Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA)

 - Class of 1963

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ALMA MATER Honor 'to the Black and Orange! Sing the glad refrain, Loyal to our Alma Mater, Ever we'l1 remain. Days with her we'11 e'er remember, Though our lives be long, Here's to her Whose name We'11 ever Cherish in our song. Refrain: Alma Mater! Alma Mater! All our vows renew. Hail to thee, Northampton High School We will all be true. "It's madness, it's madness," I say To 'climb those steps each day To ramble along in a bumpy bus And race a clock that won't Wait for nLIt7 To To To s madness, it's madness," I say do the homework and take a test H It's madness, it's madness," I say have a pause along life's Way To But school days are, I must confess, US. spend twelve years of life this way have teachers shouting to do your best. The ste in -stones to man's success. PP E jfilif M , 1 if ff NJJLIJI fj jp e Blum 112-f 5!Q, QQ fix, ' x . L x x 'Qin Q 3. x ,.f!I5.gfg'iY ' ' '44, A fl"""'h-F F ,.,, 59,21 ' mix L Q iQJ t:Q':'1,4,gnf l: :,J'f: . 5 3 Q iyfg -f-fgf2qg, . ,, .' 1 ff " ,e,,1-'fs"'e?f"'-' 'Ja . cn' -'e 31, L - ' l' INN! '?,75,l fi. :gf-.. f vigrx 1 Nasns .. M - Jig: ' u K I ws, " ml V 13?-Jgfgrgv --"' wa- "2'-,,,".'11," "1 ff if WA' "-ff'-1: W f 1 '- Ziltrnh 4' A. A, f, "' -A f . ' wi- 4' , 1-A" ' 'il ' ' ' -1 ' -'xx ,'i"14'-: 9 " .1 v I l. I I Jin, E ,. 5 X .ufblliffaq -2 ,31 ., f Qui a A U ww ff!gi g11" 4' . ' Y ,-if b ff .L Tp 'ltibig fr' .Hr 7 ' 2, .--,1- ,f- ' 14, f W." 'fgqu if " A 2 Wifi 55' "' J" - 'fi 5:2153 ' Qi U ' .r KW? P f'fi4Tf'gf' 'S fi ' -4 - . c,,, '- 3,611 2 5 ' '41-' 1- ' ' "' ,,"' ' 11' rl, . - 'F"-ij' 5 ' ' if 'fy' f ' 'fl' f W .-,sv "' ,Q :xi-:Vex Fi? fl- - A V Ng, . - .4 K iln' ':1J':..Q Qf .1 , ,aj-- ? .. W .I if 'if'4?25Fl w b - ' ' Zi -' .S ' - 'Wf--:fir ,wivigvti k ik ' In -M In Y .' v1.I5',.g'!Q:yinu . 1 . '-15554. 42 ,1 A ' F 1QzT?'? lig f4i-' nw 44 ' N V N dj ,5f.jif1.1g5A4 O GC? A 4. '.3q'!"' . --'MF L if ' 'ZW VZ? -' 'Q 1- 'A - "1 .,-f,, '-- ' f 'g 1, - ,xf ' 5 - wf vr' 5 ' - if iwpfw ,QF LQ EW., Q- -5' ff' , in " we .f " M4-' 'ffff' E Y V, " 2' fg ,FA ff ' -J 1, Qtr 11' f Ii JIU it 1s1xP'3'v' i 5 3 : 2 ff Ll ' ,f RN.. Q' T9 M ' . A 131-Md N YAXXX 1' in 5 i Q 7 P -' . b fs' -. Abi! .-"J .,u4 , ,,g,...ff Sv if '?iQ4i'QTi A 1.1 sf-4, f is , Q 1-4 " ' u f rf f N fig? 5. ws , mt - X ggxz mgya-' 1 Xxx f + lm., -- , if A , m.. ' hh Q. w . 'll . J' ,- fyj ay v 5-kjgsllx M H -., , Q 'N w In 3' 1 lv r. it "HO 'V-I I . 1 lAQ ' V .4 ,A .1 . p w. ,. 1 445 ,K , nap, 2 f , AA C ' ' 1 .1 if, 'al xx me ' , ,gl -- A 4 ' cfm fi- ll " ' Xxx f Bug- . 'vi V , - ' fy." .' nf s Q ! cg? E " , 5 X, a J f' U 'Ay' K. 'li ix 'jiiiir ' ., ' H 'ly 4 ,, w 1 , 'mu y Kg :l .. 'gi il. . V 1 ,5 ,-- f' x ' vu .Q g ig y ,. i 44 : xg u , k. .Am 1 3 .il l W, If , an yi i ... , '-r ' w ' " we :LGA -'gil Y' Y X -A.J.vY'r?3-I-F3.3-V L! gfrgf n rf . ky ' r 3 . i f ' xisxi .r V UZ: - Q ' "v-Us '- 1. N .'- 1' x 1 . s ,nfquP"'.g -i Miha! -1 1 v ,-' m . . . - 'wus-Y 7'7"l"'1"'9 X- - ':'. - '. . A 1,04 , I ht A X . ,. -A BQ .1-minkus Q, . h ff, PW-' ' n - ' - "- ilk. gi "' I 45:3 i ! If 'lifh .1 wi I .1 ' my-,w,S.,rf'-li kiyiy YFQP-"'q,. 3. My ' r ia 1 ff- .. y i ,.l'fli9.,.l ' l ' ffl ' fiiili Q A, """"'1'i5 F, - 1 li ' ll lull -Fi din' 1 li I- Q ,4:S'?T-:v.1.. 41. lilvi- X"-1 v w.. i 1 .:. l .- gir l' 'F ' " ' ll' ' if 3929 ,K S M ff" , ' s, 5'-wi' " i T. Q -'fl' lg .r ,I ' " if 'Lrig ' i X 'lla Q P-defy, . if A ig ' , l i flwv, ,, . Jil, . 1111 ,y-ft' 'IM l -- is' yjfg x,?. I nd' ' g "' -,, h XM m y---A K, , , ,-'ir . ,-.. . Citi.. X -Q '-'tif' :' I NJ' Lf' A ' "' .uv L 1, as 2 3,1 U 1,5 'C' 'xl I l -"""'-'p ll ' li v ,f'u'fixN'l'wV . 'Ml h. ' -.-P6 'lr 1 Y -ll 'fl 'lg 1 -I f' ll ,nyqvlvn-.s vi UI at sit! His' ' W 4 1' ' lil?-'.f" .N W' l7:'v' ll?"3.'.-v, K- .1 "L "'Sil!"' .--- " 2 -' 'lg .V -l ,s 41 5-,U g - dal. .N , Y ,,,,,,.-av"" pf im s fl as is "" ,Q-155 ' y. ,H ws - glfvrflft :I 'V R fun ,A X "N - L-J ,ff ., ' fi- 1 -fam W A-1 f --xi.3:lll'i"' 5:2537 f. Nw ..,....