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ALMA MATER Honor to the Black and Orange! Sing the glad refrain, Loyal to our Alma Mater, Ever we'll remain. Days with her we'll e'er remember Though our lives be long, Here's to her whose name we'll ever Cherish in our song. Refrain: Alma Mater! Alma Mater! All our vows renew. Hail to thee, Northampton High School We will all be true. THE SHIP OF LIFE As a space ship soars through space We, too, ascend through time. Some of uls iet-like in meeting our goals - Others, fearful of venturing on. Our ship, now embarking from familiar parts Arising and speeding toward parts still unknown, As yet, unaccomplished, as yet unacclaimed, Strives onward and onward in search of success. Let us pilot our space ship as forward we go, And descend on the planets of adulthood and lite. Let us use what we've gained in the harbor of school To help us and guide us through the spaces we face. Louise Smith ' i i m WRTHAMPTCQ br' li if s f? gi :V I ,if 1 .-g L .M -221 V,:if5?J ' 31-.ff H ' H"-' . 'Tnfl 5 MR. ALVIN N. FEGELY, B.A. IT is wiTh admiraTion and pride ThaT we, The sTaff, dedicaTe The 1967 AmpTennian To Mr. Alvin Fegely, who has devoTed forTy-one years To The conscienTious Task of Teaching college preparaTory maTh To The sTudenTs of NorThampTon. Mr. Fegely began his Teaching in Revere in Bucks Coun- Ty. In 1927, he ioined The sTaff of NorThampTon, and in 1937, pioneered in The creaTion of The firsT prinT shop in The school, where he TaughT prinT- ing as an exTra-curricular acTiviTy from 1937 unTil 1952. For more Than four decades, Mr. Fegely hasr,dedicaTed himself and his Time To The devel- opmenT of ThaT TradiTion of self-discipline and respecT for learning which now is our heriTage. Because of his high professional excellence, and his unTiring devoTion To educaTion, because of his affecTionaTe spiriT and his inspiring self- sacrifice, we, his sTudenTs, will always regard Mr. Fegely wiTh high esTeem. May his years of reTiremenT be filled wiTh The healTh and happi- ness which he so iusTly deserves. P g Two Qalxca mpiemmiam for 1967 Volume Llll Published by The Senior Class of The Norihampton Area Senior High School in NorThampTon, Pennsylvania FOREWORD After careful consideration, the Amptennian staff chose "the Konkrete Kid" as the theme for the 1967 Amptennian. Since approximately 1925, the beginning of football at Northampton, the name Kon- krete Kid has been synonymous with our "school spirit". Yet, what is school spirit, but the memories we shared throughout our high school days. Memories . . . our teachers . . . the individuals who molded us into individuals . . .the gorilla grip of Harry Wall . . . the disciplinary locker patrol of Mrs. Hauke . . . the educational Pany way which is always "write" . . . more memories . . . the Czar's impersonations that made men of history come alive . . . Mr. Witemeyer's pearl-diving yell . . . Peter Saul and Mary. . .Cousin Brucie . . .Sir Isaac . . . A year of responsibility . . . the stealthy trips to our lockers . . . hall passes . . . the lunch tickets we never purchased . . . our "quiet" library . . . the "deserted" halls between 8:05 and 8:20 . . .the pep talks from our guidance counselors . . . the "efficient" work of the student secretaries . . . the anxiety of iob interviews . . . unemployment. . . term papers . . . total confusion . . . Christmas vacation . . . total ela- tion . . . January third . . . the beginning of the end . . . College Board Examinations . . . despair . . . college applications . . . COLLEGE? . . . April Fools . . . the gradual decline . . . "tomorrow and tomor- row and tomorrow" . . . The inspiring activities . . . our new mind building clubs . . .the chess club, our "Pawn brokers" . . the math club, our "Newtons of tomorrow" . . . our body building clubs . . . "full o-f sound and fury" . . archery club, the future cupids . . . rifle club, students of high caliber. . . Fi-nal memories . . . Junior-Senior party . . . the Spring Prom . . . senior class trip . . . caps and gowns . . . "Pomp and Circumstance" . . . tears??? Teachers, transgressions, activities, lethargy, hope, optimism - "the Konkrete Kid" suggests all these memories to us. To you, we present the 1967 Amptennian. To us it is a treasure chest of memo- ries. We hope it proves the same for you. Karin Korutz Margaret Schaffer Editors ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To everyone who has contributed to the 1967 Amptennian: to our faculty advisors, Mr. Frailey, who patiently endured our constant demands and Mrs. Gei- ger, who untiringly worked to provide us with patrons and funds, to the photo- graphy club, to the Allentown Morning Call, to other teachers, friends, and in par- ticular, our staff, we render our deep-felt thanks. Without you this edition would have been impossible. We are indebted to you all. Karin Korutz and Margaret Schaffer Page 'four TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION 2 FOREWORD - 4 STAFF - - - 6 Board of Education - 8 Administration 10 Faculty - - 14 Special Staffs 21 SENIORS - 24 UNDERCLASSMEN - 66 ACTIVITIES - 82. Calendar 90 ATHLETICS - 'I I 0 MEMORIES - l 130 Q ,Q .1 F GE E? 3 5 E Q 1 S ai 3 TAFF TB N 'x 5 +. ' I a r '1 l Woodrow Lindenmoyer President Northampton Russell Becker Treasurer Moore It is a tradition -which guides us, BOARD OF EDUCATION Paul E. Balliet Vice President Allen Charles L. V. Hahn Bath 3 Guy Rice Secretary Lehigh V ..., , ..,, -21 ' 'f 2. , 1 vii W' -51:15 ' V i fis- ffl . , ?'lliMwW+ 1357 l 4 , ' ' g 3ilm:gfiz2gi,fe5l:5i:,j,iiVigtggismllggf 1 l ' 1 S 'fil ll i,lill3'? -" ,7'll'5 tsil 1l, l ..x , will , , , ..,, , .,,. .ix ,W ilsi gxizQi'xill'l3li,53w5gQlfglf2 ' 2 it ,H iw' ,K 351 T5i,Li ,i ,, i,f tg,fs eff' fl?:tilffiiitihpwaiaiflf igiiwgifgf ...gill +tz.,f,4?gg.t.g g 1 it .fmtfifazclg5wft.e:gisglg aygglkgiseiipgifai gfliiif lxil t lfzly F ' nfwfufsv., i f Y l L 7' "il?"5i5','ifY'l.iititigll f f i -: l' i' iii?-'i it it Wilt iiiifs1zf.i4f,1f-Il:fiwk-i 'X i f l . l X L 'L if time ,,-vi ,,,, . if-N in 'zz v. -z - ts : I ,' xwff.. :f:,zHi',4ffig,:mw X l filiiltfil 1 afQ'l"Wy: lfwixvrgfiez .,..,wtrf., mi ., 9nKegwi1g,t ri -'ill K lim X 'wwcfrremit:-iwW "freind1--wifis l -' wil QMW1 Hill?-V5.1LIlNLL7QQgP'll ' " lQ.iHll'gllll gil'iixwgtmifim 1 f .fgisiza 4' f l l li 2 I fi W' . + '!i29Lrl4f:!' : 354 l lf Paul Hall Northampton Robert L. Jones Howard McMurry Jacob Seiple Northampton Lehigh East Allen Page eight fwhzch strengthenx us in our weakness, THE NEW CHALLENGE This year's class of 1967 meeTs a world of old preiudices and new wars. fWe cannoT speak of This generation anymore, for des- Tiny has cuT Too finely for ThaT old phrasej A decade ago, a B.A. indicaTed compefence. Today, iT appears inadequafe. A boy, Then, was maTure aT TwenTy-one. Now - he may noT live so long. NeiTher is youTh The same. YouTh is more maTure, criTical, percep- Tive, and, alThough hopeful of his fuTure, cauTious and noT easily opTimisTic. YouTh senses The hollowness of words, The insecurify of Today's world, The possibiliTy of Tomorrow's, and his 'mosT radianT qualiTy is his commiTmenT To life. He wanTs To face The real world, now, and do someThing abouT iT. YouTh can be guided To find his place in The real world Through acTive and responsible parTicipaTion in school life. "The broTher- hood of man" is an empTy phrase unless man realizes ThaT free- dom is responsibiliTy and individual will is inseparable from social obligaTion. 1 Nor is iT TexTbook memorizaTion, buT in The free expression of The individual in a quesfioning classroom where educaTion Takes place. The individual musT be given The confidence ThaT, despiTe The growing complexiTy of our impersonal socieTy, despiTe iTs compuTer-like machinery, reducing man To an inTeger, The indi- vidual sTill has a voice, and his assenT or dissenT sTill may be heard. The challenge of modern educaTion is noT simply To supply brain power and muscles for an expanding economy. The challenge is To resTore youTh's faiTh in ideals, To re-esTablish his commiTmenT To These ideals, and To magnify The zeal and firmness of The free American in This hour. Page n 'which inspires courage and faith ALBERT L. HENRY, B.A., Nl.A. Superintendent of Schools No school tradition can be perpetuated without the guidance and dedication of its superintendent. Mr. Henry's distinguishing characteristic is iust this dedication. Since he became a part of the Northampton tradition, he has unceasingly devoted himself to promote higher scholastic standards and to expand educational facilities. The new high school is iust the beginning of an expanding building program. Yet, no building is complete without the spirit of education to make it live. Mr. Henry has patiently and indefatigably given of himself to build such a spirit. Page ten confidence in ourselves, DAVID G. OLSON, B.S., Nl.Ed. Assistant Superintendent of Schools Mr. Olson is engaged in the exhausting task of establishing a curriculum for Northampton students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is his hope that he will be able to formulate a program suited to the needs of every student in the district. Firmly believing in the dignity and the individuality of each student, Mr. Olson hopes to provide the opportunity for each student to express his talent. He describes young people as "wonderfuI!" Certainly, his actions demonstrate his con- fidence and his optimism in the power of youth to create a better world. Page eleven NORMAN A. LAUB, B.S., M.A. Principal A school is not a building, nor can Mr. Laub be considered merely the principal of a school. A school is a tradition, and our principal, born and raised within the shadow of the school, embodies that tradition. lt is an old tradition, inheriting its values of self-discipline, honesty in decision, courage, and physical fortitude from Eastern European soil, but enhancing its inheritance with a quality uniquely Ameri- can. Mr. Laub has been, for twenty-two years, the person who unites, inspires, and advances this tradition. He has been the stronghold of that esprit de corps which finds itself expressed in the fortitude of the disciplined student and the self-sacrifice of graduates, willing and ready to defend their country in battle. Page twelve and the daring to accept our lzfves It is a tradition which says, ALFRED LAUBACH, Ph.B., M.A. Administrative Assistant It has been Mr. Laubach's task to keep alive the spirit of Northampton's Tradition from day to day. His enthusi- asm for the school and its activities, his unceasing encour- agement of greater academic effort, his calm and careful instruction in obedience and loyalty will remain with us. It is to his effort that we partially attribute the high sta-nd- ard and spirit of the student body. ALBERT M. LERCH, B.S., M.Ed. Director of Guidance and Activities Mr. Lerch has devoted himself to counseling students at Northampton since 1947. His responsibilities are legion. Their scope extends from interviewing and testing novice Sophomores to directing Seniors toward college or imme- diate iobs. His desire to call forth the hidden talent in each student has contributed to our high academic and moral standards. Page thirteen Page fourteen "Be bold and never yield EDGAR J. BALLIET, B.S., Physical Science, Visual Science ROBERT DRUCKENMILLER, B.S U.S. History, Sophomore Class Adviser GORDON BARTHOLOMEW, B.S., Driver Education, Physical Fitness Program JUDITH ECKHARDT, B.S., English - RAYMOND S. BECKER, JR., B.S., M.A.p Band, Instrumental Music, Dance Band, Band Concert, Vocal Music, Chorus, Ensemble, Vespers, Spring Concert, Music Theory and Appreciation, Commencement ALBERT ERDOSY, B.S., Physical Education, Head Football Coach, Boys' Gym Team LARRY CROYLE, B.S., U.S. History ALEK L. ERDOSY, B.S., M.A., Wood Shop, Director of Athletics be strong and never run from trial. ALVIN N. FEGELY, B.S., Algebra II HENRY FUJITA, JR., B.S., Metal Shop, Driver Training CECILIA K. FINK, B.S., Bookkeeping l and ll, Office Machines, Clerical Practice ELIZABETH M. GEIGER, B.S., M.Ecl.p Shorthand, Secretarial Practice, Typing I and II, Amptennian Business Adviser MARGARET FOTI, B.A.., MAGDALENE HAUKE, B.S., English, Amptennian Adviser Typing I, Bookkeeping JOHN M. FRAILEY, B.S., Chemistry, Photography Club, Amptennian Photography Adviser JEROME HESS, B.S., Consumer Math, Business Math Page fifteen .a'..f'-- I 5. . I.. A f i.. , . .'-,' J ,. ., . . ,wwgis m f: gl . 5 if -2 -- '-ew 4 ffiisafg-M is , fa 1 f x I, V. .2 y , . ,E mf' ig? .ff fl l Q 2.m,gzg.l ,rf WHL A .ii M'-ltf Y 41'ii.f35iwETYL:5??2 AP , XWKM, Y I ,, .. WWW I 10 'ill I ns , 5 :pie ' .I -- at Fin I, I .. rm.. . asf , -A We ,I ...., I 1 Q1 lil . f .irigilgglgirllir 315' . K..lIIlIff1i ,5 J. f ,Q,:,Q?,.f I S, Imuxqigr , , ftfimfij . I, f-Imp ' I I Q J. YH. W mm. Wg? I., ,, will gma c Wim? am, ik wfifafimgfm r twiffif : A mmf, XIII. 1 1 .it I AIA .. - I Y . . lmriiiiaiiifiw V Lf. "il 55954 ,i'l'gu'i Q ' l if 31' li' 'il 1-. its yi JI 95. Q' , I I1,if.e'nM'fX I5 s l 3 is 1 in wwt K ., , T fmt.,I?i'fLf.E12:2-time Niitfif-'1T,i 1 MmmI,e,'fski1:..t'fixzff':fi I f "2....:"'t, fn .Eg,.i4:,153w,611',5ge2Qel?i:Yij3gf'X,1s1'se'QYz" E! 21 5 i I ,f 'ff,. ML,-,,, ave- ,f , ...SQQS:sfs+ZQEZaQi2S9pti'5Y1" ' I W i ' Yi" TW ' - . IM" gr. 44.3, 5 tif' ' ,ifiiiwii ,- s. f s ,sfgiigf , if mf, .V - ' iii' . 2 ' -"Q .- +I a 5 - Page sixteen RUTH HUBER, Homemaking, Archery Club Dare to create B.S., MELVIN G. KLEPPINGER, B.S., M.A.p Arts and Crafts, Art Appreciation, Amptennian Art Adviser, Production Stage Setting, Art Exhibition, Art Department Head CONSTANCE KARG, B.S., English, Concrete Courier FRANK S. KOVACS, B.S., Geography, Meteorology Club, Junior Class Adviser, Future Teachers of America Club SALLY KEHLER, B.S., Librarian, Library Club JOAN B. KREMUS, B.S., Physical Education, Girls' Gym Team, Girls' Basketball Coach, Hockey Coach DONALD KINDT, B.S., Earth Science, Physics, Rifle Club MARION l. LAUBACH, A.B., M.A.p French, Latin, National Honor Society of 'what you have inherz'tea', MICHAEL LISETSKI, Ph.B.p Problems of Democracy, Head Baseball Coach THEODORE H. NEWTON, B.S., M.S.p Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Advanced Mathematics MAE McCANN, A.B., Business English, Senior Class Play, Knitting Club FLORA OBRECHT, B.A., M.A.7 Girls' Guidance Counselor ANDREW MELOSKY, B.S., Driver Training, Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach JAMES OPLINGER, B.S.g Health, Physical Education, U.S. History, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach ELAINE J. MILLER, A.B.p German, English EDWARD ANTHONY PANY, B.S.p U.S. History, Problems of Democracy, Senior Class Adviser Page seventeen 'Q' tglietgtimtiiltliifilmygiitlzlkg:elftezfliiiiszfwtgritetl il? at it W ill T , , , si , ' fit iswwlvlfw t vi ,mfg 5,4 iggliiiilliltlgtlgiliifiifil' tlsisiilfilflilT-lflitlllltslllf 32+ fi" f fliwizl'2i1zEzgfi,5sE SlqlttfW'W ,gimzf it , ' tttijwlit K , i fgziliffli fill gwsziif i , Q :il ill hkxl x ,,.mu54 R 5 5, L l it lffiwwf ' K i i ligliwyt K tt Z li ,la X i gi T s , L, Q m .f vggiig Ty la lit f T iii 4 ,1 ,iq 4 a iq ltlgv is lam! as , I +,z.,i,fi,1e,i5i- ' wtY5g'fiiMgiQ i A 1 ff it ' if iwliiifii :wif al, : ' 11 wi , , is MQMFE I ' 2, , B ,Mil-It f, M 1,-1, 'ii ' ,iq f ,, I 'fftwa' " -I ,,,. , T , , ,,, .i , . .,,,: ,M Q, , -wx f,,fs.,- H LJ"i:,, ., ,sfts miieliltlr :in n , no , lf. , it ,ft gtg ik , , islktiii''f'5?!,5ifJ1Q.a l iii , 7 'lf ' ' ' " ' ty "25z:wega-af.: uw , il xi ey 5, -- f V 1. . IZ , .i,,. , ,,,,,,,,,5,,g: .,,. . ' ,, i' if U .matte " ., , gg Page eighteen a better world THOMAS A. PEIFER, B.S., General Science, Earth and Space Science, Assistant Track Coach ROBERT MICHAEL SAWARYNSKI B A U.S. History, World Cultures, Chess Club HARRY G. REIFF, B.S.p Printing, Mechanical Drawing HARRIET SCHADT, B.S., Shorthand, Typing THELMA SANTEE, B.S.7 English, Future Teachers of America Club, Knitting Club BRUCE SCHMAUCH, B.S.p Basic Mathematics, Consumer Mathematics, Trigonometry PETER SAUL, B.S.p Business Mathematics, Plane Geometry, Math Club PETER P. SCHNEIDER, Ph.B M A Psychology, Student Council Adviser, Guidance Counselor, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Basketball Coac Commencement h It is our tradition LOIS D. SHEFFLER, B.A., M.A.f Economics, Problems of Democracy, Tri-Hi-Y JOAN D. WESLEY, B.S., English, Speech, Debate Club, Speech Contest, Commencement Speakers DALE SHOEMAKER, B.A., M.A., Spanish HARRY K. WITEMEYER, B.S., World Cultures, Lighting Crew, N-Club Adviser ROBERT J. SNYDER, B.S., M.A., Earth Science, Physics JANET A. YELENIC Health, 5. Physical Education, Girls' Gym Team, Band front, Cheerleaders V HARRY B. WALL, Ph.B., M.A., English, Chairman, English Department, Head Wrestling Coach, Football Program Manager, Public Relations Director MARY ZIRINSKY, Dietician B Page nineteen which guides us WILLIAM F. BOUCHER, M.D.g School Medical Examiner LILLIAN STETTLER, R.N., B.S.7 School Nurse MISS EILEEN L. BORGER, Secretary, Principal's Office MISS JOAN M. DORNBACH, Attendance Secretary MISS THERESA J. DORNBACH, Athletic Secretary MISS RITA A. SCHNEIDER, Secretary, Guidance Office Page twenty to faith. r ' f wg tf,,:zg'y "Q t-:qi ffl? QE Q QQQ ,. iw 12'fi,f'.,'i'q 2593 fi'gffff3ffa',i fl wif f3r:V5igVLffr l ,f,1,'5A.i4sg2j... -j g 3291 . 1 ff lgkfk liiff if imf. iff' ,. i ts ? :Si:gl1iQ,1 sgifgf Ee lfiigii iwitiiiiiigfiif it f ---- 1' 1 'WE -, ' . Llai tiii , , V 4' i 1 -1 film ali: fi. - 45,55 1' mi' .3 -' gif"-V 7' Wig, 14-i ff' . 1 igigiiri :'?. .1i3gltV" - " 'lli..f3" 'iii FEEL 'si f fl ill V-Af -5112: 1' Eillfi' 235.53 il' T- Z- V ii:eg.2iEiQi' lifffflflii 139354 .52 5 1 2 ffl' -r f"45' i?1 H V. ff' x iii? T' fir- i w i? V .f ir , , . li3 f5' f1. ilk iiivrffx Vw . U V.f ,VV .V V.s. if ilififrl ' Q t.5ff fl' f,fPfi ll' , H 1 - 235 f f s "1g,-3-ui:aV,',,, v,,g..V: 1fS ,3.ff:.gyVg v,v G. W., ., . ,-,w if . -X im a... ,M :S , ,5.,,, kb ily . ' Z ii HE M V,,25g2Q!E ,.. ggiif y V A gg ,, Q.. M5543 5i.,j.g,5g5 if 1 , v,t .El g i. V f iif' ii i. , 335555. alia' 2' 32 ' fi' - ,. l " Lf-Vi le " 'M i 'Wk' P :Vi ,V - . ,, .M . rw , vw., 4... . 1-ff ' f L , WV- AV- f" 1.21-:. 'f .. if' is ' . . " f 'Nfl i t 'ff -'--' i Q ilwfil grsilkl.. ' : , V. .- ,j . 'V ai? Q- 9 5,245 W ,JV aff. in , ' ' 3 . ' L 1 ' L L ' A V naw .- . f if.: ' 1 - av V 1V A ' ' . ' . V. if 5 S wif' ' 1,liWizasiiff1?'ii2552illf3il?lil5?i.iV..i'?f3ls2fliliaifffiffilfi. . f. S 1- V , V , : aa.. . Ks V ' V1!i:V.2'V :,.f's V' '11 -1 .' aide 5.15. 5: 21. V+. 'Av .' .5222 limi-1f.f'm? .fvi11'V,V'V11lg'i'V,f5wvlVff-VVMI... V . f if Vf ' ,- Q2 e. ": 2.e "w i V Imfi-'f.E2 ' wVg:1,,:'f" ' rifw jf ' -lgfr-'5M'gfi+ ' l5g3:?,lw11ifV,-W .vfgm , irVTv5i3:':g'g' if fc 5.5926 if '- 'fihiiflilltly , .n.1i.i5'9'f if- 1i:f3gs2f,1sgg,W-1 .2 'fl7S4g,i5,,5lEf3li,l'5'l,- is i'.":'1s fifilii ' i ' T , "'k friffi . - L V wsw - Y- ww- - V. f '-.'p.:15.VVyw.V:Hr- , w ff',.f:2,.V1Q!Vf- VfV-- -,VM gig. h K K MV Y . , ra ,. a . I .V,V.l.,,f1..1,V -. . il Q , . V ..., ' .VfV,,. ' fiwff wff ' fm V . . 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MSV i: "gg w,w .,. my ,V f5fQl2i,5Wl..5.....-A w weiaiaf V fig.ggi233E,Syl..g.fg,iw5lta1gieg.i,gw .WV-VVVsyl. lfifwrg ia-: f Sif:pze..:i twig V..-1...-f gf. QW .. Ke, YB iiqtaymisfiizats 'Vw V: W . Wi-Wil 'Wi' YE is iw fjiiijifiliitw ,V hlga :awe ffm Z:--" llFliplil':lfrl'lP'flllillmlilllill 5 Ji' 55::3i'3:'5l5i5:- lflitlffl a2..lfi-511,-ff: .Q".lii.- ,ty gli 5.-.-:r.,..'Ez5EiiEfw1'w5 .s V2 V + lt., l . iii.,-2e.zfi.':.Q.',.a'l3'5i2s1li' Film if a..:.l?'..EEs.22a WW Yi -ziefgfiaffegzi-V:.. ssi il Q' .1 Mrs. Mac- Mrs. Mrs. The Cafeteria Staff from left, row 1: Mrs. Frances Ruch, Helen Reppert, Mrs. Mary Messenlehner, Mrs. Connie Adams, Mrs. Isabelle Folland, row 2: Mrs. Nancy White, Catherine Loch, Mrs. Nancy Kuminitsky, Mrs. Pauline Kiss, Mr. John Marks. Custodians: From left, kneeling: S. Milkovits, S. Barthol, R. Koehler, standing: T. Ebner, V. Rice, J. Rabenold. Page twenty-one Katherine De Nardo, Mrs. Lillian Wenrich, Mrs. Gladys Mrs. Leora Schell, Mrs. Ann Hoffman, missing: Mrs. Eva Loch, Lerch, Q2 r A Q? QRNQ Qx W X Q xg: mg? 1 I N W? Riagg i gs 1 ' ' 3 3 S F 1 'S ' 4 5 4 i Q ggi I x , ,Q ' ,. f V ,gtiisu K!! X Zigi I I ? 1 Siem A v 5555 in K ' My I . ,fL, X 1 L is N TP ERR . .,w,,.,,mw ww fray, zmaikrfgsxffas- N +-':,,-, xt 1.3--A .-. ,-- v- ,.:.,- M ,wh ,. 4 - . -..,I,,,. "iH6f2!:a.I'1Q,L-Lh,.'1 ,x.2a.-A-Lv-J-1 'f -'1' 'fl-'IV' -rI....'x--f4?'.1-.5' F '3"Sf .'Q? '22imfl OU S FfflcH:?w ,I-1 .mx.. ,,. .I I I 4 m,,3,,,,,,, gw: f333 Q?25,f35,,Y I LYRICS' ANONYMOUS VIUSIC-SUSAN SPENGLER I I I I I I I 5 I ' ' dx fx . I I I I 2 I I g ' 5 we I Leif' 'vase I+AI.I.s vnu I-In - v-r HEARTS , o E A 5 mom mess I-Im.I.s w Is mme ouv. LAST u N su snAI.I. X P I Q 3 I Q I P as r ' I ' I I I I I I H I b I I I I . I I I I I I ' I I U ig- I I I I kv CII A - N0 M I frti. 1'I-I: I Y I1 -Q SPENT, THE I-IouR'5 RUN STEPS OF CL0lSTER'ED You1'I-I. wI-rl-I ou-r KE- e-me-r ws LEAVE THE J I V I FD P Ei I I 5 If P ' P P I F3 b I I -I I I 3 P ner IN I - I I II I I I I I I J I 'I I ig? I X IX g ou R - 5 Q: PASIF: me I5gARg:E ln- mfs" Ion I waumaf NEW Hon' ' ' ZON5 . I 1 - c D Pj-EPI. If maid ku 9 F2 P I. I' P P I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ff,-I I QI I Jf U N UN - FOLD. RE " BLING' N 51- 1-,Egg . E- I' I Q-4-B J' 'I' M U I' FI - I I I - . I I I I ' ' ' I , I c r I I ir-lleisi ' z- I VV - I I I Q-I -'- L A,-I I I I- - I I -: all:!rr-:. -: -:I ' ' W0 ' H "' - T01-D,THR0U Q51 comma- -- Y I 1 Q ' I 1 . I ' I . . I 5 I l E3 I I P F ' ICU E I I Q I I I I I I I I I I -Q PJ ' S. REINER Class Flower WhiTe Ca rnaTion Q T 2 Class Colors Navy Blue and Gold Class Motto , "Look forward, and The world is yours.", A Message Now ThaT we are on The Threshold of gradua- Tion, our diplomas in hand, searching for our place in The aduIT world, our minds linger upon The many memories we share. The warm friendships we have made These lasT Three years will sTay wiTh us ThroughouT our lives. YeT, alThough we look back upon These memories, we musT look forward To The years ahead and The challenge They offer us. I wish you success in your fuTure endeavor. The road To success is difficuIT, but noT impossible To Traverse. We musT remember ThaT achievemenT comes only Through faiTh in ourselves, perserver- To I Officers Glenn Meyer, PresidenT, Kerry Andrews, Vice-PresidenT, Mary Beck, Secretary, Barbara Feichtl, Treasurer, Mr. Edward Pany, Senior Class Advisor. The Seniors ance in The' face of difficulTy, and devoTed efforT in every phase of life. AchievemenT demands Time and greaT efforT. Work hard, have faiTh, and never leave life To circumsTance. To all of you, each one, goes my hearTfeiT Thanks for The co-operaTion you have so sincerely given me. Work as devofedly as you have This pasT year, and The fuTure will be yours. Glenn Meyer PresidenT Senior Class Page Tweniy-five Kerry Scott Andrews Northampton Academic Twin-troubled? K.S. may add to your confusion. Half of the "dynamic duo", Kerry thrives on activity. Whether it's on the grid- iron, the baseball diamond, or backstage with the lighting crew, Kerry's on the move. His next performance will be at the Ivy- covered halls of Lock Haven Col- lege. Activities: Lighting Crew l, 2, CPresidentJ 3, Baseball i, 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3. Karen Atherholt Lehigh General Karen wins our applause for her performance. Our talented contralto demonstrates equal tal- ent in winning friends. With such a reserved, but rewarding person- ality, Karen is undoubtedly des- tined for success. Activities: Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Spring Concert i, 2, 3, Vespers l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3, Mixed En- semble l, 2, 3, District Chorus 'l, 2, 3, Regional Chorus 2. Terry Allen Andrews Northampton Academic Here's the second half of the "dynamic duo", T.A.'s action- packed performance includes the gridiron, the diamond, and the podium. A fantastic sportsman and fine citizen of Northampton High, Terry's debut at Lock Haven should be something to see. Activities: Lighting Crew 'l, 2, Nice-Presidentj 3, Football 'l, 2, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3. Robert Asbath Chapman's Quarries General Noise! Noise! Noise! A red Harley-Davidson s m a s h e s the sound barrier. A 383 Dodge rips the wind in shreds. The drag races deafen the ears, and "Action Asker" tightens the chinstrap of his crash helmet. Please, must you whisper so loudly! Activities: Track l. We are the seeds of hope. lwanna Bachynsky Northampton Academic Intelligent, affable, and loqua- cious - that's lwanna. This fas- cinating combination of person- ality plus brains packs swimming, tennis, and reading into an active school life. Imagine the pleasant shock when lwanna places a plaque on her door with the words, M.D. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y I, Ureasurerl 2, CSecretaryj 3, National Honor So- ciety 3, Amptennian 3. Linda Balliet Lehigh General "Little John" is mighty with the long bow! She's a young lass of many talents, skating and horse- back riding included. She's tops in school, and she'll be tops in the sky, when she becomes an airline stewardess. Activities: Archery 2, 3. Page tw enty-six Robert Attril Moore Welding Bob spends the better part of his time behind the eight ball. A gymnast par excellence, he's at ease balancing on the parallel bars. The future expands across a blue horizon when Robert sails with the Navy. Activities: Gym Club 'l. Louann Balliet Lehigh General Who's that reserved, pretty miss with the touch of French coquetry in her eyes? We found Louann skating at Edgemont Park last winter, with lust that poise and grace so typical of her. She'll grace the nursing field as an X-ray technician soon. Activities: F.H.A. l, 2, Archery 2. From our youth Donna Barrall Bath Technical We may not see Donna, but we know, by her warm laughter, that she's a part of the crowd. Our versatile friend has a wide range of interests, from oil painting to drag racing. Donna's off to the dentist's office after graduation - to be a dental secretary. Activities: Hockey lg Debate Club 2, Amptennian 3, National Honor Society 3. Mary Beck Lehigh Academic "Mares", our cheerleader, is cool-headed and co-operative. Re- served in the classroom, Mary comes to life on the football field to inspire every spectator with her enthusiasm. Top of the page for September, l967, lists college in big letters. Activities: Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, Courier l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Amp- tennian 3, Class Secretary 37 Hockey Manager 2, 3, F.T.A. 3. Audrey Bauer Northampton Academic Amiable and affable, Audrey's a young miss of accomplishment. This sparkling, blue-eyed girl en- gages our attention as she parades down the field with the Rifle Squad or ioins in the hilarity at Hillside. She'll have a captivating future in physical therapy. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, fSecretaryi 2, CVice Presidentj 3, Rifle Squad 2, 3, N Club 3, Amptennian 3. Joseph Bauer Northampton Academic "Hey! Get off my cloudl" King of the road, Joe loves to "lay" rubber in his dynamic "SB", He's one of the worlcl's greatest rhythm and blues enthusiasts. In school, he strolls the halls singing the latest releases by the Rolling Stones. After school, he strums his guitar or sings at teen-age dances. Our young Walt Whit- man-Bob Dylan creation may at- tend technical school or he may make his mark in the world of popular music. Activities: Wrestling 1, 2. Barry Beil Lehigh General A powerful, red cycle dyna- mites the roads and eats dust in its progress. Barry's Harley-David- son has iust set new speed rec- ords. He religiously observes the drag races at Freemansburg, hold- ing two trophies to his credit already. With his energy, he'll be dynamic in the Marine Corps. Jimmie Harold Beltz Moore Academic The young man who rules the bass section of the Band, whO's excited about cars - if they're Buicks, and who would prefer to raise fish, rather than catch them, is our Jimmie. He's an Eagle Scout and an outdoorsman in his off hours, while at school, many pre- dict Jim will rise to musical heights. Activities: Band l, 2, 3. Page twenty-seven Roy Harlan Becker Lehigh Machinist Who's the Bethlehem Tech stu- dent with the pocketful of quar- ters? We hear he's'a most wel- come fellow and a loyal friend. His witty personality ensures a bright future. Activities: Band l. Marguerite J. Benninger Lehigh General "Margo", our reserved, petite blonde, can be found riding any- where between Northampton and Allentown. To change her quiet ways, iust say the magic words, "Ramblers" or "boys". She'll be changing her point of view when she sits behind a dentist's desk or wears the blue of the Waves. Edward G. Bennis Northampton Academic Meet the guy with the friendly smile! Meet the guy who's either at his girl's house or hauling bricks for his boss! "Eddie's" friendly, fanciful, and frolicsome. He's heading for enrollment in a business college soon. Activities: Band I, 2: Chorus 1, 2: Student Council Representative 2: Wrestling 'l. Dennis Binder Lehigh General The crowd goes wild as Dennis scores another two pointsl Our brisk basketball player's fraught with energy. He's accurate with the cue stick, too, we understand. His next shot may be at an army career. Activities: Proiection Club 'l, 2, Nice-Presidenti 3: Rifle Club 2, 3: Basketball i, 2, 3. Donna Rod ell Berg Northampton Academic Bright and very becoming, Don- na has our vote of "Miss Peace Corps" of the future, Her interest in others is already indicated in her active interest in the school and its activities. She's generous and giving to her friends, mature and responsible. In college, she'll maior in sociology. Then, it's the Peace Corps or social work. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3: Band 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble if Vespers 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 'l, 2, 3. Harold S. Berger Bath General Looking for Harry? He's either in Bath or at the races at Naza- reth. This handsome fella's hard to keep at home. His good-humor and conviviality keep him in de- mand. Can we picture Harry find- ing new adventure with the Navy? We think so. Activities: Art i, 2, 3. comes the promise of new harvests. Earl M. Bird Lehigh General Take a young man who hunts in the fall, fishes in the spring and spends the interim building and re-building his modified "Chevy". Add the special talent of pool shark! Add a mild, friendly dis- position and a warm smile. Does the sum equal a brave paratroop- er in the U.S. Army? That's Earl. Activities: Track 'I, 2, 3. George Blazinsky, Jr. Northampton General A Mustang "revving" at sev- enty, a motorcycle tearing up the country roads, a trumpet sound- ing off rich and clear - all have George behind them. Northamp- ton's own Louis Armstrong will someday run his own music store. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3. Page twenty-eight William Binder Moore Academic Deep behind the peering lens of a high-powered camera lies Bill. He emerges with shutter- speed swiftness: he attacks us with his wit, and his favorite ex- pression, "What did he mean by that?" cuts us to ribbons. Fore- casting the future, we find our whiz studying meteorology or en- gineering at Lehigh. Activities: Photo Club l, 2, QPresi- dentl 3: Student Council 2: Na- tional Honor Society 3. Joseph Bohunicky Lehigh Academic With his reserved, thoughtful personality, with his versatile and talented nature, Joe's bound to be a hit on any campus, both as a student of liberal arts and con- noisseur of co-eds. He's active in sports, loves hunting and cars, and boasts of his ability to handle the cue stick at Tretiak's. He's our all-around guy. Activities: Lighting Crew 'l, 2, 3: Chess Club 3. From us, Carolyn I.. Bollinger Lehigh Academic "Caballo's" our answer to those who say, "Beauty and brains don't mix." Our friend, fellow co- worker in Amptennian, and singer in the Girls' Ensemble is a senior of many tale-nts. Here is our trib- ute to the future lady in white. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Vespers 'l, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, 3: Ampten- nian 2, 3: Courier 3: National Honor Society 3: Usherette 2. Paul J. Boruch Lehigh General "Paul J." is a master of the three "R's": his rifle the's a mas- ter marksmanl, his roaring '57 Chevy, and his racing motorcycle. He's also a wrestler and a re- markable hunter. His next hunt may be for a iob at Western Elec- tric. Activities: Rifle Club 2 Nice Pres- identl 3, CPresident7: Chess Club 3: Wrestling I, 2, 3. Hal Borger Allen Academic Hal's long, lanky, and loves baseball. This fine student hunts in the winter and plays baseball in the spring. He devotes the rest of his time to school, cars, and thinking about college, or possi- bly the service. Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Rifle Club 2. Darlene Bortz Northampton Academic Our sophisticated and very in- telligent friend walks with grace and an attractive ease through the dizzy road to high achieve- ment. She's active and enthusiastic about school, books, dances. Our eyes look at Darlene with admir- ation. Activities: Colorguard fSergeantl i, 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble T, 2, 3: Student Council i: National Honor Society 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3: Vespers l, 2, 3: Spring Concert 'l, 2, 3. Stephen Boyko Moore Technical When looking for Steve look first under the hood of a car. The handsome young man with grease on his face and a wrench in his hand is your man. An avid sportsman, hunter and mechanic, our friend is undoubtedly des- tined for a most active life. Judy Boyle Allen Academic Who's that famous J. B., whose initials we've seen on the draw- ings of the Courier and the Amp- tennian? That's our Picasso, Judy! She's a loyal supporter of our team, a devoted friend, and an excellent student. Don't you agree that interior decorating is lust the field for ..ludy's artistry? Activities: Courier Art Staff i, 2, 3: Amptennian Art Staff 3. Page twenty-nine Richard Boucher Northampton Academic After three years at a prep school in Massachusetts, Dick has returned to finish his senior year at his Alma Mater. Our friend, whose quiet but warm person- ality we'll always remember, may follow his father's footsteps and be a doctor. In the fall, he'll at- tend Lehigh. Activities: Amptennian 3. Bruce Braker Allen Secretarial Remember that fantastic track star at N.H.S.? Remember that poised, easy-going guy who was a model-car enthusiast and a fana- tic for mechanics? We hear Bruce will drive far into the business world, once he crashes in.. Activities: Track 1, 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3. Christian M. Braren Lehigh General Our nature mystic, hefty hunt- er, and miracle mechanic is Chris. He finds a world of intricate ad- venture under the hood of a car, and for leisure, he seeks the wide spaces out of doors. Our man, Chris, will make the world of auto mechanics sing with praise. Sandra Brobst Moore Clerical The sound of laughter echoing through the halls betrays San- dra's hidden presence. Our blue- eyed attraction wears the latest fashions and fascinates all who know her. Her pleasant smile and willingness to help will make her a perfect secretary. John Breyfogle Lehigh Technical Quiet, but full of quips and quick with a smile - that's John- ny. Our whiz-kid in the auto me- chanics field cuts a dangerous dance routine at the Ritz. Without question, he's "in tune." Activities: Lighting Crew l, 2. Edward Brickler Lehigh General Eddie CEI Diabloj loves cars. Oh! He also took a trip to Mis- souri, and, upon this fact, his renown rests. He finds girls and abstract art fascinating, mainly because he doesn't understand either. We can't quite decide whether Eddie should become an auto mechanic or permanent trav- eler. Activities: Track i. Lynne Bushman Lehigh Secretarial Our fantastic, five foot three miss whizzes through life with an energy that amazes and a grace that calls forth admiration! Inde- fatigable Lynne rushes from band practice to a waiting bus, looking forward to a full evening at Mc- Donald's or long practice at her favorite piano. We predict she'll make an inexhaustible Miss Sec- retary of the Year. Activities: Band I, 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3: Amptennian 3. Earl Butz Bath General Know anyone who enioys the outdoors as much as Earl? He's devoted to YFC and other church youth groups, too. Shall we find him wearing the blue: of the State Police? Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert i, 2, 3: Football i. S . mil Page thirty the harfuesters will garner Darlene M. Brosky Northampton Secretarial "Most Pleasing Personality," Amptennian says. Darlene, our active Amptennian worker, gives of her time to fulfill endless little tasks in Courier, Art Staff, and N-Club, for which there is no glory attached. She's cheerful and con- genial, sincere- and self-sacrificing. We wish her future as secretary to be a rewarding one. ' Activities: Student Council i, 2: Amptennian 3: Courier 3: Amp- tennian Art Staff ico-editori 3: National Honor Society 3: N-Club 3: Usherette 2. Craig Caldwell Moore Academic Our handsome football player with red hair and brilliant, green eyes is Craig. Although demur and quiet in class, he can boast of an honorable average. College will find good use for Craig's tal- ENT. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3. the rich grain of ripe ideas, Joseph W. Cesanek Allen General Joe rides his Honda on Sunday afternoons as skillfully as he drives his tractor on the Cesanek farm, better known as the "Pon- darosa." He's friendly, talkative, helpful, and mischievous. He loves hunting and Honda racing, car repairing, and carefree living. In other words, he's an average teenager! Stanley Christoff Northampton Academic Mild and gentle in class, wild on the gridiron - that's Stan! An avid sportsman and master of athletics, Stan can also boast of high academic standing. His goals are equally high. After study at the Air Force Academy, he'll reach for a career in the Air Force. Activities: Football l, 2, 3i N- Club 3. Dorothy Chayka N ortha m pton Secretarial This high-spirited donor of fun and good cheer, Dorothy's the fun-loving girl who loves read- ing and music, too. Her grace and personality will be best suited for the secretarial office, the Amp- tennian concludes. Kermit Christman Lehigh General An "autobug" - that's "Kerm." On Saturday, he's at Dorney Park, a spectator or perhaps a compe- titor in the day's races. This in- terest may motivate him to be an auto mechanic. Marlin G. Coleman Lehigh General Have you hear of Merlin, the magician? Marlinfs our magical, mechanical whiz! He displays his skill further at the auto races or on the wrestling mat. Imagine what magical tricks Marlin will perform in the Marines! Activities: Wrestling l, 2, 3, Chess Club 3. Ralston Coleman Northampton Academic Ralston's the hottest clarinet player in the senior class. We find him either sounding out his B flat clarinet in the school band or searching for adventure deep in a James Bond nofvel. He loves model cars and the drags at Northampton Raceways. We pre- dict, in the future, Ralston will exchange his clarinet for a teach- ing position, after four years as music maior at West Chester. Activities: Band 'l, 2, 3, Ampten- nian 3: Senior Class Play 3: Dance Band 3. Page thirty-one Catherine Colo Northampton General Cathy has an ABC personality: amiable, bubbling, and charming. "Hep" to the latest dance step or swimming stroke, "Flutezy" adds her personality to the laughter-loving crowd at Hillside. She may be ioining another crowd soon, the Air Force. Activities: Fashion Show l. Errol Dech Bath General What do you do with a guy that's crazy about guns? He's a perfect marksman, a dead shot! Archery? Ever hear of Robin Hood? Huh? Service? That's it! That's where we'll se-nd "Decky." Activities: Archery 2, 3. Harry Deibert, Jr. Lehigh General The band boasts of a loyal member in Harry. Our active motor cyclist avidly follows the sports arena. His interest in the Air Force may lay the foundation for a successful career. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3. John De Lucia Northampton Academic What? Editor of Sports' illus- trated and never heard of Chico Ruiz? He's master of any sport: baseball, basketball, football! ln fact, he's sports' editor of Amp- tennian. This dynamic young man's college-bound for a mighty career. Activities: Amptennian 3: Basket- ball 1, 2. James Deibert Moore Secretarial Quiet with the undertone of friendliness, talkative when the occasion requires - that's Jim! Our master auto mechanic may find a new challenge when he enters business school this fall. His particular combination of tal- ents spells success. Larry Deibert Lehigh General Larry's dual interests are music and cars. Activities such as the band and model car racing add excitement to his life and interest to his personality. Our loyal friend will demonstrate greater loyalty when he enters the ranks of America's fighting men. Activities: Band i, 2, 3. the kernel-strength ofa new optimism. Eugene Demetrovics Northampton Technical Tall, friendly, witty, and artis- tic, our class-mate, Eugene, has the handsome features to suit his talent. His artistic inclination drives him to draw, sketch, or paint continuously, even during school hours. He plans to be a commercial artist in the future. Activities: Archery 2. Charlene Derhammer Moore General Demure and deferent, charming and coy - that's Charlene! Her interests are varied: bowling, dancing, the Blue Lantern, dress- making. She has a fashionable fu- ture awaiting her when she steps behind her sewing machine. Activities: Fashion Show if Art Exhibit 1. Page thirty-two John Demchyk Northampton Academic "Cosmo's" Pepsodent's best customer! Our smiling ham radio operator loves to drive his hot "63" Dodge, dance, and chase girls! He's a conscientious athlete and a confident dancer. Next in line of achievements for "Cosmo" is pulling teeth. Activities: Student Council Ip Me- teorology 2. ' Linda Derhammer Moore General The reserved and reflective sen- ior is Linda. Our dark-eyed .friend attracts our attention with her subtle smile. Her quiet and at- tractive manner will lead her far toward success. Activities: Fashion Show Jf Art Exhibit I. In us lies the sun-engendered power. Leonard Dest Moore Academic Leonard may be quiet and un- assuming, but he assumes a man's responsibility at school. Besides carrying a maior role in Photo Club and N-Club, he pursues a scholarly interest in his studies. Len's next step will be college, with a possible maior in mechani- cal engineering. Activities: Photo Club i, CSecre- tary-Treasurerl 2, CSecretaryJ 3, N-Club 2, 3, Student Council i, 3, Science Fair 2, National Hon-or Society 2, 3, Amptennian 3. Janice Marie Dougherty Northampton Secretarial Who's the girl with the pleasing smile and the welcoming eyes? That's Janice, the young girl with the energy which takes her from swimming in. Northampton to cruising around Wind Gap. She may cruise easily into an office position after she graduates. Donna Dobler Lehigh General Blond, bright, and becoming, Donna's the perfect choice for a loyal friend. After school, she's involved in Youth for Christ. Dur- ing school she's a committed stu- dent and a cheerful friend. What- ever she atempts, we're certain she'll achieve success. Jerome L. Dotter Northampton Academic Whether it's a Courier editor or a star basketball player that you need, Jerry is the guy to see. Jerry is also a dedicated follow- er - of the gentle female. What will Jerry follow next? He'll weather a course in meteorology at Penn State. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, Courier 'l, CEditorJ 2, 3, Lighting Crew i, 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. Page thi Alan Duffy Lehigh Clerical Like the ineluctable wind, "Duff" must travel. His iaunts are many. Their direction varies. Pos- sibly, Duff may leave sports and hunting to practice the more seri- ous game of defending his coun- try. Daryl Dunay Northampton Academic "Duch" has magic in his hands! He' can sketch a cartoon for Amp- tennian or paint in oils without hesitation. He gives himself away by his broad smile and witty speech. After the finale of his artistic escapades in school, Duch will seek a serious future in com- mercial art. Activities: Debate Club 2, 3, Amp- tennian Art Staff 3. rty-th ree Deborah Druckenmiller Northampton Secretarial Who's always in the mood for mischievous action? Where there's fun and laughter, there's our "Deb," She's actively engaged in her campaign to make the- world a happier place to live in, wheth- er she's involved in school work or dancing to the latest releases of the Beatles. Some executive's office will radiate with her charm, when she becomes a secretary. Activities: Amptennian 3. Jean A.. Eberts East Allen Secretarial The blonde-haired member of the National Honor Society is our Jean. A loyal friend and faithful member of N.H.S., Jean has left her mark in the history of our school. She'll excell as a secretary. Activities: Amptennian 3, Nation- al Honor Society 3. Joan Eberts East Allen Secretarial Joanie's blond and boisterous, pretty and popular. She'll charm her secretary's position with that smile and grace particularly her own. Activities: Amptennian 3. Sharon I.. Fegley Allen Academic Work? Yes, that's for Sharon. It may be Chorus or Courier, the Concert or Christmas Vespers, Sharon's there when needed. Fun? You bet! She's a familiar face around the Nazareth Speedway. Future? Right again! Teaching loiology's for her. Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' 1, 2, 3, Courier 'I, 2, 3, 2, F.T.A. 3, Vespers 'l, Activities: Ensemble Usherette 2, 3, Hockey i, 2, 3, Spring Con- cert l, 2, 3. Dorothy Ann Farkas Northampton Secretarial Trying to find "Darts?" Try looking in at the Friday night dance. You'll recognize her by her sparkling smile and cheery "hel- lo." She's talented too, as anyone at the Empire Beauty School will readily confirm. Activities: Chorus 1, N-Club 3, Spring Concert 1, Vespers 1. John V. Farkas Northampton Academic Catch that sly grin or that hearty laugh! That's "Roscoe!" You may find this intelligent, handsome senior putting the king in check in Chess Club, operating the controls of his amateur radio set, or manipulating the pin ball machine at Chip's. He'll check- mate every rival when he rustles the pages of an electronics text at Lehigh. Activities: Chess Club 3, Football Manager 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Science Fair 2, 3. Barbara Feichtl Northampton Academic Barb is a student par excellence and a loyal friend. She's talented on the dance floor and on the hockey field. Her personality competes with her other talents for first place. Her next goal in the field of success is teaching Spanish. Activities: N-Club 2, 3, Gym Team 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Student Council 3, Class Treas- urer 3. .leff L. Feidler Northampton Academic Candid Cameraman, lifeguard, and drummer - Jeff's all these and more. Whether working for Courier or Amptennian, "Jeffsky" and his flash camera rival the an- tics of Candid Camera. He's a skier in winter and a proficient drummer the year round. He may be drumming his way into ele- mentary education this fall. Activities: Courier 2, 3, N-Club 3, Amptennian Sports Co-editor 3, Art Exhibition 2, 3, Football I, F.T.A. 3. Page th irty-four In us lies the promise. linda C. Fehnel Moore Bethlehem Tech Remember a poised blonde who excelled on the parallel bars? Of course we're referring to Linda, whose second home is the Red and Blue campus. We understand she- intends to be a dental assist- anif. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. Jean Felix Northampton Clerical We asked our Latin students the meaning of Felix. "Always happy," they answered. "Per- fact!" we replied. Jean's our frolicsome, fun-loving friend, who enioys life completely. She's in- volved in painting, dancing, dat- ing, and even studies. IBM school may capture her attention after graduation. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. We look ahead to a 'world Barry L. Fenstermaker Bath Academic Barry, our fun-loving, friendly historian is one of Northampton's most ardent fans. Whether it's working on Amptennian or root- ing for the team at every football game, Barry's the model of school spirit. He's generous, and his pleasing manner make him a wel- come addition. He'll be a fine his- tory teacher some day. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Amp- tennian 3, N-Club 3, Spring Con- cert 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Sen- ior Class Play 3. Janis Filipovils Northampton Secretarial "Fasten your seat belts!" Janis is on her way to the clouds. Our cute, coquettish brunette is never at a loss for words - or boys - whether at Hillside or on the phone. With her unforgettable charm, she'll endear herself to everyone as an airline hostess. Activities: N-Club 3. Dwight Fenstermaker Bath Secretarial Looking for fun and action? Look for "Casey"! He may be polishing his cue stick at the Bath Pool Room or managing the Northampton Ball Teamr. Besides being an accomplished pool "shark" and baseball player, would you believe Casey assem- bles model cars? He'll enioy "sail- ing o'er the ocean blue." Activities: Gym Club 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 1. Joseph G. Filchner Bath g Academic Where's'Joe? We've checked the Redwood, the Ritz, the Amp- tennian room, even the Sunday School classroom! Is he in Chorus or at a NHS sport event? No! He's in college, preparing to be an ele- mentary school teacher. Gosh! Why didn't we think of that? Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Senior Class Play 3. Dean Roy Fitzpatrick Lehigh General An amiable and amusing guy, with a bit of Irish temper and a lot of heart - that's our Dean! He's reliable, even when predict- ing the weather. We predict a clear, fair-weathered future, baro- metric reading's to the service. Activities: Meteorology 1, 2, 3. .lohn T. Flamisch Bath Electronics "Johnnie Rambler" is our husky cyclist, who's found during the summer in the Pocono's. This free lance genius at electronics is one of our better wrestlers. His hob- bies are seasonal: weightlifting, wrestling, hunting, and girls in the winter, fishing, cycling, and girls in the summer. He'll attend an Electronics Trade School this fall. Activities: Rifle Club 2, 3, Wres- tling 1, 2. Page thirty-five Thomas Filipovits Northampton Academic "Flip's" a charming and witty gentleman. His habitual smile glit- ters through a somewhat quiet, but friendly disposition. He's an avid football player, his drive to make himself physically fit is a consistent one and well-suited to his goal: teaching physical edu- cationi. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, Basket- ball 1, 3, Track 2, 3, N-Club 3. s Alice P. Flyte Mo-ore Secretarial A genuinely cordial smile and a gracious personality are iust a few of Alice's attributes. She plays a high-pitched flute in band and sounds a deep-bass boom from her rifle in Rifle Club. Out of school, she reads intently and paints with enthusiasm. Alice's fin- gers will fly over a typewriter in some lucky employer's office. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 3, National Honor Society 3. John T. Fogel Chapman's Quarries General A young man of calculation, diligently computing beforehand all possible chess moves, a young man of appreciation, gratefully spending hours out of doors in the solitude of open space, fishing and camping. These qualities we find in John will assist him when he- becomes part of the strategic force, the Air Force. Activities: Track l, 2, 3: Chess Club 3. I.arry Frederick Lehigh General Hear the rumble of a Harley CH? Look again: it's probably Larry. A dedicated motor cyclist, he and his CH make a big noise at Miller's Cycle Shop. His Harley CH may drive "Lar" right into pro- fessional circles. Gary Francis East Allen General Gary, our fun-loving friend, cares little about tomorow's prob- lems. He enioys playing chess and roaming through the woods with a gun. Although he's undecided about his future, we're confident his future decision will be a re- warding one. Activities: Chess Club 3. Ronald Franya Lehigh General Does he swing? He's master of the swinging rings, professor of skating, fishing, and a pro-hunter! Need to know more? Can you imagine how our active gymnast, "Ron," will keep the service in shape? Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 3. Charles Fritz Lehigh General A sports enthusiast who still finds time for his friends, school, and a part-time iob - that's Charles. A devoted friend, re- served and respectful, he's the perfect guy to have around. The army has something to expect from this young man. Norann Fritz Lehigh General Norann's the winning combi- nation of an enlivening person- ality and an energetic smile. This busy-beaver finds pleasure in everything from creating fashions to shooting targets. She's involved in fashion shows at the Commu- nity Center and skating parties at Edgemont. She'll sew her way into the fashion world. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2: Rifle Club 3. Page thirty-six 'where peace supplants Thomas Frisch Northampton Secretarial "Wheels," our fantastic manag- er of the ever-powerful eleven on the gridiron, is well-traveled and just crazy about the big, brassy sound of the drum corps! He hopes to do more travelling with another big, brassy outfit, Uncle Sam-'s marines! Activities: Student Football Man- ager 2, 3: Track 3. Martha E. Funke Northampton Academic A demure blonde with an elu- sive smile - that's Martha. She's N-ergetic about marching down the field with the rifle squad, N- thusiastic about N-Club, and N-ter- taining with a group of friends. She loves dancing, babysitting, and driving a big car. College lies straight ahead for Martha. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Rifle Squad 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3. the ravages of war, Forrest L. Furry Moore General Forrest, our hazel-eyed hunter and chess player, is confident about his future. He'll engage in whatever promises excitement and adventure. The Peace Corps or the Marine Corps, we hear, is on his mind. Activities: Gym Club 1, Rifle Club 3, Chess Club 31 Wrestling 1, 2, 3. Pat Galgon N Lehigh General Petite with personality plus is with Pat! She wins friends her energetic and ready "hello!" She ing, the OUT likes swimming, skating, ski- and boys. She'll ski across waves when she dons the Navy blue. Activities: Fashion Show 1. Larry D. Gable Lehigh Gene-ral Larry enioys a night bowling or simply tearing apart and recon- structing his car. His future des- tination may lie at the end of long-stretching highways where he'll drive his fast-moving truck. Ronald Gabryluk Northampton Clerical "B.K.?" Isn't he the guy that's always practicing on the flying rings in the gymnasium? We've seen him here and there on his cyclep he always seems to have a smile for everyone. His ready smile may assist him when he enters the business world. Activities: Gym Club 1, 2, 37 Bas- ketball 1, imanageri 2, 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3. Page thir Bradley Gasper Lehigh General He wears "leathers," a helmet, and "shades," he fires his Tri- umph and glares a path down a full-fashioned stretch of highway, eating his way to crazy success! ln the distance, a black swastika can be faintly distinguished, as he disappears over a hill. Brad- ley's on the move. Activities: Rifle Club 2, 3. Virginia M. Geiger Northampton General This brown-haired mischief mak- er can be found wherever there's noise! Ginny's where the action is, and it's usually at the Friday night dance or at the Vargo races! This action-loving miss may be acting behind a dentist's desk in the future. ty-seven .Ioan M. Gall, Northampton General Steady she goes! Whether it's on the balance beam or the march- ing field, Joan performs every- thing with that touch of finesse typical of her. Her enthusiasm radiates and redounds to every- one's pleasure. Cosmetology is waiting for her personal touch. Activities: Gym Team 1, 2, 3, Colorguarcl 2, 37 Stephen A. Goher Northampton Academic Got a problem? Call Steve! His amiable attack and calm confi- dence will delight you. This col- lege-bound guy delves deeply into his favorite subiects - cars and stamp collecting. "Gibbs" may leave his own stamp upon the future, we think. Activities: Football 1. Pat Gontar East Allen Academic Quiet but with a quick mind, Pat's the studious, yet fun-loving miss. Books, Amptennian, and TV occupy her time. Our reserved but devoted friend loves history. She says she'll attend Kutztown to become a teacher. Won't dates be fascinating then? Activities: Amptennian 3. Melvin Greener Moore Secretarial Some guys enjoy sports cars. Others prefer motor cycles, but Melvin loves "wheels!" ln the fall, the adventure of the spacious out-of-doors attracts the hunter in him. He'll find new adventure in the business world after grad- uation. Walter J. Grabias Northampton Academic To understand our communica- tions-wizard "July" requires a background in ham radio operat- ing. The subtleties of various ra- dio frequencies don't confuse our scholar's mind, however, nor does his love for communications interfere with his interest in school. In the future, high fre- quencies predict our "Juiy's" headed for Lehigh. Activities: Wrestling Manager 2, 3. Paulette Greb Northampton Secretarial At the mention of the word, "Lehigh," our vivacious, swinging senior, "Grebs," snaps to atten- tion. Besides her pursuit of Le- high's cultural life, "Grebs" is avid about folk music. Her bright sense of humor will make her an asset to any office. Activities: N-Club 2, 3, Ampten- nian 3, Art Club 3, Senior Class Play. 'where no yields lay devastated, Carol Grube Moore Secretarial One of the smallest, but most energetic girls in. Northampton, Carol has the instinct for success. The same dynamism which leads her to victory on the hockey field insures her success as Miss Secre- tary of the future. Activities: Hockey i, 2, 3, Courier 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Amptennian 3. Rachel Gruber Moore Academic Boisterous, w i t h bubbling laughter and sparkling eyes -- that's Rachel! Loquacious? Defi- nitely! She's energetic and enthu- siastic. Don't look for her, she'll find you in her whizzing Ford. You can be sure of an evening of fun and entertainment! Page thirty-eight John A. Griffin Northampton Academic Looking for the guy with blonde hair and blue eyes? John's probably under his car with a wrench in his hand. If not, Hill- side's claim on John has taken priority. He'll wrestle with isci- ence?J in college next year. Patricia Haas Northampton Academic Who's that versatile miss with long, blonde hair and sparkling green eyes? Who else, but Pat! With Pat, high-stepping in a ma- iorette's uniform, the sky's the limit! That's exactly where she'll be after graduation from Penn State - as an airline stewardess. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, Courier l, 2, 3, Maiorette 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, iTreasurerl 3, Usherette 1, 2, Zol- linger Harned Fashion Board. where no gamers lie empty, Walt Hafner Allen Academic Have you ever seen a white Jeep with racing stripes? Then you know Walt, the happy-go-lucky guy who takes an interest in al- most anything. A challenging de- bater and an excellent librarian, a hunter and amateur auto mechan- ic, Walt still finds time for school and "girls". He plans to work with his father in the Diamond Core Drilling Trade. Activities: Band 2: Debate Club 2, 3: Library Club 2, 3. Scott Hartman Northampton Clerical Suave and smartly-dressed is our Scott! That handsome fellow with the lively gait can walk his way into any woman's heart. Eve- nings, he's generally driving his customized "Tempest": he may be looking for a good business school, who knows! Activities: Art Staff 2: Student Council 2. sis Galen Haftl Moore General Carpentry seems easy when our wood-whiz attacks a iob. Galen's talented with a gun, too: hunting every fall is a "must" with him. He has his gun-sights set on be- coming a carpenter, but first, he must exchange his hunting uni- form for the Air Force Blue. James J. Harhart Northampton industrial Jim's an athlete and a hard worker. Capturing first place on the track team has become a habit with him. In school, he's in the gym practicing on the flying rings: after school, he works ho-urs at Johnny's Gulf. This disciplined guy has his mind set on a definite future. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 37 Gym Exhibition i, 2, 3: Track i, 2, 3: Football 2, 3. Albert Hauff Allen General With mod clothes, leather boots, and long hair, fgirls be- warel, AI makes the scene. He's in tune with the modern beat. He'll go far with the latest fad. Mary Jane Haydt East Allen Clerical Genial and delightful, laughing blue eyes - that's how we'll remember Mary. She's cap- tured our hearts in the classroom with that subtle, and evasive manner of hers. Painting occupies her now: in the future, her talent will grace a secretarial position. Activities: Amptennian 3: N-Club 3: Fashion Show ip Art Exhibit l: Senior Class Play 3. with Page thirty-nine Katherine Hartzell Lehigh General Scores again! Kathy's skillful marksmanship directs her arrow straight toward the bull's eye. Kathy scores in life, as well as archery, her winning smile and laughing personality make their mark upon us. She'll score high up the ranks of the service. Activities: Archery Club i, 2, 3. c .ass itil : ! i it ' : li eg Wi ig E is 5, lf ' Ronald Heckman Bath Academic On a Pepsi-Cola crate in front of Wunderler's Market sits Ron, entertaining his listeners in some iovial conversation. At the stock car races, his eyes are keyed to attention. ln college, he promises to be as studious as he is friendly and carefree today. Bonnie Jane Hedrick Lehigh General Brunette and bright, Bonnie's a young miss of many interests. Fashions and sewing, swimming and collecting records captivate our winsome Bonnie. She's a mas- ter at mastering our hearts, too. Future? Definitely! The fashion world has much to expect from her. Activities: Future Homemakers of America l: Tri-Hi-Y 2. Susan M. Hiesta nd Northampton Secretarial Sing along with Susie, and her melodic voice will capture your heart! She's a feminine miss, whose zest for living is like a flash of lightning, leaving its mark on all observers. The scratch of the pen and the clicking of typewriter keys foreshadow her future. Activities: Chorus l, 2, 3: Spring Concert I, 2, 3: Vespers l, 2, 3. Dennis Heffelfinger Lehigh Distributive Education Well known lor should we say notoriousj at Bethlehem Tech, "Heffy" is synonymous with a power-packed bundle of action. A bowling ball and his '58 Ford keep him happy. Next in the action-packed arena is Heffy's tussle with the Air Force. John Heist Northampton Academic Waiting to hit the mats for this year's school wrestling champion- ships, our friend, "Lefty's" not sluggish. He hits the books with equal vigor. His demonstration of skill in any performance, whether sports or studies, has prepared him well for the challenge of an engineering degree ahead. Activities: Wrestling l, 2, 3: Amp- tennian 3. no hunger prevails ofver withered poor. Marie Henry Lehigh Clerical Victory's in the air when Ma- rie's around. Our athletic cham- pion brings all her energy to play when she dribbles the ball dofwn the court or hits the hockey ball triumphantly into the cage. Her enthusiasm will put her through IBM school and far into a career in business. Activities: Band l: Chorus l: Hoc- key l, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: N- Club 2, 3. April Herd Bath Academic Exuberant and exhilarating - that's April. Our long-haired, en- thusiastic young lass enioys read- ing, swimming, sports, swirling dance steps, and singing. April will be a most enthusiastic ele- mentary teacher. Activities: Chorus l, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: F. T. A. 3: Fashion Show 2: Rifle Squad 3: Band Concert 'l, 2, 3: Spring Concert l, 2, 3: Ves- pers l, 2, 3: N-Club 3. Page forty Sharlene Henning Lehigh Academic With a gracious ease and dig- nity, Sharlene pirouettes to the soft music of classical ballet. We find her as charming and lovely in school as the music she dances to. She'll capture her future: with a dancer's ease. Activities: Maiorette 3. Donald Herzog Lehigh General The football player with dark eyes and an attractive personality is our "Don". Our hero on the gridiron is equally successful charming the young ladies. He'll look handsome in his Navy uni- form. Activities: Football l, 2, 3: Wres- tling l, 2: Track 2. We speak to ourfathers, Ruth M. Hilberg Allen Academic Mix an affable smile with warm laughter that permeates the halls with memories. That's Ruthie. She's an artist, whether she's marching down the field, or creat- ing a Rembrandt miniature. ESP tells us she's marching toward college and an art career. Activities: Colorguard 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3: Amptennian 3: N-Club 3. Susan M. Hirschman Northampton General There's the girl with the bril- liant smile! Susie's energy's as powerful as her smile, horseback riding, dancing, and snacking at Hillside are iust some of her di- versions. Her brilliant and pleas- ing personality will brighten any dentist's office. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y lVice Presidentj 2, 3. Jack Hildenbrandt Moore Academic Beware of that sliding trom- bone! Jack's the swinging musi- cian of the Dance Band. Don't take a swing at him, though, because he's our dynamic wrestling cham- pion. Our diversified mat man divides his remaining time be- tween Chorus and Courier. ln- steacl of singing the blues, he'll be flying into that blue yonder Cwith the Air Forcej. Activities: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 35 Courier 2, 3. Roma Hirschman Northampton Secretarial R o m a ' s radiant-redounding smile emphasizes her gallant manner. She's grand and gallant on the hockey field, where she releases exuberant energy. Ener- gy is what she applies to her sec- retarial work, too. She'll graci- ously and gallantly put her secre- tarial powers to work. Activities: Hockey 2. John Hnatow Jr. Lehigh Academic Our swinging saxman, swings with the beat of the Bluetones. Although quiet at times, "John" is synonymous with the word "fun." Fun it is for John at the Blue Lantern during leisure hours. Tl-rere'll be fewer leisure hours after graduation. when college commands John's time. Activities: Band 1, 2, fStaff Lead- erj 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3. Sue A. Hoch Moore General There are three letters in Sue's name, standing for the three words that describe her: petite and pretty, with personality-plus. At the Friday night dances, she's outstanding. She'll stand out as a prominent hair stylist soon. Activities: Band 2, 3. Page forty-one Faye L. Hnath Lehigh Clerical Our studious and congenial friend, Faye, brightens the hall of N.H.S. with her smile. An ac- tive, sports-minded girl, Faye will find her busy life occupied with the demands of a clerical profession. Jay Hontz Lehigh General The chemical combination of "slow walking" and "sweet talk- ing" results in that unique formu- la for Jay! He's quiet in class, but vigorous on the wrestling mat. Our professional devotee of the billiards table makes his second home at "Tretiak's Pool Room". He'll prove an asset to the Navy, when he elects to defend his country. Activities: Wrestling 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2. Karen Hornberger Moore Academic Look out! Karen's hitting an- other "homer". We found her re- cently scurrying around the cor- ner, late for her English class She'll not be late when she de cides her future's in nursing. John Humenik Northampton Academic An academic whiz, who's quiet in class but witty in the halls, is our friend, John. Our avid band member has numerous hobbies or proiects to consume his leisure hours. Leisure may be scarce when he enters Kutztown this fall. Activities: Band l, 2, 3: Chess 3, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3. 'who bequest us an inheritance, Philip Horvath Northampton Academic Phil, our dauntless sportsman from Whitehall, flies through Stiles in a bright Mustang, prob- ably headed for a sport event. Handsome and affable, this young man will fly high in the Air Force. Activities: Student Council Repre- sentative 2. Phyllis Horvath Northampton Secretarial Phil's place is behind a desk in some fashionable office, with a electric typewriter at one hand and a stenographer's pad at the other. She's fashionable herself, and her inviting smile entrances us. With such a personality, she'll have great success in the business world. Activities: N-Club 3. Frank Jandrisovits Northampton Academic Frank's friendly and familiar to everyone. He's famous for his mischievous, but fantastic ideas. Fun? Yes, he tolerates it. His fate directs him to college and a ca- reer in pharmacology. Activities: Band lg Chorus ly Wrestling l, 2: Chess 3. Patricia Keeney Northampton General Mix a lot of wit and a carefree smile, add a sparkling personality, and you've got our Pat. Keep her in mind! She'll be bringing you the latest fashions and introducing new hair styles some day. Page forty-two John lfkovits Northampton Academic Did you say fun? That's where you'll find "lfky" - right in the middle of it. The laughing boy of the senior class and the handsom- est wrestler on the squad, "lfky's" indubitably unbeatable! Whether he's speeding to the Hub, cruis- ing toward the "Ritz," or head- ing for Hillside, Ifky's direction is always straight for success. Activities: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, N- Club 3: Amptennian 3. Sylvia Keiser Northampton General Here's a petite bundle of fan- tasies! Our dreamer coniures up fun and laughter for her life after school. Swimming, archery, horse- back riding, ancl biking are iust a few of her activities. The fashion world preoccupies her dreams at the moment. What will it be, Syl- via? Possibly, the world of hair styling. Activities: Archery 2, 3. 'whose sheet is torn 'with sorrow. Barbara Ann Keller Lehigh Academic The girl who can boast of true school spirit is our Barb, an active member of N-Club and loyal sol- dier of Rifle Squad. She relaxes by reading, bird-watching, and meditating. Our cheers are high for our loyal friend as she enters the adult world as a lab techni- cian. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: N-Club 3: Rifle Squad 2, 3. Sharon Kern Northampton General Shy and soft-spoken, with iust a touch of exhilaration in her eyes, Sharon can usually be found in a corner, reading. She'll work in town for a year, until her fu- ture beckons her elsewhere. Activities: Art Club 1. Colleen Kelly East Allen Academic "Kell", our swinging irish lass has the luck of the Leprechauns! iShe's as mischievous as a Lepre- chaun, too.J Imagine the luck she'll bring to Catawba College, when she enters this fall. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Ves- pers 1, 2, 3: Amptennian 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Art Exhibit 1. Kerry Kichline lehigh Academic "Kicky" is Danielsville's answer to the Phillies' cry for talent. Our 'Friend moves fast on the baseball diamond. His next move will be in the direction of the Air Force. Activities: Chess Club 3. Brent S. Kleclmer Northampton General There goes Brent! Off to Hill-- side on his booming cycle! He may be going home to practice his rendition of Al Hirt on his trumpet. From sports to weights, to music, to girls, Brent's interests span the horizon. ln the future, his gaze will span the horizon of the high seas, serving Uncle Sam. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dance Band 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Vespers 1, 2, 3. Larry Kleppiniger Allen Academic "Pepe's" the name. Our bari- tone, generally appearing at the Kopper Penny, takes his work and his play seriously. You may find him playing chess with Mr. Sa- warynski. He's presently drafting his future at the drawing board. Activities: Chorus 1, 2: Vespers 1, 2: Spring Concert 1, 2: Amp- tennian 3: Chess Club 3. Page, fort ill' y-three James E.i Kish East Allen General Sly, subtle, and so-famous, that's our boy, Jim. He's unbeat- able, whether catching a football or throwing shifts in his Chevy. Our victor on the gridiron's the most likeable boy in school. He's destined for more skirmishes in the marines! Activities: Gym Club 1, 2, 3: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. Arlean Kline Moore Secretarial Blonde hair, beguiling smile, azure eyes - that's Arlean. Friendly and fun-loving, she's the inspiration of her gang. She enioys every minute of school, N-Club, and the fun after school. Soon it will be a pair of wings and a blue suit. She'll enchant those plane passengers! Activities: N-Club 2, 3: Ampten- nian 3. Linda Klipple Northampton Secretarial Better known as "Klip", Linda radiates in the sports arena! She adds mettle to hockey or basket- ball, and at Hillside, she's in- vigorating! She'll shine as a sec- retary, soon. Activities: Basketball 2, 3: Hock- ey 2, 3: National Honor Society 3. Linda Kocher Lehigh General The thunder of horse's hoofs on dark green paths? The slash of skates over sleek ice? ls it Na- tional Velvet? ls it Han-s Brinker and the Silver Skates? No! It's Northampton's outdoor girl, Linda. Although she's undecided now, knowing Linda, she's headed for a rollicking future. Carol Klutsarits Allen Academic Anyone for fun or excitement? Call "Kluts" to come to your res- cue! Creation is the big word with her. Her talent lies both in creating a new dance step and in fashioning a new wardrobe. Look in the future for a "Kluts" origi- nal advertised in Vogue. Activities: Pennant Squad 2: Amp- tennian 3: Courier 3. Monica Marie Kochan Northampton Secretarial Monnie's our mighty mite, who packs a powerful wallop! Full of originality, she's N-ergetic about N-Club, Hillside, and the Community Center Dances. She may dance around a secretary's desk, or an IBM machine, some- day. Activities: N-Club 3. Diane Kohler Moore Clerical Shy? Demure? Never! She's the snappiest, high-stepping color- guard in Northampton. Whether writing, or driving her Corvair, or initiating a new dance step, Diane's creative energy is always abounding in something novel. She's miarching toward a high- stepping office job, we're cer- tain.. Activities: Colorguard T, 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3: Courier 3: Ampten- nian 3: Fashion Show 2, 3: Usher- ette 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3. Louis Konya Northampton Academic Handsome and lighthearted with laughing eyes and lavish spirit - that's Louis! He's com- mendable in sports, whether swimming or skiing, and incom- parable on the dance floor! Action awaits Louis in the electronics field! His future's power-charged. Activities: Student Council 1: Football 'l. Page forty-four It is our optimism, Beverly Koehler Allen Academic Active? Definitely. Our dynam- ic friend knows exactly what she wants and has the tenacity to pur- sue it. In Courier and N-Club, she demonstrates that energy which tells us she'll open those college doors to success. Activities: Student Council 2, 3: Band Front 2: Courier 3: Ampten- nian 3: N-Club 3. Karin Korutz Northampton Academic Kind, creative, and allusive - that's Karin! This fine miss has the winning personality. She's generous and giving of herself, whether it's as Amptennian co- editor or as a candy-striper at Northampton Hospital. She'll add her unique grace to the profes- sion of Florence Nightingale. Activities: Courier 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y CSecretaryJ 1: Pennant Squad 2, 3: Usherette 2, 3: F.T.A. 3: Ampten- nian 2, CCo-editor: 3. our courage, Donna Kotch Northampton Academic This delightful, diligent senior is tirelessly ready to do her share. Her interests range from piano to tennis, her warmth and sincerity inspire her friends. Without doubt, Amptennian predicts a success abounding future for Donna. Activities: Spring Concert 1. Robert M. Krill Northampton Academic At the Northampton Model Raceways, on the golf course, or at Hillside, one's bound to find "KrilI". Beating the ole' bass drum in the band or contributing his ole' bass voice to the chorus characterizes "Krill's" type of school activity. College and elec- tronics await Bob in the future. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Spring Con- cert 1, 2, 3, District Chorus 1, 2, Regional Chorus 2, Mixed Ensem- ble 1, 3, Senior Class Play 3. Gary George Kratzer Bath Academic Why the nickname, "HilI"? Ever hear Gary blow a low note on the trombone, or brag a high note at Wunderlers? Here's one guy that's sure to become a mountain of a man in years to come. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, 2, Student Council 2. Barbara Jean Kresge Lehigh General Hear the hypnotizing sounds of the Beatles! Barbie's at her rec- ords again. Our quiet fellow- classman occupies her time at Point Phillips. How the future will occupy her, we clon't know. We're sure, whatever she does, it will be packed with fun. Activities: Fashion Show 1. Page fo Eugene Kutzler Northampton Academic There goes Gene, with a car full of girls and guys! He's dra- matic in sports, especially foot- ball, and his sense of humor makes him one of the most popu- lar of the seniors. With such per- sonality land intelligence, tool, he's destined for a mighty touch- down in college. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 2, Track 2, 3, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 2, Cheer- leader 2. Richard Laubach Northampton Academic A congenial guy with a promis- ing future! That's Richard. When he's not engrossed in science fic- tion, or the study of tropical fish, he's conversing for hours with a pro on sports. He's demure, but intensely creative. His next focus? Penn- State. Activities: Amptennian 3, Courier 3, Wrestling Manager 1, 3. rty-five Susan A. Kroboth Lehigh Secretarial There are smiles that make us happy, and Susan has one. She's gracious in any group, and bonnie and buoyant among her friends. Our charming senior will charm her boss when she becomes a sec- retary. Activities: Library 2, Ampten- nian 3. William Leinclecker Northampton Auto Mechanics For some, cars are a conven- ience. For Bill, cars are a neces- sity. He finds a whole world of interest in the complex mechan- ism of the automobile engine. In- evitably, his future lies in the field of mechanics. Martin Lelko Northampton Academic A comedian with a style all his own, "Cook" excells in refur- bishing the humor index at N.H.S. Our master of comic dialogue is no clown when it comes to Ger- man history ll87l-l945l. In the future, it's the Air Force, college, and world conquests for our friend. Jean A. Lisetski Northampton Secretarial Who else is petite and pretty, energetic and bursting with vi- tality? Who else, but our "Jean- nie". Always in time for some activity, she's either dancing, sketching her favorite fashions, or horseback riding. "Jeannie" will beam behind a typewriter, some- day, or bewitch us with the new- est hair style created in her own beauty salon. Activities: Student Council 'l, Ma- iorette l, Amptennian Business Staff 3. Kathleen M. Lilly Moore Academic You'll have to look fast to find Kathy, action's the key word for this raven-haired lass. She's pretty and unpredictable. Our captain of the pennant squad may drill her students in a future classroom with equal precision. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1, Pennant Squad 2, fCaptainJ 3, N-Club 3, F.T.A. 3, Student Council 3, Amp- tennian 3. Ted Lindenmoyer Lehigh Academic What does "Ted" rhyme with? Flashing Fords? Foreign stamps? Hi-test engines? Drag-race ramps? All of them, we'd say. He'll be an engineer, someday! Activities: Math Club 3. which will foster their dreams Daly! Lolaach Northampton Academic A popular senior, with a quick mind and a keen flair for writing, Daryl's the intellectual who's not hard to get along with. Quiet and unassertive, Daryl has a smile that inspires confidence. Next September, Daryl may be "hang- ing around" a college campus. Activities: Student Council 1, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, Vespers l, 2, 3, District Chorus 2, Mixed Ensemble 1, 2, Octet l. Donald E. Lovelace Northampton General "Flipper's" that character who causes chaos at the Central Build- ing. Perhaps you've seen him at Whalin's or in the printing depart- ment at school. He's a diligent worker, a loyal student, and a fine friend. He'll have a reward- ing future in the field of printing. Page forty-six Rochelle L. Lloyd Lehigh Academic Cheer, cheer for Northampton High! Bright with enthusiasm, our Rochelle's spirited cheer enlivens any school athletic event. Be- tween dates and school activities, she may be found sizzling steaks at Lloyd's. We stake our bet on her successful future as a medical assistant. Activities: Student Council 3. Ann Mann Moo-re , Secretarial lf you've ever met Ann, you will remember her quick smile and spirited "hello", Always on the alert for fun and adventure, her activities include stamps, bowling, and swimming. This girl will moti- vate any office! Activities: Band l, 2. to make of their trodden hopes James Markulics Bath General "Big Jim" loves two things: the engines of big cars and the Naza- reth Speedway! He's no trifler when it comes to football, but in school, his Micawber spirit finds it difficult to adiust to more rare- fied influences. The Navy's his dream. John Marth Northampton General Northampton's fantastic creator of rhythm and blues, the organiz- er of the improvised beat and leader of the "Destinations", is John. A professed non-conformist with an insatiable desire for life, our friend can be found either in the gym or on the track field. As for the future, his destination is uncertain. His creative ability may be best suited to the music field, we think. Barbra A. Nltaroski Bath Secretarial Recall a remarkable blonde with a radiant smile, driving a green Plymouth? Without ques- tion, you remember "Barbs", our turf-cruising, letter-writing, mis- chievous friend. Amptennian can only speculate what mischief our fun-loving but serious secretary may file away in the cabinets of her newest office position. Activities: Courier 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Senior Class Play CStudent Director! 3, Usher- ette 3, National Honor Society 3. Gail A. Marsh Northampton Secretarial Friendly laughter and a spark- ling personality are Gail's pass- port to fun 'and success. After hours of office practice, our gal "cools it" by driving in her new convertible. Prospects for the fu- ture seem bright as this girl en- ters the world equipped with a stenographer's pad and brilliant personality. Activities: Chorus l, 2, 3, En- semble l, 2, Student Council 2, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, Amptennian 3. Anthony Mauser Bath Academic "Tony", the popular export from Bath, is continually on the go. Whether in the N-Club or in wrestling, whether driving his MG or socializing at MacDonald's, Tony stands above the rest. After graduation, college: heads Tony's activities' list. Activities: N-Club 2, CPresidentl 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3. Nancy J. McBride Northampton Secretarial Who's that alert, exciting head maiorette capturing our attention as she marches down the football field? Who, but "Nance", our en- thusiastic dancer. She fits basket- ball, N-Club, and the gym team into her active schedule. We see this blonde, blue-eyed young lady marching stately toward a secre- tary's chair. Activities: Maiorette l, 2, lHeadD 3, Basketball l, 2, fCo-Captainj 3, N-Club 2, Ureasurerj 3, Gym Team 2, 3, Fashion Show 3, Student Council 3. Page forty-seven Lynn Maslany Northampton Academic "Ready O! Let's gol" To lead cheerleaders requires talent, and "Blipp" has it! She's enthusiastic, helpful, loyal to her friends and the school. Remember the girl who practiced on the "uneven parallel" bars? You'll find her teaching her routine in a gym class of her own. Activities: Cheerleading 'l, 2, iCaptainJ 3, Gym Team 1, 2, iCap- tainj 3, Gym Exhibition 1, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, F.T.A. Nice president, 3, Hockey Manager 2, 3, Student Council 2 CPresidentJ 3. Madlyn Irene M:Caffeirty Moore Technical One of the reserved members of our class, "Mack" finds her talent lies in the technical field. In the future, the Navy may find a devoted member in our friend, Madlyn. Mildred Arlene McCafferty Moore Distributive Education "Milly's" quiet manner and subtle smile attract many friends. During her leisure hours, she dances at the Red and Blue. Her career in the Navy promises to be a success. Deborah J. Michael Northampton Academic Enthusiastic and energetic Deb- bie's zest influences everything she touches, whether it's heading the News Staff of the Courier or aiming a sharp-shooting rifle in Rifle Squad. Nights, she volun- teers as a candystriper. Our fu- ture Clara Barton's a ioy to have around. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, Courier 1, 2, 3, Amptennian 3, N-Club 3, Stu- dent Council 2, Rifle Squad 2, 3, Fashion Show l, Usherette 2, Sen- ior Class Play 3, Quill and Scroll 3, F.T.A. QSecretaryl 3. Dennis Meixell East Allen Electrical Dennis is master of the parallel bars and the flying rings. His friendly manner and smart col- lege-style make him master of young ladies' hearts, too. With his personality, his future prom- ises much success. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition l, 2, 3. Glenn Meyer Bath Academic The big "G" is the sign for "go" - on the gridiron, the bas- ketball court,' and the baseball diamond. Our famed class presi- dent embodies the restlessness of our age, the age of action. We've given Glenn the "go" for his next move, college. Activities: Class President 'l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Football l, 2, CCo- Captainl 3, Basketball 'I, 2, lCo- Captainl 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Math Club 3. Tim Michael East Allen General At Steve's Drive-In, we found a quiet, courteous.guy, tinkering in the mechanics of various cars there. He seems reserved and trustworthy. We overheard that he belonged to the Youth Fellow- ship and was quite active in the organization. Our latest report on Tim is that he may enter the Air Force and zoom to success! Vincent S. Miletics Northampton General Friendly? Yes! Talkative? Defi- nitely! Helpful? You bet! "Pete's" always ready to be a friend. He loves dancing, stalking big game, driving a "hot" Dodge, and pounding nails. He'll construct as a carpenter. Activities: Student Council l, 2, lTreasurerJ 3, Track l. Page forty-eight a reality. Karen Michael Northampton Clerical Miss Friendship, 1967. Karen's warm laughter and quick response will be our lasting memory. This green-eyed blonde enioys every aspect of school life, from sports to F.H.A. meetings. She loves music, T.V., and cosmetology. She has a fine career waiting for her. Activities: F.H.A. i, 2, 3, Ampten- nian 3. David Miller Northampton General In the days of old, the skull and crossbones symbolized the pirate. Today, the same symbol spells out our daredevil, the cycle enthusi- ast, "Ozzie", Our modern master of the pirate's skill and speed in racing is also a master marksman with the rifle. He may trade in his cycle helmet for a marine's uniform and combat boots. Activities: Rifle Club l, 2, 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3. Our strength will carry forth Rainelle Miller Treichlers Clerical As pretty as her name, Rain- elle's blue-eyed beauty greets us at the school dance or at Hillside. Her welcoming smile and warm "hello" makes friends of us im- mediately. She's avidly interested in stock car races and dancing. Will she dance around a clerical office, we wonder? Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 2. Dale Muffley Moore General "Muffler" loves cars, stock cars, and the Nazareth races. A most loyal friend to have, he's the first person to see if you need some- one to talk to. The future looks bright for Dale. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 3: Gym Exhibition I, 2, 3. John Mirro Moore Academic Chess anyone? John will match you play for play. His mathemati- cal mind manipulates complex math problems with shocking ease. Our wizard relaxes by strumming his guitar and hum- ming the ballads of our genera- tion. College and engineering will be his next strategic maneu- ver in life's big chess game. Activities: Lighting Crew l, 2, 3: Math Club Nice President: 3: Na- tional Honor Society 2, Nice Presidentl 3: N-Club 2, 3: Chess Club 3: Cheerleader 1. John Molnar Northampton Academic Who is that handsome, muscu- lar guy entering Northampton High's foyer. lt's "Basha", our Trojan Athlete. He may be lifting weights, dribbling the basketball, or running several miles to keep in shape. This Eagle Scout man- ages to spend his time most ener- getically. Soon, he'lI be off and running to Virginia Military In- stitute. Page fo Lamont C. Musselman East Allen Electronics Suffering from electrical power failure? Call "Muscles", our elec- trical wizard, who "shocks" every- one he comes in contact with. His idle hours are connected with rac- ing electric cars or fixing electrical wires. Undoubtedly, the greatest shock will be Muscles' humming the Air Force Blues. Activities: Art Club l, 2. Linda E. Nagy East Allen Academic Northampton has its own unique bit of sparkle when "Nagy" marches down the field with the pennant squad. Our N- Club enthusiast adds her cheerful smile and charming manner to our class. Her personality will bright- en an elementary schoolroom one day. Activities: Courier 1, 2: N-Club 3: Pennant Squad 3: F.T.A. 3: Senior Class Play 3: Fashion Show 3: Amptennian 3: Art Exhibit 'l. rty-n ine Donald 'Muffley Moore General Seeking adventure? You'll find it at the Clearfield drag races, when you go with Don! Brown hair and blue eyes accentuate Donald's handsome features. Our adventurous and searching young man may venture into the service after graduation. Activities: Art Club 1. Larry L. Neff Lehigh General There's conviviality in the air when "Lar's" around! This hardy fellow loves hunting and mechan- ics. This devotee of cars and sports hunts for and wins our hearts, too! The Armed Services are also hunting. They hope to track down "Lar". Activities: Gym Club 1. Dennis Newharcl Northampton Academic "Hey, Whitey, keep the noise down!" is the familiar cry when Dennis is around. Fond of iokes and laughter, Dennis adds life to the party and riot to the classroom. He plans to become a gym teacher. CWe understand Mr. Erdosy's worried.J Activities: N-Club 3: Track i, 2, 3: F.T.A. 3. Jeffrey Pail Northampton Academic Jeff's our man on the move. He leaves a mighty wake behind when he thunders his boat across a lake or redesigns Northampton's streets in his "hep" car. Jeff's usually hunting for something or someone, and his restlessness, we understand, will drive him on a mighty hunt to Australia. Activities: Student Council 2. Gloria .lean Oncheck Moore Technical Many girls boast of talent on the dance floor, but few can dis- play equal talent and poise on the parallel bars. One of these few is our Gloria, a welcome sight in any group of friends. She may boast further of her accom- plishments in the medical field soon. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 3: Gym Exhibition 'l, 2, 3. Robert Ottinger Bath General There's silence! Suddenly, the band comes to life with a swing- ing beat from the drum section! The attention of the entire audi- ence ir directed to the drummer, our "Wally". His swinging beat gives life to the band on the foot- ball field or in the gymnasium, at a school dance. What's his next swinging adventure? Only the fu- ture knows. Activities: Band i, 2, 3, Chess Club 3: Senior Class Play 3. Page their desire for a better world. Suzanne Paly Northampton Secretarial Black hair, effusive brown eyes, loquacious and delightful - that's Susie! There's never a dull mo- ment when she's at Hillside or at the Friday night dance. Look for her debut as "delovely" secretary. Activities: N-Club 2, 3: Rifle Squad 3. Mario Pasquariello Northampton Secretarial Who hasn't heard of the bards who composed love songs for lovely medieval maidens? Our modern bard Kwho's very inter- ested in modern girlsj plays on the guitar while he dreams of long-haired princesses. He"s a sportsman on the side, and loves football and wrestling. We under- stand he'll abandon his guitar for a college degree soon. Activities: Wrestling i, 2, 3: Foot- ball i, 2. fifty Jerome D. Pail Northampton Secretarial "Bucket," our rugged center, is always the center of attention. He makes a big splash at the Northampton Pool, and, in a flash, his red motor scooter eats the cement dust of Northampton's streets. He'll don another flashy outfit when he enters the Marine Corps. Activities: Gym Club i, 2, 3: Foot- ball T, 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 3. Virginia Piper Northampton Academic Northampton's very glad this young lass ioined its senior class. She's talented, as her sketching an oil painting indicate. "Gin- ger's" warm and personable, too! Her career, interior decorating, may lead her right into a million- aire's home some day. Their desire shall become our banner. Thomas Pflugler Moore Secretarial Tom, our quiet student in school, transforms into a tiger on the baseball field and a pool shark at the- billiards table. There's noth- ing quiet about the way he drags at the Nazareth Speedway. His last transformation will be from a racing-car enthusiast into a data processing expert. Quite a change! Donald Potak Northampton General "Tadpole?" He's the silent, se- cret agent carrying the pointed umbrella. He pursues his mission, the study of the Old West, with Bond-like enthusiasm. Amptennian 'foresees he'll ride into the sun- set with the Air Force. Barbara L. Piervallo Northampton Secretarial Blonde, bright, and bewitching, our Barb offers a welcoming smile to everyone. Typing looks easy if Barb happens to be at the typewriter. This attractive miss will make a secretary's office work evaporate with ease and efficiency. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, Ensemble l, 2, Courier 3, Amptennian 35 Vespers l, 2, Spring Concert 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Ush- erette 2. Franklin Pokorny Bath Academic Energetic, with a sportsman's sense of enthusiasm and fair play, our fellow classman, Frank, boasts of an excellent school record. He's active as sports editor of the Courier, and his record on the wrestling mat is without parallel. He grapples with studies with an equal eagerness. Moravian may prove- his next challenge. Activities: Band lp Gym Club 'ly Courier 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Wrestling l, 2, 3. Marry Redline Lehigh Clerical "Mary Louise" charms us with her pleasing ability to say iust the right word at the right time. Blonde and daring, she loves dancing and dashing down NHS halls to speak to a friend. With her personality, she'll add poise to her future secretarial position. Richard Regits Northampton Academic "Reg" is an all-round guy, with intelligence and a brilliant per- sonality to match. He occupies school time making puns to keep his friends happy. After school, he diligently works at Bob's. With his industriousness, intelligence, and personality, Penn State will prove an easy match. Activities: Wrestling if National Honor Society 3. Page fifty-one Hayden T. Ravert Lehigh Academic Who answers to the names of "Rabbit" and "Carrot"? Hayden, of course! Our mathematical quiz kid knows all the answers in sci- ence, too. We hear he's a loyal friend. He'll steadily pursue a career in science or electronics. Activities: National Honor Soci- ety 3. Edward Reimer Lehigh General An avid sportsmen and devo- tee of the races, Ed's iust the friend to have. Ed inhabits Blue Lantern and Rudy's Garage regu- larly. He's Lehigh's fine gentle- man. Look for him in the ranks of the army soon. Sharon Marie Reimer East Allen Academic With paint brush and easel, Sharon's at ease! She's quite a painting herself, with brown eyes and black hair. Her hobbies in- clude music and art. She'll be the next Picasso from Kutztown. Activities: Band l, 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, Amptennian fArt co- editorl 3. Rita Rice Lehigh Academic Our stunning drum maiorette captures everyone's attention and his heart! A leader on the march- ing field and in the academic race, Rita can still spend time dancing, sewing, or socializing with her friends. With her intel- lect, she'll prove an asset to any secretarial office. Activities: Band i, 3, Chorus 1, Maiorette 'l, 2, Drum Maiorette 3, Junior School Board l. Nancy Reszetar Northampton Academic Nancy puts life into any class! With her personality, fun and frolic have to abound. She's bril- liantly successful in school, too. Imagine the hit she'll make in col- lege and later, as a math Teacher. Activites: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, Amp- tennian 3. Jim Rice East Allen General "Whity's" our happy-go-lucky friend, who loves wrestling and riding around town with his friends. He's baseball's favorite son,and Northampton's loyal sup- porter. The marines have much to expect from Whity. Activities: Wrestling i, 2, Base- ball l. Lana Louise Ritter Lehigh General Better known as "Critter", Lana adds her bright personality and her chuckle to our echoing corridors. She's on the go from dawn to dusk. Her active person- ality finds satisfaction in skating, swimming, and horseback riding. Traveling is her secret love. She may take a magic carpet to iour- ney to far-off lands after gradua- tion. Activities: Fashion Show i, Senior Class Play 3. Patricia A. Roberts Moore Academic Garrulous and gushing with fun, "Pat," our ambitious band member, loves traveling and help- ing others. She's infatuated with the blue waves. In the future, it's more travel as a Navy nurse. Activities: Band l, 2, 3. Page fifty-two We are the new forces. Kenneth Ritter Moore Clerical "Crispy", another one of the Bath Pool Room boys, is the lone- some bull of section 123. He'll go anywhere a car will take him. He loves hunting, fishing, and cars lhis favorite pastimel. In future time, he'll answer the summons from his uncle, Sam. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, Light- ing Crew l, 2, 3, Rifle Club 2, 3, Archery Club 2, 3. Wayne Romanishan Moore Academic As master auto mechanic, scuba diver, and surfer, Wayne presents talent. As carefree, hand- triple some, and mischievous, Wayne suggests a triple threat Cto the hearts of young lasses in particu- lar.J Without doubt, he'll zoom toward a profession as scuba diver a go-go. Activities: Lighting Crew 'l, 2. Ourstrength lies in our youth. William C. Ross, Jr. Bath Industrial Our avid enthusiast of drag rac- ing and hunting is Northampton's industrial student, Bill. The hours he spends at Rehrig's Garage will soon be spent in the United States Marine Corps. Theresa A. Sayuk Northampton Secretarial Picture a dark-haired, brown- eyed girl wtih a Mona Lisa elu- sive smile. She may be selling tickets at the Roxy. She may be involved in make-up for the sen- ior play or N-Club. She brightens wherever she is with her own unique charm. The business world has a niche reserved for her. Activities: Make-up Crew 1, 2, N- Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, Amp- tennian 3. Beatrice Ruch Northampton Secretarial Miss Fantastic, 1967! That's our "Beaty." She's sprightly and spir- ited, she's fascinating marching with the Colorguard on the field, friendly in the halls, and frolic- some in any group! Some day, she'll add her special touch of the fantastic to- a secretarial office. Activities: Class Secretary l, 2, N-Club 2, CSecretary, 3, Color- guard 2, 3, National Honor Soci- ety 2, QSecretaryJ 3, Amptennian 3, Senior Class Play 3. Augustave Sauerzopf Lehigh General Most boys claim to be outdoors- men, but "Gus" was born with the fresh air of open space in his blood and a gun in his hands. A gentleman with an untamable Vik- ing Spirit - that's Gus. Like his ancestors, he'll venture into the world, traveling across seas with the Navy. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, Meteor- ology Club 1, Rifle Club 3. Margaret I.. Schaffer Moore Academic Whether it's swimming and surfing in the summer, or football and Amptennian ishe's co-editor, in the winter, this cute senior al- ways has time for fun. Not only do Margaret and Suncrest go hand in hand, but so do Margaret and "English", which is what Margaret will teach in high school very soon. Activities: Amptennian 2, ico- editorl 3, Courier 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, F.T.A. Cpresi- dent, 3, Creative Writing Staff 3. Richard Schaffer Northampton Academic Ambling in search of trouble? Look for "Schnozz", our master- mind with the mod clothes and the far-out ideas. His instinct for the fantastic may fascinate you. Activities: Math Club 3, Cheer- leader 2, 3. Page fifty-three Thomas A. Sayuk Northampton Academic Need someone to cheer you or tell your troubles to? Find Tom. Our swinging singer takes an active interest in chorus and a deep, personal interest in all his friends. He'll sing the Alma Mater of some college in the future. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vespers 'l, 2, 3, Spring Concert T, 2, 3, Amptennian 3, N-Club 3, Football Manager 3. Sara A. Schaffer Academic Bright, bubbling, and brunette best describe Sara. She's either buzzing with ideas in the Courier room, tuning her flute in the band room, or directing discussion in the classroom. Imagine the power this priceless miss will have in the elementary classroom, bustling little tots! Activities: Band 'l, 2, 3, Chorus T, 2, 3, Vespers l, 2, 3, Spring Concert I, 2, 3. ' Sandra L. Schall Moore General Demure when she does not know you, delightful when she becomes your friend, Sandy's the senior with charming and amiable disposition. She loves reading and riding horses Cher favorite animalj. Amptennian predictions for the future are hazy, but optimistic. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1. Cathi Schneider Northampton Academic We proudly boast of the achievements of our friend, Cathi. Our most distinguished honor stu- dent and talented hockey player is the most congenial of friends. A world of Spanish-speaking folk may be her next habitat. Activities: Vice President 2, Cour- ier 2, 3, N-Club 2, 3, Usherette 2, 3, National Honor Society fPresi- dentj 3. Carol J. Schisler Northampton Academic So creative and imaginative is our Carol, she's senior representa- tive to Miller's Fashion Board. She's capable in music, talented in the art of handling books, a master over her fellow classmates. We predict that Carol, as librarian, will be an asset to any library. Activities: Band l, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Courier 3, Senior Class Play 3. Donna Marie Schmidt Moore General Who's that dashing blonde marching with the Rifle Drill Team? Did you see her driving her Karmann Ghia? That's "Don- ner", a girl who will win you with her eyes sparkling with zest! She's alive to sports, especially swimming and ice skating. To be a nurse is her ambition. Activities: Rifle Drill Team 2, 3. Jo Ann Seier Moore Secretarial Jo? She's iaunty and iubilant, iust the girl for the dance! With flashing eyes and friendly smile, she'll have you in a trance. Lis- tening to the radio, she'll dance without a care. Likely as not, she'll occupy a secretary's chair. David Seiple East Allen Academic Hefty, handsome, and hard- working - that's Dave! Our red- haired wrestling star wins on the mats for NHS with ease. At home, he's either welding or fixing farm equipment. Soon, he'll exchange his carefree ways for the hard work involved in attending an agricultural college. Activities: Wrestling 2, 3. Page 'Fifty-four We do not hesitatej Jane L. Schwartz Northampton Secretarial With such a cheerful and cap- tivating smile, it's no wonder Jane's closest friends call her "Sunny". Her animating disposi- tion enlivens any group, whether in the halls of the school or at Hillside. She'll transform many women in the future with her ex- citing hair styles. Activities: N-club 3. Gwyn Seltzer Lehigh General Mention the word, "cars", and a glimmer of interest grows into a flame of enthusiasm in "Dig- ger's" eyes. We find his spare moments are entirely preoccupied with cars. He's cruising in them, if not tearing them apart. His next cruise may be around the world with the U.S. Navy. we challenge the future Ellen Jane- Selvage Moore Health Assistant Mix wit, long blonde hair and penetrating blue eyes: add a warm smile, and you've got "Peachy". Swimming and horse- back riding occupy her time. Plans of being a dental assistant occupy her dreams. Activities: Band 1, 2. Keith Shoemaker Lehigh Secretarial Who's the sportsman who loves "Chevies" or a "Harley"? The sen- ior we're thinking of can be readily found at the Ritz, chalking his cue stick. This Bond creation is quiet, but when he speaks, he has something to say. His destination? Business School, of course! We're speaking about Keith. Activities: Archery Club 2. Dorothy Shadusky Moore Gene-ral There's never a dull moment when "Dusty's" around. Our dy- namic friend's packed with ener- gy. She enioys that form of ex- citement spelled "Mustang", and relaxes by either skiing or swim- ming. ln the future, she'll wear the white and blue of a nurse's uniform. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 3. Eric Sharkazy Northampton Academic Who's that man with the crazy belt? lsn't that "Shark", sporting one of the latest styles from Lon- don? A certain weakness for elec- tronic things, such as the pin ball machine at Chip's, is part of the picture. Penn State's the best p l a c e to study electronics "Shark". Activities: Track 1, 2, 3: Chess Club 3: Science Fair 1, 2, 3: Stu- ent Council 1. Barry Silfies Bath Academic "And all who met him, loved him." This handsome, young gen- tleman can charm us with his high-spirited trombone or his golden voice. He respects the school: he's loyal to his friends. Quiet but commanding, Barry's our nominee for the Air Force Officer of the future. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Dance Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, CChorus Councilj 3: Amptennian 3: Courier 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Vespers 1, 2, 3. David Silfies Northampton Academic Need to know the latest golf scores at Willow Brook or the most recent winner of the mile? Interested in girls or in the gravi- tational pull on matter? Contact our answer to IBM, our own syn- topicon, David fs:Kgt71. lma- gine what impact our Dave will have in college!!! Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Photo- graphy 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Vespers 1, 2, 3. Page 'Fifty-five Nancy A. Shoemaker Northampton Academic "Manual of Arms, ho!" Mili- tary? No, it's Nancy, giving a command on the field. This spir- ited lass will stroll the grounds of Penn- State, seeking social work as her career. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3: Girls' Ensem- ble 1, 2, 3: Amptennian 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Vespers 1, 2, 3: Rifle Squad 2, CCaptainJ 3: Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3. Philip H. Silfies Moore General At "Club Teen"? Look for "Flip". A rugged individualist, Flip has a style all his own. His interests vary from girls, to hunt- ing, to travel, to girls. Friendly and freedom-loving, Phil has his serious side too. He'll be an oxy- gen therapist some day. Jane l. Siegfried Chapman's Academic Jane's the most considerate and helpful member of the class. We remember the many times she assisted us in finding good books in the library or made our day more cheerful with her welcoming smile. Her present love of read- ing will lead her directly to col- lege and a bright career, teach- mg. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert i, 2, 3, Vespers 'l, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, CPresidentJ 3, Science Fair 2, Amptennian 3, F.T.A. 3. Robert Sipple Bath General Wanted! The habitue of the Bath pool room and devoted ad- mirer of the bald-headed Frankie Schneider! Report for enlistment with the strongest fighting men in the world, Bob! Activities: Football 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3. Janet Siegfried Biath Academic Petite, with shining brown hair and blue eyes that sigh with shy- ness, Janet's one of our striking seniors. She swims, bowls, and dances to perfection. Soon, she'll dash down corridors as a practi- cal nurse and elate her patients. Richard A. Silvius Bath Academic Wherever you find the Band or Chorus, there's "Rich". Our Eagle Scout enjoys hunting and skiing in the great outdoors. Demure? He may appear so, but his mathe- matical mind is a restless indica- tion of his intelligence. We pre- dict a college campus and a maior in math for Rich. Activities: Band 'l, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, F. T. A. 3, Vespers 'l, 2, 3, Spring Concert l, 2, 3, Track I, 3, Senior Class Play 3. l Page fi Louise L. Smith East Allen Academic Books, boys, and Beach Haven take up much of this gal's spare time. Louise can always be found busy - whether it's working on Courier or buzzing to a Council meeting. ln the future, we'll find her as a reliable Dr. Louise. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1, Library Club l, 2, 3, Courier l, 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, N-club 2, 3, Speech Contest Cist Place! 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Student Council 3, Senior Class Play 3. Richard Smith Northampton Technical In need of a friend? "Smitty's" the man to see. He'll vaporize any problem you have with his witty sense of humor. Our "Phillies" fan plans to be an auto mechanic. We consider him destined for success. Activities: Courier I. tty-six to dare our strength Carol Ann Smith East Allen Academic Laughing, spirited eyes and a rush of rich, brown hair capture your attention. Carol has iust passed by. Amptennian, band, and Courier keep her lousy. What will our creative and lively lass do next? lt's college for Carol, with a position as mathematician. Activities: Band i, 2, 3, Courier 2, 3, Creative Writing Staff 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Amp- tennian 3, Senior Class Play 3. Ruth Smith Lehigh General "Rosie" raises a storm in Rock- ville and cautiously cruises back home in her Ford station wagon. She's demure in class and dashing after school. Soon she may dash toward her unknown future des- tination. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, F.H.A. l, Fashion Show 'l. to prove its validity. Shirley Smith East Allen Academic Our swinging senior, Shirley, occupies a high place on our list of successful graduates. Her "cool" disposition provides the right temperature for an active life. Next fall, the college at- mosphere may temper Shirley's activities. Activities: Amptennian 3: Courier 3. Mark Solt Lehigh Technical Mark, an outstanding basket- ball player practices good sports- manship on and off the court. Avid about cars, .he's continually driving, or reconstructing old models to his taste. He's driving toward success in the future. Activities: Rifle Club 2, 3. Ronald Spangler East Allen Academic Ronnie's an all-around lover. Be it cars, math, or girls, Ronnie's interested. His congenial person- ality will be his greatest asset when he enters college to pursue one of his loves, math. Activities: Basketball 1. George l. Snyder Dallas Spengler 'E 'SS Northampton Academic George's the guy with the mag- netic manner and the infectious smile. Good-natured, a sports en- thusiast, and an avid reader, he's got the combination that Penn State is looking for! Be ready world when he comes! Activities: Debate Club 3. Jeanette A. Snyder Northampton Secretarial "Net's" our sunstroke eccen- tric and we love her that way! She'll bewitch us in class, only to conquer us completely after school. Net's fascinating manner will entice IBM to be magnetized in her direction. Activities: Band 'l, 25 N-Club 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 27 Basketball Manager 2, 35 Amptennian 3. Northampton Academic Looking for "Dill"? Try Hill- side or Tretiak's and you'll prob- ably find him. Chalking his cue stick, hunting and fishing keep "Dill" busy after school. Entering the service after graduation, "DilI"? Activities: Track i, 2, 3. Susan Spengler East Allen Academic Susan measures success in terms of personal satisfaction and contribution. A dedicated band and chorus member and a wel- come friend, shefs the measure of many fine qualities. In a look at tomorrow, we find Susan teaching in the Peace Corps. Activities: Band 'l, 2, 3: Chorus l, 2, 3. Page fifty-seven linda C. Steiner Moore Secretarial One of the "lively" set, our keen and responsive Courier agent sparks the halls of North- ampton. She's sharp on the hockey field. Imagine what vitality our Linda will give to the secretarial field? Activities: Courier 2, 3: Ampten- nian 3, Hockey 3. Shirley Steward Bath Academic Pretty, popular, and perky is this Peter, Paul, and Mary fan. Our N-thuiastic maiorette rates high in abilities. If Shirley's not at Hillside she'll surely be at McDonald's. College? German? Positively! Activities: Student Council 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Ma- iorette 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, F.T.A. 3, N-Club 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3, Amp- tennian 3. Terry Strohl Academic Lehigh Witty, talkative, and talented in mischief - that's Terry! He'll enliven any class with his wit. Our coin and sports enthusiast plans to enter college this fall, with his sights on the- field of teaching. Activities: Wrestling Manager 1, Amptennian 3. John Mark Stoisits Northampton Academic John's many things: a UFO spotter, an N-thusiastic chess player, and Einsteinian mathe- matician a devourin reader a I 9 1 scholar, and a friend. An intel- lectual can be a humble, under- standing, and sympathetic com- panion, John teaches us, and we're certain his future, after a degree in mathematics, will be rewarding. Activities: N-Club 2, 3, Math Club 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Chess Club 3. Barry Stopay Northampton Academic A smiling, iovial person without a care in the world whistles his way into the classroom. He iokes casually with several friends, re- luctantly focuses his eyes on one page of last night's assignment, yawns, and looks at the clock. His mind drifts to thoughts of home, playing his drums, and his plans to further his education in college. Activities: Band 1, 2, Dance Band 2. We do notflinch from fear. Thomas Sgerensits Northampton Academic Tom, our follower of the old adage, "Don't do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow," is quiet and likable. He's actively involved in putting his adage: to work at Steve's Flying A, and, in his spare time, he meditates upon the future. His final decision on future action may mean that the Air Force has another loyal mem- ber. Charles John Takacs Northampton Academic Small but mighty - that's Charlie! When he's not leading a lecture in Proiection Club, we find him in the hunting field or near a quiet stream displaying his sports- manship. We'll soon expect to find him in college. Activities: Proiection Club 1, 2, 3. ,Page fifty-eight Glenn Stubitz Bath General "Slim", our forecasting weath- erman, keeps his eye on the baro- metric changes of the maior leagues, the Northampton Race- way, and girls. Meteorological predictions indicate a forecast of the service for Stubitz. Activities: Meteorology 1, 2, 3, Wrestling Manager 2, 3, Ampten- nian 2. Leslie Tashner Moore Academic "Mountainman," 178 pounds of terror, is enough to scare the op- position off the football field. In tearing apart his opponent, even in ripping down his old cycle, Mountainman will always give his accustomed gentle and gentle- manly smile. Imagine the effect Tashner will have upon military college! Activities: Foobtall 1, 2, 3, N- Club 3. With courage in ourselves, Sylvia Ann Tretiak Lehigh General Debonair, delightful, distinct - Sylvia's on her toes, whether in her dancing shoes or her skates. She's polite and polished, poised and pretty. She'll take off her skates soon to stand to attention in the women's Marine Corps. Activities: Fashion Show 1. Dana Valo Bath Clerical Dana and dating are two in- separable friends. She's a cute, petite, and blue-eyed blonde. The place to find her is at the Friday night dance. Her cheerful laugh and warm "hello" will win your heart. She'll bring sunshine into some office, soon. Pius Uhnak Lehigh General Our well-rounded athlete is quiet in class but boisterous after four and bold on the field. A fa- miliar face at Edgemont, Pius' interests in sports keep his life filled with adventure. Action is the word for Pius, and action it will be in his next adventure, sailing with the navy. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3: Wres- tling 1, 2, 3: Track 1. Timothy Uhrich Bath Academic Sleepy Hollow? No! There's no rest when Tim's around. Tim, a cunning cartoonist and a terrific trombonist, keeps the action mov- ing at NHS. Our live wire on the lighting crew will electrify his students with his wry wit. East Stroudsburg, here he comes! Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Lighting Crew 2, 3: Courier 2, 3: Ampten- nian 3: F.T.A. 3: Senior Class Play 3. Terry Walck Northampton Academic Mischievous? Terry? Without a doubt! Girls? Well? Our authority on all subiects out of school, in- cluding waffles and ice cream, Terry's a free lance caricaturist and a captive of the Kopper Pen- ny. Beware! The Armed Forces may capture our captive. Activities: Proiection Club 1, 2. Carol Wagner Northampton Secretarial Black, bouncing curls and deep eyes which sparkle denote a mischievous personality! Carol scurries through town to Hillside to seek fun! She's lightning-fast on the typewriter. Talent and per- sonality spell secretarial success for her. Activities: N-Club 3. Page fifty-nine Marie Voronkevich Northampton Academic Sharply in tune to the latest styles, Marie's as artistic in dress as she is on paper. Our creative and colorful senior adds fun to any party. Imagine her impact upon the Art School at Penn State! Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Color- guard 2, 3: Amptennian 2, 3: Courier 3: Speech Contest 2: Ves- pers 1, 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Creative Writing Staff 2, 3: N-Club 3: F.T.A. 3: Senior Class Play 3. l Linda Ware Bath Academic Where's Ware? Cheering at the football game? Singing heartfully in chorus? Enchanting someone with her attractive personality? No! Our young miss has left her interests: Hillside, cadillacs, gui- tars, folk music, sailing. We hear she's off to college. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Amptennian 3: Vespers 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: F.T.A. 3. Barry Weaver Northampton Academic Smooth and reassuring, Barry's nonchalant smile charms his class- mates. His cruising car commands his leisure, taking him to Hillside or Ritz. The corridors of a higher institution wait for Barry after graduation. Activities: Band 1. Connie J. Wernett Lehigh Secretarial Brown eyes glisten as we listen to an enchanting voice. Dark hair proves intriguing, and Connie's is as intriguing as her She loves music, and listening to the radio time. ln the future, personality appearance. dancing or occupy her she may create intriguing hair styles in her own salon. Activities: Chorus 1, 3, Vespers 1, 3: Spring Concert 'l, 3, National Honor Society 3. Randy Weber Northampton General Randy, a handsome guy who can boast of his skill on the paral- lel bars, is our class's gymnast. Randy's equally interested in cars and, of course, girls. He says he'll drive his Corvair to a technical school after graduation. Activities: Gym Club 1, 2, 3. Stephen Wengryn East Allen General The quietest boy with the brav- est smile in our class, Stephen disarms his opponent with his re- served manner. His quiet person- ality is a welcome addition to any group. His future remains a secret from our searching eyes. David F. Wetzel Bath Academic Another protege of the Wun- derler crowd, "Watzie's" to be found either sitting on a soda case or driving a reconditioned Pon- tiac. Our mechanical genius re- constructs airplanes with ease. What's ahead, David? Carol Ann White Allen General Quiet! O'ur energetic, subtle Carol's confiscating precious mo- ments from her iob as candy- striper for outdoor sports! Look! She's grand in a nurse's uniform, attentive and attractive! Say! lt's the uniform of the Waves' she's wearing! She'll serve the U.S.A. in style. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y ly Archery 2, Rifle Club 3. Page sixty -with confidence in God, Jane Wetherhold Moore Academic Petite and starry-eyed, Jane presents that picture of sparkling quality. She ambles through a tough schedule of studies and ac tivities with ease. She dances with grace. In the years ahead, she'll waltz into the business world with stunning success. Activities: N-Club 3: Band 2: Cour ier 3: Amptennian 3. Donna Marie Wolfel Northampton Clerical "Good things come in small packages," and Donna proves it' This petite package wins your friendship with the twinkle in her eye and her innocent smile Girl Scouts, school activities church groups - Donna's given her talents to all of them. Her future's one of public service that's certain. Activities: N-Club 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3. r 'we Ieafve to meet our future, Susan A.. Wunderle-r Northampton Secretarial Vibrant and vivacious, our cheerleader, Sue, inspires the crowd and the team to victory. She's fantastic on the Gym Team, too, or at the Friday night dance. She's confident of winning a touchdown in business school. Activities: Gym Club l, 2, 35 Cheerleader l, 2, 3, Gym Exhibi- tion l, 2, 3. Judy Yankovitch Northampton Academic Judy's energetic and enthusias- tic personality carries through every activity to success. Her spirited interest enlivens the Amp- tennian staff and the Tri-Hi-Y. Our N-thusiastic friend will discover greater demands on her energy when she enters college this fall. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y l, fPresidentJ 2, 3, Rifle Squad 2, 3, Basketball Manager I, 2, 35 N-Club 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Miller's Fashion Show 3. Carol Yeager Lehigh Secretarial Looking for a frolicsome eve- ning at Edgemont Park? Carol's there probably, roller skating and socializing. Cordiality's the key word for her. Faithful and sincere, you won't forget the wonderful evening you spend with her. Amptennian predicts a bright sky ahead. Barry Yanders Northampton General Who's that reverent politician of mischief who'll talk yo-ur ear off? Who wrestles more with in- trigue than the in's and out's of the mat? Barry's our man! We hear he plans to wrestle with the marine corps, and win! Activities: Baseball 'l, 2, 35 Wres- tling 2, 3. Richard A. Yelles East Allen Distributive Education Dick's interests are as varied as his talents. An enthusiastic sports- man, he still finds time for me- chanics. His future course directs him straight toward the life of an auto salesman. John Yurish Northampton Academic Where do you find this kind of talent? Joviality, cordiality, pleas- ing humor - these are a few of "Jake's" characteristics. If he's not at the Central Building re- hearsing a joke, he's gravitating through town, generally social- izing. Some college is going to welcome this happy young fel- low. Page sixty-one Noel Yapsuga Northampton Academic What do you do with a guy who's so likable, he can't make enemies if he tries, who's such a pleasure to be with, he finds it hard to be alone? What do you do with a guy who works as hard in the classroom as he does on the track field - and succeeds in both? You send him to college, don't you? We think "Yocco's" got a running start! Activities: Track 1, 2, 35 Football 'Ig National Honor Society 3. knowing that we will fwzn our gh! Kevin Kleppinger Uune 6, 1949 - September 6, 19641 We remember him. Kevin . . . his nervous habit of always brush- ing his brown hair slickly back, his mischievous manner of badger- ing our wits with his pranks. His tall, lanky body towered over his classmates. Summer evening, the sun stretched his shadow long across Wolf Field, while he, the Andrews twins, and Jerry Dotter played baseball. His inquisitive mind added a spark to all his class- es. He greeted his triends with a boyish slap on their shoulders, his blue eyes dark and mischievously friendly. That tall ot 1963, we noticed he kept to himself. Winter. Kevin was absent on and off from school. Then, the summer of 1964, and a long illness. On September 6, 1964, in our sophomore year, Kevin's records were withdrawn from the school's files. We were bewildered, shocked. Autumn . . . cancer. . . he was gone. Page- sixty-two because our cause is just. Darryl Geoffrey Cross Rotary Club Exchange Student I am a Rotary exchange student, sponsored by Edwardstown Rotary Club, in Adelaide, Australia, and hosted by the Northamp- ton Rotary Club. I will be staying in Northampton for about twelve months. Next year, I will go to the University of Adelaide to- study Social Welfare and Psychology. Back home, I was vice-captain of the cricket team. I also like to play tennis, swim, and surf. I have a sister, thirteen. My father is a clerical supervisor of a medical insurance company. Impressions - Fabulous! I love the snow. It is like giving a place a completely new face. Everything is changed from its origi- nal color to a dominant white. The people here are so marvelous to me and so friendly. I am amazed. As for girls . . . Hmmm! North- ampton, I guess, moves ata much faster rate than Adelaide or Aus- tralia, in general. Since I am here on a Rotary Scholarship, their aim in sending me is my reason for bei-ng here, that is, international understanding. Page sixty-three i To ourfellofw classmen: JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Flower Yellow Rose Class Colors Black and Gold Class Motto "Knowledge is the door to destiny." From left to right: Theodore Colarusso, President, Donna Burkhardt, Treasurer, Mr. Kovacs, Class Advisor, Sandra Lakey, Secretary, Lawrence Schmoyer, Vice President: A Message The day has now arrived when you, the Junior Class, must assume the leading role in this school. The task of leading the student body is now your responsibility. During the past two years, you have learned to follow well. It is