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I rimcljpali To the Semlor Class of 52: Any message at this time should begin with congratulation to you, a class that has proven that the worth of the individual is an important factor in any society that has as its aim, " Democratic Living " . Four years ago we started out together believing that each one of you had some contribution to make towards the overall development of Northampton County High School, and today we can look back with pride at your contributions, re¬ gardless of how small or great they may have been. To us they have been contri¬ butions well made. We have tried to guide you by democratic principles and through this same medium you have interpreted your school program to our community. Through you the community has gained confidence in its educational system and now this confidence must be kept forever burning just as your " Lighthouse " . We regret to think that you are leaving at a time when the trend is point¬ ing towards better facilities for the educational Advancement of the youth of our County. Still we realize that school is simply living, and in life oftimes those who have paved the way are not granted the privilege to reap the full benefits of the finished product. The memory of your contributions, however, will be a part of the total pattern. As you go from these walls, ve know you will carry many things, some of whioh will soon be forgotten, hut we wish you to remember that you still have greater contributions to make to this " American way of life " . Tour Alma Mater ' s achievements will be more effective over and beyond the things that have already been brought forth because of you. Those of us who have been entrusted with your well being thus far, wish for you all the success possible, but, beyond that, we are eager to see you exert yourselves to do good and grow nobly. Finally, Class of 52, as in former years we wish to congratulate you for the perpetuation of an integral part of your school life, namely, " The Lighthouse " It has for many years been lighting the pathway of Northampton ' s graduates. The way that you have cooperated in making litis one of the most successful issues since its beginning should prove a valuable experience to you in the future. W. H. Smith ■ . J i ' ■ f V .• « »• , : ‘ i larlnam-Flaa ■ ■ • eMtatlan To Luberta Felton, our friend and former classmate whose voice we have missed for three years, we dedicate this the nineteen hundred and fifty- two edition of the Northampton County High School Light- House. With this dedication go our sincerest wishes that she will soon be among us to share again the golden memories of which she is so vital a part. May Heaven smile upon her As she grows well and strong; May she be back among us Before it is too long. i MRS. L. B. JOLLEY HOME ECONOMICS MR. to. H. SMITH PRINCIPAL MRS. I. J. WILLIAMS HOME ECONOMICS MR. C. N. WILLIAMS AGRICULTURE MR. T. R. VASSER SOCIAL STUDIES MRS. L. P. KING MATHEMATICS MISS D. M. TURNER LIBRARIAN MRS. H. D. UPSHUR SOCIAL STUDIES MRS. H. G. JONES SOCIAL STUDIES MR. A. B. WHITEHEAD MATHEMATICS MISS. S. A. RUFFIN SECRETARY MR. J. E. WORSLEY SCIENCE MR. J. A. LAWRENCE AGRICULTURE MISS D. B. CRAFT SOCIAL STUDIES VRS. M. B. COLLINS SCIENCE MISS M. V. BLANCHARD ENGLISH Atmiial rf ! if b l 1 ll JBm n H k j| — ' 1 ' £ f 1 Jraft Sgi - ■yJn HJB XzmLm STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Franklin Victory - Florence Simpkins - Ella Upshur - Dorine Scott - Daisy Downing - Betty Harmon - Hilton Smith - Sports Editor Yearbook Sales Manager Sports Editor Assembler Social Editor Class Editor Advertising Sales Manager SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Emily Johnson - Assistant Editor Constance Fox - Publicity Director Shirley Johnson---Editor In Chiif Violet Harmon------ Production Manager Johnson Harmon---Art Editor Earl Wescott--Alumni Editor Mabel Chapman —- Literary Editor David Sheppard- —-- -Business Manager o r= NAME: Verdell Adair ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia R.F.D. AMBITION: Singer HOBBY: Sports NICK-NAME: " Dell” PET SAYING: Everything’s Copathetic NAME: Henry Montague Allen ADDRESS: Eastville Station, Va 0 AMBITION: Auto Mechanic N HOBBY: Baseball NICK-NAME: " Henpenny " i PET SAYING: " Hey Champ " NAME: Annie Mae Anderson ADDRESS: Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION: Biology Teacher HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Sister " PET EXPRESSION: " You don’t say so " NAME: Samuel Harold Anderson ADDRESS: Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " You’se a mess " NAME: Mary Bailey ADDRESS: Cheapside, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Reading NICK NAME: " Topsy " PET SAYING: " I don’t know " NAME: Jacqueline Bartee ADDRESS: Bayview, Virginia AMBITION: Registered Nurse HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Jackie " PET SAYING: " Say Sarge,got news for NAME: Thomas Saunders Bartee ADDRESS: Bayview, Virginia AMBITION: Contractor HOBBY: Farming n -u-NAME: " Shot Gun " PET SAYING: " One never knows " NAME: Florence Elnora Beckett ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Bicycle Riding i- PET SAYING: " You could’ve fooled me " NAME: Sudie Olivia Beckett ADDRESS: Marionville, Virginia AMBITION: Musician HOBBY: Listening to the radio PET SAYING: " You can say that again " NAME: Charles Smith Bell ADDRESS: Capeville, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Carpentry PET SAYING: " I don’t know! " NAME: Franklin Delano Brisco ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Mortician HOBBY: Going to Movies NICK-NAME: " Lent " PET SAYING: " Are You Kidding " NAME: Dinah Brooks ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Beautician HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Din " PET SAYING: " You Know That Too " NAME: Mabel Chapman ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Music Teacher HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Chappy " PET SAYING: " You’re The Biggest Jack " NAME: Mildred Louise Church ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Shortie " PET SAYING: " I Want Just That " NAME: Lucille Simarynrus Clayton ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Going To Movies NICK-NAME: " Sister " PET SAYING: " You Can Believe That " NAME: Joshua Coston ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Preacher HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Josh " PET SAYING: " Nothing Happens Without " NAME: Flossie Doughty ADDRESS: Wardtown, Virginia AMBITION: Music Teacher HOBBY: Listening to Radio PET SAYING: " Well, I’ll Say No More " NICK-NAME: " Mickey " NAME: Daisy Gwendolyn Downing ADDRESS: Exmore,Virginia AMBITION: Musician HOBBY: Playing Piano PET SAYING: " Cool, Calm and Collected ' NICK-NAME: " Dizy " NAME: Mabel Beatrice Downing ADDRESS: Hare Valley, Virginia AMBITION: Nursery Teacher HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Simp " PET SAYING: " That Burns Me Down " NAME: Harvey Donal Fisher ADDRESS: Eastville. Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY: SPORTS NICK-NAME: " Fish " PET SAYING: " Oh, Go Ahead " NAME: Flossie Floyd ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Slim " PET SAYING: Oh, But You Don’t " NAME: Lizzie Mae Floyd ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Dietitian HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Liz PET SAYING: " No Kidding? " NAME:: Constance Yvonne Fox ADDRESS: Chesapeake, Virginia AMBITION: Writer HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Foxye " PET SAYING: " N0-00 siree Babtail " NAME: Lafayette Goodwyn ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia HOBBY: Sports AMBITION: Embalmer NICK-NAME: " Goody " PET SAYING: " What Do You Know? " NAME: Betty Juanita Harmon ADDRESS: Franktown, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Driving Automobile NICK-NAME: " Little Bit " PET SAYING: Isn’t That Something? " NAME: Johnson Harmon ApDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports NICK NAldE: " Jonnie " PET SAYING: " That’s My Natural Capacity " 9 NAME: Sidney Olandis Harmon ADDRESS: Franktown, Virginia AMBITION: Brickmason HOBBY: Talking NICK-NAME: " Longfellow " PET SAYING: " Help The B@ar " NAME: Violet Louise Harmon ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Vie " PET SAYING: " Rooting, Tooting Cowboy " NAME: Winnie Mae Harmon ADDRESS: Jamesville, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Listening To The Radio NICK-NAME: " Sister " PET SAYING: " You Can Believe That " NAME: Fred Johnson ADDRESS: Seaview, Virginia AMBITION: Machinist HOBBY: Music NICK-NAME: " Big Nine " PET SAYING: " Oh Man, You’re Crazy " . 5 NAME: Shirley Johnson ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Chubby " PET SAYING: " I Don’t Believe It " ' NAME: Bernard Jones, Jr. ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Baseball NICK-NAME: " Nature Boy " PET SAYING: " I’ll Get Along Somehow " NAME: Nellie Long ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Nell " PET SAYING: " That ' s Your Business " NAME: Deloris Morris ADDRESS: Capeville, Virginia AMBITION: Interior Decorator HOBBY: Bicycle Riding NICK-NAME: " Curley " PET SAYING: " And Thats A True Fact " NAME: Dolores Onley ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Interior Decorator HOBBY: Reading NICK-NAME: " Minnie " PET SAYING: " I Don’t Know " NAME: John Wesley Powell ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Sports NICK-NAME: " Johnny " PET SAYING: " Lingey But Die You Must " NAME: Estelle Robinson ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Registered Nurse HOBBY: Swimming NICK-NAME: " Dukey " PET SAYING: " No Chance " NAME: Josephine Aline Sample ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Joe " PET SAYING: " Are You Kidding? " NAME: MargareteSarah Savage ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Going To Movices NICK-NAME: " Babe " PET EXPRESSION: " You Can Believe That " NAME: Dorine Pearl Scott ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Dancing NICK-NAME: " Little Bit " PET SAYING: " Probably " NAME: David E. Sheppard ADDRESS: Wardtown, Virginia AMBITION: Trumpeter HOBBY: Baseball and Football NICK-NAME: " Dave " PET EXPRESSION: " What Have Lover? " NAME: Florence Irene Simpkins ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer NICK-NAME: " Make " HOBBY: Reading PET EXPRESSION: " I Am Surprised at You " NAME: Charles Abraham Smith ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Baseball NICK-NAME: " Abe " NAME: Hilton E. Smith ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Lawyer NICK-NAME: HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " That’s Too Much " NAME: Shirley Levern Spady ADDRESS: Capeville, Virginia HOBBY: Reading AMBITION: Teacher NICK-NAME: " Shirl " PET SAYING: " No Fooling " NAME: Willie Spady ADDRESS: Capeville, Virginia HOBBY: Sports AMBITION: Mortician NICK-NAME: " Junior " PET SAYING: " Watch That " NAME: Mildred Stewart ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Playing Soft Ball NICK-NAME: " Shortie " PET SAYING: " So True " NAME: Ella Yvonne Upshur ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Singing NICK-NAME: " Sis " PET SAYING: " So You Think " NAME: Franklin Anthony Victory ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: P. E. Teacher HOBBY: Sports NICK-NAME: PET SAYING: " Oh Boyl " NAME: Anna Lee Warren ADDRESS: Bridgetown, Virginia AMBITION: Telephone Operator HOBBY: Dancing NICK-NAME: " Ann " PET SAYING: " I Don ' t Know " NAME: Wilsie Christine Waters ADDRESS: Bayview, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Telling Stories NICK-NAME: " Shortie " PET SAYING: " That’s What I Do Want " NAME: Grover Lee Watson ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Brickmason i HOBBY: Sports NICK-NAME: " Bain " PET SAYING: " Tell The Truth " NAME: Jean Weeks ADDRESS: Seaview, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Listening to radio NICK-NAME: " Baby Sis " PET SAYING: " No Kidding " NAME: Maurice Clayton Weeks ADDRESS: Seaview, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY: Electrician NICK-NAME : " Pop " PET SAYING: " Oh Boy l " NAME: Earl Alfred Wescott ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION:Electrician HOBBY: Listening to the radio NICK-NAME: " Earlie " PET SAYING: " Just About Bad " i Settlor Vice-President Mabel Chapman Hilton Smith fleer Treasurer 4 V ( Lizzie Floyd Jf El]a Upshur Business Manager Constance Asst. Secretary Violet Harmon David Sheppard Sgt. At Arms 1 O ' Dear Mildred, 1952 Graduation Avenue June 3, 1972 It seems a long time since we graduated from Northampton County High School. Last night I was looking through the yearbook of 1952, but whose face should greet me but Verdell Adair ' s. Didyou know that he is tamer and operator of a large dude ranch out in Wyoming? His wife Who was formerly Miss Annie Anderson is doing his book-keeping. When I visited them last year he showed me around his beautiful ranch. It seems that Sidney Harmon, who did the bricklaying for the new school back in 52 has gone to Europe to study French, German and Italian, and David Sheppard who blows a trumpet has just finished paying a $100 fine for disturbing the peace trying to play " In My Solitude " . Since that time he has composed another song, " No Money Blues " . You could never guess in a hundred years what Mildred Stewart and Franklin Brisco are doing. She is now Mrs. Brisco and t eacher at the R. G. H. School of Dancing. He is the designer of the costumes for her students, all of which are girls. Mrs. Brisco recently received an honorary degree from Yale University. Hilton Staith, who always aspired to be a doctor is now director of a hospital for crippled cats and dogs. His wife, Mrs. Mable Chapman Smith is head nur3Q. She completed