Northeast Catholic High School - Falcon Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1944

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fe 1 55 ' x 'S 1' m,,,L ,jww ,Q 4 nv I 155. 1,-' 1. +I- - 4' - N "-4' f f' N z'l"!'-I5--'--4. . T7 h gy fc? H ,F-Q . 5 73? 'Y . -. xg... -a-QQ..-A-4 A M - lilllllllllllll l"'l.l.ll.l.l.'l..lllUlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.lUllll -V! - N , ..-- - -1- vt- 4 A A .--.- L.- , , -Y--- -- - --W -V----N - , fig- fr- aw v sw"-'-viagra -..,. 'vupflihqf 'wh' 'F- 'Ni '- 'fm' .35 .v ix -SL -+i Q ' ss MOYS x.2:g Q., I1 'C . 5 A 5'4- , ., '-Q' Tai ' f s .- .g :" 'f-1-' fi jf, J. 'f ' n -..-. 'bf--.f 'Q 1 71" iff' 'fir' 'EW YL- 15" ' .- -13195 . 4 -Q' Leis-F' .-.1'w.-'2.. - .k' f ' 'x ' . ,' ' ff 413. gg .'I - ' gx'yI-I Q' 'j'-'vm YI I. . ,. I .1 I I,.II,I I II. .II. T. . , . nl ,'..iI, .II MW . ' 'frirf wi'--. V - ' 19'-.'1 III I III.,,NI. 1"-A-'1-. x I x, I., ,. "'-IL ,J .. , .. -II. g,,.u.m II, I .13 I 1. pg... :."..1' ' .5 gs' . ggi . - .f ,., -.47 fy . . -33? -. I . L A: ., 1.3.9 X -'Iggy . ra., .-. . Mr. 4. 1, fr. . til rf r .I f ..-.,.,,-5 I . ,I,,,r..m L nt..-..' ll N .,..I. .II.I , X- ' , . ,Inf f..I.I. H... I, . W'-j'. . I.. 5- 11' rf... 'E W.. I' I I" nl 1 ' ir., .." 3.25.1 II-.mkru-1 JU .5 M, , Fur, ,:-,. . " . ..,,I.I5 ..f1l""i'i' ' A - ' VL . 2 " 1 III I--.' 5.4, IL , Us 'V' I, .. ..II, wifi-1. f,..I . . --. .'. ,- ..., -., '. .LL 'r 3'1"-' e.... ,-,- .1- ..LIIf4', .Ni .n,.- . . ,wg-. ,I. v .r . ,w . I ..IIIvI- ., sd - . 1 ,,. J - f K ,,4, -Us 'I' I. '.1 yr... .f :nfl V, JI. 55552 mg. .,.., . .II .I 'Z 1. ' 'r2.?'. I" . I..-. I,.I. g.JI,Jl,-:v :- l,,.. vp., 1' 131- -.,.' 'Q-ff. fr .-.Tr -.yi .ff ,IQ f. .. 1. r a "'rI..:.f E315 'Y' , . ,dw 9. IF" TR" E ..,. ' ' ..t ! . 'ff . II:.,.f L . .-E.. ' , S3-V' latin Y A . .. ., 'Afttf' ,.s.,. If". ll. ,,g.5 L, .' ' ' M, 4.1 Al. r.. Q ,,. up I. 5 Ji' I e-,I I. I., ... . . 4 .-. JL -. .. f-Q. 'bfi .1 .n. 1 f w , . .-V? N.f"'6f?-E.21'.F?L ' . 4':',f'.'-'1'L+'!7 ww HA. ,f . ., V 4 .. X' ,IIIIIU-. be JI: 'Z 4.24 We . 31 1 3-:E .?f"'9 -. 'j.Ig:3-19.1 Q' . :..Igqr 1.4 ',.:.. .5 5 '-1'..?..1a::'.Q .1 II., .. I. ...IfII.., ...J ' ' ' Xl' -'I ... '-N F.. In - . :... u -"if . .I I I. I,II.Ig5I . ,I ..-III. . ,. L. I, . li!" ' u II . .., - - 1 . '-1,,, ' .. , -ff 2, . QI,-I . 3 " :A-:Q . ' -"al-' . .. , ' f M wg. .. .f '.."' 5'vf .-U. mt, A. 14 'li-1 I-"fha .. fl? 2 A 175. -- ...ji .1fL1"' lfab-MSN' v if-s ' f i ,- ?.'g., 4.'1.I"-?i' ' "FI 4.24 7. L- Iam ,.I,.II,:I.gIII, II MI. , f ,,. .- I. .II!,, 'Qfl.1I, 3-1, f.: z-.- :-lj' .' J." , .-. 3--' I:.,...,.I.3 - -5 f 'F a -.. I I IJ II II . . 'IES pI-'vf',II, Iii. .I I. '::f::. .,, I fI",1','. ..II... 'L' , I. Q' . ..-., ' 5' I.I. .. ,If..I .Pin .I ,Ig .,. 1:- 5 1 4- ' - . . . ' " 5:11. 52, 'X' - "I 1 v, ' fe -. 5 ' ' . I .II ".' . g , . ' I, II - . .If .4 I I fl.-5 'DQS' .- ..:I:.I 1. Q 'W'-' ' 'L. 51...:. 4 .3.I I . , ...L ,,..v,.I,.,,- .' I. .1 -s c" , .54 F35 4.- f QIS. ,r 'WJ .1. rv' -. 1,-,.. 3. 4.13, 'L , n :Tf'14l::,'4i:5'J.' M M gk, A, 51-3. ,. f' fqfj. ,z I., ,.. .. - 51. f I I . . f f .III . . , ,A I.. A fi Y. ,- 'fn L 4 . ,.,III I., . I. I, y, . n' I Iz., . I. , . .IIT I Iifg ' " ' aff' .,i 951--Q1 gg'-if n , .. -'L . :Y .".:'f. '3 I '1 ' '-r-'f"41"4 g.. - .., a.. . , 5-f.i'f'1-H: '. iff-f :+i..iA'1. ...REJ- ... wgglj 3. Q g.t:g.L - I.- ' ,FE . . H". , 11' .", I- , . "':!Vu f.- 1 ,, ., 4 II I '- f '- u . ... V33 I 1 . fe ' . r-,.I-.II "l.'5'-41L,IE:. QI I.II.g, lIgIJ 'fx' "."' 5 ,J II,II,,.' --.. -'.: -ffm- ,,1I.II, I . --'ei' . ,IL I. ':I1,.i?I- '-Q.-I-1'.3 H.-v-. I.. .I II ., LI ,I y 1,5 1.7 f S-'I El' , , wg. -. aa- ., -.i.j..i.iw.g5f"'af P ,f- - 1. 3,'.'?4f1I -.T-IQ-' ' . "" 9"-'. k . J- -ig 1. .2 .-....f- I , 1 I . I 'i. . 'fI' , i Q ., I. . IE, I L fy, -Ml' ., It .I ,JI . ' .. ' '-'J'-rf... 'ft-. . .- I I. . IIIIIIII I. .. 4 -1 -.1"'."' 1.,.:."'... '. --J ,','...l ' v. :im -I" ".-1' -.- -. - .f ..2'.'.,1'2K7 f.1"f'TfI r. . W. .'.I.,. . '..I V I , I II.. .-,1 .,g v., . . 'S ". .. ., I,I.1 IIC.: Pkg gIf' gg. 5'-gkf.-' ' Q r.I 1. '.,f ',',,g.:4.'.: '..-I... 1 ,-,- . 1.23-- J, I fm, 'E4'l'2g'f3 .. .I III f ., V, 4.....,, 'Z . . '.....q,-.--,'.I ,Ap I'-7 ,III I.. - V.. -. 'J , J 554-,y .. I. II .. .I-.'. 1. I . ...II3 . -vw' nl." J Q' .x .H - wi' iw 1.-,,I,I.v dE'.I.I . VI. s 5" H1 . I, I. I . .5. V-. ..I. . . ? .fl .P-I I Life af Norlh Cafholic spans bul' four shorl' years. We enlered as boys: we emerged as men. Bul' from fhe day we regisfered as Freshmen wi+h all ifs new experiences unlil we donned our caps and gowns for Graduafion wilh ifs goodbyes, a slory was wri++en which will remain for- ever in our hearfs. ll' is lhe purpose of +his volume fo unfold +ha+ siory and fo relafe how ifs characlers are prepared fo fi+ in a world lhal is liferally vibrafing wifh war and posl'-war developmenls. I+ confains fhe ioys and sorrows, hopes, anxielies, and disappoinfmenfs +ha+ accompanied our growfh and development Bul' above all if confains a spirif which gives ii i+s very life. To preserve lhal life and fhe spirii' behind if, we IQPQJQII! . . fy, .- . ,W ' ,f 4 Bw . FALC4 0F NIIIITIIEAST lfA'l'll0I,lC llliill SCll00L l'llILAllliI.l'lllA PENNSYLVANIA W I WMQVQ... fhuhi F' SML I U NOR Nix 'FS' f -J 1 Q. 'U'-ruw 1 Q -.X km. , Jaxx- ! 0 n 11 luuhabg A hIXl U FC my.: vs, Q., w .ml IM I ' " A-..-Mnxf ' 'J' N ...4 X . V V, ,,N.v. W xi, nn' V -x,,.'.,p I 'X v Q M AXE Y, Us I xxx, X ' x 3. M.,,mx 1 - X x ww -Q A :,.wYAf-, ,mf -kN.faA1- 4 .590 H' Fi',uwi" 0 K Y' . ,J 'tdlori 1 Y , gd V ,. wx X "vw "uf www ,, ericang, WIWJWQ fha -liilll sv ls K1 uh, -. The spires and golhic-arched windows indicale 'rhe houses of God. From our respeclive parishes we have been enlrusled lo Norfh Cafholic fo fur- fher fhe educafion begun in flue Parochial school. During fhese formalive years fraining based on fhe Chrisfian way of life is foday more fhan ever necessary. If will slrenglhen us againsf fhe 'False philosophies which we will encounfer in lafer years. ln a land where freedom of worship prevails we feel grafeful fhal' we had +his opporfunify and wan? lo lhanlc our parenfs and pasfors who gave if fo us by pledging our loyalfy lo our Parish. We will be beHer Americans if we are beHer .... . . . . Calhogw j f ff' I P were ,Q .A , OL V Q ' " ' f' A , ,-1' A .,f"T , : L ff' 7' I 5 K, Y M,,..fjF,.,f' w s 4 1' ,A ,f V,.' r - ' rf . . 1 ,gran gl 1 v "N ,pf A" c!. D ,,:' XZ' RTHF M9 I f ,.-, -.4.....4 -13 ,pl -41 af' L I , Ilia," ' , FOR 9 i ,, I ' 5. 1 . ""'!' ..' A. -L... H -.... I I M """-4--s.u,A. A ,,,.i.,,, - ,, 1 3- - - -- 4...-.,. V 'H , " --A.,.1.,, ,. 5 ' --'4k.'..,n u 1B"'1'll.., . '11, ,. ,,, --,,xhsN s X. .4 ...WN "" 3-.Q ,.,-his . , 1 fw- --.,,, 'rt-. mi . "I 4' . s-,4 I Dal -+ -. . :-ff' 1 -x 4' Me... .A 'R 1- Vt: V 7 - - T' . 534 'knit' .c' . ',..,-I 5. bl.. 4 , I qt .-..-6 O O C O a U,- 11 ii ii' --Il' -.M - .mn -,,.-n-' yn-vqli ,. " W V L, i Y y rw' --""" " -- USF' '- J ,W ,...A MQ V1 ' 3 pfngw mill!!! . ' IIHIIN ' .mia ........- --5 -mmm " -"' F fu 1 uc Ill gil! H ilmhiii In -v-gm WHERE' -15.-u.. f 770ffl.m4f CJAOEC Jvhgll His Eminence Cardinal Dougheriy has u world wide repuluiion for his achievemenfs in Calh- olic Educciion. We are happy fo be members of his largesi Caiholic High School for Boys and we pray fhaf fha Good Shepherd will bless him and his sheep in lhe years To come. The areal sirides lhal have loeen lalcen in fhe lurlherance ol ihis archdiocese's progress in ihe field ol Calholic educalion can, in a large parl, be allribuled lo His Eminence, Dennis Cardinal Dougherly, Archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Dougherly has always shown a lceen inleresl in our Cafholic schools and lheir development His Eminence was ordained lo lhe priesfhood in i890 al Rome, ln IQO3 he was made Bishop and soon aiier was assigned io labor in Gods vineyards in lhe Philippine Islands, His courage- ous worlc fhere produced a mighly harvesl. Affer his relurn 'ro ihe Uniled Slales he was made Archbishop of Philadelphia. ln l92l he was raised To 'rhe Sacred College ol Cardinals. PMB oQ'6l6!QP:5Ail0 Docfor Bonner, Superinfendenf of Cofholic Schools in Philadelphia, shows a decided inferesf in The doings of our school. AT our Gradua- Tion exercises iT is a real Thrill To be honored by his presence. The impressive figure of The RighT Reverend Monsignor John J. Bonner is one To which The CaTholic sTudenT can loolc wiTh pride and appre- ciafion. lf is due To his unfiring efforfs and un- ceasing forfifude Thaf The Philadelphia Diocesan school sysfem sfands Today, a symbol of True Cafholic educaTional spiriT. DocTor Bonner is a naTive Philadelphian, who was ordained in Rome, Since l926 he has de- voTed himself unselfishly To The Taslc of advancing CaTholic educaTion in Philadelphia To The pealc of SUCCESS. And he ilCS Silcceeded. He is nafionally recognized as one of The foremosf educafors of our Times. l'lis guidance is evidenT in The organizafion of our scholasTic ideals info The grand insTiTuTion we enioy Today. IT is The greaTesT of iTs lcind in The counTry. For almosT eighTeen years God has blessed Dr. Bon- ner's endeavors and broughT fruiT To The vines he so carefully nurTured. IT is because of his labors and successes ThaT we can Take advanfage of CaTholic educaTion here aT NorTh Cafholic. We, The graduafes, who lcnow so well The benefiTs of such an educafion, say sincerely, "Thank you, Dr, Bonner." We earnesfly hope Thaf your prayers will be answered by proving ourselves To be The men you wanf Us To be. QT UR PHILOSOPHY of EDUCATION is ThaT which has ever bei The Philosophy of The CaTholic Church. We may define educaTion as Tl' guidance of human developmenT or The Training of The whole man, so uniTed To body. wiTh all his faculTies whefher spiriTual, inTellecTuol, 4 physical. A person is educaTed primarily by self-acTiviTy, ond, Therefon The Tuncfion of educaTors is To guide Those under Them To achieve T The full all The capabiliTies of Their individual personalifies. To parenTs belong The righf and duTy of educaTing Their childre The office of The school is To complement The work of parenTs and ' fulfill The funcTions which They delegofe To iT, buT noT To usurp The righTs. ln This Democracy of ours, all pupils of high school age should hai The opporTuniTy of a high school educafion. They should have an 0 porTuniTy To selecf courses cooperaTively wiTh The aid of parenfs al Teachers. The school should offer Them various pupil acTiviTies whii They may freely choose, and in which They are given a chance To devel: iniTiaTive and leadership. For menTal discipline, sTudy hobiTs, learnir habiTs, and culTure, The TradiTional academic courses are unrivalle New and modern courses should be presenfed boTh for superior sT clenTs and lor Those who eiTher cannoT or will noT achieve menTal grow' from The TradiTional academic subiecfs. Teachers should use new and modern meThods in Their insTrucTio as well as The old Tried and True meThods. They should be willing ' give new suggesfions an honesT Trial, buT They should noT lighTly Thro aside any old meThod which experience has proven successful. ln dec ing wifh pupils, kindness ond paTience raTher Than severiTy, should l: The rule, in order To win The confidence and esfeem of The pupils, 1 well as To achieve resulTs in characTer developmenT. They should sho a greaT respecT for The souls of pupils. Religion, Therefore, should E correlafed wiTh all oTher courses. The obiecfive is-To Teach The boy whaT To believe and do To sax his soul-To aid him To form good habiTs-To imparT such informafic as will arouse his inTeresT and inspire such appreciaTion as will lead hii To conTinue his sTudies in college or oufside of college--To produc good ciTizens in a Democracy, who will Talce an acTive and infelligei parT in iTs acTiviTies ond who will worlc for The benefiT of socieTy l: realizing ThaT a naTion's welfare depends upon The soundness of i family-life-To develop sound bodies Through regular class periods healTh and physical educaTion, and by inTramural and inferscholasf sporTs-To develop fuTure leadership by giving The boy an opporTuniT lby parTicipaTion in school acTiviTiesl To display his TalenTs, iniTiaTiv and originalify-To sTrive To aid The pupil To develop by acquiring healThy personaliTy, and individualify. Such is The purpose of Nodhea: CaTholic High School. eckcafing we jagron is our greal ioy. Mere words cannoi 'Fully express The senlimenls of gralilude and esleem 'rhal are in our hearls for ihose whom we hold so dear, bu+ a few of our 'rhoughis may find 'rheir way info lhese pages. We cherish lhe 'rhoqghl of having known lhose men who have so zealously and sell-sacrilicingly given us lheir 'rime and energy fhai we mighf incorporale in our lives fhe spiril and docfrine of S+, Francis de Sales . . . 'lhe spirif of kindness, meekness, hurnilily, and generosily ralher Than fhaf ol harshness and severifyz 'rhe docfrine ol sanclily in all walks ol life so lhaf if we choose 'ro be a doclor or welder a mechanic or priesl, soldier, pilof or engineer, we can be 'rhe besl ossible one by doing our ordinary iob exiraordinarily well. We know lhal we P can be men of prayer no mailer how diverse are our dufies. We are conscious ' h loo, +ha'r we are on lhe Threshold of a new era. Wilh 'rhe rrainung we ave received we are confidenl 'rhal we can, in no small way, help build 'rhe world of fomorrow. Our apprecialion an an s o p our lives in The years 'ro come. We know fhaf is whar +hey want H is lhen wifh a deep sense of loyally and sinceriiy lhal we proudly deducale This, lhe l6Th annual, d +h k + +hose res onsilole will only be lendered by to The 0blate Fathers of St. Francis :le Sales ruly fl'?lHFf'wf7VllClllV Cowl, ltllllrql' Ylrxivlcvr E i llef lil' vi-rl P f"- lrf'fllrTM1'rlt'?r' Ol Norllw Cflllwo- lily flew Very Reverend J. Francis Tuclcer, O.S.F.S., is llw lirl X-Xrnrwfwin Olalare. ln liinn are em- lwrrdnil rin' lunricnrwfnlml LllC1f'GCll6?FlSllCS ol flue Olflilf' I wi doin, I'UfN1VTlV riiely and kindness Bfwflirfx lie- i l is in areal demand as re- 'wml lTlC'lVl"'I' runcl W0 wlio lmve Onioyed llwree re- lrf-rulr, unrlfrr lim C-cpczrl direclion, know wlwy. Bw- .nl fr'. wrwirm liOI'f'1'.CCOf1d lime as llne Amerie r in Prwvnfrnl ol lim Qlwlalevs Ol Sl. Francis de C if.-g Ffullwer lun-ler is llwe paslor ol flue largesl llfi nun LW1ll',lW in Wilirwinrqlon, Delaware. TQ, all wlw igwyirne in fonlofl willi lnim, lzallwer l rwr' lrerr irwrrorlu, llwrouqlw lnis Clmrily, luis wil, Gnd ln wmlorn, a spiral ol lrue llbrollwerly love." CT7U4fl l'vli'f' f ,, sou, Fallier Tucker. e ol men of Reverend Lowre S f QC! 0615 Reverend G lmoney, O.S.F.S., The Su- perior of llwe Oblcle Com- munily af Norflu Calliolic, and De ' ' an of Religion, cle- serves a special lribufe for G . grand iradrfion well be- gun. For Falh er Mahoney was llie lirsf moderalor of flue Falcon ' , which has since become flue mosl popular of 'flue publica- lions of llme school. 1.1 nce Knebels, O.S.F.S., leaclier of Malli- emolics and Heolfh and Guidance, has recenrly been appoinied Superior of the new De Soles House wh fwenfy members of o ' ere ur Faculfy 'esrde. eorge Ma- L The Reygrgnd Leon VV!-Sl7l.SWSkf QSFS u fAxlfhOU5'Jf7 HW? Rr'V0!k:'VM7I I! L orc SmfHw, O.S.F.S,, fm EWFIN7 Nw fm fwr of Norffwosf Cafnffffl' HMP: Srfwuf for fwfr Hwvn 41 yuor, fm 11-lv 7rf"fV7JV "'fcJWf'rMw,f PM-ITT'-UF!!! Us G c'UfK1fDfe 2 S UNH wwfvf nltxll Kf14rX'ffF". Purim-r flwvnffv fu fmffxrw Plnrrfwfpfrflvn who r:f.i:r1'rn,'v.i Nm QLWWWCJIW CX.1ffwf'fv Hmfv Sffuoof, Hp M'-Yu flu' fm wffv rn.w.7'wrw7ffvr of "Good Nr-wr, VVITTJN var- 4fw1v"1ffr fn51frufr Sfmfflmnd Tw Z rw Jr 'I W N, ,f ru 'y ,www .Jnrf Aff unfff fre WGS rr 4 uwwxr' M' bra' wnv' fffcffruw, XWM Clod' ?Hf'f'w, fofner Srnffn wffn o lon ' L7 :mi "fn z x fm 'NA-7 -ya' wno is ine ossbf olnvogf fiffeen 5 b , .... , f 4 om' recfor, nos for o perioo' of ' yegrg een o feocner of Senior Moffvemorfm. ln fne HOT fl H rnoderofor of ine 5enfor F 5 e os served os cfoss, ond for one year os bondmosfer. Many succesl fuf Foffvor. J yeors in your new posfffofv. iv H E Q Bu-! ..4-' N ,As A :AT 'uf Q -f'a- if ps! ff. Gm, 1- eg , Q . , ,. La: ,dwg yung. S F-Q A,-qs. Y .f Sf' af, YL A Q , in eff:-ff""' -T GQ ' , X? i- if A an -'ga I qi , . ' I A Y 3 4 ,if '-JP ' . - t X, 4 , . r X ' ni-.A ff "' , , ' ' A .. ' qk ,A-if Q xJ"' 9 ' ' U 'CJ ' 0 l Q kx : Q 11 A r if 1 ,LH Q' - -sv fv - As Uk....,.,.,, 11 I L Q A Mm I .Y i 4- ,-A I -5 . I . - ' Q f , n A Q' 1.1 ' ' '5"i5m,, 5 " Avi if .fifff-?+Tiv'?v ..'.'4 .z .-' ,.. I ,-J: .-L . " - W- 11. . " , 5 . ' f Q- " , ,v . .- .UT 3- '-- ' - .1 4 ., UNA , -4 K i 'I IQ:-..?N, vP'a:J'..A. I, 1 Y x' ' .x 'lin' Q" J'5' kg, " 1- . ,: ' " A ' I All activities are under the direction of Father Rush. His energy, interest and zeal are particularly manifest in our "super colossal" stage productions and gigantic bond sales. The Ololotes ot St. Francis de Soles were founded by the Abbe Louis Brisson ot Sl. Bernord's College ol Troyes, Fronce, in the yeor l869, A spirituol revelolion lrorn God convinced the holy rnon ol the need ol the Foundotion. The religious persecution in France wos the sporlc thot inllomed the Order ond sent its flames reoching into America, where it set- tled in Wilmingtrun, Delaware, There it iounded Solnsionum. The first Arnericon to ioin the Qrder wos the Very Reverend J, Francis Tucker. Since then it hos prospered considerably. Besides Soleaionurn and Northeast Catholic, the Qblote Fothers are stationed ot Central Catholic High, in Toledo, Ohio. Fiiteen of our former teachers are now serving our country. Cl our present locully 52 ore groduoles ol North. Wherever they go, they corry with them their ideol: that ol bringing people ever closer to God. Lynn, Hemighaus, Hughes, Connolly, O'Neill, Leonard, Sexton, Dunn At the annual retreat held at Malvern, 93 ot our Oblofe Fathers made up this impressive group. Lett to iight, they are: front row: Fathers Butler Russell McCoy, Lawless, Tucker, Jacquier, Fox, Mahoney, Creswell: second row Fathers Bradley, Henley, O'Neill, Knebels, Kinniry, McNally, Godley, Dougherty Mc Goldriclr, Stahl, Cutter, McKone, Bro. Edward, Kelleher, Lynch: third row Fathers Wisniewslni, McShea, O'Donnell, Flynn, Toy, O'Connell, Fleclsteiner Keeley, Palmer, Smith, Martin, Walsh, Shugrue, Lemon, Buckley, Fuqua Bygott Naulty, Dooling, Carney, McGinley, Herlrert, Mullen, fourth row: Fathers Appell McCarthy, Bro. William, Kelly, Bro. George, Duffield, Wetzel, Wharton Corcoran Cutrona, Mahoney, Eisenbarth, Kennedy, McCarthy, Ward, Brennan Kenny Stout, Furphy, Freiler, Paul, Reidy, McKenty, Brand, fifth row: Fathers Donahue Kelly, Coyle, Gaffney, Rush, Gaftigon, O'Connor, McManus, Ward Munich ll ie aiir earned wislw llwaf we slwall never lar- ciel flip nifirnenlm llwal are represenled by llne lew p'sir,lures llwal are an lliese pages. We mean llwal minimal aarnsvllming lliaf will slay willw Us lcnq all:-r auf fklgielnra and Lalin baalcs have lwrren r ln ed. Tlie lime we span? with our leaclwers aufeiilo al flue rzlawsraam fgave Us an uplilling al Qiiril llial we feel is unequalled anywlwere. We lm-l 'lifil "mr 'l'llll411'lF'IR lwave been laslmianed diirinyi lliase precious rnamenfs and our lwabils al iudfzinq and rlmaasinq riglvlly will prove lusl llwaf, We have learned llwar our Oblafe leaclwers were giving llneir wlnale live-5 lar US. Un l'l'1e field, lwack slafqe, in llwe fjarridar, or in llme classroom aller lwaurg, llieir apiril al friendliness and deva- lian was ever presenl, Tlnal is wlwy we wanl la dedieale llweee lew pages in our wealc alfernpl la parlray and demirilbe a leaclwer-pupil rela- lianglwip lliaf is very deep in our lwearls. You lwnve maven yaurselve-, men-nnen al Gad. 1 L 'Q 3: 'N 'S if 46- Eg s i Q. , Nmr. 4 V . is fx 'qv Q5 ' Fjifw ' "x" f fs' 4 . P " xv' Q31 'mf-1 5 S7 ' .U 'ff . 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A rf . .,,.,.Q ff. .L.- uv!-.-s 1- ' ...'3.,,v .Hx AJ -'hz-MF -Q.-!., T m'1-AMFHL wr- ' . -3 11-"VE" ' P 1 My ,,1,-- , -I.,-,.,,mL,. ,Q 'mm .4 if-,Mg ., , J.. , ,. ...-. 1..,1:,,:'1, . w- "5 M . nfrwzgk- 1 fbwzx 9' 'ff4".u44N W -9143453 .M -- ' . ,.g,,.g:':' ..,z,:u vga, , . 9 -Q ' .:.Q:51 l '31 5-T'5??z2'-'J H V' " ,tE3g"iff,,1'? ,w .'9'-hygiw, iw" , :Q 2+ ' '1' 12' L" ,' Gfm'f?".. "1'3Wiiiw.7"wF'-57-N525 4 "" 1.4-T.Q'l5g'v5v. , 3:59 wr-'v V-Qkfrlh . , 'Z I if .. 'ff ' IW.. A ' 4 1? - w.: - ' -- ' f :-.1 V rgmqa i., ,.., . 'P qui-1,2 A WY vu I ' . L ' ,- 3: ' L' -1-.slggy .4 .. , , , .1 . . "L ' f' ,qw-5-f-'7:5:?9:2n . 'Q'- wie iv '3 .' mfg . ' -. flii' -v.'1'WfEl'1f ' . WR Vfwf-F??'a', ',11M'r2?1r"1fl15' ' -'?""'1?-9 -pf, 1 1' . . 1 g:1?pLi'flf!g!f,'1f 5? fyfyfw f ifWf2V f'-: - - . f' 3.1 . g ' .' f E, 1 1,,1.-5515 , M,-L 4 uMzL..,W'1 ' 5 V ,V 1419? 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We ffwfiw ,,.- - fa 43,8 ,V . f e 'e e f, A Norifh Col+l1o'liC-grad-Uelfe-can .bps-1eQn.gexpgg2f' in omyeccireer he chooses, Ou? courses cite go VlGiI3iQd . as 'ro equip The sfrudenlr w'i+h 'flue freelinirigg- efqr any walk in life. The future cuvi1og'fer 'cmd meQh.qn ig-'ii hdined in 'fhe AerQn.cuT'Ecs- cicrsses. Tlieh subiedrs: prepare flue ,s+uden'+ fo puPsue' higheij' siuclies in GHS -cmd sc1ien'Qes. Fuffure,mgs-fQi1ern5',E1nviaIf, Qr'Hs+s c1re The resulf of ho-urs of phczcifibe. The fQAQlfdfQif9 in fine business weliid has his, 'rraining' -ilh Hue: Cgmjg. I m-ereiqi smibiects, New we s,HU Il S65 WB' "wh-y' ' 'u:nIQ1 A ' ':l1QW" -of our story ihdfvshews 'we have -been, -. .. '.f w . ,, . 9 al sa - -e - eanlfwn, 41 ee ' 1 . . . fo serve in fhe Unifed Sfafes Army . . . our Religious beliefs and pracfices do nof reiard our march fo Yi f c ory buf prepare us fo do a beifer lighfing fob . . . fonversing On Co C: week every gfudenf of Erwcee reverenfl ' Y filos info the oudlfmium fo ossisf of Moss. This is cz frodifion of our uch know Hmf the Hmfy Socrifiue offs bofh os 0 buffer agoimf We friols ond iribulofions exf pornenced by each sfudonf, and os on example for HIS lufer lrfei W2 Sf d our superiors fm' flu, f JOHN J. ADAMS 3Il9 Frankford Avenue ST. GEQRGE mul Sprwrfs Gzfwrid Nvws Fulufmiqrws - Avi Ciwb I-f"5 in JOHN F, ALOSZKA 2550 E. Indiana Avenue ST, ADALBERT mmf 5Vmy9'. ALM-ruff-9 Rupr 'Q -is ,,,. A 4 -, - . -fs .f' r f. 1 . gl ANTHONY C. AMENTT 2250 N. Second Sfreef 'LEM I I O WILLIAM J. APPELI. 6227 N. Third Sfreef Our Audiforium becomes a Church Q.. FH P. on Wednesday morning. In confrasf +o Iwo beehive of YOUII1 acfiviiies we relished IIW659 sacred momenfs of prayer. nseI: Fafher Henley was our Senior Religion feacher and his pep-falls will be ne of our fondesi memories WALTER J. APPLIN 2336 E. Hazzard Sfreef ROBERT D. ASHENBRENNER 434I Princefon Avenue SI. BUNIFACI ST, HELENA SI. ANNE SI. BEFINAIQII gIiuimI SFMIIIS nQI SpOiI5 CIM-viiidiy CI Ii INIWIIIQ. CIHIJ S- i'1..niiI SLMIII-I Spwmi-.Iv CIIIIJ AIIWVIILW' R1'IW'II"' Seminary CQJIIQQIN Gwd News - Birhnijy CI, In NIM-.1-,IL-vim - IIIII I:15gvupIiy CIUIJ I'IniIm3nupIiy CII1 1 ' Q I -. fx 1 I 1 . -15 5 3 I I . ', C V Ga s K vo K I ' if ,ju , pe N F . . . fo offer flle Holy Sacrifice . . . Some chosen few are called fo serve God direcfly . . . all. ln- direcfly . . . by Hue example of a good moral characfer. . . The Foundation of Religion llwv Lfwrwlf Ol Fhwlwwnrw Clllfl Sm'e-Hcvrnore lQelig'UOm ls lnslrudion Hn 'lv' llfllTk,ll'lff'H llw rlrmvndwfwlg ol um reluqlon, A Cleloiled review fl f f1lw+P1uX.:n NIO lf-11 Cif5VYWlDi'1llf'lfT'M'?Hlj- Feev'ff1lr1 Pmpol Er1CyCllCUlS mm Lnwl rw Hmlnry me fm QVCT'llIW'lCl mlHIK.Cm1rsQ+l'1c1lG Qorwclenlious Qfwly ml Ilwm will giver ll: fu lirm lwwmfifulminrw in ll19f?FlV1ClplE3S of our rclucylmm. Nflw, rufwro llwm fewer wfs rv-',1lx1f' llwr- irmifmrlunfe Und Hfrceislfy ml Www. wwrw am 'N mu' boys lm Wwe merwfn rome info Comlrocl wilh fmblwm- which cfm be wolvod by applying lhe fumdomenfols of rwlwlqmwn l0"lVl'1CJfl nm Hnfwlv SCl'1oOl. IAMES l, BAGNELL 2639 E. Onlorio Slreef 'QI' f-P'llJfn-Q lf Ml I ,fl '4 111 Sp! :ls I w JOHN D. BAIRD JOHN P. BALASA CHARLES W, BALL 852 E. Willard Slreel 4OI4 Teesdole Sfreef l2B W. Chew Slreef ASQ? N'Sl'fX'N Sl BUQNAFJU Sl, HI I PNA Sf-Qtfvvm' Sprwl-. Am fl lx S'-fllwmfxl S1 SHA, lvcfiw S41 ad Rwdwmw Cl le SWU -mal Spwflx S ww-' mvwmy fi 'liw' J fwrf Cl el AL Y I - I Na+ all our classes were as formal as fhis appears bur Senior Three enioyed Fclher Henley's Apologeiics and liked ia lisien. lnsors' Upper lull: Mr. Harilove has Religion and Algebra ai the Annex, while Faiher Doblciewicz leaches Religion here. ALBERT J. BANDOSZ LEONARD J. BANDURA FRANCIS P. BANECKER ISNATIUS F. BASH 2233 E. Venango Sireei' l642 W. Cayuga Sfreel 3450 "H" Slreel 5245 Roosevell Boulevard SI IOAN Ol Sl, IAUVSLAUS ASClN5lON Sl, MARTIN OF TOURS 'liiirli Kimi Alrwnlvi- lf:-if-iilvv Seminary Colleclnr Radio Cli hi r Biwlmqy Chili Si-rliiirml Spwls SL-c"iiinal Spiirl Sr--'iirirml Swirls Plivmrs Cli li 'vi' Vifxrmgiiiviuii Ol Ffiillw Q Q . X ,gi A. t Q I " 2 A t f Tix , A ' A x l' . . . lo wear lhe Navy Blue . . . flue ambifion of many . . . 4228 of our Alumni in lhe service . . a good N. C. graduale makes a good sailor . . . Strengthening oll Porhops ihe lwo rnosl inlerwoven ond im- riorlonl subieclw in our whole curriculum ore Junior ond Senior Religion. They ore so cle- pendenl upon one onolher ihol one is incorn- plele wilhoul fhe oiher, ln Junior yeor we mode rn lhorouoh siudy ol Church Hislory io show iis rr-lolion lo World Hislory ond Qomplelely onolyzed the docirinol conlenl ol ihe Aposlles' Creed, ln lofi we wenl lhru lhum wilh o line JOHN C. BAYER 343 Kerper Slreel JAMES P. BEGLEY 2555 N. I8lh Slreel l'l-'l'SiNlfXilCWN B, V, M. OUR LADY OF MERCY liwl Cl li . Sirignisli Club Vuvsily Frmllvnll - Drmrnoligs Sin vi nal Sp rl-, Vmsily Baan-bull - Trgglq Si .. sr it J 'Nr r Y , si: 1 fs? ff: :LN 4 . . ,: , ,I if l 3... fwfr' l fi-2 Religion Class calls for discussions and explcnalions. Maher of Junior I0 presenls his recilulion on lhe effecls of lhe Socramenls. r Beliefs comb, weeding oui even lhe seemingly insignili- conl iocls lor luriher sluciy, ln our Senior yeor we sludv Apologelics. This science is sludiefl YO ihol we Con clelend lhe Clocirine which we leorned in Junior yeor ond yeors gone by, This is on crxlrenwely irnporlonl Course becouse we will ellen hove lo defend our religion ogioinwl ogilolors. ANDREW L. BERGNER 7427 Rising Sun Avenue ST. HENRY Sl, FRfXNClS OF ASSISI Rodin Club - lNliriiffisl,r Sirifii'-rrul Spf l Seclionol Sporls fl t N i i ' 1 4, 1' ' 1 , xi ' l .- 0 SYLVESTER E. BERK 4930 Wakefield Slreel I - , ITEM? .. , f i QI! f-A" - -I . 4- f ' 'I - -' ::'. s idfffh : Q- ' ' I ' I ,, H12 .QQ S1 "' M. wk' I? Visual Aids pIoy a greai role in our educofion. The KF: ,H E. ,,,., sfory of Ihe "Fall of Man" is narraied by Mclniyre of Junior Six, ROBERT T. BERKERY 3I I3 Aromingo Avenue NATIVIIY Se-Ciionul Spmris f.r' " X WILLIAM P. BERRY I428 VonI:irIL Sireef SI, MARTIN OF TOURS Sf-niIimnoI Sporis Pmpogqiiciri of Ihu Faith CoIIciIor Faiher Wehel used every availabie means fo make our learning easy, We shall no? forge? your fimely sug- gesfions and poinfed Religious Bulleiins. PAUL L. BIBUS PHILIP H. BLAETZ 43l6 OoIcmon+ Sireei 30l2 Agofe Sfreef ST, BERNARD NATIVITY Abseniee Reporfer A Radio Club Sodionul Sporis - Spanish Club Propogafion OI fha Foiih Riding CIUIJ - Chernisiry CIUIJ CoIIecIor 05' f ,'i , 1- N i ' ' iw . . 'I I ' i W . . . fo keep flue wheels rolling closer fo vicfory . . . a from Engineer plays an lmporfanf parf in our war efforf foday a major parl in fhe fraveling world fomorrow . . Ilenlth and Guidance ill lu wgiuriil llifil xwi-ll? lim ggmriruni lic fl CtJWbOy wlven I New .ig Aiiil yiml' "Now lm Qofmu' be O 'G mom' "t ll-'ill Iiif"i...H I WVNI wlwu ww were in izecoml ond llwiid grade, or lliwwgiliiiiili. .li'--'iziminlg like llwcxl were aimple, no Iroulble r--if' ,x lf.-. Cul full. Bill, riwinllmlly llwr- mul llmi-,ion mwgl lic rieoclfmed, and wi' ill Nwvllv Liillwllf., Click liiqly. VVM-Ili iiwiocli, ol l-lmullh mul Cificlcmcri are gel osicle, lliiiiwii Wlwlw eww-rylliirig lic-im lcilnlc- monricn, lo voccllions I3 L'llH5lI,1Ill. - r Clll ljll'll'li url' ll'l1ily lm Gilvlkifx owl l'IQ,lp US lil Iriviitf- liillw. llwe' C-vim flll fw wr w mlui- is ever open. Ili-,lg Liv I- fini in ilvlliim'-cl inloirmuliori olnoul Izcpliools ond ,-Ili-4 ii fill gwpi llifle rqmrwlfvl L . Anil Im' 'IW 5 x ,N , l , X , l I I h Ulf? Ll ll, WWW lffffl Hflllbfl lo lim Supreme Tollring on our feel and lwolcling inlelligenl V 'U7 WW WWA I lin bcllfifli 'NlVl'i'9 llrlllm Illff llllff Iw lll9m56lVe5? conversclions in our social life were exercised in Al lNl-will Clillmliq Ilia wlmliom ol vocolioms is eosyl our Guidance Classes. WILLIAM H. BLANKFIELD 525 W. Fishers Avenue llNlCAl3NAllfllXl 'wi li "il fiiiiill, WILLIAM H. BOEHM 43l3 Howell Slreef SI. BARIHOLOMIVV Piopogulifin 4-I Fvivli Colle Sf-fvilmlvy -V Cllr Pvl CTI' CHARLES F. BOROWSKI 2626 Orflwodox Slreef Sl IOP IN CNN 'l'LI': ri V Sfmir-I lmwi QL .if Spllflvli x.,i ll JOHN E. BOYLE 2344'f2 Tuclrer Slreef Sl ANNE' Iwi IV BILL M ii lui, Iwi qi 4' I ' i 1 fi . I A ef . qs -4, Follwer Brennan was flue Prefecl of our Hlrouble deporl- Fcllwer Kenny served as Preled of Discipline buf slill menl'." He was lhe head of The Heolilw and Guidance found lime fo give us classes in Biology and Guidance. Depcrlmenf and his words of comforf and advice will His eliforfs kept us "on lop" in flwe Seminary Colledion. ever slay wiflw us. FRANCIS N, BRATTON ROBERT O. BRAUN JOSEPH V, BROWN VINCENT G. BURGER 59ll Jackson Slreel 7l20 Slwelborne Slreef 4714 "C" Slreef 4487 E. Thompson Sfreei ST. BARTHOLOMLVV PRESENTATION B. V. M, Sl. AMBROSF. All 5AlNlS 0 Club Absenleo Repcvlvr Aliscnlec Rl,-pwlig-i' SQ-glignill Spuih Smliurml Spurls Senlionul Sporl5 Sw'liwm'ml Si N5 Almmalq-4, P n l r prmpulqfulifn vi llw- lufllw +- ' i. W 5 I , W , 5: , - fl 5, W K .r l Atl' 'I xv LV 52 V6 V I . i 1 ,, 13? Qu LM 5 .a in K 95 E, L t. VIA it Il N , C' "X"- 9 A .Q . 'E 3 HENRY J. BURKE JOHN M. BURNS ALBERT E BUSFIELD FRANCIS J BYRNE I950 Dallas Road 2l29 Chew Avenue 2029 Church Lane 2l9 Plymoulh Avenue Sl, ATHANAMUS IMMACULATF CGNCEPTION ST BENEDICT ST LUKE Glensude J iyz' Si-f-"S STN, Sc-:luonal Spfrls Bund Auonaulucs U Aiyfi" -Nfx Rvymli-i Absenlce Reporfer Absenlec Repcrler Seclional Sparls English lirannlnar and Syntax TFC Englisli Course al Norlli Callwalic iz giy lar lam' yerarfs, ll is divided inlo Englifili Gram mar. wnirili loai nog llif: eliiacnl lo express lriimse X:i'yJl lilfziary pradunili. Mail fl lim-f -mdeenla lime lalce a laur year Qrw,i'm.- in Aijanloinici Engliwlw, wliiaili proparee Al' ln: roller if-, llwo lwbinoss World, and social life lnr: minmnirigq nludenlg, rnoslly commercial s u flunlu, lalu a Businewg Engliuli caurbe in ii ir SL-ni ir yn-ar. In llie Junior and Senior years, one perio w- ull i davalecl la ine sludy al Journalism. . . . salufing fhe Uniled Sfafes Marines . . . 'lhe immediafe vocalion of fhose who are eager fo ighf spirifually, infellecfually and physically for all lhey hold dear . . . all-arly anil cmrivclly, and Lileralurc, wlwiclw irn iiiayn,--, llifi CElll1VC1llQV al llie zludenl by read: E y KY' 1 'lun X Q 5 I .if . 'L I 4 J, X A- K 4 ROBERT J. CAHILL JESSE D. CAIN JOSEPH C. CALLAGHAN LAWRENCE H, CALLAHAN l040 E, Chelfen Avenue 342i Friendship Sfreef 539 Magee Avenue 3423 Hurley Sfreef KMACULATE CONCLPTION ST, MATTHEW ST. WILLIAM ASCENSION GJN, Bond - Gioo Club Cross Coiiniry - Tvock Team Scdiorwol Sporis Smiirmul Sport Cioss Represenioiive Ordwesiro - Glee Club Absonice Rcporior J xx M Dromoiics Puffin-fig Roprcsenioiivo -q nl I,--if. Fafher McManus os head of the English depurfmenf and Moderofor of Good' News gcve ur ircuining in bofh Liferofure and life. Alwvu Fofher Godley used fhe "Reoder's Digesfu and fhe radio in his Junior English class. Sv .fjj-Eilf h,." ' Q7 l , v ll ' , 1 1 CHARLES E. CAMPBELL FRANCIS J. CAMPBELL JOHN M. CAMPBELL GERALD A. CAMP! 7430 Rugby Srreel l5I7 Adams Avenue 2l6l Grange Sfreel 955 E. Price Slreel ST. JOACI-llM IMMACULATE CONCEPTION IMMACLHATF. CONCEPTIOT GTN, CTN, Swfliorml By X:Nr ls - Trac ST, ATHANASIUS fs ml glam Ame-rwlrfo Rvrpwler Literature Al Norllwoaf-l Callmllc we are given a four yur Lrlmaluro Course. lls purpose ll, lo luring Us lm f'-njoyrrmrwl and plodure derived lrom good wa-llngg, and lo lmprove our clwaracler-, by llwe Lllody and lrwle'fr'pr'Qlollon ol llwe lllerory worlcs all lorrwngwg aullwors. Reading llwe molerlol os- lmmgd in llw Houma lwlps us. lo acquire 'llwe lmrlgroumd ncccnzary lor a well-rounded cmlencc. . . . fo insfrucf ofhers . . . a command of fhe mofher f imporfance in Hue develop- fongue is of paramoun men? of HI e minds of men . . . Seclional Sporls Sogliamal Spovls and Life 1? All rr-' Fallwer Ward, former librarian, is a leaclmcr of English and Algebra, Somehow flue "numbers" and "harms" d 'n lnls class. of Malh didn'l seem so har I -S N-.Ml -f up A .- if fa pw, ,I New L1.:4a1-ii-'ff ' , in V. ' cuff! 52 G 321,33 09.0 E3 wif 639 Zg-57: QC az YQ Iv U' U- cw 3 + 0 rs XJ 0 'O 0 1 Q, - 3 onol Sporfs Semlnory Colleclor Sophomore I3 ond Mr. Dennis inlerrupied fheir grammar class for cz brref momenf before lhe plwofog- rc er Nouns ond ver s we lrnow are necessary, so we were glad fo gel bocl: lo The drill. Who mid flwcxf? ffm, is y.. 62 I' f d nn b lg 5- TZ' S :,.,z f Y gs, l S f gg. '5f,f?i ' A f 4: iff JOSEPH F. CARTER JOHN P. CASEY JOSEPH J. CASEY JOHN J. CASSIDY 3037 Aramingo Avenue 3l W. Seymour Sires? 2435 N- OPCI Sffeef 23l7 E. Yorlt Sfreei NATIVITY ST. FRANCIS OF ASSlSl OUR LADY OF MERCY HOLY NAME ' Secfional Spoiis Abserileo Fiopinlc-r SUM Seciional Sporls ional SL xl ii i -, Alnsenlee Reporler Technical English In all walls ol lile a lhorough lcnowleclge of flies- lunflamcnfal rules ol English is necessary if Jrhe failure. Anyone who nd scienlilic or fechnical ma- we inlona lo succeed in clesirczz, lo iindersla lerial miisl he able lo grasp lhe language ern- ployea. This is simplified by having an ample vocaliiiilary ancl a worlcing knowledge of lhe lcrrnz usocl, The Technical English Courses help h basic rinciples by con- us hi recognize 1 ese - p slonlly -,irc--.singi lhose lhal are more imporfanl and concenlraling on lheir praclical applicafion. . . . fhe busy edifor . . . anxious for a scoop . . . wrifing fhe righf Hring af Hue righf fime is fhe ' W re reparing for fhis code of fhe Journahsf. e a p li Q We are learning! .VT n 3 iff? g, 'f J , 'f.a,, s.., N I .-..' 19? . . 