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DEDICATION We the members of the 1963 graduating class are proud to dedi¬ cate this edition of the Lighthouse to the members of the Bleacher Committee and those public- spirited citizens who made the Bleacher Project a reality. For the first time in the history of Northampton County High School we are able to watch our various sports from the stands. This was made possible by those persons who have worked so dili¬ gently in the last five years. We wish to express our sincere grati¬ tude for the great deed you have done for us. To say thanks for your past help and for any future help, we offer you THE LIGHTHOUSE! Senior Class PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE It has always been a pleasure for me to fulfill this obligation to each senior class, and with you there is no exception. It has been my good fortune to observe your development over a period of five years, and I offer a special commendation to those of you who this year take leave of us. I commend you on your splendid efforts during the last few years as you have worked under the guidance of your teachers. Your efforts have been very good, but far from perfect. So, I hope that you do not feel so self satisfied that you become complacent because this would be a tragedy. As you graduate and move along to assume your private lives, you will face the problem of adjusting to the new pattern of living presented by the Age of Automation. You must remember that our scientific development is merely the most recent im¬ portant step of the steady progress of mankind that is compelling him to become more human; for he must pay careful attention to the cooperation, education, and the wel¬ fare of society if he is to survive under the condition that the new challenges impose. This being true we are counting upon you to be an integral part of this new age. Congratulations and the best wishes to each of you for the future. W. H. Smith 2 ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION MR. W. H. SMITH PRINCIPAL MR. GDIS KORNEGAY ASST. PRINCIPAL JOHNSON C. SMITH Univ. of Pittsburgh MRS. I. I. WILLIAMS HOME ECONOMICS Maryland State William Mary Univ. of Maryland Hampton Institute Cornell University University of Conn. MR. C. N. WILLIAMS AGRICULTURE MRS. D. T. HAYES LIBRARIAN Va. State College University of Conn. Va. State College N. C. College FACULTY MRS. M. B. COLLINS MR. E. BUSCH, JR. MATHEMATICS MUSIC Va. State College Va. State College Fisk University Columbia University MR. J. B. COOK SCIENCE MRS. E. S. McCULLER SOCIAL STUDIES Virginia Union Maryland State Howard University MRS. L. U. KORNEGAY COMMERCIAL Va. State College New York University Univ. of Maryland MR. VERDELL ADAIR INDUSTRIAL ARTS Va. State College William Mary 5 FACULTY MRS. A. W. SMITH GUIDANCE Johnson C. Smith Univ. of Pittsburgh MR. C. L. BRICKHOUSE SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS Va. State College MR. F. W. BRICKHOUSE MATHEMATICS MRS. M. D. CHERRY ENGLISH Va. State College St. Paul ' s College New York University MRS. N. HASTINGS PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. W. T. SISCO SOCIAL STUDIES Fisk University Va. State College Norfolk Division 6 FACULTY MR, j. McCullough SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS MISS C. A. KING MR. J. G. COLLINS HISTORY-ENGLISH SCIENCE-MATHEMATICS Allen University Va. State College Norfolk Division Virginia Union MR. D. O. POLK MRS. S. D. PHIFER FRENCH-ENGLISH ENGLISH MR, T. STRATTON BAND Johnson C. Smith Johnson C. Smith Maryland State 7 FACULTY MR, C. W. DAVIDSON PHYSICAL EDUCATION MRS. A. B. BROWN ENGLISH-HISTORY MR. JACK JOHNSON ART Maryland State Virginia Union N.C. College MISS T. L. MANLEY BIOLOGY-CHEMISTRY MR. N. E. TOWNSEND GERMAN-ENGLISH MRS. M. H. MARTIN BUSINESS Virginia Union Maryland State Va. State College Norfolk Division 8 GUIDANCE COMMITTEE Youth continually face problems in understanding themselves and making decisions. On every side they are faced with increasingly complex social and economic patterns and widening occupational opportunities. With these changes have come greater em- phasis on individual differences and the development of programs which seek to give systematic aid to all students. Therefore we are trying to provide a program which will aid all students to make wise decisions and good adjustments. Through the Guidance Committee and staff members the following services are available to all students: Individual Inventory, Informational, Counseling, Placement, and Follow-Up. These services should assist each student in knowing himself as an individual and as a member of society; in making the most of his strengths and in correcting or compensating for his weaknesses that interfere with his progress; in learning about occupations so that he may intelligently plan and prepare for a career; in learning about educationaTopportunities available to him; and in discover¬ ing and developing creative and leisure interests. For a successful guidance program, we ask for the continued co-operation and participation of every member of the teaching staff, as well as the co-operation from the home, the community, and the students. The Guidance Committee, STANDING left to right: Mrs. L. U. Kornegay, Mr. F. W. Brickhouse, Mrs. A. B. Brown, and Mr. W. H. Smith. SEATED: Miss T. L. Manley and Mrs. I. J. Williams. 9 STUDENT COUNCIL This year the Student Council is proudly leading the student body through another year. This year we hope our achievements will be many. Our main objectives are: 1. To maintain order in our corridors 2. To make our shower rooms more attractive 3. To practice government more in our everyday life Our officers are: President-Carole Scarberough, Vice-President-William House, Secretary-Margaret Monroe, Asst. Secretary-Andrea Fox, Treasurer-Barbara Collins, Business Manager-Jeanette Johnson, Chaplain-Margaret Sample and Advisor-Mr. Odis Kornegay. We sincerely hope that the graduates of 1963 have benefited from their stay with us and that their lives will be happy and prosperous throughout the future. 10 SENIORS ALVIN THOMAS BAILEY Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " AI " Ambition: Captain in the Army Hobby: Driving Song: " Someday Someway " BRENDA ADORIS BAILEY Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " B B " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Driving Song: Lonely Heartache SEDRICK WILBERT BAILEY Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Billy Buck " Ambition: Pro-Baseball Hobby: Playing Baseball Song: " Play Boy " JOSEPH BAINES, JR, Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Joe " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Sports Song: " I Found Love " SHIRLEY BERLINE BAINES Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Shirl " Ambition: Singer Hobby: Singing Song: Ebb Tide BARBARA ANN BAKER Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Bobbie " Ambition: Dietician Hobby: Interior Decorator Song: Everybody Loves Me WALTER WARDELL BARNES Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Bobby " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Modeling Cars Song: " Two Lovers " FREDDIE DANIEL BECKETT Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Lover Boy " Ambition: Postal Clerk Hobby: Listening to Radio Song: " Two Lovers " 12 JOSEPH OLIVER BECKETT Exmore, Virginia Nickname: ' ' Sonny ' ' Ambition: Engineer Hobby: Singing Song: Up On The Roof ELIZABETH BRIGHT Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Liz " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Dancing Song: Bring It Home To Me MAEOZELL BRIGHT Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Bug " Ambition: Registered Nurse Hobby: Singing Song: " Strange I Know " ALVIN THOMAS BROWN Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Al " Ambition: Soldier Hobby: Dancing Song: " Two Lovers” BETTY ANN BURTON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Shortie” Ambition: Dressmaker Hobby: Sewing Song: " Just Out of Reach " TRENE FRANCES CARTER Wardtown, Virginia Nickname: " Beanie " Ambition: Accountant Hobby: Collecting Records Song: " Dear Lonely Heart " MARY BROWN Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Toots " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Sewing Song: " Have Fun " FLORA ELLEN BURROWS Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Po " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Cooking Song: " Lost Someone " 13 BARBARA COLLINS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Bobs " Ambition: Typist Hobby; Singing Song: " Two Lovers " BEATRICE ELIZABETH COLLINS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname; " Pat " Ambition: Practical Nurse Hobby: Swimming Song: " I Found Love " EVA JOYCE COLLINS Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Spookie " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " I Found Love " REBECCA ANN COLLINS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname; " Bake " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Lost Someone " JOSEPHINE OLIVIA DEAN Weirwood, Virginia Nickname: " Sister " Ambition: Secretary Hobby; Driving Song: " Moon River " MINNIE LEE DOGGETT Cape diaries, Virginia Nickname: " Many " Ambition; Historiographer Hobby: Dancing Song: " Stranger In My Arms " ANDREA JEANETTE DOWNING Harevalley, Virginia Nickname: " A J " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Working With Plants Song: " You Don ' t Love Me " NATHANIEL EDWARDS Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Nat " Ambition: Naval Officer Hobby: Body Building Song: " School Is Out " 14 CARLA MILLICENT ELLIOTT Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Snookie” Ambition: Registered Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Night Train " CURTIS FATHERLY Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Curt " Ambition: Agriculture Teacher Hobby: Dancing Song: " Lost Someone " ALLEN NOLAN FENDERSON Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Allen Boo " Ambition; Craftsman Hobby: Basketball Song; " Stubborn Kind of Fellow " MARSHALL WEBSTER FISHER Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Limbo " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Dancing Song: " Do You Love Me " CLARA ANN GIDDENS Bridgetown, Virginia Nickname: " Ann " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Sewing Song: " Bring It Home To Me " DELLA MAE GIDDENS Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Devil " Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Dancing Song: " Letter To Mom Dad " MARY FRANCIS FISHER Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Fish " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Sewing Song: " Lonely Heartache " CORINE ELLEN GARRISON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Rine " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Cooking Song; " Bring It To Me " 15 CORINE NANCY GRAY Exmore, Virginia Nickname; " Cora " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Writing Song; " You Can Make It " LUCRETIA GRIFFIN Bayview, Virginia Nickname; " Lue " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Singing Song: " Lonely Heartache " GARFIELD GIDDENS Nas sawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Git " Ambition: Waterman Hobby; Basketball Song: " Lost Someone " IDA JANE GIDDENS Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Ollie " Ambition: Typist Hobby: Dancing Song: " Someday, Some Way " IDA HARMON Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Josie " Ambition: Stenographer Hobby: Basketball Song: " You Can Make It " ALEXANDER HICKMAN Capeville, Virginia Nickname: " Alex " Ambition: Medical Doctor Hobby: Modeling Airplanes Song; " He ' s A Rebel " HARRY HINES Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " H H " Ambition: Comedian Hobby: Dancing Song: " Lonely Heartache " BERTHA MARGUERITE HOLBROOK Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Sister " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Singing Song: " Another Night " 16 ALBERT LEE HOLDEN Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Sonny Boy " Ambition: Electrical Engineer Hobby: Traveling Song: " Return To Sender " DOROTHY MAE JAMES Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Sliortie " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Just Out Of Reach " RICHARD LEE JOHNSON Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Jackie " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Boxing Song: " Do You Love Me " JOHN HENRY JONES, JR. Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Junior " Ambition: Contractor Hobby: Drawing Song: " Lost Someone " KATIE AUDREY JONES Marionville, irginia Nickname: " Deenie " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " Someday, Someway " OLLiE McArthur kates B irdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Slick " Ambition: Electrical Tech. Hobby: Checker Player Song: " Born To Lose " THOMAS NEBRASKA LECATOR Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Weasel " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Baseball Song: " Twist and Shout " WILLIE MAE LEE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Knotty " Ambition: Stenographer Hobby: Bowling Song: " Someday " 17 IDA ANN LOFLAND Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Little Ida " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Basketball Song: " Someday, Someway " JACKSON WILMIND MANLEY Cheapside, V irginia Nickname: " Jackie " Ambition: Craftsman Hobby: Sports Song: " Two Lovers " ROBERT MATTHEWS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Junnie " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Sports Song: " If I Go " SHARON MINERVA MEECHAM Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Little Bits " Ambition: Vocalist Hobby: Singing Song: " All Alone Am I " THOMAS MOSES Cheapside, Virginia Nickname: " Tom " Ambition: Electrician Hobby: Playing Records Song: " Street of Tears " BETTY JEAN NOTTINGHAM Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Betsy " Ambition; Teacher Hobby: Watching TV Song: " Would You Care " BERNICE MARILYN MITCHELL Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Patty " Ambition: English Teacher Hobby: Writing Song: " King of Fools " EMMA LOUISE MITCHELL Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Bunny " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Creative Writing Song: " Lonely Heart " 18 PURLEY OTHO PRESS Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Guitar Slim” Ambition: Commercial Artist Hobby: Dancing Song: " He ' s A Rebel " VIRGIL SHERMAN PRESS Chesapeake, Virginia Nickname: " Vip " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Driving Song: " My Dear Beloveth " WILLIE MAE PATTERSON Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " T. Willie " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Lonely Heartache " JAMES ERNEST POWELL Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Bubbles " Ambition: Singer Hobby: Dancing Song: " Two Lovers " McHOLLEY