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Si;®® m w,v v.v, ' ■v " I Iws ' ; ■;■:;: , : srr»K » » . ’ ‘ ■ -■ ■ . “ $ ' tu, ’ Hm m« m 4 V f» l®; t. »«. ' „.” ;.v . y«t ' -; ■- 1 - : ' •’ ' r £v ; : . ' i, ? ' . ' «- ri- " vy : -‘V -.- - r if %►» sJgtv , 4, _ _, „ ■ m %• ' :• - " iX • — | ! $ Ju V . « .;«► • - ; ■ : $ t fc ... ; -M $ fiV ' V . % .- z ♦ :;§iw :« % m4 • ' • F% - 4i£ « . ♦ ' » f sjrr « fc § ' Stir ii; vyr -. y v • r f A®’ t , , » « , - " JI.Tr . ® •£» ■ ' ► ' ! ' « - ' w 7 r ., 4 % : • • • $$ « % ■ « ' ■ • - y » ‘A i.:JL DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1957-58 dedicate this year’s " LIGHTHOUSE " to our former teacher, coach, and friend Mr. T. R. Vasser. We dedicate this book as a token of our esteem and gratitude for the help he has administered during his stay at Northampton County High School. To Mr. Vasser we want to wish the best of luck in the teaching career and also his personal life. THE SENIORS MR. T. R. VASSER PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE My young friends, June 1958 Graduates, we would like first to remind you in this ninth issue of our “Lighthouse” that you have the distinction of being the first class to begin and complete its high school education from the New Northampton County High School. You have seen and been an integral part in its rapid development, and now you must carry that same burning desire to help foster its principles and ideals into your future endeavors. You are about to enter an age of space travel, missiles, and satellites, but it need not be an age of destruction. It should prove an age of new frontiers for the youth of our land with beckoning horizons, adventures, and new opportunities. This age into which you are about to be ushered will be a challenge to all that you have learned, but in times like these life finds its supreme happiness. Once you find something beyond yourselves to which you can give yourselves, the whole world takes on a new meaning. You are to be congratulated for having reached this station in life. I sincerely hope that you have appreciated every little gesture by those who have been responsible entirely or partially for the success you have obtained thus far. Congratulations for a job well done and best wishes for the future. W. H. SMITH, PRINCIPAL . ADMINISTRATION Mrs. M. B. Poole ENGLISH Mrs. I. J. Williams HOME ECONOMICS Mr. C. N. Williams AGRICULTURE Miss D. M. Turner LIBRARIAN Mr. W. H. Smith PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATION Mrs. E. S. McCuller SOCIAL STUDIES ADMINISTRATION Miss L. E. Upshur COMMERCIAL Mr. L. R. Burton PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. O. Kornegay, Jr. GOVERNMENT Mrs. E. U. Jones MATHEMATICS ADMINISTRATION Mr. V. Adair INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Mr. E. Fields MATHEMATICS Mrs. P. T. Savage SECRETARY GUIDANCE COMMITTEE Immediately after the opening of school, the Guidance Committee organized itself and began its work for the year. Its activities thus far have been very inspiring and have exceeded those in previous years. The Committee has set up the following aims and objectives for carrying out the purpose of the program: 1. To guide the students 2. To promote a desirable student - teacher relationship 3. To develop desirable ideals and habits of citizenship 4. To insure the students’ success in school 5. To encourage the development of a demand for continued education and improvement. In obtaining these aims and objectives we are: 1. Acquainting the students with their school. 2. Leading the students to understand and appreciate education 3. Assisting the students in selecting their courses and deciding on their vocations. 4. Finding the courses of maladjustment and making efforts towards their elimination. The Committee is composed of the following persons: Miss L. E. Upshur, Mrs. M. B. Collins, Mr. J. B. Cook, Miss D. A. Logan, Mrs. E. U. Jones, Mr. E. Fields, Mrs. B. M. Ervin, Chairman; and Mr. W. H. Smith, Principal. STUDENT COUNCIL The Northampton County High School Students Council was first organized at the beginning of the second semester of the 1949-1950 school term. Since that time our Student Council has made rapid progress under its various sponsors and we are now quite proud of our accomplishments. The aims and objectives of this organization are as follows: 1. To develop student faculty relationships 2. To furnish citizenship training 3. To aid in the administration of the school 4. To provide students with experience in working in a model government 5. To encourage student participation in extra-curricular affairs 6. To encourage habits of individual inquiry along lines of scholarship, practi¬ cality and human society in general 7. To help develop an understanding of an appreciation for the asthetic, cultural and spiritual values of life 8. To promote clean and healthful living. The present officers are: President, PaulSample; Vice-President, Wilmer Francis; Secretary, Dorothy Roane; Assistant Secretary, Shirley Sample; Treasurer, Ruth Rogers; Judge, Mildred Upshur; Assistant Judge, Alease Sample; Reporter, Roy Bell; Chaplain, John Fields; Sponsors, Mr. O. Kornegay and Miss D. Logan. ALVIS VAN-RESSEALEAS ADAIR NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " DAIR " AMBITION: LABORATORY TECHNICIAN PET SAYING: " OH MAN! " HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL MARVA LOUISE ASHBY JOHNSONTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " PUNCH " AMBITION: SEAMSTRESS PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: TYPING SYLVIA ALICE BACOTE EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SYV " AMBITION: MUSIC MAJOR PET SAYING: " DON ' T MAKE NO DIFFERENCE " PET SONG; SENTIMENTAL REASONS HOBBY: MUSIC BURLEY ANDREWS SEA VIEW, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " DICK " AMBITION: PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PEG SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL ALLEN STERLING BAKER, JR. CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " PROFESSOR- AMBITION: DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY PET SAYING: " GET OUT OF HERE " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: STUDYING SCIENCE MILDRED BECKETT EXMORE, VIRGINIA AMBITION: TELEPHONE OPERATOR NICKNAME: " PUMPKIN " PET SAYING: " IS IT? " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: READING ANNIE MAE CHURCH CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " ANN " AMBITION: REGISTERED NURSE PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: READING SINCROE BECKETT M ARIONSVILLE, VRINGINA AMBITION: WAITER NICKNAME: " INDIFFERENT " PET SAYING: " BUST YOUR FACE " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: WORK ON HOT RODS WILLIAM EDWARD CHAPMAN CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CHAP " AMBITION: ENGINEER PET SATING: " GET OUT OF HERE " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL WILLIE MAE CHURCH CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SISSIE " AMBITION: PRIVATE SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: PLAYING THE PIANO MELVIN EMERSON FOX CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " FOX " AMBITION: ENGINEER PET SAYING: " GET A JOB " PET SONG: DESIRE ME HOBBY: RIDING ETHEL BEATRICE GIDDENS MACHIPONGO, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " ETTA " AMBITION: SECRETARY PET SAYING: " YOU ARE WRONG " PET SONG: SAIL ALONG SILVERY MOON HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL JOHN EDWARD FRANCIS NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SKINNY " AMBITION: BUSINESS MAN PET SAYING: " OH YEA " PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT HOBBY: BLOWING SAXOPHONE JAMES ELIJAH BENN EXMORE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " JIMMIE” AMBITION: ELECTRICAL ENGINEER PET SAYING: " OH QUIT IT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: READING MATTIE LEE CHURCH CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " GEORGIA MAE” AMBITION: PRIVATE SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT”S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: DANCING BEULAH VIRGINIA FLOYD NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BEA " AMBITION: LABORATORY TECHNICIAN PET SAYING: " THAT I DOUBT SERIOUSLY " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: TYPING DONALD DELMAR GEORGE NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " DUCK " AMBITION: CHEMIST PET SAYING: " THAT ' S RIGHT " PET SONG: JUANITA HOBBY: DRIVING CARRIE LEE GUNTER EXMORE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SISTER " AMBITION: BEAUTICIAN PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT HOBBY: READING CHARLES WALTER HALLETT BIRDSNEST, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " PEANUT " AMBITION: PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY PET SAYING: " GREAT GOOKY MOOKA " HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL ALICE BLANCHE HARMON HAREVALLEY, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BLINKEIE " AMBITION: PHYSICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR PET SAYING: " I DOUBT IT SERIOUSLY PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT HOBBY: BLOWING SAXOPHONE ROBERT ANDREW JOYNER EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BOBBY- AMBITION: DOCTOR PET SAYING: " OH BOY! " PET SONG: AT THE HOP HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL ESSIE HENRIETTA HUNT TOWNSEND, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " ESS " AMBITION: PRIVATE SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT’S JAZZ " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: DANCING FRANK BERNARD HOLLAND CHERITON, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " FRANKIE " AMBITION: MEDICAL DOCTOR PET SAYING: " OH YEA! " PET. SONG: BELONGING TO SOMEONE HOBBY: PLAYING SPORTS BETTY ANN HARRIS CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SHORTIE " PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT- PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG AMBITION: NURSE HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL MARGARET ANN JOHNSON CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " MARGE " AMBITION: PHARMACIST PET SAYING: " THAT ' S MY BUSINESS " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: DANCING JOHN CUSTIS MORRIS CAPEVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " HUCK " PET SAYING: " BUST YOUR FACE " AMBITION: ARTIST PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: DRAWING BARBARA ANN JONES BRIDGETOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " HIPS " AMBITION: SECRETARY PET SAYING: " GREAT BALLS OF FIRE " PET SONG: DON’T LET ME GO HOBBY: DANCING JOSEPH CLYDE NOTTINGHAM NASSAWADOX VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CAL " AMBITION: AUTO MECHANIC PET SAYING: " DON ' T EXAGGERATE " PET SONG: TEAR DROPS HOBBY: DANCING MILDRED JUANITA JORDAN EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " W ANNIE " AMBITION: TELEPHONE OPERATOR PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY HOBBY: DANCING ROBERT CUSTIS LINDSEY CAPEVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " GAG " AMBITION: TEACHER PET SAYING: " OH BOY! " PET SONG: DON ' T LET GO HOBBY: HUNTING JUANITA AVIS MARSHALL SEA VIEW, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " NIT A " AMBITION: STENOGRAPHER PET SAYING: " I BET " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: TYPING WARDELL MONROE NOTTINGHAM CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SCUPY " AMBITION: MORTICIAN PET SAYING: " OH YEAH” PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: DANCING NEVA LILLIAN MOSES CAPEVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " NE " AMBITION: TEACHER PET SAYING: " OH BOY! " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: READING FREDERICK FELTON REID NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CHAMP” AMBITION: ATHLETIC DIRECTOR PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: YOU SEND ME HOBBY: TALKING TO GIRLS DOROTHY MAE ROANE WARDTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " DOT " AMBITION: SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: SPORTS HENDERSON LEROY ROWLEY CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA (RFD) NICKNAME: " TIT " AMBITION: PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE PET SAYING: " THAT ' S RIGHT " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: PLAYING BASKETBALL VIRGINIA LOUISE ROGERS WARDTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " GINNY " AMBITION: PRIVATE SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT ' S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: DANCING CALVIN LEE ROANE WARDTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CAL " AMBITION: MECHANICAL ENGINEER PET SAYING: " THAT ' S RIGHT " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: PLAYING POOL MARY HELEN SCARBOROUGH FRANKTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " TONIC " AMBITION: TELEPHONE OPERATOR PET SAYING: " YOU KNOW YES " PET SONG. HONEST I DO HOBBY: DANCING JOHNNIE EARLY ROWLEY CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA (RFD) NICKNAME: " WEAVEL " AMBITION: ENGINEER PET SAYING: " OH YEA! " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: HUNTING PAUL EDWARD SAMPLE CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CURLY " AMBITION: LAWYER PET SAYING: " WHAT ' S HAPPENING? " PET SONG: THE RIGHT TO LOVE HOBBY: SWIMMING DELO ' IS ESTER SMITH EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " LOIS " AMBITION: TYPIST PET SAYING: " THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM PET SONG: TELL ME WHY HOBBY: TALKING RUTHERFORD DELANO SAMPLE EXMORE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " RED ROOSTER " AMBITION: MILITARY OFFICER PET SAYING: " YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: HUNTING JOAN MAXINE SMITH EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " MAX " PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT " PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: DANCING AMBITION: STENOGRAPHER ROOSEVELT ALEXANDER SPADY TOWNSEND, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BUDDY ROSE " AMBITION: CHEMICAL ENGINEER PET SAYING: " OFI MAN! " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: PLAYING BASEBALL EUGENE DORETHA SPADY CHERITON, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " JEAN " AMBITION: SECRETARY PET SAYING: " THAT’S RIGHT- PET SONG: ARE YOU SINCERE HOBBY: DANCING RAYMOND FISHER SAVAGE FRANKTOWN, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " SHORT-SHORT " AMBITION: AUTO MECHANIC PET SAYING: " BUST YOUR FACE " PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY HOBBY: DRIVING BEATRICE SYLVESTER SPADY CAPEVILLE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BEE " AMBITION: SECRETARY PET SAYING: " REAL SMOOTH " PET SONG: SOMETHING ELSE HOBBY: READING LYDIA JOYCE SPADY CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA (RFD) NICKNAME: " LIT " AMBITION: SINGER PET SAYING: " SHOOT " PET SONG: TILL HOBBY: DANCING MARGARET CARROLL TROWER CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " MOOSIE " AMBITION: TEACHER PET SAYING: " HEY CHUM " PET SONG: DESIRE ME HOBBY: SINGING RUTH SPADY BIRDSNEST, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " BABY RUTH " AMBITION: TYPIST PET SAYING: " YOU KNOW YEA " PET SONG: BEEN SO LONG HOBBY: DANCING JAMES CUSTIS UPSHUR NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CUT " AMBITION: ARMED SERVICES PET SAYING: " OH BOY!” PET SONG: BELONGING TO SOMEONE HOBBY: SPORTS DORIS MARIE UPSHUR NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " DOT " AMBITION: LABORATORY TECHNICIAN PET SAYING: " THAT I DOUBT SERIOUSLY " PET SONG: YOU ARE MY DESTINY HOBBY: PLAYING PIANO CLARENCE LEE WALKER EXMORE, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " WALK " AMBITION: LAWYER PET SAYING: " YOU KNOW YEAH " PET SONG: DON’T LET GO HOBBY: SWIMMING ALICE JANE WHITE CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA (RFD) NICKNAME: " SHORT IE " AMBITION: PRIVATE SECRETARY PET SAYING: " I KNOW- PET SONG: MAYBE HOBBY: HOUSE CLEANING GLORIA GEAN WILSON CHERITON, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " JEANIE " AMBITION: STENOGRAPHER PET SAYING: " DON ' T BE FUNNY " PET SONG: SAIL ALONG SILVERY MOON HOBBY: DANCING y CARRIE DEAN THOMAS WEIRWOOD, VIRGINIA NICKNAME: " CHERRY” AMBITION: REGISTERED NURSE PET SAYING: " OH YEAH! " PET SONG: YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY HOBBY: DANCING EARNEST FENDERSON (Not Shown) BAYVIEW, VIRGINIA JAMES FENDERSON (Not Shown) BAYVIEW, VIRGINIA 4 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September 1953, we the class of 1958, entered Northampton County High School and marked the beginning of the Five Year Plan. We were also the first Eighth Grade Class to enter the new school. Our Principal, Mr. W. H. Smith, divided us into four sections: A, B, C, and D. Our Homeroom Teachers were Mrs. M. B. Collins, Miss D. M. Bell, Miss D. M. Turner, and Mrs. H. D. Upshur respectively. Under those teachers, we began our first year’s work with enthusiasm. We were represented in the Homecoming Festivities by Margaret Trower, Margaret Johnson, Gloria Wilson, and Juanita Marshall. Alice Harmon, Carrie Thomas, Beatrice Spady, and Mildred Jordan were our May Queen contestants. On September 1954, we became Freshmen. Our advisors were Mrs. H. D. Upshur (Freshman A), Mrs. M. B. Collins (Freshman B), and Mrs. E. D. McCuller (Freshman C). We were represented in the Homecoming Festivities by Marva Ashby, Freshman A; Dorothy Goffigon, Fre B; and Ruth Spady, Freshman C. Martha White, Juanita Marshall, and Florence Trader repress in the May Day Activities. In September 1955, we were sophisticated Sophomores. During this year our adv rs were Miss D. M. Turner, Sophomore A; Miss L. E. Upshur, Sophomore B; and Mr. John Cook, phomore C. Our representatives in the Homecoming Activities were Margaret Trower, Alice Harmon, and Gloria Wilson. Beulah Floyd and Carrie Thomas, and Dorothy Roane represented us in the May Day Activities. Since our class was next to the senior class, we gave the seniors a Prom which was very successful. On September 3, 1956, we entered school as Juniors and were divided into two sections under Mr. T. R. Vasser, Junior A; and Mrs. M. B. Poole, Junior B. Delois Smith, Junior A and Gloria Wilson, Junior B; represented us in the Homecoming Activities. Essie Hunt and Carrie Thomas were our May Queen Contestants. On September 3, 1957, we entered Northampton County High School as “Dignified Seniors” and our advisors were Mr. O. Kornegay, Jr., Senior A; and Mrs. M. B. Poole, Senior B. Upon reaching this year we knew that we were another step closer to our goals. We owe this to our parents, principal, and faculty members. Our contestants for Homecoming were Beulah Floyd, Senior A; and Carrie Thomas, Senior B. Our May Queen Contestants were Mary Scarborough and Mattie Church. To our faculty, we wish to express our grateful appreciation for the time and help that you have given us in the past that we might have success in the future. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of 1958, do hereby publicize our last will and testament. To our Principal and Faculty, we bequest an abundance of graditude for their patience, courage, and wisdom which has contributed to our present success and future hopes. To the underclassmen, we leave our loyalty, our determination, and our cooperative spirit, hoping that they will thereby be successful in all their worthwhile efforts. We do severally make the following bequests as a part of this will: Alvis Adair wills his ability to play football to James Jordan. Burley Andrews wills his ability to play basketball to Charlie Smith. Marva Ashby wills her neat waist line to Tessie Nottingham. Sylvia Bacote wills her musical ability to Gloria Wynder. Mildred Beckett wills her straight walk to Grade Harmon. Sincroe Beckett wills his quietness to Parker Satchell. James Benn wills his football suit to Earnest Satchell. Annie Church wills her figure to Joyce Harris. Willie Church wills her smallness to Alease Sample. Mattie Church wills James Jordan to Lena Giddens. Earnest Fenderson wills his beautiful eyes to Margaret Dixon. Beulah Floyd wills her small figure to Alease Sample. Melvin Fox wills his ability to play football to Freddie Giddens. Donald George wills his height to Richard Smaw. Ethel