." Keno is set on becoming a successful businessman. His chief interest is in sports, as can be seen by his activities, which are: the Track Team, Cross-Country, and Weight- lifting. He also served on the Traffic Squad. RAPHAEL PARISER 508 Master Street "Ron" To be successful "That's not bad." Ron was interested in sports, especially baseball and foot- ball. He spent most of his spare time outside of school playing football and base- ball. We all hope that Ron mill be a success in his later 1 e. IOHN PASCIOLLA 3185 Ararningo Avenue Hlohnny Pop" Go to Calif. "Any parties this week?" Iohn was a member of the Traffic Squad. He was also an active member of the Senate as a Senator and Alternate. We all wish him lots of luck. LENARD G. PERLMAN 721 West Oxford Street "Len" Butcher "I am IOOZ prepared." Len played on the 1. V. Baseball Team and served on the Traffic Squad. The class wishes him best of luck as a butcher. f""5 CLASS OF IUNE 1950 MARTIN PERLMUTTER 3109 West Dauphin Street "Marty" Iournalist "That's my name: don't wear it out." Marty has led a very busy life at Northeast. He was sports editor of the Mega- phone, member of the I. V. Baseball Team, a member of the Archive Staff, and he took part in many of the school activities. A true fellow to the core, the class wishes Marty the best of luck. DONALD C. PERRY ll54 North Lee Street "Perry" Engineer "Hi, boys!" Perry's favorite pastime is sketching. He also indulges in all kinds of sports. Here's lots of luck to a sincere fellow. N FRANK PETRILLO 6556 Vandyke Street 'lFrank" Go into business "Lend me your homework?" Frank hopes to enter busi' ness in the future. He was on the Traffic Squad and his outside interest is sports. His pleasant disposition will be missed by all. VICTOR PETSIS 3822 North Tenth Street "Vick" Good job "What d'ya say sport?" Vick was a familiar figure around school, a hard worker and a sincere fellow. We all wish him the best of luck. GORMAN W. PIERCE 3048 North Seventh Street "Lover Boy" "That's just about right." Lover Boy is always talking about the opposite sex, ex- cept when he is figuring a physics problem. His service on the Traffic Squad, Execu- tive Committee, Archive Staff and Megaphone was well ap- preciated. He was a member of the Circle Hi-Y, and likes to collect stamps. CHARLES F. PILIERO 850 North Beechwood Street "Chick" Business machines "It's about that." Chick was well-liked for his quiet manners. He was a lieutenant on the Traffic Squad, Senator of his class, and a member of the Circle Hi-Y. His outside activities are sports and girls. IOHN A. PINEL 2l36 North Second Street "Little I ohn" Draftsman Iohn was a member of the Library Squad, a Cheer- leader, and was on the Honor Roll many times. His neat attire and ping-pong playing was admired by all. We are all pulling for him to grow an extra inch. CARL T. PLIZAK 2235 East Ritter Street "Yo-Yo" Truck driver "Boy, I'm tired." Yo4Yo's ambition is to be a truck driver. After school he likes to play football. May his future be bright. Fifty- 'rim NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL CARMIN PODY 5130 Torresdale Avenue "Mick" Building contractor "Hi, boy!" Mick was on the Stagecraft Club for the past four terms and also on the Traffic Squad. His outside interests are sports. DONALD L. POST 64lO Tulip Street "Post" Electrical engineer Post spent his time at North- east in the Honor Section. He was an usher at graduation and was on the newly organized Rowing Team. Post also participated in the North- east Revue. He is greatly interested in the outdoors and is a member of the Rod and Gun Club. An active mem- ber of the Order of De Molay, Post was well-liked by his classmates. MILTON T. POWELL 4020 Chippendale Avenue "Mickey' ' Doctor "That is ignorant." Mickey was on the Track Team and served on the Traffic Squad. A very fine student to begin with, his future will be a successful one. RONALD PRATT 3946 North Dungan Street "Ron" Estimator "How about that?" Ron served on the Traffic Squad for three terms. His hobbies are sports. He plans to be a estimator. LOUIS L. PYTLEWSKI 1837 East Ontario Street "Pit" Chemist "lt's for the birds!" Lou was quite popular at Northeast, and to prove it, he was elected Senator of his class for four terms. He was in the Honor Section and a member of the U.N.N.E. Lou served as an usher at grad- uation, Senate Plays and Revues. Lou was Vice-Presi- dent of the Spanish Club. He is bound to be a big success. MICHAEL l. OUIGLEY 5136 Torresdale Avenue "Scotty" Businessman "Hello, I oe. Got a problem?" Scotty's outside hobby is fishing. He was an active member of the Stage Crew, Traffic Squad, and Rotary Club. We are sure that he'll make a good businessman. RAYMOND A. RACHMAN 4551 North Warnock Street "Ray" Bacteriologist "My boy!" Like many of the fellows, Ray was famous for his witty answers and statements. Ray was in the Honor Section for three years and a member of the U.N.N.E., captain of the Lunchroom Squad, and Presi- dent of the Spanish Club. He also served as an usher at graduations. With his wit and knowledge, he is sure to be a success. PAUL RASH 1017 West Cambria Street "Vick" Mechanic "How's the boy?" Vick was one of those energetic Cheerleaders who helped cheer Northeast teams on to victory. He was also a member of the Traffic Squad and the Alternate of his section. CLASS OF IUNE 1950 WILFRED RAWLINS 2714 West Susquehanna Ave. "Rip" Businessman "Are you kidding?" Rip was a member of the Traffic Squad. His outside activities are sports, and his ambition is to be a successful businessman. PETER REBER 4150 I Street "Meatball" Mining engineer Pete's outside hobbies are hunting and fishing. He was well-liked by the boys of his class, and we wish him lots of luck. THOMAS W. RICHARDSON 1927 Mount Vernon Street "Rich" Iron worker "Take your time." Rich was an active mem- ber of the Northeast Traffic Squad. He also served as an Alternate. He was well-liked in his class and will be missed by all. IOSEPH I. RIEDERER 3437 Amber Street "foe" Electrician "I swear I'l1 kill you." Ioe's outside interests are baseball and football. Being a good student while at Northeast, we wish him a world of success. ROBERT C. REID 3465 Keim Street "Bob" Electrical engineer "What do you say, buh?" Bob was well-liked by his classmates during his stay at Northeast. He played on the Soccer Team. SALVATORE G. RICHARDS 2842 Aramingo Avenue "Sam" Business manager "Hi, boys!" Sam's future is to be a businessmanager. Heplayed on the school Football Team for two seasons. Here's to his having a bright future. CHARLES ROBINSON 2614 West Hagert Street "Shorty" Musician "Hey, what's happening?" Shorty played on the fresh- man Football Team and was in the School Band, Orches- tra, and the Swing Band. He chooses music for his pro- fession. GERALD ROBINSON 6801 Old York Road ' 'Robby" Teacher "What a shock!" Robby will make his future as a teacher. He enjoys sailing and rowing. May his future be a success. Fiffy-Five NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL IOSEPH ROBINSON, IR. 2126 North Warnock Street Speedy" Social work Speedy's main interests are sports. He was a member of the Track and Cross-Country Teams. May his future be a success. u SHELDON I. ROSEMAN 2404 North Myrtlewood Street "Shelly" Artist "Hi, lover!" Shelly was a member of the Library Squad. His outside activities are playing the saxophone and drawing. Best of luck to Shell! to X N X STANLEY ROSEN 2415 North Corlies Street "Stan" Accountant "Howdy-doody.' ' Stan led a busy life in school, serving on the Traffic and Library Squads. He was on the Honor Roll many times. He likes to dance and listen to the latest recordings out- side of school. NEIL ROSENBERG 2206 North Natrona Street Salesman "Got the homework?" Neil was the president of the Distributive Education Class. His outside interests are basketball andthe weaker sex. HERMAN G. ROVNER 724 West Norris Street "Lefty Herm" "Cumbalobastorta . ' ' Herm was on the Honor Roll several times, He served on the Traffic Squad. He likes sketching and collects old coins. EDWARD G. RUCH 4119 North Franklin Street "Ed" Engineer "Where do we go now?" Ed was on the Honor Roll every term. His school activi- ties include the Traffic Squad and he served as an Alter- nate. He likes to collect stamps. Best of luck to Ed. ROBERT T. RUSH 2164 East Sergeant Street ' 'Crow' ' "You can't take it with you." Crow's hobby is running CrossACountry and Track. He had helped in making many posters that hung in the school hallway. ALFRED 1. RUSHTON 2238 Faunce Street "Al" Builder "Hi, Buddy!" Al served on the Traffic Squad. His outside interests are cabinetmaking and the weaker sex. Fifty-Six CLASS OF JUNE 1950 DONALD RYAN 3508 North Water Street "Reds" Artist "Ye gods!" Reds outside activities are hunting and fishing. While at Northeast he helped in the office. His ambition is to be an artist MILTON K. SANDERFORD 1637 North Newkirk Street l'Sandy" Vocalist "Boy! That's cruddy." Outside of being on the Traffic Squad, and Poster Committee Chairman, Sandy likes to sing, play baseball and canasta. JOHN J. SANOCKI 1806 North Front Street "Johnny" Builder "Hi, Buddy!" John's outside hobbies are fixing furniture. He served on the Stagecraft Crew, the Traffic Squad, and the Library Squad. Best of luck to John as a builder. JOHN WILLIAM SARAPPO 3163 Agate Street "Sarap" Research chemist "Egad!" Whenever anyone asks a question that stumps the teacher, John is the one who usually asks it. Well-liked by everyone, John spent his time in the Honor Section. He was a member of the U.N.N.E., Spanish Club, and Tribunal. John also played on his class basketball team, and was Senator of his section. Loads of success to a swell guy. C3 'W ' F if I y-Seven DOUGLAS SCHAFER 3439 H Street "Schof" To get out of school "Hurry up!" Schof belonged to the Traffic Squad, and was an Alternate of the class. His ambition is to graduate from school. Outside of school he likes to play soccer. FREDERICK L. SCHAEFER 1918 Napfle Avenue "Fred" College or Navy "Bul1y." Fred, a busy man at school, was on the Swimming Team, worked in the Senate Store, served on Library and Lunchroom Squads. His hobs bies are ships and cooking. ROBERT R. SCHEIDEGG 4327 Cottman Avenue "Bob" Builder "What ya say?" Bob was on the Stagecraft Crew, played in the Band, on the Traffic Squad, and on the Executive Committee. He likes woodwork and hopes to be a successful builder. Good luck to Bob. FRANK M. SCHETTER 4341 North Eighth Street "Frankie" Patternmaker "What 'cha doing?" Frank served as a member of the Traffic Squad. His outside hobby is woodwork. NORTHEAST VINCENT G. SCHIAZZA 2901 East Thompson Street "Schiaz" Business manager "C'mon, let's go!" Schiaz's outside activities are sports. We all know he'll make a good business manager. V, -I MP HIGH SCHOOL RICHA CHIL1INGER , 63 agee Street J ytiimger ,,-0 Pilot , -"Hi-y , ly!" ' Lf, D'll ' th S ' Tbaln, W of 'Fears Qbrrnan Club'-Jgutside of school he. 156s gas model building his I abby. KS.. .I-N -. N f T Ei is ' EE mi M115 A '?. R-XX Q HOWARD D. SCHNEIDER 2951 Knorr Street "Ship" Patternmaking "Drop dead!" Snip was an Alternate, and was well-liked by his class. His outside interest is model trains. ROBERT 1. SCHREIBER 4543 Bleigh Avenue "Bob" Electrician "How 'bout that?" Baseball is Bob's favorite game and he is quite good at it. We all hope he is success- ful in his chosen field. lACK SCHWARTZ 1943 North Sixth Street "lake" Biologist "Y-e-e-e-s" By far the most ardent member of the Megaphone Staff was lack. He served as Alternate and spent five terms in the Honor Section and was Captain of the Lunchroom Squad. He also was in the U.N.N.E., Spanish Club and Typing Editor of the Archive. lack represented Northeast at meetings of the World Affairs Council. KENNETH SEARS 2228 Bolton Street "Count" Man with money "Bo1areany Mac deany avouchareanyf' Count was on the school Fencing Team. His outside hobby is eating and sleeping. May luck be with him! RAYMOND SEGAL 2916 Westmont Street "Fligle" Get a job "What's the use of kidding?" Ray likes to play basket- ball and enjoys the company of the opposite sex. May he find a good job. ANDREW G. SEIL 2147 East Orleans Street "Andy" Pro. Baseball "Goink." Andy was well-liked during his stay at Northeast. He likes to take it easy and play the guitar. Fzfzyrsigm CLASS OF IUNE 1950 DONALD IAMES SHAW 430 Chandler Street "Baldy" Forestry agent "Boy, you know it." Baldy worked in the school office in his spare time and spent his afternoons running for the Track Team. His love for hunting and fishing is sure to lead him to the top as a forestry agent. CLARK H. SIDDERS, IR. 2129 Ripley Street "Sid" Musician "What do you say, man?" There is nothing that Sid likes to do more than play his trumpetg in fact, he likes it so much that he was a member of the Orchestra and Swing Band since his fresh- man year and also played for the Revues and Senate Plays. There is no doubt that Sid will some day be a top- flight musician. ALLEN SILVERMAN 2545 North Marston Street "Al" Chiropodist "How about it!" Allen spent his time in the