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,, yy ,, ,: iifyffffwyw V ZW My M My W flgjgtf WWW' ' IWW iz. 3 jffygy Wufswf b9,L,,ff'M35fi5,"jl" mf ' 5 J MQW! W9 aim Wf,iQb5jWW i i QQSSQ X X W WW WWI HQb xQ1R J ff, W A iiiigi Ngigigw 'Jw MZ' M tiff! S513 3? hw ii LL W UMW WMM A. lE . ffwvfffx fffkfs M ffgfljlv ky ,,P,, W ak XRTIEERQE i f E525 ' W2 gk Lain is V51 fi R X X 5 ffikz E3 X XSS MWXQV 4-1' wiki 2 EES QQ3yu4LfiTg,:1g3 5 5. 'Nwgxwx ' X 'W fmw K N fp I 3 fa gffff XQM if4WT2fafL www! if" "7M4! nv? . PQ MQ 55' Mfg?- i yr' I -fm CM' ffm! K A Kuff In Silhouette - Friends whom you like, FoREwoRD Favorite spots where you choose to linger, 0.6, Things familiar in halls or classroom, K All brought into sharp focus As faces and events emerge, 3 Leaving their shadows behind, V lfoffgl- Sa . . 'Alba' gb . ying to you in the words of the poet, Af Z i What is to come, we know not, But this we know That what has been was good." As you turn this record of the year, May each silhouette, Like a forgotten dream, Bring happy memories Of your highschool days At Northeast- For this Purpose The Nordlys staff of Has spent many hours KD W' Of loving labor. ,- 1 I f' ft 7 ' ff' . I , . ' If I I Z 'af' .X , M! f . u L -, 1 'Z I 0- 1. 4 l to 'VMI . , ., .nb l , ., . 3 1 ' ,Jawa -"' I ' I A I , .' ,, . , ,, s ' 3. , . 1 ., ' ' .X , I , W ' r N , fMWW'7 51,014 5527 54 . 4 ,liar Nordlys Staff ary Crave ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,..,,.......... ..... ...,.,,,,, .,,,.,,,,. 6 d i lOl' Carol Daron ,,,,,ii.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,... art editor Nancy Whittle ,,.,.,,.,V..,........V.............. business manager Staff Members Sally Stilson Nancy Kesterson Ellen Thornberry Sue Mack t Elizabeth Wick Steve Reynolds Faculty Staff Miss Chaney ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,i,.,,,,,,, yearbook sponsor Mr. Krueger ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p hotography advisor Mr. Yoesting .71 I ,, l -,..,,,,,,,,,nfinancial advisor I l 7 Y. 2 w,,. wgqi- ,gf Xgy- .- Q xXx K A . NORDLYS NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL' OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 1953 f- . . , TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword ,..... 1 Title .....,,7,,,......,,T,,v.,,, , 2, 3 Table of Contents 7,o,,o,,. 4 FACULTY M...,,,oo,,.,,,,,,oo,,,,,,-.,o,,,,o,,.,,,,,,o7,,o, 5 Dr. Swanson and Board of Education 6 Mr. Greene and Mr. Spangler., ,,,o,,,o, 7 Faculty and Classrooms . .,.., .,,s . 8-16 CLASSES 7o.,r.,ss,,oo,,,,,s,,,v-,,,,,rs,,ss,,ss U 17 Mr. Greene's Letter To Seniors oes,l,s 18 Senior Officers ,,,c..ce Senior Portraits ,.,..,,,,c Seniors' 1Vho's 1'Vho junior Officers cc,c,,,e junior Portraits .tt,,,. Sophomore Officers Sophomore Portraits Autographs ,,ii,,,,,i,,i,,,,, Freshman Chairmen Freshman Portraits ,,,,,t ACTIVITIES ..,e,c eett,,., Student Council .,,i,, Senior Speakers tt,,t, Assemblies ,t,..,t,., Choir ,,....,, Band ,.,i,e,,tt 20-31 32-34 S 35 36-41 . 42 43-47 48 49 50-54 , 55 56-59 60 . 61 62,63 64,65 Y-Teens ,t,,....t,,,t,,,,,..,i,t,,,t,,,.,,i,,,c,,,,, 66 Science Club and Horizon Club ..... 67 Red Cross ,t,ct.,,i,t,1,-,i,,,,,t,,i,,,,,,,,i,,c,,,t,,,- 68 Courtesy Club and Quill and Scroll 69 .4- Honor Society ,,t,,c,, Play Production ,i..,,. N .F.L. ...............,l. Y Nordlys Staff ,,,t,,t Scroll Staff ,...... N orkets tt., Norsemen .......,.. Special Activities ,,,,v Cheerleaders ...,t.,......,..,.,.....t,, Pep Band and Pep Council ....,. SPORTS .......,,. Football ..,,... Basketball , Spring Sports .....,,. Boys' "O" Club ,,,....,.,.,...,t,.,......... Honored "O" Club Members .,,..,t.. Girls' "O" Club ,..s..1i....,,..,.t,V,.. Girls' Sports .....,,..,. Alma Mater Song ......s. FAVORITES .,,tt..,.,.,st,.,.,..t...,... Nordlys King and Queen .,,,..,. Norsemen Sweetheart and Norket Dream Boy .,......, Football Queen and Norket Pm-Up Boy ,.............,.. Band Queen and Candidates ............ 70, 71 72 73 74 75 76, 77 78, 79 80, 81 82, 83 84 85 86-89 90-93 94, 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 Dances, Banquets, Coronations, Etc. 106, 107 Silhouettes of the Year ......,............... 108 W9- 'Msn- gj ww WW sv I D R. J. CHESTER SWANSON Dr. Swanson, superintendent ol city schools since l950, is listed in the latest edition ol "X-Vho's XVho in American lidu- cation," the lirst city superin- tendent in several years to have this honor. A native Arkansan, he received his bachelor's degree lroin the University ol' Rich- mond and his masterls and I'h.D. degrees from Duke. Last sunnner O. C. U. corilerred upon Dr. Swanson the honorary degree ol LL.lD. "XVho's XVho" lists his pro- lessional experience as follows: instructor in Durham, N. C., schools, I929-333 instructor in the Canal Zone, 193-l-363 school administrator, Canal Zone IQ37- -1l: senior education consultant, ll.S. ollice ol' education, I9-ll--IES. OKLAHOMA CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION ohn C. Pearson, jr., rnemherg R. Lewis Barton, inernherg C. B. McCray, presi- dent, Mrs. L. D. Melton, member, and Jinx Lookabaugh, vice-president. rf' -..s..... MR. J. B. GREENE Hr. Greene, principal at Northeast High' school, holds an NB. degree from Okla' honia City University and an KLA. from Columbia University. Preceding his assign- llll'llI here, he was vire-prinfipal at Harding .junior Highschool and a teacher in the Ill2lIllClIlllIlK'5 department there. XV hen Northeast was built in l9f57, Nlr. Greene was chosen' as its principal and has served in that capacity ever since that date. So it is perlieetly natural that he has a sincere interest in the welfare and progress ol the school. lVith the help ol' the laculty, P-TA llIC'lIllJCl'5, and other loyal l-last-Siders, he has huilt the school into one that is ex- celled hy none ol its class. --..ii..,.,.....,.........., ,.--.. . A. ..,.... Q... J... --.... 'exif'-5 LA? -si ' 4,.....a-'M W,,,.,ovv- MR. MACE SPANGLER Mr. Spangler is vice-principal at North- east Highsehool. He holds a B.S. degree from Oklahoma A. and M. and an MS. lrom Oklahonia University. Bebore coin' ing to this school, he had taught at Roose- velt junior Highschool and later had been vice-principal at Taft Junior High. In ad- dition to his many administrative duties as vice-principal here, Mr. Spangler is one of the sponsors ol Norsenien, boys' pep or- ganization, and also coaches boys' tennis club. During X'Vorld l'Var II he served in the U. S. Airforce and was addressed as Colonel Spangler. K' 'S WAX? Four years each of FRENCH, LATIN, and SPANISH L are offered. An outstanding event of the year is the Foreign Language program in which the participants speak no English. YEARBOOK counts as a full credit and is offered to juniors and seniors who have good ratings in English or art. Staff positions are elective. Northeast requires six years of ENGLISH. An adequate supply of texts, magazines, audio-visual aids, and records Pauline Neilsen B.S., M.Ed. English Nan Pearl Chaney A.B., M.Ed. English, Yearbook nv Grace Beck A.B., M.A. English Mamie Castleberry A.B., M.A. English, Honor Society Sponsor, Acting Head of English Department Dorothy Sncdaker B.A., M.A. Head of Foreign Language, Senior Sponsor ,v-dn. fir combine to make a rich course in English. F E C l I Y ?8, WN Faye Bills B.A., M.A. Head of History Department, C.E.P. Sponsor ',-W. Woody Busey B.S., M.lid. Social Studies Gladys G. Gillette B.A., M.A. English, journalism, Social Studies Grace C. Davison B.S. Social Studies, English, Horizon Club Sponsor Zalelle Gifford A I Speech, Play roduction l ru 1 Wifi JW lfwf x, 'ft' X JD C L sl it tj l ol if Seniors, juniors and sophomores who wish to improve their skill in writing may take JOURNALISM. Once a month the staff publishes The Norseman Scroll. .DQ Through its varied activities, the HISTORY department leads Northeast students to a true appreciation of democ- racy and the American way of life. SPEECH and PLAY PRODUCTION classes offer op- portunities for talented pupils to perfect their art. Many honors have been won by speech students. ,pref Two years of shorthand, two of bookkeeping, one of Bus. Eng., one of bus. arith. and all the typing you can find time to take are offered in the COMMERCIAL dept. S1 2, 2 hx v In the COOKING dept. of homemaking, a girl learns to choose and prepare nutritious foods and to serve them attractively. Four years of foods are offered. Martha White Mathematics, Bookkeeping hs ,1 S E . ' iff Effie sp t .' ,,i 'I .wi kykk gggsf-if 7k,k.. I k r :2' S ,,,', ' -if "ii 4 , 5: 1 Dorothy Ann Clay A.B., M.Ed. Head of Commercial Department, junior Sponsor, Shorthand, Typing, Business English 'N -C- Anna Keller B.S. , Typing, Financial Secretary ,rv Maude Pittman B.S. Head of Homemaking Department, Sewing, Cooking t Henry Etta Ellis 2 B.S., M.S. 7: English, Y-Teen Sponsor, figs? A -I I Sewing, Cooking S 3 A I , . rr,t f f After four years in SEWING classes, a girl can graduate with a skill that will be of untold value in choosing materials, colors, and styles for her wardrobe. I A Q U I I Y 10- Mollie Mae Davidson B.S. Mathematics, Norket Sponsor .v"'91, I-4-T Vivian Mattox B.A., M.A. Head of Mathematics Department, Chairman of Awards Committee, State Textbook Clerk w '- l l Marjorie Terry B.S., M.Ed., M.A. Mathematics -of Vella Frazee B.S., M.A. Mathematics Sherman Dryer B.S., M.S. Graphic Arts, Photography, Mechanical Drawing, Printing QD CLASSES PRINTING is really in its infancy at Northeast. At present only hand presses are used, but we hope soon to print all programs, notices and such. 513 AM F5215 : S . fc- The publications classes are happy to welcome the new PHOTOGR.-XPHY class to Northeast. Some superior work is coming from the cameras in 206. 'Wa D Strong courses in MATHEMATICS are offered, includ- mg one year in applied math., two in algebra, one in trignometry, three sem. in geometry, and one sem. in slide rule. 111, GIRLS' PHYS. ED. is required for only one year, but many girls elect to take it for four years. Aside from building physical and mental health, the contests are fun. ltiflll BOYS' PHYS. liD. is required in high school for one year and serves as a feeder source for athletics enjoyed by participants and spectators. AVIATION students do not actually fly a plane, but they learn to chart a course and to use all the gadgets on the Link Trainer furnished for their use. jack Murray B.S, Social Studies, Assistant Football Coach, Golf Clarence C. Yoesting B.S., M.Ed. Aeronautics, Counselor, Yearbook Sales ,ZW Richard A. Krueger B.S., M.S. Basketball, Counselor, Yearbook Picture Schedule Nadine Wilson B.S., M.S. Physical Education, Girls' Sports, Norket Sponsor iii.. in Carl Brewington B.S., M.Ed. Physical Education, Football Coach ts- V ll .. 19" , Y if fi ,. .sow X ,y 1 M FACULTY Chester A. Reeves B.S. Head of Industrial Arts Department, Stagecraft ,QW ' . Louise Laing lS.A., M.A. Head of English Department, On leave this year r t if ., '- L 1 , , .51 7,'i Q57 is ' if ' H 'f ' Pauline E. Ingram BA., M.A. English, Social Studies, Honor Society Sponsor J. K. Hutchins B.S. Auto Mechanics l Ethel B. Thompson A.B. XID CLASSES ,13- STAGECRAFT is an elective which has proved that it fills an important place in school life, as evidenced by the wonderful staging effects it produces. Q 2 When one sees the beautiful pieces made in WOOD- WORK classes, he realizes that -mastery of thls Sklll wlll give a boy a better chance in life. AUTO MECHANICS classes are always full because the skills taught there are of such practical value to one wishing to set up his own business or be a mechanic. 1 M. K 1 Si ef vi gba .. N uh :wi Egfr '+- faf, I Wi! W .. , Y -f we if K Three years are offered in BRICKLAYING. Boys who enroll in this course learn to do any work that a brick mason can do, even to build a house. .-lit--u Y ' 11, - 7, 4, I X1 . .V Y 4 i 'Y v Q. ,, x 4 '. , . fu .4 Q. , 5,5 f f - X' w il -l M H W IL S I.. , i 1. 1 N - '41 v fl ' . , ff Lismy fa . I 'A W. . , V 'Q '- DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION is open to students who want to earn while they learn. They spend two hours of each school day working at a regular job for "pay." The SCIENCE dept. offers uwo years in biology, two in chemistry, and one in physics. Only one year is required but many students enroll in all of the courses. -14- L wav, W, ,. N . Y sas' sw '9?ize'Ff'41f:' pigs at 1, 1 args f aft -5 - X. Ernest A. Buckhold "' 1s.s., Ms. Distributive Education A V V .hw i .. Ms get 13154 I - i iam Bricklaying if S5132 i. w i.51f55Yl.'f'5 1 wi . . ..., sr, . R ..,.n5,ga . . gg- -g ,. 