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LD 7501 E28N6 v.20 1966 nil £ ! i m 8 : V? 0 1 8 23 TORCH 1966 NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA VOLUME XX Vs PROPERTY op the LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA RICHMOND, VA " , . SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND . . ” All of life is a search: a restless search, successful for some, fruitless for others. Youth, however, is the time when people’s lives are most seriously dedicated to seek¬ ing the tools of life. In youth we seek knowledge and the wisdom to use this knowledge; we seek mental, spiritual, and physical strength: the three main aspects of a complete person. We seek adults whom we can respect and whose lives we can emulate in building our characters; we seek also enjoyment. In short, we want life itself: a faith, a philosophy, and a morality. We know we will find them. For innumerable contributions to the students of Northampton High School, for boundless enthusiasm in all endeavors, and for excellence of performance as a teacher, guidance counselor, and sponsor, we the Staff of the 1966 TORCH, dedicate this annual to MRS. LORETTA W. SMALLEY. ADMINISTRATORS AND NORTHAMPTON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD MR. C. A. TURNER, JR. Eastville District MR. VIVIAN G. BAYLY, Chariman Eastville District MR. GEORGE F. PARSONS Capeville District MR. FRANCIS WENDELL Cape Charles PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Mr. Charles Bartholomew, Jr. President; Mr. Joe Plurtt, Vice-President; Mrs. J. Rogers Mapp, Secretary; and Mrs. Clarence Stine, Treasurer, served as officers this year. Under their leadership the PTA made plans for the pur¬ chase of a new piano for the school auditorium. EVALUATION. Under the direction of Mr. J. William Etheridge, Chair¬ man, and Mr. Wayne S. Bowman, Coordinator, a group of twenty-four teachers and administrators visited our school to evaluate it with us. SCHOOL BOARD OFFICE PERSONNEL MISS HELEN LOWE Clerk of School Board MR. CHARLES JONES Testing Coordinator MRS. GERTRUDE MEEK Secretary MR. WILLIAM F. LAWSON, JR. Superintendent of Northampton County Schools MRS. CAROLINE WALKER General Supervisor 6 OTHERS PLAN FOR NHS MR. PHILLIP B. TANKARD Principal MR. GEORGE W. YOUNG Assistant Principal Director of Athletics Head Basketball Coach Mr. Tankard and his wife, three daughters, and son live in Bridgetown. He is a member of Frank- town Methodist Church and serves on the Education Commission of the church. He is a member and serves as vice-president of the Cape Charles Rotary Club. He is president of the Northampton Education As¬ sociation and a director of the Accomack-Northamp- ton Electric Cooperative. Mr. Young lives with his wife and three small daughters in Nassawadox. He is a member of Epworth Methodist Church and serves on the Education Com¬ mission of the church. He is a member of the North¬ ampton Ruritan Club and the Northampton Rescue Squad. 7 OFFICE LIBRARY AND MISS PHOEBE WINDECKER Clerk MISS MARGARET C. SCOTT Librarian Sponsor of Senior Tri-Hi-Y MRS. LORETTA W. SMALLEY Guidance Counselor Sponsor of the TORCH OFFICE AIDES: Miss Windecker instructs Outten, Jackie Moore, Ruth Ames, and Joan Bekki Blais, Ellen Wood, Dorothy West, Linda Walters in the use of the rotary schedule file. Student aides in the Office, Li¬ brary, and Guidance Office have varied experiences in use of the telephone, addressograph and mim¬ eograph machines, and other office equipment. They also act as mes¬ sengers and file clerks. Faye Daffin, Pam Korleski, Joan Bell and Mary Lou Burnley gain experi¬ ence in working puncher and address¬ ograph machine. 8 GUIDANCE OFFER TRAINING LIBRARY PROCEDURES. Under the direction of Miss Jane Engle, and Patsy Moore learn procedures in library. Scott, Jamine Massey, Bess Cowling, Wanda Williams, PROJECTIONISTS. Larry Crosley, George Mapp, and Milton Outten learn to operate projectors. GUIDANCE OFFICE. Brenda Moore and Dolores Bowen learn to file. 9 Mrs. Mapp and Kenneth Collins discuss his book review. L-M f; . ■ fr MRS. VIRGELIA T. MAPP English 8, Sponsor of Eighth Grade. MRS. LAURA W. NOTTINGHAM English 9, Sponsor of Ninth Grade, Assistant in Choral Club MRS. MARGARET C. HOLLAND English 10, Sponsor of Tenth Grade, Sponsor of Readers’ Club. MRS. MARY D. SHANNONHOUSE English 11, Sponsor of Eleventh Grade, Assistant Sponsor of the TORCH. MRS. NANCY K. PARKER English 12, Sponsor of Twelfth Grade, Sponsor of Cheerleaders ENGLISH COURSES OFFER VARIETY Students seek self-expression through composition, understanding through literature, and creativity through dramatic presentations in their English classes. Margaret Rogers, Jane Engle, and Catherine Leatherbury enact the sleepwalking scene from Macbeth for the Senior Class. Elijah Lewis, Cathy Evans, Billy Mason, Betty Jo Lafferty, and Ruth Ames discuss reading mate¬ rial with their teacher, Mrs. Hol¬ land. Ginny Dix, Dick Nottingham, Abbie Reynolds, Kay Crumb, and Reed Ennis, Steve Bartholomew, Bill Shannonhouse, Joan Doughty learn the enjoyment of good literature in their ninth Margaret Rogers, and Kitty Leatherbury finish build- grade class. ing a castle as a display of Medieval England. Steve Lewis, Becky Blais, Warren Scanlan, and Florence Fitchett dramatize a scene from The Case of the Copper Beeches. In another scene Jimmy Payne prompts Maggie Badger, Steve Lewis, and Robert Bowen while they examine Jimmy Payne, the corpse. MATH DEMANDS Ernie Gibb, Laura Mapp Watson, Jimmy Henderson, and Bud Shreaves experiment with the slide rule. MRS. BERTIE P. HENDERSON Mathematics, Sponsor of Senior Tri-Hi-Y. MRS. ELIZABETH J. NEWTON Mathematics, Sponsor of Ninth Grade. Mr. Newton, who teaches science and trigonometry, assists Brigitte Hurtt in solving a trigonometry problem. MRS. HELEN G. BELL Mathematics, Sponsor of Eighth Grade MRS. BETSY KLEIN Mathematics, Sponsor of Ninth Grade, Sponsor of Junior Tri-Hi- Y PRECISION Early in the plane geometry course, basic constructions, using only a compass and straight edge are taught. One of these is the bisecting of an angle, demonstrated by Wayne Robin¬ son, Steve McCready, and Kathyanne Parker. In December the students have the opportunity of trans¬ ferring their knowledge of geometry into application in the drawing of designs and the construction of figures and mobiles. William Carpenter, Roland Kel- lam, and Mary Scott experiment with fractions. As a part of their math course, Delores Mears, Billy Brittingham, and Barbara Moore work with fractions. 13 Norman Gladden, Andrew Stitt, Steve Jones, Ben Mears, and Nancy Parks learn about steam engines in their eighth grade science class. STUDENTS DISCOVER WONDERS OF SCIENCE Mr. Burleigh B. Turner, Jr., head of the North¬ ampton High School science department, received the Teacher of the Year Award presented by the Northampton County Junior Woman’s Club for the year 1965. All students have opportunity for experiences in science through classes in general science, biology, physics, and chemistry. An interesting experiment was conducted by the biology classes in the genetic traits of fruit flies. The electric motor reveals one of the wonders of progress to Chris Carpenter, Tommy Bell, Danny Kellam, and Chip Manuel. MR. PHILLIP W. NEWTON Science and Mathematics Spon¬ sor of Rocket Club MR. BURLEIGH B. TURNER, JR. Biology and Chemistry Sponsor of Camera Club As a part of their Physics course Dick Shannonhouse and Rawlings Scott learn the advantages of using an inclined plane. 14 Danny Gershowitz, Steve Bralley, John Lansdale, and Ernie Gibb demonstrate the effectiveness of pulleys. In chemistry lab, Mary Lee Outten and Jimmy Mitchell Members of the sophomore biology class Buck Mapp, Christine conduct an experiment in distillation. Moore, Candy James, and Ketsy Gibb are intrigued by osmosis. 