her training last June after spending eight years at the Lame Brain Institute for Practical Nurses. The members of the staff are: Dr. John Powell, idio is head of the Department of Nervous Diseases of Cats, Lizzie Floyd, dietician and Willie Spady, chief cook. Across the street from Dr. Smith ' s hospital is Mr. Samuel Anderson ' s undertaking parlor. Miss Daisy Downing, is head beautician. And of course you remember Constance Fox, who was Valedictorian of our class; she once aspired to became a writer, in twenty long years she has only published two books: Titles, " Gloomy Gus " and " Henpecked Sue " . They were so incoherent and hilarious that the people who read them immediately vent insane from laughing. So she was put out of business. Charles Bell is now Rev. Bell, he is pastor of Bloomtngyale Baptist Church in Possum Creek. What ' s more the deacons of the church are, Earl Wescott, Charles Smith, Thomas Bartee and Joshua Cos ton. Rev. Bell ' s organist and choir director is Grover Watson, who graduated from the Ear Splitting School of Instrumental Music in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Mabel Downing and Jacqueline Bartee are partners in a sewing shop. Their employees are Flossie Doughty, Winnie Harmon, Margaret Savage and Shirley Spady. Flos ale was so busy running her mouth that she sewed the zippers at the hem of the dresses and the sleeves at the side. Of course, if she had remained with the firm their businesses would ' ve been ruined,so they had to fire her. Mrs. Flossie Floyd Fisher, wife of Attorney Harvey Fisher, who took Home Economics for three long years doesn ' t know yet how to economize. Attorney Fisher is so tired of eating beans and potatoes he ' s afraid he ' ll be sprouting potatoes after one more meal. The family physician, who is Florence Simpkins, has put him on a diet. He is now weighing 220 pounds and seems to be gaining at the rate of a pound a week. Henry Allen and Bernard Jones are now owners of a large restaurant in Eat No More, Michigan. Their employees are Mildred Church, dishwasher, waitresses Shirley Johnson, Ella Upshur, Estelle Robinson and Deloris Morris. Chef Cooks are Maurice Weeks and Fred Johnscm Mr. Weeks ' speciality is snail salad and Mr. Johnson ' s is homemade rolls and buns. Dorine Scott, Betty Harmon and Dolores Onley have gone to the Old Maid ' s Rest Home in Stop In, Ga. Betty, who is a millionaire, now spends her spare time worrying over her boy friend, Silas Gates. She lost him while making all this money at the Gooseberry Jam Factory in Jam ' Em In The Jar, La. Who would ' ve thought Dorine Scott, who once weighed 98 pounds is now tipping the scales at 195 lbs. She can only leave her roan in the specially designed wheel chair. Dolores Onley has so many " Prince Charmings " in her past and has broken up so many hones, that Sudie Beckett, who is now Judge of Keep Your Man At H ne Court has sent¬ enced her to the Old Maid ' s Rest Home for life. Here ' s hoping no one opens up a Bachelors Rest Home anywhere nearby, or the .charming Miss Onley might start another panic. Florence Beckett, Nellie Long, Jene Weeks and Uilsie Waters are now models for Franklin Victory at the Shapless Modeling Theater in Poor Style, Minnesota. Mr. Victory, still a bachelor after all these years,is being " chased " by all four of his models. Feature This] 11 Franklin Victory,who was once an all star football player at Northampton County High, is designer of his models clothes. Johnson Harmon, is now an art director in Switzerland and his students are Josephine Sample, Mary Bailey, Dinah Brooks, Lucille Clayton and Anna Warren. Mildred, you can never tell what the future may bring. Who would’ve thought that twenty years from your graduation you would be washing dishes in a restaurant belonging to two of your former classmates. I hope you have found this letter interesting because thetime has cone for me to close, but I couldn ' t possibly close without mentioning the fact that Violet Harmon is nc ? Secretary of the new Northampton County High School. She graduated from the Secretarial School in Orangeville, Nevada. Affectionately yours, Mabel Chapmen Smith (Mrs. Hilton Smith) CHERISHED MEMORIES Today we are leaving, ol ' Northampton High Our schooldays are nearing an end The moss covered buildings The campus so dear Their memory will burn Throughout our career We’ll cherish thy precepts, ol’ Northampton Hi Thy honor we’ll ever regard We ' ll ever be faithful And always be true Our hopes for the future Were inspired by you. All hail to thy colors, ol ' Norttempton Hi Maroon and gold banners we fly Maroon stands for richness And gold is the light That beams from the Lighthouse Its beacon, so bright. Composed by We, the graduating class of 1952, entered the secondary level of our educational career as freshmen in the Northampton County High School on September 8, 1948. During that year. Miss Luberta Felton of Freshman n B " , von the title of " Queen " on Homecoming Day. The other contestants were Barbara Beech of Section " A " and Flossie Floyd of Section " C " . Also in our freshmen year two members of our class, Carl Bailey and Franklin Victory, were stars on the Football Team. We are grateful to Mr. A. B. Whitehead, Miss D. M. Turner, and Mr. W. W. King for their patience and guidance in leading us through this new and exciting period as Freshmen. September 9, 1949, found us continuing our search for knowledge. We returned to the Northampton County High School as determined and energetic Sophomores. We were more acquainted with the School, and we found our Sophomore year more interesting than our Freshman year. Although a few of our classmates dropped out, we still worked towards our goal to make that another banner year. Vaughan Downing, Section " B " , won the title of " King " an Homecoming Day that year. Also in our Sophomore year Miss Betty Harmon was elected " Queen " . The other contestants were Misses Shirley Johnson and Flossie Floyd. The year 1950 remains a banner year in the history of this class. It was September 10, of that year that we enrolled at Northampton County High School as upper classmen. Instead of the three sections of our Freshman and Sophomore years, we were divided into two sections. That year gave us an air of distinction, and we were more determined that no obstacle or temptation could change our will to carry on. We were proud to have Miss Shirley Spady of Section " A " elected " May Queen " . The other contestant was Miss Jene Weeks of Section " B " . Eugene Jackson and Franklin Victory were outstanding players on the Football Team. Franklin Victory was also fullback on the defensive team of the Eastern Division, VIAL. At the end of this successful year, we were grateful for the patience and understanding of our homeroom teachers, Mr. A. B. Whitehead, and Mrs. H. D. Upshur. Their inspiration and faith in our ability kept us going. Finally, on