Giddens wills her ability to use make up to Tessie Nottingham. Carrie Gunter wills her small feet to Alease Sample. Charles Hallett wills his height to Irene Boyd. Alice Harmon wills her weight to Gracie Harmon. Betty Harris wills her shapely legs to Margaret Dixon. Frank Holland wills his height to Richard Lecato. Essie Hunt wills her winter clothes to Joyce Harris. Margaret Johnson wills her shapely figure to Irene Fisher. Barbara Jones wills her dignity to Frances Starchia. Mildred Jordan wills her singing ability to Mabel Simpkins. Robert Joyner wills his extra pounds to Jimmie Brown. Robert Lindsey wills his ability to play tackle to Aaron Townsend. Juanita Marshall wills her ability to make and keep friends to Doris Carey. John Morris wills his strong, straight legs to Calvin Sample. Neva Moses wills her neatness to Alease Sample. Joseph Nottingham wills his stylishness to Wilmer Francis. Dorothy Roane wills her athletic ability to Lena and Effie Giddens. Calvin Roane wills his mathematical brain to George Parker. Virginia Rogers wills her hair style to Mable Thomas. Henderson Rowley wills his athletic ability to Samuel Nottingham. Paul Sample wills his ability to play football to Winston Church. Rutherford Sample wills his skill on the dance floor to Carl Johnson. Raymond Savage wills his big feet to Joseph Dunton. Maxine Smith wills her hair style to Doris Carey. Eugene Spady wills her charming ways with boys to Wilhelmenia Smith. Lydia Spady wills her beautiful smile to Annie Kellam. Mary Scarborough wills her pleasant personality to Eunice Williams. Ruth Sp ady wills her dance steps to Irene Fisher. Carrie Thomas wills her pleasant personality to Nellie Scarborough. Margaret Trower wills her Soprano voice to Melba Foeman. Doris Upshur wills her soothing voice to Gracie Harmon. Clarence Walker wills his skillful use of words to Carl Johnson. Alice White wills her ability to play the clarinet to Winston Church. Gloria Wilson wills her graceful dancing to Gertrude Fisher. SENIOR CLASS PRAYER We thank Thee, Almighty ' God, for Thy help in bringing us thus far. We beg Thy continued blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers, and our country. “MEMBERS OF THE 1958 GRADUATING CLASS’ I SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY A look into the Crystal Ball with Gypsy Rose Louise. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Come in and sit down with your money belts. Dig the dope on the future of the Graduating Class of 1958. Miss Lydia Spady, a great opera star in downtown No Tune, has her own opera house. Her manager is Mr. William Chapman. He keeps her busy trying to persuade her that being his wife is more important than being a singer. , Mr. Rutherford Sample resides in Africa with Messrs. James Upshur, James Benn and Frederick Reid. They are trying to get a license to manufacture woolen blankets for local use. Unfortunately they don’t know Natives don’t need woolen blankets in Africa. We see in Carrie Thomas’ Shoe Shop Misses Alice Harmon, Mildred Beckett and Annie Church. They are trying to figure out how Miss Thomas has such a fine shop catering to people only three feet tall. To solve this problem Miss Thomas shows them a sign over the door which says, “This shop is especially designed for midgets.” Mr. Paul Sample, a popular boy, back in high school now has a home for the aged. His staff includes such employees as Misses Ruth Spady, Dorothy Roane and Gloria Wilson. Secretly they are about to go out of business from a lack of old age patients. Miss Juanita Marshall has just returned from a tour of Paris with her husband the great composer, Mr. Donald George. They have three year old twins Donald and Ronald. The boys weigh eighty seven pounds each. They can’t seem to keep a baby sitter. Their last nurse, Miss Alice White, fled when the twins threatened to scalp her as the Indians do on television. Mr. Clarence Walker an All American football player has retired. He now raises buzzards for Thanksgiving. He has employed Misses Willie Church, Virginia Rogers and Betty Harris, but he is trying to clip Miss Harris’s wings into becoming his life partner. Miss Maxine Smith now heads a modeling agency. Her other models are Misses Marva Ashby, Sylvia Bacote, and Eugenia Spady. They call themselves “The Plump Models.” Well! Messrs. Burley Andrews and Johnnie Rowley tried the profession of ministry but they both got kicked out of church. Reason: They were flirting with the missionaries and keeping all the money. Miss Beulah Floyd has her own dancing studio in which she teaches all dances. Her specialists are Mr. Allen Baker, tap dancer; Mr. Roosevelt Spady, walk dancer; and Miss Essie Hunt, mambo dancer, s Miss Floyd calls her studio “The Cozy Fixed up Bombstand.” Messrs. Alvis Adair and Charles Hallett, two of our former basketball stars are spending a quiet vacation in California. They were sent there by mistake. Mr. Adair, a bird catcher, and Mr. Hallett, an oystershell roller, are looking for diamonds. They’re trying to impress Miss Carrie Gunter and Miss Mattie Church, respectively, so as to win the ladies’ hands in marriage. It is a surprise to see Miss Margaret Trower and Mr. John Francis, now known as Mr. and Mrs. John Francis. Mrs. Francis wants to spend her honeymoon in Kentucky; asked why she replied, “I am tired of seeing green grass; I want to see blue grass.” Mrs. Frank Holland, the former Miss Margaret Johnson, has finally hooked her lover. She runs an unlicensed bureau called “Catch and Hold Your Man.” Miss Delois Smith is enrolled trying to catch her favorite beau, who is a champion wrestler. Mildred Jordan an “A” student, is enrolled trying to catch Mr. Henderson Rowley, who has several medals for spear fishing. What an inspiring school!! At this time Messers. Joseph Nottingham, Sincroe Beckett, and Raymond Savage are arguing about who can “Walk” best. So far, Joseph “hops” good, Sincroe “runs” better, and Raymond “walks” best. These boys actually ride the freight train so much that they’ve forgotten how to use their feet or legs. Misses Ethel Giddens and Mary Scarborough teamed up as women wrestlers have just toured the world. They were accompanied by two nationally known male wrestlers, Mr. Robert Lindsey and Mr. Melvin Fox. They went around the world in a specially built airplane. What a fall that might have been. They are all going on diets soon, but they have been saying that for twenty years. Oh! yea, Miss Doris Upshur who was a quiet girl in “58” has flipped her coins. She bets tails with Miss Beatrice Spady over Mr. Wardell Nottingham. Doris says “Tails she wins or there’ll be no heads at all.” A last look in the Crystal Ball and what do we see!! Three boys playing loving bumble bees. Messrs. John Morris, Robert Joyner, and Calvin Roane are fighting over Miss Neva Moses, the quiet one. So far it is a tie between Robert and Calvin, since John is really more interested in his drawings than in anything else. The Crystal Ball is a little shook up; so I guess I’d better hop out and quit the scene for now. It has been a pleasure for me to keep you up to date and pass data on the happenings. This is Marva Ashby, as Madam Rose Louise, saying, “So long until another graduating class passes my way.” SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARVA ASHBY Treasurer BURLEY ANDREWS Sergeant at Arms DONALD GEORGE Vice-President JUANITA MARSHALL Business Manager LYDIA SPADY Secretary DOROTHY ROANE Assistant Secretary MILDRED JORDAN Chaplain SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST CITIZENS Doris Upshur and Donald George BEST DRESSED Sylvia Bacote and Frank Holland TALLEST Ethel Giddens and Melvin Fox SMALLEST Eugenia Spady and Johnnie Rowley a . 