Northeast High School - Nor Easter Yearbook (Kansas City, MO)

 - Class of 1937

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Northeast High School - Nor Easter Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1937 volume:

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J f.,J-sf' JOHN ANCONA, a Sophomore at Northeast, passed away December 2, 1936 Smce John spent such a short t1me w1th us, few knew h1m We sympath1ze deeply w1th the parents and fr1ends over the unfortunate loss of our fellow student M 0? mv-afJa'Rk w 564 e 52.5 P C ith all his individual, tvas given ie students ie way out of humor, d. Being a ' us forget. personality Northeast. i, will long , and who er 2, 1936. nfortunate a 1 1 Us" si 4 E, . x '?1RhlQ'Qm9,,, - lx 'K '12 X' 'iii '14 . , ,- K 1- - - X-if fm im. - ' , fn va s'.F:-it-vw , -' X. t Q l rv f 1 ,s Q ' ,M X Q ,f fn , v W-it . - -tm 1 ,Qi Qi? ' i .,. :X w-I . UM -i ls, Vg. if fr ' Aw unix-7, 4' I .,s.-,15,..g 33 X .ig xiii, 'L 'JM B v -5 fi ,- ,C on A 'i':'g , V, .,y, 4 , W ah it 4 .JN-.i ,Q-'. 1 ig. 'Ji 5' i, s -. f- sit ninj- 4,53 'il-:Tiff -af ' -HH, 225' , ,f-,Q -' Q K fi .' 'Q '. ' H Ja-4 M, '- qipx X- f ' ' 5 1 51-fl., MEASURE ' if' ff? 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' iq. 1 :Wi if -gt I J!.A5,if,J fn, 1152? '5 1. .1 ' A '-Q f N 1: F " L7 H'4'f'. ll J! fgr.-' '15 9551- WI: .1 . vw 25 5.j,,f,7F?2. fi' ,. .lil 1. .xi " gs-, '- ..., ,,. 'V .,,., 1. V ' fm.. 'ilsh' . " W' 1 ,Vi-,fgmwl ,M 6.5,-, 'X'-Wifxq. J 71 -' VIA I . "film: V -'piljfjgl . X LV-..,, ,EVI F u H-,-.Fluff -4, W4?154-S'i!z.- . yfh5?ifh'?34.1"""' mx. 1' L4-JQ -'va V x 359, '4.:,p'nu: ',J'. G," 53? ig 5 " if 'C-'mf 'g , 5 A iff E21 U . 1 -ff H fbi Q .- ,3 .- :S " X . If .1 ,, ,, ,ff , ,.k, AY! ll X. . If ,X X gg., I - NORTHEAST JUNIOR COLLEGE The Junior Colle e course is a three year course beginning in the Junior year of the high school The course has three divisions the Engineering, the Liberal Arts, and the Business Department The Engineering course requires mathematics each year: college algebra, trig- onometry physics engineering drawing analytics, calculus, and surveying. Such other subjects as chemistry English machine drawing, descriptive geometry, materials, and analytical mechanics are included in the requirements. ' The Liberal Arts course offers the usual subjects given in the Freshman and Sopho- more years of college such as English mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign languages The Business Department is for those students who expect to follow a business career This course includes at least twenty hours of academic college work. To satisfy the present demands, the course 1S divided into three divisions: Accounting, Clerical, and Secretarial Students are permitted to major in any one of the three divisions or elect a general course Upon graduation, they can command a position in six to ten different types of work This arrangement makes possible not only many chances for employment, but also greater opportunity for advancement The students are qualified for the special- ized jobs of large corporations as well as for the general work of a small ofhce. The class of 1937 is the Hfth Junior College class to be graduated from this system. An approximate total of 330 have been raduated from our courses Qincluding the class of 19371 of those 100 have entered college Sixteen of the first year class graduated from senior college with their bachelor s degrees. These sixteen made unusual records at the schools they attended Our graduation lists include three students who won highest honors at Kansas University, one, a Phi Beta Kappa at Missouri University, has received a scholarship at Heidelberg University in Germany for next year, one was admitted to the Junior class at Wellesley college and will graduate at the regular time this June, 1937 Of those graduating from the Business Department, 90 'per cent have succeeded in getting Jobs with representative business firms in the city. Arrangements have been made with the various colleges belonging to the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools that our recommended grad- uates will be admitted to their unior classes The institutions attended by our grad- uates thus far are the University of Missouri, University of Kansas, Northwestern University University of Texas and ses eral colleges in the middle west. This Junior College offers an unusual opportunity to the patrons of the North- east High School for their children to obtain a junior college education at a com- paratively low cost THE Nou EASTER -A-sgf 18 . 0 - Cv 1 9 3 9 a 4 , 9 1 . . A cr O 9 7 ' . . . , a 3 Y 9 RALPH BRO l'1'r'.vif1w1t CHARLES KI Gifiorian DONNASUE Treasurer BETTY SMITI Reporter The rea reduce the ei the contrary. previous rect Ability, Ability, how inality, and 1 class, remove No goal achieve. 19 year of irts, and ra, trig- ch other ials, and d Sopho- d foreign . business fo satisfy Clerical, is or elect different ployment, ie special- is system. g the class graduated records at rn highest ,s received lmitted to this June, succeeded the North ded grad- our grad- rthwestern he North- at a com- -..sgf 1 8 RALPH BROWN President GRAHAM DANIELS Vice-President CHARLES KIMAK - Giftorian ROSEMARY RUSSELL Secretary DONNASUE LOHMEYER Treasurer THOLA DEE 'SETTLE Sergeant-at-Arms BETTY SMITH Reporter MR. R. V HARMAN Advisor IUNIOR COLLEGE III CLASS OFFICERS IUNIQR COLLEGE CLASS OF 1937 The realization that Northeast Junior College is to be discontinued in 1939 did not reduce the efforts of the undergraduates to attain a high achievement record this year. On the contrary, that fact acted as a stimulus, creating a desire in every student to better all previous records, both as individuals and as a class. Ability, such as possessed by the class of '37, is the foundation of future success. Ability, however, without, the initiative to utilize it, is worthless. But 'the enthusiasm, orig- inality, and efficiency, together with the super-abundance of initiative evidenced by this class, removes any shadow of doubt as to their success in the future. No goal, however remote and unattainable it may seem, is impossible for them to achieve. 19 i3f's'- THE NoR'EAsTER ALLEN. ALMA P. A No. 1, first of the list, . Alma Allen is sure to be misseed. ANDERSON, JAMES LOUIS Our future legal Mendelssohn Is James Louis Anderson. AYERS, ERNESTINE MAUDE Very great happiness, very few Caresw- May they all come to Ernestine Ayers. BOLAND, RUTH We expect 'twill be in debate That Ruth will someday meet her fate. BONFILS, GLORIA MARIE I think that I shall never see A red-headed gal as sweet as thee. BRENNER, DOROTHY HELEN Why's she dancing down the street? She just won the swimming meet! BROOKS, C. C. Jr. It seems to us it's not a myth That Juniorls future is H- l. BROWN, RALPH You canlt accuse Ralph of being slow, He goes to town on that old banjo. BUCHER, ANITA M. Another hopeful doctor to be- If you doubt it, wait and see! CARROLL, MARY A. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Someday we will wonder where you are. COLLINS, DELBERT E. Dillingerls one really swell guyg Not a darned thing he wonlt try. CONWAY, LEE ffWho's that walking down the street, Curly hair and great big feet?" COOMBS, DONALD B. Wow! The pictures this guy can draw- He does the best ships you ever saw! CORNING, BETTY JANE As dependable as the morning Is Miss Betty jane Corning. DANIELS, J. GRAHAM If the .party's a wash-out, you can't blaham Versatile, oomepah-pah, sparkling Graham. DUFF, BARBARA Her name is HBabs," but baby stuff Isn't a "gon with Barbara Duff. DUTTON, IVA MILDRED Sweet little lass, Iva Dutton, Compared to her, we ain't got nuttin'. EDMONDSON, JUANITA ARLINE A .smile on her face, and never a frown, With tap-dancing feet, does she go to town! ESPINOSA, GUADALUPE From the top of his head to the tips of his to Every inch a good fellow, Lupe Espinosa. FLACY, DOROTHY Dorothy will, with the greatest of ease, Dance to success on the typewriter keys. FLEMING, HAROLD C. To Einstein's height this boy aspires, OI studying science he never tires. N092 es-a, f2O GASH. MARGIE M Here's the girl wil Sh!-'Q alwziys good- GRAYfL'l"l'I'lR. MAI iizirnirmy, melod Talk about danci Y GULL, ALFRED Ji Be it pictures or 1 That Alfred will fi HAYS, ROLENA A swell, congenia She stands "tops HENDERSON, BILI Tennis and ping-pr Billy's a guy who': HILDRETH, I. WA Hildreth will be a So right now we'll L U HOBBS, LO VETRA Of stamps and aut Her name should l HOFFMAN, JULIA "A jolly good girl" But it seems to fit HOPPER, THELMA We're looking forv When Thelma H01 HOWEY, BETTY JI Through a crystal Betty on her boss'1 HUFFMAN, ALMA I Other things we m But most of all we KACKLEY, FRANC Beautiful raven-bla We hope she never KEPLEY, CATHERI Knock! Knock! W Catherine, the girl KIMAK, CHARLES In football he brea Ah-but not so wit LOHMEYER, MARU The multiple taleni Will someday set tl MCCANN, WAYNE A champion teaser Yes, you've guessed McCLOUGHAN, MA This little gal, she But this little gal, MANESS, NORVAL His hobby, aviation Is he wondering, "T MEANS, MAIDA RU Prettier hands can I Than those possesse MIDDLETON, MAR! Faulty rhymes offei She'll teach them r PERRY, MARILYN Rhythm Princess, C Dancing feet, to th I 2 1 ,gets ares- Ayers. r fate. et? in .slowg Jo. vou are. reet, i draw- saw ! mit blaham g Graham. stuff uttin'. SIE a frown, go to town! tips of his toes-a, Espinosa. 1 of ease, lter keys, spiresg es. -wa 20 GASH, MARGIE MAE Here's the girl with the ready wit- Shels always good-humored, never says quit. GRAVETTER, MAXINE Harmony, melody, rhythm and swing- Talk about dancing-she's got everything! GULL, ALFRED JAMES, Jr. Be it pictures or radios, we need not guess That Alfred will find in them success. HAYS, ROLENA A swell, congenial, likeable lass, She stands Utops" in the N. P. III Class. HENDERSON, BILLY Tennis and ping-pong are his meat, Billyls a guy who's hard to beat. HILDRETH, J. VVARREN Hildreth will be a good dentist some day So right now welll bid him, 'tGood-day." HOBBS, LO VETRA JANE Of stamps and autographs she has gobsg Her name should be Hobbies instead of Hobbs HOFFMAN, JULIA "A jolly good girlu is so darn trite, But it seems to fit exactly right. HOPPER, THELMA IRENE Welre looking forward to the day When Thelma Hopper K'takes" Broadway. HOWEY, BETTY JEAN Through a crystal in the future I see Betty on her boss's knee. HUFFMAN, ALMA MARGARET Other things we might repeat, But most of all we say she's sweet. KACKLEY, FRANCES ILEEN Beautiful raven-black hairy We hope she never has a care. KEPLEY, CATHERINE Knock! Knock! Wh0's there? Catherine, the girl with the beautiful hair. KIMAK, CHARLES In football he breaks menls necks, Ah-but not so with the fairer sex! LOHMEYER, MARIE DONNASUE The multiple talents of Miss Lohmeyer Will someday set the world on fire. MCCANN, WAYNE A champion teaser and a ladies' man, Yes, youlve guessed it-Wayne McCann. McCLOUGHAN, MARY FRANCES This little gal, she ain't tough, But this little gal, she's got big stuff! MANESS, NORVAL His hobby, aviation: his work, chemistry, Is he wondering, K'To be, or not to be?" MEANS, MAIDA RUTH Prettier hands can ne'er be seen Than those possessed by Maida Ruth Means. MIDDLETON, MARGARET Faulty rhymes offend her ears, She'll teach them right in future years. PERRY, MARILYN Rhythm Princess, Queen of Swing, Dancing feet, to thee we sing! 21 Ete- DALTON, MARJORIE On the card she wrote "No preference." To just what does she have reference? FRENCH, JACK Six feet of brawn, and thatls not all: How he makes the ladies fall! MILLER, HAZEL KATHRYN I Although she's very small, you will find-in-he All the qualities of a good stenographer. PASSIGLIA, MARIE . Marie will cause many sighsg She slays Romeos with her eyes. PETERIE, DORIS ' Vim and vigor, a friendly smile, She makes living worth your while. PULHAMUS, EUGENE Everyone knows the "Jeep"g He's a friend we'll try to keep. REED, JUNELLEN RUTH Here's to the girl with the infectious laffg She helps others to stand the gaff. REINKING, DOROTHY A secretary as sweet as can be And a model of efficiency. RODMAN, WALKER The cartoons he draws are really funny. I' We're willing to bet they'll bring him money. RUSSELL, ROSEMARY Rosemary Russell likes to dance, Next to that she likes romance. SCHUEPBACH, MARY JANE Full of pep, full of fun, Better than her, there are none. SETTLE, THOLA DEE She's a lady, sweet and smallg But give her time-she'll grow tall! SMITH, BETTY It seems to us it's on the books That Betty's future name is -. SMITH, ROY NORTON There was a young man named "Smitty," Tall, debonair, and witty. SHEPARD, CECELIA She loves a racket, but not a racketeerg Someday, for her, tennis fans will cheer. STUDDS, DOROTHY LILLIAN Studds is a jewel of a nameg About Dorothy we say the same. SWAIM, ANNE DICKSON A quiet lass is our Anne Swaimg Who, we are sure, is due for fame. TAYLOR, LOUIS Lou's studies may get him down, But on good music, he goes to town. TIBBLING, JEAN With all the grace and charm of a Queen, A sophisticated lady is this Jean. - WIRTHMAN, MARY KATHERINE A swell little girl is Mary Wirthmang It seems to us she's worth any man. WOOD, DORIS ETHELYN Some girls are popular, some are smarty But Doris leads both types, right from the start. -..sgf 22 ANDERSON, GER Beautiful eyes, la Friendly tn all-- UAVIS, LILLIAN i For Axanell Davi' Be her work and- DI GUISTO, HENR Henry Di Guisto May he live a ful GERRITY, RAYMK With his hair, ey He'll steal many GOELLNER, MAR' "A natural" descri And she can smile LOVELACE, HARO Curly hair the girl What boy could a i MARTIN, DOROTH We like this gal c Of that, by gum, MOORE, EDWIN Q Small and mighty His big virtue is 1 PFEFFER, RUTH May Ruth Pfeffer May her wagon st RAMSEY, DOROTIE Intelligent this lac She's never stump. VAN HOOSER, MYI Athletics attract hi In everything, hoi WILKS, HELEN A famous authore: To success she hc IUI ANGLE, HAROLD At Chemistry he's He never gets stun BAKER, HAZEL Lt A girl sweeter tha Your search will si BAUER, VICTORIA From difficult prol Therelll be no gre: CASTLE, MARY JP Cute little lady, 4 In all respects-fr COWAN, MARY V1 Stenotype, linotyp Mary Cowan's our COXWELL, MILDB Steno fine, housew She'd make 'em bc FRANTZ, DOROTH As sweet, charmin As the flowers she GANNON, DORIS I Of Doris Gannon "She's got sense in GILLHAM, JAMES Jimmiels a man th From the first up HARMON, JIMMIE Everyone knows 0 The things he doe 2 3 Ia..- erencef' erence? t all: fill find-in-her wgrapher. zile. tious laff 3 gaff . ,ly funny. ng him money. 9, C. I tall ! CS ed 'fSmitty," racketeerg will cheer. I ne. Tn! fame. own, J town. of a Queen, lan - RINE irthman, y man. .are smartg 'ight from the start. 22 ANDERSON, GERALDINE V. Beautiful eyes, laughing and merryg Friendly to all-that's our Jerry. DAVIS, LILLIAN AVANELL For Avanell Davis this wish we express: Be her work and-above all-her life, a success. DI GUISTO, HENRY A. Henry Di Guisto is not one to shirkg May he live a full life and do interesting work. GERRITY, RAYMOND F. With his hair, eyes and complexion Helll steal many a girl's affection. GOELLNER, MARY ELIZABETH "A natural" describes her completelyg And she can smile-oh so sweetly! LOVELACE, HAROLD LEE Curly hair the girls adore! What boy could ask for more? MARTIN, DOROTHY VIRGINIA We like this gal called Dorothy Marting Of that, by gum, we're gosh-darn sartin! MOORE, EDWIN JOWETT Small and mighty-this is hey His big virtue is constancy. PFEFFER, RUTH . May Ruth Pfeffer prosper and climb very far, May her wagon stay securely hitched to a star. RAMSEY, DOROTHY NADINE Intelligent this lady is- She's never stumped by any quiz. VAN HOOSER, MYRTLE Athletics attract her attentiong In everything, honorable mention. WILKS, HELEN A famous authoress she'll beg To success she holds the key. ! JUNIOR COLLEGE III WITHOUT INDIVDUAL PICTURES ANGLE, HAROLD At Chemistry he's a whiz- He never gets stuck on a quiz. BAKER, HAZEL LORRAINE A girl sweeter than Lorraine? Your search will surely be in vain. BAUER, VICTORIA From difficult problems, she'll never cowerg There'll be no greater success than Victoria Bauer. CASTLE, MARY JANE Cute little lady, oh so sweet! In all respects-from head to feet. COWAN, MARY VIRGINIA Stenotype, linotype, Mary Cowan's our type. COXWELL, MILDRED OLIVIA Steno fine, housewife swell! She'd make 'em both, 'cause she dictates well. FRANTZ, DOROTHY S. As sweet, charming, and fair As the Bowers she wears in her hair. GANNON, DORIS AILEEN Of Doris Gannon itls been said, "She's got sense in that pretty head." GILLHAM, JAMES Jimmie's a man they all adore From the first up to the second floor. HARMON, JIMMIE DAVIDSON Jr. Everyone knows of Jimmie Harmony The things he does are most alarm1n'. 23 Jae-- HAWKINS, JOSEPH GAILYARD Always dressed like a fashion-plate, When calling for Dorothy, he's never late. LITTRELL, LUCILLE JANE The friendship of Lucille Is a friendship that is real. MAST, MARY PHYLLIS She's not slow, she's not fastg Her popularity is bound to last. MEYER, MARY LOUISE Orchids to Mary Louise Meyer, For of her we will never tire. PAINTER, SIDNEY It's true there's nothing in a name, As a writer helll easier find fame. PARKER, JOHN Of being the King of Baseball Johnny dreams. To us, more than a possibility it seems. RAPP, GLEN OTIS A ' An athletic star with plenty of snap, A fthe-man" you know it, Glen Otis Rapp. TAYLOR, EMILY PAULINE Emily Taylor has poise and reserve, Always willing and ready to serve. A TUTORINO, KATHRYN L. A huge success, Miss Tutorino. It may come true, how do we know? WETZ, HELEN MARY ' A dependable steno she's sure to bw The swellest girl you'll ever see. WILCOX, GEORGE WILLIAM Miracle man of some renown, Nothing impossible when hels aroun'. THE NOR,EASTER COLLEGE HONOR ROLLS R 1 NI tn Ll ey r Gash Hays Swaim Wood Wilcox Russell Brown Daniels. Rgiii2 Coihing Alrifrfersdin Middleton Painter Studds Meyer Moran Gentry Eastman 'Wolf. Row3 Tebbets Morgan Cox Cook Wmn Eaton Sullivan Bly Windell Teeple Leslie Faller. NORTHEAST JUNIOR COLLEGE SEMESTER HONOR ROLL Barrett Mildred Blackford Ben Bly Kenneth Brown Forrest Carpenter Walton Cook Jack Cow th Eaton Wendell Faller Warren Gentry Alice Johnson Virgil Leslie J Louthan Florence COLL TERMI 1936 1937 Index of three or more EGE II Nlclndoo William Mack James Ma ee Ruth Moran IVIHFIOII Morgan Geraldine Moscato L1bor1a Scott Margaret Sullivan Evelyn 'Ieeple Buckner Turpin Billie Jean Windell Gordon Wmn Shirl Wolf Mary Edith Anderson James Brown Ralph Corning Betty Dalton MHYJOFIC Daniels Graham Edmondson Juanita Fleming Harold Gravetter Maxine Hays Rolena Lohmeyer Donnasue Martin Dorothy COLLEGE III Vieyer Mary Louise Middleton Mar aret Painter Sidne Parker John Peterie Doris Russell Rosema Schuepbach Mary . Swaim Anne Studds Dorothy Wilcox Bill Wood Doris COLLEGE ATHLETICS For the first time in the history of Northeast Junior College, students in the College III Class particlpated in intra class sports This year the boys formed football, basketball baseball, and track teams, Secretary Engineer teams competed with Liberal Arts Sometimes one team came out ahead, sometlmes the other, occasionally the score was 0 0 with both sides claiming victory Incidentally a College III team scored an overwhelming victory over the high school s first team in football. The girls, not to be outdone, organized both hockey and basketball teams The games were very successful, although broken fingernalls and cracked shinbones were the results Another favorite sport of the College III Class this year was ping-pong Almost any hour of the day one could find several members of the class busy batting the little Celluloid ball back and forth in the room off the gymnasium. All in all, athletics fand athletes' Were in good favor this year. THE NOR EASTER --sgf 24 . 1 ' i , 1 I 1 1 . - 1 1 '1 1 Y 1 ' , , ' , . 1 1 -I 1 i 3 1 1 ' -' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 f , f ' 1' , ' ' , 1 , , , . , , s , 3 1 . 1 . . f Y 1 ' V 1 . . 1 1 Y ' . . ' . ' , , , , , ry . , Ru , 1 1 .I Eastman, Ruth Smith, Robert H. Frantz, Dorothy Smith, Betty , l 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Q ' 1 1 , i D 1 I 1 1 . 7 I 6 . I . I 7 , , . C. , I , , 7 - K i , ' ' ' 7 KC I! ' - . . -D .1 I . l! ra 'S' .J it 4 1 tier ' 'D LTU . 5? I 4 . 1' Q, , Row I-Meyers Row 2-Sheparc Row 3-Schuepl Row 4-Brenner Ron Row Row Abs: The de year will be the Girls' C tween the rr this sense of Agnes Engel any similar r Rememl ing Coca Cc give one of l As if wt 2 5 Ea..- olf. Faller. ROLL I ruise garet YY try J. nts in the :d football, 'ith Liberal y the score scored an teams. The bones were llmost any g the little -..ggi 2 4 GIRLS' COLLEGE HY" Row I-Meyers, Flacy, Kepley, Coxwell, Anderson, Frantz, Miss Engel, Lohmeyer, Wetz, Studds. Carroll, Boland. Row Z-Shepard, Gravetter, McC1oughan, Gash, Middleton, Davis, Mast, Wood, Bucher, Martin, Dalton, Hays, McClure Row 3-Schuepbach, Allen, Peterie, Corning, Swaim, Hoffman, Settle. Russell. Pfeffer. Taylor, Hobbs. Row 4-Brenner, Ayers, Bauer, Jeffers, Van Hooser, Bonlils, Huffman, Cowan, Reinking, Howey, Tutorino. BOYS' COLLEGE NYT' Row 1-Daniels, Brooks, Collins, Gerrity, Wilcox, Parker, Lane, Henderson, Brown, DiGuisto. Row 2-Rapp, Hawkins, Pulhamus, Smith, DeHardt, French, Conway, Howard, Jackson, Fleming. Row 3-Moore, Espmosa, Lovelace, Hallett, Fleming, Hildreth, Taylor, Kimak, Dorr, Maness. Absentees-Angle, McCann, Smith, Coombs, Gillham. THE COLLEGE CLUBS The dearest place in the memory of all who leave Northeast Junior College this year will be occupied by grand times had "over at the Y.', The Boys, College Club and the Girls' College Club were organized primarily to create a feeling of fellowship be- tween the members of the College III Class. This purpose was fulfilled. Especially was this sense of fellowship in evidence at the monthly joint meetings. Harry Harlan and Agnes Engel, sponsors of the clubs, co-operated in making these more successful than any similar meetings held in previous years. , Remember sitting around the fire at Bellaire Park eating hamburgers and drink- ing Coca Cola? Remember those comic valentines? And remember listening to Harry give one of his inspiring ''I-haven't-much-to-say" talks before the fireplace at the NYU? As if we could ever forget those happy times! 25 lg..- THE NOR,EASTER Here comes that Manor Man' Show Me the Way to Go Home' Hold that line' Light s Out The Brawn of N I C Three Smart Girls Susie and the Jeep take a stroll You can t fool us Johnny Newest style Ladies Wear Ladies P in distress. Swing it Mr. Josep . Those girls again Even her red hair didn t warn him! Some of our popular o-e s. Whats this whats this? These contrary women! ....Q52.f26 ik '33 p Go Home. n of N. C. p take a stroll. ' Ladies' Wear. it, Mr. Joseph! n. 'n him! Jpular 'Qco-edsf, mtrary Women! -..ggi 26 f--W-W --f -..-N X fn. 'fb is Iggzwfy ,---If A If? x,f, . 47 ffij , f , , a' 'F 1. E b 25" - 'S' -W' . 1 4f1f2?fiff" .. -E14 ,f,,:.. Y ,,,, ,.p-ZF7fE'fv, 1 fm L11 I .f 'Z fig ,' , 1' X. f' , , ,,. . - -'11 'K ' .ff wgiv5,gg.,Q,.x W rink f "1 'lla 31. . 'EW 'iii X' - .531 ill' 24 f L 1- fy .,, ,qkf. , '14 v I lg, .1 V W .s-:sy .ya if- 3, bf Q. .- -' ...Egg-,3.1'-5-59,-+ ,, 'T " - v-J '- 'R F' T' l ,.: ., ,E . 'gg . Vf'.v'ua., 'igzf 1 ' :ffx?e.4g2m. , - i f I K W f 3,.' ' is r . " . mf' 5, ', 25:12, ' 7' ' . sf-Hai 1 , ' 3 X ' - ,-j ,iff I-' If -' 1: ' I W: 'I . . L, J ' Q ' '. """V S, I-Z K ,M jf U A. , .' K x , rf ,Wy , J ' S fm , P' , ' 47" ' L ' X' A ,, X f 1 fx .4 fri 'g 'I - -2. - Aff ,, '- I 43' 6122! 54 754- ie ,.,,,'Z" ff Y ' .lx -. ' .- -' -' - 'L ' .411 n-fi'-, , fe. - - "z ' ' .- '- 1 - :' 'c:'f..2 " 'Q 21 ' .,,wf????.'f" ' . f f'f'f "5" X 5' f M- ' 67- ' .,1a2'-1':'f-Qmf' if . 1 1 1 5 .' ,lg ,.'-fb, .- f L- gf A 3- . , f 4 ,fe-ff 1 '0'if,?v:f?-' ' . ' 3 '" ' , ..,qJefAf,3f :' q,QMl,n5f'f i .Iris-92112 L n ' fl" wiv U Mr. ,K 1 1 ff -'Un 'f .4-:LW-1' .4 ,., -319. 'ff' . gm 45 f ff"-:Jswf ff , ,. I . 'fy-'iii ,. 551 Dj H ' ' 2 - 1 - h'5p!3':' . - T 1,62 ,, ,QI 1.215 ,:.-, ,-,L K, .- J-. .. , 1' af' , Ami. 5.2 2 af' if U 5 WW x-45 Qi' 'J 52' , - ,.. - 4'-.-' -' J- 1' 1,-1 9 -f 1, - lg.,-nu, , .. v--L. ,c .1 ,pf 1 ,V 0- .uf f, ,. ffl' f-KNHEQZZ ' JS'-ww 'mal I ' Fffn- 579'-,., 'Fwd ff E22 gs, 4 '- 4, 545.1 ygeipwfww 4, v. ,figs ' . 3: flf 'E' -XFN .gm A371 -4 .iz Mg'-61 'i .fn '24-I-+.' "lf rfb! 'ZS fr' '41 ,ref 1- ,,L:ff.--if 'Ss .L ,gg ysalgf X K. . ng: .,,. , 3 L rgfgl xv - -,'A75,:Vga,jWj:QWgL 5 . "':-EA N35 . P, -ff ' ' ' "'1"f 4- I 'J .'a?13" F -A N1 fs! f-1'3fgg.f' ggi!! z..-4, I., iw, ,sz 'h,.5:q'?.-- gig ' 31513,-., . :QI .If H, yi,f1i5?g?Afg1I N U '-1:19.-'.,, 5' - . "'33f3"1," iff Z H ' yf....z.f.53iJL?AwfEZ 'Ty '5?l2f22::I:3,, .bm dw, ,F 'L "-fl"-'ffm . "1"-M 1-'-hs., - , 'MGS WW ...W fi. 7"'v:'4f'Lf.'a" ' . ' ' . .Bmw-... -' . nf-. -J.w1"' ffl' H ""1h?t3f"2'f "" -'f'f-BW' . "ff'5'Wf' zvhfi' 41.5- -H gag., - ,,fg':,Q5gg,.,, 2-raw! ,3 .ffm 3 'uf Q X-fx.fw,g:a,...,, ' eq-1 j P '- 4,--x--42 5 'QQ we . R '52 'A 'i'1xA..c, .ff -.1 . .Av 1 .-.I ww- L A ' 1 Wm U 5" fgfLFi":f! 0 :Tk ""?4ffi4'frf1?g4Le:-X. -f .24 fam-11221 vgifxia ' ig, -1. W 'wq.z,g. L ..',.,-- f V 5 . ' E 'H' ' 9. .7 ' i,'t::'.7 -Q 1.1: 2,5 f '-win I "7 ' I s 1 'fag 'S Wd: 1 '-.:- -.-"nf'21w--'W W -'X '3 1 3 .,g,35QA, Wsefmiggig il ,ii 1 ..y, :?4C,n.' ,, "1 217713 'QQPSV ' My 5 -51,311 ,fffilwd - '- Qligfy. . 'HLAC , b "Jw , 431 f?'gzJu',' HTH-,gi 1 5459. 4 A A AAAAA A T' A A A A HATATFIAAAT-'T-'I 'AA'OT'AT.E,lwiRATfAA ATA-A A A A5-AA,-f-A AAWA -A A 'TT 'TQTTTNIAA -T'if'T'2f:r fE7', . .4 Z:i'i:lfjF-?1-fpigvxe-1lT1?l-A'T-' 4 f A ' ' "' ' " ' " 42' '41 .....,i-1' 'giitf i h M ' A, ki, ,: -.3-1.5,-,Q-'A ma i A a, ,.-rJ,.,f, , at L. . .. , ami., ff- K. .l.-5a,.' , .V Q.. Ju. .aw 1 --4,5-3.-1A .. iv. f,,-,wu Lf,issw.4,-f - Hr r MA ,ML , MAA. AA HA A AA A AA AAA AAA 4 meme 4' 'mvrm , Art'-"'---2-it A' ti-T' A mftti ,Z , 'v A , , L, -v-----A :A----3 AA- 4 eiAA4AAAAaAAALA A A A A ALLEN SLAGLE President HELEN GLASSCOCK Vicc'-Prcxidcrzt GEORGE HARVEY SMITH Gifforiazz A MARIAN FISHER Secrefary BETTY JANE HARLAN Treasurw BUCKNER TEEPLE , Sergeant-at-A1'1ns GORDON WINDELL Rcporfer l NIR. RAY M. LAWLESS Advisor IUNIOR COLLEGE II CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR COLLEGE II CLASS Last year We were rounding the curve to second base. This year We have at- tained this half-Way goal and look forward with eagerness and anticipation toward greater opportunities for us in 193 8. We have come thus far with high honors and feel confident that We shall continue with a praiseworthy record. The Junior College II Class has had its share of outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen, of stage presentations, and of high scholastic ratings.- The Northeast Junior College is frankly an experiment, but we, the College II Class, feel certain that we have done our part to make it a successful one. We do not mean to be boastful, but we are confident that We shall turn out to be a fine product of the Junior College. THE NOR,EASTER --6-,gf 28 W 56 2-gzxp , 8 ,, ,. . 1 1 SSCOCK nf HER EEPLE -Arms . LAWLESS ve have at- nticipation at We shall has had its ations, and the College ul one. We L out to be --Q-,El 2 8 IUNIOR COLLEGE II WHO'S WHO liz .- 29 ll? THE NOR EASTER ' USANNA ROSELEE Acgliiglifliyegcollection of recipes she'll make a good cook for some man. ALEXANDER, MARIAN EILEEN , Possessed of natural charm which has won many ff19Ud5- ASHCRAFT, WILLIAM ROBERT Make much of meg good men are scarce. MARY ANNA BARTQE1 35 G. V. B. 35 B. B. 35 Hockey 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Ro 2, 3. 5 Her only fault is that she hasn t any. BOVVLING, ARTIE SARAH C. 3, 45 Sec. L. C. 4. Earnest, sincere, willing in all that she does. BRUSON, GEORGE FRANCIS Football 3, 45 Track 35 Stud. Coun. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll Our he-man from Sugar Creek. COFFYN, MARIAN , , H ckey Z, 35 V. B. 35 Delph. L. S. 2, 35 Jr. Life Saving Z 3' Sr. Life Saving 4. Towards success she will ever steer. CONARD, GLENN FRANCIS Determination is his asset. What he tackles, he thor- oughly finishes. COX JEAN L. . H ckey Z, 3, 45 V. B. 2, 35 B. B. 2, 35 Olymplc C. 2, 3, 4 Jr.'Life Saving 35 T. L. S. 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 25 c T. L. S.-4. A most popular secretary. COX RUTH IRENE L. S. 2, 3, 45 Span. C. 3, 45 Nat. Hon. Soc. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Treas. Span. C. 4. - She d rather be a 'ttappist" than a 'ttypistl' any day. CROWLEY, MAURINE .S. 2, 3, 45 Vik. Var. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 2 Stud. Coun. Alt. 4. u She ll tap her way into Hollywood if we don't miss our guess. DAVIS, GRACE HILL I L. S. 2, 35 Sec. D. L. S. 25 Seal C. 25 Olympic C. 34'GR234'Hocke23'VB23'BB23' Hair and eyes that remind us of a dream. DAVIS, LORENE C L. S. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 3, 45 Dram. C. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll Z Stud. Coun. 25 Ass't News Ed. 25 Cour. Staff Z, 35 Charity Speaker 45 Sil. Med. Oration Lit. Con. 3. One of Northeast's most vivacious brunettes who is our n of hearts." DONAHUE, ELEONORA MARGARET Quiet and sincere in all she does. DOTY CLAUDINE MAY Silent, but helpful in her modest way. EASTMAN, RUTH LOUISE Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4. Her character is rivaled only by her personality and achievement. LELLS, THOMAS M. R. Off. 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 45 B. L. S. 2, 35 Treas. .S. 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 35 Gen. Hon. 25 Mil. C. 35 Boys' Chor. 45 Corp. R. O. T. C. 3. es i'tops" in masculine attraction. FALL HILDA VIRGINIA The world delights in such sunny people. FARIS, JAMES EARL Stud. Coun. 45 Chair Court. Com. 45 Favorite 4. The Senator's a wom'an-hater, but, girls, the Bible says, L ve your enemies." FATH, HAZEL IRENE L ,C. 3, 45 G. R. 2, 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 2. Intelligent and then some. FISHER, MARIAN LOUISE Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Pres. Delph. L. S. 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3 45 G. V. B. 2, 3, 45 V. B. 2, 35 B. B. Z, 35 Life Saving 2 35 Olympic C. Z5 Seal C. 3, 45 Treas. Seal C. 35 Vik. Var. 45 Inter-Soc. Dance Com. 35 Gift. Jr. College I 35 Gen. Hon. Roll Z5 Sec. Jr. College II 45 Racketeer Jr. College II 4. When the Vikings see this young goddess, their hearts leap clear up here, so help me! V.B ll Lat. 2, 3. o 6 SQ. cf C.L D. yy--f., Yyi--yr--1, H..R. Off. Z, 3, 4. Hquee H. B.L Roll H y U 0 at lfl.ORI5NCE. I.eRO R, o, '11 ti. 2, 5, :XII engineer in tl GASIUN, WANDA T. L. S. 3. Cute are her looks GENTRY, ALICE J High Hon. Roll 2, 3, 45 Vice Pres. I V. B. Z5 Stud. C Soc. 4. A combination of the result-a loval GLASSCOCK, HELI Pres. T. L. S. 35 G. V. B. 2,45 V. Chair. Safety Con Roll 35 Init. T. I College II 45 B005 A dash of good look stir wellg that's thi GLENN, JOHN C. J Track 3, 45 Footba 35 H. R. Off. 4. He takes things az he wants them to. GRASSELLI, ALBEF B. L. S. 45 Vice-P lege II Basket Bal All good things co GUNDY, HAROLD I Gen. Hon. Roll 2. His eyes: dancing, HALLETT, RUSSEL' Mil. C. 3, 45 Hi-I What's the use of besides me. HARGIS, GILES WIl Lieut. R. O. T. C 2, 3, 45 B. L. S. 45 I have successfully HARLAN, BETTY JI Pres. G. R. 45 Cab Sec. Stud. Coun. 4 Seal C. 2, 35 B. B. The Hg" girl: good-l HERSH, GEORGE Our little Lord Fau: HERTZFIELD, MOR Band 25 Orch. 3. I am what I am-5 HODGES, SAMUEL l Rock 81 Mineral C. God helps those wl HOGG, HERBERT E. N. S. D. 2, 3. 45 For Orch. 35 R. O. T. C Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. He set the school or HOLLOPETER, DORI C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Pr Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 45 45 Mixer Com. 45 I T wo eyes and a voir and a charming per: HOWARD, MARY El T. L. S. 3, 45 Gen. Just what we chose JONES, JANEARL T. L. S. 3, 45 Lat. I Gentle in manner bi LAY, ALLAN WHITE Rifle Team 35 Ind. D. Z5 A. L. Med. -25 All he needs is a so LEE, ARTHUR DM. B. L. S. 3: Mil. C.. 35 H. R. Off. 35 Hi- Paralleled by none nearest rival. LEE, ELDON Delph. L. S. 3, 4: Sg That curly red hair under it. LESLIE, JULIUS CAE N. S. D. 2, 3, 45 Ge H. R. Off. 3. No one knows how h 3 I lie"- ke a good cook fOr won many friends. IC. ey 3, 45 Gen. Hon. does. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll , 35 Jr. Life Saving e tackles, he thor- 35 Olympic C. 2, 3, Gen. Hon. Roll Z5 . Hon. Soc. 45 Gen. typist" any day. R. 3, 45 Stud. Coun. f we don't miss our l C. 25 Olympic C. B. 2, 35 B. B. Z, 35 fam. I. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 25 Cour. Staff 2, 35 Lit. Con. 3. . rrunettes who 15 our .T Ly. her personality and -. L. S. 2, 35 Treas. '. C. 2, 35 Gen. Hon. Corp. R. O. T. C. 3. ople. L5 Favorite 4. girls, the Bible says, . Roll 2. L. S. 3, 45 Hockey 2, . B. 2, 35 Life Saving l'reas. Seal C. 35 Vik. Gift. Jr. College I 35 : II 45 Racketeer Jr. goddess, their hearts -...,5Ji 30 FLORENCE, LeROY FRED R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Drum Major 25 Band 2. An engineer in the social world. GASCON, WANDA GAY T. L. S. 3. Cute are her looks and peppy her actions. GENTRY, ALICE E. High Hon. Roll Z, 35 Nor'easter Jr. College Ed. 45 Lat. C. 3, 45 Vice Pres. L. C. 35 Pres. L. C. 45 T. L. S. 3, 45 V. B. Z5 Stud. Coun. 35 Gen. Hon Roll 45 Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. A combination of beautiful eyes and sweet personalityg the result-a lovable girl. GLASSCOCK, HELEN ELAINE Pres. T. L. S. 35 Vice-Pres. T. L. S. 45 Hockey 2, 45 G. V. B. 2, 45 V. B. Z, 45 B. B. Z5 Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 45 Chair. Safety Com. 45 Sec. Jr. CollTege I 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 35 Init. T. L. S. 35 Olympic C. 25 Vice-Pres. Jr. College II 45 Booster Jr. College II 4. A dash of good looks, a dash of wisdom, a jigger of humor5 stir wellg that's the Helen Glass-cocktail. GLENN, JOHN C. Jr. Track 3, 45 Football 45 B. L. S. 45 Hi-Y 45 Track Medal 35 H. R. Off. 4. He takes things as they come-and makes them go as he wants them to. GRASSELLI, ALBERT B. L. S. 45 Vice-Pres. B. L. S. 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Jr. Col- lege II Basket Ball 4. All good things come in pairs. GUNDY, HAROLD DENTON Gen. Hon. Roll 2. His eyes: dancing, full of fun-his smile: irresistible. HALLETT, RUSSELL Mil. C. 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 College Y 5. What's the use of worrying-there'll be other great men besides me. HARGIS, GILES WILLIAM Lieut. R. O. T. C. 45 Boys' Chor. 2, 35 Vik. Rifle C. 2, 3, 45 B. L. S. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. I have successfully accomplished many things. HARLAN, BETTY JANE Pres. G. R. 45 Cab. G. R. 2, 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 45 Sec. Stud. Coun. 45 Class Off. 3, 45 C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Seal C. 2, 35 B. B. 2, 35 V. B. Z, 35 Hockey 2, 3. The Hg" girl: good-looking, gracious, and generous. HERSH, GEORGE Our little Lord Fauntleroy. HERTZFIELD, MORRIS LEO Band 25 Orch. 3. I am what I am-seek not to alter me. HODGES, SAMUEL LeROY Rock :Sz Mineral C. 45 Orch. 2, 3. God helps those who help themselves. HOGG, HERBERT E. N. S. D. 2, 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Vik. Var. 3, 45 Band 2,45 Orch. 35 R. O. T. C. 25 Crack Squad Z5 Vik. Rifle C. Z5 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. He set the school on fire with his hair and personality. HOLLOPETER, DOROTHY C. L. S. Z, 3, 45 Pres. C. L. S. 45 Lat. C. 35 Seal C. Z5 Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 45 G. R. Cab. Z, 3, 45 Vice-Pres. G. R. 45 Mixer Com. 45 Most Versatile 45 Class Day 3. Two eyes and a voice that bespeak unexcelled leadership and a charming personality. HOWARD, MARY ELLEN T. L. S. 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Regular Fellow 4. Just what we chose her for-a regular fellow. JONES, JANEARL T. L. S. 3, 45 Lat. C. 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. Gentle in manner but vigorous in deed. LAY, ALLAN WHITAKER Rifle Team 35 Ind. Drill 25 Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 35 N. S. D. 25 A. L. Med. '25 Hi-Y 45 Stud. Coun. 4. All he needs is a soap-box. LEE, ARTHUR M. B. L. S. 35 Mil. C. 35 Orch. 35 Band 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 35 H. R. OH. 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 3. Paralleled by none but himself, he is Beau Brummel's nearest rival. LEE, ELDON Delph. L. S. 3, 45 Sgt.-at-Arms Delph. L. S. 4. That curly red hair is welcome anywhere-with Eldon under it. LESLIE, JULIUS CAESAR N. S. D. 2, 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 H. R. Off. 3. No one knows how he does itAbut he usually gets there. 3 1 ggs..- Q: - by Wa' LOUTHAN, FLORENCE C. L. S. ' ' . - 4 . 