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The Annual Staff Presents The 1967 TORCH Featuring the " Rhythm’’ of Northampton High School Eastville, Virginia Volume XXI THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VA 2 Rhythm pervades our universe; both living and nonliving. The galaxy rotates slowly and regularly on its axis. Years, seasons, lunar months, days, all recur rhythmically. Life itself is a rhythmic cycle of birth, growth, maturity, and death, unending and unchanging for all. Man ' s love of and proclivity to rhythm are attested to by his search and instinctive need for balance and symmetry in life. Music, painting, sculpture, poetry, all the arts, evidence this need. A school, being people, has rhythm. It can, depending upon its members, be energetic or lethargic; strict or lax; good or evil; yet, since all life is rhythmic, all schools have rhythm: There are the autumnal birth, the vernal death of a school. There are the mid-term, the final examinations. There are the report cards six times a year. Th ere are the club meetings, the athletic games, the tests. There are the classrooms ' inhaling and exhaling of students, the noonday meal, the studying and the homework, the athletic practices. The many separate rhythms of school harmonize into a regular, recurring cycle, differing for each student, yet rhythmic for all. TORCH STAFF Editor-in-Chief. Hannah Henderson Business Manager Assistant Editors .... Delores Bowen Sports, Copy . . Frank Bell Art. .Barbie Cosby Layout Editors .... . Jo Gregory Betty Jane Rogers Layout Staff. . Ann Hopkins Janey Nottingham Cheryl Strong Elijah Lewis Jane Shackleford Carla Riggin Shirley Rue Charles Floyd Carmen Novoa Kipper Nottingham Harry Downing Head Typist. ... Phyllis Bradshaw Typists. .Delores Bowen Brigitte Hurtt Dianna Stevens Patty Thomas Sponsors . Mr. Berkley E. Ashby Mrs. Mary D. Shannonhouse Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Advisor IN MEMORIAM Allen Douglas Rowe Member of The Junior Class The Band The Camera Club The TORCH Staff m nr Jk s yy -M • % ITMP ' - Ommaiiom Regular, recurring meetings and events .. . SCA Class Representatives Lead Student Court: John Lansdale, Jenny Floyd, Mike Routzong, Ernie Sibb, Jim Henderson, Freddie Richardson, Janey Nottingham, Butch Nottingham. The Student Cooperative Association cultivates a feeling of kinship between faculty and students. SCA representatives from each class have done much to add to our school: they have conceived the honor code and recently have purchased an amplifier. Cecelia Brown, Elizabeth Tankard, Kay Crumb, Kathyanne Parker, Hubbard Mayhew, Ann Spady, Joan Doughty, Mar¬ tha Fountaine, Dan White, David Partin, and Scottie Acworth serve as S.C.A. representatives. Members of the Senior Committee, Janey Nottingham, Ernie Gibb, president; John Lansdale, Bub Shreaves, treasurer; Jim Henderson, vice-president; Kathleen Turner, secretary, discuss their chief money-making project: the magazine campaign. Organizations — 8 Beta Club Talent Show — Big Success Jane Kellam, secretary-treasurer; Ernie Gibb, vice-president; Phyllis Bradshaw, chaplain; Brigitte Hurtt, president, plan for annual stationery sale. Martha Fountaine, second attendant; Janey Nottingham, first attendant; Jane Kellam, maid of honor; Carmen Novoa, Queen Beta XV; Nan Tankard, Queen Beta XIV; Brigitte Hurtt, Ernie Gibb, Phyllis Bradshaw participate in the annual Beta Night . The active members of the Northampton chapter of the National Beta Club this year sponsored their annual talent show at N.H.S. and sold stationery to pay for their trip to the State Beta Convention at Richmond and to support their various activities. FIRST ROW: Ernie Gibb, Phyllis Bradshaw, Brigitte Hurtt, Jane Kellam. SECOND ROW: Kathyanne Parker, Shirley Rue, Bess Cowling, Linda Floyd, Kathleen Turner. THIRD ROW: George Mapp, Hannah Henderson, Ketsy Gibb, Mar¬ tha Fountaine, Barbie Cosby, Carla Riggin, Bill Alford. FOURTH ROW: John Lansdale, Bub Shreaves, Charles Floyd, Jim Henderson, Frank Bell, Hubert Charles Doughty, Danny White. 9 — Organizations Annual Staff Torch Inspires Creativity FIRST ROW: J im Henderson, Rawlings Scoff, Ann Hopkins, Brigiffe Hurtt, Carmen Novoa, Janey Nottingham, Mary Sue Hand, Patty Thomas, Cheryl Strong, Phyllis Bradshaw. SEC¬ OND ROW: Candy James, Carla Riggin, Shirley Rue, Jane Shackelford, John West, Kipper Nottingham, Eddie Travis. THIRD ROW: Pam Stewart, Elijah Lewis, Charles Floyd, Ed¬ die Downing, Dianna Stevens, Billy Price. Sponsors, Mrs. Shannonhouse and Mr. Ashby, assist Jo Greg¬ ory, organization editor; Barbie Cosby, assistant editor; Frank Bell, sports editor; and Betty Jane Rogers, class editor, in drawing a layout. The Northampton Annual Staff sponsored a " Miss Torch " Contest to promote annual sales. The contestants were Butch Nottingham, Jeff Davis, Phil Blais, Dan White, John Lansdale, and Wescott Terry. Jeff Davis was crowned " Miss Torch. " The Annual Staff, sponsored by Mrs. Mary Shan¬ nonhouse and Mr. Berkley Ashby, yearly composes and publishes the TORCH, a record of the year ' s events at Northampton. Photographers Clyde Small, Jim Henderson, and Rawlings Scott help Hannah Henderson, editor-in-chief, and Delores Bowen, business manager, plan the budget. Literary, Quill And Scroll Students Become Publishers Dick Shannonhouse, Charles Floyd, Ernie Gibb, and Bess Cowling smile approvingly at the first edition of the news¬ paper. Hannah Henderson welcomes Jo Gregory, Betty Jane Rog¬ ers, and Frank Bell into the Quill and Scroll Society. The officers of the Literary Club are Buck Mapp, secretary; Jeff Davis, president; Mel Doughty, vice-president; and Butch Nottingham, treasurer. The Northampton Literary Club entered its sec¬ ond year with bright prospects and a new sponsor, Mr. Outten, who now assists Mrs. Holland. Mem¬ bership has grown and its activities have increased with the publication of a school newspaper. FIRST ROW: Mike Hawker, Bess Cowling, Jim Henderson, Buck Mapp, Jeff Davis, Mel Doughy, Rebecca Trower, Lynn Mason. SECOND ROW: Steve Bralley, Hubert Doughty, Rawlings Scott, Bub Shreaves, Jim Stewart, Ernie ' Gibb, Charles Floyd, Dick Shannonhouse, Pat Wise. Tri-Hi-Y Clubs Girls Meet Challenge Of FIRST ROW: H annah Henderson , Janey Nottingham, Jamine Massey, Pam Korleski. SECOND ROW: Jane Shackelford, Jo Gregory, Betty Jane Rogers, Kathleen Turner, Ellen Wood. THIRD ROW: Peggy Kellam, Charlotte Adkins, Joan Doughty, Shirley Rue and Kathleen Turner present White Christmas packages to Mrs. Madelyn Simmonds from the Welfare De¬ partment. Secretary Jo Gregory, Vice-President Ellen Wood, President Kathleen Turner, Chaplain Betty Jane Rogers organize Model General Assembly data. Jane Kellam, Ketsy Gibb, Kathyanne Parker, Shirley Rue, Brigitte Hurtt. FOURTH ROW: Linda Floyd, Ann Hopkins, Charlene Travis, Barbie Cosby, Martha Fountaine, Peggy Ames, Ginny Dix, Abbie Reynolds. Ann Hopkins and Jo Gregory decorate the Christmas bulle¬ tin board. Charity With ' White Christmas” FIRST ROW: Kit Trower, Margaret Engle, Anne Nottingham, Judy Powell, Jacqueline Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Glenda Thomas, Diane Rolley, Betsy Tankard. FOURTH ROW: Dixie Ward, Brenda Nordstrom, Debbie Eldridge, Jane Wyatt, Mary Marsh, Lynne Rogers, Ann Stevens. Anne Nottingham plans ahead while Kit Trower leads a " Teen Talk " discussion. Those attending District Conference were, FIRST ROW: Kay Crumb, Anne Nottingham, Kathleen Turner, Shirley Rue. SECOND ROW: Jo Gregory, Hannah Henderson, Betty Jane Rogers, Pam Korleski, Janey Nottingham, Ketsy Gibb. THIRD ROW: Barbie Cosby, Linda Floyd. The Junior and Senior Tri-Hi-Ys proved their de¬ votion to their motto: " Create, maintain, and ex¬ tend, " in many ways this year. Among them are their White Christmas and Thanksgiving campaign for the needy. 13 — Organizations Debate Club Forensic Experience Sharpens Mind Carla Riggin, Blair Stewart. THIRD ROW: Ernie Gibb, Mike Hawker, John Lansdale, Jeff Davis, Dan White, Jerome Not¬ tingham, William Alford, Charles Floyd. FIRST ROW: Jo Gregory, Betty Jane Rogers, George Mapp, Barbie Cosby. SECOND ROW: Pat Lusk, Hannah Henderson, Bess Cowling, Brigitte Hurtt, Mike Routzong, Shirley Rue, Buck Mapp, Betty Jane Rogers, Jo Gregory, Mr. Webb and Mr. Outten make plans to attend the State Debate by familiarizing themselves with material related to this year ' s proposition. Ernie Gibb, Mr. Outten, Jo Gregory, Hannah Henderson, and Betty Jane Rogers leave school to attend the Debate Work Shop in Hampton. The active George B. Wynne Debating Society kept on its toes and prepared itself for the state debate meet at Charlottesville by debating the proposition at the regular meetings and after school. Dan White and Mike Hawker formulate a rebuttal while Buck Mapp presents his plan. Camera Club " Shutterbug” Fever Grips School FIRST ROW: Jim Henderson, treasurer; Clyde Small, presi¬ dent; Charlene Travis, secretary; Rawlings Scott, vice-presi¬ dent; Tommy Webb, sergeant at arms; SECOND ROW: Denise Waters, Barbara Pollock, Glenda Thomas, Larry Stev¬ ens, Robert Fountaine, Willie Moorefield, Mike Bailey, Reese Smith, THIRD ROW: Iris Arnold, June Reynolds, Wayne Ger- ringer, Jackie Thomas, Scottie Scott. FOURTH ROW: Ruth- ellen Weeks, Pandora Green, Steve Bralley, Kermit Vander- grift, Frank Dunton, John Hume, Duane Phillips. Frank Dunton shows his interest in photography by using his time wisely in the dark room. The Camera Club, this year sponsored by Mr. Daniels, promotes interest in photography by in¬ structing the members in developing and printing their own pictures. Stephen Bralley and Rawlings Scott patiently wait as Clyde Small prepares to take their picture. DE Club B On The Job Training at Concession Stand FIRST ROW: Bonnie Dunton, Sue Pruitt, Dottie West, Florence Fitchett, Bekki Blais, Maggie Badger, Terri Mar¬ shall, Cathy Evans. SECOND ROW: Jim Payne, June Thomas, George Butler, Eugene Fitchett, Charlie Cox. THIRD ROW: Buddy West, Dennis Mathewson, Lowell Wallace, Bill Mason, Bob Bowen, Ronnie Moore, Phil Turner. The Distributive Education Club at N. H. S. participated in school and community life this year. The operations of the bookstore and of the concession stand at athletic games and a party for underprivileged families were but a few of thei r activities. " What a Bargain! " Dennis Mathewson and Ricky Scott show Dottie West a new supply of theme folders. Clubs DNviona " Sorry about that—we are out of hotdogs and cokes. " Tommy Fox, Eugene Eder, Kathy Evans, Dennis Mathew¬ son, and George Butler helped in the concession stand during home football games. President Charlie Cox gets approval on club matters from Reporter Bob Bowen, Secretary Florence Fitchett, Parliamentarian Jim Payne, Vice-president Ronnie Moore, and Treasurer Warren Seanlan. Students Sail Seas Boating Club ££ mam mmcsr.