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GREETINGS TO CLASS OF 1950 I am exceedingly happy for the privilege of extending best wishes to you the members of the ’’Class of 1950”. You are at the crossroads of a half century that has undergone many changes which have made this a better which to live. The .h. next half century will be marked with even greater changes, and you will play a definite part in their making. ¥ You have had the opportunity to finish your high school education, and we sincerely hope that the lessons learned here will enable you to adjust yourselves to the changing times that are certain to confront you, by doing you will be in a better position to contribute something worth while to this age tha t is being ushered in. You will soon depart from Northampton County High School to follow your pattern of life ' s ambition, and we want you to remember that the same diligence that has brought you thus far will go a long way in helping you to obtain your desired goal. Perseverance has been the secret of the success of many, once you have found the work to which you are adapted, by perseverance you will succeed. By achieving success you will be happy. Finally " Class of 1950 " , I would like to congratulate you on your v - continuation of the heritage which was handed down to you, the " Lighthouse " , and your dedicat an shows your unwavering fidelity to one of your fellow v stud " ” ndeared to us. ’ ' nd all of you. High hope of endeavor •erob NORTHAMPTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL To JEdward Jone s, our classmate, dear • Whose voice ag ain we ' ll never hear, Your gentle smile ftas gonOronTview, This token we offer in memory of you. To one who meant so much to us and whose departure has left a vacancy in our class: In order to show our sincere devotion we dedicate this edition of the " LIGHTHOUSE " to our class¬ mate and friend, Edward Jones. X • ) FACULTY i FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: MissD. M. Turner. Miss G. C. Ellis. Miss S. A. Ruffin. Mr. W. H. Smith . Miss M. V. Blanchard. Mrs. I. J. Williams. Mrs. M. B. Collins. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss H. M. Green. Miss L. B. Patterson . Mr. W. W. King. Mr. C. N. Williams. Mr. E. L. Williams. Mr. A. B. Whitehead. Mrs. H. D. Upshur. Miss E. M. Coleman. Librarian and English History and English Secretary Principal English and French Home Economics Science and Biology • English and French Mathematics Government and English Agriculture Chemistry and Biology f t Mathematics Citizenship and English Home Economics } ■i NAME: Robert E. Allen ( " Doc”) ADDRESS: Eastville Sta. Box 13 AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Base ball PET SAYING: ’’You know it too " NAME: Eleanor Ames ( " Dolly”) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Va. AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Bike Riding NAME: Delores B. Bailey (Be Bop) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Secretary HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " That’s Nice " NAME: Julius Bailey ( " Bobby " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Va. AMBITION: Brick Mason HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Linger long but die you must " NAME: Jinnilla Baker ( " Jinks " ) ADDRESS: Cheapside, Va. AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Singing ’ PET SAYING: " Will do " NAME: Natalie Beckless (Snapshot) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Va, AMBITION: Lawyer b ' K HOBBY: Reading 1 PET SAYING: " Christopher Columbus " lit it. ,t i yf Tr. • ' NAME: Robert L. Brickhouse ( " Bob”) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Carpenter HOBBY: Drawing PET SAYING: " Give me” NAME: Charlie T. Christian ( " Tom”) ADDRESS. Concord Wharf, Va. . AMBITION: Teacher ! HOBBY: Singing PET SAYING: " You know it too " % NAME: Alice Collins ( " Sis " ) ADDRESS: Kendall Grove, Va. AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " Oh Golly” - t if ha NAME: Alvin Collins ( " Hucklebuck ' ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Va. AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " I’m just joking " ' ) NAME: Venessa Fitchett ( " Nessie " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Va. AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Holey Moley " NAME: Clyde Garrison ( " Sonny Boy " ) ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Va. AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " No kidding " NAME: Ira George ( " Wheel Horse " ) ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Brick Mason HOBBY: Carpentry PET SAYING: " What you say, man? " NAME: Marian L. Giddens (’Duke " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Lawyer HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Chile, that acid eats me " NAME: Hattie Lee Goodwyn ( " Wynn " ) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Listening to news of the day PET SAYING: " Oh yes " NAME: Paul Henry Hallett ( " Jim”) ADDRESS: Birdnest, Virginia AMBITION: Electrician HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " You know it too? " NAME: David Lee Handy ( " Teeny Tiny " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Physical Education Instructor HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " Think nothing of it " NAME: Claresia Thelma Hargrove ( " Coe) ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Vocalist HOBBY: Playing popular records PET SAYING: " You know it too?” NAME: Laura Hargrove ( " Skinny " ) ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Shut up” NAME: Eugene Elater Harmon (Gene Buck) ADDRESS: Franktown, Virginia AMBITION: Financier HOBBY: Talking PET SAYING: " Dead right " NAME: Dennis Frissel Harmon ( " Duke " ) ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Artist HOBBY: Drawing PET SAYING: " Good gracious Paul Jones " NAME: Dorothy Hughes ( " Angel”) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia RFD AMBITION: Pediatrician HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " Okay I have already” NAME: George Walter Jordan ( " Lover " ) ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " Hi, Kid " NAME: Charles William Joyner ( " Joyner " ) ADDRESS: Kendall Grove, Virginia AMBITION: Preacher HOBBY: Singing PET SAYING: " Wait a minute " £ NAME: Claudina Lewis (’’Claudia " ) ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Mortician HOBBY: Drawing PET SAYING: " Oh look at me, now " NAME: Evelena Lister ( " Nena”) ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Reading comic books PET SAYING: " Hear me now! " X NAME: Evelyn Mae Mapp ( " Nay " ) ADDRESS: Exrnore, Virginia AMBITION: Seamstress HOBBY: Listening to the radio PET SAYING: " Forget it” NAME: Delois Mason (’Dee " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " You just got that wrong " NAME: Alston N orris ( " Al " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Bike Riding PET SAYING: " You aren ' t kidding " NAME: Ida E. Morris ( " Dorothy Mae " ) ADDRESS: Bayview, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Listening to the