September 10, 1951, we reached our highest classification at the Northampton County High School. We entered with all the pride and dignity usually attributed to Seniors. Jene Weeks, Senior " B® was " Miss Homecoming and Daisy Downing was the contestant from the Senior " A " Class. Our contestants for " May Queen " this year are Dolores Onley of Section " A " and Jene Weeks of Section " B " . The representatives of our class fctStudent Council are, Daisy Downing, Verde!1 Adair, Mildred Steward and John Powell. We regret that our loyal classmate, John Branch, will not be able to graduate this year with our class, for he was called by the Army last Spring. Our deep sympathy goes out to the relatives and friends of our classmate Sgt. Homer Wilson, who gave his life in Korea that our country might be a better place in which all citizens could live, regardless of color or creed. For Mr. Smith, our Principal, and all the members of the Faculty, we shall always keep in our hearts a warm spot for their comradeship and excellent leadership. Ve,the class of 1952, wish the class of 1953 a successful senior year. Mabel Downing Historian Scalar % «i«r c Betty Harmon - Flossie Floyd - Shirley Johnson — Flossie Doughty — Mildred Church — Mabel Downing —— Josephine Sample • Deloris Morris — Ella Upshur - Florence Simpkins Sudie Beckett - Shirley Spady —— Lizzie Floyd - Mildred Stewart — Jacqueline Bartee Mary Bailey - - Daisy Downing - Violet Harmon —— Estella Robinson ■ Lucille Clayton — Dolores Onlay - Annie Anderson — Florence Beckett ■ Margaret Savage — Constance Fox - Nellie Long - Winnie Harmon - - Best Looking - -- V - Best Personality - - • Best Dressed - - Tallest ■ ■ - Shortest —— - Largest — --- Smallest -- — - Best Athlete ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Best Singer . ■ - Most likely to Succeed ■= Most Uncooperative - - Neatest ■ - .... ■ - - Cutest . • Best Dancer - • Most Talkative ■ ' ■ Laziest — - • Most Artistic - • Most Bashful • ■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ — • Peppiest . . . - Most Mischievous — - • Best Figure Physique • Most Reasonable -- • Most Optimistic • Most Conscientious - ■ Best Student - • Least Ambitious - • - — • Quietest . . Mabel Chapman Anna Warren — Dorine Scott • Dinah Brooks ■ Wilsie Waters Jane Weeks — Daisy Downing • Noisiest - - - • Most Cooperative — • Best Speaker —- • Inferiority Complex • Vamp Shiek - Most Likable ■■■ ■ ■ ■ Most Versatile - tins Earl Wescott David Sheppard Earl Wescott Thomas Bartee Charles Bell Thomas Bartee Joshua Coston Franklin Victory Lafayette Goodwyn Charles Bell Bernard Jones Joshua Coston Earl Wescott Charles Smith Sidney Harmon Charles Smith Johnson Harmon Fred Johnson Willie Spady Samuel Anderson Franklin Victory Franklin Brisco Bernard Jones Henry Allen Hilton Smith Grover Watson Maurice Weeks Sidney Harmon John Powell Charles Bell Harvey Fisher Verdell Adair David Sheppard Verdell Adair Mentor a 6- s We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-two, being of sound mind and body, fully aware that the end is not far away, do hereby draw up our last will and testan»nt. To el imin ate ill feelings and arguments, we have itemized each article that is to be given away upon our departure. To our dear Alma Mater we solemnly leave our loyalty and determination to succeed so that the banner will forever wave for " Dear Old Northampton " . To our parents who have striven to make possible this portion of our career, we say " We hope to do as much for you in the near future so that you may be proud of us. " To the Junior Class we leave our ability to balance equations in Chemistry, hoping they will have more success in it than we did. To the Sophomore Class we leave our cooperative spirit and ability to work. To the Freshmen Class we leave our perseverance in al1 the tasks which we have undertaken. 1. Annie Anderson wills her quietness to Rnmw Satchell. 2. Mary Bailey wills her small, cute figure to Edith Turner. 3. Jacqueline Bartee wills a few of her pounds to Gloria Satchell. 4. Florence Beckett wills her height to Florence Gray. 5. Sudie Beckett wills her quietness to Vivian Trower. 6. Dinah Brooks wills her rings to Tabitha Smith. 7. Mabel Chapman wills her sense of humor to Christina Satchell. — 8. Mildred Church wills her cute smile to Mary Bell. 9. Lucille Clayton wills her legs to Mazzie Jones. 10. Flossie Doughty wills her smile to Yvonne Spady so she can attract the boys attention. 11. Daisy Downing wills a few of her pounds to Sarah Collins. 12. Mabel Downing wills her sense of humor to Joseph Satchell, 13. Flossie Floyd wills her small kissable lips to Luvenia Giddens. 14. Lizzie Floyd wills her good conduct to Vaughan Downing trusting that he will learn to mind his own business. 15. Constance Fox bequeaths her scholastic ability to Corine Wynder. 16. Betty Harmon wills her cute smile and dimples to Ruth Bell. 17. Violet Harmon wills her penmanship to Yvonne Parker so die can stop her fancy printing. 18. Winnie Harmon wills her quietness to Ernest Belmont. 19. Shirley Johnson leaves her hair styles to Augustine Moses. 20. Nellie Long wills a few of her pounds to Fannie Finney. 21. Daloris Morris wills her neat feet and figure to Mary Press. 22. Dolores Onley wills her large legs to Emma Smith. 23. Estelle Robinson wills her ability to play basket ball to Shirley Nottingham. 24. Josephine Sample wills her ■ c mw n feet to Virginia Rtwley. 25. Margaret Savage wills her quietness to George Tate. 26. Dorine Scott wills her petiteness to Gladys Rhodes. 27. Florence Simpkins wills her cute smile and personality to Gloria Williams. 28. Shirley Spady wills her quietness to Clarence Smaw. 29. Mildred Stewart wills her dancing ability to Dorothy Jones. 30. Ella Upshur wills her ability to sing to Allie Williams. 31. Anna Warren wills her kind disposition to Ruth Upshur. 32. Wilsie Waters wills her surplus pounds to Effie Upshur, hoping she will thereby attract some young man s attention. 33. Jene Weeks wills her good behavior to Annie Rowley. 34. Verdell Adair wills his vocal ability to Augustus Harmon. 35. Henry Allen wills his quietness to James Rhodes. 36. Samuel Anderson wills his mischievousness to Charles King. 37. Thomas Bartee wills his height to Frasier Brickhouse. 38. Charles Bell wills his ability to study and get results to Ethel Ann Harmon. 39. Franklin Brisco wills his size to George Drummond. 40. Joshua Coston will ' : his height to Mary Smith. 41. Harvey Fisher wills hisquietness in class to Charles Perkins, 42. Johnson Harmon wills his height to Charles Smaw. 43. Sidney Harmon wills his gentleman-like manners to Eugene Watson. 44. ■ Fred Johnson wills his height to Willie Brickhouse. 45 Bernard Jones wills a few of his girl friends to Charlie Smith. 46. John Powell wills number 26 football jersey to Clifton Harmon. 47. David Sheppard wills his excellence in Mathematics to Clifton Webb. 48. Charles Smith wills his vocal ability to Leroy Grimes. 