Northeast High School - Nor Easter Yearbook (Kansas City, MO)

 - Class of 1923

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Northeast High School - Nor Easter Yearbook (Kansas City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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MILLER 4 THE NOR'EASTER Bvhiratinn Ein gratrful arknnmlehgmvnt anh aifertinnate appreriaiinn nf hvr untiring permeueranre anh zeal fur the rreatinn nf a beautiful anh nriginal Nnfeanier in Mizz Zihna E. illllillvr fur her guihanre anh inupiratinn tu the farultg anh the ntuhnnt hnhg in all things artiatir. thin, the ienth Nnfreanier Annual, in rvnerenilg hriliratrh. 5 THE NOR'EASTER THE ALCOVE TROPHY CASE 6 TH E NOR 'EASTER IVIR. B. lvl. STIGALL, Principal 7 THE NORTASTER NIR. C. B. REYNOLDS, P 8 rincipal Emeritus 'I HE NOR'EAS'l'ER MR. A. T. CHAPIN, Vice-Principal' 9 THE NOR'EAS'I'ER FAC LTY 53 ,153 gf 171. Wlw ' B. M. STIGALL, Principal. C. B. REYNOLDS, Principal Emeritus. A. T. CHAPIN, Vice-Principal. ENGLISH Mr. Phillips Miss Begey Miss Duggins Miss Evans Miss Fox Miss Morrison Mr. Sharp ' Miss Spencer Miss Van Metre Miss Murdock MECHANIC ARTS Mr. Ellis ' Mr. Hifner Mr. Eastwood Mr. Fulton HOUSEHOLD ARTS Miss Rouse Miss Keating Miss Baskin FINE ARTS Mr. Chaffee Miss Hob-bs Miss DeForest Miss Van Natta MATHEMATICS Mr. White Mft Ogg Miss Packard Miss Pile Mr. Snell Miss Peters ' ANCIENT LANGUAGES Mr. Chapin Miss Miller Miss Adams Miss Murdock MODERN LANGUAGES Mrs. Bell Miss Taylor Miss Begey Miss Hofacker GYMNASIUM-'MILITARY Mr. Peters Sergeant Vickers Miss' S'tewart Miss Heibel STUDY HALL Miss Barr OFFICE SCIENCE Mr. Davis Miss Gregory Mr. Lovejoy Mr. Pinkney Miss Thomas Mr. Cowan Mr. Snell HISTORY Mr. Nettles Miss Guyer Mr. Hixblbs Miss Leonard Miss Weaver Miss Morrison Miss Gaylord Miss Peters Mr. Reynolds COMMERCE Mr. Coleman Mrs. Cunningham Miss Walker Miss Grube Mr. Cowan Mr. Nettles Miss Peters Miss Frances Anderson, Clerk, Mrs, Harrison, Matron. MISS Esfellla G1'0Sh011g, Assistant Clerk. Mr. Critchfield, Custodian, Mlss Vivian Little, Librarian. Mr, 511165, Engineer. 10 THE NOIFEASTER ,A ,.X,,. il, ,T I QF S1 R filet -s W'-'Sf 'Q wg Q: y f .5 '.,, QV, X Ivins. HARRISON rvuss HOFACKER MR- EL,-,S Matron French Turning IVIISS HOBBS IVIR. HIBBS M155 RQUSE Dramatic Art Sociology and History Sevving MISS GUY History ER MISS MURDOCK MR. FULTON Latin and English Drafting I1 , if 5 G ,I . . , ,4,.Q.-.,5q..-.a:. mac-1--:.a..wrf-.:nm3qaq4sqg1'qrvfqgqlgM'qL1Q:"zf:''F6"'??"'?"'PE5'f'MP" m5'f"'f'9""f 4 1 .1 M, .-I. U , . . , ,. , ., , I THE NOR'EAS'l ER in NIR. I.ovEJov MRS- BE'-L Ivllss TAYLOR Botany Spanish Spanish M R. COLEMAN Commerce R X x . I X yi . MISS KEATI NGI Sewing MISS BASKIN Cooking X I S. IV MISS PACKARD Mathematics 12 MISS DIeFOREST Music Apprecizztioxi , 4515.3 "i"Qf'Q w'9 X .wg p - 'x .. V l' ,g-'gp 5245 C 535, . . I In If a w we Q'-1 .1 . i - V ,I,, i x ' , I I 6?-i K I X' E ff' 'X , X 5 x X Y, I I A ' f is .V -:,AA. : 4,- x ' . 4' 9- :ASI-. 5 si f' , 3' I . I,,, T: 4.., Q f g f" "iw MISS THOMAS 1'SyI'IioIog,1-y NIR. WH ITE Mathematics fu IVIISS MORRISON MISS GRUBE Commerce THE NOR'EASTER ,f M ISS BARR Study Hall X MISS VAN IVIETRE Histfjry I MR. SNELL. Mathematics NIRS. CUNNINGHAIVI Commerce NIR. CHAFFEE Music 1 2 I xxx VH E IN O R ' EASTER IVI R. COWAN MISS MILLER Aft Zoology and Physiogf-QLDIIY N K MISS M. MILLER MISS STEWART Latin Physical Education v ,,.. , ,Ni K X x MR. HIFNER M135 FOX Joinery English 14 MISS ADAMS atin and Spanish MISS HEIBEL Physical Education MISS PILE lX'luLIwin:1liI-s " ,ms ,far fffaff' W f av MQW' fy? XZ fd' Z4 gf f A f Q , u f 'igfk .42 - ,W .4 , swf' 1052: ' QQ. ' 5'.4J ffg,, 5-nw" . Zf G :f f ink' ' fzf .ff f J nb ij 3, 4 1: I THE NOR'EASTER MISS VAN NATTA Dramatic Art SGT. V ICK E RS Military IVIR. NETTLES History and Economics APIN MP4, PHILLIPS M R. CH Latin English 15 THE NOIVEASTER M R. OGG MathematicS Nl R. EASTWOOD Mechanical Arts Xu M R. PETERS COM 32 ,, K2 ,V gun img, A IVIFLV PINAKNEY MISS WILSON PIWSYCS Ed11c':1ti0n:'11 Advism 16 THE NOR'EASTER IVIR. DAVIS MISS BEGEY English and French MISS DUGGINS English MISS EVANS English MISS FRAZIER Physical Education and Pianist M ISS GREGORY Science MISS WEAVER History M RS. WILSON Art 17 NIR. SHARP MISS LEONARD History MISS PETERS History and Mathematics MR. POOLE Commerce M ISS SPENCER English M ISS WALKER Commerce THE NOR'EASTER THE MEMORIAL TRIBUTE OF THE NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ON THE DEATH OF MISS EDNA E. MILLER lt is with profoundest sorrow that we learned of the death of our lamented and beloved colleague, Miss Edna E. Miller, the head of the department of art and design in the Northeast High School. This sad n,ews comes so suddenly and unexpectedly that it is difficult for us to find adequate language to express our feeling of sorrow and of truest appreciation. Physically, intellectually, and pro- fessionally, she seemed to be so normal, so energetic and so enthusiastic in her work that none of us would have thought that she would be the sixth member of the Northeast High School faculty to be numbered out of service at the command of the messenger of death. Although this is only Miss Miller's first year as a teacher in this school, already through her genial and strong character, socially and professionally, by her active, faithful and willing service for the good of Northeast and by her expert efficiency as a teacher of art, she was rapidly strengthening her department and endearing herself to the hearts of her pupils and co-workers. Miss MiIIer's friends were proud of her meritorious work and the attractive and enviable career that she was shaping for herself both as a fine personality and as an art teacher. Outside of her routine class work she was prodigally active in helping the teachers and pupils in all school activities where a skillful artist was needed to produce charming posters, bulletin board notices of school events, designs, department headings for the "Nor'easter" and bookplates to stimulate the pupils in their study of literature. Indeed, hers was a self-sacrificing spirit for the good of the w-hole school. In these respects Miss Miller's character and work furnished a shining example of high-minded woman- hood for our pupils to .emulate and for her fellow teachers to revere. To her bereaved mother and other members of her family we ex- tend our tenderest sympathy and condolence. May they find consola- tion in th.e reflection that to be thus remembered by her pupils and colleagues is not to die, and the Northeast High School is a better school for having enjoyed even for so brief a season Miss Miller's refining, beautifying and mind-strengthening influ.ence. Let us also find consolation in the reflection that to scatter along Ilfe's highway in spring as Miss Miller did, works of beauty for the human eye to rest upon and especially to cultivate the love for beauty in the hearts and minds of our young people, is to be a benefactor of the human race. Solicitously submitted by the Committee, MR. E. D. PHILLIPS, Chairman, MISS EVA PACKARD, MR. ROBERT E. WHITE. 18 THE NOR'EASTER E :5' Li E -2.'.- '?-si, A 5 4 .5 ' 5 E , -3, f 2 ' 1 in Q -'- 3.52 A55 -5.2- 5, V 5, 5 , Eff? si' 5 2 Ei fi. ga f sa i 5 ENE Q2 5 E 5 2 fgii Eg..-E 73? 2 'ffii .' E? E-'ef i'5 Ei.: 2 5 3,5 E12 2 3 3 E 5 ? ' .i, E 21 3 2 2: Q E- Q 2 1 ' 2' E"k -?ff -rg 1- 2.55- Ei si-E fs 53 2 3 E 3' E ?E :fi 5:. ,iif, 5i'.A 5 L 5 2 5- E 5-'E- 552- Ei- ?gg'?- 5- E ?' 'L ?'-. SELE? 'i 5 EL 5. 12. 2? 'iii .5 5 3 - - 5 L II: V E 4 ' I 1,1 V. ifF-'fs--:ff555,'j.1......,-:gg 555215555555ffiiififiizff., L 5 2 ' 5 ""A 5 3 2 . E ' 2 . , , wEE:' f f f 5 ? ia 25 - A.,....,. f M - E : '2132555-:ggi-,:i:55::55ggggzgs2s5sg., .252fSa:fs5ef':' ,555 V 1- 4 Q : . " A Y ag? 3 - R L 'A F 2 : "-' if 5 A E , .. W' f . Q 1 E256-I-:3:I::'E' Qi'-SS'?:75'J:l7i -:5"E1:2-2'25Z3'i'3" -:'-.-:fr I3Ig,,.t1131"'1f3IgIgIf 5 . "::,:7.-. .. , " . . ' - PL L 1 QRWEHEWMQMQWWQWAY 5 -2 wmmmwmwifwwmwmw 1 f-5622:-.4... "f-fQr.:::f. :A 15 --' .r:v.f":1 .F':f-5512"-.-".-'+.- 5 E ' E 7 ? - :Z . 2 5 L "f4f1'1"' i51::1'f1:3: " 5 Q - 2 ' - , , .... gr - , ' , -, ilinlexnil Svlatvr Elizahrih Z Gllexg mgatt Cmrtnher Q, mea firnhhz mag 23, 1921 Syrptrmhrr 311, 1522 E4. Jam v.5Oh. 55 E , Q1Izumnf1H23 3 7:2 E5 EE 255: 22-5TE5 ?i5 Q2 E Apfil2H,1s1a3 5 '29-'2:T 19 THE N OR'EASTER 'WDW 8 if 20 Y THE NOR'EASTER gb A er O STAF F Editorial Editor of Annual Qlj ....A.............,,,..,., Harold B. Taylor i E 4 Editor-in-Chief Q23 .A......... ,,,,..,,,,,,,.,,.,,.,,, C harleg Jones Literary Editor Q35 ..................,.............,,,, Buella Wilson Associate Literary Editor Q45 Dorothy Custenborder P 4 School Life Editor QSD ........................ Ethel S. Watsoii X Art Editor Q65 ..............................,................. Sarah Taylor Associate Art Editor Q75 .................... Alice Lee Smith W! Arts and Science Editor Q81 ............ Rudolph Hapke 5 I Boys' Athletic Editor -Q95 ........................ Robert Harris D Girls' Athletic Editor Ql0j ................ Isabelle McCoy Alumni Editor Qllj .,..................,......... Louise Peironnet 4 P 4 Local Editor QIZD ..............................,... james Pickering Q Associate Local Editor Ql3j ............,,........ ,Tack Benson V Business X Business Manager Ql4D ........................ Edgar Eichman X Advertising Manager Ql5j ............ Raymond Marshall Circulation Manager Ql6D ........,........... Maxine Daniels 4 Bookkeeper Q17j ,,,............,,,......,......,....... A rthur Griffith Q Student Aides Q 5 Q Staff Stenographer .............................. Harriett Sherman P 4 Junior High Aides X 4 Edward Scarritt D01'0'fhy Grufbbs Frank Smith Winifred Hadley Arnold Reifal Dorothy Wright Q Faculty Advisers E 4 Literary ----,.-- -,,,:.,,,-,4',,-.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, M I', V Business -,------ ,.,,,,, M F. Art -------'--,---,,.---, ,,,,,,.,..,.... M iss E. Miller Junior -------., .,,,,.... M iss Celia Waring QGEXQFEEQ QXQQ THE NOR'EASTER LES PENSEUFVS PLAY 1: Q W I NX ek, Q "" 1 Haw' 22 THE N 0R'EASTER ff If X AX X I fgff ff XC ff MW ,ivy f QQ N X 'Q ff W X XX :B--1 X J V Z! W' x xx X X K 1 iw- 16 ,'QXXx X X X iff ,A Q2 2-f NJ fafff ffixx XX X T 1' I XW s X M Li fy X ff X Q X X xx ' if 4225 S x x E1 ' f ZXSX X X K X g ' 1 10 X ff! We WW? X X X ,Q 1 7 M W ' X X x X '75 ffg' QQ. W WXQS' SQX f G fr-A W iiifmmvlw f W QQTIL5 V721 gf 0' ai 3-R29 I W XWWWMW ll! llllll 1111 111 W1 11111 11101 M WWWWWW W 01 11 11 11 HXFHHIIIIUI lf! I E ll 11 PFKLXCIS .1 ru f'C S U ul Hlltl II . KK IMI WW Wild X W MII! WWII IW!! W MQ L1 Ill 1' X' 1 53 I f f X E f V1 , W' yfyw, 5.-: Q Q-'Q W 1 , A, X v if nw vm awww, N W f 5 E43-.E-ITEM ,.". L' NX N' W X NB A " i f?f22 1f . 117125 9 Q -E NN XX E1 ,1-"-"1 , ff 'ff , - nz' -C - ff Q -- i Q .1 it 7 5-f X 0, fx --ge X xi xg X 2+- ,..- .--1 lg ' :ZLL-:L-T-.. ai i L 1 ,ff .-22' ' gf fff r-'12s :gps-Jie x iE1 X ' , 11+ , 1 12 'A' , -9-,QX X 'ig' 'xx ' ' 1127: "1 1 . .1214 f' ,f"', 'x ,Q S ..'.E3,A , xx - il - Qf ',,, A, 3 ' ' Q T: --- - f ,-'ll ' fi-'ff - 41f' f, ,. if 4- I - -Ti. . ET ,lf ' VT QT' ff! fy? ' N 5? Q X -T..-5 1 :il I, j. ,vc-,-3 " , ' -Lf XT- 2-ilk 4... ir- Z 2 71- 7',f'L f A .i i-X X X xx. 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A 'X N- X3 X y W 12.5 2 1 E - 111 f 12,72 4 -Q a wi f ' "" ' 'lr-3 EE N x X "X 'X 'fri' 'Q 4 Qs' ' ff' 1 .5 2 X X X X ' ' x, 1 S "- -1" ' ' E 'ETS 1. xx 'X -- .. " f 0 L ,Q - my Q9 WX Sf K ' was ' , 5 -X x X Q -' 1 7 f 'i.14f'1':-ii EEL-1 M NX Ng , ,-.1 x 5 " :rf ?'- 'U .-- ' . - - A 1 45 Q 2 ' f-E 2 my - ww 52N , -A .E -L25 - N xx ,Q A f- V3 37-Y, V ,P Fxj 5 5 ' H5 Ef I- s .bf -1 2 ' Q f 14- ' V .QQ 11: Q X K9 . X ' - N SX -' 25, 5 Y , is is -N ' :X QR gg Y XS Q x, 2 515 5 'W ' 'S ,NX ,-. X Q 2:2 EN if f 2 - Q gi E gi XV, ax' -Q " 2 51 il- jf -Q T, - 'N 2 Z2 is - X5 2 , ? Q SX : 32 5 51? gy ' 4 N - , il ? X 2' . Q ' fi 5 E TQ ix Q E3 1 ii , i Q is 3 ii 4 ,gy M .-fi ' Q is - is A 5 5 5 Q 3,-1 1 ,N Ei' ? xx - ,-Hg," ,L 1 X - E 2 E fx 'Y S Q f L -f - 2: i K 1 1 1 ' A I 'A 5 5- f 5 1 1 Tihfkx 111 ' E - rf l 5- Q , .1 . 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Q ,U if ' M , K ' K www? , E553 wr, Q .3sg.vT rx ix .2 Nw Rx Sri 'XQSXEW5 ig jg :ga if Rx X" Q, X' '--X. ,, ., ik X.O",5 X. , ,S vi 5 , Q -rf -ff? N Q-N. V, ,,,,, , ,, S .x o wg Y V 1" 4 X' A 1 V X X A V X 1 ,NXi,.-my QQ Q is Ni-DM M Y 1 U 1 f xx Y" Q . X 9.2 o on ,lu w A . 5 Q5 ,Q ri 1 1 A 1 11 P Y? 152 N H3 5? '- 'V' Q A swisw z i M' 6 4 W v N Q4 4 N 'N M ,,' 'ii '1 N Q' 'f in 5, 3 MH! ' 32 . 92 r N U1 f My 2 62 ,I X my ,vs 1 x 4 11, I 5 I y 5 i l V E 2 gf My A215 H 4 5 E 'N z 5155 71 ' , f ww U 1 in E fb x X o 1 o i , Q Q V 1, 1 4' A Q 511 Q x ' l ,. oiziigfsf- K 4 A 5 A 1 f X N X X E 4 9 ,A ,wr A 6 o i Q A -P 1 QA X 1 2 w my Z l ' 2 C C ,E Q QS, .ffff , ' N It f ,Ei ' T101 I Nlcfe-Premdoxlt, Dorothy Custenhorqgl- o "z.surer, .amos Pickorin ' g -1 t Svcrotzlry. FlffPl'tXl1t'i? Hanson o I !'t'S1d6?1'1t. .Tack Benson Sfffgeant-at-Arms, Rudolph Hzmpke 1 N, D R0l+01'fCl', Ethel Vxxvlxltslill f11fLo1'1zm. Clarence Bzwrliclcvl 24 THE NOR'EASTER Senior Ballot The boy who has done the most fOI' Ngr-51163515 ,.A,.---.--- -----.,-- H arelel Taylor The girl who has done the most for Ngftl-,east ,-,..-----,---------.--- Ethel Watson The most popular boy ,,,,,.,.,,,,,..,.,,,,.--.,,,,,..,--,-,.--- -----------,---A--.,----v--------- J ack Benson The most Pepulaf girl ------------------------- ....... D orothy Custenborder Best bQY Student ------------- ....... N icholas Laurenzana Best g1rl student ........, ,,-------.--------- I een Abston Society belle ............. -,------,Q-.-,,,---- Q live Bell Seeial lion ------------------ ....... I ames Pickering TONY g00d TCHOW ---------- .....,......... R obert Harris Jolly g00d glfl -------------------- .................... S ylvia Rubins FOFCTTIOST boy 2l'Cl'llCtC ........ ,,,,,---- K Qflneth Lancagtgl' Foremost girl athlete ......,,.. ,.,,,.,,,,,-,-,- E dna Gardner Best boy 'bl1J.l:l:CI' ................. -,,-,,,--, E dgal' Elchmalq ---.--,,.Leta Hammond Worst girl flatterer ,..,...... ..,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Class of 1923 Now the history of the renowned and illustrious class of '23, of the well known school of Northeast, of the City of Kansas City Qtho' verily 'tis Hear Ye: in that section of the country known as Missourij. It did come to pass in this wise: There were in the year '19 various and sundry ing known to the populace as ward schools. From maidens, nay children, to flock about the portals schools' of lower learn- these came youths and and through the halls of N. H. S. And it so happened that these children were known as Fresh- men, and its various corruptions, for they were as t'he color of the Sham- rock. At this same hall of learning were scholars of a fiendish disposition who did pounce upon these innocents and prey upon them. 'These were called upper classmen, the worst of whom were the Sophomores, the erst- while Freshies. Verily, after many moons these returned to their homes but did come again to the portals of the high school, but not as Freshmen. Nay, as Sophies, who remembering the insults of the previous year did make war on the unfortunate class of '24, And it came to pass that -these did change, did become taller in stature and wiser of mind and lo! they were juniors! Now did the class of '22 cause them much anguish for 'twas their delight to give the Juniors the time-worn "razz" and to make sport of them. Then did "Father Time" cause twelve more moons to pass, and they did become Seniors. There did come a time of flowers, new suits and dresses, and various orations and speeches. Then were they given neatly tied scrolls which did tell of their graduation and they did feel repaid for the many weary hours they had spent in study. l Now did they leave their Alma Mater and depart for various places. Cthers did fill their place just as others will fill theirs for verily, 'fMen may come and men may go, but Seniors go on forever." -ETHEL S. WATSON. 25 THE NOR'EASTER Edna Smith Les Penseurs, 35 Clionians, 35 Treble Clef, 3. llavrold B. Taylor N. S. D. Editor of Annualg President of Junior Classg R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 45 H. S. V. U. 15 Major 45 Captain, 35 2nd Lieutenant, 25 Lead, Mid-year Play, 35 Lead, Christmas Play, 45 Debater, 2, 3, 45 La, Sociedad Castellana, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer, La Sociedad Castellana5 Student Council, 35 Execu- tive Board, 35 Chairman, Senior Play Committeeg Associate Member A. L. S., 47 Senior Ballot, "Man who has done the most for Northeast," Doris Mchlillan Uclpliian, 2, 3. 45 G, H. S. C., 1, 2. 3. Mary Bufton Alpha Literary Society, 45 Vesta Club, 3, 45 Charter Member G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. -Yo ll n Hanvock Barnes B. H. s. C., 1, 2, 3, 41 mee Club. 3, 4, Mid- year Play, 35 Northeast Night Program, 35 Christ- mas Play, 4. Ed na, Jameson Theta Charter Memlwer5 Art Club, 45 Student Council, 4: XYil'0-l'l'QSlllL'IlI of Thetas. 4: Vice- President of Art Club, 4. Sylvia Rubins N. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 N. M. C., 45 N. O. C.. 1, 25 G. H'. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 41 Class Day Com- mittee5 Senior Ballot. "Jolly Good Girl5" N. S. C. Play, 25 N. O. A. Plays, 1, 25 Chester 0'Brien 23 Pansy Mie-lke G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4, Robert VV. Crozier N. S. D., 1, 2, 3, 43 N. M. C., 13 N. G. C., 3, 43 Vice-President, 43 N. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4 Cabinet, 43 Vice-President, 43 Alpha Debater Play 43 President Student Council, 43 Chairman Executive Board3 Junior Prom Committee, 33 Chairman Senior Pin Committee, 4. Mary Frances Carr Alpha Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 43 President of Alpha, 4: Treble Clef Club, 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent of Treble Clef, 43 Solo Contest, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 3, 43 Mem- ber of Student Council, 43 Senior Announcement Committee, 43 Junior Prom Committee, 3. Ethel Pearl Schmahlfeldt G, H. s. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. Virgil Adolph Linderman B. H, S. C.. 1, 43 N. S. C., 3, 43 Mathematics Club, 43 Lieutenant R. O. T. C., 43 Alternate Cheer Leader, 43 R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 4. Nettie Henrietta VVo0d Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 43 Northeast Mathematics Club, 3, 4. Ethel Eckenberger Mixed Glee Club, 2. Aubrey V. Griffin Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 41 TVGHZ' urer Band, 23 Solo Contest, 3, 43 Glee Club, -1 3, 43 Treasurer, 43 Student Council, 43 Northeast fr , K V . j4az,,i.p,.,fMW.flzjmf Night Program, 3. if 144542 3145? 27 THE NOR'l-EASTER if ,gk ff 00,9 THE NOR'EASTER .ff W ff ,jr by of . -f ., .f f , ,M My , 4 Magi? ,M , aygyj M i - ff -WWQQ, Sarah Taylor Delphian, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, 4, High School Club, 2, 3, 43 Staff, 3, 45 Secretary Span- ish Club, 4. Baker 0. Shelton Benton Literary Society, 45 Glee Club, 43 High School Club, 43 Affirmative Debate Team, 4. Martha. Coulter Florence Benson Northeast Shakespeare Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 North- east Olympic Club Plays, 1, 23 Sociedad Castel- lana, 2, 33 Christmas Plays, 3, 43 Shakespeare President, 4: Senior Class Secretary, Student Coun- eil, 3, 4, cs, HL S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. Edward Milum Lucille F. Hewitt N. S. C. Northeast Shakespeare Club, 2, 3, 43 G. H, S. C., 1, 2, 3: La Sociedad Castellana, 45 Associate Member, N. S. D., 3, 43 Treasurer, N. S. C., 4, N. O. C. Plays, 1, 2. Bernice Rutherford N. O. A., 2, 3, 45 Treasurer N. O. A., 4, Mid- Z3 year Play, 3. Harold Philip ,Robinson Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C., 33 First Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C.. 45 Student Council, 3, 4, Shakespeare Literary Society, 4, Boys' High School Club, 3. 28 gh th- el- ire in- S. ate 42 eu- 41 :gh Gertrude Irene Brown Band, 4: Olympic Club, 43 Soccer Team, 43 Basket Ball, 4. David D. Bevans Shakespeare, 43 French Club, 4. Helen J. Bowman G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 N. O. A., 2, 3, 43 Mem- ber of First Life Saving Crew of Northeast and Middle VVest. Edna L. Gardner Tennis Team, 2, 33 Northeast Olympic Asscia- tion, 3, 43 Senior Champion Football Team, 43 VVinner Small "N," 43 XVinner Large "N," 43 Olympic Club Soccer Football Team, 43 Captain Olympic Club Basket Ball Team, 43 Senior Bal- lot, "Foremost Girl Athlete." James H. Pickering, Jr. N. S. D. Northeast Society of Debate, 2, 3, 43 La Socie- dad Castellana, 33 President of N. S. D., 43 Stu dent Council, 33 H. S. V. U. S., 13 R. O. T, C., 2, 3, 43 Second Lieutenant, 23 First Lieutenant, 33 Captain, 43 Treasurer Senior Class3 Local Edi- tor Nor'easter, 43 Head Cheer Leader, 3, 43 Asso- ciate Member N. S. C, 3, 43 Charter Member Art Club, 43 Vice-President Art Club, 43 Senior Bal- lot, "Social Lion." Vivian Brown Clionian Literary Society, 2, 3, 43 C. L. S. President, 43 La Sociedad Castellana, 3, 43 N. H. Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Secretary Student Council, 43 G. H. S. C., 33 N. O. C. Play, 23 Honor Roll, 33 Mixer Committee, 43 Girls' De- . bate, 3. Olive G. Bell Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 43 L. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent, Alphas, 43 Vice-President, L. S. C., 4: Cadet Sponsor Major, 43 Vice-President Junior Class, 33 Chairman Class Day Committee, 43 Student Coun- cil, 33 Mid-year Play, 3. Frank YV. Moran R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 43 First Lieutenant, -I Shakespeare, 2, 3. .PQ THE NOIVEASTER sys, . Kg., ,,. is 9??i'i-fr 24.2 ,s ' 4 f 'waaiff W-Ns f f . ,.,.,,. . ,.,, ,... 3 Aa., , .. . . 24 I , ,, y.,p3f2,g ,P '5 zwwawa 1 fffff-new fa s Q 4. W f rw .Af ,it Q! rw-1. 'X d -l Q .V -:' 1-r.:.:a:q-.f,.4..,qfw Q..-.M MA, ,g,.-51E,,u.g,,5q,Q,u j, -f.3q.1,...g,,,f,43.-1,514.4.3-,..w,,-,.,,,,h,.:.-.,-,zyw-., ,wi L... THE NOR'EASTER tg . Mary Agnes Patterson Alpha Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. C-- 1, 2, 3, 45 President of G. 1-I. S. C., 49 Cabinet, 4? Les Penseurs, 3, 45 Treasurer of .Iunior Class, 35 Christmas Play Cast. 45 Senior Pin Committee. Charles S. Jones N. S. D. Nor'easter Staff, 3, 45 Editor-in-Chief, 45 Rep- resentative Student Council, 3, 45 Member of Ex- ecutive lioarcl, 3, 45 Northeast Society of Debilte. 1, 2, 3, 4g Northeast Mathematics Club, 2. 3, 45 Treasurer of the Mathematics Club, 2. 3, 45 Gen- eral Honor Roll, 4. Adele E. Setzler Northeast Shakespeare Club, 2, 3, 45 Presi- dent N. S. C.. 43 Northeast Mathematics Club, 3, 45 Vice-President N. M. C., 45 G. H. S. C.. 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary Senior Triangle, 45 Honor Roll, 4. Cenith Verenetta Hoots G. H. S. C., 1, 25 Delta Literary Society, 3, 45 Commercial Club, 3, 4. Haro C. Gregson Benton Literary Society, 25 B, H. S, C, 3, Ruth Hogan Delphiun Vice-President, 45 Girls' High Schogl Club, 3, 45 Northeast Mathematics Club, 3, 45 Student Council, 45 General Honor Roll, 3, 4. I Nellie Davidson Robert ll. Harris N. S. C. Shakespeare Literary Society, 3, 43 Yif-p-p1-est- deng' S' Cu 43 Alllwllk' Ellltor. Nofezxster Stuff 4. Senior' Class Daly Committeeg Simi.-m Qmm,-il 3- 471 V100-Chziirmzln of lCX9t'llilYP Board, 4 H' C." 1' 3. 41 Vim'-l'l'esi1le1it Student Coun cll, 45 Senior Ballot, 'ilolly Hootl 1:,.11,,,,-,-' 30 Rep- Ex- nate, , 4, Sen- 3, 4 , :hool L, 43 4. ?resi- Staff, uncil tl, 4 loun- Alice Grace Fenner General Honor Roll, 4. Alex Altergott Boys' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Benton Lit- erary Society, 43 President Benton Literary So- cietyg Christmas Play, 43 Honor Rolls, 43 Master Sergeant R. 0. T. C., 4. Muriel Everly Ross Commercial Club, 43 G .H. S. C., 1, 2. Lillian Price Lawrence Bathurst Middleton Fannie Carolyn Roll Northeast Shakespeare Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Freshman Reporter, lg Junior Life Saving Corp., 23 Alternate Negative Debate, 33 Solution published in School Science and Math.3 N. S. C. Secretary, 43 N. S. C. Play Cast, 4. Maxine Daniels 4 A. L. S. A. L. S., 1, 2, 3, 43 President A. L. S., 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 3, 43 Honor Girl, 2, 33 Tennis Team, 43 Les Penseurs, 2, 3, 43 Inter Club Dance Committee, 33 Inter Society Dance Committee, 33 Student Council, 33 Nor'easter Staff, Local Editor, 33 Circulation Man- ager, 43 French Club Play, 2. John K. Caldwell Highest Honor Roll, 43 Delphian Literary So- ciety, 43 Executive Board of Student Council, 4. 31 ' V' wwf? ' V ,. gee-7? 1 ZX? W.,,4Q?aWff2yQ' i + S ff of 4916! f ,M .. , ,... ,094 fwk ! .t 44M f wma . M, www if V s , W. J4'WifA.,m:-Warm-nwfm 02310 , 521 4 4, .. M- A Q 2 QQQQQA,-'f1z. ' ' gy' ..,f f ,MM .WM.,a.,. f , or ff K ,X f f f 7 flf N 2 Wg? J:-ai -I - ,:Vm-M1 2 -A: ,'1':.A,:5i,- of ,Z Ve.: M . N 1 A1 , Aff.. 4 f.. . . , ,, -..,..f,.4 .ww of .W-ff -www ff - '14 MD' NW" " 5:.+-muy.1-1.-www.-4 ex :N-'VL-'1-'-+44-'f.2+-me S .X n X , 4 ww f M954 :Z X of f . 1 f,.1,, is ff f .f 4 f4Of . THE NOR'EASTER 45!Z..t?A If If 67 3' .if f 3,0 dxf Q. ff 2, 'w Donald Murray R. O. T. C., 2, 33 Officer, 43 N. S. D, 33 N. B. H. S. C., 33 Student Council, 4. Dorothy Custenborrler Delphian Literary Society, 2, 3, 43 Treble Clef Club, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President Delphians, 43 Presi- dent Treble Clef, 43 Delphian Play Cast, 43 Girls' High School Club, 43 Solo Contest, 43 Vice- President Senior CIHSSQ Chairman Announcement Committee: Reporter .lunior Classg Spanish Club, 1, 2, 33 Senior Ballot, "Most Popular Gir13" Nor'easter Staff, 43 General Honor Roll, 3, 4. Karl Rudolph Hapki- Helen M. Ganzer Clioniun, 3, 43 Coinmervial Club President, 43 Negative Debate Te-um, 43 Student Council, 43 G. H. S. C., 2, 3. Gurdon F. Guggenlle-im Ralph Mitchell Luther Ray Hobbs Track Team, 13 Basket Bull Team, 12. Joi Fae Harall 32 . . .. ,. . .. 1. . .,., ...Jn .1 . ,. ..,:...f ..,-J.. ,..e.,.Q,..-,1- 41 g.,g,,,.,,,gg3,,,. 4,,,1m:1l,,,l',4,,I-my It e'.U.H,..:r In L. A Mgr? V Clef Presi- , 4, Vice- ment Club, lirl 3" 4. t, 43 l, 43 Irene Lynn L. S. C., 23 A, L. S., 3, 43 V. C., 3, 43 Sec- retary, Alpha Literary Society, 43 President, Vesta Club, 43 G. H. S. C. 1, 2, 3, 4. Robert Simpson Justine McCaslin G. H. S. C., 1, 2. 3, 43 Spanish Club, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club, 33 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 2. Martha Robinson Alpha Literary Society, 3, 43 Treble Clef, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President Treble Clef, 43 G. H. S. C., 3, Spanish Club, 3. Francis R. Applegate Student Council, 4. Josephine Abbott Alpha, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 33 Les Penseurs, 3, 43 Christmas Play, 33 French Club Play, 33 Alpha Debater Play, 3. Norma Schmitt G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 T, C. C., 3, 43 D. L. S., 43 Student Council, 4. Earl 1Villard Price Delphian, 4. 33 THE NOR'EASTER .: .. 4 I Sie SQ QR is q,4.. T Q, A nf , ,..,...1. ii.-1C:',,.?'.fi.-M '--VA' ' " ,,, . 4. .Ls.u..t..s,.r - -i,-,ur Q -lv '- , g .- .1 A.. . 1 THE NOR'EASI'ER 3 . 4 l 5? 3,35 f an ., ,. ,S f f 2-M44 rf: ' 3- We ,iff ,,,,,::'.1, V , A sf V I ww? lgfi 'T fix? if fr e Buella !Vils0n Delphian, 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' High School Club, 1, 2. 3, 45 Northeast Olympic Club, l, 23 N-, 0- C. Plays, 1, 2, Ngfeaster Staff, 3, 45 Associate Art Editor, 35 Literary Editor, 45 Northeast Mathematics Club, 4: President D- L- S-, 41 Stu- dent Council, 45 Senior Pin Committee, 45 Del- phian Play Cast, 45 Highest Honor Roll, 35 Gen- eral Honor Roll, 4. James A. Campbell Shakespeare, 25 Spanish Club, 25 Secretary Spanish Club, 35 President Spanish Club, 45 Stu dent Council, 45 Second Team Football. Virginia Hoover Delphian, 1, 2, 3, 45 G. H, S. C., 1, 2. 3, 45 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 35 Math, Club, 45 Treasurer Delphians, 45 Student Council, 4. Ruth Marie Mulkey Clionian Literary Society, 45 Treasurer of Clion- ian L Q -' '- ' ' . .ociet5, Xesta Club, 45 G. H. S. C., 4. Sol Lapin Club, 3. 45 Inter Class Basket Ball, 1, 2. 3: Captain Freshman Bask B ., . et allg Second Team, Football, 25 First Team, Basket Ball, 3, 45 Cham- pionship Team, 35 Second Team, All-Stars, 45 Highest Honor Roll, 4' ' , Student Council, 4. Dorothy E. Colvin Helen Louise Mentzel G. H. S. C., 2, 3, 45 Fashion Show. WYilliam B. Marshall Glee Club, 25 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3. c 34 ,, ., ,, . :,.w4f-aaa ---'J-.f-.,-v.a.,.f - " -- ' ' " ' "' , VA., -., fs e :f.x1:...1::g:n:a.--.x.maz.x'.:A ..,1,.,..13,,,,. A... -, .. , ,,, ,, , C Ruth Bloomer Mansur Haynes President Freshman High School Clubg N, S, D-, 1, 29 BOYS' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 33 First Football Team, 3, 43 Track Team, 43 Art Club, 43 N-Man Footballg N-Club, 3, 4, Elizabeth Sander G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 33 Theta, 23 French Club, 3, 4. Carolyn Graye Borders Alpha Literary Society, 1, 23 Treble Cleff Club. 2, 33 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 33 Gold Medal Poem, 4. Luther Melcher Blanche Fuhr Les Penseurs 43 French Club Play, 43 G. H, S. C, Gertrude Elizabeth Moore G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Olympic Club, 23 3, 43 Spanish Club, 43 Theta Literary Society, Treasurer of Thetns, 43 Theta Play, 4. Clarence Edwin Bar-nickel Spanish Club, 2, 3, 43 Secretary, Spanish Club, 43 Debater, 43 Giftorian Senior Class3 Christmas Play Cast, 43 Announcement Committee, 43 Boys' Day Speeches, 33 Negative Debate Team, 4. 35 THE NOR'EASTER x g'41'r'N 4 W wr'-W 'Fwy in :Vi V I ,ight hi XL 3,1 i.,e5nq5L,3-qqfqgpqwew-QP, ., - wa'-3 1, gf,--'-1-, .nu . K Q -.-,-,.- ---js ..-f-'1:,,1s--- ---'cj ' . ,I .I -, THE NOR'EASTER w , yy f' '55 A, yfaymwf fffwfe egg! Sify, , AK? if ,j,fjf7 , ?y fv ' 1.1 , Frances E. lfuller Q ,Eggs u, H. s. C., 3, 4. XVilIiam Richardson XVuanita Xvheeler Elizabeth Jewel Adams Club, 3, 45 Northeast Olympic Play, 2. Marion J. YVilliams Student Council, 3 Fern Bates i Bertha Marie Myer Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 Theta, 2 3 4. John Donald M1-Donald Track Team, 1, 25 Freshman Basket Ball, 1 Second Team Basket Ball, 2: Basket Ball Team Team. 2: B. H. S. C., 3. 36 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: G. H. S. C., 1, 23 33 French 3, 4: UN" Club, 3, 4: Tennis Team, 3, 4, Baseball - ' "f"T'5'if:Ir!11Ei7I:':f7ff'iT5T?',:Pfy1+,525l'1 ss 1: .1 X. -... g..-sr 2. 1, Lois Gray Swingle Spanish Club, 4. John S. Mclienney Class Track Team, 1, 2, High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2. Ruth Riley Edna. F. Larson Frank S. Miller Track Team, 3, 4, N, Club, 3, 45 Boys' High School Club, 3, 43 Student Council, 3, 43 Treas- urer, B. H. S. C., 4: Secretary Student Council, 4, Cheer Leader, 43 Debater, 4. Alfah Chrisman Alpha, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 2, 3, 4, High School Club, 2, 3, 43 Secretary Alpha, Secretary French Club. Penelope Baker G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Delta Literary Society, 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, 35 Spanish Club, 4. Charles I-I. Hogan B. H. S. C., 33 Delphian, 43 Commercial Club, 43 Treasurer C. Club, 4, Inter-Club Dance Com- mittee, 4. 37 THE N OR'EASTER . .VM ,,,,,,.,,,,,. 4 Qlfafkise , ' . ea fl W' 1 1 1 4 Q 4 4 4 -41 4- sfeqcwsfxs . .+ -'15 Ag-Q-.nik '1 3-1 'F' 5EZ?f:""'-'E5!17Ff7Q5'4Pff!Z'9''YEPQ'-G if 'L' fepht 'F " 5 THE NOR'EASTER F.. riff Q Y V 75,0 Vnfzhhfgffygig S yfz , W Q f 51223, 4. ei Y sig fmt fE?,9 We ,,f,,, ,, I f f sb, ,V -faq., wif i ,WA Glady Marie Gatchet Treble Clef, 1, 2, 35 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice- President Orchestra, 3. Lyle H. Hurd Bere-nice Wvitchner Dolpha Smith Les Penseurs, 1, 2, 33 Girls' High School Club 1, 2, 33 Northeast Shakespeare Club, 2, 33 Shakes peare Play Cast, 33 Affirmative Debate Team, 3 Edgar Browne Eichman N. S. C. Business Manager Nor'easter Staff, 43 Shakes- peares, 2, 3. 