radio PET SAYING: " What do you know? " NAME: Marian Louise Powell (’Duke " ) ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " I say so " NAME: Frances Press ( " Frankie " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Writer HOBBY: Writing poetry PET SAYING: " Really " NAME: Bessie Lee Robinson ( " Bess’) ADDRESS: Machipongo, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " Put it here” NAME: Charles Robinson ( " Bo-Peep " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Physical Education Instructor HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " Think nothing of it " NAME: Ernest Milton Rogers ( " Finney " ) ADDRESS: Hadlock, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Singing PET SAYING: " You are the coolest " NAME: Louis Rogers ( " Major " ) ADDRESS: Nassawadox, Virginia AMBITION: Doctor HOBBY: Baseball PET SAYING: " I hear you " NAME: Alvin Sample ( " Al”) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Musician HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " Oh boy " NAME: Daniel Edward Sample ( " Jim Back " ) ADDRESS: Kendall Grove, Virginia AMBITION: Mechanic HOBBY: Going to the movies PET SAYING: " Shon " a NAME: Elnora Savage ( " Nona " ) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Reading comic books PET SAYING: " I ' m sick of you " NAME: Mary Elizabeth Savage ( " Be-Bop”) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " I ' m sorry dear " NAME: Mary Frances Smith ( " Friss " ) ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Stenographer HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Hello beautiful " NAME: Rosa Lee Smith ( " Rose”) ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia AMBITION: Seamstress EIOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Hi now " NAME: Eloise Spady ( " Loisie " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Bike Riding PED SAYING: " You ' re the coolest " NAME: Morris Woodrow Spady ( " Bones " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Mortician HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " Now ain’t that something " NAME: Litty Stevens ( " Tit " ) ADDRESS: Kendall Grove, Virginia AMBITION: Beautician HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " You can say that again " NAME: Roosevelt Townsend ( " Ike " ) ADDRESS: Birdsnest, Virginia AMBITION: Brickmason HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Some kinder rough " NAME: Helen Trower ( " Clipper " ) ADDRESS: Franktown, Virginia AMBITION: Beautician HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " You can say that again " NAME: Tabitha Trower ( " Tabby " ) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Singing PET SAYING: " Honey Chile " NAME: Eugene Waters (’’Jimmie Boy”) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Swimming i PET SAYING: ”1 like that” NAME: Maratha Verneda Watson ( " Little sis " ) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Beautician HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " You ' re not kidding " NAME: Johnnie A. Watts ( " Abbie " ) ADDRESS: Franktown, Virginia AMBITION: Auto Mechanic HOBBY: Singing PET SAYING: " Don’t jive me! " NAME: Audrey Louise Weeks ( " Shorty " ) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Nurse HOBBY: Dancing PET SAYING: " My goodness " NAME: Shirley E. Weeks ( " Duckling " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Musician HOBBY: Drawing PET SAYING: " There you go " NAME: Abraham Lincoln Wescott ( " Abe " ) ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Professional baseball player HOBBY: Movies PET SAYING: " Hi chile " NAME: Moses Wilkins ( " Mokey " ) ADDRESS: Exmore, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Swimming PET SAYING: " No kidding” NAME: Jenever Eroscus Wright ( " Pimp " ) ADDRESS: Townsend, Virginia V 1 n AMBITION: Doctor , )! HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: ”1 said so " NAME: Pauline Wright ( " Clipper " ) ADDRESS: Capeville, Virginia AMBITION: Teacher HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Oh no, not again? " NAME: George Wyatt ( " Newhouse " ) ADDRESS: Cape Charles, Virginia AMBITION: Physical Education Teacher HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " To be " l, f i ! NAME: Maurice Doris Wynder ( " Mark " ) ADDRESS: Eastville, Virginia AMBITION: Beautician HOBBY: Reading PET SAYING: " Oh, you don’t say? " NAME: Thomas Wynder ( " Tom " ) ADDRESS: Cheriton, Virginia AMBITION: Plumber HOBBY: Sports PET SAYING: " What you know, Buddy? " CLASS PROPHECY JUNE 1970 The members of the class of 1950 had its 20th reunion on the above date at the newly erected $600, 000 high school in Northampton County. The meeting was called to order by Judge Elois Spady, now Federal Judge for the state of New Hampshire. Devotions were led by the Rev. Eugene Waters, and the minutes were read by Pauline Wright who is now secretary to the Dean of Men at Howard University. Next was the Roll Call. Many pleasant memories were revived as familiar names were called. First was Abraham Wescott who is now pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Alvin CoUins, Ernest Rogers and Clyde Garrison are completing their Ph.D. at Howard University. Paul Hallet and his wife, Mrs. Hallet, the former Marian Powell, now own one of the largest ranches in Texas where they raise the world’s fastest race horses and pure bred Shorthorn beef cattle. Julius Bailey is employed as their head cow puncher. Our famous artists, Robert Brickhouse and Frisell Harmon are npw exhibiting their Masterpieces in the New York Museum of Art: they are portraits of George Jordan, inventor, and singer, Jinella Baker. The Flat Foot Circus, owned by Charles Joyner, has the following persons partici¬ pating in the acts; Robert Allen, clown; Hattie Goodwin, tight rope walker; Helen Trower as the Fat Lady; and the thrill of the Midway that you would not want to miss is the " Meat-Chop- Sisters " doing the Huckle Buck. They are none other than Deloris Mason, Marion Giddens, and Bessie Robinson. Frances Press is owner of one of the largest chains of beauty salons in the country. Working with her are Daniel Sample as head shampooer, Maurice Wynder as comb presser and Louis Rogers as hair presser. Natalie Beckless and her husband Roosevelt Townsend, are coybwners of the largest night club on Broadway. They are now featuring that famous blues finger, Cloresia Hargrove, accompanied by Vernessa Fitchett on her alto sax. Miss Hargrove ' s old flame, Dr. David Handy, Chief of Staff of the Claraton Hospital in Nebraska, and his Superintendent of Nurses, Miss Ida Morris, are engaged and were present opening night. Johnnie Watts, owner of a five story department store in West Virginia employs Beatrice Bailey as floor walker and Verneda Watson as head clerk. Rev. George Wyatt is pastor of the St. Peter ' s Cathedral in Nevada. One of his favorite texts is " Shall We Gather At That River? " Some of his outstanding members are Deacon Charles Robinson, Deacon Charlie Christian, Superintendent of the Sunday School, Alston Morris, Pianist, Shirley Weeks and Mary