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Qt OUR 2 QUOL 96 DONA EU- E sr: -H505 I :Dum-hor-OEQU its T655 0-uma W0 mg-02 U 0,0-L - IDE: EL: Qt LOW EOL'-ws: Er- Wgm 0-'mm WU Br-EE 1:05 U 01: -02 hw-JE - XCEF - -vsp-CZ K-U00 ERQXSNRQ EEOE: 2 BO Dm l AEBQOCG :-mmggw WO EwEOmm: E50 SQA OEM new OH NABHNEE5 .EQEO H95 gui bmvgm :E SQA NZCEHKHOO Egg in DORA QEHEQU E WEEE? R603 gg 02395 Ou Ea .QUEEN .gg E 20522 US OSOEM EME3 OH WEEE DORA FEEDER E305 H .BENCH DOA 30:8 :E dmmhmiw EQBE 'HO 2653250 2 5 3523 AHQHWOEHOZ HE DEE gg Da EE E003 DEL 63:3 HO:mmOOOa SQA OH 33 05 EO 32 93 DO? EOM Ou QOUEEEMWCOU 62: H305 E 205025 :New M Emma USN UOEUAWOEQN gg hgggm OE ig 'HOW .OBO Rang MW OEM 2 UM Sp .OES U3 dw M.: iidwmw gm ESC QE DORA EOE? WO OEOW 65539 Us WEOTG 'SQA WO RA-:WE 0:2 EE ESE DO? -226 UE ga HOW MOZQWSONA 0383 OH EEO E EMO bn-EMOQ SQA :NE :G wi-:Mg EM Wigwam Mag :Naam ia OE H53 OBE DORA WO :Q H22 wo 2023 QMQH .WH 522 lim-UZ-E -NZMUEO M 1 -tl-!O -: 7.-LO 4.201442-O VN!-JU! IPEOZ OO-m Hakim rmmwm Ragga Saga of Konfenfd .xdclminififrafion - - - Administrators Faculty ---- Cfarkfed ----- Seniors J un i ors - Sophomores Freshmen - .yonor - ---------- Honor Society - - - Courtesy Club - - - Student Honors - - .xdcfiuifiea --------- ----- Student Council --------- Assistants and Career Clubs- - Journalism ------------- Dramatics ---------- Service Organizations ---- Vocal and Instrumental Music School Spirit ---------- .Sanrio - -------- Football - - - Basketball ---- Spring Sports - - - Boys' "O" Club - - Girls' Sports - - - lgogahy --------- Norcllys Queen - Nordlys King - - - Basketball Princess Dream Boy- - - Football Queen- Pin-Up Boy ----- ---- Band Queen --------------- Viking Varieties King and Queen - Crownings -------------- .gl'lal06L0t6 ana! GGLIIJGI' - - - if ffsvf?-1 lb ' "F ' "" W"X?1GfiHi'f4?1?k- ibecbcafion What a rare privilege we had in knowing Coach Johnny Walker! Upon learning that our beloved Coach would be with us no more, our reactions were stunned. Johnny Walker would be with us no more? When the sudden shock was over, we realized that Coach Walker would be with us, forever in our memories. He gave "that little special something" to everyone he knew, before our games, the prayers were not for special glory, but that each one only do his best. We wonder why, when he was so young, that he had to leave us. That is not our question to ask. While Johnny Walker lived his short thirty-two years here with us and his beautiful family, he projected clean living, generous sympathy, and taught good sportsmanship - win or lose. As years go by and we live our individual lives, may this book be a reminder of a man with true and beautiful Christian principles. Let his life be such an example, that we may have an influence on others, as he had on us. Our Coach will linger in our hearts and memories forever! Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere Heaven did a recompense as largely send He gave to Misery all he had a tear He gained from Heaven twas all he wished No farther seek his merits to disclose Or draw his frailties from their dread abode fThere they alike in trembling hope repose The bosom of his Father and his God from Thomas Gray .xdvlminidfra fion I w . r 1 1 5 I 1 J , W X N 1 v 5 1 4 w L I , N , , 1 1 5 Phil C. Bennett President of Board Member-at-Large ulaerinfenclenf Melvin W. Barnes became Superintendent of the Oklahoma City Public Schools on July l, 'l957. Prior to that he had served as Assistant Superintendent in charge of instruction in the Oklahoma City Schools, a position he held from August, i950 until the time he became Superintendent. Dr. Barnes was reared in eastern Pennsylvania, but was educated in lllinois. He obtained a bachelor's degree at Greenville College in i932. He has been a teacher and principal in both elementary and secondary schools in several states. For several years he was on the staff of the University of lllinois where he taught educational psychology. He received his Master's Degree from that University in 1932 and his Ph.D. Degree in l94l. He has taught at the University of Maine, Wheaton College, San Diego State College and the University of California, also summer terms at Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University. He has written for such professional publications as The School Executive, The NEA Journal, The Nation's Schools, and others. govern! of gzclucafion Mrs L D Melton Otto F. Thompson C. B. McCroy Jim Wright Board Member Board Member Vice-President of Board Board Member Ward l Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 rincilaa J. B. Greene, the principal of Northeast High School, is to everyone at Northeast, a man of rare personality and professional attainments. Getting things done in a quiet but firm way, he knows how to be a friend when a person needs one. His voice, reassur- ing under the most trying circumstances, is evidence ot his strong, but quietly unassuming manner. Mr. Greene has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma City University and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University. ice- rincifaa Mr. Spangler, our assistant principal, has been at Northeast since 'l939. After serving in World War II and in the Korean emergency in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Spangler was Vice-Principal at the Taft Junior High School. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from the Oklahoma University. jk jdltllhg GRACE BECK English PAULINE E. INGRAM English PAULINE NIELSEN English, 5.5. GLADYS GILLETTE English, s.s. GRACE DAVISON English, 5.5. WILLIAM H. THOMAS English, Yearbook SHIRLEY B. POSEY English, Journalism FRANCIS LOWERY Mathematics, Sociology TOM KARNS Mathematics, Athletics MOLLIE M. DAVIDSON Mathematics MARTHA WHITE Commerce, Mathematics MARJORI E TERRY Mathematics ROBERT STALNAKER History, Debate LOIS MILLER History, English, Latin I WINSTON HAVENSTRITE S.S., Physical Education Athletics JEAN FINNELL S.S., Physiology WOODROW BUSEY S.S., I'Iistory, Athletics THOMAS MINTER Mechanical Drawing, Shop WAYN E SMITH Auto Mechanic s VERNON ISOM W.W., Stage Craft, Shop ZAIDA CARTER Typing, Financial Secretary 4 ELNA SMITH Vocal Music, Choir Director NAT WHITE Instrumental Music ZA ZELLE GIFFORD Speech and Drama VASCA JENKINS English, Art MARY MILES ROGERS Foods, Home Making R. K. THOMPSON Chemistry, Biology, Science HARRY TAYLOR Drivers Education NADINE WILSON Gym, Physical Education, G. Sports ETHEL THOMPSON Librarian LOUIS MCMILLAN Welding Metal Work DOROTHY ANN CLAY Head of Business Department Junior Sponsor VIVlAN MATTOX Head of Math Department MAUDE PITTMAN Clothing JOHNNYE H. CUNNINGHAM Head of English Department DOROTHY SNEDAKER Foreign Language Sr. High French Club Senior Sponsor FAYE BILLS Head of History Department R. M. GORDON Head of Biology Department HAROLD MERIDETH Physical Education Football 'O' Club Athletic Director MAUR ITA YOST Registrar Secretary FRANCES JANSEN Secretary Attendance Clerk CUSTODIANS Mr. Burnett Mr. Beeson Mr. Rose Mr. Brasher Perfect! l 4 Homemakers ofthe Future? Watch that knotl MACE SPANGLER Counselor, Aviation Instructor and Assistant Principal. CHARLES H. RICHMOND Counselor, History and Chairman for Testing. CLARENCE C. YOESTING Counselor, Yearbook Sales Advisor Motion Picture Manager, Physics, and Electricity, Student Council sponsor. ETHEL SHELDEN Clinic Nurse RICHARD KRUEGER Counselor, Basketball Coach and Photography Manager for Yearbook. HENRY ETTA ELLIS Counselor, Student Council Sponsor ond Activity Director. ff Y 'K A --I., W , . f5 en iam w v w i n f 'ML .Sjaofhgkf Ulm grcwluafing CEM of 1958 ini-' 1 DON BALLARD JERRY WHITTEN SHIRLEY WYRICK J. CRAWFORD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ronald Alger Gene Alyea Sandra Aulaerf Harris Bachrach Betty Bailey Clara Bailey Sara Sue Bannister Doyle Barfield Janice Beavers Donna Becker Vada Best Burch Bivens Pat Boyd Linda Boydston Clarence Bragg Jackie Bryant Lois Buckhalfer Joan Burton Faye Canfield James Carpenter Sue Coday Truman Coe Jerry Coleman ,,.....,xKx Kay Council Charley Crews Roy Critchfield Terry Curby Roy Donner WN MFUS Finally! , ,,fms4,.,' -Vg X,f,:npQ,sLggig.Q Betty Duron Nancy Dent Karen Ditfelmier Jim Dolph Dale Douglas Bette Fisher Judy Flow Jonell Forrester Larry Foster Margaret Fox Linda Freeny Walier Gardner i 20 fa Linda Glidewell Mary Jo Glocke Gary Goodman Frances Graham Arthur Green Rebecca Gr ue ser Claudine Harkins Gene Harmon Don Harris Edith Hatfield Irene Hayden Richard Hellbaum Terry High: Bob Hill Donna Hogg Larry Hornbeek Judy Howard Marvin Howell Richard Hull Jo Ann Hunt ? -Qi wills Les Jennings Joanne Jenkins Monty Johnson Susie Kannada - 'fi . . Richard Kirk Karen Kroier Chester Kyle John Kyle Bonnie Lane Judy Lewis Rexalyn Little Norma Mahan Larry Matthews Polly Merritt Barbara Mick Bing Miller Sondra Miser Bobby Moore Saundra Moore Joan Moyers Y' Pat McGee Bobby Nelson Edna Norrie Linda Old Waters Kay Oldham Andy Parker r2Qr,,y A feg "The Friendly Pepper-Upperlll Larry Pafri ck John Pfannkuche Carol Pierson Wanda Polk Virginia Prescoft Gene Pruitt Their future's planned Third finger, left handll w -grae- Roger Raba Johnny Rahe Eugene Ramer Eve Anne Rathfon Mike Rhoads Martha Richart Linda Riemenschneider Ruth Young Rogers Sharon Savage