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I THE TORCH 1956 PUBLISHED RY THE SENIORS OF NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA A 1 +hnn rrh o OREWORD i OJ Xkj-cX) Jt y CbA 5Ha£L 4 ooo-t_- JDy a - 5- ' 0 c0 XV a- ' . Although ours is one of the smallest class- Ar? r , ' A es to graduate from Northampton Hich School, we have enjoyed as many happy and wonderful , moments as a much larger class in progressing ( 5 Lo- (XJvMyA through the processes of our education. As the v , class of ’56 we have the distinct honor of being H , if X the first class to graduate from the new high J ' )•. school. Oursis alsothe first class to experience - (i . N , the twelve year program. " P , We find it hard to describe our many ex- ' ' 1 - ' r » periences in a few words. Therefore, we take « r L j ' this opportunity to place before you in the follow- vS. Z i mJuI. We find it hard to describe our many ex periences in a few words. Therefore, we take ithis opportunity to place before you in the follow¬ ing pages of THE TORCH, some of the events ?.—- we have shared with our classmates and friends during these past years. •jZtfPSS. v .« Ha fhe f 0 R ch V ADMINISTRATION SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN EIGHTH GRADE WORK AND PLAY ADVERTISING Jto . Zt j S Jjt: , a ' « j a « J -; c J -,K o— X jL - - Cv-e- J rr- X J . S T- P-JL - i _ Dw -r- J 1 CtZii_ - cr ' - J ‘ SrJ , j2-.iL JLh o v yyxj — ■ £f L s , 1 ' ! j f oJJL eS 0-tA-S2_- L MR. P. T. ATKINSON, JR. Because of his friendliness, thoughtfulness, and un¬ derstanding. Because of his deep and sincere concern for us and our school. Because of our admiration for him and that for which he stands. We, the Class of 1956, dedicate this edition of THE TORCH to our principal. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Ass ' t Editor Sports Editor Photography Business Manager Nancy L. Nottingham Judy Ersley Lynn Mapp William Doughty Ruth Somerville ANNUAL SALES Gail Parks, Chairman Jean Kellam Barbara Moore Ed Bedsworth Mary Lou Turner Ruth Somerville Pete Parkerson Rosebel Gladden Joyce Kellam LAYOUT Dorsey Gladden Nancy Fray Thomas James Carole Wilson Roland Bowen Jackie Mapp SPORTS Lynn Mapp, Ch. Robert Simpson Belvin Moore ARTISTS Carolyn Ward TYPISTS Robert Simpson, Chairman Rosebell Gladden Mary Lou Turner Joyce Kellam Nancy Lynn Nottingham Jane Martin Anna Ruth Somerville Barbara Moore Gloria Budd Patsy Searcy PHOTOGRAPHERS William Doughty Tommy Toussaint ADVERTISING Gail Parks, Chairman Nancy Fray Barbara Moore Barton Holland Joyce Kellam Dorsey Gladden Ed Bedsworth Pete Parkerson SPONSORS Jane Commander Mrs. Loretta W. Smalley Mrs. Mary N. Kellam Jane Commander Jean Kellam ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY J. ELIZABETH JONES Westhampton College - A. B. English JOHN T. BADGER Virginia Polytechnic Institute - B.S. Agriculture GEORGE W. YOUNG College of William Mary - B.S. Physical Education NAN M. KANE W. Va. Wesleyan - A. B. Physical Education - English MARGARET SCOTT Mary Washington College - B.S. Librarian PHOEBE E. WINDECKER Secretary P. T. ATKINSON, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B.S. College of William Mary - M. Ed. Principal WILLIAM F. LAWSON Superintendent of Schools B. GORDON WESCOTT Elementary Supervisor HELEN LOWE Clerk of School Board ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY MARY N. KELLAM Mary Washington College - B.S. Commercial BURLEIGH B. TURNER, JR. Hampden-Sydney College - B.S. Science _ — ' LILA N. JACOB Longwood College - B.S. jSLt Foreign Language - English U IRMA B. FLOYD Madison College - B.S. English-Geography-Mathematics LORETTA W. SMALLEY Adelphi College-A.B. New York University - M. A. English-Social Studies JENNIE S. MAPP Randolph -Macon Woman ' s College-A.B. Mathematics CHARLES C. JONES College of William and Mary-B.S. Science-Mathematics GEORGE B. WYNNE Trinity College-A. B. Duke University-A. M. Certificate in French at Sorbonne Harvard University Graduate School History VIRGINIA O. SAVEDGE Madison College - B.S. Home Economics L. k )i Ax J JAY D. MEEK Indiana State College - Music SENIOR ROLAND BOWEN Little guys make great men. Band 1-4; Arts and Crafts 1; Annual Staff. EDMUND MC DANIEL BEDSWORTH A Senior gift to adoring small fry. Band 1-3; Camera 1-2; Annual Staff. LOUVENIA FRANCES BELOTE Quiet capability; a good nurse in the making. Arts Crafts 1; B. B. 1; Annual Staff. GLORIA BUDD She can resist any¬ thing but tempta¬ tion. Dramatic Club 2; F. H. A. 2. JANE COMMANDER Innocence with her head in the clouds. Hi-Y 1-4, Presi¬ dents, Vice-Pres¬ ident 4; Beta Club 2-3; Dramatic 2; Newspaper 1. WARREN CARPENTER Stop; look; listen then leap. r Arts Crafts 