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x ..w"5 I, ur. :QM V ' 'X 'f 1 i f N 0241, ' X-ffm ,rf pr-eafzf 1. P " -5 ' .' ' ' ,1 gf " is 1 A :k5S 4,SL gk, ,..,'y,,,,Vv ,, , YH X, ,.,,!'A vi, V L ,..4 ,, -amy ,v ,I Q. 4 I , , , , V, 3, ,I ,A 1 N w M,.,w,L,,.,,, A 4 ,A i, .,A, , L , A X f . N J. if. 1: .WARR N CENTER 5 LEM N my 1 ,A zf"ij', A' . Q ' , AW Y ,. ' ' 1 -fx-f ', , , -,bl lf' .E ' 'E .. rr, , Q,3T5l,,'f'Q,Q E gaffiff , fy uv 2 :J V- EN ff' -F ' " - 5 ' ,J I .-ww f- ' ii :ia m fw xiiei , .V -:w w -'f - - .. +M ,,g.:l b'.1 'iE 1l3 Y"A . -'iQ1K7'fi'Ym?g,i Um a :f12wi7fff?4 HM:-' Pwffg X ,-Tkwl' gqynufiif'-5g,f,Q41j,Q., 5511 w1,'Q2'eQ'.5-gtlq' wh, Aff 'vr l:'f,"'i1,ffL. 1:1'+1i'- fjgi'?N?24?Zr5P,5Q 76? 'A m.'M3j'ggg'?+rgy'fai?f-'f' 3, ., V Aw, X' gay sw M-' , . Awww Qu ,:.1.'-'-'Wx .-eww fi '- ' .' uf- Q rw uw fr", frfswav x f V ' ' :- 's . ff !f'1f3' f ig-'f 1' H-IN M"fff'. 1 -'I'-"1 11.-fl -N ' , ' ,uk-.3 ' - :,, if new .359-L'!y!q-'LA-v-,X N' . -- ' - fa uf ' y "' A' ' V " " t' Zig' Fi' li Q A ' Q' H, ,, V ., .. ,, W LA NORDEST VCLUME ll Published by the Yearbook Statf of Northeast Bradford Jr.-Sr. High School Rome, Pennsylvania WARREN CENTER ELEMENTARY C Edt H L tb K th Uph What Makes Northeast High School ALMA MA TER Tune of Finlandia Hail, dear Northeast, our noble Alma Mater, Midst stately hills you stand so bold and trueg Maroon and gray will shine for ever gloriousg Within our hearts live memories of you. Throughout the years you 'll be our inspiration, The guiding light in each day of life . Dear Northeast High, your loyal sons and daughters, Now pledge to keep your royal banner highg In hallow 'd halls your students will go forward, To greater heights, and God will be nighg May friendships last, our hopes and dreams accomplished, With peace for all and no fear of strife. Lyrics written by: Hanna Leutbecher, Chairmang Edwin Eastman: Sandra Palmerg Rowland Powellg Marjorie Uphamg Robert Thompson: Margaret Newmang Lynn Bamesg Ruth Roofg Mrs. Westbrook, Mrs Webb, Advisors. 2 Dedication In communities like ours there are many unsung heros. We wish to pay tribute to one who has contributed greatly in service to our school and community. Although he came to our community quite recently, he soon became an important part of it. He has done much for our schoolg not only in his field but also in our school activities. He has always been helpful and has contributed much for our students. Our community too, has felt his headling hand. We, the students of Northeast Bradford High School, dedicate this volume of La Nordest to Dr. Henry Peter Brown Ill, our beloved school physician. if p 3 School Board To The Class of 1957: You are to be congratulated upon the completion of your high school edication. You have reached one of the most important milestones of your lives, and as you look toward future milestones, may you face them with co,urage and attain your goal with success and happiness. Donald Sampson, President Northeast Bradford Joint School Board FIRST ROW, seated left to right: Paul Allis, Everett Green, Donald Sampson, George Parks, Ray Dieffenbach. SECOND ROW, standing: Amos Northrop, Sr., Ferris Alger, Edward Powell, Bryce Ed- sell, Morgan Davis, Emerson Abell, George Canfield, Lester Racht, Kenneth Oakley, Reese Kiefer, Kenneth Howland, Albert Brainard. THIRD ROW: Floyd Robinson, Donald Howell, Karl Snyder, Clayton Canfield, Paul Monroe, Hugh Chaffee, Leon Bidlack, Edwin Upham, Ira Cole. NOT PHO- TOGRAPHED: Mrs. Edna Ellis, Mrs. Charlotte Robinson, Emmett Manchester, Clarence Crain. OFFICERS President ....... .......... . . . Donald Sampson lst Vice President . . ...... . . . . Everett Green 2nd Vice President . . ..... George Parks Secretary ...... . . Ray Dieffenbach Treasurer ..... ...... P aul Allis 4 Supervising Principal High School Principal Mr. GALLICCHIO Mr. HENNIP To The Class of '57, - We extend to you our heartiest congratulations upon your graduation from Northeast High. By your achievement of this goal you have demonstrated your readiness to take up- on your shoulders the duties and responsibilities of citizens in our communities and our co1m11'y. We feel confident that you will do your part well and will be a credit to your Alma Mater. May success, happiness and good health be yours always. 5 J l ..,. ,,.,, , , , 4 Faculty PHYLLIS BARNES B.S.5 Mansfield S.T.C. Home Economics A Teacher GERALD BACON B.S.5 Bloomsburg S.T.C. Commercial, English WILLLAM BARNHARDT B.S.5 Holy Cross College Mathematics ALLEN CARRINGTON B.S.g Pennsylvania State Uni versity Shop ' e MARY BACON A.B.5 Lycoming College English, Guidance LORETTA COLEMAN B.S.5 Mansfield S.T.C. Science, Mathematics MARY EDITH DAVIS B.S.5 Pennsylvania State Uni- versity Mathematics, History HOBART HUTCHINS B.S.5 Stroudsburg S.T.C. Driver Training, Physical Edu- cation, Social Studies Affects Eternity: JOSEPH DeANGELIS B.S., M. Ed.5 Pennsylvania State University Art WILMA KENNEDY B.S.5 Bloomsburg S.T.C. Commercial 7 WILLIAM S. DAVIS B.S.5 King's Point Naval A cademy B.S.3 Stroudsburg S.T.C. Science, History SHIRLEY KELLY B.S.g Stroudsburg S.T.C. Science, Physical Education I FRANK KUNA B.A.g University of Scranton Latin, History He can Never Tell JAMES McPI-IERSON B.S.3 Millersville S.T.C. Industrial Art.. ROBERT S. LENT B.S., M.S.5 Cornell University Agriculture FREDRICK L. MITCHELL B.S.5 Mansfield S.T.C. History, Geography ELLEN S. RACHT B.S.g Pennsylvania State Uni- versity Home Economics 8 WILLIAM OTTAVIAN I B.S.3 Bloomsburg S.T.C. English, Dramatics Where His Influence Stops T GORDEN SECOR FLORENCE WEBB B.S.g Mansfield S.T.C. GLADYS WESTBROOK B.S.5 Mansfield S.T.C. G.E. Physics Fellowship, Union B.S.g Mansfield S.T.C. Music College Music Science, English MARY CIAUS JANE NOLL Mansfield S.T.C. Mansfield S.T.C. Student Teacherg Home Eco- Student Teacherg Home Eco nomics nomics 9 'WW H 4 s l A 1' Non-Teaching Personnel "W ff W , , Li-. l '--f A S "iff 1-,wil giy- ff' .. Lm" f ' ' 555' C .k.. 'fn in' MFE A I-lee-' 1 i C , A z i 7 vkvk ' : ,. hmm 1 4 Vw CUSTODIANS - Howard Clink, Paul CAFETERIA STAFF, L. to R. - Musette Jones. Summers, Marian Parker, Roberta Brown. Not photographed - Beatrice LeTourneau. DOCTOR - Henry Peter Brown, III University of Pennsylvania Medical School NURSE - Ellen Barton Wilson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing 10 SECRETARY - Shirley Coleman Jean Summers Business School "SENIORS" .xx fx ff! f Eg PRESIDENT JAMES DAVIS A leader everywhere he goesg A friend to everyone he knows. Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 State Band 3,45 AA 1,2,3g Class President 45 BOYS' Chorus 1,2,3,4, Dou- ble Quartet 3g FFA National Band 2. BARBARA JONES Full of fun and mischief too, Doing things she should.n't do. Class Vice President 45 Band 1, 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 FI-IA 1,2,3,4, Newspaper Reporter 35 Student Council 3,4, Secre- tary 3, President 45 Senior Play 45 FTA 4. 12 We Are VICE PRESIDENT DORLA ALLIS She started to sing As she tackled a thing That couldn't be done, And she did it. FHA 1,2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,25 Newspaper 35 County Music Festival 1,2,3,43 District Cho- rus 4. What we are ALICE BRINK Silence is one of the cheapest, as well as the best thing to be had on this green earth. Chorus 25 FHA 1,2,3,43 Class Play Committee 45 Librarian 45 Junior and Chapter Home- making Degrees. SHARON BEST Punctuality is the first rung on the ladder of success. Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4. PHILIP BECKWITH This guy is fast--his driving, that is. FFA 1,2,3,43 Student Council 35 Basketball 1. if . my DONAID CHAFFEE My head is like a doorknob, Any girl can turn it. FFA 1,2,3,4. 13 PAUL CLARK He 's a good kid, But too tall to be hid. Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 2,3, 49 AA President 4. DOROTHY COLEMAN I never think of the future, it comes soon enough. Band 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,4, Treas. 25 Class President 1,2,33 Basket- ball 1,2. r V' JON CLINK I can waste more time in an hour than most people can in a week. FFA 1,2,3,4, AA 25 Chorus 1, 25 Basketball 1, Manager 23 Baseball 1. JAMES CLINK With teachers he never could agree, If they'd recite, why should he? Basketball 1,2,3, Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,43 FFA 1,2,3,4g Newspa- per 2,35 Business Manager 33 Yearbook 1,2,43 Class Vice President 1. Because LENA CONKLIN Love is wonderful, but friend- ship is divine. Cheerleading 2, Band 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,43 FHA 1, 2,3,4, Secy. 4g Prom Attend- ant 3g Triple Trio 4. GEORGE DOANE4 Wine and women, fun and laughter, Sermons and sodas the next day after. FFA 1,2,3,4. 14 EDWIN EASTMAN I'm full of wit and loads of fun. Don't have a joke? Well, I've got one. Band 1,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 43 Basketball 1,25 News paper 23 Alma Mater Com- mittee. AUM NORINE EDSELL The young people of today may be settling down, But what about the young peo- ple of tonight. Chorus 1,2, Reporter li Girls' AA 25 County Chorus 23 Class Play Committee 3,4. We Have Been JEREMY HAWBLITZ "He 's a science minded fel- low, With a real quick mind, Some kids have rumored that he 's A second Einstein." Band 1,2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Orchestra 3,43 FFA 1,2, 3,4, Historian 2. SARAH FRISBIE I was there although you never heard a word from me. Chorus 1,2,4, Fl-IA l,2,4, Treas. 45 Basketball 25 Class Play Committee 4, Librarian 3. 2521 DONNA HARVEY I can't hold a straight face, for if I feel like smiling, The smile won't wait. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g FHA 1, 2,3,45 Band 1,25 Basketball Scorekeeper 1,2,3,4g Class Play Committee 3,45 FTA 4. 15 CORA GREEN With helpful hand and cheery heart, Always willing to do her part. Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1, 2,3,-45 FHA 1,2,3,4g Cheer.. leading 25 Girls Athletic Council 4 WW' 13533-' WILLIAM RALPH GREY Girls may be a puzzle, But, I'll never give them up. Basketball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1 Class President 15 Class Vice President 35 Class Play 4, Stu dent Council 35 FFA 1,2,3,4. SHIRLEY HORTON Good things come in small packages. Harvest Ball Queen 3,45 Class Play 45 Cheerleader 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4, Triple Trio 1,2,4g Class Vice Presi- dent 1, President 2, Secretary 3, News Reporter 45 FHA 1,2,4, Historian 2. JANICE JONES A happy disposition, like dol- lars, will pay your way many a time. Class Sec'y. 4, Band 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,4, Newspaper Reporter 45 Student Council 35 Junior Play 35 County Band 2,3,4. FRANK HORTON He 's such a very bashful boy, To tease him, gives the girls much joy. FFA 1,25 Band 1,2,3,4. DOROTHY HIBBARD Silence is only school deep. FHA 1,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 35 Girls' Chorus 1,2. Doing GEORGE KEIFER He's short and he 's wiseg He's a terror for his size. Baseball 1,2,35 FFA 1,2,3,4, Vice Pres. 45 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Student Council Vice Pres. 45 Basketball 25 Newspaper 2. 16 ESTHER KELLY A ring on thc finger Is worth two on the phone. FHA 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 13 Orchestra 3. IAWRENCE KRATZ Fifty percent of the world are women, But they always seem a novel- ty. Chorus 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4. What HANNA LEUTBECHER She 's going forward To something great. Girls" Chorus 45 Class Play 45 Yearbook Editor 45 Alma Ma- ter Committee. ROBERT MOORE What he wanted most to get out of school was himself. FFA 1,2,3,4, President 45 Bas- ketball 3,45 Class Play 3,4. JANICE MORGAN The surest way not to fail, Is to determine to succeed. Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Treasurer 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Yearbook 2,35 Basket- ball 2. 17 BARBARA MARYOTT School breaks up my whole day. Cheerleading 1,25 Band 15 FHA 1,2,3,4. FRANK MAFFEI I'm learning a lot, but school seems to interfere. FFA 1,2,3,45 Sentinel 45 Stu- dent Council 4. LINDA PITCHER Dates are my favorite fruit. FHA 1,2,3,4, President 45 Band 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Stu- dent Council 35 Junior Play Advertising 35 Senior Play, Student Director 4. SALLY ROWE If you must have troubles, Let them be small ones. Basketball 1,25 FHA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,25 County Band 2. ROBERT PLATT All things come to him Who works and waits. FFA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 45 Bas- ketball 35 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Class Play 3. NANCY NEWMAN Christianity wants nothing in the world so much as sunny people. Band 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2,3545 Orchestra 35 FHA 1,2545 County Band 35 County Chorus 4. We Have DAWN RINKER Who brings sunshine into the life of another has sunshine in her own. Chorus 1,2,3,4, President 3,45 Band 45 Librarian 45 FHA 152, 3,45 Orchestra 354, President 45 Class Play Committee 35 County Festival 4. ' JUDITH RYAN Thought is deeper than all speech, Feeling deeper than all thought. FHA 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,25 Class Play 3. LeROY STURDEVANT Though Democrats are not in power, They will have their time and hour. FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Dra- matics 2,43 Class Treasurer 2g Student Council 3. MARGARET THOMPSON Called "foxy" by her friends, but Not so quiet as she pretends. Chorus 1,2,3,4g District 3, County 2,3,4g Triple Trio 1,2, 35 Cheerleadin 1,2,3,4g FHA 1,2,3,4g AA 3, Sec.