-e--f-""' i V . A 1 Y .kuxl I Y s 5 J ' y 1 I .t " "'l 'ill-3' " ' '--. iw: N if ' air - my A- swirl.: - V . Q 4, P-. H rs'-s o - f Hill- .1 Q lfgp ' ,A 'lit' , L hr 058 '- uv J 4 -.. i E 1 , 1 ' of Tnlfgx ., 'KH' .vT:' QQLU: , ,J ,' . 'il' .3 ,ge ,V .!'.f-'IRR' r 1- i. . . M . ' - L' '--n ,, 0. :LMI Al, . 'V Y . . . J :sQil3 "'0'i .f- A qu. " l' 51. OHV. 1. - -X -, . nm, ,-v-- ,V - .5 . ' . ,lyk . We .. A 'K X . .Qs- " 1 I X Q Nl L 1101 'ligh R l-'DU1 K E57-I 'ffl' g T Q am fs vslfl' x .41 E ik rl Xiu 3-M L Alum, ' V012 S V I rlzxl Qcvaewavwl Foreward! Wilh +he help of Ben G. Bookworm. we have endeavored fo illuslrale our concepl' of The PROGRESS of The sludenls 'lhrough 'lheir Senior High School years. As +he larvae slowly spins and becomes enveloped in Hs cocoon. so do The sludenls become engrossed in fheir sludies. Termina+ing lhe dormanl' period. fhe larvae will emerge from Hs cocoon as a loeaufiful bulferfly ready lo meel lhe world and fulfill als life's dulies. So foo. we seniors have remained wilhin l'he school's enclosures becoming 'rhe producls of con- -v.s..., . .Hy--, . 5 A gif' -' - .1 :rw ,M -'iw " .. 'QQ . Tehulkl-D .,D..i.,ng': , 4 'ph .-Mus X A . '- . . fyxslx "" ash- , '- vi. 'IL . -'74"T! . 'g ' 'J- ' 'Wg'-3 ,.., ,, st ,slr ' K. . 'Q' 5 5'1"-l lfflifflg' ' X X,-I, ' ,gc 1- sk . x v -:MK ' - ..s..'T-..,,yw. ' X ' xp 'jf fijfiu - ' U H C' i. , -"-,W x I, . S , I E V, 'Nm N B .V . E ' vi llw ll Qi 4 lipi- - ,il . 2--L-you 1.1 Q, fb..--j..1y.k m ff F T""l4f.Q'1b nfl-'?.'r'i'-"AQ.,'Q,.l':-miss':j-',fT,f'-,--1.-fh'w.,g: ,M 9. N ,. V i, K., . ,, g.,,y,,A ci. y I , NX, , i uw. '--.ll -v - , , , ill., ' I ' 1 'vqfgl-:,x9! A n'xQ.'.F,Ql:'l ' M ' . .f 1 X , .. 'L-,1'.:j,,,:.v' :. FI . page 2 5 i lf ill?-11 ghsysxxqinxhhtl fl ,M all 3- ' 1 1, S 'rnnued sludy. And 'rhen we will emerge as lhe bulferfly. spread our wings. and enler The broad world of lrials and greal' expeclalions. Co Edilors Rulh Ann Correll Sally Ann Hager 7aUe ADMINISTRATION - FACULTY - PERSONNEL - SENIORS - - UNDERCLASSMEN - CURRICULUM CLUBS - - ACTIVITIES - ATI-ILETICS - FINAL ACTIVITIES - COMMENCEMENT - CANDID SHOTS PATRONS - I2:Uw5I wmv of Ganfenld page 3 PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE PAGE MR. ALBERT HENRY AlberT L. l-lenry, The SuperinTendenT of NorTh- ampTon Schools. is a compeTenT leader noT only in our school adminisTraTion buT also in The communiTy. A conscienTious worlcer, he performs his duTies wiTh skill and Tacl' using as a guide his belief in masTering The basic Tools of learning before proceeding wiTh specializaTion. Because he is seen aT mosT school acTiviTies and is always ready To hear any sTudenT's problems. Mr. Henry is well-liked by The sTudenTs. Though This is only his second year aT NorThampTon. he has eTTecTecl many useful changes To make our school a beTTer one. 7fne Baan! of Zflawaiion These ThirTeen men serve The new NorThampTon Area School DisTricT by acTing as liaisons beTween The Taxpayers and school adminisTraTors. The Board members are selecTed so a proporTionaTely repre- senTaTive body exisTs Trom The seven areas compris- ing The DisTricT. Their Tasks include The hiring of new Teachers and personnel. The budgeTing of moneys alloTTed Tor The school. The carrying ouT of sTaTe laws Tor school disTricTs. and The TormulaTing of new rules ancl regulaTions concerning our school policies. Their only emoIumenT is The saTisTacTion of knowing They are parTly responsible Tor creaTing an aTmo- sphere conducive To The greaTesT and besT of learn- ing in our school. SiTTing: Howard Raubenhold, David Olson, Guy Rice, AlberT Henry. Russell Becker, George Newhard. STanding: Joseph Smide. Joseph George, Vincenl' Cerciello, Woodrow Lindenmoyer, Arfhur Schaffer, Carl Schmiclcly. Jerome Burlcepile. page 4 ,ddfmmzmaizm IT you ever visiT NorThampTon l-ligh. "Take me To your leader," invariably means Take me To one oT The 3 L's: Mr. Laub, Mr. Lerch, or Mr, Laubach. Mr. Laub. our principal, oversees our educaTion during The school year. AcTing as assisTanT To The principal, Mr. Laubach. now has adminisTraTive duTies added To his schedule of advising STudenT Council and giv- ing The morning announcemenTs. Finally. There's Mr. Lerch who is Guidance Counselor. Finding jobs Tor sTudenTs. inTerviewing Them. ge-TTing Them inTo col- lege, and giving Them exams occupies "Doc's" Time. The 3 L's co-operaTe so ThaT our school can be managed smooThly and eTTicienTly. asf .4 .