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 - Class of 1959

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MB BE Wf-Mmn ' ; ' imn 1 I 1 Mf 4 ; ; W!k ' j|L __JiSf “ ■ v vit, A . 1 - — you ST n)(i eR. ,1 s c A) IT Tn. ' nK ■ ! j L 41 . " ip i p y» rfce i e r CA yca K y lL " % Torch ' V ' tl V- v V 5 = NORTHAMP_£QN HlCH SCHOOL Eastville, Virginia Torch Staff ASSISTANT EDITOR Barbara Kellam EDITOR Anne Turner BUSINESS MANAGER Ruth Morrow ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Burley Travis SPONSOR Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley CLUB EDITOR Margaret Drummond ART EDITOR Donna Graves LAYOUT Carol Burleson Lula Cowling Tommy Hallett Andrea Looney Virgie Robinson Suzanne Savedge TYPISTS Diane Evans Margaret Bayly Leslie Shockley Norval Turner Beverly McQuoid Mrs. Mary N. Kellam, Advisor SPORTS EDITOR Carrie Rayfield STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Norval Turner ADVERTISING Ann Wilkins Mac Bagwell Nancy Byrd Emily Culver Mattie Culver Kay Custis Wayne Farlow Southey Holland Shirley Jones Nancy Watson Jacci Webber Charlie Whitehead Mary Ann Williams 49 «. K W luflni; H cls. n T F iS ■ unj i if 4 e « s 9 f S e v rr pocs : toe ' [1 , oriiors € .+ pr 0 £ 1 f t la r toe f ' r eS ' f ' Oif n e. ' Iwo b fere XT he p L f-t ' i; jj o f o f ' -r IS Ci _S K) v b h (pCC Po -f r i i b f ' • ' O ,V To Poised with adulthood ahead of us and childhood behind, we the class of 1959 pause to reflect on the four momentous years just past. In so doing we can use this book--our own edition of the TORCH. Each page, each picture and notation brings to mind some memorable experience of our school days. In years to come, our book will remain the key to the joys of our youth. We realize, also, that the book will be cherished by the entire student body as well as by us. There¬ fore, we have striven to present a volume which will offer interest and enjoyment to all. We now invite your inspection of the 1959 TORCH. Jy S- (V L d Tal P JU able of Contents 0 iC.K FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN W S h n-Q EIGHTH GRADE ACTIVITIES t. a» ■ «• ««. . 0 i. to L ' f ADVERTISERS ft CV ' V Superintendent’s Message In the years ahead, as you look back upon your school days, I am sure you will find reflected in this your yearbook, in¬ cidents which will bring both pleasure and sadness. This is as it should be, for with¬ out sorrow we may not know happiness. Out of the experiences you have received in publishing your an¬ nual will come a better understanding of adult life and accompanying problems. You have worked with business people. You have been conscious of deadlines. You have learned to be exact and exacting. These experiences you will encounter as you take your places as adults in the community. May your profit from your work so that you may become mature, seasoned citizens! We, the class of 1959, are pleased to dedicate our edition of the Torch to Miss Lila N. Jacob. As a devoted sponsor of the Beta Club, she has set high goals for us, which we have worked to attain. Through her teaching of foreign language, she has inspired many of us with an interest in people of other countries. A dministration MISS HELEN LOWE Clerk of School Board MRS. GERTRUDE MEEK Clerk -Typist MR. W. F. LAWSON, JR. Superintendent of Schools MR. B. G. WESCOTT Elementary Supervisor MR. J. L. PARKS, SR. Assistant Principal MISS MARGARET SCOTT Librarian MISS PHOEBE E. WINDECKER Secretary MR. P. T. ATKINSON, JR Principal )» - ) MR. G. B. WYNNE MRS. MARGARET C. HOLLAND History English MISS LILA JACOB Foreign Language - English MISS ELIZABETH JONES MRS. LORETTA W. SMALLEY English English MR. C. C. JONES Science - Mathematics MRS. JENNIE S. MAPP Mathematics MRS. IRMA B. FLOYD Science MR. B. B. TURNER, JR Science Faculty MRS. VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE MRS. MARY N. KELLAM Home Economics Commercial MR. JOHN T. BADGER Agriculture MR. J. D. MEEK, JR Music MRS. ELLEN P. CAMDEN Art Faculty GUIDANCE Miss Margaret C. Scott Mr. J. Lester Parks, Sr. Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Nan M. Kane Mr. Carl R. Kane Mr. George W. Young Principal’s Message From all sides human beings are bombarded by pressures, fears, and frustrations. Life goes on at a dizzy rate, leaving in its wake the broken and battered remains of the dreams, aspirations, and ambitions of those who were willing to resist the pres¬ sures of today. Not just any day, but today. The pressures vary from day to day, and, as they change, so must the resisting force. As you build your life on castles in the air, use sturdy materials - wisdom, honor, self-discipline, and loyalty - and bind the structure tightly together with faith, hope, and charity. Seniors 30.98 Jjj 32m. 3 35.457 39.944 Cr 0 Mn 52.01 s 54i As Se 74,91, IS 78.% ,, (,: f ihr ird f-Vr 1 Fe Co 5 Ni, 5S»IB 58.94jS 58.691, JJ g W «rfthr 0 3. m 4?b Prt «w:l 2 • 8 •» Ru Rh W Pd 101.7 Jfi 102.91! 3 106.71c J4 2 8 1813 8 0 t 79.91 President.SAMMY TANKARD Vice President-REDFORD WILLIAMS Secretary-CAROL BOSS Treasurer WILLIAM OAKLEY AUTHUR McKEEL BAGWELL, III MARGARET JACKSON BAYLY JAMES FRANKLIN BELOTE CAROL FRANCES BOSS BROOKS THOMAS BRADFORD CAROL YVONNE BURLESON NANCY BYRD RICHARD CUSTIS COLONNA KAY GOODSON CUSTIS ROBERT HANSON DOWNES MARGARET LECATO DRUMMOND BOYCE WISE ELLIOTT MARY DIANE EVANS DAVID WAYNE FARLOW MARGARET ANN FERGUSON THOMAS EDWARD HALLETT, III LYSTRAL HEATH, JR, SOUTHEY WILKINS HOLLAND CURTIS HALLETT JONES, JR. SHIRLEY PATRICIA JONES DONALD PAIGE KELLAM GEORGE EDWARD KELLAM ZACK WAYNE MARSHALL BEVERLY CRAIG McQUOID jg iu Sz " y ti L At-Li -O- — i ? - r CsiM r C y -e. ALFRED EDGAR RUTH FLORENCE MORROW WILLIAM JAMES OAKLEY SYLVIA FAYE PARKER JOHN LESTER PARKS, JR. THOMAS EYRE RAYFIELD BETTYE LOU SAVAGE LESLIE ANN SHOCKLEY SAMUEL DUNTON TANKARD, III ANNE ROBERTSON TURNER MARGARET ANN TURNER NORVAL RUSSELL TURNER, JR. JEFFREY KNEE WALKER RICHARD DINES WARREN NANCY SUE WATSON JACQUELINE