49. Hilton Smith wills his knowledge to Samuel Spruiel. 50. Willie Spady wills his patrol badge to John Wescott. 51. Franklin Victory wills his athletic ability to Clifton Lewis. 52. Grover Watson wills hi3 ability to dance to George Bibb ins. 53. Maurice Weeks wills his quietness to Church Smaw. 54. Earl Wesoott wills William Sample a box of toothpicks so he won ' t have to use match stems. Signed, sealed and delivered into our hands this 6th day of June, 1952. Violet Harmon Mildred Stewart, Executors Goodbye Northampton 1 The time has come to partj We go tut your memory will always be in each heart. Everything we owe to you -the large, the good, the small For you were always there whenever we did call. They weren ' t all easy - the tasks you urged us do. But we trusted your wisdom and kept faith in you. Now we ' ll never forget you and may you never fail To serve as our " Lighthouse " on the stormy seas we must sail. Written by John Powell H NAME Ames, Alene Ames, Eleanor Ames, Annie Ames, Isabell Ames, Lauramer Allen, George Adair, Carl Allen, Cullen Ashby, Deloris Brickhouse, Calvin Bragg, Mildred Bragg, Otis Brinkley, Alice Brinkley, Alphonzo Brinkley, Jean Collins, Margaret Collins, Clinton Collins, Henry Collins, Evelyn Collins, Homer Collins, Howard Darden, Evelyn Downing, Lois Downing, Rebecca Francis, Earlie Finney, Cleo Giddens, Mary Francis Green, Hattie (Jones) Harmon, Clarence Holley, Beatrice Harvey, Joyce Jacobs, Bessie Jacobs, Agnes Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Victoria Jolley, Loretta Jordan, Bessie Jordan, James Joyner, Charles Johnson, Roy King, Woodrow Milbourne, Eva Monroe, Charles Monroe, Thomas Powell, Elbert Powell, Marion Preston, Coralee Press, Harry Roach, Selma Roach, William Robinson, Charles Sample, Edna Sample, Elnora Savage, Olivia Smaw, Mary Spady, Eleis Upshur, Lucille Waters, Eugene Wright, Pauline Wyatt, George Wyatt, Henrietta Wynder, Barbara SMaurice Wilson, Coleman Waters, Irvin Wilkins, Melvin Wyatt, Wtimer atuOTua O ' auMsw SCHOOL OCCUPATION WHERE EMPLOYED Hampton Institute Employment Agent New York, N. Y. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Hampton Institute New York, N. Y. St. Phillip ' s Hospital Student Richmond, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Hampton Institute Teaching Capeville, Va. N.D.Virginia State Col. Student Norfolk, Va. Maryland State College Student Princess Anne, Md. Maryland State College Student Princess Anne, Md. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. A. T. College Student Greensboro, N. C. J.C.Smith Univ. Principal Cape Charles, Va. Va. Union Univ. Teaching Eastville, Va. Va. Union Univ. Ministry Hampton, Va. Va. Union Univ. Teaching Williamsburg, Va. Va. Union Univ. Student Richmond, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. A. T. College Student Greensboro, N. C. Va. Union Univ. Student Richmond, Va. Maryland State College Student Princess Anne, Md. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Morris School Student New York, N. Y. St. Paul Polytechnic Teaching Jamesville, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersfo:rg, Va. Va. Union Univ. Student Richmond Va. Apex Beautician School Student Philadelphia, Pa. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Va. Union Univ. Teaching Machipongo, Va. N.D.Virginia State Col. Student Norfolk, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Central Sch.for Nurses Student New York, N. Y. Friedman ' s Hespital Student Washington, D. C. St. Phillip ' s Hospital Student Richmond, Va. Maryland State College Teaching Machipongo, Va. Temple University Student Philadelphia, Pa. A. T. College Student Greensboro, N. C. Va. Union Univ. Army Maryland State College Howard University Student Washington, D. C. Virginia State Col. Teaching Hamilton, Va. J.C.Smith University Principal Trehemeville, Va. J.C.Smith University Lawyer Washington, D. C. Howard University Dentist New York, N. Y. St.Paul Polytechnic Student Lawrenceville, Va. Virginia State Col. Teaching Acooraac, Va. Virginia Union Univ. Student Richmond, Va. A. T. College Dietian Philadelphia, Pa. S.C,State College Student Orangeburg, S. C. Va. Union Univ. Student Richmond, Virginia Montifore Hospital Student New York, N. Y. Montifore Hospital Student New York, N. Y. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. St. Paul Polytechnic Teaching Capeville, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Maryland State Col. Student Princess Anne, Md. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Va. Union Univ. Array Virginia State Col. Teaching Richmond, Va. N.D.Virginia St. Col. Students Norfolk, Va. Maryland State Col. Student Princess Anne, Md. Va. Union Univ. Student Richmond, Va. Virginia State Col. Student Petersburg, Va. Virginia State Col. Boston, Mass. d t TREASURER GEORGE BIBBINS VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY We, the Junior " A " Claes of 1951-52, have entered the most important and enjoyable year of otir school career William Beckett EMMA SMITH WILL RICKHOUSE BUS. MANAGER On the glorious morning of September 4 , 1951, we were placed under the guidance of Miss Craft Our aim is to sponsor the most outstanding Junior-Senior Prom in the history of Northampton CHAPLAIN FRASIER BRICKHOUSE AUGUSTUS HARMON ASST. SECRETARY MARY BELL CHAPLAIN LOUVENIA GIDDENS PARLiaaanAsiAN CLIFTON WEBB EFFIE UPSHUR HETTIE WRIGHT VICE PRESIDENT V M CHARLES KING INS The Junior " -B " Class of 1951-52 entered this tern with enthusiasm. Under the instruct¬ ion of Mrs. H. G. Jones, we plan to accomplish many things this year. We have set up the following goals for this year: 1. Co-sponsor a successful Prom. 2. Improve ourselv es intellectually, spiritually, and socially by cooperating in all school activities. We are proud of the fact that our class along with the Junior " A " Class, was successful in having as Master of Ceremonies for our Amateur Religious Program, Mr. Jack Holmes, of Radio Station WLOW, Norfolk, Virginia. SGT. AT ARMS .. %M CHURCH SMAW BUSINESS MANAGER We work with our motto ever before us, w If A Task Is Once Begun. Never Leave It f Til It»s Done " . ROBERT BAINES tfnttwre SECRETARY 40 I ■ mm PAULINE MATTHEWS CHAPLAIN MAEBI ROSELIE PRESIDENT Vice-President ETHEL SAVAGE In the year of 1950 a group of bewildered Freshman entered Northampton County High School. Mr. Smith, the Principal, assigned us to the Freshman " A " Class with Miss D. M. Turner as our homeroom teacher. We partici¬ pated in all the extra curricular activities of the school. With much work and many, many tests, the term finally dosed. After sunner vacation ended, we started out on a higher rung of the ladder of education. Our homeroom teacher Is Mrs. M. B. Collins. We are striving to make ear sophomore year one of worthwhile attainment. To the graduating class we wish luck, success and a bright future. TREASURER