'Q..f?? fix! Seminary Colleclm' N,-l1'1 ded io pre- Boolc Reporis and ihe reading nee pore fhem a+ limes was on arduous rash: of ofher Hmes a pleasanf one. You see, nof all our reading was from fhe comic books. .X Svc lional Span ca 1: 5-'. in si' Mr A I QV I JOMINIC V. CATRAMBONE 7 Plecscnf Avenue, Wyndmoor SIVI N IJOIURS Bvui Aivuf-rwivi' Rvpuvir-r 4 , Un O L -'U mimiry Qniimw im 5 ii rw li Sp0v'5 r HENRY F. CHURCHVII-LE ALOYSIUS F. CIFELLI EDWARD A. CLARK 3438 Hurley Sfreef 2705 E. Somersef Sheer 2638 Memphis Sfreef ASCENSION MGTHER OF iwviwf GRACE sr, Amir AM iw , Spgmqh CML Oiiiufsfvni - BVU Sw'nc1m11 Spivrif, Nu: iwifhr' - Svdiuuui Spwli SL-wjiiorwci Spf-M5 V+ 5mi1u'i.,rw .if fbi- I-with Qiviluf 1 Serxiimivy Coiicuini' Bi-Www: Meehan of Senior Four, obsorbed in fhoughi, prefers ihe doings of MocBe+b io ine sboofing of Hier rubber bond. Insi-9: Mr, Quoile ieoches Laiin ci' ihe Annex, while Fofher O'Neiil lbeimfvj befriended us in fbe Senior Engiixh class. 1 G hge, .tn 5' lv: Nl fa JAMES P. CLIGGETT 2409 E. Tulip Slree? ST ANNE '. Sin-Y", Lx v'1X ' l-'lwlrl JOSEPH A. COGHLAN I4l5 E. Wil+ Sfreel HOLY NAME Sr-rrienal Spnrls THOMAS J. COLLINS 3348 N. l8ll1 Slreef OUR LADY OF HOLY SOULS Sectional Spnrfs an Q' WILLIAM J. CONLEY 3432 N. Lee Slreef ST. HUGH FaOlLwal Marmgvr Sefclnwrml La Langue Francaise 'l r lrrmw lltr- lanrrnarq -'x' el a caunlry, we nwsf frm l.nWv lhr- grammar, Thig is mpeclally lrue .5 lrrrnr h Clrannnar, Since lhe French langue Lallllflll- za many lcllcnns lhal are peculiar la a Flrrrhance language, Aller lhe war, France wi? nndanhlcdly regain her pinnacle among The rm L-, ai rlenworracy, ancl -lubsequenfly rhe French lan wa IQ will reaarn llf, farmer glalus, To lzalher Lfrrlwm-r and Mugler McNally falls fha 'loslc ol rnalfszfr rlrrar la U5 lhe inlrlcacles of French Lf: lmnwor, . . . fo know fhe languages of ofher peoples . . . an essenfial fo Hue man af fhe confrols of radio in a world af war . . . an essenfial in fosfering friendship among men in a world af peace . . . JOHN J. CONNELL 6l0 CheIfenham Ave. SI. WILLIAM 3osebaII Mnnugz-r Soo er' Manager CIILAQ-rIeocJer' Q N gg' B, 4 'C' A A., . JOSEPH M. CONNELL l0l2 E. Tioga Slreef ASCENSION Riding Chwb - CIOSS OI:IIC9r Sectional SporIs 2' ,yiiz K i pic: I rr.-'HH I RICHARD J. CONNOR 6235 N. Lamberf Sireef ST, BENLDICI' Sectional Sporis WILLIAM J. CONNELLY 48I4 Sfenion Avenue SI, FRANCIS OF ASSISI Nofeosier - Biology Club Drumciics Below: Fafher KeIIeher is poinfing ou? rhe simpIicify of fhe French Ianguage. Mr. McNoIIy's consfanf repeii' Hon of vocabulary gave us cr foundafion of French Lif- erafure. fi LII? Cuff Drehl and Dolan of Sophomore I cloum French pronuncnahon r 'us a maHer of exernon The ons and alns are sample when you Innow how Much simpler Ihon "Mareseafoafs." . . . flle gallanf MEfClldHf Marine . . . fraveling fo dislanf lands . . . leading a fuller life . . . doing a beffer iob by knowing language . . . The Knowledge of German Thr- Gorman language has once more relurned lo our Curriculum. Under flue guidance of Falher Eiwenlnarllw, lhe German Class proves lo be very inlcreslinq. Qnce a weelc Gorman songs are sung and every -xludenl loolcs forward lo 'llmis as a ploasanl reliol lrorn llme incessanl drilling ol word lorrns which we lcnow is necessary lo propcwly rnaslor llwe lancuac 0. J 3 Fulher Hughes leeches Algebra al lhe Annex and . Z I , ' -' l. X Q 11 'I ,.-.a coaches fhe Baslcefball leum lhere. Our Freshmen know you had cz good leam. Lowor right is Mr. Ryan al fhe blackboard in Technical English class. JOHN T. CONROY 4025 Caslor Avenue HOLY HXINOCENTS Svdlonal Sporls JOHN P. CORCORAN 2444 E. Indiana Avenue NATIVITY Snclionol Sporls CHARLES E. COSTELLO JOSEPH E. COSTELLO 3l32 Ruwle Slreel 3025 Livingslon Sfreel Sl. TlMO'll-lY NATIVITY Aeronoulic Club Secfional Sporls Seclionol Sporls - , Q 1 C' 1. of C' l F RAYMOND A. COTE 42l5 Teasdale Slreel ST. BERNARD Sedionol Spovls L Ni fl' German is once again in our rosiers. Fafher Eisenbarlh's classes mingled fhe difficull drills of fh l ' ' ' BERNARD H. COYLE I42 Pleasunf Sires? LITTLE FLOWER Band - Orchesfra Seclional Sporfs 4 e anguage with lhe Iighier song days. This we liked. CHARLES J. CQYLE CHARLES W. COYLE I363 Narragansefi Sires? 2l22 E. Lehigh Avenue WMAQULME QONCEPTION ST- ANNE STN, Secfionai Sporls - Spqnigh QI b U Seclional Sporls - Spanish Club T . ' . 1A XA N . . . fo frade wifh our Lafin-American neighbors . . . undersfanding Hue manners and fhoughfs of ofhers will furfher Hue cause of Pan-Americanism. Classes in Spanish Spanisli, flue sonorous language ol sunny Spain and lwer colonies, is used exlensively in llwe Commercial world, especially in llwe irnparlina and exparling business. Under llie able lulelage alFall1ers Buller and O'Connell, we are acquainled willi llie cullural side ol llie language, and acquire a general knowledge al llie ancienl cuslorns. medieval grandeur, and modern ideas al 'rlwal pic:- luresque caunlry al romanlic lradilians. Qur classes are rnade more inlere-sling lay rewards al Spanish Conver- salians, music, and by visual aids, JOSEPH W. COYLE JOHN E. CRAVEN JOHN A. CRAWFORD 607 W. Venungo Sfreef 2566 Ann Sfreef 236 Berkley Slreef Sl. VKRONICA NATIVITY ST. FRANCIS OF ASSlSl Rlwsvnlvo Rnpavlcv Seclianal Sporls Noneasler - Radio Club Seminary Colledor Alusenlee Reporler S0CllOVlGl SDOMS , sr W I 4 ie ,pr WILLIAM J. CROSSMAN 42l5 Cusfor Avenue HOLY INNOCFNT fNl'1SCIWlCA" Rvparlor 4-1 6 Q!! rag, K 5? Spanish has finally come inio ifs own. Alfhough a comparolively new course in our school, lhe choice and inferesf shown by fhe sfudenls gUCIfUHlB9S ils slay. FRANCIS 1, CROWE DANIEL J. CUMMINS 4323 Filling Sfreel l5l8 Harrison Slreef Sl. JOACHlM'S ST. JOACHIM Sf-Cliorml Spfwrls Snflirvnczl Spmls Spanish Club Alesvnloe Roporler Hi: Q .1 .ij Falher Buller inslrucls us in lhe rudimenls of lhe Spanish language, while Falher O'Connell lreeps us in- formed on ihe liferalure and cusloms of our Spanish' spealzing neighbors. FRANCIS J. CURRAN 2645 N, Pofler Slreef VISYTATION Sectional Sporls .A .- - ox EDWIN E. CZARNECKI l923 W. Huniingparlr Avenue ST. LADISLAUS Cheerleader - Nofeasler Chemisfry Club -' 'S 961 ' 4 r 3 7-'fin' it X 3 Y, liaise' 2 i , I i 2 ' d ' men and characler, his honor needs . . . IU gmg fhe basic fralning in classical languages for fhe pracfice o human nafure . . . I law and a befler undersfanding of The Fundamentals lf'l UUF 0 I L il t i ll Freslwrnon anol Soplwornore years, we om iiivf-n our lirsl glimpse ol The mollier ol all lonriuoqes, Lolin. Upon enlering Norlln C olliolic: ol. bewildered Freshmen, we ore almosl irnme- dialc-ly co nlronled willi The all loo comlolexing Cone ending: ond usages ol llmol lwiglwly inllecled laniiquogo. Ara Soplwonfiores we Sp encl rnony ilrroianl liours lronsloling "Coesor's Gallic Wf1r5,'i ond we ore encouraged lo conlinue our fludiez oi llie Loliri Classics os upper-clossmen EDMUND S. CZERNIAK 3369 Edgemonl Avenue ST, ADALBERT Trallic Squad - Absenlee Reporler Seclional Sporls - Track Team HENRY F. CZUPICH 2606 E. Madison Slreel ST, ADALBERT Traffic Squad - Glee Club Seclional Sporls S 1 souiwjvn -4 nm """ 'ir 'NM .ruling 1- I STUQ ,ous 'Asc ,- I Sling , T Ulu' CCI IS N- on , was ' 'cc f' rx llL g.,, . ' 4 el F l ' arliculcr, wonders if he Sophomore 5 an en on, in p is going lo gel llwe righl Lalin case-ending. We lhinh Fafher Donohue is wondering, foo. RICHARD E. DALRYMPLE 4I9 E. Monlona Slreel LITTLE FLOWER Nofeasler - Falcon Slafl' Clmernislry Club enior Represenlalive Physics Club PAUL V. DALY I979 73rd Avenue ST. ATHANASIUS Seclional Sporls Eleclricily Club 2' .. if .- ffm' h 3' S X li -Qgg , "- - T . .4 L ,-2 Q ' . fi' ie?" ll ii vt J ri I 'rg--ii 1, for - o 1 l Foiher Donohue and 'the onymous. Following Caesar our Sophomore year gave we're ready fo Iacllle Cicero JAMES H. DANNER 2558 E. Elkhurf Sfreei Laiin coniugaiions are syn- and his campaigns Through us many a headache. Now FRANK E. DAVIS 5545 Miriam Road ,,. NATIVITY ST MARTIN OF TOURS Sectional Sporis Sf-nirr Delegale - Nor'easIer Seciianal Sporis I 3-g . f up I .Qi L T12-3-, N' A - -I - ' WW :--". all 4 I I ' 'L GUY J. DE CENZO 5829 Baynfon Sireei ST, VINCENT DE PAUL Sedional Sporls Absentee Reporler 31 f -.Ili ss, ix I If ! I I 4 .fm 1 ,, ww. ,. WILLIAM J. DEERY 6646 N. Uber Sfreef ST, BENEDICT Seminary Collecfor - Baseball Seciional Sports .A 'vs . . . Hle Phormocisf . . . well-versed In Lafin . . . upon whom depend whole communifies in fime of sickness . . . admired by his fellowman . . . O Cicero, Vergil, and 0vid Junior ond Senior Lofin courses ore Iomous become They presenf Three oI The besf wriiers in Lofiri Liferoiure, Cicero, Vergil, ond Ovid. Though we hove sfruggled Through These courses, Ihosie oT us who hove Token Them ore omply rowordod by The effecfs of our sfudies. Through These mosferpieces in Lofin Liferofure our minds ore oroodened ond insiilled wifh o deeper oppreciofion oi dossicol cuhure. WILLIAM J. DeLAURENTIS DANIEL M. DELLIPRISCOLI 3236 N. Phillip Sfreef 2I3l Spencer Sfreef ST, HUGH IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Art Club - Secfionol Sporfs GTN. Sectional Sporfs ROBERT P. DE MARA 54l8 Ruflond S+ree+ ST. MARTIN OF TOURS Foicon SIOTT - Abseriiee Reporfer Seminory CoIIecIor Sec+ionoI Sporfs I Q' if i if f wzisflgl JOSEPH A, DEVER 23bI E. York Sfreef ST, ANNE Absenfee Ropoder Secfionol Sporfs VINCENT D. DEVLIN 7020 N. Ogonh Avenue SI. ATHPNNASIUS Jwnmu Roporhsr Sm IIIIIMI Sf Svminmy COIII-:Im F! -Q . gs. I . I 'Y DANIEL J. DIASIO 47I8 Ashburner Sfreef ST. DOMINIC Sf1IImr1oI SpmIs Abse-mme? Rcporwr A 4? V ROCCO V. DI SANGRO 7234 Vondyke S+reeI OUR LADY OF CONSOIATION Absenfeo I?opcrIur - Nurfcusfor Sf-cIIom1I Sporfs seems Io have enioyed. AII' . "-' Fofher HerIxerI, Ilecd of II'1e cIossIcoI Ionguoges, Ie-aches I.oIin I, 3, and 4. In his spore Iime FcII'1er fakes core of Ihe clossicol club ond the SoIesIcln CIUIJ. IIIII' Freshman 8 In Lofin CIGSS Iwove iusf Hnished c rather amusing IronsIoIion, which even II1eir IGOCIWEF, FoII1er Hemighous, JOSEPH P. DIVINY BIZ Tioga Sireef ASCENSION SOCIISIJII - CIossIr'oI CIIIIJ F-uiosion Ciub I'!'ff w N ,Ng if no pf q":i,' Kg sv . '1',,iLA FRANCIS M. DIXON 45l5 Diimun Sfreel JOSEPH F. DOLAN 342I Jasper Sfreel ST. JOAN OF ARC Cross Counlry - Troclc Teorn JOHN J. DIXON 6443 Tulip Sfreel ST, JOACHIM ST. LEO Folconions - Riding Club Seminary Celleclmr Seclionol Sporls Seclionol Sporls Seclionol Sporls Algebra and Trigonometry Oenerolly, mosl sludenls, by lhe lime lhey reoch l-ligh School, hove developed on oicleclion lor ligures ond hove lillle leor lor nomes Con- necled wilh Molhemolics olher lhon Arilhmelic. ll is lo lhenn, ond we lew opprehensive Fresh- WALTER S. DOMBROSKI 2909 E. Venango Slreol ST, ADALBERT Closs Bowling - Troclc Teom Seclionol Sporls men, lhcil lhe Freshmen Algebro Course is Cle- voled. ll-Q purpose is lo develop lhose minds lhol show lolenl loword lhis subiecl ond lo reossure lhe olhers lhol ore slill hesilonl, in lhe simplesl ond mosl direcl woy. Once This hos been occomplished lhe pupil hos loegun o firm loundolion on which lo build his mclhemolicol knowledge ol subsequenl yeors. fhe Navigafor wifh his knowledge of mafhe- mafics has again broughf Hle ship over ifs fargef 'NX . . . an indispensable member of every bomber- crew . . . XX. 'r iv Qi'17 . 1 1 EUGENE J. DONDREA 6977 Rodney Sfreef Sl. fXll'lANA5llJ5 Jsvnlco RQ-pmlm' - Riilinq Cl Physics Club - Falcon Slull F if lv 1 Q ' . 'Arr' 1 JOHN F. X. DONNELLY JOSEPH F. DONNELLY JOHN P- DONOHUE 28l5 Waler Sfreel 24l3 E. Allegheny Avenue 744 E- Hilf0fl Slfeef VISITATION OUR LADY HELP ASCFNSION ly llmlwiivnzphy Child - lrollici Squad OF CHRISTIANS All Cliilv V Nofeosler Slu Fallon Sunil - Seclional Sporls Clweulvndor - Sedirinol Spoils Blf'l0SlY Cl"lV Nuileoslcr Slull Good News Slall i. P 1 ln-ll in-,.-l. Mr, Devinney is a new addifion fo fhe fac- The infense inleresf of Senior 4 in Mafh under Fafher ully of Norfh Huis year. He has fallen ihe iob of leach- Brand shows we realixed wha+ a par+ i+ will play in fhe ing fhe Freshmen Algebra and English. service of our counfry. Insel: Faiher Dougheriy, Geom- efrv feocher, we welcome back fo Norfh. .64 GQ 3' 5, ' 5' C' A JOSEPH F. DONOHUE 352I N. Ella Sfreef ST. HUGH wr-V Mrrrml Spark 4. VNU V fin'-pncj-liinn wi Fuiiiv ,Wk I .4 JOSEPH A. DOODY 40 Horace Avenue, Abingion, Pa IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, JENKINTOWN Gmwd Nr-ws Sioii - FfJlCmr1 Sfoii Swgflonol Sporfs Geolnetry, Plane and Solid Tiw Mignfiwflmoiifrs rioporfmfrni Gi Noriiwecsi Cdimin' fJiiCl'u fo Us sophomores H10 subjecf of Piano iff-ormlfry. This course Reaches Us Hue Thr-mwm. and ricurrolforios regarding Circiera, fri- mv-gw., rmri r'mh'1nL'4N0-,, Omni devebpz our mindis In prfr-4i,I.:m and madness. The complicmions if xflUUl'r ul. mnw MH be repaid by H5 usefulness m iufcr liic. . . . precision and accuracy . . . acquiring a keen and alerf mind is fhe fask of Hue direcfion finder. The mafllemafical planning and observing of our armed forces will bring us vicfory . . . 'VL We x' , f ,if JOSEPH T. DORLAND 6522 Vandike Sheer ST. LEO Plwofogropiwy Ci in Sedionol Sporfs DONALD V. DORMER l338 Von Kirin Sfreef ST. MARTIN OF TOURS Sr-4 iiwuoi Spwvis - ircxric Team Abscnfer: Roporfor Y Fuiffm Sic Fofher McGoldricir is fire very capable head of fhe Mofhemciics Deparimenf. Under his direciion rise de- parfmenf has esfablished a mafh class fo GQ +he varied program of courses. Ml Clrilw - Sprmislw Cliilw in Club - Sc-ilionol Sporls up iw 1 OYSIUS F. DOUGHERTY 3450 Friendship Sireei Sl. MATH-ll.W CLEMENT F. DOWNEY 3072 Aromingo Avenue NATIVITY Svflionol Sporls 1. V. Buslwlboll i JOSEPH J. DRACH 542 Woodland Avenue PRESENTATION B. V, M. JOHN J. DRESSEL l988 73rd Avenue Sl. ATHANASIUS Vmgily Fzwllnill - Tmliiv Squad Sigwifvml Spmls - liizllif Sqngd Plwysicg Cliib - Tmclc lf-om Pvwpeigmfion r--l flue Foillw Ccwllefi lcir' ui In-,vlg Failrer Brand ieuclnes Senior Mofhemaiics, His The iellOWS Of H19 b00rd in Ge0m9ify CIGSS UVB ,lie devofion fo duly and friendliness io all of us we shall pride of SOpl'1Om0re I5. ANQIBS. fheofemi. Und SWB Wefe remember. o menace while 'rhey lasled. We're glad fo have experi- enced il. l .l , .1,, .1-i.. "N: wl- fi , ' 3 I 'v Q - in 2 vissi Q Q' :sf "if f 1 ' i g- ' . -- " K In ,. T: r .V N 2 it N K ,,, i. , 'I For V, Hg.. -wwf JOSEPH P. DUKE 6622 Ross Slreel ST. MADELINE SOPHIE Colleclor for Propagalion of Fciilh Seclional Sporls JAMES G. DUNIGAN 63I0 N. Lcmberf Sireef ST, BENEDICT Orcheslra - Sfage Crew RAYMOND G. DUNNE 3l73 Belgrade Sfreel NATIVITY Varsify Foolball Absenlee Reporler Sines, Cosines and Secants Never before in The hislory of Norlh Calholic has Malhemalics been laughl wilh as greal an emphasis as if is being laughl Today. The courses given +0 The Juniors ond Seniors are parlicularly emphasized, because These young men will be our Tighling engineers of lornorrow. The Junior Malh course consisls ol Algebra II, which is given in The Tirsl hall, and Trigonomelry, which is laughl in lhe remaining hall. These Two subiecls are acceleraled because ol Their greal irnporlance 'ro The war elilorl. The Malhemalics course given To The Senior sludenls includes a hall year of general review and oi half year ol Solid Geornelry. . . . Hle surveyor . . . plofflng and plunnlng fhe slruclures Hlaf wlll emerge sfronger and more secure ln flue posf-war era. His fask and ours ls fo bulld Amerlca . . . JOHN M. DUVAK 4438 N. I9ll1 Shoal ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Seclional Sporls Spanish Club 4' RICHARD M. DWYER Ill Befhlehem Pilre OUR MOTHFR OF CONSOLATION Seclional Sporls Spanish Club Ii A EDWARD F. EBBA 5609 Miriam Road ST. MARTIN OF TOURS All Club - Seclional Sporls if--I ff, t.. r i I , .L f ' " ,.'i9'f 1 jifif1g5..s r ip N- - . ww I .. .X :S-fiI.' V , CHARLES J. ECHELMEIER 46l7 Tampa Sireef ST. AMBROSE Orcheslra - Band ROBERT J. ECONOMY 4535 N. l9+h Sfreef ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Good News - Falcon Sfall Sefiloncll SPOVI5 Ari' Club A Nofeasler Pyfka and Lehmann, al' Ihe board, show Iheir abilily Io do Solid Geomefry while Senior I looks on, and Dal- rymple fondles wifh pride his recenfly acquired class- ring. . Fafher Connolly, feacher of Religion. is no sircnger here ai Norfh and we are happy fo have him wiih us again. .4 ,hz A ,T 1. .L W, I JAMES C. EGAN 323 Ashdole Sireef INCARNATION Swflionol Spovls Chemislry CI-lb T, JOHN F. EGAN 3020 N. Swanson Sireef ST, HUG-l-l Soccer Team - Noneasler Sludenl Governrnenf , '- be ' ,iii-fb BV? PAUL F. ELLIS 45I4 Princelon Avenue ST, LEO'S Dramofics - Glee Club Radio Club - Sludenl Governmenl Technical Mathematics i ' L 'Af .i,z:y""" .f V .q .- T -1.-ff? da.: ' "5 ua. ' M R l ' f ROBERT F. ERVIN bbll Bouvier Slreel' ST. BENEDICT Foolball Team Crew - Senior Uelegofcs ln various subiocfs if is To Jrhe advanlage ol The sludonl lo have coniunclive courses lo sup- filomonl Them. Qur Technical Malh is such a iupxvlemcnl, ll il were nol lor lhe Malh involved, it would be ol no avail lo leach many subiecls. Aerodynamics is given wilh Aeronaulics, and Molh is incorporaled direclly info our Radio and Eleclricily courses. This shows The desperale need lor Malh in nearly everylhing we do, . . . Flighf Engineer . . . direcflng fhe formafion . . . hundreds depending on his precision and spllf- second Hming. We are qualifying for Hlaf posifion. Mr. Konsfonzer explains opposl e Ong denis in his eome y 'l les fo The slu- G ir class, His patience and kindness. as well as his Geomelry. Will femclf' Will' U5' ir.. w 5 . 'filet U .Q -. i.' O W., , 2' . N Q I ug: If I ,Q 1 L L..-.,,fgi. l WILLIAM A. ERVIN JOSEPH L. EVANS JAMES F. FAGAN JAMES 1. FALLON 2736 Prof? Sfreef 235 W. Sparks Sfreef 6937 Wisier Sireef 1323 E. MOUIQOYYTHTY Avenue ALL SAINTS ST. I-IELENA ST, ATI-IANASIUS HOLY NAMI- ecIionoI Spmis RIdEng Club - Snminovy COIIQQIN FInm'vQ:opIwy CIIIIG - FuIrfm Siqmff SI-III-mul SpwI5 Sc-rninory Colle-:Ior SecIEonoI Sporfs Chemishy Club Av? CIHI: AI:s0nIL-L: Rcpoder . 1 .ml wa-wi--4" I15wf"3"'VL.! ri ' If SL , I -,L l, .. .L A X 1, 1 -,. ,, , . ,JU wi" fl Insofz Fcfher McLernon insfrucis us in fhe Ge- omefry closs room, while Fofher Dunn, obovc, in +I'1e fcculiy house bcsemenf, insfrucis Soph. I8 in IW" 'k"'fR.s. 'rhe finer poinfs of Technical Mafh. . . . operafing an averaging sexianf . . . fhe insfru- menfs used in modern warfare necessifafe Hue care- ful masfering of a background of mafhemafics. Business Arithlnetic rw ' V 'N HTl"'1 f LJ pr- Www fvflhrrwfgrhf chroh, wnh the hlndornen- rhfnfhfrrnohns +0 he used infer IU our IH ihrf world. This cuurse 0-1114 nw, uh thu shwrf suis ond hrno savers which VIVIT KKJVJHVJ r A H'fYl'.J7l7 mmm , if u'wJ fre-nim JAMES I, FARRELL 5629 Miriam Road ST, MAPTVN OF TOURS Sw TlmmJ Spwis VVIVCJ VF Wy f,?SSQ'7VWJ!OJ OVW CFIWFDJOYCV. VWIJ H1 Yhr- huh frrincepffrw of moihce Jrf" ,W mmm Mm UH Surfhornorea, Junior JOHN R. FEEHAN 20I7 E. Wesimoreland S+reef ST, JOAN OE ARC C-Drghesiro - Band Sodionof SQCTYJS THOMAS J. FERGUSON 55l8 Mofihew Sfreef IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Abscnfoo Ruporhfr A Ghrc Club Sechonul Spcvfs U 1- 'GF ' J F Li ALBERT V. FEURSTEIN I57 W, Nedro Avenue ST, HEL! NA Abgenfzfn Rf-pmfvr e Birvlfwgy SDf?IfvncJ Sporis b 9 Club Kelly of Ju his problem i fhe next prob nior ll shows fhe class how simple n Business Mafh is, while Hill does lem. We all pay close allenfion, for we wani fo be able fo use lhis mailer. FRANCIS J. FIGANIAK 2333 E. Hagerf Slreel' ST. LAURENTIUS Seclional Sporfs HENRY J. FISCHER 4926 Gransback Sfreef ST. AMBROSE Serlional Spnrls Riding Club I Fafher Fleclmsleiner spends his offer school hours cafering io our whims and fancies al ihe bool: slore. Fafher also 'reaches Algebra fo fhe innocenf liflle Freshmen. Hmmm, we wonder how innocenf ihey are, JOHN L. FITZPATRICK Second Sireel Pike, Soufhamplon JOSEPH F. FVSCHER 405 E, Chellenham Avenue ST, HENRY KFPUR lfXl7Y OF GOOD Orzihcsivo - Riilinfi Chl! COUNCIL Smgliiwnl Sywvli- Sf-N lmmll Symvli Mi, . , i . 1 , K- . ,Q sl, , t X T . i ., 3 f ii N ,Z - ' H- X I' W 1' , P 'Q . J f - ss' . 5 if Vw QQ . , ' N , vc., 4. ' . x h. Q X 9 . . . fo inform flue world . . . speaking wifh aufllor- ify. flue commenfafor is a nafional figure capable of expressing himself correcfly in public assemblies. CW, .l llwf' f um lfml W'fly"Y G f6'r',Om is IUCJQSCJ J l y J' r1M1'Wfr' X 'all 0-pr62',',lOrW, COVTlld9F1CC l1'Wl if ww, lm' H+".n"nf1YV vlormgni, ol Correa? im f ll. Mvw my vfwelw rut'vf1uixlle3z5llVwLJs.CV l:Oil1QF lv- ml WV flu' lfmfxlwl llwwo lumcimnwemlols in fi. W1 f H, AM: A Pwlnluc Spoalcirwg. The Clelecls lv' W M wi Q M M nw- lnfmgqlwl lwomv lo U' by lislen- ww J 'fl nlirmx A J uL1r'vQlLC5 Wlwglw OVC mode H, Uv! .Ia lforreet and Effective Speech JAMES J, FLAHERTY JAMES P. FLEMING 923 Sanger Slreel 6736 Soucler Slreel T' Nf1Al'T1H il V' 'UFS RLSUPilVlVTlON UF LIU? LOPD ', ' V 'iq Sf-Jiwrw-xl Sp IJS JOHN R, FLEMING 57I6 Lena Slreef ST, VVNCINT Vi VAUL S+-+.,rI.Nrml Sxfvz Vqv-,yvyf Bqv. 'mi JOHN F. FOLEY 59l3 Leilhgow Slreel Sl' Hl I I NA Q- Mwrml Su -MQ VE, H-1v.1l JW CJ lv E- K T l9s Heurin your own voice is quile o surpruse, 9 'l ' iven us lo improve and per- ln Public Speaking class opporfunn y IS g ' Kulmle of Junior I3 is doing very well of flue "mille.' Sounds funny, loo. fecf our voices. liqrlvl, is Fafher Freiler of flue Drama Deporlmenig he is fl1e lnsfruclor, WILLIAM J, FORRESTEL EDWARD 1. FOSSETT THOMAS 1. FOSTER FREDERICK F. FRANKS 4308 Comly Sfreef 2Il7 Simon Slreel 5625 Heislxill Slreef 45l9 Unrulm Slreel S17 5,0-Xpyplmlrwmuv Ll' BARTHQLOMlW ST, WNLQENT H PAUL ST, Ilo Y ,,l, ljmmll Q! .,r, lg Sv 'lwrml Spf-vls Sfwllrnlml Su vl'3 Vlllllyl lllxwl-ull Spmnblw C3 ln Sf' llwrlzl Qvpwvl. fAxl1w'nlm' Rn-pm lvl' V4, l ijixifl- I 'eh , , N . . . fo follow fhe developmenls on all fronfs . . . bringing fo ofhers informaflon vifal fo vicfory and peace . . . a means of unifing fhe nafions of a world af war . , Puri-'fi Tw loorn ul monl progress Through 'ine cvriluiir-2, we ow clgily inslrucglexd in limi infer- cr ring ncroll of We 05109, Hislory. The course is inriclc- f-0-.ier lor us by dividing ir in'rQ rhree iiiirlm--oncimril, mc-rlie-vol, Gnd modern, We, lrf-miwrnvn, are lcd flwrougqn ine riiaforicol rnozes fri unricril lirnew, so incl wo rnoy, by sfudying gum f-yrrnrr. of irriporlorice, be bef+er equipped frm cope with ine problems ol 'rodoy ond lumui-row, Ancient and Dlodern ,llistory 081-' Mr. Kenny, well-known fo lhe Senior Closs, is engaged in leaching Hisfory. His commenfaries on mailers luis- lorical gove us c clearer insigl'1+ on ine subiecf. RICHARD W, FRAZER FRANCIS l. FROSCHLE FRANCIS l. FUREY ERNEST ji GALLAGHER 6I4I Lawrence Slrecf IIO6 Frankford Avenue l389 Anchor Sfreel 4524 Penn Slrec? 'rl lllilN,fX lMMAKMUiAlF fxL5NCll'll"JN, ST, NAFPTIN UF lilUl":3 Sl lilAfilllM in ii si imsimorom Swrf rfrri i Srfvz my-'fr fl: ,r ' ' rrff l?-ri ' Al .1-nl r-f- R--pi i'f'r i rr i-ii fl lv S.. M rm! Siwrls 1q'BTR .5 K .'f", .'vf'ffi', gy -- -1 gp ' o , 1 , A , pf eq' L ' 1' i 1' -' . 'T . 5 J 5s ' ' .Jn . f '7 , lllllll ' 1 K. 'T '33 - Foiher McCc:r+hy and American Hisiory are frue friends. This is Senior 9 lis+ening fo Horvey's exploncifion of the mop as Mr, Kenny supervises. RANCIS X. GALLAGHER JAMES J, GALLAGHER JOHN 1. GALLAGHER JOHN R, GALLAGHER 6940 Diiman Sfreef 222 W. Clopier Sireei 846 E. Wesfmorelonci Sfreef I948 Medcxry Avenue Si, iirkw Si., FilfXNCiS OF ASSISI ASCLNSNON Sl. BiNiiJiCi Viv-iiwqiixpiw Ci iw Sv.'ionJ1' Spwris Traci: Team - Sfwvrincry Cfpiiedwr Ginn Ci ii 5ii.,ni5,ii Clnb S,..7ii,n,,i Siiiiii-, Scigiionoi Si' i." Ms Sf-'iiiiixni Siwiix qi E. 51' A 43 gs, ni L9 A T , uf, ., . " .. X 4:41 1 Y A A wr , 1 . . . fhe Sfoiesmon . . . a man of Hle world . . vers d ' ' c un Hlsfory bofh oncienf and moder n . . . upon him depends fhe decisions fhaf influence Hle lives of our fighfing men The Story of A lil-vlwv is one ol llwo mod Qducolionol ond lvonwclvning ol all sllbleclf. Our Modern l-llslory cow-,o Is ol unmlslolcoble value To us, mol be- cowo wo Con nee Qleorly llwe mlslolces mode by ilwf: new cmd old world governmenls in relolively m K1 X . X . . omm Mme. Bemq ormed vvnllw 0 com ll , P 9 9 lmowlv-dqc of pcusl misloles we con re ore V l P F3 cfm ,eflvr-5 lo ciorrecl wflw loulls Cmcl build cu more molly pf-fluff world ln which lo live. MICHAEL J. GALLA GHER JOHN W, GALSHACK 9I3 W. Dunconnon Avenue 79I8 Roonolme Sfreef VJ AUNAV' '-J fUP Mc'vlHl'?? '. - V- 'I -- l"l 7XfllXl'i:fYllAlll'7lXl J W: 1 ' 'xo 'H will SLA Cl "-' 1 My lp xv S , - ' A L it 'fqggif 5. -' ' " "filQf'l1 f ,pea J T nnerica . n Q 'v V -qw' I . q g vu 4' 4' " FRANCIS P. GANNON Ill W. Clwclmplosf Avenue Sl, llrllllfx wvr, l'1l.zg 'm All. C me l , if N f" X' 'X 46- JOHN J. GARVEY IB34 Plymouilu Slrcef Al llAT'lA'lllJ',Q 'l'llN5v!5 4 . ,J 9 Q I .1-I bi Wifh maps as aids fo flue learning of our everclrang- ing Hisfory, Junior 8 heeds Fafher CuHer, night feacher of History and modercfor of Track and Cross-Counfry. CHARLES J. GAZDZIK ARTHUR E. GEIST l92l W. Hunfing PQ,-k Ayenug 30 Sycamore Avenue, Siles, Pa. SI' Lfwlgmug OUR LADY OF GRACE Nk,,'nk,nlnr Q ,,yR,, I Nnwf, Smlf lrnfl Crabs Ccmnlry S,.kfnnn,l Sp, ,fs Plmlogroplwy Club i V un.. wh Sr- , , , A 6 9-"EN . , JOHN 1. GEOGHEGAN I5 E, Chelfen Avenue SV, VINCENT DE VAUL Alva:-rwllv R4-porlzvr Clwmislwy Clnb Sccllonnl Spmrls - Plwyshgs Clin 6 il. vm EDWARD V. GILL I43l Rosalie Sfreel ST. MARUN OF TOURS Snqmnnnl apods Bmwllng Lmlgxm .,: x' FG! ' WI' Rl ,K 1 , .. JF Elhx l 3... 4 Fx M1 1 21 FRANCIS J. GILLESPIE JAMES .l, GILLESPIE SOI4 Tacoma Sfreel 5032 Keyser Slreel ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Riding Cliulu Seclionol Sporls Sf-Mic-ruol Spcurls S-urruinory Colleclor l 5-i Af I , i.. . fbi. a N . 4 pw., -.... , -N Y . ,V Q .5 sy ! HENRY J. GLAZIER 2923 N. bllu Slreef ST, VERONICA Riding Club Scclionol Sporls National Problems Nolionol Problems leoclues us lo beller under- slorud flue sociol ond economic problems ol our counlry. Tluis course deals willu llue delecls ol lobor, copilol, goverrumerul, ond lorm. We ore given cu complele piclure ol llue nolionol luondi- cops ond remedies for correcling ulluem. This course gives us o looclcground lo cope willu lluese problems wluen we come up ogoinsl lluem in llue worlcl. We, os cilizens, should be con- cerned willu llue welfare ol our counlry. . . . lo fill the soil . . . a vifal lask in lhe emergen- cies of war . . . an admirable figure ln Hue peaceful world of fomorrow . . . working and lolllng for man and God . . . A Qi y ' ,V tg g ,EQ HENRY B. GOUGH II46 Bridge Slreel ST, MARTIN OF TOURS Nofcosler Sloll Sectional Sports -.-ef We missed Mr. Riley in flue locker room llwis year. buf we undersland flue Freshmen and sophomores kepl' luim quife busy in luis Hisfory classes. i . l i ' . 1 RANK C. GRAHAM DANIEL J. GRANT IOSEPH W4 GREEN ROBERT J. GREGORY 5707 N. 'Hlw Sireef ZI44 N. 3rd Slreel l9l0 E. AFIIOHU SNES? 5l64 "F" Sire!! ST, HLHNA ST. BCWNIFACV Sl' BCfWNlI-AVF ST. AMBROCF Smliwnnl Sp vxvv la F'li.i+.i.1i,1phy Ci,li ' y1-f' lion-'il Su-ill, S:-cliwn-ul Spwvlu - Fil vw ulmll Riuliwq Cliilw mirmvy Cwlloiliir Alun-will-if Rv iw.-Ili-r O15 Coslello of Freshman 8 lis+ens infenlly fo flue unfold- ing of fhe world's problems in flue slory of ancienf civil- izafion, Their solulions sound logical. Fafher Furphy, feuclmer of Nafional Problems, is also fhe Direcfor of Allslefics. We look baclr and recall lbs day Falher Furplmy said thai we, loo, were a Nolionol Problem. THOMAS F, GREY 6l27 Mascher Slreel' ST4 HELENA Nofeaslr-r Slail - Riding Club EDWARD N. GROGAN 4266 N. Fairhill Sfreef ST, HENRY Seclional Sporls Sf-dional Sporls Varsily Baseball FRANCIS 5. GUARRIERI ANDREW 1. GUCKIN 7I56 Keysfone Sfreei 663 E. Tioga Sfreef OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION ASCENSION Secfional Sparls Seclional Sporls Visual Education One of fhe mosi recenf innovaiions info mod- ern educalion has been lhe use of mofion pic- fures 'ro convey informalion and new ideas To ihe sludenf. Norih Cafholic, conscious of The confinuous improvemenf in melhods of reaching, boasls of such a sysiem of educalion, A loailery ol pro- ieciors, small and large, supplies lhe siudenl' wifh a large variely of films selecled from a wellfsfoclred film library. . . . Delving info fhe depfhs of science . . . meefing Hue advances of a scienfiic age . . . moving for- ward fo furfher research and developmenf . . . Below: Falher Leonard laugh? Freshman Hislory a+ fhe Annex. They described him in lwo words: "He's wonderfull" Right: Visual Educalion played a greal' par+ in our learning. Movies were always welcome, bolh in fhe classroom and in fhe audiforium. These Fresh- men are really looking or ihe Baflle of Sicily but fhe phofographefs flash caused lhaf blank screen. 1 ls 69' 4 ,ff X l f THOMAS J. HAAG JOHN H. HAGAN RAYMOND L. HANISCO 893 Marcello Sfreel 6937 N. l9l'h S+ree+ 3336 N. Phillip Slreef ST. MARTIN OF TOURS ST. ATHANASIUS ST, HUGH Senior Delegale Seclioncl Sporfs Glee Club - Ar? Club Seclioncil Sporls Sectional Sporls MICHAEL J. HANSBERRY 39I4 Pulaski Avenue OUR LADY OF HOLY SOULS Secfional Sporls Rniniz Father Coyle, feaclwer of Hisfory, is +l'ie head of the Visual Education Deparfmenf. Merci for ihe line films, Fallwer. L, JOSEPH H. HARNEY 6560 Limelriln Pille ST BENEDICT s nlec- Roprirlvr S rl onul Spfmrla v 'J Ik. W ,vkrw I 1 HENRY J. HARTEY IZI4 E. Oxford Avenue ST. MICHAEL Absenlee Reporler Sedionol Sporls it qi "9 as 33 J 'nv W' I Q 3 ' g i JOHN X. HARVEY IO46 Proll Slreef ST, MARTIN OF TOURS Seclionol Sporls Vorsily Foolboll Closs Virf- Presidenl Oiqheslio - Trcllic Squad The Science of Physics Physics is Ihe science ihoi lells us ihe why ond vvherelore oi ihe 'rhings we see oboul us in our dolly lives: sound, he-oi, light and elecfricily ore Ioul o few ol Ihe Iroubling problems copcbly presenled Io us, Junior members, in +he Physics course. The sliidy oi Ihis bronch ol science gives us G splendid Ioundoiion in The Iundomenlols ol such cm ropidly developing field. From Ihis course we derive on underslonding ond oppreci- olion ol scienliiic phenomena. Mr. McKay handed flue physics class over lo Adams and Heim of Junior 5. The Demonslrafion of lhe Magda- burg Hemispheres on almosplmric pressure was infer- esfing and enlighlening even fo lime phologrcpher. . . . fesling lhe laws of Physics . . . lhe lab ex- perf' . . . increasing in imporfance in our daily lives . . . Our lives in Science will be beffer. for flley poinf fo fhe Source of Science . . . JOHN C. HAVILAND 953 Sanger Slresl ST. MARTIN OF TOURS ROBERT J. HENRY 2033 Conlyn Sfreei ', N.. 1'-if ' .-1 THOMAS J. HENRY 335I S+. Vincenr Sfreef JOHN F. HERON I464 E. Wil? Sfreef JOHN J. HINNEGAN 409 Huniingdon Pike MACLZLATE CONCEPTION, ST. MATTHEW HOLY NAME ST, CTCELIA CTN. Ovsiiesfrci - Falcon STGTT Seciienui Spmfs Spanish CMM e Roriifv Ciiib Si-miniiiy Cuiimfor Senfionoi Sporis Seminary Colhdor Sedionqlgpcavis - UeUiiciTyC iiiwrmi Spmis - Sponisii CTD Absenieo Rcpfiifer E, uh f. -5 Mr. McKay, feociwer of physics, holds The undivided ofienfion of The Junior cicss wi+h +l'ie new developmenfs in fha? science. We were czlwoys anxious fo see The lows of mofher nafure being revealed be- fore our very eyes. Of course, fhere were problems, foo. U , C' JOHN 1 HORVATH 4 N "I" Sfreef HOLY INNOCENTS ST, LEO Secfnonol Sporfs Sernrnory Coilecior 5, L .' , W A ,.. qv, x T' li. ' :Y ' .J . 0 I JOSEPH A. HEUBER 6650 Tulip Sheet Sedionol Sporis Spanish Club A Nofeosfer Experimentation The Physics Lob, used by Us Junior Scieniisis of The sfudenf body, serves os o ploce where Theory is puf info procfice. Affer siudying in The Phyeics leciure room, for four doys o week, ihe Theories of heof, lighi, power, ond ofher energies Tho? confrol The world, we file inio The loboro- fory, where we devore fwo Tull closes 'ro prochcol experimenfoiion ond modern opplicoiion of The subieci. . . . Men of research . . . fhose behind the men of acflon . . . exploring 'Phe mysferles of science . . . lo fhem belongs a nofe of praise for 'lhelr unfold hours spenf fo furfher fhe knowledge of mankind . . . Absenfee Reporfer Boseboil Teom Y it FRANK E. HUGHES 3435 Tudor Sireef ST. MATTHEW OUR MOTHER Secfionol Sporfs Sedionol Sporfs Seminary Coilecior Experimenting in the Physics lab was one of our ioys. Here we were working on The coefiicieni of linear ex- pansion. H proved fo be a Iof of fun, alfhough some of our numbers didn? quile agree wiih wha? The bool said. A S .4 JOSEPH F. HUGHES 8440 Ardleigh S+., Chesinui H OF CONSOLATION Seminary Colledor ffl? HARRY G. HUMMEL 8327 Alicia Sfreel ST. CECELIA Plwolography Club Absenleo Reporler u. ' ARTHUR A. HYNES 4l5 E. Gower. Avenue HOLY CROSS Spanish Club - Falcon Slalf Plwolograplmy Club iff 3.1 .Q-fi. :- '-vig? -14.44, ,, a. . FRANCIS P. INGENITO RICHARD T. JAMES 3024 Knorr Sfreef 43I0 Howell SfI'88f ST. TIMOTHY ST, BARTHOLOMEW Seclional Sporfs - Spanish Club Bond - Secliorial Sporls Nofeasler Slalll Absenlee Reporler Mr. McDermoH is flue Physics lab insfrucfor. Befween classes we offen speni the lime asking a lol of quesiions abou? anyfhing al all. lf seems we iusl liiecl fo folk fo ilme facully. 4. l .qdnyli f . . . Hle scienlisf Hlal deals mosf comprehensively wifh life . . . he musf have complefe knowledge of biology and cllemisfry . . . he is flle mosl' closely associafed wifh nalure's greafesf mysfery . . . Iilvlncnls, ll0lilIl0ll nds, and Dlixlures mmf -llvjul. rl-qwiw 'rllml l-wmlollon im llwory. lwrm.1ry I. om- ol llwmef, Nullurully, llwrw, greol COND ls 1-f'ww,1-.l lr we llml lllf? lumlfxmrfnlfl, ol sucilw G dllltull 'wlwlwl mr- vvsll lumqlml cwcl l 'N K irmly c-mjyoved in our minds. All flu can n 2 mfl in-f1C,l1um'1 lrllcnis plccf-3 in flue Clwerwwlmlry z H f . Here llwe Counflcsi ll A lmf- umm vvvflm lulln r Ke lly pr! Qclwrm fm-l vr-vy nwrNf'll1r1l1wl llwmnw, wlmlw ml rwcccswlly Q0 wlllw A1 grwlv ul Clwrmuhy, uw frxplcuvrwd lo U5 Over ond over Ll1xl'lWf vw lvrm wwf wrwlw f'w'.'lTH1'INl'Q um IH Compound--. Nw- H ' . mule Clwe-misls ol us. lllf' llllll 1 ul llll fiilllf l Nl lm l l:l!Il'lll nl I lu nmllmlf- uf, mlm llw nevcrola of Clwcmlelry so lrml ww Hwy lw flu-pcurml lm' cjumlmuwil slucly ln llwls JOSEPH S. JASKULA 2680 Deacon Slreel ST, lAl'ISl,AUS Secllc mul Snmlc Bend S1-mlvvmvy Cwll-M lm 1 GEORGE M4 JOHNSON 7I9 Wingohoclring Sireef ST. HENRY Sq-Hlmnnl Spmls Y Rwflim Clflb Eloclriaily Clwlw 'NNN ,V llolcl. THOMAS J. JUDGE PAUL D- KAISER 2553 E. lndiuno Avenue lazo NOPHG Sfreel Sludenl Gow-vnvw-M Bond - Gm-1 N-'ws Sfmll Sedifmgl Sp-mfg Boslrclbull Murmger 1' Z X A -J, X Q ma A ,. u 39:1 . 21' - f'fi,5.k2ff My .M5',,, .E. A 5, 2' ' ' V r A ' - L -'I 1 L 1' ai l 5. A Hi. 1 . ' X ' n The balancing of chemical equarions presenfed some difficulfy fo Senior 4. Charles Ball, ci-ffm, feels fhaf he will be Fafher Kelly's nexf viclim. ROBERT D. KARPEN 4490 Richmond Sfreef Sl. lK'5llN lffNNllLlS Propugyixll in nl luilli Ci-ll' Oflmlml Simi ln bwrviiizixiy KY.