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pminw — .vrusiP £2T ?=v . w 9 - -St rx iJ- Uj -h ' ’t 4A ' t Ti : 1 ■ JL9 - 5 —r rf 2Tak ■Sf 6 u AmUj - ' s ' j i — —- r y a sttrv f K, a 2 zxZdjJ dtoe- £j j£_s£.JU s?Z£-£f-A ( 3 a. 2 £ 2 x- ( £ " J Sul O O-ZccJ L y — Z JLXL yi a.vjr A !r( .sm ' £ L _ 0 ? -L ' — — — 0 ' L_ Si T g- O — ’ -c ' V -- w? -L ' ' 3 u u- ?A L C(. 6 f c x t ■ »r c ' ' r O 1 - 2 ' 0 n- v £ , t 3 ._ Csr ' t La - s r { ££ Z - 7 V‘ j - ' XXX X ' ' " AXX -u .-£ -A li ££ ja X X V AX i X X ‘ W%. ' i % XvVCVs % 5 A X X x . 3- The Senior Class presents 7 «=- d- ' - - LS. fU dZ tckL ' tacts’ dfCi K .d 4 The Torch 1960 -iX % jA l A -CtyO V - yr l „ - CvX v Uu NV. N . ., yu- jbv. ■ i. v or - — - «! n -ti-Oo- ( ,y_ YY JjJ TxCSi - — w S Q. x n c o Jc c ? J inaupt , acbo J -P CA,® y «- 5 , 0-£ r ' V TiC o_ n u- aP erJ. 7 ■T Vio o J? y 7 ,J jqJ CtJIX J L 7 - PfZ- 7% zz—eg. , - C ct-tZJZ (37 o£fl 0 6o ■ ' c rr eisrxS (5 L uL J T- lA «yJ tlj§l a cO (3d ib y ' Northampt cJ?-SCse cxd ' ? . s S-ld ' u2- . pCc V- sS - ' 3 W fl- ?• a Q j % , cpJT . P • V 8AM. X - , ■ Uia oJ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Bobbe Kellam Torch Staff ASSISTANT EDITOR Lula Cowling BUSINESS MANAGERS Emily Culver Mattie Culver CLUB EDITOR Carrie Lou Rayfield SPONSOR Mrs. L. W. Smalley SPORTS EDITORS Harold Mills Robert Oliver Suzanne Savedge Mary Culver Betty White Toy Shreeves Tommy Lewis Marylyn Parks TYPISTS Connie Budd, Chairman Kay Simpson Sandra Simpson Judy Johnson Kay Bowen Virginia Arnold Connie Turner Vivian Carpenter Gayle Hargis Eunice Camden Virgie Robinson Grace Rowe LAYOUT STAFF Connie Budd Kay Simpson •Barbara Downing Mary M. Travis Frankie Culver ADVERTISING SALESMEN Griff Holland Emily Culver H. M. Hand Lucy Harlow Frances Lee Ward Cecil Smith Billy Travis Kay Simpson Ashby Bayly ADVISOR: Mrs. Mary N. Kellam L 3U_ C G- J J 2 - Jl QLA-g— Xjl Jt , 4 Xc - 8 - uijCi- ' LA- uo ‘B ' ' =feL ' C( «• SzcA j r qJU o V - 1 a it ' ilty$ ' . QfJ 0 ckJLdi -4 t yJu jfA o h--- - L-t JvJ c v U cCUxyK.GA OSLU-»-€_U$ -Aji yrt Ipjc c " ) S ' j 2 J? y (p N r V 14 ” °V N This is your yearbook, compiled and •• ' • • edited by the annual staff, hoping that in the future it will remind you of happy school days. Here are to be found the familiar faces of schoolmates and faculty, records of scholastic achievement and athletic fame, and pictures of those so important special events. V jLy VSL_R£l_JyV , ------ o ' n „ .. Table of Contents Zs n, T Q J? Tjf-2- ' lA- C ' VA O—r-v oP ViX u-ftAtUi O ' 00 X» C L ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY J " V “ ““ V , JUNIORS Out CjptJU § 0 j Oo VVViULX , or 1 V vSAO u£t 5 UjlxJK Ol_ OeJ 2 _ ,_@j ,k« J C ' ) r ' ' SOPHOMORES % FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE CLUBS SPORTS SCOREBOARD SNAPSHOTS MID-SEMESTER HONOR ROLL SENIOR DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENTS t Superintendent " s Message Your yearbook records the events of what I hope has been a satisfying period in your lives. To you, the staff, and to Mrs. Smalley, your ad¬ viser, go my warm congratulations. As you grow older, may you grow in understanding and in wisdom! If you can look back to the days represented by your record in this book with some degree of satisfaction, and if you can still retain a little spark of dissatisfaction, you will be more likely to understand the purpose of life. For, it is in the continual striving and not quite fully achieving that man has been capable of pushing back frontiers and of unfolding newer and loftier eras. May each of you enjoy the satisfactions of such a life! The Class of 1960 is proud to dedicate this edition of The Torch to J. T. Holland. Although a misfortune has prevented his continuing with us, we shall always consider him a member of the Class of ' 60. A dministration Miss Helen Lowe Clerk of School Board Mr. W. F. Lawson, Jr. Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Gertrude Meek Clerk - Typist Mr. B. G. Wescott Elementary Supervisor Mr. P. T. Atkinson, Jr. Principal Miss Phoebe Windecker Secretary Mr. J. L. Parks, Sr. Assistant Principal Miss Margaret Scott Librarian Mr. G. B. Wynne Mrs. Margaret C. Holland History English Miss Lila Jacob Foreign Language - English Mrs. Maude B. Henderson Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley English English Mr. J. D. Meek, Jr. Music Mrs. Ellen P. Camden Art Faculty Mrs. Virginia O. Savedge Mrs. Mary N. Kellam Home Economics Commercial Mr. John T. Badger Agriculture GUIDANCE Miss Margaret C. Scott Mr. J. Lester Parks, Sr. Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Mr. C. C. Jones Science - Mathematics Miss Elizabeth Jones Mathematics Faculty Mrs. Irma B. Floyd Mr. B. B. Turner, Jr. Science Science PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Nan M. Kane Mr. Carl R. Kane Mr. George W. Young The Principal’s Message As Sputnik and Explorer flash in orbit about the world, we must now realize that supremacy of nations is no longer the point at issue. To¬ day the lines of issue are drawn be¬ tween the forces of good and evil. Man must choose for himself good or evil, survival or suicide. The challenge for you is to choose for yourself between good and evil, and thereby make for yourself a richer, fuller life. t VIRGINIA PARKS ARNOLD MARVIN BIRCH, JR. CATHERINE CHURN BOWEN CAROLYN LEE BRADFORD JAMES DULANEY BARNES JAMES ASHBY BAYLY JAMES DOUGLAS BRADSHAW SALLY FRANCES BRITTINGHAM CHARLES FRANKLIN BROWN CONNIE JEAN BUDD WILLIAM EDWARD BULL BONNIE GALE BUNDICK EUNICE LYNN CAMDEN VIVIAN SHRIEVES CARPENTER CHARLES THOMAS CHARNOCK FRANKLIN NOTTINGHAM COLONNA SANDRA LEE COMMANDER EMILY ANN CULVER MATTIE LYNNE CULVER PHILLIP RANDALL CUSTIS BARBARA ANN DOWNING BENJAMIN HARRISON ELLIOTT, III HARRY GEORGE GASKILL TRACY ALLEN GIBB ELLEN JANE GIBBS SUE WATSON HICKMAN CAROLE PAIGE