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DEDICATION This issue of the " LIGHTHOUSE " is solemnly dedicated to the memory of one of our bus drivers, Mr. George N. Treherne, whose record of years of service is unparalleled. His 27 years tenure of service in transporting youth to school in Northampton Gounty was interrupted only by time given in service to his Gountry. To his loyal and devoted service, the Senior Glass of 1964 dedicate this annual. Mr. George N. Treherne PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE My young friends of the class of 1964, this must indeed be a pleasant time for those of you who are about to graduate from the Northampton County High School. I know it is for your friends, relatives, and those of us who have taught you during the past five years. I know I am pleased with you because in many very important ways you have left a mark on our school that will remain for many years to come. Let me remind you that you are not finishing your education at all, but beginning in the world ' s greatest place of opportunity, America. May I further suggest that opportunity does not announce its presence with a bugle call or a piano prelude; therefore, one of life ' s greatest lessons is the recog¬ nition of opportunity when it comes. Your opportunities ahead will be greater than any other generation, and with the foundation that you have received both at home and at school, we shall expect you to become an integral part of that great day which is dawning. May I congratulate you for those who have preceded you as well as those who will follow, for your interest and enthusiasm in continuing the tradition of our " Lighthouse. " Best wishes to each of you. W. H. Smith 2 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY MR. W. H, SMITH PRINCIPAL Johnson C. Smith Univ. of Pittsburgh MRS. D. T. HAYES LIBRARIAN Va. State College N. C. College MRS. I. J. WILLIAMS HOME ECONOMICS MR. ODIS KORNEGAY ASST. PRINCIPAL Hampton Institute Cornell University University of Conn. Maryland State William Mary Univ. of Maryland MR. C. N. WILLIAMS AGRICULTURE MRS. M. B. COLLINS MATHEMATICS Va. State College Va. State College University of Conn. 4 FACULTY MR. E. BUSCH, JR. MUSIC MRS. A. W. SMITH GUIDANCE MR. J. B. COOK SCIENCE Va. State College Fisk University Columbia University Johnson C. Smith Univ. of Pittsburgh Hampton Institute Va. State College Howard University MR. VERDELL ADAIR INDUSTRIAL ARTS iMRS. E. S. McCULLER SOCIAL STUDIES MR. C. L. BRICKHOUSE SCIENCE -- MATHEMATICS Va, State Collbge Maryland State Va. State College William Mary 5 FACULTY MR. W. T. SISCO SOCIAL STUDIES MRS. M. D. CHERRY ENGLISH MR. J. G. COLLINS SCIENCE -- MATHEMATICS St. Paul ' s College Virginia Union University Va. State College Norfolk Division MRS. A. B. BROWN ENGLISH -- HISTORY MR. JACK JOHNSON ART MRS. S. D. PHIFER ENGLISH Virginia Union University N. C. College Johnson C. Smith University FACULTY MISS T. L. MANLEY BIOLOGY — CHEMISTRY MR. JOHN NOTTINGHAM SCIENCE MRS. M. H. MARTIN BUSINESS Virginia Union University Virginia Union University Va. State College Norfolk Division MRS. M. S. CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MR. C. O. WILLIAMS PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. E. U. JONES MATHEMATICS St, Paul ' s College N. C. College Maryland State FACULTY MISS T. R. JAMISON MATHEMATICS MR. F. W. FISHER HISTORY GEOGRAPHY Benedict College AST College MISS E. R. BAZEMORE ENGLISH MR. V. L. BEATY FRENGH HISTORY Va. State College Johnson C. Smith University Norfolk Division MRS. I. J. UPSHUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION Maryland State MISS M. J. GOODE HISTORY Va. State Gollege 8 GUIDANCE COMMITTEE Youth continually face problems in understanding themselves and making decisions. On every side they are faced with increasingly complex social and economic patterns and widening occupational opportunities. With these changes have come greater emphasis on individual differences and the development of programs which seek to give systematic aid to all students. Therefore we are trying to provide a program which will aid all students to make wise decisions and good adjustments. Through the Guidance Committee and staff members the following services are available to all students: Individual Inventory, Informational, Counseling, Placement, and Follow-up. These services should assist each student in know¬ ing himself if as an individual and as a member of society; in making the most of his strengths and in correcting or compensating for his weaknesses that interfere witir his progress; in learning about occupations so that he may intelligently plan and make for a career; in learning about ed ucational oppor¬ tunities available to him; and in discovering and developing creative and leisure interests. For a successful guidance program, we ask for the continued co-operation from the home, the community, and the students. Guidance Committee STANDING: Mrs. M. S. Christian, Mr. F. W. Fisher, Mrs. A. B. Brown, Mrs. D. T. Flayes, Miss T, R. Jamison, and Mr. W. H. Smith. SEATED. Mrs. I. J. Williams, Mr. C, L. Brickhouse, Mrs. A. W. Smith, and Miss T. L. Manley. 9 STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, under the supervision of Mr. Odis Kornegay, began this school year by trying to impress upon the student body the importance of government in their every day lives. Our officers are: President, William House; Vice-President, Persis Rowley; Secretary, Margaret Monroe; Assistant Secretary, Andrea Fox; Treasurer, Barbara Collins; Business Manager, James Scott; Chaplain, Mocile White. To the graduating Seniors, we leave this message: " Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds dis¬ cuss ideas. " 10 SENIORS CURTIS ALEXANDER Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " Rip " Ambition: Professional Football Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Thanks To You " THEODORE ALLEN Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Dennis the Menace " Ambition: TV Repairman Hobby: Reading Song: " It ' s Too Late " BRENDA JOYCE AMES Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Bren " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Interpreting Songs Song: " Baby Don ' t You Weep " CAROEYN LOUISE BAILEY Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " Foxie " Ambition: Beautician Hob by: Dancing Song: " Pain In MY Heart " LINWOOD PERRY BAILEY Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Lin " Ambition: Electronic Engineer Hobby: Playing Football Song: " Cry To Me " MARY MAGDALENE BAILEY Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Skepper " Ambition: Seamstress Hobby: Sewing Song: " Need to Belong " CORNELIUS BAILEY Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Pop " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Reading Song: " Cry to Me " DORNELL BAILEY Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " Nell " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Sewing Song: " I ' m Too Close " 12 ANNIECE BOYD Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Niece " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Singing Song: " You ' re Good For Me " ANN KAY BRICKHOUSE Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Keaser " Ambition: Auditor Hobby: Reading Song: " Anyone Who Had a Heart " MELVIN JAMES BRICKHOUSE Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Brick " Ambition: Professional Baseball Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Pain In My Heart " ROSCOE BRICKHOUSE Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Boscoe " Ambition: Artist Hobby: Drawing Song: " Pain In My Heart " PRESTON LEON BURGESS Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " Bird " Ambition: Mason Hobby: Playing Football Song: " The Last Mile " LOIS ANN BURTON Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Troublemaker " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Writing Song: " Pain In My Heart " WELTON BURTON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Bo Peep " Ambition: Plumber " Hobby: Hunting Song: " Need To Belong " DELORES ELIZABETH COLLINS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Lois " Ambition: Biologist Hobby: Singing Song: " Your Precious Love " 13 JULIUS HOWARD COPES Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Cops " Ambition: Blue Printer Hobby: Girls Song: " To Belong To Someone " FAYE EULONDA CORNEY Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " Fluffee " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Dancing Song: " Cry To Me " LARRY WAYNE CORNEY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " BO " Ambition: Merchant Marines Hobby: Tumbling Song: " Beautiful Brown Eyes " ALPHONSO THEODORE COTTRELL Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Big Dipper " Arnbition: P. E. Teacher Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Cry To Me " MANCHESTER COTTRELL, JR. Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Chester " Ambition: X-Ray Technician Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Cry To Me " SUDIE PATRICIA DAVIS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Pat " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Reading Song: " Never Walk Alone " LORENZO DIXON Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " The Professor " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Working on Cars Song: " Baby, Don ' t You Weep " MARY LEE DIXON Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " Nichet " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Pain In My Heart " 14 GROVER FIELDS, JR. Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Bug " Ambition: Blue Printer Hobby: Playing Football Song: ' Beautiful Brown Eyes " ANDREA DALE FOX Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Foxie " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Reading Song: " Misty " CHARLES ELMORE DOGGETT Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Dogman " Ambition: Laboratory Technician Hobby: Listening to the Radio Song: " Good News " HARRY DOGGETT, JR. Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Doggie " Ambition: Lawyer Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " I Wanna Hold Your Hand " EUGENE ROGER DOWNING, JR. Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Tank " Ambition: Pro Football Player Hobby: Playing Football Song: " It Won’t Be This Way " ROBERT LEE DOWNING Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Bob " Ambition: Lawyer Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Worring Me " NANCY CORRINE DUNTON Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Pinky " Ambition: Telephone Operator Hobby: Collecting Seashells Song: " Is It All Over " RONALD KENT EVANS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Bill Brown " Ambition: Carpenter Hobby: Building Song: " Choo-Choo " 15 ELLA LOUISE GIDDENS Weirwood, Virginia Nickname: " El " Ambition; Secretary Hobby: Listening to the Radio Song: " Cry To Me " IRENE GIDDENS Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Pee Wee " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Watching Television Song: " Talk To Me " THOMAS GEORGE GRAVES Cheriton, Virginia Nickname; " Mr. G " Ambition: Social Studies Teacher Hobby: Interior Painting Song: " Belong to Someone " KAY FRANCES GRIFFIN Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Chilly " Ambition; Biologist Hobby; An alyzing People Song: " Born To Lose " MARTHA GUNTER Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Marth " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Listening to Records Song: " Baby Don ' t You Weep " MARGARET ANN HALLETT Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Mark " Ambition: Stenographer Hobby: Dancing Reading Song: " Walk On The Wild Side " GLORIA ANN HARMON Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Glo " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Sewing Song: " Here ' s A Heart " WILLIE HENDERSON, JR. Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Hen " Ambition: Artist Hobby: Playing Sports Song; " Cry To Me " 16 WINIFRED JAMES Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " Winnie " Ambition: Registered Nurse Flobby: Dancing Song: " Free At Last " BOBBY SPOTTWOOD JONES Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Wolf Man " Ambition: P. E. Teacher Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " You ' re Good For Me " ERNEST JOYNER Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Bud " Ambition: Military Career Hobby: Watching Television Song: " Sting Along " SHARLTEEN LEWIS Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Tina " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Collecting Records Song: " Don ' t Change Your Heart " WILLIAM LEE HOUSE Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Billy " Ambition; Me dical Technician Hobby: Observing Specimens Song: " Need To Belong " PATTY ANN JAMES Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Pat " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Singing Song: " Need To Belong ' ' JOSEPH RUSSELL JONES Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Turtle " Ambition: Navy Officer Hobby: Painting Song: " Cry Baby " JANETTE BARBARA JOHNSON Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " J. J. " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Sewing Song: " All In My Mine " 17 ' ’am ' ,If WILLIAM HENRY LEWIS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Oakhead " Ambition: Navy Hobby: Driving Song: " Always " WILLIE EDWARD LEWIS Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Sonny " Ambition: Engineer Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " You ' re Good For Me " HAZEL MARROW Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Bright Eyes " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Reading Song: " Walking the Dog " ANTHONY TERRY MITCHELL Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Tony " Ambition: Policeman Hobby: Hunting Song: " It Won ' t Be This Way " ODESSA MAE MORRIS Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Odee " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Cooking Song: " Don ' t Change Your Heart " BARRIE HAROLD NOCK Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Tippy Toe " Ambition: Chef Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Cry To Me " BURLEIGH WILLIAM MORRIS, Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Junnie Boy " Ambition: Pro Baseball Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Cry to Me " LOIS ANN MORRIS Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Jo " Ambition: Model Hobby: Reading Song: " I ' ll Show You " 18 CHARLES WYATT NOTTINGHAM Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Bud " Ambition: Veterinarian Hobby: Reading Song: " Nitty Gritty " McKinley outlaw Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Chubby " Ambition: Bricklayer Hobby: Singing Song: " It ' s Too Late " CHRISTINE MARIE PEED Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Chris " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Cry To Me " EARL LEWIS POWELL Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " The Duke " Ambition: Professional Boxer Hobby: Making Friends Song: " Prisoner of Love " REUBEN THOMAS PRESS Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Cora " Ambition: Laboratory Technician Hobby: Auto Mechanic Song: " Cry To Me " SHIRLEY ANN PRESS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Heat Wave " Ambition: Cosmetologist Hobby: Dancing Song: " In The Still of Night " ROSA ANN REID Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Ann " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Beautiful Brown Eyes " MARGA OLIVIA ROGERS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Libby " Ambition: Research Biologist Hobby: Stamp Collecting Song: " Always " 19 CHARLES McKinley sample Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Rabbit " Ambition: T I Instructor Hobby: Singing Song: " Prisoner of Love " GLADYS LaVERNE SAMPLE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Vemie " Ambition: Commercial Teacher Hobby: Debating Song: " Need To Belong " PERSIS SUVADER ROWLEY Cedar Grove, Virginia Nickname: " Tim " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Something ' s Worrying Me " WILLIAM EDWARD ROWLEY Townsend, Virginia Nickname: " Sonny " Ambition: Baseball Player Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " I ' ll Be Loving You " HARRY CROSBY SAMPLE Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Goose " Ambition: Electrician Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Cry To Me " IRVIN SCARBOROUGH Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Scarr " Ambition: TV Repairman Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Heat Wave " LENARD REGINALD SEWELL Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Pipe " Ambition: Barber Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Pain In My Heart " SARAH ANN SHAPPARD Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Pete " Ambition: Cosmetologist Hobby: Dating Song: " Need To Belong " 20 ISAAC ALEXANDER SMAW Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Ike " Ambition: Electronic Technician Hobby: Drawing Song: " Any Other Way " JOHN HENRY SMAW Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Jay " Ambition: Blue Printer Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Pain In My Heart " WILLIE SEVERN SMITH Wierwood, Virginia Nickname: " Pie " Ambition: Business Executive Hobby: Drawing Song: " It ' s All In The Game " CHRISTINE VIRGINIA SPADY Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Chris " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Reading Song: " You ' re Good For Me " PRESTON LEROY SIMPKINS Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Fruit Cake " Ambition: Football Player Hobby: Playing Football Song: " Sky Guy " ABRIAN ELIZABETH SMAW Cheriton, Virginia ] ickname: " Frenchy " Ambition: Private Secretary Hobby: Reading Song: " Cry To Me " RUDOLPH SMITH Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Rudy " Ambition: Commercial Artist Hobby: Drawing Song: " Walking The Dog " THOMAS EDWARD SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Smitty " Ambition: Chemist Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Need To Belong " 21 MARTHA GERALDINE SPADY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Gerald " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Collecting Seashells Song: " Baby Don ' t You Weep " PERCY SPADY, JR. Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Junnie " Ambition: Singer Hobby: Singing Song: " Beautiful Brown Eyes " ETHEL CLAUDETTE SPADY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Claudia " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Lose A Good Thing " HENDERSON THOMAS SPADY Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Tommy " Ambition: Singer Hobby: Singing Song: " Baby Don ' t You Weep " IVEY SAMUEL STANFORD Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Robbie " Ambition: Business Educator Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Cry To Me " EVELYN BERNICE STEVENS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Evie " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Telephoning Song: " For Your Precious Love " CUSTIS WARREN STOAKLEY Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Cut " Ambition: Instrumental Major Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Need To Belong " THOMAS LEE STRATTON Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Bug " Ambition: Psychologist Hobby: Dancing Song: " Beautiful Brown Eyes " 22 BARRY TOWNSEND Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Shortie " Ambition: Electronic Technician Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " It ' s A Lie " CHARLES THOMAS TROWER Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Charlie Pop " Ambition: Chemist Hobby: Reading Song: " Need To Belong " JOSEPH LEE TAYLOR Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Joe Chilly " Ambition: Bricklayer Hobby: Singing Song: " For Your Precious Love " NATHAN NATHANIEL THOMAS Johnsontown, Virginia Nickname: " Nate " Ambition: Electrician Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Ciry’ ' To Me " JOEL MOCCY TROWER Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Joe Nasty " Ambition: Jet Pilot Hobby: Singing Song: " Valarie " FANNIE LEE UPSHUR Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Toots " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Something ' s Wortying Me " MICHAEL WALKER Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Mike " Ambition: Social Science Teacher Hobby: Writing Song: " You Lost The Sweet Boy " ELLIS SANFORD WARREN, JR. Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Ell " Ambition: Join The Air Force Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Need To Belong " 23 JAMES ALAN WEEKS, JR. Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Jimmy " Ambition: Music Teacher Hobby: Listening To Jazz Song: " Take Five " MARY MARTHA WEEKS Seaview, Virginia Nickname: " Miss Lady " Ambition: Typist ( Hobby: Singing Song: " You ' re Good For Me " ROBERTA WHITE Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Robin " Ambition: School Teacher Hobby: Reading Song: " You ' ll Never Walk Alone " STELLA LOUISE WHITE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Caledonia " Ambition: Stenographer Hobby: Reading Song: " Love Me All The Way " HATTIE ELIZABETH WYNN Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Hattie Bea " Ambition: Business Librarian Hobby: Reading B Driving Song: " If You Need Me " ARTHUR LEE WYNDER Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Crip " Ambition: Phy, Ed. Teacher Hobby: Playing Basketball Song: " Cry To Me " CHRISTOPHER LEE WYNDER Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Peewee " Ambition: TV Repairman Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Cry To Me " 24 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, the Class of 1964, entered Northampton County High School in September of 1959. We were the first class under the twenty-unit plan for graduation. We were divided into five sections alphabetically. Our assigned homeroom teachers were Mrs. E. U. Jones, Mrs. M. D. Cherry, Mr. V. Adair, Miss Braxton and Mrs. B. M. Ervin. During our Freshman Year we began to get the feel of the high school. Mrs. L. U. Kornegay, Mr. W. T. Sisco and Mr. C. Brickhouse were our homeroom teachers. We were well represented in the Science and Math Conference by Ann Kay Brickhouse, Domell Bailey and Burleigh Morris, who won first, third and fourth places in mathematics respectively. In September 1961, we entered a new school term. We were finally Sophomores. Our homeroom teachers were Mr. C. Brickhouse, Miss C. King, Mrs. L. U. Kornegay and Miss F. J. Stephenson. We met again in September of 1962, only this time we were Juniors. We were prepared to work diligently with our homeroom sponsors Mr. Nelson Townsend, Mrs. A. W. Smith and Miss C. King. We sponsored a delightful Junior-Senior Prom for the Seniors. Kay Griffin won the oratorical contest given by the English Department. Delores Collins was elected as Miss Basket¬ ball and Bobby Jones as Mr. Basketball. At last we are seniors. Mrs. S. Phifer, Mr. E. Bush, Jr. and Mr. Odis Kornegay are our sponsors. Two young ladies have represented us as Miss Homecoming and May Day Queen. They are Marga Rogers and Stella White. We would like to thank our parents, principal and our homeroom sponsors for making our stay at Northampton County High School meaningful. SENIOR CLASS POEM Northampton High, now we must part. With memories of you deep in our hearts. We will always honor this building that stands, For you have given all you can. We hate to say farewell to thee. But we must go, as you can see. Time is coming and will not wait. So now we must meet the open gate. To the Alma Mater of Northampton County High, We will praise thee as our morning star. It is for us to always know. That it was you that helped us grow. Our time with you is almost gone. We know you ' ll always be our friend. We all say " Dear Old Northampton High Farewell, Farewell, Good-by, good-by. Magdalene Bailey 25 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It has repeatedly been mentioned to us that individuals change with the times. As we look into the present day lives of those mighty Seniors of 1964. We find it took ten years to calm Ann Kay Brickhouse and Andrea Fox ' s temper. They are presently employed at the School of Temper Control which is owned by Burliegh Morris and Hattie Wynn. Although time changes many characters there are always exceptions -- that being Marga Rogers. She has a column for the Lovelorn which replaces the " Dear Abbey " columns which were once so popular. Marga ' s many love affairs make her advice authoritative, Arthur Wynder is still making " nets. " He along with Alfonzo Cottrell, Joel Trower, Barrie Nock, and Man¬ chester Cottrell have organized a basketball team which they call the " Northampton Moon Trotters. " They were exiled from Earth because they lost all their games for three seasons. To help those disappointed spectators at the Moon Trotters game, we have the cheerful nurses Roberta White and Dornell Bailey sent from the Mooncraters Clinic owned by Doctors Charles Trower and Cornelius Bailey, Will our nation retrogress or progress with William House as our newly elected President? He has called a special meeting. Expected at this meeting is Grover Fields, Secretary of Labor; Bobby Jones, Secretary of Defense; and Anthony Mitchell, Secretary of Agriculture. The President ' s Private Secretary Stella White greeted Prime Minister Isaac Smaw at Cape Charles Airport in the absence of the President. Willie Smith is thrilling audiences everywhere with his eloquent oratory on his crusade for Better Speech Teachers, Delores Collins would receive many patients from Smith ' s audiences if she only practiced psychiatry here instead of on the moon. When asked why she chose the moon she replied, " I thought I ' d come in contact with more " way-out- " people up there. " Our Art Courses are proving to be beneficial. We have as curators of the National Art Gallery in Washington, D.C, Eugene Downing and Rudolph Smith. We also have Julius Copes and Roscoe Brickhouse busy painting attractive billboards. They got their experience by painting