RANSOME Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Mack " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Auto Mechanics Song: " 1 Found Love” JAMES EDWARD REID Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Jack” Ambition: Auto Mechanics Hobby: Sports Song: " Bring It Home To Me " JOYCE ANN RICHARDSON Eastville, Virginia Nickname: " Joycie " Ambition: Pharmacist Hobby: Debating Song: " Release Me” LOTTIE ODESSO ROSELLE Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Lollipop " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Everybody Loves A” 19 NINA MAE sample E xmore, Virginia Nickname: " Little Bits” Ambition: Private Secretary Hobby: Writing Song: " Two Lovers " ROBERT LEE SAMPLE Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Bobbie " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Someday, Someway PATRICIA ANN SCOTT Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Pat " Ambition: Social Worker Hobby: Basketball Song: " Thanks To You” MARY VIRGINIA SESSOMS Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Sis " Ambition: Business Education Hobby: Collecting Records Song: " Release Me " JAMES VELTON SAMPLE Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Vel " Ambition: Bricklayer Hobby: Singing Song: " I Found Love " MARGARET LOUISE SAMPLE Franktown, Virginia Ambition: Registered Nurse Hobby: Reading Song: " Another Night " EDMONIA MYRTLE SVTCHELL Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Shorty " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Dancing Song: " I Lost Someone " CORALE ANN SCARBOROUGH Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Kitty " Ambition: Designer Hobby: Dancing Song: " Two Lovers " 20 RACHEL MAE SMITH Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Ray " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Dancing Song: " Release Me " CAROLYN SPADY Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Carol " Ambition: Seamstress Hobby: Sewing Song: " Two Lovers " MILDRED FRANCES SHEPPARD Exmore, V irginia Nickname: " Mickey " Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Making Friends Song: " Two Lovers " HERMAN KENNETH SMALL Fairview, Virginia Nickname: " Porter " Ambition: Basketball Player Hobby: Basketball Song: " That ' s Life " MARY ELIZABETH SPADY Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Kidd " Ambition: Cosmetologist Hobby: Singing Song: " My Dear Beloved " JAMES HOLLAND STANLEY Harevalley, Virginia Nickname: " Jimmy " Ambition: Mathematician Hobby: Sports Song: " Lost Someone " BARBARA ANN STEVENS Cape Charles, Vi rginia Nickname: " Bobbie " Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Singing Song: " Would You Care " JAMES STRATTON Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Farmer " Ambition: Minister Hobby: Basketball Song: " Up On The Roof " 21 CLARENCE LEON TREHERNE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: ’’Junior " Ambition: Professional Drummer Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Looking For A Love " JEFFREY EVANS TURNER Eastville Station, Virginia Nickname: " Bobbie " Ambition: Teacher Hobby: Drawing Song: " Push and Kick " EDNA LUCILLE UPSHUR Franktown, Virginia Nickname: " Smilly " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Reading Song: " Lost Someone " GOLDIE CONSTANCE UPSHUR Nassawadox, Virginia Nickname: " Pudding " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Sewing Song: " Lonely Heartache " JAMES RUSSELL WHITE Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Snappy " Ambition: Psychologist Hobby: Playing Sports Song: " Two Lovers " ELTON DAVID WILLIAMS Machipongo, Virginia Nickname: " Butch” Ambition: Plumber Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " I Changed My Star " CHARLES WALTER WESCOTT Birdsnest, Virginia Nickname: " Charlie Pat " Ambition: Cabinet Maker Hobby: Basketball Song: " Dear Lonely Heart " DOTTIE VERA WHITE Kiptopeake, Virginia Nickname: " Champ " Ambition: Bookkeeper Hobby: Reading Song: " Believe In Me” 22 JOAN WILLIAMS Birdsnest, V irginia Nickname: " Pudding " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Sewing Song: " I ' ll Change My Style " JOHNNIE CORNELL WILLIAMS Bayview, Virginia Nickname: " Sonny Boy " Ambition: To Join The Army Hobby: Playing Games Song: " Two Lovers " MELVIN WILLIE WILLIAMS Cape Charles, Virginia Nickname: " Lover " Ambition: Naval Technician Hobby: Drawing Song: " Lost Someone " BARBARA ANN WYNDER Cheriton, V irginia Nickname: " Mike " Ambition: Brain Surgeon Hobby: Writing Song: " Ask Any Woman " JOSEPH CARL WYNDER Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " Joeboy " Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Hobby: Boxing Song: " Return To Sender " BOOKER THEODORE WYNDER Cheriton, Virginia Nickname: " BT " Ambition: Auto Mechanic Hobby: Hunting Song: " Lonely Heartache " MAGARET SARAH YOUNG Exmore, Virginia Nickname: " Sarah " Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Listening To Radio Song: " Reap What You Sow” 23 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We the class of 1963 enrolled at Northampton County High School in the year of 1958 with much anticipation and great determination to embark on another voyage to the seas to further our education. Mr. W. H. Smith, our principal divided us into five sections, A, B. C, D, and E. Our Homeroom teachers were Mrs. M. D. Cherry, Mr. V. Adair, Mr. K. Wright, Mrs. M. B. Collins and Mrs. E. U. Jones. During our freshman year, we were under the leadership of Mr. F. W. Brickhouse, Mrs. M. B. Collins, and Mr. E. Busch. We were represented in the Homecoming Activities by Joyce Richardson and Brenda Bailey. In September 1960, we entered Northampton as determined Sophomores with our minds wide awake for the future. Our advisors were Miss K. Y. Hayes, Mr. E. Busch, Jr., and Mr. F. W. Brickhouse. Our Homecoming representative was Mignon Holland. In September 1961, we entered school as Juniors, under the guidance of Mr. D. O. Polk, Mr. F. W. Brickhouse and Mrs. E. S. McCuller. We were represented in the Annual Homecoming Activities by Rachel Smith and Mary Fisher who was crowned Miss Homecoming. Again we returned to Northampton County High School, but with a different outlook on life, for finally we were " Dignified Seniors. " We were divided into three groups and were placed under the guidance of Mrs. S. Phifer, Mr. Odis Kornegay, and Mr. E. Busch, Jr. We were represented in the Home¬ coming Activities by Barbara Baker, who was the Runner-up for Miss Homecoming. We the members of the Senior Class of 1963, would like to express our deep gratitude to our parents, principal, and faculty who have worked so diligently with us to make our future a success. SENIOR CLASS PRAYER We thank thee Almighty God, for those things which were necessary in helping us obtain this our goal. We are most grateful for our Principal, Teachers, Parents and Friends, who have given us courage and inspiration throughout the years. OLord, as we leave this institute of learning, help us to seek knowledge, love and most of all an understanding which will help us meet this challenging world of tomorrow. Amen Joyce Richardson 24 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY As the planets revolve and stay in orbit, let us stay with the class of " 63 " as they follow the Marina 11 which leads to their chosen professions. 