2-3; Track 2; Baseball 2-4. JO ANN CULVER To Maine and glad to be back. Student Council 1; Beta 2-4; F. H. A. 2-4; Vice-Presi¬ dent 2; President 3; President ofEst. Shr. Fed. ; News¬ paper 1; Thanks - giving Court 1. WILLIAM C. DOUGHTY A camera in his hand and science in his mind. Student Council 1-4; Treasurer 3; Class Secretary 2; Band 1-3; Beta 2-4; Vice - President 3;CameraClub 2-4; President 3-4. EDNA MAE ELLIOTT Oh, So Quiet! Newspaper Club 1; Annual Staff. JUDITH LILLIAN ERSLEV A serious mind asking les really live ? ’’ S. C. A. Treasurer 4; Class Secre¬ tary 1; Vice - President 2-4; Beta Secretary Treasurer 2-4; Monogram Club 2-4; Hi-Y 3-4; Good Citizens 4; Basketball 2-4 ANNE ‘NOTTINGHAM FRAY An enthusiastic finge r irwgye ry pie ! S.C.A. Secretary3; Hi-Y Chap. 3; 4 . Treasurer 4; Monogram Treasurer 3; Beta2-4; Debate T., Vice - Pres- 1 ident 3-4; Basketball 3-4; Ch. 1-4. C ROSEBEL GLADDEN Sweet and kind with a smile for. everyone. Dramatic Club 1-3; Beta Club 2-4 Softball team 2-3; Annual Staff. SHIRLEY FAYE HILL The blonde with the tell-tale blush F. H. A. 1-3; Annual Staff BARTON D. HOLLAND Just measuring Band 1-3; Wildlife Club 2-3 THOMAS HEZEKIAH JAMES “Why?” Monogram Club 2-4; Wild Life Club 2-3; Football team4; JEAN KELLAM With a sunny smile always ready to help. F. H. A. 1-4. MARY LYNN MAPP Versatility plus. S. C. A. President 3; Beta Pres¬ ident 3-4; NSP. Cl. 1; G. C. Cl., President 3; Tri-Hi-Y Chap. 2; Treasurer 3; Dramatic Club 1; Monogram Club 3-4; S. B. 1-4; Basketball 2-4; Debate Team 3; A. Staff, S. Edt. Thgv. C. 1-2. RUTH LEWIS Proof that school and marriage can mix. F. H. A. 1-3; Treasurer 3-4. WALLACE E. LOONEY Real gone with his slidetrombone. Band 1-4; President 4; Arts and Crafts 1-2; President 2. JOYCE NOTTINGHAM KELLAM A lively dance step with a smile to match. Class Treasurer 4; Majorette 1-3; Dramatic Club 1-2; Hi-Y Club 2-4; Good Citizen Club 3. BARBARA LOU MOORE A nice gal! F. H. A. 1-4; Dramatic Club 1; Arts Crafts 3; Basketball 2-3; Annual Staff. JANE BANNING MARTIN Quick to giggle, ready to go, hoping she’ll have to study no mo! Dramatic Club, 2-3; Softball team, 2-3; Annual Staff. SUE WILLIAMS MILLER A dark-haired, dark-eyed lass with an “Oscar” on her mind. F.H.A. 1-4; President 2-3; Dra¬ matic Club 1; Annual Staff. JOHN WILLIAM MAPP Specializing in arguments of any sort. S.C.A. 1-3; President of Class 1-2; Vice - President 3; F. B. l-4;Basket- ball 3-4; Baseball 1-3; Good Citizen 3-4; Mon. 1-4; Vice - President 3; Wild Life Club 1-3; President 3; Boys’ State 2. BELVIN MOORE A good man to have on your side. Monogram Club 3-4; Treasurer 4; Football 3-4; Annual Staff. JAMES THOMAS MOORE " Mr. Wayne, I ' m here! " Arts Crafts 2-3. NANCY LYNN NOTTINGHAM Want it well done? Ask Nancy Lynn. Class Secretary 3-4; Lifetime Sec¬ retary; Beta Club 2-4; Vice - Pres¬ ident 4; Co-ed Hi-Y 1-4; Chaplain 4; Monogram Club 3-4; Dramatic 1-2; Band 1-2; Cheerleader 3. JOHN HENRY PARKERSON Saying the wrong thing at the right time. F. F. A., Vice- President 3; F.F.A.- 1 -3; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 3-4; An¬ nual Staff. ' - h x- 1 j ?r 2 +% T %, c. diu i Jl U £a-J U_; £ Cr - , W s A -«Y-c ; L yt U f U Yu ouaJ i L •u - Tic? k twMo do i L BAA c£ oUi jtiL t e ' i-e-rr o -n-o-to cX l-ut ' GAIL TOWNSEND PARKS Neat, precise-and oh, so nice ! S. C. A. 2; Secretary 4; Hi-Y 2-4; Beta 2-4; Majorette 1-3; Cheerleader 4; Football Queen 4; G. C. C. 3; Pres¬ ident 4; President of Class 4; Mono¬ gram 4. GLENN JERRY PEARSON Better late than never ! F.F.A. 1-4; Art Craft 2. RITA MARY PERRONE All bounce and good nature. Entered Northampton 1955-Senior Year. Dramatic 4; F.F.A. Sweet¬ heart, 4; Band 4; Cheerleader, 4. ROBERT POWELL ‘ ‘It’s a sure thing ! ” 4-H 1; Wildlife 3-4. DONALD RICHARD REED “Next to a duck and a basket ball, a girl is the prettiest thing in the world. " Wildlife 3; Basketball 3-4. HENRY REYNOLDS Steady, sure, dependable. Dramatic 4; Football 2-4. PATSY HOOPER SEARCY A penny for her thoughts. Dramatic 1; F.H.A. 2-3; Arts Crafts 1; Monogram 3-4; Softball 3. MARY LOU TURNER “Naturally nice--no pose. ’’ S.C.A. President 4; Reporter 2; Life Time Vice - President, Monogram 1-4; Secretary 3; B. Club 2-4; Tri- Hi-Y 2-4; Ch. 1-4; Football Queen 3. V. CAROLYN WARD “Scholar with a paint brush,” Dramatic Club 1-4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Arts Crafts, Vice- President 2; Annual Staff; Art Editor 4; Glee Club 1-2; G.C. Club 3-4. JOHN PITTS WESCOTT “When he will, he will. When he won ' t, he won ' t. S.C.A. 3-4; Class President 3; Monogram 1-4; Good Citizens 3-4; Hi-Y 2-3; Football Co-Captain -3-4; B. B. Captain 3. CAROLE VIRGINIA WILSON ‘‘ ' High-stepper