HOGG GRIFFIN WILLIAM HOLLAND, III JULIAN NATHANIEL HOLLAND, JR. VIRGINIA BARBARA KELLAM STEVE JACKSON LEWIS RALPH EDWIN LONG JOHN KENNETH MARSHALL DENNIS WHITMAN MATTHEWS RICHARD EUGENE MILES, JR. HAROLD SPENCER MILLS DAVID LEE MOORE JOHN MATTHEWS MOORE, III LORETTA SUE MOORE RODNEY ALLEN MOORE JOHN MARION NOTTINGHAM, JR. yUj L ROBERT CROMWELL OLIVER, JR. CARRIE LOUISE RAYFIELD THOMAS VADEN RICHARDSON VIRGIE ELIZABETH ROBINSON GRACE ELIZABETH ROWE SUZANNE SAVEDGE BETTY DUNTON SHREAVES MARTHA KAY SIMPSON SANDRA LEE SIMPSON HARRY CECIL SMITH, JR. AGNES FAYE SMITH CHARLES DAVID STEWART WILLIAM CHARLES TRAVIS JOHN WILKINS WESCOAT MOST POPULAR Gayle and Cecil yf takes is a nickel!) MOST TALENTED Connie and Tracy (We ' ve got that beat!) MOST HUMOROUS Sue and Ashby (Oops! I missed!) MOST INTELLIGENT Becky and Robert (The eternal triangle!) MOST VERSATILE Carole and Jack (You ' ve never had it so easy!) MOST ATHLETIC Virginia and Sonny (The age old battle!) , ' Looking toward a great old ocean does our school appear. " s ' u Y PAGE ASHBY STEWART BAGWELL SUZANNE BALLARD ANNETTE BARCROFT JOSEPH BAYLY LINDA BELL WAYNE BELL ARCHIE BENNETT THOMAS BOWDEN DANIEL BOWDEN MILTON BRADFORD JANICE BRADFORD JANES BURTON WILLIAM BYNUM RUDOLPH CARPENTER RICHARD CHAMBERS LULA COWLING ELOISE CULVER GORDEN DIX, JR. MARTHA DOUGHTY y -£ T ' X 7 a .. MARTHA DUNTON MARGARET EAST IRIS EVANS m o rv JAMES FEREBEE CHARLES FLOYD JOANNE GLADSTONE ETNA NOTTINGHAM ALBERT PALMER ALTON NOBLE PALMER ■-y ' 7 o-V g£x ' f?r _ ' ' gk ' TzO ' — „ - L«w »ci»wm ■$$?;•,t ' ' i v;y. , tL r rf JAMES GUY PATRICIA HAND VIVIAN LEE HEATH BONNIE HICKMAN WILLIAM HILL MARGARET HUNT BARBARA JONES RICHARD KELLAM NANCY KILLMON PATRICIA KILLMON ABBIE LAFFERTY MARGARET LANE JOYCE LEMON SAMUEL LEWIS CHARLES LUMLEY RUTH MARTIN LINDA McCREADY MARTHA MILES ROY MILLS LOU MITCHELL A BETTY PARKS EDWIN PARKS PEGGY PARKS JAMES PRETTYMAN LINDA PRETTYMAN ROBERT RAMSDEN HARRYETTE RIPPON JACKSON ROWE JAMES RYAN ROSE SAVAGE TOY SHREEVES JEAN SILVIA JOAN SILVIA DARLENE SIMPSON EMERSON SMITH JOYCE SMITH LOU ANN SODERSTROM BEATRICE SPADY DOLORES STEWARD BARRY TAYLOR WILLIAM TAYLOR RICHARD TITTERMARY CAROL THOMAS ELIZABETH WHITE CLAYSHIA WILLIS Near the homestead of the Indians Kenneth Donald Linda Jane Anna Ruth Arnold Ashley Bailey Ballard Barkley Beach Arlene Carolyn Charlotte Cl eve Jacque Billy Bell Belote Belote Belote Boggs Bowen Connie Robert John Waynne Connie Sallie Bowen Brady Bull Camden Colonna Colonna Hugh Edith Judy Sandra Douglas John Corbin Costin Crockett Crockett Crosley Culver Joseph Mary Elizabeth David Culver Culver Dix Doughty C3 SA-G L ' 3- sl ' JtJ -u-v fi_i ASiy Ju , ( n sJLaJL Cs_-C l_ - CXJx J VO vXiv JiUs ,w 3 cJ ?nv_ " - 3 OwA oSl J v jI x... 54Sl 30s-o3l v3A $OAJ V - f iMt % jo - S% d - y cp j 0 . © € Ruth Dought) Paul Erslev Diana Guy N Billye .; Hopkins „ John Robert Joan John C. John S. Doty Dunton Edwards Elliott Elliott Elizabeth Lana Donnie Franklin Sharon Etz Evans Ewell Gibbs Gibbs John Mary Hensel Nancy Lois Hallett Harges Heath Hinmon Hinmon Roy John Doris Deloris Joyce James Kellam Lane Lewis Lewis Vernon George Duke Roger Lewis Marshall Matthews Merritt Dorthy Jennie Mott Nottingham Nancy Frankie Rue Scalon Ellen Groverteen Smith Smith Suzanne Peter Taylor Tinkham Paul Harriett Watson West Jane Frederick Oliver Outten Carroll P. Jo Ann Senn Simpson Houston Katherine Smith Smith Russell Mary M. Theus Travis Jean Linda White Wilkins Randy Catherine Parks Rogers Audrey Dora Smith Smith Ada Mae Mary A. Soderstrom Sturgis Larry David Underhill Warren Denis Wood Roamed the paths of old Northampton Freshman Jane Arnold Jo Ann Badger Lou Bailey Elaine Barkley Toby Bell Frank Bell Jan Belote Milton Birch Nancy Brady David Bralley Walter Brown Joyce Campbell John Churn Bruce Craft Bonnie Crockett Judy Culver Effie Custis Randy Delano Billy Doty Jerry Doughty Barbara Downing C. L. Downing John Drummond Ann Dunton Kenneth Eder Julia Ewell Bernice Farlow John Ferebee Woodrow Fitchett William Flanagan Thomas Hall Richard Hall Alton Hann Potter Henderson Alice Hinman Phil Hutchinson Michael James Mary Johnson Anne Jones Carroll Jones Darlene Joynes Gail Kaszorowski Suzann e Kellam Gary Kelley Joyce Killmon Colleen Lafferty Ann Lewis Sara Lewis Cleve Lilliston Bowden Lusk Louise McCready Colin Mears Diane Mears Edwina Miles Harley Miles Purnell Miles, III Martha Parker Rebecca Parks Barbara Parrott Carol Phillips Winfred Phillips Jerry Richardson Mary Robbins Ellen Sanderson William Savedge Edward Sayers Bonnie Smith James Smith John Smith Margaret Smith Bruce Soderstrom Herman Spady Tommy Spence Louis Spry Rachel Terry Cecil Tilghman Thomas Turner JoAnn Webb Phyllis West Loraine Williams PHOTO Not Available Class Officers SENIORS Edwin Long, President Lyn Dunton, Vice President Mattie Lynn Culver, Secretary Johnny Nottingham, Treasurer JUNIORS Page Ashby, President Babs Jones, Vice President Pat Killmon, Secretary Archie Bennett, Treasurer SOPHOMORES Paul Erslev, President Bobby Dunton, Vice President Larry Underhill, Secretary John Elliott, Treasurer FRESHMEN Lou Bailey, President Barbara Parrott, Vice President Suzanne Kellam, Treasurer Rachel Terry, Secretary EIGHTH GRADE Gordon Mapp, President Ronnie Crumb, Vice President Mary Ann Mohr, Secretary Billy Prince, Treasurer Maureen Baily Tommy Bayly Bonnie Bell Jake Bell Chatherine Bell Cheryl Bowen Mildred Camden Karla Churn Tim Clark Barbara Clayton Rella Coates Faye Collins Colin Cowling Kay Crockett Ronnie Crumb Franklin Culver Mary Daneker Susan Dix Melvin Doughty Gail Doughty Jane Dunton Jeff Elliott Steve Elliott George Ferguson Larry Fluhar Charles Fountain Harry Gershowitz H, L. Gladden Wayne Gladden Edwin a Griffith John Griffith Jo Ann Hand Mary Hard Dennis Heaster Bayly Heath Dodge Hickman Lee Hitchens Betsy Hopkins Laura