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Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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W ALO . xl YNVOQ krjjvl mf MXOK, OW ff ffl' Q' L0 WUMX 16- UQ VDO ofvp' fyofxm Qfvpiybff CMP q W0 ovx - - . Om , XIOQJ wux,gaQQWpx , f . XQKJ Q W -UL-9 W UW X! J, 7 jigfffw Wig. ,ygygi Q,jQJ5'A is N Q1 El We WWW WW f JP wi UXXX bm' Qyfli ,EWU X, C50 IX 5 fD,,,aC' i J4kf'+E :Img iw,L5f5XZ if mf' " 1 If J yawn ' fp Zi-iq., K a MH Moc 1 KNEW? ' gybmjvi YW """' an-L ,, xlflggry' 4 Jaccckm Q S gi 3.5.13 Q . WW in U' 5 fi? 3X2?iWQ,w3g 1 I' , "Pigs-Ww'fQf5f X 33xCC"DfJfQ t WQQY X www? KN ,gg fgyfgom .W553Q5b. wsssfflff WXWQBQWQ lv by gi? sgilygff Sf WV ifif??5g5 Love mx, if my 6-bfq:6Nm VD!-i mywmig T493 Q-3 1"?8,fgQgE'Q U20 'AN 'EE Q E X g. Ejrgi -' 5-5-Q U1 E' fig. PVP .J 4 Q ,W-,lyk-Y -. --, 1 t.. . ,--gy.-. ,-Y - - .-, vi-'ww-V.-----fftl-'T 1-,-"nw 1,--v ,,f- gyfyvv -- w-- Y-"', "W 'W' ,rg ,-M' 31 - 3. la' h . Y 1' Q . . I -f: 4 . 'V' ' , . . "' - 2 '. . l y . . . . ,A ' - '. V , I I 4 QQCLA " .kvi - qacynz , f -W '- ' . fm 'Q 'LU C1fY7CI'7Cl,UU-1 kj 60,4 , fi' ff! ' A ' f- Wqtgq Iwo Ougujdhagoe we, 4 W6 wCM""' Amid WM V zfiaod n QW! M VBDMS PW?rf'Jv wry? g'y5r3P 5gVQ5 ,GQQm,, MXH Sy? Qcmmoni Of ' MM dm , " U of dl ii 2 Wy ww W W Q3 ' A9 -.fmoyp gb ",: -Qavwb Qfiw . Q' Q E , 610 C6 Ap K 2 ,, Wigfifpxfopv dz X 3 EES? D09QfQPigfCf Of Qs ci is 53 Q55 9265 W.- QZL Q Mean? -QA-Lk 4wQfl4LoJxM!1WQiMAQ -ulIQvnI-'I Mf4 M so W Ah -.1 ' ' V, M, gwqVgu.:tiO? M.VV.- 5 .Q H H X m , ,,,q,M Qi br hvvn Volume 1 Northoas lVIol.eans r. I-Iigh Sohool Ile, NC. 27301 4, k, ,fwwa LL Whjffwv MMWHU Hfwf vflf A,61f2J7Zaf' wifi!! f 'nw GU iw . Wi M , QW. N 1 x ix J o Classes ,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,g,,Wu,M,,,m f Closing T Sports ,adm 4 Aw Z? Academics ' WVV- Student Life Index .4-5 Organizations Opening Ads UFEIS FDR LIVING ENJCDY 4 if MJ Life goes on continually, and no moment can be here twice. We cannot bring good times backg therefore, we must create as many good times as we possibly can to cherish in the future. A l . X f ' 3 f 4 fx 5' 1 X 14 Wx 5 1 f ,Y 4 'W I 1 2 42 U V, M ' 31 ' f YESTERDAY VVAS EULI. QE HAPPINESS Y ii i WP . XWW aww ,V 5: r 'I 1 AND PROBLEMS PAST EXPERIENCES ENABLE US TO I-JHEI-,Al-il: pafrwy - I-u,J1,.4Q,-Q ,QM he H, krl,J""S1 uf.--E s Q mf' nk S .N , , 3'P'.'4' 1' 'vm YQ Fw Www ,,-'fi . S'i5i,'xJ:"' x Nj Q' dxhiv ' S Y" ri! - ' ,V J. . 1' 'gunjx 'ca ff E 5 Q i i 5 V K K .V ev ., ,iw V' v 'K p... ,, ,M -2-Q -,V-,QQ xv y, x ,vsp J. TV' W . K' E 1 nut f-5-fyqhvzfsf'-rl S ,B fy, - K. qc, gk'j?81Qffg,f 'X F0 F2 T0 DAY s W"' -" .. new A ,za ,, W,,,..W,, . ii ! B -fm. ,,,. ffm , f . ,, LL,, ,,.. yyyy. .,,, "'- ' f 7 f :Tiffin gggg,:4ggif1iwEL:f f , :E:i.'Yw5i2, Jn.-fY?5ii5?Z A ' " , ,Ahy 4, - 6 15,32 A . , E - ,,,.. , "'- "" ' ,, "" ,,,., , W M "A 'f I... -"- , .. .,., ,,.. ,..,, ..,,,,,A , ,,., 1 ,,--, , ,-.,, . ,,,. .,..,,,,. few ,..,,.. F , .,,,. . -',-, A , A ,, A , 9 TODAY ' 125 P IS VVI-IAT CGUNTS VVe Cannot change the pestg vve cannot forsee tomorrovvg vve can only live and strive one dey at e time. , . .f . . .. INNUWMQQNQF .. . z' z ' ' "Fin: 'UYRLS' -W ' x "V-A1 - . - 1 V ., 1 .--- 2511 .QV gm? " .X-,. :. it Q . -lm, I dug I "Y"f"-X f x--- Mp K Avg? ,,,4 L, , .1 Y X . liklfzwgk nhl A 4 ' 4 q.K'RZ?Q ,,., . 'fn 'wx . K 5 3 Saw A ' ' W F' fm-A 115 x ygs fir" 4- :cy r 1 msiw .1 .. . X . vs ,Hmm-wi F' ?'f q Q-s ?"':-'ffii!A1? ?' 5. . K X. L,h, Y , 6: . Mimi , Q' ji, ilu 5 .Wi ,ffm .-V., s -.w R fy ., Xi . Rue vi X . K .J Q, -ww A. 'U 1 'ws' KU sk 4 - 2, 9'-'LAI . J iff! A 4? X 4 .- X X Graduation, Junior Marshals, Prom A DARE Dare to be right! dare to be true! You have a work that no other can do Do it so bravely, so kindly, so well. Dare to be right, dare to be true! Mark Easley proudly leaves Northeast with a SMILE on his face. Mike Varner pauses to reflect upon the fond memories spent at N.E. Cheryl Green shows mixed emotions at graduation. GRADUATION, '78 After twelve years of hard work, much frustration, and some fun, the seniors of Northeast became grad- uates. The goal set many years ago was finally achieved. Now their question is, "What do we strive for?" Each graduate will be faced with the thrills and problems of the world beyond high school. But there will always be a touch of nostalgia when thinking upon the days spent learning and growing at North- east. 'iHurry and call our names - we graduates have made plans . . James Fogleman Debbie Barber Belinda Caviness JUNIOR MARSHALS Graduation is also an exciting event for the Junior Marshals. Junior Mar- shals, those students with top grade- point averages, had the opportunity to be part of the 1978 graduation cere- mony. This year's Marshals helped orga- nize the graduates' marching line and saw that everyone was in his proper place and ready to receive his diplo- ma. Chief Marshal, Paula Apple, had the honor of calling out the graduates' names as they received their diplomas. Thanks to the Junior Marshals, the graduation ceremony of 1978 was a smooth-running success. Jeff Johnson Cindy Spears Sharon Holleman Debra Dixon Chief Marshal - Paula Apple Rhonda Wheeler "l could have danced all night . . gf f as 8, sy, fl 4' Y Q W Spf' 1' 4 ,.4-K V . KW E, Z K . in xx ' A ,Q 2 if . ' gf.. - 'l .."j .zu - lt's times like these that will be cherished. 18 iii' PROM NIGHT Levis and Wranglers were not the scene at the Holiday Inn Airport on May 6, 1978. The dress was formal. The students enjoyed the music of "Cut Glass" and refreshments provided by the Holiday Inn. Each student will enjoy reflecting upon the memories while growing older and finding out that "boogying" just won't be as easy as it once was. The Northeast Prom brings out the best in people. 1 . a if 'Gaia i v I -,ay . " iw x fe lil' :. Zu .J- fi ,is 1 7 . , af- .w t ' ' ' Lisa Swaney and Susan Kinley prepare to capture moments on film. Brotherly love still exists at Northeast Senior High. Helping Attendance Counselors proves to be more fun than work for Carla Watkins and Cindy Holland. A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain togetherg knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keep- ing and with a breath of kind- ness, blow the rest away. translated by Dinah Maria Craik Students enjoy spending all the time they can on the smoking ramp. 1. ffl 3715! 1 :lf 'R tt ,, f' ., Could Roger George really think music is such a drag? These students take a short-cut through the courtyard to get to class. 513 The homecoming night of 1979 will certainly be a high- light in the life of Sandy Johnson. Sandy was crowned Homecoming Queen by Susan Gunter, the Homecoming Queen of 1978. Sandy is an active student at Northeast. Besides assuming the responsibilities of the President of the Student Body, she is a serious leader and participant in several clubs and organizations. Congratulations to a very deserving girl. l .5 K1 is ii. . jn- , Ji. . ...gif t x 4 4 1-'I' E - .. iff .A r.. W q XX 1 I it fn in , f' . nw- .,f ARA, .I I iqxfi -ilfks 'f wr. .. H is 1 krs-.i.jQg if Q'-.1 V .5 ti Liege, 315 ,X Cgzcwow Q wad ea S E N I 0 R Q99awW1nmf4 mam ed- A T T E N D A N T S Q 1 A Sophomore Attendants WV: .i .. ayywvweey. Wwqwmgw, WMQZQQQWMA. Junior Attendants 230 www wad eacwdbcf Wwe ww FA000fk6! ny Cgkuok 9 Cg9Zcf,yfmfQfmzfm. dy Www? WWW. NORTHEAST GOES ALL THE After the game, Sam Pegram and Lisa Weaver enjoy the Homecoming Dance. 24 Could this be the 1978 Homecoming Queen?! Laura Wrenn really "gets into" the pie eating contest. Students "boggie" after a victory. Tricycle Races are part of the Homecoming Pep Rally Events. WAY WITH HOMECOIVIING '78 ,sy ti Could this be some of the "Ladies" that attend Northeast?! Mike Paul is the future Alice Cooper. ,.,,,i f M v. 'i ,, iu, my , io iiii 5' i i 5 r Cindy Brown and Sandra Hall get ready for Homecoming. Northeast "Beauties" really show their stuff. K ,L GSA. Q, ...K tt x . When it comes time to clean up, even the Homecoming Tony Walden "gets down" on the dance floor. 25 Queen has to work. i l Best Dressed Best All Around Sandra Hall and Chris Cockerham Winoka Summers and Ricky Mabe mmf, 1 i s W My Most School Spirited Sandy Johnson and Larry Moore P Most Intellectual Most Likely to Succeed Sharon Holleman and James Fogelman Paula Apple and Jeff Johnson THERE ARE ywralftf . If 1 . . .do not insist on eating at McDonalds. l l -always dream of 3.15 WWW . . . love to act like they have authority. . . . show affection in strange ways. x x v 1 . . .think of better things to come. . . .always have a mouth full. 28 xx THOSE WHO . . . CHS . . prefer not having their sleep interrupted. . . . were sorry to see Mr. Dockery leave. . . .are always searching for something. haven't found their place in society. I I H find escape- . . . are ecstatic over interesting lectures. nv"" 29 CLASSES Each class is unique in its qwn way. The sophomores represent a new beginning. Juniors are striving to reach the top, and seniors have begun a long journey into the world of tomorrow. While we are individuals we all share many common goals and experiences. Together we work for a better tomorrow. Senior Class Officers: Danny Shaw, Presidentg Lisa Swaney, Treasurerg Winoka Summers, Secretaryg Oddy Chavis, Vice President. xsainnnnunr-wN.,..w.. John Hood concentrates on next period's test. Lisa Ray asks, "Who's that boy?" '79 IS FINE Monti Allen Perry Allred Paula Apple Tammy Austin Debbie Bailey Warren Bailey Deborah Barham Sheryll Barham Gary Beaver wb-'AW' Cheryl Bloodworth Teresa Bolin Sandra Boone Sharan Apple Debbie Barber Babette Bishop Tim Brooks HAPPINESS IS THE 3, nr 1. in li .M I. 'fa .. J ,J Treasure Brooks Charlie Brown Cindy Brown Judy Brown 3 -aw .1329 If 'ar In ,C-.-.S-Q. , -as it if .' 2' Ricky Brown Teresa Brown Tim Brown Terri Browning F gf . 'A' . I .Huh Lee Burcham Teresa Busey Joan Bush Johnny Calhoun J' 45 .V , I X l Vi Tim Calhoun Tracy Callahan Keith Carter Maynard Carter REFLECTION OF A SENIOR Sharleene Cary Shirley Caudle Gail Causey Ginger Cauthren -101 . 0 Q ,,- s , J' " , 1 .rg E 1,1 J L fw- Jeff Cauthren Belinda Caviness Oddy Chavis Tim Cheek L 5 " f- J A. -. Ai t l I i , ,, , Edwin Clark Chris Cockerham Jimmy Collins Lisa Combs min iq., -wi L 'F Lisa Cooke Barry Crews Larry Crews Rodney Crigler O L in 9 Sherrie Critz Debra Dixon Patricia Emmett Kathy Fallon Mike Faucette If , Helen Fewell Ronnie Garner Bruce Gibson THOSE SHARED WITH FRIENDS Janet Green Sandra Hall Q9 4 Mike Hartsoe ffawaf Donna Hester Y . dwg Darlene Greeson Lisa Griffin Donnie Gordon .-,X Gloria Hamiel Tommy Hanes Susan Harris Teresa Hayes Susan Hendricks Marilyn Herbin 'Y Q--53 Mark Holder Cindy Holland Sharon Holleman THE END IS 3 , F , 4 -F if 6 .. J. . .V John Hood Joyce Howard Win Hunsucker Marion Hunter N 4 i , F? M V , J i x Veronica Ingram Gail Jessup Jeff Johnson Randy Johnson 28" """ ui Sandy Johnson Wanda Johnson Andrew Jones Ruth Jones ,CYP Jeff Joyce Deborah Kasey Donna Kendrick Cathy King ONLY THE BEGINNING firms 4 4 nf 'rrgrg Gloria King Kim King Susan Kinley Eric Kuepferle .i, , - ru' H 5 ,,,A , f in fm- V ' 4 xg? L ggi? , k,k' ,, Terry Linviile Floyd Ladd Lisa Lee Eddie Lemmons Anita Lewis Chuck Lineback ' Tammy Lovelace Ronnie Luciano Mark Lunsford Ray Lunsford Ricky Mabe Roger Mabe slsmons ----- - fir X ax 4 A Marty Marti n Steve Matthews K X Carolyn McCain David McCann P' . , Larry McDaniel V Manny McMillan ffl' 'wk M-M' L pi 'I fa , f ,Na , H 5 'fi' Marty May Lise McAdoo Sue McClellan Larry McCloskey 6 'Rx ' , l li . .3 Q 5 t ,, i l V P' Earl Miller Tony Mills Grayland Milton Renee Mitchell Garry Moore Larry Moore THE WAY FOR TOMORROW M 'i Q. k 1 4 M,-pt 5 . H. Teresa Morehead Keith Morrison Karen Murphy Cheryl Myers Ricky Neighbors Julie Nichols Peter Norton Sandra Oakley it , 5 is Ray Overly Beth Owens Kenny Paris Jodie Parrish Janet Parsons Elizabeth Pate Randy Payne Sam Pegram MEMORIES ARE FOREVER P ff X Bmkwmmm 5 I N-v-.Nl--.. E E Vg Mark Permar Gretchen Phillips Danny Poindexter Rodney Presnell Teresa Prevette Jeanette Priest Darlene Purgason Kim Rankin O Lisa Ray Carole Rich Delorise Richardson Gene Roland Ricky Roof Ronnie Rumley Tony Rumley Yvonda Rumley T0 BE REIVIEIVIBERED , Katherine Ftumpson Kelly Flusso Annette Scales James Scales Sandra Sellars Joey Sharpe Danny Shaw Kathy Shelton 9' A . 4 I Jimmy Simmons Frances Smith Cathy Smith Jeff Smith Larry Smith Randy Smith Susan Sneed Cindy Spears DREAM LESS THAN YESTERDAY Doug Staley Winoka Summers Lisa Swaney A J ' " .V V 1 Tammy Swcifford Steve Tate Donald Taylor df' I -4 :IJ -- Lesa Thomas Keith Thompson Wanda Tidweil K t xx c 3 .,vg,- il 5 ...M f' N 9 -., is ' A. a 3 Sandy Swanson if Crystal Tharrington Wayne Troxler Ji Bob Toler Nathan Townsend George Truitt Cindy Vanmeter BUT GREATER THAN TOMORROW mimi' f .gui- LZ ii i , ' Sandra Varner Brenda Vernon Rhoda Walker Tammy Walker Jay Walton Denise Ward Randy Watkins Don Way Lisa Weaver Rhonda Wheeler Pam Whitehead Patrick Wilcox x ' If ' .4 Diana Williams Sandra Williams Deana Williamson Donna Wilson SEARCHING, SEEKING, FINDING Cheryl Womack Laura Wrenn Donald Wright Jeff Wyrick Y"'I.i Luke Wyrick Camiile Zimmerman Alice Chambers yi -f I 4 I SENIORS SUPPORT HONIECOMING Y EQ Laura Wrenn displays eating ability in the pie eating contest. Sam Pegram -- "You did what to who?" Lt Teresa Brown enjoys heiping decorate cars. Tim Brown makes his debut in Northeast's Beauty and the Beast Pageant. 47 Wa l SENIOR EXPRESSIONS SENIOR STATISTICS Allen, Monti Lewis: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4. Allred, Perry Wayne: Entered 2: Drafting Club 2,3,4: Pep Club 3: Student Council 3: Science Club 4. Apple, Paula Gayle: Entered 2: FHA 2,3,4: Science Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4: Civinettes 4: National Honor Society 3,4, Trea- surer 4: Pep Club 3: Jr. Marshal, Chief 3. Apple, Sharon DeNeise: Entered 2: FHA 2,3,4, Historian 3, V. President 4: Pep Club 2,3: Science Club 2,3,4: Civinettes 3,4. Austin, Tammy: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3: FHA 2: Science Club 2,3: Color Guard 2: FSA 3: Beta Club 3,4: Civinettes 4. Bailey, Deborah Lynn: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: FHA 2,3: Beta Club 3,4: Student Council 2,3. Bailey, Russell Warren Jr.: Entered 2: Bus Club 3: VICA 3,4, V. President 3. Barber, Deborah Gwyn: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: FHA 3: Beta Club 3,4: Jr. Marshal 3. Barham, Deborah Lynne: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: Volleyball 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4: FCA 4: FHA 4: Softball 3,4: Science Club 4. Barham, Sheryll Lorraine: Entered 2: Pep Club 2: Volleyball 3: Beta Club 4. Bean, James Curtis Jr.: Entered 2. Beaver, Thomas Gary: Entered 2: J.V. Basketball 2: Drafting Club 2: Jr. Civitans 3,4: FFA 4: Varsity Football 3,4: Bighorn Club 4. Bishop, Babette Lynn: Entered 2: Majorette 2,3,4: Chief 4: Pep Club 2: Band 3,4, V. President 3: Science Club 2,4: Civinettes 3,4. Bloodworth, Cheryl Ann: Entered 2: Student Council 2: Grap- pelette 3. Bolin, Teresa Junene: Entered 2. Boone, Sandra Dee: Entered 2: FHA 2,3: Pep Club 3: Beta Club 3,4. Brooks, Timothy Jordan: Entered 2: Beta Club 4. Brooks, Treasure Luella: Entered 2. Brown, Charles Herman: Entered 2: FHA 3: FFA 4. Brown, Cindy Anne: Entered 2: Science Club 2,3,4, V. Presi- dent 4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Student Council 2,3,4: FHA 2,3,4: Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 4: FCA 4. Brown, Judy Carolyn: Entered 2: FHA 2,3,4, President 3,4: Sci- ence Club 2,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, V. President 4: Student Council 4: Bus Club 3,4: Annual Staff 4: FSA 3: Color Guard 2. Brown, Richard Edward: Entered 2. Brown, Teresa Elizabeth: Entered 2: Band 2: Pep Club 3: Sci- ence Club 3,4: Civinettes 3,4, Treasurer 4: Class V. President 3: FHA 4. Brown, Timothy Mitchell: Entered 2: J.V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3,4. Browning, Terri Lynne: Entered 2: Business Co-Op 4. 