43 President Shakespeares, 43 Nega- tive Debate Team, 33 Student Council, 3, 4: Presi- dent Student Council, 43 Chairman Executive Board Student Council, 43 Shake Play, 2, 45 Junior Gift Receiver, 3: Senior Class Day Com- mittee, 4g Band, 1, 2, Mathematics Club, 4, Glee Club, 2, 33 High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Captain R. O. T. C., 3: Senior Captain R. O. T. C., 43 Senior Ballot, 'The Best Boy Blufferf' Mae E. Shannon Adah Olive Jackley G. H.. S. C., 15 Northeast Night Program. James Kirkpa-trick Commercial Club, 4, High School Club, 2, 3, 4 Class Basket Ball, 2, 43 Class Track Team, 4 Second Football Team, 45 Studi-nt Qounvily 3, 38 THE NOR'EASTER Frieda Louise Halnssen Alpha, 2, 3, 4g Les Penseurs, 3, 45 G. H. S. C., Frederick WV. Hink Shakespeare Club, 2, 3, 4. Lucile Francis Stevenson Treble Clef Club, 1, 2, 33 Clionian Literary So- ciety, 1, 2, 3. Simonne Koujion Les Penseurs, 45 Vice-President Les Penseurs, 4. I Kenneth B. Lancaster Captain of Track Team, 3, 43 Cabinet Member, 3g President of Boys High School Club, 49 Vice- President "N" Club, 35 "N" Man, 2, 3, 4: Presi dent of Missouri State Older Boys' Conference Debater, 49 Commercial Club, 43 Member of All American Interscholastic Track Teamg Senior Ballot, "Foremost Boy Athlete." Ida Elizabeth Coombes Adele Hunt Byron F. Cook French Club, 1, 2, 33 Football fSecond Teamb. 2, 35 Track, 3, 43 Student Council, 85 "N" Club, 45 Tennis, 3. WW ,,.- M . cffu, fails? 3 ' I ff JM 2-in , ,Egg I my if eslg H A am. , ,, , 4 ,, HW, If I Qi s., J :Amy ..,,f.0f-.MM ,W YQ VV ,W . ,., ,, Z if . ,.,., 39 , ff, 1 4 1 I 1 -V... ,1 . - Ac, 54+-4 L -.L-V. ,Hq4.yLe.-.e -4 ,s 4..qf.etifen-rl 3, 1-7-!ff'??1'iUfn"'2Q'33'?51?!"!Z'9"Y'f'7""0 'Rift TL'i"""" TFFM fi' W'-1?-'fi-F'-V' 'T " THE NOR'EASTER Alberta, Mclntire Alpha Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 41 MHIUGYYIZIUCS Club, 3, 4g H. S. Club, 1, 2. Robert H. Arno-ld H. S. V. U. S., 13 R. O. T. C., 2, 33 BOYS' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary, 45 Cabinet, 4. Henryetta, Hagen Member of High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Mabel 0. McSpadden Delphians, 1, 2, 3, 43 Northeast Mathematics Club, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Delphian Play Cast, 25 President of Delphians, 4: Presi- dent of Mathematics Club, 43 Student Council, 35 Senior Play Committee. James A. Southern N. S. D. On Second Team in Basket Ball, two years, Debaters, 4. Y Helena Eisberg Alice Loraine Hoefer Theta Literary Society, 3, 4, G, H S C 1 2 3, 4: Secretary, T. L. S. 3' M' 1- 5, .' Pi' ' I Theta Play Cast. , V M sem ay' 3' Frederick Anderson 3 lielphian Literary Society, 33 Commercial Club, 40 f ff -f .f-4 J,-1.44-,-4- f fa.-s.:.s.41egvms.-,f 1g14xs.f,.4 -..,:' .-gsa.z..w.-kg. .33 .:,,?.,.T,.,3,,,.,,-,M Alice Page Jones T. Literary Society, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. Dwinnell Elliott Northeast Society of Debate, 1, 2, 3, 43 Track Team, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Nega- tivey Debate Team, 3g Student Council, 4, Per- sonal Property Committee, Student Council, 4, High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President De- baters, 45 Mathematics Club, 4. WVU anita Nall Frances Gale Dinneen G. H. S. C., 13 Gymn. Program, 23 Junior Red Cross Life Saving, 35 Northeast Night Program, 3. Billy Hawn Cadet Sergeant. Olive Eva Russell W. C. T. U. Contest, City and States First Place, Fidelity Trust Co. Poster, 23 Sons of Revolution, Bronze Medalg Northeast Olympic Club, 4g First Junior Life Saving Crew, Northeast, Tennis Team, 4, Student Council, 4, VVinner of Small "N," 45 Winner of Large "N," 4. Grace Carlton G, H. S. C., 1, 2g N. Commercial, 4. Howard F. Shout Benton Literary Society, 2. 41 THE NOR'EASTER THE NOR'EASTER Donnell Poynter Vaughn Taylor Ethel Robinson Juanita Perry - Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3g Vesta Club, 41 G H S. C., 3. Raymond Edwin Cook Track Team, 1, 2, 3. 43 B. H. S. C.: "N" Club 3, 43 Secretary and Treasurer of "N" Club, 4 Student Council, 43 Shakespeare Society, 4 Shakespeare Play, 4. Mary Elisabeth Epley High School Club, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 4. Eva Mae Merchant XVinner of S50 Essay Contest on "Good Roads,' given by K. C. Star. '-,er Zimmerman 42 . -., c.---.:.sfg-.g.g...nLwg,-M,..,.,,L,.5,.,,:e .Ln ik: til.. A R--R mr- N E I - Berenice Roberts Delta Literary Society, 2, 3, 4, Wvalter Huffman Second Team Football, 3. Kathryn Fly G H S C 1 2, 3, 4g Delta Literary Society, 45 .Secretary.,Delta Literary Society, 43 VQSW Club, 4, Q Pauline F. Bockting G. H. S. C.g Treble Clef Club, 4. John P. Eager Les Penseurs, 3. Alice Todd Delta. Literary Society, , , , A Q ber Delta Literary Societyg President Delta Lit 2 3 4' Charter Mem erary Society, 43 G, H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. Ethel VVatson Theta Literary Society, 3, 45 Theta President, 45 Les Penseurs, 3, 43 G. H. S. C.. 1, 2, 3, 4: G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 43 G. H. S. C. Honor Girl, 3: Inter Society Dance Comrnittee,,3g General Honor Rollg Negative Debate Team, 35 School Life Edi- tor, Nor'easter Staff, 45 Senior Reporter, 45 Senior Ballot, "The Girl who has done the most for Northeast." Leland L. Davis 43 4g Delta Play Cast, 4: FI'9I1Ch Club, THE NOR'EASTER THE A NOR'EASTER f 9 C 524 V ' Q if , + 4 . v 1 v,2?. L: M f"ff5' 44 -. ,yup Wpwi dlpal - G. H. S. C., 3, 45 Girl Reserve Ring, 35 La Soc-Tedad Castellana, 4. Harry Hill N. C.. 1, 25 N. H. O., 1, 2, 3, 45 N. G. C., 1, 2, 35 First Lieutenant R. O. T. C.5 First Team Football, 45 N. Club, 45 Track Team, 45 Class Basket Ball, 45 N, H. B., 2, 3. ' Perfonia Murrell G. H. S. C., 4. Frances M. Ccderberg Eugene Frederick Nic-holson Orchestra, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club, 3, 4: Treasurer C. C., 45 Track, 25 Boys' High School Club, 1, 2. 3. 45 General Honor Roll, 4. Effie Keeler Grave Norton G. H. S. C., 4. Raymond H. Crawford Northeast Commercial Club, 4. 44 - ' ' -- -Y G.-..g.w.xs1,.s1.w.a:a:s..-...-aw. uses, :,., .,-,:.. -,- . .J-sa.--W ., ..,. . . - ..- , Helen Nelson Ralph YV. Brent Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 45 B. H. S. C.. 1. Sophia Eisberg G. H. S. C., 43 Les Penseurs, 4. Anna Harris G. H. S. C., 4. Le Roy Smith N. S. D.: N. M. C.: N. G. C.g N. B. H. S. C.g Affirmative Debate Team, 3, 45 Gold Medal Short Story, 35 Christmas Play, 4, Lucile Gaw Clionians, 33 Northeast Commercial Club, 4 G. H. s. C., 4. Edna WVunderlich Les Penseursg Clionian Literary Society: Presi- dent Les Penseursg President of Clioniansg G. H. C. Chester YV. Borg 45 THE NOR'EASTER 951433-f,.q.,-yf 4- A ,-of f .535 ,.,,,,g..........,..,,..,, X, . r 9229? 6 "M, 5 5, ,, l, .MW 2,4 ,,,.. ..,.. . ,- .24 9.32. ev' ff x s 4 .-.. up rf :avfck-emi--rf ,..- ., .4 Q-55L5.Q1sq4 F311 Q-443911ggiv5+w5q:5g:qg,q.,'4-:qgw4qqfq'.E'g.,4e'2,5' 1-f U, 4 Tl I E N OR'EASTER Anna. Lee Pratt C. L. S., 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3. 4, N. S. C., 2, 3, 4g L. S. C., 33 Junior Prom Com., 35 President Clionians, 4. Lloyd Owen WVilson R. O. T. C.g R. O. T. C. Sergeant Bugler, 4. Kleo Ashton G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 Northeast Commercial Club, 3, 4. Margaret Smith Alpha Literary Society, 2. 3, 43 G. H. S. C- 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 3, 49 Les Penseurs 33 Vesta Club, 3, 49 Student Council, 4. Jack K. Mt-Fall Student Council, 4: Orchestra, 43 Band, 43 Track 4. Ruth E. Mc-Clure Spanish Club, 2, 3, 45 Clionian Literary So- ciety, 4. Marjorie Thompson Theta Literary Society, 4: President of Theta literary Society. 43 Affirmative Debate, Team, 45 l i Vesta Club, 4. G. H. s. C., 1, 2, 3. 4. Elbert Darlington La Sociedad Castellana. 3, 4: President L, S. CJ, 43 Northeast Society of Debate, 43 Secretary iN. S. D.. 4: Senior Gift Committeep Corporal R- 0- T- C-, 3, 43 B. H. S. C., 4. 46 . . .H 4.v....: if-,,..1 Q- ,gag-G weld.-,cwmvlh-,hum , H I ' -A - 1- F 4, N v ' Y 1 r ' .Q-A .n...1..,5x1g.-.w.j:5,wyg4....w- Y, ,,-11, , .,' Lu..h.., Mary Moore John J. Draney Maria-m Stoller Delphiall, 1. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 3, 4, G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra, 4. Fern Sackewitz Clionians, 2, 3, 43 Treble Clef, 2, 3, 45 Pianist Treble Clef, 3, 43 French Club, 2, 3, Student Council, 45 Vice-President Clionians, 4g President Orchestra, 4. Nicholas Laurenzana H. S. V. U. S., 1, R. O. T. C., 2, 4, Senior First Sergeant, 2, Second Lieutenant, 43 Highest Semester Honor Roll, 3, 45 Senior Ballot, 'tMost Genuine Boy Student." Mary Elizabeth Richards G, H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Shakespeare, 1, 2, 3, 41 Mathematics Club, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, 41 Vice-President Shakespeare-sg Treasurer of Mathe- matics Club. Grace Jones Edward 0. Zander Commercial Club, 4, Shakespeafe Liteffify S0- ciety, 4. THE NOR'EASTER 4 3 5 ? r4 f V ,. fi," , ,t',f , 3 .u l',r' J TUE NOR'EASTER T ' Q ., ,.,, Af, 4 gf! ff Swv . V , . 2 p 4.90 WJ 5' "' R, . , , -vfwfwww. 4 V f , f 4 125 Y vi y ., we 2 'ff 5997574 Vi 70545 Alice Lee Smith Q Delphian, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 2. 3, 43 C" H S, CH 1, 2, 3, 45 Associate Art Editor, 4: Vice- Presidenty Delphians, 45 Gcneral Honor Roll 3, 1 Elmer Johnson Pearl Shobe Frances Ferguson Shakespeare, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 Les! Penseurs, 2, 3, 45 Treble Clef, 2, 35 Shakes- peare Play, 4. Porter Lister Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Solo, 2, 45 President Glee Club, 45 N. S. D., 45 B. H. S. C.. 1. 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C., 2. Ruth E. Palmer G. H. S. C., 1, 25 Spanish Club, 3, 4. Iris M. Havard G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. Jack Benson N. S. D., 3, 45 N. M. C., 3, 45 Secretary Junior Class: Mid-year Play, 35 Student Council, 35 Ex- ecutive Board, 35 Silver Medal, Literary Contest, 35 Secretary Debaters, 45 Vice-President Boys' High School Club, 45 President Senior Classg Ch. Inter Society Dance Com., 35 Honor Roll, 45 Senior Play Com.. 45 Senior Ballot, "Most Pop- ular Boy5" Member of Staff, 45 Senior Playg Boys' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. 48 Jeannette Conant Delphian Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 45 G, H, s. c., 1, 2, 3, 4. Robert Brotemarkle BOYS' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Frances Fairchild Margaret Enright Olympic Club, 1, 2. Bob McGeary Chasie Chinn Theta, 3, 43 Art Club, 43 High School Club, 43 President of Thetas, 4. Olivia Hyder Chester Lord THE NOR EASTER Je: .,., , V, j gkgygmgggw yelci Q-WM-w'W I ' Q if Wrjigr q a , "J 4347? ,,: of ., , fl Wwlwlwyffegl 3 95? 'ffwgqenf 7155 jf, W2 1 4 f Wfwwfy jf 2 Y , , . . ,, .. , .- 4 , , f.1...:f.vf.:w-page--f-4-1-wnvzsr2-we:Anf41vP!'Vf"'1:"" . J. 4 ,Q W, , .,,,. . . .A -.,,1.,-qw-.G .+4f--eg-0gi.:', !Z"'!E. . ., . Q-, - - I A- - - ,, 1 x -. -'V+ hf9e11'1--'P " '-'N-Ike.:-Ff"1',51E.. .' ,- A1 . .. ... . , . V -- --- f -- - 4 - xx 1 . ..'-:A-1 - 1 A- -- -- - - ' H TIlE'NOR'EAS'l'FR gf fig Mah:-I Frances Stalndart 'Vesta Club. 45 Theikl, 2. 43 High School Club, Don Husted Debater. 2, 3, 43 Debatei' Trezisurer, 43 Stu dent Council, 43 Debate Team, 4. Iris-: Howard Delta, 3, 43 N. A. C., 45 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 Delta Play, 43 Delta Yice-President, 4. Antenetta M. Giaealone First Prize Bookkeeping, State Fair, 23 G. H C., 1, 2, 33 Delta. Society. 35 Commercial Clulx The-w A. Hahn Mary Elsie Izzard N. S. C.. 1. 2, 3, 43 N. Y. C., 3, 43 President Essay, 3. llc-len Gruver Sliukespl,-n1'e, 2, 3, 43 TI'92lSlll'C'l', 33 Vesta Club, 2, 3, 4: Sec'1'etz11'y Club. 41 G. H, S. C., 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabinet, 3, 43 Treble Clef, 33 Vive- I'resimle-nt of Ll. H. C., 45 Student Council, 43 lifbllill' Roll, Merton Henry Diels amish Clulr, 43 Affirmsltive Delmte, 4: Christmas Play Cust, 4, Tl: 50 , 4. N X C, 45 Second State Prize Near East Relief -- r-.,.e.... ac.-.-.g:.-xg...,iS:,:p,:- .,.,-1... ,sq I-A zhzlnhrs K-, ,Qi .,,.,, .,, K , ,Q C THE NOR'EAS'l ER Thelma Patricia Heddcrman G- H- S- C-. 1, 2, 33 Commercial Club, 2, 33 Reporter Commercial Club, 33 Member Student Council, 3. Robert Hair B. H. s. C., 3. Ollie Clark Clionian Literary Society. 43 Spanish Club, 43 Reporter Spanish Club, 43 Olympic Club, 2, 33 Olympic Club' Play, 23 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, Maxine BI. Mizener Reporter of Delta Literary Society. Lucius Coats Inter Class Track Meet, 43 A. B. Relay Gold Medalg Northeast "N" Club, 43 Northeast Letter Mari, 4. Mary Fifield Girl Reserve, 1, 2, 3, 43 Delta, 2, 3, 43 Presi- dent Delta, 23 French Club, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabi- net, 43 Inter Society Dance Committee, 4. Dora, Kamensky VVilbur E. Fisher Debater, 4. 51 THE NOR'EASTER Leta Hammond Shakespeare, 1, 2, 3, 4? 3' P1 , J ' ' 4, Shakespeare Plays, 1, 23 GIFIS High Scholgl Club, 1, 2: olympic Pageants, 2, 41 Pfesldemf .i O. C., 4: Senior Play! Semin' Ballet, Worst Gu Flattererf' Olm'C Club 1 2 3, Henry Carman 7 T. N. T., 1, 2, 33 Inter Class Track, 2, 39 BOYS High School Club, 2- Marie Campbell Katherine V. Carr Treble Clef. 2, 3, 43 Trio in Music Contest, 33 Olympic Club, 2, 3, "N" in Olympic Club, 2: Student Council, 43 Clionian Literary Society, 4. John A. Baldwin Debater iN. S. D.J, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3, B. H. S. C., 3, 4. Edith Katherine Hibbs Clionian, 1, 2. 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 23 Clionian Vice-President, 43 Second Honor Roll, 33 High- est Honor Roll, 43 Senior Play, 4. Marguerite Allen Delta Literary Society. 43 Art Club, 43 G, H. S. C., 2, 3, 4, N. E. Night Program, 2. Paul R. Porter N. S. D. Freshman Track, Northeast Society of Debate. 3, 43 Student Advertising Committee 2, 33 La Sociedad Castellana, 3. 45 Chairman Student Ad- vertising Committee, 33 Treasurer Debaters, 45 Vice-President, Spanish Club, 43 Student Council, 43 B. H. S. C.. 43 Band, 43 Orchestra, 4. 52 " ' Q C' ' ' 'iff' RWM 1-1-:-larzifif.-ri-'LTEL?e:+en1--1-'1fyf.f. 3e.x.-.vmyf-i.-, E- 1 1.-,. 1- ,. - -. N- L a Kathryn Stephen Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 45 N, M, C., 2, 3, 4, Arthur A. Iuchs Bertha F. Cameron Verda. Strickler . G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Theta, Literary Society, 3, 45 Theta, Playg Mid-year Play, 4. Frank E. Allee Justine Kennard 'G H. S. C. 1, 2, 3, 43 Delta Literary Society. 2, 3., 43 Treaeurer of Deltasg Northeast Commei cial Club, 4. Mary Goldstein Delphian, 45 Bronze Medal, Oration, 3. Millard WVeddle 53 THE NOR'EASTER THE NOIVEASTL R Vx . QQQQ ...Q si ft . -We .tems W if . -3, 4 K X '57 ,x...s. fm fx .X 4 Us H Q EI' '25LfY1, Dorothy Lllsaheth I lanck G. H. S. C., 1, 3, 3, 4. Northeast D45 Pro " sw' . gram, A. tary, 2. Edna Mae Un-af.t00d Orchestra. 1, 2, 3: Band, 1, 23 Treble Clef, 3. Ruth Rhoads Clionian Literary Society, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 2, 3, 43 N. Treble Clef Club, 43 Junior Life Sav- ing Corp., 23 Christmas Play Cast, 33 Second Semester Honor Roll, 33 President Clionians. Levi E. Cisel Track Team. 2, 33 Debaters, 3, 41 President of Debaters, 43 High Honor Roll, 3, 43 Student Coun- til 3 4 Mary Virginia Bag-:by Ethel BI. Hinds Theta Literary Soc-iety, 2, 3, 4: President Theta, 33 La Sociedad Castellana, 33 G. H, S, C.. 1, Z, 3, 43 Honor Girl Ring, 23 Affirmative De- bate Team, 33 Theta Play Cast, 43 Inter Society Dance Committee, 43 Affirmative Debate, 4. Gerald Tritch 5 4 Rona-ld D. XVest Northeast Shakespeare Club, 1, ' 33 SQCFQ' N A 'Y' f ' " ' -'i' ' ' 'rl' ' "'f'f F-5219221321gt:'r:i?f7f'?b:5'+5Y-"':'2T25--1 1.54.-gm .1-.-.--L-X -1- 2- - . :L -.4 .: 4. an-.,. Lillian llorot hea Patterson lVa-rren Cook B. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Cabinet, 2, 3, 42 Presl- dent, 43 N. Club, 43 Football Squad, 3, 43 N. Man Football, 43 Track Squad, 2, 3, 43 Class Basket Ball, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Executive Board, 43 General Semester Honor Roll, 3, 43 First Prize WV. C. T. U, Essay Contest, 23 Hon- orable Mention VV. C. T. U. Contest, 3. Mildred Irvin Lillian Gillespie Delphians, 3. C. Raymond Marshall N. S. D. Debater, 1, 2, 3, 43 H. S. V. U. S., 13 Orches- tra. 2, 3, 43 Band, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant-at-Arms, Junior C1aSS3 Student Council, 43 Second Lieuten- ant R. O. T. C., 43 Math. Club, 43 High School Club, 43 Executive Board, 43 Vice-President Stu- dent Council, 43 Vice-Chairman, Executive Board, 43 Senior Class Day Committeeg Advertising Man- ager Nor'easter Staff, 4. M. Thelma Rowe Ruby Godfrey George Ennis Delphian Literarv Society, 2, 3, 4, Piesue L. S., 43 Mathematics Club, 43 Student Council, 3, 43 Executive Board, 43 Boys' High School Club. 3, 43 Chairman of Junior Prom Committeeg Inter Society Dance Committee, 43 Delphian Play CHS? 4- 55 THE NOIVEASTER fbi' l 1 . , -. , if. ,.,- .r.-44.14-111 if 1--1-.-'ff-1252:-1-Jfwaeieaffw:ff-'ff-1--Hf-'W-ref'W-'e-'ff'eF"fff"flfvffMfr- , THE N OR'EASTER 1 ll' li H ll ' r is W l 1 i 1 I f 'fe . , y , , ., , 5. - . my , V 'giij,?M,4,,zm:'..,o:1,5,175 f .4 fag' ' . wwf pm-f we . . jf- f if' Q if 14,4-'Y gf - .-fl, Q V .2515 L Margaret L. Du Samir G. H. S. C. 1, 23 Art Club, 43 Northeast Shakes- peare Society, 4. Sanford Ratliff Louise Jane Peironnet N. S. C. Shakespeare, 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President, 33 Northeast Treble Clef, 2, 3, 43 Secretary, 43 Or- chestra, 1, 2, 33 Duet-Solo Music Contest, 43 Vesta Club, 33 Girls' High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C. Cabinet Member, 43 Junior Prom Committee, 33 General Honor Roll, 33 Nor'easter Staff Alumni Editor, 4. Beulah Frances Goetsche G. H. S. C. Olympic Club, 1, 2, 3. 43 Inter-Club Dance Committee, 33 Olympic Club Play, 33 Stu cient Council, 43 Girls' Junior Soccer Team, 3. Cyrus McC0lgin Sophia Ann Riley Thelma May Smith Edwin Jay Boyd Glee Club. 1, 2, 3, 4: H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 YVin- ner in Solo Contest, 1. 2, 3, 4, Northeast Day PYOSFHYU, 2, 33 Chairman Senior Gift Committee, 43 Freshman Reception Program, 13 Secretary Glee Club, 23 President Glee Club, 33 Secretary and Treasurer Glee Club, 43 Secretary High School Club, 4: R. O. T. C., 3, 4. 56 ..-.:.: .. ,,:.y..Q-4wz.:e.51..-.yasuw :star -4 L,-A.. kg -, Harriette Sherman Nor'easter Staff QStenographerJ. James Edmund McDowell Benton, 2. 35 Corporal R. O. T. C., 2. Catherine Waters G. H. S.- C., 35 Clionian Literary Society, 3, 45 Treasurer C. L. S., 45 Les Penseurs, 45 Honor Roll, 45 Secretary C. L. S., 4. Anna. Ray Brugh Shakespeare Club, 45 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 4, Theodore Defeo Class Track, 1, 25 Basket Ball Class, 1, 2, 3, 45 "N" Football Man, 3, 43 "N" Club, 3, 45 Treas- urer "N" Club, 45 First Semesterg Second Team Basket Ball, 45 High School Club, 2, 35 Second Team Football, 25 All-Star Guard, 4. Emogene Mae Dawe G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 Fashion Show. .Mabel L. VVhiting Les Penseurs, 25 Theta. Carrol Kramer WVard THE NOIVEASTER N. S. D., 1, 2, 3, 45 Negative Debate Team, , uf, I Mathematics Club, 3, 45 Honor Roll, 35 UN" Club, ,,,' 45 Tennis Team, 45 "N" Man in Tennis, 45 Stu- ,,,,,, dent Council, 45 Vice-President Debaters, 43 S60 , ,fi M f ffgww retary N. S. D., 3. 57 V V exft. W7 4 Z 249 - fa 1., n X X K s + an ., . ,e,-1gi:Nf.e- 4 P31 .- ff:SHE-E2:'1'f5l!1T:"-Qi'Fe'4'!2'2-ftvf-fw4-'rv' 1- "F " f-11-"ff "' THE INOITISAS PER X 3 i 3 J 4 , 3 V Stella Rebevva 1Vils0n G. H. S, C., 1, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. C. Honor Girl, 23 Delta Charter Member, 23 Senior Soccer Team, 45 Senior Basket Ball, 45 Olympic Club, 4, Eugene Critchfield B. H. S. C., 13 Art Club, 3, 4: President Art Club, 43 Delphian Literary Society, 4, Evelyn Shively Louise Smith ,Y , G, H. S. C.. lg Northeast Day Program, 2, 3 Art Club, 4. James C. Wilkinson N. C. C., 43 Delphizln, 4. Sarah Dorcas S001 t Belle ELI izaheth Affeld 1 Cliollian. 2- 3, -4I.SU.1tl6llf Council, 43 Olympic Plubf -3- 3, 43 Cl10D121n Play, 25 Treasurer Clion- lans, 3, Lewis Parker 58 ' "' 'A"" S ' l'--"" -1:'kvi21w:f-112115:s:S::h'21.-e3'+Ff7e5efy-'.bu.x-4A' .sv.-Lz..x.Ln--a.- A,-......,.:.-. .5 , , 3 Betty Louise Peterman Delta, 3, Vesta Club, 4. Russell 0-. Settle Orchestra. 1. 2. 33 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Benton Lit- erary Society, 3, Commercial Club, 4, R. O, T. C., 2, 3, 4. June C. Norton Northeast Art Club, 45 G. H. S. C., 4. Estelle James Shakespeare Club QN. S. CJ, 3. 43 French Club, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. C., 1, 29 Affirmative Debate, 4. VV. Arthur Allen Harriette Wvinstead French Club, 33 Vesta Club, 4. Emma Louise Fuller Northeast Shakespeare Club. 2, 3, 43 N01'th621St Orchestra, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3. J. XV. Rardin 59 THE NOR'EASTER .. ...,.. .ffl " -iv - A ':'1'.:i'!':l?"'. "4 ' i -., -1 -1 if 'NM' e'14"Hfi ,. e"'9""f"'.""" "1" ' fy' ' -U Q e-1 F'-f-f-':'.f.E:: :',1f.'.:f..:': 1 . X ' , 1 .4 ..,...i-. W . THE NOR'EASTER Q ' . :' 9 5 . G , I GV, , fw f 2' - .6 ' Q M ff W f KJ, Gladys J. Suddarth Carl Carpenter Anna Eliza beth Hanley Ann 0'Brien G. H. S. C.. 2: Member of First Junior Life Saving Crew of Northeast, 2, 3. 4: Mate Of First J. L. S. Crew, Member of Olympic Club, 2, 33 Northeast Night, 3. Harold C. Mc-Glathery H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 4, R. 0. T. C., 2, 3, 4, R. 0, T. C. Corporal, 33 R. O. T. C. Sergeant. 4. Mildred Harrall Mary Kathryn Bradley Orchestra, 3, 43 Treble Clef, 4. Lynn Bailiff H. S. Y. U. S., 13 Second Lieutenant R. O, T. C., 25 First Lieutenant, R. W. . . O T. C., 43 Band, 3, 4. L T C, 35 Captain R. 60 ' V 3 -' 'k"" " 'f-' M204F-I-alert:2:1::fiF59o5eAg+'.:mu:.'1f,f,.e .,.,,,.g,,,,,,u.h-,,-.,. ,., L.- .N THE NOR'EASTER Irene Love Rex Morrison Helen Snyder G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 Les Penseurs, 2, 3, 43 President Les Penseurs, 49 Alpha, 45 First Honor Roll, 4. Evelyn WVeeks N. S. C. CC234'GI-ISC1234 G. H. S, C. Cabinet, 45 Vesta Club, 33 Student Council, 3, 4. Charles Michaux H. S. V. U. S., lg R. O. T. C., 2, 3, 45 Ser- geant, 3, 4. Bonnie Ca-thcart Clionian Literary Society. Georg-ia Wvilliams 4 wif' n - , Billy McCowen .nvmee QkeQ.?2W.JffVr:s'5g' C43 4 'SW 6 , fo'-A-2? v-A2 4? 'MM 'jyfxv ' X N279 , ' if f ZQKQQZPZ ALM? iw 4s af 04213 V -9 Z, , . gV.,q.7.Q.,7,W2 5, 70 MM. 61 THE IN OR 'EA S'l'liR V . W, f few? lf, 5 wezzfgif H5342 'M 1' mtgf 13 S bu fi er.: X ii Riu hy Sehuble Delta Literary Society 2' C0lNI'Y1Ql'l'i'Xl Club 3 Cyril Merle Hicks Track Squad, 3, 4. Pearl A ntru m G. H. S. C., 1, 23 Vesta Clul,v,, 3, 43 Churtex X Nlemlnei' N. C., 4. Adelaide Nay Delphian, 43 G, H. S. C., 4. John D. Mc-Grew Delmter Society, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 23 Christ- mas Play. 35 Member Student Council, 3, 45 Glee .Xliee Hadley Catherine Smith Girls' High Svlwol Club, 13 Northeast l'mnms'-r- viul Clillu, IC, 4. A I bert Jarrett llunroek 6" .1 .. ,, . .:..,.,-.-.g,,..a...Q..-..1'.Lm,.4f..g.,.,uQ.esa..f...4..f,.,.:,..4..34... -fi 'ef'-ff f+-:ff -' '- V - ' Delphizin 1, 2. 3. 4: SOC. D. L. S., 4: ku I-I Q . ., .. - f ff:-a-.2 -1,41 vi .,.13rg: 1,143 1,g5,va5s,1.14.wfx .1711 .-1 .. -....,..m-- Elma Leontine Frisbie Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 4: G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club, 2, 3, 45 Secretary French Club, 3, 4. Harry Stockwell Glee Club, 2, 3, 45 Debaters, 2, 3, 45 Vice-Presi dent Debaters, 45 Student Council, 45 Solo Con test, 3, 45 Christmas Play, 45 Debatger Play, 4 French Club Play, 4. Margaret E. Miller Alpha Literary Society, 2, 3, 45 G. HQ S, C., 1, 2, 35 G. H. S. C. Honor Girl, 3. Anice Flanagan G.IL s C, L Allen C. Raup Track Team, 3, 45 Northeast Society of De- bate, 45 B. H. S. C., Cabinet Member, 3, 45 "N" Club, 45 Vice-President, 45 Mathematics Club, 45 Football, 45 Second All-Star Full-Back, 45 Alpha Debater Play, 45 Gift Committee Senior Class. Loretta Osborne Lillian D. Evans G. H. S. C., 3, 45 Spanish Club, 4. George P. Hibler High School Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. ,W 63 THE NOPUEASTER f, 4 ' f W. f Y gi, 'f in f 5 i fyaff' -,nw ,,.v,W,,.WmvfAMQ,2! '? ,, ff?W5QQ 4' gf 1 MZ, 25,aZ2Q7 ff A QMWWWI ffffwu, , , , f' ' as f 47 r ' V f ,Tl an , W X .W ,fgfaz f jj ligr , f 'fW"' ' THE NOR'EASTER Marguerite Crumpley Delta, 2, 3, 4, La Sociedad Castellana, 4. Dale E. Henry Class Basket Basket Ball, 2, 3. 43 Second Team Football, 41 B. H. S. C., 2 Ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Team ,3. Eva M. Cain Eleanor Burton High School Club, 1. 2, 3, 43 Theta, 2, 3, 4, Art Club, 4, Vice-President of Thetas, 4. Glee R. Stocker Gold Medal, Relay at K. C. A. C. Meet, "N" Man in Track: Reporter for Club, Cheer Leader, 4. Blanche Eaton Joan Frances Allston Delphian Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 43 G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3, 43 XV. C. T. U. Junior-Senior Essay: Prize for City and State G. H. S. Honor Girl, 33 Vice-Chairman of Senior Triangle. 3, 43 Highest Honor Roll, First and Second Semester. 43 Gen- eral Honor Roll, 43 Negative Debate Team, 45 Senior Ballot, "Most Genuine Girl Student." Raymond Scrivner B. H. S. C., 3, 43 Bentoi President Bentons, 4. IS, 3. 4, R. O. T. C., 3: 64 H ' ""A" J" 'QE' "T+rf12r':11:"-rfi-Tara--Azu.-'x,ee'.-., -.,1- .ge . -,.- ,., ,, . , . am. 43 4: 3 . r Hildegarde l-lartmaier G. H. S. C. 1, 2. Charles Trneman Jones Shakespeare, 1. '2, 3, Captain R. O. T, C., 4, Student Council, 43 Executive Board of Student Council, 43 Shakespeare Play, 2, Allene Clinton French Club, 2, 3, 4. Edyth Marie Metcalfe G. H. S. C., 1, 25 Fashion Show. Charles B. Pa-lmer Northeast Night Play, 35 Christmas Play, 4. Jennie Purcell Anna Lillian Miller Delta Literary Society, 1, 2, 33 Olympic Club. 2, 3g G. H. S. C., 1, 33 Secretary of Deltas, 35 Vice-President Olympians, 35 Delta Play, 3: Olympic Program, 1, 2, 33 Small N fOlympicJ, 3. Ernest R. Acher Inter Class Trac' , 4 , -, .. Clul Team, 33 Travk Team, 33 H. S, C., 33 Glee J. 3, 45 Band, 4. k Team "' Inter Stars Track 65 THE NOR'EASTER THE NOR'EASTER Elwood L. Cramer Boys' High School Club, 1. Chas. J. Ramsey B. H. S. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Second Team, Foot- ball, 3, 4. Goldie McVay Robert Williams High School Club, 1, 2, 3. R. o. T. C., 2, sg Band, 3, 4. George VVilliam Deniston Basket Ball, 1, 2, 3, 45 State Championship Team, 1, 2, 35 Made All-Star Team, 2, 3, 43 Captain of All-Star Team, 3, 4: Awarded School Blanket, 45 Winner of Journal-Post Cup, 4, Presi- dent of "N" Club, 4g Baseball Team, 35 Secre- tary of "N" Club, 3, Member of Boys' High School Club. William Eugene Leeds Track Team, 1 Quad. Melvin Roy Cannon Dorothy Borden Commercial Club, 3, 4. Lucile E. Roberts Commercial Club, 3: Vesta Club, 4, Student Council, 4. Ben Nason Delphiang Spanish Club, Helen Linnea. Broman Verma Schrnitt G. H. S. C., 1, 2, 3. 43 T. C. C., 3. 45 Delta. Literary Society, 43 Student Council, 4. Virginia C. Scovern Alphas, 1, 2, 3, 4g G. H. s. C., 1, 2, 3. Esther L. Brandt Jessie Shane Olympic Club, 4, Champion Soccer Football. Norris VV. Keady Nadine Lough Winifred Ellen Carey G. H. S. C., 1, 2, Girls' Double Tennis Team, 23 Mixed Double Tennis Team, 33 Delta, 33 Vesta. 3, 45 Senior Girls' B. B. Team, 4. Edith Mayie Taber Carl E. Deutsch Les Penseurs, 3, 43 Benton Literary Society, 4. Kenneth Matz Cullie Merchant C ,f ,ff TH E N OR'EASTER E Vice-President. Dorothy Jackson Treasurer, Helen Stocke President, Maurice Koonse W, ff ' QQ? ,, ,M , r Secretary, Fred Daniel Sergeant-at-Arms, Iva Murphy Reporter, Mary Gordon C Gift Receiver, VVi11iam Horwitz 67 JUNIORS 4, we . zrfwz,-w1.'n:-1--51 THE N OR'EASTER Class of 1924 Ah! Ye Juniors! Well may you hold your heads high., for you have come through on top, as usual. It just took t11ne. .Time can work wonders, and so it has with this class. What a great improvement 11215 taken place over the green and presumptuous Freshmen who boldly set foot in Northeast High three years ago. a We have shared a great part of the responsibility of the school, won many honors, and made the Junior class mean more than before. As we shall stand out as an example to the lower classmen-ahem!