15 SOCIAL STUDIES AND PROMOTE Through social studies students at all grade levels learn about the past in order to evaluate the present and to anticipate the future. Stephen Vass finds the globe helps in a study of geography. Tom Fountaine, Cindy Mathewson, Rita RoOtzong, Margaret Jeff Davis, John Lansdale, Patricia Tankard, and Betty Jane Rogers, Jimmy Mitchell, and Bess Custis discuss bills to be Rogers participate in a panel discussion on Viet Nam. presented in Government class. MR. E. M. JAMES, III Government Sponsor of Twelfth grade Sponsor of S.C.A. MR. WILLIAM J. OAKLEY Sponsor of Eighth Sponsor of Pep Club MR. KENNETH M. WEBB grade History Sponsor of Twelfth grade Sponsor of Debate MR. H. P. WESCOTT History Sponsor Twelfth grade Sponsor S.C.A. 16 MR. J. R. OUTTEN Social Studies and Govern¬ ment (not pictured) FOREIGN LANGUAGE UNDERSTANDING The Foreign Language Department offers students two years of Latin and three years of French. Through their study of a foreign language, stu¬ dents acquire a better understanding of the people, their language, and their customs. Dick Shannonhouse, Janey Nottingham, Laura Watson, Brigitte Hurtt, Jeff Davis, and Pat Tankard use tape recorder under Miss Jacob’s direction. Brigitte placed eighth out of one thousand two hundred and eighty contestants in the National French I Contest. Jane Kellam, Betty Rogers, Janey Nottingham, Brigitte Hurtt, Pat Lusk, Henry Floyd, Dale Goffigan, Mario Cole, Shirley Hannah Henderson, and Phyllis Bradshaw sing French songs Stine, Ann Spady, Mickey Outten, and Cathe Blais study as a part of their French course. English derivatives of Latin. MISS LILA JACOB Latin and French Sponsor of Beta Club MRS. MARY L. SHANNONHOUSE French Sponsor of Eleventh grade Sponsor of Torch 17 PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH Cynthia Mapp, Susan Gardner, Anna Nye, and Becky Col- onna participate in a volleyball game as one of their group sports in physical education. Physical Education and Health classes offer opportunity for physical development through calisthenics and sports as well as for learning good health habits and first aid. Three years of physical education are required for gradua¬ tion. Ninth grade students are required to take driver education as part of their physical education program. In health programs conducted during their physical edu¬ cation classes, students learn basic first aid. As an extension of this program Mrs. Fluvanna Ferebee, our school nurse, visits once a month to confer with students who have special health problems. CHARLENE TRAVIS, SHIRLEY RUE, KATHYANNE PARKER CARLA RIGGIN MRS. FLUVANNA FEREBEE MRS. ELIZABETH SKEEN Physical Education and Health, Sponsor of Cheer¬ leaders Softball MR. KENNETH PARKER ► Physical Education and Health Sponsor of Mono¬ gram Club Football Track MR. WILLIAM TIMM Driver Education Sponsor of Eleventh grade Sponsor Chess Club MR. GEORGE W. YOUNG Assistant Principal Physical Education and Health Bas¬ ketball 18 DRIVER EDUCATION CHALLENGE During their first year of physical education, eighth grade boys participate in tumbling and gymnastics. B squad, under the direction of Danny White, engage in formal calisthenics as a part of daily routine. As part of Driver Education, which is taught in ninth and tenth grades, students may take instruction in " behind-the-wheel” driving. Debbie Arnold and Beth Wise take advantage of this in the new driver education car. 19 TOMORROW’S HOMEMAKERS AND Phyllis Bradshaw and Gwen Bundick design and make a Christmas tree skirt. MRS. VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE Home Economics Sponsor of Handicraft Club Becky Kellam, Kathy Evans, and Betty Jo Lafferty create their own Flemish floral designs. CRAFTSMEN SEEK SKILLS TODAY MR. JOHN BADGER Elijah Lewis constructs a walnut lamp in general mechanics. Vocational Agriculture, General Me¬ chanics, Sponsor of Boating Club Warren Scanlan applies the techniques learned under Mr. Westcott and Mr. Newton Wayne Robinson and Rufus Lane prac- in basic electricity. tice mechanical drawing. 21 BUSINESS AND DE STUDENTS Studying tax forms interests Steve McCready, Phil Turner, and Peggy Ames in Bookkeeping I. MRS. MARY N. KELLAM Business Department MR. BERKLEY E. ASHBY Business Department Spon¬ sor of Eleventh Grade Sponsor of Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor of Torch With the recent emphasis placed on vocational education by our Federal government, NHS offers to its students, courses in typing, shorthand, book¬ keeping, and general business. Many of the courses can be applied either in a job employment situation or for personal use. Mrs. Kellam dictates a letter to Barbara Oakley and Ann Boole for transcription. Dan White, Dixon Leatherbury, Hubert Doughty, Kathleen Turner, Janey Nottingham, and Jo Gregory are taught tabula¬ tion by Hr. Ashby as part of the requirements for Typing I. 22 PREPARE FOR VOCATIONS Jim Wood demonstrates the art of selling to the customer sentation to DE III class. Larry Crosley applies his DE in a sales demonstration. Albert Mason gives a sales pre- classroom instruction to " on-the-job” training. MR. CHARLES HARRIS Sponsor of Distributive Educa tion Club, Coordinator of Dis¬ tributive Education Distributive Education offers students opportuni¬ ties for classroom instruction and " on-the-job” train¬ ing. A three-year sequence of courses is offered, starting in the tenth grad e. " One-the-job” training is included in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Maggie Badger shows the finer points of cos¬ metics to Dorotha Culver in a sales demonstration for DE II class. Geraldine Mears, Patricia Tankard, and Cindy Mathewson re¬ view merchandise manual entries for the DECA District Con¬ test. 23 ART AND MUSIC FOSTER SELF EXPRESSION Steve Lewis and Diane Hope paint the ceramics they made in art class. Tony Partin and George Metz find perspective drawing has its problems. Mrs. Ellen Camden teaches art and Mr. Jay Meek teaches music at Northampton High and at Cheriton, Birdsnest, and Exmore-Willis Wharf elementary schools. The Music Department, with Mr. Meek as its director, has 47 members, who are from all five grades. During a school year the band is engaged in various activities both as a class and as an organi¬ zation. As a class, the band learns the fundamentals of expression and the techniques to be used in per¬ formance. As an organization, it uses talent and labor in performing for school functions, football games, pep rallies, and at public events, such as Armed Forces Day and the Exmore Chamber of Com¬ merce Christmas program. The Band also gives an annual spring concert in connection with the school chorus. Art students have opportunities for creative expression and development of techniques. The Art Department displays its work on attractive bulletin boards in the hall at regular intervals. Students have the opportunity of electing four years of art train¬ ing. Johnny Downing rolls his clay while Bill Valos uses the potter’s wheel. 24 Bess Cowling plays the alto clarinet. Right: Mary Mapp and Patty Hopkins, as well as the entire band, spend many hours of rehearsal in preparation for the spring concert. Drummers, Frank Dunton and Shirley Stine, practice their solos under the direction of Mr. Meek. 57 ACHIEVE FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL All Northampton High School students both Gen¬ eral and College Preparatory, are included on the Honor Roll for the first semester 1965-66 in which they achieved an average of 91% with no grade below C. The following received this honor: 12th GRADE Dorotha Culver, Juanita Deyerle, Barbara Duer, Mary Ann Floyd, Elton James, Cindy Mathewson, Mary Lee Outten, Wendy Pusey, William Shannonhouse, Jr., Ann Watson, Vivian Whitted. 11th GRADE Delores Bowen, Phyllis Bradshaw, Hannah Hender¬ son, James Henderson, Brigitte Hurtt, Ernie Gibb, Jane Kellam, John Lansdale, Jr., Thomas Merritt, Janey Nottingham, Linda Sue Outten, Chantis Stin- son, Patricia Tankard, Kathleen Turner, Ellen Wood. 10th GRADE William Alford, Frank W. Bell, Jr., Charles Cox, Hubert Doughty, Kathy Evans, Linda Floyd, Ketsy Gibb, Dixon Leatherbury, Kathyanne Parker, Carla Riggin, Shirley Rue, Dan White. 9th GRADE Danny Abbott, Joan Doughty, Joan Duer, Ted Duer, Cynthia Mapp, Francine Mathewson, Dick Notting¬ ham, John Nottingham, Michael Pollock, Abbie Rey¬ nolds, Jane Shackelford. 8th GRADE Martin Burgess, Henry Floyd, W. Russell Gladden, Elizabeth Henderson, Pat Lusk, Billy Magette, Kip¬ per Nottingham, Lilia Williams. OTHER MAINSTAYS OF NHS TRANSPORTATION. Mr. Herbert Shreaves, Mr. Charles Heath, Mrs. Irma Evans, Mrs. Margaret Bundick, and Mr. Chester Robins get us safely to and from school. (Mr. Charles Colonna and Mr. Dick Nelson not in picture.) FOOD. Mrs. Juanita Rowe, Mrs. Louise Moore, Mrs. Bessie Payne, and Mrs. Rosa Sample see that we have attrac¬ tive and nutritious lunches. CLEANLINESS. Custodians Rufus Thompson and Percell Wid¬ geon keep our building clean and neat. 26 V V ' •• • ' ! mm M 1 ‘ w L v ORGANIZATIONS 0CKET CLUB S.C.A. INITIATES JUDICIARY The S.C.A. officers, Donald Stine (vice-president), Reed Ennis (treasurer), Bess Cowling (Secretary), Vivian Whitted (presi¬ dent), and sponsors Mr. James and Mr. Wescott used their lunch periods for the Christmas mail service. Those participating in the panel discussion on the Honor Code were Mrs. Nottingham, Mr. Badger, Reed Ennis (moderator), Hannah Henderson, Wendy Pusey, and Billy Mason. The S.C.A. was one of the school’s most energetic organizations throughout the year. It initiated several new activities including a Christmas card mail ser¬ vice, a Library Week campaign, and a Cafeteria Clean-Up Week. It’s most laborious project was re¬ vising the, school handbook, but its biggest achieve¬ ment was establishing a student court, the Student Judiciary Committee. The S.J.C. (Student Court) consisted of three twelfth graders, two eleventh grad¬ ers one tenth grader, one ninth grader, and one eighth grader. The S.C.A. president, Vivian Whitted, presided. Minor infractions were referred to the court for discipline. 