- mime mw , " . .. • ■»: w ' VMMMI “ . ' JCS 3 B• .cm ®Mi m: lla iKn ' ' aaaa w l sasffi Ml SWtCRAFT VA 5 FIRST ROW: Jimmy Turner, Ray Taylor, Melvin Coates, SECOND ROW: Jim Stewart, Myron Marsh, Jeff Davis, Dick Shannonhouse, Jim Henderson, Butch Nottingham. Elton Gladden, Al Shreaves. Al Shreaves, Jimmy Turner and Myron Marsh get ready for a field trip to Chincoteague ' s Coast Guard Station. " Butch, please, I ' d rather sail it myself! " says Jeff Davis as Elton Gladden, Jim Stewart, and Harvey Belote look on. The N. H. S. Boating Club, member¬ ship in which is limited to boat-owning junior and senior boys, develops skills of navigation and maintenance, a knowl¬ edge of boating safety and courtesy rules, and other essentials to successful sailing. Ray Taylor, secretary, Mel Coates, president, and Dick Shannonhouse, treasurer, plot a course—to Tangier? Handicraft Club Sewing Skills Perfected Charlotte Adkins directs Betty Jane Rogers in taking up her hem. " No Miniskirts here, please!” The Handicraft Club, sponsored by Mrs. Sa- vedge, encourages girls to learn and to develop skills in sewing and in arts and crafts helpful to homemakers and to express their natural creativity. Doris Ann Guy, Pam Stewart, Francis Marsh and Candy James stir up plans for the future. Sharon Isdell, Betty Somers, and Diana Stevens adjust a skirt on a " wigless wiggleless " model. FIRST ROW: Sharon Isdell, Betty Jane Rogers, Brenda Parks, Gwen Bundick, Patty Thomas, Essie Brady, Pam Stewart. SECOND ROW: Ginny Charnock, Doris Guy, Jackie Carpen¬ ter, Claudia Doughty, Betty Somers, Candy James, Charlotte Lee Adkins, Margaret Voyles, Margaret Ulrich, Dianna Stevens, and Brenda Nordstrom. FFA Projects Sharpen Abilities FIRST ROW: George Scott, Billy Carpenter, Donald Down¬ ing, Luther Mears, Charles Ames, Charlie Cox, Wade Powell, Eddie Smith. SECOND ROW: Richard Birch, Eugene Eder, Carson Lewis, Austin Carpenter, H. L. Hope, James Turner, Ray Taylor. THIRD ROW: Wayne Bradford, Arnold Jones, Danny Savage, Melvin Coates, Bruce Lambertson, Chris Carpenter, Frank Etz. FOURTH ROW: Blair Stewart, Tommy Bell, Gates Clayton, Tommy Watson, Elton Gladden, Tommy Webb, Al Shreaves. Members of the Future Farmers of America devel¬ op their farming skills by doing club and individual projects. This year, the club participated in a bi- H. M. Arnold takes a test in tool identifica¬ tion. county tool-identification test and sent delegates to forestry camp. Charlie Cox, reporter; Tommy Webb, treasurer; Elton Gladden, president; Melvin Coates, vice-president; Al Shreaves, secretary; and Jim Turner, sergeant-at-arms. Chess Competitors Fascinated Playing against Pres Trower, Tommy Palmer " fianchettoes " his bishop as Chip Manuel watches. The N. H. S. Chess Club, under a new sponsor, Mrs. Mary Shannonhouse, this year expanded both its activities and its membership. Besides providing members with opportunity to compete with people whom they would not normally meet, the Club instituted a tournament to,determine the Club Champion. The Club has also begun a library of chess books to enable members to study the games, strategy, and advice of masters of the game. The Chess Club officers, Bill Mason, vice president; Bill Alford, president; and Frank Bell, secretary-treasurer, were chosen because of their enthusiasm for the game. A i FIRST ROW: Ann Charnock, Sue Pruitt, Carmen Novoa, Bill Alford, Francine Mathewson, Frank Bell, Billy Mason, Christine Bell, Deborah Chandler, Ellen Farlow; SECOND ROW: Donna Walker, Cheryl Walker, Tommy Bonniwell, Ricky Mathews, Robert Eder, Eddie Farlow, Preston Trower, Danny Kellam, Hubbard Mayhew, Chip Manuel, Eddie Gibb, Reese Smith, Kendall Hollingsworth; THIRD ROW: Ricky Scott, Andrew Stitt, Martin Burgess, Ned Alford, Duane Phillips, Allan Daughtery, Billy Bell, Henry Floyd, Tommy Palmer, Jimmy Payne; FOURTH ROW: Dennis Bradford, Garry Drummond, Wade Fitzgerald, Dennis Mathewson, Wil¬ liam Magette. Clubsr-20 Rocket Club Model Rocketry Fostered Wade Fitzgerald readies rocket for ignition. Kris Carpenter and Charles Etheridge back away from the pad to launch a rocket. Vice-President Keith Marshall, Secretary Alfred Nottingham and Wade Fitzgerald aren ' t really going to the moon. The Rocket Club, one of the largest clubs in the school, allows students who have a knowledge, of safety rules and an understanding of the scienti¬ fic principles of rocketry to build and fly model rockets. FIRST ROW: Freddie Doughty, Adrian Carpenter, Eddie Gibb, Ricky Gaskill, Billy Simpson, Jerry Blais, James Eder. SECOND ROW: Tommy Bell, Philip Badger, Frank Notting¬ ham, Hubbard Mayhew, Glen Phillips, Eddie Farlow, Billy Carpenter, Carson Lewis. THIRD ROW: Charlie Cox, Earl Ward, Leroy Fitchett, Keith Joynes, Billy Bell, Frank Hope, Tommy Palmer, Austin Carpenter, Charles Ames. Fourth Row: Mr. Newton, Severn Carpenter, H. N. Dunton, Myron Marsh, David Partin, Derry Greene, Tommy Mapp, Kris Carpenter, Wade Fitzgerald. Varsity Club School Feeling Is Inspirited FIRST ROW: Ketsy Gibb, Wescott Terry, Peggy Ames, H. M. Arnold, Bill Lewis, Martha Fountaine, Carol Taylor. SECOND ROW: Brigitte Hurtt, Ellen Wood, Dick Shannonhouse, Jim Prince, Phil Turner, Bob Bowen, Bruce Lambertson. THIRD ROW: Elton Gladden, Mike Hawker, Bill Mason, Phil Phil¬ lips, Jim Stewart, Darryl Powell, Jim Payne. FOURTH ROW: Mike Routzong, Butch Nottingham, Buddy West, Steve Bralley, Jeff Davis, Tommy Merritt, Johnny Downing. FIFTH ROW: Dwight Matthews, Ernie Gibb, Jim Henderson, Bub Shreaves, Hubert Doughty, John Lansdale, Dan White. Treasurer Tommy Merritt, Sergeant-at-arms Bill Lewis, Presi¬ dent Wescott Terry, Vice-president Phil Turner show off their club project. (Absent Secretary Charlotte Adkins) The Varsity Club, comprised of players who have earned varsity letters, has done much to develop a feeling of kinship among the members of different N. H. S. teams, as well as to perform other services, such as providing monitors for the basketball games and oranges for the players. Dick Shannonhouse, Ernie Gibb, Jimmy Prince, Jeff Davis, Ellen Wood and Wescott Terry cheer the team to victory. Clubs Pep Club Spirit Inspires Work FIRST ROW: Suzanne Willis, Barbie Cosby, Cathe Blais. SEC¬ OND ROW: Pam Korleski, Margaret Engle, Elizabeth Eth¬ eridge, Mary Sue Hand, Rebecca Colonna, Charlene Travis, Lynn Mason, Debbie Arnold, Carmen Novoa, Scottie Scott, Jim Prince, Mr. Oakley. THIRD ROW: Rebecca Trower, Sharon Colonna, Anne Nottingham, Scottie Acworth, Judy Powell, Cindy Phillips, Debbie Dennis, Patty Hopkins, Jenny Floyd, Ann Hopkins, Phil Blais, Ellen Wood, Peggy Ames. FOURTH ROW: Jo Gregory, Norman Gladden, LuAnn Gibbs, Deborah Willis, Ann Spady, Candy Scott, Shirley Stine, Joan Doughty, Bobby Thomas, Kathyanne Parker, Mike Hawker, Mike Rout- zong, Johnny Downing. FIFTH ROW: Larry Hopkins, Frank Etz, Johnny Nottingham, Richard Nottingham, Victoria Ames, Cormilla Spady, Patrick Jones, Angela Ames, Dora Ames, Barbara Rowley, Stephen Bralley, Tommy Merritt, Phil Phillips. SIXTH ROW: Mickey Outten, Preston Scott, Danny Abbott, Howard Turner, Tommy Mapp, Kipper Nottingham, Blair Stewart, Fred Richardson, Rusty Price, Virginia Upshur, Deb¬ orah Townsend, Irene Williams. Pam Korleski, vice-president, Barbie Cosby, president, and Ann Hopkins, secretary. Such devotion earns a reward. Free tickets? Judy Powell, Kate Riggin and Lynn Mason. The purpose of the Pep Club is to develop school spirit and sportsmanship. Members make posters, collect money at games, and organize vociferous yet well-behaved cheering sections. Darryl Powell, Bill Mason, Wescott Terry, Jim Hender¬ son, H. M. Arnold, Bub Shreaves, and Bob Bowen " Eat to Win and Win to Eat! " Band, Choral Musicians Perfect Talents fiisi a 1 m m iim Band Members: Charlotte Adkins, Bess Cowling, Debbie Dennis, Margaret Engle, Cassandra Greene, Pandora Greene, Hannah Henderson, Patty Hopkins, Brigitte Hurtt, Carolyn Parsons, Betty Jane Rogers, Jane Shackelford, Shirley Stine, Charlene Travis. Boys: Bill Alford, Christopher Ames, William Bell, Mike Belote, Tommy Bonniwell, Alien Daughtrey, Hubert Doughty, Gary Drummond, Frank Dunton, Henry Floyd, Eddie Gibb, Kendall Hollingsworth, Dave Jensen, Charles Johnson, Chip Manuel, Keith Marshall, Alfred Notting¬ ham, James Payne, Tony Partin, Mike Pollock, Danny Savage, Al Shreaves, Eddie Smith, Jackie Thomas, Kermit Vander- grift, Lowell Wallace, Tommy Webb, Gregory Williams. Charlotte Adkins, chaplain; Al Shreaves, vice-president; Brigitte Hurtt, secretary-treasurer; Jane Shackelford, re¬ porter; and Bess Cowling, president. Howard Turner, Becky Trower, Lynn Mason, and Pres¬ ton Scott review music list. The Northampton High School Symphonic Band, a versatile organization playing both classical and popular music with equal ease, was very active this year, playing at two concerts and at all the home football games. Students interested in music who do not play an instrument may join the Choral Club. Students listen to various musical instruments during choral session. Band members prepare for concert. Daily practice, weekly competition . . . FRONT ROW: Robert Fountaine, manager; Johnny Downing, Phil Turner, Steve Bartholomew, Joe P. Doughty, Tom Foun¬ taine, Billy Mason and H. M. Arnold (co-captains), Billy Rayfield, S. D. Lewis, Rufus Lane, Kipper Nottingham, man¬ ager. BACK ROW: Coach Kenneth Webb, Tony Partin, James Turner, Jimmy Turner, G. W. Adkins, Ernie Gibb, Bub Shreaves, Jimmy Prince, Phil Snyder, Mel Coates, Coach H. P. Wescott. David Partin, manager, not in picture. Jackets Roll Sparked defensively by pitchers Joe P. Doughty and Tom Fountaine and offensively by the strong batting of H. M. Arnold and S. D. Lewis, the 1966 Yellow Jackets posted a season ' s record of twelve won and four lost, with a conference record of two won and four lost. Bub Shreaves prepares to hit the ball in the first night game, against Onancock. H. M. Arnold scores against Onancock. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD SOFTBALL SCOREBOARD We They 9 Parksley 2 10 Atlantic 7 11 Onancock 7 0 James Blair 1 1 3 James Blair 6 1 Barry-Robinson 0 6 Cape Charles 2 4 Gloucester 1 0 Gloucester 2 2 Onancock 0 7 Atlantic 6 5 Pouquoson 6 8 Pouquoson 5 6 Parksley 1 9 Cape Charles 2 8 Chincoteague 0 Denotes Conference game. Both the girls ' softball and the baseball teams had strong offenses. The girls ' basic problem was a weak defense; whereas the boys had an effective one, with three shut-outs to their credit in 1966. With only three seniors on the small squad, lack of depth handicapped the girls, but the experience We 6 Parksley They 5 13 Atlantic 24 8 Pa rksley 12 1 1 Atlantic 13 9 Central 8 25 Chincoteague 5 Baseball, Softball Teams Score gained by underclassmen is expected to produce a strong team next year. Although a number of excellent players gradu¬ ated, remaining talent will undoubtedly give the baseball team their third winning season in a row. FIRST ROW: Bonnie Hamilton (Co-captain), Florence Fitch- ett, Nan Tankard, Pam Stewart. SECOND ROW: Letchia Webb, Charlotte Adkins, Betsy Whittington, Teresa Pruitt, Debbie Arnold. THIRD ROW: Cathy Doughty (Co-captain), Suzanne Willis, Suellen Prince, Charlene Travis, Ruth Ames, Ann Charnock. STANDING: Coach J. R. Outten. Sports — 27 FRONT: Billy Alford, Tom Taylor, Frank Bell, Francis Down¬ ing, Hubert Doughty, Guy Dorey, Mike Routzong, Jim Hen¬ derson, Jimmy Payne, Danny Abbott, Steve Bralley, Donald Stine. BACK: Coach William Oakley, Steve Robins, Steve McCready, John Lansdale, Ira Higbee, Danny White, Wade Fitzgerald, Elton Gladden, Billy Mason, Dwight Matthews, Mike Hawker, Buddy West, Butch Nottingham, Head Coach Kenneth Parker. hree Jackets To State Meet The 1966 N.H.S. Track team began the season with three straight victories and closed out the year with a 6 won and 3 lost record and with respectable showings in the large meets: second in the Eastern Shore Meet, fifth in the District I Group 2 Meet. The J.V. team was third in the Eastern Shore J.V. Meet. Three athletes at District qualified for the state meet at Charlottesville: Guy Dorey and Snooky Downing in the high hurdles and Jim Prince in the high jump. With many outstanding underclassmen returning, the prospects are excellent for the 1967 season. Tommy Palmer, Fred Richardson, Mickey Outten, Tommy Fox, Wayne Bradford, Raymond Rehl, Lew Willis, Donald Rehl. Sports — 28 New Sport At Northampton Coach Parker checks a runner ' s time at a track practice last Spring. A new sport, Cross-country, coached by Mr. Newton, began this year at Northampton, Led by Dwight Matthews, a miler during track season, the nine-man team made a good showing for one so new. In the Groups IB and 2 meet, the team placed seventeenth; in the Williamsburg Invitational Meet, nineteenth. In its several meets at Wicomico, its best placing was that of second in a triple meet. i j VAsUlNGTOV » Snooky Downing hurdles for points against Washington High School. W % 1 L.3F . ■ A J A ' 11 t A i • 1 Mu CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FRONT: Eug ene Johnson, Severn Carpenter, Ronald Powell, Earl Bon- ey. BACK: Hubert Doughty, Dwight Matthews, Snooky Downing, Steve Bralley, Charles Floyd, and Coach Phil Newton. 29 — Sports Cheerleaders Spark Wins FRONT ROW: Patty Hopkins, Scottie Acworth, Lynne Rogers. BACK ROW: Diane Rolley, Bet¬ sy Tankard, Jenny Floyd, Anne Nottingham. The Varsity and J. V. Cheerleaders have in¬ creased their activities this year. Under the coach¬ ing of Mrs. Nancy Parker, they have regularly pre¬ pared bulletin boards and signs encouraging the team and promoting sportsmanship, and they have learned a number of new cheers. The cheerleaders have raised school spirit to its highest level in years. Pam Korleski and Coach Oakley admire bulletin board prepared by cheerleaders. Sports—30 Martha Fountaine and Ellen Wood perform a new cheer. Girls Work For Sports BOTTOM: Kathyanne Parker and Ketsy Gibb help construct Homecoming float. SIDE: Cheerleaders Captain Ellen Wood and Martha Foun- taine decorate the goal posts before one of the home games. After winning only one of their first four games, and that one by forfeiture, the Yellow Jackets ral¬ lied to win their last six games, ending the season with a record of 7 games won and 3 lost. Northampton ' s strength was its running attack and its defense. The team netted, rushing, 2,177 yards, almost twice as much as their opponents gained on the ground. The injury of Jim Prince, the regular quarterback, in the second game of the season, eliminated him for the season and threw the passing to Bub Shreaves, the fullback. Bub Shreaves, the team ' s most valuable player in 1966, was All-District I Group 2 fullback and top scorer in the District with 135 points. Besides Shreaves, other Jackets made the All- District team: Bill Mason, center, and Wescott Terry, tackle, second team. Halfback H. M. Arnold and end John Lansdale received honorable men¬ tion. With ten lettermen returning in 1967, we expect an equally good season next year. Bub Shreaves High-Scorer H. M. Arnold slips around and against Chincoteague. FRONT: Kipper Nottingham, trainer; Tommy Bonniwell, man¬ ager; Charles Johnson, Paul Rogers, Fred Richardson, Dan Abbott, Mike Routzong, Butch Nottingham, Jim Henderson, H. M. Arnold, Mickey Outten, A. C. Ward, Bill Alford, Darryl Powell, Mike Hawker. BACK: Coach William Oakley, Elton Gladden, manager; Frank Bell, statistician; Austin Car¬ penter, Clyde Bradford, James Johnson, John Lansdale, Bob Bowen, Jim Prince, Jeff Davis, Wescott Terry, Bub Shreaves, Phil Phillips, Dan White, Ray Rehl, Bill Mason, Coach Ken Webb, and Head Coach Ken Parker. Jackets Have Rough Offense Coach Parker and the Jackets ' sub¬ stitutes watch the action from the sidelines. SCOREBOARD We They Won James Blair Lost 12 Franklin 41 6 Southampton 19 3 Smithfield 6 32 Gloucester 14 35 Central 7 20 Onancock 7 37 Chincoteague 6 33 Forest Glen 6 10 Poquoson 0 Won by forfeit. 33—Sports Slow Start Cripples Team For the second year in a row, the Northamp¬ ton Yellow Jackets tied for, then lost fourth place and a chance in the District I Group 2 tournament, losing to John Yeates in a heart¬ breaking 51 to 55 play-off game. In regular season play, the Jackets started the season slowly, winning only 2 of their first 8 games. These early losses caused their poor season ' s record of 8 games won and 9 lost. In conference play, they won 3 and lost 7 games. The return of Co-captain Bill Lewis, who had missed three games, sparked the improvement in the latter part of the season in which the team won 6 games and lost 3. The high scorer on the team was Wescott Terry with 244 points and an average of 13.5 points per game to his credit.Tommy Merritt, who scored 233 points and averaged 12.9 per game, closely followed him. We SCOREBOARD They 40 Poquoson 41 57 Smithfield 51 43 Pocomoke 48 43 John Yeates 53 60 Onancock 37 56 Gloucester 63 39 James Blair 95 62 Smithfield 77 67 Snow Hill 51 65 Poquoson 40 52 John Yeates 44 76 Onancock 49 38 Gloucester 48 70 Princess Anne, Md. 49 64 James Blair 80 72 Cape Charles 52 64 Pocomoke 66 51 John Yeates (play-off) 55 John Downing lays up the ball in a fast-brealc play. Sports—34 CENTER: Co-capta ins Bill Lewis and Tommy Merritt; BACK: Coach Ken Webb, Buck Mapp, Charles Floyd, Phil Turner, Ernie Gibb, Phil Phillips, Wescott Terry, Jim Prince, Mike Routzong, Claude Nottingham, Elijah Lewis, John Notting¬ ham, Kipper Nottingham, trainer; and Robert Fountaine, manager. Jackets Lose Tourney Berth 35—Sports FRONT ROW: Earl Boney, Cecil Fogle, Eugene Johnson, Ronald Powell, J. C. Trower, Leon Sheffield, Whit Turner, Donald Rehl, Chip Manuel, Alfred Nottingham, Guy Mor¬ ris, Donald Fogle, Steve Jones; BACK ROW: Steve Mc- Cready, student coach; Allan Daugh trey, Norman Gladden, David Partin, Kenny Collins, Alvin Morris, Tommy Mapp, Derry Greene, Lew Willis, Jack Womble, Tommy Palmer, and Bruce Lambertson, student coach. J.V. Basketball Team Third In District The N.H.S. junior varsity football team, coached this year by students, Bruce Lambertson and Steve McCready, finished the season with a 2 games won and 3 lost record. FIRST ROW: Howard Turner and Lew Willis, co-captains; SECOND ROW: Fred Richardson, Paul Rogers, Mickey Out- ten, Larry Hopkins; THIRD ROW: Danny Abbott, Severn The J.V. basketball team did better, recording an I I won and 6 lost ledger, placing third in Dis¬ trict I Group 2 J.V. competition. Carpenter; FOURTH ROW: Allan Daughtrey, manager; Wade Powell, Charlie Boss, Tommy Fox, Kenny Collins, David Par- tin, Johnny Nottingham, and Coach William Oakley. Sports Keepers of the school ' s rhythm . .. Mr. Lawson, school superintendent, visits the school library. P.T.A. Officers: Mrs. Francis Rolley, secretary; Mr. E. T. Merritt, president; Mrs. Clarence Stine, treasurer. Absent when picture was taken: Mr. W. W. Bralley, vice president. Miss Windecker instructs her staff in the use of the Rolodex. Staff—38 Mr. Phillip Tankard left in October to assume new duties as Superintendent of Accomack County schools. A number of changes in administration oc¬ curred at Northampton this year: Mr. Phil¬ lip Tankard left the school for the super¬ intendency of the Accomack County schools. Mr. George Young became principal, with Mr. Berkley Ashby and Mr. William Oakley assuming the posts of assistants to the prin¬ cipal. Despite the shake-up, the school continued to function smoothly, with no noticeable break in routine when the new administration took over. Principal George W. Young switches on the P. A. system to make an announcement. Administration On The Go Mr. Berkley E. Ashby, assistant to the principal, is engrossed in checking Mr. William Oakley, assistant to the principal, scruti- the monthly athletic budget. nizes the daily bus report. Students Aid Staff Jane Kellam, Jamine Massey, and Bess Cowling plan library work for the day. MRS. LORETTA W. SMALLEY Guidance Counselor Lou Ann Anthony, Linda Floyd, and Becky Colonna assist Miss Scott by placing cards in returned books. Betty Somers, Mary Dudley Mapp, and Carol Taylor help with guidance files. Their jobs include alphabetiz¬ ing materials, typing, filing and sorting vocational materials. MISS MARGARET C. scon Librarian Miss Scott supervises as Buck Mapp, Micky Outten and Wayne Serringer thread the projector. Staff—40 Workers Adapt to School Routine Lunchroom Ladies Mrs. Bessie Payne, Mrs. Elsie Tatem, Mrs. Juanita Rowe, and Mrs. Louise Moore prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Bus Drivers: Mrs. Louise Moore, Mr. Herbert Shreaves, Mrs. Irma Evans, Mrs. Margaret Bundick, Mr. Dick Nelson, Mr. Charles Heath, and Mr. Chester Rob¬ bins. 41 —Staff Teachers Co-Ordinate Activities Mrs. Shannonhouse checks copy sheets for final approval. mm MRS. VIRGELIA T. MAPP English, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor MRS. LAURA NOTTINGHAM English, Choral Music MRS. MARGARET C. H9LLAND English, History, Literary Club Sponsor MRS. MARY D. MRS. NANCY K. PARKER SHANNONHOUSE English, Guidance, Varsity English, French, Chess Spon- Cheerleading Sponsor, Var- sor, Annual Sponsor sity Club Sponsor Does working with students after school bring out the Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde in Mr. Outten? MR. WILLIAM J. OAKLEY Assistant Principal, Science, History, Physical Education, Pep Club Sponsor MR. KENNETH M. WEBB History, Geography, Debate Club Sponsor MR. H. P. WESCOTT MR. JACOB R. OUTTEN History, Basic Electricity, S. Government, History, Literary C. A. Sponsor and Debate Club Sponsor Staff—42 The Laboratory Has Many Uses ■ Mrs. Klein makes preparations for a tough day. Mr. Burnham selects acid to be used for the experiment. MRS. BETSY S. KLEIN MRS.. ELIZABETH J. NEWTON Mathematics, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Mathematics Sponsor MRS. HELEN G. BELL MRS. BERTIE P. HENDERSON Mathematics Mathematics, Senior Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor MISS LILA N. JACOB MR. JOSEPH E. BURNHAM French, Latin, Beta Club Cnemistry, Drafting, Boating Sponsor Club Sponsor MR. WILLIAM F. DANIELS Biology, Camera Club Spon¬ sor MR. PHILIP E. NEWTON Science, Mathematics, Rocket Club Sponsor. 