Robert Seago Dee Anna Sims Marlene Skaggs Rena Slaten Jerry Smith Paula Smith Ann Southerland Elizabeth Spicer Betty Sue Springer Barbara Spurlock Sara Sutton Jadvica Szczepka Terry Tanner Ruth Tharp l. W. Thomas Mike Thomasson Gay Townley Ethel Trinkle Pat Turner David Vaughn Sara Walker Duane Wallace Shannon Ward Mary Frances West Mary Wesolowsko Patsy Wheeler Jude Warren Freddy Wick Kenward Wilks Jimmy Wilson Leroy Wilson Barbara waafafala David Young Michael zaak Shirlie zaaa CLARENCE YOESTING Senior Counselor DOROTHY SNEDAK ER Senior Sponsor enior ALGER, RONALD: Oilman for a Day, Honor Society, Choir, Future Engineers, "O" Club. ALYEA, GENE: Student Council, Future Engineers, Math Club, "O" Club. AUBERT, SANDRA: Future Nurses, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. BACHRACH, HARRIS: Boy's Store, Sr. 8. Jr. High Student Council Pres., Delegate to S.A.S.C., Soph. Class Pres., Jr. Class Sec., Freshman Class Vice-Pres., Honor Society, French Club, Moth Club. BAILEY, BETTY: I2 sem. at NHS, General Prep. BAILEY, CLARA: I2 sem. at NHS, General Prep. BANNISTER, SARA SUE: Norkets, Choir. BARFIELD, DOYLE: Buttram Oration Award, Music Award, Student Council, Choir. BEAVERS, JANICE: Honor Society, Norkets. BECKER, DONNA: Homemaking Award, Schol- arship Certificate, Courtesy Club Pres., Honor Society Treas., Norkets Social Chr., Jr. High Cheerleader, Student Council, Y-Teens. BEST, VADA: Y-Teens, I2 sem. at NHS, Gener- al Prep. BIVENS, BUTCH: Norkets, Y-Teens, Future Teachers. BOYD, PAT: Nordlys Co-Art Ed., Norkets, Y-Teens. BOYDSTUN, LINDA: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. BRAGG, CLARENCE: Track Manager, 'O' Club. BRYANT, JACKIE: Proiectionist, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. BUCKHALTER, LOIS: Y-Teens, Future Nurses. BURTON, JOAN: Jr. High Progress Award, Norkets. CANFIELD, FAYE: Football Queen, Jr. and Sr. High Cheerleader, "O" Club Pres, Nor- kets, Y-Teens, Future Teachers, Pep Council. CARPENTER, JAMES: Red Cross, "O" Club. CODAY, SUE: Norkets, I2 sem. at NHS, Gener- al Prep. COE, TRUMAN: Oilman for a Day, Future Engineers, Future Teachers. COLEMAN, JERRY: Nordlys King, Candidate X for Dream Boy, Soph. Class Vice-Pres., Jr. High Cheerleader, Student Council, Safety Council, Red Cross, "O" Club, Pep Council. COUNCIL, KAY: Choir Accomponists, Choir Award, Choir Sec., Honor Society Sec., Nor- lcets Sgt-at-Arms, Student Council, Y-Teens, tg Nordlys Staff. UQRAWFORD, J.: Mr. Howdy, Cand. for pin-up Boy, Viking Varieties King, Jr. Class Vice- Pres, Sr. Class Sec., Studenj Comincil, Choir, Red Cross, Pep Council. X, gh X CREWS, CHARLEY, 6 sem. a NHS, G neral Prep. V CRITCHFIELD, ROY: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. 1.02 L0 CURBY, TERRY: Candidate for Nordlys King, Candidate for Pin-Up Boy, Oilman for a Day, Jr. Rotarian, Student Council Vice-Pres., Delegate to S.A.S.C., Honor Society Vice- Pres., Jr. Honor Society Treas., Future Engineers, French Club. DANNER, ROY: 9th grade Boys Quartet, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. DARON, BETTY: Best Actress, N.F.L. High Point Girl, J. J. Culbertson CU, Buttram Orotion Award, Speech Award, Junior Marshall, Play Pro. Pres., Thespian Sec., Honor Society, Future Teachers. DENT, NANCY, Jr. High Scholastic Award, Norlcets Pres. 81 Vice-Pres., Future Teachers Pres., Sec., 81 Treas., "O" Club Vice-Pres., Student Council, Honor Society, Y-Teens, Pep Council. DITTELMIER, KAREN: Student Council, Honor Society, Norkets, Y-Teens, Future Teachers. DOLPH, JIM: Fresh. Class Vice-Pres., Future Engineers Treas., Red Cross, "0" Club. DOUGLAS, DALE: Future Engineers, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. FISHER, BETTE: Cheerleader, Candidate for Nordlys Queen, Candidate for Basketball Princess, Choir Pres., Pep Council Pres., Student Council, Norkets, Y-Teens, Journalism, Nordlys Staff, Future Teachers. FLOW, JUDY: Horizon Pres. 81 Vice-Pres., Student Council, Honor Society, Choir, Norkets, Y-Teens, Courtesy Club, Thespians, N.F.L. FORRESTER, JONELL: Horizon Hist., Choir, Norkets, Y-Teen s, Future Teachers. FOSTER, LARRY: Oilman for a Day, Student Council Treas., Future Teachers Parl., Honor Society, Red Cross, Future Engineers, Safety Council. FOX, MARGARET: Choir Vice-Pres., Student Council Chaplain, Norkets Sgt.-at-Arms, Y- Teens lntra-City Rep., Future Teachers. FREENY, LINDA: Student Council, Honor So- ciety, Science Club. GARDNER, WALTER: Band Maior 8. Asst. Band Maior, Band, Oilman for a Day, Future Engi- neers, Honor Society, Jr. Honor Society, Letziser Award. GLIDEWELL, LINDA: Student Council, Honor Society, Choir, Norkets, Y-Teens, Red Cross, Future Nurses. GLOCKE, MARY JO: Vikettes, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. GOODMAN, GARY: Oilman for a Day, Jr. Ro- tarion, Future Engineers Pres., Student Coun- cil Vice-Pres., Honor Society, Red Cross, Choir, "On Club. GRAHAM, FRANCES: Candidate for Football Queen, Honor Society, Norket Corres. Sec. 8. Sgt.-at-Arms, Future Teachers Treas., Choir, Y-Teens, Pep Council. GREEN, ARTHUR: Reporter, Red Cross, Band. I el'll.0l' GRUESER, REBECCA: Art Award: Honor So- ciety. HARKINS, CLAUDINE: Honor Society: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. HARMON, GENE: Third in State Oratory: Phillips University Scholarship: Vocal Music Award: Citizenship Award: NFL High Point Boy: Play Pro.: Choir: Band: Thespians. HARRIS, DONALD: State Discussion Tourna- ment: NFL Pres.: Thespians. HATFIELD, EDITH: Latin Club: Psychology Club: Slide Rule Club. HAYDEN, IRENE: Band Queen: All State Band: Outstanding Band Member: Band Pres. 8. Sec.: Future Nurses Pres.: Student Council: Jr. 8. Sr. Honor Society: Pep Band: Norkets. HELLBAUM, RICHARD: Oilman for a Day: Student Council: Jr. Red Cross: Tri Sci Club: Proiectionist. HIGHT, TERRY: Science Club: 6 Sem. at NHS: General Prep. HILL BOB: Band Award: Band Student Director: All State Band: Student Council: Pep Band: Jr. Rotarian: Jr. 8. Sr. Honor Society: Tri Sci Pres. HOGG, DONNA: Norkets: 6 sem. at NHS: Gen- eral Prep. HORNBEEK, LARRY: Citizenship Award: Student Council: Honor Society: "O" Club. HOWARD, JUDY: Student Council: Jr. High Honor Society: Norkets: "O" Club. HOWELL, MARVIN: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. HULL, RICHARD: Twice winner Sales Essay Contest: English Award: Oilman for a Day: Jr. Rotarian: French Club: Honor Society. HUNT, JO ANN: Official for a Day: Music Award: Student Council Vice-Pres. 81 TI'e0S.: Choir Treas.: Honor Society: Norkets: Red Cross: Y-Teens: Scroll: Nordlys Staff: N.F.L.: Future Teachers: Stagecraft. JENNINGS, LES: lst place quartet winner: All City Choir: Choir: "O" Club. JENKINS, JOANNE: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. JOHNSON, MONTY: HR. officer: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. KANNADA, SUSIE: Y-Teens: Future Nurses. KIRK, RICHARD: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. KROIER, KAREN: Student Council: Norkets: Red Cross. KYLE, CHESTER: 'O' Club Pres.: Pin Up Boy: Candidate for Viking Varieties King: Junior Rotarian: Student Council: Red Cross: Future Teachers: Candidate for Dream Boy. KYLE, JOHN: Football, All City: Soph. Class Treas.: Student Council: HO' Club Treas. LANE, BONNIE: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. LEWIS, JUDY: Horizon Pres. Treas. Hist.: lntra-City Horizon Treas.: Norket Social Chr.: Honor Society: Red Cross: Y-Teens. 7 A.. I.. LITTLE, REXALYN: Norkets: Choir: Red Cross: Y-Teens: Horizons: Future Teachers: French Club. MAHAN, NORMA: Jr. 8. Sr. High Cheerleaders: Student Council: Norkets: Future Teachers: Pep Council: Y-Teens. MATTHEWS, LARRY: Student Council: Red Cross. MERRITT, POLLY: D.A.R. Award: Girls State: Alternate to Girls Nation: Nordlys Queen: Candidate for Viking Varieties Queen: Nordlys Editor 8. Co-Ed.: Norket Vi ce-Pres. 8. Treas.: Future Teachers Vice-Pres.: Courtesy Club Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens Sec.: Student Council: Honor Society: Pep Council: Jr. High Student Council Sec. 8. Reporter: Speaker for Basket- ball party. MICK, BARBARA: Jr. 8. Sr. Honor Society:6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. MILLER, BING: Stagecraft: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. MISER, SANDRA: Nordlys Art Ed. 8. Co-Bus. Manager: Choir Award: French Award: Horizon Hist. 8. Sec. Honor Society: Norkets: Y-Teens: Future Teachers. MOORE, BOBBY: Future Engineers: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. MOORE, SANDRA: Honor Society: Norkets: Red Cross: Y-Teens: 'O' Club. MOYERS, JOAN: Scholarship Award: Art Club Pres.: Norkets: Red Cross. MCGEE, PAT: Y-Teens: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. NELSON, BOBBY: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. NORRIE, EDNA: Candidate for Band Queen Band. OLD iWATERSl, LINDA: 6 sem. at NHS: Gener al Prep. OLDHAM, KAY: Future Nurses, 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. PARKER, ANDY: Student Council: Jr. Honor Society: "O" Club. PATRICK, LARRY: Certified Typist Award: Bookkeeping Award: School Typing Award: Honor Society. PFANNKUCHE, JOHN: Art Contest: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. PIERSON, CAROL: Choir: Norkets: Y-Teens: Future Nurses: Future Teachers: Jr. Honor Society. POLK. WANDA: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. PRESCOTT, VIRGINIA: Choir: Norkets: Y- Teens: Nordlys: Journalism: Future Teachers. PRUITT, GENE: Student Council: Red Cross. RABA, ROGER: N.F.L.: 6 sem. at NHS: Gener- al Prep. RAHE, JOHNNY: 'O' Club Sgt.