28 BETA ENCOURAGES EXCELLENCE To finance the trip to the Beta Convention (Roa¬ noke, Virginia), Northampton’s chapter of the Na¬ tional Beta Club sold stationery and sponsored its annual Beta Night. These two financial ventures were so successful that the club treasury exceeded its usual amount and contained over $1,000 before the Roanoke trip. Beta also contributed toward the pur¬ chase of a water cooler. The newly elected officers, Ernie Gibb (president), Patricia Tankard (vice-presi¬ dent), and Jane Kellam (secretary-treasurer), and Phyllis Bradshaw (chaplain), were installed and the sixteen new members were inducted in March. Pictured here are Vivian Whitted (vice-president), Wendy Pusey (president), and Anne Watson (secretary-treasurer). Miss Lila Jacob has served as sponsor of the N.H.S. Beta Club since its organization in 1962. First Row: Phyllis Bradshaw, Linda Cameron, Elizabeth Cowling, Barbara Duer, Jane Engle, Mary Floyd, Ernie Gibb, w, j R W: H i n , n Henderson Bri S itte Hurtt, J e Kellam, John Lansdale, Cindy Mathewson, Mary Outten, Bonnie Pusey Wendy Pusey. Third Row: Margaret Rogers, William Shannonhouse, Otto Shreaves, Donald Stine, Patricia Tankard Anne Watson, Laure Watson, Vivian Whitted. 29 QUILL AND SCROLL HONORS TORCH STAFF Co-editors: Helen Terry and Barbara Duer Assistant Editor: Hannah Henderson Business Maanger: Bonnie Pusey Staff Photographers: Jim Henderson, Clyde Small, Rawlings Scott, Allen Rowe Sponsors: Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley, Mrs. Mary D. Shannonhouse Mrs. Berkley Ashby Mrs. Loretta Smalley, sponsor, and Bonnie Pusey welcome Helen Terry, Barbara Duer, and Hannah Henderson into the Quill and Scroll Society. ' CLASSES: Ginny Dix, Ruth Ames, Albert Mason, Pam Stewart, Mary Sue Hand, Mrs. Shannonhouse, sponsor; and Margaret Rogers, editor. (Linda Fowler and Candy James not in picture) SPORTS: Pres Trower, Frank Bell, editor; Kipper Nottingham, Ronnie West, and Allen Rowe. ORGANIZATIONS: Jo Gregory, Cathe Blais, Hannah Henderson, editor; Betty Jane Rogers, and Chantis Stin¬ son. BUSINESS STAFF: Billie Pusey, Barbara Oakley, Bonnie Ham¬ ilton, Quincy Dix, Mr. Ashby, sponsor; Bonnie Pusey, business manager; Mary Lee Outten. (Beth Wise and Mary Eldridge not in picture) CAMERA FIENDS HAVE BUSY YEAR First Row: Carla Riggin, Ketsy Gibb, Martha Fountaine, Butch Nottingham (treasurer), Jim Henderson, (vice-presi¬ dent), Clyde Small (president), Rawlings Scott (secretary), Carmen Nova, Elizabeth Henderson, Kate Riggin. Second Row: Scotty Scott, Tommy Palmer, Buck Mapp, Steve Bral- ley, Allen Rowe, Larry Crosley, Stephen Vass, Frank Dun- ton, Jamie Turner, Elton Gladden, Tommy Webb. The activities ot the Camera Club were focused primarily on the fundamentals of picture taking and processing. Members had the opportunity of enlarg¬ ing their own negatives in the school darkroom and of entering pictures in the Picture-of-the-Week con¬ test, an activity to encourage competition and to cul¬ tivate interest in better photography. Films and slides made available through the Kodak and Ansco Com¬ panies supplemented the activities of the members. The club is sponsored by Mr. Burleigh Turner. Clyde Small, Rawlings Scott, and Jim Henderson served as photographers for the Torch Staff this year. Clyde Small won the first Picture-of-the-Week Contest. 31 TRI-HI-Y’S SERVE JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y Ginny Dix, Joan Duer, Jane Shackle- president), Peggy Outten, (president), Joan Doughty, (sec- ford, Abbey Reynolds, (treasurer), Ann Nottingham, (vice- retary), Jeanne Bowen, Dale Goffigon, Lu Anne Gibbs. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y Bonnie Pusey (president), Becky Kel- lam (vice-president), Mary Lee Outten (secretary), Mary Anne Floyd (chaplain), Jane Kellam, Bobby Edwards (treasurer), Jamine Massey, Bess Cowling, Laura Watson, Mary Lou Burnley, Kathleen Turner, Betsy Whittington, Pat Korleski, Ellen Wood, Charlotte Adkins, Jo Gregory, Hannah Henderson, Vivian Whitted, Debbie Wilson, Shir¬ ley Rue, Beth Wise, Ann Hopkins, Wendy Pusey, Brigitte Hurtt, Barbie Cosby, Ann Watson, Charlene Travis, Linda Floyd, Quincy Dix, Ketsy Gibb, Kathyanne Parker, Mar¬ tha Fountain, Peggy Ames, Betty Jane Rogers, Janey Not¬ tingham, Linda Wyatt, Barbara Thomas. 32 SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY . To conclude the White Christmas campaign, Dale Goffigon, Anne Nottingham, Peggy Outten, Jane Kellam, Ketsy Gibb, and Laura Watson presented gifts to Mrs. Mapp who dis¬ tributed them to needy families in the community. Mr. Fulton Johnson, Executive Secretary of Virginia Dis¬ trict YMCA, spoke at the Tri-Hi-Y’s Induction Service. The Jr. and Sr. Tri-Hi-Y’s had an active year in both the school and community. In addition to con¬ ducting the daily devotional and offering the blessing, both clubs arranged a monthly bulletin board. Other activities included the Induction Service, which was held on December 8, and a survey of the school’s standards. As a community project the junior club made Thanksgiving favors for the hospital and the senior club donated money for a basket of food to be given to a needy family. Although both clubs sponsored the annual White Christmas campaign, the senior club made favors for the hospital patients. Pictured here are the girls who attended the District Con¬ ference on October 16, 1965. At the District Conference two members of the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y were elected for office in the dis¬ trict and one for Model General Assembly. Four girls attended Model General Assembly in April: Mary Anne Floyd (Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate), Mary Lee Outten (delegate), Hannah Henderson (senator), and Shirley Rue (page). The sponsors of the Sr. Tri-Hi-Y are Miss Margaret Scott and Mrs. Bertie Henderson; the sponsors of the Jr. Tri-Hi-Y are Mrs. Betsy Klein and Mr. Berkley Ashby. 33 DEBATE PROVO KES THOUGHT Members of the Debate Club: Barbara Duer, (secretary), Steve Bartholomew (vice-president), Hannah Henderson (president), John Lansdale (treasurer), Vivian Whitted, Jane Engle, Joan Duer, Patricia Tankard, Linda Cameron, George Mapp, Jo Gregory, Betsy Dunton, Barbie Cosby, Margaret Rogers, Helen Terry, Reed Ennis, Mr. Kenneth Webb (sponsor), Mr. Ernest James (assistant-sponsor), Ernie Gibb, Donald Stine, Kiel Martin, Betty Jane Rogers, and Jimmy Mitchell. RESOLVED: THAT COMIC BOOKS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM PUBLICATION. Reed Ennis ex¬ pounds the virtues of adopting the proposition as Margaret Rogers impatiently awaits his questions and Keil Martin relaxes. Right: Members of the 1965 debate team, Steve Bartho¬ lomew, Jay Whittington, Reed Ennis, Sue Dudley, Hannah Henderson, and Jane Engle, travelled to Charlottesville, Virginia, to attend the State Debate. The George B. Wynne Debating Society had an active year in preparing for the district and state debates by debating the proposition at regular club meetings and after school. At one of the meetings, George Kellam, a former graduate of NHS and a member of the George B. Wynne Debating Society, spoke to the club on good debating techniques. 34 LITERARY CLUB ORGANIZED Members of the Literary Club: G. W. Adkins, Joe Fere- bee, George Mapp, Jerome Nottingham, Mel Doughty, Charles Floyd, Mrs. Margaret Holland (sponsor), Margaret Rogers, and Katherine Leatherbury. Although small in membership, the newly orga¬ nized Literary Club enjoyed a successful first year at Northampton. Encouraged by their sponsor, Mrs. Margaret Holland, the members read widely, gave monologues, choral readings, and character imperson¬ ations as portions of their monthly program. In ad¬ dition, the club held informal discussions on types of literature and established a small library. THE OFFICERS OF THE LITERARY CLUB: Katherine Leatherbury (vice-president), Patricia Tankard (secretary- treasurer), and Margaret Rogers (president), are not always in complete accord. 35 - BAND IS LARGE THIS YEAR BAND MEMBERS: Charlotte Adkins, Bill Alford, Mario Cole, Bess Cowling (vice-president), Allen Daughtrey, Debbie Dennis, Hubert Doughty, Gary Drummond, Bar¬ bara Duer, Joan Duer, Farnk Dunton, Margaret Engle Henry Floyd, Mary Floyd (president), Eddie Gibb, Hannah Henderson, Pat Hopkins, Brigitte Hurtt, Sue Kilborn, J. T. Mapp (secretary), Mary Mapp, Keith Marshall, Dwight Matthews, Cindy Mathewson, Alfred Nottingham, Peggy Outten (chaplain), Mike Pollock, Kathyanne Parker, Jimmy Payne, Phil Phillips, Bonnie Pusey, Betty Jane Rogers, Allen Rowe, Danny Savage, Jane Shckleford, A1 Shreaves (treasurer) Eddie Snith, Shirley Stine, Pam Tankard, Wes- cott Terry, Charlene Travis, Jamie Turner, Kermit Van- degrift, Steven Vass, Tommy Webb, Mr. J. B. Meek (direc¬ tor). The NHS Symphonic Band, composed of stu¬ dents from grades eight through twelve, was one of the largest bands in recent years at Northampton. Although there were more eighth graders than usual, the band was strong and well balanced. The sections consisted of brass: six Saxophones, four trombones, eight cornets, Sousaphone, tuba, French horn; woodwind: eighteen clarinets, flute; and percussion: piano, bells, two snare drums, bass drum. The band played for home football games and the annual Christmas program put on by the town of Exmore. The first concert of the year was held on March 11. Mr. Meek spot-checks differ ent sections