Northampton High School - Torch Yearbook (Eastville, VA)

 - Class of 1957

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Northampton High School - Torch Yearbook (Eastville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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. NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL Eastville, Virginia » yCtf ' | 4 C N X class of ' 57 has now arrived at the ftL0eshpld to the future. Before us lies a whole pewwVorld filled with wonderment and expecta- ti n Behind us lies five years of fun, folly, nd fjrHmdships. e shall miss our old friends, classmates, ichers, but we know they will always stay to our hearts through the pictures and we find printed in this, our book of memo- CONTENTS itjj — T ' I (04a, J a A- (V V VV ' 1. , v th Grade oments to Remember Advertisements " n n. m 1 K Sl .o..n_p ' A ZdjuOL, C L X tXL - V?7 r.tyCy £? y A ci Qy ? ? c f U-a _7 7 L JAAZjtx-y CflCCCGS y jC4yfejyC$OL -Ajuul Q jfadac ■ D ' -jlM ' CbruLs 6 ' 777 oonJMic j. fj yAuu oSL 3 ecuvJ OOULX , C dcu-jaJ yiA uyyyO _ j iMjJL jus L 7 uxdL eu-i lx HQ J Co i ,-lr l (i, yd -tL ) cJL C AjL- m- auru Xxyyyo ' ° L i " r ° Z C ‘ daAyL o_v.P_ G rv A_ Xb ' U -t_ QCCtlAjl u - - ' - J 1 , ,r vW k-ce juifu oJLSb W tw . ajo-O ojvSs. v77 ' JLe- T IkVyxj JUU £L u£oCOO - oot-q_. x lSoO ' v o. o jl k Vy vv_j ql a -. £Lo_, J A-two c 7_ gv_ M-ivi vv a , 5 A idf cct XAm-x, - VLP-CvJL J r v JLgtL ' X_£. 600 ajy-6u s d oic txjy r e pi Cv(Jul , ? dicin ' Jt t c a (U - j£snnc - A 4j G yrxJ XUiJUL JLuxxSc HoSUPfi , VVO XmJXc X ' VYML ' 0:1x6IsXU 77 cocO , Koo v LcSl v)VCL Cv JLxa CPxKi Orv x. a L Glv ( 6JX_ v - - -- 6JX- Od lc, rr JU o ev o Aouv Vju if ty-c k • Qiu_ CC o odiSL ' fiujLc CGr xjUyynJlX- OXXy . O? yaJxCuLd sykJUOALAJ ■dOJXGs it ' d Xj J Xjy Cu drLJujJC OfljJLy aj -Ajuk C yU_J jjueAa 4t iAol.V5cx xo: " A O- xJdixcCt 2-Cin c OU. _Cc-C 9 C T . 6 2 0 XXiCX X- d-X OdlJLi CO- Qd Cx (G jcJty ' d -XLAsU - CL4A (id 7a £$JLjbcXst-£ ' f-yy sy L yj Za (Si U COco OOcryo x jlv_ jcfc 9 MjCAJlJLy C ) o XJA 3 A cut, A ' KJLAXiid ' LA aJA t aux-s Qf jt A_o JUcc jLs Cjtja uus jujo idt ' - V J - — t ijb Si vfc f CLAy s LsIj ' ClsU JJL Ca _ i a ujy is c fiA Ayi ' •7 w u.fs. y j 77 7 7 a . 0 , £L ' To o-— 7 Ti ' v 7 V- VCj SPTjc 7 : 7 v 0 YAJt v- f - 0 ; adOS- . ' V ' Vv Ji Vxd XJVO -7 a. ' C -o ' i —- CK -X_. jv - MR. BURLEIGH 3. TURNER, JR. Because we owe so much to him, the Class of 1957 is very pleased to dedicate this edition of the Torch to Mr. Burleigh B. Turner, Jr. He has, through his excellent science teaching, opened our eyes to the many wonders of the world about us, and he has, through his fine photo¬ graphy, contributed so much to the annuals of Northampton High School. o ft a -; c w= O Y " V L t L S yddJi - z XX- r y f- r Zf - ' " 7 XI -X 1 x yo-ay X- - T™ X ,CX — ' v -X A TX y- X _ y- cZ y) ■ Z- =kt V-s? — l ' 0 1 . dZ P U J D o, Le -y , - Zsla-vk«vv-M A 5 - Sr° Q J . fc — - ' gJZn)-? i (TlOVLu X i 3 EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Art Editor Business Manager Assistant Manager LAYOUT Patsy Beach Jan Elliott Leah Hudson Marcy Badger Anne Shockley Grace Holland Betty Jo Wolfe Catherine Doughty Pauline Widgeon Mary Costa Anne Turner Betty Barkley Bed Wescott TYPING Leah Hudson Barbara Matthews Nancy Simpson Betty Barkley Mary Ellen Phillips Eleanor Gaylor Betty Jo Wolfe Ruth Somers Anne Hopkins Catherine Doughty PHOTOGRAPHY Marcy Badger Nell Gaskill Mr. Burleigh B. Turner, Jr. Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Patsy Beach Sharon Storrs Norval Turner Mary Ellen Phillips Nancy Simpson Patsy Beach Charles Etz Pauline Widgeon ADVERTISING Mary Costa Hillary Little Mar cy Badger Patsy Beach Anne Shockley Grace Holland Betty Jo Wolfe Don Baker Spady Nottingham Bud Wescott Jan Elliott Curtis Caplinger PUBLICITY Anne Shockley Hillary Little Leah Hudson Patsy Beach Marcy Badger Betty Jo Wolfe Pauline Widgeon Don Baker Spady Nottingham Jan Elliott Bud Wescott Mary Costa Norris Bowen Jo Ann Hopper Eleanor Gaylor Jimmy Colonna SPORTS Jan Elliott Mary Costa Catherine Doughty Pauline Widgeon Sponsors: Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Mrs. Mary N. Kellam SALES Grace Holland Betty Wolfe Marcy Badger Bud Wescott Nell Gaskill Phyllis Smith Charles Ennis Anne Shockley Norma Parker Charles Etz Jan Elliott Betty Barkley Patsy Beach Leah Hudson Anne Hopkins Judy Kellam p " r 1 vjl i iWm ■p 7 j a A h f . ■ fc ' A L ■: ADMINISTRATION o . i » § Si ill _gw r _ | : . P. T. ATKINSON, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B. S. College of William and Mary - M. Ed. Principal PHOEBE E. WINDECKER Secretary MARGARET SCOTT Mary Washington College - B. S. Librarian HELEN LOWE Clerk of School Board ELLA KILLMON