- A ' fl afy , MR. ALBERT LERCH, B.S., M.Ed. MR ALFRED LAUBACH Ph B M A Guidance Counselor AssisTanT To The Principal imff illffl lax V 'I ' . MR. ALEC ERDOSY. B.S., M.A. Mr. Alec Erdosy. our able faculfy advisor. is re- sponsible for The yearly sporTs program. Working in cooperaTion wiTh The AThleTic Council. he sched- ules and plans all our evenTs in The field of sporTs. He also insTrucTs woodshop classes and keeps rec- ords of The aTTendance of all seniors. F l I if I Joan Wunderler, JaneT Kunh. Judy Hnafh MRS. FLORA OBRECHT. B.A-. M.A. Need advice girls? Mrs. ObrechT, our girls' coun- selor, is always ready To assisT. Every year she inTer- views each girl individually, answering all quesTions perTaining To Their suloiecTs. She is inTeresTed in your pasi' record. your immediaTe needs, and your fuTure plans. Our capable counselor is a friend To all when iT comes To solving problems and preparing girls for The fuTure. ,yi 'g 1- pin . N f wi xwi Ji, Swwfwed Adding grace and beauTy To our High School office are our experT secreTaries: Miss JaneT KunTz. Miss Joan Wunderler, and Miss Judy l-lnaTh. An- swering Telephones, Taking dicTaTion. and Typing re- porTs from school execuTives are parT of Their daily rouTine. They also assisT sTudenTs coming in for all manners of excuse cards. WiThouT These efficienT girls we would have no sTudenT bulleTins. absenTee reporTs, or cheery smiles from our office. page 6 i.......-.,-,.,,, I 3 . - Y W -.. 5 -., .......... P f.' a I! K Ex I tri, l . - 1' 1 4 .v gif A . Kg- fir: ' 1 A 'APXT '--A,- . 'fn ' , 'f K- , ' -. . if . M QQ.-2iQ'w Q M 261- N . x I jig- X XX: -3. ...I - " X gf U ,. . lgjv ' 'RN - I W. 1. 1 ' lL ' , A f X ' ' I . xxx V 3 -.fb . , 3. X .5 ' .T-Ya - -ini? Zi.-, ?" . 1, A .A,. .. - ,Q 51-6 --.i,g.Fl'f1'f3j '.Lf3i. ' iz. 5 ' 1 ' , 1 ' 5 5? ' ff: r:-9735? f A 9 -If 3' -5 55 s' 1'.1,...... .43i31. : i' 1 l 5'if.:' . . , :b f i :f -'IV . - r 1' -. " I Q ' j I " .47 " mg' ', Q Q J ' 'I' J. A' '- -' . TT - . :A P 1 J ' x. . ff .Q 'T' 'ff--19 .f . 1 Q! 5-I-f' .gf 'H f '-E -'r ' x 2 '-g lv -A L.. 3 Q - Q: '5 lfj ,, 'h fffff ff." I 7 5 'Qi I' . I .1 ,gf I F.. k , ,H PA .fx All--Z ., xx, J, '--ng.. .llililgw - 5 2 - . ' 5 N rg vu-Q., 1- if , -C ng -.'. , -. - W . """" -W b W-, ., .n , 3, WP. 2 3,15 2 CK 'X --f " .. ' . ,gf sf . L LR '- x M" Q: '-P - ins- 5 '-.-,,..,,,. .-,.,.. .- ' 3-1 1 L Ex ' f. fi V --r--L---1-, Bi iYf4AWV VW A-:'4'?"'-'-IQ-iz-D, gl t . F , xi r nu,,,.Ff-w-aauzauua-a-. Y i A V 'A...ify,: ?,-as-s 'I' ...--e-.......... , --qi. . - ...A..- rt. -than-21' ' , ' ' ,--.... In-qu, SYBIL BAlMAN. AB Healfh, English L . . ff, .K " -, , L A .,,. .ZW N505 4 x ' U4 1 Ni ' I x .3 wg V' EDGAR J. BALLIET, B.S. Physical Science, Visual Educafion RAYMOND S. BECKER. B.S.. M.A. ALBERT ERDOSY. Ph.B.. B.S. Senior Band, lnsfrumenial Music. Boys' Chorus, Physical Educafion, Head Foofball Coach Spring Concerr. Chrisfmas Vespers Boys' Gym Team, Gym Exhibifion ROBERT D. DRUCKENMILLER. B.S. ALEK L. ERDOSY. B.S.. MA World Culiures, Sophomore Class Advisor Wood Shop, Faculiy Manager ALVIN N. FEGELY, B.S. J.V. Foofball Coach JOHN M. FRAILEY. B.S. Algebra II. Plane Geomefry Chemislry, Phofogranhy Siaff Advisor NELLE Y. FLUCK. B.S. 'HENRY FUJITA JR BS Producfion Make-up. Librarian Meral Shop page B .ff ,gf- ELIZABETH M. GEIGER. B.S.. M.Ecl. HARRIET HALLMAN, 8.5. Shorllwand, Typing, Secrelarial Pracfice. Sl1Ol'll'lBf1Cl. TYPlf19 Amplennian Business Advisor MAGDALENE R. HAUKE. B.S. CHARLES E. GUNKLE. B.A. Economics. English English, Amplennian Ediforial Advisor RUTH M. HUBER. B.S. DONALD KINDT. 