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« r- ' - ' f ' a - . . Ip Mr. W. H. Smith It is with sincere thanks and heart¬ felt gratefulness that the senior class of 1967 happily dedicates this issue of the yearbook to Mr. William H. Smith, former principal of Northhampton County High School, and presently assistant Superintendent in charge of Federal Projects. Since 1936 Mr. Smith has used his undaunted energies to promote and im¬ prove the educational achievements and standards of young people in Northampton County. At the present time he is en¬ gaged in new projects to aid the academic and living standards of Northampton area. For his continued success we extend our best wishes. Class of 1967 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE As you leave this school, the following things go with you: faith, hope and confident of your parents and guardians, your instructors and the com¬ munity. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you, and hope we have helped. I am confident that in your role as graduates you must be aware of the challenge as well as responsibilities which are yours in helping to decide the future of our communities, our State and inevitably in the destiny of our world. You must be prepared for continuous change. You must be a generation competent to manage individual and social tensions in ways more mature, more advance, than have been exhibited in man ' s evolution to date. I am confident of your faith in people; that while you are painfully aware of the shortcomings of the past, the misgiving and ineptitudes of the present, you are neither cynical nor complacent about the future. I am confident that you feel that each citizen in a democracy can do something about shaping his own destiny and the history of the world. And so as you prepare for the assumption of your many and varied duties, after High School graduation, the Staff and I say to you as Joshua said to the Israelites " Go And Possess THE LAND. " Sincerely yours, L. D. Draper, Principal 9 ADMINISTRATION Mr. C. L. Brickhouse Asst. Principal Mrs. A. Brickhouse Clerk OFFICE STAFF ' FACULTY C. N. WILLIAMS Agriculture Va. State Univ. of Conn. I. J. WILLIAMS Home Economics Hampton Cornell Univ. of Conn. M. B. COLLINS Mathematics Va. State E. BUSCH, JR. Music Va. State Fisk University Columbia A. W. SMITH Guidance JohnsonC. Smith Univ. of Pitt. Hampton J. G. COLLINS Science Math. Virginia Union E. S. McCULLER Social Studies Maryland State M. S. CHRISTIAN Business St. Paul J. B. COOK Science Virginia Union Howard W. T. SISCO Social Studies Va. State Norfolk Division A. B. BROWN English History Virginia Union V s. D. PHIFER English Johnson C. Smith Longwood College 4 FACULTY JACK JOHNSON Art N. C. College Hampton T. R. JAMISON Mathematics Benedict College C. O. WILLIAMS Physical Ed. N. C. College V. S. DENT Social Science Maryland State J. A. DENT Industrial Arts Maryland State J. NOTTINGHAM Science Virginia Union MARGARET HEIM Business Edu. Va. State N. FULLER History Va. State T. DANIELS Government Shaw D. UPSHUR Business Edu. Va. State T emple L. ALEXANDER Science Johnson C. Smith C. ECHOLS Librarian S. C. State 5 FACULTY T. J. LITTLE Physical Ed. Biology Elizabeth City U. N. C. B. TALLEY English Va. State Norfolk Division D. MEADOR Physical Ed. Benedict S. PARAHAM Physical Ed. Va. State Norfolk Division E. CRAYTON English Shaw T. STRATTON Music Ed. Maryland State E. N. GRIFFIN French City Col. of N. Y Univ. of N. C. A T College C. S. BELL Biology Va. Union B. TURNER T eacher Helper F. HARMON Teacher Helper D. SMAW Teacher Helper M. STEVENS Teacher Helper FACULTY M. MITCHELL Teacher Helper M. PAYTON Teacher Helper GUIDANCE COMMITTEE Youth continually face problems in understanding themselves and making decisions. On every side they are faced with increasingly complex social and economic patterns and widening occupational opportunities. Through the Guidance Committee and staff members the following services are available to all students: Individual Inventory, Informational, Counseling, Placement, and Follow-up. These services should assist each student in know¬ ing himself if as an individual and as a member of society; in making the most of his strengths and in correcting or compensating for his weakness that inter¬ fere with his progress; in learning about occupations so that he may intelligently plan and prepare for a career; in learning about educational opportunities avail¬ able to him; and in discovering and developing creative and leisure interests. For a successful guidance program, we ask for the continued co-operation from the home, the community, and the student. The Committee STANDING: Mr. C. L. Brickhouse, Assistant Principal, Miss T. Jamison, and Mr. L. D. Draper, Principal. SEATED: Mrs. A. B. Brown, Mrs. A. W. Smith, Counselor, Miss M. K. Helm, and Miss C. Echols. 7 SENIORS GEORGE G. AMES Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Garry " Ambition: Welder Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " HARRY DAVID AMES Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Dick " Ambition: Mechanic Hobby: Listening to Radio Song: " Love Attack " LEROY AMES Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Kiliokie " Ambition: Playing Sports Hobby: Pool Song: " Warm And Tender Love " RACHEL VICTORIA AMES Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Rach " Ambition: I.B.M. Operator Hobby: Talking On Telephone Song: " Purple Raindrops " WILLIAM AMES Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Will " Ambition: Automotive Engineer Hobby: Playing Pool Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " ANTHONY V. ARNOLD Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Tony " Ambition: Psychologist Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " It ' s A World Of Fantasy " DOROTHY AYRES Cape Charles, Virginia Nickiame: " Kattie Mae " Ambition: Seamstress Hobby: Sewing Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " GLADYS BAILEY Marionville, Virginia Nickname: " Penny " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Purple Raindrops " 9 STELLA LOUISE BAILEY DIANNE LYNETTE BEECH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Moochie " Ambition: I. B. N. Operator Hobby: Typing Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " PHYLLIS ALICE BELL Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Philly " Ambition: Psychologist Hobby: Reading Song: " What Now My Love " YULANDA M. BELL Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Mousie " Ambition: Business Education Hobby: Spending Money Song: " Good To Me " VERONICA BLAKE Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Ronnie " Ambition: Business Ed. Teacher Hobby: Observing Others Song: " B-A-B-Y " HAZEL ROMONA BLAND Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Mother Dear " Ambition: Career Student Hobby: Collecting Commercials Song: " Shadow Of Your Smile " MILDRED ANNIE BRICKHOUSE Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Millie " Ambition: Home Economist Hobby: Dancing Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Lovey " Ambition: Registered Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Warm And Tender Love " WALTER LEE BAINES Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " The Kid " Ambition: Laboratory Technician Hobby: Reading Song: " It Tears Me Up " 10 LONNIE ANN BRISCOE Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Bris " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Dancing Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " WILLIAM THOMAS BROWN Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " June " Ambition: College Professor Hobby: Basketball Song: " B-A-B-Y " DORIS LUCILLE BULL Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Shortie " Ambition; Stenographer Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " It Tears Me Up " ALVIN BURTON Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Rock Boy " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Baseball Song: " Beauty Is Only Skin Deep " STELLA LOUISE BURTON Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Nocumba " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Cooking Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " PORTIA DIANN CAREY Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Diann " Ambition: Interior Decorator Hobby: Drawing Song: " Forever " STELLA LOUISE CARPENTER Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Steela " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Cooking Song: " Reach Out " PRENTICE ASHBY CHRISTIAN Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Skull " Ambition: Professional Athlete Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Warm And Tender Love " 11 JENNIS NATHANIEL COLLINS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Jenks " Ambition: Armed Forces ' Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Warm And Tender Love " LEON ROBERT COLLINS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Huck " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " It Tears Me Up " BARBARA ANN CUSTIS Weirwood, Virginia Nickname: " Dimples " Ambition: Elementary Educator Hobby: Playing Piano Song: " Somewhere " FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT CUSTIS Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Frankie " Ambition: Singer Hobby: Singing Song: " Can ' t Hurry Love " WARREN EDWARD CHURCH Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Head " Ambition: Biology Major Hobby: Sports Song: " Warm And Tender Love " BERNARD LOWELL COLLINS, JR. Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Junnie " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Playing Pool Song: " I Got Everything I Need " MARTHA COLLINS Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Dollbaby " Ambition: Social Worker Hobby: Character Study Song: " Knock On Wood " MARY VIRGINIA COLLINS Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Pumpkin " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Sewing Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " 12 PHILLIP LEE EVANS Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Junior " Ambition: Electronic Technician Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Warm And Tender Love " STEPHEN KELLAM FOX Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Steve " Ambition: Lawyer Hobby: Reading Song: " Misty " SETH JAMES GIDDENS, JR Marionville, Virginia Nickname: " Skipper " Ambition: Laboratory Technician Hobby: Sports Song: " It Tears Me Up " MARY ELLEN GOODWYN Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Ellen " Ambition: I. B. M. Operator Hobby: Driving Song: " It ' s A World Of Fantasy DIANNE DAVIS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Dee Dee " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Grace " CORNAL L. DOZIER Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Dozzy " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Painting Song: " Sweet Dreams " AVON GARRISON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Speedy " Ambition: Mechanic Hobby: Driving Song: " Too Many Teardrops " GLORIA MAE GIDDENS Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Glo-baby " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Listening to Radio Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " 13 JUNIOR ALFRED GUNTER Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Alf " Ambition: Radio T. V. Repairman Hobby: Drawing Song: " Purple Raindrops " CURTIS GUNTER Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Kirt " Ambition: Army Engineer Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Warm And Tender Love " LIONEL DAVID HOUSE Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Lonnie " Ambition: Commercial Artist Hobby: Sculpture Song: " I Fooled You This Time " JOHNNIE GARNELL HUGHES, JR. Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " L. B. J. " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Drawing Song: " Knock On Wood " SALLYE MARIE GRAVES Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Heat Waves " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Cooking Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " LINDA FAYE GRIFFIN Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Faye baby " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Cooking Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " MARY ELLA HARMON Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Billy " Ambition: Librarian Hobby: Playing Piano Song: " All Over Me " HATTIE HENDERSON Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Hattie Hen " Ambition: Model Hobby: Observing Others Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " 14 BURLEIGH JAMES Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Geech " Ambition: Electrician Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " HERBERT ROBERT JAMES Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Lover " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Beauty Is Only Skin Deep " WILLIE LEE JAMES Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Wilt " Ambition: Professional Ball Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " It ' s All Right " RODNEY CAMERON JOHNSON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Wine " Ambition: Pro-football Player Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Can I " GEORGE THOMAS JACKSON Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Jack " Ambition: Professional Barber Hobby: Dancing Song: " Knock On Wood " BERLINE JAMES Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Shortie " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Dancing Song: " It Tears Me Up " SAMUEL DAVID JAMES Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Sam " Ambition: Marine Officer Hobby: Hunting Song: " Warm And Tender Love " WALTER LEE JAMES Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Greasy " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Don ' t Be A Dropout " 15 WILLIAM LEE JOHNSON, JR. CORLEE LANE Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Ugly " Ambition: P. E. Instructor Hobby: Singing Song: " Don ' t Be A Dropout " CECIL SPENCER LOFLAND Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Spence " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Watching T. V. Song: " It Tears Me Up " Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Butch " Ambition: Private Investigator Hobby: Painting Still Life Song: " Beauty Is Only Skin Deep " VERA ANGELA JORDAN Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Scottie " Ambition: Speech Therapist Hobby: Dribing Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " DOROTHY MAE LYONS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Puddin " ' Ambition: Private Secretary Hobby: Dancing Song: " B-A-B-Y " EDNA MAE LYONS Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Bootie Green " Ambition: Registered Nurse Hob by: Playing Basketball Song: " Warm And Tender Love " JANNIE McKNIGHT Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Cookie " Ambition: Typist Hobby: Singing Song: " Knock On Wood " ANNIE MAE MANUEL Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Ann " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Listening To Records Song: " Warm And Tender Love " 16 CHARLES MARTIN Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Charlie C. " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Warm And Tender Love " HERBERT CALVIN MITCHELL Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Gal " Ambition: Electronic Technician Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " I Love You 1,000 Times " DALLAS WILLIAM