49 Burcham, Walter Lee: Entered 2: DECA 3. Busey, Teresa Lynn: Entered 2. Bush, Joan Marie: Entered 2: Volleyball 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: Sci- ence Club 2,3,4: J.V. Cheerleader 3: Softball 3: FHA 2,3,4: Bus Club 3,43 Bighorn Club 3,4: FCA 4. Calhoun, John Flobert: Entered 2: Printing Club 2,3,4: Drafting Club 3,4. Calhoun, Tim Lee: Entered 2: VICA 3,4: Drafting Club 3,4, Bus Club 3,4. Callahan, Tracy Lynn: Entered 2: Class Treasurer 2: Pep Club 2,3,4, President 3: Student Council 2,3,4: FHA 3,4: Annual Staff 3,4, photographer. Carter, Keith Lee: Entered 2. Carter, Maynard: Entered 2. Cary, Sharlene Wynellis Flozinante: Entered 23 Pep Club 2,3,4: Grappelette 23 FHA 4. Caudle, Shirley Strickland: Entered 23 Beta Club 3,4. Causey, Gail Louise: Entered 2: FSA 2,3,4, Scrapbook Chair- man 4: Science Club 2: Pep Club 2: Annual Staff 4. Cauthren, Ginger Leigh: Entered 2: J.V. Cheerleader 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: Civinettes 3,43 Varsity Cheerleader 3,4. Cauthren, Jeffrey Lawrence: Entered 2: Drafting Club 4. Caviness, Belinda Susan: Entered 23 Pep Club 2: FHA 2: Color Guard 2: Beta Club 3,4: Science Club 3: Jr. Marshal 3. Chambers, Alice Dolene: Entered 2: FHA 2,3: Science Club 2,33 French Club 2,3: FTA 3, Secretary: Student Council 4. 50 Chavis, Odysseus Ur: Entered 2: Beta Club 4: Drafting Club 4, President 4: Class V. President 4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: J.V. Football 2: Varsity Football 3,4, Co-Captain 4: J.V. Basketball 2: Track 2,3,4. Cheek, Tim J.: Entered 3. Clark, Edwin Neal: Entered 2: Baseball 3,4: Drafting Club 3,4: Bus Club 4. Clark, Charles: Entered 2. Cockerham, Christopher Wayne: Entered 2: J.V. Basketball 2: Baseball 2,3,4: Varsity Basketball 3,4: Varsity Football 4: FCA 4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4. Collins, Jimmy Lee: Entered 2. Combs, Lisa Evon: Entered 2: Student Council 2: Pep Club 2,3: Band 2: Science Club 3,4: Spanish Club 3,4. Comer, Carl Levette: Entered 2: J.V. Football 3,4. Cooke, Lisa Dawn: Entered 2: Student Council 2,3: FHA 2,3,4: FSA 2,3,4: J.V. Cheerleader 3: Pep Club 3: Beta Club 3,4: Span- ish Club 4. Cox, Tonya: Entered 2. Crews, Barry George: Entered 2: Pep Club 33 Science Club 3,4: President: J.V. Football 2: Track 2,4. Crews, Jerry Elmer: Entered 2: J.V. Football 2: Track 2,4. Crigler, Rodney Dean: Entered 3. Critz, Sherrie Lynn: Entered 2: Color Guard 3: FSA 3,4: Co-Op 3,4. Curtis, Steve: Entered 2. Dalton, Jay Lee: Entered 2: Printing Club 2,3,4. Davis, Yvonne: Entered 2: Pep Club 3: DECA 3. Dixon, Debra Ann: Entered 2: Student Council 2,3,4: FHA 2,3,4: Treasurer 4: Science Club 2,3: Civinettes 3,4, President 4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 4: Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4: Pep Club 2,3: Band 2. Emmett, Patricia Anne-Marie: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: Stu- dent Council 2: Grappelette 2,4. Fallon, Kathy Marie: Entered 2. Farrar, Timothy Alphonzo: Entered 2. Faucette, Mike Obie: Entered 2. Fewell, Helen Maria: Entered 2. -Ffff Fogleman, James Apple: Entered 23 French Club 2,3,4, Presi- dent 43 Science Club 3,43 NFL 3,4, Treasurer 43 Math Club 3, Secretary 33 Beta Club 3,41 Jr. Marshal 33 Jr. Civitans 43 Band 2,3,4: National Honor Society 3,4, V. President 4. Gaines, Timothy Malphus: Entered 23 Science Club 2,3,43 Math Club 3, Treasurer 33 Beta Club 3,41 Jr. Civitans 43 Annual Staff 4. Garner, Gerald Dwayne: Entered 23 VICA 3,4. Garner, James Ronald: Entered 23 VICA 3,4. Gibson, Bruce Edward: Entered 23 DECA 3. Gower, Keith: Entered 3. Graves, Antonio Earl: Entered 23 VICA 3. Graves, Debra Jean: Entered 23 Science Club 33 Pep Club 33 Civinettes 43 French Club 3,42 NFL 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Student Council 4. Graves, Kim: Entered 2. Graves, Sonya Que: Entered 23 Pep Club 23 NFL 4. Gray, Ernest Lathaniel: Entered 23 Bus Club 4. Green, Janet Carolyn: Entered 23 J.V. Cheerleader 23 Varsity Cheerleader 43 French Club 2,3Q Student Council 2,33 Pep Club 2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 43 Science Club 33 Civinettes 3,4, Beta Club 3,43 Bighorn Club 3,43 FCA 43 FHA 2,3,4. Greeson, Darlene Elizabeth: Entered 23 DECA 3,4. Griffin, Carl Boyd: Entered 23 Wrestling 2,3,43 Printing Club 4, V. President 4. Griffin, Lisa Ellen: Entered 23 Pep Club 23 Student Council 2,3,43 J.V. Cheerleader 33 Library Club 3,4, Corresponding Sec- retary 33 FTA 3, President 33 Civinettes 43 NFL 43 Spanish Club 3,4, Historian 4. Gordon, Donnie Ullis: Entered 2. Grundman, Samuel Paige Jr.: Entered 2. Hall, Charles Walter: Entered 23 Baseball 2,3,4, Best Hitter Award 23 Golf 4. Hall, Sandra Leigh: Entered 23 Homecoming Court 23 Science Club 2,42 DECA 33 Pep Club 2,43 President 43 Annual Staff 43 Beta Club 3,43 Miss Aries 4. Hamiel, Gloria Maria: Entered 23 Pep Club 3. Hanes, Tommy G.: Entered 2. Harris, Susan Rebecca: Entered 2. Hartsoe, Jeffrey Michael: Entered 23 Beta Club 3,43 Drafting Club 3,4, Treasurer 4. Hawk, Jeff: Entered 2. Hayes, Teresa Annette: Entered 23 J.V. Cheerleader 23 Pep Club 23 Grappelette 3. Haynie, Randy Waddell: Entered 2. Henderson, Mark Allen: Entered 23 VICA 4. Hendricks, Susan Annette: Entered 23 FHA 2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,4, Color Guard 2,33 Beta Club 3,4. 51 -me 1 Herbin, Marilyn Yvette: Entered 2. Herbin, Willie: Entered 2. Hester, Donna Leigh: Entered 2: Pep Club 2: FHA 2. Hines, Michael Thomas: Entered 2: Wrestling 2,3. Holder, Mark Bryan: Entered 2: NFL 2,3,4, V. President 3, Pres- ident 4: Civitans 3,4, Secretary 4: Science Club 3,4: Student Council 4. Holland, Cindy Lea: Entered 2: Volleyball 3,4: Basketball 3: Softball 3, Most Valuable Player Award 3: Pep Club 3: FCA 4. Holleman, Sharon Fay: Entered 2: Pep Club 2: French Club 2: Class Secretary 2: Annual Staff 3,4: Student Council 3: Na- goanfl Honor Society 3,4: Beta Club 3,4: Homecoming Court Hood, John Robert: Entered 2: Science Club 3,4: Drafting Club 3,4: Beta Club 3,4, President 4. Howard, Joyce Ann: Entered 2. Hunsucker, Norman Winfred: Entered 2: Varsity Football 2,3,4: Varsity Basketball 2,3: Varsity Baseball 2,3,4: Track 4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: Jr. Civitans 4: Science Club 4: NFL 4: Bus Club 3: FCA 4. Hunter, Marion Alesia: Entered 2. Ingram, Veronica Fae: Entered 2. Irwin, Timothy Lee: Entered 3: NFL 3,4: Bus Club 4. Jackson, Dorothy Lee: Entered 2. Jessup, Gail Darlene: Entered 2. 52 Johnson, Jeffrey Neal: Entered 2: J.V. Football 2: Wrestling 2,3,4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: Track 3: Beta Club 3,4: Varsity Foot- ball 3: Class President 3: National Honor Society 3,4: FCA 4: Science Club 4: Jr. Civitans 4: Bus Club 4. Johnson, Randal Wayne: Entered 2: Varsity Football 2,3,4: FCA 4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: Jr. Civitans 3,4: Bus Club 3,4: Band 3,4: Class V. President 2: Student Council 2. Johnson, Sandra Dawn: Entered 2: J.V. Cheerleader 2, Chief 2: Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Chief 4: FHA 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Track 2: Student Council 2,3,4, President 4: Pep Club 2,3,4, V. President 3: Civinettes 3,4: Softball 3,4: FCA 4: Bighorn Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4: Homecoming Court 2,3,4, Queen 4: Science Club 3,4: Beta Club 3,4: Class President 2. Johnson, Wanda Gail: Entered 2. Jones, Andrew Clyde: Entered 2: J.V. Football 2: Bighorn Club 2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4: Varsity Football 3,4: FCA 4. E. Jones, Ruth Ann: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4: Annual Staff 4. Joyce, Jeffrey Samuel: Entered 2: Bus Club 3,4: VICA 3,4. Kasey, Deborah Denise: Entered 2: Student Council 2,4: Pep Club 2: DECA 3,4: Beta Club 3,4. Kendrick, Donna Lynn: Entered 2. King, Catherine Denise: Entered 2. King, Gloria Jean: Entered 2: Library Club 2,3: Pep Club 3: Softball 3. King, Kimberly Darlene: Entered 2: Pep Club 2: Science Club 2: FHA 2,3: Class Treasurer 3: Basketball 3. Kinley, Susan Ftenee: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3: Student Council 2,3: FHA 2,3,4: Science Club 2,3. Kuepferle, Eric Louis: Entered 2. Ladd, Floyd Eugene: Entered 2. Lee, Lisa Dianne: Entered 23 FSA 2,3,4, President 3, Treasurer 43 FCA 43 Pep Club 23 Science Club 43 Treasurer 43 FCA 43 Pep Club 23 Science Club 43 Grappelette 2,3,4, Co-Chief 3, Chief 4. Lemmons, Dal Edward: Entered 23 French Club 23 VICA 33 J.V. Basketball 33 Varsity Football 43 NFL 43 Varsity Basketball 43 FCA 4. Lewis, Anita F.: Entered 23 Library Club 2,3,43 NFL 3,41 FTA 2,3,43 Bighorn Club 2,3,43 Student Council 2,3,43 Pep Club 33 Volleyball 2,3,43 Basketball 23 Softball 3,4. Lineback, Norman Lee: Entered 2. Lovelace, Tammy Rene: Entered 23 DECA 33 FSA 4. Luciano, William Ronald: Entered 23 NFL 3,4. Lunsford, Mark Steven: Entered 23 VICA 4. Lunsford, Ray Dean: Entered 23 VICA 3,4. Mabe, Ricky Allen: Entered 23 J.V. Football 23 Beta Club 3,43 Science Club 4. Mabe, Roger Curtis: Entered 23 Band 2,32 Golf 2. Martin, Allen Wayne: Entered 23 Drafting Club 2,3,4. Matthews, Steven Allen: Entered 23 VICA 4. May, Martha Elizabeth: Entered 23 FHA 2,3,43 Science Club 2,43 Pep Club 2,3,4Q Student Council 4. McAdoo, Lise Charles: Entered 23 Student Council 33 Pep Club 33 Annual Staff 4. McCain, Carolyn Renee: Entered 2. McCann, David Benjamin: Entered 23 VICA 2,3,4. McClellan, Peggy Sue: Entered 2. McCloskey, Lawrence William Jr.: Entered 23 VICA 3. McDaniel, Larry Wayne: Entered 23 VlCA 3,4. McMillan, Manny Forbes: Entered 23 Bighorn Club 2,33 Varsity Football 23 Baseball 2,3,43 FCA 43 Wrestling 2,43 Science Club 4. Millaway, Tommy Madison: Entered 2. Miller, Earl Rudolph: Entered 23 Band 23 VICA 4. Milton, Bridgett Fern: Entered 23 DECA 3,4. Milton, Grayland: Entered 2. Mitchell, Sharon Renee: Entered 2. Moore, Gary Donnell: Entered 2. Moore, Larry Wayne: Entered 23 VICA 3,4. Morehead, Teresa Mae: Entered 2. Morrison, Keith Frank: Entered 2. Murphy, Karen Sue: Entered 23 Science Club 23 Pep Club 2,32 FTA 23 Band 23 FSA 33 Bus Club 3,4. Myers, Cheryl Lynn: Entered 23 FHA 3, FSA 4. 53 Neighbors, Richard David: Entered 2. Newnan, Timothy Paul: Entered 2. Nichols, Julie: Entered 4. Norton, Peter Brenner: Entered 2: Drafting Club 2,3,4: FCA 4: Varsity Football 4: Bighorn Club 4. Oakley, Sandra Gale: Entered 2: Pep Club 2: DECA 4. Overly, Charlie Ray Jr.: Entered 2: Baseball 3,4. Owens, Elizabeth Carol: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3: Science Club 3,4: Student Council 2,3,4, Recording Secretary 3,4: Spanish Club 3,4, President 4: FHA 2,3,4: Civinettes 4: Grappelettes 2,4: Annual Staff 3,4: Spanish Club Recipient 3. I if li ,f Paris, Kenneth Carl: Entered 2: J.V. Football 2: DECA 3,4. Parrish, Jodie Lynne: Entered 2: DECA 3,4. Parsons, Janet Marie: Entered 2: Pep Club 2,3,4: Band 2: An- nual Staff 3,4: Student Council 2,3,4: Spanish Club 4: Beta Club 3,4, V. President 4. Pate, Elizabeth Rose: Entered 2. Paul,- Michael Allen: Entered 2. Payne, Randall Craig: Entered 2. Pegram Chester Lawrence, Jr.:'Entered 2: NFL 3,4. Permar, Mark Shelton: Entered 2: Track 3,4: Varsity Football 4. Phillips, Gretchen Louise: Entered 2: FHA 2. 54 .xv 'M Pickrell, Alton Joseph Jr.: Entered 2. Poindexter, Danny Wayne: Entered 2. Presnell, Rodney Franklin: Entered 2. Prevette, Teresa Lynn: Entered 2. Priest, Jeanette Febesy: Entered 2. Purgason, Debra Darlene: Entered 2. Rankin, Kimberlyn Anita: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4: Science Club 2,3,4: Bus Club 3,4: Civinettes 4: Pep Club 3,4: Bighorn Club 3,4: Track 2: Annual Staff 4: FHA 4. Ray, James Rufus: Entered 2: VICA 3. Ray, Lisa Lorraine: Entered 2. Rich, Regina Carole: Entered 2: Student Council 2: Pep Club 2,3: Science Club 2: French Club 2,3: FHA 2,3: NFL 4: FSA 2,3,4, Secretary 3. Richardson, Kenneth Marion: Entered 2: J.V. Basketball 2. Roland, William Eugene: Entered 2: VICA 3,4. Roof, Richard Wayne: Entered 2. Rumley, Ronnie: Entered 2: Varsity Football 2,3,4. Rumley, Tony: Entered 2. Rumley, Yvonda Gaye: Entered 2. Rumpson, Katherine: Entered 2. Russo, Kelly: Entered 2. Scales, Annette: Entered 2: Band 2: Drill Team 2, Treasurer 2: FHA 3. Scales, James Herbert: Entered 2. Sellars, Sandra Kay: Entered 2. Sharpe, Joseph Wesley: Entered 2. Shaw, Danny Lorenzo: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4: Annual Staff 3,4, Editor 4: Student Council 4: Art Club 4: Class President 4: Morehead Scholarship Nominee 4. Shelton, Kathy Lynn: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4. Simmons, James Ellis: Entered 2. Smith, Frances Marie: Entered 2. Smith, Kathy Lane: Entered 2: Beta Club 3,4. Smith, Jeff Dale: Entered 2. Smith, Randell Wayne: Entered 2. Sneed, Susan Gail: Entered 2. Spears, Cynthia Jean: Entered 23 Beta Club 3,43 Civinettes 3,4, V. President 43 Pep Club 2,33 Student Council 43 FHA 2,3,4, Secretary 23 Jr. Marshal 33 Science Club 3,43 Color Guard 33 FSA 3. Staley, Douglas Jay: Entered 23 Drafting Club 2,3,43 Bus Club 3. Summers, Winoka Nadia: Entered 23 J.V. Cheerleader 23 FHA 2,3,43 Science Club 2,3,4, Secretary 43 Pep Club 2,33 Student Council 2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Civinettes 3,43 Class Secretary 3,43 Varsity Cheerleader 3,4, Co-Chief 43 Bighorn Club 3,43 FCA 43 Homecoming Court 4. Swaney, Lisa Beth: Entered 23 Pep Club 2,3,43 FHA 2,3,43 Homecoming Court 3,43 Student Council 43 Class Officer 43 Civinettes 4. Swanson, Sandra Mary: Entered 23 Student Council 33 Annual Staff 43 Beta Club 3,4. Swofford, Tamara Ann: Entered 23 DECA 3,4. Talbert, James Edward: Entered 23 Golf Team 2. Tate, Steve Dennis: Entered 23 Science Club 23 NFL 2,3,4. Taylor, Donald Earl: Entered 33 DECA 3,43 Varsity Football 4. Tharrington, Crystal: Entered 23 Drafting Club 3,43 Bus Club 43 Student Council 4. Thomas, Lesa Carmel: Entered 23 Student Council 2,31 Color 9 54fj:3c.?