Smith. Lity Stevens and Laura Hargrove, Ushers. Thomas Wynder the World ' s Featherweight Champion will fight the famous girl boxer, Claudine Lewis at Madison Square Garden in the near future. A ringside seat is being re¬ served for the Sleepy Mortician, Morris Spady, who is watching for ? ? ????????? In Hollywood Eleanor Ames, Ira George, Alvin Sample and Elnora Savage have just completed the MiUion Dollar Academy Award Production, " Booby Trap Baby " . The Week ' s Taxi Company, owned and operated by Louise Weeks employs Alice Collins and Mary Savage as drivers. It is rumored that their fleet of hydrogen mobiles are equipped with two way radios and jet motors. Eugene Harmon, Editor-In-Chief of the Ebony has frequently been trying to expose the fortune telling business of Swami Moses Wilkins. We are wondering how this will affect the career of his wife, the former Miss Tabitha Trower who is now singing in Hollywood. Dorothy Hughes is owner of the " Make It Or Break It Garage " , where she employs Rosa Smith as head mechanic. Mae Mapp has just sold her large shrubbery farm in Harevalley and opened up a Lady ' s Dress Shoppe in the town of Exmore. That " Lucky Old Son " who has nothing to do but roll around in his T-Model and sell brushes all day is none other than Jenever Wright accompanied by his fiancee of 24 y ears, Evelina Lister. After having completed discussions on the affairs of our former classmates, we found that there was no further business we adjourned to meet again at Northampton County High School, June 6, 1971. Judge Elois Spady, President Pauline Wright, Secretary SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September 1946, approximately one hundred and twenty bewildered, freshmen entered Northampton County High School. At first it was rather difficult for us to become adjusted. There was the embarrassment of bumping into upperclassmen or wandering into the wrong classroom and many other things that added to our confusion. Due to the cooperative spirit and enthusiasm possessed by our class, we soon overcame our plight. We were immediately divided into three sections. Our homeroom teachers were Miss Crawford, Miss Purdue and Mr. Joynes. With the care and guidance of these competent instructors we were soon on our way to a very successful year. During that year several members of our class participated in various extra-curricular activities. There was the Talent Show which featured talent from the entire class. Among those participating were, Louise Weeks, D. Handy and others. Under the direction of Miss A. K. Flagg the Dramatic Club entered the Virginia High School Dramatic Tournament. The play " Still Stands the House " featuring Eleanor Ames in the leading role captured the second prize. Several members of our class were engaged in Athletics and participated in the Homecoming activities. September 1947. Sophisticated Sophomores. As we entered this year we were full of ambition and less confused and frightened. Again we were divided into three sections. Our homeroom teachers were Miss Baker (Now Mrs. Collins), Miss Patterson and Miss Hall. After becoming adjusted to our schedule we settled down to work at the task of making that year as successful as the preceding one. George Wyatt and David Handy, who were members of the Basketball Team went to the state wide Basketball Tournament which was held at the Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk. At that time L. Weeks became co-captain of the Cheering Squad. Our class sponsored two plays that year, " Wisdom Tooth " and " Just Among Us Girls " . " Wisdom Tooth " featured Charles Joyner, Mary Church, Elnora Savage and Catherine Kates. " Just Among Us Girls " featured Alston Morris, Annie Dixon, Evelina Lister, C. Hargrove and E. Ames. Representatives from our class in the Homecoming Festivities were, Mae Mapp, George Wyatt, Laura Hargrove and Alvin Sample. The end of the year left us looking forward to a bright future at ' Dear Old Northampton. We entered school in September 1948 as honorable Juniors full of expectations and anticipations for the coming year. Our homeroom teachers were Miss Hall, who was later replaced by Miss Green and Mrs. Collins. Again we were prominent in the fields of Drama, Music and Athletics. We were very proud of the fact that Louise Weeks was runner up for Miss Northampton. Many of our boys played starring roles on the gridiron and basketball court. It was David Handy who made the winning touchdown in our Homecoming Game. Charles Robinson and George Wyatt were equally as active on the basketball court. This year we sponsored the Annual Junior-Senior Prom. With the help of our advisors and the hard work of the class we gave one of the most memorable proms in the history of Northampton. September 1949, Dignified Seniors? ? We have at last reached the rung of the ladder we looked forward to for so long. Our homeroom teachers were Miss Blanchard, and Mr. E. L. Williams. With a number of tasks before us, it was necessary to begin work right away. David Handy was elected Pres. , and with the help of our advisors we began work and we have made great progress. Through the hard work of our class Miss Mae Mapp won the title of Miss Homecoming " . Our classmates gave outstanding performances with the pig skin. During our last year tragedy struck our class, when we lost our classmate, Robert Jones. We feel deeply indebted to Mr. Smith and to the members of the Faculty. For we realize that without their aid we would have suffered many hardships that were averted by their kind, understanding guidance. This ends our history at Northampton and it is a history of which we are truly proud. We sincerely hope that it was as interesting to read as it was to live. SENIOR CLASS SUPERLATIVES FEMALES CHARACTERISTICS MALES Eleanor Ames . . George Wyatt Beatrice Bailey. . Thomas Wynder Lity Stevens . . Robert Brickhouse Tabitha Trower. . Alvin Sample Frances Press . . George Wyatt Hattie Goodwyn. . Johnnie Watts Helen Trower. .Smallest. . Charles Robinson Alston Morris . .Best Athlete. . David Handy Venessa Fitchett. . Frizzell Harmon Pauline Wright. . David Handy Marion Giddens. . Julius Bailey Shirley Weeks . . Eugene Harmon Laura Hargrove . . Robert Brickhouse Evelena Lister. . Jenever Wright Mary Savage . . Eugene Waters Verneda Watson. . Morris Spady Eleanor Ames. . George Wyatt Audrey Weeks . . Jenever Wright Evelena Lister. . Moses Wilkins Shirley Weeks. . Eugene Harmon Jinnella Baker. . Abraham Wescott Bessie Robinson. . Charles Robinson Frances Press . . Frizzel Harmon Ida Morris . . Robert Brickhouse Bessie Robinson. . Abraham Wescott Alston Morris. . Eugene Waters Claudine Lewis. . Paul Hallet Dorothy Hughes. . Ira George Elois Spady . . Daniel Sample Marion Powell. . Charlie Christian Mae Mapp . . Thomas Wynder Maurice Wynder. . Alvin Sample CLASS WILL 1950 We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty, being of sound mind and body, fully aware that the end is not far away, do hereby draw up our last will and testament. To eliminate ill feelings and arguments, we have itemized each article