-we have high hopes of glorifying ourselves still more, so .that we may appear more magnificent in the eyes of these severe critics. . Of course the Senior class of this year is "The" Senior class, as all Senior classes are. But to fbe "The" Junior class stands for a little more, and this is the title that we hope is ours. Although we are allowed one more year at Northeast, fthe school is indeed fortunatej, may this year stand out to show what loyal and true Juniors can accomplish for their school. Girls Jennie E. Allee Lilah Allen Rosy Anderson Viola Anthony Gladys Armfield Averil Arnote Beulah Ashurst Eldean Atchison Mary Bagby Sylvia Badgley Evelyn Baker Mary Baker Alice Barber Marie Barclay Dorothy Barret Leona Bauer Ruth Bell Theodoris Benadome Jack Benson Verna Biggs Irene Blakely Vera Borchart Ellen Jane Broadway Rosalyn Brock Lucille Brown Lucille -Brown Mary Brown Clara Bryant Rebecca Burdett Eva Cain Arvella Capps Mildred Cassidy Louise Chandler Eletha Chatburn Thelma Christian Elizabeth Christie Helen Clardy Josephine Clingan Hope Coffey Loeta Colliuse Leona Cook Kathleen Cox Dorothy Crawford Alta Crowley Mayme Cruce Eleanor Culbertson Evelyn Curtis Gladys Davies Aleen Davis Fae Davis Margaret Deavereaux Helen De Long Louise Detrick Irene, Deutsch Edith Dimmitt Dorothy Dorman Katherine Drake Norine Durst Rebecca Easter Muir Edelen Mildred Edie M. Eichenberger Dorothy Eis'berg Bertha Eisman Grace Elliott Aileen Ennis Helen Enright Evelyn Jane Epley Elina Erickson 'Thelma Evans Leona Fairly Irene Fallis Malissa Fallis Dorothy Ferree Clara Flagg Shirley Forsythe Bernice Fox Christine Fromell Frances Fuller Pearl Ganzer Sarah Geha Vita Giangrosso Carolyn G-ibson Frances Gilmour Lucy Godfrey Eva Gonterman Mary Gordon Helen Grant Marguerite Gray Ruth Greenlee Geraldine Hall Iris, Hancock Pearl Hand Mildred Handley Charlotte Harper, Remabelle Harper Joy Fay Harrall Eva Harry Mary F. Hawthorne Mae Hayes Ruth Hayes Ruth Heiser Jessie Henderson Lucille Henderson Ruth Hills Kathleen Hoffman Edna Hogan Hannah Holderfby Ruth Hollmberg Thelma Howell Maude Howell Helen Huber Thelma Hulshizer Fae Hunter Louise Hunter Alice Inskeep Mary Insley Dorothy Jackson Georgia Ol'Brien Irene Offutt Louise Oliver Marion Oliver Frances Osborne Edna May Osgood 69 Rose Ellen Parrott Althea Peach Charliann Perry Ethlyne Jackson Lettie Lee Jackson Dorothy James Elizabeth James Opal James Margaret Jarboe Viola Jenkins Grace Jewell Margaret Johnson Viola Jenkins Margaret Johnson Grace Margaret Jones Janice Jones Maurine Kaster Hazel Kearns Effie Keeler Gwendolyn Kephart Frances Kerr Helen Kerr Relba Kerrick Helen Kiehl Unola Klossen Marguerite Koonse Vera Kurtz Ina Latimer Elvera Lind Elizabeth Lindell Anna Littman Gene Lord Bertha Love Pauline Lovelace Nadine Lowman Estella Lutz Ruth Lynch Virginia R. McCary Isabel McCoy Gwenclolvn McDani Cecile McDonald Marian McGuire el Grace McKenna Ruth McMullen Jane McNeil Mildred Maddox Marian Maloney Mary E. Manning Josephine Maranzino Blanche Markowitz Esther Marshall Frances Massey Thelma Meek Helen Mentzel Maxine Mentzer Bernice Miller Jane Miller Lillian Miller Virginia Mills Ruth Montgomery Mabel Moore Elleen Moroney Marian Mortimore Edith Mounts Juanita Mullens Flora Munger Iva Murphy Juanita Nelson Olive May Nicholas Renata Nicolai June Norton Jennie V. Nuss Alice Persels Dana Peters Rowena Pigg Eva Piper Mildred Powell Anna Frances Pratt Sylvia Precht Esther Prescott Ethel Puff Lucille Ratliff Evelyn Reece Harrietete Reed Bertha Richmond Hazel Riley Brenda Ritter V Ethel Robinson Hermia Robrock Mildred Ro-binson Gertrude Rodman Janette Rogers Jennie Rogers Katherine Ross Elizabeth Rowe Elizabeth Ruhlman Mildred Rush Velma Rush Edith Ryan Dorothy Sala Anna Savoca Marion Selby Flora Shaw Thelma Shaw Gladys Shawhan F101-3 Lonise Sherman Hazel Shoemaker Nona Shoemaker Williaiii Hawn Kenneth Hentzen Madge Shrinipton Mildred E. Simpson Anna bl1lgl6lO11 Dorothy Smith Faneta Smith Flavey Smith Gladys Spaeth Louise Stevens Helen Stocker Jessie Stone Jessie Stoneking Dorothea- Stoneking Helen Strickel Edith Stuart Genevieve Suddarth Jean Taylor Mary E, Taylor Dorothy Thom Clive Tolman Anna Tommasina Martha Tompkins Alice Mae Trent Nadine 'Turner Frances Turpin Mildred Vinsant Ethel Vollmer Wanda Wade Dorothy Walker Helen Ward Wilnia Ward Ruth Weissenfluh Irene Welker Dorothy Wells Enola Wells Dorothy Wendel Cynthia Wendemuth Lula Vlfetherill Edna Whipple Claudia White 1 Louise Williams Mary Wilson Pauline Wolf Edna Zirschky Gladys Zweifil Boys Witte Allen Raymond Allud Connelly Anderson Myron Anderson Robert Andrew Harold Andrews Raymond Atkeson Edward Baldry Raymond Barr Frank Baxter Wayiie Baxter Kay Beach Lee Benton Cecil BishoD Charles Boisseau Billy Boon VVilliam Corchardt Gilbert Brouillette Charles Nickson Clarence Brown Robert Browne Cecil Curlingame Charles Burns Leland Burns Francis M. Butler Ralph Butts Paul Canall William Cardwell Crville Carlisle William Chamberlin Donald Cherryholmes Roger Chrisman Edgar Clark Philip Colburn Olaf Coleman Robert Collier Edward Conrad Frank Daniel Frederick Daniel Dexter Dayton Fred De Feo Baron De I-Quis Pete De Maria Howard De Moss Frank Donahoe John Draney James Dumit Earl Dunn Luke Dunn Frank C. Edwards Marion Edwards Cornelius Elsloo Courtney England Gilbert England Gordon Engle George Ensmenger Leonard Fardon Edward Farrell Leroy Feagan Robert Felz Eugene Field Melvin Flowers Hubert Flucke Donald Ford Clifford Fox Earl Frazell Dwight Gaffney Raymond Gebhart Forest Gill Bates Gillespie William Gillmor . Frank Goodwillie Arthur Gordon Mark Gore Harold W. Gray Lloyd Gregory Arthur Griffith Robert Hadley Clifton Hamilton Marion Hammond Gordon Hancock Charles Hardy James Harris John Hart 69 THE N 0R'EASTER Paul Hodges Leslie Hollaway Fred Ho-lmes Marl Hopkins William Horowitz Chrisman Hughes Horace lsom Budde Janes Harold Jeffries Joe Jennette Robert Jennings Ernest Johnson Paul Johnson Gifford Jordan Clarence Kivovitch Kenneth Kleihauer Howard Knapp' Arthur Kolbelt William Ko-belt Maurice Koonse Edward Lamipart Joseph Lamport Numa Lane Donald Landis Herbert Lawrence Harry Lee Leo Lemon William E, Leads Lowell Lenebke Edgar Leopold Floyd Le Porin Bemis Lester Richard Lewis Hugh Liter Robert Livesay G. A. Long Arlo Luslby James Lyons Harry McCain James McDowell Willard McGinnis Thomas McGlynn John McKay Charles McKinney Robert Madding Donald Maddox Wallace Mahanv Orvin Manning Laurence Marshal Ellsworth Matthews Perry May Verne Milligan Thomas Milton Earle Mitchell Frank Moore Albert Morris Lynn Mosibarger Cleveland Moulton Lloyd Muller Sam Muller Gtho Mustain Charles Nadlman Lee Nelson Clarence Neuner Ray Newton Claude Nichols THE NOR'EASTER Hugh Nickson Andrew Nicolai joseph Onka Hergert Perrigs Louis -Perry Harold Peterson Alexander Picone Morris Polsky Marvin Poole Kenneth Posh Milton Prussing jake Rainen Maurice Ramsey William Ramsey Frank Randazzo Sanford Ratliff Carl Rechner Samuel Reece Chester Rhode Ralph Roland Evans Ryan Roy Saddler Edward Salmon Paul Salomon Dean Sanders William Sayles Julian Schaefer Arthur Schulember Cordes Schwench Charles Sears Rollie Seested Harold Setliffe Louis Setzler Theodore Shaul John Sherlock Wilmot Shotliff Donald Simmons John Slater Edward Slater Chester Smith Robert M. Smith Halderman Smoot Loren Sowers Oren Stanley Morris Stern Clarence Storr Albert Sullivan George Swope ,Iamfes Tait Paul Tandy Glenn Taylor Edward 'Thelen Frederick Thompson Van Thompson Harry Trimble Russell 'Tuche William Trillou x 5,51 .XWJ,o.QZea,Q, axe f , 1 fffQ7 W-.Wx gin! "ff few ,W K W W4 7 4 I mafzm , fff, 2 "K-azffgdfzx ff f f 4 fish 70 Francis Van Camp Douglas Yanice Leonard Vatter Lester Votan Claude Vrooman Hubert Wade John Walker Lee Walker Wilfred Walter Charles Wattson Paul West Eli Penn Wheat Iames Wilkins-on Elmo Williams Marion Williams Leslie Willis Byron Wolcot Clyde Wolfe Carl Zimmerman THE NOR'EASTER Class of 1925 Place: The Modern Muses in Grand Council. Time: 1923. Chief Muse: The Council will come to order. Today the Couneil has a very important task to perform, namely, that of awarding honors to the scholars of Northeast High School. I shall call on each Muse to give his report in turn. First we shall have the report of the Muse of Military Training. Muse of Military Tra.ining: Methinks, Chief Muse. that I can report something very favorable for all the R. O. T. C., but First Lieutenant Wil- liam Schaerrer is especially deserving. Chief Muse: Very favorable indeed. We shall now hear from the Muse of Athletics. Muse of Athletics: Chief Muse, -this year great things were ac- complished in the field of athletics, and John Lewondoski has done many things for Northeast. ' Chief Muse: Yea, all of us have heard of the deeds of John Lewon- doski, which were greatly to his credit and to Northeast's credit. Next, let the report of the Muse of Music be heard. Muse of Music: O Chief Muse, after a careful decision, it has been decided that Lois Swaney is very deserving of honors in Music. She is a good singer, working especially hard to keep the Music cups at North- east. We should be appreciative of her efforts. Chief Muse: Right glad are all to hear it. The report of the Muse of Debate will be given. Muse of Debate: Muses, dost realize that Forrest Judd as a member of the negative debate team this year helped much in the winning of the debate for that team, which helped to put N-ortheast on the map. He has done something we all can be proud of. Chief Muse: Good joy! All honors are to the Sophomoresl There- fore, heralds, let it be proclaimed in the halls of Northeast High School that the Sophomore class is the honor class in 1923! FRED HAWKINS. ,ill-ll SOPHOMORES Girls Dorothy Biggs Cleo Carder Mary Coppaken Mary Aiello ' Verna Blair Mildred Carter Mffldge COUMQI' Ethel Allen A Helen Blakesley Flossie Casey Ellzalbefh Cfalg Margaret Allen Rulby Blankenship Alice Cauley Evelyn Craig Garnet Altergott Savena Blasco Alma Cavender Doveta Crowley Elizabeth Arnold Berenice Boston Mary M. Clements Nola Cunningham Beulah Atkinson Bertha Boucher Thelma Cluttenback Grace Davis Edith Atkinson Dorothy Bowen Moorine Coats Irene DAVIS Eloise Bagiby Lucille Bowman Kenneth Coe Mlldred Day Alice F. Bailey Lola Braden Frances Cochran Corrine Dixon Venita Ball Leonara Bromhall Charmian Coffield Vera Dorsey H-elen Bama Emma Broaddus Elizabeth Colton Elizabeth Dpliy Helen Barnes Margarite Brotherton Margaret Colville Pearl DOWHIUQ Frances Barrow Ruth Browning Harriet Combs Catherine D. Drake Lucille Bash Bflulah Bryant Miary-'Combs Gladys Drape? Roberta Baunigarten Frieda Bugg Vlfgmla Cmmelly Cora Lee Dfmkafd Lucille Beemgii Waiineta Burch Frances Conover Ggfffllfle Duckles Martha Benson Bessie Burgin Gladys Cook Vlfglnla Dudfleld Opal Bernard Dorothy Burton Nellie Cook Blanche DugS1US Elizabeth Beversdorf Frances Byrd Hazel COOPCY Helen Du S'a,1f Esther Bickford Gladys Campbell Juanita Cooper Ruth M. Dwight 71 THE NOR'EASTER Helen Dwyer Alberta Eckles Aileen Enright Pauline Epperson Florence Evans Gertrude Evers Marian Ferguson Marybelle Finfrock Catherine Ford Joe Gale Forester Louise Forman Clara Foster Reva Foster Catherine Frantz Dorothy Frazee Edna Fredenberg Katherine Frick Mabel Galloway Bernice Gee Genevieve George Lucile Gibson Frances Gish Sadie Gonterman Elizabeth Gornall Anna Grabow May Graham Lucile Griffith Harriete Groesback Emily Groth Audrey Groves Agnes Halvey Dorothy Hamilton Beulah Hammond Marjorie Harness Jennie Harris Hazel Hattem Lula Hayes Mildred Haynes Nancy Head Irma Henderson Verna Henderson Dorothg Henry Mayfbelle Hettinger Clella H-obibs Dorthea Hood Kathleen Hoover Hazel Hopkins Virginia Horn Thelma Horton Clara House Elizabeth Hudspeth Della Hughes Florence Huntington Grace Hurley Margaret lngaJs'be Charlotte Jackson Lena Lee Jackson Ethel Rose James Betty Janes Dorothy Jeffrey Alice Jennins Grace Jewell Lucille Johnson Dorothy Johnson Frances Jane Jones Estella Keith Muriel Kelly Mary Kennedy Edith Kilroy Louise Kentner Raymond Kennedy Louise Kiefer Jessie Mae Kirk Nellie Kirkpatrick Marguerite Kline- felter Thelma Kivoirtch Blanche Knoche Mike Kobe Gertrude Lake Ruth Lallky Marie Latimer Lucile Laughlin Louise Leach Ruth Leach Dorothy Leonard Valeda Link Helen Lockard Marguerite Lynd Margaret Lyon Mildred McChristy Edna McCumfber Blanche McGregor Mildred McGuire Berenice McLeod Ollie McNeil Mary McPheter Madge MacLeod Joseph Madick Dorothy Madorie Frances Malkmus Vada Manning Eva Markowitz Ramonia Marlow FranCQS Marshall Elsie Martin Estella Mae Martin Vina Martin Mary Lee Mayes Margaret Mayes Grace Mayhan Gladys Menger Irene Menges Alice Michael Irene Mielke Evelyn Miller Levera Miller Virgie Miller Jewell Milton Grace Misner Alice Morris Thelma Mosbarger Dorothy Mudge Matilda Murphy Emily Nash Frances Neal Lillian Nelson Tbhanna Neufeld Venita Newman Mary H. Niebrugge Naida Noland Helen Norval Eva Nussbaum Eloise OlByrna Dorothy O'Dell Clara Paine Dorothy Parker Ruth Parsons Marian Patrick Gladys Pendleton Dorothy Peters Helen Piper Margaret Platter Mildred Poindexter Elizabeth Polley Kathryn Powell Beatrice Pool Pauline Pritchard Edna Quackenibush Veda Ratcliffe Nadine Reed Mabel Richart Melissa Ridmond Genevieve Richner Anna Rigsby Laura Riley Thelma Riley Annabel Robertson Mary Robinson Hester Mae Rose Margaret Ryan Norma Saye Desdemona Sands Lillian Sharig Theresa Schindel Norma Schneider Gertrude Schoenberg Lucille Schusler Mabel Scott lyniajo S'earcy Fredona Sell Evelyn Shackelford Mary Ellen Shawhan Margaret Shields Marian Shockley Lucille Simfms Marguerite Sleyster Dorothy Sliffe Lucille Sliffe Freida Sloan Lorraina Smith Ruth Smith Zeda Smith Rebecca Smooth Dorothy Snyder Ruth Solomon Elinor Sowers Nadine Spears Frances Spelman Ruth Spicer Louise Sprink Grace Stamp-er Mary Belle Start Edith Stearns Marian Steale Ardene Stephens Mary Virginia Norton Jewell Stephenson 72 Louise Stickle Lois Stone Mary Louise Stone Jessie Strode Irma Swan Lois Swaney Virginia Swillgle Grace Swingley Marjorie 'Iarwater Bertha Mae Teeter Wilma 'Tennyson Ramona Thelan Janie Tice Alta Ticknor Virginia 'Taler Agnes Turner Helen 'Twyman Ethlyn Utt Martha Utt Hugela Van Booben Edna Vanderveer Alice Vierheilig Emma Gene Waldon Dorcas Warrens Ora Watts Alice Weyler Alice White Enid Whitehead Virginia Whiting Grace Wiese Frances Wilde Eunice Wilhite Lois Wilkerson Blanche Williams Willa Williams Betty Willis Alice Wilson Lena Lea Wilson Vinnie Wine Harriett Wolfert Mabel Woodard Helen Woody Kathryn Worthing- ton Lillian Wright Eunice Yearwood Isabel Yennie Mildred Young Ethel Zuckerman Boys l Carl Addington Fred Akers Charles Allen Noble Allen John H. Altergott Russell Atkinson Edmond Bachr Kenneth Baldwin Eldon Barker Lawrence Bash Brooking Beatty Jack Becklean Robert Bennett Glessncr Berry Raymond Billings Kenneth Blakey Maurice Babbett Robert Borden Ernest Brainnard Armour Braun Clarence Brent Francis Brower Ralph Bryan George Buckingham Ralph Burnes James Butler Allan Cameron Frank Carlton Roland Carlton Arthur Castleman Herbert Christenson Eugene Cleaves David O. Courtney Kenneth Couts Clifford Coyle Harold Crites Jewell Crosby Perry Crowell Forrest Crowley Robert Cunningham Don Darrell Glenn Darrow Earl Daugherty Harry Davis Forrest Davisson Carl De Belle Lyndon Dedrick Louis Diamond Edwin Doering Robert Drury Eugene Dudley Wilbur Duke Thomas L. Eads Albert Eddy Stewart Edie Elmer Eichenberger H. George Eichen- berger Durham Elder John Engelman Conrad Feiring George Fenner Gerhard Fisher Paul Ford Glen Foster Eugene B. Frank Vernon Frisby Elmer Gifford William Gill George Goellner Ambrose Goff Raymond Goforth Morgan Goodhart Jerome Gordon Norton Dale Gower William Grace Edwin Haase Milton Haggard Floyd Hahnenkratt Everett Hamilton Frank Hamilton Leo Harrison George Hart George Harvey Fred Hattoom George Havard Fred Hawkins Richard Haynes Howard Hazelbaker Robert Heaton William Heidelberger Walter Henderson Doyle Hendrix Miles Henley Maxwell Henry Gene Hentzen Edgar Hague John Holland Robert House William House Edwin Houston Ira Hubbard Leslie Hudson Dale Huffman Carl Hughes Harold Hurst Howard Ireland Abe Jacobson Fred Jameson Richard Jett Girl-bert Jewell James Jewell Archie Johnson Edward Johnson Reuben A. Johnson Blair Jones Charles L, Jones Paul Jones Winthrop Jones Forest Judd Howard Jury Frederick Kavanagh Melvin Keady Max Kelley Maurice King Ross Knighton Warren Konizeske Orville Kuhlman Jack Kunkle William Lain John Lamaamy Edward Lamport Cecil Land Warner Lantz Joe Lapin Howard Lapp Ross Latshaw Forrest McClary VValter McCray Lawrence Mclzlhinny Charles McElligott Martin Mcliiddy Henry McLean Harold Marks Charles Marshall George Martin Norval Marvin Wilbur Mason Walton Mattock James Mayes Williaiii Meehan Wilbur Meyer Horace Miller Samuel Miller John Mills William Monk George Montgom ery Eugene Morgan Angelo Mottley James Mulvany 'Theodore Myers Clarence Nash Vincent Newman Donald Newland Harry Nicewarner Chas. Wm. Nolan Robert J. O'Dell Robert N. O'Del1 Harvey Orrison Harold Paine Eugene Parker V Gordon Parks Caryl Parmer Reese Pieronnet Anthony Pellegrino Colborne Petchell Irven Peters-on Leonard Peterson Albert Phillips Le Roy Plumgner Louis Porter La Vaughn Powell Raymond Powers Virgil Pratt Lloyd Precht Stanley Price Harold Ralph Robert Randazzo Roger Redman Charles Rice Aubrey Roberts Henry Thomas Leach Deane Robert Harvy Levine Don Lewis Joe Lewis La Von Lewis John Lewondoski Walton Loehman Earl Lowe Charles Luckman Harold Luther Frank Lutz Boldy Lux Eugene Lynn Russell Lynn 73 Manuel Rodriguez Alva Rogers Russell Rooks Thomas R-osser Cecil Russell Herbert Ryan Emery S'alomon Clarence Salzer Jack Sands Reginald Saunders Franklin Sawyer Harold Sayles William Schaerer THE N OR'EAST ER Benjamin Schwartz Arthur Schmahlfeldt Frank Schneider Carl Schickhardt Herbert Schumacher Cordes Schwenk Lawrence Scott Walter Scott, Jr. James Scyster Lothar Seebold Austin Settle Lyman Shively Wilmont Shotliff Jerome Silverstein John Basil Simpson Simpson Singer Albert Singleton Ralph Sloan James Smart Caldwell Smith Ernest L. Smith Gable Leonard Smith Wallace Smith Julius Solomon Thomas Stanley Joe St, Claire Wilbur Steffee Myer Stein Harry Stephens ' Clifford Stockwell Burdette Stoneburner Archie Starr William Sullard John Summers Delmar Taylor Hosea Thompson Ronald Toft Arthur Town Francis Trapnell Edward Truxal Elbert Tyler Richard Van Winkle G. E. Vaughn Clyde Walker Kenneth Walker Wilfred Walter Laurence Ward Harold Watson Oran Watts Clarkson Webster Hubert Wells Charles Wesner Roy Wetherill John White Stanley White Clarance Nickstrom James Williams Eugene VVilmore Elbert Wilson Phillip Wilson John Witherou Don VVood Ralph Yamhart Harry Zane ' ' " ' ' ' "' ""'f5A" ' V 'W P51 "1 -'5:'4"i- '5""'524"1? ,Hifi Y, f'12',g-THE' .' . ,E:':,:'- .. -,S-'f : . . ' ' A .' ' X , 41 1-xx, w S. -.nmzeh M., ,4 vw- M, 1-an 41- THE NOR'EASTER 5 V 74 ' ' 'P'-"fff4N-m-f.ff 'f- 1-QSM: e: '.. -"....g 'Qe..n:.4.,: V A 'Y-4,-V 11 ' ' ., ., ,W ..,,,.,,:,.,.-,,,, ,,,,, ,M,,M4,,L,,wL,.- ,- "'A"' ' "'-", L' -+1 ....f,., -- - - .., . 45,2 -.HM LJ.-J. . Q .-A, - ,.4.,,,,,, Gm Cb 42 52 62 QLO GANI ZAT IU f . .LLL , V ,,V,,3g,l,Yl.i.g,i4, N :1-:f"fL3 i"f'fTjf'fjf'Qi-"-M11f9i'5,gQ+te-f"': 211'-iigw""ff"'?T4,Tnr'T:-ani..4fffiT:1'""3"1"'WL.,.LL..' ' fp -' f M-, - ,I-1T4f-'ffisf-11:1-rif-fiizf,f-hh-....,,,A4-Ya,- .fa a- ,ff----W,-ff , . J . 33157: i447 W YVAYV 1 M -Y - VAm- R g--- W i- ffm---A Q w in M L , - ,ini H www H--47 U, , WY 4-A,-M -I L, , , ,,,,r,,-rio:-zfi.,,,,,.34-,?:-- -- A:-1, ae- ,, -5-:1?A-1-:-g-W-:scsi ,,.J-7,14-,, wwf-U -' --ff Y--W fr - -- - -I , ., - , ,,,.,, ,am Y W, M, 1"-g177g,gggZ:Wg,,sg' 3,1,,,.,..,,.. '1,,11L,4..,1 'M -'wif-:-'1-gf -'H --- afvmig-s--V-1 aff-GZQLLFQLZQVA-445 ,gQ5Qf T-Eggs i ' ' ' ' ,"A':i':':' LV" 'A ' M ' " ' M" ' R R ' ' ' wk .,-I., 'Mn First Row-Top-Bell, Smith, Jackson, Mclntyre. Miller. Abbott Thomason, XVood, Stephens. Second Row-Ruhlmant Johnson, Scovern. Frisbie, Carter, Gornall.. Greenlee, Culbertson, Crowley. Third Row-F. Kerr, Turpin, Daniels, Carr, Miss Taylor, Jackson, H. Snyder. Jones, Patterson. Fourth Row-Robinson, Lynn, Chrismann, Hanssen, Snyder, Button. Ryan, Stocker. -vA.WrrxZb-vd L HH VWHON HHLS President .......,,,,.,,,,, , Vice-President Secretary ,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, Treasurer ....,,,,,,,,,.,,, THE NOR'EASTER Alpha Literary Society Organized October 1 Motto: "Esse quam videri.'7 Colors: Gold and White. Flower: J-onquil. Advisers, Mr. Cunningham, OFFICERS First Term SecondTerm Maxine Daniels Olive Bell Mary Frances Carr Kathryn Stephen Olive Bell Leontine Frisbie Irene Lynn Margaret Miller Margaret Ryan Sergeant-at-Arms M argaret Johns-on CYIUC -.-.----..... ............ F rleda Hanssen Leontine Frisbie Flora Munger 3, 1913. Miss Taylor. Third Term Fourth Term Mary Frances Carrlseontine Frisbie iLeotine Frisbie Josephine Abbott Alfah Chrisman Frances Kerr Henrietta Wood Frieda Hanssen Elizabeth Ruhlman Mary Bufton Olive Bell Mary Frances Carr Ruth Greenlee Henrietta Wood RCDOFTCI' ................... Frances Kerr l11itia'fO1' .................... Josephine Abbott Virginia B. ThomasonVirginia Scovern Flora Munger Helen Snyder Martha Robinson Alberta McIntyre Mary Bufton Mary Frances Carr Irene Lynn Eleanor Culbertson Janice jones Frances Kerr Flora Munger Helen Blakesley Elizabeth Gornall ,1.-l...ll- MEMBERS 1923 Frieda 'Hanssen josephine Abbott Kathryn Stephen Mary Agnes Patterson Alfah Chrisman Leontine Frisbie 1924 I Elizabeth Ruhlman Frances Turpin S Ruth Greenlee Margaret Johnson 1925 Charlotte jackson Mildred Carter Margaret Smith Henrietta Wood Virginia Scovern Margaret Miller Maxine 'Daniels Olive Bell Alta Crowley Ethlyn Jackson Margaret Ryan Dorothy Snyder ,l.l..i- SOCIAL EVENTS Virginia Belle Thomason The Alpha Literary Society gave a dance at the school on Saturday, October 28. Tutt's orchestra was engaged for the evening. The Alphas attended a line party at the Orpheum Theater, Thursday, February 22. After the performance, the society Went to the Kansas City Club for tea. An early morning hike was given Saturday, March 10. Breakfast was eaten at the VVitte Grove Club House, near Independence. 77 -,. ,- . -N67 ,... .L First Row-Top-Cisel, Raup Lancaster, Barnickel, Edwards, Benson, Taylor, Fisher Miller, Darlington. Second How-Vawter Stockwell. Prozier. Smith, Pickering, McCQrew. Ward, Marshall, Boisseau, Hattoom. IIELLSVELZION GIH Thlid ltoxx-Goirlon, Trimble. Blowers. Elliott. Mr. Sharp. Lister, Husted, Baldwin. Fourth Pow T"lllt7 Hawkins Fhrisman Porter Hapke. Lvnn Smart Diels. THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Society of Debate N -JS: N-1,4 S D Organized Octolber 13, 1913 Colors: Red and Black. Motto: Possunt quia posse videntur. AdViSC1': Mr. Russell A. Sharp. President ................. .Rudolph Hapke Vice-President ....... Carroll Ward Secretary ................. Jack Benson Treasurer ..,,............. LeRoy Smith Sergeant-at-ArmsAllen Raup C1'1t1c ......................... Harold Taylor john Baldwin Levi Cisel Merton Diels Donald Husted Raymond Marshall james Pickering LeRoy Smith Carroll Ward Roger Chrisman Leonard Vatter Harry Trimble Fred Hawkins Robert Collier First Term OFFICERS Second Term Third Term Fourth Term Levi Cisel james Pickering LeRoy Smith Dwinnell ElliottHarry Stockwell Allen Raup john Baldwin Elbert DarlingtonMerton Diels Donald I-Iusted Paul Porter Fred Hawkins james PickeringMerton Diels R-aymond Marshall Rudolph Hap'keLevi Cisel james Pickering MEMBERS 1923 Clarence Barnickel Robert Crozier Dwinnell Elliott Porter Lister john McGrew Paul Porter Harry Stockwell Kenneth Lancaster 1924 Marion Edwagds Melvin Flowers Charles Boisseau 1925 Wariier Lantz Fred Hattc-om i..l.i.l- Jack Benson Elbert Darlington Rudolph Hapke Wilbur Fisher Frank S. Miller Allen Raup Harold Taylor Charles jones Eugene Lynn Arthur Gordon james Allen Southern ,Tames Smart Ten years! For a whole decade the Red and Black has led, and she shows no sign of fatigue. Today, the Northeast Society of Debate grows more powerful with each passing year. VVe have never enjoyed a year of greater success than this, the the tenth. and seldom, if ever, one of equal success. In every line of endeavor One at least of us has distinguished himself, and many have gained honors in more than one field. There is a passage in our anthem w ic rea s step, while welre near to theef' This is the slogan taught US Hlld Carried thfflugh by each succeeding generation of Debaters, so that each year brings addffd gl0TY 10 N- S- D. This is the slogan which will make her eleventh year the most glorious of all. Hail to N. S. D.! May she never be less than what she is! May we, in future years re- turning, find that "the head of the list will be the N. S. D."! h' h d : "Thou shalt never backslide, one 79 .L First Row-Top-Cook, Lewis, Izzard, Bevansv, Milligan, ROb1HSOD,H1I1k,JX1Lk11'1SOI1. Second Row-Ritter, D. Smith Setzler, Eichman, Harris. Benson, Polsky. Jones. Third Row-Gruver, Hewitt, Zanders. Mr. Hibbs, Mentzer, Fergusen, Fuller, Brugh Fourth Row-Dusair, VVeeks, Burdett, VVi1hite, Richards, Hammond. Rubins, Brock. IIELLSVELHON EIH THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Shakespeare Club Colors: Gold and Black. Flower: Violet. Motto: "It is not the trapping of knowledge, but wisdom itselff, Adviser: President ......,.....,. Vice-President ....... Secretary ................,, Treasurer .,..........,.,,. Sergeant-at-Arms. Critic ........,...,,......,.,., Preceptress .......... Initiator ............ Mr. Hibbs. OFFICERS First Term Edgar B. Eichman Robert Harris Sylvia Rubins Frances Ferguson Virgil Linderman Fannie Roll Elizabeth Richards Helen Gruver Florence Benson Second Term Florence Benson Elizabeth Richards Fannie Roll Fred Hink Frank Daniels Mary Elsie Izzard Helen Gruver Robert Harris Third Term Adele Setzler Mary Elsie Izzard Fred Hink Lucille Hewitt Verne Milligan Rosalyn Br-ock Sylvia Rulbins Frances Ferguson Anna Ray Brugh Reporter ....,,.. Florence Benson Pearl Antram Anna Ray Brugh Elizabeth Earl Edgar Eichman Frances Ferguson Emma Louise Fuller Helen Gruver Estelle james Russell Atkinson Rosalyn Brock Grace Jones Richard Lewis .l..-..-1...- MEMBERS 1923 Leta Hammond Lucille Hewitt Fred Hink Mary Elsie Izzard Louise Peironnet Fannie Roll Elizabeth Richards Robert Harris 1924 Maxine Mentzer Verne Milligan Maurice Polsky Edward Thelan Sylvia Rubins Adele Setzler Evelyn Weeks Harold Robinson David Bevans Margaret Du S'air Edward Zander Ray Cook Virgil Linderman Dolpha Smith Rebecca Burdett Hazel Kearns Brenda Ritter 1925 Eunice Wilhite Frank Daniels Thelma Kivovitch Gordon Parks .-..l..,..-..1T... "To be or not to bei' a Shakespeare. To be a Shakespeare is to be an ambitious student. The very name inspires high aims and lofty idealsg it creates within us a desire for all that is truest, noblest and best in thinking and in living. We cannot all be great poets like Shakespeare -but who shall say that from out this 1923 group of Shakespeares there shall not emerge grea ' teachers who shall make their influence felt in the world, in the years to c-ome. 81 t doctors, lawyers, arths-ts, authors and f-sir-f V L V nm W W, Y.--.,.,--f ,HEL ,AJ,Mn, ,,,.,,,Mgg,m,,gg,- -anew .i2:,W--f- - fiff-1-:ff-Psefzvazeazrf,1, -:L j-W, sie-fi'-if H ,RAAMMM-,,YL um V , , mgnfdr -if fe- --f First Lou Top Custenboidei, Wilkezson Caldwell, Anderson, Tuohe, Ennis, Critchfield. Price, Hadlev. Second Row-Gibson, Hoover, Bloomer, Goldstein, Cristy, Hall, McSpadden, Searcy, Gordon. Third Row-Day, Taylor, Hoffman, Conant, Mr. Nettles, Smith, Hogan. Vtfilson. Jackson. Fourth Row-McMillan, Epley, Curtis, Nason, Peters Stoller, Judd. HELLSVELHON GIHJ. THE NOR'EASTER Delphian Literary Society Motto: Virtute non Verbis. Colors: Purple and Gold. Flower: Aster. Adviser: Mr. Nettles. OFFICERS V First Term Second Term Third Term President .................. George Ennis Mabel McSpaddenBuel1a Wilshoii Vice-President ..,,.., Dorothy Custenbuorder Alice Lee Smith Secretary ................. Buella Wilson Treasurer ................. Alice Lee Smith Sergeant-at-Arms,Russell Tuche Initiator .................... Jeannette Conant Reporter ................ 4 ...Virginia Hoover Critic ............ .......... A lice Hadley Joan Abston Fred Anderson Ruth Bloomer John Caldwell Jeannette Conant Eugene Critchfield Dorothy Custenborder George Ennis Elizabeth Christie Evelyn Curtis Evelyn Epley Carolyn Gibson Alice Hadley Russell Truche Forrest' Judd Virginia Hoover Ruth Bloomer MEMBERS 1923 Mary Goldstein Alice Hadley Charles Hogan Ruth Hogan Virginia Hoover Doris McMillan Mabel McSpadden Ben Nason 1924 Mary Gordon Rolbert Hadley Geraldine Hall Dorothy Jackson Ruth Hogan Mariam Stoller Virginia Hoover Forrest Judd Adelaide Nay Elizabeth Christie Joan Abston Charles Hogan Adelaide Nay Earl Price Alice Lee Smith Mariam Stoller James Wilkinsgon Buella Wilson Sar-ah Taylor Russell Tuche Ellsworth Matthews c 1925 Reginald Saunders Tyniajo Searcy Forrest Judd Margaret Shields Dorothy Peters The Delphians have accomplished many things and, ever keeping the highest standards before us, we strive to live up to these standards in name and action. It is with' much regret that we bid farewell to the Seniors, who have upheld the purple and gold so nobly, but we expect the new members, to whom the welfare of the society will be entrusted, to carry on as well. We make no itemized account of -our talents or ll achievements because they are known and acknowledged by a . 83 W r-r--f W- "V '-2"12aT'TQav::' "V' W-71--.1.1Qll.Qf4J.l-k-F-Q.--f,'fi1lfeef,-2-'lgieilQi,W N , First Row-Top-Pratt, Clark, A. F. Pratt, MlcClure, Wunderli ch, Hibbs, Walker, McDaniel, Elliott. Second Row-Sachewitz, Spicer, Weyler, Ford, Ryan, Ferree, Cathcart, Eekles. Third Row-Carr, Stevenson, Stansbury, Miss Duggins, Affeldt, Mulky, Rhoads, Scott. Fourth Rowv-Waters, Edie, Polley, Wl1iting', Brown, Simpson. HELLSVELHON EIHJ, Fern Sackewitz THE N OR'EASTER Clionian Literary Society ,,a-NK ma sk Motto: Ta Kta Kte Ete. Colors: Red and White. Flower: Red Rose. Adviser: Miss May Duggins. - OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term President ................. Vivian Brown Anna Lee Pratt Edna Wuiiderlich Ruth Rhoads Vice-President ....... Anna Lee Pratt Ruth Rhoads Edith Hib'bs Fern Sackewitz Secretary ................. Ruth Rhoads Edna Wunderlich Helen Ganzer Catherine Waters Treasurer ................. Edith I-Iib'bs Catherine Waters Anna P. Stansbury Ruth Mulkey Sergeant-at-Arms Edna WunderlickAnna Pearl StansburyRuth Mulkey Lucille Stevenson Initiator .......,,.,........ .Mildred Edie Dorthy Furee Anna Frances Pratt Grace Elliott Reporter ......,.,,...,.,.. .Helen Ganzer Vivian Brown Catherine Waters Anna Lee Pratt Critic ,,,,..,,,.,, ,.,,.,,,. . Elizabeth Simson Edith Hibbs Anna Lee Pratt Edna Wunderlich Parliamentarian-Mildred Edie ' t MEMBERS 1923 Belle Eliz. Affeld Vivian Brown Catherine Carr Bonnie Cathcart Ollie Clark Mildred Edie Grace Elliot Dorthy Furee Marion Mortimore Alberta Eckles Katerine Ford Helen Ganzer Edith Hibbs Ruth McClure Ruth Mulkey Anna Lee Pratt 1924 Gwendolyn McDaniels Anna Frances Pratt Elizabeth Simson - Anna Pearl Stansbury 1925 Elizabeth Polly Ruth Spicer i,,.,.l..f- Lucille Stevenson Ruth Rhoads Catherine Waters Edna Wunderlich Edith Ryan Constance Scott Dolrthy Walker Alice Weyler Virginia Whiting h h h le ear the Clionian girls have striven to live up tO their m0ttO, Throug t e w o y , - . "SEEK THE BEAUTIFUL." You will not find anywhere a more loyal g1'0UP, Clfhlf . . d h ociet or to Northeast We all feel that we have gained something true an to t e s y- . beautiful to add to the virtues of our persons by constant contact with one another. We hope the society will always be as fortunate as it was this year in having ilots at the wheel of the ship, and that it will dock safe in harbor at such efficient p the end of each year. 85 -,...,.,,:-f-3, -. ..- ' 15-:sf-1-1ini - 4 ,.,Lv-1 ' will W1 W M-v1'f'h,NX X WQ,5Msv,f'L55m 1,9 js 'fx .Q - Q X wi p vhlffigl Q 313,13 X ap 'lf 9 A: Q CEI.LSV'EI.HON QFIHJ. EI ,sa A-,:, A,.a-'rw-N First Row-Top-VVhite, Gray, Griffith, Mr. Snell, Altergott, Thompson, Long. Second Row-K. Beach. Shelton, Daniel, XV. Baxter, Rainin. F. Baxter. Luckman. Third Row--Stanley, Pellegrino, Peterson, Gilmore. THE NOR'EASTER Benton Literary Society Colors: Blue and Gold. Adviser: Mr. Snell, ..l....-.-.i.. OFFICERS First Term Second Term Third Term President ........ . ...... , ...Raymond Scrivner Kay Beach Alexander Altergott Vice-President .,,,... Alexander Altergott Raymond Scrivner Fred Daniel SCCFCTHYY ------------------ Kay Beach Edward Baldry Frank.Baxtef TYCELSHTCI' ......,.......... Fred Daniel Fred Daniel Kay Bieaeh Sergeant-at-Armsjohn Holland Arthur Griffith Arthur Griffith Critic .......................... Edward Baldry Alexander Alterg0ttG. A, Long Reporter ...... ,. ,....... Eugene Wilmore Frank Baxter Baker Shelton MEMBERS 1923 Alexander Altergott Baker Shelton 1924 Fred Daniel Arthur Griffith William Horowitz Kay Beach Frank Baxter G. A. Long Donald McDonald Jake Rainer Fred Thompson Clifton Hamilton Wayne Baxter Sam Muller 1925 Thomas Stanley Anthony Pellegrino il.-.--.11- ' st closing another successful year. We have interesting The Benton Literary Society is Ju ' ' h 1 activities accomplished much, including a good representation in sc oo , and beneficial programs, and have taken much interest in the Literary Contest. Even if We do not Win this contest, as We hope to, we feel certain that this year has bene- fited each one, and that We have done much to raise the standards in Northeast. Our desire to make Northeast a better and pleasanter place has kept us united and working l r seniors, however, next through our most successful year. We are sorry to OSC Ou year we will do our best to win more honors for B. L. S. Witl1011'l1 them. 87 h no-- esie is so ...... -oi , , , A, . u -I .PF i Z gff Q is Cn 4 Rb F1 W aff if- 43 .ill sig". OO si? ffif 3:2 gil, i :ex . if? First Row-Top-VVatson, Hindo, Burton. Shinn. Jarboe, Horne, Meyr Strickler. 1' ' Second Row-Moore, Gilmore, Wells, Kerr, Frick, Misner, Eisberg, Barbour. f Third Row-Erickson, Janes, Edelen, Jamieson, Miss Leonard, Bar rett, McCoy, Fair-child. 7 Fourth Row-Hamilton, Craig, Hoefer, Parry, Murphy, McLeod. 'B .. f sl A+ J' F .., 5 P 3.14 i xxx! 4 . 2 Lf' 9,1 fi L im :gm 4, ai! 'I '6' ,. 1 1 I 52 L51 I fi iii 'f l 1? E . F . gl E .fi 'E gr i 'v 61 ity 31. is ui 2' . P 4 ' 1 1, ir .xy n S' if 5 , 4 , 1 L 1 I N 5 I F H H s THE N OR'EAS'l'ER Theta Literary Society President ..............,,. . Vice-President ...... . Secretary ..,,........,.,., Treasurer .......,,,,.,,,, . Sergeant-at-Arms. Critic .............,,,......,,. Initiator ....,.,,,,,,,.,, L ,, Reporter ..,,,,..,,,,,.,4,,, Parliamentarian .... Eleanor Burton Chasie Chinn Helena Eisberg Frances Fairchild Alice Barbour Dorothy Barrett Muir Edelen e Elina Erickson Christine Fr-omell Colors: Blue and White. Motto: Knowledge Is Power, Flower: Iris. Adviser: Miss Leonard. ,1.l,Ln - OFFICERS First Term Ethel Watson Ethel Hinds Eleanor -Burton Gertrude Moore Edna Jameson Chasie Chinn Frances Gilmore Iva Murphy Bertha Meyer Second Term Chasie Chinn Edna jameson May Hayes Frances Fairchild Helena Eisberg Verda Strickler Iva Murphy Marjorie Thompson Mildred Vinsant Third Term Marjorie Thompson Eleanor Burton Dorothy Wells Charlieann Perry. Juanita Cooper Margaret Jarboe Muir Edelen Verda Strickler Alice I-Ioefer l..1F.l--- MEMBERS 1923 Ethel Hinds Alice Hoefer Edna jameson Gertrude Moore 1924 Frances Gilmore Margaret Iarboe Helen Kerr Isabel McCoy Margaret Miller Bertha Meyer Bertha Meyer Marjorie Thompson Ethel Watson Iva Murphy Charlieann Perry Mildred Vinsant 1925 Virginia Horn Grace Misner Juanita Cooper B erenice McLeod Dorothy Hamilton The Theta Gwl, that bird of infinite wisdom, says: "Who? Who? Who doesn't know that during these tw-o short years of its ex- istence, the Theta Literary Society has made itself forever famous becaus-e of its in- numerable achievements? VV'ho doesn't know that there are this year three Thetas on the Girls' Debate teams, two on the Staff, and several on the honor rolls? Who doesn't know that Thetas are class officers, members of the Student Council, and members and officers of various clubs? Who doesn't know that Thetas have won medals in Literary Contests, contributed to the Nor'easter, and had feasts, hikes, par- ties, educational programs, and plays? Who doesn't know that the Thetas are the brightest, best, and most lovable girls at Northeast? Who doesn't know that" tghe Thetas owe most of their success to Miss Leonard, their beloved adviser? Who? Who? Whosoever does not know these things cannot be called wise," 89 First Row-Top-Marshall, Eaton, Stevens, O'Brien, Ennis, Allen. Schneider, Crumpley. Second Row-VV,il1iams. Fly, Nuss, Hogan, Nieb1'ug'e, Fifield. Cox, Dimmirt 8 Y N 1 - Third Row-Henderson, Hudspeth, Kennard. Grosheck. Miss Adams, Banta, Littnian, McNeil, Howard. Fourth Row-Miller, Dwight, TFLl'XX'2'ltCI', Schmitt, Todd, Arnold, Kephart. kIfEI.LSV'ELHON EIHJ. Kathleen Cox President .................. Vice-President ..,.... Secretary .................. Delta Literary Society Motto: Always faithful. Colors: Green and White. Flower: Lily oi Valley. Adviser: Miss Adams. ,i.l..l..i- OFFICERS First Term Second Term Jennie Nuss Iris Howard Kathryn Fly Berenice Roberts Harriet Groesbeck Justine Kennard Treasurer ............. Alice Todd Harriet Groesbeck Sergeant-at-Arms. Betty Arnold Theadoris Benadom Reporter .................,. Mary Fifield Justine Kennard Initiator .....,...,,,........ Lillian Miller Lillian Miller Parliamentarian .... Marguerite Crumpley Louise Williams Critic ..........,....,......,... Jennie Nuss Edith Dimmitt Marguerite Allen Marguerite Crumpley Blanche Eaton Mary Eifield Edith Dimmitt Aileen Ennis Gwendolyn Kephart Betty Arnold Helen Banta Ruth Dwight Harriet Groesbeclc THE NOR'EASTER Third Term Alice Todd Mary Fifield Lillian Miller Justine Kennard Mildred Haynes Maxine Mizener Esther Henderson Berenice Roberts Blanche Eaton MEMBERS 1923 Kathryn Fly Iris Howard Justine Kennard Lillian Miller 1924 Esther Marshall Anna Littman Maxine Mizener Berenice Roberts Norma Schmitt Alice Todd Louise Williams Edna Hogan Jennie Nuss Georgia O"Brien 1925 Mildred Haynes Esther Henderson Elizabeth Hudspeth Ollie McNeil Dorcas Warrens. Bertha Eisman Mary Helen Niebrugge Mildred Schneider Ardene Stephens Marjorie Tarwatcr. Altogether the past year, 1922-23, has been a most pleasant and profitable one for h 1 the Deltas. May they always keep their high standards before t em. 91 ,,-nsl now-'Lop-Elliott Pauy E' h , . 1, IC man, Melntyre, Ennis, Benson, Warcl, Daniel. Second Row-Rubins, Setzler, Hoover, Hogan. MeSpadden, Xvood, Jones. Third Row-Gordon, R' ' ' ' lchards, Chrlsman Mlss Pfmekard Stel , .K . C , ,Dl6'llS, M. Gordon, Peters XYilson. Fourth Row-Lynn, Marshall, M l f " 2 ' ' urp 13, I-lapke HLIXXVICIHS. HEILSVELIION ElH.L THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Mathematics Club President ........... Vice-President .... Secretary ....,,......,. Treasurer ......,,,,.,. Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Critic ,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Initiator ,,,,. Jack Benson Edgar Eichman Dwinnell Elliott George Ennis Rudolph Hapke Elizabeth Richards Roger Chrisman Fred Daniel Arthur Gorden Adviser: Miss Packard. ,.li.l-.-- OFFICERS First Term Mable McSpadden Adele Setzler Rudolph Hapke Roger Chrisman Ruth Hogan Elizabeth Richards Kathryn Stephen MEMBERS 1923 Ruth Hogan Virginia 'Hoover Raymond Marshall M albel McSpadden Allen Raup Sylvia Rubins P 1924 Mary Gordon Janice Jones Iva Murphy Second Term Rudolph Hapke Adele Setzler Sylvia' Rubins Elizabeth Richards Jack Benson Fred Hawkins Mable McSpadden Iva Murphy Adele Setzler Kathryn Stephen Carol Ward Henrietta Wood Buella Wilsqn Elizabeth Ruhlman Elizabeth Simson 1925 Fred Hawkins Dorothy Snyder ' Dorothy Peters Eugene Lynn ,liiiii Of all the clubs there are in school, The Math Club is the best. And when it comes to doing things P W'e're way ahead the rest. W have also had a Toyland Yes! We have done a great many things this year. e l uccesses We have the "p'eppiest" .bunch in Dance and a mixer, which have been tru y s . Q the school. We jump' and make everyone else jump because we've got lots of vim and We're going to win! We have some illustrious older members and some promising younger ones, who next year will take up and carry on the work of the Mathematics - eware! Club, But-actions speak louder than Words! So watch us and b 93 .--,- - -,. I L .wf3 mX-' 14m 'ff'-T' - ,Tig --vy 1 V -F1-4 .-Arif if ,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,M,,,m- A-i,,,,,,,,,,,-,E:?Wl MJ A A i U A fy V '-'iff W Qi.-5--a5z."' , ' er 11.4. .. . . First Row-To1J4VVatson., Dusair, Todd, Koujion, Patterson, Nvaters. Johnson, Hanssen. Sec-ond Row-Fuhr. Daniels, Arnold, Snyder, Frishie, Tarwater, Chrisman. Galloway. Third Row-James, ldisherg, Clinton, Banta., Mlle. Hofacker, MoDaniels, A. L. Smith, D. Smith. Fourth Row-VVUnderliich, Saunders Eisberg. Adams, Epley, Maringinno, Barbour. HELLSVELHON EIHJ, oway Lia bfl Qman 9 SI' l aI'Wa 9 9 -BFSDQ Fuhr, Dane s, Arno a, Snyder 8COHCl ROW- S Eisberg' Adams, ED Gy, IV-HI' Hg nno Barbour 'c , Saunde s BI' nd -W Po For Secretaire Tresoriere Iniatrice ,A,,.,,,,,,,,, Reporteuse .......... Critique ,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, THE NOR EASTER Les Penseurs 66 amp s 'Sago Jqmvl Dev e Liberte de la Pensee Conseillere Mlle Olga V Hofacker OFFICERS Premier Terme Second Terme Troisieme Terme Presidente Edna Wunderl1chLeont1ne Frisbie Helen Snyder Vice Pres1denteLeont1ne Frisbie Helen David Bevans , Elizabeth Adams Alfah Chrisman Maxine Daniels Allene Clinton Leontine Frisbie Estelle james Mary Agnes Patterson Evelyn jane Epley Frances Kerr Gwendolyn McDaniels Helen Du Sair Frances Ferguson Alfah Helen Snvder Reba Kerrick Maxine Daniels Ethel Alfah Chrisman Dalia Alice Snyder Chrisman Smith Lee Smith Watson Simone Koujion Simone Koujion Ieontine Frisbie Elizabeth Adams M ary Agnes Patterson Ethel Watson Edna Wunderlich MEMBERS Z Elizabeth Sanders Alice Lee Smith Edna Wunderlich M.ary Fifield Ethel Watson Sophia Eisberg Frieda Hanssen Josephine Abbott 1924 Quatrieme Terme Alfah Chrisman David Bevans Simone Koujion Frieda Hanssen Margaret johnson Leontine Frisbie Helen Snyder Helen Snyder Simone Koujion Dolfa Smith Blanche Fuhr Catherine Waters Alice Todd Marjorie Tarvvater Russell Atkinson Josephine Maranzino Margaret S. Johnson 92 Mary Lee Mays Alice Barbour Dorthy Eisberg Mable Galloway ,-,.-.ic-.Li Je sais que tous les efeves de Northeast High School ont entendu parler des 'Penseurs, Notre piece La Marraine de Guerre" a eut un grand succes ainsi que notre soiree dansante. Si vous voulez vous imaginer pour un moment d'etre en d reunions de "Les Penseurs'. Oh, la la! Je sais que, France venez vous a une es c charme par cette atmosphere, vous voudriez tous etudier le francais. Nous sommes tres heureux d'avoir Mlle. Hofaker pour notre conseillere. Elle est connue et aimee par tous les eleves. Alors nous souhaitons pour "Les Penseurs" un futur, plein de prosperity. 95 First Ro Second Row-Brown, Porter, Taylor, Palmer, McClure,, Evans, Gilmour. Third Row-Lantz, Svvingle, Miss Taylor, Crumpley, Baker, Erickson. Fourth Row-Stoller, Curtis Hewitt, Pratt, XVacle. W-Top-Bell, Diels, Darlington, Barniokel, Campbell, McCaslin, Moore. .L EIH HON HELLSVFI -4 THE N OR'EASTER La Sociedad Castellana Presidente ....,.,,....... Vice-Presidente ........ Secretario ............. Tesorero .................... .. 3151900 Advisers: Senora Bell, Senorita.Taylor. OFICIALES. Primer Semestre James Campbell . Olive Bell ...-.-.Clarence Barnickel ....-.....Harold Taylor Critica ....,..................... ...... Sargenta-de-Arnias Reporter ....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, james Campbell Clarence Barnickel Vivian Brown Elbert Darlington Merton Diels Harold Taylor Ruth Palmer Frances Gilmour Williaiii Horowitz Ruth McClure Vivian Brown . ...-...T MIEMBROS. 1923 Ollie Clark Olive Bell Marguerite Crumpley Penelope Baker Sarah Taylor Lois Swingle Lucille Hewitt 1924 Anna Frances Pratt Evelyn Curtis Segundo Semestre Elbert Darlington Paul Porter F Sarah Taylor Anna Frances Pratt Olive Bell Ollie Clark Ruth McClure Opal Wade Paul Porter Gertrude Moore Justine McCaskin Lillian Evans Marion Stoller Elina Erickson 1925 Warner Lantz Carl Addington Hace nueve anos que una nueva sociedad fue organizada en la Escuela Nordeste. Desde ese tiempo esta sociedad se ha conocido como la Sociedad Castellana y ha crecido y prosperado hasta que ahora ocupa uno de 105 lugares mas prominentes de la Escuela Nordeste. Ahora hemos cuniplido el ano mas prospero en la historia de la Sociedad. La Sociedad ha tenido niucha iniluencia en las clases de espanol y todos los discipulos del espanol desean ser menilbros de la Sociedad Castellana. Las reunioneg han sido muy interesantes e instructivas pero no hemos dado todo nuestro tiempo al estudio de la hernmosa lengua de Cervantes. Ustedes sin duda recuerdan nuestros "Mixers" Por los cuales nos hemos hecho famosos y todo el mundo dijo que nuestro "Old Fashioned Barn Dance" fue el mejor baile de todos. Nuestro buen exito Se delbe en gran parte a la Seiora Bell y a la Senorita Taylor. Esperamos que los futuros anog de la Sociedad seran tan prosperos. Viva la Sociedad Castellanal 97 'ELLSVELHON 7ilH.L H 'UW 'QV'- First Row-Top--Carey, Haines, Smith, Izzard. Colville, Thompson Stark. Second Row-Gruver, Perry, Lynn, Standart, Smoot, Wpinstead, Sprink. Third Row-McNeil, Harry, Ross, Miss Baskin, Mulkey, Foster, Broadway. Fourth Row-Manning, Combs, Clingan, Peterman. James, Antram. President ..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Vice-President .......... Secretary .....,.,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer ....,,,.....,,,,, Reporter ...,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Vesta Club X JN I OFFICERS First Term Mary E. Izzard .-..,...-.Margaret Smith .-.......Helen Gruver .-.-..,,..Irene Lynn .....-.,.Dorothy james Sergeant-at-A1'H1S ..... ......,,.. P earl Antram Critic ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. ,.., Adviser ..... Mabel Standart Helen Gruver Mary Elsie Iggard Margaret Smith Pearl Antram Bernice Witschner Josephine Clingan Grace Elliot Remapbel Harper Mary Combs Virginia Connley Ollie McNeil ..........Grace Elliot Miss Baskin . MEMBERS ' 1923 Mary Buffton Irene Lynn Harriet Winstead Louise Peterman Juanita Perry Katherine Ross 1924 Ellen jane Broadway Reva Foster Cora Lee Drinkard 1925 Vada Manning Virginia Belle Thomason Louise Sprink S'econd 'Term Irene Lynn Pearl Antram Virginia B. Thomason Margaret Smith 1 Ellen jane Broadway Mary E. Izzard Katherine Ross Miss- Baskin Eva Harry Winifred Carey Marjory 'Thompson Ruth Mulkey Mary Bell Stark Rebecca Smoot Catherine Fly Mildred Haynes Margaret Colville 1 Northeasterg all know the Vesta Club. We are two years old and still have our allowance of pep. The girls this year have been busy. We supplied the "eats" for the Inter-Club dance, March 17, and we just know that everyone came because they knew We cooked the "goodies" March 27 we had a tea for our mothers and entertainment afterwards-Sure had one jolly good time. By the Way, We had a line party and a tea after the show. 99 1----:gk V-rpm L- --f,fjf , , , ......A,g..,gg..4,......-...L.::,- T sim ,,,.,,Y.,.. ' h- ' , 1, f,,H':3l"A":f'f' 1iT::f?gQ'?i-,-L1-I 121 5. -Q -""E1f'::"'2'1i11.fA "' ' ' First Row-Top-Robinson, Nolan, Chinn, Haynes, Chritchfield, Pickering, Williams, Lester. Second Row-D. Smith, Bloomer, Cassity, Kerr, Horne McLeod, VVhite, Martin. Third Row-Jones, DuSair, Vierheilig, Holderly, Miss Edna Miller, Byrd. Mentzer, Jamieson, Howard. Fourth Row-Norton, Robrock, Huber, Stein, L. Smith, McNeal, L. Oliver, M. Oliver. llEl.I.SV1fLlION EIHJ. President .............. Vice-President ...... Secretary ................. Treasurer ................... Sergeant-at-Arms... Reporter ...............r.. Marguerite Allen Ruth Bloomer Eleanor Burton Eugene Critchfield Iris Howard Mildred Cassity Dorothy Ferree Clifford Fox Hannah Holderby Helen Huber Ethlyne Jackson Frances Byrd Virginia Horn Lulu Hayes in THE NOR EASTER ortheast Art Club Q C AG '-to' AClViSC1': Miss Edna E, M OFFICERS First Term Ruth Bloomer Iames Pickering Helen Kerr ........Grace M argaret Jones Marion Williams -.-.1-...'.iChasie Chinn MEMBERS 1923 Manseur Haynes Edna Jameson Charles Muckensturm june Norton A James Pickering 1924 Carl Jordan Grace Margaret Helen Kerr Bemis Lester Maxim Mentzer Louise Gliver 1925 Estella Mae Martin Berniece McLeod Naida Noland JO11es iller. Second Term Eugene Critchfield Edna Jameson Ethyln Jackson Dorothy Smith Marion Williams Helen Kerr Louise Smith Margaret Du Sair Marion Williams Marion Oliver Mildred Robinson Hermia Riobrock Dorothy Smith Meyer Stein Alice Vierheilig Alice White ....l... Have you ever noticed in how many branches of school life art is needed? We students of drawing and drafting have long felt the need of an Art Club at North- east, and at last our ambition is realized. This club was formed to promote interest in the need and value of art in every day life, and to help its members learn to rec- ognize the best in art, fine, applied and commercial, both ancient and modern. We have endeavored to help our school in every possible way by means of decorations for school affairs, and posters which are used for advertising all important events. We have had interesting talks from architects and art critics which have been of reat 'benefit to us Besides the pleasure wc have derived from this, beneficial talks g . . and our visit to the Art Institute, our social events have been very Successful. 101 .. v-,.1...f..,, -.p:.-.. N, ,-VAN-ml -- First Row-Top-Zander, Schwenk, Griffith, Edmonds, Nicholson, Roberts. Second Row-Daniels, Hedderman, Ross, Carleton. Third Row-Giarolone, Kennardo. Mr. Coleman, Hoots, Reed, Henderson. Fourth Row-Hogan, Kirkpatrick, Anderson, Lamport, Wilkinson, Ganzer, McGlynn. HHLLSVELHON EIHJ, THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Commercial Club President ,,,,,,,,...,,, Vice-President .... Secretary ......, Treasurer ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Reporter ,.,,,.....,,,,,,,,-,, Sergeant-at-Arms Critic .,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kleo Ashton Grace Carlton Raymond Crawford Helen Ganzer Thelma Hedderman Charles Hogan Mildred Irwin James Kirkpatrick Frank Daniels Marion Edwards Edward Lamport Thomas McGlynn Reuben johnson www 0 Colors: Gold and Silver. Motto: Efficiency wins Adviser: Mr. Coleman. OFFICERS. First Semester Helen Ganzer Arthur Griffith Cynthia Weiidemuth Eugene Nicholson Thelma Hedderman Frederick Anderson Kleo Ashton MEMBERS. 1923 Eugene Nicholson Muri-el Ross james Wilkersoii Frederick Anderson Dorothy Borden Russell Settle Lucille Gaw Antoinetta Giacalone 1924 Paul Tandy Louise Williaiiis Arthur Griffith Lucille Henderson 1925 Nadine Reid Eniegene Waldeii ?,l,l- Second Semester Arthur Griffith Bernice Roberts 1611156 V. Nuss Charles' Hogan Cynthia Weiidemuith Raymond Crawford Vernetta Hoots Vernetta Hoots Justine Kennard Kenneth Lancaster Bernice Roberts Catherine Smith Edward Zander Catherine Smith U .lennie V. Nuss Cordes Schwenck Cynthia Wendeniuth Claudia W'hite Helen Twyman At last, it is nearing the time when our Senior members will leave us. We have t success enjoyed their companionship immensely and wish that they all may have grea in their future business careers. Also, we have enjoyed ourselves on some "peppy" hikes and we shall 'be on the logkout for new members next year-so Sophomores and juniors be sure and get into the club with us. The Commercial Club has accomplished much this year. VVe have greatly in- creased our mem-bership. We have learned many things by visiting large commercial h ' th' cit and we have had such good officers that we know that the Club ouses in is y ' this year has been more successful than ever before. VVe who are left shall strive to make the club as good and even better next year. 103 ..... -.. 1.1.5 g.. .-,L Q... . . 41:1-+Qgggggfiizirei-'eras-f':.111'f i'iiii'i" 1 L' ' ' K First Row Top-Jones, Barr, Stockwell, L. Smith, Lister, DeLouis, L. R. Smith, Gifford. Second Row--Boyd, Griffin.. Crozier, Mr. Chaffee, Barnes, Aoker, Shelton. HELLSVELHON EIHJ, THE NOR'EASTER ortheast Glee Club Adviser: Mr. Chaffee. ,QEFICERS First 'Term Second 'Term President .....,........ ...... P orter Lister Porter Lister Vice'President .,..,,, ...,,. H arryi Stockwell Robert Crozier Secretary .......... ....... L e Roy Smith Edwin'Beyd Treasurer ............... ....... E dwin Boyd ' Aubrey Griffin Sergeant-at-Arms ...... ....... R ichard Lewis Richard Lewis MEMBERS First Basses: Robert Crozier Paul jones ' . Harry Stockwell Second Tenors: Ohm MCGreW Richard Lewis Carl "Zimmerman Arthur Castleman Kay Beach Second Basses: Raymond, Barr Leonard Smith First Tenors: Edwin J. Boyd Aubrey Griffin J Leroy Smith Baker Shelt-on Porter Lister, Baron de Louis John Barnes Elmer Gifford Ernest Aker Well, we went. Where? Why out to Hickman Mills, of course, and allow me to say right now that we knocked them cold, we put them on ice, we jarred them plumb out of their seats, we-- folks, we went over big! As I said once before, they like US Out Hickman Mills way. Well ladies and gentlemen and-er-ah--also .stud- 'l ents of "thou dear Northeast," there isn't so much to tell this time except that Apri 20 1923 A. D. the R. O. T. C. gives a huge military circus in Convention Hall, Y 7 7 and us, weuns, the Glce Clulb, disguised in military uniforms, and singing under the pseudonym of the f'Harm.ony Squad" are going to compete against the harmony squads of the other three high schools and sh-ish-shus-don't 'breathe a word of it to anyone ft 't's over. but we're Going to beat those boys so bad they'll never ibe the same a er 1 b There is a large loving cup offered for the -winning squad and-well we just cant get along without that cup. The contest pieces, 'both boys' chorus and mixed chorus, are coming fine and we are expecting to gallop home in these contests too with a loving cup under each arm. The sight reading contest this year will be held before the massive crowd that packs Junior College that afternoong and folks, another school has that cup now, but it's coming back to its homae this year. just watch and see. Our first tenor department suffered a setback a few days ago when Aubrey Griffin re- signed. That leaves just one first tenor, Edwin Ujayi' Boyd, to sing in the contest. Oh Well, we'll romp home with the cups anyway so why worry. 'T'hat's all, folks, ex- cept that I'll be looking for everyone of you down there at junior College the Friday ' ' A f o l. afternoon of the contest. So long until the day vxe knock em or a g a 105 .--- ,sm-Q y- -gr.. ,. , ,, , as c, c fig:-zfipfcfrfiiil--W-as----31+-we-e - ew- - -A-'--ee -en-' " i 'H-H 'eff-A 1"c'1f1+f:e-f M--H'--'M d W c ff First Row-Top-Edie, Osgood Searcy, Sala, Rhoades, Christie, Eisberg, Spicer, Stansberry. Second Row-Pratt, Hoffman, Eunis, Gatchett, Gibson, Burger, Booting, Bradley, Mun er g . Third Row-Robinson, Eckles, Schmitt, Pieronnet, Mr. Chaffee, Carr, Weeks, Sackewitz, Jackson. Fourth Row--Swaney, Gornall, Lovelace, Hobbs, Custenborder, Carr, Shockley, Stevenson. ZIELLSVELZION EIHJ. X THE NOR'EAST ER Northeast Treble Clef Club President ......... ...... Vice-President ........ Secretary ..,,..........,., ,, Treasurer ...................,,. P-"9 Director: Professor F. E. Chaffee. .l.....-Ll. - OFFICERS First Term .-.....D0fOtl1y Custeniborder Mary Frances Carr Louise Pieronnet Anna Lee Pratt Second Term Mary Frances Carr Martha Robinson Fern Sackewitz Evelyn Weeks Sergeant-at-Arms .....,,.. ...,,,, R uth Greenlee Marian Shoekely RCDONCT ---.-...----........... ....... . Dorothy Jackson Ruth Greenlee Pianist ..,,.................. Q .....,, Fern Sackewitz MEMBERS 1923 Mary Frances Carr Martha Robinson Evelyn Weeks Dorothy Custenborder Anna Lee Pratt Louise Pieronnet Kathryn Carr Lucille Stevenson Gladys Gatchet Mary Bradley Ruth Rhoads Norma Schmitt Fern Sackewitz Margaret Burger Helena Eisberg Flora Munger Aileen Ennis Dorothy Sala 1924 Dorothy jackson Anna Pearl Stansbury Mildred Edie Ena Mae Osgood Ruth Greenlee Eliza-beth Christie Kathleen Hoffman Pauline Lovelace Carolyn Gi-bson 1925 Elizabeth Gor-nall Tyniajo Searcy Ruth Spicer Marian Shockley Clella Hobbs Lois Swaney' The Treble Clef Club has resolved to carry on, with flying banners, the Work T C C members Cf c-ourse you all know what this club has done begun by former . . . i . ' in the way of bringing honor to Northeast for the past decade, and of course the member-5 of the Club at the present time desire to do as much or more than has been ' 1 ' rl t t are only a foreshadowing of events to done already. The results of the so o con es come, for Never are we downcast, T ired we seldom areg C heerfully we do our best, C hoosing success for our star. 107 "fan-'H ff f'i'W"" "' ' ' " A W "" ' 13:31. :N .es f+,.affe,.Hf, -nf qqifffig-1:-:ffl- ,W , V T' fag "- ' "-gf , 1.5,,T 5Ef253?f51-yQg355A5fQQiT??ff?1?31"ffffi?iffQ""' ' 'Y ' "Q TY V , :NIT .41f" Tfr:f'9'i1' A "T: 'F-if-' 222:-Lia-if-...m-',,,:i -W--. --' '- 5. , .5 -- Nh-. 2 First Row-Top-Bowman S:trick1er, Johnston, Rutherford, Newson, Gardner. Second Row-Thorn, Miller, Cox, Stephens, Brown, O'Brien Schneider. Third Row-Smith, Stephens, Miss Stewart, Miss Heibei Shaw, WVoodard. Fourth Row-Day, Hammond, Rogers, Downing., Harper. L HH VLHON LS HH THE NOR EASTER ortheast Olympic Association President ................. Vice-President .......... Secretary .............,,,. Treasurer ....,.....,,..,.,,,,,,, Sergeant-at-Arms Reporter ....,.,,.,..,,..,,,,,, Leta Hammond Olive Russell Edna Gardner Lillian Miller Charlotte Harper Thelma Shaw Mable Richart Helen Strickle Uarda Newson Ardene Stephens Dorothy Johnston Colors: Purple and White. Advisers: Miss Stewart an ,l,.. . oFF1cER,s Hirst Term ..........Juanita Wheeler Olive Russell Georgia O'Brien -.........Dorothy Thom ' Lillian Miller MEMBERS 1923 Gertrude Brown Helen Bowman Bernice Rutherford Stella Wilson 1924 Kathleen Cox Georgia O"Brien Dorothy 'Th-om Jennie Rogers 1925 Mildred Day Mildred Schneider Pearl Downing ilii- d Miss Heibel. Second 'Term Leta Hammond Lillian Miller Ardene Stephens Bernice Rutherford Charlotte Harper Jessie Shane Jessie Shane Beulah Francis Goetche Louise Stephens Jessie Henderson Zeda Smith Ruth Reynolds The ancient Greeks were no better equipped in physical education than we, for the Northeast Olympic Association has lived up to its creed in ibeing full of energy and vigor. The inter'-class soccer football games were the first competition of the l922-1923 season. The seniors walked off with the honor of being the champions. The inter-class basket ball games brought out an enthusiastic crowd of people. The juniors won the honors. Baseball and track meets are to nbe held in April and May. We will also have a swimming meet about the same time Just now the Northeast annual girls gymnasium fete is being prepared and will 'h be given April 6th. Afbout one hundred and sixty will take part in it. T e program this year is divided into three parts. The first part is a demonstration of natural rhythm and dancesg the second part, an American pageant, in which each period is represented by its own colonial and national dancesg the third part, a dance drama ' ' ' ' ' ' h W d ." In written over' the theme of Grimm s child like fairy story, 'Babes ln t e oo s h' rt e have the good fairies and the gingerbread fairies and the good angels, t is pa w f L the witch and all the other characters that made this popular fairy story so alive. This is not all bv any means that we have been doing: our days are so full and ill continue to be fdull until the very last day of school. 1C9 VV ff - .B e,,e:,g-fiafvef?:fi:?:Lg?Se9eaea.ffif4+...:f-M -fr: B' 1 e f' i 1 c First Row-Top-Gatchet. Aker, Jones Conrad Nicholson McFall Peirc V ,, , , z e, anCamp, Jones. Second Row-Gibson, Vierheilig, Brown, Newson, Armfield, Meyer, Groves, Bradley, Osgood, VVendel. Third Row-Singer, Tompkins, Marshall, Mr. Chaffee, James, Hill, Beach, Ireland, Sackewitz. Brent. Fourth Row-Johnson. St ll, - ' ' ' o er, Savoca, RlttG1, G1fford, Fuller, Adams, Maranzino. Peach. HCH.LSV'EI.HON E-IILIJ, First Row-Top-R. Marshall, Jones, Conrad, P. Jones, VanCamp, McFall, Wilson, Settle, Porter. Second Row-Jackson, Votaw, Nordberg, B. WVilliams Nicholson, E. Williams, Butler, Sloan, Beers. Third Row-Patzman, Baumgartner, Swope, Marshall, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Chaffee, Kirk, Aichers, VVade. Fourth Row-Griffin, Brown, McLean, Pearce, Johnson, Alexander, Smith, Boyd. HEI.I.SV'il.HON 'iIH.L THE NOR'EASTER sp, v i my V 3 ' M M ' ... C' ' 49 .. fx .1 V I fp "TT ,, 2 EXECUTIVE BOARD-FIRST TERM First Row-Top-Jones, A. Hergott, Collier, Marshall, Curtiss Second Row-Harris, Brown, Crozier, T. Jones. I , , , J ,. m.,,4,,X ., .Wf,.,., -' .- -1 EXECUTIVE BOARD-SECOND TERIVI First Row-Top-Curtiss, Miller, Ennis. Eiehman, Stephens. Second Row-Marshall, Caldwell, Cook, Lantz. 112 7 ' ' .4 , pq- A,.4.,.if...3v,4T.QQ.,,Q-es......:.u-..,..1,-,,.4 -, - ' - xx ,Xp THE N OR'EASTER Officers of the Student Council For the First Term President ---------'-------- --..--..... ......,,.. R o bert W. Crozier Vice-President ........ ..... Robert Harris Secretary -------------------- - ........ Vivian Brown Sefgealllt-3,t-AI'l11S ,,,,--,-..----w-.. ------ T fufnan Jones U ADVISERS Miss Packard Miss Pile Mr, Hibbg Miss Thomas Mr. Sharp EXECUTIVE BOARD P Chaf1CS 10111-Qs Raymond Marshall Seniors EVCIYI1 Curtis Robert Collier luniors Esther Henderson Garnet Altergott Sophomores COUNCIL COMMITTEES AND ADVISERS Personal Property Committee Courtesy Committee Levi Cisel, Chairman Frank Miller, Chairnlan Mr. Hibbs, Adviser G . Miss Thomas, Adviser Carol Ward, DW111HC11 EUIOH, SC.1110rs Wm. Johnson, Bernice Roberts, Seniors Rolbert Collier, Fr2111CCs Kerr, juniors. Harold Gray, Helen Stocker, juniors HCICH Blakesley, SODhO1T10re Ardene Stephens, Sophomore For the Second Term, Spring 1923 PfCSidC11't ...................................... Edgar B. Eichman VTCC-P1'CSlClC11t ............................ Raymond Marshall Secretary .............,.........,.r.....,.... .Frank S1 Miller Sergeant-at--Arms ...............,.... George Ennis ADVISERS Miss Packard Miss Pile Mr. Cowan Miss Thomas Mr. Sharp EXECUTIVE BOARD Warren Cook lohn Caldwell Seniors Evelyn Curtis Dorothy Jackson juniors Warner Lantz Ardene Stephens Sophomores COUNCIL CO'MMI'I'I'EES AND ADVISERS Personal Property Committee john Caldwell QChairmanj Arthur Gordon Fred Hattoom Truman jones Courtesy Committee Warren Cook CChairmanj Ruth Weissenfluh Winthrop jones Ruth Hogan Francis Kerr Carl Zimmerman Seniors Seniors Iuni-ors luniors Sophomores Sophomores THE STUDENT COUNCIL This year's student council 'has been busily engaged in working for the student body trying to make Northeast a better school for all. Two of the more important measures passed included help in the protection of the student's property by the R. O. T. C. and the working out of an efficient library checking system. The council is now formulating a plan to co-operate with all the high schools in creating .an in- terest in the erection of a stadium, to be used by all the schools of Kansas City for football and track. Frank Miller is the Northeast representative on the inter- high school committee. The student council was formed to serve the students of Northeast, so it is up to you to make it a success. Thanks for your co-operation. THE STUDENT COUNCIL. ll3 r - --.. .,.....,: .M -4 ,.,:,.A.Y -.4-4... .- ,..,.g...- - -- -" i-5 ' sa '::.-u.a.,,,.,-:z.e-z..-.t.e..i4 -1--Mr. V V . . . THE NOR'EASTER THE NOR'EASTER GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL CLUB CABINET 115 THE N 0R'EASTER Girls' High School Club Through another successful year the slogan of the Girls' High School Club has been carried, and through this year, the Seni-or Triangle of the clu-b has helped to improve it, strengthen it, and carry on its part of the Work. The meetings have all been lively, interesting, and full of "pep", but underneath this spirit of joy, there has been a current of deeper and fuller meaning. The Senior Triangle meetings have brought inspiration, uplifting and helpful thoughts, and a strong desire to each girl who has attended them tp go out from school and spread the influence that she has received, through the world around her. The meetings have not only been inspirational, but educational, too. Many top-ics of interest have been discussed and the girls have profited by them greatly. Much social service work has been done, and in that way, the members of the Triangle have shared their advantages with those who were not so fortunate, and have brought the spirit of the club into the lives of others. A great deal of their success is due -to the Triangle adviser Miss Peters. She has helped the girls to conduct successful meetings and has encouraged them in car- rying on their social work. As the Senior girls leave, they are wishing for the Triangles the best of success throughout the coming year and the others to follow, and they hope that the girls who take their places will carry on the work and make the Girls' High School Club a better and a bigger cluib each year, and also one of the outstanding factors in the school life of Northeast. The Junior Triangle "The meeting of' the Junior 'Triangle will please come to order." QC0nversati011s concerning important business CU were hastily closedg candy and potato chips mys- teriously disappearedg silence reigned supremej W6 have learned many valuable things. Many interesting programs we have had mong these was a most unusual talk by a social service worker who told us of her experiences among the poorer districts. Another discussion enjoyed by all was that on "Vocational Guidance." The girls who are trying to be honor girls had char f o ge O a health meeting at which it was proved that all girls required a certain amount of exercise, especially those wh-ose greatest desire is to reduce. We canot round out a useful life on books and lectures alone. The principal characters at one of our 11166-Itlngs which was held at Prospect Point, were "hot dogs," rbuns, dill pickles, po- tato chips, roasted marshmallovvs and all of their various friends. A good time was the unanimous verdict. Under the guidance of Miss Miller, our faithful adviser, the girls have earnestly endeavored to make their lives worthy of the blue Girl Reserve Triangle, which rep- resents physical, mental and spiritual development. 116 A-2A:?.:FQ? .J E1-1-.L-:ZEQI-gigiifvsfyffngggggqqgi-.,,-g,L?5:,5Q5wqfD:a.u.vq.kqpwwf,-c.:,,.-,.i,,5,n,vw,-,rn YA, , 9. 2 ' ' -- - " -'-'f"'A"2"f-1'--v--if-f-P52 Q: :.: :-.:'.- .2 , in - "'.E':1g',:.x-fa:-5 x.:,i--5.5-1, THE NOR'EASTER MISS OLIVE G. BELL Sponsor Major Northeast Battalion R. O. T. C. 117 A--'S'-A'-1-id-2-rvf-iv2iE:Eaw.'5.Lgm,1:1sa.g:,x:::1:i,,,,1,.1.,,,.g '-,uw I ,Y i D . ' , . , L .-.!.. ,. .Md , , sf- -Y f 5155 5422 f' f ' 1 ' ' ' ' "1 ,giifggyghiif . ix-. Q. 2J1fi:i:,Z.: ,ff"J?.Z-1f'5ff?l?--1:3-2214nn: 'f' ""' ""':""'1""""" MW "C " ' ' A' ' ' , ,V , T, ,y ,, YYY,, , , , gg' '75,-Ti? Qliii1if:4f-533525 5-i,-i9w:- W V T' rj 'Y'f 5' ' Y ' T .LSVHLHON EIH.L NORTHEAST BAITALION R. O. T. C. OFFICERS First Row-Top-2nd Lt. Linderman, 2nd Lt. Laurenzana, lst Lt. Gray, lst Lt. Moran, 2nd Lt. Sallee. 2nd Lt. Marshall, 2nd Lt. Murray. Second Row-lst Lt. Shearrer, lst Lt. Robinson, Capt. Eichman, Major Taylor, Capt. Pickering, Capt. Jones, lst Lt. Hill. HEI THE NOR'EASTER Northeast Battalion R. O. T. C. Instructor: Sergeant W. O. Vickers. D. E. M. L., U. S. A. Battalion Headquarters: Battalion Commander, Major Harold B. Taylor. Battalion Adjutant, Captain'Truman jones. Battalion Commissioned Staff. Supply Officer, Captain Lynn Bailiff. Personnel Officer, First Lieutenant James Tait. Liaison Officer, Second Lieutenant jack Sallee. Munitions Officer, Second Lieutenant Virgil Linderman. Executive Officer, Second Lieutenant Donald Murray. Battalion Non-Commissioned Staff. Sergeant Major, Alexander Altergott. Supply Sergeant, jack Benson. Bugler Sergeant, O. VVi1son. Color Sergeant, Willsur Bickford. ,,.,-,....-.... T. C. HEADQUARTERS, NORTHEAST BATTALION, R. O. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL, KANSAS CITY, MO. GENERAL ORDERS NO. 10: June 8, 1923. By operation of regulations the undersigned is this day relieved from service with thc Northeast Battalion, and in severing his official connection with the battalion, which he had the pleasure and honor of commanding from October 1, 1922, to the present, he extends his thanks and appreciation to his officers and men for the loyalty ' h ear. and co-operation they have shown him throughout t e y HAROLD B. TAYLOR, 'or R O T C Maj , . . . , Commanding N. Bn. 119 .:.,L- -1 aJ:.sA-fi-.3-16311. . s n i T 1 "A" COMPANY, R. O. T. C. IIYLLSVELHON CEIH.L j THE NOR'EASTER , ' R. O. T. C., Company "A" CADET COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Company Commander: Captain, Edgar B. Eichman. Second-in-Command: First Lieutenant, Harry Hill. l . Platoon Leaders: First Lieutenant, William Schaerrer, First Lieutenant, Harold Gray. First Lieutenant, Frank Moran, Second Lieutenant, Raymond Marshall, CADET N'ON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS. First Sergeant, John Eager. Sergeantsf Corporals: Mitchell, R. Iuchs, A. Darlington, E. Middleton, L, Vvfillkeff C- 101195. P- Jury, H. Nicewarner, H, WIISQH, L. O. Thompson, F. Miller, S, Cardwell, W. HHIUUTOI1, F- MYCYS, T- Zalle, H. Hamilton, C, Privates: AddiUgtOn, C. Fenner, G. A Mayes, J. Setzler, L, AltCYg0tl3, J. Fisher, G. Milton, T. Scott, W. Brown, C. Fl11CkC, H. Mustain, O. Silverstein, J, Burns, C. Holland, J. Muller, L, Thompson, V. BUFDS, R. Hudson, L. Muller, S. Vrooman, C. Buitlef, J. Hurst, H. G"Dell, R. Wade, H, Crites, H, johnson, E. Parks, G. Watts, 0. CrOXfVley, F. Johnson, R. Peterson, L. Wilson, A. D-EWIS. R. Leopold, E. Precht, L. Wilson, P. Darrell, D. Lewis, J. Price, S'. Witherow, J. Diamond, L. Lockman, W. Reese, S. Witschner, S. Dudley, F.. Luckman, C. Rogers, A. Wolcot, B. Dunn, E. Lusby, A. Ryan, H. Yambert, R, Eads, T. Marshall, C. Sands, 1, Youngiberg, B, Edie, S. Matlock, W, Seested, R. ,Lil--,. TO "A" COMPANY. There are some eighty-five young' men in the R. O. T. iC. that feel a certain distinc- tion in belonging to "A" Company of the Northeast Battalion. While not the largest company in the "outfit," we believe that quality rather than quantity is the virtue to be striven for. We feel that the letter "A" is such a puny thing to represent so ' f d t' s nd events great a significance and to symbolize such a magnificent series o u ie a so well performed during the successfuluyear of 1922-1923. All for one, and one for all, That is the prevalent spirit of UA" Company: or in a more militaristic manner, a pronounced Uespirit-de-corps." "Semper F1del1s," that's us all over, folks, . . . , . I In leaving, we feel that we are justified in concluding that we have ieen an attribute to the scho-ol, and a great credit to the cadet corps in keeping aloft the ' ' h' f hich it strives and which are great ideals of patriotism and good citizens ip. or w , the fundamentals of manhood-in fact, we believe that the very red blood 111 Olll' veins has turned a deeper hue. u i ' ' h d f ou school year In conclusion: As the curtain falls. and the twilig t ays o r slowly approach, we bid a fond adieu to departing comrades who have "Sol so faithfully in "A" Company throughout the term. Also, a few brief words of to our esteemed instructor, Sergeant William O. Vickers, U, St A., under eager care and guidance we have successfully weathered the .trials of this yearg his earnest efforts vindicating his great love and admiration for tus. ' ' f ' der extends his compliments diered" eulogy whose schopl to his And n leaving grateful company comman U 1 a 'l him during the term and he men and officers who have worked so zealously vviti - , . f d God-speed on their way in the great march on the Journey wishes them ortune an of life. l2l. HELLSVGLIION GIH.L COIVIPANY, R. O. T. C. THE NOR'EASTER R. C. T. C., Company "B" CADET COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Company Commander: Captain, James Pickering. Platoon Commanders: First Lieutenant. Harold Robinson. Second Lieutenant, Nicholas Laurenzana. CADET NON-COMQMISSIONED OFFICERS. First Sergeant, Marvin Pool. Platoon Sergeants: First Platoon, Edwin Boyd. Second Platoon, Harold Petel-5011, Sergeants: Corporalsg Goodwillie, F, Toler, H. Billings, R, paiue, H. FIOWGYS, M- MiChauX, C- England, C. Porter, L. Walker, L. McGlathery, H. Eddy, A, Schaefer, J, ' JOh11S'OH, A. Sawyer, F. Privates: Bennett, R. Goodhart, M. Latshaw, R. Phillips, A. Boone, B. Haggard, M. Long, G. A. Ralph, H, Brown, A. Heidelberger, W. Lutz, F. Settle, A, Camplbell, I. - Hentzen, G, Lyons, J. Settle, R. Chamsberlain, W. House, R. Marks, H. Schmaker, H. Cameron, A. Huffman, D. Marvin, E. Schmahlfaldt, A. Castleman, A. Jamerson, F. Marvin, N. Simpson, B. Conts, K. Janes, B. Mason, W. Smith, C. Daniels, F. Kavanaugh, F. McLean, H. Summers, I, Dawson, F. Kuhlman, O. Montgomery, G. Thompson, H, D6 MOSS, H. Lain, W. C'Dell, R. Tremble, H, Dumit, J. Land, C. Orison, H. Wolfe, T. Feagen, L. Lantz, W. Parker, E. Wood, D. Frank, E, TO "B" COMPANY. By the instruction of our competent and experienced leader, Sergeant Vickers, the men of Company "B" have progressed no little bit in the study of.Military Sci- ence and Tactics. From the time of our first formation at the beginning of the ' ' "F ll I " li s le n characterized year, the response to our first sergeants command, a n, 13 J e by immediate obedience In this respect, we have duly received the praise of Cap- tain Mitchell, who is in charge of the R. O. T. C, unit in Kansas City. Captain Mitchell has said-and if anyone ought to know, lt is he-ethat the formation of . . Nl . h .t Company "B" is faster and snappier than that of any other company in t e ci y. Although we have 'been somewhat handicapped this year, our capable captain, lame Pickering, has made the most of the circumstances, and with the assistance s of his lieutenants and non-commissioned officers, he has succeeded in instlling in ' ' ' ' ' ' 1' cl ld . Whil we the men those qualities that are characteristic of a discipnine .so ier e cannot say definately at this time that we will win the coming Field Day meet, it is - ' - N sn av V an indisputable fact that the other high schools will meet in Company B some of the keenest competition ever offered. Not onlv do Sergeant Vickers and Captain Pickering and his officers deserve praise, but also the men deserve equal praise. After all, it is the men that make the com-pany, and Company "B" is composed of men who have been patient and persever- ing in their study of military science and tactics, men who have always cooperated with their leaders. And it is, indeed, gratifying to know that the time, patience and energy employed in the teaching and training of these men has not been spent in vain. 'd ' CT er thing, Company "BH has ibeen a successg and it is and always Consi ering ev y will be a mark of credit to the R. O. T. C. and to the Northeast H1311 School 123 - -.- .- fur- -1,-Q -,- a.,s-i-9-avw-.w.- a.-.. THE N OR'EASTER 2 ::f ,L.i.i:1'-Q -5 ravi: 917-fsziff-:zaxz-3' " ,LE er., 7453 Nfrafiiritii 1:45 '+?s?PE9f:f1-EPYQX 52522 T. THE NOR'EASTER :n----- n I llI'l"I"I'!!uIlI I , rs 4 5 4 A n r x j . I -v..L:3'. K 1 f ,f-"3i':3'Qf3?7i J F? '. Q K A Q22 -L' 4734 JJSL Jj y -- i f - 9 1: - '52 - O- N' if 5-1 1 f - A X ti' ' 'Z J ' ' XX f N , I' If KX X X W' ig Lf 2? - X Wff .9 is EZ , 1 ,Z ua .5 2 XA if? ' - - ' 1 ,aw " - ,iz N41 if 'E fr. fm! FSNQQ :if - 1 E 3. S f ' ig b -5 -', ,Q :if L' -- f E115 ,Q 'E-5 - E 1 ef gy f " fe ' -D -1 V - Q 4-'tj ' U Nh-4-gf, 4 - Ni 1555 2521: ,, : 4 -2 -T F 3- 5' --fri?-'. -z :. F22-E2l. if 9 ' 5129? A Q3 X 11'-5 3 - -- xx 5 pa, -W. fa 4 ig il' . 'FN 42 "Ei '- -pf - Y gi' ., "W f7'W"'f WWW! '-f?W4W5'W7f7W ' M . I W WWWWII i'n If5f' ' V hf"f"'Pf""A"' 34 ,:-, 'full-il ,ll ,L ,u ,llllmdl H , nil A , 1 XII 1.1 If W: 5- 'nj 'fvlvx ' V ' W' 'I 'ww' Knhyenne, Rps51 .f ' " 12 -jg E-fl 11? 4, S 1 El Mx il-f'f"' .g ' ' R 125 - -.- Lfmqfg- .-..?::. fix,-14-..,.... .-. vena.-e....n.:-.,1n sar-a,v-2:4-n9-.G- z .14 F- -nf 4. V- TH E NOR ' EASTER THE NOR'EASTER xx M N uWm Mg gm:1I1IuIIIllllllllN NM K f m! mmummul11mw1mwmWW 0WW I sw Wwm Q W 1 Q Q ' S Q X' S Z f x Q 2 : , ,' ,' ,R : 3 1, ,N f. 2 5 Us Wff'f'QB 2 5 K f f f Y T 2,-f X X , 2' -,,? . . x 'gr - 5- S , 4, Y 7' ,.., fZ-X E' I .-lt ,, ff, ,, 7 - 'f D L A -- ' X - 3 ' 3 Q - ' K, , 7 ,M K L Z ,ALS-fr. ,: - E Xi- , Hl X 5 Z l . , 'XF Z A-.- ' X , ,. N A-'ff " 1 gl. 'N f R ' QA -- Fm E Ill lulnl lm + K. 5?- S S h c ' "' f" it Q f 2-4 "f , 4 2 - . ' geesgn' ,asf ,h ' A 2 i T E1 g Yi ji' y - 11 ff ...g--- QQ: ,1, ' 1 cg 1 ,Q gi 1 : " 442 Q -, ,ni if- Y ' P' , ff 9 255 we 2 Mya . li Q , . ' - - L : ,,, A " 'X il 235' ' b W -"' Lf' 'Qi if I M . N 14,9 I K V5 'ff f f LE Aj 'Q-J ' f ff ' ff i-"in f if 1 L i V-...Q J f Hermia, Rcbfock - 1 f ' Pklch. Hu.Lc'v' ry 127 - Lx,-1.1 , 11.5 -q',.v.3- 1-. -L,-ag -Q alia--N-S-L 156129-'h 1- THE NOR'EAS'I'ER '-i''4:2'N'4?'P2f1wf'fr''fitfialfliefv-ffsvew-iQ: -- w--- ' A . . , -.. . ,,. . ' . . - f . ,-,- -1.1 4f-Jz- - Me .. A-Esreciiig z 6i!?3?E?,.rEv Mimannmnisilw 2 1, M s L Q I THE NOR'EASTER C6 77 The most outstanding club at Northeast is the "NU Club, a club for vvearers of the dear old N. This club is in a class by itself, in that it is an honorary organiza- tion. The "N" Club stands for those principles which every true athlete must have, namely, clean habits, clean speech, and clean sportsmanship. A club with such ideals cannot help but be a success and as each member is of the highest caliber the task of keeping these principles is easy. The clu-bi's adviser is Mr. Reeves Peters, Director of Athletics, a person well quali- fied because of his ideals in the realm of sport. Witli such an able adviser and again considering the caliber of its memlbers we must conclude that the "N"' clulb as an or- ' ' l f ll " 0' Ure Cfanization will always be one of merit. At the last regular meeting tie o owinb nc D elected as officers: President, K. Lancaster, Vice-President, A, Raupg Secretary and Treasurer, R. C-ook, Sergeant-at-Arms, W. Cook, Reporter, G. Stocker. 129 . , -x.,..a:a-.GQJ4-f,s:.-Q-.,,..,.i.s.-f., '- "r 3 ,,,- " - i .V.i:,-LS -skid.,-LV --:ia-,vb us V its Y VV I A A A , , H - A 'T ' 'N 3" "F ' - - , 1- -a 141.-Lu b.:z-fm ' a..Uf.,.- THE NOR'EASTER Football Officers R. E. Peters ......... .....4-------------- 44----- C O 3011 Howard Huffman . -------- C3P'falU G. VV. Davis ............ ,-.--...---4--------- --------- A I imager Team Height Weight Position Maurice KQQUSQ ,,,, ,,,,4.,, 5 ff, 9 in. 145 Lbs. Right end Harry H111 ,,...--,-,,,. ,-.A4-,, 5 ft, 11 in, 165 lbs. Right tackle De F60 ,,,,.,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,, 5 ft, SM in. 157 Qbs. Right guard A1 Morris ,-..,-.-,.-- ,,,-,-.- 5 ft 9 in, 168 lbs. Center De Maria ,.-,,,,,,,.. . ,,,,.,, 5 ft. 9 in, 194 Qbs. Left guard Mansur Haynes ........ ....... 5 ft. 11 in. 158 lbs. 14611 tackle Howard Huffman ............ 5 ft. 7M in. 152 1138. 14611 end Stockwell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. 5 ft. 7 in. 145 Qbs. Quarter back Martin ,,-,,, ,-,,,., 5 ft, 7 in. 140 Jos. Right half Thelen ,,r,,.. ....... 5 ft. 9 in. 145 los. Left half Raup ,,,,.,.,, ,.,.,.. 5 ft. 9 in. 155 1155. F1111 back Cook ,.,.-,,,v,,. ,,,,,,.... 5 ft. 7 in, 135 lbs. Half back Lewondoski ,.,, ..,..,.,,, 5 ft. 7K2 in. 140 5135. Guard Final Standing of Teams. Won Lost Tied Pct. Central ...... .... 6 0 0 1.000 1 Vifestport 3 3 0 .500 Northeast Z 3 1 .400 Manual ...... 0 5 1 .000 When the first call for football candidates was issued by Coach Peters last fall sixty fellows reported, among them only three letter men as a nucleus around which ,to 'build a team. During the first few weeks of practice everything pointed to a medi-ocre season as there was no real good material. But as the season progressed many players developed into excellent football men and when the selections for all-star team were announced Northeast had two men on itg De Peo at guard and Morris at center. Both players were exceptionally good. De Feo always played his consistent game and Morris always a flashing game. During the sea- son we tied Manual and Odessag lost to St. Joe, Centralg defeated West- porrt and Manualg lost to Cert l V ' 1 ra twice and once to Westport. 130 ' ' V ' '.-,,g.4.--.r.,, .1-.,,..,.,....., . - THE NOR'EASTER TIIE NOR'EASTER Basket Ball Officers R, E. Peters ............... ................. ---.- C O HQI1 George Deniston ...... ...... - -CHPUIU G. W. Davis .........., ................ M wager Team Deniston QCapta1nj ............. -....----- F Orward McDonald .................... Forward Igfdafl ,,,,,-.---,-.---,,,,,,, .... C Cfltel' Koonse V.............---------.----------- Guard Lapin ,,,,,,, ,...,................,...,............ G 118.111 Qffut ,--, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,......... C enter and Forward Final Standing of Teams. Won Lost ' Pct. Westport 6 0 1.000 Northeast . ,.,,. .... 3 3 .500 Central ........ 3 3 .500 Manual .,... ..................................... 0 6 .000 All-Star Basketball Team. Deniston-Northeast, F. Capt. Ford-Westport, F. Capt. Joiner-Westfplort, F. Morris-Central, F. Caiiiplbell-Westport, C. Jordan-Northeast, C. Koonse-Northeast, G. Lapin-Northeast, G. Burton-Central, G. Tuttle-Westport, G. Northeast has always had an excellent Basket Ball team. The three years preceding this year our team won the city and state championship without meeting defeat. Naturally after such a glorious record for three straight years one would expect other schools to build up strong aggrega- tions. This year we did not win the championship but we had the cleanest and hardestifighting team in the state. Every man on the team was recognized during the season as being a player of merit. Deniston, captain, again made captain of the All-Star team, Koonse, a guard, also made the mythical fiveg on the Second All-Star team. we placed jordan at center and Lapin at guard, while McDonald and Ofiut both received hon- orable mention. Considering what has been stated it is easily seen that this year's team was a credit to Northeast. Northeast Lawrence ....... 22 Northeast 3Westport ....... 44 Northeast Central .......... ....... l 2 Northeast Manual ,,,.,,..,.... .,,,,,, l 7 Northeast St. Joe C ........ ....... l 9 Northeast Westport ....... 26 Northeast Joplin ........ ,..,,,,.,, 1 1 Northeast Nevada ....,, ,,.,,,,,,, 2 l Northeast Central ...... ..,..., 2 3 Northeast Manual ....... ,..,,, 1 2 132 THE NOR'EASTER THE NOR'EASTER DENISTON LANCASTER DEN ISTON George Deniston, the only man who ever made the All-Star Basket Ball four successive years. George has played on a team that won state championship three years in succession. He has captained the All-Star Team twice and was awarded a silver loving cup for being the most valuable man to his team in the last season. With such a wonderful record, we cannot help but look on George with a great deal of pride and considering hislacademic standing we are certain he will attain whatever his goal may be. "KENNY" Kenneth Lancaster is, without a doubit, the greatest track man that has ever hailed from Northeast. This year will probably be his, greatest in high school, for it is his last and we certainly will miss him. "Kenny" holds the record for the pole vault with a heighlt of 12 ft. M in. and the record for the broad jump with a distance of zr ft. 8 in. He has also equaled the record for the city in the 440-yd. dash. Last year "Kenny" made the All-American High School Track Team and probably will make it again this year. We certainly do wish "Kenny" to make as great a success in life as he has in track. 134 s-A CD UI First Row-Bottom-Kirkpatrick. Henry, Cook, Gower, Milligan, Daniels, Atkinson, Solomon, McCain., Lowe. Second Row-Coats, Thelens, Lewondoski, Henley, Lancaster, Miller, Cook, Stocken, Raup, Mu Third Roxv-Walker, Cisel, Milum, Johnson. Anderson, Haynes, Hill, Elliott, Boisseau, Brouillet, Kobe. Fourth Row-Sayles, Brown, Griffith, Benton, Nicholson. Ra1nsey,AMcFall, VVickstrom, Monk, Dunn, Maeffer.. Fifth Row-Bash, Darrow, Buckingham, Ramsey, Meyer, Shively, Boyd, Walkerb, Wheat, Orresion, Walk, Plummer. Sixth Row-Koonse, Butts,'Morris, Smith, Hicks, Newton, Knighton, Gordon. eller, Cook, Offutt, Lester, Hoffman. .L HH GLLSVELHON II W fl T! THE NOR'EASTER Track Officers R. E. Peters ......... ................. ............ C o ach K, Lancaster .. ............................... ............ C aptain G. W. Davis ........ ....................................., .....,.... lN f lanager Track Outlook The three big indoor meets this year were won with ease by the Northeast tracksters and everyone expects this year's team to make his- tory for Northeast in track. In all the meets Northeast made more points than all the other schools combined. As this Annual goes to press pefore many of the important meelts, we shall Write out the schedule now and you may fill in the results after the important meets. Northeast should vvin the Kansas Relays, the Missouri State meet, the Kansas Aggie Relay, and may-be the Drake Relays and the National High School Meet in Chicago, providing the team is always in excellent condition and no one is crippled or unable to compete. Results of Meets K. C. A. C. Invitation-Northeast 25, Central 12, Westport 10, Manual 4. K. U.-M. U. Dual Meet-Northeast 23, Westport 12, Manual 9, Central 7. Missouri Valley Indoor Meet-Northeast 22, Manual 11, Westport 5, Cen tral 4. Central-Northeast Dual Meet-Northeast 55, Central 53. Wentworth-Northeast Dual Meet-Northeast 74, Wenqtworth 19. K. U. Relays-Northeast won. Drake Relays-Northeast won 3rd. Missouri State Meet-Northeast won with 52 points, highest score recorded. Quad-Northeast, Manual, Westport, Central. Kansas Aggie Relays-Northeast. National High School Meet, May 26-Northeast. Northeast Track Records 50-yard dash ........ .......... I . Swartz ,16, H. Hen- derson '20, M. Henley '22 205 3,f5 l00-yard dash ........ ....... M . Henley ....... ............ 1 923 ,,... 310 220-yard dash ........ .......... M . Henley ...,.,....,,...... 1923 .,-,, 321 4f5 440-yard dash ...................... K. Lancaster .............,,. 1923 353 3f5 330-yard run ........................ J. Lewondoski ............ 1923 2304 120-yard high hurdles ...... Woodbury .,.., ...,.,.., 1 914 516 AWS 220-yard low hurdles ........ G. Stocker ........ ......... 1 923 ....,.. ..,......... 3 25 4f5 High' jump ........................ H. Hamilton .............. 1920 ....... ....,,.,. 5 ft, 11 in, BTOaCl jump ........................ K. Lancaster .....,...... 1922 ,.,,,,. ..,.,,,,, f t, 8 in, P016 Vault ............... .......... K . Lancaster ........,... 1922 ,,..... ,-,,,..., f t, M in, Shot put .............................. G. Surface ................ 1920 ,...... ,,,,,,,,, if t, 2 in, Quarter mile relay ........ Henley, B. Cook, Stocker, Miller .......... 1923 346 3f5 880-yard relay ....... ..,.,..... Henley, B. Cook, Stocker, Miller .......... 1923 136 1:34 2X5 .3532-11-: ifzei-5611'sarrfiivsrzlflsr-32glf:2z'4::ai :za fe:1Qr:?:2f:i:+,f+?5?:QE21:iee-F3 14315 Tm- 3 E 2439! is api-gf agp 21-:Lf ,Q 1 iz 55-'-5 2 in 0 sv. 2 1 2? :V r er Y 12 THE OR'EASTER Y l p w r w n i 137 , K - ,...,:..,....1.4,,... :.L.. fn,.a...f.g.a-, q. Q11 ,,5.k1:5h- sf--G f 1-1 2-1-va X .-:.:u:-1.3311 Ara. U . L- Q. - . THE N OR'EASTER THE N OR'EASTER GIRLS' TRACK When a girl gives up all candy and voluntarily promises to abstain from eating all sweets, you may be sure that there is some powerful force back of that promise, something which will strengthen her will power and repay her for her sacrifice. That something is the power of desire for strong, steady limbs which will enable her to clear the bar at a height hereltofore unheard of. It is the power which will send her scampering down the track, head up, breathing easily, ahead of all her opponents. The season for track has opened with a bang. Every day one may see the girls, those ever dependable gym girls, jumping, running, throwing, preparing themselves to contest to their utmost ability for the supremacy of their class in the annual track meet. Last year the sophomores won. As a matter of information, let it be known that the Juniors are going to win this year. But to make it rnteresting, the others are coming out strong and you will see some fine work which will keep you guessing until the sophomores pick up the lead and carry their glorious red banner to victory. ARDENE STEPHENS. GIRLS' TENNIS Se. tember 25th 26th and 27th the inter-school tennis tournament was playedpon the Rockhill courts. The girls team was inexperienced and did not make a good s'howing but we are working hard on our spring tourna- ment, and hope to develop some real tennis players by next fall. This is t ork and be our only inter-school competition, so, girls, we must get o w ' , 1 v prepared to play for honors in tennis for Northeasts sake. 139 THE NOR'EASTER There were 26 entries for the Singles, and 10 for the doubles of the tournament. These were "sifted through the net" until finally the follow- ing team was chosen: Singles--Charlotte Harper, Virginia Connelly. Doubles-First team: Maxine Daniels, Margaret Johnson. Second team: Olive Russell, Gladys Camp-bell. Mixed Doubles-Winifred Cary, Carroll Ward. Girls Who Have Won the "N" and Numeral Numerals and small and large Ns were awarded in the large gymna- sium on May 23, 1922. We had to make at least two teams to receive one set of numerals, 75 points earn a small N, 100 points a large Ng 125 'points a seal. The following girls received Numerals: A Freshman '25 Ardene Stephens Rosalyn Brock Senior '22 Reva Foster Alllcebciulgy H geraltdllneTIli1IaH Dorothy Latham E1 ' B b Eiza et orna OFO Y Om Recliigca Sgnbrot , Iva Murphy Iiijrretta fauley Marjorie Tarwater Sophomore 24 Junior 723 mea Hom l Dorothy Johnston Katherine Drake Ju -nit Wheeler Mary Fredenck Mildred Schneider Mabel.OsbO1'1jC Hljenalgowman Ffanceiia Williams Uafda Newsom Georgla 0 Bflen Edna Gardner Mary Elliott Zeda Smlfh Kathleen COX Berenice Rutherford Lilly Ballard Mabel Richart Helen Strickle Qllve Russell Mildred Day Eva Piper Belle E. Affeid Verna Ayers Lois Swaney Esther Prescott Vlasti Prather Mary Klaveter Small Ns-75 points. Junior-Helen Bowman, Juanita Wheeler. Senior-Mary Elliott, Linea Holm, Francelia Williams, Mary Klaveter, Emma Day, Dorothy Frederick, Loretto Cauley, Belle E. Affeld, Verna Ayers. , La N -100 ' t . Junior-Juanita Wheeler. rge S Pom S Senior-Mary Elliott, Linea Holm, Francelia Williams, Mary Klaveter, Emma Day, Dorothy Latham, Mary Frederick, Loretta Cauley, Belle E. Affeld, Verna Ayers. Seals-125 points. Senior-Mary Elliott, Linea Holm, Francelia Williams, Mary Klaveter, Mary Fred- erick, Verna Ayers. BASE BALL Girls! Do you know that the girls of Northeast High School play baseball? Do you know there are infielders and outfielders as good as those of the Kansas City Blues? Do you know that there are batters that can outshine Babe Ruth in hitting home runs? All girls, who are really interested in the game, know by now the ways to hold their hands in catching a "fly" or "grounder," the way to hold the bat, and all other rules of baseball, for instance, the ball sticks in our hands when it reaches them for we have hands of glue instead of rubber, also when the ball comes in contact with the bat, it sails afar, for we hit like professionals and not like amateurs. K. COX. 140 L' ' WLC" ' 1 f :"1?i'f5"1? -' T . - Eifr'-'2 if Glfdxnirifre-5 'vigrx :fear .: avg 4: esggbifng- , ,-LQ .' THE NOR'EASTER BOYS' TENNIS TEAM N X ,af W ,3 44 7 , of Boisseau Johnson McDonald Ward GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM Cary M. Johnson D21Hi91S 141 -----.-.. 0. -1 --.ff-A-Z-.45..L,:.,::..-..4.,.a..,,-',,.Q, 1 V,. gf - 5, - L,-HLL, Ly., L.. ,.,2,L,:,, 4 1,2 L THE NOR'EASTER - -- ,-,- 1,-,, ,Q-.X-1:-. as-g..,,,.,...f-:,,.. .-.-- , ,Y, -,, f,5Ti,,jk,-,-lac, , -,.v,,:AN6 9:1 nu., K, ,I-can w - 412 THE NOR'EASTER 'f"f'+ 7111111V I XA 1, A wi Jlll , 1 . -P+-I-+ 1 + C QW W1f'f1QZ1111M11f , +++++ XJ! 1 -1'-1'-1'-1' QM11L fmgwmmffffwmfy 1 +++-1- gzzsawfiiaw QZSVMWWWWZEQSQX 1.p1.4. V 16,11 W 1+ 1 -1- nf Mfswgfw 41 111420 1 LQQQQQQM' JSQ ASfffffffZ7Wf1WW1 4.4. I f Igif -Efxyffifx X XX! 215 A 4 I -1- N.-.JW 111 1 W X' -N wfv Q ' 11 fif lf? - mwXf fwlwqffx S1 1 '1- X X f - ml , 1 'Q X X X W- ff 'K if SV '!kf 4Qfi f ' 1 1 1 E 2 wp QWW Wffgg W f ffm f , 51-56 R, 'Z 1. L1 1 J. ., -41. - I X Q N Zirxx Sip- I Q Q 1 , 3 , , za' ?1 1105173759 13276 X 11. X 1115 A ' 1 EQ AR X ff!!! fi ff f f Z 141111157 'fa af 'L Q f A 5 N ? f gba 1 x 4: , 1 :HV Z '11!!1L1 IQQIQNILW1 N N11 31 L X ff! V1 I1 UN Y 1 I 1 "1 1 'HN 1'Im'v1, 'mhl W V ' A 'W' " 1 1 1 , 1 . , I1 1 -, ,r 1 1 1 1 1, .1 1 11' 1-., 1 11.5 'N ' 11 JIN- 11:1 11,1 1 1 1 11, 1 ' -1 . , 1 1 1', 1 ,.fl 1 1 1,11 , 1 111 1 ' ' - 1 1 11 1' .1 ,111 11 ' - 1. 1 1 ui .1 'Q 'X ,. 1. 1 I 1 1 1 1 .1111-I ' J 1 11 1 1 11 ' 1 11 ' 1 11 ' W,'U1'LI' ' 1,11 111' X: 1 A 11 H1 1 X ' 11" i'1111 '1111' 1' ' 1 ,' 11,1 'f ' 1 V11 '11 , - 1 1 1, 1 1' I1 . 1 1' '11 , " ' . 1 11 I 1 U1 1, Wu: 1 1 W1 IH1 1, X 1 A 1 ' 1l1I1 5 1l1 1.1111 , 112 11 11 11 Y VM, ,N 11 3 1- 1 1. W I! ,pf 1 W1 1-1 1 , 11.. l W1 1 . 1 1 V111 1 1 1 1 '1,1 1 1"1!':'1 111 X X ,: N it 5 5 ' H,11!1,",11'11l11 1".." 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It H W1 1',. 1I 11111 1111 1y !-Q' 1111:'1 M un '1 11i m11P11 L'1kH1i1 1'1 ml "un 11 'm1'1N1 N X111-I1 1 Qllil F 1i'w'1A1'l H f1 11Ul1Hla X iNJlMN!11!V F1 1 4111 111 111,111 111, JI 111113111 1 1111111111'1f1,41l1I 11 H 111 Mm. nm 1' X X0 X1 MN W11 111 wwf' INN Q M vi I 'I myvlm Ulm Y K iw A 11R.N111,M1Nv1n1Li11 Nzglmn N I'lmll:11il1w1q vii WIN 11014 "1"""W 1111. 1 , . " 1 h1 111 1 1111 1 W1 ' 1 11' ' 1 11111 -. 111111111'1T11f'--1111-" 11111-24 5, H1 1 11.'1 , ' I , 1 1 A 1 L,5 1 Q 1 1 1 IQ' 11 Mft 11. M 1 1 1 111 1 1 LTL 1 1 l1..1l. ,- xxyg X E f ,v H' 1 1 E ,1 11-11 ' 1 149 Q , 1f1:U'L5lkim11I41'WFEHEKIXM E '11 W11 111 141 11fF'1111111l.111, 11jL1,1l, b11I1lWHw1H 1 1 1 11 ,J 11111, lf 1 11'1"11 1 1 1 M11 5111111111.11'11'1""11" 1 M Nf1M11li Il 112311 H1 ,lj L F61 1 N111 ,V111MI1M1!11l1l1 xlXIWl1I1m1q 11 17 1 1:'1111"1" W1 111 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 tl 1MI11111Ill1I1lXl1 M111 m l M 1, ' 1' 1' ' 'a rlfllmv X V! '1Il"1 W hvlm' 'Klux I, II1' 1 1- 11 U 1 1" 111T11 ' '1' 1111 1 11 H i 1 f ' J 11J'b""' 1 A "111 2252E5:1i1iEE"" Ei."l15I' 1 'u1A11'.1 1: 'iii A - -i" ! : I Jan - 4111iimwinu55eM'mms1muml111IliME1iE5i:lIWEE!1.!:1 illsgiigmigflmwfgg " ,I '1' ll K 1l! .MII In UI, Hu ' ' fd 15 'alll 11 T' - ,:lWi1111111111111 WU! 1 align 3 IIMIIEEUI SI Z 1 I naw A 1 111 l IE11111um'mmmn lwmmlm 5 uh...1lll W I' L I' 'I Q Mi i1lllaI I nlW Il Illfzull L -2- 'lllirall mr' 'iI1l'.. i tl 'ii' Jw H' 1l1fi"'1Il1 111-111 .1111 15 A f1+J. 1 1 11 11, 1 111111 1 15 11111-111111 1 .1 ., 1 In " :Ill I ' :ESEQ3-'32, 'l 52 111 ,, ' W! 1 1 1 " .3 11" mmm niW1ff1f1gf1iEl1'lL'!!':f, '1 11711111 ., z M XN. '! 1lI "5 W! iii?W1'1.3" 1 WJWET-5'!' . + 1 P 711 1115" 'Wig' hiinml, F111-1 1 .111111w1lik1WlY1 s . M ' " 11 M ,M , " -ff. I u' IIIII . n ' QKL A 1 1' . ' "'- ,,g::1:5- L "' " 1 11 ' A 1 - , ' 35 11 fm 4 'QV k - H- I-sz-.71 E I -I-B 7 M I Y Blosmev all ITE? 11 U Y . , f ,--A--1::.r3.kx.-.W-Q.. 1, 1-5,1La.Lih.a,.1.535-4-14425-:.9:::.'a41-.L:,:i.a4-g.j,.g4:..g-.:..-. 1,.u..' QJ,'.,,2-- 1 ,,,g,,,,,,.,,,M,, ,L 1. . nw ,V L THE NOR'EASTER AFFIRMATIVE Hinds Edie Smith James Glrls' Debate MR. HIBBS MISS GUYER V Affirmative Coach Negative Coach , NEGATIVE vQ:,,,:-Q,-w -f , 4 r ., if .,., , . f V f Miller Abston Thompson Ganzer 141 53 I 4 1 f 5 v 1 ? 237, 1 f ,L 7 ffg ya Z W Z X X F ff ,. 72? 1 7 THE N 0R'EASTER BOOK-PLATES DESIGNED BY PUPILS OF THE SENIOR ENGLISH LITERATURE CLASSES. Lt is a laudable idea in high school journalism to have one or more sui-generis features that stand out as characteris,tic of some special high school publication. The accompanying original book-plates were designed by pupils of Prof. E. D. Phillips, 1922-23 English Literature classes and ,they compare quite favorably with book-plates that were produced by corresponding pupils of previous years. One excellent feature of this work is that it demonstrates a charming correlation between the departments of Art and Literature. Too much credit cannot be giiven to Miss Edna Miller, formerly head of .the department of free-hand drawing and design, before her death, for the valuable directions that she gave the authors of these designs, which contribute so much ,toward cultivating a keener appreciation of art and literature. 7-1 llf' i C' 5 IN, lf ww I 0 , M I I 'I 5 -l Q Q fl hcPenIslfI1gl111efThanT11eSwo1fd I I ,arg l ,ivtsokafscflwsfsvwkfyfi ,, 2 Fannie Cafolynllou I ' . A Q lllllli lxtmmglg as Ea Luz y Ia Bellez del hglffagg Mom- . SfrAvL0n. f , f M -I H. ,L it li fx viil' -'NI' Il I iw ilk lt L il uulyk lixjil 'N 1 iw- s M if y, l1l!"ll,fllfi l"gQllliJli' .,' ,lf 'f"'x,l illllill fll,'l,iliiii1'ialf. . 1 l ' il' ll illw li ll l ' F, ,M-.,hi"i ,i ,y ily, Il, lg :W .W 5 1, 'iii 'hi' lil? xi wx. i lit. ' i' 'V ' Mhlwifgl1,.,Q53i3W?.1sijlrIum. it half ml I W.. .l ',"'i.' ,iw-ilii, gl Elma I Xli""iYl',yit f'lv,:". if 'VN Kill!-Q l"' l.l 'Q ., i ilwfl li 'M X . ll i fl -ll Il' AWA J IMI" IW' l il-illliqf lei ,-M M Q. 2' ll.l'iVl'. ' J, Giivl:-2' ,tb Nfl' itll .1 500655 23 3 2 n f ' ' I 0 fi t 5 Q 4' R use-. IQSQG5 , 112 i IREM 1:8933 il 33 M ILDRED HARRALL 7fVwc9e rear ZITOP 146 SH "' .1 ffl "1Tf:r'ne:Qr:i31fe:' -:revel 1's5?a:eA-Af: ww .-:suv J THE NOR'EASTER f QW 'I 4 U14 l!7'Wa7N't:' .3f35T" "371? , WJ? fg-Lirgqqgiglgflybl Af! U4 X ff fi if LQ HUT S ' 341 Q:Zif5L'7EG72:1l3L4O " ff " If' H RHOAD X gt, , ... , ,f 1 ,. X led ff ,FA x N b ll? az ff gi 7 iff, -5 h. t nfv g 'gg LI -Tun '. Q' , , ff f 0 A. 5: A HAEC i f gy QQ? ffj, Wg, 3 g. ERANT 5I.W :fHf ' V f I, 'I 1 '..- KN lr, J". fm ,I V 'MI ' "V f f EI .ij ' .,f ff , ffilvm I 1 n J Za iv- P Null! ml! P- I X , x K', 1211 rmwn 'i llllllflfllllllllilllliklllllfy W " , .gy , 5' 1,1 , f 'ug ad ng :.i 1 .yllfllfu -4 , , 5.11 1' Eff' 9' In MENTA: 525 W, 'Wen , ,K lllllugllll WH, - I Jn uulnlnrnn-wuu ws '.rww. l' :s g . gg -,Q .59 H , ' Or LL :v ni. YL U.. w--, n ,V .I trnrl : A 3 jr x V-k' x 'Qu 1 1, f-Y ', -, f Q, Y ff-f X 'SQ-X, ,: f ,' 1 nd 1 xj ' .W JAMLS H. ' - W HV? I A V Pncnnqmq W3 Sway, 70350, JM-Q-F ' J. ,Lil S :I I9 23 ' rf-' f 'gif ' Q mm- Q 4- IW - ..... .-..---- fr 4 .,, 1,9 + asas!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!!!!a!ii!E 1 ': " 5 2:3 IIVQ IM """"""""'.- ii"'l..--.nQ!lDD- 7 322 if "' . :sz XW Ill! i f Q W W iiiiiiiiamf"iiii,w-- , -5:24-iff gf Sf!! . .M M, W ---- -4- f ,f W 551533 .,l!!i, 'inn iff --"gf .,-,f.T:ff.'Q.'fL'7' ::::::::""""" W """ '-' - if ,WM -111:13 ' !!!!!!!!!!lllliiik,51-x 'gli' Q! -W-'ff . -- .Mfj-K. ffi WNW- -MMM---4, wif lg --57755-..,,'!l'!o0ot ""-l "' ,554 ,x ' ,gg:ig.,::::f37.xg3L g'523:T::.:. ::1W::W4 it llmigggggl xxBN !!a-! V V 'X' ' M4 ----M--' ' Q1 A 11-A, A 47, WM' -" ' """""x-'V-1-,N H, Q----nun .... :Em I I,,"""' 'J ffl! N WWA' Qfffff' iw " ' 'WRX "" "Ei!!!!!!f !!!!!!: 1!i!!!!!!! , l ,QA , 4237- -gf-'Tr-4 l 5 SEMPEQUBRI "" QQQ ug 02: Q 'II : M ' H' , SELLER 'momma Ouyon mi W mx I 1 J-f.d-Anwar astra , - IEI HEIQI 5 f- X Af-7-M Q. 6 OW! ' 13, llllll IIIII f WMA W X 1, "- r CL EW 4,0 X z-Q . X Wy 4, , L, .. ,,L ff ' hm jqisvanv U CQ 'ix W ... 5 'jig I "l'Iomen-" 'Shakgsyemrg' ,,l'L1g'Ef,- 5 wg . Xi 1 1 ', "vw" "mu-1'-' Vplwyf V ' H Wlfw., ' f' ' NLLJLMAY ,.,, 5' xt mf- gf! .'f,,...,f.9"qEf...e.-1 tp Pf'fw f' wed' QE ' M A 'CM-Mr' "mmm" - "' X ' ' H f- I Lggzs ,--v n 1' i w i 1 'V r f F K "4 - ' 3 - - b 2 mann? uwunt elwn been ,071 '+24?2' " ' 01-Qi -H I W1 W ' P, 7' " ff fl I f ' Q Ulm?" N1 ,1, , ,ff ?w ' w 1. A , lr My All 'Nt ': WX'-QQVW ci J xx 115-Q-fur! 1 .A -,,,', - 4, 4' 4J ' CL 1 - 'K x - ji ,J .- - LUCILLE QI. -0' 1 Xmas OF mmm A QQ, mm 1,7 vw X- 1- ' ' Q g?i,f-Z l::'7-E' I 7 -Y t - . . 1 ""7"" A MOCK 'bf """'a"""":,.xf' N ZLMWMI 4, , gg Qhf Cftcum00"M L-I -li-'J 147 f ei 5q!s.7:f5'L Aw-vol-IZ-Cz Q 1.1:-,. if L: -'ev :K-.4 1,1 L. THE NOR'EASTER Literary Contest GOLD MEDAL WINNERS was WV f Goldstein Conant Benson Chrisman Borders Oration Story Declamation Essay Poem SILVER MEDAL WINNERS J, ,,,f4,,1ZffW,, , 9 ,:f..v,1s4!' V ,f , ,f ,, ,sw Pratt Abston Rubins M. Schneider Waters Oration Essay Deelamation Poem Story BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS J., f , Nfm, , Patterson Roberts McGrew Burton Weeks Deelamation Essay Oration Story Poem 148 , . .. , .,-. , -A ., ..'f:-. 1 -1f::- u::':,if.,A .: :peg-7 3-'xA.r7.f:3,C?,m:m?:egiigg?,932fi:-xqixl ,wiz,i:Ni?Lsil:aA-pau WL.. 6 : v i Q K L si, ' V W g N K 6 I If L I 3 THE NOR'EASTER Q EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING I I I I 1 4 L Wes, I Watson Edie Ward Silver Gold Bronze I I I SPECIAL HONOR WINNERS I H 1 2 3 G. McDaniel S. Taylor I Silver Medal, s. A. R. I Essay Contest. 5 J. Abston I State and City Prize for I Junior and Senior W. C. T. I U. Essay Contest. I I I I First Honorable Mention Allied Charities Poster Contest. Winner of North- east Scholarship offered by the Kansas City Art Institute. -.2 .ef z.- va.- '.-. - 1-1 4.- THE NOR'EASTER 5 CHRISTMAS PLAY CAST THE NOR'EASTER The Christmas Play The Christmas or Mid-Year play, which has become an annual event at Northeast, was presented this year on December 8 and 9. It was 3 great success as shown by the large attendance both nights of the pre- sentation, which represented over three thousand students, parents, and teachers. The play, "The Witching Hour," deals with superstition, psychological phenomena, and the power of suggestion, conscious and unconscious. The action of the play is contained in four acts-and breath- less suspense was maintained until the drop of the curtain at the end of the last act. The scene is laid in Louisville, Kentucky, and naturally there was a gambler and a murder to complicate the plot. An especially notable fact was that a double girls's cast was used. The cast in order of their appearance: Joe --....---..................... ......... P aul Hodges Jack Brookfield .......... .... ,,.. ,.,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, H a r Old Taylgr Tom Denning ............................,,.,......