Honor Section and played class and cadet basketball. Allen was also a member of the U.N.N.E. Always good for a laugh, Al was quite popular with all who knew him. His favorite pastime was playing basketball and he was quite a hand at it. IRVIN SILVERSTEIN 1951 North Stanley Street "Irv" Ace salesman "Don't take the heat." Irv didn't take part in any extra-curricular activities, but his good work in the Distribu- tive Education Course is sure to make Irv a really great salesman. Lots of luck to Irv. I 'td I - -:K at lv X i 'I Fifty-Nine IOSEPH SIMMONS 1827 Champlost Avenue "Yussy" Teacher "Well, all right!" Upon entering Northeast, Yussy wasted no time in showing his versatility. He started by winning an "N" in his freshman year as a mem- ber of the Gym Team. In the fallIoebecameaCheerleader for our football team. Yussy was also a member of the Traffic Squad and partici- pated in two Revues. With a personality such as this, Yussy is sure to become a success. THOMAS SIMONTON 451 Van Kirk Street "Frecs" lournalist "OK, Buster! Drop that pencil!" Tom was a busy fellow during his stay at Northeast. His pleasing smile and witty sense of humor made it easy for him to make many friends. Tom worked himself up to editor-in-chief of the Mega- phone. In his spare time Tom served as editor of the biographies of the Archive. He was also a member of the "B" class Prom Committee. ALFRED SIMPSON 1825 North Taylor Street "Al" Animal raiser "Htl" Al took the Agriculture course through his entire stay at Northeast and never had time for extra-curricular activities. He intends to be an animal raiser in the near future. IOHN MORTON SIMPSON 4409 Princeton Avenue "lack" Actor "Yea, but it's fun!" I ack captained the Fencing Team and won the city saber title. He was a tackle on the I. V. championship Football Team. lack was also a Sena- tor, Alternate and member of the Traffic and Outside Squads, and participated in three Revues and two Senate Plays. He was an active mem- ber of the Drama Club and was on the art staffs of the Megaphone and yearbook, designed the pin for the graduating class, and was a member of the Original Hi-Y. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL IOSEPH THOMAS SIRECE 2439 North Third Street "Nick the Greek" Diemaker "Never happen." Nick was a real student at Northeast and on the Honor Roll every report. His easy way helped him make many friends. He was a Senator twice and an Alternate once. He was also a member of the Traffic Squad. We know that he will be a success in the industrial world. EDWARD SLAVEK 2010 North Palethorpe Street "Slobolia" Electrician "Speak for yourself." During his three years at Northeast, Ed took up the study of electricity. Now upon graduation he is on the way to becoming a top-notch electrician. Ed's other inter- est is in music and tropical fish. He was an active mem- ber of the Traffic Squad. Lots of luck to Ed. FREDERICK BARTLE SMITH 632 West Huntingdon Street ' 'Smitty' ' Drummer "How about that?" Smitty was an active mem- ber of the Swing Band, Orchestra and Band. He has played for previous grad- uating classes and for the Revues and Senate Plays. Smitty was also a member of the Traffic Squad. We will remember him for his pleas- ing smile. WILLIAM IOHN SMITH 250 East Elkhart Street "Smitty" Draftsman "How do you do this?" Smitty was another of our industrial course boys who will someday be leaders in their respective fields. Bill's chief interest was sports, in which he took an active part outside of school. He was also a member of the Traffic Squad. S 6 IOSEPH SNOW 2519 Clearfield Street ' 'Snowie' ' Lawyer "Ah, nuts!" Snowie took the academic course at Northeast in hopes of becoming a lawyer. His hobby is billiards and his activities included being a member of the Traffic Squad and the Weightlifting Club. His many friends elected him Senator while at Northeast. RAYMOND SNYDER 4240 Passmore Street "Ray" Mechanic "Can it." Ray's hobby of working on old Fords is giving him the training to become a me- chanic, which is his ambition. His interests in sports were confined to the Baseball Team while at Northeast. He was a member of the Senior Executive Committee and his hard work made the prom a good one. His other activity was captain of the Traffic Squad. HENRY SOLIS 2310 North Smedley Street E K2 'Oli-' ol Sixty "Hank" Pro. ballplayer "I eat that stuff up." Hank was an active athlete at Northeast. He was a member of the cadet basket- ball and football teams. He received an NE in his fresh- man year for Baseball. In his senior year he was chosen captain of the team. His hobby of dancing was dis- played at the "Y" after a Circle Hi-Y meeting. Hank was elected Honor Man of our graduating class. EDWARD SOLTYS 733 Borbeck Avenue "Salty" Get out of school "You know it." Salty was a very friendly and likeable fellow with a nice personality. He was a member of the Traffic Squad. His hobbies are hunting, fishing and women. His chief ambition was like that of most Northeasters, to get out of school. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 RICHARD STAFANICK IOHN SUMMER 1534 Harrison Street 7167 Cottage Street "Thumper" Auto mechanic "You don't say?" Thumper was an active member of our school's Golf Team. He received two N's and an NE. His hobby is playing golf, but his ambition is to be a first-class auto mechanic. We will re- member him for his quick and friendly smile. ISADORE SOSLOVITZ 1024 Rockland Street "Issy" Engineer "He who laughs last, laughs best." Issy's interest in aeronautics is sure to lead him to a high position in that field. His favorite is rockets. All of us will remember his models. Issy spent enough time on his studies to make the Honor Roll. He was also a member of the Traffic Squad. 0 O i ,sin :QW ' I- Ai. W .Xxx EUGENE SOVIRA 701 North Third Street "Gene" Lawyer ".lohn 3:16." Gene was very popular with everyone and always had a good sense of humor. While at Northeast, Gene spent his time in the Honor Section. His hobby is hunting and he spends considerable time at it. His ambition is to become a lawyer and we all hope his ambition is fulfilled. ROBERT SOUARES 3223 Hilton Street "Bob" Naval aviator "Shave off cox'n, your ship's loaded." Bob has a genuine interest in naval aviation. ln his spare time you could always find him reading an aviation book. Outside of school his activities included being a cadet in the Naval air reserve. ln school he was just as busy, being on the Football, Base- ball, Track and Basketball Teams. He was a member of the Traffic Squad, a Senator and Alternate. Also on Bob's list were the Photo- graphy Club and the Lunch- room Squad. nib X Sixty-One "Stiff" Landscaper "Are you for real?" Because Stiff went to the farm school he was not so well-known among his fellow seniors, but those who knew him remember him for his friendly ways and a warm smile. No doubt in the not too far future Stiff's artistic talent will be seen throughout the city. WILLIAM STEELE 6550 Hegerman Street "Bill" To be a big boss "All right, now." Bill was well-known as a Senator around the school, as was shown by the way both teachers and students liked him. Bill was also an Alternate and a member of the Traffic Squad. His many friends will miss him and his pleasing person- ality. CHARLES E. STEIN 3056 North Swanson Street "Bud" Draftsman "Don't worry about it!" Besides being an Alternate and playing Football, Bud still managed to be on the Honor Roll consistently. His pleasing ways are sure to win him many more friends. We will always remember him and wish him success as a draftsman. MURRAY STEINBERG 2840 West Lehigh Avenue "Doc" Doctor "Another day, another day!" Doc was the fellow who always had a smile and a good word for everyone. His hobby is sports, and he made the most of them, being a member of the cadet football team and a canditate for varsity baseball. We all wish Murray the best of luck in life and towards his goal of doctor. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL DONALD STEVENS 2033 North Van Pelt Street "Don luan" Artist .-A lor, Don was really a loyal son of Northeast. Though coming from another section of town, Don immediately became active in the Fencing Club and after only two terms of varsity Fencing, became the City Champion in the foil class. He was also a mem- ber of the Traffic and Lunch- room Squads. All of these activities were in addition to an after-school job. ROBERT GEORGE STILES 3426 North Ella Street "Stewy" Musician "You dirty dog!" Stewy had the job of selling trolley and bus tickets to the students, and also sold ath- letic tickets. Of course, this was for the school, but it took up time when the other fellows had free periods. We all wish Bob the best of luck and someday we know that he will become a really great musician. NORMAN GEORGE STONER 3120 North Park Avenue "Norm" Make good music "Maroom." Norm's activities were con- fined to the Swing Band. On the outside he played for the Aqua String Band. Although he took the Distributive Edu- cation Course, he hopes to become a musician. With his ability and friendly way we are sure he will be a suc- cess in his career. ERNEST A. STOTT 7517 Claridge Street "Ernie" Plumber "Take off." Ernie was not so well-known around the school because he spent most of his time at the agricultural school. His hobby is girls and he spends much of his spare time in this pursuit. We all wish Ernie the best of luck and hope he succeeds as a plumber. N Sixty- Two RAYMOND C. STRICKLAND 3513 Ashville Street "Ray" Radio engineer "Gadzooks!" Ray spent his spare time building radios and dancing. We know Ray will become a top-flight radio engineer if personality and friendly ways have anything to do with it. We wish Ray success and good luck. WALTER SUSSENGUTH 1858 North Eighth Street "Suess" Merchant plumber "No stuff?" Suess was interested in sports but an afterrschool job prevented him from doing all he wished. He was an active member of the Announcing Club and the Traffic Squad. Walt was an active senior being on the Biography Staff of the Archive and a member of the Executive Committee. Suess also narrated a film for the Revue of '49. He was also a member of the Original Hi-Y. Good luck to Suess. RONALD SWARTZ 2049 East Somerset Street "Shatz" Engineer "1 got news for you." Shatz was a member of the Tennis Team for three terms. He did not confine his sport- ing ability to tennis as he was also on the cadet football team. He was also active in the Revue and was a Senator and Alternate. Besides this he was a member of the Traffic Squad for three terms. EDWARD R. SYNAKOWSKI 3434 Mercer Street "Punyock" Engineer "You know it." Ed, no matter what he did, always meant well. He has a pleasing personality, and the smile on his face stamps him as a friendly person. He didn't take much notice of class activities as he was the serious type. Punyock was an Alternate and a member of the Traffic Squad. We all wish him success as an engi- neer. Ka 'E Q MK 16 CLASS OF JUNE 1950 WARREN SZCZEPANSKI 3153 Livingston Street "Pints" Doctor "l'll be dam!" Warren was one of the well-known fellows around Northeast. His friendly smile won him many friends at school and will win him many more in the future. Although having an after school job, Pints was on the Traffic Squad, chairman of the Clubs and Activities Com- mittee and was a member of the Original Hi-Y. He was chosen a Senator three terms. Pints will go a long way. ROBERT TARALLO 3044 North Twenty-First St. "Bob" Musician "ls that right?" You could always find Bob at a Red and Black football game lending support as a member of the Band. His hobby is dancing, although he thinks loe Di Maggio and the Yankees are tops, Bob was somewhat of an athlete himself, having received numerals for Track. IOSEPI-1 F. TASCIONE 7145 Torresdale Avenue "Scooter" Ballplayer "They can, who think they can." Scooter was a likeable fellow and will be remem- bered by the many friends which he made at Northeast. He was active on the Golf Team, winning two varsity letters. loe was tops in studies as shown by the fact he was on the Honor Roll. Hats off to a swell guy. IOHN TAYLOR 7419 Bingham Street "lack" Expert wire worker "Got the time?" lack was one of the serious fellows and didn't take part in many activities, although he was on the Honor Roll and a member of the Traffic Squad. We are sure he will realize his ambition to be an expert wire worker. X f my Sixty-Three MARION TAYLOR 1443 North Perth Street "Mat" Musician "Don't do it, kid." Mat's interest in music is shown by the fact that he was a member of the Band, the Orchestra, and the Swing Band. Mat has plucked his bass fiddle through two Revues and Senate Plays. Amateur boxing and gymnastics were his athletic activities. Good luck to Mat. ALFRED THOMAS 4852 North Ninth Street "Alfy" Pharmacy "You know it." Alfy's quick laugh and witty wisecracks made him a can- didate for the class clown. In his serious moments, Alfy is a better than average student and pharmacy is his goal. College had better get ready for laughs. Because he worked after school, Alfy didn't participate in any activities, but he gave up his study periods to serve on the Traffic Squad. DAVID C. THOMAS 2518 East Norris Street "Dave" Machinist "You're right" Dave was a quiet and serious student and his hob- bies were photography and coin collecting. He didn't participate in any sports at school but played for the neighborhood teams. With his seriousness and determi- nation he will reach his goal of machinist. Good luck to a great guy. ROBERT THOMPSON "Bob" Auto mechanic "Hello, lack." Bob was an active member of the Northeast Traffic Squad. He also served as a Senator. Bob made friends very easily and he will be missed by all. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT R. THOMAS IOSEPH TORRE ,?O2?,N0fth CO11eQe,AVef1Ue 3150 North Twelfth Street Bob Businessman .. ,. . . "People respect our Joe Muslcmn moneylff Y "How's things?" Bob's talents were capably rendered to the Track and Cross-Country Teams. His speed afoot and quick think- ing gained many points for those teams. He was also interested in learning some- thing new for he was always hunting for information. ERNEST THOMA 14lO Bristol Street "Trumpet" Travel "What! Are you kidding me?" Trumpet's hobby was lov- ing and no doubt, with his pleasing personality, he is very successful. Not just a ladies man, he was a member of the Swimming Team and, because of his love for the great outdoors, we are sure he will be a success in his travels. HAROLD TIMMONS 2444 Seybert Street ' 'Leandro' ' Artist When Leandro came to Northeast, he immediately joined the Track and Cross- Country Teams. His alertness and sound reasoning decided many scores in favor of his school. His classmates recognized his ability and he was quickly elected an Alter- nate. ROBERT TOPLEY 864 Foulkrod Street "Drop 'em" Engineer "lust about." "Drop 'em" could have accepted and successfully carried out almost any re- sponsibility. He spent two years on the varsity Football Team, served on the Traffic Squad, was elected Senator and Alternate of his section, and boxed in the Sports Day shows. Z, I Sixty-Four loe's selection of activities constituted a well-balanced choice. He was Senator and Alternate of his section, served on the Traffic Squad and the Senate Award Committee. His main after-school interest was playing in the Uptown String Band. RALPH TORTIS 2606 East Cambria Street "Cody" Principal at N.E. "A good show downtown." Cody is interested in all types of sports. He enjoys swimming, playing football and basketball. Most of the time, he can be found attend- ing boxing matches. Cody was well-liked around the school. He was elected a Senator and served as a capable captain of the Traffic Squad. DAVID HARRY TRAVIS 7804 Verree Road "Dave" Machinist "Oh, yes!" Dave is a very mechanic- ally inclined boy and he spent most of his time working around machines. He liked to participate in sports, espe- cially football and swimming. Dave had a pleasing person- ality and was a welcome addition to any class. BRUCE TRAVOR 1436 Aldine Street Engineer "Yeah!" Bruce devoted almost all of his spare time to sports. - He especially liked to play base- ball'in which he was excep- tionally skillful. His potent bat and calm fhinking at crucial points of the games proved his capable leader- ship on the diamond. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 DONALD G. TREVETHAN 2919 North Marshall Street GH-'BERT ,ALFRED VEIT .Donn Me di C01 doctor 3130 Disston Street .-Godzooksln "Gil" Engineer ' "Nothing" Don was a diligent student and spent a great deal of time on his studies. Yet he found time to participate in many sports in and out of school. Best of all, he liked to run and he served on the Track and Cross-Country Teams at Northeast. GEORGE TSIHLAS 2423 East Allegheny Avenue "Greeky" Own business "That's beside the point." Many of the young boys played basketball and base- ball exceptionally well, but very few could play with the ease and composure that was characteristic of Greeky. He was a member of the Hellenic Youth Club, one of the very few Greek-American clubs in Philadelphia. HARRY CHARLES TYRE 3417 Lansing Street "Moose" Electrician "Go slow, Moe!" Moose is a great baseball and swimming enthusiast, althoughhismaininterestdoes not lie in the field of sports. He derives his greatest pleas- ure from the art of tripping the light fantastic, being an excellent dancer. He was well-liked around the school and was elected an Alternate. DON F. VANDERGRIFT 618 West Allegheny Avenue "Don" To be prosperous "Every beginning is difficult." Like almost every boy, Don was interested in all types of sports. Even his hobby was associated with the field of recreation. He likes to take snapshots of the different sports and he has a wide and varied selection of action shots. A-L X Playing table tennis is one of Gil's specialties. He has the speed and coordination that is necessary to win. Gil is an ardent movie fan, and he also enjoys listening to a good collection of records. l AMES WARREN VOORHEES 3409 Helen Street "lim" Electrical engineer "Now listen!" lim was one of the more quiet fellows around school. He was very friendly and easy to get along with. lim was mainly interested in baseball, although he partici- pated in various other sports. Often he could be found in a theatre enjoying a good movie. 0 ' 1 . Q tif A71 li. N .XXX Six! y-F ive IOHN R. WAHL 6746 Ditman Street "Bud" To keep climbing "How you doin'?" While at Northeast, Bud seemed to be a carefree fellow. He was usually Hmonkeying around." But there was also a serious side to him, for he served as a Senator and as a member of the Executive Committee, and on the Traffic Squad. ALVIN LA MAR WALLACE 3419 North Front Street "Wally" Millionaire "Aw, nuts!" Wally served on the Traffic Squad during his stay at Northeast. He was inter- ested in all kinds of sports while deriving a great deal of pleasure from dancing. His pleasant personality en- abled him to win many sin- cere friends at school. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL HARRY i..TwALigERst BERNIE WEINER 2810 Nort aney tree "Har" Hit the top "Wha1's hot?" Har rendered his services to his school by being on the Traffic Squad. His pleasing personality was present every- where he went as evidenced by his many friends. Har's main interest, besides girls, is woodcraft for which he has a great liking and in which he has become very skillful. ERIC WARD 2108 lefferson Street "Francisco" Pharmacist "Get away, deff!" Francisco's stay at North- east was an eventful one. He was a member of the Traffic Squad, the Cross-Country Team, the Track Team, and also manager of the Track Team. His ability to do dramatic work was proved when he appeared in one of the Revues. Best of all, Francisco likes to participate in sports. RN QX A XX RICHARD K. WARNICK 4010 Hartel Street "Dick" Own stock car Dick usually could have been found spending most of his time working around automobiles. He had promis- ing mechanical ability and tried to gain more experience at each opportunity. He is interested in stock cars and attends many of the races. FRED WATSON 2153 North Nineteenth Street "Freddie" Engineer "Cool yourself!" Freddie's hobby of playing sports accompanied him when he came to Northeast. He was elected co-captain of the varsity Track Team, where he gained recognition in the 60-yard dash and the mile relay. He played with the 1V and varsity Football Teams and served on the Traffic Squad. -Sixty-Six 6053 Belden Street "Reds" Pharmacist "You're too stupid to live." Reds was very popular with all at Northeast. He never went out for a team be- cause he was working after school, but he wanted to be active around school, which was shown in his being captain of the Traffic Squad. Bernie will be missed by all. LOUIS WEINER 2929 French Street "Lou" Chemist "Hi there!" While Lou attended North- east High he was elected by his classmates to three terms in the Senate. He was the quiet type and very friendly. Lou greatly appreciated good music. He had a large col- lection of records, which he never tired of listening to. ROBERT W. WEIR 6148 Argy? Street "Horse" Electrician "Wl'iat's it with yqu?'5 Hgfse apprecidted the fine arto dancing, and much of his time was spent enjoying that mode of'recreation. He was also interested in sports, especially football and, basketball, where he wel- comed competition. When Horse came to Northeast, he joined the cadet basketball team. MARTIN FRANK WEISBROD 7410 Rising Sun Avenue "Marty" Get out of school "What do ya' say?" Marty's time was mainly occupied with sports. He did not limit himself to any one sport, although he did swim and play football and soccer with a little more enthusiasm than the others. Marty also spent some time studying high-powered automobiles. CLASS OF JUNE 1950 IOSEPH G. WEISS 1831 East Thayer street RICHARD WILLIAMSON "Weissey" Hit the top "How you doin'?" The Traffic Squad was very fortunate in possessing the highly useful servicesof Weissey. His genialpersonal- ity enabled him to win many sincere friends at Northeast and also enabled him to be- come very popular with girls. Through his long and diligent practice, he became skilled in the manipulation of the cue stick. CLARENCE WHITE 2449 North Twentieth Street "Whitey" Pharmacist "Hey, Pres!" Whitey has the popular hobby of playing records, which he would rather do than anything else. Clarence was a member of the Track Team for the 1949 and 1950 seasons. NORMAN WILLIAMS 2265 North Seventeenth Street "Willie" Postal clerk "Hi, bub!" Willie's classmates elected him an Alternate during his three-year stay at Northeast. He was a fast little fellow and played a great deal of base- ball. He was a very sharp infielder and his accurate hitting decided many scores. THOMAS E. WILLIAMS 1864 North Bucknell Street "Tom" Lawyer "That's real fine." One of the reasons the Lunchroom Squad was able to do such a superb job in keeping the lunchroom clean was that it had such a capa- ble captain as Tom. But Tom's most important activity in the school community was being a member of the Ex- ecutive Committee. Some of his other varied interests was boxing and baseball. x if I i I Wx! Wx, it Sixty-Seven 1702 Wagner Avenue "Dick" Architect "Cheese and crackers." Dick was ci young man who could apply himself to almost anything. He was an active member of the Cross- Country and Track Teams, and the Traffic Squad. He was elected to the office of Secretary of the Original Hi-Y. Dick derived his great- est interests from boating. WILLIAM W. WILSON 2423 Seventy-Fifth Avenue "Bill" Electrical engineer "Drop dead!" Bi1l's valuable services were rendered to such activi- ties as the Safety Squad, the Track Team, and the Bowling Team. He also served as an active member of the Original Hi-Y. Most of all Bill liked his camera, and to go in search of interesting subjects to take pictures of. IOSEPH W. WINERING 1139 West Venango Street "loe" Own a cadillac "That's for sure." loe, when he was attending Northeast, chieflyappreciated girls, music, and sporting events. He was one of the quiet fellows and easy to get along with. Possessing a genial personality, he was able to win many fine and long-lasting friends. WILLIAM N. WOLF 2805 North Lawrence Street "Bill" Forest ranger "Let's go fishing." Although Bill was a quiet fellow, he was one of the very few modern young men who liked to test his resources against those of nature. His mastery became evident every time he took the rod and reel in hand and tested his skill against the fish. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL VERNON G. WONG 1435 West Loudon Street "Charlie" Physical therapist "Cheese and crackers." Charlie was a very popular fellow at Northeast for he was chosen one of the class Honor Men. His activities included co-captain of the Bowling and Tennis Team, the Megaphone Staff, the Archive Staff, a Senator and vice-president of the Original Hi-Y. His hobby is photography. IOSEPH JACOB WRANITZ 9212 Germania Street "foe" Sports writer "Ya don't like that?" 1oe's activities at Northeast were in preparation for his vocation in the field of journalism. They consisted of Assistant Sports Editor of the Megaphone and a mem- ber of the sports staff of the Archive. Even his hobby was connected with journal- ismp it was collecting nation- ally known newspapers. MALACHI SCOTT WRIGHT 2426 West Stewart Street "Mal" Pharmacist "'Hey, beautiful" Mal's activities around Northeast have been many and varied. He was on the Traffic and Lunchroom Squads and also a member of the Fencing Team. Mal was cne of the boys that took Northeast seriously. He will be missed by many. LEONARD C. WYATT 1814 North Twenty-Eighth St. "Lenny' ' Doctor "What a revolting de- velopment this is!" Lenn served on the 'Track Team,,gaseball,Team, Traffic Squad, and the Lunchroom Squad during his illustrious stay at 'Northeast ' Besides being, interested in those vari- ous activities he wderived a great deal of pleasure from his unusual hobby of collect- ing poems. 1 Oth lt. M -' 4. 