with the Be-Bop beat!” Class Officer, Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi- Y Secretary 3; Monogram 3-4; Beta Club 2-4; S.B. 2-4; Drum Majorette 2-4. ANNA RUTH SOMMERVILLE “Have you heard-?” F.H.A. 1; Annual Staff, Business Manager. THOMAS WINSLOW TOUSSAINT “Ten o’clock scholar with a gentle¬ man’s manner. ” Annual Staff 4; Wild Life 3-4; Camera Club 1-3; Basketball 3. ROBERT LEE SIMPSON He’s quiet he’s shy . . but watch the glint in his eye. Class Treasurer 1-2; Life time Treasurer; Monogram President 3- 4; B. B., 2-4; Football 3-4; Co- Captain 4; Annual Staff. Wildlife, 2- 3; S.C.A. 4 CLASS HISTORY September 1951 . . . We entered Northampton High as eighth graders, bugeyed and awestruck . . . As the year progressed and we became a part of the institution called N.H, S., we became less timid and began to enjoy the many activities. We gave our first “grown-up” rj!£i party • • • The girls of the class fin- ally became reconciled to the fact J A 0? that the Junior and Senior boys didn’t know they existed. Voy kO M % ) The next year, we, as y ' O ' freshmen, were a little and also a little wiser-or so » • we thought ... At least w were becomi ng more and more a part of N.H.S. We gave ' our party in December . . . During our Sopho- ones to give the Seniors since there were no to give the Junior-Senior Beta Club members trekk- vention . . . and came periences . . . more year, we were thej a prom in the Juniors at school Prom . . . ed to Richmond back bubbling over older felt we class chosen spring, that year Those of us who were for our first Beta Club Con- with tales of our exciting ex- Entering as Juniors in 1954, we felt very smug as we were the oldest class in school. Class rings were ordered in the fall . . .Finally the big day came . . . Again, the Beta Club attended the state convention, this time in Roa¬ noke . . . and once more ward to the next year’s came back, conventions tired but happy and looking for- The year passed . . . t. September — J 1955 time in the exalted position of Seniors “Torch, ” early in the semester . finished, we began practice for the worried over term papers, and nearly blew up the busied ourselves with a dozen other jobs. Beta members Richmond for our last convention and enjoyed every gave our Senior play in April ... In May, we en- many of us feeling nostalgic when it ended, last at N. H. S. The re- mainder of the find ourselves practicing for that much graduation. once again entered N. H. S., this We began working on the annual The annual Senior play, chemistry lab, journey- moment ' - AWe and ed to of it. We joyed our Junior-Senior Prom, realized it would be our year passed quickly and now we waited event . . . As the end of our high school career draws near, we find that instead of feeling big and capable, we are once more small and wondering. When we part in June, we know that many of us will never see again the faces we have come to know and love; but mem¬ ories endure . . . Regardless of what the future may hold for us, we know that we will always have these moments to remember. MR. N. H. S. MISS N. H. S. SENIOR INVENTORY Name Chief Attraction Ed Bedsworth Girls Louvenia Belote No homeword Roland Bowen 8th Grade girls Gloria Budd Pocket novels Warren Carpenter Girls Jaycy Commander Twinkling brown eyes Jo Ann Culver Brown eyes William Doughty Sherlock Holmes Edna Elliott Friends Judy Erslev Boys Nancy Fray Night Life Rosebel Gladden Curley hair Shirley Hill Boys Bart Holland People Thomas James Money Jean Kellam Marriage Joyce Kellam Week-ends Ruth Lewis Wilson Earl Wallace Looney Trombone Lynn Mapp College week¬ ends Jackie Mapp Anything Jane Martin Carey Sue Miller History Barbara Moore Boys Belvin Moore Football James Moore School? Nancy Nottingham S. T. C. Pete Parkerson Basketball Gail Parks Number “43” Glenn Pearson Horse races Rita Perrone Gene Bobby Powell Crossword puz- sles and pools Donnie Reed Basketball Henry Reynolds Football Patsy Searcy Larry Robert Simpson Girls Ruth Somerville James Tommy Toussaint Selma Mary Lou Turner Hampden-Sydney Carolyn Ward Far-away places Joe Wescott Trouble Carole Wilson Dancing F avorite Ambition Expression It’s lousy! To join the Navy I hope I pass To be a nurse this test! Oh, me ! To complete typing My lands ! class To hold down the fort Oh, no! To kill a duck Oh, ye -as ! To know where she’s Really? going Travel around world Bonjour To be on the $ 64,000 I don’t know ! show To teach Mrs. Savedge Oh, honestly! to sew To get a letter or a Well! phone call Fun, friends, facts. E-e-e-e-e-e!! faith ! To be a ‘ ‘Miller” Hello George ! To get married Something I can To have six study do for you ? halls I don’ know! To