Clerk-Typist WILLIAM F. LAWSON Superintendent of Schools B. GORDON WESCOTT Elementary Supervisor LILA N. JACOB Longwood College - B. S. Foreign Language - English JENNIE S. MAPP Randolph-Macon Woman ' s Mathematics r A ‘ Wut ft College - A. B. r- -• i Ji 4 GEORGE B. WYNNE Trinity College - A. B. Duke University - A. M. Harvard University Graduate School History BURLEIGH B. TURNER, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B. S. Science AND FACULTY J. ELIZABETH JONES Westhampton College - A. B. English GEORGE W. YOUNG College of William and Mary - B. S. Physical Education LORETTA W. SMALLEY Adelphi College - A. B. New York University - M. A. English VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE Madison College - B. S. Home Economics - English NAN M. KANE West Virginia Wesleyan - A. B. Physical Education MARY N. KELLAM Mary Washington College Commercial JAY D. MEEK Indiana State College - B. S. Music JOHN T. BADGER Virginia Polytechnic Institute - B. S. Agriculture - Shop IRMA F. FLOYD Madison College - B. S. English - Mathematics JEAN T. SCOTT College of William and Mary - B. A. Mathematics CHARLES C. JONES College of William and Mary - B. S. Science - Mathematics CARL R. KANE Marshall College - M. A. and B. S. Social Studies - Physical Education t)u jt£j k % . v n U W tx J »£ ,XX-i_ yi-C-HQ} -e r-cJ p-r -3- - - XL h JUTtdunu ' Y 1 1 jLJ 9 - T o P " h O jlj J 5 ? - 4rr J Cc (iJ ' S cnsiX l £_ .Jj 7cf yj f-c - cl i_q_ xyou xSf £ UJirru Y 1 f cM H —- Co-A -7- c 4 - m rJr Tt ect ' ’ CL O Ci ' 9- -c7 LVih A {j oily- (jJ cuo XX _, ■ u e " XjbzjX - ' T ' l-d -eyt-C U - AW- ‘ r Aj: d zL- yy Xhmi W: y a.- o r • —— k jW M just c c ENIOR realization; L MARILYN JUNE BADGER So sweet the shenanigans of youth! SCA 2; Beta Cl. 2-4; Dra. Cl. 1-2; Hi-Y 4; Band 1-2; Annual Staff. EARL THOMAS BAGWELL " Let the world slide; we shall ne ' er be younger. " Mon. Cl. 1-4; Football 2-4; Wildlife 1-3. Queen City Kid with a poppin ' Ford! Cam. Cl. 1; Wildlife 1; Good Cit. 2; Foot¬ ball 1-2. L- -tV w PATRICIA ANN BEACH Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together. " Student Council 4, Secretary 4; Class Sec¬ retary 3-4; Dramatic Club 2-3; Beta Club 2,-4, President 4; Band 2; Annual Staff. DONALD ROSS BAKER Mischief in each eye ! Entered Soph. Yr; Beta Cl. 3-4; Hi-Y 2-4; Wildlife 2; Good Cit. 2-4; Annual Staff. JOSEPH ENNIS BONNIWELL BETTY DENISE BARKLEY ✓ It ' s quality not quantity that counts. Dra. Cl. 1-2; F. H. A. 2-4; Par. 3; Fed. Secretary 3; Beta Cl. 2-4; Typical Jr. Girl; Annual St. JUDY REHL BOWEN Sweet, polite, and just right. Entered Senior Year. LINWOOD RICHARD CHARNOCK Lots could be learned if one could read his mind. Camera Club 1; Football 2-3. JAMES MAGREEDA COLONNA An all around fellow you ' ll always remem¬ ber. Spts. Cl. 1; Dra. Cl. 3-4; Arts Cfts. 1-2, Pres. 2; FB 2-4; Baseball 1-4; Mon. Cl. 2-4, Treas. 4; Track 1. BRUCE PARKER CORBIN " I ' m too young to go steady! " Football 2-4. MARIA COSTA A dark eyed beauty spot, full of pep and laughter. SCA 1-4, V. Pres. 2, Treas. 4; Beta Cl. 2-4; Dra. Cl. 1; Mon. Cl. 1-4, Sec. 4; Glee Cl. 1-2; Cheerleader 1-4; Annual St. Beta Con. 1. WILLIAM FRANCIS CARPENTER His heart lies in the Sophomore Class! Wildlife 2. A captor of hearts ! Student Council 3; Arts and Crafts 1-2; Camera Club 1-2; Track 3; Band 1-4 ident 4; Annual St. y— ) CURTIS COBB CAPLINGER r Racing, ready, and rambunctious! Band 1-3. NORRIS RAY BOWEN ADA CATHERINE DOUGHTY A thoroughly nice person! F. H. A. 2-3; Mon. Cl. 2-4; Beta Club 3-4; Dra. Cl. 3; Basketball 1-4; Annual St. CARLTON MOORE DUNTON A serious student with a golden voice! F. F. A. 1-4; Pres. 2-3, Sec. 4; Wildlife 1-2; Track 3; Baseball. JAN GORDEN ELLIOTT Whenever trouble ' s brewing, he ' s there stirring! Cam. Cl. 1; Dram. Cl. 3; Beta Cl. 2-4; Good Cit. 3-4; Hi-Y 3-4; F. Ball 2; Wild¬ life 1; Annual St. CHARLES ATLAS ENNIS, JR. Life is too short to waste. Camera Cl. 1; Band 1-3. j- zlr A CHARLE|L tHOMAS ETZ A model friend with a likeable manner. Wildlife 1,2; Mon. Cl. 2-4; Cam. Cl. 1-2; Football 2-4; Bus. Man. of Annual; Band 1-3. NELL MARVIN GASKILL A game gal who ' s naturally nice. Camera 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff. ELEANOR FRANCES GAYLOR Serene, calm and thoughtful. Class Treasurer 3; Dra. Cl. 1-3; Beta Cl. 2-4; Annual St. MARY ANN GLADSTONE Charm that captures many hearts. Dram. 1; F. H. A. 2, 3, 4; Pianist 2; Thanks¬ giving Court 3; Band 1; Glee Cl. 2. SHERLE THOMAS HALL He has that Ipana smile ! F. F. A. 2-3. GRACE WILKINS HOLLAND A sure cure for the blues; giggles uncon¬ trolled. Beta 2, 3; Dram. 1, 2, 3, Reporter 3; Band 1, 2; Annual St. SMITH WILSON HOLLAND A giant on the gridiron! Mon. Cl. 1-4, Vice-Pres, 3, President 4; Football 