3.5. Homemakingi Tr5.Hi.Y Advisor Mafh. Physical Science, Physics CHARLOTTE B. JQHNSQN' B.A- MELVIN G. KLEPPINGER. B.S.. M.A. English Arfs and Crafls, Amplennian Arf Advisor. Arr Appreciafion. Producfion Siege Seffings Ari' Exhibilion JOAN KREMUS. B,S. Physical Eclucalion, Girls' Gym Team. Gym Exlwibilion, Cheerleader Advisor LEROY D. KRESSLY, A.B. Hislory, World Culfures page 9 MARION I. LAUBACH. A.B.. M.A. English, Senior Class Play Advisor. French, Nalional Honor Sociely Advisor, Cornmencemenl DOUGLAS LINDENMUTH. B.S. Plane Geomefry, General Malh, Trigonomelry, Analylic Geomelry " ' '22 1, 1 ' , ,4 .22 if . ii ',., 'Sir MICHAEL LISETSKI. Ph.B. DONALD A. MERKEL. B.S. Problems of Democracy. U.S. Hislory. Geography Head Baseball Coach MAE MCCANN. A.B. Librarian xi 'S R? JAMES OPLINGER. B.S. HARRY G. REIFF, B.S. Heallh, Assislanl' Foofball Coach, Prinfing, Mechanical Drawing ' h Assislanl Baseball Coac ARTHUR RONEYI BA EDWARD A. PANY, B.S. German, German Club Advisor Social Sludies, Problems ol Democracy. Junior Speaking Conlesl' Advisor Senior Class Advisor page I0 THELMA SANTEE. B.S. PETER P. SCHNEIDER. Ph.B.. M.A. Vocal Music. Girls' Choruses, Ensembles, Chrislmas Psychology, Assisfanl' Foofball Coach Vespers, Spring Concert Music Theory and Appre- ' +' I C f ROBERT J. SNYDER. B.S.. M.A. Cla lon ommencemen Earrh Science, Physics, Usherelres, Junior Class IVAN P. SCHNECK, B.S. Advisor, Science and Mafh Club Advisor Bookkeeping. Office Machines 5 i .... l .-.. s" ,' ' c ' S E 1-i Q6 41' QQ Y :Tj A i"' T' id? E RAY WAHL. Ph.B.. M.A. HENRY WElR: B-5- Safely Educalion, Driver Training MGfl16rT1Bl'ICS HARRY B. WALL, Ph.B.. M.A. English. Head Wreslling Coach, Assislanf Track Coach. Concrere Courier Advisor HARRY WlTEMEYER. B.S. World Cullures, N-Club Advisor, Lighfing Crew Advisor NABEEH A. YOUNES, B.S. page II Spanish Q. Our facul+y displays one of fheir many falenls clurlng lhe more serious side Mrs Bollman lends a hand while a benefif baskefball game. Henry and Mr Sylvesfer causally chan' over lhe B E day chvihes -653, 7 ..l' Q ,flea ! ' Jeri.. J' 1 s if K U y as are 1 A gen .ply ff' LR Safeguarding fhe heal'rh of each one of our sludenls is The iask of our compefenf medical slaff. By checking +he srudenlrs' eyes and ears every year 'rhey insure our physical well-being. Whelher il' be a sudden illness or an accidenl on The gym floor. we can feel al' ease knowing our capable friends will provide ihe assislance we need. 'lei I , X X X X X s x x , L' y T M T T bfihiiis-N s X .,,, T X x I if. . - Q-' X . :is s if T T- T W .Q . if 2 . T 3 A by rw, . a x 3 K 1 X" -X T be ,T .,g' Q ij ,, -4 T ' , T SiTTing: Isabelle Folland, Constance Macfxdam, Carolyn Tarrow, Eva Lerch, Francis Ruch, AnneTTe SmiTh. ST-anding: Theresa Ebner. Lillian Wennich. Ann Glendenmeyer, MargareT l-lalbToersTer, John Msrchs, Leona Schell, Mary Mes- senlehner. I' wp '- ffl ,, , fffifiq jfs 1 , .bfi V 'L we " M Q'Q5'X ' V , T 1 2 5-111 5: A 1' ,TL Mrs. Mary Zirinslzy lffainfenance Sic!! C? ' Sfafl Keeping our school spick and span is The job of Our caTeTeria sTaTT is responsible for The well- our able bodied mainTenance sTaTT. Keeping The balanced rneals served To sTudenTs. Because of These building warm in winTer. The Wallis clear of snow. and The school grounds neaT and clean are The main obiecTives of our cusTodians. The cleanliness of The classrooms is due To The eTTorTs of our house- keepers. We saluTe This never-Tiring group Tor Their Tine worlc. ladies. all The sTudenTs can Take a break from The day's acTiviTies To eaT a hoT, nourishing meal and prepare Tor The resT of The day's worlc. Our dieTician. Mrs. Mary Zirinslc . plans Tor each day an enjoyable and well-balancecllmeal. I Y T A . ArThur Schell, LuTher Kern, Roberf Sfuber, Ralph RoThrocl: Joanne Rabenold. Emma Lerch page I3 Jnvuh nllrinmo 1 what-wruuaunonm uma-vacuum: nann-'cuss-xn vwwwsr-xru.7a1.ll:9-um nn1.1umnma.nw.z.v u J:...x.'L'mv.!inuS-N ufrv-AFIWVN-I-KQIKSSISRWDBMKHVU-hhihritliwailhkwubhd lu- - A l r I x l 4 f 1, V J 0.1 ' 'JV Q1 0 P l VL 7' 4 :Aj 4 ' ll TI ift 1 1 .h , , , E2 R , A Q tv. ' ,J 73: Q - V V . .I ' J. . .:.,,,,,.. 'Q i 0. . IA J , ,. K g ' -' gf Q ' 1 2 A ' 'iv ' :E ,Qi p 14 X 15.1 it' f 'if , f' 'f 'T K -"Q - , ."'