-'ll CARL F. KAZAKAUSKAS 2660 E. Tioga Sfreef ST, GFORGF Beard A Svcliunal Spade Qrclwslva i L Faiher Kelly, our inslruclor in Chemisfry and Healfh and Guidance, devofecl uniold hours preparing us To selecl' fhe proper College ancl place of employmenf. Thanks, Falher. ROBERT J. KEATING 4645 Horroclrs Sfreef Sl, ,lOACHll!l Sw fir 'till Sv-MS Lifiifn P ,.., WILLIAM G. KEE 514 E. Walnui Lane lMMfXC,UlATL CONCl,VllQN CHN. Si-i iiwml Spwils llw iv'-My Ciili - Rodin Chili x V I .. X , 6, 6 , , 4- x Q 8 X lf' L Y' V 4 fig? qi - 2 is fi - ' Mkv.- H., f, . - . -, J f i . . . lheir symbol is fhe relorl . . . lhey made llydro- gen, oxygen in school . . . al work fhey produce powder, silk and plasfics from air and wafer . . . fruly scienfific magicians . . . V l'Ilq- Nlysleries of fhclnistry -' ' ii riii in Lilli' 1i'YVR,', iKiiiDWillf1iy I'6f'iQI'Y'GCl ' ii Y "+' ifiw ivy Lniyl iiifiur iii, in Un il !iOiC'lCi'I iii 'Hifi ' N wiv- iiiiii ilu" V1fTii mcims of i 'iw mi 1 -ii .ivfn ii iiiii ii and hidden sccreis. ii' ivv' 'iii- ,viii iiliii r",'F' iii Biiiiiifll' Cf'e"OVfjQ, W6 i -r'v iw-i Wi- iiiiiiiiiiii uiwifi ui K'i6llT7fV'i'ii , COW- zi iiiiiix iiimiifiii fmfi Wim? iifwi- you, pfiriorm- in 5 ii- iifwiivw im mi fgiiiiivril, iiiui mode our 5 ' 'H-i -,fiiirilimiu if1'i'fw . W0 Cliwflyi iOOi4 i iii ii, ioiwiiii ii cm' vii,-wiiy icdib pOi'iOfl iiwi wi iii 1, iii' min i iw iicii' five ii'is30rii:f3 iiioi Orc i-1 irimii im iiii. ii,f-iUw iuwrii, ROBERT J. KEEGAN I03O Bridge Sfreel VF' M"XViiN "WP TUURQ v'w,',l fi-1 Qi- liiimziiiii-"' 'Ki ,ii-u-ii lf'-5' 'Ai 'yi-mimi Q: 'Ei' iff N ARNOLD H. KEEHN 723 W. Vfingolwoclring Sireef Si lllNRY Sm wimii Siimii, Lliifrviisiiy' Ciiilv x.f 'L . Xa JOHN .l. KEISER 3357 Friendship Slreef ST. MATTHLW Nohfcislzir' Siuii Se-Liiririui Sporis THOMAS R. KELLEHER 5649 Miriam Road ST, Mf'Nl'?iiN ill TCDURS Vuvaiiy l 'li-iii - l3'umOfiCS iggiqw-.Q Svwi i Qimliii Nfiiwi, a.i'...i,.il v , ii - , R .f ' 'sf li , A I' i I 4.-2 , sf Brolher George! oclivilies lreep him 'n Yhe lab conslonlly. During school l hours he is chemislry inslruclor and offer hours moderolor of lhe Chemislry Club. "Thcl's powerful slufl, boy!" warned Brolher George os Erecl Schulaerl, o posi- grod, porlions ou? materials for o chemislry experiment And by lhe loolls on lhe laces of Senior One, we believe il is. ANDREW J, KELLY JAMES F. KELLY JAMES M. KELLY JOHN M. KELLY 3I7l Miller Slreet l329 Longshore Slreel 533l Hedge Sfreel 4l45 Maywood Slreef NAJIVITY l?FSURRlCllQN Sl, BARTHQLOMEW HQLY lNNOCl'NlS mul Sgwvw Sf-rlimmll Spmls Good News Stull - French Club Orchestra - Seclionul Sporls Nwleosler Skull Serliwrwol Spovls Sq-mlm' Delegate All-,vvwlvv Rn-pwvlwr' ' ' ill Collcrlfr' Ev 5 mulmrw ul Fu w E fy O I A 57lifi 9 ,fl Y v 1 4' . 33 H .,:.-f 51. '51, ,g'.-.V ly. Ffh,- Q - 1, If W Q Y f lr Y if Elf. 'QQ' . . . fhe counfry docfor . . . an infelligenf and respecfed man . . . fhe mos? imporfani member of fhc communify . . . he is a philosopher and a scienfisi' . . . Y I' I' 0 0 he is a symbol of Americanism . . . s . Il u 0 s , 9 9 v an n cl ll 0 r nl Q 1 L - fi 1, 11 1 15 r",1 11,f1L11,11',111V1jLQmQVEf -- - ' 1V111f11111-.L Bwlwiqy Loc411m V , VM 1 1 1 ww- 11 Www wc: 1 i1'1f0rf1fVT1r1j '1 11- 11' A l'1 "w V114 vm 1,1L11ffy 0111111611 V N1 Ly "1f111'-1 -if N11-1f11firU'QC11-C: 1 W ViV 115111 111 1111111 LUVYVT'-. TNS V -1 1 1111111 M1 11wV1l1A11 111 111 ffifwrrn 1 1 V"'r1'1 V '1V:1w 1111.1 fV11'w1'1. 11-1. N N ' ' Y 1 1 :VV V1, Tw: 1,011 1111" 111325-L71 1 1f1 '- V11" 41L 1'7L'1 111117 , V .V 1 1 ,I .VV 1'Vw'1 1 LU FYQVTT '51 PETER J. KELLY 228 W. Sporlrs Sirecf 11:1.kJ,s f WILLIAM C. KELLY 32lO "H" Sireef JAMES D, KENT CHARLES L. K1LEY 8I2O Devon Sheef 4443 POV' SHPE, A'V,1fEYNSfV"gN 1111? Mfiyyqgrp SV 1wxCH1M Al V HV' PVV1 MVV1 QL QV Ng1'11Af1fyN A1 VH' f--- F31Vpi1' r QU 'f F111 SIVVAG qw' 'VV1 1 31.11 CAL ,.,, ,Wy C b C' 11-I Sym' IVV ' H F EMU: C.VUu',' f I' ..--N-x sg Q 4 '1 4: 1 1 4. ' - E Y f . 5' 'U 'E X L . vi' The Biology Lab I1as always been ilwe place of woncler for Ilre Soplwo- Faflwer Galfigan has varied Iwis Ialenfs e mores. LfxI': Sophomore 9 earnestly follows fhe meanderings of Ihe para- modern languages and Science deparfmenls AI mecium, while Ihe sfrained neclrs and wclclwful eyes, above, reveal II'1e presenf he is insfruclor in Biology. Ireen inleresf in Mr, HecIzeI's disseclion. HENRY C. KING 3243 Collman Slreef SI. MAIIIILW Ii nal Spmlu Sf'I'IlInIPllV Cl fNIwvrrIi-Q I'1vprwvIcr' wqdion ol Pail JOSEPH F. KING 633 E. Tioga Sfreef ASCENSION Sm 'mnal Spmls Srrrmrmry Collcclar' Ci' gg: -gr 1 l I K 1 I 1,-:Q ,5"'?.g Eire lr Collvqlor I I :- rw . ri ' w .L ,by WILLIAM G. KLUTH 3302 Coffman Slreef ST, MATII-IEW Aliwnlvc Rr-pmler' Seminary Ca Seri Imrml qv-fails Iledor FRANCIS E. KONSTANTY 3355 Merger Sfreel Snlesran SI, ADALBERI Qlirlx Sr-elrrrrml Sp rlg 1 Is, I lil: Tv' fffi iiMf,4l' . . . lo undersfand fhe complex mysleries of life . . . when lhe life is fhrealened, lo find a way of free- ing if from lhe greedy hands of deafh . . . fo know lhe safisfuclion of having an ever-graleful pafienl . . . The Killgdlllll of B iology Oi full lim -.iii-nfrfs loiigilil, we, llie nnoiorily ill lliii wliidfinl laody .f dlinq gionerol lcnowledge, lmvi- loiind ilu: yionco ol Biology llwe mo-xl luviwilivd ol llw lol, Oonerolly divided info 7oi'loyiy ond Bolony, il will enloils rnonilold ,Nub- iiiflv dvdlinfi willn ovoiylliing living. Tniuiiiili lliw loociliem' sillorls ond llwe Lise of Vllllfll ndiifoiion, llw nworvels ol flue living Cell init i'i'w,riiwlnd lo llio qonorol aludenl body ond lm iinluiyonic acionligl vvilli Q lvvolold design, lo lPlCxlFfMl ond lo pioeporo. SHERMAN J. KOONS IOOB E, Willow Grove Avenue Wynclmoor SEVTN DOLORS Bond V Sevlionol Sporlg Absenlve Rcporlor Somiriory Colloclor -x-. , I -.1113 WILLIAM J. KRAUS I337 Devereaux Avenue ST. MARTIN OF TOURS Senior Delcgole - Seclionol Sporfs Norleosler Sloll A Cliernislry Club .v H ' I Ay .A . k,,, 9: ,V 1. Af E Q iw -f' ff - 'ihfelfwffi . vii A 1" .af - 1 ,314 ' u EDWARD J. LAMSBACK 3II8 Rawle Slreel ST. TIMOTHY Serninory Colleclor , Biology Cliib Seclionol Sporls - Senior Delegole I' , F , ' I i ' ' LET-S "ig . wir ,- 9.4.1. ,, .i . 5,3521 :tl h. A., I EDWARD l. LANIGAN 50ll Newlwoll Sfreel ST, FRANCIS OF ASSISI Vcirsify Foolboll - Senior Delegol Troclm Team - Dromolics 9 I 5 IQ S The differenl paris of Hue human ear are poinied ou! by Failwer Reidy in a demonsfrafion class of Biology lec- iure. ln ihis way our undersianding of ilhe +l1eory was made easy. VICTOR J LAUTENBACHER JOHN F. LARKIN . I39 W. Chew Sfreef 4634 Wilbrock Sireef Si. HELENA ST. DOMINIC mlcon Sloll - Secliorial Sporls AbS0f1lC0 RSPOWCI' Bowling League Seclional Spoils Seminary Collector Fallier Reidy, salesman in ilie Boo lnsfore, informed us on fhe habiis of frogs, birds, and bees in fha Biology frall we enioyed his classes. We liked Biology, so na u y classes. EDWARD V. LEHMAN IB49 Fuller Sfreel RESURRECTKDN Nofeasler Sioil - Falcon Sloll Radio Club - Biology Club FRANCIS P. LEWANDOWSKI 4454 Edgemoni Sfreef ST. JOHN CANTIUS Ari Club - Seclionol Sporls Spanish Club K. ,KI 3 i y 5: i f ur. -J 5 I ' V , 1 05 31.54-,-'421 F' P . K Q in 5 'M-afjv . ' .U 'L yy H. , X54 ,, bfi? 5 E. ff, L 4 Aff. 4 " 1' T - , -' ,, . i i . . I if 'i Q, A, in 54 :J -1 .4 .I N iifig, J' 'V ,4-s. 5 ,, U 'C-7' if P Q FRANCIS T. LICHTNER MICHAEL F. l.ODlSE JAMES A, LOFTUS JOSEPH P. LOPARDO 207 E. Wellens Avenue 5943 Slnlsler Slreef H20 Slwcclrurncxon Sfreef 67l3 Jackson Sfreef 'fl 'A-MBFW-Yrl Sl. MARTIN UF TOURS IMMACULPUF CQNCEFJUUN OUR LADY UF' CONSUlf'NllOl 1 1 Vw 'M llvl "-lvl, fl lr Gl,-V Cl lr Sr-r ll,-mul Srwwlg Grllxl, Or.n'w'u1 Al -,r-nlr-rf Rv-I'-Oxley Fl l 1, fi' I Alu,--vwlrw R+-5 ffl-r S-lrllf-nal Sywvlvls Rldlnq Cl lv Smll nm' Spwvlu flvixnllyry Cl! lb - B"Wli'7xj lmlnw Science in General fx fwll"'f' lrvnncl ln mlnwfwal every Frozlwmonls fll'llrllll?I71 lu llwol nl General Science, llwls Sub- ll pl nwl rvnly cfglvf-a ux 0 general knowledge ol I 4 I llw v.,,m llclcl ol wcilrfncfg bull ll also prepares 2 :rr mlnllu lor llw FlOVlllflllClI' one we wnll sludy ,rw lllw rrlmmlruivg ywmrg ol our lwlglw wclwool career. A A Wlw' n we ul-'lvl' lnlo llwf rcolnvg. ol Plwyelrv and ' ''y, ll! lnovvle-rl-10 wrll lvcr Well oppre- U. ml l 'A rxrr., A . . fo acquainf ourselves wifh fhe laws of nafure . . . fo employ fhem pracficolly for fhe beffermenf of mankind . . . fo achieve fhe respecf of a grofe- ful world J n Fofher D'lenno has varied his ucfivifies belween flue Biology lab and Gan- - eral Science of +l1e Annex. His loss from llwe Biology depcrlmenf is flue Annex's goin. fe GJ Cf ! JAMES J. LOUGHERY 62l Lindley Avenue INCARNATION Sectional Sports Sed DAVID A. LOUGHRAN 84I5 Shawnee Sfree? OUR MOTHER OF CONSOLATION ionol Sporis Abscniee Reporier JOHN A. LUX NORBERT J. LUX 43I9 N. bih Slreef 39l5 N. bfh Sfreef ST. I-HNRY ST, VERONICA Sedionol Spmts - Elcchlcify Club Sanlcmiorw CMD Coflodor of Propogclflon of FGUJ1 Physics Club I- 1' ,Qu -- .. ..I,. .?l' ,'ff VY. JAMES D. LYNCH JOHN J. LYONS ANTHONY R. MACHINSKI EDNVIN L. MACKIEWICZ 2234 Paleihorpe Sireei 7l5 Mermaid Lane 3082 E. Cedar Sfreef 4438 Salmon Sireef ST BONIFACE SEVEN DOLORS ST. ADALBERT ST, JOHN CANTIUQ r Rfpoilc-r Troclc - Sedionol Sporls Voisily Baseball - Usher Vovsily Boseboll - Seclionolfiporl Sf mirmiy Collodor Riding Club Absenlee Repoilcr Ol ry Cl lv Srrdiiirml Spnrls Seminary Colleclo Appreciation of Art Thonlcs fo lheir Freshmen Ari closses, all sludenls will ly, oble io leove school wilh o beller underslonding ol orl. We moy hold G ploce among The educoled, knowing and oppre- cioling lhe liner lhings ol life. For +he orlislicolly inclined, ihis course lays lhe perlecl loundolion. ll leeches of lhe mos- fers of Arr ond Archileclure. The lheory ond use ol color se-leclion brings oboul a lnelfer knowledge ol harmonies lor proclicol use in our doily lives. . . . an appraiser of culiure . . . his fasfes are re- specfed: his decisions are final . . . he mainfains and upliffs fhe sfandards of culfure in a counfry . . . Somehow arf was a differenf iype of period for us. We liierally raced +o gel' io Room II3 . . . more fo loolr ai fhe new drawings and painiings which mighf ba exhibifed. Bur we did draw, foo, as Freshman One and Fa+her Dumeld reveal here. Oh, yes, we also learned how +o publish a yeorboolr. . 9 it V w Wifi 'L' 5 ' .J 4 . i is .z W3 - . 1- JOSEPH A. MAGRATH I648 PruH Sfreel Qmig, - 1. V,I '-:fl .9 I' ,. " U JOSEPH A. MAGUIRE 2818 Jasper Slreef ST. BARTHOLOMTVV VISITATION ic Squad - fAxlwf-r1lm- l'li-porlr-r Seclionol spoils oncil SpUIl5 ' BLlSl.'LMlll TCLVTT 3 I JOSEPH N. MAGUIRE 33I9 Friendship Slreel ST, MATTHLW Si-mingvy Cmlleclm Swgliwnul Spiifls Ciillcffm lm Pwpogolion ol Foillu . ,-N., bf-. I , 1 JOSEPH P. MAGUIRE 738 E. Weslmorelcncl Sfreel ASCENSION Clwmiwvy Cliilu - Spanish Club Trulilii Squad - Scecliimol Sporls ! Mr. Hogue direcled Freshman Ari of fhe Annex, Now leaching Biology, his posilion is ably filled by Mr. Reese. Wilh cz beifer undersfcnding of line. form, and color, we lhink we know c lillle belief now why a mcsferpiece is 0 mcsfer- piece. G Y o. PHILIP M. MAGUIRE 4926 Germanlown Avenue ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Absuhlce Rcporler Varsily Soccer Scclicvnal Spfvrls - Qllico Farce 61" Vaisil HENRY G. MAIER 7l24 Glenloclr Slreel ST. BERNARD y Soccer - Seclionol Sp Seminary Colleclor Colnlnercial Art Air Brush?-f-Scralch Boarcl?-In l-ligh School? Impossible. Yes, amazing as il seems, Norlh Calholic's Commercial Arl course ollers praclically everylhing imaginable lor lhe 'lulure success ol our embryo arlisls, The lhree-year cour.e is complele from fashion worlc lo slage clesign. Nor is il Theory. Aclual assignmenls are oxeculod such as poslers lor Dramalics, illus- lralioris lor "Good Newsl' and The 'll3alcor1", and counllesg proiecis lor olher aclivilies. . . . an inlegral parl' of an adverflsing agency . . . his brush and llls ferflle lmaglnallon musl' appeal fo flue general publlc . . . he is a human camera . . . tc tx X S fl an LIBERATO D. MAIO JOSEPH B. MARGRAF 4907 Friendship Slreel 2I45 N, Philip Slreaf OUR LADY OF CONSOLATION ST, BONIFACE oils Seclionol Sporls Nofooslor Slall - Scclional Spc Soph. 5 boasfs of being lhe arlisls of lhe Sophomore class. They are no? wrong, as we see from fha displays and poslers fha? have always been before us. Good worlr, fellows: Keep if up. .Jax 'Q ' In Q 'fri if 1, dis I I A FRANK N. MARSH 35I7 "I" Slreel ASCINTIION Sw liwlml biwinlu W. t '53 3.4, f-4 5,4 an-' hi . VL , L9 ,I 7 If "S .. if iw w?Ef'Lx ff? 3 I '12 JOSEPH J. MARTIN WILLIAM G. MARTIN WILLIAM ,l. MARTIN 6254 N. l8Ih Slreel 2340 E. Clearfield Slreel 2332 "H" Slreel UI BFNIIWICI IXIAIIVIIY ASCENSIC-UN S 'I will fum-il-, Svvrvivumry Sf,'i.vw.s1I Lap V5 CV IRI N1 1.4, fxlixll - S:-f llifixul fx ilu-.I v f ,AxI',.fn'i'1-v R4-i-will-I' Snlrwlt, hw-will CI-IIB The Seniors and Juniors who maior in Commercial Ari exercise Iheir lalenls lo Ihe delighi of Ihe resl of ihe school. McC-Belfigan, back lo camera, claims he is help- ing Churchill "work up" his inspiralion, 'gif' , A lp A focully member lo whom lhe Senior Class owes immeasurable gralilude is Falher Duffield. His dynamo-like vigor was solely responsible for giving fhis senior class lhe be-sl yearbool: ever presenled af Norlh Calholic. mi at . .,.. 5 J - 5 ,Q 4 fl ' 5955 " , 4 Ag ", firid 4 , Af if ' f 'ff' 45' ' 4 "hw 'uc JOSEPH R. MATHEWS 2504 N. Masclrer Sfreef JOSEPH R. MAYER 3070 Agare Sireel 'ri l?V'N'lAifl NAUVWY 'M' 'val lil "3 Ai' Cl. l' Sf-w:vwr1r', ll'-rl 1 S ln-v llnnal Sp -v lu i JOSEPH P. MCALEER 227 W. Linlon Sfreel ST, HELENA vlwvql Spvvrff. Cfwllz-ffm llvwprjqg,x' U l Learning the Dlasters Pfam-,vlri lm anycvncl flewlring a prolllalalo f- lv'LxJllC'l7 in llw mill. ls lim music CJf1fUVCCQlOllOVT 1 ' ' ' Qw1.4 Wlfilllllll' lay Hullwr Slonl, :ls purpose li, lo ln 'wll UT llw- gwpil qrrifnlcxr love and rolpfxcl lar flu- 'wwf'-rg, limi- claw, la alwlllnlly prepared and lrlli ml: llw' nwulw prr-wmwlrrd ii ciarolnlly wleflr-d i 3 1 7 ' P ,.,v DANIEL J, MCCANN l935 Ruan Sfreef Sl, lCX'!XClllM lyww M vvwx ml Spwvls Freshman 5 is learning lo oppreciale flme Classics under flue guidance of Fallner Sfouf, l am sure we all remember H19 Sorcerens Apprenfice. Brahms, Boch and Beefhoven are no longer jus? lhree words. The ihree "B's" now mean somefhing. nu mmf 1 ful lcv Aww-lwplngq lfjlvlfxi. ljroqrcswing lrom l? mln: nw-,rr lo lln' Cla-asics, llme pupil ls unwar- nwrqy rwrwmlwl lmm Iwi-, parllallly lor Con- lviill mary nwmvg la fl lcunfy lor lmllw, Tlwg flue . . a, lllnnl ullrnnw a cfrlain degree ol musical f 'llllx VWLGN '. . . . fhe inferpreler of music, he expresses fhe com- poser's fhoughfs . . . his audience is flle mosf ap- preciative and respective. Nafurally like all arfisls his knowledge musl be firmly based . . . 1- if in ' A. ,U ' J J as t pr . 9 is-, U -2 " - 7:-, f '4' T My U s I 1 JAMES A. MCCANN Spring Avenue, Elkins Perl: MMACULAH CONCEPNON ROBERT J. MCCANN 4952 Boynfon Sireef , ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI .ll'NKlNTL3WN Alu f-f' ln-H Rwpf'-:lr-r nl R F rl v C All L l lx C VM' KW' K' MX Vx .null-Xrml Spv. 9flIm1lSpMs CHARLES H. MCCARRY JAMES J. MCCARRY 644 E. Hillon Sfreef 3050 Almond Sireef ASCFNSION NATLVITY iw :YWWCJ Nvwx Slwxll' Sf-mlvvly V ' ' w l gpwvw, Spuni lv Cllb VJS N 1: 1-qym Slnl: , Sc,-vvmlmuvy lllnflwlnuplvy Crll l Cl J- u . My L, ll J r Fullwer Sfoul has charge of flue Music Appreciafion Course, His iob is lo see flwcl' flue Freshman gel c belief undersfcnd' f :ng 0 Music. He leoclwes Freshman English clso. l'J - 'X 'mm' Cllb G Qi-Mirinfnl Sprirls - Vorsily -5 4 . . . fo be in fhe spoflighf is Hue ambifion of our singers . . . fo use Hleir nafural falenfs as Meir livelihoods . . . fo become firmly enfrenched in fhe hearf of a nafion . . . The Delight of Song The voices ol our sludenls ore lroined from lhe very momenl lhey enler 'rhis building, Folher Sloul hos under his guidonce lhe singing closses. The proper woy ol opening lheir moulhs ond ol pronunciolion is loughl. Some sludenls who ore well 'rolenled ore given special ollenlion. Hidden lolenl is discovered from ornong lhose who lhoughl lhol lhey had no obilily in lhis orl. Their porlicipolion in our Glee Club ond Oper- ello speolms well lor The bosic lroining received in lhe Music closs. LEO A. McCARTHY I2Ob N. Znd Sfreef ST, MICHAEL JAMES J. McCAUSLAND 4859 "D" Sfreef ST, AMBROSE J.V, Foolboll - Seclioncl Sporls Balm-llmll - Lciriiineiclall Club W -i-ln I- N A JAMES J. MCCLAY 2059 E. Morfhc: Sfreef HOLY NAME Seclionol Sporls - Solesion Club Biology Club Y Physics Club 5 l JAMES E. MCCLOSKEY 304 W. Fishers Avenue INCARNATION Secfionol Sporls Poluiolic Reprosenloli f . . A' mfpsg ' 6 R Q ' 1:15 'Uv R ' is if ip ! - 131 Exercising our vocal clicrds look place in class as well Fame' MCC0'll"Yl leocher of English. ls in Cl"0"9e of us in lhe yard. If is from lhese singing classes lhol our H19 Glee Club- His Work in mulling We VUVSHY Show Gnd fufure cpe,-eng 90,5 will Come. Operello c success is deeply opprecioled. JAMES J. McCLOSKEY l323 Pclefhorpe Sfreel ST. MlCl-lAlgl. uminuvy Collr-clor - Soflionml mls lrullif Squad - Clmmislry Clnb JOSEPH G. McCORMlCK 4326 Aldine Slreel ST. BERNARD Secllonal Sporls Colleclor of Propogolion of Foilln ...'1", 'lfjil JOHN J. McCUSKER 5925 Augusla Slreel ST. MARTIN OF TQURS Biology Club - Seclionol Sporls Nofeosler Slofl - Spanish Club if xi. 53? EDWARD F. MCDEVITT 2560 Ann Slreel NATIVITY Sponislw Club - Clmmislry Club Sccllonol Spoils E965 I sl , -Q:'j 1, 'l l . . . fo bring laughfer and joy info our hearfs . . . fo express deepesf sorrow . . . fo painf colorful pigfu,-es gf bequffful fhoughfs . . . fo bring honor Mr. Lucarini poinis fo fhe noles as Hinnegan plays Them on his fp fhe school. ' I clarinef. Mr. Lucarini is our Music lnsfrucfor, helps Falher Naulfy fo find maferial for our Orchesfra. lnslrunlental Nl The lcmcl lwlorc ol 0 lrumpel, lhe mellow flminw ol cz cilarincl or 0 violin can be heard all day lonq mound Norlh Colholic. ln lhe proiw room, lvoclc wloge, in lhe shower room, in Clmcls, Qnrl in ony mom whore lhere is 0 vc:- Concy. This fonzslilules The lnslrumenlol Music Dfiiicurlmenl, Siibiecl-, such os Srudy ond Gym gzivv way lo an in:lrumQn'r-proclice period so ffwflir may luo rcrfeiyed in lhe musicians maior li-'l,l. The rcwull? Li:-len lo The orcheslro. usic Riqhir Falher Noully lisfens allenfively as Mac- Neil plays his cello. lnsfrumeniol music is Qaughf during regular class hours and afler school. lf is by such conlinuous praclice lhaf our Orchesfra reaches ifs high degree of perfeclion. JAMES J. MCDEVITT JOHN B. MCDEVITT JOHN J. MCDEVITT JOHN J. MCDEVITT 3Ill Gaul Slreef 5506 Torresdale Avenue 55I3 Miriam Road ZOI Linion Street NATIVITY ST, BARTHOLOMEW ST, MARTIN OF TOURS ST, HELENA evlfiiwzl Sprwvli, Sucfional Sporls - Spanish Club Spanish Club - Seclionol Spmls SW" "" mil SPO'l5 Sevminavy Cwlleclmr Biolngy Club - Norieosler Sluli 5, 'Q 5 , i g J S ' .' 3 V..,,:g tv '... 1 r v , ' X ., Y it -u . ' ,,i'4,:, i - 4:1-' ., 1 I-", . . iafgfi J, '51 ' ' V - W it A"l'i-'2'32'Z's , Q, 'sf' " r.Q ' " ' , J ' -lap: l ' . ,. ..,?i -. x FRANCIS J, MCDONALD IO4 E. Sinrner Sfreef VISIIAUUN JOHN F, MCFADDEN 430 E. Shclrpnock Sfreef UULE FLOW! R VINCENT J. MCDONOUGH 620 Price Sireef Hv1MACxULAN CONCEPTIQN. 5 'b "' JOSEPH F. MCGETTIGAN 6826 Large Sfreef RESURRECTNON Vqmivw Fm.w?l11H - Nwfvcsfer Sioff Au' K M lb Swfiwrmuf Spar? Gi RMANTOVVN SU'-""'U! Swffi y,,,,,,,,,1,5 414, gPx,p,5y, K Wi. SH, gQ,,,,.g,Q 5D.',,fN , Bfmfngy CMM Svmirwmy CMM T SL.f1JvwRs5w CMM - Ari Club N,wv.1s'c"SM1f'f- Fulcwrv SMH 0 n,sia?'va Y 1 227 Q fb ,Q ' , a 4 '1 7 4 ik, ' .A f , 5, . f I I .,,f- j ' '. I I I ik 53, . . . fo learn fhe fundamenfals of business and how fo opcrofe H . . . fo expand and make if prosperous . . . io gain sccurify and fhe respecf of fhe resf of fhc community . . . llnnkkcc-ping lGSFPH F MQSIILEN 4344 Paul Shoo? . A, M .1 f NW' N . 3 " Q! X, 1' X I VU: 11,1 ry ,, X, Mr: P, 11 '111'1'1r'1w 1 1111: :1"1l!, !"7' ww 1-www '11 r'i 'I-Xt' 111 11 11 11'1:11"'f' UF 1, 11 '11 11 41 W1 VD- - 1. '11 ww ,1 171111, ,, M 1", 5 1 :'1111: 113c'f2 1 1 1,1 111 n VNXITVI ,lL.1111, FRANCIS A. MCGINLEY l3I8 Kerbough Sireei '11 YHVNIN A1114 ,a,',1,, Q, - r 1' 1- 1 .11 1 11111 1:11, L A -141i1 Wwe. ac 1 I 3 , 1 , .... JL I - Ox Junior 9 ond IO seemed fo Hove found cz vfwy infor- esiing pogo in Weir fexiboolr, The imporfonce of Huis cioss is well reoflzcd by our fufurr- mon-In-buslm-ss JOHN C. MCGINNISS 6050 Alma Sfrocf QT, MAF'Y"1J "Xi V UV, N 'UF-JAH, 'Xl WALTER J, MCGINNIS 745 W. Fishers Avenue Af.,,11,,1 L' .1 V 1 F' W1 L ' V: . AJ c LV! JMR C 1, 'Jn QC li N .1 sf V id, ,!.'::' 6 XI' 1' l JOSEPH V. Mc6lNNlSS 722 W. Glenwood Avenue Sl, V1RONlKfA 'vvlmnlvv' f l'liwl-wilmiwlvy rim., will Sr-.tiiinnl an m -ga. rw- ,' N? ' 17-'xv , ew 95 Cir lu S1 . Q Xi 5-1. Q JOSEPH P, McGOVERN 3073 Belgrade Sfreef THOMAS F. McGOVERN 2407 E. Huniingdon Slreel . Foflier Eisenloorili has for many years been on impor- iani porl of life of Norfh Caiholic. Besides leaching classes in Bookkeeping, Office Praciice and German, Falher lakes care of flue clerical work of flue Alumni Associolion and finds lime lo be chief sacris- lan. JOHN V. MclLMAlL 4I5 E. Wildey Slreef lMMAC'Ul ATE CTUNCI FT N.fN'llVllY ST. ANNK -. 'iwvxli Spells - Swninrury Gigi- Cl ln f Smliwrml Sporlg KENSWNGTON 'llv.'i"r - Al'se'r'lwr lffwpwvlwv Al,1rQ'i'ltfl,' R:-piivlerf' Sr-rliumll Spiwrls . Lf- i ad' , ,R W i A D 1 . f H' ' 1- ras- we f 9" ' ev "f ' 2 'N' . X Z? J I 3 .3 . . . lo operole fhe varied machines of business . . . fo be small buf vifal cogs in fhe economic develop- mem' of a greaf counfry . . . fo perform our work scrupulously and obedienfly . . . A mnnh cwprfrfifnlchrl lvrcnch of lhe conscien- ll-wa Qwwmmwrmol wlurdenll course is ihe Gloss ir Ntim- iXV"lCllCt3 yzivfrn To him by Fr, Eusenborlh. P1-qllzinli 'hm fwpsr-rienro and prodice ore lhe lt"IiL1l9lllf'A lm ony olllce oppliconi, our Siudenis mn nnnnl lorlunulc- io lind ihemselves being lhmongghly mquoinfed with every conceivable wr-Cv ol oqnif--mf'-nl ihol is found in modern mince: lwwhllnqs. Above: Senior 6 golhers for Office Practice. Some learning fo use ihe Monroe Cclculolor, ofhers are using ihe Burroughs Machine, while slill ofhers are using fhe Mcrchanl Calculoiors. Tabulalors and Calculators JOHN J, MCINTYRE BERNARD J. MCKAIRNES JOSEPH F. MCKEON 328 E, Somersel Slreef 2556 E. Birch Sfreef 3504 Solly Slreei WSITATIQN NATIVITY ST. DOMINIC .ml Sp.-ws Si ff'-r T Al nf-r-lor: Rrrbmfe r - I I .J . ,f. ,- - his Q, , 4 . x , s' -wi ,a w J f. -2.,,. pq, ,f., L11 4 k n.i, n.' Elecfrncufy CIL , . va CHARLES P. McLAUGHLlN 32 W. Rockland Sfreel ST, FRANCIS OF ASSISI Gwod News Skull - Ari Club' Seclionol Sports - Nwfeoslcr P w corn Noneosfer Stoll - SedionolSpor1s Seclionol Sporls - Radio Club H ' ' ,b E .v"""' , , ' L W I limi G 'I X 'n s 5? 4 ,A Wir! ,R . iv , , A ,sg X " L I an I 1 ' N: Uppur Riglil: Gallagher an d Wesolowslmi prcclice with ln Pcncccio and Loughrcn are lyping fhe Dicfop ones as cords for the Alumni files. luwm Riqlwli Reilly of culling o slencil, while correcl melhod of Filing JOHN J. MCLEAN 43Il Horroclxs Slreef Sl. JOACHIM clionnl Sp-urls - Alusonlee Rnpwrler - Culloclm' of lllwpugmliwn ol Foilli Senior 6, cracker-ioclx fypisf, is Falher Eisenbcxrlh explains 'ihe lo Henry and Dormer. PAUL J. McMENAMlN 52lI Knox Slreel ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI Seclionol Spoils - Good News Sloll - Bowling JOHN J. MCNALLY 4059 Aldine Slreel Si. BERNARD Vorsily Foolboll - Vorsily Slnow Seclionol Sporls - Polriolic Represenloiive ' i I Emi JOSEPH C. MCNAMARA 4527 Griscom Slreel ST, JOACHIM Seclionol Sporls - Orclwesiro Library Sloll - Folcon Sloll ' W i -asf A .. ARTHUR T. McWILLlAMS LEO J. MEEHAN THOMAS J. MEERS JOHN H. MEISSLER 6382 Dilman Street II6 W. Wedmoreland Sfreef 9ll Woodlawn Avenue 29l0 E. lndidnu Avenue ST, LEO ST, HUGH IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, NATIVITY Soccer Tcom - Seclionol Sporls Seclionol Sporfs GERMANTOWN iV0fSllY Tf0Clf - Seclionol Spf Seclionol Sports Vorsily Cross Counlry The Gregg Systenl Sliorlliond, llwe science dealing willw llie sub- afimlion ol symbols lor words, is one of llne mosl imporlonl courses in our Commercial Deporl- menl. In llnis course we, sludenls, ore given lliorougli lroining in llne Gregg Syslem, llwe pur- pose being lo give Us sucli 0 complele famil- iorily willi lliis syslem lliol we con "lake" diclcilion cis quiclcly Os o normol person speolcs. fxlrnosl everyone lliinlcs lliol sliorlliond is exclu- uively lor giils. Tlie locl is llwol openings lor men slenogropliers Ore obundonl. . . . worfhy of a salufe, Hue officers of our army endured fhe rigors of milifary life fo lead and i assume Hle responsibilify of fhe safefy of Hleir command . . . Huey are fhe planners for vicfory . . . i . LOUIS A. MERGET 5244 Jaclrson Sfreef ST. BARTHOLOMLVV ionol Sporls A Spanish Chi loqy Club - Bcscboll Team Senior 6 in Shorihund class is prepared fo fclre IOO word dicfuiion from Fcrher Keeley, They are our Secre- iaries of tomorrow. I ANTHONY B. MICHETTI CHARLES J. MILLEVOI Ib9 W. Norris Slreei 3l43 Miller Sfreef ST, BONIFACE NATIVITY Seclionol Spoils F-:lcon Staff F Good News lofi Sectional Sporls Cmmmuflol Clllb ln Slworihond and Typing Fciher Keeley is on expert We learned, loo, Min+ his versofiliiy embraced cfhlefics. Remember him uf fhe Bcsielbcll games? Q- - k w. 'X , K 39.1 V Y . ,V , :Wg l Q - A JOSEPH F, MOELLER 36I3 N. Lawrence Sfreef ST VE RONICA Al1',wv'lvP lffvpflrluv' Sv'fllwI'M'1l Swirls L'ffc'lrif,lly Clrb Radio Clnb K L S. yy, .5- ,.f 'W I JAMES F- MONTGOMERY CHARLES 1. MORAN CHARLES C. MORRIS l3I7 E. Corey Sfreel 259 W, Weslrnorelanrl Slreef 56I7 Boyer Sfreel ST. JOAN OF ARC ST, HUGH IMMAFUIATI Ccmrfrrlcl Vmsily Ffiollmxll Vcxvsily S ,.,Y fglmul Sym ,lg CjllJMANlC",lVV'N Buwlwllnoll - Cullvclm' lir Al :,mqv,,,- R1-yy.-lilly, Pmpugolion ol flme Favllw Sm lllllllll Sps ....10 001110 I0 the , , Fallmer Bruclwfa luas lor many years been an ln- legral parl of lhe Commercial Deparlmenl, leach- . 5 , ing llme Juniors and Seniors Typing. This year ll 1 d 0 l t h e 1 r p an r t y Faflwer is 61,0 leaching Eiemify, fX'.s4miol0cl willw any suCCeS5lul slenogroplwer lK llw lad llwol he LDC on occomplizlned lyplsl. 'ln lullill llwol conrlilion is llme loalc ol Follwer Keely, llnr- lll'ylVlJflOV ol llwc: lorgesl Clow in our Commrfrciol Course, We are lrnimvcl in llm ammo way llnol flue noviao iiiunial is qmdimlly occiuslomed lo lwis worl, Slill liniqevri, lliroiiglw proflicc-9 Conslcnlly imiwminrq in clulliciully, me coaxed gqonlly buf 'urvlv l-n lfxflfllfl llwi rmllnrul llevxilnllnly wlmilw llifry rinfo l'fH', lwl llwn lowl, fx: sown Us llwir llrwiluilily if, rriqfninocl llwe Qurlenlw require only lfruclfrr- lo Vzivl- llwciir wcurlc llc linol polisli. forever . . . . . . fo creafe a nlmbleness in fhe len fingers God gave us fhaf will command a lifeless machine . . . fo express our fhoughfs, fhe fhoughfs of ofhers, tCI 6- a, WILLIAM T. MOYLE 32I0 Thompson Sfreef NAHVITY Seminary Collfzrior uid - Alagwiimj- Rvpoiher .4 :V 4' gg 'tv 1 - Rr , 2' Mg 1 r .x ti, ,V . f,--uri, ,. , 1 . m. R ' . FW -f ..i "3 3 . Q191".i:R 'V " Qaf fi ' 5 14: , 5 f 4 PETER J. MULLER JOHN E. MURPHY JOHN J. MURPHY 4446 N. Grafx Sireef 28I8 Gaul Sheet 6309 Lcmberf Sfreef Si. FRANCIS OF ASSISI ST. ANNE ST. BENEDICT Baud - Oiciiesiro - Foiconiuns Absenfeo Reporier - Seciionol S0fJi0n0i SPOVJS - ALESOHTCG Poison Sfafi Spcnris - Semimory Coiiecfor RCPOVTUV - Somiiiory Collecior Senior 7 is warming up on fhe rypewrifers before ?i1e speed fesi. Time o bjed of these speed fesfs is io turn our work speedily and occu- rarely. --L. . , 1 EDWARD P. MURRAY ED WARD M. MURT JAMES J. MURT JOHN E. NAAB 4239 Aldine Sfreei' I97 Widener Slreel I97 Widener Sfreef 2227 N. 2nd Shad ST, BERNARD ST. HELENA ST. HELENA ST. BONIFACE :dional Spnrls - Alnsenlee Seclional Sporls - Biology Club Seclional Sporls - Seminary Band - Orclwesfra - Secliona Reporler - Colleclnr for Absenfee Reparler Collecfor - Glee Club A Palriolic Sporls - Nor'easler Propagalion of Faith Represenfalive T-Squares, Angles, and Scales A new bmi rapidly ox and' , p ing parl ol our curriculum ia llwe course in Mechanical Drawing lauglil by Fallwer McGinley and Mr, Marsliall. Given in coniunclion willw our Technical courses, il in a reauigile lor anyone wishing a praclical and working Lnowledge ol meclfianics, ln addi- lian il is c-xlrevn-,l lb I ' i cy eneiicial lo Tlwose seeking warlime poailions because il guaranfees llweir liilurc liO'iillOl'lS. . . . Hue planners for foday. Hle designers for lo- morrow . . . fhe pencils which fhey held in fheir Hrs! mechanical drawing class are 1 I. . racing fhe mes for vscfory . . . :-'Q Isis, T" A Q A but-'maj ,tv K I if I SYLVESTER L. NICOLETTT 7l45 Vondyke Sfreef MATTHEW .l. NOWAKOWSKI 236I E. Alberi Sfreef R LADY OF CONSOLATION ST. ANN Diamalics - Spanish Club Seclional Spoils eclricily Clnb - Radio Clnb JOSEPH R. NULL ROBERT W. O'BRlEN 4662 Casfor Avenue 6358 Sfenlon Avenue ST. JOACHIM LITTLE FLOWER Sectional Spells Sedional Spoils A Baslcelball Among ihe many new courses, one of +l'ie mosi im- porlanf is Mechanical Drawing. We see several sfu- denfs measuring angles. Mr. Marshall and Faiher Mc- Ginley are The insfrucfors. r f I f 1 Fafl1er McGinley's fasll is fo 'rurn oul flue , draflsmen of fomorrow. He has aicled us 4 greally and we appreciale if. .IV , '22, i TA 1.-Q-PJ' L . .me m I -g MICHAEL J. O'DONNELL 34l4 Slnelmire Avenue ST. MATTI-IEW FRANCIS A. O'REILLY 97l Bridge Slreel ST. MAPTIN OF TOURS AI'sv"'N'1-11 I?npfwvIvr f CIOSSIKGI Vizmily Fimiimil Sw lilmul gpm? Ci I: k Sf-ummlil Slmfqs I-lyllpfiriiliion .II lim- Ilpvll CI1Omi5fvy Cflllmlm Theory of Flight Tw -I'ITt'W'.l'y III lliqlil il, F1 very Qomplicoied S FX WT .9 J s WILLIAM J. O'REILLY I437 Fanslwcwe Sfreel RPSURFITCTICN Sffrilfirw :I Spor'S - I if-I ivmw C4 Ilwlllr - Umm-1 4-X Q' , .Z 1 , VICTOR D. ORZECHOWSKI 5I22 Melrose Sfreel ST, BARTHULOMIW Tv :ik - Sm Iillrml Spmlzl Fofher O'Connor, leocher of Aeroncuulics. has placed llwis new depcrlmenl of o high scholcslic level. The in- leresl ond enlhusicsm of our fuiure pilols gucrcnlees IIS SUCCESS. 3i.JrI I I lAX1'lOlTflIlIIi'. II QXl'5OIIl"IH Imow O WWOJS OS Iv-vuvi,f ww ww Hi llw mociorn FJIVFWIODQS Con Iiil il I-fl ww IHC' mir and llyg Iwow wind rssiglonce limi .iillflv-we fillilucim oiled il-. liiqlwlq how fi-W rw Piflllf' if, gfvimgq wlwn lim mmlor' molces I1 Imhirw rmrnixer' ol rovoliiliom per minule and N' ' -,fzmlfur Qcronmuliccul ilroiulema. . . . l knew how fo fly before l joined . . . my exfra knowledge desfroyed flue enemy and saved my life . . . ofhers like me are doing Hle same . . . alfogcfhcr Huey will bring a final vicfory . . . I I 6? 'F , P 6 5' rf 6 1:-if 1 Q JOSEPH A. OTT 646 E, Hunling Parlr Avenue l-lOlY lNN4'lCl Nig polriulir Ri-plz'-.vrmlnlivw GEORGE J. OTTINGER 3446 "G" Slreel ASCENSIQN Fallwwimws - J. V, Foolball Y Bond lclifwol Spurls - All -.n- ull-Q Rrfpmlur THOMAS J. PADDEN 6608 N. Uber Slreel Sl, BENEDICT SPC'iorml Spmls Y Fwnrh Ch-ll Cvlll-all-r lm Pmprwgaiion of Foilh 521124, Q f X :V Wi gmt' VITO A. PANACCIO 3043 Almond Slreel NAHVITY Abscnloe Ropmlor Se-mirmly Caller Below: Conslrucling model planes is more lhan a hobby. Breen K'-4' Folher Dunn of Phe Avialian deparl- rnenl inslrucls us in ihe Malhemalics necessary lor Ayiafion. One of our lhree pilol-lcachers, hc males 'Encee one ol the mos? advanced schools in fhe coun- lry in this new science. ,xp and Kosicl: of fhe Sophomore class are busily operaling lhe bun- saws. The mechanical side of Aeronoulics is a welcome relief from the "books" of our olher classes. 'Y enrli Cl, if - Si-flii nnl Swirls . . . fhe eyes of fhe nafion's war mighf . . . fhrough clouds and fogs his piercing vision darfs fo reveal fhe minufesf marks leff by fhe enemy . . . his in- formafion is fhe foundafion for baffles . . . Aeruclynalnics Tlw Aevodynonniiis Cowie is one ol llwe mosl inujiorlonl leflwnicol Courses ollered by lNlor'll'i- 1'-ml Collmlic. By oivplying lliis science, our alodfznls Con Colfulole llwe dimensions ol o plone, ond llie power needed lo ily llwe pro! i1of,i'-d oircroll before ine plone is louill, We orn nnoling use of llwis knowledge in lime locully lwoime bosemenl by designing llwe llieoreliggl aiipnr CQ1llHl'iipS lliol will fill llio skies oiler flue wor, ALFRED F. PELSZYNSKI 3147 Gaul Sfreef ST. ADALBERT Sectional Spoils ALBERT L, PEARSON 4526 Milleii S+ree'f ST l,WC5MlNIC sni.i.1,i,i oi ii . J. vi nwiboii Tl' HU ! .f ' ' V . n ar 9 y v ' D -- Q1 l ' il.y ,ii A R W fi,ie'W4 I WILLIAM J. PERRY 7209 Limekiln Pills ST. ATHANASIUS Traffic: Sqnod - Ahsonlwc- R Seminary Collector Egan'-4' db y i C! ifpoifer JOHN C. PLUNKETT 4I9 Linden Avenue, Jenlxinfov IMMACULAU CONCEPHOI JINKINTOWN Swlionul Spfvls - Absfynlvr Repovlei - Seminary Colleclc Dromclics x K' .5 . b ! 6'-Y JOHN J. PLUNKETT 437 W. Godfrey Avenue ST. HELENA Jsenlee Reporler - Sedionol rfs - Propagalion of fha Faifh Colledar f-.S Fr ' I' , if 5' In The Science of Aviaiion demands +he use of our minds as well as our hands. Father Minich, wifh engines before him, discusses fhe +heoreficol problems +o The Sophomore class. JOSEPH A. PLUNKETT 4l9 Linden Avenue IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, JENKINTOWN Seminary Colledar - Seclional Sporls - Absenfee Reporier Propagafion of lhe Faifh Collecfor ,. ,-vnu? gtk JOHN J. POLEY 3I79 Jasper Sfreei' ASCENSION Swimming Team - Seclional Sporls Seminary Collecfor VALENTINE F. PYTKO 4644 Tccony Sfreef ST. JOHN CANTIUS Orchestra - Falcon Slall Nofeasler - Physics - Chemislry Club . . . fo gain a firm foundafion in mechanics . . . fo give ofhers securify . . . fo do our work wifh re- sponsibilify as we did when we were learning . . . fo keep our air-mighf operafing . . . ,l0l'llilllilfS of Engines 1 , , if In Fnfnnf- Mwinfxrwifu if, Q cimcm 1 'vw' iw- Vw Hn Wim mfr" rm-fiwonicfliiy imffined, We i' N. uni uni imw f'Xrw'1ir14'w wiiiw winch 10 Xu il Lnwi wr- f1,I!TIiriU fungi fii ',f. vmiwiw iiwm 'W wf Uv: wwiirrf yw-111, By imvivwrg iiviai? w ' xx wie wmiiw win irwurn PM iirui iwqmi iuiai x-.- 1' :iw in iiw nn: ff1H'A, moiivv imrffr flfifi fw ir Ui xfLx'iiliMYiT', ami ilwrwcjiiurv ui 'iiwir 1 if N xfzriu, VNV rww in-iirrr' liULikJ'U:QiT'fi iiwc r awldrwxi mn rwmiif-rrw Hum JOSEPH F. QUINN 4247 Loring Sheef snug u 5 ,Ay ,w ,y Hi, BH'NAi'H PAUL F, QUINLAN 340 Milne Sfreei , 'A . y, . ,Ag Q 'npfni - Fwd!-v'-11 .l , , 1, ,Y K , ' .jig 00 . A yu - me , iff' fi' A, ROBERT A. QUINN 34i7 Aldine Sireei Si. MANHIVV if: li Firwwf - Aim View-ii'1:1lr':'Nn 'iw Cn ii' iv-v - F wi Nixzrl V i i"-,i.:"n1vx in-'i :J FRANCIS J. RAFFERTY 5330 Greenway Avenue T. :fi Blikiliii WXCKI-'AMlNT V, 1' Ag ,-M-1 r-,V ww ,Hmmm i Q if' ' ' Si- 'wvuai 'wp-vis IU GQ wi 0' f Vs- ' .fy 9 A '- Fafher Minich, priesf-pilof, spends all his lime befween flue Aeronauiics room and ilwe airporf. 