1 4 ; , ■ NEATEST Beulah Floyd and Joseph Nottingham MOST UNCOOPERATIVE Delois Smith and James Upshur CUTEST Juanita Marshall and John Francis BEST DANCERS Betty Harris and Joseph Nottingham :j | 1 k BEST SINGERS Lydia Spady and William Chapman BEST ATHLETES Dorothy Roane and Burley Andrews LARGEST Mary Scarborough and Robert Lindsey SHORTEST Alice White and Raymond Savage SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST COUPLE Mildred Jordan and Henderson Rowley KINDEST Essie Hunt and Robert Lindsey BEST STUDENTS Margaret Johnson and Paul Sample BEST SPEAKERS Maxine Smith and Paul Sample BEST PERSONALITY Lydia Spady and Clarence Walker MOST POPULAR Dorothy Roane and Henderson Rowley MOST SERIOUS Doris Upshur and Wardell Nottingham CALMEST Marva Ashby and Allen BaHer BEST LOOKING Lydia Spady and Paul Sample LAZIEST Carrie Gunter and Melvin Fox NOISIEST Gloria Wilson and Charles Hallett FIGURE PHYSIQUE Ruth Spady and Henderson Rowley ANNUAL STAFF STANDING, Left to Right: Paul Sample, Editor-in-Chief; Dorothy Roane, Frank Holland, Jr. , John Mor¬ ris, Lydia Spady, Calvin Roane, Juanita Marshall, Freddie Giddens, Margaret Johnson, Marva Ashby and Donald George. SEATED: Beulah Floyd, Doris Upshur, Wardell Nottingham, Maxine Smith, William Chapman, Ethel Giddens, Johnnie Rowley, Rutherford Sample, Carrie Thomas and Neva Moses. CLASS POEM IT’S TIME TO LEAVE Northampton High we hate to leave. But this is a must we all believe. Although we may go far away, We ' ll be thinking of you from day to day. II We have learned as the days have passed; We have crossed one bridge of success. It is hard for each of us to express The things we’ve accomplished and our happiness. III The past years will be long remembered; They were lovely as we started in September. We have dreamed that this day would come, And now our delightful chore is done. IV Of many helpful things we have a clearer view, But our days at Northampton are almost through. So long Northampton High we say to you. Good-bye, Northampton High, Good-bye. Composed by: Marva Ashby JUNIOR A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT C. Fitchett SECRETARY TREASURER G. Harmon V. Sample CHAPLAIN M. Foeman SERGEANT-AT-ARMS We, the Junior " A " Class entered school this term with enthusiasm. We are striving to make our Junior year one of worthwhile attainment. During the second week of our school term, we organized our class and began to strive hard to uphold the high standards of our school. This year, under the supervision of Miss L. E. Upshur, our Homeroom Teacher, we are attempting to sponsor with the cooperation of Junior " B " and " C " , one of the best Junior and Senior Proms in the school ' s history. We pledged ourselves to devote our time to learning the better things of life. We were proud to have Lois Williams as our contestant for Homecoming Activity, and our May Queen contestant was Marie Treherne. To the members of the 1958 Graduating Class: " We hope you will excel in all your undertakings. " C. Spady JUNIOR 8 CLASS CLASS OFFICERS ASSISTANT SECRETARY R. Lecator C. Smith M. Patterson T. Nottingham TREASURER We, the members of 11 B Class, entered Northampton County High School for the fourth time September 1957. Miss Turner was assigned as our Homeroom Teacher. She has worked faith¬ fully with us in all of our activities. We were represented in the Homecoming Activities by Mary Collins, May Queen Contestant was Ger¬ trude Fisher, Alease Sample and Roy Bell are our Student Council Representatives. We wish all members of the Senior Class much success in the future. CHAPLAIN W. Smith M. Simpkins JUNIOR C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Luvenia Spady VICE-PRESIDENT Margaret Dixon SECRETARY Odessa Griffin TREASURER Charles Davis BUSINESS MANAGER We, the members of the 11C Class, entered the Northampton County High School on Septem¬ ber 3, 1957, with high hopes of success. Under the supervision of our homeroom teacher. Miss Cumber, we are striving toward and looking to the better things of life. We were represented in the Homecoming Festival by Irene Boyd, and as May Queen Contestant we have selected Luvenia Spady. To the members of the Senior Class we say, " May you always strive to do your best and grasp every opportunity to make your life a successful one. " SERGEANT -AT - ARMS William Wynder Richard Smaw JUNIOR SNAPS a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X XX N XXX X S. NXX ' NX " XXX XX X X x XXX x X X X X X X XXX XX Vx X X X XXXV SOPHOMORE A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS SERGEANT - AT - ARMS ASSISTANT SECRETARY We, the members of 10-C Class, started back to school under the supervision of Mrs. E. S. McCuller, September 7, 1957. Miss Francis Bibbins, our Homeroom Contestant, was crowned " Miss Homecoming " for the year of 1957-58. We have elected our May Queen Contestant, and we are hoping she will do equally as well. To the Graduating Class of 1958, we say, " Strive not to equal but to excel in all your under¬ takings. " E. Holbrook S. Spady SOPHOMORE 8 CLASS PRESIDENT W. Nottingham CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY R. Rogers J. Shockley TREASURER J. Smaw BUSINESS MANAGER In September of 1955, we, the present Sophomore Class Section-B, enter¬ ed Northampton County High School as Eighth Graders. At the time we were without a complete knowledge of what our duties were. However, we were eager to discover these " unknowns " and to make ourselves intelligent. Mrs. M. B. Collins was assigned as our Homeroom Teacher to help us accomplish these ends. During our Freshman year Mr. Busch was our Homeroom Teacher. Under the guidance of our present Homeroom Advisor, Mrs. B. M. Ervin, we are continuing to climb the ladder of success. " Graduating Seniors, " to you, we wish a bright and successful future. Also, we wish to make one request of you, " Leave us a light to follow. " S. Beckett PRESIDENT