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k A was w is it k' Q' , , ,V FWF QW' 'Wh 'hx ' , M- , y .. I J '1, ' 4 xx N K. HM sa? tl CHART M, A M i' 'ul w K 9 W Hxxr 9 9 QM 9 A Q . f 1 H MA wivlhwl , N' ' THE 1968 AAAPTENBHAHW Published by +he Senior Class Norfhampfon Area Senior High School Norfhamplon, Pennsylvania Volume LIV TABLE OF CONTENTS School Board ................. Sfaff ............. Adminisfrafion - - - FacuH'y ....... SpeciaH'y .... Seniors ........ Underclassmen -- Spor'rs ....... Organiza'I'ions - - - Sfucleni' Life -- Confribufors - S... ix E fx I f .--.f Stieff 1 1 Q , gel.,-M...L:Q.,., . .L S359 an - Q SCHOOL BOARD Row 1: Charles Hahn Nice-Presidentj, Guy Rice tSecretaryJ, Ziegenfus, Jr., row 2: Woodrow Lindenmoyer Pat Cullen Russel Becker fPresiden0, Robert Jones iTreasurerJ, Robert David Olson, Albert Henry, Ralph McCandless Jr Philip Riegel Russel Becker -2 .,,,.,.m.............. R. D. 4lf1 Northampton, Pennsylvania Pat Cullen ..,...... a........... ..... R . D. P91 Charles Hahn .......... ,, ............. Robert Jones ........-............... Woodrow Lindenmoyer Ralph McCandless, Jr. .a............... Guy Rice .... - .,.........,pp..-..a.. Philip Riegel .,.,w................... Robert Zlegenfus, Jr. .................. 4 Northampton, Pennsylvania 208 North Chestnut Street Bath, Pennsylvania 108 East Twenty-first Street Northampton, Pennsylvania 1621 Washington Avenue Northampton, Pennsylvania R. D. 4752 Bath, Pennsylvania R. F. D. if-L2 Walnutport, Pennsylvania R. D. 41 Northampton, Pennsylvania 2126 Lincoln Avenue Northampton, Pennsylvania A CHALLENGE This year's class steps onto a world stage where, for the first time, man has the ability to feed the hungry millions yet commit suicide with a bomb. It is a stage abounding in blessing and evil, a stage seething with racial unrest, economic upheaval, and international conflict. It is my hope that you will have the courage to accept the challenge of being actors rather than reactors on such a stage. Unfortunately, your task will be complicated by the demand to be an expert in any endeavor you undertake. Whether it be as a contractor, housewife, chemist, or mechanic, you must be quali- fied to take your place in a computer-iet age, an age where the ever increasing amount of knowledge and the speed at which life is lived will call from you the best that you have. Not only must you commit yourself to the exacting demands of the present, but also to the high ideals and dreams that have made America what she is today and what she will be in the fu- ture. Many of you in the next few years may give your life for these commitments. Be assured that such acts will not be in vain. If Northampton has taught you anything, l hope it is the ability to unceasingly commit yourself to that which seems right and best in this one nation under God. Do not be turned aside by the worthless treasure of security. Instead, stand tall and step bravely onto a world stage that anxiously awaits your knowledge, under- standing, and commitment. Sincerely yours, Russel C. Becker President of the School Board STAFF Albert L. Henry Superintendent of Schools Northampton School District is indeed fortunate to have a man of Mr. Henry's caliber. Being dedicated to improve scho- lastic standards,he has guided Northamp- ton to become a school of high reputation. Northampton can be proud of its building program which has been accomplished by Mr. Henry's patience, hard work, and steadfast vision of a better school. David G. Olson Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mr. Olson's cheerful and exuberant nature makes him a "natural" for the dif- ficult and arduous task of supervising kindergarten through twelfth grade. Time does not stand still and neither does Northampton with a leader like Mr. Olson. The student body will hopefully iustify Mr. Olson's faith in the youth of today. Norman A. Laub Principal Being the nucleus of our school system for more than twenty-three years, Mr. Laub has devoted his time and effort to the school program. Using sound iudg- ment and disciplinary action when needed, he has guided the student body to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. We hope he will be here many more years so that future student bodies may benefit from his experience. ,f-gp , y at ,F i K Q. Alfred A. Laubach Assistant to the Principal Through the years, Mr. Laubach has become somewhat of a tradition in our school. We feel a security in his laughter, scolding, and counseling. He is interested in every facet of school life - from sports and the arts to scholarship. A part of Mr. Laubach graduates with each senior, and we are thankful that he has influenced our lives. 41" my 5--H-rd" Flora Obrecht Girls' Guidance Counselor Mrs. Obrecht guides students in their future plans and immediate problems. She meets each problem with an under- standing smile, and follows through until she finds a solution. Her door is always open to students needing help, and many pupils benefit from her kind attention. Albert M. Lerch Director of Guidance Mr. Lerch spends his time giving exams, interviewing students, and counseling people. He stays well-informed of the latest trends in schools and businesses in order to give helpful advice. lf Mr. Lerch receives as much from his work as he puts into it, he must be a very rich man. JW Peter P. Schneider Boys' Guidance Counselor Mr. Schneider is the able leader of our student council, a member of our coach- ing staffs, and a valuable asset to the Guidance Department. He has tremendous experience in helping students, and can inspire them to do well in school. Many students have gained immeasuraloly from his coaching, teaching, and counseling. Q A iwi1'1.c . ce WGQK - A Theresa J. Dornbach Athletic Secretary Rita A. Schneider Secretary, PrincipaI's Office 'JwsM.w,,,... -- YV SECRETARIES ...-H1 .Ioan M. Dornbach Attendance Secretary EWWW ' F1 Barbara L. Piervallo Secretary, Guidance Office TEACHERS Bruce Altrichter Physical Education Boys' Gym Team Coach Assistant Football Coach Gordon Bartholomew Driver Education Edgar J. Balliet Physical Science i0 Earth Science 1 l Projection Club Adviser Visual Education Coordinator Raymond S. Becker Daniel Diefenderfer Vocal Music IO Advanced Math 'l2 Senior Band Trigonometry ll Chorus Analytical Geometry 'li Instrumental General Math IO Robert Druckenmiller United States History 10 Problems of Democracy 12 Sophomore Class Adviser , 'N-, Judith Eckhardt Albert Erdosy English IO, ll Boys' Physical Education Tri-Hi-Y Adviser Head Football Coach Boys' Gym Team Coach Chairman: Phys. Ed. Department Cecilia K. Fink Alek Erdosy Bookkeeping II Woodshop IO, ll, I2 Office Machines 12 Director of Athletics Clerical Practice I2 E I3 John M. Frailey Chemistry ii, 12 Photography Club Adviser Robert H. Fisher Amptennian Photography Business Math 10 Adviser Henry Fujita Driver Education Herbert Guss Earth Science 12 Physical Science 10, 1 1 Elizabeth M. Geiger Shorthand Il Office Practice 12 Typing II Shorthand I Amptennian Business Adviser Magdalene Hauke Bookkeeping ii, 12 Typing 10, 11 Ruth Huber Homemaking 10, ii, 12 Archery Club Adviser Constance Karg Concrete Courier English i0 Melvin G. Kleppinger Donald Kindt Art 10, ii, 12 Physics i0 Art Coordinator General Physics ii Amptennian Art Adviser Rifle Club Adviser Chairman: Art Department W , . Geography 10, ll, 12 Meteorology Club Adviser .Ioan B. Kremus Girls' Physical Education Cheerleaders Girls' Gym Team Field Hockey Coac . 0 ., .. ,,-,,sx ...Q-35. Frank S. Kovacs Junior Class Adviser Girls' Basketball Coach h ws. X, .. sg NS Marion I. Laubach French l0, ll, l2 Latin 10, il, 12 National Honor Society Adviser Michael Lisetski Problems of Democracy 12 Head Baseball Coach Chairman: Social Studies Dept. Dorothy T. Marx Typing 10, 12 Business English ll Mae McCann English ll, 12 Senior Class Play Adviser Knitting Club Adviser Elaine J. Miller German lO, ll, 12 English I0 John B. Miles Earth Science I2 Physical Science 10, ll William J. Newhart Applied Math 12 Algebra lO Consumer Math I2 James Oplinger Health ll United States History 10 Boys' Physical Education Assistant Football Coach Assistant Baseball Coach .loan N. Oplinger United States History 10 Edward A. Pany Problems of Democracy 12 Senior Class Adviser x 1 5 ii fl l 3 i fi Sally Reichwein a ll Library Club Adviser ,s Librarian A., X:-:E . . 2-,A Harry G. Reiff Printing Mechanical Drawing . . i Martin Sabo Psychology 12 Robert M. Sawarynski United States History 10 World Cultures ll Chess Club Adviser Thelma Santee English 11 Future Teachers of America Adviser Knitting Club Adviser Peter Saul Geometry 10 Algebra 'IO Math Club Adviser Co-Chairman: Math Department ff' fl, Harriet Schadt Shorthand ii, 12 Typing ii, 12 Office Practice i2 " 'wa Dale Shoemaker Spanish 10, ii, 12 Chairman: Language Department 'fb Bruce Schmauch Trigonometry H, 12 Analytical Geometry 1 1, 12 Algebra 10, ii Co-Chairman: Math Department Robert J. Snyder Air and Space Science i2 Physics 10 Chairman: Science Department 20 ' 3,4 .loan Wesley English 11, 12 English Arts 12 Robert J. Szabo English 12 Amptennian Adviser Harry B. Wall English 10 Public Relations Director Head Wrestling Coach Chairman: English Department Janet Yelenics Harry K. Witemeyer World Cultures 11 N-Club Adviser Lighting Crew Adviser Health 1 1 Girls' Physical Education Girls' Gym Team Coach Maiorettes Coach 21 William F. Boucher, M.D. Lillian Stettler, R.N., B.S School Medical Examiner School Nurse 5"'5 Mary Zirinsky Dietician 22 .,,' ..,f wi77j f fsfiigiwisi g. i Row I: N. White, M. Messenlehner, A. Hoffman, E. Lerch, L. M. Kutalek, K. DeNardo, P. Kiss, D. Janisch, G. Schaeffer, L Moser, L. Schell, F. Ruch, R. Laury, row 2: I. Folland, K. Loch, Faust, M. Frey, L. Wagner. X i ,I 5 H, I I, Row I: R. Koehler, M. Kilareski, S. Bartholp row 2: T. Ebner, V. Rice, C. Faust, S. Milkovits. 23 SENIORS A XN - S A 4, xxxx A 4, aw W K ALMA MMER - 3 2.32. YU Sas! J'fJkfljWgfVffffFH Houck: 'l:ofheHBL'cK1ncI rnr.-I? 'Uweolllnb-fl TFYF+1'FTTl FW H33 gig mi fag! EE.fEJ 1 rf in Er BOT egg'-L ter? I F eHe1fm HJiu i1d Alma Maier! Alma Mater! All our vous r FEFFIFEPEIEEEEIF iiifrifffuiigfra H Ito the. Nuthamptn H.3L School, Ve ..,.Il.llL t ,L Hmffswffiw HAL-Lawn mug we MAKE oun wAv,m 'FO' iw fs or PATH T0 GREAT-NESS LIES A - HEADJHERE IS A CHALLENGE NEHUST N, FOND EH-BRACE WE LEAVE THEE NDN BUT HOLD A PUCEUITH-IN OUR HERE,- I 'WVlF1EFFkFFFVlF1EpT'i lfgijilizipb MEET A FUTURE DAY UI-IERE HE MUST EARN A PLM! IN L CESS' -S PATH NE' TREAD NE'LL PLMLE THE LMRELS AT YOUR F HILL RE- MEN-BER HOU YOUR GUI- DANCE El?k,NTED It A S Z-1 imiiiaiamawswg Cz my aH51FFF1FFrFMF Z' l,rJJl.JJJJIi:f:HIi lzmmrfFPxFfEWg A52 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Mint Green and Navy Blue Class Motto "Knowledge is the door to destiny." Theodore Colarusso, President, Lawrence Schmoyer, Vice president, Donna Burkhardt, Secretary, Sandra Laky, Treasurer. A Message To The Seniors Graduation Day has finally come and we are all filled with mixed emotions. We are happy and proud that we have completed our high school education successfully, but then, we are sad because we know that we will never be able to recapture the happy, carefree days that we shared together. And now, with anticipation, we look to the future. Each of us has had the opportunity to prepare ourselves for honest, useful lives. Some will go to college, some will seek iobs, and some will enter the armed forces. lt does not matter so much what choice of 28 careers we have made, but rather, the man- ner in which we pursue them. lt will not always be easy, but I sincerely hope that we will always try our best. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you, my fellow classmates, for your cooperation and splendid school spirit. May the future hold much success and happiness for you. Theodore Colarusso President Senior Class . ., . , . X... i E+: ,. - L ii Q. Gym Team l, 2, 35 N-Club 35 Fleld Hockey 2, 35 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 35 FTA 35 Art Exhibit 35 Pennant Squad l. Donna Amore East Allen Academic ' N Q Fe M A is lt Douglas Arthofer Moore Academic orus I, 2, 35 Wrestling l, any Howard Anthony Lehigh Academic Debate Club l, 25 Wrestling l5 FTA 2, 35 Chorus 35 Student Coun- cil 25 Creative Writing 3. David Arey Northampton Technical sf Eileen Andrews Northampton Academic FTA 2, 35 Courier l, 25 Rifle Club 25 Rifle Team 25 Fashion Show 25 Rifle Corps 35 National Honor So- ciety 3. fi s 1 , X N. Elaine Augustine Northampton General I , I VA G iiii We 29 William Bachman Moore Technical Electronics Club 3. I Michael Bahnick George Moore Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, Wrestling ly Senior Class Play 3. Wrestling l, E Bonnie Barlieb Moore Academic Courier I, 2, 3, FTA 3, Ampten- nian 2, lCo-editorl 3, Field Hockey 3, Usherette 2, Senior Class Play 3. Northampton Academic Football l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 3, N-Club l, 2, 3. i Baker Edgar J. Balliet Allen Academic 2, 3, Proiection Club l, 2, KPresidentJ 3, National Honor Society 3, Senior Class Play 3. Jean Barner Northampton Academic Rifle Corps l, 2, CCo-captainl 31 FTA 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Courier l, 2, Fashion Show 2, Senior Class Play 3. Duane Barrall Bath General Lighting Crew l, 2, 3, Gym Team l. 2, 3, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. Daniel Barrett Lehigh Academic Gym Team l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 'l, 2, 37 Wrestling 1. Robert Barrett Lehigh Academic 3. Howard Barrall, Jr. Bath General Gym Team I, 2, 3, Wrestling i, 2, Barry Bertha Bath General ,. ,ww Diana Barthold Moore Secretarial Knitting Club 3 l Joan Barthold Moore Academic Debate Club l, 2, Student Council 2, National Honor Society 3. ,s Ray Biery Lehigh Academic Band l, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3, Dis- trict Chorus 2, Regional Chorus 2, N-Club 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Creative Writing 3. 32 5-6 'nd' Richard Beil Lehigh Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, Football 2, Nation- al Honor Society 3, District Chorus Margaret Bernath Chapman's Quarries Clerical Library Club 3. 'R Cynthia Binder Lehigh Clerical Tri-Hi-Y 2, Library Club 2, Knitting Club 3, Amptennian Business Staff Donald Beers Lehigh General Proiection Club 1, 2, 3 C N XY' .aan 1 Terry Blose Lehigh Academic Elmer Bird Lehigh General Band l, Rifle Club 2, 3. Gary Blaxinslcy Northampton Clerical Band i, 2, 3. Patricia Blenlcin Bath Academic Maiorette I, 2, 3, Knitting Club 2, Student Council 3, Amptennian Business Staff 3, Art Exhibit 3, Usherette 2, 3. i Charles Blum Moore Secretarial Chess Club 1, I 2. Robin Blank Northampton Academic Gym Team 2, 3, Maiorette 1, 2, CDrumJ 3, Amptennian Business Staff 3, Student Council 3, Art Exhibit 3, Usherette 2, 3. .-figs 33 Linda Bohonos Lehigh Secretarial Knitting Club 2. it Xing David Bollinger Lehigh Academic Chorus 'l, Math Club 2, 3, Chess Sharon Bonser Chapman's Quarries Academic Library Club l, 2, 37 Math Club 2, Courier 2, 3, Play 3. Club 3, National Honor Society 3, Senior Class Play 3T FTA 3, Senior Class I Sandra Burger Allen Secretarial Library Club l, 2. Daniel Bowen Northampton Academic Wrestling 2, 3, N-Club 3. if Kenneth Braren Lehigh General Wrestling I, 2, 3 Darina Brndiar Northampton Academic Math Club lf Library Club 2, 3. Robert Bundy Bath General Gretchen Burkepile Northampton Academic Debate Club l, 2, Courier l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Usherette 2, Senior Class Play 3. Donna Burkhardt Northampton Academic Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 2, 37 Girls' Ensemble 2, 37 Ampten- nian 2, 35 N-Club 2, 37 FTA 37 Class Treasurer l, 2, 3, Usherette 2, 3, Creative Writing 3. Eloise Butlco Northampton Courier l, 2, Pennant Squad 2, fCaptainJ 3, N-Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Usherette 2. Academic Stephen Capkovie Northampton Academic Wrestling I, 2, 3. Patricia Carpenter Allen Academic Tri-Hu-Y 3, Knitting Club 3. Sexes XWKQM . Joseph Choronzak Northampton Academic Band 3, Baseball Manager l. ' Jean Chabak Northampton Secretarial Daniel Chaply Northampton Academic Math Club 2, Nice-presidentl 3, . Proiection Club l, 2, lSecre1aryJ 3, N-Club 2, 3, National Honor Soci- ety 3. Usherette I, Knitting Club 3. Bernadine Cesanek Allen Clerical Field Hockey 1, 2, Usherette 1, Knitting Club 2: N-Club 2, 3, Amp- tennian Business Staff 3. William Christine Moore Gen eral Marie Cinamella N-Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, KPresi- dentl 37 Color Guard 2, 37 Knit- ting Club 2. Lehigh General Lucille Coleman Lehigh Academic Knitting Club 2, 3. Barbara Rose Colarusso Northampton Academic Courier l, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, FTA Nice-presidentj 2, 35 Student Council Gecretaryl 3, Amptennian 37 Basketball Mana- ger 2, 3p Usherette 1, 2. Glen Coberly Moore Technical Theodore Colarusso Northampton Academic Track l, 2, 31 Football l, 2, 37 N-Club 2, 3, FTA 3, Class Presi- dent l, 2, 3. Linda Connolly Bath Clerical Amptennian Business Staff 3. Library Club l, 2, 35 Courier 3, Nancy Connolly Bath Commercial Art Library Club 1, 2, 35 Courier 35 Senior Class Play 3. Knitting Business Staff 3. Helen Crayosky Northampton Secretarial N-Club 2, 35 FSA 2, 3. Debate Club ly Knitting Club 25 Bernice Creyer East Allen Clerical Club 2, 35 Amptennian Robert Crogan Bath General N-Club 2, 3. 38 Darryl Cross Northampton Academic Track 2, N-Club 2, 3, Lighting Crew 2, 35 Chorus 3. Patricia Csencsits Lehigh Secretarial Field Hockey l, 2, lCo-captainl 3 Basketball l, 2, 3. Barry Davis Moore Architectural Football I, 2, 3, Gym Team Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. Beverly Deily Allen Secretarial Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, Band l, Courier 2, Amptennian Business Staff 3, N-Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Student Coun- cil 3, FSA 2, fCorresponding sec- retaryl 3, Field Hockey 2, 3, Ush- erette l, Senior Class Play 3. Kathy Demetrovics Northampton Academic Cheerleader 1, 2, lCaptainl 3, Gym Team l, 2, 3, lCo-captainj, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Field Hockey Manager 2, 3, Bas- ketball l, Class Secretary l, Stu- dent Council l, QS:-:cretaryl 2, lPres- identl 3, FTA 2, 3. 5 :li lil' Rose Dettmer Lehigh Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3. Donald Deutsch Allen Academic Meteorology Club 'l, 2, 3. Amedeo DiEdoardo, Jr. Moore Academic Meteorology Club 3, Chess Club 3 39 i 3 ,, - 'A Rosalie Dischinat 1 V J East Allen - A ' Secretarial X, f Gary Druckenmiller Northampton Academic P Gym Team l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition xg l, 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, 3, Basket- ball Manager 2, 3, Usherette lg r Fashion Show 2. f 5 ,L Thomas Dobrzyn Treichlers Academic Track 'l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3. Robert Dreisbach Northampton Academic Donna Divinsky Northampton General John Druckenmiller Allen General Wrestling 2. Lighting Crew 1. as is Swv if 1 - Paulette Druckenmiller Moore Secretarial Library Club l, 2, 3, Courier 2, Field Hockey 2, 3, Basketball l, 3. N Kathleen Edelman Allen Secretarial Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, Stu- dent Council l, Knitting Club 2, Creative Writing 3, National Hon- or Society 2, 3, FSA 2, 3, Courier 2. Diana Eberts East Allen Secretarial Knitting Club 2, 3, Amptennian Business Staff 3 2, Terry Druckenmiller Northampton Secretarial Sandra Druckenmiller Northampton General Roger Edelman Moore Academic Chess Club 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Debate Club l, Speaking Contest 2- Science Fair l- FTA 3. larry Ehrenreich Bath Secretarial Eugene Elsenhard, Jr. Bath Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus i, 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Speaking Contest I, Creative Writing 2, CCO-editorl 3, Courier 2, National Honor Society 37 Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, Dance Band 2, Senior Class Play 3. Clerical Rifle Club 2, 3. Keith Ellis Northampton Academic Richard Eslinger Northampton Acaclemtic Track 2, 3, Math Club 3. Donald Farkas Northampton General Baseball 2, 3. Eileen Farkas Northampton Secretarial Knitting Club 2 Richard Farkas Northampton Academic Meteorology Club 3. Stephen Fedorak Allen General Ronald Farkas Northampton Academic Meteorology Club 3. Football 1, 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3. dentj 3. Martin Fella Northampton Technical Photo Club I, Ureasurerj 2, fPresi- Earl Fenslermaker East Allen Academic leon Flowers Lehigh Clerical Gym Club I, 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3 Gym Exhibition I, 2, 3. 43 Helen Fodero Moore Secretarial Gym Team 2, Gym Exhibition 2, 3. Sandra Frack Allen Academic Knitting Club 2, Library Club 3. 44 Richard Fogelman Lehigh Technical Barry Frable Allen Academic Football l, 2, 3, Rifle Club I, 2, 3, Rifle Team l, 2, 3, Math Club 2, 3. K H Judi Fogelman Lehigh Secretarial FSA 3, Senior Class Play 3 ...lsf Thomas Frack East Allen General Perma Friclce Northampton Clerical Band I, 2, 35 N-Club 2, 3. Eileen Fritzinger Lehigh Secretarial Knitting Club 3. Linda Fritz Lehigh Technical Dennis Fritz -Lehigh General Sharon Fritz Moore Clerical Patricia Funk Bath Clerical Band I, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble I, 2, 3. Susan Funk Bafh Academic Chorus l, 2, 35 District Chorus 25 Regional Chorus 25 Girls' Ensemble 2, 35 Band Front 35 Kniiting Club 2. Delores Gable Baih Technical Tri-Hi-Y 25 Library Club 2. Joel Gall Northampion General Football l, 2. 46 Edward Gardner Lehigh Academic Chess Club l, 25 Track l, 2. linda Gasper Northampton Academic Rifle Corps l, 2, CCQ-captainj 35 FTA 2, fSecretaryJ 35 Sludent Council 15 Fashion Show I, 25 Usherette l, 2, 3. Barry George Lehigh General Keith George Lehigh Clerical Dennis Getz Northampton Sandy Gieske Chorus 'l, 2, 3. Technical . Gym Team l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition f l, 2, 3, Student Council 2. Moore Secretarial Lois Gilbert Chapmans Secretarial FSA 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble l, 2, 3. James Glendenmeyer Northampton General Football 2. Nancy Gontar East Allen Secretarial Courier 25 Library 2, FSA 37 Senior Class Play 3. 47 Diana Graff East Allen General Knitting Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3. William Grannelino Allen Technical Wrestling l. ,VA,, ,l.L . circa? lfaf , 'FH 7 li : Egl Barbara Gross 'T f , '." Q "'5 Y Q East Allen 1. Academic Q c-i': Rifle club 2, Rifle Team 2, Nation- ., al Honor Society 2, 3, N-Club 3, ' FTA 2, 3. Ji.- .fill H x Diana Hafll Moore Secretarial FSA 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. Jane! Haftl Moore General gl ge ., ,1 - 5 Ellie Kermii Hahn Lehigh Clerical Dolores Heckman Moore General Pamela Hahn Bath Clerical Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble l, 2, 3, Dis- trict Chorus 2, 3, State Chorus 2, Rifle Corps 1, 2, 3, N-Club 35 Fashion Show I, 2, Senior Class Play 3. Lehigh General Kathleen Harizell Bath Secretarial FSA 2, 3. Track l, 2. Thomas Handwerk .Iames Halal Northamplon Clerical Wrestling 2, 3 Wayne Heckman Chapmans General is Sara Henry Moore Academic Debate Club l, 25 Library Club 3. Bath Richard Hildenbrandt Moore Technical Wrestling l, 2, 3, Track 2, Chess Club 3, Rifle Club 1. 50 Gail Hirschel Bath Technical Knitting Club 2. Roberta Herman Secretarial Knitting 3. Matthew Hinkle Lehigh Academic Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, CPresidentJ 39 Student Council i, 2, 3, Creative Writing 2, CCQ-editorj 3, N-Club 2, 35 District Chorus 2, 37 Regional Chorus 25 District Orchestra 2, 35 Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3, District Band 3. Raymond Hoch Lehigh Clerical Thomas Hock Lehigh Clerical Baseball lg Wrestling I. Robin Hood Lehigh Clerical Baseball l. ul 3. Club 2, 3. Nancy Hugo East Allen Academic FTA 3, National Honor Society 2, Robert Holderman, Jr. Northampton General Ev QUT! 'ul' James Hoppes Lehigh Academic Wrestling l, 3, Football 2, Rifle 37 Library Club l, 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3. Q A S sg ,ff ' i A Dorothy Hummel East Allen Secretarial Knitting Club 25 FSA 2 wgfqe A- . - ' QW? 52 QQ' iw .s r Kenneth Hummel Lehigh General Rifle Club 2 3 3 W Russel James Lehigh General Rifle Club 2. William Ifkovits Northampton Academic Football ly Track lf Student Coun- Marilyn Humphrey Lehigh Secretarial Chorus 2, 31 FSA 3g Amptennian Business Staff 3. Audrey Jacoby Lehigh Academic Library Club 1, 2, 35 Chess Club 3. Linda Kanas Lehigh Secretarial Knitting Club 2. Alex Kerala Northampton Technical Barbara Kasper N ortha m pton Acad emlc Chorus i, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble ly Amptennian 3, National Honor So- ciety 3p Senior Class Play 3. Ronald Keiser Allen Academic Math Club 2, Photo Club 3. Arnell Keiser Lehigh Secretarial Harry Keefer Bath Secretarial Band l, 2, 35 Chorus 3, Dance Band l, 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3. Peggy Kern Northampton Secretarial Field Hockey I, 2, fCo-captannj 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Usherette 2, 3. 