'Conscious of ihe frend of Aviaiion in secondary schools, he has helped fo place our school af +l'1e lop. Tinlcering wiiln +he engines of airplanes becomes second naiure io flue Senior members of our aviation pupils. Here Lauienbacher, Burns, Callahan, and Harvey of Senior 9 are all buf inside this engine. HERMAN F. RAU 4235 N. Fairluill Sfreei ST. HENRY lional Sporls B Absenlee Flcporlvr WILLIAM G. REILLY 6242 Ogoniz Avenue ST, BENEDICT and - Falconians - Alvsenioe Roporiar - Secliorial Sporis J,V.F . fr.. .4 gg! ml' , Bn . '-- zo 's' ,V ., Qi" 'J ax., WILLIAM G. RICKS 326i Rawle Sfreef ST. TIMOTHY oolball - Alosenloe Reporlor JAMES A. RIES 2842 Frankford Avenue VISITATION Alnsonlce: Rrfporler - Seciionol Spfwvls - lruliiii Sqiiqil . J. V, Foalball Eleclricily Club ' 1 I . . . our war cry is "Geronimo" we've sfudi d . . . e aviafion before we became airborne: now. we de- scend silenfly from Hue skies upon an unwary enemy fo defeaf him by surprise . . . Airplane Construction Many boys bel-are enfering high school are very inlcresled in model conslrucfion. ln our oeronaulics cleparlmenf models have given way Io Ihe real lhing in fhe conslruclion of lull size planes. This course is made inleresling Ihrough lhe zealous eflorfs of Folher Minich who Iceeps Us occupied all Ihe lime, Airplane Consfruclion I h ' eoc es Us The slruclure of modern airplanes and lhe ways Io lceep a plane in proper conclilion and repair. JOSEPH D. RIHL ROBERT G. RILEY 2058 Morgcref Sireef I357 E. Oxford Sfreei ST JOACHIM HOLY NAME S rlionol Sporls Seminary Collecfor - Seclional Sporis - Absenfee Reporler I WILLIAM X. ROBINSON 5249 Arbor Sfreef ST. AMBROSE Absenlee Reporler - Seclional Sporls - Propagolion of fhe Failh Collector lk ' 5 . "-. I' I .-.A y- nk 'ff A "Yin N . :- J ? I I WILLIAM M. RODGERS 4310 Coifmon Avenue ST. BERNARD Seclional Sports I 9 1 li ? ,Q gs. 'x 4 Cosiello of Senior 9 deserves a word of credif. His abiliiy ro lake apart and pui a plane fogeflwer is oufsianding. Here he and Ryan are pulling "Dope" on The wing and fail. Plofiing ihe course of flighf is one of ihe infricaie problems of air naviga- fors. To fha mos+ minule delail our calculafions musf be accuraie. Fofher O'Connor's vigilance and guiding hand is well appreciaied by all of us. :DWA RD F. RODZI EWI-CZ 5l23 Melrose Sfreel' ST. JOHN CANTIUS Seminary Collecior - Class Bowling - Sedional Sports Varsily Bowling f , 1 , A 4.-J, h W1 ,ist V - V" RMS- N . iii ' . Its. 1 M V, 7 ' ff'-' ' , . fair, we Q - T' My ,-- ' Q. , i '. :mi p i : M rf?-if 'Cav H,zW,l1i', ' if I' AN, I ,fl I i , - .I -. 55.3, Vt.--I up Ili- -,is ,am ,iv , " ,I V 1 HENRY F. ROEPKE l2l2 E. Clielien Avenue IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, GERMANTOWN Secfional Sporls .. i t Q J' VINCENT D. ROMANO 4630 Worfh Sfreef MATER DOLOROSA Seminary Collecior - Spanish Club - Chemisiry Club - Biology Club FRANCIS X. ROONEY I230 Fillmore Srreef ST, JOACHIM Dramolics - Slage Crew Secfional Sporfs - Propagaiion of line Failh Colleclor . . . fo learn Hue mysieries of radio and fhe force fhaf governs if . . . fo serve as Hle ears of an army . . . fo defermine Hle fafe of an enemy by a few words info a moufhpiece . . . l'r0l0ns and Iileclrons Om EM 4 frlify fnwruw, wfwwn under We OLDVQ Am!! New W VKIHHXY Bw1oH, ffnobles our sfudenfs M f:rc1.iw1M- Mmm Hmm! wlfrw ru knowledge of fl frAeWV'1rc'l '-LM'5i1V'ff, U10 FLlI1dOVYWf'?V'1fO!', Elef- 'rfvfg ma 'nw-n in SOphOVT1OVf' year, and We 1 fm- .- ':'r V mm Jwwim' mmf SVVTIOV yfiurw. THIS ww- mf :mf 11' WMM ru fomplefo Pvoclgmund 5 l M w Nw in J .Fm I-'fodrifcuf world. JOSEPH F. ROONEY 62l4 Erdrick Sfreef S7 HM NNW WILLIAM F. RUFF 72l8 Juclson Sireef ST BERNARD V. . ,., N ,. A k Svrwfrmll Spmis Sr-mincuvy Cuifedor 5 GEORGE P. RUTECKI 2767 Orfhodox Sireef ST, JOHN CANTIUS Ari Club - Clussiuuf C1 in SQCHOHOV Spolfs - Spanish C JOSEPH J. RYAN l9l2 Medory Avenue ST. BINHFICT Aix.-wh-w W,-pwwh-I Sf-minnvy Mb Crwfn-'H+ F" wpzfqflffwvv uf H10 Fuiriv CMU'-L,'m Falher Bygolhs inte lricify may be besl ex sfudenls ihoi' EII his lo v-' Of the new fechnicol courses, Eleclricily is quife flour- resl in ploined b long ishing. Mr, McNally here hos his class absorbed in ihe Q - Radio and Elec- by lhe number of offer school hours. explanolions ol lhe eleclrolylic cell. WILLIAM E. RYDER . 1' ' JLEWICZ JOHN F. SAUTER 6036 Hegermcn S+reef or bolmon Slreef 5935 N, 4rh Sheer ST, BARTHOLOMFW ST. ADALBERT Sl. HELENA umlvmry Colloclrwr Y Suullonul Vurslly Foollioll - Abservlee Fulmn Sloll - Phologmphy Club Spmls - Allscnluu Repovler Reporlcr - Sedionol Sporls Sccfionol Sporls Y Bowling League A 9'F ,fi 4' in-,, Q 11:41, - I ,, .' RNC" 1: L n 11-3 f .,,, -D ALBERT 1, SCHELL 8l7 W. Fishers Avenue INCARNATION Vnrsily BOSlu-llmll - Alwwylhp Rcpcvrlvr - Sumimzvy Cf-llcxl r Svc llorml Sp. rf lf, win ,X-, , al . , ' 1: ' ' lv i ,Qui K .jk ,. A4 ,, 3. -- 'H ' 3,57 1 - ' E' . 1 'N l . . I ' ,J Q . I Q 5' ' S E f "- N il 1 W .K 5 - ' H ,gif "ffl ij., Q N .- s sr . L X 1 W K ' ERNEST J. SCHMIDHEISER JOHN A. SCHMIDT JOHN F. SCHWEIKER JOHN J. SCOTT 6600 Edmund Sfreef 3455 N. Polefhorpe Sireef B46 E. Onforio Sfreef 3537 Kensingfon Avenue QT. LUV7 ST. HUGH ASCENSJON ST. WJAN OF ARC UL 'fu CJ'V.x Bwwhwxg SL-Minmrwrjl Sprwfs - Orqfwmho Fmw?1mlJ Town k S.-f?IvrmJ Sprv'5 Sl- Tlvwuf Spwvh, U-Jw-v Swnimcry Cf-Hedcr - SO' L-V AJ"-'.'UJFlx NN Rfgv The Science of lladio J Nur DXEXUVW1, WJNU fmwglwf ROHM 05 Norfrl C.MmMg Jw Hn' Joni iwo years, is mow Jreoching Fwlwiy, mi Ccnfnwfiv Univr1rf,Hy. His shoes have Jw-g-on vs-ry f.1gwc'1JwNy WIC-H by Fofhcr Byqoht, This f nf lr fwrwmf-. M Hwrwo pfvrlods of Jedure and 'wma l feriwif. -uf Mal' f-.1fJw ww-Jc, The Gf'COV7f'JJ'1OH'D1f ' V H' rem.. w. AJWEVJNJ irwfcw rc'1c'J1O Qmvfdng OHCJ we :wr Umar' WJM VVHJN Tw JUPLTFNVTNO VOCJJO OpCf- ' . Mmm, 5 .Nw mfwwwi cure' mow wing We : .-.JI 11' fl wwf J m fm. VKWHVE' for JJWGEV Od- mw rw' "Q in Jw' 1:rw'fJ Jmwff . . . a seamsfer of mefals . . . from his insfrumenfs of frade rho wonders of man's genius maferialize . . . ships, bridges, skyscrapers fused info single unifs by inseparable pieces of mefal . . . JOHN A. SENIOW 2305 E. Almond Slreei HOLY NAME Sm liomnl Spm'lS inn W JOSEPH G. SENIOW 2305 E. Almond Slreel HQLY NAME Clwmisliy Club - Ridinq Cli Plmlogroplvy Club l . a'l' CHARLES F. SERRAVALU JAMES P. SHAUGHNESSY l345 Unily Sfreel 365i Fronlrford Avenue MATER DOLOROSA ST, JOAN OP AKC wb Alwgemlos- Rwpiirl.-f Swviomxl Swminoiy Cwllw lui Si-1 limi nl Si' fnwv ls - Pmpqqmlifn l',l l llif- Fudlw Spoila - Al v-,'- ii' '--A Ri-ywiwulv-i Culli-cliir Pupugcfwiw i-l llvi- Fiiilli Cwlli-il V Joe Maguire is cn oufslcnding sluclenf of Radio and Eleciricily. For flue benelil of Senior 2 he ond Fcflwer Bygoff explain fhe use of Ol'nm's Law. ,i . 1 4. U , 'ua esones 1. sHeu.Y STANLEY e. sHoLme 1oHN J. SKIFFINGTON Josem-1 A. sMurH 900 E. Weslmoreland Slreel 4l08 "L" Slreel 4250 N. Marshall Sfrael' 423 ACYOI' Sffiil' ASCENSION HOLY INNOCENT ST. HENRY ST- HELENA O,Cf,,59,-G . Good News Sfqff Seclional Sporls Orcheslra - Absenfee Reporler Seciioncl Sporls - Absenlee Nor'easler - Spanish Club Secfional Sporls - Spanish Club Reporlev - Seminary C0lleCfC Mastering the Air-waves While our Radio lecfure course is primarily concerned wilh fheory, we are lrained in 'rhe procfical applicofion of lhe Theory in lhe Radio labrafory. ln our double-period Lab course, we slarl' wifh 'rhe lundamenfals of eleciricily, and grad- ually progress unlil we are building one-lube receiving sels and olher forms of more com- plicaled radio-elecfric apparafus. The Radio lab nol only puls info praclice lhe lheories ol radio and elecfricily, buf if also gives us 0 greafer knowledge of 'rhe fheory ilseli. . . . fo keep oflur mon ln close confacf wllll a world only a few mlles below. yet so lar away . . . fo qlldo loaf men home . . . fo gel ald for fllem . x ', a JOSEPH C. SMITH VINCENT E. SMITH RICHARD J. SOWNEY FRANK L. SPIECKER 394I Dungan Sfreei 33I2 Harfville Sfreef 39I0 Dungan Sfreef II30 Sanger Sfreei HOLY INNOCENIS ASCENSION HOLY INNOCENIS ST. MARTIN OF TOURS cnfeo Reporier Varsify FooIbaII Secflonal Sports Spafwisfw Club - Eledric Club Secfional Spods Secfional Sporfs Seciional SporIs Demonsfrafion classes are a necessary par+ of all our M Lab courses. In Radio the inifricafe mechanism of a five- 'Iube sef is poinfed out by Father Bygoii as fhe inferesfed members of Senior 2 look on. ybx ff lg ffl'-T 4 , -i.. H l 1 Q 3,1 Ki 4 "' y Y U1 M . 5 i V my Vyrk L .-7 fr T' 'T' W ' X Q' l f N 'Q V i " lc?-: 1587 WILLIAM J. SPINK EDWARD P. STAPLETON EDWARD A. STAUDENMAYER HARVEY J. STEFANOWICZ 5907 Colgcle Slreel 6640 Ogonlz Avenue 259 W. Sheldon Slreel 58ll Charles Slreef Sl, Wll.l.l"l M Sl. BENEDICT INCARNATION Sl. BARVTHOLOMENN Cv' .v . 'gf-v":'v:',' Cjnllof luv' COllf'f'-wi lm pvcwpilquli in fl Almnwlrge Rigrviilv' Bi, 3- :yy Cl li Clwvvislry Cl ' ' il 'SL " Mil lf-:Wi Fiilli Scclilnol Splile S J S 5 Ai' Cl l ly- lim-nl Spifvls Library Science Vvli' wcdrrl lm lfilw llii, fmliporlimily lo Slwow mi' 'lK'Plt"'lVll,Wl'l ml mir lunauriq lwrOG'f7lln9 l.ljiy 1ri1ri, lln-y fri- llw lv-llwwf, wlm Qlwclys MQW The Library is also 0 classroom. So llml we may lincl our way in lhe proper seleclion ol books, Library Science is required of all Freshmen. wli .rifi Hin lwlfiwli wffm lrmlcinfi liar ron be louncl, mil 'wi Q'-vi-f gilfnil lu mlwow ii-3, Under llwc Cop- in li- 1lll'lCllN ffl lfnliwr-r Wfillinm Worcl. C",f-.. imll Hmllnir lmefpili Lynn. 0.S.F.S.ll1c .y V. . . f lmmw ul-All lrii, 'fiflf :' f-llifzftnl Owl lic-elpwl. Om lilnrmy lwfnfm mn mlonmivo Collecjlion ol z+ iwwrwv lnvol- .. ru' wwil C12 lne lnoul Ol Qld ond ri W lymlxe ol lil firm. laioiqrmplwy, science, poelry, will dim-i' iul i'.- rnimiirwgkq ond inslruclivc volumes. . . . keepers of knowledge, fhey dislribule if among fhe rich and poor . . . unselfisll and paflenl' flley folerafe all unreasonableness and are always wlll- ing fo help no mailer how difliculf Hue requesf . . . ,Z I he ll I A FRANCIS R. STEIN 220i N. 5fh Sfreel Sl, Bkf5Nll-ACL 1510 Crow S1-I liwmil gi iwlillgv R'-in-ill-4 - Swim Coll,-i lui ,p 'Si - 1' S Ve L Nfl-1 1 I . i 1 . L, i FRANCIS L. STRICKER WARREN J. STEVENS MARK H. STOCK 6370 Torresdclle Avenue 305 Roselyn Slreei 4420 Knorr Sfreel Sl. UO Sl, HLLEN Sl, LEU ' S 'iL xv'- xl Si wA'1 lu llii Lillijiil-WVV vi Fizifli Cwllw Li Sw- 'i. 'wil gin 1'-, - Clii-iviiuliy ii y 5'i'iwr'i1l Sivivls f f'Nlavr'l m-fx Chin Biiilfiqy C lQ"'lii Ilvi Fclher Lynn lb,-lox-.I and Folher Word have helped us immensely during school hours and offer school in 'fhe Library. We will no? forge? fhe hours +ho+ you spenl flu, every doy io help us find moferial for some homework. 5 i If A .4 - g. T-,ww A Jr'-Lew ' ,- . N 734151.51 Q., HW 1 I -, , 1, fl - f ., .,!s.344,.4 IT JOHN N. SUCICH EDWARD F. SULLIVAN 2430 E. Hunlingdon Slreef 562 E. Morwood Sireei ST, ANNE ST. AMBROSE wilyBi15kCllD0llTQl7rn Sedlonal Spovls - Troclc Tcarn Sflnlifinal spoils Studying Effectively None ol The many excellenl courses open lc Us would be al any ovoil il il weren'+ for The lime spenl in sludying Them. We lcnow lhig and so does our locully. For This reason mosl of our courses are sprinkled here ond There wilh slucly periods. These periods are The some lenglh as our regular classes, ond They do os much as acluol home sludy in helping us lo rnosler our more difficult subiecls. . . . Hue exfernal quesf for knowledge lasfs from life fo deaih . . . Hs mofives vary . . . for personal gain. lor fha good of mankind. for Hle safisfacfion of knowing . . . K' JOHN T. TAYLOR i507 Rosalie Sireel ST, MARTIN OF TOURS Sedionol Sports A Chomgslry Cl b LLOYD J. TEMPLE 4l2 E. Somersef Slreef WSITATION Smlii-nal Spovls Seminary Colleclor - Orchnslro Fafher Doherfy fcughf Freshman and Sophomore Reli- gion. His words of wisdom will help us fo keep young in spirif long offer we have Ieff this insfifufion. Y!! K Q I is fg 'v' wi 1" 'fx' Y- I' I--,K Q 'xx '11 '15, bw- ,qv M . I 0 .ok P A ,. gsm' L Q. Uh Q N 'VI wus I I 'l ,E 2 X X f' . . . modern knighfs, fhey ride in bucking and rock- ing cold sfeel . . . fhey lead fhe infanfry, fhe Queen of fhe Baffle . . , fhey carry on hard-hiffing and lighfning-fasf war . . . Body Building fwwxv ff-,mm fuuruv provufiu. Lv, WMM un oppor- Mwmx' Ro awevoah, 6 momma of follsfhrfnnc-, ond f Y mi ,-, Myfyy, mf QKUVQ iw, Um youilwluf Wfolify Wolf ww 5 'vfmfnifw pc-M up in our ofhcr c1!mHf,f2i. Bcisfiim fmrmfln,-flirwq wmv- lwqlip-A Ly cxcrcisc, we om MINMQYYQ tm pwny ffm' 1:1 c1H wrt Joy Huw. we Ore Qxfwiwwxfl Uwy',iu.1NNy'c1'. WMI GE, VWTMOUV, Our fl rw akin 1-zu Hwvfrforfrx um vfvy inSfrL1mOmfC1N in vw? Mug mm K,1fJVC1Cfl'V'OHfi helping 11510 be Jrruc A: 1L"KfHV'w. JOHN F. TROUTNER 1573! Torresdcle Avenue LAWRENCE R, UDRY 4l35 Dungun Sfreei ST LEU HULY NNNOCENIS '-f rm! Sxrmbg fwwfvvvvwvlrvg Tuum Q -3 ' I tv. . V. I -. f 4' ROBERT T. VAN STONE 5526 Torresdole Avenue ST. BARTHOLOMEVV BLJWMN1 Yrfmvw , Smhv vnu! Sy' Pvc:pf1gg,1h ww fwfHmfF11HH CHUM ' 4 Q" i Q 7 -fr ur gr 5, ,.. LEONARD F. VARACALLO 2947 Gaul Sireef NAUVITY v" Al wrufw- F,-gwvfr-r ge-qilmnu Mr Sp -vw, - P.w'lwnN - Sum IW.-11-'1v1M' Q, Q -an PL w wi. I '95 .sf .ps PQ QQ FRANCIS J. VEASEY 4727 Meridian Slreel Sl. BERNARD innry Collnrlor - Svflionol 5 - Propogulion ol' Ilia Failli Collmlui' fv Q D 0 So our liflle minds would gel a resl from fl1e almosl impossible fask of learn- ing, we had gym classes. Calisllmenics were gruelling ai limes, buf fhe ball games were always good, Boll: were good for us. lsaid Mr. Looby.l Insel: Falher O'Donnell, Alumni moderalor, laugh? us English and inslilled flue spiril of fine champions in our fulure Varsily, He coached flue Jayvees. JOSEPH T. VERDEUR 255l Cedar Slreel ST. ANNE Swirwriing is-nm lcapll Abu-nlec Repnrler - Seminary Colloijlor FREDERICK J. VON HACHT 62I5 N. 2nd Slreel ST. HELENA Secliorial SlDf'YlS - Frcncln Club Radio Club - Biology 55? DAVID H, WAGNER 4835 Taclcawanna Slreef Sl. JOACHIM Falcon Slali e Good News Slall Riding Club - Sl ideril Governrmrnl . . . fo mainiain our counfry's honor on The sea . . . fo operafe and evenfually fo lead Hue world's larg- esf navy . . . fo keep fhree-fourflls of flue earHl's surface free . . . Strengthening the Body Lasl lnul noT leasT we arrive aT a period Thor everyone Tram The rneelcesT Freshman To The moal nwalure Senior Thoroughly enioys, Lunch. Thal sTudenT rushing down The sToirs you can be sure if1nTT going To MaTh Class, buT To Lunch. Tho inwporTonT Thing is, oT course, eaTing, buT on clear days many Tellows enioy playing TooT- bali and soTTball, Cn The colder and rainy days, movioz oT an eclucahonal naTure are shown in The audiloriurn. For These reasons, The lunch 's. 4' period remains our loyorile subiecT. LEON l. WALICKI 34l8 Almond STreeT ST, ADALBERT Soflii-nal Spf-rTs - Biology ub EDWARD P. WALSH 3437 N. 2nd Sfreef ST, HUGH Ahsenlee ReporTer - Biology Club Spanish Club - Sectional SporTs CARL A. WANJEK 7I27 Glenloclr STreeT ST, BERNARD SecTional SporTs - Seminary Colledor - CollecTor Tor Propagoliori oT Failh - Folcfn STUTT x l . T. -.. 2. 'J' FRANCIS G. WARNER 2644 N. Hancock STreeT ST. BONIFACE Absenlee Roprirlwr L Secfional SporT5 - Biology Club - Spanish Club 504' i fx 113 'Of' lv AUGUST F. WEISS 4503 Hurley Slreel Sl, AMBROYH mul Epolln R Alxwvmlm- Rvpovlm 1-' vffifl "'V7.V L Tj Oh Boy, Lunch! The period of lhe day around which all olhers are ceniered. Boys lille +0 eai and we are no excepiion. Besides, a few momenfs lafer, we can gel fha? sofl-ball game siarfed. ALBERT G, WEMBERS 69lI Oakley Sfreef PRESENTATION ibm Clnlw Svfllonol Sporls Al'M-nluv RL-povler LEONARD V, WESOLOWSKI 4443 Edgemonl Sfreef Sl, JOHN CANUUS Sloge Cvcw - Secllonol Spmlg EDWIN J. WESTON 30l Highland Avenue, Ablngfon IMMACULATL CONCEPUON, JENKHXITOWN Soqlional Sp Hf'l rls - Splmiglw Club Blolrwgy Clulw ,zu .I l'G! 'w 1.7 :U ri IIIsfiI-Mm IMHO 12 IIWO A , , L 1 IMI "url fd? fwgIIm'Iy Gnd vgry 1 ' much wmwr Wwcm IIN' LIHIIUI 45 mIrwI+3 V 1,AbOVGf If! IIIIH LII LMIYIOI' 3 PIICIVINI IVIIVIC4 ,,, , , I rw-,sm IIwvI.:rf1I-IwcwI In IMI, IQVOVIIQ ' Q ' wI:A, Inu IMI iItc1I LILMI4 move Loafer? IWwIw righf, fmII ImenNI qgavfw up hope of .I-,., I. qw V V ' I ' I . , M rm W II' ww QI Im nvtmnod c,omrC1q'1w,. BERNARD F. WHITE JOHN F. WIEDMAYER s.,5' 'Ng- ' I 1 'NL ww F 1 'NR PAUL A. WILLIAMS WILLIAM J. ZIEGLER 2949 Gaul Sheet 647 E, Wesimorelond S+ree'r 439 W. Roosevelf Boulevard 34I2 Ryan Avenue NAVVIIY ASCENSION INCARNAIIJN SI. MATTHEW ,H 'Ig-I r'-, E IvIf.qy CN rv Q 1IIvrw1I SDUIIS - BIfWIv'wf1y CL LJ V, IZWXILMII - Bwwffifry fa: L 1' "2 - SOQIIOHUI gpm 'I' v, C III- 'I r Sf 'wxhwmy COIL-I Wm' UsI'f,-I - Swv -L C' IL 4' f 'G , 4 fb G. - ' 1 ,,Q1 I 7 fx. ' ' V . -, ' xii' '4,!l ., 1 A I1 'I jf! - 'A N I. A I ' ' -4, 1.2 -.+A ,IV ' :lyfffi-. 'fl 1 K I w w? - .Aff tk l A Tribute to XQU. ameri M'CL0lLy eu. ameri jaclky, Gm llu- Jay 'glmal ag-wwf-d in Scsplomber llwe enllre sludenl bmlv was wlmmvd la lwax al llwc deallw al Follwer Bladley, He was lull 37 year-, al asm. Pallwm Bradlf-V was wcll lnawn among llme llppovulafmw-n and llw aluuml, lar in paul years lm had served a m 'll'V'GlOl' al Coed New-fl and llwe "PalQom." He was a S Ox qulnle and inf, WlYmJllOll, and wlll live lm our lwearls alwa 5. Ma he K l Y Y rcul ln peace, Amen. .762 yuniorzi Behind you ore lhree sublime yeors of friendship ond hoppy memories. Before you lies lhe loslc of roising Norfh Colholic: lo nobler glory ond dignily, We believe you con do il, Your splendid record in fhe posl iusfifies our belief, Thus, we go Forfh conlidenf Thor you, Juniors, will eogerly oscend fo whore we leove off. Corry on, Closs ol '45. "Sure, sl1e's nice!" Coyne assures Wiley as 'Phey dis- cuss fheir respedive dcrles of fhe evening before. Typ- ical of fhe Junior Class, +hey are anxious fo carry on H10 fradifion of fhe Falcons as fha Seniors of '45. JUNIOR I: Firsl Row: Aspen, Bede- sem, Wissman, W, Kenny, E. Kenny, Levand, Byihrow, Schillinger, Perri, Oakley, McMenamin, Breslin, Second Row: Fossel, Genovesi, N, Paslore, Wolf, Whyfe, Toner, McNiel, Kelly, Mahoney, Gillespie, J. Pasloreg Third Row: Groelsch, Fagan, Keiser, Lar- luin, Horan, Durlrin, Ney, Flood, Fish- er, Fleming, Fourih Row: Zrada, Weakland, Gushue, Murphy, McNa- mara, M. Hoffman, E. Hoffman, Rea- gan, Moore. JUNIOR 2: Firsl Row: Kennedy, Chriswell, Kelley, Mccarmiclr, Dur- ney, Walsh, Thoma, Mirsh, Conners, Roarily, Plumber, Higgins, Second Row: Mangold, Raszewski, Mulhol- land, Flanagan, Hoclmenburry, Landy, Laulermilch, Carroll, Frielsch, Diefes, Baruch, Third Row: Hordis, Brady, Hines, Gorman, Buclnman, Pellil, Dahms, Weiss, Klaiber, McAnally, Kaminslxip Fourlh Row: Arnold, Muff, Wilkins, Thees, Krelzinger, Mach, Kar- minski. JUNIOR 3: Firsl Row: McDonnell, Meehan, Economy, Powers, Pruch- niewslxi, Seover, Wilson, Quinn, Dur- hin, Duffy, Eberl, Bedrzinsllig Second Row: Bernhardl, Geisf, Pilcher, Mc- Gurlr, McGregor, Harmer, Dodd, Turner, O'Donnell, Shellsline, Bocherl, Schmalg Third Row: Nolan, Bonhage, Teifman, Slaunlon, Mable, Sweeney, McLernan, Bernard, Clarlc, McCrac- lren, Kamucag Fourlh Row: Richey, Wolllowicz, Hoolr, Hynes, Waile, Al- verez, McNally, Hoffman, McDer- molip Fillh Row: Connolly, Bowen, Harlman, King. JUNIOR 4: Firsl Row: Adair, Burlre R. Slanlon, MCG-rarh, Bader, Power Keenan, Deery, Malusilc, Czyzewslzi, Sieglried, J. Slanion: Second Row: Carney, O'Meara, Hinslni, Mafher, Uhfman, Emig, McGee, Mcclaflerly O'Donnell, lenness, Fuersr, Diamond Schmidl: Third Row: McMennamin McNichQl, Powers, Herlinq, Myers Gi-lz, Sanborn, Leplro, Horan, Cor- ncly, Curran, McBurr1ie, Fourfh Row: McShz-a, Piolrowicz, Coalrley, Brill Prior, laclriewicl, Glennon, Connolly, Ramsey, Milcus, Woods, Filzpofriclr. JUNIOR 5: Row One: Helm, Schap- per, Cassidy, Carroll, Clarlr, Cidala, Kazelauslras, McHugh, McTogue, Ter- cha, Barr, Spellmang Row Two: Fo- nosh, Thomson, Kummer, Mudd, Berg- rneisrer, Ferguson, Foslcr, Mullen, Laux, Maclrin, Gould, Klein, Row Three: Quingerl, Fehrenbach, Wase- lranis, Hynialc, Meade, Doyle, Taford, Ruclr, Nugenl, Ashfon, Diasio, Row Four: Cocco, Fox, Demuro, King, Benson, Farrell, Toner, Cifane. JUNIOR 6: Firsl Row: McLean, Bro- gan, Hannon, Kling, Shields, Kelly, Miller, Sharlrey, Hannigan, Albrighf, Delaney, Rennie: Second Row: Kofar- slzi, Sliebcr, Coyne, Evans, Benson Gechring, Haney, Readinger, For- mica, Darby, Wiley, Murray, Third Row: Korpowicz, Houslon, Morriney, Werner, Thisflc, Grady, Hill, Jacoby, Buch, Blaszczylr, Halbnessg Fourlh Row: Barunas, Besl, Bruber. JUNIOR 7: Firsr Row: Heclx, Hig- gins, Kelleher, Biddle, Dougheriy, Bonsey, Bilfel, Dugan, Jablonslri, Crawford, Second Row: Kaelin, Ku- lali, Zinnie, Conway, Wall, Murray, O'D0nnell, Friel, Donohue, Brennan, Heiman, Maguire, Third Row: Shields, Dearden, Colanionio, Beally, Koch, McPherson, Chesnes, Warson, Jeffers, Hilberl, Creyong Fourlh Row: Mc- Mahon, Dooley, Toohey, Kennedy, Boehm, Hilberd. . J' ff' f il R JUNIOR 8: Firsi Row: Gale, Renz, Magee, Moniague, Melhuisle, Keane, McLaughlin, Roihwell, Diduck, Wol- loce, Roneyg Second Row: Miller, Colohan, McGee, Ryan, Mallon, Ku- pica, Hogeriy, J. M. Burns, Doheriy, Haubensfein, 1. J. Burns, Third Row: Diegnon, O'Ri0rdon, Dombrowski, Ri- ley, Broderick, Alobrod1inski, Bronco, Turner: Fourih Row: Belz, Sieigerwald, McGeever, MacDonald, Barnes, Plun- keH, Comerford, Richards, Collins. JUNIOR 9: Firsf Row: Blum, Welsh, Berry, Boehringer, Coniz, Janus, L. McGee, Dahrns, McCool, Bariles, Dillon, Second Row: Anfhony, Mackel, Gilmorrin, Jordel, Weinman, Cos+ello, Jascionis, Cowley, Covingfong Third Row: Gushue, Lyons, Sambhor, Bauer, Malley, Kane, Baldwin, Mcpeok, Tomlinson: Fourih Row: Deegon, Mo- loney, Rogers, C. McGee, Mollon, Porih, McDermoH, Madden, Breif. JUNIOR IO: Firsi Row: Golden, Ccmbell, Donohue, McGowan, Mc- Combes, Moleski, Mlynczok, Shorfall, Clark, McKeowng Second Row: Kei- iinger, Paffon, Magowan, Nowakow- ski, Glemser, Vickers, Everman, Mc- Donald, Brodesserq Third Raw: Con- non, Burke, Eck, Bloomer, Buckley, Hinnegon, Maher, Cofoline, Cassidy, Gaynor. IUNIOR ll: Firsf Row: John Kelly McNuH, Joe Kelly, Ponferillo, Hog' geriy, Callahan, Dever, Smifh, York Reardon, Second Row: Donovan, Hill Wrighi, Dwire, Keenan, Hydell Crniia, Wyneski, Lewis, Crosby, Do- ley, Third Row: Kilbrighf, Wasokons Kolferman, Coogon, Convery, Hayes Fourih Row: Hirch, Farrell, Lo Vec- chio, Verling, McCollarn. Harvey, Frances, Kuhen, Menocrackg ff rf' JUNIOR I2: Firsf Row: McGraIh Blalre, Ranler, I.ehey, Magrarn, GOI den, Nelis, Barr, Quigg, Kennedy Second Row: Alesi, Shepherd, Du, scher, Beclzer, Neri, McDonald, Liney Monseref, Naving Third Row: Hughes Weller, McEIwee, Wood, Bonner Nelson, Ellershaw, Duffy, Fourfh Row: Spingler, Magrann, Taylor, Limemil- Ier, McGovern, Walsh, Finn. JUNIOR I3: Firsf Row: Donohue, Mc- Deviff, Shiclzling, McI.aue-Iin, Jacobs, Hunler, Cupo, Gallagher, Falhcber, Vina: Second Row: Shimpf, Connors, Hughes, Krilz, Romano, Miley, Turow- slri, Palan, Hill, Morraneg Third Row: Zorniclr, Kuhnle, Kenny, McKean, Kir- win, MCAfII1UV, Sfodali, Ballasy, Zin- dellg Fourlh Row: Werner, Vogl, Nachfhiem, Wise, Devlin, Cleary, Mc- Fadden. JUNIOR I4: Firsl Row: Bradley. Kugler, Gallagher, Meinlel, Kenny, Spain, Faody, Dc-pmang Second Row: Weiman, Scanlon, Nolan, Fitzkee, Mooney, McSherry, Beck, Third Rowi Merliel, Fisher, Benariclc, Alliinson, Ryan, Mylan. JUNIOR I5: Firsl Row: Parisi, Flen- ders, Hulme, Fanning, Gidernan, Su- der, Campoli, Ciobalonig Second Row: Campbell, Glenn, Morision, Farrell, Daly, Borm. I Lucky we have lunch periodsl We don'f lrnqw how we would have Fnished all +ha+ Geomefry. Fenloh and O'Brien of Sophomore 5 mix mafhemcdics wifh sand- wiches fo fypify the dogged-determinafion of The class of '46. Ai -n....-,, if Wvvif L' f -ua... ' I . 4.951- SOPHOMORE l: Firsl Row: Grundy, Anderson, Lyons, Halch, Welsh, While, McDonald, Walsh, Dougherly, Muller, Sevand, Whyfeg Second Row: Sloellxer, Lewandowslci, Dugan, Dor- mer, Marlin, Cuff, Horlxansan, Carr, Spanlelner, Morgan, Sheridan, Mar- riarifyg Third Row: Ccisidy, Porler, Diehl, Dulre, Guerin, Bygoll, Boyle, Fox, Nessel, Kirrone,Coleman1 Fourfh Row: Kelley, Dolan, Gallagher, Bauer, Boyle, Karpinslri, Sullivon, Kelley, Feigher. SOPHOMORE Golden, Slraw E. Coyle, Ryan Nolan: Second ler, Hegarly, 2: Firsl Row: Smifh, Griffin, Boyce, Coyle, Fol1,Haney, Howard, Row: Lindinger, Meh- McGarvey, Cover, Gavaghan, Henry, Frilz, Homer, Mc- Dermoll, Graff, Joseph, Bonner, Third Row: Whelan, McManus, Wylie, Lu- cis, Kalinowslri, While, Lie-71, Browne, McKenna, Boclx, Osfopower, SOPHOMORE 3: Firsl Row: Dagney, Dahrne, Gallagher, Louie, Rice, Hig- gins, Ervin, Horris, Schmid, Dunn, Doyle, Second Row: Fenlon, Lang, Sweeney, Balmer, Domenic, Sliben, Mc- Crane, Ford, Sheehan, O'Brien, Ecli- erlg Third Row: Haviland, Shay, Judge, Fox, Long, Fisher, Burns, Dor- land, Nay, Moore: Four+h Row: This- lle, McLoughlin, Shields, Graham, Hobin, Mounfain, Keys. SOPHOMORE 4: Firsl Row: Mc- Creavy, Hanna, Boyle, Urbanslli, O'Driscoll, Cameron, Hahn, Browne, MacNeal, Hund, Kolanlriewicz, Sec- ond Row: McDonald, Dirscherl, O'Meara, Coby, Vollrerl Sweeny. Smifh, Rolh, Sfaplelon, Mccloslrey, Manly, Loughery, Third Row: Siegele, McDonald, Currie, Hines, Domanico Whelan, McLeod, Ensslen, Jaclrson, Holi, Cosgrove, Fourlh Row: Nicos- lro, Albosla, Keashon, McCaffrey, Murray, Braun, Werner, Beaslon, Damiano, Lawson: Fiffh Row: Mc- Cauley, Foley, J. Murray, Tobin. SOPHOMORE 5: Firsl Row: Maho- ney, Grilxe, Woilowicz, Polsenberg, Coyle, Nice, Slraub, Dion, Campbell, Trinseyg Second Row: Oefzel, Con- nell, Quinn, Hoplrins, J, Logue, Bu- cia, McLaughlin, Gramliclr, Graham, Pilcher, Vogelj Third Row: Hcrlly, Gillespie, O'Brien, Waldner, Smilh, O'Neill, Soleclri, Maher, Eclmerlg Fourfh Row: Price, C, Logue, Zolleli, Griffin, Landgrebe, Fenlon, Coen. Koenig. SOPHOMORE 6: Firsl Row: Kirinzic, Connor, Coleman, Madden, Dollrie- wicz, De Slefano, Rodgers, McNuH, Brimmer, Wood, Sweeney, McFadden, Second Row: Sadowslzi, Bibus, Bowen, Cranney, Peril, McNamee, Nugenf, Wcsf, Enoch, Cosgrove, While, Mc- Gladep Third Row: Keller, Donnas, McKenna, Dempsey, Weller, Korman, O'Donnell, McGrorh, Flannery, Gess- ner, Maguire, Fourlh Row: Mailhews, Paglici, Bowen, Mullen, O'Keele, Slchlc, Wallen, Holi, Hoegg, Ruger, Polls. SOPHOMORE 7: Firsl Row: Scanlor, Kersse, Piorriwslri, Kohler, O'Neill, Gloclrin, Wischurn, Dolan, Heinsinger, Forbes, Second Row: Pryor, McMa- hon, Gillespie, Cosligan, McLean, Durlrin, Bufferworlh, Kiellzlra, Cardo- more, Kilcoyne, Third Row: Smuirilr, Casey, Dalfon, Newman, Hallbrocll, Domzalslii, Toner, Shelfsline, Misiallg Fourfh Row: Furoy, Schwarlz, Rogers, Willis, Ryan, Eclrrofh, McAvery, Con- lon, Fifih Row: Goloslry, Prifz, Mc- Geffigan, Szul, Sufliff, Loughran, Madara. SOPHOMORE 8: Firsf Row: Sharp, Sous-rmelch, Cunningham, McGeHi- gan, Dene, Eclrcr, McAllisler, J, Fill- pafriclr, Ryan, McGlynn: Second Raw: J. Fiizpalriclr, Grabowslii, W. Fossnachl, Premaza, Diclr, Sf. John, Farnan, Kane, Kearney, J. Flynn, Third Row: J. McNamara, Donahue, J. MCNCHWGFU, KOSIOKOWSKI, Bradley O'Toole, Di Tullo, Amalo, J. Foss nachfy Fourlh Row: Giuranna, Gred- 1inslni, Zilinslry, Slaunron, Binczewslni, Alexander, Bc-nlzel, Senslmi, McDon- ald, Derbyshire, McCann, Harrigan. SOPHOMORE 9: Firsf Row: Micha- lalr, McAdams, Burl, T. Miller, Mc- Cuen, Scofi, De Laurenfis, Marlin, McGarrey, Donnelly, Wesiong Second Row: O'Harc, Mullin, Shiclm, Gildea, Dunlon, Fernandez, Adair, Degafis, Chmura, Turzanslri, Bianog Third Row: SlYS1kO, Sechowicz, Sianiszewslri, Payne, Veasey, Feuerslein, Orsini, Brasch, McLaughlin, Harvey, Adams: Fourfh Row: Croslmey, Selcula, Kane, Maguire, Hilderley, Hilderbranl, Col- ahan, Wedeman, Kilpafrick, Dugan, Prior, SOPHOMORE IO: Firsf Row: O'Hara, Quinn, Bchl, Coyle, Walsh, Cifiili, Logan, Cumming, Corrigan, Pepic, Bohemer, Miller: Second Row: Scan- lon, Winlcrior, Seiferi, Burlre, Calla- grone, Sfouf, Dougherfy, Devlin, Horne, Coughlin, Hennessy, Third Row: Malhcrs, Brighfcliffe, Roeher, Sullivan, Zawrolney, Joyce, Bradley, Meehan, Lehman, Kelley, Fourih Raw: Nash, Kololrowslri, Bescripf, Murray, Gallagher. SOPHOMORE Il: Firsf Row: Cogh- lan, Brenner, Coyle, Pepper, Nedzin- bar, Mclnfoch, Augenfine, Mrozinslri, Kane, Howard, Filzpafriclxg Second Row: McFardle, Kelley, Sands, O'Con- nor, Rhawnlrne, Bongarr, Bednarelr, Mullin, Fahy, Vcarling, Third Row: O'Donnoll, Zambine, O'Brien, Duff, Morgan, Mccalglan, Razlov, Shelly Conroy, Ryan, O'Donnell. SOPHOMCRE IZ: Fira? Row: Car- bs-ry, Wclc, Barringer, Nelson, Neag- ler, Gallagher, Kunlrlrr, C, Mullin, Rendag Sr-cond Row: Clark, Hag- gerly, Srniih, Doyle, Heidigger, Magda, Girlie, Mullen, Third Row: Ganyan, Jarvis, Donohue, Kinra, Dc- virie, Vogelman, McAully. ,X Xl? 1 SOPHOMORE ll: Firsl Row: Scolf Kurz, McDyre, Piclrowslni, Gushue Kelly, Sheardon, Cliffon, Toifmeng Second Row: Narone, Marcione, Tor- pey, Healy, McLaughlin, McGlynn, Callahan, Third Row: Brinlnman, Lid- dell, Kyiall, McGrall1, Daly, Deihl. SOPHOMORE l4: Firsl Row: Hill, Malhews, Erb, Wlodlxowslri, Boyle, Slxiffinglon, Quirll, O'Meara, Gizara, Dunn, Second Row: Zwier, Marnien, Bradley, Fiore, Morris, Cush, McDer- mof, Wollemale, Reilly: Third Row: Fasy, Bobbil, Van Winllle, Furey, Goehrig, Shields, Jadicll, Traubg Fourfh Row: Reardon, Fasy, Mccool, Quinn, Heron, Casper. SOPHOMORE IS: Firsl Row: Prlyby- lowslzi, Wisneslli, Roder, Derbyshire, Serravalli, Ferry, Lyle, Noel, Mc- Tague, Bellield, Maclmiewiczg Second Row: Renz, Sabalo, Kelly, Zeruh, Gav- aghan, Healy, Haney, Durlnin, March, Engelharig Third Row: Galhercole, Golden, Toner, Adair, Chmielniclzi, Porler, Billing, Gunn, Filzhenry, Kulilng Fourlh Row: Lyons, McMahon, O'Don- nell, Carloerry, Brennensluhl, Boppel, Welosler, Lange: Fiflh Row: Plochar- slii, Fisher, Kelly. SOPHOMORE I6: Firsl Row: Corey, Fuegel, Wolf, Brown, Slrabla, Sfone, Flynn, Criqui, Slabler, Mifchellg Sece ond Row: Sheridan, Monaghan, Blood, Mansfield, Klemmer, Schaf- fling, Linninglon, Graclel, Schiclrling, Gross, Third Row: J. Moore, Swords, McCormick, Hennessy, Pinfo, Keating, Monfcfusca, Lippincoll, Wazgis: Fourlh Row: Sarsfield, Mehler, Burns, Terry, Holmes, Sibillia, Bernard, Whiiworfh, ldzilc, Marlueri, H. Moore SOPHOMORE I7: Firsf Row: Frauen- hafler, Quinn, Mifcell, Gronnville, Corcoran, McCabe, Dolfon, Burke, Wallo, Alfomareg Second Row: Visco, Sione, Meyeleslc, Enlrican, Fields, Thorp, McLaughlin, Joyce, Doyle, Nicolelfiq Third Row: Lynch, Lees, Ludalr, Worrell, Minich, Moore, Kelly. SOPHOMORE l8: Firsl Row: Brad- ley, Walsh, Devlin, O'Ncill, lvy, Ben- dig, Salvino, Schriver, O'Rourke, Ford, Second Row: Carr, Klimlow- slri, Mcshane, Scarl, Willrinson, Ber- nard, Glazier, Buller, McNamara, Hiller, Third Row: Dollarfon, Ken- nedy, Palmer, McNomce, Berry, Mur- phy, Thompson, Bragdon, Breerq Fourfh Row: Josel, Kosich, Fifzgerald. SOPHOMORE I9: Firsl Row: Abel, Hoffman, Orflieb, Quinn, Dougherfy, Gallagher, McKenzie, Scanlon, Con- nelly, Tobin, Eveland. Schafferg Sec! ond Row: McGonigal, Wafers, Cur- ren, Bowes, Schuhl, Connolly, Camp- bell, Schovlll, Press, Ricci, Siicco: Third Row: Forller, Then, McGill, Ja- gielshi, Rybas, Kane, Esliuchen, Keyes, Hari. SOPHOMORE 20: Firsl' Row: Ruse sell, McElderry, Needham, Smifh, Va- lecca, De Vincenfis, Creighlon, Fifzgerald, Arndi, Keeney: Second Row: Donnelly, Kavanough, Carey, Friesberg, McNamara, Murphy, Mil, ler, Gallagher, Day, Third Row: Nev- ille, Benedicl, Kerney, Rosenello, Wafson, Hanrafiy, Broolrs, De Lellis. Wilh eyes fo il'le fufure, Mccrone, Moss, and Aherne of ihe Freshman Class pause on fheir way fo the gym. Diamonds in ihe rough and wifh lwearfs of gold, fhis spiri+ will raise Norih Cafholic io even greafer heighls. s XE L 401 Qgmu FRESHMAN I: Firsl Row: Garber Romano, McLernan, Ahern, Cosfello Griffin, Cross, Moos, Rodzai, Spinelli Boyle, Scolfg Second Row: Finnegan Jones, La Presfo, Baraniewicz, Baru- nos, Seelaus, King, McKenna Third Row: Kelly, Esmond, Colombo Rdesinslli, Underwood, Green, Mc- Laughlin, Monahan, Rooney, Lolfus, Neville: Fourlh Row: Senelr, Fosben- ner, Daniels, Cunningham, Beaffy, McVey. FRESHMAN 2: Firsl Row: Hines Turnbull, McLaughlin, Kirnicich Welsh, Borell, Shay, Brown, Dailey Kenedy, Behan, Hana: Second Row: Tomplcins, Dougherly, Smilh, Wes? Loh, Manlrowslzi, Heron, Bell, Kling Berlc, Gaffney, Der'nuro5 Third Row: Yerlnes, Pomploso, Murry, Mccaflerly, Gallagher, Mehin, Ward, Burlre, Fri- zell, Sfabler, Fourfh Row: Magill, Hall, Murphy, Hallman, Diehl, Owins, MlkOl8iEWShi. FRESHMAN 3: Firsi Row: Gabryel, Chrisonnalslni, Tolrarslii, Milcarslry Kraynilz, Sweeney, Clemenfs, Devlin, Palumbo, Gribben, Krug, Second Row: O'Brien, Miller, Gallagher, Mc- Corlhy, McManus, Coyne, Werner. O'Shaughnessy, We-lsh, Thompson, Bison, Third Row: Brown, Haughery. Kelley, Jailro, Huefer, Burlce, Naylor, Laughlin, Refzbach, Dawson. FRESHMAN 4: Firsl Row: Harlins, Marnenislris, Posquella, Fasy, Dooley. Clifford, Kelly, Tranoffi, Schulz: Sec- ond Row: Haw, Morris, Hess, McCal- lery, Coralulzi, Volme, Van Busllirl, Braciszewslri, Whalen, Collins, Hol- mann, Third Row: Louie, Allen, Gal- lager, Komelmon, Boellcher, Mcf Cooley, Benllowslri, Haggerly, Wollrefi Fourfh Row: Moser, Kurfursl, Carlin, Moore, Hiller, Economy, Edmond, Kiewlicl. O'Brien, Smilh, Fifzpalricll, Goh' - Z' 'A' 41 1 E 'EVA F v X Q ' 1 ' 5 iieyswsa 1 I . x 1.5. 1 . 45 .- 5 5339 ..'s. Y 'N n.A hw., 4 7..- is , 'A fy-.I 1 A S: Y -I 'ar 53.5 Q' Af 4 ' 8 " "Wm ig' '?'G5ags.-iqqf' M ,329 5"'g Q 9, aff, 9 fi Q! 3 ug, 304' +7-,A 'QQ' Q 'O Q . 3:51 .frxg gf--5 5 M I K Vi, Q X J . V qw' ., , ,gg .