1-4, Co-Captain 4; Track 3-4. (A W tfS Ks } (] he is fierce Annual Staff. JO ANN HOPPER A cute wee thing! F. H. A. 1-2. LEAH BELLE HUDSON I know a trick worth two of that! F. H. A. 2,3, Vice-Pres. 3; Dra. Cl. 1-4; Beta Cl. 2-3; Thanksgiving Court 1-2; An¬ nual St. JOHN EDMONDS JAMES " What the mind thinketh, the tongue speak- eth! SCA 2; Class Vice-Pres. 1; Mon. 1-2-3-4, Vice-Pres. 4; Football 1-2-3-4; Track 1-3-4. JUDITH DALE KELLAM " Speech is silver, but silence is golden. " F. H. A. 2-3. HILLARY FITCHETT LITTLE " Capable and Willing. " SCA 3, Parliamentarian 4; Hi-Y 2-3-4, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres, 3, Sec. 2; G ood Citz. 3-4; Football 3; Annual St. 4; Class Pres. 2-3; Youth Governor 4. WILLIAM DON MAPP " Hands on the wheel; heart in the clouds. " F. F. A. 2-3, Serg. -at-Arms; Wildlife 1; Band 2-3-4. . £1, iV - £Vy r- )Y 3 ' •) I ■ -J ;v y jy r ' y J tO ' O ' BARBARA ALLEN MATTHEWS " Little and neat and oh, so sweet! " SCA 1-3; F. H. A. 1, Vice-Pres. 1; Dra. Cl. 1; Beta Cl. 2-3-4; Glee Cl. 1; Softball 1-2-3-4; Cheerleader 1-2-3-4, Capt. 4; Football Queen 4; F. F. A. Sweetheart 4; Beta Contestant 1-2-3-4; Maid of Honor 2. 4 OTHO FREDERICK MOORE, JR. He ' ll tread through many a peril to kill a squirrel. F. F. A. 1-4, Vice-Pres. 3, Reporter 4; Wildlife 1; Arts and Crafts 1. CHARLES ELTON NORDSTROM, JR. " A happy fellow with fun in mind. Band 1-2; Camera 1. M THOMAS SPADY NOTTINGHAM " Unpredictable and likeable! " Class Sec. 1; Hi-Y 3-4; Camera Cl. 2; Mon. 1-2-3-4; F. Ball 1-3-4; Track 3; Annual Staff 4. LORRAINE HARRIET PALMER " Yankee with her heart in the South. " Entered Junior Year; Senior Hi-Y 3. NORMA LOVELL PARKER " Small in size, but abundant in charm. " F. H. A. 1-2-3. HOWARD RICHARDS PARKS " A crazy joke to cure the blues. " Mon. 3-4; Wildlife 1-2; Football 2-3-4; Baseball 2. MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS " A steel tongue makes a wise head! " SCA 4; F. H. A. 1-2-3, Sec. 2-3; Beta Cl. 2-3-4, Sec. and Treas. 4; Ed. -in-Chief of Annual 4. LORETTA ANNE SHOCKLEY " A bright personality full of optimism. " Dra. Cl. 1-2-3-4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Beta 2; Band 1-2-3, Pres. 3; Annual Staff 4. NANCY ELLEN SIMPSON " A smile to delight any heart. " Cl. Treas. 4; F. H. A. 1-2-3-4, Pres. 3, Fed. Rep. 3; Thanksgiving Court 1-4; Maid of Honor 4; Asst. Ed. -Annual; Beta Queen 4. PHYLLIS JUNE SMITH A word to few; an ear to many. F.H.A. 1-2-3. ROBERT LEE SMITH Quiet and nice. Wildlife 1. RUTH LEE SOMERS Dainty and demure. . . a pleasing combina¬ tion. Class Vice-Pres. 1; Beta Cl. 2-4; Drama¬ tic 1; Thanksgiving Court 1. DAVID BRANDON TANKARD Ability and enthusiasm to merit success. SCA 1-4; Class Pres. 4; Beta 2-4, Vice- Pres. 4; Hi-Y 1-4, Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 4; Good Cit. 3-4, Pres. 4; FB 2-4; Bas¬ ketball 2; M. G. A. 1-2. KENNETH WAYNE THOMAS Gentleman, student, athlete. SCA 1-4, Pres. 4; Beta 2-4; Good Cit. 3- 4; Baseball 1-4; FB 1-4, Co-Capt. 4; Bas¬ ketball 3-4; Class Pres. 2; FB King 4. SCOTT ROGERS WALKER, JR. The technicalities of life are so important. Mono. Cl. 1-4; Beta 2-4; Good Cit. 1-4, Vice-Pres. 3; Baseball 1-2; Basketball 2-4. )l ifY yocA. i S s JU y A frnlt d jy. ..?$f crC ' C-fr u. ' ■ - Ujrz 4 M -. o chahlowe lafferty ' whit man Student and housewife. F. H. A. 1-2-3-4; Beta Club 1. ; , JAMES WESLEY WARD V j ' OCM- Q hd cl ' - ' di r ( A c ' Y 2 - ' T yV -A t ryuL nxJ Don ' t let study interfere with your educa¬ tion. Cam. Cl. 1; Arts Crfts. 1; F. F. A. 2, Sec. 2; Wildlife 2; Band 1-3. HAROLD PARKS WESCOTT Personality plus! SCA 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Dram. Cl. 1- 3, Pres. 2; Mono. 2-4; Good Cit. 2-4; Hi- Y 1; Arts Crfts. 1, Sec. 1; FB 1; Ch. Leader 2; Annual Staff. PAULINE WIDGEON Jitterbug air with a touch of the blues. F. H. A. 1, Reporter, 1; Dram. 2; Mono. 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Softball 1-4; Band Sec. 4; Asst. Bus. Mngr. of Annual. WILLIAM COSTIN WILLIS, JR. A drum beat pace. Camera 1-3, Treas. 