-Treas. 33 GAC 4. JAMES STEWART The more I see women, The more I like dogs. Been Doing LYLE WOOD Here I am, You lucky people. FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Basketball 1,25 Class Treasurer 25 Class Play 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 FTA 4. KATHERINE UPHAM To all she'll lend a helping hand And as a friend, we think she's grand. Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4g Orchestra 3,43 Class Play 3,43 FHA 1,2,3,45 Yearbook Editor 4. I9 ,E WILLIAM VanSICE Better late than never. FFA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Class Play 4. BARRY WILKINS JANE WILMOT An athletic lady with assets so many, If she has faults, we can 't think of any. Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Athletic Association 4, Secy. Treas. 45 Athletic Council 4, Treas. 45 Band 1. Never a care, never hurry, Just one girl is his main worry. FFA 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Boys' Chorus 153,45 Basketball 2,3545 Class Play 3. 5 A c Q JILL WILLIAMS Love is a dream. Gosh, I'rn sleepy. Chorus 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,25 Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Athletic Council 4. 20 PATRICIA WILMOT Walking hand in hand with God. Band 1,2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Newspa- per 35 FHA 1,2,3,4, Treas. 25 Student Council 45 County Band 1,4. ELLEN WILBUR She can make the dullest oc- casion seem like the most en- joyable fun. Student Council 35 Cheerlead- ing 1,2,35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, 45 Band 15 Athletic Council 45 FHA 1,2,3,4. Closs History 1953-54 Rome As freshmen, we entered high school with 34 class members, the largest number to enter Rome High School. Mr. Eugene E. Cadmen was our class advisor and sponsor. We shared our home room with the juniors. A few skat- ing parties were held during the year. Our class officers were: President .................. Ralph Grey Vice President .............. Shirley Horton Secretary .... . . Ellen Wilbur Treasurer ................. Elizabeth Haskins 1954-55 Rome We returned that next fall as sophomores, with an enrollment of 26. This year Miss Rachael Neiley was our class advisor. During the year we held several roller skating parties and class parties. We all left this year look- ing forward to coming back to school as juniors and going to the new Northeast High School. Our class officers were: President ................. Shirley Horton Vice President . . . . Jane Wilmot Secretary .... . . James Brewer Treasurer ................. Lyle Wood 1953-54 LcRaysville Thirty-one awed and uncertain little freshmen filed into Room IV on that nc-ver-to-be-forgotten first day of high school. We had Mr. Gallicchio as our sponsor. As the days rolled on, we felt more at ease. We had two roller skating parties and an assembly for our activities. Before we realized it, finals were over and we departed looking forward to next year. Our class officers were: President ................. Dorothy Coleman Vice President ............. James Clink Secretary . . . . Betty Taylor Treasurer ................. Janice Morgan 1954-55 LeRaysville We returned this year, feeling superior, as we gazed pityingly at the new freshmen. Mr. Gallicchio was again our sponsor. A roller skating party at Wysox and a party at school were our activities. This year we said farewell to LcRaysville High School as next fall we would be at the new Northeast High School. Our class officers were: President .................. Dorothy Coleman 4 Vice President . . . . . Betty Taylor Secretary ..... . James Davis Treasurer ................ Janice Morgan 1955-56 Northeast Our junior year started off with a bang, as we had a new school, new teachers, and above all new classmates. This year we had 52 as an enrollment. Mr. Davis and Mr. Secor were our class advisors. Our biggest thrill of the year was ordering our class rings in September and then receiving them in December. During the year we held a class party in the gym. After Christmas we started working on our Junior Play, "The More the Merrier," which was to be presented in March. It was a great success, and with the money in the bank we felt closer to our future Washington trip. Our class officers were: President ........... . ..... Dorothy Coleman Vice President . . . . Ralph Grey Secretary ..... . . Shirley Horton Treasurer ................. Janice Morgan 1956-57 Northeast At last, "Big Seniors," and we were sitting on top of the world. Mr. Lent and Mrs. Davis were our class advi- sors. This year we had many things to do and much to think about. On October 11, we attended the annual Career Day at Towanda Valley High School with Mr. Hennip and Mr. Gallicchio. Our class pictures were taken and we received them in December. Our first project for earning money for our Senior trip was presenting our play, "Aunt Cathie 's Cat", which was very successful. On May 7, we left for our long awaited Washington trip. We spent four enjoyable days there. Class Exercises were held on May 24 and Baccalaureate Services on June 2. Commencement Exercises were June 6, 1957. Our class officers were: President ................. James Davis Vice President .............. Barbara Jones Secretary ..... . . Janice Jones Treasurer . . . . . . Janice Morgan 21 K. Last Will and Testament We, the Class of 1957 of Northeast Bradford High School, being physically fit and mentally sound, and con- sidering it is fairly well settled that we are to graduate this year, do hereby devise, give and bequeath our sole possessions to the following people, in this -- our first and last will and testament: To the Board of Education, we leave our deepest appreciation for all their efforts in our behalf. To the Faculty, we leave a very sincere "thank you" for their enduring patience and understanding To the Juniors, we leave our positions as seniors. To the Sophomoresg we leave our ability to study conscientiously. To the Freshmen, we leave three years of fun, studies, teachers, and the hope that they will appreciate the privi lege of obtaining a good sound education. Dorla Allis wills her seat in trig. class to Alyce Daugherty and Fred Hunt. Sharon Best wills her violin to Dick Harvey and Donald Moore. Philip Beckwith wills his Ford to Manley Wilmot. Donald Chaffee wills his Elvis Presley sideburns to Albert Chaffee. Alice Brink leaves