James Ilva James Smith James Annette Johnson Carroll Kellam Van Kellam Marie Lane Rose Mary Laurance Jimmy Magette Gordon Mapp Patrica Mapp Jeanette Marsh Benny Mears John Metg Sammy McClain Donny Miles Mary Mohr Chester Moore Laura Moore William Morris Janet Moser Douglas Moury George Murphy Patty Nottingham Addison Nottingham Frances Nottingham William Nottingham Jean Outten David Outten Franklin Outten Douglas Parker Morris Parker Marylyne Parks Harley Parks ii Robert Parks Lois Ann Parsons Jerry Phillips William Prince Hazel Revell David Richardson Edward Richardson Harold Richardson Patty Scanlon Larry Selby Mark Sherky Sharon Simpson Thelma Simpson David Smith Sandra Smith Paul Soderstrom Nancy Spry William Sterling Elic Stevens Chris Sturgis John Sturgis Betty Lou Taylor Ruth Taylor Charles Terry Donald Thornes Mary Thurman John Turner Ann Walker Peggy Sue Webb Harding Wescott Norwood West William Wilkins Ruby Wilson Thomas Wilson Elizabeth Windley James Wood " Oh Northampton! Dear Northampton! Praise her to the sky! Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail! Northampton High! " Student Council STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President - Julian Holland Vice President - Suzanne Savedge Secretary - Betsy Shreaves Treasurer - Jack Wescoat SENIORS Phil Custis Barbara Downing SOPHOMORES Bobby Dunton Jenny Nottingham Nancy Rue JUNIORS Page Ashby Billy Bynum Jo Ann Gladstone Martha Miles Jane Turner Betty White FRESHMEN Lou Bailey Rachel Terry EITHTH GRADE Suzanne Dix Marylyne Parks Jack Sturgis Sponsor - Mr. J. Lester Parks The Beta Club Ducamus aliis serviendo. Let us lead by serving others. Members of the Northampton Beta Club, organized May 26, 1952, must maintain an average of 91. President - Robert C. Oliver, Jr. Vice President - Suzanne Savedge Secretary-Treasurer - Betsy Shreaves MEMBERS: Thomas Charnock, Phillip Custis, Barbara Downing, Lyn Dunton, Carol Hogg, Julian Holland, Rebecca James, Bobbe Kellam, Thomas Lewis, Robert Oliver, Grace Rowe, Suzanne Savedge, Betsy Shreaves, Sandra Simpson, Fay Smith, Jack Wescoat, Suzanne Ballard, Linda Bell, Lee Carpenter, Lula Cowling, Charles Floyd, Joanne Gladstone, Patricia Hand, Barbara Jones, Patricia Killmon, Martha Miles, Etna Nottingham, Noble Palmer, Betty Ann Parks, Peg¬ gy Pa rks, Rose Ellen Savage, Martha Toy Shreeves, Jean Silvia, Joan Silvia, Darlene Simpson, Carole Turner, Jane Turner, Elizabeth White. Sponsor - Miss Lila N. Jacob George B. Wynne Debating Society OFFICERS President - Suzanne Savadge Vice President - Betty White Secretary-Treasurer - Babs Jones Sponsor - Mr. G. B. Wynne MEMBERS Betty White, Suzanne Savadge, Babs Jones, Mr. Wynne, Betsy Shreaves, Lula Cowling, Betty Parks, Martha Miles, Etna Nottingham, Barbara Parrott, Ellen Sanderson, Patsy Hand, Catherine Rogers, Suzanne Ballard, Becky James, Janie Turner, Jean White, Toy Shreeves, Carroll Senn, Peter Tinkham. 1959 DEBATING TEAM Affirmative: Redford Williams George Kellam Negative: Betty White Suzanne Savadge Senior Tri-Hi-Y Bobbe Kellam, Janie Turner, Martha Dunton, Betsy Shreaves, Lula Cowling, Jean White, Sandra Commander, Martha Duer, Ruth Doughty, Betty White, Etna Nottingham, Rose Savage, Jane Ballard, Janie Gibbs, Judy Johnson, Jane Oliver, Becky James, Babs Jones, Betty Parks, Patsy Hand, Beth Dix, Carole Hogg, Gayle Hargis, Vivian Heath, Bonnie Hickman, Mary A. Hargis, SPONSORS Miss Margaret C. Scott Mrs. Maude B. Henderson Dramatic Club Sponsor: Mrs. Margaret Holland OFFICERS President - Peggy Hunt Vice President - Suzanne Ballard Secretary - Virgie Robinson Treasurer - Tommy Bowden MEMBERS Lee Carpenter Bonnie Smith Suzanne Kellam Lana Evans Jan Belote Rachel Terry Edwina Miles Diane Guy Harryette Rippon Potter Henderson Phyllis West Mary Travis Ruth Doughty Ellen Sanderson Carole Phillips MEMBERS Bonnie Crockett Harriet West Judy Culver Ann Lewis Joyce Lewis Jackie Flanagan Bruce Craft Harley Miles Virgie Robinson Suzanne Ballard Peggy Hunt Tommy Bowden Toy Shreeves Sis Steward Camera Club President - Suzanne Savedge Vice President - Tommy Lewis Secretary - Bryan Turner Treasurer - Francis Ward Reporter - Dennis McLellan Stewart Bagwell Tracy Gibb David Bralley Phil Hutchinson Hugh Corbin Michael James Jerry Doughty Dick Kellam C. L. Downing Albert Palmer John Drummond Billy Savedge Verne Eling Houston Smith Jim Ferebee Ivan Turner John Ferebee Sponsor: Mr. Burleigh B. Turner, Jr. Future Farmers of America OFFICERS President - Thomas Charnock Vice President - Ben Elliott Secretary - Steve Lewis Treasurer - Edwin Long SPONSOR Mr. John T. Badger MEMBERS John Bull Thomas Charnock John Elliott Ben Elliott Charles Floyd Steve Lewis Edwin Long William Nottingham David Outten Jack Rowe Emerson Smith Harding Wescott This club was established in 1919 at Franktown Nassawadox High School. Future Homemakers of America President - Pat Killmon Vice President - Linda Bell Secretary - Suzanne Ballard Treasurer - Mary Culver Chaplain - Eunice Camden Reporter - Linda Prettyman Sponsor - Mrs. Virginia O. Savadge Virginia Arnold Annette Barcroft Anna Barkley Arlene Bell Linda Bell Connie Bowen Janice Bradford Frances Brittingham Bonnie Bundick Eunice Camden Joyce Campbell Connie Colonna Edith Costin Judy Crockett Sandra Crockett Emily Culver Mary Culver Mattie Culver Effie Custis Martha Doughty Elizabeth Etz Bernice Farlow Sue Hickmon Nancy Killmon Pat Killmon Abbie Lafferty Joyce Lemon Delores Lewis Joyce Lewis Linda McCready Loretta Moore Peggy Parks Linda Prettyman Carrie Rayfield Harryette Rippon Nancy Rue JoAnn Simpson Jean Sylvia Joan Sylvia Joyce Smith Katie Smith Lou Ann Soderstrom Beatrice Spady Sis Steward Suzanne Taylor Carol Thomas Carole Turner Connie Turner Christand Ward Harriet West Clayshia Willis Monogram Club OFFICERS President - Griff Holland Vice President - Johnny Nottingham Secretary-Treasurer - Grace Rowe Sergeant-at-Arms - Albert Palmer SPONSORS Mr. George Young Mrs. Nan Kane MEMBERS Arnold, Kenny James, Roy Arnold, Virginia Jones, Babs Ashby, Donnie Lemon, Joyce Ashby, Page Lewis, Steve Belote, Carolyn Lewis, Vernon Boggs, Jacque McCready, Linda Bowden, Danny Miles, Dicky Brady, Bobby Miles, Martha Bundick, Bonnie Moore, Johnny Burton, Jimmy Nottingham, Jennie Bynum, Billy Nottingham, Johnny Colonna, Frankie Outten, Freddie Dix, Gordon Palmer, Albert Drummond, Johnny Parks, Betty Dunton, Ann Parks, Peggy Dunton, Bobby Prettyman,, Linda Doughty, David Richardson, T. V. Elliott, Ben Rowe, Grace Elliott, John Carter Rowe, Jack Erslev, Paul Rue, Nancy Ewell, Donnie Sayers, Edward Ferbee, Jim Shreaves, Betsy Gladstone, Hoanne Smith, Cecil Hallett, Jack Steward, Deloris Heath, Vivian Steward, Charles Hill, Billy Turner, Bryan Hogg, Carol Turner, Janie Holland, Griff Underhill, Larry Hunt, Peggy Wescoat, John White, Betty White, Jean STATEMENT ABOUT CLUB The purpose of the Monogram Club is to promote good fellowship, to foster good sportsmanship, and to encourage the development of a proper school spirit among all the students of the school. It strives to provide a close relation¬ ship between all lines of athletic endeavor and to act as a control agency for wearing of all athletic awards. Sportsmanship Club Sponsor - Coach Kane Tommy Bayly, Jake Bell, Ronnie Crumb, Frankie Culver, Jeffery Elliott, George Ferguson, Bayly Heath, Dodge Hickman, Lee Hitchens, Smith James, Carroll Kellam, Gordon Mapp, Donnie Miles, William Morris, Ad Nottingham, Billy Nottingham, David Outten, Frankie Out- ten, Morris Parker, Bobby Parks, Jerry Phillips, Billy Prince, David Richardson, Larry Selby, Mark Sherkey, David Smith, Paul Soderstrom, Eddie Sterling, Chris Sturgis, Chuck Terry, Hardy Wescott, Jimmy Wood. 4-H Club Sponsor - Mrs. John L. Mears President - Hazel Revell Vice President - Suzanne Kellam Secretary - Reporter - Faye Collins Treasurer - Gordon Mapp Collins, Faye Daneker, Mary Ellen Kellam, Suzanne Mapp, Gordon Mears, Diane Phillips, Carole Revell, Hazel Richardson, Eddie Sturgis, Jack Windley, Elizabeth The Band President - Monty Webb Vice President - Lula Cowling Secretary - Janie Turner MEMBERS Jan Belote David Bralley Mildred Camden Colin Cowling Lula Cowling Gordon W. Dix Jr. Susan Dix Melvin Doughty Jr. Ruth Doughty Jane Dun ton Lana Evans Jack Flanagan Tracy Gibb Patsy Hand Potter Henderson Lee Hitchens Laura James Roy James Joyce Lewis Kenneth Marshall Martha Miles Douglas Mowry Patty Nottin gham Joanne Outten Betty Parks Marylyne Parks Randy Parks Lois Ann Parsons Carole Phillips Hazel Revell Carroll Page Senn Bruce Soderstrom Chris Sturgis John E. Churn Betty Lou Taylor Richard Tittermary Janie Turner Monty Webb Elizabeth Windley James P. Wood Director - Mr. Jay Meek Cheerleaders Senior CAROLE PAIGE HOGG PEGGY HUNT JOANNE GLADSTONE Co-Captains BETSY SHREAVES JENNIE NOTTINGHAM JEAN WHITE ANN DUNTON Junior Co-Captains DIANE MEARS BETTY LOU TAYLOR BETSY HOPKINS PHYLLIS WEST PATTY NOTTINGHAM 1959 Girls’ Softball Team SOFTBALL Coach - Mrs. Nan M. Kane Virginia Arnold - Captain Jane Oliver Carolyn Belote Betty Parks Jacque Boggs Peggy Parks Bonnie Bundick Nancy Rue Diana Guy Ellen Smith Vivian Heath Deloris Steward Barbara Lemon Mary Travis Joyce Lemon Jane Turner Martha Miles Junior Varsity Football Coach - George W. Young Co-Captains - Edward Sayers, Toby Bell Manager - Harding Wescott Tommy Bayly Toby Bell Ronnie Crumb Steve Elliott Jeff Elliott John Ferebee George Ferguson Charles Fountaine, Jr. A1 Hand Dennis Heaster Potter Henderson, Jr. Lee Hitchens Smith James Bowdy Lusk Donnie Miles Purnell Miles Gordon Mapp Harley Miles Ad Nottingham, Jr. Jerry Phillips Billy Prince Rip Phillips David Richardson Edward Sayers Chris Sturgis Paul Soderstrom Bruce Soderstrom Jack Sturgis Charles Terry John S. Turner Tommy Turner Harding Wescott 1959 Football FIRST ROW: John Elliott, Noble Palmer, Donnie Ewell, John Kellam, Jimmy Burton, Page Ash¬ by, Ben Elliott, Duke Matthews, Bobby Brady, Bobby Dunton, Frankie Schanlon, Johnny Notting¬ ham. SECOND ROW: Coach, Carl Kane; Steve Lewis, T. V. Richardson, Roy James, Barry Taylor, Tommy Bowden, Gordon Dix, Billy Bynum, Albert Palmer, Roy Mills, Douglas Crosley, Vernon Lewis. THIRD ROW: Jack Wescoat, Danny Bowden, Dicky Kellam, Donnie Ashby, C. B. Belote, Paul Erslev, Jack Rowe, Joe Bayly, Griff Holland, Jack Hallet. The 1959 season began with Northampton fielding a young and inexperienced team with only three seniors on the first team. The boys learned quickly and finished the season with a victory over Virginia Beach, the first in the school ' s history. Only a tie with James Blair prevented the team from having a winning season. With twenty-five boys return¬ ing for the 1960 football season, the Yellow Jackets should have a bright future. team, was considered by his team hustler " and an excellent, tackier. toward the end to be considered one of our bet ter backs. T. V. played his best game in the 21-0 victory over Smithfield. 