-.,g5,3,f,.m...,gq.f, fs A X 'H 9 at E. B en ' Q " WQQHFQ f sq, v " ggi -- ""? -'F'Q'x I tw Ni X , All in Q ' - : L ' ' . I 'L -.1-. FRESHMAN 9: Firsl Row: Mclniyre Kaniclii, Prolxos, Lanalnan, Luciano Hale, Cambling, Nagurany, Maguire Mccormiclr, Krausliig Second Row McManaglc, Oslrowialr, Slcifex, Son- lag, Effing, Sclwawar, Gazda, Con- nell, Borlrowslri, Zirnmaro, Truciess Wnelr: Third Row: Kenny, Murplay Kilpafricl, Riclrs, McGinley, Single Ludlow, Wasliell, Mooney, Kingslan Kilian, McCurry: Fourfh Row: Mc- Ginry, Lees, Sclienlrel, Gross, Horan Burns, Gaughan, Hannum, Mulvilwill Gillmeyer, Grady. FRESHMAN IO: Firsl Row: Riclwler, Foulds, Devlin, Peel, Donovan, Mal'- lliews, McGroarfy, Rooney, Melfi, Srnilli, Mcslravoclr, Dierlresg Second Row: Miclzno, Connors, Allomare, Orfleid, Claggeff, Bracelin, Kendor- slri, Deissler, Casey, Nolan, Carfagno, McGowan, Marlin, Chrislopherg Tlwird Row: Swiszcz. Quigg, Higgins, Barnes, Slaleplno, Schicliling, Capar- ras, McNeil, Glassmire, Winlrle, Mc- Coy, Bandura, Fourfli Row: Flile, Archie, lula, Keys, MacEn+ee, Naples. ANNEX I: Firsl Row: Kian, Logue, Chadwick. Quinlan, Campbell, Gor- don, Hanssens, O'Reilly, O'Hara, Dorman, O'Neill, Wesolowski, Hay- den, Hefzel: Second Row: Young, Murphy, Nolan, McGinnis, O'Kane, Mauer, Calderbanlr, Clwmielewslri, Ol- sen, Tilliger, Lougliling Tlwird Row: Hinlnle, Forbes, Barry, Anderson, Don- ahue, Sclialler, Sfaplefon, Deely, Duririn, Clianclwler, Cregan, Daly. ANNEX 2: Firsl Row: Scanlon, Mur- pliey, Temple, Genovesi, Fuges, Mc- Ginn, Celec, Freimiller, Duffey, Gol- den, Rooney, O'Neil, Peck: Second Row: Dormer, McDonnell, Robideau, Sambor, Sobczaclr, Ramsey, Klein, Dronson,Scl1neider,Coul+er, Hoffman, Veasy, Macalzlreyq Tlwird Row: Ka- minslli, Horclis, Burlne, Neiberf, Harl- sougli, Maher, Kelley, Scofl, Lipslri, Polloclz, Milligan, Breen, Emore. ANNEX 3: Firsl Row: Rehfuss, Col- lier, Connell, Maumlirah, Grill, Bu- gieda, Murphy, McBride, Schoullz, Boyer, Walirer, Grochowina, Chian- chiog Second Row: McLeod, Welsh, Slavin, Tice, Shelly, Orysiek, Simp- son, Mudd, Shuberl, Kern, Noel, Dor- efy, Timilin, Hailey: Third Row: Mur- ray, Carey, Gindharf, Meyers, Agnew, Boyle, O'Kane, McMahon, Sanlman, Gould, Owens, Mehger. ANNEX 4: Firsl Row: Myers, Monroe, Seiler, Michalak, Corbeii, Gilmore, Ghrsfliiewicz, Kaiser, Berisch, Boer- chel, Meyers, Casey, Hageriyg Sec- ond Row: Seybold, Lally, Belanger, Thompson, Zaparowsiri, Marzin, O'NeiIg Third Row: McGuigan, Kane, Cippon, Walczalc, Nolan, McAvee+y, McBride, Shea, McFadden, Weiber, Welsh, Ciasullo, Murphy. ANNEX 5: Firsl Row: Daly, Coulier, Malone, Carlin, Bock, Direso, Gro- chowslxi, Garcia, Haney, Unger, Col- lins, Boyle, Jauss, Balenl, Boernerg Second Row: Brown, Marlin, Bergan, Ziegler, Clarlie, Fida, Lynch, Heeson Cass, Ruclr, Heller, Houlaenslien, Gramlich, Piolrowslri, Beallyg Third Row: Carr, Dixon, Hoslzinson, Corner, Kelly, Hipil, Boherman, Malola, Cor- nelly, Mcphillips, Dunsden, Mahon, Blaszc1yk, Borbes, Jassen. ANNEX 6: Firsf Row: Hannaway, Mc- Garry, Bugieda, Fulginili, Krull, .lan- iszewslri, Grimrncr, Miles, Gallen Roesner, Foley, McGill, .l. McKen1ie McKenzie, Voifsberger, Second Row Froehlich, Monihon, Sink, Dreher Canlwell, Leeds, Nighliinger, Kiley Nolan, McCormick, Carrol, Slnorny Gill, Third Row: Hermann, Mccrys- lol, Sweeny, Erbricln, Gaughn, Baue- cof, Shields, Colaieui, Bense, Cassidy Rauzyinslci, Blong, Wilczyslii. ANNEX 7: Firs+ Row: Mulligan, Er briclr, O'Connor, Smilh, Rosica O'Niel, Harlsough, Beveridge, Comp bell, Coyle, Burns, Edmonds, Curran Friel: Second Row: Vellr, Gallagher Shursfine, Andrews, Maier, Homil Aiello, Scornaienchi, Toll, Crolre Snife, Delohanly, Kull, Monohon Guerin, Third Row: Koiler, Cosgrove Rielly, Bonhage, Higinsbolrom, Mer fha, McMonicgol, Henery, Doon Sephshuclz, Spells, O'Colslney, Kuh mor, Keneddy. ANNEX 8: Firsl Raw: Rausch, Scollo, Obermiller, Legaclri, Nee, Fufolr, Bloszclyz, Liffley, McNichol, Ciobolloni, Przybyla, Niderf, Coolle, O'Donoghueg Second Row: Blood, Brady, Donnelly, Shorfall, Mulhcrn, Modell, Kelley, Pordoe, Gregory, Mo- ley, Bracelin, Byrne, O'Neillg Third Row: Weissner, Marlin, McCaffrey, Horne, Broolrs. Soiler, Smifh, Holb- herr, Wurfenberger, Yorlrs, Schmell, De Angelis, Tolen, Carpino, ANNEX 9: Firsl Row: Reheil, Tem- plelon, Friel, McFadden, Kueslner, Wolfemofe, Boylan, O'Moro, Blanlr- field, Connelly, Gallagher, MocReody, Ruclr, Garsllriewicz, Heilond, Second Row: Ebner, Piclxford, Niclrodernus, Kraus, Srnilh, Horbord, Golebiewslri, Moslxol, Mills, Liebner, Mulholland, Blograve, Dralreley, Mullin, Moore, Sullivan, Peruginiq Third Row: Peel, Vondergriff, Donohue, Lorenz, Ker- non, Lomas, McNully, Duffy, Jackson, While, Sayers, Robinson, Golden, Taylor, Domenico, Sererlro, Piclmup. ANNEX IO: Firsl Row: Gallagher, Gvolzman, Renl, Kaiser, lNl'iile, Fiore, Bullerly, Brennan, Broadwafer, Dough- erfy, McLaughlin, Lenhardf, Joson, O'Donnellg Second Row: Rauch, Doi- ley, Fifzsimmons, Paciollo, Murray, Pearcy, Murphy, Aisso, Smilh, Mc- Grolh, Kefileberger, Marlin, Quin- lish, Bergen: Third Row: Filzsimmons, Lehman, Roussel, Varro, Boyle, Pic- coli, O'Collaghon, Burgerr, McBride, Zielonslri, Schullz, Whalen, Riley, Spiecher. ANNEX ll: Firsl Row: Boehringer, Gould, Welsh, Sullivan, Brennan, Mc- Ginnis, Morgan, Cleary, Kaminsli, Polk, Winfers, Wendi, Ciaverelli, Wilson: Second Row: Pezzulo, Mc- Menemin, Zeller, Kane, O'Neill, Tay- lor, Hass, Auble, Perlrins, Buclrley, Hewili, Kosielowslii, Murphy, Copon, Harrigan, Third Row: Dolan llamesl, Cook, Dolan llohnl, Frain, Farley, Polcino, Brilla, Flynn, Davis, Zimmer, Hueber, Mahalfy, Gallagher, Blewell. ANNEX I2: Firsf Row: Arioslo, James, Gallagher, Neiderl, Joscelyne, Coyle, O'Brien, Marley, McKay, Moifhews, Dailey, Lynch, O'Donnell, Donofry: Second Raw: Sarnoni, Wilson, Leiiz, Pulfro, Fox, Eiswerf, Healey, Elller, Tolnaclr, Carey, Mccarlhy, McGlinn, Thompson, De Lellis, Heberf, Third Row: McGinnis, Ogle, Niczyporowicz, Zaborowslci, Sherlock, Argefsinger, Luiz, Smyih, Parlerson, Heil, Holde- mon, Thomas, Crolre, Hrapczynslri. ANNEX I3: Firsi Row: Pape, Mullen, O'Neill, Gallagher, Gallo, Saulino, Ward, Herron, McName, Mundy, Dunne, Bresnan, Second Row: Jenco. Kelley, Fihpalriclc, Moran, McElwee, Danqlo, Dierlces, McGinley, Joyce, Krafowicz, Wilmarlh, Dene, Third Row: Clinlon, Van Diver, Masfra- pielro, Cichonslui, Schullz, Boyle, Mal- len, Callaghan, Byrne, Buclz, La Maina, Pepelman. V ,H 'gh-LtL,l 4' ll MQ A . lv v faq f 'Ia-M .,. Q-,. f , 'fill 983 Na+ all lhe phases of life al' Norfh deal wiih fhe sweal' and fears of sfudy. Indeed fhisoccupies bu+ a small por- 'lion of our school life. No, mofher, il' was no+ always fhe "Jug"A lhal made us gel home so lale . . . Enfhusiasm in ihe preparalion for plays . . . 'lhe flvrill of a 'louchdawn . . . geHing- fhai baslzef . . . preparing lhe gym for a social L . . malring a home run . . . developing picfures . . . model-airplane building . . . working on posfers . . . lasl minuie preparaiions for Open House . . . A never- lo-be-fargoflen par? of our educaiian were fhose happy af+er-school hours. During lhis fime we experienced fhe Thrills and iloys of a heallhy soul ai ploy. We have been . -,g,.A.r . 4' " 4, .5 W 'fi .. pg Wil A PECL tel' loirifuaf eizyeueilomen ' '-me-a ' A z 5 I -n-1.-.- . . A 1 ,, --'wih - ,...,Q.,..L... A. ,V 1,-,4- 4 rr I ll Aclive Faillw is llie baclcbone ol a Callwolic Educalion ll consisls nor only in religious inslruclion, buf in praclicing our lailh in various lornns. Qnce a weelc, lor inslance, llwe enlire sludenl body allends Mass in llwe audilorium, Durinq cerlain seasons, suclw as Lenl and Qclober, Mass is said every morning in llwe lacullyflwouse chapel, wliicn llwe sludenls may allend. Confessions are lweard every Friday, and before Firsl Fridays and l-loly Days, Benediclion ol The Blessed Soc- ramenl is beld al 2.30 on Firsf Friday allernoon and durinq May and Oclober. Pxclive Failn is monilesled in llwe blessing ol our llwroals on Sl. Blaisels leasl day, daily visils lo llie Blessed Socramenl, llie dislribulion ol ashes on Asn Wednesday, a Triduum lield in lworior ol Sl.iFrancis de Sales, and llwe oulslanding occasion ol our slay al Norllw Callwolic, our Annual Relreal. Our relafions with God are carried over from grammar school wifh greaier emphasis, Wednesday Mass, Confessions, Benedicfions, d fh bl an e essing of fhroafs make spirifual bonds siranger and Grmer. Inse-l: Fafher Tucker, beloved reireaf-masfer during our Hrs? +l1ree years. l.?.l E . ,xl in ' f""" 4'4"- -..-if af 73- ' 4 " 'dw 1 ,G Q. .,. ,nw i kt N -J : f 1, :Q 1 f""'-I ff ,-M" ...f-"' . G ' l my ' qi. '- if W 4 .155 4 , d Q V- A Q. 'Nb , f: xv 532 Below: The Salesian Club: Hs purpose is fo fosier vo caiions in boys +ha+ may have them. First row: Boyle Kelley, Reagan, Fafher Herlrert lmoderarorl, Konsfanly Toner, Malone. Second raw: MacNeal, Whife, Groeisch Smifh, While, Finn, McNeil. Los? row: Larkin, Horan, Lux Lower lell: Fafher Wehel and lhe srudeni collecfors check fhe day's collecrion for ihe Missions. The large charf shows The amounl' collecfecl from lhe individual classes. The small charf marins +he progress of The whole school. Hs pealr is iwo 'thousand dollars. VFNH l l 'N N T ! , I 's. .rg -lv mmf Huy Mun' U0 I MHOOL. l'llII.,KlJI'II.I'Hl.K, PA. .l:1n1l:uiTV"1 I'!ll N an 11 11171 Tx 1 1 HT.. fr 4 1.3 A., OR PATRON SAI T OF scuobl. lruluum Precvclvs F4-:Isl N N111 I '1 UI' fl. Franvis da- Sul:-Q xpf' ..11.. 1 11 111' 1- 1 1 1 1 1'111 11 1 11 11111-1 1111.1 .111111 .1111 .1 1'11 111111111111 11,1344 1 1 1 1. ,111 1111...- I1111 if 11. .1-1.1.1 ' 1 , 111- 11111111- ' 1 11- ' 111 '11.1l1l1. 11-1 111 1 1111 11.111 .,,,, 1' 11,1 11,11 1-,11 s---1.111 11: 1.,1 ...,1, 11.1111 1. 111 1111-111,-111. 1: 111111111 - 1-1,1 , 1... Q1-113' 1111111'.. -111111 11f 1111-11-111 111.1111 111-111111 N11111 f S' 1111. 11... 1111. 1.1111 111. 111'1.1111111, - 11 1I11r1114 3-1.1111111111 111 11111111!11..11:1r1 111 1.111111 1.11.1115 1111- 511111111-5 11 11111:1 ,11.. .. 1111111 "' 1""""'5' I-2111-111111.: 111 -111. 11111111 1. 1" 'MH I' 111: 111-,1 11111111.11.111 1:11 ' ""' 1 :1-11111-111111 11-111111 1.111 ,, y, M MWHN HM :Mix l'ri1l111 ll - -' N 1 1, 111. 1 1. 1111 - 1- 11 MV qxxy W, ll WH X WM., 1-11111111 1:1 -1 il 1 11111.-11, 1111111- 1111 V' '-""" Y " 1' 5' ' 111 11: -1111 -1111111111 11 """: T U! U 11, VW .Wm Ili. 17. 114. Ill V " -11111.- 1 11 11, 11, X11,1x 1:11-1 ' y 11 .1 11111, .11 11 11111 11.1111 ,11- q Y" K nah' X1 I uI1I 'llllll ll I fling" I 1 .1 ' "lb"-'l'1'h' x11 l.11...11. 1.111 111.111 .1 In-111ml Hn- 111 .111 11.11 14.-1 .1111 1 111111111111 I-1-.1111 11111 111- uv?" H 1,1 .11 .,11, 1 ,111. 11111111.- 111 1-11 1 - 1 . I11 111111.11 11 P P111 1 1 1 1 y+Y ,, ,., ,,, 111 111111 111.11111 111.11 1.111111- -111.IN1I Ihr' l111I1 111 II"1 Ir.lmixlV11ughf 1-1211115.12 '1-11.11 111 1:1-1 l....1,111 u111.q1..1,, 11 N1 .N 111111.-1.11 11111 x.111111, 11-. 111. 1.11111-1 .11 411.1111-1 x1111, N1-. n. mxlm. 1 1111111 x1111.-11, 1111. 1.111.-.1 I 1111111111 1 nn ,111 111 1 1-11111 1,11.,, 1. 13. X11111 .11 N111 ,111-1-1111 1111111 " ""'M I 1 1 .'1 1 1 11111.11 """ "'5""S' M""w ' '-1 , K I, ,.,,,,,.1 ,,,,,,:x W, 11.1.-1 1.1 ur.1111.-r x.-1-, am. X"'l"' 11111 1 1111.111 11 111111.11111 "-f'- ll fr 11 lh1- .XV1111 .Xu l'11I111I: 1.-,,,.,,., l111-1.- 111 la.-1. 1:11111-rr l'r1-11 1 XI11 1,1 I' Jnnuury 25, WH A G'fVT1 D ' N E 'VV S M PMC' 3 men Win F i we UI' Six GQIIIIOS . 4'-w.' ,M . .X 4 1 1 1 v l N 7, Y-, ... - UGS W. fWf?!Z!57!f . 55' QQ L 1 X , ' 5122 ' f . 4 w A Agri I .,,, I ' I W - I 1 w I n 4 I H ' Q' FX 'I " "L K. X Q Q WE .ww 1 :W m n x I1 1 1, J0E,kEEplN6.,.-::::: ,. 'vi x VSLLMNLNN 1 1 IN TRNNING v 4? u 11 x u'I,u x 1, YQRIIQR 1 qlux lu' slain xv! xxlvd. W M 'I-1 xx ll x x: x 7 Jwmtl' 'I ly" -sin , Mi 2 tl' 4-S Al iw: Jusl' malming lhe deadline flue Falcon sfaff is foo fired fo be happy. Several have already passed inlo oblivion. Th N' l'1'r O l: C e ig ws ain, Firsl rowf Applin, Baird, Wanielr, Haviland, Economy, Dalrymple, Wagner. Bock row: Blanlrfield, Millevoi, Doody, De Mara. lvuemlz Henry Kinliaid works on +l1e scralcliboard. l osx . . we couldn'T if we wonTed To. ThoT was The leadline. To Those OT you who never Tool: parT 1 The publicaTion oT anyThing liTerary, 'dead- ne' is iusT a word, BuT, To us, who sweaT blood iver This proiecT iT's a word as awTul as deaTh TselT. When we sTarTed This Falcon oT '44 ThaT :Teadline' seemed a long way OTT, and we Toolc iur Time, following The old 'slow buT sure' 1eThod. And so Time raced on, and suddenly iT was Aarch, The TirsT week zipped by . . . The second . . The Third ,... We were scared .... Nobody ioT much sleep Trom Then on .... Wagner wounded his TypewriTer incessanTly, Typing every- hing he goT his hands on .... Fagan and PyTlco argued how copy oughT To be wriTTen .... Auller worked on ads and Kinkaid unceosingly loved on his ScraTch Board. The conTinual buzz ssuing Trom ThiaT corner oT room I I3 .... Econ- irny wanTing Tilm .... "Who's dis guy, Fodder?" . . "Soy, FaTher, where are Those ad slips?" 'Y And so iT was .... De Mara, Wanielc, Millevoi, Dormer, l-lenry, and Doocly Typed .... Blank- Tield, McNamara, Dalrymple, Lehmann, and Hynes wroTe and wroTe. FaTher Duhfield aTe ViTamin Pills by The handTul .... And Then iT was over ,.,. AnoTher prize winner? lWe hope.l sllqu H if X . . "Hey, Van STone, sTop spreading ThaT glue in me." "XM XX Na, xx IWX, 6 A No- Upper righT: PeTer Muller The busi- ness manager of The Falcon, who is also solo TrumpeTer in The orchesTra, sells an ad To John SchmidT. Ci:nTi-v: The arT deparTmenT sTarTs The campaign ThaT udenT body wifh The needs of boosTers for The Falcon. Over IOO "BoosT The Falcon" signs were disTribuTed ThroughouT The school. will impress The sT even beTTer Than Two. Muller, FaTher Duffield puT Their heads TogeTher To find The best way of puTTing phoTographs on Lell: Four heads are De Mara, Wagner, and The spread. S K X. xxx X R NX B 4 ffw I y 'V is For Better Speaking lhe debaling club is o very beneficicil exlro-curriculor oclivily. The leom uncler Folher Moulels guidance is slriving lor o successful seoson, The sludenls do nol receive ony nioleriol reword for lheir efforls, such os lrophies, buf lhe experience ond knowledge lhey secure will be profifoble couro e resecrrch which en- lhroughoul life, The lopics en Q nlilei, lhe student lo lceep well inlormecl on currenl ofloirs. The lopic 'lWhelhe'-rr we should hove compulsory rnililory ., , . f lrriining oller lhe wor, drovvs deep considerolion rom lhw club bocouse il slrilmes home, since il concerns every slurlsfnl. Koen oppo-,ilion lhis yeor wos offered by Roman, Wcvsl Colholic, Sl. lorries oncl Sl, Joes . 3 Xl' Allow: The fufure public speakers and probably lead- ers of fhe counfry pose in fhe library immedialely -before a debafing rneef, They are: William Seaver, Joseph Don- . , . h nelly, Jesse Cain, William Brogan, Richard Mona an, Alphonse Wissmon, Edward Kroyniclr, Jerry Klcrber. Riiilil: Before preparing for any mafch fhe clebafers lwa s refire info fhe library fo do research. The wan- a Y dering phofographer found Brogan, Donnelly, and Kray- nick in a quief corner of the library pormg over fheir books. Above: Fafher Maule, fhe new modera- for of Norfh Cafholic's debafing feam, also feaches fyping 'lo fhe senior slu- denfs. Here he consulfs sfudenls' index cards in fhe girls' office. H 1-aa- fix X If rl 1 -.l,-A N 1 fl JN 1 Him wdh knowledge- if-if of Mode: and mmf Mm, momimy fm N. rfxgqxknr' info procfmcfe wiwof has and HM, FWNDS uf, fwuh' lofzmcd in C10 W, THQ If, ore MQ gmdclmisq wc or is .lg - i PEAYE E4- Lb ling nl N. Z' 4 i-Q, 1 K , ' ' . ., " " "Ti 5' .1 N- - , , --J, . 1'.V. 3. 'T' wx -. - U, f A A as 1 ' X' ' .-" ' . 1- , - V ' 'L ' n, W-1s,ffiffw,, SX . ul Qlvl k' X 5 A gh ' Y . 41 . ff., S gk ..JL....... . v 1 51 in .1 Q If Q"T""x" 2 5 ' 9 . W, , Q V , 'WX , fa X Q 'FF CH 'E ur' . m 'Q Q - A gg 3, Q X? "" a , .5 The Flyers Club Thr- leaul publicized branch al our Aeranaulics de-parlmenl is lhe Aera Club, Uncler lhe heading al an exlra-curricular acliyify, lhe flying qcliily teaches ani- embryo airmen lhe essenlials al aircrall conslruclion anrl repair, and rnal4efs il possible lar lhem +0 gain lheir pilalis license. The Club has renled a garage an Franlclin Slreel, which il has cane ycrrled inla a repair shop lor lhe schools six planes, and a school lar nwrwlmniw, Three al lhese which are used exclusively by lhe club meme bi,-rf, are lceril al the "Smiling Jack" airparl, Many farmer members of our Af,-ra Club are naw ming lhe knowledge lhey gained in lhe ar.iar'iigalirprw la llicir aclvanlaae in lhe Army and The Navy air forces. Our, ii, Qlm cinly high schaal in lhe can wilh such a well equipped llyinrp Llnb. A class in disseclion. The Challenger is ialen cparf, piece by piece, and pul fogeiher in ihe some way, so fhal ihe young mechanics become fhoroughly acquoinfed with ihe puffs of a plane. In ihe background is a power-sfroke proiecf. A class in d' Q . rssecfion. The Challenger is fafren parf, piece by piece, ond puf fogeflmer in fhe sarne way, so fhof fhe young mechanics become fhoroughly acquainfed wffh five paris of a plane. ln fbe baclrground is a power-sfrolre profecf. Mr. , .head . r'5 CYI'ndiIr LYc0m'ng u Challenge ,of of f ' 'f ' C, on we ,,,. ' " .lq one han Poinf' ou, 'f W'f - ,+ruCf"" bers- ' . .on ln I b mem 4 lr +he UWC" - Hof' Cu Robo ' aV'a io seveml .ne eng' Say It In Picture Bi-lr --fx Because of flue Iimiled space in flue darlnroom Murplwy cannof find any furnifure fo supporl his fired body, so he ufilizes ll1e waslebaslrel lo scan McGlynn's negalive. The ins+rumen+ wiflw rlre ccmerarlilre diaphragm lo llie right of MCG-lynn is ilwe enlarger. -nv-- gun! Q.,-v sl One good piclure is worllw o llwousond words. and on llwis principle our cornero club lounded. Fore-mosl ol our Usliuller-bugs" is Bob Economy, wlno graciously lends his lolenls ond Follrier Duffield! film, in order lo provide suiloble illui- lralions lor "Good News" and llie "Folcon." Coincidenlol wiln llwe club runn our visual educalion. Almosl doily, llwe lolesl educolionol piclures are slwown in 'me audilorium, ond oflen in llne clossrooms. These, loo, are sludenl-run, under +l'ie able direclion ol Fallier "Cecil B. de" Coyle. gi Above: Few sludenfs have +l1e privilege of viewing N10 new movie machine, as +he proieciion room is open only fo ine few forlunofe movie operofors. Here Faflier Coyle insrrucls +l'iem in Yhe operafion of flrie machine. Riqhlz ParT of The Radio-ElecTric Club. Only Those who meal cerTain qualificaTions are permiTTed To enfer, and all Their work is done in offer-school hours. FirsT Row: Bibus, Lehman, NicoleTTig Second Row: Von Hach'I', FaTher BygoTT, Hueber, Mccormici. Above: The Radio-ElecTric Club in acTian. Dondrea, Von Hachf, Larkin, Lehmann, Sauler, and Lux, all of Senior I, sacrifice Their leisure Time To learn a few more Tricks abouf radio. RighT: The Radio-Elecfric Club: FirsT Row: Perry, SauTer, Foley, Lux, Bash, Scho- leTTe: Second Row: Dondrea, Crawford, McKean, Larkin, Kee, Waliclri, Bergner. Radio-Electric Club OT The world of Tomorrow we are Told To expecT greaT Things. UnhesiTaTingly, we say These Things may even now be haTching in room 2I3. Here a perpeTual, inTormal Radio and ElecTriciTy class labors. So greaT on inTeresT has been shown in This course oT sludy, Thof The club operaTes wiThouT special meeTing days. And so iT is, ThaT daily The cream of The eleclrical crop comes To exercise Their genius, Branches of ElecTriciTy ThaT were formerly only words, are here Turned inTo living Things. if 1 ll h 9 Allennlancc . . . . Spanish --...N '-- 9 4-if ai' V? TQ: Al ,1'v vi-: The lorgesl orgcnizclion in school is lhe one mode up of the obseniee reporfers. If is composed of rwo boys from each seclion ond each one folres his posi- fion volunlorily, There ore no officers omong fhem and fheir work is no? compulsory, yef all of lhem exercise fheir dufies conscieniiously. Alww: The Spanish Club: Fir-if Row: Fruscio, Chesnes, Soufer, Bennelf, Loffusp Soc- fwd Pow. Poli, Brolfon, Micheffi, Dougherfyg lhirfl Row: NicoleHi, Siriclmer, McDevi++, Crawford, Kuhn, Honisco. Li-ll: Furs? R.-sv Divinny, Maguire, Crowe: Sr-loud Row: James, O'Brien, Horvufh, Shelly, McCorryg Third Row: Ashenbrenner, Buslield, Offinger, Gozdlik, Filing . . . . S11-nailing . . . . Scnlinary Clubs have always been well received, This year is no l lln d lense lanls have lured Oxcrrplian. Unlorlunalcvy. e e p away many praspeclive Bialagisis and Chemisls, yeel lhese arganiralian-i carry an. Pxrl loo, has ably managed lo keep ' ' h S l ilf, high placia among fha nolewarlhies and Te aesian Socioly slill guides lhase who le-el fha call lo God, Noi To life laraollen are llw language ClL,IlD'r"FFSI'1Cl'l, and Lalin, lhe lallcr publishing an annual, "Vox Lalinaf' enlirely in ln llio language al lhe ancienl Romans, A new club is l e Spanish club whivh is naw preparing 'la pul on a play in SfWOl1ISll. JS Akwayv: The commercial club iypes and files alumni index cards af ihe 'faculfy house. Cenvui: While, Waniek, and Baird operale fhe mimeographing machine. A hard worker, if prinis hundreds of differenf pieces weekly, ranging from programs and iesf papers fo nofices and laie cards. Be- lavx: Fafher Kenny's seminary calleciors col- leci money for Overbrook Seminary. u-nd T NJN Al ,vi-' Once a year af Nor+h Cofholic, approximoiely eighf fbousand peo- ple pass Harough ifs open doors io view ine displays and gala enferfainmenis prepared for +l'rem by flwe eniire sfudenf body. A small 'fraciion of ilwe crowd fiiling fhe audiforium is shown above. They were viewing a skif prepared by fine dromoiics deparimenf, Oulside, ihe more hardy were enioying faxiing around flwe campus in fire Challenger airplane. x .cr f"1 KHHBNI 'RAF1 ND x., ffuryflfii 2' -,J -A .ll ll U is mm Open House, here al Narlh, is exaclly lhal. Monlhs are spenl in preparalion, buf finally comes lhal areal day when we really show oil. Clubs are lun, bul il is Qpen House, lhal malces us leel we've really done somelhing .... Proiecls are everywhere .... The sciences proudly display man's knowledge ol naiure and her ways. Rinaf ing bellsp flashing lighlsi here The public gel a chance lo lay wilh lhinas lo lheir hearls conlenl. ln lhe audilorium lhe orcheslra plays, or mayloe a movie is flashing on lhe screen. Bu? perhaps lhe mosl impressing of all lhe exhibils is 'fhe Arl room, lnslead ol pushing and mhovingz, lhere is a conslanlly moving line, lor il is loo crowded lo slap and examine lhe exhibils, All over lhe school sludenls are adually demonslral- ina. Such is Cpen House . , . displaying whaf malces Norlh Calholic liclc. mx. ,,,,, "' 1 iv ,. 1 -,iv-1"V N M X' rs, Nails: i X Rl. Q S ill! T Og, L i wuww Xt I :Qu ui ' . . vifhfl .v 'fha lt, Cb Ai: Father Palmer, wha Teaches af fhe Annex, is the organizer of The band which we see a+ all lhe foo?- ball games. Here he cansulls a band nofice, IIIFI Ai live: Lilre a hermif seeking quiel' and solifude, Beasfon refires fo The posler room so fha? he mighf cancenfrale on his flule pracfice. Riiihf: The mosl qualified lo head The school of music is Fafher Naulfy. An accomplished musician, Fafher Naully has siudied abroad. In addifion fo music, Fafher Naully also Teaches French. Dlusic Boaslirig ai The line-.T musical deparlmeril' oi any boys fchaal in Philadelphia, Narlh Calhalic provides an oullel lar everv Type ml muciriari. The dean ai Miiaic ia The Rev. John A, Naully, who supervises The erilire Cleparimehl, luiul ihe diile-refs' seciiam have individual heads. The hand if, iirwirfi ihe direCiiar1aiMr, Ra iili B, Wyre, lhi, Ci-I Club is under lhe lulelaqe oi 'lhe Rev. Eclrnarid Mi'Qai-'hv, amd ihe Of'CiiUf.iFG is Cori- ducled by Falher hlauliv. Pupils Tar ihe archese ira and band are imhucicd by Mr, Peler l.ucai'ini. The meimhers ol The ofcheslra and hand re- Ceive one lic-ssari wfiieldxf in The various irislruf menls and have several praclice periods. These are equivaleml la veqiilar class lime, and The sluderils receive a maiar cre-dil lar Their worlc. lug' ! 1 v Us X A . ' . 1 "" 4' jx U q 4 i , ' 'vw N 1 l . . ' I z 1 PE' N . 'r , 'X lu I " A, Q .1 4 n ALA L -A 3: '51 '," 'A , 4 n Y 5 fr! 5 333 y 'EL X Y-f',,-v-11" rigid LF'-' oufslanding scholar and musician The mos? imporlonf bronch of lhe Scho l l o o Music is fhe symphony orchesiro. This orgonizo- fion, composed oi opproximolely sevenly-Trive memb ' ' ' ers is devoled io inlerprehng lhe besi Type ol music. Reheorsin under lhe direciion ol Foiher Noulfy, The orches- lro is moulded info o group of experienced rnusicions by rhese grueling hours of proclice. g severol limes o week . . ' 'rw An imporianf mon in our orclresfra IS Volenhne W XP Pylko who for four years has proven liimwll dh K vpn 1 """eiA'r Evidence of 'rheir lolenl wos presenf in lheir fl + ' urs oppeoronce ol' 'rhe senior ploy, As ihe yeor progressed lhe orchesrr dl' 'rhe onnuol Musicol. The climox ol rh o uigenlly prepored lor e yeor's worlc in Music is, of course, rhe operefro. The orchesrro, being on inre l ' A ' gro porl of lhis produchon, ogoin proved lo be worthy of lh l Norlheosl Colholic. e oppouse ond pride of Edward Durlcin Joseph Connors Joseph McNamara William Kenny Francis Sleiber Gabriel Parisi Pafriclc Kennedy George Covinglon Charles Hordis John Hennegan William Whalen John Slimngfon, AI Cifelli, George Shelly and Pefer Muller, senior members of ihe orchesfru , pause in fheir finery for fhe phologropher be- fore faking fheir places in The pil. Valenlirie Pyllro John Slcillinglon William Zeigler George Shelly Alaysies Cifelli Waller Eclr Charles Echelmeier Peier Muller George Muller John Arnold Conslanline Boyle John Donahue PERSONNEL Joseph Scanlon John Schullz Joseph Mellon James Walls Joseph Righler Slephen Milgarslcy Dominic De Miiio Joseph Hogan Joseph Foley William Baldwin Gerald Dovley Reber? McNeil William Spinqler' Joseph Fierro James Prilz Joseph O'Donnell Dominic Finn Joseph Biiller Leo Levand Joseph McGlynn John Powers James Breen Joseph McKenna c 9 Q 0 'G at c 9 c " 0 9 0 ,Q V c f 6. f :yt .ui T 1 LH ri. I I ,I 1 ATTired in Their sTrilcing Cordinol and WhiTe uniTorms, NorTh CoTholic's precision morching-bond is olwoys received wiTh pride by Encee's sTudenTs, IT molces your blood Tingle os They ploy The school song ond oll The sTudenT body joins in. The bond hos mode enormous odvonces under The copoble direcTion oT Mr. Ross Wyre ond iTs moderoTor, FoTher George Polmer. The bond is composed oT 45 boys ond This yecir Teo- Tured iTs sTerling TrumpeT secTion in iTs number "Glory of The TrumpeTs." The bond will be remembered Tor iTs solid render- ing of The "Touchdown Song" ond iTs spiriTed supporT of The ossemblies ond rollies. nd pun, Jose-plw Alrnovf: Jnlm Bl'OxJf5flIli Michael Burns l'lm'uld Byllwcxw Jolmn Copnzzi George Clppon Jnsuplm Clalunlonlo Edmond Connell George Covlnglun Gerard Dooley Personnel Fvonlc Kef-non Plmick Kfannmly Eugene Moglll J Q"1 soplw Mcffocn Jnlwn MCD-Qnolcl J5'5ODl1 Mrlnlmlw Francis McNnmoro George Muller Peler Muller Chmles Eclwelrncler Jolvn Enlficon Jalan Gill Lawrence l-llnlcle Jolwn l-linneqon Wllllom Jndiylc Gerard Kaiser Gerard Klolbcr Jolun Kane John Noob Jnlwn 0'Donnell Wllllom Pclon Gabriel Povisi Rnbc-rl Slmorp Hmglv Slnifllnglon Wllllom Splngler Sleplnen Slronb Rlclworcl Vogel Q-Q. r C , ,A 1 Afler fhe foolball season is over lhe band's repulalion is held up by The Concerl' Band. This is also under lhe direclion of Farher Palmer and Mr. Wyre. Slirring marches and symphonic band numbers are played. Mr. Wyre has selecled lwo sfudenl conduc- lors-Peler Muller and John Nabb, bofh Seniors. who do all The conducling in Mr. Wyre's absence and when he is insrrucling individual seclions. Success of lhe Concerl Band depends enlirely on lhe sell-sacrifice of 'rhe individual members. Rehearsals are held 'twice a weelc and 'ro insure a linished producf of any merif all These ses- sions musl' be well allended. I+ is only by 'I'his conlinual praclice lhal' our nighf of nighls, our annual Musicole, becomes a success. Then, we realize our efforfs were nor in vain. Hours and hours of rehearsals have pre- pared fhe Glee Club for fhe opereha "Eileen." The high qualify of our dra- mafic endeavors gives evidence fha! fhe hours were noi in vain. The Strains of The Concert Band Peler Muller George Muller Gene Mogill William Baldwin Joseph Afmore John McDonald PERSONNEL John O'Donnell Aloysius Cifelli Gabriel Parisi Richard Vogel John Enfrican William Spingler Pafriclc Kennedy Charles l-lordis George Covingfon John l-linnegan William Jodiclc Hugh Slcillingfon vi ,.. fe J ,A f M- 1 fl ,gg A , ,, ,, 4--""",'i-if ' in ,sf f, ,..- ... WJ- ff' Q ,,..--,,..--jd , J 7 . ..-- ' 1 J I K ar 4- ' ll if Qne ol lhe mosl popular deparlmenfs of lhe School ol Music is lhe Glee Club, This group ol olooul sixfy boys is under lhe direchon ol Falher Edmond McCar+hy. The worlc of lhis organizalion was vaslly imporlanl lor lhe success of fhe var- sity show and The operefla, "Eileen," Their per- formance in fhese produclions was fhe resulf of hours ol praclice ond palience on lhe parl ol bolh insfrucilor and members. Every sludenl is ond should be proud of lhe achievemenls of Pafher Mccarlhy and his proleges. Jesse Cain Charles McLaughlin Joe Rogers Joe Carbrey James While John Coogan Milne Thorna Ed Harf Joseph Moguirc Anlhony Michelfi John Benson PERSONNEL Joseph Donnelly Frank Vcasrry Joseph Grillin James Known Ernsl Schrnidhrriser Joe Gallagher Paul Bibus William Madden Thomas Buclmon James Mclnlyre Bruce Fehrenbaclr x I X Dispensers of Rhythm Appeoling lo lhose who prefer 'rhe modern lypes of music, lhe Folconions ore spolcen ol wifh pride by The boys of Norfh Colholic. They ore under 'rhe copoble direclion ol Mr, Ross Wyre ond lhe moderolion ol Folher George Polmer, The Folconions ore composed of o piono, o guilor, 2 boss liddles, one drummer, lhree lrumpels ond four soxes. This orgonizolion hos done o line iob on modern orcheslrolions ond have been hoiled os a greo+ success ol lhe Sociols or which lhey hove performed. We feel lhol lhe Folconions helped, in no smoll way, lo conlribule lo lhe success ol The onnuol vorsily show, proving lheir lolenl by giving conlinucusly lopvnolch perform- onces. Norfh Colholic hereby serves nolice on all prolessionols 'ro wolch our lor her swing-slors who ore delinilely in oscenl. Right George Muller conslilufes lhe enlire rhyfhm Of ihe Falconions. Besides beafing ou? boogie 'for iive hounds, his drums keep lime and save Iealher on shoes +ha+ would have been worn ll-:rough by lapping feel. He and ihe Falconions have had a very full schedule Huis Year. Besides fhe vorsily show ihey produced fhe music for many of fhe socials. FALCONIANS William Baldwin Joseph Mclnlosh George Covinglon George Muller Froncis Dixon Peler Muller Gerard Dooley John Noob Thomos Ferguson Gobriel Porisi Joseph Fischer Williom Reilly Pgfrick Kennedy Spll'7QlEV' George Shelly ' . -63, . , 1,11 I Y 'xx Q 'x ,.N!4'-UU 'vi -. -'J ill: 'F 1iy'irlh Eli ' A .5 1 r -4 3- ,,,,, , wif' G , 4 K, 55197, V '- W.b?,:.,.EivS:',?Q, v:Qf'l,", 1 U , J-..f'w?s'V l C' S-il. 2 3 .MA cw' .nn V'gggSj.- -,, uns or THE YEAR gl een SIA,-.Q om lfhw 3 .f4UJlf The prompler doexrfi have a curlain call bu? is an imporfani cog io keep fha show moving. .Mary Jane Young was invaluable in "Cl'larley's Aunt" Every show al Norll1 Callwolic slarls wilh God's Help Here Father Freiler gives his blessing fo flue cas? and slage crew of "Charley's Aunt" Ilrunlalirs Kr -f-f ii .. i A my . 'A - '- , sl -5' -Y l 'fri A 5 'mtg' Q Q X - ,- gn fig' 1. L Y' . 9 5 ,Q Q ' , v Q I . I .dt I W , N . .,.. Q . ,Y ,, V - . A .Nw - ' 1 mr: Q - 5 g - V I ' , .F 3 ' 2.4 1' 5 A v, - X' 'ali -1, I Y . 'vi u 6 . 5' A . ! W .2 mx : V 1 ' J ' . Ei J - Y 'rr wx s X , i Aj W, 1 gf , J 79 f 'W :fin R-. 1 .,, fi? fi ' Q Xl? X l x 'Q w-.. 7 I 9' JM I?'f15'3 325.5 3 X, M 6' .: wail 8 ,r E- 7 7 , .5 Q Iv Q C' Q if .f """ ' f ,. ' -A fp . 'Hg A A 'L A .. g1i 5'iE:5,V if . 1 ff? I : . mf 1ii fel X". me .JF 9 ,. Q, 'J' :A 9 E9 V U f 1 f I " L' 'sv 1 'nf l f C 11 l een Bearing in mincl The enThusiosTic recepTion occordecl To "The Red Mill", FoTher NoulTy hos ogoin Turned To The reperToire OT VicTor l'lerberT Tor This yeor's opereTTo. T-le hos chosen The colorful produchon "Eileen," which conToins some oT T-lerberT's mosT beouTiTul music. The losT sToges oT reheorsol Tor This opereTTo ore being held os The yeorboolc goes To press. Through The spiriTed cooperoTion oT The cosT ond The experT odvice of FoTher NoulTy -oncl Miss DoroThy l.. BorTon, "Eileen" will moTch The posT successes OT The "STucleriT Prince" ond "Blossom Time." We ore groTeTul To The sTudenTs oT The CoTholic Girls High Schools ond Acod emies Tor Their shore in The success oT The opereTTo. Jake JWM., -Qty a great 5-75 T r aio flu jd ablia uc To lac 0 A lo 5 . jfefhnl ,lilly -9'fA"' J 1 IN nl- m Us 955 all x UQ" x W rggmi-A 'V 11 if QW4 -flfunnu f Cliff-ul CQ PI - CA clung? Bo,-ny ST Of: C Si, HR Lever Obey HARAC Df,,,,y Z99ie" S, L V . I .V - -. . TER5 Unfy oYfe nblfng I " H 1 ' " . Sl-,ou Hcche -. "-.Jo Humnbhu "V A-AnfN"PhD . PYG ' "'- . .o"Y .ugan SILTY O-Lifm 5 AM'Wlfh"ff 1 A- ' '. 0 Lodyn Mulyonen A h horlex Ajeise Colin' ue 'I Bidd Maude ey . u , " -. J CL'-7u A .ln - I 1 TPL on fl", ' 0 RosieyF7ynh Effabrcgcgi 1 ' ' '- ' ' ' Cfvarleohn 585: ,ln I - - .H e " -. S 5 On ,lin I MQ. yn,, . Jo 9, . or mf 1-I New mag, - X ' "VI CK. e X XY . "---'yM0f.,,,"""r " E' "Ann SWG C Y Doniefjie 5 16 0 I ti Abvvfvi A mass of gingham and cellu- loid collars, called lhe chorus, warbles out a barroom song. Romance is sfifled because some of fhe pellicoaled parl- ners sporf formidable musfaches. lnsel: Mr. Dean, direclor of fhe chorus. Upper Right Two genflemen of fhe I890's discuss world problems. Jesse Cain lin fhe buflerscolch will loolrs like a piclzpoclef whose hand slipped. Mile ., , 4- ,.,, '44-,.. L., 1... vu" I .WN ,A .ai--f ,-.-. -4 "I . , Thoma, who is on his way io lhe Fol- 155555 Coin lies. exPlains the assefs of a new life Jolle Thomo CAST of amendmenf. BOE Sfdgers joe Co 6 JOe D Grp Tom M r my G Jl:r0,,A 53311 KU!!-LC raffw 5 . 7-Elm Mdmyrey To Orfzg Se'-ro m Buchmoe Mfr WOM VON" I-'I I . I' I ' - I 0l'3ll0lll 'll Iles swf, Henry G Clvorffe Lmer OUQI7 Ccofry as lr-ff: The Keysfone Cops serve as ushers in fhe Floradora Follies, Fm! Rr v.: Braffon, lngenifo, Ries, James, Snffwd Row: Mccarry, Davis, Kane, O'Brien, Crowe, Bryer. Bu!-ww: Four charocfers from 'Phe badiands of Norfh Dalzofa. "Dangerous Dan" McLaughlin, "Quick, fingers" Kuiilx, "Whea+ Chaff" Rodgers, and "Buckwhea'r" Buckman, .4-L' The largesf show on earfhl Counl 'emi Showing very liffle of fha grace for which ihey were renowned on fhe gridiron ihe foam ihunders wild- eyed across fhe sfage fo fha music of Gounod's "Baller from Faust" O Vylu'-rw lollwfj-r lrfrilor ormounC,or,l llwol llne Senior ploy woe lo lwo lfilworlloll, Aural," 'llwe onlinr Hlllflflfll lvorly wor olwrv wullw onllripolron. llm wrlll known mlofzr- ploy would riorlolnly molco o lwl', rmfl wr: were rlmlrrwocl nol lo be Cllsop- polnwocl, Ol llw mony conrlndoles lluol oppeorecl for fryomu, aurlw wxporlonced porlormors GS Fr-lwxnlnof lr Umm, ffroolwrlr, Coin, llrorrmo, ond Bcngon wrrrr' 1'Xll'?Rlt'.'K.l. 'llwc-ly were olclocl by Joc- quelrrw Cmnf-lly, Mory Lyon., Mory lone lfrml ond Nololro Uombrowglri ol Lllfle Flower. Re- Upper Ri-Mr: The enrire compony of "Chorley's Ann?" comes ouf for o fluird curroin coll. lvl? lf Riqlv: Benson, Groefsch, Mory Lyons, Dion, Jacqueline Connolly, Coin, Mory Ernsf, Tlnomo, Nofolie Dombrowslri, Felwrenboch, Polricio Tye, Rodgers. Cffnlf-r: Cl1orley's Aunl, unable fo smoke o clgor wlih flue eose of Winsfon Churchill, Ends if comes in handy os o plug, Nofolie Dombrowslri ond Mory Ernsf wiiness flue sorry scene. lf-lf' "No, l om onoll1er's." Cl1orley's Auni refuses Mile Thomo's only proposal in' flue courfyord of Oxford Universify. The boclrground was poinfed by Folluer Duf- field ond Hue Sfczge Crew. lweorsols bogon early ln Cclobor wrilw Jr-mio Coin porlroyxngg frm llllo rolo, All mrrmlwcrs ol llwe coal moon ond llwe slwow Everyone lsnow slwow ployorl lo llwls Droflwr lioo ever prosonlml mosleroil llnfalr lnfllyirlrml porls won roody lay Mid Noyvmbor. wlwol lwoppenod lin-n, lor llwe Copnfrly onclirxncofa oyvry nirqlwl. won om.: ol llwo moal -,mace-nalul in our GUulllOVlUlTW oval wrt ain- Corely llnorwlc Pollwor Hrwlur, Elmo slorgre crow! cmd oll flwe rncemberz ol llwc cool lor llmelr inleroul ond cooperolion. 