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wwitwi ii ' ■ ' WfWM rW | ww mm I F r TORCH 1962 NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL Eastville, Virgi nia TORCH STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Catherine Rogers ASSISTANT EDITOR Rachel Terry BUSINESS MANAGER Sharon Gibbs SPONSORS Mrs. L. W. Smalley Mrs. Mary N. Kellam CLUBS Carole Phillips SPORTS EDITORS Hugh Corbin Suzanne Kellam Colin Cowling LAYOUT COMMITTEE Jane Arnold Faye Collins Harley Miles Marylynne Parks Randy Ward Bill Shannonhouse Ann Lewis Phyllis West Gail Kaczorowski PHOTOGRAPHER Mr. B. B. Turner, Jr. ART Mrs. Ellen P. Camden ADVERTISING SALESMEN Elizabeth Windley Hazel Revell Mary Margaret Travis Rachel Ellen Terry Lee Hitchens Faye Collins TYPISTS Arlene Bell Charlotte Belote Connie Colonna Edith Costin Judy Crockett Sandra Crockett Jane Drummond Elizabeth Etz Sharon Gibbs Mary Hargis Billye Hopkins Doris Lane Joyce Lewis Dorothy Mott Audrey Smith Suzanne Taylor Mary Margaret Travis Harriet West Ellen Wilson 2 TheTorch Staff hopes it has captured the highlights of the school year of 1961-1962 and that in years to follow, you may look upon these pages and remember friends, happen¬ ings, and Northampton. TABLE OF CONTENTS Superintendent ' s Message Dedication Administration and Faculty Principal ' s Message 12th Grade 11th Grade torch. 10th Grade 9th Grade 8th Grade Activities Advertisements 3 Through the ages, man has been grateful for the gift of life. Primitive as well as more advanced civil¬ izations have developed ways of worship, praising, and glorifying the Giver of Life. To the young and to the old, life is very precious. Since life is so precious, each being should be happy to spend his time of life wisely and productively. To do so requires insights, understandings, and preparation. While young, we need to make ourselves ready for a competent and useful middle and old age. The school can help, but the desire and drive have to come from within. There must be will power strong enough to avoid the waste of spending time on trivia. Each has to be able to choose the essentials and to forego the incidentals. People are equal only in the amount of time each has each day. As adulthood ap¬ proaches, good habits in the use of time should have been developed. And as we pass on to the golden days of our lives, these habits should be more firmly fixed so that at the end we can be truly and sweetly grateful for having lived. Superintendent 4 The Class of 1962 is honored to dedicate this edition of the Torch to Mr. J. Lester Parks, whom we love for his high principles and his kindly interest in his students. 5 Im hUnUUK ADMINISTRATION Mr. William F. Lawson, Jr. Superintendent of Northampton County Schools Mr. B. Gordon Wescott Elementary Supervisor Mrs. Caroline U. Walker General Supervisor Miss Helen E. Lowe Clerk of School Board Mrs. Gertrude B. Meek Secretary Mr. Philip B. Tankard Principal Mr. J. Lester Parks Assistant Principal Mathematics Miss Margaret C. Scott Librarian Miss Phoebe E. Windecker Clerk Miss Jean K. Collins English Mrs. Margaret C. Holland English and Social Studies Mrs. Laura W. Nottingham English Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley English and Guidance Miss Lila N. Jacob Foreign Language Mr. R. Leland Wyatt, Coach Social Studies and Mathematics Mrs. Ann C. Turner History Mrs. McKay B. Borden History V and faculty Mr. Burleigh B. Turner, Jr. Science Mrs. Bertie P. Henderson Social Studies and Mathematics Mrs. Irma B. Floyd Science Mr. J. Lester Parks Mathematics Miss J. Elizabeth Jones Mathematics and English Mr. Charles C. Jones Mathematics and Science Mrs. Mary N. Kellam Commercial Mr. John T. Badger Agriculture and Shop Mrs. Virginia O. Savedge Home Economics Mr. Nocholas G. Asbhy Distributive Education Mr. Jay D. Meek Band and Choir Mrs. Ellen P. Camden Art Mr. Carl R. Kane, Coach History Mrs. Nan M. Kane Physical Education Mr. George W. Young, Coach Physical Education Americans are blessed with a form of government, which, though imperfect in ap¬ plication is the world’s bulwark of freedom. In these turbulent times, our continued existence depends on an informed populace, fiercely armed with the unalterable convic¬ tion that democracy is worth preserving. It is the aim of public education to impart the skills, attitudes, and abilities required in a free society. But these goals can not be accomplished solely by the schools. To be effective, the education of our youth must be a joint venture involving home and school. I firmly believe that such a spirit of cooperation exists in our community. May the ensuing years witness even closer cooperation and understanding. 8 12th GRADE 9 M CLASS OF 1962 if ?! 4 J 1 . ■ H wj rj t _ If - ! ' d y v " vj - U ! ' ■ m | V j ■ - - Mm , ■ | 1 ' 1 1 ' Sisi Kenneth Arnold Russell Theus . Janie Goshorn Charlotte Belote . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Kenneth Arnold Donald Ashby Linda Bailey Jane Ballard Arlene Bell Carolyn Belote Charlotte Belote Cleve Belote 10 H.tLH ' Jacqueline Boggs Robert Brady John Bull Connie Colonna Sallie Colonna Hugh Corbin Judy Crockett Sandra Crockett Douglas Crosley Joseph Culver Elizabeth Dix David Doughty 11 I l.liU .1 Ruth Doughty Jane Drummond John Drummond Robert Dunton Joan Edwards John C. Elliott Elizabeth Etz Lana Evans Donnie Ewell Sharon Gibbs Janie Goshorn Diane Guy 12 Mary Hargis Paul Hargis Lois Hinman Billye Hopkins Roy James Doris Lane Margaret Lane Wm. Duke Mathews John McLaughlin Dorothy Mott Joyce Lewis Ivonne March George Marshall 13 AM Jennie Nottingham Fred T. Outten Randy Parks Robert Ramsden Catherine Rogers Nancy Rue Carroll Page Senn Audrey Smith Ellen Smith Houston Smith Ada Soderstrom Mary Ann Sturgis 14 Barry J. Taylor Suzanne Taylor William T. Taylor Russell Theus Peter Tinkham Mary M. Travis Paul Watson Harriet West Jean White Linda Wilkins Ellen Wilson Diane Wray 15 KENNY ARNOLD disliking " Wharf Rats " DONNIE ASHBY a playboy LINDA BAILEY noisy ARLENE BELL ringing all day CAROLYN BELOTE without a " bow " CHARLOTTE BELOTE driving a Model-T CLEVE BELOTE a snob JACQUE BOGGS eating her share of food BOBBY BRADY a " party pooper " JOHN BULL single CONNIE COLONNA serious about anything SALLIE COLONNA tongue-tied HUGH CORBIN unhappy EDITH COSTIN making " E’s " in typing JUDY CROCKETT fighting Indians at the Alamo SANDRA CROCKETT wearing a coon-skin cap DOUGLAS CROSLEY with horns and pitchfork JOE CULVER " slow " BETH DIX dipping snuff DAVID DOUGHTY cupid’s helper RUTH DOUGHTY a vamp JANE DRUMMOND an old maid JOHN DRUMMOND as a Michelangelo BOBBY DUNTON dating JOAN EDWARDS without freckles JOHN C. ELLIOTT a dunce at pool PAUL ERSLEV a " Small Paul " ELIZABETH ETZ " foot loose and fancy free " LANA EVANS boisterous DONNIE EWELL a speed demon SHARON GIBBS with laryngitis JANIE GOSHORN a bubble dancer DIANA GUY a blond angel MARY HARGIS a lumberjack PAUL HARGIS ever being wrong LOIS HINMAN a palmist BILLYE HOPKINS tall and mighty J INE