9 9 v CHARLIE STEWARD Charlie, a two year halfback, earned sever¬ al nicknames for his running ability. The best known nickname is " Crazylegs " , which he earn ed for his quick reaction in dodging would-be tacklers. His best touchdown run was an 80 yard jaunt against Smithfield. " Crazylegs " played his best game against the Indians of Cape Charles. His two T.D. ' s against the Bay City boys will keep them down on the Reservar tion for another year. . BEN ELLIOTT Ben had the distinction of being the only C- member of the squad to earn four letters in foot¬ ball. He was selected Co-captain in 1959. His fine playing ability at halfback earned him honorable mention on the Group II All-District team. Ben, an outstanding leader as well as player, played his best game against Central. time. DICKIE MILES Dickie earned three letters in football. Al¬ though light in weight, he was considered a fine linebacker and offensive guard. Dickie, popu- T. V. RICHARDSON T. V. came out for football for the first time in his senior year and did a great job. Although injured early in the season, he came on strong CECIL SMITH Cecil was a two letterman. Tough for his size, Cecil ' s sharp, clean tackling and fine playing as defensive halfback and linebacker made him a valuable player. He played his best game against Cape Charles. GRIFF HOLLAND Griff earned two letters at end. A fine pass catcher, Griff was also considered one of the best blockers on the team. In his best game this season, against Cape Charles, he scored one of seven points. STEVE LEWIS Steve, one of the heaviest men on the squad, earned three letters playing for the Yellow Jack¬ ets. Steve was an outstanding tackle, but also filled a guard position, when asked to do so. He was liked by his team mates and was chosen as the Homecoming King for the Thanksgiving Day Game - W s? si FRANCIS LEE WARD ■SSi JOHN NOTTINGHAM Francis, a three year letterman, played cen¬ ter for three years, although he was one of the lightest players in the District. He had his best night against Smithfield. Francis was well liked and never complained. John earned three letters playing both offen¬ sive and defensive end. He developed into a strong tackier during his senior year and very few runners made yardage around his end. John ' s best game was against Virginia Beach, when he spent most of the night in their backfield. The Seahawks rate him best defensive end in the District. 1960 Basketball Left to Right: Lee Hitchens, Manager; Jimmy Prettyman, Dennis McLellan, Thomas Vaden Richardson, Billy Hill, Page Ashby, Jack Hallett, Paul Erslev, Vernon Bradford, Sonny Holland, Frankie Colonna, Billy Bynum, Bobby Dunton, Dukie Matthews, Mich- eal James, Manager. CO-CAPTAINS Thomas Vaden Richardson Sonny Holland COACH Mr. George W. Young PAUL ERSLEV Center T. V. RICHARDSON Guard BILLY HILL Forward DENNIS McLELLAN Guard BOBBY DUNTON Guard VERNON BRADFORD Forward PAGE ASHBY Forward BILLY BYNUM Forward 0 P? JACK HALLETT Forward ... ‘ SONNY HOLLAND Center FRANK COLONNA Forward DUKIE MATTHEWS Guard JIMMY PRETTYMAN Guard STANDING: Frank Sca nlon, Jack Wescoat, Douglas Crosley, Johnny Nottingham, Bobby Bradey, Butch Miles, Albert Palmer, Donnie Kellam, Brooks Bradford, Paul Erslev, Curtis Jones, Billy Bynum, Jack Rowe, Jackie Parks, Coach; Carl Kane. KNEELING: Toby Bell, Bruce Soderstrom, Redford Williams, Gordon Dix, Richard Warren, John¬ ny Kellam, Jimmy Burton, Cecil Smith, Charlie T. Whitehead, Joe Bayly, John Churn, Eddie Sayers. The 1959 track team was the Eastern Shore and District Champs. They also finish¬ ed 5th in the State Track Meet at Charlottesville. DONNIE KELLAM Donnie was captain of the 1959 track team. His feats in track were well known in the Tidewater area. He won the Group II 100 yard dash in the Pilot Relays and was the State Champion in the 220 yard dash. Donnie holds the Shore record in the 100 yard run in 10 seconds. 1959 Baseball Team STANDING: Coach Young, Roy Mills, Donnie Ewell, Charles Brown, Harold Mills, Barry Tay¬ lor, David Doughty, Vernon Bradford, Kenny Arnold. SITTING: Sonny Heath, Phil Custis, Page Ashby, Norval Turner, George Kellam, Jimmy Belote, Richard Colonna, Dennis McCellan, Bobby Dunton, Donnie Ashby. KNEELING: Vernon Lewis, Manager, Haywood Hand, Tommy Richardson, Billy Hill, Hugh Cor¬ bin, Manager, Purnell Miles, Manager. COACH: George W. Young CAPTAIN: Jimmy Belote The Yellow Jackets held little hope for a winning season, as ten members of the ' 58 squad had departed, including ace hurler, Jimmy Churn. However, new talent was discovered and, after a change or two, the Jackets turned in another winning season, winning 7 and losing 4. Crisfield, Maryland, fell victim to the J-acket attack for the second consecutive year. Next year ' s prospects look even better, with 15 of the 22 members returning, including 7 lettermen. Junior Varsity Basketball Paul Soderstrom, Manager Gordon Mapp John Churn Bobby Brady Larry Underhill John Elliott Bowdin Lusk Roy James Frankie Scanlon David Doughty Bruce Soderstrom Melvin Doughty Billy Prince Toby Bell Ronnie Crumb COACH: Carl Kane Although all of the 1959 J. V. players became varsity players this year, the new Junior Varsity had a winning season. Young and green at the outset, the boys became more confident as the season progressed. They won three of their four overtime games. Most of the team will play J.V. ball again next year. FOOTBALL - 1959 Scoreboard VARSITY BASKETBALL - 1960 We They We They James Blair 7 7 Norfolk Academy 43 39 Deep Creek 0 38 Gloucester 41 47 Norfolk Catholic 0 12 Alumni 24 37 Southampton 6 19 Poquoson 47 53 Gloucester 13 34 Virginia Beach 73 66 Central 13 6 Poquoson 52 38 Virginia Beach 20 7 Crisfield 42 44 Smithfield 21 0 Cape Charles 52 43 York 13 19 Central 43 23 Cape Charles 36 7 Pocomoke 69 60 Norfolk Academy 30 52 BASEBALL - 1959 Virginia Beach We They Smithfield Cape Charles 10 1 Cape Charles Parksley 1 2 Crisfield Central 15 0 Chincoteague 10 0 TRACK - 1959 Norfolk Academy 6 9 Score Alumni 1 5 Shore Meet Parksley 2 1 Northampton 58 Cape Charles 3 11 Princess Anne 37 James Blair 2 4 Chincoteague 28 Central 9 2 Onancock 21 Chincoteague 1 4 Atlantic 18 Chrisfield 4 3 Cape Charles 8 Central 7 Parksley 5 J.V. BASKETBALL - 1960 Northampton 89 We They Central 16 Norfolk Academy 20 31 Pocomoke 33 11 Northampton 78 Pocomoke 45 37 Cape Charles 16 Poquoson 33 32 Virginia Beach 30 54 Northampton 58 Poquoson 17 21 Norfolk Academy 32 Crisfield 31 26 Norfolk Catholic 28 Cape Charles J.V. 47 36 Cape Charles 36 15 District Meet - Foreman Field Pocomoke 47 45 