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' NORTH HIGH RBf8S888SSB mKSgJm :: : r : . : -i ‘‘ :,v ■! J5I J - I T 4 P T O N CHOOL THE TORCH 1958 NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL Eastville, Virginia £ In this 1958 Torch we have tried to outline many of the events of the past year. In years to come we hope you will recall through these pages the laughter and learning of your high school years. CONTENTS FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN EIGHTH GRADE HONOR ROLL CLUBS SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS Because he typifies all that is fine in sportsmanship, and because he has a friendly interest in all of us and in all of our activities, the class of 1958 is proud to dedicate this edition of " The Torch " to Coach George W. Young. SUPERINTENDENT’S MESSAGE WILLIAM F. LAWSON JR. You deserve praise for the work you have done in preparing your 1957-1958 yearbook. It will, I know, serve as a record of your hopes, your joys, and your a- chievements; but it will also serve as a reminder of your shortcomings, your uncertainties, and your failures. If, in your hours of reflection in the future, you can become strong enough to overcome the mistakes you have made in school, and, if in humility you can accept your successes, you will then be worthy of the trust and faith which we, your teachers, have placed in you. For, as we, your teachers, work with you and your successors, it is this faith and trust that sweetens our lives. TORCH STAFF Editor-in-Chief Sandra Kellam Assistant Editor Anne Turner Business Manager Darrell Reynolds Assistant Business Manager John Elliott Art Editor Donna Graves ANNUAL SALES ADVERTISING Mary Louise Bracy Nancy Charnock Catherine White Trent Parks Kay Nottingham Audrey Crockett Ada Jo Lewis Charles Barrall Audrey Crockett Sharon Storrs Trent Parks Bobby Gladden Burleigh Turner David Barnes Bobby Gladden Kay Nottingham Selma White Sandra Kellam Barbara Pollok Ginny Nelson Catherine Jones Bonnie Prettyman Eldred Floyd Susan Boggs Nancy Charnock Mooney James Kenneth Webb Kenneth Webb Jimmy Scanlon Carolyn Gladden PICTURES LAYOUT Anne Turner Virginia Parrott Norval Turner Bobbe Kellam Sharon Storrs Suzanne Savedge Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Betty Lou Savage Mr. Burleigh Turner Jr. Toy Shreeves Martha Miles TYPISTS Susan Boggs Margaret Turner Ada Jo Lewis Martha Belote SPORTS Charles Arnold Temple Bell Carolyn Gladden Carolyn Gladden Lucy Carpenter Nancy Charnock Ginny Nelson Audrey Crockett Temple Bell Catherine White Charles Arnold SPONSORS: Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Mrs. Mary N. Kellam P. T. ATKINSON, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B. S. College of William and Mary - M.Ed. Principal JOHN LESTER PARKS, SR. College of William and Mary - B. S. Assistant Principal PHOEBE E. WINDECKER Secretary MARGARET SCOTT Mary Washington College - B. S. Librarian WILLIAM F. LAWSON Superintendent of Schools B. GORDON WESCOTT Elementary Supervisor HELEN LOWE Clerk of Sc hool Board GERTRUDE MEEK Clerk-Typist BURLEIGH B. TURNER, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B. S. Science CHARLES C. JONES College of William and Mary - B.S. Science - Mathematics IRMA F. FLOYD Madison College - B. S. Science JENNIE S. MAPP Randolph-Macon Woman’s College - A.B, Mathematics JOHN T. BADGER Virginia Polytechnic Institute - B. S. Agriculture - Shop VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE Madison College - B. S. Home Economics - English MARY N. KELLAM Mary Washington College - B. S. Commercial GEORGE B. WYNNE Trinity College - A.B. Duke University - A.M. Harvard University Graduate School History MARGARET C. HOLLAND Longwood College - B. S. English - Social Studies LILA N. JACOB Longwood College - B. S. Foreign Language - English J. ELIZABETH JONES Westhampton College -A.B. English LORETTA W. SMALLEY Adelphi College - A.B. New York University - M.A. English JAY D. MEEK Indiana State College - B. S. Music GEORGE W. YOUNG College of William and Mary - B. S. Physical Education NAN M. KANE West Virginia Wesleyan - A.B. Physical Education CARL R. KANE Marshall College - M.A. and B.S. Social Studies - Physical Education :V " ■. , ' ■ ' . , , .r • « ' " ■ ■ . is ALMA MATER Standing near the Chesapeake, With its waters clear Looking toward a great old ocean Doe s our school appear. Near the homestead of the Indians Who in former times Roved the paths of old Northampton In our pleasant climes. CHORUS Oh, Northampton, dear Northampton, Praise her to the sky. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater. Hail, Northampton High. ■ A. MARSHALL ACUFF, JR. " I ' m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter” Monogram Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Beta Club 3,4; Student Council 4, Treasurer 4; Wildlife Club 1; Baseball 2, 3,4; Track 2; Class Treasurer 1, 3,4. CHARLES E. ARNOLD, JR. " Daddy-O " Camera Club 1; Band 1,2, 3,4; Annual Staff 4. MARY E. BADGER " Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue " CHARLES S. BARALL " Hey There, You With The Stars in Your Eyes " Camera Club 1, 2, 3,4, President 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Football 1; Basketball 2, 3. Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 2; FHA Club 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. JOSEPH EDGAR BEACH " Hey, Joe " Camera 1; Dramatic 2, 3,4; Monogram 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3,4. DAVID BARNES " Blue Monday " Wildlife 1, 2; Track 2, 3,4. TEMPLE BURTON BELL " Teenager ' s Romance " Wildlife 1; Track 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Annual Staff 4. HOLLAND TROWER BELL " Can ' t Wait Till Summer " Class President 4; FFA 1, 2, Reporter 1; Monogram 3, 4; Beta 4; Good Citizens 4; Football 2, 3,4. ROBERT LEE BRADY " Thirteen Women " MARY COATES BRACY " Mutual Admiration Society " Dramatic 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Good Citizens 2; Hi-Y 4. MARTHA ELLEN BELOTE " Silent Lips " Beta 3,4; Dramatic 1,2,3; Annual Staff 4, SUSAN MAPP BOGGS " Wake Up, Little Susie " Softball 2; Thanksgiving Court 2; Beta 4; FHA 4; An¬ nual Staff 4. FFA 3, 4. JAMES R. CHURN " Red Cadillac " FFA 1, 2; Football 1; Baseball 2, 3, 4. NANCY CHARNOCK " Miracle of Love " Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Beta Club 3,4; Band 1,2, Secretary 2; Good Citi¬ zens ' Club 2; Class Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4; Stu¬ dent Council 3. AUDREY J. CROCKETT " So Rare " JOHN ELLIOTT " Money, Honey " Annual Staff 4, Assistant Business Manager. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. A. CAROLYN GLADDEN " Yes, It ' s Me, and I ' m in Love Again " Dramatic 1,2,3; Hi-Y 4; Monogram 3,4; Basketball 2, 3; Annual Staff 4. E. ELDRED FLOYD " Standing on the Corner, Watching All the Girls Go By " FFA 1-4, Treasurer 2, President 3,4; FFA Federation Reporter 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Wildlife 1,2; Good Citizens 1; Monogram 2-4; Class Secretary 3; Student Council 1,2; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 2-4; Football 3,4. KATHERINE F. HENDERSON " The Girl Can ' t Help It " Beta Club 3,4; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Chaplain 3, Vice Presi¬ dent 4; Model General Assembly 3,4, Senate Sergeant- at-Arms 4. ROBERT GLADDEN " You Know How It Is " Dramatic 1; Monogram 2, 3, 4; Good Citizen 3, 4; Football 1; Baseball 1, 3, 4. ' E. M. JAMES III " Have I told You Lately? " Student Council 3,4; Class President 2; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, President 4; Camera 1; Good Citizens 1, 3; Band 1,2, Treasurer 2; Basketball 3; Senator to Model General Assembly 3. CATHERINE D. JONES " Story Untold " Dramatic Club 1; Beta Club 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Mono¬ gram Club 2, 3,4; Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4. BARBARA ANN HIGBEE " Angels in the Sky " Dramatic 1, 3; Band 1, 2,4. SANDRA L. KELLAM ’I’ve Got the World on a String " Student Council 2, 3,4, Vice President 4; Class Secre¬ tary 1; Dramatic Club 1, Secretary 1; Good Citizens Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Presi¬ dent 4; Beta 3,4, Secretary 4; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4, Editor 4. : v v;; A ; MARK V. KILLMON " What ' s the Good Word, Mr. Bluebird? Camera Club 1. VIRGINIA H. NELSON " Till Then " Hi-Y2,3,4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Beta 3, 4; Mono¬ gram 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Softball 1; Annual Staff 4. Good Citizens 2, 3; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3; Dra¬ matic 1; Beta 3,4; Annual Staff 4. HARRY PARKS MAPP, JR. " Young Love " ADA JO LEWIS " Teenage Crush " Student Council 2,4, President 4; Class President 1, Vice President 3; Beta 3,4, President 4; Monogram 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1; Football 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 3. VIRGINIA C. PARROTT " I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day " Arts and Craft 1, Secretary 1; Dramatic 1, Reporter 1; Good Citizens 1-4, Secretary 2,4, Vice President 3, Debate Team 1,2,3; Monogram 2,3,4; Beta 3,4; Hi-Y 2, 3,4, MGA Ace Reporter 2; Student Council 4, Secretary 4; Softball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Annual Staff 4. This is Trent? KAYF. NOTTINGHAM " Party Doll " Dramatic 1; Hi-Y 1; Beta 3,4; Good Citizens 3,4; FHA 4; Softball 1; Beta Queen II. H. TRENT PARKS " Ivy League " Monogram 3,4; Dramatic 1,2; Wildlife 1; Hi-Y 3,4; Band 1, 2; Football 1, 3,4; Track 3. ;.v ■Asm . -fii BARBARA PENNY POLLOK " Are You Sincere " FHA 1,2,3. BONNIE W. PRETTYMAN " She ' s Got It " FHA 3,4; Softball 1, 2, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Typical Sophomore Girl; Beta Contestant 1,2. DARRELL G. REYNOLDS " Money In the BARREL, DARRELL Track 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Annual Staff 4; Business Man- ager. NANCY E. RICHARDSON " To The Aisle " Dramatic Club 1. GLORIA