4551353 is 1 Q .., ...f .1 ., . ' ,--- A... g Q S ' '- -' . fs. , .t ' -5 as T 5' L ,Q 2 'E Charles Richmond A B Q Social Studies, Counselor, Test Administrator 3 Q: Wg!!- Henry W. Hooper B.S., M.S. Head of Science Department, Tri-Sci Sponsor f R. M. Gordon B.S. l Science FACULTY fa. 'f . , rffssgsgff. ' 2 1 we if Maurita Yost Secretary and Registrar Louis A. McMillan B.S. Industrial Arts, Vocational Education, Norsemen Sponsor R. li. Nichols B.S., M.A. Industrial Arts, Drivers' Training, Physical Education, Track Donna Schumacher A.B., M.Ed. Psychology, Problems of Democracy, Assistant Stagecraft, Activity Director, Counselor ""'..f62 UPHOLSTERINC classes are open to any highschool student who wants to use it for an elective. Boys learn to do expert work in this department. ?""l Learning to drive according to the rules gives a boy or a girl a proper appreciation of the power under his control. DRIVING is a full credit elective. NVELDING is an occupational course that gives a thorough training to boys who choose to do this type of N D 4 S S E S work. It may be taken through highschool. Chlora Ann Strand B.S. Art 1 -I, My as! The .KRT room is a pleasant place where students work in almost every medium known to artists. Learning to appre- ciate beauty is combined with acquiring a skill. Frances Janssen Secretary and Attendance Clerk I f ' , 1: A7 Q., Ed. R. Jeffers , --, B.M., H.M.Ed. ' ' L' Instrumental Music 1 Out of the many sounds emanating from the INSTRU- . V. XIliN'l'.XL MUSIC room come some soul-stirring arrangements lvlg skillfully and beautifully done. ' 1- . Lina c. Smith A.B,, B.M., M.Ed , A .. Vocal Music as sg CHOIR and CHORUS classes sing for civic organizations as well as for school programs. Each year they attend the music clinic directed by a nationally known man. -15- Hnxtlgeast fzlgnnl Obklalpuma Qlitg TO THE SENIORS OF 1953 nNow is the time that we must say goodbyen- so many years have we said it, and yet the task has never become easy! It would not be possible for us to have worked together so closely, so palnstakingly, and so long as we have, without regrets being mingled with our congratulations. We shall continue to follow you with interest and wish for your happiness and success. We truly hope that we have helped develop in you the stamina and intelligence to meet Life's problems, that you may be, like Ulysses. "-.- - .. sm-Ong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yieldn Best wishes, ,Digw-ef P incipal -4s- FX 6722 B5 WK tm 3 jerry Adair Patrifia Ann Aulmrt Patricia Bailey Sylvia Baldwin .-I A1171 Iiales Tom Beelzc nnctle Bennett Bill Berry 'R james Booth Agnes Brace Ralph Brewer jim my Bullock Tommy Burgett Gwen Caesar joe Caesar Audie May Carter Z 2 .V , Ronald Cater ,ze ,M all 'af Pearl Cheney . ,X 1 Q in if Charron Clary M Q.- 'hsr 4' Geneva Coker 'fi' Pat Cheney Dan Clark "TV Andy Coats Wayne Conway W -21- You'd bc surprised what locker inspection reveals! if Y x J RQ 0 .Ia 777 es C mzrsey Nlary C ravens 'fl Patrida Dale Carol Duron ff' "" A r , ! X . f ,V A fl ,. Dale DePue Leah Eastham f J I 7 C , ,L ,f 'U ,n ' f ,g a y f ' f i , jolln Creamer F , N N S g Ui E C6 5. U 2 Q Q... ff, W' W M 1 37 -' . 1' 3 I 'rd ,. 4 Q ,z I 4 5 'Y an P' ,' ' 1 1? TV. Al. Edwards , 1 lf X 'll Dean Criss ff i r 4 Pal De Graffenreid .fp Ngpp- 5 Shirley Emerson Peggy Ernitt Charles Fink Loritta Fitzgerald Kathryn Ann Garrett T 'ti I 2 ,fy Q WAS e 0 . I , I ,X ,,g., W. CAN xl J - vi, V' f N ,. H Y -h L in .sw G G G M G, .. ,.,. 4 f , . x ,n y ', ,gk . KN I .4 ,K w-w lw : . H r r g rree G Ufvfh-"M" Clemy Lou Gilbert Alelbrz Gilbert Q, 2 101171 Gilliland Chris Gist '79 Paul Gggd Virginia Greene .Q I Chuck Griffin Lester Groves Act your age, Ruth Ann! 123.- ff? , . . . H Y G1'antGrumlJine Howard Hendrix Tommy Hollis Don jackson 1 1 A 5 if R f W A1. : s o if vyfg, . L, '- Q 1 K A i-af ,fi F? Af Q Aaron Gutlzery -ZR ! A, as C me il Phyllis Hensclzke ' I , -QM' V' Sue Horton Sue james is Leanne Hart 5 ll A H l l A, , Marty Hill 554 "7 Slze1'rlllHouse 'V ' 'kv K V V911 12 'f- Ng., 1 1 1 Darrel jaro X U -24- Sharon Hawley Q: ,JL ? K 1 V Raymond Holler l 1 1 K '3 ,W f A ' f y.. g 5 emi' I , " Jfiziwl' I , Z.'QfP"1f' ' f " , 1 fi I . ff .: .1 , QI,-Dj, C , iw , il I .N 5? 5 Boll Ives Virgiljobe Ronald johnson Ronnie johnson Clifford jones Ruth Ann justire 'Q 498 Edna jzzdkins ,115 V ,- ,J ' .Mau -4. ff ' ' ff f 1,1 4'v, fix , ' f.- l .j, iffy' f ' in !. ' 'I' 1 114 fu " x K I .4 Sllgfvth. f!f.,'A'r , .I ,4, " " r, A - s f V l 1 A E i n. 4' ,,,,,.-af Kay Don Kennedy 'I mszsfw Raymond Kerr Merle Ketchum "Our - - - Spot, out I SHYV, Nffi 1 G1 2 -1 f-ff VZ fir' f, , ,,.W .. Wfffww 3 af! 4 Mpsjmesw 2 K . ,Q-eg?,K5,,?.Si? .J I I J I Luarza Lau' gk ,,,,, Q ,'L, if ff :Xl fml 4, " fl Alartlm Lozier X-of "Fw Belly Maslon 9 l 2 Rae Donna Aluorc Fmrzlclfn Lane Mellm Lowdcr jerry Lawrenfe M "?f" 7 :s v ,R V ., . '81 , I , 5 Carol Lzlllrell nrlrlmrn AfI'Pllf?7'.YU7 Carol AlHHZCllIl at , Q , 4' -K 'Z 21 'Q xx' 92? A W 5 l .IlIl2l713"AllCl16f6If Shirley Miller Billy Almgazl 75442 I y.LV E CG if David Moore Toni Momn Shirley Oldham X-711 JLLMA -261 Hllb'li67IIOIf7fl1 32 . . im ,a1"' Q J' -55 0-I 45" 4 fn' 1 Bellv Owen v s. vi' , .M .j aww Effie Oslmm fy Tom Pndcn .1 I . K 'ff Y 1217 ff 255' 1 ' Lf.:-'gf L- KC! CC, L- I ff 1' 1-Q54 , K . . , ' ,V , , .,, 1 f 4 K- "- fl' Lf, .1 , lx, -. 5.44 ,Y,.41f , X , ,Q G Kg," 9224455 f 54,46 5 4 - 'JZff5,c , 57l6L: 71g fc '- W fin." I -fp 5' f "w ' , nf , ' V f -VV I4 4 . ,vw-if Q 1, 1 , , mr c Q J- in J, Q tx ,Q C .f f I a. fy ff sk ff f f f Z' 4 I A f 6 K X , K A., 'f L f .1 -Z Vg, 41 ff- AJ " X, if:v.4,J, 2 lvl!!-'fc Darlyne Pmrsm' 13011 Pmzzrk I .. Z -1f 'x2 1 I11clcPetree HnmlrlPl1illfs Book report next hOl11'- qfx ,. pffg J 43 g 1 N, ew- .R i 9 4+ Kfl7'ilJiH1fSiIl7L Alflffkig Pnwgll jedean Reeves Bjll Rgid Vivian Ra msey mm at , da I i I f il Dale Rathfon ' iliki R + R as Sammy Riddles Sue Robbins 107171 1301113745-Y Don Roush jon Roush ferry Ruble ff' 4 , A ,, 1 'jr' .'v Y ,X 'T' A , K if K. lx L47 fy i i i, Frank Ruby Pat Sage Lee Schaefer Glarine Sharp ..28-. ,Y fab I' wi' if 1 Q ,., llfdlflll Sq uy res 2 Q64 ' , il janet Kay Stephenson L 1 , J Sully Stilson , , ff nan I sifkxjg z r Trmzmy Stntrm I, 1 A , I G .1 .W.g.." Karen Stewart mf 29257 , .W f xl' ft! is Q2 Dwimp dau! - my W 8. jo Ellen Story Kenneth Stracener PatStufflel1ean Don't forget NorLheast's debut on tclqvision. Ant dhy Tambini f 431' A Alary Lu Tracewell Don Wa cle Richard Whitaker Leah Rae Taylor r M U k'?. t y. if Alan' Valentine 1 fx 3' V , fi 4 " I 4, A In l ' .K I Y X it Keva jean Ufard Phyllis Whitney Ellen Thorn berry V' - I 'f :M A ff 'jk , 130.- .Iimmy Vaughn V, -J e james Mitchell IfVayte Nancy Whittle Pat Toulzey Terry Vernon fs, Oleta VVeaver Elizabeth Wick David Wi son Earlene Windham LZ-'fff"""Zf ' james VV01'ley Jqufojraf s ' I bf! !,. gm! X f 4 ,J H' , 4 'J QZCZXJA I ' ,A44.f6 if L' , -f e' A ,g4.,J 'f 1 V Lf ' 1,ZZ412 -L'f"' ' If ,665 .A V fj Fx, 4,56-MJ - Agqy XVMWJA j Q ,1f u ly fd 'XIXLXWJ 'M M ' j if LLM! Qdaif M' fy wffaff' WV! dawg!! ' ef' f o Ja 4 'fb' . 'J 1 ,f6V' jvne- Xi' W4 YQ.,e.4-'- Q MJ! fe ,f ' Ulf of QL A 7 '71, ,ffgfdfn fQP .,,lf'rl'T! , 1- 7, Lf' a, f a - 1' e 0 e Q , . - I Them bones, them bones, them dry bones. ..311 SENIOR WHO'S WHO ADAIR, JERRY, 3 sem. at NHS, College Prep., National Honor Society, 1 sem. AUBERT, PATRICIA ANN, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Y- Teens, l sem., Girls' O'Club, 6 sem., pres., '52, '53, sec.- treas., '5l. BAILY, PATRICIA, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 3 sem., Choir, 6 sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., Choir award, '51, National Honor Society, 8 sem. BALDWIN, SYLVIA, 2 sem. at NHS, General. BATES, ANN, 6 sem. at NHS, Commercial, Y-Teens, 2 sem., girls' sports, 3 sem., Girls' O-Club, 2 sem., U.S. sec.-treas., '51. BEEBE, TOM, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., O-Club, 6 sem., pres., '52, vice-pres., '52, historian, '51, lettered basketball, 2 yrs., lettered baseball, 4 yrs., Boys' State, '52, Jr. Rotarian, '52-'53, Officials for a Day, '52, All- City Dance Board, 4 sem., Nordlys king candidate, '53, All-City, All-State, basketball, U.S. chm., '53. BENNETT, ANNETTE, 6 sem. at NHS, Commercial, office assistant, 1 sem. BERRY, BILL, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Intra-City O- Club, 6 sem., vice-pres. jr. class, Student Council, 4 sem., lettered football, 3 yrs., track, 1 yr. BOOTH, JAMES, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Choir, 2 sem. BOWEN, RICHARD, 10 sem. at NHS, General. BRACE, AGNES, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., National Honor Society, 2 sem., majorette, 2 sem., UNESCO, 4 sem., library asst., 4 sem., Student Council, l sem., Scroll, 5 sem., editor, '52, '53, Future Nurses, l sem., pres., '53, Quill and Scroll, 4 sem., pres., '52, '53, Y-Teens, 4 sem., Intra-City Paper Council, see., '53, Norkets, 3 sem. BREXVER, RALPH, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Student Council, l sem., National Honor Society, l sem., pro- jectionist, 4 sem., stagecraft, 4 sem. BULLOCK, JIMMY, 12 sem. at NHS, General. BURGETT, TOMMY, 12 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 3 sem. CAESAR, GWEN, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Norkets, 6 sem., Red Cross, 10 sem., vice-pres., '51-'52, Y-Teens, 8 sem., vice-pres., '51-'52, Choir, 8 sem., 2 yrs. certificate, '52, Co-Ed Council, 6 sem., Student Council, 2 sem., U.S. vice-chm., '51, treas., '52, office asst., 2 sem. CAESAR, JOE, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Choir, 6 sem., Choir award. CARTER, AUDIE MAY, 6 sem. at NHS, Commercial, stagecraft, office. asst. CATER, RONALD, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Student Council, 2 sem., Red Cross, 4 sem., Future Voters of Amer., '52, '53, U.S. Sgt.-at-arms, '52, vice-chm. '50, sec. '51, '50. CHENEY, PAT, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Student Coun- cil, 3 sem., U.S. chm., '49, '50, '53, Y-Teens, 3 sem., Norkets, 6 sem. CHENEY, PEARL, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Y-Teens, 5 sem. CLARK, DAN, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Student Council, 1 sem., soph. class sec., jr. class pres., lettered football, '51, U.S. chm., '51, vice-chm., '52, sec., '50, O'Club, 3 sem., Intra-City O'Club. CLARY, CHARRON, 6 sem. at NHS, General. COATS, ANDY, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., sr. class pres., soph. class treas., Student Council, 6 sem., O'Club, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., National Honor Society, 5 sem., NFL, 6 sem., Play Pro., 4 sem., Band, 6 sem., Pep band, 4 sem., Hungry 5, 2 sem., Teen Town Board, 4 sem., Golf team, speech tournaments. COKER, GENEVA, 9 sem. at NHS, General. CONWAY, WAYNE, 12 sem. at NHS, General, football, 6 sem., National Honor Society, 6 sem., O'Club, 4 sem., Projectionist, 8 sem., U.S. vice-chm., sec., Student Council, 1 sem., Norsemen, 8 sem., Sgt.-at-arms. COURSEY, BUDDY, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 4 sem., treas., '51, Student Council, 2 sem., treas., '52, Intra-City Student Council, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 4 sem., pres., '52, '53, National Honor Society, 6 sem., pres., '52-'53, NFL, 5 sem., pres., '52-'53, Danforth Leadership Award, '50, Spanish award, '51, Processional leader, '52, Play Pro., 4 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., O'Club, 2 sem., lettered football, '52. CRAVENS, MARY, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Na- tional Honor Society, 6 sem., Courtesy Club, 4 sem., Quill and Scroll, 4 sem., Norkets, 4 sem., Norsemen Scroll, 2 sem., editor, '51, '52, asst. editor, '50, '51, Student Council, 6 sem., Nordlys, 2 sem., editor, '52-53, Red Cross, 4 sem., Y-Teens, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., soph. class vice-pres., Gaylord Science award, '50, 2 D.A.R. awards, '48, '49, U.S. chm., 2 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem., reporter, 2 sem., Nordlys queen candidate, '53. CREAMER, JOHN, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsel men, 3 sem., cheerleader, '51-'52, O'Club, 3 sem., Student Council, 1 sem., Band, 3 sem., pep band leader, Hungry Five, 2 sem., leader, '52, '53, Red Cross, l sem., golf team, 2 yrs., Band award, '52. CRISS, DEAN, 12 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 2 yrs., Student Council, 6 sem. DALE, PATRICIA, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Nor- kets, 6 sem., Pep Council, 1 sem., Student Council, 6 sem., vice-pres., treas., jr. hi., Y-Teens, 10 sem., N.F.L., 8 sem., sec.