ROY JAMES as the perpetual clockwatcher DORIS LANE a clinging vine MARGARET LANE queen of the chorus line JOYCE LEWIS 6’3 " with jet black hair IVONNE MARCH without her Cuban temper GEORGE MARSHALL with a harem DUKIE MATTHEWS a teacher JOHN McLAUGHLIN judging the " Miss America " contest DOROTHY MOTT a " beat " JENNIE NOTTINGHAM a raving idiot FRED OUTTEN a Greek bearing gifts RANDY PARKS without his sliderule BOBBY RAMSDEN an egghead CATHERINE ROGERS with a bell in each hand NANCY RUE with a " Long " name FRANKLIN SCANLAN a ballet dancer CARROLL PAIGE SENN a boot-legger AUDREY SMITH a matchmaker ELLEN SMITH going to any place but " Scottland " HOUSTON SMITH a chemistry whiz ADA MAE SODERSTROM a French actress MARY ANNE STURGIS bashful BARRY TAYLOR with a halo SUZANNE TAYLOR wearing rags WILLIAM TAYLOR a preacher RUSSELL THEUS taming teachers PETE TINKHAM wi th sideburns MARY M. TRAVIS a " loud mouth " LARRY UNDERHILL drinking Tom Collins CHIP WATSON with holes in his socks HARRIET WEST frowzy JEAN WHITE without her enthusiasm LINDA WILKINS a spinster ELLEN WILSON a hocky player DIANE WRAY a Communist MOST TALENTED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED MOST FRIENDLY BEST DRESSED MOST VERSATILE s E N I O R O ' t MOST HUMOROUS MOST TALKATIVE BIGGEST FLIRTS MOST POPULAR s T SENIOR DIRECTORY KENNETH FOX ARNOLD Student Council 3; Pres, of Senior Class; Beta 2, 3,4; Monogram 2,3,4; JV, Varsity Baseball; Var¬ sity Football. Ambition: Be President of Atlantic Life Insurance Co. and live at Willis Wharf. DONALD ARTHUR ASHBY Student Govt. 1,2,3,4; Class President 3; Debate, reporter; Beta 2,3,4; Varsity Football 1, 2.3.4, captain; Varisty Baseball 1,2,3,4, captain; Honorable mention All-District. Ambition: To sign a peace treaty with the " Big- H. " LINDA BAILEY Ambition: To finish high school. JANE CAROL BALLARD Jr. Hi-Y 1; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Dramatic 3; FHA 3.4, president; Annual 3,4; Debate 4; Softball. Ambition: Always listen to everyone ' s advice and then do as I please. ARLENE COULBORN BELL FHA 1,2; Annual; Monogram 4; Softball 3,4. Ambition: To be J. C. E ' s private secretary. CAROLYN SUE BELOTE Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, reporter; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Monogram 2,3,4; Camera 3,4; FHA 4, Reporter; Softball 1, 2,3,4; Beta Contestant. Ambition: To become a good cook-majoring in " Brown " ies. " CHARLOTTE ANNE BELOTE Class Treasurer 4; Thanksgiving Float Attendant 2 . Ambition: To be the world ' s greatest beautician. C. B. BELOTE Monogram 3,4; Sportsmanship 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. Ambition: To be Successful. JACQUELINE BOGGS Jr. Hi-Y 1,2, Treasurer; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4, secretary-treasurer; Softball 1,2,3. Ambition: To " caper " around. ROBERT EDWIN BRADY Monogram 2,3,4, vice president; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. Ambition: To go to college and rate with " Mother -In-Law. " JOHN DAVIS BULL, JR. FFA 1,2,3, secretary, Camera 1; Tumbling 1961. Ambition: To stay out of debt. CONNIE BLACKWELL COLONNA FHA 1,2. Ambition: To be a secretary. SALLIE LEE COLONNA Jr. Hi-Y 1, vice-president; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Beta 3,4; Monogram club 4; Varsity Cheerleader 4. Ambition: To be the " CENTER” of attraction on the 1961 football team. PRESTON CORBIN, JR. Camera Club 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Dramatics 1,2; Debate Club; Annual Staff 2,3,4, sports editor 3,4; Football manager 2,3; Baseball Manager 1. Ambition: Enjoy life every gold-minute of it. EDITH PEARL COSTIN FHA 1. Ambition; To be a secretary or clerk-typist. JUDY KAY CROCKETT Ambition; Be a clerk-typist for hotel or motel. SANDRA LEE CROCKETT FHA 1. Ambition; To be a telephone operator. ELTON D. CROSLEY Football 3,2; Track 1,2,3; Monogram 3; Beta 3.4, Ambition: To get the hole in my head filled in. JOSEPH FRANKLIN CULVER FFA 1,2; D.E. Club 4; Football 1,2. Ambition: Private Investigator. ELIZABETH LOUISE DIX Student Council 3,4; Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2.3.4, President 4; Beta Club 3,4; Monogram Club 4; Annual Staff 3; Cheerleader 4, Varsity. Ambition: To leave the world better than I found it. DAVID LYMAN DOUGHTY Monogram Club 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Co-Captain J. V. Basketball; Baseball 1,2,3,4. Ambition; Join the Air Force. RUTH MAE DOUGHTY Jr. Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Dramatic Club 4; Band, vice president 4; Ambition: Direct Hampden-SydneyCollege Glee Club. JANE OLIVER DRUMMOND Jr. Hi-Y 1; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Softball 2,3. Ambition: To get an " A” in Chemistry. JOHN CLYDE DRUMMOND Monogram 2,3,4; Camera 2,3; D. E. 4; Baseball 1,2, Manager. Ambition: To become a railroad engineer. ROBERT WEST DUNTON Student Council 2,3,4, Vice Pres, of class 2,3; Beta Club President 4, member 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Captain of football 4; Baseball 3. Ambition; To go to College. JOAN WILLYE EDWARDS Student Council 3,4, Sec. 4; Secretary of Class 3; Member of executive committee 4; President 1; Vice pres. 3; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Sec. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Treasurer 4; Beta Club 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Beta Contestant 3; Senior Princess 4; Softball 2 . Ambition: To be the best " looking " doctor in Virginia " Beach " . JOHN CARTER ELLIOT Treasurerofclass2; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Presi¬ dent 4; FFA 1,2,3; Treasurer 2; President 3; J.V. Football; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 4. Ambition: To be President of " Phillips " 66 Inc. PAUL HOWARD ERSLEV President of Student Council 4; President of class 2; Beta Club 3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Foot¬ ball, 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball, Co-Captain 3; Member of State Champion TrackTeam. District Champion Mile Runner 1961. Ambition; To be a retired loafer. ELIZABETH ANN ETZ Dramatic Club 2; FHA 2. Ambition; To keep a class ring off my left hand -for a while. LANA KAYE EVANS Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatic 1,2,3,4; FHA 4. Ambition; To be accepted at V.B.H. JAMES DON AVON EWELL, JR. Monogram 2,3,4; Sportsmanship 1, JV and Varsity Football2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football King of 61-62. Ambition; To to to college and play pro football. SHARON ANNE GIBBS Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Annual 4; Business Manager. Ambition: To be a private secretary. 21 IHHHaHHMUKaa n i ifimi ir iitiirimtHi amm ■■ HI ■ ■ JANE LARUS GOSHORN (transferred) IVONNE MARCH (transferred) Class Secretary 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; secretary4; Debate 2,3,4, President 4; Beta 3,4; Beta Contes¬ tant 3,4. Debate Club 2, Dramatic Club 2,4; Majorette 4. Ambition; Be a foreign language teacher. Ambition.