her ability to talk to Albert Vanderpool and Lillian Welch. James Clink wills his ability to "go steady" to Helen Brown. Paul Clark and Lyle Wood leave their positions as hall monitors to any Junior Boys who think they can handle it. Lena Conklin and Linda Pitcher will their roller skates to Janice Edsell and Mae James. Edwin Eastman leaves his ability to get high marks in physics class to Sylvia Evans and Helga Krumberg. Norine ,Edsell and Barbara Jones will their ability to like and get along with the Romans to Rowland Powell. Ralph Grey wills his love for Georgia and his southern accent to Joan Sink. Dorothy Hibbard wills her quiet ways to Sherry Cook and Larry Kipp. Donna Harvey leaves her painting ability to Kathleen Carlson. Dorothy Coleman wills her ponytail to Judy Goff. Jim Davis leaves his basketball sneakers to Jim Robinson. Here's hoping they will fit. Jack Clink leaves his sleeping position in study hall to Preston Hicks, if he thinks he can get away with it. Jeremy Hawblitz leaves his scientific mind to Jo-Ann Barnum and Barbara Palmer. Shirley Horton leaves her position as Harvest Queen to any Junior Girl who is deserving of it. Patricia Wilmot wills her voice fwhen she has itj to any Junior who will take care of it. Janice Jones leaves her liking for tall boys to Ruth Northrup. Cora Green wills her 7,652 freckles to Charlotte Chilson and Robert Soper. Hanna Leubecher leaves her saddle bag and some of its contents to Bill Bennett. Janice Morgan wills her job of treasurer to anyone who wants the responsibility. George Kiefer leaves his ability to get along with the girls to all the Junior Boys. Judy Ryan leaves her ability to get high marks in P. O. D. to Dawn Ellis and Celia Doane. Roy Sturdevant leaves his cowboy boots to Gary Fairlie and Bob Brown. Marge Thompson wills her ability to sing to any Junior with a good voice. Larry Kratz wills his unruly hair to Mr. Mitchell, if he wants it. Jane Wilmot leaves her athletic ability to Doris Parks and Penny Nichols. Barbara Maryott wills her good behavior in English Class to Dorothy Wheaton and Helen Temple. Robert Platt leaves his ability to get on the good side of the teachers to Lyle Fassett. Sally Rowe leaves her love for basketball to Betty Hennip. Dawn Rinker leaves a recording of the Twelfth Street Rag to anyone who would like to jitter bug to it. Ellen Wilbur wills her pep and good nature to Rose Catlin and Betty Travis. Barry Wilkins leaves his shoes to any Junior who thinks he is man enough to fill them. Frank Horton wills his witty ways to Robert Willis and Donald Uhouse, if they think they are deserving of them. William VanSice wills his act of being creepy to all those who can portray it. Jill Williams wills her typing skill to Janice Potter and Rosalie Semiclose. Sarah Frisbie and Esther Kelly will the course in Home Economics to those who feel they will need it in the fu- ture. James Stewart leaves his nickname "Louie" to Norman Parks. Nancy Newman wills her typewriter to Judy Lott. George Doane and Frank Maffei will their olive complexions to Sandra Palmer. Katherine Upham leaves her fondness for Dodge cars to the driver training class. '22 f' ..,,. ,- J ,QA .nv ,P :, . , 'W 5 4 M Class of 1958 lst ROW, L. to R.: R. Serniklose, B. Travis, K. Carlson, B. Hennip, I-I. Temple, D. Wheaton, J. Edsell, J. Goff. 2nd ROW: C. Doane, A. Fuller, B. Palmer, H. Kruemberg, D. Ellis, R. Northrop, L. Welch, H. Brown, - J. Lott, J. Potter. 3rd ROW: R. Catlin, S. Palmer, P. Nichols, R. Willis, B. Bennett, B. Parks, J. Sink, J. Barnum, S. Cook, C. Chilson, M. Jones, S. Evans. 4th ROW: A. Daugherty, L. Kipp, L. Fassett, J. Robin- son, D. Parks, G. Fairlie, A. Chaffee, A. Baker, D. Cropper, M. Wilmot, D. Uhouse, R. Soper, F. Hunt, R. Powell, D. Harvey. President - Doris Parks Vice-President - Manley Wilmot Secretary - Charlotte Chilson Treasurer - Lyle Fassett Athletic Association - Betty Hennip Jim Robinson Student Council - Joan Sink Class Sponsors - Mr. William S. Davis Nlr. Cordon Secor 24 Xu ,fffol G7 6 KZZZ Tenth Grade Girls lst ROW, L. to R.: I-I. Babcock, J. Antisdel, S. Brewer, J. Rogers, J. Struble, S. Hawblitz, P. Temple, L. Russell, D. Thompson. 2nd ROW: C. Thomas, A. Powell, L. Wilbur, C. Corbin, E. Wilbur, Y. Jones, K. Luce, D. Brink, J. Robinson, L. Cowell, R. Taylor. 3rd ROW: C. Manhood, M. Upham, D. Allis, L. Frisbie, J. Ryan, B. Briar, C. Ellsworth, E. Leutbecher, P. Lilly, J. McKernan, J. Brink, M. Daugherty. Tenth Grade Boys lst ROW, L. to R.: J. Carlson, J. Semiclose, C. Merrill, A. Brown, R. Thompson, C. Jones, E. Palmer, C. Oakley. 2nd ROW: J. Fuller, N. Kipp. 3rd ROW: D. Wheaton, K. Bu ble, C. Labarre. President .... Vice President . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ....... Athletic Association . Student Council . . Class Sponsors . . Allis, J. Dutton, B. McCarthy, A. Mills, L. Coon, H. Rockwell, R. ck, A. Carrington, C. Clink, R. Horton, E. Rink er, D. Allis, E. Gam Jean McKernan Marjorie Upharn Karen Luce Mary Daugherty . . . . Alice Powell Avery Moore Norm an Allis Mr. Fred Mitchell Mrs. Wilma Kennedy 25 Ninth Grade Girls 2. E lst ROW, L. to R.: V. Benjamin, H. Welch, E. Crain, A. Hawblitz, I. Fassett, C. Fuller, N. Johnson, D. Rogers, A. Harvey, M. Jones. 2nd ROW: L. Wood, E. Brainard, P. McCabe, D. Jones, J. Hunt, M. Frisbie, S. Hunsinger, C. Rice, N. Leonard, C. Hcnnip. 3rd ROW: M. Grey, J. I-Iibbard, R. Raymond, E. Cragle, J. Kipp, M. Newman, M. Swackhammer, V. Vanderpool, M. Lattimer, D. Williams, M. Gabriel. Ninth Grade Boys i -.... lst ROW, L. to R.: R. Jones, F. Hunt, H. Bender, L. Barnes, R. Willis, R. Darling, L. Welsh, L. Antis- del, D. Kendrick. 2nd ROW: L. Rockwell, J. Belcher, R. Northrop, C. Brown, F. Stewart, D. Lott, C. Pitcher, P. Smith, J. Evans, R. Dunham. 3rd ROW: R. Chilson, D. Dymond, T. Milnes, E. Roof, M. Briar, H. Kruembers, F. Williams, W. Hicks, H. Williams, J. Westbrook, G. Fairlie. NOT PHOTO- GRAPHED: W. Edwards, J. Hammond, T. Brown, R. Pitcher, B. Beckwith, D. Thetga, R. Kipp. Class Sponsors: Mr. Joseph DeAngelis, Miss Mary Bacon Class Officers: l ,V f President - Tom Brown Vice-President - Connie Rice y f ftdvfywf Secretary - Margaret Grey ffl bf ' Treasurer - Anna Harvey 5 Q "Wy,-be Student Council - Tom Milnes, Carol Hennip Athletic Association Representative - Edna Rae Crain JUG WWW -.- HZ ' , 26 w 3 Eighth Grade Girls lst ROW, L. to R.: R. Vanderpool, J. Folk, D. Riley, C. Jones, L. Russell, S. Struble, J. Hampton, B. Fields, M. Tinney. 