MANUEL Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Bren " Ambition: Telephone Operator Hobby: Playing Records Song: " When A Man Loves A Woman " GLORIA LEE MORRIS Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Krimpett " Ambition: Elementary Teacher Hobby: Reading Song: " Knock On Wood " BARBARA ANN NOTTINGHAM Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " BaAnn " Ambition: Home Economics Teacher Hobby: Home Economics Song: " Purple Raindrops " CELESTINE FENTRESS NOTTINGHAM Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Selis " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Listening To Records Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Chuck " Ambition: Business Hobby: Shooting Pool Song: " I ' ll Take Good Care Of You " BRENDA CAROL MAPP Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Bren " Ambition: Clerical Worker Hobby: Typing Song: " Warm And Tender Love " BRENDA LAVERNE MORRIS 17 CYNTHIA MAUREEN PEACE Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Cymp " Ambition: Business Secretary Hobby: Reading Song: " It ' s A World Of Fantasy " WILLIAM GREGORY PERRY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Batman " Ambition: Business Manager Hobby: Reading Song: " Good To Me " GRACE ELIZABETH NOTTINGHAM Marionville, Virginia Nickname: " Smiley " Ambition: Modeling Hobby: Playing Tennis Song: " Warm And Tender Love " PHYLLIS NOTTINGHAM Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Phil " Ambition: Clerk Typist Hobby: Sewing Song: " Misty " JOSEPH EMERY PRESS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Joe " Ambition: Commercial Artist Hobby: Dancing Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " MELVIN A. PRESS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Mel " Ambition: Barber Hobby: Dancing Song: " Warm And Tender Love " BOBBY LEE REID Jamesville, Virginia Nickname: " Goose " Ambition: Professional Athlete Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " You ' ll Never Ever Know " LARRY ROWLEY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Colored Boy " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Dancing Song: " One More Time " 18 c ■ ' ' PAULETTE MARIE ROWLEY Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Paula " Ambition: Marines Hobby: Shopping Song: " Blowing In The Wind " CLARENCE WENDELL SAMPLE Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Mat " Ambition: Historian Hobby: Jigsaw Puzzles Song: " Got To Make A Comeback " DORINDA MAE SAMPLE Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Winkie " Ambition: W. A. C. Officer Hobby: Reading Song: " You ' ll Never Ever Know " GAIL MICHELLE SAMPLE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Brat " Ambition: Stenographer Hobby: Listening To Jazz Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " JAMES HUGH SAMPLE Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Hulk " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Don ' t Be A Dropout " ELIZABETH SATCHELL Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Liz " Ambition: Executive Secretary Hobby: Reading Song: " It Tears Me Up " BARBARA ANN SAVAGE Weirwood, Virginia Nickname: " Pick-Pick " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Listening To Records Song: " Knock On Wood " BURLEIGH SAVAGE Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Boe " Ambition: Engineer Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Knock On Wood " 19 BEATRICE ELEANORA SMAUGH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Babybee " Ambition: Doctor Hobby: Watching Television Song: " Purple Raindrops " GLENDA SPARKLE SMITH Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Sparkie " Ambition: Spanish Teacher Hobby: Reading Fiction Works Song: " Knock On Wood " ELISE MERIDA SMITH Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Dizzy " Ambition: File Clerk Hobby: Singing Song: " This Must End " RALPH WOODROW SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Plub " Ambition: I. B. M. Operator Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Share What You ' ve Got " DORINDA AVON SAVAGE Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Tiger " Ambition: Accountant Hobby: Character Study Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " PHYLLIS ALEXIS SCARBOROUGH Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Junior " Ambition: C. I. A. Agent Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " A Change Gonna Come " JOYCE ANNE SMITH Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Jo Jo " Ambition: Psychiatrist Hobby: Analyzing People Song: " It Tears Me Up " MARTHA ESTELLA SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Ba-Ba " Ambition: Accountant Hobby: Reading Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " 20 GLORIA ANN Sf ADY Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Go Ann " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Listening To Records Song: " Love Is A Hurting Thing " LUTHER VERNON SPADY Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " L V " Ambition: Armed Forces Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Beauty Is Only Skin Deep " BARRY ALVIN STEVENS Eastville, Virginia Nicknapie: " January " Ambition: Professional Ball Hobby: Bidding Horses Song: " My Lovers Prayer " MALLIE MARIE TREHERNE Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Dimples " Ambition: Model Hobby: Dancing Song: " It Tears Me Up " WILBERT SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Smithie " Ambition: Playing Sports Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " It Tears Me Up " ARZALIA L. SPADY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Zal " Ambition: Typist Hobby: Playing Records Song: " Knock On Wood " JACQUELINE BEATRICE STANLEY Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Jackie " Ambition: Pharmacist Hobby: Sewing Song: " Don ' t Compare Me With Her " WILLIAM ALFRED STARCHIA Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Starch " Ambition: Boxing Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Hold On I ' m Coming " 21 MARGARET JUANITA TROWER Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " Margaruita " Ambition: Laboratory Technician Hobby: Reading Song: " Exodus " CELESTINE REBECCA UPSHUR Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Celes " Ambition: Private Secretary Hobby: Dancing Song: " Don ' t Be A Dropout " CLEVELAND ROOSEVELT TROWER Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Bozo " Ambition: Mechanic Hobby: Painting Song: " When A Man Loves A Woman " LARRY EDWARD TROWER Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Toad " Ambition: Accountant Hobby: Reading Song: " I ' m Your Puppet " CLARENCE VAUGHN Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Buddy " Ambition: Accountant Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Knock On Wood " CLARLES WILLIAM WALKER Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Billy " Ambition: Pro-football Player Hobby: Playing Football Song: " Don ' t Be A Dropout " GLORIA MAE WALKER Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Skicks " Ambition: Beautic ian Hobby: Sewing Song: " Warm And Tender Love " EVETTE ELIZABETH WASHINGTON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " The Big E " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Buying Records Song: " Share What You ' ve Got " 22 SEDONIA ELIZABETH WEEKS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Cookie " Ambition: Airline Stewardess Hobby: Shopping Song: " Good To Me " BRENDA JOYCE WHITE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " First Lady " Ambition: Executive Secretary Hobby: Listening To Jazz Song: " It Tears Me Up " WAYNE BYRON WATSON Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Barry " Ambition: Business Manager Hobby: Driving Song: " It Tears Me Up " CECIL