WENDELL WEBBER ANN COVINGTON WILKINS MARY ANN WILLIAMS Elected to Ou CAROL and REDFORD, the most intellectual (Brain -trusters!) (fag ■ jh Wffi n, . [9 ANNE and GEORGE, most likely to succeed (Push on to the goal!) CAROL and JEFF, the most talkative (Yackety, yack, yack!) ifa Z of Fame LESLIE and SONNY, the best dressed seniors (Just Sew Stories!) DIANE and SAMMY, the best personalities (Future politicians?) I KAY and DONNIE, the most athletic seniors (It’s a woman ' s world!) Hall of Fame Senior Directory ARTHUR McKEEL BAGWELL (Mac) Camera Club 1, 2,3, 4. Ambition: To be a judge in a Miss America Contest. MARGARET JACKSON BAYLY (Margo) FHA 2,3, 4, Secretary 2,3, President 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3. Ambition: To be an airline hostess on an interplanetary space-ship. JAMES FRANKLIN BELOTE (Jimmy) Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To join the Army. CAROL FRANCES BOSS (Bossie) Treasurer of Class 3; Secretary of Class 4; Secretary Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2; Senior Tri- Hi-Y, Chaplain 3, President 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer Beta Club 4; Softball 2; Cheerleader 3; MGA 1, 4. Ambition: To make the school year 3 months and the summer vacation 9 months. BROOKS THOMAS BRADFORD (Brooks) FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice President 2; Football 3,4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be a farmer. CAROL YVONNE BURLESON (Bubbles) Entered Sophomore Year; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Camera Club 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; An¬ nual Staff 4; Band 2,3, 4; Majorette 3. Ambition: To go in the medical field. NANCY BYRD (Birdie) Dramatic 1; FHA 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To pass Government. RICHARD CUSTIS COLONNA (Pickle) Baseball 1, 2,3, 4; Football 4, Manager 2,3. Ambition: To join Army. KAY GOODSON CUSTIS (Cuss) Class Treasurer 2; Class Secretary 3; Beta Club 3, 4; FHA 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3; Monogram Club 3, 4; Good Citizens Club 1,3; Student Council 1,3, 4, Secretary 4; Softball 2,3; Basketball 2,3. Ambition: To join the National Guard. ROBERT HANSON DOWNES (Bobby) Ambition: To tunnel into Fort Knox. MARGARET LECATO DRUMMOND (Margaret) Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Dramatic Club 1; Beta Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Rep¬ resented NHS Tri-Hi-Y as SENATOR in the MGA 3. Ambition: To travel around the world. BOYCE WISE ELLIOTT (Boycie) Wildlife 1; Camera Club 1. Ambition: To join the Merchant Marines. MARY DIANE EVANS (Dee Dee) Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Annual Staff 4, As¬ sistant Business Manager; Beta Contestant 3, 4. Ambition; To be a medical secretary. DAVID WAYNE FARLOW (Wayne) Wild Life 1; Track 1; Basketball 1, 2,3,4. Ambition: To pass French. MARGARET ANN FERGUSON (Fergie) FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. Ambition: To become a professional horse washer. THOMAS EDWARD HALLETT, III (Tommy) Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Camera Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club 3, 4; An¬ nual Staff 4 ; Golf 2, 3. Ambition: Re-incarnation. LYSTRAL HEATH, JR. (Sonny) Monogram Club 2,3,4, President 4; Football 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 4. Ambition: To own a FAST race horse. SOUTHEY WILKINS HOLLAND (Sarsey) FFA 1, 2, Reporter 1; Golf 2. Ambition: To get out of High School. CURTIS HALLETT JONES, JR. (Cyrus) Beta Club 3, 4; Camera Club 1, 2; FFA 3; Band 1, 2. Ambition: To get a degree from college. SHIRLEY PATRICIA JONES (Squirrely) Band 1, 2,3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Good Citizens 1,3; Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4; Camera Club 3; Beta Club 4; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To marry and live in Florida. DONALD PAIGE KELLAM (Donnie) FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1, 2,3; Track 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Band 1, 2,3. Ambition: To become the mayor of Franktown. GEORGE EDWARD KELLAM (George) Student Council 2, 4, Vice President 4; Class President 3; Beta Club 3, 4; Good Citizens 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; Basketball 2,3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Member of State Debate Team 1, 2, 3; State Debate Group II Champions 3. Ambition: To enjoy life. ZACK WAYNE MARSHALL (Wayne) Monogram Club 1, 2,3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: Missionary work. BEVERLY CRAIG McQUOID (Bev) Entered Senior Year Good Citizens Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: Graduate from college. ALFRED EDGAR MILES (Butch) Beta Club 3,4; Monogram 2,3,4; Camera Club 1, 2; Good Citizens 1; Band 1, 2,3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Track 4. Ambition: To pass Government. RUTH FLORENCE MORROW (Rufus) Dramatic Club 3; Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 4. Ambition: To be the wife of the Rear Admiral Commandant of the U.S.C.G. WILLIAM JAMES OAKLEY (Skipper) Treasurer Senior Class; Beta Club 3, 4; Camera Club 1; Football 3,4; Basketball 2; Monogram 3, 4. Ambition: To get the most out of life. SYLVIA FAYE PARKER (Siggie) Arts and Crafts. Ambition: To leave the Eastern Shore. JOHN LESTER PARKS, JR. (Jackie) Beta Club 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; District 1; Group II Mile 1st Place; Track 2,3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 2. Ambition: First man to reach the moon. THOMAS E. RAYF1ELD (Tommy) Good Citizens Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; State Debate 2; Band 1. Ambition: To do something worth while and enjoy life. BETTYE LOU SAVAGE (Huck) Dramatic Club 1, 2; FHA 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Softball 2; Majorette 1; Drum Majorette 2. Ambition: To be J.R. S. ’s (private) secretary. LESLIE ANN SHOCKLEY (Shock) Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4. Ambition: To play in a symphony orchestra. SAMUEL DUNTON TANKARD, III (Cherry) Dramatic Club 2,3, Treasurer 2, 3; President of Senior Class; Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Good Citizens 2; Football 4; Golf 2; Student Council 3, 4. Ambition: To be a missionary or a journalist. ANNE ROBERTSON TURNER (Robin) Class Treasurer 1; Class President 2; Annual Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Student Council 3, President 4; Beta 3,4, Vice President 4; Dramatic Club 2,3; Good Citizen Club 2, 4; Softball 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be first woman president of U. S. MARGARET ANN TURNER (Poogie) Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2,3; Annual Staff 3. Ambition: To be a private secretary. NORVAL RUSSELL TURNER, JR. (Pete) Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2,3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3; Junior Varsity Basketball 2; Certificate of Merit (Kodak Photo Contest); Annual Staff 3,4, Staff Photographer 4. Ambition: To attend college and become a Certified Public Accountant. JEFFREY KNEE WALKER (Heifer) FFA 1, 2,3, Tractor Driving Team 2,3, Vice President 3, Treasurer 2; Good Citizens Club 1; Monogram 1, 2, 3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4. Ambition: To get a college degree. . RICHARD DINES WARREN (Dick) Beta Club 3, 4; Monogram 3,4, Vice President 4; Good Citizens Club 2; Camera Club 1, 2; Student Council 3, 4; Baseball 2,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Captain; Band 1. Ambition: Make a million. NANCY SUE WATSON (Cookie) Dramatic 1; FHA 2,3,4, Vice President 2,3; Beta 3,4; Monogram 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4; Good Citizens Club 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3,4, Captain 4. Ambition: To have 5 day week-ends! JACQUELINE WENDELL WEBBER (Jacci) Entered Junior year Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Monogram Club 4; Basketball 3; Band 3,4. Ambition: Play in a symphony orchestra. ROBERT MADISON WHITE (Bob) Camera Club 1, 2,3, 4, Vice President 3. Ambition: Musician. CHARLIE THOM WHITEHEAD (Charlie T.) FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 3, 4; Wild Life Club 1; Camera Club 2,3; Track 2, 3, 4. Ambition: To be the mayor of " Queen City. " ANN COVINGTON WILKINS (Cubby) Camera Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3, 4. Ambition: To be a nurse. MARY ANN WILLIAMS Entered Junior year Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 4; Beta Club 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Basketball 3; Cheer¬ leader 4; MGA Delegate 3; Head Majorette 3; Tri-Hi-Y District Secretary 4. Ambition: To be Rock Hudson ' s nurse. REDFORD BROWN WILLIAMS, JR. (Redford) Beta Club 3,4, President 4; Good Citizens Club 1, 2,3, 4, Vice President 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President of Class 3,4; Student Council 2, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2,3,4; Baseball 1; JV Basketball 2; First Place in State Debate 3; Merit Scholar¬ ship Semifinalist; Elected Attorney General at Boys ' State 3. Ambition: The practice of medicine. ROBERT YOUNG Camera Club 1, 2. Ambition: To join the Navy. Juniors ! President- Vice President Secretary - - - -CAROL HOGG ■ - - BEN ELLIOTT BARBARA KELLAM Treasurer LYN DUNTON VIRGINIA ARNOLD JAMES BARNES ASHBY BAYLY CAROLYN BRADFORD HARRIET BRADFORD JAMES BRADSHAW SALLY BRITTINGHAM CHARLES BROWN CONNIE BUDD WILLIAM BULL BONNIE BUNDICK EUNICE CAMDEN HERMAN CAMPBELL LUCY CARPENTER MARY D. CARPENTER VIVIAN CARPENTER THOMAS CHARNOCK FRANK COLONNA SANDRA COMMANDER EMILY CULVER MATTIE CULVER PHILLIP CUSTIS BARBARA DOWNING MARTHA DUER LYN DUNTON VERNE ELING BEN ELLIOTT HARRY GASKILL TRACY GIBB JANIE GIBBS DONNA GRAVES HAYWOOD HAND GAYLE HARGIS SUE HICKMAN CAROLE HOGG GRIFF HOLLAND JOHN HOLLAND JULIAN HOLLAND REBECCA JAMES JUDY JOHNSON VIRGINIA KELLAM STEVE LEWIS THOMAS LEWIS EDWIN LONG ANDREA LOONEY KENNETH MARSHALL DENNIS MATTHEWS DENNIS McLELLAN RICHARD MILES HAROLD MILLS DAVID MOORE JOHN MOORE LORETTA MOORE RODNEY MOORE JOHN NOTTINGHAM ROBERT OLIVER CARRIE L. RAYFIELD VIRGIE ROBINSON GRACE ROWE SUZANNE SAVEDGE BETSY SHREAVES KAY SIMPSON SANDRA SIMPSON FAYE SMITH CECIL SMITH GEORGE SPADY CHARLES STEWARD BURLEY TRAVIS WILLIAM TRAVIS CONNIE TURNER FRANCIS WARD MONTY WEBB JOHN WESCOAT JAMES WILSON Sophomores President- Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - -LEE CARPENTER •JIMMY BURTON - BETTY PARKS CHARLES FLOYD FRO ' , i iv X ' l ION Paige Clayton Lula Cowling Eunice Baker Suzanne Ballard Mary A. Crumb Eloise Culver Joe Bayly Annette Barcroft Joe Culver Gordon Dix, Jr. Archie M. Bennett Marvin Birch, Jr. Margaret East Iris Evans Thomas Bowden Daniel Bowden James Ferebee Charles Floyd Janice Bradford Milton Bradford Frank Gibbs Joanne Gladstone James S. Burton William Bynum James Guy Patsy Hand Lee Carpenter Richard Chambers Vivien Heath Bonnie Hickman 5 djjL. JjULAljL to- Page Ashby Stewart Bagwell 5 ) Linda Bell Wayne Bell Martha Doughty Martha Dunton William Hill Peggy Hunt Etna Nottingham Albert Palmer Jean Hunt Kaye Jenkins Noble Palmer Betty Parks Babs Jones Margaret Kellam Edwin Parks Linda Parks Richard Kellam Nancy Killmon Peggy Parks Linda Prettyman Pat Killmon Abbie Lafferty Robert Ramsden Thomas V. Richardson Margaret Lane Joyce Lemon Harryette Rippon Jack Rowe Sammy Lewis Charles Lumley Rose Ellen Savedge Toy Shreeves Linda McCready Roger Merritt Jean Silvia Joan Silvia Martha Miles Lou Ann Mitchell Darlene Simpson Dora Smith Lou Ann Soderstrom Beatrice Spady Ivan Mapp Turner Janie Turner Pat Steelman Sis Steward Christand Ward Betty White Barry Taylor William Taylor Clayshia Willis Dennie Wood Carol Thomas Richard Tittermary i.+K Bryan Turner Carole Turner Emerson Smith Joyce Smith jWl Ct%A_A-- C V lAnh .J Ati 2 ■ President.