5 '7- c f K+ -Y: ' .x T wt Q c4sr or cH4R4crfas ' lrossoff .',. ....... ' ....... I RUC? FEHRGNUACH Joel Chesney ....,,....,.. .R4 VMOND DION Charles Wyhlloln .. .... WILLIAM SROFVSCIY 9 Lord Fqrgcourl Ubbborloy .......... Jl-'SSE CAIN Colonel Sir Frqnch Clooney ..... MIKE TIYOMA Sfoplbqn Spolfiguo .,.........,,. JOHN IFN-S0 Ififfy Vordun ..,,,.... JACQUEUNE CON Afioy Spuffigue ..,,..,........ . ' Donna Lucio Dllvndoroa . Elo Dololray , Former ....... , Maid N NOLL Y MARY U'ONS MARY JANE' ERNST . ,NA VALIE DOMBROWSKI . , .... JOSEPH RODGERS . ,, . MARY YOUNG P4 TRICIA WE l A . 1 9: 1139: 4. 31'?j?fL-:fi 1"qfX2liif-il'-AM AN' ' b 4 , a ,465-'ff 41 g f is sew 24f 491, gp 5l1 N. C.-39 S+. John-6 Smoolh playing by lhe Falcon eleven enabled 7500 lhrilled speclalors lo see Begley and Monr- gomery race 90 and 55 yards respeclively lor louchdowns, while Connelly plunged over for lwo more, ldzilc for anolher, and Begley lor sfill anolher, Begley lciclced lhe exlra poinls. S+. John's counler came when McDermol+ car- ried one ol Mike Connelly's punls over for a louchdown. Above: The Varsify Foolball Teumg Firsl Row: Willis, Drach, Monigomery, Lanigan, Bagley ICQ-Capfcinl: Second Row: Marshall lAssf. Coachl, Honrohy, Dunno, Buckley, Kofursli, Smifh, Scmuslowicz: Third Row: Walsh, Keenan. Cocco. For lhe firsl lime since "Babe" Marshall came here lhree years ago, anlicipalion and noi queslioning consliluled lhe enlire pre-loolball season alrnospheree-here af Norlh. The lacls were lhal lhe learn was now composed ol vel- erans from lhe lasf season, and lhaf lhe usual 'rwo seasons' common sense allowed o new coach lo have before he could mould his leam info a perfeclly lunclioning machine had now passed. Sweel revenge againsl S+. Joe wasn'+ whaf we were lallcing aboul: our minds were chiefly concerned wilh lhe score +ha'r would bear lhem, The learn was shining already: all if required was lwo weelcs al lraining camp lo give il a final polish. Aller lhal, a Team of sparlclers was guaranleed. 9? 5, 320 i4 . mf-'B A CK' Above: Fiisr Row: Kelleher lCo-Caplainl, O'RielIy, vin, McNally, Haviland, Keegan, Second Row: Mc- innis, McGovern, ldzilz, Kolanlio, Varacollc, De Muero, larshall lHead Couchlp Third Row Margraf, Blasczylr, ,cGeHigan, Warner. Easily recognized by his singular walk and an zver-presenl, well-chewed cigar, is Wall Mar- hall, Approprialely nicknamed "Whiley", he was been a prorninenl figure around school for hree years-noi only as our looiball coach, buf Jlso as a Teacher. "Babe", a Philadelphia boy :nd a graduale ai Naire Dame, has saiuraled wof only our greai looiball learns, bul ihe enlire gfudenf body wilh ihe some zealous spiril ol 'rhe 'Fighling Irish." Qur hals are all 'ro you, Wall Marshall, for your unsellish eiiorls in developing our minds, spiriis, and bodies. fi 'Q :ii 's 'xi 'Irv' -'fin 'r '. ff- ,T- -Ju.. . -.- .M 1 Al Going ou+ of Their way fo en+er+ain and raise The spirif of fhe cheering Norrh Calholic fans, four Falcon cheerleaders defy fhe law of gravily af The Olney game. llnrin' lo Q0 N. C.-25 Sf. Joe-7 A fvwwrl or ,wmv l51lOlU I Mlm ,fl 'Y llml. naw Cl mr,lvll+1f,l lqll pm 4 fy'-rw ITU '11,-.T ,V llf, Own i1m'v1l.v Lldy '1"1 1' "gg rwv: 'rw lyll-wg lux, mmlflmf: TV, ly. 25 74 ln Vw lr lv ' ,ln 'wry' OvOr llw- prfrpl' T 1' llfmf 'H l lll ' l- fully VOM Qlrflfx fygwl 'NT llw- rl THE! lk"-IV, AIC'l6'4,l lrrwrw-Qvwlzhlx ly r T 'T' lvl l uw I'l!Ff'W llr l l7lxfV'.l lr' ' - A 11 :vw lr l 'ww llrml l'+ rum T1 Rf 'z , rl' 1' 'l 1. f 'lf uw EIN- llw, Tlwfx H-il if "W 511 'T xrzlw ll- A was ll vm'l'mlllQ- rw l"lTT"'1'1" f 'T 'll lhm Vvllwlm llw l3wclrwv,v,1w-1 , V1 M- l' 1-N lv lvwu mul rqwwvvr-,-1 rw llaw' "f Fw z L 1 '. f ,Tw-ll lead fl 6, ln rw Wm- 'ul ,al "wr lil. l flmvfqcnq lfrw' uf-l .far 'lwg' ' lvwuv wr' , "1 cgvfxrlrwfz F7 lwmll gflm ln-ww ff' '1 Ar I-1 l'- ru Mwrwl 110rrM?v'x,H lbw ML'f,Yx'lllYT, '--vw ml 1' lrwl rmrrg lnwllmrwl 95 yur: 'gl-rlw: r-ww wlllw rm lrWli'rCeg-lla iw, ' ff'f'lll1, 1-wr l 'r 'lu Illlllf' lfwr Newly, All Qnml all 'r. 'mme 'www l .rul very ',Ull'vl1j1la' lv Umlf lv fu The boys galher around Mr. Mar- shall in silenf prayer. They lznow Their inslruc- foins, all lhaf's necessary is Gods help. Judging from fhis year's season fheir prayers were well answered. .T "We're gonna beaf you!" The faces of Co-Capfains Kelleher and Begley show none of The friendliness expressed in a handshalre. They, like fhe Caplains of Roman io ge+ slarled. Cafholic, are anxious Right: I0,000 already hoarse fooiball J ...r is .1 JJ- fans are broughi fo lheir feei as Jim Monfgomery l30l, ihanlrs to his speed and Keegan's l23l clean bloclz, races around S+. loe's end for a firsf-down and a gain 'foward Pay dirt Lower Leif: Doing his bit! Mike Con- nolly l4ll imifafes a ieep as he flies around Sf. Joe's righf end. Bagley l50l does The bloclning, lull: Ughl McPealr of Sf. Joe hiis fhe wrong place in an off-faclzle play. A pincers movemenl by McNally f5Il. Bagley, and Drach i49l folds him in fwo. Kelleher l33l covers him if he should decide fo refreaf. Cenler: ln lhe clear, Begley l50l slzirls ihe sidelines in fhe Sf. John's game. Lower Right Jack Haviland, shiffy Falcon halfbaclr slraighl-arms a would-be Pioneer lachler in lhe Thanlxs- giving Day classic al Franlmford Siadium. 1.74, I, Nine Wins . . . Above: A siadium full of hearis skips a beat Bagley hiss in vain fo xfop fhe 'fumbled ball as Erwin 1361 and Kelleher U31 race over fo keep if auf of Roman hands. . 0ne Lnss! N. C.-7 Sf. James-0 Bui ihe biggesi surprise 'this season was pro- vided by S+. James of Chesier. A lirsl period Touchdown and conversion by Begley plus bril- liani defensive play by our line and secondary saved us from defeaf. Two fumbles recovered by Haviland and ihe bull-dogged courage of our forward wall iwice sloped S+. James from scoring. For his ouisianding defensive play dur- ing lhis game, our end, Tom Kelleher, received The Maxwell award for The weelc. N. C.-I4 Roman-O Boasiing a new coach and a sirong 'ream and smorling from a deieai by Wesl, Calholic marched info Yellowiaclcel Sfadium deiermined on revenge. THEY lefl delermined fo avenge successive deleofs by Wesi and Norih. Yes, we sei 'rhem baclc on iouchdowns by our co-cap- iains. Well supplied wifh pracfice from holding boclc The S+. James Tide, our line and baclcfield pulverized Ca'rholic's forward wall and baclcfield. Lower Left The end of a play. H' fool: fwo of ihem, buf by fhe lime Roman Cafholic finally pfopped our half- bacl, Jack Haviland qasl, fhe damage was done. Below: Showing 'Phe some siyle of running which gave him 84 poin+s for fhe whole foofball season, "Big Jim" Bagley falres fo the air offer penefrafing Raman Calh- olic's fallen line. A few more facklers and he'll be in the clear. , . 4, eifuim' Pi i ' V Tri Hard Hunning, Hard Hitting Falcons' N. C.-25 S+. Thomas More-7 The apprehension over Wesl's game lessened when our nearly-periecf leam bowled Sl. Tom- mies on louchdowns by our slars, Kelleher, Begley, and Connelly. This viclory lell only one real obsfacle in our championship race. N. C.-24 Olney-0 Two iouchdowns by Begley and one apiece by Kelleher and Keegan gave 'rhe Red and Whiie a well-earned viclory over Olney l-ligh's Trojans, Wifh precision passing and a pneumalic hammer line The boys warmed up, and assured lhemselves for ihe crucial Wesl Calholic 'fill' len days hence. N. C.-I3 Wesf-26 Wilh a powerful line and Johnny Tulslcie, 30,000 spiriled fans filled a subslaniial parl of Municipal Siadium when Wesl handed us our only and rnosf painful deieal ol ihe season. Their scores came from iwo susloined drives. alforiy-fwo yard run, and an infercepled pass. Our only challenges were broughl abou? when Lanigan's recovery ol a fumble gave us six poinis and Begley's +oe added anolher. The second came when a pass io Kelleher broughll Below: When Varacolla lfallenl blocked Murphy l22l of Wesf, Kelleher lwhife helmefl followed suii' and cleared a palh along The sidelines fha? was long enough fo bring cheers from ihe sfcnds for Lanigan's reiurn of a Wesi' kick. l l v.. fhe ball lo Wes'r's one-fool line. Begley did The resl. Spirifs rose again only +o be shoflerecl by Wesl's fourlh and final louchdown. Despile flue loss we were all proud of our boys. They played well, buf Wesl was ioo good for ihem and +hey were men enough +0 admil' ii. Below: Yard markers fly past his feel' like Telegraph poles pasf a railroad frain once Kelleher gefs his hands on a pass from Begley or Mon+gomery. o "'-sf Wh., :ng I asses. lnlerrvplions. Touchdown , ,nv N. C.-28 Souih-0 'L .nr Wilh an allacl Thai was slow la gain in 3""'f i V 'fd "'-9 Above: Tom Kelleher, showing why he is so worfhy of foofball honors brealrs loose from +he Frankford man covering him and snares anofher pass. lnsel: Tom Kelleher, Falcon righf end and member of ihe all-cify and all-Cafholic teams. x i, -Q x momenlurn The Falcons gained enough sleam by lhe end al lhe game la submerge Saulh Cafhe olic by a subslanlial score. A solely by Kolanko and Drachs blocked lqiclc, and four louchdowns by Haviland, Kelleher, Begley and Walsh gave fhe learns league season a filling close. 'As if 1' W 1 'A 6- suv' Wi ""f5'f 'fi wif' ,4uF""'+f-6a""'f' Above and righf: Lend-lease in - lion. Haviland 35 blocks for Bagley 50 on fhe laHers fouchdown run againsf Sf. John. Begley bloclrs for Hav- ilan on an around end play in he some game. I ff N - V 'I l V3.4 ,. 11 . F ig- ' l , . ' xl ' , X , 1 glam " ff' . - ' , ' . V, 5 wg. . If V . A M, . we ,pu 5 W'-, L 'iv 1 4 Q , M Mr xlhtpig K 'l' 2 4 Q- -e. Y A . - N11 ' J' .m ix 5 3' 1 E J ' 1 X ij. L45 X 4 V 4. g ' O AFL' H: A ,yi 5,1 ,T".,-- l . J, i JM' W 5 i A 5 in ac l l l l ' d i Kelleher, Lanigan, Begley! N. C.-I9 Frankford-0 The Falcon's annual Thanksgiving day classic wiTh The Pioneers leTT The laTTer Team on The Tield wiTh IiTTIe appeTiTe Tor Their Turkeys. NorTh sTarTed The ball rolling wiTh a pass Trom Begley To Keegan which was good Tor six poinTs. Keegan suTFered an elbow injury laTer in The game. Two Touchdowns 'Followed when Kelleher in his usual Torm snared a pass Trom MonT- gomery Tor paydirT, and Then Lanigan 'fol- lowed wiTh a brillionT 55 yard run. The game 'was The Falcon's second successive vicTory over The Pioneers and was a perTecT ending Tor Their season. We, The class oT '44 leave Encee wiTh proud memories oT our TooTball Team. Proud, because They showed how well They could TighT in vicTory or deTeaT and because They proved Their sporTs- manship by accepTing a deTeaT in The same good spiriT They accepTed a vicTory. Those of us who saw Them in acTion will never TorgeT ThaT Tine squad. Above: Adding insuli' To iniury ldzik l20l, a Sopho- more sfar, sTraighT-arms o Prep man blocked by Walsh I3ll. InseT: Ed Lanigan, All-CaThoIic player, and Falcon guard. Below: Jim Begley l50l, ol- mosf covered wiTh swarming Wesf players, scores The Fal- cons' second Touchdown by crashing over The Burrs' one- 'foof line. lnsefz Co-Capf. Beg- ley, high-scoring fullback of The Falcon eleven, and an All- CaTholic sfar. ,T Q T if , i ' 17.52" f ,, - , , L. lluskelball. .Excitement for All' Wilh o very promising showing in games wi+h public school feams, our caurlmen successfully launched Their league season by de-iea+ing o pluclcy Salesianum leam by a brealhlalcing 39-37 score. A laie rally sporlced by Sucich and Col- man was largely responsible lar fhe viclory. Wirh one 'rrophy scalp, The Falcon courlmen collecled Two more when They downed Soulh Cafholic 29-24, and ihe Cahillifes 36-35. Two fouls by subsfifule Leo McCar+hy pu? us over 'rhe lap in lhe laHer game. In +he La Salle game, however, hopes for a perfecf record were shar- lered when La Salle downed Us 24-I6. Our nexf lour games reflecfed Jrhe spirif of lhe learn when +hey shook off rhe effecr of Their lirsr league defeal and bowled over Si. Tommies 4O-36, Sl. James 44-38, S+. Joseph 35-27, and Allenlown Calholic 33-29-all, slrong opposifion. 5? 1 ,1 rl if Maslbaum Frankford Salesionum Trenlron Carholic Reading Cafholic .. Bal: ..,..... Soulh Cafholic . Roman Cafholic La Salle S+. Thomas More S+. James SCHEDULE N.C. Opp. S+. Joseph's ..... 38 36 Allenlown Carholic 39 24 Wesl Calholic .. Sl 2I Salesianum ..... 32 22 Soulh Caiholic .. 24 28 Roman Caihalic . 38 36 La Salle ..,...,. 29 24 S+. Thomas More 36 35 Sf. James ....... l6 24 S+. Jaseph's ..... 40 34 Trenlan Calholic 44 38 Wesl Carholic .. Below: On SL Valenline's day, even offer lhey had losl a laugh game lo Sf. Joe, lhe sfudenl body presenled fhe baskelball squad wilh a posier valenfine card. The leam: Monfgomery, Kane, Buckley, Porlh, Sullivan, Schell, Capl. Sucich, Taylor, Colman, Harvey, McCarfhy, Plunkell, Williams lManagerl. Probably ihe only faculiy member here al Norlh Calholic whom we sludenis find diflicull lo distinguish from ourselves is our versalile baslcel- ball coach, Phil Looby, who, besides boasiing four lellers for afhlelics, is an accomplished flier. Tall and rangy, and almosl invariably found wearing a baggy blue school swealer, he closely resembles any sludenf found in lhe corridors. ln addiiion fo lhis, his compleie laclr of oslenlaiious- ness has 'formed a feeling of familiarily belween him and us. We lille him for lhal, and il nour- ishes in us ihe hope ihal he may remain here 'For years +0 come. The saying, "When if rains, if pours", was broughl oul in ils lullesl aller we suffered our second selbaclc, 40-3I, al lhe hands of Wesf, the league leaders. Successive deleals by Salesianum 38-29, Soulh 41-32, Roman 24-22, and La Salle 22-2I, slipped our courlmen inlo lilih place in league slandings. Momenlarily regaining 'rheir fooling lhe Falcons rallied fo down Sf. Tommies 38-29, and Sl. James 35-29. A 2l-20 selbaclc by Sl. Joe paved lhe way for a four-way lie for second place and one ol lhe mosl speclacular games in lhe cily's baslcelball hislory. ln Their mos? desperafe fighf ol lhe season lhe Falcons were nosecl auf in a sudden- dealh period againsr Wesl by a goal which finished lheir playoff chances. The eslimalion of fhe leam slcyroclceled in The hearls ol 2700 despondenf Falcon fans because, lhough fhey suffered a malerial loss 'rheir gameness gained lhem o moral viclory lhal was illimilable. Aller lhree exlra periods and losing by one lone goal lo lhe BURRS in a sudden-dealh period we were sure lhal Johnny Sucich's squad were slill "laps" in our book. Above Leliz The crowd follows ll-ie cheerleaders. Above: Leo McCar+hy ll0l, Falcon couriman, jumps high +o lmocl: the ball away from a Bok player and info fha arms of Colman. Below: Sallies and Norlh Cafholic players form a hu- man pyramid af fhe laHer's goal. Though fhey all iumped high, Schell llace foward fhe cameral go! 'fhe ball. Almvu: Kane, Porlh and Sullivan cangrafulafe Sucich lbl and AI Schell l5l in lhe dressing room afler bolh ioined hands fo help beam' S+, Joe for the Falcons' ihird slraighi win. Righl: Porfh l8l and Colman l7l walch .lim Manf- gomery lI2l Tap QFF in an exhibifion game against Bok. The Falcons are leading in lhe second quarfer. l.owi-v' Riqlil: Two pairs of hands are beHer +hon one. Schell l5l and Sucich lbl falce fhe ball off fhe back- board and ai' fhe same time keep if from ihe Sallies players. Below: Labor Losf. Three Sf. lae players lrnock fhe ball away from Schell and Buckley fixing a nice sef shof up for Colman XX Wiiilil: The Annex Team: Piml Row Ginharl lMonagerl, Cirfon, Deully C'Connor, Smifh, Cornely lCapfainl McKay, Slevin, Owens, O'Donnell, Shel ly lManagerl. Sfwnnrl Row: Jackson Shields, Casey, Ransey, McChrys+al Sweeney, Chadwiclr, O'Kane, Collins Zeller, Li'l': The Freshman leamg VNU F' Eisler, Helriclr, Diehl, Huclcle, Daugherly O'Shaughnessy, Lynn, Gordon lMon ogerlg Ser 'ml V Walsh lManagerl Hoffman, McGinly, Guan, Knox, Cun ningham, and Fafher Hemighaus, mod eralor. B'-' wi' Porlh f8l leaps high fo sfeal fhe ball away from cz Trenlon Calholic man clown fhe gym. Below: Sucich lb, awails developments. Alinve: Leo McCar+hy llOl sleals lhe lap away from a Sal- lies man as Kane l4l Colman l7l and Buclmley walch, muscles lense. Above: The Jayvee Baslneiball Squad: Moore, Sheridan, Willis, Brooks, Alexander, McKenzie, Casey, Sharp, Dolan, Wollemafe, Carr, Smiih, Grahm. Rigghl: Anolher goal for the Falcons al Wesf's Courf. Lower Righl: Johnny Sucich slumps wearily bul happily in lhe dressing room affer having bealen S+. 1oe's. Below: That ball is preHy popular. Three pairs of hands grasp for il as if bounces off fhe backboard in a .layvees versus Boll game. ' lacing .... New on our Sports Program Al lim lm? 'flfjbll ol lnilf. lim bocn Of i C llwi- "llVf'V'Hl53 -,oimcls llml Qmonole irom ilu Qc of :il fiflwli,-lm wpcprlw oils-rod by lim? sclwu ci 1l'l"-'lil Sxroil ol qmillffinon, lvimimgg lm linfl lmlifn fx mvllwlil lv-mi li-im, one Oi llwe Us fil'VVl, lm Willkrll llwflill, Wfxfl' lil fgfunqfpw rc-fn New llw rmwl qiiilml wrisefs ol coordimo mm A flliiflx mv ami C1 nimlwlf lool, Or U50 Q Mimivw M1114-i,linuciiXWerclivrwlllfffllllifllwfiy O O ww' lf-fum, llwcmiqli compfuirjlivelv iww llwny 0 www iiwrniuiii 1, Om yiuiing ijovcnliwrz, ml. Ann x lirwxim-ry iinilm lfwz fgiiidoncfj oi Fulhfr l',f-NW and lf-in lwy llie-ii nlulo cfnplfnin Pow i lvvm lwnil 41 vwry eifccw lull sfroion, llwcsc OVS uw 'rw giiifiilyi-lsr, :il Norllfg lulwe Cham ion SMA YL1'iVTNf'Yl, Ui if-r Piqlilg Fofher Mclfenly, who leoclmes second-year hislory, is also the moclerclor of ll1e newesl orgonizolion in il'1e school, llwe fenc- ing leom. rw mn' Two fencers lunge ul encll oflwer on 'rlwe sloge of lhe cudiloriurn. Ri-T-iw. Two of our firsf opponenls from Norllweosf Public porry for praclice before the mulch. lwwwi- Riiilil: Our new fencing leamz Buck nw.: Collins, Quigley, Louglwlin, Grill. Fronl rim: Cclplcin Kirn, Polcino, Whalen. Wilh The close ol o successful Cross-CounTry Json, l:oTher CuTTer ond his horriers ore loolce 4 lorword To oncl preporing Tor on even more enilul ond oufapicious Troclc yeor. The Team is rd oT proclrice every day To see if They con'T ep up The greoT nome ThoT NorTh CoTholic s made in Troclc, WiTh such holdovers lrorn ,T years Team os Joe Dolan, who has been osen This yeor's copToin, Collohon, cmd Ml :rmoTT, They connoT help buT compile 0 '-',TL - ssTul record. Prior TQ The opening oT Couwhv ogue compeTiTion in April, our runners will ipose several Public T-ligh Schools. They will ,o Tolce porT in evenTs oT Camden, New Yorlc. d The Penn Relays. The biggesT evenT in The orn's schedule, however, is The CoTholic League ornpionships which occur sor'neTime in Moy. WiTh The excepTion of The boxers and The wresTlers, 'er ThirTy-Tive imiTaTors of The discus Thrcwers, shoT puT- rs, iavelin Throwers, runners, and iumpers of Arlcierlf reece assemble Tor Their group picTure. Below: The :lcon Track Squad: Seoied: ThisTle, Clark, Haviland, xlxer, Dick. Fnwnl Row: Deery, De Gafis, McDermoTT, Above: Wifh perfecf form a young Cornelius Warmer- dam slzims over The Top of The cross-bar and prepares To land in The sawdusT piT which is over Ten feeT below. Wise, Meissler, Palmer, Dolan lCapT.l, Haviland, Ban- dosz, Liddell, Kinkaid, STouT, GeisT iMgr.T. Second Row Callaghan, Welsh, Jarvis, Coalnelly, Seaver, Jerguson McDermaTT, Schuhl, Ervin, Cameron, Adair, Theis, Rich ards, Raszewski, Toner, McGee, Bryers, Colahan, Dominic slr. 42 Un lanuary 9, lhe Cross-Counlry Team lin- ished a very successful season by winning 'rhe lnlerscholaslic Championships held in Camden. Noi-lh wenl undelealed in lhe Calholic League clue lo lhe line running ol Jaclc Devlin and lCaplainl Joe Dolan and, allhough Devlin lin- ished lirsl in lhe Calholic League Champion- ships, we lo-,l lo a slrong Wesl Calholic Squad. We rongraiulale Fr. Culler, lhe whole leam and in parligular lflaprainl Joe Dolan and ,laclc Devlin lor lheir line showings. From lhis cham- iwn Croi,sYCounlry leam we expecl' greal llwinflz during lho lraclc season. Go lo il, lellowsl valign. ti li 0 9 Below: The Harriers and some of their frophies. Firsl' QI' Above: Wifh +he gym wall as a bacluground lhe crack Falcon Cross-Caunlry Team poses: Firsl Row: Higgem- bolhom, Wise, Erbriclz, Meissler, Bandos, Callaghan, Do- lan lCap+.l, Kinlzaid, Deery, Geislf Mgr.l. Second Row: Toner, Welsh, McEn'fee, Seaner, Boeinger, McDermoH, Devlin, Sloul, Schuhl, Beafy. sl- x it '11 V Q ' f . Below: Heaping more honors upon himself and 'Phe Falcons, Joe Devlin leaves lhe field far behind al lhe Championship races held in Fairmounl Park. Joe came in firsl and several hundred feel' ahead of his nearest opponent Row: Fafher Culler lModera+orl, Kinlraid, Dolan lCap+.l, McDermo'ff, Deery, Geisf lMgr.l. Baclc Row: Raszewslci, Schuhl, Erbriclr, Wise, Toner, Callaghan, Seaver, Bandos, Meissler, Clark, Welsh, Slouf, McDermoH. 5' -L ' " i-if L+- , r- - 5- Q - ar. - ,., - ,, W,--W, V . ,A ,'f-s.1,,4... .- , RF... 1,,,- ' - ,H 0 s.. .i Y V --A - .-....l.:Q T -YiiQM-,,-., T -T .. ea,fL'ZS Above: ln a flurry of legs and arms, Harriers from Norih and South Calholic starr out on a grueling run lhaf will carry lhem more lhan fwo miles. Track and Field Below: Tighl muscles and ioinls never win races. Wirh watchful eyes Falher Cuher lexireme lelll assures him- self lhof his cross-counfry +som's ioinls are well oiled and limbered before lhey will be used in fhe meal. Above: Digging 'lheir loes in al' one end of Norlh Calholids one-fifth mile lroclx are: Beaily, Erbrich, Kin- lraid, Callaghan, Raszewski, Wise, and Caploin Joe Dolan. Below: Versaiile Bob Ervin, who was also cenler on lhe loolball leam, winds up lo lhrow a discus al a meef on Norlh Caiholic's field. away Udry, Brady, Coley, E. Connelly, and Shorkey de- velop fhelr kicks. Q O I'IlllllllDi0IlS of Swinlnling . . . . A hearllell welcome lo The cruel disappoinl- menfs experienced in our olher branches of compelilive sporls has been lhe Calholic cham- pionship earned by our already celebroled swimming learn. Achieved nol lhrough lhe ellorls ol individuals buf by a whole unil, lhe championship eslablished The leam in our eyes as really and lruly champion. Nalurally we have been lorlunale lo claim Joe Verdeur, nalional breasl-slrolce champion, as one ol our own, Nor lo be lorgollen are lhe men who are usually lalcen lor gronlecl by lhe public, lhe coaches and 'rhe moderalors. Falher O'Connor and Mr, Kirlc have sacrificed every minule ol lheir spare lime 'ro coach and en- courage our leam all along ils dillicull roacl lo leadership. Righl: Joe Verdeur, Falcon slar and nafional brecsf- slroke champ, is given his lime by Coach Joe Kirlr, in- sfrucfor af Norfh Branch "Y." Rico and Falher O'Connor, who reaches oviafion, and is well known for lhe long hours he spends wilh fhe iecm as lheir moderafor, look on approvingly. No, +hey're nof scaring sharks or barrocuda Q .lf-4 Y vi .eniqff 5 9xKX.tpuz'g lb - NUDYH 1 'f ' L 'S Above: J. Slaunlon, McLaughlin lin wafer, Trade cracks with Joe Verdeur. These boys, wilh lhe resf of lhe leam, won fhe Hrs? lrophy of lhis year's ofhlefic season. 1 Slllllll0l'gillg the Foe Roman Cafholic Soulh Calholic . Wesl Calholic . Sl. Thomas More La Salle .,... Sf. Joseph .4,.. Raman Calholic Soulh Calholic . Wesl Calholic . S+. Thomas More La Salle .,.,... Sf. Joseph ..4.. SCHEDULE C. Opp 50 lb 40 26 47 I9 4l 25 36 30 39 27 45 2l 4I 25 39 27 44 22 39 27 40 26 Cafholic League Individual Championship. 54 lWin- nerl. TEAM RECORDS I8O Yds. Medley. l8O Yds. Medley I50 Yds. Medley IBO Yds. Medley Relay, I:50.I-League Relay l:49.7-League Relay I:30.8-League Relay, l:49.4-League Left: Franl Sfaunfon fries a dive 'lrom lhe board. Riclzs males sure his 'lorm is perfecl. Record. Record. Record. Record. J 35" I?f???f?. ,very I 1? K ,l'T'T'g15'Q l Above: The Swimming Team: Firsl Row: Callahan, Mc- Laughlin, Houslon, Udry, Verdeur, Paley, Kenl, F. Slaun- fon, 1. Slaunlon. Second Row: McGee lManagerl, Ricks, hlevell, Brady. E. Connelly, Wechland, Sharlney, Mc- Cracken, Curran, Joe Kirlz lCoachl, Falher O"Cannor lModeralorl. Q 'w1?"f'-4 ,A -iii-A L vb!-Q-'s' 1 l '42 1 l 'N' ffl. W? Fl .," Throwing bubbling wafer before him like fhe prow of c ship, Joe Verdeur plows through ihe wafer of fhe Y.M.C.A. pool. Recenfly, showing even grecfer speed. he lrnocked off five-fenfhs of a second from fhe Middle Aflonfic 220-yard free- sfyle championship. Right: Joe McLaughlin, who shows greof possibilifies as c swimmer, ser a Catholic relay record wiih ihe resf of The fecm fhis year. New Records . . . hi 220 Yds. IOO Yds IOO Yds 40 Yds 50 Yds 200 Yds 220 Yds 220 Yds 200 Yds. lln four VERDEUR'S RECORDS Senior Nc?ionaI Breasfrolre, 2:53.4. Brecsfrolre, l:03.4 lLeague Recordl. Freesfyle Freesfyle Freesiyle, Freesfyle Freesiyle Freesfyle Freesfyle, years of 54.8 ILeague Recordl. I9.0 lLeague Recordl. 25.5 iLeogue Recordl. 2:04.2 lLeogue Recordl. 2:I7.B lleugue Recordl. QA. A. U.1, 2:63. 2:0I.4 ilnferscholcsfic Record, swimming for Norfh Joe has bi s own records 27 times . . . CONGRATULATIONS Baseball Since our yearboolc goes lo press before lhe baseball season begins, il is impossible lo give due credif lo The currenl learn, how- ever we may be iuslly proud ol our I943 Team, for lhey suffered only Three deleals oul of lwenly encouniers, We are Conlidenl lhal lhis year's nine will malch lhal record for if boasls of such seasoned players as Hayes, Begley, Franks, Machiewicz, O'Brien, and Hughes. ff T' Nur Soccer . . . . Winners Again! On Monday, Qclober 4, Norlh Calholic Soccer learn once again lrolled inlo lhe Carn- bfio Sladiiim lo slarl +he mosl successful season lhe leam has experienced in years, Under lhe From lhe side of his shoe, Grogan kicks fhe ball fo one of his leammoles in fhe Girard College game. c2.iiz,f- capable guidance of Falher Friel, Falher Mar- lin, and Mr. Brill, and under lhe leadership of lheir coplain, Eddie Grogan, our socceriles lin- ished rheir season wifh eighr vicrories, one deleaf, and one lie game. The leam received Their only deleal from lhe feel ol a slrong Girard College learn, and fheir only lie from lheir arch-rivals, Franlclord. During lhe enlire schedule of len games lhe Falcon leam boofed in I8 goals, while lhey allowed their opponenls only 5. Yes, we lalce our hols oil lo a line learn and a line record Mclnlyre, Ccpfain Grogan, McLoughlin, and Egan pose for fheir piclures a few minufes before game lime in Cambria Sfadium. Nice save, Jacobyl Our goalie robs a Girard College player of a much-needed goal. Maguire follows in lhe rear. 1 1 fan... , gay. ,mg wr ax :ar Rs.. N -,,.1,,w.- U. - . Lower Lolf: More close acfion in flue Girard College game as Cap- fain Grogan boofs ffue ball away from flue opposifion. Palmer, flue cenfer forward, wafcfues anxiously. Lower Right: Goalie Jacoby lin whifel still walcfies fensely as ball skids off Mcl..ernan's foe and info flue empfy sfands. lnsel: The indefafigable Faflier Friel, Moderator of our successful Soccer Team, flue baseball Team, supervisor of all flue socials' decorafians, and feacher of Senior Englislu. nl' ' it-Nd """" ' r' . 2' ,mm ,uw Y Avia.. 4 1 Iv , , 'n'f,fx1-- 42 Q1 ff 'ii ' ,'iY.iil' nc: ' J , 'T -- fn" ' 'r ",:5f'-'i,,z1g - . ..-,' is ry' ' 4 N' .. V -l, '-.' , 5 '- -, 4- 'f"', , Q . 2" , " " '. -'f.""lN, "uv-. .gr ., Q, ' '- ' 'W-5:25 ' I ' , s . Us-4 , '-.,,'1.iL:1 I'f .L ,, 'Alb' -4 ."'w' Below: The Varsify Soccer Squad: Firsf Row: Mclnlyre, Noel, Slueridan, lCapfainl Grogan, Palmer, McLaughlin, Dollarfon: Second Row: Maguire, Maier, Mafhews, Ja- coby, Egan, Borowslri, McLernan, McKay. - X ' -z 1. " I xr' 'A l l . -1? 1, -U, -on 96 Y 3 iv Bowling, popular almosl everywhere, holds a greal inleresl for a number ol our sludenls. The diligenl direclian ol Falher Gadley has led our leam lo overwhelming success al The American Bowling Academy. Hours ol unceasing praclice has developed some al The linesl bowlers in lhe Scholaslic League. Due lo lhe loss ol lheir slar bowler lo lhe Navy, our Kegler-5 did nol fare so well in lhe Firsl Hall of lhe Calholic League. However, lhey came lo life in lhe Second Half, and are, al presenl, holding down lirsl place in lhe Calholic League and are laolcing forward lo winning The Championship. P.S. We did! li-ll: Under Milne Thoma's appraising eye Don Dormer prepares lo roll for a splil' in c league compeli- lion game. I dTh Ll-.wer rlghlz Wilh perfecf form Feming an oma aim for lhe I-3 poclcef af lhe American bowling alleys For The horseklover, our riding club is lhe basl liked oi oll our exlrofciirriculor odivilies. This popular po-,lime if, Under lhe copoble direc- liori ol lzolher Pulriclx Morlim. The club ricles olong The beouliliil lroils ol lhe Wissohiclcon which poss lhroiigh lorowf ond fields. This is o hobby which mol only oilords Us 0 bGllCf exer- cise, buf also gives UF o lo-llc of lhe outdoors ond lecichez us lo opprociole The beoulies of nolure. Uppvr Riiihlg Fofher Pofricli Marlin, on English leocher during school ond o fireless rider offer school. Right: MCC-Binniss, SpoHs, ond Nolon of lhe Annex siop fheir horses while enioying o ride in snow-covered Wissohickon Pork. Bi-l-iw: A horselovers' convenlionz Almosf every Friday ciffernoon, wecliher permiffing, fhe lovers of horseflesh ond 'the sound of galloping hoofs gel fogefher 'fo form fhe Riding Club. On ihe exfreme righr ore fwo riding fans, Fofhers Friel ond Morfin. .I Q lvl! " Intramural Sports Rlglwlz A lypical lunch period. Tlse boys iusl came our and now fhey are galhering inlo lilfle groups fo choose lheir sides for flue games of fouclu fhal will soon cover flue whole Held. A slrange lhing in all lhese games is lluol fha leams for each period always play in flue same area. ln o school llme size of ours, ll is nolurolly quile impossible for everyone, who would lilce lo, To ploy vorsily sporls. Does llmis mean, llmen, llwol llmey are lo be 'denied llme privilege of porllcipoling in llwem? Quile llme conlrory. ln lacl llwis problem opened up llwe doors, lo llme ullimole resull ol sporls for everyone, lhal is, inlramurol, or os llwey ore beller known, sec- 12: . - LLQ ,'.i Mfg ge "Q-s , . . . -ai' 5, Whiz T, ' .XZ s . Mx 294' - ..'.1'."f", 4.40, 1 T" . " ' T'-is , ' Tionol sporTs,'--fBoslceTboll is olTen more exciT- ing during gym periods, Thon iT is oT vorsiTy gomes, ff-' we-Annuolly There is o Troclc meeT Tor The enlire school, ond Trom This meeT The vor- siTy is boriedtlhe class bowling leogue, which monoges To molce o shombles oT The olleys, hos crodled mony ol our sTors.-illuring lunch periods ond oTTer school The oThleTic Tield is crowded wiTh TooTboll ond soTTboll gomes ...--c Y-v'-"'.. s. y... V A N" " 'f""miC - ond Troclc n'ieeTs oT every descripTion. The bloody noses, ripped shirTs ond ponfs, sproined onlsles ond wrisTs, fingers lcnoclced ouT oT ioinT, bumps, bruises, all ore evidences ol why hoppy ond coreTree youTh sends moThers To on eorly grove. This is NorTh CoTholic, IT is The Tighling spiriT ThoT lceeps our Teoms winning. Winning ond losing only To Tighf ond win ogoin. This is Americon. Bieliiwi Freshmen using rnclnoshifi' equipmenT. Be:-oTTy plays deep, Rdesinslri and Rooney rush, while McVey and Mccrune bloclm, Don Spinelli geTs The bull. 5s V ' . -. '7'P5-f'f-f:-- M 't'3w.:- . 1- M45- ff5f"2f?f .1 me ..n.4 c. we-"ff , .--. x fn f fa ' 1 1 'la X wif - 1' . , x' , Q4 ' - g . Ao'xQ,,,li" 5 " nd I 'cg'-' '3,'qQ', T -sf . WY' ' 5-?i'f'1 si I- ZA. 4.'l0',.f-1 ,gr id 3-1 'hi' I I .. -A.. i.. H ., is f,+iQsLQr ff ' 'Sf ,4 i yn, A.: F 1"' These iwelve Freshmen from Annex 3 comprise fwo iauch foofball squads of six men each. In compeiiiion wi9h ofher Annex and Main-building feams fhey downed mos? of fhem fo gain ihe Mile of champions. Ai : Joe McKenna John MCCYOHG end and copfain of Fresh IS eveled from FUN One'5 much fegm, around d plays an e Lvll: Annex 3, iniramurol Foolboll ' Champions: Firsr Row: Sclwberl, Clon- chio, O w e n s, McMahon, Connell, Collier, Boyle, Rehfus, Walker. A lx 0 v v: Poi' Aherne, Al'-we: Tom Neville, linesmon and cenier, is o Fresh I, is c good louch good offensive mon. player, Lilre Kelleher, he plays righf end, Sclnoulh, Sefond Row: Bugiedo, Melzger, nn: IIIDS?-Y'-UIQ. l-Xlf: Winler sporls of Norfh Cofholic: o snowball explodes on 0 back lille Q grenade. This small bond is holding off u charge from fhe ofher end of fhe fielcl. Bwlfrw: No, i+'s noi cz Sf. Bor- fholomew's Day murder, iusl U group of freshmen seclxing shnllcr oqcinsf fhe unhospiioblc walls of lhe facully house. Right: Why mofhers gel gray. Beneofh ihe baske? in a seclionol game, boys from Soph I5 and Junior 7 lie sprawled abou? fhe floor in fheir clean clofhes. Below: The zero hour, A big push fo sform o heavy lorfillccfion is underway. Jus? look ol ihe 'faces and you con see if's all in fun, Worm clofhes ond excellenf med- ical aHen+ion by Mr. Fihgerold, the nurse, kepf fhese shock froops free from colds. faux Above: This is hand-+0-hand Hghfing in a snowball buf ile. The snow is moisf now and is ideal for face-washing Right A soflbull gome is fhe lypical inlramural sporf during lhe lunch-periods and lhe afler-school hours when A ,A ihe wealher ge+s warmer. Nofhing slops fhese games, th when o bak is broken, slals and even fhe broken pieces 5- are subsfiiufecl. Where no soffball games are in progress W handball games are in acfion. S- ' l l . , . . 1 i 11. """ X72 '.f: l vi klillinla 'W l y quuc o analyze a new play 4 by an opposing foo+ball ieam. ln soffball, however he's a suclrer for a high one. Above: Kelleher alwa s is ' K l I ' '4T-23-'Z' " " 'I l 1 4 .rv I T s -thru:-1--' - .sv ,kv ...- Above: "Eagle-Eye" Smillw, boiling for flue Sopluomores, is abou? lo connecl' a drive info denier-field. Tom Kelle- her, our 'loolball slar, walls for ilre ball fhal will never come. ...- vi ,.-. . '--f-'gtxvbi Lefl: All good lhings musl end, even our inlramural sporls sec- xwgx Q- Ff lion. Tile whisfle has blown and lhe players reluclanlly relurn +o llweir K 5 classes in li++le groups. The less hardy file from llme audilorium, where movies were being shown. Soon fha field will be vacanf buf hundreds of wistful eyes will gaze af il from llme classrooms. F ilil: A Fcblio! The Falcon cheerleaders exhorl The crowd lo give oul wilh The School's Tovorife cheer. Below: The squad Tumblers: Fiisl row: Smilh, McCollum, Mc- Ginnis O'Connell, Mccombes. Second row: Tinney, Wis- churn, Czarneclii, Donnelly, Tolond. QT .Rf 1" 'IK f 'ing 4 Wi Lell: Smilh iumps high us he finishes a cheer. When he reaches The ground a slill greufer cheer will come from The crowd for the cheer Hself. Cheer Leaders Nexl la 'rhe learn, The hardesl worlcers and Those rnosl responsible lor The resull ol lhe game are The seven individuals on whose baclcs dif- lerenl lellers spell oul 'ilzalconsf' They are lhe Cheerleaders. They and The Tumblers are lhal lillle group ol boys lhal pops our oi nowhere lo supporl The sagging spiril ol The Team and 2000 fans, Their looosl always spells The dile Terence belween viclory and deleal. 