2,3,4, Gen Hon Roll2,-U, 0-B-3,5 W She's pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and lYl0db' ant to think about, too. MCNEAL, KEITH EUGENE Hi-Y 43 Mil. C. 2, 3. A lot of dynamite in a small package. MAHAR, FRANCESLYNN T. L. S. 4. Kind ol friendly and true blue, Kind ol girl you're glad to know. MACK, JAMES OWEN Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 33 Vik. Rihe C. 2, 3. U He would not boast-but people must know his worth. MALLINSON, ALICE FRANCES Hockey Z3 Stud. Coun. Alt. 3. To know her is to like her. MARSH, MARIAN BARBARA B. B. Z3 H. R. Off. 23 C. L. S. 33 Stud. Coun. 2. Give me a good time3 that's enough. MARSH, RICHARD WINSLOW Basketball 3, 43 Stud. Coun. 4. This aspiring athlete gave all he had MESSENGER, GLADYS MARIE for his school. Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 33 G. R. Jr. Chair. 33 T. L. S. 2. 3, 43 G. R. 3, 43 Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. As sweet and modest as a wild rose. MEYER, HELEN IRENE V. B. Z, 43 Hockey 2, 43 Printers C. 3. Look out, fellows, don't fall too hard! MIDDLETON, CATHERINE LOUISE 'I. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Orch. 2, 3, 4. A quietness and charm most lovely to behold. MILLER, DOROTHY T. L. S. 2. The object of our affections. MILLER, VERNON LESLIE Football 43 Track Squad 2, 33 Basketball 3. We all admire athletes, especially when they smile. MOR AN, MARION ELIZABETH Nor'easter Ed.-in-Chief 43 Jr. College I Ed. 33 Nat. Hon. Soc. 3, 43 C. L. S. Z, 3, 43 C. L. S. Off. 43 High Hon. Roll 2, 33 Treas. G. R. 43 G. R. 2, 3, 43 G. R. Cab. 3, 43 Lat. C. 33 Pres. Lat. C. 33 Stud. Coun. 2, 43 Seal C. 2. We couldn't get along without her. What's more, we like the necessity. MORGAN, GERALDINE FAY VatHonSoc34TLS2 I . . . , 3 . . . ,3,43 Treas. T. L. S.43 Pres.T.L.S. 43 Smart Set 43 French C. Z, 33 Dram.C. 4. Wit. intelligence, humor-one could go on forever! MORRISON, THELMA IMOGENE . B. Z. Her smile made knowing her a pleasure. NEWMAN. ARTHUR FREDERIC R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4. Sure, Ilve reformed. I'm a New-man. NEWTON, WARREN H. N. S. D. 3, 43 Sgt.-at-Arms N. S. D And heaven to dance with! NICHOLS, JOHN CHARLES Football 3, 4. A real heartbreaker-and it doesn't 4. even phase him! OBERKROM, WILLIAM ALONZO Jr. R. O. I'. C. 2, 3. 4: D. L. S. 2, 3, 4: Xmas Play 33 Crack Platoon R. O. T. C. 33 Sgt. R. O. T. C. 4. Napoleon had nothing on me. Just give me a chance. OSTERT, PHYLLIS NADINE C. L. S. Z. 3. 4. Our dignified lady. PICKERING, MAX B. L. S. 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Sweet is the sleep of a lady's man. -..self 3 2 PRI-YSSLY, WILLIE Vim--l'r4 II. R. . He studies art --t I'l't'Kl'.'l T, IHCTT' 'If I.. S. 2, 3,43 A pe-ppy. popular RINEHART, JACK Band Z. 33 Hi-Y Napoli-on wasn't ROACH, GERALDl C. L. 2, 3, 4,1 Stud. Coun. Z3 G An active young l ROBINSON, EDITI Gen. Hon. Roll 2 Her loveliness I n ROGERS, PAUL Pl Span. C. 3, 43 Sgt A self-made man. SANDY, NEONA Vik. Var. 3. The best things ct SCOTT, MARGARI T. L. S. 3, 43 G. 2, 3. A diligent secretai SCOTT, MELBA JI T. L. S. 2, 3. 431 Mrs. Vanderbilt h SLAGLE, ALLEN ' B. L. S. 3, 43 Tr Hi-Y 43 Sec.-Trea, C. 23 Cheerleader His is a charming SMITH, GEORGE l Giftorian Jr. Colll Coun. 3, 4: Nor'e: N. S. D. 3, 43 T Mil. C. 33 Vice-P 3, 43 Hi-Y Cab. 2 Nothing can down SMITH. ROBERT I R. O. 'I'. C. 2, 3, Soc. 4. One good man hen Than up above te SPRINGER, JEAND D. L. S. 2, 33 Sgt A loyal Vi-queen ' STAATS, HELEN I Silence, the wisdoi STANLEY, JAMES Tennis Team 33 C Z. 3, 43 Treas. J H. R. Off. 23 Rack Smiling, it's K'Cor the team." STEWART, WILMA Meeting her is lik SULLIVAN. EVELX Hockey 2, 3, 43 Olympic C. 2. 33 Olympian 43 Nat. Evelyn's friendlin make her great. TEBBETS, EDITH Gen. Hon. Roll 2, Soc. 4. Ambition and effol THORNTON. ROBI N. R. A. Rifle C. A better man is ha Tl'I.LIS, MARTHA Co-Art Editor 43 I Nat. Hon. Soc. 41 Thy modesty is lil 'l'L'RI'IN, BILLIE J Delph. L. S. Z, 3. A bil of wit. a bit 53 ire-- G. R. 2. 3. ' with, and pleas- . J .mow his worth. ld. Coun. 2. mr his school. S5 T. L. S. 2. 3. 43 3. behold. .ball 3. en they smile. I Ed. 35 Nat. Hon. Off. 45 High Hon. 45 G. R. Cab. 3, 45 in. 2, 45 Seal C. 2. 'hat's more, we like . Treas. T. L. S. 45 I. 2, 35 Dram.C. 4. o on forever! IFE. 4. even phase him! r. Xmas Play 35 Crack C. 4. ive me a chance. -..egg 3 2 PRESSLY, WILLIAM N. Vice-Pres. H. R. 3. He studies artithe art of pretty women. PUCKETT, BETTY L. T. L. S. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 4. A peppy, popular number. RINEHART, JACK KIETH Band 2, 35 Hi-Y Z. Napoleon wasn't tall either. ROACH, GERALDINE VIOLA CHRISTINE C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 French C. 2, 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Stud. Coun. Z5 G. R. 2, 3,45 V. B. 25 Hockey 2. An active young lady with a charm of her own. ROBINSON, EDITH Gen. Hon. Roll Z5 G. R. 2, 3, 4. Her loveliness I never knew until she smiled on me. ROGERS, PAUL PLATTE Span. C. 3, 45 Sgt.-at-Arms Span. C. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. A self-made man. SANDY, NEONA Vik. Var. 3. The best things come in small packages. SCOTT, MARGARET ELIZABETH T. L. S. 3, 45 G. R. 45 Nat. Hon. S. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 3. A diligent secretary striving to attain the best. SCOTT, MELBA JEAN T. L. S. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 45 Society Bud 4. Mrs. Vanderbilt has nothing on Melba. SLAGLE, ALLEN THAYER B. L. S. 3, 45 Treas. B. L. S. 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Vice-Pres. Hi-Y 45 Sec.-Treas. Hi-Y 35 Span. C. 25 Vice-Pres. Span. C. Z5 Cheerleader 45 Class Pres. 45 Booster 4. His is a charming grin that dignity cannot endure. SMITH, GEORGE HARVEY Giftorian Jr. College II5 Reporter Jr. College I5 Stud. Coun. 3, 4: Nor'easter Staff 25 Bronze Med. Lit. Con. 25 N. S. D. 3, 45 Treas. N. S. D. 45 Mil. C. 3, 45 Pres. Mil. C. 35 Vice-Pres. Mil. C. 35 Smart Set 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Cab. Z, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3. Nothing can down a good man. SMITH. ROBERT H. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Corp. 25 Stud. Coun. 25 Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. One good man here is better far, Than up above ten angels are. SPRINGER, JEANNE ELEANOR D. L. S. Z, 35 Sgt.-at-Arms D. L. S. 2. A loyal Vi-queen with an undinching dignity. STAATS, HELEN VIRGINIA Silence, the wisdom of the ages. STANLEY, JAMES MILTON Tennis Team 35 Cheerleader 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 N. S. D. 2. 3, 45 Treas. Jr. College I Class: Stud. Coun. 2, 35 H. R. Off. 25 Racketeer 45 Vik. Var. Z, 3. Smiling, it's 'LCome on, gang, letls give thirty yeas for the teamf' STEWART, WILMA FAYE Meeting her is liking herg knowing her is loving her. SULLIVAN, EVELYN M. Hockey Z, 3, 45 G. V. B. 2, 35 V. B. 2, 35 Track 35 Olympic C. 2, 35 D. L. S. Z5 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Olympian 4: Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. Evelynis friendliness and athletic ability combine to make her great. TEBBETS, EDITH LORINE Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Lat. C. 3, 45 V. B. 25 Nat. Hon. Soc. 4. Ambition and effort will overcome all obstacles. THORNTON, ROBERT E. N. R. A. Rifle C. Z, 3. A better man is hard to find. TL'LI.IS, MARTHA ANNABELLE Co-Art Editor 45 Art Staff Chair. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 35 Nat. Hon. Soc. 45 Nat. Art Hon. Soc. 2, 3, 4. Thy modesty is like 21 candle to thy merit. TURPIN, BILLIE JEAN DL-lph. L. Z. 3. A bit of wit. at bit of fun, that's Billie. 33 Jie- Coun 2 sport D L S Roll 4. COLES JAMES WARD MADRICE A fall and handsome WILLIS C CALVIN Vik Rilie C 2 3 4 Crack Platoon Z 3 4 Crack Co Z 3 4 Butts Manual Drill 4 N R A Med 4 The answer to any maiden s prayer WINDELL GORDON Kmas Play3 Am Leg1onOrator1cal Con 3 Vik Var 3 Nat Hon Soc 3 Pres Jr College I Class 3 Hlgh HOD 2 3 BLS 3 ClassOff I came I saw I conquered WINN SHIRL BENADENE n Hon Roll 2 3 Lat C 3 B nd 2 Stud The vsorthy will always succeed XVOLF MARX EDITH C L S 3 4 French C 2 3 Vice Pres Tr C H1 Hon Roll Z Stud Coun 2 Gen Hon Roll 3 A delightful combination of beauty and brains WYTHE HELEN DELORES Delph L S 2 3 Stud Coun 4 Her ways are wavs of pleasantness ALDRIDGE MARY MARGARET S 4 In1tCLS4 Gen Hon Ro Dram C 4 Stud Coun 3 4 Gentlemen do prefer blondes' Don t they M M ? COBB BARCLAY E l D23StudCoun2SgtROTC3L1ut O T C 4 Place Amer Leg Nled 2 lst Place Ind Drill Z Generally speaking he usually is h s a Jolly good Sometimes I sit and thmk usually I Just sit GRASSELLI FREDERIKA Thoughts that count ways that win RUSH GEORGE ALLEN H1 Y3 4 B L S 3 Basketball 3 A regular fellow if there ever was one TEEPLE BUCKINER BURRISS NSD34 NSDPres4 StudCoun4 ROTC 3 4' Major R. O. T. C. 4' Hi h Hon. Roll 3' Gen. Hon. Studiousness must haxe its reward. I UNIOR COLLEGE II WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES AIELLO KENNETH J. BLY KENNETH B. CHEIFETZ A. J. A genial sort of fellow. Can he always Gen. Hon. Roll 3. ph. L. S. 2 3 4' Mil. C. 3 . stay out of mischief? M k h' ' ' ' ' ' ' f ' ALLEIBI DOROTHY ANN Life Saving 3' Hockey 3 '4-'seal c. 3 Athletics is her specialty. ALTERGQTT EMILE LOUISE A potential artist! ANDERSEN STANLEY ARTHUR .R.O.T.C. 'S .H. .' . R. A. Med. 4' Vik. Xar. 3 4. Napoleon the Second! BARRETT MILDRED T. L. S. 4g Gen. Hon. Roll 3. If there were only more like Mildred how nice this world would be. 3 BEEEIINENG, EVELYN BERNADINE . .Z. Some day we shall read Benning's works rather than those of Browning. BLACKIQORD, BEN B. We can expect something great from our chemical engineer. THE NOR,EASTER any now im many like him but many more know and like him. BOWLES ALBERTA ckey 4' V. B. 2 3' Seal C. 2 3 . Some day we ll see her in the Olympics. BRIDGMAN LYLE FREDERICK He has a way about him. At least our co-eds think so. BROWN FORREST' DALE Gen. Hon. Roll Z. Ability of the genius type. BULAVSRY EDWARD V' e-Pres. R. Z5 Stud. Coun. 3g Eiiwrirdk la likeable fellow. Northeast appreciates him. BURNS, BARBARA . .S. ,3,4gGen.Hon.R , 3 Stu . Coun. 2, 35 G. R. 35 Vik. Var. 4. A charming maiden of glamour. CARPENTER. VVALTON EDGAR Our golden-voiced Adonis. A. J. is a boy who l-.nous what he uants to do with his time and does it. COOK JACK EUGENE L . C. 3. A cheerful grin will let you in. COULSON VIRGINIA LEE ph. L. S. 2 3' Sec. D. L. . . A quiet young lady but looks do speak volumes! COUSINS MARJORIE JANE . L. S. 3' Vik. Var. . A pretty attractive secretary. DALEX, BART J. Basketball Ball 2, 3, 4. Credit is given where credit is earned. Xou re O. K., Bart. DAVIS, JACK McKENNA R. O. T. C. Corp. 25 Stud. Coun. 2, 3. He skates o er the floor with the great- est of ease. DORR, BOB Put off today what you can do to- morrow. -..Qt 3 4 DUN! KN N IRG charming gxr eonality DUTTON WILIX They dont corr FATON ROY W Eyes that are r FALLER WARRl Gen Hon Roll Stud Coun 4 A little laughte FARRIS CLYDE Or 2 3 Vik Introducing Cly TEISER MILDR L S 4 Milly IS the FLEMING JOHI Tootball S Hx R Band 2 3 Who invented l FLEMING RALI We have nothir and much to sa FUEHRER ROBI Gen Hon Roll Sec N S D 4 Studious and x Robert GERSTENIBERGE A little boy wltl GRAMMER WIL We all know B11 GREGG LK NN He may be ba. geLs around HAMLEY EDWA . 0. T. . Boys Glee C. . Soc. Dance Cor A social asset t HARRIS JEAN I It s to Holland HATCHITT JEN I cannot tell a HERMAN EVEI Always quiet ar HODSON FREIII Hockey 4' V. IE Sunny side up. HOWARD BUSTl You re going tc day Buster. IHRIG CLINTOI . . T. C. i A good man for anywhere. JACKSON REX Stud. Coun. Z 3 2 3' Football 4 lN'IA r. 5' Co ege Makes Romeo I4 JOHNSON. VIRGI . . T. C. 2 Lieut. 4' Gen. I We ll be reading someday. KACKLEY, INE2 Always friendly, 3 5 lk..- , 3, 43 Crack Co. A. Med. 4. an. 33 Vik. Var. 33 lass 33 High Hon. md Z, 3, 43 Stud. zs. Fr. C. 33 High 1. Roll 3. l brains. 1. Hon. Roll 2, 33 ey, M. M.? O. T. C. 33 Lieut. Med. 23 Ist Place ne's a jolly good ust sit. foun. 43 R.O.T.C. Roll 33 Gen. Hon. S Mil. C. 3, 4. ows what he wants nd does it. E let you in. LEE ec. D. L. S. 3. but looks do speak JANE Var. 4. secretary. 4. e credit is earned. INA Stud. Coun. Z, 3. vor with the great- you can do to- -..if 34 IUNIOR COLLEGE II WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES DUNCAN, VIRGINIA CATHERINE D. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Vice-Pres. D. L. S. 33 G. V. B. 2, 43 Xmas Play 43 Dram. C. 2, 3, 4. A charming girl with a wonderful per- sonality. DUTTON, WILMA LORENE They don't come any sweeter. EATON, ROY WENDELL Eyes that are roguish but true. FALLER, WARREN Gen. Hon. Roll 33 Stud. Coun. 33 Alt. Stud. Coun. 43 R. O. T. C. 2. A little laughter is always welcome. FARRIS, CLYDE MORRIS Orch. 2,33 Vik. Var. 3, 4. Introducing Clyde and his violin- FEISER, MILDRED LUCILLE D. L. S. 43 Stud. Coun. 3. "Milly" is the essence of sweetness. FLEMING, JOHN FORREST Football 53 Hi'Y 43 Col. Y 53 Mil. C. Z, 3, 43 R. O. T. C. 2,33 Dram. S3 Band 2, 3. Who invented hospitals! FLEMING, RALPH VERNON We have nothing to say against Ralph and much to say for him. FUEHRER, ROBERT Gen. Hon. Roll 3, 43 N. S. D. 3, 43 Sec. N. S. D. 4. Studious and very dependable-that's Robert. GERSTENBERGER, DONALD A little boy with big ambitions. GRAMMER, WILLIAM LOUIS We all know Bill. A regular fellow, too. GREGG, LYNN He may be bashful, but he certainly gets around. HAMLEY, EDWARD DUGGINS R. O. T. C. Z3 Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee C. 33 Vik. Var. 33 Inter- Soc. Dance Com. 3. A social asset to Northeast. HARRIS, JEAN FAE It's to Holland for a 'tpenpalf' HATCHITT, JENNELL V. B. 33 G. V. B. 3. I cannot tell a lie. HERMAN, EVELYN Always quiet and friendly. HODSON, FREIDA ELLEN Hockey 43 V. B. Z. Sunny side up. HOWARD, BUSTER You're going to be a big-timer some day, Buster. IHRIG, CLINTON JOEL R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4. A good man for the army. A good man anywhere. JACKSON, REX ARNOLD Stud. Coun. 2, 33 Delph. L. S. 43 Band Z, 33 Football 43 "N" C. 43 Football Mgr. 53 College Y 5. Makes Romeo look like a bashful boy. JOHNSON, VIRGIL A. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Sgt. R. O. T. C. 33 Lieut. 43 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. We'll be reading his name in the papers someday. KACKLEY, INEZ LORRAINE Always friendly, always eager to please. I KELLEY, HELEN LOUISE G. R. 3. -And I am Irish, too. KLASSEN, JANET ERICHA The way to have friends is to be one. LACY, DEXTER JAMES A small man3 but nevertheless, a man. LEE. MARY FRANCES Music Con. 2, 33 A Cap. Chor. 2, 3, 4. Illl sing you a song. MCCLURE, LORRAINE V. B. 2. She is often seen, but seldom heard. MCGHEE, JOHN H. Sgt. R. O. T. C. 3: R. O. T. C. 2, 3. The personality-plus man! MCINDOO, BILL FRANK Quiet, reserved, dignified: but that's what it takes to make a man. McKEE, ESTHER IRENE D. L. S. 3. , Sweet-tempered and friendly, a thor- oughbred in all she does. MCNUTT, KATHLEEN ' Her sweetness is her main asset. MAGEE, RUTH T. L. S. 3, 43 Olympic C. 33 Gen. Hon. Roll 33 G. V. B. 3, 43 V. B. 33 Hockey 4. A lively, intelligent little lady. MARTIN, ELDON Hels a playful engineer, mostly playful. MEANS, MARY LEE Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 33 T. L. S. 43 G. R. Z, 43 Math. C. 2, 33 Math. C. Pres.'3. Success belongs to such a persevering girl. MILLER, PAULYNE L. V. B. 2,33 B. B. 33 Jr. Life Saving 33 T. L. S. 23 Span. C. 23 Olvmpic C. 3. Our class needed a little spice. MORRIS, LEOTA VERNICE Quietness is the wisdom of the ages. MOSCATO, LIBORIA CATHERINE Gen. I-Ion. Roll 4. . A blithe heart makes a bonnie face and cheers the way of others. NELSON, ROBERT WAYNE A quiet young man, but when he speaks- O'NEILL. EDMOND FRANCIS Boys' Chor. 33 A Cap. 33 Solo Con. 3. -And he sang. OST, JACK Everybody likes you, Jack. PAGE, MARY ELIZABETH Girls' Chor. 23 Hockey 4. Through her big brown eyes she sees the bright things of life. PAGE, MAXINE Hockey 4. When did you leave heaven? PURTLE. YALE SHERIDAN R. O. T. C. 23 A Cap. 23 Vik. Rifle C. 2. It's nice to have Yale around. RAYMOND, JACK R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 R. O. T. C. Corp. 33 R. O. T. C. Sgt. 43 R. O. T. C. Lieut. 43 N. S. D. 23 Boys' Chor. 23 Vik. Rifle C. Z. John J. Pershing II in the making. REESE, VESTA BELLE A. L. S. 3. She's Scotch, but not with her smile. RHOADES, MARTHAJANE C. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Gen. Hon. Roll 2,33 G. R. 2. 3 There's music in her fingertips and music in her heart. , ROBB. THERESA MARIE A Cap. 2, 3. Most dependable, most respected, most sincere. ROBROCK, MARY ANN Lat. C. 3, 4. A lady in our midst! ROMANO, NICHOLAS JAMES A likeable chap with a touch of Old Nick himself. SCHULTZ, LeROY Just me! SEEBER, JENNIE LOUISE Dram. C. 23 G. R. 2. A happy smile, a gay greeting--thatls Jennie. SINGLETON, JAMES LEROI Mil. C. 3, 43 Radio C. 2. He'll improve the radio, someday. SLOBOD, LEON Stud. Coun. 33 Mil. C. 3. - 'Tho vanquished, he could argue still. SMITH, CLAYTON LeROY I Another of the ever-present Smiths. STANLEY, ELAINE MAE Olympic C. 43 Seal C. Z3 G.. R. 3, 4. A sweet little lady with a mind of her own. STEVENSON, WALTER TERRENCE R. O. T. C. Corp. 23 R. O. T. C. Sgt. 3, 4. A landmark of Northeast. SYLVESTER, DOROTHY HELEN T. L. S. 33 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 33 G. R. Z. , A nice girl with a charming personality. VAN DER AA, ROBERT EUGENE Stud. Coun. Z3 Stud. Director Band Z, 33 Director Popular Orch. 33 'Drum Major 2, 33 Vik. Var. 2, 3. 41 D1l'CCt0l' Mixer Orch. 33 Sgt. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4. Introducing Van Der Aa and his or- chestra- VAUGHAN, B. C. Football 3, 4. His mind conquers all. VVILLIAMS, WILLIAM HENRY Jr. N. S. D. 33 Rifle C. 2, 3. Curls and a swagger that slays them all. NVILLIAMSON, WILLIAM MAURICE French C. Z, 33 Sgt. Arms Fr. C. ZZ Treas. Fr. C. 33 Pres. Fr. C. 33 Gen. Hon. R011 3. 3 Superior intelligence and a sweet dis- position are valuable assets to any gentleman. YOUNG, CHARLES EDWARD Another of the intelligentsia. ZIMMERMAN, MARGARET FLORENCE A modest but virtuous secretary. ZINGHER, SIMON Vik. Var. 2, 3, 43 B.'L.S. 2,33 Mil. C. 33 Stud. Coun. 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Orch. 2, 33 Popular Orch. 2, 3, 4. When he starts, watch your step! 35 law- THE NORIEASTER Jo 4 ' 1 jf V1 H 5 l el E 1 I i w i I I v ll 3: il l li r l l 4 l l l l l + 3 f . ll l ! 4 1 I fifi 1 J TILFORD DENTON P1 evlzlezzf KENNETH DUNN V160 Pr esulefzf MARY KILROY G1 Iowan PHILIP LYON Secrefap y HELEN HARLAND PEGGY HAMBEL Sergeant uf Arms BOB THOMPSON Reporter MR L A PINKNEY AKIUIYOI SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS When the call was sounded thls fall for us to take our places at the helm of the great V1k1ng sh1p, We answered that call But now our labors have ended, our work IS finxshed Llke all good seamen, we gave our best, and when the seas were rough, We stood by never fa1l1ng 1n our purpose We feel that after these four years We are full fledged old salts We regret leav1ng the sh1p for We leave beh1nd many good txmes, and the thought of leavrng our shrpmates saddens us We feel confident, however that the class of 38 wrll truly upholo the tra d1t1ons set by past semor classes Though fa1lure comes to all of us somet1mes, We should remember the words of the poet, "Our greatest glory 1S never 1n fallmg, but 1n r1s1ng every t1me We fall " TI-U: NOR,EASTER 36 7 gig.- Treaxu ref A it 2 X, l . I, . . , I A Y . E K Q 5 3 ' ' ' , . l K 7 5 P 7 , .. J - 1 - I UNN rf J BEL lrms IKNEY nelm of endedg ugh, We ears we md the :he tra- 2 words ime We Q24 36 SENIOR BALLOT yliffv- THE NOR,EASTER ABELL, JAMES I He sees thc humor of things. ALEXOPOULOS, ANNA Stud. Coun. Z3 H. R. Banker 33 V. Pres. N. Art Hon. S. 3, 43 Annual Art Com. 2, 3, 43 Art Scholastic Award 3. That what will come, and must come, shall come well to you. ALEXOPOULOS, NICKIE HARRY Voyager upon life's sea, to yourself be true, And what eler your lot may be, paddle your own canoe. ALFORD, ROBERT A. B. L. S. 3, 43 Sgt.-at-Arms B. L. S. 43 Treas. B. L. S. 43 Dramatic C. 2, 33 Courier Staff 3, 43 Courier Sports Ed. 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Rep. Hi-Y 4. Just plain "Alf." ALLEN, LORENA MAE 'Tis good will that makes intelligence. ALLISON, GEORGE AUBREY He knew what's what, and that's as high As a metaphysic wit can Hy. ANDERSON, ALETHEA JEANNETTE High Hon. Roll 3, 43 Gen. Hon. Roll Z3 D. L. S. 43 Stud. Coun. 4. Now my tasks are smoothly done, I can fly or I can run. ANDERSON, CARL W. Crack Squad 33 Vik. Var. 33 Lieut. R. O. T. C. 43 Corp. R. O. T. C. 33 Capt. R. O. T. C. 4. I am a soldier and unapt to weep, or to exclaim on fortunels fickleness. ARBUCKLE, AILEEN FERN V. B. Z3 H. R. Banker 2, 33 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. She sees life clearly and sees it whole. ARENSON, HENRIETTE D. L. S. 3, 43 Com. C. 43 Treas. Com. C. 43 Sec. Com. C. 4. I study as if I were to live forever. I live as if I were to die tomorrow. ARMER, JOYCE LOUREVA Spanish C. 2. A light of understanding was lit in thine heart. ARMSTRONG, FORREST L. Good luck befriend thee son3 for at thy birth the fairies danced upon the hearth. ARMSTRONG, MARY She speaks for herself. ARNOLD , MARTHA MAXINE c 2 3 r Life Saving 2, 33 G. V. B. 2, 3, 43 V. B. Orh. , 3J. ' 2, 33 Hockey 2, 3, 4. My tongue within my lips I rein, for who talks much talks in vain. BAGLEY, DeWITT Can't be serious even if he tries. BAKER, HELEN LOUISE T. L. S. Z, 3, 43 Pres. T. L. S. 43 Lit. Contest Winner 33 Rep. Stud. Coun. 43 Feature Ed. Courier 43 G. R. 2, 3, 43 Dramatic C. 3, 43 Off. Dram. C. 4. Too fair to worship, too divine to love. BALL, REBA ' A dry jest, sir . . . I have them at my fingers' end. BARNES, JACK SMITH B. L. s. 3, 4, Treas. B. L. s. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, stud. Coun. 4. He clowned his way into our hearts. BELL, ROBERT E. Football 23 Band 23 Orch. Z. Wisdom is only found in truth. BISCEGLIA, MARY ELIZABETH D. L. S. 43 Courier Staff 3, 43 Orch. H. R. 2. Some people are more nice than wise. BLUNT, DAVID LEE Sgt. R. O. T. C. 3,43 Crack Co. 3, 4 Young fellows will be young fellows. 2, 43 Band 33 Pres. V. P. Printers C. 4. 38 BOWERS. FLOREF Pres. H. R. Z3 5 H. R, Z Zezilous, 1, et mod BROWN. LORRAII' V. ll, Z, 33 I-lock Happy am I3 frt Why nrt-n'I. they . BROWNIL, RICHAI Nat. Hon. S. 3, Pres. B. L. S. 43 33 R. O. T. C. Sg' ll'I'E3S. Hi-Y 43 Li Everywhere in L gain, but what we BURNS, JESSIE M Seal C. 2, 43 D. V. Pres. H. R. 43 Can one desire tor CARPENTER, LOI Art C. 3, 43 Nor! Sugar and spice ai CHILDRESS, HELI A Cappella 3, 43 I Sec. Delph. L. S. Her very frowns 2 Than smiles of ot CLARK, CATHERI She has a quiet, xi CLINE, ELMER S' Annual Art Com. Men of few word: CLORE, MYRTLE Printers C. 43 Jr. Sweetness, pep, gf CLOW, WILMA LC A. L. S. 2, 33 Stu: Gen. Hon. Roll E Nor. Art Com. 3. Thy modesty's a c COLBORN, CHARI Gen. Hon. R011 sl A quiet girl with i COLEMAN, BETTE C. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Cap. 3, 43 Girls' G. R. 2, 3, 43 Stu They were fashion COLEMAN, MARY C. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Ir 3, 43 Girls' Chor. 3, 43 G. R. Cab. 4 They were fashion COLGLAZIER, MAl Nat. Hon. S. 3, 43 Hoc. Mgr. 43 Stu 2, 3, 43 Seal C. 2 V. B. 2, 3, 43 G. V Vik. Var. 2, 3, 4. Too wise to err, to COLLINS, JOE Football 4. Jolly, joyous joking CONE, GERALDIN A. L. S. 2, 43 Rep Staff 3, 43 Annue H. R. 2, 4. Calm, clever, capal CONVERSE, MAUR I had an idea but COOK, RAY Lieut. R. O. T. C. I'll tell the world- COOK, RUTH JANl Vik. Var. 43 Dram Ruth Jane knows ' How to Vex and hc But the folly of h Makes it her sole CORDIER, ALBERT Art C. 2, 3, 43 V. D. 4. Lots of the old pe cheerful fellow. CRACRAFT, KENN Boys' Glee C. 2, 3 If I study. it give: If I donlt, my tn 39 list-- s. N. E. Art Hon. :holastic Award 3. shall come well true, our own canoe. Treas. B. L. S. 45 fourier Sports Ed. h 25 D. L. S. 45 . fly or I can run. O. T. C. 45 Corp. or to exclaim on 1. Roll 3. . C. 45 Sec. Com. ve as if I were to ie heart. y birth the fairies B. 2, 3, 4, V. B. : who talks much Contest Winner 35 :r 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 e. mgers' end. l-Y 2, 3, 45 Stud. , 45 Band 35 Pres. J. P. Printers C. 4. 38 BOWERS, FLORENCE Pres. H. R. 25 Sec. H. R. 35 Stud. Coun. Z5 V. Pres. H. R. Z. Zealous, yet modest. BROWN, LORRAINE V. B. 2, 35 Hockey 2, 3. Happy am I5 from care I'm free! Why arenlt they all contented like me? BROWNE, RICHARD EVANS Nat. Hon. S. 3, 45 B. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Sec. B. L. S. 35 Pres. B. L. S. 45 R. O. T. C. Z, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. Capt. 35 R. O. T. C. Sgt. 35 R. O. T. C. Lieut. 45 Hi-Y 2. 3. 45 Treas. Hi-Y 45 Lit. Con. 2. Everywhere in Life the true question is not what we gain, but what we do. BURNS, JESSIE M. Seal C. 2, 45 D. L. S. 2. 3, 45 Junior Life Saving 2, 35 V. Pres. H. R. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 4. Can one desire too much of a good thing? CARPENTER, LOLA BELLE Art C. 3, 45 Nor'easter Art Staff 3, 4. Sugar and spice and all thatls nice. CHILDRESS, HELEN RUTH A Cappella 3, 45 H. R. Pres. Z, 3, 45 Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Sec. Delph. L. S. 2. 3, 4: Stud. Coun. 2, 3. Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of other maidens are. CLARK, CATHERINE She has a quiet, winning way. CLINE, ELMER STERLING Annual Art Com. Z, 3, 45 N. E. Art Hon. Soc. 3. Men of few words are the best men. CLORE, MYRTLE AILEEN Printers C. 45 Jr. Life Sav. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. Sweetness, pep, good sense-'nuff said. CLOW, WILMA LOUISE A. L. S. Z, 35 Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 45 Art C. 25 Dram. C. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 35 V. Pres. H. R. 45 Nat Art Ex. 25 Nor. Art Com. 3. Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit. COLBORN, CHARLOTTE GENEVA Gen. Hon. Roll 3, 45 Com. C. 4. A quiet girl with remarkable qualities. COLEMAN, BETTY JEAN C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Treas. C. L. S. 45 Sec. C. L. S. 45 A Cap. 3, 45 Girls' Chor. 25 Class Day 35 Vik. Var. 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 Stud. Coun. Z, 35 Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 3, 4. They were fashioned alike. COLEMAN, MARY ANNA C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Init. C. L. S. 45 Rep. C. L. S. 45 A Cap. 3, 45 Girls' Chor. 25 Vik. Var. 45 Class Day 35 G. R. 2, 3, 45 G. R. Cab. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 4. They were fashioned alike. COLGLAZIER, MARY CATHERINE Nat. Hon. S. 3, 45 Sr. Ballot 45 School Blanket 45 Seal 35 Hoc. Mgr. 45 Stud. Coun. 45 Orch. 2, 3, 45 T. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Seal C. 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. S. C. 45 Hoc. Z, 3, 45 V. B. 2, 3, 45 G. V. B. Z, 3, 45 B. B. 35 Hon. Roll Z, 3, 45 Vik. Var. 2, 3, 4. Too wise to err, too good to be unkind. COLLINS, JOE Football 4. Jolly, joyous joking Jo. CONE, GERALDINE A. L. S. 2, 45 Rep. A. L. S. 45 Pres. Dram. C. 4,5 Cour. Staff 3, 45 Annual Art Com. 35 Stud. Coun. 35 Pres. H. R. 2, 4. 5 Calm, clever, capable, are her three C's. CONVERSE, MAURICE I had an idea but it got away. COOK, RAY Lieut. R. O. T. C. 45 Sgt,-at-Arms Rifle C. 4. I'll tell the world-some day. COOK, RUTH JANE Vik. Var. 45 Dram. C. 4. Ruth Jane knows with equal ease, How to Vex and how to please, But the folly of her sex Makes it her sole delight to vex. CORDIER, ALBERT PRICE Srt C. Z, 3, 45 V. Pres. Art C. 45 Stud. Coun. 45 N. S. . 4. Lots of the old pep and ginger make him a likeable and cheerful fellow. CRACRAFT, KENNETH WARREN Boys' Glee C. 2, 3, 4. If I study, it gives me trouble: If I don't, my trouble is double. lie..- 3 9 Ja 1 1 fl A . Ll 3 , i I l , I 4 l 1 J l l . r i . l 1 l i l I . i l i I ,i 1 SZ? fi'- CRADER.ALLETA V B 1 .Al real Iriend to all who know her. CROSS'VHITE, GLENDORA LOUISE T. Li S. 3, 43 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 43 Lat. L. 43 V- If 3- She does her work quietly and well. CRUMPLEY, CHARLES WALTER Laugh and the world laughs with you! CUSHMAN, RUTH DIANA Q Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Pres. Delph. L. S. 4. - A She broke the hearts of the most prominent Vikings. DALEO, ANGELA . T. L. S. 3, 43 Rep. T. L. S. 43 Cour. Staff 43 Oratxon 33 Vik. Var. 33 Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 3, 43 French C. 22 N. E- uvvr 3. Chte, sweet. and petite is she. DANA, WILLIAM M. y Cour. Staff 33 Annual Staff 43 Delph. L. S. 43 Stud. Coun. 3, 4. - Hilarious as a sailor ashore! D'ANGELO, TOMMY ALBERT Imperturbable as a diplomat. DE HART, MARJORIE ELIZABETH C. L. S. 23 Olympic C. 3. . Conscientious and courteous, but costly and contagious. DE JARNETTE, HELEN JUANITA Orchids-or else! Well--gardenias will do. DE MOSS, JACK Vik. Var. 3. He says little, but there's conversation in his eyes. DENNIS, MYRTLE D. L. S. 3, 43 Treas. D. L. S. 43 Pres. H. R. Z. You'll always find fun near Myrtle. DENTON, TILFORD SPARKMAN Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 33 Jr. Class Pres. 33 Stud. Coun. 33 Sr. Class Pres. 4. For he's a jolly good fellow. DERBY, JEAN Jr. Life Saving 33 Vik. Var. Z, 33 Treas. Printers C. 43 Hockey 2, 33 G. V. B. 2, 33 B. B. 2, 33 V. B. 2, 3. Willing and able! DE VORSS. EARL DENTON Band 2, 3, 43 Band Med. 3. Gentle to others, to himself severe. DIMMITT, ARTHUR D. R. O. T. C. 2, 33 Journalism 43 N. S. D. 43 A Cappella 3, 43 Corp. R. O. T. C. 3. There's a good time coming, boys, when Arthur's around. DIRCK, KATHRYN IRENE Zealous, yet modest. DIVEN, RUTH ELIZABETH Sec. Delph. L. S. 43 Sgt. Arms Delph. L. S. 33 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 43 Girls! Chor. Z3 Class Day 33 Vik. Var. 4. Jocund as June. DODGE, BETTY LEE Art C. 33 Com. C. 4. Friendly, fashionable flapperiltis she. DOUGLASS, DERWOOD Daring, dashing Derwood. DUBINER, MOLLIE V. P. Com. C. 53 Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 4. Simplicity is her greatest charm. DUNN, KENNETH HARVEY Pres. Stud. Coun. 43 Pres. Hi-Y 43 V. Pres. Jr. Class 33 Cab. Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Sports Ed. Courier Staff 43 V. Pres. Sr. Class 4. Some are born great3 some achieve greatness3 and some have greatness thrust upon them. 40 EARLS, DOROTHY C. I.. S, 3. 4. Nlusttrs all she ati ELSAS, EDITH MA' Hockey 3, 43 G. X A real sport is she. EVANS, GERALDIIN She's as generous 1 EYSSELL, JANET R A. L. S. 2, 33 A C Jolly, jaunty Janet FAIRBANKS, SUSAIXI P. L. S. Z, 3. Saucy, sagacious Su FARRIS, JACK VALI R. O. T. C. 23 Art Boys will be boys. FEISER, WILLA ED D. L. S. 43 Gen. I-l A human dynamo-. FERRIS, JUANITA I Bus. Mgr. Cour. Stz S. 43 H. R. Off. 23 Hon. Roll 43 Stud. Fair, fairer, fairest . FINK, MARTHA C. L. S. 43 G. R. 4 Sgt.-at-Arms C. L. Cour. Staff 4. Merry, melodious M FITZGEREL, HERBE There's nothing I ca FITZPATRICK, LUCI Light hearted, likeal FOEHLINGER, ALTH C. L. S. 2, 3, 43X 2, 3, 43 Stud. Coun Gen Hon. Roll 4. -and she likes red F OLKERT, CHARLES Basketball 3, 43 For Red's his nickname- FUNK, LOIS L. Stud. Coun. 43 G. V An all around girl. FYOCK, LORAINE M Lovely, loquacious L GABLER, EDNA GRI Sec. Printers C. 43 Gracious, grateful Gr GAMMILL, HOYVARD Orch. 23 Band 3, 43 High school bred: he GARGOTTA, JOSEPH Sgt.-at-Arms Com. C You can't have your GAUTIER, DOROTHA Courier Staff 43 C. Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 'dorable, dee-lightful GEPHART, ROLEEN V. B. 2. We've heard some m GERHART, DONALD V. P. Glee C. 33 A C Unconscious of his c 41 Lat. C. 4: V. B. 3. I .S.4. minent Vikings. Staff 45 Oration 3i5 French C. 25 N. E. Jh. L. S. 45 Stud. ,tly and contagious. ill do. 1 in his eyes. es. H. R. Z. Class Pres. 35 Stud. 'reas. Printers C. 45 ,sg v. B. 2, 3. S. D. 45 A Cappella hen Arthur's around. ph. L. S. 35 A Cap- 5 Day 35 Vik. Var. 4. he. s, 4. V. Pres. Jr. Class 35 rier Staff 45 V. Pres. greatness5 and some 40 EARLS, DOROTHY DE MERCE C. L. S. 3, 4. Masters all she attempts. ELSAS, EDITH MAE Hockey 3, 45 G. V. B. 35 B. B. 3. A real sport is she. EVANS, GERALDINE She's as generous as the sea. EYSSELL, JANET MAY A. L. S. Z, 35 A Cappella Chor. 4. Jolly, jaunty Janet. FAIRBANKS, SUSAN MARY T. L. S. 2, 3. Saucy, sagacious Susan. FARRIS, JACK VALENTINE R. O. T. C. 25 Art C. 3, 45 B. L. S. 4. Boys will be boys. FEISER, WILLA EDITH D. L. S. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 4. A human dynamo-she generates pep. FERRIS, JUANITA MARIE Bus. Mgr. Cour. Staff 45 A. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Chap. A. L. S. 45 H. R. Off. 25 Art C. 35 Treas. A. L. S. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 45 Stud. Coun. 4. Fair, fairer, fairest Ferris. FINK, MARTHA C. L. S. 45 G. R. 45 A Cappella Chor. 45 Vik. Var. 45 Sgt.-at-Arms C. L. S. 45 Cour. Staff 45 Ed.-in-Chief Cour. Staff 4. Merry, melodious Martha. FITZGEREL, HERBERT EARL There's nothing I can't do. FITZPATRICK, LUCILLE JUNE Light hearted, likeable Lucille. FOEHLINGER, ALTHEA JO C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Vik. Var. 45 G. R. Cab. 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 45 A Cap. Chor. 45 Art Staff 45 Gen Hon. Roll 4. -and she likes red heads. FOLKERT, CHARLES Basketball 3, 45 Football 4. Red's his nickname-need I say more? FUNK, LOIS L. Stud. Coun. 45 G. V. B. 35 B. B. 25 Letter An' all around girl. FYOCK, LORAINE MARIE Lovely, loquacious Loraine. rrN:: 4. Sec. Printers C. 45 Printers C. 3, 4. Gracious, grateful Grace. GAMMILL, HOWARD S. Orch. 25 Band 3, 45 Stage Crew 4. High school bred: he had a four year loaf. GARGOTTA, JOSEPH THOMAS Sgt.-at-Arms Com. C. 45 R. O. T. C. 2. You can't have your pie, and eat it too. GABLER, EDNA GRACE GAUTIER, DOROTHA M. Courier Staff 45 C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. H. R. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 45 Dramatic C. 4. 'dorable, dee-lightful Dorotha. GEPHART, ROLEEN FRANKIE V. B. 2. We've heard some mighty nice things about her. GERHART, DONALD V. P. Glee C. 35 A Cap. 45 Dramatics 2. Unconscious of his own charm. 4 1 Egg..- OIALDI IONI JOSI IH Gen Hon Roll 2 3 Study? lhem days are om forexer HULIKAHL JOA5 GILBERT MARTHA GALE l 'l'. l.. S. Z. 33 C L 3 4 N0r'easter 3, 43 Cen. An active, am-3 n Roll 2 3 4 G R 3 4 Sgt at-Arms 4g French IIOISINGION D Club Off 4 Courier Staff 4 lzxerythm s in rhvthm mth my hear GILPIX WINONA Home Room Sec Z A brand of ood quality GOODNIAN EDX'IHL IXIAL Shes more than just a redhead GRANIT LORIS I I L t. S 2 3 4 Treas A L S 3 4, Art C. 3, 4, Sec Art K, 3 4 V E Art Hon Soc. 3, 4g Scholastic C ntet 3 4 Winner Schol Con. 35 Art. Com. 3, H R Off 3 Lovely languid Loris GRAVLS ED S One xast substantial smile' GRLLN CHARLENE DEE Stud Coun 3 4 Gen Hon Roll 2 3 Charming cheerful Charlene GUNIER MARY ELIZABETH Ires Printers Club 4 Printers Club 3 She would if she could but she cant GWARTNEY SUSIE IRENE V B234HOCkeyZ34VBZ3 B 4 Jr Life Saving 2, 33 Little I ' Big IX 3 Vo one knous how much she does kn HAERER IMOGENE LOUISE Pop Orch 3 4 Mixer Orch. 3 4. To know her IS to like her HAERER MARJORIE MAE 4, H. R. Off, 3. 4. so she wonlt. . . , QB. B. ow. Just the kind of a girl you want to be. HAMBEL PEGGX urier Staff 3 Sec C L S. 4' V. Pres. C. L. S. 45 T eas Jr Class 3 Pres H R. 3' Pres. C. L. S. 4: u Coun 4 Hockey 2 3 4' V. B. 2, 3, 4, B. B. 2 3 4 Sat at Arms Sr Class 4. Stay as sweet as you are HAMMER SARA Olympic C 4 I m just lost in a fog HARDY FERNE Sweet and slou HARLANID HELEN LUCILLE Coun 3 Sec r ass 3' A. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Pres A L S 4 Dram C. 3 4' Treas. Dram. C. 3 4 Ring gl Pin Com 4 Gift. . Class 4, Gen. Hon. Roll 4 Gee but you re swell HARRIS H B The height of fun and frollc HARRISON ELIZABETH LEE Courier Staff 4 D L S 2 Vitality and Vim HAUSER FRED Its all ln a ay HECK EIHLL JANL Stud Coun 2 Shes youn fair and wise HENDERSON THOMAS YORRESTER A rising young son of Kansas City. HEVKE, HAROLD W Ewen Hon Roll 2, 3, Pres H R. 4, Cashier in Cafeteria We can honestly say 'We like him." I, ". V. 4. ff s vs D . L , . L D. .S. 2,3, Fr. C. Z,., 3 Ho. , , 3. . . , 3 .-' .V .'U,' . v. ' 1, . T 1 . A7 1 U . l ' v ,, ,. , 4 'f r r v4 i - I , . . A. . .i, , 3 . . . . . . . , 3.1. 4. . o s , : . . , . , - rv 4 I I , . . . 74' I 4 4 1 .I . , 5 . . , , , . 7 , 4 3 'K . ' 4 - A , Y, , , G- - - , , 1 , , 1 Z, 35 Mgr. G. V. . g . LKV13. - :tru , . , - . S y 1 1 - - f 3 - y y , 4 , 7 Co 5 . . . , r . . 5 . . , Std. . 3 , , , ,Z 1 ".- - - I. , 4. , 1 n Stud. . 3 . J. Cl , V. . . g .. , , , 5 . 3 Sr . 7 4 , . , . . , 4 A 4 ' 44 9 . . . . 4 4 4 ,- d . .. ,,. 4. -1. , ,' J '. V. C., , - .4 J L 42 May we call yo HOOVER, ABRAI- He believes in b. HOOVER, CECILl Delph. L. S. 43 Courteous thongl HOPKINS, JACK Full of pep and HOUSER, WAYNE Curly hair isn't HOUSH, ELIZABE She lives in the HUBBARD, ORLIQ Couldn't bc one he? HUFF. JONNIE D. L. S. 25 Hoc H. R. 3. I want to be nau HUTCHINS, JOSIil Time marches on HYLTON, ALB'ER'l N. S. D. 45 Sec. Stud. Coun. 4. Mlsogynist and I4 ISHMAEL, VIRGIN Her sweetness revf JACKMAN, VIRGIl A Cap. 43 Girls' Class Day 3. She has the charm JECKER, FRANK Does X mark the JOHN, CHARLOTT She likes to go pl JOHNSON, ALMED T. L. S. 3, 4, Co Hockey 3, 45 B. l A ready wit, a he A brilliant mind, , JOHNSON, EILEEN T. L. S. Z, 3, 45. Roll 3g Fr. C. 2, A girl of true mer JONES, MARY WIL Art C. 2, 33 Com. Sweet, demure Ma JONES, VIRGIL Met. Shop Forema He is conspicuous KELLY, JOHN EDI Quiet as a mouse! KERR. MAXINE She likes the prettl 4 3 1,134 .