A. ROWE " Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania " FHA 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Thanksgiving Court 4. JUANITA A. ROWE " Just Between You And Me " Dramatic 2, 3, 4. CHRISTINE E„ SIMPSON " Dark Eyes " FHA 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 3,4; Basketball 3. JIMMY G. SCANLAN " Bye, Bye, Blues " Monogram 3,4; Football 1,3,4; Track 2,4; Baseball 2 — C. FAY SMITH " She ' s Neat " Class Secretary 2; Beta Club 4; Beta Queen IV; Thanks¬ giving Court 2. HANEY SMITH " Wheel of Fortune " Monogram 1,2, 3,4; Football 1; Baseball 3,4. MAUDIE MAE SPADY " I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover " Dramatic 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y 2. SHARON M. STORRS " Smiles " Dramatic 2, 3; Camera 1; Good Citizens 2; Senior Hi Y 4; FHA 1; Annual Staff 3, 4. BURLEIGH B. TURNER, III " Of This I ' m Sure " Student Council 3; Arts and Crafts 1; Dramatic 2, 3, 4; Beta 3, 4; Basketball 2; Band 1, 2, 3,4, President 4, Reporter 3; Baseball 2. JOHN R. TINNELL " Mr. Touchdown " Student Council 1, 2,3; Beta 3,4; Football 2. 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; Monogram 2,3, 4; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 3; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Hi-Y 3, President 3, District Presi¬ dent 4. CATHERINE O. WHITE " Band of Gold " Dramatic 1; Hi-Y 3,4; Mono¬ gram 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4, Co- Captain 4; Annual Staff 4. KENNETH M. WEBB " The Joker " Student Council 2,4; Foot¬ ball 1,2, 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta 3, 4, Vice President 4; Monogram 1, 2, 3,4, President 4; Wild¬ life 1, 2; Class President 3; Class Vice President 2. SELMA A„ WHITE " I Could Have Danced All Night " Dramatic 1,2, Treasurer 2; Monogram 1, 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 1,4; Hi-Y 3, 4. WHO’S WHO Most Athletic Wittiest NAME CHIEF ATTRACTION FAVORITE EXPRESSION AMBITION Marshall Acuff Ducks I swear! College degree Charles Arnold A good time Dern if it ain ' t Join the Met, Mary Badger Bridge Goodnight! Home Ec major Charles Barall DeSoto I ' ll be To be a C. P. A, David Barnes Money Aw bull 140 m.p.h. to— Joe Beach Boats Never Join the Navy Holland Bell Boats Goodness gracious Be an engineer Temple Bell Carrie Lou My goodness To own a jag Martha Belote A ' s Well? Coast Guard sec. Susan Boggs Clothes Shoot To graduate Mary Bracy Myer Oh, honest Live in Norfolk Robert Brady Knives Gol dern To fly a jet Nancy Charnock A R-M Man Better believe it ? Jimmy Chum Baseball Hot ding you all To own a hot rod Audrey Crockett Chryslers Oh, my lands To get rich John Elliott Flashy clothes How about that! Stay out of Army Eldred Floyd 36-23-35 blonde I ' m not saying A sinecure Carolyn Gladden Black-white Buick Well, I swap Longer weekends Bobby Gladden Boats Horses ' nose Tour the world Kate Henderson The Gardens Great day Westhampton degree Barbara Higbee Ken That isn’t right Graduate and— Mooney James Basketball I ' ve heard tell Be a minister Catherine Jones Hargrave My fathers! Walk on gold roads Sandra Kellam Fun Jeesh! An M. R. S. degree Mark Killmon Fords I ' ll be Join Air Force Ada Jo Lewis U. S. " male " Could be worse A " Nock " in car Pardner Mapp " Hatchet-butt " How ' bout that Own toupee plant Ginny Nelson Preachers sons My dear Air stewardess Kay Nottingham Dancing Oh, my cow! Catch millionaire Trent Parks Food, fun, frolic That ' s the way the mop flops Own a black T-Bird Virginia Parrott Spaghetti Shucks Perform operation on Mighty Mouse Barbara Pollok Oyster Hon-ee " Crumby " diamond Bonnie Prettyman Weekends Well, I ' ll be " B " in government Darrell Reynolds Girls and money Don worry about it Play for " Braves " Nancy Richardson Charles Sugar To domesticate Gloria Rowe New hairdos Great balls o fire P. Mason ' s sec. Juanita Rowe Sport cars Well, hon-ee Succeed in future Haywood Savage Coast Guard Ah, shucks To be eighteen Jimmy Scanlan Central Oh, my dear Join Air Force Christine Simpson Scasey Golly day! Have her own home Maudie Spady Jay I’m just kiddin To get married Fay Smith A spider " Webb” You’ll think so Burn down Central Haney Smith Hunting Well, I swear Be seafood dealer Sharon Storrs Friends Jeepers Be a florist John Tinnell " Hunf ' ing Moscow A happy life Burleigh Turner Pink house in W. W. Don ' t tell me that Be an engineer Kenneth Webb Sports You better believe Be a Latin lover Catherine White Kellam Why? Go to Richmond Selma White Dancing and music You think not? To be a secretary JUNIORS Vf | 1 r vi i %i mm }j| 1 (9 ntJL 1 f f A f M T L. . ■ ' ARTHUR BAGWELL MAGARET BAYLEY JAMES BELOTE CAROL BOSS KAY BOWEN BROOKS BRADFORD HARRIET BRADFORD CAROL BURLESON NANCY BYRD RICHARD COLONNA KAY CUSTIS BOBBY DOWNES MARGARET DRUMMOND BOYCE ELLIOTT DLANE EVANS WAYNE FARLOW MARGARET FERGUSON TOMMY HALLETT LYSTRAL HEATH SOUTHEY HOLLAND CURTIS JONES SHIRLEY JONES DONALD KELLAM GEORGE KELLAM SILVIA LEWIS WAYNE MARSHALL ALFRED MILES RUTH MORROW WILLIAM