bulletin boards at Northampton County High. Hot off the press is Michael Walker ' s lates book, " How I Captured Frankenstein, " He has as his secretaries LaVerne Sample and Evelyn Stevens. Eor styles and fashions the class of ' 64 produced many geniuses. Carolyn Bailey, Sharlteen Lewis, Winifred James, Rosa Reid, Gloria Harmon, Fannie Upshur, and Faye Corney who willed their exciting hair creations to members of the Junior Class when they graduated are finally putting their abilities to work for them. They have established the world ' s largest beauty salon. When all these heads get together, fabulous creations always result. Dressing finer than ever we have Reuben Press, Thomas Stratton, Thomas Graves as models at Curtis Alexander ' s Exclusive Men ' s Shop. A special bulletin from radio station WABC, recently purchased by Theodore Allen, Melvin Brickhouse, and Larry Corney. Ronald Evans has disproved the report coming from the Cancer Committee. His co-workers are Persis Rowley, Welton Burton, and Christine Spady. The newsmen and announcers for WABC are Harry Doggett, Lorenza Dixon, Ethel Spady, Martha Gunter, Irvin Scarborough, and Thomas Smith, They are making so much money they have hired McKinley Outlaw and William Rowley to count their money. Entertainment in once " dry " Northampton seems to be booming. Singers Charles Sample, Preston Simpkins, Earl Powell, and the Spady Twins called the " BUGS " are touring the U. S. and are scheduled to perform at " Cherry Cocktail Lounge. " Charles Doggett ' s chorus girls, Nancy Dunton, Lois Morris, Sudie Davis, Mary Dixon, Patty James, and Ella Giddens, although, they make a short line, they seem to be a main attraction, Shirley Press is presently employed as a cigaret girl at Martha Spady ' s Stork Club where Linwood Bailey, Barrie Townsend, Joseph Taylor, and Joseph Jones are performing their new comedy act. Other stars for the entertain¬ ment world — Mary Bailey, Jenaette Johnson, Ivey Stanford, John Henry Smaw, and Christopher ' Wynder replace the old actors on Amos ' n ' Andy. Lois Burton, Irene Giddens, and Hazel Marrow have established a 24-hour diet for gaining weight quickly. To Kay Griffin goes the credit of the newly invented gadget, " Get Ready On Time Clock. " This device will help her to be on time when she has her first date with a Martian who has captured her interest. Mary Weeks, a most successful bridal counselor in Peebles Department Store failed to complete her own wedding plans -- she forgot a groom. Her disappointed bridesmaids were Sarah Sheppard, Margaret Hallett, Christine Peed, Abrian Smaw, and Brenda Ames. They all had planned to wear yellow dresses designed by the one and only Charles Nottingham, Ernest Joyner with all of his might has converted Willie Lewis and Nathan Thomas to close their mouths and reserve their thoughts. Another form of conversion was done by Pope Preston Burgess X just last week -- the bringing in of Ellis Warren, James Weeks , and Harry Sample from the sinful world and appointing them as C ardinals. In front of Robert Downing ' s Hardware Store, Leonard Sewell busies himself shining shoes regularly. He especially likes to shine shoes for Willie Henderson and William Lewis because theirs are so dirty, probably from riding the range. The Northampton County High School spirit was helpful to Odessa Morris, For her recently established cheer¬ ing squad, she has been voted No. 1. Her fame was reached with her strong disciplinary of giving orders for when, where, and how to do certain yells. As time and life will eventually come to a close, so must this paper. Who knows the class of ' 64 may be changed by time once more. So goes the saying -- Nothing is constant but constant change, Ann Kay Brickhouse 26 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the undersigned, known officially as the Senior Class of Northampton County High School, of 1964, being of sound mind and weak heart, and having but a few short hours to dwell among the horrors of our high school days, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last Will and Testament: To our school we leave our love and our loyalty. To our Advisers, our heartfelt thanks for their guidance and interest in all our class activities. To the Faculty, we leave our appreciation for their understanding and patience and a supply of our good grades to give to the needy kids next year. To the Juniors we leave our dignity, quiet ways, perfect manners, and scholarly attitudes, which they sadly need. To the Underclassmen, we leave a bottle of smelling salts to help them recover from the shock of discovering they don ' t know it all. The individual members of the graduating class devise and bequeath the following: JOSEPH TAYLOR wills his singing ability to Margaret Batson. THOMAS SPADY wills his good looks to Charles Ayers. MARY BAILEY wills her mole and legs to Jean Parker. LARRY CORNEY wills all his love to Evonne Powell. SUDIE DAVIS wills her ability to think to Harriet Dillard, who needs it very much. ROBERTA WHITE wills her neat hair styles to Helena Turner because she requested them. ISAAC SMAW wills his hair to Clifford Andrews, CORNELIUS BAILEY wills Ms mathematical ability to Alice Downes, SHARLTEEN LEWIS wills her exotic coiffures to Alice Williams. ITARRY SAMPLE wills Felton Sessoms his ability to get along with Mary Sheppard. THEODORE ALLEN wishes to will the best of luck to the Juniors in their Senior year. WILLIAM ROWLEY wills Ms No. 19 football suit and his defense ability to Anthony Custis, ANNIECE BOYD wills her large strong legs to Eliza Townsend, WELTON BURTON wills Ms wavy hair to Angelo White. PRESTON BURGE SS wills his sMny shoes to Lawrence Mitchell. SARAH SHEPPARD wills her Junior boy friend to Sally Moore. BARRIE NOCK wills agility on the baseball field to Raymond Thomas. ROSCOE BRICKHOUSE wills Ms artistic talent to Hildred Upshur, EARL POWELL wills his Herculean strength to Charles Ayers so he can break Jimmy Brown ' s record. LOIS MORRIS wills her petite figure to Margaret Batson. CHARLES SAMPLE wills his beautiful voice to John Taylor, CAROLYN BAILEY wills her hair style to Mary Johnson, CURTIS ALEXANDER wills Dianne Bailey to Lawrence Mitchell because he adores her so, GROVER FIELDS wills his football suit. No. 20, and his guard¬ ing tactics to Isaiah Harris. JOHN SMAW wills his wavy hair to Lindsey Greene. ROSA REID wills her hair style to Alice Downes. MARTHA SPADY wills her small stature to Mary Johnson. WILLIE SMITH wills William Kellam his ability to make A ' s in his classes. MARTHA GUNTER leaves her government book to Virginia Ames, ODESSA MORRIS wills her short stature to Charlotte Thomas. NATHAN THOMAS wills his beautiful brown eyes to Joan Wyatts, WILLIE LEWIS wills his winning lines with the girls to Roman Lewis. WINIFRED JAMES leaves a few locks of her curly hair to Margaret Batson. CUSTIS STOAKLEY wills his government book to Lawrence Mitchell, MELVIN BRICKHOUSE wills his small size to his brother, Kenny. CHRISTINE SPADY wills her figure to Eliza Townsend. FANNIE UPSHUR wills her coiffure to Alice Downes. IRENE GIDDENS wills her slimness to Gertrude Collins. CHRISTINE PEED wills her beautiful legs to Pauline Giddens, GLORIA HARMON wills Willie Christian her creative hair styles, NANCY DUNTON wills her pleasant personality to anyone who needs it, MARGA ROGERS wills her popularity with the boys to Alice Williams. THOMAS SMITH wills his good thinking habits to Raymond Thomas. DELORES COLLINS wills her irredescent eyes to Isaiah Harris. MARY DIXON wills her neat¬ ness to Margaret Batson. MANCHESTER COTTRELL wills Ms government book to Isaiah Harris and hopes he ' ll use it wisely. DORNELL BAILEY wills her ladylike manners to Alice Williams, THOMAS STRATTON wills his smooth ways to Thomas Doggett. ANTHONY MITCHELL wills his coolness to Lindsey Greene. HATTIE WYNN wills her skill in typing and mimeographing to Theresa Spady, EUGENE DOWNING wills his catching ability in playing football to Raymond Thomas. PATTY JAMES wills her graceful walk to Harriet Dillard and her pleasant personality to Ina Dickens. McKINLEY OUTLAW wills his football techniques to Isaiah Harris, LORENZO DIXON wills Ms auto mechanical skill to Delma Batson. MARGARETT HALLETT wiUs everything she has to Eliza Townsend, hoping she uses it wisely and unselfishly. CHARLES DOGGETT wills Russell Spady his ability to make A ' s in shorthand, MARY WEEKS wills all of her love and understanding to Reginald Collins. KAY GRIFFIN wills her gentle ways and pleasing smiles to Charles Ayers because he frightens her so. ANN KAY BRICKHOUSE wills her ability to write legibly to Alice Williams. ARTHUR WY’NDER wills his jump shot in basketball to Purnell Cropper so he can fulfill his former position. ANDREA FOX wills her candid manner of