-.JOAN EDWARDS Vice President.BOBBY DUNTON Secretary.JENNIE NOTTINGHAM Treasurer LINDA WILKINS Kenneth Arnold Donald Ashby Linda Bailey Jane Ballard Anna Barkley Ruth Beach Arlene Bell Carolyn Belote Charlotte Belote C. B. Belote Jacque Boggs Connie Bowen Lewis Bowen William Bowen Vernon Bradford JO. -rcj S 3UL+C J ‘-T ' fj- P C P -C- L, Robert Brady John Bull Frank Camden Nancy Clark Connie Colonna Sally Colonna Hugh Corbin Edith Costin Judy Crockett Sandra Crockett Douglas Crosley John Culver Mary Culver Beth Dix John Doty David Doughty Ruth Doughty John Drummond Robert Dunton Joan Edwards John C. Elliott John S. Elliott Paul Erslev Elizabeth Etz Lana Evans Donnie Ewell Barbara Gibbs Sharon Gibbs Diana Guy Richard Hall Jack Hallett Mary Hargis Paul Hargis Bucky Heath Nancy Hinman Billye Hopkins Roy James John Kellam Doris Lane Barbara Lemon Delores Lewis Joyce Lewis Vernon Lewis George Marshall Dukie Matthews Dean Mears Roy Mills Dorothy Mott Jennie Nottingham Jane Oliver Freddie Outten Randy Parks Danny Phillips Jerry Richardson Catherine Rogers Nancy Rue John Scanlan Carol Page Senn Jo Ann Simpson Audrey Smith Ellen Smith Grovertine Smith Houston Smith Katherine Smith Ada Mae Soderstrom Mary Ann Sturgis Suzanne Taylor Russell Theus Peter Tinkham Absent Mary Travis I4rry Underh David Warrf Ctyip Watson ifarriet West Jean White v Kay Whitehead Linda Welkins Apne Wilson Intfia Winslow Robert Spady r Carroll Trader 1 Robert Wood Eighth Grade President-LOU BAILEY Vice President.WILLIAM SAVEDGE Secretary-Treasurer RACHEL TERRY Jane Arnold Jo Ann Badger Mary Lou Bailey Elaine Barkley Jan Belote Ernest Bell Franklin Bell Milton Birch Nancy Brady David Bralley Walter Brown Joyce Campbell John Churn Bruce Craft Bonnie Crockett Judy Culver Effie Custis Randolph Delano Gloria Dory William Doty Jerry Doughty Barbara Downing Claude Downing Ann Dunton Julia Ewell Bernice Farlow John Ferebee Woodrow Fitchett William Flanagan James Hall Alton Hann Potter Henderson Alice Hinman Phil Hutchinson Michael James Anne Jones Carroll Jones Gail Kaczorowski Suzanne Kellam Gary Kelley Joyce Killmon Colleen Lafferty Anne Lewis Sara Lewis Cleve Lilliston Grace Little Bowdoin Lusk Richard Mapp Louise McCready Colin Mears Diane Mears Elizabeth Mears Edwina Ann Miles E. Purnell Miles, III Harley Lee Miles Catherine Parker Martha Parker Rebbecca Sue Parks Barbara Parrott Carole Phillips PHOTO ' l Not Availobl ♦ W. C. Phillips, III Burleigh N. Price Mary Virginia Robbins Hector Rodriguez Ellen Sanderson William Savedge, III Edward Sayers Bonnie Sue Smith James Smith John Lee Smith Margaret Ann Smith Bruce Soderstrom Louis Earl Spry Rachel Terry Cecil Tilghman, Jr. Doris Ann Trader Thomas Turner Jo Ann Webb Phyllis West Diane Whitehead Mid-Semester Honor Roll TWELFTH GRADE Margaret Bayly Carol Boss Diane Evans George Kellam John Lester Parks, Jr, Thomas Rayfield ELEVENTH GRADE Vivian Carpenter Thomas Charnock Phillip Custis Barbara Downing Verne Eling Donna Graves Carol Hogg Julian Holland Barbara Kellam TENTH GRADE Suzanne Ballard Linda Bell Lee Carpenter Lula Cowling Charles Floyd Patsy Hand Babs Jones Pat Killmon Martha Miles Betty Parks NINTH GRADE Kenneth Arnold Donnie Ashby Sally Lee Colonna Beth Dix Robert Dunton Joan Edwards Mary Hargis Jennie Nottingham EIGHTH GRADE David Bralley Lou Bailey Toby Bell Ann Dunton Jackie Flanagan Anne Jones Suzanne Kellam Anne Lewis Leslie Ann Shockley Ann Turner Norval Turner Richard Warren Mary Ann Williams Redford Williams Robert Oliver Suzanne Savedge Betsy Shreaves Kay Simpson Sandra Simpson Faye Smith Burley Travis Monty Webb Jack Wescoat Peggy Parks Linda Prettyman Toy Shreeves Jean Silvia Joan Silvia Darlene Simpson Carol Turner Janie Turner Betty White Randy Parks Catherine Rogers Ellen Smith Mary Ann Sturgis Russell Theus Peter Tinkham Larry Underhill Jean White Bowdy Lusk Harley Miles Purnell Miles Edwina Miles Barbara Parrott Ellen Sanderson Phyllis West Activities NORVAL R. TURNER - Staff Photographer Student Council President - ANNE TURNER Vice President - GEORGE KELLAM Secretary-Treasurer - KAY CUSTIS SENIORS Kay Custis George Kellam Sammy Tankard Anne Turner Richard Warren Redford Williams JUNIORS Barbara Downing Lyn Dunton Julian Holland Grace Rowe Suzanne Savedge Betsy Shreaves FRESHMEN Donnie Ashby Robert Dunton Jean White MR. J. LESTER PARKS, SR. Sponsor SOPHOMORES Joanne Gladstone Peggy Parks Janie Turner EIGHTH GRADE Lou Bayly Anne Jones Ellen Sanderson Beta Club " DUCAMUS ALIIS SERVIENDO " " Let us lead by serving others " OFFICERS President.REDFORD WILLIAMS Secretary.CAROL BOSS Vice President.ANNE TURNER Sponsor.MISS LILA N. JACOB SENIORS JUNIORS Carol Boss Thomas Charnock Kay Custis Phillip Custis Margaret Drummond Barbara Downing Curtis Jones, Jr. Lyn Dunton, Jr. Shirley Jones Donna Graves George Kellam Carol Hogg Alfred Miles Julian Holland, Jr. William Oakley Rebecca James John Parks, Jr. Barbara Kellam Thomas Rayfield Thomas Lewis Leslie Shockley Robert Oliver, Jr. Samuel Tankard, III Grace Rowe Anne Turner Suzanne Savedge Richard Warren Betsy Shreaves Nancy Watson Sandra Simpson Mary Ann Williams Burley Travis Redford Williams, Jr. John Wescoat Ingeborg Pruegelhof, Honorary Member Junior Tri-Hi- Y OFFICERS President - - - - JENNIE NOTTINGHAM Vice President - - - - SALLY COLONNA Secretary-JOAN EDWARDS Treasurer-JACQUE BOGGS Chaplain.JEAN WHITE Reporter.CAROLYN BELOTE MEMBERS Jane Ballard Carolyn Belote Jacque Boggs Sallie Lee Colonna Beth Dix Ruth Doughty Joan Edwards Sharon Gibbs Mary Allison Hargis Jennie Nottingham Jane Oliver Becky Parks Catherine Rogers Ada Mae Soderstrom Jean White Sponsor - MRS. IRMA O. FLOYD Senior Tri-Hi-Y President - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CAROL BOSS Vice President - -- — - -- -- - BOBBE KELLAM Secretary.MARY ANN WILLIAMS Treasurer.MARGARET DRUMMOND Chaplain - -- -- -- -- -- CAROLE PAGE HOGG Sponsor.MISS MARGARET C. SCOTT Carol Boss Carol Burleson Sandra Lee Commander Lula Cowling Margaret Drummond Martha Ann Duer Martha Dunton Janie Gibbs Patsy Hand Gail Hargis Carol Hogg Becky James Judy Johnson Barbara Jones Barbara Kellam Joyce Lemon Beverly McQuoid Etna Nottingham Betty Parks Betty Lou Savage Rose Ellen Savage Betsy Shreaves Janie Turner Jacci Webber Betty White Ann Wilkins Mary Ann Williams Good Citizens Club President.GEORGE KELL AM Vice President . ..REDFORD WILLIAMS Secretary-Treasurer-BETTY WHITE FIRST ROW, left to right: Randy Parks, Burley Travis, David Warren, Jack Wescoat, Peter Tinkham, Harold Mills, Donnie Ashby, Tracy Gibbs, Charles Steward, Tommy Rayfield, Robert Oliver, Nobel Palmer, Julian Holland. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Sav- edge, Bobbe Kellam, Etna Nottingham, Sandra Commander, Pat Steelman, Catherine Rogers, Sis Steward, Anne Turner, Becky James, Donna Graves, Carole Hogg, Babs Jones, Betsy Shreaves, Toy Shreeves, Beverly McQuoid. THIRD ROW: Redford Williams, George Kellam, Betty White, Sponsor, Mr. George B. Wynne. STATE DEBATERS George Kellam Redford Williams Suzanne Savedge Virginia Parrott George Kellam and Redford Williams represented the affirmative team, while Virginia Parrott and Suzanne Savedge represented the negative team at the University in 1958. The affirmative team won the championship in Group II in the State. Dramatic Club President - - - - - --DIANE EVANS Vice President - -..PEGGY HUNT Secretary--MARTHA MILES Treasurer.TOY SHREEVES Sponsor.MRS. MARGARET HOLLAND Anna Barkley Jan Belore Charles Brown Bonnie Crockett Eloise Culver Judy Culver Effie Custis Martha Doughty Barbara Downing Diane Evans Lana Evans Joanne Gladstone Diana Guy Thomas Hallett Billye Hopkins Jean Hunt Peggy Hunt Shirley Jones Joyce Lewis Grace Little Edwina Miles Martha Miles Barbara Parott Harryette Rippon Virgie Robinson Ellen Sanderson Toy Shreeves Jean Silvia Joan Silvia Ellen Smith Faye Smith Groverteen Smith Pat Steelman Sis Steward Mary Travis Diane Whitehead Kay Whitehead Future Farmers of America BROOKS BRADFORD - -- -- -- -- -- - President DONNIE KELLAM - -- -- -- -- - Vice President CHARLES FLOYD - -- -- -- -- -- -- Secretary BEN ELLIOTT - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Treasurer CHARLIE T. WHITEHEAD.Sentinel John Bull Thomas Charnock Joe Culver John Culver John Elliott Frankie Gibbs Jimmy Guy Steve Lewis Edwin Long John Nottingham Cecil Smith Emerson Smith MR. JOHN T. BADGER - Sponsor Future Homemakers of America President.MARGARET BAYLY Vice President.MARGARET FERGUSON Secretary.PAT KILLMON Treasurer-EUNICE CAMDEN Annette Barcroft Suzanne Ballard Margaret Bayly Arlene Bell Linda Bell Connie Bowen Janice Bradford Francis Brittingham Bonnie Bundick Nancy Byrd Eunice Camden Lucy Carpenter Mary Carpenter Connie Colonna Edith Costin Sandra Crockett Emily Culver Mary Culver Mattie Culver Kay Custis Elizabeth Etz Iris Evans Margaret Ferguson Barbara Gibbs Vivian Heath Bonnie Hickman Sue Hickman Margaret Kellam Pat Killmon Abbie Lafferty Doris Lane Barbara Lemom Delores Lewis Lou Mitchell Loretta Moore Dorothy Mott Linda Parks Peggy Parks Linda Pretty man Carrie Rayfield Nancy Rue Darlene Simpson Joanne Simpson Beatrice Spady Suzanne Taylor Carole Turner Connie Turner Margaret Turner Christand Ward Harriet West Nancy Watson Clayshia Willis Ann Wilson Sponsor MRS. V. O. SAVAGE Monogram Club President.SONNY HEATH Vice President — -- - RICHARD WARREN Secretary-Treasurer-NANCY WATSON Sponsors - MRS. NAN KANE and MR. GEORGE YOUNG Virginia Arnold Paige Ashby Margaret Bayly Jimmy Belote Carol Boss Bonnie Bundick Jimmy Burton Billy Bynum Lucy Carpenter Frankie Colonna Kay Custis Phillip Custis Ben Elliott Jim Ferby Joane Gladstone H. M. Hand Vivian Heath Carole Page Hogg Griff Holland George Kellam Donnie Kellam Linda McCready Wayne Marshall Alfred Miles Dickie Miles William Oakly Freddie Outten Albert Palmer Jackie Parks Linda Prettyman T. V. Richardson Grace Rowe Jack Rowe Betsy Shrieves Sis Steward Sammy Tankard Janie Turner Jeff Walker Betty White Mary Ann Williams Redford Williams Jacci Webber Camera Club President.NORVAL TURNER Vice President — - - ---ANDREA LOONEY Secretary-DONNA GRAVES Treasurer.BRYAN TURNER Sponsors.MR. BURLEIGH and B. TURNER, JR. Mac Bagwell Stewart Bagwell Archie Bennett Lee Carpenter Billy Doty John Drummond Verne Eling Jim Ferebee Jackie Flannagan Donna Graves Paul Hargis Phil Hutchinson Dick Kellam Tommy Lewis Andrea Looney Dennis McLellan Billy Savedge Suzanne Savedge Houston Smith Bryan Turner Ivan Turner Norval Turner Francis Ward Bob White The Camera Club was organized in 1943 as a Science Club. As the interests of the members turned to photography, the Camera Club originated. The purpose of this club is to teach boys and girls the methods of taking, developing, and printing pictures. Sportsmanship Club ¥t r.rl m . ■ E 1 ■ 3 V ' (T Wt, .rlj r t 5 ? m ■ ■ ■ M Js i m3 I ML1 y ™ F? 1 L B V i y FIRST ROW: Tommy Turner, Michael James, Jimmy Smith, Bruce Craft, Louis Spry, John Smith, Gary Kelly, Clyde Downing, Rip Phillips. SECOND ROW: Carroll Jones, John Churn, E. P. Miles, Toby Bell, Jackie Flanagan, Potter Henderson, Bruce Soder- strom, Billy Doty, Bowdy Lusk. THIRD ROW: Woodrow Fitchett, Walter Brown, Ed¬ ward Sayers, John Ferebee, Burleigh Price, A1 Hann, Tommy Hall; Sponsor, Mr. Carl R. Kane. 4-H Club m fir raiife si| tr mm W m 1 ■■ Wi SI JL FIRST ROW: Carole Phillips, Bonnie Smith, Jo Ann Webb, Gail Kaczarowski, Virginia Robbins, Diane Mears, Vice President; Suzanne Kellam, Treasurer; Randy Delano, Jane Arnold, President; Rachel Terry, Secretary; Ann Lewis, John Culver; Sponsors - Mrs. C. S. Revell, Mr. R. E. School. The Band President - -- -- -- -- -- -- - SHIRLEY JONES Vice President.LESLIE ANN SHOCKLEY Secretary-Treasurer-THOMAS HALLETT, III FIRST ROW: Martha Miles, Betty Parks, Carol Phillips, Pat Steelman, Ruth Doughty, Shirley Jones, Janie Turner, Patsy Hand, Carol Burleson, Lula Cowling, Leslie Schockley. SECO ND ROW: Kenneth Marshall, Richard Tittemary, Danny Phillips. Randy Parks, Monty Webb, Tracy Gibbs, Anne Turner, Jay Meek, Lana Evans, Alfred Miles, Robert White, Thomas Hallett, Richard Kellam, Roy James, Gordon Dix. THIRD ROW: Carol Senn, Jackie Flanagan, John Churn, Bruce Soderstrom, David Bral- ley, A1 Hann, Potter Henderson, Peter Tinkham. Not in picture: Jacci Webber. 