now your duty to guide the underclassmen by your example. As Seniors, you will be expected to follow in the tra-dition of discipline and excellence which those who have preceded you have established. This is now your year to show your best. The work which must be done the coming year you must do together. Teamwork is the key to suc- to the Juniors cess in any event or activity. Each student, how- ever, has his individual responsibility to continue the high standards of the school. Each one of you must keep your scholastic achievement and grades as high as possible. The graduating Seniors place their responsibility of leadership upon you. l wish you every success in your last and most important year at NASHS. Glenn Meyer President Senior Class Page sixty-six We leave you the task Homeroom 106, from left, row iz G, Keeler, D. Haftl, M. Smi- row 3: T. Colarusso, R. Spangler, E. Bird, S. Vefovits, L. Liggift, gowski, A. Kiser, E. Schlegel, J. Aires, row 2: L. Koran, B. B. Bartha, G. Druckenmiller, row 4: B. Sywenski, T. Hanclwerk, Cesanek, C. Pany, G. Miletics, B. Kasper, B. Deily, S. Bowman, L. Schmoyer, S. Paul, J. Kintz, L. Flowers, L. Puskaritz. Homeroom 127, from left, row i: E. Butko, P. Kern, A. Sinatore, Kohler, W. lfkovits, T. Paul, S. Wuchter, L. Maltis, row 4: D C. Binder, R. Pavlov, D. McFarland, D. Moyer, row 2: B. Speng- Turick, J. Winarchick, D. Miller, R. Eslinger, M. Hinkle, S. Mel ler, S. Atherholt, A. DiEdoardo, D. Hummel, B. Brown, P. Marsh ton, D. Chaply, R. Edelman. P. Druckenmillerg row 3: P Hahn, K. Eisenhard, D. Barrett, Di Page sixty-seven 'which we have begun. P: s Q ea Homeroom 128, from left, row I: L. Schell, C. Laky, D. Snyder, R. Farkas, D'. Piscifelli, P. Newhard, Miller, row 4: C. Smale, E. Farkas, J. Strohl, D. Amore, L. Kanas, row 2: N. Paukovits, K. K. Demetrovics, L. Phrenreich, D. Kloiber, R. Fogelman, R. Scro- Edelman, J. Chabak, G. Scheirer, D. Musselman, C. Minnich, M. gan, A. Nordquisf, M. Bahnick. Cinamellap row 3: D. Lerch, M. Tokarczyk, J. Meltsch, D. Beers, Homeroom 129, from left, row 1: W. Bachman, R. Hildenbranf, 3: T. Siranzl, A. Onkotz, W. Grannefino, J. Rice, D. Ge1z,. B J. Tassie, S. Snyder, J. Druckenmiller, row 2: D. Rothdeutsch, R. Davis, L. TuTko, row 4: A. Lerch, G. Coberly, A. Kereb, S. Ro Wagner, D. Silfies, D. Rissmiller, P. Srogi, C. Kish, R. Reph: row manischan, B. Latshaw, T. Milisiis, W. Mauser. Page sixty-eight Yours is the responsibility l l Homeroom 207, from left, row 1: T. Remmel, J. Vasarab, P. Michur, D. Kresege, R. Newhard, R. Shupp, E. Gardner, J- PB- Blenkin, R. Dischinat, P. Funk, S. Fritz, P. Muthard, J. Maureka, gotto, M. Marakovits, L. Rehrigg row 4: K. Ellis, J. Blose, J. D. Divinsky, M. Fella: row 2: P. Csensits, R. Dettmer, C. Kloiber, Choronzak, E. Fenstermaker, D. Kichline, G. Baker, M. Mara- S. Schlofer, J. Barner, L.. Rice, S. Laky, R. Blank: row 3: A. kovits, K. Hahn. Horneroom 208, from left, row 1: D. Gable-, J. Rute, E. Sikor- Gontar: row 3: S. Sylvester, D. Bowen, K. Hummel, B. Gross sky, P. Fricka, D. Winarchick, J. Fogelman: row 2: K. Kohler, S. Druckenmiller, D. Schneider, row 4: C. West, G. Mast, D K. Schrey, D. Barthold, D. Brndiar, D. Burkhardt, J. Seier, N. Deutsch, D. Rehrig, R. Bell, R. Petko, H. Crayosky. Page sixty-nine 1 to continue in the tradition E Homeroom 209, from left, row 1: S. Borger, G. Hirschel, P. L. Kutzler, G. Tretiak: row 3: C. Mauser, R. Stoishs, T. Drucken- Carpenter, N. Hugo, J. Haffl, K. Hartzell, L. Rernaly, S. Henry, miller, R. Keiser, R. Farkas, K. Lindenmoyer, D. Heckman, row 4: row 2: S. Tashner, J. Sfubifs, D. Eberts, S. Frack, G. Burkepile, D. Bollinger, J. Pany, D. Sfrasser, D. Solf, J. Wagner, K. Ruch. .. .,.. -...... S Homeroom 213, from left, row 1: M. Kirchkesner, D. Wolfel, R. row 3: C. Traugher, V. Rehrig, E. Eisenhard, S. Capkovic, J. Shaf- Meltsch,.S. Lerch, L. Connolly, E. Fritzlnger, row 2: J. Kleinfop, er, M. Humphrey, J. West: row 4: J. Steffie, T. Dobrzyn, J. L. Schneuder, L. Coleman, A.. Jacoby, M. Stein, L. Fritz, I. Weber: Sfrohl, S. Fedorak, W. Christine, H. Keefer, H. Anthony. Page seventy of academic discipline, Homeroom 214, from left, row l: D. Neff, S. Ziatyk, E. Kohler, S. Gieske, E. Augustine, S. Funk, R. Zangari, K. Miltenloerger: row 2: L. Weber, K. Longenbach, S. Bonser, L. Wunder, L. Gas- per, J. Kurtz, M. Kratzer, C. Laubach: row 3: S. Krupa, K. George, H. Barrall, R. Hoch, E. Balliet, M. Kocher, J. Halal, C. Nagy, row 4: R. Belry, J. Oncheck, R. Hood, D. Arthoffer, Vt Piscitelli, H. Schoenberger, B. Nothstein, D. Wanagel, J. Gall. Homeroom 215, from left, row 1: H. Fodera, J. Barthold, S. Nolf, R. Herman, D. Groff, B. Creyer, L. Bohonos, E. Andrews: row 2: R. Zangari, P. Lorenz, B. Oplinger C. Laubach, C. Zelin- sky, R. Kurtz, S. Spengler, E. Laky: row 3: L. Gilbert, W. Rad- Page cliffe, D. Lakey, D. Spengler, T. Frack, D Barall, R. Bundy, Barlieb: row 4: M.. Samllen, R. Holderman, R. Barrett, J. Ra D. Pflugler, R. James, C. Blum, T. l-lock. seventy-one B be, honor, and loyalty. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS From left to right: Barry Molnar, Treasurer, Karen Olson, Secretaryp Mr. Druckenmil- ler, Class Advisor, Stephen Schlegel, President, Thomas Petro, Vice President. A Message to the Sophomores The Senior Class feels that you, the Sophomore Class, have the ability to carry out the responsibi- lities of the coming two years. With ten years of instruction behind you, we trust that you will meet with confidence the challenge of greater academic discipline. It is now your duty to accom- plish as much as you can through study and co- operation. The challenge is there, it's up to you to grasp it. Think in a positive manner, using the criticism of others for the improvement of your own short- comings. Be optimistic enough to create new ideas, be original enough to implement them! We wish you the best of luck for a very successful iunior year and continued success in the future. Glenn Meyer President Senior Class Page seventy-two Yours ix the 1'e.rponsibilz'ty Homeroom 200, from. left, row 1: D. Bowen, K. Knauss, G. Keis- nick, L. Fenstemaker, D. Beltz, S. Schlegal, K. Madea: row 4: W. er, B. Prince, K. Barthold, L. Bloss, D. Lapointeg row 2: E. Wood- Fegley, Gi. Weiss, D. Beck, M. Krupa, D. Beffzner, J. Hock,'M. ring, L. Lonley, E. Jones, P. Dobler, R. Milisits, J. Bachman, K. Capkovic, L. Varkonyi. Eberhardf, S. Fox, row 3: L. Mann, P. Beidler, J. Griffin, P. Bah- Homeroom 201, from left, rofw 1: S. Keller, I. Brunner, Gi. son, W. Fowler, W. Feichtl, R. Fella, W. Swallow, R. Laudenbach, Smith, L. Druckenmiller, C. Repperf, J. Ertl, B. Farkas: row 2: R. Miller: row 4: J. Gonzalez, T. Foster, T. Brickler, M. Kuchera, K. Kochenash, S. Gossler, S. Minnich, B. Lilly, R. Milisits, D. B. Souders, J. Becker, R. Beltz, L. Christoff. Bohunicky, D. Marakovits: row 3: D. Graver, J. Wolfer, S. David- Page seventy-three to prepare yourselves Homeroom 202, from left, row 1: L. Paar, R. Kocher, J. Augus- D. Johnson, S. Roberts, L. Mer1z, B.. Genovese, C. Cerciello, B. fine, D. Kochan., D. Snyder, D. Kocher: row 2: D. Edelman, R. Csencsits, K. Kunkle: row 4: S. Novogralz, W. Derhammer, S Folland, A. Hartzell, G. Hall, B. Frack, B. Ruch, A. Farynag row 3: Milisits, R. Churetta, S. Meckes, M. Caldwell, R. Siegfried. Homeroom 204, from left, row 1: S. Edelman, L. Diehl, C. Steier, F. Oplinger, J. Holubowski, D. Stubits, R. Liggittg row 2: M McAdorey, D. Fenstermaker, P. McCandless, K. Benner, K. Olson B. Demchyk, G. Schislery row 3: M. Larlmore, R. Church, S. Gal Page gon, R. Reph, K. Piervallo, C. Samuels, E. Kurtery row 4: Peters, D. Herzog, S. Grabryluk, L. Hantz, R Esllnger, D. H D. Gabel. sevenYy'four A eist to meet the challenge of life. Homeroom 205, from left, row I: G. Peters, K. Grannetino, T. Pokotello, T. McKeever, J. Hinkle, C. Silfiesp row 4: R. Toth,-T Bindics, M. Bras, A. Schock, M. Chuss, L. Ravert, row 2: D. Sauer- Pollard, R. Hugo, W. Sos, G. Anthony, G. Falatek, D. MBYBKOVITS zopf, J. Haupt, N. Drender, J. Cole, D. Kohler, M. Latshaw, S. B. Molnar. Hoffman, B. Shuey: row 3: S. George, D Heberlin-g, J. Long, P. Homeroom 206, from left, row l: C. Knopf, N. Spengler, R. Riss- B. Barthold, S Szoke J Hauser P Ducey- row 4- D Neff R ll S mi er, . Thomas, G. Piscitelli, L, Fox, A. Taylor: row 2: S. Smith, J. Michur, D. lGogel, M. 'NLlsh, D. Kereb, Mohryl J: Bender, D. Kennedy, D. Tarafas, D. Hall, D Getz, K. Silfies, M. Keller. Simmons, row 3: B. Monclschein, A. Flute-, J. Kotch, J. Farkas, Page seventy-five l You a1'etheinhe1'it0rs,' Homeroom 211, from left, row 1: J. Leibenguth, K. Barthol, G. N. Kern, J. Wrecker, H. Keeney, S. Budihas, P Peters, row 4: T. Miller, H. Young, B. Smith, W. Domitrovitch, D. Seiplep row 2: Moyer, W. Strohl, J. Horvath, B. Hassler, R. Hall, R. Simon, D. K. Wescoe, J. Skrapits, R. Green, A. Danner, S. Krogoth, C. Mus- Newhard, E. Seko, R. Ertl. selman, F. Schwartz, row 3: D. Diefenderfer, J. Rice, J. Tukovits, Homeroom 218, from left, row 1: J. Spengler, D Ritz, R. Beers, Weiss, M. Reph, R. White, E. Hoppes, row 4: E. Fedorak, J. Pail E. Karner, J. Hall, M. Minnich, T. Minnich, row 2: T. Hoffman, R. Longenberger, R. Silfies, F. Wieand, T Buskirk, J. Gewrancher S. Solderich, P. Yastrzab, J Heckman, P. Hartzell, E. Fritz, V. P. Petrie. Bunk, row 3: S. Yanbor, K. Lloyd, R. Kowalchuk, C. Trauger, S. Page seventy-six I 1 you are the nefw generation. Homeroom 219, from left, row i: B. Kish, R. Oplinger, B. Roth- 3, C. Blose, L. Roth, A. Benscoter, R. Hunsicker, C. Abelasky, L deutsch, A. Miller, E. Knauss, D. Kloiber, D. Minar: row 2: L. Gower, D. Derhammer: row 4: F. Selvage, B. Miller, W. Bird Plotzko, M. Hartman R. Soltis, D. Lorah, R. David, B. Lerch: row F. Haftl, M.. Buskirk, H. Hummel, C. Fronheiser Homeroom 220, from left, row l: A. Wagner, P. Hartwell, B. Hoch, P. Taschker, W. Koch, D. Mirro, S. Rose, A. Lentz, P. Kay, Whitehead, G. Stuck, D. Prutzman, W. Althouse, N. Creyer, row 4: E. Eberts, M. Campbell, T. Petro, C. Ponadl, M. Barthol, S. Furry: row 2: M.. Sodl, J. Yanders, K. Hedrick, S. Weber, R. Snyder, G. Schaeffer, T. Heigel. B. Beidler, P. Young, J. Krupa, R. Hall: row 3: E. Hendricks, B. Page seventy-seven 1 From you, will come the leade .5 35 fl 3. l . l . ll ' il TA' Homeroom 221, from left, row l: E. Dailey, S. Ritter, D. Holu- Mack, C. Hoover, W. Bielski, S. Loloach, M. Jandrisovitsp row 4 bowski, B. Arndt, O. Yob, D. O"Rourke, D. Bird, row 2: L. Wal- D. Fox, G. Uherick, S. Smith, B. Lack, M.. Chimics, R. Rowlands ters, M. Heffelfinger, K. Hummel, W. Falstich, G. Heist, K. F. Stimpfl, J. Evans. Wuchter, N. Young, D. Paul, row 3: J. Bickert, R. Reimert, J. ' ,H l Hunger for knowledge . . . Hunger! Page seventy-eighf f ffl f if .l fi . mem., 2, 1 ofa new world. 3 :.. E ,. 1- V"'3.T Mr. Shoemaker rocks while . . . Mr. Laubach rolls Would you believe Bourbon? Hm m- ITI IT1' m m IT1 5 Hop! Hop! Choo! Choo! Page seventy-nine i 1 f X ff' L af mv.. MMM, We ff, j 3 , M ,A W W 7 f-mmm we 'wzwvw ' 559 3: W, . , 4 hmm- , Y i f , W M1 12 , A me -i 1 f I z . -ww Q . K ACTIVITIES Lay! X S sf N w 2 Ki! MA! J EQ. k f xx W? , Jaw ,Q Q if R 3' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society's main purpose is to exemplify scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The society, which sponsors tutoring services, comprises meritorious students of the senior and junior classes. National Honor Society Officers, from left: Beatrice Ruch, Secretary, Pat Haas, Treas- urer, Cathi Schneider, President: John Mirro, Vice-President. National Honor Society members, from left, row T: Nancy Shoemaker, Darlene Bortz, Carol Schisler, Sara Schaffer, Shirley Steward, Connie Wernett: row 2: Beatrice Ruch, lwanna Bachynsky, Margaret Schaf- fer, Leonard Dest, Richard Regits, Jerome Pail, Carol Ann Smith, Barbara Piervallo, Jean Eberts: row 3: Thomas Sayuk, John Mirro, Stanley Christoff, Jerome Dotter, Hayden Ravert. National Honor Society members, from left, row 1: Barbara Feichtl, Gail Marsh, Barbara Maroski, Darlene Brosky, Alice Flyte, Linda Klipple: row 2: Cathi Schneider, Pat Haas, Linda Steiner, Louise Smith, Carolyn Bol- linger, Linda Ware: row 3: Noel Yapsuga, William Binder, John Stoisits. Page eighty-two Student Council Officers, from left are: Mr. Peter Schneider, Advisor, Kathy Deme- trovits, Secretary, Standing: Vincent Milet- tics, Treasurer, Lynn Maslany, President, Paul Kovach, Vice-President. Student Council members, from left, row 1: C. Laubach, K. Olson, D. Paul, B. Koeh- ler, N. McBride, J. Barthold, K. Lilly, L. Smith, R. Lloyd, S. Henning, row 2: V. Miletics, R. Biery, L. Dest, S. Vetovich, H. Anthony, D. Solt, D. Davidson, K. Ellis, S. Schlegel, M, Hinkle, row 3: P. Kovach, R. Ertl, T. Heigl, K. Lloyd, J. Zelinski, D. Marakovits. Page eighty-three STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, working with Mr. Peter Schneider, organizes and directs student activities Its function is to afford students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership through co-operation New members of the National Honor So- ciety, selected for their outstanding achievement in their iunior year, are the following: from left, row T: G. Miletics, K. Edelman, J. Welliver, B. Deily, R. Dett- mer, K. Laubachy row 2: M. Hinkle, A. Nordquist, L. Wurder, B. Gross, K. Long- enbach, R. Biery, R. Shupp. N-Club Officers, siTTin.g: BeaTrice Ruch, SecreTary, Nancy McBride, Treasurer, standing: Joseph STeTTie, Vice President, Tony Mauser, PresidenT, Mr. Harry WiTe- meyer, N-Club Advisor. -CMJ The "N" dearmenT of The NorThampTon Area Senior High School is "N" digenously "N" graved and "N" Trenched in The hearTs of our one hundred and nine VARSITY "N" CLUB members. The "N"gagemenT of good, clean spiriT and sporTsman-like conducT has been "N"corporaTed in The "N" deav- ors of The "N" ergeTics and The "N" ThusiasTs. "N" masse, The VARSITY "N" CLUB is "N" rolled To: "N" hance The image of NorThampTon High School, "N" spire our school wiTh "N" ergy and "N" Thusiasm, N'ergeTics, from lefT, row l: B. Keller, G. Miletics, J. Strohl, J. Maureka, M. HaydT, L. Maslany, M. Kochang row 2: P. Greb, M. Beck, L. Buchman, D. Spengler, J. SchwarTz, C. Caldwell, C. Wagner, row 3: P. Haas, R. Crogen, J. Wagner, P. HorvaTh, D. Newhard, B. Cesanek, row 4: M. Funke, T. Colarusso, D. Farkas, S. ChrisToff, D. Wolf- el, row 5: S. Paly, K. Lilly, L. Tashner, H. Crayosky, J. STeffie, P. Fricke, row 6: A. Kline, M. Bahnick, J. Feidler, C. Smale, T. FilipoviTs, N. Paukovifs. Page eighty-Tour N-Club sign committee, from left: B. Dem- chyk, J. Strohl, K. Knauss, J. Seier, L. Wunder. lon 66-67 HN " lighten all students of the coming "N" gagementsg " dorse the "Konkrete Kids" at all times- " rich the program of athletics, " sure "Rooter Bus" service to all interested riders, "N" ioin all "Boosters" to wear and boast the "orange and black", "N" courage the Arts, Sciences, and scholastic achievement, "N" list good attendance at all school functions, and "N" kindle a wholesome "N" vironrnent to the "N" th degree! :IN I HN HN N-thusiasts, from left, row 1: M. Hinkel, L. Sier, L. Wunder, E. Deily, K. Ellis, row 2: K. Demetrovits, L. Gasper G. Burkepile, P. Marsh, D. Michael, J. Welliver, E. Weber, row 3: D. Burkharclt, J. Barner, E. Butko, R. Hilberg S. Fegley, C. Whitehead, C. Laubach, row 4: S. Laky, K. Schrey, J. Kurtz, D. Mann, C. Laubach, T. Dobrzyn, L. Mal its, row 5: R. Zangari, D. Wolfel, J. Mirro, L. Dest, D. Mirro, S. Wuchter, C. Reinert. Page eighty-five 1 Courier Sports and Art Staffs, from left, row 1: R. Laubach, J. Boyle, F. Pokornyy row 2: E. Hendricks, D. Johnson, C. Schnei- der, E. Fedorak, M. Beck, R, Zangari. glue Concrete Opinions, news, facts, reports- all are present in every monthly edition of the Courier. Chaos and pandemonium mildly describe the situation in the Courier room when the deadline draws near. Courier Editors: Jerry Dotter and Cathy Laubach. Courier News Staff, from left, row i: S. Fegley, C. Hoover, D. Michael, Editor, K Korutz, B. Deily, row 2: G. Burkepile, J. Kurtz, S. Smith, R. Pavlov, P. Marsh, B. Barlieb, M. Schaffer, row 3: J. West, T. Uhrich, N. Paukovitz, P. Ducey. Page eighty-six mum OlllllQll When the triumph and Tragedy is all over, everyone breathes a sigh of relaxation, yawns, and begins feverishly to prepare for the next, greater edition of the Cou- rier. Courier Feature Staff, from left, row 1: C. Laubach, C. Schisler, L. Smith, M. Kratz- er, row 2: P. Haas, C. Bollinger, J. Fiedler, C. Smith, S. Schaffer. F O D o urier Circulation and Lay-out Staffs om left, row l: B. Silfies lLay-out Editorl Koehler, row 2: J. Barner, L. Gasper, B larusso, E. Andrews, E. Butko. Page eighty-seven 3: ' THE METEOROLOGY CLUB forecasts the weath er . . . "ls it snow or rain? No, it's cement dust, Mr. Kovacs." Members from left, row l: R. Petko, B. Frack, D. Fitzpatrick, D. Piscitelli, J. Winar chick: row 2: F. Schwartz, L. Puskaritz, P. Rez nick, G. Stubits. THE PROJECTION CLUB . . . "What Herculean strength does it require to shoulder a 32 mm proiector up three flights of stairs?" Members from left, row l: B. Frank, R. Longenberger, C. Tackas, D. Chaply, row 2: J. Hinkle, E. Ballietg row 3: W. Falstich, A. Hartzell, G. Uherick, S. Beers, row 4: K. Lloyd, R. Snyder, R. Petko, row 5: D. Binder, J. Deibert. Page eighty-eight THE RIFLE CLUB . . . "Ready, aim . . . Please Mr. Kindt, get back in line with the others." Mem- bers from left, standing: B. Oplinger, B. Frable, K. Ritter, G. Sauerzopf, M. Solt, B. Gross: kneel- ing: B. Barthold, A. Flyte, N. Fritz, E. Andrews, E. Eisenhard, R. Fella. THE PHOTO CLUB . . . "Will the person in the fourth row, sixteenth place, with the black shoes please move three hairs to the left?" Members, from left, row l: A. Nordquist, R. Fella, M. Fella, P. Bahnick: row 2: D. Silfies, B. Binder, T. Foster, l.. Dest, D. Pflugler, Mr. Frailey. THE ARCHERY SQUAD . . . "I thought you guys only worked on Valentine's Day . . . " Members, from left, row i: R. Lederer, M. Nush, W. Fowler, S. Szorke, B. Lack, row 2: S. Roberts, K. Hedrick, J. Bachman, P. Dobler, L. Longley, B. Whitehead, L. Balliet, S. Keiser, row 3: M. Caldwell, L. Miquel, K. Ritter, D. Laury, R. Milisits, R. Rowlands. THE LIGHTING CREW . . . "Does anyone in The audience have a match?" Members, from left, row iz J. Strohl, G. Weiss, P. Bahnick, J. Boh- nickyy row 2: T. Andrews, J. Dotter, K. Andrews: row 3: T. Uhrich, D. Turick, J. Mirro. FALL WINTER UH ,..L..W..,....., W... , , 5 SUMME R SPRING qlma Ullmptemliiam Amptennian Advisors and Co-editors, ting: Mrs. Geiger, Miss Foti, standing: Mr. Frailey, M. Schaffer, K. Korutz, Mr. Klep- pmger. What is the Amptennian room . . . chaos and confusion celled within Three walls of cement blocks . . . the blat blat of an anti- quated typewriter . . . stale minds depleted after seven nerve- fraying classes . . . the never-ending tasks . . . transforming dull copy into polished prose . . . changing colorless senior write-ups into magnificent "chef d'oeuvres" . . . reducing 8 x 10 photos to 2 314 x A l!lOO . . . two fingered typists . . . the search for any and all ideas . . . the agony ofthe written word . . . the struggle to create . . . the prolonged torment of searching for the right word . . . disappearance of staff . . . missing papers . . . the final copy. . . happiness. . .the i967 AMPTENNIAN. Page ninety-two Amptennian Sports Staff, sitting: B. Sil fies CLay-out Editorh, R. Coleman, J. Fiedler J. Heist, L. Dest, standing: J. Mirro, R Boucher, J. Dotter, T. Uhrich, J. DeLucia. Amptennian Literary Staff, sitting: S. Stew- ard, B. Barlieb, C. Laubach, L. NGQYJ stand- ing: C. Smith, P. Gontar, M. Haydt. NEWS s i E ...M Amptennian Art Staff, sitting: R. Hilberg, S. Reimer, D. Brosky, J. Boyle: standing: M. Voronkevich, C. Klutsarits, C. Grube. Amptennian Business Staff, sitting: 5. Kro- both, T. Sayuk, B. Geiger, N. Rezetar: standing: D. Michael, J. Lisetski, P. Haas, L. Steiner, B. Piervailo, J. Eberts, J. Eberts, G. Marsh, L. Ware. Page ninety-three Cheerleaders, from left: D. Paul, L. Schneider, S. Wunderler, M, Beck, L. Maslany CCaptainQ, G. Miletics, S. Weise, K. Demitrovifs. lieenlleadens Embarrassment is yelling, "Beat P-Burg", when we are playing "CatTy" . . . Tragedy is cheering for an unofficial Tying Touchdown at The Turkey game . . . Anger is having soda spilled on a clean uniform . . . Happiness is having a rookie sophomore catch a pass ThaT saves us from The cellar . . . Sorrow is . . . Take it from us, sorrow is being a senior cheerleader. Faces etched with the agony of defeat . . . From left: Kathy Demetrovits, Lynn Mas- lany, Gail Miletics, Susan Wunderler, Linda Schneider. Page ninety-four l a magnificence of display, sound, color. Faces radiant with triumph . . . MAJORETTES, Fronlt row, from left: N. McBride lheadl, P. Blenkin, S. Henning, S. Steward, B. Schirer, P. Yastrzab, R. Rice ldruml back row, from left: S. Laky, C. Silfies, M. Sodl, P. Haas, R. Blank. Page ninety-five 1 1 "Bearing wooden guns, they totter to the march of the toy soldiers." RIFLE SQUAD, from left, kneeling: D. Michael, A. Bauer, N. Denner, B. Keller, A. Herd, J. Yanders, standing: D. Schmidt, N. Shoemaker, J. Barner, L. Gasper, P. Hahn, N. Paukovits, S. Paly PENNANT SQUAD . . . "Carrying the flags of unification . . . " From left: J. Mack, L. Nagy, S. Hoch, K. Korutz, K. Lilly, D. Wolf- el, B. Demchyk, E. Butko. "With happy hearts and heavy flags, trod on . . . " COLORGUARD, from left: Front Row: J. Seier, D. Bortz fsergeantj, B. Ruch. Back Row: R. Hilberg, J. Gall, J. Vasarab, J. Welliver, M. Cinemella, C. Hoover, M.. Voronkevich, D. Koehler. Page ninety-six The- annual Spring Concert . . . "About Swing" " . . . a proud salute to Governor Shafer." Page ninety-seven VESPER SOLOISTS, from left, row 1 P. Funk, K. Atherholf, P. Hahn, D. Paul, S. Funk, row 2: B. Kleckner, K. Ruch, R. Biery, K. Ellis, R. Krill, M. Hinkle. Page ninety-eight Cll istmae Qgpe Q GIRLS' ENSEMBLE, from left, row l: S. Lerch, D. Berg, S. Hoffman, S. Fegley, N. Shoemaker, G. Marsh, D. Paul, K. Olson, row 2: D. Bortz, B. Deily, D. Burkhardf, C. Bollinger, L. Gilbert, K. Edelman, R. Kowal- chick, C. Silfies, K. Atherholf, P. Hahn. Page ninety-nine LIBRARY . . . "Simon and Garfunkle's 'Sounds of Silence'." Members, from left, row I: P. Druckenmiller, D. Johnson, J. Siegfried, Miss Kehler, S. Bonser, M. Kratz- er, A. Taylor, L. Druckenmiller: row 2: L. Malits, C. Nagy, C. Traugher, P. Ducey, D. Brndiar, N. Gontar S Bor er, K. Kohler , - 9 , L. Mann, M. Simmons, S. Wuchter: row 3: K. Kunkle, C. Binder, L. Connolly, A. Jaco- by, A. Wagner, S. Minnich, E. Sikorsky, D. Gable, G. Piscitelli, M. Reph, D. Hall, D. MacFarland, N. Connolly. KNITTING CLUB, from left seated: J. Vasa- rab, S. Funk, L. Kanis, B. Creyer, L. Boho- mos, S. Molff row 2: G. Miletics, L. Weber, P. Blenkin, D. Groff, D. Snyder, M. Smi- gowski, L. Remaly, D. Eberts, C. Rothermol, J. Ayers, row 3: L. Rehrig, H. Crayosky, L. Koran, I. Weber, G. Mast, L. Wunder, S. Laky, S. Frack, L. Coleman, K. Edelman, B. Sywensky. THE KNITTING CLUB . . . "Well your first mistake was when you dropped a stitch forty-three rows back." Members, from left, row I: J. Lisetski, S. Ziatyk, S. Fritz, D. Wolfel, B. Cesanek, D. Wolfel: row 2: T. Sayuk, S. Paly, S. Schall, L. Schall, D. Chayka, J. Eloerts, K. Schrey, R. Herman, J. Eberts, M. Kochan, D. Hummel, J. Fogel- man, C. Minnich: row 3: A. Mann, M. Red- line, S. Atherholt, J. Stubits, S. Krolaoth, D. Valo, G. Marsh, D. Farkas, A. Kline, S. Tashner. Page one hundred DEBATE CLUB . . . "The Demosthenes of Northampton," from left, row l: K. Grana- tino, G. Burkepile, P. Marsh, S. Henry, J. Barthold, row 2: G. Snyder, W. Hafner, J. Farkas, H. Anthony, D. Dunay, Miss Wesley, Debate Club Advisor. F.T.A .... "And now I pronounce you, Future Troublesome Adolescents . . . oops!" Members, from left, row 1: D. Newhard, K. Korutz, D. Bortz, L. Maslany, N. Shoe- maker, S. Steward, C. Takacs, row 2: R. Shupp, S. Fegley, B. Oplinger, J. West, C. Smale, M. Schaffer, B. Colarusso, row 3: D. Michael, R. Pavlov, A. Herd, J. Barner, S. Reimer, M. Voronkevich, E. Andrews, row 4: S. Gober, L. Ware, C. Laubach, S. Schaffer, E. Butko, L. Gasper, P. Lorenz, B. Gross, C. Nagy, K. Lilly, S. Laky, J. Siegfried, S. Spengler, J. Feidler, T. Uhrich, row 5: T. Andrews, R. Silvius, K. Andrews, H. Anthony, D. Lobach, R. Biery. Page one hundred one CHESS . . . "The rookie knights pawn their rusty armor for a castled king, who's not the Czar . . . " Chess Club Members from left, row l: J. Stoisits, S. Rose, J. Gardner, J. McKeever, M. Chimics, J. Humenik, K. Kichline, R. Schuppf row 2: J. Mirro, T. Pagatto, R. Milisits, V. Koch, G. Francis, B. Saunders, R. Stoisits, F. Furry, row 3: F. Pokorny, J. Farkas CPresidentJ, S. Mel- ton, C. Blumm, J. Bohunicky, H. Schreck, D. Kichline, R. Ottinger, L. Flowers, L. Kleppinger, row 4: R. Jandrisovits, J. Pany, D. Neff, R. Edelman, R. J. Boruch, L. Pus- kovits, E. Sharkazy, J. Gonzales, J. Fogel. 1 He's nice, but l've seen better!" Qmoi Begin with about thirty willing seniors, and one willful director, blend with a situation involving an island home: paradise for one - pandemonium for many. Simmer the incident with faulty plumb- ing, a house full of guests, and a fourteen-party telephone line for approximately two acts. Add to this, a flirtatious widow, teenage love-life, and a father's theories on adolescence. The concoction finally comes to a boil with the addition of a senile senior citizen, yellow jackets, and woo-woos in the bedroom. Season with tears of laughter and serve "Onions in the Stew" as the main course of full scale enioyment. A lecture on the power of c onfusionl JF? I A Mme l Page one hundred two Who- gave you the right to pack my ther- mo underwear?" 