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, john Barnes Harvey ...................................................................... Alex Altergott Mrs. Alice Campbell ........ Josephine Abbott, Verda Strickler Mrs. Helen Whipple ........ Frances Turpin, Mary A. Patterson, ' Iva Murphy, Florence Benson Viola ............................................ Clay Whipple .......................................................... Le Roy Smith Frank Hardmuth .......... .................................. F red Holmes Lew F.llinger ............. ....... L larry Stockwell Justice Prentice ............ ....... C larence Barnickel Justice Henderson ,,..... ........ W illiam Horowitz Servant ......................... ............. M erton Diels Colonel Bayley ....... ................ I oe ,lenett Mr, Emmett .......,....................,............................... Charles Palmer , Josephine Abbott, Frances Turpin, and Florence Benson played on Friday, the eighth. The next night Verda Strickler, Mary Agnes Patter- son, and Iva Murphy played the girl's roles. Critics were unanimous in their praise. Mr. Stigall pronounced the play the very best high school play he had ever seen. Many former students and visitors from other schools, as well as parents and students who were present, gave fine compliments to the players. i Mr. Harold B. Taylor, Clarence Barnickel and Miss Frances Turpin received special notice from the press and spectators, for their professional- like acting in their exceedingly difficul.t roles. ' , The success of the play is due to a large extent to the efforts of Miss Helen Hobbs, the coach. Too much credit and recognition cannot be given her. 1 , We hope that more such plays will be given at Northeast in the future. ' DOROTHY CUSTENBORDER, Reporter. 151 Tl I E NOR'EASTER Exchanges Maxine Daniels, Editor. We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of the following exchanges during the past year: The Beacon, Cleveland High School, St. Louis, Mo. The Buzzer, Argentine High School, Kansas City, Kans. The Baker Orange, Baker University, Baldwin, Kans. The Bentonian, Benton High School, St. joseph, Mo. The Buckshot, Blackwell High School, Blackwell, Okla. The Call, Northwestern High School, Detroit, Michigan. Central High News, Central High School, Minneapolis, Minn. The Colt, Northwestern High School, Detroit, Mich. The Comet, West Division High School, Milwaukee, Wis. Commerce, High School of Commerce, Springfield, Mass. The Crimson, Dupont Manual Training High School, Louisville, Ky. The Excelsiorite, Excelsior Springs High School, Excelsior Springs, Mo. The Gleam, Johnson High School, St. Paul, Minn. High School Buzz, Hutchinson High School, Hutchinson, Kans. Incubator, Lexington High School, Lexington, Mo. The Kansas City Collegian, Juni-or College, Kansas City, Mo. Knox Student, Knox College, Galeslburg, Ill. Labetta, Labetta High School, Alamont, Kans. The Luminary, Central High School, Kansas City, Mo. Manual Arts Weekly, Manual Arts High School, Los AngclCS, Cal. The Manualite, Manual Training High School, Kansas City, Mo. Maroon and White, Austin High School, Chicago, Ill. Mirror, Central High School, Lima, Ohio fmonthlyb. M-M-A Eagle, Missouri Military Academy, Mexico, Mo. 'The Mountaineer, Butte High School, Butte, Mont. 'The Nor-Win, Norwin High School, Irwin, Pa. Ocean Breeze, Weatherwax High School, Aberdeen, Wash. Optimist, Atchison High School, Atchison, Kans. The Ottawa Campus, Ottawa University, Ottawa, Kans. Pantagraph, Kansas City High School, Kansas City, Kans. Pasadena Chronicle, Pasadena High School, Pasadena, Cal. Record, North High School, Worcester, Mass. Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, New York. The Reporter, Parsons High School, Parsons, Kans. S'tudent Life, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. South High Beacon, South High School, Cleveland, Ohio. The W. M. A. Trumpeter, Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Mo. The University Daily Kansan, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kans. The VVashburn Review, Washburn College, Topeka, Kans. Wm. Jewell Student, VVm. Jewell College, Liiberty, Mo. Park College, Parkville, Mo. The Westport Crier, VVestport High School, Kansas City, Mo. The Yale Record, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. The Boyertown, Boyertown School News, Boyertown, Pa. The Blue "J,"' Junction City High School, junction City, Kans. Yale Alumni Weekly, New Haven, Conn. The Scribbler, Ft. Scott Junior College and High School, Ft. Scott, Kans. Hillsdale Collegian, Hillsdale, Mich. The Rambler, Alexander Graham High School, Charlotte, N. Car. The Tooter, South High School, Omaha, Nebraska. School Times, Springfield, Mo. The u-c-Pepe, University High School, University, Mo. The Antler, Hartford High School, Hartford, Ky. The Purple and Gray, Burlington High School, Burlington, Ia. The Olathean, Olathe High School, Olathe, Kans. Liberty Bell, Liberty High School, Liberty, Mo. 152 THE NOR'EAS I' ER '4:'1"IIy1l' WW' N V E V H ' Y IQQQMIIQIIIIW .III 'III .II II Z' I... 'II ,nw Immun' NWI ti iz ' i- I I I I III' " Q ' 3 gg? ' If' I ,II 2, II I I gl In EEE QEJIQIIII II .3 MIIIII Illullamwlg I ,lim Z! III IIZMSEQ?-I , 11-4 sw: 52, 1 .ein PW., 7 Ffa? P- II' S5 is III IIN I 'I i I If" :Q X211 I5 -SZ rbi ,SLI-SF! agfiz n Yin egg W Y S4913 Q G 5 Q , 'f 8 3 AG fl' mmgfd 40,146 mf X I I ,TI F f ff ! ge! X' IIS, I IIIIXXXXXKKI I II ,gffwffy vi ' X 'Ima 'N lk II 5 --W. I ,-X dh . I III W ,- I f If '-"I'I I If' 2 III I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII I I IIIII II r. Q I I I III I I ' I ' fm - I II I I II li II IIIII. I II' . HI X 2 'III Il 'III I' 'III IIN IIE- ilu. 11.433 I III' M f ' I L K 5 I I I .,4I va ,lf ll 1 , '- " -4 I' 'III' ' "f E' 1 If' II Il I ' ' ' 5 -1 E5 ' E. ' I ' --4 5' Q jj ' Il 1 '- 7 , I I ' A ' IF? 2 If -0 ' l V El' 5 ,4 S552 ""'1I..IIII" III, '-ri g' III", IIIIIIIIUI' r , .s 'gp . . IE E ' A -4. AE 2 II ,I I -4 Ja ' U, is-E EJIIIIII, ,g' '. ig 35 JKIIIIIE I I I' " I FH .I E lim gf . . I 7 -4 ' ' 5' 'I 9 I, lg. I 5' Ga 14 Ai QIII-E 'Z' ' -I I r 5:4 If EI ' an ' - 5 If "WSL 'IL '1 :,.- 2 I E ef- ' 2 I 25" -I . gr VIE- II' 5 .5 -, 'I ., I I 5 SFI 2.4 I ' ..- I 5 " I 2 I I " I Quai :Q 1 :i 2 lg E ',,.J,, E m fg, In II I 5, rf 2 .3 I I I I 'I , ., 5 'V in if A 5 I ' idpr-,?:si,..E3E'1 .Ig if I I, I ,s.,' 2-AQQEQ-I .T III' Q" I 'II 2-fi il 'I ' ' I II I I' I' ' - ,I ,J II II' f sk-J II' ', , 1' Gig! , I I I I n .Q WI MI' 4 I IIILU 1.3. A I I 5 IWW V,p4I 'izf I M . IQ .ff lx Q l I I IIEII Il lr xgixkliat. ' N I 4 ix . II A , I I ,I xx . vm I III 5, I , : ' K Iru I I I IX' f X X A Itggitx sa 1 N :I I 1 :I la' f f .J i -M12 f " ' f XPP 'III I :fx 'av 'ff III I If 1 im A ' Q f.,iiigQ,j,:,.IQEr5Q , ' fmifeilsgifi 1: ZW I If 2 A I I 'ii II :i 1 I Sw? ' III A 'X 2 alt -.i:5:i5'aI II? E I xv- ii A I :sw-if-If I I Q I 12 '- ..-..IIIIIIf I . R D xv Fx - A5335 3I,'13gg-MII , , ,.. ,-Q.. SI ' xx I 2 H f-N yf Egiflm I lt!! 'E 4 . I I Nik ,lr ,I 'IEIIIggf,III- r:i:fs3,I' I " Q9 , ," I'- 9-II' I' -IIIIII 'U I I I I If I alfllle, Nga I I J .I ll Iix II . x 1,1 1,242 II ' 1,:: ' I I ' 4, '1 ' ,, III- M II ,I I.. I I2 , :M J, . I, "II I " , I X., X' I-.I-"!' I OUP' 1 II! I,.IA 'I X ull! g4II'5+ ml I - 5 p X., 5 ' 'f 5 ' "WI" , I' I f Q I II? I IW V I , 4: 5 2,3 Q x I Il RI , -I ua 2 VI ji,qZ?,n.7!: gg In" XIISR '13 if' I f f .elf , I'."'I. I I x.f I " I 4 I A I ,A 1 , V I , 'Q 1 I -'-JI Iwi. III. -- -IIII '.I I1ZI'II."'I , 4 1 .4 I Zi 2 ' I If 4 X! , k vIIII I ' "I I IIIIIIIIII I 'f X -.Tl v IIHIIIIIIII. , I , 44 ' Q'-:C J'lI 'Ib ' II' , ' I 2 nm - ' I I I 1 UIIII I I I IGH HIC CH00 '. sa:-:aku-3..5.,:.:. THE NOR'EASTER 1 1 MR, c. H. NOWLIN, Principal 154 'I'HE N 0R'EASTER Faculty of the Northeast Junior High School , Mr. Clifford H. Nowlin, Principal. ENGLISH Miss Wallace Armstrong Miss Penelope Dobyns Miss Annis Elliott Miss Gladys Gaylord Nelle Leihengood Wilma Trenchard Miss Miss Miss Frances Zimmerman MECHANIC ARTS Mr. Martin Doyle Mr. Sidney J. Lasley Mr. John Wahlstedt HOUSEHOLD ARTS Miss Augusta Gufler Miss Mildred Rose FINE ARTS Miss Martha Abbott Miss Margaret .De Forest Miss Eva Van Natta Miss Pauline Wettstein STUDY HALL Mrs. L. C. Lockwood MATHEMATICS Miss Mary Baxter Mrs. Helen Farmer Miss Esta Malter Miss Maude Phillips SCIENCE Miss Hester Towles Miss Helen Wamsley Mr. Charles H. Miller HISTORY Miss Florence Staples Miss Eleanor A. Thomas ANCIENT LANGUAGES Miss Virginia McClure Miss Martha Singleton OFFICE Miss Pearl jenkins Miss Celia Waring COMMERCE Miss Lottie Cell Miss Nelle Bradford MODERN LANGUAGES Miss Mary Slater GYMNASIUM Mr. J. Carl Cohlmeyer Miss Ethel Mealey Miss Beatrice Heibel Miss Emilie Chorn, Clerk Miss Mildred Harrall, Assistant Clerk ..n...--J. .- 1 ss... 105 L+...-I. isagg-1,.:..p. s,.'.. L. THE NOR'EASTER MRS. FARMER MISS STAPLES Mathematlcs Mathematics MISS MALTER MISS WETTSTEIN MISS GUFLER Mathematics Music Household Arts ' ILLER i MISS CHORN Mathematlcs and Physlology Clerk 3 156 -'-'- -1-fr"-::'s.errr.-.Q-sf-Q,-., ,f da :....- -.J -T .. ,. . . . , - ., . .- - - ' ' V -."T"'L?'5-1.:f'f- -f 119:FS'-12-:ra-:r'2sfs:sxti:E'I1:f3:zxe5y' ', af,-, . .5 ,.:,U,u.. -1 , , R ' o - - -- - - V. 1, ' 'i ,.1:'s,ff":"f1'f''-ii--'F' :-'fir-in -' r Zu? - I THE NOR'EASTER MISS DQBYNS MISS SINGLETON MISS ROSE EY1g.1sh Latin Household Arts gf My 1 MISS ARMSTRONG MR. DOYLE MISS GAYLORD English Joinery English fmw-f" MISS JENKINS MISS MEALEY MISS SLATER Civics and English Physical Education French and Spanish I57 " ""'S"'P' Pilff-'LH'-f"11"11-vi2'JL--H -' -bud " ' ' " 1-5 11 " fu ' " gf ' :S-P ' " 'neg " ks.-ga.. ea.. .,:.,z 1.' - , , . ,, THE NORTLASTER I I I I I ' MISS TOWLES Physiology and General Science MISS BAXTER MISS WARING Mathematics History and English MISS BRADFORD MR. WAHLSTEDT MISS ZIMMERMAN Commerce Drafting and Mathematics English MISS ELLIOTT MISS PHILLIPS MISS McCLURE English Mathematics Latin and Enbish 15 M ISS CE LL Commerce MISS TRENCHARD THE N OR'EASTER M ISS ABBOTT Art Civics and English I P r L 1 X I MISC LEIBENGOOD MR' SIBQSLEY U English 159 THE NOR'EASTER MISS THOMAS MISS De FOREST MISS HEIBEL Mathematics Music Appreciation Physical Education v I. MISS VAN NATTA Elocution NIR. COHLMEYER MRS. LOCKWOOD MISS WALMSLEY Boys Gym Study Hall General Science 163 . , . ,f...',,,.L:x,....h .s,L,.g,..:...m- S..-.g..,.,-ef... ' 1 " ' ' ' Everett Ackerson Joseph Aldrich Harold Alvested Loran Arnold Arthur Ashcraft Roy Ayers Lowrence Affolter George Baldwin Tom Ballard Eugene Bennett Frank Bepson Julian Benson Elbert Blumenthal John Boardman Ronald Booth Fred Bowman Joe Brewer Burdette Bugg Hubert Burke Robert Burke John Carriger Earl Cassady Robert Chamibers Alfred Coe Wayne Coe Kenneth Cook Dan Cummings Kenneth Daniels Louis Darevsky 'T'had Davidson Clifford Davis Elmer Dickhout Max Doehler John Eagle William Eisberg Hubert Ellsworth George Elston Ledonna Allen Jane Anderson Ruth Applegate Dollie Ayers Lucille Baldwin Erline Basham Ruth Benton Leah Blanpied Lois Bleich Renola Bonstein Lillian Bramhall Katherine Bull Louise Burns Veva Burns Elizabeth Campbell Evelyn Campbell Irene Carr Lillian Carroll Iola Cassady Helen Chernikoff Gilda Clardy Coral Cleaves First Year Junior High Boys Maurice Feagans 'Todd Frazier Mather Fuhg Roy Garrett Thomas Gatts Paul Gerber John Gilbert Alex Goldberg Warren Gordon John Gorzick Stanley Grace Harry Grant Arthur Greeley John Hancock Thurman Harmon Charles Hewes Howard Hill George Hogan Donald Holmgren Ansel Howard Edward Hunter David Hutcheson Milton Hutcheson Edward Tbers William Ireland Donald Jacoibs Harold Jenkins Robert Johnson Wilbur Jones Walter Kelley Thomas Kemp-er Whitney Kerr Kellogg Leach Sydney Lovelace Francis Lynn Fred McGeary Arthur McKinley Lucille Cooper Susie Cordell Elsie Cox Emma Cox Mildred Crofut Catherine Cummings Ruth Cunningham Marthabelle Davis Frances Denzel Clytie Eaton Edith Edwards Sarah Ruth Eisman Estelle Elder Ruth Farmer Ada Gertrude Feldt Margaret' Finch Gladys Foehlinger Mabel Gilzow Mary Griffith Helen Highley Ruth Hovey Louise Hyder 1 , -,:4- ...-r.'..f:-4-N4.-1-1... .- fur. ..y,a,-e Arthur Malkmus David Markowitz Walter Massey Henry Melville Robert Metcalf Ralph Metz Prichard Misner Earl Moore Leonard Moore Robert Moore Frederick Moseley William Murphy Alexander Muzzy Jack Newsom Gerald Newton Damian lO'Brien Howard Oi'Dell Ward Paden Herold Parkes Chandler Parks Kenneth Patzman Joe Pennacchio John Pensinger Maynard Pettit William Pickett Thomas Pratt Raymond Prough Curtis Rambo Arthur Redding Herbert Reed Ronald Rees Raymond' Richardson Elbert Risley Frank Roiberson James Roiberts Grville Roberts Morris Rubinfire Girls Doris Janes Aleen Jarman ,Dolly Jeffords Ruth Johnson Margaret Johnston Kathryn Jury Louise Kalinich Margaret Keane Charlotte Keeley Mabel Keller Miriam ,Kephart Murrel Kerwood Evelyn Keiper Frances Kreek Anna Laurenzana Lenore Lawrence Rosv Alice Lazenby Lillian Lindeman Opal Mae Lindsey Florence Long Avanel Luker Dorothy Mabie l6l 54:31:15-S Iii 5329-' . 1 al :-,. THE NOR'EASTER Willard Scurloclc Don Seaton Vincent Shortino Clarence Simonson Donovan Slade Harry Slater John D. Smith Taylor Smith Joseph Smithmier Ralph Smothers Charles Solomon Harry Solomon Denby Steele James S'tewart Thurland Sullivan Morley Swingle James 'Taylor William Thelen Harry Thorpe Robert Toomey Alfred Trillow Karl Tuttle Billie Van Dyke Cleo Waldridge Thomas Warren Carroll White Lee Wilcoxson Joel Williams' Eugene Wise Harry Womack James Wood William Young Byron Zaun Abe Zolotor Florence Marke- witch Nellie Markowitz Edna Martin Mildred Martin Juanita Merwin Glenna Miles Etta Minnick Lucille Morgan Thelma Morgan Helen Muhr Marguerite Neblett Mollie Nussbaum Myrtle O'Brien Alice Pace Anita Parr Dorothy Pellet Grace Philpot Clara Polizze Neville Powell Tirzah Powell Christine Poynter THE NOR'EASTER Ethel Precht Bernice Ramsey Georgelle Reading Meliba Rich Minnif Louise Ridgell Pauline Ritchey Ina Rpss Dorothy Schaap' Loraine Scherrer Dorothy Schultz Ardena Scott Iva Shepley Jessie Shortino Ruth Shotliff Louise Shropshire Dorothy Smith Hattie Smith Zella Stanley Mildred Stoner Alma Summers Reba Tarwater Frances Thur Ila 'Trussell Helen Walker 'Thelma Ward Ada Smothers mond Goldie Weatherford Lucille Wedge Agnes Wildish Dorothy Williams Mary Jane Wilmeth Margaret Wilson Eleanor Wingfield Second Year Junior High Howard Adams Robert Lee Adams Donald Alexander Ralph Allen Terrance Allen Salvador Anello Vincent Anello Ralph Argo Merlin Arthur Wade Askew William Atkins George Baird Paul Baird Floyd Bane Henry Barbour Wallace Barr Abe Baker Paul Bastian Lonnie Baugh Ralph Beard Frederick Beers Ralph Bennett Kenneth Berry Allen Bever Frederick Billings Frank Blakesley Frank Blasco Louis Blumenthal Edward Bo-mberger Otho Books Domie Bowlin Henry Brokmeyer Russell Brotemarkle Victor Brown Henry Buckley Richard Bulkeley Robert Burdick Lewis Bushell James Byard Barham Cameron Clifford Carson :"William Carter Harold Walter Carey James Caskey Robert Chamlbliss Clarence Chatten Maurice Childs Reginald Choate Joseph Ciro Henbert Clift John Cobaugh Delaney Cody Hershal Conkle Charles Cook - James Courtney Wil-liam Cromwell Laurel Crosby Marion Crummett Merrimon Cuning- gim Joe Cupito James Curran Floyd Curry Arthur Daniel Paul Daniel tEmil Dargatz Forrest Davis Leslie Davis George Dean Herman Delles John Deuser Fred Diamond John Dods Charles Dodson Gaston Donnan ffJohn Donnici John Ducate Henry Dumit Granville Dunn William Dunn Harry Eager William Eells Harry Ebert Albert Elliott Raymond English Elmore Erickson Fred Estrin Clarence Evans Roy Fann Wayne Farlow Wyan Feagan James Feiring Carl Fenner Frank Fensom Lawrence Fischbacl' Everett Fisher Roger Fitzgerald Lawrence Flournoy Clifford Farlow John Foster Paul Fredericksen Douglas Gale Dick Gammage Francis Gardner .IOl111 Gartman Howard Geabhart John Gilbirds Charles Ginsberg Clifford Godfrey Thomas Goe Floyd Green Boys Raymond Green George Grisham Charles Griswold Charles Hahn Germinal Hahn Angus Hale Clarence Hale Harold Haley Clifton Hall Ralph Hall Irving Hancock Carl Harlan Charles Harris William Harris Howell Harrison Melvin Harshman Eugene Hartwell Bert Ilavard Harry Haynes Donald Heaton Albert Henley Clarence Herring Jack Hobbs Julian Hodge John Holloway John Holman Albert Holmberg Hollis Hood Estel Hoots Virgil Howard George Hubbard Richard Huber Orrin Hull Geo. Ivan Hunter Geo. Martin Hunter Lester Hurley Warren Husted Marvin Hutchins Joe Inzerille Charles Ison Hartley Jackson Orville Jackson Samuel James David Janes Robert Jenkins William Jennings Russell John Henry Johnson Glenn Jones Virgil Jones Sherman Kamen Virgil Karl Edwin Kendrick Arthur Key Lvle Killingsworth Dan Kinley esky 162 Milton Klein Robert Klein Noel Knight Arthur LaScala Robert Latham Howard Latta David Laughlin Roger Leaton Clyde Lee Edward Lehrack Charles Leopold Sidney Leritz Theodore Lester Jeoy Letellier RusseH Lincoln Arthur Lockard Walter Long Hugh Lough Johnnie Loveland A Joseph Lynn Eugene Lytle George McCain William McClement Meredith McDaniel Ashley McGuire Gene McGuire Gaylord Mcllvain Clyde MCKinzie Jack McKinzie Robert McMillian Hugh Maddox Ivan Maddox Hugh Malone James Malone Philip Maloney Maurice Manning William Markward David Marshall Earle Martin Roy Martin George May Philip C. Meierarend Anthony Merlino Adellbert Merwin Frank Metcalf Eugene Michaux Cvrus Miller Elton Miller Harry Miller Robert Monk Tom Moore William Moore Barney Moran Eldridge Morgan Jack Moroney Harry Mortimore ' ' " " ' , ...---fs .,e....ia+e.,.,,.,..g,.ac.e.s...,v.n. .1 - r " George Mossie Key Mullin Charles Newell Leo Newell Russell Noland Frank North John Norval Louis Nussbaum Raymond Oldham Lawrence Oliver Carl Omer George O'Neal Herman Osenburg Tom Parish Chester Parker Alvah Patterson Everett Peck Lynne Peck Roy Peck Kenneth Pellet Kenneth Perrigo Dean Pettit John Pigg Eugene Poindextrr James Porter John Powell Billie Pratt Moorman Prosser Grover Pruett Lawrence Pulley Robert Quade Charles Radcliff Kenneth Radcliff George Ragsdale Lawrence Ramsey Robert Rausch Leafoh Rea Ruth Abell Ruth Alexander Ella Allen Alice Altergott Lorene Anderson Mildred Anderson Thelma Anderson Virginia Anthony Ruth Armantrout Florence Armstrong Bertha May Austin Elizabeth Austin Helen Backstrom Sidona Baehr Dorothy Bailey Ruth Bailey Eleanor Baird Grace Baker Kathryn Baker Winniefred Baldock Louise Barnes Ruth Barnett Dhelam Basham Erawana Beck Wahnita Beeman Eilleen Bell Margaret Bell Esther Bickford Josephine Bish 'tDeceased Jackson Ream Lynn Reeder Billy Reese Arnold Reifel Marvin Rhodes Edward Richardson Frank Richardson Carl Richter Fred Rider John Roberts Harold Robinson Hershel Robinson Wilmer Rolbrock Robert Ross Winston Rucker Fred Runyon Lon Sallee Anthony Savoca Edward eS'carritt Carl Schnackenberg Dorsey Schenewerk Fred Schuble Joseph Shaeffer Earl Sharp Frederick Shea Bruce Short Lysle Showalter Houston S'ides Tack Sieben Dave Simon David Oliver Smart Chester Smith Earl Smith Frank Smith JOl'1ll E. Smith .Kelly Smith Nathaniel Soglerberg Milan S'oldanels George Sowers Earl Spangler Russell Spotswood Forrest Stanley Frank Stark George S't. Clair Everett Stearns Richard Steele Nathan Stein John S'teinmetz Walker Stephens Frederick Stephenson Leith Stevens Arthur Stewart Donald Stone Mason Stobaugh Leon Stoup Milton Strodtman Robert Stultz James Sturges Herman Supofsky Raymond Swart Klaber Tatum Lenton Tavener Ollie Thomas Roy Thomas Clifford Thomson Russell Trapnell Edwin Travis William 'Turner Ralph Turnham Joseph Underwood Ora Vandeveer Girls Mildred Bishop Alice Blaine Audrey Blanken- ship Vivian Boles Marjorie Books Esther Boor Hyacinth Borders Faye Boyd Mable Brockman Elizabeth Broman Esther Brooks Nora Buddemeyer La Belle Buehrle Kathaleen Bull Lois Burdette Ivy Burk Martha Burlie Kathleen Burns Ardith Burns Meda Burps Lola Calloway Eva Calvin Ruth Campbell Nadine Carlisle Frances Carll Elizabeth Carson Margaret Cawby Elizabeth Chanilbliss Jean Alice Cham- ber Alvera Chasteen Madge Chrisman Catherine Cleaver Margaret Comaschi Edith Conway Gwendolyn Cook Ruth Cox Ruth Crofut Florence Cruce Mary Crutcher Othel Curtis Katherine Daniels Amber Darrell Juanita Davidson "tMary DeFeo Vivian DeFoe Mary DeRubertis Harriett Diamond Gladys Dickerson Edith Dickinson Agnes Mary Diesko Anna Dillon Eleanor Dimmitt Isabel Doherty Sadie Dolgenow Marjorie Donmyer Theresa Donnici 163 --. 5 ,nag-.5.'L..fLia-'.. 5, :A THE NOR'EASTER Harold VanDyke Amos Vanice Mark Vann Jack VanVleck Robert Victor Clyde Vogt Dell Wad-e Morris Wallace William Wa-lz Clay George Warnock Gordon Watson Orion Weblb Paul Wendel Curtis Wheeler William Wherry George White . Robert White Samuel White Oscar Wilkey Arthur Williams Earl Williams Francis Williams Luroff Williams Maurice Williams Gordon Willi,s Floyd Wilson ,lames Wilson ' Uhl Winans Ralph Winders Clarence Winn Mack Womacks Frank Woolridge Arthur .Wycoff ' Horace Yancey ' Edward Yocum Hugh Zimmerman Agnes Donohue Virginia Dorman Ruth Douglas Alice Doyon Frances DuBois Catherine Dunleavyl Mary Ella Dwight Agnes Ebel Viola Edgar Eloise Edlund LaVene Elgin Helen Elston Foline Eppstein Jessie Eriksen Henrietta Estrin Effie Evans Marjorie Evans Carolyn Faress Katherine Farrand Esther Feeback Pauline Feiring Violet Ferguson Wanda Ferster Kathleen Fitzgerald Nell Ford Vlirginia Franznian Virginia Frederick Jeannette Freeman Mildred Freeman THE NOR'EASTER Marguerite Freden berg Lucille Fuller Pauline Fuller Cleo Garrett Freda Gastman May Gatts Bessie Geabhart Melvina Gillespie Jane Gleason Ada Margaret Glenn Dorothy Glenn Agnes Goddard Hazel Gray Wenonaha Gray Edna Grebe Elizabeth Grisham Josephine Grissom Dorothy Grub-bs Margaret Haddock Genevieve Hader Winifred Hadley Cleora Hale Gladys Mae Hall Ethel Hambel Lola Mae Hamilton Colleen Harbert Martha Hardin Mamie I-Iarkins Gladys Harrington Evelyn I-Iarter Marguerite Harter Stasia Harvey Faye Henderson Irene Henderson Ruth Henderson Hazel Henry Metta Henry Martha Hensley Marguerite Hersh Loretta Hickey Margaret Hillias Madeline Hobbs Naomi Hodges Marian Louise Hoefer Helen Holderby Addie Holferty Anna Holien Irma I-Io kins P Margaret I-Iostetter Mildred Hulshizer Rhuama .Hutcheson 'Daisy Intveldt Marguerite Irvine Anabel Jackley Marguerite James Mildred James Katherine Jarboe Bertha Jenkins Opal Jett Anna Johnson Bertha Johnson Ella Jones Mildred Jones Marv Helen uric k . -. . I H Virginia Kaiser Mary Kalinich Ruth Kenney Virginia Ketchum Burnice Kidd Lorene King Ruth Kobett Eleanor Konizeski Reva Kresse Anna Kubiak Anna Mae Kuhn Ruthanne Kuhn Jewell Lamport 1.llClllC Land Thelma Lay Marguerette Leedom Emma Levine Bonnie Lewis Clara Lewis Mary Elizabeth Lewis Louise Libart Eva Liggett Verna Liggett Lorene Lilley Mary Logan Lucille Long Helen Lord Roberta Lowary Alma Lucas Maxine Mabie Fae Macklin Maxie Clare Maddox Minola Maddy Elizabeth Major Beatrice Martin Dua Martin Edna Lou Marvin Lena Mauck Virginia Mayes Ellen McCance Edith McClary J Frances McClintock Dorothy McDonald Blanche McElhinnyI Virginia McFadden Virginia McGlathery Margaret McKinlay Clara McKnight Marguerite Mc- Laughlin Jessie McMullen Mary McNerney Dorothy Melcher Frances Merlino Madelyn Merritt Ruth Metcalfe Alp-ha Middleton Margarite Miller Mary Miller Mary Catherine Millett Helen Mills Katherine Mills Vera Milton Mildred Minshall Vernah Misner Edith Mitchell Myrtle Mock Dorothy Momyer Frieda Moiitgomery Mary Moxom Vera Myers Bessie Nadlman Elizabeth Nagy Mildred Newhall Winona Oakley Marie Offutt Maxine O'Connell Mary O'Neill Frances Osborne Helen Marie Owens Veronica Paris Della Parker Eleanor Payne Frances Pearce Virgie Peebles Anna Pelligrino Thelma Pemberton Goldie Peoples Sophia Petrovic Olive Phillips Thelma Pittman Pearl Pound Pauline Preston Mary Procter Virginia Putman Marvel Reddinger Jennett Reed Lola Reese Florene Reily Eva Remley Mercedes Rey Virginia Rhoads Grace Richmond Bonnie Riley Mildred Risley Marian Ritter Augusta Roberts Dorothy Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Ula Rogers Dorothy Ryder Laura Sargent Hortense Schaeffer Rebecca Schmehl Grace Schoonover Ethel Scott Hazel Scott Linnie Pearl Scotten Frances Sequist Louise Sears Glendora Setzler Martha Sewell Jane Shanks Mary Etta Shanks 'Anna Maud Sharp Leola Shawhan Mildred Sheldon Katherine Shinn Helen Shonert Leone Skelley Dorothy Slaughter Bernice Sleyster Briddel'e Smith Frances Smith Georgia Smith Georgia Peggy Smith Helen Smith Kathryn Smith Tnicile Smith Margaret Smith 164 Olive Spach Helen Spalinski Clara Bell Sparks Elizabeth Spelman Elaine Spencer Annafbell Spotswood Daisy Springer Grace Stansubury Bonnie Stearns Evelyn Stilts Geneva Stoddard Margaret Stoup Cleo Esther Stowers Dorothy Stukey Geraldine Suagee Magdalene Summers Sarah Swinken Vencie Swinken Evelyn Talbott Martha Tavener Edna May Taylor Elizabeth Terry Grace Thompson Tracie Thompson Doris Timmons Geraldine Tolman Althea 'Truelsen Florence Turner Margaret Turner Mary Turner Myrtle 'Turner Mildred Vaughn Audra Wade Ruby Wade Mavbel Walkey Linda Walters Irene Ward O-ra Ward Ruth Waters Vendla Wattson Lucille Webb Madge Weddle Alice Wells Avis Wells Helen Wells Mary Wells Helen Weyler Mildred Whitaker Frances White Mildred White Thelma White Ruth Wickham Everill Williams Hazel Wiilliamson Jeanette Willis Dorothy Wilson Isabelle Wilson Elizabeth Winn Lois Wise Minnie Lee Wood Merle Woodling Ellen Woolridge Dorothy Worrell Dorothy Wright Thelma Wright Iosie Wyatt Marion Young Alice Ziegel JUNIOR HIGH' ORCHESTRA Miss VVettstein, Director. H'H.I.SVH.lION ElH.L X 2-ggi.. ,--w,.wMxzLLQyfRQmmfg gggP!!!!Ez?fif23?553253232111:57-iff lLfff2"TjW,,,,, ,, f,, HONOF1' ROLL HH.LSVEL2ION 'EIHL " ' A ' "H I 11 -f ,M THE NOR EASTER Honor Roll NORTHEAST JUNIOR, FIRST SEMESTER. HIGHEST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL. Cleo Garrett Margaret Johnston Frances Osborne Houston Sides Harry Slater GENERAL SEMESTER HONOR ROLL. Thelma Anderson Dhelrna Basham Ivy Burke Kathleen Burns Ruth Campubell Merrimon Cuninggim Paul Daniel Marthabelle Davis Charles Dodson Mary De Rubertis Foline Eppstein May Gatts Thomas Gatts jane Gleason A Willifred Hadley Faye Henderson Hazel Henry Mary Helen juricak Helen Lord Eugene Lytle Meredith McDaniel Virginia McFadden Mary MQNerny Thelma Morgan - Clara Mae Pollizze Pearl Pound Ethel Precht Pauline Preston Lola Reese Leola Shawhan Clarence Simonson Frank Smith Vencie Sylvester Alfred Trillow Myrtle Turner Ora Ward ' Eleanor Wi11gfield William Young ... .- V., ,. ,,... Y- 1,,5:1.g.gsvz:a,. ,.-,L av, A Y p W Y , , W ,,,- --D., 1- ivf'fl:1-gg,g.,2.v,i'f:-swgffarfl -'I A - ' ' 'nf 'W ' 1 g-'E--if ' ,JH , ,,f.,,A . v .- K. -- -- -. .g-1 iivf!'f- WL:-'Ll-Q--f1f' - '- f f,.5i1,r..L:.Y:1::4a :V-f-4-QI .f...':+ 1Q- -+"' A ,,4f.,fTS--- -1--:1'1+A"1 "-"" ' ' ' a,--'aww-umm.-..w-,wW.,..,,,..u...,-, TcIfEI.LSVELlION H ILL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Miss Wettstein, Director. ' - f 1 f f-1-f -. wvf- Lf.se4ie--- -: :fue -1- if-- : Af .. -M. , -. .Vs 1- .,'.,..,-, - Y.. -. . . , - THE N OR'EAS'l'ER First Annual Junior Jubilee Oh boy !' were you one of the thousands that jammed the halls of Northeast High School March 23? Oh yes, everyone went to the junior jubilee. First you elbowed your way to the pop stand, then you shoved and shoved until you could hear the fortune teller's mystic message. Barkers with their raucous calls urged you on to other sideshows. Pretty girls in purple and white caps and aprons busily plied their wares of peanuts and candy. Then you took a trip around the world. Of course, it was such a flying trip you didn't see much, but anyway youive been. When you got back you went to see the pyramids which were built under the direction of Mr. Cohlmeyer, architect. Real, living pyramids they were, too. Wasn't the incubator baby in the winter circus the cutest little thing you ever saw? He had such pretty red cheeks and hair. Barnum and Bailey themselves couldnlt have equaled this circus. Then you saw the dramatic producti-on of "The Moor's Legacy," where the good Pedro Gil was beset by his scolding wife and the cunning barber, and the cruefl deputy, and the grasping judge. And you saw him finally triumph in carrying off his gold and precious jewels. But now it was time to go t-o the operetta and you were almost too late to get a seat. Those who lingered longer in the halls were more unfortunate than you and found themselves being merged with t-he plas- ter of the walls until Mr. Nowlin came to the rescue and thinned them out by announcing that the side shows would be run free fortthose who could not get seats for the operetta. Then the curtain rose and Miss Wettstein's well trained choruses, assisted by Miss Mealey's dancers, showed how Dame Needy lived with her many children in the Old Shoe. Laura Sargent realistically played the role of the mother. Dame Needy was ably assisted in her care of the younger children by her oldest daughter, Meg, Lucile Weblb. Nadine Carlisle made a winsome Angelina, the sick little neighbor girl, wh-o was discovered by the landlord's daugh- ter, Lily Qwhom we know as Kathleen Burnsj, and taken to the hills where the fresh air cured her lungs. Meg's seven sisters were Ruth Campbell, Virginia Frederich, Ella McCance, Alice Ziegelg Mary De Rub- ertis, Faye Boyd and Helen Smith. The brothers, whose parts were taken by Howard Adams, Robert Burdick, and some of the other boys in Twi- light Alley made things lively for Dame Needy and the girls. They would play ball and robber and get in the dirt. They even planned to burn the Old Shoe because everybody hated it, but finally they bent their energies to the capture of the Black Bogie, Smoke, which was the bane of their mother's life, and went up in an aeroplane after him. When they returned the evening paper was out announcing the action by the council that a smloke consumer would be put on every chimney. As Lily had decided to enlist her father to help in cleaning up the Old Shoe, much of the gloom was taken out of everybody,s life. As soon as the curtain descended on the spirit of the muses, King Carnival reigned again. Everyone rushed for the side shows. Of course no one believes all the fish tales he hears, but, honestly, such ueer fish as you caught that night were never caught from a pond befor? There were little lbaves of. bread, cookies, breakfast bfoolds, cfaigly and everything edible thats made in Kansas City. On the an s o 16 169 uf...-.. .- f ' ,.. ,av 54:5-4-.5.:fA.eL::.:4 .L OPERETTA CAST Junior High Jubilee. 2IGI.LSVH.HON HH THE NOR'EASTER fish pond the mermaids had their market where fishermen bought dolls, handkerchiefs and souvenirs of the ju-bilee. Would you believe it! In "The Dream of a Movie Fiend", Rudolph Valentino danced ,the Argentine tango and Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, and other famous stars were there in person. Thousands thronged to see them. And you got a chicken dinner for five cents, a real chicken dinner, too. Think of iltl You were among those that crowded to see Dr. Pill in "The Passing Show," and the old maid, the old fashioned girl, the sissy boy, the widow, the flap- per, the grind, and all the others who passed you by only too quickly. You liked that show, d-idnit you? Then you saw "The Ginties" sing and dance and entertain the crowd. King Tut, slumbering on the fourth floor, was aroused from his sleep of thirty-five centuries by the clamor of those who came to see the relics of his tomb, and his glittering jewels. Perhaps the voices of Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean as they gazed in amazement at the treasures, had something to do with the awakening of old Tut and his miumm-ified wives. Our first Junior Jubilee was a great Success, great in the interest shown by the community, great in the quality of the program, great in the spirit of good humor that prevailed. Tncidentally, more th-an nine hun- dred dollars came into our empty treasury. Every teacher pushed, and every pupil boosted. That's why we went over the top. FINE ARTS CLUB!!! Where? Room 413. When? Every other Friday. What? A Fine Arts Club, under the direction of Miss De Forest. We're a music class, but a club of -all fine arts. We have written plays and given a musical program in the Senior High music apprecia- tion classes. We are now fbeginning a study of pictures and are planning hikes and many good times where we will learn much of nature and her beauties. It pays to take music first hour in 413. MARGARET JOHNSTON, Reporter. PRAESIDI CO-RPORIS. The first hour physiology class has organized into a clufb and taken the name "Praesidi Corporis," which means, "Guardians of the Body. Although the Clurb is made up entirely of-girls, we have much pep, enthusiasm and school spirit, part of which we inherit from our busy, hard Wgfking teacher, Miss Towles. This we proved by winning the first prize, a delicious cake for selling the most tickets to the Junior Jubilee. We sold one hundred and sixty-four tickets to the operetta, making 341.00 Our side show entitled, "The Dream of a Movie lfiend, attracted about one thousand people, but owing to the fact that we gave it free to over three hundred people, we collected only 33425. Our total earn- ings for the Junior Jubilee fund were 37525. 