during rehearsal Senior Bonnie Pusey directs the ensemble of out-going sen¬ iors: Cindy Mathewson, Mary Floyd, Barbara Duer, and J. T. Mapp. 36 CHORAL GROUP SINGS IN CONCERT The Choral Music Group is open to all students interested in singing. Some of the members partic¬ ipated in a Band Concert in which the Choral Group rendered several numbers. First Row Bonnie Hamilton, Jane Kellam, Bobbie Edwards, Mary Lou Burnley, Teresa Pruitt, Second Row: Billie Pusey, Mary Ann Floyd, Kathleen Turner, Jean Bowen, Pam Ste¬ wart. Third Roto: Peggy Outten, Pam Korleski, Charlene Travis, Janey Nottingham, Kathyanne Parker, Anne Hop¬ kins, Bobbi Mas ' on, Jo Ann Sayers. Fourth Row: Pat Wise, Phil Phillips, Charles Floyd. Sponsors: Mrs. Jean Savage and Mrs. Laura Nottingham. First Row: Becky Colonna, Debbie Dennis, Cindy Phillips, Judy Powell, Margaret Engle, Debbie Arnold, Sharon Col¬ onna, Joan Walters, Debbie Wilson. Debbie Lee. Second Row: Bess Custis, Kathy Charnock, Darlene Mapp, Betsy Nottingham, Mary Sue Hand, Kathy Evans, Brenda Moore, Debbie Bailey, Candy James, Carla Riggins, Ruth Ames, Shirley Rue. Third Row: Frank Etz, William Alford, Billy Rayfield, Myron Marsh, Lou Willis, Rufus Lane, Larry Hopkins, John H. West, Joe Doughty, Jeff Culver, A1 $hreaves, Chris Woodland. Fourth Row: Elton Gladden, Keith Marshall, Bill Mason, Steve Bartholomew. First Row: Dora Ames, Ida Powell, Carolyn Powell, Carolyn Hope, Margaret Voyles, Betty Marshall, Joan Bell, Donna Savage, Patty Thomas, Florence Fitchett. Second Row: Irene Williams, Oneal Bowen, Bonnie Dunton, Jean Belote, Jackie Carpenter, Ellen Farlow, Malinda Brady, Essie Brady, Gwen Bundick, Brenda Parks. Third Row: Cynthia Mapp, Frances Marsha, Juanita Deyerle, Faye Daf- fin, Wanda Williams, Anne Charnock, Wendy Reynolds, Christine Moore, Diane Stevens, Betty Somers. Fourth Row: Frank Eder, Michael Belote, Dixon Leatherbury. 37 DE CLUB WINS FIVE AWARDS First Row: Dorotha Culver, Becky Kellam, Gloria Hopper, Patricia Tankard, Joy Stamey, Becky Blais, Geraline Mears, Cindy Mathewson, Maggie Badger. Second Row: John Paynf, Buddy West, Wayne Smith, Larry Crosley, Ronnie Moore, Kit Mears. Third Row: Charles Harris (coordinator), George Rehl, Donnie Moore, Gene Colonna, Ruby Brady, Waverly Spence, Jim Wood, Albert Mason, Ronnie West, Bob Carpenter. SECOND PLACE. James Wood placed second in Sales Demonstra¬ tion; Larry Crosley, second in DE Student of the Year. FIRST PLACE. In the Tidewater District DECA contests, John Payne placed first in the Job In¬ terview, Patricia Tankard, first in Public Speak¬ ing; Cindy Mathewson, first in Advertising. 38 NHS ADDS TWO NEW CLUBS Bess Custis (president), Kathy East, Mrs. Virginia Savedge, (spon¬ sor), Brenda Moore, Linda Floyd, and Jo Ann Sayers. THE HANDICRAFT CLUB, organized in Sep¬ tember of 1965, by its sponsor, Mrs. Virginia Sav¬ edge, presently enrolls students of the Home Eco- omics classes. All members work on projects such as smocking, knitting, lamp shades, and Flemish florals, during the club period or in their leisure time. Modern magazine articles keep Jimmy Hender¬ son up to date on new boating ideas. B4J w « » ' ««, „ „ r — FiByaP |H w E . MT Wro wnimiunwiww f] IIK9 Rawlings Scott, Bobby Snyder (treasurer), John Mason Stewart, Jim Henderson (president), Wayne Robinson, Jimmy Hopper, A1 Shreaves, Dick Shannonhouse, Jackie Bowen, Melvin Doughty, Douglas Outten, (secretary), Jeff Davis, Myron Marsh, Gregory Downing, Bob Sum¬ ners, and Howard Travis. THE NORTHAMPTON BOATING CLUB, or¬ ganized on October 13, 1965, is sponsored by Mr. John Badger. It is composed of junior and senior boys of NHS who own and operate motor boats. The general purpose of the club is to promote navigation safety, boat maintenance, and to extend courtesy of open water. 39 ROCKET AND CHESS OFFER CHALLENGES ROCKET CLUB: Front Row. Wade Fitzgerald, Bill Mason, Mr. Newton, (sponsor), J. T. Mapp, Mike Scanlan. Sec¬ ond Row. Pat Lusk, Dwayne Phillips, Donnie Downing, Charlie Cox, Gates Clayton, Tommy Bell, Charles Ames, Danny Kellam. Third Row: Dwight Matthews, Wayne Robinson, Chris Carpenter, Warren Scanlan, Allen Daught- rey, Carson Lewis, Clyde Bradford. Fourth Row: Gary Drummond, Ronnie West, Douglas Outten, Howard Tra¬ vis, Bob Sumners, Keith Marshall. CHESS CLUB: Front Row. Ira Higbee, John Cameron, Chris Wood¬ land, Paul Rogers. Second Row. Frank Bell (vice-president), Den¬ nis Mathewson, Mike Hawker, Bill Shannonhouse, Eddie Gibb. Third Row: Steve Robbins, William Alford, Dick Shannonhouse, Bill Lemon, Wade Fitzgerald, Tommy Webb. Fourth Row: J. T. Mapp, Jay Meek (president), Howard Travis, Wayne Robinson, Jack Robbins, Kiel Martin (secretary), and Ernie Gibb. Mr. Timm Sponsor. Bill Shannonhouse contemplates move as Ernie Gibb watches. ATHLETES DISPLAY CITIZENSHIP MONOGRAM CLUB: First Row: Barbara Oakley (sec¬ retary,) Guy Dorey (vice-president), Billy Mason (presi¬ dent), Joe Doughty (sergeant-at-arms), Laura Watson (treas¬ urer), Mr. Kenneth Parker (sponsor). Second Row: Brigitte Hurtt, Wendy Pusey, Anne Watson, Ketsy Gibb, Martha Fountaine, Ellen Wood, Cathy Doughty, Linda Outten, Peggy Ames, Mary Outten. Third Row: Buddy West, Mike Hawker, Bob Sumners, Bobby Bowen, Phil Turner, Bill Shannonhouse, Tom Fountaine. Fourth Row: Jimmy Prince, Ira Higbee, Jimmy Payne, Mike Routzong, Wes- cott Terry, H. M. Arnold, Donald Stine. Fifth Row: Jackie Bowen, Billy Lewis, Eric Shrieves, Danny Gershowitz, Jeff Davis. (Not in picture are Charlotte Adkins, John Lansdale, Steve McCready, Bub Shreaves, Carol Taylor, and Mrs. Parker (sponsor). The Monogram Club divided its projects for the year into three main areas: school, community, and althetic. The club’s contribution to the community was the preparation and donation of a basket of food to the needy at Thanksgiving. The project of the school and athletic divisions was the purchase of a school banner. At meetings to encourage team¬ work, club members planned group projects pro¬ viding service and recreation and viewed sports movies. The members _ of the Monogram Club enjoy films on various sports as part of their monthly meetings. in the school, had 125 members this PEP CLUB BOOSTS SCHOOL SPIRIT PEP CLUB MEMBERS: D. Abbott, S. Achworth, C. Adkins, C. Ames, P. Ames, V. Ames, D. Arnold, D. Bailey, R. Bell, T. Bell, C. Blais, A. Boole, B. Bowen, D. Bowen B Carpenter, K. Carpenter, G. Charnock, K. Charnock,’ m ' Cole, K. Collins, B. Colonna, B. Cosby, K. Crumb, D. Dennis, C. Doughty, El. Doughty, J. Downing, B. Dunton F. Dunton, E. Elliot, M. Engle, F. Etz, C. Floyd, G. Floyd’ EL Floyd, H. Fountaine, R. Fountaine, T, Fountaine, l! Fowler, K. Gibb, R. Gladden, J. Greenbaum, J. Gregory, D. Guy, M. Hawker, E. Henderson, A. Hopkins (Vice-presi¬ dent), P. Hopkins, B. Hurtt, S. Isdell, C. James, P. Kelly, S. Kilborn, P. Kordleski, R. Lane, K. Leatherbury D Lee, P. Lusk, B. Magette, D. Mapp, M. Marsh, A. Mason, L. Mason, J. Massey, S. McCready (sergeant-at-arms), D. Mears, T. Merritt, P. Moore, R. Moore, M. Moses’, B. Nordstrom, A. Nottingham, D. Nottingham, B. Nottingham J. Nottingham, J. Nottingham, C. Nova, B. Oakley l’ Outten, M. Outten, K. Parker, D. Partin, T. Partin’ C Phillips, D. Phillips, P. Phillips, J. Powell, S. Prince, ’ W. Pusey, R. Rayfield, V. Reynolds, F. Richardson (sergeant- at-arms), C. Riggin, F. Robbins, W. Robinson, B. Rogers, M. Routzong, R. Routzong (president), S. Rue, W. Scan- lan, C. Scott, P. Scoft, S. Stine, C. Stinson, B. Sumners, N. Tankard, P. Tankard, C. Travis (secretary), H. Travis (treasurer), K. Turner, P. Turner, A. Watson, L. Wat¬ son, T. Wason, B. Whittington, L. Williams, D. Willis, L. Willis, S. Willis, D. Wilson, P. Wise, E. Wood, ’ A. Woodland. Mr. W. Oakley, Sponsor. With renewed vigor, the NHS Pep Club reor¬ ganized itself, drew up a constitution, and proceeded to support all athletic events of the 1965-66 school year. In addition to selling mums for Homecoming night, the club sponsored a Football Week and a Basketball Week. Club members not only painted signs to advertise games and to offer encouraging words to the teams, but, also, sold candy, programs, and tickets at the games. Bill Mason and Steve Lewis enjoy their lunches prepared by Beth Wise, Debbie Wilson, Debbie Bailey, and Cathy Blais. 