43—Staff New Year Brings Hopeful Prospects MR. BERKLEY E. ASHBY Assistant Principal, Commer¬ cial Department, Guidance, Annual Sponsor The annual requires time and con¬ centration from Mr. Ashby. MRS. MARY N. KELLAM MR. DAVID D. GRAYBEAL Commercial Department Distributive Education, D.E. Sponsor MRS. ELLEN P. CAMDEN MR. JAY D. MEEK Mr. Meek is looking forward to a successful concert. Art Band MR. J. T. BADGER. JR. Shop, Agriculture, F. F. A. Sponsor MRS. VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE Home Economics, Handicraft Sponsor MRS. SUSAN J. BURNS Physical Education and Health J. V. Cheerleading Sponsor MR. KENNETH D. PARKER Physical Education and Health, Varsity Sponsor Staff—44 Rosa Lee Bell and Donna Savage concentrate on Math II. Wonders Of Math And Science The physics class made a fountain using air pressure. Glenda Thomas and Jane Wyatt study electricity in General Science. Clyde Small observes John Lansdale ' s methods of measuring. 46 Paul Rogers gains insight through microscope. Sinny Dix and Jane Shackelford discuss the bisecting of an angle in Geom¬ etry class. H. N. Dunton prepares to give a demonstra¬ tion of Algebra. Kathyanne Parker and Ketsy Gibb take time out from cheerleading to study Trigonometry. Elton Gladden, Dwight Matthews, Gene Colonna, Carla Riggin and Barbara Cosby practice choral reading. Communication Is The Essence of Understaninding Each student at Northampton takes five years of English courses, studying, besides prosaic grammar, literature, both English and that of other countries in translation. Students delve into the philosophy, beliefs, and purposes of authors as shown in their works. Textbooks are supplimented by re¬ quired reading, book reviews, term papers, and creative writing. Clyde Small relates his story after studying The Canter¬ bury Tales. Jackie Thomas illustrates how to diagram a sentence. i Academics—48 " The French don ' t care what they do, as long as they pronounce it properly. " Advanced French students, Jo Gregory, Janey Nottingham, Hannah Henderson, Bess Cowl¬ ing, and Brigitte Hurtt strive for correct pronunciation. The French II class listens to tape recorder to improve pronunciation. Two foreign languages are offered at Northamp¬ ton: Latin and French. Both courses, besides gram¬ mar and vocabulary, include a summary of the par¬ ticular nation ' s history, literature, and government; the Latin II class studies the writings of Julius Caesar. Henry Floyd, Billy Magette, Candy Scott, Kipper Nottingham, Joan Doughty, Russell Gladden and Andrew Stitt play Latin Bingo. 49—Academics One, two, three and we are ready for another five-minute writing. Gwen Bundick, Jim Payne and Richard Kellam check typewriters for adjustments. Kermit Vandergrift, Clyde Bradford, Constance Wilkins, Joyace Church, Donna Savage, and Raymond Rehl prepare a report on consumption and production for General Business. A number of courses at Northampton of¬ fer instruction in the basic academic skills of business: General Business is an intro¬ duction into business procedures and prac¬ tices. Typing I and II teach one of the most useful mechanical skills of business. Bookkeeping is the first of a long series of courses in accounting that continue into college. Besides the skills outlined, students also learn business terminology and the legal aspects of business. Vocational Courses The Distributive Education courses train students in merchandising through class¬ room instruction, individual projects, and on-the-job training at the establishments of local businessmen. Mrs. Kellam instructs Mary Sue Hand and Christine Moore in the proper writing of the " ie " symbol in shorthand. Academics—50 " Hello! Hello! Would you like to have some of my tangerine? " Tommy Fox, Sue Pruitt and Ellen Farlow practice proper telephone techniques. Offer Future Employment for Students " And on behalf of " the D. E. class, Rickie Scott delivers a lecture. Francine Mathewson assists Margaret Ulrich in preparing daily bookkeeping assignment. V :r Creative Skills Offered In Many Anne Nottingham and Andy Mason paint a winter mural. Quiet overcomes locker room while boys have physical education in the gym. Home economics offers a variety of skills. Kathy Charnock, Betty Jane Rogers, and Brenda Moore. Al Shreaves, as student director, takes his turn leadina the band Academics—52 Areas of Study In drafting class, Jimmy Henderson copies a layout of a house. Wayne Hall uses the drill press in shop. Mrs. Burns and the public health assistant check instruments for dental survey. Darryl Powell, Tommy Scott, and Dennis Bradford prepare to work with electrical equipment. 53—Academics From Genesis to Johnson Sing along with Jake? World History and American Government are two close¬ ly related courses; World History presents to the student man from " Adam to the atom, " emphasizing the develop¬ ment of Western thought in classical and European cul¬ tures. Besides studying current events for their effect on international politics, Government covers the design and workings of the American political state, and uses this study to demonstrate the need for cooperation among men and nations. Mr. Webb assists Frances Marsh in preparing a special project for United States history. Miss Scott explains a chart on American History to students. Shirley Stine delivers scholarly lecture on Marco Polo. Departments Recognize Outstanding Seniors rtifj 1 kt Si . »• 1. Home Economics —Betty Jane Rogers 2. Physical Education —Steve McCready 3. Science —Kathleen Turner 4. English —Phyllis Bradshaw 5. Business —Mary Dudley Mapp 6. Art —Eric Shreaves 55—Academics 1. Math— Ernie Gibb 2. History— Francis Downing 3. Shop —Melvin Coates 4. Music —Al Shreaves First Semester Honor Roll First semester honor roll for 1966-67 includes all Northampton High School students, both General and College preparatory, who have maintained an average of 91% with no grade below C. The following are receiving this honor: 12th Grade Phyllis Bradshaw, Ernest Gibb, Hannah Henderson, James Henderson, Brigitte Hurtt, Jane Kellam, Dennis Mathewson (G), Thomas Merritt, Janey Nottingham, Betty Jane Rogers, Otto Shreaves, Kathleen Turner. I I th Grade William Alford, Frank Bell, Hubert Doughty, Mel Doughty, Chris Elliott, Linda Floyd, Ketsy Gibb, Kathyanne Parker, Shirley Rue, Dan White. IOth Grade Daniel Abbott, Joan Doughty, Harry Dunton, Richard Nottingham, Francine Mathewson, Mike Pollock, Abbie Reynolds, Jane Shackelford. 9th Grade Edward Alford, Michael Belote, Rebecca Colonna, Henry Floyd, Jenny Floyd, Frank Lusk, III, William Magette, Clifford Notting¬ ham, Anne Nottingham, Vicki Reynolds. 8th Grade William Bell, Tommy Mapp, Debbie Miles, June Reynolds, Denise Walters, Ruthellen Weeks. Academics—56 8th Grade Officers Score Vice-President, H. E. Downing, tries for two points while President Debbie Miles and Sec¬ retary Etta Rayfield block the shot. Geneva E. Ames James F. Ames Sophronia L. Ames Lou Ann Anthony Iris P. Arnold Elizabeth B. Ashby Philip M. Badger Michael K. Bailey Vanessa P. Baker William A. Bell Sally D. Belote Jerome J. Blais Thomas S. Bonniwell Richard T. Bradford Steve V. Brady Robert L. Brittingham William P. Brittingham Cecelia A. Brown Adrian H. Carpenter William A. Carpenter Evelyn Chandler William T. Church Phyllis Curtis Garnell Doggett William F. Doughty Classes — 58 Harry E. Downing Delores M. Eder James S. Eder Deborah A. Eld ridge Richard Eldridge Charles R. Etheridge John E. Farlow Leroy F. Fitchett Robert S. Fitchett Cecil I. Fogle Richard M. Gaskill Derry R. Green Pandora Greene Kandell O. Hollingsworth Francis H. Hope John A. Hume James Jones Keith E. Joynes M. Lynn Kaczorowski Thomas J. Mapp, Jr. Ricky L. Matthews Kiernan H. Mayhew Delores A. Mears Edith M. Mears Margaret A. Mears Delores A. Merritt Deborah L. Miles Patricia Mitchell Barbara J. Moore Willie L. Moorfield Guy A. Morris Frank W. Nottingham Mavon Nottingham Douglas R. Parker Howard F. Parker 59 — Classes Barry B. Parks Carolyn T. Parsons Alexander R. Pearson Glen K. Phillips Barbara C. Pollock Billy J. Price Mary L. Pruitt Mary E. Rayfield June F. Reynolds Sarah E. Reynolds Lynne C. Rogers Diane B. Rolley Margarita E. Rosendo John W. Sanderson, Jr. Carlton T. Scott, Jr. Bulletin Boards Hold Interest John Lee Shreaves William A. Simpson Debra Smith Harry L. Smith Kathy E. Smith Reese B. Smith Elizabeth A. Stevens Larry P. Stevens Shirley A. Stewart Elizabeth B. Tankard Glenda J. Thomas Jackie Thomas Edwin J. Travis James C. Trower Katherine M. Trower Classes — 60 Whitaker H. Turner Norma J. Ulrich Cheryl A. Walker Donna M. Walker Dixie L. Ward Earl T. Ward Patsy A. Ward Denise B. Waters Bessie M. Webb Ruthellen D. Weeks John H. West Philip J. Wrona Kathleen K. Wyatt Mary J. Wyatt Vivian J. Wyatt Goldie L. Wynder Of 8th Graders And Sponsors Mrs. Nottingham, Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Mapp check bulletin board for daily activities. Jerry Blais and Joyce Wyatt finish work on bulletin board for history class. 