3; Band 1-2-3-4. BETTY JO WOLFE A cute package full of tricks! SCA 1; F. H. A. 1-2; Majorette 1-3; Drum Majorette 3; Annual Staff. IMAGINE Marcy Badger Earl Tom Bagwell Don Baker Betty Barkley Patsy Beach Jay Bonniwell Norris Bowen Curtis Caplinger Billy Carpenter Richard Charnock Jimmy Colonna Bruce Corbin Mary Costa Catherine Doughty Carlton Dunton Jan Elliott Charles Ennis Charles Etz Nell Gaskill Eleanor Gaylor Mary Ann Gladstone Tommy Hall Grace Holland Smith Holland Anne Hopkins Jo Ann Hopper Leah Belle Hudson Jack James Judy Kellam Hillary Little Don Mapp Barbara Matthews Otho Moore Sonny Nordstrom Spady Nottingham Norma Parker Howard Parks Mary Ellen Phillips Anne Shockley Nancy Simpson Phyllis Smith Robert Smith Ruth Somers David Tankard Kenneth Thomas Scott Walker Jimmy Ward Bud Wescott Charlotte Whitman Pauline Widgeon Billy Willis Betty Jo Wolfe Judy R. Bowen Lorraine Palmer sensible a college professor a misogynist without " Semper Fidelis " a chorus girl without a Ford bootless and sideburnless quiet at any time without " Von Hindenburg " a Marlon Brando a Yankee fan serious inefficient and inconspicuous quiet and demure carefree and foolish without a harem an eager beaver a Casanova prim, proper, and precise a man-hater going steady--one at a time without that Brylcreem look selfish a long-haired poet a Dagmar a buxom dowager an extrovert puny and frail a flirtatious redhead a tongue-tied mouse digging classical music a wallflower a white-collar executive a history lover grumpy and rude a slinky siren without a chuckle getting E ' s meek and quiet without a smile " sassy " loquacious tomboyish and untidy dark and dashing without Barbara voiceless busy, bothered, and befuddled agreeing with anyone without George lost for an answer uninterested in feminine small- with a halo without a pocketbook a brunette fry Title Most Popular Best-All-Around Best Dressed Cutest Most Likely to Succeed Most Athletic Most Talkative Most Happy-go-Lucky Biggest Flirt Best Dancers Most Humorous Best Built Most Talented " Coolest Cats " Biggest Gossip Most Studious Best Sport Biggest Devil Most Juvenile Most Bashful Most Courteous Best Personality Nicest Quietest WHO ' S WHO Girl Barbara Matthews Betty Barkley Ruth Somers Barbara Matthews Mary Ellen Phillips Catherine Doughty Anne Shockley Nell Gaskill Anne Shockley Mary Costa Pauline Widgeon Leah Belle Hudson Patsy Beach Jo Ann Hopper Mary Ann Gladstone Mary Ellen Phillips Grace Holland Betty Jo Wolfe Marcy Badger Judy Kellam Eleanor Gaylor Nancy Simpson Anne Hopkins Charlotte Whitman Boy David Tankard Spady Nottingham Buzzy Elliott Norris Bowen Hillary Little Kenneth Thomas Billy Carpenter Tom Bagwell Billy Willis Bud Wescott Bruce Corbin Jack James Carlton Dunton Buzzy Elliott Scotty Walker Kenneth Thomas Jimmy Colonna Don Mapp Curtis Caplinger Robert Smith Don Baker Howard Parks Jimmy Ward Richard Charnock MISS N. H. S MR. N. H. S. J ' TuJL os y ' s)AdJ rOJ y (jUs? yiMlA_y Anticipation. ' Marshall Acuff l % n V -V Charles Arnold j JK y t Mary Badges l r k v ' X r y , 1 A jvA- r jls- V V w,-y , y , i p Charles Barall David Barnes Susan Boggs Robert Brady Orma Carlisle Nancy Charnock James Churn Mary Grates yy Audrey Crockett Robert Downes John Downing 3 - i k 2Q rpjL_ e£tu24-i. L C ui l U ' 7-ll4J@ C j - C ' LcJlz, John Elliott Eldred Floyd Carolyn Gladden Robert Gladden Kate Henderson Barbara Higbee Ernest James Catherine Jones Sandra Kellam Mark Killmon Catherine Kleinsorgen Ada Jo Lewis Harry Mapp‘ Virginia Nelson Kay Nottingham Trent Parks Virginia Parrott rv £ V ' Barbara Pollok Bonnie Prettyman Darrell Reynolds Nancy JRio bardspn Juanita Howe Heywoocr Savage age k ' N James Scanlan Christine Simpson Fay Smith Haney Smith Maudie Spad u John Tinnell Burleigh Turner, III Kenneth Webb Selma White Catherine White James Wilson Sandra Wood PARTICIPATION! ) Margaret Bayly James Belote Carol Boss Brooks Bradford Carolyn Bradford Nancy Byrd Kay Churn Richard Colonna William Colonna Allen Crumb Kay Custis Margaret Drummond Boyce Elliott Diane Evans Wayne Farlow Margaret Ferguson Thomas Hallett Lystral Heath Southey Holland Custis Jones Shirley Jones Donald Kellam t. ■f ?-i- V: v A ' t ap George Kellam Sylvia Lewis Linda Marsh )1 A Wayne Marshall Alfred Miles Joe Mingei r 4 - ' i f A- «Txi James Moore , T M J Itfl -A William Oakley y j x John Parks Thomas Rayfi Betsy Ric Susan Stur Samuel Tankard Anne Turner George W. Turner Margaret Ann Turner Norval Turner Jeff Walker Richard Warren Nancy Watson Charlie Whitehead Ann Wilkins Redford Williams Ruth Morrow Robert Young lo (. „ jX y AX. L h u?iAf ttjlL (juy ' AXAtJ tkju -A COlX- C A- LA O -C tP . £jo • OC ? XL aJi C UU O yU X A C £ V Xi juU - xc 0 t j V-O-JnjL (L-Ol V . - - , 5 • ■cxX AjCK flu »vA (xX X Ikv cdU- ' tuxJfcjc. 