-' Guard 2,33 FHA 2,3,4, President 43 Pep Club 2,31 Grappelette 3,43 Bighorn Club 3,43 FCA 4. Thomas, Steven Michael: Entered 2. Thompson, Gerald Keith: Entered 23 Baseball 3,4. Tidwell, Wanda Marie: Entered 23 Beta Club 3,4. Toler, Robert Lynn: Entered 2. Troxler, Timothy Wayne: Entered 23 Jr. Civitans 2,3,43 Baseball 2,3,43 J.V. Basketball 23 Varsity Basketball 43 Golf 43 Varsity Football 2,3,43 FFA 3,43 FCA 4. Truitt, George Carlisle: Entered 23 J.V. Football 23 Varsity Football 3,4. Vanmeter, Cindy Elaine: Entered 2. Varner, Sandra Renee: Entered 2. Vernon, Brenda Sue: Entered 23 Bighorn Club 2,3,4, Pep Club 2,33 Beta Club 3,43 Volleyball 23 DECA 3,4. Walker, Frederica Floveita: Entered 2. Walker, Venetic Anita: Entered 2. Walton, Jay: Entered 2. Wagoner, Duke Windsor Jr.: Entered 23 Drafting Club 3,4. Ward, Sarah Denise: Entered 23 Basketball 2,3,43 Volleyball 2,33 Softball 3,41 Track 23 Pep Club 2,3,41 FTA 23 FCA 43 Bighorn Club 2,3,4. ity Football 4 in-' 'a -- xl xr. .sa-.. .,f .. wif' . Q 55 Watkins, Randall Dean: Entered 23 VlCA 33 J.V. Football 23 Var- s' . Watson, James IV: Entered 25 Drafting Club 2,3,4. Way, Herbert Donnell: Entered 25 J.V. Football 25 Varsity Foot- ball 35 Drafting Club 4. Weaver, Lisa Ann: Entered 25 Track 25 J.V. Cheerleader 25 Sci- ence Club 2,3,45 FHA 2,3,4, Secretary 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Clvinettes 3,45 Softball 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Bighorn Club 3,45 Bus Club 45 FCA 4, Treasurer 45 FTA 4. Wheeler, Rhonda Faye: Entered 25 J.V. Cheerleader 25 Varsity Cheerleader 3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Bighorn Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Civinettes 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 FHA 2,3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Student Council 2,45 Jr. Marshal 35 DAR Good Citizenship 45 Morehead Scholarship Nominee 4. White, Wanda Sue: Entered 2. Whitehead, Pamela Evyone: Entered 2. Wilcox, Charles Patrick: Entered 25 J.V. Basketball 25 VICA 3,4. Williams, Diana Melinda: Entered 25 Science Club 25 FHA 2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 35 Pep Club 2,35 Student Council 2,35 Civinettes 3,4, Secretary 45 Grappelette 3,45 FCA 45 Beta Club 3,4. Williams, Sandra: Entered 2. Williamson, Deana Lynn: Entered 35 Beta Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Pep Club 3,4. Williamson, Pamela Dawn: Entered 25 Pep Club 2. Wilson, Donna Sue: Entered 25 Pep Club 25 FHA 2,35 Science Club 35 Color Guard 35 Civinettes 4. Womack, Cheryl Venita: Entered 25 Basketball 4. Worley, Laura Christine: Entered 45 Student Council 45 Art Club 45 Library Club 4. Wrenn, Laura Annette: Entered 25 Science Club 25 FHA 2,3,45 Bighorn Club 2,3,45 Bus Club 3,45 Track 25 Volleyball 45 Bas- ketball 2,3,45 Softball 3,45 FCA 45 Pep Club 2. Wright, Donald Neil: Entered 25 Beta Club 3,45 Drafting Club 3,4. Wyrick, Jeffrey Levon: Entered 25 Student Council 25 VICA 3,45 Bus Club 3,4. Wyrick, Luther Walter Jr.: Entered 2. Wyrick, Michael Anthony: Entered 25 Bus Club 3,4. Zimmerman, Vivian Camille: Entered 25 Pep Club 2,35 Science Club 3. 56 it WQHW M Magi WML W WW. . M., I U V' in " V 'uw f . , , V '49 VL, 'YV ' f bf ' A ' ' jf" :,, ,M aj 1,31 , V, V 4 ' 54 5" ,ff K U 'Z ' where . are you f going? SENIOR HAPPENINGS Happiness is having someone to hold. ,al Tim lnfvin shows that fork and spoon. 1 using his hands works better than wtf .? .4-sl. - f 4 , . 'gf f Wfzffaiif-Q Marty May asks, "Where did you find that?" 1 I 1 3 Tony Walden is proud to receive the PrincipaI's Football Award. f 58 di A new af E Ernest Gray seems confused by the camera. Win Hunsucker enjoys his usual nap in the Guidance Office. AROUND NORTHEAST Ricky Mabe enjoys his afternoon stroll to the parkin lot. 9 Flandy Johnson says, "Don't throw it awayg l'll eat it!" Lisa Cooke asks, "You lost my what?" Jeff Johnson works hard on his World Studies. Darlene Woods shows off her new hat. , Peter Norton heads for football practice 59 JUNIORS . . . THE BIG The Junior year at Northeast Senior High was more than just the second step toward graduation for the class of 1980. lt was a year of growing, maturing, and experiencing the most out of life. This year brought many plea- sures as well as pains. Juniors received class rings, went to the Junior-Senior Prom, and took the PSAT and Competency Tests. The 1978-79 school year prepared the Junior Class for their last and most important step toward graduation. 5 - ' - f - ... L ,'ii, ,,.. .. ...g. Class officers Randy Oakley president Julie Johnson secretary, Renee Fievels, treasurer, Keith Rose, vice president. SECOND STEP Juniors relax during break. The Junior Class show their spirit at a pep rally. Junior Homecoming Attendants: Lisa Horner, Pam Jeffries, The class ring is another step toward graduation and Julie Johnson. Ricky Costner feels that beauty is only skin deep. JUNIORS TAKE ' If ,,., , VV U , 1 V kg , r y ,,,.............., p Q ,s ,ilk 2 5 -A -Q f 415' V ,A .1it:. Jgl ' ,V H y ,, Boss Anderson Sharon Andrews Paul Apple .J S 5 , v"',Z,,',:.'e-..-:-- Sybil Pegram rests after preparing for homecoming activities. Sharon Apple Paula Babb Tim Bailey Tony Batts Tammy Beach Kenny Bean Bobby Bennett Robyn Bishop Cathy Blake Franklin Bowman Britt Brady Angie Brown Mike Brown Vickie Brown Brian Bullard Kim Busick Cindy Butler Currie Butler COMPETENCY TEST Ricky Calhoun Dean Carter Kim Case E s Brian Bullard deserves a break today Penny Chappell Terri Cheek Arlette Chrismon Carol Chrismon Mike Chrismon Carolyn Clymer Ken Cockman Mark Cole Doreen Collins Sabrina Combs Debra Connor Steve Cooke Ricky Costner Randy Cox Sataria Cox Ricky Craig Y Ray Davis Johnny Dennis i 1-9-a-o Eddie Diamond Melvin Downing Mike Drake Jimmy Edwards Flex Engstrom . Xl 1 'i 'N , Y ' 'l I I x 'l"""W Wi WI Tom Evans Frank Faucette Pat Foust Sharon Freeman Donnie Gibson BoboyTGiichrist Andy Gordon Doug Gordon June Gordon Johnny Grant Kevin Gregory Roger Gunn John Gunter Sherri Harris Gary Harrison Karla Hartgrove Jerry Hayes Valetta Hedrick Jim Hendren Maria Hendren JUNIORS ON THE G0 Barry Henline Sabrina Herbin David Higgins Kim Case and Cindy Butler discuss the finer points of the '50's day. Q-J Mike Highfill Byron Hightower Lynn Hogan Mike Holt Angela Hopkins Lisa Horner Avis Hoskins Bill Hutchens David ingold Robbie Ivey Laura Jarrett Tommy Jefferson Billy Johnson Johnny Johnson Julie Johnson Lisa Johnson Mark Johnson Nancy Johnson THE CLASS OF 1980 DREAMS Keith Jones Randy Jones Renee Jones Michael Kendrick David Kirkman Walter Kisby Rhonda Kiser Sherri Kluttz Jimmy Lemons Allen Lewis Kim Lewis Robbie Lewis Jeanne Long Joyce Long Teresa Long .iff Ns- Sandra Lowe Chris Lumley Sherri Lynn Kathy Blake expresses her interest in Chem- Troy Martin Clifford McCain Donna McCain istry. OF THE COMING YEAR i Ann McClellan Pam McCrey Cindy McDaniel 4 Mona Vernon demonstrates the art of eat ing ice cream. Renee McDaniel Teresa McGee Terry McLaughlin Frankie McMath Cindy Meetze Jeff Mericka Jamie Middleton Randy Miller James Milton Joe Milton Kim Monk Sharon Moody Diane Moore Randy Moore Vivian Moore Marcus Neal Billy Oakley Johnny Oakley CLASS RINGS GIVE Randy Oakley Beth O'Bryant Tim Odell '?"'v' x Sharon Synan knows what's happening! 1 Beth Parrish Eric Pate Mike Pate Sherri Pegram Sybil Pegram Teresa Pegram Delton Pettress Jimmie Phillips Ken Phillips Tina Pinnix Vannessa Pinnix Laura Pitts Carolyn Poole Joe Powell Raymond Pritchard Jackie Ragland Greg Rathbone Kealton Reid STATUS T0 JUNIORS yas me Rene Revels Thad Roberts Cliff Robertson Tim Robertson Laura Rodgers Keith Rose Ricky Ross Norman Rudd Jeff Rumley Judy Rumley Yvonne Russell Donald Scarborough Lisa Scearce Laura Scott Angela Simmons Gail Slade Amy Smith Boyd Smith Jeff Smith Jill Smith Jo Smith it -wr""'s N' -3-2wx?g,g5fz1 ,':-My A Robyn Bishop and Sherri Harris prove that having school spirit is hard work. JUNIORS SHOW SPIRIT Johnny Smith Marvin Smith Mike Smith Todd Smith Donna Southard Jeff Sutton Kim Sutton Ricky Swaney Teresa Swann Sharon Synan Randy Tatum Janet Taylor Pam Temme James Thomas Marsha Van Meter 'x TFP- s. 1:1 Sherri Varner Tina Vaughn Mona Vernon '1l0 Tina Pinnix is hard at work. tt 2' sg 1 P3 W . Johnny Ward Dale Watlington Vernelle Watlington DURING HOMECOMING WEEK Jimmy Way Rene Weadon Jimmy Welch Mary Anne White Gerald Whitsett Reggie Whitsett Janie Wiatrolik Rene Widener Teresa Wilcox Charles Wiley Corie Williams M Evelyn Williams Paige Williams Randy Williams Sue Williams Charles Williamson Craig Williamson Jeff Williamson Baron Womack Wendy Wooten Denise Yarbrough Lisa Yow JUNIORS ARE JUST Ricky Costner, Frank Faucette, and Keith Rose think they are the Three Musketeers. Kim Parker says, i'Today is not my day." h Mike Chrismon hopes he will someday be as great as Rembrandt. Byron Hightower shows his skills in drafting. Junior cheerleaders represent the spirit of the Junior Class. Sherri Kluttz smiles while she waits to go home. 72 PROUD T0 BE JUNIORS Sharon Freeman dreams of Saturday night Denise Yarbrough and Scott Albright have a friendly chat. Jeff Mericka enjoys the cheerful atmosphere in the cafeteria. Jerry Hayes takes it easy. Scott Belford just hangs arou nd. Scott Johnson and Jimmy Atkins pose for a Crest commercial. JUNIORS REFLECT Robyn Bishop concentrates on her typing. Juniors are just crazy. Activities, classes, and Ioafing are three aspects of Junior life. Sherri Lynn, Lisa Scearce, and Judy Rumley enjoy club Mark Johnson is 'tMr. Goodwrenchf' activities. 74 DN THE PAST YEAR I ans 5 if Renee Flevels is caught doing homework in the office Randy Tatum proves that eating lunch can be an adventure. , Barry Henline plays with "sneaky snake." Julie Johnson thinks about all the fun she had at the dance. Sabrina Combs is hard at work in the concession stand. Bill Hutchens studies the art of Auto Mechanics. Sophomore class officers: L. O'Bryant, Presidentg K. Gambill, Vice President: M. Trantham, Secretary, P. Coleman, Treasur- er. 4NW Sophomore cheerleaders: S. Geiger, C. Cockman, R. Johnson, T. Moore, T. Collins. 76 SOPHOMORES The Sophomore Class entered a new environ- ment last summer, but they brought a strong spirit with them. Facing new challenges, they encoun- tered several difficult circumstances but remained determined. After earning a little seniority at the Jr. High, the sophomores were possibly awed and humbled by the Sr. High, however, they quickly adjusted to the different pace. They have been ac- cepted quite readily, and they have continued to be a very important part of Northeast. The Soph- omore Class has brought much to our school, and it can be expected to contribute much to our school before June of 1981. Can Tim Bullard be enjoying his lunch? Lisa Stone wonders why her picture was taken. A NEW HORIZON Sophomore Homecoming Attendants: L. O'Bryant, C. Cockman, P. Graves. Donna Neal explains to Sharon Collis why the line seems so long. Luke Lambeth wonders what is taking Debra Dixon so long. Jill Payne asks if the French fries are really worth this? James Hinton takes a break from it all. .id 'K ts me ".' l , l i ' AA,ii- Eg ,.-'i L"" "'k ,k'. '.LL N i"' L K -V . -. -, t ll,, The Sophomore Class show their school spirit. 77 , W. KSC? SOPHONIORES JOIN IN X if--v VU' 3 'itzr "2.."' Becky Adams Camille Anderson Cecille Anderson Starla Apple Cheryl Atkins Alvin Ball William Barker Lucian Bean Kim Biles Pam Bird Barry Booker Denise Brann Glen Brewer Peggy Brittain Joel Broadway Beth Brown Bradley Brown Jill Brown Perry Brown Cam Bryan! Randall Bullard Tim Bullard Tony Burcham Wayne Burroughs Jacen Busick Kathy Calhoun Cynthia Campbell Al Carden SCHOOL ACTIVITIES lm: an im.-x ,qlwrv Connie Cockman Kristy Cockman Ann Cole Len Coleman Priscilla Coleman Theresa Collins Eric Combs Karen Combs Michele Carrera Lori Caruthers Pam Chandler Leasa Chavis Karen Clark Kerry Clark Lesa Clark Dwight Cobb Vickie Cobb David Coble Cynthia Cockerham Chris Cockman Raymond Prichard shows enthusiasm in the cafeteria. 79 BEING A SOPHONIORE Barbra Connor John Cooke Lisa Dennis Tammy Connor Jay Davis Ronnie Dew Daniel Conover Sissy Davis Tammy East Lamar VanEaton Bobby Eckey Tanza Elder Brenda Fields Jay Flinchum Diana Foust Eleanor Freeman Tammy Frye Noel Fulk Tommy Fuller Kim Gambill Sharon Geiger IS A CHALLENGE Stephanie Giunta George Graves Scott Gregory Debra Goodnight Priscilla Graves Steve Griffin Jimmy Gordon Gary Green Ann Gunn Donna Neal wonders if water is H20 or H30 Steve Hairr Kim Hall Patti Hall Keith Harnage Keith Harper Greg Harris Mitch Harris Robyn Harris Lisa Hartsoe Candice Haydon Brenda Hayes Shayne Hayes why. ...ab- Lincoln Headen Lane Heath Phillip Hendrick Lori Hendricks Maria Henline Teresa Herbin Mark Mlllaway enjoys relaxation during lunch. 0 NI 0 T A TIME OF LEARNING AND GROWING Janet Hester Tracy Hill Jeanne Hobbs Karen Holt Christy Hornaday Linda Huffman Joey Hunsucker Janice Ivey Anita Jackson Rhonda Jaeger Cindy Jarrett Perry Jenkins Patricia Johnson Robin Johnson Steve Johnson John Jones Lisa Jones Tammy Jones Glenda Kendrick Rodney Kinney Chris Kirkman Michael Kisby Luke Lambeth Lori Lee Terry Lemmons Fran Little Maria Loftis Kay Lowery Janet Lunsford Ricky Lunsford Kenneth Mabe Paul Mabe Ronald Maddox Sherry Marshall Janet Maxwell Roger McAdams Bridgette McAdoo Wilma McCain Susan McClintock Ricky McCloskey in-.... Pricilla Graves is wondering how the peanuts are going to burnl SOPHOMORES S OW GSW McDaniel Does Jan Shropshire really know what she IS do Mike McQueen . Lori Middleton 'ngf' Connie Miles Mark Millaway Ann Miller Billy Miller Tina Mills Laird Milton Joy Money Terri Moore Sandy Morris Kelly Murphy Anne Murray Darren Myers THEIR SCIENTIFIC ABILITY Donna Neal Donnie Neville Annette Nicholson Marjorie Norris Bobby Ours Lisa O'Bryant Sherri Orr Doug Owens Kathy Parham Kim Parker Emily Patterson Greg Payne Jill Payne Benny Pegram Randy Pegram Scarlette Pegram Russell Pendland Gary Perdue Derrick Person Steve Poindexter Edward Pratt Conley Presnell Patty Puckett Mike Rakes Rickey Ramey Janice Ratliffe Pat Ray Clay Redding SOPHOMORES LOOK FORWARD . Mark Reed Rhonda Rich Acquanette Richardson Bobby Richardson Jeff Richardson Scott Ridgill Rusty Roberson Elisa Roberts Lisa Roberts Teresa Rumley James Rumpson John Rumpson wav' Greg Harris introduces his friend, Herman. Tyra Russo Cindy Shambley Jimmy Shepherd Deena Sells Susan Sharpe Jan Shropshire Joe Sells Donna Shaw Jill Shropshire T0 JUNIOR YEAR Michele Carrera dreams of summer vacation. Juanita Simmons Kim Smith Ricky Snow Albert Slate Joel Smith Brian Stanley Cindy Smith Wayne Smith Steve Stas David Steele Lisa Stone Terri Stone Keith Straughn Connie Summers Grace Summers Randy Summers Diane Swanson Jim Swofford Myra Tart Tonya Tatum Cindy Taylor soPHolvionEs LEARN Lisa Thompson Tommy Thompson Marty Trantham Bernice Truitt Kelly Tucker Celia Underwood Ellie Varner Kim Vaughn Kim Wagnor Jimmy Walden Lisa Walker Heather Walton Lisa Ward Joel Ware Julie Ware Frank Warren Jeff Watkins Anita Watson Sam Welborn Frances Welch William Whitsett John Wiles Jodie Williams Terry Williams Traci Williams Joe Wilson Patricia Wilson Tammy Wilson THROUGH LIFE EXPERIENCES 554 Gs. . ,,,,. is .zgszffz .1 , ,., gf, E"E W-wff ,,, .. J 6 Kim Wagnor shows her true identity. Q Eric Winchester Terry Wood Kim Woodall Michele Woodburn Junior Worley David Wyrick Perry Wyrick Denise Yandle Arnie Yow Bruce Yow THE LIFE THAT COUNTS The life that counts must toil and fightg Must hate the wrong and love the rightg Must stand for truth by day and nightg This is the life that counts. The life that counts must aim to rise Above the earth to sunlit skiesg Must fix its gaze on Paradise - That is the life that counts. The life that counts must helpful beg ln darkest night make melodyg Must wait the dawn on bended knee - This is the life that counts. The life that counts must helpful beg The cares and needs of others seep Must seek the slave of sin to free - That is the life that counts. - ANONYMOUS SOPHONIORES SHO W 0 THEIR MANY MOODS SPORTS The quality of sports at Northeast has greatly benefited this year from the student body's support. Achieving the goals of pleasure and competition has contributed a great deal to the Ram Spirit of '78-'79. 