- 'easter 3. 4: GCD- it-Arms 4: Fr9I1Cl1 lrt. ,4g Art C. 3, rc. 3, 4, Scholastic 3, Art. Com. 33 3, 4g H. R. Off. 3. 5, 4 Y 't so she won t. v. B. 2, 3, B. B. Saving 2, 35 Little know. be. V. Pres. C. L. S. 4: g Pres. C. L. S. 45 .B. 2, 3, 4: B. B- A. L. S. Z 2, 5, 4 4, Treas. Dram. C. Class 4, Gen. Hon. 'ER g Cashier in Cafeteria I7 -..sit 42 HOERATH, JOAN T. L. S. Z, 3: Com. C. 4, Girls' Chor. 3, 4. An active, attractive Vi Queen. HOISINGTON, DOROTHY CORRINE May we call you Dot? HOOVER, ABRAHAM CLATIN He believes in being seen, but not heard. HOOVER, CECILE EVERLY Delph. L. S. 4, Sec. D. L. S. 4. Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired. HOPKINS, JACK MAURICE Full of pep and fun. HOUSER, WAYNE EUGENE Curly hair isn't his only good point. HOUSH, ELIZABETH C. She lives in the crowd of jollity.. HUBBARD, ORLIN - ' A ' Couldn't be one of Mother Hubbard's children, could he? . HUFF, JONNIE - - - D. L. S. 2, Hockey 2, 3, 43 V. B. 2, Seal C. 23 Sec. H. R. 3. I want to be naughty and still be nice. HUTCHINS. JOSEPH JAMES Time marches on and so do I. HYLTON, ALBERT N. S. D. 45 Sec. N. S. D. 43 R. O. T. C. Lieut. 43 Stud. Coun. 4. Misogynist and Iconoclast. ISHMAEL, VIRGINIA LEE Her sweetness reveals her charm. JACKMAN, VIRGINIA MARIE A Cap. 4, Girls' Chor. 2, 3, Sec. of Girls' Chor. 33 Class Day 3. r ,- - .- V She has the charm and grace of a true Vi Queen. JECKER, FRANK . Does X mark the spot? JOHN, CHARLOTTE , She likes to go places. JOHNSON, ALMEDA ' T. L. S. 3, 45 Cour. Staff. 4, G. R. 3, 4g G. V. B. 3, Hockey 3, 4, B. B. Z, P35 V. B. 3. A ready wit, a heart of. gold, A brilliant mind, are hers, we're told. JOHNSON, EILEEN MAE T. L. S. 2, 3, 4, Sec. Fr. C. 43 V. B. 2, 3, Gen. Hon. R011 3, Fr. C. 2, 3, 4. A girl of true merit. JONES, MARY WILMA Art C. 2, 35 Com. C. 43 Physiog. C. 4. Sweet, demure Mary. JONES, VIRGIL Met. Shop Foreman 3. He is conspicuous by his silence. KELLY, JOHN EDMOND Quiet as a mouse! We wonder? KERR, MAXINE She likes the prettier things in life. 43 KEYS, MAYE JANE That southern accent. KILROY, DIARY Nl. C. L. S. 2, 3, 4, Pres. C. L. S. 4, V. Pres. C. L. S. 4g Stud. Coun. 2, 3, 4, Sec. Stud. Coun. 4.: Second V. Pres. Stud. Coun. 4, Gift. Sr. Class 43 Gift- JF- C121SS 33 Ed. Cour. 4, Sr. Ballot 4g Gen. Hon. Roll V4. U When her Irish eyes are smiling, the world is bright and gay. KNOX, LEONARD J. Quiet but always ready for fun. LAMA, LAURA VIRGINIA Q Y Vik. Var. 3, 4, Solo Con. 3, 4, A Cap. 3, 43 Girls Chor. 2, German C. Z3 G. R. 45 Cour. Staff 4. The song bird of the West. LEVENS. EDWARD Pres. Stamp C. 4. . His hobby? VVe know, stamp collecting. LINENDOLL, GUYNITH DARLENE Little said but much done. LIPPOLD, JERRY Lost-a brief case with all my knowledge. LITTLE, LADDIE L. Football 2, 3, 4g Pres. H. R. Z, 3, 43 Cour. Staff 4. Oh, girls, what a boy! LOGAN, KATHRYN MAY D. L. S. 3, 4, Init. D. L. S. 45 A Cap. 3, 4, Vik. Var. 3, 4, Hygea' C. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 3, Class Day 3, Girls' Chor. 2. When she gets on the street car, the ads aren't worth a nickel. LONG, JACKSON My life is one hard grind. LOWES, VIOLET MAY I We all envy her charms and sweet disposition. LUCAS, ROGER Lucky Lucas! LUJIN, CAROLYN ELIZABETH Pres. H. R. 33 H. R. Banker 4, Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 3. I wanna dance wid de guy what brung me. LYON, PHILIP Nor'easter Bus. Mgr. 43 Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Nat. Hon. S. 4, Pres. Delph. L. S. 33 Treas. Delph. L. S. 33 Stud. Coun. 3, Sec. Jr. Class 4, Sr. Ballot 43 Ring 81 Pin Com. 4g Sec. Lat. C. 3, Stud. Coun. 3, Sec. Sr. Class 4, Hi-Y 4, Gen. Hon. R. 2. Hels what all the girls wanted . . . but didnlt get! MCCLURE, MELVIN A nice chap with a pleasant way. McDONALD, DOROTHY ANN D. L. S. Z. She collects pictures-but whose? McDONALD, PEGGY PALMER Can we call you 'tbaby"? MCINTYRE, HELEN LOUISE H. R. Sec. 25 H. R. V. Pres. 33 Physiology C. 3. She looks like one of those girls that you see in "Vogue.l' MCMILLIN, MILDRED AILENE A future Paris designer. MCNELLIS, JOSEPH A. He sees the funny side of life. MADDOX, MARY LAVERNE Gen. Hon. Roll 3. A merry little maid is Mary. --veit 44 MANLEY. J R. H. R, Rep. 2, Coun. Z, 3. He is clever ant yourself. MARSH, WILLIAI Another fun lovi MATSON, LAURA T. L. S. ' 4. Stud. May I have the METCALFE, FRAI Girls' Chor. Z, 3 Another moongloi MICHAUX, GERAl Orch. 2, 3, 4, SU Oh la, la, maderr MILLER, HELEN H. R. Sec. 3. Short, but sweet. MOORE, FRANCIS R. O. T. C, 2, 3 Radio C. 23 A C A singing soldier. MORGAN, HERMA He's another that MORGAN, MARY A. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Sgt.-at-Arms D. C Hands off, fellows MORINO, ANNET'I High Hon. Roll 4, S. 33 Gen. Hon. I A female McClelli MORROW, LAURA H. R. Sec. 2. Orchids to Morrow of luck to Morrow MURDOCH, JANET A. L. S. 3. One in a million! MURPHY, JOSEPH Best of luck to yo! NEWTON, DOROTIE Sec. H. R. 3. She possesses a po NORDVEDT. ESTH. Pres. Olympic C. 4 V. B. Z, 3, 43 B. 35 Seal C. 35 Jr. I A baby Olympic. NORFLEET, SHIRLI Neither swift Nor OATES, MABEL Gcn. Hon. Roll 3, '1 She has a quiet ck humor. ONOFRIO, MICHAE Football 3, 4. He's the kind that ORTO, SEBASTIAN , A self made. hard ' OVERSHINER, RAY He studies hard-w, PARKES. DON H. Sgt. R. O. T. C. 45 --and hes a red he 45 lie '- res. C. L. S. 41 . 43 Second V. Gift. Jr. Class n. Roll 4. v world is bright ap. 3, 43 Girls' . Staff 4. dge. Cour. Staff 4. i, 3, 43 Vik. Var. 33 Class Day 33 ads aren't worth sposition. n. Hon. Roll 2, 3. ng me. S. 2, 3, 43 Nat. as. Delph. L. S..31 Gr. Ballot 43 R1ng ud. Coun. 33 Sec. , 2. rut didn't get! ysiology C. 3. at you see in -..if 44 MANLEY, J R. H. R. Rep. Z, 33 Corp. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Stud. Coun. 2, 3. He is clever and capable-and lets you find it out for yourself. MARSH, WILLIAM Another fun loving chap. MATSON, LAURA DEY T. L. S. 43 Stud. Coun. 43 Gen. Hon. Roll 4. May I have the next Romance with you? METCALFE, FRANCES HELEN Girls' Chor. 2, 33 A Cap. Chor. 3, 4. Another moonglow girl. MICHAUX, GERALDINE Orch. 2, 3, 43 Stud. Coun. 4. Oh la, la, mademoiselle! MILLER, HELEN EVELYNE H. R. Sec. 3. Short, but sweet. MOORE, FRANCIS EDWARD R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Boys' Glee C. 2, 33 I-Ii-Y 2, 33 Radio C. Z3 A Cap. 4. A singing soldier. MORGAN, HERMAN LEE Hels another that we wonlt be forgetting soon. MORGAN, MARY JANE A. L. S. 2, 3, 43 Pres. A. L. S. 43 Dramatic C. 3, 43 Sgt.-at-Arms D. C. 43 Gen. Hon. Roll Z. Hands off, fell0WS3 she's already taken MORINO, ANNETTA JOSEPHINE High Hon. Roll 43 H. R. Treas. 23 Art C. 43 Art Hon. S. 33 Gen. Hon. Roll 3. A female McClelland Barclay. MORROW, LAURA H. R. Sec. Z. Orchids to Morrow, Gardenias to Morrow, and a plenty of luck to Morrow. MURDOCH, JANET VIRGINIA A. L. S. 3. One in a million! MURPHY, JOSEPH HAROLD Best of luck to youl NEWTON, DOROTHY JANE Sec. H. R. 3. She possesses a poise which we all envy. NORDVEDT. ESTHER MARIE Pres. Olympic C. 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 G. V. B. 2, 3, 43 V. B. 2, 3, 43 B. B. 2, 3, 43 Little "N" 23 Big "N" 33 Seal C. 33 Jr. Life Saving 2, 3. A baby Olympic. ' NORFLEET, SHIRLEY Neither swift Nor Fleet, she is pretty and sweet. OATES, MABEL Gen. Hon. Roll 33 Treble Clef Z, 33 D. L. S. 23 A Cap. 4. She has a quiet charming manner and a keen sense of humor. ONOFRIO, MICHAEL JOHN Football 3, 4. He's the kind that has a good time wherever he goes. ORTO, SEBASTIAN JOSEPH A self made. hard Working fellow. OVERSHINER, RAY HAMMOND He studies hard-who is she? PARKES, DON H. Sgt. R. O. T. C. 43 Crack Co. 2, 33 Stud. Coun. 4. -and lie's a red head. 45 3353'- PARKS. MARY ETHEL Hockey 4. V Friendly and sparkling with fun-thats Mary. PARSONS, MARY NADINE Hockey 2, 45 Delph. L. S. 2. Did I remember? PETREE, LLOYD FRANKLIN The perfect gentleman. POSLICK, MILDRED JUANITA A jolly good friend. I POTTER, MAYME ESTELLE The best things come in bits. POWELL, DUDLEY FORBES Stud. Coun. 3, 45 Cheer Leader 45 Hon. Roll 35 Delph. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 Pres. H. R. 35 V. Pres. H. R. 2. The beginning of all things is small. REED, EUGENIA HARRIETT Vik. Var. 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chor. 2, 35 A Cap. 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 G. V. B. 35 V, B. 35 Hockey 35 C. L. S. 3, 4. Our "Dancing Lady!" REESE, JEAN LESLEY A. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Sgt.-at-Arms A. L. S. 45 Cour. Staff 45 Stud. Coun. 4. Winsome and gentle. RENNISON, ROSA LEE Hockey 2, 3, 45 G. V. B. 2,35 B. B. 25 V. B. 2, 3. She has a likeable personality. RHODUS, G. T. . He is a very interesting character-so she says! RITTERMEYER, VIRGINIA LENORA Sec. D. L, S. 45 Treas. D. L. S. 35 Sgt.-at-Arms D. L. S. 25 D. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 3, 45 H. R. Sec. 2, 3. She possesses a definite charm. ROHSENOW, WARREN MAY Sec. Hi-Y 45 Band 3, 45 Pop. Orch. 45 Vik. Var. 45 N. S. D. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 3, 45 Millikan C. 4. Whatls Paderewski got that he hasn't? RUSH, HELEN VINITA ' A. L. S. 3, 45 Init. A. L. S. 45 Art C. Z, 3, 45 Treas. Art C. 3, 45 Sec. Art. C. 45 News Editor Cour. 45 School Life Ed. Annual 45 Gen. Hon. Roil 2, 3, 4. The answer to any man's prayer. RUSSELL, JEWELL Delph. L. S. 4. 5' Of sterling worth and full of mirth. SCHNEIDER, ANDREW WILLIAM -and his hair's curly, girls! SCHULTZ, DOROTHY JEAN D. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Pres. D. L. S. 45 V. Pres. D. L. S. 35 Init. D. L. S. 25 Vik. Var. 2, 3, 45 G. V. B. '25 Cour. Staff 45 Pep C. 3. She is pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on- SCHUSLER, RICHARD ALLEN Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 N. S. D. 45 Pop. Orch. 4. Prince of wails. SCHWENK, HELEN LOUISE Critic A. L. S. 45 A. L. S. Z, 3, 45 V. Pres. H. R. 4. ' Easy to look at SHARP, HARRY ROBERT Always on the sharp-never flat. SHELTON, MARY ELIZABETH Small, but full of energy. SHEPARD, JIM Ex. Com. Stud. Coun. 25 Stud. Coun. Z, 35 Hi-Y Cab. 25 H1-Y Z, 3, 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 35 N. S. D. Z5 Band Z5 Nat. Hon. Soc. 45 Track 4. ---and he looks just like Gene Raymond. 46 SllI'.l'HlCRlJ, BETVI if. L, Ti. 4' Lit. How on earth C31 flown in her eyes SIAIONS, FRANCE. High. Hon. Roll 45 T. L. S. 2, 3, She's of the flyii School in three yi SLATER. MARGUEI H. R. Rep. 2, 3. Her modesty is r SMITH. BETTY Rl D. L. S. 2, 3, 4, A Cap. Chor. 2, V. Pres. D. L. S. How's your S. P.Z' SMITH, CLIFFORD N. S. D. Z, 3, 45 He's a social lion, SMITH, DOROTHY No one knew her 1 SMITH, HELEN Mi Steady and consists SMITH, NORA E. G. V. B. 35 V. B. She possesses a ski SNIDER, ZOLA LE1 Dramatic C. 4. Her friendship is a SPARKS, EARL JOH A Cap. 2, 3, 45 Br What a voice! SPENCER, ETHEL I Girls' Chor. 2, 3, 4 She does her work SPENCER, ROWLAIN B. L. S. 3, 45 V. P Our own Northeast STARR, NEVA Starr bright, Starr l She never fails to STEPHENS, MARIAI Vik. Var. 2. 3, 45 3, 45 Seal C. 45 I V. B. 2, 3, 4: B. l She's a buck and wi STILL, MARY ELIZi Dramatic C. 55 Ch: So still as ali of tha SUTHERLIN, LOUIS1 A. L. S. 45 Gen. l matic C. 4. She gut what other TANKERSLEY, GEOI No girl is happy wh TAULBERT, MILDRI C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Ol 35 Nat. Hon. Soc. 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, V. B. 2, 3, 4: Nor'4 She's a real star. esl TAYLOR. MARIAN J Pleasant and sincere TAYLOR, ROSE Olympic C. Z5 G. I A good girl-good at THOMAS. DOROTHY A brand of good qu. 47 lie- ' Us Mary. . Roll 35 Delph. L. V. Pres. H. R. 2. A Cap. 45 G. R. 4 . J o, C. L. S. 3, 4. . S. 45 Cour. Staff .. 2, V. B. 2, 3. o she says! X Sgt.-at-Arms D. L. .. 3, 45 Gen. Hon. 1. 45 Vik. Var. 45 5 Millikan C. 4. L? C. Z, 3, 45 Treas. as Editor Cour. 45 n. Roil 2, 3, 4. l , V. Pres. D. L.!S. 3, 45 G. V. B. 25 ,vitty to talk with, h. 4. 5 V. Pres. H. R. 4. ln. 2, 35 Hi-Y Cab. Z, 35 N. S. D. 25 4. nond. 46 SHEPHERD, BETTY C. C. L. S. 41 Lit. Cont. Winner 35 Art. Com. 4. How on earth can she be so wise, when mischief lurks down in her eyes? SIMONS, FRANCES LOUISE High. Hon. Roll 2, 35 Fr. C. 2, 3, 45 V. Pres. Fr. C. 45 T. L. S. 2, 3, 4. She's of the flying Simons-she flew through High School in three years. SLATER. MARGUERITE H. R. Rep. 2, 3. Her modesty is refreshing. SMITH, BETTY RUTH D. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Rep. D. L. S. Z5 Girls' Glee C. 2: A Cap. Chor. Z, 3. 45 Dram. C. 3, 45 Cour. Staff 4: V. Pres. D. L. S. 4. How's your S. P.? SMITH, CLIFFORD B. N. S. D. 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. Z, 3, 45 Stud. Coun. 4. He's a social lion, and you should hear him roar. SMITH, DOROTHY LORENE No one knew her thoughts and they were many. SMITH, HELEN MAXINE Steady and consistent. SMITH, NORA E. G. V. B. 35 V. B. 35 Track 3. She possesses a skillful and graceful athletic ability. SNIDER, ZOLA LEE Dramatic C. 4. Her friendship is a valuable treasure. SPARKS, EARL JOHN A Cap. 2. 3, 45 Boys' Chor. Z, 3. What a voice! SPENCER, ETHEL MARIE Girls' Chor. 2, 3, 4. She does her work quietly and well. SPENCER, ROWLAND B. L. S. 3, 45 V. Pres. H. R. 45 Vik. Var. 3. Our own Northeast Robert Taylor. STARR, NEVA Starr bright, Starr light She never fails to delight. STEPHENS, MARIAN KATHRYN Vik. Var. 2. 3, 45 Delph. L. S. 25 Gen. Hon. Roll Z. 3, 45 Seal C. 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 V. B. Z, 3, 45 G. V. B. 2, 3, 42 B. B. 2, 3, 4. Shels a buck and wing gal. STILL, MARY ELIZABETH - Dramatic C. 55 Charity Speaker 4. So still as ali of that? SUTHERLIN, LOUISE A. L. S. 45 Gen. Hon. Roll 45 Stud. Coun. 45 Dra' matic C. 4. She got what other girls wanted. TANKERSLEY, GEORGIA LEE No girl is happy who does not think so herself. TAULBERT, MILDRED PEARL C. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Olympic C. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 2: Pep C. 35 Nat. Hon. Soc. 45 Jr. Life Saving 35 Stud. Coun. 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 45 G. V. B. Z, 3,45 B. B. 2.3: V. B. Z, 3, 4: Nor'easter Staff 4: Gen. Hon. Roll Z, 3. She's a real star. especially with Bob. TAYLOR, MARIAN JEAN Pleasant and sincere. TAYLOR, ROSE Olympic C. 25 G. R. 2. A good girl-good at anything. THOMAS, DOROTHY LOUISE A brand of good quality. 47 le ' 5'Z'l THONIPSOX FRANCES LEE L 4 Co She who tries will be rewarded THONIPSONI JAMES His art IS rt THOMPSON MARX VIRGINIA Olympic C 3 Treble Clef Z 3 4 Vk Xar 4 H R 3 4 Ingenuity 15 an art in itself THOMPSON BOB A V Pres Stud Coun 4 Jr Class Off 3 Stud Coun 4 H1X Ca Z 3 H1Y 2 3 4 Cheerleade nd2NSDZGenHonRoll234SrCs 4 ng Kr in Com at on Ballot 4 A brilliant student with a winning disposition. VENTO KATIE She fulfills her obligations WADE JULE ENIID L 4' .... 3 A C p 2 3 4 Girls The kmd of a girl we all admire WAGEMAN HAROLD EDWARD Dynamite comes in small packages WAITS EDWIN ALLEN Well known for his silence WALKER BETTX JEAN L S ALS4Dr.C.3: d. Coun 4 Gen Hon Roll 3 Cour Stff 4' V. Pres. L What a darling' WALLACE AUDREY A L S 4 French C 3 Copy Ed Cour. Staff 4. To meet her is to like her WALLACE GERALDINE FRANCES Cour Staff 4 Inter Soc Dance Com 4' Vik. Var. 4' B HRBa er4 DramC4T .... She is a laughing peppy dame always joking, always game never newer quite the same WALLER BOB WESLEY c 2 3 S Vk Vr.3 4'Sen'r Play 4 Gen Hon Roll 2 Buddy Ebsen II WEBER ROBERT He says little but thinks much WEIR JOHN C Nat Art Hon Soc 2 3 4 Art Com Annual 2' Radio Club 3 He speaks when he thinks thats why he is so quiet. WEIR LAURA JEANI Art Club 4 She is gentle she is shy There s a merry light in her eye VVETZ H WILLIAM D 3 4 Band Z 3 4 Vik Z' Hi-Y . His quietness is surpassed by none XVHIPPLE ALFRED H Jr t R O T C He wants to be a Magor General XVHITE JUANITA INIAE Olympic C 3 Com C Footloose and fancy free WILLIAMS ERVIX Viking Varieties 2 Twinkle twinkle little star As an architect youll go far WILSOY BARBARA A Cap Chor 2 3 4 Girls 1 r 2 Stud. Coun. Z' H hHon Roll3 Gen Hn Roll 2 3 4' Sr. Bat She s dh htful d lovelv d lovable WIR'IH'XIAN GEORGE JANIES Football 2 3 4 Track 3 All Star Football 4. There are smiles that make you happy-and can this athlete smile! -..sgit 4 8 CROWIC. ANNETT D. L. S. 33 Gen Span. C. 3g Trea A small package CURTEMAN, DAL Clothes make the DUNIGAN, VIRGI Stud. Coun. 2, R ism 2, 3, Crack I He has a way wi GOODFELLOXN, BI She's a jewel. LITTLE, CHARLES You canit tell by MANDACINA, MII A sure shot. MAYER, ELOISE C She's shy, like an PATTI, SALVATOR He knew what we SCHREIBER, DORC Though new to N TORBERT, RODNE Boys' Glee C. 3, 4 Boys' Quartette 4. Sing song, sing so WARREN, EULA ID Hockey 2, 35 B. H 4g V. B. 35 Tracl Vik. Var. 2. She never tires of WHITESIDE, LAVEI R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4g Rifle Club 2, 3, It was a hard ng R. 0. T. C. WISEMAN, PHYLOI D. L. S. 2, 45 Stu More short than ta WOODSON, LAWRE I am sufficient unl WOODWORTH, HEI Band 2, 3: Orche: These redheads! WRIGHT, BETSY R If silence is golden YVRIGHT, BETTY If C. L. S. 2, 33 Sr. Her admirers run 1' YOUNG, MILDRED Delph. L. S. 2. She will never grow YOUNG. GEORGE E The gift of gab is 3 YOUNKIN, RILLA J D. L. S. 4. Another Northeast RUSSELL. MARY L4 A. L. S. 2, 3, 4, A Cap. Chor. 2, 3 L. S. 4. She mixes reason w 49 ik. Var. 45 H. R. f. 35 Stud. Coun. 45 Cheerleader 45 2. 3, 45 Sr. Class Hon. S. 45 Sr. sposition. 45 Sec. D. L. S. Z. Dram. C. 3: Stud. Staff 45 V. Pres. Sour. Staff 4. . 45 Vik. Var. 45 45 T. L. 5.4. iys joking, always Var. 3, 45 Senior . Annual 25 Radio hy he is so quiet. r. 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 25 Stud. Coun. 25 2, 3, 45 Sr. Ballot ootball 4. ppy-and can this -..sal 48 CROWE, ANNETTE JESSELYN D. L. S. 35 Gen. Hon. Roll 2, 45 Span. C. 3, 45 Sec. Span. C. 35 Treas. Span. C. 4. A small package of energy and willingness CURTEMAN, DALE Clothes make the man. DUNIGAN, VIRGIL Stud. Coun. 25 R. O. T. C. 2. 3, 45 Lieut. 25 Journal- ism 2, 35 Crack Co. 25 Rifle C. 2, 3, 4. He has a way with the girls. GOODFELLOW, BETTY FAYE Shels a jewel. LITTLE, CHARLES You can't tell by a name. MANDACINA, MIKE LOUIS A sure shot. MAYER, ELOISE CHARLOTTE She's shy, like an elf. PATTI, SALVATORE He knew what was what! SCHREIBER, DORCAS JEAN Though new to Northeast shelll not be forgotten soon. TORBERT, RODNEY Boys' Glee C. 3, 45 V. Pres. Glee C. 35 Vik. Var. Z, 35 Boys' Quartette 4. Sing song, sing song boy. WARREN, EULA IMOGENE Hockey 2, 35 B. B. 2, 35 T. L. S. 2, 3, 45 Cour. Staff 45 V. B. 35 Track 2, 35 Olympian C. 25 Seal C, 35 Vik. Var. 2. She never tires of dreaming. WHITESIDE, LAVERN R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Lieut. R. O. T. C. 45 Rifle Team 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. It was a hard fight, but he made it: Lieutenant of R. O. T. C. WISEMAN, PHYLOMENE D. L. S. 2, 45 Stud. Coun. 2. More short than tall. WOODSON, LAWRENCE EDWARD I am sufficient unto myself. WOODWORTH, HELEN LOUISE Band 2, 35 Orchestra 4. These redheads! WRIGHT, BETSY ROSS If silence is golden, she'd be a brass band. VVRIGHT, BETTY JO C. L. S. 2, 35 Sr. Ballot 4. Her admirers run from coast to coast. YOUNG, MILDRED BERNICE Delph. L. S. Z. She will never grow old. YOUNG, GEORGE EDWARD The gift of gab is given only to a few. YOUNKIN, RILLA JANE D. L. S. 4. Another Northeast girl makes good. RUSSELL, MARY LOUISE A. L. S. 2, 3, 45 G. R. Z, 3, 45 Girls' Glee C. 23 A Cap. Chor. 2, 3, 45 Solo Cont. 35 Sgt.-at-Arms A. L. S. 4. She mixes reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth. 49 lk..- BLASCO, SAMUEL Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 45 Track Z, 3, 43 POD. Orch. 3, 4, Courier Staff 4, Vik. Var. 3, 4- He pleases all. BURCH, VIOLET Journalism 4, C. L. S. 3, 4, G. R. 4. What is beautiful is goody who is good will also be beautiful. CADY, WM. HERBERT A friend to all, foe to none. GIOCONDA, LENA Cashier Z, Vik. Var. 3, Stud. Coun. 4, Dramatic C. 4. As quiet as a school mouse. HILDEBRAND, MARY LaVERNE French C. Z, 33 C. L. S. 3, 4g Courier Staff 4. What a little girl. Such a little girl. I My what a little girl! LOSEE, VIVIAN KATHERINE V. Pres. Shakespeare 2, Schol. Art. 3, Gen. Hon. Roll 3. ' Here comes the bride. MAHONEY, ELVA IRENE Vik. Var. 2, 3. She's another gal what's goin' to Hollywood. NELSON, R. DEAN Hi-Y 3, 4. To every mac there opens a way. PALMER, , DOROTHY MILDRED Beauty has charm, and charm has she. ROBINSON, Roy A. Firing Squad 3. The cautious seldom err. SAVVYER, HAROLD HERBERT R. O. T. C. Z, 35 Hi-Y Z. Fisherman Sawyer re orts that fishing is fine, and he I3 caught one this lt- long. VVARFORD, MARGARET C. L. S. 2, 3, 4. . She is a lot of fun if you know her. SENIORS WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES ADAMS, DONALD K. Sec. H. R. 2, 3, 43 Vik. Var. 2. My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope. ANTRIM, ADA Orchestra 2, 3, 4. I know not if the dark or bright will be my lotg If that wherein my hope delight be best or not. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM FREDERICK His voice charms all, especially the ladies. ASHER, EUGENE LeROY Modesty becomes a young man. BASGALL, JULIAN EDWIN He maketh glad the heart of man. BLOOMBERG, LEON Nothing endures but personal qualities. BOAND. NADINE ' Though on pleasure she is bent, she has a frugal mind. THE NOR7EASTER BODENHAMER, VVARREN Youth holds no society with grief. BOONE, CHARLES The cut up in any class. BRADLEY, GEORGE Sure, you remember me. - BUCHANAN, LENORA LOUISE My creed is this: Happiness is the only good. The place to be happy is here, And the time to be happy is now BUDDEMEYER, WESLEY Gee, I never felt like this before. BUFORD, ELSON 5 would rather be right than be presi- ent. BUFORD, KATHARENE AILEEN A faultless body and a blameless mind. BUSBY, .EARL EUGENE Non-Com. Off. R. O. T. C. 43 Vik. Var. 3, 4. The silent man still suffers wrong. CAPPONI, LELIO Football 3, 4, Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Class Day Orch. 2, 3, 4, Vik. Var. 3, 4. Did he ever have a serious thought? CICERO, SALVATOR PHILLIP One of the best. CLEMENS, ROSE MARIE The world delights in friendly people. CONWAY, CARL -which way? COOPER, JOHN Com. C. 2, 3, R. O. T. C. 2, 3. It was a childish ignorance, But now 'tis little joy, To know I'm further off from heaven Than when I was a boy. CRAFT, JOHN He's true to his word. DECKER. MARTHA Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no-fibs. --rail 5 0 DE CLARK, AUDl The only way to one. DETRICH, MARY Vik. Var. 4, Sr. She has friendsh DiGEORGE, JOSE The power of bal DODS, J. GORDOl Vice-Pres. H. R. Even the greates questions. DOHN, DORRIS J4 Band 2, 3, 4, Po Eager for knowle. DOWNER, WILLL I lay me down 1 IVith little thoug Whether my wak Me here, or then DuBOIS, ROBERT Corp. R. O. T. C 4, B. L. S. 2, 3, 1 Happy as a June EDWARDS, DELI. A little boy with ENGLISH, MARG. Stud. Coun. 45 , Gen. Hon. Roll 1 She is a good spo couldn't find a b FERNANDES, VEB Big men can do ' FIKE, MELVIN O. He speaks for hir FORGEY, PAUL No man is greatel self. FREDERICK, FR! A happy man is FRIES, EMIL Football 3, 4. We'll all rememb. FULKERSON, DOI Easy to like. FULTON, VIRGIN' May I? GORE, EUGENE V. Pres. H. R. 2 I'm just a plain " GOTT, RAYMOND A real man and a GRAY. MARY JAN As good as she is GROOM, SAMMY Well, what shoul merry? GURERA. CHARLI Boys' Glee Club 4 He's goin, places, places. HADLEY, HERTH. Courier Staff 4. I want what I wa HALL, MATT W. A parody on hims HANSEN, DONALI Hansen is as hand HAWKINS. CLARA Efficient in all shi HENNESSY, LORE A loyal supporter 51 lie-- I SENIORS WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES 4. will also be Jramatic C. 4. taff 4. l ien. I-Ion. Roll 5. ' 'ood. is fine. and he , 3, 4, Class Day ar. 3, 4. 'ious thought? 'HILLIP LIE friendly people. T. C. Z, 3. orance, , off from heaven Toy. -'Z-,Ei '50 DE CLARK, AUDRIN LOUISE The only way to have a friend is to be one. DETRICH, MARY Vik. Var. 4, Sr. Play 4, D. L. S. 3. 4. She has friendship, love, and liberty! DiGEORGE, JOSEPH SALVATOR The power of balance. DODS, J. GORDON Vice-Pres. H. R. 3, Hi-Y 3. Even the greatest men ask foolish questions. DOHN, DORRIS JO Band 2, 3, 4, Pop. Orch. 4, Hockey 4. Eager for knowledge. DOWNER, WILLIAM PATRICK I lay me down to sleep, With little thought or care Whether my waking find Me here, or there. DuBOIS, ROBERT C. Corp. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Pres. H. R. 4, B. L. S. 2, 3, 4. Happy as a June Bug. EDWARDS, DELLEVAN A little boy with big ideas. ENGLISH, MARGARET DRUSCILLA Stud. Coun. 4, Jr. Life Saving 2, 3, Gen. Hon. Roll 3, V. B. 2. She is a good sport, a swell sport-you couldn't find a better sport. FERNANDES, VERNON Big men can do big things. FIKE, MELVIN O. He speaks for himself. FORGEY, PAUL No man is greater than he makes him- self. FREDERICK, FRANK A happy man is a successful man. FRIES, EMIL Football 3, 4. We'll all remember his blushes. FULKERSON, DOUGLAS Easy to like. FULTON, VIRGINIA MAE May I? GORE, EUGENE V. Pres. H. R. 2. I'm just a plain Ugentf' GOTT, RAYMOND F. A real man and athlete. GRAY, MARY JANE As good as she is fair. GROOM, SAMMY Well, what should a man do but be merry? GURERA, CHARLES Boys' Glee Club 4. He's goin' places, boys, he's goin' places. HADLEY, HERTHA BERNIECE Courier Staff 4. I want what I want, when I want it. HALL, MATT W. A parody on himself. HANSEN, DONALD Hansen is as handsome does. HAWKINS, CLARA Efficient in all she does. HENNESSY, LORETTA MAUD A loyal supporter-that means much. 5 1 Jig..- HERTZFIELD. LEO They come and they go, but there's only one Leo. HESS, HELEN Ask Helen: she knows. HILTON, FLO Flo-Flora-Flower. HULL, CLAUDE Necessity is the mother of invention. IRVINE. WILLIE JUNE G. V. B. 2, 3, B. B. 3, 4, V. B. Z, 3, 4, Hockey Z, 3, 4. An HAII Star." JEFFERS, MARY ALICE Olympic Club 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, 4, V. B. 2, 3. 4, G. V. B. 2, sg Big 3, Little HN" 3. A sense of humor, a touch of Old Nick. JOHNSON. CHARLES G. Just another member of the Jolmson clan. r JONES, JAMES ELWOOD Wit and wisdom are born with a man. JONES, ROBERT He,s one of the Jones boys. JULIAN, THELMA IRENE Ye olde book worme. KELLEY, IDA LEE Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4. Another songbird. KERR. JOSEPH J. Hi-Y 4, H. R. Banker 4. His high ideals place him above the average. KINATEDER, HARRY L. N. S. D. Z, R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Corp. R. O. T. C. 4. A good natured boy from the R.O.T.C. KRYKLA. STEPHEN Another who knows what he wants. LATTA, THEODORE LEONARD Stud. Coun. 4, Treas. Print. C. 4, Gen. Hon. Roll 2. There's something about a gentleman. LAWRENCE, HAROLD DEAN Orch. 4, Vik. Var. 2, 3, Band 3, 4, Mix. Orch. 4. Paul Whiteman the Second. LEACH. BENJAMIN Hate to see you go, Benny. LEVINE, MARY LEE , Kind and sweet! LOGAN, DORIS Dream awhile, Doris, you've only :I while to dream. LYON, VIRGINIA MAY Nat. Hon. Art S. 3. She's got something they're calling for. MADDEN, GEORGE R. , Doesn't it ever make you mad! MANNERS, TOM Track 3: Football 4. Does he burn up the track! MARBLE, VYRA DELPHIA H. R. Banker 3, 4. What a swell secretary she'll make! MARKUS, HELEN Hockey 2, 3, 4, G. V. B. 2, 3, V. B. 2, 3, B. B. 2, 3, Capt. V. B. 31 Jr. Life Saving Z, 3, Seal C. Z, 3: Olympic C. 4, Capt. V. B. 3. She'll be a big name in sports some day. MEALS, WILLIAM HOWARD Gee, you must like to eat! MERRIFIELD, PAUL E. Dubbed handsome. METCALF, CARL ALTON H. R. V. Pres. 4, Stud. Coun. 4, Boysl Glee C. 3, 4. Another musical Metcalf. MURDUCK, DONN S. Sec. Spanish C. 4. A boy of true merit and sterling char- acter. NEWMAN, ARTHUR Did I reform? Yes sir! Ilm a New-man. NEWTON, JOHN J. R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Sgt. R. O. 'l'. C. 31 Crack Co. R. O. T. C. 31 B. L. S. 3, Vik. Rifle C. 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, hlillikan C. 4. The .sergeant needs you, John. ODOM, DIXIE NORMA She's from south of the Mason and Dixie line. ONKA. MIKE DONALD Football 3, 4. Another gridiron demonf ORRILL, DALE R. O.T.C. 2.3.4. Men are not measured by inches. PACE, DEE Tarzan II. PACE, WESLEY GORDON We learn not for school, but for life. PATTERSON, CLETIS LaVERNE , She has those eyes-you know the kind. PEAKE, WILDA WADE l Girls' Chor. 2, 3, B. B. 3, 4, Jr. Life Saving 2, Com. C. 2. She's willing. PERRIN, J. A. A quiet, unassuming fellow. PINGER, ROBER I A cheerful spirit makes friends. PIZZICHINO, ALEX MICHEAL Whatls everybody working for? PLASKETTE, CHARLES Hi'ya, Charlie? RATHBUN, PHILIP DONALD Howls Sammy? ' REESE, CHARLES W. I'm not a politician, and my other habits are good. A RENFRO, CARL - B. L. S. 3, 4, Pres. Rock Sz Mineral C. 4. Happy am Ig from care am I free. RICHARDS. ANNA LAFREDA V. B. 3: G. V. B. Z. She does the right thing at the right time. ROAK, HARRY B. I His hard work put him through In A-1 form. ' ROBERTS, EVERETT His candle burns within the socket. ROBERSON, ROSE U Conspicuous for her diligence. ROBERTS, LAURA ANN G. V. B. 3, V. B. 3: Hockey 4. Energy will find and win the way. THE NOR,EASTER - SEPTEMBER... THE SENIOR YEAR The last Hfirst day" of school for seniors. Two years ago they were only a crop of insignificant hsophsf' Trembling and half scared, they tried to hide beneath a boisterous surface. Two years has transformed them and has steadied them into a group of confident and competent seniors. "Ready, Willing, and Able," they swing into action. Ah! Football! The seniors having a sense of loyalty to their school, set out in groups to what Pennants waving, the band playing-the keen October air is filled with cheers and yells of "Hold that line!" and 'iCom' on, team, welre with ya!" Between halves everyone makes a mad dash to the hot-dog stand. Victory or defeat mean nothing. The old gang will be at the next game just the same. This is the month when Junior raids mother's perfume bottle and dad's closet, and daughter insists on that backless formal. Why? Because the Inter-Society Dance is coming. Wrangling for bids and the exchange of dances have already taken place. Girls in flowery, demure dresses, slick satins, or sophisticated laces, sway lightly in their partnerls arms. The soft music and the subdued lights make them forget their humdrum daily existence. When December rolls around, the students look forward to the Christmas holidays. The last day is filled with programs. a general assembly, and caroling through the halls. Parties galore fill the holidays. But everything good comes to an end and so finally back to school. Who can ever forget the mid-year exams? Playtime is over. The late studying Ccramming incognitol is especially noticed by father when he gets the Ulight bill." A final grade card ends the first semester. It's a new month, a new start, a new semester. Every senior buckles down and decides to make his Of course, since the Basketball season is on, all conversation centers around the defeats and vic- Instead of the traditional March wind, this year we had snow. But that didn't keep an enthusiastic crowd of Nor'easters away from the games. , Though we lost our championship, our team played well. So we're wishing the basketeers of T38 Green grass-green trees-Howers-romance! With Mr. Chapin patrolling the promenade walk on the lower floor it is hard for these young couples to concentrate. But-oh, there's the third and fourth floors. Gazing out of the open windows is the main occupation of every senior Cif they're near enough to oneb. The teachers are prepared for anything. The ending of the track meets and all other Inter-Scholastic sports for the year. Class Day then rolls around. A special assembly has been prepared. The curtains go up on the last assembly for the senior students. This certainly makes them realize what the three years spent here Then Junior-Senior Combat Day comes along and the upperclassmen are cut loose and told, "Go to it.'! Boys, with their overalls Call sortsj and other amusing "get-ups," with their faces painted in various shades of red and black Cone notices a slight resemblance to the wild Apachesl, prepare for a great battle. "Tug of Warn is the event that brings forth cheers and cries from the charming girls on the side-lines. Then the loser goes right through that muddy pond of water. It takes plenty of soap and scrubbing that night, but who cares? Least of all the winners! OCTOBER . A seems to be a great football season. NOVEMBER . .. DECEMBER.. . JANUARY . FEBRUARY . . . final semester the best. tories of the various games. MARCH . . lots of luck. APRIL . . MAY . . mean to them. JUNE . . . A group of seniors, clad in gray robes seated in the huge Municipal Auditorium, awaiting the reward for which they have worked so long. The moment arrivesg tense, nervous, each waits for his JG name to be called. Then-forward to receive his diploma. It is all over! Tomorrow is a new day-and there will be new lands to conquer. SENIORS WITHOUT INDIVIDUAL PICTURES-Continued RUSSELL, JEWELL Delph. L. S. 4. Of sterling worth and full of mirth. SAUNDERS, CHARLES ARTHUR Radio seems to be popular with Charles. SCHLICHTING, HAROLD GAY R, o. T. C. 2, 3, 4, Sgt. R. o.T. C. 3 Lieut. R. O. T. C. 3, Band 2, 3, 4 Rifle Team 4. Something about a soldier. ' SHEAFFER, MAXINE Cour. Staff 4, Gen. Hon. Roll 3, Pres. H. R. 3. A writer in our midst. SHERIDAN. JOHN WILLIAM Orch. 2, Band 3, 4. "Pat" to you. SHERROW. HELEN ALDEANE She's sweet-like candy. SIEFKAS, CARL F. A man in every sense of the word. SIMKO, ANNA B. B. Z. 3, G. V. B. 2, 35 H ck 3 v B 5 0 ey A nice, quiet girl. THE NoR'EAsT1sR. v 1 SIMMONS, BETTY Nice and friendly, nice and quiet. SKOUSE, DON GORDON Stud. Coun. 4. I He's in the navy now. SMITH, ROBERT A man of mark. STANTON, WILLIAM E. The life of any class. STRICKLE, LUCY BLANCHE Loyalty is a true art. SWEARINGEN. LENNA LEE Her smile hid many a frown. 3 -I Shels peppy, pretty, and lf TOPI, JOE EDWARD .gf 1' He's not afraid to say what he thinks. TROTTER, TED We recommend his traits. TURNER, REX D. Corp. R. O. T. C. 4. He is the master of all he attempts. THoMPsoN, Ross MARY li! I Why, 'Nw ,f-fx Y VOCHATZER, BLANCHE G. V. B. Z: V. B. Z. From a little spark into a mighty liame. WADE, DONALD N. Football 4. An upright, downright honest man. WILLIAMS, NORMAN As a man thinketh, so is he. WILLIAMSON, MARY FRANCES G. R. 25 Girls' Chor. 2, 3, 4. Her hand is ready and willing. WOMACK, LeROY B. Music has his whole attention. JWTOODS, DONALD Diversity, that is my motto. WORMINGTON, LEONARD LEWIS If he fell, held fall in sections. ZUMWALT, DOROTHY HELEN Memory is the thing I forget with. -..ggi 5 2 ,Q W Jef I ., f . if J.. JV. 5: .r iii - .sry 1 ,fi- viii: .4 .1 ff . .5r.' fx sf' .et ". 1 AW? ,i . -, i '- .1 if .f : Q' nf "fl as A. v 3 as P f nk. ' IQ Efilitfggig 53' significant :ompetent , to what yells of daughter igling for partner's stence. ist day is to school. ncognitoj 1 make his and vic- ,thusiastic irs of '38 walk on third and if they're 1 the last pent here told, "Go s painted , prepare charming It takes ,iting the ts for his ad HE o a mighty Hame. L honest man. so is he. FRANCES 2, 3, 4. d willing. attention. YXIOHO. YARD LEWIS sections. I HELEN I forget with. -.aQf 5 2 T 9 ,ff ,f li - f ,ff ,fx 74 X I fl' - , f- :js-rf f - ' ff . it " A ' ' V ' '2"'7i-J'-isizgliifn in l e it f' f. i , iii ,f Y 1 533, W ,155 Q54 i-g:1.1 ,:l 2 11, 5 - , my S,fi.,,jrJ.1 in ,V 3555? 5--43532 i?i.:+g'igf .sg-1' Arm! W lpn-"--' 1. .f .J-2. i-fiffr. . 3954222273 W3 29251 :lr ' -.mfs , ga fimliggff-1 . A ' ' 2 l qw 21. A' gs gifef rail f Wd,5Q155:fff" ri'-,1 ' 'ff , A b', 2v.7:f ' 17 -3, 211 fffff,figwf k 1,V,,,5,Mg37e?ifB?fWiQ2f2'1'1l ' . .: -" :W .' Y 1 rf K-' . " ' - 1' 1 fi ' 4 :ge ,1,'f .1:.,,, . ' . ' - Jgfnfl. M 'yqgg .gf . 42451 N 3 ',5ig5ffff:11.' ,m,.wzf'f'-. ' 'l' 'IC 5" ff Y f -' . :'f.'il,.5il-4 J ,Vs f i ,A 1,551-, ,wya , A .fly r5Ag.!:,, W' I 'I , ,mm 9.1: J f e . ivmgggzfx I., hr-0,Vx,::?,??,Uif:xQfvjf1f.,R,'. gl J , ,,,, f , ,, -'J ' 4'. If , 'Q 1 .glgfn-3.qr.,. V .ggi-,13f'r2l"fvfi.,-13-.. I - .1 , 9 ' gay, . .jf i .-gi,Qlf2ff51i'.'5"'A f'f53'1-I---:., H, Q' L 5 ff" 'fki .. A' -' '. " 512' ,,-:pf9:3:w': 2. , -f. 'fmfgh 413- -ww f e ,v1,-n.1fs.f.:fv41vv'vQf ' Q. '- F41 I :sf .,f:v" Q f '3f'21" 'P . , l' A+' ' 4 fe- ' ' fy ' ' 5131-f ff"'1 5 11 ,jf 4 trawl M M ffm pi' 1 asf I ww '- J- ' 1 -, , T im' ,,.,ffL??"' 3 Wdgfli 'M' .ffnvi EQ ' 'V Vkfr f f F, 4 , wi ' 1 ' ' 1 4 A g". gg. J? :sitio diksef, .ig-gf Mi: JL' .-lm' ,3 mf. "li, ,.,. .' ff 'i "I -,ll ' 'l'- 4 ,yi l' if . mffflva -- "U mhi J- 2. t New 2 53' 5'6- - -if. ffm-'f , 2-f4'Kf'f"--" 41 gt Q31 ' , J: "f 5, Nl" ..'aZgff 'ggi . fm- Q 'kg Uyilw, ' .wry Mg., .55 fl f,,h..'f,l..ifmil4 , 5.5, Nz 'QI IQ? 