-at-Arms: Future Engineers. RAMER, EUGENE: 6 sem. at NHS: General Prep. . efllof' RATHFON, EVE ANN: Home Ec. Award, Girl State Alternate, Candidate for D.A.R. Award, Candidate for Miss Hello, Student Council Sec., Red Cross Vice-Pres., Horizon 2nd Vice-Pres., Soph. Class Sec., Tri Sci Sec., Norkets, Y-Teens, Courtesy Club. RHOADS, MIKE: Student Council, 2 sem. at NHS, General Prep. RICHART, MARTHA: Y-Teens Pres., Inter-Club Rep. 8. Sec. for Y-Teens, Courtesy Club Treas., Future Teachers Treas., Norkets Corres. Sec., Student Council, Red Cross, Honor Society. RIEMENSCHNEIDER, LINDA: Scroll, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. ROGERS lYOUNGl, RUTH: Y-Teens, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. SAVAGE, SHARON: Cheerleader, Candidate for Football Queen, Viking Varieties Queen, Candidate for Basketball Princess, Choir Pres.,Jr. High Student Council Pres., Norkets, Y-Teens, Future Teachers. SEAGO, ROBERT: Oilman for a Day, Honor Society, Future Engineers, Tri Sci Club. SIMS,DEE ANNA: 6 sem at NHS, General Prep. SKAGGS, MARLENE: Student Council, Norkets, Red Cross, Y-Teens. SLATEN, RENA: Home Ec. Award, Red Cross Pres., Honor Society, Future Teachers. SMITH, JERRY: Oilman for a Day, Honor Socie- ty, Future Engineers. SMITH, PAULA: Cheerleader, Pep Council Sec., Student Council, Norkets, Red Cross, Red Cross County Council Rep., Y-Teens, Journalism, Thespians, Future Teachers, Play Pro. SOUTHERLAND, ANN: Girls State Alternate, D.A.R. Citizenship Award for Junior High, Norkets Sec., Y-Teens Treas. 8. Social Chr., Courtesy Club Sec., Honor Society, Choir, Thespians, Future Teachers. SPICER, ELIZABETH: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. SPRINGER, BETTY SUE: Y-Teens Pres., Future Teachers Vice-Pres. 8.Sgt.-at-Arms, Nordlys Co-Ed. 8. Bus. Manager, Norket Sec. 8- Treas., Jr. Honor Society Treas., Candidate for Nordlys Queen, Pep Council, Student Council, French Club, Speaker for Football Party. SPURLOCK, BARBARA: 6 sem. at NHS, Gener- al Prep. SUTTON, SARA: Y-Teen Vice-Pres., Norket Parl., Choir. SZCZEPKA, JADVICA: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. TANNER, TERRY: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. THARP, RUTH: Girls 'O' Club, 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. THOMAS, I. W.: Nordlys Photo., I2 sem. at NHS, General Prep. M02 A.. THOMASSON, MIKE: Oilman for a Day, Student Council, Future Engineers. TOWNLEY, GAY: City Science Award, Tri Sci Club Vice-Pres., Honor Society, Norkets, Future Engineers. TRINKLE, ETHEL: Student Council, Honor Society, Norkets, Horizons. TURNER, PAT: Leadership Award, Physical Ed. Service Award, Honor Society, Future Engineers, Tri Sci Pres. 8. Treas., Science Club. VAUGHN, DAVID: I2 sem. at NHS, General Prep. WALKER, SARA: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. WALLACE, DUANE: 'O' Club Vice-Pres., Football Captain, Singing Award. WARD, SHANNON: Norkets, Choir, Y-Teens, Paperstand Assistant. WEST, MARY FRANCES: Y-Teens, Future Nurses. WHEELER, PATSY: Cheerleader, Basketball Princess, Student Council, Honor Society, Choir, Scroll, Norkets, Red Cross, Y-Teens, Pep Council, Future Teachers. WARREN, JUDE: Girl of the Month, Norket Pres., Jr. High Student Council Pres., Jr. High Honor Society Pres., Jr. High All-Round Girl, Student Council, Red Cross, Y-Teens, Play Pro., N.F.L., Thespians, Candidate for Viking Varieties Queen, Speaker for Basketball party. WHITTEN, JERRY: Boys State, Oilman for a Day, Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Future Engineers Vice-Pres., Jr. Class Treas., Student Council, Future Teachers, Pep Council, 'O' Club. WICK, FREDDY: Candidate for Nordlys King, Candidate for Viking Varieties King, Jr. High All-Round Boy, Jr. High Student Vice- Pres., Student Council, Red Cross, Future Teachers, "O" Club. WILKS, KENWARD: Band, 6 sem. at NHS, Gen- eral Prep. WILSON, JIMMY: 6 sem. at NHS, General Prep. WUSTEFELD, BARBARA: Y-Teens Sec., Nor- ket Sgt.-at-Arms, Honor Society. WYRICK, SHIRLEY: Candidate for Football Queen, Sr. Class Sec., Choir Award, Choir Sec., Norket Parl., Student Council, Y-Teens, Nordlys Staff, Speaker for Football Party. YOUNG, DAVID: Oilman for a Day, Official for a Day, Boys State, Jr. Rotarian, Jr. Class Valedictorian: Sr. High Student Council Pres., Honor Society Pres. 8. Vice-Pres., Jr. Class PYGS-iCandidate for Pin-up Boy. ZINK, MIKE: Oilman for a Day, Future Engi- neers. HODSON,SHIRLIE: Candidate for Band Queen, Honor Society, Norkets, Student Council, Band Maiorette, Y-Teens, Choir, Scroll, Horizon Club Pres. Corres. Sec. City Cabinet Dele- gate Reporter. uniom -,wb .76 unior giaiki gnferd .gpaofggkf RICHARD GORMAN ED SINGLEY EDDIE HOWARD MARVIN LOWDER President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Tommy Abbott Jone Adkins Paul Alexander Lynn Anderson Howard Armer Donald Atkerson Franklin Atkerson Judy Arnn Willy Aynes Mary Babcock Larry Baldwin Deborah Bannister Ron Bell Sharon Bell Pat Belk Richard Blight Donna Bowers Lucy Box Gwen Boydston Bobby Brown Kelley Brown Dianne Burdick Jo Burnett Bill Purns Caro yn Burns Richard Burns Rita Button Jimmy Caldwell Cushion Callaway Jo Ann Carlile Rayman Carter Wendell Chandler Nancy Comer John Conley Cecil Catner J. C. Cox James Crites Jimmy Cross James Dallas Jimmy Davidson Gene DeL aney Richard Del.aughter Mary De Vore Larry Duncan Charles East Charles Echer Sharon Eischen Bert Emitt Pat Ent Glenda Finley Katherine Fisher Sandra Flowers Margaret Foster Terry Foster Bill Frazier Leis' have cl Parfyl' Ronnie Frazier Leroy Freeman Grace Garrett Robert Gorton Rebecca Gilliland Peggy Goodrich Don Griffith Cloetfa Grimes Floetfa Grimes Mary Kaye Grumbine Keifh Haley Sharon Hansen Ann Harriger Gary Hines Jenni Hiser June Holmes Carol Houchin Claude Houchin Nedra Hudson Phil lshom Phil Jennings W. C. Johnson Bob Johnson Farre Jones Babb Joyner . T ki l N ' i r"' ' Karen .ludkins Willie Kent Carolyn King Pat Krueger Doug Lambert Larry Lambert Sammy Leake Robert Livingston Bugs Long Louise Lowery Dixie Lugton Bob Lyman Dick L man Walter McConathy Lonnie McCullough Delton McEwen Marilyn Maddox Bill Maxwell Sue Maxwell J. P. May David Medis Joy Moore Sallie Moore Darlene Mowry Ann Murplwey Joe Bob Nelson Lynn Nelson .lan New Beth Norton Hugh O'Brian Allen O'Neil George Osborne Sondra Osborne Grace O'Steen Pat Patterson Lillian Peake Bill Pennington Frank Plato Bob Provines Bill Puckett Janice Putnam Gusteen Pyland Stephen Radford Margaret Rahn Cartha Ramey Bobby Ray Judy Reynolds Bill Rheinold Dorothy Richardson Shirley Richart Anita Rickey Margie Robinson Joyce Robison Carol Sanders Joed Savage Sharon Schaumburg Don Settle Sudie Sims Jack Singley Karen Sires Karen Sisney Bobbie Sizemore Nick Slaughter Jimmy Smith Judy Smith John Sopher Jerrie Sporn Susie Stapp Sandy Stone Don Sullivan Tom Swanson Larry Taaca Josephine Taylor Fran Thornberry Denny Tomlin Linda Towne Carole Vanderpool Judy Vanderslice Denis Walker Elaine Walker Joanne Walker Barbara Wasson Bill Weaver Grayson Webb Bruce Wheeler Gary Wilson Johnna Wilson Mary Wolfe Janis Young Dean York Howard Wright im' Having troubles?l? 37 Oh, oren't they cuie? SOFA Olflfl Olfeff ,.f""" SECQKQ fav ' my reaenf gfakf 0 1960 ETHAN NORRIS CAROLYN SINGLETON LU SOUTHERLAND JUDY CROAK President Vnce President Secretary Treasurer Bob Alder Gayle Anderson Paul Anderson Jackie Armbrust Ann Burger Pot Barry Johnny Bortmess .lerrv Blake Lynda Bond Henry Booth Ann Boynton Carol Braslwear Diane Brooks Sue Brown Tommy Brownlee Larry Burke Sue Burris Wilmetta Calhoun Mike Allen Dolly Campbell J. Moore Campbell Jimmy Case Ronny Chambers Larry Chandler Carla Chevally David Chilcutt Ben Cline Monty Coats Anita Coe Shirley Coleman Mary Lou Conley Claudia Copeland Andy Cowan Jackie Cowan Melvin Cowan Bobby Cox Jerald Cox Alfred Crosby Bob Curry Eddie Dorr Jane? Edelman Ellen Edwards Martha Edwards Pat Edwards David England Carol Enlow Joanne Fagirl Keith Felion Janice Finley Sandra Flowers Bill Floyd John Franklin Linda Friend Sue Gardner Donald Gordon A Fiiaix "9 .,,,, EVA Lair: ,,. Marilynn Green Judy Greer Carolyn Griffey Danielle Griffin Carol Griffith Jacqueline Grueser Pat Guthrie Bernice Hall Ellen Hall Lynda Hall Pafsy Hale Claudia Hansen Tom Havenstrife Carlton Hildebrand Jerri Holt Barbara Houchin Jeanne Howe Andy Hubbard Carolyn Hurlbuff Mary Kay Hummel David lngram Joe Jenkins Gene Jensen Joe Jones Neva Jones Sharon Jones Delores Keel Mariha Kesler David King Bill Kirlcpafricli Roy Kirkpatrick Greg Lambert Johnny Lewis Jack McArthur James McBurneH Sylvia McCorkle Frances McFarland Rosalind McLain Mary Ann McKeiarnan Pat Mahoney Billie Maior Mike Mason Darlene Mastin Emily Mattingly Deanna May Carol Mayes Charlie Ma es Charlotte hxayes Jerelyn Mengers Sharon Miller Michael Minor Jerry Morgan Myrtle Morgan Roger Morris Marilyn Mowder Della Mullenix Rita Mullins Sondra Murphy fir Cookie White, who didn't let her illness interrupt her pleasant expression. At left: FUN! Below: FORMULAS! W 1g5k ::: . ...... Anita Neighbours Judy