OAKLEY SILVIA PARKER JACKIE PARKS INGEBORG PRUGELHOF THOMAS RAYFIELD BETTYE SAVAGE LESLIE SHOCKLEY SUSAN STURGIS SAMUEL TANKARD ANNE TURNER MARGARET TURNER NORVAL TURNER JEFFREY WALKER RICHARD WARREN NANCY WATSON JACCI WEBBER ROBERT WHITE CHAP _ES WHITEHEAD ANN WILKINS MARY WILLIAMS REDFORD WILLIAMS ROBERT YOUNG 4 V. Arnold J. Barnes A. Bayly M. Birch C. Bradford J. Bradshaw C. Brown F. Brittingham C. Budd B. Bundick W. Bull H. Campbell E. Camden L. Carpenter M. Carpenter R. Chambers T. Charnock F. Colonna S. Commander E. Culver P. Custis B. Downing J. Downing M. Duer L. Dunton V. Eling B. Elliott H. Gaskill T. Gibb F. Gibbs N. Gibbs D. Graves H. Hand S. Hickman C. Hogg G. Holland J. Holland J. Holland R. James J. Johnson V. Kellam M. Kellam A. Killmon L. Killmon G. Lafferty S. Lewis T. Lewis E. Long A. Looney L. Mapp K. Marshall D. Matthews D. McLellan R. Melson R. Miles D. Moore J. Moore S. Moore R. Moore W. Moore J. Nottingham R. Oliver C. Rayfield T. Richardson V. Robinson G. Rowe G. Spady S. Savedge V. Shrieves B. Shreaves C. Simpson K. Simpson S. Simpson C. Smith J. Smith C. Steward M. Shields B. Travis W. Travis C. Turner F. Ward T. Brady M. Webb J. Wescoat P. Ashby S. Bagwell E. Baker S. Ballard A. Barcroft J. Bayly L. Bell W. Bell D. Bowden T. Bowden L. Bowen J. Bradford M. Bradford J. Burton L. Carpenter N. Clark P. Clayton L. Cowling M. Crumb E. Culver J. Culver G. Dix M. Doughty J. Drummond M. Dunton M. East J. Eder I. Evans J. Ferebee C. Floyd J. Gladstone J. Guy J. Hallett P. Hand V. Heath B. Hickman B. Hill P. Hill M. Hunt J. Jaiman B. Jones D. Kellam N. Killmon P. Killmon A. Lafferty M. Lane J. Lemon S. Lewis C. Lumley K. Mapp W. Marshall L. McCready D. Mears B. Bynum M. Miles L. Mitchell E. Nottingham O. Oakley A. Palmer N. Palmer B. Parks E. Parks L. Parks P. Parks J. Prettyman L. Prettyman B. Ramsden H. Rippon J. Rowe R. Savage J. Sylvia J. Sylvia T. Shreeves D. Simpson D. Smith E. Smith J. Smith L. Soderstrom B. Spady P. Steelman D. Steward B. Taylor W. Taylor C. Thomas R. Tittermary C. Turner I. Turner J. Turner C. Ward B. White J. Whitmore C. Willis D. Wood K. Arnold D. Ashby J. Ballard L. Bailey A. Barkley R. Beach A. Bell C. Belote C. Belote C. Belote M. Birch J. Boggs B. Bowen C. Bowen V. Bradford R. Brady J. Bull F. Camden M. Cherrix C. Colonna S. Colonna H. Corbin J. Crockett S. Crockett E. Costin D. Crosley J. Culver M. Culver B. Dix J. Doty D. Doughty R. Doughty R. Dunton K. Eder J. Edwards J. Elliot J. Elliot P. Erslev E. Etz L. Evans D. Ewell S. Gibbs D. Guy R. Hall M. Hargis P. Hargis H. Heath L. Hinman N. Hinman R. Hinman B. Hopkins R. Hume R. James J. Kellam D. Lane B. Lemon D. Lewis J. Lewis V. Lewis R. Mapp G. Marshall P. Marshall W. Matthews M. Moore D. Mott J, Nottingham J. Oliver F. Outten C. Parker R. Parks D. Phillips C. Price J. Richardson C. Robbins C. Rogers N. Rue J. Scandlan J. Simpson A. Smith E. Smith G. Smith H. Smith K. Smith H. Spady R. Spady A. Soderstrom M. Sturgis S. Taylor P. Tinkham C. Trader M. Travis L. Underhill N. Watson P. Watson H. West J. White R. Whitmore L. Wilkins W. Williams A. Wilson C. Senn R. Wood MID-SEMESTER HONOR ROLL Marshall Acuff Holland Bell Martha Be lot e Susan Boggs Audrey Crockett Robert Gladden Sandra Kellam Ada Jo Lewis Harry Mapp, Jr. Carol Boss Kay Churn Bowen Kay Custis Margaret Drummond Diane Evans Curtis Jones Shirley Jones George Kellam Thomas Chamock Phil Custis Lyn Dunton Barbara Downing Vern Eling Donna Graves Carol Paige Hogg Julian Holland Bobbe Kellam Suzanne Ballard Linda Bell Lee Carpenter Lula Cowling Martha Doughty Charles Floyd Vivian Heath Barbara Jones Linda McCready Martha Miles Donald Ashby Sallie Colonna Elizabeth Dix Robert Dunton Joan Edwards TWELFTH GRADE ELEVENTH GRADE TENTH GRADE NINTH GRADE Joarne Gladstone Jean Silvia EIGHTH GRADE Ellen Smith Peter Tinkham Jean White Virginia Parrott Darrell Reynolds Gloria Rowe James Scanlan Christine Simpson Fay Smith John Tinnell Kenneth Webb Alfred Miles Jackie Parks Ingeborg Prugelhof Thomas Rayfield Leslie Shockley Anne Turner Richard Warren Redford Williams Tommy Lewis Robert Oliver Grace Rowe Suzanne Savedge Betsy Shreaves Burley Travis Monty Webb Jack Wescoat Noble Palmer Betty Parks Peggy Parks Rose Ellen Savage Toy Shreeves Joan Silvia Carol Turner Ida Jane Turner Betty White Etna Nottingham Paul Erslev Mary Alison Hargis Jennie Nottingham Randy Parks Catherine Rogers N.H.S. ROYALTY King TOM BAGWELL Queen JUDY KELLAM Maid of Honor GRACE HOLLAND Attendants BARBARA MATTHEWS MARY COSTA NORTHAMPTON BETH CLUB Queen NANCY RUE Maid of Honor CARRIE RAYFIELD Attendants BETSY SHRIEVES NANCY CHARNOCK ‘ " ‘Oiiunj I - mf , -W fj L • J|| I V ll ’ W King JIMMY SCANLAN Queen MARY BADGER Attendants GLORIA ROWE INGE PRUGELHOF VIVIEN SHRIEVES VIVIEN HEATH CAROLYN BELOTE NORTH¬ HAMPTON JACKETS SWARM ON THANKS¬ GIVING DAY Made it I Lockup time! Money, Money, Money! Something’s fishy here! 1 Food for thought? An annual must have typists. Br-rrrrrr! Jumping jackets! Caution-Men