1978 VARSITY FOOTBALL - This season the Varsity Football team changed their course and advanced to represent the 3-A conference in the state playoffs. Although the Rams failed to advance further in the playoffs, they recognized the level of football they have to play to advance and compete in playoff competi- tion. Their record reversed from 7-3 this year. Both the team and the coaching staff worked together in a more relaxed atmosphere that ac- counted forthe repetition of trememdous perfor- mance throughout the season. Head Coach Roy Boyles described his team as one with character and great potential. He felt this was the key to winning some of their close games. ln Coach Boyles' second season at Northeast, he was assisted by a confident staff: veteran Coaches Kelly and Dickens along with new coaches Myers, Owens, Cutts, Stanfield, and Gamble. At the end of the season Coach Roy l Head Coach Roy Boyles is named Coach of the Year. Deeply concentrating on the game, Roger Carmack waits to get in there and show his skill. 94 Galfjckii 52 A 3 We lov: Mft Aff :ml if-rl L., Spirit is present in all Tony Walden struggles desperately to gain yardage. Coach Kelly is explaining the next defensive play to Ricky Costner. RHTNSI TRIAD 3-A CHAMPIONS! RENE A BVS CO0Dtur 0" 2 Bmw V .M fi . 'rm W' forms on playoff night. ln. Roger Carmack has recovered a very important fumble. Oddy Chavis is discussing offensive strategy with Coach Myers. Tony Walden seeks running room against the Bulldogs. 7 X.............. 1st Row L to R: Billy Johnson, Jerry Hayes, Johnny Grant, Billy Oakley, Frank Faucette, Ricky Costner, Ronnie Rumley, Gary Beaver, 2nd Row L to R: Tim Brown, George Truitt, Kenny Bean, Thad Roberts, Jeff Rumley, Andy Gordon, Charles Wiley. 3rd Row L to R: Mike Kendrick, Jeff Smith, Randy Watkins, Tony Mills, Mark Cole, Wayne Troxler, Andrew Jones. 4th Row L to R: Anthony Benton, Boris Chavis, Oddy Chavis, Byron Hightower, Eddie Lemmons, Carl Comer, Peter Norton. 5th Row L to R: Donald Taylor, Herb Scales, Tony Walden, Win Hunsucker, Randy Johnson, Chris Cockerham, Jeff Mericka, Tommy Jefferson, Ray Davis ftrainerj. Not Pictured: Kerry Clark, Lamar VanEaton, Jimmy Walden, Tim Farrar fmanagerj. 95 N.E. RAIVIS REPRESENT TRIAD F .Ig l V J Ricky Costner discusses the defense with Coach Gamble. Boyles was named Coach of the Year in the Triad 3-A Conference. He considered this quite an honor but said, "I realize the team and assistant coaches made it possible." We at Northeast are proud of our football team and wish them the best of luck in future competi- tion! Jeff Fiumley scores one for the team. 96 Roger Carmack carries the ball for Northeast. Coach Dickens gives instructions on the sidelines. J. Smith, D. Taylor, and T. Brown are closing in on a Hocking ham ball carrier. 3-A CONFERENCE IN STATE PLAYOFFS flfff AE'E n' fflrff '2' I4 JI James Scales takes a breather between plays. 7 Victory congratulations are exchanged between Johnny Grant and Billy Oakley. ,ff if Q ,.,, , 1- f' ' Cindy Butler asks Kerry Clark about an injured player. il xv l E .,l , i amaf'lC9 C6 NUI OI' V1 y STA 97 JUNIOR VARSITY CHAMPIONS The Junior Varsity had a very successful year l while capturing the Triad 3-A Conference Cham- pionship with a perfect 10-0 record. This un- blemished record was achieved by a team which featured a wishbone offense which averaged 38 points a game. The offense was complimented by a stingy defense that allowed only 7 points a game. While few in number, this team displayed a strong desire to win. l L to R: Coach Stanfield, Head Coach Cutts, Coach Gamble. GUARDS TACKLES Standing L to R: David Wyrick, Tommy Fuller, Mitch Harris, Steve Poindexter. Kneeling L to R: Al Carden, Thad Roberts, Steve Jackson, Doug Owens. HALFBACKS I SPLITENDS Standing Lto R: Charles White, Mike Herbin, Eric Winchester, Eddie Summers. Kneeling L to R: Terry King, George Graves. ' 98 WITH 10-0 RECORD FULLBACKS TIGHTENDS an ,, J. iz., JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD t t Ol,O 1 OO N.E. OPPONENTS A5213-..,.,,,W 5 OOOOOOOOORRR 41 Eastern Alamance 12 34 High Point Andrews 6 33 Smith 6 41 Mad.-Mayo. 0 48 Eastern Guilford 0 38 Rockingham County O 18 Southeast 12 27 Reidsville 0 50 Western Guilford 0 38 Morehead 16 Standing L to R: Mike McQueen, Laird Milton, Lamar Van Eaton, Jimmy Walden. Sitting L to R: Joe Sells, Ronald Mad- dox. Row 1 L to R: Jimmy Walden, Benny Pegram, Lamar Van Eaton, Laird Milton, Mike McQueen. Row 2 Lto R: Mitch Harris, Joe Sells, Doug Owens, Mike Rakes, David Wyrick. Row 3 L to R: Tommy Fuller, Joel Smith, Levell Frayar, Eddie Summers. Row 4 L to R: Ronald Maddox, Eric Winchester, Kerry Clark, Franklin Warren, Mike Herbin. 99 VOLLEYBALL TEAM GIVES Tracy Hill wills the ball to go over. serve. Following through is Lisa Scearce's idea of a perfect Players are anxious to begin the game. Debra Barham waits to set the ball up. The volleyball team was young and inexperi- enced but showed a great deal of support for each other while battling for victories. Coach Owens taught the volleyball team the skills and funda- mentals of being good players. Captain Cindy Hol- land was named the most valuable player. The ex- perience of the seniors will be lost, but the juniors and sophomores are still setting their goal of being the champions of next year. 100 Team members are having a relaxed moment before a big game. ITS BEST EFFORT. xxx . Q an Team members stretch if all out before the game. i . l' f v,S , 1 a n . . The volleyball is in action by itself. Coach Owens sticks with the f A an .A ,, . Laura Wrenn uses the powerful spike as a defensive move. Standing L to R: Sissy Davis, Chris Lumley, Brenda Hayes, Scarlett Pegram, Sharon Apple, Marjorie Norris, Debra Barham, Laura Wrenn, Lisa Scearce. Kneeling L to B: Carla Watkins, Judy Ftumley, Sherri Lynn, Tracy Hill, Cindy Holland, Anita Lewis, Coach Beth Owens. 101 VARSITY RANIS USE The 1978-'79 season for the Varsity Basketball Team was one used for rebuilding. With a new coach and the majority of the team new, many changes were made. The team unselfishly sac- rificed many hours toward their rebuilding. The enthusiasm they showed this year gave N.E. con- A D fidence in its Varsity Basketball Team for next 3 f g year. at-fy, " Keith Rose comes out to take a break from a fast-moving quar- ter. in -un-ug' ' . . k 6 515 t "Li Co-Captains: Chris Cockerham and Jeff Williamson Coach Cutts discusses new game plans with his team. Standing L to R: Coach C. Gamble, Chris Cockerham, Dwight Cobb, Kerry Clark, Jeff Williamson, Mike Wyrick, Mike Smith, Coach B. Cutts. kneeling L to R: Jason Busick fManagery, Michael Herbin, Keith Rose, Jimmy Walden, Wayne Troxler, Tim Farrar fManagerJ. '78-'79 SEASON FOR REBUILDING The Northeast bench watches the game with great anticipation. Mmm Wayne Troxler keeps a careful eye on the basket. Suv Chris Cockerham keeps careful guard on his opponent. XWJE' .Y f'i....,., ei, .- Jeff Williamson signals that he has a clean shot. Mike Smith sets up offense against Eas tern Guilford. Coach Gamble takes a minute to go over the plays in his mind to decide on the best one to use. Kerry Clark comes into the game to show Southeast what he can do 103 RAMS SHOW DETERMINATION Jeff Williamson shows excellent form. Mike Smith carries on the offensive play. Kerry Clark receives some friendly pep from his fellow teammate. l 51 -frm, Y 63 Y Keith Rose and Chris Cockerham mix concentration with their warm-ups. 104 THROUGH TOUGH SEASON i Chris Cockerham keeps his eye alert for the pass. 'W' Kerry Clark is the center of attraction at tip-off. This is one of the few moments of relaxation. ' W ,,,,,. 1 'ci Jeff Williamson and Wayne Troxler get in position forthe inbounds play. Although the scoreboard for the Northeast Varsity Basketball Team showed only one win in their favor, it did not show the effort, agility, and pain the team en- dured this year. There were many unforgettable highlights during the 78-79 season. The team only lost by one point in two games. One was in double overtime and the Rams forced Western Alamance to work twice as hard for that victory. Northeast's enthusiasm and skill proved to be the key factors in the win over rival Eastern Guil- ford. Northeast is proud of its Varsity Basketball Team and looks forward to next year with great anticipation. 105 JUNIOR VARSITY DISPLAY The Junior Varsity Basketball Team had an out- standing season under the careful guidance of Coach Gamble. The attitude of the team was one of the main reasons for their successful season. Coach Gamble felt that this year's team learned much and played hard. He also hopes that future teams can match the skill of the 1978-79 Junior Varsity Basketball Team. Could it be the shoes that enable them to jump so high? r if .players sometimes become spectators. 25? . me-'-M are i Standing L to R: T. Farrar fmanagerl, L. Milton, D. Conover, T. King, B, Pegram, J. Hunsucker, S. Ridgill, J. Busick fManagerl, Coach C. Gamble. Kneeling L to R: G. Green, J. Swofford, L. Lambeth, B. Miller, E. Winchester, J. Sells. Scott Ftidgill concentrates on his play. 106 THEIR MANY SKILLS What goes up must come down. agtg ' ' ' fe 1 W it I it -.4 Me.t,.t..MM,t-w.,3y You've just got to go in. ..' f. A 5 X Where did that ball go? i Wait until I tell the fellowsg they're not going to believe it! Oh, no, you're not getting this ball. Do you want me to say cheese? 107 Tracy Hill cheers as the foul shot goes through the hoop, Q Deep concentration is a must when shooting a foul shot. VARSITY GIRLS SHOW ' .azz ""'H--m.....,,,,,, L, +"' w5l5"'3lf-a......,,- Q '- Wh... W K,.... A Will Scarlett Pegram make the foul shot? ..,,,J',- . f-vw... '- wk Deborah Barham is determined to beat those Cougars. Lady Rams warm up for a victory. A GREAT IMPROVEMENT With careful coaching techniques, Coach Kelly hopes to bring the Rams to VICTORY. 51 45 Laura Wrenn anxiously awaits as Tracy Hill attempts a free throw The '78-'79 season started with Coach Kelly preparing her team for a season's play by drilling them in offensive and defensive techniques. The team consisted of twelve players with Laura Wrenn and Debra Barham as co-captains. Three of the varsity girls were ranked in the top twenty in the conference. Despite the loss of four seniors, Coach Kelly feels that with the progress of the sophomores and with the experience of the returning juniors, next year should be a great season. Kneeling L to R: T. Hill, E. Roberts, G. Summers, C. Watkins, S. Pegram, H. Walton, S. Lynn. Standing L to R: M. Herbin, P. Johnson llvtgrsl, L. Wrenn, D. Ward, D. Barham, S. Herbin, L. Scearce, Coach Kelly. 109 -as w ' K Jeff Johnson goes for a takedown. Ffaflk Fal-'Cette S-Jets '3 WeH'de5eVVed win- Another pin is another victory for Northeast. Wrestling at Northeast was outstanding this year. Coach Owens felt that everyone on the team improved as the season progressed. Because the team lost only three seniors, there will be many experienced wrestlers returning. Assistant Coach Combs said that next year the team will have more experienced members and supporters should look forward to another winning season. Row1 L to R: Frank Faucette, Billy Oakley, Flay Davis fManagerl, Ricky Costner, Johnny Grant, Coach Owens, Dean Carty. Row 2 L to R: Carl Griffin, Jeff Johnson, Manny McMillan, Darrell Brown. Bow 3 L to R: Jamie Middleton, Mike Hines, Mike McQueen, Eddie Summers. Flow 4 L to R: B.J. Johnson, Scott Belford, Charles Williamson. 110 CONTINUES T0 BE A SUCCESS C0'C3DT3if1 Billy Gakley- Co-Captain Jeff Johnson. WRESTLERS SCORES N.E. OPPONENTS 58 Rockingham 18 30 W. Guiiford 40 59 E. Guilford 18 46 Reidsville 20 63 Mad.-Mayo. 9 27 Northwest 34 30 Moorehead 34 27 W. Forsyth 36 52 ' Smith 16 69 Rockingham 6 37 W. Guiiford 25 64 E. Guilford 0 51 Reidsviiie 9 21 Northwest 40 ' -V 1,154 :fffjyy L ,fwfr .. V. ' ,vw-' Coach Owens and Assistant Coach Combs Frank Faucette goes for a takedown are exchanging ideas. VARSITY CHEERLEADING . . . H9099 Revels Cindy Butler Maria Hendren 4,-X -in Janet Green Sandy Johnson - Chief Ginger Cauthren 0, -- , , 1,1 ' ,,. '1 7 7 k I . x I J ' Y , an ,s 11? an R mQ ',,. ' . Lisa Weaver Rhonda Wheeler Winoka Summers - Co-Chief 112 NEVER-ENDING SUPPORT L to Fl: R. Wheeler, Ft. Revels, G. Cauthren, S. Johnson lChiefl, W. Summers fCo-Chiefj, J. Green, C. Butler, M. Hendren. Not pictured: L. Weave r. If .., .. ,.. ky The Varsity Cheerleaders extend much gratitude to their loyal advisor, Ms. Harrington. l A lot of time is put into making posters. The '78-'79 Cheerleading Squad had a memorable year. They lifted the spirits of the team members and supported the athletic programs. Their tremendous enthusiasm helped build pride in being a Ram. The squad was made up of six seniors and three juniors. The girls showed their dedication to the Northeast athletic program by sponsoring a dance and serving refreshments to the athletes. When a little pep was needed, we could always rely on our cheerleaders. Practicing good choreography is part of cheerleading. ' 113 Robyn Bishop Robin Johnson Terri Moore 114 JV'S AROUSE SPIRIT Chris Cockman Lisa HOVNGI' Robyn Bishop fCo-Chiefl, Lisa Horner, Terri Moore, Sharon Geiger fChiefl, Chris Cockman, Teresa Collins, Robin Johnson. Five sophomores and two juniors comprised the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad this year. They experienced the fun of cheering for high school athletes. These young ladies Q exhibited never-ending support and spirit which encouraged the JV teams to put forth their best efforts. Much time and energy was devoted by the cheerleaders with the help of their advisor, Ms. Lehmann. MM---S Teresa Collins Sharon Geiger Lehmann - Advisor GRAPPELETTES SUPPORT N.E. WRESTLERS ifiiiii I is K I ,t Senior Grappelettes: Sitting L to R: Lisa Lee, Lesa Thomas. Standing L to R: Beth Owens, Diana Williams, Trisha Emmett. Junior Grappelettes: Sitting L to R: Sherri Harris, Sharon Moody. Standing L to R: Sherri Pegram, Sharon Apple. Chief: Lisa Lee. A GrappeIette's smile is worth a thousand words. Co-Chief: Sherri Harris gm .... Sophomore Grappelettes: Sitting L to R: Marty Trantham, Karen Clark. Standing Lto R: Janice Ratliffe, Priscilla Coleman, Michele Carrera. This year's wrestling season proved once again to be very encouraging. One reason for the en- couragement was the support given by the Grap- pelettes. Their duties consisted of keeping score, records, and helping in any way they could. Northeast sincerely appreciates all the time and effort sacrificed by the Grappelettes to help push the Northeast Ram Wrestlers to a very exciting and improved season. 115 --i,-' -' .' . Q. 4 -- - - - 1f.-::1:' ,M Pig. 4 .1 4 -.M -.. s-eq... Q- -.-.. -......... . .V ' 'A L' L T W Vw. W mg. ...-. ., .. ...,.,,,..,,. . , N is W H' NWQN, . , f - ,, yfM, .-t - ,',' ,' , A .. l 1 7 ff ' A ' ff... " 'M' .. iw lf' ' at y A , W . . sq T X . V ' 1 I I , ' ' V V x . r .9 '4' ' ', - - in L "" Q' Keith Thompson anticipates the pitcher's actions. Ricky Costner gets a base hit. BASEBALL PROVES T0 BE Northeast had a successful team record this year. The team set out with one primary goal -to have a winning season. There were many players contributing to their winning season this year. Harlie Miller led in hitting, while Win Hunsucker and Keith Thompson tied for the number of stolen bases. Sophomore Brian Bullard was the leading pitcher with a 5-1 win-lose record. The team finished second in the conference and finished with an overall record of 14-5. Head Coach Luther Smith and the team are looking forward to an even better record next year. ' ' . ' A Q ,Z P .. . ,, Q X' i ' - - i 1' 83.3-i.'