61 — Classes 9th Grade Shrieks Win Spirit Jug E. Scott Acworth Edward M. Alford Angela F. Ames Charles P. Ames Clifton R. Ames Victoria L. Ames Byron W. Bailey Rosa Lee Bell Thomas G. Bell Michael T. Belote Philip L. Blais Rodney Bones Earl Boney T. Jean Bowen V. O ' Neil Bowen Walter W. Bradford Melinda Brady Shirley M. Bull Martin L. Burgess John D. Butt Jacqueline M. Carpenter Kris W. Carpenter Linda K. Chambers Samuel G. Clayton Kenneth L. Collins Classes — 62 Rebecca P. Colonna Sharon E. Colonna Darlene Cornish John A. Daughtrey Debra L. Dennis Donald W. Downing Ernest G. Drummond Everett F. Dunton Margaret E. Engle Frank J. Etz Henry B. Floyd Jenny J. Floyd Jane P. Foeman Don G. Fogle Robert N. Fountaine Thomas A. Fox N. Sue Gardner Edward H. Gibb Lulie A. Gibbs Mandalina P. Giddens Norma Gladden Walter R. Gladden John T. Griffin William M. Hall Herbert L. Hope Larry H. Hopkins Patricia L. Hopkins Eugene C. Johnson Beulah Jones Pattrick A. Jones Steven E. Jones Virginia A. Jones Danny M. Kellam Pamela R. Kelly Bessie A. Lane 63 — Classes Deborah A. Lee Richard D. Lewis Frank M. Lusk William L. Magette Edwin H. Manuel Mary L. Marsh Betty J. Marshall Zachary R. Marshall Rudolph L. Martinez Joe A. Mason Luther L. Mears Alvin R. Morris Maggie O. Moses Brenda A. Nordstrom Anne L. Nottingham Anthony T. Nottingham Clifford A. Nottingham Severn A. Nottingham Carmen J. Novoa Thomas S. Palmer Nancy C. Parks William F. Parks David G. Partin Vincent D. Phillips Judy K. Powell Ronald L. Powell David L. Puckett Donald R. Rehl Vicki V. Reynolds Wendy V. Reynolds Karon M. Riggin David M. Sample Daniel D. Savage Donna L. Savage Candace L. Scott Classes — 64 George E. Scott Mary E. Scott Leon Sheffield Barbara A. Simpson Patricia A. Simpson Doretha Smaw Ann D. Spady Harry J. Spady William R. Spady Lillian L. Stevens Thomas B. Stewart Shirley K. Stine Andrew D. Stitt Mary M. Suderno William C. Suderno John E. Taylor Glenn E. Thomas Joyce Thomas Deborah Townsend Nancy Trower Preston E. Trower Bonnie S. Ulrich Tom E. Watson Ross WeeTs Walter B. Widgen Frank C. Williams Lilia M. Williams Gregory Williams Deborah M. Willis Lyman E. Willis John R. Womble 65 — Classes Beware Of Tenth Graders On The Move Kay Crumb, sophomore president, tries to push her staff: Howard Turner, treasurer, toward a successful year. Danny Abbott, vice-president; Preston Scott, secretary; and Daniel R. Abbott Christopher Ames Dora D. Ames Larry A. Ball Christine L. Bell Jean C. Belote Linda Birch Richard L. Birch Myron W. Boggs Charles W. Boss Vernon C. Bradford Essie M. Brady Marion Brady George K. Butler Donnie L. Campbell Classes — 66 Austin A. Carpenter, Jr. Severn G. Carpenter Deborah L. Chandler Carolyn A. Charnock Mary V. Charnock Joyace A. Church Phyllis A. Church Dale P. Colonna W. Kay Crumb Jeffrey B. Culver Virginia C. Dix Claudia J. Doughty Joan. Doughty Ted D. Duer Harry N. Dunton Edward Eder Eugene F. Eder Robert Eder Elizabeth. Etheridge Ellen B. Farlow Lloyd Fox Phyllis Giddens Jean Green Doris Ann Guy Audrey Henderson Larry Hicks Carolyn Hope Sharon Isdell David C. Jensen Arnold Jones Margaret Kellam Richard Kellam Bruce Lambertson Carson Lewis Charles Mapp 67 — Classes Sponsor Trio Plans Course Mrs. Holland, Mr. Outten, and Mr. Daniels bone up on tenth grade biology course. Cynthia Mapp Barbara Mason Lynn R. Mason Francine E. Mathewson Ronnie Mears Kennis Morse John Nottingham Richard Nottingham Milton Outten Anthony Partin Kenneth Pennell Dago A. Pieras Nestor Pieras Michael E. Pollock Ida P. Powell Wade T. Powell Kellam C. Press Suellen Prince K. Sue Pruitt Raymond L. Rehl Abbie R. Reynolds Fred F. Richardson Paul N. Rogers Barbara A. Rowley Irving E. Sayers Classes — 68 Preston H. Scott Jane R. Shackelford Eddie R. Smith Carmilla L. Spady Patricia A. Thomas Robert B. Thomas Rebecca S. Trower Howard M. Turner Cecil K. Vandegrift Austin C. Ward Ella Ward George T. Webb Letchia J. Webb Joe H. West Constance N. Wilkins Delpha L. Williams School cafeteria supplies food for thought for Lynn Mason, Ginny Uix, buellen Prince, Abbie Keynolds, and 69 — Classes The aggressive Secretary Ketsy Gibb and Treasurer Barbie Cosby topple President Mike Routzong and Vice-President Dan White. Juniors Tackle The Present William L. Alford, Jr. Joyce A. Ames Ruth W. Ames Deborah A. Arnold Selma M. Bailey Frank W. Bell, Jr. Catherine M. Blais R. Dennis Bradford Gwendolyn Bundick E. Katherine Charnock Barbara A. Cosby Charles E. Cox Hubert C. Doughty T. Melson Doughty John E. Downing Classes — 70 Bonnie J. Dunton D. Christopher Elliott Kathy B. Evans Eugene F. Fitchett Willie N. Fitchett Wade H. Fitzgerald Charles R. Floyd Linda L. Floyd Martha L. Fountaine Wayne B. Cerringer Keziah A. Gibb F. Elton Gladden Cassandra C. Greene Mary S. Hand Cassandra M. James While Preparing For The Future Is eating their favorite pastime? Rings are here! 71 — Classes Foursome Represents Juniors Chris Elliott, Barbie Cosby, Shirley Rue, and Cindy Phillips represent the Class of 1968 in the Homecoming Parade. Charles R. Johnson Betty J. Lafferty Elijah W. Lew is George R. Mapp Frances M. Marsh B. Keith Marshall William E. Mason Dwight K. Matthews Linda L. Mears Brenda D. Moore Christine A. Moore Claude J. Nottingham Jerome W. Nottingham Kathyanne Parker Brenda F. Parks Cynthia L. Phillips ' Hilton B. Phillips Doyle D. Price James F. Prince Carla G. Riggin Classes — 72 Steve M. Robins Michael J. Routzong Shirley A. Rue William S. Russell G. Mitchell Selby Pamela Stewart William R. Taylor June C. Thomas Teresa P. Thornes M. Charlene Travis James A. Turner Margaret A. Ulrich Virginia L. Upshur Margaret Voyles Joan G. Walters 73 — Classes Shipwrecked senior class officers, Vice-President Bub Shreaves; Secretary Bess Cowling; Treasurer Janey Nottingham; and President John Lansdale are left high and dry on THE GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP. Seniors Plot Course For Future Charlotte L. Adkins Peggy B. Ames Herbert M. Arnold Maggie H. Badger Harvey W. Belote Linda B. Belote Rebecca A. Blais Delores A. Bowen Classes — 74 Snow, snow, don ' t go away; we ' re " gonna get " a nice Holiday! Robert L. Bowen Phyllis A. Bradshaw Stephen W. Bralley Dianna K. Briclchouse George M. Coates Gene C. Colonna Elizabeth A. Cowling Shirley A. Crockett Earnestine Cypress Jeffery L. Davis Fra ncis C. Downing, Jr. Linda O. Downing Florence M. Fitchett 75—Classes Students Insist Upon High Goals Clyde E. Gibb Martha J. Gregory Donald W. Hall Michael B. Hawker Hannah P. Henderson James L. Henderson Ann L. Hopkins Brigitte D. Hurtt James E. Johnson Jane D. Kellam Pamela J. Korleski Betty Jane Rogers and Ann Hopkins portray senior life at a lighter moment. Whether For Future, Fun, Or Folly. -ST John E. Lansdale Diana F. Lewis Steve D. Lewis William K. Lewis Mary D. Mapp Billy Lewis scores the final basket for a victory over Smithfield. Girls Find The Formula For Fun!! Janey Nottingham, Jane Kellam, and Betty Jane Rogers observe and record the results of an experi¬ ment with sulfur. Janey F. Nottingham James C. Payne Carolyn Powell Darryl W. Powell Yvonne Powell George R. Rehl Elizabeth N. Rogers Jean I. Ruffin Warren L. Scanlan Rickie T. Scott Thomas B. Scott Woodis R. Scott Classes — 78 Richard D. Shannonhousf Alwood L. Shreaves Otto B. Shreaves Charles E. Shrieves Clyde A. Small Wayne L. Smith Betty A. Somers Dianna L. Stevens James M. Stewart Cheryl L Strong Carol A. Taylor Nat W. Terry Mrs. Parker and Mr. Wescott, class sponsors, check records of prospective graduates. Mr. Ashby presents Homecoming Queen Brigitte Hurtt with a bouquet of chrysanthemums. I I V ' Enjoying a lighter moment of English class, Jane Kellam, sing Shakespearean songs as Mike Hawker accompanies on Charlotte Adkins, Steve McCready, and Kathleen Turner guitar. Seniors Have Rhythm! Kathleen R. Turner Phillip M. Turner Lowell S. Wallace Dorothy J. West Roger S. West Irene L. Williams Harold C. Wise Picture Not Available Ronald Moore (P.G.) Mary O. Wood (P.G.) Ellen R. Wood Classes — 80 Who Was Who In 1967 Tommy Merritt Ellen Wood Brigitte Hurtt Bub Shreaves Wescott Terry Hannah Henderson Jim Jo Gregory Jane Kellam Janey Nottingham Bill (absent John Lansdale) Henderson Lewis 81 Jo, don ' t you know three ' s a crowd? ’Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know” Would you believe they ' re the honor graduates? Would you believe they ' ll graduate? Would you believe they ' re normal? Senior Statistics CHARLOTTE LEE ADKINS Pep Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 5, 4, (Secretary 5); Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Chaplain 5); Handi¬ craft Club 5; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Choral 3; Softball 2, 3, 4, 5. PEGGY BYRD AMES Varsity Club 4, 5; Pep Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; 4-H I, 2; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Softball 3. HERBERT MANNING ARNOLD Choral 4; Varsity Club 4, 5, (President 5); J. V. Football I; J. V. Basketball 2; J. V. Track 2; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; Varsity Baseball 3, 4, (Captain 4). MAGGIE HALLETT BADGER Choral 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club 4, 5; Torch Staff 3. HARVEY W. BELOTE F. F. A. I, 2, 3, (Treasurer 2); Boating Club 5; J. V. Foot¬ ball 2; J. V. Basketball 2. LINDA BOSSE BELOTE Varsity Club 3; Choral 2, 3; Softball 2, 3. REBECCA ANNE BLAIS Choral 4; D. E. Club 4, 5. DELORES ANN BOWEN Chor¬ al 3, 4; F. H. A. Club 3; Torch Staff 5, (Business Manager 5); Pep Club 4; Softball 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LEE BOWEN Choral 3; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club 4, 5, (Reporter 5); J. V. Football 2; J. V. Track 2; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5. PHYLLIS ANN BRADSHAW Beta Club 3, 4, 5, (Chaplain 5); Choral 3, 4, 5; Torch Staff 5. STEPHEN WILSON BRAL- LEY Camera Club 4, 5; Pep Club 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Literary Club 5; Varsity Football Manager 3, 4; Varsity Track 3, 4, 5; Cross-Country 5, (Co-Captain 5); J. V. Foot¬ ball 2; Varsity Baseball 2. GEORGE MELVIN COATES Boating Club 4, 5, (President 5); F. F. A. Club 4, 5, (Vice- President 5); Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. GENE CARLTON COLONNA Choral 2, 3; D. E. Club 4, 5; Varsity Track 4. ELIZABETH AULD COWLING Tri-Hi-Y Club 3. 4; Lit¬ erary Club 5; Choral 3; Debate Club 4, 5; Beta Club 3, 4, 5; Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Vice-President 4; President 5); 5. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, (Secretary 4); Class Secretary 5; J. V. Cheerleader I, 2, (Co-Captain 2); Beta Contestant 2. SHIRLEY AMELIA CROCKETT Choral 3. EARNESTINE CYPRESS (transferred). JEFFERY LEN DAVIS Literary Club 5, (President, Editor School Newspaper); Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Boating Club 4, 5; Debate Club 5; J. V. Football I, 2; J. V. Basketball I, 2, 3; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; Varsity Baseball 5; Golf 2, 3. FRANCIS CUSTIS DOWNING Choral 2, 3; Pep Club 5; Literary Club 5; Camera Club 5; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, 5; J. V, Football 2; Cross-Country 5, (Co-Captain 5). LINDA SUE OUTTEN DOWNING 4-H Club 4; Pep Club 4; Varsity Club 4; Choral 4; Class Vice- President I. FLORENCE MARIE FITCHETT Choral 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club 5, (Secretary 5). CLYDE ERNEST GIBB Rock¬ et Club 3, 4; Debate Club 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 3, 4, 5, (Vice-President 5); Varsity Club 5; S. C. A. 5, (President 5); Literary Club 5; Chess Club 4; Class Vice-President 3; Varsity Track 3; Varsity Baseball 4, 5; Varsity Basketball 5. MARTHA JO GREGORY 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary I, 2; Vice-President 3; President 4, 5); Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 5); Debate Club 3, 4, 5, (Secretary-Treasurer 5); Pep Club 3, 4, 5; Choral 4; Torch Staff 4, 5, (Activities Editor 5); Quill and Scroll 5. DONALD WAYNE HALL MICHAEL BENSON HAWKER Dramatic Club 3; News¬ paper 3; Chess Club 4; Debate Club 5; Pep Club 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Varsity Baseball 2; Varsity Track 4, 5; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5. HANNAH PRICE HENDERSON Torch Staff I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Assistant Editor 4; Editor 5); Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choral 3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5, (District Vice-President 