.l ' 4 'f " I 55' 'l' " M "" A J' 'NU .X 1 ' 1 bf -1, - ' ...Nl . Jr 1 1 , 5 gfu -0 7? rs. 3. mr. . vw... V-H. fs X I X - y . . nm' u-nu.:-umm. v -v.'3--V- ws '1.' . A ' 44 X ff' if ,V 'Q ,fi5.9'5'2'j"'1l5x3.Zgj1".2vE433uQ,,, fa, V lh.'f,ii l if ' ,4',V'ng2gH11,b, ,. .Q-54,1 Ima, ! ' A P - ' 1644 QM- . - M ' ' 1 '- L 1- ' ' 3,0 , '34 - . 1 1 L K ' ' 'J' 541 'N i N," A u , ,H .,,., Q" ' "AQ", W" 'D' mf: . +57:W-sei. ' nb 1- . :vw - . -A 1' -f 1 - r "UU v , -' , ' -I H11 5 I, x4 I r - . 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PLAlv5',AN.0 5 WAY-L 57'7LL HQN- 0,19 THEE IN FU-TUFE Yfl-A!?3.VVE .-.,,..-.q . af - -CP' ,4 'milfllfl Tfjilii. "T7ZZ.Zi. Ziiiili "iii" 'i.1Zi11i'j1-.,.,1 A 1 A Y M-::Q.,gg:g"::ig.1L T lf 3W v 4 5' ., ' ..:7Lg:-..-gi.?,LLM. '11 ' gm -- Tm we THE womo W fcH TO 5'5 cm QFAW1 f:,gL - ww Swv Dgfvns ALL A -Lcffvcs me WAY fowl! Bl F' 1121:-waz. Now HS wg ifyw-:var 0A.'YAfV0' . M 'M N 3 iz Pg - 9QlilffifflI11fILI1iIiN...".1'f.f11II.f'fllflfflllfffffjfiii..QI- AA.. -.IiIf......, Mig? M ' 'f11:1.::5Ki2F 'fQIIgIQM"I1fL'T.iI"- iii5 1 iiQ5fgigfiii:. iii? " 'iiiiifiii 'ifijifzfiiifgii " T I Pn T!-fAMp"'7-GN' X-HGH WE NOW OF' fO9P7i Hao ow? Fmfs AND ow - me ffv was HANDS, TAKE mv G'E'?9' was gore H up ,ww an CEFIV glb i' I . .-J 'v DY- , -"L sh, . - I A ,W i QA.. X-E.?',..x..N., , 1 X , , 5-. r 1' 4 23" SZFXNK '-"Y 4 ?'i N":i?Y'R- ,- ' "is" 5-'.-' - A - '33 -' 's ,QQ - J' i' " ' r . Ss I2 ' NYC M sc -. A 1 4 if 1- ' ., X 4 1 N i Q . .5-Us: ,fy "--. VKX N - ' f"":1xuf WF ack,-' l 'X' Q ?"3.Y?.":,-.. ' X ' fu L ' " fu' .Na ' 1 "L,-t ,gr .1 vii, 0 K n o CLASS MOTTO Work 'roday for a be'Her Tomorrow CLASS COLORS Green and Gold 0 add, Poem This. our Senior year al lasl. Brings back memories of The pasl. Never before were days such fun From morning dew lill selling sun. And if. as you receive your prize. Large round fears should fill your eyes. Be nol shameful of your aclion Since you belong +o The largesf faclion. Who knows whaf 'rhe fulure holcls, Bul' being careful lo sel your goals Neilher 'foo high, nor 'foo low: Realily from your dreams may grow. A challenge 'ro all who in books find The pasf achievemenls of mankind. Curl' Moyer Seniaa G au Ugiceu SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sealed: William Gogle, vice-presidenlg Karen Fox, secrefary: Curr Moyer 'lreas urer. Slandingz Daniel Schlegel, president Mr. pany, advisor. page I7 lik" BARBARA J. BAHNER Bafh R. D. 2 College Preparafory Wifh laughing blue eyes and shining blonde hair, Barbara, our failhful band member enioys swimming, ice skafing, and lisien- ing fo classical music. Barbara also belongs fo fhe Allenfown Municipal Opera Company. The fuiure sees Barbara before a high school mafh class. Acfivifiesz Band I, 2, 3: N-Club 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Senior Class Flay 3. DENNIS A. BANKOS Norihampfon General Carefree and conservalive de- scribe Dennis wiih fhe pleasing personalify. This guy's inferesfs lie in prinfing and model cars. To become a successful prinier is Denny's aim for +he fufure. Acfivifies: Phofo Club 2: Visual Aids I. WILLIAM J. ALMOND Norihampion Secrefarial Always smiling, Bill, our guy wifh a pleasing personalify, has many friends, especially girls. After school you can find him working al' Pe+e's Resiauranl. Wings of fhe Armed Forces awaif Bill upon graduafion. Acfivifies: Visual Aids I. nu h is ....i -gr' 5 f, ,if 111352395255 jf 2 i f,',..-.,1umwf5s I. fm.. swiss. if.a5fAi1li2,2lEl2FQi JACQUELINE FAY BARTHOLOMEW Norfhamplon R. D. I College Preparafory Brown eyes, brown hair, and giggles - ihaI"s Jackie. Talking, wrifing leffers, and afiending afhlefic compefificns occupy Ihis busy gal's fime. Jackie can always be found af fhe Diner or Hillside. College or business school awaifs ihis charming lass. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3 N-Club 3: Spring Concerf I. 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3. SHARON RAE ARNDT Walnufporf R. D. 2 General ArndIy's radianf smile and confagious giggle make her ouf- slanding in any group. This gal enioys ushering af school acfivi- fies. Comb and scissors depicl a fufure as a beaufician for Sharon. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Ampien- nian 3. DEAN A. BARTON Norfhamplon College Preparafory Dean is known io many of his friends as fhe guy wifh Ihe unique hair sfyle. We hope our fufure golfing pro will score a hole-in-one as he 'lees off from NHS 'ro fravel fo Florida where sfudies al' Wesf Palm Beach Junior College awail' him. Aclivifies: Lighfing Crew 3. page I8 -an-sf 'haf CHARLES STANLEY BAKER Danielsville R.D. I College Preparaiory "Chuck", our happy-go-lucky chorus member has a ready smile for everyone and a joke for any- one who will lisfen. This Junior Speaking Confesf winner enioys sailboafing and waferskiing. This fella's fuiure includes a college degree. Ac+ivi+ies: Chorus 2, 3: German Club 2: Junior Speaking Confesl Ilsl placel 2: Senior Class Play 3: Vespers 2, 3: Spring Concerf 2, 3. DOREEN E. BARTHOLOMEW Bafh R. D. 2 College Preparafory An al-round gymnasf de- scribes our Ialenfed Doreen. Nofed for her fishflop, she has devofed fhree years Io gym Ieam. Horseback riding and ofher varied sporls occupy her leisure fime. Easi Sfroudsburg gels "Dosey" nexf. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Fashion Show I: Courier I, 2. 3: Ampfennian 3: Inframural Volleyball, Base- ball 2, 3. Y' SHARON LEE BEIDLEMAN Norlhamplon Secrelarial Where lhere's fun, lhere's Sharon. Gossip, giggles, and wriling Iellers lo Germany make up lhis fun-loving girl. She can be seen cheering our leams on lo viclory. We also see her driv- ing her lillle green Valianl. We see a fulure as a receplionisl for Sharon. Aclivilies: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: N-Club 2, 3: Amplennian 3: Cheerlead- er I, 2, 3: lnlramural Volleyball 2: Fashion Show I. DENNIS S. BILOUS Norlhamplon College Preparalory Baseball anyone? Ask Denny, our flashy lhird baseman. He spends his leisure lime hunling and reading: girls also hold his allenlion. College and a degree in law or physics are ahead for Denny. Aclivilies: Baskelball I, 2: Base- ball I, 2, 3. tn., ALICE JOY BEAL Balh R. D. 2 College Preparalory A. J. always has a friendly "Hi" for everyone. She enioys all sporls, especially ice skaling and skiing. Aclive in church af- fairs, she received recognilion for len years perfecl allendance in Sunday School. A while cap from Sl. Luke's Hospilal in Belh- Iehem awails lhis gal. Aclivilies: Gym Team 2, 3: Inlramural Volleyball, Baseball 2, 3. JUDI ANN BEERS Danielsville R. D. I Secrelarial Quiel bul friendly, Judi, our bowling whiz, spends her spare lime wriling Iellers and lislening lo popular lunes. This gal can frequenlly be found al Mazzie's. A filing iob awails Judi. Aclivilies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: Amplennian 3. iff.. hir' JOSEPH D. BLUM Danielsville R. D. I General Bashful bul delermined, friendly bul frank, and always ready wilh a wise crack, lhal's "Joe," our Field and Slream man. Collecling fishing lures and guns and working on his car oc- cupy his spare lime. In lhe fu- lure, he hopes lo be a grease monkey. fmwxe. BARBARA V. BOND Balh Secrelarial Gaiely describes "Babs", our number one baby-siller. Her hobbies are collecling sall and pepper shakers and sewing. This fulure secrelary can oflen be seen al Spaar's. Aclivilies: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Fashion Show I. page I9 'Qi MICHAEL JOSEPH BETZ Balh R. D. 2 General Friendly wilh lhe guys. shy wilh lhe girls, lhal's Mike. This guy likes hunling, baseball, fool- ball, swimming, and reading. The fulure holds a iob al a prinling press for Mike. BARBARA A. BIRD Walnulporl R. D. 2 General Gay and friendly, "Birdie" is aclive in school clubs and fash- ion shows. She likes baking and olher home aclivilies. A lille as "Mrs." awails Barbara. Aclivilies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Gym Team 2, 3: Fashion Show I, 2, 3. ,ffhlf RONALD L. BOND Danielsville R. D. I Trade Ronald's quiclr smile and help- ing hand are evident in school and church affairs. He