HEIEN HARRIS SGI AT ARMS ROOSEVELT HALL SECRETARY PRESIDENT JAMES COLLINS VICE PRESIDENT RAYMOND ARMSTRONG We, the members of the Sophomore ”B rt Class, started back to school on September 4, 1951i with the great determination to make this year a successful one. In the Homecoming activities our contest¬ ant, Miss Balease Francis, was in the third place. CLEO ALLEN Under the leadership of our homeroom instructor, Mr. Whitehead, we are sure that we CHAPLAIN will have a successful year, whatever we SGT. AT ARMS TRIM DIXON Jiff ImsniiKsre TREASURER VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT W«, the Sophomore " C " entered Northampton County High School September 11, 1950. Our homeroom teacher was Mrs L 5 King SECRETARY HARMON As Sophomores with a new homeroom teacher, Mr. T. R. Vasser, we are looking forward to the Junior year CHAPLAIN CONSTANCE WHITNEY Our class is represented in numerous activities of the school Our motto is, " We Have Crossed The SGT. AT ARMS DOUGWS COLLINS 7 ? TREASURER IDA STRATTON VICE PRESIDENT MARY KELLAM PRESIDENT SHIRLEY USHER SECRETARY We, the Freshman " A " Class, entered the Northampton County High School September 11,1951 All Freshmen assembled in rooms 5 It 6 and then we were assigned to our homeroom j Miss D. M. Turner was helpful in getting us registered for our classes and helping us to get adjusted to high school life. ALBERTA PARKER Our class was represented in the Homecoming Activities by Miss Hatterine Johnson, who was runner-up for n Miss Homecoming " • CHAPLAIN ORA WATSON SARAH WHITE PRESIDENT ANN WILKINS fh CHAPLAIN The Freshman " B " Class was organized on September 5, 1952. Through close cooperation in our own class we hare contributed to and participated in all major activities on the campus. We shall continue to hope for and strive to make this, our first year, a successful and memorable one. We were proud to have Miss Armilla Rowley as our contestant for the Homecoming Activity, and our May Queen contestant was Miss Odell Johnson. ARMILLA ROWLEY ASST. ODESSA COLLINS LAURETTA WEEKS ELIZABETH SAVAGE PRESIDEMI It ' s the history of the class again with the same school, but with different faces and names. We entered Northampton County High School on September 4, 1951 We were assigned to Mrs. H. D, Upshur as our homeroom teacher. At present we have 50 members. During the second week of our school term, we organized our class and began to strive hard to uphold the high standards of our school. The purposes of our organization were to bring about better citizenship in the school and comm¬ unity relations and to learn the correct parli- mentary procedures. } i VICE PRESIDENT GLORIA SMITH SECRETARY ISAIAH FISHER TREASURER We had members of our class participating in the different activities of our school. We were proud to have Miss Amanda Wright as our contestant for the Homecoming Activities and Miss Elizabeth Savage as our May Queen. MARY JENKINS CHAPLAIN K 4 K - . ♦ s - — Standing Left to Right: Barbara Jones - Florence Simpkins Mabel Downing - Annie Rowley - Pauline Matthews Shirley Spady --- Chaplain Asst. Parliamentarian Reporter Vice President Parliamentarian Vice President Seated Left to Right: Cleo Allen - Carolyn Wright Sarah Collins Geneva Sample • Mary Smith - Mildred Church Betty Harmon -• Earnie Collins Historian Secretary Treasurer Vice President President Asst. Secretary Asst. Treasurer Asst. Historian We are proud of our Chapter Mothers, who are working faithfully, help¬ ing us to promote our programs. They are: Mrs. F. T. Allen,Mrs. A. J. Godwin, and Mrs. M. Downing. The New Homemakers of America Club has been organized for several years and it has made rapid progress. A few years ago the local clubs were organ¬ ized into a statewide association. Since that time delegates from local chapters have been sent to Virginia State College to attend Conferences. At the Conferences, officers are elected for the State Association and plans are made for the year. Since the State-Wide Association of the local clubs has been organized we have been sending delegates to the Annual Conference. The Northampton County Chapter is proud of some of the accomplishments it has made in the past years. We have had the honor of having two state officers• The membership and interest in our Club has been increased considerably since every member has been placed on some committee with a definite responsibility. We, the members of the Northampton Chapter, extend to the graduating class our best wishes for a most successful career and bright future. Mrs. I. J. Williams, Advisor Mrs. L. B. Jolley, Advisor Standing left to right: Willie Brickhouse, Secretary; John Powell Watchman; Claude Allen, Historian; Earl Wescott, Parliamentarian; William Sample. Treasurer. Seated left to right: Hilton Smith, Vice-President; Henry Allen, President; C. N. Williams, Adviser; William Johnson, Chaplain; Walter Joyner, Reporter. The Northampton Chapter of New Farmers of America has made progress each year since its organization in 1937 Our ultimate aim is to develop competent rural leaders through cooperation, thrift, civics, scholarship, and an intelligent choice of farming vocations. We took an active part in the Eastern Shore Federation and the State Rally. We were represented at the State Rally by George Bibbins and Hilton Smith. We, the officers and members of the Northampton Chapter of New Farmers of America, extend to the graduating class our best wishes for a most successful career and a bright future. realm Ceremow® ■ ||| Vf” 1 sf On Monday October 29, 1951 at 3 00 P. M. citizens from all sections of the County gathered to witness the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new Northamp¬ ton County High School. This Ceremony marked the starting point of a building program that has been sanctioned by the Northampton County School Board and Board of Supervisors in order to further increase the educational advantages of the youth of our County. Rev. W.Tycer Nelson,College Minister of Maryland State College was the guest speaker. Other participants on the program were: Mr.W.H.Smith,Principal presiding, Rev. S.E.Pugh of Cape Charles, invocation, Rev.C.S.Burke,President of the Northampton County P.T.A., welcomed those present. Mrs. Francis Allen introduced Rev. W. Tycer Nelson. A highlight of the occasion was the ground breaking by Mr.W.F.Fitzgerald, Chairman of the Northampton County School Board. Music was furnished by the high school chorus under the direction of Mrs. M.B.Collins and Mrs. H. D. Upshur, John Jordan, a member of the chorus sang. " Bless This House " . Appearing on the ground breaking picture are: Mr.W.F.Fitzgerald, Chairman of Northampton County School Board, breaking the ground, Mr. W.H ' Smith, Principal, Rev. C. S. Burke, President of Northampton County P. T. A., Mrs. Francis Allen,Mr.Thomas James and Mr. Vivian Bayly, members of the School Board, Mr. M. C. Riggin, Contractor, Rev. S. E. Pugh, Mr. Wyatt