4); Delegate to M. G. A. 4, 5; Debate Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (President 4); Debate Team 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4, 5; Class President 2; J. V. Cheerleader I, 2, (Co-Captain 2); Virginia Girl ' s State 4; Beta Contestant 4; Homecoming At¬ tendant 5; Quill and Scroll 4, 5. JAMES LAMAR HENDER¬ SON Choral 2, 3; Literary Club 5; Camera Club 3, 4, 5, (Vice-President 4; Treasurer 5); Pep Club 3; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 3, 4, 5; Boating Club 4, 5, (President 4); Torch Photographer 4, 5; S. C. A. I, 2, 5, (Vice-President 5); Student Court 5; J. V. Track 2; Varsity Track 3, 4, 5; Varsity Football 5; Varsity Football Manager I, 2; Goldey Beacom Spelling Award. ANN LEWIS HOPKINS Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 3, 4, 5, (Vice-President 4; Secretary- Treasurer 5); Choral 3, 4; Torch Staff 5; Class Treasurer 4. BRIGITTE DECUYPER HURTT Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Sec¬ retary-Treasurer 5); Torch Staff 5; Debate Club 5; Tri- Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 3, 4, 5, (President 5); Pep Club 4; Choral 3; J. V. Cheerleader I, 2; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 3, 4; National French Contest 3, (Eighth Place in State), 4; WGH Platter Princess; Homecoming Queen 5; Beta Contestant 5. JAMES E. JOHNSON (transferred), Varsity Football 5. JANE DARE KELLAM Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Choral 3, 4, 5; Beta Club 3, 4, 5, (Secretary-Treas¬ urer 5); Pep Club 4; Class Secretary 2, 4; Homecoming At¬ tendant I; Beta Contestant 3, 4, 5; Maid of Honor 5. PAMELA JEAN KORLESKI Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Choral 3, 4; Pep Club 4, 5, (Vice-President 5); Debate Club 3. JOHN ELBRIDGE LANSDALE Beta Club 3, 4, 5;‘S. C. A. 3, 4, 5; Debate Club 4, 5, (Treasurer 4); Choral 3; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; Class President 4, 5; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Track 4, 5; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; All District Football Team Group II, Defense 4; Most Valuable Player of Year 4; All District Second Team Group II, 5; All Eastern Shore 4, 5; Co-Captain 4, 5. DIANA FAYE LEWIS (transferred) Choral 5. STEVE DAVIS LEWIS Varsity Club 4; J. V. Football I; J. V. Basketball I, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 4, (Co-Captain 4). WILLIAM KENNETH 83—Classes Senior Statistics LEWIS Varsity Club 3, 4, 5, (Sergeant-at-Arms 5); J. V. Football 2; Varsity Basketball 3. MARY DUDLEY MAPP Torch Staff I, 2, 3; Choral 3, 4, 5; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4. MYRON HILL MARSH Choral 3, 4; Camera Club 3; Boating Club 4, 5; Rocket Club 5. TERRI LYNN MARSHALL D. E. Club 5; Choral 4. JAMINE LYNN MASSEY S. C. A. I; 4-H Club I; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 4, 5; Choral 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2; J. V. Cheerleader I; Homecoming Attendant 2. DENNIS FRANK MATHEW- SON Chess Club 4, 5; D. E. Club 4, 5. JOHN STEVE McCREADY Varsity Club 4; Pep Club 4, (Sergeant-at- Arms 4); J. V. Football I, 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Track 4; Honorable Mention for All District I, Group II, 4; All Eastern Shore 4. EDWARD THOMAS MERRITT F. F. A. 4, (Secretary 4); Pep Club 4, 5; Varsity Club 5, (Treasurer 5); S. C. A. 4; Student Court 4; Varsity Base¬ ball 3; J. V. Basketball 3; Varsity Basketball 4, 5, (Co- Captain 5). JANEY FORREST NOTTINGHAM Torch Staff 5; Debate 2; Student Council 4, 5; Student Court 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 5); Choral 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Treasurer I, 5; Homecoming Attendant 2; Beta Queen Attendant 5; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Beta Contestant 2, 5. JAMES CALVIN PAYNE Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club 4, 5; Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5; Chess Club 4, 5; Parliamentarian in the D. E. Club; J. V. Track I, 2; Varsity Track 3, 4, 5. CAROLYN POWELL (transferred). DARYL WAYNE POWELL F. F. A. Club 4; Chess Club 4; Varsity Club 4, 5; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5. YVONNE POWELL (trans¬ ferred); Choral 5. GEORGE ROBERT REHL D. E. Club 4; Chess Club 4; J. V. Football 2. ELIZABETH JANE NOT¬ TINGHAM ROGERS Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5, (Chaplain 5); Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 4; Debate Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (President 5); Debate Team 4; Choral 3, 4; Handicraft Club 5; Torch Staff 4, 5, (Activities Editor 5); J. V. Cheer¬ leader 2; Quill and Scroll 5. JEAN INATTA RUFFIN (transferred). WARREN LEE SCANLAN Rocket Club I, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; D. E. Club 5, (Treasurer 5); Chess Club 4; J. V. Football I. RICKIE THOMAS SCOTT F. F. A. Club I, 2; Chess Club 4, 5. THOMAS BORDEN SCOTT F. F. A. Club 3, 4. WOODIS RAWLINGS SCOTT Camera Club 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 4; Vice-President 5); Boating Club 4; Literary Club 5; Torch Staff 4, 5, (Photographer 4, 5); Cross Country 5. RICHARD DELANO SHANNONHOUSE Camera Club I, 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 5; Literary Club 5; Chess Club 4; Boating Club 4, 5; (Treasurer 5); Golf Team 2, 3, 4, (Manager I, Captain 4). ALWOOD LEE SHREAVES F. F. A. Club 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 4, Secretary 5); Boating Club 4, 5; Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 4, Vice-President 5, Student Director 5); J. V. Track 2. OTTO BORDEN SHREAVES Beta Club 3, 4, 5; Choral 3; S. C. A. 1,4, 5, (Treasurer 5); Varsity Club 4, 5; Literary Club 5; Class Vice-President 2, 4, 5; Class President 3; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5, (Co-Captain 4, 5); J. V. Football 2 (Co-Captain 2); J. V. Basketball I, 2, 3, (Captain 3); Varsity Basketball 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 4, 5; All-Shore 4, 5; Dis¬ trict 1-Group ll-first team 5; Honorable Mention All-State; Honorable Mention All-American; Most Valuable Player 5. CHARLES ERIC SHRIEVES Student Council I, 2; Debate I, 2; Chora I 3; Varsity Club 3, 4, 5; J. V. Football I, 2, (Co-Captain 2); J. V. Basketball I, 2, 3, (Co-Captain 3); Varsity Football 4; Varsity Basketball 4; Varsity Track 3; Tidewater Relay Champion 3; Eastern Shore Mile Relay Champion 3; Goldey Beacom Spelling Award 4. CLYDE ALLEN SMALL Camera Club 3, 4, 5, (President 4, 5); Pep Club 5; Literary Club 5; Torch Staff 5, (Photographer 5). WAYNE LEE SMITH F. F. A. Club 2, 3, 4. BETTY ANN SOMERS Choral 3, Handicraft Club 4. DIANNA LEE STEVENS Choral 3, 4, 5; Handicraft .Club 5; Torch Staff 5. JAMES MILTON STEWART Literary Club 5, (Assistant Editor of Newspaper); Boating Club 5; Varsity Club 5; Choral 3; J. V. Basketball 3; Varsity Basketball 4. CHERYL LYNN STRONG (transferred) Torch Staff 5; Chess Club 5. CAROL ANN TAYLOR Tri-Hi-Y Club 3; Varsity Club 5; Softball 2, 3. NAT WESCOTT TERRY Varsity Club 3, 4, 5, (President 5); Choral 4; Dramatcis Club 3; Class President I; J. V. Football I, 2; J. V. Basketball 3; Varsity Football 3, 4, 5; Varsity Basketball 4, 5; Golf 4. KATHLEEN RILEY TURNER Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5, (Pres¬ ident 5); Beta Club 4, 5; Choral 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 4; 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 4); S. C. A. 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 5); Class Secretary I. PHILLIP MICHAEL TURNER Choral 3; Varsity Club 4, 5, (Vice-President 5); Pep Club 4; D. E. Club 5; Baseball 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; J. V. Track 2; J. V. Football 2. LOWELL GLADDEN WALLACE Dramatics Club 2, 3; Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club 5. DOROTHY JANE WEST D. E. Club 5; Choral 4. ROGER SEIKER WEST, III Choral 3, 4; D. E. Club 3, 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Pep Club 4; J. V. Football 2; J. V. Track I, 2; Varsity Track 3, 4, 5. IRENE LOUISE WILLIAMS (transferred); Choral 4, 5; Pep Club 5. HAROLD CHES¬ TER WISE Pep Club 4; Choral 3, 4; Literary Club 5; 4-H Club I; J. V. Football I, 2; J. V. Track 2. ELLEN RUTH WOOD Torch Staff 2; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 4, 5, (Vice-Pres¬ ident 5); Choral 3; Pep Club 3, 4, 5; Varsity Club 4, 5; Debate Club 3; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Softball 3; Varsity Cheerleader 4, 5, (Captain 5). Classes—84 The rhythm of commerce . . BEN FRANKLIN STORE Nassawadox, Virginia 442-6173 C. J. PRETTYMAN, REALTORS CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Exmore, Virginia Records, Phonographs, Radios 442-6131 Exmore, Virginia BELLE HAVEN PRODUCE ASGROW SEED COMPANY Joseph A. Duer, Manager Belle Haven, Virginia Exmore, Virginia 442-5451 JAMES ' SHOE AND SPORTSWEAR Exmore, Virginia ALINE SUPER SHOP Seek Save at Aline ' s Super Shop. Needs from Dad to Babe. Broad Street Exmore, Virginia 86—Ads Congratulation to the Class of 1967 EXMORE PHARMACY Exmore, Virginia WESTERN AUTO STORE Exmore, Virginia FLORA DAWN FLORIST Exmore, Virginia THE PEOPLES TRUST BANK ELLIOTT FURNITURE CO. Exmore, Virginia IDEAL CLEANERS, INC. Dependable Cleaners Since 1921 Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia 442-6491 The Friendly Place to Bank " Half Century of Continuous Service " Ads—87 NORDSTROM CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Exmore, Virginia Compliments of WEST OYSTER CO., INC. Oyster, Virginia Compliments of ROGERS BROTHERS Cheriton, Virginia V n ra Compliments of C. D. SEAFOOD Oyster, Virginia CHERITON PURE OIL Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of CAPE CENTER TRUCK STOP W. H. POLLOCK, Manager Capeville, Virginia EASTERN SHORE TERMITE CONTROL Home owned operated Exmore, Virginia J. B. ROWE W. CLARKE THORNE 442-6023 442-4887 Ads—88 LLOYD ' S DRUG STORE Exmore, Virginia Compliments of NORDSTROM PHILLIPS FURNITURE 442-6622 Exmore, Virginia __, ! _ V .