- To get S traight A’s. DIANA MAE GUY GEORGE M. MARSHALL D. E. Club 4. Dramatic 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Mono¬ gram 4; Softball 1,2,3. Ambition; Join the Navy. Ambition; To live life to the fullest. WILLIAM DUKE MATTHEWS MARY ALISON HARGIS Monogram Club; Camera Club; Basketball; Foot¬ Hi-Y 2,3; Beta 2,3,4. ball; Baseball. Ambition: To be a secretary. Ambition: To sign a peace treaty with Mr. Mrs. Jones. PAUL KELLY HARGIS JOHN CHARLES McLAUGHLIN Camera 1,2,3; sec-treas. 1; Debate 1; Annual 3; D.E. 4. (Transferred) Ambition; To be an insurance investigator. Ambition: To graduate from high school. LOIS ANN HINMAN DOROTHY MOTT Ambition: Be a housewife. Camera 2; FHA 2,3; Monogram 1,2; Softball 2. BILLYE SUE HOPKINS Ambition; To be R. G. ' s private secretary. Dramatic Club 1. JENNIE ROBERTS NOTTINGHAM Ambition: To be R. J. ' s secretary. Student Council 2,3; Class secretary 1; Sr. Hi- ROY K. JAMES Y 2,3,4; vice president 3; District secretary 4; Monogram 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Vice-pres. 4; Beta Vice President 3; Monogram 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; president 4; JV Football; Varsity 1,2,3,4; JV Base¬ ball; Varsity 3,4; Football captain 1. convention marshal 3; JV Cheerleader; Varsity 1,2,3,4; co-captain 4; Beta Contestant 2; State Latin Tournament District Champion 1; Honorable mention 2; Goldey Beacom Spelling winner 3; Ambition: To have an ambition. Miss Good Neighbor 4. DORIS ELEANOR LANE Ambition: To be able to raise my other eyebrow. FHA Club 1. FREDERICK THOMAS OUTTEN Ambition; To be the wife of John Martin. Monogram 1,2,3; Football, track and basketball MARGARET VIRGINIA LANE manager. Ambition; To get out of high school. Ambition: To get A ' s without studying. JOYCE ELIZABETH LEWIS RANDALL DUNTON PARKS Dramatic 1,2,3; FHA 2,3,4; Chaplain 4; Band 2,3,4; Reporter 4. Band 1,2; Beta 2,3,4; Monogram 2,3,4; Debate 1,2,3; Track2,3; Football and basketball manager. Ambition: To paint J. B. ' s portrait. Ambition; To get through college without study¬ ing. 22 IRA ROBERTS RAMSDEN, JR. Varsity Basketball 4; Track 4. Ambition: To join the U. S. Marines. CATHERINE BURKS ROGERS Executive Board 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Beta 3,4; Debate 2,3,4; vice-pres. 4; annual staff 4; editor 4. Ambition: To cure football players of athelte’s foot. NANCY LEE RUE Student Council 1; FHA 4; vice-president; Mono¬ gram 2,3,4; Softball 2. Ambiti ' - ' " - ' " r ' — ' ' JOHN FRANKLIN SCANLAN JV Football; varsity 2,3,4; JV Basketball 1,2; Track 2. Ambition; To play football. CARROLL PAGE SENN Band 1,2,3; Debate 2,3; Beta Club 3,4. Ambition; To send a rocket to the moon. AUDREY MARIE SMITH Ambition: To be R. P.’s wife. ELLEN PAIGE SMITH Dramatic club; Beta 2,3,4; Softball 1. Ambition: To be an idealist and a realist. HENRY HOUSTON SMITH Camera Club 1,2,3. Ambition: To own a regulation size pool table. ADA MAE SODERSTROM Jr. Hi-Y 1; Dramatic 3; D. E. 4; vice president 4. Ambition: To graduate and — ! MARY ANNE STURGIS Student Council 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Vice pres. 4; Beta 3,4; Debate 3; Monogram 3,4; Softball 2,3; Beta Contestant 1,3. Ambition: To be a " J-Walker.” [AMES BARRY TAYLOR rootball 1,2; Baseball 3. Ambition: To graduate. SUZANNE TAYLOR FHA 1,2,3; Camera 1. Ambition: To be a secretary. WILLIAM THOMAS TAYLOR Ambition: Finish high school. RUSSELL ALTON THEUS Class vice-pres. 4; Executive Board 4; Beta 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Goldey Beacom Spelling Contest 4. Ambition: To have an ambition. PETE BARRY TINKHAM Student Council 3,4; vice pres. 4; Executive Board 4; Beta 3,4; Debate 1,2,3; Band 1. Ambition: To go " West. " MARY MARGARET TRAVIS Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Debate 1; Annual 2,4; FHA 4; Softball 1. Ambition: To be a nurse. LARRY THOMAS UNDERHILL Class Secretary 2; Beta 3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity 3,4; Varsity Bas¬ ketball manager 1; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To be an Astronaut. PAUL GRANVILLE WATSON, III JV Football. Ambition: Hollywood by 19. HARRIET ANN WEST Hi-Y 1; FHA 2,3; Dramatic 2,3,4; Beta Con¬ testant. Ambition: To be a secretary. JEAN RHEA WHITE Student Council 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1; Chaplain; Tri-Hi- Y 1,2; Debate 2,3,4; Sec.-treas. 3; treas. 4; Beta 3,4; Monogram 2,3,4; Varsity Cheerleader; JV captain 1; Tri-Hi-Y General Assembly Senator 3; Senate Floor Leader 4. Ambition; To speak French. LINDA LEE WILKINS Class Treasurer 1,3; Camera 3,4; Debate 2,3; FHA 4; Softball 2. Ambition: To find out " Where the Boys Are.” ELLEN TROWER WILSON (transferred) Annual Staff 4; Head typist 4; FHA 4; Goldey Beacom Spelling Contest 3. Ambition: To Twist again--likeI did last Christ¬ mas ! ! DIANE GAIL WRAY (Transferred) Ambition; Be a psychologist and psychoanalyze all my friends who need it. Ave Et Vale 24 11th GRADE 25 CLASS OF 1963 Officers President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - Potter Henderson - Bonnie Smith Harley Miles Anne Jones Jane Arnold Jo Ann Badger Lou Bailey Anna Barkley Elaine Barkley Ruth Beach Jan Belote Nancy Brady David Bralley Walter Brown 26 Page Clayton Bonnie Crockett Sandra Cruise Judy Culver John Culver Effie Custis Martha Dix Jerry Doughty Claude Downing Ann Dunton John S. Elliott Julia Ewell Bernice Farlow John Ferebee Jack Flanagan Joyce Ford Alton Hann Potter Henderson John Holland Phil Hutchinson Michael James Anne Jones Gail Kaczorowski Suzanne Kellam Gary Kelly Joyce Killmon Colleen Lafferty Anne Lewis WA IULU 1 ■ 27 I •- Sara Lewis Vernon Lewis Bowdy Lusk Thomas Mahan Diane Mears Edwina Miles Harley Miles Robert Newcomb Martha Parker Becky Parks Barbara Parrott Carole Phillips Cheryl Phillips Winfred Phillips Virginia Robbins Ellen Sanderson Bill Savedge Edward Sayers Bonnie Smith James Smith Bruce Soderstrom Louis Earl Spry James Stitt Rachel Ellen Terry Thomas Turner Jo Ann Webb Phyllis West 10th GRADE 29 CLASS OF 1964 President: George Ferguson Vice President: M el Doughty Secretary: Mary Ann Mohr Treasurer: Steve Elliott Bonnie Bell Franklin Bell Jacob Bell, Jr. Cheryl Bowen Mildred Camden Joyce Campbell Karla Churn Timothy Clark Barbara Clayton Rella Coates Faye Collins Colin Cowling, Jr. W. Gregory Cridlin Kay Crockett Ronald Crumb Maureen Bailey Thomas Bayly 30 Franklin Culver, Jr. Mary Daneker Barbara Dix Susan Dix Gail Doughty Melvin Doughty, Jr. Jane Dunton Jeffrey Elliott Stephen Elliott George Ferguson Charles Fountaine, III Harry Gershowitz Henry Gladden, Jr. Edwina Griffith John Griffith, III Jo Ann Hand Dennis Heaster Bayly Heath Martha Heath S. Rogers Hickman Alice Hinman Lee Hitchens Carolyn Holland Betsy Hopkins Ilva James Laura James Smith James Darlene Joynes Carroll Kellam Mary Lane James Magette Gordon Mapp Patricia Mapp Jeanette Marsh Sammy McClain Louise McCready Colin Mears John Metz Mary Ann Mohr Laura Moore 31 L . Janet