3 W J T am, and an officer o Sixty-Eight STANLEY 1. W. WYREMSKI 216 West Thompson Street "Stan" Engineer "Ya doll!" Stan contributed his ser- vices to Northeast as an officer of the Traffic Squad. His excellent job was greatly appreciated. Outside of school he is especially inter- ested in baseball and basket- ball where his potent hitting and sharp shooting won many games for his teams. IOSEPH YACYK 1246 North Fourth Street "Yace" Engineer "Are you kiddin'?" DuringhisstayatNortheast, Yace was elected an Alter- nate, served on the Archive Staff, the Lunchroom Squad, and the Executive Committee. He made the Honor Roll every term at Northeast. His spare time was occupied by build- ing models of boats, air- planes and automobiles. DONALD YANCEY 2213 West Sedgley Avenue "Placid Boy" Lawyer "That's life!" During his three-year stay at Northeast, "Placid Boy's" extra-curricular activities consisted of being a member of the Track Team, Tennis Team, Traffic Squad, and an officer of the Lunchroom Squad. His unusual but interesting hobby is writing proverbs. ,I STANLE . Y 1 sims 4 lmo reet " an Engineer ii H nk ac ed eminence ugh h' versatility in oic f tivities. He was on th ck Team and the am, captain of the raffic Squad and L c o Squad. Some of s o er interests included amateur radio, swimming, and fishing. Zed 4 U K MR CI-IEVERELLI CLASS OF JUNE 1950 ROBERT I. YOUNG 1431 Gilham Street "Youngie" Mechanic "Hey goof!" Youngie was chiefly inter- ested in sports and mechanics while he attended high school. Baseball and football were his specialties. Many yards were gained through his de- ception on the gridiron, and many runs were scored through his consistent hitting on the diamond. THOMAS YOUNG 1885 North Twenty-Seventh St. "Tommy" Realtor "l'm sorry, dearl" When Tommy came to Northeast he joined the fresh- man Basketball Team. Then he became an officer in the Traffic Squad and partook in the Revue. Like many other oun men Tomm was Y Q , Y X interested in sports, especi-X Q ally basketball and base- ball. His quick thinking and speed marked him an out- standing player. FRED IOSEPH ZEIDLER 2348 North Palethorpe Street "Fritz" Machinist "Get off my ear!" While he was attending Northeast, mechanics and sports were the main interests of Fritzy. Football and base- ball occupied most of his time. He has all the quali- ties which are the require- ments of a good athlete be- sides having a good deal of mechanical skill. ALLEN LAWRENCE ZINMAN 2320 North Myrtlewood Street "Skippy" Ieweler "Do you still love me?" While Skippy was at North- east, he contributed his tal- ents to the Revue and the Rotary Club Career Forum. He also ably assisted the Library Squad, and became a member of the Tennis Team. Skippy's hobby was collecting stamps, and he was certainly proud of it. A lt takes a patient, understanding and diplomatic man to handle the roster wishes of the seniors. We had such a man in Mr. Vincent Cheverelli who spared neither time nor effort in helping us. The graduating class of lune 1950 wishes to express its most sincere thanks to Mr. Cheverelli for a job well done. S ixty--Ni ne Roster Chairman ULHSS UFFIUEHS PETER GEITHNER Vice-President THOMAS HACKNEY Treasurer Seventy GEORGE HOPELY President WILLIAM MARS Secreiory HUHUR HIEH I AMES MACDONALD ROBERT LENNOX GEORGE HOPELY VERNON WONG PETER GEITHNER Seventy-One HENRY SOLIS Zlass liistorv by JOSEPH CERINO and THOMAS SIMON TON l i t As we walk down the aisle of Morrison Hall for the last time it will be turning over the final leaf of our careers here at Northeast. But before we close our scrapbook let's reminisce over a few of the prominent memories that we have experienced. Remember the day we walked into these hallowed halls for the first time? . . . 'lBoy what a big place." . . . "Could you tell me where Morrison Hall is?" . . . "Where's the lunchroom?" . . . "How about an elevator ticket?" These were some of the questions that were heard on that first September morn three years ago. After a few well-chosen words from our principal, Dr. Theodore S. Rowland, our school life officially started. A serious note was struck that year when the memorial plague and books were dedicated in our library to all those loyal sons of Northeast who gave their lives in the Second World War. With this, a dream became an 58,000 reality. The annual Northeast-Central clash gained new significance with the presentation of a trophy in the shape of a wooden horse to the victor of the football classic. We were visited by several members of the Warriors Basketball Team, Academy Award Winner Harold Russell, and the Utah Centennial Choir. We witnessed our first Senate Play as Northeasters, "Three Men on a Horse," which made us realize that school life means much more than books and studies. A loyal friend left us that year when Dr. Rowland retired from active duty as principal of the school. With the conclusion of our first term Mr. Charles A. Young became our new principal. The "Megaphone" delegates to the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention in New York returned with the Medalist Award for the seventh consecutive year. The hilarious "Philadelphia Mardi Gras" was the annual Northeast Revue that year, and those "chorus girls" really left them rolling in the aisles with their crazy antics. By the time our first summer vacation rolled around we considered anyone under the "D" Class as members of the Legion of the Unwashed. The following? September we welcomed Dr. Louis P. I-foyer as the new Superintendent of Schools, but mourned the loss of a veteran biology teacher, Mr. Chester A. Stiteler. A few of us tried to prove our acting ability in the 1948 Senate Play "She Stoops to Conquer." We entered our fourth semester as Archives and Gwynn McConnell became our student body leader. The Middle Atlantic States Association inspected and evaluated the school for a period of three days to determine whether Northeast was maintaining the standards set up by the Commission on Secondary Schools. Those three hectic days will long live in the memory of many Northeasters. Seventy-Two . ,,,, ,..,.,. . ,, . , ,,,.,T.,. iq, --f 1-.-...NY ,..1...?,1wwFn.v..L.--1q.-4-:---- Y.-r v--ff In May the "49ers" strutted their stuff across the stage of Morrison Hall for the 28th Annual Revue. Mr. Luther T. Ranck became the new Literary Adviser for the school publication, "The Northeast Migaghonef' on the retirement of Dr. James D. Gordon who became Photography Consultant of the ta oi . SO Bill Bircher automatically succeeded as the school President for the September '49-January ' term. Mr. Lewis Herwig became our class adviser. We received the returns from the Middle Atlantic States Association inspection in which the evaluators praised our institution. George Hopely and Peter Geithner were chosen president and vice-president respectively of our "B" Class. Also selected was Louis Eberle as secretary of the class. The Goethe Festival, sponsored by the Language Department in cooperation with the La Scala Opera Company, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Johann Wolfgang Goethe was featured in Morrison Hall as the opening event of American Education Week. "You Can't Take It With You" was presented to a packed Morrison Hall for a two night run and was acclaimed one of the best Senate Plays in years. State Senator Louis Farrell received the Northeast Senate Award in a special assembly. He has, in the past twelve years, granted or helped to obtain scholarships for nearly fifty Northeast boys. Dancing to the music of Art Foster and his orchestra, approximately 78 couples enjoyed themselves at the Junior Prom which was held at the Oak Lane Review Club on Friday night, January 20th, 1950. Here we are coming into the homestretch. Two and a half years have quickly slipped by and we suddenly realize that we have only five months before that final night when we will bid farewell to all the friends and acquaintances we made in our high school career. Bob Lennox was elected as president of the school community, George Hopely was re-elected to the presidency of the "A" Class along with Peter Geithner as vice-president. William Mars and Thomas Hackney were chosen as secretary and treasurer respectively. Joseph Cerino and Richard Greenwood were selected as co-editors of the "Archive," Thomas Simonton became editor-in-chief of the "Megaphone" and Jack Simpson submitted the winning design for the class pin. We lost a few veteran teachers when Messrs. Cain, Nelson, Eckstein, Ashler, Seigle, and Larkin were transferred to the new Lincoln High School in Mayfair. . The "Megaphone" staff and Mr. Ranck were honored when the publication regained the Medalist Award at the C. S. P. A. Convention in New York. As a sneak preview of what to expect at the Prom, we had a Senior Dance in Shallcross Hall, which was a social success and enjoyed by all who attended. The 29th Annual Revue was a variety show entitled "Jingle Jangle." It was composed of various skits both humorous and serious. And then-THE SENIOR PROM . . . At last the big night had arrived. The night you had dreamed about and for which you had nearly driven yourself insane finding the right girl, the right corsage, car, tux, and, of course, the ready cash. But after arriving at the Germantown Cricket Club, the thoughts of all your troubles are soon lost as you glide across the floor with that extra special girl in your arms to the music of Simmers Esquires. Remember the Class Trip to Rye Beach? WOW! What a time! GRADUATION NIGHT . . . Yes, here we are walking down Morrison Hall aisle for the last time. These past three years have been the best years of our lives. We'll remember every moment . . . the times we clowned in class, the dances, the late room and our visits there, and most of all, the fellows that we called our friends. Our three years at Northeast are now ended, and as we look back over them we cannot help but feel a twinge of sorrow that our associations and pleasurable years of high school life will soon be but a fair reminiscence. We are glad, indeed, that we have at last reached the goal that inspired us when we first entered the portals of Northeast as ambitious freshmen. We now stand upon the threshold of opportunity and as we contemplate the past history of our class, we are spurred on by a desire to battle forward to another greater goal, that we may in our future struggles leave behind us a history that is as pleasing and as memorable as that which now stands in well-loved Northeast as the History of the Class of June 1950. Seventy- Three Gommencement 'P'rogmm., Tuesday Evening, lune 20, 1950 OVERTURE-' 'Mountain Majesty" ............... .... Y oder PROCESSIONAL MARCH-"Washington Post" .............. .... S ousa THE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND SALUTE TO THE FLAG SINGING-"America" INVOCATION ..4.................. ................. D eacon George Gritfenberg The Reorganized Church of Iesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints ADDRESS--"The Philadelphia City Charter" "The History of Philadelphids Government and the Need for a Change" Iohn William Hawthorne VIOLIN SOLO-"Romance" from Second Concerto .................... Wieniawski Edwin Grzesnikowski ADDRESS-"The Philadelphia City Charter" "Present Efforts of the Philadelphia Charter Commission" Peter Franz Geithner ELECTED TO TI-IE NORTHEAST HONOR SOCIETY: Ioseph E. Cerino Albert T, Oleniczak Russell G. Dechant Iohn W. Sarappo Richard H. Greenwood Vernon G. Wong Iohn W. Hawthorne Peter F. Geithner PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMA .... ................. C harles A. Young, Principal ACCEPTANCE OF DIPLOMA .......... Peter F. Geithner, Vice-President of the Class AWARDS-Presented by William Rowen Grant The The The The The The The The The President ot the Alumni Association Alumni Gold Medal Isaac A. Sheppard Medal Simon Gratz English Prize Charles S. Dickinson Art Prize Murrell Dobbins Prize Class of 1893 Prize Philadelphia Quartet Club German Prize Second Prize in German Class of 1909 Prize The Exchange Club Award The Phi Beta Kappa Prize The Grafton Greenough Award The Iohn Bosch Award The Spanish Prize The French Prize The Latin Prize The Northeast Service Award Special Commendation Awards CLASS HONOR MEN: Iames MacDonald Vernon G. Wong Robert Lennox Peter F. Geithner George I . Hopely Henry M. Solis P iThornas E. Simonton resenters Frederick G. Geiter THE SCHOOL SONG .................... ..... C lass and Audience EXIT MARCH-"March" from First Suite ..... ................. I-I olst Seventy-Four CUHIIHEHCEIHEIIT SPEHHERS !'x Wg? In V ,Q ' 107- , :HN A, 4 'Una KN rx, ' 21 SVU v cv 1 A AEQKJHW '5 tis. if 'Q' is RQ SQ.. fe i. Q if W ff-, st mfg ,tg T as It 3' tr Q M V 'ft 1 Aff , 93 , Vu! V-Q if t 4, gg' F11 is 3,5 M SQ may Q 56 gg E, Q, " Q ,, We SEHHTI ln the autumn ot l925 an idea was sut mitted to the Northeast Senate tor som production to equalize the Revue. As 1 result, a decision was reached to produce a annual tall play. The first attempt 'Captai Applejackf' was given in l925, Except tc 1927, the Senate has sponsored a productio each year since then ranainq from Shakes pearean plays to liaht comedy. Two pei tormances