1 fl1Q QLQW The Players: Deborah Michael, Connie Wernett, Carol Schisler, Ralston Coleman, Richard Silvius, Linda Ware, George Snyder, Joseph Filchner, Robert Krill, Timothy Uhrich, Bruce Braker, Diane Kohler, Robert Ottinger, Carol Smith, Sharon Fegley, Marie Voronkevich, Susan: Wunderler, Kathleen Lilly, Barry Fenstermaker, Jane Schwartz, Shirley Steward, Deborah Lau- bach, Robert Laubach, Lana Ritter, and Charles Takacs. Directors: Mrs. McCann, Director: Mrs. Santee, Properties: Miss Karg, Make-up: Mr. Kleppinger and Mr. Fuiita, Stage set: Mr. Witemeyer, Lighting: Mr. Becker, Music, and Mr. Reiff, Printing. Student Directors: B. Maroski, Student Director, D. Bortz, Stage Manager: N. Shoemaker, L. Smith, D. Farkas, K. Korutz, and A. Herd, Prompters: P. Greb, J. Lisetski, M. Hayclt, S. Paly, and T. Sayuk, Make-up, F. Hnath, P. Horvath, S. Spengler, A. Duffy, S. Hartman, B. Keller, and L. Deibert, Properties, A.. An- drews, T. Andrews, J. Mirro, and T. Uhrich, Lighting. Confusion in a jar of cold cream! MATH CLUB . . . "Dr. Strangelove's em- porium" . . . from left, row 1: S. Bonser, J. Stoisits, R. Schaffer, C. Traugher, D Brncliar, row 2: D. Solt, L. Liggitt, D. Chapl ly, J. Mirro, B. Meyer, D. Bollinger. TRI-HI-Y . . . "A blanket drive for needy families, Easter baskets for hospitalized children, and a helping hand for the com- munity . . ." Members from left, row 1: N. Reszafar, M.. Cinamella, B. Arndt, B. Brown, A. Bauer, J. Vasarab, D. Shaduskyp row 2: E. Hoppes, D'. Snyder, S. Flyte, L. Fox, S. Hirschman, K. Hummel, C. Binder, D. Gable, P. Beidler, M. Larimore, B. Sy- wensky, row 3: S. Wolf, R. Milisits, D. Stubits, E. Fritz, S. Nolf, G. Smith, R. Riss- miller, C. Sier. Page one hundred four Boys' Gym Team, from left: W. Feichtl, W. Newhard, D. Muff- ley, J. Strohl, R. Franya, J. Kish, R. Web-er, R. Barrett, J. Kinitz, C. Morgan, L. Flowers, D. Meixsell, D. Barrett, R. Gabryluk, R. Leolerer, M.. Kocher, D. Barrall, S. Vetovitz, T. Remmel, D. Bowen. BOYS' AND GIRLS' GYM TEAMS After nine months of exhausting practice of some fifteen hours a week, our young corps of forty gymnasts annually present a three hour gym exhibition of unrivaled quality. All other sports involve team effort. Gymnastics alone consists of competition against one's self - the gymnast. The gymnast sta-nds entirely alone, and he has only one chance to prove the mastery of his art and the discipline of his body. Girls' Gym Team, center to left: L. Maslany, J. Rute, S. Hen- ning, B. Feichtl, G. Oncheck, N. McBride, A.. Klutsarits, S. Wun- clerler, K. Demetrovits, N. Paukovits, J. Seier, J. Maureka, L. Fehnel, R. Dischinat. Page one hundred five The splendor of Spanish . . . "The Knight in rusty armor, in pursuit of a damsel in distress. Mr. Shoemaker? No. Don Quixote." The tribulations of Trigonometry . "Who put glue on the blackboard?" 4 The bugaboo of Business . . . "Now, two and two are The eclipse of Earth Science' . . . "The target for today is . . . " Page one hundred six The grandeur of German . . . "Hast du the fairy tales of the brothers Grim Herman Hesse, and Wilhelm Brochert fur heute gelesen?" The great moments of Geography . . "And now for the state of Maddox!" Problems of P.O.D. with the Pan . . . "Let's get to work i- m-m-m-ediately, or you're going to go on the pencil." ..: is K to .. ,ea . --.zift we an - J 3, K. Fi,gxswfaw..s,gQss5?:,fl3, f. - . s 2 . -m-.meft - t- -.e.w:s,.eff,5 , 2-:E5,EgfP:s Q Y L me S3-SNEHWEE Q in -MY. W-W-'M-W-wget .. ,,....,t.M,s...Af jgiti't,:.5gasrX,sim.,,-- -5-.:.::..,5 5,R.kW.g-if - lgfqslty , M ..L. . A wi tl? t. Ne.. er... , . ,,., .Www ..., mas. ,t ,, . . - X-M siv e. - -M m---"s l --t,--,gwe tsfawwgwff ,ggZ.f,,?,ggff4,,mQf. . ,ww ':"" 1'-'-In 3mW"'W -,exe-we :--- 1v1:,i.qE- ,tia l -w e lift-Y " .Q . . , - -.:.-:ff:zgi':Q?53. ::1 N t. 524. mm y tg -:.qk..Z5Gwt .xE.N. . .fag ' - " if-:X 11.1,-saith : -L. :-1..:l..:-.-.-'.-.-- pkg,- Q gg: , .- .,,, .. tp .. .. . l . - ,:...-ste.--Q - ..p:,z eg, .ami -:5.. -. aww ,.,, .,- fl ...., 1 M - ..,. - . '-" A -' , -eb-w w flff ? ltwitlfk - ' - fm-, s t ,, . J ,k,, - . L . 'i-tniteiafigzaz-,V-L " MSE: 2121: :.4:E'::--' f3.22i1,?55'fff'-'I will fiwefylflbfiiilft01555-Zi . il .K f ""1.i . -m f fkgtm .fttht-'glilrifia , 1- T ' - y if if 351 ss' -- X N-1 1 5, WSH ' '- .T ' fs-f4fwygtgz2f3f,feifmssz i in ,- - 55?..W.Qg I 1-ww:-gj:. k Qpgmztggiguk,H-.1'v .- ' . gi mg..-s-. A --Vwttflk, I t2gtR'ffg55gllgt . -. -, . ,. , . - Ll? it 1 . -ff ..-ff.-f,W.-.,'- - - ,- if 'T 'T S4 G to 5- MMS f.",f111'.--tl-,H f ,-3.31 . ,....t3?wfaW3sta23.tDaasrQmiBfst?itfQi . H, V, E su ,M N . -- .2535 W R X ti s is 1 st, ?? avg ,,,, .. of The trials have been!" Typing . . "X marks The spot where you woul Q G , -- d t.f.s.,, , -sm.. .. ,.t,,S...t. me Wt. M, -N., A , . s t. fi--was ., f--za, WN +.-mliwlg 3 We-- fe ef--1-ww.. Www 'NME -ts 'NN Xsfnm-51. .V .ft X ft b'T"ffw "'tww,t,. A..,,tS5a7. 'Wa fa ' m...'f,yxSQ:st,sas2' P -r--f.2af,..'f atm--MIL"tnrgtt,t,.L.'. K-..,NTwfW,. , -. ' N '.S?jf3'-titty:iiiimfifQ.:.i.isQ.--- lf Q -ff M thamzsgma' 'av--Alot 5'-M-555 5 - '-ss.V--1x1sx.:,ssigfffklsigfzl.ez---:-gg X gpfg f 2 .W - -We -t v' i - Me t. aes?-F4.:5?i91'5'13aii5s1wt:5:ls?, ' ,saN,s4l.i,g : s??zS,gfSs-rshwz f mi i e .1252 Q W me Swif,?2H.t4sf ,X it 1, - I use .5535-T. hfawqgi -,L,tLmtg3g. 1 .535 2 - 5 - 5 ' i ' la',. W i- 1- f tz g itilift ti is Siffielgzitwgztggaifcgiiimigtii . l l ' . ' to , T ..... - f- . W . - -- . i f ? X al? -- , K Q' ., , ,H fkilsltti1s?2i1'f'f21if 'ffsrfs.s if gg . ' - 3 A, ' . " - . , . '- 72 --" - .. .. Q ' .- E W K Q ' iff ' ' f W - --fgrep Q4 - 3 gg if 4' Atl 2 ,X i T f.e,g-1f- . --2 H., t,...e:f-L----uf - --in yr f -wwf , . gg fejizszgsmerffit-. 1. f V' , si wif . as ef 422 2- - -1 z .... t, Q - . . ,. 'K 518 1. A K-.litgsli 2. gi. safaris wifi" ', ' . I l S ' 5 The savoir-faire of Secretarial Practice . a show of effort." Www mg,.w E ai fm 'I' firlm, E r ill' "Efficiency withou we ff aw MJ, tam R .A tw Q t W f gi' XX 3 . ,. ag. 122, M mfs? , fx QM X V X ,J A 'ew ggi 4: K, Qs., . W L ...Z K X 'I P gg xc 9 Qs 1 tx W Q I' 1 ss 5 ifgsrfftgiiw me 8 Q so MQ: as 55, 4 M. . , , .1 Q ffwffi fa -T31 WK X kd 7 Ai 'X gs M Q... .Q if 'S tix EPS . p ,ki,lkfi N. .l.L,.,,.,, sg ,t,,,,: QR Sw '9'E."""'t W, Xi. get gig?-3552? wffiill c Qwrtfa at E. 2 ft. - -Q S f it lxwtataiatiwsg -me -1 ,, C 1 ,K 4 -2 1 5 ..,r t..t t..,... .. .D ,X ble." T X it E .. c at --.E ...ff---fs a. 1-.-."w-vf.-,tw V wt-Pziiz wQ..5t.. fa' -- 2 W? -:fi-ffsPlrsiwQgsggfqggvgggttgfg-fs isvistfigy 5gggsg..:gg,.1 it 57:5-ge-.y2s.1sitgQgfigftgigsgtawgz I "F"' "5" 31- ' -5' Wi?1ff5it2i5lf?l---fmJws 'f fl' --Ja--:L1mm.some-.lf:a-.:m 1 S5-'sl,e,.sa, -fre-uint . ,N . -: .ye -Q, r,..,, its---it-.s l - -W-S-ff mtl f t.i2s.3.tse--.Q 'ifgitisr ,av 1 1 " I . Eqif f . 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I' tsf7Eff: f??2: 5?:g5'lISViff 7 ,. ' " . . . .,..., A ... -- -- . '. : , N. H 1-. - - -Q31 5245 11-'v.,-.iw 3 t Egtgj52gg2sjQ2fg1:gifit W I gl- at-i1'fm ,,. Fl X s - -1 - - N- :ff '- ww K 2 X if 1 F , , Q - is 3, reative Chemistry . . . How to win the Daily Dou Page one hundred seven "E fi? :Z s f 3.1 S, .ig gf 1 'fs as FL wwwmsawmim wavy - mm -M.-an -mmvrmfgwmwfiwffawmwmfwmzvmgvm 1+ .wzmf-swf vawmzg,wxwmaw,-ff f-Q, :fy fn- f :,mw::w,g4:f mf., vw-:gfwMmmw,.w,.v:,f1,.f,.-mt' wi. - i . -'11,,1w1wwww:,1,4a11,,w1q, ff,-fv--'wMm,wm, ff--f mz.1wfii ll'l'5 Q Mr. James Oplinger, Mr. William Stranzl, Mr. Peter Schneider, Mr. Albert Erdosy Ckneeling, head coachl, Mr. Andrew Melosky FOOTBALL What is a team? Certainly not mere victory composes it! What the Konkrete Kids lacked in touchdowns, they made up for in personality, sportsmanship, and drive. Consider K. S. and T. A., confusing as many plays as they did people, or Big Les, the Mountain-Man, quiet, rugged, with power concealed behind reserve, or our Class President, Glenn, kind and good-natured, or the ' 'A ' 'Z ' fm..-15:ff.i:-:ffl-gw--J swf- r',- fFV'2V-3.f:,fr1.:f:1-,lpVVQ-,ggi'iV,r:f1ii252?w': M " W" " LEE ' Eitil t l i ,gfg.l5?.ggV,,. S SE 5 5 V, A -N gl V 73, w,.,.,,fVVM. Q- ,cl - my in,g,f,gV,-Q4,Vggg.zifggjtllfgQV,5yff1,VV:..VV4,r,g."gV1gtjx,- A LV. E52 Qlgi 'lf 5 l lf sl Vu ' VH 'l:f ., .i ll 5 L X tes' ' li sg SEN We-lifa1fis,r s me , ' Q12 ,. .. JH ,mi L." V V , . ,1fVV' , -, ,- .2 V , ,--. ...W-lf ..., I 1 tl l rg 'I Y ,V Ang-SV: i P: gg: : . 3 , ia , 51. 5 M1 it je.. V E l ' H . 1 l LE. yi frgitllglsiii Q , .fs A ' V V. 'r's 1 A gl ' V V1 V , -, .,,, A, ' 215I.,1I:Sa . l f l-fl V , .,. rl Donald Herzog james Kish ig Cal! we ' 5 H222 ?lf'l2lS :V i lilliif'llWWl2i?fl?i V i .VV. ,V,, i V. V , gi Q L . m rftglf z15,ifeliV L X iw VFV rli v V- its ifliif' 2- ffl? Si ft l' ' ll X llg gfii' ' Ulf W E ,N 2 Q. !5iV -?.E,,, K M iiyglig fig i A ,tw i rw 5 V -'J' w mr L' Elm fi ii V tl- li li 1 i ' ii fV l li t 1 V , V gi , ,. elim iii 'g li 2 z X 134 ,ffm ti 2 Wi 5 as V 11.3 V5 QV 'f rg fi li f sri V if 'il ' EE li 5 V: Q ME! ffl M, L jg? 'MM X Q " v ial .tl iz E l : V 55:55 . : l l .MV :gli 2 H, if Q lysis glial- Q -' V V"l., VV iris :Vt- Glenn Meyer Eugene Kutzler Les Tashner Page one hundred ten KuTzler opens a hole in The Emmaus cenTer. Kish, on The carry, charges Through The melee. subTIe KuTzIer, or Caldwell, The red-haired comer, Harharf, The blunT, aggressive gymnasT, or Pius, The "Pope"! Take FiIipoviTs, ThaT quieT, brillianf scholar, who shocked us wiTh his poIiTical ideas, or crafTy ChrisToff, Take Pail, Herzog, or Kish, The unforgeTTabIe Kish, who was knocked down, beaT- en To a dislocaTed pulp, and sTiII reTurned for more! Many vicTories we may noT have had, buf we had men! E gmfw, glll' 5 Zi a N 4 1,f 2 ' , .I l T , F M' 'T T 12 fi l T Qgigfif ll ,TQWEQQZ A , ,ay qi 22 giyyyfll L H. 1.1: nh E - ' X EM We ,,.,, E 2 5 1 iiia fi L E., W 28 A ly is 5 ,s E, Pius Uhnak Terry Andrews illiii l E l Will K i ' W5 li ll??2E?'? EE K T T as T f Q riss T if 2, 7, l ,,,. Tli YS , s , an W V, 453, ,sh K ,f., ,, ,,... . 5, -,,, 2 2 . iii ' '2 T Www, rg in :fi 22525, T, Lml l f -4 T , V .,.. .,,, ,,., V ,af,-Tlfligiwefsaswpigy l . - 5 ,gf lil lfl ff ig Q . , 3 ' " 'f 'if S '-f' ' :lf .64 xfls I3 ls-,e r lzslxgl ff " ., f ar: A ' fn ,J 5 4 T g,.,,lw ,m,,,' ,fz T E sf E5 gag, ' wilwf' , .wm wfeiig gb ,f Aw l ' ',, i, W "'?'1,- ' I ,hfifwifih 'fh," ii:" 9 A if w' iflxlih f n Al l-5 - ": V, ' E5 H22 ig '?ZTgV 1 v T i',' T 2 T ,,,, , .,,,,, ,,,' --'r i i' 4 i f ' H f if E lamfzif 5' i T T fl as ,gg 5 gi T" ,,,,, , 35 ,g T fi V, T 2 P in T T lisi Xi A 1 Jerome Pail Stan ChrisToff Page one hundred eleven gilwi 915523 133 X522 lg FQ J W ll S 59 45 2 QW ig 251 T ggi' ig Eiga gill aigiilg A is, T i li sz l li li l - ,eq X ,fy ,NWT A , V MQ? Q W 2 The Varsity Squad, from left: Mr. Melosky fAssistant Coachj, J. Unger, K. Andrews, J. Pail, L. Tashner, G. Meyer, J. Kish, T. Filipovits, T. Andrews, J. Harhart, row lg Mr. Stranzl CAs- Schmoyer, B. Frable, S. Uhnak, T. Usher, A. Onkotz, row 2, P. R. Toth, M. Erdosy CCoachJ, A. Michur, C. Caldwell, J. Wagner, row 3. sistant Coachj, B. Davis, L. Fedorik, C. Morgan, M. Smallen, S. Christoff, P. Kovach, S. Paul, D. Hertzog, M. Bahnick, E. Kutzler, T. Colarusso, 4 ' it . 93. we.. , 3 ,,,:g,.55'., . 4 gwftg 555.3 gg :sg-zsv.iggss,mf3g.5?gtiggsegisgfsafecgbsiggig-5--ysfts,s5grszgs1?egsiffe v- sffkgsfgfg - 5, kt' .f if 2 1 ff A f- l if -. ' y si .Mn it 2 if ' gil , ' .5 V. , i t .t i .V - ,: ' .fir f . z. . ' - K ga- :pf 6- tt: , -3-. is . W. ' 1 if ,I . I - V ef ., all ,. . .. .. .. . ., . , , ,. . .. , . . . Qt., L., .,. , ..... . I .. ' f i ,gm - V- - + - K 4 1, 1 if? t'i'?Ji311i4ff:,?l' ":': g,.5:j.,""'1. .1af:f'-w ' ' X 'lf , J W '13 5f?5.Q.f5Y.El?lW '-BW". ' 'W' 5' - ' 7 1.95 ff .1 V - . 1. N , . .. f - ry - -, k ,3Z l ,,1, ,gWw.i73E j --in .. .T Vg. . t g , , wm a K I sgiiz.. , wks Ez nl .Q .- .Q A 1. ' y ' . . . J w 'S'-We ".-2',-2255 ' ri ,'?v-- H .. ' ,, w,.ih6"ki? gvlliik if i ,, ' - 11. A .Wi-el" .. YI' , -as-sf, -' ' 553.-.,.,.. ,f' 't f t 22. 'S 5 Q ' block pi99Y' Scot Paul helplessly tries Kish, undaunted, carries Zephyr b is gang tackled . . . ack! to roll his man, Kish Kovach gripped in a headlock by Emmaus Green Hornets, Paul and Andrews bewildered . . . Page one hundred Twelve The Jayvee Squad, from left, row 1: J. Oplinger fCoachJ, P. Bah nick, J. Gerancher, L. Wildrich, J. Winarchick, B. Miller, L. Var- honey, D. Herzog, K. Davis, B. Hassler, W. Fegely, D. Solt, P Schneider fCoachJ, row 2: M. Capkovic, D. Newhard, J. Gonzalez R. Siegfried, R. Eslinger, G. Miller, J. Glendenmeir, M. Kreg- Iow, J. Shrapits, M. Caldwell, R. Beil, row 3: B. Gabryluk, K. Rob erts, W. Koch, M. Kucthera, W. Newhard, K. Wescoe, G. OVBrien, W. Paukovits, W. Harder, G. Snyder, J. Leitgeb, row 4: J. Huber, P. Gilbert, J. Kline, E. Fatzinge-r, D. Acherman, J. Drabic, B. Haydt, R. Moatz, W. Ottinger, P. Bucha, D. Hassler. Schneider goads and whips the persevering "men". Kish crashes through Zephyr lines, while Meyer prepares to block opponent. Page one hundred thirteen DoTTer stretches high for Two. BASKETBALL The Kids boasT Dennis Binder, aT cenTer. In The backcourT are Joe STefTie, Danny MarokoviTs, co-capTains, Jerry DoTTer and Glenn Meyer. On The courT, Binder's ready for The cenTer Tap. He directs The ball To DoTTer who eyes STeTfie driving for The baskeT. DoTTer Throws a bounce pass, hits Steffie who dribbles lefT. STefTie passes To The righT side of Meyer, who in Turn whips a behind-The-back pass To MarokoviTs, giv- ing The Kids a score. The Basketball Squad, from left: S. Paul, D. Miller, G. Meyer, R. Gabryluk, D. MarakoviTs, standing: P. Schneider lAssisTant Coachj, J. DoTTer, P. Kovach, J. Steffie, D. Binder, R. Sipple, M... Bahnick, T. Filipovits, R. Nemeth CHead Coachj. Page one hundred fourteen EW 9 35? Meyer executes a lay-up, after a successful, fast break. Unwinding from his coil of guards, Binder reaches for the rebound. Bahnick stages a lay-up in the crucial las? seconds. Page one hundred fifteen The KIDDETTES, from left, row l: L. Diehl, L. Wunder, P. Kern, A. Klutsarits, P. Druckenmiller, M. Henry, C. Schneider, P. Csen B. Feichtl, P. Dobler, D. Kochan, row 2: M. Heffelfinger, L. csits, E. Fedorak, T. Sinatore. Mertz, N. McBride, B. Demchyk, B. Csencsitsp row 3: C'. Laubach, GIRLS' BASKETBALL S-T-R-E-T-C-H-! Page one hundred sixteen Everyone rallies around Miss K for a last worol of encouragement, and then, the game begins. Marie jumps, hits the ball to Dimples, who dribbles fast across court to Nancy. The whistle blows! Time out. All go olown on their hands and knees to search for McBride's contact lens. The game resumes, and the opposition dares to shoot for a basket. The crowcl's wild! "Rebounol! Rebound!" screams Pat lnaturallyl. Marie obliges. Marge falls. Donna, a four feet eleven Wilt Chamber- lain, scrambles for the ball . .. Terrific Effort, Aching Muscle-s, and Miss Kremus - spells TEAM, our Kid- dettes! Catch me, if you can!" Basketball co-captains, N. McBride and M. Henry and Coach, Miss Kremus. "The UnreachabIe!" Page one hundred seventeen Hildenbrandt wheelbarrows Hendrifzy. WRESTLING GracluaTion will once again Take iTs Toll of The wresfling Team. Among The deparT- ing senior wresTlers are four exceprional men, who led The Black and Orange To a Tie for The Lehigh Valley League Cham- pionship: Marlin Coleman, Jack Hilden- brandr, Tony Mauser, and Mario Pasqua- riello. The Team boasTs a seven win, six loss record and Takes special pride in STroudsburg's defeaT. The unrelenTing buT encouraging Harry Wall has coached his TwenTy-second successful wresTling Team. Mauser picks up an ankle and laughs iT off. Page one hundred eighteen Flamish breaks down Lichtauer. Rice tries To break down Herman and fails. Seipie ties up York with a pifuch. Page one hundred nineteen E 5 ,L,, Wrestling Team, from left, row 1: R. Shupp, T. Mauser, F. Po- Ifkovits, M. Coleman, J. Rice, P. Uhnak, J. Hontz, J. Pail, J korny, M.. Pasquerillo, J. Hildenbrandt, W. Feichtl, R. Spengler, Heist, F. Furry, K. Ritter, Harry Wall fCoach,. D. Seiple, J. Flamish, J. Pail, row 2: J. Feclorak, B. Yanders, J. Hildenbrandt flattens Hendritzy. Northampto-n's League Wrestling Cham- pions: T. Mauser, M. Coleman., W. Feichtl, and J. Hildeinbrandt. Page one hundred twenty The Hockey team, from left, sitting: D. Amore, C. Pany, L. Wun- Miltenloerger, S. Novagratz, B. Deilyf standing: L. Klipple, E der, S. Fegley, C. Grube, B. Feichtl, P. Kern, R. Dischinat, J. Au- Fedorik, L. Steiner, C. Traugher, A. Klusarits, M. Henry, Miss gustine, L. Mertzp kneeling: C. Laubach, M. Bras, C. Traugher, Joan Kremus lCoachJ, K. Schneider, P. Csensits, P. Druckenmil T. Sinatore, B. Csensits, R. Zangari, B. Cesanek, P. Marsh, C. ler, C. Reinert, P. Lorenz, M. Heffelfinger. Carol Grube Iunges aggressively to thwart determined opponent. HOCKEY This year's hockey season began in determination and ended in pride. Clod's shoes and Annie's sticks, wind- sprints and Whitehall, figure-flattering sweat pants, and "Mam's" encourage- ment added up to four victories and guaranteed satisfaction. Peggy Kern prepares to tackle Phillipsburg opponent, Linda Klipple rushes to reinforce her teammate. Page one hundred twenty-one VarsiTy Track Team, from left, row 'I: T. Remmel, D. Newhard, D. Kerlb, J. S'Teffie, C. Morgen, M. Smallen, D. Miller, S. Melfon T. Colarusso, B. Braker, T. Frisch, R. Silvius, A. Nordquist, A. K. Davis, row 4: P. Reznick, D. Laury, J Wagner, F. Stimpfl Lopsonskip row 2: W. Sois, R. Sfoisifs, N. Yapsuga, D. Silfies, L. Smoyer, L. Chrisfoff, B. Molnar, E. Kufzler. J. Marth, T. Filipoviiz, T. Dobrzyn, J. Farkas, S. Fedorak, row 3: TRACK The kids have done iT again! Paced by Remmel in The broad iump, Frisch in The 440, and Silvius in The dashes, The Black and Orange have swepT To vicTory. AmpTennian pays special recognition To Silfies, for his record in The 880 and The mile, MarTh, for his performance in The high iump and The broad jump, and STeffie, for his achievements in The pole vaulT. Coaches Sfranzl and Peifer have condiTioned Their boys inTo a victorious Team. Davis clears The 5' crossloar. Remmel soars 17 feet in The broad jump! Page one hundred twenty-Two Marth vaults to a phenomenal 'll' 3". Silfies breaks the tape for a record-making 4:50 mile Marth executes a fantastic 5' 10" high iump! Page one hundred twenty-three Morgan coils for the discus throw! Page one hundred twenty-four BASEBALL Did you ask, "How do we stand in baseball?" At Amptennian press time, we had an outstand- ing year, winning seven out of ten games. Next year's team will suffer a great loss, since seniors U. Pail, G. Meyer, H. Borger, F. Pokorny, K. Andrews, and T. An- drews! are leaving after three years of hard-work and outstand- ing performance. We are proud of Mr. Lisetski for his successful season. Baseball Team, from left, row l: B. Fallstich, J. Pail, J. Pail, H, Borgery row 3: D. Fenasfermaker, M. Lisetski, R. Toth, G- MSYGVI T- PGYFO, J- 5ef6f1SiTS, R- 5nY0l9fi l'0W 22 A- OHKUTZI Bahnick, S. Chrisfoff, B. Hassler, P. Kovach, T. Andrews, B. Miller, D. Rissmiller, F. Pokomy, D. Hoch, J. Wolfer, M. Sugra, Andrews, J. Oplinger. M. K Page one hundred iwenty-five ww ma sv wx... 'Q . W W' 5 Vetovitz executes a giant on the high bar. l s. ,Whse Harhart masters balance befo-re he performs a hand stand on the still rings. Sharlene Henning is poised in acrobatic balance. FOR WRONG SHALL FAIL The .all-powerful city, that impersonal, inhuman, omnipotent Domicile of the souls, already decayed, of men who Have lost the art of life, which molds Humanoids, not men, crushing men's Will, men's individuality, Men's right To be men, constantly moves, never ceasing in Its efforts to destroy all that ls sacred and good. The pulsing, never-ending flow of the perennial river Of iron behemoths swallowing the court of the Concrete King Mocking the alleged grandeur of the accomplishments Of that bestial form which Holds itself above All else That lives, performs a transient halt which lasts Only long enough for a few Worthless souls to cross the King's carpet. The city and its elements stop for No man. The city moves, and does Not notice the things lonely, the things Lost, the things that cry out in Pain. The city is efficient, mechanical, it Performs its tasks with complete detachment from Life. The city's souls are frigid, elevated Far beyond human niceties or common courtesies. Into this sink of hatred walks, indeed Moves in a manner more closely resembling Dancing than walking, a young, idealistic man, A soul brimming over with human compassion And care. He enters the impersonal mob Undaunted by its formidable front. He laughs, He stops to talk to people who Are oblivious, he cares, he sees, he Notices the beauty of the morning sky. And the mob does not respond to The intruder. The city throbs on, in Its sterile, heartless existence. The trespasser is Not dampened by the city's indifference. He Pats a dog's head, tells iokes to Deaf ears, and moves on, out of The city, and into his own world, A world full of meaning and life. But the city rolls on, drifting in its own atmosphere of false piety and Righteousness, and it carries with it the Helpless souls who are lost forever, souls Who, since they will never know of Joy or care or friendship, will never Know of life. 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Page one hundred thirty-five Nancy goes head over heels . . . Our departed Chinese professor Kim Kyung Ky, Korea N-CIub's adopted sister Ei Page one hundred fhirfy-six Maurice Spielman, India N-Ciub's adopted brother . Would you believe "Mod"? ,. Engrossed in English Glenn struggles . . . Page one hundred thirty-seven 4 Sam arf R aff DR. and MRS. PAUL C. BALZE ancI Family FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BATH DR. ancI MRS. WM. F. BOUCHER CALL-CHRONICLE NEWSPAPERS, INC. THE CEMENT NATIONAL BANK CROSS COUNTRY CLOTHES. INC. DEE VILLE BLOUSE CO. INC. DOTTER INSURANCE DRAGON CEMENT CO. Division of Martin Marietta Corporation EBERTS BROS. Building Contractors H. A. ESTERLY 81 SON Business Machines JOHN'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT COMPANY is fbanafiand BOB KOSC LUNCH-BAR AND SERVICE STATION LEHIGH TOWNSHIP LIONS CLUB LEHIGH VALLEY DAIRY MAKOVSKY BROS. TRUCKING SERVICE J. J. NEWBERRY CO. AARON NEWHARD, DRUGGIST NORTHAMPTON AREA EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION NORTHAMPTON EXCHANGE CLUB NHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NORTHAMPTON ROTARY CLUB R 81 S PRINTERS ST. STEPHEN'S GERMAN-HUNGARIAN SICK AND BENEFIT SOCIETY R. A. SMITH MILLING CO. UNIVERSAL ATLAS CEMENT fDivision of U.S. Steel CoryoorationI VALLEY VIEW DAIRY FARM STORE d h 3 Slew it ff? tif fbanalliand Ace Hotel 8: Bar Supply Co. Amey's Garage B 8: L Formal Wear Dent Manufacturing, Inc. 226-236 West 27 Street Northampton, Perma. Dr. ancl Mrs. Arthur L. Felclman H. A. Miller 8: Sons, Inc. Varsity "N" Club Northampton Area Senior High School John S. Nemeth Real Estate8. Insurance Newl1artFoools, Inc. Thornton Jewelers Whalin Chevrolet, Inc. .2 Siam it it fbanaliond A 84 P BARTEX MILLS OF ALLENTOWN, INC. 7th 8. Main Streets, Northampton, Penna. BATH FIRE CO. W. 84 D. BEERS - PLUMBING 84 HEATING BETTY'S CAFE BLUE MOUNTAIN REST, INC. Danielsville, Penna., 767-6379 At foot of Blue Mt. DR. and MRS. GEORGE C. BRONG CATHOLIC WAR VETERANS POST 454 CROSSROADS MOBILE HOME CENTER FRANTZ FUEL EDWIN C. GARDNER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Route I, Box 81, Schnecksville, Penna. FRANKLIN GRAVER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE A FRIEND KEISER'S STEAK HOUSE KORNFEIND'S MARKET STATE REPRESENTATIVE RUSSELL KOWALYSHYN KRUPER BROS. TV 84 APPLIANCES LERNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. MILLER BROTHERS MILLER'S DINER JOHN F. MOORE, INSURANCE AGENCY NORTHAMPTON AREA JAYCEES NORTHAMPTON HOME FURNISHERS 1852-54 Main Street, Northampton, Penna. 262-5677 NORTHAMPTON LUMBER CO. MR. N. C. OPLINGER PENNSVILLE HOTEL RUDY'S MARKET T332 Newport Avenue, Northampton, Penna. ST. JOSEPH'S SICK 8. BENEFICIAL SOCIETY ST. NICHOLAS UKRAINIAN CLUB JOHN J. SIPOS, EXCAVATING 8. GRADING FRED A. SNYDER POST 442353 - American Legion 15th 8. Dewey Avenue, Northampton, Penna. ELIAS W. SPENGLER, ESQ. TWIN COUNTY TRANS-VIDEO, INC. 262-6875 UNIVERSAL PANTS CO., INC. 902 Main Street, Northampton, Penna. P g e hundred thirty-ni f Sllcaa ff? fbanaiiand Allen House Hotel 21st and Main Sts. Northampton, Penna. Althea's Beauty Shop American Hotel Ambrosino's Market Bath Garment, lnc. 151 N. Chestnut St. Bath, Penna. Bath l.G.A. Foodliner Bath Supply Company, Inc. Mrs. lda Schock Benner, Community Nurse George Beil 21st 81 Siegfried Ave. Northampton, Penna. 262-4579 Bob's Flower Shop Dr. and Mrs. Rollin H. Brior Dr. Angelo A. Cavallo, Chiropractor 116 S. Walnut St. Bath, Penna. Chip's Restaurant Crock's Floor Covering Clyde Shirt Co., Inc.. Coleman's Department Store D 84 D Shirt Company Daku's Auto Body Shop Danielsville Hotel Mayor and Mrs. John Daumer Dick's Bake Shoppe 1603 Newport Avenue Northampton, Penna. 262-6076 Mr. and Mrs. John Demchyk Eastern Light Eberhardt and Mazur Electric Center Elmer's Market Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Eslinger Faustner's Atlantic Station Fella Studios, Inc., Photographers 15th 8. Main Streets Northampton, Penna. 