Moser George Murphy Addison Nottingham Francis Nottingham Patricia Nottingham William Nottingham David Outten Franklin Outten Gloria Jean Outten Marylyne Parks Robert Parks Lois Ann Parsons Jerry Phillips William Prince Hazel Revell David Richardson Edward Richardson Jerry Richardson Patricia Scanlan Larry Selby Mark Sherkey Sharon Simpson Thelma Simpson Sandra Smith Paul Soderstrom Nancy Spry Thomas Spence Chris Sturgis John Sturgis Betty Taylor Ruth Taylor Charles Terry John S. Turner Anne Walker Peggy Webb Harding Wescott James West Henry Wilson Ruby Wilson Elizabeth Windley 32 9th GRADE l CLASS OF 1965 Linda Abbott Richard Ashby Betty Badger President: Jay Whittington Vice President: Diane Stewart Secretary: Margaret Edwards Treasurer; Richard Ashby Catherine Bell David Bell Ann Bell Connie Belote Joan Bennett Jack Bowen Judy Bowen Barbara Bradford Burleigh Brady Donnie Brown Pat Brown Margaret Bull Keith Burton Linda Burleson Lynwood Butler James Cambell Fletcher Chalmers Lillian Chalmers 34 Cathrine Charnock Marsha Chesser Wayne Colonna Larry Donavan Ray Doughty Barron Downing Parks Downing Andrew Duer Margaret Edwards Rebecca Elliott Joan Evans Mark Evans Sandra Ezell Todd Farlow Phillip Fitchett Larry Fluhart William Fray Anne Gladden Donna Grunewald Jerry Guy Fay Hamblin Mac Henderson Carroll Hill Betty Henches Kitty Hickman G. F. Hogg Judith Hopper Annette Johnson Carroll Jones Gloria Jones Margaret Jones Pam Jones George Kellam Joan Kelley Tom Kelley Bobby Lee Bobby Lewis Mary Lucie Mapp Barry Marsh Joan Marshall Margaret Marshall Dawn McCready 35 Martha McCready Bennyle Mears Diane Moore Chester Moore Morris Parker Harley Parks James Partin Calvin Pearson Lora Phillips William Prettyman John Rippon Francis Rolley William Scott Barbara Senn Christie Shiflett Peggy Shrieves William Shockley Carolyn Simpson Victor Simpson John Smith Ruth Somers Waverly Spence Frances Sterling Diane Steward Charles Tankard Virginia Taylor Kenneth Terry Prince Thompson Cecil Tilghman Margaret Tilghman Mary Dean Turner Randy Ward William Watson Gary West Beverly Wescott Peggy West John Whittington Vivian Widgeo James Wiggins William Wilkins James Wood Richard Wood 36 8th GRADE 37 CLASS OF 1966 President. Vice President . . . Sec ret ary-Treasurer Bonnie Pusey . Billy Mason Laura Watson Linda Barkley Jean Bell Dorothy Belote Harvey Belote John Birch Kenneth Birch Ann Boole Norma Bowen Robert D. Brady Rudy Brady Patsy Brittingham Verlyn Bryant Joses Calvo Catherine Campbell Larry Crosley Dorotha Culver Bessie Custis Carolyn Daffin 38 Guy Dorey Catherine Doughty Joseph Doughty Billy Downing Gregory Downing Barbara Duer Elizabeth Dunton Bobbie Edwards Robert Elliott Jane Engle Reed Ennis Eugene Fitchett Mary A. Floyd Gary Foskey Thomas Fountain Richard Gardner Daniel Gershowitz Darlene Gershowitz Donald Goshorn George Hall Wayne Hall Bonnie Hamilton Merilyn Hargis James Higbee Diane Hope Gloria Hopper Elton James Mary F. Kellam Rebecca Kellam Rufus Lane Catherine Leatherbury Billy Lemon Steve Lewis William Mahan Gregory Malinak Darlene Mapp Joseph T. Mapp Miriam March Terry Marshall Albert Mason Wayne Mason William Mason ' Cindy Mathewson Christopher Mears Geraline Mears Jay B. Meek George Metz James L. Mitchell 39 li I James T. Mitchell Darlene Moore Donald Moore Patricia Moore Ronald Moore Leonard Moser Meredith Nicolls Barbara Oakley Douglas Outten Mary Lee Outten Frank Parks William C. Parks John E. Payne Betty Pearson Jo Ann Powell Bonnie B. Pusey Wendy A. Pusey Willie S. Pusey William Rayfield John P. Robbins Wayne A. Robinson Margaret P. Rogers Jo Ann Sayers Marian K. Sayers Michael Scanlan William Shannonhouse C. Eric Shrieves Shirley Simpson William Snyder Ruby Spady William Spady John M. Stewart Donald W. Stine Stephen Tankard Helen M. Terry Barbara K. Thomas Charle H. Travis Ann Watson Laura M. Watson Paulette Wiggins Vivian Whitted Ronald West Wanda Williams Garnett Wilson Linda F. Wyatt James Hopper Harry Truitt 40 FIRST SEMESTER HONOR ROLL 12th GRADE Donald Ashby, Cleve Belote, Edith Costin, Douglas Crosley, Joan Edwards, Paul Erslev, Mary Hargis, Doris Lane, Jennie Nottingham, Randy Parks, Carroll Senn, Russell Theus, Pete Tinkham, Jean White, Diane Wray. 11th GRADE Jo Ann Badger, Lou Bailey, David Bralley, Sandra Cruise, Ann Dunton, Potter Henderson, Johnny Holland, Suzanne Kellam, Joyce Killmon, Diane Mears, Edwina Miles, Harley Miles, Rebecca Parks, Barbara Parrott, Cheryl Phillips, Winfred Phillips, Ellen Sanderson, Bonnie Smith, Phyllis West. 10th GRADE Karla Churn, Faye Collins, Gregory Cridlin, Ronald Crumb, Susan Dix, Melvin Doughty, Harry Gershowitz, Gordon Mapp, Mary Ann Mohr, Francis Nottingham, Catherine Revell, Elizabeth Windley. 9th GRADE Linda Abbott, Constance Belote, Margaret Edwards, Rebecca Ellk Donna Grunewald, Faye Hamblin, Mac Henderson, Robert Lewis, Mary Lucie Mapp, Beverly W ott, Peggy West. 8th GRADE Barbara Duer, Jane Engle, Mary Ann Floyd, Cindy Mathewson, James Leon Mitchell, Patricia Moore, Mary Lee Outten, Wendy Pusey, Margaret Rogers, William Shannonhouse, Donald Stine, Harry Truitt, Ann Watson, Laura Watson, Vivian Whitted. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Paul Erslev . . Pete Tinkham Joan Edwards . Donnie Ashby. Mr. J. L. Parks . . .President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor MEMBERS 12th Grade Donnie Ashby Elizabeth Dix Robert Dunton Joan Edwards Paul Erslev Pete Tinkham 11th Grade Lou Bailey C. L. Downing Suzanne Kellam Rachel Ellen Terry 10th Grade Susan Dix Mary Ann Mohr Chris Sturgis 9th Grade Richard Ashby Gloria Jones Beverly Wescott 8th Grade Tom Fountain Jimmy Mitchell Eric Shreeves 42 BETA CLUB OFFICERS Robert Dunton . . . Jennie Nottingham . Joan Edwards . . . Miss Lila N. Jacob . Motto: Ducamus aliis serviendo - Let us lead by serving others. Organized: May 26, 1952 MEMBERS Kenneth Arnold Peter Tinkham Donald Ashby Larry Underhill Sallie Colonna Jean White Douglas Crosley Jo Ann Badger Elizabeth Dix Mary L. Bailey Robert Dunton Jan Belote Joan Edwards David Bralley Paul Erslev Ann Dunton Jane Goshorn William Flannangan, Jr. Mary Hargis Anne Jones Jennie Nottingham Edwina Miles Randall Parks Harley Miles Catherine Rogers Rebecca Parks Carroll Senn Barbara Parrott Ellen Smith Cheryl Phillips Mary Ann Sturgis Winfred Phillips Russell Theus Ellen Sanderson Phyllis West .... President . . Vice President Secretary- T reasurer . Sponsor 43 GEORGE B. WYNNE DEBATING SOCIETY President. . . Vice President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Sponsor . . . . Jane Goshorn Catherine Rogers Suzanne Kellam . . Jean White Mrs. Ann Turner Donnie Ashby Jane Arnold Jane Ballard Karla Churn Janie Goshorn Suzanne Kellam Bowdy Lusk Gordon Mapp Edwina Miles Francis Nottingham Barbara Parrott Catherine Rogers Ellen Sanderson Jean White Elizabeth Windley The purpose of this club is to aid young people through debating, public speaking, and other forensic ac¬ tivities to become stronger mentally and socially. This year our goal is to reach " First Place in State De¬ bate. " 44 CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Reporter. . . . Mildred Camden . . Barbara Dix Barbara Clayton . . .Martna Dix Peggy Sue Webb MEMBERS Carolyn Belote Cheryl Bowen Mildred Camden Barbara Clayton Kay Crockett Barbara Dix Martha Dix Richard Wood Jimmy Partin Jerry Richardson Chuck Tankard Tommy Turner Jo Ann Webb Peggy Sue Webb Linda Wilkins The Camera Club is sponsored by Mr. Burleigh Turner, Jr. The club is composed of students interested in cameras and taking pictures. During the course of the year the students will see films, plan and partici¬ pate in demonstrations, and work in the darkroom. Any student who is interested is welcomed. 