be a millionaire I’m not answering To help everyone any questions ! You’re so right! To be a private Bull! secretary To keep house Yeah, man! To join Navy Oh, golly! To be a hostess Ye-as! What’s THAT? Honey hush! To get out of school Really? To be a Florence Oh, darn! Nightingale To LIVE Oh, Yeah! To be Mayor of Oyster You’ll think so! To have a 2 day school Oh, doodle-de ¬ week ? ? ? ? squat ! How ’bout that! To marry “Monroe” Er-r-r! Good question! Oh, yeah! To be a big time I dit-un. operator Ambition? Bet ’cha ! To live in Florida Yeh dar Sapphire! To be tall like Roland Gosh, no! To be a great fisher¬ Phooey! man To go to Texas You better be¬ To go to Oyster lieve it! college Heck, no! To get ahead Beats me ! To do as little as You’ll think so! possible for as long as possible ? ? ? ? Huh? H’m-m-m-m ! Garbage! To live a life of Poof! leisure To be home by 2 a. m. JUNIOR M. Badger E. T. Bagwell D. Baker L. Barcraft J. E. Bonniwell B. Barkley P. Beach A. Bell N. Bowen C. Caplinger W. Carpenter G. Chambers R. Charnock S. Clayton A. Collins J. Colonna B. Corbin M. Costa C. Doughty JL C 0m E. Gaylor D. Gladden M. A. Gladstone G. Holland L. B. Hudson S. Holland A. Hopkins J. A. Hopper C. Lafferty J. Janies J. Kellam H. Little B. Lynch B. Matthews D. Mapp J. C. Moore O. Moore rdstroih M. E. Phillips A. Shockley K. Thomas S. Walker J. Ward H. Wescott P. Widgeon W. Willis B. Wolfe jU- ms s£ l £ ' ■ •» M. Acuff C. Arnold M. Badger C. Barall D. Barns J. Barns J. Beach H. Bell T. Bell M. Belote S. Boggs R. Brady P. Brittingham N. Charnock J. Churn M. Coates yrufr j D. Gladstone K. Henderson B. Highbee . S. Holland t ' J A A. Isdell E. James V i i C. Jones V A A C. Kellam A. A. B. J. tV • Crockett . Crumb Downes Downing J. Elliott E. Floyd C. Gladden R. Gladden Ji j|| S. Kellam M. Killmon K. Kleinsorgen A. Lewis H. Mapp V. Nelson K. Nottingham T. Parks Parrott Perrone Pollock Prettyman Reynolds Richardson Rowe Rowe tfldt Savage Scanlan Scott Shrieves C. Simpson F. Smith H. Smith M. Spady fj 4 h) S. Storrs J. Tinnell B. Turner K. Webb C. White S. White J. Wilson O. Wood FRESHMAN L A A. Bagwell M. Bayly J. Belote C. Boss B. Bradford C. Bradford S. Lewis J. Lynch B. Mapp fa C. Churn L. Eder P. Gaylor S. Jones N. Gibbs D. Kellam R. Colonna P. Ennis T. Hallett W. Colonna C. Colonna B. Elliott G. Kellam P. Kellam M. Drummond D. Evans L. Hamblin N. Byrd M. Ferguson C. Jones H. Bradford K. Custis D. Farlow L. Mapp J. Mingee L. Marsh P. Marshall W. Marshall N. Merritt J. Moore W. Oakley S. Parker J. Parks A. Miles R. Potter S. Tankard A. Turner G. Turner M. Turner N. Turner J. Walker P. Ward R. Warren N. Watson R. Webb R. White C. Whitehead ALMA MATER Standing near the Chesapeake With its waters clear Looking toward a great old ocean, does our school appear; Near the homestead of the Indians, Who in former times Roved the paths of old Northampton In our pleasant climes. From her walls so calmly standing, She will serve our youth; May her sons and daughters laud her In their search for truth; Marching onward, ever onward. We revere her name. May the future smile upon her Seeing then her fame. Chorus: O Northampton ! Dear Northampton ! Praise her to the sky! Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Hail! Northampton High! EIGHTH GRADE V. Arnold J. Bayly M. Birch J. Bradshaw T. Brady ' ' iy,{r r r Liir vA F. Brittingham WC A C. Brown C. Budd sjwr( S)2 t W. Bull B. Bundick 7 E. Camden H. Campbell L. Carpenter M. Carpenter R. Chamberso w • .V _ i C. Charnock F. Colonna S. Commander E. Culver M. Culver -(1 v P. Custis M. Duer E. Dunton B. Downing J. Downing V. Eling B. Elliott G. Gaskill T. Gibb F. Gibbs H. Hand S. Hickman G. Holland J. Holland J. Holland V. Hughes R. James I. Jenkins J. Johnson V. Kellam A. Killmon L. Killmon C. Kleinsorgen G. Lafferty S. Lewis A. Looney E. Long K. Mapp K. Marshall D. Matthews D. McLellan J. Mears R. Melson D. Moore J. Moore yf -WV ] X L. Moore QfrbwVu R. Moore W. Moore J. Nottingham R. Oliver K. Parker C. Rayfield G. Richardson T. Richardson V. Robinson G. Rowe S. Savedge M. Shields B. Shreaves V. Shrieves C. Simpson L. Simpson M. Simpson S. Simpson A. Smith E. Smith H. Smith G. Spady B. Sparrow C. Steward B. Travis . ,j)J ,-W. Travis iJsJJ y C. Turner ’V F 1 . Ward E. Watson M. Webb J. Wescoat J. Woolvin WORK AND PLAY Sedately to ' unch; Silly Sophs " «e Woo " a, Can Oyp 1955-1956 1 6th Central 25th Chincoteague 7th Parksley 14th N. Academy 2 1st Central 28th Atlantic NOVEMBER 11th Onancock 14th Reports 18th Va. Beach 23rd Thanksgiving Holiday 24th Cape Charles DECEMBER 2nd Monogram Dance 9th Xmas Band Concert 16th Xmas Program 16th N. Academy 16th Xmas Holiday JANUARY FEBRUARY 1st Reports 2nd Magazine Drive 3rd Crisfield 7th Anancock 10th N. Academy 17th Alantic 21st Central 24th Princess Anne 24th Dramatic Club Play MARCH 2nd Onancock 16th Beta Convention 30th Easter 23rd Norfolk Band Contest APRIL 5th Hi-Y Model General Assembly 11th Senior Play BASEBALL MAY JUNE 6th Central 13th Parksley 17th Cape Charles 2 0th Exams 24th Parksley 27th Pocomoke 3 1st Atlantic 3rd Baccalaureate Sermon 7th Class Night 8th GRADUATION DAY STUDENT COUNCIL SENIORS President . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Mary Lou Turner . . . Lynn Mapp . . . Gail Parks . . Judy Erslev William Doughty Robert Simpson JUNIORS SOPHOMORES David Tankard . . Barbara Matthews Mary Costa. . . . Bud Wescott . . . Norris Bowen . John Tinnell Sandra Kellam Pardner Mapp . Eldred Floyd FRESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE Carol Boss Kay Custis Sonny Heath Burleigh Travis . . . Phil Custis . Julian Holland Sponsor Mr. P. T. Atkinson BETA CLUB “Ducamus aliis serviendo” (Let us lead by serving others) President Lynn Mapp Secretary-Treasurer Judy Erslev Vice - President Nancy Lynn Nottingham Sponsor Miss Lila N. Jacob GOOD CITIZEN ' S C1U8 STATE DEBATE TEAM - 1955 OFFICERS President Gail Parks Secretary Virginia Parrott Vice-President. . . . Scott Walker Treasurer.Sandra Kellam 7 b cl ywnA Qyisd I X ds! Sponsor-Mr. G. B. Wynne l 0 t V A J 0 Yvijfr i jl yo f XkjrAS ?£ 10 o u.v. f . ' U jff) fU u ft 71, (X - yyvU Ay ' w (X J DEBATING TEAM 1955 Lynn Mapp, Nancy Fray, Joe Wescott, Virginia Parrott MEMBERS 1955 - 1956 F.H.A. CLUB OFFICERS President. . . . Vice-President. Secretary. . . . Treasurer . . . Parliamentarian Sponsor. . t Nancy Simpson .... Leah Belle Hudson . . . Mary Ellen Phillips . . . . Annie Bell Collins .Betty Barkley Mrs. Virginia O. Savedge MEMBERS Lolita Barcraft Betty Barkley Gloria Budd Hattie Carpenter Gloria Chambers Shirley Clayton Annie B. Collins Catherine Doughty Margaret Ferguson Mary Anne Gladstone Jo Ann Hopper Leah Belle Hudson Anna Mae Isdell Jean Kellam Judy Kellam Charlotte Lafferty Beatrice Lynch Barbara Moore Norma Parker Mary Ellen Phillips Barbara Pollock Betsy Kay Richardson Christine Simpson Nancy Simpson Phyillis Smith Pauline Widgeon Orma Jean Wood F.F.A. CLUB President . . . Carlton Dunton Vice - President . .Otho Moore Secretary.Carter Duer Sponsor Treasurer . . . Eldred Floyd Sergeant at Arms . .Don Mapp Reporter . . .Southey Holland J. T. Badger Holland Bell Robert Brady Brooks Bradford James Churn Allen Crumb John P. Downing Carlton Dunton Carter Duer Eldred Floyd Tommy Hall Larry Hamblin Southey Holland Donald Kellam John Lynch Don Mapp Barry Mapp Wayne Marshall James Moore Otho Moore Joe Mingee Glenn Pearson Heywood Savage Jeffery Scott George Turner Norval Turner Jeff Walker Robert Webb Charles Whitehead THE F. F. A. IN ACTION JUNIOR Hl-y OFFICERS President.Susan Sturgis Vice-President.Kay Custis Secretary..Carol Boss Treasurer.Carolyn Colonna Chaplain.Sandra Lee Commander Sponsor.Mrs. Irma O. Floyd MEMBERS Virginia Arnold Carol Boss Charles Brown Bonnie Bundick Eunice Camden Mary Dean Carpenter Carolyn Colonna Frankie Colonna Sandra Lee Commander Emily Culver Kay Custis Lynn Dunton Diane Evans Becky James Kaye Jenkins Judy Johnson Bobbie Kellam Anita Killmon Linda Marsh Virgie Robinson Vivien Shrieves Brooks Sparrow Susan Sturgis Margaret Turner Ann Wilkins SENIOR Hf-y OFFICERS President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer . . Chaplain . . . Sponsor .... .Hillary Little . . . . Jane Commander .Judy Erslev .Nancy Fray Nancy Lynn Nottingham Miss Margaret C. Scott MEMBERS Donald Baker Jane Commander Jan Elliott Judy Erslev Nancy Fray Kate Henderson E. M. James III Caramine Kellam Joyce Kellam Sandra Kellam Ada Jo Lewis Hillary Little Lynn Mapp Pardner Mapp Virginia Nelson Nancy Lynn Nottingham Spady Nottingham Lorraine Palmer Gail Parks Virginia Parrott Maudie Mae Spady David Tankard John Tinnell Mary Lou Turner Carole Wilson MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS President.Robert Simpson Vice-President . . . Smith Holland Secretary. . Nancy Lynn Nottingham Treasurer.Belvin Moore SPONSORS Mr. George W. Young Mrs. Nan M. Kane The purpose of the Monogram Club is to promote sportsmanship and fair play in our school. All holders of varsity letters in any sport, all cheerleaders, and holders of music emblems are eligible for membership. DRAMATIC CLUB CHRISTMAS TABLEAU 1955 OFFICERS Presid ent.Carolyn Ward Secretary.Anne Shockley Treasurer. Selma Ann White Reporter.Grace Holland Sponsor.Miss Elizabeth Jones Stagecraft.Mrs. Loretta Smalley MEMBERS M. Badger M. Drummond C. Rayfield P. Beach D. Evans H. Reynolds J. Beach E. Gaylor