enioys collecting stamps and coins, and ice slrating. After graduation, continuing his interest in print- ing is Ronald's ambition. Activities: Chorus I. ., an WALTER CHAYKA Northampton College Preparatory Slow and energetic decribe the dual personality of our boy Walter. Caring tor his "409" and driving around town talre up most ol this fella's spare time. Only time will tell what the 'lu- ture holds in store for our hot- rodder! ...FQ me--v BRENDA S. BROWNMI LLER Northampton Secretarial The sounds of constant gigg- ling describe mischievous "Brownie." Writing letters and reading occdpy most of her 'Free time. For Brenda, the 'Future holds Business College and a secretarial position. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Gym Team I, 2. ROBERT BUSKIRK Northampton R. D. I Secretarial Our tall "Bur" enioys autos and sports of all types. Besides being found at Hilltop, he is seen fishing, hunting, or swim- ming. The Army awaits Robert after graduation. Q45 page DIANNE M. BUCHMAN Walnutport R. D. 2 College Preparatory Neat. attractive, and 'full of vim and vigor is Dianne. Music- al notes at band concerts and football games emanate from Dianne and her cornet. Her fu- ture loolrs bright in a nurse's white cap. Activities: N-Club 3: Art Exhibit Ig Spring Concert I, 2, 3: Band I, 2, 3. WILLIAM R. BUSKIRK Bath R. D. 2 College Preparatory Fishing and the great outdoors keep this sportsmen busy. More- over, the melodies ot his trom- bone are great assets to our band. BilI's 'Future sees a college degree in education from Kutz- town. Activities: Band I, 2, 3: German Club 2, 3. 20 BARRIE L. BORGER Walnutport R. D. I College Preparatory Football managing, N-Club, and chorus activities keep Barrie busy as a beaver. This guy can be found at the Quality Service Station or at the Nazareth Drags. The future sees college or the armed forces. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3: N- Club 3 lTreasurerl: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concert I, 2, 3: Base- ball manager I, 2: Football manager 3. .hive 'isp'-:rf .Y- DONNA A. CH RISTMAN Northampton General Tall and slender describe this girl. Donna is quiet and enioys driving and visiting the Diner. Her future is vague, but visions ot a housewife can be seen in her crystal ball. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I, 2. DAVID R. CH RISTOF Norlhamplon General "And he's over for anolher T. D.," fhal's our Dave. Alhlelic, good-looking, and well-dressed all wrapped up in a greaf per- sonalify depicl Dave. He always has lime for a scooler ride or a iaunl wilh lhe guys. Dave heads for college or +he service next. Aclivifies: Baseball I, 2, 3: Fool- ball I, 2, 3: Gym Team I, 2, 3. lg. X rv iff LOIS ANN DAVIS Danielsville R.D. I Secrelarial Busy wi+h work and iabbering fil Lois fo a "T". She has her own 3 R's +o occupy her lime: reading, riding, and records. Her fufure is based on a chair eifher as a secrelary or a beaulician. Acfivifies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Amplennian 3: Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. N fd gui? -an-1' DANIEL K. CREYER Norfhampfon Trade "Has anyone seen Daniel?" He can be found af Jeddo's or in fhe wreslling room. "Lif'lle buf powerful" describes fhis curly- haired mafman. Always being on fhe go won'+ change for Daniel afler gradualion, for fhen if's fhe Service fhaf beckons him. Aclivilies: Wresfling I, 2, 3 IDis- friclsl 3: N-Club 3: Weighl Club 2. FRANCIS A. CSENSITS Norfhampfon Trade A friendly smile and ready for a ioke - fha+'s our boy Frank. Affer dribbling down +he hard- wood or running around lhe diamond, he 'lravels fo Repper+'s Garage for a few laughs wilh 'lhe boys. Affer gradualion, fhe Marines will gain Frank. Acfivilies: Baseball I, 2, 3: Bas- kefball I, 2, 3: N-Club 3. Sm he i?3'?'Z-' V! , 2.1 7 . ss me I 'i JOSEPH F. CROCK Norfhampfon College Preparalory Fun-loving Joe is always a freaf fo have around. He gels around in his flashy red and while Dodge, which is his prize possession. Nexl lo his car and Wolfer's Sinclair Sfalion, base- ball