'fk "1 'VL '-ff' l ' fLi':2,?,A'-zlwl-,remit I- -"XL f 'f mil I-hs, ' - 1. , iff- f '51, 'P 23? ' E Qgff' gwjlfff ggi" -sf. . ' W :ff f4,6.c1'--f ffm' 'f' 'W53?c:'.,, -wgfi-fffg, -.Q ,f ,3ll1f'4-LW' I " ' ,.n:y1?m, I 1T1,.'y'n. - .Q 'Q , v1.4I4.,,, " 1 , .4-L 1. . v'n""'4ilZi3ii,li?Aqr:gi , -Ffa 'fI::gZ7f'1f? ' - 3,1161 'Lili' gg' -, 1: :K-.,,,.. '- fu -W-L."fm:.,,5 4-L9 .yawn J' QV' -. ' ' 1'3f2':ii:1af , ' ' ' fnftiw-V, i' 'C-'AI 'J:-W" '. '. fe 1- gghi 45 Q :gigs , f . ,Q fa, 3 r,-,,L.gx,,K. H' Afiyc. , f '4-2:5-x--05 ' -'S ,V f r ' .f ' Y"" A . fi, 4 Lf if , ,f ,gi A. 4 S l':1f"Vf Q3 I ' '2'Y4d5Q , All . I ,fk-, . , if ifwiwilr--,i'1. .f " -:L -,X ll ue. A . ' 4- 1 ,., ' I ' 21, L, A "' a A E,7Flff5,' . :af.m,-I, . fA..Lf'L:, if ' v M E l 'lf xmw Yiwu f S 1" - ig' in 8575 , 1 '1 ,. vi gifs f I f ,y "--,d.'ffgf?, 45125 . 1 t g Lglnd. 'Qfffin' . my ,ffgf7?ril"i?,,- ,-4 ,. 'fuel fp NJ, ' gym' wr! .wif .fin .WX WILLIAM HILL I P rcxizfcnf CLARENCE RUPE Vin'-P1'r'sizlc'11t ALFRED WILCOX Giftorian ' DOLLIE NEWLON Secretary LORENA ORCUTT A Treasurer CONSTANCE JACKS Scwgealzt-at-Arvns LAURA MATTUCKS , Reporter 1 MISS FRANCES SPENCER Advisor IUNIOR COLLEGE I CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR COLLEGE Ig CLASS Attention, Northeast Junior College! The 1936-37 team is on the field. The line-up is unusually good. There are more players on the Honor Roll than in any one previous year. The coaches are the same distinguished ones who have led the five preceding teams to victory. Our set-up being all that we could ask, We are out for the championship. Our challenge for victory is the greatest of all the years, for We are the last team to do battle for the cup. We cannot fail! Not only must we equal the record of the former teams5 but we must beat it. fl Morilfuri Srzluzfmlzusf 1 Row I Row Q Row Q Absen Row I Row I Row L Absen Row 1-1 Row 2-I lxou Q-I Absentees TPI NOR7EASTER -'Q-if 54 55 lit' E N CKS s SPENCER :he Held. Loll than vho have pionship. last team 'ecord of 54 COLLEGE I HOME ROOMS COLLEGE I HOME ROOM 213 Row 1-Little, Page, Morrow, Johnson, Long, Mrs. Davis, Grant, Hurt, Newlon. Row 2-Patterson, Payne, Lowe, Parker, Lassiter, Fleming, Love, Neff, Salyer, McCallon. Row 3i1'urcell, Fleming, Pittman, McDaniel, Schuepbach, Laverty, Nance, Pfeffer, Maienschein. Absentees-Hughes, Maupin, Johnson, McLaughlin. COLLEGE I HOME ROOM 303 Row 1-Hertzfield, Vance, Batliner, Clark, Armstrong, Railey, Fennell, Poppa, Parker. Row 2-Ferris, Easterwood, Howell, Smithson, Mattucks, Hopkins. Brazeal, Sevedge, Miss Evan Row 3-Allison, Hix, Ellis, M. Smith, B. Smith. Martin, Purtle, Abranz, Hughes. Absentee-Bryan. COLLEGE I HOME ROOM 420 Row 1-McIntosh. Bohn, Sanford, Hiatt, Sturges, Lord, Ziegler, Bechtel, Danner, Burkdoll, Mr. Salter. Row 2-Douglas, Siefkas, Skaggs, Orcutt, Manning, Austin. Henderson. Herbst, Bressel. Rickcr, Toman, Row 3fDz1vis, Lynch, Trader, Spaeth, Rubick, Sheets, Conyers, Bell, Tindall, Gonser, Baker. Absentee-s-Gregg, Murfin, Van Buskirk. its -- THE NOR,EASTER Abbott, James Abbott, Richard Abranz, Dorothy Aikins, James Allison, Maxine Antrim, Thelma Armstrong, Dorothy Austin, Mary Margaret Baker, Harry Balsbaugh, Betty Vic Batliner, Constance Beard, George Bechtel, Virginia Belger, Arthur Bell, Betty Bell, Robert D. Blume, Elizabeth Bohn, Nadine Bressel, Isadore Brooks, Robert Bruson, Frances Bryan, Betty Buford, Edwin Burkdoll, Billie Clark, Jean Collins, George Colliver, Lois Jean Conyers, LaDean Coombs, Doris Coover, Betty Curry, Floyd Danner, Mary Davis, Beverly Jane DeHass, Jimmy Diebel, Fred Douglas, Helen Douglass, Uldine Easterwood, Kathleen Eisman, Saul Elliott, E. J. Ellis, Margaret Fennell, Betty Grace Ferris, Wanda Fleming, Lucretia Fleming, Maxine THE NOR,EASTER IUNIOR COLLEGE I CLASS Fleming, Roy French, Dorothy Gillespie, Alice Gonser, John Good, Joseph Grant, Elaine Gregg, Patricia Gunn, Richard Hahnel, Charles Hause, Truett Henderson, Robert Hensley, Lorraine Herbst, Marguerite Hiatt, Virginia Hill, Barbara Hill, William Hix, Nancy Jane Hopkins, Marguerite Howell, Fay Hughes, Melba Hughs, Hilda Hurt, Dorothy Hyre, Elizabeth Jacks, Constance Johnson, Dolores Johnson, Jeanne Jones, Mary Ellen Kaufmann, Kathryn Lassiter, Arleigh Latta, Wilma Laverty, Richard Little, Laura Long, Rozelle Lord, Bill Love, John Lowe, Marjorie Lutz, Dorothy Lynch, Doris Rae McDaniel, Delores McLaughlin, Ruby McIntosh, Gertrude Maienschein, James Mance, George Manning, Tom Martin, Kenneth Massie, Glenn Matthews, Alice Mattucks, Laura Maupin, Daniel Maxwell, Lorraine Means, Dorothy Miller, Phyllis Mills, Mildred Mooney, Marie Moore, Ben Morrow, Floya Murfin, Louise Murray, Monte Nance, Edwin Neff, Robert Jack Newlon, Dollie Nichols, Carmen Nichols, Rosalie Nininger, Lucile Orcutt, Lorena Page, Harriet Palmer, Robert Parker, Bill Parker, Leslie Parobok, Susan Patterson, Betty Lee Payne, Shirley Pfeffer, Joseph Phillips, Alvin Pittman, Marthea Polson, Ralph Poppa, Matthew Purcell, Peggy Purtle, Ruth Railey, Nell Ricker, Charles Roach, Gloria Roberts, Wofford Robinson, Victoria Rodgers, Evelyn Rogers, Alice Rogers, Billie Rubick, Wade Rupe, Clarence Salyer, Eugene Sanford, Doris Schoeller, Betty Schoonover, Marjorie Schuepbach, Dorothe Sevedge, Shirley Shaw, Arthur Sheets, Marian Siefkas, Dorothy Skaggs, Wanda Smicker, Robert Smith, Marie Smith, Richard Smithson, Lee Smittle, Lillian Sooter, Cecil Spaeth, James Springer, Edward Stavlenich, Anna Stobaugh, Viola Strider, Harry Sturges, Don Taylor, Byron Tindall, Donetta Todd, Merle Jeanne Toman, Elmer Trader, Bonnie Tripplett, Thelma Tutt, Bobby Tutt, Mary Jane Van Buskirk, Charles Van Gilder, Vivian Vance, Virgie Wall, Wesley Watts, Millard Wheeler, Elyta Wilcox, Alfred Williams, Jack Williams, Mary Louise Womack, Emily Wynn, Lucille Zammar, Margaret Ziegler, Christian -'vii 5 6 RUSSELL LOW President MARCILE BAE Giftorian BETTY DENTK Treasurer HARWOOD CI Reporter The class ests centered ii to captaincy 1 extra-curricula These young I literary societi exemplify the achievements, tract from, th The Junic of the Viking honor and fam 57 ES- ice ne tis tty Marjorie Dorothe rley ir nn Jthy ada bert 1rd :e an fs Ward Xnna iola VY 1 an ietta Jeanne .er nie helma Iane ., Charles Vivian ie V ,rd Ita red ck ary Louise nily Ile irgaret istian -..Qi 5 6 RUSSELL LOWE President HARRY BARTON Vice-President MARCILE BAEI-IR Giftoriun PEGGY BENDER Secretary BETTY DENTON Treasurer MARY E. LAURY Sergeani-at-Arms HARWOOD CRAIG Reporter MISS GERTRUDE R. WEAVER Advisor IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS IUNIOR CLASS The class of 7 3 8, a class of earnest and cheerful girls and boys with inter- ests centered in hard study, loyalty, and ambition, is next in line for promotion to captaincy of the Viking ship. Their achievements in both curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school show them to be capable of this trust. These young people have held places on honor rolls, have been leaders in their literary societies, in their classes, and -on athletic teams. The Junior oiiicers exemplify the ideals of the class. In additi-on to their interest in curricular achievements, they dominate social activities that will add to, rather than de- tract from, the glory of Northeast. The Junior class will go forward into the position of captain at the helm of the Viking ship fully prepared to guide it through the tumult to greater honor and fame. 57 lem- THE NoR'EAsTER l , ' I 1 .,. I L R ,sg I E i . 5 1 4 Q I ull til ! ll ,A T3 4 fl ,. IUNIOR HOME ROOMS JUNIOR HOME ROOM 202 Row 1-Bailey, F. Davis, McMenemy, Shrewsbury, Monahan, Downer, Henkel, Austin, Ryder, Logsdon, r hit M . W e. Row 2-Smith, Dahm, Shannon, Robertson, Jackson, Jones, Todd, Ekstrum, Snapp, Wattson, Welch, West. Row 3-Summers, Searcy, Jackson, Zimmerman, Savona, Howard, Crockett, Van Pool, Rewoldt, C. Davis, C. Sanders, Stephens. Absentees-Lynch, Mann, Sanders. JUNIOR HOME ROOM 309 Row 1-Stucker, Palmisano, Fordyce, George, Hrencher, Crist, Mclnturff, Stevens, Miss Gregory. Row 2-Shead, McGrath, Boyle, Bradley, Ladish, Largent, Folkert, Eastham, Zimmerman, West. Row 3-Mazza, Talbot, Coleman, Vanderpool, Bade, Juricak, Flanigan, Johnson, Herbst, Baehr. Absentees-Dixon, McManus, Anthony, Woodside, Gustafson, Canfield, Baum. Row Row Row Row JUNIOR HOME ROOM 314 5-Hayes, West, Crump, McGraw, Frederick, Espinosa, Kimak, Amermon, Gulick, Miss Mapes. 3-Rand, Hunley, Buckley, Miller, Davenport, Leach, Francis, Fulton, Lewis. 4-DeGhelder, Fellers, Garrison, Durfee, Cucchiara, Ragan, Bucher, Hamby. Thompson, Sanders, Penland, Harper, Dickey, Ely, DiCapo, Helm, O'Byrne, Stark. Absentees-Hashbarger, Little, Smith. I i Row 1-Jacobs, Row Z-Ganzer, Absentees-Hay Ligl Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 1-G, Row 2-:M Row 3-Sr Absentees- THE NOR7EASTER --Gail 58 59 jg.- Logsdon, ch, West. C. Davis, gory. West. lehr. , Mapes. I UN IOR HOME ROOMS 4 JUNIOR HOME ROOM 401 Row 1-Jacobs, Cross, Allen, Sturges, Herriman, Dexter, Holden, Conroy, Mr. Sears. Row Z-Ganzer, Denton, Boos, Meyer, Zander, Speck, Dole, McCall, Porter, Frazier, Barber. Absentees-Hayes, Karstens, Mann, Northcraft, Riddle, Vose, Azzaro, Dumas, Blunt, Eubank, Godfrey, Lightfoot, McLennan, Notz, Searls. JUNIOR HOME ROOM 404 Row 1-Colin, Coit, Gentry, Goodner, Faron, Click, Ferris, Orndorff, Skaggs Mr. Kresse Row 2-Klttredge, Cooperider, Boucher, McCarty, Fields, Lake, Perry, Pyle, Kelley, Leibrecht. ROWS-Moyer, Lieske, Cauveren, Bennett, Brenk, Lancaster. JUNIOR HOME ROOM 419 Row 1-Goodfelloxy, Wilson, Durfee, Rolsky, Lowe. Dye Hawkins Miss Secrest Row 2-Asliby, Mistretta, Austin Monroe, Sevton, W1de.,Vanderlinden. Akers. Lacke ' Stark. W t H ' , , . . . ' 5. ' es . arrls Row 3-Smith, Lisk. Fuehrer, Beebe, Whittaker, Willis, Young, Sanford, Jones. Absentees-Lee, Palmer. -..sgl 58 59 2294- THE NoR'EAsTER Akers, Beatrice Albi, Charles Alexander, Ina Mae Alexander, Wayne Allen, Agnes Allen, Jess Allen, Loretta Amermon, Annabelle Anderson, Arthur Anderson, C. O. Anthony, Sara , Antrim, Lois Antrim, Louise Ashby, Kelso Austin, George Austin, Harold Azzaro, Frank Bade, Merle Baehr, Marcile Bailey, Robert Baker, Dick Bankovic, Helen Barber, Margaret Barbieri, Vito Barton, Harry Basso, John Baum, Jean Baum, Marybelle Beebe, Rosalie Bender, Peggy Bennett, Dale Benny, Martha Bird, Alfred Bivona, Anthony Blair, Kathryn Blunt, Boyd Boehmer, Miriam Bookout, Mary Boos, Marion Boucher, E. W. Bowmaster, Dale Boyle, Kathryn Braden, Virginia Bradley, Jeanne Bradley, Nadine Braley, Ivan Branch, Bill Bratton, Doris Brenk, Richard Brinton, Helen Briscoe, Raymond Brown, John Bryan, Eugene Bryant, Lorene Bucher, Elmer Buckley, Ross Buhrmaster, Charlotte Caldarello, Joe I Caldell, Doris Canfield, Marian THE NoR'EAs'rER IUNIOR CLASSX Cannatella, Elvira Carey, Mary Alice Carr, Lloyd Carrol, Mary Carta, Daniel Carter, Marjorie Casperson, Burch Cauger, Ted Cauveren, Maurice Chaney, Dallas Church, Marie Cimino, Frank Clarke, Maudaline Clevenger, Sanford Click, Don Coit, Julia . Coleman, Curt Coleman, George Colin, Clara Comaschi, Genevieve Combs, Georgia Ann Conroy, Loretta Cooperider, Conrad Cottone, Marie Craig, Harwood Craig, Jimmie Crist, Dorothy Crockett, Rolf Cross, William Crump, Jean Cucchiara, Angelo Cummings, Richard Dahm, George D'Angelo, Frances Rose Davenport, Beulah Davis, Billy Davis, Carl Davis, Frank O. Davis, Melvin Davis, Tommy Day, Raymond Decker, Edmund De Ghelder, Maurice Denton, Betty Dexter, Jean DiCapo, Carolyn Di Stefano, Carl Dickey, Elizabeth Ann Dixon, Laura Dole, Jo Marie Downer, Wilbert Drechsler, Carl Drinkard, Dorothy Drinkard, Mae Duardi, James Dumas, Crawford Dunning, Morris Durbin, Clinton Durfee, Lawrence Durfee, Lloyd Continued Dye, Elmont Eastham, Olive Ekstrum, Carolyn, Ely, Mary Engelbert, Jack Espinosa, Margarita Eubank, Wallace Evinger, G. W. Farley, Robert Faron, Paul Farris, Kenneth Faulkner, Russell Fellers, Gerald Ferris, Edward Fields, Phyllis Fisher, Andrew Flack, Tommy Flagg, Dorothy Flanigan, Paul Fleck, Willard Folkert, Mary M. Fordyce, Lucille Forrester, Betty Francis, Dell Frazier, Ruth Frederick, Edna Friend, Isobel Fuehrer, Tommy Ganzer, Warren Gardner, Mildred Garrison, Roy Gartman, Armand Gensler, Lillian Gentry, Opal George, Mary Marie Gialde, Sam Gleason, Joe Godfrey, Bobby Good, Roger Goodfellow, Joe Goodner, Corinne Gorman, Johnnie Gough, Charlene Grady, Virginia Green, Harold Gronemeyer, Janet Gulick, Margie Gustafson, Elvera Hale, Robert Hall, Vega Aline Hamby, Ralph Harper, Elaine Harris, Donald Hashbarger, Bettielou Hatchitt, Eugene Hatmon, Paul Hawkins, Clarence Hayes, Josephine Hayes, Thelma Hedges, Jack on page 66 Helm, Frieda Hendrix, Ruth Henkel, Wesley Herbst, Virginia Herpolsheimer, Lucille Herriman, Norma Heydon, Vincent Hickman, Carol Holloway, Geraldine Howard, Clarence Hrencher, Nola Hunley, Dean Idukowich, Louise Ingles, Alberta Irwin, Mildred Jackson, Donna Jackson, Ellen Jackson, Paul Jacobs, Charles Jennings, William Jenkins, Theodore Jewell, Mildred Johnson, Carolyne Johnson, Martin Johnson, Wilma Jones, Hazel Marie Jones, June Jourdan, Ray Juricak, John Kanan, Helen Kanan, Ruth Karstens, Elenor Kearns, Elizabeth Kelley, Marcia Kenagy, Harry Kendall, Waneta Kilcrease, Martha Kimak, Susan Kinnamon, Helen Kinnamon, Laurence Kittredge, Marjorie Lackey, Louise Ladish, Jeanne Lake, Freida Lamb, Dora Lancaster, Harry Largent, Betty Laury, Mary Ellen Lawson, Irene Leach, Violet Lee, Dorothy Leibrecht, John Lepper, Robert Lewis, Henryette Marie Lieske, Clara Lightfoot, Richard Little, Enid Lisk, Kenneth Logsdon, Eldon :i'First Semester Magi 6 0 ii ii' A - ' 211-Q ,a , f -.I af? Q ,ag '21 2 ff , -Alf," ,f 7 J f?" ,Egif- fifttesffe df- E552 ,7 . f 45 J, ' Z1 ffl fha g A 1 uggiifg' 1. W faq?" , par. .4 .xr 1, ? 35,-'Ft' wil- .,..-.. r., 'I 3. , ff? IPI: :y7':!q:' h CY Lnia :r, Lucille orma cent ,rol :raldine rence ola n .ouise 113. ed ma :Il ,l 'les llliam 'odore red :olyne rtin lma Marie Y Il n 1 :nor abeth :ia rry meta Iartha ,n Helen Laurence Marjorie mise une I. l -Iarry try y Ellen ne et: W Iohn Jert ryette Marie T2 Richard lth ldon Lester -..ggi 60 I F. ' , ,..-T, w l V , ll. 5 A 4-:f'L'gfz,lli ' Y f H l f l 1 1 ""'t'-fl ' l ,..- ff, 'N m.f5"ix., ,w7H4f,'l??i'1 W-.5" i8"??" i.4Qi377' ie A. MR ,-.r.H ' '- '-fy-W 11 ... eq xi- Lu U1 4 me ' ""Y-'W ' " '1 "' . I 'cu' . . lf, , Y A ' - avr gy ' 'fxgijy' 9:7 ft - 3 , gig' ., ,,,, ' f-3 4f'f" '5 - ,iw 7"'4lQ5if 'ffl "gf 'ffll 'J - ' l' 5-1, 0 2-il gi 'l . fs ' '-1-lf 3- wk le 'If i'..g:4-fri I-:su ff xv' L.: , :J """' "'fl',1fEF: aw '93 'f , M .2 'EGG eff 4. LW' - 'i'1'f1' " - J ' 5,151 ' L '-,AFB " 1 f? iff' GF" N4 'L 'F' 5291114551: ' , 1" -' 11 . . ' 5 'V M55 , T Ta.fz,.,.,-"ff"1. of 1 1' "" 'u 1': 'A-v'.VS2f':' . A M y "ff" 1' A , " A ' ' ,-I aj' ,,f5f"' . ' V g i A ' I ,lg 4'gj1a" '- I' 5,21- ,LTMZQK la A 'X ,,,mf?f?f" - - M- vw ' , ' 174-:"f'i'-.' ' 'ff ' ' -af' 4. '93 .af fx 'fy , 1 .21 !.'71?"1l.f"' ,mm in lf- A .' ,,,p:5f?flp'1fZr:?7"' il 6 !'f3,, , gl 4 I ,,.,1gej:ggf.f"- " ,aw ,V 'f I, Aff. jQf,2ff:'11F' ,fn-:Mu ,Bn ' 5 egg, Q16 'Q -,.l'l.3,u f J.y51,L.,, 5 f,.1 gl, D 1im:g6L1,jff7??',?fiQf5fl jx x13ig9v,X+y' Ag .,.1 J .5 , . 1 -3 ,,f!?,f,:l,f' 1. I V 1- 1 . 1. V , ' 1 WEE? a , .Zilla Vrfyi, If 52255 flfqfa, NU I 5 hr 1,5 ,.1. - I M -f ', l ' ' V ,W , - :'. ld2"'?' 61944577 5 ff'94z5i--A' 4' Agnew' we 1 A.V,:,g,r, ., NW ,ww 4 gg' Mann ln E6-.,f 'fiiff' ,.c.4ff!fF"g?"f" ,?'95ifS1 " H ,439 f1,5t'1a'l 5, 5? H' 'lfabl 1' :ff -ZW, ,ffvfffa-ff' 'Q .1 ff! fdifcfff' . 1- U1 2'-:iw " ,...,m , Tw: d5'i4f"f" L --ff, ,W f 193, . 13 -'3 cf F4 ww- ..l.:i1,4,s'Tf 'K' I gulf rifffu' ' 'fx -"'A7'+l1 264, , ' ' ' "li ll .' 'i5yY,2lf?iW5Z6W5f --Hi. " 'ii' Nil' fni ' ,- 4. 1-if ' " ' ' . 1- 'fl' -e ' N, qw' .wr if r7.2-H, " Km, Wiz 1' gf. fl x :fr-::.,, ,.-I ., ., ll Q , AJ F ,f , ' f-fy-Liv. it Ti? HK Ek. Q?::,','111 , -f-?0gge6',5 51. Q.: 5i34.2?v ., "e?5?4z9,l:1l., if .F-'Q' '53bQ'2'v:-ff . A'-'f f f- ff-flqiw. ,gn 'z"'wgfefg,5.,, "'1?4G,',' l ..f' Ei gg... ' ' '-1'-.fzff?:QQgM, 5 " '.',fK'L3'.Z,- 3:'.glfl' mil? "--41:1 p'i5Q:.,, '-J-11,46 AH' qlwza '- I Z4 A uaige.-,. 'few 'We' AW' . 'fl a l'4Z1?W?LCi:'--., 1 f '- -1--A--wg A. L nb , I S R SOPHOMORE CLASS Ours is the first Sophomore Class since 1929 that will go through Northeast as a united group. We shall not divide next year, as the preceding classes have done-some taking the New Plan and others continuing as Juniors-but instead, each of us will go into the latter class. For this reason We should be bound by a greater unity and, remem- bering that "united we stand, divided we fallf' make the class of 339 one which will long be remembered in dear old Northeast. Abbott, Earl Abbott, John, Jr. SOPHOMORE CLASS ROSTER? Broman, Robert Lee Brown Bill DeLuke, Grace I DeMaddalena, Carl Gates, Donald Gatlin, Helen Abbott, Salvatore Brown, Bruce DeMaddalena, Henry Gendler, Mary Accurso, Frances Brown, Carolyn Dernier, Betty Jane Gentry, Ralph Ackels, Marian Brown, Jule DeRuelle, George Gephart, Ruth Aclin, Betty Lou Brown, Marjorie Diamond, John Getz, Jack Adams, George Brown, Norman Dichiara, Mildred Gibbs, Bill Aldridge, Doris Jean Brown, Robert Dick, Louise Gibbs, Jimmy Allen, Marilyn Allen, Rose Marie Alport, Mona Reva Amelung, Warren Anderson, Ernie Browne, Doris Browne, Virginia Browning, Sadie Bryan, Floyd Bryan, Juanita Dickey, Edward Dickey, Ernest Dickinson, Dorothy DiGiusto, Louis DiSalvo, Elizabeth Gillespie, Betty Jane Gillham, Jeanne Gilliland, James Gillispie, Marjorie Gimple, Eldine Angle, Edwin Bryant, Betty Jean Doane, Laura Glispey, Harold Ankrorn, Helen Bryant, Clifford Doke, J. W. Goodman, Jean Arbogagt, Philip Bryant, Dorothy Dorrell, Helen Gorman, Virginia Arenson, Herbert Bryant, Patrick - Doubledee, Roy Gosmano, Rose Armstrong, Carmalita Buford, Saralee Doyle, Cecelia Gosney, Clyde Armstrong, Gladys Armstrong, June Patricia Arnold, Charles Arnold, Robert Aronson, Jack Arrowsmith, Irene Ary, Melvin Asch, Lucille Ashby, LaVerne Ashcraft, Aileen Atchison, Jessiebelle Alwell, Billy Atwell, Roy Austin, Dean Bachman, Charles Baggerly, Earl Baker, Charles Baker, Mildred Baker, Paul Baldwin, Charles Barber, Lois Barker, Robert Barnard, Katharine Barton, Harry Barton, Sarah Basham, Elma Bauer, Rosa Beaumont, Ruth Emma Bell, Wilfred Bellante, Joe Benshoof, Florence Benson, Eugene Berclund, John Best, Ethel Birch, Helen Bishop, Eilleen Bloemker, Eileen Blundell, Harry Blush, Mary Jean Boehmer, Eleanor Boland, Evelyn Bonfils, Robert Border, Bob Boston, Lenore Bowen, Frank Bowling, Falba Bowling, James Boyle, Doris Bradbrook, Dorothy Bradbrook, Dorris Brady, Mary Helen Braley, Marjorie Breidenthal, Bill Brents, Jesse Bridgeman, Helen Bridgman, Stanley Brinton, Louise Bristow, Robert Brizendine, Russell Brockhouse, Betty E Burge, Hazel Bush, Georgia Lee Cade, Virginia Cahill, Richard Calfas, Marie Calvert. Neva Cameron, Howard Campbell, Carl Camplfell, John Campbell, Mary Alice Candillo, Joe Cantrell, Fern Carpenter, Alberta Carter, Frances Carter, Howard Caruso, Steve Castagno, Georgina Cavanah, Martha Cawby, Rosemary Cecil, Betty Jo Chambliss, Olive Chapin, Lucille Chatterson, Clara Mae Chimento, Frances Chrisman, Eldon Cicero, Angeline Civello, Jasper Clark, Arla Mae Clark, Marjorie Clark, Mary Clements, Bernice Clenny, Clinton Closson, Richard Cobb, Donna Jean Cohen, Rose Coleman, Erma Collins, Milford Cook, James Cooley, Marion Cooper, DeWitt Cooper, Jack Corning, Ralph Coughlan, Phillip Cozine, Lawrence Crader, A. J. Craig, Kenneth Craig, Leola Crockett, Ruby Cuorworth, Lois Curran, Gertrude Curry, Dorothy Cushman, Doris Cusumano, Rosalie Davis, Eugene Davis, Floyd Davis, Robert Deffenbaugh, Kathleen DeHass, Billy DeHaven, Forest Ray Delapp, Betty Dreyer, Charles Driskell, Marie Dulle, Margaret May Duncan, Elsie Dunlap, Rebecca Dunn, Aileen t Dunn, Robert Durham, Erlene Easterly, Ethelene Marie Eckinger, Mary Louise Edie, Dorothy Edmondson, Helen Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Harve Eichholz, Ruth Ellenz, Betty Marie Ellerman, Eugene Elliott, Edward Elliott, James Elliott, Kathryn Elliott, Martha Lou Ellis, Virginia Emmert, Helen England, Eva Mae English, Mary Ann Entsminger, Isabella Epstein, Helen Eriksen, Robert Eth, Francis Evans, Jean Ewing, William Eyssell, Henry Farris, Mae Marie Faulkner, Harold Fawconer, Kathryn Ferguson, Delphine Ferguson, Douglas Ferro, Frank Ficht, Catherine Field, Russell Fisk, Helen Fitzgerald, Joseph Fletcher, Donald Foland, Billie Fontana. Marie Forgey, Robert Fortney, Howard Foshe, Catharine Fowler, Glen French, Martha Fries, Steve Fuehrcr, Sadie Fulkerson, Helen Funk, Ruby Gagliano, Salvatore Gaiser, Bob Gallagher, Andrew Gardner, Harold Gardner, Robert Garrett, Dorothy Ann Gosney, Frances Goss, Donald Grant, Robert Gray, Ralph Green, Luretta Gregory, Shirley Gresham, Martha Grisham, Ralph Groceman, William Guadagnano, Philip Hackbarth, Mary Louise Hackney, Dulcie Ann Hader, Rodney Hadley, Dorothea Hadley, Emogene Halastik, Anne Hall, Fred Hall, Geraldine Hall, Lucreta Hall, Mora Hanaway, Dorothy Hardy, Nadine Hargis, Margaret Harkness, Betty Jean Harman, Josephine Harman, Leota Harnsberger, Louise Harrington, Mary Hart, Peggy Hassler, Berneice Hatfield. Homer Hause, David Haverlind, Cecil Hawkins, Virginia Haworth, Edward Hayner, Aileen Hayner, John Heck, Betty Heiman, Kathleen Heitzman, Elna Helm, Arthur Hemplling, Marjorie Hempy. Hazel Henderson, William Hendrix, Johnnie Mae Hendrix, Peggy Henke, Albert Henley, Jessie Henry, John Henry, Marilyn Heotis. Mary Herbster, Anne Frances Herron, Mary Jane Hill, Robert Leland Hinkle, Buddy Hinkley, Bobby Hinton, Jack Hinton, Lawrence Hoffman, John Hoisington, Evelyn :iFirst Semester THE NOR7EASTER --D-at 62 i 1 1 Row 1-S Row Z-Eid Row 3-St Absentees- Row 1-Chambliss, WI Row 2-Way, Garrett, Row 3-Gosney, Manc Absentees-Brents, Abl Row 1-Cl Row 2-Sta Row 3-J u Row 4-V. Row l-Fi Row 2-Sh Row 3-D Absentees- 63 iigh- east as a me-some F us will , remem- will long ld n ry bh th ly etty Jane mne .mes arjorie ine rold ean rginia .ose 'de lnces ld :rt 1 'lla irley lartha alph William J. Philip Mary Louise lulcie Ann ney rothea iogene nne dine sta Dorothy dine rgaret Betty Jean osephine .eota rr, Louise , Mary y :rneice lomer vid Cecil Virginia Edward ileen ihn ty lathleen Elna hur . Marjorie Qazel . William 'ohnnie Mae Peggy bert essie hn arilyn ary Anne Frances lary Jane art Leland uddy Bobby ack ,awrence John n. Evelyn Semester -:el 62 SOPHOMORE HOME ROOMS ROOMS 208, 214, 400, 422 Row 1-Snelson, Rice. Cobb, Runner. Collins. Leon. Zeller, Y. Landau. G. Landau. Nivens. Row 2-Emmert, King, Smallwood, Long. Clements. Epstein, Benshoof. Baker. Larm, Hempy. Cooper. Row 3-Stumpf. Atwell. Pellet. Haworth. DeHaven. Arnold. Smith, Walker. Weir. Absentees-Angle, Forgey, Hinton, Lass, Warnken, Young, Kane, Herron, Marchese. Messina, Rouse. Row 1-Chambliss. Williams. Mahan. Gendler. Miss Pile, Jackson. Sharp, Johnson, Longstaff, Hart. Ridgway. Row 2-Way, Garrett. Baldwin. Breidenthal. Lineback, Steadman. McConnell, Pitt. Farris. Vunovich. Harman, Hause. Row 3-Gosney, Mance, Civello. Schneider, Larkins, Lloyd, Milan. McChesney, Allen, Henry, Williams. Absentees-Brents, Abbott, Parr. Row 1-Clenny, Wall, McLallen. Huffman, B. Smith. Lee. Wilcox, Stevenson. Wright, Miss Newitt. Row 2-Staley. Stevens, Madison, Vernon, Edwards. Williams. Boehmer, Heitzman, Keransy, Walker. Row 3-juelich. Shepherd. Carter, Hosler, Monaco. Phelps. Hackbarth. Y. Smith. Roberts. Row-1-Vaughn, Kubicki, Mueller, Sullenger, England, Candillo. Craig, Morris, Halastik. Row 1-Fisk. Eckinger, Standefer. McIntosh. Howard, Skinner. Arrowsmith. Lipovitz. Miss Gufler. Row 2-Short. Manley. Alport. Pokett. Ackels. Foland, Swanson. Smith, Myers, Licata. Row 3fDeLuke. Rago. Hults. Clark, Yantis. Slankard. Braley, Dulle. Absentees-Mancini, Thurman. 63 fies- THE NOR,EASTER Hollcroft, Keith Holt, Bill Hooper, Frank Hoops, Jean Hoover, Fred Horning, Marilyn Hosler, Wallace Hosmer, House, S Howard, Helen am Evelyn Howard, June Huff, Ra Huffman ndall , James Huffman, Nancy Hull, Dorothy Hults, Thelma Hunter, Forrest Hutsell, Clayton Immardini, Lydia Indin, Bert Inman, Frank Irons, Jo Jackson, hn Donna Jackson, James Jackson, Jackson, Jewel LaVerne Jackson, Leonard, Jr. Jeffers, Joe Jenkins, Cecil Jensen, Vivian Jobe, Helen Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Betty Johnson, Caryl Johnson, Genevieve Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Johnny Kinman, Johnson, La Vera Johnson, llylarjlorie Jo nson, ear Johnson, Roberta Johnsog Virginia Jones, onna Jones, Elmer Jones, Lou Juelich, Mary Jane Kane, Cannon Katowitz, Helen Kelley, Dorothy Kenney, Charles Keransy, Dorothy Kiddoo, Earl, Jr. Kiefer, Paul Kiesel, Herbert Kimak, Frank King, Billy Loyd King, Mary Louise Odette SOPHOMO Leslie, Mary Louise Lesslie, Margaret Levens, Dorothy Levitch, Billy Lewis, Ben Licata, Josephine Limings, Helen Lineback, Robert Lipovitz, Loretta Lloyd, Stuart Locke, Vernon Long, Marian Long, Mary Long, Peggy Longstaff, Dartha Louther, June Lowderman, Albert Lunn, Mary Lois Lunsford, Buddy Lusco, Santo Lusco, Vincent Lynch, Carl Lynch, Helen McCarty, Jerolyn McChesney, Forrest McClure, Helen McConnell, Lois McDaniel, John McDermott, Betty McFarland, Virginia McGee, Billie ' McIntosh, Josephine McKelvie, Kathryn McLallen, Max McManus, Pauline McManus, Richard McNutt, Kenneth MacDonald, George Madison, Lee Madison, Marjorie Magie, Douglas Maglich, Murrae Mahan, Dorothy Mahoney, Gladys Mallen, Kathleen Mance, Edward Mancini, Catherine Manley, Nina Mann, Dorothy Marchese, Nancy Marsh, Doris Martin, Evelyn Martin, Mary Mason, Clastine Mast, Nancy Meacham, Velma Meek, Robert Megerson, Clellia Kinnamon, Lawrence Kittle, Beth Kleever, Carl Klopfenstine, Hazel Knox, Leo Koberstein, James Koehly, John Kolkin, Harry Kramer, Jimmie Kramer, Juanita Kubiak, Julia Meredith, Rosanne Messina, Theresa Miceli, Lucille Milan, Russell Miller, Daniel Miller, Jack Miller, Kathryn Miller, Kenneth Miller, Marilyn Miller, Marjorie Millot, Marie Kubicki, Doris Kunz, Robert Lacki, Irene Ladd, Frances La Fluer, Malbourne Landau, Goldie Landau, Yetta Landenberger, Barbara Lannon, Lucille LaPlante, Gilbert LaPuma, Lena Larkins, Charles Larm, Viola Lass, Harry Latta, Margaret Laub, Ri chard Leahy, James Lee, Edward Lee, Eugene Leeper, James Leger, James Leger, Lloyd Lehman, Bob Leon, Mary Lou Leonard, Elsie THE NoR'EAsTER Mills, David Mills, William Milone, Richard Minter, Marilyn Mitchell, Raymond Monaco, Anna Moore, Betty Moore, Helen Moore, Richard Morehead, J une Morgan, Travis Morris, Dorothy Morris, Kathryn Morris, Lola Lee Morrison, Rowena Morrow, Webb Mueller, Evelyn Murrill, Lynn Myers, Margaret Nance, Russell Nelson, Bud Nettleton, Frances Newton, George Newton, Margaret Nicholson, Edward RE CLASS ROSTER"i Nivens, Virginia Nixon, James Noggle, Tommy Novak, Mike Nugent, William Onofrio, Gloria Orth, William Otis, Bradley Outlaw, Elodee Overfelt, Lothea Overtveldt, Elvera Owen, Leonard Palmer, John Palmer, Zelda Parker, Doris Parmerlee, Billy Parr, Doris Patterson, Lillian Patterson, Robert Patti, Tony Payne, Harley Pearce, Joe Pecoraro, Anthony Peden, Dorothy Peironnet, Jeanne Pellet, Ezra Pena, Corrinne Peterie, Margaret Phelps, Mary Piccirillo, John Pitt, Beulah Pittman, William Plaskett, Robert Pokett, Betty Jane Pokett, Bonnie Jean Powell, Marguerite Prince, Mardu Puckett, Doris Purcell, Peggy Ragan, Eugene Rago, Gloria Ramey, Loris Ramsey, Betty Rathford, Virginia Rawlings, Elinor Reames, Naomi Lee Reames, Velma Reedy, Evelyn Renie, Matthew Reyner, Nadine Rice, Elaine Rice, Fern Richardson, Walter Rickert, Leonard Ridder, Marie Riddle, Maxine Ridgway, Ruby Rist, Mary Kathryn Robb, Nadine Roberson, Harold Roberts, Helen Roberts, Virginia Robinson, Croteau Robinson, J. W. Rodina, Bill Rogers, Shirley Roof, Leo Rook, Bill Rose, Mary Lee Rowe, Betty Lou Ruark, Albert Runner, Norma Runyan, Harry Russell, Joan Russo, Mary Sabatke, Lola Saeger, Lawrence Salpietro, Sam Sanders, Delores Sandidge, Eva Lee Sanks, John Saunders, John Scaglia, Paul Schejbal, Mildred Schlie, Ed Schneider, Alden Schoepke, David Schoonover, Cordell Schoonover, Sylvester Schorgl, Joseph Schroeder, Charles Schultz, Clara Schwenk, Charlene Scott, Eugene Scott, Minnie Alice Scott, Sally Scovill, Donald Scovill, Keith Scudiero, Susie Segler, Charles Selby, Howard Semler, Hubert Settle, Robert Sharp, Robert Sheets, Richard Shelton, Walter Shepherd, Jeanne Shepherd, Joan Sherer, Mary Florence Short, Mary Simcox, Howard Simko, Mildred Simone, Tom Sims, Ruth Sincox, Jane Skinner, Margaret Slankard, Myrtle Smallwood, Jeanne Smith, Alan Smith, Alden Smith, Ben Smith, Bob Smith, Henry Smith, Hugh Smith, Jack Smith, James Smith, Katherine Smith, Louise Smith, Margaret Smith, Meredith Smith, Mildred Smith Sarah Smith, Virginia Smith, Virginia Lee Snelson, Lenore Snider, Claryce Sooter, Clifford Spencer, Edythe May Springer, John Stafford, Jack Staley, John Staley, Warren Standefer, Mable Stansbury, Elwood Starkey, Dorothy Stavlenich, Mary Steadman, Kenneth Steadman, Victor Stefange, Joe Stevens, Edward Stevenson, Forrest Stinnett, Churchill Stitt, Elmer Stockbridge, Ray Stokes, Bill Stoko, Joe Stone, James Stone, Peggy Jean Stone, Virginia Strawhun, Bettie Strickle, William Stumpf, Rodney Sullard, Mary Sullenger, Vivian Sullivan, James Summers, Marjorie Sumner, Mildred Swank, Margarite Swanson, Anna Sylvester, John Taibi, Joe Talbot, Judson T angblade, Marjorie Tawney, Anna Louise Taylor, Geneva Taylor, Mildred Teason, Billy Teri, Frances Tessmer, Bertha Tetrick, Gwendolyn Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, James Thompson, Kay Thorpe, Fred Thurman, Mary Thurman, Paul Thurman, Thomas Toner, Michael 'First Semester -..,.,gf 64 Row H., f M, -ff 7 Q4 , f X "f f K I . , f W y 121, vu 1 K. 4 Sf,-155 ' TT we 2 T Him P U' rn rv D .-+ ru 3 Row Row Row Row Row 1- Zi Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 65 e Alice ald h sie les rd ert rt rt ard lter :anne Jan y Florence vard red n :rgaret Iyrtle Jeanne n TY h as merine 'se garet edith lred h inia linia Lee nore ryce ford lythe May :bn ck n :ren Viable Elwood orothy Mary Kenneth Victor oe iward Forrest hurchill ir 2, Ray l es gy -Jean gmia Bettie 'illiam odney ary Vivian ames Marjorie lildred argarite Anna Iohn dson ' , Marjorie .nna Louise Row 'neva ildred lly ces lertha wendolyn , Dorothy , James , Kay red Mary Paul Thomas chael Lester -..sit SOPHOMORE HOME ROOMS l l 1 AUDITORIUM N. W., S. E., B, 104 Row 1-Boyle, Wilson, Hull, Barber, Mallen, Smith, Turney, Mason, Gimple, Doane. Row 2-Whelan, Johnson, Martin, McKelvie, Johnson, Kittie, Miss Roach, Williams, Limings, Wiggins, Winkley. Row 3-Bush, Tangblade, Puckett, Prince, Johnson, Sullard, Morehead, Scudiero, Russo, Peironnet, Howard. 1gMarchese, Corning, Brizendine, Broman, Ferguson, Ferro, Lowderman, Bloemker, Dorrell, Semler, Miss Wright Row Z-Hayner, Gardner, French, Rice, DiSalvo, McCarty, Blush, Curran, Gephart, Wheeler, Salpietro, Lee. Row 3-Yates, Dick, Gillespie, Morrison, Brockhouse, Gillham, Teri, Latta, Morris, Abbott, DeHass, Lehman. Absentees-Bryan, Gallagher. Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 Z 3 4 1 2 3 4 Shelton, Thompson, Glispey, Simko, Toner, DeMaddalena, Ware, McNutt, Eichholz, Gates. Cusumano, Miceli, Russell, Hargis, Lunn, Meredith, Madison, Miss H. Miller, Pokett, Gatlin, Brinton, Reedy, Taylor. Lannon, Tawney, Young, Louther, Rist, McFarland, Browne, Brady, Rathford, Outlaw, Best, Hoops. Dickinson, Taibi, Coughlan, Nance, Holt, Leahy, Grant, Plaskett, Woody, Hutsell, Hatfield. Ankrom, Elliott, Payne, Morris, Overtveldt, Herbster, Ellenz, Peterie, Heiman, Miss Morrison. Buford, Van Pool, Barnard, Gorman, Palmer, Easterly, Miller, Weinstein. Patterson, Diamond, DeMaddalcna, Fitzgerald, Pittman, Pecoraro, Hall, Fontana. Sheets, Moore, Gosney, Yancey, Sanks, Johnson, Stone, Miller, Bauer. 64 65 Hee- THE NOR,EASTER Notz Herman Treasure Delores 'lriplett Robert Turgett Leslie Lee Turner Max Turney Alcidene Valenti Ciro Van Alst Florence Van Buskirk Dorothy Vanderlmden Galen Van Dusen John Van Pool Wanda Vaughan Donna Vaughn Betty Jean Xaughn Dora Vaughn Eleanor Vento Sam Vermxlyea Maxine Lovins, Mary La Verne Lowe, Russell Luteran, Kathryn Lutes, Lavina Lynch, Howard McCafferty Ethelyn McCall Helen McCann, Mary McCarty Raymond McCarty Robert McDaniel Robert McGrath Mary Fran McGraw, Sue Mclnturff Mary McLennan, Alex McL1n Charles McMenemy Johnny McQuerry Waldena Mann, Allen Mann Helen Mansfield Barbara Marsh Maxine Mazza, Pat Meals, Euldeane Mentch Harry Meyer, Martha Michael Eddie S Michaels Mary Ruth Milburn Claud' Miller, Betty Ball Miller, June - Mistretta Marion Monahan, A. J. Monroe, Hylton Mooney Eleanore Morris Ted Morton, Teddy Mullin, Betty Murphy, Martha Murray, Bill Murray, Ralph Neil, Rudolph Neill, Gordon Nelson, Eugene Newman, Bee Newton, Maxine Noggel, Jack Northcraft, Elsie THE NoR'EAsTER SOPI-IOMORE CLASS ROSTER? Vernon Fern Vittorxe Louis Vunovich Helen Betty Margaret Catherine Morris Oscar John Hayesalee Wagner Waldon Walker Walker Walker Wallace Walter Ward Vmeta Ware Madge Warnken Ernest Warren Lawrence Way Jessie Webb Pauline Weddle Doroles Weinstein Evelyn Weir Don Weir Jack Welch James Weston Lorene Wheeler Helen Whelan Jean White Donald White James White Madeline Wiggins Mildred WlkElSkl Meredith Wilcox Wilbur Wilhelm Mary Louise Wllkes Dorothy Williams Bernard Williams Betty Jane Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams W1lll2mS Wmlliams Betty Lou Billy Evelyn Harriett va Vlary Louise Nladine 'Jorma Vera Eleanor Willis Charles Wilson Louise Winkler Norman Winkler Thorp Wlnkley Edna Mae Winn Alpha Winn Elmer Winn Thomas Wirth John JUNIOR CLASS? Conhnued Ryder David Wxttman Eleanor Woerner Reid Wolgamott Thurman Wolverton Irene Woodruff Margaret Woodson Clyde Woody James Woosley Robert Wrabec Frances Wright Frances Yancey France Yantis Bettie Yates Katherine Young Bonnie Jean Young Edwin Zeller Beverly Zumwalt Don First Semester Summers, immy CCS Novello, Anthony O Bryne, Roletta Olsen Robert Orndorff Frank O Sullivan Martha Pace Dale Painter, Velma Palle, Anna Palmisano, Agnes Panethiere Mickael Pateydl John Payne, Edwin Payne, Kenneth Pell egrina, Rose Penland Lila Penyock Agnes Perkins, V1olet Perry Dollvena Peters, Bob Peterson, Betty June Phelps Wilma Phillips Omar Pirro, Mary Porter, Erma Justine Porter, Leonard Pyle, Wilda uinn, Francis uinn, Ray Radley, James Ragan, Johnny Rahiya, Joseph Rand, Paul Rankin, Mary Margaret Rannie, Jimmie Rathbun, James Rauselpaw, Thelm Reeder, Elizabeth Rewoldt, Harold ' Rice, Earl Riddle, Alice Roark, Robert Robertson, Dallas Rolsky, Morton Rosenblum, Harry Roulston, Jack Rouse, Louise Runyan, Roberta Sambo, Margaret Sanders, Betty Sanders, Charles Sanders, Harold Sanford Ruth Savona Anthony Schaeffer, Delbert Schild George Scott, A D Scovill Edward Scribner, Edwin Scruby Bill Searcy, Norman Searls Norman Sexton, Loravan Shannon, Eugene Shead Christine Sheehan, B1nn1e Shrewsbury Geor Siler, Clifford Simcox, Betty Skaggs Jack Slankard Bill Small Bettie Jane Small, Frank Smith, Alice Virginia Smith, Bill Smith, Keith Smith Lois Smith, W' alter Snapp Don Solomon, Edgar Speck, Vincent Speers Austin Stark Marjorie Stepheno, Margery Stephens, George Stevens, Georgia Stickney, Charles St. Louis, Robert Stolp, William Stone, Virginia Stumpf, Lyle Strider, Joan Stucker, Geneva Sturges, Ralph Summers, Francis Sumner, Jimmie Tarwater, Bill Taylor, Alpha Fern Teason, James Thompson, Mary Helen Tibbling Muriel Todd Hortense Tonkm, Henry Town, Bill Trotter Ray Vanderlinden, Helen Vanderpool,Wenclal Van Pool, Bill Van Velzen, Helen Vose, Mary Katherine Wade, Elizabeth Wade, Evelyn Walker, Joan Walqulst, La Verne Ward Kenneth Watrson Bob Weisbach, Helmuth Welch Albert Welch Frank West, George West, Mary West, Peggy Whittaker, Ruth Williams, Betty Williams, Mattie Lee Williams Opa Wilson Andy Wilson Emmit Wilson Leonard Wittie, Betty Lou Woods, Jeanne Woodside, Alma Wurdock, Edward Wynn, Marvin Young, James Young, Mary Young, Walter Zahn, Ursula Zander, Jack Zeto, John Zimmerman, Donald Zimmerman, Lillian 'f'First Semester -..,.,5f 66 Wittman, Eleanor lVoerner, Reid Wolgamott, Thurman Wolverton, Irene Woodruff, Margaret e Woodson, Clyde Woody, James Woosley, Robert Jr Wrabec, Frances Wright, Frances Yancey, France Yantis, Bettie Yates, Katherine Young, Bonnie Jean Young, Edwin Zeller, Beverly Zumwalt, Don +First Semester mmers, Jimmy mner, Jimmie rwater, Bill ylor, Alpha Fern ason, James Iompson, Mary Helen jbling, Muriel dd, Hortense nkin, Henry wn, Bill otter, Ray nderlinden, Helen nderpool,Wendal n Pool, Bill n Velzen, Helen se, Mary Katherine ide, Elizabeth ide, Evelyn xlker, Joan xlquist, La Verne ard, Kenneth ittson, Bob :isbach, Helmuth zlch, Albert zlch, Frank :st, George rst, Mary :st, Peggy hittaker, Ruth Iliams, Betty Iliarns, Mattie Lee Iliams, Opal Ison, Andy Ison, Emmit Ison, Leonard ttie, Betty Lou Iods, Jeanne Iodside, Alma irdock, Edward 'nn, Marvin mg, James ing, Mary mg, Walter nn, Ursula ider, Jack 0, John imerman, Donald imerman, Lillian rst Semester -mags 66 I I if I I I I I UI: III I I I I I , , I 1 I I I I I" I I I I I I I I I I . 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V132 iyegf- ,p" ,.