-treas., '52-'53, Girls' O'Club, 5 sem., Courtesy Club, 5 sem., procession leader, '52, Intra-City Student Council, 5 sem., sec., '51-'52, All-City dance board, 4 sem., vice-pres., '52, U.S. chm., 2 sem., lettered 5 sem., speech tournaments. DARON, CAROL, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Y-Teens, 2 sem., Jr. Art award, N.F.L., 3 sem., Nordlys, 2 seru., art editor, '52-'53. DAVIS, MARGARET ANN, 3 sem. at NHS, General, Y- Teens, 4 sem., treas., '52, pres., '53, Student Council, sec., '53, Future Nurses, sec.-treas., '53, football queen attendant, '52, office assistant, '52, '53, U.S. chm., '52. DEGRAFFENREID, PAT, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Student Council, 2 sem., Pep Council, 1 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., Y-Teens, 2 sem., National Honor Society, l sem., Choir, 3 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., vice-pres., '52, door-keeper, '51, UNESCO, 2 sem., Girls' O'Club, 1 sem., U.S. sec., 2 sem., treas., 2 sem., Nordlys Queen, '53. DE PUE, DALE, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., National Honor Society, l sem., O'Club, 6 sem., Pep Council, 2 sem., pres. soph. class, U.S. chin., 2 sem., vice-chm., 1 sem., sec. jr. class, Student Council, pres., '52, Junior Rotarian, '52-'53, lettered basketball, 2 yrs., lettered football, 3 yrs., All-City, All-Mid State, All-State, foot- ball, Intra-City Student Council, 2 sem., football co- capt., Intra-City O'Club, 6 sem., baseball. EASTHAM, LEAH, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Stu- dent Council, 6 sem., pres., '50, vice-pres., '49, Officials for a Week, '49, Y-Teens, 2 sem., All Around Girl, '50, graduation speaker, '50, Play Pro., 6 sem., NFL, 6 sem., sec.-treas., '51-'52, jr. class treas., Teen Town, 6 sem., Norkets, 5 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., All-School cheer- leader, '52-'53, Pep Council, 2 sem., chm., Girls' O'Club, 4 sem., sec.-treas., '51-'52, vice-pres., '52-'53, 4-ball state golf champion team, '52, medalist mid-state golf,'52, 2nd mid-state tennis, '52, speech tournaments, football queen attendant, Nordlys queen attendant. EDWARDS, W. M., 2 sem. at NHS, General. EMERSON, SHIRLEY ANN, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Band, 4 sem., Band award, '52, Norkets, 3 sem., National Honor Society, 4 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., U.S. sec., '53, Student Council, 1 sem., office assistant, 2 sem., O.C.W. scholarship. EMIT T, PEGGY, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Red Cross, 1 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., Nordlys, 2 sem., Student Coun- cil. 2 sem., Quill and Scroll: Y-Teens, 2 sem. 3 sem., Girls' O'Club, 2 sem. FINK, CHARLES, 4 sem. at NHS, General. FITZGERALD, LORITTA, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep, Norkets, 3 sem., Tri-Sci, 4 sem., vice-pres., '52, sec., '53, Future Nurses, I sem., U.S. chm., '51, National Honor Society, 2 sem., Future Voters of America, 2 sem. GARRETT, KATHRYN, 6 sem. at NHS, Commercial, UNESCO, 4 sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., National Honor Society, 2 sem., Student Council, l sem., library asst., 2 sem., Red Cross. GILBERT, CLEMY LOU, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 6 sem., sgt.-at-arms, '52, Y-Teens, 5 sem., Student Council, '52, GILBERT, MELBA, 10 sem. at NHS, General, Y-Teens, 2 sem., Girls' O'Club, 6 sem. GILLILAND, JOHN, 4 sem. at NHS, College Prep., O'Club, 3 sem., vice-pres., '52, National Honor Society, 2 sem., Student Council, pres., '53, sr. class vice-pres., U.S. chm., '52, Junior Rotarian, '52-'53, Norket Pin-up Boy, '52-'53, lettered basketball, 2 yrs., lettered track, 2 yrs., Intra-City Student Council, 1 sem., Intra-City O'Club, 3 sem. GIST, CHRIS, 8 sem. at NHS, General, Student Council, 3 sem., lettered football, '49, lettered basketball, '50, U.S. sec., '50, vice-chm., '51-52, Red Cross, 2 Sem., Future Voters of America, 2 sem. GOOD, PAUL, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Band, 6 sem., Pep Band, 2 sem., Norsemen, 8 sem., National Honor Society, 8 sem., Tri-Sci, 1 sem. GREENE, VIRGINIA, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 6 sem., treas., '52, pres., '53, National Honor Society, 5 sem., vice-pres., '52, Choir, 4 sem., accom- panist, 4 sem., Red Cross, 4 sem., vice-pres., '52-533 Nordlys, 2 sem., Quill and Scroll, 4 sem., sec.-treas., '52- '53, Courtesy Club, 5 sem., Student Council, 4 sem., Intra-City Student Council, 2 sem., Pep Council, 1 sem., Choir award, '52, French award, '52. GRIFFIN, CHARLES, 5 sem. at NHS, College Prep., O'Club, 3 sem., football, I sem., Choir, 1 sem., Scroll, 1 sem. GROVES, LESTER, 6 sem. at NHS, General, stagecraft. GRUMBINE, GRANT, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., National Honor Society, 2 sem., Student Council, 4 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem., Science award, '49, Red Cross, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 1 sem. GUTHERY, AARON, 12 sem. at NHS, General. HART, LEANNE, 3 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 1 sem., Play Pro., 3 sem. HAWLEY, SHARON, 3 sem. at NHS, College Prep., NFL, 2 sem., Play Pro., 3 sem. HENDRIX, HOWARD, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., U.S. chm., '51, Student Council, '52. HENSCHKE, PHYLLIS, 12 sem. at NHS, General, Nor- kets, 6 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem. HILL, MARTY, 6 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 2 sem., lettered football, 1 yr. HOLLER, RAYMOND, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, 2 sem., Choir, 6 sem., treas., '52-'53, Choir award, '52, Band, 12 sem., Pep Band, 6 sem. HOLLIS, TOMMY, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Tri- Sci, 2 sem., Norsemen, 8 sem. HOUSE, SHERRILL, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Nor- kets, 4 sem., UNESCO, 4 sem., U.S. vice-chm., '51, treas., '52, Student Council, 2 sem. HORTON, SUE, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep. HUGHES, BILL, 4 sem. at NHS, General. IVES, BOB, 8 sem. at NHS, General, Student Council, 2 sem., O'Club, vice-pres., '53, lettered football, 3 sem., lettered baseball, 3 sem. JACKSON, DONNIE, 7 sem. at NHS, General, Norsemen, 2 sem., Band, 3 sem., Pep Band, l sem., Red Cross, 1 sem., Scroll, 2 sem. JAMES, SUE, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Norkets, 3 sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., U.S. chm., 1 sem., office asst., 2 sem., Girls' Sports, 2 sem. JARO, DARREL, 12 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 2 sem., U.S. chm., 2 sem., lettered football, 2 yrs. JOBE, VIRGIL, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 6 sem., Tri-Sci, 1 sem., lettered golf, 2 yrs., O'Club, 4 sem., Intra-City O'Club, 4 sem., Spanish award, '50, U.S. chm., '51, '50, vice-chm., '5l. JOHNSON, RONALD, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, baseball, 2 sem., U.S. chm., '51, '52, Student Council, 1 sem., Tri-Sci, 1 sem. JOHNSON, RONNIE, 12 sem. at NHS, General. JONES, CLIFFORD, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., O'Club, 4 sem., Future Voters of America, 4 sem., Stu- dent Council, 3 sem., U.S. chm., 2 sem., vice-chm., l sem., senior class treas., Intra-City O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 3 yrs., lettered basketball, 2 yrs., baseball, 4 sem., track, 3 sem., Norsemen, 4 sem. JUDKINS, EDNA, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Girls' O'Club, 6 sem., sec.-treas., '52-'53, Future Nurses, 1 sem. JUSTICE, RUTH ANN, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Red Cross, 2 sem., National Honor Society, 3 sem., U.S. chm., '52, vice-chm., '52. KENNEDY, KAY DON, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, 8 sem., sgt.-at-arms, '52, reporter, '53, O'Club, 4 sem., Tri-Sci, 6 sem., football, 4 yrs., science award, '49, '51, Junior Rotarian, '52-'53, Honorable mention state science fair, lettered football, 2 yrs. KERR, RAYMOND, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Na- tional Honor Society, 9 sem., treas., '53, Norsemen, 5 sem., sec., '51, Student Council, 7 sem., sec., '48, N.F.L., 7 sem., vice-pres., '52-'53, N.F.L. award, American Le- gion award, science award, '48, Jr. Hi. scholarship award, Coed Council, 4 sem., Jr. Rotarian, '52-'53, Boys' State, '52, Father and Son Week, County Surveyor, '50, Play Pro., 4 sem., Career conference, '53. KETCHUM, MERLE, 5 sem. at NHS, General. LAIR, LUANA, 8 sem. at Nl-IS, College Prep., science award, '48, Student Council, 1 sem., UNESCO, 3 sem., pres., '52, reporter, '51, Quill and Scroll, 4 sem., Norse- men Scroll, 4 sem. LANE, FRANKLIN, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 6 sem. LOWDER, MELBA, 5 sem. at NHS, Commercial, Future Nurses, l sem., office asst., 2 sem. LAWRENCE, JERRY, 8 sem. at NHS, General, Student Council, 3 sem., lettered basketball, 2 yrs., O'Club, 2 sem. LOZIER, MARTHA, 12 sem. at NHS, Commercial. LUTTRELL, CAROL, 12 sem. at NHS, Commercial, National Honor Society, 4 sem., D.A.R. homemaking award, '49, science award, '50, office asst., 2 sem. MCPHERSON, BARBARA, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Girls' O'Club, 6 sem., vice-pres., '51-'52, MANZELLA, CAROL, 4 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 4 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., Choir, 2 sem., Future Voters of America, 2 sem. MENEFEE, JIMMY, 12 sem. at NHS, General. MILLER, SHIRLEY, 8 Sem. at NHS, College Prep., Y- Teens, 2 sem,, UNESCO, 2 sem., Norsemen Scroll, 2 sem. MOORE, DAVID, 4 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 2 yrs. MOORE, RAE DONNA, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Student Council, 6 sem., sec., '52, corres. sec. '52, vice- pres., '53, Intra-City Student Council, 2 sem., Y-Teens, 6 sem., social chair., '52, pres., '52, Intra-City pres., 52, Girls' State, '52, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Red Cross, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., Future Voters of America, chm., '52, sec. democratic mock convention, '52, football queen attendant, Career conference, '53, Horizon club, 2 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., Pep Council, 2 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem., Coed Council, 4 sem. MORAN, TONI, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., National Honor Society, 3 sem., Y-Teens, 6 sem., sec.. '52, treas., '53, Norkets, 6 sem., vice-pres., '53, twiiler, 2 sem., Choir, 2 sem., Horizon club, I sem., sec., '49, U.S. chm., '51, Red Cross, 6 sem. OLDHAM, SHIRLEY, 4 sem. at NHS, General, Norkets, OLIVO, HASKELL, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep, Student Council, 4 sem., Red Cross, 3 sem., U.S. chm., 4 sem., sec., 2 sem., O'Club, 4 sem., sec-treas., '52, pres., '53, Jr. Hi football, lettered 1 yr., captain, lettered football, 2 yrs., captain, '52-'53. OSBURN, EFFIE, 6 sem. at NHS, Commercial, Norkets, 3 sem., UNESCO, 4 sem., Student Council, 1 sem., Future Nurses, 1 sem., vice-pres., '53, Horizon club, sec., 2 sem., Y-Teens, 2 sem., U.S. vice-chm., distributive edu- cation, pres. OWEN, BETTY, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Student Council, 3 sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., vice-pres., '53, Norkets, 4 sem., Horison club, 1 sem., office asst., 2 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem. PADEN, TOM, 6 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 2 yrs. PEARSON DARLYNE, 8 sem. at NHS, General, Choir, 8 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., Student Council, 2 sem., Cour- tesy Club, 6 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., sec., '53, sec. senior class, U.S. Chm., '51, '0, football queen, Y-Teens, 2 sem. PENICK, BOB, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Quill and Scroll, 2 sem., treas., '52-'53, Norseman Scroll, 2 sem., O'Club, 3 sem., track team, 4 sem., Norsemen, 8 sem., National Honor Society, 8 sem., Choir, 4 sem., flag ceremony boy, 2 sem. PETREE, JACK, 3 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Band, 1 sem., Choir, 1 sem., Student Council, 2 sem., lettered baseball, 1 yr., Pep Band, 1 sem. PHILLIS, HAROLD, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, 5 sem., Band, 10 sem., vice-pres., '52, Choir, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., corres. sec., 1 sem., Student Council, 4 sem., Pep Band, 6 sem., Band Queen escort. PINKSTON, KARL, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, 6 sem., sec., '53, Band, 4 sem., Choir, 1 sem., Student Council, 1 sem. POWELL, JACKIE, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., let- tered golf, 2 yrs., O'Club, 3 sem. RAMSEY, VIVIAN, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Play Pro., 4 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., reporter, '52, Y-Teens, 4 sem., Courtesy Club, 4 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem.: N.F.L., 5 sem., U.S. vice-chm., 1 sem., sec.