Working? STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsor: MR. LESTER PARKS Officers: President - PARDNER MAPP Vice President - SANDRA KELLAM Secretary - VIRGINIA PARROTT Treasurer - MARSHALL ACUFF Senior Marshall Acuff Mooney James Sandra Kellam Sophomore Robert Oliver Betsy Shreaves Pardner Mapp Virginia Parrott Kenneth Webb Freshman Joanne Gladstone Martha Miles Janie Turner Junior Kay Custis Susan Sturgis 8th Grade Sharon Gibbs Peter Tinkham 1 Sammy Tankard Richard Warren Jean White k. BETA CLUB Sponsor.MISS LILA N. JACOB President.PARDNER MAPP Vice President-KENNETH WEBB Secretary-Treasurer-SANDRA KELLAM MEMBERS Marshall Acuff Martha Belote Nancy Charnock Kate Henderson Catherine Jones Sandra Kellam Ada Jo Lewis Harry Mapp Virginia Nelson Kay Nottingham Virginia Parrott John Tinnell Burleigh Turner Kenneth Webb Carole Boss Kay Custis CHARACTER ACHIEVEMENT LEADERSHIP MEMBERS Curtis Jones George Kellam Butch Miles William Oakley Jackie Parks Thomas Rayfield Leslie Shockley Sam Tankard Anne Turner Richard Warren Nancy Watson Redford Williams Holland Bell Susan Boggs Fay Smith JUNIOR HI-Y Sponsor - — ■ President- Vice President Secretary — • Treasurer - - • Chaplain- OFFICERS MRS. IRMA FLOYD - - BETTY WHITE - -LULA COWLING --BABS JONES - - JANIE TURNER MARTHA DUNTON MEMBERS Linda Bailey Jane Ballard Annette Barcroft Carolyn Belote Jacque Boggs Sallie Lee Colonna Lula Cowling Elizabeth Dix Martha Dunton Joan Edwards Sharon Gibbs Patsy Hand Mary Allison Hargis Paul Kelly Hargis Roy James Babs Jones Etna Nottingham Jennie Nottingham Jane Oliver Betty Parks Connie Price Catherine Rogers Jack Rowe Rose Ellen Savage Carroll Page Senm Audrey Smith Houston Smith Ada Mae Soderstrom Pat Steelman Peter Tinham Carol Turner Janie Turner Chip Watson Harriet West Betty White Jean White Linda Wilkins SENIOR HI-Y President - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -MOONEY JAMES Vice President-KATE HENDERSON Secretary — - — — — - — — — — — - - SANDRA KELL A M Treasurer.GINNY NELSON Chaplain - — - -- - — — --- - - - CAROLE BOSS Sponsor.MISS MARGARET SCOTT MEMBERS Mary Badger Carole Boss Sandra Lee Commander Virginia Parrott Margaret Drummond Vivien Shreaves Martha Duer Susan Sturgis Kate Henderson John Tinnell Carole Page Hogg Catherine White Becky James Selma White Mooney James Anne Wilkins Judy Johnson Bonnie Bundick Catherine Jones Carolyn Gladden Bobbe Kell am Southey Holland Sandra Kellam Ingeborg Prugelhof Ada Jo Lewis Ruth Melson Linda Marsh Bettye Lou Savage Ginny Nelson Betsy Shreaves Trent Parks Sharon Storrs Mary Anne Williams GOOD CITIZENS CLUB MEMBERS Holland Bell Martha Dunton Tracy Gibb Robert Gladden Patsy Hand Julian Holland Peggy Hunt Barbara Jones Shirley Jones Bobbe Kellam George Kellam Etna Nottingham Kay Nottingham Robert Oliver Ingeborg Prugelhof Tommy Rayfield Suzanne Savedge Toy Shreeves Patsy Steelman Dolores Steward Susan Sturgis Burleigh Travis Mary M. Travis Anne Turner Sponsor.MR. GEORGE B. WYNNE President.SANDRA KELLAM Vice President.BETSY SHREAVES Secretary-Treasurer — VIRGINIA PARROTT 1957 Debating Team Contestants Nancy Watson Jack Wescoat Betty White Redford Williams In 1940 the Good Citizen ' s club was organized to promote citizenship through training in debating and public speaking. Each year the club sponsors a debating team that participates in the forensic events at the University of Virginia. Several times boys and girls from the club have won first place in the intra-state high school debates. MONOGRAM CLUB SPONSORS MRS. NAN KANE and MR. GEORGE YOUNG OFFICERS President.KENNETH WEBB Vice President - - —-— —-ELDRED FLOYD Secretary-Treasurer-MARSHALL ACUFF Marshall Acuff Virginia Arnold Mary Badger Charles Barall Margaret Bayly Joe Beach Holland Bell Jimmy Belote Carol Boss Lucy Carpenter Kay Churn Frankie Colonna Kay Custis Phil Custis James Ferebee MEMBERS Eldred Floyd Bobby Gladden Carolyn Gladden Sonny Heath Carol Hogg E. M. James, III Catherine Jones George Kellam Donnie Kellam Harry Mapp Alfred Miles Ginny Nelson Kenneth Parker Virginia Parrott Jackie Parks Trent Parks Jack Rowe Jimmy Scanlan Haney Smith Vivian Shrieves Susan Sturgis Sammy Tankard John Tinnell Jeff Walker Richard Warren Nancy Watson Kenneth Webb Catherine White Selma White Redford Williams Robert Young CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS President.NORVAL TURNER Vice President.-.BOB WHITE Secretary-ANDREA LOONEY Treasurer.SUZANNE SAVEDGE Sponsor.MR. BURLEIGH B. TURNER. JR. MEMBERS Mac Bagwell Stewart Bagwell Charles Barall Wayne Bell Louis Bowen Billy Bull John Bull Carol Burleson Thomas Charnock Hugh Corbin John Drummond Verne Eling Jim Ferebee Paul Hargis Harry Gaskill Tracy Gibbs Donna Graves Jack Hallett DRAMATIC CLUB " Lace on Her Petticoat " - 1957 Sponsors MISS JONES and MRS. SMALLEY OFFICERS President.NANCY CHARNOCK Vice President.