1 see Sergeant Melvin Williams patrolling the base at Fort Devens. Guess who ' s on " K.P. " Yes, Alvin Bailey and James White. Sedrick Bailey can ' t understand why he and A. Fenderson have to be honor graduates to be on Herman Small ' s Pro Basketball Team. Here comes the mathematical geniuses, James Stanley and Joseph Baines. McHolley Ransome still doesn ' t understand how they found the quardratic formula. Virgil Press and Thomas Locator are now working for James Reid who owns one of the world ' s largest auto shops. James Powell assistant manager, has just seen the new design of the " 73 " Vircator. This car has tires that are guaranteed to keep moving, but they didn ' t say anything about the car. Emma Mitchell an interested customer has been trying to get to Mars in hers for 10 years. Let ' s have a look at Hollywood. Tonight starring at James Stratton ' s Opera House is Sharon Meecham and Patrica Scott, her accompanist. Purley Press is angry because they aren ' t starring his Guitar Band with Clarence " Drummer " Treherne. Brenda Bailey is now touring Andrea Downing ' s Private School for Little Lou and Joe. They are the children of the President, Joseph Beckett. Yes, you ' re right, Lucretia Griffin is the First Lady for ”73. " Now we are on the sixth floor of Barbara Wynder ' s Medical College. As I walk toward the operating room 1 see Dr. Alexander Hickman and his assistants, Maeozell Bright, Beatrice Collins, Eva Collins and Katie Jones. I also see that Dorothy James and Maragaret Sample are now Registered Nurses at the hos¬ pital. We have just seen Betty Burton in Paris, designing some of the world ' s most beautiful dresses for the " Emperor ' s house pet, a cocker spaniel. " The Ruler of Eutopia, Jeffery Turner, says there are three ways to do things; right way, the wrong way, and his way. The aristocratic Mary Sessoms has just returned from Germany after having a special formula made by her newly appointed Pharmacist Joyce Richardson. Her name is on the temporary obituary list. Mil¬ dred Sheppard, her housekeeper, warned her not to take the medicine. Rachel Smith and Carolyn Spady are really on their way. They have just put on the market a re¬ filling pen that ' s guaranteed not to run out. Barbara Stevens just purchased one, and want her lawyer, Edna Upshur to sue the company. The company ' s lawyer, Booker Wynder insist that in order to sue they have to sign their names with one of the pens. That ' s the trouble it won ' t write. I see Ollie Kates owner of a IBM School on " cloud 9.” They have a new inventor, Garfield Giddens who just invented a Garclock that ' s guaranteed to keep accuracy not time. Walter Barnes, a missile age lawyer with the assistance of Willie Mae Lee, has just won the case of, " People versus Marshall Fisher. " Fisher was found not guilty of lying. Willie Patterson, won a million dollars in the " Talkaton last night. " She set a record of talking for four months without pausing. Only last week Robert Matthews was appointed Cardinal by Pope Richard Johnson XVIIL of Rome. Our Lady of Good Hope Convent has received two nuns to its order, Edmonia Satchell and Barbara Collins. Thomas Moses and Freddie Beckett have perfected space men wing, you may now fly through the air at 800 miles per hour. Alvin Brown acted as test pilot and he hasn ' t been heard of since. Carla Elliott, Corrine Garrison and Lottie Resell are Performing miracles with their " Fountain of Youth Charm School, " it ' s the rage of the continent. Betty Nottingham already look 10 years younger. Charles Wescott and Harry Hines won the " Speedway 7002 race, the prizes were a mule, a space ship covered wagon, respectively. Robert Sample a member of the " You work I play " party is the youngest dictator of Burmas history. Johnny Williams, Elton Williams and Joseph Wynder are the 3 " W " cabinet members. The " Best Dressed Woman of 1973 " are Dorothy James, Corrine Gray, and Margaret Young. Can you believe it? Countess Ida Loffland is rumored to be seeking a divorce for Count Charles Mitchell. News in the field of medicine includes a pill to prevent dullnes by Dr. Irene Carter, the renowned psychologist. A drug to induce brilliance (you can be seen in the dark) by Dr. Bertha Holbrook. Nina Sample can now remain lighted in the dark with her new light bulb. It is believed that the three " Giddens " Clara, Ida and Della will soon release the latest record by Carole Scarborough. Barbara Baker has established the " Regain your figure school. " Her number one students are Elizabeth Bright, Corrine Garrison, Flora Burrows and Dottie White and Josephine Dean. These girls have been eating James Sample ' s and Albert Holden ' s new non-fat cookie. Shirley Baines, Bernice Mitchell, Rachel Smith and Rebecca Collins have invented a new make-up base that ' s guaranteed to make you look new over night. Goldie Upshur has finally landed Jackson Manley. They now own a 32 room mansion. Their servants are Mary Brown and Joan Williams. Mary Fisher has just been seen in another one of her flop movies, " Gone by Night. " The night is gone and all is at rest, and so I must close hoping every is at their best. 25 SENIOR CLASS WILL Barbara Stevens wills her ability to dance to Christine Peed. Dottie White wills her pleasing smile to Margaret Hallett. Robert Matthews wills his height to Charles Trower. Bertha Holbrook wills her pretty legs and shape to Roberta White. Allen Fenderson wills his ability to play basketball to Curtis Alexander. Joyce Richardson wills her French 11 book to Maiy Weeks, hoping she will accomplish more than she did. Bernice Mitchell wills the secret of her hair to Marga Rogers. Mary Sessoms wills her skirts and quietness to Sarah Sheppard. Brenda Bailey wills her legs to Arthur Wynder because he requested them. Walter Barnes wills his fine hands to Eugene Downing. Rachel Smith wills her typing to Mary Dixon. James Sample wills his ability to keep a girl to Charles Sample. Barbara Baker wills her height to Marga Roger. Barbara Wynder wills anything she has to anyone who wants it and hope they can get along with it; main¬ ly her height to Ann Kay Brickhouse. Emma Mitchell wills her casual hair styles to Marga Rogers. Alvin Bailey wills his ability to love to Eugene Downing. Mary Fisher wills her good study habits and ability to make the honor roll to Delores Collins. James Stanley wills his brain to all Junior boys. Andrea Downing wills her speaking ability to anyone who desires it. Carole Scarborough wills her cute walk to Andrea Fox. Curtis Fatherly wills his leadership ability to any member of the Junior Class. Minnie Doggett wills her pleasing smile to Jeanette Johnson. Nina Sample wills her leadership ability to any member of the junior class who wishes to be a leader. Goldie Upshur wills her hair to Margaret Hallett. Margaret Sample wills her dimples to Gloria Harmon. Joseph Beckett wills his respect and consideration toward the teachers to Anthony Mitchell. McHolly Ransome wills his good hair to Cornelius Bailey. Joseph Baines wills his school abilities to Barry Nock. Ollie Kates wills his wavy hair to Ellis Warren. Sedrick Bailey wills his ability to make people laugh to anyone who desires it. Richard Johnson wills his walk to Purnell Turner. James White wills his neatness to Micheal Walker. Wille Patterson wills her legs to Ann Brickhouse, hoping she will use them wisely. Dorothy James wills her shortness to Ann Brickhouse. Betty Burton wills her ability to make and keep friends to Margaret Hallett. Herman Small wills his ability to think on the Basketball court to Bobby Jones. Alvin Brown wills his kindness to Arthur Wynder. Virgil Press wills his most desirable ways to Bobby Jones. Garfield