-treas., l sem., Student Council, 3 sem., treas., '51, Norsemen Sweetheart, '52-'53. RATHFON, DALE, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 8 sem., pres., '51-'52, reporter, '50-'51, Tri-Sci, 6 sem., Junior Rotarian, '52-'53, Play Pro., 2 sem. REEVES, JEDEANE, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Stu- dent Council, 2 sem., library asst., 1 sem., Norket, 6 sem., cheerleader, '52-'53, UNESCO, 4 sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., National Honor Society, 2 sem., U.S. sec., '51, '52, vice-chm., '51, Quill and Scroll, 3 sem., Norsemen Scroll, 5 sem., feature editor, '52-'53. REID, BILL, 3 sem. at NHS, College Prep., lettered foot- ball, 1 yr., O'Club, 2 sem. RIDDLES, SAM, 6 sem. at NHS, General, U.S. chm., '51- '52, National Honor Society, 2 sem. ROBBINS, SUE, 2 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Play Pro., 2 sem., sec., '53, N.F.L. ROBERTS, JOHN, 8 sem. at NHS, College Prep., O'Club, 3 sem., sec.-treas., '53, Student Council, 5 sem., Pep council, 2 sem., lettered basketball, 2 yrs., U.S. chm., '52, Boys' State, '51-'52, Nordlys King, '53, ROUSH, DON, 12 sem. at NHS, General, lettered track, 4 yrs., lettered football, 2 yrs., O'Club, 8 sem., sec.-treas., '52, Sgt.-at-arms, '51, U.S. chm., '51, '52. ROUSH, JON, 12 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 3 yrs., lettered track, 2 yrs., Band, 4 sem. RUBLE, JERRY, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., lettered basketball, 3 yrs., O'Club, 5 sem. RUBY, RINKY, 10 sem. at NHS, General, Red Cross, 10 sem., Student Council, 2 sem., Pep Council, 2 sem., O'Club, 6 sem., lettered tennis, 2 yrs. SAGE, PAT, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Y-Teens, 4 sem., N.F.L., 1 sem., U.S. chm., '52, '53, debate team. SCHAFFER, LEE, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 8 sem., treas., '52, Band, 8 sem. SHARP, GLORINE, 5 sem. at NHS, General, office asst., 2 sem. SQWYRES, MELVA, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Tri- Sci, 4 sem., sec., '52, National Honor Society, 2 sem: Future Nurses, 1 sem., latin award. STEPHENSON, JANET, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 6 sem., Y-Teens, 8 sem., reporter, '52, sec., '53, Horizon club, pres., '50, Girls' Sports, 4 sem., National Honor Society, 2 sem., Red Cross, 5 sem., Student Coun- cil, 1 sem., Band Queen attendant, '52, U.S. chm., '52-'53. 1 STEWART, KAREN, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norkets, 6 sem., cheerleader, '52-'53! Courtesy Club, 4 , sem., pres., '52-'53, National Honor Society, 2 sem.: Red Cross, 4 sem., sec., '52-'53, Choir, 8 sem., treas., '52, sec., '52-'53, Student Council, 3 sem., Pep Council, 2sem., Y-Teens, 4 sem., U.S. vice-chm., '51, chm., '52, sec. '52, Teen Town, 2 sem. STILSON, SALLY, 2 sem. at NHS, Commercial, Girls' Sports, 2 sem., Nordlys, 2 sem. STORY, JOELLEN, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Horizon club, 1 sem., Band, 6 sem. STRACNER, KENNETH, 12 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 4 sem., lettered football, 2 yrs., U.S. chm., 1 sem., Student Council, 1 sem. STUFFLEBEAN, PAT, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Red, Cross, 2 sem., Y-Teens, 2 sem., Band Queen at- tendant, '52, Band Queen, '53, twirler, 6 sem., Band, 4 sem., sec.-treas., '52-'53. TAMBINI, TONY, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 6 sem., Choir, 4 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., All-School cheerleader, '52-'53. THORNBERRY, ELLEN, 10 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Y-Teens, 2 sem., Norkets, 3 sem., Norseman Scroll, ad- vertising mgr., '50, '51, business mgr., '51-'52, Nordlys, 2 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem., sec., '51, pres., '52, Tri-Sci, 1 sem. TOUHEY, PAT, 6 sem. at NHS, General, O'Club, 2 sem., lettered track, 2 yrs., choir awards, '51, '52, Student Council, 5 sem. TRACEWELL, MARY LU, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep, Norkets, 6 sem., N.F.L., 6 sem., Y-Teens, 3 sem., Choir, 2 sem., Quill and Scroll, 1 sem. VAUGHN, JIMMY, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Band, 3 sem., Norsemen, 2 sem., Student Council, 1 sem., U.S. chm., '51, '52, Norkct Dream Boy, '52-'53. VERNON, TERRY, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 8 sem., reporter, '52, pres., '53, Tri-Sci, 2 sem., Choir, 6 sem., vice-pres., '52-'53, Band, 6 sem., Pep band, 6 sem., Choir award, '52, Band frat., '50-'5l. WADE, DON, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., treas., '52-'53, Band, 8 sem., pres., '53, vice-pres., '52, Band award, '52, Student Council, 2 sem., Pep Band, 6 sem., Band Queen escort, '52, Nordlys King candidate, '52-'53. WARD, REVA JEAN, 8 sem. at NHS, Commercial, Na- tional Honor Society, 5 sem., Norkets, 3 sem., UNESCO, 4 sem., Y-Teens, 1 sem., office asst., 2 sem., U.S. treas., '53, Horizon club, l sem. WAYTE, BUDDY, 11 sem. at NHS, General, Red Cross, 5 sem., Student Council, 3 sem., U.S. chm., '49, '51, XVEAVER, OLETA, 5 sem. at NHS, General, Y-Teens, 1 sem. WHITTLE, NANCY, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Red Cross, 8 sem., sec., '51-'52, National Honor Society, 8 sem., Norkets, 6 sem., sec., '52, treas., '53, Y-Teens, 3 sem., Choir, 6 sem., Pep council, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., U.S. sec.-treas., '49, '51, '53, Nordlys, 2 sem., business manager, '52-'53, lettered golf, '52, Girls' O'Club, 1 yr., 4-ball state golf team, '52, Future Nurses, 1 sem., UNESCO, 2 sem. WHITAKER, RICHARD, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norsemen, 6 sem., National Honor Society, 4 sem., pres., '53, O'Club, 3 sem., lettered track, 2 yrs., lettered foot- ball, 2 yrs., Father and Son week, '52, French award, '52, Junior Rotarian, '52-'53. WICK, ELIZABETH, 6 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Y- Teens, 2 sem., Norkets, 3 sem., Nordlys, 2 sem., library asst., 2 sem. WILSON, DAVID, 5 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., Band, 5 sem., pres., 3 sem., Norsemen, 2 sem., Officials for a Day, '52. WILSON, STEVE, 6 sem. at NHS, General, Norsemen, 1 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem. WINDHAM, EARLENE, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Student Council, 2 sem., Red Cross, 2 sem., Y-Teens, 3 sem., French award, '50, Norkets, 6 sem., pres., '52, door- keeper, '52, historian, '53, Quill and Scroll, 3 sem., vice- pres., '52-'53, UNESCO, 3 sem., National Honor Society, treas., '52, Pep council, 1 sem., Jr. Altrusan, '52-'53,' Choir, 4 sem., Norseman Scroll, 4 sem., asst. editor, '52-'53, D.A.R. award, '53. WISELEY, BETTY LOU, 2 sem. at NHS, General. WORLEY, JAMES, 12 sem. at NHS, College Prep., Norse- men, 8 sem., vice-pres., '51, pres., '52, cheerleader, '52-'53, Band, 4 sem., Choir, 2 sem., Tri-Sci, 2 sem., Red Cross, 1 sem., National Honor Society, 1 sem., Pep council, 2 sem. 5,1 v Q 1 an xx, :.A sf' wa ,J 9'-'Y' P 'w' :xr yy, , X dj f H25 1' ' A' 'NQf'if47A2:. gf, K 1441 1,-9,4 .,. Q 1' 34: 1 ' at ,V JL. L-wf. A . if gym. 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W . f'+f"1'K', 159 5' Gaylord Skaggs jamie Lou Smiill Rm Smillz Terry Sigrk Alnry Lee 'l'1m1I1ini Dnlr YQIIOHIILWIII 5 Q Q V - , , vw K K f' :Z . - I - el - , W .mlm ,, :gf ' , -., NJ V, Wm k . I , -Lx, 15.65 2 J + W 1 v K Nw. f ag' -, EQNWQQL : 135 qv ' 1 C1611 TUIUFY' Pnl Van Aizfzvzfrln Ina Vllllgllll Myrlrnf' I1"r'bl1 lfyplmm I1'ybI1 A1111-Sim I1'yI1,y1py-- ,W , .. + ,. - 1 , -may ,, -3, I 7 'tx' V N.. . . K A . , 1 Robert IVA! Pnixy Hfllitldflll Bill IVl1i1field Ann Vfflzilllff Rusty I'Virkzf Peggy IVillian1s -1 ' FRESHMEN , W W K Zi W LIITTQY PVHSOIZ Hill YBTZPQJ Juanita Zinn ' GEYLQJU J mmm ww J 'YQ MWQ ww, Z - JM LJ I wvvdl ' XWULGWJ 5 WZDJWML A , LQ Qmmmw my A V W Wwgbwmflww WA Mem Mwfiwu Q Mm ,J L,pw4MM9fLJ1fcfxSU WML In QLLMJL My JNJDUJLMJQ ' 9560 Q-m:l 5 imMW 1. I 5231 K ig ll' H -li :lags E I-fa 'I li - I H - 165 Ina I I IPv1 --U 1 !...J Mg 1- l u W Q HIHHI 'Ili -' 'gf 'A -" I ' :iii C EIA i I I I .XA .WL EI lI1i.n.I,.L1m:u ACTIVITIES - .wr l 1952 OFFICERS: Seated, Carol jo Kennedy, president junior high, Carol Sue Loveland reasurer 'liiniggljlgllg .Xnn Wendell, secretary senior Fiighl i Coats, secretary junior high. Standing: Mike Ingels, vice-president senior high, Buddy Coursey, treasurer senior high and Miss Donna Schue macher, sponsor. "I, state your name, do solemnly pledge to uphold the standards and traditions of Northeast High School and at all times to contribute to the school and the student body." CAFETERIA COMMITTEE: Seated, Donna Bruza, Sherill House, Gene Del'ue and Charles Morris. Standing, Judy Warren, Douglas Bell, Merle Ketchem, Ann Booth and Ralph Lozier. The cafeteria committee has the responsibility of regulating cafeteria procedure, Through its leadership, courtesy and cleanliness in the cafeteria are made popular. The student of Northeast must live up to the responsibility of observing the standards set up by this committee. Dale Depue First Semester President STUDENT CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE:Seated, Mary Alice Degreare, John Farr, Jimmy Joyner, Larry Morris. Standing, Nancy Campbell Kenneth Carpenter, David Vaughn, Rae Donna Moore, Dale DePue, Jane Greene, Marilyn Constant and Wilson Garrison Members of the campaign committee get valuable experience in conducting a Student Council election. Assisted by P-T.A. mem bers they supervise thc poles and count the votes. By assuming that responsibility, the committee relieves an over-Worked faculty ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE: Seated, Phyllis Harrell Agnes Brace, Pat Lowery, Betty Del'ue, Betsy Lind- say, Nancy Vance, Deloris Grimes, D0nn:wMoore- land. Standing, Carol Frazier, Fred Phillips, John Creamer, Ralph Brewer, Ronald johnson, john -55.- ,. "1'fl2,v N,-QQ john Gilliland Second Semester President COUNCIL Delaney, Charlie Rodgers, Chester jones, Haskell Olivo, james Booth and Bill Gregg. Planning talent assemblies is the main job for this committee, They are responsible for auditioning students to be sure we have choice material for our assemblies. A ,,,.-.-- l 1953 OFFICERS: Seated, June Martin, junior high vice-presidentg Nancy Miller, junior high secretaryg Dorothy Hellbaum, junior high treasurerg and Betty Del'ue, senior high treasurer. Standing: Margaret Davis, senior high secretary: Jerry Sue Goodwin, junior high president, Rae Donna Moore, senior high vice-president: and Mr. Yoesting, sponsor. These officers were installed on january 28 preceded by a week of hard campaigning. 