171 .ay .. ,nw .,-1.5,-, 515-4-f,GL:i5L:1-'. GIRL RESERVES HELLSVELHON 5IHLL A .- 1- ,.:,.x-:'.-..d E gg 535:34-, ,.:x ..,,,., ,., , , ,K THE NOR'EASTER The Girl Reserves The.only large organization for girls alone in Northeast Junior High School, is the Girl Reserves. The club was organized last fall under the supervision of Miss Mar- garet Lahr, the secretary from the Young Women's Christian Associa- tion. There are now fifty-two members, the number which will be greatly increased before the end of the school term. The meetings have been very interesting and 'beneficial to all. They occur every two weeks. Une of the most interesting was the World Fel- lowship. Each girl taking part represented a country. She dressed as do the natives of that country and gave a recitation about it. Some of the costumes were very, picturesque, and some were extremely queer. At the initiation, the advisers held a ribbon of white crepe paper in the form. of a ,triangle, whose three sides signify the mental, spiritual, and physical development of the girls. The girls, each holding a small white candle, stood within the triangle and repeated the purpose of the Girl Reserves. Then each of them, in candle from the large white candle representing the which stood on the taible. They then marched off t-he ing their lights as they went. The officers of the club are as follows: President, code, slogan, and turn, lighted her Light of Christ, stage, extinguish- Kathryn Daniels 5 Vice-President, Ruth Campbellg Secretary, Winifred Hadley, Treasurer, Frances DuBois, Keeper of the Seals, Ella McCanceg Publicity Chairmen, Lois Burdett, Nadine Carlisle. The advisers are: Miss Elliott, Miss Armstrong, Phillips, Miss Baxter, Miss McClure, Miss Dobyns. Miss Rose, Miss The keeper of the seal is the girl who takes charge of the -honors. Each honor is a deed which will in some way beautify the lives of the girls who complete it. Honors are easily won by any girl and are classed in health, knowledge, service, and spirit. After having won the useful smaller awards, a ring of hammered silver, with "G, R." in a small triangle is awarded. We are anticipating a splendid time at the Young Women's Christian Association in the near future. After swimming from twelve o'clock until one, we are to have lunch there. Miss Abbott, the art ins.tructor. is not an adviser but she deserves a vote of thanks for her willingly given services in poster work. Comments from active members of the club: "The Girl Reserves has given me a higher mental standardf' Helen Lord. "The Girl Reserves has shown me the way to appreciate the beau- tiful." Frances DuBois. "Through the Girl Reserves, I have gained a deeper respect for my word." Kathryn Daniels. "The Girl Reserves has given me many opportunities to serve othersf' Pearl Pound. 173 HJ. COOKIE CUTTERS First ROW-Ton-D l 1 un eavy, Foehlinger, Keiper. Highly, I-I. Gray, Dolgenow, Peoples Sliinn. Second Row-Pemberton, Bull, L, Allen, Miss Gufler, I-Iorrell, K. Baker, Sparles. 'Fhird Row-Springer. M. Burns, Wise, R. Waters, Preston, M. Smith, Burdette. ZIELLSVELHON EI THE NOR'EASTER Junior High Student Council The Junior High Student Council has been for the most part a boosting organization this year. We have boosted the basket ball games, the safety movement, the Nor'easter, Junior jubilee, and too many other things to mention here. We meet every two weeks on Wednesday morn- ing in room 308 for a half hour or longer if necessary, with Mr. Nowlin present. T-he officers are: President, Houston Sides, Vice-President, Don Alexander, Secretary, Lois Wise, Executive Committee, Lorene Lilley and Douglas Gale. Several of the teachers have, at different -times, visited the meetings and given interesting talks. We have, in these meetings, studied school problems and have had lessons in salesmanship and extemporaneous speak- ing. . It will be with sadness, I am sure, that the first Student Council of Nort'heast junior High leaves its interesting meetings and its adviser, Prof. C. H. Nowlin. LOIS WISE, Secretary. BRIEF- BITS OF NEWS. The clothing classes of junior High made gingham dresses of vari- ous colors and styles, for spring. The sewing classes taught by Miss Rose adopted an imaginary family, for which they planned and furnished a house. They planned the cloth- ing, especially for the girl who is supposed to attend junior High. The food classes are planning the menus for this make-believe family. The clothing classes made the dancing costumes which were used in the operetta. The cake which was given to the class that sold the most tickets for the operetta, was made by all of the food classes of Miss Rose and Miss Gufler. The cake was reported to be extraordinarily good, which shows that the saying, "too many hands spoil the dough,', does not apply in every case. The upils in Miss Van Natta's expression classes have completed a P round of scenes from Shakespeare's plays. All the N-or'easter articles prepared by Junior High pupils were neatly typewritten by members of Miss Bradford's classes. i The pupils of the art department under the direction of Miss Abbott, . . d k. helped to make the Iulbilee a success by painting scenery an 'ma ing placards and posters. They made fifty-five posters, many of which were extremely attractive. The first hour art class in Room 400 has organized the "Handcraft Clu1b.', The president is Joe Brewer. Instead of having programs'on club days, the memfbers do advanced work such as polychrome and bronzing. First second and third prizes for selling the largest amount of candy at the Itinior Juzbilee went to Viola Edgar, Sarah Ruth Eisman and Irene Henderson respectively. 175 THE NOR'EASTER Competition between the classes for the honor of selling the largest number of tickets to the Junior Jubilee was very keen. The first prize, a large cake, went to the first hour physiology class, taught by Miss Towles. The second and third prizes, which consisted of candy and peanuts, were won by the first hour classes of Miss Phillips and Miss Leibengood. -11- Have you seen those beautiful tied and dyed bandana handkerchiefs? Perhaps you've asked us where we bought them and were quite aston- ished ,when you learned that we made them. Mayfbe you wonder who we are. We are some of the members of the third hour Art Clu-b of room 400. Members of the Art Club have made many things this year. Some are useful, some beautiful, and others both useful and beautiful. Some of them. are: Parchment shades, poster work, cartooning, tied and dyed bandana handkerchiefs, p-olychrome, spatter work and linoleum block printing. At every meeting we have learned something and are looking for new worlds to conquer. .1 The alert English Cluib of Miss Jenkins' room dramatized an English play called "I'll Try." The purpose in view was to make technicali-ties of English grammar less difficult and to vitalize everyday English. The civics classes of Miss Jenkins' room have organized into four clubs which have been doing interesting and profitable work. Programs have been given and trips have been made to different institutions of in- terest to civic students. There exists a spirit of friendly rivalry among the four clubs that has resulted in active competition for things worth while. The clubs of the first term undertook a number of helpful activities at the Christmas seasong namely, the bringing of happiness into the life of a little invalid girl, .the making of gifts to needy families, and to one of the ,charitable institutions of Kansas City. These 'pupils also contrib- uted a neat sum to the scholarship fund and have given four copies of Longan's Parliamentary Law to the Northeast Branch Li'brary. The second term pupils gave a part of their funds to the Patriots and Pioneer Movement. The members of the civics clubs have endeavored to live up to the purposes expressed in their constitution which are as follows: To pxlomote interest in civic affairs, to help the members to understand some of the fundamentals of parliamentary law, and to help them to become better citizens. 176 TRACK TEANI First Row-Top-Ashcraft, Bastian, Pulley, Ebert, V. Jones, Hahn, Morgan, Showalter, Anello, Hancock, Harris, Underwood, Ells- Worth. A Hale Hod es Griswold Ragsdale Davis White Dickhout Hale Billings Stephens McDaniel Second Row- . , g , , , , , , , , , . Third Row-H. Miller, W .Kern Winans, Feagans. Sowers, Perrigo, Hartwell, Stobaugh, Brewer, Tensinger, Sides, Mayes. Fourth Row-Husted, Wycoff. V. Brown, Leritz, L. Williams, Farlow, Cary, Beard. Hutley, Lytle. lIELLSVC'LHON EIHJ. NORTHEAST JUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL TEAM First Row-Top-Geabhart. Hartwell, Perrigo, Bowman, Dickhout CCaptain-electb. Second Row-Hahn V. Jones, Cohlmeyer, G. Baird, Stephens. HEI.LSV'EI.HON EIHLL ma... fe u .in J, is H. 1, .J .,. fi iq if i. sl' l 37' 'z J. ,L fi ,rs .. V, .J- ., ng rv! .in 'w it J' .45 ' H' ju .fi fi .i. .,. ,t .Q W' .V ,. ii, . J, A x i ,, , ,. V. JOHQS, Uohlmeyer, lj. balru, mtepneub Hahn 'Wi 0 Second R THE NOR'EASTER Athletics JUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL The big thing in basket ball is not the securing of the larger score, nor the vanquishing of the opposing team. However desirable these objectives may be, there are other things of high importance which should not be overlooked. The manner in which the score is made is the real test of basket ball. The way in which the game is played determines the value of the sport both from the standpoint of t-he spectator and from the standpoint of the players. Coach Cohlmeyer succeeded this year in building into his team that fineness and goodness and subtle quality, which lifts basket ball from the plane of science to the plane of art. When we consider th-at our team is only a junior high school team, with little or no preyious experience on which to build, the achieve- ments of our boys and the way in which they played the game give us just grounds for being proud of them. Their floor work, their aggressive- ness, their strategy and unerring shots were of the highest order. They kept the ball always moving toward the goal. They provided plenty of thrills for the rootersg they played the game fast, accurately, and with apparent ease, Cool headwork, superior generalship, and fine sportsman- ship were always present. There were no stars, or rather be it said that o-ur team were all stars, for the team was well balanced, each player playing his place well. We regret, of' course, that our team did not secure first place in the Junior High School League but we have no regret as to the brand of basket ball they played, for the Northeast Junior High School team easily outplayed' ,every competitor of equal size and weight. They played a good clean game of the genuine Northeast type. The Northeast Juniors won second place in the Junior League. THE SEASON'S GAMES. V Score Score Northeast Junior .,.. ........... 2 0 N01'fhe3St Junior ---------- 10 Argentine High .,-.- ,,,,,,,,,, 1 4 Senior Reserves ...... .------ 9 Northeast Junior ...... ....... 7 N01'thf335'C JUMOY --------- ---------- 2 4 K. C., Kaus., .Junior ,,.,,,,,,,, 10 K. C., Kans., Junior ..... ......23 Northeast Junior ..... ........... 3 2 N01'thC35t Junior ---- """"" 2 6 Wggtpoft Junior ,,,,,.. ..,.... 5 Westport Junior ------- --'----"" 1 3 N-Ortheagt junior ,,,, ..,..,,,.. 2 5 Northeast Ju11iOr ---------- 25 Central Junior -.---. ,,--,-- 4 Central Junior ........ ----------- 1 5 ----. --'----'--- 1 1 ------ "-'-'-"' 1 3 Manual Freshmen -.---'-------"---.--- ----.---P---4-- 1 9 Mg11ua1 Freshlllell .......... ..--------- 1 8 Total points scored by opponents. 130: by N0ffhC9-St JUIUOYS, 193 HOUSTQN SIDES, Reporter. 179 iv.- . -J..-. ..4...,a... .- uw.. ., ,5,,.,5.f5a.i::Q.. ,. -. THE NOR'EASTER JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS Husted, Dodson, Van Vleck, Wherry JUNIOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Some people may think the Junior High girls have not done much in athletics this year, but the following activities in which we have engaged will show what success has met our efforts and what we have accomplished for our first year in Northeast Junior High. Swimming classes are held on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Our instructor, Miss Mealey, made a schedule which every girl must complete in order to secure a satisfactory grade. Every girl must be able to float on face and back, do alternating back stroke, simple back stroke, scull feet foremost, head foremost, pick up object on bottom of pool in four feet of water, submerge ten consecutive times exhaling under water, under arm stroke, rolling log, doubling floating, over arm slide, standing front dive, and swim for ten minutes without stopping. A swimming meet was held April sixteenth. On Tuesday of each week games were played or ,track events were held. The Junior High girls, basketball team. was very good. We were always glad to see Thursday and Friday of each week come around as that is the time we are taught aesthetic dancing and folk danc- ing. May 25 a spring festival program was held, the name being "The Golden Wish." Each girl in the department participated. DOROTHY GRUBBS. 180 "' -'M' Qiflfv' 4:5-'tigx-,L-fr.: f1":iiw-Ir.-1:24. e 5 Jw- PN 'I-l -uf 1 -v I THE N OR'EASTER I III I I IIIIIIIIIIII ll III IIIUIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III IIII ll ll llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIII IIII I Il III HIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDIII IIIIIIIIHI ld IHIIIIUIIIII fl I IIIIHIHUIIIIIIIIIIIIFIIIIIII IIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII il IXQM 1 iiiig ix sw M7 Q f X X WJ? QW WP ff 292 0 2 BW! Z Z! Q gf Q QW Zz ZW 5252 M 3, X4 II I 'N IIIIIII gm fm-5-4 C5 II IIII III'IIIIIIIII'I'IIII I I II III IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIII III IIII IIIIIII IIII III .I 'III'I','I' IIII' I II I IIIIII I I I I I II mmm E, Wmfwmwww IIWAMWWMM Wwwmmwfw 4W' W 1 X 2 'IX :gif Mv- 'XXX YN KSXKX XSX X ll IlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIII! HI F 'QQ IF9' I I I I I IIII I II I I I IIII IIIIII I I I X IIIII II d ai gzg X X XSXR x XXQ3 SNS! XX 'X X'XKK X X NBXNXX XRXXx5E X xx mm'-p I V I' 5 Qi X W QVWW I f my ff!W ,M W fffff WNW ? 3 ? gk IIM GEMM IIII' ' I ' I WV Q f ,O W f Io M f ff X WW yi WW ,Qff 20 W 17? QW 070 W Qi J fd 0 f I P C I . y W h 4 f 57 7 fm W ff! Jgmas PIc.Ksw.INCr' X 3 ?"II 'lI- . ' ' I I I II"I'IIIIII ll I - 3 I'7I"I.'QI 2 5 Q- - k . IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II III g IIIIIIIII I III 3 3 m y :IIII IIIIII'IIIIIIHIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ' I ' '15 IIII I III 'IIII IIIII IIII II'II'II'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E - 1 IIIII II IIIIIII II I I II II I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 0 - S, I J WItIII.I.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIII IIII I IWIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII .II IIII I I IIIIWI! V1 III IIII II IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII f 5 J " IIIIIIIIIIIIII II 'I I III IIIIIIIIIII II I III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E II II' I II III III I I IIIIIIIIIIII-IIIIII I.I I III IIII IIIII II'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III.'IIIIIIII IIII. I .II IIIIIIII' IIII-IIII I I IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIII'III'II'IIIII 5 IIIIIIIII'IIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIII I .-.-:.'.'-I:tt-1-.I2I:sI.IIIIII II I II II IIII IIIIII -IIII I --'-- . IIIIIIIIIIIIHIII 5 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ,II-1-ii'E'-2'I'-1+3:11:121'-sfzifle5:I ,I III I I -II IIII 'f"- J IIIIIIIIIIIIIII III IIIIIIII ' qi4f:1-'E-'F1:1-T1-1-E"'.?i:fFf:1,.i'2'z25s'Eg:' .I IIII I 'IIII S IIIIIIIII III IIIIII IIIII' IIIII ff-'ffZ'-521"-1,11f.1-'15Z3?fII 'IIII II 5E.if.-.-.- ,- 1' -II 'III . I III II III III - II-'III 2 2 ' IIIIIIIIII ' -'-' '-'liz--'::i1I II I it -- -TQIIIIIIIII F EI 'T , I II II III I :l:5:'-:-.1:-,':-g- '.:'.-: -.Ig III III. I,I, :,g.-Q: ' 49:-:IIII I A 7 II III515-115-fif-'f--'f-'l'515-iffi'-.'--25?-I'.':ffi':".f2'if3f'I'I I IYI-I if:535'.12-'51i?if'Zi'--GI--, IIIIII Q .2511-'i'i'if.5.fff-fiff'-' 211.5-352I2.f'.'Q1-T323fE3':".ifE f?ff'2i'Zf5f'f I' 2 'FP-Eli iff? 25 :.1i2'13.Qii2'E:Q 5QQ232ljZ',':3Qf'.':1,1'1iZT:2555-1 5i'if2:i:'?': f "5 'f3.1ff35'f 1, ,3'fjT72'f 1 ' Z, Z, EQ-gg,:j'::i 3:1 5. I- .. ,jx-g.--J: -I - lang..-,Q ,-fb.,-'Z-,,,-'. ...I-,gn .. ,-- .--,. 1 .1,:' - ng -.l-... , . -H. g.-. -'.,:... ,- M fy, 5' E42-1'.f1:.5.'-1'-.rf-I fzi.-..---2.-i,'-2' 1.-I-L-.'.i.1 H,'.'5'I, 5..-11:5 -'-11:5 I: QQQ I.212?3.7il5':'f-fi"-'rl is-ff? T'?f '-11f'3'Q-filfiii' ii Ff-:if-'H .'..-1'155f'f.-T. 'If-'fj.-. ' .I?2Zif5- "'-':.'.'r3'flrg:ZfE' f I ii'.E2ifI 51:-:Ez-'if.E-2 13Ei:iff?:-'i255.5112fi-'I-fffis f "-- L 15' -4'i5 3 fF-" F W '-1 "ff I IFE-555,51 Afjwd fy, A ff If-I,"f5'1":'-. Efffilf Lf L-'55-5.'- IIgfZff'f-1,fII9T' 4:3 . 355' 51 E3j-,'15I ',f,J 55 Tri-'fffi' 0 M I' I' f I :'-'i:-'-:'- 55 -'Isl 2-3.115 .-I-Ili?-1323 33235-535622 f5:'f.'-'31 Q ,J :5,g,22fj Q I 67 ,J .g'I,.-,:',:! i:'5F 5j."-3 5:3 c:jg.315:,5:.:ff- ----115.25551-.1 r- 4 I 'I II .gg,Q.gggg :g-sg 5 :.i-s.5gggz:f:l- -I--"-I-' I " , X fa f , ,ff ,milf . I - f f :l'Tj1tf4f?-'gg,,,1" Y:- 4, fIf::f2:' 50 3-da 3---5 2' 2 If 2 5 If 4 40 5 .S I I E 5' 5 5 E 9,4 5 it II ii-fi I 555-G Q life I' if-F APQQ III' III QW- , -ZA, TE: '21 181 .1-z.. y:-I4 L1-3.-. :.- imp. hsysy- -:..u-.-11,- ,ns- THE N 0R'EASTER 57' Locals I K' I JAMES' PICKERING, Editor JACK BENSON, Associate Editor Teacher-"Arthur, why don't you put your report card in your book so that you wonlt forget it? Where do you keep it?" Arthur A.-"Why, I keep it on the dresser where I sleep." ,-ill..-,T-.l On History Paper-"Some men and boys in Boston threw snow-balls at the British soldiers, which irrigated them so much that they killed a number of our citizens." -..11i..i ..1.-..- Raymond Oldham-"I read some Poems by Shakespeare and a poet named 'Anonf I never heard of him before." Wade-"Floral means pertaining ,to the floor." William Atkins-"A coquette is somelthing good to eat." Who is she, William? A Ora Ward, very seriously, after completing her part in a scene in the Expression Class: "Miss Van Natta, it isn't my fault if Richard won't take my hand." Freshie, reading from his English text: "A flock of cows flew over the field." He should have said "crows" Teacher-"All those who are absent today will please put up your hands." . X A. FINANCIAL NEWS. Financial Editor: I have recently bought a lo.t of German Marks. VVhat shall I do? RODOLPH HAPKE. Mr. Hapke: Both men look good and it only waits for the referee's decision ,to determine who beats! THE EDITOR. Financial Editor: I wish to buy a bond for my 'little girl for her birth- day. What iissuegdo you suggest? BENNY TAYLOR. Mr. Taylor: Sz former are pretty good, though the printing is better on some ofthe Alaskan roads. Municipal bonds would be interest- ing for a child, if only for the pictures. THE EDITOR. Dedicatedl to Miss Olive Bell. p The Sponsor Major passed by .the target range The Cadets were all entranced, In fact, she looked so very cute- The bullets even glanced. l ll-2 THE N OR'EASTER New Organizations LION' TAMERS CLUB. Motto 1 "Oowah." Flowers: "Tiger tooth violet." Colors: All colors, but mostly white. Officers. Big Cheese ......... ........ I ames Pickering Big Cheese Knife .,,,.,,,-,,,-,,,, REQ Richman Lim'bl1I'gC1' -...-- ...... ...... J a ck Benson . Chief Snieller ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Benny" Taylor V Members by Cheeses. Luderkranz ......,................... Rudolph Hapke Swiss Cheese ,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,Elbert Darlington EichmaniRoquefort Camenbert Harris Cream Cheese ................................ Harry Hill Brick Cheese ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,,Mansuf Haynes Waiting List. Ray Marshall Warner Lantz Beans Barnickel Wilbur Fisher Ed Boyd Don I-Iusted john McGrew Paul Tandy: "On account of-the heavy fog, I was late." Mr. Snell: "Yes, I guess the halls were so full of fog, several of the students went downstairs instead of up." M-..M , I Wonder- If the Moon had a son would the skyrocket? If Massachusetts gave away her New Jersey what would Delaware? Did the proud dame who swept down the aisle use a carpet sweeper? If the office boy can hug the stenographer can the pen holder? Do potato mashers attend potato balls? Did the lobster turn red because it saw the salad dressing? If all -the dogs in town bark tonight will Chesapeake Bay? If all the stars salute the sltatue of Liberty, would the Ocean wave? ,M Rosy's latest crush is out of town. Take care, boys, take care! ,iM...MM -1 Miracles That Might Happen. Winifred Hadley stop smiling. Fred Shea growing short. Pearl Pound not getting her lessons. Mr. Nowlin stop trying to please every one. Dorothy Schultz getting thin. i G . Miss Slater calling girls in French class Madamoiselles instead Senori- 'C9.S. V Ruthanne Kuhn going to bed before 12 o'clock. Mary Etta Shanks losing a friend. Houston Sides talking slowly. Helen Griffey walking fast. Marion Young's hair staying down. Dorothy Wright growing tall. 183 .. ,- f 4 ,. .,,La- --. aJi-4A.,4--.4.5.JL- :. - THE NOR'EASTER Lawyer Qto office boyj-Run up the shade. Office Boy-What do you think I am, a squirrel? -i- Mistress Qto Maryj-Are these fish fresh? Mary-Yes mum, the boy just brought -them. i,l. i.- l- Mary-Don't you just love solos? Dick-I never tasted any. - l- Golfer Qto Caddyl-Sonny, did you mark the ball? Caddy-No, sir, I didn't have a pencil. A ,l.,l.l.-ii- - Elmer James Q-to a girl with curly hairj-You sure have pretty hair, but it is so wavy that it makes me seasick. lliiiillil A man once to-ok eight lbooks out of the library and a bright sopho- more remarked, "is that Harold Taylor's father?" k Mr. iHibbs Qin Sociologyfl-In some of the larger apartments they don't allow Vic,trolas, pianos, babies, and other animals. , . Lilliian-Who is that boy you were talking to? Elizabeth-My cousin. Lillian--Oh, I thought it was a friend. .-Q Hold-up Man-Give me your basketball ticket or your life. Bright Freshie-Take my life then, pardner, I wouldn't miss a series for nothing. ,,l.l.l.. ..ll- "The Sheik of Kansas"-A title sometime given coach before last August. .i. OUR HALL OF FAME. .Bobbie Harris School Clown ..... .........................,...............,..,...,,..,,, .,,.,,,, Politician .......... Ol' Blowhard ..... Athlete .............. Nuisance ....... Man Hater ..,.,,.. Girl Hater ......... School Infant ........ Biggest Heart ...... Biggest Eater .......... Most Bashful ..... Mule Driver ....... Most Dignified Shortest ........,.,.,,, Heaviest ...,........ Thinnest ..... Cake ........ 184 Benny Taylor. --.Freddie Holmes --"Frankie" Miller' Warner Lantz .Martha Robinson ..-..--..Rudolph Hapke Mas-ter Bickford ....... Jack Benson' Buella Wilson Jimmie Pickering Eichman --..---------LeRoy Smith Eugene Nicholson .--.-------Charley Hogan -------.Fatty Sawyer --...-----Conley Anderson THE N OR'EASTER 3 . ii ' ' N D A F2 lu if ' K U Bti James Pmckerine- 'yiyl iii, VA ' H lmhqui --Li SEPTEMBER, 1922 5 School Opens, OCTOBER 5 Election of Cheer Leaders. 9 First Footfball Assembly. 14 First Football Game-JTied Manual. 18 Rooters Club Meeting, Z1 Second ,Football Game-Westport beat us. 23 Hjimmyn Price entertains with a Scotch program. 28 Third Football Game-Central wins. Alpha Dance. ' 31 First rainy day of school year, X NOVEMBER 4 We 'beat Manual-12-0. 6 Pep assembly. 7 Election day-Hurrah for Andy Gump! 10 Northeast Lion Tamers organized. 11 We beat Westport. 13 Dr. Kellemg speaks in' Assembly, Bonfire Celebration that night. 15 Thetas give p-lay-"Hop O' My Thumb." 17 Senior Cane day-Many lame-ducks. 18 Last Football Game-Central 18, North- east 6. Delphian Party. Z1 Junior-Senior Mixer. 24 Shakespeare Club Dance CBenny, Pick and Harry try a trip to the moonj. 27 First Nor'easter out. 28 Russia elects Bolsheviks, 1917. 29 K. U. Band entertains in Assembly. 30 Thanksgiving Day. 185 .X y M 1 :Q fmmm' Q4 i iw- Pillai' 'ff. .HQ 1 i?"..J1f-. SEFTEMDER 5 G prs' v ll -Z- " 'Xl' iw' JU' XXIII, .i.P..k .. OCTOEJERZ3 Q +3224 JE x Saga 1 I Niall bv xr? 1 H13- mf- Am 1... 1. .. mik e ' NOVEMBER, 27 ' ON MOTHER-R-R 5 Bovs . w A- I "' 5 Y' ' 'I xv? , r ' A K 2 u I so Qin X ,W ll fn I . ,V .1 Tim I I 1 ,Y fr. 'fr ' JW . -'Ye' '43, . 5.9--K Y ll Klum " ' ,hai :lil-U1 xl xl 'Wg lm DECEMB,ER,8'9 -. .-..-E., . .. -. i.-V. . ..4- .E,4.,:.,.aE..Q,i.... .a 1.49. Ek., ,g,5.g,,g.yp.:,:ge.-:.a:.-,.s.1a.-1-E.. - ., .:..'. e.E..i . . --ea ....,.,- .1..j..,t. ., , , l , THE N 0R'EASTER iz 59- A 2 F ' Qs !l i n fy' JANUARY, Z5 INTHEL TE ' RDS , ag QT 2.3220 5 Q il . 5 JANUARY,Z6 , J' V L 'A' 'ff Q ' 1 fri FEBRUARY, 6 f 5 ' lf A W 6 Q - , ll .L l A .. Lv-as .J ... MARCH 2 REI , I f 1 'KL Q M u R l ii in M! U JCM, 4 ,pak MARCH , I6 DECEMBER 4 Prof, Taylor of New York speaks in As- semlbly. 5 Senior-Sophomore Mixer 8-9 "Witching Hour." 12 Spanish Club Mixer. 14 Senior election. 15 Mr. Nugent speaks in Assembly. 16 Mathematics Clufb Dance. 20 Christmas Nor'easter out. 22 Alpha feast in Lunch Room. Xmas Assembly. 23 Northeast Society of Debate entertains. 25 Christmas. Alpha Alumni Dance. 27 Alumni-Northeast Game-28-18. JANUARY, 1923 1 Treble Clef Alumni Dance. 5 Northeast-Lawrence Game, 12 First Basket Ball game. 13 Art Club presents "A S'up'erstitious Party." 19 French Club Play. 20 "Mont Martre Frolic" given by Les Pen- seurs. 26 Treble Clef "School Days" program in As- sem'bly. 27 Second Basket Ball game. FEBRUARY 1 Third Basket Ball game. 5 Delta Play. 6 Student Council Election. 9 Parent-Teacher Program. 12 Dr. Fifield gives a talk on Lincoln. 16 Fourth Basket Ball game. 17 K. C. A. C. Indoor Meet! Hurrah for us! 21 Commercial Club Party. 23 Clionians give a dance. Girls' Basket Ball Tourney. MARCH 2 Spanish Club gives an old fashioned Barn dance. 3 Last Basket Ball game, 9 Dr. Armour presents the banner to the R. O. 'T. C. Mo.-Kas. Meet. 14 George Deniston receives his laurels in Assembly. 186 a-. .a..r1- a..-.bigriy--l., ans. ,I-.,i.Y-..,,r.,,. I-WH qua, T- K , H . -N, X, .M X 1 THE NOR'EASTER MARCH 16 Boys' Debate. i In 3. l 17 Inter-Club Dance. ' s 0 19 Judge Latshaw speaks in Assembly. '- 23 Junior High holds "Jubilee" 7 Q 24 Missouri Valley Meet. 'tr J 28 Telephone Co. instructs on "How to use 1 71 the 'phonef' W' 29 Inter-Class track meet. Girls' Debate. 30 A HOLIDAY! MARCH 17 H? . ,I 45'-six 1'-15,12 if ff. be Ps- ':P,'w?,fr 5 QA "' 64 X Q 'L -1 - ,QP Q06 . APRIL all 3 , V3.3 , g ,J 2 Junior College presents "Ego" X ' 49 . , . ' - 6 Girls Athletic Fete. . . - , J . R ,I A 7 Dual Track Meet-Northeast and Central. - 9 Alpha-Debater Play. 13 Literary Contest. 14 Inter-Society Dance. 20 Military Circus R. O, T. C., Convention Hall. 21 Theta Party. '., , ' AN'M"TW Kansas Relay' A V. N3-4' N Qsuuwaomuxevl 23 President Bainter of J. C. speaks. + a J, 27 Northeast Night, 5 i j ' 'L 28 Music Contest. C Music Festival. +1-if r lm xll sf 1 . HPRIL Z 7 MAY 4 G. H. S. C. Banquet. 5 Parent-Teacher Entertainment. Missouri High School Day. 11-12 Senior Play, "Clarence" 12 Quadrangular Track Meet. f 14 Dramatic Art Class Play. Z .hail ' 18 Senior Day Program in Assembly. Seniors Day Junior Prom. G Gwurv! 0 E 3 'qv wifi' f I i f gf... A 25-26 Chicago National Meet. . 25 Last Day for Seniors. - OKTMEAST LLL LLLL LL N L' lk L l 3 4 X' 'iz JUNE f di .-.111 lm. A 6 junior High Commencement. "mb - 0 A ' 7 Senior High Commencement. 8 Last Day of School. 8 9 VACATION ! l ! 187 -,--..- s...,s... .. ...Da-....v:.,2:..,.ag..aa.... .- - 1. ggi-ga-Ss-sa.f:::.-swag, THE N 0R'EASTER Among us Mortals Name Chief Fault Le Roy Smith ........ ........ . Talks too much ....... ....... Frank Miller ................... Sheik' ................... ....... Harry Stockwell ........... .Curly hair ........ Bernice Rutherford ...,,,, .Too tall .,,.,.. jack McFall ..................... .Nonsense ..... --.Central Helen Gruver ........ -.------.Carrol Ruth Hogan ........ Alex Altergott ...... Martie Robinson ............. .Rudy ........... George Deniston .............. Absence ..... Olive Bell ,,.,...... - ........ .Coupe ....... Vaughn Taylor - ..... N ' -----..-.uraduation ----...-.Big Ears----.---- Redeeming features -------------------Author -Good intentions --------------------Stacomb ----------Brown eyes ----------Handsome --------------------Everet --..-------Environment -Ability to argue ---------------Red Hair ----------Basket Ball -----.--------.---Coupe ---------Graduation Seaman-Is that hash they have so often for us at mess hard to make? Mess Sergeant-Well, you see they don't really make it, it accumulates. 1 Miss Guyer-What is a financial panic? Shorty-Scarcity of money. A Miss Guyer-That being the case I'm panic stricken all the time. Miss Guyer-Now all of youse- EXTRA EXTRA Ex-Members of Bachelor Club, Attention If you don't feel just right If you canit sleep at night If you moan and sigh If your throat is dry If you can't smoke or drink If your grub tastes like ink If your hear-t doesn't beat If you've got cold feet If your head's in a whirl Why don't you marry the girl? Miss Van Metre-What is a banshee? Bright Pupil-A 'banshee is a cheer leader of a funeral. 188 THE NOR'EASTER Official Accounts of the Nor'easter Staff 1922-23 I. EXPENDITURES. Embossed St11fiOI1ery for Staff Meinibers ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.-..--.' 3 250.00 Extra Society and Club Pin-s for "their friendsi' .... ,,,, 3 5,00 AUOFHCY Fees after Literary Contest ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,. 125.00 Gasoline, Oil, Tires, etc, ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,.,4,,,,- A-,---..--- 3 75.50 General Expense for Staff Party ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 750.25 Taxicab expense .,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,r,,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,,4,,,,-,,,,, P 945.55 F1111-dress suits, Tuxedos, decolletes, etc .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 525,76 Editor, personal expense ........,....,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 988.00 Recreation Ccigars, candy, flowers, pool, dinners, etch ....... 1,375.14 Mahogany Office Furniture and Oriental Rugs ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 995.00 Trips to Sheffield, Missouri, by E. B. Eichman ...,,,,,..,,...,,,.., 222,22 Senior President Campaign Expense .......,,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 177.75 Advertising in the Kansas City Spotlight ..,.,,.,........,,,,,,,,,, 450,00 Eversharp Pencils and Fountain Pens .............,..........,,..,,,..... ,, 200,13 Yacht for Lion Taniers South American Expedition ...... , 50,000 93 Horses and Pistols for Staff Members ............................... 2,666.11 Printing the Nor'easter .........................................,................. ,, 1.98 Engraving for the Nor'easter ................... Surplus and Undivided Profits ...... 2.39 2,578,000.49 TOTAL ,,,,.............,...,,.....,..,...,........................,................. ....................,........,...., ,,,,.,.,, s 2 pm? NOTE--Additional expenses by Staff Member-s will be listed in the Fall Number of the Norleaster. II. RECEIPTS. incurred during vacation period Regular Advertising ...... ....................................,.,.......,,..........,,,............,. ........ S 2 ,000,000.98 Photography .,,....,..,....,.,,.........,,. . ......,,,,. ,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,.,,,,,, , .... 9,500.00 Alpha I-Iush Money ....,...,,..........,,,....................,......,.,,.,.,,,..,,,..,,.,,,,. .,.............. . 800.00 Shakespeare Mad Money tDebater Party, per S. R.-F. HJ .......... 800.15 Pledges and Contributions from Alumni ............................................. 3,600.25 Left Over Fund from last year's Staff ,......,...,,,........,.,..,,,.,.......,....... 