Giddens wills his stylish dress to Grover Fields. James Reid wills his ability to talk to girls to Ellis Warren. Josephine Dean wills her quietness to Martha Gunter. Lucretia Griffin wills Magra Rogers her becoming hair styles. Sharon Meecham wills Janett Johnson her sweet voice. Mary Spady wills her cap and gown to Sandra Rowley, Kattie Jones wills her figure to Persis Rowley. Ida Lofland wills her study habit to Ella Giddens. Rebecca Collins wills her personality to Barbara Fauntleroy. Elton Williams wills his band instrument to Ellis Warren, John Jones wills his sweet personality to his brother Bobby Jones. Mary Brown wills her fingernails to Brenda Ames. Irene Carter wills her excess weight to Ann Kay Brick¬ house. Patricia Scott wills her hairy legs to LaVern Sample. Lottie Resell wills her music notebook to Lynwood Bailey. Alexander Hickman wills his built body to Thomas Smith. Carla Elliott wills her hair style to Martha Spady. Willie Mae Lee wills her dreamy eyes and ability to get along with boys to Stella White. Mildred Sheppard wills her black hair to Delores Collins. Corine Garrison wills her government book to Magalene Bailey. Edna Upshur wills her legs to Lois Burton. Ida Giddens wills her pleasing personality to Roberta White. Carolyn Spady wills her sizable legs to Kay Griffin. Ida Harmon wills her achievement to John Snaw. Clara Giddens wills her government book to Irene Giddens. Edmonia Satchell wills Delores Collins her petite height. Purley Press wills his knowledge of Foreign languages to Burley Morris. Jeffery Turner wills his car keys to Gwendolyn Jones. Joseph Wynder wills his driving ability to William House. Elizabeth Bright wills her weight to Ann Kay Brickhouse. Margaret Young v ills her ability to gain weight to Lois Burton. Barbara Collins wills her hair styles to Lois Morris. Flora Burrows wills her homemaking skills to Martha Upshur. Joan Williams wills her eyes to Faye Corney, because she adores them. Mames Powell wills his very fast speed to Curtis Alexander. Harry Hines wills his smooth ability to talk to girls to Earl Powell. Melvin Williams wills his artistic ability to Madalene Bailey. Freddie Beckett wills his ability to get girls to Gwendolyn Jones. 26 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY ASST. SECRETARY PRESIDENT Joseph Beckett TREASURER Ollie Kates CHAPLAIN M. Sample SGT. AT ARMS Virgil Press SENIOR CLASS SONG Farewell Northampton High School From thee we must depart But we ' ll always cherish you With our grateful hearts Another task lies undone And its calling us one by one So we must leave this cherished place If this task we are to face We are thanking our Principal Our teachers and friends too For the many things we have accomplished During the time we have spent with you Though time has come to depart We ' ll always remain loyal to you You ' ll stay within our hearts In whatever task we do Tune: Over The Rainbow Composed by: Carole Scarborough Rachel Smith BUSINESS MGR. L. Griffin REPORTER A. Downing HISTORIAN Ida Harmon Patrica Scott Dottie White 27 ANNUAL STAFF We, the Staff of the " 1963 LIGHTHOUSE, " set out several months before this publi¬ cation to preserve many of the memories of this school year through an increased number of pictures of students, teachers, teams, organizations, etc. May this " 1963 LIGHTHOUSE " serve to refresh your diminishing memories of our high school years as you scan these pages. STANDING; James Stanley, Sports Editor; Alvin Bailey, Editor In Chief; Purley Press, Art Editor; Melvin Williams, Advertising Sales Manager; Joyce Richardson, Literary Editor; Rachel Smith, Social Editor; Ida Harmon, Sports Editor; Nina Sample, Business Manager; Willie Lee, Photographic Editor; Barbara Wynder, Yearbook Sales Manager; and Patricia Scott, Class Editor. SENIOR CLASS POEM The time has come for us to part But memories of Northampton will linger in our hearts Our wonderful faculty so patient and dear We thank you for helping us choose our career The days at Northampton, with us did it bring Much fun and laughter and other wonderful things We will never forget such wonderful days Our Alma Mater we will always praise Our days at Northampton has almost passed But the things we have learned will always ' last We all say to you Dear Old Northampton High Fare we 11-Fare well-Goodby-Goodby. Composed by: Lucretia Griffin 28 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST PERSONALITY Dottie White and Alvin Bailey MOST COOPERATIVE Joyce Richardson and Herman Small BEST DANCERS Barbara Stevens and Alvin Brown SMALLEST Della Giddens and Harry Hines BEST COUPLE Beatrice Collins and Jackson Manley BEST SINGER Sharon Meecham and Joseph Beckett FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Brenda Bailey and Ollie Kates MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mary Fisher and James Stanley BEST ATHLETE Patricia Scott and Walter Barnes 29 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST SPEAKER Andrea Downing and Joseph Beckett SHORTEST Dorothy James and Ollie Kates MOST POPULAR Patricia Scott and Walter Barnes KINDEST Margaret Sample and Alvin Brown BEST DRESSED Willie Lee and Thomas Locator BEST CITIZENS Rachel Smith and Parley Press TALLEST Barbara Wynder and Virgil Press MOST SERIOUS Lucretia Griffin and Albert Holden NEATEST Mary Fisher and Alvin Brown 30 JUNIORS JUNIOR A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT S. White ■ VICE PRESIDENT C. Trower SECRETARY M. Walker TREASURER A. Wynder CHAPLAIN BUSINESS MGR. E. [ owning We, the members of llA, entered Northampton for the fourth time in Sept, with great anticipation of a prosperous and enlightening year. Under the supervision of Mr. N. Townsend, we are striving to attain higher goals. To the Seniors best wishes and this thought: " Attempt the end and never stand to doubt. Nothing ' s so hard, but search will find out. A. Cottrel 32 JUNIOR B CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Thomas Graves William Rowley SECRETARY Abrian Smaw TREASURER Chester Cottrel CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS Odessa Morris We, the members of the Junior " B” Class, under the supervision of Mrs. Alice Smith, entered the Northampton County Pligh School this fall with much enthusiasm. We were represented in the Homecoming Ac¬ tivities by Sarah Sheppard. To the members of the 1963 Graduating Class, we wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. Curtis Stoakley 33 JUNIOR C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Earl Powell Barrie Nocks SECRETARY TREASURER Curtis Alexander Bobby Jones CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS Preston Burgess We, the Junior " C " Class of 1962-63, entered Northampton County High School on September 4, 1962, under the supervision of Miss Carolyn King. As the year slowly passes on, we are looking forward to better scholastic abilities and to other extracurricular activities. Our Miss Homecoming representative was Miss Margaret Giddens. We would like to extend our best wishes to the outgoing Senior Class of ’63. Grover Fields 34 SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Georgia Goodwyn Sandra Jacobs Paul Bibbins Larry Wright CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS Alice Williams We, the members of 10A Class entered school in 1962 with a strong determination and will to succeed under the supervision of Mrs. E. S. McCuller. Our Homecoming representative was Sandra Jacobs. We are looking forward to having Evonne Powell to represent us on