0 ' KxJL |ooJ ✓VUS- vA A V-X aXvvUViX. iJu jjjUcS ' £uLf- Jud . JL U 0u idLfxLLc 1 V cLuCUL • cX cy w yut lyrxH yv fc p Cu -rx -Xc • TOf- , ' Xo xJLjLc-CX ' k aA X xx xt 4 - »yx • v - c y “ v, v Uuiix, ClX tx •lo - tX ' tXlX _L _ r c • LOt C-CxxO 1 | KA ■n , .o i -JsL . ) v aV fl ir • xo-i, tdL juLJcJt i ,kJ XhJ C Xxcco » • v J r rV Xs X- u if A - ry xKju y. £vc v a d- cX Jco-jx- yxx - v. yyiuiAj cu tt v ± L 1 x+iXs j a Xsu cl £- xxw 1 m, j CaJ eCtHK lA O-bMjU ft-tJLCvJhul y clJU S) RESHMAN f Virginia Arnold Ashby Bayly Marvin Birch James Bradshaw Thomas Brady Frances Brittingham Charles Brown Connie Budd William Bull Bonnie Bundick Eunice Camden Herman Campbell Lucy Carpenter Mary Carpenter Richard Chambers Thomas Charnock Frank Colonna Sandra Commander Emily Culver Mattie Culver Phillip Barbara Downing James Downing Martha Duer Lyn Dunton Verne Eling B. H. Elliott Phil Ennis Harry Gaskill Frank Gibbs Nancy Gibbs Tracy Gibbs H. M. Hand Sue Hickman Carole Hogg Griff Holland J. T. Holland Julian Holland Virgil Hughes R«8ec James Kaye Jenkins Judy Johnson Margaret Kellam Barbara Kellam Anita Killmon Linda Killmon Grover Lafferty Steve Lewis Thomas Lewis Edwin Long Andrea Looney Kent Mapp Louise Mapp John Marshall Kenneth Marshall Dennis Matthews Dennis McLellan Ruth Melson % % Richard Miles David Moore Loretta Moore Rodney Moore William Moore John Nottingh; Robert Oliver Carrie Rayfield George Richardson Thomas Richardson Virgil Robinson Grace Rowe Suzanne Savedge Mary Shields [ft V ' ifUlt " A- Betsy Shreaves Vivien Shrieves Charlotte Simpson Sue Simpson Kay Simpson Sandra Simpson Faye Smith Evelyn Smith Cecil Smith Charles Steward Burley Travis William Travis Connie Turner Francis Ward Monty Webb Robert Webb ■■■■ mam WBNmXBI .hteML Kt REVELATION! 0 i v jY- [ j ' U jJt ' Tii- f - r } , . tk ' i adbc SLuJtfe tiS a . ' y ' -4 ‘ b jsJi tV re , » s JXsJLj? C • J-t U EIGHTH GRADE JL — VA ‘ ct ?zUUj ♦ Page Ashby Edward Bagwell aV Bonnie Bafe ° v ' A ir ine B rie w , Suzanne Ballard Joseph Bayly " X " S ™ it Linda Bell John Bull Samuel Burton Billy Bynum Lee Carpenter Frederick Chalmers J Nancy Clark Joseph Clayton Lula Cowling l ise U U t Ji se Wayne Bell Charles Bowden Danie Bowden Louis Bowen Janice Bradford Martha Doughty John Drummond Martha Dunton Margaret East Joyce Eder Elizabeth Etz Linda McCready Iris Lee Evans ir ' v o y •T y a JS Y % 9 James Ferebee Charles Floyd Jo Gladstone i ,j William Glanden y r Ma n£S Guy a | l ' Jj hn Hallett ' C ' ) T jP tricia Hand J Vivien Heath Cj ■ Bonnie. Hickman ? J f atric HiU ' -2 v y William HiL ,■ Je an Hunt j j Margaret Hdut 9 JT jT} j ° June tt rm j M Barlgk . iotl RolkiKellam. RicharePKeliam Nancy Killmod % ■v f. Patricia Killmon Abbie Lafferty Margaret Lane Joyce Lemon Samuel Lewis Charles Lumley Dean Mears artha Miles Lucille Mitchell Ethal Nottingham! Olivia Oakley Albert Palmer Alton Palmer Betty Parks Edwin Parks Linda Parks P e ggy Parks Billy Pearson fv. Clarence Prettyman Linda Prettyman sden I Charles Rhodes Harryette Rippon alker Rowe Rose Savedge Martha Shrieves Joan Silvia Marie Silvia Darlene Simpson Dora Smith Emerson Smith Groverteen Smith Joyce Smith Lou Soderstorm Beatrice Spady Robert Spady Patricia Steelman Dolores Steward James Taylor William Taylor Carol Thomas Richard Tittermary Carol Turner Ernest Turner Ida Turner Ivan Turner Burleigh Ward Margaret Ward Clayshia Willis Dennis Wood Elizabeth White MID-SEMESTER HONOR ROLL 8TH GRADE 9TH GRADE 10TH GRADE Suzanne Ballard Bonnie Bundlick Carol Boss Linda Bell Herman Campbell Kay Custis Billy Bynum Thomas Charnock Donald Kellam Lee Carpenter Phillip Custis George Kellam Lula Cowling Barbara Downing Jackie Parks James Ferebee Carole Hogg Thomas Rayfield Charles Floyd Julian Holland Leslie Ann Shockley Joanne Gladstone Rebecca James Sam Tankard, Jr. Babs Jones Bobbe Kellam Ann Turner Polk Kellam Thomas Lewis Richard Warren Dick Kellam Ruth Melson Redford Williams Martha Miles Robert Oliver William Oakley Noble Palmer Suzanne Savedge Betty Parks Betsy Shreaves Peggy Parks Sandra Simpson Carol Turner Evelyn Smith Janie burner Faye Smith Betty White Burley Travis Jack Wescoat Martha Belote Susan Boggs Nancy Charnock Carolyn Gladden Kate Henderson Catherine Jones Sandra Kellam Ada Jo Lewis Harry Mapp, Jr. Virginia Nelson Virginia Parrott James Scanlon John Tinnell Burleigh Turner, Kenneth Webb 12TH GRADE Marilyn Badger Donald Baker Betty Barkley Patricia Beach Mary Costa Jan Elliott Eleanor Gaylor Mary E. Phillips Nancy Simpson David Tankard lenneth Thomas cott Walker MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Day begins. . . . Late again! Exams coming up? Needed. ... a steady hand Shhhhh. . . . students working! m : v SCIENCE OPEN HOUSE Dissected cats, electric eyes, electric trains, paramecia under glass, oysters a la Turner, and- you name it! Atomic lemonade! Always hungry! MORE MOMENTS ■ NORTHAMPTON BETH CLUB Beta Queen V Sweetheart of the F. F. A. Royalty for a night! Invasion! Results of a " White Christmas " King Richard and Queen Nancy! Great googa-mooga! Wildlife at N. H. S. (Rabbit!) STILL MORE MOMENTS Mr. Meek I presume ! " We could have danced all night! " Blow, cats, blow! Lead on, Mr. Meek! Our Junior Band " jazz makers! " N. H. S. Beauties? Picture of whom, boys? N. H. S. mock election! Day ends--finally! STUDENT COUNCIL SENIORS