Catherine Arnold PARLIAMENTARIAN SOPHOMORE C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CHAPLAIN f D. Nottingham Georgia Spady John Collins Shirley Sample ASSISTANT SECRETARY I. We, the members of IOC, entered Northampton County High School in September 1955. To our school we brought fond memories of elementary days; we successfully passed eighth and ninth grades and are now poised to become " juniors " . Under the supervision of Mr. J. B. Cook, we ' re striving towards the better things of life. Delores Nottingham, our Homecoming Contestant for 1957, work¬ ed hard along with Maggie Heath to represent our class. To our 1958 Graduating Class we extend our best wishes for con¬ tinued success. We trust you will continue your education. " Choose what you like, but be the best! " Gloria Kates M. Nottingham SOPHOMORE SNAPS ■ FRESHMAN A CLASS CLASS OFFICERS BUSINESS MANAGER B. Burrows SECRETARY PRESIDENT P. Collins CHAPLAIN G. Wynder M. Rowley TREASURER We, the members of Sophomore A Section, enrolled at Northampton County High School under the supervision of Mr. Charles E. Jones, September 2, 1956. We enjoyed our first year very much, because it gave us many enjoyable experiences. This year we were sent to Mr. E. Busch, Jr. Once more we have progressed far under his guidance. We are very proud of our Homeroom Class¬ mates representing us in the many organizations here at school. Bessie Burrows represented us for Homecoming. Carolyn Ayres represented us in our May Day Festivities. We wish for the Graduating Class of 1958 much success and a bright future. M. Baines FRESHMAN 8 CLASS ■ CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT L. Cypress VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER M. Stanford C. Weeks M. Helm ASSISTANT SECRETARY On the seventh day of September 1956 we, the members of the Freshman " B " Class, entered Northampton County High School as Eighth Graders with Mrs. E. S. McCuller as sponsor. We have made much progress during the school term and have enjoyed our extracurricular activities. We are proud of the fact that our May Queen Contestant for 1957, Miss Margaret Lee, won the coveted title. To the members of the Graduating Class of 1958, we wish luck and a bright future in all of their undertakings. CHAPLAIN L. Satchell R. Upshur FRESHMAN C CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT E. Goodwyn VICE-PRESIDENT W. Sample SECRETARY L. Morris TREASURER A. Walker ASSISTANT SECRETARY We, the members of the Freshman Class, Section-C, entered Northampton County High School as Eighth Graders on September 3, 1956, with much en¬ thusiasm; enthusiastic because of the opportunity to attend the same school with high school students. On the other hand, things looked a little dark. It seemed as if we were reaching for a star that could never be reached. Mrs. M. B. Collins, our Homeroom Advisor, stepped in at the opportune time and gave us our first important boost. As Freshmen, with a new Homeroom Teacher, Miss A. J. Barber, we have begun the year 1957-58 with a brighter outlook on life. We have con¬ tributed and participated in all the major activities on the campus. To the Graduating Class of 1958, we wish luck, success and a bright future. Bon Voyage! M. Hallett FRESHMAN D CLASS PRESIDENT P. Williams TREASURER CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY W. Jackson E. Sunkins We, the members of the Freshman " D " Section, enrolled in the Northampton County High School in 1957. We were represented in the Homecoming Activity by Ester Kates, and in May Day Activity by Gladys Johnson. This year under the supervision of Mr. Fields, we are devoting our time to learning how to live with ourselves and with others. We wish the members of the 1958 Graduating Class much success in their every undertaking, and as they move towards their goals, may they leave a light for us to follow. ANT SECRETARY S. Rowley CHAPLAIN S. Richardson G. Boyd ■ ' ' EIGHTH GRADE A CLASS PRESIDENT A. Mendoza TREASURER L. Thompson CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY J. Reid W. Sample On September 3, 1957, we, the members of the 8-A Section entered Northampton County High School with Mrs. M. S. Green as our home¬ room teacher. With her help we were soon ad¬ justed and looking forward to the coming year. We are extending our best wishes to the Senior Class of 1958. ASSISTANT SECRETARY A. Wright BUSINESS MANAGER D. Smith EIGHTH GRADE B CLASS CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT C. Trower VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY ASSISTANT SECRETARY M. Rawlings C. Upshur C. Smith BUSINESS MANAGER We, the members of Section 8B of N.C.H. S. , entered school on September 3, 1958, with much enthusiasm. Since that time we have participated in several school activities. We are at present look¬ ing forward to our annual " May Day " activity. We are very proud to say that our section is well organized with very efficient members serv¬ ing as officers. To the members of the Graduation Class of 1958, we wish you much success in the future. CHAPLAIN J. Dickens T. Beach EIGHTH GRADE C CLASS PRESIDENT C. L. Upshur CHAPLAIN CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER J. Gunter L. Stevens We, the members of the Eighth " C " Section, enrolled at Northampton County High School on September 3, 1957, with Mr. V. Adair as our Homeroom Teacher. Marqueenia Adair was our Contestant for Miss Homecoming in November. We are ex¬ tremely happy to have selected Emily Sisco as our May Queen Contestant. To the members of the 1958 Graduating Class, we extend our best wishes for success in the future. SECRETARY M. Adair BUSINESS MANAGER H. Harmon M. Nottingham EIGHTH GRADE V CLASS CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT C. Matthews C. Arnold SECRETARY C. Upshur CHAPLAIN We entered Northampton County High School on September 3, 1957, as members of the eighth grade. We were assigned Section " D” with Mr. Floyd Davis as our Homeroom Teacher. Mr. Davis entered the Army in November, and Mrs. Eunice F. Morris was assigned as our teacher. For our Homecoming Festivities we were represented by Delores Carpenter and May Day by Burley Taylor. We hope that each member of the Gradu¬ ating Class will find success in a bright and happy future. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS C. Sample C. Christian EIGHTH GRADE E CLASS PRESIDENT CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY A. Johnson M. Rowley S. Mitchell J. Spady TREASURER We, the members of Eighth " E " Class enter¬ ed Northampton County High School on September 3, 1957. We entered this school with very anxious faces, but within our hearts we were determined to uphold the high standards of our Dear Alma Mater. We were assigned to Mrs. E. U. Jones as Homeroom Teacher. We were represented in the Homecoming Activities by Miss Shirley Mitchell, who was runner-up. To the Graduating Class of 1958, we wish much success in your future endeavors. BUSINESS MANAGER B. Ayres C. Sheppard FRESHMAN SNAPS NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The New Homemakers of America wish to extend congratulations to this five year graduating class. We admire your determination having reached this longer goal. We, the New Homemakers of America are ever trying to reach greater heights. Our officers and faithful members wish for you much success in your undertakings. SENIOR HOMEMAKERS AT WORK NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA The members of the Northampton N.F.A. Chapter are very proud of the members of the Graduating Class who have served as officers, chairman of committees and as representatives for the chapter at various gatherings. Our Chapter has progressed because each of you placed your “EXPLORER” into ORBIT with its transmitters giving forth new ideas and suggestions for a better chapter. To the members of the 1958 Graduating Class, we extend our best wishes for success. As you go through life, may you hitch your determination to a more distant star, remembering that: “You are becom¬ ing now what you are to become.” N.F.A. MEMBER S AT WORK HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES crowned Miss Homecoming by our Principal, Mr. W.H. Smith. Amid enthusiastic cheers from the assembled students, alumni, and visitors, Wardell Nottingham escorted Miss Homecoming to her throne from whence she reigned over the days activities. These were highlighted by a parade of beautifully decorated floats, representing various classes and school organizations, and a demonstration from the Maryland State College Drill Team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Co-Captain, Henderson Rowley; Marqueenia Adair, Bessie Burrows, Ester Kates, Margie Stevens, Alvanette Mendoza, Mabel Hallett, Shirley Beckett, Deloris Carpenter, Delores Nottingham, Irene Boyd, Mattie Rawlings, Carrie Thomas, Co-Captain Burley Andrews; and Robert Lindsey. GIRLS P.E. CLASS N.C.H.S. SAFETY PATROL The School Safety Patrol Club is designed to protect the students riding the school bus. There are many other duties that the Patrol Club has inside the school building and on the grounds. The Patrol Club members are selected with the hope that they will set an example for the student body. The officers are: Paul Sample, President; Charlie Smith, Vice-President; Charles Hallett, Secretary; William Trower, Assistant Secretary; Jerome Stanford, Treasurer; Cornelious Spady, Chaplain; Earl Wescott, Lieutenant. BUS DRIVERS STANDING, Left to Right: Mr. Clarence Joyner, Mr. George Treherne, Mr. Jerome Stanford, Mr. Isaac Thompson, Mr. Charles, Wescott, Mr. David Bailey. KNEELING: Mr. Cecil Collins, Mr. George Waters, Mr. James Johnson and Mr. Cecil Jones. FRENCH CLUB This year we have two French classes which are combined as one French Club. Our senior officers are from the French 11 class and our junior officers are from French 1 class. Our officers are: President, Margaret Johnson; Vice-President, Charlie Smith; Secretary, Lydia Spady; Assistant Secretary, Gracie Harmon; Treasurer, Sylvia Bacote; Parliamentarian, Roosevelt Spady; Business Manager, Frank Holland; Chaplain, Doris Upshur. In the spring ofeachyear wehave a French Ball which has become something to which we look forward to with great anticipation. Our project this year is to buy French Dictionaries so that the students in the future French classes will profit from them. Our advisor is Mrs. B. M. Ervin. N.C.H.S. BAND The Northampton County High School Band was organized at the beginning of last year. Inasmuch as this is a new organization, we are short of members and instrumentation. Despite this fact, thus far, the band has done a very good job. The members have shown a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for this new offering. During the spring the Band presented its first joint concert with the Chorus. To the Graduating class of 1958, we the members of the Band, extend best wishes for a future of happiness and success. CHORUS The Northampton County High School Chorus, under the supervision of Mr. Edward Busch, Jr. and assisted by Mrs. E.U. Jones, has been making rapid progress again this year. Nine members of the chorus represented this county at the Bi-County Teachers Meeting at M.N. Smith High School. The Choir’s pre¬ sentation of its annual Christmas Cantata was quite a success this year. We presented “The Birth of the Christ Child” by Rolfe. Our special congratulations go out to those seniors who have worked so faithfully with the organ¬ ization, and to all the members of the graduating class of 1958 we extend our best wishes for a successful career. DRAMATICS The N.C.H.S. “Little Theater,” better known as the Dramatic Club, presented a three-act Comedy “Tomorrow’s A Lovely Day” May 31, 1957. The play was a success, and we were proud of our efforts. We extend to the Graduating Class of 1958 our best wishes for a successful future. Our officers are: Beulah Floyd, President; Clarence Fitchett, Vice-President; Marva Ashby, Secre¬ tary; Alice Harmon, Assistant Secretary; Delores Smith, Treasurer; Nellie Bell, Chaplain; Dorothy Roane, Business Manager; Thelma Robinson, Reporter; Mable Thomas, Sergeant-at-Arms. HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society was organized for the purpose of encouraging high scholastic achievement and moral character among our students. To each of the seniors we extend our heartiest congratulations and sincere wishes for a long and prosperous life. SEATED ABOVE, Left to Right: Frances Bibbins, Ruth Rogers, Annie Allen, Mary Johnson, Maggie Fitchett, Lydia Spady, Dorothy Roane, Doris Upshur, Delores Nottingham, Wilhelmina Smith, Elizabeth Loflin, Catherine Arnold, Mildred Upshur, and Grade Harmon. STANDING: Carrie Weeks, Freddie Giddens, Paul Sample, Theodore Johnson, Clarence Fitchett, Jimmy Brown, Donald George, Charlie Smith, Albert Wright, Harold Nottingham, Mary Rowley, Ellen Goqdwyn, Margaret Helm, Beulah Floyd, and Mar¬ garet Johnson. A SCIENCE GROUP AT WORK LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club, an organization which has functioned in the school for several years,has as its objectives the following: 1. To plan and present programs and exhibits that will advertise our lib rary. 2. To help keep our room well organized and clean at all times. 3. To aid the Library financially. 4. To help our students become more familiar with Library rules and regulations. 5. To encourage students and teachers to use the library more often. 