expressing her opinions to James Scott. THOMAS GRA 1ES wills his ability to make A ' s in Social Studies to anyone in the Junior Class who desires it. CHARLES TROWER wills his fast ball to Roland Gunter. PERCY SPADY wills all his love to Martha Stratton, CHRISTOPHER WYNDER wills his license to Isaiah Harris, PRESTON SIMPKINS wills Ms singing voice to William Spady. BOBBY JONES wills all of his love to Ethel Kellam. BRENDA AMES wills her personality and ladylike walk to Helen Nottingham. ABRIAN SMIAW wills her typing ' .ability to Harriet Dillard because she needs it desperately. ELLA GIDDENS wills her ladylike manners to Harriet Dillard and hopes she uses it wisely. EVELYN STEVENS wills her size 10 figure to Lillian Matthews. FAYE CORNEY wills her hair creations to Evonne Powell, LINWOOD BAILEY wills his tendency to be short to Clifford Andrews. HARRY DOGGETT wills his nose to Sidney Smith, to give him the movie star look. IRVIN SCARBEROUGH wills his quietness to Charles Nock. IVEY STANFORD wills his kindness to Felton Sessoms. PERSIS ROWLEY wills her seat in English class to Alice Downes, JANETTE JOHNSON wills her speaking ability to Charles Baker. ETHEL SPADY wishes the best of luck in the future to the incoming class. HAZEL MARROW wills Mary Johnson her research paper. ALPHONSO COTTRELL wills his height to Raymond Bailey. RUDOLPH SMITH wills his Bongo Drums to Willie Smith, WILLIAM HOUSE wills his office of President of the Senior Class to Isaiah Harris, JOEL TROWER wills his singing ability to Raymond Thomas. REUBEN PRESS wills his good looks to Reginald Collins, MICHAEL WALKER wills his ability to get along with people to anyone who needs it. ELLIS WARREN leaves the school in an uproar and a silly giggle in the halls to Ryamond Bailey, STELLA WHITE wills her ability to get along with people and to make friends to Helen Nottingham. LA VERNE SAMPLE wills her pleasing personality to Eliza Townsend and Pauline Giddens because they desire it. 27 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT William House TREASURER Sharlteen Lewis CHAPLAIN Mary Weeks SGT. AT ARMS Percy Spady VICE-PRESIDENT Thomas Graves SECRETARY Hattie Wynn (SENIOR CLASS SONG) (Tune of Danny Boy) We ' ve got to go, But we want you to know we ' re sad; We ' ll ever love, Thee as the years go by; In knowledge, faith. And wisdom we will grow and grow; But thee we ' ll love. No matter where we go. 11 We wish you all. Success in future years to come; There have been trials. And triumphs to endure; But you should know. You ' ve helped to send us on our way; We say thank you, And bid you all adieu. REFRAIN: These years have passed. But what we ' ve learned will always last; We ' ll hold thee nearer. To our hearts always. Our hearts are filled. With sorrow, and the deepest pains; The time has come. When we must say farewell. ASST. SECRETARY Abrian Smaw BUSINESS MGR. Delores Collins REPORTER Sudie Davis HISTORIAN Roberta White 28 ANNUAL STAFF We, the Staff of the " 1964 LIGHTHOUSE, " set out several months before this publication to preserve many of the memories of this school year through an increased number of pictures of students, teachers, teams, organizations, etc. May this " 1964 LIGHTHOUSE " serve to refresh your diminishing memories of our high school years as you scan these pages. STANDING: Charles Trower, Sports Editor; Roscoe Brickhouse, Art Editor; Theodore Allen, Photography Editor; Ann Brickhouse, Class Editor; LaVerne Sample, Social Editor; Odessa Morris, Business Manager; Andrea Eox, Eiterary Editor; Eugene Downing, Business Manager; Shirley Press, Yearbook Sales Manager; William House, Yearbook Sales Manager; Rudolph Smith, Art Editor. SEATED: Delores Collins, Sports Editor; Thomas Graves, Editor In Chief; Kay Griffin, Photography Editor; Marga Rogers, Advertising Sales Manager; Stella White, Advertising. Sales. SENIOR CLASS PRAYER We thank Thee, Almighty God, for the guidance Thou has given us in order to meet this life ' s goal. We will always appreciate the great help we received from our principal, teachers, parents, and friends. O Lord in Heaven, we are forever mindful of the gift Thou has given us to become educated and intelligent. We pray, O God that we may become true brotherhood between all people in our land, and between people of all faiths and all races. O Lord, we ask Thy continued blessings upon us, this institution, our parents, our principal, teachers, friends, and our country. Amen. THE SENIOR CEASS OE 1964 Magdalene Bailey 29 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ACTORS MOST COOPERATIVE Thomas Graves and Ann Kay Brickhouse Burleigh Morris and Stella White Thomas Graves and Evelyn Stevens BEST DANCERS BEST ATHLETES BEST CITIZENS ft Joseph Taylor and Faye Comey Arthur Wynder and Delores Collins Rudolph Smith and Kay Griffin SMALLEST KINDEST BEST DRESSED Earl Powell and Mary Weeks Thomas Smith and Irene Giddens 30 Thomas Stratton and Mary Dixon SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST SINGERS BEST ARTIST BEST PERSONALITY Delores Collins and Charles Sample Mary Bailey and Roscoe Brickhouse Hattie Wynn and Michael Walker BEST SPEAKERS BEST COUPLE BEST STUDENTS William House and Kay Griffin Burliegh Morris and Hattie Wynn Burliegh Morris and Andrea Fox MOST SERIOUS QUIETEST FIGURE PHYSIQUE Thomas Spady and Roberta White Alphonso Cottrell and Evelyn Stevens Earl Powell and Christine Peed 31 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES TALLEST NEATEST SWEETEST Alphonso Cottrell and Ann Kay Brickhouse Thomas Stratton and Christine Peed Reuben Press and Christine Peed SHORTEST MOST TALKATIVE MOST STUDIOUS Barry Townsend and Odessa Morris Ellis Warren and Martha Gunter Cornelius Bailey and Dornell Bailey BEST LOOKING MOST INTELLECTUAL Percy Spady and Christine Peed Alphonso Cottrell and Evelyn Stevens 32 k JUNIOR A CLASS PRESIDENT S. JACOBS Class Officers VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY L. GREENE CORLEE LANE TREASURER PAUL BIBBINS CHAPLAIN ASST. SECRETARY We, the members of 11 A, under the supervision of Mrs. Alice Brown entered Northampton County High School for the fourth time in Sept, with great anticipation for a prosperous and enlightening year. To the Seniors: " You have crossed the bay, the ocean lies ahead. " A. WILLIAMS J. VICKS 34 JUNIOR B CLASS 1 ■ Class Officers PRESIDENT LEROY SAMPLE CHAPLAIN T. SPADY VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY C. ANDREWS Q. SPADY TREASURER B. CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MGR. May we take this opportunity to congratulate each of you upon your graduation from Northampton County High. You have demonstrated the outstanding qualities necessary to receive a diploma. It is our sincere wish that each of you will use the educational tools you now possess for the better¬ ment of yourselves and your fellow man. Congratulations and best wishes. R. WIDGEON 35 JUNIOR C CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER B. CHURCH R. BAILEY I. CHURCH E. TOWNSEND CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. We, t±ie members of tLe Junior C class entered North¬ ampton County High School on September 3, 1963 with great determination and enthusiasm for a prosperous school year. Under the guidance of our homeroom teacher, Mr. C. L. Brickhouse, we are striving to attain Quality Educa¬ tion. To the Graduating Class of 1964, we wish much success and happiness in all your endeavors. L. MATTHEWS P. GIDDENS 36 JUNIOR D CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT C. SATCHEL! CHAPLAIN JOAN WATTS VICE PRESIDENT A. PEACE SECRETARY TREASURER D. JOHNSON B. JOHNSON BUSINESS MGR. We, the members of " Junior D Class or 1964, entered Northampton County High in 1963, under the supervision of Mr. James G. Collins. We are striving witlr much determination to achieve higher goals. To the Graduating Class of 1964, we would like to extend our best wishes for success in the future. C. THOMAS 37 CAMPUS SNAPS 38 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE A CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT G. BAINES VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY L. MITCHELL S. SATCHELL CHAPLAIN We, the members of Sophomore A class, entered Northampton County High School in Sept, with a deter¬ mining purpose to seek, learn and give of our learning; this being our subject endeavor. Under the instructor, Mrs. McCuller, our means of reaching our goal was established. To the Seniors, " Don ' t fall to sleep now, IT ' S TIME TO WAKE UP. " M. ROGERS TREASURER J. TANKARD BUSINESS MGR. J. ALLEN 40 SOPHOMORE B CLASS PRESIDENT C. ATKINS Class Officers VICE PRESIDENT R. BAILEY SECRETARY R. WRIGHT TREASURER F. BRISCO CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. We, the members of Section lOB class entered North¬ ampton