WATTS Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Punch " Ambition: Drafting Hobby: Playing Football Song: " Warm And Tender Love " DONALD ROOSEVELT WILLIAMS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Poor Boy " Ambition: Amred Force s Hobby: Eating Song: " Beauty Is Only Skin Deep " ROSCOE WILLIAMS Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Kim " Ambition: Carpenter Hobby: Painting Song: " Knock On Wood " THOMAS EDWARD WYNDER Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Tom Pete " Ambition: Professional Athlete Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Reach Out " SENIORS NOT SHOWN GLORIA MOSES BOBBY STURGIS MARY TAYLOR DORIS WASHINGTON ALFRED WILSON SENIORS NOT SHOWN RAYMOND COSTON IRENE CHURCH IRVING STRATTON 23 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE SECRETARY Walter Baines PRESIDENT Doris Bull Jacqueline Stanley ASST. SECRETARY Cynthia Peace TREASURER Prentice Christian BUSINESS MGR. PARLIAMENTARIAN Gloria Morris Larry Trower CHAPLAIN Coralee Lane HISTORIAN Stella Burton REPORTER Ralph Smith SERGEANT AT ARMS Clarence Vaughn 24 1mm SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST ATHLETE BEST CITIZENS MOST COOPERATIVE Diane Davis Bobby Reid Gloria Morris Walter Baines Jacqueline Stanley Larry Trower BEST SINGERS BEST LOOKING BEST ARTISTS Merida Smith Anthony Arnold Mallie Treherne Joseph Press Mary Harmon Joseph Press SWEETEST SMALLEST QUIETEST Cynthia Peace Rodney Johnson Yulanda Bell William Brown Margaret Trower Harry Ames 25 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST SERIOUS MOST TALENTED MOST POPULAR Beatrice Smaugh Jacqueline Stanley Jacqueline Stanley Walter James Anthony Arnold Anthony Arnold BEST DANCERS BEST SPEAKERS BEST FIGURE PHYSIQUE Lonnie Brisco Bobby Reid Martha Collins Larry Trower Cynthia Peace Rodney Johnson Phyllis Nottingham Wayne Watson Jacqueline Stanley Walter Baines Brenda Morris Stephen Fox 26 1967 LIGHTHOUSE STAFF BOOKKEEPING LEADS TO CAREERS IN BUSINESS AS OOKKEEPfVfr Ou Nit STANDING: Larry Trower, Editor In Chief; Brenda White, Yearbook Sales Manager. SEATED: Seth Giddens, Sports Editor; Stella Carpenter, Photographic Editor; Bobby Reid, Sports Editor; Martha Collins, Social Editor; Burleigh Savage, Advertising Sales Manager; Dorinda Savage, Class Editor; Walter Baines, Business Manager; Stella Burton, Literary Editor. We, the staff of the 1967 " Lighthouse” set out several months before this publication to preserve many memories of this and other school years. We have tried to increase the number of pictures of students, teachers, teams, organizations, and activities of Northampton County High School. It would not be possible to put all these memories into words and pictures, but we have tried to include most of the big things and some of the small things that happened from day to day. May this " 1967 Light¬ house " serve to refresh your diminishing memories of our high school days as you scan these pages. SENIOR CLASS PRAYER We humbly thank you for having given us the courage, faith and forti¬ tude to complete a part of our education. We also thank you for having given us parents, teachers, and friends who have helped in this guidance. Lord, as we venture into a maturer life give us love, protection and guidance. AMEN 27 JUNIORS JUNIOR A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sargent Christian VICE PRESIDENT Ruth James SECRETARY Cora Ames ASST. SECT. Bonnie Major We, the members of 11-A under the guid¬ ance of Mrs. A. Brown entered our achieving goals of opportunity on August 29, 1966. With opened minds and a greater determination to make further progress on our road to success To the graduating class of ' 67. " The time has come for opportunity. We are on the threshold of tomorrow but on the stairway to success " . Strive on towards that goal. TREASURER Joy Downes BUSINESS MGR. Christopher Peace JUNIOR A CLASS 29 JUNIOR B CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Larry Smaw VICE PRESIDENT Chester Morris SECRETARY Carrie Norman TREASURER Carolyn Bailey To the graduating class of ' 67. We the members of 11-B section wish to extend our deepest hopes that you will be the conquerors of tomorrow. To you we would like to say: " The price of life ' s triumphs come high, so climb the ladder with determination, let nothing hinder your progress. " CHAPLAIN Lillie Church JUNIOR B CLASS SGT. -AT ARMS Edward Kates 30 JUNIOR C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Carlos Mendoza VICE PRESIDENT Linwood Turner SECRETARY Joyce Smaw TREASURER Robert Morris We the members of the Junior C section came to Northampton County High School on the 30th day of August to further develop our skills and understandings. Under the super¬ vision of Mr. Sisco, we are striving toward a profitable school year. We wish the members of the graduating class much success in their undertakings, and as they move toward their goals, may they leave a light for us to follow. BUS. MANAGER Anna Upshur PARLIAMENTARY Charles Brown JUNIOR C CLASS 31 JUNIOR D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mildred Coston VICE PRESIDENT Betty Upshur SECRETARY Mary Brisco ASST. SECT. Shirley Young We, the members of Junior " D " Class are eagerly arising at the dawn of this new school year. We will cancel and bury our failures concerning ourselves only with today. Under the supervision of Mr. T. J. Little, we are striving onward to reach our goals . To the graduating class of 1967, we wish for you all the success and happiness in your endeavors . Sail on to higher heights . TREASURER Corine Church SGT. -AT ARMS Kenneth Watson JUNIOR D CLASS 32 ' SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Milton Ames VICE PRESIDENT Maxine Trower SECRETARY Cynthia Jacobs TREASURER Joan Morris We, the members of 10-A entered North¬ hampton County High School August 31, 1967 under the supervision of Mrs. E. S. McCuller. Peggy Bruckhouse represented us as Miss Sophomore in the Homecoming activities. We shall ever strive to lift the banner of Northampton County High Sch. To the Senior Class, " May God be with you in all your undertakings SGT. AT ARMS Elizabeth Doggett CHAPLAIN Richard Press SOPHOMORE A CLASS 34 bOHHUMUKt d CLAbb OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bobby Harmon VICE PRESIDENT Betty Brickhouse SECRETARY Evetta Widgeon TREASURER James Johnson The members of 10B entered Northampton County High School, August 29, 1966 under the supervision of Miss D. Upshur. Our aim is to improve our abilities. To the graduating class of 1967 we wish much success. Remember, " life is what you make it, " let this not be the end, but the beginning of your education. CHAPLAIN Deborah Downes SGT. -AT ARMS Percell Widgeon SOPHOMORE B CLASS 35 SOPHOMORE C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Marvin Satchell VICE PRESIDENT Sudie Taylor SECRETARY Joyce Wynder ASST. SECT. Maggie Reid We, the members of 10-C Class entered Northampton County High School on August 30, 1966. We were assigned to room 42 under the supervision of Miss D. Meador. Our aim is to exceed the ultimate goals of education, which offers many opportunities to curious minds . To the graduating class, " Aim high for the world offers much to determine souls. " TREASURER Lafayette Stevens CHAPLAIN Cozzie Collins SOPHOMORE C CLASS 36 SOPHOMORE D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Terry Ames VICE PRESIDENT Stella Bailey SECRETARY Linda Addison ASST. SECT. Shirley Twyford TREASURER Corrine Mapp We, the members of the Sophomore D sec¬ tion, returned to school on August 30, 1966 under the supervision of Mr. J. Collins and began to further increase our skills and know¬ ledge. We would like to express our desire to accomplish the things offered to us. We wish the members of the graduating class much success in their undertakings, and