N. Richardson M. Belote P. Gaylor G. Rowe H. Bradford C. Gladden G. Rowe P. Brittingham B. Gladden J. Rowe N. Byrd D. Gladstone B. Savage L. Carpenter A. Hopkins L. Shockley M. Carpenter P. Hopper B. Shrieves R. Chambers S. Jones S. Shrieves N. Charnock S. Lewis K. Simpson K. Churn A. Looney S. Simpson M. Coates L. Mapp F. Smith J. Colonna R. Melson C. Steward A. Crockett J. Moore S. Storrs M. Culver D. Moore B. Travis C. Doughty T. Parks A. Turner B. Downing R. Perrone B. Turner J. Downing J. Perrone N. Watson P. Ward CAMERA CLUB OFFICERS President. William Doughty Vice-President.Dorsey Gladden Secretary.Nell Gaskill Treasurer.Billy C. Willis Sponsor.Burleigh B. Turner, Jr. Mac Bagwell Charles Barall Ashby Bayly Herman Campbell Tommy Charnock William Doughty Verne Eling Tracy Gibb Dorsey Gladden Thomas Hallett Griff Holland Julian Holland Curtis Jones Donnie Kellam Mark Killmon Tommy Lewis Edwin Long Kent Mapp Alfred Miles Johnny Moore MEMBERS William Oakley Robert Oliver Kenneth Parker Thomas Richardson Charlie Smith Norval Turner Francis Lee Ward Richard Warren Bob White Billy C. Willis Martha Duer Nell Gaskill Linda Killmon Louise Mapp Suzanne Savedge Sue Simpson Connie Turner BAND BAND CONCERT OF 1955 4S. President. . . . Vice - President. Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . Sponsor ..... Arnold, Charles Bell, Temple Bowen, Roland Bowen, Norris Caplinger, Curtis Charnock, Nancy Etz, Charles Hallett, Tommy Higbee, Barbara James, E. M. Jones, Curtis Jones, Shirley Looney, Wallace . Anne Shockley . Wallace Looney Nancy Charnock . . Mooney James Mr. Jay D. Meek Mapp, Don Mapp, Louise Miles, Alfred Parks, Trent Shockley, Ann Shockley, Leslie Turner, Anne Turner, Burleigh Willis, Billy Wood, Orma Jean Smith, Charles Kellam, Donnie Perrone, Rita THANKSGIVING DAY GAME 8or$ ' 1954 FOOTBALL PICTURE Earl Tom Bagwell Charles Barall Joe Beach Jay Bonniwell Norman Bowen James Churn James Colonna Allen Crumb Carter Duer Jan Elliott Charles Etz Robert Gladden Don Gladstone Smith Holland Tommy Hall Jack James John Mapp Pardner Mapp Belvin Moore Francis Moore Howard Parks Trent Parks Henry Reynolds James Scanlon William Shrieves Gerald Shrieves Robert Simpson Haney Smith David Tankard Kenneth Thomas Kenneth Webb Joe Wescott Coach - George W. Young GYM SHOTS SPORTS 1 {1 § 1 I y fi© ' 1 i. j 1 nral j LiL y r ., v i . H BASKETBALL SCORES N. H. S. 29 N.H. S. 27 N. H. S. 42 N.H. S. 39 N.H. S. 38 N.H. S. 40 N.H.S. 46 N.H. S. 16 N. H. S. 27 N.H. S. 17 N.H. S. 18 O. H. S. 25 A. H. S. 46 C. H. S. 26 P. H.S. 20 O. H. S. 32 P. H.S. 20 C.H. S. 25 Chin. 15 A. H. S. 25 Red. S. 24 A.H.S. 29 1955 BASKETBALL TEAM Norman Bowen Warren Carpenter Don Gladstone Joh n Mapp Scott Walker Kenneth Webb Joe Wescott Coach: Mr. George W. Young Pardner Mapp James Moore Pete Parkerson Glenn Pearson Donnie Reed William Shrieves David Tankard Thomas Toussaint James Barnes Warren Carpenter James Colonna Carlton Dunton Eldred Floyd Robert Gladden John Mapp Pardner Mapp James Moore Pete Parkerson Edward Reynolds Gerald Shrieves Robert Simpson Kenneth Thomas Scott Walker Kenneth Webb Joe Wescott COACH Mr. G. W. Young 1955 BASEBALL TEAM BASEBALL SCORES N.H. S. 2 A.H.S. 4 N.H.S. 5 O.H. S. 3 N.H.S. 2 C.H.S. 11 N.H.S. 4 C.H. S. 3 N.H. S. 3 Cape C. 5 N.H. S. 0 P. H. S. 9 N.H. S. 3 P.H.S. 4 GIRLS ' Judy Erslev Nancy Fray Catherine Doughty Catherine Jones Caramine Kellam 1955 BASKETBALL TEAM Ella Mae Lewis Beatrice Lynch Lynn Mapp Barbara Moore Ginny Nelson Virginia Parrott Sandra Shrieves Catherine White Pauline Widgeon Coach-Mrs. Jennie Mapp 1955 SOFTBALL TEAM Louvenia Belote Susan Boggs Catherine Doughty Rosebel Gladden Carole Wilson Catherine Jones Caramine Kellam Lynn Mapp Jane Martin Barbara Matthews Bonnie Prettymen Ginny Nelson Mary Lou Turner Kay Nottingham Catherine White Virginia Parrott Pauline Widgeon Coach - Mrs. Jennie S. Mapp SPORTS 1956 BASKETBALL TEAM Catherine White Pauline Widgeon COACH Mrs. Nan M. Kane Lynn Mapp Virginia Parrott Jo Perrone Sandra Shrieves Carolyn Gladden Catherine Jones Caramine Kellam Beatrice Lynch Shirley Clayton Catherine Dough Judy Erslev Nancy Fray ] f7m ! $§§ ' ga 1 ] BOVS ' 1955 FOOTBALL TEAM Football Scores Northampton 0 Northampton 0 Northampton 19 Northampton 20 Northampton 31 Northampton i? Northampton 21 Northampton 0 Northampton 7 Central b Chincoteague 6 Parksley 0 Norfolk Academy 20 Central 6 Atlantic 0 Onancock 20 Virginia Beach 51 Cape Charles 20 Coach - Mr. George W. Young SPORTS - f ; , Ht G 1b- j ' (. ! f - r A Jr AAk MAajj w it 4 r f J ackie Pete Donnie Charles Barrall Eldred Floyd Sonny Heath Donnie Kellam Jackie Mapp Pardner Mapp Pete Parkerson Glenn Pearson Kenneth Thomas Coach; Mr. George