6. To create within our student body an interest in selecting good books. The high light of the year was the receiving of our Club Pins during our first assembly. STUDENT PUBLICATION The objective of the school paper, “The Lighthouse,” is to develop and encourage ideals through effective journalistic activities. We feel it fitting to congratulate the staff for its interest, hard work, and effective participation in successfully producing the issues of the “LIGHTHOUSE.” CAFETERIA STAFF Your School Lunch Personnel have put forth a special effort to make the school lunch a focal point in the development of good health habits. We hope we have contributed our part in your educational scheme by providing meals which apply the theories of health and nutrition learned in the classroom. Congratulations to the members of the 1958 Graduating Class. Mrs. Sallie Seaton, Manager Mrs. Margaret Wynder Mrs. Emma S. Baker Miss Ann Wilkins ENJOYING A WELL BALANCED MEAL CAMPUS SCENES J£ IP BASKETBALL V.I.A.L. Group 11, Eastern District Champions: Won 10 and lost 2. KNEELING, Left to Right: Mr. L.R. Burton, Coach; William Chapman, Henderson Rowley, Alvis Adair, Sincroe Beckett, Wilmer Francis, and Burley Andrews, Captain. STANDING: John Collins, Alfred Johnson, Frank Holland, Benjamin Weeks, Charles Hallett, Donald George, Charlie Smith and Albert Wright. FOOTBALL 1957 Season’s Record: Won 5 and lost 1. FRONT ROW; Mr. R.L. Burton, Coach; James Benn, James Jordan, Joseph Dunton, Freddie Giddens, Bobby Custis, James Morefield, Chales Hallett, Aron Townsend, Charles Starchia, Trainer; Albert Wright, Trainer. SECOND ROW: Mr. V. Adair, Assistant Coach; Clarence Walker, Alvis Adair, Calvin Roane, William Chapman, Henderson Rowley, Captain; Donald George, Cor- nelious Spady, Calvin Jarvis, Trainer; PaulSample, Mr.O. Kornegay, Assistant Coach. THIRD ROW: Char¬ lie Smith, John Collins, Frederick Reid, Cecil Baines, Melvin Fox, Robert Lindsey, Alfonso Staten, Burley Andrews, Co-Captain; Benjamin Weeks. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM The Girls Basketball Team, coached by Miss Cumber, is an organization to improve the skills of and promote better sportsmanship of the players and students. KNEELING, Left to Right: Catherine Arnold, Lydia Spady, Margaret Johnson, Betty Harris, Delois Nottingham, Maggie Fitchett. STANDING: Dorothy Roane, Maxine Smith, Mary Rowley, Shirley Spady, Annie Allen, Ethel Giddens, Juanita Shockley, and Mary Johnson, Trainer. GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls Athletic Association is organized to encourage the girls in all phases of the physical ed¬ ucation program, to promote good scholarship, school spirit and to establish the idea of health, and to de¬ velop a true spirit of sportsmanship in all its members. OFFICERS: Margaret Johnson, President; Maxine Smith, Vice-President; Lydia Spady, Secretary; Beulah Floyd, Recorder. CHEERLEADERS The N.C.H.S. Cheerleaders presented the football team a Victory Dance during the season and cheered them on to great victories. We travelled along with the basketball team to give them coul age to march on to win the District Championship again. The “N”: Eunice Williams. Co-Captain, Otha Smith, Moses Mapp, Dorothy Roane, Captain; Maxine Smith, Marion Nottingham, Joyce Harris, Robert Harmon. NOT SHOWN: Georgia Spady. BOVS ' P.E. CLASS $ $ ■¥ iiiifiitUB “HIIIm m CAMPUS SCENES ETZ JEWELERS Every Graduate Deserves Something Special And Something From The Jeweler ' s Is Always Something Special We Invite You To Come In And See Our Displays CAPE CHARLES Compliments TANKARDS PHARMACY We Will Fill Your Doctor ' s Prescriptions And Care For Your Other Medicines Phone - B. H. 2-9571 or 2-6125 EXMORE Compliments NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY CAPE CHARLES Compliments GRIFF ' S LUNCHEONETTE Soda Fountain Magazines Newspapers A SNACK |j Patent Medicines OR A Gifts - Toys SACK Hobbies Trailways Bus Depot 275 Mason Ave. CAPE CHARLES Compliments CLYDE V. NORDSTROM GULF OIL PRODUCTS Onancock NORTANE GAS CO., INC, Exmore NORDSTROM BROTHERS Belle Haven Compliments SUBURBAN PROPANE GAS CORP atifouA ' ONLEY BURNETT - WALTON RECAPPING EXMORE CURTIS RECORD SHOP All The Latest Tunes RADIO and TELEVISION EXMORE TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY ALL TYPES OF JOB PRINTING OFFICE LyOn £ 0 SUPPLIES CAPE CHARLES LEWIS SEA FOOD MARKET Oysters Clams F ish Fish Bait Fresh Eggs Crab Meat CAPE CHARLES Congratulations E. H. CLEANERS Phone: Cape Charles 312 CAPE CHARLES Compliments NORTHAMPTON SERVICE STATION Dealer In TEXACO OIL PRODUCTS —in all 48 States OLD VIRGINIA BAKERY PRODUCTS CAPE CHARLES Compliments UNITED FOOD STORE Frozen Meats Fresh Fruits TYNDALL SHOE REPAIR SHOES REPAIREi Canned Foods Vegetables Mrs. Morris A. Bilich Proprietor CAPE CHARLES E. L. Tyndall, Proprietor CAPE CHARLES Visit MARILYN FASHION SHOPPE r, Compliments SAMPLE BARBER SHOP Latest Styles Fine s t Quality L Mrs. Edyth W. Gray, Manager CAPE CHARLES THE SAMPLE BROTHERS CAPE CHARLES Compliments GENE CORBETT SPORT LINES " THE SHORE ' S LEADER IN SPORTS " Fishing Tackle Hobbies Archery Badminton Baseball Football Basketball Ammunition Guns Golf Tennis Softball Soccer Trophies Don Bowden, School Representative Phone - PI 9-9412 or PI 2-2051 314 EAST MAIN STREET SALISBURY, MARYLAND Compliments EWELL ' S FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES NORGE REFRIGERATORS, WASHERS, DRYERS RANGES MAYTAG WASHERS, DRYERS RANGES FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS, WASHERS, DRYERS RANGES HOT POINT SYLVANIA TELEVISION SETS POPULAR RECORDS CAPE CHARLES GIFTS DIAMONDS WATCHES N. F. JACOBS 6c SON Jewelers Since 1882 Cameras Leather Goods Musical Instruments 815 E. Broad Street Compliments CHERfTON T V CENTER RICHMOND VIRGINIA ADMIRAL Compliments MARSH ' S GROCERY Phone - Bel. Haven 2-6088 EMERSON MOTOROLA DUMONT Phone - Cape Charles 472 Mr. L. L. Marsh, Proprietor SHADYSIDE and WEIRWOOD CHERITON EXMORE Compliments BEN FRANKLIN STORE Compliments TANKARD AND KELLAM WEIRWOOD HOLLAND FUNERAL HOME Frank B. Holland, Funeral Director and Embalmer Ruby T. Holland Funeral Director and Beautician Phone - Cape Charles 289W CHERITON, VIRGINIA Compliments HENRY IMPRINTING SERVICE Phone - B. H. 2-3036 Office Supplies Printing Stationery 11 Compliments BELLS RADIO SERVICE Don ' t Monkey With Your Radio " Call Us - OR 8-5704 si I RADIO REPAIRS W. T. Henry, Proprietor NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA Pick Up 6c Delivery Service Clem Bell, Manager 6c Owner EASTVILLE H. M. LEWIS Dealer In GENERAL MERCHANDISE TIP TOP FOOD STORES B 6c B MARKET Groceries Meats Produce Groceries A Specialty WARDTOWN, VIRGINIA Delivery Service EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA JOHN O. 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Suggestions in the Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) collection:

Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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