as they move toward their goals, may they leave a road for us to follow. CHAPLAIN Ernestines Smith SOPHOMORE D CLASS 37 SOPHOMORE E CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Annie Thomas VICE PRESIDENT Delores Garrison SECRETARY Gladys Giddens We, the members of the 10E Class, under the supervision of Miss S. M. Parham will strive to do our very best. To the senior class of 1967, we hope for each of you a life of service and success . TREASURER Delores Young CHAPLAIN Aggie Custis SOPHOMORE E CLASS 38 FRESHMAN FRESHMAN A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Deborah Francis VICE PRESIDENT Benjamin Trower SECRETARY Annie Collins TREASURER Wayne Bell CHAPLAIN Glenn Stratton We the members of the 9 A homeroom class under the supervision of Miss E. Crayton ex¬ tend our sincere wishes of much success to the Senior class of 1967 throughout the years to come. SGT. -AT ARMS Caroleen Nottingham FRESHMAN A CLASS 40 FRESHMAN B CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Janice Johnson VICE PRESIDENT Loretta Bailey SECRETARY Annie Mitchell TREASURER Shelia Stanley CHAPLAIN James Braxton We, the members of Freshman " B " class, entered Northampton County High School on August 30, 1966, under the supervision of our homeroom teacher, Mrs. M. B. Collins. We entered Northampton with determination and the ability to try and strive on to our highest goal. To the Senior Class of 1967 we wish to leave the following: " Yesterday is gone for¬ get it, Today is here make the best of it, Tomorrow is coming plan for it. " SGT. -AT ARMS Claude Treherne FRESHMAN B CLASS 41 FRESHMEN C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Kathleen Turner VICE PRESIDENT Vera Sharp SECRETARY ASST. SECT. Shirley Savage Ronnie Giddens TREASURER Reginia Davis Under the directions of Mr. Fuller the class, 9-C expects to progress during the 1966-67 school year. Regular class meetings have served as the chief medium for the class’s learning of Parliamentary Procedure, an important democratic process . In these, Officers and members have eagerly participated. Academically, the class is by no means top-notch, but their spirit and work are good indications of their potential. SGT. AT ARMS Glen Spady FRESHMEN C CLASS 42 FRESHMEN D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Heremine Collins SGT. AT ARMS Gregory Spady SECRETARY Dorothy Nottingham TREASURER Carolyn James VICE PRESIDENT Larry Moody August 29, 1966 we entered the ninth grade while our juniors became twelfth graders. We hope to become seniors three years hence, but we will never be one group again after Commencement. We have the choice of which road we follow--better or worse. Since nothing is constant but constant change, we can only trust that you change for the best! All things are relative, so seek higher goals . CHAPLAIN Cecilia Harmon FRESHMEN D CLASS 43 FRESHMEN E CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Preston Spady CHAPLAIN Karen Giddens VICE PRESIDENT Ashby Handy SECRETARY Margaret Robinson TREASURER Henrietta Nottingham When August 29, 1966 arrived 37 eager freshmen entered Northampton Co. High for the second time. We were under the guidance of Mr. C. S. Bell. We were eager, because, last year was full of confusion and unpredict¬ able situations . Since we were newcomers, we were hoping that this year many of our frustrations would be turned into well adjusted situations . We hope that our stay here will help to prepare us for further education. To the Seniors we wish much success and happiness in our great society. SGT. AT ARMS Charles Gunter FRESHMEN E CLASS 44 FRESHMEN F CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Paul Johnson VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Dorine Weeks Erma Smith TREASURER Janice Smith The Freshman F Homeroom challenges the 1967 Seniors to ’’reach beyond the stars.” ASST. SECT. Lois Sample SGT. -AT ARMS George Brisco FRESHMAN F CLASS 45 EIGHTH GRADE EIGHT A CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mary Doggett VICE-PRESIDENT Irvin L. Brisco SECRETARY Leversa Christian TREASURER Hanson Boney We, the members of ”8A” section of North¬ ampton County High School, entered on August 30, 1966, with open minds and much deter¬ mination toward our educational goals, under the supervision of Mrs. M. S. Christian. To the Graduating Class of 1967, " It is our sincere wish for you to have happiness and success in the future. " CHAPLAIN Carvin Jarvis BUSINESS MGR. Adolphus Ames EIGHT A CLASS 47 EIGHT B CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Priscilla Giddens VICE PRESIDENT Alfreda Giddens SECRETARY Hazel Weeks ASST. SECT. Calvin Morris We the members of the 8-B section entered Northampton County High on August 29, 1966 with high hopes of succeeding. We wish the seniors of ' 67, the best of luck in using what they have achieved. We believe that this is only a start. With the abilities they have, they can reach the apex of life. TREASURER Jeanette Hickman SGT. AT ARMS Robert Trower EIGHT B CLASS 48 EIGHTH C CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sharon Davis V ICE PRESIDENT Arthur Onley SECRETARY Deborah Nottingham TREASURER Joyce Upshur CHAPLAIN Gordon Wilson We the members of section 8-C entered Northampton County High with a profound awareness of our responsibilities to our¬ selves, to our parents and to our fellow man. Here we hope to gain a never creasing foot¬ hold on quality education. While in the eighth grade; under the guid¬ ance of our homeroom teacher Mr . ]. W . Nottingham, Jr. We shall strive to ever do our best. To the graduating class of 1967 we say " Strive for Quality Education. " SGT. -AT ARMS Larry Copes EIGHTH C CLASS 49 EIGHT D CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Barbara Smith VICE PRES. Georgia Lyons SECRETARY Violet Smith TREASURER Willie Church We, the members of 8-D Class of North¬ ampton County High School, entered on August 29, 1966, to make further advancement towards our educational goals, under the supervision of Mr. L. Alexander. To the Graduating Class, we extend our hearty wishes for success in all your endeav¬ ors . CHAPLAIN Nelson Perkins REPORTER Vivian Finney EIGHT D CLASS 50 EIGHT E CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT James Bailey VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Anthony Snead Joyce Mapp ASST. SECT. Doris Knight We, the 8-E section of Northampton County High School, under the supervision of Mr. E. N. Griffin, are glad to present this small portion of the annual to the Seniors of 1967. TREASURER Mildred Weathers SGT. AT ARMS William Garrison EIGHT E CLASS 51 EIGHT F CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Melvin Bailey VICE PRESIDENT Barbara Davis SECRETARY Lavern Stevens ASST. SECT. Lola Thomas We the members of the 8F entered N. C. H. S. August 29, 1966 with the determination to suc¬ ceed. We were greeted by Miss T. R. Jami son, our homeroom teacher. To the graduating class of 1967 we wish much success in the future. TREASURER Barbara Collins EIGHT F CLASS SGT. AT ARMS Booker Collins 52 ORGANIZATION N.C.H.S. CHORUS The N.C.H.S. Chorus under the inspiring direction of Mr. Edward Busch, Jr. has been successful thus far, and hopes to continue the drive of culture through music in our school and community. Our officers are as follows: Barbara Custis, President; Anthony Arnold, Vice- President; Gail Sample, Secretary; Merida Smith, Assistant Secretary; Larry Trower, Business Manager; Ruth James and Thomasine Jacobs, Librarians. To the graduating class of 19 67, " No Man Is An Island, No Man Stands Alone. " N.C.H.S. BAND The Northampton County High School Band under the direction of Mr. Timothy Stratton has been making rapid progress this year. We are all very proud of the success of the band. The officers are: President, Milton Ames; Vice-President, Jacqueline Stanley; Secretary, Geraldine Fisher; Business Manager, Glenn Stratton; Librarians, Frank¬ lin Baines and Charles Taylor. The members of the band extend their wishes to the graduating class and to their endeavors. 