County High School for our third term on September 3, 1963, under the supervision of Mrs. M. ' S. Christian. To the seniors of 1963-64, we express the following state¬ ment; " Always, look ahead, strive to be ahead; accomplish that which is needed to fulfill your life; to make it a happy, healthful and prosperous, the one and most important thing is to get an education. " S. WIDGEON J. SMAW 41 SOPHOMORE C CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT C. MASON VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY B. COLLINS L. MORRIS TREASURER B. HICKMAN CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. Five years at our Alma Mater has produced another graduating class. The members of IOC heartily express con¬ gratulations and best wishes to the class of 1964. We became members of IOC September 3, 1963 and were assigned to Room 6, with Mr. J. B. Cook as our homeroom teacher. It is our desire to complete high school and seek higher goals; this we trust our departing seniors well do. Aloha! E. JOHNSON R. AMES 42 SOPHOMORE D CLASS PRESIDENT M. WHITE Class Officers VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY E. WILSON J. TOWNSEND TREASURER E. HENDERSON CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. We, the members of Sophomore " D " class entered Northampton County High School under the supervision of Mrs, Ina Upshur, with a great deal of enthusiasm for our future success. To the Graduating Class of ' 64, we would like to extend to you these lines as a guide for future endeavors, " Man never fails, he just gives up. " C. SAMPLE A. ROBINSON 43 SOPHOMORE E CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT F. GUNTER VICE PRESIDENT J, HINES SECRETARY L. SMITH TREASURER P. WHITE CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. J. ROGERS We, the members of " Sophomore E Class " entered North¬ ampton County High in 1963 with a positive attitude towards meeting the unpredictable challenges of the 1964 school year. Under the supervision of Mr. V. Adair, we are truly look¬ ing forward to meeting these challenges with great success. To the graduating class of 1964, we extend best wishes for a most prosperous future. W. GHOLSON 44 FRESHMEN FRESHMAN A CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY M. COLLINS W. PERRY B. WHITE CHAPLAIN We, the members of Nine " A " Class, have been placed under the direction of Miss E. Bazemore. We have progressed far under her guidance. We were represented for Homecom¬ ing by Dianne Beech. To the " Seniors of 64, " we wish you the best of luck in all your undertakings. Congratulations as you finish to begin. G. SAMPLE TREASURER I L. T ROWER BUSINESS MGR. B. CUSTIS 46 FRESHMAN B CLASS I’f A ll A ‘ 1 1 ( I L JL f ' 0 PRESIDENT W. CHURCH Class Officers VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER M. ARMSTRONG J. BRICKHOUSE P. NOTTINGHAM CHAPLAIN We, the members of Freshman B Class, entered school this year with Mrs. M. B. Collins as our homeroom teacher. We have as our aim. Success; Our Hope is Victory. To the senior class of 1964, we would like to leave this thought: " This is only a Commencement, you have work to do, loads to lift, so shun not the task. Face it, it is God ' s Gift. " P. CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MGR. W. BAINES 47 FRESHMAN C CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY CHAPLAIN D. DAVIS A. FITCHETT S. YOUNG L. ROWLEY TREASURER BUSINESS MGR. B. SAVAGE Entering the 1963-64 school year under the incessant guidance of Mr. V. L. Beatty makes our academic task no longer an ordeal but a quest for knowledge. The entire class congratulates you. We trust that you will devote the rest of your lives to the all important task of contributing to the edifying of the optimistic Atomic Age. To the seniors: " Open-mindedness is the channel through which flows unlimited possibilities. " B. SAVAGE 48 rrnst,, FRESHMAN D CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT S . Ayers VICE PRESIDENT M. Press SECRETARY G. Barrett CHAPLAIN We, homeroom Nine-D, began-our Fall studies of 1963 with much enthusiasm with Miss M. J. Goode as our home¬ room teacher. Our hopes are fostered on success. To you, the Graduating Glass of 1964, we extend this thought, " The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-initiative- ness; third, common sense . " A. Burton TREASURER B . Jones BUSINESS MGR . M. Morris 49 FRESHMAN E CLASS PRESIDENT N. Lewis CEIAPLAIN J . Ruffin VICE PRESIDENT J. Willis SECRETARY TREASURER C. Ruffin R. Morris We, the members of 9E Class, .are proud to have Mrs. Effie Jones back with us and especially delighted to have her as our homeroom adviser. We shall strive to meet those requirements set up by her in order to better ourselves in every respect. To the Graduating Class of 1964, we congratulate you on your road to a successful future . BUSINESS MGR . S . Bailey 50 c GRADES T. " t 1: ? ? fl? 1 EIGHT A CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT C . Dbcon VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY C. Greene P . Smith TREASURER J. Bailey CHAPLAIN On September 3, 1963, we the members of Eight A Class, entered Northampton County High School under the guidance of our homeroom teacher, Mrs. M. D. Cherry. We are looking forward to a successful year at Northampton County High School. To the Senior Class of 1964 always remember the fol¬ lowing: " Life is a picture -- Paint it well. " BUSINESS MGR. S . Bailey E. Banister 52 EIGHT B CLASS ■NS ' Class Officers PRESIDENT O. Joynes VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY C. Mendoza G. Fisher TREASURER B. Lewis CHAPLAIN We, the members of Eight B, entered the Northampton County High School in September 1963. We are enjoying a successful academic year, and we hope that we can con¬ tinue to make such achievement. To the Seniors of 1964, we the members of Section Eight B, would like to leave this thought: " Defeat is often a stepping stone to SUCCESS . " BUSINESS MGR R. James J. Ames EIGHT C CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT J. Smaw VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY N. Brooks TREASURER J . Baines C. Weeks CHAPLAIN We, the members of Eight " C " Section, entered North¬ ampton County High School in September 1963, under the guidance of Mr. W. T. Sisco. We are striving to do our best to complete the highest degree of education obtainable . To the Graduating Class of, 64 -- we extend to you our sincere wishes for success and happiness in all your future endeavors. BUSINESS MGR. h. F. Giddens L. Turner 54 EIGHT D CLASS Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER K. Watson W. Church A. Upshur L. Church CHAPLAIN We, the members of 8-D, entered Northampton for the first time, September, 1963, with opened minds and eagerness, under the leadership of Miss T. R. Jamison. We are looking forward to a very successful year. To the Graduating Class of " 64, " we submit the follow¬ ing quotation: " Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance . " BUSINESS MGR. V. Wilkins C. Gholson EIGHT E CLASS Class Officers PRESK)ENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY M. Smaw A. Square B. Upshur CHAPLAIN We, the members of " 8-E " entered NCHS on September 3, 1963 under the guidance of Mr. J. W. Nottingham, Jr. our homeroom teacher. We entered with great determination as young people; to follow the motto left by our late President John F. Kennedy, " Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. " To the Graduating Class we hope you will think and act upon these words. We extend our hearty wishes for success in all your life endeavors. G. Giddens TREASURER G. McIntosh BUSINESS MGR . A. Nocks 56 ■ ' t ' ■ ' 1. 1. X •; ' • ■■ ORGANIZATIONS LE CERCLE FRANCAIS During your school career you have been cloistered, protected, and guided in your quest for an education. You now enter into a world that will show you no favors, nor shield you from the dangers and difficulties that will clutter your pathway. Your suc¬ cess will depend upon your own equipment and the world will richly reward you in proportion to the efficient service which you unselfishly render to your fellowmen. Aide-toi, le ciel t ' aidera. ENGLISH CLUB The English Club, with the assistance of our advisor, Mrs. M. D. Cherry, began working immediately after school opened. Our officers for the year are seated. Left to right: Margaret Fisher, Beverly Graves, Betty Jacobs, Paulette Upshur, Brenda Sessoms, Shelia Satchell and Edna Custis . Seniors of ' 64, always keep this thought in mind: " Life is a picture -- paint it well. " 58 N.CH.S. CHORUS The 1963 - 1964 N.C.H.S. Chorus under the splendid supervision of Mr. E. Busch, Jr . has had a most successful year. The Chorus wishes to relate this thought to the graduating class: " Life is what you make it, so make a success of yours. " N.CH.S. BAND The N.C.H.S. Band started the school year under the supervision of Mr. T. T. Stratton, Jr., but because of military obligations he was replaced by Mr. Richard Pindle. The Band rendered several numbers during Homecoming activities. We are looking forward to having a splendid year under the supervision of Mr. Pindle . To the graduating class of " 1964, " we extend our best wishes for a successful future. 