— Compliments of ASHBY PRODUCE CO. Exmore, Virginia Compliments of TIDEWATER UPHOLSTERY 442-9205 Exmore, Virginia 442-6016 H. M. JAMES AND CO. Nassawadox, Virginia Yard Goods Ready to Wear Compliments of PATRICK D. WIDGEN Nassawadox, Virginia Camera Repair NORTHAMPTON PHOTO SERVICE Exmore, Virginia Commercial Photography Ads—89 Compliments of NORDSTROM OIL CO., INC. Exmore, Virginia EXMORE HARDWARE Paints, Wallpaper, Seeds, Glass Phone: 442-6098 Exmore, Virginia EXMORE DRIVE-IN Compliments of H. M. LEWIS GROCERY Wardtown, Virginia VIRGINIA ALINE BAKER HARRIS Exmore, Virginia 90—Ads HENRY IMPRINTING SERVICE Office Supplies—Stationery Compliments of C. J. PRETTYMAN CO. Nassawadox, Virginia Exmore, Virginia 442-6941 Compliments of BURGESS and WYATT SALLY and LEW’S DAIRYLANE General Contractors Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia WIGGLY PIGGLY MEAT MARKET DICKENSON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Cape Charles, Virginia Best In Fresh Meats Exmore, Virginia HOUSE OF FLOWERS AND GIFTS Cape Charles, Virginia Ads—91 Compliments of KENNY ' S RESTAURANT Cape Charles, Virginia MOORE TRUCK CENTER WILLIAM M. MOORE, Proprietor Exmore, Virginia Gl 2-6905 EASTERN SHORE CANNING CO. AND JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT Machipongo, Virginia ADDISON AND CO. Hardware Eastville, Virginia Compliments of THE EASTVILLE BANK EASTVILLE FINANCE CO. Member of F. D. 1. C., A. B. A. and B. B. A. Eastville, Virginia Eastville, Virginia C. A. TURNER, JR. 92—Ads NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Cape Charles, Virginia Ads—93 KELLAM MOTORS EWELL ' S FURNITURE APPLIANCES U.S. Highway 13 Eastville, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Where You Can Buy the Big Buick Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of CANDLELIGHT LODGE Birdsnest, Virginia NORTHAMPTON COUNTY TRUST BANK Cape Charles, Virginia 94—Ads BEST WISHES GRADUATES! JOHN BURLESON, Innkeeper and Staff of the HOLIDAY INN Compliments of E H CLEANERS B. L. BELL Phone 312 Oyster, Virginia Madison Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia SAVAGE ' S DRUG STORE Cape Charles, Virginia HORNE-STAUFFER, INC. Furniture, T. V., Appliances Exmore, Virginia Onley, Virginia Ads—95 SHORE TRAILER SALES C. S. RIGGIN—Owner Weirwood, Virginia MADELYN ' S DRESS SALON Parksley, Virginia MO 5-5061 RADIO ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. Radio — TV Sales and Service Parksley, Virginia GLICK SONS (Since 1890) Onancock, Virginia SU 7-2330 PARKSLEY 5c 10c STORE " Shop where your dollars have more ' cents ' Parksley, Virginia ' MO 5-5143 96—Ads •n BSrBBK 8 JEWELRY’S FINEST CRAFTSMEN CHARLES G. MOTLEY - DOUGLAS DIVERS 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia 23230 RINGS • CLUB INSIGNIA • EMBLEMATIC AWARDS AND TROPHIES • DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS • PERSONAL CARDS • ACCESSORY ALBUMS AMERICA’S FINEST FACILITIES FOR CLASS RING MANUFACTURE MAIN OFFICES AND FACTORIES ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS J. A. WALTERS Contractor CITY DAIRY INC. KENNERSLEY FARM DAIRY, INC. Distributors of Koontz Creamery First with the " Carriage " Trade Eastville, Virginia Salisbury, Maryland Exmore, Virginia R E L BRAND Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Grown and Shipped by RALPH E. LONG AND SON Cape Charles, Virginia CC 608 W. R. SNYDER Grower and Shipper of Farm Produce Weirwood, Virginia COLLINS TEXACO ' General Mdse. Radio and T. V. Sales Machipongo, Virginia Compliments of SHREAVES SERVICE STATION Eastville, Virginia WARDS BODY SHOP Body and Fender Work Eastville, Virginia 98—Ads McCALEB CO., INC. Insurance Belle Haven, Virginia P. O. Box 116 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1967 EICHELBERGER ' S FURNITURE INC. Keller, Virginia GUNTER ' S GROCERY BELL AND JARVIS, INC. High Grade Meats, Poultry, and Groceries Weirwood, Virginia Fertilizer—Lime—Insecticide Containers—Soy Beans—Seeds Machipongo, Virginia JACK WEBB ' S SELF SERVICE NORTHAMPTON MARKETING COOPERATIVE INC. Members of E. S. I. and V. F. D. A. Weirwood, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia 442-6958 Ads—99 Compliments of MRS. JOHN BAILEY INC. Florist Onley, Virginia SU 7-1 191 PAUL COATES GENERAL MDSE. Shady Side, Virginia 678-7214 KELLER GULF SERVICE B. T. FARLOW, Prop. Meats and Groceries Lubrication—Minor Repairs 787-9646 KELLER, VIRGINIA Compliments of M. J. DUER AND CO., INC Exmore, Virginia Gl 2-2211 GLADDEN TIRE CO. Cooper Tires and Recaps Exmore, Virginia Compliments of CAMPBELL ' S GARAGE Keller, Virginia Ads—100 HICKS ACADEMY OF BEAUTY CULTURE 434-436 Boush Street Norfolk, Virginia Nationally Accredited RUSSELLS MOTOR COMPANY Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Johnson Outboard Motors Exmore, Virginia Compliments of E. 0. DRUMMOND General Merchandise Eastville, Virginia EASTVILLE BUILDING SUPPLY CO., INC. All Kinds of Building Material Lumber—Hardware—Roofing—Paint B. F. MEARS—President Eastville, Virginia H. C. WEST AND SONS Birdsnest, Virginia Gl 2-6037 Pick Up Delivery 442-9996 EXMORE AMERICAN SERVICE WM. L. RUSSELL, Mgr. Washing—Lubrication Wheel Balancing You Expect more from American and you get it. NORTHAMPTON INSURANCE AGENCY E. S. STURGIS, Agency Eastville, Virginia Office: OR 8-5183 Home: OR 8-5147 Compliments of BALLARD BROS. FISH CO. Willis Wharf, Virginia Gl 2-6036 Ads—101 Congratulations to the Class of ' 67 BOB ' S ATLANTIC Machipongo, Virginia RICHARDSON ' S GARAGE Eastville, Virginia B. B. MARKET RICHARD ' S GARDENS Tip-Top Food Stores Eastville, Virginia Fancy Meats Phone—OR 8-5115 Phone: OR 8-5505 Eastville, Virginia FOX JAMES Eastville, Virginia FOX SCOTT Cape Charles, Virginia Funeral Directors 102—Ads EXMORE COCA-COLA COMPANY Exmore, Virginia Ads—103 JOHN L ' S CLAM HOUSE Squid—Seafood—Fish—Bait Willis Wharf DOUGHTY AND HOPKIN ' S GULF SERVICE Townsend, Virginia Virginia Weirwood, Virginia J. T. MAPP Insurance Agency Eastville, Virginia C. T. HUDSON Sinclair Service Station Exmore, Virginia NELSON D. DOUGHTY Willis Wharf, Virginia 04—Ads BELL ' S T. V. AND RADIO Repair Service Phone: 678-5704 Eastville, Virginia ' J. R. EWELL ' S NEW FRONTIER RESTAURANT Phone: MO 5-7285 Parksley, Virginia C. A. NOTTINGHAM Insurance—Real Estate Phone: Gl 2-6588 Exmore, Virginia " Our Aim:— To Help You Make The Eastern Shore More Beautiful. " TANKAR D NURSERIES Exmore, Virginia r+ f . y J. M. WATSON, INC. Furniture and Electrical Supplies Onancock, Virginia Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Cheriton, Virginia Ads—105 Published Weekly Congratulations by Photo Offset Senior Class Interested Daily in the Growth and Progress of Northampton and Accomack Counties NCO OPEN MESS Cape Charles AFS THE EASTERN SHORE NEWS Cape Charles Virginia WATTS BROTHERS Parksley, Virginia ACCOMACK-NORTHAMPTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Parksley, Virginia HARRY W. DRUMMOND, INC. Cities Service Products Automotive Parts Belle Haven, Virginia 06—Ads KELLAM DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. Belle Haven, Virginia 442-5811 f MrI I AM T£«A£0 EASTERN FLYING SERVICE Crop Dusting Student Flying Lessons Kellam Field Weirwood, Virginia NATHAN BELL Seafood Clams Oysters Willis Wharf, Virginia " BROADWATER SALTS " EXMORE ESSO OYSTERS SERVICE CENTER HARVEY BOWEN STANLEY KELLAM, Manager Willis Wharf, Virginia Exmore, Virginia 442-6144 107—Ads Kill With Confidence Where You See The Above Symbol Displayed Salisbury places of business showing the above symbol have pledged themselves to high ethical standards. They have pledged to honor your pa¬ tronage with full understanding of your needs, and assure you fairness and value in all your business with them. You can buy with confidence where you see the above symbol displayed in Salisbury, your happy Shopping City. 08—Ads HENDERSON ' S PHARMACY Nassawadox, Virginia VIRGINIA AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS, INCORPORATED P. O. Box 298 Eastville, Virginia 23347 PAUL ' S RESTAURANT Cheri+on, Virginia Phone CC 148 J ft ft —II jnn ] fc W JUNIOR MISSY SPECIALTY SHOP Featuring Tidewater ' s Largest Selection Of BRAND NAME Small Sizes 3 to 15 6 to 16 PEMBROKE MALL Virginia Beach DOWNTOWN 108-110 Freemason St. HAMPTON BLVD. In Hofheimers at ODC 109—Ads Index Abbott. Daniel R. 23, 28, 33, 36, 66 Acworth, Elizabeth S. 8, 23, 30, 62 Adkins, Charlotte L. 12, 18, 24, 27, 74, 80 Alford, Edward 20, 62 Alford, William L. 9, 14, 20, 24, 28, 33, 70 Ames, Angela 23, 62 Ames, Charles P. 19, 21, 62 Ames, Christopher 24, 66 Ames, Clifton 62 Ames. Dora D. 23, 66 Ames, Geneva 58 Ames, James 58 Ames, Joyce 70 Ames, Peggy B. 12, 22, 23, 31, 4 Ames, Ruth W. 27, 70 Ames, Saphrena 58 Ames, Victoria 23, 62 Anthony, Lou A. 40, 62 Arnold, Deborah A. 23, 27, 70 Arnold, Herbert M. 19, 22, 23, 26, 32, 33, 74 Arnold, Iris 15, 58 Ashby, Mr. Berkley E. 10, 39, 44, 79 Ashby, Elizabeth 58 Badger, Mr. John T. 44 Badger, Maggie H. 74 Badger, Philip 21, 58 Bailey, Byron 62 Bailye, Michael 15, 58 Bailey, Selma M. 70 Baker, Vanevra 58 Ball, Larry A. 66 Bell. Christine L. 20, 66 Bell, Frank W. 9, 10, II, 20, 28, 33, 70 Bell. Mrs. Helen G. 43, 61 Bell, Rosa L. 46, 62 Bell, Thomas G. 19, 62 Bell; William 20, 21, 24, 58 Belote, Harvey 17, 74 Belote, Jean C. 66 Belote. Linda B. 74 Belote. Michael T. 24, 62 Belote, Sally 58 Birch. Linda M. 66 Birch, Richard L. 19, 66 Blais, Catherine 23, 70 Blais, Jerome J. 21, 58, 61 Blais, Philip L. 10, 23, 62 Blais. Rebecca A. 16, 74 Boggs, Myron W. 66 Bones, Rodney 62 Boney, Earl 29, 36, 62 Bonniwell, Thomas 20, 24, 33, 58 Boss, Charles W. Ill 36, 66 Bowen, Delores A. 10, 74 Bowen, Robert L. 16, 22, 23, 33, 75 Bowen. Thalia J. 62 Bowen, Virginia O. 62 Bradford. Ricky 58 Bradford. Russell D. 20, 53, 70 Bradford, Vernon C. 33, 50, 66 Bradford. Walter Wayne 19, 28, 33. 62 Bradshaw, Phyllis A. 9, 10, 55, 75 Brady, Bonnie Brady, Essie M. 18, 66 Brady, Marion 66 Brady, Melinda 62 Brady, Steve V. 58 Bralley, Stephen W. II, 15, 22, 23, 28. 29, 75 Brickhouse, Dianna K. 75 Brittingham, Robert 58 Brittingham, William 58 Brown. Cecilia A. 8, 58 Bull, Shirley M. 62 Bundick, Gwendolyn 18, 50, 70 Bundick, Mrs. Margaret S. 41 Burgess, Martin L. 20, 62 Burnham, Mr. Joseph E. 43 Burns, Mrs. Susan J. 44, 53 Butler, George K. 66 Butt, John D. 62 Campbell, Donnie L. 66 Camden, Ellen P. 44 Carpenter, Adrian 21, 58 Carpenter, Austin A. 19, 21, 33, 67 Carpenter, Jacqueline 13, 18, 62 Carpenter, Kris W. 19, 21, 62 Carpenter, Robert L. Carpenter, Severn G. 21, 29, 36, 67 Carpenter, William A. 19, 21, 58 Chambers, Linda K. 62 Chandler. Deborah L. 20, 67 Chandler, Evelyn 58 Charnock, Carolyn A. 20, 27, 67 Chamock, Katherine E. 52, 70 Charnock, Mary V. 18, 67 Church, Joyace A. 50, 67 Church, Phyllis A. 67 Church. William 58 Clayton, Samuel G. 19, 62 Coates, George M. 17, 19, 26, 56, 75 Collins, Kenneth L. 36, 62 Colonna, Dale P. 67 Colonna, Gene 48, 75 Colonna. Rebecca P. 23, 40, 63 Colonna, Sharon E. 23, 63 Cornish. Darlene 63 Cosby 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 23, 48, 70, 72 Cowling, Elizabeth A. 9, II, 14, 24. 40. 49, 74, 75 Cox, Charles E. 16, 19, 21, 70 Crockett, Shirley A. 75 Crumb, Willa K. 8, 13, 66, 67 Culver, Jeffery B. 67 Curtis, Phyllis 58 Cypress, Earnestine 75 Daniels, Mr. William F. 43, 68 Daughtrey, John A. 20, 24, 56, 63 Davis. Jeffery L. 10, II, 14, 17, 22. 33, 75 Dennis, Debra L. 23, 24, 63 Dix, Virginia C. 12, 47, 67, 69 Doggett, Garnell 58 Doughty, Claudia J. 18, 67 Doughty, Hubert C. 9, II, 22, 23, 28. 