9 'Nerf' at CIVIC COMNII'I"I'EE: Seated, Becky Trotter, George Ann Burke, Carolyn Balliett and Peggy Williams. Standing: jo Lynda Blake, Dale Sherrod, Ed Henthorn and Gary Goodman. The purpose of this committee is to work with the campaign committee and to notify the P-TA mothers who assist with the wards. DIRECTORY COMMITTEE: Seated, Nora Maggio, Edith Coats, Carol Jo Kennedy, Nida Acklin and Carnmita IVisdom. Standing: Leah Hensley, Peggy Langley, and Becky Trotter. The directory committee has the re- sponsibility of obtaining an accurate roster of the student body and having the handy student directory published. NW , .,,, STUDENT MENTAL HEALTH COMMITTEE: Seated, Leah Hensley, Rochelle Bachrach, jim Ore- baugh and Dick Crutchfield. Standing, janet Stephenson, john Roberts, Rae Donna Moore, John Gilliland and Dick Crosley. This is a newly organized committee Whose purpose is to obtain information from the Oklahoma Chapter of Mental Health and to inform the student body about any charitable work North- east can do. SCHOOL PLANT COMMITTEE: Seated, June Martin, Kenneth Stracener and Douglas Potter. Standing, Dorothy Hellbaum. The School Plant Committee is responsible for making arrangements for new plants and shrubs around the school building. SENIOR HIGH SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Seated, Beverly Thomas, Chris Gist, Darlyne Pearson, Jeanette Sheffield and Nancy Kesterson. Stand- ing, Charmion Whittle, Rochelle Bachrach, Sue Parkhurst, Effie Osburn, Margaret Davis, Steve Landers, Dick Reynolds, Dean Criss and Dick Crosley. Arrangements for mixers held after games and other social activities are planned by this committee. COUNCIL ClAN'l'EliN COBIMI'I"l'liE: Seated, Ktlarol Sue Loyelantl, Virginia Greene, Nora Nlaggio and Helen Henderson. Standing, Buddy Coursey, john Roberts, Thelma Olixo and aloe Claeser. Resulting from the prolonged efforts of the Canteen Committee, Northeast now has an apple vending machine in the cafeteria. It furnishes chilled fruit as well as adding income to the Student Council budget. S.Xl'li'l'Y CIONlXll'l"l'lili: Seated. Yira Lee Taylor, Bette liarnest, Diane lfile, Caroline Walton and .Xnn Southerland. Standing, Bobby Hill, Pat louliey, Raymond Kerr, Tony Beals and .Xrthur Green. "Salety is etertbodys business" is stressed by this committee. 'l'hey ClllPll2lNllC the importance ol saving lites and keep this fact before the students In means ol' posters and other ways. .l ITNIOR HIGH SOGI XL: Seated, Virginia Prescott, Nancy Vance, Carol lfrazier, Janice Beaiers, lithel Trinkle, Thelma Olivo, Carol Sue l.ovelace, Donna Nlooreland and Vifa-'lace Taylor. Standing, john DeI.aney, Charlie Rodgers, Paul Nlorris, Nancy Campbell, jerry Sue Goodwin, Carol jo Kennedy, Wayne Mock, Bobby Hill, Douglas Potter, Gene W'hittle and Susan Becker. All social entertainment held in the junior high school is headed by this com- mittee, 'l'hey plan the function, decorate the room, and see that their guests have fun. wrt .f COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS ' W- -if sg f"I,' , x -I f LEAH EASTHAM Subject: Our Supersonic Age RAYMOND KERR Subject: The Drawing Board BUDDY couizsuy PATRICIA DALE Subject: Passing the Sound Barrier Sllbjctt: VHPUT Trails At the Speed ofSo1md was the theme chosen by the speakers for their speeches. Music for the senior sermon, May 24, and for commencement exercises, May 27, was furnished by the choir, directed by Miss Smith and accompanied by Ann Rahe at the organ. Reverend Bill Alexander delivered the senior sermon. .50. HGLIDAY ACTIVITIES ,I Remember that beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree that adorned our front hall a week before those longed-for holidays? Shown above is a group of students putting the finishing touches on the tree. The theme of the Thanksgiving assembly this year was the four freedoms that Americans are thankfully experiencing each day. The American History class with cooperation from the choir and the stagecraft class presented this inspiring assembly. The four students in the picture rep- resent the freedom of Americans to attend the church of their choice It was impossible to catch the fairy-like beauty given by the silver tipped trees this year at Olll' annual Christmas assembly. The Play Production class gave the play, "The Doctor of Lonesome Folk", and the band played a medley of favorite Christmas songs. 'L ' O , . k ul -N u' E 4, 6 2 'Q' ix 8' If ' R QT, ' 6 5 i 5 1 'Q , x' ' Juvl V 'I X' X ' ' ' Ex .- 1: f QM ,51 5 ff ,Q Masq! 43 7 5 gb infix "QMS "MQ: sf "of W Sm, Wo., f gn N92 ma' H' 9241 -2'-2 3 'W' 'W A af-sf - . lg, x . hifimg ff in Lg- M 9-Q M- 1 f 1 , 'l l' ' - gy-3. , 1 K , i ' ia-at sig: f 1 F- IW ' L RQ ' ly I . U f. A V K I fyqsjyryv X I 4 X4 , l , 1' fa' ig H E ' as 31 I Q ,Q 5 4 il Jil fi ' Y Y QQ if fa 5? ww Qi 'lbw Q n 49 Q ay, 3 - 4516 5 VN Q 5 '. in Eigggii. A 5 ' , ' jgmiy - ' 1 'I . vf'!'i'+" ' .- ff- . 'IV' ' 1" Ms 1525. . K v 1'5"fF5a if ff .'??'Q5vl F55 57 '. f 'F Al - -. -- -.--- ,. - H. ,Q Q !l!'-.K :zip lisa M ,flu ln- a:5fv,vQ,Qg gyeggiysa qZ1sga, ,QN:g.,gQi, Q55 - f' 1 wif' 9'b'+'cM wr-fag' ev f ff1a'-:fm m wa: an f.5'f",f'5' mb 'ii ' H9 AM may gawk' :gg 5 M isa 45 MW? iifiiwfj 'fi 'M ffgmi gif, wi! fiwfe! N A 0 , , SHN! 'WM' "!'rW'1!' sm, L - ,, . -rdf V w 'away 'MH I , -O "usp, ,, 2 :fu VN flllfntt Ill, ,AMI 'J ' 'mf' ' wt A Us ii-63-adv.-Q 9'-'Q' 9 Q rl J W. M ' I H sg N . 7 J - A NX V4-,, ' , ,A N , 0 Al g.a,.y, ,Q ,1 X MAE ,nf , SSQQ4. U, 3.55. I r I 2 uf! -3 f 1"'AQ ,151 Y'fg CONCERT BAND: Row One, Don Barker, Sue Nelson, Linda Barker, Lee Ann Nicholson, Tornrny Settle, Gary Moore and John Swanson. Row Two, Bill l'Vhitfield, X'Vanna Mae McCrabb, Darrell Richard, Pat Faubion, Whitfield Bourne, Paul Good, Raymond Holler, Connie Stevens and Allan Hunter. Row Three, Lee Shaffer, Juanita Zinn, jo Ann Mansell, Michael Okerland, Beverly Schroer and johnny Paden. N O R T H EA S T Northeast's Marching Band Gives Great Pride to the School CONCERT BAND: Row One, Don Roland, George Henley, Robert West, Laura Duerksen and Fred Phyliss. Row Two, John O'Neal, Berton Maples, Emmert Henley, Terry Vernon, Robert Clark, Jo Ellen Story and Bobby Ewing. Row Three, David Wilson, Alice jones, David Moore, Darlene Shaffer, Agnes Brace, Terry Stark and Toni Moran. BAND MAJORETTES: Pat Stufflebean, Darlene Shaffer, Sue Nelson, Toni Moran and Agnes Brace. ff 651 . N' f , C11 , jffp. . 'LU Y J In ' R 92105 Sic, lp,- ac. . , i - f pl, cis-C lj , LNG -elllmn IJ' ,. Olly 'Ilg - "ll . , tmnes, Vmmmt S rCf1l,Sv lrsinli, SC1i1,.C 4110! .X SW w A thc ' h faq .. fflm. ffc-1' "J: 1 ."'c', Wege- ,C tot lg-SC .ug fel- 5, diy M- Img via,-Cs., Y-mix lfk vvcvtn 171,711-I ' Il-CQYI -22,131 Q3 11111-Swfflonl ' . . A '. . 'C 'ff K' ll' -. CS" ' ff " 5- .59 . ,-,-tv .. U-lux "', ,' C' 'ff 'de ,Nw -QP! . S, Y' I NQl'xxQMU ..U'nl9-- D "CU J iid" lic. UI 53. , laf0,l"Srn3- HUC? . ul ' - RMS L' 1,651.1 ll-VK ' lb V ill, Jail .xt , .eu I - 1 I1 , . Cf glnl UU '.-. Wen -' -ll Uga- ol ' -'si 2 Int "lim 'Cf 51161-I 1 SC-C.. J' repb Y-TEENS Ron' One: Nelda Hlright, Betty Owen, Pat Cheney, Janet Stephenson, Clemy Lou Gilbert, Pat Lowery, Jean Nlarie Anderson, Georg Ann Burke, Twinkle Morrison, Gwen Caesar, Betty McBride and Carolyn Berry. Row Two: Mary Lu 'l'rztecwell, Connie Stevens, Dorothy Hellbauin, Judy Brown, Mary Lee Tambini, Nancy Kassel, Dorothy Oshurne, Carol Loveland, Beverly Thomas, Toni Moran and Delaine Wlortman. Row Three: Kellis Armer, Gloria Odom, Sue james, Pearl Cheney, Carolyn Richardson, Barbara Bloom, Vivian Ramsey, Margaret Davis, Carol jo Kennedy, Dizinn Shipp and Mitze McGinley. TRI-SCI 4 :Wy - 4. Ron' One: Marilyn Poore, Buddy Coursey, Melva Squyers, Don Wade, Fred l'hillis, Loritta Fitzgerald, Rae Donna Moore, and Mr. Hooper, sponsor. Row Two: Dale Rathfon, Kay Don Kennedy, Terry Vernon, james Worley, Tommy Hollis, Virgil jobe, Don Hughes, David YVilson and Tony Tatnbini. Tri-Sci is now in its third year. The club is open to all senior high people interested in science. The members work out scientific experiments, listen to scientific discussions, and help make science a practicable part of every person's life. HCDRIZON CLUB 'N Q 1-'N ""'im"i D Row One: Beverly Button, Pat Van Antwerp, Dorothy Hellbaum, treasurer '52 and '53g Peggy Williams, president '53, Mrs. Grace Davison, sponsor: Madonna Moore, Ann Cesar and Claudia Caldwell. Row Two: Mrs. Hellbaum, assistant leader, Carolyn Richardson, vicepresident '52, Carol jo Kennedy, secretary '52, jerry Sue Goodwin, Ann Whittle, secretary '53, Gloria Odom, president '52g Juanita Zinn, vice-president ,531 Pat Lowery, and Mrs. K. K. Kennedy, leader. Not pictured is Pat Dutton. All ninth grade and senior high girls are eligible to become members of Horizon Club. Club activities include service projects and social projects. -67- RED CRCSS Junior Red Cross was organized in the year of 1937 with Mrs. Pittman as sponsor. Their first project was making garments for children and duffle bags for soldiers. In 1949, Mrs. Thompson became the sponsor. Each year there is a drive for money donations for The National Chi1dren's Fund of the American Red Cross. Also gift boxes are sent the children overseas. Each month or so a group of Red Cross members provide entertainment for the veterans at Yvill Rogers Hospital. Officers: Karen Stewart, secretaryg Virginia Greene, vice-presi- dentg Carolyn Berry, president, Jo Ann Blackard, treasurer, John Dye, reporter. Standing: Mrs. Thompson. - . J 4 cy... . iwffig vi' by ffl: Members, Row One: Marilyn Abercrombie, Janice Cox, Vala Grigoriew, Carolyn Balliet, Carolyn DeLaugh' ter, Carol Manzella, Barbara Bloom, Janet Bates, Ralph Hester, Robert Genung, Kent Spangler, Kay Metz, Jeanette Sheffield, Robert Damron, Gary Goodman and Mrs. Thompson. Row Two: Judy Morgan, Martha Pichart, Dian Shipp, Carolyn Gregg, Linda Harris, Jo Ann Blackard, Tony Tambini, Rinky Ruby, Jerry Good, Helen Hickman, Virginia Greene, Karen May, Ann Newman and John Dye. Row Three: Ina Vaughn, Ruth Ann Justice, Claudia Caldwell, Carol Potter, Charlene Cox, Darlene Shaffer, Anne Rahe, Mar- garet Bingham, James Worley, John Brace, Karen Stewart, Billy Mlnter, Charles Codding, Ann Wendel and Carolyn Berry. Project: Ruth Ann Justice, Ralph Hester, Vala Grigoriew, Carol Potter, Karen May and Darlene Shaffer. Filling Christmas boxes to be sent over- seas, ll5 boxes were filled this year. ln' I QUILL AND SCRCDLL To become a member of the Quill and Scroll, an international organization, you must have done superior work in some phase of journalism. The local members are, seated, Luana Lair, Miss Chaney, Miss Gillette, and Mary Cravens. Stand- ing, Ellen Thornberry, Earlene Wind- ham, jedeane Reeves, Bob Penick, Vir- ginia Greene, and Agnes Brace. 5? Q' in M ti a 4 it G Eff f s ei at K, , X r XMH CCURTESY CLUB Courtesy Club was organized in 1942, or rather, it just grew naturally. Several girls wanted to have ushers at the plays. They presented their idea to Miss Louise Laing and asked her to sponsor the club. During the years, it has expanded to in- clude ushering at P-TA programs, grad- uation exercises, and other school activ- ities. Membership is open to juniors and seniors who are interested in this type of activity, but is limited for better co- operation. COURTESY CLUB j Seated: Pat Dale, Mary Cravens, Vivian Ramsey, Karen Stewart, and Virginia Greene. Standing: Sue Mack, Gloria Hughens, Charmion Whittle, Ann Wendle, and Jeannette Sheffield. Pic- tured above are Karen Stewart, president, and Darlyne Pearson, vice-president, handing out programs to patrons who have come to enjoy a play. ..5g.. MEMBERS , is V7 SENIOR HIGH Row One: Carolyn Balliett, Mary Cravens, Patsy Patterson, joan Matheson, David Hurst, Phyllis Ann lJail'ey, Frances Phillips, Shirley Emerson, jane 'lihompson and Donna jean Bruza. Row Two: Nysa Willilord, jane Greene, Buddy Coursey, Don Spiller, Raymond Kerr, 'l'ony Beals, jo Ann Blackard, Karen Stewart, jedean Reeves and Linda Lou Harris. Row Three: Loritla Fitzgerald, Sandra Rawlings, Melva Squyres, Don Barker, Leslie, Dale Sherrod, john Gilliland, Richard XVhitaker, james Fry, Andy jerry lfrontcrhouse. 