May Day. To the Graduating Class of 1963, we wish to extend our best wishes for much happiness and success in the future. Odessa Harris 36 SOPHOMORE B CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT F. Sessoms VICE-PRESIDENT C. Baker SECRETARY TREASURER D. Satchell A. Fitchett CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARKIS We, the members of Sophomore " B " Class, entered Northampton County High School September 4, 1962, under the supervision of Miss T. L. Manley, our homeroom teacher. We entered with anxious hearts and opened minds to attain a bright and successful future. To the Graduating Class of 1963, we wisli to extend our best wishes in all your future endeavors. Queen Spady 37 SOPHOMORE C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Ida White H. Giddens CHAPLAIN SECRETARY TREASURER B. Beckett R. Bailey SGT. AT ARMS L. Matthews We, the members of Sophomore " C Class, began the 1962-63 school session with refreshed minds and the resolution to make even more progress than we have made in previous years. We are being guided along these channels by our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Naomi P. Hastings. To the Graduating Class, we extend our best wishes for success and prosperity in the future. B. Church 38 SOPHOMORE D CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Calvin Reed J. Smith Angelo Peace Clarence Satchell CHAPLAIN HISTORIAN George Young We, the members of Sophomore " D " Class, entered the 1962-63 school year with an impetus desire to improve our status and broaden our horizon. Under the guidance of our homeroom teacher, Mrs. L. U. Kornegay, we are striving to prepare ourselves for the new and challenging world of tomorrow. To the class of ' 63, we extend our warmest congratulations as you finish to begin. Frank Fisher 39 CAMPUS SNAPS FRESHMEN FRESHMAN A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT D. Bailey CHAPLAIN VICE-PRESIDENT G. Baines SECRETARY M. Fisher TREASURER D. Savage SGT. AT ARMS Z. Collins We, the members of Freshman " A " Class, entered Northampton County High School in Sep¬ tember 1961, under the guidance of Mrs. Cherry as homeroom teacher. Now as Freshmen, under the supervision of Mr. C. Brickhouse, we are achieving many of our goals in education. To the Graduating Class of 1963, You are now crossing the Bay of Education, but remember the Ocean of Life lies before you. M. Rogers 42 FRESHMAN B CLASS CLASS OFFICERS CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS P. Upshur We, the members of Freshman " B " Class, entered high school on September 4, 1962, under the supervision of Mrs. M. B. Collins. We have tried to do our best and we feel that with the guidance here, we will obtain our goals. To the Graduating Class of 1963; " If you ' d succeed, keep on if a task is once begun. Never leave it ' till it ' s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well. " R. Bailey 43 FRESHMAN C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT D. Jones SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER L. Morris P. Spady B. Kellam CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS B. Collins We, the members of 9C entered high school under the supervision of Mr. J. G. Collins. We en¬ tered with much interest and earnest desire to achieve in 1962-63. We have hoped for a bright and successful future. We feel that with the guidance here, we will have a better chance to attain our goals. To the Graduating Class, we wish you much success in the years to come, always strive for the best. C. Evans 44 FRESHMAN D CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER M. White A. Robinson E. Wilson B. Giddens CHAPLAIN We, the members of Freshman " D, " entered high school this year under the supervision of Mr. Polk. We planned to embark on another voyage to the sea of education with much enthusiasm and deter¬ mination. Our Homecoming representative was Barbara Giddens. To the Graduating Class of ' 63, we leave you this thought: " Education meets the challenge of a changing tomorrow. Will you be ready? " C. Sample SGT. AT ARMS R. Moore 45 FRESHMAN E CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER B. Gholson L. Smith J. Giddens R. Gunter CHAPLAIN J. Rogers The Ninth E Section, began it ' s course of study this year under the guidance of Mr. C. Davidson. After our first meeting following the election of our class officers we became a new completely organized unit. To the departing graduating class of ' 63, Nine E would like to extend this quotation: " Good, Better, Best, never let it rest, until the good is Better and the Better is Best. " BUSINESS MGR. G. Williams 46 EIGHT A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER A. Arnold J. Stanley J. Johnson W. Perry CHAPLAIN HISTORIAN B. White A feeling of triumph, uncertainity and expectancy was in our hearts and minds as we assembled in the auditorium on September 4, 1962, to our class section and homeroom teacher, Mrs. M. D. Cherry. We are striving to complete the highest degree of education obtainable. To the Senior Class of 1963, we wish to leave the following; " Great scholars never graduate in a hurry; they do it in degrees. " M. Fox 48 EIGHT B CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT B. Graves CHAPLAIN VICE PRESIDENT M. Armstrong SECRETARY Elis Smith TREASURER D. Satchell SGT. AT ARMS J. Curtis " At last we made it, " were the words uttered by us as we entered the doors of Northampton, with the determination to achieve a new plateau in our educational development. We are striving with our homeroom teacher Mr. F. Brickhouse to attain great educational goals. To the graduating class of ' 63 always strive for the best. L. Gholson 49 EIGHT C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT B. Savage CHAPLAIN VICE-PRESIDENT D. Davis B. Savage H. Smith HISTORIAN TREASURER SECRETARY E. Lyons We, the members of 8 C Class, entered high school in September under the leadership of Mr. W. T. Sisco, our homeroom teacher. We have embarked upon the New Frontier of Education to meet the challenges of an ever- changing world. To the Graduating Class of 1963 we extend our best wishes for happiness and success in all your endeavors. S. Carpenter 50 EIGHT D CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER M. Press G. Jackson G. Barrett C. Nottingham CHAPLAIN SGT. AT ARMS P, Evans We, the members of Eight " D, " entered North¬ ampton on Sept 1962, under the guidance of Mr. J. C. McCullough, our homeroom teacher. We entered school with determined heart to up¬ hold our Alma Mater. To the Graduating class, of ' 63 remember: " Yesterday is gone — forget it. Today is here -- use it. Tomorrow is coming — think of it. " A. Rogers 51 EIGHT E CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT S. Burton BUSINESS MGR. VICE PRESIDENT I. Williams SECRETARY N. Lewis TREASURER J. Willis CHAPLAIN C. Brickhouse We, the members of 8E, entered high school for the first time as students on September 4, 1962, and were assigned to Room 6 with Mr. J. B. Cook as our homeroom teacher. We are proud of all the county ' s elementary schools and are proud of our new build¬ ing and teachers. To the Graduating Seniors, we extend our fondest hopes for your continued achievement. 