are presented in succession eac year. ln recent years the dramatic produc tion has been ably handled by Mr. Williai' Faye and Mr. Marcus Konick. The 23rd Annual Northeast Senate Pla was presented on the niahts ot Deceinbe 2nd and Srd. The production was th Pulitzer Prize-Winning comedy, "You Can Take lt With You" by Moss l-lart and Geora Kauttman. lt was under the able direction c Mr. Marcus Konick, Northeast drarnati coach. The production brouaht to a climax th lonq and tedious work ot the castg electricc crew under the direction ot Messrs. Wilso Q' 'cw if wwf F2 Es JLHU id Samoting staae crew under the auidance Mr. Herwiag art classes directed by Mr. :ileg ticket committee headed by Mr. Ansenp id the Northeast Swina Band, coached by r. Paul Dultield, and under the haton of twin Grzesniliowslai. The settina ot the play is in a Very unusual find room in an old house just around the nrnei' trom Columbia University in New ark City. The plot deals with the trials and twulations ol two youna people who tall in ve in the midst ot a sliahtly l'Mentally Un- ilancedn tamily who tried to help tout ndered the romance. Some ot the char- 'ters included: a arandtather who hasn't iid income tax since l9ll, a woman who 'ites plays because a typewriter was de- 'ered to her house hy mistake ten years eviously, two men who continually shoot ott ecraclaers, and a character who collects alan-s. The show was very entertainina. The usic was provided hy the Swing Band with wcals durina the intermissions. , lv K. kt 5 Ji f' fv 'QT i i ami? N ilUllIUl The lunior Prom the social highlight ot the HB" Class, was held tor the Class of lune '50 on Friday, lanuary 20, at the Calc Lane Review Club. Dancing to the music ot Art Foster and his orchestra, approxi- mately seventy-eight couples attended. As the boys, accompanied by their beautitul "dates," arrived at the Review Club, they were welcomed by two viceepresidents ot the school com- munity. Mr. Young, Mr. lflerwig, and their attractive wives were also on hand to greet the couples. Alter the girls powdered their noses, they proceeded to the ballroom where they discovered Art Foster and his orchestra. Later in the evening, several couples wandered onto the large inclosed porch where they would be able to sit out a tew dances, Others dritted down- PHUIH stoirs tor some reliieslnnents. Also downstoirs picftiires were being token by Tony, the scliool pliotogroplier. About eleven tortyftive, the crowd begon to thin out os the tellows ond gii'ls lett for vorious night spots ground Ptiilodelpliio ond lersey. Even though it snowed in tlie eorly inorning ond driving wos tr'eocliei'ons, everyone orrived lioine in tine sliope, Cliinoxing o inost pleosont evening, which will live in tlieii' nieinories toi' inony yeors to come. Tlie credit tor nioking the Prom such o successful one slioiild go to Mr. Lewis Herwig, "B" Closs sponsor, ond all the members ot the Prom Committee, who did sncli o grond iotv ot selling the tickets ond plonning tlie ottoii: Q' HEVUE The Revue Whieh is held L'Vf'l'YHltl'lIll1 is out ot the thiiias lor whieh Norlhi ost is loiiious. April 27, 28, 29 arid May fi auil L3 were lhc dates on whieh NOl'llTCtU!4lCtl'1l weiil throucih their Capers to amuse Capacity aiiilii-iii-1 is. The first act opened with thi- sea laiiic1r'oiwlui'- ina victims lor his maoival pot. Siwvlatcniws were highly amused at the reiiiarlqal wle Clioziow: in the 1ooorNorthe-asters who wit-rw his pri-y. A light, witty moiioloaue hy liriiest Wild followed, and was succeeded hy the Daiirw ol the lfri-iivli Maids. In this and two lah-r hue iloiivvs lhv participants wore Colorlul vosluiiies aiiil initr- tormed their graceful ayrgilioiis to tho all-licilit ol the audience. A 'lDuel iii the Darla" iiuiiiluer lwaliirwl lwci Northeast teucers. Tohu Simpson and losiiivli Dramesi, dressed iii black and liiiiiiiierzcwiit costumes. The Uhiuior Prom" vomwly ilaiii-L mimiolied a Northeastor laliiuri V1 Kwusiuctloii airl to this class altair, Mr. Phillip Schueider's ayiii team thi-ii phr- lormed their amayiiia lvats ou thi- tuiululiiic: mats and the hiatt liar, lollowml liy iiiaoiviaii Edward Maiiisco. l'Death to the Tyrant," the iirixl scwitv, Wai OH excerpt lroiii Sliakesiwaiw-'s iiiiiiiorla Hhllius Caesar." This le-iaturecl the spewvliv: oi Brutus arid Marla Aiithouy at C'aw:ai": tuneral. A Coiitrastiiia iiiuiiher leiatiiiwil Alval FlSllPY',I'3ElI'lOI'lIllIlC1C1561CTCll'llJl'7f'C1ii l4lC7l1lC1ltk'ftl in tluorescferit dress helore a voodoo statue. Que popular :let wus Seymour l"i-iii's "Vilwr.i Harp Hobo." The aft started as voiiif-ily, hut erided with a serious iiiusivcxl hiioln-, 3 ,wf 1.14 4 :fig w i s Q if t i t I t A siriiiq timid i-iiswiiitvtv, dressed os mum, iiiwrs, iiiddi- itirw- oppldiisw wiriuiiio FIDDQSGV- miiuws. "'l'tiw Si-cirvli lor Mott- ond Moot" iuuubor iuotiiiwt C1 svliooirooiii svsiio with o disoppooiv iiiti wtciss cmd o podoooouv def-termiiied to lwtiiiv oii itil- tiirds oiid twos. Fulton Short, C1 iqiwiitiicwtv ol toiiiinry, WSU pertormed oi Soto poiiioiiiiiiw ituiicv, ttvpictiiiq Cl bull tighter in ttii- riiiu. CVtUIltI'f1StHLttOttitS serious number wcis cu voiiiiwiy mi-t, 'Timo Reluctant Drooonf' Ii'oiiii'iiicq ttorry Arvliwr oiid Hurry Srotiwocftuter, mid ri tciiiitvoiiriiiw doiico by the troupe. A mt-Iiw ol 'Kvysioiw Cops" t'Bott1iiiC1 tJJtW1llttUS,H mid soilors rounded out the show in tlii- Iiiidt mot, iiiititlvit "Noutic'ot Folk." This iiuiiitvvi' limit ct "tiny iiiiiutios" swostiore book- droiiiid. Miivli vrvdii is duo ttiv producers ond diroCt' ors ot tlii- iwrodiivtioii. Mr. totiii Boyd cmd Mr. tVtK1I'k't1I4 Koiiivk wiirv rospoiisibte tor the time sliovviiioiisliiiv ot ttio Cost white Mr. Gustav ttC1i1k'kC1IlLtMI'. tttiilliivSvliiioidorworoiu Ctioroe ol ttivi'lioi'uoc1i'c'1ptiymidqyiuiiosts,rospoctivoty. Mr. ttflllt t7uliiold's Swiiio Bond provided siicippy rviiditioiis oi poputor numbers under tliii lirixdiwsliip oi student Coiiduotor Edwin Uriffiisiiitsowski vvitti tQii'tim'd Print os yooolist, Ya bmw x M, -f gf 3 w 3 Q is SEHIUH PHUHI X 1 . i t '1 H Q N P 1. A ,T My 1 ,I x 452 , ,.,. K y . K , S ' ::" fi h L L F2 at 5 p m Wwffifi? fy 2 Q, P1 , f ' "'. - f 1 - ' .. f ' - - - -. 1 S1 Q Q Q -'al -v v 2, x g.. , Lx' xxx A V Q A x K B 'W .52 ' xg mf W f 4 ' 5 i . , K ' . ' wiv km v ' , 4 sfkg A V2 ' ml LL Q! 5' 5 ' W" wg? 4 .gf I my L v ' - , f 1 Q ' .K is V gf. M! gs m 3 f k ik akin ? 511 LN Q S 7 9- R W. . ZX fl' :,: 4351- 'X .swwsr ' 1,4 M tal sf lu -ff' X ffl' 4 x' W 44 , Friday niaht, May i9 . . . a niaht that will long remain in the memories ol the seniors, tor that was the night ot their Senior Prom. This important social tunction was held at the Germantown Cricket Club and over l5O couples attended. The lellows made a strikina appearance in their white summer lormal tuxedos, and the youna ladies looked especi- ally lovely in ll1UlI'OVOIitIiQQOWIIS. Favors ot red and black prom keys, set with the Northeast seal were presented to each airl. Once there, the charmina couples danced away the evenina to the music ot Simnier's Esauires. As it became crowded on the dance tloor, many couples went to the dinina room where refreshments were sold. As usual several prominent members ol the taculty and their wives were present, as was Tony the photographer who was kept lvusy takina pictures all evening. Toward inidniaht, many couples started to leave, and they could soon he lound in such niahtspots as Silver Lake lnn, Chutvtays Latin Casino, Qles Dude Ranch and the Click. Some even went as tar as Atlantic City. ln the early hours ot the inornina everyone was saying aootltvye. The niaht was over, but never to he toraotten. ,,..w 'U:1 : 1:l:2i:1 + f -I-5- f f f A, xpqgj ii:-:IQ-Q: 5.1: grtzfzt: gl1:gZ2:5i:g21:51::5 1 II I I I NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA SENATE AWARD BY HIS PERSONAL INFLUENCE, CHARACTER AND INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT HAS MADE A DISTINCT CONTRIBUTION TO THE STUDENT LIFE AND WELFARE OF THE NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL IN RECOGNITION THEREOF THE SENATE AWARDS THIS CERTIFICATE ..?. PllESlDEN'l' OF THE SENATE f I X if S 1: f ' 3 . li ' .. PMNCIPAL OF THB SCHOOL DATE czgcgzlcf15151422-1221512111:5211112422412-:QMA , ,Y, sv, sv, xv, x , sv, ,Y, xi, xi, sr, ,:, ,L-, X IRVIN BEIDLEMAN RAYMOND BONNERS RICHARD CASTAN IOSEPI-I CERINO CARLTON CUPPS RUSSELL DECHANT ELI FIELDS FRED GEITER PETER GEITHNER RICHARD GREENWOOD ALBERT OLENICZAK MARTIN PERLMUTTER IOHN SERAPPO ROBERT SCHEIDEGG CLARK SIDDERS THOMAS SIMONTON DR. RICHARD ABRAHAM zffghfy-Im SUHUUL UFHCEHS RGBERT LENNOX ANTHONY STAGLIANO President Vice-President WILLIAM SAWYER HERBERT FINKELSTEIN Vice-President Vice-President liiglnty-liighl IHTEHSCHULHSTIC LEHGUE Many people have heard of the interscholastic League, but few know of its actual work. This does not mean it is unimportant. On the contrary, it is the most powerful faction in student government today. The Philadelphia lnterscholastic League started in 1935, but was not permanently established until November l937. The league is composed of the presidents, vice-presidents, student editors, chief justices and senators of all the schools in Philadelphia. In the last few years, the league has accomplished the following projects. It has obtained forthe Philadelphia school pupils a decreasein PTC fares. It has sponsored theFree City College Plan. ln cooperation with the Board of Education, the league gave each school a half hour radio program a certain number of times a term. It has sponsored the Interscholastic League Convention which was held here in Northeast. It is now supporting a plan for compulsory driving lessons for Philadelphia public school students. Each month the league meets at a different school. There the officials of the student government get together and discuss their problems and attempt new undertakings. The league runs and controls the student governments of the Philadelphia schools. The League president is the president of the nineteen Philadelphia High Schools. A note of thanks is due to Fred Geiter, loseph Cerino and Bob Lennox, who were the senior representatives of Northeast and who helped lead their league to the top of the ladder of success. liiglily-.N'inv.' HUHUH SUUIETU The Honor Society is Northeast's most exclusive group, composed of only those boys who by diligent ettort, have attained a high scholastic record and have contributed notable extracurri- cular services. Mr. George Montgomery chooses the candidates tor admission. Member- ship is limited to "A" and "B" class students who have distinguished or highest honors at the end ot the second report period and hold an "NE" or a Senate Award. The members ot the Honor Society this term are loseph Cerino, Russell De- chant, Peter Geithner, Richard Green- wood, lohn Hawthorne, Albert Qlenic- zak, lohn Sarappo, Vernon Wong. mn.,1,y SCHUUL SUNG Let every son of Northeast His voice uplift in song, That all may know her honor, Above all stain of wrong. To thee we'll e'er be loyal, Thy name we'1l e'er defend, We pray thy fame increasing May last till time shall end. Thy years are filled with glory, Thy fame is spread afar, The spirit of thy classrooms Shines as a guiding star. May it forever lead us To victory's reward. To hail thee and to bless thee Our hearts are here outpoured. True to thy noble teachings, Each son shall ever be, While marching through life's journey In goodly company. And when the strife is over And we are called to rest, There still shall come forth others Thy worth to manifest. N inet y-One 1111133 P111 VI'111'Ckj1f1SH1,111 101' 11111 1111111 1950 1111111 was dCxS1C1I1C'C11.JY1OCT1'i 51rNI1Sf711, AQ. Tw n11r'f1Q'1 O11C'1111OI1, 0 13Co1,1111u1 Girl 111 refd 1Jc1111i11c'g S1111 was p1c1Cc'1d W1111 11f1I' kmw- Q11 cm 14 d T111 T1LlYN1DEf'T 95 re1pr'c1s9111s 1114 11111 Q1111 1110014 "NF" c1Qc1111s1 0 br1q1'11 ye11ow bac qrouu . e dass, W1111C11l1I1H 'f3Os11owQd111e yevor. 'IL'1X'-'IRIN' SEHHTE At the beginning ot each term, two representatives are elected by every section. The Senator, the speaking otticer, attends each ot the Senate meetings. The Alternate, besides attending the Senate meetings in the event ot the Senator's absence, has the chiet duty ot selling The Megaphone to his class. Northeast was one ot the tirst schools to have a student governing body, and the Northeast Senate is now one ot the best specimens ot student achievement in the public school system. Our Senate has more power governing the school than any other student governing body in this section ot the country. The chief duties ot the law-making group consists ol appropriating money tor the budget, legislating for the school, and granting charters to newly organized clubs. The Senate Tribunal, whose members are chosen by the faculty, has vested in it the judicial powers ol the school Senate. Each term, at the tirst meeting, the Senators elect the chairman ot the Senate, who is a member of the laculty. Elections are also held lor vice-chairman and secretary, who are members ot the student body. .N'1ni'ly-'lllirre XB J ,H IL! pkg' 65 1 5? ' It Ill W W IQ Q4 .N fx.