..c., .,,i....,--T " B ' .. . . . .'li7T'7V?,Zf.fjaa rr" i'P7"?5'4i+-bfi . re. ,.wff".p4.4.4,4' 2-new i-rim The team shows pre-game enthusiasm. YW 'A-'rFd!"R'4-"-'F if V? 'T' .1 . 'N " K F 'YYVVF' ,.+f,,. .. I . - ff .gh A , Standing L to R: Lannie Parrish, Ray Davis, Edwin Clark, Asst. Coach Bobby Chappell, Wayne Troxler, Harlie Miller, Dennis Smith, Mike Holt, Chris Cockerham, Win Hunsucker, Brian Bullard, Mike Smith, Coach Smith. Kneeling L to R: Jeff Dougherty, Charlie Hall, Manny McMillan, Ray Overly, Scott Johnson, Ronnie Overton, Billy Oakley, Keith Thompson, Ricky Costner, Manager Tim Farrar. 116 REWARDING FOR THE '78 TEAM rauM Ray Overly awaits his turn patiently. . it a,.,,.M--vu-nw-ffwwv' MW' 'W My fMr9"'4't'f52"' w W . . ,.,,, U .M "'V"'f fi'-MV" ' ,W " f 'W' " ' I , , ,lm - M "+l7f:ff Nefmfmmyff .fgfw ,. . ,. H Jfif.. V- . . flffs' r.. r .. ' fafewi ff ' ' 1 ,,.'g5,fw. '- ' f ji ' " , W ty' ' WIVI , L ' t 1 f f .MW Charlie Hall relaxes between innings Ricky Costner enjoys a light moment before the game. Ricky Hill pitches in a crucial situation. . .,... Mg. tt .... . Western Morehead Rockingham Co. '78 TRACK - DISCIPLINE Coach Williams gives a look of deep concentration while checking the scores. I .aZit..... All-Conference Baron Hunter gets caught by the camera. The 1978 Northeast Boys' Track Team exercised both physical and mental discipline to achieve the best possible record. Head Coach Barry Williams was continuously boosting the team's morale to get that record. Oddy Chavis, Baron Hunter, and Jeff William- son were three of the team's members who advanced to the All-Conference. Baron Hunter excelled in the high jump by breaking a record at the sectionals. With the loss of only three seniors, Coach Williams expects to have an improved but experienced team next year. 118 sf. , .Q W' Jeff Williamson warms up for the 440 relay William Sibert displays his hurdling ability. PROVES EXCELLENCE I fn. Em., . Standing L to R: J. Scales, J. Grant, J. Ray, R. Blackwell, M. Neal, C. Wiley, O. Chavis. Sitting L to R: J. Williamson, E. Stone, D. Ray, C. McCain, A. Benton, R. Rumley, M. Permar. Not pictured: J. Gunn, W, Sibert, B. Lewis, J. Johnson, B. Chavis, W. Nicholson, B. Hunter, R. King, H. Seawell, A. Oakley, M. Stoneman, Coach B. Williams. SCOREBOARD Northeast 59 Reidsville 59 Morehead 40 Northeast 62 Mad. Mayo. 74 Rockingham Co. 19 Northeast 77 Reidsville 45V2 Northwest 15Vz Northeast 59V2 Eastern 63 W Southeast 19Vz 4 Northeast 77 Western 94 Rockingham Co. 13 Jeff Williamson exhibits tremendous stamina. 119 L '78 GOLF - TEEING OFF WITH tleft to rightl Flandy Jones, Andy Apple, Mike Mericka, Lynn Hogan, Kevin Clark, Keith Rose. r i n . 'ieii leiii r Q - . A - . . l eii. K . ,'J'? A l as ' ii i Q " . 'ii , k:-- A A v VV'.L " .... i lfffr "',-' 'af'-'L -'--f' f. 2. f, f eii ii . Nrk ' ,Q . . -f. ' i. ... ii. ' 'a W W if . I " j .. , EP , V W ,.., : .,-. V 1 z e. . . , E' ef f,' ,,f.,, I , -af M . S . l " - Q f r as TE: Vrik r k i' - -dffisf A .. ,,,, 5 ' f W H r - E , . .LI gif' W " einin 5 -. i"iJii T , . eine i' S 1 ' ' . ii" . ' i'ii A . ' my ieei T , 4 ' s ,,.ek' f 1, . T . b ii 1 " n'ei,ee .eni it . -k-: if ,leg "F fa 4 . afffi: L' fi: iiil A in A A f ki"' 3 .'- , -Q C? eei A Coach Kelly displays deep concentration. 120 .ff - if ,, .V lux N, 'qi Lining up the ball is most important to Randy Jones. The 1978 Golf Team had an improved season under the leadership of their new coach, Terry Kelly. With much determination and spirit, the team came within a few strokes in each match of winning it all. Andy Apple, Kevin Clark, Randy Jones, and Keith Rose were four of the team's most outstanding players. Coach Kelly and the re- turning players have high hopes for next season. A NEW COACH Perfect form is Keith Rose's idea of a RandyJones' motto is:"Swingitto the Andy Apple keeps his eye on a perfect good shot. left." shot. Most Valuable Player is Andy Apple. V 121 lk LADIES' SOFTBALL ' -- .,,, Sherri Lynn is determined to hit a homerun. Ladies' softball team is having fun. , if Standing L to Fl: Chris Lumley lmanagerl, Carla Watkins, Cindy Holland, Laura Wrenn, Sherri Lynn, Lisa Weaver, Anita Lewis, Judy Rumley fmanagerj, Coach Kelly. Kneeling L to Fl: Joan Bush, Sandy Johnson, Emma Priest, Deborah Barham, Gloria King, Denise Ward. Not pictured: Sataria Cox. 122 A FIRST FOR NORTHEAST i Deborah Barham wonders if she has time to make it home. 149 ' ' an l i if 15 ' 1 X ,sa gg T -- Y Q erm T V' T' 'ti si .. ' ., QTY, ' A Q ' T 'M I . 'i' ,, , ,3U, - A t I its 0 it -. hmemh G' " 'i is 1 V A e,,, - - .. .ff .ffl to C' P ' 'vw f f '-Ie Denise Ward shows her ability to throw. The first year for the Northeast Ladies' Softball Team was very encouraging. The team's coach, Mrs. Joy Kelly, gave them never-ending support throughout the season. All of the players were very enthusiastic about playing and were deter- mined to have an excellent record. The team de- pended heavily on Emma Priest for her tremend- ous batting power. Cindy Holland led the infield at shortstop. The team ended the season with a tie record. Having lost only one player to graduation, the team and Coach Kelly are looking forward to a great season next year. 1, . - .4 i f Coach Kelly shows how it's done. 123 administration, iaculty, counselors gs - KQ V f 2 an an 1 i P5 WS i . ,X X 1, 'Q ,J ii 9,2 Q 1 5 nn Q ififi , - Prepare us for what is to come . . . Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. It is only the first step that is difficult. IVIID-YEAR BRINGS Mr. Dockery enjoys a relaxing moment in his final year at LUTHER SAM DOCKERY Northeast- BA from High Point College MS from Duke University w-."' ....A out fflflllliygmi 'Wv N ,l was K l Mr. Dockery still believes in using the Hboard of education" at Northeast. "Could she be a future student?" A NEW BEGINNING Dr. Nelson wonders what is in store for him. RALPH R. NELSON B.A. from Guilford College Master of Education from UNC-G Dr. Nelson leaves behind his Junior High memories to make new ones. Doctor of Education from UNC-G Dr. Nelson enjoys his free time. 1 27 ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS STAN W. MORGAN BA from Greensboro College MS from A8tT State University Mr. Morgan always finds time to lend a helping hand. LUTHER H. SMITH BS from Georgia Southern MS from A8.T State University P . Mr. Smith is constantly on the job. W "THE PATH OF FAME BEGINS WITH WORK " I 1 I i Z rfgu ,. E l 3 S Mrs. Woody loves her favorite machine. Mrs. Cartner goes through the mail. 'W Mrs. Cartner's secretarial skills are important at NE. Mrs. Woody's work is never done. K 129 BARBARA W. HAWLEY BS from N.C. Central University MS from A 81 T State University COY E. TEMPLE BS from Appalachian State University MA from East Carolina University M. SUE YODER Attendance Counselor BA from High Point College "TEACH A CHILD TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PATH AND WHEN HE IS OLDER HE WILL REMAIN UPON IT." Hqvfo-I sarreifg .fe 153 ANNE M. SNEED M. Ed. from UNC-G I N' ..... f ff' 1 W11... .. " if 4 CAROL M. BENNETTE BS from Berea College MS from Butler University 'lwlj .-,,, K ' ' l 'd "Man ls Himself Plus the Books He Reads." MARY Y. ALSTON BA from N.C. Central University The library provides books for those that like to explore the world of knowledge. Can reading be an enjoyable hobby? Now, that's interesting! "BY THE WORK, ONE MAY TELL THE WORKIVIEN." Ralph Lash, Francis Carter, Glenn Lowe lHead Custodianl. Standing L to Ft: Erma Davis, Jeraldine Naylor, Maxine Cole tCafeteria Managerj. Sit- ting L to R: Willadean Petty, Martha Kennedy, Jeneva Patterson. 132 Our cafeteria workers appear to be happy with their jobs. Ralph takes a break from his heavy work schedule. Could these be our future chefs? Everyone has to work on the production line. SPECIAL SERVICES PROVE BENEFICIAL DON W. BATEMAN B.S. from Appalachian State University Students like studying in a relaxed atmosphere 3 Substitute teacher, Mrs. Gerringer, helpsthis class do its daily assignment. Kim Smith thinks its all in the way you smile Bruce Wyrick asks, "How come I always seem to find the tight spot?" NANCY M. DIXON B.S. from Appalachian State University ENGLISH - "IT IS ALL IN THE WAY BRENDA S, BALLENGER BA from UNC-G SHIRLEY P. PITTS BA from Elon College MAURICE M. MASER BA from Morris Harvey College ,...w,,'1',y1aW'37f,.,y.,,, -in-.- ,,,, , M nw MW' , ERVIN C. EDWARDS AB from Elon College Mrs. Powers says, "Who stole my wooden spoon? MARY W. SHORES BA from Appalachian State University ONE SAYS WHAT HE SAYS." KENNETH MARKS REBECCA L. POWERS BS from Waynesburg College BA fI'0m UNC-G MA from University of West Virginia Mrs. Pitts expresses her feelings about Monday morning. ls this an English class? RANDY H. SIDES PEARL N. WOELLNER BA from Guilford College BA from Guilford College MATH - "HARD WORK MULTIPLIED BY SHEILA A. CLARK C. DAVID HARRINGTON BS from East Carolina University BS from Appalachian State University 3 tn Siu '5- -as-'VF' TERRY L. KELLY Grading papers is always a time-consuming task. BS from East Carolina University ,- BRENDA KAY IDOL JOY W. KELLY BS from Appalachian State University BS from High Point College 136 DETERMINATION EQUALS SUCCESS PATRICIA A. LORE EDWARD F. WHITE, JR. BSSA from UNC-G AB from Elon College Mrs. Idol sometimes uses an overhead projector! Mr. Harrington preaches his daily sermon on while teaching her algebra classes. mathematics. i. .i,, .,,-,,....,..,,,.1 , IIII CHARLOTTE G. HARRINGTON BARRY E- WILLIAMS BS from Appalachian State University BS f"0fTI APPHIHCWHN State Uf1iVeVSiTY 137 "FOR SCIENCE IS . . . LIKE VIRTUE, ROY W. BOYLES BA from Guilford College MA from UNC-CH L. Ji, , ,, , 4' 4' f 1 l E .J CHARLES M. ISLEY BS from Guilford College Ms. Farthing is caught off guard by the photographer. CHARLES B. OWENS BA from Catawba College ' NNN-.L BILL CUTTS BS from East Carolina University ITS OWN EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD "r . xx i it if i Q5 ,-'K 4a.A.A5l Mn , - I SARA E. FARTHING R, DEAN MEDLEY B.S. from Appalachian State University B.A. from UNC-G M.S. from University of Oregon Are the science students practicing the uncivilized ways of man? KATHY M. GOOLSBY B.A. and M.A. from UNC-G Mr. Calli ,f , X V, , gi Mr. Cutts discusses homework with Celia Underwood. .,,,. as-0 gan seems to get a thrill out of substituting. 139 STUDENT TEACHERS . X Wh' .vs A ...W Jaydene P. Lewis, English Janie B. McCollum, Spanish is 761 ' Af' A. M. Holly Gerringer, Psychology M ,Wd Terri G. Lewis, English Student teachers help each other. A FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTURE VICKI E TAYLOR BSHE from UNC G Penny Chappell demonstrates how excltlng uronlng can be BOBBIE M MCCASKILL BS and Masters from UNC G - Mrs McCaskllI IS busy with her dally duties ls she reall readln about Home Economlcs'7'? Famuly Lnfe students hold a mock wedding SOCIAL STUDIES ,,..,..., .sQ.g,mrfsg , sgggkirziqzimi F , sI5drl'5TE-1-Ei. .slviiii 1: ,,,,, , X,,,M.w ,grep ..,, , m l V,,,., f, , . -, --" ' V Nv'- H . , .. ,. ,,, ,, - M ' T X . S. JEFFREY C. DICKENS CHARLES V. GAMBLE BA from Guilford College BS from Elon College 4 1 331-Iifflilrx. ' 17-- W,,,,,, ,, , M. L ,Y A stern look always calms a class. Mr. Dickens keeps track of his busy schedule. JOE DON MYERS BARRY E. WILLIAMS BS from High Point College BS from Appalachian State University "WE PATTERN OURSELVES AFTER THE WORLD AROUND US" Mr. Myers trys hard to get a point across to the class ,f"'g,,. ,..--""gmM Mr. Gamble enjoys being head cook for the Mrs. Yoder listens to her students' problems. evenin ,midi fw- - , ' - ,,rr wut" ae.. ' .Q ,N L, M. SUE YODER BA from High Point College 143 BUSINESS COURSES PROVIDE A BETTER OUTLOOK FOR STUDENTS SANDRA P. JONES PATRICIA A. LOFI B.S. from Appalachian State B.S.S.A. from UNC 1. . BARBARA I. RALEIG - B.A. from Bennett Coll . . 'fe-df'-K' Vivian Moore tries her luck at office Skills- Alice Chambers agrees that you never know what's lurking in Mrs. Jones' room. 1 ,gre These are the typing creatures from Lore's Lagoon. Speed and accuracy are necessary dur- ing timed writings. .Q . J ii . Q Il QM V M2424-. u Qld ' . 9 '1 " . Good typing requires Complete Concentration- Secretarial courses prepare students for the world of business. 145 CHORUS, DRAIVIA, BAND, PHYLU5 J- LEHMANN Sandra Boone and Keith Morrison put their art talents to work. BA from Greensboro College CWI uk! Mrs. Lehmann makes art fun. The band provides entertainment for the Junior Women's Club. W ,,N,k V, W... W., V . ,.y. ,U C N ,Q MARGQRIE E. GILLEY Bachelor of Music Ed. from Greensboro College The band plays at the bonfire. 146 ART - FINE ARTS fxn Powers' players presented "Arsenic and Old Lace" James Fogleman portrays Dr. Harper in the play. REBECCA L. POWERS BA from UNC-G 4' i WM-S Mrs. Owe ns shows her class how to open their mouths This chorus class takes time for a short break. BEVERLY L. OWENS BS from Elon College 147 339' CHARLES V. GAMBLE Ill BS from Elon College CHARLES B. OWENS BA from Catawba College BARRY E. WILLIAMS BS from Appalachian State 148 ROY BOYLES TERRY L. KELLY BA from Guilford College BS and MA from MA from UNC-CH East Carolina University P.E. BUILDS THE MIND Mr. Cutts gives Keith Rose a few helpful suggestions. ' Gym students sit while they waitfor class to end. ,K , , ls,-1.24 n .. sf- .5 W, l in , L-an Steve Stas demonstrates to Bruce Yow the correct way to stand when playing JOY W KELLY volleyball BS from Hugh Point College AS WELL AS THE BODY Mr. Gamble watches over his students whlle they practice Tyra Russo executes the proper method of serving a volleyball. , ,f me 'ar WORKING TOWARD TOMORROW . . . CYNTHIA K. SNIPES IRA B. BAKER EDWARD A. ADAMS BS and MS from UNC-G GTI BS from N.C. State University Q iv 3 I A ERNEST R. COMBS BS from Appalachian State University After a hard's day work a little rest is needed. FIONNY T- MORRISON What could Tommy Jefferson really be looking at? ROY L. PAYNE AB from Guilford College MS from A8tT Crystal Tharrington gets some assistance from Mr. McLean. WILLIAM HARRY STANFIELD, JR, BETTY WOOTEN HARRY C. McLEAN BS from N.C. State BS and MS from A8tT BS and MS from A8.T l' 1 ,. SANDRA P. JQNES W. GARLAND GERRINGER First, you change . . . then you fix the BS from Appalachian N-C- State UniV9fSifY . . . oops! 151 F Iv NE STUDENTS LEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGES PEARL N. WOELLNER AB from Guilford College f ,.-...Q Senor Bullock stays constantly busy. JOHN A BULLOCK III AB from Greensboro College Even French students get a break sometime. on-an-as-an-nga. P: Spanish students are required to do projects. 3 sElzE THE DAYQHNIMJY LIFE 153 X ORGANIZATIONS ? is R . X s TW , f ,Nm S x--w W ...gulf ,X.. I Ieizmifgfizi' F 7 W Q5-fwy : 1:92 A i x ' W1 - A f 5 ' 3325?-.