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( DEDICATION MR. CHARLES NATHANIEL WILLIAMS " There are those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor give with mindful¬ ness of virtue; They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space. Through the hands of such as these God speaks. And from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth. " The senior class of 1969 reverently dedicates this years issue of the " Lighthouse " to Mr. C. N. Wil¬ liams in honor of the twenty-four years that he has headed and sponsored this project. Mr. C. N. Williams is a graduate of Virginia State College with a B.S. Degree and a graduate of the Uni¬ versity of Connecticut wth a M.S. Degree. He is a charter member of Delta Gamma Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma, the holder of an honorary State Farmer ' s Degree of F.F.A. and a charter member of the Old Dominion Vocational Teachers Association. We feel that Mr. Williams deserves this long over¬ due recognition for his many years of service. Senior Class 1969 W PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Greeting To The Senior Class Of 1969 It is indeed an honor as well as a pleasure to congratulate each of you in the graduating class for reaching this milestone in your educational endeavors. I am grateful for the progress that you have made thus far, and firmly feel with tolerance, understanding, and perseverance you can take the first big step in life ' s journey courageously. With sincerity I trust that the modifications in the curricula of the school within the past five years have been stimulating, challenging, meaningful and rewarding to help you live a life of happiness and success. Our society in this decade is making many opportunities avaiable to all men, yet these opportunities demand more preparation and productivity than ever before. Remember opportunities favor the prepared mind. The Staff of Northampton County High ' School has strongly emphasized and exemplified that Quality Education involves many tasks. I hope you have reached your maximum growth educationally at this stage through the many varied methods of instructions by your teachers. As you pursue your major life objectives, you have my best wishes for a successful future. Sincerely, 2 ADMINISTRATION 3 . ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. William Sisco is a person who we all admire for his patience, honesty and integrity. Being relatively new in this experience, he will grow to be an even stronger and better leader. SECRETARY Mrs. Audrey Brickhouse is a devoted secretary to the entire school family. She is competent as well as reliable, and we appreciate her efficiency. OFFICE STAFF G. Brickhouse, C. Darden, S. Copes, J. Johnson H. Moore, M. Baker, M. Baines, and D. Reid 4 GUIDANCE COUNSELOR Mrs. A. Smith Johnson C. Smith Univ. Of Pitt GUIDANCE COMMITTEE The Committee STANDING: Mr. W. Sisco, Assistant Principal, Mr. C. Brickhouse, Principal, Mrs. A. Brown, Mr. J. Collins and Mrs. T. Thompson. SEATED: Mrs. H. Rowley, Miss R. James, Miss M. Helm and Mrs. A. Smith. 5 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT S. PHIFER Johnson C. Smith Longwood College Univ. of Virginia A. BROWN Va. Union E. McCULLER Maryland State E. BOND Norfolk State E. BARCLIFF Norfolk State 6 FINE ARTS T, SPIVEY A T College R. WARD Norfolk State SCIENCE DEPARTMENT J. COLLINS Va. Union 7 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT T. THOMPSON Benedict College if = 3 % BUSINESS DEPARTMENT M. HELM Va. State AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT D. UPSHUR Va. State C. WILLIAMS Va. State Univ. Connecticut 1. WILLIAMS Hampton Univ. Cornell Univ. M. COLLINS Va. State M. CHRISTIAN St. Paul HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT 8 SOCIAL STUDIES PHYSICAL EDUCATION 9 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT INDUSTRIAL ARTS 10 ANTHONY LEE ALLEN Eastville, Virginia Ambition; Pro Athlete Nickname: " Amp " BEVERLY JEAN AMES Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Registered Nurse Nickname: " Bev " MILTON EDWARD AMES, JR. Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Computer Programmer Nickname: " Jackie " TERRY AMES Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Barber Nickname: " Kitty " LINDA SUE ADDISON Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Practical Nurse Nickname: " Sue Cat " MARY EMMA ADDISON Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Bookkeeper Nickname: " Merma " JAMES AMES Townsend, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Gismo " JOYCE AMES Townsend, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Pouchie " 12 JO-ANN BAILEY Franktown, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Jo " SHARON IRENE BAILEY Bayview, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Chyenne " MARGARET LOUISE BAINES Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Bookkeeper Nickname: " Lucy " STELLA MAE BAINES Wardtown, Virginia Ambition: Seamstress Nickname: " Bones " NATHANIEL BANISTER Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Electrician Nickname: " Oldman Nat " BERNADETTE BOYD Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Bookkeeper Nickname: " Bernie " MARY ELIZABETH BAKER Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Clerk-Typist Nickname: " Lamb " BARBARA JEAN BANISTER Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Fashion Designer Nickname: " Sweet Barbara B. " 13 BETTY JANE BROWN Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Computer Programmer Nickname: " Bet " SHELIA BROWN Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: Beautician Nickname: " Baby Jane " BETTY ANN BRICKHOUSE Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Executive Secretary Nickname: " Babs " PEGGY BRENETTE BRICKHOUSE Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Social Worker Nickname: " Brick " FRANK CAMPBELL Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Photographer Nickname: " Soup " LARRY O. CHURCH Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Reindeer " ELMER COLLINS Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Barber Instructor Nickname: " Slim " LARRY DARNELL COLLINS Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Electrician Nickname: " Huddie " 14 SONJA ELANOR COPES Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Clerk- Typist Nickname: " Little Red " AGGIE LEE CUSTIS Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Megale " DELORIS ELIZABETH CUSTIS Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Dee " PHYLLIS MARIE CUSTIS Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Pepper " CYNTHIA DARDEN Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Army Nurse Nickname: " Butterball " ZELMA DARDEN Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Army Nurse Nickname: " Zel " ROSA MAE DAVIS Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Beautician Nickname: " Slow One " PAUL LAWRENCE DIXON Seaview, Virginia Ambition: Singer Nickname: " Mr. Soul " 15 ELIZABETH VIRGINIA DOGGETT Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Crissy " NANCY DOUGHTY Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Nan " DEBORAH ROSENA DOWNES Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Fashion Model Nickname: " Debbie " MILTON ANDREW DUNTON JR. Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Civil Service Wker Nickname: " Junnie " EUGENE ROY FISHER Weirwood, Virginia Ambition: Engineer Nickname: " Deal " HARVEY JAMES FISHER JR. Seaview, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Junnie " MILDRED B. FOEMAN Chesapeake, Virginia Ambition: File Clerk Nickname: " Bewitched " MARGARET GARRISON Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Social Worker Nickname: " Dinger " 16 SHIRLEY LOUISE GASKINS Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Seamstress Nickname: " Shirl " CURTIS BILLY GIDDENS Wardtown, Virginia Ambition: Auto-Mechanic Nickname: " Slim " JAMES ALLEN GIDDENS Bayford, Virginia Ambition: Engineer Nickname: " The Kid " JERRY STANLEY GIDDENS JR. Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Engineer Nickname: " Spider " SANDRA MARIE GOODWYN Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Sandy " LILLIAN LEE GOODWYN Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Lillie " BOBBY RAY HARMON Wardtown, Virginia Ambition: Industrial Ed. Nickname: " Fearless Fly ' THELMA LOUISE HARMON Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: IBM Key Prmcher Nickname: " Puddin " 17 CYNTHIA LORRAINE JACOBS Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Social Worker Nickname: " Cyn " ELIJAH JAMES Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Auto-Mechanic Nickname: " Bad-Leg " MAE JAMES Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Seamstress Nickname: " Shortie " REGINALD EMERSON JARVIS, JR. Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Nickname: " Reggie " LARRY JONES Exmore, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Henry Ford Jr. " MILDRED LYONS Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Typist Nickname: " Sam " JACQUELINE FRANCES JOHNSON Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Journalist Nickname: " Jackie " JAMES ALFRED JOHNSON Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Spunky " 18 CORRINE MAPP Jamestown, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Poochie " DOLL LLE MAPP Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Beautician Nickname: " Bittie " JAMES G. MITCHELL Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Poet Nickname: " Malcolm X " COLITHA MOODY Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Interior Decorator Nickname: " Moody " HARRISTEEN MOORE Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Typist Nickname: " Steen " JAMES DOUGLAS MORRIS Townsend, Virginia Ambition: Singer Nickname: " Sonny " JOAN LENORA MORRIS Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: Computer Programmer Nickname: " Hobo " THOMAS MORRIS Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Social Worker Nickname: " Tomboy " 19 ELIZABETH MOSES Franktown, Virginia Ambition: Student Nurse Nickname: " Kissie " SARAH MARIE MOSES Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Tootsie " BOOKER MURPHY Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Musician Nickname: " Baby Bull " MYRNA DEBORAH NOTTINGHAM Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Beautician Nickname: " Debbie " LARRY P. ONLEY Jamesville, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Penrod " JANNIE FRANCES PALMER Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Model Nickname: " Jennie " RUTH ELAINE PARKER Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Private Secretary Nickname: " Tippy " THEODORE ROOSEVELT PEED Bridgetown, Virginia Ambition: Auto-Mechanic Nickname: " Peter " 20 ANNA LEE PITT Jamesville, Virginia Ambition: Practical Nurse Nickname: " Ann " RITA POWELL Capeville, Virginia Ambition: Seamstress Nickname: " Marie " VIRGINIA DARE POWELL Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Airline Steward Nickname: " V.P. " RICHARD C. PRESS Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Commercial Artist Nickname: " Dickie " DORETHA DELOIS REID Machipongo, Virginia Ambition; Beautician Nickname: " Doe " MAGGIE EVELYNE REID Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Business Teacher ' Nickname: " Trudy " FLETCHER E. RICHARDSON Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Nickname: " Bruiser " NORMAN ROBINSON Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Poet Nickname: " Rock " 21 MARVIN C. SATCHEL! Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Satch " LORENZO ROBERT SAVAGE, JR, Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: Accountant Nickname: " Buster " DANIEL NATHANIEL ROSELLE Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Danny " FREDERICK LURELL SAMPLE Wardtown, Virginia Ambition: Industrial Arts Instructor Nickname: " Sunbeam " LARRY SCARBOROUGH Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Musician Nickname: " Big Red " CHRISTINE SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Stenographer Nickname: " Teen " DIANNE EDITH SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Peanut " FRANCES MALINDA SMITH Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Practical Nurse Nickname: " Fran " 22 RAYMOND SMITH Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Civil Service Work Nickname; " J.D. " THOMAS LLOYD SMITH Birdsnest, Virginia Ambition: Bricklayer Nickname: " Smithy " WILLIAM E. SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Smitty " JOHNIE SPADY Capeville, Virginia Ambition: Barber Nickname; " Bear " WALLANE TALLEY Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Wally " SUDIE ANN TAYLOR Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Beautician Nickname: " Sue Cat " LUTRICIA A. SPADY Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Telephone Operator Nickname: " Ann " VINCENT INELL STANLEY, FR. Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Gopher " 23 ANNIE LUCILLE THOMAS Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Practical Nurse Nickname: " Cille " GEORGE OTIS TOWNSEND Capeville, Virginia Ambition: Electronics Engineer Nickname: " Sackman " LARRY CORNELL TROWER Cheriton, Virginia Ambition: Music Teacher Nickname: " Jug " MAXINE FENTRESS TROWER Seaview, Virginia Ambition: Private Secretary Nickname: " Pretty Eyes " THERESA B. TROWER Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: Secretary Nickname: " Dimples " SHIRLEY MAE TWYFORD Exmore, Virginia Ambition: File Clerk Nickname: " Shelly " CHARLIE ROSS UPSHUR, JR. Weirwood, Virginia Ambition: Mechanic Nickname: " Rossie " WILMA C. UPSHUR Nassawadox, Virginia Ambition: Artist Nickname: " Spook " 24 SHIRLEY WEATHERLY Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Shirley " BERNARD WILLIAM WEEKS Eastville, Virginia Ambition: Mechanic Nickname: " Bro " ANTHONT ' WATERS Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Singer Nickname: " Tony " SHIRLEY ANN WATSON Machipongo, Virginia Ambition: Registered Nurse Nickname: " Baby Ann " EVETTE A. WIDGEON Eastville Station, Virginia Ambition: English Teacher Nickname: " Angel " PERCELLR. WIDGEON, JR. Eastville, Virginia Ambition: IBM Operator Nickname: " Pip " BENNIE WILLIAMS Cape Charles, Virginia Ambition: Businessman Nickname: " Shakedown " LINWOOD LEROY WILLIAMS, JR. Birdsnest, Virginia Ambition: Auto Mechanic Nickname: " Link " 25 CARL WRIGHT Townsend, Virginia Ambition: Barber Nickname: " Pokey " JOYCE ANN WYNDER Bayview, Virginia Ambition: File Clerk Nickname: " Reddie DELOIS YOUNG Exmore, Virginia Ambition: Nurse Nickname: " Gay " JAMES W. WYNDER CLASS PRAYER Most omnipotent God, we pray thankfully to thee for our regarding stay here at " Dear Old Northampton " . We ask thy continued blessings upon us, this institution, our parents, our princi¬ pal, our teachers, our friends, and our country. In thy Holy name, we look to thee for further guidance throughout dur diverging pathways. Amen CLASS SONG Tune; (Our Day Will Come) The time has come, for us to say farewell. With tears that fill our