45 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS President - -Barry Taylor Secretary--Paul Hargis Vice-President--Ada Soderstrom Treasurer--Anna Barkley Sponsor: Mr. N. G. Ashby, D. E. Coordinator MEMBERS Anna Barkley Connie Colonna Hugh Corbin Joseph Culver John Drummond Paul Hargis Vernon Lewis George Marshall Colin Mears John Smith Ada Soderstrom Barry Taylor THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB The D. E. Club was organized to provide Distributive Education students with a professional organization to promote leadership, to increase vocational competency, to develop social in¬ telligence, and to encourage economic literacy. D. E. Club activities include both professional and social functions. Included in the activities are contests, speakers, and the employer-employee banquet. 46 1 MONOGRAM CLUB Sponsors: Mrs. Nan Kane and Mr. George Young President: John C. Elliott Vice-President: Bobby Brady Secretary-Treasurer; Jacque Boggs Kenny Arnold David Doughty Suzanne Kellam Donnie Ashby Mel Doughty Gordon Mapp Arlene Bell John Drummond Duke Matthews Carolyn Belote Ann D unton Edwina Miles C. B. Belote Bobby Dunton Dorothy Mott Jacque Boggs John C. Elliott Jennie Nottingham Bobby Brady Paul Erslev Randy Parks David Bralley Donnie Ewell Bill Prince Sallie Colonna Janie Go shorn Nancy Rue Hugh Corbin Diana Guy Bruce Soderstrom Beth Dix A1 Hann Mary Anne Sturgis Susan Dix Dodge Hickman Larry Underhill Roy James Jean White Purpose: To further and promote athletics in the school; to work with other organizations in promoting various school activities; to promote good fellowship; to foster good sportsmanship; and to encour¬ age the development of a p r oper school spirit. 47 DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS President. Vice President .... Secretary . Treasurer. Play Selection Chairman Publicity Chairman . . Sponsor. .Diana Guy . . . Rachel Ellen Terry .Phyllis West .Harley Miles . Jan Belote .Lou Bailey Mrs. Margaret C. Holland Linda Abbott Jo Ann Badger Lou Bailey Connie Belote Jan Belote David Bralley Linda Burleson Ruth Doughty Jane Engle MEMBERS Lana Evans Julia Ewell Jackie Flanagan Diana Guy Mac Henderson Anne Jones Catherine Leatherbury Ivonne March Harley Miles Patsy Moore Ellen Sanderson Helen Terry Rachel Ellen Terry Mary Margaret Travis Harriet West Phyllis West Sharon Gibbs The Dramatic Club was organized for the purpose of a better study of the stage. In this organization, the members read plays, study acting, and become acquainted with play production. 48 .r ' v. iWWU’JlM ' i NORTHAMPTON TRI-HI-Y m dm K 1 ■NR . ||P ■ ' M w “ IIIl m » am i - • (Jf r • i m P 1 B ms? | V i ■ wL » Jr OFFICERS President.Beth Dix Vice-President.Mary Anne Sturgis Secretary.Janie Goshorn Treasurer.Joan Edwards Chaplain.Jean White Sponsor.Miss Margaret C. Scott Maureen Bailey Jane Ballard Karla Churn Faye Collins Beth Dix Susan Dix Ann Dunton Jane Dunton Joan Edwards Janie Goshorn MEMBERS Martha Heath Ilva James Suzanne Kellam Anne Lewis Sammy McClain Diane Mears Mary Mohr Jennie Nottingham Patty Nottingham Jean Outten Elizabeth Windley Becky Parks Marylyne Parks Barbara Parrott Lois Ann Parsons Carole Phillips Cheryl Phillips Hazel Revell Bonnie,Smith Mary Ann Sturgis Jean White The purpose of this club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian living. 49 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Reporter . . . Chaplain. . . Sponsor . . . .... Jane Ballard .Nancy Rue . Elizabeth Windley . . . Jeanette Marsh . . . Carolyn Belote .... Joyce Lewis Mrs. Virginia Savedge Jane Ballard Ann Bell Carolyn Belote Judy Culver Barbara Dix Martha Dix Elizabeth Etz Lana Evans Sandy Ezell MEMBERS Bernice Farlow Joyce Ford Ann Gladden Eddie Griffith Betsy Hopkins Gail Kaczorowski Joyce Lewis Sarah Lewis Jeanette Marsh Sammie McClain Nancy Rue Sharon Simpson Bonnie Smith Mary Travis Jo Ann Webb Linda Wilkins Ellen Wilson Elizabeth Windley The F. H. A. is organized to give girls a better understanding of the every-day life in which they live. 50 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President. .Harding Wescott Vice-President.H.L. Gladden Secretary. ................... John Griffith Treasurer.Dodge Hickman Reporter.Billy Nottingham Sentinel.Add Nottingham Sponsor.Mr. J.T. Badger MEMBERS David Bell John Bowen Ronnie Crumb Steve Elliott Phil Fitchett H.L. Gladden John Griffith Dodge Hickman Chester Moore Add Nottingham Billy Nottingham Harley Parks Edward Sayers Billy Shockley Chuck Tankard Harding Wescott Vocational Agriculture Department offers mechanical drawing. «• ' ♦ . ' 51 NHS BAND AND CHOIR OFFICERS President. . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Director . . . . . Roy James Ruth Doughty . . Susan Dix . Keith Burton . J. D. Meek MEMBERS Linda Abbott Gregory Brown Keith Burton Mildred Camden Catherine Charnock Colin Cowling Susan Dix Melvin Doughty Ruth Doughty Andy Duer Barbara Duer Jane Dunton Lana Evans Mark Evans Phillip Fitchet Jack Flannagan Billy Fray Mac Henderson Potter Henderson Lee Hitchens Roy James Sonny Kellam Bobby Lewis Joyce Lewis J. T. Mapp G. Malinak Laura Moore Tom Mahan Lenny Moser Jean Outten Lois Ann Parsons Carole Phillips Bonnie Pusey Hazel Revell Peggy Shreeves Betty Lou Taylor Steve Tankard Helen Terry Kenneth Terry Beverly Wescott Henry Wilson Gary West Our Parents, School Board, and Superintendent have realized that the Fine Arts have a proper and use¬ ful place in the curriculum. Many pupils maintain an interest in continuing their school programs because of their love for music. 