2nd ROW: C. Hunsinger, H. I-lawblitz, N. Cragle, K. Conley, R. Roof, S. Thompson, P. Brainard, W. Edsell, M. Williams, G. Goff. 3rd ROW: M. Russell, L. Olmstead, J. Merrifield, R. Hennip, J. Sink, V. Clark, W. Kier, F. Cowles, M. Doane, M. Furman, S. Evans, D. Brewer. Eighth Grade Boys lst ROW, L. to R.: C. Benjamin, B. Harrington, R. Westbrook, N. Fuller, L. Chaffee, D. Powell, K. Chilson, R. Wandell, R. King, M. Parks, J. Evans. 2nd ROW: W. Allis, J. Edsell, J. Wagner, J. Tem ple, B. Lattimer, P. I-licks, D. Young, G. Ross, K. Davis, D. Goodwin, T. Taylor, R. Jones, S. Field. 3rd ROW: E. Rice, R. Bolton, D. Harding, J. Smith, G. McEwen, E. Newell, T. Williams, R. Hay- ward, P. Barnum, R. Bolton, J. Platt, R. McManus, J. Briar, V. Peck, Class Sponsors: Shirley Kelly, Mr. Gerald Bacon Class Officers: President - Wayne Allis Vice-President - Larry Chandler Secretary - Margie Russell Treasurer - Gary Ross Student Council - Wanda Edsell, Manville Parks Athletic Association Representative - June Sink, Lynmar Chaffee 27 Seventh Grade Girls was FIRST ROW, L. to R.: V. Edsell, N. Lott, L. Crain, S. Sayman, C. Johnson, B. Whalen, M. Smith, J. Antisdel, J. Chase. 2nd ROW: C. Moore, J. Hunt, R. Sampson, P. Field, R. McKernan, R. Daugherty, J. Brown, S. Jones, D. Kipp, L. Albritton. 3rd ROW: E. Gamble, C. Cragle, L. Parks, B. Brink, S. Van- devort, B. Clearwater, P. Harding, J. Robinson, D. Goodwin, M. Upham. Seventh Grade Boys 1st ROW, L. to R.: N. Benjamin, R. Wilmot, W. Brown, J. Mills, A. McCarthy, W. Fuller, D. Bolton, D. Folk, D. Travis, F. Bush, L. Fox. 2nd ROW: R. A. Gamble, T. Sink, D. Abell, C. Eastman, R. Taylor, T. Platt, P. Edsell, C. Smith, T. Sink, V. Soreny, G. Bates, L. Coon, G. Thompson. 3rd ROW: W. Parsons, G. Green, D. Cole, H. Johnson, D. Pitcher, R. Schrader, R. Hibbard, D. LaBarre, R. Sayman, H. Green, G. Moore, T. Ryan, J. Sebring, J. Hare. 28 ORGANIZATIONS Yearbook Staff AW Wt'- rlmu ' .-.- '-:ef-.2.--re: -v f- AUKL6 ef-- yi. Q fi ' '51 .- fr 0 f .v . .':..P'5m W - n-. wr! SEATED, L. to R.: Katherine Upham, Doris Parks, Hanna Leutbecher-, Sylvia Evans. 2nd ROW: Jane Wilmot, Charlotte Chilson, William VanSice, David Cropper, Lyle Wood, Albert Chaffee, Fredrick Hunt, James Clink, Lyle Fassett, Dorla Allis. EDITORIAL STAFF Senior Editors--Hanna Leutbecher, Katherine Upham. Junior Editors--Sylvia Evans, Doris Parks. Business Manager--Lyle Wood "La Nordest" Staff have tried to make this issue of our yearbook a production setting forth the values of Northeast High School as they appear to us. The task of putting out a yearbook has proven to be a real job. One of the biggest jobs is to select which organizations and activities will be represented in the yearbook. Competent staff members must be chosen. Photography and vvriteups must be carefully co-or- dinated and finally the actual production must be financed. Various waysyof paying for the publishing were used this year. Sale of refreshments at games, advertising, the annual Talent Show and other fund- raising ideas helped to underwrite the cost of publishing our yearbook. We hope the students and friends of Northeast High like this year's issue of "La Nordest." We appreciate the kind co-operation of everyone who so willingly helped. L so Student Council .r at , 1 'I 5 " Q' 5 5 Q .K as ' t.. 4 we , SEATED, L. to R.: B. Jones, G. Keifer, M. Upharn, Joan Sink, Mrs. Kennedy, J. Se- bring. STANDING: Mr. Ottaviani, M. Wil- mot, J. Wilmot, T. Milnes, W. Edsell, C. Il' Hennip, R. McKernan, P. Wilmot, K. Up- Ian X ham, N. Allis, M. Parks. -7 OFFICERS President ...... 3 ..... Barbara Jones Vice President .... . . George Keifer Secretary ...... . . Joan Sink Treasurer .... . . Marjorie Upham The Student Council started off 1957 with the problem of hall traffic. A committee from Student Council decided it was necessary to set up a hall monitor system. This system proved to be quite effec- tive. November 16 was set aside for The National Teachers' Day. The members put their heads together and came up with the idea of the Student Council taking over classes for half a day. Barbara Jones was the Supervising Principal and George Kiefer was Principal. The top student in the various classes was to take the place of the teacher. In the assembly, which ended the program, we had Mr. Williams, the principal from Wyalusing, who gave his evaluation of the whole program. Carnations were presented to each teacher as the finishing touch. On November 30, Student Council sponsored a Safety Program. This program was handled by Mr. Hutchins. They put on a skit to show how safety works in every day living. The Student Council, on January 7, received a certificate showing that we now belong to the Na- tional Association of Student Councils. On the night of January 16 we were in charge of the March of Dimes Campaign. This campaign con sisted of three basketball games. The outstanding feature being a game with the House of David team, playing the LeRaysville Firemen. We are now selecting a mascot and a nickname for our school. The members are getting pins for the officers as an award for their services. Each member will re- ceive membership cards. One future project we are trying to start is a student court. 31 Orchestra lst ROW, L. to R.: Sharon Best, Judy Lott, Sandra Palmer, Barbara Jones, Patricia Wilmot, Jeremy Hawblitz. 2nd ROW: Ruth Northrup, Katherine Upham, Albert Chaffee, Doris Parks, Fred Hunt, Sylvia Evans, James Davis. STANDLNG: Alyce Daugherty, David Cropper, Mrs. Westbrook. On stage, STANDING: Dorla Allis,. SEATED: Dawn Rinker. Marching Band lst ROW, L. to R.: Mrs. Webb, Alan McCarthy, Ruth Hennip, Kathleen Carlson, Anna Harvey, Dorothy Faye Coleman, Jeanne McKernan, Lena Conklin, Linda Russell, Donald Allis. 2nd ROW: Dorla Allis, Ruth Roof, Albert Chaffee, Lynn Chaffee, Wayne Allis. 3rd ROW: Avery Moore, Rob- ert Thompson, Ruth Northrup, Mary Ellen Frisbie. 4th ROW: Sally Rowe, Janice Hunt, Joel Evans, Billie Keir. 5th ROW: Darlene Jones, Marjorie Russell, Linda Pitcher, Dawn Rinker. 6th ROW: Lyle Fassett, David Dymond. 7th ROW: Norman Allis, Edwin Eastman, Terry Williams, Charles Clink. 8th ROW: Katherine Upham, Gerald Oakley, Doris Parks, Elizabeth Cragle, Nancy New- man. 9th ROW: Janice Morgan, Alyce Daugherty, James Davis, Marjorie Upham, Patricia Wil- mot. 10th ROW: Sylvia Evans, Fred Hunt, Janice Jones, Sherry Cook. 11th ROW: LoRita Wood, Donna Williams. 32 Girls' Chorus lst ROW L. to R. - Mrs. Westbrook, S. Brewer, S. Horton, L. Russell, D. Harvey, S. Hawblitz, B. Hennip, D. Wheaton, J. Antisdel, R. Semiclose. 2nd ROW - L. Conklin, C. Corbin, A. Powell, C. Green, R. Northrop, J. Robinson, Y. Jones, K. Luce, D. Ellis, A. Fuller, J. Lott. 3rd ROW - B. Jones, J. Wilmot, E. Wilbur, D. Rin- ker, M. Upham, J. McKerna.n, S. Evans, J. Williams, D. Allis, J. Morgan, P. Wilmot, J. Jones. 