-I'fi:-'iswffS9Q?f!'f1'T' f Erwzias- S X i 1 i i' i g :f f -P, fs: ' .K L ' mx ai? www ' 9, - f f l We Vjwrgi, ,,, , ,QM , E People, coming together under a common interest, compose the energy of what is labeled as a club. These people supply the creativity and willingness to work together for the betterment of themselves and others around them. m ANNUAL STAFF BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER ll ,,',,,,..,,N ,,,, . ,M Bow 1 L to Fl: Ruth Jones, James Fogleman, Danny Shaw fEditorl, Ms. Leta Pillion fAdvisorl, Tim Gaines, Karla Hartgrove, Chris Lumley. Flow 2 L to Fl: Sandra Hall, Sandy Swanson, Rhonda Wheeler, Tracy Callahan, Beth Owens, Judy Brown, Janet Parsons, Kim Case, Paige Williams, Cindy Brown. Flow 3 L to R: Fran Little, Sharon Holleman, Denise Yandle, Emily Patterson, Susan McClintock, Stephanie Giunta. Not pictured: Gail Causey, Lise McAdoo, Kim Flankin. The 1978-79 Aries Staff worked many long hours to produce this year's annual. Under the supervision of a new advisor, Ms. Leta Pillion, and t Editor Danny Shaw, the staff was di- 4 y y t P vided into sections, each having its own job. In general, all were obligated to draw practice and final layouts, fit- ting pictures onto each of these pages. They were also required to compose copy and get it approved by their as- sistant, Mr. Edwards. It was then typed on a final copy sheet. Without the pre- cious, over-worked photographers, this annual would be pictureless. It was mandatory for all of this to be sent to the publisher by certain dates, or late fees were charged. The staff worked diligently to produce an an- nual which is hoped to be lOr1g re- Sophomores find Annual Staffatrying experience. membered. 156 STUDENT COUNCIL - ACTIVE IN STUDENT AFFAIRS ,. ,. M aw gg 2-',. rm. gee. Mr. Marks jAdvisorj, Winoka Summers fTreas.J, Janet Green fCorres. Sec.l, Beth Owens fFlec. Sec.j, Randy Tatum Nice Pres.j, Sandy Johnson jPres.j, Mrs. Yoder jAdvisorl. Student council organizes the Beauty and the Beast Pageant during Home- coming Week. Members listen as new ideas are brought before them. The Northeast Student Council is composed of five previously elected officers and yearly representatives and alternates from each homeroom. These students, chosen by peers to represent their feelings on school- related subjects, worked under the joint guidance of Ms. Sue Yoder and Mr. Kenneth Marks. This year, the stu- dent council handled all of the Home- coming Week activities, including the crowning of the queen and the dance after the game. This organization has a tradition of being very active in school affairs. I-"W Vice-President, Randy Tatum, expresses his views on the subject. 157 CIVINETTES - A SERVICE ORGANIZATION Row 1 L to R: Tammy Austin, Paula Apple, Cindy Spears lVice Pres.J, Teresa Brown lTreas.l, Debra Dixon lPres.l, Diana Williams lSec.J, Lisa Griffin. Row 2 L to R: Lisa Ray, Lesa Thomas, Cindy Butler, Babette Bishop, Rhonda Wheeler, Cindy Brown, Sahron Apple, Maria Hendren, Renee Revels. Row 3 L to R: Advisor: Mrs. Dixon, Sabrina Combs, Ginger Cauthren, Sherri Harris. Row 4 L to R: Winoka Summers, Janet Green, Lisa Swaney, Beth Owens, Kim Rankin, Sandy Johnson, Lisa Weaver. Not Pictured: Sharon Apple, Debra Graves. Civinettes is a service organization aimed at helping the surrounding community. They began the year with their notorious initiation and followed through with collecting for UN- ICEF at Halloween and sponsoring a dance for the last regular season football game. Their main project this year was sponsoring a girl at one dollar per mile in "snow-dough". The set- ting was a 100-mile course in Canade which was driven through on snowmobiles. The money raised went to handicapped children. Led by advisors Ms. Dixon and Ms. Snipes and president, Debra Dixon, this club completed a very successful year. ,, 5 Civinettes tie for first place with their car in the Homecoming Parade. New inductees suffer through initiation. 158 JUNIOR CIVITANS ' I X. l Kneeling L to Fl: Gary Beaver, Randy Johnson, Wayne Troxler, Mark Holder. Standing L to Fl: James Fogleman, Gene Roland Jeff Johnson, David Higgins, Win Hunsucker, Keith Rose, Tim Gaines, Mr. Bateman tAdvisorJ. The qualifications of the Junior Civitan Club were a sound reputation for honesty, dependability and good citzenship. The goal of the members was to strive to better their school and community. These high standards made the Junior Civitan Club a respected organization. Keith Rose smile." I 5 says, "Use Ultra-Brite for a brighter Did Gary say what I think he said? t l J NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Are they already remembering the good ole' days? The National Forensic League here at North- east is the only one in Guilford County. Throughout the school year the league attended tournaments across the state. The members de- bated or did dramatic interpretation, exetempt or original oratory. They also performed at vari- ous school functions, and many were involved in the school play. Their advisor, Ms. Powers, coached these students a long way and all of them deserved the many points and trophies which they acquired. "Mama P" gets roses after play. "l'm just one wild and crazy guy!" observes Win Hunsucker Row 1 L to R: Lisa Griffin, James Fogleman1Treas.j. Row 2 L to R: Chris Lumley, Sandy Johnson, Ann Miller, Gail Ayers, Sonya Graves, Debra Graves fSec.J, Anita Lewis, Ronnie Luciano QV. Pres.J. Row 3 Lto R: Denise Ward, Jim Swofford, Lori Middleton, Mark Holder fPres.j, Kim King, Win Hunsucker, Deanna Williamson, David lngold, Carole Rich, Donald Scarborough. Not Pictured: Kim Rankin. 160 BRINGS OUT TALENTS Scenes from the drama class production of "Arsenic and Old Lace." What more can you ask? Even debators need help sometime! Mark Holder and Denise Ward work on debate during class. Don't iet them fooi you! vi f ,W A. .e- Officers are: B. Owens QPres.l, J. Brown lv. Pres.l, S. Hendricks fSec.l, L. Griffin lHist.l, Senor Bullock fAdvisorl, Ms. McCollum fS. Teacherl. Not Pictured: A. Miller, T. Mills qTreas.l. The initiation of new members started the year's activities for the Spanish Club. Under the direction of Senior Bullock, the members gathered for monthly after-school and dinner meetings at places such as Los Amigos in Winston- Salem and members' homes. The members sang at Open House, 4ni""""w ls that Sehor Bullock on top of a car? 162 ZHABLA UD. X I ESPI-lN0L?w., S.,..i...., W..,f"', and, during the holiday season, they had a Christmas party. As in past years, the Spanish Club sponsored a few Spanish students to travel to Mexico. While there they lived with a local family and studied at lnstituto Fenix, a Spanish school for American students. Spanish Club members gather at Ann Gunn's house. Beth Owens enjoys Mexico Scarlette Pegram's French must be quite amusing. Advised by Ms. Woellner, the French Club had one main project, a trip to Bowers Rest Home on Valentine's Day. The members prepared small gifts of candy for the patients. The club, to learn more about French.culture, prepared French dishes for one of their dinner meetings. At this meeting there was a slide presentation of the sce- nery in France. These were some of the activities enjoyed by the French Club this year. . f -X Q if T . in ,aw 3 . f i 3 I ' ff if K tj , X 4'-jg: Q lfvffgf.-eff' wk" ' X ., fSf"',gz.,4 -K ' Kneeling L to Fl: A. Smith fSec.J, J. Fogleman lPres.J, Ms. Woe-IInerfAdvisorJ K Hartgrove fV Pres 5 Q Pegram lTreasJ Standing L to Ft: T. Pinnix, S. Combs, D. Higgins, C. Lumley, Fi. Davis, and J Rumley I, x ' FCA -- A NEW CLUB Coach Owens prepares the hamburgers at FCA cookout. Members enjoy the fellowship at meetings. Officers Ftow 1 L to R: L. Lee iGirls' Co-Capt.J, L. Weaver fTreas.j, C. Holland fGirls' Capt.J, M. Hendren fSec.j, J. Johnson fBoys' Capt.J. Not Pictured: Ft. Tatum fBoys' Co-Captj, J. Grant, L. VanEaton, M. Trantham, T. Moore, R. Johnson, B. Pegram. FCA, a new organiza- tion, was introduced here at Northeast. The Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes was formed to promote a Christian influence among all athletes. Guest speak- ers at a cook-out and 164 NK 5-ELLUWSHIP or si-smsrznim ATHLETES FCA decorates a jeep for Homecoming. breakfast meeting began the club's activities. The members, sponsored by Mr. Owens, attended a hayride in the fall, orga- nized a Christmas project, went to a banquet, and made a trip to the beach. LIBRARY CLUB PROIVIOTES READING fir' NJ' W7 'Il Row 1 L to R: Lisa Griffin, Laura Worley. Row 2 L to R: Anita Lewis, Ms. Alston lAdvisorJ, Gloria King. Not pictured: Kelly Russo. The goal of the Northeast Library Club is to promote reading and good books throughout the school. The members worked to achieve this goal under the guidance of Ms. Alston, their advisor. Paperback book sales and the display case outside the library were included inthe projects of the library club. The library provides a studious atmosphere. x.,-" l............ Library club advisor, Ms. Alston, finds that her duties must precede Library helper, Lisa Griffin, does necessary jobs. pleasures. 165 Paul Mabe concentrates on reading his music. At the beginning of this school year, the North- east Marching Band walked onto the field with new uniforms. The band performed concerts at school, in the promotion of the BeIk's Junior De- partments, and at the Junior Women's Club Fash- ion Show at UNC-G. This year the Majorettes had more dance routines. ln these dance routines they used hoop and neon-gas batons. The Majorettes devoted much time and energy in order to perform well at athletic events. . . .AND THE BAND Teresa Wilcox is the Drum Majorette. The Northeast Marching Band provides a foundation for school spirit. 166 PLAYED ON . . . 1 far The band boosts spirit at Pep Rallies. Band Council members, kneeling Lto R: L. Rogers, M. Paul, B. Bishop. Standing L to R: T. Wilcox, M. Trantham, J. Flatliffe, A. Smith. l Two of the majorettes are Babbete Bishop and Kim Case. Anne Murray takes her music seriously. Can Ms. Gilley be puzzled about the band formation? 167 These men enrich our athletic program. The Big Horn Club was formed for the athletes to have fund raising affairs so that trophies and awards could be bought for their deserving team members. This club purchased letters for those participating in varsity sports. They sponsored a bonfire during football season, and later they held a donkey basketball game. Other fund raising ac- tivities, guided by Mr. Gamble, were carried out during the year by the Big Horn Club members. 1 BIG HORN CLUB SUPPORTS OUR ATHLETES Randy Johnson throws a log into the Big Horn Club bonfire .L l Officers: W. Troxler lPres.l, Fi. Johnson Nice Pres.j, S, Johnson fSec.l, Ft. Wheeler fTreas.l, Mr. Gamble lAdvisorJ. 168 PEP CLUB HAS CONFIDENCE f' , Officers Kneeling L to R: R. Tatum fVice Pres.J, S. Hall tPres.J, L. Swaney lSec.-Treas.l. Not Pictured: K. Rankin, T. Moore, S. Hill, M. Rakes. Mr. Harrington works on the Northeast Event Board. At Northeast the Pep Club used its ingenuity, with the help of Mr. Harrington, to create posters and banners for athletic events. "Ram Mania" and the "Classes of '79, '80, and '81" were popular slogans found on the buttons sold by the Pep Club. To further promote spirit, the Pep Club made an "Event Board" to inform all students of future athletic events. 169 TREBLE ENSEIVIBLE AND NIIXED CHORUS KEEP IN TUNE Treble Ensemble - Row 1 L to R: G. Hamiel QPres.l, S. Pegram P. Whitehead, L. Jarrett, D. Kendrick, T. Bolin. Row 2 L to R: P. Dixon, D. Greeson, L. Thompson fLibr.l, T. Frye, C. O'Bryant, W. Baker. Row 3 L to R: S. Collis, T. Tatum, D. Shaw, L. Chavis, K. Calhoun. NOT PICTURED: M. Van Meter, C. Van Meter. Mixed Chorus - Row 1 L to R: G. Cauthren, A. Simmons, P. Whitehead. Row 2 L to R: T. Baker, L. Clarke, M. Carter, L. Wyrick CPres.l, W. Wooten, J. Dickerson. Row 3 L to R: M. Mitchell, S. Curtis, P. Wyrick, K. Mock. NOT PICTURED: R. Jaeger fSec.J, T. Brooks, L. Milton, D. Doggett, T. Farrar, C. Money, K. Smith, H. Neal, C. White, T. Cox, C. Poole. 170 vi...- Officers: Lisa Weaver iPres.J, Ginger Cuathren fLibr.y, Teresa Hayes fSec.J. ADVANCED CHORUS DISPLAYS PERFECTIDN IN CHORUS IVIUSIC Ms. Owens directs the music. The Advanced Chorus of Northeast participated in many activities this year. Included were programs of Christmas music held at the Starmount Villa Nurs- ing Home, Forum VI, Evergreens, and Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church. They also gave a Christmas concert in the school auditorium for parents and stu- dents. To be in this chorus, each student had to have approval through special auditions. They sang many different types of music from religious to pop rock. 171 NATIONAL HONOR socisrv I' .srl A Sharon Holleman and Debra Dixon are glad Sitting L to Ft: Paula Apple, Jeff Johnson, Debra Dixon. Standing L to R: James inductions are over. Fogleman, Sharon Holleman, Deana Williamson, Ms. Farthing, Advisor. The National Honor Society, advised by Ms. Sara Farthing, is an organization for those students who are outstanding in leadership, scholarship, character, and , i service. The Honor Society's final induc- tion ceremony was held last March for qualified students. A few members from the Honor Society attended the North Carolina National Honor Society Conven- tion held at Wrightsville Beach in April. E . James Fogleman and Jeff Johnson wait to be inducted. E T IQ Paula Apple and her parents discuss Honor Society's future Sharon Holleman receives her Honor Society pin. plans. 172 BETA CLUB iam Officers are: Janet Parsons Nice Pres.J, Debra Dixon lSec.J, Cindy Brown QTreas.J, John Hood fPres.J. The National Beta Club is a club which consists of those persons with an average of B or above. The induction ceremony, held in October, ac- cepted thirty new members who qualified. The sponsors this year were Ms. Goolsby and Mr. Ed- wards. I F 2 Members take the oath during inductions. ef HIGH LQ. TEAM This year the High l.Q. Team consisted of seven outstanding seniors. The team participated in the annual High l.Q. Bowl which was held at UNC-G. Front Flow L to R: Sharon Holleman, Paula Apple, Rhonda Their Sponsor was Mg, Harrington, Wheeler. Back Flow L to R: Debbi Barber, Ms. Harrington fAd- visorj, Janet Green, James Fogleman. Not Pictured: Jeff Johnson. 173 SCIENCE MIXES WITH EVERYDAY LIFE Mr. Medley fAdvisorl, Cindy Brown QV. Pres.J, Winoka Summers tSec,l, Paula Apple qTreas.j, Barry Crews fPres.l. With Mr. Medley and Mr. Isley as advisors, the Science Club members became better acquainted with the role of science in their everyday lives. The club's activities included a CPR course open to any interested persons and dinner meetings which featured guest speakers. The Science Club went on field trips to the Health Career Day at North Carolina Memorial Hospital, to the Lane Planetarium at the Natural Science Center, and to the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Also a few members of the Science Club went to an elementary school and taught a sci- ence class. Mr. Medley lectures on some fine points of science. 174 S GRS iii' D Fun comes with being a Science Club member. 'Vw it A Club members anticipate the beginning of a meeting ART CLUB DISPLAYS IMAGINATION AND TALENT Sitting L to R: Beth O'Bryant, Cindy Meetze, Tina Pinnix fTreas.l. Kneel- - Qt X: A ing L to R: Laura Worley, Nancy Watterson Nice Pres.J. Standing L to Ft: Lori Middleton, Peggy Britian, Danny Shaw, Laura Scott fPres.i. Not NHVTCY Watfefson is bUSY at WOVK on her "NISS- Pictured: Teresa Coffey. f9fPieCe"- The Northeast Art Club, advised by Mrs. Lehmann, consists of those students who are talented or interested in the art field. This year the art club arranged a field trip for the Art ll class in April to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, worked on several art exhibits and contests throughout the year, and also beautified the bulletin board by the guidance office with their works of art. Laura Scott and Beth O'Bryant discuss future art club plans. ...,, ,WWW Danny Shaw waits to finish canvas board. Teresa Coffey busies herself drawing with ink. 175 FUTURE HOIVIENIAKERS OF AMERICA The Future Homemakers of America has always been a club with many activities. This year was nd exception. They attended the district rally at Reidsville High School, the state convention in Raleigh, and several members flew to New York for the national convention. They served at a Ju- nior Women's Club banquet, had a booth at the GYC carnival and did a display which won second place at the Guilford County Fair. They also had secret grandparents at a local resthome and met them at a party at the end of the year. Their car in the homecoming parade tied for first place. A combination mother-daughter banquet and instal- lation program was held marking the end of another active year. 5 OFFICERS: Lesa Thomas fPres.i, Sharan Apple fVice Pres.J, Kim Gambill fSec.J, Beth O'Bryant fHist.l, Emily Patterson fHist.J, Debra Dixon fTreas.j, Beth Owens fFiep.l. ADVlSORS: Ms. Taylor, Ms. McCaskill. 