Northampton 46 Norfolk Academy 27 42 Virginia Beach 36 Virginia Beach Southampton 20 Cape Charles Deep Creek 13 Crisfield York 12 James Blair 11 GIRLS’ SOFTBALL - 1959 Prince George 7 We They Gloucester 6 Cape Charles 19 23 Pilot Relays No Score Kept Parksley 1 7 State Meet Central 6 24 Fredericksburg 1st Parksley 1 24 Northampton 6th Cape Charles 14 10 Northampt Royalty 1959 PROM King Robert Young Queen Margaret Ann Ferguson Maid of Honor Carol Boss Attendants Kay Custis Diane Evans 1959 BETA QUEEN Queen Janie Turner Maid of Honor Martha Dunton Attendants Betsy Shreaves Gayle Hargis 1959 THANKSGIVING King Steve Lewis Queen Betsy Shreaves Attendants Becky James Clayshia Willis Charlotte Belote Anne Jones Mary Ann Mohr So - who greased the pigskin? Your deal! Why is everybody picking on me? My feet, Hugh! My feet! This is our Senior Class President? s v u %?; a ■ f ii , r mmm I WSJ ill 11811 • ' ' “it i : s- s " Pi ’Nuts in May " - 1959 You tell ’em, Coach! This is our S. C. President? Look, Ma! No cavities! White Christmas - 1959 Packages! Packages! More packages! Don’t Catch those Indians! You wouldn ' t dare! ri i You be the judge! Mid-Semester Honor Roll TWELFTH GRADE Catherine Bowen Thomas Charnock Martha Duer Gayle Hargis Carole Hogg Suzanne Ballard Lee Carpenter Lula Cowling James Ferebee Charles Floyd Joanne Gladstone Margaret Hunt Barbara Jones Martha Miles Kenneth Arnold Donald Ashby Sallie Colonna Robert Dunton Joan Edwards Jennie Nottingham Jane Oliver Randy Parks Jo Ann Badger Mary Lou Bailey Jan Belote Ann Jones David Bralley Ernest Bell William Flanagan Rebecca James Robert Oliver Suzanne Savedge Sandra Simpson Jack Wescott ELEVENTH GRADE TENTH GRADE Betty Parks Peggy Parks Martha Toy Shreeves Jean Silvia Joan Silvia Darlene Simpson Carole Turner Ida Jane Turner Betty White Catherine Rogers Carroll Senn Mary Ann Sturgis Russell The us Peter Tinkham Larry Underhill Jean White Elizabeth Dix NINTH GRADE Harley Miles Phyllis West Ellen Sanderson Barbara Parrott Rebecca Parks Edwina Miles EIGHTH GRADE Karla Churn Faye Collins Susan Dix Melvin Doughty Harry Gershowitz Laura James Gordon Mapp Mary Ann Mohr Hazell Revell Eddie Richardson Senior Directory VIRGINIA PARKS ARNOLD (Ginny) Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1; Dramatic Club 2,3; FHA 4; Basketball 1,2; Softball 2,3, Cap¬ tain 3. Ambition: To own a dump truck. JAMES DULANEY BARNES FFA 1; Baseball 2,3. Ambition: To take Mr. Atkinson’s place. JAMES ASHBY BAYLY (Beetle) Ambition: To be serious. SALLY BRITTINGHAM BAILEY (Fanny) FHA 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To be a good wife if I can. MARVIN BIRCH, JR. Dramatic Club 1,2. Ambition: To arrange a treaty between Willis Wharf and Oyster. CATHERINE CHURN BOWEN (Kay) Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 2,3; Basketball 2,3. Ambition; To graduate. JAMES DOUGLAS BRADSHAW (Bradshaw) Monogram Club 3; Football 2. Ambition: To join the Navy. CHARLES FRANKLIN BROWN (Sambo) Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Baseball 3,4. Ambition: To be a Southern 500 Stock Car Driver. CONNIE JEAN BUDD (Constance) Student Council 1; Basketball 1,2; Softball 2; Band Majorette 1; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To become the biggest nuisance on the Eastern Shore. WILLIAM EDWARD BULL Camera Club 1,2; Debating Society 1. Ambition: To join the Air Force. BONNIE GALE BUNDICK (Bon Ton) Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1, Vice President Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1; Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2; Mono¬ gram Club 2,3,4; FHA 3,4; Cheerleader 2; Softball 3. Ambition: To be a clerk typist for the FBI. CAROLYN LEE BARDFORD Softball 2. Ambition: To finish high school. EUNICE LYNN CAMDEN (Dimples) Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Chaplain 4. Ambition: Cliff ' s private secretary. VIVIEN SHRIEVES CARPENTER Tri-Hi-Y 1; Monogram Club 1,2; Basketball 2; Softball 1,2. Ambition: To be the boss. CHARLES THOMAS CHARNOCK (Tommy) FFA 2,3,4, Reporter 2, President 4, FFA State Degree, Winner District Tractor Driving Contest 4, Winner District Shop Contest 2, 3, Winner District Poultry Judg¬ ing 1,3; Beta Club 3,4; Camera Club 1,2, Treasurer 1; Debating Society 3,4; Track 2; Band 1,2. Ambition; To be a pool shark. FRANKLIN NOTTINGHAM COLONNA (Clooney) Monogram Club 4; Basketball Manager 1,2; Basketball 3,4; Football 3; Baseball 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1. Ambition: To be a coach. SANDRA LEE COMMANDER (Sandy Lee) Debating Society 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, Chaplain 2; Thanksgiving Court 2; Annual Staff 4. Ambition; To join the National Guard. EMILY ANN CULVER (Em) Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4. Ambition; To join the U.S. Navy. MATTIE LYNNE CULVER (Mat) Class Secretary 4; Dramatic Club 1,2; FHA 3,4; Annual Staff 3,4, Assistant Bus¬ iness Manager 4. Ambition; To be a Farmerette. PHILLIP RANDALL CUSTIS (Phil) Student Council 4; Monogram 1, 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Debating Society 3; FFA 1,2,3, State Farmers Degree 3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2. Ambition; To grow old and rich. BARBARA ANN DOWNING (Bobby) Student Council 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3. Ambition; To survive my senior year in high school. MARTHA ANN DUER (Martha) Debating Society 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Beta Contestant 1; Thanksgiving Float 1. Ambition; Go out three nights a week. EARNEST LYNWOOD DUNTON, III (Lyn) Student Council 3; Class Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Beta Club 3,4. Ambition: To be a Jones boy. VERNE ANTON ELING (Mole) Camera Club 1,2,3, 4; Annual Staff 4. Ambition; To be a big brain. BENJAMIN HARRISON ELLIOTT, III (Tiny) Student Council 1,2; Class Vice President 3;’ FFA 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Monogram 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Track 2, 3. Ambition; Furniture retailer. GEORGE HARRY GASKILL (Harry) Camera Club 1,2. Ambition: To hunt and fish the rest of my days. TRACY ALLAN GIBB (Chaser) Camera Club 1,2,4; Debating Society 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3, 4. Ambition: To own a Ford that will hit 0-60 in . 