1:42 Row Une: Ruth Ann justice, Charlene Cox, Mary Xvard, Norma XVilliams, Patricia Dale, Joe Ray, john Swanson, Patricia Kimbler, Nancy Lewis, Agnes Brace, Reva .lean Ward and LeRoy England. Row Two: Carol Luttrell, Virginia Greene, Peggy jones, i5,nne,.BQQj1, Mike lngels, Wayne Conway, Glenn Crawford, Earlene XVindham, Betty Inman, Sue Nelson and Martha Beggs. Row Three: Claudia Rey, Patricia Baily, Bill Almen, Georg Ann Burke, Ralph Brewer, Bob Penick, Dale DePue, Keith Dunn, Peggy Farrington, Carolyn Berry and Dian Shipp. Arktoandre, Northeast's chapter of the National Honor Society, accords special recognition to those students who stand high in citizenship, scholarship, service, leadership and character. To be considered eligible for membership in this society, one must be a senior, a junior, or a sophomore and must have earned a four- point-three scholastic average in all subjects for two consecutive semesters. Election to membership is conducted by a council of faculty members, presided over by the principal of the school. These new members are formally initiated in a special senior high assembly. Seated: Buddy Coursey, president: Mrs. Castle- berry, advisorg Virginia Greene, vice-president. Standing: Mike lngels, secretary, and Earlene -70- Windham, treasurer. JUNIOR HIGH Row One: Margaret Beggs, Virginia Lee, Claudia Plato. Viva liee Taylor, john Nelson, Shirley IVOOII, Dorothy Hellbaum, johnny jarvis and David Petty. Row Two: Helen Schlinke, Carol Sue Loveland, lohn 0'Neal. Carol jo Kennedy, I-iarl Minter, Carolyn Holbrook, Carol Savage, Marsha Webster and Peggy Williams. Row Tln'ee:jin1niy jayner Nancy lforee, jerry Sue Goodwin, Kenneth Carpenter, Toni Cilmore, Mary Alice Delieare, lillen june Martin and Linda Barker. David Mowry, Yianna Huston, l. Row One: IVayne Mock, Ina jo Vaughn, Nancy Miller, Patricia Van Antwerp, Carol Sue Graham, Charles Codding, Phillip Kerce, Leroy Goodman and Ramona Hover. Row Two: Twinkle Morrison, Madonna Moore, Beverly Button, Connie Toney, Douglas Potter, Robert XVest, Cheryl Moore, joan Hubbard and Nadine Rankin. Row Three: jo Ann Mansell, john Farr, Ann Buck, Tommy Geis, Paul Morris, Carolyn Richardson, joseph Rathfon, Robert Clark and Michael Okerlund, Aeated: Peggy Williams, p Arktoandre is also carried into the junior high. This is the first year that Northeast has had a separate society for ninth and eighth grades. Because of the great number of students who were eligible for membership in National Honor Society, it became necessary for the junior high pupils to be put into a group by themselves. Miss Pauline Ingram agreed to sponsor the new society, and officers were duly elected. A student must meet the same requirements as that of the senior high students. The new members are formally initiated in a special junior high assembly. resident, Miss Ingram, advisor, Earl Minter, vice-president, Standing: Ina jo Vaughn, secretar treasurer. y, and john O'Neal, -71- v 5 N.F.L. officers and sponsor, left to right: Buddy Coursey, N-F-L' award wmngfsf Raymond Kerr prcsidentg Raymond Kerr, vice-president, Pat Dale, secre- and Leah Eastham- tary, and Mrs. Zalclle Gifford, sponsor. N. F. L. N.F.L. Members, Row One: Carol jo Kennedy, Pat Dutton, Carolyn Berry, Sally Rogers, Anne Booth, Ann Cesar and Madonna Moore. Row Two: Mary Ward, Rochelle Bachrach, Jeannette Sheffield, Buddy Coursey, Peggy Williams, Ina Vaughn, Pat Lowery, Dorothy Hellbaum, Diane File and Dian Shipp. Row Three: Jane Thompson, Mary Adkins, Pat Sage, Standing: Peggy Steele, Mary Lu Tracewell, Sharon Hawley and Pat Van Antwerp. Row Four: Sue Robbins, Vivian Ramsey, Leah Eastham, joe Ray and Pat Dale. Row Five: Raymond Kerr, joe Shelton, Glenn Crawford and Carol Daron. 5 ,72.. ? Best actress and actor award winners: Pat Dale and Buddy Coursey. P "2I" girl cast for "The Young and Fair." Hou' One: Pat Dale, Leah Eastham, Sharon Hawley and Dian Shipp. Row Two: Sue Robbins, Carolyn Berry, Yixian Ramsey, Molly Rogers and Mary Adkins, Row Three: Diane File, Carol Daron, Peggy XVilliams, Peggy Steele and Nancy Clark. Row Four: Ann P D U C T I 0 N Cesar, Pat Lowery, Twinkle Morrison and Ina Vaughn. Row Five: Pat Dutton, Jeannette Sheffield and Leanne Heart. Leading players for "Ladies in IfC'llI'f'IIII'7lfUZ Leah l'i2lSlll2llIl. l'nt Dale, Sue Robbins, Yixian Ramsey, standing, and juannctte Sliellieltl. '99 30, 1731 533 Nancy YVhittle Business Manager as Qflfiilim. Ellen Thornberry mf -7' 'if' E 'f-sf ' . .su l fix Sue Mack 1 IV'- Q-3 c aj' tr W Mary Cravens Carol Daron 'l Editor Art Editor YZUHDIVS Tflff There has been a yearbook at Northeast since 1944, in war time and peace time. It has faithfully served the school and students with pleasant thoughts and sweet memories. A yearbook staff has the responsibility of producing a book that is both practical and beautiful. The staff of '53 has tried to live up to that responsibility. Miss Chaney has been the sponsor of Nordlys since that first year when a book of only 32 pages was pub- lished. Today the book includes 108 pages, more than 900 pictures, and thousands of names, which the staff earnestly prays are spelled correctly. The staff and their sponsor hope that this yearbook will be enjoyed and liked by all the students and that they have published a book that is both practical and beautiful. Miss Chaney Mr. Kreuger Mr. Yoesting Sponsor Photography Advisor ..74- Sales Advisor Elizabeth Wick ,V S K ..-Vg' , 'Wu cf' . 'K ' Y' , Mi i A Sally Stillson A.. 'SSW -' 7'- , sf v Steve Reynolds .Ai ir Nancy Kesterson l B . , t l ... 4 Q 4- a -e ' ,.,' C ' f 'rf , - ..,: ' s of 4 ' , , an ' Agnes Brace Luana Lair jedeane Reeves Editor Business Manager Feature Editor Chuck Griffin -ad Q5 Donnie jackson Northeast has had a school paper since its first year, 1937, but that first one was not a slick paper newspaperg it was a mimeographed sheet. It carried no pictures of school activities, but it covered the news adequately. Published once a month, the Scroll sometimes has four pages and other times six pages. Special editions brighten classrooms and halls at Christmas and other holiday times. XVhen the April edition is distributed, one looks with fear and trembling to see if his name appears on the printed page. Despite the fact that costs of publi- cation have risen a great deal sincc 1937, the Scroll is still sold for 10 cents. The staff' of this year's Scroll has worked diligently and with unfailing effort to gixe the students of Northeast a school paper they can be proud of and enjoy. Earlene YVindham Assistant Editor fi it vw ii KR? 1.7 Mary Lu Tracewell 40. .ji I z I r if ' f a 3 Aaron Guthrie 5 T at V, .91 , V J' I I g p- 2 Connie Miles Miss Gillette Leah Hensley Sponsor ..75.. 1 SENIORS: Row One: Pat Cheney, Gwen Caesar, Mary Cravens, Carol Manzella, Effie Oshurn, Agnes Brace, Toni Moran, Mary Lu Tracewell, and Peggy Emitt, Row Two.' Elizabeth Wick, Leah Eastham, Rae Donna Moore, Shirley Emerson, Earlene Windham, Loritta Fitzgerald, Pat DcCraffenreirl, Sherrill House, and Virginia Greene. Row Three: Darlyne Pearson, Ellen Thornherry, Sue Horton, Vivian Ramsey, Clemy Gilbert, Phyllis Hcnschkc, janet Stephenson, Patricia Baily, and Betty Owen. I at ...W - -- f f -ffeifirsr w 1 1, , .0 I ,fl'. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: Nancy Whittle, secretary: Pat DeGraffeI1reid, vice-president, Virginia Greene, treas- urer, Earlene Windham, president, and Mrs. Davidson, sponsor. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: Toni Moran, vice-president, Darlyne Pearson, secretary, Nancy Whittle, treasurer, Virginia Greene, president, and Miss Wilson, sponsor. HISTORY OF NORKETS The Norket Pep Club started with a member- ship of ten girls in September, 1937. The ten girls named the club and designed the uniforms. The derivation of the name, "Norket," has a special significance-"NOR," meaning Northriest, and "KET," meaning a small part of. The pur- pose of the club is to promote school spirit and give moral support to sports. Every year the club honors the football team with a banquet. The first banquet was held in the school cafeteria the same year the school was opened. Funds were raised for the banquet by having pie suppers, selling popcorn at school, selling ice cream at the Capitol, and coke parties. Mrs. Gifford and .JI 6' Miss Bailey QRobinsonj were the first sponsors. In the ten years Mrs. Gifford was sponsor, the club grew from ten members to seventy-five. Mrs. Davidson became sponsor in 1947 and Miss Wilson became co-sponsor in 1950. The Norket Pep Club has changed in quite a few ways but in others it has remained the same. The uniforms and name are still the same. But now we have a big carnival to raise funds for the banquet, this carnival serves two purposes: we get the money we need and we have fun doing it. We now have a membership of 120 girls. The club wishes to thank the officers and sponsors for the wonderful job they have done to bring fame to the Norket Pep Club. NOR S 4 1 L' ll . 4 KETS 1,....., o.s..,.., -,-.-.. ... --, W, VCC, ., C, , , Carol Hester, Nysa Mfilliford, Sherry Lee, Marlene Miles, Sandra Rawlings Francis Phillips George Ann Faubion, Nancy Lewis, Ann Wendel, Barbara McBride, and Connie Campbell Row Three: Marilyn Constant, Carolyn Berry, joy Hurst, Karen May, Barbara Burleson Harritte Hayman, Elizabeth Swanda, jane Greene, Charmion Whittle, Sue Paden and Geral dine Gibson. , fix -f14wvPW' M. JJ SOPHOMORES: Row One: Peggy Steele, Marilyn Poore, Sue Nelson, Alice Gibson, Carolyn Hamlet, Helen Hickman, Leah Hensley, Pauline Mize, Carmanita XVisdom, Claudia Rey, and Martha Beggs. Row Two: Betsy Linzy, Becky Trotter, Donna Phillips, Betty Inman, Margie Paulk, Dian File, Linda Harris, Connie Miles, Sue Parkhurst, Mary Sue Card, Betty DePue, and Nelda Wright. MN., ,xi w ,ff If 'Ulf' , 'P Ax? ' I SOPHOMORES: Row One: Delaine Wortman, Alice jones, Cleva Ann Stafford, Donna Bruza Toni Moran, Mary Ward, Patsy Patterson, Beverly Nichols, Rochelle Bachrach, Georg Ann Burke, and Judith Plato. Row Two: Kellis Armer, Molly Rogers, Carolyn Baker Mary Ann Stevens, jane Thompson, Barbara Reid, Jo Ann Blackard, Glenna Daniels Lola jones, Peggy Langley, Carolyn Balliett, and Chloe Ann Wade. -77- liow One: Tony launbini, 'l'erry Vernon, Karl Pinkston, Paul Good, Lee Shaffer, Richard Whitaker, Virgil jobe, james Worley, Dale Rathlon, Kay Don Kennedy and -jimmy Hicks. Row Two: Richard Ryder, Glen Llrawlord, Neal Roland, jerry Young, Tom Gilmore, William 1952 OFFICERS Seated: Don Roland, treasurerg joe Ray, vice-presidentg Dale Rathfon, prcsidentg and William Schmees, secretary. Standing: Mr. McMillan, sponsor. .-78... NORS When our school was in its first years ol growth, there were two boys' pep clubs. A few years later, the clubs con- solidated into the Norsernen pep club. The Norsemen furnish the basketball rooters with cool cokes to soothe those parched throats between halves of ex- citing home games. At the close of the season our basket- Sclnnees, Charlie Rodgers, Charles Ballard, joe Ray and llarry O'Bryan. Row Three: Kent Spangler, Robert West, liugene lilkins. john Dean, james Wineinger, Rusty Wicke, Leonard Deiclnnan, Chester jones, lion Roland, Berton Maples and Mr. Reeves, sponsor. MEN ball team is honored as guest of the club to a basketball banquet and dance. A high- light of the year was the bas- ketball game between the Norsemen and the Faculty men which was very exciting. The score was 27 to 22 in favor of the faculty. The good sportsmanship and enthusiastic cheering of thc club sends our basketball and football teams on to victory. 1953 OFFICERS , R at , Kg up ,kig , ,337 it K 4 f -9 V .' Seated: Lee Schaeter, treasurer, 'ferry Vernon, presiclcntg Neal Roland, vice-president and Karl Pinkston, secretary. Standing: Mr. Spangler, sponsor. junior Rotarians and junior Altrusan: Dale DePue, Kay Don Kennedy, Richard Whitaker, Buddy Coursey, Earlene Windham, Dale Rathfon, Tom Beebe and john Gilliland. All Officials for a Week: David Wilson, Cliff jones, Charles Codding, Tom Gilmore, Buddy Coursey Projectionists: Mr. Yoesting Qsponsorj, Howard Hendrix, Clinton Allison, Eddie Peck and W. L. Herring. Visual aids is a vital part of modern school life. This group of people is respon- sible for showing the movies. and Richard Whitaker. xY' , ' T 1,3 he L X 2 . N. J 2 fag 7 Q 5 r Wi' Ojfife A.vxixlr1n!.v, .w'1t1z'd: l'll'21llt'C9 Pllillips. Betty Owens. Sue james and .Xnnette Bennett Standing: Phyllis Whitney, Margaret Davis, Nlelhu Lowtler, Ruth .Xnn justice, Nlelbu Squyres joy Shzirlr, Clzirol Ltlttrell :intl log lflurst. 1111115 lifsliirzriii, xlDe1liuici.t hltliittl, Rohelt C-enung, Mrs. IIIUIIIPSUII, Lnanzt Lair, Agnes Brace 1 iza ' ' . . . V . ' JL 1 lc , john Dye, Peggy jones, llxtrlnurzl lhurp anti Bertha Cuwger. fi . School Supplies Sales: Margaret Davis and Peggy Garret. These girls sell paper, pencils, etc., every school morn- ing belore school. This service is of great benefit to students. ,f 5? ...81.. X Leah Eastham jedean Reeves Karen Stewart All-School Norket Norket Keith Cagle Sydney Ann Barthold Mascot Mascot .-82- Karen Stewart and Jedean Reeves were elected by the Norket Pep Club. Ton Tambini and james or were elected by the Norse- men Pep Club. Leah Eastham and Glen Crawford were elected by the student body. ...ff ffJ""X - 'v 1 It GLEN CRAWFORD JAMES WORLI-LY TONI' 'IIXMBINI Norscmen Norscmen Varsity HOG? J' N, 223, .sNr'1A 1 E6 ix , QQ 'J -33- 1? iw S INTRA-CITY DANCE BCARD Members of this committee met with represen- Q tatives from other schools to plan the all-city dances held in the Zebra Room. Hold-over members are Pat Dale and Tom Beebe. Junior members are Jerry Fronterhouse and Ann Wendel. PEP BAND These boys furnished the music at pep assemblies and rallies that helped further our pep on to winning victory. Seated: Fred Phillis, Don Wade, and johnny Paden. Standing: john Creamer, Paul Good, David Wilson, Lee Schaefer, Raymond Holler, john O'Neal, and Bobby Ewing. ! , I f f.