Hibbs and Mr. George VanLeeven, Architects, Rev. W. Tycer Nelson, Mr. C. N. Williams $ The Queen of the 1951 May Day Festival, Miss Sarah Collins, was crowned before the Annual Ball Game between Norfolk County High and Northampton County High on May 11, 1951. Her Majesty, Miss Collins, was escorted to and from the throne by Mr. Earl Wescott, of Junior " A " Class. Colorful folk dances and drills were performed in honor of the Queen. Attendants Reading from Left to Right: Mary Press, Thelma Wright, Mary Fisher, Jene Weeks, Ethel Savage, Shirley Spady, Christine Rowley, Effie Upshur and Ann Jones. Standing on the Throne from Left to Right: Earl Wescott, Andrea Fox, Paul Bibbins, Jr.,Sarah Collins and W. H. Smith, Principal. The Guidance Committee began its yearns work with a continuation of the Program developed and used last year. The decision of the group to continue last year ' s Program was based on the success of the Program and the wide-spread effect on all phases of student life. He feel that the continued development of the student along the phases of proper reading and study habits, good health habits, participation in, and appreciation of wholesome social activities and meaningful vocational assistance will prepare the student to meet the world and its problems. To assist in this development the following groups were organized: Slow Reading Group - Miss D. B. Craft, Chairman Health Group - Mr. J. E. Worsley, Chairman Social Group - Mrs, I. J. Williams, Chairman locational Group - Mr. C. N. Will lams, Chairman Te the Class of 52, we hope that the assistance we have given you will not prove to be too meager. Standin g Left to Right : Alvin Downing, Florence Hyslop, Orlo Trover, Emily Johnson,President George Bibbins, Quincey Adair, Florence Starchia, William Stoakeley. Seated Left to Right : John Powell, Mildred Stewart, Verdell Adair, Treasurer, Cutie Sewell, Asst. Secretary, Daisy Downing, Secretary, John Sample, Vice President, Earnia Collins, Parliamentarian, Balease F ' rancis, Ethel Savage, Robert Baines. This year the members of the Student Council have set forth as their objectives: 1. To stress the importance of cleanliness ana pride throughout tin buildings. 2. To complete and repair the Roll of Honor. 3. To send a delegate to the Annual Student Council Meeting to be held at Peabody High School in Petersburg, Virginia. In 1950 the Chorus was organized under the leadership of Mrs.H.D.Upshur and Mrs.M.B.Collins. At Christmas we presented a program in the Auditorium and visited the home of one of our members who was confined to his home with a broken leg. In 1951, we presented a Christmas Program in the auditorium which depicted the significance of Christmas through dramatizations of selected Christmas Carols. We are proud of the interest and cooperation that our members have shovn and the patience of our advisors. To the graduating class we offer congratulations and best wishes. Mary Ellen Smith, President Pauline Matthews, Secretary Geneva Sample, Vice President Hettie Wright, Treasurer Mildred Church, Chaplain The Northampton County High School Little Theatre, usually called the Dramatic Club, was organized in 1948 under the direction of Misses M.V.Blanchard and D.M.Turner. During our first year we sponsored three one-act plays. For the past three years we have presented a Thanksgiving Program for the assembled student body. This year we have not been very active because of limited spa.ce and time, but we are looking forward to increased activity in the immediate future. We yish for each Senior a lone and nrosnerous life. The Boy’s Safety Patrol Club was organized in the interest of the safety of students traveling to and from school Thus far an excellent job has been done in the prevention of accidents, maintaining orderly conduct on the buss, on the campus and in the buildings. We have also been commended for our assistance during games and other extra-curricular activities. OFFICERS Hilton Smith —— President George Drummond - Lieutenant Joseph Davis -- Vice President Charles King - Captain Secretary - Secretary William Johnson - Chaplain Mr. A. B. Whitehead - Treasurer Sponsor LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Langston Brickhouse, Mr. George Treheme, Mr. David Bailey, Mr. Arthur Smaw, Mr. Lafayette Stevere and Mr. Clarence Joyner. Mr. Alvin Morris and Mr.Calvin Stevens, are not shown. Ceant Left to right: Front row: Joseph Davis, 5; Roosevelt Hall, 7; Clifton Webb, 10; Captain, Franklin Victory, 1; John Sample, 4; Herman Johnson, 3; Jackie Floyd. Standing: Coach Vasser, John Wynder, James Monroe, S; John Powell, 6; Theron Wynder, George Bibbins, 9; Gordon Wilson, William Stokeley, and Coach Worsley. The picture to the right is Miss. Homecoming and first and second runner ups. Left to right: Miss. Hatterine Johnson(l st. runner up) Miss. Jean Weeks, Miss. Homecoming and Miss. Baylease Francis!2nd. runner up) Mr. Alvin Gladstone, driver of automobile. Picture to the left is Miss. Homecoming and her attendants. Left to right: Clarence Smaw Daisy Downing Helen Harris Mary Powell Armilla Rowley Florence Starchie Armanda Wright H. J.Johnson Hilton Smith Jean Weeks,Miss Homecoming Mir ,W.H. Smith, Principal Baylease Francis Emma Smith Franklin Victory Front Row from left to right: Lafayette Goodwyn, Claude Allen, Charles Perkins, Captain, Franklin Victory, James Rhodes, John Sample,aad Verdell Adair. Standing from left to right: John Wescott, James Monroe, Augustus Harmon, Charles Smith, George Kneeling from left to right : Pearl Finney, Shirley Johnson, Cutie Sewell Standing from left to right : Wilsie Waters, Delores Morris, Anna Warren, Virginia Rowley, Dinah Brooks, Estella Robinson, Gwendolyn Rogers, Mildred Stewart, Armilla Rowley, Daisy Downing, Geneva Sample, Emma Satchell, Mabel Chapnan, Shirley Usher, Betty Harmon and Miss D. B. Craft. Northampton - 0 ., Southampton - 13 Northampton - 0....... Bruton Heights - 13 Northampton - 6.. B. T. Washington (Suffolk) - 21 Northampton - 6..... East Suffolk - 12 Northampton - 13 •...... Hayden - 2 The " Golden Bulls " played five games this season, one of which was victorious, the H«ecflnlng Game. During practice, James Monroe was disabled and was unable to play for the rest of the season. Reading from left to right; Front row: Clifton Webb,20;Douglas Collins,27; Joseph Davis, 21;Wallace Weeks,28;Co-Captain,Clarence Smaw,32;Captain,Franklin Victory,34?John Sample,30; Church Small,29; Thomas Ames,23;Roosevelt Hall,25;Lafayette Goodwyn,Trainer. Standing left to right: Coach Vasser, John Powell,26; Trim Dixon,24; Isaac Robinson,36; Verdell Adair,37;Earaest Doggett,41;George Tate,26;Jaaes Rhodes,38;Eugene Jackson,33;Heman Jehnson,33;Charles Perkins,22;Fred Holmes,31; Mr. W. H. Stoith, Principal and Mr.J.E.Worsley. I£FT TO RIGHTS Deloris Morris, Shirley Johnson, Cleo Allen, Alice Rogers, Gwendolyn Rogers, Cutie