42 43 KEEN COMPETITION IN GOLF GOLF TEAM: Jeffrey Davis, Phil Phillips, Dick Shan- nonhouse, William Shannonhouse; Coach Charles Harris. The 1965 Golf team had an outstanding year with its new coach, Mr. Charles A. Harris, at the helm. Out of 8 games played, only the second was lost. Bill Shannonhouse, skipper of the team, placed 4th in the State; the team won the District Cham¬ pionship. The team is fortunate that all members will be back next year with the benefit of a year’s ex¬ perience. WE GOLF SCOREBOARD THEY 9 Cape Charles 3 4 Franklin 8 won Onancock Forfeited 8 Franklin 4 10 Cape Charles 2 61 2 Kellam 51 2 11 Onancock 1 0 n 9Mi jl IjjsUki 9 TRACK TEAM: First Row: Tommy Fox, Danny Abbott, Tony Partin, Mike Routzong, Roger West, Steve Bralley, Donald Stine, Guy Dorey, Francis Downing, Hubert Doug¬ hty, Ernie Gibb, Jim Henderson, Jimmy Payne. Second Row: Mr. William Oakley, Coach; Charles Cox, Mike Hawker, managers; Ira Higbee, Dan White, W. T. Wilkins, Danny Gershowitz, Bruce Lambertson, Elton Gladden, Dwight Mat¬ thews, Hank Goshorn, Bill Fray, Richard Wood, Dixon 44 AND TRACK The 1965 Northampton track team ended its year sadly but with great hopes for the coming season. Having lost seven seniors, because of graduation the previous year, the team banked mostly on inexperi¬ enced freshmen and sophomores. The 1966 season is very promising as only three seniors were lost. Our hopes are on the shoulders of our coaches, Ken¬ neth Parker and William Okaley, as well as on those of Donald Stine, Danny Gershowitz, and Ira Higbee, the 1966 seniors. TRACK SCOREBOARD WE THEY 49 Onancock 69 55 Atlantic 63 57 Onancock 61 351 2 Wicomico 601 2 581 , Onancock 64 Bill Shannonhouse, Captain of the Golf team, placed 4th in State competition. Leatherbury, statistician; and Kenneth Jim Payne and Donald Stine Prepare for coming season. Parker, Coach. 45 FRONT ROW: Mr. Webb, coach; Jimmy Partin; Parks Downing; Bill Prettyman, co-captain; Kieth Colonna, co¬ captain; Franklin Hill; SECOND ROW: Charles Renner, manager; Phil Turner; Jimmy Prince; H. M. Arnold; H. P. Wescott, coach; THIRD ROW: Bub Robins, Tommy Merrit; Steve Lewis; Bub Shreaves; Jimmy Mitchel; Melvin Coats. JACKETS ROLL OVER OPPONENTS The 1965 baseball team steam-rollered over their opponents under the leadership of co-captains Billy Prettyman and Keith Colonna; the team ended the season with a 15 win, 3 loss, 1 tie record. SCOREBOARD We They 4 Atlantic 0 9 Cape Charles 1 4 Parksley 0 5 Parksley 2 0 James Blair 7 3 James Blair 6 2 Barry Robinson 3 8 Chincoteague 3 8 James Blair 6 8 Cape Charles 1 4 Onancock 4 14 Atlantic 0 13 Central 0 4 Poquoson 1 7 Poquoson 0 7 Onancock 0 9 Central 5 7 Gloucester 0 5 Gloucester 0 Among the best games of the season was the game in which Northampton beat James Blair 8 to 5; the first time we have beaten James Blair in any sport in five years. " Let us continue.” COACHES: Mr. H. P. Wescott and Mr. K. Webb 46 FIRST ROW: Mary Lee Outten, Ellen Wood, Linda Out- ten, Charlotte Adkins, Billie Pusey. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Hamilton, Linda Cameron, Barbara Oakley (Co-captain), Peggy Ames, Kathy Charnock, Patsy Brittingham, Cathy Doughty. FIGURES GIVE THE FACTS The girls’ softball team, ably coached by Mrs. Elizabeth Skeen, added a winning season to their lengthening list of good years. They won eight out of ten games, rolling over Central twice with large margins and beat their greatest rival, Cape Charles, with a comfortable score. The Co-captains, Judy Hopper and Barbara Oakley, deserve credit for leading the team to a victorious season. SCOREBOARD We They 25 Atlantic 9 10 Cape Charles 7 Parksley Forfeit 9 Parksley 3 20 Chincoteague 7 14 Central 6 3 Cape Charles 1 19 Onanock 14 18 Central 4 5 Atlantic 6 1965 SENIORS: Rose Van Helvert, Peggy Shreaves, Judy Hopper (Co-captain), Fran Van Helvert. 47 CHEERLEADERS BOOST VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Laura Watson, Martha Fountaine, Ellen Wood, Wendy Pusey, (Captain), Ketsy Gibb, Brigitte Hurtt, and Ann Watson. JV CHEERLEADERS. Lynn Mason, Ann Nottingham, Joan Duer, Scottie Acworth, Suellen Prince, Nan Tankard, and Sue Pruitt. SCHOOL SPORTSMANSHIP Brigitte Hurtt Wendy Pusey, Captain Ann Watson In the 1966 season, the Varsity and J.V. Cheer¬ leaders inspired the Jackets on to victory and aroused school spirit by presenting pep rallies and related proj¬ ects. One of the projects was the building of Northampton’s only Homecoming float. Old-timers say this float numbers among the most beautiful ever seen on the Shore. The maiden voyage of this queen of the fleet was commanded by Queen Barbara Ann Oakley, whose Senior attendant was Bobbie Edwards. ATTENDANTS: Virginia Charnock, Betsy Whittington, Bobbie Edwards; Queen: Barbara Oakley; Attendants: Chantis Stinson, and Judy Powell. FOUR JACKETS WIN DISTRICT HONORS WE FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD THEY 0 James Blair 19 32 Onancock 0 0 Southampton 37 Won Smithfield Lost 0 Gloucester 13 0 Central 7 Won Virginia Beach Lost 27 Forest Glen 20 7 Pouquoson 25 0 Franklin 27 Won through forfeit FOOTBALL TEAM: Frank Bell, statistician; Hubert Doughty, manager; Dixon Leatherbury, Butch Nottingham, Jimmy Walters, Danny Gershowitz, Guy Dorey, John Lansdale, Bub Shreaves, Jimmy Prince, H. M. Arnold, Albert Mason, Steve McCready, Billy Mason, Donald Stine, trainer; Kenneth Parker, head coach; Elton Gladden, trainer: Wade Fitzgerald, Darryl Powell, Bobbie Bowen, Bub Rob¬ bins, Dan White, Bruce Lambertson, Westcott Terry, Jeff Davis, Jack Robbins, Tom Fountain, Mike Hawker, Joe Doughty, Steve Bralley, manager; Mr. William Oakley, and Mr. Kenneth Webb, assistant coaches. I 50 COACH PARKER PLANS AHEAD The players and coaches of the 1965 football team are already planning for next year. This year the team, which was mostly a green squad, did not show up too well in the cold light of statistics; how¬ ever, they gained valuable experience, and eighteen lettermen will return next year. Several of the players won laurels this-year; among Spirited team holds last-minute huddle, the more outstanding were Bruce Lambertson and John Lansdale, who both won all District I, Group 2, first d efensive team. John was also named Most Valuable Player of the year. Guy Dorey gained Honorable Mention as offensive fullback and Steve McCready, Honorable Mention as defensive tackle. An unrecognized but very important part of the team is the managers and trainers, who handle the " miles of adhesive tape " that keep a team going. They did a good job this year. To keep the team in shape during the off-season, Coach Parker has organized an extensive and high¬ ly successful athletic training program for the boys who do not play basketball. The coaches, Mr. Parker, Mr. Oakley, and Mr. Webb, are all confident that 1966 will be an un¬ defeated season for the Jackets. Crash! Six Jackets converge on an opponent. Danny Gershowitz watches and prays. Pigskin slips through Jimmy Prince’s hands. Tommy Merritt and an unidentified Onancock player go up for the tip-off. BILL LEWIS HIGH SCORER Hampered by injuries and inexperience, the Yel¬ low Jackets started the season slowly, but went on to record a season’s record of 10 won and 8 lost, with a conference total of 4 and 6. The team rallied toward the end of the season and tied Poquoson for fourth place and a tourney berth. However, ex¬ hausted from a hectice schedule of make-up games after an eight-day snow vacation, they lost the sud¬ den-death play off, 49 to 69. The high scorer for the year was Bill Lewis, with a season total of 229 points. He was closely followed by Tommy Merritt and Steve Lewis. Left: Steve Lewis lays up the ball. TENSION: The strain of a game shows on Bill Lewis’ face. JACKETS WIN EIGHT OF LAST TEN SCOREBOARD WE THEY 33 Poquoson 51 37 Smithfield 70 55 Pocomoke 74 54 John Yeates 36 45 Cape Charles 44 46 Gloucester 57 43 James Blair 74 50 Smithfield 78 75 Snow Hill 33 77 Parksley 22 53 Poquoson 30 47 John Yeates 42 70 Onancock 34 52 Gloucester 38 53 Princess Anne 40 51 James Blair 77 55 Pocomoke 79 78 Onancock 69 49 Poquoson (play off) 69 Coach George Young, Phil Turner, Jimmy Prince, Elton James, Tommy Merritt, Billy Lewis, Wescott Terry, Jimmy Stewart, Bub Shreaves, Albert Mason, Bill Mason and Steve Lewis (co-captains), and Allen IJaughtrey and Danny Kellam, managers. 53 ' f -j mu M: W . • I - JV FOOTBALL: Bottom: Alex Woodland, Robert Foun- taine, Alfred Nottingham, Jack Womble, Tommy Palmer, Billy Parks, Preston Scott, Allen Daughtrey, Chris Wood¬ land, Howard Turner, A. C. Ward, John Taylor, Steve Jones, Donald Rehl, Top: John Cameron, Kenneth Col¬ lins, Norman Gladden, Danny Abbot, Co-captain; Fur Robbins, Dick Nottingham, Tommy Fox, Larry Ball, Lew Willis, Austin Carpenter, Fred Richardson, Co-captain; Mickey Outten, Kris Carpenter, Gary Nye, and Coach H.P. Wescott. JAY VEES PREPARE FOR FUTURE Lower Classmen on the junior varsity teams pre¬ pare for the day when they will begin to play varsity sports. This season, the J. V. football team had a break-even season, with a 2-2-1, won, loss, tie record, and the basketball team ended the year with all won, 7 tie ledger. JV BASKETBALL: Kipper Nottingham, manager; Phillip Blais, Elijah Lewis, John Downing, Mike Routzong, Charles Boss, Jim Prince, Kenneth Collins, Phil Phillips, Phil Snyder, Lew Willis, David Partin, Danny Abbot, Fred Richardson, Buck Mapp, and the coaches, Mr. Kenneth Webb and Mr. William Oakley. 