53 Donald Kickline Lehigh Academic Gym Team 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 3. 54 ' Mariorie Kirchkesner Lehigh Clerical all Jane Kleintop Lehigh Academic Chorus l, 2, 35 Creative Writing 3. James Kintz Lehigh Clerical Gym Team 1, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. 1 .Q R f 1 . I jf' ' , fa, , 'if i , 4 L ,QQ if , 7 . V 'mx 21-1 f J wi, -niwik. 5? . -,av,f,,3fLLf ig' Azihkw' 2 Vasc-,'-' .1 - . 1 ' ' . , A t js, 5 ill Q -- , nfifii taQiQf'x1iiEw'2'l 5215? ' ,, :A le-f.-x sg if ' fills ' :f5',-zjsie' 5754. ff ax q-if-2,155 'Sm .Liis.',:sr??e-f ww Q-if ..,. , ..,,,,.,,, 5 N-PY Charles Kish East Allen Technical riii, 5 Colleen Kloiber Bath General Gym Team 1, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 'l, 2, 3. Dana Kloiber Bath General Track l, 2, Wrestling l. Michael Kocher East Allen General Wrestling I, 2, 3, Gym Team 'l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 2, 3. Anne Kluscarits Northampton Secretarial Gym Team l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3, Field Hockey l, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Fashion Show 27 National Honor Society 3. Elizabeth Kohler Lehigh Academic Karen Kohler Lehigh Seuetarial Library Club l, 2, 37 Amptennian Business Staff 3. Paul Kovach Northampton Academic Football 1, 2, CCo-captaini 3, Base- ball I, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3 N-Club l, Nice-president! 2, 3 Student Council Nice-presidentj 2, 55 I Margaret Kratzer Lehigh Secretarial Library Club l, 2, 3, Couruer 2, FSA 3. .loan Kurtz Northampton Secretarial Field Hockey lp Courier 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Speech Contest lp Usherette 2. 56 Stephen Krupa Northampton Academic Track 2, 3. Kenneth Kressler Lehigh General David Kresge East Allen Academic Wrestling 1. Rita Kurtz Northampton Clerical Amptennlan Business Staff 3 Dale Lakey Chapmans Academic "" Math Club 3. L Q x l Evelyn Laky -l , Q Northampton Q Secretarial ig if j Knitting Club 3. Q . ,.- S. Barry latshaw Lehigh Technical Sandra Laky Northampton Academic Maiorette l, 2, fHeadJ 3, N-Club 2, Ureasureri 3, FTA 2, 3, Student Council 3, Knitting Club 2, Usher- ette 2, Class Secretary 2, 3. . .L Cathy laubach Northampton Academic 1 ann. Band l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Student Council 2, Courier l, Uunior editorj 2, lEdi- torj 35 Amptennian 2, 3, Creative Writing 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety 2, 3. Clara Laky Northampton Secretarial Knitting Club 3 ,iw If , it i I Connie Laubach Northampton Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, 3 Courier 2, Amptennian 2, CCQ-edi forl 3, N-Club 2, 3, FTA 2, iPresi dentl 3, Fashion Show 2, Usher- ette ly Senior Class Play 3, Crea tive Writing fArl editorl 3. 1 Ronald Lederer Lehigh Business 58 Leon Liggiii Lehigh Academic Math Club 2, 3, Wrestli Northampton '19 National Honor Society 3. Gym Team l, 2, 3, Archery Club Allen lerch Technical Diane Lerch Norihampion General Barry Lloyd Lehigh General Baseball l, 2, 3, Band l, 2, Fool- ball 2. Kathy longenbach Bath Academic Creative Writing 2, 3, Rifle Squad 1, 2, Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Usherette 2, Senior Class Play 3, National Hon- or Society 2, 3, Science Fair 1. Patricia Lorenz Northampton Academic FTA 2, 3, N-Club 3, Field Hockey 2, Rifle Club l, National Honor Society 3. Anthony Lopsonzski East Allen Academic Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 3, Basketball Manager 2, Track I, 2, 3, Football Manager 2. Robert Lukman Northampton Clerical linda Malits Northampton Secretarial N-Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, Amp tennian Typing Staff 3, FSA 2, 3. Dudley Mann Chapmans Academic Band I, N-Club 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3, Football Manager 3, Student Council Nice-presidentj 3, Gym Team 3. 59 Carol Mauser Norihamplon General 'F 42444 .3-Pig Wm I' 1 8 Michael Marakovils ., Northampton General ' 'ff , r , X 5 C 5 . rf ' --4 ---'P f .,,,,x Q ,'1a:Zp?rf1sw".:-if. vm-7 ' QF- " -' aw -L V . Q V: -' 5 gi, , r 5, , K fqri. x Gloria Mas! Bath General Knitting Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3. Paula Marsh Lehigh Academic Courier I, 2, 3, Debate Club I, 2 Field Hockey 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3 Amptennian 3, Quill and Scroll 2 3, Usherette 2, 3. Joan Maureka Baih Clerical N-Club 2, 3, Gym Team I, 2, 1Co- captainj 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3. ,iz V- fi? Wasyl Mauser Allen Technical N aar- X James McCafferty 'Moore Technical Rifle Club 'l, 27 Gym Club 'l. Joseph Meltsch Northampton Technical Wrestling l, 2, 3, Gym Team 3, Gym Exhibition 'l, 2, 3. Stanley Melton Northampton Academic Debate Club lp Chess Club 2, N- Club 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3, Track l 2 3 John Meltsch Northampton General Lighting Crew l, 2, CVice-presi- dentl 3. Donna McFarland Northampton General Library Club l, 2, 3 Roseann Meltsch Northampton Academic Chorus l, 2, 3, Student Council l, Amptennian 3. Adrian Michur Northampton Academic Football I, 25 Chess Club 35 Golf Club 35 National Honor Society 3. Ronald Milisils Rifle Club ery Club 2. Gail Mileiics Norihampion Secretarial or Society 2, lTreasurerJ 35 Field Hockey Manager 35 N-Club 2, lSecrefaryJ 35 Usherette 1, 25 Knit- ting Club 2. Cheerleader I, 2, 35 National Hon- Northampton Gene-ral 35 Rifle Team 25 Arch- Thomas Milisits Norihamplon Technical Rifle Club I. 62 Barry Miller Lehigh Academic Bruce Miller Northampton Academic Dennis Miller Northampton Academic Basketball l, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, N-Club 3. Kathleen Miltenbergor Lehigh Academic Field Hockey I, 2, 3. Carol Minnich Lehigh Clerical Donald Miller Northampton Academic Chorus 3. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Knmang Club 2. Susan Minnich Northampton Technical Library Club 2, 3. Curtis Morgan Northampton Academic Football, 'l, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 37 N- Club 3, Gym Team 1, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3. 63 Dianne Moyer Lehigh Technical Rifle Club 2, Fashion Show 'l Y, T. .W Charlene Nagy Easi Allen Academic FTA 2, 35 Library Club I, 2, 3. is gl 3,1 gig 4 , Hz U.fli,,x, E Donna 'Musselman Norihampton General Phyllis Mulhard Lehigh Clerical Band l, 2, 3. Kenneth Moyer Lehigh Technical - - .. Aftwlfpy 7 2 .. T13 fl Donna Neff Lehigh General Bruce Nothstein Lehigh Academic Rifle Club 2, 3. Paul Newhard Lehigh General Wrestling I, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Photo Club I, 2, 3, National Hon- or Society 2, 3. .943 Sylvia Nolf Moore Secretarial Tri-Hi-Y 2, Knitting Club 2, 3, Amptennian Business Staff 35 FSA 3. Ronald Newhard Northampton Academic Courier 2, 3. Andrew Nordquist Moore Academic James Oncheck Lehigh Clerical Alan Onkotz Moore Technical Football l, 25 Baseball l, 2, 3. .K.,,,.,. ,ir f Terry Pagotto Lehigh Academic Bonnie Oplinger Lehigh Academic FTA 2, 35 Knitting Club 25 Library Club I, 25 Rifle Club 25 Rifle Team 2. t 2 Q . 5 i Vw xi Rifle Club l, 25 Chess Club 2. ua., W James Pany Northampton Academic Candace Pany Northampton Academic Field Hockey l, 2, 3: Knlfllng Club 35 FTA 35 Amptennian Business Staff 3. Chess Club CCaptainJ 2, 35 Baseball 15 Meteorology Club 2, 35 Basket- ball I. 157 Nancy Paukovits Northampton Secretarial Gym Team I, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 35 Rifle Corps 1, 2, 35 Courier 2, 35 Fashion Show 25 Student Council 15 N-Club 2, 35 Ampten- nian Business Staff 35 Senior Class Play 3. Scott Paul Thomas Paul NOI'1l13mPi0h Northampton Academic ii' Clerical Basketball 15 Football 1, 2, 3. Rochelle Pavlov Bath Academic Courier 1, 2, 35 FTA 2, 3. he 55, Richard Petko Lehigh General Proiection Club l, 2, 35 Meteorol- ogy Club 1, 2, 3. 1 ,,.u.ul0h Dale Pflugler Moore Academic Meteorology Club I5 Photo Club Dominic Fiscitelli Northamplon Academic Meteorology Club 1, 2, 35 Lighting Crew 1, 2, 35 Track 'I, 35 Ampten- nian 3. 67 Vincent Piscitelli Northampton General Football l, 25 Wrestling Manager I, 25 Rifle Club 2, 3. Dennis Rehrig Norihamplon Academic Math Club 25 Track l, 2. Play 3. William Radcliffe Moore Technical James Rabe Allen Academic Chorus l, 2, 35 Ampiennian 35 FTA 35 N-Club 35 Senior Class lewis Puskaritz Allen Academic Chess Club l, 25 Meteorology Club l, 2. Lucinda Rehrig Moore Academic Chorus l, 2, 35 Amptennian Busi- ness Staff 3. E ..,.. . Vaughn Rehrig Chorus 1, 2, 3, Amptennuan Bust- ness Staff 3. Lehigh Academic Thomas Remmel Northampton Academic Math Club 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Gym Team l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Wrestling I, 2, National Honor Society 3. Robert Reitz Lehigh General Carole Reiner! lehigh Secretarial Field Hockey 'l, 2, 3, Courier 2, 3, Amptennian Typing Staff 3, Ush- erette l, 2, N-Club 2, 3, FSA 2, 3, National Honor Society 3, Senior Class Play 3. hgh. i r A Nifw' , f, 11, Y' lllg Y ll H' " 'Ji Linda Remaly - Q East Allen X 5 ' , n V Clerical 3' Knitting Club 2, 3, Amptennian ' '. . Business Staff 3. h ' , Y V 1' ' 2, ' 1 ,jr ' , V. flXl 2, Ricky Reph Lehigh General Rifle Club I. wg-f 69 Jack Rice Moore Technical Electronic Club 3. linda Rlce East Allen Dennis Rissmiller Moore Technical Wrestling 1, 2g Chess Club 3. Dennis Rolhdeutsch Northampton Technical Track 1 . Steven Romanishan Moore Technical Technical Band 1 Cesfa Rofhermel East Allen General Tri-Hi-Y 35 Knitting Club 25 N Club 2. Kent Ruch Northampton Academic Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Dance Band I, 2, 3, District Chorus I, 2, 3, Regional Chorus l, 2, 31 State Chorus 2, District Band 2, 31 Regional Band 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3. Stephen Rushatz Northampton Academic Wrestling I. Jayne Rufe Lehigh Academic Gym Team I, 2, 3, Gym Exhibi- tion 'l, 2, 37 Math Club 3, N-Club 3. linda Schall Moore Secretarial Band lp Knitting Club 2, FSA 2, 35 Amptennian Typing Staff 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3. Glorla Scherrer Lehigh Clerical ' , Wig! x Qliaxj, Q ' I , V,,. A X .4 is Brenda Schirer lehigh Secretarial Gym Team 2, 35 Maiorette l, 2, 3 71 Evelyn Schlegel Moore Secretarial Knitting Club 2. Linda Schneider Northampton Secretarial Cheerleader l, 2, 3, Basketball li Fashion Show 2, Field Hockey Manager 3, N-Club 2, 3, Usherette 1, 2. 72 lawrence Schmoyer East Allen Academic Class Vice-President 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, Track 'l, 2, 3, Gym Team 3' Gym Exhibition l, 2, 35 l, 2, 1 N-Club 3. Deborah Schneider Moore Technical .T Howard Schoenberger Moore General Football lg Track 2, 3. Sharon Schlofer East Allen Technical Fashion Show 2. L X"?'F' X-I' Herbert Schreck Moore Clerical Chess Club 2, 3. F X Q . I Randall Shupp Lehigh Academic Band 3, Chorus 35 Chess Club 2, FTA 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Wrestling Manager l, 2, 35 Creative Writing Staff 3, Senior Class Play 3. f I Jayne Seier Allen Secretarial N-Club 2, 3, Color Guard I, 2, 3, Gym Team l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. Qi Q Joseph Schober Bath General Kathleen Schrey Moore Secretarial N-Club 2, 3, Knitting Club 2, FSA 3. Elizabeth Sikorsky Lehigh Academic Library Club 1, 2, fSecretary- Treasurerj 3. 73 V, Dennis Silfies Bath Technical Band l, 2, 3, Chorus I, 2. Charlotte Smale Lehigh Academic Band 1, 2, 3, N-club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3. fa.. -f,.,,we3 Antonia Smatore Northampton Secretarial Courier 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, Basketball 2 3' N-Club 3. Michael Smallen, Jr. Northampton Academic Football l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3. Mary Smlgowslu East Allen Secretarial icnming Club 2, FSA 2, 3. Darlene Snyder Northampton Academic Band lf Knitting Club 2, FTA 2 Library Club l. Stewart Snyder Lehigh Technical .i x x .C X X as A wig ia 1 C. F alrliils ' X N X - - Dennis Solt Moore Academic Council 2. Bonnie Spengler East Allen General Daniel Spangler East Allen Academic Band l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3. Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Math Club 2, lPres- identj 3, Football 'l, 2, 3, Student Rick Spengler Northampton Academic Meteorology Club Nice-presldentj l, Wrestling l, 2, 3. 5 ce?PXs, w f Q' we J", 1 Sharon Spengler Northampton Secretarial Amptennian Business Staff 3, FSA 3, Fashion Show 2. 