Sewell,Daisy Downing, Estelle Rebins on, Mary Ellen Smith, Pauline Matthews, and Mary Rowley. Mary Ellen Smith, Captain Pauline Matthews, Co-Captain Miss D. B. Craft, Coach twer Alice Rogers, Shirley Johnson, Cutie Sewell, Mary Smith, Mable Chapnan, Virginia Rowley, WfflLsie Waters, Pauline Matthews and Delores Onlay. Shirley Johnson, President Delores Onley, Captain If Emily Johnson, Co-Captain Miss D. M. Turner, Instructor ye COMPLIMENTS of GRAYS ,AL HOME 625 Madison Avenue Cape Charles, Virginia MRS. A. J. GODWIN, FUNERAL DIRECTRESS SAVAGE DRUG STORE CAPE CHARIES, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of LLOYDS DRUG STORE CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP " FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION 1 ' NASSAUADOX, VIRGINIA TOUSSAINTS " HOUSE OF FINER PORTRAITS " 3 5 1 • v-» O EXMORE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY CAPE CHARIES, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of GLICK SONS NORTHAMPTON LUMBER COMPANY One Board ora Trainload NAS3ANAD0X, VIRGINIA EXMORE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of ITALY’S QUICK LUNCHEON and CHESTER’S BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS of SMITH’S ESSO STATION NASSAUADOX, VIRGINIA PHONE: CAPE CHARLES 571 COMPLIMENTS of COLONIAL STORES WARREN’S SALES SERVICE KAISER FRAZER MASSEY—HARRIS TRACTOR DEALER PHONE: CAPE CHARLES 688 CHARITON, VIRGINIA CHERITON, VIRGINIA FRANCIS NEW USED CARS A i r MAKE, USED CAR l ALUES ANY Pi-IONE: 2-4020 G. T. FRANCIS, OWNER COMPLIMENTS of THOMAS H. JAMES GENERAL MERCHANDISE EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA JOSEPH ETZ, JR. GENERAL MERCHANDL8.E L. W. SAYERS GENERAL MERCHANDISE SPORTSMAN SHOP 130 W. PLUMB STREET NORFOLK, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of NORTH AMERICA ASSURANCE SOCIETY of VIRGINIA, INC. COMPLIMENTS of RICHMOND, VIRGINIA For detailed information on ARISTOCRAT and DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM School and Athletic Group Accident and Individual or a ' Family Hospitalization Plans CALL Onancock 54SW PHILADELPHIA DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF THE Abbot Bros. Inc. Art Linen Shop Benjamins Booth Brown Burnett-Walten W. C. Carey Son County Trust Company Culvert Flower Shop Culver Motor Company Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Edward s Farmers Merchants Bank The Gardy Ins. Agency, Inc Avery W. Hall Harry L. Harcum English Grill FOLLOWING IEADING BUSINESSES OF SALISBURY, MARYLAND Hayraan’s Pharmacy V. V. Hughes Sons W. N. Jackson Ins. Agenoy Lee Johnson, Inc. The Lee Shoppe Leeds Twilley W. F. Messick Ice Company Miller Electric Co. Lewis Morgan Son Nathan ' s Oriole Store Equipment Co. Parkway Motors Pepsi-Cola Company A. W. Perdue Son Photo-Lite Studios Porter’s Appliance Center SALISBURY COOPERATIVE R. E. Powell Company Vernon H. Powell Shoe Co. Provico Company George L. Ralph, Inc. Ralph Gaskill, Inc. Ray-Mor Baking Company Harris J. Riggin Ins. Agency Salisbury Automotive, Inc. Salisbury National Bank Schleisner Company Shore Pontiac Sales, Inc. Ulman Sons White Leonard Wicomico Hotel BUSINESS ASSOCIATION TIMES PUBLISHING COMPANY All types of job printing and Office Supplies Cape Charles, Virginia Messac COMPLIMENTS of COMPLIMENTS in your future FCEID BALES Phone Cape Charles 208 226 Cape Charles, Virginia. W. E. Lambertson, Prop. LLOYDS DRUG STORE MAPLSTON DAIRY NASSAWADCK, VIRGINIA EXMGRE, VIRGINIA JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT EASTERN SHORE CANNING COMPANY, INC Phone: Eastville 8006 MACHIPONGO, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS of COMPLIMENTS A. H. RETELL SON of Wholesale SHADY SIDE FARM Onley Virginia J. WALKER JACKSON, Machipongo, JR. OWNER Virginia COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMSNTS ®f GROWERS SUPPLY COMPANY of W. B. WILSON SON OAUTp l AND SPECIAL™ THE FAMILY STORE Est. 1894 MACHIPONGO, VIRGINIA CAPE CHARLES VIRGINIA BELLS RADIO SERVICE " Den’t Menkey With Yeur Radie” Call Us Eastville - S RADIO REPAIRS Clem Bell, Manager Owner Pick-up Delivery Service R. S. FLOYD GENERAL MERCHANDISE Bridgetown, Virginia Compliments of H. C. WEST Phone - Cape Charles 627 CHERITON, VIRGINIA Compliments of SOUTHERN ATHLETIC SUPPLY CO. J. B. Hopkin, Ass’t. Mgr. Compliments of H. M. JAMES COMPANY Ladies’ and Gents’ Furnishings Phone - Belle Haven 2-6064 NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA ROOSEVELT INN 1 MILE SOUTH of EASTVILLE Phone: Eastville 427 NEWPORT NEWS INN 1 MILE NORTH of EASTVILLE Phone: Eastville S149 DINE-DANCE-DRINKS J. B. Nottingham, Owner—Eastville,Va. H. P. KELLAM GENERAL CHANDISE MILTON A. UPSHUR’S SERVICE STATION PHONE: CAPE CHARLES 23SJ CHERITON, VIRGINIA Mobilqas o MOBILE GAS, OIL, TIRES NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA ' I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 HOLLAND ' S FUNERAL HOME Frank B. Holland, Funeral Director and Embalms r MALLIE THEATER KATES ' BARBER SHOP T. H. SERVICE STATION BOB ' S PLACE HORTON ' S CLEANERS WESCOTT ' S LUNCHEON Ruby T. Holland, Funeral Director and 1 1 Beautician Phone Cape Charles 289W CHERITON, VIRGINIA E. H. CLEANERS quaLity " first- service always » TREHERNEVILLE, VIRGINIA Phone Cape Charles 312 CAPE CHARIES, VIRGINIA NORDSTROM EROTHERS Nartane Bottled Gas FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES TWILIGHT CLEANERS BELLE HAVEN, VA. COMPLIMENTS of WEEKS ' TAXI PHONE: CAPE CHARIES 499 CAPE CHARIES, VIRGINIA TAXI Phone: Cape Char Ins 1823 CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA , . ► COMPLIMENTS of HELOTE’S GROCERY SAMPLE BARBER SHOP ROSA A. HELOTE, PROP. BRIDGETOWN, VIRGINIA 515 Strawberry Street Cape Charles, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of RAYMOND SPADY BROS. Distributors of Dan Dee Bread Bakery Products COMPLIMENTS of JACK WEBB General Merchandise Long distance Local Hauling Phone: Cape Charles 539M Machipongo, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of EASTERN SHORE CLEANERS DYERS COMPLIMENTS Owned k Operated by W. T. Ward C. V, Norstrom Phone: Onancock 683 of DR. J. C. AI2EN Eastville, Virginia COMPLIMENTS of BRICKHOUSE S CLEANERS Owned and Operated by Langston Brickhouse Harevalley, Virginia PARKE «S PACKED TO ORDER QUALITY CANNED FOODS " Full to the Brim " ISERVING PARTICULAR BUYERS FOR THREE GENERATIONS L. H. PARKE COMPANY PHILADELPHIA, PA. PITTSBURGH, PA. ' U G BALFOUR CGMPABT Attleboro, Massachusetts Leading Manufacturers Class rings and pins Diploaas - Cosnan—nnnt Announcements Medals and Trophies Mrs. Eva B. Anderson, Virginia Representative 4111 Kensington Avenue Richmond Virginia MANY THANKS TO OUR ADVERTISERS THE SENIOR CLASS NORTHAMPTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL MACHIPONGO, VIRGINIA X « 7 ? ' u V 1 .1 •••• N , M W ■ i‘. - w •« . , . , •-» . V . •• r ■■ ... ' W ?! • » • ml - _ tOJi ? " A. . u j w m 4 -

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