52 4-H CLUB OFFICERS President Hazel Revell Vice-President Mary Anne Floyd Secretary Faye Collins Treasurer Anne Watson Reporter Billy Shockley Song Leaders Peggy Sue Webb and Jane Engle Recreation Leaders Bobby Snyder and Betsy Dunton SPONSORS Home Demonstration Agent--Mrs. C. S. Revell County Agent--Mr. Roy U. Nottingham LEADER Mrs. W. R. Sydner MEMBERS Faye Collins Dorothy Lee Culver Mary E. Daneker Betsy Dunton Jane Engle Mary Ann Floyd Annette Johnson J. T. Mapp Howard Travis Ann Watson Peggy Sue Webb Barbara Oakley Mary Lee Outten Wendy Pusey Hazel Revell Billy Shockley Bobby Snydner Ginny Taylor Barbara K. Thomas UNDEFEATED DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Co-Capt. Bobby Dunton Co-Capt. Donnie Ashby FRONT ROW: Add Nottingham, David Bralley, Steve Elliott, Co-Capts. Bobby Dunton and Donnie Ashby, Duke Matthews, Gordon Mapp, John Ferbee, A1 Hann. SECOND ROW: Coach Kane, Walter Brown, Bill Prince, John Elliott, Paul Erslev, Bruce Soderstrum, Roy James, David Outten, Chris Sturgis, Coach Wyatt. TOP ROW: Benny Mears, John Elliott, Edward Sayers, C. B. Belote, Frankie Scalan, Bobby Brady, Donnie Ewell, David Richardson, George Ferguson, and Jack Sturgis. ’ : ;v , : . S ilSil sr OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE TEAMS OFFENSIVE TEAM: Frankie Scanlan, R.E.; Donnie Ewell, R.T.; Bobby Brady, .R.G.; Donnie Ashby, C.; C.B. Belote, L.G.; Royjames, L.T.; BruceSoderstrom, L.E.; Billy Prince, R.H.B.; Bobby Dunton, Q.B.; Paul Erslev, F.B.; John Elliott, L.H.B. SCOREBOARD Northampton 13 Blair 6 Northampton 12 Deep Creek 7 Northampton 12 Southampton 6 Northampton 19 Smithfield 12 Northampton 33 Gloucester 6 Northampton 0 Va. Beach 0 Northampton 48 Central 0 Northampton 20 York 7 Northampton 6 Norfolk Catholic 6 Northampton 13 Poquoson 7 DEFENSIVE TEAM: Bruce Soderstrom, E.; Cleve Belote, T.; Billy Prince, G.; John Elliott, T.; Frankie Scanlan, E.; A1 Hann, L.B.; Donnie Ashby, L.B.; Donnie Ewell, L.B.; Bobby Dunton, L.B.; Bobby Brady, H.; Gordon Mapp, H. 55 1961-62 SENIORS Donnie Ashby: Co:Capt. Four year letterman; All-State, All-District, All Virginia-Pilot, and All-Peninsula; most valuable player a- ward; good center and linebacker. Best games: York and James Blair. Bobby Dunton: Co;Capt. Four year letterman; Honorable mention All-State; All-District, and All-Peninsula. One of the leading scorers in district. Fine leader. Best game was against Deep Creek. John C. Elliott: Four year letterman. Second leading scorer in district. Fullbackand tackle. Honorable mention All-State, All-District, All-Virginia Pilot. Best game against South¬ ampton. Bobby Brady: Guard and defensive haltback. All District, All Virginian-Pilot, All Penin¬ sula, Honorable Mention All-State. Best defensivehalfbackinthe district. Three year letterman. Best game against Deep Creek. Paul Erslev: Three year letterman; fullback; good hard runner; injured half of season; All- District; honorable mention All-State; All- Peninsula. Best game; York. Frankie Scanlan: Three year letterman; end; fine blocker and defensive end; honorable mention All-District. Best game: Virginia Beach. Roy James: Four year letterman; good blocker; punting average over 35 yards per try; Best game: Virginia Beach. Donnie Ewell: Three year letterman; tackle and guard; good team man; respected by all opponents; honorable mention All-District. Best game: Smithfield. C. B. Belote: Three year letterman; outstand¬ ing guard; allowed little yardage up the mid¬ dle on defense; fine team man and blocker; Best game: Poquoson. 1960-61 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Co-captains and Mr. George Young TOURNAMENTS RESULTS Northampton 79 Virginia Beach 52 Northampton 36 Southampton 53 Northampton 43 Deep CreeK 42 Plagued by injuries and academic casualties, we determined to reach the District I, Group 2 Tournament, held at Cradock High School in Portsmouth. After losing their first 4 games, the Yellow Jackets came back strong after the Christmas holidays. One of these losses came on the eve of the losing of top scorer Vernon Bradford. Playing 9 of 14 conference games on the road was definitely a handicap, but the boys showed the desire to win and finished in a tie for 6th place in a field ol 15 games and on a toss of the coin was seeded 7th in the tournament. The late season success also included a first victory over ever-powerful Crisfield, Maryland, a team which had not lost a regular season game in three years until they came to Northampton gym on the night of Feb. 14, when they were dumped 62 to 54. The Crabbers, however, won their district title and the State Championship at College Park, Maryland. The District 1, Group 2 Tournament, was held on March 1st through 4th. The Jackets drew Virginia Beach in the first round and handily upset them by a score of 79 to 52. The next night the team was defeated by the number four team, Southampton, 53 to 36. The last night the Jackets played number two seeded Deep Creek for the third place. In a close game the Yellow Jackets prevailed and came home with their thrid place trophy. The trophy was even more significant with the victory of Prince George, representing our district, over all opponents at the state level and winning the State Group 2 Championship at Charlottesville. 58 1961-62 BASKETBALL TEAM Duke Matthews, Mel Doughty, Ronnie Crumb, Larry Underhill, Roy James, Paul Erslev, Bruce Soderstrom, Frank Scanlan, Jimmy West, Bobby Dunton, Gordon Mapp, Robert Newcomb. The Yellow Jackets started their 1961-1962 basketball season with a 39 to 36 victory over Poquoson and concluded one of their most successful seasons in their 5 year Group 2 history. This year ' s team boasted the best defensive record in the entire district and this fact enabled them to reach the district tournament played at Frederick College. Bobby Dunton and Paul Erslev co-cap- tained the Jackets and led them to their many victories of the campaign. Highlights of the season included two wins over their Maryland rivals from Crisfield. The Crabbers lost two games during regular season, both to Coach Young’s Yellow Jackets. The game in January marked the first time in eight years the Crabbers had lost on their home court. All members of the team performed well with Paul Erslev and Bruce Soderstrom leading in the rebound department while Bobby Dun¬ ton, Duke Matthews, Larry Underhill, Roy James and Gordon Mapp contributed to the team ' s suc¬ cess with their ball-handling and scoring. A number of sophomores saw action this season and will be expected to carry the burden next year since only two members of the team were juniors. The squad finished the season ranked in the top 10 in Tidewater and were looking forward to the tournament. 