1 Apivldwf J? Paula Apple waits on tables at a Junior Women's FHA car ties for the first place in Homecoming's parade of cars. Club banquet. 176 REACH A COMMON GOAL Members serve at a Junior Women's Club banquet. President Lesa Thomas calls the meeting to a close. IVG is iw its Several members attend the 1978 National Convention in Florida. Northeast FHAGVS win Second D'3Ce With this D0St9" Debra Dixon works with Up-Membership. FHA members show their serious nature. 177 Standing L to R: Ms. Raleigh lAdvisorJ, Sue Williams, Vivian Moore, Teresa Flinchum, Beth Causey, Tammy East, Penny Chappell, Carol Rich, Sherri Critz, Tammy Lovelace, FUTURE SECRETARIES OF AMERICA Sherri Klutz, Janice Booker, Renee Jones, Donna McCain, Gail Slade, Kim Monk. Sit- ting L to R: Lisa Lee fTreas.l, Lisa Cooke lVice Pres.l, Cathy King lPres.l, Angela Hopkins lSec.J. NOT PICTURED: Gail Causey. Carol Rich concentrates hard on her typing. Standing L to R: Denise Brann, Anita Lewis fPres.l, Chris Lumley, Lisa Weaver, Amy Smith Nice Pres.!Sec.l. Sitting: Ms. Shores tAdvisorl. Gail Causey occupies herself until class is over. The Future Secretaries of America, advised by Mrs. Raleigh, is an association to help students who are interested in a clerical or secretarial fu- ture. Mrs. Raleigh's goals are to better familiarize each student with the secretarial world and some of the problems that may arise. These future secretaries better prepared themselves by tours they went on of R.J. Reynolds, the City Museum, and J.P. Stevens. They also attended the Duke Power Christmas Program, a seminar in Charlotte to hear guest speakers, and the F.S.A. Annual Meeting held during March and April in Raleigh. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Getting to know the world of teaching and just how it works is what Future Teachers of America is all about. With the help of advisor Ms. Shores, each member became more familiar with the teaching profession. The Future Teachers' Ac- tivities included giving the Teacher of the Year Award and a scholarship to a senior member. They also had guest speakers to give them in- formation about the field of education. -,.,....--0" ,p,,.... 'H.',,,,,... mg W". V ' V lv A bus driver prepares to pick up elementary students for his route. Students depart school for the buses. With utmost safety on their minds, the members of the Bus Club transported students to and from school each day. Mr. Kelly assisted these students so that they took care in handling the buses. The main requirements for becoming a member were to pass rigid road and written tests. Many of us now realize the immense pressure and responsibility one accepts as a member of the Bus Club. BUS CLUB LOAD UF RESPONSIBILITY .gf 44 The "Lone Bus" waits for its passengers 'Sun Officers are: R. Johnson fPres.J, R. Tatum QV. Pres.J, S. Freeman fTreas.J, Mr. Kelly lAdv.I, Mr. Myers tAdv.J. 179 DRAFTING AND PRINTING CLUBS Two objectives of the Print- ing Club were to give the members current information on printing techniques and hopefully encourage them to investigate the graphic field. Advisor Mr. Morrison aided in this aim. They planned field trips to Forsyth Technical Insti- tute, the Greensboro News Company, and local printing firms to see the advancements in graphics. Guest speakers also came during the year. Flow 1 L to Fl: A. Brown, T. Vaughn lSec.-Treas.l, B. Toler lPres.l, J. Gunter, Fl. Payne. Row 2 L to R: C. Griffin TV. Pres.J, T. Brooks, Fl. Presnell, T. Jefferson, J. Calhoun, Mr. Morrison lAdvisorl. Officers: J. Hood IV. Pres.J, M. Hartsoe lTreas.l, J. Walton lSec.l, O. Chavis lPres.J, Mr. McLean lAdvisorl. Having guest speakers at dinner meetings and standing of the drafting industry and other related monthly meetings formed part of the year's ac- occupations. To accomplish thisgoal, the mem- tivities for the Drafting Club. With the help of Mr. bers planned field trips to Carolina Steel and McLean, this club tried to achieve a better under- Western Electric, Guilford Center. 180 ICT AND DECA DEVELOP FUTURE LEADERS X ,gy Z ' y : jfggt . . . Industrial Cooperative Training, Advisor: Mr. Stanfield. DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, works to develop future leaders for marketing and distribution. Under the lead- ership of Ms. Snipes, the members worked at jobs involving them in these areas. Their club activities supplemented on-the-job experience. Activities included attending district confer- ences and the State Leadership Conference and competing in contests such as job interview, public speaking, and various phases of market- ing. ICT, Industrial Cooperative Training, is a member of V.l.C.A. Sponsored by Mr. Stanfield, the program placed emphasis on good general business relationships. The members enjoyed a wide scope of activities that helped prepare them to be better workers and consumers. All of the participants were employed in situtations where they learned business techniques and operation procedures. S.. 1 ' , urillltllk Lili!! "l" "WlW 'M"i ' .Ev ?PlH,K. L Wi Distributive Education Clubs of America, Advisor: Ms. Snipes. 181 VICA INTRODUCES STUDENTS Students in bricklaying, auto mechanics, and ing they received and the skillsthey developed will carpentry classes were eligible to be members of be an asset to any company and will prove benefi- VICA, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. cialtotheirfuture. These students will continue to These students were taught a trade which pre- learn and develop within these trades after they pared them for a job after high school. The train- leave school. Auto Mechanics Class, Mr. Baker lAdvisorJ. ,R ,K ,av "I still can't find the spare tire!" 182 re N' If X 'LX r K in , QL - 'M . ...-., ...A , Mfwllf S' YL- GN' L Nnj 55. ei f f 9 1f, g s Q55 1 V .,.3i . - 1 cgi ,f 'X 0 k 1 CLOSING A Little Song of Life Glad that l live am lg That the sky is blueg Glad for the country lanes: and the fall of the dewg All that we need to dog Be we ls to see that we grow Near the sky. W Lizette W. Reese low or high '79 ARIES Mrs. Pillion, Advisor PHOTOGRAPHER: Rhonda Wheeler, Tracy Callahan ACADEMICS: Chris Lumley, Kim Case ORGANIZATIONS: Beth Owens, Karla Hartgrove, Paige Williams OPENING AND CLOSING: janet Parsons, james SPORTS: Kim Rankin, Susan McClintock Denise Yandle 186 Fogleman Danny Shaw, Editor STLIDENT LIFE: Sharon Holleman, , , Cindy Brown SENIOR SECTION: judy Brown, Sandra Hall jUNIOR SECTION: Ruth jones, Fran Little SOPHOMORE SECTION: Emily Patterson, Stephanie Giunta TYPISTS: Gail Causey, Lise McAdoo, Sandy Swanson BUSINESS MANAGER: Tim Gaines STAFF CAPTURES IT ALL 42, fir ' k 'Q o x " x Q .1 " . ' 'ill ' ,C ' N ' X .. 4, 4- n A C ' 2 . 'ta 4 '-1 H ,ff .K H 1 A if M. ET K x 9,1 K, 4 ' j l vaxiiilpzf Rhonda Wheeler Tracy Callahan Beth Owens Karla Hartgrove se- , X, -3 Q me ' 1 ' Q, -tm -. s f I James Fogleman Kim Rankin 1 P Q is J W' , nf t r m Q, c ., " 'WML ,N 5: , ' . ' Q f Sharon Holleman Cindy Brown Et. T Ruth Jones Fran Little Fri' A 4 'if' , S Weis . ieee ' Q " g l me f gzgis-ill? ' V ,P gnri. he "1t'1Q!'. A- ' f C "-2,4 Q ' - ' A WLWIA u if ' r ' 15' S K , Q Mwte-2-'N gs ii 'E .a.., s Chris Lumley .ff .Q ' if '22-f-fl L U '-QE rn Ask.- iaitsbzio F, .s 4' A4 ' ' ' I , .fm e g g sf ,- " if? Ale.. . C . Paige Williams A P-MN' - s s H lrl 9.5-7 A i' Ri f fs ' .. . T '-, J l 4 1 Susan McClintock Judy Brown Emily Patterson W y Q: ' ggi' 1 , gt ,, V ' Q- .. AQ if . .,a'E' EGRLV1 .051 1 1 I L Q Q Q .-. vw . . fb" r ., ., P W C " JK A Kim Case Janet Parsons Denise Yandle Sandra Hall Y fi' , ' :sb S ff 1. 5 f, 'Q Q K '- 51, rw Wit-4' ' 5. '10 f ' t ,.,,' N . It "' is Stephanie Guinta 'Q L... A Gail Causey Lise McAdoo Sandy Swanson Tim Gaines Memories and dreams are closely related, and one will often stem from the other. When we look back, we may remember happy times. These fond memories are integral parts of us, and they will therefore always remain ours. Thinking of fond ex- periences will quite often lead to the consideration of future goals. As we think about the future, we may look forward to new challengesg eventually achieved, these dreams may soon become our memories. As a result, our memories provide us with joyful nostalgia, and our dreams allow us to scale new summits. Although we may have many happy memories of accomplished goals, we are never totally satisfied, consequently, we are still likely to continue dream- ing of improvement. For the present we can strive for success in our endeavors, but it is quite impor- tant for us to be ready to accept whatever may hap- pen. We must realize that, in triumph or humility, we can carry strength daily through the joy of jubil- ant living. lt's fine to want to attempt much each new day, but we must exercise patience and re- member that we are able to improve while we are enjoying life. working for a better future and trying to enjoy . . .and if we can look up, things we have now, we make contribu- low man. We can do much if we have can go forward each new day. . . X 'E vve're ever down, see God, and reach 2 NW ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS RICK'S USED CARS Once a Customer, Always a Customer Owner -- Rick L. Shropshire 273-8581 556155, ' f ' Q 1 ll F-E :gd '5 ....-lie P 8t H Service, Inc. Plumbing 8t Heating Service, lnc. Mechanical Contractors Telephone Office 19193 292-6443 Box 7371!Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Harvey S. Apple, C.L.U 1301 Wachovia Building 201 North Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina 27401 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Springfield, Massachusetts 01111 Telephone In CQQEI 621-9953 AGAIN SUMMIT AVE. LAUNDERETTE and ED'S USED FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES INC. 3210 Summit Avenue Gulf Service Fioad Service Tune-ups 81 Brakes Front-End Alighnment Complete Automotive Service 28847785 GAINES LAWNDALE . 192 Summit Lawn 8t Garden sv ,1-5 . w . ."3"n3' I H' TW' IHIJRS. 1- ' , 1 1 Rwccu 8:00-6:00 Telephone Mon.-Sat. 275-3530 936 Bessemer Avenue Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Mark and Trisha Abee "GREEN SURVIVAL. . .it depends on you." New 81 Used Tractor Parts 81 Equipment GREENSBORO FARM 81 INDUSTRIAL SALES 7177 Brown Summit Rd. Brown Summit, N.C. 27214 Phone 19191 656-7256 John M. Jenkins, Jr. Perry Jenkins LOWE'S OF North Carolina, Inc. ,kia -9 f , , ,TETTQIWSI-1 2717 Patterson Street I 4 3223 Yanceyville St. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 , X BUS. 919-375-4810 3 Bux. 919-292-4813 CORVETTE CHEVETTE CHEVROLET VEGA CHEVELLE TRUCKS CAMARO CAMPERS Compliments of: CHEVY II LUV MONZA FRANK'S GROCERY ""E""'-Y SERVICPENSJTATION PEOPLE LEASES TO FIT AT - TRADERS - CHEVROLET ...J .4 L... ! TRADEFS 1 '-" - SERVICE SUPREME 707 EAST BESSEMER GREENSBORO, N. C. 273-697l WADE'S OIL CO., INC. P.O. Box 88 McLeansvilIe, N.C. 27301 697-0300 Oil- Long Bulk Barns Gas - Tie Master Stringers 193 Massey Ferguson GOFORTH SUPPLY OF GREENSBORO, INC. 3900 NORTH O'HENRY BOULEVARD GREENSBORO, N.C. 27405 PHONE 621-4167 DEBBIE GOFORTH CHARLES DICKERSON 3,1 'lm I91 91 855-5984 T? THE APPLIANCE WAREHOUSE, INC. Appliance and TV Sales 81 Service Frigidaire - Zenith - Sylvania Allen Flowers, Sales 4621 High Point Road Charles Flowers, Service Sedgefield Plaza Owners Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Glenn H. Campbell, CLU Catherine C. Mathews Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1301 Wachovia Building Greensboro, N.C. Phone: 275-0881 ,-'11 f -- 38 Different Brands gl "Check Us Before You Buy" In We Service Any Brand Sl ig - WILSON SEWING MACHINE CO. Wholesale and Retail In Business for 24 Years 2703 Immanuel Road Owner Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Eddie Wilson Phone: 292-5579 TREVA'S BEAUTY SALON 1703 McKnight Mill Road Phone: 621-2075 Specializing in Male 81 Female permanent waving 81 haircutting. TREVA YARBROUGH - Owner O We have the economical ways to get into word processing and copying We carry the full line of word processing equip- ment and reliable copiers from Savin. f i f . .V 1 gf, Dealer Name: Paul B. Williams Co. 1035 Winston St. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Ph. 275-0446 194 f- 's L F Shaw Furniture Co Furniture Styles for Every Home Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattresses . 4 y V .2 County Wide I - 6 I T -, Delivery ' 9 - gg i Easy Credit Terms - DIAL: 621-3675 3208 Summit Ave. fOId Reidsville Rd.I 0 V 1 3 ' if t :ml O Y I If X R 'A Sex, Vx .5 -:xx SQ! I yx' N, X, , i, General Contractor Roofing FRANK GRIFFIN 81 ASSOC., INC. Rt. 5, Box 674 Siding Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Seamless Gutters Phone: 19191 375-5353 HEAD HUNTER SALON, LTD R Featuring x The CUTAWAY SHOPPE' Phone: 274-4488 or 274-0022 2162 Lawndale Dr. - Lawndale Shopping Center Mon. - Fri. 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.: Sat. 8:00 to 4:00 CAUSEY SEWER 81 DRAIN SERVICE McLeansviIIe, N.C. Telephone: 375-3646 Owner: RICK CAUSEY 4' if ' il . Ti GH' , I 1' 2 xbghir- Li gf U . I V1 " fr,-if sv , Q'5i1'i1"f"4f'l I 4 I Hair Styling for Men and Women THE HAIR SHOP of Lawndale 2160 Lawndale Drive RANDY WILSON 274-3944 Greenware - Supplies - Classes Colonial Ceramic Shoppe 3905 Yanceyville Street Greensboro, N.C. 27405 R.C. 8. BETTY LEE Phone HAROLD 81 BETTY BRADY 919-621-5376 195 Compliments of: Berico Fuels, Inc 2200 E. Bessemer Avenue Greensboro, N.C. Phone: 273-8663 Smith's Green House 1055 Hillcroft Rd. Brown Summit, N.C. House Plants Hanging Baskets Compliments of: C' nh Iluun a t -Q F 0 R D INCORPORATED 201 N. Murrow Blvd. PO. Box 20167 Greensboro, N.C. Phone: 275-9761 Come to Giant Country 19193 229-5571 We Care CENTRAL PIEDMONT NURSING CENTER Green Ford 323 Baldwin Road Burlington, N.C. 27215 Jeanne K. Hutcheson Administrator , A I , , 3... -.-f- .- L .: 1-232 fig., 't"'x,1'?' B Clark Home Phone be X lx' ' J affv if 1: 1'1" Manager 375-3175 "'S,,1,l11Q4:4: '?2.:.f- 'Elf '1 J no '3"J7'4'v,F'x 'O ARNOLD COPY CENTERS ,. A' " E' ' ' ' lf it has anything to do with transportation, v'p.-a- :tial X Quick, Quality Printing 3006 Spring Garden St. 115 N. Greene St. We do it' Greensboro N.C. Greensboro N.C. ' ' 292-8310 852-2130 378-1477 Come to Giant Country GREEN FORD 3800 W. Wendover Ave. Greesnboro, N.C. :ie Compliments Of: 1 MURRAY CANDY COMPANY . X' 'D--us Spring Garden Flowers C Inc. Complete Floral Service all 3710 Spring Garden St. C I- f, V Greensboro, N.C. 27407 Omp 'ments O ' 1919? 