Nance Frances Nix Beverly Noe Mike Orebaugh Neva Ore David O'Neil Sherry Overby Cliff Parker Jean Parsons Ann Patterson Susan Paschall Carol Pazoureck Jackie Payne Dee Ann Perrin Frankie Peterson Judy Phillips Regina Piotrowicz Charles Polk Cynthia Powell John Price Townley Price Mary Pybas Diana Reeser Barbara Reints Margaret Rich Ronald Roberson Doug Rogers Bill Scan Paul, Scott Nancy Scranton Judy Severs Phil Sharp Gary Shaver Bill Shepherd Doris Shircliff Shirley Shoemake Judy Skillern .larry Slaughter Larry Slaughter Martha Smallwood Paulla Smith Margie Spenser Sandra Stanczyk Anna Sterling Karen Stonis Deecla Suggs Joyce Swanson Don Tapper Shirley Tate Sonia Thackerson John Thompson Richard Truutman Janet Tice Jimmy Toney Carol Vought George Vaughn Sharon Walker Frank Walters Charles Wheelus Kenward Wilks Beverly White Freclda White Kathern Williams Dick Wilkins Mary Wisdom David Wilson Faye Young Glenda Wright Sharron Wilson jlfefiklflflelfl 8 L 1 1 r C F r I 1 I I I x x 1 i F 1 w Q I 5 i r I SLG gfeffhnlefl .gnfo Ulm .Siwfdgkf Karen Abbott Sherry Addington Royce Allison Judy Alyea Carla Anderson Richard Anderson Russell Arterburn Betty Baldwin Janice Bnles Henry Bailey Bob Barnard Judy Barton Alice Belk Aves Benningfielcl Joe Booze Eugene Borneman Jane Best Judy Best Tbelus Bower Diane Bowers Harold Bowers John Bowlby Jim Brazeal Peggy Brumley Sharon Bruza Teelaine Burk Lynette Burke Doug Burkett Diana Burnham Roy Burns Virginia Bush Robert Button Toni Byler Helen Bynum Charlene Caesar Joy Campbell Tom Clement Joyce Cochran Johnny Cole Janet Council Diana Croak Paul Damron Naomi Daugherty Billie Davis Danny De Geare 'Old Faceful Don'f Shoot! Bill Douglas Scherrie Dozier Marilyn Driskell Mike Dorr Raymond Driskell Sue Duncan Leiha Duncan Carolyn Eckroai Elsie Elliott John Evans Nancy Fleming Joe Foster Gene Foster Shirle Frese Mike lgudge Maureen Garreit Roy Garrett Linda Glass Judy Greene Judy Hartman Trent High? Beverly Hill Karen Hinkle Ronny Hornbeek Bill Howard Margaret Howard Kenny Hull Sandra Ingles Karen Jack Barbara James Dennis Jarvis Suzanne Jennings Paulette Johnson David Johnston Douglas Jones Roger Keel Claudia Keister Bill Kennedy Jerome Kennedy Floyd Koch Connie Kuhn Clara Lane Charles Lewis Don Lewis Robert Lewis Rim Liffle Sharon Lowe Joyce Martin Mary Martin Janice Matthews Jackie Maze Rose McCutchen Willie McGinty Vickie McKelvey Richard McKinney ,W Sieve McKnight Karen McRober1s Pais Meade Bob Miller Randy Mock Kenneth Moorefield Bob Mowder Judy Nance Jane? Neal Jane Nelson Judy Nelson Mary Nichols Jolane Nix Jimmy Parham Eddie Penn Ava Percey Connie Peterson Romney Philpoff Loretta Pierce Pat Pierson Margaret Plato Eddie Porier Jo Ann Porter Jackie Pratt Steve Provines Charles Rahn Linda Ramsey Carl Ray Dianna Rea Bill Russell Ronnie Russell Charles Savely John Schaefer Patty Severs Jan Shaw Joan Skaggs Barbara Slagle Jay Steve Smith Jackie Snodgrass Gayle Spurgeon Gloria Stiles Shirley Swinney Norma Taylor Rosemary Taylor Rita Tippin Jon Wade Sue Wall ing Linda Lou Walters Charlotte Waters Allen Weiner Charlene Welcher Karen White Linda Whitehorn Doug Yeager The world is ours Olfl 0lf'f5 N 1 MISS GlLLETTE Sponsor DAVID YOUNG lst Semester President Row l: Patsy Wheeler, Karen Dittelmier, Lu Southerland, Martha Richart, Judy Lewis, Linda Glidewell, Barbara Wustefeld, Jean Mayes, Fredda White, Janee Votaw, Frances Graham, Polly Mer- ritt. Row 2: Sammy Clifton, Keith Felton, Pat Mahoney, Harris Bachrach, Denny Tomlin, Pat Barry, Shirlie Zinn, Joy Moore, Bill Kirkpatrick, Nancy Dent, Eddie Dorr, Marilynn Green. Row 3: Ethan Norris, Ellen Hall, Karen Sires, George Vaughn, Sandra enior KAY COUNCIL lst Semester Secretary DONNA BECKER lst Semester Treasurer Miser, Mike Loveland, Robert Seago, Tommy Brownlee, Gene Jen- sen, Louise Lowery, Eve .Ann Rathton, Jackie Armbrust, Saundra Moore. Row 4: lrene Hayden, Darlene Mowry, Kay Council, Linda Riemenschneider, Ronald Alger, Glenda Wright, Walter McConathy, Robert Livingston, Johnny Lewis, Gary Goodman, David Young, Terry Curby, Bob Hill. onor Sociefy 33 fin BETTY DARON 2nd Semester Vice-President TERRY CURBY lst Semester Vice-President 2nd Semester President Row l: Gay Townley, Pat Ent, Jo Ann Walker, Barbara Murphy, Gwen Boydston, Barbara Mick, Pat Krueger, Faye Young, Martha Kesler, Cartha Ramey. Row 2: Judy Smith, Donna Becker, Sallie Moore, Sylvia McCorkle, Marilyn Maddox, Mary DeVore, Ann South- erland, Mary Kay Grumbine, Judy Crook, Sharon Eischen. Row 3: ,,, '1,, - aw- GM EVE ANN RATHFON 2nd Semester Treasurer LARRY FOSTER 2nd Semester Secretary Claudia Copeland, Susie Stapp, Ann Barger, Ann Harriger, John Price, Cloetto Grimes, Dick Wilkins, Don Gordon, Linda Towne, Margaret Foster. Row 4: Judy Greer, Judy Wilburn, Janice Putnam, Eddie Howard, Johnny Rahe, Marvin Lowder, Don Griffith, Sandra Stanczyk, Janis Young, Danielle Griffin. f Row 'lr Daugherty, Byler, Shaw, James, Carey, Skaggs, Bruza, Jack, Barton, Whitehorn, Walters, Pierce, Spinning Frese, Griffin, Newman, Burdick, Stevens, Shaffer, Severs, field, Swinney, Utsey, Townley, Mock, Smith, DeGeare Smith. Row 2: Dorr, Craig, Greene, Wilson, Addington, Sabin, Martin. Row 4: Tippin, Nix, Booze, Bales, Smith Bales Zink, Ramsey, Osborne, Zinn, Malikoff, lngels, Nance, Howard, Staton, Rahn, Hornbeelc, Barnard, Pyle Burke Stockwell, Kennedy. Row 3: Keister, Council, Yeager, Kennedy, Williams, Parham, Douglas. ' ll' L if ' t ufllof Lg onol' ocze y Randy Mock, President, Ronny Hornbeek, Vice-President, Jay Steve Smith, Secretary, and Bill Douglas, Treasurer, are found listing names of those havine a 4.2 grade average, which is required for membership. MISS INGR AM Sponsor 58 I I Dependability, leadership, service, patriotism! From three candidates chosen by the senior girls possessing these qualifications, Polly Merritt received the D. A. R. lution as Northeast's outstanding Good Citizen. laecia! slrlonord The Capitol Hill Business and Professional Women's Club of Oklahoma City found that Jude Warren just fitted the qualifications for their January Girl-of-the-Month. These qualifications include citizenship, character, leadership, personality, talent, and initiative. 59 Award presented by the Daughters of the American Revo- PAULINE INGRAM Sponsor The Courtesy Club, a service organization whose duties include ushering af school functions and always looking beaufiful, Turn on fhe charm. DONNA BECK ER President POLLY MERRITT Vice-President AN N SOUTH E RLAND Secretary MARTHA R ICHART Treasurer Eve Ann Rafhfon Judy Flow Lu Southerlond Deanna May Marfha Smaliwood Dee Ann Perrin Claudio Copeland Judy Crock Lynn Anderson Lynn Nelson Sharon Eischen Cloefia Grimes Susie Stapp Nedra Hudson oya , ana! Qi- A , Safe Those who attended Boys' and Girls' State last June were David Young, Polly Mer- ritt, Jerry Whitten, and lnot pictured, Harris Bachra ., fx x QQ, . :J ,HW A I x Hull. Kneeling: Hellbaum, Goodman, Alger, Mi M Coe. Stuncling: Smith, Patrick, Curby unior Qofariana Northeast's representatives for Jr. Rotarians are, Row 'ls Gary Goodman, Gene Harmon, Bob Hill. Row 2: David Young, Richard Hull, Terry Curby. Taking the place of public of- ficials for a day this year were Mike Mahoney, Gene Harmon, Jo Ann Hunt, Ronnie Frazier, Loretta Pierce, John Conley, Linda Freeny, Cris Galanos. Omciagi Ll' a ay .fdcfiuifiefi V - 1 , , . , v L 4 r l r L I i x V E 1 P Z 1 HARRIS BACHRACH ist Semester President Egzwlenf Counci TERRY CURBY EVE ANN RATHFON JO ANN HUNT Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Through the yeors, our Student Council keeps improving in student government. The high point of the current year was the trip by the Student Council Officers to DAVID YOUNG 2nd Semester President meetings in Washington and New York, from which they returned with new ideas for the student body. GARY GOODMAN MARY KAYEGRUMBINE LARRY FOSTER Vice-President Secretary Treasurer W I' Lgy 66 -ff la 1 I First Semester Chairmen: Jo Ann Hunt, Finance, David Young, Con- stitution, Martha Richart, Election, Martha Smallwood, Safety, Mary Lou Conley, School Plant, Bette Fisher, Social, Patsy Wheeler, Viking Var- MISS ELLIS ieties, Pat Patterson, Campaign, Sallie Moore, Cafeteria. Advise' ommiffee Ckairmen MR. YOESTING Adviser Second Semester Chairmen: Mary Lou Conley, Safety, Shirley Wyrick, Viking Varieties, Martha Richart, Social, Larry Foster, Finance, Linda Towne, Plant and Ground, David Young, President, Mary Kaye Grumbine, Secretary, Mike Thomasson, Election, Gary Goodman, Vice- President, Linda Freeny, Cafeteria, Eve Anne Rathfon, Campaign. 67 Senior High Student Council stop from their busy meeting Rathfon, Young, Curby, Moore, Patterson, Grumbine, Put to smile for the camera. Row 'l: Wheeler, Smith, Fisher, nqm, Row 3: Smith, Tqqca, Raine, Chandler, Howard, Whit Richart, Fox, Mahan, Hunt, Bachrach. Row 2: Canfield, ten, Freeny, Zinn. Bette, Martha, Margaret, David, Jo Ann, and Paula are found busily working on Student Council proiects. 