75 Paul Srogr Moore Technical Thomas Stranzl Northampton Technical Student Council 1. Track 2, 31 Chess Club 2, 3 Mary Ann Stein East Allen General Rifle Club 2. Joseph Steffie Northampton Academic Basketball i, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3 N-Club 1, Nice-presidentb 2, fPresi dentl 3. Richard Stoisits Northampton Academic Dennis Strasser Allen Academic Ampfennian 3, Student Council 33 Senior Class Play 35 N-Club 3, Chorus 2, 3. James Strohl Northampton Academic Lighting Crew 1, 2, 35 N-Club 2, 3, FTA 2, 3, Gym Team i, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 2, 3. Bonnie Sywenslcy East Allen General Knitting Club 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y lSecretaryl 3. A :N -f . Jacqueline Stubits Moore Secretarial Knitting Club 2, Library t Club 3, Fashion Show l, 2, Usherette lg N-Club 3. 5' A gg Scott Sylvester Northampton Academic Joanne Strohl Northampton Secretarial ate Club lg N-Club l, 2, Chorus i, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 2. John Tarafas Northampton Academic Wrestling 2, 3. Sandra Tashner Moore Secretarial Knitting Club 25 FSA 3. A ,Rx Michael Tokarczyk Northampton Academic Wrestling 2, 35 N-Club 35 Student Council 3. rw- 78 l Gloria Tretiak Lehigh General Rifle Club 2. John Tassle Northampton Technical Wrestling l, 2, 35 Rifle Club l. Carlotta Traugher Moore Academic Library Club l, 25 Math Club 2, 35 Field Hockey l, 2, 3. Dennis Turick Northampton Clerical Amptennian 35 Science Fair 1 Lighting Crew I, 2, CPresidentJ 3 Track 3. larry Tutko Northampton Technical Timothy Usher Lehigh General Football l, 2, 35 Gym Team l. JoAnne Vasarab Lehigh General Color Guard l, 25 Knitting Club I5 Tri-Hi-Y l, Nice-president? 25 Senior Class Play 3. 'x 'Q Stanley Vetovitz Bath Academic Gym Team I, 2, 35 Gym Exhibition l, 2, 35 National Honor Society 35 Student Council 2. ,ag John Wagner Northampton Football I, N-Club 2, 3. Academic 2, 35 Track l, 2, 35 V Robert Wagner Allen Technical .At Dennis Werkheiser lehigh Academic Wrestling Manager 'l. Dieter Wanagel Northampton General Lighting Crew I5 Meteorology Club 2. xv, Y ,if J Jessie Welliver Moore Secretarial Linda Weber Northampton Academic Knitting Club l. John Weber Lehigh General Color Guard l, 2 CCaptainl 35 FSA Nice-presidentj 2, CPresidentJ 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 De- bate Club 15 Courier 25 N-Club 2, 35 Creative Writing 35 Senior Class P'ay 35 Amptennian Tying Staff 3. Jill West Moore Academic Chorus 35 Courier l5 Knitting Club l5 FTA 25 Senior Class Play 3. Donna Winarchick Allen Secretarial Courier 2, 3, Usherette 2. louise Wunder Northampton Secretarial Basketball l, 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, CSec retaryl 3, FSA 2, 3, Debate Club I Amptennian Typing Staff 3, Crea- tive Writing Typing Staff 3. Dorothy Wolfel Northampton Clerical Pennant Squad l, 2, 35 Usherette lp N-Club 2, 37 Knitting Club 2, Amptennian Business Staff 3, Homemaking Club 1. Susan Wuchter East Allen Secretarial N-Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3. 3' lt , Rita Zangari Northampton General N-Club 'l, 2, 3. James Winarchiclc A Allen Academic Football I, 2, 3, Math Club Meteorology Club 2, 3. I Roseann Zangari Northampton Secretarial Field Hockey 2, 3, Basketball Manager 2, 3, Courier 2, 3, Amp- tennian Business Staff 3. A New Student Cynthia Zelinsky Moore Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, Fashion Show 25 Amptennian 37 National Honor Society 35 Senior Class Play 3. Susan Ziatyk East Allen Secretarial Knitting Club if Amptennian Busi- ness Staff 3. 82 Don Addington Cherryville Academic Band 3. IN MEMORIAM Loretta Fava iSeptember 10, 1950 - December 20, 19625 Despite her shyness and reserve, Loretta was only too willing to help her fellow classmates. Whether it be as a guidance counselor, social worker, or sympathetic listener, she was always ready to lend individualistic attention to each of their demanding problems. The void left by Loretta seems to be almost unfathomable in a world where the love of one's fellow man is rapidly disappearing. Paul Getz Uune19,1948 - .luly 31,19641 Brawny yet gentle, Paul was admired by his teachers and classmates as an individual possessing unceasing ambition and indefatigable humor. Regardless of where he was or whom he was with, Paul was able to make the most boring tasks seem so pleasurable that excellent re- sults were always obtained. Such a remarkable person will long be remembered by each and every one of his class- mates. Donald Kohler CMay 3, 1949 - April 8, 19673 A friendly and enthusiastic person, Donald was usually the center of attention wherever and whenever students congregated. It was he who added humor to a dreary life, organized any proiects that were needed, and guided these endeavors to their proper completion. There is no doubt that his contagious exuberance has had an effect on his classmates that will be hard to erase in the years to come. 83 UNDERCLASSMEN I Xi HX ISHN! vnu on X., EM W M Is JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Flower White Carnation Class Colors Burgundy and Gold Class Motto "Wisdom is the wealth of the wise." Barry Molnar, Vice presidentp Steve Schlegel, President, Linda Mertz, Secretary, T Judy Hall, reasurer. A Message To The .luniors The time has come for you, the Class of 1969, to assume the role of Seniors. The rec- ords of the past two years reveal that you are capable of being good leaders. lt will be your responsibility to set a good example for the underclassmen. Be helpful when they come to you for advice. Encourage- ment from you, as Seniors, will mean a great deal to them. Your future will depend greatly on the accomplishments of your Senior year. There- 86 fore, use your time wisely, and take advan- tage of the opportunities you will have as Seniors to prepare for it. In parting, our wish is that you will find as much ioy and happiness being Seniors as we did. May you be successful in all your future endeavors. Theodore Colarusso President Senior Class E MF Row 1: B. Arndt, J. Augustine, J. Bachman, M. Bartholg row 2: B. Barthold, K. Barthold, D. Beck, R. Beers, B. Beidlerg row 3: P. Beidler, D. Beltz, R. Beltz, D. Beltzner, K. Benner, J. Bickert, iv row 4: W. Bielsky, T. Bindics, D. Bird, L. Bloss, D. Bohunicky D. Bowen, M. Bras. ,QV Row iz I. Brumrner, V. Bunk, T. Buskirk, M. Caldwell, row 2: M. sits, E. Dailey, row 4: R. David, S. Davidson, B. Demchyk, W Capkovic, C. Cerciello, J. Cerva, M. Chimics, L. Chrisioffg row 3: Derhammer, L. Diehl, N. Diener, D. Dobler, G. Dogmanits. R. Churetla, M. Chuss, J. Cole, N. Coleman, N. Creyer, B. Csena 87 Row 1: L. Druckenmiller, P. Ducey, R. Eberts: row 2: D. Edel- man, S. Edelman, T. Engle, J. Ertlg row 3: R. Eslinger, G. Falafik, Row l: S. Fox, B. Frack, E. Fritz, row 2: S. Furry, D. Gable, P. Gabryluk, S. Gabryluk, row 3: S. Galgon, R. Geiger, B. Gene- vese, S. George. 88 W. Falsfich, J. Farkas, A. Faryna, row 4: E. Fedorak, D. Fens termaker, L. Fensfermaker, A. Flyte, R. Folland, L. Fox. i-- Row 1: J. Gerancher, D. Getz, J. Gmiiterg row 2: J. Gonzalez, S. Gossler, K. Grannetino, G. Hall, J. Hall. Row 1: R. Hall, L. Hantz, P. Hartwell, row 2: A. Hartzell, P. Row 1: G. Heist, J. Heller, D. Herzog, row 2: J. Hinkle, B. Hoch Hartzell, J. Haupt, D. Heberling, row 3: J. Heckman, K. Hedrick, J. Hock, S. Hoffman, row 3: T. Hoffman, C. Hoover, E. Hoppes M. Heffelfinger, T. Heigl, D. Heist. E. Huber. .. A L 4. -- - Row l: K. Hummel, M. Jandrisovits, D. Johnson, E. Jones, G. R. Kocher. R. Kowalchukg row 4: J. Krupa, M. Krupa, M. Kuchera Keiserp row 2: S. Keller, K. Kennedy, D. Kereb, K. Knauss, C. K. Kunkle, T. Kuntz, E. Kurfer, B. Lack, D. LaPoint. Knopf, row 3: W. Koch, D. Kochan, K. Kochenash, D. Kocher, 89 .2 . . Q . Row 1: M. Larimore, M. Katshaw, R. Laudenbach, row 2: A. Row I: T. McKeever, J. Mack, L. Mann, row 2: D. Marakovits Lederer, A. Lenfz, R. Liggitt, B. Lilly, row 3: K. Lindenmoyer, L. Merfz, J. Michur, R. Milisits. S. Lobach, J. Long, R. Longenberger, P. McCandless. Row 1: S. Milisits, R. Miller, M. Minnich, S. Minnich: row 2: D. Novogratz, K. Olson, F. Oplinger, L. Paer, J. Pail, row 4: D Mirro, G. Mohry, C. Molchany, B. Molnar, D. Neff: row 3: S. Paul, A. Peters, G. Peters, P. Petrie, T. Petro, K. Piervallo. 90 r .gf s my 'er- v... Row 1: G. Piscitelli, C. Poandl, D. Prufzmang row 2: L. Raverf, S. Roberts, R. Rowlands, B. Ruch, row 4: C. Samuels, G. Schisler R. Reinert, D. Reitz, M. Reph, row 3: R. Reph, R. Rissmiller, S. Schlegel, A. Schock, M. Schuster, R. Siegfried. 3 -ev' Row 1: B. Shuey, C. Silfies, K. Silfiesg row 2: M. Simmons, R. Snyder, M. Sodl, S. Solderichg row 3: B. Souders, J. Spengler, Q r 1 4 aa 5,4 s ? fl G 1.93 Fi ' ri? A '4 ,Ni x x 13 i i N. Spengler, D. Stubits, G. Stuck, D. Tarafas. 2 is 91 Q X-Z Row I: S. Thomas, R. Toth, C. Traugherp row 2: G. Uherick, G. Weiss, S. Weiss, B. Whitehead, row 4: F. Wieand, J. Wolfer J. Unger, L. Varkonyi, A. Wagner, row 3: L. Walters, S. Weber, K. Wuchfer, J. Yanders, P. Yastrzab, O. Yob. 4. .. . .. . - l Row 'I: C. Abelasky, P. Amatl, K. Barthold, A. Benscoter, C. vitsch, R. Green, R. Hail, M. Hartman, B. Hassler, J. Horvath, Bloseg row 2: R. Borbacs, S. Budihas, M. Buskirk, B. Creyer, row 4: R. Hugo, H. Hummel, R. Hunsicker, H. Keeney, B. Kish, A. Danner, D. Derhammer, row 3: D. Diefenderfer, W. Domirro- D. Kloiber, S. Kroboth, L. Gower. 92 . . 4 Q an Row I: B. Miller, A. Miller, D. Lorah, F. Lilly, row 2: D. Newhard, Zelinsky, H. Young, K. Wescoe, J. Tukovits, W. Sirohly, J. Skrap E. Musselman, T. Moyer, D. Minar, G. Miller, row 3: D. Seiple, its, R. Simon, E. Seko. F. Schwartz, L. Roth, J. Rice, L. Plotsko, P. Peters, row 4: J. Just like Dad. 93 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Elizabeth Hoffman, Secretary, Larry Newhard, Treasurer, Kim Davis, President, Kevin Longenbach, Vice president. A Message To lt was iust a year ago that you entered Northampton High School, full of ambition and eager to become successful students. During the past year, you have laid a good foundation for the next two years. The class of i968 would like to encour- age you to become a real part of your class by participation. There are many different activities to which your efforts could be contributed. Do not be discouraged if things do not go your way. Remember, the more 94 The Sophomores effort you put into something, the more rewarding the results will be. The Senior Class would like to extend best wishes to you for continued success. May all your dreams become a reality through perseverance. Theodore Colarusso President Senior Class 0 U D 'ta S 1-K 1' , ':lXN?+" l pid Row l: D. Acker, S. Avate, J. Bachman, C. Ballietg row 2: B. D. Bickerv, row 4: S. Bohunicky, D. Borda, N. Borger, T. Berger Balze, R. Barrall, R. Barthol, R. Barthold, C. Bauder, L. Bauer, D. Boyco,S. Braren, D. Brosky, P. Buckno. row 3: H. Beam, V. Bear, E. Beil, K. Beil, C. Beltz, B. Beltzner, Row 1: K. Budihas, L. Burkepile, R. Buss, M. Capkovic: row 2: H. Chase, P. Chimarys, W. Chrisfoff, L. Cinamella, D. Conklin, C. Crawford, row 3: K. Crayosky, D. Creyer, B. Cuth, K. Dahlke, F. Dalcin, K. Davis, Y. DeCarlo: row 4: D. Defrain, G. Demko R. Demko, K. DePaulo, D. Deppe, R. Dickert, S. Diehl, V. Diehl 95 'V Lx X 1 Z' .i Row 1: R. Dieter, D. Divinsky, C. Dobrzyn, M. Donello, row 2 J. Dornbach, P. Doroskio, J. Drabich, C. Driesbach, J. Drucken- miller: row 3: J. Druckenmiller, M. Druckenmiller, D. Dunay, M x ...g L 1 J. Eberhardt, K. Eck, L. Eck: row 4: S. Eck, G. Eckensberger, C. Edelman, M. Edelman, S. Eichelberger, A. Erdosy, K. Farkas. Row l: C. Faustner, G. Fedorishan, S. Feher, row 2: L. Fehnel, Row 1: P. Franya, L. Frisch, M. Fritz, row 2: B. Gabryluk, D S. Fehnell, D. Fitzgerald, L. Flowers, row 3: D. Flyre, A. Fodero, George, E. Gorsky, G. Groff. - J. Fogel, D. Foster, K. Frack. 96 v---H Row l: H. Gruber, J. Guss, S. Habetler: row 2: J. Hagemes, Row l: W. Haydf, S. Heckman, D. Hedmeckg row 2: A. Heminitz, S. Hahn, A. Hammel, S. Hammel: row 3: W. Harder, J. Hartzell, B. Hess, R. Hess, T. Hicks: row 3: D. Hinkle, M. Hnafow, E. R. Hauff, M. Haydt, S. Haydt. Hoffman, J. Huber. " Q' Row l: K. Hugo, S. Hugo, D. Humenik, G. Hummel, K. Huttererg Kleckner, J. Kline, W. Kloiber: row 4: D. Knopf, S. Kochenash row 2: G. Hvazda, R. Jany, N. Jones, S. Jones, A. Kagan, E. Kochen, D. Kollar, l. Koran, R. Korutz, J. Kotch, F. Kovacs R. Kantz: row 3: M. Kelly, B. Kemmerer, C. Kiss, S. Kiss, B. 97 Row 1: L. Kramer, W. Kratzer, M. Kreglow: row 2: D. Krill, E. Kresge, J. Kresge, B. Krock, row 3: B. Kramer, C. Kuhns, W. Kumernitsky, P. Kutzler, C. Lapatchak. Saw-ww. Y Row I: N. Laub, J. Leitgeb, D. Leitold: row 2: J. Liberman, J. Long, K. Longenbach, K. Longenbachp row 3: C. Lorah, R. Lorenz, D. Lovelace, S. Mann, E. Mann. N. Row I: C. Kovalchik, C. Marsh, L. Marth, J. Martnick, C. Mast, J. Muthard, B. Myster, B. Nebel, C. Nemethp row 4: 5. Nemith, J. Matheszg row 2: K. Meltsch, B. Miller, D. Miller, S. Miller, L. Newhard, N. Newhart, B. Novogratz, S. Onkotz, D. Oswald, B. Millheim, R. Moafsp row 3: S. Morris, C. Moyer, S. Meyers, W. Ottinger, S. Pany. 98 1 gm! Row I: R. Meckes, D. Paukovifs, W. Paukovifs, K. Paul, C. Pek- lichp row 2: A. Person, A. Peters, J. Peiko, S. Petko, D. Pflugler, E. Potak: row 3: J. Prirko, J. Prokopovich, K. Prutzanni, F. Pus- 8 Row I: J. Schneider, D. Schock, A. Schallg row 2: G. Schramel, J. Schwartz, P. Schwartz, J. Serensirsg row 3: S. Sharkazy, R. Shoemaker, A. Silfies, D. Silfies. karitz, J. Pustai, D. Rehrig, S. Reimer: row 4: J. Remaly, C Remmel, G. Rice, P. Rissmiller, L. Ross, R. Sawka, B. Saylor. Row 1: D. Silfies, L. J. Silfies, L. L. Silfies, row 2: M. Silfies L. Snyder, D. Soltisg row 3: R. Soltis, D. Spadt, D, Spadt, G Spengler. 