that is to be given away upon our departure. To our dear Alma Mater who has been our beacon light, and has stuck with us through bad days as well as good ones, we solemnly leave our loyalty, and unwavering determination to succeed so that the banner will forever wave for Northampton County High. To our Principal and faculty who through our years have inspired us to always do our best, we leave our sincere appreciation and many thanks. To our sincere and understanding parents who have striven to their utmost ability to make this portion of our career successful, we say, " It is our determination to do as much for you as you have done for us, and to make you proud of us in the near future. " To the Junior Class we bequeath the pride and joy of our hearts, our Basic Mathe¬ matics, hoping that they will love it as much as we hated it. To the Sophomore Class we gladly leave the vacant space under the seats in room 2 for chewing gum, which they will be glad to use when Miss Blanchard yells, " fifteen off for chewing " . To the Freshmen we bequeath the ability to conduct themselves properly on the stairways and in the corridors. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Robert Brickhouse wills his artistic ability to Clifton Watts. Vernessa Fitchett wills her vocal ability to Bernice Jones. Marion Powell wills Samuel Simpkins her white teeth. Mary Smith wills her quietness to Rosia Sewell. Rosa Smith wills Garcelon Jarvin to Lucille James. Mae Mapp wills her quietness to Vivian Chapman. George Jordan wills Brinie Sunkins to Isiah Sample. Daniel Sample wills his friendly smile and wide awake appearance to Clifton Powell. Alice Collins wills Barbara Frances her neatness. Laura Hargrove wills her small feet to Charles Bibbins. Natalie Backless wills her beautiful, smooth complexion to Vivian Beech. Bessie Robinson wills her soft voice to Dorothy Kates. Delois Mason wills her hair styles to Evelyn Ames. Thomas Wynder wills his strength to Charles Bibbins. Marion Giddens wiUs her height to Joyce Harvey. Alvin Sample wills his sense of humor to Calvin Brickhouse. Lity Stevens wills her quietness to Deloris Davis. Francis Press wills her quiet gentleness to Anna Mapp. Elnora Savage wills her soft well modulated voice to her sister Elizabeth Savage. Jenever Wright wills his girls and Basic Mathematics to Clifton Stevens. Roosevelt Townsend wills his sense of humor to Robert Collins. Cloresia Hargrave wills her plump figure to Alice Sample. Eleanor Ames wills her lovable personality to Ruth HaUett. Beatrice Bailey wills her height to Leona James. Hattie Goodwyn wills a few of her pounds to Agnes Jacobs. Frissell Harmon wills his artistic ability to Nathaniel Stanley. Evelina Lister wills her wide awake appearance to Vivian Beech. Jinilla Baker wills Clinton Collins her height. George Wyatt wills his ability to play quarter back to Lafayette Holley. Charles Robinson wills his football and basketball suit to George Watson. Maurice Wynder wills her hair baretts to Agnes Jacobs so she can keep her hair out of her face. Moses Wilkins wills his personality to Cullen Allen. Eugene Waters wills his vocabulary to Charles Bibbins. Alvin Collins wills his neatness to Carl Adair. Clyde Garrison wills his quietness to Helen Bland. Pauline Wright wills her ability to tell the truth to Clifton Stevens. Robert Allen wills his legible handwriting to George Wilson. Eugene Harmon wills his gentlemanly manners to Lafayette Holley. Julius Bailey wills his excellence in Geometry to Elmer Ames. Paul Hallet wills his mischievousness to James Johnson. Ida Morris wills her quietness to Victoria Jordan. Claudine Lewis wills her bow legs to Cleo Finney. Dorothy Hughes wills her well groomed appearance to Wilsie Waters. Shirley Weeks wills her quiet charm and dignity to Sarah Harmon. Earnest Rogers wills his quietness to Clifton Stevens. Louis Rogers wills his vocal ability to Coleman Wilson. Charles Joyner wiUs his vocal ability to Lafayette Holley. Charlie Christian wills his vocal ability to Robert Collins. Elois Spady wills her ability to know all sports to Thelma Wright. Verneda Watson wills her shape to Deloris Davis. David Handy wills his ability to participate in sports to Charles Bibbins. Abraham Wescott wills his good grooming to Clifton Sample. Ira George wills his manly physique to Clifton Watts. Helen Trower wills her small features to Thelma Wright. Alston Morris wills her figure to Cleo Finney. Tabitha Trower wills her vocal ability to Helen Bland. Louise Weeks wills her vigor and vitality to Gearldine Mason. Morris Spady wills his quietness to Clifton Sample. Johnnie Watts wills his height to Clifton Sample. Mary Savage wills her legs to Vivian Beech,. CLASS POEM We Shall Always Remember Dear old Northampton we would just like to say, That we shall always remember you as you are today, Your lofty building, great and tall, The things you stand for both large and small. II We shall remember our teachers who tried so hard To show us the pitfalls and to keep us on guard We shall remember our classrooms in every detail And to do thy bidding we shall not fail. III Our principal whose every act was in our behalf And all the members of our teaching staff, Yes, we shall remember the hours they have spent For to us they were blessings from heaven sent. IV Now to the dear schoolmates we leave behind Keep this thought in mind We are going the way that others have gone But you are with us Northampton, we ' re not alone. V We are leaving you Northampton for a lofty goal, But we shall remember the things we ' ve been told, For we shall need them as we go out in life To encounter the darkness, bitterness and strife. VI Now the time has come for us to part But we shall always remember you deep in our hearts These last words we say with a sorrowful sigh We ' ll forever cherish you Northampton, and now good by. (Eleanor Ames) CLASS SONG " Good-by Northampton " (Tune Danny Boy) Oh County High, Dear County High we ' re leaving, We hate to say the time has come to part. All through the years we ' ll cherish thee Northampton ' Cause it was you that gave us our first start. We ' ve loved the years we ' ve shared at Northampton High, And so it ' s hard for us to say goodby. We ' ll miss our school and we shall miss our teachers, too, Northampton High, Northampton High, we do love you. (words by Maurice Wynder and Tabitha Trower) WHO’S WHO AMONG THE ALUMNI (NORTHAMPTON ' S REPRESENTATIVES) Name School Attended Occupation Where Employed Ames, Arlene Hampton Institute Student Ames, Bernard Eckles College Apprentice Ames, Annie Hampton Institute Student Alston, Charlotte (Satchell) William Penn. Univ. Beautician Cape Charles, Va. Allen, George Hampton Institute Teaching Hare Valley, Va. Allen, Catherine St. Paul Polytechnic Beautician New York, N. Y. Ashby, Deloris Maryland State College Student Bailey, Pearl Norfolk Div.Va. St. Col. Student Banks, Elizabeth St. Paul Polytechnic Beautician Cheapside, Va. Bean, Emmet Maryland St. College Student Bell, Delsia St. Paul Polytechnic Student Bragg, Otis J. C. Smith Univ. Principal Cape