59 Coaches Young and Wyatt Co-captains Erslev and Dunton Underhill and James SCORE BOARD Soderstrom and Mapp Northampton 39 Poquoson 36 Northampton 51 James Blair 45 Northampton 39 Gloucester 28 Northampton 40 Virginia Beach 58 Northampton 40 Chincoteague 41 Northampton 49 Crisfield 40 Northampton 39 James Blair 38 Northampton 39 York 41 Northampton 47 Va. Beach 57 Northampton 30 Gloucester 21 Northampton 31 Crisfield 30 Northampton 37 York 35 Northampton 54 Central 18 Northampton 47 Deep Creek 57 Northampton 44 Poquoson 41 Northampton 54 Onancock 35 Northampton 47 Deep Creek 52 N. H. S. Won 11 Lost 6 1961 TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: (1. to r.) Rowe, Erslev, Dix, Hallett, and Doughty. SECOND ROW; Theus, Mears, Elliott, Craft, Kelley, and Hickman. THIRD ROW: Coach Kane, Ashby, Ramsden, Bynum, Bayly, Nottingham, Mapp, and Crosley. District champion in the Mile Run; time-4;48, at Foreman Field, Norfolk. Other winners in the District Meet: Bymun in the shot; Bayly in the discus; Dix in the hurdles, high jump; Asbhyin the 100 and 220 dashes; and Rowe in the 440. RESULTS SHORE MEET; first. PILOT RELAYS: three first places. DISTRICT: first place, third year in a row. STATE: first place. PILOT RELAYS IN NORFOLK Northampton’s State Championship 880 Relay Team set two records in this meet. Dix placed second in the hurdles and Page Ashby broke the Group II record in the 100 yard dash. Bynum placed 5th in the shot. ’-g,. J. V. FOOTBALL TEAM ROSTER Richard Ashby Billy Mason Jackie Bowen Lenny Moser Donnie Brown Jimmy Mitchell Keith Burton Jimmy Payne Flether Chalmers Harley Parks Ray Doughty Jimmy Partin Joe Doughty Billy Prettyman Parkes Downing Johnny Rippon Andy Duer Billy Shockley Billy Fray Eric Shrieves Tom Fountaine Steve Tankard Ftank Goshorn Kenneth Terry Frank Hill Prince Thompson Sonny Kellam Jay Whittington J. T. Mapp Garry West Coach: George W. Young The Baby Jackets finished the season with an impressive record of 3 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss. The one defeat came at the hands of a strong Virginia Beach team; the one tie came early in the season when the Baby Jackets met the Cape Charles " B " Team. Richard Ashby and Keith Burton led the J. V. Team as co¬ captains. The J. V. ' s main offensive team consisted of quarterback, Keith Burton; fullback, Prince Thompson; half backs, Jay Whittington and John Rippon; guards, Donnie Brown and Billy Fray; tackles, Kenneth Terry and Spike Chalmers; ends, Andy Duer and Bill Prettyman; and center, Frank Hill. Ray Doughty and rookie Bill Mason gave the defense able help. SCORES Northampton 6 Cape Charles " B " Team 6 Northampton 0 Va. Beach 19 Northampton 26 Chincoteague 7 Northampton 7 Onancock 6 Northampton 19 Central 0 62 JV BASKETBALL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Benny Mears, Mgr. Keith Burton, Gary West, Henry Wilson, Billy Prince, Paul Soderstrom, Eric Shrieves, Johnny Rippon, Bill Prettyman, Bill Fray, David Outten, Frankie Hill, S.D. Lewis, Jackie Bowen, Coach, Carol Kane. J. V. SCORES 1962 Northampton 29 Poquoson 26 Northampton 32 James Blair 53 Northampton 34 Va. Beach 39 Northampton 33 Chincoteague 22 Northampton 34 Crisfield, Md. 37 Northampton 34 James Blair 39 Northampton 37 York 40 Northampton 22 Va. Beach 37 Northampton 51 Central 6 Northampton 29 Crisfield, Md. 30 Northampton 29 York 26 Northampton 39 Deep Creek 37 Northampton 31 Parksley 27 Northampton 18 Poquoson 28 Northampton 42 Cape Charles 34 Northampton 14 Deep Creek 60 63 1961 BASEBALL TEAM EASTERN SHORE CHAMPIONS UNDEFEATED IN DISTRICT I, GROUP 2 LEFT TO RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW - Purnell Miles, Billy Prince, Pete Aycock, Kenny Arnold, Eddie Sayers, Bruce Soderstrom, Bobby Dunton, Donnie Ashby, Billy Hill, David Doughty, Larry Underhill. MIDDLE ROW - David Outten, Jimmy West, Louis Spry, Claude Downing, Donnie Ewell, C. B. Belote, A1 Hann, Jimmy Magette, John Metz, Ronnie Crumb. TOP ROW - Jimmy Partin, Mgr.; Jerry Phillips; Coach Young; Michael James; Frank Hill, Mgr. The 1961 Yellow Jacket baseball team was a most successful one. The Jackets, behind pitch¬ ing of ace righthander Billy Hill and south paw David Doughty, completed their sixth consecutive winning season, while winning the Eastern Shore Championship for the second consecutive year, and were undefeated in District I, Group 2. Overall, the team won 11 and lost 1, with 3 other games being cancelled due to inclement weather. The only loss came at the hands of Cape Charles under lights as the result of 2 unearned runs, giving the Indians a 2 to 1 victory in the 8th inning. Our best game of the season was with Virginia Beach. The Jackets played erroless ball while pushing across 2 runs on 5 hits as Billy Hill officially faced 21 batters in 7 innings, giving up no hits. Terrific defensive plays by Donnie Ashby, Bobby Dunton, and Eddie Sayers helped preserve the " No-Hitter " . David Doughty also turned in a " No-Hit " performance vs Central earlier in the season, defeating them 1 to 0, one of his 5 shut-outs. This year for the first time a " Most Valuable Player Award " was presented the player who had accumulated the most points during the year based on a " Bonus and Fines” system. Sophomore Eddie Sayers won this award with 410 points, followed by Junior Donnie Ashby with 320 points. Sayers also won the team batting championship with a potent .424. This year ' s team was once again a young one with only one senior on the squad. Coach Young is looking forward to next year ' s turn out with enthusiasm. 64 Co-captains Dunton and Ashby Nice Work Boys! 1961 SCORES NHS 13 Chincoteague 5 NHS 1 Central 0 NHS 5 Va. Beach 3 NHS 10 Parksley 4 NHS 19 Atlantic 10 NHS 6 Cape Charles 2 NHS 7 Crisfield, Md. 0 NHS 1 Onancock 0 NHS 1 Cape Charles 2 NHS 7 Chincoteague 0 NHS 2 Va. Beach 0 NHS 18 Parksley 4 Won 11 Lost 1 Most Valuable Player and Runner Up Eddie Sayers and Donnie Ashby Pitchers PITCHING RECORDS David Doughty Won 5--Lost 0 (one no-hitter) Billy Hill Won 4--Lost 1 (one no-hitter) Larry Underhill Won l--Lost 0 A1 Hann Won 0--Lost 0 TEAM STATISTICS Points AB Hits Eddie Sayers 410 33 14 Donnie Ashby 320 41 14 Bobby Dunton 295 30 9 Bruce Soderstrom 295 40 14 David Doughty 255 22 9 Jimmy Burton 230 30 10 Billy Hill 180 14 2 Purnell Miles 110 37 9 Pete Aycock 80 15 2 Kenny Arnold 45 21 2 Billy Prince 35 22 1 A1 Hann 20 AVE. Runs Scored Home Runs RBI ' s 424 13 4 16 341 13 1 12 300 11 2 9 350 7 1 12 409 6 1 5 333 10 1 5 142 4 1 3 243 5 0 5 123 3 0 2 095 2 0 3 045 3 0 3 2 0 0 Stolen Bases 3 1 6 3 2 6 1 1 2 1 0 0 65 i l i ftB.j « i , »«i i tnt i i ii .i.ii.;.!..i-ftim a x J. V. CHEERLEADERS Miriam March, Jennie Bull, Peggy Shreeves, Mary Lucie Mapp, Wendy Pusey. Sponsor for J. V. and Varsity: Mrs. Nan M. Kane. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Jennie Nottingham Co-Captain Janie Goshorn Jean White Co-Captain Susan Dix Ann Dunton 1961 GIRLS’ SOFTBALL COACH: Mrs. Nan M. Kane CAPTAIN: Vivian Heath TEAM Arlene Bell (Absent) Deloris Clarke Diana Guy Vivian Heath Joyce Lemon Carolyn Belote Edwina Miles Becky Parks Marylyne Parks Deloris Stewart Mary Ann Sturgis Rachel Ellen Terry SCORES They We Central 21 1 Cape Charles 12 6 Parksley 0 7 Onancock 15 10 Atlantic 0 7 Parksley 14 3 Cape Charles 13 3 68 .. NORTHAMPTON ROYALTY 1961 PROM King: Dick Kellam Queen: Suzanne Ballard Maid of Honor: Pat Killmon Attendants; Peggy Hunt Lula Cowling 1961 BETA QUEEN Queen: Janie Goshorn Maid of Honor; Harriet West Attendants; Ivonne March Jane Arnold 1961 HOMECOMING King: Donnie Ewell Queen: Jennie Nottingham Senior Attendant: Joan Edwards Junior Attendant: Anne H. Lewis iiwix i iimn i vii BETA CLUB CHRISTMAS CANTATA SOPRANOS Jan Belote Ruth Doughty Hazel Rev ell Bonnie Pusey Catherine Charnock Jane Dunton Helen Terry Barbara Duer Linda Abbott Mildred Camden TENOR AND BASS RUSTY J. T. Mapp Lennie Moser Henry Wilson Gregory Brown Keith Burton Lee Hitchens Mac Henderson Bobby Lewis Andy