- ,f PEP COUNCIL The student body is indebted to the Pep Council for planning stunts for pep as- semblies. The membership of the com- mittee is composed of representatives from each school club. Seated are Rae Donna Moore, Gwen Caesar, jedean Reeves, janet Stephenson, Leah Eastham, Karen Stewart, Edith Coats, Nancy Whit- tle, and Earlene Windham. Row One: Standing, Wayne Mock, Miss Wilson Qsponsorj, Mary Lee Tambini, jane Greene, John Roberts, Rinky Ruby, James Worley, Jerry Coleman, Miss Schumacher Qadvisorj, and Kay jones. Row Two: Standing, Pat DeGraffenreid, Virginia Greene, Tony Tambini, Terry Vernon, Dale DePue, Dale Rathfon, and Glen Crawford. wmv - X nllhl ln.. u 'K' nqxzwaf-W t,rw1e15g,f: 2, sWmfaw5 V ,A ,-- 5 t x rr '- 'zmeftg ,ft C b1,: 5 C M y ,. Bill Berry Sr. tackle gr J LL tt- Cliff jones f 'EQ 1 ?itL1f,.!, :L52'g?2fs5:,.1sgwfgir as 'S n U if me rry I fl X It V L ' 7 -t vt - y , A .t ' A-. l Wayne Conway Buddy Coursey Dean Criss Sr. tackle Sr. quarterback Sr. center V x sl ,, :g H... L -1 'I' f , 52 3 ' 1 dal?-4 xr 35,4144 . Y L 55 g 1 tl A A 6 as 3,1553 , f X lil- Dale DePue Co-capt., halfback ' - 1-sg, E Q C l Marty Hill Sr. end Sr. tackle ,-I COACHES Ross Nichols, Carl Brewington and Jack Murray Northeast ...... ,,.... - ..... .... j o hn Marshall ,,,,,,, 6 Northeast ,,.,.. -,. ...,. .,...,. S hawnec ,,,,,,,,,,, A ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 2 Northeast ....,. ,,.,, C entral ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 2 f A , Northeast ,..,,, ,,,, E l Reno ,,,,,, ,,,Y,,, 4 6 Q .V- L J-ffl Northeast ,,,,,, ,,,,, C lasscn ,,,,,,,, ,,YY,,, 2 1 'Rf ti V' Northeast ,,,,,, ..... N orman ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,c,, 4 8 af ' Northeast ,,,,,. ..... Capitol Hill ,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 8 0 ' y Northeast ...... A ,.,,...,. Enid ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 5 2 A Northeast ...... ,.,, S outheast ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 0 Northeast ....,. ,,,, 2 0 Tulsa Webster ,,,,,, ....,.. 1 2 . Bob Ives Darrel 5131-0 Sr. halfback Sr. end 2 V , ' Z ' ' "str'e" ? t'e' 1' V ",,' V V. f S - e if 'N K fi , l ,, ' . A ',-', ,jg '1 f 1 Kay Don Kennedy David Moore Haskell Olivo Tom Paden Bill Reid Sr. center Sr. guard Co-capt., guard Sr. end Sr. tackle -35.. , 1. AF 53.5555 , L. ' , , . .H . W, .A., . , 5,9 '1 if 1, X an t ...A 'V 2 V 4 ' , ' 5 ,- ,V ., r 'ee w .2 .. LF -.... Richard Whitaker Paul Butler Leonard Deichman Keith Dunn Sr. end jr. tackle Jr. tackle Jr. end Hard blocking and hard running makes a nice gain against El Reno. Dale DePue 1225, all- state halfback, is brought down by unidentified Shawnee players. 1, K . , , , ,V,,E I 5 "-f , I :,- .. ' ' 4 1, L I t ' Q 5 2 sg 34 4' fi ' 4 n f , g x - 1 l 4- l L Melvin McCullough Chester Jones Mike Ingels Ralph Hester jr. end jr. guard Jr. halfback Jr. halfback ..87.- .2 W it 7V 'I' 513454- 4 -in 3 K 5 Dwight Eidson Jr. fullback ft in , ,mm-,, ,, M ,ew H., S f 1 ll Mack Fitzgerald Jr. tackle EN Qi Jerry Fronterhouse Jr. center -1- ' ,r, Don Gregg jr. tackle I it if all l Edward Henthorn Jr. end 1-fixeiflrx ' if. ,F ,K ff, 1. 1 +V av' ,ww -552 2 f ,,e yy M 8 1 Gary Moore Charles Nicholeson Steve Reynolds Jr. halfback jr. tackle Jr. quarterback A , win g ' A , vtgxuiz I 1 "Mrk , ,,,. it 154 Y x rw ' jerry Burgess jr. halfback r F 7 , L , 4 XX' Y m 4 ll Dale Sherrod Jr. center a . A Northeast player is brought down after short gain by most of the Capitol Hill team. X .1 l Walter Toney jr. end 1 Y A91 gi lr .. ,gr 3 l I Paul Woodward Jr. f ullback -gg- 135.3 fs 12, . ,f "-wifi :N jerry Roush Jr. guard Dana Adkins flllj and Dale Del'ue Q22j ready to tackle an unidentified Capitol Hill player. is ii""'-emi? 4 l Dana Adkins Soph. fullback .ll Dan Seitsinger Jr. hallback .,.,, """f'f' Fi' , ,lil joe Shelton Jr. end Q 5,62 rv, ' ,f Q." Hx . . ae ML if , 1 Ai, M , Dan Callarman Soph. lialfbaek Y I 1 1 1 . l . V ,. we A A V ff' ' f"' . as 'f i ' M I 5 t ,fave-1' f ii ' - .Q - A - Q .1 Gene DePue Gerald Damron Harold jaro Bryan McCluskey john De Laney Soph. guard Soph. end Soph. guard Soph. halfback Fr. halfhafk L' Haskell Olivo throws a block while Del'uesmashes if W' -- h is way through Capitol 7,2525 Hill defense. HE Paul Nelson Fr. halfback Za' l l"!.'Y' 1 4 4151... S Q I' ' ,A wr, ,A VIKINGS An El Reno player C365 slips through to tackle a Northeast player. l L john Harness Fr. halfback jerry Hagee Ken Carpenter john Roush Jimmie Hicks Noel Scheidt Fr. fullback Fr. end Manager Manager Manager -gg.. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec Dee. Dec. Jan Jan jan. Feb Feb Feb. Feb. BASKET SCHEDULE 2 ,,.,,,,,,,,, NHS D NHS ll NHS 12 , ,,,,,,, . NHS 13 ,,,,,,,,,,,, NHS 18 , ,,,,,., ,, NHS 6 ,,,,,,,,,, , NHS 20 ,,.,,.,, ,, NHS 27 ,,,,,,,..,,, NHS 3 ,,,,,,,,,,,, NHS 10 ,,,,,,,, NHS 20 ,,,,,,,,,,,, NHS 24 ,A,,A,,,,,,, NHS C-uthrie ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,, Tulsa Central Shawnee ,.,. ,,.,,..,,,,,, v Catholic High john Marshall Southeast , ,, Central ,,,,,,,,, lunid . ,,,,,,,,,..., Capilol Hill ,,,..,,,,,,, Norman ,,,, , fxormun , ,. ,,.,,.., Shawnee ,,,,,,,,,. Llassen ,,,, ,,,,, . if 37 50 38 67 48 59 53 57 53 54 62 56 58 BALL Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. jan. jan, jan. jan. Feb Feb SCHEDULE NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS Tulsa Rogers Guthrie ,,,,,. Capitol Hill S Emcl , .A.,.. Southeast .. Norman ,, .. Classen ,,,, Shawnee .,,, ,, Central ,,,, .,,. john Marshall .rl ix K l W0 A L l A --4-""' e' W ' '11 . f J 1 f - -'f J - - -H --nf ---W Beclie. Row Two: Coach Krueger, jolin Roberts, Clifford Jones, Jerry Rublc, Dale DePue, Mel McCullough and john Gilliland, BASKETBALL B-SQUAD-Row One: Mickey Steinsiek, Karl Kyle, Bob Find- JUNIOR HIGH-Row One: Kenneth Carpenter, Earl Minter ley and Joe Willmon. Row Two: Mike Ingles, jerry Fronter- jack Fowler and Charlie Gurry. Row Two: Alvin Roberts house, Gerald Ashby, Mel McCullough and Dale Sherrod. Harold jones, Bob Rostykus and Wilson Garrison. -92- Vikings Roll Late to Drop Roaers 44-3 P X, oo' E A Vikings Drop Jays 46-37 L, N I Vlklngs Spur! In Second Half Down Spartans By Guthrie Five, 56-39 SPRING .L f. .,. wir w fix ,M A , We, rf , I .-rf , 5-ln 5 .y... .qlfliff 1 .yyy y S Y? ff'-' diff ' ff. .... .. 'f FSS Vagkf figff , ' ' - ',:'E :I -. A ' - .. ,, sr B ' j ssigf V53 gf" ' , . "-" , L ' -- 7 V . . ' if myfaleigifsgfsxtfzl' -f fi Vive Wy Y f.. .emu . ,,fk .f ,U I . " R L . . Q 5 ,,z,, Sm,, .4 . 4 , ,M,,, ,,. ,,., 8' 'S V if 9 4 Ms M' 0 0 N BASEBALL R o w O n e : Bob Roystykus, Walter Toney, jerry jones, jack Petree, Harold Copas, Chester jones a n d Earl Minter. Row Two: Coach Brewington, Dean Criss, Sam Riddles, Dale De- Pue, Mel McCul- lough, Redman Narcomey and Bob Ives. TENNIS Row One: Wesley VanAntwerp, Gary M o o r e , F r a n k Ruby, David Hurst and Coach Spang- ler. Row Two: Ger- ald Ashby, Bradly Leslie, Leonard D e i C h m a n and James Fry. R Y 3 'ifegri' 'H TRACK Row One: Allen Hunter, Sharon Clary, Gene De- Pue, Don Roush, Tom Burgett, Ralph Hester, John Roush, Pat Touhey and Carl Alsup. Row Two: Dwight Edison, Dick Reynolds, Jerry Fronterhouse, John De- Laney, John Arnold, Jerry Roush, David Hamlet, Kent Spangler and Coach Nichols. Row Three: Mike Ingles, Steve Reynolds, Redman Narcomey, john Gilliland, Richard Yvhit- aker, Bill Berry, Bob Penick and Paul Wood- ward. GOLF Kneeling: John Creamer and jim Gardner. Stand- ing: Virgil Jobe, jackie Powell, Andy Coats and jim Loy, and Coach Mur- ray. 9".GZQg' sPoRTs C, , 'Wi V 'Q' ' .-- .un di Ah! in Q as zz . ' 'il 555 . 9 Q 1' Q f ik , ff , fmt i . :.t iii 'fm-I 'ff Q' YJ' :fix .'?3f+":f 'M kg 15 S 55.1, gd as ,Fl it 5 gc W V X' i ., ' f- ,, s , A '- , . 4-- - 1 ff A 1 if L l Y S . l 9' if 'Y " - 5' , . A , ' IF . M .a.i-?3i" rf 9 9 ef , - - qc. K x ss f ' lx , 4 5 t , , .,x 8 , g a. , ' ' ,MQ F, , r 1x-T:-f. 1 ips' ,, I ' R A , L t e . 9 4 N '- V 'wi N, ' Wt.. 5 'Boy I .K fW,,wsk?, 1. gf A - , '7 'Q 'uf AL., WMP ' 'S Q " W' f ' R ,t m-gliiig: C y ' 9 nf - y we ,.?ef.:,,f Q N . , , . Wi m 'V ? swf MM .44 t in 41 Row One: Jimmie Hicks, Paul Butler, Frank Ruby, Noel Scheidt, Virgil Jobe, Jackie Powell, Don Roush and Dan Seitsinger. Row Two: G-ary Moore, Kenneth Vanderslice, Gene DePue, Edward Henthorn, Steve Reynolds, Redman Narcomey, Dale Sherrod, Paul Woodward and Harold jaro. Row Three: Dwight Eidson, Dana Adkins, Leonard Deichlnan, john Gilliland, Richard XVllitaker, Joe Shelton, Tom Beebe, Bob Penick and Chuck Griffin. 2 l R OFFICERS 52- 53 f 7 ,,,?- , V ' B - , ff fa oaeh Brewln ton- ii ii"' W iiii ' .vii 2- E iihi QSM SPOnsor g '52-'53 , E ' L ,i.V, T y fi, john Gilliland- :QVQ 'lix L ale: ft xi Vice-pres. 52 g h ii ig, ,,ll fi john Roberts- , ,: -f lV.' gig ' , , it Sec.-treas. 53 l4hA fi , P' l j g, 4 Toni Beebe-Pres. 52 W 5 Bob IVCS-V1CC'PfCS. '53 ' ' Don Roush- h ft i r l 'V J 'YG' Sgt.-at-arms 52 1, yi 2' Paul Woodward- ' , 'B Sgt.-at-arms 53 us, f v Row One: David Moore, Allen Hunter, Jerry Burgess, Bob Ives, Jerry Fronterhouse, john DeLaney, Bill Bennett and john Creamer. Row Two: Kenneth Stracener, Wfalter Toney, Kay Don Kenner, , Bill Berry, Dan Clark, John Roush, Dean Criss and Jerry Roush. Row Three: john Rober Q ' 'ff Jones, jerry Ruble, Don Gregg, Tom Paden, Bill Reid, Dale DePue, Marty Hill and D N jaro. 1 HCDNORED 'L " CLUB MEMBERS 5 LLL, . ,- - . , laik i L iarggf , A - i A. 1 in : -0-. I y r xg Q x is , V5 JERRY ROUSH TOM BEEBE JERRY DALE DEPUE Football Basketball FRONTERHOUSE Football All-City All-City Football Co-Captain Guard All-State A11,City All-City Lettered 2 yrs. Guard Auconference A11-Mid-State Lettered 3 yrs. Center A11-State Lettered 1 yr. Left Half Not pictured: JOHN GI LLI LAND Track Mid-State Conference Champion Broad Jump, 19' 11yZ" Lettered 2 years ...97-. Lettered 3 yrs '1EPFBkli?:ll. - . .i?C:1' L 'fx . " --S :T i ES? , ' 45,1 I V X1 . 5 I f ' f r it X K e , A . 1- 2 -Lf? 1 5 :QQ , 1 Pat Aubert President Lettered 3 years , . 1 -mm., ,,. ,.,, k f :Mm TM ' 'fi-if. :fi fiirlazw L1 ' , ' x gp' Q" X wif' .3 - ri 'f."':-Lfgfrsgfl 1 ,... V1 t f , 0- , I ,, - 4 - ' Y Barbara McPherson Lettered 3 years Shirley Oldham Lettered l year K? Pat Dale Nancy Whittle Lettered 3 years Lettered 3 years ' Norma Gardner Peggy Langley Miss Wilson Sponsor Leah Eastham Vice-President Lettered 3 years ...Qs- Edna judkins Sec. Treas. Lettered 3 years L V", r V: V, ' , y J f I 1 1 5 L rr IJ , is Q ' if 1 I o ., ' Pat DeGraffenreid Lettered 1 year E A I " J 2 r s A' . f L , . ? Y " KZKZY7 " ' ' ' ny:,,En"f , 1 L, Vi A... . V , ali ff' v 1 .Lili 73,7152 we A-. f Betty Pitts Lettered 2 years Ruth Shive Lettered 1 year Lettered 2 years Lettered 2 years V, g, Q11 ef 5 it wwf' .V 2 1..,. I vim '- ' .. fm. fy, -.AJw.1: . 5 9, 1 -f . igf m' Riff , 3, j 'f wif K ' 'V 5 I . pg -. t " V 8 Melba Gilbert Lettered 3 years 'YQEF4' 'iii' ,4 52112 k S, I we v ,, ,, ws if 'Z 1 4 yf2sif?g ,-Ag ig gms? , 1 ,Q ga raw? N. i 'I r is: 1 ,r ,W- ig .1 ' I M' ' v C555 Jarolee Pierce Lettered 1 year lyls f G-a V,r" -kk, -,hfV , - ariry s ry y Erol Linda Fausett Lettered 1 year 'lf r 1 ' . if , GIRLS' SPGRTS Elaine Prest, Nancy Kesterson, Nancy XVhittle, and Leah Eastham won the 1953 state championship in 4-ballg Elaine Prest and Leah Eastham won state championship in 2-ball golf. s A 1, O06 C166 311 'isbn t QU, T 36 6686: C0011 Q0 30 ' 716.0511 ls is 004,- 566 J-' 011515 :Wap r tba pet! I I I1 126 ff U, Cf! 0 I9 if 551 46' J, K Q11 00,1 T72 .N J' 501561, 'I fo 'lx 1071 01' -v ' L INCQI' 'L CAQII T15 12. Q96 7' bbq f'11,1. 