54 EIGHTH GRADERS SEEK THEIR IDENTITY Elizabeth Acworth Charles Ames Victoria Ames Rosa Lee Bell Thomas Bell Michael Belote Philip Blais Virginia Bowen Debbie Brady John Brady Melinda Brady Steve Brady Robert Brittingham William Brittingham Martin Burgess Jacqueline Carpenter Kris Carpenter William Carpenter Linda Chambers Gates Clayton, Jr. Mario Cole Kenneth Collins Becky Colonna Sharon Colonna John Daughtrey Debra Dennis Donald Downing E. Garrison Drummond E. Franklin Dunton Richard Eldridge Margaret Engle Henry Floyd Jenny Floyd Robert Fountaine Susan Gardner Edward Gibb Lulie Gibbs Norman Gladden W. Russell Gladden Dale Goffigon William Hall Elizabeth Henderson Herbert Hope Patricia Hopkins Steve Jones Danny Kellam Pamela Kelly Linda Kilborn Debbie Lee Richard Lewis CLASS OFFICERS: Clifford Nottingham, president; Henry Nottingham, treasurer Floyd, vice-president; Walter Widgeon, secretary; Alfred 57 Beat Blair signs for the first football garrie are part of the initiation Jim Henderson shows his upper classman authority by of eighth graders Pamela Kelly, David Partin, Billy Magette, Pres inspecting sign worn by under classman Pres Trower. Trower, and Russell Gladden. Frank Lusk William Magette Edwin Manuel Mary Leigh Marsh J. Andrew Mason Benjamin Mears Delores Mears Luther Mears Patricia Mitchell Barbara Moore Maggie Moses Brenda Nordstrom Anne Nottingham Clifford Nottingham Elizabeth Nottingham S. Alfred Nottingham M. Carmen Novoa Anna Nye Thomas Palmer Nancy Parks 58 William Parks David Partin V. Duane Phillips Judy Powell R. Donald Rehl Vicki Reynolds Wendy Reynolds Karon Riggin Daniel Savage Candace Scott George Scott Mary Scott Barbara Simpson Patricia Simpson Ann Spady William Spady T. Blair Stewart Shirley Stine Andrew Stitt Pamela Tankard Preston Trower Everett Watson John West Walter Widgeon Lilia Williams Deborah Willis Lyman Willis John Womble James Woodland 59 NINTH GRADERS SEEK MORE UNDERSTANDING OFFICERS: Kay Crumb, Secretary; Daniel Abbott, President; Floyd Robbins, Vice-president; Fred Richardson, Treasurer. Daniel Abbott Dora Ames Larry Ball Christine Bell Jean Belote Richard Birch Charles Boss Jeanne Bowen V. Clyde Bradford W. Wayne Bradford Billy Brady Essie Brady Gwendolyn Bundick John Butt John Cameron 60 Donnie Campbell Austin, Carpenter Robert Carpenter Deborah Chandler Ann Charnock Mary Viriginia Charnock D. Parks Colonna Kay Crumb. Jeffrey Culver Virginia Dix Claudia Doughty Joan Doughty Joan Duer Ted Duer Harry Dunton E. Frank Eder Elizabeth Etheridge Frank Etz Ellen Farlow Linda Fowler Thomas Fox Doris Guy Mary Jane Hinman Carolyn Hope Larry Hopkins Sharon Isdell Arnold Jones Margaret Kellam Bessie Lane Carson Lewis Charles Mapp Cynthia Mapp Betty Jane Marshall Z. Raymond Marshall Barbara Mason Lynn Mason Francine Mathewson John Nottingham Richard Nottingham Gary Nye Milton Outten Peggy Outten Jean Parker Wayne Parker J. Anthony Partin Katherine Pennell Michael Pollock Ida Powell Suellen Prince Sue Pruitt Raymond Rehl Abbie Reynolds Fred Richardson Floyd Robbins Paul Rogers Barbara Rowley Donna Savage Irving Sayers Preston Scott Jane Shackelford Eddie Smith Carmilla Spady Harry Spady Nan Tankard John Taylor Dana K. Spady (no picture) 62 Glenn Thomas Robert Thomas Rebecca Trower Howard Turner James Turner C. Kermit Vandegrift Stephen Vass James Walters Austin Ward III G. Thomas Webb Letchia Webb Christopher Woodland Jennie Charnock and Lynn Mason make an impressive sign to boost the Jackets on to victory. Crawling on the floor adds zest to work. 63 TENTH GRADERS SEEK CAREER INFORMATION Gordon W. Adkins William L. Alford Ruth W. Ames Deborah Arnold Deborah Bailey Frank Bell, Jr. Catherine Blais Joseph Bosse R. Dennis Bradford Malinda Brady Marion Brady George Butler E. Katherine Charnock Barbara Cosby Charles Cox Jeffery Davis Ellen Dix Hubert Doughty T. Melson Doughty John Downing Bonnie Dunton Edward Eder Robert Eder D. Christopher Elliott Kathy Evans Joseph Ferebee Wade Fitzgerald Charles Floyd Linda Floyd Martha Fountaine 64 OFFICERS: Ketsy Gibb, Secretary; Mike Routzong, President; Dan White, Vice-president; Barbara Cosby, Treasurer. Keziah Gibb F. Elton Gladden Mary Sue Hand Cassandra James Betty Lafferty H. Bruce Lambertson L. Dixon Leatherbury Elijah Lewis William Lewis George Mapp, III Frances Marsh B. Keith Marshall William Mason Dwight Matthews I. Ronnie Mears Linda Mears Brenda Moore Christine Moore Jerome Nottingham Kathyanne Parker 65 Brenda Parks Kenneth Pennell Cynthia Phillips Hilton B. Phillips, Jr. Dago Pieras Nestor Pieras James Powell James Prince Teresa Pruitt Carla Riggin E. Addison Robbins Steven Robins Michael Routzong Allen Rowe Shirley Rue Jimmy Turner, Teresa Pruitt, Candy James, Nestor Pieras concentrate on Kuder Preference Inventory. 66 COLLEGE DAY USHERS: Johnny Downing, Carla Riggin, Hubert Doughty, Shirley Rue, Frank Bell, Linda Floyd, Mike Routzong, Barbara Cosby, G. W. Adkins William Russell G. Mitchell Selby Phil Snyder Pamela Stewart S. Thomas Taylor W. Ray Taylor June Thomas Patricia Thomas M. Charlene Travis James Turner Margaret Voyles Lowell Wallace Joan Walters Joe West Betsy Whittington Daniel White, Jr. Suzanne Willis Deborah Wilson Elizabeth Wise 67 JUNIORS SEEK SENIORITY HERE SIT—Anne Hopkins, Treasurer; Jane Kellam, Secretary; Bub Shreaves, Vice president; and John Lansdale, President. Charlotte Adkins Peggy Ames Herbert Arnold Maggie Badger Rebecca Blais Linda Bosse Delores Bowen Robert Bowen Phyllis Bradshaw Rudolph Brady Stephen Bralley Deborah Brown Linda Cameron Linda Carpenter Melvin Coates Gene Colonna Elizabeth Cowling Shirley Crockett Francis Downing Florence Fitchett 68 Jo Gregory Wayne Hall Michael Hawker Hannah Henderson James Henderson Ann Hopkins Brigitte Hurtt Jane Kellam Pamela Korleski John Lansdale Steve Lewis Mary Mapp Myron Marsh Terry Marshall Jamine Massey Dennis Mathewson 69 JUNIOR SPONSORS: Mr. Berkley Ashby, Mrs. Mary D. Shannonhouse, and Mr. William Timm. John McCready Christopher Mears Thomas Merritt Janey Nottingham Linda Sue Outten James Payne Carolyn Powell Darryl Powell George Rehl Elizabeth Rogers Warren Scanlan Rawlings Scott Rickie Scott Thomas Scott Rebecca Selby Richard Shannonhouse 70 Juniors strive for that " DIGNIFIED LOOK ' as they advance to their future senior positions. Alwood Shreaves Otto Shreaves Eric Shrieves Clyde Small Wayne Smith Betty Sommers Dianna .Stevens James Stewart Chantis Stinson Patricia Tankard Carol Taylor Wescott Terry Kathleen Turner Phillip Turner William Valos Dorothy West Roger West Irene Williams Harold Wise Ellen Wood 71 SENIORS SEEK 1 C. Stephen Bartholomew E. Joan Bell John A. Bowen Ann C. Boole Patricia S. Brittingham Mary Lou Burnley Robert W. Carpenter Larry T. Crosley CHARLES STEPHEN BARTHOLOMEW Class President 4; Pep Club 4; Debate Club 4, 5, (Vice- president 5); Annual Staff 4; Choral 5; Baseball 3, 5; Friendliest. EVELYN JOAN BELL Tri-Hi-Y 3, Choral 4, 5; Annual Typist. ANN C. BOOLE Choral 4, 5; Pep Club 5, Beta Contestant 5 Most Talkative. JOHN A. BOWEN F. E. A. 2, 3; Monogram 4, 5; Choral 4, 5; Boating Club 5; J. V. Football 1; J. V. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Football 4, Varsity Basketball 4, 5; Track 3, 4. PATRICIA 5, BRITTINGHAM F. H. A. 3; Softball 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE BURNLEY Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Choral 4, 5; Most Mischievous. ROBERT W. CARPENTER D. E. Club 4, 5. LARRY T. CROS¬ LEY Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Vice-President 3); Rocket Club 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 3); D. E. Club 4, Dortha L. Culver OFFICERS: Bonnie Pusey, Secretary; Reed Ennis, President; Bessie S. Custis 72 NEXT STEP 5, (Reporter 5); Readers’ 5, " Recognition of Lead¬ ership Award” awarded by D. E. Clubs of America. DOROTHA LEE CULVER 4-H 1, 2; Dramatic Club 4; Choral 4; D. E. Club 5. BESSIE S. CUSTIS F. H. A. 4, (Vice-president 4); Choral 4, 5; Handicraft Club 5, (President 5). CAROLYN FAYE DAFFIN F. H. A. 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Choral 4, 5; Annual Typist. JUANITA M. DEYERLE News¬ paper 4; Choral 5; Annual Staff 5. GUY L. DOREY Monogram 5, (Vice-president 5); Choral 4, 5; F. F. A. 4; J. V. Football 2; J. V. Basketball 3; Varsity Football 4, 5; Varsity Basketball 4, 5; Varsity Track 2, 4, 5. CATHE F. DOUGHTY Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Monogram 5; Choral 4, 5; Softball 2, 3, 4, 5. Students ask, " Who is the most humorous?” Seniors reply, " Jane Engle and Joe Paige Doughty, of course!” Billy Mason, Vice-President; Barbara Ann Oakley, Treasurer. C. Faye Daffin Juanita Deyerle Guy Dorey Cathe Doughty JOSEPH P. DOUGHTY D. E. Club 4 ; Mono¬ gram 4 , 5; J. V. Football 1, 2; Baseball 3; Varsity Football 4, 5; Most Humorous. GREGORY A. DOWNING Boating Club 5; F. F. A. 3, 4. OTHO WILLIAM DOWNING Choral 4, 5; D. E. Club 5. BARBARA S. DUER Dramatic Club 2 , 3, 4, (Treasurer 3, Reporter 4); Debate Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 5); Beta 4, 5; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff 4, 5, (Co-editor 5). ELIZ¬ ABETH H. DUNTON Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 , (Treasurer 4); Debate Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4. BOB¬ BIE P. EDWARDS Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 5); Choral 4, 5; Homecoming Attendant 5. MARY E. ELDRIDGE (transferred) Annual Staff 5. JANE D. ENGLE Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4); 4-H 1, 2, 3, (President 2); Debate Club 2, 4, 5; Beta 3, 4, 5; S. C. A. 3, 4; Most Humorous. REED M. ’:■ ■; hf ; : ■ Helen Terry and Reed Ennis, our most dependable seniors, are too " pooped” to participate. Joseph Doughty Gregory Downing Otho Downing Barbara Duer With Spring came our " Enchanted Evening.” Those hon¬ ored were Barbara Oakley; Hank Goshorn; Moggie Edwards: 74 ENNIS Rocket Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (Co-founder, President 2, 3, 4); Debate Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (Vice- president 4); Debate team 3, 4; Newspaper 4 (Man¬ aging editor 4); S. C. A. 5, (Treasurer 5); Class President 5; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3; Most Dependable. MARY ANNE FLOYD 4-H, 1 (Vice-president, 1); Debate Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, (Chaplain 5, District Chaplain, 4) Delegate to M. G. A. 4, 5; Choral 4, 5; Beta 3, 4, 5; Band 3, 4, 5, (President 5). THOMAS C. FOUNTAINE Monogram 4, 5; Debate Club 2; Pep Club 5; S. C. A. 1, 4; J. V. Football 1, 2; Varsity Football 3, 5; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. RICHARD S. GARD¬ NER D. E. 5; Track 3, 4; (Transferred). DAN¬ IEL R. GERSHOWITZ Monogram 4, 5; Football 5; Track 4, 5. BONNIE F. HAMILTON Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Choral 4, 5; Annual Typist 5; Softball 2, 4. Elizabeth Dunton Bobbie Edwards Steve Bartholomew; Sue Dudley, Queen; Bill Fray, King; Rita Routzong; Dianne Stewart; Beverly Wescott. Mary Eldridge Jane Engle Reed Ennis Mary Anne Floyd Thomas Fountaine Richard Gardner Daniel Gershowitz Bonnie Hamilton 75 James Hopper Elton James Rebecca Kellam R u f us Lane IRA T. HIGBEE Monogram 4, 5; J.V. Football 2; Track 3, 4, 5. LINDA D. HOPE. JAMES C. HOPPER F.F.A. 3; Boating Club 5; J.V. Foot¬ ball 1. ELTON S. JAMES J.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 5; J.V. Football ' 2. REBECCA S. KELLAM Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, (Vice-president 5); Choral 4, 5; S.C.A. 3; D.E. Club 5, (Secretary 5); Class Treasurer 3; J.V. Cheerleader 2. RUFUS H. LANE, Jr. Choral 5; Pep Club 5. CATHERINE A. LEATHERBURY Dramatic Club 3, 4; Debate Club 2, 3; Readers’ Club 5, (Vice-president 5); F.H.A. 2, (Treasurer 2); Pep Club 5; Choral 5. CHARLES W. LEMON, Jr. DARLENE E. MAPP Annual Staff 4; Debate Club 3; Choral 4, 5; Pep Club 4, 5. JOSEPH T. MAPP III Rocket Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (Vice-president 4, President 5); Dramatic 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 5); J.V. FIRST HONOR STUDENT SECOND HONOR STUDENT Vivian Whitted Wendy Pusey Catherine Leatherbury C. William Lemon Darlene Mapp Joseph Mapp 76 Football 1; Baseball 3; Most Talented. L. McKIEL MARTIN Debate Club 5; Baseball 5; Most Mis¬ chievous; (transferred). ALBERT B. MASON, Jr. Rocket Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); D.E. Club 4, 5; Dramatic Club 4; Annual Staff 5; Choral 4; J.V. Football Manager 2; Varsity Football 4, 5; J.V. Bas¬ ketball Manager 2; Baseball Manager 1; J.V. Basket¬ ball 3; Varsity Football Manager 3; Varsity Basket¬ ball Manager 4; WILLIAM R. MASON III Mono¬ gram Club 4, 5 (President 5); S.C.A. Representative 2, 4, 5; Class President 2; Class Vice-president 1, 5; J.V. Football 1, 2; J.V. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 4, 5; Track 3; Varsity Basketball 5; Most Versatile. CINDY H. MATHEWSON Beta 3, 4, 5; D.E. Club 4, 5; Goldey Beacom Spelling Award; Winner of Public Speaking District Meet. THIRD HONOR STUDENT FOURTH HONOR STUDENT Mary Anne Floyd Ann Watson r ' n " 1 1 ..... uoioo-S ■ 1 1 ! 1 Mary and " the little lamb”—Keil ? ? Mary Lou Burnley and Keil Martin deserve their title—most mischievous. L. McKeil Martin Albert Mason, Jr. William Mason Cindy Mathewson 77 " WILL SUCCESS SPOIL Donald Stine and Vivian Whit- ted?” NO! GERALINE F. MEARS D.E. Club 4, 5. JAY B. MEEK Chess 5. GEORGE A. METZ D.E. Club 4. JAMES L. MITCHELL Newspaper 4; Debate 2, 5; Rocket 2, 4, (Assistant Treasurer 4); S.C.A. 1; J.V. Football 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4, 5. JAMES W. MITCHELL. DONALD MOORE D.E. Club 4, 5; Choral 4, 5; Pep Club 5. JAC¬ QUELINE A. MOORE. PATRICIA E. MOORE Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Debate Club 2; Pep Club 5; Choral 5. RONALD MOORE Choral 5; D.E. Club 5, (Vice-president 5). BARBARA ANN OAK¬ LEY Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Monogram 4, 5, (Secretary 5); 4-H 1; Pep Club 4, 5, (Secretary 4); Choral 4, 5; Class Vice-president 4; Class Treasurer 3, 5; Soft- ball 2, 3, 4, 5, (Co-Captain 4); Beta Queen 4; " If we ever find a place for all these parts, we’ll play to defend our title of most talented,” say Bonnie Pusey and J. T. Mapp. Homecoming Attendant 2; Homecoming Queen 5; Friendliest. DOUGLAS L. OUTTEN F.F.A. 2, 3, 4, 5; Choral 4; Rocket Club 5; Boating Club 5. MARY LEE OUTTEN Beta 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, Delegate to M.G.A. 5, (Secretary 5); Monogram 4, 5; 4-H All Star; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Vice-presi¬ dent 5); Choral 4; Debate Club 2; Annual Staff 4; Softball 2, 3, 4, 5; Red ribbon, 4-H, in District Public Speaking Contest, 2; White ribbon, 4-H, in District Public Speaking Contest, 4; White ribbon in State 4-H Slfare-the-Fun Contest 4. JOHN E. PAYNE D.E. Club 4, 5; Choral 5; D.E. District Parliamen¬ tarian 4, 5; J.V. Football 1, 2. JOHN T. POWELL Rocket Club 5; J.V. Football; Varsity Football. Jacqueline Moore Patricia Moore Ronald Moore Barbara Oakley Douglas Outten Mary Lee Outten John Payne John Powell 79 Bonnie Pusey Wendy Pusey Willie Pusey William Rayfield Norma B. Read John Robbins BONNIE B. PUSEY Beta 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, .(President 5); Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, 5, (Adver¬ tising Manager 4, Business Manager 5); S. C. A. 5; Student Court 5; Quill and Scroll 4, 5; Choral 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Secretary 4); Class President 1; Class Secretary 5; Homecoming Attendant 1; Beta Contestant 1, 2, 4; Most Talented. WENDY A. PUSEY 4-H 1; Debate Club 2; Choral 4; Beta 3, 4, 5, (President 5); Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5, S. C. A. 3, 4, 5, Monogram 4, 5, Honor Member of Pep Club 5, J. V. Cheerleader 1, 2; (Co-Captain 2); Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, 5; (Co-Captain 5); Beta Contestant 2, 3; Beta Queen 3; Virginia Girl’s State 4; Most Versatile. WILLIE S. PUSEY Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Choral 4, 5; Annual Typist 5; Newspaper 4; Softball 4. WILLIAM C. RAYFIELD Choral 5; Pep Club 5; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4. NORMA B. READ Tri-Hi-Y 3. JOHN P. ROBBINS, JR. Choral 5; Boating Club 5; Ann Boole and Jack Robbins ha ' Wayne Robinson Margaret Rogers Ritz Routzong Jo Ann Savers 80 Rocket Club 5; J. V. Football 2; Varsity Football 5; Most Talkative. WAYNE A. ROBINSON Pep Club 5; Choral 5; Rocket Club 5. MARGARET P. ROGERS Dramatic Club 3, 4, (Secretary 4); De¬ bate 2, 3, 4, 5; Readers’ Club 5, (President 5); Beta 3, 4, 5; F.HA. 2 (Reporter 2); Annual Staff 5. RITA A. ROUTZONG Choral 4, 5; Ensemble 4, (Leader 4); Pep Club 4, 5, (Vice-president 4, Presi¬ dent 5); Class Secretary 3, 4; Softball 3; Home- coming Attendant 4; Most School Spirited. JO ANN SAYERS Pep Club 4; Choral 5; Handicraft 5. MICHAEL L. SCANLAN Rocket Club 3, 4, 5; (Vice-president 5); J. V. Football; J. V. Basketball Manager. WILLIAM R. SHANNONHOUSE, JR. Beta 3, 4, 5; Literary Club 5; Pep Club 5; Mono¬ gram Club 5; Golf 2, 3, 4, 5; Certificate for placing 4th in State Golf Meet. SHIRLEY L. SIMPSON. JOSEPH A. SMAW (transferred) earned their title of most talkative. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that’s our Senior battle cry! Rita Routzong and Howard Travis, most school spirited; struggle to prove this in their posters. Michael Scanlan William Shannonhouse Shirley Simpson Joseph Smaw Don’t tell me you’re bashful! We know you are the biggest flirts—Laura Watson and Bob Sumners. WILLIAM ROBERT SNYDER 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, 5; Boating 5; Golf 2, 3; F. F. A. 1st and 2nd degree. RUBY M. SPADY. JOHN WAVERLY SPENCE F. F. A. 1, 2, 3; D. E. 5; Rocket Club 5; Pep Club 5; JOY G. STAMEY D. E. Club 4, 5; Choral Club 5; Pep Club 5, (trans¬ fer). JOHN M. STEWART F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, 5; Boating Club 5. DONALD W. STINE Debate Club 2, 3, 4, 5, (Treasurer 4, Debate Team 3); Beta 4, 5; Monogram 5; S. C. A. 4, 5, (Vice-presi¬ dent 5); Vice-president of Class 3; Football Trainer 3, 4, 5; Track Manager 2; Track Team 4, 5; Most Likely to Succeed. ROBERT L. SUMNERS 4-H 4, 5; F. F. A. 3, 4; Varsity Football 4, J. V. Football 3; Biggest Flirt. HELEN M. TERRY Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, 5, (Co-Editor 5); Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (Secretary 3, Reporter 2, Vice-president 4); Debate Club 4, 5, (Reporter 4); Pep Club 4, 5; Newspaper Staff 4; Band 1, 2; Most Dependable. BARBARA KAYE THOMAS 4-H 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 5; Choral 4, 5. CHARLES HOWARD TRAVIS Debate Club 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 5; Rock¬ et Club 3, 5, (Secretary 5); Pep Club 5, (Treas¬ urer 5); Boating Club 5; 