President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . JUNIORS Kenneth Thomas . . Hillary Little . . Patsy Beach . . . Mary Costa Mary Phillips David Tankard SOPHOMORES Nancy Charnock E. M. James, III Sandra Kellam John Tinnell Burleigh Turner FRESHMEN George Kellam Susan Sturgis Redford Williams EIGHTH GRADE Connie Budd Ben Elliott Robert Oliver Billy Bynum Martha Miles Janie Turner Sponsor Mr P T Atkinson, Jr. BETA CLUB " Ducamus aliis serviendo " " Let us lead by serving others " OFFICERS President.Patsy Beach Vice-President.David Tankard Secretary-Treasurer. .Mary Ellen Phillips Sponsor...Miss Lila Jacob MEMBERS Marshall Acuff Marilyn Badger Don Baker Betty Barkley Patsy Beach Martha Belote Nancy Charnock Mary Costa Jan Elliott Eleanor Gaylor Kate Henderson Catherine Jones Sandra Kellam Ada Jo Lewis Pardner Mapp Barbara Matthews Ginny Nelson Kay Nottingham Virginia Parrott Mary Elleh Phillips Nancy Simpson Ruth Somers David Tankard Kenneth Thomas John Tinnell Burleigh Turner Scott Walker Kenneth Webb JUNIOR Hl-y OFFICERS President.Sandra Lee Commander Vice-President.Bonnie Bundick Secretary.Becky James Treasurer..Vivien Shreives Chaplain.Bobbe Kellam Sponsor .Mrs. Irma O. Floyd MEMBERS Suzanne Ballard Linda Bell Janice Bradford Bonnie Bundick Sandra Lee Commander Lula Cowling Emily Ann Culver Martha Ann Duer Martha Dunton Iris Evans Patsy Lee Hand Bonnie Hickman Carole Hogg Judy Johnson Becky James Babs Jones Dickie Kellam Bobbe Kellam Pat Killmon Joyce Lemon Martha Miles Edna Nottingham Betty Ann Parks Peggy Parks Linda Prettyman Vivien Shrieves Pat Steelman Janice Turner Betty White Clayshia Willis SPORTSMANSHIP CLUB OFFICERS President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . Sponsor .... . . Page Ashby Jimmy Burton Roger Merritt Cecil Lewis Mr. Carl Kane MEMBERS Paige Ashby Joe Bayly Dan Bowden Tom Bowden Louis Bowen Jimmy Burton Lee Carpenter Fred Chalmers Page Clayton Harrison Crumb Mike Deehan Gordon Dix Johnny Drummond Charles Floyd Billy Glanden Jimmy Guy Jack Hallett William Hill Polk Kellam Cecil Lewis Sammy Lewis Charles Lumley Emery Mears Roger Merritt Noble Palmer Eddie Parks Clarence Prettyman Ira Ramsden Charles Rhodes Jack Rowe Richard Smith Barry Taylor Billy Taylor Richard Tittermary Ivan Turner Burleigh Ward THANKSGIVING CHEERLEADERS Lucy Carpenter Nancy Watson Susan Sturgis Mary Co$ta Mary Badger Bonnie Prettyman Matthews KING Kenneth Thomas Miss 1957. Miss 1958. Miss 1959. Miss 1960. Miss 1961. QUEEN Barbara Matthews . . .Nancy Simpson .Faye Smith Sandra Commander . . Shirley Walker . . Suzanne Ballard FESTIVITIES Eastern Shore News, Dec. 1, 1956 NHS WALLOPS INDIANS, 42-0 By Randy Warren The NHS Yellow Jackets easily de¬ feated the Cape Charles Indians Thurs¬ day and by doing, won their first East¬ ern Shore title since 1947. They fin¬ ished the season with 7 wins, 1 loss (Norfolk Aca.), and 1 tie withOnancock. Thus Coach Carl Kane, finished his second straight season on the shore un¬ defeated and with the title 2 years in a row also. It was Cape Charles, that he led to the title in 1955, Although the score and statistics would seem to indicate the game to have been all NHS, it did not tell the whole story. The Yellow Jackets defense. Coached by George Yoong, played a large papt in the win as they set up five of the six touchdowns with two intercep¬ ted passes, two recovered fumbles, and a blocked punt. The NHS line broke through to block Jack Wilson ' s attempted punt as Cape Charles was unable to gain follow¬ ing the kick-off and took over on the Cape Charles 25. James and Tinnell alternated in carrying to the Indian 5 from which point Tinnell plunged over on a fourth down and three play. Cape Charles deepest penetration in Yellow Jacket territory was to the NHS 36, as the stingy visitors held the Indians to 20 yd. gained and one first down in first half. Tinnell and James again led the Yellow Jackets on offense as they scored 3 and 2 touchdowns respectively. Tin¬ nell carried 22 times for 133 yd. James gained 118 yd. in 15 attempts. BASKETBALL Catherine Doughty--Captain Pauline Widgeon Catherine White Catherine Jones Carolyn Gladden Virginia Parrott Connie Budd Anita Killmon Kay Custis Christine Simpson Kay Churn Virginia Arnold Carol Page Hogg Margaret Bayly 1956 CHAMPIONS FIRST ROW: Wayne Marshall, Donnie Kellam, Charles Etz, Kenneth Tho¬ mas, Smith Holland, George Kellam, Redford Williams, Howard Park?, Jim¬ my Belote, Richard Colonna, manager; Jimmy Scanlon, Spady Nottingham, David Tankard, Holland Bell, Kenneth Webb, Bruce Corbin, Jack James, Dickie Miles, manager. THIRD ROW: Carl Kane, coach; Jimmy Colonna, Trent Parks, Eldred Floyd, Pardner Mapp, John Tinnell, Joe Beach, Tom Bagwell, George Young, coach. All Shore Members N. H. S. 25 Central 6 N. H. S. 14 Chincoteague 13 N. H. S. 7 Norfolk Academy 20 N. H. S. 25 Parksley 0 N. H. S. 7 Central 0 N. H. S. 59 Atlantic 0 N. H. S. 39 Crisfield 6 N. H. S. 13 Onancock 13 N. H. S. 42 Cape Charles 0 BASEBALL 1956 FIRST ROW: Robert Simpson, Kenneth Thomas, Jimmy Colonna, Jackie Mapp, Warren Carpenter, Kenneth Webb, Pete Parkerson, Carlton Dunton, John Tinnell. SECOND ROW: Johnny Moore, Manager; Sonny Heath, Norval Turner, Redford Williams, George Kellam, Burleigh Turner, Jimmy Churn, Francis Ward, Mana¬ ger. THIRD ROW: Eldred Floyd, Marshall Acuff, Jimmy Belote, George Young, Coach; Richard Colonna, Jackie Parks, Jimmy Scanlan. 