-KW 4 jww.. z' FLW: W! Kypyt.. N 'f1.'1.' r v .JK ,Lu 'ffifmsf ,X Q32- r""v ,M 4, . -'u.,, , ' wx? 5. MR.. ARTHUR T. CHAPIN Principal University .of Pennsylvania JY 1 , Y MR. GEORGE W. DAVIS Vice-Principal Missouri Valley College A W M ELLIS B. BABBIT Science-Junior College Kansas State College Q JAMES P. BIRD Engineering--Junior College University of Kansas FRANK E. CI-IAFFEE Music Northwestern University DOBYNS Counselor Valley College FACULTY X ivy . ,, ig-. fj I' ,Haw-f RICHARD A. BALL Science MARY M. BAXTER GERTRUDE BELL Central Missouri State Science Spanish-Junior College Teachers College University of Missouri University of Kansas VERA BLAND LOUIS P. BROUS CARL C. Physical Education Engineering-Junior College Commerce University of Missouri Kansas State College - Kansas State Teachers College G. L. COLEMAN Commerce University of Colorado AGNES E. ENGEL German-junior College University of Kansas M. E. DAVIS Physical Education University of Wisconsin CLARA DeWITT Librarian-Junior College University of Nebraska WALTER A. FF Band-Orche K. C. Horner Cons' C. F. GUST. Chemistry-Ju: University o CARRIE L. H11 Study Hal University of Co 'Se LETT113 L. EVANS J. E. FATE wooqv or-15 English-Junior College Science Central Missouri University of Missouri University of Nebraska Teachers 011 is B' , X' fl . EDWARD XV. JA TRUDE BELL i-Junior College ersity of Kansas Commerce ate Teachers College XRA DeWITT in-Junior College rsity of Nebraska E. FATE Science of Nebraska FACULTY WALTER A. FRENCH Band-Orchestra K. C. Horner Conservatory 218 C. F. GUSTAFSON Chemistry-Junior College University of Kansas CARRIE L. HENRY Study Hall University of Colorado Mg. EDWARD W. JACKSON Vfoodwork Central Missouri State Teachers College GLADYS GAYLORD History University of Missouri R. V HARMAN History-Junior College V William Jewell College CARL G. HIBBS FRED H. GREEN Commerce-Junior College University of Colorado PERCY K. HEALY R. O. T. C. HELEN HOBBS History-Junior College n Dramatics University of Kansas Columbia Expression College - ARTHUR O. KRESSE OTTO W. KUNZ English Printing University of Missouri Kansas State Teachers College AUGUSTA GUFLER Home Economics, Universiqj I I ,Jax ' ARTHA M. HEINRICH Registrar OLGA HOFACKER French-Junior College University of Illinois MAUDE MCELWATN Science University of Kansas AW 3 E JOHN W. MCMURPHEY Social Science State University of Iowa MARY ALICE MILLER Latin University of Chicago MABEL NEWITT Art University of Chicago EDWARD D PHILLIPS English University of Missouri FACULTY G. SHERMAN MARSH English Ripon College ESTELLE R MORRISON University of Nebraska CHARLES H. ,MILLER History-Mathematics University of Missouri L. HORTENSE MILLER Social Science University of Kansas VV, THERINE NEUMANN History History English English Latin Central Missouri State University Offiaxjifb Q Teachers College NNA F nsas City Junior College A L PACKARD Mathematics University of Missouri ANNA M PILE L A PINKNEY Mathematics Physics Junior College Missouri Valley College University of Illinois f REEVES PETERS Physical Education University of Wisconsin MARTHA ROUSE Home Economics University of Kansas F. M. Sf English-Jun University O NELLIE STI Physical Ed Boston Uni WINIFRED Commerce- Central Teachers LTENSE MILLER acial Science ersity of Kansas ENE NEUMANN History l Missouri State :hers College VES PETERS ical Education sity of Wisconsin 1 Ecoxripriiib of Kansas FACULTY F. M. SALTER English-Junior College History University of Chicago W. R. SEARS Central College NELLIE STEWART ANNA M. THOMPSON Physical Education History Boston University University of Colorado BESSIE GAY SECREST English Cornell University CHRISTINE L. WADDELL Study Hall Central College for Women WINIFRED WEATHERMAN FRANCES SPENCER English-Junior College University of Western Reserve ' MARIE WASSON History Penn College, Iowa Commerce-Junior College GERTRUDE R. WEAVER ALLEN T. WHISAMORE ROBERT E. WHITE Central Missouri State History Science Mathematics Teachers College University of Missouri Columbia University University of Missouri , A 3 I 1 l l 5 , 4 l X l WWW 2 1 Row FACULTY GROUP 1-Miller, Kunz, Shaver, McMurphey, Weatherman, Chapin, Phillips, Packard, Morrison, Kresse, Chaffee, Babbit, Gustafson, White. Gutler, Coleman, Pinkney, Neumann. Henry, Gaylord, Winfrey, Gregory, Thompson, Pile, Row Z-- Murdock, Dobyns, Calvert, Lawless, Weaver. Row 3-Spencer, Newitt, Baxter, Wasson, Wright, Roach, H. Miller, Cleveland, Brous, Secrest, M. Miller, Evans, McElwain, Hobbs. Row 4-Hibbs, Fate, Green, French, Whisamore, Swinehart, Jackson, Nebgcn, Stewart, Waddell, De Witt, Bell, Peters, Ball. Row 5-Sears, Harman, Salter, R. T. Davis, Deniston, Engel, Roedl, Bland, Mapes, M. E. Davis, G. W. Davis, Marsh. ' FACULTY WITHOUT INDIVIDUA ALDINE BASHAM l PHLETA GHERRING ' EO J. ROEDL Commerce-Junior College Home Economics Industrial Arts Northeast Junior College Maryville State Teachers Co University of Kansas C. R. BURKE ELIZABETH GREGOR MARIAN ALICE SHAVER 1 s umor Colle e T in English Mathematc -J ' g yp g William Jewell College Central Missouri Teachers College University of Missouri Z MR. GEORGE CALVERT RAY M. LAWLESS TROY M. SMITH Science-Junior College English-Junior College Mathematics--Junior College University of,Missouri University of Chicago University of Missouri ' . .QD PSTONS GRACE MAPES HERMAN P. SWINEHART MISS A I 1 VIA rl A Commerce English V 'Kansas ta e College Southwest Teachers College University of Kansas I OTHEA DREW LOUIS NEBGEN RUTH WINFREY Clerk Science Nurse Northeast Junior College William Jewell College General Hospital LUCILE CLEVELAND ANNE ROACH IRMA WRIGHT English Home Economics English University of Kansas University of Missouri Ohio State University ii NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY For twenty-four years, sharing trials and victories alike, the faculty of Northeast High School has steadily marched forward. The value of their work has been price- less. They have skillfully guided students along the path of education, making the rough road easy. School life has been more enjoyable through their leadership and endurance. Words cannot express the gratitude each student feels in his heart for the teacher who helped him through his high school days. THE NoR'EAsTER --0921 7 3 MR. JC Assistar E 79 fgs.- 7 44 U P n, Kresse, .50n, Pile, M. Miller, , De Witt. vis, G. W. KOEDL ll Arts of Kansas CE SHAVER ish if Missouri I SMITH Iunior College of Missouri LWINEHART ish of Kansas INFREY 'se Iospital 'RIGHT lish University of Northeast s been price- making the :adership and heart for the -...,3f 7 8 BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. A. O. THOMPSON Elected 1932 MISS ANNETTE MOORE Vice-President Elected 1926 r l MR. JOHN L. SI-IOUSE Assistant Superintendent Elected 1929 79 MR. LUDWICK GRAVES MR. IRA S. GARDNER Elected 1936 Elected 1936 MR. WALLACE SUTHERLAND MRS, FRANK E, DQRSEY President 1936 Elected 1934 Elected 1934 MR. GEORGE MELCHER MR. GEORGE C. TINKER Superintendent Secretary Elected 1928 Elected 1930 THE NOR,EASTER NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Row 1-Rewoldt, E. E. Smith, Duff, Hollopeter, Brown, Lowe, Miller, Allison. Row 2-Herbst, Sheets, Wetz, Foehlinger, R. L. Smith, Coleman, Sturges, Patterson. Row 3-Dobyns, Edwards, Newlon, Vose, Settle, Heck. . Row 4-Browne, Davis, Thompson, Wirthman, Baker, Chapin, G. C. Ball. PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION President ........... ...Mrs. W. V. Hollopeter First Vice-President . . . ....... Mrs. A. T. Duff Second Vice-President . . . .... Mrs. George F. Allison Tbird Vice-President . . .... Mrs. Wm. L. Rewoldt Recording Secretary .... . . .Mrs. R. E. Coleman Corresponding Secretary . . .... Mrs. E. E. Smith Treasurer ............. ....... M rs. H. L. Lowe Auditor ...... . . .... Miss 'Hortense Miller Historian ......,..... . .... ..,. ...... M r s. G. R. Herbst The Northeast High School and Junior College Parent-Teacher Association was organized for the purpose of promoting child welfare in all its phases, to bring into closer relationship' the home and the school, to develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, moral, and spiritual education. With our finances and services we have supported the Kansas City Council, the Mary Harmon Weeks Foundation, the Gold Star Scholarship, the Mutual Help Center and the Northeast Y. M. C. A. We wish success and happiness for our Northeast boys and girls and pledge our loyal support to them in all their undertakings. Boys' Welfare .... ...,.. H . Harry Harlan Legislation and Citizenship, .Mrs. J. F. Herbst Bulletin .......,..... Mrs. H. Patterson Membership ........ Mrs. George F. Allison Congress Publication ..,... Mrs. R. L. Smith Motion Picture and Radio. .Mrs. H. B. Sheets Finance ..,....,........ Mrs. Rex Browne Mutual Help ........ Mrs. G. P. Wirthman Finance Assistant ...,... Mrs. Charles Heck Mutual Help Assistant. .Mrs. A. F. Thompson Founders' Day ...,..... Mrs. Ralph Sturges Parent Education ......... Mrs. L. V. Baker Girls' Welfare ....... Mrs. H. Harry Harlan Parent-Teacber Magazine. . .Mrs. V. P. Wetz Healtb ................ Mrs. John Walker Parliamentarian .....,..... Mrs. F. L. Dorr Home Room ............ Mrs. Jess Newlon Program .....,..... Mrs. Wm. E. Vose, Jr. Home Room Assistant .... Mrs. J. E. Wyatt Publicity and Press ..... Mrs. George C. Ball Hospitality .,...... Mrs. Harry D. Edwards Safety ..,.......... Mrs. W. H. Foehlinger Hospitality Assistant .... Mrs. John Stafford Standard of Excellence . , .Mrs. G. W. Settle THE NoR'EAsTER --elif 80 f , , rf . af i'4i , , ra 173' I I ,, Z1 - " L , V fi - ,Maui O ., 1 fif.. 7251421 ef , '. Ag f L f I 4 J , 1 .4 ROW Row I Row E Row 1 Row 2 Row 4 Row A Row E The governm of activi Cari grounds, of the d mittee to Miss its facult Fu Ke Boi Ma Bei He Gr, Do Cl: Peg Ma Jar L- 8 1 jess-- TION peter Duff ,lison foldt :man mith Lowe lliller erbst Jciation was g into closer the general s in physical, Council, the Help Center Ll pledge our 's. J. F. Herbst irge F. Allison s. H. B. Sheets P. Wirthman .. F. Thompson rs. L. V. Baker rs. V. P. Wetz Irs. F. L. Dorr n. E. Vose, jr. George C. Ball . H. Foehlinger s. G. W. Settle -..sgf 80 Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 1 i I X 1 w V v l in i ,Q l. ,A X ll fl ,I V il ll STUDENT COUNCIL-FIRST SEMESTER -Kelley, Baker, Kilroy, Dunn, Thompson, Ferris, C. Smith, Peironnet, Glasscock, Colglazier, Miss Packard. -Schuepbach, Lewis, Ekstrum, Rittermeyer, Patterson, Tecple, H. Smith, Barnes, Burns, Walker, Rogers. -Henry, Williams, Taulbert, Evans, Crader, Teason, McNutt, Howard, Cawby, Edwards, Coleman Meyer, Foehlinger. I STUDENT COUNCIL-SECOND SEMESTER -Stevens, Baker, Kilroy, Dunn, Scruby, Thompson, Ferris, Smith, Burns, Meyer, Foehlinger 1 Colglazier, Miss Packard. ' 2-Crump, D. Kelley, M. Kelley, Schuepbach, Ekstrum, Rittermeyer, Mills, Teeple, Burns, Sullivan P Gendler, Weddle, Webb, Glasscock, Dunning, Quinn, Sylvester. y 1 3-Cannatella, Matson, Rankin, Pyle, Teason, Evans, Howard, Puckett, Curran, Coleman, Parsons 4- St Dohn, Ellis, Largent, Austin. ' Hosler, Jenkins, Cummings, Henry, Gunn, Whipple, Bush, Barton, Lowe, Dieble, McCarty Crockett, Allen, Admires. 1 1 STUDENT COUNCIL '4 Sanks, Cradler, Powell, Simons, Hylton. The Student Council, a body of students co-operating with the faculty as the ! governmental body of the school, makes an effort to bring before the students a number l of activities during the year. Carrying on the Red Cross Drive, working toward improvements in building and grounds, teaching safety, emphasizing courtesy and promoting health are only a few T of the duties of the six committees, who work with the oflicers and executive com- . iii mittee toward the betterment of Northeast. Tvliss Packard, who has directed 'the council capably since its organization, is still its faculty sponsor. lo FIRST SEMESTER Kenneth Dunn ,... Bob Thompson .... Mary Kilroy. . , Betty Harlan .... Helen Baker ..,.. Graham Daniels, . . Dorothy Hollopeter, . . . Clarence Rupe .... Peggy Hambel. . . Marcia Kelley ..... James Thompson. . 8 1 gase- EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ... .Presirle11t, . .. First Vice'-Presirlenzf .... . . . .Second Vice-President. . . . ....Secretary. . .. . . .Reporter .. . . . .College III. . . ..,Co1lege1l.... ...Collegel .. ...Se1zior... ..j'u11i0r. . .. . .... Sophomore, . . SECOND SEMESTER . . .Kenneth Dunn . . .Bob Thompson . . .Clifford Smith . . .Mary Kilroy . . . .Helen Baker . . . .Ralph Brown . .Helen Glasscock . , . .Mildred Mills Althea Foehlinger . . .Martha Meyer . . .Wallace Hosler THE NOR,EASTER X, i 1 ii if l : I I ll ll l, E il li l lf il il I l ll 5 l li if I 1 if l', I ll' l 3 ii l e l NOR'EASTER STAFF p Row 1-Tullis, Taulbert, Lyon, Moran, Click, McCarty, Rogers, Peironnet. Row 2-Gentry, Robinson, Rush, Lohmeyer, Gilbert, Grant, Faulkner, Dana. Row 3-Edmondson, Mr. Phillips, Miss Newitt, Mr. Marsh, Miss Pile, Mr. White. ANNUAL ART COMMITTEE ' . Row 1-Tullis, Carpenter, Shepherd, Fyock, Craig, Weir, Wynn, Alexopoulos, Miss Newitt. Row Z-Kubicki, Foehlinger, Zahn, Cline, Parker, Rodman, Orrill, J. Teason, Bonfils, B. Teason. NOR'EASTER ANNUAL STAFF What's new? What's modern? Why-it's Swingtime! Buoyed along by this rhythmic theme, the 1937 Nor'easter Annual Staff suited the action to the word. The Staff members have worked in harmony to turn out an Annual that would truly reflect the ,activities of Northeast's student body. Instead of using vague terms and trite phrases, about which ordinary high school students know little or nothing, we have finally gotten into the sensible movement of "bouncing back to- earth" to be just what we are and no more. Instead of asking students to look into a future that is too far away and too un- certain, we are presenting to them through our work in this Annual, activities of the present-things to be remembered in the future. Our constant idea this year in this Nor'easter Staff has been to avoid making our Annual "An Instruction Book for Living Life," but instead make it "Our Memory Book of 1937." Our advisors were Miss Newitt, Miss Pile, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Phillips, and Mr. White. . ART COMMITTEE It is difficult to imagine what the Northeast annual would be without the faith- ful work of the art department. We do know that our annual would be very bare and unattractive if not for the work of the art committee. Under the direction of Miss Mabel Newitt and the art editors, the '37 N0r'easter Art Committee worked to make a more attractive book. To become a member of the art staff, one must attend nearly all the weekly meetings and also show unusual artistic ability. Theeighteen members of the staff this year worked faithfully, and much praise is due them for their Hne contributions to the annual. THE NOR,EASTER -W-'Sf 82 PHILIP LYOI Business Ma Advertising MAl E+ DONNASUE College III ALI4 C4 MARTHA GI Senior Edit: ROB Ju. VICTORIA Ri Locals Edito VINI Scl MARTHA TU Co-Art Edit. HAR Co- MILDRED TA Qirls' Sports . . BILL Boy as 1 i H ,J 4 WTI 9 ,I 'ali ty 4 4 3 ,A V' 7 Z ffiffiff- ., . 7-3' ' if , V -- ,, if E . 5? fl" on suited the :hat would ii gh school movement nd too un- ities of the naking our 'mory Book vs, and Mr. 1 the faith- fy bare and Nor'easter aber of the sual artistic nuch praise sz N OR'EASTER STAFF PHILIP LYON Business Manager Advertising Manager MARION MORAN Editor-in-Chief RUSSELL EAULKNER Bookkeeper DONNASUE LOHMEYER College III Editor ALICE GENTRY College II Editor ELAINE GRANT College I Editor MARTHA GILBERT Senior Editor 1 ROBERT MCCARTY Junior Editor JEANNE PEIRONNET Sophomore Editor VICTORIA ROBINSON Locals Editor VINITA RUSH School Life Editor JUANITA EDMONDSON Secretary MARTHA TULLIS Co-Art Editor HARWOOD CRAIG - Co-Art Editor BIIFLIE ROGERS Music Editor MILDRED' TAULBERT Girls, Sports Editor H Q BILL DANA 5 Boys' Sports Editor 9 DON CLICK R. 0. T. C. Editor I 83 Bee- THE NOR,EASTER ' l , -.. fm .4 COURIER STAFF Row 1-Wallace, Vanderlinden, Rolsky, Quinn, Alford, Mr. Marsh, Baker, Rush, Houser Row 2-Johnson, Peterson, Kilroy, Ferris, Murphy, McClure, Fuehrer, Dimmitt, Dunn. Row 3-Caldwell, Clark, Daleo, Kelley, Reese, Bradly, Walker, Stuart, Schultz. FIRST SEMESTER COURIER STAFF A "nose for newsv was rather diilicult for the first semester Courier Staff to sprout, after a summer vacation filled with everything but school work. Although memories of good times kept looming up, the Staff pitched into the wo-rk of editing the school paper with energy. I The first task was to get subscriptions. The newswriters not only received train- ing in writing, but also acquired practice in salesmanship. A very high mark was made in the number of subscriptions. All in all, the members of the Staff published a paper which contained both news and interest. For many years to come, they will look back upon their "reporter', days as days of accornplishm Editor-in-Chief ....i News Editors , . . CHE. COURIER STAFF TERM I Editorial Stajf Departmental Staff ........,Mary Kilroy Societies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Imogene Warren . . . . . . .Vinita Rush Girl Reserves . . . . . . .Almeda Johnson Tommy Fuehrer Hi-Y ...... . . .Francis Quinn Feature Editor .... Sports Editors . . Busine Business Manager . . . . . . .Helen Baker . . .Kenneth Dunn ss Sta , Bob Alford . . . . . . . .Juanita Ferris Circulation Manager . . . . . Advertising Manager . . . THE NOR,EASTER .Wayne Hauser . . .Doris Caldwell Reportorial Stayf Dorothy Schultz, Harold Murphy, George Bradley, Geraldine Wallace, Marcia Kelley, Bob Stuart, Arthur Dimmitt, Betty Peterson, Helen Vanderlinden, Melvin McClure, Betty Jean Walker, Jean Reese. 84 Z. W ,f R, R R. Stl journali by leng Mc the Roi dealing the heal Editor-ir CF News Ed Feature ll Sports E4 Make-up Business Q Advertisi Circulatil 8 5 lisa- ,Q V 91 sprout, nemories re school ad train- Jas made nth news " days as 1e Warren la Johnson lcis Quinn y, George :ia Kelley, f Peterson, ure, Betty Magi 84 1 . Ti' I K T5 1 1 ll l l COURIER STAFF-SECOND SEMESTER Row 1-Williams, Derby, Francis, Combs, Mr. Marsh, Dye, Karstens, Smith, Herriman. Row 2hWilliams. Hadley, McGrath, Lama, Harrison, Dole, Blasco, Gunier, Wallace, Gilbert, Dunnin Row 3-Gautier, Burch, Fink, Sawyer, Pellegrino, Hildebrand, Gorman, Gore, Little, Summers. SECOND SEMESTER COURIER STAFF Striving to put out a paper of school interest and maintaining the standards of good journalism, the second semester Courier Staff instigated the popular reading of editorials by lengthening the column and producing shorter, terser editorials. More of the spirit of school-life was put into the publication by lengthening , the Roving Reporter and increasing the number of human interest stories. A column l dealing with health in general and posture in particular was added, in co-operation with 1' the health committee of the Student Council. 1 1 Q 1 COURIEB. STAFF TERM II Editorial Sftlf Depurzfmental Stuff A Editor-in-Chief ............. Violet Burch Societies ................... Wilma Phelps l' fFirst Five Weeksj Martha Fink Clubs .... .... D ell Francis News Editors ............ Dorothy Gautier, Ml1SiC -------- '--'- V irginia Lama i Morris Dunning Girl Reserves .. . .,.. Eleanor Karstens Feature Editor . . . . . .Mary Hildebrand BOYS' Hi'Y - - - ---f-- Morris Dunning Sports Editor . . . ..... Laddie Little Aft ------- ---- G e01'Si3 Ann Combs Make-up Editor .. . .... Audrey Wallace BOYS Gym " """ Sammy Blasco Elmont Dye 1 Girls' Sports . . . ...,. Rose Pellegrino i Business Stag: Clothing .... . . ,Norma Herriman Foods .................... Martha Gilbert 1 l' Business Manager ......... Jimmy Summers Advertising Manager . , ...,. Mary Gunier ReP0'f0"if1l Sfaff 1 ,ii Circulation Managers! Vlghgnh JO. Marie Dole Betty Ruth Smith, Velma Painter, Elizabeth Harold Sawyer Harrison, Jean Derby, Mattie Lee Williams, lil Bernice Hadley, Mary Frances McGrath, Opal itll 1,1 Williams. E 1 1 '1 Bl flu , l: I 3 5 lga..- THE NoR'EAsTER 1 f ,1 1 I 1 i 1 1 l V! ill gl ' i E S l 1 ' 1 2 l 5 l 1 I 5 i l 1 I lf Alexopoulos, Anna Anderson, Alethea Ashby, LaVerne Crosswhite, Glendora Abbott, James Accurso, Frances Admires, Katherine Alexopoulos, Nickie Allen, Rose Marie Arbuckle, Fern Aronson, Jack Austin, Harold E. Austin, Mary Baggerly, Earl Barnes, Jack Beard, George Benshoof, Florence Bishop, Eilleen Boehmer, Eleanor Brance, Dorothy Brown, Bill Browne, Doris Browne, Richard Bruson, Frances Bryant, Betty Burns, Jessie Cade, Virginia Cawby, Rosemary Click, Don Clore, Aileen Clow, Wilma Colborn, Charlotte Coleman, Betty Jean Coleman, Mary Anna Colglazier, Mary Catherine Crader, A. J. Crowe, Annette Cummings, Richard D'Angelo, Frances Davis, Tommy Daleo, Angela Di Capo, Carolyn - Dodge, Betty Lee Dunn, Kenneth Dunning, Morris England. Eva Mae Entsminger. Isabella Espinosa, Marguerita THE NOR,EASTER HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL TERM I 1956-37 HIGHEST Ekstrum, Carolyn Jacks, Constance Jackson, Ellen Latta, Wilma GENERA Farris, Mae Marie Feiser, Willa Ferris, Juanita Fields, Phyllis Fleming, Lucretia Foehlinger, Althea Fordyce, Lucille Foshe, Catherine Frazier, Ruth French, Dorothy Fuehrer, Tommy Garrison, Roy Gatlin, Helen Gautier, Dorotha Gendler, Mary Grant, Elaine Green, Harold Gronemeyer, Janet Gunn, Richard Hackney, Dulcie Ann Hader, Rodney Hall, Mora Hambel, Peggy Hanaway, Dorothy Harland, Helen Harrington. Mary E. Helm, Frieda Henderson, Tom Henke, Harold Henry, Marilynn Howard, Evelyn Hughes, Melba Hyre, Elizabeth Ingles, Alberta Jackson, Jewel Jean Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Jeanne Kilroy, Mary Lamb, Dora Dean Lannon. Lucille Lee, Eugene Levens, Dorothy Levens, Edward Laury, Mary Ellen Lewis, Henryetta Mann, Dorothy L Linendoll, Guynith Long, Jack Long, Rozelle Lowther, June Lloyd, Stuart Lujin, Carolyn Lunn, Mary Lutz, Dorothy Lynch, Doris Rae McCarty, Robert McFarland, Virginia McManus, Richard McQuerrey, Waldena Maddox, Mary L. blarkus, Helen Marsh, Doris Matson, Laura Dey Mattucks, Laura Miller, Betty Ball Miller, June Mills. Mildred Minter, Marilyn Morgan, Mary Jane Moore, Betty Orcutt, Lorena Parks, Mary Parobok, Susan Parsons, Nadine Peironnet. Jeanne Pittman, Marthea Purtle, Ruth Pyle. Wilda June Rawlings. Elinor Roberts, Helen Roberts, Laura A. Rogers, Billie Ruark, Albert Rupe, Clarence Rush, Vinita Ryder, David Sanford. Florence Sanks. John Schuepbach, Dorothe Schultz, Clara Bell l l Morino, Annetta Newlon, Dolllie Simons, Louise Schwenk, Helen Settle, Robert Sheets, Marion Siefkas, Dorothy Simko, Mildred Sincox, Jane Smith, Clifford Smith, Marie Smith, Richard Spencer, Rowland Sutherlin, Louise Stobaugh, Viola Stecz, Helen Stephens, George Stephens, Marian Teason, Billy Tessmer, Bertha Thompson, Kay Thompson, Robert Todd, Hortense Triplett. Thelma Turner, Max Van Pool. Wanda Vaughn, Eleanor Vento, Katie Wagner, Betty Waits. Edwin Wallace. Audrey Ward, Vineta Warford, Margaret Watts. Millard Wattson, Bob Way. IJessie Wedd e, Dolores Wilcox, Alfred Williams. Iva Wilson, Barbara Womack, Emily I Woodworth, Louise Young, Bernice Young, Mary Younkin,'Rilla Zahn, Ursula Zumwalt, Donald l G 5 .X 1 Ro Ro Ro Ro Ro tc' these 1 indeed to the enveloj T who ha To be part in Ir These becaust Alexoj Ander Brown Brown Colem Colem 'iColgla Crossv Daleo, Dunn, Eastm: Fisher, Fueh rc Gentry Hambt 87 20- if -..set 86 , .1 - vv . 9' 9 1 Q Z1 f F 2 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1-lgunn, Browne, Newlon, Taulbert, Colglazier, Mills, Anderson, Warford, Wolf, Alexopoulos, 'astman. Row Z-kaury, Shepard, C. Smith, Crosswhite, Simons, B. Coleman, G. Morgan, Winn, Scott, Tullis, -2 I ss n . Row 3-ME. lsiiiirr, Tebbets, M. Coleman, Wilson, Rittermeyer, Sullivan, Magee, Moran, Lyon. ' Row 4-Fuehrer, Thompson, Windell. R. Smith, Teeple, Rohsenow. Row S-Levens, Hollopeter, Daleo, M. Morgan, Rupe, Hambel, Harland, Wilcox, Fisher, Stephens, Gentry. 'K NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY "I made it! Did you? I wonder if Mary didf, Questions and ejaculations such as these flew fast the day the National Honor Society members were announced. It was indeed a rhrillin da for those eo le who had received that reat honor of belon in i 8 Y I P P . .8 Q 8 ' S to the National Honor Society. Young hearts beat fast with pride and joy as small white envelopes were placed in the hands of the members. em The National Honor Society is a means of honoring those Juniors and Seniors who have shown outstanding leadership and scholarship during their high school careers. - To be chosen one must have a hi h scholastic standin and must have taken an active n , n u n pg 1 g art in school activities both curricular and extra-curricular. H len P ' e . . . . . bert In a special assembly, a small pin bearing a flaming torch IS awarded to each member. Sxgfin, These pins are treasured greatly through life-not because of their material value but ildfed because of the strivings and aspirations they represent. ,ne ifiord arie SENIORS chard , , Rowland Alexopoulos, Anna Harland, Helen Smith, Clifford 59556 Anderson, Alethea Hollopeter, Dorothy Smith, Robert Harry ,en :iBrowne, Richard Levens, Edward Stephens, Marian gfrggfl Brown, Forrest Louthan, Florence Sullivan, Evelyn Lilly Coleman, Betty Jean Lyon, Philip Taulbert, Mildred ?eE:3' Coleman, Mary Anna Magee, Ruth Teeple, Buckner B. ni Robert 4Colglazier, Mary Catherine Messenger, Gladys Marie Thompson, Robert ffxia Crosswhite, Glendora Louise 'iMoran, Marion Tebbets, Edith lax Daleo, Angela 'iMorgan, Geraldine Tullis, Martha ,Yggggra Dunn, Kenneth Morgan, Mary Jane Warford, Margaret ftie Eastman, Ruth Rittermeyer, Virginia Wilson, Barbara Jean :gy Fisher, Marian Rohsenow, Warren Max 'iWindell, Gordon Fuehrer Robert Scott, Margaret Winn, Shlfl Audrey 1 . H3 ret Gentry, Alice Shepard, James Wolf, Mary Edith gig? Hambel, Peggy Simons, Louise '?Elected as Juniors last year 0 giilores JUNIORS .lfred Laury, Mary Ellen Newlon, Dollie ,jyg,,, Mills, Mildred Rupe, Clarence Emily Wilcox, Alfred th, Louise ernice lary 'Rilla f'BQ,,,,,d 87 iga..- THE NoR'EAsTEn -..sgf 86 SPRING PLAY CAST Row 1-Still, Snider, Daleo, M. Morgan, G. Morgan. Row 2-West, Baker, Click, Windell, Spencer, Browne. Row 3-Alexander, Cordier, Dorr, Frazier, Carpenter. "GROWING PAINS" "Growing Pains," a youthful comedy, was presented by the students of Northeast, May 14 and 15, as the annual spring play. u The story takes place in the Patio of the McIntyre residence in northern California. It presents the dilemma of the Mclntyres, who see their boy and girl tossed in the cataracts of adolescence and can do nothing more than give advice, which egocentric youth always rejects, of course. A N The two "kids," George and iTerry, experience all the heartaches and thrills of growing up. Many things happen to them, but the end is bright and promising. The audience laughed indulgently at the awkward jokes of the adolescents. THE CAST f l , E As Wordsvs up with de held 2 I11 in the sky Phillips's hm joy when l Constellatie as a child fresh eiilor dils,-the flower gan adorn the f of our 19 zine. Why thus exhila ty-four ye: ventured tc ture to a h Norwirhsra technically George McIntyre. Terry Mclntyre. . Mrs. Mclntyre. . . Professor McIntyre. . , Sophie ......,... Mrs. Patterson .... Elsie Patterson. . . Traffic Officer. . Dutch .... Brian .... Omar .... Hal . . . Pete ....,.. Prudence . . Patty .... Miriam .... Vivian . . . . . . . . . . . , . ,Richard Browne, Roland Spencer Mary Jane Morgan , ........, Helen Baker, Ruth Frazier . . . . .Gordon Windell, Walton Carpenter . . .Zola Lee Snider . . . . .Mary West . , . . . . .Mary Still . . . . .Donald Click . . . . .Price Cordier ........Bob Dorr . . . . .Wayne Alexander . . . .Sebastian Orto . , . ,Hubert Semler . . . . .Geraldine Morgan, Lena Gioconda . . . . .Angela Daleo ,Geraldine Wallace . . . .Mary Goellner self, he mac was glad t design wa: 1 h, ll, 1 9 I S C Q ii II AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST The American Legion Oratorical contest was held February 12 in the Music Hall of the Municipal Auditorium. Richard Browne, the representative from Northeast, spoke on the Supreme Court and the Constitution. He won Hrst place in the preliminary con- test held at, the school and was presented with a medal in assembly. Unfortunately, he failed to place in the contest at the Music Hall. THE NoR'EAs'rER --QEQ 88 lf- ,Z lipfif L k , . 'P ENXSJ2' 7 4:4 l HT 89 lsee- - 4 Q - -Q-..,,,, Zi ii ,. m x ZZ t Q E I2 CN Goff gm 'dl f Cflv . V, 3. . , rl We Wee, . V fy 2 4' 0 I xl , x m fg, ' ' uf A: 1 J ' .yll Ll l l l iii .1 p .zg l A Q31 57,1 . l an lil, it ,4 in Q 5 c F lnlll ,Wi ll ll ffl i X rtheast, ifornia. .taracts always rills of g. The l E i K l' l' I' J L' I J C r lic Hall t, spoke .ry con- tely, he gif 88 As Wordsworthls heart leaped up with delight when he be- held a new-born Rainbow in the sky, so Prof. E. D. Phillips's heart leaped up with joy when he beheld the new Constellation of book plates, as a child would applaud a fresh efflorescence of daffo- dils,-the one to enliven a flower gardeng the other to adorn the Book Plate Section of our 1937 Annual Maga- zine. Why should he not be thus exhilarated, since twen- ty-four years ago he timidly ventured to add this new fea- ture to a high school annual? Notwithstanding he was not a technically trained artist him- self, he made the venture, and lll lll lt i li' ll l l li li' is ----------, W y., . , , . 1 1 Allin. flzlllH 4li5,,' i ' "ll"lIlll - - il' "' . .' Mm Illlllllxlllllllfll 53-'gt-whIlIlilIIlWa"iIuie .......... usssnai .L 5 EHOEEBSBAST Q Punruc1mnvm1'r:AI.or'r mrnuun erinuzrrs 'PF H .. - ME U if limi lil ll... w twwiw 'F lu. ww iuflilw H E ll -J1tl'vl1l'.llliMA 3 mlui'.'ll71 'J illll lj l llhillllllv Ml ig .411 fi .wi Up J, it ux..l',i . M. ll il I ,MXH lrbigl ll Ex mtv Wk AJ i ww. . all . w llwiylf , 'gh' kt iw ,J Ml lm' aryl, lx W ilk K ly 5 I o 6 I VW 'l -' :-'. " ". "a "" "'l "'. r"l 1 li All l ' fl Hlll ly fl :.:. E l:: 2: :' "l j::: I '. L 1 f f- .... .. .... ...u .... . . ,.... 1 I, w --::i-:p::-m2::::.5.jJ.-.ak 11- lllll-1' " ll- ll ig!!! ul-:annul lull Lu" """" m 4 'l "'niunmn luv H, ,,5l5g,lll,I X Ag Fl fl Hggfjgiggg::':55g:::::n:::j:5::: 5 ll. " I mmm- Am?-LSHITFIHIIE 155135251 ' . V ' . 'L-alnndln suv:-s fd ifNorihcasi5 iboob.-Elcdcw from year to year, until this beautiful feature has devel- oped into a permanent section of our magazine. Fortunately, it serves the double purpose of cultivating the pupil's artistic talent to embellish the commencement Nor'easter, and of reflecting the spirit and life of our school. It also qualifies the young designers to enter the business world professionally, to design posters and to illus- trate magazines and books to answer the demands of this pictorial age. Showers of spring flowers should be given to Miss Mabel A. Newitt for the sympathetic help which she has so generously ex- LWFQ was glad to find that the teacher of art and tended to these young artists who have made design was pleased to co-operate with him this department so useful and attractive. f 'fl "'. .f -N - . f ' 1 A if ..t. s QQ ? f :S . -, A ee, 2.2. Q Q ilii-if: g, l Qi? 2- Q L f fill- fill' - - W ' f 1 Q Om . ,s lf: ' 3 3 fi ' g gi ., g gi ' if 'laidi " gif? 2. . - 5 91,5 --t. ,A . A isis? 5 3 X, ' ....'V . s V ' 1 6 Aw -' e ,-. 2? , 'I -1W'f"t'-fav? "Tet-1f7"2..s 5' 1'f " . , :Jars , v t' - t -Wee f W 30055 K HT UUMD5 CHAHACTEHI IEILWIIIIQUA lClAlNlNlA'ITIE mm LOLQKWE CZQDARPENQER , 8 9 Ea..- THE NoR'EAsTER l l A l I 1 l I l e l Q 5 l Y I , 1 1 , l w 4 if' 1 'I 'n 1 - - ' '. ' l 14 :M :..- . . ' A picture is 21 f poem Wilbou 1 word,s.., nnsiia. DOFIDO .gf Y 1-51 '1 I 453 11 SIN 1 W ' ' 1,592 A an Hqdfwkdluiia 111 H .-Tv K v I X , I 1 ,l ' n ' N '9 T 1 to f Q. . Fu ul 111 " f I . 1 I 1 Gedr ea STeve'ns 1 1, 4 1 'gin' ,Y 1 11 f 4, 1 1. 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NX N .- - - .Y :', L Q., - - .Q W ax: :gi 456539 ff , -6 , Y I , I 1 H I I s ff", .1 W-azfzg' ,T ig fmji, V 14 fo .f M -. 11 X . SGI, , -f I X g 75' 'x , I f E I 74 ., I IV f I I .. x , -' unkind are r c all UTCV4 O 0 lc! .h hun? x,NR of vf XX B N K 5 f ,- 'R XX! ' I' .M . 1 2 1 V' I ' X f xi ' '14 I f f N My- X , X Q. Q' X' I Iixgv y x- I i f VKX ' I f 1 , lx fl ,f' ,1 ' 1 I .. f., I L-51,4 v' M 1,33 Inftl L y Oil H f-x.. 'rf""L lfwzi-"' ima. - .f 1, H ff- I ffiffliff, 'flii"'1?f'Z7 -A 7 ' 'SF . if Q!! If ziiirf I' 1 1 W ' ,- ,I ,,.. . ., ,,,.5pg- Ig 'iff 'qui' V3-f ,'F 'QL.:fT7:"A'f'f ESQ jk mu iw' iigili, V- V, 'iff ,Vu UIQ I1 xxx i H4 ' - - - 2 -mas-t5Qt1,.:,.1: s 9 I'.I .Q i f " :F I , A A iijig Jgaffigivil' .-' .f44:1f,-5:-,. I ,,, X 5.,'v,,.w,n ,-,xxx 1, ,Mn I . f 5475 Q :Ilia 'V iff fff I I NX " .-,, f,.:g jgfifgfOLLOW5 LITERATURE? UP THE ' -"V1 3 I5 l my TW J 'G 35533 5 lm . Qggviyl' - 4 xsxlv I . QQ Ce' XOBQXG lx ,a I X 9 'I si 7X Wh 'I A I i li 8 1 ty XXX 1:51 I E mln.: 'MT' V5 :f X , I' ,:T-'Q' -Qxx . THE NOR,EASTER MR. FRENCH MR. CHAFFEE MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. French and Mr. Chaffee have played an important part in making Northeast outstanding in its musical achievements. THE A CAPPELLA CHORUS The A Cappella Chorus, in their new robes, has given Northeast several opportu- nities to feel proud of her own talent. The Chorus of mixed voices, singing without ac- companiment presented programs in assemblies and. various churches. Their perform- ance at the Raymond T. Davis Memorial assembly has elicited many compliments. The A Cappella Chorus received honorable mention and very high praise for their part in the recent all-school contest. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Boys who enjoy singing, sight reading, and a study of music may be found in this harmonious organization. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls, like the boys, sang at several entertainments and have shown exceptional talent in the blending of voices. THE SOLO CONTEST For the last few years Mr. Chaffee has originated and sponsored a solo contest at Northeast that has aroused interest throughout the country. This contest gives the pupil a goal to work toward, and winning offers a chance to attain greater heights. An outside judge selects the best soprano, alto, contralto, tenor, barytone, and bass voices. THE POPULAR ORCHESTRA The Popular Orchestra has become very well liked by the student body. It played for the Viking Varieties and the mixers. POPULAR ORCHESTRA ' Row 1-Strider, Henderson, Rohsenow, Van DerAa, Blasco, Haerer. Row 2-Dohn, Strider, Schusler, DeHaven, Stansbury, Capponi, DeVorss. THE NoR'EAsTER -0-,gf 9 2 QT.. . f f cfm My M ja Row Row Row Row Row Row Row At heard pl they pla' The have bee 9 3 Ea.- ing Northeast veral opportu- ig without ac- 'heir perform- lpliments. The ' their part in t found in this vvn exceptional solo contest at gives the pupil ghts. ftone, and bass mody. It played ff f 1172 '. ' ,' V, if '31 " , W ,,.,fL . M! "7'f'yf J J ff? .V -W ,.., v fl ,Q Cv Zun- -..sgf 9 2 l l Row Row BAND 1-Mr. French, Pellet, Green, Wetz, Brown, Rogers, Stumpf, Capponi, Ferguson, Small, Curry Stansbury. 2-Dreyer, Atwell, Cooper, Nugent, Lassiter, Robinson. Row 3-Schusler, Strider, Braley, Zumwalt, Scribner, Hogg, Winn, Aikins, Hause, Todd. Morgan, Wallace. Row 4-Dohn, Panethiere, Eriksen, Wyatt, DeVorss, Scott, Winn, Reese, Schlichting, Rathbun, Welch Sheets. . ORCHESTRA Row 1-Byrd, Woody, Leger, Michaux, Triplett, Benney, Colglazier, Haerer, Vermilyea, Davis, Blasco, Gray, LaFluer, Mr. French. Row 2-Dichiara, Norfleet, Marchesi, Mitchell, Steadman, Leeper, Rice, Spacth, Snider, Smittle, Long, Dick, Vaughn, Kittle, Sheridan. Row 3-Wolverton, Curry, Powell, Bankead, Strider, Henderson, Wikelski, DeHaven, Lloyd, Hause, Wattson, Boucher, Davis, Border, Middleton. THE BAND At the football and basketball games the Band was seen in their uniforms and heard playing marches with great enthusiasm. They also created much interest when they played in the assemblies. THE ORCHESTRA The Orchestra has been very successful in interpreting classical numbers which have been enjoyed by all those listening. 93 THE NOR,EASTER GIRLS' CHORUS Row 1-Barber, Burkdoll, Tibbling, Stephens, M. Kelley, Pyle, Mr. Chaffee, Maxwell, Reedy, Peterie, Miller, Marchesi, Kearns. Row 2-Larm, Dunn, Crosswhite, Johnson, Vance, Bly, Rankin, D. Kelley, Craig, I. Kelley, Dixon, Vaughn, Juelich. Row 3-Eichholz, Huffman, Thompson, Gronemeyer, McIntosh, Davis, Hargis, Taylor, Wrabec, McQuerrey, Hoerath. Row 4-Calvert, Vose, Byrd. Lamb, Forrester, Green, Alexander, Rogers, Hess, Dole, Stone, Phelps. BOYS' CHORUS Row 1-Miller, Womack, Brown, Saunders, Mr. Chaffee, Peters, Eubank, Walker. Row 2--Rosenblum, Smith, Gurera, Torbert, Faron, Downer, Stanley. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Row 1-Lama, B. Coleman, Foehlinger, M. A. Coleman, Mr. Chaffee, Reed, Russell, Little, Wade, Purtle. Row Z-Kilcrease, Peterson, Childress, Orcutt, liennell, Metcalfe, V. Smith, Fulton, M. Smith, Wilson. Row 3-Burge, Baum, Dernier, Page, Logan, Diven, Oates, Comaschi, Sanford. Row 44Sparks, Lord, Faulkner, Dimmitt, Monroe, Armstrong, Gerhart, Harris. THE NOR7EASTER -wil 94 ly, Peterie, m, Vaughn, McQuerrey, .e1ps. Wade, Purtle. lith, Wilson. -oegf 94 7 5 1 f ,, 5 f'- 5 V 1 st? .-HW-' WW.l.iifli"' . . 'AH 5- ,.v:'!7""' ' ' ' wif V , 134' ,m:m'F27'?i' iw? -'-' +2 -f' ' Y5,:!ff5'jag--- QQ, 2 ., . 4?