1 in p ., g .1 i .. . . K ru-to il e ruesbe n t Ai .1 ' Hilarify roclred lhe school flwe day flue proofs came from Zamslry's. Mc- Corry is a fine example of fhe spirif, l- 1" Tlsere's no difference in the rings buf lille the res? of llwe Seniors, Devlin and Quinn compare fheirs. li-ii Kelleher and Haviland, presidenl and vice-presideni' of flue Senior Class. Bofh were slel- lor sluclenls and cssels lo flmeir school. Lower Pifqlvr Keegan and Lannigan, lreasurer and secre- lary. The s+uden+s pu+ their irusi in +l1em as lead- ers, and ilaey were rewarded. I lvl' R One is Joe ready nnfion. maybe school. of fhe boys Norlh Cofholic is proud fo claim as ifs own Verdeur. Though only a high school sludenf he is al- a champion and his feals are known lhroughouf lhe For a champion he is exlremely mild and unassuming- lhal's why he was chosen a senior delegafe by fhe Q fi r 6 L , ,x. '-3.,':V . Az::'rfff: . - 7 X' ' . , t',- a fl-11,32-Q 51.1.3 . A: V131 'ij-.'ff'+'f , Wir 'R :I i H ""'-1J',. N' 1.3 T .V ' Q55 all' Almosf as popular here as William L. While was in Kansas is our own versafile man abouf fhe sfage, Jesse Cain. His per- sonalify can affracf more people fhan a lighf does mofhs, noi by safire. buf by a wif as sharp as Allen's and a sincere efforf fo show fhaf he doesn'f fhink so. Orchids fo you, Jesse, for making all fhose who knew you a bil' prouder of fheir school. Riiihl: The biggesT TeaTure in Norfh CaTholic's SporTs hisTory was The FaculTy versus The Senior Class baslreTball game, played one sunny affernoon. The TacT ThaT il' was a rough and Tumble game is broughT ouT by The apparenT grayness of some of The FaculTy's panis, The TaculTy pla ers are: Phil Looby l5l, Fafher CuTTer l2l, FaTher He- mighause lon The Tloorl and FaTher O'Donnell Fiiglh Memories of The old days when he played for The Falcon courfmen are laroughl To Phil Looby who's playing for The TaculTy. UnTorTunaTely, This oneehanded shol' missed. hill, -.-.' Baclced up by FaTher Friel, Mr. Looby bafs one inTo The basllef. The TaculTy won The senior game, 24-22, buT They were laler seT down in a game againsT 'The varsiTy by The avenging score-, Sl-I2. Lf-.ii-f Right: Parf of The crowd waiTing To see The Faculiy vs. Seniors Game. Over 2000 boys waiTed in a line from The audiTorium To The Chapel. The admission Thaf They paid wenf To The Paralysis Fund. gf' i K Rf We N00 X No Q X O Q90 '19 O -1 08' 000 x" Oc? XJ' C' x '-, a X0 R0 N90 'sac oi Q Q9 Y' 31 .- 0 Q I9 gf' 0 65 bQn ,..4dn-.....- N Q Minus llweir red uniforms llwe band plays flue scliool song. Over llwree fhousand voices will wall ir over Frank- ford. Bm fu Al flue Maxwell Award Banquef Tom Kelleher, who for his performance in flue Sl. James game won lhe high school Maxwell award of ihe weeli, loolns over Penn laclrle, Les Zellyis award. 0,- L. ' ' -- ' .-2' ,,-'.,, New ll.r"'f" 1 4' I llallics Adding lo llwe glamour ol Foolball and Baslcelball games are llwe rallies wlwiclw olien precede ilwem. The-se assemblies, enlivened by Clweers lor leam members and speeches by coaclies and locolly members, serve lo instill llwe proper spiril ol sporl-,manslwip and loyally info flue sluderwl body. Slirrina music on llwese occasions was provided by lime bands Proof llmal' llwe rallies served llweir purpose is allesled by llwe viclories ol llwe leams, Rallies will remain as some ol llwe lwappiesl memories ol our sludenl days ai N. C. 'xx 9 ,- Q. R24 'U' f 1:1 . ,V . X- ., N " g','.fffg'7 b '95 N8 C N . 1- , 7 -19, gr' 1 1 i , M ' 5 if a. 3 0 T E ., fi J . 7 1 tk A t- o Q Q., ' 4 QW 1 U, .ga fi 1 A.. -H? ur w 1 55 5 S 1, ,, . f:-3 4 ,W 'v jawn ,--X I I . s z .: ?'3'a 1 if E 'B Q? - sag, 'l -- f' 1.. ' 54 W -gs: .- fi' will ff -: ' 53' V ,Sf .ff W A 4 - ,4- ., 2,315.9 I. 15 f . '- 4 xx- ,rf y . , I L. A ,,., nge. ,JP k ' gL37'i:5 F. 'Fifi , A . 5 vb' Q 5 Q x ' 5 455'-Axe, u , f .whois k fab I t 5 L , I ' x- , 1 - " x ,-. 1'-'i1'0-i k"'x'4.I1'1 51' s - X xx 0' 'I .Ti -l. 'QV l N' , 'L L x :fx 'gf mix-Lg Q.-F-', , . no Cf- is "'e B x E .Qs 4 I A if H u b H. .., sk it s ', fa 1' 'l Zi' .Q -Ri Au' an Ng C ' Q :P ' - in 48 A--' f 5-M'5f?+k.N-3-1' -:'xx " 1 f U Q Q 5' X X L I Y' 4: N 31, P. 5 L, 9 s' Z5 N L 5' Q is i at H S ' Q 4 6 U' B 5 A if , "W , mc -Q -x :wmv it .Q P 5 -5 x 'KN ' , ' I 'J' 4 'A' A ., 'L O ' W, 1, ' Q ek. 'Lf , "fgr- ' 1' elf 95 Q Q :r - W2 . . ' I, 1 N. .4 Q, LI ' . ' . . . . .l. bgalrqyl' I' 'I' 1 ll 1 ,, .,,f'l.'fg' I I.-'lxlf' ,jp Arn' , ' I I 1, , H: , . 'fini 1,5 j, 13.5 ,ff . jv, F, 1 HN? N -f-' .-:+"ff.- as 1-'.-'E 1: "" 5, Q. gg .f '-'A .,-,34..j4EJ' .ffiiiq-'jg-1f.f4ix..CI!'i..,5 'Qui 7' si ac' .'ziSl"'Jf .-Q, ff: A:,:i"'Qk"'.'.:-' :. " ,-. 'rt "I,?5"h7'--..4- ,, ' -f .-Saab FX 3 'P f' 7 '-A' 5' Q - N I n "5"""' L w.1"f'4" .813 fl' '7 5 .- M . . wx -J' 1--:S-.-L'-fi --. -sf'-ea f- H -' '- 1 AH s '. ' -'fisot' V' ' - f 4'7" " A K , :rm xr I' -7' ,rd L. . 1LI-.1 , nf. Y ihlfmnfwr. Y' fc , asv' ,Her 4 , iaJvQ'l,l :Mx -.- Dix S i"QQ-'anim' 'A . 'i"""f V tin ""' 1 4 'ffl 'an' if ".Al"'1 ' ' , Us-' us' "'5ff"g'f2"' ' 'J I I 'I .,.f.Qf.J1 . If f I' 5 9 ' 1 pf ' 9'n -if - . ' f 1Ya'n'a I ff 'of 'H if 1',21i-','ff'f1' ,, w ' pf r" ' 1 'vf1l't's' ' vJ""'-1: ' 23 SWT-'v'1'3-"1'. - - 5' ' 0,1 f f 1 'fill 3' !,"'gfl'n'1"J,"'-'dv' 1 c. ' '7.',' f.. , JH 1 ,53i"u'f-',',"q.','3'a'1f5'e'4..s.., fn' J uf' ' "GL, 4':"?'f'f'',pd,l5:':'3.Pa,Iul,' . " 1- M . Jw, 0 H TG' l"'l.' H ' - lex W: ' , 0 . 'A , I ' I 54... 4 '- W .. . A I. ' I .-. MN, X In ,1 I' vm K 'r ! -'w 71 ,Jq E Qs. 9- -I I X., """' df! M-nl ui .,- ,A'v""vu Thanks The I944 Falcon is complele. We are gralelul , . . lo Mr. William Cooke, Campus Publishing Company for his Timely suggeslions, sound advice and valuable Trienclship . . . To Miss Anne IvIcCorlhy, The dynamo ol Zomslcyls Sludio, who lcepl us supplied wilh pholographers and pholographs . . . To all our Ralrons, Booslers, and Adver- lisers Tor Their generous supporr . . . To all olhers who helped, aclively or pos- sively, in making This book possible. MANY, MANY THANKS . Lal! Grace McCoIgan and Frances Nebel are The Iwo office girls. Noi' only The Senior class bu? The enrire school is graleful fo Them 'for The informalion lhaf They dis- pensed. Bell .-.' 3 "A IiHIe bil more fhis way." Carl WOII makes sure he brings our lhe besf in PoIi's Teafures. In- ewl: Harry Gomberg fakes a class picrure. The enfire school, especially fhe Senior Class, is graleful fo fhese genflemen for fheir fine phofography. r II, THE STAFF REV, JOSEPH DUFFIELD, O.S,F.S., Facully Moderalor DAVID WAGNER, Edilor in Chicl: JOHN DONNELLY, Assl. Bus. Mgr. ROBERT VAN STONE, Associalc Edilor JOHN BAIRD, Sales Manager VALENTINE RYTKO, Lilerary Edilor ROBERT ECONOMY, Direclor of Phalog. RICHARD DALRYMPLE, News Edilar HENRY KINKAID,Ar1 Edilor PETER MULLER, Business Manager CONTRIBUTORS William Elanlcliolcl, Arlhiir Hynes, Edward Lehman, William Brogon, Joseph McNamara, Joseph Verdeiir, Aloysius Cifelli, John Feehan, John Schmidf, Francis Crowe, Donald Dormer, Tiiaene Dandica, James Fagan, Waller Applin, Francis Kaiser, Thomas Horan, Charles Millvcti, Joseph Doody, Robert De Mara, Carl Wanielc, Thomas Henry. We wish to acknowledge the confidence placed by the NORTHEAST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL in our QUALITY and SERVICE by awarding us their patronage "There must be a reason" QUINN'S DAIRIES Tuberculin Tested Milk Oilice: 341-43 Master Street Dairy 1338-40-42 Orianna Street Compliments of VERONICA M. MALEY Best of Luck To the Class of '44 from FRESHMAN 8 IOHN R. CROUSE Funeral Home 1830-32 Somerset St. REG. 9475 ANN HAVILAND'S SHOPPE Laclies', Men's, Children's Furnishings Frontenac and Sanger Sts. Cheltenham Dry Cleaning Dresses and Suits DANCING AT HOLY CHILD Compliments Of AUDITORIUM MQRQNEY Friday Nite WINES The Year 'Round Iames Moroney, Philadelphia ATLAN'I'IC SERVICE STATION Torresdale 5: Frankford Aves. Complete Lubrication and Battery Service Tire Repairs Gasoline and Oil I. A. Walls, Prop. S. I. LYONS CO. Iewelers Since 1899 2258 N. Front St. 2846 Kensington Ave. 4612 Frankford Ave. 2635 Germantown Ave. M. M. HEII.. Importer Religious Articles and Sanctuary Supplies 1024 N. 5th Street Opposite St. Peter's Church MARket 0806 yi CIRCLE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Directly opposite Circle Theatre Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin Clarinet, Guitar, Drums, Accordion Private Instruction Dance Orchestra Training and Practice 4665 Frankford Ave. Wm. A. McNulty, '33, Mgr. CUM. 4114 FRANKFORD LAUNDRY 1666 Kinsey Street Philadelphia. Pa. IEF. 5521 FRANKF ORD TRUST COMPANY 4400 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation '-I COSTUMES TO RENT FOR EVERY PURPOSE MUSICAL REVUES - MINS'I'RELS PASSION PLAYS, ETC. Consult : Miller Costumier. Inc. 236 S. Eleventh Street Philadelphia. Pa. KIN. 9874 "When Miller Dressed You Have the Best" All Costumes Used at Northeast Catholic Furnished by MILLER COSTUMIER FRANK E. FITZPATRIC, GORDON MILLER Associates Best Wishes to ENCEE and the Seniors of '44 from Mr. and Mrs. Casper Muller Compliments of Compliments ot HUGIES' A FRIEND Sixth at Dauphin IOE, '32 IIM YANK'S DEPT. STORE 4446-48 Frankford Avenue Dress Suits to Hire Head to Foot Outfitters Every Wheel Rolling To Help Win The War Philadelphia Transportation Company Longer Life tor Your Batteries with the RECUPERATOR Practically eliminates ruinous sulphation and cor- rosion . . . the source of most all your battery trouble. Speeds up charging capacity of battery. Increases lite ot battery. Sold ready to use- easy to apply. One application S1.50-Fleet-Price- 12 or more applications 51.00 each. Dealers wanted. AI.PHA DISTRIBUTING CO. Ottice No. 622-1328 Chestnut St. Phila.. Pa. Phone: PEN. 1323 The Northeast's Only Independent Deluxe First-Run Theatre Thanks You for Your Patronage in the Past and Hopes to Continue Meriting Your Friendship in the Future. Incorporated 1843 Charter Perpetual THE FRANKFORD MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY INSURANCE BUILDING MAYTAG APPLIANCE SALES CO. 4279 Frankford Avenue IEFferson 8838 We repair or sell parts for any Washer. Vacuum Cleaner, Radio, or Refrigerator Over lU0 Years of Service Compliments 4510-14 Frankford Avenue of Frankford. Phila. - IEFferson 3076 Compliments ot Compliments ol ALVA CHEVROLET AYERLE CAFE - 4324 Frankford Avenue FISHERS RESTAURANT Compliments O 3545 N. Broad St. I OSEPH A. KEEGAN IEP. 1821 Modern Funeral Home RAYMOND F. SZWEDA Funeral Director Southwest Comer Roosevelt Boulevard and Sanger Street DELaware 1547 PETER F. LUCARINI Teacher of Music Northeast Catholic High School St. Basil's Academy Nazareth Academy Private Lessons 748 Garland Street. Phila., Pa. A Professional Lady Assisting on All Our Funerals Gives Further Dignity to Our Sympathetic Service FUNERAL HOME OF VINCENT I. MCILVAINE UNDERTAKER 2805 W. Allegheny Ave. Rendering to You for Over Thirty-five Years A Professional Service that is Supreme Furnishing Caskets of "Highest Quality" with Prices Arranged to Meet Everyone's Need SAG. 7896 24,1-IOUR SERVICE AT YOUR SERVICE For All School Supplies NORTHEAST CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL BOOK STORE To Class 1944 Thank You and Best of Luck Gonnella's Flower Shop Try Cut Flowers-Pot Plants HYMIES Sandwiches Floral Designs-Pottery 1535 Orthodox St.. Phila., Pa. DEL. 5808 With the Works 2769 Kensington Ave. ANNEX 10 Sends Its Best Wishes PAUL SA.FRAN 6 SON 474 N. 8th Street Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, Bows Cases-All Accessories Expert Repairing "We Serve Northeast Catholic High Complete Line of SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Gifts and Greeting Cards WILLIAMS BROS. 4706 Oxford Avenue at Frankford Avenue Compliments of REGAL -- CREST TYSON - BENNER YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRES Good Food Since the Days of Washington THE I OLLY POST AIELLO BROS. MARKET Edmund St. 6 Princeton Ave. 4600 rnmkfofa Ave. Phone: MAY- 4959 Compliments of I. D. CAIN CII! FAMILY ...I 1 61112 OU, Ll VOCATION? If you are interested in becoming a Priest or Brother and serving under the gentle spirit of St. Francis de Sales, write now to the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. THE OBLATES of ST. FRANCIS de SALES are a RELIGIOUS CONGREGA- TION of MEN dedicated to the promotion of the SPIRITUAL LIFE in them- selves and in others according to the method of St. Francis de Sales. This Congregation of Priests and Lay-brothers was a pet project of St. lane Frances de Chantal, Foundress of the Order of the VISITATION f1622t, who repeatedly implored St. Francis de Sales to found such a group of men. Pre- mature death prevented the holy bishop from carrying out this design. St. de Chantal succeeded in her project by getting Father RAYMOND BONAL, a pious and learned priest of the diocese of Rodez, to found "THE OBLATES of ST. FRANCIS de SALES," who, in the beginning 116373, devoted themselves chiefly to the training ot candidates to the priesthood in seminaries. Owing to wars and other trials, this Institute died out at the beginning of the eighteenth century. TWO HUNDRED YEARS later, this CONGREGATION was called back to life by a faithful daughter of St. de Chantal, the VENERABLE MOTHER MARY cle SALES CHAPPUIS, who emulating her holy mother in the same pet project finally succeeded in getting the VERY REVEREND LOUIS BRISSON, professor of the Diocesan Seminary of TROYES, FRANCE, to realize the SECOND FOUNDA- TION of the OBLATES. This officially started in September, 1871. The definite approbation of the HOLY SEE was granted in August, 1897. As approved by the HOLY SEE, the CONGREGATION of OBLATES of ST. FRANCIS de SALES is dedicated to the following and spreading of the spirit and doctrine of St. Francis de Sales in the Christian education of youth, the functions of the sacred ministry and in foreign missions. The Mother House of the Institute is in Rome. fVia Dandolo 49.1 The Mother House of the American Province is: The Salesianum, 801 West Street, Wilmington, Delaware. For further information write to: THE REV. NOVICE MAS'I'ER Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Childs, Maryland I BILL KOGEN TUX and TAILS to hire 4274 Frankford Ave. S. I. LYONS CO. Cleaning - Alterations - Pressing lewelers Next to Church El Station Since 1899 DEL. 4651 LOUIS PATLER Compliments of Pharmacist ANNEX 12 S. W. Cor. Worrell and Hunting Park Ave Philadelphia Success to You From IUNIOR 2 COONEY BROTHERS CO. PIPE - VALVES - FITTINGS PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES 520 W. Lehigh Ave.. Philadelphia Hosiery - Slippers - Rubbers - Tennis For the Entire Family KINNEY SHOES KINNEY CO.. INC. 4516 Frankford Avenue. Phila.. Pa. C. MCCARRY ROLLER SKATING CAREY'S CIRCUS GARDEN Afternoon - Evening Benefit Nights Franldord Avenue, Below Allegheny GIVNISH FUNERAL HOME Sth Street at Lindley Ave. MIC. 5225 Goodbye, Senior! Don't Forget QUINI.AN'S PRETZELS "The Twist is the Same but the Taste is Different." Insist on PENNSYLVANIA BEVERAGI-is Manufactured by PENNA. BOTTLING 6. SUPPLY CO. Philadelphia, Pa. REG. 1300 Safety Day Is Every Day .. COMPLIMENTS OF MACK TRANSPORTATION COMPANY 4300-32 Torresdale Avenu Philadelphia. Pa. O ROBERT E. MACK EDWARD F. MACK North American Smelting Co. Tioga and Edgmont Streets Philadelphia. Pa. L T. NULTY 51 SON FUNERAL DIRECTOR Established more than halt a Century 'A' Sympathetic and Efficient Attention . . . Within Reach of All. 'A' Frankford Avenue and Church Street Telephone: IEFlerson 4461 FISCHER AND ZIELKE Lapadists 740 Sansom St. ABRAHAM'S lewelers 4602 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. Compliments of EUGENE I. WITALIS MONUMENT WORKS Darby. Pa. Compliments of THE 'l'IlVlI.lN FAMILY KLAIBER'S BAKERY Seventh and Butler F ine Cakes and Pastry Own Make Ice Cream Compliments ol ST. MAR'I'IN'S SCHOOL C. P. Speitel Company. Inc. Bonded Hauling Contractors 3620-24 N. Lawrence St. Philadelphia. Pa. Bell, IEF. 8766 Keystone, EAST 7770 N. M. HOLDEN CO. Iobbers ot Building Hardware 4325-27 Frankford Avenue Frankford. Phila. Bell Phone, DEL. 3499 WM. I. TORPEY Flowers for All Occasions Flowers Telegraphed 4852 Frankford Ave.. Phila.. Pa. Phone, REG. 1080 Day and Night Service CHAR1.ES L O'NEI1.L Funeral Director and Embalmer 153 W. Tioga Street. Phila.. Pa. Licensed in Pennsylvania, New York and New Iersey When you entrust prescriptions with us. we in turn profoundly and sincerely pledge proficient service and only high- Phone: REGent 3199 Prescriptions Filled - Eyes Examined DR. WALTER C. SMITH est quality full strength ingredients. Optometrist H FfCIIl.kf0l.'d AVBIIUC Pharmacist Arziilzlilclllafiiiplltltfzrfed 4901 Frankford Avenue Frankford. Phila. Hours: 9 A, M, fo 9 P, M, You cannot patent it . . . or copyright it . . . you cannot install it . . . like a piece ol machinery. You cannot accurately measure it . . . or the lack of it. Yet it is your most important consideration when you choose your Year- book Photographer. Itis... HKNOWING HOW" ,iperien ce . is the one thing that will meet the unusual emergency with the comforting statement- "We know just what to do-We've been through this before." Our complete organization offers you this background of experi- ence in creative photography and consultation on all problems relating to yearbook photography. It costs nothing to talk it over with us. ZAMSKY STUDICJS 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA. PA. 'A' SUCCESS TO THEE SOPHOMORE 3 Success to the '44 Class From FRESHMAN 2 Best Wishes FRESHMAN 4 'k Success in the Future SOPHOMORE 7 Compliments of SOPHOMORE 17 0 Good Luck SOPHOMORE 13 Moy We Follow in Your Footsteps With os Much Success IUNIOR 9 At Fortunes Table Moy You Dine Compliments ot SOPHOMORE 9 Compliments of L. C. B. CORPORATION Compliments of IUNIOR 15 PRAYER BOOKS - RELIGIOUS ARTICLES . ANTHONY I. IAGIELSKI Catholic Church Goods 2633 E. Allegheny Avenue. Phila.. Pa. NEBRASKA 1643 THOS. P. MORAN Contractor and Builder 6801 Rodney Street LIV. 3001 OXFORD BOWLING CIRCLE 5830 Castor Ave. 16 ALLEYS Leo. Verani, Mgr. Compliments of WARNER BROS. MIDWAY THEATER Kensington and Allegheny Aves. RAD. 3818 Open Evenings LOU GILBERT 3222 Germantown Avenue Opposite Carman Theatre TUXEDO - CUTAWAY FULL DRESS SUITS To Hire For the newest in Scholastic Iewelry visit BARR'S Our Free Catalog Sent Upon Request Established 1853 BARR'S Iewelers - Silversmiths 5600 Germantown Ave. 4650 Frankford Ave. 1112 Chestnut St. 28 So. 69th St. WAREHOUSE UNION LCCAL 169 Affitiqted with I. B. T. C. W. AND H. OF A. 1239 WEST GIRARD AVENUE Philadelphia A Bright Future To Class of '44 FRESHMAN 6 FRESHIMAN l Extends its Compliments Success to the '44 Class I UNIOR 8 Compliments of Compliments of I. L SOPHOMORE 6 Compliments of SOPHOMORE 2 'lThe Catholic Magazine for the Catholic Home" Congratulations to the class of 1944! You have been in contact with the Oblates oi St. Francis de Sales for the past four years. A means of keeping in touch with them and the Salesian ideal is offered you by subscribing to THE CATHOLIC LIFE lMember ot the National Catholic Press Association! ' 334 soU'1'H 13th sr. PHILADELPHIA 7. PA. PENnypacker 1987 51.00 per year 25c per copy Success that Sticks IUNIOR 1 FRESHMAN 10 Extends its Compliments In this World MUY You Thrive and Lots of Luck from IUNIOR 5 IOSEPH F. GALDO Watch and Iewelry Repairing ' Dealer in Conlpllments of DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY Buy O1 d Gold 'IED HoovER. sn. 2028 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. NEBraska 8178 sr. HUBERT'S CATHOLIC HIGH scHooL Fon GIRLS ANNEX 13 7300 Torresdale Avenue Future Success , IEE. 0990 EAST 8575 'The Northeast Natlonal Bank of Philadelphia. Pa. 8043 Frankford Ave. 6836 Torresdale Ave. AMPORTS MEAT MARKET 4451 Frankford Ave. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT Selling Fine Foods To INSURANCE CORP' Frankford For Over 50 Years THE N. E. C. H. S. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WELCOMES CLASS '44 INTO ITS MIDST The Senior Class of 1944 Bought Their Rings at . . . WILLII-l . M!-KHTI 'S 1944 marks the thirteenth year that the graduates of North Catholic have been faithfully served by William C. Martin's. They have been thirteen years of unselfish labor and unswerving loyalty to this renowned merchant, whose every transaction adds to his reputation of honesty and fairness. Manufacturing Ieweler 908 CHESTNUT STREET il Store Fixtures DEL. 5453 BRITE LUMBER AND MILLWORK 4241 Frankford Ave. All Kinds of Special Mill Work Sash, Doors, Screens Compliments of Rev. Father Iohn Colantoni Established 55OYearsE E Phone, POPlar 8798 CO. :2FAES:TEI?gng Certified tAcmel Welding Religious Articles - Picture Frames Gifts for All Occasions Medals and Chains for Men in the Service 425-427 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia Gas and Electric Welding 7145-47-49 Hegerman St. Phila.. Pa. DEW. 0445 Compliments ot Victory Typewriter Exchange GAR. 1934 Anthony I. Cerankowski Funeral Director 2635 E. Allegheny Ave. BECIER BROTHERS Hauling Contractors - 2329 Emerald Street Philadelphia, Pa. GAR. 0551 Compliments of Dr. Valentine F. Pytko, M.D. Compliments of A FRIEND FRANK P. BOYLE mc. PAINTING 3031 N. Franklin Street LA SALLE COLLEGE Accelerated or traditional programs lead- ing to the Bachelor's Degree in two years and eight months, or in four years. COURSES Classic and Philosophy, Education, Pure Science, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre- Law, Business Administration, Accounting. New Students admitted Iune 15th, October lst, February lst. For Information, apply to The Registrar LA SALLE COLLEGE 20th St. and Olney Ave. Philadelphia 41. Pa. li li HOBBY SHOP HEADQUARTERS! AIRPLANE KITS 6. SUPPLIES Scientific - Berkeley - Strombecker - Ideal - American Iunior - H. 6. F. Capitol MOTORS Brown, Ir. - Denny - Ohlsson AND Laconia H.O. Gauge Kits and Accessories - Dooling 6. Bremer Race Car Kits - Rhuel Speedboat Kits Pennsylvania dealers: Save time and expense! Write for latest schedules and catalogue. All items in stock for immediate delivery M. B. SPOTTS MODEL DISTRIBUTORS 3141 North Broad Street PHILADELPHIA. PA. ORSTEIN'S CUT RATE 2464-66 Kensington Ave. Phila.. Pa. REG. 0418 IOHN WEILAND'S SONS Florists Since 1899 Everything in Flowers 4644 N. Fifth St. lBelow Wyoming Ave.l Howard N. Becker, Mgr. MIC. 3700 IUNIATA UPHOLSTERING Living Rooms Made to Order or Reupholstered 1413 E. Hunting Park Ave. IEF. 5469 Compliments of ANNEX 11 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Bash CASES - KEGS - COILS CHARLES WEISS Wholesale 6. Retail BEER DISTRIBUTOR 3265-67 Kensington Ave. Philadelphia. Pa. REGent 3861 REGent 3170 WEIMAN'S Kensington's Leading Credit Iewelers 3236 Kensington Avenue Opp. Post Oiiice Formal Wear to Hire - TUX or TAILS Special Rates to Students Every Suit Carefully Fitted and Guaranteed "SANI'1'IZED" NEUBAUER'S, INC. 1035 Walnut St. PEN. 5533 A Compliments of TOKEN AMELIA GRAIN, INC. Washington Square OF MY Philadelphia FRIENDSHIP "America's Scenery A- M- Rental Service" HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Compliments of Special Classes for -k Students who need training to assure pass- ing College Entrance Exams 'A' Thou who wish to master xubiects not re- ceived in High Schools. -kStudents desiring o General Review be- fore pursuing a rigid College Course. iv In addition. Lincoln Prm offers young men and women a Complete 'gh School oune in one-halt the usual time end cost through Simplified Instruction. Send for 30111 Annual Catalog Icxsper and Buckius Streets LINCQLN PREP SCHQQL lflll SPRUCE ST. - Pen. 2328 GOD SPEED TO NORTH CATHOLIC'S '44 GRADUATES Fox Chase Burholme 1 mi. V2 mi. Church of the Ienkiwwn.-4.4 PRESENTATION 4 mi. B. V. M. CHELTENHAM. PA. Elkins Park E E E , U Frankford 3 ml- Cheltenham X 2 ml- Lawndale V2 mi. Oak Lane 2 mi. City Hall 9 mi. Compliments of SOPHOMORE 10 Lots of Luck SOPHOMORE 19 Compliments of FRESHMAN 5 Wishes For Success FRESHMAN 7 We Hope to Follow In Your Footsteps SCPHOMORE 16 TRAFFIC SQUAD . REV. VINCENT KENNY, O.S.F.S.,Moderator Supt. D. CAHILL Future Success Asst. Supt. E. QUINN Capt. I. DRESSAL to L COMERFORD L V FORMICA l. . L . Lt. M. THOMA Lt. I. Tomlinson the Class of I. Donnelly E. Dunn I. Drach G. Echert A. Geist S. Iniewicz I. Haviland I. Kelly '44 I. Magrath D. Mathers L. Borm M. Michalak W. Buckman F. Ryan N. Ciasullo T. Sullivan A. Cocco I. Whelan 7 G. Covington I. Bracheszewski G. Dooley I. Collins I. Mursch I. Cross E. Farrell L. Dale C. Geist I. Dooley . I. Haney A. Edmond B. King E. Fleck G. Klaiber I.. Keyes I. O'Donnell T. Maguire G. Staudingter I. Welsh I. Bygott Ldfcncfiue MMZOOL . . is the product of the efforts of a capable editor plus the interested cooperation of a seasoned specialist. 'l'o an editor, who wishes to niake a success of his first publishing venture, speciali- zation oilers innuinerable advantages that are most helpful-in fact-indispensable. It is advisable to have a specialist handle your yearbook. Investigate the services of "Campus," an organization whose entire business is college and school publications. CAMP PUBLI Ill ll Ull. I N C 0 R P 0 R A T E D 1316 Arch Street.. Philadelphia, Penna. LETTILRPRESS ENGRAVING - OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY - ART SERVICE I I Best of Luck ' SOPHOMORE 4 1 Compliments ot FRESHMAN 3 A Brilliant Future to '44 SOPHOMORE 8 Much of the Best to You SOPHOMORE 18 A .9ll6!eX Annex, Basketball , ...... .....200 Annex, Football ....,...... 2l6, 2l7 Absentee Reporters . .... I62 Appel ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,, 2 5 Acknowledgment . .. ....... 238 Applin ,... .... ...., 2 5 , l52, 238 I Adair ........................ 203 Apologetics ............. ..27, 28 Adams ..........,..... 24, 68, I75 Architecture . , .......... ...... 8 2 Administration ..... l0, Il, I4, l5, lb. Art ........... l5, l56, I57 I63, lb5 I I.7, I8, I9, 20, 2I Art, Commercial ............ 84, 85 Advertising ......,......... 239 ff Freshman ............. . 82, 83 ' Aero-dynamics .,...... 54, l04, l05 Ashenbrenner .............. 25, I62 Aeronautics .... 22, 54, IO7, l58, l59 Athletics ........,.....,. lab, 2l2 I Aherne .................. I37, 2l7 A d-f - -.'24. 25' 66' 67' Hg' In' Airplane Club ............ Iss, 159 ullboriff '64 22' Alachowicz ....... .......... 2 4 . I ' ' I Albright ....................... 24 A"G+'9" .---' '02 '01 IO4. IOS. IO6. Alexander .................... 20l I07, I08, I09 Algebra ...I8, 34, 48, 49, 50, 52, 57 B Aloszha ......,....,..,....,.... 24 - Amenu"HU-...H.UHHHHH25 Baanell. .................r..... 26 Americans .......... .......... 4 , 5 Band ""' 20' 26' l52' '63' 224' 239 I Ancient History ,....... ........ 6 0 Baker ..,..................... 203 AMG! --4--- I5- 30. 3l- 93. l40. HI. Balasa .. ,. ............ ..26 I42, I43. l57, lbb, 200 I 21221 ill jjjjjjQjjjQjjjjj1QQ:1g ..,. '.'.hi1i.'lA6.' '196f1'ii.6'1ii Annex 13 .. .... 141, ZI6, 211 Bandosr ........... 27. 203. 204 Annex ... ........... Banclura . .......... . .27 nnex . . . . . . . . I nnex . . . .... ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' QW' 23 '--- :jg Ziffffe' '1'1k,"i:fi Anngx lg, I 1, ..'. l42 Baseball ........... ,.... . 209, ZII Annex l9t .. .... l42 Bash ................... .27, l6l Qggzi ---- Basketball ..,. 1a, 45, 195, I97, 19s, I Annex 112 If . .... :li:I43 '99' 200- 20" 228' 230 Annex U3 .. ...,........... l43 BUYS' -------------'-'-- ------ 2 8 1 1 l l 1 1 I l n Compliments of Wm. J. MCLAUGHLIN AND COMPANY Beclsfon . . ....., I66 Boyle , , ,...... ,I49 Beoily ............. .... 2 04, 205 Brody . . . . . .206, 207 Beclesem .........,....... l50, I5I Bradley . . ..,...,. l25 Begley...28, lab, las, l9o, I9l, l92, Brand .. .,2I, 49, 5l l93, I94, l95, 209 Braffcn . .. 3l, l62, I83 Benediciion ........ .,..., l 47 Braun 4 , ....,,.., 3l Benson ,.,. ...,. I 84, I85 Breen ., .. . . . . I03 Bergner ... ..,. 28, Ibl Brennan .. ....2I, 3I Berk ..,. ,..... 2 B Brichfo ...., ..... 9 6 Berkery ... .,... 29 Brinlcmcnn . .. .. .,..l54 Berry .......................... 29 Briff ,A.,,,, A.,,.,,,,,,,,,, 2 I0 Bibus ,........,..,......., 29, Ibl 5,-ogqn H, SI' I55' 235 Biology ..., 3I, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 83, Brooks .. .....,.....,... 20I l56, l63, 233 Brophy ... ...., ..35 Biology, .... ,...,.. l 8, 76, 77 Brgwn A A -,,,,,,, , 3 I Blaelz .,...... .,............. 2 9 Bryers ,,,, ,,,I83l 203 BlGrlul9ld ... .. l52, '53, 238 Buchmqn , , Blumvk V - .,,--...-.-,.- '89 Buckley ..., .... l sa, I97, l99, zoo Blevlli 'M -4-' 207 Burger ... ......,.,. ..,. , ,3I Boehm ' ' '4"' 30 Burke .. ...., . .3l Bonner .' ,.., .,..... I I Bums -H 'lln 3II '07 Bookkeeping 4 ' ' ""' 92' 93 Busfield .......... .... 3 2, l62 Bool: Reporfs .... ..,., Book Sfore .... ..... .,,....36 2I,57,79 Business Arifhmeiic Bufler .,...........,.., .....56,57 .,...42, 43 Borowsli . .. .... 30, 2ll Bowny Vutllll 76 Bygoff ....,. 2l, IIO, III, ll2, Il3, Bowling .... 2l2 ll5. lb' Boyle, J. ,, .,... 30 Byrne .,.. ..., 3 2, I07 Compliments of WESTON HOSIERY MILLS MOSER CIGAR STORE Mascher and Champlost Ave. DRUGS Fountain Service - Cigars 6: Candy Gas 6. Electric Bills Paid- Money Orders Best of Luck IUNIOR 4 Compliments of A FRIEND NEW BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY NEEDS MEN Hundreds of thousands of technicians are needed for the giant new industry of TELE- VISION - ELECTRONICS -- RADIO. Mar- velous opportunities are open. Be ready to get a big paying job in the country's greatest post-war industry. Knowledge is power. The best jobs will go to those who are prepared. Act Now! New Class Now Forming. ENROLL NOW! Capacity limited. Send for FREE "Television Booklet", giv- ing full information. Television Training Institute 1419 N. Broad St. Phila. zz. Perm. POP1ar 3600 C Chaplains ................ 232, 233 Cafeteria . ..... .......... I 22, I23 "CI1arIie's Aunt" ...... .... l 75. '34 Cahill ......................... 33 Cheer Leaders...I90. I98. 222. 230 coin ..... 33, 152, Iss, laz, la-1, las, Chemistry ..... 72. 73. 74. 75. 80. I63 226, 227 Chemistry Lab. .............. 74, 75 Callaghan .... 33, I58, 203, 204, 205 CIIBSYUBS ..--.- .-.-.. I 62 Callahan, L. ............... 33, l07 Chrzonowslri .... ........ 2 I2 Callahan ..................... 207 Church History .... ..... 2 6. 28 Calisthenics ..... I20, I2I Churchville ...... ..... 3 7, 85 Camera , , , ,,,,, IbO Cifelli .... . ...... 37, 238 Cameron ,,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 03 Clrfon ..... .............. 2 00 Campbell, c, ,,,, 34 Clark, E. .................. .37 Campbell, F. . .. .... 34 Clark, I. ........ I50, ISI, I54, 203 Campbell, J, ,,,, ,,,, 3 4 Classical Club ............. 47, I63 Campi ....... .... 3 4 Class Officers , .. ..... .224 Cqnnqn ,,,, ,,,, 3 5 CIIQQBII' ...... ....... 3 8 Carlin ,,,, ,,,, 3 5 Clubs ...... ........ I 54 Curr' C, , ,, ,,,, 35 Aeronautics . ..... I58, I59 Carr ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 Ol Camera .... ........ I 60 Cqrfer' J, A, ,,,, 35 Classical ...... .... 4 7, I63 Cqrfar' F, ,,,, .,,, 3 6 COITIMBFCIGI . . . .... . . Casey, J. P. . .. .... 36 Radio-Electric . . . . . . . I6I Casey ...... ..... 2 00 Riding .... .......... 2 I3 Casey, J. . .. .... 36 Salesian .... ...... 4 7, I63 Casey .... ..... 2 Ol Spanish ..... ........ I 62 Cassidy ........ ........ 3 6 Coolrilly .... ...... 2 03 Catholics ......,............. 6, 7 Cocco .... ........ I 88 Catholic Education ...., 8, I0, I47 Coghlan .. ........... 38 Catrambone ...... .... 5. ...... 3 7 Colahan .. ..... I54, 203 Chadwiclr ....... ....... 2 00 Coley .... . . .............. 206 I. Best of Luck SOPHOMORE 11 Compliments of Dardcrnelle Social Club 3521 N. 2nd sz. Best of Luck SOPHOMORE 20 Bon Voyage, '44 FRESHMAN 9 For Perfection Strive SOPHOMORE 5 All The Success in The World to You, '44 SOPHOMORE 1 Collins, T. . . . Collins .... .... . Collins ............... Colman. ......... I97, I Commercial Art .,..... Commercial Club . . . 45,' 155. Coyne .... ........ I 26 Craven .,.... ............. 4 2 Crawford ............. 42, l6I, l62 Cross-Country ......... 62, 204 205 Cross-Country, Team .......... J .204 Cross-Country Team ..... 204 Confession ....... ..... I 46, Crossman ...................... 42 Conley ........ ............ C rowe .... ..... 4 3, I62, l83, 238 Connell, J. J. .... ..... 3 9, I63, Cuff ...... ................. 3 9 Connell, J. M. .... ........ 3 9, Cummins ..... ...., 4 3 Connelly, E. .... ..... 2 06 Cunningham . . .... 200 Connelly, W. .. ...... Curran, F. ................... . .43 Connolly, M. .. . . . . Curran, J. .............. .... . .207 Connolly, R. . . . .. . Cutter .,,...... 62, 63, 204, 205, 228 Connor ...... Czarneclri ................. 43, 222 Conroy .... . . Czerniak ..... .... ..... 44 Corcoran . . . ........ Czupsich ................... .. .44 Cornely ..... ........... D Costello, C. .... ..... 40 , l09, Dalrymple ..... 44, 53, l52, l53, 238 Costello, J. .. ........... Daly ...... ................ . .44 Costello .... ......... D anner .... ......... 4 5 Cote ....... ............. D avis ..... 45, l83 Covington .. ..... 90, l7l, Deolly ..... ...... 2 00 Cowles .... ...... I 50, Dean ......... .... I 02 Coyle, B. ..... ....... D ebating ....... .... I 55 Coyle, C. J. .. . ..... Debating, Team ... ....I55 Coyle, C. W. . . .... De Cenzo .... .......... . 45 Coyle, J. .... ..... D edication .... ............. I 3 Coyle, P. .... 67, -Deery ....... ...... 4 5, 203, 204 De Galis .. De Laurenlis Dellipriscolli De Mara .. Dennis .... Dever ..... Devinney .. Devlin, J. .. Devlin, V. Diasio . . Dick .... Diegnan . . . Diehl . . . D'lenno . . . Dion ...... Di Sangro . Divinny ..... Dixon, F. .... Dixon, J. .. Dobliewicz Doherly . . . Dolan, J. . . Dolan, J. F.. Dollarlon . . Dombrowski Dominic . . . Donohue . . . . .... 203 .. ...,........... 46 .......46, I52, I53, 238 . . ..... 48 . . ...... 204 .....47, 224 .....47 ....203 ......I54 ....39, 200 .......80 ....I84, I85 ..... ..47 ....47, I62 .....48, I75 .......48 . .............. II8 .. ........ 38, 39, 20I .......48, 203, 204, 205 ............. ..48 ........203 Educalion, Philos. of ............ I2 Educalion, Visual .... 29, 66, 67, 76, l22, l60 Egan, J. C. ................... 54 Egan, 1. F. .....,.. 54, I76, zlo, zu "Eileen" ............. I74, I76, l80 Eisenbarih ..., 40, 4I, 9I, 92, 93, 94 Eisler ......................... 200 EIeclricil'y...54, lI0, III, II3, II4, l6I Ellis ....................... 