4th ROW - S Best, C. Chilson, J. Sinlg L. Pitcher, C. Ellsworth, K. Upham, M. Thompson, N. Newman, D. Coleman, M. Frisbie, A. Daugherty, H. Leutbecher, S. Cook, S. Palmer. Boys' Chorus il lst ROW L. to R. - R. Powell, E. Eastman, L. Fassett, D. Allis, J. Robinson, J. Davis, Mrs. Webb, ins-ti-uc- tor. 2nd ROW - C. Clink, J. Clink, J. Hawblitz, L. Kratz, R. Platt, A. Chaffee, B. Wilkins. 33 , Triple Trio The Northeast High School Music Department organized a Girls' Triple Trio, early last fall, and they have been very successful. They have performed on numerous occasions including the Teach ers and Directors' Banquet and the Annual Spring Concert. L. to R: Mrs. Westbrook, Dorla Allis, Sylvia Evans, Dawn Rinker, Shirley Horton, Linda Pitcher, ' m Katherine Upha The trio consists of nine lst Soprano: Margaret Thompson Lena Conklin Sandra Palmer 2nd Soprano: Shirley Horton Linda Pitcher Katherine Upham Alto: Dawn Rinker Dorla Allis Sylvia Evans , Margaret Thompson, Sandra Palmer, Lena Conklin. girls: 34 F. F. A. lst ROW, L. to R: Mr. Lent, Rodney Darling, Lyle Rockwell, David Lott, Jack Belcher George Keifer, Harold Rockwell, Robert Dunham, Charles Brown, Harold Bender. 2nd ROW: Bill Bennett, Lloyd Coon, Michael Riley, Jack Clink, Rowland Powell, Larry Kipp, Robert Chilson, Douglas Wheaton, Norman Parks, Rodney Kipp. 3rd ROW: Albert Mills, Tom Milnes, James Davis, William VanSice, Edwin Eastman, Donald Allis, Don- ald Uhouse, Harold Williams, William Hicks, Edwin Roof, James Robinson, Arden Car- rington. BACK ROW: Robert Soper, Lawrence Kratz, Jeremy Hawblitz, Gary Fairlie, Robert Platt, George Doane, Lyle Wood, Barry Wilkins, Ralph Grey, Le Roy Sturdevant, Philip Beckwith, Fred Williams, Henry Kruemberg, James Clink, Richard Horton. The Northeast Bradford F.F.A.. Chapter started the year with 45 members in its organization. Early in October an election was held with the following officers being elected: President ............. Robert MOOIG Vice President .... .... . George Kiefer Secretary .... . . . Edwin Eastman Treasurer . . . . . . Barry Wilkins Reporter ............. Robert Platt Sentinel ............ Frank Maffei In November 19 new members were initiated and received the Green Hand or the first degree in the F.F.A. An F.F.A. Basketball team was organized and several games were played with other F.F.A. teams in the county. The boys playing on the F.F.A,. team were Tony Carrington, Douglas Wheaton, Gerald Corbin, Richard Harvey, Donald Chaffee, George Doane, Preston Hicks, Robert Platt, Robert Soper, George Kiefer, Jim Clink, and Jack Clink. In January the senior members of the F.F,A.. Chapter were awarded official F.F.A.. jackets by the chapter. These jackets were awarded for work performed by the chapter member during their four years as a member. At the Bradford Cotmty project contest eight members of our chapter received awards for outstanding projects last year. Arden Carrington Gerald Oakley Donald Uhouse Norman Allis George Doane Frank Maffei Donald Moore Donald Chaffee Blue Ribbon Red Ribbon Red Ribbon Blue Ribbon Red Ribbon Red Ribbon Blue Ribbon Red Ribbon Dairy Calves Beef Calves Dairy Herd Fattening Pigs Sheep Broilers Broilers Oats On February 20 during National F.F.A. Week the Troy F.F.A. degree team came to Northeast and conferred the Chapter Farmer Degree on all eligible Junior and Senior F.F.A.. members. The Troy boys made the degree very impressive and we enjoyed having them come. The chapter sold seeds again this year. Garden seeds were sold from the Tristate Seed Company and farm seeds from G.L.F. A special prize was given to the four top garden seed salesmen. One of the outstanding activities of the year was the annual Harvest Ball held in the fall. At this dance Niiss Shirley Horton was crowned as the 1956 F.F.A.. Harvest Queen. This was the second year that the members of the chapter selected Shirley as their queen. Robert Platt and Robert Soper represented the chapter in the Bradford Comity F.F.A. Chapter. Robert Moore received the Area Degree in F.F.A.. which was awarded him at a banquet held in Towanda and sponsored by the county chapter. At this banquet Mr. Hennip, Supervising Principal of Northeast, was awarded the Honorary Area Degree for his cooperation and help in the work of Vocational Agriculture throughout the past years. All in all the Northeast Bradford F.F.A.. Chapter enjoyed another successftd year and wish to thank everyone who helped make it so. 35 Senior High F. H.A. BACK ROW, L. to R.: Esther Kelly, Linda Pitcher, Alice Brink, Judy Kipp, Katherine Upham, Dorothy Thompson, Nancy Newman, Dorothy Coleman, Sarah Frisbie, Eliza- beth Cragle, Sally Rowe, Ruth Daugherty. 3rd ROW: Patricia Wilmot, Dorla Allis, Mary Frisbie, Margaret Grey, Donna Williams, Sharon Best, Dorothy Hibbard, Mary Ann Gabriel, Barbara Maryott, Dawn Ellis, Janice Morgan. 2nd ROW: Donna Harvey, Celia Doane, Cora Green, Jane Wilmot, Ellen Wilbur, Dawn Rinker, Ann Hawblitz, Norma Johnson, LoRita Wood, Janice Jones. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Racht, Anna Har- Vey, Edna Rae Crain, Lena Conklin, Anna Fuller, Janice Edsell, Dorla Rogers, Shirley Horton. Officers: President - Linda Pitcher Vice President - Dorothy Coleman Secretary - Lena Conklin Treasurer - Sarah Frisbie Reporter - Janice Jones Historian - Alice Daugherty Parliamentarian - Margaret Grey Student Council Representative - Patricia Wilmot The Senior High F.H.A.. Chapter got off to an early start this year by electing officers early in September. In October, several of our members attended the regional F.H.A. meeting held at Wyalusing Valley High School. This was a wonderful meeting and we brought many good ideas back to our chapter. As in previous years, we sold nylon stockings to raise chapter funds. We also made and sold Christmas pins and corsages. Money made on these projects was used to send chapter delegates to the State F.I-I.A. Conference at Penn State in June. We also contributed to the State F.H.A.. Scholarship Fund, the Crossnore School for Needy Children and a refuge family in our community. No school year would be complete without the annual May Dance. This is the only formal dance in our school, and we are very proud to have the privilege of sponsoring this gala affair. This year, ninth graders, who had joined Jr. Hi F.H.A. in eighth grade, we allowed to become members of our senior high chapter. It has been a very good year and we hope the chapter will continue to grow. 36 Northeast Fufureifes The first off the 1956-'57 meetings of the Northeast Futurettes was held ed. On February 5 an open meeting was neld at which time the prospective grades were given an opportunity to see a regular meeting in progress. Information concerning the organization, such as the history, the purpos year, were discussed. in October, when officers were elect members from seventh and eighth es and projects carried throughout the On March 12, 1957, new members who had successfully passed their test were initiated with officers and members conducting an impressive initiation ritual. HUMEAT1- DF AMERICA FIRST ROW: L. to R.: Janice Folk, Katherine Conley, Linda Olm- stead, Patricia Brainard, Sally Evans, Mary Williams, Carolyn Jones. 