292-8501 MONTICELLO GOLF COURSE 197 Pied mont Motor Parts 1032 Winston St. Greensboro, N.C. BandFt Su pe rmarket Full Line of Fresh Meats COMPLIMENTS OF' Beef- Pork - Chicken , Freezer orders prepared in TI p -I-Op G I'OCe fy our Meat Dept. We accept collect calls for meat orders. Wrap in freezer paper at no extra cost. 4608 Summit Ave. Owner CONGRATULATIONS SENIQRS Ph. 1-342-1881 Richard Bullard Hwy. 29 Just North of the Guilford-Rockingham Line located off the Southbound lane of the highway Monday-Saturday 7AM-9PM Sunday 7 AM-9 PM Hanes - Lineberry CARLYLE 84 CO' l , Established 1922 Since 1919 Funeral Service Keepsake Diamond Center 2 Locations N. Elm Street at Fisher Phone: 272-5158 Vanstory At High Point Rd. Phone: 292-1081 Carolina Circle Mall Greensboro, NC 27405 Store Phone 919-621-2300 Dave Bryson W Manager Rglex SERVi ,,,. ,K 'Ze ff STOP AND SHOP GROCERY 621-2910 LAM BETH-TROXLER FUNERAL coLoN wvnicx HOME owne' Telephone f919J 273-3401 COLON'S GROCERY Hines Church Road Route 1 - Box 222 McLeansvilIe, N.C. SEAGER 'NA' WATERPROOFING INC. QM, 'V'X-'A Carl E. Seager Aix., A'N P.O. Box 9533 Greensboro, N.C. 27408 I 19191 274-9918 Wendover at Virginia Greensboro, North Carolina 27402 199 LEE MILES GARAGE 3928 Martin Avenue Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Quality Service WESLEY'S CROSSROADS BEAUTY SHOP Phone: 288-8414 Gabriels Grocery 3000 Summit Avenue Where Good Friends meet and find their needs Groceries, meats, produce, Hardware, Self-Service Gas Telephone: 621-3623 HOLLAND ELECTRIC CO. Travel Trailer Division Phone 621-4271 3 mi. U.S. 29 North Rt. 5 Box 121 Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Exxon Gasoline Car Wash WRENN'S CURB MARKET 29 North 621-4079 Auto Cleaning Groceries And Waxing 81 Beverages Ott's Grocery egg fb,- 3 - 5138 N.C. 150 East Arthur Hawkins 200 i SHORT SUGARS 1 81 2 431 - 1328 S. Scales St. 42 - 234 S. Scales St. We specialize in fine foods. B 81 W AUTO SUPPLY, INC. 1007 Arnold St. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Hours: Weekdays 8-73 Sat. 8-5 Office phones 275-9784 275-9785 Split End Beauty Salon Lee Parker General Manager Parker'S SUPERIOR COACH SALES 2200 Church Street Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Home Phone Office Phone C9191 668-0182 49191 275-9731 'MODERN BARBER SHOP 3900 Church St. "I don't claim to be the best -just darned good." ALLEN BOAT CO. Leading Lines of Boats and Marine Supplies Evinrude Motors OMC 81 Mercruiser Stern Drives Burlington Road Greensboro, N.C. Telephone 375-5416 RICK'S SUITES N' STOOLS Dining Room Suites 81 Bar Stools Custom Made To Order Richard Thornburg 3607 Yanceyville St. Phone: Greensboro, N.C. 621-5364 201 Vicks Health Care One of nine divisions of worldwide Richardson-Merrell Inc. Responsible for the manufacture of proprietary pharmaceiticals and toiletries. L I P w 0 iii-2? An Equal Opportunity Employer BAYNES HAPPY DAY NURSERY SCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN, INC. 2607 East Wendover Ave. 809 Waugh Street Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Auto 0 Fire 0 Home 0 Business 0 Life INSURANCE SERVICE INC 2242 Golden Gate Shopping Center Greensboro, North Carolina 27405 ' Mooaus o BROOKS o DONNELL Telephone 2745482 or 273-6061 'gggfs Te'5fg'g?S3 Th R t d N ' N s n I ' e espec e afne In Ufsefy C OO Roy Donnell ATKINS 7 DAY MARKET 5123 Summit Ave. Greensboro, N.C. Phone: 621-1577 SPRAGG GARDENS Flower, Vegetable, and House Plants Scott Rd. Phone BR 4-3469 BURTON'S AUTO SERVICE Transmission Specialists Brake Service - Motor Tune-Ups Motor Overhaul Herbert Burton 1929 Golden Gate Drive Johnny Burton Greensboro, N.C. We Back the Flams Cause We Back the Best! Compliments of NEW YORK PIZZA SOUTHERN PHOTO PRINT 81 SUPPLY COMPANY 1639 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, N.C. 27402 Drafting 8. Art Supplies 81 Equipment Student Discount POINDEXTER 81 SON'S DRYWALL The Best in the Business CARL DANNY RODNEY STEVE Ph: 621-1026 May God Bless Class of '79 ' 7' .S-g..IIlI . AMERICAN ill? Stanley's Golden Gate American 2200 Golden Gate Dr. Phone: 274-9382 Owner: James Stanley C9191 292-4956 Mechanical Systems, O. HENRY INCOME TAX SERVICE AND BOOKKEEPING "Over 20 Years Experience" Appointment if Desired Phone 621-4667 3701 Summit Ave. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 ln c. 4110 Romaine St. Greensboro, N.C. 27407 , , Dial 621-1314 Night 656-3408 Jim Geiger P.O. Box 7245 MIDWAY GARAGE 8t WRECKER SERVICE Light and Heavy Duty Auto and Truck Body 8t Painting U.S. 29 North at Hicone Road Greensboro, N.C. Dennis Linvelle Ha rd ee's East Cone Blvd. I Best Place for Lunch 204 Foto Fai r Processing Discount prices, Convenient Drive-In Window Mon - Thursday Friday Saturday 10-6 10-7 10-5 Phone 275-6592 Golden Gate Shopping Center Locally Owned JACK AND TOM'S PERRY GROCEFIY AUTO SUPPLY Good Luck 2601 South Elm St. to the Class Phone: 378-1481 of '79 and May God 1223 Grecade St. Bless! Phone: 273-0828 U-Save-It Food Stores l Peddler s Hardware Inc- 3801 Yanceyvme St' Quality Groceries 8. Meats Owner. JIMMY LEONARD 2100 North Elm Street Greensboro, N.C. 27408 JONES AND ROSSWELL DRILLING 7787 Ferrin Road Brown Summit, N.C. 27214 Phone: 656-3281 ARNOLD WALKER Special Representative Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. 311 South Main Street Reidsville, N.C. 27320 Business 349-2051 I 342-1507 blilllllilrll .Inllnrsnn Imam nun, nm , . L . Compliments of: VIcLeansvilIe Book Store VIcLeansvilIe Hardware VIcLeansviIIe Pharmacy Dean's Office Machine Anderson-Hutchinson ns. VIcLeansviIIe Florist Payne's Food Plaza McLeansville Cleaners McLeansville Barber Shop x cunfoxn coumws own-- L ALus-cl-QALMERS DEALER Be I gear M A 'Em . 9 , RI I f'l ,gc ' rf is ,V I ., .L-. ik If Q I A ' Qrvggal t- - --f- - W ,. f ,5- a I -Q i SALES, PARTS 8m SERVICE Acmcuuuns - uwnacknosn - mmemon rosAc o :Q 'ii'-, , .,,-ET, if I s Xl. ,-- , ,xe.s4.:,1 it A 'X 1, 5 ' 1 M ,... :wc ...Q KERNIIIILE FARM EIIUIPMENT CII. Rowe 1. Box 379-D Gibson-ville. N, c. 27249 Home 564-0119 office 584-5547 Juv: KERNODLL PH: Bus. 697-1942 Res. 375-5718 O.B. ROOF 81 SON UPHOLSTERY CO. Beautiful Patterns, Quick Service, Low Prices All Work Guaranteed Richardson Village - Old Burlington Hwy. Greensboro, N.C. 27405 1409 Wood Green - A Q I iii" Kalki, inc. QUALITY KNIT FABRICS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DISCOUNT TO GROUPS 1206 E. Wendover Avenue 919-273-1085 Greensboro, N. C. 27405 206 Compliments of: North Church Street Action t'Working to Improve Our Neighborhood." Mr. 81 Mrs. James E. Swanson Mr. 81 Mrs. Joe Wozniak Mr. 8t Mrs. Roger Gray Cooper Dan G. Jackson KEY HOMES r Watt Watcher Construction ,MJ 1020 E. Wendover Avenue Greensboro, North Carolina 27405 19193 275-7242 THE FLAMENCO OF GOLDEN GATE THE BEST IN ITALIAN DRESSING Pizzas, Steaks, Subs 81 Hoagies TRQPHY SPORTS ...:.t,, , ' of GREENSBQRQ, INC. I SOUUWGHSTGVH mifeiafiliiay T. ttuuu Contractors, Inc. all rrfrr rsr C .L srarrr 1 1216 Perry St. Greensboro, N.C. 27403 Phone: 919!292-7092 Industrial Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heat Recovery, Piping and Blow Pipe Systems. Serving the Southeast. GREEINVS SUPPER CLUB kid visit our in YZ?-,fl af. Oyster Bar 81 1-,ine ' Charcoal Steak X Room Hwy. 29 N. 272-9527 J 20 7 ,Jinx ...- -I If . 3 1. gg, . A .1 : u ,i f T7 ERNEST B. WHICHARD, JR., CLU New York Life Insurance Co. KI Tl Iey Pl U ITI bl DQ CO. 1003 Wachovia Building Greensboro, North Carolina 27401 Bus: 275-1691 Residential - Commercial Res: 274-4814 Contracting and Repairs All types of plumbing 24 hour Service Roy JOneS WATER PUMP SALES AND SERVICES Highway 29 Phone 621-0971 SALEM STREET GROCERY WILLIAMS ELECTRIC INC. 1006 Salem St. Boyd Williams Greensboro, N.C. 27401 621-3455 Phone: 272-7981 Carl D. Rankin - Owner May the Class of '79 stay together forever! Fountain Equipment Frozen Beverages Fountain Syrups Ice Machines Carolina Beverage Specialties, Inc. Service and Sales E. Paul Cockman Charlotte, N.C. Greensboro, N.C. Phone 17041376-5269 Phone 19191274-6310 208 Dennai Studio Hair Removal Free Consultation And Demonstration by Appointment Qualified Technicians are: Claudette Farkas 150 CURB MARKET 4179 N.C. 150 West Brown Summit, N.C. 27214 Phone: 656-7541 Come by and see Tommy for Your Favorite lce Cold Beverages and Groceries. Fresh Produce O C 1k 9 JP 11 'S Q I' 1 QCDU1 00 - cn 1 x .. 3 N -1 on CDCDQ 3 xi'U8 .4 3' Qgweomm cn ein 0 3:55.54 Nm Qowe 3 S. 8858s 5: 53.53 U na ' C0500 g- 92: 59. ZQE o Nm? g U 03,3 U SD 39 S 3 2 I F - up X ITI -I texpew poogeag qsaij Go za E ESQ C- O 1 0,13 CU 0- 3 OI- N :C TJ tn oo1J 3 -- 0 2 Q03 I11 QQ- fn m.?.Q0m S39 U9 35 IQ 23 Q N91 Z 53 25:0 - : U7 8 , '-E Bgpmo in I 3'U I-' 0340 '71 O . U - 3 Ulm -0 - U' tQ U' Z L UO I' U' 1' 3 o' T11 U 29" 7' 2 Sw ja Q' 92-I 5 -2 w vf Q0 -' 3' Zu, nw 5' .FSF S - Og 2 3 90200 I mm -1 QNSO O si CD 'gllcng - 2 Q 8 SSHU M ID . U Q .. -, Z 2 3? 5 455 0 as Q isa '5' Xl Stag. 249 co mmm Compliments of: NUCKLES RESTAURANT Love Does Not Consist ln Gazing At Each Other But Looking Outward In The Same Direction. 209 The Merickas 4,1 ,- 656-3389 "Quality Herd Sires Available" Triple lVl. Ranch Registered Polled Herefords lf' 0 N li f X N, 'ff' ,, i I PI-L 659-3652 . A Monticello Oil Co 8007 Benaja Fld. Brown Summit Rumley Print Stop 701-E North English P.0. Box 6124 19195 273-9993 Greensboro, N.C. 27405 BRENDA RUMLEY BUCK RUMLEY 210 sn . I fl" Cone fabrics have meant ease and comfort right from the start.. since 1895, when Americans first started liv- ing in them. One of our early offerings was Cone deeptone denim. And soon we became the leading manufacturer of this popular fabric. Next came corduroy. Once the fab- ric of kings, it became a favorite among Americans of all ages. But Cone didn't stop there. In fact, denim and corduroy arejust two of the many fabrics that have won acclaim for Cone Mills in its 83-year history. Today, with 21 modern plants, Cone creates a whole line of quality fabrics for casualwear sportswear, sleepwear, uniforms and career apparel. Fabrics for home decorating and sewing- even polyurethane foam-are now a part of the Cone family of products. The almost 14,000 employees of Cone Mills are proud of their part in creating the basic fabrics that are the backbone of American casual fashion ...and proud of the satisfaction each fabric gives you. Cone Cone mokes fobrics people live in CONE MILLS CORPORATION. CORPORATE OFFICES GREENSBORO. N.C. Explore iob opportunities with Cone Mills by contacting one of our plants in these communities - North Caroline Cliffside Forest City Gibsonville Greensboro Haw River Henrietta High Point, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury: South Carolina: Carlisle, Cheraw, Greenville Mississippi Tupelo HOUSE OF RUBBER TIRE AND SERVICENTER "For Your Complete Automotive Needs" Dunlop 0 Star 0 Michelin 0 B.F. Goodrich 0 Road Huggers 0 American 0 Keystone 0 E-T Wheels DON DIXON Owners PETE SMITH 1800 Battleground Ave, 19193 275-4383 Greensboro, N.C. 27408 19191 275-0392 JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF GREATER GREENSBORO Where High School students learn the business of business by actually running their own companies. For more information call: 272-5134 MERRITT OPTICAL COMPANY CONTACT LENSES - EYEGLASSES Soft St Hard Contacts fitted Repairing Eyeglasses of All Kinds Lens Duplicated Promptly Regular 8. Mod Styles Sunglasses GULF TIRE AND SERVICE CENTER Road Service Complete Automotive Service East Lee Ext. at I-85 273-0043 2- THE FLOWER POT K Phone 855-1481 2903 Oakland Ave. j3i Greensboro, N.C. ln Memory Of: Murphy McAdoo 212 Danny, Alone we are two separate individuals trying to su rvive. Together we are strength, truth and nature in a world of love. Love always, Beth Love is more meaningful, When there's that "Special Someone" to share it with. Scott -N- Kim In Bly LEE O'CONNOFl FLORIST fume' 3527 oil-ienry Blvd. I m always . . . Highway 29 North thinking of you, Ph .621 4863 And the time we one' ' will be together Only Lee O'Connor Florist Love always, has T.L.C. fTender Barry Loving Carei We design with you at heart. Bob -N- Teresa Buddy, B . Everyday with you brings along an experi- ence and a memory Cherished . . . never to be forgotten. Love always, Cindy 213 COME BEFORE HIS PRESENCE WITH Love is nothing unless you share it with someone special. Lisa -N- Steve Life gives us many joys. SINGING" Our happiest joy was finding PSALMS 100 THE GETHSEMANE QUARTET Route No. 5 Box 634A Greensboro, N.C. 27405 Phone Manager 919-621-3192 Floyd C. Andrews each other. Lisa -N- Perry iliillm Brande Drafting Service All Types Residential Design Phone: 2115 Enterprise Dr. Office 378-9742 Greensboro, N.C. Home 621-3931 Ricky, When God leads the way there is always a special touch to life, and special things last always and forever. With all my love forever, Joan ,i x To tell the story of our love, ls more than is in the heavens above. For our love together, Will last forever! Tammy -N- Mac -fl 214 COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF: The Cat's Meow Stevie Nicks Mr. 8t Mrs. James Flynn Tina Owens Ressell P. -N- Jill B. Brenda -N- Ben Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Wheeler Mr. 81 Mrs. James Hendricks 25th Anniversary Wrenn Business Forms Mr. Bt Mrs. Rowland Jones Richard Sisk The Golden Corral Richard Owens Meyers Grocery Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Smith John Primm Emily Patterson Beatrice Highfill Carol S. Parsons Clinton and Gracie Brown Nathan and Annie King Craig, USMC Lise McAdoo Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Summers Bridgette McAdoo Cora Wilson Mr. 8t Mrs. Arthur E. Rankin Wilton Britt Westbrook Beauty Shop Murray Brothers Service Station Marquita Pierce The C.L. Case Family Mr. 81 Mrs. H.A. Hall House of Gems Jeff East Mr. 8t Mrs. Richard McClintock Rierson Auto Sales Roger A. Carter Bobby Robertson Mr. 8t Mrs. Davidson Crescent Sales Inc. Creola Parks The Geiger Family Lighting Supply Co., Inc. Cross Roads Curb Market Pisgah Church Curb Market Mr. 8t Mrs. B.D. Patterson Buffalo Park Store Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Lee, Jr. 8t Family Trammell and Bell, D.D,S., P.A. The Silver Thimble Phyllis Yandle Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Moore, Jr. Harold J. Yandle Mr. 8. Mrs. M.T. Gaines 25th Anniversary The Lumleys Phil and Kathy Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry Moody Janie Wiatrolik Ricky and Babbette Doug Owens Mr. 8 Mrs. David Wagoner Thurman and Chris Hedrick Mr. 8t Mrs. Doug Stone Mr. 8t Mrs. Glenn O. Hendren Rebecca Jones and Rosalind Jones Mrs. F.M. Shaw W. Glenn Lewis, M.D. Scrugg's Florist Dorothy Holt Sarg's Game Room Daniese Hedrick Beth Owens The Silver Club of NEHS Band David -N- Gail Mr. 8 Mrs. Fred R. Rich Paul and Faye Dillion Carol Owens The Marion Bishop Family Bill and Nancy Euliss Mr. and Mrs. Warner Hartgrove The Higgins and Powell Co. Mr. 8. 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Suggestions in the Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) collection:

Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 139

1979, pg 139

Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 88

1979, pg 88

Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 102

1979, pg 102

Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 174

1979, pg 174

Northeast Guilford High School - Aries Yearbook (McLeansville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 74

1979, pg 74

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