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Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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o ' y .r r XJL c,; % . Aj ?o Sj ■ yo ' V ' a r ' ■ ' ' b. J - » ' u A K A ( , yyrtA }f {itcAAX- . ' 4 ' ' ' t io-cjL AJic u: - ' ij J lx, uaAj) UtJ — 9 U 5 i Xt e S ffu 7 1 (4 t i S9 f e. r s s caa ' i. Aa ' ' 9 ' S. (e y 2- a 5; Jyi K T ' Qa r7 au c 4 y A y, aJcXJ vnjl» • i. - 1» il »■) J ' 4 1 ' «• .h ' •’ ' ,„.( ' I ' h ■ ' .’ A» ' ’ r ' : t so- ' i ' y i,. K !« ' ' ' “ . ' ■ ‘‘i ' l ] 1 ' ' 4 DEDICATION We, the Graduating Classof 1955, do hereby dedicate this “LIGHT¬ HOUSE” to our parents and to the citizens of Northampton County. To them we feel that we owe a debt of gratitude for the measure of success that we have attained at this point. We know that without the guidance, understanding, and financial support of our parents and citizens, a large part of our past efforts would have been in vain; and it will be because of their continuing inspiration that we shall be able to live up to our motto and move “Toward Higher Goals” in the years that lie ahead. THE SENIORS m PRIXCIPAL’S MESSAGE Greetings To Class Of ’55 My young friends, again it is my special privilege to congratulate and felicitate a group of future American citizens. It is my belief that the mature citizens of this County will be very happy as they examine your accomplishments over this short period of time. When we think of you “Yesterday” and “Today” we can but see that your future pos¬ sibilities for “Tomorrow” are unlimited. As we look through the yearbook edited by the class just before you, it brings happiness, coupled with smiles, because we well re¬ member how they labored together in order that your “Lighthouse” may continue to shine. We are certain that the experience gained from that publication meant much to them. Now you have had a similiar ex¬ perience and we shall look upon the 1955 “Lighthouse” with as much enthusiasm and happiness. As you leave us we want you to remember that all people of the world want peace, social progress and better standards of living. These are our hopes for tomorrow. You have a part to play in building a better world. The maroon and gold banner is now placed in your hands and if you uphold its principles, you too will contribute much to the peace and understanding of the world. God bless all of you and give you a long life of useful, happy service. W. H. Smith a. Ifi . . . 7y ry 7: f ■ »i 3 , i ' !-- ’i«r! ' ’j!?ai5r ' -Vl ' ' ' ' • . ■ _ _ . . I r ' - . 1 14 . . K- . . ' i % S - „ • •■ ' . ' ' „ i ,• ' ' ' ' ’ ' •■; : C ' ' i -: . : ' v ■ • ’ ' . ' A ' - W;). " ■ 1 ' . - • » . bt LN . - ' i ' i- •-■■ ' ' . y.s ,- - ' A ( - fe ' » j. • •, ' ' ' i Jf ' C ,! Wf 44. Vi . ' ■ o. aiA ' cTj ' V i •■ YVVry- ' li ' - VJ •- ' .ev.ra f .1 • i i ' • ' i I .= » ■ ‘’H ‘fft ‘ i ' S 4 . 44 n » c ir-’ .e ■ •ii " ' " .. ' . .i- ' V ' ' ■ ■- " •.■ ■•■■ ' 4 ' - ., , ■ 1 • ' l V ' t. ' - • • 5111 ' ' ■ ri J, ,J ■- ' ' ■ - T Iw ' ..•, ' 4 “5; bkj _ ' J? ■- • ’ K .. ‘ ' « " ■• ' ' PAA, ♦fe r ■ • .1 ' k ♦ ‘ H i . ♦ a r • 1 ' ' ' •% . ' I ' 4 1 c - - v ?! ' ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ . ' -V _ .«r , " ♦ 3?? ' n ADMINISTRATION Mrs. S. R. Carr Mrs. I. J. Williams SECRETARY HOME ECONOMICS Mr. C. N. Williams AGRICULTURE Miss D. M, Turner Mrs. M. B. Poole librarian ENGLISH ADMINISTRATION Mrs. M. B. Collins MAT t- mATICS Mrs. H. D. Upshur SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. T. R. Vasser Mr. W. J. Hopkins SOCIAL STUDIES AGRICULTURE ADMINISTRATION ms Mr. J. B. Cook SCIENCE Mr. E. B. Busch, Jr. MUSIC Miss B. M. Collins Miss B. B. Wright SCIENCE PHYSICAL EDUCATION STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING, Left to Right: Vivian Spady, President; Willie Armstrong, Reporter; Calvin Roane, Assistant Judge; Roy Bell, Samuel Nottingham, John Brisco, Judge. SEATED. Louvenia Spady, Chaplain; Delois Smith, Gladys Sample, Margaret Johnson, Secretary; Juanita Marshall, Treasurer; Flourine Turner, Vice-President; Mable Thomas, Martha White, Dorothy Sample, Odelle Johnson, Assistant Secretary. NOT SHOWN: Sponsors are: Miss D. M. Turner, Miss B. McQuaige, Mr. J. B. Cook. GUIDANCE COMMITTEE The Guidance Committee is composed of the following: Left to Right: Mr. John Cook, Miss Marqueener Collins, Mr. Theodore Vasser, Miss Bernice McQuaige, Mr. Williarr H. Smith and Miss Doris Turner. is ' ” j •.. •• ■• ■■nyf ' tM •:.m- f ' " “f ' i ' V- ' . « ■ ■. ;5; •- ' W ;• ’. - ' 2 v V. ► ,» » V ■yi.- -: ' •’ fr r t ‘ ' C ; A ' ' i-, LJ.V . • ■, 7 ri-.. - -tj, " i: ’X i r 7 ' ' ». ‘ ’1 V , r%T. ?r • ■ ■ ■ ' ' ' 0 ■ ■■ vi-?: ■■ -5 i ' . ' i: ' r ' ? ' -- • ' » ' ' ' • - K ' ■ iV THE ANNUAL STAFF yu n J STANDING, Left to Right: Alyin ' Dc ing.Sales Manager Thomas Godwin.Publicity Director John Jordan.Editor-In-Chief Norman Mapp.Business Manager Joseph Satchell.Art Editor Cassell Davis.Assistant Editor SEATED, Left to Right: Shirley Usher.Social Editor Thomas Ames.Sports Editor Elizabeth Savage.Class Editor Thelma Moses.Literary Editor Mary Jenkins.i..Alumni Editor James Monroe. 1 .Advertising Manager NAME; Quincey Tony Adair ADDRESS; Exmore, Virginia, RED AMBITION; Lawyer HOBBY; Reading NICKNAME; “Tony” PET SAYING; “Everything Copesetic” PET SONG; “God Only Knows” NAME; Sadie Odiel Ames ADDRESS; Cape Charles, Va. , RED AMBITION; Stenographer HOBBY; Reading NICKNAME; “Cordelia” PET SAYING: “PH Never Tell” PET SONG: “Coca Mo” NAME; Thomas Mario Ames ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Pro. Eootball Player HOBBY: Swimming NICKNAME: “Eeety” PET SAYING: “Let’s Have a Party” PET SONG: “Tonight We Love” NAME; William Anderson ADDRESS; Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION; Salesman HOBBY; Reading NICKNAME: “Bill” PET SAYING; “Most Likely, Not Hardly” PET SONG; “I Need You Now” NAME; Willie Armstrong, Jr. ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION; Baseball Pitcher HOBBY: Playing Baseball NICKNAME: “Boatlong” PET SAYING: “You Don’t Know,Do You? ” PET SONG: “Pledging My Love” NAME: Helen G. Bailey ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY; Playing Ball NICKNAME; “Doll Baby” PET SAYING; “It’s Up To You” PET SONG; “I Can’t Hold Out” NAME; Rufus Eranklin Bailey ADDRESS; Cheapside, Virginia AMBITION; Mechanical Drawing HOBBY; Sports NICKNAME; “Skeeter” PET SAYING: “Need Beef” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME; Violet Sarah Bailey ADDRESS: Concord Wharf, Virginia AMBITION; Musician HOBBY; Reading NICKNAME: “Vi” PET SAYING; ‘ ‘You Must Be Eoolish’ ’ PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: William Henry Bailey ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY; Playing Basketball NICKNAME; “Frog Leg” PET SAYING: “Play It Cool” PET SONG; “Twenty Five Lies” NAME; Yvonne Lucy Baker ADDRESS; Cheapside, Virginia AMBITION; Dancing Instructor HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Vaughn” PET SAYING: “You Must Be Foolish” PET SONG: “Hearts Made of Stone” NAME: Walter Ivory Beckett ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Pro. Basketball Player HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Walt” PET SAYING: “Told Him Stop” PET SONG: “Pledging My Love” NAME: Catherine Edna Brickhouse ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Music Teacher HOBBY: “Going To Movice” NICKNAME: “Cat” PET SAYING: “You Are Kidding” PET SONG: “Sincerely” NAME; Joseph C. Brickhouse ADDRESS: Treherneville, Virginia AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “ J. C. ” PET SAYING: “You Better Believe” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: John William Brisco ADDRESS; Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Bill” PET SAYING; “Say” PET SONG: “I Know” NAME: Thelma Mae Burgess ADDRESS; Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Secretary HOBBY: Playing Piano NICKNAME: “Birdie” PET SAYING; “Catch That Ball” PET SONG: “Just Jesus” NAME; Lency Belle Collins ADDRESS: Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION; Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: “Belle” PET SAYING; Don’t Ask Me Why” PET SONG; “She’s The One” NAME: Alvin Downing ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Al” PET SAYING: “No Kidding” PET SONG: “Hearts of Stone” NAME: Frederick Lee Drummond A_DDRESS: Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION: Professional Boxer HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Nipplers” PET SAYING: “No Kidding” PET SONG: “Sneaking Around” NAME: Sarah Delane Finney ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Musician HOBBY: Driving NICKNAME: “Del” PET SAYING: “Go Ahead” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: Mary Lucille Fisher ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Mae” PET SAYING: “Oh Boy!” PET SONG; “Earth Angel” NAME; Richard Louis George ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Electrical Engineer HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME; “Lou” PET SAYING: “Oh, Yes!” PET SONG; “Melody of Love” NAME: Thomas Jefferson Giddens ADDRESS: Birds Nest, Virginia AMBITION: Artist HOBBY: Swimming NICKNAME: “Galligan” PET SAYING: “Watch Yourself” PET SONG; “Sneaking Around” NAME: Thomas George Godwin ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Mortician HOBBY: Swimming NICKNAME: “Snookie” PET SAYING: “No Joke?” PET SONG: “The Naughty Lady” NAME: Raymond Gunter, Jr. ADDRESS; Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: P. E. Instructor HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Jabo” PET SAYING: “Go Ahead” PET SONG; “This Old House” NAME: Mabel Elizabeth Harmon ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Shortie” PET SAYING: “Think I Ain’t? ” PET SONG: “Sincerely” NAME: Elizabeth Harris ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION:, Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: “Sister” PET SAYING: “Au Choobie Au” PET SONG: “Let Me Go Lover” NAME: Lorraine Hill ADDRESS: Birds Nest, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Playing Music NICKNAME: “Butch” PET SAYING: “Don’t Ask Me” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: Prince Theodore Hyslop ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Pro. Football Player HOBBY: Listening To Records NICKNAME: “Champ” PET SAYING: “You’ll Never Know” PET SONG: “Mother Dear” NAME: Mary Agnes Jenkins ADDRESS: Birds Nest, Virginia AMBITION: Telephone Operator HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Jinks” PET SAYING: “What’s The Good Word” PET SONG: “Pledging My Love” NAME: Hatterine Johnson ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: TeacherJ . ’ ' HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: “Rene” PET SAYING: “I’ll Bet” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: Odelle William Johnson ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Mathematician HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Iodine” PET SAYING: “What’s The Good Word’ ’ PET SONG: “Off Shore” NAME: Bobby Lynwood Jordan ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virgin ia AMBITION: Pro. Football Player HOBBY: Listening To Music NICKNAME: “Skipper” PET SAYING: That’s The Size of It” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: John Lane Jordan ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Singer HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Big Jawn” PET SAYING: “Oh, For Goodness Sake’’ PET SONG: “Papa Loves Mambo’’ NAME: Norman Jefferson Mapp ADDRESS; Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Sports Director HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME; “Little One’’ PET SAYING: “Think I Ain’t?’’ PET SONG: “God Only Knows’’ NAME: James Franklin Monroe ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Phy. Ed. Instructor HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Buddy’’ PET SAYING: “Go Man Go’’ PET SONG: “God Only Knows’’ NAME: William Morris ADDRESS; Capeville, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Sunny” PET SAYING: “That’s AH Right” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME: Thelma Moses ADDRESS: CapCville, Virginia AMBITION; Nurse HOBBY: Listening To Radio NICKNAME: “Thel” PET SAYING: “Oh, Forget It” PET SONG; “Sincerely” NAME: Banjamin Theron Nottingham ADDRESS: Eastville Station Va. AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: “Ben” PET SAYING: “Alrightie” PET SONG: “Pledging My Love” NAME: Mary Paige Nottingham ADDRESS: Eastville Station, Va. AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: ’’Mae” PET SAYING: “It’s The Truth” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME; Naomi Ann Nottingham ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION; Child Psychiatrist HOBBY: Driving NICKNAME; “Nee PET SAYING; “Go Ahead” PET SONG; “Earth Angel” NAME: Shirley Beatrice Poole ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME: “Peaches” PET SAYING: “YouDon’t Show Me” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: Alice Mae Reid ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Bop” PET SAYING: “It’s Immature To Me” PET SONG: “Never Let Me Go” NAME: Asa Banjamin Sample ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Tailor HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Scarce” PET SAYING: “Crazy Man, Crazy” PET SONG: “Whispering Waltz” NAME: Gladys Catherine Sample ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Playing Soft Ball NICKNAME: “Sugar Pig” PET SAYING: “Dig That Dirt” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME: Joseph Satchell ADDRESS: Eastville Station, Va. AMBITION: Commercial Artist HOBBY: Drawing NICKNAME: “Joe” PET SAYING: “Really” PET SONG: “Let Me Go Lover” NAME: Elenore Elizabeth Savage ADDRESS: Jamesville, Virginia AMBITION: Telephone Operator HOBBY: Driving NICKNAME: “Monk” PET SAYING: “I Have Really Heard It” PET SONG: “The Lovely” NAME: Judison Theodore Savage ADDRESS: Jamesville, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY: Drawing NICKNAME: “Thadie” PET SAYING: “Time Will Tell” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME: Gloria Mae Smith ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Private Secretary HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Glo” PET SAYING: “You Better Believe” PET SONG: “Hey Senorita” e NAME: Harriett Priscilla Spady ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Shorty” PET SAYING: “One Time” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: James Stevens ADDRESS: Kiptopeke, Virginia AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports NICKNAME: “Skipper” PET SAYIN G: “Pm Not Joking” PET SONG; “God Only Knows” NAME: Ruth Virginia Stevens ADDRESS; Jamesville, Virginia AMBITION; Artist HOBBY: Painting NICKNAME: “Vi” PET SAYING: “Now I’m Really Mad” PET SONG: “Pm Mad” NAME: Ida Anne Stratton ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY; Reading NICKNAME: “Jane” PET SAYING: ‘Phooey” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME; Sarah Ellen Sunkins ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION; Nurse HOBBY: Listening To The Radio NICKNAME: “Mickey” PET SAYING: “Wouldn’t Do That” PET SONG: “Earth Angel” NAME: Frizzell Lendrew Thomas ADDRESS; Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY; Playing Basketball NICKNAME: “ Frizz ’ ’ PET SAYING: “He’s A Crazy Guy” PET SONG: “Hearts Made Of Stone” NAME; James Theodore Thomas Jr. ADDRESS Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Business Manager HOBBY; Sports NICKNAME: “Brother’’ PET SAYING: “Honey Hush” PET SONG: “Let Me Go Lover” NAME: Iona Odessa Tolliver ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Nursing HOBBY; Sewing NICKNAME: “Sister” PET SAYING: “It’s The Fact” PET SONG: “Tenderly” NAME: Mary Townsend ADPRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION; Beautician HOBBY: Reading NICKNAME; “Eliz” PET SAYING: “Oh, you Don’t Say” PET SONG: “Hearts of Stone” NAME: Shirley Faye Usher ADDRESS; Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION; Private Secretary HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Honey Bunch” PET SAYING: “Don’t Show Me Much” PET SONG: “Tenderly” NAME; Ora Lee Watson ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Telephone Operator HOBBY: Singing NICKNAME: “Cutie” PET SAYING: “You Know Yes” PET SONG; “Hearts Made of Stone” NAME Leroy Charles Wescott ADDRESS; Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Dentist HOBBY; Sports NICKNAME: “Lee” PET SAYING: “Oh, Yes” PET SONG: “God Only Knows” NAME: Sarah Zemore White ADDRESS: Cedar Grove, Virginia AMBITION; Stenographer HOBBY: Listening To Radio NICKNAME; “Ze” PET SAYING: “You Don’t Show Me” PET SONG: “You’ll Never Walk Alone” NAME; Marie Helen Williams ADDRESS: Eastville Station, Va. AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Little One” PET SAYING; “Must Be Foolish” PET SONG; “Pledging My Love” NAME: Lucy Mae Williams ADDRESS; Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: “Wac” HOBBY; Dancing NICKNAME; “Darline” PET SAYING; “Don’t Act Like That” PET SONG; “Earth Angel” NAME; Amanda Wright ADDRESS; Capeville, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing NICKNAME: “Slim” PET SAYING: “Would’nt Do That” PET SONG; “Warm Your Heart” SENIOR CLASS HISTORY We, the Senior Class of 1955, entered Northampton County High School on September 9, 1951. We were very excited and eager to begin the secondary level of our educational career. On our arrival, all Freshmen assembled in rooms 5 and 6 of our old school, which is now an elementary school, and were later assigned to our various homerooms. Freshman “A” Class was under the leadership of Miss D. M. Turner, Freshman “B” Class was under the leadership of Mrs. L. P. King, and Freshman “C” Class was under the leadership of Mrs. H. D. Upshur, During that year we were represented in the Homecoming Activities by Hatterine Johnson of Section “A,” who was the runner up for Miss Homecoming. Armilla Rowley of Section “B” and Amanda Wright of Section “C.” In the May Day Activities we were honored to have Odelle Johnson of Section “B” as our May Queen. The other contestants were Shirley Usher and Elizabeth Savage. In September of 1952, we returned to Northampton County High School as determined and energetic Sophomores. We were more acquainted with the school and therefore we found our Sophomore year more interesting than our Freshman year. We were still very eager to par¬ ticipate in the extra-curricular activities of our school. We were represented in the Homecoming Activities by Gretchen Smith, Section “A,” who was runner-up, Anne Wilkins of Section “B,” and Virginia Allen, Section “C.” In the May Day Activity our contestants were Shirley Usher, Armilla Rowley and Mabel Harmon. On September 3, 1953, we entered our new building. Our new building plus the fact that we were Juniors made us very happy during that year. We were again honored by Odelle John¬ son who won the title of Miss Homecoming. The other contestants were Elizabeth Harris and Harriet Spady. We were very excited over the idea of planning the Junior-Senior Prom. We worked very hard and gave a very successful Prom. In the May Day Activity, we were represented by Gretchen Smith, Mary Fisher and Elizabeth Savage. So again in September of 1954, we returned to Northampton County High School. We entered with dll pride and dignity attributed to seniors. We had made up our minds that we would work hard and try to make our final year here at Northampton a cherished memory. We were divided into two groups and were under the guidance and leadership of Mrs. M. B. Poole and Mr. J. B. Cook. We were represented in the Homecoming Activity by Shirley Usher and Naomi Francis. We, the members of the “Senior Class,” feel that we owe most of our gratitude for the success of our training t o our Parents, Principal and Faculty. We shall always be grateful to these people who have guided and directed us in the paths which will lead us to success. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Judison Savage Thelma Moses Gloria Smith Ida Stratton SEXIOR CLASS PROPHECY Good evening ladies and gentlemen; You are now tuned to Station WNCHS for the Lates Edition of the happenings of the “People You Know In the News.” We begin with the scoo of the year! I Miss Etta Ames, that glamorus model of Hollywood, is announcing her engagemer to that handsome hunk of “He-man,” Mr. Thomas Ames. She isn’t even changing her last name Miss Sadie Ames, the manager of the Pretty Girl Beauty Salon, is spending her time beautifyin cats and dogs. Miss Yvonne Baker who was so stiff in High School, is rising very rapidly t ' the top in ice skating. Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this part of the Edition to bring yo this special bulletin! ! Miss Helen Bailey has finally won Mr. Joseph Satchell from the rest c the young women who were after his money. Miss Violet Bailey is suing Mr. George Custi because he says now that he is married to her, he doesn’t want a wife. Miss Catherine Brick house, who had so many boy friends back in 1955, has gone to the home for nervous Old Maids Miss Thelma Burgess has retired from the religious field and is studying to be a rhumba dancer Misses Lency Collins and Thelma Moses are running around and whooping. This is the resul of the Lockjaw Medicine which they thought was Slim X-Reducing Cocktail. Miss Sarah Finne is now a Physics teacher at the University of Chicago. Two of her students are Mr. and Mrs Norman Mapp. The present Mrs. Mapp is the former Miss Mabel Harmon. Dr. and Mrs Alvin Downing are vacationing in Paris. Mrs. Downing is the former Miss Mary Fisher. The were accompanied by their two year old twins, Micheal and Marcia, and their nurse Mis Hatterine Johnson. Miss Johnson has almost taken Dr. Downing from Mrs. Downing. Misse Mary Jenkins and Odelle Johnson and Messrs. Willie Armstrong and John Brisco are student at the Catch Me and Get Me College in Northeastern Whackback. Mr. John Jordan, a concer singer from downtown No Tune, Conn., has just been engaged to sing at the Opera House i Negro Hollywood. We wish him much success. Messrs. Frizzel Thomas, James Thomas, Leroy Wescott, Thomas Godwin and Loui George have just returned from a trip to Mass, where they experimented with plant life. The are known as the friendly men of Planet Mars. Misses Lorraine Hill, Elizabeth Harris, Naonr Nottingham and Mary Townsend have just opened a nursery for skunks. They said that sine no one else seems to want them that they would give them a home. Quincey Adair and As Sample are going to open a Charles Atlas School for small men. William Anderson, Rufu Bailey, Raymond Gunter and Joseph Brickhouse will be four of the new students. James Monroe Walter Beckett and Prince Hyslop are the “Big Three” in the basketball world. Misses Mar Nottingham Sarah Sunkins and Alice Reid have just opened their “No Curl At All” Beauty Salor It seems that when the customers leave they have more knots than before they went ther€ Mr. Judison Savage and Miss Shirley Poole have jumped over the broom and made it fina That was six years ago, and do you know that they have a dozen children. He says it is cheape that way. Helen Williams, Gladys Sample, and Ruth Stevens are all trying to win Mr. Wallac Wilson’s attention. He said “A little loving goes a long way.” Messrs. Bobby Jordan, Benjami Nottingham, William Bailey and Frederick Drummond were competing in the high jump matches The court was seven feet high, but Mr. Nottingham didn’t jump but five feet. He is very stif isn’t he? Professor and Mrs. William Morris, the newly wed, are honeymooning in Bermud; The present Mrs. Morris is the former Miss Shirley Usher. Miss Ida Stratton is very successful model; her most requested costume is the Bikii Bathing suit. Misses Sarah White and Ora Watson have ‘just returned from a trip around th world as “Good Will Ambassadors.” Mr. and Mrs. James Stevens have just opened a buzzar farm for all the people who cannot afford turkeys for Christmas. Mrs. Stevens is the forme Miss Iona Tolliver. Misses Gloria Smith, Elizabeth Sabage, Harriet Spady, Amanda Wrigl and Lucy Williams have just formed a professional hockey team. The odd thing about it is thj they play in the hottest months of the year. Can you imagine that, knowing how lazy they use ' to be Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen. This ends our broadcast for the 1975 Edition of “Peop: You Know In the News.” This is your reporter, Baldy Hot Knots, saying good-by until 19 when we’ll bring you another Edition hot off the wave lengths. CLASS POEM Northampton High to us you have been, A very true and loyal friend. You helped us out when we were in need. To us you have been a friend indeed. Northampton High our friend so true. All our praises we sing to you. WeTl never forget the things you’ve done. To help us strive on’till victory is won Northampton High our friend so dear. We’ll think of you from year to year. Although it is time for us to part. We’ll always remember you with grateful hearts. Northampton High good-bye we’ll say. But we will think of you from day to day. So-long dear friends and a sad good-bye. Good-bye, Good-bye Northampton High. Composed by: Mabel Harmon ALMA MATER Dear Old Northampton to thee we raise Our humble voices to sing thy praise; Your hope and wisdom did fire our youth Blazing the pathway to light and truth. We’ll ever strive to bring thee fame Honor and glory shall be our aim We’ll revere thee. We’ll e’er be true To Alma Mater till life is through SENIOR CLASS WILL To Whom it May Concern: , , . We, the Graduating Class of 1955, feel that we have successfully completed our four years of training at Northampton County High. We hereby draw up our last will and testament. We have itemized each article that is to be given away in order to eliminate arguments after we have gone. u v. To our dear Alma Mater we leave our loyalty and our sincere promises to uphold tier name wherever we roam. t r. j To our wonderful parents, who have made possible all that we have accomplished, we say thank you for all that you have done for us in previous years, and in the years to come we hope to achieve goals that will make you very proud of us. . 