- - MARY COATES Secretary.DIANE EVANS Treasurer.SAMMY TANKARD MEMBERS Virginia Arnold Suzanne Ballard Joe Beach Marvin Birch Carol Burleson Charles Brown Lucy Carpenter Mary Carpenter Kay Churn Audrey Crockett Eloise Culver Barbara Downing Diane Evans Joanne Gladstone Tommy Hallett Vivien Heath Patty Hill Peggy Hunt Shirley Jones Anita Killmon Billy Lewis Kent Mapp Louise Mapp Martha Miles ' Loretta Moore William Moore Ruth Morrow Harryette Rippon Virgie Robinson Grace Rowe Leslie Shockley Toy Shrieves Jean Silvia Joan Silvia Faye Smith George Spady Charles Steward Sis Steward Sammy Tankard Anne Turner Burleigh Turner III Linda Wilkins Clayshia Willis " Christmas Bells " - 1957 F.H.A President- Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Sponsor-- -KAY CUSTIS - - NANCY WATSON MARGARET BAYLY CHRISTINE SIMPSON - - MRS. SAVEDGE MEMBERS Mary Badger Lou Ann Mitchell Margaret Bayly Kay Nottingham Linda Bell Peggy Parks Janice Bradford Bonnie Prettyman Frances Brittingham Carrie Lou Rayfield Nancy Byrd Harriet Rippon Eunice Camden Mary Shields Mary Dean Carpenter Christine Simpson Emily Culver Darlene Simpson Kay Custis Kay Simpson Martha Doughty Sandra Simpson Iris Lee Evans Dora Smith Margaret Ferguson Joyce Smith Nancy Gibbs Lou Ann Soderstrom Bonnie Hickman Carol Turner Margaret Kellam Margaret Turnei Linda Killmon Nancy Watson Pat Killmon Jacci Webber ■ F.F.A. Sponsor - — — President-- Vice President - - Secretary - - - - Treasurer - - - - Reporter-- Sergeant-at-Arms ■ - MR. JOHN T. BADGER .ELDRED FLOYD - - - - DONNIE KELLAM ■ .PHIL CUSTIS ■ .JEFF WALKER - - THOMAS CHARNOCK CHARLIE T. WHITEHEAD MEMBERS Brooks Bradford Thomas Charnock Joe Culver Phil Custis Ben Elliott Charles Floyd Frankie Gibbs Jim Guy Curtis Jones Donnie Kellam Steve Lewis Edwin Long John Nottingham Jim Prettyman Harry Smith Emerson Smith Charlie T. Whitehead Jeff Walker 4-H CLUB MEMBERS Katie Smith Anne Wilson Diloris Lewis Hensel Heath Catherine Robbins Jo Ann Simpson Sandra Crockett John Culver Sponsors: MRS. CATHERINE REVELL MR. RUSSEL SCHOOLS SPORTSMANSHIP CLUB Sponsor MR. CARL KANE President BOBBY DUNTON Vice President VERNON BRADFORD Secretary-Treasurer HERMAN SPADY Kenny Arnold Billy Bowen Bobby Brady Cleve Belote Milton Birch Doug Crosby Frank Camden Dave Doughty John Doty Paul Erslev John Kellam Donnie Ashby Chip Watson Jerry Richardson Frankie Scanlan Larry Underhill Dink Whitmore Buddy Williams Bobby Wood Donnie Ewell John Elliott Ricky Hume Richard Hall Vernon Lewis Richard Mapp Dukie Matthews Fred Outten Randy Parks Robert Spady THE BAND Sponsor MR. JAY D. MEEK OFFICERS President- - BURLEIGH TURNER Vice President - - - - - TEMPLE BELL Secretary - - LESLIE SHOCKLEY Treasurer - -SHIRLEY JONES Sergeant - - - - - - GRIFF HOLLAND Charles Arnold Shirley Jones Mary Anne Sturgis Temple Bell Dick Kellam Richard Tittermary Connie Bowen Donnie Kellam Anne Turner Carol Burleson Kent Mapp Burleigh Turner Thomas Charnock Louise Mapp Janie Turner Lula Cowling Kenneth Marshall Monty Webb Gordon Dix Alfred Miles Jacci Webber Ruth Doughty Martha Miles Buddy Williams Tracy Gibb Jane Oliver MAJORETTES Tommy Hallett Betty Parks Suzanne Ballard Patsy Hand Randy Parks Martha Dunton Barbara Higbee Danny Phillips Jane Oliver Griff Holland Corroll Page Senn Peggy Parks Roy James Leslie Shockley Mary Anne Williams VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Joanne Gladstone Selma White Nancy Watson Bonnie Bundick Betsy Shreaves Mary Badger - Captain Carol Boss J.V. CHEERLEADERS Babs Jones - Captain ( Absent) Jennie Nottingham Lula Cowling Mary Ann Sturgis 1957 FOOTBALL TEAM Front row: Richard Colona, and Dickie Miles, Managers. Second row: Francis Ward, James Bradshaw, Jack Westcoat, Steve Lewis, Donnie Kellam, Sonny Heath, Wayne Marshall, Johnny Nottingham, Ben Elliott, Redford Williams, George Kellam, and William Moore. Third row: Jimmy Belote, Brooks Bradford, Jimmy Scanlon, Eldred Floyd, Pardner Mapp, Kenny Webb, John Tinnell, Holland Bell, Joe Beach, Billy Bynum, William Oakley, and Coach Carl Kane. J.V. FOOTBALL Coach GEORGE W. YOUNG Co-Captains GORDON DIX PAGE ASHBY Larry Underhill Emerson Smith Gordon Dix Page Ashby Fred Chalmers Frankie Scanlan John Elliott Barry Taylor Buddy Williams Noble Palmer Paul Erslev Joe Bayly Jack Rowe Joe Culver Jimmy Guy Kenneth Arnold Donnie Ashby Ivan Turner Jimmy Burton Albert Palmer Bobby Brady Jack Hallett Roy James John Dody J.V. BASKETBALL Coach CARL KANE Captain BILLY BYNUM Manager RANDY PARKS Randy Parks Jimmy Prettyman Bobby Dunton Cecil Smith Gordon Dix Heywood M. Hand Jack Rowe Jack Hallett Paul Erslev Billy Bynum Johnny Moore Roy James Johnny Nottingham Billy Travis Buddy Williams BASKETBALL 1958 ‘ ' ' ‘ V v A - 4 a = SS|r fir fr ' - " As; ssS ; : f STP J o . Coach: GEORGE YOUNG Captains: KENNETH WEBB, PARDNER MAPP MEMBERS Wayne Farlow Richard Warren Sonny Heath Thomas V. Richardson Kenneth Webb Pardner Mapp John Tinnell Sonny Holland Eldred Floyd Butch Miles George Kellam Jackie Parks Donnie Kellam Norval Turner Jeff Walker Managers: JIM FEREBEE, FRANKIE COLONNA 1958 BASKETBALL Coach: MRS. NAN KANE Captains: CATHERINE JONES CATHERINE WHITE Virginia Arnold Margaret Bayly Kay Bowen Connie Budd Kay