52 EIGHT F CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER P. Evans B. McCullum V. Robinson G. Ayers CHAPLAIN HISTORIAN We, the members of Eight F Section, entered high school on September 4, 1962 with bewildered attitudes, but with great determination to uphold the high standard of a great institution. Mr. V. Adair, our homeroom teacher has given us great leadership, and guidance. To the members of the Graduating Class, we extend best wishes for your future success. A. Wilson M. Morris ORGANIZATIONS N.CH.S. CHORUS The 1962-63 N.C.H.S. Chorus under the splendid supervision of Mr. E. Busch, Jr. has had a most successful year. The Chorus wishes to relate this thought to the graduating class; " Life is what you make it, so make a success of yours. " LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Lc Cercle Francais LeCercle Francais began functioning this year immediately after we returned to school under the supervision of Mr, D. O, Polk, The club has been working very ener¬ getically. To the graduating class, " En toute choses il faut consideres la fin. " 55 HONOR SOCIETY The Northampton County Honor. Society was organized in September, 1957 under the supervision of Mr, F, Brickhouse. This organization consists of those students who maintain high scholastic averages -- " B " or above. The officers are: Pres. -- Joyce Richardson, Vice Pres. -- Ann Brickhouse, Sec, -- Mary Fisher, Asst. Sec, -- Andrea Fox, Treasurer -- Purley Press, Chaplain -- Andrea Downing, Business Manager -- Delores Collins. To the graduating class, we extend our best wishes for a successful future. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club was organized under the leadership of Mrs. Phifier, and Mrs. Smith, We would like to leave this quotation to the graduates; " To me it seems as if God conceived the world, that was poetry; He formed it, and that was sculpture; He colored it and that was painting; He peopled it with living beings, and that was the grand divine, eternal Drama " -- Cushman, 56 F.T.A. The F.T.A. began its program for the year of 1962-63 under the supervision of Mrs. E. S. McCuller. We have sponsored two projects which we felt were successful. We are anxiously looking forward to sending a representative to the state meeting. May these words become a proverb to the graduating class of 1963; " Without ideals, without effort, without scholarship, without philosophical continuity, there is no such thing as education. " MUSIC CLUB The Music Club of 1962-63 has as its objective, to spread the use of and apprecia¬ tion of the best music, the universal language. We hope that each individual in the class of ' 63 will go out into his new phase of life with determination to succeed and a love for life and whatever it has in store for him. 57 AMBITIOUS READERS’ CLUB The Ambitious Readers Club was organized from 8B and a few students of 8A on February 9, 1962, with the object of encouraging more people to read good books. Our club is composed of twenty-three members, with Mrs. D. T. Hayes as our sponsor. To the graduating class of ' 63, " Always strive for the best in the future. " N.CH.S. BAND The N.C.H.S. Band under the instruction of Mr. T. T. Stratton, Jr. has shown some evidence of progress this year. The band rendered several numbers during the Home- coming activities. We look forward to having a larger and better organization next year. To the class of " 63, " we extend our best wishes. 58 N.H.A. We, the members of the New Homemakers of America, a nonprofit organization, chief interest is to learn to-build a better home economically, spiritually, whole¬ somely, and creatively. To the 1963 graduates, we would like to say " Honor comes to those who have worked diligently toward their goals. " N.H.A. OFFICERS President -- Patricia Scott, Vice Pres. Shirley Press, Sec. Shirteen Lewis, Asst. Sec. Beverly Jones, Reporter Janette Johnson, Historian Rebecca Fitchett, Parliamentarian -- Nina Sample, Song Leaders, Sharon Meecham, Edith Picott. 59 F.B.LA. Realizing the need for an organization to create more interest in the field of busi¬ ness, the Northampton Chapter of the F.B.L.A. was organized with our business teacher, Mrs. L. U. Kornegay, as sponsor. To the class of 1963, we extended our best wishes; and trust that you may continue your educational pursuit in order to meet the challenges of a changing world. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was organized in 1956 by the school librarian, Mrs. D. T. Hayes, with members from the eighth grade library instruction classes. Since its organization, the library club has been greatly recognized as an outstanding part of our school ' s extracurricular activities. The purpose of the Library Club is to kindle a desire in individuals to read good books and literature and to create an interesting librarian. We say to the graduating class, " Take time to think. It is the source of power. " 60 NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA faMnMBMnUBH The New Farmers of America is a national organization of boys studying vocational agriculture in the public schools throughout the United States. This organization af¬ fords its members an excellent opportunity to develop a type of leadership which is essential for the modern successful man. The Northampton N.F.A. Chapter was organized in 1937 under the leadership of Mr. C. N. Williams, who is its present advisor. During the year 1962, Northampton N.F.A. Chapter ranked 11th. among the 50 chapters in the state of Virginia. We, the members and officers of the N.F.A. Chapter wish to congratulate the Graduating Class of 1963. Remember, " A live wire is very seldom stepped upon. " N.F.A. CHAPTER OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Raymond Bailey, Treas¬ urer; Ellis Warren, Chaplain; Harry Hines, Historian; Levi Doggett, Secre¬ tary. MIDDLE ROW: C . N. Williams, Advisor; Preston Simpkins. Vice- President; Curtis Fatherly, President. TOP ROW; John Coles, Parliamentarian Reuben Press, Reporter; and Charles Wescott, Watchman. Not shown; Larry Ames, Assistant Secretary and Willie Smith, Song Leader. 61 SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB The Social Studies Club began working this year immediately after we returned to school, under the supervision of a new sponsor Miss C. King. We hope to be as prosperous this year as we ' ve been in previous years. To the graduating class of ' 63, " May your dreams and ambition become realities. " ART CLUB This year the Art Club was recognized under the supervision of Mr. J. Johnson, a new teacher for this year. With the help of Mr. Johnson we have been able to accom¬ plish many cultural aspects in the field of art. To the graduating class, we leave this quotation, " All things depend upon previous preparation and without such preparations there is sure to be failure. " 62 EXPLORERS’ CLUB We, the members of the Explorers Club have but one objective in mind, and that is to meet the " Challenges of the New Frontier. " We realize that in order to meet a challenge, we must first prepare for it. Under the leadership of Mr. W. Sisco, we are doing just that. To the graduating class, we leave this quotation, " Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events and great minds discuss ideas. " PATROL CLUB The Patrol Club of our school is in charged with HELPING TO MAKE OUR journeys to and from school safe and pleasant. We help the bus drivers and willingly render help wherever we can. Some of us will graduate this year, but we will always remember having served our Alma Mater. Our officers are: Thomas Graves, Grover Fields, and Burleigh Morris. 