68 Our Student Council is the "backbone" of Northeast. The school represents the wheel and the different organizations and activities are the spokes. The Student Council is the "hub" from which the wheel is able to turn. "Work" is their by-word for they are constantly doing and thinking of things to improve or promote our school. Hats off to our active Student Council! unior .sluolenf gounci At right: Second Semester Officers are: John Provines, Treasurer, Bill Doug- las, President, Ronny Hornbeelt, Vice- Presidentp Pat Pierson, Secretary. Officers around table include, Shaw, Smith, Rea, De Geare, Douglas, Pierson, Hornbeek, and Provines. Others are, Pyle, Findlay, Quick, Kerr, Taaca, Swinney, Wilson, Mock, Curd, Byler, Harding, Edwards, Keel, Anderson, At left, First Semester Officers ore: Danny De Gears, Treasurer, Dilarfa Rea, Secretary, J. Steve Smith, Vice- President, Jan Shaw, President. Green, Walters, Campbell, Bowlby, Penn, McConathy, Shoot, Zinn, Davis, Carpenter, Purcell, Beisel, Allen, Hernandez, Robbins, De Gem-el Lambert, Mccaskell, and Pfundt. ngineerzi IDOL jo jlle jufure Row l: Brown, O Neal, Seago, Douglas, Alyea, Goodman, Caldwell, Whitten, Wilson, Griffith. Row 2: Joyner, Cochner, Taaca, Dolph, Young, Michal, McConathy, Osborne, Coe, Hornbeek. Row 3: Harris, Echer, Howard, Rheinold, Frazier, Armer, Singley, Gorman, Singley, Chandler. Row 4: Wheeler, Stark. Foster, Maxwell, Anderson, Rahe, Puckett, Moore, Wallace, Jennings, Weaver. Row 5: Smith, Goodner, Zink, Alger, Gadner, Rhoads, Johnson, Wick. MISS MAT T0 X Sponsor ddidfanfa ,Mega Laboratory Assistants working together are Bob Hill, Gene Harmon, Pat Turner, Terry Hight, Barbara Bivens, Carol Pier- son, Donna Becker. 1 Office Workers, a great help, are, Row l: Rich, Freeny, Best Lugton, Foster. Row 2: Moore, Barger, Kesler, Murphy, Young Those Librarians Cl0SSifYln9 books are: Sutton, Rogers, Towne, Fisher. Row 3: Howard, Krueger, ROW lf CUYOI Vaughff Tim Wilson. BlllY Nelson, Burton, Riemenschneider, Dent, Spurlock. Scott. Row 2: Otis Ann Newman, Tip Sabin, Joyce Martin, Mike Mahoney, Linda Booze, Craig Stevens. 70 MR. ISOM Adviser Members of the Stagecraft class found constructing a new setting include, Standing: C. Coe, R. Kirk, lsom, B. Miller, D. Davis, S. Sims, F. Grimes, P. Belk, T. Coe, D. Wallace. Seated: R. Burns, S. Sutton, P. Goodrich, J. Hunt, L. Wilson. Background: L. Slaughter, R. Blight, J. Rahe. .gil gllefg ag Proiectionists examining their equipment are, Standing: Norvel Coday, James Carpenter, David Carpenter, Mr. Yoesting. Kneel- ing: Jackie Bryant and Lynn Slaughter. Working on Paper Sales every morning are Joan Moyers and Shannon Ward. Counselors Aides are Betty Duron, Eve Ann Rathfon, Pat Boyd, Polly Merritt, Jude Warren, Barbara Wugfe- feld, Betty Springer. 71 I I do 'NN . L l jufure lac era . X Row l: Mattingly, Wisdom, Scranton, Hale, Shoemalce, Griffin, Southerland, Young, Council, ' V Hunt, Vanderslice, Richart, Dent, Bivens, Graham, Merritt, Wheeler, Sprin er. Row 2: Ent, N, S Dittelmier, Mahan, Houchin, Boydston, Maxwell, Maddox, Wolfe, Jones, lfanson, Orebaugh, ' ' fm Havenstrite, Barry, Penn, Savage, Fisher, Foster. Row 3: Powell, Singleton, Holmes, Stapp, " 6 - ' - Tate, Harriger, Fox, Osborne, Cole, Howard, Frazier, Coleman, Wick, Richart, Mi ser, Ander- ,: "' K . ,,' -h son, Little, Forrester. Row 4: Hall, Spencer, Stonis, Krueger, Comer, Griffith, Puckett, ,L i Lowder, Whitten, Armer, Foster, Jensen, Rahe, Chandler, Brownlee, Caldwell. 5 ,.,i V . MISS ELLIS S Qufure uraea sponsor Row 'l: Wattson, Mayes, White, Sizemore, Walling, Tice, Hayden. Row 2: Griffey, Miller, Minor, Wesolowska, Burnett, Aubert, Peterson. Row 3: West, OIC-ll1Um Judkins, Kannada, Schaumburg, Houchin, Norton. MRS. B ECK Sponsor 72 I Standing: J. Hlser K Felton J Flow G Boydsfon D Tomlln Hull E Norrls Mahoney, N. Hudson R Morris R Llvlngsfon A Harrlger J Arnn R McLain L Souther land, C. Calloway C Pierson Seuied G Vaughn M DeVore P Hole ri-Si A MR. THOMPSON Sponsor 45 ' T" : A- QQ-gafgfg1f.,gt: .1 WILLIAM THOMAS CLARENCE YOESTING RICHARD KRUEGER Adviser Financial Adviser Pl"0f09fUPl1Y Adviser We of the NORDLYS staff are happy to produce a yearbook , illustrating a record of your highschool days - the classes, A.. social and athletic events, and the many organizations at Northeast. We are keenly aware of the responsibility we had in satisfactorily covering a year's activities at Northeast. We regret that the book must go to press too soon to include such important events as Viking Varieties, graduation, and awards. We sincerely hope that in future years this book will be one of your most cherished mementos of highschool life. l. W. Thomas Sandra Miser Polly Merfiif Betty Springer Business Manager Assistant Business Kay Council Editor Co-Editor Photographer Manager - Art Editor Organization Editor Virginia Prescott Joed Savage Jo Ann Hunt Susie Stapp Bette Fisher Advertising Editor Sports Editor Photographic Editor Copy Editor Typist Shirley Wyrick Sondra Osborne Shirley Richart Judy Vanderslice Mosey Mouse Typist Proofreader Proofreader Proofreader Mousecot 74 FU MRS. POSEY Adviser The Norseman Scroll, our school newspaper, is the procluctof hard-working students ofthe Journalism class. It provides excellent training for future re- porters. Jenni Hiser Editor k 'i K Jak we ,U V -,.. Q . W 'A ft J w t mx , 9 , i l,. Q 1 Q Paul a Smith Reporter Margie Spencer Reporter , . 3 4-F' e Tom Swanson Business Manager QPU' Jw' J-.....1' Marvin Lowder Shirlie Zinn Patsy Wheeler Sports Editor Editorial Editor Reporter 3? 3' A X A . - 57 . -M we 01,1 55 . kkv- ,' ff e A Virginia Prescott Mary Babcock Nedra Hudson Janice Beavers Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter , ' ig A Jawa 1- Q5 ,,,, ' A 3, I if .- 2 , , - 1 "ti . A .,, Aw W I. .' I 1529 1: , if V J J s a t , J t , i . 7:1495 'i ':": i'.' 1 ' A I my Billie Malor Frankie Peterson Linda Riemenschneider Louise Lowery Reporter Reporter Reporter Reporter ., M ttat I ff , f ' Q' ' f .1 4 2,122 ' ' so ' W ,t.- ' 75 jkedpiana 1' Clowning it up between plays are Row 'l: Anderson, Maddox, Harmon, Sterling, Harris. Row 2: Duncan, Gordon, Burdick, Perrin, Patterson. Row 3: Hudson, Roy. My cfor anal .zach-erm .iw we Learning the finer points of public speaking are, at left, Row 1: Officers: Anderson, Nel- son, Duron, Moore. Row 2: Smith, Burdick DeVore, Duncan, Gordon, Harmon. Row 3: Sterling, Vanderslice, Hudson, Richart, Per- rin, Patterson, Hiser, Harris, Flow, Ray, Southerland, Maddox. may iqwclucfion Don Harris A scene from the play, "Time Out for Ginger,' presented November 21 and Betty Daron . , .w.,,,-mm. lbebafe Organizing material for another debate! Seated: 3 Piercey, Maze J. Nance, Bales, Burk, A. Nance. Standing: Calloway, Harris, Houliston, Wilson, Mr, Stqlnoker, Not Pictured: Fran Thornberry and Scherrie Dozier 14511 fl J 'avi V--M...,,, Qualifying for the National Forensic League isn't easy, but these students have 'made the 7 gDrade.'GRZw 'l:BOgicIersi Mosore, Harris, Andersian, Hudson. Row 2: Perrin, Nance, DeVore, ' V 'V arcn, or on, ur ic . ow : Flow, Duncan, oberson, addox, Ray, Nelson, Harmon. Row 4: Calloway, Sterling, Byler, Vanderslice, Patterson, Ent, Burk, Thornberry. Row 5: Hiser, ZAZELSLE GlFFORD Jack, Wilson, Bales. Wright, Nance. ponsor ' , Organized for service to others, members of the Junior Red Cross include the following: Row l: Wilkson, Ray, Noe, Keef, Henderson, Bradley, Potter, Shakley, Joyner, DiBello. Row 2: White, Smith, Sabin, Willard, Perrin, DeGeare, Robinson, Wheeler, Hunt, Floyd, Tippin. Row IQ GW Nl? Decorating the Christmas tree at the Veterans Hospital was the Red Cross service proiect at Christmas time. ::7w..' Doughnuts Anyone? arizona MRS. DAVISON Sponsor Above, 'lst Semester Officers find P. Patterson, 5- Zinn, J. Hiser, K. Sisney, J. Lewis, L. Nelson, N. Hudson Gnd J. Young relaxing from their official duties. At right, 2nd Semester Officers, K. Sisney, L. Nelson, J. Young, N. Hudson, S. Zinn, J. Lewis, J. Hiser and J. Moore seem to be enioying them- selves also. , rsiii of ' W... Mx tx .-." Service, is the main object these Horizons strive for. Row 'l: Moior, Hall, Mayes, Nelson, Lewis. Row 2: Votuw, Horriger, Griffin, Moore, Young, Hudson, Putter- 79 Vuwmgsgs, 3 gg K It RNA itt QM? i son, Conley, Row 3: Estes, Piercey, Boydston, Hiser, Sisney, White and Green. ,, 1 35'-i5 ?rir:? M,-' rt- +,jz:- is mf? 63 asa ma ll mis Y lm if , At right, Christmas Dance mess If 'YHQEEW' ,, ::. .. me .. , ,,m.. - '3-i 5 .. -'hr Eli Tift . L ,251 ,Ll 'f 112 4251 1 'Liv iii" .i . , -j MISS ELLlS Sponsor Lynn Anderson Ann Barger Donna Becker Vada Best Butch Bivens Ann Boynton Lucy Box Faye Canfield Beverly Clark Sue Coday Kay Council Nancy Dent Karen Dittelmier Sharon Eischen Pat Ent Bette Fisher Katherine Fisher Judy Flow Sandra Flowers Jonell Forrester Margaret Fox Frances Graham Marilyn Green Judy Greer Mary Kay Grumbi Sharon Hansen Lynda Hall Ann Hariger Jenni Hiser Nedra Hudson I18 2nd Semester Treasurer Mary Kay Hummel Jo Ann Hunt Susie Kannada Pat Krueger Judy Lewis Marilyn Maddox Rexolyn Little Norma Mahon Jerelyn Mengers Polly Merritt 2nd Semester Secretary Sandra Miser Sallie Moore Joy Moore Lynn Nelson Sondra Osborne Pat Patterson lst Semester Vice-President Virginia Prescott Janice Putnam Mary Pybas Diana Reeser Martha Richurt ist Semester President Shirley Richart Sharon Savage Shirley Shoemake Judy Smith Paula Smith Ann Southerland lst Semester Treasurer 2nd Semester Social Chairman Betty Sue Springer 2nd Semester President Susie Stapp Sandy Stone Sara Sutton 'lst Semester Social