262-4741 Charles Fox, M.D. Dale F. Fritz, General Mdse. Gasper's Market Geiger's Citgo Service Station Geosits Market Proprietor John Uakel Wolfer Gilboy Ford-Mercury Gillespie Jewelers Greb's Barber Shop Franklin Haftl, Refrigeration and Heating Paul E. Hall, General Contractor Hampton Lanes Lewis Harry's Esso Station Hartigan's Cut Rate 102 W. Main St. Bath, Penna. Haydt's Hotel, Althea Haydt Prop. Earl Heberling Hellertown Baking Co. 1508 Main Street Northampton, Penna. Lester Herman's Store Sue E. Hoffman Howertown Rose Nursery J. C. Hutterer Texaco Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Hvazda lrene's Beauty Shoppe 1752 Main Street Northampton, Penna. Keim's Atlantic Station Main and Walnut Streets Bath, Penna. Klecknersville Hotel Harold W. Kocher Kopper Penny Drive-In Route 2 Northampton, Penna. 262-5239 Kreidersville General Store Dallas S. Fries, Proprietor Route 2, Box 24 Northampton, Penna. 262-3171 Kroope's Discount Store Kucharczuk Store Kuchera lron Works Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kutzler Lahovski Cleaners Lapointe's Royal Oakes Arthur A. Lapp Agency Laufik Jewelers The Leiby Agency Dr. Edward Lenny Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lindenmoyer Lloyd's Lunch Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mack Main St. Supply 113 W. Main St. Bath, Penna. Mann's Auto Service Marion's Beauty Shoppe Marsh's Greenhouse Miletics Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Moritz Nestor's Sporting Goods Page one hundred forty Northampton BPW Northampton Dress Co. Myron L. Warshaw, Prop. Northampto-n Lodge No. 2189 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Northampton, Penna. Northampton Memorial Company Northampton V.F.W. Post 4714 Northampton Quota Club Mr. and Mrs. Edward Novogratz Dr. and Mrs. R. F. Oplinger Owens Monumental Co., Inc. Pail Bros. Body Shop Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Parmet and Family Pat's Beauty Salon Pete's Lunch Dr. Nicholas D. Petruccelli Quality Service Stations, lnc. Distributor - Mobilgas, Mobiloil, Mobilheat 262-5665 - Phone - 434-6155 1766-70 Main Street Northampton, Penna. and 7th Street Pike Allentown, Penna. Regal Sportswear, Inc. 1 Geo. H. Rehrig - Dodge Dealer Bath, Penna. Reitz Jewelry Store Reinisch Insurance Agency George Reppert, Auto Repairing Roth Bros., Inc. Roy Roth - Coal 8. Fuel Oil Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Rothrock Roxy Theatre Sacks Supplies Schneider Cleaners Paul R. Selvage - Welding Dr. B. Marea Seiler Sickar's Garage 1st 8. Main Streets Northampton, Penna. Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Sieger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Simcoe Beverage Distributors Sinatore's Market Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Skrocki William J. Swallow Funeral Home Tama '26 Turk Roofing Vernell's Beauty Salon Route 2 Northampton, Penna. 262-6815 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Adams Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alich Alice Altrichter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Andrews Mr. Robert Andrews Terry Andrews Mrs. Edna Anthony we flezhwaeeas Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Boyko Mr. and Mrs. James Braker Kenny Braren '68 John Breyfogle '67 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Breyfogle and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Brobst Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Horace Anthony Harold Arnold . Stephen Asbath . Harvey Atherholt Kermit Atherholt Mr. Larry Atherholt Mr. and Mrs. James Attrill Mr. and Mrs. James Attrill, Jr. Robert Attrill Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augustine Mr. Steve Ballas Edgar J. Balliet Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balliet George A. Baltz Mrs. Mary Bankhard Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bankos Mr. and Mrs. Roy Barna Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartha Mr. Elwood Earl Barthold Sandy Brobst " Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown Brian Brownmiller . and Mrs. Luther Brownmiller Mr. Mr Mr Lyn and Mrs. Thomas Bryfogle . and Mrs. Luther Bushman ne Buchman and Mrs. Wilmer Buck Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Debra and Ricky Bush Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bush Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butko Earl Butz '67 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Butz and Family Viola Butz '58 and Mrs. Harold T. Bunk and Mrs. Richard Burke, Sr. and Family Thomas Burke Carol '67 and Darrel '66 Daniel Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartholomew, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bartholomew Mrs. Margaret Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Bauer Audrey Bauer Mrs. Mary Bauer Mr. Rudolph Bauer Mary Beck '67 Betty Becker Mr. Raymond S. Becker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Beers, Jr. and Family Bonnie Beidler Pat Beidler Grace Mary Bennis Mrs. Grace S. Bennis Judy Bennis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beslanovits Beverly and Larry Bill B. and Connie W. Mr. and Mrs. George Binder Mr. Brooke Binkley Frank Bochnock David Bollinger Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bollinger Mr. and Mrs. John Borbacs Eileen L. Borger Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bortz Darlene Bortz George Bowers Mr. Charles Boyko Stephen Boyko Pat Carpenter Mrs. Esther Cawthern Mr. and Mrs. Peter Chandick Dorothy Chayka '67 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chimics Mike Chimics Joe Choronzak '68 David Christotf '62 Jack Christoff '52 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Christoff Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Christrnan Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coleman Miss Ruthann Correll, R.N. '63 Donna Derkits '66 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Derkits Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Deutsch Linda Diehl '69 Mr. and Mrs. Harley Dimmick Donna Dobler '67 Mr. and Mrs. John Dopsovic Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doll Theresa Dornbach Mr. and Mrs. Horace J. Dougherty Janice Dougherty '67 Dennis Dreisigmeyer Mr. John Drobot Deb Druckenmiller Eddie Druckenmiller Paulette Druckenmiller '68 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Druckenmiller Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dunay Arthur W. Durner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eberhardt Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Eberts Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Eberts Edward Clayton Eberts '79 Jean A. Eberts '67 Joan Eberts '67 Joanne Louise Eberts '84 Norton F. Eberts, U.S. Army Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eberts and Family Robert Eberts '69 Mr. and Mrs. John Ebner Miss Rose Ebner Judith E. Eckhardt Susan Edwards Trudie Edwards Alek L. Erdosy Miss Gwendolyn Ettl Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falatek Ronald Farkas Joseph Costa Mr. John Cramsey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Richard F. Creyer and Girls L. Croyle Bernard Csencsits Martin Csencsits Anthony Cummings C. Edward Cyphers '56 Mr. Elme-r Faust Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Fava Virginia Fava Ellen Fedorak Steve Fedorak Alvin N. Fegely Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Fehnel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fehnel Christine M. DaMore Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Daumer Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dech Mrs. Carrie Deibert Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Deibert Mr. Charles DeLucia John B. Demchyk '67 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Demchyk Michael Demko, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Demko Denny and Vicki Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Derhammer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Derhone Page one hundred 'Forty-one Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Sam Fehnel Stanley Felchock Frank Felix and Family Rudy Fella Earl Fenstermaker Mr. and Mrs. Emory Fenstermaker and Family Mr. and Mrs. William Fenstermaker Thomas Fenstermaker '66 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Filchner Joseph Filchner Mrs. Joseph L. Fink Mr. and Mrs. Edgar H. Finley Georgie Ann Fisher, Liberty '65 Mr. and Mrs. John Flamisch Alice Flyte Miss Alveta Flyte Anna Flyte '69 Mrs. Laura Flyte Mr. and Mrs. Ray Flyte Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Flyte William S. Flyte Miss Margaret Foti Dr. and Mrs. Charles Fox Bruce Frack Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frack Mr. and Mrs. John M. Frailey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freed Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Frey A Friend Frank and Sally Frisch Dennis Fritz Mr. Gene Fritzinger :sea Pazffmmssess Miss Arlene Ha ndwerk Mr. and Mrs. Gana Harry Scott Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hassler and Family Mr. Harry Haubert Mrs. Edward Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Hauke Harvey Haupt Leon M. Haydt Ernest Hayne Arthur Hedrick LeRoy Heffelfinger Harold Heiney Dawn Heintzelman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John Heist Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Heintzelman Clair E. Heilman John Heist Phares S. Heller Ralph Henning Sharlene Henning Ifky '67 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. lmp George Jacoby Edward Janci, ACCHS '67 Karen and Dale Constance Karg Mr. and Mrs. Louis Katz Marvin S. Kern '59 Peggy Kern Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kern Stanley Kern Mrs. Ilona M. Keglovits Mr. and Mrs. Sally Kehler Mr. and Mrs. Barbara Ann Joseph Keglovits Donald Kelchner Keller Mr. Lavern Keller Betty Lou Kelly Henry L. Fuiita, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Funk Allen Gable James Gable Joseph Gabryluk Rudolph B. Galgon Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Henry Andrew Hensel, Jr. Stephen A. Herschman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Herschman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hertz Mr. J. E. Hess Mr. Jerome Hess Joan M. Gall Joel Gall Mrs. Louise Galler Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gaugler Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Gaugler Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Geiger Virginia Mae Geiger Mrs Mildred Genovese Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gessiei Sandy "Sam" Gieske Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillespie Gloria and Richard Mrs. Esther Gogel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gober Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gober, Sr. Stephen Gober Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gober Mr. William G. Goetz Nancy Gontar '68 Annette Gontar Mrs. Ida Gontar Patricia Gontar Mr. Russell Gontar Little Goose Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grabias Francine Graff '64 Dianne Griesemer Kathleen Gronotsky Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Guth Walt Hafner '67 Dr. and Mrs. Karl W. Hahn Kermit Hahn '68 Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hiestand Susan Hiestand Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Xl:liipfl Earl Hilborn Harvey Hines Francis Hinkle Alfred Hirschman Mr. Beniamin Hluschak Mrs. Mary Hluschak Faye Hnath '67 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hnath John and Stella Hnatow Mr. and Mrs. John Hoderrnan Mrs. Alma V. Hoffman Robert Holderman Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Holschwander Edward Horvath Mr. Frank Horvath James Horvath Mrs. Lewis Horvath Mrs. Margaret Horvath Mike Horvath, Jr. Philip Horvath Mr. and Mrs. George Hower Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Huber Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hudock Paul Hudick Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hugo Douglas M. Hunt Ralph E. Hunsicker Mr. Frank Hussar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hutterer Mr. and Mrs. Louis lfkovits Susan lfkovits Colleen Kelly Eileen Kelly Kevin Kelly Maureen Kelly William Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keschl Donald Kichline '68 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kichline Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kilgore Donald R. Kindt Mr. and Mrs. John Kinney, Jr. Kim and Todd Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kleppinger Mr. and Mrs. Arlean Kline Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Herman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Kleppinger Kenneth Kline Kenneth E. Kline Robert M. Klotz Klusaritz Stephen Klutsarits Richard Koch Joseph Kochan Mr. Donald Kocher Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Koehler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kohler ll Alan "Butch Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Kohler Michael Kolanich Edward Kornfeind Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ,Kornfeind Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kornfeind, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Korutz Page one hundred forty-two Andrew John Korutz Karen Korutz '67 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kosman Mr. Andrew Kovach Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Kovacs Joseph Kozera Mrs. Emma Kramlich Miss Joan B. Kremus Barbara Jean Kresge Mr. Ronald L. Kresge Mr. and Mrs. John Krill Mr. and Mrs. Francis Krishko Mr. and Mrs. Julius Kroboth Susan A. Kroboth '67 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kroboth Mrs. Ksenia Krywczuk Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Joan Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Samuel Kulp Daniel Kurtz John Kurtz Louis Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lacko Mrs. Clara Laky Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laky Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lang Melissa Larimore Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Laub Norman A. Laub Alfred Laubach William Laubach Paul Lauser, Jr. Robert Legath Martin J. Lelko Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lelko, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lelko, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Stella Lerch Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lerch Howard Lerch Sherwood Lerch Lloyd Liggitt ompahmoee Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBride Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McCann Earl C. Meitzler Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Meitzler Mr. and Mrs. Andy Melosky Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mertz and Debbie Mr. and Mrs. Howard Meyer Debbie Michael Mr. and Mrs. Roland S. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miletics Maryann Milkovitch Theresa Milkovitch Mr. James Millen Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller and Family Donald Miller Elaine Miller Glenn and Rochelle- Miller Lenny Miller Lewis Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller, Sr. Mim and Ernie Mrs. Marguerite Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Mishkin Mike Misko '66 Mrs. Anna Molchany Mr. and Mrs. John Molnar Carol Moyer, S.H.S. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Alex Paly Mr. and Mrs. Steven Paly Alfred and Marie Pany Sally Pany Mr. and Mrs. Earl Parry Mrs. Rose Pauker Miss Rosie Pauker Richard Paukovits Ida Paukovitz Mrs. Elizabeth Pavlochin Mr. Ellsworth Peiffer Mr. and Mrs. A Pen Argyl Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peiffer Fan Rudolph Pflugler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piervallo Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Piescieoski Alfonso Pilolli Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Piper Virginia Piper Marlene Piscitelli '66 Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pokorny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Pokorny, Sr. Paul E. Pokorny Ill Linda Praetorius '65 Marilyn Quay James Rabe '68 Thomas Radocha Mr. and Mrs. Charle Hayden T. Ravert s A. Ravert Linda and Charlie Linda '67 and Danny '66 U.S.N. Linda and Joe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muffley Julie Mullner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy Fred Murtaugh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mary fTerryl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Loch Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lindenmoyer Walter Lindenmoyer Lisetski John Lizak Nicholas Lopsonzski Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lotti Lou and Rosanne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lowman Mr. and Mrs. Calvin E. Musselman Lamont Musselman Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Nagy Mr. and Mrs. John Nederostek Judith A. Nemeth Kathy Nevius Mr. and Mrs. George Newhard Mr. and Mrs. John Rechtor, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Redline Mary Redline Davie Reed Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Reese John H. Reese, Jr. '59 Aaron H. Rehrig Mr. and Mrs. Harry Donald Reimert Reiff Mr. and Mrs. John Reszetar Mrs. Nancy Reszetar Thomas R. Luisser Sharon Mack Ann Mann '67 Brenda Mann Miss Joyce Newhard '66 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Newhard Gerald Newhart Mr. Julian Newhart Mr. and Mrs. Ted Newton Af3C Andrew Gene Nicholson Lt. Commander Stephen W. Reszetar Bill Reyer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Reyer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rex Ellen Jane Rice Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Marsh, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Marsh Mr. and Mrs Kermit Marsh Frank M. Maroski, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Maroski Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Martz Joseph Maslany Lynn Maslany '67 Mr. and Mrs. John Matsco and Daughter Joan Maureka John Mayerchak Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mayers Nancy McBride '67 Mr, and Mrs. David F. Nordquist Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oberly, Sr. Linda Oberly '65 Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Obrecht Frank O'Donnell Hugh O'Donnell Jim O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Oplinger James Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Edward Paar and Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Paar and Daughter Miss Katalin Paar Mr. and Mrs. Randall Pagotto Page one hundred forty-three Mr. and Mrs. James Linda Rice W. Rice Richard and Barbara Mr. Charles Rider Lana Ritter and Harold Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ritter Rob CNEHID '67 Mr. and Mrs. Rav Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Beverly William Roberts, Jr. William Roberts, Sr. Frank Rockas Charles Rockovits Ann Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rodgers Vladimir Rogavotsky Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rogers Jack Roth Sharon Roth Cesta Rothermal '68 Barbara Ruch Beatrice Ruch Bonnie Ruch '66 Mr. David Ruch Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ruch Mr. and Mrs. Martin William Sako Lillie Salash Mrs. Thelma Santee Sara and Corky Mr. and Mrs. Peter Saul Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sayuk Theresa Sayuk Mr. and Mrs. Morris Schadt Alice Schaffer '66 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Schaffer Sara Schaffer '67 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schall Mr. August Scharl Mrs. Mary Scharl Miss Tillie Scharl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scheetz Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Schisler Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Schisler Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schlegel Mr. Bruce Schmauch Kar en Kay Schneck oeopabwnaoees Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Silvius Richard Silvius '67 Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Emma S Frank Simko imon Mr. Bernard Skripek Pete Skubik Pastor and Mrs. Slusser and Family Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Louise Smith Mr. and Mrs. Clark S. Smith Kevin C. Smith '67 Raymond Smith Ruth Smith Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Smith and Ronald Mr. and Mrs. Edgar F. Snyder George Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Peter Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Snyder, Jr. Robert J. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. George Sodl Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sodl Dennis Michael Soffera Mark Solt Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Solt Dennis S. Sommer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sommer Sona and Jack '64 Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Spence Dallas Spengler Mrs. Elias Spengler Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Spengler Joey, Mike, Tommy, and Anthony Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schneider Johnny Schubert Mrs. Annie K. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schwartz and Famil Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Schweitzer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seier JoAnn Seier Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Seiple Kathryn R. Seiple Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Senyak Carol Sever '66 Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffer, Jr. Mr. Ed Shantz Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shellock and Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sher Mr. Dale Shoemaker Keith W. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Shoemaker Dan Shuey, Liberty '67 Nan Adele Shuey, Liberty '65 Richard Sickonic Charlotte Silfies Dennis Silfies Nan and Bob Silfies Mr. Bar and Mrs. Norman C. Silfies bara Silvius '60 Y Susan Speng Mr. and Mrs. ler Jacob Spitko Mrs. Louise Standen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stano Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sta nz Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Stehly Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steiner, Jr. Linda Steiner '67 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stettler Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stoisits Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Stoisits Jack Strasser Mrs. Ste hen Strella P Mr. and Mrs. George Strohl Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Strini Glenn D. Stu bits Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Stubits Susan and Jim Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Suter Nikolai Sweryda and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sysko Mr. ancl Mrs. Anna Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sywensky Joseph Tercha Mr. Robert Tercha Gloria Tretiak Sylvia Tretiak Mr. and Mrs. Michael Toka Mary Ann B. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tutko Phaon Trexler rczyk Torba Donald A. Turick Page one hundred forty-four Mr. and Mrs. Pius Uhnak and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Unangst Valerie '68 and Larry '65 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Valo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vandergrift and Brian Mr. and Mrs. George F. Vogel Al3C Wagner and lst Srg. Lana Ritter Mrs. Ameila Wagner Carol Wagner John Wagner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wahl Bonnie Walck Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walker Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Wall Dieter Wanagel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ware Mr. and Mrs. Myron L. Warshaw Mr. Edward Weber Mrs. Edward Weber Mr. Michael Weber Mrs. Michael Weber Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wehr Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weider Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Wentzell Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Werley and Children Joan Wesley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wetherhold Carol Ann White Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. White and Family Mr. Al Williams Anita G. Wise '64 Harry K. Witemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Steve Woginrich Mr. Alfred E. Wolfe Dennis F. Wolfel Mr. and Mrs. Luke Wolfel and Family Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Wuchter Galen Wuchter Mr. Jerry C. Wuchter Karen Wuchter '69 Susan Wuchter '68 Capt. and Mrs. Carl J. Wunderler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Wunderler, Sr. Sue Wunderler '67 Carol Yager '67 Mr. and Mrs. John Yankovitch Judy Yankovitch Mr. and Mrs. Roland Yaple Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yapsuga Edward F. Yapsuga, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Yastrzab Mrs. Anna Zangari Mr. and Mrs. John Zangari Rita Ann Zangari Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zellner and Son Mr. and Mrs. John Ziatyk ,QQ , ing ' 1. 1 .. f.: 11. .fl .. .. 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With gladness now we've reached the place Where two roads meet and two roads face. The road we've come belongs to youthp We now commence the road toward truth. John Mirro

Suggestions in the Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) collection:

Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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