63 MATH-SCIENCE CLUB The Math-Science Club with the guidance of Mrs, M. Collins and Mr, C. Brick- house has as its objectives for the year: (1) To encourage students to become interested in Matehmatics and Science, (2) To represent our school in the Annual science-math conference in the spring. We hope that the graduating class of ' 63 will proceed to conquer any obstacles which lie in their pathway to success. ENGLISH CLUB The English Club, with the assistance of our advisor, Mrs. M, D. Cherry, began working immediately after school opened. Our officers are: Sandra Jacobs, Lucretia Griffin, Corlee Lane, Margaret Wynder, Theresa Spady, and Carole Scarbourough. Seniors of 63, always keep this thought in mind -- " Life is a picture -- paint it well, " 64 CAFETERIA STAFF Left to right: Mrs. Thelma Warren, Mrs. Betty Giddens and Mrs. Sallie Seaton. JANITORIAL STAFF 65 MISS HOMECOMING AND ATTENDANTS N.C.H.S. BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. David Bailey, Mr, James Jordan, Mr. Richard Kellam, Mr. Patrick Bannister, Mr. James Spady, Mr. George Treherne, Mr. Jerome Stanford, Mr. Charles Wescott, Mr. Henry Purnell, Mr. Jacob Burton, and Mr. Bennie Satchell, Not shown is Mr. Walter Gholson. 66 MAYDAY ACTIVITIES Our May Day activities reached their climax on May 6, when Miss Brenda Bailey was crowned Miss May Queen by our principal Mr. W. H. Smith. Amid enthusiastic cheers from the assembled students, alumni, and visitors . Miss Bailey was escorted to her throne, from which she reigned. The day ' s activities were highlighted by many activi¬ ties presented by the athletic department of our school. LEFT TO RIGHT: May Queen, attendants, and escorts: Purcell Nottingham, Burley Taylor, James Stanley, Sandra Jacobs, Clearence Arnold, May Queen Brenda Bailey, Principal Mr. W. H. Smith, Robert Satchell, Sarah Sheppard, Mocile White, and Maurice Rogers. MISS LYDIA SPADY IN RECITAL Miss Lydia Joyce Spady, a 1958 graduate of Northampton County High School and a senior in the school of music at Virginia State College being presented a gift by Mr. W, H. Smith, Principal of Northampton County High School after successfully com¬ pleting her senior recital. 67 ikr ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL 1961-62 Season Record: Won 3 and lost 14 under the tutelage of Mr. C. Davidson, Coach. Left to Right: Mr. C. Davidson, Allen Fenderson, Charles Ayers, Walter Barnes, Burleigh Morris, Alfonso Cottrell, Reuben Press, Bobby Jones, Purnell Cropper, Lowell Fitchett, Joseph Beckett, Herman Snaw and James Stratton. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 1961-62 Season Record: Won 5 and lost 5 under the tutelage of Mr. N. Townsend, coacii. Left to Right: Charles Trower, Charles Johnson, Raymond Thomas, Harry Giddens, Alfred Robinson, Paul Bibbins, Felton Sessoms, Anthony Custis, Landus Harmon, Lindsey Green, Raymond Bailey and Coach, Mr. N. Townsend. 69 CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders, this year under the direction of Mrs. N. Hastings, have done a good job in developing school spirit. Pictures above left to right: Faye Corney, Odessa Morris, Lindwood Bailey, Carol Scarborough, Lucretia Griffin, Nina Sample and Captain, Brenda Bailey. BASEBALL Left to Right: (KNEELING) William Rowely, Sedrick Bailey, Ollie Kates, Eugene Down¬ ing, Charles Trower, Thomas Locator and Trainer, Curtis Fartherly, STANDING: Mr. D. Polk, Coach, Burleigh Morris, Herman Smaw, Charles Sample, Barry Knox, Allen Fenderson, Kenneth Brickhouse, Joseph Beckett and Manchester Cottrell. 70 FOOTBALL The football team ' s record, under the tutelage of Mr. C. Davidson, head coach and Mr. N, Townsend, Won 4 and Lost 3. FRONT ROW: Lowell Fitchett, William Rowley, Burleigh Morris, Kenneth Brickhouse, William Lewis, Booker Wynder, Charles Ayers, William Spady and Eugene Downing. SECOND ROW: Alfred Robinson, Isiash Harris, Harry Giddens, Roland Bailey, Anthony Custis, James Baines, Preston Simpkins and Manchester Cottrell. THIRD ROW: Raymond Thompson, Paul Bibbins, Bernard Church, Barry Knox, Maurice Rogers, Melvin Brickhouse and James Sample. FOURTH ROW: John Wiggins, Anthony Mitchell, McKinley Outlaw, Julius Copes and Grover Fields. FIFTH ROW: Coach, Mr. C. Davidson, Mr. N. Townsend, Ollie Kates, Walter Barnes, Nathaniel Edwards, and Joseph Beckett. Trainers, Curtis Fartherly and John Snaw. BOYS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS 71 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Miss Homecoming of 1962, Miss Stella White, was crowned by our Principal, Mr, W, H. Smith, before a cheering crowd of spectators. Miss White was escorted by Thomas Graves. Pictured above: " Miss Senior, " Barbara Baker; " Miss Sophomore, " Sandra Jacobs; " Miss Freshman, " Mytle Fitchett; " Miss Eighth Grade, " Mallie Trehene. GIRLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS 72 DANCE GROUP Serving as an extracurricular activity, the Modern Dance Group of Northampton County High school plays an active part in the social activities of the school. Left to right; Carole Scarborough, Barbara Stevenson, Margaret Monroe, Stella White, Nina Sampl e, Marga Rogers, Carlene Smith, Margaret Hallett, Pauline Spady, Shirley Press, Brenda Bailey, LaVern Sample, Barbara Wynder, STANDING: Reginald Collins, Joel Trower, Russel Spady, and Larry Wright. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right; Odessa Morris, Barbara Baker, Barbara Collins, Patricia Scott, Barbara Wynder, Deloris Collins, Ida Harmon, Stella White scorekeeper and LaVern Sample, Trainer. 73 ADVERTISING Compliments COLLINS TEXACO Auto Accessories Gas ; Oil School Supplies General Merchandise Radio Sc T. V. Tubes Machipongo Virginia Compliments BEN FRANKLIN STORES I I SAVINGS! SERVICE! Phone GI 2-6173 Nassawadox Virginia Compliments RUS SELL MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Dodge Dodge Dart Dodge Trucks Used Cars Exmor e Compliments EASTVILLE AUTO PARTS, INC, AUTO PARTS Virginia Wade H. Bell, Manager Eastville Virginia Compliments HENRY ' S IMPRINTING SERVICE Office Equipment Office Supplies Printing Stationery- Phone GI 2-6941 W. T. Henry, Proprietor Nassawadox Virginia Compliments THE CAPE CHARLES CLEANERS 1 Hr. Cleaning on Request A. J. Ewell, Manager Cape Charles Virginia Compliments TIP TOP FOOD STORES B B MARKET Fancy Foods Produce Notions We Deliver Phone OR 8-5505 AVON CALLING Your Avon Representative MRS. SOPHRONIA LINDSEY Phone Gape Charles 410 J4 Cheapside Virginia Eastville Virginia Compliments CUSTIS RECORD SHOP Juke Boxes Rented Records - Radios Fishing Tackle Phonographs Winston J. Custis, Proprietor Exmore Virginia Compliments A. H. REVELL SON ngratulotions to the graduating class Onley Virginia Compliments aORA DAUN FIARKT Mrs. Dorothy T. Prince, P roprietor. )igItyokCm WERS Wishing All The Graduates of Northampton County High Much Success and Happiness Phone GI 2-6505 Exmore Virginia Compliments ETZ JEWELERS Every Graduate Deserves Something Something F rom The Compliments W. T. BELOTE ' S SELF SERVICE Special -X_ Jewelers Come In and See Our Display Cape Charles Virginia Phone GI 2-9521 Exmore Virginia Compliments CHURCH BARBER and BEAUTICIAN SHOP Phone Cape Charles 967 Winston Church, Jr. Cape Charles Virginia Compliments DORIS McLELLAN ' S LADIES DEPARTMENT Exmore Virginia Compliments C. A. NOTTINGHAM INSURANCE Liability Fire Auto Bonds Life Home Owner Serving The Entire Peninsula Phone GI 2-6581 Exmore Virginia Compliments G. D. 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Suggestions in the Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) collection:

Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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