54 COLLEGE BOUND CLUB The College Bound Club under the guidance of Mrs. A. Smith and Mr. C. Brick- house had as its aim to prepare the high school students to enter college smoothly and successfully. The officers for the year are: William Perry, President; Brenda White, Secretary; Dorinda Savage, Vice-President; Barbara Custis, Treasurer. THE HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society under the supervision of Mrs. A. Brown has been a stepping stone for those maintaining an average of 3.0 or better. It is our belief that through this organization students will work on a more competitive basis. Our officers are: Larry Trower, President; Ruth James, Vice President; Jacque¬ line Stanley, Secretary; Bonnie Major, Asst. Sec; Vera Jordan, Treasurer; Beatrie Smaugh, Chaplain; Martha Collins, Business Manager. To the graduating class of 1967: " The very spring and root of honest and virtue lie in the felicity of lighting on a good education. " NORTHAMPTON FFA CHAPTER OFFICERS C. N. Williams, Adviser; Curtis Gunter, Reporter; George Ames, Historian; Franklin Custis, Vice-President; Roscoe Williams, President; Cornal Dozier, Chap¬ lain; Melvin Press, Secretary; Charles Taylor, Treasurer. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for students studying vocational agriculture in the public secondary schools under the provision of the National Vocational Education Acts. The officers and members of the Future Farmers of America wish to congratu¬ late the members of the graduating class of ' 67 for a job well done and wish you continued success in your future endeavors. May we leave with you this thought: " Education will broaden a narrow mind, but there ' s no known cure for a big head. " 56 PUBLICATION STAFF The Future Business Leaders of America publication staff ' s main objective is to publish two editions of the " Lighthouse” newspaper during each school year. The officers are: Editor-in-chief, Prentice Christian; Assoc. Editor, Brenda Mapp; Exchange editor, Stella Carpenter; Make-Up editors, Ruth James, Cynthia Peace; Typists, Gail Sample, Bonnie Major, Ruth James, Cynthia Peace, Lillie Church; Ass ' t Typists, Elizabeth Satchell, Glenda Smith, Carolyn Bailey, Peggy Brickhouse, Olester Manuel; Secretary, Brenda White. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Northampton County High School Chapter of F.B.L.A. is sponsored by Mrs. M. Christian, Miss M. Helm, and Miss D. Upshur. The chapter consists of students who are enrolled in one or more business subjects. The chapter ' s main objective is to emphasize the need of more people in the business world. We wish for the graduating class of 1967 much success as they continue to strive for their anticipated goals . The officers are: Cynthia Peace, President; Ruth James, Vice-President; Brenda Mapp, Secretary; Elizabeth Satchell, Asst. Secretary; Dorothy Lyons, Treasurer; Stella Carpenter, Business Manager; Gail Sample, Chaplain. 57 F.H.A. CHAPTER OFFICERS The officers fo the Future Homemakers of America are as follows: STANDING: Dianne Davis, Vice-Pres. Phyllis Nottingham, Reporter; Grace Nottingham, Histor¬ ian; Elizabeth Doggett, Ass ' t Treasurer; Martha Collins, President; Jacqueline Stan¬ ley, Former President; Francis Smith, Ass ' t Rept. Mary Taylor, Secretary; Zelma Darden, Ass’t Secretary; Mary Collins, Treasurer. F.H.A. ORGANIZATION The members of the Future Homemakers of America extend congratulations and best wishes to the members of the 1967 graduating class. We are sure that determina¬ tion and courage have been necessary for many of you to reach this goal. Many of you have shared in planning and developing our Home Economics and FHA Programs which have made us aware of the present day trends and challenges with which you will be faced. May you keep in mind that the value of getting an education and preparing yourself for your greatest contribution to society has never been as great as it is today. The officers and members of the Future Homemakers of America wish all of you continued success in your efforts as you go on to greater heights. 58 THE LIBRARY-READERS CLUB VKlStS Bi The Library-Reader ' s Club was organized mainly to promote the growth and devel¬ opment of our library and to create within our student body and interest in reading and selecting good books and other printed goods. This year the Library-Reader’ Club was very prosperous under the supervision of our very capable sponsor, Miss Claudia E. Echols. To the graduating class of 1967 we leave this thought: " Great Scholars never graduate in a hurry, they do it in degrees The officers of the Library - Readers ' Club are as follows: Gail Sample, President; Jacqueline Johnson, Vice-President; Cynthia Jacobs, Secretary; Joan Morris, Ass ' t Secretary; Dianne Davis, Treasurer; Olester Manuel, Business Manager; Mildren Brickhouse, Chaplain; Penelope Stevens, Inquiring Reporter. SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB The Social Studies Club was organized this year under the supervision of Mr. N. Fuller and Mr. T. Daniels. Our main objectives are to improve the social standards of our school and encourage our student body to learn the values of social studies and develop new ideas. The officers this year are: Vera Jordan, President; Phyllis Bell, Vice-President; Joyce Brokenborough, Secretary-Treasurer; Lonnie Brisco, Business Manager; Bea¬ trice Smaugh, Chaplain; Carlos Mendoza, Sergeant-at-Arms . 59 FINE ARTS CLUB The Fine Arts Club under the supervision of Mr. Jack Johnson and Mr. Edward Busch, Jr. would like to leave this quotation to the graduating class of 1967-- " Fine Arts is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his person¬ ality to the world he lives in.” The officers this year are: Deborah Johnson, President; Denver Turner, Vice President; Mallie Treherne, Secretary; Maria Trower, Assistant Secretary; Anthony Arnold, Treasurer; Larry Trower, Business Manager; Joseph Press, Sgt. At Arms. THESPIANS’ GUILD The Thespians’ Guild began the year 1966-1967 with many ideals. The purpose of this organization is to promote and stimulate more interest in the area of dramatics. Members of the Thespians ' Guild have set forth to present a play during the school year and to investigate the probability of having a dramatics class. The following officers have been elected for the year 1966-67: Jacqueline Stanley, President; Portia Carey, Vice President; Brenda Morris, Secretary; Annie Collins, Ass’t. Secretary; Mary Fauntleroy, Treasurer; and Irma Smith, Chaplain. Club spon¬ sors are Miss B. Talley and Miss E. Crayton. To the class of ”67” we leave this quotation: " All the world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players . They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.”--Shakespeare. 60 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Under the auspices of Mrs. E. S. McCuller, the Future Teachers started out this year with more than half of its membership as newcomers. We are hoping to add to our membership so that others may share the joys and exciting experiences we dis¬ cuss and carry out at our meeting. The officers representing the F.T.A. are as follows: President, Gloria Morris; Vice-President, Edna Bannister; Sec., Beatrice Smaugh; Treasurer, Larry Trower; Reporter, Chester Morris; Business Manager, Larry Smaw; Sgt. -at-Arms, Stella Burton. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS We wish to extend our hardiest congratulations to the senior class of 1967. The major objectives of Le Cercle Francais are to stress the audio Lingual Method. This method is used to enhance our usage of the French language under the direction of our sponsor, Mr. E. Griffin. To all graduating seniors, we say ” L ' opportunite c’est mais une grille ouverte " . Our officers are as follows: Phyllis Bell, President; Joyce Smith, Vice-President; Glenda Smith, Treasurer; Maureen Blake, Secretary; Mary Harmon, Parliamentarian; Vera Jordan, Business Manager; Asst., Dorothy Lyons. 61 THE ENGLISH CLUB The fundamental objective of the English Club is to foster a more useful under¬ standing of our English grammar and literature. Our officers are as follows; Vera Jordan, President; Tiquina Weeks, Vice-President; Phyllis Bell, Secretary; Elizabeth Satchell; Treasurer; Margaret Trower, Business Manager; Lonnie Brisco, Chaplain; Joyce Brokenborough, Parliamentarian. The members of the English Club and our sponsor, Mrs. Phifer extend their best wishes to the seniors of ' 67. " Education is a controlling grace to the young, consola¬ tion to the old, wealth to the poor, and ornament to the rich-Diogenes . SCIENCE-MATH CLUB The Science-Math Club is sponsored by Miss Jamison, Mr. Bell, and Mr. Alexan¬ der. The main objective of the club is to assist students in developing and applying their abilities to mathematical and scientific situations . The officers are Walter Baines, President; Christopher Peace, Vice-President; Gloria Morris, Secretary; Shelia Stanley, Ass ' t Secretary; Jacqueline Stanley, Trea¬ surer; Barbara Custis, Chaplain; Dorinda Savage, Business Manager. To the 1967 graduating class, we leave this thought: " Every man is a stepping stone for another, let it be so that you are doing the stepping and not the stone that must be stepped upon. " 62 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, under the fine supervision of Mr. W. Sisco, began this school year with great determination to impress upon the student body the importance of government in their everyday life. The officers for 1966-67 are: Burleigh Savage, President; Sargent Christian, Vice- President; Wayne Watson, Secretary; Dianne Davis, Treasurer; Joyce Smaw, Business Manager; Chester Morris, Chaplain. To the 1967 graduates, " Strive for the better things in life; always reach for the stars. " MISS HOMECOMING Our Miss Homecoming of 1966, Miss Cynthia Peace was crowned by Mr. W. Sisco before a cheering crowd of spectators. Miss Peace was escorted by Wayne Watson. HER COURT: Miss Eighth Grade, Sharon Smith;Miss Freshmen, Peggy Brickhouse; Miss Sophomore, Annie Collins; Miss Junior, Joyce Smaw. 63 SAFETY PATROL CLUB The 1966-67 chapter of the Northampton County Safety Patrol Club, under the di¬ rection of Mr. Cook and Mr. Nottingham, will strive to encourage just as it ' s name implies, safety. We help our school during suprise fire drills or in real emergency by helping our teachers to evacuate the buildings in an orderly manner; we assist the bus drivers in transit and while loading or unloading by stopping traffic; we watch and listen at railroad crossings; we are willing to help in any emergency. To the seniors: " Strive for a better education and be safe. " N.C.H.S. BUS DRIVERS The N.C.H.S. Bus Drivers help promote the safe carrying of students to and from school. The 1966-67 bus drivers ' staff consists of Mr. Edward Wynder, Mr. Reginald Collins, Mr. Bennie Satchell, Mr. Jacov Burton, Mr. Fred Jordan, Mr. Robert Lind¬ sey, Mr. Jerome Stanford, Mr. Henry Purnell, Mr. Patrick Bannister, Mr. Charles Wescott, Mr. William Weeks, Mr. James Spady, Mr. Robert Rowley, Mr. Ollie Kates and Mr. David Bailey. 64 CAFETERIA STAFF The N.C.H.S. Cafeteria Staff consists of Mrs. Thelma Warren, Miss Flora Burrows, Mrs. Mirtie Collins, and Mrs. Betty Giddens who work diligently to supply our students with the basic needs for the Type A Lunch Program. JANITORIAL STAFF The N.C.H.S. Janitorial Staff consists of Mr. David Satchell and Mr. J. Simms (not shown). 65 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL TEAM STANDING: Coach Williams, Frederick Sample, Theodore Peed, Fletcher Richardson, James Outlaw, George Floyd, Trainers; Raymond Figgsand Willie Copes, Bobby Reid, Lonnie Wiggins, Elwood Beech, Anthony Arnold, Trainer--Ulysses Smith, Donal Dillard Warren Church, Clarence Vaughn, Lawfayette Stevens, Larry Steven, Scorekeeper--Larry Trower, Seth Giddens and Coach Little. KNEELING: Charles Walker, Berkely Finney, Milton Dunton, Sargent Christian, Co-Captain--Burleigh Savage, Captain--Prentice Christian Rodney Beckett, Armour Savage, James Johnson, George Johnson and Thomas Wynder. JUNIOR VARSITY STANDING: Trainer--Raymond Figgs, Lorenzo Savage, Wilbert Spady, Norman Robinson, Lonnie Wiggins, Coach Daiels Scorekeeper--Larry Trower. KNEELING: George Ames, Larry Smaw, Donald Dillard, Freddie Smith, Harry Atkins and Authur Kellam. 67 VARSITY STANDING: Trainer—Raymond Figgs, Carlos Mendoza, Walter James, Anthony Arnold, Clarence Vaughn, Willie James, Larry Stevens, Barry Stevens, George Johnson, Trainer--Willie Copes. KNEELING: Captain—Thomas Wynder, Co-Captain—Bobby Reid. VARSITY " N” CLUB Sponsor—Mr. C. O. Williams, Thomas Wynder, Larry Trower—Secretary, George Johnson, Prentice Christian — Pres., Rodney Beckett, Sargent Christian, Vice Pres., Burleigh Savage--Business Manager, Bobby Reid— Treasurer, Anthony Arnold, Seth Giddens, Barry Stevens and Sponsor—Mr. T. J. Little. 63 MODERN DANCE GROUP The Modern Dance Group, under the supervision of Miss S. M. Parham wish to leave these words to the graduating seniors, " The result of the educative process is capacity for further education. " The Members are: Olester Manuel, Betty Brickhouse, Peggy Brickhouse and Elaine Parker. BASEBALL TEAM CTAMDTNC- Trainer— Ravmond Figgs, Charles Walker, Denver Turner, Frederick Sample, Larry Church, Willie fames Franklin Custis, Freddie Smith, James Outlaw, and Elwood Beech. KNEELING: Trainer-Berkeley Finney, Captain— Burleigh Savage, Prentice Christian, Thomas Reid, Bobby Reid, Larry Trower and Sargent Christian. 69 CHEERLEADERS The Cheering Squad of 1966-67, under the supervision of Miss S. M. Parham and Miss Dr. R. Meadors wish to extend our sincere congratulations to the graduating seniors. The Cheerleaders for 1966-67 are: Joyce Smaw, Captain; Pensey Smith, Co-captain; Deborah Downes, Edna Lyons, Mary Smaw; Juanita Baines, Sharon Smith and Stella Bailey. DRILL TEAM The Drill Team under the leadership of Miss D. Meador plays an active part in the social activities of this school by serving as an extra curricular activity. To the out going Seniors, we give these words of cheer-- " Go forth, onward, upward, but never backward. " Captain, Barbara Custis and Co-captain Pauline Mapp. 70 ADVERTISING Compl iments SESSOMS GROCERIES Notions Druss Oil Q as Phone Gl 2-9391 Nassawadox, Virginia Compl iments J. V. UPSHUR, CO. Dry Goods Groceries Meat Specialties Notions Seeds Feeds Hardware Phone 442-9921 Nassawadox, Virginia Compl iments BRICKHOUSE CLEANERS Qual ity Service Dependabi I ity Ha re Val ley, Va . Compl iments Compl iments HORNE - STAUFFER, INC. TELEVISION SERVICE INSTAlIaTION 4 _—— 1 jf9 Furniture—TV—Appl iances Phone: Gl 2-6575 Exmore, Virginia Compl iments COLLINS HARDWARE WESTERN AUTO More Of Everything You Want Housewares Electric — Plumbing Supplies Paints—Marine Supplies Phone: Cape Charles 279 Cape Charles, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia Compl iments COLLINS TEXACO Auto Accessories Gas and Oil School Supplies General Merchandise Radio and TV Tubes Machipongo, Virginia Compl iments HENRY ' S IMPRINTING SERVICE Office Equipment Office Supplies Printing Stationery Phone: Gl 2-6941 W. T. 