65,756.52 S'a1e of Nor'easters .........................................l. ..... 6 450 Miscellaneous ,.,..... , .......,,.,....,,,,........................ .... - 24 TOTAL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,..............,...........,, ...................................................... S ???-?? Deficit, about ..........,...............................................,.................----.... 343,793.97 Respectfully submitted by the Nor'easter Staff of 1922-1923. SIGNED- HAROLD B. TAYLOR, Editor, EDGAR B. EICHMAN, Business Manager. T. Razz-I bet I can make you say-No, I havenit. Matazz-I betch' you can't. Razz-Well, if you went into a restaurant, which would you ask for, or coffee? Matazz-Why coffee, of course. Razz-Oh, youlve heard this one. Matazz-Oh, no, I haven't. ,l,l,,.l..-..l1i1- tea Mr, Davis Qto a Cadetj-Sit up, boy. Just because you Wear a uni- form, you don't carry an army Cot. Cliff Jordan-Gee, these seats are hard to sleep in. -li,..i l-l- Ed Eichman trying to dash. out. of Chemistry.. . Mr. Davis-Sit down, you a1n't in a freshman JOIUCTY C1355- 189 THE NOR'EASTER links-How did you get that paint on your trousers? Spinks-I didn't, I got the trousers on the paint when I sat down. It is easy enough to be happy When life is a bright rosy wreath But the man worth while Is the man who can smile When the dentist is filling his teeth. Lady-I'm worried about my complextion, doctor. Look at my face! Doctor-You'll have to diet. Lady-I never thought of that. What color would suit me best? , Riff-I jest read an account of two girls getting lost in the Alps in mid-winter. Raff-Terrible, were they frozen to death? Iaff-No, they warmed themselves on mountain ranges. il.- T. .. Didjaever See "Benny" Taylor without his "specks?" Olive Bell without a smile? "Bobbie" I-Iarris without a bright crack? Warny I-Iusted withoup pep? Jack Van Uleck separated from a grin? Rudy Hapke with 'his hair mussed up? Shorty Marshall not hunting Mads?" "j'ohnny,' Barnes without a new joke? Manseur Haines without his muffler? We never did! Mr. Pinkney-What is a fly wheel? M. T.-A fly wheel is a bicycle on which a fly rides. When a man says that he will think it over he means he will go home and consult his wife. i Miss Murdock-What is that, thunder? Johnny McGrew-No, that is Bickford running around the track. , Mr. Davis-The earth isn't a sphere. Cye McColgin-No, it is a trapezoid. . Teacher-Children, would you rather come to order or after school? Class-COME TO ORDER! l90 THE NOR'EASTER - .V ,, Lo, ,, I .1 S ' 77 F A NAT 0 11 MI A , K . . I Mean I r r' . RS h AND K 'S Q E '. E - , E A 3 3 357 A . H - Ig, E ' A S + .. S f A All A . Lf I. R OWE A seo. Oo .buigl uw gum.. E M f In A A LJ N STUDENT ADVERTISING COMMITTEE WARNER LANTZ, chairman ...... ,,,.,,,,,, 6 M3 JAMES PORTER .......................... ,,,,,,,,,, 3 PAUL PORTER ...... .......... 2 Sz, SOLICITORS' JOHN CALDWELIL ..... ............ 1 M ADAH JACKLEY ........... ....... MI MAXINE DANIELS ..... ........ 1 If LUCIUS COATS .................. ....... My EDGAR EICHMAN ..... ......... 1 WALTER B. MOCRAY ..,...,. ....... Mg JAMES PICKETRING ...................... 1 CULLIE MERCHANT ...... ....... MI ELI PENN WHEAT ......................., 1 IRVING HANCOCK .............,........ VS KATHRYN WORTHINGTON ....., 1 MINNIE LEE WOOD .................... M LUCILLE GIBSON ........................ BA ANNA ELIZABETH HANLEY.. V8 DOROTHY HAMILTON ....... ..... Ek FLORA MUNGER .......................... 1A ROBERT CKROZIER ..... THEW HOLM ....... LOUISE LEACH ...... WARREN COOK ..... Ik FRANK EDWARDS M IVA .MURPHY VZ ELIZABETH POLLEY Mx ELIZABETH CHRISTIE Ms Wa We HM LELAND DAVIS ,,,,,,, ,,,,, :Vg KATHRYN FORD ........................ lk LUCILLE FULLER ..... ..... Ik ESTTELLA MAE MARTIN .......... W DAVID SMART ........... ..... W3 JAMES DUMIT .............................. 14: DONALD HUSTED .......... ..... VA RUTH APPLEGATE ...... ....... W5 HENRIET'TA W.00D ................... MI IRENE LYNN ........................ ....,. We ARTHUR GRIEFITH ................... VT ANNABEL JACKLEY ........ ....... W3 ANNABEL SPOTSWOOD ........................ Vs PRIZE VVINNERS IN AD CONTEST 315.00 GOLD-WARNER LANTZ 5.00 GOLD-PAUL PORTER 5.00 GOLD-JAMES PORTER 5.00 GOLD-RAY MARSHALL 10.00 PRIZE PICTURE-ROOM 202, MR. WHITE 191 O ..L,..-5-.41:,.:,f ... z- ,ff . .ss .-.w.:.,'w U4-.a,-w..:., I -,.a..iE.-a,-,a1a.g,,-A-p-.v- :.,v. THE NOR'EASTER i 4 THE NOR EASTER We cater to those wishing First-class Work at the Right Price .JU 45? HA INES S TUDIO ELM WOOD and S 71 JOHN 193 THE N OR'EASTER I Y -ff Ie sam'-f.N Q, 1.-.5 4-au. -,,l., ,,, THE NOR'EASTER KANSAS CITY'S FINEST POR- TRAIT STUDIOS rnisb Sf Bak r MAIN 4176 WM. E. BURNETT MEATS Grownups Children Hotel and Restaurant Trade a 1115 Grand Ave. 1005 McGee Specialty Phone, Grand 1314 PYIOHG, Har. 1934 541 Main St. Kansas City, Mo. . . Long Bldg. Barber Shop First Floor TENTH AND GRAND .l 'P td 351113 xylmjnwjnk M MA f ANj1rX!Z1MZwX!g F Motors -H Tone Arms f . 5 DER 'ms 0L TOWN acc? Q5 Hardware S E Panels 5. Everything Every needed F. ' . I 5 lnal'lCla for 2. :1 1 S . 5 Phonograph emce Ei and a Friendly E Personnel if The Steinola Phonograph Co 14th and Michigan Phone Benton 2 I 67 i ideliiy Nafional Ban m'Trusi' Company Nmth and Walnut Streets 'e Q Q Cap tal a d Surplus, Three Million Kansas C1ty, MO. gMWlM1lM2lMHM2lNZl K! il Q 2 2 . .. P- U N4 Q El SQ t f 195 , , ..,- ,..v::.-'z...s ......,.as.,,-. ..,,..,-.n.a,,w. am.- xvn-i.,r- 9 - THE NOR'EASTER :F THE NOR'EASTER We Would Like To Know: Wllyf is James Smart When is Eugene Frank Why did Edward Scarritt Who did Charles Slaughter How did Nadine Reed When is Raymond Marshall Can Nellie Cook Why is Bruce Short When will Raymond Goforth Who did Martha Wright How did Howard Shout Why did Fannie Roll 1 i df!" ' , , U' I we grass? ,gnc-1 -- , 1 A, s-2 19 .LX 5. Q- Us , i. X g For , Z., - x,M,?+,,M4,.wW1a'1Y,- g a Particular Pe l -s9wl",,aeg op 6 ur .Y 1" Brooks Coal, Ice and Transfer Company Try Us When You Want Coal, Ice, or Transfering 515233, 0265 5404 ST. JOHN Many Northeast homes are roofed-all should be rofofed-with Old American Asphalt Shingles Leakproof--Fireproof-Beautiful-Durable-Economical For New Roofs or Right Over Old Shingles. AMERICAN ASPHALT ROOF CORPGRATION 15th St. and Blue River Kansas City, Mo. Benton 4041 Qfee the forty homes roofed with Old Americans in Agee-Block .. Development, Independence and Van Brunt. 197 THE NOR'EASTER Q Q, fx X QR N . 'K GXSQ S - S-. Y 524 A 5 5 F Sw.- 1 M, 1' 'a -P0 S1 of P512 g 4? Kms 5025 'fiffff ig, . S Aff My 1 amp: aff " 9 E? i af f, ,S .- , ff 5 X ,ag , Q 1 , ' ' yy 0 gfff , JF! , - L ' ' j 51 4' ,WWW rf V a n . if f' , Q jf Wi M17 5 41' fa ff ff f 2 , J M 3:5 THE NOR'EASTER , Compliments of LEE-COOPER OTOR OO. ..... R 5000 ST. JOHN PHONES, BENTON Q YOu'll be Glad You Saved Your Money When you are Out Of workg when Christ- mas comes, Or When you need help. .zlibwf COME AND SEE US-WE'LL HELP YOU SAVE Fidelity Savings Trust Company 1000 GRAND AVE Open Saturdays Till 7:00 P. M. 199 ' 1 Q L.. ,Laps :,:b:e1Laas2I1-'v-5- THE N OR'EASTER .. .. -.- -qu., ,gli THE NOR'EASTER BALES BAPTIST 'Il E PLE 12th and Bales Avenue . ff -fx- RIXFPA 'Hag 'i i ilr e - ' -g. f""5f ":.,r A'-, .QT--N P " ifi ft f ggp f, nf l , rii'Le:l12i'53s2,Q E5 Q'? ll .ni I . if E.. -be uf-3 'gn ir ,I 4i'fP5f:ng,,,i STM sr? x Qn1N2gf52- lffj' YY - -1 . -,, - ..-..,,. ' - Kansas City, Missouri The most rapidly growing Baptist Church in Missouri. The most consecrated lot of young people in the U. S. A. ORLANDO PHINEAS BISHOP, The Poet Pastor 'On Girls' Gym Test Papers Directions for swimming: Arms straight out, legs straight up and stay up. Lay flat on back having water all around. Have the abdomen higher than the feet. Inhale deeply, place head on water, push it across the Water with feet flat on water. Lay down, head in water and float along. ' Be normalg breathe, float, and be perfectly still. Bring arms up sides over head, and legs likewise. High Jump: Run and when you come to the pole, throw out the right leg. just give a little run, then jump with your inside foot and bring the other one over as you land. COMPLIMENTS OF THE BEN-TON MUSIC SHOP AND ORCHESTRA IN CONNECTION WITH ALDRIDGE FURNITURE CO. 5202 sT. JOHN PHONE BENTON 0268 201 1' " 1 - L'---iv-wi ' -1-lil!-1 f-'un -,1.::"4-ve:--31:-fa -34La,a-1, 1.3,,,51-Q15-5-5112--'a.4: alia: -e..-i. ' .:,.1 Q.-... . Q.. --aaa s..f...- . '..1...1. .. ' , , , .,.--, , . , ,. , THE NOR'EASTER I - . . 'TN ff. V 1, b,.r':tT-1 ,?,1'r2?-5 2:-5.-et -1 -915'-2. ..-.z3.,1a TIIE NOR'EASTER -Y QUALITY LUGGAGE AT FACTORY PRICE EXPERT REPAIRING ' BOOKS TDUN . N.. ' NINTH AND MAIN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BANK Large enough to take care of your business -not too large to appreciate it. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS H. J. COERVER, President, Cashier, Commonwealth National Bank. H. M. METCALF, Vice-President, Treasurer, McGonigle-Stinson-Metcalf Realty Co. SOLOMON STODDARD, Vice-Pres. and Gen'l. Mgr., Kansas City Bolt Sa Nut Co. A. K. SIMPSON, Cashier. KARL G. KAI-IMANN, Asst. Cashier. T. L. JOHNSON, President, Kansas City Retail Grocers Ass'n. JOHN G. HIATT, Capitalist. I JOHN R. NEIL, Druggist. Capital, 95100,000.00g Resources, S475,000.00. NORTHEAST BANK of Kansas City M. H. SM lfrr-I A FANCY FLORIST BENTON AND INDEPENDENCE AVE. 4 . Telephone, Clifton 4142 "The Students' Bank" I sAvmss ASSOCIISTIU BANK 920 WALNUT OPEN FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE VVeek days 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Saturdays until 6 p. m. .ll- Watt Webb, Pres., W. S. Webb, Vice' President and Cashierg Watt Webb Jr., Vice-Pres., Jesse A. Buxton, Asst. Cashier. Get the Savings Habit R. T. JARRETT Registered Druggist 1 St. John and Jackson Ave. Kansas City, Mo. ' Benton 4197 Scarritt Grocery and Meat Market Our Motto: Courtesy, Quality, Service. Our store is the Guide to High Grade Foods. We deliver. 5010 SCARRITT AVE. J, Rubin, Prop. . . , .,,.,. , ig., W., ,.,.3. ,,,.L,,:, ,,,4g,,,,,,,.,, ,,Lg,,g,.,,,,.,,',, s.p.e.-ya. 4:4 .:..-. L.-.Q .:-.. .......: . f...f..,e. .. . .,. .. -. . . .. . . THE NOR'EASTER 4 THE NOR'EASTFR ASHINGTCN N E R S I TY SAINT LOUIS Washington University is one of the largest and best equipped Universities in the Middle West. Situated in St. Dou1s,.adJo1n1ng Forest Park, it combines suburban loca- tion Wlth the social, musical and artistic advantages of a large city. . The main campus consists of 160 acres of high ground upon which 12 large buildings of Tudor Gothic type of Architecture have been constructed. Two new buildings are now under construction and two more have been promised. Two large dormitories for men and one for women are located on the main campus. The Medical, Nurses' Training and the Dental Schools are located in the city where larger clinics are availa.ble. The libraries contain over 214,000 bound volumes and 79,000 pamphlets. Laboratory equipment is modern and complete. The urban location of Washington University makes it possible for all departments of the University to be cen- tralized in the city. Whatever course a student may select, the entire facilities of the University and the city are at his disposal. The University includes the following departments: College of Liberal Arts School of Law School of Engineering School of Fine Arts S-chool of Arohitecture School of Commerce and Finance School of Medicine Henry Shaw School of Botany School of Dentistry School of Graduate Studies Division of University Extension For Catalog and Full Information, address G. W. Lamkei, Registrar. 205 ITY SAINT Lo Urs THE NOR'EASTER 4 4 1 -- -1 - 1,-..,-.s-mp... -. THE NOR'EASTER Cleanliness Means Prosperity Our Motto: TheV r B t Young's Cafe e Y es o The Cafe of Quality I Clifton 0862 . 538 SOUTH HARDESTY-GARNIER BLOCK. The cafoicest ofjood at a moderate rice. r Owned aio atiioiitioe ybogiw 2333539231521 PHONE, BENTON 3901 Give us a trial and be convinced. Frank S.--"An anecdote is a cure." William-"No, it isn't either. It's some kind oi medicine." Heard in the hall-"Ive got so much information in my neck that I can hardly turn my head." ,llll--i Moorman, reading definition from the dictionary-"Filial, pert to a son or daughter." tHe didn't recognize the abbreviation for "pertaining to."j . 9 ,l.i...1.ll-1 Y Wonder how long took Howard Hill to save up enough money to treat his whole history, class to chewing gum? He'll think twice before chewing gum in Room 400 again. .i Lynn-"I got 'Kidnappedi from the library the other day." Lola: "You did! Where did they take you and how did you get back P" H Teacher-'KHas anyone any questions about the 'Lady of the Lake'?' Freshie-"Which is the Lady of the Lake, the lady or the deer?" . Granville, on music paper-"Minute in G Minor Sympathyf' Phone, BEnton 6968 - USE THE PHONES - Phone, BEnton 6969 P. SETZLER Sc S0 S SODA WATER MFG. CO. Manufacturers off SILVER ROCK Ginger Alle, Cider, Soda Waters, Root Beer, Distilled Water, Cola, Setzler's Grape, Fountain Soda Water, Fruit Syrups ESTABLISHED 19462 Office and Factory: 3700-12 East 6th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 207 , . . I 1 f - .1n.o,s..,::-of--- . ,.nn.,..,srf.,L,o-.o-sz-..,....,.,,.n,,,nf.n,:.-.n,3:aQaQ.,z:::o.c.',..e'.gr1.:.:..1-.o.:..-. -. ,on -in., ...,,1,-.n..f..f.... ., ,Q V, , , , J THE NOR'EASTER Designers and Manufacturers Of Fine Commencement Stationery Class Pins and Rings - -11-in -ini ---also an extensive display of the Hnest Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Stationery, and Artwares suitable for 1 all gift occasions. Illustrations and Prices upon Request Visitors are always welcome Jaccara' Jewelry Company 1017-1019 Walnut St. Kansas City, Missouri 208 THE NOR'EAST ER ?iIE1'1I"-Eilff. 52:9 A' Phones: Main 5164-5-6 House of Old Violins PHILIP H- MCKINLEY Student Violins, 37.50 UD. . . . Rare old Violins, 5150 Up. MCKlIllOy Pfllltlllg Full line Musical Instruments MAIN 0914 919 GRAND 7th and Baltimore Next door to Federal Reserve Kansas City, Mo. I Azz1QAq:ii,,,,:,,l:V,it.i:,..r.1.1iq: i n Q in :,:::,,1 , . I I I ,,..,,....' . . 1 I 2 .1.. . i,.2,V I i,,,o: ,:,,q j 1 f" :riff l 43-.'!"I-2.221 I LOOSE l'P LEAF STUDENT NOTE BOOK COVERS A Complete Line of School Supplies for Student and Teacher Ask your Stationer Irving-Pitt Manufacturing Company KANSAS CITY, MO. For Junior High, High School and College Texts Save Time and Money By Going to Hahn Book Store ELDON E. HAHN, Proprietor New and Second Hand Books, Stationery and School Supplies. SOUTHWEST COR. 11TH AND LOCUST ST. Tel., Grand 3212 13 years just west of Junior College 209 THE NOR'EASTER DIDJAEVER See Mr. Cohlmeyer with his hair parted? See Mr. Wahlstedt when he couldn't crack a joke? Find out where Thad gets his axle-grease? See Jack V. V. without his grin? See Mr. Nowlin with a grouch? Try getting every lesson every day? See Miss Phillips try to be cross? See one of the Bairds without his double? "Put anything over" on Miss Chorn? . See Rayimaond Oldham with a girl? Offer to make a prop for Ruthanne's earrings? See Warnie when he didnlt have any pep? See the Northeast Junior High team when it wasn't ALL RIGHT? A teacher who had assigned for home Work three problems and a grocery bill, asked a pupil if he had his lesson. Freshie-"I have all except three problems and the bill." Miss Gufler-"Now girls, roll over on one side in a little flour and bake in a hot oven. ,Damien-"A circle is a figure that hasn't any square corners." Don't turn the house upside down When you do the cleaning- the Hotpoint Electric Vacuum Cleaner cleans every- thing clean Without Work. 52.00 down brings it to your home. A year to pay balance. Kansas City Power 81 Light Co. 1330 GRAND AVE. Tel. Grand 0060 210 --'-v - fr'--.1-. .rg - .- .fu . 2. ,. ' 'fern---:fu x.x,e',r. THE NOR'EASTER las GRADUATION RECORDS sfafimf.,a9 ....2f?.r22E.E09:s 922 Grandqlve. kansas f3iig.2ll0. M" S"0!-I-1L:,Sf-iulivilra 1323551 or ,Qu ,Q Improve Your EfrQ MseaaaAsv Z3 if Gz"?"Y .fbijsx il Smg k j g , a THUNDERBOLT Be1I1lt3h1e7140 BenE1diiI?76140 Th ksli' ef rac et wit t e rawhide re- S. inforced frame. COAL GRAIN AND TRANSFER Sheffield, Kansas City, Mo. Ph0H9, Phone, Benton 7140 Benton 7140 RS' llioif A325 Sporting Goods Exclusively 1416 Grand The ew England Securities Co. FARM MORTGAGE BANKERS Chas. E. Gibson, President T. C. Alexander, Secretary-Treasurer h' Second Vice-President Ben R. Hall, Vice-President F. D. Hutc ings, J. W. Ramsey, Assistant Treasurer Begin to save as soon as you begin to earn See us about our Monthly Payment Plan Phones, Victor 8363-8364 921 BALTIMORE AVE. Kansas City, Mo. American Writing Machine Co. T ewriters Rented. Special Rates to Students. YP Agents for Remington Portable-the portable with standard key-board 905 GRAND AVE. All Makes for Sale Phone, Main 2742 211 ' - ' uf- 1: ff' -- . - V- -.-:- ,..v.:.,-2-.a -L4-..,-1.-. .F 1-Spa ..i:f4a,.-asiiuz--9-565119-'aa5.2, bling .'A.,:.-.g . 1-1 L. -.:. , . f..- 1. V.. - V - . . THE NOR'EASTER ratcher Printing Company Phone, Victor 8517 El i? 408-410 Kansas City Admiral Blvd. Mo 212 ll THE N OR'EASTER l x ' l , 9 The .Q E. G. Hill Candy Co. l 2 423 Delaware Street ,A IE: :l li' lg. ll 4 ll 'lu ln N, li ,il ,gfl lil l l ll 'Il l 1 'I l li 1 ml ,. ,l' 'wi ll R , ly ill Ill., an ll ,ll 1 'r'. ul, QM W. , la!! ll Dealer in fine Wholesale Candies h Henry! 1 1 . Q . ' 4 ll 3 1 r 213 P l l i l, l 5 l THE N 0R'EASTER 36111010 Girls Oakley M. E. M k 1 ' ' t t f d- a 6 youiaiiiioliollwits or gm Sunday School Meets every Sunday Morning at 9.:30 The place where youll always find Beauty Parlor a cordial welcome. . . Wide-awake-, Friendly, Helpful. 107 NORTH ELMWOOD. Benton 3765 INDEPE1llg?JI13l1ff6E03YE'-AND Woodland Lynn Pharmacy N. E. Cor. Independence and 300 North White Don't forget 'we serve Frank1in's B t 0629 XX Ice Cream in our Sodas. en on . Clifton 3094. Delivery Service For An Efficient RadioISet Use Hot Point Crystals For sale by all Radio-Electrical and Hardware Dealers. DISTRIBUTED BY C. A. Buscher Co. 1219-21 LOCUST ST. Phone, Grand 1524 HOURS ' 9 A. M.-6 P. M. Compliments of Dr. Foster M. Heaton W.A.Miller Floral DENTIST Company SUITE 414 CHAMBERS BUILDING 12th and Walnut Sts. Main 3747 1014 Grand Ave. 214 THE NOR EASTER OPPOSITE NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL NEW HOMES 34,950 TO 57,250 Reasonable T-erms Agee-Block Home and Investment Co. 422 Van Brunt Boulevard CLIFTON 3025 MAIN OFFICE, 405 COMMERCE BLDG ," EE sxlrface and ig .,, 'c " gli,-1-ffl, I fe Save Save at WW arf ' -'T Q 'L I W e Wzth I PA IN TS and VARNISHES ROOFS! The Good Looking, "Spark Proof" Kind Wyandotte Roofing Co. Drexel 071 0 Estimates Cheerfully Given 2l5 THE NOR'EASTER KANSAS CITY BUSINESS COLLEGE A fully accredited commercial school: courses of study approved by the govern- mentg highest indorsementp day and evening sessions all the time: a finely equipped school in the Young Women's Christian Association buildingp an ideal place for young men or women to attend schoolg Pitman, Graham, Success or Gregg shorthand: expert facultyg catalog free. C. T. SMITH, President 1020 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. SOFTENS - - HARD i WATER 0 Coffee 51. flllarkki Epiarnpal Glliurrh Compliments of 7th and Pros- pect Kansas City, Mo. This is a fam- Noll-Welty Lumber ily Church, come and get CO, .. acquainted. Rev. L. A. C. Pitcaithly, Rector. Kansas M0. 729 Prospect Ave. Compliments of The NEUER BRO ENVELOPE C0- O appreciates the fact that the young ' men of the high schools of today E CO. are the business men of tomorrow. We hope to get acquainted, so that when you are through school and in - business we may be given an oppor- 1326'28 Main St' tunity to be of service to you. 216 THE NOR'EAS'I'ER Glnmplimrntz nf Glnmmrrrr 111151 Glnmpang 217 THE NOR'EASTER Hey, Skinnay! Mrs. C. M. Marshall DRUGGIST Meet me Sunday at Independ- N. E, CQR, 9TH AND PROSPECT ence Avenue and Olive, Where We Will find a Welcome. ,ii-11. lllll8IlBllllBll00 Avenue clllllcll CTh,e Church that loves Boys and Girls.J Benton 0052-0053 Everything in Radio Supplies Radio Concerts Every Night LIBERTY BELL BICYCLE CO. BICYCLES SOLD ON EASY PAYMENT PLAN This ad is good for 351.00 on any purchase or repair over 33.00. 1008-10 EAST 15TH ST. A Harrison 6123 You Are Cordially Invited to See the New Models. No obligations to- buy-they are only too- glad to show' you THE LATEST AND THE BEST IN FASHIONABLE - APPAREL FOR YOUNG MEN BL KINSHIP'S STORAGE cm FORGET MAIN SHIPPING l:lREPR00fWAREHoussoo- 2 3 Buying lumber is as good as putting money in the bank. Your nearest bank is Dascomb-Daniels Lumber Company Phone, Benton 1833 218 THE NOR'EASTER It's a ood Habit Everyone reads The Journal and Post, Kansas City's Real, Readable, Metropolitan Newspapers. Every Day- More nationally known comics and exclusive features. Complete sport dope by Cochrane, Floto and a staff of experienced writers. Fashion news, specially cabled from London and Paris, Society and Club notes, "Let's Go Shopping With Jane." Mid-Week Comics- Four pages of comics in color-a regular Wednesday Post feature. On Sundays- The 8-page Gravure Section. Only colored Comic Supplement in Kansas City. "What the Schools are Doing." Science and Invention, Radio Reviews and entertaining puzzles. Music and Religious news, Book Reviews. Amusement Section featuring Plays and Players, "Lobby- ing" and Percy Hammond's offering. Full page of character sketches by W. E. Hill. THE KANSAS CITY JOURNAL THE KANSAS CITY POST THE SUNDAY JOURNAL-POST 219 .La v::..5Q:-fa -3.5-.aia,...,. ni,-lz..,p2.a,,q, 55,g,g..,gap5.p,1ggg. THE NOR'EASTER FROM NOTHING TO THE LARGEST THERE MUST BE A REASON iB. IM. Nemrnmmfz Svnna E A K f Established 18 years. A 0 0 au man We Call and Deliver Anywhere Pgficlxlljggl Mzssourz Steam D e Works 3100 EAST NINTH ST. :QKEAST 12TH ST Successor to Clean Clothes Clean McCANN 8: KAUFMAN Auto Seljvice If it is to be found in a Drug Store, There's a Difference. We Want to we have lt. Phone us your wants. Slhow You. can Us and See. Phone, Benton 6361. We Deliver Phones, Benton 2010 ALL CLASSES OF PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY HARRISON 2789 V E. J. TIERNEY, PROPRIETOR. Westland Studio 1120 Walnut Street Kansas City, M0 MODERATE PRICES ' 220 THE NOR'EASTER DENTISTRY Kansas City-Western Dental College 10TH AND TROOST C- C- Alleon, Dean. R. J. Rinehart, Secretary. The Kansas City-Western Dental College has conferred the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery upon many of the Northeast High School graduates, The profession of dentistry is one of the greatest fields for service to humanity. Phone, Delaware 1156 Geo. R. Brandow Owen Vail Optical GROCERIES AND MEATS Company DR. OWEN VAIL, opmmetrist Benton 0577 403 SOUTH KENSINGTON. 1111 Grand Ave. Kansas City, Mo. The Oldest and Largest School of its Kind The Christensen School y of Popular Music Piano-Saxopfhone-Ukelele-Violin-Ban jo Taught in 20 Lessons Phone, MAin 5803 RICKSECKER BLDG., 9TH 81 WALNUT KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI- THE YOUNG MAN'S STORE Browning King C . 221 ,,,,, 1- 6,45 ,,., ,,- ,1-,,, ..-Ew,.D::.- 1-4..-..'..a, ' 'J-.kwa f5us1JLl'z.'-5 THE N OR'EASTER Compliments of R. A. Long Lindenwoocl College St. Charles, Missouri Attention of the young Women of Northeast High School is called to the superior advantages offered for advanced education at Linden- wood College, the only Standard A college for young Women in Mis- souri. Lindenwood offers two and four year c-ollege courses With degrees. Vocational courses in Home Economics, Education, Business. Special attention given teacher training. Art and Expression courses. School of Music of unexcelled merit. All the outdoor sports--Golf, Hockey, Tennis, etc. Gymnasium and Swimming Pool. 114 acres of campus. Application for admission must be made early to assure room reservation. Send for catalogue. J. L. ROEMER, President BOX J 23, 222 1 E THE NOR'EASTER L. Holmberg Remember Paync's Pharmacy DRY GOODS AND SHOES Benton 2078 T. E. PAYNE, Prop. Independence Ave. and Bennington KANSAS CITY, MO. 7100 East 15th St. Wollard Hardware 2TSSOlkicet Metal Co. MOVING STORAGE Centropolis Transfer Company Phone, Benton 0517 PICNICS SERVICE Coats will sag and trousers will brag, but if you have them pressed after every change they -will keep their original stylish lines. The collars will fit snugly, shoulders will be well shaped and trousers will stay smooth and straight. SOUTHERN STEAM DYE WORKS Phone, Benton 1930 12TH AND INDIANA Expert Shoe Repairing at VanBrunZ Standard Prices Cl ngfs E Cleans Things Right ' 4521 INDEPENDENCE AVE. 4517 INDEPENDENCE AVE. Clifton 6253 CMemiber Shoetiijpbairers' ASHSOCIE- We Call for and Deliver 223 THE N OR'EASTER A Welcome Waits You At the Independence Avenue Methodist Church THE CHURCH WITH A SPIRE. Independence and Olive Sunday School at 9:30 A. M.-A. H. Simson, Sup't. Classes for everybody-Especially the Young Folks. Preaching Service 11:00 A. M. and 8:00 P. M. DR. T. W. JEFFREY, Pastor. KESSLER BOOK STORE "Headquarters for No-rtheast High" New and Second Hand Books and Supplies. Fountain P-ens .and Ever- . Boys' and Girls' I sharps. "We Fix 'Emi' Athletic Goods .Baseball and Tennis Go-ods. Drawing Supplies We Ap-preciate Your Patronage and Assure You Satisfaction. Phone, Benton 4871 Independence and Van Brunt Blvd. , r O O Stem Furniture and Carpet Co. 1429 GRAND AVE. F urniture-Stoves-Refrigerators CASH OR CREDIT. 224 THE NOR'EASTlER flue orifirwl C3 Beat A Butter 55:1 centergcovered ' with caramel, peanuts and chocolate. Q4P.'lY You are respectfully invited to visit Central Business College Grand Avenue at Eighth St. Just across street from Post Officer, North. HARRISON 1104 Thirty-second year Catalog and three lessons in short- hand free. Night,School, 6 months, 325. Phenix Marble Company Napoleon Gray Marble Phenix Sawn Stone h h ls of the United States and Canada Used extensively in t e sc oo for exterior and interior decoratlon. 19TH AND OLIVE KANSAS CITY, MO. THE N OIUEASTER Many a Northeast student lives in a home heated by a Worthington Burner, and- We certainly want you and your parents to know we appreciate past patronage, but- We would like to be "making it hot" for alot more of you. VVhy can't We? Agn, l in: l g F .I O ' cgi, fi. X f iw.-AIR -""3"fil 45,9 + wi l in . l 'M X 'f , V A . X m i W i l! F l l f 'f'f, o l l i ' , f ? Q 5 -?:f"X M lftlff-.1 p V X aill l fi' K a 'l J ff - I Il III if W 5 ill ill Il IIIHIIII I V g V ' 'U R wi I .. , 9:4 ' ""' L- G' ip 7 ' ml ii ORTHINGTO Oil Burner Company 3920 East mm se. Phone, Benton 5510 226 THE NOR'EASTER C0mI1liments of FRANK H. CROMWELL MAYOR Kansas City, Missouri Authorized LINCOLN Ord FoRDsoN DEALER Kelle -Reppert Motor Co. Admiral Boulevard and Locust St. PHONES, HARRISON 2426 P. W. GOEBEL, President J. T. FRANEY, Cashier H, J, COERVER, Vice-President E. W. HENDERSON, Ass't Cashier R. J. POTTS, Vice-President J. G. KENNEDY, Ass't Cashier J. E. HUTT, Chairman The Commonwealth National Bank OF KANSAS CITY CAPITAL S500,000.00 Kansas City, Mo. 227 THE NOR'EASTER Kansas City School of Law 1013-15 Grand Ave. Nonqu-itt Building A practical and thorough legal education given while oppor- tunity is offered to earn a livelihood While acquiring aprofession. The faculty is composed of leading judges and practicing lawyers, and we prepare our graduates for the practice of law. Tuition payable in monthly installments or in advance. ' Finely equipped law library. Write for catalogue or call upon F. D. ELLISON, Dean ELVIER N. POWELL, Sec'y-Treas. PATRICK CAR R, Registrar Executive Offices, 718-19 Commerce Building KANSAS CITY, MO. STUDENTS MAY ENTER AT ANY TIME Compliments of Missouri Dairy Company I 228 THE NOR'EASTER Compliments of i '1 The Kansas City Gas Co. ONEY 'T O LOA Get some ground clear in a good location and borrow the money from us to build your home. Our loans are payable in easy monthlyinstallments. Monthly payment, in- cluding interest on 151,000 loan, only 311.00 Loans made in any amount. Over 38,000,000 Resources Safety Savings 8: Loan Association FLETCHER COWHERD, President FRANKLIN P. STEVENS, Secretary 900 Grand Avenue, Ground Floor J. EBERT 4436 ST. JOHN AVENUE fvDry Goods and Furnishings-al Bigger and Better Right Prices on Quality Merchandise Come in and see lifton 4054 Pictorial fReview Patterns Phone, C Compliments of Standard Oil Company 229 THE NOR'EASTER we WALLA CE 'S .c Prescription Pharmacy X V Registered Drugfgist in Attendance. Conrad Hug, COR. DEPENDENCE AND Pictures for Schools and Home PROSPECT BLVD- Qua1it3j3Service4-Pro-mpt Delivery A 1011A GRAND AVE' Phone, Benton 0118 r P ' I 1 P f Natl i6 KE If G RE 5 man 'j,d,,jg,,,tg., if W' n e J LHTI47 'L, 4545135 "g .' f.2f? 5 e glwlq l fr QD ' 539329 4 -1: , t I Cl :Q ".. ffiffi-rf-'f iff' ' ii:-Liffilfv' -u ., fr ' ,I ' tl- p-1,1-76-yi! P.-fl-1-2 'fg Mfr'-ff -- A or , R' if 'v E - 'J .. J "- - Xb? ' ' 3 H21-7 Es Wieirii-:fi-. 1415---nxif, --. 'Pt' ST, , 'tif i i A .Jil v XX " Q N E emptt1gwwJDeLictous e A - A.T YOUR GRoCER:--2.,.-.1-- J , Mov1NG PPACKINGQ U' G' PEARSUN V ' Teacher of Cornet, Violin, Bands 1 7 1 at szf nh 4 and Orchestras 0' , A 'iii H' TIMIISFIH 695700465 01 t U HF' " ' BENIQN BENTONL 0 Digit FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE I Q? iii: I SHIPPING STORAGE No. 2 WINIFRED PLACE 541 BROOKLYN Ph-one. Benton 0908 233 THE N OR'EASTER KEEP NORTHEAST BUSINESS IN NORTHEAS A 9 BUY Your Gasoline land Oils 'I Northeast Garage CONFEEZONERY ST. JOHN AND DENVER AVE. I Oven Al1Nighf- Martina anh Eiunera Svprrial Packed Ice Cream or Special Brick Cream J. H. Brandon Conservatory, Teacher of Piano Q25 and Vl0liI1 It Will Be Franklin's Phone, Benton 2307 2101 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo. INDIANA AND GARNER LL RS! Dollars are not only the media of exchange and the counters in business transactions. They are also the tangible evidence of thrift-of business acumen and of services rendered. Their honest possession by an individual is notice of one of these three functions Well performed. Towards their accurate accounting and careful conservation the efforts of this bank are directed. Peoples Trust Company R. A' Long' Building Tenth at Grand Avenue 231 v-. -,r:....1xw.4.1:,-'QS gi.-ar 1 ' s:.i-g-,3-- r .XX ' ' A 5 1 1 1 V , V , 5 ' ' , f ' , ' ,I Y ' - ' J l 1 fx .. A- K if , , . I , Q , I J' 7 of ' 4 ' ' . ' THE NOR'EASTER J x -' N fx X 4' I -4 1 , ' , f 1 h x - b -' 2. R , ' V Q ' , - f f T Q, - - ' , , fe , 34, K, 2' by U f 5 - :lf I jg" 'dl c.'.VVU'.!yj,f 1 . ' K ' x , "1 fi' I , 'A ' 3 1 pi NA ,, A - . A ,. C-'fr . , ' A Q , v"'5 va - QQ L, Vs ' A V, ,- -fuvfi JVTWQ -1-1' -if I - . Wy -Tm: xgiw, Tv J , NX K N ' fQLfRi4f.i.iil!, L -' -g W - ,. li, 5 -5 .,u If w. i 1.1. B ,da ,, - , ' , J '1 , ' f 'R 'V Q N., 5' V.. :nl Ui -,J5L!,iagr 1 3 -A922315 ' A A 1 Liffn it I fi, fi ,- 53? 4 W - 114 LF 'if 5 - , E 'lv ' wa"-.b,,gL -i ' 'ij f Li 1 T aw 622 fb f fm . N ,X gif" ?Yn,,Lhv,f N I? . K E K-' fi if X7 Q -. 'Evil' Q 'N X , 'X f UF if H5 ' f , 4'-,' " '- -' 3 eff' f x Qfmfg E. i. I gg 52,5 1 r :R " :gg 1573 I J 5 We .mf fi ' XJ X - 3 -, f m- l' WAR Q 'X rep' fi 'E-'wx ,f 'ff' : IE f' M N Wx W, A gi.: Qiitia 4 , -1 b lsgjw ' , xp F' -A K 5 1 '5 :li M f Ng. ' X X- ' J - V ' , sb, 5 ii v-5: ' . - ,X ,n -X 3 , ,LN y iii: I I-3 ,gg 5 . -. Q . M J Y P " ' 45? Y , r f' X 1 9 . xxx., XJ X .J L SZ is .I MJ . h --Q25 S X-.X A XA: 1 5 - 1' 5 X 5 f x , Y A f 5' fs 1' X VX 3 x - l ag 4 . :ggi QJJM N El Q N xr xx . xii X X, elm- v -K aa xx -A mu iii --WS Q 'S acl-f , Y- N: R ' X Rx 1 1:6 -1- ff . V ' f Q , ig W, - V Q Fi 4-.. V. y f ' , as N -' 1 r-rn S I xxq I - 1:3 5 13.3-:J M , , 1 k E-ig I Chu-Q Chinn V 1 4 :gf If I ' 1 , 1 .2 gl A, 5 o ' ' , 3 ,X 1 f - I .ff kj ' 1 I Q, 'xp ' .1 1 ' 'I A 'dn' ' f., f6""ff , x 1 ,f iff-' ff 1" f-'A X r V I ' f ,,'- 2, fi! 71 . ,X I M' 1 3 . , G " K , X' X f 1 ' "' X , I ' X., , " L, ff gun f' X A " xx A ,K , f X ' 1 I V 7 P, f X 14 . A f , I ff f"' K f A f' I ,i iff X 'gf'-si - v, ' I, ' ff K J- , X ni i ' ' gi-.M 7 xx I ' 1 N 44 ' A' i .a 1 in V Q 3,-ue v-I ' ' X A I ' VA -I ' Q , f K , ffffgf 7 1 IL. x I A-1'fff2.fq J N-:L Q -fb ' 5 -f fl! 165 N 1 , , 1 5 1 3,1 . X E X X i . h , , A V X , E W .' 'L N, , Sl, R R, '-115' , R L-J if ' Y ' .4 Q CM .Ig I XJ x X Q . I 6ff,, W -H QJZQEZUU4 of: """Af -171:-y..-..-v Q? 1,i .4-1 L -,rf A. .Y - , -- 'r' - -'TW rt'-f-:1v1:'1--'1-2-L 1- - -1 .- f.-.. K A "1-.5,...11,Q.-5. Q., ,-.Q,L.,..-31.15-4-515-.-f.9Laavzrczsp. f, .,,..e 4,--..-.-,,4-. . ... , -.L-:. x ,-:.- s..w1':.4f:x.m: -w f.- -.- ,-1 .vga-:Lw,1x. .

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