Chairman 2nd Semester Vice-President Sonia Thackerson Linda Towne Judy Vanderslice Janee Votaw Mary Frances West Shirley Wyrick Patsy Wheeler Judy Wilburn Barbara Wustefeld 'lst Semester Secretary Janis Young Mary Wolfe Shirlie Zinn Lucy Box Beverly Clark Shirley Coleman Paul Damron Roy Danner Danny DeGeare Richard DeLaughter Charles Echer Bette Fisher Jonell Forrester Margaret Fox John Franklin Rebecca Gilliland Linda Glidewell Frances Graham Judy Greer Danielle Griffin Ellen Hall JoAnn Hunt Phil lsham Les Jennings Sharon Jones Willie Kent Don Lewis Judy Lewis Rexalyn Little Bugs ong Willy McKinty Jean Mayes Bob Miller Barbara Murphy Kenneth Moorefield Gene Harmon ELNA SMITH Director we 64050 First Semester Officers. Stand ing: Margaret Fox, Vice-Presi dentg Judy Lewis, Treasurer Sharon Savage, President Seated: Kay Council, Secretary fm ' si., ifv .Q W K AY COUNCIL Accompanist inga Second Semester Officers, From left to right: Bette Fisher, Pre- sidentg JoAnn Hunt, Treasurer: Terry Tanner, Vice-President: Shirley Wyrick, Secretary. Sandra Miser Joe Bob Nelson Neva Ore Eddie Penn Romney Philpott Jack Pratt Virginia Prescott Dorothy Richardson John Rahe Margie Robinson Sharon Savage Don Settle Nancy Scranton Shirley Shoemake Judy Skillern Ann Southerland Mike Stark Joyce Steimer Karen Stonis Mona Sutton Sara Sutton Terry Tanner Shirley Tate Janee Votaw Duane Wallace Shannon Ward Charlene Willits Grayson Webb Patsy Wheeler Stella White Eagle Judy Wilburn Johnna Wilson Shirley Wyrick At Left: Irene Hayden, Band Queen, Walter Gardner, Drum Maior. fjlw Em! From Left, Row 1: Arthur Green, Johnny Cole, Jay Wagner, Craig Stevens, Mike Hart, Walter Gardner, Kenward Wilks. Row 2: Roberta Poling, Sharron Brown, Tommy Abbott, Shirlie Zinn, Anita Rickey. Row 3: Frank Boully, Bill Grimes, Cindy Hale, John Thompson, Billie Maior, Peggy Howard, Carol Sanders, Steve Provines, Leonard Jenkins, Jimmy Piotrowicz, Edna Norrie, Jimmy Carlile. Row 4: Jackie Payne, Carolyn King, Aves Benningfield, Mar Cleburn, Barbara James, Mike Burk, Grace 0'Steen, Jan New. Row 5: lrene Fllayden, Ben Kline, Judy Greene, Donna Bowers. X ll ix, I Shirlie Zinn, Judy Greene, Anita Rickey, Donna Bowers, Jan New, Carol Sanders. me From Right, Row 'l: Hugh Bryant, Roger Benham, Lyle Lassifer, Robert Spicer, Jimmy Riley, Janice Bachelor, Cliff Parker, Grant Taggard, Wayne Griffin, Buddy West, Richard Keeling, Bill Douglas, Danny York, Terry Suggs, Jesse DeGeare, Hal Bowers, Jerry Slaughter, Jerry Bryanf. Row 2: Lanny Sockwell, Kenny Hull, Richard Blight, Doyle Shirley Coleman Beverly Clark Anita Coe Nancy Comer Mary Conley Claudia Copeland Kay Council Judy Croak Mary De Vore Karen Dittelmier Janet Edalman Mariha Edwards Pa? Edwards Sharon Eischen Carol Enlow Pat Ent Joanne Fagin Janice Finley WorLefa iv.x!'G1'et L J ., .Eire i 1. alma A if My. 'eg H 531 f ' L 551 'l 'llai-f.if?ll. ' 2 S Wig 1 9, X 4,-5 " f X .sfiiff f ff 51 . 1:5 2, Q, 7 ju ' ,, N iii, , , " ff V " if - J 7: 1, Li fi ' L iff , ff W N A .,,, ,. mm, 6 L, ,W Sa .wr in :L S21 W 2155 f e ,Q Q 112 J e e Lynne Anderson Gayle Anderson Judith Arnn Jackie Armbursf Mary Babcock Ann Barger Janice Beavers Donna Becker Pat Belk Butch Bivens Donna Bowers Lucy Box Pal Boyd Gwen Boydston Ann Boynton Diane Brooks Sue Brown Dianne Burdick Billie Burnett Cushion Callaw Dolly Campbell Faye Canfield JoAnn Carlile CY Carla Chevalley 3 A ,WM N ,..V im., ., QR? .. , I . 2+ K 1 l 1 - 1 I W5 2 '.f. .:f"1.f. V fx- ' J ,vffw 5 ' 1 Y 1 W , ,Q 1 fav I Sw 1 - is Qligfg , 7 , .W ,Q y 5, 1 43:51 ' f . 1. ,gg 1 ,, e QU af X , .W 2 .L Ah L 5 sale S 5 fb sl , wg' , , We W5 xl xt Kas 3 ,,' 4 'Sgwif if K Q Q, f lv. Q 5 fl iw fl 1 1 gig! ' " 1 lf? Q Q K 1 ' Q' e 4 x - J .e.,,fe .. C . J Y f:,c- fx wwf, ' - ,www H gg. ,:g,--,gif Q,-1 '- E 2 i ij. :Ali A1 5 iiiifjf 3 f . A W '3 K .," ZS? Wfcjq gf . KW?-15 WSQ 3 I- . if HS W , -, , 2 ' f Y k i f X Jl . M MOLLI E MAE DAVIDSON Sponsor NADINE WILSON Sponsor Bette Fisher Katherine Fisher Judy Flow Sandra Flowers Sandra Flowers Jonell Forrester Margaret Foster Margaret Fox Linda Friend Rebecca Gilliland Linda Glidewell Jan Goddard Peggy Goodrich Marilyn Green Judy Greer Carolyn Griffey Danielle Griffin Clo Grimes Flo Grimes Mary Kaye Grumbi he Patsy Hale Bernice Hall Ellen Hail Lynda Hall Claudia Hansen Sharon Hansen Ann Harriger Jenni Hiser June Holmes Jerri Holt Barbara Houchin Carol Houchin Judy Howard Nedra Hudson Mary Hummel Jo Ann Hunt Carolyn Hurlbutt Neva Jones lk e w -fa . V' M5 P 42 ' ,,lQ-Si' my if ,N 2, i OLLY MERRITT lst Semester Treasurer 2nd Semester Vice-President - .V A 'rr.e, '4 1 4 . 0 J jgg4'5Y5?? fe. A . ,k,' A525 4 JUDE WARREN lst Seme ster President - A4555 ffff M E eerrr ii . BETTY SPRINGER 'lst Semester Secretary 2nd Semester Treasurer Sharon Jones Martha Kesler Karen Kroier Pat Krueger Judy Lewis Rexalyn Little 1 Z N AN CY D E N T 'l s t Se m e s ter Vice-President 2n d Se m e s te r P re sid en t 2 , y , t Q -,1' i -I aj. J,kf. 'I' " X ,N s,., ' :i'Lr K 1 FRANNIE GRAHAM ANN 'lst Semester SOUTHERLAND Corres. Secretary 2nd Semeslel' Sec re ta r y ff fh- W' 6' ' Fw A. 4 ,K , ,, . A f t , L Q x NK 4'-v, 'QM 781 Q xr' P .Q ' brim' f i Louise Lowery A x it Q 1, Dixie Lugton A v H ,J A L Frances McFarland QQIQQ E M M K. , AKAK K L K ary c iearnan , W Rosalind McLain A, Sf? Norma Mahan V ' ' 'ir"ii I 11 , Billie Maior A - .i QE., ' A., , ,JL A , Avy ,V 53. 5 Emilie Mattingly if f '45 Marilyn Maddox J ' V V Q 5 t 2 z as as ? 5 Q5 , e Q, " MY' , ?s,as,5ie,,-iszsis . 1 izsggfw, 1 mite - w.ffw, 5 emffm-,'f ,A Hgfwxgg may 5 ffgfmff ifw'?'f , K .. lai, MARTHA RICHART 2nd Semester Corres. Secretary X4 iv ' Sue Maxwell Deanna Mo Charlotte lxayes Jean Mo es Jerelyn Mengers Sharon Miller Michael Minor Sandra Miser Jo Moore Sallie Moore Saundra Moore Myrtle Morgan Marilyn Mowder Joan Moyers Barbara Murphy Sondra Murphy Judy Nance Lynn Nelson Jan New Beverly Noe Neva Ore Sondra Osborne Grace O'Steen Sherry Overby Lillian Peake Susie Paschall Ann Patterson Pat Patterson Jackie Payne Carol Pazoureck DeeAnn Perrin Regina Piotrowicz Judy Phillips Carol Pierson Cynthia Powell Virginia Prescott Janice Putnam Mary Pybas Cartha Ramey Diana Reeser Barbara Reints Dorothy R i chord son Shirley Richart Anita Rickey Joyce Robison Marjorie Robinson Carol Sanders Sharon Savage HM ,- t K ,L I y. M W . 4 M, Q. as I of .Q ., I.- it , f yy , ., ,QM K , . 1u""'f WY' I Q it fu 'L Hg giykgh :mx 1 Q S S ahiili X. W km X it mx ,D,, if-J ' 2 J, l W W pi i l M .. I y 'QS , Q "' 2' , gf' we-n, e.15i,W " ,ff ' JK, ,ff ,V K M I3- if, f 'x K X 7 ' 19 i Kr I x if 'X Y as 'ff J ,4- S M W in 'E'-7 if X ww., intr a ' K iv Z it S' X, ,Vi Jw- 4 qv Q. me . 'V Q if Nancy Scranton Judy Severs Doris Shircliff Shirley Shoemake Sudie Sims Carolyn Singleton Karen Sires Karen Sisney Martha Smallwood Judy Smith Paula Smith Paulla Smith Lu Southerland Margie Spencer Susie Stapp Anna Marie Sterling Sandy Stone Karen Stonis Deeda Suggs Mona Sutton Sara Sutton Shirley Tate Sonia Thackerson Janet Tice J S New ..rr, - ,trrr at Q' 58. Q ,ff M f E M JI ,f-"""' .94 A Changing Places Clnstallation of new Presidentl Bedtime Stories fNorket Football Party, 90 'Jusf Siftin' in the Balcony' fprevuel 'Calypso Joe's' fcarnivall 1, , rerer or r rrrl - 'mil PM S' of mfg-1, -, f. k-., ,.W,, g ,- ,W 9, f , l 'M- PUffYl ,,,.-' 1 ,."- Y wel:-.-145. ' 1 1 , ,Q we 6 Q Linda Towne Gay Townley Ethel Trinkle Carole Vanderpool Judy Vanderslice Janee Vofaw Shannon Ward Palsy Wheeler Fredda White Sfella While Eagle Judy Willaurn Charlene Williis .lohnna Wilson Sharon Wilson Mary Wisdom Mary Wolfe Glenda Wright Barbara Wustefeld Shirle Wyrick Faye Woung Janis Young Barbara Wasson Shirlie Zinn Weig- K rw Q-il'-I- P AUL A SMITH Norket .fl L, x.: A l"X.-......i fr , 2.41, ,U NORMA MAHAN Norkef A YQ QQ 5 ,. M' M A, mL.Q Mi, XA h ' T gf? f 3 W, T? if Y s , , 4 ., M JfV xv ef v v Q ,I ' QR ff Q1 if 'ef 'Tis cl challenge fo our cheer- W" gg f ef V l leaders to restore that fire und 7' j :JT-T-iri with VLM, VIGOR and ""'2,L A ITY, w ich point the I ' I wcy to VICTORY. '53, W i WVR. elee gf 'V The Pep Council readies for action , 5 , l ---- and The band swings on. 92 E V f Y m g f SHARON SAVAGE PATSY WHEELER BETTE FISHER FAYECANFIELD Norkef Varsify Varsity Varsity V V ,,,, A 'f VE MM Q X , , 1' V VVV EW 5 JVV Qfgcor V , F5 KREV , if it Ly , AVV Two tiny tofs, 1'ryin'. Fight ! Score ! Win ! 15" - V I fl-'f-i'fQzi!fE3imT ,E Q I I EI ' f- i i - 1 ' f 'I -' 1I 2: 'WI 'H Hznnpla t . ' 1 f fi? ' ' .,- s ' 5 t -' , a Q 3 . ,- ' i, 3 ,Jw 2 L 5 f F 'B i W' Qi gg? . .,, ,,lV it 8, x 355,55 4 I . H., ii? Row l: Driskell, Herron, Philpott, Yeager, Hudson, Anderson, Yeager, Rheinald, Joyner, Bowman. Row 2: Kruegar, Galager, Harris, Prescott, Morgeson, Ray, Trautman, Kirkpatrick, Russell, Cole. Row 3: Thom- asson Hqgee, Lewis, Pierce, Ware, Tarr, Walker, Eadie, Schaefer, Zinn. Row 4: Wright, Nettleship, Mc- Conathy, Lowther, Smith, Rentfra, Martin, Howard, Dozier, Frazier. Row 5: Ingles, Caesar, Tippin, Baldwin, Walters, Lgne, Nichols, James, Keister. 'Weffe 12, 65,4 laonaora l Mrs. Neilson, Mrs. Davison and Miss Terry discuss plans for a forthcoming Vikette party. 