-'f,f!T76'??gQ?5 . . .., V. lf? if I7 , 'fygry-1 ,:' -2 W M151 ,gf .I ng 1 - ,ln 1 -kg 1 A fliigiag I , J 4 h ZA-T :ff-Wx-' Ygpfxv- 52' .ff-mmf., Q ' J' 3, W' 159 gf' A maiI.,g5w, 5545: 'j?,,!g.- Q PM M3373 ' 5' .- --.,7g:x,2,4fmiag4Sgf 5? .Cf :XII ' V95 nb mf idly,-. ,g ,,fW',i!x25K?-ff' ' .wi Pj f,i:15g9gQ24-f:'- -' Egfw me "'f4,j'f, ff' ' 1-.12 - nl, J' 53,QQ:.,g1. E, x Q' - A an ,4'-'ff f .M 'Rib' , If ' ',,ff'L 11713 ' " "f L- .,,U J "'-15-.1 ,,,' .nf 'Q W, ., an ' W5 I ' ' 03 U. , -3' 'gn MEF, gf. V- x Hx A 3: 5. A A V ,aff X 1, ,L ff, , 3 ,V V, 'wiizggg f-fiwis aefwgf 165 fc .um A ffi GIRLS' ATHLETICS 1 A THE NOR,EASTER asf 96 ,f 1, ,fi uf 5 Presidef Vice-Pr ASecreta1 Treasur M ful yea was he for sea: P resid ez Vice -P11 Secre tar Treasu r, Reporte 97 -as fa 9 BI.-LW 96 ,X' f , ,, ' , .Q .4m. -- SEAL CLUB Row 1-Conyers, Crump, Y. Landau, G. Landau, Hults, Carey, Hambel. Row 2-Boland, Dohn, H. Williams, Colglazier, Stephens, B. Williams, Hall. Row 3-Church, Nichols, Eichholz, Miss Bland, Johnson, Sims, Bowles. OLYMPIC CLUB Row 1-Stanley, Gwartney, Cawby, Hammer, Nordvedt, Sullivan, Taulbert, Elsas. Row 2-Aldridge, Curry, Braley, Bishop, Schuepbach, Kubiak, Shepherd, Larm, Admires. Row 3-Yates, Levens, Perry, Miller, Gimple, Rawlings, Way, Sabatke, Atchison, Howard. SEAL CLUB The Seals have had Miss Bland for their 1936-37 advisor. The club is an organized group of girls interested in swimming, who combine work K l and play. They work to pass the American Red Cross Life Saving test, and play water polo and water baseball for the enjoyment of the games. FIRST SEIMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President ..,,...,...,,.... Peggy Hambel President .....,..,,........ Marie Church Vice-Presirlcnt . . . .,.. Mary Colglazier Vice-Presirferzt ,.....,...,. Mary Colglazier Secretary .,.. ...... M arie Church Secretary ..... . . .Mary Ellen Laury Treasurm '.,, . . ,Mary Ellen Laury Treasurer . . . ..,,., jean Crump f OLYMPIC CLUB Miss Stewart, the faculty advisor of the Olympians, has watched another success- ful year slip by. The year has passed quickly for the Olympians too. The annual feast was held in the cafeteria. It was well attended by the members. Teams were organized for seasonal sports, which everybody enjoyed. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Prcsidenl .........,...... Marie Nordvedt Pl'6'Sill'L'lIt .,.,......,...,.. Susie Gwartney Vice-Presiflcnt . . . . . .Evelyn Sullivan Vice-President . . .,.. Helen Markus Secretary .... . . .Mildred Taulbert Secretary ..,. . , .Elaine Stanley Treasurer , . , .,,..... jean Cox Treasurer . . .,..,. Edith Elsas Reporter . . , . .Mildred Taulbert Reporter . . .,.... Jeanne Bradley 97 lie- THE NOR,EASTER HOCKEY SENIOR Row 1-Barton, Taulbert, Elsas, Gwartney, Colglazier, Parsons, Carter. Row 2-Stephens, Huff, Parks, Bowles, Sullivan, Rennison, Hainbel. Row 3-Dohn, Johnson, Nordvedt, Roberts, Allen, Cox, Page. JUNIOR Row 1-Perry, Carey, Newman, Lewis, Newlon, Kinnamon, Bender. Row 2-Kimak, Dexter, Church, Crump, Di Capo, Antrim, Ellis. Row 3-Hrencher, Stecz, Siefkas, D. Johnson, Nichols, Schuepbach, W. Johnson, Cottone. SOPHOMORE Row 1-Bishop, Harnsberger, Shepherd, Tessmer, Cawby, B. Williams, Howard, Miller, Armstrong. Row 2-H. Williams, Rawlings, Browning, Curry, Gimplc, B. I. Johnson, Evans, Schwenl-2, Spencer, Brockhouse. Row 3-Eichholz, Admires, Sims, Howard, Harrington, Sabatke, Gendler, B. J. Johnson. Gorman. THE NOR,EASTER --neil 98 115 7 ff-. 4 .- 1 ZF? 5? i Row Row Row 99 Es, , I I I I I I I I I I I , , I , . I I I ' I I I I I E 1 I i G11-LNT VOLLEY BALL I I SENIOR Row 1-Barton, Taulbert, Elsas, Johnson, Colglazier, Gwartney, Hambel. Row 2-Hammer, Stephens, Huff, Parks, Bowles, Sullivan, Rennison. Row 3-Dohn, Nordvedt, Smith, Roberts, Allen, Cox. I Q JUNIOR I Row 1-Carey, Hrencher, Stecz, Newman, Newlon. I Row 2-Perry, Dexter, Church, Crump, Lewis, Kinnamon, Di Capo. me. Row 3--Wade, Kimak, Johnson, Schuepbach, Siefkas, Bankovic, Penyock, Cottone. I SOPHOMORE I Row 1-Bishop, Harnsberger, Tessmer, M. Smith, Y. Landau, Miller, G. Landau, Howard, Russell, Hall g' Brockhouse. Spencer' Row 2--M. Smith, M. Clark, Heotis, Simko, Maglich, A. Clark, Gimple, B. I. Johnson, B. J. Johnson Schwenk, Barton, Armstrong. Row 3-Levens, Roberts, Eichholz, Jackson. Sims, White, Walter, Admircs, Harrington, Ware, Chimento Gendler. -'eil 98 99 IEW THE NOR,EASTER I I VOLLEY BALL PLAY DAY AT MANUAL Row 1-Taulbert, Sullivan, Stephens, Colglazier, Hambel, Gwartney. Row 2-Church, Schuepbach, Nichols, Siefkas, W. Johnson, Smith. Row 3-Stecz, Nordvedt, Parks, A. Johnson, Allen, Cox. HOCKEY PLAY DAY AT WESTPORT Row 1--Gwartney, Hambel, Colglazier, Markus, Taulbert, Glasscock. Row Z-Elsas, Sullivan, Parks, Allen, Cox, Huff, Stephens. PLAY DAYS A sports play day for girls was inaugurated this fall among the high schools of Kansas City. The tournaments were held to give the girls a good time, to provide them with a broader knowledge of hockey and volley ball, and to develop a friendlier feeling among students of the different high schools. Following the games a luncheon was served, and later in the afternoon a social hour was held. On November 21, 1936, a hockey playday was held at Westport High School. In- vitations were accepted by Paseo, Westport, Central, Southwest, and Northeast High Schools, and in addition Barstow and Sunset Hill, Kansas City's private schools for girls, were invited. The Vi-Queens on the team from Northeast were: Jonnie Huff, Marjorie Carter, Mary Parks, Willie Irvine, Helen Glasscock, Jean Cox, Dorothy Allen, Marian Fisher, Peggy Hambel, Marian Stephens, Susie Gwartney, Mary Catherine Colglazier, and Mildred Taulbert. Coniinucrl on page 101 THE NOR,EASTER -'Q-'Sf 100 4 , , 'W W ,a A J 57 Row Ron Row Gi special drilled 1 Red C1 Wear th H4 in the I an all-s1 I'Ii ments a Th pointsj Vo Februar laurels was plaj Th Mary J Allen, l Stecz, B Johnson 101 l i 1 schools of vrovide them idlier feeling incheon was 1 School. In- 'theast High schools for jorie Carter, arian Fisher, and Mildred -...,gf 100 LIFE SAVERS Row 1-gisnop, Conyers, Russell, Bender, Hambel, Peterie, Roach, Hults, Taulbert, Gwartney, Brockhouse, 1 iams Row 2-Browning, Cox, Cobb, Ellenz, Eichholz, Newlcn, Gorman, Davis, Colglazier, Stephens. Burns, Elsas. Row 3-Hrencher, Allen, Slefkas, Sims, Lewis, Mills, Nordvedt, Nichols, Moran, Church, Parks, Bowles. LIFE ' SAVING Girls desiring to pass the American Red Cross Life Saving test have been given special coaching by Miss Bland during class and after school. Life saving technics are drilled upon until the girls are skilled in them. The final test is given by the American Red Cross Life Saving Examiner's Board, and each girl that passes is permitted to Wear the life saving pin or emblem. GIRLS' SPORTS Hockey, giant volley ball, basketball, and volley ball are competitive sports offered in the physical education program. A preliminary contest is held within the classes, and an all-star squad is selected to represent each class. Then an inter-class tournament is held. Hiking, track, swimming, ping pong, and tennis are individual sports. Tourna- ments and meets are held, giving every girl a chance to take part if she chooses. The rewards for girls in athletics are: the little "Nw Q75 pointsj 5 the Big "N" Q125 pointsjg the Seal Q175 pointsjg and permission to buy a school blanket f2O0 pointsj. PLAY DAYS fContinuedl Volley ball play day followed and was held at Manual Training High School on February 20, 1937. Northeast won every game in this tournament, but no victory laurels were hung. The same schedule was followed, except that an exhibition game was played by two men's volley ball teams from the Y. M. C. A. The following girls played for Northeast: Helen Markus, Dorothe Schuepbach, Mary Jane Schuepbach, Jean Cox, Nora Smith, Mary Catherine Colglazier, Dorothy Allen, Evelyn Sullivan, Marie Nordvedt, Carmen Nichols, Mary Ellen Laury, Helen Stecz, Ruth Magee, Dorothy Siefkas, Wilma Johnson, Marie Church, Mary Parks, Almeda Johnson, Susie Gwartney, Marian Stephens, Peggy Hambel, and Mildred Taulbert. 101 ggaw- THE NoR'EAsTER BASKETBALL ' SENIOR Row 1-Gwartney, Hambel, Markus, Glasscock, Magee, Barton. Row 2-Elsas, Johnson, Allen, Norcivedt, Cox, Stephens. JUNIOR Row 1-Hrencher, Church, Siefkas, Schuepbach, Nichols. Row 2-Di Capo, Newman, Lowe, Frazier. Hawkins. SOPHOMORE Row 1-Brockhouse, Schwenk, Evans, Jackson, Spencer, Miller. Row 2-Gimple, Kubiak, Harrington, Sims, Gorman, Simko. THE NoR'EAsTER -'G-if 102 'f ff f Ufffj , ,W 4 fyfifi M793 X f 5 V '44, 7 7 , 7, 41 , f I N al 49 5 0 V41 'X Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 103 1 VOLLEY BALL SENIOR Row 1-Gwartney, Hambel, Arnold, Stephens, Taulbert, Markus. Perry, Barton. l Row 2-Elsas, Kelly, Sullivan,,Huff, Dohn, Magee, Morris, Colglazier. I Row 3-Reed, Parks, Smith, Allen, Roberts, Coit, Nordvedt, Johnson, Cox. I JUNIOR Row l-Armstrong, Di Capo, Dexter, Cobb, Newlon, Bankovic, Antrim, Carey, Cottone, Milburn. Row Z-Ellenz, Hrencher, Rice, Miller, Schuepbach, Nichols, Newman, Barton, Kimak, Hawkins. Row 3-Church, Laury, Eichholz, Burkdoll, Lewis, Siefkas, Crump, Frazier, Johnson, Stone. SOPHOMORE Row 1-Deffenbaugh, Cawby, B. Williams, J. Howard, Shepherd, Admires, H. Williams, Hall. Dulle. Harnsberger, Bishop. Row 2-Miller, Asch, Taylor, Rawlings, Kelly, Evans, Maglich, Wiggins, Tessmer, Hardy. Row 3-Heotis, Gimple, Johnson, Sims, E. Howard, Walter, Harrington, Bloemker, Jackson, Cusumono Schwenck. 93,2 102 1.03 ggeh- THE NOR,EASTER ,Z . R. E. PETERS M. E. DAVIS COACHES I Northeast's Hne basketball and track teams explain fully enough the capabilities of Coach R. E. Peters. As head of the athletic department, he has charge of both the basketball and track teams. In his sixteen years of tutelage at Northeast, his basketball teams have never been below third place, winning six city championships and three state championships. This record can be attributed to but one cause, the excellent coaching of good athletes. The track team, under his tutelage, has won eleven city champion- ships and six state championships. Besides this, they have made fourteen school records, seven state records, four Kansas Relays records, four Drake Relays records, and three world records. When a high school mentor has a record such as this, no more need be said. The job of turning out commendable football teams goes to Coach M. E. Davis. He has done this job well with the material that has been available for him. In the last six years his teams have won two city titles. He teaches his charges only the highest ideals in sportsmanship, and will long be remembered for this fine trait. All of his players are well trained in the fundamentals of the game. Exceptional efficiency has been shown by the financial department this year. The responsibility of making school athletic competition a paying proposition goes to Mr. D. L. Deniston. It has been handled capably by him, and the school owes a word of praise to his department. CHEER LEADERS Stanley, Powell, Thompson, Slagle CHEER LEADERS The endeavors of Jimmy Stanley, Bob Thompson, Allen Slagle, and Forbes Powell ran the cheering enthusiasm high on all occasions of Northeast's competition with other schools. Their superior leading ability proved a great bracer to the teams who were fighting for the honor of their school. Jimmy Stanley, serving his second year, acted the role of head cheer leader of this successful' group. THE NOR,EASTER 104 5 2 f 1 Z f an Z Nor necessity The inexl to fill thi score, the against ti Pow his team I hope t them, as experienc Viki dull as i have had this year The and of g the secor make the The urdays 0 The punishmf Mr. terial, an 105 lies- ie capabilities : of both the his basketball nd three state lent coaching ty champion- :hool records, ds, and three : need be said. E. Davis. He n the last six ghest ideals in .ayers are well his year. The oes to Mr. D. vord of praise Forbes Powell ion with other ms who were leader of this -..agf 104 JIMMY WIRTHMAN Jimmy Wirthman, a smashing lineman, was selected a year ago to lead this year's football team. His playing ability made him a threat to the enemy runners. Many times he crashed through the opposing line to throw the runner for a loss. His constant and brilliant playing earned for him a berth on the all-star team. SAMMY BLASCO One of the outstanding players of the Northeast team was Sam Blasco. His flashy broken-field running was beauty in itself. Many times, without interference, he broke away for long runs which gave the Viking rooters hope. He made up for his lack of size by his outstanding play on the offense. His fine work did not go unrewarded, as he was given honorable mention on the city all-star team. FIRST TEAM FOOTBALL Northeast's low standing in the Interscholastic League was due chiefly to the necessity of taking a chance. From the start, everything in the Viking ranks was a gamble. The inexperienced men who were going to have to step into the champions' shoes and try to fill them capably was a long chance. When these boys were on the short end of a score, they started throwing passes which the enemy frequently intercepted and turned against the Vikings. Power was not missing in the Viking camp this year. Quoting one coach before his team battled Northeast: "They have the power but have not as yet got it rolling. I hope they don't start against usf' Their inexperience proved a great handicap to them, as they might have got the so-called "power', started had they had another experienced man or two. Viking followers hopefully point to next fall when the outlook is not quite so dull as it was this year. Although six lettermen are returning, only a few of these have had actual game experience. A captain to lead next year's team was not chosen this year. SECOND FOOTBALL TEAM The second football team is used as a means of getting material for the Varsity and of giving boys more experience so as to make them act well under fire. Players use the second squad as a stepping stone to the Varsity. Boys who are not quite ready to make the first team are sent to the "Scrubs,' for seasoning. There is a league of second teams. They play on the Mondays following the Sat- urdays on which the first team plays. The "Scrubs" should be given more credit. They stay late after school taking punishment so the first team can get practice. Mr. George Calvert has been doing a good job of handling the second team ma- terial, and has the ability to bring out the best in the boys he has in charge. 105 23?-M THE NoR'EAsT1sR BOYS' ATHLETICS l W Topi Miller Phillips Fries Vaughn , Hill Collins Capponi SUMMARY OF GAMES CENTRAL 13-NORTHEAST 7 Taking an early lead by way of Dyeis 45-yard run in the second quarter, Northeast held until the last ive seconds of play when Central pushed over its touchdown. This game was the first of the season for the Northeast team, the William Chrisman game being called off indefinitely because of the soggy condition of the Northeast gridiron. ROCKHURST 25+NORTHEAST 0 Holding the Hawks to one touchdown in the first half, the Vikings were desperate for a score. They resorted to a passing attack, but this proved fatal. Rockhurst intercepted two of these heaves and went for touchdowns both times. The right side of the Viking line proved especially weak in this game. THE NoR'EAsTER -wif 106 l l i A Q5 Let Viking closing the half Th Southwe made tv 107 lies- . f :l quarter, d over its team, the the soggy ings were ved fatal. wns both :his game. --wif 10 6 BOYS' ATHLETICS Lowe Ziegler Onka Juricak Little Onofrio Sturges Manners SUMMARY OF GAMES EAST 32-NORTHEAST 0 Letting Black and Mathis carry the burden, East ran roughshod over the Viking Gridsters. Northeast,s only attempt to make a touchdown came in the closing minutes of the second period, but the gun beat them to the line, and the half ended with the ball on East's 18-yard line. SOUTHWEST 20-NORTHEAST 0 Throughout the Hrst three quarters of the game, the Vikings held the Southwest team to a lone touchdown. In the fourth quarter, however, Southwest made two touchdowns which practically doomed the Viking gridsters. 107 jlgw- THE NOR,EASTER BOYS' ATHLETICS Nichols Glenn Dye Anderson Folkert Gleason Hogg Mance SUMMARY OF GAMES PASEO 20-NORTHEAST 0 Led by Raupp and Wilhelmson, the Paseo Pirates made it the fifth straight loss in as many games for the Vikings. MANUAL 13-NORTHEAST 0 Failing to capitalize on the breaks that Were given them, the Vikings lost to Manual 13 to 0. Twice in the second half the Vikings had the ball inside Manual's 10-yard line, but could not push it over. WESTPORT 32-NORTHEAST 6 The speedy Westport backs Were too much for the Viking Gridsters, and as a result ran roughshod over the Northeast team 32 to 6. Blasco made the Viking touchdown in the early part of the last quarter when he raced 63 yards to scoreg THE NoR'EAsTER -'neil 108 9 5 When reported. Folkert, Out of tl Ope. of 43-13 34-30. R stride, th In tl out East a closely feated Pa: Westport next weel the Vikin Thu: 109 r I BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1-Folkert Dye T Trott M , , . er, arsh, Anderson, Denton fCapt.J, Dunn, Blasco Row 2-Briscoe, Austin, I .. k' ' ' ' en ms, R. Trotter, Lowe, Phillips, Elliott, Scruby, White, Day, Tonkin. I i ...4 f ' ' V., n 1 ' fl I., . . , Ai,-I:"' . 'I Al f V, , . TILFORD DENTON A -fo , A 1 41 -,,' A Tilford Denton, flashy guard, led the basketball team this 'ji year. Always a cool-headed player, Denton was high point man , of the season for the Vikings. For the second consecutive year f i he was chosen on the city all-star team. Y . A.. A g BASKETBALL When Coach Peters issued the call for basketball candidates, approximately 100 boys reported. Among these were only two lettermen, Tiff Denton, all-star guard, and Charles Folkert, who became ineligible at che semester because of nh ' e nine semester ruling. Out of these candidates, 25 were retained for first and second team use. Opening the season against Ward, Northeast was completely humiliated to the tune of 43-13. The next week, however, the Vikings came back to win from Wyandotte, 34-30. Rockhurst was the next victim whom we handily defeated. Now in a winning stride, the Vikings handed the Alumni a 22-19 defeat. In the league opener the Vikings won over Central 23-18, and a week later nosed out East 20-19. A non-league game found the Vikings opposing Wm. Chrisman, and in a closely contested game the Bears won 24-22. Resuming our league schedule, we de- feated Paseo 24-22 by way of a last-minute goal. Our Hrst league loss of the season was to Westport when they defeated the Vikings 35-14. The title hopes were badly jarred the next week when we were humbled by Manual 24-20. Closing the season two weeks later, the Vikings found themselves on the short end of the 26-22 score. Thus, the season for the Vikings turned out to be only an average season. 109 Ee- THE NOR,EASTER BASKETBALL LETTERMEN KENNETH DUNN . A fighting, scrapping player, Ken- neth was a constant threat to the enemy. His keen eye for the basket helped to add to the Viking scores. TILFORD DENTON An all-star guard a year ago, Tiff came back to prove that his last year's performance was not a flash in the pan. His cool-headedness and aggressive playing ability Won for him a place on the all-star team for the second consecutive year. C. O. ANDERSON A steady, dependable player, "Andy', will be the only returning letterman for next year. A forward this year, he may be converted into a center next year. TED TROTTER Although not eligible until after the first semester, his play in the last few games was commendable. His fighting spirit made him an asset to the team. RICHARD MARSH His height enabled him to control the tip-off in most of the games, to get many rebounds and tips in shots. He was chosen center on the second all- star team. CHARLES FOLKERT "Red', was a fast, clever ball hand- ler, and his ability to score made a great difference in the Viking team. ELMONT DYE His fleetness of foot made him a val- uable asset to the team. Although he was a reserve, his entrance into the game made a marked difference in the team's play. A SAMMY BLASCO One of the smallest men on the team, Sammy was adep-t at breaking up enemy plays. He is the type that makes up for lack of size by his fighting spirit. --Q21 110 f 1 ,az ' 1 M I 9 M X 31 7' I Q jf 1 ff W f Row 1- Row 2- Row 3- Win: of being 1 ally stron ers and br in defeati one being should gai Northeast The relay found a c when the Capt: Dye and . Curry, 82 Rhodus ar Jim Shepal Marsh, an. Shot Put- Glenn, Te Strivi ight to th grim deter 1. 2. 3. 4. Seconc Intersc State Q 111154,- TERMEN vlayer, Ken- O the enemy. at helped to lr ago, Tiff is last year's 1 in the pan. aggressive iim a place the second yer, "Andy" :tterman for rear, he may r next year. itil after the the last few His fighting zo the team. Jcontrol the mes, to get n shots. He second all- r ball hand- ,ore made a ,ng team. le him a val- Although he ice into the :rence in the nen on the breaking up e that makes ghting spirit. -..ea 1 10 I BOYS' TRACK SQUAD Row 1-Rhodus, Anderson, Dye, Glenn, Young, Marsh, Wirthman, Onka, Curry, Pickering. Row Z-Shepard, Michaels, Fulkerson, Collins, Denton, Hill, Weisbach, Bounds, Blasco, Manners. Row 3-Austin, Nelson, Rahiya, Lee, Williams, Jennings, Lowe, Phillips, Gerhart, Ward, Fleming, Barton, Ragan. TRACK 'PROSPECTS Winning their Hrst two! track meets by wide margins, the Vikings show promise of being the city champions for the third consecutive year. This year's team is exception- ally strong in the dashes, and has a good field of pole vaulters, shot putters, high jump- ers and broad jumpers. In the hurdles is a new comer who will give all opposition trouble in defeating him. He has won his first two starts, in both the high and low hurdles, one being over the city titleholder at Paseo. The 440-yard dash will be well run, and should gain the Viking team many points in the city meet. The S80-yard run will find Northeast with a strong field of contenders giving the opposition a battle for first place. The relay team, which broke the city record last year, has lost only one veteran and has found a capable one to replace him. This team should be at the head of the procession when the relay is run at the city meet. Captained by Elmont Dye, the Vikings have the following entries: Dashes-Elmont Dye and Jim Wirthman, 440-Ted Trotter, John Glenn, Carleton Young, and Floyd Curry, 880-Hugh Bounds, John Weisbach, and Sam Blasco, High Hurdles-G. T. Rhodus and John Glenn, Low Hurdles-G. T. Rhodus and John Glenn, Pole Vault- Jim Shepard, Tom Manners, and Douglas Fulkerson, High Jump-Max Pickering, Richard Marsh, and Bill Hill, Broad Jump-Elmont Dye, Max Pickering, and Richard Marsh, Shot Put-Joe Collins, Mike Onka, and Tiff Denton, Relay-Jim Wirthman, John Glenn, Ted Trotter, and Elmont Dye. , Striving to make it three consecutive championships for Northeast, these boys will iight to the last man to realize their aim. Besides their running ability, these boys have a grim determination to win, which makes the track season more hopeful for Northeast. DUAL TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP 1. Northeast .....,........ 66 Paseo ................. 2 5 2. Northeast .... .... 7 1 M East ,..... .... 1 9 M 3. Northeast ..,,.......... 63 Southwest . . .... 2 8 4. Northeast .............. 57 Central . . . . . . . 34 Second consecutive Dual Championship. Interscholastic League standing - State Meet standing --. 111 gga..- THE NoR'EAsTER 'I . A A Elmont Dye, greased lightning sprinter, captained this year's ' . , al? track squad. He has lettered in track three years, and in that time has Won the 100-yard dash and the 220-yard dash in the - f city meet. He has also Won a state letter, which proves his ,' A" worth to the track team. 5 . , ,,,, , K , ' f 'fs 4, CHAMPIONSHIP RELAY TEAM Wirthman, Glenn, Dye, Trotter RELAY TEAM Composed of Jim Wirthman, John Glenn, Ted Trotter, and Elmont Dye, this year's relay team has four of the outstanding runners of the city. While each of these boys is a star in his own field, when running together they Work in perfect precision and remind one of a smooth working time-piece. V This team set a record at the K. U. Relays when it ran the half mile in the fast time of 1:33.4. As Juniors last year, three of these boys ran on the team that broke the city record. As many meets are decided by the relay, it is Well that a good relay team is composed of boys from our school. Manning, Bounds, McDanel GOLF I THE NOR7EASTER --H-if 112 f ,wi -, '.f'1? f Cr BUCK Y. Y I Row 1- Row Z- The have co-of unusually amples of and looks The l Cadet Maj t'The citizenship correctness stituted ai which will 113 lse- led this yearls 1, and in that 'd dash in the :h proves his ,lmont Dye, this mile each of these perfect precision mile in the fast m that broke the good relay team is ,IcDanel --0-at 112 Cadet Major Sergeant BUCKNER TEEPLE P. K. HEALY NORTHEAST BATTALION R. O. T. C. OFFICERS Row 1-Ist Lt. Hargis, Capt. Whipple, Capt. Smith, Capt. Browne, Sgt. P. K. Healey Clnstructorb, Major Teeple, Captain Anderson, lst Lt. Raymond, lst Lt. Hylton. Row Z-Znd Lt. Dunning, Znd Lt, Gull, 2nd Lt. Johnson, Znd Lt. Click, Znd Lt. Schlichting, 2nd Lt. Parkes, 2nd Lt. Dunigan, 2nd Lt, Cook. OFFICERS OF NORTHEAST R. O. T. C. The Cadet oiiicers of 1936,-37 have distinguished themselves in leadership and have co-operated with Sergeant P. K. Healy to the greatest extent. They have also been unusually proficient in both drill and theory. Non-commissioned officers were also ex- amples of military smartness. Northeast has, therefore, had an outstanding battalion, and looks forward to the future. The battalion's neatness and smartness is personified in Buckner Teeple, this year,s Cadet Major. ' THE IUNIOR RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS "The general object of this course is primarily to lay the foundation of intelligent citizenship by inculcating in the student habits of precision, orderliness, courtesy, correctness of posture and deportment, leadership, and respect for, and loyalty to, con- stituted authority, and secondarily, to prepare him for further military instruction which will qualify him for a position of leadership in time of National Emergencyf' 113 Ike- THE NoR'EAsTER N COMPANY A Row 1-Evinger, Davis, Hinkley, Solomon, Wattson, Anderson, Hylton, Ryder, Blunt, Brenk, Casperson, Bridgman. Row 2-Reed, Durbin, Strickland, Wheeler, Fletcher, H. Shepard, Goss, Lee, B. Smith, Samples, W. Smith, Reddock, Emmett. Row 3-Sellers, Hogue, Spangler, Shouse, Banks, Hunter, Medlin, Gualtiere, Little, Runyan, J. Shepard, Good, Rinehart. Row 4-Armer, J. Smith, Rosewall, Gammill, Rubick, Murrill, Bechtel, Lloyd, Bender, Schnackenberg, Jackson, Pursley, Niece, Dearing. . COMPANY B Row l-Rogers, Pierce, Blunt, Cook, Andersen, Teeple, Click, Logsdon, Faulkner. Row 2-Salpietro, Newton, Cameron, Ihrig, Williams, Ferguson, McGee, Gentry, Gregg, Madison. Row 3-Molder, Haverland, McChesney, Nance, Ward, Wurdack, Schneider, Kunz, Nelson. Row 4--Bell, Cimino, Fisher, Henry, Arbogast, Cooper, Cantrell, Hoover, Phillips. COMPANY ORGANIZATION COMPANY "Av Cadet Captain Carl Anderson, Commanding Cadet First Lieutenant Albert Hylton, First Platoon Cadet Sergeant David Ryder, Second Platoon Cadet First Sergeant Robert Wattson Cadet Sergeant Richard Brenk COMPANY "B" Cadet Major Buckner Teeple, Battalion Commander Cadet Captain Stanley Andersen, Commanding Cadet Second Lieutenant Donald Click, First Platoon Cadet Sergeant David Blunt, Second Platoon Cadet First Sergeant Eldon Logsdon THE NOR7EASTER -Q-if 114 . f W 2 g 1771 w 5 . 7 . ., X 1 a f V ' Q V f Z l , . , ,fi ' 1- 1 Zffgpg, Q4 4.5, 2:22 ' as-.A . ,f 7 , g ' 'L Vp ,,., , 2 ' If 2 Z .. '24 ' 'f Row 1 Row 2 Row E Row 4 Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 115 Ees- 1 , l ' l l Q - f Row 1 Casperson, Row 2 W. Smith, Row 3 V. Shepard, Row 4 nackenberg, Row 1 Row 2 , Madison. Row 3 elson. I I l COLLPANY C Brooks, Lynch, Polson, Manley, Busby, Browne, Hargis, Parkes, Dunigan, Dunning, Waits, Monroe, Moore. Selby, Anderson, Lehman, Mills, Sooter, Mitchell, Wirth, Willis, Ramey, Jeffers, Leger, Otis, Smith, Fowler. Elliott, Abbott, Thompson, Miller, Hesler, Bridgman, Bristow, Snapp, Rodina, Simcox, DeMaddalina, Rood, Sheets. . Stumpf, Hutsell. COMPANY D R. Smith, Orndorff, Farris, Gull, Schlichting, Whipple, C. Smith, Raymond, Johnson, Turner, Oberkrom, Young. Brown, Staley, Porter, Baldwin, Wilson, Stevenson, Hinkle, Kinateder, LaFleur, Lineback, Indin, MacDonald, Bucher. J. Young, Woody, Hinton, Miller, Austin, Welch, B. Smith, Stockbridge, Moore, Craig, Brents, White. , Row 4-Hodson, Cooper, Bender, Stone, Godfrey. COMPANY ORGANIZATION V COMPANY "C" Cadet Captain Richard Browne, Commanding Cadet First Lieutenant Giles Hargis, Adjutant Cadet Second Lieutenant Donald Parkes, First Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Morris Dunning, Second Platoon Cadet Acting First Sergeant Eugene Busby COMPANY "Dv Cadet Captain Clifford Smith, Commanding Cadet First Lieutenant Jack Raymond, First Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Harold Schlichting, Second Platoon Cadet First Sergeant Kenneth Farris Cadet Sergeant Walter Young lf: , ,Ei 114 115 feb-- THE NOR EASTER VIKING RIFLE CLUB Row 1-Smith, D. Blunt, Dunigan, Anderson, Click, B. Blunt, Schlichting, Ryder, Hinkley, Brooks, Dunning, DeMaddalina, Cook. Row 2-Cameron, Porter, LaFleur, Hinkle, Wirth, Lee, Willis, Sooter, Selby, Rodina, Little, Bell. Row 3-Nelson, Elliott, Lloyd, Evinger, Brown, Bristow, Busby, Mitchell, Godfrey, Sheets, White, Phillips. Row 4-Cooper, Brents. THE VIKING RIFLE CLIIB This has been another excellent year in the history of the Viking Rifle Club. Not only is the organization one of the largest of its kind in the city, but the progress it has made has been remarkable. One of the objects of the Club is to teach each member how to handle a rifle safely and how to shoot accurately. The Viking Rifles are affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America, and practically every member won a qualiication. The Club is the basis of the Rifle team and all the material for the team comes from it. OFFICERS President ,.... . ,... Second Lieutenant Harold Schlichting Vice-President ,.... ...,,.......... S ergeant Boyd Blunt Secretary-Treasurer . . . , .Sergeant David Ryder R. o. T. c. cmcus I Held against the background of the colorful Municipal Auditorium, this year's R. O. T. C. Circus was indeed spectacular. April 23, 1937, was the time specified for this outstanding performance. . The events consisted of various drills executed by the Kansas City and Independence Battalions. Special events were introduced in the form of crack drill teams from Missouri University and various out-of-town military schools. After the thrilling Grand Entry, Northeast's event number fourteen was a Butts Manual Drill, consisting of a platoon demonstrating physical training with rifles. The R. O. T. C. Circus is one of the highspots of the year for the R. O. T. C. Cadet. The Circus was concluded with the playing of the National Anthem. Many honored guests were present, including, Major General Ford, Commanding 7th Corps Area, Brigadier General Bundel, Commandant, Staff and Command School, Fort Leavenworth, Brigadier General Stayton, Commanding Missouri National Guard, and Mr. George Melcher, Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools. THE NOR7EASTER --vii 116 Th well. Ti the wht year we points c La' rapid pi for the Boj high ma Te: Thi outs ans Parade A istice D: The Cit fourth. . ruary 1C April 23 inspectio were cor 1 17 iss-- Brooks, Phillips. Club. Not progress it .ndle a rifle merica, and de team and itin g ilunt .yder , this year,s specified for ndependence teams from was a Butts h rifles. R. O. T. C. zm. Qommanding nand School, ional Guard, 1 16 RIFLE TEAM Row 1-Znd Lt. Schlichting, 2nd Lt. Whiteside CTeam Captainl, Sgt. Blunt. Row 2-Sgt. Wilson, Sgt. P. K. Healy CCoachD, Arbogast. RIFLE TEAM This year the 1936-37 Northeast R. O. T. C. Rifle Team has done exceedingly well. The City Match, in which it placed fourth, was the first official match in which the whole team had Bred. Considering this, and the fact that no hold-overs from last year were on the team, progress Was rapid. The total score of Northeast was 801 points out of a possible 1000. Westport placed Hrst. Lavern Whiteside was named as captain this year because of his ability and his rapid progress. To Sergeant P. K. Healy, coach and instructor, goes much of the credit for the team's advancement. Boyd Blunt and Phillip Arbogast qualined as Expert Riflemen. Blunt was second high man in the city. The rest of the men qualiied as Marksmen. Team members and their individual scores: Boyd Blunt ..........,..... '. . . 174 Phillip Arbogast ,.., u ...... . . .170 Harold Schlichting . . . . . .154 Lavern Whiteside . . . . . . 152 Andrew Wilson . . . . .151 ' 801 EVENTS OF THE YEAR This year the Northeast Battalion has been extremely active. The Rifle Team try- outs and practice started late in September. Adjutant's Call for the First Battalion Parade was sounded on October 25th. The organization marched in the Annual Arm- istice Day Parade on November 11th. Major Teeple was commissioned December 19th. The City Rifle Meet was held January 16th at East and Lathrop, Northeast placing fourth. A meeting for the election of officers of the Viking Rifle Club was held Feb- ruary 10th. March 20th was the date reserved for the colorful R. O. T. C. Hop. On April 23rd the R. O. T. C. Circus was held in the Municipal Auditorium. The annual inspection of the Battalion by the War Department was held May 7th. The year's events were concluded in May by Field Day, Northeast doing admirably. 117 Tee- THE NOR,EASTER l r R. O. T. C. HOP The Military Ball, sponsored by the Northeast Battalion, was held March 20, 1937. The event, which is rapidly becoming traditional, was very successful. Uniformed Cadets, R. O. T. C. Alumni, and girls in brilliant formals danced amid colorful decora- tions in the Battalion's outstanding social event. Mary Kilroy, Senior, was elected Queen of the Ball and presided with beauty and poise. , Members of the faculty, and Reserve Officers attended. s THE NoR'EAsTER --osgf 113 lrch 20, 1937. 11. Uniformed rlorful decora- elected Queen -.,.,5f118 Q f 9 x li 'f 'E A uc ,.f..,""' f5-1 4 ' :H . Q i Y f? ' ,. Fei nf lf... f Q: f'-AQ f -.fix-is , ' 'nt 7-3,7- :Lyn 4 . iv Q' M ' YK s 1 M Pi e 1 1 A m.:: P4459 5' X Y e 3 f X Q A F -' ' ' - ' "lil-11 - ' .-V, -J 54-117 gl ' 1 Y-14,VVA:- .V AL 1 e 5 'QHYSSL .MVN . - I 1 P 'F V, Qi is P. if SI, Z. Q. LU y , VY. VJ Eu.. 4 f?":"V! j ,-.f,,. , , 4 1 I 'J' f 4 1. w' 'MHP' -1' we ' ' 5.-4' J Ming? I 1 P7' '-, ,I Q' ,. f. -M I l, - .lf sz. 7 ..V ,f .,g,g...,a',:. 1. A '1jjfl2,,aTW,f- ii".-gc' r. ,, ' 'fs ,NH ,V .- . A ,im.'a2fv111?,r., WV- ,f .ff his .J .,1gfg.-1' .. wx, , My ff PV.,.-'fx , H' if ,ff 4 .' gf -V13 ' '.,,'V,. Vs.. u-.:-- .,.-4 ,-'. -a .,- . , I-. ,-' X . . -...M . ,..,g.Qf- V .- 1 M.-,v ,'- . A .V A Y, -,'. I ,,. ., gy Vw ..,,, 4, A , . , Fr I, 'WJ ,WV .Vfflf """"' "2 V, Vi.-.EA V' . V157 'M .U -43 fe,-V1'f,--K' - .. gf ' .sm - . V Fx' I I-'E ' 'E '- -f f If-Iv 1 -f' ,3gf?.y' .U " . ,e wr V- - 1.-V -5. -s. .. 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Ala-15.-5 V --V - Y' -A , . . , .7 . ,, . . 4 1 A 4,f,.g ,,4,1g,,b-,g,ff, ,,- gym A,.ra:Zg.f- f MF . 31 5, 14:4 ' qty' if Jgflicligjf rl .gigagw Awfpf 525 .Armen . --' "-,'- ' "-.. -' ' ft." ' - ' ..f -ff 492: 1191- L 525-1 'WH'-'J .f4ff55?" -'iiszrfifg fh 44 I i Z 4.21-jf' 'qu ,-,ft2,1Q'fijX,,,??' ' ' A flv ::""f22 m.g',.'f,f. - 1179? eggs f ph , - 551 , - fr,-, r" ,bf ' ze. R . "W . Alf' .f .1 :' -4, In-. 'J gif neg-,:,g4.,migS?ih' I 5 A f , 7 . 111- ,r, " 4-,ff 'N ,lf 'fd fl", V vf M" , W ' I H 'l ,f , K. fm' ,f ,.,f ,f my ,-wf' , I .