Charles, Va. Brinkly, Alice Union University Teaching Eastville, Va. Brinkly, Alphonzo Union University Minister Buckroo, Va. Brinkly, Jean Union University Student Brinkly, John Hampton Institute Student Collins, Bessie St. Paul Polytechnic Student Collins, Evelyn Union University Student Collins, Howard Virginia State Col. Student Dillard, Lillie St. Paul Polytechnic Teaching Exmore, Va. Douglass, Annie Dixie Hospital Nursing Hampton, Va. Downing, Deloris St. Paul Polytechnic Teaching Exmore, Va. Fisher, Ann Virginia State College Student Francis, Earlie Union University Student Green, Hattie Union University Teaching Machipongo, Va. Holland, Mammie St. Paul Polytechnic Seamstress Washington, D.C. Jacobs, Bessie Virginia State College Student Jacobs, Flossie Norfolk Div. Va. St. Col. Student Johnson, Helen Maryland St. College Student Johnson, Roy Maryland St. College Student Johnson, Winston Maryland St. College Student Jordan, Bessie Temple University Student King, Woodrow Hampton Institute Teaching Machipongo, Va. Melbourne, Eva Virginia St. College Student Mitchell, Carlene Virginia St. College Student Monroe, Charles J. C. Smith Univ. Teaching Treherneville Monroe, Jeanette Bluefield St. Tec. Col Teaching Capeville, Va. Monroe, Thomas Howard Law School Student Moses, Samuel Baltimore Trade School Student Powell, Elbert Howard University Minister Baltimore, Md. Preston, Corlee Virginia State Col. Teacher Boston, Va. Roach, Selma A. and T. College Student Roselle, Dorothy Elizabeth City Col. Student Savage, Madge Maryland State Col. Student Seaton, Juanita Norfolk Div. Va. St. Col. Beautician Fairview, Va. Staten, James Howard Law School Student Stevenson, Sophornia Hampton Institute Student Thomas, Emma Temple University Student Waters, Doris Union University Student Waters, Irvin Union University Student Wilkins, Odears Maryland State Col. Student Williams, Melvin Union University Student Williams, Yarbourgh Shaw University Student Wyatt, Henrette (Carpenter) Virginia St. Col. Teaching Richmond, Va. Wyatt, Wilmer University of Boston Student Press, Harvy Union University Student Mapp, Alvin Union University Student Savage, Olivia Virginia State Col. Student Gray, Alfred Maryland State Col. Student Hanshaw, E. Virginia State Col. Student Harmon, Clarence A. and T. College Student Roach, William A. and T. College Student Pitts, John J. C. Smith Univ. Student Harmon, Helen Virginia State Col. Student Custis, Corine Virginia State Col. Student JUNIOR " A " CLASS In the year of 1947, we, a group of advanced graders, entered the school of Northampton County High. We were excited but determined. When brought before the principal, Mr. J. F. Banks, we were assigned to the Freshman " A” Class, with Mr. H. A. Brown as our homeroom teacher. As Freshmen, we were eager to participate in all curricular and extra curricular activities. The year was a little difficult at times, but with the guidance of the teachers we were able to cast our thoughts towards our Sophomore year. Being acquainted with the school we found the Sophomore year more interesting than our Freshman year. Our Sophohnore year began with a new principal of the school, Mr. W. H. Smith. Our homeroom teacher was Mrs. H. D. Upshur. As runner-up for ’’Miss Homecoming”, Miss Anna Mapp brought honor to our class. The year was prosperous and interesting. With Mr. W. W. King as homeroom teacher, we approached the Junior year with more ambitions. We are looking forward to the Senior year, which we hope will give us a new perspective on life and lead us to prosperity and a career of intelligence and leadership. To the Seniors, we wish much success and a bright future. We will strive diligently to follow the bright light that you have entrusted in our care. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT. VICE PRESIDENT . .. SECRETARY . ASST. SECRETARY . TREASURER . BUSINESS MANAGER CHAPLAIN. ADVISOR . Rebecca Downing Helen Bland Deloris Davis Dorothy Stratton Cleo Finney George Wilson Rosie Sewell Mr. W. W. King JUNIOR " B " CLASS _ On September 9, 1947, we entered Northampton County High School as a group of elementary graduates. Since we were Freshmen and quite a large class, we were divided into three sections, Freshman " A " , Freshman " B " and Freshman " C M . We were designated Freshman " B ' s " under the leadership of Miss M. V. Blanchard. We progressed rapidly; several students were added and a few dropped out. The next year, 1943, we entered as sophisticated Sophomores with a new teacher Miss L. B. Patterson. Some of the students began to participate in some of the ac¬ tivities. Homecoming came and one of our students, John Weeks, became King. How proud we felt! September 1949, we entered with high ambitions and anticipations for the coming year. New members were added to the faculty and one of the new teachers, Miss G. C. Ellis, was appointed our homeroom teacher. From our class Miss Evelyn Ames was a runner-up for " Miss Homecoming " . With our Junior year almost completed we are looking forward to giving the Seniors a memorable Prom. We hope that this Prom will be a great success. Our aim is to be better citizens in our school throughout the coming year. We wish the Seniors of 1950 much success. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT. VICE PRESIDENT . . . SECRETARY . ASST. SECRETARY . . CHAP LAIN. SERGEANT AT ARMS TREASURER . ADVISOR. Cullen Allen Evelyn Ames Lucille Spady Robert Bailey Deloris Rogers Clifton Watts Ann Jones Miss G. C. Ellis SOPHOMORE " A” CLASS On September 9, 1949, we entered the Northampton County High School from our respective elementary schools. We were sent to Mr. A. B. Whitehead and with eager and frightened faces we sought his assistance in organizing our class. Through his wise guidance we became the Freshman A Class of " 43”. Before the end of the school term many of our classmates had failed or dropped out. Therefore in September 1949, as Sophomore A Class we numbered only 34. Our plans are: 1. To be useful American Citizens and to help our race achieve its rightful recognition. 2. To be respected Juniors the next year. We hope for the Seniors of ' 50 an abundant and prosperous life. With Miss L. B. Patterson, as Advisor we organized our Class with the following officers: Hilton Smith Barbara Beech Mannie Bailey Irene Jackson Jacqueline Bartee William Dove Raymond Roach Charles Collins Miss L. B. Patterson PRESIDENT . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY . TREASURER . CHAPLAIN. BUSINESS MANAGER PARLIAMEN T ARIAN SERGEANT -AT-ARMS ADVISOR. fTTTi nrti-nn ft i 1 SOPHOMORE " B " CLASS We, the Sophomore B. Class of Northampton County High School, entered as Freshmen in the year of 1948. During our Freshman year, Miss Turner was our instructor and she w r as a very good one. In that year, Luberta Felton, a member of our class was the ’ ' Queen” of our school on Homecoming. That year was a very interesting one for us. September 8 , 1949, we entered our Sophomore year with Mrs. M. B. Collins as our instructor. Also this year we had another pupil from our class who was Vaughn Downing; he was " King ' ' of the school " Homecoming Day " . Carl Bailey and Franklin Victory were the athletic stars of our class. Carl Bailey was one of the " Football Stars " at " Homecoming " , and Franklin Victory was the only one who stayed in all the games during the two football seasons without being called out. Franklin Victory was a very prominent basketball star. He made the third highest score in the first game of the season. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT.Shirley Johnson VICE PRESIDENT.Mabel Chapman TREASURER.Mae Floyd CHAPLAIN .Mildred Church SERGEANT-AT-ARMS. Franklin Victory ADVISOR.Mrs. M. B. Collins l A i SOPHOMORE " C " CLASS On the 9th of September 1948, Section " C " of the Freshman Class organized under the guidance and supervision of their assigned home room teacher, Mr. W. W. King. The class got underway with a very dull start; this situation was an entirely new experience; their first year in the Northampton County High School. The glorious morning of September 9, 1949 the Sophomore " C " entered Northampton County High for the second time, under the guidance of a new homeroom teacher, Mrs. H. D. Upshur. We moved along swiftly, taking part in the Homecoming activities, to raise money for our King and Queen with the hope of our winning all honors. We fought ' a losing battle but with courage. We hope that our class will be one of the most successful classes in the near future. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT. VICE PRESIDENT . . . SECRETARY. ASST. SECRETARY.., TREASURER. CHAPLAIN . SERGEANT-AT-ARMS ADVISOR. Charles Bell Sibo Trower Flossie Floyd Ida Harmon Shuler Perkins Ella Upshur Nellie Long John Branch Mrs. H. D. Upshur FRESHMAN ' ’A” CLASS We, Freshman A Class, have had many interesting adventures, since first we entered Northampton County High School. We arrived here on a beautiful September morning along with many of our school friends from elementary school. We were assigned to Miss Green ' s homeroom and later transferred to the Library, and Miss Turner became our homeroom teacher. At that time there were forty-one of us; however at the present time there are only thirty-eight of us. We have traveled far along the rocky path of the education road and have learned many inspiring and useful things. To become better individuals, better students, and eventually better citizens of our respective communities has been adopted as our main objective. Through the leadership of our class officers and home room teacher we expect to achieve our goal. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT . Henry Beckett VICE PRESIDENT.Lola Finney SECRETARY .Carrie Tankard TREASURER.Louvenia Giddens CHAPLAIN .Cleo Smaw SERGEANT-AT-ARMS.Homer Wilson ADVISOR.Miss Turner FRESHMAN " B " CLASS We, the members of the Freshman B Class of 1949 entered Northampton County High School on September 8, 1949. This was a different situation from the one we had experienced in elementary school. We were bewildered as freshmen usually are, but we had willing minds and the determination to over come any obstacle that might arise. Since there was such a large number of freshmen, we were divided into three sections. We were sent to room 4 where we were told that our homeroom teacher would be Mr. A. B. Whitehead. Our section was designated Section B. During the second week of school, we organized our class and began to strive hard to uphold the high standards of our school. The purposes of our organization were to bring about better citizenship in the school and communi¬ ty relations and to learn the correct parliamentary procedures. Our group was not different from any other freshman class that has stepped upon this threshold for the first time. Some of us had various talents and interests. We had members of our class taking parts in the different activities of the school. We were proud to have as our contestants for the Homecoming Activities Miss Emma Satchell and Mr. Charles King. We found it very hard to adapt ourselves to our new environment; however, with the assistance of our teacher, we climbed the rung of freshman success. Our Class has made no outstanding achievement throughout the year, but we promise our ALMA MATER that we’ll do the very best we can during the re¬ maining three years. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT.Church Small VICE PRESIDENT.Augustus Watson SECRETARY ..Virginia Rowley ASSISTANT SECRETARY.Gloria Satchell TREASURER .Clifton Lewis SERGEANT-AT-ARMS .Charles King ADVISOR.Mr. A. B. Whitehead We, the members of the Freshman " C " Class, entered Northampton County High School September 8, 1948. We entered with the typical feeling of all freshmen who enter a school for the first time —bewildered, excited and afraid. However, under the guidance of our homeroom teacher, Miss Hattie Green, we were able to adjust ourselves to the program and activities of the school. We took an active part in the Homecoming exercise and were honored by having our candidate, Miss Emily Johnson, win third place as " Miss Homecoming of 1949 " , Mr. Fraiser Brickhouse was our Contestant for " King " . Our class was represented in the Dramatic Club, on the basketball and soft ball teams, and we have rendered many other programs at our ALMA MATER. With the honor of having been among the first freshmen to enter this school at the beginning of the second half of the century, we have begun one of the most successful years of our school career. We have aimed our arrows at the goal of success, and with the aid of the most cooperative teachers we will surely succeed. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT .Jennie Marie Godwin VICE PRESIDENT.Mary E. Smith SECRETARY.Sarah Collins ASST. SECRETARY.Hetty Wright TREASURER .Emily Johnson CHAPLAIN.Annie Rowley SERGEANT-AT-ARMS.George Bibbins ADVISOR.Miss Green V - t „ FRESHMAN " C " CLASS THE LIGHTHOUSE STAFF STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. W. H. Smith_ Miss M. V. Blanchard Eugene Waters. Alvin Sample .. Frances Press . David Handy. Mr. E. L. Williams.. Mr. C. N. Williams . . George Jordan. Principal Senior " A " Sponsor Publicity Director Production Manager Class Editor Sports Editor Senior " B” Sponsor Faculty Advisor Alumni Editor SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Thelma Wright .. Pauline Wright. . Maurice Wynder Eleanor Ames .. Eloise Spady George Wyatt . .. Frissell Harmon Shirley Weeks .. Louise Weeks .. Assistant Editor .Literary Editor Social Editor Editor-In-Chief Year Book Sales Business Manager Art Editor Social Editor Advertising Sales NEW HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The New Homemakers of America Club has been organized for several years and it has made progress. A few years ago the local clubs were organized into a statewide association. Since that time delegates from local chapters have been sent to Virginia State College to attend conferences. At the conference, officers are elected for the State Association and plans made for the year. Since the state¬ wide Association of the local clubs has been organized, we have been sending delegates to the annual conferences. Our membership has increased considerably since that time. Interest in the club has also grown. We have had the honor of electing two Chapter Mothers who are Mrs. Frances Allen and Mrs. Dorothy Press. They have worked faithfully helping us to promote our programs. Our Chapter has had the honor of having two State Officers. We are fortunate enough to have a member of our chapter, Miss Rebecca Downing, serving as State President this year. This has made us more anxious to promote the program of our organization. We shall strive to the best of our ability to support our State and Local organizations so that they will be the best. The Graduating Class of 1950 shall be missed by all New Homemakers. We extend to them our best wishes for a prosperous career and a happy future. Our Adult Homemakers Club is continuing to stress efforts for the im¬ provement of civic, social and family life problems in our community. Several of the members are interested in problems with Child Care. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER REPORTER CHAPLAIN ADVISERS: CLUB OFFICERS Mrs. Virginia Treherne Mrs. Audraine Wilson Mrs. Nicey Arnold Mrs. Catoria Allen Mrs. Elizabeth Smaw Mrs. Dorothy Press Mrs. M. Holmes and Mrs. I. Williams We extend our sincere congratulations to the Graduating Class. NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA The Northampton Chapter of New Farmers of America has been organized since 1937. Under the care and guidance of our various instructors, we have made great progress. It is our aim to develop competent rural leaders through cooperation, thrift, and intelligent choice of agricultural vocations. The Northampton Agricultural Department has had several set backs; however, its membership has increased to sixty-three. OFFICERS President. Vice-President. Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter. Parliamentarian. Chaplain. Historian . Watchman. Song Leader . Advisor. Moses Wilkins Lafayette Holley Calvin Brickhouse Ira George Daniel Sample George Jordan Eugene Harmon Robert Bailey Abraham Wescott James Johnson C. N. Williams HOMECOMING Northampton County High School’s annual Homecoming festivities took place on November 4th. More than a score of gloriously decorated floats constituted the parade which proved to be a breath takingly beautiful spectacle. The parade started at the school, traveled to Cape Charles where it was led into the city proper by a beautiful bicycle brigade of Cheerleaders. From there the parade proceeded to follow a route which led through Harevalley and then back to school, where it was greeted by approximately 700 spectators, including alumni and students awaiting the big event of the day. This Homecoming was truly one of the most magnificent extravaganzas in the history of Northampton County High School. At the halftime of the game between Northampton County ' s " Golden Bulls” and the Sussex County " Tigers " , Miss Mae Mapp was crowned " Miss Homecoming " by Mr. W. H. Smith, the principal. Mr. Vaughn Downing who won the title of " King " of the campus, was Miss Homecoming ' s escort for the day. Attendants were Miss Emily Johnson, runner-up, and Miss Emma Sate hell. In the Homecoming game, the " Golden Bulls " won an overwhelming victory over the Sussex County " Tigers " . The score 30 to 2. 2 X We believe that a good High School is interested not only in aiding students to develop scholastic abilities and interests, it is also interested in aiding pupils to solve their problems, personal, social, scholastic and health. With this in mind, the first guidance Committee was set up in our school at the beginning of the current school year. It is hoped that every pupil will feel free to talk to us, because we want to help any problem; in other words, your problems are our problems. STUDENT COUNCIL IN ACTION I The first Student Council of Northampton County High was organized at the beginning of the Second Semester of the term of 1S49-50. Through this organization we hope to develop a democratic relationship between the student body and the faculty. In organizing the first Student Council, we have taken a great responsibility and much hard work upon our shoulders. Nevertheless, we feel confident that we shall succeed in laying a foundation which will support a great organization in our school. With the careful guidance of our competent instructors and the cooperation of the student body, we shall endeavor to establish a Student Government that the school can depend upon and feel greatly proud of. The Northampton County High School Chorus was organized October 1947 under the supervision of Mrs. Wyatt, Mrs. Upshur and Mrs. Collins. Upon the leaving of Mrs. Wyatt in December 194B, Mr. King and the twenty male voices joined the chorus, bringing the total meml)ership to sixty. With the cooperation of its members and advisers, the chorus is ex¬ pecting to accomplish its main objective which is " To develop with the students of the high school an appreciation for music " . OFFICERS DRAMATIC CLUB CHORUS Eleanor Ames. President.Mae Mapp Helen Bland... . Vice-President .Lafayette Holley Rebecca Downing.. Secretary.Louise Weeks DRAMATIC CLUB The Northampton County High School Little Theater was organized on October We presented two plays during the year, ' I Shall Be Waiting " and " Three Taps On The Wall " . With the guidance of our instructors the year was a very successful one. We have approached the year 1950. Our two main projects for this year are entering the Dramatic Tournament and publishing a school paper. To the graduating Class of 1950 we extend our best wishes for a successful year. CHORUS ihrtl PATROL CLUB The BOYS SAFETY PATROL CLUE is one of the most important clubs in the school. Since safety is being stressed more and more all over the United States, we find it necessary to keep our club functioning year after year. This organization is designed to develop and maintain high standards of orderliness and consideration in the school, on the school grounds, and on the buses. In addition to their duties of keeping order, these boys see to it that each person crosses the road safely when he gets on or off the bus. These boys should serve as reminders to those pupils who do not observe the safety standards of the school. OFFICERS PRESIDENT. VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY. CHAPLAIN__ LIEUTENANT SPONSOR. ABRAHAM WESCOTT GEORGE WYATT CHARLES JOYNER JAMES BRICK HOUSE CLINTON COLLINS MR. A. B. WHITEHEAD BUS DRIVERS From left to right: Mr. David Bailey, Mr. George Treherne, Mr. Langston Brickhouse, Mr. Whitely Banks, Mr. Clarence Joyner, Mr. Lafayette Stevens, Mr. Oliver Custis and Mr. Curtis Bell (does not appear.) GIRLS ' SOFTBALL TEAM Members of the team standing from left to right: Anna Mapp, Vivian Trower, Mildred Stewart, Daisy Downing, Dorothy Kates, Mabel Chapman, Vivian Chapman, Alice Collins, Hilda Belote, Myrtle Beckett, Thelma Wright, Mary Savage, Alston Morris, Lucille James, Helen Bland and Miss Leona B. Patterson (Coach). Kneeling left to right: Ruth Lyons, Shirley Johnson, Barbara Beach, Jacqueline Bartee, Delores Onley, Virginia Rowley and Alice Wiggins. BASEBALL TEAM Members of the team standing from left to right: Mr. W. W. King, Coach, Louis Rogers, Robert Allen, George Watson, Thomas Wynder, Franklin Victory, Theodore Collins, Abraham Wescott and Mr. E. L. Williams, Coach. Kneeling left to right: Lafayette Goodwyn, Nathaniel Stanley, Preston Giddens, Cullen Allen, Captain David Handy, Alvin Sample, Coleman Wilson, Thadbert Spady, John Branch and Carl Bailey. " THE GOLDEN BULLS " The Northampton County " Golden Bulls " win one and lose three in a series of games: Southampton County High 14, " Golden Bulls " 7; Bruton Heights 27, " Golden Bulls” 7; Sussex County 2, " Golden Bulls 30; Norfolk County Atomic Bombers 33, " Golden Bulls " 0. Players seated left to right: Homer Wilson, Clarence Smaw, Franklin Victory, Charles Robinson, David Handy, George Wyatt, Cecil Joynes, Thomas Wynder and Carl Bailey. Second row standing: Coach E. L. Williams, Coach W. W. King, Jasper Harding, Lafayette Holley, Raymond Roach, Melvin Bailey, John Branch, Philbert Beach, Coleman Wilson (Trainer) and Mr. W. H. Smith, Principal. Third row standing: William Dove, Fred Holmes, Warren Morris, Lafayette Goodwyn, Eugene Jackson, Henry Beckett, Howard Bailey and Carl Adair. CHEERING SQUAD In the year of 1945, Northampton County High had it ' s first Cheering Squad under the direction of Miss Crawford. In 1947 our instructor left and Miss Hall took over the leadership of the group for two years. Upon the departure of Miss Hall, Miss Patterson became leader. Front row left to right: Dorothy Kates and Vivian Trower; second row: Eleanor Ames, Anna Mapp, Deloris Davis, Mae Mapp, Helen Bland; back row: Louise Weeks, Dorothy Hughes, Myrtle Beckett, Beatrice Bailey, Thelma Wright and Evelyn Ames. Miss Patterson is director. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM On January 13, 1950 the girls basketball team organized with Miss Z. B. Patterson as coach. We bowed to Accomac High in our first game to the tune of 4 to 2. Several other games are on our schedule for the year. Members of the team are (from left to right standing) Vivian Trower, Shirley Johnson, Gwendolyn Rogers, Delois Rogers, Beatrice Bailey, Alston Morris, Alma Weeks, Dorothy Kates, Mary Smith and Miss Leona B. Patterson. (Kneeling) Estella Robinson, Helen Bland, Alice Wiggins, Thelma Wright, Daisy Downing and Virginia Rowley. Alice Wiggins is Captain, Thelma Wright Co-Captain and Miss Leona B. Patterson Coach. BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM Back row standing from left to right: Mr. W. H. Smith, Principal, Raymond Roach, Filbert Beach, Franklin Victory, Church Smaw, Freddie Moses, Eugene Jackson, Cecil Joynes, Clifton Webb, George Watson, Thadbert Spady, John Branch, Homer Wilson, Mr. E. L. Williams, Coach. Front row: Clarence Smaw, David Handy, Captain George Wyatt and Charles Robinson. MMmMil ' MliMlililllifjl (Jl tJUiliLliji ' I ' l fill y DONAHUE CHEVROLET SALES INC. WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP " Flowers For Every Occasion " Body and Fender Work Weddings Corsages Funerals Wheel Alignment Chassis Repair 24 Hour Wrecker Service Cut Flowers Phone Cape Charles 154 Cape Charles, Virginia Phone Belle Haven 3033 Nassawadox, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS ROOSEVELT INN and 1 Mile South of Eastville Best Of Luck In The Life Phone - 147J Ahead Of You NEWPORT NEWS INN 1 Mile North of Eastville House Of Finer Portraits And Gifts Phone - 23W J. B. NOTTHINGHAM TOUSSAINT ' S DINE DANCE DRINKS HOPKINS ' COMPLIMENTS Firestone Dealers Store of Firestone Tires Tubes JOSEPH ETZ JR. We Have It Why Go Further GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone Cape Charles 398 Phone—CC 554 Cheriton, Va. Cheriton, Va. COMPLIMENTS CARVER THEATER COMPLIMENTS of CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA WING SING LAUNDRY SAYER ' S GROCERIES COMPLIMENTS Fresh Meats Fruits of Groceries Vegetables Poultry Eggs H. P. KELL AM GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone Eastville 72F21 Phone CC 238 J Shadyside, Virginia Cheriton, Virginia COMPLIMENTS BELL ' S RADIO SERVICE SAVAGE DRUGS Clem Bell, Manager Owner Don ' t Monkey With Your Radio Call Us Eastville 108J CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Pick-Up Delivery Service EASTVILLE, VIRGINIA CARVER SPOT COMPLIMENTS Fountain Service t of Cigarettes, Candy, Ice Cream Sodas and Cosmetics CAPE CHARLES MUSIC CENTER RUSSEL JOSIE, MANAGER CAPE CHARLES, VA. J. ROY LASSITER COMPLIMENTS A. H. REVELL SON of Wholesale Confectioner STANDARD FURNITURE CO. Bus. Phone—Onnancock 226 J " Where Your Dollar Buys More For Less " . Residence Phone-Onnancock 226W Cape Charles, Va. Onley, Va. SAMPLE ' S BARBER SHOP COMPLIMENTS JOHN B. SAMPLE, MGR. of CAPE CHARLES DR. J. C. ALLEN VIRGINIA SAYERS SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS ESSO GAS of EASTVILLE, VA. KELLAM GROCERIES CAPE CHARLES, VA. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF H. R. WEST BRICKHOUSE CLEANERS PHONE CAPE CHARLES 244 J PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE CHERITON, VA. HARE VALLEY, VA. UPSHUR’S SERVICE STATION COMPLIMENTS MOBILE GAS, OIL TIRES of MR. RAYMOND SPADY BROS. M. A. UPSHUR, MGR. Distributors Of Dan Dee Enriched Bread Nassawadox, Va. Old Virginia Cakes Bakery Products Eastern Shore ' s Only Colored Agent. SANITONE BROWN’ S CLEANERS and DYERS COATS SUITS and DRESSES PICK UP and DELIVERY MANHATTAN SHIRTS, WALKOVER SHOES PHONE CAPE CHARLES 238W PHONE CAPE CHARLES 30 CHERITON, VIRGINIA CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA E. H. CLEANERS TIMES PUBLISHING CO. PROMPT COURTEOUS ALL TYPES OF JOB PRINTING and PICK UP DELIVERY OFFICE SUPPLIES CALL CAPE CHARLES 312 PHONE CAPE CHARLES 245 CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA MAPLETON DAIRY COMPLIMENTS SUPERIOR QUALITY MILK SAFE FOR BABIES OF PHONE BELLE HAVEN 3146 DR. S. A. SHEPPARD NASSAWADOX, VIRGINIA LANGDON C. MORRIS - ALVIN R. MORRIS JOHN O. MORRIS FUNERAL HOME " We Service The Entire Peninsula” " A Service That Is Distinctive But Not Expensive” Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer Phone Cape Charles 741-J-3 Cheapside, Virginia W. P. LEWIS CLEANERS and DYERS Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service Phone Parksley 28J ON ANC OC K, VIRGINIA WILSON’S FORD SALES SERVICE PENINSULA MOTORS THE FAMILY STORE " BRING YOUR FORD HOME " Phone Cape Charles 5 PHONE CAPE CHARLES 208 CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA CAPE CHARLES, VIRGINIA Compliments of PHILADELPHIA DAIRY PRODUCT CO. HOLLAND’S FUNERAL HOME F. B. HOLLAND Funeral Director Embalmer Makers Of RUBY T. HOLLAND Funeral Directress Beautician Aristocrat and Dolly Madison Ice Cream Phone Cape Charles 289W Dover, Deleware C HE RI TON, VIRGINIA BENJAMIN’S COMPLIMENTS of BENJAMIN ' S NORDSTROM BROTHERS clothing ROPER - TAPPAN STORES for R. C. A. TELEVISION everyone in the BELLE HAVEN, VA. family EXMORE, VA. 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