6 of a second. ELLEN JANIE GIBBS Entered Junior Year; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Withdrawn before end of the year. HAYWOOD MARSHALL HAND (H. M.) Monogram 3; Basketball 3; Baseball 1,2,3. Ambition: To relax and let my wife work. GAYLE FRANCES HARGIS Entered Junior Year; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Beta Contestant 4, Fourth Place. Ambition: Private secretary to a CPA. LUCY CARPENTER HARLOW FHA 3; Debating Society 1; Dramatic Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2,3; Cheerleader 1,2. Withdrawn before the end of the year. SUE WATSON HICKMAN (Moonshine) Dramatic Club 1,2; FHA 2,3. Ambition: To spend my honeymoon in Hawaii. CAROLE PAIGE HOGG (Piggy) Class President 3; Monogram 1,2,3, 4; Beta Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, Chap¬ lain 3, Secretary 4; Debating Society 3; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Model General Assembly Senator 3; Goldey Beacom Spelling Award. Ambition; To be in the sophomore class. GRIFFIN WILLIAM HOLLAND, III (Sonny) Class Treasurer 2; Monogram Club 3,4, President 4; Basketball 2,3,4, Co-Cap- tain 4; Football 3,4; Band 1, 3; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To enroll at Mary Washington. JULIAN NATHANIEL HOLLAND, JR. Student Council 2,3,4, President 4; Class Vice President 2, Class President 1; Beta Club 3,4; Debating Club 1,2, 3,4. Ambition: Graduate from college. REBECCA MAPP JAMES (Becky) Class Secretary 1; Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1, Secretary 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4; Debating Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Thanksgiving Court 4. Ambition: To be the first person on Mars. JUDY MASON JOHNSON Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To become JDB ' s private secretary. VIRGINIA BARBARA KELLAM (Bobbe) Class Secretary 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, Chaplain 1, Vice President 3, President 4, Eastern Shore District Vice President 4, Tri-Hi-Y Model General Assembly Dele¬ gate 3, Aide 4; Debating Society 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 2,3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4. Ambition: To be the first woman president. STEVE JACKSON LEWIS (Humphrey) FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4; Monogram Club 4; Football 1,2,3,4, Football King 4. Ambition: To own a Plymouth Fury. THOMAS MARTIN LEWIS (Rufus McGoofus) Beta Club 3,4; Camera Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4; Debating Society 1; An¬ nual Staff 4, Photography Editor 4. Ambition: To be the Premier of Russia. EDWIN RALPH LONG (Chester Root-head) Class President 4; FFA 1,2,3, 4, Treasurer 4, Tractor Driving Contest; Track 3; Camera Club 1,2. Ambition: To be a farmer. JOHN KENNETH MARSHALL Band 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To be a beachcomber. DENNIS WHITMAN MATTHEWS Junior Varsity Basketball 1. Ambition: To visit Westfield, N. J. DENNIS EUGENE McLELLAN Camera Club 1,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 4. Ambition: To be a government professor. RICHARD EUGENE MILLES, JR. (Dickless) Monogram Club 3,4; Football 3,4; Manager 1,2. Ambition: To go to VMI and to marry. HAROLD SPENCER MILLS (Butch) Entered Junior Year; Debating Society 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To become a general in the United States Army. DAVID LEE MOORE (Whittie) Dramatic Club 1. Ambition: Join the Navy. JOHNNY MATTHEWS MOORE, III (Waukie) Camera Club 1; Monogram Club 4; Basketball 3,4; Football 3; Track 2. Ambition: To become a state trooper. LORETTA SUE MOORE Dramatic Club 1,2; FHA 3,4. Withdrawn before the end of the year. RODNEY ALLEN MOORE Basketball 3. Ambition: To take an electronics course in the service. JOHN MARION NOTTINGHAM, JR. (Johnny) Class Treasurer 4; FFA 1,2,3; Monogram Club 3,4, Vice President 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To go to college. ROBERT CROMWELL OLIVER, JR. (Bob) Student Council 1,2; Camera Club 1; Debating Society 1,2, 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, President 4; Public Speaking 3; Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor 4. Ambition; To marry the first woman president. CARRIE LOUISE RAYFIELD (Shifty) Class Secretary 2; Dramatic Club 1; FHA 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4, Sports Editor 3, Club Editor 4; Beta Contestant 2,3, Maid of Honor 2. Ambition: To be able to make up my mind!! ! THOMAS VADEN RICHARDSON (Vates) Monogram Club 3,4; Football 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4. Ambition: To own a fast horse that will bring in the money. VIRGIE ELIZABETH ROBINSON (Liz Beth) Tri-Hi-Y 1; Dramatic Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Annual Staff 3,4. Ambition: A WAC from Fort Wayne. GRACE ELIZABETH ROWE (Grade) Beta 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Soft- ball 3; Beta Contestant 4; Student Council 1,3. Ambition: To go to college. SUZANNE SAVEDGE (Susie) Student Council 3,4, Vice President 4; Camera Club 1,2, 3,4, President 4; De¬ bating Society 2,3,4, Debate Team 2,3, President 4; Beta Club 3,4, Vice Pres¬ ident 4; Annual Staff 2,3,4; Beta Contestant 3; Thanksgiving Court 3. Ambition: To change society. BETTY DUNTON SHREAVES (Betsy) Student Council 2,3,4, Secretary 4; Class President 2; Dramatic Club 1; Tri-Hi - Y 