Duer Sonny Kellam Phil Fitchet Gary West Stephen Tankard Mark Evans Kenneth Terry Colin Cowling Mel Doughty Potter Henderson Roy James Billy Fray ALTOS Beverly Wescott Laura Moore Joyce Lewis Betty Taylor Lana Evans Lois Parsons Peggy Shreeves Jean Outten Carole Phillips Director-Jay Meek Assistant Director Mrs. Laura Nottingham 71 II) 1 BOYS GOSSIP TOO! ! ! ! TWIST, MRS. FLOYD! SHALL WE EAT? AND THE RAIN CAME DOWN - - TYPE AWAY- WANT SOME? WHAT-Y A-DOIN ' ? OYSTERS, ANYONE? WINNER! OH! THOSE MISTAKES! PRISON! ! ! Don’t just stand there! Rockets Away! Who wants rings? Be specific! And the winner is mm EMHBrawYHVNimin Compliments of Compliments of CLAYTON’S TEXACO SAKS VARIETY STORE Service and Repairs Cape Charles, Virginia Birdsnest, Virginia Compliments of VIRGINIA TRUCK DINER CAPE CHARLES AND EXMORE FURNITURE Fred Margaret Richardson Cape Charles, Virginia Bayview, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of E. W. WEBB’S Septic Tank Cleaning OR 8-5224 " Nobody Sticks Their Nose In Our Business " PEEBLE’S DEPARTMENT STORE ADDISON AND CO. Cape Charles, Virginia Eastville, Virginia i a nn i tmnrttmum ,j Authorized Sales and Service KELLAM MOTORS U. S. Highway Thirteen Eastville, Virginia A Family Name in Transportation on the Eastern Shore For Half a Century YWVV $ 1 1 . Compliments of Compliments of MARSH’S GROCERY JOSEPH ETZ JR. Weirwood, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of GUCK SONS DEPARTMENT STORES HOP’S GULF Onancock, Virginia Service Center Your troubles vanish Shadyside, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of A. GREENBERG CO. Onanock, Virginia PEOPLE’S TRUST BANK Compliments of Exmore, Virginia FORK ' S GRILL Onancock, Virginia In Parksley it’s J AXON ' S For Outstanding Values Compliments of THE PASTRY SHOP Onancock and Exmore Virginia Compliments of Compliments of J. J. WARD J. COULBOURN BELL Nassawadox, Virginia ' ' - -- " TV ' Compliments of ARNOLD ' S PHARMACY NORTHAMPTON LUMBER COMPANY Registered Druggist Phone: GI 2-6159 Nassawadox, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia H. M. JAMES COMPANY TILGHMAN’S " House of Fabrics " Jeweler Since 1891 Phone: B. H. 2-6064 Nassawadox, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of COLLINS’ HARDWARE RAYMOND SPADY TEXACO SERVICE Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of W. F. ROLLEY THE EASTVILLE INN Feed, Seed, and Hardware U. S. Route 13 Phone 868 Comfortable Accomodations Good Food Cheriton, Virginia Reasonable Rates The new-day coljyWith tlie TASTES FRESHER spright lier-livelier MADE FRESHER from protected concent rate not perishable syrup Try RC today. It ' s the FRESHER REFRESHER NEHI BEVERAGE CO. Cape Charles, Virginia .liM ; ! BEN FRANKLIN STORE TOM ELLIOTT Self-Service Store Nassawadox, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of JACK WEBB’S SELF-SERVICE THE TEXTILE SHOP Member of Economy Food Stores, Inc. Nassawadox, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of HENRY’S PRINT SHOP NATIONAL BANK OF NORTHAMPTON Nassawadox, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of THOMAS E. BELDA Texaco Products AeAcA Eastville, Virginia IT BAILEY RADIO AND T.V. Zenith Radio and TV Cheriton, Virginia ' ft m vii inamijrMHMKu Compliments J. M. WATSON CO., INC. General Electric Appliances Solid Mahogany, Solid Cherry Reproductions Biggs Reproductions Karastan and Lees ' Carpets and Rugs " The Home of Quality ' Onancock, Virginia Compliments of ELLIOTT’S FURNITURE CO. with stores in Nassawadox and Cape Charles, Virginia Philco Appliances, Name Brands, Home Furnishings Compliments of TANKARD AND KELLAM Weirwood, Virginia EXMORE CAMERA CENTER Authorized Bell Howell Dealer Senn Building Phone GI 2-6505 Exmore, Virginia PARKS 50 SELF SERVICE $1.00 and and 100 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Exmore, Virginia up Compliments of E. H. CLEANERS Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of CAPE CENTER SERVICE STATION AND RESTAURANT Route 13 Capeville, Virginia Compliments of JONES’ DEPARTMENT STORE Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of VwcK ACCOMACK NORTHAMPTON ELECTRIC CO-OP Parksley, Virginia iWRMiwnnM MMrttWY % VN V fUSYWSH m 1 Compliments of M. B. MAPP ' S PURE OIL STATION Cheriton, Virginia EASTERN SHORE CANNING CO., INC. WARD’S ESSO Nassawadox, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia COLONNA’S GROCERY Jamesville, Virginia Compliments of GORDY’S CANCELLATION SHOES Broad Street Exmore, Virginia Compliments of BELL JARVIS INC. FABRIC LINEN SHOP Farm Supplies Mrs. Alpheus Eaton Soy Bean Seed Fertilizers Parksley, Virginia Insecticides Compliments of DRUMMOND’S STORE WINDSOR SERVICE CENTER Eastville Station Nassawadox, Virginia Eastville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of E. M. JAMES, JR. LLOYD P. PARROTT SHOES Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia FLORA DAWN FLORIST Exmore, Virginia 1JU1 tJt. ■i mill IITlBfciMi r WATTS BROTHERS Fine Apparel For Gentlemen Parksley, Virginia Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned By T. C. Renner Exmore, Virginia Compliments of H. C. WEST SONS Birds Nest, Virginia BAKER’S BEN FRANKLIN STORES Parksley Onancock Compliments of EASTERN SHORE FLYING SERVICE Weirwood, Virginia Compliments of N. E. REVELL HARDWARE Exmore, Virginia { Better Groceries Compliments of B B MARKET DUNTON’S GULF STATION Groceries-Produce Nassawadox, Virginia ’’■Meats’ " Delivery Service Phone OR-85505 Eastville, Virginia HODGE PODGE Picture Framing, Gifts and Art Supplies Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of CUSTIS RECORD SHOP SAVAGE’S DRUG STORE Exmore, Virginia Compliments of Cape Charles, Virginia KENNY’-S RESTAURANT Cape Charles, Virginia I H. M. LEWIS Dealer General Merchandise Groceries a Specialty Wardtown, Virginia VIRGINIA HERTIG BEAUTY SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia Phone: GI-3081 " We Curl Up and Dye for You " Compliments of H. C. RICHARDSON’S TEXACO Kiptopeake, Virginia U. S. 13 G. D. WEBB GROCERY Jamesville, Virginia _ IL. i f f VY AU V WMV Y. fcl Lw- ' .t. .._ ll t.i—i i_It Compliments of DORIS McLELLAN’S NORTANE GAS CO., INC. Bottled and Metered Gas Service Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of THE PARRY SHOP J. L. EDMONDS Cape Charles, Virginia Eastville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of H. M. TERRY COMPANY Willis Wharf, Virginia A FRIEND fc__ l i BMf ' " IMM ' i til ttai TII V V, ,.V v a V » ■ -J- ■■ i I. I 1 Vi BlIBBliiiWWWWWBPWWWWiwwMPWMwwwww " 1 1 —w wwp— ■ ■ 1 1 i 1 11 i m 1 pFFprr « mwmunHUMtmff ssfsr wp» « if I ATfa U.. .iz ii ttui j « i»» m ra mi Wffv T u.;u»uun nrrr ■■ ' ■ » «« »»■ . i " J » ' ■ ‘ 1 " ■•• « - » f- r b i 1 1 . • r t- v- ' .R t t irrrtf tnrr.rtruvnr fr frff It J " yi f, ■ " ■i ■ . mUm -V. liiifii mmm i I • i? t ■ ' - ■■ ' V ' . - ■ • • ■ . ' %- lisfe ,, - ■ ; ’ ■■ fci r a ' - ■ ■W hl-4 ; . V : s :5 ,. • ' -»!•-] v i‘ ’ v ‘• tV .■; ' V ••:• ’ - r.. ' ' ♦ t r

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