29-, 70 Doughty, Joan N. 8, 12, 23, 49, 67 Doughty, Thorogood M. II, 70 Doughty, William F. 21, 58 Downing, Donald W. 19, 63 Downing, Francis C. 28, 29, 56, 75 Downing, Harry E. 10, 58, 59 Downing, John E. 22, 23, 26, 34, 59, 70 Downing, Linda O. 75 Drummond. Ernest G. 20, 63 Duer, Ted D. 67 Dunton, Bonnie J. 16, 71 Dunton, Everett F. 15, 24, 63 Dunton, Harry N. 21, 47, 67 Eder, Delores 59 Eder, Edward E. 67 Eder, Eugene F. 16, 19, 67 Eder, James 21, 59 Eder, Robert L. 20, 67 Eldridge, Debbie 13, 59 Eldridge, Richard 59 Elliott. David C. 71, 72 Engle, Margaret E. 13, 23, 24, 63 Ethridge, Charles 21, 59 Ethridge, Mary E. 23, 67, 69 Etz, Frank J. Ill 19, 23, 63 Evans, Mrs. Irma C. 41 Evans, Kathy B. 16, 71 Farlow, Edward 20, 21, 59 Farlow, Ellen B. 20, 51, 67 Fitchett, Eugene 16, 71 Fitchett, Florence M. 16, 27, 75 Fitchett, LeRoy F. 21, 59 Fitchett, Robert 59 Fitchett, Willie 71 Fitzgerald, Wade H. 20, 21, 28, 71 Floyd, Charles R. 9, 10, II, 14. 35, 71 Floyd, Henry B. 20, 24, 49, 63 Floyd, Jenny J. 8, 23, 30, 63 Floyd, Linda L. 9, 12, 13, 40, 71 Fogle, Cecil I. 36, 59 Fogle, Don 36, 63 Foreman, Jane 63 Fountaine, Martha L. 8, 9, 12, 22, 30, 31, 71 Fountaine. Robert N. 15, 26, 63 Fox, Lloyd Blanton 67 Fox, Thomas Alvin Jr. 16, 28, 36, 51. 63 Gardner, Nora Susan 63 Gaskill, Richard 21, 59 Gerringer, Wayne B. 15, 71 Gibb, Clyde E. Jr. 8, 9, II, 14, 22, 26, 35, 56, 76 Gibb, Edward H. 20, 21, 24, 63 Gibb. Keziah A. 9, 12, 13, 22, 31, 47, 70, 71 Gibbs, Lulie A. 23, 63 Giddens, Mandelina P. 63 Giddens, Phyllis 67 Gladden, Forest E. 17, 19, 22, 23, 28, 33, 48, 71 Gladden. Norma N. 23, 36, 63 Gladden. Walter Russell 49, 63 Graybeal, Mr. David D. 44 Green, Jean 23, 67 Greene. Cassandra 71 Greene, Derry Ricarde 21, 36, 59 Greene, Pandora 15, 24, 59 Gregory, Martha Jo 10, II, 12 13, 14, 49, 76, 81, 82 Griffin, John 63 Guy, Doris Ann 18, 67 Hall, Donald W. 53, 76 Hall. William M. 63 Hand, Mary S. 10, 23, 50, 71 Hawker, Michael B. II, 14, 22, 23. 28. 33, 76, 80 Heath, Mr. Charles W. 41 Henderson, Audrey 67 Henderson, Mrs. Bertie 43 Henderson, Hannah P. 9, 10, II, 12, 13, 14, 23, 49, 56, 76, 81 Henderson, James L. 8, 9, 10, II, 15, 17, 22, 23, 28, 33, 53, 56, 76, 81 Hicks, Larry 67 Holland, Mrs. Margaret 42, 68 Hollingsworth, Kandell 24, 59 Hope, Carolyn Lee 67 Hope, Francis H. Jr. 21, 59 Hope, Herbert L. 19, 63 Hopkins, Ann L. 10, 12, 23, 76 Hopkins, Larry H. 23, 36, 63 Hopkins, Patricia L. 23, 24, 30, 63 Hume, John A. 15, 59 Hurtt, Brigitte D. 9, 10, 12, 14, 22, 24, 49, 76, 79 Isdell, Sharon Ann 18, 67 Jacob, Miss Lila 43 James, Cassandria M. 10, 18, 71 Jensen, Davis C. 24, 67 Johnson, Charles R. 24, 33, 72 Johnson, Eugene 29, 36, 63 Johnson, James E. 33, 76 Jones, Arnold H. 19, 67 Jones, Beulah 63 Jones. James B. 59 Jones, Pattrick A. 23, 63 Jones, Steven E. 36, 63 Jones, Virginia 63 Joynes, Keith 21, 59 Kaczorowski, Lynn 59 Kellam, Danny M. 20, 63 Kellam, Jane D. 9, 12, 39, 76, 78. 80, 81 Kellam, Margaret F. 12, 67 Kellam, Mrs. Mary N. 44, 50 Kellam, Richard 50, 67 Kelly, Pamela R. 63 Klein, Mrs. Betsy S. 43 Korleski, Pamela J. 12, 13, 23, 30. 76 Lafferty, Betty J. 72 Lambertson, Bruce 19, 22, 36, 67 Lane. Bessie A. 63 Lansdale, John E. 8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 28, 32, 33, 46, 74, 77 Lee. Deborah A. 64 Lewis, Carson R. 19, 21, 67 Lewis, Deanna 77 Lewis. Eliiah W. 10, 35, 72 Lewis, Richard D. 64 Lewis, Steve D. 26, 77 Lewis. William K. 22, 35, 77, 81 Lusk, Frank M. 14, 64 Magette, William L. 24, 36, 64 Manuel, Edwin H. 20, 24, 36, 64 Mapp, Charles J. 67 Mapp, Cynthia C. 68 Mapp, George R. 9, II, 14, 35, 40. 72 Mapp, Mary D. 39, 55 77 Mapp, Thomas J. 23, 36. 59 Mapp, Mrs. Virgelia 42. 61 Marsh, Frances M. 18, 54, 72 Marsh, Mary L. 13, 64 Marsh, Myron H. 17, 21, 77 Marshall, Betty J. 64 Marshall, Byron K. 21, 24, 72 Marshall, Terry L. 16, 77 Marshall , Zachary R. 64 Martinez, Rudolph 64 Index—I 10 Mason, Barbara 68 Mason, Joe A. 52, 64 Mason, Lynn R. II, 23, 24, 68, 69 Mason. William E. 16, 20, 22, 23, 28, 33, 72 Massey, Jamine L. 12, 39, 77 Mathews, Dwight K. 22, 28, 29, 48, 72 Mathews, Ricky 20, 59 Mathewson, Dennis F. 16, 20, 77 Mathewson, Francine 20, 51, 68 Mayhew, Kiernan 8, 20, 21, 59 McCready, John S. 28, 36, 55, 77. 80 Mears, Delores 59 Mears, Edith M. 59 Mears, Issac R. 68 Mears, Linda L. 72 Mears, Luther L., Jr. 19, 64 Mears, Margaret 59 Meek, Mr. Jay D. 44 Merritt, Delores 59 Merritt, Edward T. 22, 23, 35, 81, 77 Miles, Deborah 58, 59 Mitchell, Patricia 59 Moore, Barbara 59 Moore, Brenda D. 52, 72 Moore, Christine A. 50, 72 Moore. Mrs. Louise T. 41 Moore, Ronnie 16, 80 Moorefield, Willie 15, 59 Morris, Alvin 36, 64 Morris, Guy A, 36, 59 Morse, Kennis 68 Moses, Maggie 64 Nelson, Mr. Clifton F. 41 Newton, Mrs. Elizabeth 43 Newton, Mr. Phillip 21, 29, 43 Nordstrom, Brenda 13, 18, 64 Nottingham, Anne 13, 23, 30, 52, 64 Nottingham, Anthony 64 Nottingham, Claude 35, 72 Nottingham, Clifford A. 10, 23, 26, 33, 35, 49, 64 Nottingham, Frank W. 21, 59 Nottingham, Janey F. 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 49, 74, 78, 81 Nottingham, Jerome W. 8, 10, II, 13, 14, 17, 22, 28, 33, 73 Nottingham, John O. 23, 35, 36, 68 Nottingham, Mrs. Laura 42, 61 Nottingham, Mavon 59 Nottingham, Richard E. 23, 68 Nottingham, Severn A. 21, 24, 36. 64 Novoa, Carmen J. 9, 10, 20, 23, 64 Oakley, Mr. William J. 23, 28, 30, 33. 36, 39, 42 Outten, Mr. J. R. II, 14, 27, 42 Outten, Milton A. 23, 28, 33, 36, 40. 68 Palmer, Thomas G. 20, 21, 28, 64, 36 Parker, Douglas 59 Parker, Howard F. 59 Parker, Kathyanne 8, 9, 12, 23, 31. 47, 66. 72 Parker, Mr. Kenneth 28, 29, 33, 44 Parker, Mrs. Nancy 42, 79 Parks, Barry 60 Parks, Brenda F. 18, 66, 72 Parks, Nancy 64 Parks, William F. Ill 64 Index Parsons, Carolyn 24, 60 Partin, David G. 8, 21, 24, 26, 36, 64 Partin, Joseph A. 26, 68 Payne, Mrs. Bessie P. 41 Payne, James C. 16, 20, 22, 24, 28. 50, 78 Pearson, Roger 60 Pennell, Kenneth J. 68 Phillips, Cynthia L. 23. 72 Phillips, Glenn 21, 60 Phillips, Hilton B. 22, 23, 33, 72, 35 Phillips, Vincent D. 15, 20, 64 Pieras, Dago A. Jr. 68 Pieras, Nestor 68 Pollock, Barbara 15 ,60 Pollock, Michael E. 24, 68 Powell, Carolyn 78 Powell Darryl W. 22, 23, 33, 53, 78 Powell, Ida L. 68 Powell, Judy K. 13, 23, 64 Powell, Ronald 29, 64, 36 Powell, Wade 19, 68, 36 Powell, Yvonne 78 Press. Kellam 68 Price. Billy J. 10, 60 Price, Dolye Jr. 23, 72 Prince, James F. 22, 23, 26, 28, 33. 72, 35 Prince, Suellen 27, 68, 69 Pruitt, Karen S. 16, 20, 51, 68 Pruitt, Mary L. 60 Puckett, David L. 64 Rayfield, Mary E. 58, 60 Rehl, Donald R. 28, 64, 36 Rehl, George R. 78 Rehl, Raymond 28, 33, 50, 68 Reynolds, Abbie R. 12, 68, 69 Reynolds, June F. 15, 60 Reynolds, Sarah E. 60 Reynolds, Vickie V. 64 Reynolds, Wendy V. 64 Richardson, Fred F. 8, 23, 28, 33. 68, 36 Riggin, Carla G. 9, 10, 14, 48, 72 Riggin, Karen M. 64 Robins. Chester D. Jr. 41 Robins. Steve M. 28, 73 Rogers, Elizabeth J. 10, II, 12, 13, 14, 24, 33, 52, 76, 78, 18 Rogers, Lynne 13, 30, 60 Rogers, Paul N. 33, 36, 47, 68 Rolley, Diane B. 13, 30, 60, 68 Rosendo, Margarita 60 Routzong, Michael J. 8, 14, 22, 23, 28, 33, 70, 73, 35 Rowe. Allen 6, 73 Rowe, Mrs. Juanita F. 41 Rowley, Barbara A. 23, 68 Rue, Shirley A. 9, 10. 12, 13, 14 72. 73 Ruffin, Jean I. 78 Russell. William S. 73 Sample, David 64 Sanderson, John W. 60 Savage, Daniel D. 19, 24, 64 Savage, Donna L. 46, 50, 64 Savedge, Mrs. Virginia O. 44 Sayers, Irving E. Jr. 68 Scanlan. Warren L. 16, 78 Scott, Candace L. 23, 49, 64 Scott, Carlton 60 Scott, George E. 15, 19, 23, 65 Scott, Miss Margaret C. 40, 54 Scott, Mary E. 65 Scott, Preston H. 24, 66, 69 Scott. Rickie T. 16, 20, 23. 51, 78 Scott, Thomas B. 53, 78 Scott, Woodis R. Jr. 10, II 15, 78 Selby, Glen M. 73 Shackelford, Jane R. 10, 12, 27 47. 69 Shannonhouse, Mrs. Mary D. 10 42 Shannonhouse, Richard D. II, 17, 22. 79, 82 Sheffield, Leon 65, 36 Shreaves. Alwood L. 17, 19, 22 24. 52, 79, 56 Shreaves, Herbert L. 41 Shreaves. John 60 Shreaves. Otto B. Jr. 8, 9, II 23, 26, 32, 33, 74, 79, 81 Shrieves, Charles E. 55, 79 Simpson, Barbara A. 65 Simpson, Billy 21, 60 Simpson, Patricia A. 65 Small, Clyde A. 10, 15, 46, 48, 79 Smalley, Mrs. Loretta W. 40 Smaw, Doretha 65 Smith, Debra 60 Smith, Eddie R. Jr. 19, 24, 69 Smith, Harry L. 60 Smith, Kathy 60 Smith, Reese 15, 20, 60 Smith, Wayne L. 79 Somers. Betty A. 40, 79 Spady, Ann D. 8, 23, 65 Spady, Cormilla L. 23, 69 Spady, Harry J. Jr. 65 Spady, Sheila Spady, William R. 65 Stevens, Ann 13 Stevens, Dianna L. 10, 18, 79 Stevens, Elizabeth A. 60 Stevens, Larry P. 15, 60 Stevens. Lillian 6 Stevens. Lillian 65 Stewart, James M. Jr. II, 17, 22. 79 Stewart, Pamela 10, 18, 27, 73 Stewart, Shirley 60 Stewart, Thomas B. 14, 19, 23, 65 Stine. Shirley K. 23, 24. 54, 65 Stitt, Andrew D. 20, 49, 65 Strong, Cheryl L. 10, 79 Suderno, Mary 65 Suderno, William C. 65 Tankard, Elizabeth B. 8, 13, 30, 60 Tatum. Mrs. Elsie 41 Taylor, Carol A. 22, 40, 79 Taylor, John E. 65 Taylor, William R. 17, 19 73 Terry, Nat W. 10, 22, 33, 79, 81. 35 Thomas, Glenda 13, 15, 46, 60 Thomas, Glenn E. 65 Thomas, Jackie 15, 24. 48, 60 Thomas. Joyce 65 Thomas. June C. 16, 73 Thomas, Patricia A. 10. 18. 69 Thomas, Robert B. 23. 69 Thompson, Mr. Rufus 41 Thornes. Teresa P. 27. 73 Townsend. Deborah 23 65 Travis. Edwin J. 10, 27. 60 Travis, Margaret C. 12, 15, 23, 24. 27, 73 Trower, James 60, 36 Trower, Katherine 13, 60 Trower, Nancy 65 Trower, P. E. IV 20, 65 Trower, Rebecca S. II, 23, 24. 69 Turner, Howard M. 23, 24, 66, 69, 36 Turner. James A. 17, 19, 26, 73 Turner, Kathleen R. 8, 9, 12, 13, 55. 80 Turner, Philip M. 16, 22, 26, 80, 35 Turner, Whitaker H. 61, 36 Ulrich, Bonnie S. 65 Ulrich, Margaret A. 18, 51, 73 Ulrich, Norma 61 Upshur, Virginia 23, 73 Vandegrift, Cecil K. 15, 24, 46, 50, 69 Voyles, Margaret E. 18, 73 Walker, Cheryl 20, 61 Walker, Donna 20, 61 Wallace. Lowell G. 16, 24, 80 Walters, Joan G. 73 Ward, Austin C. 33, 69 Ward, David L. Ward, Dixie 13, 61 Ward, Earl T. 21, 61 Ward. Ella M. 69 Ward. Patsy 61 Waters, Denise B. 15, 61 Watson, Everett T. 19, 65 Webb. Bessie 61 Webb, George T. 15, 19, 24 46, 69 Webb. Mr. Kenneth 14, 26, 33, 42, 54, 35 Webb, Letchia J. 27, 69 Weeks. Ross 65 Weeks. Ruthellen 15, 61 Wescott. Mr. H. D. 26, 42, 79 West, Dorothy J. 80 West, Joe H. 69 West. John 10, 61 West, Roger S. Ill 16, 22, 28, 80 White. Daniel 8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 28. 33, 70. 73 Widgeon, Mr. Percell 41 Widgeon, Walter B. 65 Wilkins. Constance 50, 69 Williams Delphia 69 Williams, Frank C. 65 Williams, Gregory 24, 65 Williams, Irene 23, 80 Williams. Lilia M. 65 Willis, Deborah M. 23, 65 Willis, Lyman E. 28, 65, 36 Willis, Suzanne 23, 27, 73 Windecker, Miss Phoebe 38 Wise. Harold C. Ill II, 80 Womble. John R. 65 Wood Ellen R. 12, 22, 23, 30, 31 80. 81 Wood. Mary L. 80 Wrona, P. Joseph 61 Wyatt, Jane M. 13, 46, 61 Wyatt, Joyce V. 61 Wyatt, Kathleen K. 61 Wynder, Goldie 61 Young, Mr. George W. 39 I I I—Jndex Acknowledgments For their help and co-operation in editing the 1967 TORCH, the annual staff would like to thank the following people: , Mr. Dan DeFalco Jim Henderson Clyde Small Rawlings Scott Mr. Berkley E. Ashby Mrs. Mary D. Shannonhouse Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Mr. George W. Young Mr. Ted Ward Faculty and Administration Patrons Student Body jBb ’ •H I

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