-. ', N lj -I 7 X -L 'f I Tf -JJ f 1 if iv' x kr'fQTZ?'K?? Y L. aw Q Qs A5 U QU a bl FX -1.. X99 X X f X wg QM? Z X 1y, , f f m C f Z SENR+E fqvvlf-Kid New-+KQg.s'x Slsxgl, 5gL,,,X xx wTn.-C-. :GN-N JN Iv- P-"K J-bs: SIL C552 -4"""'17 X X -Z ' R V gl' f-4, '-iifi -QLQY-Q 2 EXECUTIVE CUEIIIHHTEE ln order to plan and execute the numerous events of the senior year, a committee is oraanized from the lcoys of the senior classes. Each "A" section elects two students to represent them in the planning ot activities. Senior Prom, Class Trip, Senior Hop are a few of the affairs planned by the committee. ln addition to this, they also collect the class dues. This term's Executive Committee has performed its duties exceptionally well and our thanks ao to them. The members ot this term's Executive Committee are: Al l. Hawthorne A6 R. Lennox A. Qlenic7ak W. Mars A2 R. Batis A7 S. Norieka l. Beck T. Miller A3 W. Coco A8 A. Scheideqq W. Eckert G. Pierce A4 W. Hannigan A9 R. Snyder T. Hackney W. Sussenquth A5 W. Kauffman AlO l. Yacyk C. Hofmann T. Williams Ninety-Six SEHHTUHS Httlt HLTEHIIHTES A Senator and an Alternate are elected at the beginning ot every term by each section They are the representatives who make up the Senate, Northeast's student governing body Besides acting as relief Senator, the Alternate also has charge ot the Megaphone sales in his advisory section. "A" CLASS SENATORS AND Senators Al l. Sarappo A2 G. Brodsky A3 R. Castan A4 G. Geiter A5 F. Kessler A6 W. Mars A7 l. G'Neill A8 C. Piliero A9 W. Szczepanski AlO V. Wong ,N'im'ly-.S1'm'n ALTERNATES Alternates P. Geithner F. Bennett V. Capella W. Hannigan G. Hopely S. Levin W. McClain M. Perlmutter H. Solis R. Topley Ninety-lfiglil LIBRARY The Northeast Library will long be remem- bered by all Northeasters for the important part it played in furthering their education, both in academic work and other subjects in which they are interested. The Library of Northeast is considered one of the best second- ary school libraries in the East. The credit for this achievement should go to Miss Ward, the head librarian, who organized the Library in l938. Since that time, the school's collection of books has increased from a few thousand to well over l5,000, which are well cared for by the Library Squad. The boys of the Squad did clerical work, filled shelves with books, pro- cessed new volumes, and kept the Library in working condition. STAGECRAFT CLUB The Stagecraft Club, under the capable leadership of Mr. Lewis Herwig, has been an asset to Northeast since 1932. The Club's activ- ities include the repair of all stage scenery and the stage itself. Members of the club do all the work during their lunch periods, study periods, and after school. The effort which goes into this activity is one reason for the success of the annual Revue and Senate Play. Cfficers were Robert Scheidegg, President, William Erkert, Vice Rresidentj and William Kaiser, Secretary. Members of our senior class include: Stan Budinsky, Tom Hackney, Lee Alexander, David Griffin, and lohn Sanocki. STAMP CLUB One of the comparatively new clubs around school, the Stamp Club meets once a week under the sponsorship of Mr. Roland C. Doane. The members of this club had one main common interest: stamps. The purposes formulated were to discuss current issues of stamps, trade stamps, conduct auction, and to secure stamps at sub-catalogue values. Although many members were beginners, interest ran high, and business was transacted vigorously. Officers of the club were: President, Leonard Packman, Secretary, lohn Sarappo, and Treasurer, lack Hawthorne. Graduating mem- bers were: Hawthorne, Sarappo, Chartock, Field and Pytlewski. N ORTHEAST-KEN SIN GTON DANCE COMMITTEE The Northeast-Kensington Dance Committee is a group of fifteen boys from Northeast and fifteen girls from Kensington. The group is sponsored by Mr. Tompkins and Miss Twaddell. The committee has been formed to organize dances and different social affairs between the two schools, the main object being the North- east-Kensington Dance which occurs about once each month and is held at the Lighthouse Boy's Club. The committee takes care of the refreshments, collects tickets, plays the records, and helps to clean the hall when the dance is over. The seniors on this committee this term are: loseph Cerino, Henry Solis, Bill Kaiser, Harrison Cxindhart, Frank Belsito, and Irving Beidleman. CIRCLE HI-Y Since September of 1944, when Mr. Russell Tompkins reorganized this Hi-Y, it has turned out to be one of the greatest Hi-Y's in Eastern Pennsylvania. Made up of lOOf'fi Northeast students, this represents what other Hi-Y's should try to duplicate. Under the able officers of the term ending Tune '50, it has done more for character building throughout the school than any other activity the school may offer. The officers of this great Hi-Y are as follows: President, Frank Belsitoj Vice President, Dal Bowers, Chaplain, Frank Kelsallp Secretary, Bill Brownp Treasurer, Hank Solisp and last but not least, the Sergeant-at-Arms, Gorman Pierce. ORIGINAL HI-Y "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." This is the motto of the Hi-Y. The Criginal was the first of the two Hi-Y clubs organized at Northeast. The clubs are sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association and hold their meetings at the North Branch Y. M. C. A. In addition to the Originals social activities, such as dances, hayrides, and camping trips, the club has also rendered services to the school as ushers at Revues and Senate Plays, and guides for the Education Committee. Mr. Frank Bogia is the club's faculty advisor and this term's officers are President, Pete Cveithnerp Vice President, Vernon Wong, Secretary, Dick Williainsori, and Treasurer, William Lyons. 1'm'l,v-.Yin One Hundred LOCKER SQUAD The Northeast Locker Squad was organized in l936 by Mr. Fisher, and has since been doing a great service for the students of the school. Mr. Fisher and his assistant, Mr. King, take care of the lockers in the school, a bigger job than most of us realize. Before the new terms begin, the members of the squad remain after school and come in a few days early to re-arrange the locks and lockers for the new students. The task of the senior members is to take the locks from the lockers of the boys who were dropped from roll. Senior members are: Carlton Cupps, LeRoy Castan and Richard Greenwood. THEATRICAL ELECTRIC CLUB Without this club it would be impossible to run any plays here at Northeast. Mr. Wilson directs the club through the course of the term. The club maintains our stage lighting, public address system, and movie cameras. lt is one of the main factors of success of the Revues and Senate Plays. The boys in this club gain valu- able experience by taking part in such a worthy organization. U. N. N. E. The U. N. N. E. consists of students who have genuine interest in world affairs. Mr. Twining, the present sponsor, took his position in l947. Besides their weekly meetings, the members see moving pictures, hear visiting speakers, and attend various discussion groups where world policies are debated. This club offers Northeasters a fine opportunity to become familiar with the policies of other nations, and to discuss some of the problems that face the United Nations today. Students participating actively in this club are sometimes awarded extra credit by their history or social science teachers. LUN CHROOM MUSIC Northeast is one of the more fortunate schools in the city to have lunchroom music, and a committee has been formed to take care of it. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Philip Snyder, the members ot the committee play records during the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh periods. The purpose of this group is to entertain the students at lunch time, and at the same time help clean up the lunchroom through an- nouncements between records by the boys controlling the music. The chairman of the committee is William Mars. Qther seniors are: Raymond Ernst, Toseph Cerino, Ernest Berringer, 'William Kauff- man, Frank Baldwin, and Harold Deeley. LUNCHROOM SQUAD Under the capable leadership of Mr. Philip Snyder of the Mathematics Department, the Lunchroom Squad kept the lunchroom clean during the entire semester. The specific purpose of the Lunchroom Squad is to keep the lunchroom clean by reminding the boys constantly to return plates and silver- ware to the proper trays and to maintain orderliness throughout the lunch periods. The Archive Staff congratulates the Captains and Lieutenants who performed such a splendid job in keeping the lunchroom clean throughout the entire term. TRAFFIC SQUAD The Traffic Squad, one of the largest organ- izations at Northeast, was under the capable supervision of Dr. Howarth. Boys were excused from study hall to work on the Traffic Squad, which was very large because of the size of the job it had to perform. Members of the Squad were posted at each door and stairway to prevent boys from wandering through the halls and disturbing classes. The work of the Traffic Squad was exceptionally difficult because it takes strength of character to reprimand a friend found breaking the rules. U nu lliuitlruil an BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club, sponsored by Mr. lohn Wesley Rhoads of the History Department, fills a very important spiritual need at North- east. The club members make a complete study of the Bible and its historyp they also analyze the deeper spiritual meanings of the Bible. The club is entirely non-sectarian, and boys of all religions attend. At different times the club has been honored by the presence of prominent Bible teachers of Philadelphia and vicinity. It has influenced many Northeasters throughout its years of existence. SPANISH CLUB Under the sponsorship of Mr. Roland Doane, the Spanish Club has grown to be a very popular activity around Northeast. The goal of the organization is to acquaint the members with the Spanish language and the ways of the Spanish people. By selling greeting cards, the Club has raised enough money to buy a tape recorder and record player, with which to familiarize the members with oral Spanish. ln 1950, the Club has successfully completed its twenty-third year as one of Northeast High School's oldest groups. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Every Wednesday afternoon at 2:20, boys of Northeast who are interested in the German language and culture gather in Room 141 for the weekly meeting of Der Deutsche Verein. At these meetings the boys sing German songs, play German games, and learn many interest- ing and unusual facts about Germany, its language, and its people. ln order for a boy to join he must have some knowledge of German and must be interested in the club's work. The club, which is now under the able super- vision and guidance of Dr. Fruchter, was originated in 1926 by Dr. Thomas, a former Northeast faculty member. Um' llimilrcil and 'liw ORCHESTRA ln l003 the Northeast Qrchestra was founded by Dr. A. O. Michener, who later left Northeast to become principal of Central High School. lts original form was a club, but later in l926 it became a regular school project under the direction of its present conductor, Mr. Paul E. Duffield. Although the initial group had but Q5 to 30 members, the present group has an enrollment of nearly 50. Interesting to know also is that, during the course of the school term, the Crchestra plays at the Revue and Senate plays and at asseme blies. The Crchestra also entertains at other Senior and Iunior high schools throughout the city. TRIBUNAL Under the guiding hand of Mr. Roland C. Doane, the Northeast Tribunal's duty is to see that all laws passed by the Senate are enforced. Students who violate these laws are brought before the Court and tried. lf they are found guilty, they are punished according to the severity of the offense. ln its l6 years of existence, the justices who compose the Tribunal are students who have distinguished themselves scholastically and also in extraecurricular activities around the school. The senior members of the past Tribunal were: Chief Iustice, Iohn Heanyg Clerk, lack Hawthorne, and lustices, Pete Geithner and lohn Sarappo. PRESS PHOTO CLUB The Press Photo Club is a recently organized club for the Megaphone photographers and other boys interested in photography. The club, under the supervision of Dr. James Gordon, has been providing much enjoyment for photography enthusiasts. There have been several print Contests among the members and guite a bit of time has been spent on taking pictures of life around the school and other school activities. Some of its members are responsible for the fine work in "Pictorally Speaking." The club hopes to continue to be of help in the making of better pictures for the Megaphone and Archive. Um' I lmiilrcil L U1 I lltr DRTHEAST5f'f?MECAPHONE x, ., X ,..1..u.,,... m..,,.., k ... I- rm-.-. .f. vw 'wr 'O 'IH fl' ,H ' 'I X ufxrftvlxk IIYWII1 You' , 'U' lrnrlllgkihx m...,..f. ..n.,.,f U.