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Debating Society 1,2,3,4, Vice President 2; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Model Gen¬ eral Assembly 4, Reporter 3; Beta Contestant 2,4; Football Queen 4. Ambition: To be successful. MARTHA KAY SIMPSON (Kacy) FHA 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To become the private secretary to the President of the United States. SANDRA LEE SIMPSON Beta Club 3,4; FHA 2,3; Dramatic Club 1. Ambition: To ratify the treaty. (See MB) AGNES FAYE SMITH (Faye) Beta Club 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3. Ambition: To become a nurse. HARRY CECIL SMITH, JR. (Harry T.) FFA 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3; Football 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. Ambition: To be a farmer. CHARLES DAVID STEWARD (Choo Choo) JV Basketball 1; Basketball 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; Debating Society 1,2,3; Monogram Club 3; Baseball 1; Football 1,3,4. Ambition: To be a millionaire twice. WILLIAM CHARLES TRAVIS (Goon) Dramatic Club 1,2; Annual Staff 4. Ambition; To get to school on time. CONNIE FRANCES TURNER (Termite) FHA 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 1. Ambition: To graduate and then to go to Goldey Beacom. FRANCIS LEE WARD (Francisco) Camera Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Football 2,3,4; Track 2; Annual 4. Ambition: To study electronics in the Coast Guard. MONTY ALLEN WEBB (Captain Fatty) Debating Society 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4, President 4. Ambition: To take a Seay Cruise. JOHN WILKINS WESCOAT (Inches) Student Council 4, Treasurer 4; Monogram Club 4; Beta Club 3,4; Debating So¬ ciety 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3, 4. Ambition: To be a girls’ physical education teacher. take home the fresher refresher Check your shopping list and underline Royal Crown Cola . Today’s RC has a delightfully less- sweet taste all its own. Made from fresh protected concentrate instead of perishable syrup. Keep plenty of Royal Crown Cola on hand at all times. NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Cape Charles, Virginia Buie Authorized Sales and Service KELLAM MOTORS U. S. Highway Thirteen Eastville, Virginia A Family Name in Transportation on the Eastern Shore For Half a Century —---—- EASTVILLE Compliments of AUTO PARTS, INC. J. M. WATSON CO., INC. - Automotive Parts - General Electric Appliances - Supplies - Solid Mahogany, Solid Cherry Reproductions - Equipment - Biggs Reproductions Karastan and Lees ' Carpets and Rugs " The Home of Quality " Eastville, Virginia Phone - ORchard 8-57 87 J. M. WATSON CO., INC. Onancock, Virginia Compliments of CAPEVILLE C. J. PRETTYMAN LUMBER CO. AND SONS Building Supplies Real Estate and Businesses and Packages Broad Street Capeville, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments of PARKS A N SELF SERVICE BEVERAGE CO. BEN FRANKLIN STORE CONNIE JOHNSON Belle Haven, Va. or Nassawadox, Va. Exmore, Virginia Compliments of HOPKINS’ CHEVROLET Cheriton, Virginia ? BEN FRANKLIN STORE Self-Service Store Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of PAUL’S Cheriton, Virginia THE EASTERN SHORE NEWS Onancock, Virginia Serving Northampton and Accomack Counties Join Over 30,000 Others (Estimating 4 Readers Per Paper) and Read THE NEWS More Sports, Pictures, and News ECONOMY STORES, DRUMMOND’S STORE INC. JACK WEBB, Member Meats - Groceries - Produce Hardware Eastville Station Phone: OR. 8-53 62 Machipongo, Va. Eastville, Virginia GENERAL INSURANCE BAILEY TV J. T. MAPP, JR. Sylvania Radio and TV Phone: OR. 8-53 62 Eastville, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia ADDISON CO. TOWN AND COUNTRY Phone: OR. 8-5218 FASHIONS Eastville, Virginia Onancock, Virginia H. R. WEST SON TRUCKING CO. H. R. WEST SON Groceries - Meats - Notions Cheriton, Virginia - Furniture - Phone: Cape Charles 627 Phone: Cape Charles 627 Eastern Shore Norfolk Portsmouth Newport News Richmond Cheriton, Virginia LLOYD P. PARROTT " Complete Insurance Service " Main Street Exmore, Va. Phone: GI 2-6030 Compliments of A FRIEND EXMORE Compliments of CAMERA CE wfpfjjS 0 Authorized Belt yliowell Dealer SAVAGE’S , 7 S nn Building DRUG STORE Exmore, Virginia Cape Charles, Va. 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' A-fi -«d_J v r »». jjw7 .yty, y 7 - • ( 3 zder A. y gxM- flj Zj ’- u - Z I- tui-e-t y . 7U , c n, jjurx yj u A A- -VtKm- jWi? - asij- jy ,t ttr - j. W . JU ««. - 1 Ja uJT uo- Xz-tz 7 ' C A y A — i J-JTtyfZjz JkW L. . c-r Lj C £ — ■ r yzyy u - tju o TZ (LOso dkx AZ J ?i-4-uj (jjA-o-yJCX J CAy ' L£rrL-J ) cit u J XJLy_ji . J otfcu Jjtc ' i £ «x A ( -t£. A ' l e jS-c . Z 2 -v - - l - J, 2xj _ 2 “ 7 ' - »-£ ' • ■ ' L y ' JL Aj- Z y = tx cii- x .. y ' y CK -U y ■■ -ja XsUl k. ' y yjO- ayZ-d ' UCQ- s O K AoJUIla j l O ' -£- .h.AUM uAJAf ' )jj y C-aLa ■ 0fr i u- J r tC) t l f s » ir ujU l. oa JZAv ' - Lo w-{ vi.- ' _ _ c ' - • -’ --- , a v 5 T7 . ' -v— (y | - v ■ • vV.x a 0 v _j yfy ..ov—« ck- vk_ zt , uJ ._yt k ; kx. C r -ci J ±« f Srxl U J STaMM tr . JX 4 o_ Jcc t i jljL ( : -.- .T: t ecr jo-r ■ 2 V lM t ui p -M $ |olv4- J2 _y 7 jZZ ' X2.+ X. U J$Lsl tf. X -iL- , O AX , a cijg- ( j " Z UslZ t J 1 t_ 7pUyO- - en_ olJIJ ZJx_j - U., J Uu l. (L - L- (M J ' tAAJ - -A_. yvuX, ' ,M _ jQJ!-s C v UrUj rLiu v ' --6-- —£_ -o— ' — - - ' —X Ui0-u_ J ' tv u_3 j JU U j cCX fi s. ■

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Northampton High School - Torch Yearbook (Eastville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Northampton High School - Torch Yearbook (Eastville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Northampton High School - Torch Yearbook (Eastville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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