94 1 . so We . .E .. .ir ? fx A . ' wma 1 , A if Vikeffe King, Roger Keel seems fo be enjoying his royal dufy of crowning his Queen, Barbara James. Cheerleaders: We've qo1' cl good feoml Nobody's prouderl Kay Crock Nancy Wilson Puffy Severs Shirley Swinney Jolane Nix Carla Anderson lm , 'Q , 1 yi? - Nx? K I i r l' ' l if lf K 'llll X ', ,l ill EX 1 . S5 ' . - l W 1 if .,. I ! l YI., 5 V I E f : me f 'Q' gl l - d F Will is I X Iris- S if wm. H' w in Wr- f" i f. O xx x ,J-.. of - 'I -L' '-Xi., - -T fi- 1 I :vm E7- -W .garmin y 4 I f 1 i i A I V 1 r + r 1 I 5 I r l n U I I I I 1 i I -Y , AA,4,1 Jerry Colemang HB .. .,-x-s 'A--in Howard Armer, F B gooigaff .Slam ' E . +,. . 1 K I V f V, Chester Ky e, ef. wi- . - z,fP25'r3sfX MPM'-'.:::Q-ws..-ivilk' - J , -fff - 1 V - C .. 'gg Y.Qf,.,, AU -1 , - ,. f ' ali A Q X . 4 if- "rf .' 53:-1191-in , , ' 'wifi .-X -' 5 Y -. ' if" fa" '- . I 5,-LMS? 1,,,,w,s 1 ., LA,, A 0 .. , As i 9 - 4- I f gym.. V-.9-Q, A- 4? , fagvg ,i , ,MEI-,.,.M. -f-im:2f"1 J rim pf' 155' 'ff' H f 'Z-134lE'i,'g31x?3Tf:, I 53 Viz? fiffiffffi ag . . 1.-:Q-f.g,QAgq2gQqgm:,-', 11 f .W-... H ,...f-,- L, , A 'Y ff lf' . f gn x , 5 -a?,1 f,+'- 1.Q5'ffE5 "" L..- ----, , .. .Mb ,J .V ,J M f ,,i6.,. Hg, X I 4, V , 5 5x mwM1azfif +w Q y K -r j , ,'f-'L,,a.nfg2:14f: 4,-1: , w. -,fgfgg,w,,,g?,Q,yg , . wr Aff- . ,.,X-K,-fy-54. f, rw-cfs, I5 12,2 , - ' - Wa . gre, fx ,Aim , 7, F, .. A. 82.1 rn. W, , sas , A ,,.,.. ,:, .Mw,,.f,,,,A ,y ,,,:,,.1m. , fwgp A .Q -J: - .. - .L 1 , .N 41, , . X,- J. C. Cox, T Johnny Rche, G x N., s g .. .w N5 1,-,gr vga. f M' M K k 'ini .' ., K 26 NE 27 NE 0 NE 28 NE I4 NE I4 NE 0 NE 20 NE - O NE 14 NE Starting the season with a real bang by coming from behind to upset one of the top capitol conference teams, the Vikings fought through a difficult i957 season, closing out with a 3:7 record. The entire team played hard and with spirit despite a statistical deficit. The hustle on the field SCHEDULE vs John Marshall 24 vs Central O vs Capitol Hill 35 vs.Classen 34 vs NW Classen i9 vs US Grant 27 vs Stillwater 26 vs Southeast 21 vs Harding 24 vs Edmond 13 Coach Merideth was evidence of fine coaching by Harold Merideth who took the reins as head coach iust this year after having served three years as assistant coach. He was ably assisted by assistant coaches Winston Havenstrite and Tom Karns. - 5 , ali,-gwf ii 7 -- -Q , E 3 , , 5 ,-T mf---7' -2, ' f ,ey 2. , ,-- -,-emu, ,s,.-wfsgfi .-itzaxzgfff-an--1-is f , 'hiv A www? gsfzz:ww5 51 --lifes L- 5":F 1--gg: iezmfija -it my -6- A : r ,. A gt..., 5, Wm,m,,i , K , A W i i f,'i, 9 ' V John Kyle, HB 5515 Don Ballard, E Bill Puckett, C Farrell Jones, G Tom Havenstrite, QB V if I " 5 ' ,, Duane Wallace, T dy , y, X. J, sg, mm, yit ,T 7 - isiii 7 7 it 1 K K , ft iri , ' 1 ,rtr 1," r - . 1 " ,t,.--' i ""- r ' Q Q , "'. i f- vQ,,-:,.3-diy H-. fi! V 3 Q , - fr ti :eva -Q ,L ' , 'tr , 2 -A- .kft 5 - Q,-,-5 --. -X S, W T, K -,wr ,,.. . J:---Y ,,,f,:?1-- , -3xgyfSs-P'Qi,f'hw','- ,X- +V 5 .V -V it f' 'vixfiigiiig "" Aj, Lf 1, 'l S- Q QE: , L, . ,,,, -Q - f ---,wwf -I ,-f ,, Y- Q g -211- f' A f-fig N. , Wssiy -1-z ' 15- ,W N, . . , k Y . ,.. ,. ,k k 7, vm .1 ,.l.. ,- ' -. A .J-+I! -.,-' , - ' 4 , 7 ' . - - ' ' Mr:-f L , A-if,"-1-'ff M f Aj, . - f W' fs C5 cc 77 Bain. ...TEV 'kt .. Row lx Rahe, Long, Wallace, Armor, Havenstrite, Puckett, J. Kyle, Jones, Cox, C. Kyle. Row 2: Ballard, Cowan, Alger, Carter, Frazier, Swanson, Whitten, Cross, Chambers, DeLaney, Row 3: Bragg, Stark, Managers, Crawford, Alyea, Vaughn, Floyd, Orebaugh, Chandler, Hornbeek, Howard, Johnson, Wilkins, Managers. Row 41 Goodman, Carpenter, Chandler, Lowder, McConathy, Penn, Dolph. Row 1: Mock, McKnight, Lewis, Hornbeek, Bowlby, McKinney, Clement, Miller, Weiner, Burkett. Row 2: Porter, Drewnicky, Provines, Edwards, Tacca, McCrabb, Wade, Pyle, Townley, Allison, Shreffler. Row 3: Graefe, Smith, Penn, Cole, Lawson, Philpott, McGinty, Thompson, Provines, Featherstone, Pixler, Foster, Davis. 66 77 ealll ,A- Row l: Frazier, Crifes, Taaca, Savage, Norris, Rheinold, Emitf, Plato, Maxwell, Mahoney. Row2 Williams, Sporn, lsham, Wolfrom, Slaughter, Brown, Tapper, Scott, Trautman, Shaffer, Webb. Row3 O'Neil, Cowan, Purcell, Burke, Joyner, Mason, Dittelmier, Provines, Jensen, Cooper. Coach Havensfrife Coach Karns Coach Busey r , 2 I I Xiiii s 1 101 Marvin Lowder, Center Je""Y Whiffenf Cenfef Ronald Frazier, Forward .,, .1 k Z?a5LefLaff iss Row 1: Cox, Carter, Havenstrite, Puckett, Howard. Row 2: Floyd, Burke, McArthur, Lambert, Griffin. 102 ,mvdlitit NE P Normon. . . . . Southeast . . . Capitol Hill. . John Marshall N.W. Classen Putnam City . Classen . . . . . Norman . . . . . Southeast . Harding . Central . . John Marshall U.S. Grant . . . Anadurlco,,O.B U Tournament Capitol Hill . Central ..... Clossen ..... Putnani City . Central Cathollc U.S. Grunt . . . Harding ..... John Marshall Regional Tournament 'I gf' ff f 1 g,f,' , 5 F Row l: Prof? Kenned Yea er Howard P le Lewis Hornbeek Bowlb . Row 2: , JP I YI 9 I I Y I I I Y Russell, Evans, Hucldox, Mock, Weing, Keel, Tcuco. unior Z?a6Lef6af Coach Winston Hcxvensfrite Y 4? 'o amefime. 105 ,Wing .gyaorfd The boys at N. H. S. don't look forward to Spring only because it's the end of school, but because of the many spring when the weather becomes warmer, by that very contagious disease, "Spring Fever.' Instead, they work hard and fast to improve sports that always prove to be interesting their abilities in track, golf, tennis, and exciting. These boys are not attacked, or baseball! flag me Q R Y . K X J, Q i i i . ,,,,,.,i r r 'K iw 1X wk? 'Afr lw'i'l,i'i W W' t llll . 'W ' C' X . it ,V V,.-.,' 'Law X' C . 'iii A, , Ill ix' J 1531! ,l Q53 R yu' ,Q if T , ' . 1 '- 3 "" A ' .A 4 N. if un' ,ky I ,Q L-7, , .E .,,' A, 1 A H -TX 4 X' K' 4 . ng t fs ,, , ,fig ,V - ff , , , ,g ' we -3, Q A f l l fl' W Q ' ll A r ' r , K M -Ni sr-:P s- . . A 3 1 ' 1 , X W W . '4 Y W ' A, Yf V' N t if N' f d f - it fl ' ..,,c,f t W c Qi if ff Row l:Armer, Cowan, DeLaney, Qglgmgn, Kyle, Carpen- ter, Moore, Wick. Row 2: Caldwell, Vaughn, Chambers, Scott, Chandler, Sporn, Wolfrom, Taaca, Dittelmier, Cross. Row 3:Norris, Philpot, Smith, McKnight, Bowlby, Wilson, ,f, 4, ,K ,.,, I , - -Q, 3 ,X Russell, Shaffer, Coats, Clifton, Coach Merideth. Row 4: Whitten, Howell, Lewis, Keel, Trautman, Aynes, Fog. ter, Goodman, P enn. 5' M , epu+ 4 V IO6 l ? 1 1 enni6 ,V I J M N it 5, 'th In-New 4:3 J M ,ummm ,X ,V 1 fi , . , ' l . rl -1 s fx V s s K ii? 'E I I l T2 l i f if 7' N K M if I ' W' K "N' f my ,ff ' ' K W- aw. iz .v""t.,s Q - I A": it 1 ff " r QW! Frazier, Dorf, Kesler, Pearson, Joyner, S. Provines, Michael, Burns, Porter, Duncan, B. Provines, Dolph, Coach Krueger not pictured. 1 f g ' 1 J '-. 'x is an A , in-av Q f 4 4' 4 I Observing Dean York demonstrate the proper form are Coach Karns, Taaca, Lambert, Coe, Wheelus, Parker, other members of the golf team. Watching closely are Lewis, Burk: Kneeling are Ray, DeGeare, and Brown 107 if gadegaf ,z .za A mi K lu xififg Qtgf . fhf A K4 'K i .5 ' Y ai , K 3 ,ks i in fy, NSN di! if an gigs , Sv . K t .qv 4 fig, , ,, Y 41 ,5 df" 1 L Y L, ' , . ' ,V VV' ig? 1 ,, ff www' Jw- -3 Q lit' 1. qi' " ff M W? Z'-23 J Wlilfff m C no i'2iQ35lf4 ' s if if X ff if Qc' 'S i as C f, ' ff fe affifsf ii. w J f' . 1 Aly!! s r. 452 is . if ' , Q J I ii 1 -giiwutfi is f f "L 1 " W ' . f 4, ., ' 6 , .rt H H 2 e i f ' ,, 'K' I ,.,. N ' H A ' l .. v N. 1 A ,M ' ,-:' .1 V8.1 1' , K -v., 4 ' Jim f Q, is ' ,A .,,, -. - u- , - Q ' V' i ' 1. 'gi I ' C C ,, .riff -vt . Q A Q lf? ' -'Eff' Ti K 'vk'f iff L jff . ' Carrying the load is our 1958 baseball team. Row 'l: Singley,McBurnett, Puckett, Howard, Hornbeek, Wilkins, Burke, Havenstrite, Gorman, J. Singley, Lambert, Max- Coach Havenstrite. well, Carter, Ballard. Row 2: Johnson, Frazier, E. Putnam City. . Central ...... Northwest . . . Southeast .... Classen ..... Harding ..... John Marshall Northwest . . . U. S. Grant. . Midwest City. Coach Havenstrite SCHEDULE March I4 Central... ......l8 Southeast......... ...l9 0. U. Tournament... ...2l Harding ...... ......25 John Marshall... Classen...... ..--April l MidwestCity....... U.S.Grant.......... . . . 4 Regional Tournament. .. 8 .. ...ll ...l7, 18,19 .. ...22 ...25 ......29 ...May 5 6 IO 108 Oyri Lifes ,,,1 AM , ,WL L K , Q A M R . M E R I D E T H Sp on s o r Representing the "O" Club are These officers. President, Chester Kyle, Vice- President, Duane Wallace, Secretary, Don Ballard, Treasurer, John Kyle, and Sergeant-at-arms, Johnny Rahe. Row 1: Ronald Alger, Andy Parker, Don Ballard, Jim Dolph, Johnny Rahe, John Kyle, James Carpenter, Ches- ter Kyle, Freddy Wick. Row 2: Larry Hornbeek, Jerry Coleman, Doug Lambert, Howard Armer, Ronnie Frazier, Gary Anderson, Farrell Jones, Gary Goodman, Jerry Whitten. Row 3: Ed Singley, Billy Johnsen, Raymon Carter, Dick Wilkins, Eddie Howard, Jack Singley, Bill Puckett, Larry Penn, Tom Havenstrite. Row 4: Jimmy Cross, Richard Gorman, Dean York, Tom Swanson, Jackie Cowan, J. C. Cox, Gene DeLaney. L' lgfl v r ir A , 1 t ,....., 1 l f' a N A . A at .J ur- i s 5? f M as if il ' Q 5 , lv' N E if, K I yy y L y .qbg , 7 I - i Seems like these officers are quife proud of their achievements. Presideni, Faye Canfieldg Vice-President, Nancy Dentj Secretary, Bernice Hallg Treasurer, Pat Krueger. ' ..L' , V V, 4 'zi ii 2 V I. f.f 4' V , V Karen Abbe? W K 7 Gayle Anderson ' ,lgf Carol yn Burns V Faye Canfield ii 1' ,' X W f June Holmes ' y 3 Pat Krueger y Rita Little wflgp r sue Maxwell s in r 1 110 2 r ,, y E Y, 1, W , 9 MISS WILSON Coach .'e"r f 1 ' M " Sue Mqxwell is Sfqfe Golf The vollyball team may boast of their title as City Champions Champion. 