99 Row I: L. Sfankovic, R. Stasko, C. Steele: row 2: L. Sfermer, Row I2 L- T6Sl'1l"lfH', P- T0d6l'0, V- Uhrich: POW 21 R- Wagnef, 5 C. Stattler, S. Stevko, C. Stranzlg row 3: C. Strohl, M. Sugra, Walker, R. wanagel: row 3: D. Wark, R. Weigl, K. Weiland A. Sywensky, G. Szilagya, C. Tashner. J. Werkhaiser. Row 1: R. Wernetf, S. White, D. Williams: row 2: M. Winar- chick, C. Wolfel, J. Woifery row 3: B. Woodring, E. Yost, J. Zangari. I00 Row I: D. Ackerman, D. Andrews, H. Beidler, G. Bird, row 2: J. Boyko, P. Bucha, K. Christman R. Christman, D. Creyer, row 3: R. Deemer, T. Deemer, M. Deibert, C. Eckhart, E. Engler, P. Ervin row 4: D. Flamisch, L. Fritz, D. Fritzinger, G. Gilbert, P. Gilbert, G. Gower, P. Grube. i . E s i F 5 Row I: C. Hager, D. Hassler, R. Hahn, row 2: B. Haydt, R. Heckman, C. Heffelfinger, F. Hoffman, row 3: E. Horvath, N. Hower, W. Jones, D. Keefer, T. Kish, row 4: D. Koehler, K. Kromer, T. Kuehn, P. Kunkle, V. Makovsky, A. Mann. Row I: G. Miller, D. Minnich, G. Moyer, K. Moyer, row 2: G. O'Brien, J. Pasquariello, L. Peters, G Reph, S. Saas, row 3: W. Schafer, B. Schaffer, D. Schall, R. Seier, J. Shober, J. Steirer, F. Tully. lOl 1 1 SPCRTS , 1 s. x NX X .R - X f 4 U-R v".x MXN .1-, x,x.' 'K X X MRM -K My M .N 'SAA M A r . " , f x , X 'Q ,5 5 X X a k xx x W a A free-for-a I I. All right, where are you hiding The girls. FOOTBALL No fair, you have To use Two hands. Row 1: T. Colarusso, B. Frable, S. Fedorak, C. Morgan, J. Wagner, L. Schmoyer, S. Paul, J. Unger, row 2: W. Paukovits, L. Christoff, M. Bahnick, B. Davis, T. Emmaus Whitehall Slatington Palmerton ......... Lehighfon Stroudsburg ....... Cafasauqua ....,,.. P. Kovach, A. Erdosy, Usher, A. Lopsonzski, J. Winarchick, R. Siegfried, P. Schneider, row 3: L Hantz, B. Gabryluk, R. Toth, B. Hassler, B. Miller, L. Varkonyi T. Lopsonzski. Opponents Home 28 7 6 7 38 25 21 13 19 9 6 38 O T3 Dirt can't hide from intensified Tide. we all fall down! D. Carbone, J. Oplinger, P. Schneider, A, Erdosy, B. Altrichter. Forget about the ants, lef's play ball. 106 3 Step aside or . . . Y' - 5 4,-,-5? jfi,-4Q i ' Follow the leader. Next time, don't drop the ball 3 Q Q Q 108 Vf ss 2 P. Csencits, Miss J. Kremus, P. Kern. U , Z FIELD HOCKEY Oh, let her have if. Pass The lemonade Peg. A P Row I: C. Traugher, R. Zangari, P. Druckenmiller, T. Sinatore, P. Csencits, P. Kern, R. Dischinat, L. Wunder, A. Kluscarits, B. Deily, L. Mertz, row 2: S. Onkotz, G. Schisler, C. Pany, C. Rein ert, K. Miltenberger, B. Csencits, E. Fedorak, C. Laubach, P Marsh, S. Novogratz, C. Traugher, P. Dobler, D. Amore, B. Novo- gratz, R. Weigl, row 3: C. Wolfel, K. Benner, P. McCandless, B. Whitehead, K. Hummel, L. Eck, C. DePaulo, Miss J. Kremus, C. Nemeth, B. Barlieb, C. Stranzl, D. Paukovits, P. Schwartz, N. Laub, M. Schuster, K. Meltsch. Don't overrun if Tony. What happened to the ball? 09" Q. Q ..L.Kg.,'. K . ,. . , Q , + , s-LV, ti . . .ke . , L P -V sill. L 4 5 Q.. J. Y wx 'G ,. . - , . 5 . ,ss , ,- . . -s A -- X kv A 'Q .. Rf: ata? -XA, 3. ,.-L.. x ,WX A Q.. .3 xi. LJ 'ks' ix 'wif-. . ,gg S. yltm A-fir, -,f,,., lf. W. V, A Easton ...s..... M.- ..,,,-.--e Whitehall L,.. .. ,,,,... -. .. 2 Wilson Boro .,.., -. ..,. - - - Phillipsburg ---.2- Salisbury .....s.. Emmaus ...s.... Parkland .... .- W- Southern Lehigh -- Palisades ........ Opponents Home O 0 2 2 O 1 0 2 1 4 I O O 0 I 2 0 2 GIRL s' BASKETBALL Will you let me shoot! Attack! Attack! Row 1: T. Sinatore, P. Kern, P. Druckenmiller, P. Csencits, L. Wunder, A. Kluscaritsg row 2: C. Wolfel, K. Meltsch P. Dobler, C. Laubach, L. Eck, D. Kochang row 3: N. Spengler, G. Schisler, E. Hoffman, E. Fedorak, S. Onkotz, B Csencits. H0 First half: Slatington W-- Palmerton -V Catasau ua q -U Lehighton -H Stroudsburg Emmaus -- Whitehall 2 Second half: Slatington - Palmerton - Catasauqua Lehighton - Stroudsburg Emmaus -2 Whitehall - Play-off: Emmaus -- King Kong strikes again. Opponents Home - 30 53 42 51 37 58 30 50 38 53 48 38 43 56 43 68 38 42 47 41 35 64 38 53 33 39 29 42 42 43 Catch me if you can Am I glad he didn't Take this picture five minutes earlier. BASKETBALL E ixk 112 So Thaf's a basketball. Row I: D. Marakovits, S. Yambor, S. Gabryluk, A. Lopsonzski, B. Millerg row 2: R. Toth, L. Ch off M 8 h k P Kovach, J. Steffie, R. Nemefh. First half. Slafington -. ..,.- ,- Palmerton , Catasauqua Lehighfon ..... - Stroudsburg Emmaus ,,.., Whitehall - Second half: Slafington ,,., -- Palmerton .,.. Catasauqua Lehighfon .,.. Sfroudsburg Emmaus -. ,... Whitehall - Play-off: Emmaus H- Emmaus , ,A Dieruff Opponents Home 76 64 73 71 69 87 62 65 77 87 85 94 61 50 57 70 77 88 64 85 52 73 57 87 62 72 62 47 66 72 63 83 77 53 Look out, I'm coming down Those ballet lessons finally paid off. 114 1 qlx OK, who's got athletes foot? Where are you Joe? hope I remembered to buckle my belt. Here goes nothing This one is mine. WRESTLING Don"r worry, I'm as tired as you are. We don't need if. H6 Willie does it again ..,,,,.., ,. ., ,.,,. ,,.. , Row I: D. Mann, R. Spengler, E. Balliet, S. Schlegel, R. Hilden- ron, S. Fedorak, J. Hinkle, D. Laury, A. Nordquisr, B M llcr brandt, W. Feichtl, G. Heist, row 2: H. Wall, D. Bowen, S. Mel- J. Farkas, J. Pail. Oh no you don"r! Lehighfon ,,D, Sfroudsburg Emmaus ,nw Whitehall ,W Slatingfon .M Cafasauqua v . Let go of my leg!! Opponents Home 15 30 38 IO 15 26 17 33 17 37 ll 29 'Y' ' fT'Ff TRACK Come back here you cowards 10, 9, 8, 7, .... 33,5 gs lf' Row l: D. Piscitelli, R. Stoisits, S. Melton, T. Dobrzyn, L. Schmoyer, T. Colarusso, D. Miller, A. Lopsonzski, K. Ellis, D. Chaply, R. Eslinger, A. Nordquist, T. Remmel, row 2: S. Krupa, D. Laury, K. Davis, L. Hantz, B. Molnar, S. Fedorak, C. Morgan, J. Steffie, L. Christoff, D. Kereb, M. Smallen: row 3: R. Siegfried, J. Dernko, W. Haydt, R. Moats, M. Capkovic, T. Sutter, J. Geosits, M. Krupa, H. Shoenberger, R. Rollins, row H8 4: R. Barthold, N. Mitchell, R. Meckes, J. Stierer, J. Ruzicka, R Beslanovits, R. Miller, J. Filipovits, R. Eslinger: row 5: B Strohl, J. Gonzalez, E. Gestl, F. Wagner, C. Fogel, B. Schaffer D. Spengler, H. Schreck, E. Mann: row 6: Mr. Stranzl, J. Feichtl J. Nazar, S. Vilcheck, M. Butler, E. Novogratz, R. Lapointe Mr. Altrichter. .SIUIIT Whoever finds an ant first wins. K., , vw,,,M .-.., A - What a way to get high. i'Il fix that tailgater BASEBALL g , 5222? 2,5195 nm -- :aww 0559? 'N c"9.'? J1'43 3253 2 fm Q '. 'sm 'u mo mU30 Form :'3 91:42 3935" sezm PLAQ- Q E 'Epo 21 K .noe 5sf'3sf' 30726, '3:C Qkig Nm. 5, F0 -11.4 -W. mm... na3'!'.U' 072.5-O FFF? . m..,..,.... z 1 . 1 . ,S 1 vue.. , l ,L i , M, A . i ? ? ff Let me out! I20 Mr. Lisetski, W. Paukovits, B. Miller, M. Bahnick, W. Filipovits B. Hassler, M. Sugra, W. Christoff, R. Toth, J. Druckenmiller J. Wolfer, J. Schneider, Mr. Oplinger. This game of bowling is ridiculous. Q 1 x R 'vim' 2, . ,hx ...M .. f-Q.. , 3 f ' W R ., is " - --. . . 3, ,, N +- ...A - H ' f.1m...E'nSv . 1--1 in - B 1 . 355 3, ik. P at 1. zvm., .., ew-,M -W , M . . W .. .. K .- . .LO vi we ww if , . I 4- .-. ' ' ix wz -N .mv B Q ' r ' B A ' K " ffl . , X iff ' . f ' .im 1 ' . ns , Q . .-Q 2-Svxxlw -- - . Q. .. Xf-H f-, pie. N V X 5 31 -f. ?Mf1SW . . A ,Q x ff I I - 53' w ..y' N . ,,5:.:5,.' :5,.,"-Q -x W - k e ' .:4:.,:. -, .W ' .- V- .ff if . ,..., in K, , . f ,L. W . Mew.. . I . -- N e+s.efn..... . - N 'QD x Don'1 tie your shoe now! Where do you think you're going? Now throw the ball. W3.jW,: , in fy Y :y:,4,,,7 K 41 ' ' .1-...lim V I x' 4' pf kj wh, A 4. W Mfg "yi-fw lf. f , '2Qff'3iZYiP1i ' X ' ' him ,ff 'Tiff -f'x.,1U'4,vf ff 'L 4'W'h?W W 'ff-Lf ' L. , ,r?'2fm2fL6L- 3 . '::' '- A . --My Aff" f"r'1z" f 'el M-' --.- ,gf 413:21-jy'z.Wg' Z K ,A . . H 0 'hge' 4, ., :M -0' , I V fw'-' mw,w?,.wffl4:,,.,, X , Q wfvq , arm ear fr 1 , , .5 ,J wa1g,,42s,-uxgyh 5296 W, ,M 'Wirth' , ff gg W '-,E 'LJ Kg!! ,ix 42' aw 'L f 1 '- M N r 1 A L if 1 v 3 A jk rx x ..- A es, ' ' yr 5 Q ' jg +1 '54, ,, 1. - V -1-. A K . - 4, In Wm M f ,f . 4 K- so 4 ' x ' Q. ' A 4 ,, I r f ,J , xW L .3 ,gy 15,-4 an , 41 L- Q , ff, , . '-fhgi, cg-ff,-gy 1w,f,'w 1,4231 ga' ff H K-. .4 ,.,,. xii. 31,355 ,R Q, ,,f,mpg '.,.,,:,,n ,:L',,.w f,Lwr 4 Q :X ' - ww -rv :fr M fu. ,,, ,rw ,-f ,fs , 4- my fa "' ' ,', , - 1 5 iWW,,.G.l,i I , VP' . V.,::,W,N, ,',Apw-'yn 25 V, A 5 , , , ., 525. A . , A J 4- f Qi' 91 , ES' ' -a ' 1 3, 5 , . M ,-r A x f we,,,,, , 1:11, in - -A "2'' sfvywucw xx Q. ,Q VA fy. fp-f"93f:f5f'1f52 59 f f':ff.f'f-5" - ' - f ' 5 1 "'f5'4,vf'M ' f L "-A '. " f 1-zxif-ff? 2.2, ', "W'Zwl45P". 'Y F I 32? +'f'r r.. -'ig L, 5" A' r M4i's'k3'w, ,, . Q2-gif' rj: Q.: , A fl Ar .,,. nvw, , ,,,, AQ. et . ,,,,,,,.,, V Aw. ww N ,M W f CRGANIZATIONS I ng ,,,,, .e.. 1 . , f . 4 3 ' f My sxyv 1 -v . ,. . pl "- .Q ' 'oc.:t:.'Q3ge-, ...-.,-Am Y 'l""" 'H . , "fm 'WM-" i gt I, .l t . - ,- -9 S "' ' az. , D : 1 W" I . . f' 'Mi 'f .J ' -9 -- pw, 5 . 5 V , 51- AM-H- ' .X y' " -gn "Y '- if , ' Nw W" . .A.., . K f ,mum-N W' mn r.-1.-..-...,,.A,,,,,,,,,,,-,MWA Af- Q I 8 f - nv frww. www ' ,T .4 'v' nv' Aljg ..f ,Q .,,f"' 1 LM ' .,-J 111 l X KX. A thorn between two roses. Paula, two's company and three's a crowd. v 'N,.v -" Amptennian Adviser: Mr. Robert J. Szabo Co-editors: Bonnie Barlieb Connie Laubach Staff Section: Bonnie Barlieb Connie Laubach Senior Section: Donna Burkhardt Cynthia Zelinsky Underclassmen Section: Paula Marsh Dennis Strasser Sports Section: Dominic Piscitelli Dennis Turick Organization Section: Dolores Bohunicky Barbara Demchyk Roger Edelman Ann Lentz Student Life Section: Barbara Kasper Roseann Meltsch Cathy Laubach Typing: Adviser: Mrs. Elizabeth Geiger Sfaff: Louise Wunder Jessie Welliver Linda Malits Carole Reinert Linda Schall Photography: Adviser: Mr. John Frailey Siaffz Martin Fella Robert Fella Ted Foster Homework in Ampfennian! Row I: S. Fritz, K. Kohler, S. Nolf, L. Rehrig, V. Rehrig, N. Pau- S. Ziatyk, L. Kanasp row 3: B. Cesanek, D. Ebens, S. Henry, J kovits, S. Gieske, C. Binder, M, Humphrey, row 2: R. Kurtz, P. Kurtz, S. Spengler, R. Blank, B. Creyer. Fricke, L. Connolly, R. Pavlov, P. Blenkin, D. Wolfel, C. Pany, I'm glad they think I can use This. Band Archery Club Row l: D. Laury, J. Huber, W. Fowler, B. Gabryluk, R. Milisits, R. Rowlands, row 2: C. Bauder, J. Bachman, C. Kloiber, S. Rob- erts, K. Hedricks, J. Bachman. Ma ioreffes Charlotte Silfies, Virginia Uhrich, Diane Kocher, Pat Blenkin, Karen Hugo, Sandra Laky, Karen Prutzanni, Brenda Schirer, Sandy Keller, Phyllis Yasrrzab, Maryann Sodl. l26 Colorguard Row l: Susan Funk, Kathy Farkas row 2: Cindy Hoover, Kathy Knauss Joanne Vasarb, Jessie Welliver Marie Cinamella, Yvonne de Carlo Gloria Piscifelli, row 3: Rita Reph Cindy Marsh. 1 1 ,BF h if -I Pennant Squad Judy Wolder, Kathy Piervallo, Debra Dunay, Eloise Butko, Dorothy Wolfel, Dale Bickerf, Brenda Smith, Carol Dobson. Row 1: E. Andrews, D. Leitold, N. Diener, S. Gasper, L. Frisch, Rifle Squad J. Bickert, C. Cerciello, K. Olson, B. Klecknerp row 2: J. Barner, J. Yanders, J. Remaly, J. Eberhardf, P. Hahn, N. Paukovits, S. Nemeth, D. La Pointe, L. Gasper. Drum Maioretfe Robin Blank Our Band at Phillipsburg. Chess Club James Pany ..... .- ..,.g President Adrian Michur --.M.-Vice-President Steve Rose .-.--,--. e,,... Secretary Kathy Knauss ..,w.,..., Treasurer Row 1: H. Schreck, L. Puskaritz, A. Michur, E. Gardner, J. Pany, R. Stoisiis, D. Bollinger, D. Chaply, row 2: A. Jacoby, D. Kickline, S. Rose, R. Hildenbrant, D. Rissmiller, A. DiEdo- ardo, T. Remmel, W. Koch, N. Hugo, row 3: J. Gonzales, Mr. R. Sawarynski, C. Blum, W. Jones, D. Humenik, J. Marsh, S. Schlegel, A. Heminitz, G. Falatek, B. Saunders. 