1958 Football Team TEAM: Donnie Ashby, Page Ashby, Joe Bayly, Jim Belote, Dan Bowden, Brooks Bradford, Jim Burton, Billy Bynum, Frankie Colonna, Richard Colonna, Joe Culver, Gordon Dix, Bobby Dunton, John Elliott, Ben Elliott, ' Jimmy Guy, Sonny Heath, Grif Holland, Donnie Kellam, George Kellam, Steve Lewis, Wayne Marshall, Dickie Miles, John Nottingham, Skip Oakley, Albert Palmer, Noble Palmer, Jack Rowe, Cecil Smith, Charles Steward, Sammy Tankard, Francis Ward, Jack Wescoat, Redford Williams. George was Co-captain of the team. His fine play earned him a first team, All-District selection. He was the first to make the All-District, Group II, team from Northampton. George proved to be a good back as well as a good lineman in the Turkey- day romp over Cape Charles 39-6. Sonny was chosen Co-captain of the team by his team-mates. His fine running and excellent defense in several games was out¬ standing. Heath played hardest when the going was rough. His competitive spirit was high. DEFENSIVE TEAM: Billy Bynum, R. E.; Ben Elliott, R. T.; George Kellam, R. G.; Wayne Marshall, L. G.; Jimmy Belote, L. T.; Brooks Bradford, L. E.; Albert Palmer, L. L.; Redford Williams, R. L.; Skipper Oakley, M. L.; Sonny Heath. R. H.; Donnie Kellam, L. H. Offensive Team OFFENSIVE TEAM: Billy Bynum, R. E.; Jimmy Belote, R. T. ; Wayne Marshall, R. G. ; Brooks Bradford, C.; Redford Williams, L. G.; George Kellam, L. T.; Johnny Nottingham, L. E.; Donnie Kellam, R. H.; Albert Palmer, F.; Sonny Heath, L. H.; Page Ashby, Q. WILLIAM OAKLEY Skip Oakley, known as " Big Oak, " and the " Redhead, " was one of the most popular boys on the squad. His fierce tackling from the middle linebacker position won him honorable mention on the All-District and All-Shore Team. Skipper had his best night against Deep Creek. Wayne played both offense and defense at guard. He never talked much but really put out when the game began. He had his best day against Norfolk Catholic. Wayne ' s desire to play was one of the greatest on the squad. He liked tough games. His " knocking heads " could be heard all over Hamilton Field. WAYNE MARSHALL BROOKS BRADFORD Brooks was known as a team man. His fine play at offensive center won him praise from opponents and many fans. Brooks had his best day against Cape Charles when he spent more time in their backfield than the Pruitt brothers. His throwing ole " 48 " for many losses on Turkeyday was outstanding. Jim likes to " mix it up " in the line. He never backed out on any play when a scrap was in the making. Be- lote had his best night against Gloucester on defense and his t. d. ' s against Cape Charles will long be re¬ membered in the halls of N. H. S. Jim was chosen on the All-Shore Team. JIMMY BELOTE Redford had the distinction of playing varsity foot¬ ball for four years and earning four letters. He was an outstanding guard and one of the team ' s best blockers. He was known as the team " Morale Man. " His hustle was outstanding. Redford played his best game against Cape Charles. Known as " Long gone, " Donnie was the fastest man in the District and was one of the leading scorers with 66 points. " Long gone " had his best nights against Gloucester, Deep Creek, and Chincoteague. Don¬ nie is a three year man. His great runs will be missed by the fans. Although weighing only 145 lbs., Donnie never missed a game due to football injury. He made honorable mention on All-District Team. Richard, known as " Pickle " by his team-mates, was team manager in 1957 but came out for varsity in 1958. He won a defensive safety position over 20 candidates. " Pickle " was the lightest man on the squad at 118 lbs. He had his best night against Chincoteague and Cape Charles. He was one of the best liked on the team. Sam came out as a Senior, and his hard work and great desire earned him a linebacker position over several seasoned veterans. Sam was the hardest tackier on the squad for his weight. He played his best game against Deep Creek. NANCY WATSON, Captain Mary .T illiams Jennie Nottingham Carple Hogg Betsy Shreaves ” gy Hunt Babs Jones r - Jean White, Jane Arnold, Suzanne Kellam, Phyllis West Basketball Team COACH: George W. Young. CO-CAPTAINS: Alfred Miles and Richard Warren. BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Fred Outten, Manager; Jackie Parks, Butch Miles, Rich¬ ard Warren, Sonny Heath, Tommy Richardson, Larry Underhill, Manager. TOP ROW: Jack Hallett, Jeff Walker, Johnny Moore, Frank Colonna, Griffin Holland, Billy Bynum, Haywood Hand, Page Ashby, Rodney Moore and Coach Young. 1958-59 RESULTS WE THEY INDIVIDUAL SCORES James Blair 22 52 Jackie Parks 40 Central 42 40 Butch Miles 238 Poquoson 51 34 Richard Warren 207 Smithfield 45 58 Sonny Heath 114 James Blair 39 42 Tommy Richardson 158 Norfolk Academy 33 50 Jack Hallett 0 Deep Creek 2 0 (Forfeit) Jeff Walker 8 Poquoson 61 46 Johnny Moore 0 Cape Charles 49 41 Frank Colonna 0 Virginia Beach 39 38 Griffin Holland 15 Norfolk Academy 24 54 Billy Bynum 17 York 43 54 Haywood Hand 32 Chincoteague 47 12 Page Ashby 31 Gloucester 30 33 Rodney Moore 3 Smithfield 44 50 (O. T.) Vernon Bradford 12 Virginia Beach 48 45 York 44 40 Chincoteague 58 27 Deep Creek 56 55 Gloucester 59 38 Haywood Hand Frank Colonna Rodney Moore Jack Hallett ONE OF COACH YOUNG ' S STARTING FIVES Left to right: Jackie Parks, Richard Warren, Butch Miles, Sonny Heath, Tommy Richardson, Coach Young. Billy Bynum Johnny Moore Page Ashby Jeff Walker Richard Warren Alfred Miles Jackie Parks Departing Seniors Sonny Heath Thomas Richardson Griffin Holland Baseball — 1958 JiC.KtTS I nut ;■ If . Coach - GEORGE W. YOUNG Captain - JIMMY CHURN Manager - DONNIE ASHBY TEAM PICTURE BOTTOM ROW, reading left to right: George Kellam, Jimmy Belote, Haywood