2nd ROW, Miss Barnes, Judy Merrifield, Faye Cowell, Mary Ann Officers: Doane, Billie Keir, Virginia Clark, Ruth Hermip, Hilary Hawblitz. Absent when picture was taken: Ann Morgan. 37 President - Mary Ann Doane Vice-President - Billie Keir Secretary - Patricia Brainard Treasurer - Carolyn Jones News Reporter - Ann Morgan Historian - Ruth Hennip Athletic Association .W f 5 ,-,Y t ,sl ,,,, '-., 33 A2321 ,Fwd ,341 Fw ,,,, n y ,A Seated L. to R: Paul Clark, Jane Wilrnot, A.lice Powell, Edna Rae Crain Standing: James Robinson, June Sink, Mr. Hutchins, Gary Green, Laura Crain, Betty Hennip. Girls Athletic Council 5 l lst ROW, L. to R: Mrs. Kelly, Edna Rae Crain, Betty Hennip, Linda Parks, Marjorie Russell, Lin- da Russell, Marleah Upham, Joan Antisdel, Anna Harvey. 2nd ROW: Alice Powell, Sandra Pal- mer, Ellen Wilbur, Cora Green, Charlotte Chilson, Jill Williams, Jane Wilmot, Joanne Robinson, Judith Lott. 3rd ROW: Margaret Grey, Elizabeth Cragle, Joan Sink, Katherine Upham, Margaret Thompson, Doris Parks, Dorothy Coleman, Betty Brair, June Sink, Elisabeth Leutbecher. 38 Varsity lst ROW--Charles Jones, Mgr.5 James Robinson 5 James Davisg Tom Brovm. STANDING--Ralph Greyg Alb Moore, Mr. Hutchins, Coach, Northeast 6 1 Northeast 48 Northeast 38 Northeast 57 Northeast 6 1 Northeast 43 Northeast 51 Northeast 47 Northeast 35 Northeast 40 Northeast 58 Northeast 68 Northeast 42 Northeast 59 Northeast 62 Northeast 66 Northeast 50 Northeast 63 Tioga 43 Wyalusing 45 Lovalsock 41 Troy 62 Sonestown 41 Sayre 57 Towanda 38 East Smithfield 40 St. Agnes 50 St. Basil 37 Wyalusing 76 Turnpike 58 ' Loyalsock 41 Sonestown 28 East Smithfield 42 St. Agnes 37 St. Basil 48 Tioga 45 ert Chafiee, Barry Wilkins, Paul Clark, Robert Q '34 - ,P N. is tbocgtb E Q Q X 1 me Q r. ' 'wifi' W - 2 CM 4 gf-if 39 ,Ao Junior Varsity Basketball Team lst RGW5 L. to R: - John Fuller, Tom Ivlilnes, Rowland Powell, Robert McCarthy, Avery Moore 2nd ROW: Charles Jones, Managerg Albert Vanderpool, Charles Clink, David Cropper, Tom Brown, James Hammond, Fred Hunt, Mr. Hutchins, coach. Northeast 21 . . . Northeast 33 . . . Northeast 12. . . Northeast 23 . . Northeast 24 . . Northeast 14. . . Northeast 23 . . . Northeast 33 . . . Northeast 22 . . Northeast 34 . . Northeast 35 . . Northeast 20 . . Northeast 20 . . Northeast 12. . . Northeast 23 . . Northeast 33 . . Northeast 26 . . Northeast 20 . . 40 Tioga 18 Wyalusing 24 Loyalsock 3 1 .Troy 39 Sonestown 20 Sayre 34 Towanda 41 East Smithfield 28 St. Agnes 28 St. Basil 23 .Wyalusing 36 Turnpike 34 Loyalsock 3 1 Sonestown 29 East Smithfield 53 St. Agnes 36 St. Basil 36 Tioga 35 Varsity Cheerleaders KNEELING - Lena Conklin. STANDING L. to R. - Margaret Thompson, Jane Wilmot, Dorothy Coleman, Mrs. Kelly, Betty Hennip, Jill Williams. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders -A -f it s as KNEELHNIG L. to R. - Janice Edsell, Anna Harvey. STANDING - Elizabeth Cragle, Mrs. Kelly, Margaret Grey. ll HOME ECONONHCS ART SCIENCE HONLE ECONOMICS Washington Trip of 1956 SEATED: L. to R: William Thomas, James Brown, Carl Milnes, Burton Taylor, Richard Rockefeller, Charles Franklin, Cleatis Bolton, Guide, Kenneth Brown, Guy Cook, Donald Powers, Robert Keir, Allyn Jones, Harrison Johnson, Edward Newman. 2nd ROWg Standing: Guide, Victoria Barnum, Myrtle Decker, Judith Kendrick, June Racht, Shirley Moore, Gladys Coleman, Esther Gamble, Mr. Gallicchio, Mrs. Racht, Janine Lott, Walter Paiew- ski, Anita Tuttle, Barbara York, Arlene Hicks, Joyce Harford, Mildred Babcock, Shirley Wilbur, Jeanne Cragle. Guide. 43 - Thompson Talks, by Margaret Thompson, Society Editor Musical Play, Broadway Hit: A former graduate of Northeast High School and Columbia University, Miss Dorla Al- lis has announced her new Broadway Hit, "August In Hawaii." We 're expecting to hear more from this young authoress, and composer. New Dean at East Stroudsburg Announced: Miss Jane Wilmot, formerly of Rome, Pa ., was recently chosen as new Dean of Physical Education, She graduated from Northeast H.S. and E. Stroudsburg S.T.C. with high honors. Secretary Announced: News has just been released that Sharon Best, graduate of Rochester Business lnsititue and Northeast High School, has now joined the staff of General Motors Inc, as private secretary to the President. Heroes Save King Saud: While driving through the rambling country side of Northeast Pennsylvania, King Saud was involved in a terrible auto accident. Ambulance driver, Donald Chaffee and police escort, Jack Clink, rushed to the scene. They safely conveyed him to the clinic of the well-known physician, Dt. James Stewart. Production Rate Broken: Phil Beckwith, George Kiefer, Larry Kratz, and William VanSice have just broken a pro- duction record for beans. This would not have been possible, had it not been for Frank Maffei's invention of an amazing soil builder called bovung. First Patient to Enter Clinic: Miss Judith Ann Ryan, formerly of Northeast High School, was the first patient to en - ter the new Leutbeher Clinic founded by Miss Hanna Leutbecher. Miss Ryan was given the best of care by Miss Leutbecher and her assistant nurses, Lena Conklin and Dorothy Hibbard. Spotlight On Sports: The Globestoppers, James Davis, Ralph Grey, Barry Wilkins, Paul Clark and Bob Moore, have just won, for the United States the Olympic Gold Medal for basketball. This team got their start at Northeast High School where they showed great athletic ability. All Aboard for Europe: Miss Alice Brink and Miss Sarah Frisbie starting a tour of Europe recently, boarded the plane for take off and whom should they meet but some of their old classmates now in the armed forces. They were Robert Platt and George Doane, who were enroute to Egypt to help settle the Middle East problems. Soon after take-off they found that Miss Sally Rowe was the stewardess and Edwin Eastman and James Clink were pilot and co-pilot. Do It By Phone: Linda Pitcher, long distance operator at the Appalachin Exchange, recently had the biggest thrill oi her life when she placed a long distance call from Barbara Jones in Shanghai to Norine Edsell at Mount Palomar Observatory in California. Famous Pianist Presents: Mrs. Esther Kelley , Mrs. Cora Green , and Mrs. Janice Jones , sponsored a public music recital presented by Miss Dawn Rinker, world famous pianist. Fashions For Everyone: Dorothy Coleman recently returned from a trip to Paris where she purchased a full line of the latest spring fashions for the Donna -Nancy Stores. These beautiful gowns will be modeled for the New York trade by the famous fashion models, Elleen and Kathreen. Postal Service to Planets: A new corporation has recently been formed by Jeremy Hawblitz, Lyle Wood, Frank Horton, and Roy Sturdevant to give daily mail service between Earth and the planets, Mars and Venus. It is rumored that the new corporation is being financed by Barbara Maryott, Janice Morgan, Jill Williams, Shirley Horton, and Patricia Wilmot, who made a million dollars on Dr. I.Q. Quiz Program. 