128 Ch I d Row I: Joette Augustine, Donna Schock, Debby Paul, Gail Mileticsp row 2: June Martnik Sharon Weiss, Linda Schneider, Kathy Demetrovucs CCap1aunJi S Q Excitement of a basketball game. x Q ' ' I N X x Q Christmas Vespers under the able direction of Mr. Becker Chorus Mr. Becker at work. Susan Funk, Ray Biery i30 Mixed Ensemble Row I: A. Schock, P. Funk, D. Paul, P. Hahan, K. Edelman, R. Hall, S. Funkp row 2: D. Hassler, R. ShUPP, M. Hinkle, K. Ruch, R. Biery, R. Beil, R. Deiter. "rf XL 2 Many hours of practice are neces- sary for one performance. i 1 t Soloists Patricia Funk, Matthew Hinkle, Debra Paul, Kent Ruch, Pamela Hahn, Ray Biery, Lucinda Burkepile, George Baker, Susan Funk. Cathy Laubach, Donna Johnson, Paula Marsh, Donna Winarchick, Roseann Zangari, Sharon Bonser. Gretchen Burkepile, Bonnie Barlieb, Paula Marsh, Peggy Ducey. Roseann Zangari, Ellen Fedorak. l32 Concrete Courier Adviser: Miss Constance Karg Editor-in-Chief: Cathy Laubach Feature Staff: Kay Barthold Dolores Bohunicky Sharon Bonser Debbie Oswald Barbara Prince News Staff: Bonnie Barlieb Gretchen Burkepile Peggy Ducey Paula Marsh Rochelle Pavlov Sports Staff: Ellen Fedorak Roseann Zangari Typing Staff: Donna Winarchick Nancy Gontar Joanne Gmitter Carole Reinert Antonia Sinatore Art Staff: Nancy Connolly Cynthia Crawford Donna Johnson Ronald Newhard Michael Nush Photography: Adviser: Mr. John Frailey Staff: Photography Club Printing: Adviser: Mr. Harry Reiff Slaffz James Glendemeyer Robert Crogan Donald Farkas Michael Marakovits Richard Petko W4...! i' Y ' E Ronald Newharf, Cynthia Crawford, Donna Johnson, Nancy Connolly, Michael Nuch. f R Kay Barthold, Miss Constance Karg, Sharon Bonser, Dolores Bohunicky, Carole Reinert, Debby Oswald. Nancy Gontar, Donna Winar- chick, Joanne Gmitter, Anronia Sinafore. iss l33 u 1 Fil il C t. W .t. Row I: A. Schock, L. Wunder, K. Laubach, C. Laubach, D. Burkhardtg row 2: B. Demchyk, T. Remmel, K. g Longenbach, J. Kleintop, J. Welliver, K. Edelman, B. Prince, C. Cerciello: row 3: W. Swallow, L. Hantz, R. Shupp, H. Anthony, R. Biery, K. Ellis, M. Hinkle. Future Secretaries of America Jessie Welliver President Kathy Piervallo Vice-President Beverly Deily Corresponding Secretary Joan Kurtz Recording Secretary Lois Gilbert Treasurer Row l: M. Smigowski, J. Stubits, B. Deily, L. Gilbert, J. Welliver, K. Piervallo, J. Kurtz, D. Haftl, M. Kratzer: row 2: J. Fogelman, K. Hartzell, C. Reppert, R. Kocher, S. Thomas, L. Paar, K. Hummel, S. Nolf, P. McCandless, K. Wuchter, S. Spengler, row 3: N, Paukovits, J. Bickerf, J. Yanders, B. Beidler, D. Stubits, B. Ruch, L. Schall, K. Kunkle, S. Solderich, S. Lobach: row 4: N. Gontar, H. Crayosky, K. Edelman, L. Malits, C. Reinert, D. Manako- vits, S. Tashner, L. Fox, K. Schrey. Future Teachers of America Connie Laubach President Barbara Colarusso Vice-President Ray Biery Secretary Linda Gasper Treasurer l Row 1: N. Spengler, D. Snyder, D. Amore, C. Laubach, B. Colarusso, L. Gasper, R. Biery, N 134 Hugo, B. Prince, G. Stuck: row 2: E. Butko, L. Deihl, J. Barner, EL Andrews, D. Burkhardt S. Lakey, C. Pany, R. Hall, D. La Pointe, S. Hoffman, row 3: S. Novogratz, B. Demchyk, R. Kowal chuk, D. Johnson, R. Pavlov, L. Mann, J. Krupa, S. Bonser, B. Barlieb, A. Lentz: row 4: C, Smale B. Oplinger, J. West, R. Shupp, J. Rabe, C. Nagy, B. Gross, P. Lorenz. an "? YJ' Co-Captains: Kathy Demetrovics Joan Maureka GYM TEAMS 0.3 . Y r Row 1: R. Dischinat, J. Rute, K. Dernetrovics, J. Maureka, D. Amore, row 2: C. Hoover, K. Benner, J. Seier, A. Kluscarits, N. Paukovits, E. Woodring, K. Grannetino, J. Augustine, row 3: K. Knauss, M. Heffelfinger, S. Weiss, L. Mertz, J. Mack. Boy can I use a drink. Row I: D. Bowen, T. Remmel, S. Vetovitz, J. Meltsch, D. Barrett, D. Getz, R. Barrallg row 2: C. Prandl, R. Letterer, B. Davis, J. Kintz, L. Flowers, R. W. Newhard, E. Englerg row 3: G. Snyder, G. O'Brien, G. Shrammel, B. A. Kagan. D. Barrall, W. Feichtl, Barrett, L. Schmoyer, Gabryluk, P. Bucha, if What are you looking at? Co-Captains: Joseph Meltsch Daniel Barrett 135 Knitting Club Row 1: L. Remaly, E. Schlegel, S. Nolf, S. Gieske, B. Creyer, C. Pany, C. Laky, J. West, row 2 S Eck K Paul P. Fodero, B. Miller, M. Druckenmiller, P. Hartzel, D. Barthold, D. Eberts, L. Coleman, E. Laky D Groff C Binder K. Eberhardt, J. Tutko, R, Wernett, R. Bartholdg row 34 P. Reitz, D. Boyko, P. Chimarys, K Budihas D Pflugler L. Eck, S. Hammel, E. Koran. Library Club Margaret Kratzer ,,., Presidenf Sandra Borger -M -.,, ..-D,Vice-President Elizabeth Sikorsky D,oSecreTary-Treasurer 136 Row I: Mrs. Reichwein, J. Stubits, S. Minnich, L. Con- nolly, M. Kratzer, S. Borger, E. Sikorsky, D. McFarland P. Druckenmiller, row 2: S. Cocher, D. Snyder, D Brndiar, S Henry, A. Jacoby, S. Bonser, S. Wuchter K. Kohler, N. Gontar, N. Con-nolly, C. Nagy, S. Frack N. Hugo, J. Hartzell, E. Manner, C. Tashner, row 3 D. Edelman, V. Diehl, B. Gabriel, L. Mann, L. Coss S. Mann, J. Fogel, G. Peters, L. Druckenmiller, R. Reph M. Simmons, K. Kunkle, D. Hall, S. Jones, D. Divinisky C. Repperf. 1 Row l: J. Druckenmiller, D. Silfies, P. Koruty, L. Fehnel, D. Piscitellig row 2: J. Michur, D. Barrall, D. Turich, G. Weiss. Math Club Dennis Solt -.-.--.-.- -..- Daniel Chaply .. Carlotta Traugher David Bollinger -.-.--.. ....-Treasurer Row l: D. Piscitelli, R. R. Petko, D. Deutsch, A. President -- -Vice-President .,-.-.. .. .--Secreta ry Lighting Crew Dennis Turick s,..,,,,sD,, ..-President John Meltsch --.-.. .. ..... -Vice-President Duane Barrall ..--. ..... . .. .Secretary James Strohl ..... . ---.- ...Treasurer Row 'l: D. Solt, D. Chaply, D. Bollinger, C. Traugher, R. Eslingerg row 2 S. Rose, R. Milisits, D. Lakey, M. Krupa, J. Gonzalez, J. Winarchick i o Farkas, R. Farkasg row 2: J. Winarchick, L. Puskaritz, J. Di Edoardo Jr. ' .si Pany, Meteorology Club Richard Petko .-.President James Pany - . Vice-President Lewis Puskaritz ., . . Secretary James Winarchick . .. .Treasurer 137 Senior Members Row l: C. Zelinsky, E. Andrews, B. Kasper, C. Laubach, P. Lorenz, N. Hugo, row 2 L Bohonos D. Haftl, B. Deily, K. Edelman, A. Kluscarits, K. Longenbach, B. Gross, R Dettmer L Sohall, row 3: T. Remmel, S. Vetovitz, E. Balliet, R. Beil, l.. Liggitf, C. Reinert, .l Barthold row 4 R. Shupp, R. Petko, A. Nordquisf, A. Michur, D. Chaply, K. Ellis, J. Welliver. National Honor Society L ' Matthew Hinkle President Ray Biery Vice-President Louise Wunder Secretary Gail Miletics Treasurer Junior Members: Row l: L. Paar, C. Reppert, S. Thomas, W. Swallow, R, Rollands, row 2: K. J. Barthold, A. Shock, K. Piervallo, B. Biedler, B. Demchyk, B. Csencits, R. Kowalchuk. N-Club N-Club officers bring luck to our , basketball coach. Joseph Steffie President, Sandra Lakey, Treas urer, Mr. Robert Nemeth, Basket- l ball Coach, Gail Miletics, Secre- tary, Paul Kovach, Vice-President Varsity N-Club. Paul Kovach, Gail Miletics, Mr. Norman Laub, Sandra Laky, Joseph Steffie. HDS 191' y Md M5 Lf U '43, b A K N-I 9 Pin the fail on the donkey. law" M54 04:1 U04 sa 5 C 139 Adviser: Mrs. Mae McCann Student Director: Jessie Welliver Prompters: Bonnie Barlieb Barbara Kasper Gretchen Burkepile Pamela Hahn Make-up: Judy Mack Kathy Piervallo Nancy Connally Nancy Hugo Carol Reinert Judi Fogleman Grace Peters Dolores Edelman Betty Ruch Kathy Kunkle Chris Reppert SENIOR CLASS PLAY asf Row lz R. Shupp, C. Laubach, B. Deily, C. Zelinsky, N. Comer, M. Hinklep row 2: K H. Keefer, G. Baker, N. Paukovits, K. Longenbach, R. Dettmer, D. Strasser, K. Ellis. l Do you speak English? Swimming in the testimony. Don"r be nervous Connie! l'm a better lawyer than you are do! ..5 l - . 5 Photography Club Martin Fella ....w............. President Andrew Nordquist .....g,, Vice-President Dale Pflugler 2 r.,..,,... ., -,... Secretary Robert Fella ..........,, -. ..,., Treasurer Row I: D. Pflugler, R. Fella, T. Foster, R. Keiser, M. Fella, A. Nordquistg row 2: E. Gorsky, D. Creyer, D. Mirro, D. Gable. Projection Club Edgar Balliet President Donald Beers -.-Vice-President Daniel Chaply .e.., Secretary Richard Petko ---...,Treasurer Row 1: E. Balliet, R. Moats, W. Falstich, G. Uherick, D. Hedmich, D. Chaply, R. Snyder, P. Ervin, K. Lloyd, J. Hinkle, J. Long, R. Longenbergeir, R. Petko, C. Bauder: row 2: A. Hartzell, B. Frack, N. Hower. Rifle Club Ronald Milisits - .- ..,, President Gary Mohry -W ,.... Vice-President Bruce Nothstein Secreta ry-Treasurer Row 1: T. McKeever, C. Abelovsky, R. Eslinger, J, Leitgeb, J. Mathesz, K. Hummel: row 2: R. Milisits, W. Kloiber, J. Cerba, G. Mohry, A. Hammel. 142 ' Row 1: D. Strasser, A. Erdosy, K. Barthold, B. Colarusso, K. Demetro- Student COUHCII vans, D. Mann, J. Weiss, D. Paul, P. Blenkin, K. Ellis, row 2: B. Deily, . , , L. Wunder, S. Lakey, K. Frack, D. Paukovits, G. Heist, L. Silfies, S. Koche- Kathy Demnrovlcs ---- V- epremdenf nash, L. Burkepile, C. Nemeth, R. Blank, S. Gasperp row 3: Mr. P. Schnei- Dudley Mann 7 N Vicepresidenf der, M. Edelman, T. Petro, M. Tokarczyk, D. Hassler, J. Becker, A. Ben- scoter, D. Bollinger. Barbara Colarusso .. . ...Secretary Sharon Weiss o , ...,Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y Marie Cinamella .. .President Joanne Vasarab --Vice-President Bonnie Sywensky .e....Secretary f'g...M ,lim nd. in ,Al Row 1: S. Pany, B. Mast, S. Druckenmiller, M. Cinamella, J. V. Bunk, E. Hoppes, P. Buckno, D. Foster, P. Franyag row 3: R Vasarab, D. Groff, S. Sharkazyg row 2: G. Smith, S. Solderich, Rissmiller, C. Sveier, K. Hummel, K. Silfies, D. Stubits, E. Fritz L. Fox, S. Fiyte, P. Beidler, S. Lobach, D. Marakovits, M. Roxx, G. Ifkovifs, J. Erth, T, Bindics, B.Arnd1,S.Wolfer. 143 STUDENT LIFE 0 436 BAND Ig anew, 'huirr Lush N, 1905 G00 QW 850909 kk Mqvhg fe .v-...www WDXT ,,,,,.p1C9 i Fresh milk for the cafeteria. ff 146 ThaT's no way to shuffle cards! Oh, you kid! The girl watchers The great escape. POD notebooks are due Tomorrow. Two dollars on Lady Day To place in The ninth. A Whose study period are you running from? How did you break that roll? 148 S. ? r f N XJ I L' ff-Q 'X X M fl .Ns Oh my gosh, if moved! ...-...N C531 , , AW N-N - , , Mr. Reiff is in here somewhere. Pornography is making a comeback. Before. l'lI raise you Three. After Solid gold? F l , l 1-4 mi e Do you think These will fit Joe Steffie? How did you get the extra sleeve? f. 'x 1 f lk A A ..' . .-+"""" .'l""N5 , Vw ,W 3 151 I Think it's starting To rain. I wish I could fake her back with me. Who's been drinking? Keep playing Vaughn, 'rhey're still dancing. Our faculty. Camelback's practice slope 153 How do you get a needle out of your finger? WI I' S W c z n Hold on Harry, l'm coming. If sure beats going fo class. ., ,Z What was in that water anyway? -1 1 5 Q I QL: is lg , S p l E we , Q 55 iaf fiizkf 'x '- .. PM A Q- S ,gl 1 ll 1 Q fl, , ' W .. K ' W ig " X - . H, . . . -,S 1 Q M 'L - 5 Y' E Where they belong. he .:.:f5:.f N , " A X 2 lf.. ts ,gs 't A 5 1 lf Q N i :fs N!! Regardless of my popularity polls, I .... we l' 1 The ten most wanted list. ' s E J' . he VZ A A Pj 4 if.. jx E . L Y -llUFmSIPlIlll'fi hui- l 518-mp, S h MSI! Hllh X. lf's really quite easy Slfiilll A :umm ' Ff 15 .,..a-no-' e--'-i"""" g.,...fQv- 2, A mouse in your what? I And now for our next cheer .... Gentlemen, start your engines I left the water running at home. 45Za4a:ffrXzw1?2maZiwf4 ALLEN TOWNSHIP BOOSTER CLUB AMEY'S GARAGE Cherryville, Penna. Used Ca rs - General Auto Repairs DR. and MRS. PAUL C. BALZE ancl Family FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BATH DR. and MRS. WILLIAM F. BOUCHER CALL-CHRONICLE NEWSPAPERS, INC. THE CEMENT NATIONAL BANK Northampton - Fullerton The Bank That's Interested in People COPLAY FOOD LANE and LANE DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORE CROSS COUNTRY CLOTHES, INC. DEE VILLE BLOUSE CO., INC. DOTTER INSURANCE DRAGON CEMENT CO. Division of Martin Marietta Corporation H. A. ESTERLY 8: SON Business Machines JOHN'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY Main at Ninth St., Northampton By Appointment - 262-3260 KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT CO. I58 LEHIGH TOWNSHIP LIONS CLUB LEHIGH VALLEY COOPERATIVE FARMERS THE M 8: N T926 Main Street, Northampton, Penna. MAKOVSKY BROS. Coal 8. Trucking - Cementon, Penna. N-CLUB Northampton Area Senior High School J. J. NEWBERRY CO. AARON NEWHARD, DRUGGIST N H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NORTHAMPTON AREA EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION NORTHAMPTON AREA SCHOOL DIRECTORS AND ADMINISTRATION NORTHAMPTON EXCHANGE CLUB NORTHAMPTON ROTARY CLUB R 8: S PRINTERS ST. STEPHEN'S GERMAN-HUNGARIAN SICK AND BENEFIT SOCIETY R. A. SMITH MILLING CO. UNIVERSAL ATLAS CEMENT Division of U.S. Steel Corporation 3 Slam it sk sir fbanalfiand B 8: L Formal Wear Newhart Foods, Inc. Ba+h Supply Co Inc Delicious Salads and Puddings " ' Coplay, Penna. Dent lv1anutac'l'uring,Inc. Th + J I 226 West 27th Street, Northampton, Penna. om on ewe ers 728 Hamilton Street, Allentown - 432-9086 Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Feldman Teenage Accoums Invited H- A- Miller 8' Sons- Inc- Whalin Chevrolet, lnc. John S. Nemeth Real Estate 84 Insurance 262-7100 - 262-5727 .2 Sian Tir if fbanaiiond AMBROSlNO'S MARKET STATE REPRESENTATIVE East 20th Street, Northampton, Penna. RUSSELL KOWALYSHYN Top Premium Beef - High Quality Meat KRUPER BROS AMERICAN LEGION POST 3470 Appliances - Allentown - Northampton BLEaghM'2UEmN REST JOHN B. KucHARczuK, MD. and Danielsville, Penna. fat foot of Blue Mt.J 767-6379 GEORGE S' SMl-ll-l' MD' DR. and MRS. GEORGE c. BRONG LASIIPAWINZO WSH 8' GAME CLUB eward - Larry DuFayeI CESANEK ROOFING NORTHAMPTON ELEMENTARY CHAMPION SAI-ES 81 SERVICE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 1802 Main Street, Northampton, Penna. NORTHAMPTON HOME FURNISHERS GASPER'S MARKET 1852-54 Main Street, Northampton, Penna. Choice Meats and Groceries - Coplay, Penna. RGOSEVELT DEMOCRATIC CLUB KENNETH R. GETZ Danielsville, Penna. - Best Luck to the Graduates Brick - Block - Plastering 1 Route 2, Nazareth, Penna. - Telephone 759-3772 ST' JOSEPH S SlCK AND BENEFlClAl' SOCIETY KOPPER PENNY DRIVEJN SCHISLER FUNERAL HOME Route 2, Northampton, Penna. ELIAS SPENGLER, ESQ. KORNFElND'S MARKET VALLEY VIEW DAIRY FARM STORE l59 I Sim is fbanafzana ALLEN HOUSE HOTEL - Quality Foods - Lodging 21st 81 Main Sts., Northampton AMORE FARMS - Home Grown Vegetables Route I, Nazareth, Penna. GUS BARTA, DIST. Bath, Penna. BARTHOLOMEW FUNERAL HOME Bath, Penna. BATH GARMENT, INC. 151 N. Chestnut St., Bath, Penna. BATH HARDWARE 121-25 Walnut St., Bath, Penna. BEERS ROOFING AND SIDING Route 1, Danielsville, Penna. HAROLD BEIL - Builder - Contractor Danielsville, Penna. BENSING FUNERAL HOME Moorestown, Route 1, Bath, Penna. ATTORNEY GEORGE M. BERG BLUE MOUNTAIN FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION Danielsville, Penna. BOB'S FLOWER SHOP DR. and MRS. ROLLIN H. BRIOR CENTRAL FIRE CO. Northampton, Penna. CHlP'S RESTAURANT DAKU'S AUTO BODY SHOP DANNER'S BARBER SHOP Cherryville, Penna. DANNY'S CITGO SERVICE 10th and Main Streets, Northampton, Penna. PAT DAVID BEAUTY SALON EDWARD DISCHINAT - Plumbing and Heating EASTERN LIGHT FURNITURE Two Great Stores in Downtown Allentown 520 and 618 Hamilton EBERHARDT'S ECONOMY MKT. EBERTS BROS. - Building Contractors K. S. EICKHOFF - Reliable Plumbing and Heating Bath, Penna. ELECTRIC CENTER DR. and MRS. LLOYD ESLINGER 160 WALTER E. ETTWEIN - Plumbing and Heating 837-0671 FARKAS' ECONOMY STORE 2218 Main St., Northampton, Penna. FAUSTNER'S ATLANTIC SERVICE FELLA STUDIOS, INC. - PHOTOGRAPHERS 15th 81 Main Sts., Northampton, Penna. 262-4741 FRITZ'S TAVERN Danielsville, Penna. GILLESPIE JEWELERS GREB'S BARBER SHOP HAFTL'S REFRIGERATION HAHN'S SHELL SERVICE 154 N. Walnut St., Bath, Penna. PAUL E. HALL- General Contractors Northampton, Penna. HAMPTON LANES 326 Main St., Northampton, Penna. LEWIS HARRY'S ESSO HARTlGAN'S CUT RATE 102 W. Main St., Bath, Penna. HAYDT'S HOTEL - Music and Dancing Little Gap, R. if:2, Palmerton JOSEPH W. HERD, JR. - Nationwide Insurance Bath, Penna. SUE E. HOFFMAN HOLTZER'S RESTAURANT North Catasauqua, Pa. THE HOME NEWS - Printers - Publishers Bath, Penna. HOWERTOWN ROSE NURSERY IGA FOODLINER South Walnut St., Bath, Penna. IRENE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 1752 Main St., Northampton, Penna. - 262-2497 JACK'S RESTAURANT 1922 Main St., Northampton, Penna. SAUL KIVERT '26 KLECKNERSVILLE HOTEL ANNA K. KNAUSS - Beautician 837-0577 HAROLD W. KOCHER fsfdlt-,ff BOB KOSC TRADING POST KREIDERSVILLE GENERAL STORE Dallas S. Fries, Proprietor - Northampton, Penna. KROOPE'S COTTON SHOP ADOLPH KUCHARCZUK ECONOMY STORE 418 East Fourth St., Northampton, Penna. LAHOVSKI CLEANERS LAPOINTE'S ROYAL OAKS A. A. LAPP LAUFIK JEWELERS 2002 Main St., Northampton, Penna. DR. and MRS. EDWARD LENNY LLOYD'S RESTAURANT MR. and MRS. NORMAN MACK MARGlE'S CAKE SHOP Route 2, Bath, Penna. - 837-0201 MARION'S BEAUTY SHOPPE- Danielsville, Penna. - 767-5161 MAUSER MILL COMPANY Treichlers, Penna. - Glenn L. Bleile, Mgr. JANIE MAY MOTEL Wildwood by the Sea, New Jersey MR. LESTER MENDELSOHN MILETICS BROTHERS MILLER'S DINER - Open 24 hours 1205 Main St. MOORESTOWN HOTEL R. :fql:1, Bath, Penna. - 759-2087 NORTHAMPTON BPW NORTHAMPTON MEMORIAL CO. NORTHAMPTON QUOTA CLUB NORTHAMPTON V.F.W. POST 4714 MR. and MRS. EDWARD NOVOGRATZ DR. and MRS. R. F. OPLINGER PAIL BROS. BODY SHOP DR. and MRS. SIDNEY PARMET and FAMILY NICHOLAS D. PETRUCCELLI, M.D. QUALITY SERVICE STATIONS, INC. Mobilgas - Mobilheat - Mobiloil 1766-70 Main St., Northampton, Penna. ROY REDLINE, AGENT - Baltimore Life Insurance Co. Slatington - 767-4192 REGAL SPORTSWEAR, INC. GEORGE H. REHRIG - Dodge Dealer Bath, Penna. GEORGE A . REPPERT - General Auto Repairing 1934 Lincoln Avenue, Northampton - 262-2278 ROCKVILLE HOTEL Daniel Marsh, Prop. - Danielsville, Route 1 ROTH BROS., INC. DR. and MRS. C. R. ROTHROCK ROXY THEATRE SACKS SUPPLIES SCHNEIDER CLEANERS SELTZER FUNERAL HOME Curtis A. Seltzer, Sr. '35 - Danielsville, Penna. DR. and MRS. CHARLES SIEGER SlNATORE'S MARKET - We Deliver 1718 Main St., Northampton MR. and MRS. STANLEY SKROCKI EARL SMITH'S BARBER SHOP Palmerton, Penna. SUTTER'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Main and Walnut Streets, Bath, Penna. JOHN S. TASHNER - General Contractor Bath, Penna. TRACH PBLG. and ELEC. Route 1, Bath, Penna. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 7215 Cherry Street, Walnutport VINCE AUTO SALES - Finest Used Cars Route 248, Cherryville, Penna. WALKElR'S PHARMACY WEINER'S APPLIANCES WEINER'S MOBIL SERVICE 349 S. Walnut St., Bath, Penna. WHITEHALL BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Seventh Street Pike, Stiles, Penna. JOSEPH J. WINKELBAUER DEZER WOGRINGIG "MASONRY" Route 2, Walnutport - Phone 767-5516 WUNDERLER'S MARKET ZARTLER'S ECONOMY STORE DR. and MRS. NORMAN A. ZEVIN 161 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous Earl Acker Charles Alewine and Family Arthur E. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Arey and Children Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augustine . Robert Augustine and Family Elwood Bachman Harry K. Bahner Mr. and Mrs. William Beidleman and Scott Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Sophie Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dennis A. Bankos Gregory Bankos Jerome A. Bankos Bankos . Stephen J. Bankos, Jr. William Barry Gordon Bartholomew . Leon Bartholomew Charles Bauder '70 Pat Beidler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Beil Richard A. Beil Mrs. Frances Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Biery Paul Beil K. Beisel J. R. Beisel Arthur Bennett Edgar C. Biery Bill and Cindy - The Bullers Robert L. Binder Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Binder Nevin Bleiler Philip Bliss and Sons Frank Bochnock Mr. and Mrs. John Bogarosh Anna Bohonos Linda K. Boh Mr. and Mrs. onos Russell Bonser Mr. and Mrs. John Borger Norman J. Borger, Sr. Wildman Bowers Mr. and Mrs. E. Albert Boyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Braren Donna Brickler Jean Brickler Mrs. Irene Brndiar Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brobst, Jr. John Bruchak, .lr. Stephen Budihas Albert Buet Mrs. Mary Burbes Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Burda Steven Burda Joseph Burianic Mr. and Mrs. Donald Burkhardt Nancy Burkhardt Betty Buskirk '66 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Buskirk Robert and Linda Buskirk '63 and '65 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butko Eloise Butko Carol - Pitt '67 Bernadine Cesanek Elizabeth Cesanek Mr. and Mrs. George Chabak Charlie and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chimics Mike Chimics William A. Christine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Christman 'I62 iaesziliahamaiecs Joseph Cicro Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cocco Angelo Colarusso Mrs. Barbara Colarusso Rose Marie Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. Ted Colarusso Mr. and Mrs. George C. Coleman Marlin G. Coleman '67 Ralston Coleman '67 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crayosky Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crayosky Allan Creyer Bernice Creyer Daniel Creyer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Creyer Mr. and Mrs. Larry Creyer and Denice Christine M. DaMore Mrs. Estella A. Danner Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Danner ll Darrel '66 - Carol '67 Mr. Dick Dasher Mrs. Doris Daumer and Bobby Steven and Doreen Day Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dech Elouise V. Deily Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeLong Walter DeLong Mr. and Mrs. Keil DeLuca Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Demcyuk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Demetrovics Mr. and Mrs. Leon Derhammer Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dettmer, Sr. Carol Ann Deutsch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Deutsch Rod Dickert Mr. and Mrs. Amedeo DiEdwardo Mr. Danny Diefenderfer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Diehl Barbara Diener C. Leon Dieter Orpha Dieter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dischinat, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Domitrovits Joan Dornbach Theresa Dornbach Anthony Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dreisbach Joseph H. Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dreisbach Regina and Frank Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Druckenmiller Mariorie A. Druckenmiller Maior and Mrs. Robert P. Duker and Lisa Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dunay Richard W. Eames Mr. and Mrs. Earl Eberts Edward C. Eberts '79 Mrs. Grace Eberts Jean A. Eberts '67 Joan M. Eberts '67 Joanne L. Eberts '84 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Eberts and Family Spl4 Norton Eberts Robert Eberts Mr. and Mrs. Willard Eberts and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edelman Kathy Edelman Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Erth Mr. and Mrs. Frank Falcone Bill Falstich Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Farkas Mr. and Mrs. Julius Farkas Lillie and Elmer Faust Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fedio Ellen Fedorak Sharon Fegley '66 Mr. and Mrs. Luther Fehnel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fenstermaker Thomas Fenstermaker '66 Corky Filipovits Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Fink Mr. and Mrs. James Firestone Ronald Flick Mr. and Mrs. John Fodor Mr. and Mrs. Byron Fogel and Debra Mr. and Mrs. William Folland Mrs. Joseph Fox Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Frack Elmer S. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fricke Mrs. Lillian Fricke Linda Fricke, Liberty High Perry Fricke, Liberty High Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fritz Randy Fritz Sharon Fritz LfCPL Terry Lee Dale Fritz Carol Funk Richard Funk Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gable Mr. and Mrs. George Gava Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Gehman Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Geiger Barbara Gen Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. evese Howard George, Jr. F. Geosits Frank Geosits Joseph Geosits Paul Gergel Miss Betty Gilclner Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Gilly Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gogel AIC Michael E. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Goldschmidt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Goldschmidt Gomer and Sandy Annette Gontar Patricia Gontar Mr. and Mrs. Russel Gontar Mr. Donald Gorsky Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haas Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Da Diana Haftl Janet Haftl Eugene Gorsky Eugene Grabarits Charles F. Gross, Jr. Andrew Grubiak Adolph Haftl ryl Haftl Rosa and Raymond Haftl Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haftl Charles L. V. Hahn Robert Halal Thomas Haldaman Nicholas Halushuk Evan J. Hankee Kathleen A. Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Levan Hartzell Hartzell Willard H. Hartzell Edward Hauke Clarence Hauser Edward Hawk Arie Haydt Leon M. Haydt Reuben Haydt Myrtle Heffelfinger Daniel Heist Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hemiques Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Herschman Mr. and Mrs. Felix Herschman Mr. and Mrs. George J. Herschman and Krister Mr. Joseph Herschman Mr. Louis Herschman Mrs. Mary Herschman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Herschman Bonnie Hetherington Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hetten Robert Hetten, Jr. Daniel Hinkle Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Hirschel Mike Hnatow Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hockman Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hockman Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hockman James C. Hoffert Mr. Alvin J. Hoffman David Hoffman and Family Mayme Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. George Hohl and Cathyann Terry Holland Mr. and Mrs. George Hood Mrs. Miriam Hordendorf Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Horvath and Daughter Mrs. Anna Hronetz Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Huber Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudick Alfie Hummel Raymond C. Hummel Miss Shirley Hummel Miss Elizabeth Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Humphrey Dorothy L. Hunt Mrs. Forrest W. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacoby Frank Jany, Jr. Louis Jany Ernest Kanas Stephen Kanas Constance Karg Barbara Kasper Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keichl Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Kasper Bertine Keefer Clarence Keifer Charles C. Keiser Seaman Charles C. Keiser ll Mr. George Keiser Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kelhart Mr. and. Mrs. Levine L. Keller Colleen Kelly Ken and Dina Kenny and Dolly Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kerbacher we flaifmnaeeees Stephanie Kerbacher Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kereb Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kern Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kertsmar Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kirchkesner Mr. and Mrs. John Kirchkesner Susie Kirchkesner '7l Anna E. Kish Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Kiss Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kiss Mitzi Kiss Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kiss Carol Kluscarits Cindi and Joey Klutsarits Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klutsarits Isabelle Knecht Mr. and Mrs. Steve Knopf Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kohler Joyce L. Kohler '55 Mary Ann Kohn '54 Mr. and Mrs. John Kollar Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kovach Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kratzer Cecilia Kraynek Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Kreglow and Son Miss Joan B. Kremus Adolph Kucharczuk Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kumernitsky Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Metro Kutianski Mrs. Frances Lacko Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lakey Mrs. Mary Laky Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laky Stephanie Laky Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lang Mary Ann Lang Melissa Larimore Margie Latshaw Elizabeth M. Laub Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Laub Buck Laury Barbara, Richard, and Ricky Lebish Anton Legath Joyce Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lentz Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Lerch Eva and Preston Lerch Mr. and Mrs. William Lerch Mr. and Mrs. Wassyl Leshishyn Leon Liggitt '68 Lloyd J. Liggitt Linda and Jerry Jim Lindenmoyer Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lindenmoyer Thomas Stephen Lisetski The Walter Loch Family Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lopsonzski Luigi Joe Maikits Michael Malitz Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Mann Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marakovits Mr. and Mrs. John Marakovits and Sons Nancy Marakovits Margie and Ed Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius V. Marhefka Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Marhefka John Marhefka, Sr. John J. Marhefka, Jr. Mrs. Del Marsh Gertrude Ma Laura Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. rsh Conrad Marth John Marth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Marth, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Martz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F.iMarx Maureen and Denny Mary Ann and Bobby Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Mateiicka John Maurek George Maureka, Jr., U.S. Army Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mauser William J. Mauser Robert J. McCann E. R. Melton Harry Mertz, Sr. Mary and Eddie Messenlehner Al Michael Timothy Michael Adrian Michur Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michur Mike '68 and Deenie '68 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mikovitch Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miletics Alice Mills Robert Mills Donald G. Miller Elaine Miller Mr. Frank Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Miller Miss Judy Miller Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Miller Mr. and Mrs. Merion Miller Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Miller Thomas J. Miller '75 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miltenberger Pat and David Minnich Mr. Joe Miquel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Sgt. Willard Mr. and Mrs. John Mitman George Molchany Harry Moll Moyer Edward H. Muschlitz Mr. and Mrs. John C. Musgenung Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William Musselman Charles Nagy Charlotte Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Neff and Daughter Orlando Nero G. O. Newhard George C. Newhard Robert Newhard Mr. and Mrs. William Newhart Racheal A. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholas and Family Mr. Frank Niedospial Mr. . John Nikischer Sylvia M. Nolf Mr and Mrs . and Mrs. William R. Nolf Mr. and Mrs. David F. Nordquist Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Nuss Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oberly, Sr. Linda Oberly '65 l63 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Obrecht George O'Brien Lynne O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Ol David Odenwelder arich Bonnie Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Oplinger Willard Oplinger Andrew Orkis Mr. and Mrs. George Oster Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary O Lester Oswald swald Mr. and Mrs. Frank Panik Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Panik Mr. and Mrs. Alois Pany Jim Pany '68 Pat and John Patty '68 and Dick '65 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paukovits Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Paukovits Robert Paynter Antonio Picos Barbara Piervallo Eugene Piervallo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piervallo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Dominic Stephen Piervallo Andrew Piscitelli Piscitelli Cy Polenchar Joe Polenchar Mr. and Mrs. Charles Praetorius Linda Praetorius '65 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Rabe Michael Prutzanni Vincent Pruzinsky Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Radocha Mr. David Ravert Mr. and Mrs. Peter Recker, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Redline Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Reenock Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn N. R George W. Rehrig and Family ehrig '68 Josephine Reiland Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reinhard Linda E. Remaly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Remmel Thomas Remmel Bill Reyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rich and Bre William Reyer nda Rich and Karen Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rinker Eugene Rissmiller Mabel May Rissmiller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockas William Rodenbach Beverly A. Rodgers '61 Frank Ross '65 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Ruccio Mrs. Alice Ruch Barbara Ruch '66 Betty Ruch Bonnie Ruch '66 Mr. David Ruch Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ruch William Ruch Jayne Rute '68 Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Thelma I64 Martin W. Sabo Santee eershbmfaeee Mr. and Mrs. Peter Saul Brenda Saylor '70 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schadt The Rev. and Mrs. Luther Schaeffer Alice Schaffer '66 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Luther Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. William Schaffer, Sr. Albert Schall Mr. Calvin Schall Mrs. Gladys Schall Mrs. Helen Schall Mrs. Louise Schall Evelyn Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Carmie Schmalzer Mr. Bruce Schmauch Linda Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schneider Pauline Schneider Rita Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schonerberger Mr. and Mrs. Julius J. Schrey Frank Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. David Sechler Dennis A. Seip Kathryn R. Seiple '63 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Semler Sharon '68 and Francis '68 Donald Sheets Leora and Art Shell Joan Shellock Liz Shellock Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shellock Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shellock Dale Shoemaker Joseph Shuck Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shuhay Jane Siegfried Robert Siegfried Cynthia J. Silfies Mr. and Mrs. Patsy G. Sinatore Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Skripek Pastor and Mrs. H. Joseph Slusser Charlette Smale Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Smale Michael Smallen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smallen, Sr. Rose Marie Smigowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smigowski Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Smith Mr. Martin Smith Smitty '67 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Snyder Lois Snyder Randy Michele Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sodl John Soiack John Soiack, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Solderich and June Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Solt and Family Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Spadt Gail Spengler '70 Sharon Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Srogi Stan and Beaty '67 Linda Steiner '67 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steiner, Jr. Joseph Stenock Ernest Stephen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stoisits Mrs. Julia Stolsits Mr. and Mrs. Ellwood Stout Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stranzl Mr. and Mrs. Darle Strohl Jacqueline Stubits '68 Theresa Stubits '40 Joe Sugra Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sugra Mike Sugra Mr. and Mrs. Donald Suranofsky Robert J. Szabo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szerencsits Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szerensits Mr. and Mrs. William Szerensits Charles Szoke Mr. and Mrs. John Szoke Sandy Tashner Rosalind Teklets Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Tepes, Jr. Terry and Louise Tinker Mr. Jerome Tittle Mrs. Rachel Tittle Patti and Licici Todaro Mr. and Mrs. Pete Todaro Mr. and Mrs. Alex Tretiak Mr. and Mrs. Chester Tyran Mr. and Mrs. Mel Uffner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Unger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vetovitz Mr. and Mrs. George Vogel Roy R. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Wall Charles Walters Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wambold Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wambold and Family Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Wassum and Family Mr. and Mrs. George Weber - "Catty Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Weber Linda Weber '68 Mr. and Mrs. John Weider Mr. Thomas M. Welliver Dale Werkheiser Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F, Werner Joan Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. West Anna Winglovitz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wirth Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Witemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Steve Woginrich Mrs. Lois Woodruff Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wuchter Susan Wuchter Fire Chief and Mrs. Allen D. Wunder Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wunderler, Sr. Sue Wunderler '67 Barry Yanders Mr. and Mrs. John C. Yastrzab Yeah! Rough Riders Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zangari Rita Ann Zangari '68 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ziatyk and Family Rose Marie Zimmerman '59 E 3 5 2 E 2 E 5 5 E 2 Q 2 F! E 2 5

Suggestions in the Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) collection:

Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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