4 .u • Jointly, we bequest to our. Principal and Faculty an abundance of gratitude for their patience, courage, and wisdom which contributed immeasurably to our present success and future hopes, To the Juniors, Freshman and Eighth Grade classes we leave our loyalty, our determin¬ ation, Euid our cooperative spirit hoping that they will thereby be successful in all their worth¬ while efforts. We also severally make the following bequest as a part of this will: Quincey Adair wills his ability to run track to Charles Harmon. William Anderson wills his shortness to Roger Jones. Thomas Ames wills his gentleman like manners to Cecil Joynes, Etta Ames wills her cuteness to Bertie Crawford. Sadie Ames wills her long hair to Christine Doggett Willie Armstrong wills his powerful arms to Emmitt Stines. Helen Bailey wills her glasses’to Gardenia Morris. Violet Bailey wills her large legs to Mary Della Giddens. Rufus Bailey wills his ability to dance and sing to Edward Morris, William Bailey wills some of his height to Roosevelt Satchell. Yvonne Baker wills her neat figure to Elsie Sample. Walter Beckett wills his ability to play end on the football team to Clifton Collins. u Joseph Brickhouse wills his mischievousness to Ennis Thomas. Catherine Bric ouse wills her lovely legs to Barbara Rogers. John Brisco wills his quietness and dignity to Charlie UDshur Thelma Burgess wills her quietness and dignity to Rudolph Moses. Lency Collinj wills her large legs and a few of her pounds to Carlethia Ashby George Custis wills hi beautiful white teeth to James O. Sample. Alvin Downing wills his ability to play basketball t( Avon Brickhouse: Sarah Finney wills her figure to Shirley Gray. Louis George wills his height to Otis Onley. Thomas Godwin wills all his girls to William Stoakley. Thomas Gidden. wills his romantic technique to Joseph Kellam. Raymond Gunter wills his large muscles t Ernest Cox. Mabel Harmon wills her dance step and small feet to Emily Jones. Elizabetl Harris wills her figure to Flourine Turner. Lorraine Hill wills some of her vim, vigor, an( vitality to Dorothy Burgess. Prince Hyslop wills his lovable ways with the girls to Willi. Upshumar figure to Eva Goodwyn. Bobby Jordan wills some of hi; hpiffht to Otis Onley John Jordan wills his calmness and coordination to Ora Spady. OdelL Johnson wills her musical voice to Ruth Talley. Norman Mapp wills all his rnedium size girl to Charles Beckett. Hatterine Johnson wills her lady like behavior Shirley Gray. Jame Monroe wills his sportsmanship to John Staten. William Morris wills his penmanship to Jame Allen Sample ThLma Moses wills a few of her pounds to Mary Custis. Benjamin Nottinghar wills his front teeth to Clifton Collins. Mary Nottingham wills her calmness and dignity t Parbara Rogers Naomi Nottingham wills her smile and nice ways to Mary Townsend. Shirle ?S?e wills her nearfigure to Helen Harmon. Alice Reid wills her figure to Dorothy Smith Agq qamnlp wiTls his moustache to William White. cTadys Samp le wills her smallness to Gloria Collins. Joseph Satchell wills his artisti ability to Rudolph Ames. Elizabeth Savage wills her sneaky eyes to Barbara Hill. Judiso sLage wills his number one girl to Cassel Davis. James Stevens wills his skillfulness i Dlaving baseball to Andrew Jackson. Gloria Smith wills her personality and Rufus Bailey DOTOthv Mapp Ida Stratton wills her shapely legs to Elizabeth James, llamet Spady will her sm all features to Thelma Talley. Sarah Sunkins wills her quietness to Otho Turner. Ion Tolliver wills her ability to make friends to Mattie Finney. Frizzel Thomas wills his abilil to olav basketball to Melvin Harris. Mary Townsend wills a fetv of her male friends to France ThomL James Thomas wills a few of his surplus inches to Susie Brisco. Shirley Usher wil her hair styles to Dorothy Fisher. Ora Watson wills her lovable personality to Luvenia llarmo Leroy Wescott wills his ability to play centerfield to Alvin Moses. Lucy Williams wills h. uYntU,,! hands and neat figure to Sallie Collins. Helen Williams wills her smile to Dorotl Sample Sarah White wills her hair styles and dimples to Callie Spady. Amanda Wright wil her athletic ability and hair styles to Dollie Carey. SUPERLATIVES if,i?atterine Johnson . . Ida Stratton. .Odelle Johnson ' . . . . Helen Williams . . . . Lency Collins. Catherine Brickhouse Amanda Wright .... Ora Watson. Tlmlma Moses. mterine Johnson . . Gloria Smith. Shirley Usher. Lucy Williams .... Mary Jenkins. Mary Nottingham . . . Yvonne Baker . Harriett Spady .... Elizabeth Harris . . . Ruth Stevens. Elizabeth Savage . . . Sarah White. Mary Townsend . . . . Violet Bailey. Helen Williams .... Lorraine Hill. V-Jf erine Johnson . . Sarah Sunkins. Mabel Harmon. Mary Fisher. Elizabeth Harris . . . Thelma Moses. Mary Fisher. Sarah Finney. Helen Bailey. Gladys Sample. Shirley Usher. Alice Reid. Thelma Burgess . . . Thelma Moses .... Elizabeth Savage . . . Odelle Johnson .... .BEST LOOKING. . . . BEST PERSONALITY . . . . . . . BEST DRESSED. .SMALLEST. .LARGEST. . TALLEST . . . . . BEST ATHLETE .... .BEST SINGER. MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED . NEATEST . . CUTEST . . BEST DANCER . .LAZIEST. . . . .MOST TALKATIVE . . . . .... MOST ARTISTIC .... . . . . MOST BASHFUL .... . . . MOST MISCHIEVOUS . . . .BEST FIGURE PHYSIQUE . . .MOST REASONABLE . . . . . . MOST OPTIMISTIC . . . . . MOST CONSCIENTIOUS . . . . . LEAST AMBITIOUS . . . . .QUIETEST. .NOISIEST. . . MOST COOPERATIVE . . . .BEST SPEAKER . . . . . . INFERIORITY COMPLEX . . . . VAMP AND SHIEK . . . . .... MOST POPULAR .... . . . FAVORITE COUPLE . . . .... MOST SERIOUS. . . . MOST CONCEITED . . . . .THINNEST. . . MOST PERSEVERING . . . .CALMEST. .MOODIEST. .KINDEST. , . . . MOST RELIGIOUS . . . . .BEST STUDENT. . .MOST UNCOOPERATIVE . . , . . . MOST VERSATILE . . . . .Thomas Ames Benjamin Nottingham .Thomas Ames .Quincey Adair .... George Custis .... Walter Beckett .James Monroe .John Jordan .... Judison Savage ..... Leroy Wescott .Leroy Wescott . . . Thomas Giddens . . . . Wallace Wilson .Rufus Bailey . . . . Joseph Satchell . . . . William Morris . . . Raymond Gunter . . . . Walter Beckett .... James Stevens .Quincey Adair .... William Bailey .Bobby Jordan Frederick Drummond .Norman Mapp .. . John Brisco .Thomas Ames . . . . William Morris , . . . Thomas Godwin .Alvin Downing .Thomas Ames .... Judison Savage . . . Willie Armstrong .James Thomas , . . Raymond Gunter . . . . Frizzel Thomas .Alvin Downing .Louis George .... Joseph Satchell .Thomas Ames . Bobby Jordan ..John Jordan « JUNIOR A CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT Dorothy Mapp TREASURER BUS. MGR. Otha Turner SGT. AT ARMS Harold Drummond M. Bailey PRESIDENT L.. v oiiins HOME ROOM TEACHER We, the Junior “A” Class entered the Northampton County High School on September 2, 1954, with high hearts and re¬ newed ambition. We are progressing rapidly under the guidance of our Home¬ room Teacher, Miss McQuaige, and are cooperating the best we know how in our many school activities. Our aim for the year was to excel in all that we under took. We feel assured that with the guidance of our teachers and our prin¬ cipal we can not fail. As the Seniors reach the ladder of success, we hope they will leave a light burning, so that we may follow. Maryetta Weeks Miss M. 1 .. McQuaige JIJXIOR B CLASS WATCHM AN Cecil Joyces SECRETARY Helen Harmon HOME ROOM TEACHER Mr. B. E. Busch, Jr We, the members of Junior “B” Class entered Northampton County High School for our third year on September 2, 1954. As Juniors, with a new home room teacher, Mr. E. B. Busch, we are striving to reach the goals of success. With the help of the other juniors, we are attempting to have the best Prom in the history of Northampton County High School. Honor was brought to our class in the person of Vivian Spady who was crowned “Miss Homecoming” of Nort¬ hampton County High School. Juanita Brickhouse represented us in the May Day Activities. We wish the graduates of 1955 much success in the future. VICE-PRESIDENT Ennis Thomas TREASURER Gloria Collins jrXIOR C CLASS SECRETARY Gardenia Morris SGT. AT ARMS Willie Upshur TREASURER BUS. MGR. 1 ' 1 % V Ida Bailey John Staten VICE-PRES PRESIDENT Ruth Talley Cassel Davis We, the members of the Junior C Class Section, entered Northampton County High School on September 2, HOME ROOM TEACHER 1954. We were assigned to Room 3 with Mr. T. R. Vasser as our Home Room Teacher. We have made much progress during the school term and have enjoyed our extracurricular activities very much. We are very proud of our class mates: Barbara Rogers, who repre¬ sented us in the Homecoming Activities; Ida Bailey, in May Day Activities; John Staten, quarter-back on the foot¬ ball team; Dorothy Sample and Samuel Cypress, Student Council Represent¬ atives. To the members of the Graduating Class we wish luck, success and a bright future. Mr. T. R. Vasser r.‘»T r. . . , . , • -•‘- J . ' i . - ' Kd , 7 “ • I . f ■ ) t ■ ' ' i ) " “• ' ‘ ' ' p, ( i’v- ,, ' t ■ ' - ' I ■ • v ' vr ' - r -[Ti ■ ' V ' " ' ■Jpfo ' ■- ' ’■■ ' " w 1 • ‘ifj - -’v - » ‘ J 4i % 1 ' ' ' ■ ' fcL it .“ i, ' ' • ‘ I ' v;f - •,.;- r f • Vvriiiil - .. . . .-. i m.1. iki. FRESHMAX A CLASS i I 1 CHAPLAIN TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT Mildred Jordan Odessa Griffin SECRETARY SGT. AT ARMS ASST. SECRETARY Juanita Marshall 2 Delois Smith Burley Andrews We the members of the Freshman “A” Class extend to the members of the Graduating Class of 1955 our best wishes for a very successful future. HOME ROOM TEACHER Mrs. H. D. Upshur PRESIDENT V Beulah Floyd FRESHMAX B CLASS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Margaret Johnson Dydia Spady Maxine Smith !TREASURER Dorothy Goffigai. HOME ROOM TEACHER Mrs. M. B. Collins Wa. the members of the Freshmar We, the members of the Freshman “B” Class, are.happy to say that we have had a successful year with the help of our Homeroom Teacher, Mrs. M. B. Collins.. We are quite proud of the fact that our class President, Lydia Spady, par¬ ticipated in the Music Festival and won first place in the Second Division. We are looking forward to greater achieve¬ ments for Freshman “B” Class during this school year. To the members of the Graduating Class of 1955, we wish you luck and a bright future in all of your undertakings. TREASURER Paul Sample FRESHMAX € CLASS SECRETARY Gloria Wilsoni TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT Johny Rowley Mattie Church PRESIDENT Dorothy Roane BUSINESS MANAGER Lou Ellen Cypress On the second day of September 1954, we the members of the Freshman Class entered Northampton County High School, as Eighth Graders. During that term we progressed very rapidly under the supervision of Miss Turner, our Homeroom Teacher. This term we entered Northamp¬ ton once more, but as first rate Fresh¬ men. To date we have progressed so far as to have had Ruth Spady as our candidate for “Miss Homecoming” and Martha White for our May Queen Can¬ didate. We believe the main reason for our rapid progress is the competent and patient guidance of Miss Smaw our Home Room Teacher. We hope very much that we will continue to progress in a like manner throughout the years of our high school life. We wish the members of the Grad- uatingClass much success in their every undertaking. HOME ROOM TEACHER Miss E. E. Smaw EIGHTH GRADE ■•• ' V. - ■ EIGHTH A CLASS We, the members of Eighth “A” class, entered Northampton County High School on September 2, 1954. We were assigned to the Library, with Miss D. M. Turner as our Homeroom Teacher. We have enjoyed our school year which has given us many enjoyable experiences and has prepared us for our first year high school which will begin next September. Our class members were active in most of the school organizations and several of our class mates have been constant Honor Roll students. To the Seniors we give this morsel of food for thought; “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. TREASURER HOME ROOM TEACHER Miss D. M. Turner VICE-PRESIDENT Ernest Satchell Vivian Sample EIGHTH GRADE B CLAIMS HOME ROOM TEACHER PRESIDENT We, the members of Eighth “B” Class, arrived at Northamp¬ ton County High on September 2, 1954. Since there was such a large number of eighth graders, the group was divided into four sect¬ ions. We were assigned to Room 5, with Mr. Whitehead as our Homeroom Teacher. During the third week of school, we organized our class and began to work hard toward the accomplishment of our goals. The purposes of our organization were to bring about better citizenship and to learn and practice correct parliamentary procedure. We the members of Eighth “B” wish the members of the Graduating Class of 1955 much success. James Johnson Mr. A. B. Whitehead EIGHTH GRADE C CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT HOME ROOM TEACHER On September 2, 1954, we : Section “C” of the Eighth Grade Class, were assigned to room 42 ' as our homeroom. Our group was . soon organized and engaged in ' ; many activities with the guidance “ of our Homeroom Teacher, Miss B. M. Collins. It is our goal to uphold our ■ Alma Mater by being cooperative with our teachers and fellow stu¬ dents in order that we may receive the best of experiences in our ex¬ plorations. We can proudly say that our class is represented on the Honor Roll, in the Student Council, School Chorus, Patrol Club, the Varsity Teams, and exploratively, in the New Farmers of America and New Homemakers of America Clubs. Our representative in the Annual Homecoming Festival was Miss Betty Wescott. To the Graduating Class of 1955, we extend best wishes fora future of happiness and SIJCC0SS, ChAHS OFFICERS Lena Turner Miss B. M. Collins PRESIDENT. VICE-PRESIDENT. SECRETARY. ASSISTANT SECRETARY TREASURER. CHAPLAIN. Frances Starchia . . . . Lena Turner . . Louvenia Sfjady . Parker Satchel 1 .Earl Pray ... Issac Upshur EIGHTH GRADE D CLASS Iris Ames Miss B. B. Wright Wilmer Francis The Eighth “D” Class anticipates those things which will happen in the remaining years which face them. They look into the future with a smile which seems to say, “Those ahead made it successfully, why can’t we?’’ With the capable assistance of our Home¬ room Teacher, Miss B. B. Wright, we feel sure that we have made a good start towards that goal. We are hoping the Seniors not only equal the seniors before them, but will excel them in their undertakings. f ' W 4 V • V- V t r ' , t . ♦ ' » -? ;■ • -f k, v; " ■’ i -l mmtm .. i.Tyv ' .iMti, ..v ' -- i ■ ' ■.■ . ' t‘. .rV -- » ■ ’• • -M ' ' ■? ,• ' ' ' Vv ' S ' " I ir ' V? ' «f i ■ ’-li, ' .- ■ « .. 4. . jf7t .-n. ' i»f ' : ' ' ' ' I S .-v.. “■I 9 (1 r; ' ' ' ■ .’ . I, ' ' ' ' • ' ;. -‘ i ' ' ' ' VT‘ ' ' C» ' .. , . ' w. , -. ft-- ■■ ■- ' • ■ Mh ' ‘ ' ' .r-1 ' % ' ■ ;5j, ' fi :_ ' :: ' |:; ' ' ! -p vr?;4- rV.:,V ' . " ■, . ■ ■.:; . ' -I. ' • ' a ' ■ ' h-- ' ' - ' L V ' 1 I r4M ; ' •♦.V " ' ' • ' ‘ J ' . " ■ : ' J ' • V ■ VJ ' ' ■ ‘ sswi .T» 1 . ' It- ■•, 1 r iy-v, - - ' ISml . - ' .::t ?rvv ■ Vr ' iSHm ■• • ' » ' • ' ■ ■ ; V • t, ■. r ' . ' tA ' ,i V ' ,M V ..■. -.I . ' -. ' : ' ■ «• • r ' ■ ■wr- k . „ ■ • r « • ' V i • ■ •.;,, • r ' i t ‘.X ■ .. «ici • ' r.= V ' ‘- , f v, ‘ . lo. - V‘V J ' ‘ i • ' I ' ■ . " ' M ' TV-- -. ' vrt XEW HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA OFFICERS m mm SEATED, Left to Right; Flourine Turner.Assistant Historian Elizabeth Savage.Historian Florence Trader.President Juanita Brickhouse.Vice-President Gardenia Morris. Secretary STANDING, Left to Right; . Mildred Jordan.Song Leader Dorothy Mapp.Historian Gloria Collins.Reporter Barbara Jones.Assistant Secretary Helen Harmon (Not shown).Treasurer X. H. A. ADVISERS Mrs. F. T. Allen Mrs. A. J. Godwin CHAPTER MOTHERS Mrs. I. J. Williams INSTRUCTOR XEW HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA The members of the New Homemakers of America, Northampton County High School Chapter, extend congratulations and best wishes to the members of the 1955 Graduating Class for having the courage and determination to reach this goal. We are especially proud of the members of your class who have served as officers of our organization because we believe that they have helped to set the foundation upon which we have continued to build. Our officers made progress because each of you placed your brick successfully in the side of the wall. May we wish all of you continued success in your efforts. As you go on to greater heights, may we look back to the class of ’55 as one of the best that has ever left Northampton County High. XEW FARMERS of AMERICA XORTHAMPTOX CHAPTER OFFICERS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: James Thomas, Assistant Treasurer; Charles Harmon, Chaplain; Avon Brickhouse, Secretary; Quincey Adair, Reporter; Samuel Cypress, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Asa Sample, Song l.eader; Willie Upshur, Watchman; Frizzel Thomas, Parliamentarian; William Felton, Assistant Reporter. HACK ROW: William Morris, Assistant Secretary; Judison Savage, President; Andrew Jackson, Vice-President; John Brisco, Historian. We, the officers and members of the Northampton Cliapter of New Farmers of America extend to the Graduating Class of 1955 our best wishes for a most successful career and a bright future. THEY KEEP US CLEAN, HEALTHY and STRONG Left to Right: Miss Bessie Edwards, Miss Dorothy Jordan and Mrs. Sallie Seaton. JANITORS Mr. Charles Perkins and Mr. Clarence Joyner. HOMECOMIXC ACTIVITIES Miss Homecoming of 1954, Miss Vivian Spady, was crowned by our Principal before a cheering crowd of students, alumni, and visitors on November 12, 1954. Escorted by Judison Savage, President of the Senior Class, graciously acknowledged the acclaim of the crowd as she received a lovely bouquet of Chrysanthemums from Thomas Ames, Co-Captain of the football team. Attendants Left to Right: Lucille Harmonson, Vianna Sample, Shirley Usher, Marva Ashby, Iris Ames, John Jordan, Co-Captain of the Golden Bulls, Thomas Ames, Co-Captain of the Golden Bulls, Ruth Spady, Obelia Sisco, Naomi Francis, Betty Wescott, Barbara Rogers and Dorothy Goffigan. On the dais: Miss Spady and Mr. Smith. SPRING FESTIVAL Miss Lillie Ree Johnson, May Queen for 1953, reigned gracefully and charmingly over her court when she was crowned by Mr. Smith last May. Escorted by James Davis, Her Majesty, received numerous folk dances and drills which wer e performed in her honor. Attendants Left to Right: Flourine Turner, Elizabeth Savage, Mary Fisher, Gretchen Smith, Doretha Weeks, BarbaraSpruiel and Alice Harmon. On the throne: Mildred Jordan, Miss Johnson, Mr. Davis and Marion Hickman. Flower girls: Zenobia Collins, Margaret Monroe, Ernestine Cypress, Joyce Lane, Yvonne Treherne, Eliza Townsend, Shirley Beckett, Harriet Dillard and Beverly Christian. NORTHAMPTOX SAFETY PATROL I The School Safety Patrol is designed to provide protection for students riding the bus. There are many other duties that the Patrol Club has inside the school building and on the grounds. The Patrol Club members are selected with the hope that they will set an example for proper conduct to the other members of the student body. OFFICERS President. Vice-President . . Secretary . Assistant Secretary Chaplain. Lieutenan t. Treasurer . Advisor. Benjamin Nottingham .Cassel Davis . , . Samuel Cypress .Earl Wescott .Charlie Smith .Willie Upshur . Joseph Harper Mr. A. B. Whitehead RUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Willie Bell, Mr. David Bailey, Mr. George Waters, Mr. Cecil Collins, Mr. Charles Wescott, Mr. Isaac Thompson, Mr. George Treherne, Mr. Lafayette Stevens, Mr. Clarence Joyner. MIXED CHORES The Northampton County High School Chorus under the supervision of Mr. Edward Busch, Jr., and assisted by Mrs. H. D. Upshur, has been making rapid progress again this year. The choir presented its first Christmas Cantata this year, “The Story of Christmas Through Song,” by Stults. For the first time in the history of the school the chorus participated in the District Music Clinic in Norfolk, Virginia. We are now eagerly making plans for participation in the District and State Festivals to be held in Newport News and Petersburg, respectively. We extend our best wishes to the Graduating Class. Our officers are: John Jordan, President; Mary Jenkins, Vice-President; LydiaSpady, Secretary; Mary Fisher, Assistant Secretary; Naomi Francis, Treasurer; Elizabeth Savage, Business Manager; Paul Sample, Assistant Business Manager; Dorothy Mapp, Librarian; Sarah White, Assistant Librarian. DRAMATICS NORTHAMPTON COUNTY HiSH SCHOOl aASS sz, : The Northampton County High School Little Theater, usually called the Dramatic Club hL presented two one Lt plays, “Winter Sunset” a drama in one act and “( Things” a comedy in one act. We extend our best wishes for a successful life to the Graduating Class of 1955. f V ' f ' 4 , t r ' T, j ' r ■ ' ’ ' • ' . - ■ jr- ■ ' 7 . " 01« ■ ' ’ - •♦i , j I . ' . ' ■ d ' , ri if . . . ... , ' ., ' r5 ., ..■_ . , »i . . • “ t, itr , r .. ' V • , ..■, ' i ' f ' i!:.- ¥■ ' ■ . » ' •» .yii .; rs “ ■ r-,‘ - .U ' - T . : ! 1 ■i ?A . . • • » t r , ?■ ' ■ . 7 i • ’ . ■ .■ ' . • -’V ' ' . ' V ' ' ■v?t . a -ivil . . ■ - •■ - « - - ..Til 73 .r .. . s C:.- 7SL .. i : ' ■.• •5’ ' V ,-?•. ' iV ' ,■ ' 1 .... O’ V ' •v■ yt. ' ’ ■ M ;.‘ -I • fV ; , »■ I • — .: ■ . - v -f . 1 ' - • J , .M , AvI ,.« ' iiS ' ■ A.- • ' • A. ' ■ ‘ BASKETBALL V.I.A.L. Group 11, Eastern District Champions. Won 20 and lost 2 record for 1954. FRONT ROW, Left to Right; William Chapman, Trainer, William Morris, Frank Holland, John Staten, Ora Spady, Charles Beckett, Roy Bell, Score Keeper. BACK ROW: Mr. B. E. Moss, Coach; Theodore Harris, James Monroe, Rudolph Moses, Alvin Downing, Walter Beckett, Burley Andrews (not shown). FOOTBALL SEASON’S RECORD: Won 3, tied 1 and lost 1. FRONT ROW,. Left to Right: Paul Sample, Trainer; James Monroe, William Stoakley, Horace Smaw, Elton Trower, Henry Brisco, Otha Turner, Clarence Walker, Theodore Harris, John Staten, Otis Onley, Trainer. SECOND ROW: Robert Lindsey, Quincey Adair, Thomas Ames, Louis George, Ora Spady, Joseph Kellam, Burley Andrews, Mr. T. R. Vasser, Coach. THIRD ROW: Mr. B. E. Moss, Coach; John Jordan, James Stevens, Emmitt Stines, Raymond Gunter, Euvine Harris, Roger Jones, Robert Lewis, Leroy Wescott, Cecil Joynes. FOURTH ROW: MelvinVox, Frizzell Thomas, John Brisco, George Custis, Rudolph Moses, Alvin Downing, Bobby Jordan, Henderson Rowley, Willie Armstrong, Walter Beckett. BASEBALL SEASONS RECORD: Won 4 and lost 3. Players reading from Left to Right: James Monroe, John Staten, Rufus Bailey, Bobbie Jordan, William Stoakley, James Stevens, Charles Beckett. BACK ROW: Coach B. E. Moss, John Jordan, Willie Armstrong, Walter Beckett, John Brisco, Leroy Wescott, James Sample, Otis Onley, Trainer. TRACK TEAM RECORD OF MEETS: Won Del-Mar-Va Meet at Maryland State College, Princess Anne, Md., won Dual Meet against Somerset High at Princess Anne, Md., won fourth place in V.I.A.L. State Meet at Virginia State College, Petersburg, Va. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: James Monroe, Prince Hyslop, William Stoakley, Quincey Adair, John Brisco, Asa Sample. BACK ROW: Otis Onley, Trainer, Charles Beckett, Willie Armstrong, Roger Jones, Alvin Moses, John Jordan, Thomas Ames, Mr. B. E. Moss, Coach. CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders are organized to lead cheers so that the student body may be stimulated to make an organized noise to encourage the teams on to victory. Standing, Left to Right: Ruth Talley, Alice Harris, Dorothy Mapp, Mary Fisher, Gardenia Morris. Kneeling: Rufus Bailey, Otis Onley. BOYS ' PHYSICAL EDIJCATIOX CLASS This exercise is one of the many e exercises used regularly in the gymnasium n classes to develop neuromuscular skills, iti This is one of twelve physical education t classes of Northampton County High School O which go through these exercises daily. GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAM The girls’ basketball team has rapidly grown into one of the more popular organi¬ zations at Northampton County High School, with one of its major aims to help promote physical benefits derived from the sport of basketball. TOP ROW, Left to Right: Miss B. B. Wright, Coach, Helen Williams; Dollie Carey, Eva Godwyn, Barbara Rogers, Mary Weeks, Alice Harris. MIDDLE ROW: Phylis Brooks, Dorothy Roane, Ruth Talley, Lydia Spady. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Johnson, Vivian Spady. GIRLS PBYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS This exercise is one of the exercises used in the gymnasium classes everyday to promote neuro-muscular skills. Comp liments Compliments NORTHAMPTON LUMBER COMPANY SUPER SHOP Lumber Building Materials G. E. Appliances Paints Clothing For The Family Compliments WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Nassawadox Nassawadox VISIT MARILYN FASHION SHOPPE Latest Style Finest Quality All Nationally Advertised Lines oUAur ♦♦ AND” •SER Ct Mrs. Edyth W. Gray, Manager Cape Charles Compliments RICHARD F. ETZ, JEWELER Watch Repairing EPAIRS US Compliments MARSH’S GROCERY Compliments JOE’S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Phone - Bel. Haven - 2 - 6088 Mr. L. L. Marsh, Proprietor Shadyside and Weirwood Cape Charles Grocery Compliments B B MARKET Produce Meats Compliments Delivery Service Eastville CRIFF’S LFNCH CIOM S CAMDV Compliments EASTERN SHORE OIL CORP. 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Suggestions in the Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) collection:

Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Northampton County High School - Lighthouse Yearbook (Machipongo, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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