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Rt. 13 Salisbury, Maryland Compl iments HARLAN BOWDEN’S AUTO SALES Res. 442-6908 Bus. 442-9381 New - Cars - Used Harlan Bowden, Owner Operator Route 13 - Exmore, Va. 23350 Compl iments JOSEPH AMES MARKET Fruits—Vegetables—Fireworks Joseph Ames, Manager-Operator Telephone Cape Charles 525W3 Townsend, Virginia Compl iments NORDSTROM PHILLIPS Furniture and Appliances Exmore, Virginia Compliments R. S. FLOYD General Merchandise Meats Shipper of Oysters Bridgetown, Virginia Compl iments FLORA DAWN FLORIST Wishing All The Graduates of Northampton County High Much Success and Happiness Paulk Claribel Hargis, Owner Phone: Gl 2-6505 Exmore, Virginia Compl iments BELL’S SEA FOOD Berlie Bell, Proprietor Oyster, Virginia CHRISTIAN’S BARBER SHOP Let Your Head Run Our Business Albert Christain, Owner Exmore, Virginia 79 Compl iments SMITH - DOUGLASS Div. of Borden Chemical Co. 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PRETTYMAN 80 Congratulations To The Sweetest Girls And The Swellest Guys Enjoy the Finest BUY Soft, Fresh and Delicious Wherever FINE FOODS are SOLD! 81 Comp! iments FOREMOST DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM ICE CREAM Laurel, Delaware Compl iments GRAY S FUNERAL HOME Masons Notary Public Mrs. Alston J. Godwin, Funeral Service Manager Thomas George Godwin, Funeral Director and Embalmer 625 Madison Ave. Cape Charles, Virginia Phone: Cape Charles 331-3810 82 Compliments DELMARVA POWER and LIGHT CO. of MARYLAND Salisbury, Maryland Compl iments WESTERN AUTO Sales—Parts—Service Exmore, Virginia Compl iments WILSON’S GROCERIES General Merchandise Meats Frozen Foods W. H. Wilson, Owner Trehernvi I le, Virginia Compl iments NORDSTROM CHEVROLET SALES CHEVROLET O ' Phone: 442-6145 Exmore, Virginia Compl iments LLOYD P. 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Clarence Arnold Cheriton, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Charles Banister Bridgetown, Virginia Miss Helen Bailey Mr. Smith Baines Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Wa]ter L. Baines Wardtown, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Curtis Bell Eastville, Virginia Mr . Mrs . Maurice Blake Bayview, Virginia Mrs. Dorthe Brickhouse Eastville Station, Virginia Mrs. Dorthy Burton Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Willie Burton Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Milton Bull Exmore, Virginia Mr. Mrs . Major Capenter Machipongo, Virginia Mr. Joseph Carter Chesapeake, Virginia Mr . Mrs . Prentice Christian Wardtown, Virginia Mr. Jack Church Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Winston Church Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Elizabeth Collins Exmore, Virginia 86 PATRONS Mrs. Helen Collins Eastville, Virginia Mr. Leon Collins Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Lola Collins Marionville, Virginia Mrs. Susie M. Collins Franktown, Virginia Mrs. Christine Custis Weirwood, Virginia Mrs. Katherince Custis Eastville Station, Virginia Mr. Henry D. Cypress R.F.D. Cape Charles Mr . Mrs . James Davis Sr. Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Lesell Dozier Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Virginia Dunkins Cape Charles, Virginia Miss Valentia Elliott Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Sarah Felton Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Hilton Fitchett Bayview, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Cavanaugh C. Fox Chesapeake, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Littleton Giddens Franktown, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Seth J. Giddens Sr. Marionville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Samuel Goodwyn Cheriton, Virginia Mrs. Jessie Griffin Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Walton Harmon Bayview, Virginia E. J. Harrison Son Produce Capeville, Virginia Mrs. Ellen S. Helm Cape Charles, Virginia Miss Margaret K. Helm Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs . Mary F . Henderson Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Gladys Henry Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Beatruce Hogan Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Alice Jackson Wardtown, Virginia Miss Estella James Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Gussie Mae James Exmore, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Fred Jordan Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. James Land Sr. Capeville, Virginia Mrs. Susie C. Lane Townsend, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Robert Lindsey Jr. Cape Charles, Virginia 87 PATRONS Mrs . Richard E . Lyons Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Dallas Manuel Birdsnest, Virginia Mrs. Evangerleen Manuel Franktown, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Isaac Mapp Jr. Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Calvin Morris Sr. Machipongo, Virginia Mrs. Christine Morris Cheapside, Virginia Mr. Mrs. J. L. Morris Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Langdon Morris R.F.D. Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Warren Lee Morris Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Claude Nottingham Marionville, Virginia Mr . Mrs . Fred Nottingham Machipongo, Virginia Mr. John Nottingham Sr . Capeville, Virginia Mrs. Beatrice Parker Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Wiola Parks R.F.D. Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Milton Patterson Seaview, Virginia Mr . Mrs . Bruce Peace Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Cornelia Pettyjohn Wardtown, Virginia Mr . W . H. Poole Cheriton, Virginia Mrs. Bertha Press Eastville, Virginia Mr. Pur ley O. Press Eastville, Virginia Mrs. Mary Rankins Baltimore, Maryland Mrs. Margaret Rayfield Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Louis Roselle Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Leroy Sample Capeville, Virginia Mrs. Alice Satchell Eastville, Virginia Miss Margaret G. Satchell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mr. Russell Satchell Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Pauline T. Savage Birdsnest, Virginia Mrs. Mary Scarborough Exmore, Virginia Mrs. Elsie B. Smith Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Isaac Smith Eastville Station, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Isaac Smith R.F.D. Cape Charles, Virginia 88 PATRONS Mr. Mrs . Joseph Smith Sr. Cheriton, Virginia Mrs. Martha Smith R.F.D. Cape Charles, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Louis Spady Townsend, Virginia Mrs. Savannah Spady Cheriton, Virginia Mr. Solomon Spady Townsend, Virginia Mrs. Susie A. Stafford Capeville, Virginia Mrs. Beatrice Stanley Exmore, Virginia Mr. Barry Stevens Eastville, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Trower Jr. Seaview, Virginia Mrs. Lena Trower Machipongo, Virginia Mrs. Gladys Upshur Weirwood, Virginia Mr. Mrs . Hildred Upshur Nassawadox, Virginia Mrs. Sarah Lee Walker Exmore, ' Virginia Mrs. Madora Watson Cheriton, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Joseph W. Weeks Birdsnest, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Sterling Weeks Capeville, Virgi nia Mr. Mrs. Thedore Widgeon Eastville Station, Virginia Mr. Harry Williams Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. India Williams Machipongo, Virginia Mr. Mrs . Thomas Woolford Cambridge, Maryland Mrs. Edith Wright R.F.D. Cape Charles, Virginia Mrs. Mildred Beckett Exmore, Virginia Mr. Mrs . George T. Mapp Franktown, Virginia Mrs. India Morris Bayview, Virginia, Mr. Mrs . James Savage Cheriton, Virginia Mr. William H. Sisco Bayview, Virginia Mr. Mrs . John A. Smaw Bayview, Virginia Mr. Eric Pool Nassawadox, Virginia Mr. Mrs. Jessie Weeks Jr. Eatontown, New Jersey 89 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) collection:

Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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