-,ff LITERARY SOCIETIES Northeast without her literary societies is almost as difficult to imagine as Rome without her Caesar. The societies are "pillars," so to speak, of the school-without them school life would lose much of its interest. Northeast organized the literary societies for a two-fold purpose: to further literary undertakings, to bring about closer friendships among the students through social contact received in the societies. The first aim is realized through the annual "litU contest, which is held in the spring of the year. There, the societies are represented in declamation, oration, poem, short story, and essay. First, second, and third places are chosen for each event, the medals received by the winners being gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. Other than the regular weekly meetings of the societies, there are semester social events, which are held outside of school. These meetings help- the society members to be- come better acquainted and to form friendships that probably would not have been formed otherwise. INTER-SOCIETY DANCE Seventy couples danced to the music of the Hinton-Selder orchestra at the 1936 annual Inter-Society dance held in our school's gymnasium. Decorations of green and white furnished an artistic background for the dancing couples. The dance is an annual event, sponsored by the literary societies of Northeast, and it is one of the main social events of the year. It is not restricted entirely to society members. A boy in a society may ask a girl who does not belong to a society or vice versa. The society members greatly look forward to this event and when the last dance is over and the last note of the orchestra has faded into sp-ace, all regret that it could not have lasted longer. I INTER-SOCIETY DANCE COMMITTEES Music V Program Decoration Miss DeWitt-Chairman Miss Murdock-Chairman Mr. Calvert-Chairman Kay Logan Geraldine Wallace Miss H. Miller Jimmie Stanley Carmen Nichols Miss M. Shaver Mary Anna Coleman Melba Jean Scott Re freshmen! Finance B D Miss Mapes-Chairman etfy enton Mary Jane Morgan 3353 DOES Rae,LYnch Betty Jean Coleman 2:30 I gangs ar en ro Eldon Lee Harwood Craig Gold Silver M Bronze THE NOR,EASTER -'neil 124 125 as Rome Jut them ieties for 'ienclships he spring :m, short me medals ter social ers to be- UWC been LITERARY CONTEST REPRESENTATIVES Row 1-L. E. Johnson, Clark, Ferris, Mattucks, Morgan, Reyner, Kilroy, Rubick. Row 2-Chambliss, Rawlings, Caldwell, Thompson, Baker, Sullivan, Still. Row 3-Bryant, Fuehrer, Aronson, Daleo, C. Davis, L. Davis, Tebbets. Row 4-Hylton, J. Johnson, Howard, Younkin, Teeple, Stevenson, Click, Kittredge, Williamson Absentees-Arenson, Laury, Russell, Shepard, Cheifetz, Atchison, Summers, Wiseman. the 1936 ' green and "LIT" CONTEST WINNERS heast, and t societ . , vcice versa? Omtzon Poem Essay Declamatzon Slaort Story last dance Gold Lorene Davis Betty Claire Shepherd Mary Ellen Laury Wade Rubick Carl Davis C if could Clionian Clionian Clionian Benton Benton Silver Mary Jane Morgan Olive Chambliss Edith Lorine Tebbets Helen Baker Eleanor Rawlings Alpha Alpha School-at-Large Theta Theta Bronze Angela Daleo Jeanne Johnson Juanita Ferris Bob Thompson Buckner Teeple Ihairman Theta Theta Alpha School-at-Large Debaters eman " POEM 'h TREASURES BETTY CLAIRE SHEPHERD Clionian Literary Society The years pass swiftly, hour on hour, and as They each are placed in that old album, Time, So scented with sweet memories, we pause. Both joy and sorrow mingle through the years. And yet, the beauty of the joy has so outweighed The sorrow, we'd not fear to travel there again, And as we backward gaze, some murmur sad Regrets that Time must move so swiftly on. But I have no regret if in my heart I find The room to keep some shining lovely things: A breath of song, a laugh, a kindly deed, The fragrant smell of lilacs in the rain- These hold my heart in peace and sweet content. A s 124 125 lie-- THE NOR EASTER ESSAY SPRING MICROBE MARY ELLEN LAURY Clzonzan Lziemry Soczezfy Ever s1nce Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden the human family has endeav ored to govern restrain and regulate the1r modes of l1v1ng At the present time everyone 1S aware that some form of control IS exerc1sed over most everything we do Life 1S just one control after another Yet 1n Splte of it all there still remain some act1v1t1es which defy all efforts to regulate them One of these 1S a disease of worldly scope common to all people of all ages no one can escape It no one IS immune from lt We know 1ts symp toms we see 1tS effects but we do not know how to control it It 1S beyond all powers of regulations' The symptoms of this disease are mult1tud1nous the period of 1ncubat1on of 1'CS mi crobes 1ndefin1te the extent of 1ts ravages 1mmeasurable and the length of its convalescent period as 1ndeterm1nate as the balancing of the federal budget I refer to the annual recurrence of the 1ns1d1ous malady commonly known as spring fever' Now as to its symptoms? Well let s see u1te often Dad IS the first v1ct1m of the fever Coming home from work on the street car fmother has borrowed the car to go to club he S1CS in h1s seat and gazes w1st fully out of the open car window unmindful of t1me place or persons Suddenly a brown moth dflftlng 1n through the open window hits Dad squarely on the cheek Angered he clutches it 1n h1s hand but as its small downy body flutters w1th1n his grasp his anger leaves h1m and he begins to think of An 1dle l1ttle stream Whose amber waters softly gleam Where I may wade And cast the fly and loaf and dream Only a trout or two to dart From foam1ng pools and try my aft Suddenly he arouses from his dream real1z1n too late that he has passed h1s street corner G1v1ng the bell a jab he lurches from h1s seat gets of-I the car and heads for home youngest son Freddie engaged 1n a rough an tumble wrestling match Freddies r1ght pant knee IS torn the buttons are r1pped off the front of h1s sh1rt his socks are down and h1s shoes untied His face IS smeared with d1rt and gr1me while his wavy chestnut hair resembles the tawny mane of Leo the Lion It was easy to see that he was Wfestllng for all he was worth and having the time of his l1fe Dad 1dly watched him for a minute oblivious to torn pants and all the rest faintly smiled and went on h1s way home still th1nk1ng of a dancing brook the spat of a sk1mm1ng fly and the strike of a r1s1ng ish The minute Dad opened the front door he knew something was wrong' There were papers spread all over the floor some of the curtains were down the top of the piano and the ledge over the fireplace were covered w1th pictures that had formerly adorned the walls the chairs were th1s way and that the dining room rug was all rolled up Dad heard a masculine VOICC saying Don t worry Mrs Jones your son w1ll be all right He looked quite bewildered for a moment but was relieved somewhat upon rec ogn1z1ng Mother and Dr Black com1ng down the stairs Mother tells him unnecessarily that she has begun her spring house cleaning and that Dr Black s presence was due to the fact that Delbert came home from school looking perfectly terrible' HIS face was so red that she was afraid he had broken out with Scarlet Fever and r1ght away she sent for the doctor Mother was always scared something would happen to her darling boys But Dr Black just gave her a tube of Vaseline and told Delbert not to play baseball qtute so long 1n the sun the next time All he had was a case of spring sun burn Dad gave her a disgusted look took off his coat unbuttoned the four bottom buttons on his vest rolled up h1s sh1rt sleeves and mtunbling to himself about being glad when he could go fishing started for the basement Uncover1ng h1s tackle box from the trunk THE NOR EASTER if 126 . I 7 . - , , n q . n n Q 1 0 , . p . . , . . . . . . - Q - , , - 3 3 ' . . . . S . . . . .- 5 5 ' u 9 n . gt u l , I 1 ,I , . . , . , . . . I . Pj - 4 1 5 , ' , 3 ' , 3 , , Cl ' ' , 1 F 1 3 3 ' , ' , 93 , . , a g 1 ' 3 9 3 still thinking of 'QAn idle l1ttle stream." Walking down the street he catches s1ght of his , , 1 - - s s n . , 5 . . 5 Q ' 3 It ' 3, ' ll as ' me - - - as ' - - ' 9 5 7 Q K Q ' 3 . . 3 . l ' cc ' sa' ' ' , , ' . . . Q, , . ' D - ' 3 3 ' . 3 , . 3 ' . . , , . . , , ' QC ' ,, ' - 9 I 'K lf ' 3, .J ' 'r ' ' u ' as ' I I 5 ' 9 . . . . . ,Q . a ' 9 . ,, . . , . , 15 in whit leaders, interrul had cal house c H1 the foll dining 1 the oth. and we flailing Le: that of a fresh overheal Ar to see h4 yard, hi hand ho Nc done. B1 shruggi1 them if Pom bugv ha trouble, study hz neat, gc scratche But old son ' fellow I by the . him ontl tight, bi that eve "O, clinging was just Mo smoked, hard ma unconsci self, and in over ' No' and yet behold! her to c Ho she woul sore, tha to hire s time to No victims said, "T Abraha 127 Ee- s endeav- everyone ife is just ies which immon to its symp- powers of of its mi- ivalescent as "spring rk on the azes wist- ', a brown ngered, he his anger l his street s for home ight of his die's right down, and :stnut hair stlin g "for ' a minute, home still .ing fish. I'here were : piano and dorned the 1 . grill be all l upon rec- necessarily, was due to is face was ay she sent ling boys.J .ay baseball rn." om buttons glad when 1 the trunk --ai 126 in which he kept his "personal belongingsf' he began to check over his spinners, flys, and leaders, and to get everything in readiness for that "coming" fishing trip. He was soon interrupted by Mother who announced supper and smilingly informed him that the ofhce had called and said he didn't have to work tomorrow. "Now he could help her with the house cleaning? V However, much to Mother,s disappointment, Dad did not live up to her expectations the following day. She had accompanied him to the back yard, dragging him and the dining room rug behind her with one hand, while tightly clutching the carpet beater in the other. Thrusting the beater into Dad,s hand, she gave him a determined look, turned, and went back into the house to resume her work. Listlessly Dad began a rhythmical flailing of the rug, his mind on other things. Leigh Hunt says in his essay on sleep, "There is perhaps no sensation so exquisite as that of slumbering on the grass, shaded from the sun by a tree, with the consciousness of a fresh but light air running through the wide atmosphere, and the sky stretching far overhead upon all sidesf' And I profoundly believe Dad agreed with him IOOOZQ, for when Mother came out to see how he was coming along, she found, him lying under the old apple tree in the back yard, his head on his arm, a cigar stub drooping from the corner of his mouth, and his hand holding a recent novel entitled, "Gone with the Wind.', Now Mother was a hard worker and she believed in sticking to a job until it was done. But one look at Dad sleeping so soundly-well, she just couldn't wake him up. So shrugging her shoulders she went into the house, called up the "Helping I-Iandf' and asked them if they had a man they could send out to beat rugs. Poor Mother! Each day seemed to bring her more to worry about. The "spring fever bug" had surely bitten all of them. Freddie, the one boy of the two who rarely got in trouble, had had "overtimes" at school every night for a week. Once for going to sleep in study hall, and the rest of them due to playing "hookey.', And to top- it all off, his usually neat, good natured self had degenerated into a lighting dervish with torn clothing, scratched hands and face, and a fussy disposition. But the worst case of all was Delbert. Mother had always credited her fifteen year old son with having some "good sense" in his head. But let me tell you what that young fellow did. He went to the mixer after school where a little, black-eyed, raven-haired girl by the name of Sadie Brooks, with trim ankles and a "come hither" look, fairly dragged him onto the floor for his initial instruction in the terpsichorean art. Now that was all right, but notice the effect on poor, fever-bitten Delbert, as he confided to his parents that evening. y "Oh, Mother, she looked so adorable! And when I took her hand Chers was cool and clingingj in mine fhis was warm and moistj, and we started to dance-well, well, it was just like heavenlv Mother gasped and caught her breath. And Dad, what did he do? Well, he sat and smoked, and somberly looked at his son. Silently, Dad,s brain registered the fact that hard maple trees were not the only creations that "oozed" sap in springtime. However, unconscious Delbert paid little or no attention to either of his parents, but excused him- self, and hurried to the other room, where the strains of "Girl of My Dreams" were coming in over the radio. Now Dad had had the fever, Freddie had had the fever, Delbert had had the fever, and yet Mother seemed to be still upluggingv along in the same old manner. But lo and behold! A whole swarm of the virulent little microbes took possession of her and caused her to come down with the ugardeningi' fever. How she did work! Raked,'spaded, hoed, planted, fertilized-until Dad was afraid she would be a "wreck.', Why, she even came in of an evening so tired, and worn-out, and sore, that it was all she could do to crawl into bed. But the gong finally rang when she had to hire someone to come over and finish the house cleaning, so she could get rested up in time to get off to club in good shape. Now, I know all of you have been exposed to this disease. Probably you have all been victims of it. Yet, there is nothing you can possibly do to control it. But as Mother always said, "The only consolation I have been able to get up to date is to think of the words Abraham Lincoln once spoke, "And this too shall pass." 127 gas- THE NoR'EAsT13R SHORT STORY JOHNNY vs. PATRICIA CARL DAVIS Benton Literary Society "Hey, Pats!" "Yep, what do ya want?" 'T11 give you a quarter." "Nope" "Fifty cents?,' "'Nope." "Seventy-live?" "Nope" "Well how much'll you takef' cried Johnny Melton to his little sister, Patricia. "Nothin,." "Aw-come on Pats, be a sport. You don't understand. When a fella's got a date, he don,t want his little sister hanging around." "It ain't no use, Johnny Melton. I'm goin' to the Fair with you, and you can,t buy me off." A I "Aw Pats--" "Hey Marylu interrupted Patricia, "Where you going? Wait a minute, I'm coming toof' I So Patricia swallowed her last bite of apple pie, jumped off the top step of the Melton back porch and ran to join her friend, Mary, leaving her brother, John in a quandary. John was in what the boys called a "tough spotf' For two years he had been the silent admirer of Janice Keats. He had finally summoned together all of his courage, and had asked to take her to the Nedleton Town Fair. She had accepted. The little town of Nedleton was one hundredsand fifty miles from John's home. John had asked for the family car and his father had given him permission to drive it provided he take along his sister, Patricia. John had readily agreed to this proposition, not realizing how stubborn his sister could be. Consequently, for two weeks he begged and pleaded with Patricia, using every method of persuasion he or his friends could think of, but Patricia was not to be swayed. She was determined to go to the Fair. "Oh, darn," mumbled Johnny under his breath, as Patricia made her most ungraceful jump from the top step. 'QEr-What's that you say, Son?,' "Oh, hello, Pop. I didn't know you were home yetf' "Just got heref' replied Mr. Melton as he settled himself on the steps beside his son. "Isn't that Patricia running down the alley with the Freeman girl?" "Yes, that's her. Guess they're going to the store. Say Pop, do I have to take Pats tomorrow?" "Oh! So that's what is worrying you. Well, Son, you'll have to take her or let your mother have the car and she will take her." "If I don't take Pats I donit take the, car. Is that it?" "Well, if you want to put it that way, but what objection you have to Patri-D , "Sorry Pop," interrupted John, "There goes Billy Morrison on his bike. I've got to see him on business. Be back after a bit- Hey Bill! Hold on a minute." Johnny grabbed his bike which was lying at the side of the steps and rushed after Bill. "Say guy, I want you to do something for me. Will you?" "Sure, John, Old Pal. Anything." "Well, Bill. You knew I was taking Janice to the Fair tomorrowf' Johnny began. "Sure, I knew. You're darn lucky too. Say, you don't want to borrow money do you? Cause if you do, I hav-" "No, it's not money, but Dad says I've got to take Pats if I want to take the car. And I've just got to have the car." "Gosh, John, tl'1at's going to be tough on you. Glad I haven't got a sister, especially one like yours." Q'Oh, she's not so bad, Billf' continued Johnny in an unconvincing tone. "Really she's not, F11 give you two bucks if you'll take her to the Fair tomorrow with you and your folksf, THE NOR7EASTER -Magi 12 3 "Sz Terror'. ' 'Lf Class D: "Y ferent. l "Sw "Sc road. "ll Jol down tl possible have be: said-'U Jol' "O Yel thing sh beg it w: Sev The sigl better Je "O "Ol lt Y, couple 0 "N Qgst "W "YI "W along wi KQPZ "W "Of it two di N. "Pa "Yr it two fl Joh cents int "Sa let Dad l tt O. Af QQH' "H4 uNt Gsh Freeman of Joe's 1 K "Ye Johi 'Tll give her To f 129 lka- tricia. got a date, I can't buy 'm coming the Melton uandary. ,d been the Jurage, and :le town of ted for the ze along his vv stubborn th Patricia, :ia was not ungraceful side his son. o rake Pats or let your atri-" . I've got to iny grabbed ,y began. ney do you? ake the car. er, especially one. "Really 'ith you and 128 "Say John, you know Iid do anything for you within reason, but she's a 'Holy Terror,." "Listen, Guy, remember that time last year when I took your mom to the Junior Class Day Program for you, and I did it for nothing too. Come on, turn about's fair play." "Yes, I know, John. If you were only asking me to take your mom it would be dif- ferent. But that sis of yours, take it from me, she's human dynamitef, "Swell pal you turned out to bef' "Sorry old boyf' called Bill as he left Johnny on the main street and turned off on a side road. "Maybe I can help you next time." Johnny either did not hear or paid no attention to this last remark.-I-Ie made his way down the street. "What,s the use going home," he thought. He had tried everything possible there. He just couldn't understand his mother. He would have thought she might have been a little more understanding. But No! When he had appealed to her she merely said-"You'll be a good girl and not get in Johnny's way won't you, Patsy dearf, John laughed as he remembered Patricia's sweet reply. "Of course, Mummy, you know I will, I'l1 be so GO-O-OD." Yeh! Well John knew just how good she would be. She would be wanting every- thing she saw and asking a lot of silly questions. Besides it didn't matter how good she'd be, it was just the idea of having her tag along. But it did him no good to protest. -L -L -L -L +L -L Seven-thirty that evening found a more depressed Johnny, than ever, returning home. The sight of Patricia swinging on the gate with a triumphant grin on her face did not better Johnny's mood. "Out of my way, Infant," growled Johnny as he pushed open the gate. "Oh Johnny, not so fast. I've got good news for you." "You have,', returned Johnny in an uninterested voice. "I suppose you've found a couple of your friends who would like to tag along tomorrow." UNO, Johnny. I,ve been thinkinfv Stop, that's more'n I can standf, Well, do you want to hear it or don't you?', Yes, go on. I'm prepared for anything." "Well, as I said before, I've been thinkini. Maybe it wouldn't be so hot, me tagging along with you tomorrowf, "Pats! Do you mean it?" "Well, I don't know, it would be worth about ive dollars to me." "Oh! Have a heart Pats, what am I supposed to use for money tomorrow? Make it two dollars." "Nope, no less than frvef' "Patricia, Patricia,', called a stern voice from within the house. "Yes Sir. I'm a comin,. O. K. Johnny," continued Patricia in a hurried voice, "Make it two fifty and hurry up, 1,11 take it." Johnny lost no time. He dug in his pockets andcounted out two dollars and fifty cents into Patricia's eager hand. "Say, Johnny,', called Patricia as she made her way to the house, "You'd better not let Dad know about this. If he knew you were paying me, he mightn't let you take the car." UO. K., Pats, you,re a sport. Guess sisters aren't so bad after all, especially one like you." A few minutes later Mr. Melton joined his son in the living room. "Hello, Pop," said Johnny, in a cheerful voice. "I-Iello, Son! Did Patricia tell you she wasn't going to the Fair tomorrow?', "No, Dad,', replied Johnny in a surprised voice. "What's the trouble?H "She's up in her room now, and she's going to stay there. The idea! She was with that Freeman girl this afternoon and they were throwing rocks. They broke the front window of Joe's market. He just called me, I've got to punish that rascal some way." "Just a minute, Dad. You mean Pats couldn't go even if she wanted to." "Yes, she's got to learn-where are you going Son?" Johnny was already half way up the steps. "I'll be back in a minute, Dad. I want to see Patricia. I want to give her-I want to give her my sympathy." To himself he muttered, "Two fifty! OI-I YOU SUCKERV' 129 THE NOR,EASTER tl tt Qt ORATION THE CHANCE OF YOUTH LORENE DAVIS Clionian Literary Society "The chance of Youth is the hope of the worldf, These words, uttered only a short time after the World War, are still on the lips of our people. Youth must be given the opportunity to save civilization, to reconstruct the world-a world that is rushing head-on to disaster, led by old men-old not in years, but in fundamental beliefs and staid tra- ditions. Youth has lost faith in these leaders who countenanced a war of death-the war without mercy, without chivalry, the world's most costly war-at the expense of Youth. Yes, these men of old ideas and traditions are responsible for the worst war the world has ever seen. Not consciously nor deliberately are they guilty, but they will be condemned by posterity, as by Youth, for upholding the idea of international rivalry, the old tradition of diplomacy and military power. They will be condemned for displaying the narrowest patriotism and supreme national egotism, and for not foreseeing that their system of government or their obedience to that system was bound to produce the monstrous con- flict so ignobly recalled. These men cannot be condemned individually, but they must be condemned gener- ally, as were their predecessors who burned old women as witches, or defended slavery as a sacred right. These men have heard the charges against them and plead guilty. They, too, await with the world the arising of a new generation. It is the fervent hope of civilization that Youth will find a way of government by reason, not passion, by economic unity in the place of greedy rivalry. I The rise of a generation of Youth must be allowed to indulge in groping, if it is to work out a new philosophy, for the controling generation has acted with no suiiicient level of wisdom, the management of affairs, to justify repression. The House of Youth will have its Guelphs, Binanchi, and its Negri, as throughout the history of the world, and that is good, for it is a bad world if the ardor of Youth-its gay sense of adventure-are marshaled into one disciplinary force and held under a theoretical monster, or the iron reign of a new fanaticism. Yet, with complete liberty and differences of ideas and methods, there may be a jumping-off ground to new goals. This jumping-off ground will be a line cutting across history on November 11, 1918, dividing the old world from the new, at least politically, as before the war and after. To Youth, to the intelligence of the coming generation has been passed the respon- sibility of breaking down the frontiers of hostilities between classes and between nations, thereby establishing in the place of nationalism, a new worldism. Youth must, and shall defend its right to physical excellence-"To lift itself to heroic heights and having at- tained the glory of manhood, to refuse to letkit be destroyed again in the hard wastefulness of senseless wars." It is impossible to forecast the future, but come what may, Youth shall have its chance of building anew, on cleaner, straighter grounds, with ideas of beauty and human happiness, broader than the boundaries of caste or class, nobler than the interest of wealth or wage. We, the Youth 0-f the coming generation, need have no fear that Peace will rob us of romance or adventure. The rebuilding of a new world on the ruins of the old, the pur- suit of spiritual beauty, the calling back of song and laughter to human life, and the Faith re-established in the soul of the world will furnish un-ending adventure. Thus is the chance for Youth, standing now at the open door, ready and willing to do, able to meet the future. In the fervent words of Philip' Gibbs, i'Oh, God, if only I had Youth again, I should like that great adventure, and take the chancef, THE NoR'EAsTER -asf 130 wr , 9 fy f 5 . ., 4,5 IW 1 5 1 Row . Row 1 Row 1 Row 2 Row 2 5AB ax!! Yellow a in the fa and aftei Aftl Wright 1 ,x lntl .. S D studied p perience, literary c 1 3 1 ROW Row 1 nly a short e given the ,ng head-on 1 staid tra- h-the war a of Youth. e world has condemned wld tradition e narrowest ' system of lstrous con- nned gener- d slavery as '. They, too, civilization nic unity in g, if it is to no sufficient se of Youth e world, and fenture-are or the iron .nd methods, vill be a line the new, at . the respon- leen nations, lst, and shall Ll having at- wastefulness , Youth shall f beauty and l the interest e will rob us old, the pur- life, and the 2. Thus is the able to meet outh again, I -0-if 130 ALPHA LITERARY SOCIETY Row 1-L. Grant, Ferris, Reese, Walker, Harland, Miss De Witt, Morgan, Rush, Schwenk, Cone, Ellenz. Row 2--Russell, Calvert, Gillespie, Sheets, Railey, Puckett, Mattucks, Long, Reyner, Landenberger D. Kelley, Page, Hughes. ' Row 3-Hyre, Orcutt, Pyle, M. Boehmer, Newlon, E. Boehmer, Schuepbach, McDaniels, Wallace, Gendler, Peironnet, Purtle. Row 4-E. Grant, Combs, Denton, Boos, Davenport, Herbster, M. Kelley, Fields, Evans, Mullin, Rogers, Ellis, Sutherlin. NORTHEAST SOCIETY OF DEBATE Row 1-Cliogldier, C. Smith, Click, Newton, Craig, Mr. Salter, Teeple, Murray, G. Smith, Belger, Branch o senow. Row 2-Hilton, Stevenson, Aikins, Poppa, Diebel, Wetz, Dimmitt, Leslie, Aronson, Cook, Breidenthal. Row 3-Ifunngng, Settle, DeHaven, Schusler, Stanley, Powell, Stockbridge, Aronson, Springer, Sanks, assi er. ALPHA LITERARY SOCIETY "She must be pretty good! She belongs to the Alphasf' That's a remark commonly made regarding Alpha girls. , The Alpha Literary Society is one of the oldest societies in the school. It has also won more "Lit,, contests than any other society. The purpose of Alpha is to promote social life and encourage literary un- dertakings. The motto is "Esse Quam Viderev--"to be rather than to seem." Yellow and white are the colors. The Alplhas have two main social events each year- in the fall and in the spring. This fall they had a pot-luck dinner at the "Y" building and afterwards attended the football game. After the marriage of Miss DeWitt who had been sponsor for several years, Miss Wright consented to take her place. NORTHEAST SOCIETY OF DEBATE The Northeast Society of Debate has striven to be the backbone of the N 5' school. Roll call at our meetings is a recital of the names of school leaders. S The society has encouraged all types of activity: athletic, literary, and social. D Organized in 1913, it is the oldest boys' society at Northeast. 5541 In addition to participating in the inter-society dance, the "Debaters" had a hike and a stag party. Under the guidance of Mr. Salter, the society studied principles of debate, also recent movements in literature. In order to gain ex- perience, intra-society contests were held throughout the year in all events of the annual literary contest. 131 life- THE NOR,EASTER CLIONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY W Row 1-Hambel, B. Coleman, Fink, M. Coleman, Burch, Davis, Kilroy, Miss Murdock, Hollopeter, ,t V 44 f ,, fl 2 Z ' ff? X f f ? , A x 4 Z' Foehlinger, Reed, Fennel, Johnson. ROW 1, Row 2-Moran, Tessmer, Roberts, Taulbert, Warford, M. Aldridge, Gillespie, Hildebrand, Wolf, Ostert, Louthan, Rogers, Jackson, Crowley. Row 2- Row 3-Rhoades, Laury, Austin, Gl. Roach, G. Roach, McFarland, D. Aldridge, Bryan, Gautier, Baehr, Smith, Longstaff, Harnsberger, Sherer. ROW 3- Row 4-Vaughn, Sheperd, Kittredge, Miller, Meyer, Earls, Cawby, Jacks, Bechtel, Hurt. BENTON LITERARY SOCIETY ROW 4. Row 1-Bryant, Smith, Earls, Grasselli, Mr. Sears, Fuehrer, Barnes, Browne, Hargis. Row 2-Brents, Rubick, Farris, Renfro, Spencer, Thompson, Alford, Pickering, Davis. R I OW - CLIONIAN LITERARY SOCIETY ROWZ' K l g "Fifty girls in red and whiteli' ggi Who? The Clionian Literary Society, next to the oldest all-girl society i k, at Northeast. L Its motto: "Seek the beautifulng its flower, the red rose. I The ur ose of the Clionian Literar Societ , as formulated in 1916 P P 1 Y, A Y q by the charter members, IS .to promote high ideals of scholarship, uphold democratic friendships, and to cultivate the social life of its members. In the annual Literary Contest, the Clionian Society has won first place for the past two years, tying With School-at-Large in 1936. The members strive to maintain the highest standards and ideals of literary excellency. These Iift The society sponsor for the past six years has been Miss Imogene Murdock. first of all ' the last tv The Benton Literary Society was organized March 11, 1921. A year after its organization, it Won the "Lit" contest. The purpose of the society is to stimulate interest in literature, to develop a better appreciation of art, and to improve the literary ability of its members. Cx, V B ecause the Bentons are the best, E ach member meets his every test. N ever does their Spirit die. T hey're .always ready' for a try. Their O n to victory they will go, at the Ma N ever failing to rout their foe. Miss THE NOR7EASTER --wif 13 2 1 3 3 r V 5 vfgkli 5 H 12 Ostert, , Baehr, girl society Id in 1916 nip, uphold ice for the o maintain Murdock. , year after to develop ts members. -W-PSI 132 W, ., ,?' , -'ff'-w,,fWw.,. - l Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row THETA LITERARY SOCIETY Cox, Morgan, Mills, Baker, Miss Miller, Wallace, Mansfield, Siefkas, Glasscock, Daleo, Todd Crosswhite, M. E. Jones, Magee, Mooney, M. Scott, Colglazier, Dole, Campbell, Brown, Arrowsmith Simons, I. Johnson, Frederick, Middleton, jackson, Burns, Altergott, Messenger, Means, M. J. Scott Eichholz, Davis, Mahar, Barrett, Craig, Gorman, Ladish, Matson, Allen, Brockhouse, Gentry. DELTA LITERARY SOCIETY Logan, Wade, Rittermeyer, Schultz, Dennis, Johnson, Clemens M. Simko, McNutt, B. Smith, Bryan, L. Smith, Burkdoll, Herbst 1- 2 Robinson, Costagno 3 Lovely, Puckett, Hall, E. Johnson. 4 J. Jones, A. Johnson. 1-Anderson, Younkin, Miss Mapes, Sanford, Z-Latta, Miller, Wiseman, A. Simko, Ferguson, Wilson. 3-Chapin, Hertzfxeld, Lynch, Kittle, 4-Thompson, Hults, Licata, Myers, Wrabec. Strawhun, Easterwood, Allen, Stavlenich, Batliner, Kimak, Stecz Hanaway, Epstein, England, De Luke, Miller, Clark, Pelligrino THETA LITERARY SOCIETY 1 T-H-E-T-A spells Theta, the literary society that is booming-going right to the top-not that we have been far from it all along. The wise old owl, our emblem, reflects the nature of the society. Our "Lit" Contest dresses are not just pretty shades of blue and white, but they represent the loyalty and character standards' that every Theta faithfully and joyously lives up to. itil These fifty-five girls will be Thetas at heart all their lives because they put their society first of all their activities, and they love it. The Snapshot Contest, which we have won for the last two years, is only one of the many victories that fall to Theta. A DELTA LITERARY SOCIETY The spirit and high quality of the Delta girls is shown in their motto, "Ever Faithfulf, Their love of beauty and appreciation of art is seen in their choice of a flower, the lily of the valley, and in their adoption of a beautiful formal initiation. Although one of the last two societies formed, the Delta Society is rapidly "coming into its own"-the top of the list. Their social event last semester was a line party to Loewls Midland and a luncheon at the Mayfair Grillroom. They plan a horseback ride this semester. Miss Mapes, the sponsor, is a well-known and well-loved member of the faculty. I 133 Egan- THE NoR'EAsTER DELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Row 1-Cushman, Cheifetz, Summers, Cudworth, Meredith, Peden, Shaver, Mr. Calvert, Lyon, Clarke, Cavanah. ' Row 2-Harman, Phelps, Gillispie, Arenson, Diven, Childress, Nichols, Fisher, Feiser, Lacki, Ackels, Beaumont. Row 3-Shepard, Kubiak, Russell, Karstens, Hoover, Balsbaugh, Sims, Atchison, Gosney, Scott, Triplett, Dubiner. DELPHIAN LITERARY SOClETY Wasn't the initiation beautiful? Everyone had a grand time! The ribbons p so proudly displayed are the traditional purple and gold. Initialtes are. now 1 . ' 5 acquainted with the society song, with its flower Qthe asterj , with its traditiong and they anxiously await the memorable social event and the Literary Contest. y Officers, members, and sponsors have maintained a high ranking society since the founding in 1916. Thou Dear Northeast s n. guru, V , is-A-m.n f IEE--l--1-S11---12211-E1--22252222 1 lh:ZS: Z? :ZigSlQ:nl5filE ZI Sl:1'SS?E.fLl l 'nw,desr mnhsawrifhe fair we of au, 4 Will? thee, Norlbeast,lhere is none can com-pare, ' We come an? go as lbe gears, pax-mg by l .. ' . ' . l ---- "' Q E. Q a 3. Ease samsasssaa gms ggi gmsg grssss , .. ......-.-:.....7...q.T.....,.E...... ....1 - .. 1.-.,. l Raef or' all olljz - ers. nev er to fqllg Q -Par pleand white ca , loft m the cur, 1 Add to thy glo - rig, dear 8901-1heasU-lighg l '-'f-::::.. :.. :.1:.1 - ::.1::-z: i ' ..,:g : . . . :::g:::: V l l:SSlESSIISZ::'ZEII2S::gEI!-5?-Sl 1 Lk? Zlfiglaf-2-IEZIQIQ Slfgfaiiiiiiliiifzl L 4 5 v ' ' ' A . 4 'Thy roy-al ban -ner.-s cm-furl to our view Loy -al and irue to our col ora wdll be, , l Mag we ere leav - ing bui add bjusi' :SL gim Em - blemsof vie iorg ibe lopg years throug D Crown 'thee with laur- els of we to rg. X To .sbmefbr ev - er in ling dia dem, can. -"za Ar. ' i ' 2 ML 'MAN I THE NoR'EAsTER ----if 134 f ,Vg Z? Row Row 1 Row L Abser The bers woi sketching and the Art Clul President Vice-Presi Secretary Treasurer The weeks to in genera The Club. Ev forms of Pre Sec T71 Re, The pupil mal sons judg ond, and This paint, wa 135 at 5 7.5, la. r., gg Clarke Ackels, 'riplett, he ribbons s are now traditiong y Contest. ciety since -..ff 134 ART CLUB Row 1-Cordier, Farris, Beard, Zahn, L. B. Carpenter, Morino, L. Grant, Kilcrease, Weir, Parker. Row 2--Kelly, E. Grant, Bender, Smith, Cannatella, Miss Newitt, Shepherd, Gillispie, Rush, Kubicki. Row 3-Byrd, A. Carpenter, Smith, Pittman, B. Teason, Bonfils, J. Teason, Moore, Rouse, Luteran, Mueller. Absentees-Brown, D'Ange1o, Craig, Tullis. AR'1f CLUB The Northeast Art Club has been busy in. more ways than one this year. The mem- bers worked in several groups, studying puppetry, clay modeling, photography, and sketching. The puppets of Price Cordier and "company" have won school-wide fame, and the snapshots taken by the Club won a p-lace in the annual snapshot contest. The Art Club owes its success to the faithful sponsorship of Miss Mabel Newitt. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President ...... ....... E laine Grant Presicleni .,..............., Price Cordier Vice-President . . . ,... Price Cordier Vice-President . . .... Elaine Grant Secretary ...., ..., L oris Grant Secretary ..... . . .Vinita Rush Treasurer . , . .... Vinita Rush Treasurer . , . .james Teason DRAMATIC CLUB The dramatic club, under the able direction of Miss Helen Hobbs, meets every two weeks to read and discuss plays, readings, short sketches, and the school dramatic work in general. , There is always a delightful air of informality at the meeting of the Dramatic Club. Every year, all the students of the school who are interested in acting and other forms of dramatic work are invited to join, regardless of scholastic standing. ' OFFICERS President . . ............. .,.. G eraldine Cone Secretary . . . . .Doris Caldwell Treasurer , , . . .Helen Harland Repgrier , , , ..., Helen Baker . ART HONOR SOCIETY The Art Honor Society is a new organization at Northeast. In the spring each art pupil making an "S" or more enters his year's pieces in a "one man showf, The five per- sons judging the work choose the best ones for the Art Honor Society. Also, first, sec- ond, and third places are chosen. This year, forty-five people entered the exhibit which consisted of many poster paint, water-color, pen and ink, chalk, and pencil pieces. 135 gs..- THE NOR,EASTER CERCLE FRANCAIS Row 1-Boston, Miller, Miss Hofacker, Newlon, Elliott, McQuerry. LATIN CLUB Row 1-Gendler, Robrock, Mattucks, Gentry, Jackson, Sherer, Mills, Bowling, Fath, Miss Miller, Simko, B. Johnson. I , Row 2-Gatlin, Dole, Roberts, J. Johnson, M. E. Jones, Long, Jacks, Austin, Ekstrum, J. Jones, Davis, Hader. Row 3-Miller, Meyer, Denton, Gillespie, Tessmer, Crosswhite, Todd, Spencer, Puckett, Hendrix, Scott, Strawhun, Baggerly, Brents. Absentees+Bryant, Settle, Schwenk, McFarland, Walker, Tebbets. CERCLE FRANCAIS Bonjour, Mademoiselle! Bonjour, Monsieur! Est-ce que vous faites partie du Cercle Frangais? Non! Pourquoi pas? Nous nous y amusons bien. De plus, on y apprend bien des choses interessantes. On chante en frangais, on joue des jeux en frangais et on donne des pieces frangaises. Il faut devenir membre de notre cercle si vous vous interessez it la langue la plus claire, la plus belle de toutes les langues-la langue frangaise. NORTHEAST LATIN CLUB The purpose of the Northeast Latin Club is to provide Latin students an opportu- nity for acquiring additional knowledge of the language, literature, and civilization of the Roman people. The motto of the club is, "Per ampliora ad altiora"-"Through wider experiences to higher planes." The club was organized in 1927 and has a member- ship of forty this year. Miss Mary Alice Miller is the advisor. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Consul .,,.,.....,,..,..,... Alice Gentry Consul ,.,,........,..,.. Laura Mattucks Consul-Minor '... .,.. L aura Mattucks Consul-Mirzor . . . ......,... Martha Meyer Scriba ,..,,.. . . .Artie Bowling Scriba ......., . . .Mary Margaret Austin QllIlUSf01 ',... , . .Ellen Jackson Qzuzesfor , . , ..... Betty Ball Miller THE NOR7EASTER --veil 13 6 1 tra Zz ff! 9 flu? ,f r QTE IQ ll' 1' , , 4, ,,.. , 'F r.-, The purpose T industrie: means of and studi Thr. of Kansa craft. Presiden 15 Vice-Presi, This was orgai Our are symbl Stud bership. P resirfmzf Vice-P resii 1 37 PRINTERS CLUB Q ,ng l I 1 L E Pa Simko, , Davis, r, Scott, du Cercle prend bien t on donne iressez a la n opportu- Llization of -"Through a member- ra Mattucks artha Meyer garet Austin V Ball Miller -Q+Ef136 . ,,,,.,,-,.,, ,W PRINTERS CLUB Row 1-Gunier, Williams, Derby, Francis, Johnson, Mr. Kunz, Thompson, Swayne. Row 2-Armstrong, Clore, Starr, Gabler, Sanders, Lancaster, Vittoria, Allison, Gardner, Tindall. COMMERCIAL CLUB Row 1-Eisman, Dubiner, Pizzichino, Gialde, Gargotta, Dunn, Jacobs, Lake, Mr. Coleman. Row 2-Allen, Thompson, Dodge, Jones, Morrow, Hoerath, Arenson, Parker, Fuehrer, Arenson, White The Printers Club was organized in 1935 with Marie Nigro as President. The purpose of the Club is to bring its members into closer contact with the printing industries of Kansas City, in order to gain a broader knowledge of the subject. By means of display, the work of the Printing Department is brought before the faculty and students of Northeast. Through visiting, the club becomes acquainted with printing and allied industries of Kansas City. Also lectures are given on printing topics by leading members of the craft. OFFICERS President ...... ...... M ary Gunier Secretary ......... .... G race Gabler Vice-President . . . ........ David Blunt Treasurer ............ . . .jean Derby Sergeant-az'-Arms . , . ...... George Allison THE COMMERCIAL CLUB This is the fourteenth consecutive year of the Northeast Commercial Club which was organized by Mr. Coleman in March, 1922. Our motto is, and has always been, "Efficiency Wins.,' Our colors, gold and silver, are symbolic of a commercial life. Students who participate in some sort of commercial work are eligible for mem- bership. OFFICERS President ...,.. . . . Saul Eisman Secrefary and Treasurer. . .Henrietta Arenson Vice-Presirlent . . , . . .Mollie Dubiner Sergeant-ni-Arms ........... Juanita Wfhite 137 lies- THE NoR'EAsTER I GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL CLUB Row 1-Russell, B. I. Coleman, M. A. Coleman, Messenger, Harlan, Foehlinger, Crowley, Hollopeter, Robinson, Karstens, Nichols. Row 2-Wilson, Phelps, Dole, Shepherd, Peironnet, Benney, Nivens, Williams, Walker, Vose, Moran. Row 3-Gillespie, Reed, Roach, Kubiak, Baker, Chapin, Williams, Hart, Hyre, Ellenz, Rogers. Row 1-Rubick, Barnes, Wilcox, Hogg, C. Smith, Thompson, Mr. Harlan, Barton, Dohn, Rohsenow, Lyon, fd 25+ Faulkner, Moore. Row 2-Staley, Manning, Pfeffer, Grasselli, Gardner, Hill, Hosler,'Newton, Austin, Parmerlee, Dunning, Spencer, Sheets. Row 3-Roark, Scruby, Crader, Slagle, Stanley, Rush, C. H. Smith, Alford, Collins, Sturges, Smith, Baggerly, Hader. GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL CLUB The Girls, High School Club is the only club- in which every girl is eligible to become a member. The activities and programs bring girls into a closer fellowship with each other, and train personalities and attitudes in the line of social progress. Among the outstanding events of the year were the Christmas Banquet, the Palm Sun- day Breakfast, and the Spring Dance. President ....., Vice-President . . . Secretary ...,,.. Treasurer .,.,..... Service Chairman .... Soaial Chairman ..... Membership Chairman Publicity Chairman . . OFFICERS . . . . ,Betty jane Harlan Dorothy Hollopeter . . . . . .Gloria Roach . .Marion Moran i 'Betty Ruth Largent ..,.......BillieRogers .Mary Ellen Laury , .Gladys Messenger Marie Chairman ......., ,...... C armen Nichols Devotional Chairman ,,,,.. . .... Althea Foehlinger Senior Triangle Chairman ..., ,.... E lizabeth Hyre Junior Triangle Chairman ............ Eleanor Karstens Sophomore Triangle Chairman ........ Barbara Johnson Inter-Club Council Representatives .... Edith Robinson Mary Anna Coleman Sophomore Reprexenlatioes ..,......,... Betty Ellenz Helen Roberts HI-Y CLUB Since 1920, the date of the founding, the Hi-Y Club has been under the constant guidance of Harry Harlan. The aim of the club is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian Character throughout the school and community. The club has a membership of forty. OFFICERS I FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President- ....,.,..,......,,.. ...,... K enneth Dunn President ................,,....,. Warren Rohsenow Vzre President ....,..............,..... Allen Slagle Vice-President ,.....,..........,.. Warren Rohsenow Treasurer . . .. ...,. Richard Browne Treasurer ..,... ..... R ichard Browne .Srfrwtary .....,......,.. . . .Warren Rohsenow Secretary ,,,. .... R owland Spencer THE NOR,EASTER -'wif 138 I li A 5 av A -1 .4 'hi V a 5 1,5 .. r-2, t ii .avril .,,-, i, 21, , AQ? wa 52 ,V VL 5 if A .1 F. 141 .,., - .-.H sr ',,,a ,.,. if Q W' ,V f- ' Q ,1 J n V 55 I f lopeter, n. , Lyon, Dunning, iaggerly, eligible to fellowship l progress. Palm Sun- armen Nichols mea. Foehlinger Zlizabeth Hyre eanor Karstens Lrbara Johnson Zdith Robinson Anna Coleman Betty Ellenz Helen Roberts me constant xtend high The club rren Rohsenow rren Rohsenow .ichard Browne vwland Spencer -..egf 138 n Y ,. ' I ' . E. ' " ! . 1 ,,- AA ': I ' fi . ' lf-..."N 'fc' pm Q , of -'s"'Qlf7fif.llQ' g 1 ,Ln .. Y '- 1 I , K if , -,L" W fe-1. . V ' 14 v t . 1 lfl'.f'.f.fW' Fi 'i1"7":5Q-1, , ' v 5 - ze' 6-f ij,g-ffsj ,vp-,,s7jf,,L A' if gr .- ,I ,yay .-L 5. J 9 , I t , A xf-14 lm if PM .,--"'ga.,L.i'e.?q-gr 14 .LH 'I ,4LEl,4f ,VJ ij :ws fa'-1 1fg!f.f,1 f-4: - :gf I " 1 lim ,ev 1 W 1' ' -, Sklar P1 " ., ,' " , f " 1. fr' f- f -- ' l .M ' ' " ' ff'-'s ' .XFN . -V 4 Q K gfiin' 3 nwqfzfa- . I- L fr' ,iii if ' . , . ' I ,M,.,3Q,,,.f, ' - ,7-r,:'w'45f'P7'i5'ifg535'?7G' r V . I Y ,B FFZM. -,,- fi, , 5: VW ,Q :viz 1 . niyyffff., no 5, X , . .0 QL --, - .,,,n1.?: , ' 'Z, '1 f iv? 'T' :Wd '1 '- :' i-T2'f.'154"' --gm: 3y'U fm-:fi if if , 1 4 rf LF' 41 ' -f' C. ' J? ' w2.!3rl1EfI3ff'-4 ."2"' ' 'L I .V .. .1 . .1 . :-,. ,,. ,, f.5.,,',--' :U .- -. 41" l -' 1 1 -VZ' " - I ' .1 :M '-17121 lf-94'iE5"l , M2 an ffl .g ijfll "SM , N ' 9, ' f'1l'1f',"pq :Qu fa:,,.,.. W, J 14" , I I , .. h'n!."- f.- V - if 5 ' . 1 2 :. .. '35 if Q ik- If ., . ha, 1511911 J," 1 pil , Hi H,f4zi'f"- .J X. . f,o'l5a.1.1 .44 fww. 3,2 Riff? lv ygf lf, ff I ' E:--.-L iv mf" ' 1 17-4 ' ,ogy if F1127 ffimlfifgiilw -!'3'7,7:,?'l fha? .' .9 I l7':l,fA lquxff , fl' J I .QQ Et ' Fizvm-J ' ,.- :gl ,F :QL no 44,935 . aim ,f .q7fn'w'. " 1 ,-1 M .' -, 3,3 my' 1134 +1 "lf .l x rlmzi -SJ, . Qifn ,,h ,,,fmZ1fi2,,,:,1 A . 4 ,Q f, 15. .'Hg.l,5,,U5:jgg25 .QL I 5,51 I iff' ' A, wwf' ' gxffi' 55 2 ' fr ', - .-,-f ny ,. wJ '- W" 1- ffl! V AC: ' ..,1, V of if 1- An"f'..f 2-, J. . 21. 1" - EU: 1 f Zi? . '. ': ' 'QL in-:W -4.4mm fff, 14 qtffmnll' if mf 'f 1 nl." I 'if ' -H' r, 4 ,V GJ ,ara fgr .y'- U, 5. Q, ' .I L . ' """17ifil3i','l'A1Q.gQk .PJ I Ln fill! 34' " 'f' 'PY j5,g5:9gv,,1WI '5Ig5,., UFQQL-1 e.. vig' all -1'r,1w'Lg7k?L , -'iff-L1.5. Y K 1.212541 .. 1 ' -,2'1 ,'fZ., "nw !'. 412, 451' , "i.fif7h".' . , ' is ,, Y, ..n,f:Xf X -, In . ,. -.. -7,,5...,L "l I ,, N. , ,., ,ibn . I if L fills: if J ' .V ,,.l,. .:-A 1. THE NoR'EAsTER --Q55 140 If A M W? i . Q: if x , X .9 K1 Q 14 +25 140 Ja-S ,?'. :QQ f pl 141 EGM- THE NORHEASTER OUR LIBRARY This year it was thought that a brief history of the Northeast Branch Library might be of interest. i The branch was opened on August 5, 1914, about a year after the high school was organized. It was the Hrst branch library in Kansas City to be located in a high school building. At that time there were only 6,000 volumes in the entire branch library. Now there are over 25,000 with 7,000 in the children's room. There is now a reference collec- tion of over 1,000 titles, which does not include the count of volumes, nor the number of copies of each title. The first branch librarian, Susie Schaffer, had one assistant, Elizabeth Ware. Now there are four assistants, besides two! regular pages, two N.Y.M. workers, and two N. Y. A. workers, who alternate work at night. The assistants at the present time are Annadele Riley and Alice Brasfield in the adult department, Gertrude Pope in charge of the boys, and girls' room, and Dorothy McCutcheon, assistant. Clara Fate is branch librarian. Jack Smith and Howard Franklin have served as pages this year. Over 45,000 passes were used by Northeast High School pupils the past school year. This was in addition to the Junior College and Post-graduate admissions. Seating room is kept as the study hall for those of the Junior College classes who wish to- study. A reserve collection of books for their reference work is kept with the regular high school reserves. , STAGE CREW Up goes the curtain and what do we see! A perfectly arranged stage, with correct lighting, and proper arrangement of the public address system, done by the stage crew. Their work has been invaluable in assemblies. This year,s crew, Harold Fleming, Jack French, James Singleton, Lee Conway and Howard Gammill, has been very successful under the direction of Mr. Pinkney and Mr. Babbit. STAGE CREW Row 1-Fleming, French, Conway, Singleton, Gammill. THE NoR'EAsTER , me-sgf 142 1 Thr Varieties. was a "W were hel Colglazie and Hor the part exasperat until the flirty seci The. Schultz, Donnasul Fisher, I' Man to the tu and song were Elii ugirlsf' Pric gave an i Aft: gym. The A to the direc1 to each ol furnished him consl This Dorothy l ciated, an 143 iso- :h Library school was li gh school rary. Now nce collec- number of Vare. Now two N.Y. 2 Annadele E the boys' L librarian. xast school ns. Seating 1 to study. gular high ith correct stage crew. ning, Jack successful -V 142 1 1 VIKING VARIETIES Thrills! Music! Comedy! All these you enjoyed if you attended the 1936 Viking Varieties. The program, which consisted of music, dancing, impersonations, and dialogues, was a "whooping" success. More than 2,000 people witnessed the Viking Varieties, which were held two nights. There was Rubinoff and his violin, played by Mary Catherine Colglazier, and Popeye the Sailor Man, played by Wayne Alexander. Harry Rosenblum and Hortense Todd presented a skit entitled"'At the Football Game." Hortense played the part of a boring girl friend who had no trouble asking "dumb" questions of her exasperated escort. Helen Vanderlinden and Doris Caldwell made the audience laugh until they cried in a skit portraying a good-for-nothing, temperamental doctor and his flirty secretary. There were several musical solos and trios. A trio composed of Kay Logan, Dorothy Schultz, and Betty Peterson sang "Me and the Moonf' Other singers and musicians were Donnasue Lohmeyer, Robert Henderson, Bill Lord, Harwood Craig, Bill Ferguson, Marian Fisher, Helen Childress, Ruth Diven, and Virginia Lama. Many taps dances and toe dances were featured. Eugenia Reed did a solo toe dance to the tune "There's Something About a Soldier." Cannon Kane was featured in a dance and song number. Johnnie Mae Hendrix tapped up and down the stairs. Other dancers were Elinor Rawlings, Dorothy Brenner, Bob Waller, and Maurine Crowley with her "girls." Price Cordier impersonated a woman ujust in from the countryf' Hubert Semler gave an impersonation. He also took part in a skit "Gang Busters" with Wallace Housler. After the Varieties, a large number of the audience attended a mixer held in the gym. The popular orchestra led by Robert Van Der Aa furnished the music. MIXERS A touch of interest has been added to our school life by mixers. These dances, under the direction of the mixer committee, were sponsored to introduce students informally to each other. The schoolis popular orchestra, under the leadership of Robert Van Der Aa, furnished the music. Robert has led the orchestra since September and his work has made him conspicuous. He deserves many congratulations. This year,s mixer committee included: Ralph Brown as chairman, Betty Denton, Dorothy Hollopeter, Betty Smith, and Betty Walker. Their work has been highly appre- ciated, and each student has experienced rare pleasure at these informal gatherings. 143 fgaa- THE NoR'EAsTER I.. 4 z 1 E . 3 POSTER-SLOGAN CONTEST All the aspiring young artists and authors put their best into posters and slogans for a contest sponsored by the Norcaster Annual staff this spring. The posters were at- tractive and the slogans quite "catchy," The alcove was more popular than ever gif it could be soj when the pieces of work were on display. Our Vikings and Vi-queens could be discovered at almost any hour of the day discussing their favorites. The winning pieces, bothlposter and slogan, were chosen by a popular vote taken in Home Room. The winning poster was made by Canon Kane and the winning slogan came from the brilliant mind of Ralph Brown. e Posters pictured from left to right are, first row: James Teason, Anna Alexopoulos, Dorotha Gautierg second row: Norman Brown, James Gilliland, Earl Boucherg third row: Martha Tullis, Vinita Rush, Elaine Grantg fourth row: Robert Bonfils, Bee Newman, Lola Belle Carpenter. VIKING SONG HITS 1. One In A Millionf-Tilford Denton 2. Love and Learn-Allen Slagle-Martha Fink 3. Gee, But You're Swell-Kenneth Dunn 4. You Do the Darndest Things-Harwood Craig 5. With Plenty of Money and You-Loris Grant 6. A Little'Bit Independent-Betty Denton 7. Lovely Lady-Peggy Bender , 8. Until the Real Thing Comes Along-Ruth,Cushman-Jimmy Wirthman 9. Who's Afraid of Love?-Philip Lyon 10. May I I-Iave the Next Romance with You?-Ted Cauger 11. Mustache Cup-Elmont Dye 12. I Can't Escape from You-Betty Smith-Junior Brooks 13. When Did You Leave Heaven-Mary Kilroy 14. Born to Dance-Marcile Baehr 15. When I Grow Up--Ann I-Ierbster-Clarence Rupe 16. Take Me Out to the Ball Park-Bob Alford-Dordy Combs 17. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody-Donnasue Lohmeyer THE NOR7EASTER. -wif 144 A certa out with year. The off work, a back pq restaurant her dress. the lady ir offered hei ine his ch: ment of t he held da: a very cri Mr. Sal matical u expects tc pionshipf, upon? Student Wanted away fron apply to I Wanted Coach Da' Wanted so that tl football bc any membi Wanted: thing-pre radios. Apt Wanted: requiremen on request. Wanted: Mr. Calver Wanted: mits. Call in good cor For Sale been opener For Sale: table and Pi to John Pa For Sale: and Hold I' to Dorothy For Sale: Principal. melee follow Student: 145 ia:- QS. ,nd slogans fs were at- ever gif it Vi-queens vote taken 1in g slogan lexopoulos, :herg third ionfils, Bee 1'1 -Q-asf 144 STUFF A certain young Northeast lady stepped out with her beau one lovely evening this year. The boy in the case, having just got off work, hastily stuffed his work socks in a back pocket. While having dinner in a restaurant, the young lady spilled soup on her dress. Wanting to be of assistance to the lady in distress, the young man gallantly offered her his handkerchief. Can you imag- ine his chagrin, her horror, and the amuse- ment of the onlookers, when he discovered he held dangling from his outstretched hand a very crumpled and soiled stocking! ! ANOTHER JOKE Mr. Salter Cwhile explaining the gram- matical use of a sentencej: "Northeast expects to regain another football cham- pionship." What is this sentence based upon? Student: Jimmie Wirthman, our captain. ADVERTISEMENTS Wanted: A way for keeping the girls away from me. Anyone who can help- apply to Phil Lyon. Wanted: A football team. Apply to Coach Davis. Wanted: Larger letters for football men so that they can be seen. Some of these football boys don't fare so well. Apply to any member of said team. Wanted: Someone to argue about any- thing-preferably about Frigidaires and radios. Apply to Mr. Babbit. Wanted: A handsome boy. Must fit all requirements. Requirement list furnished on request. See any Clio. Wanted: A biology student. Apply to Mr. Calvert. Urgent need. Wanted: A slot machine filled with ad- mits. Call the office force if you have one in good condition. For Sale: One Chemistry Book. Never been opened .......,.,.....,..... 5.56 For Sale: One alcove complete with study table and Ping-Pong set. Any N. P. II apply to John Parker ,,.....,..,........ Free For Sale: Book, entitled "Get Your Man, and Hold Him." In good condition. Apply to Dorothy Miller ...............,. 5.02 For Sale: One football team ....... 5.02 MISPLACED ' Principal: And you were injured in the melee following the basketball game? Student: No, sir. I was injured in the eye. 14 5 I JOKES CWe hopa, hopa, hopej Kenneth Dunn fin a noisy classj: You could hear a pin drop. Angela Daleo: Yeah, a rolling pin. Jack Smith, to June Reed and Juanita Edmondson Cconfidentiallyjz Say, will you two girls tell me if you see the guy that stole the sleeves out of my vest? Mr. Calvert, to his chemistry -class: Why should you walk around half dead when the undertaker will bury you for 53750. GOSSIP Dave Blunt, senior, uses purple bath salts just to keep the good old school spirit. Yes, this younger generation is going to the dogs. To prove it, one of those big, strong athletes was heard telling a certain young lady just how to wash him, feed him, clothe him, rock him, and above all, how to cuddle him! Then, in a few days, to make -matters worse, he proceeded to load her desk with a huge bouquet of red buds. Tsk! Tsk! And "Chuck" used to be such a nice boy. "Gigolo Jim," alias "James Wirthmanf, was very urebarrisku at one time this year when, upon opening his locker, an alley cat jumped out and proceeded to show James what he thought of being locked in a locker! A certain Tiff Denton is the guilty party. And we'll never forget the beautiful crimson that flooded Harwood Craig's fair face at a mixer given this year, when a certain girl "cut in." Harwood turned to tell Marian Stephens, his partner, "Thanks,', but made a mistake and seemed to be saying it to the girl who interrupted. Of course, Harwood,s remark was not any expression of relief, but nevertheless-was his face red! What's this wc hear about Miss Cleveland and a Bride's desk! It seems as though there is a certain desk in her room that has been vacated several times because the girls have married. Miss Cleveland has decided to change desks to see if it would do her any good. So far, we see- well- Can it really be true that Don Click is off the women for life! We wonder- What about Ruth, Don? All you girls that are after that handsome "brute,', Russell Faulkner, might like to know that he was heard saying that he liked 'cred-heads" and "blonds." XVell, girls, you know the remedy. THE NOR,EASTER jzfw LMI! flu, PRINTERS OF BOOKS ' PUBLICATIONS DIRECT ADVERTISING SCHOOL ANNUALS AND CATALOGS I O COLOR PRINTING O SERVICE DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING MODERN EQUIPMENT VALENTINE 4474 4475 3 0 17 MAIN STREET THE NOR7EASTER --Gif 146 408-14 We Ha R. BEnton 3013 II Alp desi H 2611 Inu 147 IRW- 4 iii- INTERSTATE BINDERY CO. BOOKBINDERS College Annuals, Law and Text Book Binding, Paper Ruling, Loose Leaf Binders and Ruled Forms ' 40 8 -10 ADMIRAL BLVD. KANSAS CITY, Mo Phone Vlctor 2788 We Have Been Serving Northeast Keep Fit' If You Don? Someone Else Wzll Have Your job Since 1921 ' A f . DRS. HENDERSON 6. HENDERSON opi. D. D. c. 139017193 9 Market EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted BEnton 6088 5904 St. John 5609 SL John HOLLAND FURNACE CO. SPRING DISCOUNTS 3013 Independence Avenue ESTIMATES FREE BEnton 3470 Yozfll like them! Alpha's corsages are especially 403 S. Kensington BEnton 9799 designed for the girl graduate Call Vlctor 9873 my . , KENSINGTON WE STRIVE T0 PLEASE C I. E A N E R S LPI-IEI 4474 4475 FEORHLCO. 1111 Walnut St. REET "Few Equal-Nom' Excel" REALE SHOE STORE REBUILDING-NEW SHOES 2611 Independence Avenue BEUWH We Call For and Deliver OUR NEW FACTORY MACHINERY YVILL SEYV THE SOLES ON ANY MAKE OF LADIES' SHOES 9880 146 147 lie..- THE NOR,EASTER Hand engraved commencement - announcements and personal cards executed by expert craftsmen in our own shop IACCAHD IEWELRY CORPORATION 1017 Walnut St. Kansas City, Mo. . l Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prices PIGGLY WIGGLY PHONE BENTON 3265 MEATS, VEGETABLES and , GROCERIES 4810 Indep. Ave. Kansas Clty, Mo. You'll Like Our Flowers and Careful Service Special attention given telegraph 'M I L L E R ' S CLEANERS AND TAILORS Cc BL U Thro' cause Specia S A orders Our Specialty-Funeral Flowers CLEANING AND PRESSING 1 V REMODEUNG 1 aC OJ i ' I REPAIRNG l A - . . t A - RELINING I Store and Greenhouses 38th and Euclid 5902 St. John Avenue Sth al' Phone, Llnwood 0933-0934 THE NOR7EASTER -'O-if 148 149 fgr- 1- O l i GLY gon 3391 and iii-i L ' S u1LoRs G le iiii- Congratulations Graduates Business Success AWAITS YOU- IF YOU ARE SPECIALLY TRAINED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ITS OPPORTUNITIES We ojfer an nneqnallecl opportunity for you to enter Business For 46 years We have enabled graduates to take the Short Cut to a Paying Position Our Graduates are daily securing new positions. Bigger and Better Positions with the BETTER BUSINESS FIRMS ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE NEW BUSINESS ERA? Through our Life Scholarship Plan you are assured success be- cause We train you until We place you in a paying POSITION. WHY TAKE CHANGES? . FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Specialists in training young people for Bookkeeping, Accounting, Stenographic, Secretarial and U. S. Civil Service Positions An Accredited School . . . Social and Athletic Activities Special Rates to Graduates FREE ANNUAL CATALOG ON REQUEST CENTRAL BUSINESS COLLEGE Sth and Grand Ave. Vlctor 3430 Kansas City, Mo. 148 149 fem- THE NOR,EASTER Emmy I0 CAJUN 30172 INDEPENDENCE AVE. QC , yhaake This a Useful MAE ANDERSON s Summer! . . . Be on a BEAUTY 51-10111115 Payroll 3 Months Sooner! I ITH H' h - t meal Wtheregslgno ilirllZO1tobIc?sl2ij Eolils BENTON ,LzQq5i2e1g3:1?Si2O:gz2 tijiizxtsg FOR APPOINTMENT r inexccmeo cr", thCiIlegefogl Csmme-Ice Edggbeen in - gramulzilrgatrgygs Ocgffnoeuoi 2,326 "Wk Make Loveliness Loveliern 6409 Ea ireom ine c ool. 5310 In I - ' . piigatlieenlfnilxiryfoGIiev2iill2IflffI5n to rncmy hundreds. Now, from Ex- ecutive chairs in Big Business Con- BEnt0l1 7167 BEIlt0n 7167 cerns, they look back gratefully to me grgonths theylgpegt lierea pripar- E UHSW ' big Chance fgmeleq Y W en hell' FREE FAST DELIVERY SERVICE grggdlgcglgxg Ggillzaggrnolthgolrggiirgd as mc e or you ' 9 v' 'Q c ll fC Nowl I-I b M I sazgingoszxzzczf 61' S 31' if-it Fm, June. Iuly and August. T bl 3. e oueee as omm cze ONLY THE FINEST FOODS In the Hear! o! the Heart of America St. JOIIII and B1'ighlZ0l'l 4911 St. J0l'tIl 4915 St J 408 East Eleventh St. VI 1348 ' R 1 I'IaS Stood the test for SAFETY OF INVESTMENT, SECURITY OF INCCIVIE AND FAMILY PROTECTION. It is one investment that has not depreciated. Every ciaim against it has been met Without delay or depreciation. POLICIES PCR EVERY NEED MANUF. Iuvenile Insurance for the children Educational Policies to guarantee a college course Life, Endowment, Term and Annuity Contracts to protect the home and business KANSAS CITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office-3520 Broadway Kansas City, Missouri D T. TORRENS, President C. N. SEARS, Secretary THE NORIEASTER --H-if 150 4151 ga- Ill- 1,51 ,ii in 7167 VICE et DS St. John ,ii-i NY ecretary WHY DO YOU BUY Dry Cleaning Sciencels gift to your better appearance DRY CLEANING It means so much to correct dress that you should think of what it puts into clothing. Buy Dry Cleaning satisfaction at East Side Cleaners A 6409 East 15th Street 5 3 10 Independence Avenue Phone BEnton 2000 Phone BEnton 1002 Marion J. Johnson Elizabeth Kempf Johnson BUDD PARK FLOWER SHOP Floral Designs-Wedding Bouquets Table and Wedding Decorations Potted Plants Phone BEnton 9654 4915 St. John Ave. Res., Hlland 3362 NATIONAL BELLAS HESS, Inc. INDEPENDENCE AND HARDESTY Visit Our Retail Store SMART STYLES LOW PRICES GOOD VALUES Compliments of MANUFACTURERS 85 MECHANICS BANK SHEFFIELD HELTON'S MARKET 401 S. Kensington BEnton 8597 CHOICE MEATS--FRESH VEGETABLES We Deliver A C M E DRIVE YOURSELF Co. 1009 Troost Ave. Vlctor 1100 We have our 1937 Fords and Chevrolets radio equipped We have cars and trucks at low rates We deliver cars free Gas and Oil Free Established 26 Years -..sgf 150 151 gem- THE NOR,EASTER For Your Graduation Suit-Have It Tailored to Measure- and a Perfect Fit-517.25 and Up E D D I E D I L L O N I. B. SIMPSON, Inc. Vlctor 8224 212 Altman Bldg. SHELL J. T. MARRS fClass of '30J SERVICE STATION Super Shell Gasoline and Golden Shell Motor Oil for Viking Motorists 3600 Independence Ave. Campus Whirl-Wind Permanent Wave with an Individual Hair Style, 33.95 Other Permanents, 31.95 up ANDREE BEAUTY SALON 4712 Indep. Ave. BEnton 9639 Inter-Collegiate Press H 615 WYANDOTTE KANSAS CITY, MO. COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS VISITING CARDS CAPS AND GOWNS DIPLOMAS CLASS IEWELRY YEAR BOOKS CLASS GIFTS MEDALS AND TROPI-HES VICTOR 9792 Q QKAWSAS .CITY Fully accredited by the National Association ot Accredited Commercial Schools A school that has for its object the training of young men and Women for success in life. Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Touch Typewriting, Stenotype, Accountancy, Secretarial Train- ing, etc. Day and evening sessions the entire year. Highest endorsements. Pitman, Gregg, and Success Shorthand. Stenotype for con- vention or Court Reporting. Catalog free. C. T. SMITH, Pres. 1020 McGee St. Y. W. C. A. Bldg.. Kansas City, Mo. HARRY'S MARKET HARRY B. STEMPLEMAN, Prop. DEPENDABLE A GROCERIES 8: MEATS CHestnut 1500 3704-06 Indep. Ave. STUDIO OF THE DANCE 1-:LNOR MAE OYER TAP ACROBATIC BALLET MUSICAL COMEDY CHARACTER TOE ADAGIO Studios lOl N. Lawn, Gladstone Hall BEnton 3278 Kansas City, Mo. - ISI At Qi QL KA THE NOR7EASTER 152 153 ge-- LITE- "Bes1f of Everything for N ortfaeaszf' cm Bldg. Compliments of id ,, . SEARS, FOR NORTHEAST" lividual ROEBUCK and ALWAYS up COMPANY LON ton 9639 at ' . . 6, 15th Street at Cleveland Ave. :sociation 4808 Independence Ave. BEnton 7651 ls iaiircrining ss in life. xewriiinq, til Trciiri- the entire J, Gregg, , for At the Snap of cl Sw1tc:h .log free. iIcGee St. Mo. . . . Hard Work Leaves This Kitchen The All-Electric Kitchen is I.-A the answer to the modern J housewife who wishes to keep young and have time Prop. if I ---C If ' for outside interests. - In In the All-Electric Kitchen, E-' ' ETTTZ- B 'Tit' food is adequately preserved, TS 3 G: I-1: Q 0 meals easily prepared and -,M ,T Q Llil? the work of dishwashing iep. Ave- 'i 63' I 'J X eliminated. T ii E11j0j! the freedom of an X . AU-Elecfric KiL'cf9c'1z. KANSAS CITY POWER 86 LIGHT CO. ty, Mo. r 152 153 Eze- THE NOR,EASTER HEADQUARTERS FOR NORTHEAST SCHOOL EooKs SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' ATHLETIC Goons NORTHEAST BOOK AND DRUG STORE MAY BELLE KING 4801 Independence Avenue BEnton 9831 HARRIS ELECTRIC HENDERSON'S MARKET SHOE SHOP FANCY GROCERIES WEEE STILL AT THE Poor AND MEAT3 but many say we're at the top because we fix shoes so well Phones BEnton 5053, 5054 5921 s1. Iohn Ave. 101 South Hardesty " ALT1v1AN's ' HA 8602 101 East llth St. High School-Oolleqe-Club-Fraternity Iewelry Thank You, Senior and Iunior ,College Students -of Northeast High School S1937 and Good Luck THE NOR,EASTER -'B-'Sf 1 54 115 5 ST RE 9831 KET Compliments of MAC'S GROCERY Van Hom G Harris Phone Indep. 3065 Independence, Mo. BEntor1 3519 Notary Public NORTHEAST REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE, RENTALS, LOANS 107 Hcxrdesiy Avenue INSURANCE A PAUL YIVALTERMIRE KANSAS CITY, MO V 5 ' Hema 'ff , gb? f t' 9 sf' 1 I 00 i Quality Has N 0 Substitute 110 South Spruce UNION NATIONAL BANK NINTH AND WALNUT -wif 154 155 Eu.- THE NOR,EASTER vdcwvfljnf Q2 544.156 I fem - . MRS. C. L. FORSTER XM CHAPMAN MILK f JUAMJ PRODUCTS FUNERAL HOME Q NOW APPROVED 918-20 Brooklyn Ave. BY Kansas City, Mo. SEALTEST SYSTEM GRand 0335 R X LABORATORIES SAF EGUARDED QUALITY FROM ITS SOURCE TOYOURTABLE ' ALTIC'S MARKET VIctor 9620 1207 Locust GROCERIES AND MEATS Hear Sealtest Program ' 5819 sf. John Bfzmon 9047 Every Saturday Night WDAF M5321 fwkkmmxemiewm T E NO TT-IEAST Qwv-wi.-:TQNNC CITIZENS CLUB ew . W: , xv , -I kk f . I K, , , f V , ,VF . ' 1,,,l..1L" mx' Af ' 2 V '--1 7 1' VV' -2 A . V 4 L..' J J - x ,v - , 1,f-- ' Y v ' 1.1 I I . -V 1, . , 1 ,fe A 'E ,- . , . V J. --f 1 W ks QD .J 1 rw., AC Soci Mon- Ween Invih Alsc 212 W. The X 1. L, .X .slr "'fE 7 1 5 .very f - . x . ,.. . ,f Q THE NOR7EASTER --WE-I 156 157 ge..- :R A COMPLETE ENGRAVING SERVICE Social stationery complete with Monogram, Die and Stamping. Wedding Announcements and l- Invitations - Visiting Carols Also - Gifts - and a complete A pound of feathers weighs more than a pound of gold-but easier to get. Let Your Savings Earn BRHNGS 44, nwmrauzoaigl N 5 ? CZSAVIINQS INSURED M43 MM a s , 'VCE 1: Ask for Complete Information RESOURCES UV ER Sl0.000,U00.00 Fletcher Cowherd, President Franklin P. Stevens, V.-P.-Sooy. 900 GRAND AVE. KANSAS CITY, MO. 1gAfE1v FEDERAL . :AVI GS - , ' ANASH4 Rental Library 1 T Compliments of I SOLOMON STODDARD G CO., Inc. is - Insurance H9047 I NELSONUS Real Estate 212 W. 47th St. Country Club Plaza 6612 Independence Ave. C. A. COCHRAN, Pres. H. H. TWINEHAM, Dean Q 10314 Van Horn Road OF MUSIC, INC. il Ls A School of Distinction ' 'W H ORCHESTRA BAND THEORETICAL SUBJECTS K Y 'ri , f ear Executive Offices: South Side Bank Bldg. L-J I 1 3338 MAIN STREET 4 i I -gig - I MOORE WESTPORT 3679 KANSAS CITY, Mo. N -'LN at the Console of the 128 W. Maple, Indep., Mo. 1 in '7 4748 Prospect, Kansas City, Mo. ., ' ,gnew HAMMOND ORGAN 4702 Indep. Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 'I .. ix 3838 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. '- K1 Every N1 and Sunday Afternoon 1217 Walnut Sf., Kansas City, Mo. ' 2 W A 852 Minnesota, Kansas City, Kan. Rr 1 A ,- . I A A ,B E L M,O N T f , ' r 1 Complime1z!s A T H E .5 T 12 E.. , . 1 A iq b .K , of tl 56071 St.,Io1i1fe A FRIEND -'Q-if 1 5 6 1 57 iilsa- THE NoR'EAsTER ,Elf MW, MJ 0 Q y ,l it l Q1 ' The . THE PHQTQGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL R33 ciatio- WEEE MADE BY LOW THE EAINES STUDIO Bl' TII Ca Bento ' 'NQENTON 6013 ELMWOOD of ST. IOHN A 'Ls r-1 - K RNEST NEUER, Pres. E. E. NEUER, Vice-Pres. Acknowledg Established 1894 C 1, idveifisfna Telephone GRand 1810 Omp lments of Axegigm NEUER BROS. MEAT co. 2iI.1ffi'lf". Bask tba Wholesale and Retail Dealers in WOODSTOCK TYPEWRITER Quality Meats COMPANY Ygiff SEV Manufacturers of all kinds of-- play P132 High Grade Sausage and Lard E ' l D'ff l E S me Y 1 erm 809 Walnut sneer victor 3424 s'?35'335S - We Operate Under 1326-1328 Main St. volley E Government Inspection Kansas City, Mo. Atiiiigiiibi ' Cheerlea Coaches F tb ll - FINLAY ENGINEERING COLLEGE ggjgjf. Chartered by the State of Missouri Autograph, Complete courses leading to degree, in two years, in Electrical, Mechanical, Struc- Bflafd Of I tural, Architectural, Civil, Aeronautical and Highway Engineering. Also short, Bookhmatf specilic courses in Electricity, Diesel-Electric, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and gmlfnn' A' Drafting. Theoretical and applied essentials comprehensively taught. Close contact tiki of student and teacher. W g For thirty-seven years Finlay has been successfully training engineers for Industrial French demand which assures graduates of positions of responsibility and advancement. glfgflw Before considering other schools, investigate Finlay. giitin .- . . . ymplc Day and evening schools. Catalog on request. Visitors Welcome. 1001 INDIANA AVENUE BENTON 0295 THE NOR EASTER ---fail 158 159 liek ,SQ 3 .11-1 .iii ER r 3424 IE lStruc- short, g, and ntact ustrial ment. 0295 -..,gf 15 3 APPRECIATION The staff of the 1937 Norieaster Wishes to thank the advertisers in this annual for their financial aid, and urge the co-operation of the student body for patronizing these merchants. We also desire to express our appre- ciation to HAINES STUDIO, HOLLAND ENGRAVING COMPANY and THE LOWELL PRESS for their co-operation and solicitude in the production of THE NOR,EASTER. BROOKS COAL, ICE Sz TRANSFER COMPANY Call Us When You Want Coal 7 lce or Transferring Benton 6700 5404 St. John Ave. Compliments of The BEAU BRUMMELS JIMMIE fStunsteinkJ STANLEY CLAUDE SHUMWAY ROWLAND CSuspenrlerj SPENCER BILL QSHIIQ WETZ JACK BARNES QTbe Beauj TOM flieelsp EELLS BILL fBudj SCRUBY AL qPalJ GRASSELLI RAY QHay-Hayj OVERSHINER ALLEN fBirIj SLAGLE Acknowledgment ......,. ....1S9 Advertisements .....,... ,146-159 American Legion Contest Art Committee ........ Art Honor Society , ...,88 ....82 ....l35 INDEX Printers . . . Rifie . . . Seal ...... Contents ...... Courier Staffs Davis, G. W. .. ...137 ...116 97 11 ....s4,ss 73 Music Department .........92- A Cappella Choir ....,... 92, Band .................... Boys' Chorus .... Girls' Chorus ..., Orchestra ......... .....92, Popular Orchestra .... i Q 94 94 93 94 , .... 92, 94 93 92 92 92 Af.l1lE!tlCS, Gl1'lS' ..... ..... 9 6-102 , , S 1 C I llll Basketball .... ..., ,.., 1 o 2 Dedlw-HOD ---------- - 1 1 7 Sgjnsofgmfsfu 1 j Q A U 1 1 H U H Gialilit Volley Ball . . . .... Faculty .................. 74-78 National Honor Society 87 HOC ey .......,... . . ' .--... 86 5 ""' ' Life Saving ...... ..,. 1 O1 Flglgluschmil Honor Ron 10 Nor'easter Staff ........... 82, 83 Olympic Club ' ' ' -"-"' 97 n ' emimam ' ' """""" Parent Teacher Association . . . . 80 Play Days ,... . . . 100, 101 Inter-Society Dance .......... 124 Preface 6 P 'nt S st m .... .... 1 01 ' , 6 """"" """"" Sgdl Cltllb C ......... ..., 9 7 Junior STS ' ' A I i ' i I I ' ' '57 60, 6 Poster-Slogan Contest .... ,... 1 44 Sponsors .-----4---- -- 96 Jmfloglasi ege 54-56 R. 0. T. C. ............. 113-118 Student Managers ... .... 96 H Cl --1-"--- ----- 2 8-35 Company NAM and ABU' V - U -114 Volley Ball ....., . ....., 103 ass ' """" ""' C an MCH and UD 115 A H . B 4 104 H2 II Who's Who .... ..... 2 9 Cgfpgs y "'A 116 ti333EZiba1?yS. "' 1--i--109, 110 31511322225 ' "".1.9-gi Events of the Year ... . . . .117 Cheerleaders . . . .... 104 Clubs ,-'.--.. h h I 25 gap -'4--A-'AA--4- - - - - Coaches .-4-- ---- 1 04 Honor Roll .... 24 . Cm ---"-"'A ' Football ..... .... 1 OS-108 Snap Shots 26 Rlfle Club .-.1 -H116 Golf Team ...- M115 statement QI' .QI1 is 5325 E522 1--'- Track """" ' i ' , Library ......... ....... l 42 Training I ' -113 Autographs "'-"" "" 1 60 Literary Contest . . . ..,.. 125-131 School Song ....... . . .134 Board of Education .. . ...,.. 79 Essay ........ .... 1 26, 561301-I 37 V - ration ..... ,..... a Ot H Book PlatesT ..... , . .,.. 89 seem S .-A-"A- 4-'- h Class A . ' ' A .--4 36,25 Chapin, A. . .., -. . ort tory .... .... , Prophecy ... ....... Clubs Winners .................. 125 Snap Shots A,,, 140, 141 Art ........ .... 1 35 Literary Societies .... 124. 131-134 Sophomore Class , . . .,.. 62-66 Commercial .. ,... 137 .fllilpha .................... Spring Play ,,.,A,.,,,,,,,,, SS Dramatic .. -,-- 135 9-UTQU ----" -"-4--- ' Stage Crew ...............,. 142 French .----- -'-- 1 36 Clwman ' ' " ' Student Council .......... .. . S1 Girl Reserves ,. .... 138 Debaters .. ...134 Views -NIU".-'Zy 3, 4' 9' 12, 13 HRX """"' "" 1 Bgilsiuan "" ' I 133 Viking Song Hits ........ ,... 1 44 Idiiigpiigi i I A i I 97 Theta . . .133 Viking Varieties ............. 143 , R,EASTER EW, THE NO v ' :- J UT GRAPHS I L 'M VL,0.AxQx - X ,1M5,6,fu,c,oc,a fifaf 9 Z gf? "' iliy l Q Q3 gi 1 THE NOR7EASTER I Q E 5 Q xg . A . - 5 , sf U f' r 1, -wif 160 J --5 I iwjw . - 1 1 11 . 1 1 11 11 11- 11 1. 'K 1 11 i :11 11' ' , 111 1 '11 11 1 111 1 11. 1' . 1 1, 3 1 1 111' fr I '11 1, 111111 1 1111111 1 .1 1 1111 ' 1j1j11,. 11' 11 , 11,3111 ' 111 111111 1111111' 5 11 11 - 1 11111111 -1 Q 11 A E 11111 1 111 1 ' 1 ,11 1111' A f 11 1 1 11 f , '1 .1111 - f .1 111111 1 " fi 11111111 , 11111 " 5 - 11111 Q S' 1111 ' ' 5 ' Q111 , 1 1111 111151 I .. 11 11 1' 1 11111' 1, 1 + 1 11 1 1 .:f1 V1 11- bg 11111- , G1 1, X1 1 ' fi 1 , Q 1 ' 11 1 .1 f 1 . 31 1 111 Y 111 I 4 1 1" X' i131 I Q11 3 11 ,. H '1' 1 1 1, 11 ' 41 11 1111 ' X1 1 11- " 41 'L, "1 1 4- 711 1 1 1 1 , 11 111 ,Q 1311 1 11:1 H 1 . 115111 W1 u r. I 111 111 1 1 1,1 1 I x,. 1 1 1 11, 1 111111111 17111151 2111111 "111.1 111. 1 N .11111,11 151111 11 11 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q f 1 1 L 1 1 f -3 ' , 1 v 5 . mx , A 1 . 3 i 2 1 ., ,5 3 34 f lf, 1 El 1 ii . S? i if Ei . it 4 , HQ , 13? ' fy 1, x . N C 11 ' il I lm L: 1 K Af' ki' A , 'lu i A 3 L ,Y iw 5 ' E fb- 2 g 'x 1 1- i , a "fag ae- '- ' 2 4 Tia' Zi: ' . 'sg in 5112 5, L .1 1 5 1 4

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