hearts so sad and blue. The time has come when we must leave thee dear but we shall be always true to thee. Dear N.C.H. you ' ve guided us thus far. Without your help we wouldn ' t know what to do. You ' ve given us faith and strength to face this world. Dear N.C.H, we ' ll always love you. The time has come to take our rightful stand. And face the world with what ' s in¬ stilled in us. We ' ll always do our best to keep our great Alma Mater high. For now we must go. Dear N.C.H. we just don ' t want to go, but duty calls and we must heed to it. You ' ve taught us well and we will keep you here deep in our hearts. But now we must part. 26 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST DRESSED Betty Brickhouse James Johnson Joan Morris Jerry Giddens Milton Ames Peggy Brickhouse MOST STUDIOUS FIGURE B PHYSIQUE BEST LOOKING Corrine Mapp Milton Dunton Shirley Watson Theodore Peed Lutricia Spady Marvin Satchell TALLEST BEST ACTORS MOST BUSINESS-LIKE Virginia Powell Cynthia Jacobs Harristeen Moore James Wynder Norman Robinson Milton Dunton 27 BEST COUPLE MOST TALENTED MOST SERIOUS Margaret Baines Frederick Sample Jacqueline Johnson Richard Press Evette Widgeon Raymond Smith BEST CITIZENS BEST SPEAKERS NEATEST Joan Morris Lorenso Savage Jacqueline Johnson Richard Press JoAnn Bailey Larry Church SWEETEST MOST ATTRACTIVE BEST PERSONALITY Lutricia Spady dercell Widgeon Peggy Brickhouse Larry Church Lillian Goodwyn Theodore Peed 28 SUPERLATIVES BEST ARTISTS MOST HAPPY-GO-LUCKY BEST FILIBUSTER i ! in ■: )■ fclB — Deborah Downes Marvin Satchell Annie Thomas Jerry Giddens Wallene Talley Bennie Williams BEST ATHLETES BEST STUDENTS BEST DANCERS Doretha Reid James Mitchell Beverly Ames Milton Ames Betty Brickhouse James Mitchell KINDEST MOST COOPERATIVE BEST SINGERS Mary Addison Theodore Peed Sandra Goodwyn Vincent Stanley 29 MISS EIGHTH GRADE MISS FRESHMAN Betty Brickhouse 1965-66 MISS JUNIOR Peggy Brickhouse 1966-67 Cynthia J acobs 1967-68 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Percell Widgeon President James Johnson Sargent-of-Arms Milton Ames Vice-President Wallane Talley Secretary Shirley Watson Treasurer Joan Morris Business Mgr. Marvin Satchell Chaplain J. Johnson Asst. Secretary YEARROOK STAFF STANDING; M. K. Helm--Advisor, Betty Brickhouse--Social Editor, Harristeen Moore--Class Editor, Shirley Watson--Photographic Editor, James Johnson--Sports Editor, C. N. Williams--Advisor, SEATED: Peggy Brick- house--Advertising Manager, Milton Ames--Editor-in-Chief, Joan Morris--Business Manager, Jacqueline Johnson--Yearbook Sales Manager, Maxine Trower--Literary Reporter, Not Shown, Marvin Satchell--Art Editor, Percell Widgeon, Not Shown. 31 JUNIORS JUNIOR A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joseph Church VICE-PRESIDENT Deborah Francis SECRETARY Mary Fauntleroy ASSISTANT SECRETARY Shirley Bailey SGT.ATARMS TREASURER BUSINESS MANAGER CHAPLAIN Willie Copes Patrick Jones Glen Stratton Olester Manuel JUNIOR A CLASS FIRST ROW seated: L. Austin, S. Bailey, C. Nottingham, E. Bailey, O. Manuel, and R. Hughes. SECOND ROW standing: A. Joynes, L. Kellam, P. Taylor, N. Bailey, G. Dove, S. Allen, D, Allen, M. Farmtleroy, P. Jones, W. Bell, L. James, W. Brown, and Mrs. V. Dent. THIRD ROW standing: P. Spady, J. Church, G‘. ■ Stratton, B. Trower, W. Copes, P. Finney, and L. Figgs. 33 JUNIOR B CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Ralph Davis VICE-PRESIDENT Janice Johnson SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY Annie Mitchell Loretta Bailey TREASURER CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MANAGER SGT. AT ARMS Jeanetta Gaskins James Eidgeon Alien Reid Lenora Jones JUNIOR A CLASS FIRST ROW--D. Garrison, L. Chandler, J. Powell, J. Gaskins, C. Bailey, R. Harmon SEGOND ROW--Mrs. Collins, P. Morris, L. Jones, S. Custis, R. Manuel, B. Brown, A. Reid, Q. Ames, J. Johnson, L. Bailey, A. Mitchell THIRD ROW--P. Williams, C. Johnson, R. Widgeon, J. Braxton, L. Collins, R. Davis, P. Garri¬ son, J. Upshur, H. Johnson, E. Joynes, L. Collins, C. Townsend, C. Treherne, C, Reid, M. Stratton 34 JUNIOR C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Thomas Henry SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY Vera Sharp Shirley Savage VICE-PRESIDENT Reginer Davis TREASURER Deloris Weatherly SGT. AT ARMS Anthony Douglas JUNIOR C CLASS FIRST ROW seated: S. Savage, D. Weatherly, C. Brown, D. Turner, D. Scarborough, A. Maloy, L. Custis. SECOND ROW standing: M. James, R. Giddens, R. Pettyjohn, L. Custis, B. Moses, G. Smith, R, Davis, L. Brooks, P. Fitchett, and K. Giddens. THIRD ROW standing: L. Bell, G. Spady, A. Douglas, G. Floyd, L. Sharp, L. Sturgis, M. Collins, E. Burton, T. Henry, and Mr. Fuller. 35 JUNIOR D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dorine Weeks VICE-PRESIDENT Dorothy Nottingham SECRETARY Mary Johnson ASSISTANT SECRETARY Heremine Collins TREASURER Larry Moody JUNIOR D CLASS FIRST ROW seated: E. Mitchell, M. Brooks, J. Smith, D. Smaw, C. Gray, D. Nottingham, C. Giddens, H. Collins, and J. Roselle. SECOND ROW standing: D. Weeks, M. Trower, H. Trower, V. Wiggins, H. Not¬ tingham, C. Harmon, E. Smith, G. Lee, C. Robinson, D. Bannister, M. Johnson, and Mr. T. Little. THIRD ROW standing: C. Mack, U. Smith, E. Collins, L. Collins, J. Cooper, G. Spady, A. Spady, J. Harmon, and L. Moody. 36 SOPHOMORE »««»» SOPHOMORE CLASS A OFFICERS PRESIDENT Calvin Jarvis VICE-PRESIDENT Anthony Brickhouse SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY G, Brickhouse B. Brickhouse TREASURER P . Richburg CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MANAGER SGT. AT ARMS Ynetta Spady Whitsey Banks Irvin Brisco SOPHOMORE A CLASS FIRST ROW seated: J. Smith, L. Townsend, M. Doggett, V. Harmon, B. Brickhouse, and D. Campbell. SEOCND ROW standing: A. Ames, L. Ames, H. Bonney, J. Holley, I. Brisco, L. Spady, A. Brickhouse, C. Custis, and Mrs. E. McCuller. THIRD ROW standing: A. Sample, R. Vennie, R. Widgeon, L. House, W. Banks, W. Fisher, D. Greene, andC. Jarvis. 38 SOPHOMORE B CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Cora Hickman Priscilla Giddens Lynette Jones ASSISTANT SECRETARY Jeanetta Hickman TREASURER Shirley Johnson CHAPLAIN Calvin Morris SGT. AT ARMS Clarence Smith SOPHOMORE B CLASS FIRST ROW seated: P. Giddens, H, Weeks, R. Giddens, J. Hickman, S. Johnson, C. Hampston, and S. Land. SECOND ROW standing: J. Baker, D. Blake, A. Darden, C. Walker, J. Anderson, P. Lyons, S. Bell, C. Hickman, P. Giddens, S. Henderson, and Mrs. T. Thompson. THIRD ROW: P. Trower, T. Allen, J. Wiggins, N. Fisher, C. Morris, J. Beckett, N. Stanley, C. Bailey, J. Gaskins, C. Morris, S. Smith, C. Smith, and W. Savage. 39 SOPHOMORE C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dorotliy Reid VICE-PRESIDENT Clyde Manuel SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY Joyce Upshur Betty Giddens TREASURER Deborah Nottingham SGT. AT ARMS Larry Copes BUSINESS MANAGER Tyrone Smaw CHAPLAIN George Twyford SOPHOMORE C CLASS FIRST ROW: E. Warren, M. Johnson, B. Battle, M. Weathers, T. Davis, D. Nottingham, D. Fitchett, D. Williams, and T. Spady. SECOND ROW standing: Miss James, R. Williams, M. Mack, A. Coles, D. Reid, B. Custis, J. Upshur, F. Moody, G, Cottrell, L. Scarborough, K. Boyd, M. Fisher, and A. Flagg. THIRD ROW standing: C. Bell, C. Manuel, L. Copes, G. Twyford, L. Joynes, T. Smaw, W. Dillard, and C. Ruffin. 