Hand, Tommy Richardson, Kenneth Webb, Jimmy Churn. SECOND ROW: Norval Turner, Jimmy Scanlon, Haney Smith, Darrell Reynolds, Eldred Floyd, Marshall Acuff, Sonny Heath. THIRD ROW: Bobby Gladden, Phil Custis, Richard Colonna, Haywood Savage, Page Ashby, Coach Young. TOP ROW: Donnie Ashby, Manager, James Barnes. Marshall Acuff Page Ashby James Barnes Jimmy Belote Jimmy Churn Richard Colonna Phil Custis Eldred Floyd Bobby Gladden Haywood Hand Sonny Heath George Kellam Darrell Reynolds Tommy Richardson Haywood Savage Jimmy Scanlon Haney Smith Norval Turner Kenneth Webb 1958 Track Team Coach - CARL KANE Co-captains - TEMPLE BELL and TRENT PARKS Joseph Bayly Johnny Moore Joseph Beach, Jr. John M. Nottingham, Jr, Temple Bell Albert Palmer Brooks Bradford John L. Parks, Jr. James Burton, Jr. Trent Parks Billy Bynum Walter Jackson Rowe, Jr. Gordon Dix, Jr. Cecil Smith Ben Elliott John Tinnell John W. Hallett Darrell Reynolds Julian Holland, Jr. Charlie Whitehead Donnie Kellam Redford Williams, Jr. Edwin Long John Tinnell won state Group II Shot Put Championship. J. V. Football Kenny Arnold, Donnie Ashby, C. B. Belote, Ernest Bell, Robert Brady, John Churn, Douglas Crosley, John Doty, William Doty, Robert Dunton, John Elliott, Paul Erslev, Donnie Ewell, John Ferebee, A1 Hand, Potter Henderson, Roy James, John Kellam, Vernon Lewis, Duke Matthews, Purnell Miles, Roy Mills, Frank Scanlon, Bruce Soder- strom. Tommy Turner, Paul Watson, Coach George W. Young. J. V. Basketball Coach Carl Kane Co-captains Jack Rowe and Bobby Dunton Toby Bell, James Burton, Vernon Bradford, Robert Brady, John E. Churn, Robert Dun¬ ton, John Elliott, Paul Erslev, Charles Floyd, Roy James, Bowdoin Lusk, Duke Matthews, E. P. Miles, III, Jack Rowe, Bruce Soderstrom, Bill Savedge. Scoreboard FOOTBALL JV FOOTBALL We They We They James Blaii 6 12 Central 13 7 Central 13 18 Norfolk Academy 7 7 Norfolk Catholic 6 7 Red Shield s All Stars 0 0 Gloucester 26 18 Parksley 33 7 Virginia Beach 13 26 Central 20 0 Chincoteague 46 6 York 7 27 JV BASKETBALL Deep Creek 19 20 We They Cambridge 13 13 Pocomoke 56 33 Cape Charles 39 6 Parksley 41 44 Poquoson 45 35 BASKETBALL Catholic 35 25 We They Cape Charles 41 31 James Blair 22 52 Pocomoke 46 20 Central 42 40 Blair 42 44 Poquoson 51 34 Cape Charles 37 52 Smithfield 45 58 Parksley 51 41 James Blair 39 42 Academy 45 42 Norfolk Academy 33 50 Deep Creek 30 38 Deep Creek 2 0 Poquoson 38 30 Poquoson 61 46 Atlantic 46 26 Cape Charles 49 41 Virginia Beach 27 53 Virginia Beach 39 38 Academy 32 49 Norfolk Academy 24 54 Catholic 30 38 York 43 54 Chincoteague 47 12 TRACK Gloucester 30 33 Schools Score Smithfield (0. T.) 44 50 EASTVILLE Virginia Beach 48 45 Northampton 53 York 44 40 Princess Anne 42 Chincoteague SHORE MEET Deep Creek Northampton 30 Gloucester Chincoteague 23 Atlantic 13 BASEBALL DISTRICT MEET We They Great Bridge 45 Cape Charles 6 2 Northampton 37 Norfolk Academy 10 6 Virginia Beach 27 Chincoteague 7 4 STATE MEET Atlantic 4 5 Christiansburg 22 Parksley 1 4 W aynesboro 18 Central 7 3 Radford 15 Crisfield, Md. 2 1 Northampton 5 Central 10 2 PILOT RELAYS Cape Charles 3 6 York 17 James Blair 0 10 Northampton High School 10 York 7 0 Parksley 9 1 Authorized Sales and Service KELLAM MOTORS U. S. Highway Thirteen Eastville, Virginia A Family Name in Transportation on the Eastern Shore for Half a Century PROM ROYALTY King Holland Bell Queen Faye Smith Maid of Honor Ginny Nelson Attendants Nancy Charnock Sandra Kellam Queen Anne Jones Maid of Honor Janie Turner Attendants Donna Graves Diane Evans NORTHAMPTON BETA CLUB King Brooks Bradford Queen Nancy Watson Attendants Carole Boss Suzanne Savedge Pat Killmon Barbara Gibbs Carol Phillips I Compliments of NEHI BOTTLING CO. THE EASTERN SHORE NEWS Onancock, Virginia Join Over 30, 000 Others (Estimating 4 Readers Per Paper) and Read " THE NEWS " Compliments of TILGHMAN’S JEWELER Cape Charles, Compliments Va. Cape Charles, Virginia EASTERN SHORE of TERMITE CONTROL CO. Home Owned and Operated NORTHAMPTON COUNTY TRUST BANK Exmore, Virginia J. B. ROWE CLARKE THORNE GI 2-6023 GI 2-4887 Compliments of A. N. BELL Cape Charles, Virginia FARM MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES Nassawadox, Virginia Phone: GI 2-6093 Here they are! Where are the guests? Senior scholars?! | L Spacemen?? Junior scholars!! Compliments of Compliments of LANCE FULCHER VERNON M. MARTIN TEXACO PRODUCTS Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of TANKARD AND KELLAM Weirwood, Virginia HOPKINS’ CHEVROLET Cheriton, Virginia CANDLELIGHT COFFEE SHOP Birdsnest, Virginia Two hours in a bubble! Will they be surprised, ha-ha-ha! Poor kitty! (Poor Lucy?) Blow, cat, blow! Hey, what’s down there? Finale!! A helping hand! Compliments of Compliments of MARILYN SILVER BEACH FASHION SHOP SUPPLY CO. Cape Charles, Virginia Variety Store America ' s Undersellers Mgr. EDITH W. GRAY Broad Street Exmore, Virginia ECONOMY Compliments of FOOD STORE RELIABLE Cheriton, Virginia COAL LUMBER CO. " Uncle Sam Prints Dollars We Stretch Them " Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of JOHN L. MEARS, JR. MARSH’S PLUMBING AND HEATING GROCERY Exmore, Virginia Weirwood, Virginia Phone GI 2-2417 Compliments of Compliments of EASTVILLE ESSO SERVICE SHREAVES STATION SERVICE STATION Washing - Lubrication Tire Repair Eastville, Virginia (fsso) DEALER DICK NELSON Washing Lubrication Phone Orchard 85293 Tire Repairs Phone OR. 8-7283 Compliments of Compliments of Home Owned by T. C. RENNER Exmore, Va. LAKEVIEW FARMS A. R. SILVIA R. F. D. Cape Charles, Va. Compliments of P. C. KELLAM TRUCK BROKER Compliments of Exmore, Va. Compliments of H. R. WEST SON Groceries - Meats - Notions NORTHAMPTON LUMBER CO. A N BEVERAGE CO. CONNIE JOHNSON Belle Haven, Va. or Nassawadox, Virginia Nassawadox, Va. Compliments of J. M. WATSON CO., INC. General Electric Appliances - Specializing in the Finest Quality Solid Mahogany Solid Cherry and Solid Walnut Reproductions Biggs Reproductions, Karastan and