54, 226 Engine Mechanics ......... I06, I07 English...I5, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 48, 89, I2I, I57, 2lI, 233 Erbrich ..........,........ 204 205 Ervin R., . .54, I89, I92, 203, 205, 226 Ervin, W. ..................... 55 Evans ................ .... 5 5 F Facully Baskeiball ............. 228 Fagan ................ 55, I53, 238 FaIcon..l, 2, 3, I4, 84, I52, I53, l60 Freshman l9l .... Freshman lI0l .... Freshman Bashelball Friel ..... 20, 209, 2 Froschle .......... Fruscio ........... Furey .... . . . Furphy G Gafiigan Galllney ...... Gallagher, E. Gallagher, F. Gallagher, J. J. .. .....l40 ............I40 I0, 2Il, 226, 228 ............I62 .,..60 , .... 65 .....2I, 232 .....6I, 93 ......6I Gallagher, J. J.... ....6I Gallagher, J. R. .. ....6I Gallagher, M. . .. ... .62 Galshach .,... .... 6 2 Gannon, F. ....62 Gannon .... ..... I 54 Garvey .... ........., 6 2 Gazdzik .... ,...... 6 3, I62 Geisl' ........ ..... 6 3, 203, 204 General Science ......., 80, BI Genavosi ..... . . Geoghagem ...... ........l50, l5I Geomelry ........ 50, 5I, 54, 55, 232 Dondrea .............. 49, I6I, 238 Donnelly, J. F. X. ....... 49, I60, 238 Donnelly, J. F. .......... 49, I55, 222 Donohue, J. P. ........ 2I, 49 Donohue, J. F. .....,........... 50 Doody ....,.. 50, l50, l5I, I52, I53. I63, 238 Dooley ................... l7l, I75 Dorland .....,....,....,....... 50 Dormer ,....,. 50, 93, I53, 2l2, 238 Downey ....,............... 20, 5l Dougheriy, A. .............. 5 I , I62 Dougherfy, D. . .. .....I0 Dougherly, F. ... ,. ... . .49 Dougherly .................... 200 Drcch .,....,......... 5l, I88, I9I Drama1'ics...84, I76, I77, I78, I79, l80, l8I, I82, I83, I84, I85 Dressel ........................ 5l 3-GI587-CAMPUS-C223 .. .. . THE FALCON-'44 ..... Dulilield...82, 83, 85, I53, I60, I76. l84, 226 Duke ...... ..,.. 5 2 Dunigan ... . .. . .52 Dunleavy . .. ..... .I48 Dunn ..... ..... 5 5, I03 Dunne . . .... 52, I88 Duvak . ..... .... . ..52 Dwyer... ........... .....53 E Ebba ............ ..... 5 3 Echelrneier .................... 53 Economy, R. C. ........... I50, I5I Economy. R. J....I5, 53, I50. I5I, I52, I53, I60, 238 Educafion, Calholic ...... 8, l0, I47 Slaff .............,......... 238 Falconians .... .... 8 I, I75, 226 Fallon ..... ........... 5 5 Farrell .... ......... 5 6 Feehan ..... ..... 5 6, 238 Fehrenbach . .. ...... .I84 Fencing . . ..,..... 202 Fenlon .. ..... 44, I3I Ferguson .. ..... 56, I75 Feureslein .. ..... .56 Figaniah .... ...... . 57 Finn .......... .... I 48, I49 Fischer, H. . .. .... .. .57 Fischer, J. ..... 57, I75 Filzgerald .... .... 2 I9 Filzpalricl .... .... . 57 Flaherly .... ...... . 58 Fleck ....... ...,... I 9, I76 Fleclrsleiner .... 2I, 57, 79 Fleming, J. P. Fleming, J. R. .... . Flighl, Theory of .. .. ..... 58. 2I2 .. ....... I02 "Floradora Follies" ........ I 76, I83 Foley ..................... 58, I6I Fooiball .... I88, I89, I90, I9I, I92, I93, I94, I95, 2I6, 2I7, 230 Forreslel ......... FosseH ..................... 20, 59 Fosler .. .........,... 59 Franks .... ......... 2 0, 59, 209 Frazer .. ............. 60 Freiler ....... 58, 59, I76, l84 French .......... 38, 39, I63, I6, 233 Freshmen ............. I38, I39, I40 Freshman Ill .......... l38 Freshman l2l ......... I38 Freshman l3l ..... I38 Freshman l4l ..... l38 Freshman l5l ...., I39 Freshman lbl ..... I39 Freshman l7l ..... I39 Freshman l8I ..... I39 German .... .............. 4 0, 4I Gill ............ ....63 Gillespie, F. .... .. .64 Gillespie, J. .. .. .64 Ginharl' .... ........ 2 00 Glazier ..... .......... . 64 Glen Club .... ..... 8 8, I66, I74 Godley ................... 33, 2I2 Gomberg .................... 238 Good News..l5, 33, 84, I50, l5I, l60 Gordon ................,.... 200 Gough ...................... .64 Gracluafion . . .... 234, 235 Graham .... ...... . 65 Grahm 20I Granl' .... . . .65 Green .... . . .65 Gregory .... . . .65 Grey ..... ............. . 66 Grill ...., ....,.......... 2 02 Groelscll ........ I 48, I49, I 84, I 85 Grogan .... .......,. 6 6, 2I0, 2II Guan .... .............. 2 00 Guards . .. ..... l56 I57 Guarrieri ......,... .66 Guckin . . ............ .66 Guidance . ..... 30, 3I, 73, 233 Gym ........ 90, lzo, I2l H Haag .... ..... ,.,. . 6 7 Hagan .. .67 Hanisco .... ..... 6 7, I62 Hanrally . .. ..... . I88 Hansberry .... .... . 67 Harkinson . . .... l24 Harney .. .68 Harley . .. .. .68 Harflove . . Harvey, J. ..... 6l, 68, I07 Harvey ........ . . .......... I97 Havelind ...... .............. 2 03 Haviland .... 68, l52, I89, l9I, I92, I94, 203, 224, 229 Hayes . . ................. 209 Heallh .. ..... 30, 3l, I73, 233 Hechel .... ....... I 8, 77, 80 Heim ....... ............... 6 8 Hemighouse ....... 46, 47, 200, 228 Henley ...... ........... 2 5, 27 Henry, R. ... ........... . . .69 Henry, T. .... .... 6 9, 93, l53, 238 Herlzerl' .... ........,. 4 7, I49 Heron . . . ........... . .69 Heirich ........ ...... 2 00 Heuber ......... .... 7 0, l6l Higgembofham . .. ...... . .204 Higgins ........ Hill ........... Hinnegan, J. Hinnegan ,.... Hislory .... 60, 6 I, Hisfory, Church ............ Hol?man ...... l50, I5l .57 .....69 .....90 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 .26. 28 Hogue . . ................ 83 Horan ... .... I49, l50, l5l, 238 Horvafh . . . .......... 70, l62 Houslon ..... ,..... 2 07 Hughes, F. ...... ,...... 7 0 Hughes, J. 8. .... .... I 9, 40 Hughes, J. F. ......70 Hull ........ .... ..... l 5 4 Hummel . . . .,....,.... . .7l Hynes ... ....,.... 7l, l53, 238 l ldell . . . ........ l54 ldzik .......... ..... I 89, I95 Ingenilo ..............,... 7l, I83 lnsirumenial Music ....,...,. 90, 9I lnlramural Sporls. .2l4, 2I4, 2l5, 2l6, 2I7, 2I8, 2l9, Jaclrson ..., Jacoby .... James . . . Jarvis . . Jashula . . Jerguson . . Johnson . Journalism . .. Judge ..... Jug ....... . . Juniors ......... ill .... Junior Junior l2I Junior l3l Junior i4l Junior I5, Junior l6l Junior l7l 220, 22I J .. ........ 200 2Il I83 ..........203 I24 ..203 .72 .32 .72 I24 I30 I27 I27 I27 I28 I28 I28 l28 .......2I0, ....7l, I62, ....72, .I27, l28, I29, Junior l8l .... Junior l9l .. Junior il0l .. Junior llll .. Junior ll2l .. Junior ll3l .. Junior ll4l ...... Junior lI5l ...... Junior Varsiiy Bash K Kaiser .,.... 72, l Kane, J. ........ . Kane ..... Karpen ..... Kazahaushas .... Keaiing ......... Kee ............. Keegan ....... 74, Keehn . . . . . . . Keely ...... Keenan .... Keiser ..... .... Kelleher, F. ..... . Kelleher, T. ..., 74, I ....l29 ....l29 ....l29 ....l29 ...,I30 ....l30 ....I30 ....l30 eiball ....... 20I 50, I5l, I97, 238 ...,I97, I99, 200 ....I83 .....73 .....73 ..........73,I6l I89, I9I, 224, 226 ..........74,I62 .....95,98 ......I88 .....74 ...........38,39 89, l90, l9l, I92. 30,23l I93, I94, 220, 22I, 224, 2 Kelley ..... Kelly, Kelly, J. F. Kelly, J. M. .. A... .. Kelly, J. .... . Kelly, J. M. .. Kelly, J. . Kelly, P. J. . .. Kelly, Kennedy, P, Kennedy, P. Kenny, V. . , Kenny, W. . Kenl' ...... Kiley .,.......... Kinlraid. . l52, l53, King, H. C. ..... . King, J. .... . King ...... Kinniry . . . Kirk, J. Klrn ..... .... Klaiber Klulh ..... . . Knebels . . . Knox ..... Kolanlro . . Konsfanzer . Konsianiy .... Koons ..... Kosich . . . Koiarslri . . . Kraus .... Kraynih .... Kuhlne . . . . . Kulih L La borafory, Biology ......I49 .....75 .......75 .......75 I9, 72, 73 .......75 .....57 .....76 .......76 .......l7I, I75 ..l6, 3I, l56, I63 .. ........... 60, 6I ..........76, 207 .,.........20,76 203.204, 205, 238 ..,..77 .........,I54 ..........2l,222 ....206, 207, 208 202 ISO, I5I, I55, I7I ...I4 ...,200 ....l89 .......54 ....77, I49 .....78 .,..I03 ....I88 .....78 ....I55 .. ..... 59 ....I83 ....78,79 Chemislry ........ 74, 75 Physics .... ..... 7 0, 7l Radio... ..... ll4, II5 Lamsbaclc ......,........... 20, 78 Languages, English ..,.. I5, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 French ... ..... 38. 39 German ........ 40, 4I Lalin ........ l8, 44, 45 46, 47 Spanish ......... 42, 43 Lanigan ..... 78, I88, I93, I95, 224 Larkin, J. ,.,............... 79, l6l Larkin, W. ................ l48, I49 Laiin .... IB, 37, 44, 45, 46, 47, I63 Laulenbacher .............. 79, I07 Learning ................... 22, 23 Lehmann ...... 53, 79, I53, l6l, 238 Leonard ....................... 66 Lewandowshi ................,.. 79 Library ........... 34, l I6, l I7, I54 Library Science ........ I5, ll6, lI7 Lichfner .... .....,.. 8 0 Liddell ..,.. ....... 2 03 Lileraiure ...... .... 3 2, 34, 35 Living, Divider .. ..... I44, l45 Lodise ....... .......80 Lofius .. ...... 80, l62 Logue .. ............ I9 Looby .... .,.. I 2l, I96, 228 Lopardo . . ............ 80 Loughery ... ...... . .Bl Loughlin .. ......... 202 Loughran . ..., 8l, 93, I63 Lucarini . . ......,. 90, I66 Lunch ..,. .... l 22, I23, 2I4 Lux, J. .... .............. 8 I Lux, N. ..... Bl, I49, I6l Lynch .... ..........,. 8 2 Lynn, J. .... ll6, ll7, l54 Lynn . . , ......,.. . .200 Lyons ,...... ..... 8 2 M Machcinslri ........., ....... 8 2 Maclliewicz .. . ........ 82, 209 MacNeil ..... ..... 9 I, l48, I49 Magraih ......... .......... 8 3 Maguire, J. A. ... ....... . . .83 Maguire, J. N. ... ..,...... ...83 Maguire, J. P. ........ 83, ll3, l62 Maguire, P. .... .... 8 4, 2l0, 2ll Maher . . . ........ . .28 Mahoney ... .... . . I4 Maier .. . .... 84, 2ll Mais . . . ..., . .84 Malone . . ....... I49 Maloney ... ..... l50, l5l Malvern .. ..... I6, I7 Margraf . . . .... 84, l89 Marsh ...... ,.............. 8 5 Marshall, J. .....,..,.......... I88 Marshall, W. .... l00, l87, I89, l90 Marian, G. ,......... . ...74, 75 Marlin, J. .... Marlin, P. ..... . ....20. 2I0, 2l3 Marlin, W. G. ................, 85 J. .................. 85 .24, 25, I46, I47 Marlin, W. Mass ............. Malhemalics .... l5, 48, 49, 50, 5I, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, I22, 232 Molhews, J. .................... 86 Malhews ... .... .2I I Maule . . . .... . I55 Mayer ....86 McAIeer .... .... 8 6 McCallum .... ..... 2 22 McCann, D. ... .. . .86 McCann, J. . .. ........... . . .87 McCann, R. ... ............ . . .87 McCarry, C. ...... 87, I50, I5l, 224 McCarry, J. ....... 87, I62, I76, I83 Mccarlhy, E. .... 89, I66, I74 McCar1hy, L. .................. 6I McCarlhy, L. ss, I97. ws, zoo McCausIand ............. 88 McChrysIaI ..... .... 2 00 McClay .......... .... 8 8 McCloskey, J. E. . . . . . , .88 McCloskey, J. J. .. ... .89 McColgan .... .... 2 38 McCombs ,,,. ....... 2 22 McCormick ..... 89, I6I McCoy ..... ......... 2 I2 McCracken . . . .......... .207 McCrane .... I37, 2I3, 2I6 McCuslrer ...... .......... 8 9 McDermoll, J ..... 7I McDermoH' . , . ...... .203 McDermo'H' ..... .... 2 03, 204 McDeviH, E. ..,. ........ 8 9 McDeviI'l', J. .... ..... 9 0 McDevi1'f, J. 8. ... ..... .. .90 McDeviH', J. J. .... ...... 9 0, I62 McDeviH, J. J .....,.... 90 McDonald, F. ..... 9I, 224 McDonald .... ....... I 48 McDonough .... ..... 9 I McEnIee ..... -..- 2 04 McFadden .... .... 9 I McGee ..... ............. 2 03 McGee ..... .............. 2 07 McGeHigan .85, 9l, l89, 224 McGIIIen ..... ............ 2 0, 92 McGinley. E. .... ........ I 00, l0I McGinley, F. .....,.... 92 McGinnis, J. ...., 92, I89 McGinnis, W. ... ..... .. .92 McGinniss, J. ..... 93, 222 McGinniss .... ....... 2 09 McGin1y ... ..... . .200 McGlynn ....... ..... I 54, I60 McC-Joldniclx .... ........ 50 McGovern, F. . .. ... .I89 McGovern, J. ... . . . .93 McGovern, T. . . . . . . .93 Mcllmoil ... . . . .93 Mclnlosh ..... ....... I 7I, I75 Mclniyre ... 29, 94, 2I0, 2II McKairnes . .. .......... , .94 McKay, J. .... ..... 2 0, 68, 69 McKay, T. ... ..... . .232 McKay .... .... 2 I I McKenna .... ..... 2 I6 McKean .... .... 9 4, I6I McKen'ly . .. .... .202 McKenzie .... ...... 2 0I McKone ......... ...... I 6, 20 McLaughlin, C. ........ 94, I83 McLaughlin, J. ..206, 207, 208 McLaughlin .. ....... 2I0, 2II McLean ..... .....,..,. 9 5 McLernan, D. .. ......... .55 McLernan ... .......... .2I I McManus .. ..... 33, I50, l5I McMenamin .. .... 95, I50, I5I McNally, J. .. ..... 95, I89, I9I McNally, R. .. I9, 38, 39, Ill McNamara ........... 95, I53, 238 McNeill, P. ....., I48, I49, I50, l5l McVey ....................... 2I3 McWilliams .......... ........ 9 6 Mechanical Drawing ....... I00, IOI Mechanics, Engine .... Meehan ...... Meely ........... .......I06 .....37, 96 .........2I2 Meers .... .............. 9 6 Meissler . . . . .96, 203, 204 Merger ,.... ............ 9 7 Meyer ..... ...... 9 7 Michalalt ..................... 2I2 Michefli .................. 97, I62 Millevoi ..... 97, I50, l5I, I52, I53. I63, 238 MII1ICk ............... I05, I07, I08 Model Consfruciion ........... I08 Modern Hisfory .... .......... 6 2 Moeller ....................... 98 Monahan ..................... I55 Monlgomery ..... 98, I88, I9I, I93, l97, I99 Moore ..... ..... I 50, I5l Moore . ,. ...... .20I Moran .....98 Morris ........ ............ 9 8 Moss ......................... I37 Molion Picfures ..... .66, 67, 76, I22, I60 Moyle ......................... 99 Muller, G. ................ I7l, I75 Muller, P. .... 99, I53, I7l, I72, I75. 226, 238 Murphy, D. .. ... .232 Murphy, J. J. .....99 Murphy, J. E. .... ..... 9 9 Murphy ....... .... I 60 Murray .... ..-- I 00 MurI', E. ...................... I00 Murf, J. ...................... l00 Music ..,. 86, 87, 88, 89, 90. 9I. I66, I67, I68, I69, I70, l7I, l72 I73, I74, I75 Music, Inslrumenfal ......... 90, 9I N Nucl? ...... I00, I7l, I72, I75, 226 Nafional Problems ..... 64, 65, 233 Naully .... 9l, I66, I67, Nebel .... Nelson Neville . . . Nicolefli .. . .... . Noel ..... Nolan ....... Nowalrowshi ........ Null ...... I68, I76, l80 .........238 .........209 .....I54,2I7 IOI,I6I,I62 .........2Il ....209 ....I0l ......IOI O Oalrley .................. I50, l5I O'8rien, R. .. ...... I0l, I62, I83 O'8rien ...... ......... I 3l, I63 O'Connell ............. 42, 43 O'Connor, J. ..... I02, I09, 206, 207 O'Connor ...... ............. 2 00 O'Donnell, F. .. ..... I2l, 228 O'Donnell, M. .... ,....... I 02 Oflice Praclice . ..... 94, 95 O'Kane ...... ............. 2 00 O'NeiIl ...... ................ 3 7 Open House ..... I56, I57, I64, I65 Operefla. .88, l65, I68, I74, I76, I80 Orcheslra ............. 90, I67, I68 o'Reilly, F. .. ....... loz, nav O'ReiIly, W. ... ........ ..I02 Orzechowshi .... .... I 02 O'Shaugl1nessy . .. .... . .200 OH' .............. ........ I 03 OI-linger ................. I03, I62 P Padden ....................... I03 Palmer, G. .... BI, I66, I70, I72, I75 Palmer . .. .... . .... .. Panacclo . . ......... . Parisi ...... Pearson Pelszyns s ki .... Perkins .......... . . .....203, 2ll ......93, l03 .....I7I, I75 ........I04 . ........ I04 .....l50. I54 I04, l6I, 226 Perry ................ Educalion ........ l20, I2l Physical Physics ........... Physics Lab .......... Plunkeff, J. C. . . . . Plunkeff, J. J. . . . PlunheH', J. A. .. . . 68, 69, 70, 7I, 80 .......70,7I ....l04 ,...I05 ....I05 Plunkefl- ....... .......... I 97 Polcino ...... ........... 2 02 Poley .... ..... l os, 201, 238 Poli .......................... I 62 Porfh ........ Propagalion of Faifh Public Speaking ...... Pyfho ............ Q Quaile .... ....... Quigley ........I97, I99, 200 ..........I49 .....,.58. 59 .53, I05, I53, 238 .....37 ....202 .l Quingerl' . . .......... I9 Quinlan .... ..... I 06, I76 Quinn, J. .... ..,. ..... I 0 6, 224 Quinn, R. ..................... I06 Radio ...... 54 II5, I6I Radio Lab . . . Raflerry . . . Rally ..... Ramsey .... Raszewslri .. Rau ..... Rdesinski . . Reagan . . . Reese .... Reldy .... ....... Reilly ......... Il2, II3, II4, ....II4, II5, I6I ...........I06 .........230 ...........200 ....203, 204, 205 . .......... I07 ....2I3 ....l48 .......2I, 79 . .93, I07, I75 Religion ..... I4, 24, 25, ze, 27, za, 29, II8, 145, I47, 14s, 149, 232 Refrear .......... . .... I4, I46, I47 Richards ........ Ricks, W. . . . . Ricks ........ Riding Club .... Ries ......... Rihl ....... Riley, R. ..... . Riley, R. G. .... Robak ....... Robinson ........ Robinson, W. . . . . Rodgers, J. .... . Rodgers. W. . . . Rodziewicz . . . Roepke .. Romano . .. Rooney, F. . . . Rooney. J. . . . Rooney .... Ruff ...... Rush ..... Rulecki .. Ryan, J. .. . Ryan, J. J. Ryder ..... .......203 .......I07 .....206, 207 .........2I3 .....I07, I83 .......I08 ....l08 ....I59 ......230 .......I08 .....l83, I84 .......l08 .....,l09 ....I09 ......I09 ....20, I09 ....IIO ....2I3 ......IIO .....I7, 20 ......IIO .....I09, IIO Sacrisfans .................... I48 Salesian Club ......... 47, I49, I63 Samulewicz . . . ......... I I I, I88 Saufer ..... ...... I ll, I6I, I62 Schell ........... I Il, I97, I98, I99 Schlighr ...................... I I9 Schlofrerbaclr .... ......... 2 33 Schmidheiser . . . . Schmidl' ............. School Building ...... Schuberr ....... Schuhl ..... Schweiker .... Science: Biology .... Chemisfry ......... ..........II2 .lI2, I53, 238 9 .....203. 204 ..........II2 76, 77, 78, 79 72, 73, 74, 75 General . Physics .. . ..........80,8I ...68, 69, 70, 7I Scarf ......................,.. I I2 Seaver ........... Seminary Collecfors Seniow, J. A. ..... . Seniow, J. G. .... . . ...I5l, 203. 204 ...........I63 .. .... II3 ......II3 Serravalli .... ........ I I3 Sharkey . . . ..... 206, 207 Sharp .................... I7I, 20I Shaughnessy .................. I I3 Shelly ....... II4, I50, I5I, I62, I75 Sheridan ...................... 20I Sheridan . . . Shields .... Sholefle . . . Shorfhand Simons .... Skillingfon . . . Smifh, E. ..... . Smith, J. A. Smith, J. C. SmiI'I'i, J. .... . Smilh, J. . .. Smilh . . . Smilh . . . Smirh ..... Smilh, V. .... Smiih Soccer , . . . ....2II ......200 ...II4, I6I ....I5, 96, 97 ......II4 .....I5 ....II4 ....II5 ....I5I ....I88 ....200 ....20l ....222 ......II5 ........22I ........2I0, 2II Socials ................... I75, 226 Sophomores ...... l32, I33, I34, I35, I36 Sophomore Ill Sophomore IZI . .. Sophomore I3I . .. Sophomore l4l . . . Sophomore l5l Sophomore l6l . .. Sophomore l7l . .. Sophomore IBI . .. Sophomore l9I ... Sophomore IIOI Sophomore II Il ... Sophomore Il2l Sophomore lI3l Sophomore Il4l ... Sophomore lI5l . .. Sophomore II6l Sophomore II7I ... Sophomore IIBI Sophomore lI9l ....l32 ....l32 ....l32 ....l32 ....l33 ....I33 ....I33 ....I33 ....I34 ....I34 ....I34 ....I34 ....I35 ....I35 ....I35 ....I35 ....I36 ....I36 ....I36 Sophomore I20l ............... I36 Sowney ...................,... I I5 Spanish ..,......... 42, 43, I62, I63 Spanish Club .... Spieker ......., .......I62, I63 ........II5 Spinelli .. . . ........ . ,2I3 Spingler . ..... l7I, I75 Spinlr . . . ....... . I I6 Sporis: Baseball ............... 209, 2II Baslrelball ..., I 8, 46, 5I, I96, I97, I99, 200, 20I, 228 Bowling ..................... 2I2 Cross-counfry ........ 62, 204, 205 Fencing ........... .... ..... 2 0 2 Foofball ...... I88, I89, I90, I9I, I92, I93, I94, I95 Soccer ........ Swimming . .. Track ...... Spells ..... Sfabler ...... Sfage Crew .... Siaplelon ..... Sfaudenmayer . . . SIaunIon, F. Sraunfon, J. .. . . Sfefanowicz . . . Slein ........ Sfevens .... Slock ..... Slouf, E. .. . S'IouI , . . Sfricker . . . . . Sfudy ........... Sucich ....... 20, 200, 20I .........2I0, 2II . .... 206. 207, 208 ............203 .,..209 ......I60 .....I9, IB4 ......II6 ....II6 ......207 ....206,207 ....II6 ....II7 ......Il7 ..........II7 ....86, 87, 88 .....203, 204 ........,II7, I62 ......90, II8, II9 II8, I96, I97, I99. Sullivan, E. .................... I I8 Sullivan, L. .... . . . I97, I99 Sweeney ..... ........... I 9 Sweeney . . . .......... . .200 Swimming ............ 206. 207, 208 Swimming Team T Taylor, E. .....,..... .... I 97 Taylor, J. ........, .... I I8 Technical English Technical Mafh .. Temple ......... Templefon . .. Thanks .... Thiers . . . Theis .... Thisfle .... Thema .. . Tierney .... Tinney . . . Toland .... Toner . . . Toner, J. . .. Track ....... Track Team .... Tracy ......... .. ...., 54,55 ......II8 ....Il9 ....237 ....II9 I82, I84, I85, 2I2 ..........222 .......203,204 .....I49, I50, ISI ....,.62, 203 .. .... 203 ....II9 Trigonomefry . . ................ .52 Troufner ..... .........,....... I 20 Tucker ........ I4, Tye ..... I7, I46. I47, 233 Typing .... .........,.. I 5, 98, 99 U uary .......,.. lzo, zoo, 201 V Van Sfone .. ...,. I20, I53, 238 Varacallo ...... Varsiry Show .... .. . ..I20, I89, I93 ............l76 Veasey ...,................... I2I Waniek ..... I22 I52, I53, I63. Wiley . .. . . Verdeur .... I2I, 206, 207, 208, 225, Ward ........... ...... 3 4, II6, wllllU"'5 ' - -- 238 Warner, F. .... ......... W llll' ---- "-' - Visual Educaiion ...,.. 29, 66, 67, 76, Warner, J. .. ........ wl'cl""m "" ' " I22, I60 Wealland .. ..... wlse. "" ""' 2 03' , Wisnlewsii .... ........ Vogel ....... ..,.. I 9, I7I Wenss .... ...... W mmm' '50 Von Heels? .............. . . I2I, I6I Welsh ..... .... 2 03 wolf. . ' I' ....A "" I A wambers ' ' ' """ Wollowicz ........... . . . . Wagner .... 20, I2I, I50, l5I, I52, Weslowslxi ..... 93, yvohomah ......'..-' H '- I53, 238 Wesfon ....... wyr, '... 166' 'gl l10' Walicli ..... . . . I22, Ibl Wehel .... ..... 2 9, Z WaIsl1,E. ..... '.I22 Whalen ., ..... Zeigler Walslv, J. . . . . . . I88, I95 Wl'1i'I'e, B. .... .... I 24 Zeller . . Walsh, T. .... .... I 6, 20 Whife. J. .... .... I 48, ZeHy . . . . Walsh ..... .... 2 00 Wiedmayer . . . ...... Zoology . pall'0l'l5 MR, AND MRS. JOSEPH HARVEY MISS HELEN M. KEEGAN MR. AND MRS. C. McNICHOL MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH C. WAGNER FRITZ FAHRLEY MR. AND MRS. McMANUS "MIKE THE TAlLOR" F. J. SITKO MR. WILLIAM F. VAN STONE, SR. MRS. WILLIAM F. VAN STONE MRS. JOSEPH COONEY T. EDWARD LYNCH MRS. B. W. RICKERT B. G. WHITLOCK MARY DUFFIELD MR. AND MRS. R. BOWERS MR. AND MRS. JOHN DUFFIELD MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM HUBBS MR. AND MRS. JOHN EGAN, JR. MR. AND MRS. JOHN EGAN, SR. MISS MARIE A. LANIGAN MRS. ROSE DONOHUE MR. AND MRS. PAUL PERRY SERGEANT EDW. M. CAREY, U.S.A. MRS. ELIZABETH CONLEY A. PROSS MRS. EDWIN J. LOGUE MR. AND MRS. HARRY FROEHLICH JOS. A. HUEBER J. V. FITZSIMMONS MIKE'S NEWS STAND K. R. SEELAUS MR. AND MRS. H. MACRBKDY MRS. STRECKER MR. AND MRS. FAUST J. POLCINO MR. AND MRS. JOS. LITTLEY MR. AND MRS. FRANK M. KAISER MR. AND MRS. JOS. WAGNER KATHERIN BAUMKRATZ MR. AND MRS. ALBERT NEIDERT MRS. ELIZABETH SHELLY THEODORE ELLERKAMP ROGER AND JOSEPH ASHENBRENNER ROBERT ASHENBRENNER B. R. MRS. MARGARET L. CRANGLE MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. PLUNKETT MRS. REGINA C. BURNS MRS. J. PERKS MRS. AGNES ORYSIEK MR. AND MRS. JAMES A. GALLAGHER MR. AND MRS. EDW. LANIGAN GORDON BROS., NICETOWN WILLIAM S. RAFFERTY DONALD ALAN WINTER MR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE HEPP MR. AND MRS. T. DONOVAN MR. HALDEMAN WILLIAM H. DUPERT MR. AND MRS. LYLE BALL MISS HELEN T. KIRBY CORPORAL JOSEPH W. EDWARDS WILLIAM HUGHES MR. AND MRS. JOHN C. BAYER MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM F. KELLEHER MR. EDWIN WANJEK MR. WANJEK MRS. WANJEK MR. AND MRS. W. DePORTER MR. AND MRS. F. DeMARA MR. AND MRS. PHILIP DeMARA ROBERT DeMARA, SR. 6 MRS. ANNA DeMARA MR. AND MRS. BLACKMORE HELEN M. CANNON LIEUT. FRANK YODER MR. AND MRS. JOHN CZARNECKI MR. AND MRS. ROBERT F. ERVIN MRS. JOS. DOLAN JOSEPH DOLAN FRANCIS DOLAN JAMES DOLAN MARY GOLDEN MR. AND MRS. JAMES McCOOLEY. JR. MR. MARTIN H. McNAMARA MR. AND MRS. JAMES M. McNAMARA JOSEPH SANDS REV. LEO. A. GARVEY MRS. MARY DONNELLY JOHN DONNELLY, SR. 8 MISS AGNES V. MCCAIRNES MISS EVA C. CARROLL PETER J. MULLER, SR. 6 MR. JOSEPH E. ECONOMY MR. AND MRS. PETER SAMONI AIS JOS. P. SAMONI, U.SA.A.C. "43" EIGHTH GRADE BOYS, VISITATION SCHOOL LIEUT. JOHN J. STEVENSON. JR. MARGARET W. FINIELLO MR. AND MRS. F. A. BERGNER. JR. PVT. ARCHIBALD J. LOUGHERY, "3I" FRANCES NEBEL GRACE McCLOGAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN RYAN MRS. ALTON MARTEN MR. WILLIAM SCHWAR EDWARD H. HUEHER. "36" MRS. A. KING MRS. JOSEPH A. KEEGAN JOHN J. FITZGERALD MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. MAGRATH HELEN'S BEAUTY SHOP WM. L. KING'S RECORD SHOP RAMSAY'S OYSTER SHOP JOHN J. GALLAGHER JOSEPH DOODY. SR. 6 CPL. JOSEPH J. MEISSLER WILLIAM JAMES KANE MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. BROPHY JOSEPH E. RIES MRS. CHARLES RIES CHARLES A. RIES MISS ANNA T. MAGUIRE MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. DOODY MRS. MARY LORFING MR. AND MRS. JAMES FAGAN MR. E. STAUDENMAYER HOLME ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MRS. HARRY H. HUMMEL MR. AND MRS. ANTHONY J. RICKS MR. HARRY H. HUMMEL MR. AND MRS. JOHN McMENAMIN JOHN PELSZYNSKI CPL. GEORGE J. MEISSLER MR. AND MRS. FRANK L. STRICKER MR. AND MRS. DAVID K. JAMES CHARLES GRUNBOK ERNEST J. GALLAGHER MRS. ELIZABETH GALLAGHER MRS. BERTHA E. BOWMAN HUGH BOYLE, JR. "NlCKEY" McBRIDE JOSEPH M. GORRY MR. AND MRS. CHARLES SINK MR. AND MRS. R. ERBUCK MR. AND MRS. VOIGSTBERGER WALTER MATOLA MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. MURPHY MISS ANNA BARRY MR. AND MRS. GEORGE T. BARRY MR. BERNARD MAHER MRS. A. E. WELSH MR. AND MRS. G. PEPPELMAN RETTA SCHUHL MR. AND MRS. HARRY J. LARKIN MR. AND MRS. EDWIN W. LARKIN MR. AND MRS. H. HEIDELBERGER CAPTAIN ROBERT T. LARKIN E. W. TWITZEL MR. R. N. PERKINS MRS. H. B. PUNCHES MRS. G. WALTER WELSH KATHARINE B. STRICKER MR. AND MRS. JOHN DONNELLY BERTHA M. RADZINSKI MR. AND MRS. A. C. EDMONDS MR. AND MRS. THOMAS PRESS MR. AND MRS. MATHIAS ABEL RICHARD HRAPCZYNSKI MR. AND MRS. M. FOX ARSEN KASKASHIAM MR. AND MRS. JOHN R. GREENHALGH THOMAS A. DONOHOE MR. AND MRS. JOHN W. STAPLETON EDMUND DAVE LOUIS A. CROCE MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH LASS JOHN F. FLUEHR AND SONS MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM L. BOYLE MRS. MARGARET KUESTNER LIEUT. HARRY AND LIEUT. M. JOSEPH MARLEY JOHN BYRNE MRS. JAMES J. O'NEILL MR. AND MRS. DANIEL J. KENT GUSTAVE MEYER MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH RICHTER MR. AND MRS. W. M. CONNELL MRS. MARGARET W. FINIELLO ELEANOR V. BUTLER MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH P. HENRY PFC. EUGENE J. HENRY PFC. JAMES V. HENRY LIEUT. JOSEPH P. HENRY MISS ANNA HENRY MR. AND MRS. J. MCKENNA MR. AND MRS. C. MEISSLER JOHN MEISSLER JOSEPH T. SEKULA E. MAHON MRS. HELEN KAMINSKI MR. AND MRS. ZYGMUNT KAMJEWSKI WILLIAM P. BOEHRINGER MR. AND MRS. SHWOP JOHN MOSKAL MR. AND MRS. ELKER JOHN J. FOX M RS. FANNIE SCHAUB WILLIAM R. CAREY WILLIAM THOMPSON MRS. N. ALWELL ,MRS. VICTOR MR. AND MRS. JAMES DOLAN MICHAEL A. SULLIVAN MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. McDEVITI' Park Pharmacy Mrs. J. Murphy Joseph A. Quilly Mr. Wm. D. Knighl Belly and Peggy Mr. John A. Snyder Terry Van Slone Mary R. Van Slone John Van Sfone Roberl Van Slone. Sr. 6 Corp. James F. Van Slone, '37 Corp. William F. Van Slone. Jr.. Owen S. Young Mrs. Dora Mrs. A. McLernan Anlhony Grass. Jr. Cl. Coombs Frank Palerme Mrs. Frederick Mayer Warren Sform Lollie Slaszewski Anna Kamarski Daniel J. Granl, Jr. Mrs. Emma E. Herkerl Mr. Daniel J. Gran? Mrs. Daniel J. Granl John J. Logue Rosalie M. Logue Charles Hayden Gerry's-Mackley Apr. Samuel A. Hinkle Mrs. S. Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson Mrs. Theresa Loughlin Bar+'s Grill Jim and Jack Alice C. Paris Mary F. Paris Maurers Groceries Angelo Salvino Mr. James McCairns Al Vishab Mrs. J. Helder Mr. and Mrs. A. Zaborowski Marlin J. Kolifler Mrs. M. De Lellis Mr. lgnalius Niczypocowicz Lf. Wm. F. Lynch, U.S.M.C. Ezoalera Mrs. R. Luiz Mrs. Donald Heberl James J. Frain Mrs. Anna Shorlall Mrs. D. Donohue Mrs. Alice Blagrave Mrs. Ada S. Hickey Dick Blewell Mr. Joseph McGarry Mrs. Thos. Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. R. Erlorich, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Scanlon Lou-is Joseph Bock Mr. and Mrs. Harry Unger Richard Clarke, U.S.A. Mrs. Dolores Fisher Mrs. Harry B. 'Niehaus Evergreen Cleaners Holme 5-I0c Sfore Mrs. E. Couller Mrs. W. Lipski Rev. Francis Kraieski Falher Roberl' J. McGee Edward J. Simons, O.S.F.S. Jacob Frielder 4 Kane's Pharmacy Miss Peggy Kenl Mr. Tinlo and Bros. Charles Rooney, S Zfc Mr. R. V. Lehmann Pvl. Rudy Lehmann, U.S.M.C. Mrs. R. V. Lehmann Mr. Edward Lehmann Cpl. John W. Slaplefon, U.S.M.C. '42 Tacony Shamrocks Mrs. C. Fosbenner John Waring Peler Kudzin Mary Jane Rihl Charles Rihl Helen G. Rihl Charles E. Rihl David Collins Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wessel Joseph P. Barry George J. Muller. So. I Mrs. Joseph Lenhardl' Joseph Heil. A-I2 JOSEPH PACIOLLA MR. E. BURGERT MRS. SADIE FOX TOLEN AND SMITH FAMILY MRS. PATRICK J. NEE MR. JOSEPH BLASZCZYK MR. AND MRS. ROCCO PERUGINI MRS. A. WOLFE MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. LYNCH, SR. Julius Allomare A Friend Dr. J. J. Cunningham Chas. F. Rosica Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schnel Mr. and Mrs. Warner Brooks - Mr. and Mrs. Sieve McNichol. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J. Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schweiger, Miss Mary A. Dengler Mrs. E. DeAngelis Mrs. Marie K. Gregory Joseph McGure Mrs. Jos. C. Wagner Louis Obermiller Nicholas Halbherr Miss Louise Kloclc Mrs. Ciaballoni Mr. and Mrs. L. Obermiller Harry J. Ulrich. Jr. Mrs. J. Bracelin Frank J. Aiello Mrs. Thos. Harlsough Mrs. Mary Harlsough J. Cregan Mr. and Mrs. Schaller George T. Barry Elizabeih Cregan Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hanssens Joseph J. Fox Mrs. Eiswerl Mrs. Thos. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Marlin J. Poliski Mrs. Mary Diveso Mr. Chas. Diveso Mrs. Frank Rooney Mrs. Marion Semmel Mr. and Mrs. John McConville Samuel Sifkin. Jeweler Mr. and Mrs. Jos. McBride Joseph J. McGuigan, Navy Hugh McGinnis Charles Hewifl' Mrs. Viola Wendi Frances Viclor Mrs. John Breff Miss Mary Murphy Y' Jos. Wendi Marie S. Duffy M. Elaine Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hall George C. Broadwafer Miss Mary Bufierly Mr. Charles Dougherfy, Sr. Mr. M. Frain William Grass James Fagan, '44 Mr. Francis Fagan Mr. William Fagan Rifa Brogan Francis McBride, '43 Joseph Hoggeriy J. Jorslxi J. B. Kliniewslri J. Borlcowslri Mrs. Jos. Mclnfyre Mrs. F. B. Schenlcel Sfanley Kraiewslci Brownie James Jos. McManus E. S. Davis Sons Co. S. Sfango Mr. and Mrs. E. Gangloff Mr. and Mrs. A. Meehan Camilie Pelszynslci John J. Sweeney PFC. James E. Fifzgerald Elizaberh Fifzgerald Elizabefh M. O'Brien John Donnelly, Jr. 2 Mr. and Mrs. Alberf Ries Mrs. L. Borell Mrs. Elizabefh Gallagher John F. Curran, '32 Mrs. Verdeur John Schweilser Harfman's Resfauranf Joseph J. Corbeih, '34 Mrs. E. Sfaudenmayer Miss Teresa M. Sraudenmayer Gerry Schweiker Marie McNamara Joseph W. Keiser Miss Helene Donohoe Miss Regina Duffy Helen F. Duffy Rose Duffy Mrs. H. Wagner A Friend Alex Weinsfein Mrs. Chrisiine Naab Gerald A. Naab Alice Super Mrs. Mary Meissler Frank P. Green Frank Sullivan, Sr. N. Tranoifi Joseph J. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Devlin Mrs. James Behan Miss Helen Harvey Mrs. Given Smifh Mrs. M. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William Schmiederer Mr. and Mrs. A. Hess Mr. Alberl' Harvey Mrs. C. Hess Miss Anna Thren Mr. Jones Midshipmen oi' U. S. Naval Academy Barraclough's Gifr Shop Mrs. Florence Spingler Miss Madga Hannabacl: Pfc. Leo T. Ryan, '37 James J. Carroll Marion Rhoades Margaref Karanage Mary Carroll Green Bros. Joseph V. Travers William Veil George J. Knoll T. B. Tanner Ernesl' Kumor Mrs. Ellen Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Vinceni' Kelley Mrs. Boylan Mrs. C. B. Quinn As A Friend Jim Donohoe Roberl' McGinnis Mrs. Marie Maihews Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ariosro George Kahrimonian Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marley Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Laux Mr? and Mrs. Thomas M. Croke Mr. John B. Murphy Edmund J. Neiclerl' Thos. Gallagher, A-II Mrs. Helen Kosielowslri Bunfing Coal and Coke Co. Mr. and Mrs. Argeisinger Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McColgan Jack Davis Mrs. Helen Harle Miss Anne Moore Miss Mary Moore Mrs. Beriho Boyle Mr. and Mrs. E. Voliz Mrs. McMenamin Ed Weiler. Jr. Joe Morgan Miss Marie Lanigan Mrs. A. Hayden Mrs. Margarei L. Dever Mrs. Emma E. Herkerf Alice G. Fifzgerald John Weir Mr. and Mrs. Schwab Vincenf G. Weesen Eleanor Pelszynslca Marie Hueber Clinpman Mrs. Charles Mulholland Miss Jeanne McDeviH Mrs. Anna V. Jones Peg and Pai Keegan Cpl. John A. Snyder. Jr. Wm. Sfaplefon V. Bugieda Mrs. H. Grimmer Mrs. Peter Coulier Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Erbriclc Rose M. Rosica Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Egan Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Fleclc Ralph J. Avallone Mrs. A. McMenamin Mr. and Mrs. Marfin More Alice Macreary Grace Macreary Mr. and Mrs. Blanl: Joseph Cool: Mr. Wm. Chrisfy Mr. and Mrs. Shaefier Sgr. John Shaeffer Mrs. Elizabefh Gould Mrs. M. Brennan Cpl. William F. Haenn. U.S.M.C. Ensign George J. Haenn, U.S.N.R James J. Weber. 3fc, U.S.N. Mrs. Paul Kirn John Buhrman, A-5 Winolrur's Pharmacy Mrs. Sarah A. CorneH Mr. lsrael Glazer Thomas A. Cornely Paul Heininger Mrs, Mary Curran Mr. James V. Kane Nafe DiGirolamo Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Tobin Mrs. Marie Hueber Mrs. Garsilziewicz D. Panosefi C. F. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Brien Mrs. E. Cuddy Mr. Joseph Anderson Emil Schlossen Mr. and Mrs. N. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Blood Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Campbell George J. Shelly, Sr. 3 Mrs. Katherine Mesiclc John Ashenbrenner Joe and Paul Jamsky E. Bluebond Mr, and Mrs. John Duffy Mrs. Fred Fowler Mrs. J. L. Sullivan Miss Belle C. Plunlcell' Mrs. James Gamon Dissfon Jayvus Monica A. Burns Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Iula and Mrs. John Iula Dr. Vincenf M. McGinniss Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McGinniss Mrs. Berfha Torbicka Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mrs Cecilia Mafczak Charles Joscelyne Helen Joscelyne W. Mils Wm. E. Mills Frank J. Bradley Melvin W, Doane and Mrs. Capozzi Isabel Kern Mrs. Margaref Langan Mrs. D. F. Buckley Ewald's Cafe J. Cohen Regina Zowkoski Thomas Becker and Family Ace Luncheonefie Sgf. Francis G. Seravalli Anfhony T. Seravalli, A.R.M., 2fc Roberf J. O'Neill Timofhy O'NeiIl Pefe Slusarski's, Fine Groceries John J. l-larkanson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Esfen Joseph Horvaih John V. Balfadonis Francis Moley Mrs. Deborah Kessler Mr. and Mrs. F. R. O'Rourke Sfsgf. Francis A. 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Suggestions in the Northeast Catholic High School - Falcon Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Northeast Catholic High School - Falcon Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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