40 SOPHOMORE D CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT Patricia Dixon PRESIDENT Willie Church SECRETARY Violet Smitli ASSISTANT SECRETARY Rosa Wynder TREASURER Chester Reid SGT. AT ARMS Herbert Johnson SOPHOMORE D CLASS FIRST ROW Seated: L. Warren, F. Pitt, V. Fitchett, D. Townsend, C. Reid, and R. Wynder SECOND ROW Standing: B. Ruffin, P. Dixon, D. Dillard, V. Smitli, A. Burton, M. Downes, A. Lyons, and D. Dunton THIRD ROW Standing: A. Snead, J. Tankard, D. Trower, D. Collins, V. Baines, W. Church, N. Perkins, E. Weeks, and H. Johnson 41 SOPHOMORE E CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Melvin Bailey James Bailey SECRETARY LaVerne Stevens ASSISTANT SECRETARY TREASURER Barbara Collins Clarissa Thomas SGT. AT ARMS Samuel Giddens SOPHOMORE E CLASS FIRST ROW--C. Chisum, H. Lockwood, B. Collins, M. Collins, J. Griffin, B. Davis, and L. Thomas SECOND ROW--W. Flagg, T. Mapp, W. Dillard, J. Powell, H. Burton, C. Outlaw, L. Stevens, E. Collins, and S. Giddens THIRD ROW--C. Boone, L. Carter, S. Gaskins, M. Bailey, L. Robinson, C. Sample, and B. Collins 42 FRESHMAN ? FRESHMAN A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joetta Trower VICE-PRESIDENT Lionell House SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY Dorothy Ames Mary Peed TREASURER CHAPLAIN Pearlie Ames Norman Lyons FRESHMAN A CLASS FIRST ROW--C. Brewer, M. Peed, M. Warren, P. Ames, R. Townsend, O. Davis, and H. Stratton SECOND ROW--Mrs. Brown, M. Barrett, S. Burton, D. Ames, M. Burrows, S. Marshall, R. Townsend, D. Brown, J. Trower, M. Morris, E. Johnson, J. Smith, S. Henderson, and P. Church THIRD ROW--L. Church, L. House, R. Taylor, C. Gaskins, W. Satchell, N. Lyons, and R. Cottrell 44 FRESHMAN B CLASS OFFICERS SECRETARY Lula Singleton PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Ella Battle Brenda Ames ASSISTANT SECT. Theopa Gray TREASURER Thersa Hollis CHAPLAIN Anthony Collins SGT. AT ARMS Reginald B risco FRESHMAN B CLASS FIRST ROW: J. Wilson, R. Brisco, B. Ames, D. Nottingham, T. Hollis, M. Baines and T. Gray SECOND ROW: Miss Upshur, C. Six, B. Ames, L. Singleton, E. Battle, S. Ames, V. Mapp, A. Bailey, D. Morris, and R. Savage THIRD ROW: W. Wheeler, A. Ames, R. Brown, C. Wilson, M. Townsend, J. Cooper, A. Collins, F. Burton, J. Green, A. Allen, C. Giddens and B. Jones 45 FRESHMAN C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Beatrice Rivera VICE-PRESIDENT Julia Stanley SECRETARY E. Bannister ASSISTANT SECRETARY Mae Vennie TREASURER CHAPLAIN Phyllis Picott Winston Townsend SGT. AT ARMS Ronald Spady FRESHMAN C CLASS FIRST ROW M. Jones, E. Banister, C. Burton, W. Townsend, G. Mapp, J. Stanley, G. Nottingham, SECOND ROW--C. Harmonson, R. Spady, C. Smaw, N. Campbell, L. Upshur, L. Walker, P. Picott, E. White, E. Smith, E. Fitchett, J. Weathers, and M. Vennie THIRD ROW--S. Dixon, K. Warren, J. Fisher, G. Wilson, R. Bailey, J. Brickhouse, F. Cypress, R. Upshur, H. Sisco, B. Rivera, A. Morris, and L. Johnson 46 FRESHMAN D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bernard Finney VICE-PRESIDENT Len Smaw SECRETARY ASSISTANT SEC. TREASURER Arline Pitt E. Bannister Debra Fitchett FRESHMAN D CLASS FIRST ROW--B. Lee, E. Rixffin, A. Williams, R. Johnson, C. Townsend, T. Hannon, and R. Johnson. SEC¬ OND ROW--B. Smaw, P. Smith, R. Giddens, A. Pitts, D. Fitchell, S. Rogers, E. Bannister, L. Bailey, Miss Nichols. THIRD ROW--L. Harmon, B.Finney, A. Gaskins, W. Starchia, J. Walker, C. Wynder, L. Beckett, and L. Smaw. 47 FRESHMAN E CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Thomas Satchell VICE-PRESIDENT Larry Christain SECRETARY Gloria Burton ASSISTANT SECT. Amelia Mapp TREASURER Ethel Wilkins CHAPLAIN Emma Satchell FRESHMAN E CLASS FIRST ROW: E. Starchia, A. Mapp, E. Wilkins, M. Palmer, E. Young, G. Burton SECOND ROW: Miss Bar- cliff, J. Callaway, L. Christian, J. Kellam, E. Satchell, E. Gaskins and T. Satchell THIRD ROW: H. Manuel, J. Warren, R. Rowley, T. Trehcrne, and G. Outlaw 48 EIGHTH GRADE A GLASS OEEIGERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Linda Snead Rebecca Bailey SECRETARY Marva Bailey ASST. SECRETARY Glendia Harmon TREASURER Wynola Bell CHAPLAIN Sanford Beckett PARLIAMENTARIAN Eric Church EIGHTH GRADE A CLASS FIRST ROW: E. Church, O. Moody, D. Walker, E. Johnson, M. Lewis, G. Harmon, I. Hollis, M. Dorsey, W. Bell, D. Ames, E. Gray and J. Wilson SECOND ROW: Miss Upshur, L. Siggers, M. Kellam, P. Willis, C. Beckett, D. Finney, L. Snead, J. Rogers, D. Bragg, R. Bailey, M. Rogers, M. Bailey, and U. Hughes THIRD ROW: U. Onley, J. Trower, K. Jarvis, C. Vennie, H. Johnson, T. Glover, P. Giddens, L. Banks, S. Beckett, A. Custis, A. Bull, E. Marks and S. Bailey. 50 EIGHTH GRADE B GLASS OFEIGERS PRESIDENT Evelyn Bell VICE-PRESIDENT James Morris SECRETARY Faye Savage TREASURER Jeffery Widgeon CHAPLAIN Patricia Webb C EIGHTH GRADE B GLASS FIRST ROW--J. Church, C. Rowley, A. Lyons, S. Cypress, J.Giddens, B. Fisher, and M. Upshur. SECOND ROW--R. Williams, F. Cooper, F. Sample, B. Smith, P. Taylor, M. Land, S. Weeks, P. Webb, E, Bell, H Brooks, andj. Widgeon. THIRD ROW--P. Mason, M. Bailey, I. Jackson, G. Allen, J. Toy, R. Nottingham, J. Morris, W. Christian, L. Kates, S. Lyons, C. Upshur, A. Jones, K. Chandler, P. James, andC. Braxton. 51 EIGHTH GRADE G GLASS OFFIGERS PRESIDENT Brenda Giddens VICE-PRESIDENT Henry Simpkins SECRETARY Valeria Weeks ASSISTANT SECT. Marvin Hickman Ti TREASURER Venessa Davis CHAPLAIN Viola Williams SGT. AT ARMS James Custis EIGHTH GRADE G CLASS FIRST ROW: M. Cribb, V. Holley, A. Doughty, E. Savage, C. Poole, V. Davis, V. Williams and H. Ivey SECOND ROW: Miss Bond, E. Townsend, M. Hickman, V. Nottingham, C. Hampton, C. Powell, O. Brown, L. Fitchett, R. Giddens, B. Owens, V. Weeks, T. Williams, B. Giddens and B. Townsend THIRD ROW: A. Giddens, J. Burton, W. Hampton, J. Starchia, J. Custis, J. Smith, H. Simpkins, R. Lyons, A. Flagg, W. Toppin, L. Stratton and C. Johnson 52 EIGHTH GRADE D GLASS OEEIGERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY C. Harmonson Anthony Dunton Nola Brown ASSISTANT SECT. Ida Walker TREASURER John Fisher CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS T. Campbell Charles Brooks EIGHTH GRADE D GLASS FIRST ROW--L. Anderson, B. Addison, J. Collins, D. Young, J. Cunningham, R. Bell, and C. Harmonson SECOND ROW--L. Fisher, C. Townsend, R. Lawrence, N. Brown, A. Dunton, I. Walker, V. Smith, and V. Sumpkins THIRD ROW--T. Campbell, J. Davis, C. Holmes, U. Walters, T. Rowley, C. Brooks, C. Stevens, G. Graves, and P. Jackson 53 EIGHTH GRADE E GLASS OFEIGERS PRESIDENT Jerry Wynder VICE-PRESIDENT Curtis Johnson SECRETARY Mae Bailey ASST. SECRETARY Joyce Young TREASURER Ronald Elliott SGT. -AT-ARMS Michale Williams EIGHTH GRADE E GLASS FIRST ROW--R. Stanley, J. Reid, B. Smith, C. Johnson, W. Bailey, and E. Warren SECOND ROW--O. Bat¬ tle, M. Giddens, M. Palmer, J. Lockwood, T. Downes, M. Bailey, and M. Williams THIRD ROW--T. Ames, G. Church, S. Harmon, R. Elliot, E. Chisum, C. Palmer, W. Owens, J. Wilson, M. Palmer, G. Sample, and J. Wynder 54 EIGHTH GRADE GLASS E OEFIGERS PRESIDENT John Griffin VICE PRESIDENT Chauncey Morris SECRETARY ASST. SECRETARY Ida Smith Mildred Twyford TREASURER Eugene Banister SGT.-AT-ARMS Curtis Smith EIGHTH GRADE F GLASS FIRST ROW: J. Watts, D. Collins, M. Mason, E. Fisher, J. Stratton, A. Gray SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rowley, R. Collins, A. Robinson, M. Twyford, L. Brisco, E. Johnson, S. Williams, C. James THIRD ROW: C. Smith, K. Johnson, J. Griffin, L. Goodwyn, C. White, I. Smith, G. Bailey andH. Lyons 55 EIGHTH GRADE G GLASS OFEIGERS PRESIDENT James Dillard VICE-PRESIDENT Riith Lane SECRETARY Evelyn Bannister TREASURER Alvin Williams CHAPLAIN Henry Mitchell SGT. AT ARMS Linda Manuel EIGHTH GRADE G GLASS FIRST ROW: A. Bynum, E. Bannister, J. Henderson, P. Satchell, P. Beckett, and A. Williams. SECOND ROW: Mr. T. Spivey, H. Mitchell, L. Manuel, C. Palmer, B. Ames, J. Ray, and C. Bailey. THIRD ROW: R. Lane, R. Chisum, J. Smith, R. Davis, A. Orange, C. Johnson, J. Lockwood, and M. Smith. 