1956 BASEBALL SCORES Northampton - 1 Atlantic 4 Northampton - 8 Central 0 Northampton - 8 Cape Charles - 2 Northampton - 5 Parksley 2 Northampton - 7 Onancock 1 Northampton - 2 Central 3 Northampton - 17 Cape Charles - 4 ■ " hv.n a r? BASKETBALL A ■ rtX. L £W t Coach, George Young; Richard Warren, Scotty Walker, Sonny Heath, Mooney James, John Tinnell, Pardner Mapp, Eldred Floyd, Butch Miles, Donnie Kel- Lam, Charles Barall, managers James Ferebee, Frankie Colonna. WE THEY WE THEY Crisfield 33 48 Onancock 67 28 Norfolk Academy 38 42 Parksley 57 39 Central 57 44 Crisfield 35 75 Atlantic 56 30 Atlantic 61 15 Parksley 50 37 Norfolk Academy 51 53 Deep Creek 45 48 Cape Charles 105 41 Cape Charles 39 28 Red Shields 49 50 OUR ). V. TEAMS Johnny Nottingham, Norval Turner, Jackie Parks, Wayne Farlow, Griff Holland, George Kellam, Redford Williams, William Oakley, Jeff Walker, Carl Kane, Coach. TOP ROW: T. V. Richardson, Johnny Moore, Monty Webb, Charles Steward, Bil¬ ly Bynum, Albert Palmer, Steve Lewis, Ben Elliott, Ivan Turner, Johnny Notting¬ ham, Frankie Colonna, Jack Hallet, H. M. Hand, Kenneth Parker, William Moore, Barry Taylor, Francis Ward, Joe Bayly, Gordon Dix, Noble Palmer, Cecil Smith! Jimmy Guy, Polk Kellam, Tommy Biady, Tommy Lewis, Bruce Manuel, Coach! TO OUR ADVERTISING FRIENDS OUR THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST AND HELP EXMORE CAMERA CENTER Senn Building Exmore, Virginia Phone: B.H. 2-6414 Compliments of Compliments of DIXON AND SHOCKLEY Exmore Compliments of BROAD STREET BARBER SHOP SHREAVES SERVICE STATION Eastville, Virginia D. E. Gladden Broad Street Virginia, Va. Compliments of Compliments of DRUMMOND ' S STORE JACK STORRS 1 NURSERY Eastville Sta. Virginia Eastville Virginia " Roses Are Our Specialty " Your total food bill is LESS. . . . When you shop at CS ' . COLONIAL STORES GROWERS SUPPLY CO GROWERS SEED and FERTILIZER CO. W. R. Shannonhouse John Mapp Machipongo, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Eastville 8161 Belle Haven 2-6166 Compliments of EXMORE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Planning hospitality iomiD unni autwoity o» n«« coca-cola company it Compliments of B. and B. MARKET Meats - Produce - Groceries Delivery Service Phone: Eastville 8505 Eastville, Virginia Compliments of RUSSELL MOTOR CO., INC. " The Wonderful World of Autodynamics " " 1960 New " Plymouth Belle Haven 2-6200 parts .. j Service 4 t ' : ' v;. . C v - . . " ■ ■ • » :i . ... ' », ' „ - v- - . .r -v ' ;- .■ ,. - . . - • , » ' »■ r ■V: JQltL EASTERN SHORE CANNIN GCO., INC. John Deere Tractor Implement Division Machipongo Virginia ECONOMY FEED AND INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERS MILLING CO. Salisbury Maryland Cooperative Distributor of Southern States Feeds - Seeds and Other Farm Supplies Compliments of Phone: Onancock 596J3 BELL 6c JARVIS Machipongo, Virginia Melfa Virginia A Wish That You All Attain Your Goal In R. A. PARSONS 6c CO., INC. Life Farm Supplies And Always Be Phone 1180 Happy Cape Charles, Virginia DAIRYLANE Exmore Virginia Compliments Best of Luck To The Class of ' 57 of GLICK SONS RELIABLE COAL LUMBER CO. Department Stores Building Material - Coal Onancock, Virginia Cape Charles Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of FOX AND SCOTT FUNERAL HOME TOM ELLIOTT Cape Charles Virginia Nassawadox Virginia C. A. NOTTINGHAM Congratulations to INSURANCE The Class of ' 57 Phone: B.H. 2-4591 THE TEXTILE SHOP Exmore, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia W. W. DIXON BROS. INC. A. N. BELL Produce Dealers Dealer in Farm Machinery and Supplies Capeville, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of E H CLEANERS E. A. REYNOLDS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Cape Charles, Virginia Oyster, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of H. C. WEST AND SONS HOPKINS CHEVROLET Birds Nest, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia Compliments UNITED FOOD STORES of Mrs. Morris A. Bilich MC CREADY ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Meats 6c Groceries