W. Young John Tinnell Burliegh Turner Scotty Walker Richard Warren Kenneth Webb SWEETHEART OF THE F F ' S CONVERSATIONAL GEMS! TASTES GOOD TOO! LOOKS GOOD AND OUR ADVERTISING FRIENDS The class of 1956 wishes to express its appreciation of the interest of the many friends who have helped make this yearbook possible. Many of our advertisers have helped us not only this year but for a number of years in the past. To all friends, old and new, we wish to say, “Thank you.” Compliments of Compliments of THE EASTVILLE BANK E. A. REYNOLDS Complete Banking Services Ewell ' s Appliances Member F. D. I. C. Army and Navy Store VOLUME LIBRARY Volume Library was prepared by 107 of the leading teachers in the United States such as President Seymour of Yale, Dr. Clay¬ ton, U. S. Commissioner of Education, Professor Webster of New York University, and Professor Karpinski, the mathematical wizard of the University of Michigan. This publication, being built for school children, helps them in the various subject matter fields such as History, Geography, English, Science, Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. This volume is built on an entirely different plan from that of any set of encyclopedias. Indeed, it is probable that 50% of the information in this publication is not to be found in any encyclopedias. Teachers, supervisors, and administrators, in this and in other sections of the country, recommend the use of the Volume Library. The National As¬ sociation for High School Principals, the Wilson Library Bulletin, and Kiplinger’s Magazine have endorsed it. Seventy percent of the pupils in the white schools of this county and about 40% of their teachers use Volume Library. Get your copy now. G. B. Wynne Manager for Educators Association Box 384, Exmore, Virginia GROWERS SUPPLY CO. and GROWERS SEED and FERTILIZER CO. W. R. Shannonhouse John Mapp Machipongo, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Eastville 8161 Belle Haven 2-6166 I P. C. KELLAM Truck Broker P. O. Box 266 Exmore, Virginia Office Phones Residence Phone 2-6021 2-6152 2-4631 2-4521 Compliments of MAPPS NORTHAMPTON COUNTY PRODUCE COMPANY TRUST BANK Year Round Grower and Shipper Super Market on Route 13 Fine Fruits and Vegetables • Exmore, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of EXMORE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS Exmore Virginia Compliments of DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Drink Dr. Pepper The Friendly " Pepper-Upper " Exmore Virginia Compliments of B. and B. MARKET HOPKINS Meats - Produce - Groceries Delivery Service Phone: Eastville 8505 Eastville, Virginia Chevrolet Sales Cheriton Virginia Compliments of A. N. BELL Dealer in E H CLEANERS Farm Machinery and Supplies Cape Charles, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of BATA SHOE STORE ARTHUR BENDER Exmore, Virginia All Kinds of Produce C. D. Parks Cape Charles, Virginia Shoes for the Entire Family Congratulations to The Graduating Class of ' 56 Compliments of BENJAMIN ' S MRS. JOHN BAILEY, INC. Exmore, Virginia Florist The Department Store Of The Eastern Shore Onley, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of CANDLELIGHT LODGE DOUGHTY ' S CLEANERS Birds Nest, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Compliments of W. C. FRAY Utility Contractor Nassawadox, Virginia EXMORE ESSO SERVICENTER Stanley Kellam Phone B. H. 2-6144 John Kellam Exmore, Virginia H. L. EICHELBERGER Keller, Virginia Eastern Shore ' s Largest Furniture Store Phone: Onancock 384J Compliments LANCE FULCHER-- VERNON M. MARTIN Texaco Products Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Exmore, Virginia Telephone Belle Haven 26141 JOHN H. DULANV and SON. INC. Finest Name in Canned and Frozen Foods Frozen Food Plants Bridgeville, Delaware Exmore, Virginia Main Offices and Canning Plant Fruitland, Maryland FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH JUSTICE Melfa, Virginia Exmore, Virginia BYRD ' S FRUIT MARKET POLKA DOT RESTAURANT Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia GERALD M. MOORE MARSH ' S GROCERY Exmore, Virginia Weirwood, Virginia OUTTEN ' S GROCERY Compliments of ETHEL LYNN SCHOOL OF Cheriton, Virginia DANCE Onancock, Virginia BIG BOY ' S PLACE Compliments of Melfa, Virginia KENNY ' S RESTAURANT Cape Charles , Virginia JOHN BRUCE WHITE Compliments of RICHARD F. ETZ Cheriton, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia H. R. WEST ARNOLD ' S PHARMACY Cheriton, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia HARMON MOTORS Compliments of ADDISON ' S STORE Melfa, Virginia Eastville, Virginia Compliments Compliments of of CAMEO THEATER DRUMMOND ' S STORE Exmore, Virginia Eastville