6,3 I5 ,II Y' 15, . I 311- tour be al fs ll. ,1Q,I1 ACI? ed I- eqc J' Voir lbs, LEP DJ 8,1 L-Ee Ns. fl ziggy adf gall fo 111,, gli. , ,I J year our girls' softball team tied first place. Our basketball and vol- leyball teams' ratings are mentioned under their pictures. Because of the early deadline of this book we are unable to record this year's ratings in tennis, badminton, and golf. Last year's ratings were so good that we felt they should be included in the '53 book. Last year our golf team won first in the state tournament: the team con- sisted of one 1952 graduate,jo Humble, and two of this year's seniors, Leah Eastham and Nancy Whittle, and one sophomore, Elaine Prest. Leah East- ham also won second place in the mid- state tennis tournament. Also, Martha Anderson and Peggy Monsey, graduates of 1952, placed second in the state AMW WZXZYEJZ u7fQ2'Z'.?lfuZ BS 2226 n7Za7'.5c.77zQ7L Cu dr ll-Z6 year: 71122 jay, ZX? m'2? jbifiyf in mmf ami MJ uw- Zum far Wnrfjeaff liff tic C207-VI, fn-.f fr umfang rain fr an fic My. .7fhf2 an flee, uw .HZMQ .77Zazw jfdznz Zen j?!17'Z'.Ze'd:Z' -Si' ,..g Q , M. ,, , rm f L, ' 'aim - J' 4: W af V P an I E - EM 4 1? N um-....... NORDLYS QUEEN PAT'DeGRAFFENREID NCDRDLYS KING NCRSEMAN SWEETHEART VIVIAN RAMSEY NORKET PIN-UP BCDY JOHN GILLILAND , Y' NCDRKET DREAM BOY JIMMY VAUGHN FOCDTBALL QUEEN DARLYNE PEARSON BAND QUEEN PAT STUFFLEBEAN CANDIDATES AND ESCORTS Row One: Rae Donna Moore, footballg Margaret Davis, footballg Leah Eastham, football and Nordlysg Mary Cravens, Nordlysg Toni Moran, bandg janet Stephenson, bandg Pat Dale, Norse- men, and Earlene Windham, Norsemen. Row Two: Bob Ives, football escortg Kay Don Kennedy, football and Norsemen escortg Cliff jones, football escortg lfrecl Phillis, band escortg Don W'ade, band escort, and James Worley, Norsemen escort. 3 as HIT gf 'W i K L 2 gf 'gf' .' . ' 1 at ? ff flyer' f . vf.,,, If 1' t e H f X ' K ' 5 XX 'ff A gf. -3 , xQ .. :Vw L ' v, . ,. . V , P . -EL x . iff. , 'P ' 5 A 1 . f 5 ag 5 , t. 3 L Q x Q Y X S A . V: 1 K 'K FLASH BAC KS Candidates for football queen. Y-Teen Christmas dance. N.H.S.'s answer to April Stevens. Marching band. Anne "fingers" Rahe. One at every party, two at this one. The "line-up." Football banquet. CLOXVN DAY. Thanksgiving assembly. Motherly type. z ,W . . . iff? 'Wi "U Q-. Q -s. is .QQ wc iv T35 vi ww Q l ""i'1 5 if FLASH BAC KS The Norsemcn are on their toes. Uncle XVCS. Soph Norkets. Vivian at the Fair. Norselnen Sweetheart Coronation. Don't worry, Jedean, we will win Nordlys King and Queen. All the Norkets were there. She is our sweetheart. WVc love assemblies. --- week. Football queen Coronation. People of the press. SILHOUETTES OF THE YEAR'S EV E N T S SEPTEMBER The first day of school was very busy with fee sheets, btts schedules, lunch permits, cafeteria procedure and locker assignments. A special assetnbly welcomed the new stttdents to Northeast. 1-'our new teachers were added to the faculty: they were Miss Frazee, Mr, Dryer, Mr. Brewington and Mr. Murray. On September 12th, we played our first football gatne which was versus john Marshall, but lost, 6-0. New Student Council officers were elected and installed. They were Dale DePue, president senior highg Mike Ingels, vice-president senior high: Ann lVendel1, secretary senior highg Buddy Cottrsey, treasurer ,senior highg Carol jo Kennedy, president junior highg Dale Thompson, vice-president junior highg Edith Coats, secretary junior high and Carol Sue Loveland, treasurer junior high. YVe played two tnore games in September: Shawnee on September 18th with a score of 32-0 and Central on September 25th with a score of 32-li. On Septetn- ber 22nd we were blessed with a beautiful sttnny holiday to attend the State Fair. The Norket and Norsemen presidents for the first semester were Earlene NVindham and Dale Rathfon, respectively. Rae Donna Moore was chosen president of Y-Teens to serve through the first semester. The month of September brought many thrills and memories to the new and old students of Northeast. OCTOBER The witches and goblins were frightened from Northeast in the month of October because there were so many things to do and to take part in. Our first pep assembly was October 0th, where some of the Norkets dressed as clowns to carry Ottl the theme, "'s make clowns ottt of Classenf' We played Classen that evening and lost 21-7. October 10th was the Norket Carnival with games and fun for all: the Norkets earned money for the football banquet. This month the school sponsored a premarriage clinic for seniors and a hygiene clinic for ninth graders, which proved interesting and informative for all who attended, The Band Queen, Pat Stufflebean, was crowned the 24th at the Northeast-Capitol Hill game, She was escorted by Don Barker, Her attendants were janet Stephenson, escorted by Don lVade, and Toni Moran, escorted by john Creamer. Our congratulations go to Pat! Cwen Caesar received an award for being the "Most Courteous Lady Driver in Oklahoma City," She mttst have known they were watching her. During this month the classes elected their officers for the year. The junior Class officers proved their capability by making plans for the junior-Senior prom and striving to make it a success in April. NOVEMBER The national presidential elections were real to the students of Northeast by the school national balloling on November Brd. Our football team played Southeast on the 14th, and on Satttrday, No- vember 22nd, they went to Tulsa and scored their first victory ol the season over Tulsa Webster, 20-12. On the 24th, the football team was honored with a banquet by the Norkets at lieverly's Hide-away. Our Thanksgiving assembly, presented by the history department, was given on the 26th. The choir went to a choral clinic held at Stillwater on the 25th, but the weatherman asked for the wrong type of weather and the choir had 'to retttrn disappointed. On Noyember 14, students from yearbook and jottrnalistn classes attended the fall O.I.P..-X. con- vention. State awards were distributed for yearbooks, The 1952 NORDLYS won "With Honors." DECEMBER At last December arrived and a fttll month was ahead. To begin with, basketball season started. We played five games during this month, and catne out with a good average of three wins and two losses. Much credit was given to the Play Production class for their play, "Ladies in Retirementgu also on December 18th they presented "Doctor of Lonesome Folk" for the annual Christmas assembly. The candidates for Norsemen Sweetheart were chosen: Earlene Windham, Vivian Ramsey, and Pat Dale. The SXNCCITICZIFIYS name was revealed at a mixer sponsored by the Norsemen when Miss Vivian Ramsey became the 1953 Norsemen Sweetheart. The Norket Pep Club chose john Gilliland as Pin-Up Boy and the pledges chose jinnny Vaughn as Dream Boy. The Red Cross was very busy trying to fill a quota of Christtnas boxes to be sent overseas. Another of their activities was to decorate the Will Rogers Veteran hospital for Christmas. Pi Mu Epsilon honored lluddy Coursey as one of Oklahoma's "Big Four" among highschool mathematicians. Northeast again took honors by winning a cross-country race with Lawton and Duncan. The fastest time of the race was 11:12-6 minutes by Bob Penick, On the 19th of December students enjoyed their homeroom Christmas parties and at 3:25 p.m. school was dismissed for a long awaited Christmas vacation. JANUARY The holidays being over, everyone was glad to meet classmates and to get back to the old grind. XVe played basketball games with Shawnee, Enid, Norman and Central during the month of january. Stttdent Council elections and run-offs for the 1953 officers took place on the 13th and 15th. The week of the 19th was very busy because of the students' changing classes for the second semester. First setnester tests were taken on the 21st and 22nd, The lucky students stayed home on the 23rd while the teachers braved the ice storm to complete the records closing the first semester. On the 27th, P.-TA. had a moving pictttre for those stttdents whose parents attended open house. On the 28th the new Stttdent Cottncil officers were installed in our student government assembly. FEBRUARY The month of February started with a very informative talk presented by the Science Club on February 3rd. On February 6th, the school was treated with a pay assembly, featuring Scotty Harrel and sponsored by the junior class. The Norsemen and Norkets at- tended the Oklahoma City University basketball game and provided they half time entertainment on February 16th at the Oklahoma City University gym. Brotherhood Week was observed at Northeast with a jewish rabbi, a protestant minister, and a Catholic priest addressing assemblies with inspiring talks on brotherhood, Six basketball games -Enid on Febrttary 3rd, Capitol Hill on February 10th, Central on February 13th, Classen on February 20th, Normanion February 24th, and john Marshall on February 27thAwere played by Northeast at home and away during this ntonth. MARCH March came in like a lion with wind and rain on the first day. Although we didn't get into the semifinals of the regional Basketball Tournament, we had a very exciting game with Classen in the quarter- finals on March 5th, The Norseman Scroll really catne out wearing the green with a special Saint Patrick's Day edition. The choir pre- sented an assembly featuring a medley of Sigmund Romberg songs. March 9th and 10th, the Nordlys presented their candidates for King and Queen. Queen candidates were Leah Eastham, Pat DcGraffenreid, and Mary Cravens. King candidates were Tom lleebe, Don lllade, and jolm Roberts. On the 10th, a run-off was held between Leah and Pat, and Tom and Don. Pat and john were the "chosen ones," Those long awaited directories finally cattle out with a new styled cover. Friday the 13th wasn't so eyil after all. because the all-school play, "The Yottng and Fair," was presented. lt was a comedy featuring 21 girls who were attending a girls' junior tollege. Forty-three students made all .-Vs for their semester average. About this time those engage- ment rings began appcaring around Northeast. Haskell Olivo was elected president of Boys' "0" Club for second semester. On the 19th, the yearbook class had ati assembly honoring the King and Queen. Carol Daron gave a rcsutne about the work done by the Nordlys Staff. Students of the hand honored their outgoing diilector, Mr. jeffers, and their incoming director, Nlr. White, at an informal party in the home of Fred I'hillis. The last event of the month was the annual Norsemen Basketball Dance held in the cafeteria. All in all March was a tery busy month. journalism students and sponsors heard Mr. Mt-dlin lecture about yearbooks and newspaper on March 20. School was out for that day for Teachers' meeting. APRIL Students knew when spring was approathing when they began to get that "old feeling" commonly known as a "Young man's fancy lightly turns to tltoughls ol lore." The liastcr Assetnblics were very beautifttl and inspiring as it always is. The sophomores' dance was a great hit and eyeryone had a wonderful time. lhe annual Tick-Tock assembly was presented by the serenth grade speech students, April flllth. The talent assembly with a tatit-ty ol acts was gitcn .Xplil l-lth. The lists of words that were given to students by their English teachers and learned were pttt to use at the Spelling lice, .Xpril 20th. The highlight of the month was the junior-Senior prom which was a beautifttl and ttnforgettable memory to those who attended. The choir gave their Spring Concert. The girls all wore vellow dresses which gave a beautiful effect. Tom Beebe and Dale' DePue were honored by being elected to the .Xll-State teatns in basktball and football, respectively. The fiirls' Sports class won first place in the city in all the sports they took part in. john Gilliand and Pat Dale were elected Top Citizens of Tomot row by the School. MAY lVe11, May finally rolled arottnd. The titne had come to say so-long till next year. Seniors always feel this month is one of many memories and great happiness. Senior Ditch Day was celebrated May lst, The school was rather empty with some one hundred forty seniors taking a vacation legally that day. The state speech tourna- ment was held the Tth and 9th with Northeast represented in all events except debate. The representatives for Northeast were Diane File, Vivian Ramsey, Pat Dutton, and Sharon Hawley. On the 19th, the Athletic Awards assembly was held with honors going toll those people deserving merit. The choir picnic was held at Camp Don Shelley and the food was good as usual, thanks to Miss Smith. The Senior Sermon was held on Sttnday, May 24th, at 3:00 p.m. in the school auditorium, On May 27th, the senior finished their great years at Northeast with their graduation. The school year closed and vaca- tion began with fttn for everyone. As we seniors bid farewell to our many friends, other students look forward to another year at North- east. wwiwwi el1fsS5a,2ig Y' if QM CGW ,ff Eff' L . Z L, . f 81 JSA! . . ffff ffQw EE 5 an wx W'i534iQ'W M5 MMN-Mwfawrq Q5 i Uflahffllfq 4W,,,4M,l,fY..-1 SSEESQW ffiffm S Mm 54 rf1MWm+J2fU7M, -.. Cfw-Ll.,-,of M33 2.l"P, S

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