59 HONOR SOCIETY The Northampton County High School Honor Society was organized in September, 1957 under the supervision of Mr. F. T. Brickhouse. This organization consists of those students who maintain high scholastic averages -- " B " or above. This year the Honor Society is under the supervision of Mrs. A. B. Brown. We plan to take an educational tour of Washington, D . C. We are looking forward to a pros¬ perous year. To the graduating class, we extend our best wishes for a most successful future . COLLEGE BOUND CLUB The College Bound Club at N.C.H.S. began in the fall of 1963 . This club aims to ease the difficult transition from high school to college life and prepare its mem¬ bers to adjust to what is to come . The officers are as follows: Stella White, President; Delores Collins, Vice-President; Hattie Wynn, Secretary; Gloria Harmon, Treasurer; and Roberta White, Chaplain; Mrs. A . W . Smith and Mr . C . L. Brickhouse are sponsors . 60 F.T.A. Realizing the need for an organization to create more interest in the field of business, the Northampton Chapter of the F.B.L.A. was organized with our business teacher, Mrs. L. U. Kornegay, as sponsor. This year the F.B.L.A. is under the supervision of Mrs. M. S. Christian. We plan to undertake new plans to create a keener interest in business and establish a firmer basis for a new interest. To the class of 1964, we extend our best wishes; and trust that you will continue your educational pursuits. SHORTHAND F.B.L.A. TYPING The Future Teachers of America began its program for the year 1963 - 64 under the fine supervision of Mrs. E. S . McCuller. We are looking forward to attending the State Meeting of the F.T.A. this year. To the graduating class of 1964: " Yesterday is gone, think of it; tomorrow is coming, think about it; today is here, think with it. " 61 FINE ARTS CLUB The Fine Arts Club of 1963 - 64 is a result of the merging of the Music and Art Clubs . They merged with the thought that together the members could do more to inspire the use and appreciation of music and art, the two major languages of ex¬ pression . We hope that each individual in the class of ' 64 will go out into his new phase of life with determination to succeed and a love for life. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club is under the fine supervision of Mrs. Phifer, Mrs. Smith and Miss Bazemore . We would like to leave this quotation to the graduates: " To me it seems as if God conceived the world, that was poetry; He formed it, and that was sculptm’e; He colored it, and that was painting; He peopled it with living beings, and that was the grand divine, eternal Drama " -- Cushman. 62 LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was organized in 1956 by the school Librarian, Mrs. D. T. Hayes, with members from the eighth grade library instruction classes. The purpose of the Library Club is to kindle a desire within the student body to read more and develop an appreciation for good literature. We say to the graduates, " Ideas die quickly in some heads because they cannot stand solitary confinement. " AMBITIOUS READERS ' CLUB The Ambitious Readers Club was organized from 8B and a few students of 8A on February 9, 1962, with the object of encouraging more students to read good books. Our club is composed of twenty three members, with Mrs. D. T. Hayes as our sponsor. To the graduating class of ' 64, " Always strive for the best in the future. " 63 NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA We, the members of the New Homemakers of America, a non-profit organization, chief interest is to learn to build a better home economically, spiritually, whole¬ somely, and creatively. To the graduates of 1964, we would like to say: " Take time to think, it is the source of power . " N.H.A. OFFICERS Chapter Officers from left to right: Lottie Smith, Assistant Reporter; Irene Church, Reporter; Alice Downs, Assistant Secretary; Harriet Dillard, Vice-President; Shirley Press, President; Gertrude Collins, Song Leader; Nancy Dunton, Secretary; Jeanette Johnson, Historian; Sudie Davis, Treasurer; Rebecca Fitchett, Installation Officer. 64 NEW FARMERS OE AMERICA The New Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the public schools throughout the United States. This organization af¬ fords its members an excellent opportunity to develop the type of leadership which is essential for every modern successful man. The Northampton N .F .A . Chapter was organized in 1937. We, the members and officers of the N.F.A. Chapter wish to congratulate the graduating class of 1964 and leave this thought: " The most valuable result of educa¬ tion is the ability to make yourself do the thing you ought to do when it ought to be done, whether you have to do it or not. " ♦ NORTHAMPTON CHAPTER OFFICERS Ml wl linMawwaiMH ■pub -j:. K n {nnH STANDING: James Washington, Watchman; Charles Baker, Vice-President; and Henry Powell, Parliamentarian. SEATED: C. N. Williams, Advisor; Raymond Bailey, Re¬ porter; Preston Simpkins, President; Levi Doggett, Secretary; and Jesse James, Treas¬ urer. Not shown is Willie Brown, Chaplain. 65 SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB The Social Studies Club be an working this year under the supervision of Miss M. J. Goode . We hope to be as prosperous this year as we ' ve been in previous years. To the graduating class of ' 64, " May your dreams and ambitions become realities. " EXPLORERS ' CLUB We, the members of the Explorers Club have but one objective in mind, and that is to meet the challenges of the New Frontier. We realize that in order to meet a challenge, we must first prepare for it. Under the leadership of Mr. W. T. Sisco, we are doing Just that. To the graduating class we leave this quotation. " Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas. " 66 MATH-SCIENCE CLUB The Math-Science Club with the guidance of Mrs. M. B. Collins, Mrs. E. U. Upshur, and Mr. C. L. Brickhouse has as its objectives for the year: (1) To encourage students to learn the values of Mathematics and Science. (2) To have a Science Fair here at school. (3) To make a scientific trip. (4) To represent our school in the Annual Science-Mathematic Conference. To the graduating class of ' 64, " A failure established only this: that our determin¬ ation to succeed was not strong enough. " INDUSTRIAL CLUB Recognizing the great demands of industry in our modern world, we, the mem¬ bers of the 1963 - 64 Building Trades Classes, organized the Industrial Club under the supervision of Mr. V. Adair, our instructor. We trust that this organization will in the future perpetuate the standard of high interest and ideals of Northampton County High School. To the graduating class of ' 64, we extend our best wishes for a most successful future . 67 SAFETY PATROL CLUB The Safety Patrol Club of our school is in charged with HELPING TO MAKE OUR journeys to and from school safe and pleasant. We help the bus drivers and willingly render help wherever and whenever we can. Some of us will graduate this year, but we will always remember having served our Alma Mater. N.CH.S. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. James Jordan, Mr. David Bailey, Mr. Robert Rowley, Mr. Richard Kellam, Mr. James Spady, Mr. Custis Wilkins, Mr. Jerome Stanford, Mr. George Treherne, Mr. Henry Purnell, Mr. Charles Wescott, Mr. Jacob Burton, Mr. Edward Wynder, Mr. Patrick Bannister and Mr. Bennie Satchell. 68 THE STUDENT PUBLICATION STAFF The Student Publication Staff under the supervision of Mrs . M. S . Christian has annually published two papers per year. It is our objective to offer the students an opportunity to read more about general school news. The officers are: Editor-in-Chief, Stella White; Associate Editor, Hattie Wynn; Make-up Editors: Shirley Press and LaVerne Sample; Exchange Editor, Margaret Hallett; Secretary, Odessa Morris; Sports Editor, Thomas Doggett; Reporter, Russell Spady and Mrs. M. S. Christian, Sponsor. HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Miss Homecoming of 1963, Miss Marga Rogers, was crowned by our Principal, Mr. W. H. Smith, before a cheering crowd of spectators. Miss Rogers was escorted by William House . Pictured above are: " Miss Sophomore, " Margaret Fisher; " Miss Junior, " Betty Beckett; " Miss Freshman, " Dianne Beech; " Miss Eighth Grade, " Joyce Smaw, and the Co-Captains of the Football Team, Burleigh Morris and Charles Ayers. 