Sta. , Virginia Compliments of Compliments of ASSOCIATED SEED GROWERS WARREN CLARK INC. Cheriton, Virginia Seeds Farm Supplies Exmore, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of A FRIEND JOSEPH ETZ, JR. Cheriton, Virginia LYN ' S Compliments A-N Store of Work Clothes EDGE WOOD MOTEL Exmore, Virginia Kiptopeake, Virginia Compliments of Compliments ' i JONES ' DEPT. STORE VIRGINIA HERTIG ' S BEAUTY SHOP Cape Charles, Virginia Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments of CUSTIS RECORD SHOP JOE ' S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Juke Boxes Rented on Commission Winston J. Custis Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virginia Dry Goods Compliments of E. M. JAMES, JR. 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Webster Cheriton, Virginia Our products can be purchased at UNITED FOOD STORES Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of LLOYD S DRUG STORE " Loyal to the Ethics of Pharmacy " Prescription Service Surgical and First Aid Supplies Cosmetic and Baby Departments Cameras and Supplies Coffee Shop Emergency Delivery Service Free Call Belle Haven 2-6267 Exmore Virginia Compliments of PARKS Self Service Exmore, Virginia Compliments Expert Landscape Service of Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias Shrubs Trees Our Aim G. H. TURNER To help make the Eastern Shore a more beautiful place in which to live. Sinclair Service Station Exmore, Virginia THE TANKARD NURSERIES Exmore, Virginia R. A. PARSONS CO., INC. Compliments Farm Supplies of Phone 1180 H. C. WEST AND SONS Cape Charles, Virginia Birds Nest, Virginia UNITED FOOD STORES NORTHAMPTON INSURANCE AGENCY Mrs. Morris A. 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KIPTOPEKE ESSO SERVICENTER Scott Elliott Belle Haven - 2-5811 Phone: Cape Charles 652 Tasley 213 Townsend, Virginia Cape Charles 423 Compliments Compliments of of EMORY J. STEELMAN A FRIEND Cherrystone, Virginia Compliments of COLONNA BARBER SHOP SAVAGE DRUG STORE Radium Building Rexall Dealers Cape Charles, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia UPSHUR-NOTTINGHAM Compliments of INSURANCE AGENCY SHREAVES SERVICE STATION General Insurance Eastville, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of R. MILTON WARREN MEELHEIM ' S SPECIALTY SHOP Grocery Store Phone 5 Townsend, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of MILDRED KELLAM BEAUTY SHOP MC CARTHY ' S Mrs. F. V. Hebron Hair Cutting and Styling Manicures-Cold Waves Phone 2-6024 Cape Charles, Virginia Exmore, Virginia PERRONE ' S RESTAURANT Compliments of Italian American Meals Belle Haven 2-3931 Broad Street Exmore, Virginia PENINSULA MOTORS Sales Service Phone 208 Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of PINES MOTEL 0 BOB e£) ' S SERVICE STATION 4 Capeville, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia 4 . 3 ' WV.o- y " w 4 r -A_ . 5 4 »n v. a lV- AA , ■ M p te i i ' t - - • KlO. U UVi, xaJX!L_. -kaoj- . Jv A - vy8 A , - c vt uxL3. 2r = — x H a oA ' Wa a. oJC C y V U s x£ uV dfc xvixfljft -= 31 oxJldswxs AxCtl v - i CjuQ Xvua. [ n -Y . t Cj t _ JL i‘T ■ia -tu CL a t r tJU . . J -J ' -Uf X V :. -m . c S: ' ±k - !A — TJU. W-£C wJ5J ' c uijte -W. «£ ' r JU ‘ _A ( H 1 j? xji a vV -t S? ' V, ' - l4 -54 ry s L i u n yts ' ,: f a i 5 ’ -(X t V K (jlyv 4x 6. W ' .Ls t-iv- i xj!x-0 «C 0--4_J»_!1i • v a - H A ,r ‘ JUx. -Jt - V-a. a.o.ft.a v?i o « " t Juyi ’ C P d rn T P ’-2-0 ■ - - - £tj ' k-l O . . ' J V . o v . ■ - : r -i ' s : Vr C vi r s x £» ) «■ X v, t 1 " ' : -v X Xisv o u, Jwl (±X)JU (A tky yy D SuGuJt _vsu aj dii-s 4jo S- kXca . fOo dr ) aJ - J m. jx « (f Xn c k AJUUj Qjl ccaX . ' (- 0 yn ,o ajtcct- Jf-tCv cj n Jj xcaJ , y rKZ tJr, Ot£JL c - ijfcco j CbC i l) ° AjCf u szmL z£ . J3a dL £ueA QsndL J U, clT (p. 3 v " 3 -ksu XexAJLj 5 Cl cJ2, OO cxAuO - S Cj QjXXl (3 VJ 3 — i - A • c4jL s nrva y - , yC ,s±j Jko Q. ZCb- c Uo • ■Syax oc szc JjL- 4-Ccuc i U-c j l CLa 4 + aJ f „ x% D- i ss s £ v “f - x-» 3 £gi o- y-Q. . CA uu u vv-% i yvOU-w tXJ 3 ' n T y- 7 y y yyy ' zZZ % ' , y y y yy .7£ yy; 2 ysz7 ’ y yz aj . ,7 c?a -c y x 7 yy , ' fz 7 7 s - (2 - -i vv , ■ - .- $7? yu 7 y u £ ' yy I? - UL 62 ' ' - £ Lz_y C4- 7 _ yy-zX yy c , - yt , yyy?y , yta-, c-cy Xc p yyte . $, f gks Jy ■ ' s :x 4b - w y-s %y ' y y yz- -yy yTy - ' z fett 1 - y 77 , ayy rr [y -4 7 f T Jy y C4 7Lei Ls yyryy4 _ _ 4yy 4yy c rzhr’y ' ? z Qs - J4y 7ty - , -y yy f 7 tyfLys 372 4 , 77-441 yb? y 4Z- y INTER- Publishers COLLEGIATE PRESS ■ Cover Manufacturers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City £§ r7 44y7 -7 tj XV S 2 Cec2 4 4y z -y — 7— dyyyyy ) l r J - |I ”1 , ?

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