Oyster, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Eastern §fyorr (Canning (Company INCORPORATED mi Glamtpi Brgrtablrfi MACHIPONGO, Va. Compliments of Compliments of MAPLETON DAIRY WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of CANDLELIGHT COFFEE SHOP WILKINS FUNERAL HOME Birds Nest, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia KELLAM DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. H. M. JAMES COMPANY Belle Haven 2-5811 The House of Fabrics Tasley 213 Cape Charles 423 Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of EXMORE NORTHAMPTON ESSO SERVICENTER LUMBER CO. Stanley Kellam Phone B.H. 2-6144 Nassawadox Virginia John Kellam Exmore, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of J. M. WATSON CO.. BOTTLING CO. Cape Charles Virginia INCORPORATED General Electric Hotpoint 6c Philco Appliances Specializing in the Finest Quality Solid Mahogany, Solid Cherry and Solid Walnut Reproductions Bigelow-Sanford, Alex Smith 6c Lees ' Carpets and Rugs " The House of Quality " H. Hughes Watson Secretary-Treasurer H. Watson Twyford, President J. M. Watson Co., Inc. Onancock, Virginia Compliments of M3kpm e DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Drink Dr. Pepper The Friendly " Pepper-Upper " Exmore Virginia Compliments of HOPKINS Chevrolet Sales Cheriton Virginia Keller, Virginia Eastern Shore ' s Largest Furniture Store Phone: Onancock 384J THE TANKARD NURSERIES Expert Landscape Service Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias Shrubs 6c Trees Our Aim To help make the Eastern Shore a more beautiful place in which to live. Compliments of Compliments WARREN ' S SALES SERVICE Cheriton, Virginia of Compliments H. A. SMITH of A FRIEND Oyster, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of NORTHAMPTON COUNTY LANCE FULCHER VERNON M. MARTIN TRUST BANK Texaco Products Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of GRIFF ' S PEEBLES DEPT. STORE Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Visit MARILYN FASHION SHOP Compliments For of Latest Style and Finest Quality SAVAGE ' S DRUG STORE Phone 33-W Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Mgr. Edyth W. 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BON TON BEAUTY SHOP Nassawadox, Virginia Onancock, Virginia Compliments of Best of Luck to ART FLOWERS The Class of ' 57 Exmore, Virginia A FRIEND Compliments of Compliments of HENRY ' S PRINTING SHOP MARSH ' S GROCERY Nassawadox, Virginia Weirwood, Virginia Compliments of Best Wishes KENNY ' S RESTAURANT to The Class of ' 57 Cape Charles, Virginia A FRIEND Compliments of Congratulations to ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Jack Carpenter, Mgr. The Class of ' 57 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Machipongo, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments Compliments of GERALD M. MOORE Amoco Service Exmore, Virginia of N. C. REVELL Compliments of Compliments of NICO LLS CO. BURNETT-WALTON Exmore, Virginia Purina Chows Exmore Virginia Dry Goods ASSOCIATED SEED GROWERS, INC. E. M. JAMES, JR. Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia LYN ' S A. N. STORE Compliments of ADDISON ' S STORE Exmore, Virginia Eastville, Virginia PARKS Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE THOMPSON AND SAVAGE Self-Service CABINETS Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Home Owned By REVELL JEWELERS Watches T. C. RENNER W- ' Exmore, Virginia Bulova - Hamilton - Elgin Jewelry - Silverware Keepsake - Artcarved Diamond Exmore, Virginia JOHN BRUCE WHITE General Merchandise Self-Service Bayview Virginia Compliments of W. T. HASTINGS Bridgetown Virginia Compliments of JOSEPH ETZ, JR. Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of WATSON ' S GROCERY Compliments of PENINSULA MOTORS Sales Service Phone 208 Cape Charles, Virginia A. 6c N. STORE Work Clothes - Shoes Sporting Goods Cape Charles Virginia Compliments of TILGHMAN ' S Cape Charles, Virginia RICHARD F. ETZ Jewelry Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of H. R. WEST Groceries - Meats - Furniture Cheriton, Virginia SMITH Cheriton Compliments of " STANDARD „ €sso STATIONS ESSO Virginia Compliments of COLONNA BARBER SHOP Radium Building Cape Charles, Virginia THE PARRY SHOP Cape Charles Virginia Compliments of MC CARTHY ' S Mrs. F. V. Hebron Cape Charles, Virginia -btutSjta ‘sax HO sdnQ JOHS RLITVnb SWVdV Compliments of JOE ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Cape Charles, Virginia G. D. BULL Fruit Produce Seabrook Frozen Food Phone in Pocomoke City, Md. FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City listen „ . ' Six W $m$ ‘-A ' -w,f. fmk J S i ..St- ' .i lift

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