57,,.,,f, Another championship -the basketball team! X 2? -if -4' if df it 1 E ,fe Rx I-'I-ISK fe.-'rea 1 M k...?r "'t"F' we A 'TQ' -fi? f f if Wi? Q tl AKA, gt , a. V , f- . "A,l , -V 4. KVV' ly , -.df , N' if ii ff - f , W . ' A ' Jl' , L' ' " , iff ,,,V . 5 it K X , f N 3 XA . X Nancy Dent Clo Grimes Bernice Hall Ruth Thorp Sallie Moore Saundra Moore Martha Smallwood Lu Southerland I yqorclfyd Queen puffy Werriff MH? Sue Springer H4 geffe jidler fy COLINGII WorJ!g6 J fy 61049- H5 jr-eal1Le WCA ga5Lef6a!! Hinceda qi 'LL,, ,X paw eL Mffe 31.4 Aer 3 9 ibm Baffard l'2a,l'l'l Sf Gleafer JQA jeff? fd-X Sloofdaff QW ff My V 1,19 gage CGIIZQXJ -Szifdy ujyfifg xg V .szaron Savage H8 GL 25 fel' Iauizl you jerry Curly l I 9 Hn-7fl J. 6l'alllAl'J ? uf' gall!! Queen .gfelle .yayfle 34030 Zhi! guna Worr 'U i ing Uariefiea J ing ana! Queen ,main 'QP' Q, - GGWLFJ Sharon allage "i2' ,Lal . J! 777 -ff .J 'W y ern u e arren 1, .M-A Am Lf wgiiif ' ,. , LL - CAeAler .MA y wal 121 Emu 0I'0I'la ?i0l'l5 'Little Girl of Mine' 'Good Golly, Miss Pollyl' 'A Pretty Girl is Like 0 Melody ,isgf W 'Here She ls, Our Football Queen "Goodie, Goodiel' Magic Moments' 'I Feel A Song Comin' On" Danny Grimes Corrie Caporcll gqaqjvfgw 261951 '41 21 Chit-Chcffin' at Chow Time. Zi' Q f K4 W f Kiwis: Cuties in a Caddie. Dangl in' Decorator? 9 xl: .M ,-.,,.,, sf - Xu...-.W . M , 'Ula 1 Norfhecst vs Central. , , r Coolin' it! 4 ,J K S E , ., ..,A. y ,I M 51 s P 1 x Q Q 2 a 2 2 1 K 3 ,vm ww . xy 0. 4, 3 We ,X y , , wg Wixrf , I-Qlfsg M 2 Q HG' 2 f X 2 A 5 V six 1 , 'W ? vx., A 'Q 3' 'Y tx V A S 3556 V K -. ggi! K ,'.f. 3 ' f , 'F' W4 W ' 2h" ' Q kklf:i'mM,A , , A Ho-Hum! ' fi Friendly Freddie! 'Qin 125 IM ing 0110045 gacl' , , 3 t , A i It was with mixed emo- L .. ' Vi" K.. tions that Vi King shuffled -' t ,. i i ' - through the first falling leaves of autumn on his way to his final year at Northeast High. Summer fun is gone, he thought, as he trudged reluctantly to- ward the massive stone structure that had seen many such Vi Kings enter to learn in its past twenty-one years. Vi had barely entered the old familiar hallways when he found himself in the midst of a crowd of fellow students, all seeking to renew old acquaintances. The noise of gaiety and laughter was shortly punctuated by the even louder sound of the familiar bell sig- naling the start of the day's first class. The soundwas to be repeated many times before Vi found himself holding that hard-earned diploma. As the days lengthened into weeks, and the weeks into the crisp, color- ful months of fall, Vi had begun to enter into the spirit of things: first, by filing for a student council office, again, by offering his services to the safety council, and last-but possibly of the greatest immediate importance to Vi - by going steady! The maior difficulty of this latter situation was the fact that she was so busy with the Norket Pep Club's initiation of the new members who were to become future Norkets, that Vi barely had time to see her - only briefly after school, and hardly ever between classes. Even during the football season, she had to sit in the Norket section of the stadium while he sat forlornly to one side. His periods of loneliness were momentarily forgotten, however, by the fast action of the games - everyone of which he attended - and especially by the glitter of the Home- coming game, which saw Northeast football queens of the past twenty years add color and glamour to the current year's football queen Coronation. Following in quick succession were the Norket Carnival, a tremendous- ly successful affair, the high-spirited play, 'Time Out for Ginger', and the student-council-sponsored mixer at which the Nordlys king and queen were crowned. During November also,the entire school, including Vi, cooperated to make Northeast a P.T.A. "Topper" in the membership drive. This ac- tive month was climaxed by the Norket football party and pledge return day. Winter and December heralded the yuletide season. Vi helped with the Christmas baskets for the less fortunate families. He attended the Y-Teen Christmas dance - with his best girl of course, only now, he escorted a new "steady". He had noticed her first at the Honor Society initiation din- ner, but was unable to learn exactly where she lived until the student di- rectories were distributed shortly before the Christmas vacation. Even then, she was so busy with preparations for the current speech tournaments that she could spare little time for lon telephone conversations. Upon returning to school from the feng holiday, Vi discovered the bas- ketball sessions were in full swing. He missed only one game in January, and that one solely be- cause of those final exams which had somehow seemed to creep up with little warning. He found time, though, to read the Norseman Scroll and there- by learn that the D.A.R. and Girl-of-the-month awards were chosen, the Oklahoma City Symphony Orchestra was to play for an assembly of good music, and that in February, the "Sweetheart month," ' A . , 1 fl ' A , L: ' A - - J f ' 5 i i "L3"'?'t'i' , , . . 5, ' Y . -. -'. .-.... -5 ' "" -'i' ' 'VWSS w w .f,'7"f"' " -.vw . . A , t ' , r ' -"' 126 there were to be the Norket Candy Sale, the annual Pan- cake Platter supper, and the thrilling basketball prin- , cess coronation. This was only the beginning of those many and varied end-of-the-year activities. Before he realized it, ,,,L Vi discovered that onlythree short months of classes at il Northeast remained and that he would soon be leaving. March fourteenth approached with a flourish of music A and talent with the Viking Varieties, Northeast's con- B tribution to the starry world of acting and of the stage. Vi participated as a member of the large choral group, which really sang as if its very existence depended upon i this one big superb performance! The thrilling spec- tacles soon became memories, however, for winter blossomed full-fledged into a new season - spring! Spring with its baseball games, tennis, track, golf, and a new romance. Vi had first seen her at the Basketball Party, again during the religious assemblies sponsored by the Y-Teens, and final- ly was accorded the pleasure of escorting her to the Norket All-Sports Banquet, which was staged at Lakeview Country Club. The speeches were heart-warming, the meal delicious, and his date so very charming. Vi was suddenly shoved back into reality a few days later as he was asked to report and be fitted for his graduation cap and gown. He had known that the Junior-Senior Prom last night usually meant that the school year was practically over, but - - so soon? Before he could fully recover from this sudden realization, it was grad- uation night. Vi walked briskly across the stage and received his coveted diploma. With a broad grin, our Vi King thus stepped forward to take his place in the "Spotlight of Life." t g+s..5lg.trsf . ,, .X . 1 -269' W1 3'-s'cgv,2'f:.g. i 4 I , :3.E T' i f l27 AUTCGDXAPHS W 545231: QM? i J 1 AUTOGRAPHS ! W M354 f fyjfwf iff , M A25 4,-Lfiywv hfggfww Aurocs DXAPHS Q x T, , . ,.,- .. -Ag - ,Y ,, ' f "hf"? Z . m- ,,,,,Q.QiE f m . ..,K,,.1-f....,.' 1qg, ,Tuffy 1rgeS51f-:Elf-ff.: -it-5'2' L-inf-H-13 R',,..,.3.Q1:.4:.r ' ,if far... 1. ,. W. .--.-G -- .- .-.:.,Lvrr.:f5hfr . ., . . .- W .. A ff ,,:...f,...Fy+.1.-e.v.r'i.1.xavrfc5w.-:v-es1? I:- pm -L -puff-vv.-1gag-ggy:-3-55512rr:-asfvzzfg'-f,51jEwf-'?:gg5r-Q53-525 ..,,,.1 . df : ,,..,',, -,,.,,, 2 V-, ..',y -.. . L :Ll-,.: Lhk-,M,. ,fu . ..,, ... , , . - A .1.f.-:'..- '-fr. .,,x- . N37 -,, HQ.-If I-1-L. ,.,, . 1,-, ff c ,X ' x . YV1 .- sp rffzfwm- w- r ,. . ,A fu, . . 55 fvm?-3f3gT5f' f f' " L J -ff K, ', Y ,Qi X ' f ,Tm , fr F' ,1 lv SV , ,,.,g,. L ,yt ,, If ,J V f ,Af rx "if ' 1 W- x A ' ff X -1 4 J ,. , Q, Vg 151- ,bu "' ,LTU "' " ' ,, 4 - - M "w A, , ,5 L 4,,.V .- .,fz f , ll! I X, rf. C ff X yy' K' I .f A I., , .,,,.,,,f,, -, , f . f , f K '-'X X f I . 4 L f I ,A W i l ,Q ,fu W . 5 'jiri' I 7 , f ,X ,,..,, I M' -11-ff , 1 f , QQ, : X ,,fJ 'X27!6h.g,-f,,?j-,f Y, LVJLAZQ i - ffjff f I Eff ff 422 L' I , , ,f V .,,. 1,11 M I , ff . , MV 2 -yi . T -W , , , . 1 ,M 4 I v :Y X' f ff W 1 w J w ' V 1 K U V v , -1 U , Lf? F fl- ,1 I My ng' 'I A ,- , I, Ny 1 L , , .LX L rj 3 fl' 4 J XJ RJ '- 1 1 , , 1 J nj 1. X 1.1 K C' by' . V' AN' I ' I XUN 2' KV . 1- , . V QQ LI V 1 XM - J ,ig W JJ ij l lily jf v DY , N X X nf Q , ng J ' 1 ' K ' ff' 1 X -ga-1. X a X U' X, ,V v- 'f 4. ' HF J Q x ,I 1' , ' U XM EXE f fr , J ' ' X1 X V., -1: ' X ,Y : . , ,1 . 7' A xl! 'V K H11 '?ik nw 1 XX ' .f X 'u X, V W. N Q " LN .A '31 mx sv --51,--Q Vw MX ,A X I f ax ' U gqa 4 xy JN? A 2 , N ' X X I ix U A Zh :rf X' 4 ' SQ! ' ' xx W L ,f Y -2, , . - U . rv fi 11,5 W .kj H V 1 X 1' x X yi' x, XB yd 5 .XY V U , .,. j L, lk!-:Q V QTH x i ff., H f f--" -,j Q' rf 51' -3 -- '-:5-ifvff --- f-fri.. ' f 4 5 fi QN2 SK 111 'M :F mm- 1 .1 ix XX A.Af-f-'M-Emmx' -UV? -X ffnj. cr 4 , I'. 7, mi . H . V N I , , , Qin? E . f R ,,.mi'5f"'vf1vv-:ff - . - . 52 5.1 h i- ff" -. 'f7 V - 'g -'f " f -- H' ' --V' --fwf -f - Y-' Y-'fi' Y 77' f ' - -

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