44 Senior Snaps 2.2-af f' 4+ . M, Y .lx v, ,'.Li ii, QV 2 gy 5155? - - - . -if A 515.1-1--A Z we ar M ,fr Q Q X- if 1 41 5 ,Q-N , iw- af ff i Q , . A - .. f""' " ,Cir 9' D Mr. Mitchell's 7th Grade Geography Mr. De Angelis and his Art II class 46 "Aunt Cafhie's Cai" On November 9, the Class of 1957 presented their mystery-comedy entitled The cast is as follows: Aunt Cathie fan old maidy Aunt Jane C her sistery Peggy Ctheir niecey Dorothy fanother niecej Tillie fa servantj Mr. Pryor fa real estate agentj Elizabeth C his sisterj Mr. Brent Q a business many Jose Garcia fspanish servantj Marcia Gracia fhis wifey Gas Man An Officer Miss Walker C a slaes ladyj One Extra What is more spine-tingling tha "Aunt Cathie's Cat". Hanna Leutbecher Katherine Upham Dorla Allis Shirley Horton Jane Wilmot Lyle Wood Barbara Jones Ralph Grey William VanSice Margaret Thompson Robert Moore Roy Sturdevant Dorothy Coleman George Doane n a spooky old mansion that has been shut up for a long time? Expecially when two refined maiden ladies with their two attractive nieces and dumb-dora maid decide to rent the place, unaware that anything mysterious is going on. While the real estate agent takes his prospective renters over the house to show it, two queer, rough-looking men scurry across the stage carrying the bloody-faced body of a man. A strange white-faced woman dressed in black appears on the stairway, but disappears when she hears people coming. Pan- demonium breaks out . . . for whom has the grave been dug? . . . who is going to be murdered? Finally at the height of their terror, the solution comes and the whole mysterious business is cleared up. WARREN CENTER ELEMENTARY 47 SHOP WORK HARVEST QUEEN COMIVIE RC IAL AG. CLA SS REN CENTER ELEMENTAR RRINGTOWS POULTRY FARM R AND L GAMAE Le Roysville Pennsylvania Baby Chicks Hatching Eggs L. Rockwell Started u ets P ll A' Lewis Le Raysville, Pennsylvania Compliments .l. B. ALDERSON of saw Mm S. F. WILLIAMS Timber Tracts Wanted Ford Sales Gnd Service Planed or Rough Timber for Sale Cars Trucks Any Quantity phone 3031 Le Raysville Pennsylvania Le Raysville Pennsylvania Compliments C. F. PENDLETON of Warren Center Pennsylvania Phone 36R3 E. C. RICE AND SON Crowley's Milk and Milk Products penls 'ce Cream Rome Pennsylvania E. .l. RICE Compllmenfs Gen. Merchandise of Hardware Feecl COGl Phone 2'l35 LAKE o' MEADOWS Rome pennsylvania PERCY E. ROGERS General Merchandise Telephone Rome 2575 North Orwell, Pennsylvania LEO JONES General Merchandise Mobilgas and Oil Warren Center Pennsylvania Phone 31-F-111 Olin McCabe Coal General Trucking Rome, Pennsylvania FENTON HAMMERLY iring, Heating, Plumbing Le Raysville Telephone 3'l3'l Compliments of NICHOLS CO-OP. G. L. F. Service, lnc. Telephone Nichols 3121 Compliments Of CLINTON DIMON BARBER SHOP Rome Pennsylvania EDWARD JONES GARAGE Union Valley Telephone 2803 Pest Wishes to the Class of 1957 FREDERICK A. COLEMAN, lnsurance Le Raysville Pennsylvania PATRONS S. G. Webb Claude Moore Donald Maslin HAMMERLY'S LUNCHEONETTE Le Raysville Pennsylvania RUSSELL MOGART Carpentry Work Telephone Le Raysville 3092 Le Raysville Pennsylvania Compliments of FARMERS C0-OP. ASSOCIATION Wysox Pennsylvania Complimenfs PlPHER'S DINER of Wysox Pennsylvania FORMOST DAIRIES Compliments Of "Enioy Good Food, Good Ska1ing" ' WYALUSING SALES - Wysox Pennsylvania Compliments Of C- C- AU-'S AND SON c. B. EASTABROQK AND soN Building Materials and Paint Special Mill Work Wood and Steel Silos Phone Le Raysville 3336 Dealer In Allis Chalmers, New Holland, Cockshutt, New Idea Farm Equipment Rummerfield Phone Le Raysville 3331 FIRST NATIONAL BANK PINNOCK FUNERAL HOME Le Raysville Pennsylvania Le Raysville Pennsylvania Member F' D' I- C' Compliments BATES' GARAGE Of Rome THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK f Phone Rome 2262 0 Rome, Pennsylvania YOU'RE INVITED To Come See Us in Our New Home Our new place is finished. Our stock of parts and equipment is complete and now we can assure you of the kind of service you would want. We have plenty of new .lohn Deere equipment on hand, and a real desire fo help you. Why not have us service your John Deere equipment now - drop us a card or phone us foday - make a date! OLYN CHAFFEE 81 SONS Compliments of' CROWLEY'S MILK COMPANY, INC. Complimenfs of N. B. WILMOT J. R Rome Pennsylvania Purina Chows Huverly Milk Cooler Form Milk Coolers Ferguson Farm Equipment phone 3731 Bulldozing and Bock Hoe Work Done R P I ' Le Rcysville Pennsylvania ome Phone 2591 ennsy vanio Compliments Compliments of of STOLL CALBY'S ABELI. HOBBY SHOP AND STOLL Compliments of TROY SALES COOPERATIVE Sale Every Wednesday Troy, Pennsylvania JONES' POULTRY Ready-to-Cook Turkey and Chicken George M. Jones Russell L. Jones Phone 42-R-23 42-R-2 Warren Center ROWE'S STORE Groceries and General Merchandise Gee and on Phone 2271 "DORIS' BEAUTY SHOPPEH on the Lake O'Meaclows Road Phone - Warren Center 42-R-4 Newest hair shaping and styling cold wave permanents scalp treatments regular shampoo and setting Doris Powell AMOS We NORTHROP and AMOS W, NORTHRUP, Jr. Ford Sales and Service R.C.A. Television Baby Chicks New Hampshires Rock-Hamps Honegger Leghorns Martin Vantress Write for Catalog CONRAD'S HATCHERY South Gibson Pennsylvania Phone Clifford 2-4271 or Rome 2441 Compliments of RUTH ROGER'S BEAUTY SHOP WALTER L. HARRIS R. D. 2 Terrier ennee ir Pennsylvania Tunkh ennee me Pennsylvania Wholesale Distributor Weston Biscuits Phone T E 6-5738 See FERRIS ALGER for lnsurance General lnsurance Broker

Suggestions in the Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) collection:

Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 32

1957, pg 32

Northeast Bradford High School - Nord Est Yearbook (Rome, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 26

1957, pg 26

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