4-H Honor Club 3, It was hard work decorating the gym for the W. Robert Snyder Ruby Spady J. Waverly Spence Joy Stamey 82 5, (Vice-president 5); Class President 3; J. V. Foot¬ ball 2, (Co-captain 2); J. V. Basketball 3; 4-H Honor King; 4-H Representative to Honor Ball; N. H. S. Entomology representative 3; Most School Spirited. ANN L. WATSON 4-H 1. (Secretary 1); Choral 4; Beta 3, 4, 5, (Secretary-Treasurer 5); Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Monogram 4, 5; Honor member of Pep Club 5; Class Secretary 2; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, 5; Beta Contestant 4, 5; Beta Attendant 4; Friendliest. LAURA MAPP WATSON Debate Club 1; Monogram Club 4, 5, (Treasurer 5); Beta Club 3, 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Choral 4; Honor Member of Pep Club 5; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, 5; J. V. Cheerleader 2; Class Treas¬ urer 1; Beta Contestant 3; Biggest Flirt. RONALD N. WEST F. F. A. 2, 3, 4; D. E. 5; Rocket Club 5; Annual Staff 5. VIVIAN J. WHITTED Stu¬ dent Council 5; (President 5); Beta Club 4, 5, (Vice-president 5); Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Debate 2, 4, 5; Class Vice-president 2; Beta Contestant 5, National French Contest 4; State Latin Tournament 1; Goldey Beacom Spelling Award; Most Likely To Succeed. John Stewart Donald Stine Robert Sumners Helen Terry Barbara Thomas C. Howard Travis Prom, but it was worth all the work that evening!! Ann Watson Laura Watson Ronald West Vivian Whitted 83 Wanda Williams Garnett Wilson James Wood Linda Wyatt Gloria Young WANDA L. WILLIAMS Tri-Hi-Y 3; Choral 4, 5; Softball 3. GARNETT L. WILSON. JAMES P. WOOD II D.E. 4, 5; (President 5); Choral 4, 5; Sales Demonstrations contest Award. LINDA F. WYATT Choral Club 4, 5; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 5; Pep Club 4, 5. GLORIA H. YOUNG D.E. 4, 5. " I can do anything better than you,” says Wendy Pusey to Billy Mason. Most Versatile. FRIENDLIEST. Barbara Oakley, Steve Bartholomew, and Ann Watson—Winning friends is their specialty. 84 85 EXMORE BOTTLING Exmore, Virginia COMPANY PEEBLES DEPARTMENT STORES Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virginia NORTHAMPTON INSURANCE AGENCY E. S. STURGIS, Agent Eastville, Virginia Office OR 8-5153 Home OR 8-5147 RICHARDSON ' S GARAGE Eastville, Virginia FOX JAMES Eastville, Virginia FOX SCOTT Cape Charles, Virginia Funeral Directors EASTERN SHORE CANNING CO., INC. John Deere Farm Equipment Machipongo, Virginia BAILEY RADIO T.V. SERVICE Box 165 Cheriton, Virginia PAGE OUTTEN GROCERY CHERITON PURE OIL Cheriton, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia NORTHAMPTON GROWERS, INC. EASTVILLE PHARMACY Produce and Farm Supplies Eastville, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia TILGHMAN ' S JEWELERS, INC. IDEAL CLEANERS, INC. Fine Jewelry Since 1891 Dependable Cleaners Since 1921 Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virgina ASHBY PRODUCE COMPANY COATES ' STORE Exmore, Virgina Eastern Shore of Virginia Produce Machipongo, Virginia Tel.: 442-6740—Res. 442-6971 KELLAM MOTORS U. S. Highway 13 Eastville Virginia A Family Name In Transportation on the Eastern Shore for Half a Century CHERITON T.V. CENTER T.V., Radio and High Fidelity Radio Cheriton, Virginia CC 472 C. J. PRETTYMAN SONS Realtors SAVAGE ' S DRUG STORE Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virginia 442-6131 HOPKINS CHEVROLET Cheriton, Virginia BEST WISHES GRADUATES! Bill Gudenau, Innkeeper and Staff of the HOLIDAY INN B B MARKET Tip-Top Food Stores Fancy Meats Eastville, Virginia OR 8-5505 " OUR AIM:— To Help You Make the Eastern Shore More Beautiful. " TANKARD NURSERIES Exmcre, Virginia JAMES SHOE AND SPORTSWEAR Exmore, Virginia Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 DICK ' S SUNOCO Machipongo, Virginia NORDSTROM OIL AND NORDSTROM FURNITURE Exmore, Virginia EXMORE TRUCK SERVICE W. R. ACWORTH, Prop. Exmore, Virgina 442-9995 EDWARD HOLLAND CO., INC. Eastville, Virginia EASTVILLE FINANCE CO., INC. WARD ' S BODY SHOP Eastville, Virginia Body and Fender Work Eastville, Virginia ETZ JEWELERS Cape Charles, Va. JONES DEPARTMENT STORE 273 Mason Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia E H CLEANERS CAPE CHARLES OIL CO. Phone 312 Madison Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia ESSO Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Gasoline Cape Charles, Virginia PENINSULA MOTORS Authorized Sales and Service Phone 208 Cape Charles, Virginia RELIABLE BUILDING SUPPLY Cape Charles, Virginia K. L. MARKET EWELL ' S FURNITURE APPLIANCES Groceries, Light Lunches, and Delicatessen Cape Charles, Virginia Phone 576 Sylvania, Norge, Maytag Bottle Gas Service Cape Charles, Virginia Phone 597 NORDSTROM CHEVROLET HORNE-STAUFFER, INC. SALES, INC. Furniture, T.V., Appliances Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Onley, Virginia PATRICK WIDGEON General Contractor Nassawadox, Virginia EXMORE CAMERA CENTER Exmore, Virginia 442-6412 A. N. STORE Exmore, Virginia BELLE HAVEN PRODUCE H. M. LEWIS GROCERY Belle Haven, Virginia Wardtown, Virginia NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Cape Charles, Virginia 95 EXMORE ESSO SERVICE CENTER STANLEY KELLAM, Manager Exmore, Virginia 442-6144 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Nassawadox, Virginia 442-6173 HENRY IMPRINTING SERVICE Office Supplies—Stationery Nassawadox, Virginia 442-6941 C. J. PRETTYMAN, JR. Produce Exmore, Virginia RUSSELL MOTOR COMPANY Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth Johnson Outboard Motors Exmore, Virginia CAPE CHARLES FURNITURE CO. 235 Mason Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia CC 958 E. 0. DRUMMOND Eastville, Virginia 678-5115 ASGROW SEED COMPANY JOSEPH A. DUER, Manager Exmore, Virginia 442-5451 NOTTINGHAM BROTHERS BURGESS AND WYATT General Contracting Exmore, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia H. C. WEST SONS Birdsnest, Virginia KELLAM DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. Belle Haven, Virginia 442.5811 BURNETT-WALTON ROGERS BROTHERS OF VIRGINIA, INC. Cooper Tires and Recaps Exmore, Virginia Food City Super Markets Cheriton, Virginia THE TEXTILE SHOP EXMORE AMERICAN SERVICE STATION Nassawadox, Virginia WILLIAM L. RUSSELL, Manager Exmore, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of 1966 H. M. JAMES AND CO. EXMORE PHARMACY Exmore, Virginia ADDISON CO. Hardware Eastville, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia H. C. WISE SON LLOYDS DRUG STORE Exmore, Virginia " Be WISE. See WISE for your supplies. " Simking Siding Cheriton, Virginia H. R. WEST SONS Cheriton, Virginia NORTHAMPTON LUMBER CO. Nassawadox, Virginia CAPE CHARLES CLEANERS Cape Charles, Virginia CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Records, Phonographs, Radios Exmore, Virginia NORTHAMPTON COUNTY TRUST BANK Cape Charles, Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Exmore, Virginia DUNTON ' S GULF SERVICE Nassawadox, Virginia HENDERSON ' S PHARMACY Nassawadox, Virginia McCALEB CO., INC. Insurance M. J. DUER AND CO., INC. Belle Haven, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of ' 66 ELLIOTT FURNITURE CO. Exmore, Virginia The Officers of CAPE CHARLES AIR FORCE STATION Cape Charles, Virginia KENNY ' S RESTAURANT Cape Charles, Virginia FOUR HIGH ADVERTISING SALESMEN were Beth Wise, Quincy Dix, Martha Jo Gregory, and Helen Terry. THE PEOPLES TRUST BANK Exmore, Virginia 442-6491 " The Friendly Place to Bank " We Invite Your Savings Checking Accounts FLORA DAWN FLORIST Exmore, Virginia NIGHT DEPOSITORY CHRISTMAS CLUBS AMPLE PARKING SPACE SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES DRIVE-IN WINDOW CHERITON PURE OIL SERVICE Cheriton, Virginia CC 459 102 INDEX Administration 6 Advertisements 85-102 Art Department 24 Band 3 6 Baseball 46 Bask tball 54 J.v. 54 Varsity 52-53 Beta Club 29 Boating Club 39 Bus Drivers 26 Business Department 22 Camera Club 31 Cheerleaders J.V. 49 Varsity 40 Chess 40 Choral 37 Classes 55 Clubs 27 Custodians 26 Debate 34 Dedication 4 Distributive Education 23, 38 Driver Education 19 Eighth Grade 56-59 Eleventh Grade 68-71 English Department 10-11 Evaluation 6 Faculty 10-25 Football J.V. 54 Varsity 50-51 Foreign Language Department 17 Girls’ Softball 47 Golf 45 Guidance Department 9 103 INDEX Handicraft Club 39 Health and Physical Education 18-19 Homecoming 48 Home Economics Department 20 Honor Roll 25 Library Staff 8 Lunchroom 26 Mathematics Department 12-13 Monogram Club 41 Music Department 25 Ninth Grade 60-63 Office Staff 8 Parent Teacher’s Association 6 Pep Club 42 Physical Education Department 18-19 Principals 7 Quill and Scroll 30 Reader’s Club 35 Rocket Club 40 Science Department 14-15 Shop 21 Social Studies Department 16 Sports 43 Student Cooperative Association 28 Summary of Theme 104 Table of Contents 4-5 Tenth Grade 64-67 Theme 2-5 Torch 30 Track J.V. 44 Varsity 44-45 Tri-Hi-Y Junior 33 Senior 32 Twelfth Grade 72-84 Vocational Agriculture 21 THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA 1020015425 Date Due . i V Si

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