Lees ' Carpets and Rugs " The Home of Quality " H. HUGHES WATSON Secretary- Treasurer H. WATSON TYFORD, President J. M. WATSON CO., INC. Onancock, Virginia THE Compliments TANKARD of NURSERIES Expert Landscape Service TOWN AND COUNTRY Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias Shrubs and Trees FASHIONS Our Aim To Help Make the Eastern Shore a More Beautiful Place in Which Onancock Parksley to Live Virginia Exmore, Virginia KELLAM Compliments of HOP ' S ESSO SERVICE CENTER KELLAM DISTRIBUTING CO. , INC. (fsso) DEALER Belle Haven, Va. Tasley, Va. Shadyside, Virginia Cape Charles, Va. Compliments of Compliments of SAVAGE’S DRUG STORE DRUMMOND’S STORE Cape Charles, Va. Eastville Station, Va. H. M. JAMES Compliments of COMPANY " Hou se of Fabrics " JOE MAPP Phone: B.H. 2-6064 INSURANCE Nassawadox, Va. Eastville, Va. Compliments of Compliments of JACK WEBB B. HARRISON ELLIOTT Motor Tuneup Specialist Machipongo, Va. Nassawadox, Va. - 1 f BEN FRANKLIN EXMORE CAMERA CENTER STORE Authorized Bell Howell Dealer Din j P Self-Service Store Senn Building j Exmore, Virginia ll Nassawadox, Virginia Phone GI 2-6414 • ' Compliments of Compliments of PEEBLES NORTANE GAS CO., INC. DEPT. STORE Bottled and Metered Gas Service Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments of PARKS HENRY’S Self Service PRINTING SHOP Ben Franklin Store Nassawadox, Virginia Exmore, Virginia ARNOLD’S Compliments of PHARMACY A. A. ARNOLD Registered Druggist E. H. CLEANERS Phone GI 2-6159 Nassawadox, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia REVELL Compliments of JEWELERS C. J. PRETTYMAN Silverware - Crystal AND SONS Diamonds Real Estate and Businesses Broad Street Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments of CAPEVILLE W. W. DIXON LUMBER CO. CO. Building Supplies Produce Dealers and Packages Capeville, Virginia Capeville, Virginia GUCKS SONS JACK’S ATLANTIC Washing and Lubrication DEPARTMENT STORES Mechanical Work Onancock, Va. - Exmore, Va. Machipongo, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of WILKINS A FRIEND FUNERAL HOME Cape Charles, Va. Compliments of THE TEXTILE SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia VIRGINIA HERTZ BEAUTY SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia Phone: GI2-3081 " We Curl Up and Dye for You” Compliments of M. B. MAPP ' S PURE OIL STATION Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of RICHARD F. ETZ JEWELER Keepsake Diamond Rings Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of THE PARRY SHOP Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of JONE ' S DEPT. STORE Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of J. COULBOURN BELL Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of KENNY ' S RESTAURANT Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of W. SCOTT ELLIOTT KIPTOPEKE ESSO SERVICENTER Kiptopeke, Virginia Compliments of JOE ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of W. E. JOHNSON Willis Wharf, Virginia Compliments of A. C. WARD, SR. - GARAGE Accessories - Wrecker Service Eastville, Virginia j Compliments of DUNTON ' S GULF STATION Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Exmore, Virginia BROAD STREET BARBER SHOP D. E. GLADDEN Exmore, Virginia Compliments of E. M. JAMES, JR. DRY GOODS Exmore, Virginia Compliments of BIRDSNEST TEXACO STATION H. M. STEWARD Birdsnest, Virginia Compliments of MAPLETON DAIRY Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of THOMPSON AND SAVAGE CABINETS Exmore, Virginia Compliments of PAUL’S Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of NATIONAL BANK OF NORTHAMPTON Nassawadox, Virginia LLOYD P. PARROTT " Complete Insurance Service " Main Street Exmore, Va. Phone: GI 2-6030 Compliments of Compliments of MASON RICHARD F. ETZ LUMBER CABINET COMPANY JEWELER Belle Haven, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of BELOTE ' S BARBER SHOP CHERITON BARBER SHOP Weirwood, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia THE PARRY SHOP Compliments of Cape Charles, Virginia ADDISONS ' STORE Phone 98 Eastville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of WARD ' S ESSO RICHARDSON ' S FURNITURE STORE Nassawadox, Virginia Onancock, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of SMITTY’S ATLANTIC SERVICE THE PASTRY SHOP Onancock and Exmore Weirwood, Virginia Virginia Compliments of a Compliments of ONANCOCK TILE COMPANY FRIEND Onancock, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of A. GREENBERG CO. BARR BROTHERS JEWELERS Onancock, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of TOURINNS MOTOR COURT AND RESTAURANT Kiptopeke Beach, Virginia JOHN H. BURLESON, Manager FORMALS adam’s quality shop Cape Charles, Va. PAGE OUTTEN Cheriton, Virginia — Compliments of TIP TOP FOOD STORES B B MARKET Groceries - Produce - Meats -Delivery Service- Phone: OR-8-5505 Eastville, Virginia BAILEY TV Sylvania Radio and TV Cheriton, Virginia UNITED FOOD STORE MRS. MORRIS A. BILICH Meats Groceries Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND RADIUM THEATER JACK GILLIAN, Mgr. Cape Charles, Virginia r tWB vw — . ' tUJ) r -7t-£_j 4 r X _ , 3 j $JLh, X 7 ' 5 X J 1 J ' tA dr VU - o X s?w 3 ? J o-3 c au v u Jo ju o JL _J _ Jko- J—«- j-A-i- - ®- " I C— J [ -»-«_ fc oB w BB-B 7 ■ -gy v i d a . . T)) " z f - ZAJ-JZJ ' c cx3 t y rjL « i ( a 1 . - - . yj J J .■? ' 7 ' t -iu isjli Jz u ’ " x , a. wi Afj3K A±JU-J XJi J Ar su " touX ' X XI U— UBLB - B — T“ 7n -0- j iy JL£ oX BxXoo VAka__ VjO-X -B v — £a 9 v " TWax- - X V A - - " i ' V_ C 4 - 3 LAK -y 6 vie - ' i . TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " -?77 ?. ' ZZ " ' ' yf ' s -A- i.-y-z-? jS-Ap-pt J ■ -£-7?74 ' ' ieS ), ' JTSZCyZ r y, ‘ „ " ' )l ' £ - ' i, ya -mA AZfAA- ' rvl o - L rt y £TJ .. ' ’ -Azy Z y 6 _ _ jr - »t ' r ' LyC-J yt 0 ySL ? ' - - L 2J A-Ul ycA zJ 6 Ac4S ' GcJ3Zl -» ■ - a Lc o x y tA 7 L u f) LA ti - tZ ' y ' A cr l Ip wH-j ' . ■ km% fc|JW f 1 «K‘ . " | a

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