-N , - VSK .,.. W1 Q ' .M . .,M':: If. r---1 1--- ww. rmvxs X. F. Ilan- Wnlu- hood LL " .,-I xmmw ..u. .,...."MN-"' diturium P1 .X Hun I r...x-gm 7 4 M A H g::'w...Q .....,: Q i f ll V L1 Q T A V ,s ' I . 5" 4 1.5 Ulf :. 5 45, ,Q K 6 WILLIAM BUSSEMER JOE WRANITZ IACK SCHWARTZ Artist SPOHS NWS - , i.. ...imp N,-mmf -R THOMAS SIMONTON RICHARD GREENWOOD MARTIN PERLMUTTER JOSEPH CERINO BILL DAVIDSON Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Sports Editor When someone speaks of "The Northeast Megaphone" any- where in the city of Philadelphia, the name is received with great respect and admiration. This is justly so because 'lThe Mega- phone" has been a prize-winning newspaper ever since its birth in 1922. In the early days of publication, the tabloid was small and niimeographed. It was published by the "C" Class for the benefit of the entire school. Now, twenty-five years later, the student publication is an established, top-honor paper. For the past nine years, this tabloid has taken either first or second place in its competition with other student papers in this nation. This year "The Mega- phone" won Medalist honors at the annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention in New York. It was rated as having the best features of any paper in the country. The "Megaphone" circulates to a student and alumni popula- tion of three thousand readers. It is published by fifty-five staff members, most of whom are graduates of the Iournalism I and II courses. The Literary Advisor is Mr. Luther T. Ranclc and the Business Advisor is Mr. Nicholas Grant. Photography Consultant is Dr. Iames D. Gordon, while the Art Department is under the direction of Mr. Stephen G. Hale. The "A" Class Archives who will complete their "Megaphone" careers with the termination of this semester are: Thomas Simon- ton, editor-in-chief, Richard Greenwood, associate editor, William Davidson, managing editor, loseph Cerino, news editor, Martin Perlmutter, sports editor, Ioseph Wranitz, assistant sports editor, William Bussemer, art editor, Iack Schwartz, news reporter, William lennings and Francis Kessler, sports reporters, and Iohn Simpson, artist. News Editor Business Manager FRANK KESSLER Sports JACK SIMPSON Artist IRVING BERKOWITZ Sports X' K X ,X M THE Fno ggf... REAT gnu wif T0 1..- EP-5 Sis? ,' , f .. N' -"' ", , 4 Q, . 'W . , wg, . , f aw f f, tt my ' ' ' ,i - .My -. W ' I ff! , N' 4 M '4' K Ne 'www 411- K -4 'nr vm, Uu- Vvmg N c .. 5 , I-.K QE 1 Rfk Q ' I M, 'W F h Q, ffrauw- ,iyffwymfz X ' -N v Iii!!! !1?e?i . S Ma. Mix Q 'lf .K w GV! wa., I frm! T-T A 45 . ,sw N X iz? Q 3 R A ,MV , 1 XF- M WMU? X P 3 'pic hw nsuuq,., ku- F Q , nl as Q 1, Z llmf f- 5 gf f l WW Z Q e f Qi Q, firm it Q svfwz ff' . wmaif fl- 'A Q we - kd . W . vfmogh, R 1 xW . f A 5 Q Q 1. W' Af A Q Y L A ' N W 'f Nw, , .' 4 V + ' JW' -W f, - ' '15 , W vw 09 K 'Nw 'Y M? , , my I Mmm Vl W vs Q i vw MN Q x Q W M ' ' ad ' 152-m.,'Q A x f ' ,. 'X' W nifvpwl' M, A Q? 4 W , , X A ' My ' ' wwf 1' :gp ww R 3 yy. . I I tx ' . ,M ww' iw " W wgbiv W ,R N, A Lf", HQ, hm: mi ' ,WW A L M4 . L , Q ,M M Q T ,L V - Y, 'fm' , -A abhm M vw. ww 'W' ' in 1 X ' ' X M Av K Sammy' Zwmstz 'I .M 1 Wpma W . gb ,gf Q, . . , X. M M ,X W , 55 X' vw ' .Aw Q- ,, N S' f , V Sis W 5. xf' ' ' f H w iw A NY .WA ,sl , .A f g A I -,1S'ff'kg -,Q ' , L- N 'M AMS y Ar . wg. JM: md' k iw W wmv k W. N 9-111 -' wfgw IH A fe, ' ,,, , A A S ' ,Mir , 'W 4' , ,ga . N 'Q " Qf ' .Fw , . 'W .Q - -, ww' Y' 'f X N I QQ, A ML Qs Wmxawx ' i n 'K my . V , W , in , M Vi W g H X YV fw, ,nu '3'afS'i"' N, K 'iwmif WM H W. guyz awai- ,L A W PM ' M as L M IQ Nan. wwf' " 'Ili Ns.-5' , x ,J Qi' w The Northeost Footboll Teom finished the l949 gridiron compoign with o record ot five wins, two losses, ond one tie. In the initiol contest Romon Ccitholic topped the Archives 7-6 ot Temple Stodium. Alex Neimcln scored the lone Red ond Block tolly. Our first victory come ot the expense of Lower Merion in onother close gome. The Geigesmen scored o scintil- loting triumph on Dick Coruso's conversion. Roxborough held the Archives to oi 7-7 stdlemote. Ston Lis scored ond Coruso converted. Agoin it wos Coruso's educoted toe which proved to be the morgin ot victory os The Red ond Block edged Bort- rom 7-6. Southern ruined hopes tor onother Northeost chompion- ship when they pounded the Geigesmen 34-6. Co- coptoin Ed DiGiocomo scored our only touchdown. Lis ond McDonold scored on lorilliont runs to leod the Archives to cl l2-6 win over Mostboum. The lost two gomes of the seoson showed the potentiol power thot the teom hod. Fronktord ond Centrol, leoding contenders tor the title, telt this might ot full torce. The Qronge ond Blue bit the dust 20-l3 when tockle Bob Mocko intercepted o loterol ond scurried 94 yords tor the winning touchdown. In the onnuol Northeost-Central Turkey Doy Gome, the inspired Red cxnd Block teom blonked the previously unbeoten Mirrors, 7-O. is ll!! X f K, OCCER The Northeast Soccer Team continued its cloininanco ol the Public League by winning the championship. This was the eleventh year in a row that the Archives accomplished this teat. This edition ot the soccer team was coached by Mr. Ray Mullan and co-captainetl by Tack Dunn and Bob Casey. The team added another teather to its cap by defeating Girard College in the annual Frank Terry Memorial Game. By virtue ot this victory over the Huniiners the team annexed the city championship. The score ot the game was 3 l as the Mullanmen scored all three ot their goals in the last nine ininiiteis. The booters started their season by trouncing Wcist Philly fl-Og and Gratz 9-O, At the conclusion ol the Gratz game, Northeast teams had been unscored on in 52 consecutive games, lust belore the halt ot the Franktord game, however, a penalty kick was can- verted to break the streak. The Archives went on to win the game Q?-22. Northeast finished its season by defeating in order: Glney ft-tl, Bartram 2-O3 Central 4-O, Southern 6-Op Ben Franklin 8-Og Bok IU-Og Roxborough lO-Og Germantown Qrlg and Mastbauin 40. This was the 84th straight league win lor Northeast soccer teams. This season the team scored 66 goals to their opponents 3. Four Northeast players were honored by being selected on the All-Scholastic team and tive were picked tor the All-Public team. The players who were honored were Bob Casey, lack Dunn, lil Tatoian, Len Oliver, and Robert Lamey. Graduating members ot the soccer team are: lr'-'ttei' Kennf-ily, Ron Lehrteld, Robert Reid, and William Eckhardt. ri' X 1 -- Y. L -3+ -1 ,i Wy' lg-. Lf 1, q," Q 'X x PS? Eg CROSS-CDU TRY , sr 9 0 HEMI? Qllb ii 9 Under the careful coaching ot Mr. Leslie Cwens, the Northeast Cross-Country Team finished fourth in the Public I-ligh Championships. However, it was the loss of its first two men in the beginning of the season from injuries, which greatly handicapped the team's chances. George Wilkinson captained the distance men and he received fine support from Ge-iter, Mertens, Robinson, Timmens, Trevathan, Lake, Ward, and Garth, all seniors. After finishing second in its first two meets with Qverbrook and Central-Ben Franklin, the 'tArchives" won their next two encounters, beating Frankford-Bok and then Dobbins-Southern. The final meet was a thriller which ended with the Qwensmen barely losing to West Philly. With many of the men returning, Mr. Owens is hopeful of bringing the championship lo Northeast. Um' llunilrerl aml .S'i.rlvwi NEQX 9015 .W my Onc llurnfrwl and Seventeen U llmnlm lun ll 1 lm n ASKETB LL This year's edition of Northeast's Basketball Team was perhaps the most unlucky squad in school history. They finished the season with a highly creditable league record of 8 wins and 6 defeats. This was exceptionally good since there were only two seniors on the squad, and the co-captain and high scorer graduated in lanuary. Rudy D'Emilio and Herb Finkelstein captained this year's quintet, and Pete Geithner was elevated to fill the vacancy left by D'Emilio at mid-term. Mr. Albert Wooley and his team can be proud of their performance this season, for they never once stopped trying. The Wooleymen defeated Ben Franklin, Southern, German- town, Glney, Roxborough, Gratz, Bok, and Mastbaum. They lost to Overbrook, Central, West Philly, Dobbins, Bartram, and Frankford. Five of the six losses were by margins of five points or less showing that with a little luck in crucial spots their record would have been much better. lmpressive victories over red-hot Southern on their floor and Ben Franklin proved to be the highlights of the season. Much credit should be given Mr. Woolley for developing a mediocre gang of sophomores into a smooth-working aggregation which came close to making the playoffs. The only seniors on the sguad were Greg Meade and Pete Geithner. Um' llumlrca' and Nirwtecli FRANK BENNETT PETER GEITHNER GREGORY MEADE One Ilumired and Twenly SWIMMING This year's Swimming Team finished second in the Public League, losing the championship by the heart-breaking margin of one point. The Nelsonmen finished behind Central, the only team they lost to during the regular season. The score was 2 to Q. Although they lost the championship, the Archives had four men who captured individual events, while Central came in first in only one event, the free-style relay. However, the Mirrors gained enough second and third places to accumulate the win- ning points. Bob Lennox and Bob Mcfntyre came in first and second, respectively, in the BO- yard free-style, and Roger Kelly, Mike Morlock, and Bill Rather combined their talents to win the medley relay. Bob Mcfntyre turned in another thrilling performance in nosing out Central's star in the 200-yard free-style event. This season marks the third consecutive year the Archive mermen have finished second in the Public League race. This year also marks the last season for our great coach, Harry Nelson, who has been transferred to the new Lincoln High School. The boys tried desperately to win the championship as a going away present for Mr. Nelson, but luck was not with them. ln his 26 years of teaching and coaching at Northeast, Mr. Nelson has compiled a record that probably won't be bettered for many years. As coach of the gym team he won 6 league championships and, then, as swimming coach, he turned the trick nine times, within a ten-year period. Um' llzlndrvu' and 'I'u'cnlv-Une mfr 215.14 9 C2 QTPZET,-fm Wig QTHJ2, T g,Tl H SCI vUWl'4,,, . ' H SCHOOL L-3' Y' v if 5,5 x Q1-H, .., O "H Sczmiii TH A Sim Ui The Northeast Gym Team tinished their IQSO season in third place in the Public League, behind Southern and Olney. Led by their tine co-captains, Georae Hopely and Richard Castan, the Archives tumbled over all leaanri opposition with the exception ot Southern and Glney. They also traveled to the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, and dropped an exciting meet to the Navy Plebes. This match was a tough one to lose since the marqin oi defeat was only three points. Mr. Phillip Schneider, tinishinq his last season ot coach- ina the Northeast Gym Team, led his boys to victoric-:s over Bok, Bartram, West Philly, Germantown, Bon Franklin, Central, Gratz, and Dobbins. Althouah the Archives swamped several opponents, :YMNASTICS p 'FHL' HIGH e 0 .