56 SNAPSHOTS 57 ORGANIZATION i ' ft- ; :V - I : sr-kl il«!l iiitl Occupational Ploration r :4VtfIiIt " i ' iiiiiA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA SEATED: C. Jacobs, P. Brickhouse, B. Brickhouse, B. Ames, R. Press, Chaplain, A. Mitchell,’Asst. Secretary, C. Jarvis, Vice-President, B. Brown, Secretary, T. Harmon, Chaplain, STANDING: A. Sample, R. Vennie, R, Widgeon, W. Eisher, C. Custis, E. Widgeon, S, Allen, A. Brickhouse, H. Bonney, B. Trower, J. Johnson, J. Morris, J. Johnson, M. Moore, L. Stevens, A. Collins, M. Morris, Mrs. H. Rowley, Advisor, W. Brown, W. Bell. FIRST ROW: Mrs. E. S. McCuller, Sponsor, C. Jacobs, Secretary; M. Fauntlrroy, Treasurer; S. Smith, G. Brickhouse, A. Collins, Vice-President; L. Stevens, Asst. Secretary; Y. Spady. SECOND ROW: O. Manuel, D. Bannister, Sentinel; C. Bailey, P. Morris, P. Richburg, J. Moses, H. Collins, and R. Manuel. THIRD ROW: C. Jarvis, J. Church, W. Brown, R. Press, President; C. Morris, B. Trower, M. Satchell, Business Manager; and P. Jones, Chaplain. LE CERCLE ERANCAIS 59 COLLEGE BOUND CLUB jmnr MiifI 1 SEATED: S. Copes, M. Dunton, Treasurer, P. Brickhouse, Secretary, M. Ames, President, J. Johnson, Asst. Secretary, R. Press, Vice-President, and M. Baker. SECOND ROW: Mrs. A. Smith, Advisor, B. Brown, B. Brickhouse, C. Jacobs, M. Trower, E. Widgeon, J. Morris, A. Custis, S. Bailey. TTIIPD ROW: J. Mitchell, N. Robinson, L. Savage, P. Widgeon, M, Satchell, Chaplain, L. Church, J. Johnson, and J. Giddens. PUBLICATION STAFF f ggy Brickhouse, Ed it or-In-Che if, Jacqueline Johnson, Associate Editor, Batty Brickhouse, Make-Up-Editor, Cynthia Jacobs, Christine Smith, Beverly Ames, Sonja Copes, Maxine Trower, Harristine Moore, and Henrietta Nottingham. 60 F.H.A. CHAPTER OFFICERS TOP ROW: J. Hickman, Asst. Reporter, C. Hickman, Asst. Secretary, Ronnie Giddens, Reporter, Frances Smith, Song Leader, Colitha Moody, Treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Gaskins, Historian, Doretha Reid, Song Leader, Wallane Talley, Vice-President, Alfreda Darden, Secretary. Not shown, Zelma Darden, Presi¬ dent. F.H.A. CHAPTER The Future Homemakers of America is the local chapter of girls studying homemak¬ ing in Northampton County High School. It is a part of one of the world ' s largest youth organizations. As an integral part of the home economics program, FFA provides opportunities for students to have additional experiences in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. The over-all goal of the FFA is to help individuals improve personal, family and community living, now and in the future. Our motto is " Toward New Horizons " . We face the future with warm courage and high hope. Congratulations to the graduating class of 1969. The Advisor is Mrs. Ida J. Williams. 61 F.F.A. CHAPTER OFFICERS Elmer Collins, Sentinel; Theodore Peed, Treasurer, Purnell Gaskins, Reporter, Terry Ames, Vice-President, Vincient Stanley, Secretary, Larry Collins, Parliamentarian. Not shown: Nathaniel Bann ister, President; Harry Johnson, Historian; Edward Burton, Reporter. NORTHAMPTON COUNTY HIGH FFA CHAPTER The FFA is a national organization for students studying vocational agriculture in the public secondary schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Education Act. The members of Northampton County FFA Chapter are very proud of the members of the Graduation Class of 1969 who have served as officers, chairman of committees and as representatives for the FFA Chapter at various gatherings. Our FFA Chapter has progressed because each of you placed your " Rocket " into Orbit with its trans¬ mitters giving forth new ideas and suggestions for a better FFA Chapter. To the members of the 1969 GRADUATING GLASS, we extend our best wishes for your success. As you go through life, may you hitch your determination to a more dis¬ tant star, and remember that; " You are becoming now what you are to become " . 62 THE LIBRARY-READER’S CLUB OEEICERS SEATED: Ruth Manuel, Business Manager, Patricia Morris, Secretary, Delois Custis, President, Barbara Bannister, Vice-President, Bebrah Campbell. STANDING: Joan Smith, Shirley Twyford, Corrine Mapp, Asst. Secretary, Miss R. L. James, Advisor. THE LIBRARY-READER’S CLUB The Library-Reader ' s Club was organized mainly to promote the growth and deve¬ lopment of our library and to encourage our student body to do more reading. To the graduating class of 1969, we extend our best wishes for a successful future. We trust that the library has been of some help to you and you will continue to read as you go through life. 63 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STANDING: Shirley Allen, Chaplain, Linda Stevens, Assistant Secretary, Mrs. A. B. Brown, Sponsor. SEATED: Annie Mitchell, Business Manager, Milton Ames, President, Joan Morris, Secretary. Not shown: Glen Stratton, Vice-President, Joseph Church, Joette Trower, Benjamin Trower, Julian Stanley, Mary Fauntleroy, and Deborah Francis. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA THIRD ROW: D. Francis, V. Sharpe, L. Savage, G. Spady, P. Williams, U. Smith, P. Widgeon, M. Dunton, L. Trower, S. Smith, M. Doggett, A. Mitchell, T. Henry, M. Ames, L. Bailey, J. Johnson, J. Gaskins, T. Harmon, and B. Ames. ROW TWO: B. Powell, D. Allen, M. Trower, S, Allen, D. Smith, S. Moses, M. Foe man, T. Trower, O. Manuel, H. Nottingham, E. Widgeon, FIRST ROW: Mrs. M. Chrtistain, Advisor, Miss D M. Upshur, Advisor, M. Fauntleroy, R. Manuel, L. Christain, H. Collins, C. Nottingham, S. Bailey, C. Mapp, L. Scarborough, E. Moses, E. Bailey, L. Chandler, B. Brickhouse, S. Copes, M. K. Helm, Advisor. SEATED: J. Johnson, C. Smith, P. Brickhouse, C. Jacobs, S. Twyford, and H. Morris. 64 SAFETY PATROL Mr. J. W. Nottingham, Sponsor, E. Marks, F. Pitts, W. Bailey, J. Powell, A. Joynes, C. Johnson, W. Flagg, W. Satchell, T. Campbell, R. Mack, F. Townsend, G. Fyons, V. Elliott, C. Sample, and L. Carter. N.C.H.S. MALE GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: F. Sample, Vice-President, J. Green, R. Spady, 1. Jackson, E. Marks, S.Bailey, A. Custis, M. Ames, and Mr. E. Busch, Jr. Director. SECOND ROW: C. Johnson, F. Richardson, M. Satchell, President, M. Bailey, H. Gholson, R. Press, J. Johnson, H. Simpkins, W. Townsend, G. Townsend. THIRD ROW: J. Giddens, U. Smith, W. Copes, N. Lyons, B. Trower, Secretary, M. Townsend, W. Banks, W. Brown, M. Dunton, P. Widgeon. 65 N.C.H.S. BAND KNEELING; P. Spady, W, Upshur, L. James, C. Johnson. SECOND ROW: D, Weeks, L. Custis, T. Allen, L. Collins, E. Smith, M. Johnson, E. Johnson, D. Ames, P. Church, H. Trower, R, Pettyjohn, R. Hughes, and R. Davis. THIRD ROW: Mr. T. Stratton,Director, C. Reid, P. Taylor, C. Floyd, L. Scarborough, J. Custis, C. Treherne, H. Fisher. FOURTH ROW: J, Gaskins, E. Fisher, J. Beckett, C. Bailey, M. Bailey, D. Johnson, R. Moore, W, Dillard, L. Collins, andj. Smith. N.C.H.S. CHORUS FIRST ROW: D. Scarborough, M. Johnson, R. Giddens, Asst. Sect., V. Harmon, B. Ames, M. Trower, Chap¬ lain, Mr. E. Busch, Jr., Director, D. Custis, M. Baines, Librarian, V. Wiggins, E. Banister, B. Ames, M. Doggett, J. Johnson, Sect., SECOND ROW;D. Townsend, P. Church, A. Mapp, M. Baker, T. Harmon, Treas. , P. Morris, M. Vennie, P. Jones, T. Jones, E. Johnson, S. Goodwyn, E. Parker, and F. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Spady, J. Green, C. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Satchell, F. Sample, R. Press, President, B. Trower, M. Bailey, H. Simpkins, S. Beckett, I. Jackson, andC. Hickman. FOURTH ROW: M. Ames, P. Widgeon, N. Lyons, U. Smith, W. Banks, W. Copes, H. Gholson, L. Church, M. Townsend, W. Brown, M. Dunton, F. Richardson, J. Giddens, C. Townsend, and G. Stratton, Vice-President (not shown). 66 ENGLISH CLUB FIRST ROW: Miss M. Stevens, I. Brisco, C. Darden, D. Reid, S. Davis, andM. Dunton. SECOND ROW: A. Brickhouse, H. Boney, S. Watson, Secretary, D. Custis, President, D. Downes, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: C. Jarvis, C. Custis, J. Church, W. Brown, P. Widgeon, R. Press, N. Robinson, and J. Mitchell. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Henderson, H. Stratton, P. Ames, M. Doggett, M. Warren, S. Mapp, G. Brickhouse, A. Reid, M. Peed, and C. Upshur. SECOND ROW: B. Brown, C. Moody, O. Manuel, O. Ames, J. Trower, Presi¬ dent, D. Brown, V. Stanley, Chaplain, E. Johnson, R. Townsend, and O. Davis. THIRD ROW: B. Brickhouse, P. Barrett, B. Brown, J. Moses, S. Marshall, C. Six, P. Richburg, D. Ames, K. Brown, S. Burton, D. Town¬ send, M. Burrows, L. Lawrence, and M. Morris. 67 FINE ARTS CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Young, Chaplain, J. Gaskins, D. Weatherly, A. Thomas, Treasurer, L. Addison, and V. Powell. SECOND ROW: Mr. E. Busch, Jr., Director, S. Gaskins, D. Garrison, S. Taylor, B. Boyd, J. Palmer, D. Scarborough, J. Johnson, M. Satchell, President, R. Press, Vice-President, Mr. R. Ward, Director, THIRD ROW: L. Scarborough, P. Widgeon, P. Dixon, R. Davis, W. Brown, W. Copes, L. Church, J. Giddens, and D. Downes. STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Mrs. H. Rowley, Advisor, C. Weeks, A. Thomas, A. Collins, S. Davis, D. Nottingham, M. Doggett, G. Harmon, B. Collins, D. Davis, B. Rivera, C. Rowley, and Mr. W. Sisco, Advisor. SECOND ROW: V. Baines, L. Church, A. Giddens, M. Eauntleroy, R. Lane, M. Baines, E. Parker, J. Johnson, Presi¬ dent, H. Collins, L. Christain. THIRD ROW: J. Morris, Chaplain, W. Talley, M. Townsend, R. Davis, J. Morris, Secretary, D. Custis, V. Powell, P. Morris, M. Bailey, R. Manuel, and S. Brown, H. Boney. FOURTH ROW: E. Banister, E. Sample, Vice-President, P. Giddens, D. Collins, N. Fisher, H. Johnson, T. Satchell, C. Morris, W. Townsend, P. Johnson, K. Brewer, andH. Sample, Treasurer. 68 MISS HOMECOMING Members: M. Ames, President, B. Trower, Vice-President, J. Morris, Secretary, L. Christain, Treasurer, L. Bailey, Chaplain, M. Doggett, L. Collins, L. Savage, D. Francis, M. Trower, V. Harmon, M. Fauntleroy, A. Sample, M. Warren, S. Allen, C. Morris, R. Vienne, J. Widgeon, L. Ames, W. Fisher, L. Church, C. Jarvis, J. Church, and L. Stevens. Mrs. T. J. Thompson and Mr. C. Bell, Sponsors. MATH-SCIENCE CLUB She walks in beauty, with all the style and grace of an innocent swan, honored by all who observe her loveli¬ ness, loved by all who have been captured by her smile. We watched with unparalleled pride as she reigned modestly over our Homecoming festivities. Miss Lucretia Ann Spady, our queen for 1968-69 will always hold a delicate spot in our hearts. The members of Miss Spady ' s court who all loyally adore her are: Miss Junior-- Loretta Bailey, Miss Sophomore--Virginia Harmon, Miss Freshman--Mary Peed, Miss 8th Grade--Rebecca John¬ son. 69 YOUNG HOMEMAKERS OF VIRGINIA The Eastern Shore Chapter of The Young Homemakers of Virginia under the supervision of Mrs. Ida J. Williams, Wishes To Congratulate The Senior Class of 1969. The main purpose of the Young Homemakers is to: Preserve, enrich, and strengthen family living. SEATED: Mrs. Audrey C. Brickhouse, Treasurer--Mrs. Mary Briekhouse, Secretary--Mrs. Shirley Sisco, Presi- dent--Mrs. Margaret Bush, Historian, Mrs. Viola Poole, Reporter--Mrs. Lola Spady, Vice-Pres. STANDING: Mrs. Ida J. Williams, Advisor--Mrs. Mitie Collins, Mrs. Grace Nottingham, Mrs. Annie Stevens, Mrs. Ann Taylor, Mrs. Anna Shears, and Mrs. Mary Stevens. GAFETERIA STAFF The N.G.H.S. Cafeteria Staff consists of Mrs. Thelma Warren, Miss Flora Burrows, Mrs. Mamie Morris, and Mrs. Mertie Collins who work diligently to supply our students with the basic needs for the Type A Lunch Pro¬ gram. 70 JANITORIAL STAFF The Northampton County High School Janitorial Staff consists of Mr. David Satchell, Mr. James Simms, and Mr. Gwendolyn Morris. N.C.H.S. BUS DRIVERS ' ■LM The N.C.H.S. Bus Drivers help promote the safe carrying of students to and from school. Mr. Ollie Kates, Mr. Isaac Mapp, Mr. David Bailey, Mr. Patrick Banister, Mr. James Spady, Mr. Charles Wescott, Mr. Jerome Stanford, Mr. Edward Wynder, Mr. Bennie Satchell, Mr. Fred Jordan, Mr. Percy Johnson, Mr. William Weeks, Mr. Robert Lindsey, and Mr. Regional Collins. 71 4 ATHLETICS MODERN DANCE GROUP STANDING: D. Francis, L. Stevens, A. Collins, L. Christain; SECOND ROW SEATED: A. Darden, S. Eand, R. Giddens, J. Hickman, P. Giddens, B. Collins, L. Jones, C. Walker, C. Jacobs, and V. Sharp. BASEBALL TEAM STANDING: Mr. J. A. Dent, Coach, Mr. C. O. Williams, J. Johnson, W. Bell, S. Christain, G. Johnson, A. Collins, C. Sample, R. Morris, G. Floyd, W. Fisher, L. Onley D. Rosevelt, J. Green, B. Murphy, L. Collins, L. Smaw, Scorekeeper, and Mr. T. J. Little, Asst. Coach. KNEELING: F. Sample, R. Dunton, A. Allen, L. Church, C. Boone, T. Reid, R. Brown, L. Sample, L. Waldo, and G. Spady. Seasons record: Won 12 and Lost 4. 73 GIRLS DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW: L. Bailey, M. Bailey, L. Custis, J. Smith. SECOND ROW: J. Johnson--Captain, B. Ames, E. Battle, D, Ames, and D. Campbell. THIRD ROW: S. Six, M. Baines, R. Giddens, andj. Powell. FOOTBALL TEAM STANDING: A. Joynes, W. Copes, E. Mitchell, S, Giddens, B. Murphy, C. Jarvis, N. Bailey, U. Smith, C, Church, G. Twyford, J. Johnson, D. Green, M. Dunton, L. Beckett, G. Spady, T. Peed, N. Stanley, B. Har¬ mon, P. Finney, C. Boone, L. Copes, H, Johnson, N. Lyons, M. Beckett, and R. Press--Scorekeeper, L. Robinson. KNEELING: Mr. C. O. Williams, Coach, Captain G. Floyd, CaptainF. Sample, and Vlr. T. J. Little--Goach. 74 CHEERING SQUAD 4 M - The JUNIOR and VARSITY Cheerleaders under the direction of Miss S. M. Parham, have played an impor¬ tant role in developing school spirit. They were a part of the fortunate V.I.P ' s who participated in the honorary opening of the Dual Highway 13, linking Eastern Shore Virginia with the Northern States. The members are; S, Smith, L. Christain, G. Brickhouse, J. Mapp, L. Custis, P. Richburg, D. Downes, L. Stevens, A. Collins, D. Francis, Y. Spady, C. Jacobs, V. Sharp, and B. Powell. LET’S TALK IT OVER KNEELING: Mr. C. O. V, illiams--Head Coach. STANDING: George Floyd, Fred Sample, James Mitchell, and Mr. T, J. Little--Assistant Coach. 75 VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING; Robert Dunton, Gregory Spady, Co-Gaptain, James Mitchell, Co-Captain. STANDING: Mr. C. O. Williams, Coach, Lorenza Savage, Ulysses Smith, Derry Greene, Gordan Wilson, George Twyford, Anthony Collins, Samuel Giddens, Larry Collins, Daniel Roselle. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING FIRST ROW: Roger Brown, Larry Beckett, Alfredo Sample, and Arthur Morris. KNEELING SECOND ROW: Benjamin Smaw, Eddie Beach, Anthony Brickhouse, Wyade Treherne, Ervin Brisco, Tyrone Smaw, and Louis Spady. STANDING THIRD ROW: Mr. T. L. Little, Coach, Norman Lyons, Whits y Banks, Edward Warren, Samuel Gaskins, and Anthony Fisher. 