69 CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Thelma Warren, Miss Flora Burrows, Mrs. Mirtie Collins and Mrs. Betty Giddens. JANITORIAL STAFF Left to right: Mr. David Satchell and Mr. James Thomas. 70 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL The football team ' s record under the tutelage of Mr. C. O. Williams, head coach and Mr. F. W. Fisher, won 3 and Lost 4. FRONT ROW: John Wiggins, Alfred Robinson, Charles Ayers, Kenneth Brickhouse, Isiah Harris, Purnell Cropper, and Van Brickhouse. SECOND ROW: Melvin Brickhouse, Landus Harmon, Ronald Kelly, Maurice Rogers, Garnet Baines, and William Walker. THIRD ROW: Raymond Thomas, Paul Bibbins, Wilbert Church, Roland Bailey, Bernard Barnes, Joseph Smaw, and William Spady. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Bailey, trainer; William Rowley, Barry Nock, William Lewis, Manchester Cottrell and Eugene Downing. FIFTH ROW: Coach C. O. Williams, John Smaw, trainer; Burleigh Morris, Grover Fields, Bobby Jones, Anthony Mitchell, Thomas Graves, and Coach F. W. Fisher. BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS 72 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1962 - 63 season record: Won 4 and lost 13. Under the tutelage of Coach C. O. Williams and Mr. V. L. Beatty. The Varsity has won 6 and lost 9 games with 5 more games to be played in the 1963 - 64 season. STANDING; Reginald Collins, scorekeeper; Charles Trower, Melvin Bricldiouse, Burleigh Morris, Alfonso Cottrell, Clifton Andrews, Bobby Jones, Arthur Wynder, Charles Ayers, Lindsey Green, and Barry Nock, trainer. KNEELING: Mr. V. L. Beatty, coach; John Smaw, trainer; and Mr. G. O. Williams, head coach. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 1962 - 63 season record: Won 2 and lost 5. Under the tutelage of Mr. F. W. Fisher, coach, the Junior Varsity has won 5 and lost 10 games with 5 more games to be played in the 1963 - 64 season. FIRST ROW: Isiah Harris, Thomas Wynder, Anthony Arnold, and Harry Giddens . SECOND ROW: John Smaw, Trainer; Raymond Thomas, Charles Evans, Joseph Smaw, Keith Brickhouse, Carrington Monroe, Felton Sessoms and Coach F. W. Fisher. 73 DRILL TEAM The Drill Team was organized this year under the direction of Mrs. I- J- Upshur. Serving as an extra¬ curricular activity, the Drill Team of Northampton County High School plays an active part in the social activi¬ ties of the school. To the out going Seniors, we give these words of cheer -- " Go forth, onward, upward, but never backward. " The officers: Margaret Wynder, President; Regina Wright, Vice-President; Persey Smith, Secretary; and Betty Beckett, Business Manager. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders under the direction of Mrs. I. J. Upshur, have done an excellent job in developing school spirit. Left to right above: Dianne Brickhouse, Dorothy Satchell, Brenda White, Odessa Morris, Co-Captain; Betty Hickman and Faye Corney, Co-Captain. 74 MAY QUEEN CROWNING Miss Lucretia Griffin was crowned MISS MAY QUEEN by our Principal, Mr. W. H. Smith as a cheering crowd watched. In the foreground are the Honor Guards, Flower Bearers and Grown Bearer. MAY DAY ACTIVITIES A cheering crowd of students, alumni, visitors and friends watched as Miss Lucretia Griffin was escorted to her throne by William House. The days activities were highlighted by many activities presented by the physical education department of Northampton County High School. Miss Griffin had a most joyous reign. 75 MODERN DANCE GROUP The Modern Dance Group under the supervision of Mrs. !■ J- Upshur, has been work¬ ing hard to promote more to our school and extracurricular activities. To the Seniors, we pass on our favorite saying: " Aim for the sky, set your goals to reach the stars, and strive hard to obtain these goals because. Knowledge is Power. " GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS 76 ADVERTISING Compliments Compliments pa KOONTZ CREAMERY NORTHAMPTON ' S OWN QUALITY GUERNSEY MILK BiWRintNT STORt Come In Today Clothing and Shoes Eor The Entire Eamily also House of Eurnishings Phone Cape Charles 1187 Cape Charles Virginia City Dairy inc . - Distributor Telephone GI Z- 6 O 6 O Nassawadox, Virginia Compliments Anywhere Anytime COOK ' S TAXI IS? Since 1941 Courteous, Reliable Compliments GRAY’S FUNERAL HOME Serving Since 1895 Mrs. Alston J, Godwin, Funeral Service Manager Thomas George Godwin, Funeral Director Embalmer 625 Madison, Ave . Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments Compliments NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY NORDSTROM OIL CO.. INC. GULF OIL PRODUCTS Phone: GI 2-6091 Exmore, Virginia Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments HORTON ' S Cleaners ; Tailors Phone: Residence; Cape Charles Phone: Business 678-5406 Trehernville, Virginia Compliments Compliments (lORA DAUN FIAAIST Mrs. Dorothy T. Prince, P roprietor. Wishing All The Graduates of Northampton County High Much Success and Happiness H. M. LEWIS Meats Groceries Produce Gasoline Wardtown Virginia Compliments NORTHAMPTON TIMES All Types of Job Printing Office Supplies Subscription - $2. 50 Per Year Off Shore - $3. 00 College Subscription - $1.50 Phone GI 2-6505 CAPE CHARLES VIRGINIA Exmore Virginia Compliments E H CLEANERS jLet J J. L. Hickman, Manager Cape Charles Virginia Compliments ETZ JEWELERS Every Graduate Deserves Something . " X-A Special Someth ing F rom The J ewele r s Come In and See Our Display Cape Charles Virginia Compliments Compliments SACKS VARIETY STORE R. S. FLOYD Cape Charles Virginia General Merchandise Meats Shipper of Oysters Bridgetown Virginia Compliments CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Juke Boxes Rented Records - Radios Fishing Tackle Phonographs Compliments BAYLY CHEVROLET SALES INC. O. K. Used Cars Winston J. Custis, Proprietor Exmore Virginia Sales - Service - Parts Phone GI Z-6141 Compliments A. H. REVELL L SON jongratulotions to the graduating class Exmore Virginia Compliments LAFAYETTE STEVENS MOBIL SERVICE STATION Gene r al Repairs Gas Oil Onley Virginia Compliments Phone CC 406J 1 On Route 13 Kiptopeke Virginia Compliments MILTON A. UPSHUR Phone GI 2-6681 Nassawadox Virginia Compliments WARDS BODY SHOP A. C. Ward, Jr., Manager Body and Fender Work Auto Glass Cut and Installed Day OR 8-55 12-Night OR 8-5365 Eastville Virginia TL.RUftRK nivo ConPAWv Wholesale Grocers Phone; PI 2-1131 and PI 2- 1132 Salisbury Maryland NoRTHAMPrON S E RVICE yTATION RAYMOND SPADY, PROPRIETOR FIG STREET MASON AVENUE, CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Phone Cape Charles 8 We Have All Named Brand Accessories For Your Automobile Northampton County ' s Only Agent For Quality U. S. ROYAL Products Tires to Fit Your Automobile Batteries of All Sizes, 6 Volts, 12 Volts and 8 Volts TEXACO GASOLINE and OIL Cars Washed, Oil Changed, Greased and Polished CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1962 Across From Ice Plant In Cape Charles, Virginia Compliment s SAMPLES BARBER SHOP E stablished 1904 I need your head to run my business 309 Jefferson Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments LLOYD ' S DRUG STORE Russell Stover Candies American Greeting Cards Exmore, Virginia Compliments Complimeiits COLLINS TEXACO SESSOMS GROCERIES Auto Accessories Gas L Oil School Supplies General Merchandise Radio L T.V. Tubes Machipongo, Virginia Oil Gas Phone GI 2-939 1 Nassawadox Virginia Compliments JACK WEBB ' S SELF SERVICE Frozen Foods Meats Grocerie s Produce Hardware Notions Fishing Tackle ECONOMY STORES, INC. 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NOTTINGHAM INSURANGE REAL ESTATE Phone: GI 2-6581 Exmore, Virginia Compliments EASTVILLE PHARMACY m THE axcxii DRUG STORE Eastville, Virginia Compliments rioRnis FuniCRAi Homes Nassawadox, Virginia Phone Gilbert 2-6612 Cape Charles, Virginia Phone Cape Charles 745J Compliments JAMES SHOES SPORTSWEA Shoes Eor The Entire Family Compliment s TEXTILE SHOP Exmore, Virginia Compliments Nassawadox, Virginia Compliment s EASTERN SHORE CANNING CO. KENNEY ' S RESTAURANT Cape Charles, Virginia Machipongo, Virginia Compliment s ADAMS QUALITY SHOP Compliment s FRANK B. HOLLAND MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME Our Service Offers The Perfect Tribute Mrs. Ruby H. Lynk, Funeral Director Cheriton, Virginia Tuxedos Evening Dresses Cape Charles, Virginia Compliments COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Compliment s REVELLE HARDWARE, INC. Hardware Wall Paper Paints Roofing F encing Tools Garden Supplies Windows D oors Exmore, Virginia Compliments Exmore, Virginia DR. S. H. SHEPPARD Compliment s STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. 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