Custis Carole Hogg Catherine Jones Joyce Lemon Ingeborg Prugelhof Vivian Shrieves Dolores Steward Jacci Webber Betty White Catherine White Mary Anne Williams Coach: MRS. NAN KANE Captain: CATHERINE DOUGHTY 1957 SOLTBALL Pauline Widgeon Catherine Doughty Carolyn Bradford Kay Custis Catherine White Connie Budd Vivien Shrieves Carole Paige Hogg Sylvia Lewis Carol Boss Anne Turner Catherine Jones BASEBALL Second line: Co-Captains: THOMAS - DUNTON Coach: GEORGE YOUNG Heywood M. Hand Richard Colonna Darrell Renolds Jimmy Belote Haney Smith T. V. Richardson Norval Turner Third line: Gordon Dix Eldred Floyd Donnie Kellam Jackie Parks Phillip Custis Jimmy Burton First line: Sonny Heath Kenneth Webb Jimmy Colonna George Kellam Kenneth Thomas Carlton Dunton Jimmy Churn Marshall Acuff John Tinnell TRACK Coach: CARL KANE Sonny Heath Captain: JACK JAMES Smith Holland Managers: BRYAN TURNER - JACK ROWE Harold T. Parks Jimmy Colonna Carlton Dunton Joe Beach First line: Temple Bell Bryan Turner Johnny Nottingham Curtis Caplinger Francis Ward Jack James Ben Elliott Darrell Reynolds Charles Whitehead Jack Rowe Second line: Redford Williams Donnie Kellam Jackie Parks Brooks Bradford SCOREBOARD FOOTBALL VARSITY 1957 JUNIOR VARSITY WE THEY WE THEY Central 19 0 Cape Charles 6 6 Norfolk Acad. 25 7 Atlantic 27 0 Norfolk Cath. 0 9 Norfolk Acad. 0 7 Lord Balt. 34 0 Red Shields 19 0 Atlantic 40 0 Chincoteague 13 0 Gloucester 21 0 Princess Anne 21 0 Cambridge 33 0 Cape Charles 28 0 BASKETBALL VARSITY 1957-58 JUNIOR VARSITY WE THEY WE THEY Barry Robinson 57 26 Va. Beach 41 49 Atlantic 50 25 Norfolk Acad. 38 26 James Blair 49 47 Boy ' s Club 36 25 Va. Beach 46 48 Gloucester 41 26 Norfolk Acad. 49 35 Great Bridge 18 40 Cape Charles 61 28 Crisfield 21 30 Gloucester 73 51 Norfolk Acad. 35 39 Central 43 25 Va. Beach 33 53 Great Bridge 54 67 Boys’ Club 28 21 Parksley 50 21 Crisfield 34 36 Norfolk Academy 48 46 James Blair 43 46 Va. Beach 67 75 Crisfield 50 62 Atlantic 69 47 GIRLS BASKETBALL VARSITY BASEBALL 1957-58 1957 WE THEY WE THEY Atlantic 21 31 Cape Charles 15 3 Cape Charles 38 9 Parksley 5 9 Central 21 30 Atlantic 6 4 Parksley 29 20 Parksley 16 5 Atlantic 16 28 Central 8 2 Red Shields 3 2 Chincoteague 4 5 Cape Charles 1 3 Norfolk Acad. 10 2 Crisfield 1 3 Central 10 2 A Compliments of i r I PARKS BEN FRANKLIN STORE Home Owned by Self-Service T. C. RENNER Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia R|1 rER FINANCE CO., INC. KELLAM DISTRIBUTING CO., INC. Onancock, Virginia Belle Haven Phone SUnset 7-3000 Tasley Loans Up to $600 Cape Charles Compliments of Compliments of W.R?. T3 m atrtrison WEST GROCERY ELLIOTT Motor Tuneup Specialist Cheriton, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of ADDISON ' S FARM INSURANCE AGENCY STORE J. T. MAPP, JR. Eastville, Virginia Eastville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of RELIABLE COAL LUMBER CO. NATIONAL BANK OF NORTHAMPTON Cape Charles, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of SILS G ' R BEACH C. O. PRETTY M AN SUPPLY CO. AND SONS Variety Store America’s Undersellers Broad Street Exmore, Virginia Real Estate and Businesses Broad Street Exmore, Virginia Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 W. H. ADAMS JACK , STORES NURSERY Roses Are Our Specialty Eastville, Virginia Eastville, Virginia Buie Authorized Sales and Service KELLAM MOTORS U. S. Highway Thirteen EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA A Family Name in Transportation on the Eastern Shore for Half a Century Compliments of 1 Compliments of THE EASTVILLE DRUMMONDS BANK STORE Eastville, Virginia Eastville Station, Virginia V isit Compliments of SHREAVES FASHION SHOP SERVICE STATION for Washing - Lubrication Latest Style and Finest Tire Repairs Quality Eastville, Virginia Phone 33-W Cape Charles, Virginia Mgr. EDYTH W. GRAY Phone Orchard 85293 Arnold ' s DRY GOODS PHARMACY s rf ) ] A. A. ARNOLD Registered Druggist i Phone 2-6159 Exmore, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of FOX AND JAMES FUNERAL HOME i Eastville, Virginia HENRYS PRINTING SHOP FOX AND SCOTT FUNERAL HOME Nassawadox, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of THOMPSON AND SAVAGH CABINETS Co ' U ' nfy TRUST BANK Exmore, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of TIF 3 TOP FOOD STORES nr i_ TANK ARID NURSERIES B. B. MARKET Groceries - Produce - Meats Expert Landscape Service -Delivery Service- Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias Shrubs and Trees Phone: OR-8-5505 Our Aim Eastville, Virginia To Help Make the Eastern Shore a More Beautiful Place in Which to Live. COMPLIMENTS OF Birdsnest, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of marsh ' s SAVAGES GROCERY DRUG STORE Weirwood, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of EASTVILLE ESSO SERVICE STATION MAPLETON DAIRY Nassawadox, Virginia DEALER Eastville, Virginia Compliments of LANCE FULCHER VERNON M. MARTIN Texaco Products Cape Charles, Virginia To Our Advertising Friends Our Thanks For Your Interest and Help CAMERA CENTER Senn Building Exmore, Virginia Phone: B. H. 2-6414 Compliments of LUMBER CO. Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of TANKARD AND KELLAM Weirwood, Virginia Compliments of JOSEPH ETZ, JR. Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of KIPTOPEKE ESSO SERVICENTER Phone: Cape Charles 652 Kiptopeke, Virginia Compliments of H. L. WEST TRUCKING COMPANY Cheriton, Virginia RICHARD F. ETZ Jeweler Keepsake Diamond Rings Cape Charles, Virginia THE PARRY SHOP Cape Charles, Virginia Phone 98 BROAD STREET BARBER SHOP D. E. GLADDEN Exmore, Virginia JOHN BRUCE WHITE General Merchandise Self-Service Bayview, Virginia Compliments of THE TEXTILE SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of COLONNA’S BARBER SHOP Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of HOME BENEFICIAL LIFE INSURANCE O. W. OBAUGH, Manager CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Juke Boxes Rented on Commission WINSTON J. CUSTIS Exmore, Virginia Compliments of PEOPLES’ LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Onancock, Virginia THE A. GREENBERG COMPANY JACK KIMMEL, Proprietor “The Store of Better Values Onancock, Virginia Compliments of ORIENTAL GARDENS NAT MAPP Belle Haven, Virginia Compliments of BARR BROTHERS Friendly Jewelers Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of M. B. MAPP’S PURE OIL STATION Cheriton, Virginia i Compliments of vJ.M. WATSON CO. , INCORPORATED General Electric Appliances - Specializing in the Finest Quality Solid Mahogany Solid Cherry and Solid Walnut Reproductions Bigelow-Sanford, Karastan and Lees’ Carpets and Rugs " The House of Quality " H. HUGHES WATSON Secretary- Treasurer H. WATSON TYFORD, President J. M. WATSON CO., INC. Onancock, Virginia Parts Service EASTERN SHORE CANNING CO. , INC. John Deere Tractor and Implement Division Machipongo, Virginia Compliments of H. M. JAMES Z COMPANY " House of Fabrics " CHHWOLET Phone: B. H. 2-6064 Cheriton, Virginia Nassawadox, Va. Compliments of ■BAJLiEY ' Wavwnfr RADIO TV Sylvania T0 Y AtfWOWZW SarVKI SYLVAMA SALES SERVICE ymmsioN J Cheriton, Virginia Cheriton, Va. Compliments of Compliments of T3 AUL1-3 FASHION SHOP Cape Charles, Virginia Mgr., EDITH W. GRAY Cheriton, Va. Compliments of Compliments of KENNY ' S RESTAURANT B. F. HOVERMALE, MDSE. Cape Charles Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of JOE ' S TEXACO SERVICE STOAKLEY ' S TAXI STATION Cheriton Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of PARKER ' S TV AND RADIO APPLIANCES Compliments of SUNNYSIDE SEAFOOD AND OYSTER BAR Onancock Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of BERLIE BELL JONES ' DEPT. STORE Oyster, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of RUSTY ' S BARBER SHOP MASON LUMBER AND CABINET Cape Charles, Virginia CO. Belle Haven, Virginia Compliments of PENINSULA MOTORS Sales - Service Phone 208 Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of MEELHEIM ' S Cape Charles, Virginia A. N. STORE Work Clothes - Shoes Sporting Goods ECONOMY FOOD STORE Uncle Sam Prints Dollars Economy S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S Cape Charles, Virginia Them Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of CHERITON BARBER SHOP Compliments of R. L. CLARK, Manager Cheriton, Virginia UNION LIFE INS. CO. , INC. Onancock, Virginia Compliments of “EEL 5r H CUE A NERS 12 A, PARSONS CO. , INC. Farm Supplies Phone 1180 Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of WCWM ir FUNERAL HOME JACK WEBB Cape Charles, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia Compliments of W.W. TDIXOM GLICkl %C SONS CO. DEPARTMENT STORES Produce Dealers Onancock, Va. - Exmore, Va. Capeville, Virginia Compliments of JACK ' S ATLANTIC Washing and Lubrication SELF-SERVICE STORE Machipongo, Va. Nassawadox, Va. ATLANTIC Compliments of NEHI BOTTLING CO. Cape Charles, Ya. Best Wishes for Everlasting Happiness and Outstanding Success to the Class of ' 58 H. C. WISE SON Cheriton, Va. Compliments of EXMORE ESSO SERVICENTER Exmore, Va. STANLEY KELLAM JOHN KELLAM THE EASTERN SHORE NEWS Onancock, Virginia Join Over 30, 000 Others (Estimating 4 Readers Per Paper) and Read " THE NEWS 11 Compliments of JEWELER Compliments of GRAY ' S TV APPLIANCES RCA Victor Compliments of DUNTON ' S STATION Nassawadox Compliments of SMITH ESSO Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of REVELL ' S JEWELRY Exmore, Virginia LITHOGRAPHED BY — LOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE xmm V 9H WfMl RmmMiwiMiantni ? Mmin we MWIBWi £BS8S ' SS |lir .. ' . .-...- ’ . —. mwmmrn 1 ■■■nm HnMPHiHi vtPTON CHOOL ss«s » ' : s iftp j »■ ' m •, ■ : ■«3BKl • sssn MMflSPMK ■■in ' i nr-sipf ■ •,• .■; flpjgt v, -• 4 « mmwirnSw- fm ' ' fc-a £$ 5 " • ooini •» • » m- k. ■ ' - V " ' vTiV™ -v .,. :. . , rT „ wnn — | . ... v ■ .a - y«. . , mwmm j nr ■ - o m s iV - jfjg MMfe • $ . 1 BSSfe W tfmm-m mummm ■ mmm mm, m m ' feJPpSBwfe asssfe aSM » »• g ffcwt fsg n ’ - • ■ PfiSS

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