76 ADVERTISING CompI iments FRANK B. HOLLAND MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME mo! Jerome C. Cornish, Funeral Director and Embalmer RubyT. Lynk, Funeral Director Cheriton, Virginia CompI Iments HARRY KELLAM GROCERY Nectarine, St. Madison, Ave Cape Charles, Virginia CompI Iments HENRY ' S IMPRINTING SERVICE Office Equipment Office Supplies Printing Stationery Phone: Gl 2-6941 W. T. Henry, Proprietor Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments SESSOMS GROCERIES Phone GI-29391 Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments SUSIE DOUGLAS RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals Sandwiches Ice Cream Sodas Candies Phone: 331-1265 Cheapside, Virginia CompI Iments H. M. LEWIS Wardtown Virginia CompI iments COLLINS HARDWARE More of Everything You Want Housewares Electric—Plumbing Supplies Paints—Marine Supplies Phone: 331-3979 Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments NORDSTROM S PHILLIPS Furniture and Appliances Exmore, Virginia 78 CompI i merits THE PARRY SHOP The Finest In Women ' s Apparel Phone: 331-1507 Cape Charles, Virginia CompI iments TRIPLE L. MARKET EastviIle Station, Virginia CompI iments KOONTZ CREAMY Northampton ' s Own Quality Guernsey Milk MIIK CRIAM City Dairy, Inc. - Distributor Telephone Gl 2-6060 Exmore, Virginia CompI iments RAYNE ' S GROCERY Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments THE HODGE PODGE Art Supplies Clothes Furniture Gifts Phone: 442-6496 Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments DICKINSON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. K COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Automobile and Fire Insurance Cape Charles, Virginia CompI iments TILGHMAN ' S JEWELERS, INC Every Graduate Deserves Something Something From The Special Jewelers Come In and See Our Display Cape Charles, Virginia CompI iments ADDISON AND COMPANY " If A Hardware Store Should Have It, We Have It " Hardware—Carpenter ' s Tools Plumber ' s Supplies Electrical Supplies Eastville, Virginia 79 Compliments Compliments B B MARKET Fancy Meats We sell for Less and Quality too Phone: OR 8-5505 Eastville, Virginia NORDSTROM CHEVROLET SALES Compliments Phone: 442-6145 Exmore, Virginia CLIFFS SEAFOOD Specializing in Flalf Shells Oysters - Cl ams CompI iments JONES DEPARTMENT STORE English Leather Toiletries For Men McGregor Sweaters Phone: Cape Charles 674 Oyster, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia CompI iments H. M. JAMES AND COMPANY " HOUSE OF FABRICS " Fruit of the Loom Slip Coverings Indian Head Tapestry - Denims Phone: Gl 2-6064 Draperies - Duck; Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Exmore, Virginia CompI iments H. W. DRUMMOND, INC. Cities Service Oil Company Tires Accessories CITGO Batteries Gasoline Phone: 442-6104 Belle Haven, Virginia Compliments TEXTILE SHOP l ngrotulations graduating class Nassawadox, Virginia 80 CompI iments THE PEOPLES TRUST BANK 1 3 ' B 2 ll Half Century of Exmore, Virginia Continuous Service Compliments of WALKER ' S POLYCLEAN CENTER Nassawadox, Virginia CompI Iments CompI iments FLORA DAWN FLORIST L. C. SHEFFIELD GARAGE Wishing All The Graduates of Northampton County High Repair Service Much Success and Happiness Paulk Clarlbel Hargis, Owner Phone: Gl 2-6505 2 miles South of Cape Charles Exmore, Virginia On Route 13 U.S.TIRES NORTHAMPTON SERVICE STATION Spady ' s New Used Cars Raymond Spady, Proprietor Fig Street Mason Ave., Cape Charles, Virginia Phone Cape Charles 331-8408 We Have All Named Brand Accessories For Your Automobile Northampton County ' s Only Agent For Quality U.S. Royal Products Tires To Fit Your Automobile Batteries of All Sizes, 6 Volts, 12 Volts, 8 Volts Pure Gasoline And Oil Your One Stop Automobile Servicenter Don ' t Ask For It if you don ' t want It Across From Ice Plant In Cape Charles, Va. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1969 81 CompI iments SAMPLES BARBER SHOP CompI iments Established 1904 I need your head to run my business 309 Jefferson Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia MICHELL’S CONFECTIONERY Sandwiches Beverages Hot Lunches General Merchandise R. J. Mirchell, Proprietor Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments WARDS BODY SHOP CompI iments MOORE ' S SERVICE General Merchandise Drugs Notions Gas Oil Phone: 678-5518 Bridgetown, Virginia A. C. Ward, Jr., Manager Body and Fender Work Auto Glass Cut and Installed Day OR 8-5141 Night OR 8-5344 Eastville Virginia CompI iments SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS SERVICE Superior Dependable Economical Homes Farms Restaurants Industry Marine Motor Fuel Phone: 787-1567 Onley, Virginia 82 CompI Imen|-s A. H. REVELL S SON Wholesale Compliments BELL ' S RADIO SERVICE " Don ' t Monkey With Your Radio, Call Us " Drugs Notions Candies Clem Bell, Manager and Owner Phones: Bu- SU 7-3844 Res- SU 7-2583 Onley, Virginia Pick Up and Delivery Service Phone OR 8-5704 EASTVILLE VIRGINIA Compliments E H CLEANERS Jhet J. L. Hickman, Manager Cape Charles Virginia Compliment s EVEY ' S BEAUTYRAMA Hair Styling Tinting Dyeing 2 Miles South of Eastville Phone: OR 8-5485 Eastville, Virginia Compliments GRAY’S FUNERAL HOME Masons Notary Public Mrs. Alston J. Godwin, Funeral Service Manager Thomas George Godwin, Funeral Director and Embalmer 625 Madison Ave. Cape Charles, Virginia Phone: Cape Charles 331-3810 83 Compliments SMITH ' S GROCERIES Phone: 331-8440 Cheapside, Virginia J. H. Smith, Proprietor Compliments Compliments PENNINSULA MOTORS We Have Been Serving Northampton for 31 Years . Since 1938. Bring Your Ford Back for Good Service. Cape Charles, Virginia CompIIments of NORTHAMPTON LUMBER COMPANY SAVAGE DRUG STORE CompI iments WESTERN AUTO Hardware, Appliances, Paints Boats, Boat Accessories Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments Sales—Parts—Service Exmore, Virginia CompI iments WATKINS COMPANY, INC. 1891 1969 77 Years Young PEEBLES Most For Your Money, Operating 27 Department Stores In North Carolina, Virginia, South CarolIna, and Delaware Exmore Cape Charles Bernard J. Nottingham, Agent Machipongo, Virginia CompI iments T. L. RUARK AND COMPANY Wholesale Groceries 84 CompI iments BRICKHOUSE CLEANERS Qual ity Service Dependability Hare Valley, Virginia CompI iments ETZ ' S JEWELERS Bulova Watches Keepsake Diamonds Rings and Gifts Mrs. Flora V. Etz Cape Charles, Virginia CompI iments EWELLS GROCERY Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocer Complete Line of Meats and Groceries Corner of Plum Jefferson Cape Charles, Virginia CompI Iments SAMPLE ' S CONTRACTOR Plumbing Heating Electrical Contracting New and Repair Work 24 Hour Service Residential Commercial Box 88 Painter, Va. Phone 442-6997 CompI Iments MEATLAND Wholesale Top Quality Beef and Pork Custom Butchering Retail Phone Gl 2-3350 Exmore, Virginia 85 Compliments Phone: 331-1489 Anywhere Anytime COOK ' S TAXI 1S9 Since 1941 Courteous, Reliable CompI iments MILTON ' S TRUCK CENTER TEXACO PRODUCTS TIRE SALE SERVICE " LET ' S EAT " Trucks " MILT " and " LIZ " Phone: 442-9963 Exmore, Virginia CompI iments EXMORE SEAFOOD MARKET Kenneth Doughty, Proprietor Phone: Home: 442-6893 Business: 442-9984 Exmore, Virginia Compliments CompI iments JAMES ' FRESH EGGS Eastville, Virginia DOUGHTY’S CLEANERS § DYERS Pick-Up Delivery Service One-Day Cleaning Exmore, Virginia 86 CompI iments MORRIS FUNERAL HOMES Nassawadox, Virginia Phone Gilbert 26612 Cape Charles, Virginia Phone Cape Charles 331-2809 Area Code 703 