-A many of the matches were close and exciting. As was expected prior to the beginning of the season, Southern and Olney proved to be the only competition for our gymnasts. Both of these schools defeated the Red and Black in tense, hard-fought meets. Additional honors were brought to this school when George I-lopely, a standout in two years of varsity competi- tion, captured the City all-around title. Surprising as it may seem, he failed to gain first place in any single event. However, his excellent performances in all the various phases of gym work enabled him to amass 1210 points and lead all Philadelphia High School gymnasts. George took second place in the high bar and mats. Another Northeaster, Bill Coco, also finished high in the all-around championships, placing fourth. Bill took second in the horses, third in the rings, and fourth in the mats in piling up 1169 points. Thus the Archives boasted two of the first four places. The team was helped throughout the entire season by the assistance of Dick Dresher, hard working manager, who shows excellent promise of developing into another champion. Graduating members of this year's team are George Hopely, Richard Castan, William Coco, Richard Green- wood, Ted Burk, loe Simmons, lohn Gizarra, and Vince Capello. Northeast salutes these fine athletes and their coach and wishes every boy success after graduation. BASEB LL Northeastfs baseball chances were given a rude jolt in their quest for their first league championship since l946, when Overbrook handed them their first league defeat, 3-2. This loss was very hard to take. Mr. Tomkins, the coach, felt he had exceptional ability on this year's squad, and was particularly pleased with his infield. They have been a tremendous influence in the fact that not one league team, with the exception of Qverbrook, scored more than once. This was particularly evident in the l-O triumph over Ben Franklin, when the 6-4-3 combination CSolis-Kessler-Hackettl clicked for 2 thrilling double plays. Walt Morrell and 1-Xl Quinta have handled the pitching and performed nobly. Episcopal, Germantown Academy, and, Haverford School were de- feated in non-league play. Then Bartram went down. Next came Southern, and they were defeated 3-l, in a beauti- fully played game. Franklin, Gratz and Dobbins fell after these. Then Over- brook appeared on the scene. The boys' only hope now is that the Hilltopper's lose. lf this happens then they will be met in a post-season play- off game for the championship. They would particularly like to win for the senior members of the team who are: Henry Solis, the captain, Frank Kessler, lim MacDonald, Bob Schreiber, Greg Meade, lay Oldenberg, lulius Bucholtz. so TR CK The Northeast Track Team, composed mostly of seniors, opened their season by beating their first seven opponents. lt has been said that this year's team is the best since the Archives last Won the championship in l94l. The team, co-captained by Fred Watson and Ray Bon- ners, is a strong contender for the Public League champion- ship. Watson is one of the best "century" runners in the city, while Bonners specializes in the quarter-mile event. Included among the vanquished teams were German- town, Gratz, Benjamin Franklin, Frankford, Southern, Dobbins, Roxborough. The meet with Overbrook will be a deciding factor in the championship. lf the Archives can win this, they will have a chance for the championship. The team, under the capable coaching of Mr. Lester Owen Mr. Elmer Theiss, and Mr. Robert Smith, has many lower classmen who are working hard to fill the positions which will be open to them due to the graduation in I une. ln 1946, '47, and '48, the Archive trackmen finished in second place. ln '49 they dropped to fifth, but this year they are working toward a better finish. The seniors on this term's Track Team are: Fred Geiter loe Robinson, Bobby lones, Frank Mertens, Ronald Lukins Harold Limmons, Leroy Mims, Ray Bonners and Fred Watson. The Class of lune l95O wishes the best of luck to our Track Team, and we hope they will win many championships in the years to corne. Re e AEM il M-r CREW Atter three decades, Northeast has again entered the com- petitive ranks ot this great sport. ln the tirst two meets the Archives beat LaSalle High and Lower Merion. After many days ot practice and hard work, the Northeast eight entered the Stotesbury Regatta and lost only by a halt length to Wash- ington and Lee High School. ln order to compete against the champions from Alexandria, Virginia, the Northeast varsity crew created a sensation when it scored a thrilling halt length victory over LaSalle High. The Northeast victory over LaSalle and their close finish against Washington and Lee marked a very successful return of the Archives to the river after a lapse of many years. The success ot the team is credited tc the tine coaching ot Mr. Philip Schneider and Mr. Lewis Carlin ot the Fairmount Rowing Asssociation. Mr. Carlin graduated from Northeast in 1916 at which time he was captain ot the rowing team. The return ot the sport has been made possible largely through the ettorts ot Mr. Carlin. BLE TENNIS One of the more established teams at Northeast is the Table Tennis Team. Under the coaching of Mr. Harry Rosenstein, last year's team came the closest to winning the championship since 1939. Last year Northeast and Central tied for first place, which resulted in a play-off. That play-off gave Central the championship. This year the same thing has happened, except that the play-off is yet to come. The squad, which consists of a first and second team, practices in the game room twice a week. Constant practice after school has improved a poor team to one of championship caliber. On graduation day the team will lose several first team members. They include Lorenzo Bishop, fine defensive and offensive player, lrwin Blackman and lames Dunfee, two first team members who have made this year's team through hard practice, and Vernon Wong who can always be looked upon as good for winning his games. Not to be overlooked is first team substitute, Franco Dijols. Um' llumlrwl ami' 'I7l1'enIy-Nine FE CI The Northeast Fencing Team, under the excellent coaching of Mr. Robert Bradbury, finished the Public League season in second place. They defeated Franklin, Southern, Frankford, and lost to Barts ram in league engagements. The team was ably co-captained by lack Simpson and Alex Perez. ln other matches the Archives dropped meets to Girard College and Haverford, while gaining decisions over Penn Charter, Lower Merion, University of Pennsylvania l. V.'s, and Girard in a return match. Several of these contests were close throughout and not decided until the last event. This was especially true in the Bartram meet, in which Northeast suffered its only league defeat by a one point margin. Two individual championships were taken by Archive Fencers in city-wide competition. lack Simpson won the sabre title and Don Stevens the foil crown. Joe Dramise came in fourth in the epee. The team placed third in the State cham- pionships and Stevens, Simpson, and Dramise gained recog- nition in the foil, sabre, and epee, respectively. Simpson, Grant, Perez, Sears, Grieger, Kramer, Diggs, Stevens, Dramise, and Roberts all graduate. -auf Um' lIiu1i1'ruiI ani! 'llliirly BOWLI G ln the l950 season, Mr. Walter Clark's proteges finished second to Frankford with a log of 29 7 Until the Frankford match, our boys had a good chance for the championship, but they dropped all four points. Their high game was 908 against Southern. An 875 against Bok and an 870 against Olney were the only other high scores. I-Xl Mersel was the mainstay of the team, having high game C247D, series C6l6D and average 0745. Vernon Wong had a high game of 209, Cseries 5591 and finished with an average of l59. Fred Haas had an average of l60, Ken Fryling and Dave Whitman, l58. A hot and cold second team finished behind Frankford and Germantown. They set a record game of 922 but didn't have a single 800 game. lack Hawthorne took high game Q2l0J, series C5121 and his average of l49 tied Lee Clark and Ed Kapuncinski. Ed Skogaglas turned in another 200 game 12051 and an average of 140. Other members and averages were: Cas Sosnowski, l447 lack Skloff, l42g Dave Woehr, 129 and Al Wilson, l24. Um' llumlrcil and 'llhirly-Une fX DLI' The Northeast Golf Team, under the tutelage of Mr. Boyd, begin their present season with high hopes of capping their first league championship. With an all-veteran team returning, sparked by Captain lohnny Fascione, they figure this is the year to bring the championship cup to Northeast. Using the splendid facilities of luniata Country Club, it is possible for the boys to practice every day except Sundays and holidays. The team is really taking advantage of this oppor- tunity to improve their play, and Mr. Boyd, for the first time in many moons, thinks the team's chances are excellent. A new course, splendid material, and good coaching sound like an excellent combination for any team with championship aspirations, and the boys certainly have these. Of course, a certain amount of luck is needed and this might prove to be the deciding factor. Members of the team are Fascione, Summers, Major, Hig- ginson, Goodhart, Baeltz, Ackelliugh, and Adiu. Unu lliznilmf and Tliiflyl-T110 TENNIS The senior members of the 1950 Northeast Tennis Team are Vernon Wong and Ronald Lehrfeld, co-captains, Ronald Swartz, and Stephen Lesko. Co-captain Wong begins his first year of varsity tennis this spring, something which is guite unusual. Vernon earned his captaincy by winning the annual Northeast tournament, which was held last October. Other sports played an important role in Vern's success in tennis. Ronnie Lehrfeld completes his three years of high school tennis this spring and, he has already accumulated a fine record. His power and speed are partly due to the conditioning he gets in fall soccer. Another boy who makes his speed on the courts guite evident is Ronnie Swartz. Having two years of high school ball under his belt, Ronnie hits a swift ball from any place on the court. "Une of the smoothest servers and strokers on the sguad," says coach Nicholas Grant of Steve Lesko. I-Ie is known for his great relaxation in swinging a racket, a feat that all great players try to develop. Un Hundred and Tliirly-Tlmfc TROPI-IY CASE Northeast, like all other schools, is very fond of its Trophy Case which'stands in the rear of the school library. For many years, awards for Northeast's out- standing leadership in athletics have been kept in this case. The trophies are so numerous that it was necessary to expand to two trophy cases. This is indeed a fine tribute to the athletic prowess of Northeast. The case itself was presented by the class of February, l9l7 and stands directly under the War Memorial Plague. The following are among the many trophies found in this case. The Frank Terry Memorial Cup, presented to the team winning the city soccer championship and Northeast is a three-time winner. The Wooden Horse Trophy, awarded tothe victor of the annual Thanksgiving Day Football clash against Central. The "Archives" have won possession of it every year. The Terrone Trophy, presented to the Public League Fencing Championship Team. Northeast has won this honor two years in succession. The Frank Palumbo Plague is presented to the City Championship Football Team. The honor was accorded to Northeast's great team of l946. The trophy from the 7th Annual Schenectady Inter-Sports Carnival was presented to the Northeast 480-yard high hurdle team of '47, which set a new record of 56 seconds for the event. These are just a few of the numerous trophies won by Northeast teams. As long as there is a sport to compete in and Northeast is competing, we are sure this case will have little trouble being filled. Une lluntlml and Thirty-Four N APPRECI TIO To produce a book such as this it takes not only a fine staff of students but also a few of the faculty who are willing to give of their time and efforts in going over the copy and correcting spelling and grammatical errors. Pictured here are Dr. Gordon and Mr. Katz to whom We owe the fact that all the material in this book is as nearly correct as possible. Mr. Sunderland, our typing teacher, supervised the typing of the biographies of over 400 boys. When giving credit to those who helped make the Archive what it is we cannot overlook the four men, representing their companies, who have dealt with Northeast for many years. They are Mr. Anthony Foderaro, Photographer, Mr. Michael Packi of Philadelphia-Weeks Engraving Company, Mr. lohn Coe of the Williams and Marcus Company, printersp and Mr. Hawley Twiss of National Publishing Company, the cover makers and binders. Une llurzilrud and Tliirly-Five One Hundred and Thirty-Six . W Z I W J . :vm W- . .. Q . J -. I W A ,. in 'I Nr W 4 W,. W 4-W ,. r Iv - I .. . - 1 W 'Q A W 4 1 d W -H . f I 'A ,W if A . W W WWW " W K-L , ,W-K, - in ,JM -Wi in, -, . ' 'W-F"""f!f ', ' 1 V 4 ' ' ' W1 V' , ' U--'-' W A i f. PM law -V ' 4, ' A ' , 7-A WW 15:4 ,. .. -W.. . ,X ,F-,V - ,fy wa 9. Yflr' 4.2.1525 A , . W W . . . v ldfzn-QT' E3-2,15 , JJP' we .'131W .. 1: .Wm 'Th' , . W . vW'!. 4 ' W 1 a is x W 1 ' F -1 fp ' F 1- 4 -' is E ' 5, 1 f A. G - y g 1' e A R S 'Q . D r K Q J , ' ,J , x X W . J 3- 5 " ' +4 1 ' ' ' . W . W ff W T , g Y 6? 1 " ,W . W x 1 ' W W 'R W WW , W, rf, W 4' W 'W , WW ' 4 X . W W Q WW ,I . , . W J ' Q . , .AW , 'V W. f' v D . . F . K WW WW,. . W . P 'oe , W , L . Q A Y ' W . W l 1 X X , W 1 xt x f . f gi! , W ' W f I :Iii 1 y l , . 1-I N 1 - Q 1 X I nh ' .C W T i W W ' W , , W I W W Y .v W, W l V Il yi , Wr, . t L ,W , X , M , ., 'T' ,ul W 4 W ,- Wi ' . . , K f 5' FE W W W W. , w x w - 2 W K A K v ' -J ' A I 'D , W -.Q T I W E K 1 4' W . 5,3 fs I Y O nl- 'Qlxf - - . 5. ' . 1 'r'r1f. '1W "f'-:. . - W ' W1 W,.4 " W ,W 'F' ' "' 7 1 za' F W ' ' -""3. x 7'3:3ii:5ffWfkE'1Wf1' i' T W' rf 'fr' 'l",'Wf'f9.'f" -W r x A k ll igLI'..Ll!XL" ' . . W'lL -..ali ..- If -Th' 'ffii-"fi A '11, L' ' nh ,4.e.5...i.54 " -.R'lSf!Z-...,,' -' W ,i'lH2W113m,:Q ,Y X. A a L- vig? Q. w Yi vpn sw la I Q Q., 1, ' 'QSM , gyda' M Y' S 95 4 x . V pg if 8 M 4 bf ,. ' H.-Q my ,K M X Lk .?,ggg.a 2: wi -I W ,. A i ,ak ' 'Q v 'f . 3 . ffm ff fw.w.1 1f+ .hx 2. 1 i 1-M X' 5,541- m,Mf+ M Qwrifw E. ,-P, i ' W' A EELS, K , ...,, 4 . Y V. .4 W .1 W . f 1 " 1 .vm '. . 3 up 31 2. ,V j- J ?5':,ffj: ,2r,5 '14 9,9 iw N1 , ,, la' , 0 Glyzvkx Mx4:fVVli'i Mk, sqft wg., " X ,. .2 . 1. -1 EW ' y N , ,wx Rigs 5 5. , Q f ns ,K up 1 1 ,, ,N X :,. - -,V ng' Q f .- "' fr' . V 5-411' Q- AQV- ,X Q V Q , Q W, ,Q W 1:1 JUQEWQQ D i 3 ,, . K x Y X .W bg, . ,SAj?,,5g5 -fy , U ...-. , . we - k 2' ,,, 1. ., fx' A j .L 1 A Q ' ......, - M xx f , -4 nsfkw , ' f. 'M W 'V L, -f 4 . ' 1 if., 1... fp: . wr 15 ' ' in 'W 7 Www , as. 54 xfgggvw 4, ' 'gl , v +1 'Wx Q

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