CompI iments HORNE - STAUFFER, INC. Furniture - TV - Appliances Phone Gl 2-6575 Exmore, Virginia CompI iments CompI iments WINNIE ' S BEAUTY SALON Hair Stylist Sealp Conditioner Cutting Hair coloring Treherne, Virginia CompI iments GREEN’S MARKET Complete Line of Groceries Service Station Supplies Repair Shop Phone - Cape Charles 826 Fairview, Virginia GLADDEN TIRE CO. Exmore, Virginia 87 CompI imenfs LLOYD’S DRUG STORE American Greeting Cards Russell Stover Candies Compliments C. J. PRETTYMAN SONS REAL ESTATE and BUSINESS Phone: 442-6131 Exmore, Virginia Exmore, Virginia CompI iments HARLAN BOWDEN’S AUTO SALES Res. 442-6908 Bus. 442-9381 New - Cars - Used Harlan Bowden, Owner Operator Route 13 - Exmore, Va. 23350 Comp I iments JAMES SHOE AND SPORTSWEAR Shoes for the Entire Family Exmore Virginia CompI iments SEAVIEW MARKET CompI iments BELL’S SEA FOOD Berlie Bell, Proprietor Oyster, Virginia CompI iments COLLINS TEXACO Auto Accessories Gas and Oil School Supplies General Merchandise Radio and TV Tubes Machipongo, Virginia CompI ime nts KELLAM DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Groceries Hardware All General Merchandise Phone - Cape Charles 372 Seaview, Virginia Petroleum Products Motor Oils Accessories Cape Charles, Virginia 88 Chi ncotea que CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS of ' 69 ' ' ' ' CHESAPEAKE BAY BRIDGE-TUNNEL EASTERN SHORE CITIZEN’S BANK ONANCOCK PAINTER ACCOMAC KELLER 89 CompI iments HOUSWALD’S BAKERY Distributor of STAR BREAD CompI iments CompI iments A FRIEND George B. Satchel! GENERAL CONTRACTOR CompI iments NORTHAMPTON PHOTO SERVICE Phone 442-641 Exmore, Virginia Phone: 442-6625 P. O. Box 51 Nassawadox, Virginia CompI iments CUSTIS RECORD SHOP CompI iments NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY Juke Boxes Rented Fishing Tackle Phonographs Records Radios Winston J. Custis, Proprietor Exmore, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia 90 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Fitchett Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Robert Matthews Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bailey Franktown, Virginia Mr. Larry Joe Ames Cheapside, Virginia Mr. Robert Lee Allen and Son Kensington, Maryland Miss Ora Lee Watson Cheriton, Virginia Miss M. L. Horton Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monroe Chesapeake, Virginia Mr. Frederick J. Custis Keller, Virginia Major Eugene A. Brickhouse Korea Mr. and Mrs. Otis Braggs Eastville, Virginia Miss Lucille Poulson Brooklyn, New York Mrs. Annie S. Wilkins Cheriton, Virginia Miss Marylin Hargis Jamesville, Virginia Mrs. Eliza Harmon Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Percell R. Widgeon Eastville, Virginia Mrs. Beatrice ' V. Brickhouse Exmore, Virginia Mrs. Helen N. Harmon Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. David Nicitens Jr. Kensington, Maryland Mr. and Mrs. William Widgeon Eastville, Virginia Mrs. Ida Collins Eastville, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. J. Authur Dent Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Little Exmore, Virginia Mrs. W. S. Smaw Townsend, Virginia Miss Margret K. Helm Cape Charles, Virginia Mr . and Mrs . Theo . Widgeon Eastville Station, Virginia Mrs. Mary Brickhouse Eastville, Virginia Mr. and Mrs, Onray Savage Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Ellen S. Helm Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs, Lillie Mae Davis Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Len Thomas Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Frasier Brickhouse Petersburg, Virginia 91 PATRONS Mr. J. L. Hare Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Foeman Cobbs Rural Station, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Milton E. Ames Exmore, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. John Collins, Jr. Chesapeake, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Jr. Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ross Camden, New Jersey Mr. Herbert G. Goodwyn Cheriton, Virginia Mrs. Ruth Bell Franktown, Virginia Mr. Johnnie A. Watts Franktown, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. John Collins Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. and Mrs . Edward Warren Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Levi Doggett Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Baines Sr. Wardtown, Virginia Mr . Howard C . Thomas Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. W. H. Wilson Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Lankford Weeks Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Elsie W. Smith Birdsnest, Virginia Miss. Grace Poulson Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Poulson Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bell Union City, New Jersey Mr. and Mrs. Charles Purnell Eastville, Virginia Mr. William Johnson Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Melzie Moore Machipongo, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Willis Mitchell Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Gladys Custis Franktown, Virginia Mrs. Blanch P. Thomas Exmore, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Burleigh Addison Exmore, Virginia Mr. Garner Satchell Jr. Schenectady, New York Mr. and Mrs . George Twyford Exmore, Virginia Mr. Authur Smith Cheapside, Virginia Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Mapp Cheriton, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Mason Ames Cape Charles, Virginia 92 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Smith Cheapside, Virginia Mr. Thomas M. Smith, Jr. Hemstead, LI, New York Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jordon Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. C. V. Upshur Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Pear lie Jordan Cape Charles, Virginia Miss Laura B. Sample Exmore, Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Morris Machipongo, Virginia Mrs. Milton Patterson Seaview, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Harry Joynes Franktown, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Howard Harmon Machipongo, Virginia Mr. Mrs. W. J. Johnson West Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. Mrs . Calup Moody Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Nimrod Brickhouse Exmore, Virginia Mr. James Rogers Exmore, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Trower, Jr. Seaview, Virginia Mrs. MaryD. Francis Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Avon Garrison Cape Charles, Virginia Miss B. M. Mercer Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Thomas Graves Exmore, Virginia Mrs. Sarah M. Smith Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Arsenious Ames, Jr. Townsend, Virginia Mr. Mrs. C. N. Williams Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Augustus Amess, III Townsend, Virginia Mrs. Dorothy M. Thomas Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Matthew Nottingham Machipongo, Virginia Mrs. Elizabeth M. Banister Cedar Grove, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Jesse Handshaw Franklin, Virginia PFC Robert Lee Palmer US67063716 - Co. A. Troop Comm APO San Francisco, Cal. 96312 Mrs. Viola S. Williams Birdsnest, Virginia USAD Cam Rahn Mrs. Elizabeth P. Smaw Cheriton, Virginia 93 AUTOGRAPHS V. ' ft M yj- « V ♦ ttft . h AUTOGRAPHS 4 V «

Suggestions in the Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) collection:

Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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