occupies his lime. Joe drives on 'ro college and an aulo me- chanics educafion. Acfivifies: Baskefball I, 2: Base- ball l, 2, 3. CAROL LYNN CUSTER Balh R. D. 2 General Quiel, buf pleasanl, is Carol. She enjoys modeling clolhes she made for our fashion shows. What fhe fufure has in sfore for Carol is sfill a puzzle fhaf needs a solulion. Acfivifies: Fashion Show 2. .l"'T::"v'!Y page 21 RUTH ANN CORRELL Norfhampfon College Preparalory Perf and perky describe Rulh Ann, bubbling over wilh enlhu- siasm for each of her acfivilies. Her falenfs range from music and drama fo charming all lhe boys. A while cap will add 'lhe finishing fouch fo fhis "blondie." Aclivilies: Girls' Ensemble I, 2: Chorus I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Ampfen- nian 2, 3 lco-ediforl: Junior Speaking Conlesl lfirsf placel 2: Inframural Volleyball, Baseball 2. 3: N-Club 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Senior Class Play 3: Sfudenl Council 3. lx. ' .L ,A y 'aff ii' 4"" LYNN CAROLE DAVIS Danielsville R.D. I General Our cheerful and vivacious "farmer" likes horseback riding and Chevys, buf pizza fops fha lisf. This lass can be found al' Lou's or Swirly Top. Success in her chosen field is sure lo be in sfore for fhis gal. Acfivifies: Gym Team 2: Fashion Show 2: Amplennian 3. THERESA JOYCE DORNBACH Ba+h R. D. 2 Secreiarial Pefiie, perl, and poised, de- scribe blushing Theresa. Popular and 'Friendly is our Secrefary of Naiional Honor Socieiy. "Tes- sie" will be an assel lo any exec- ufive's office. Acfiviliesx Chorus I, 2, 33 Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Conceri I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3 lSecreiaryl: Ampiennian 3: Class Secrefary I: Senior Class Play 3. NANCY JANE DREHER Walnufpori R. D. I General Blonde hair and blue eyes add a special highlighl lo Nancy, 'Ihe girl wifh a friendly smile and cheerful "hi." Playing ihe organ and singing on fhe church choir lceep 'lhis gal busy during her spare fime. The Iufure sees Nan- cy as a sewing machine opera- for. Aciivifies: Fashion Show I, 2, 3. VIRGINIA MAE DECH Norfhampion General A peiiie girl wiih a snappy personaliiy - 'rha+'s our Casile Roclr regular. Dancing and sporfs Iake up +l1is gaI's leisure +ime. "Ginny" will be "flying high" as an airline sfewardess. Acfiviliesz Tri-Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I, 2, 3. ?. ww, .... ,K .,. .. ROBERT BRUCE DEIBERT Baih General Bobby, our ouidoor enfhusiasf, is a pleasani, easy-going guy wi'lh a greaf personalify. Every- fhing holds lhis felIa's inieresig especially Ihaf "cerIain some- one." The fuiure sees Bobby as a 'lop-noich cosmeiologisi. Aciiviiies: Proiecfionisi Club 2. 3. RONALD S. ECKERT Bafh R. D. I Trade This guy's main inieresf lies in his "Playma'fe" aufomobile. His muscle 'lone is lrepi high by wresiling and baseball. Danner's Grove is his place for relaxaiion. The 'fuiure will find "Ron" as a prinfer. Aciivifiesz Wresiling I, 2: Base- ball I, 2. fb-fx, WALTER J. ECKROTH Balh R. D. 2 Secrefarial Bashful and red-haired de- scribe 'rhe fellow who enioys col- lecfing sfereo records and lisien- ing 'lo popular music. A posifion as a secreiary or newspaper re- porier is seen for him. page 22 gl' JAMES DOUGH ERTY Norfhampion General "Doc," our Cue Room regular, can always be seen around fown. This guy wiih a pleasing person- aliiy is an especially avid wresi- ling fan. The fufure - only iime will +elI. Acfiviiies: Wreslling I, 2, 3: Traclr Ig Foofball 2. GERALD EBERHARDT Norihampfon College Pre parafory "BeaIy," a sporfs admirer and enfhusiasf, is usually seen on +he hardwood. Swimming, boafing, and ouidoor life appeal fo ihis guy who can always be 'found af Danny's Ailaniic Siafion. Penn Sfafe is nexi in line for fhis hap- PY QUY- Acfiviiies: Foofball I, 2, 3: Bas- l:e+baII I, 2, 3: Vespers 3. -fi www' half' H -4 JUDITH ANN ELTZ Norfhampfon R. D. I Secrefarial Need a babysiHer7 Judy's your girl. Among her leisure ac- Iiviiies are slrafing and swim- ming. Chorus praciice occupies much of her fime. ln fhe fufure Judy will hang ouf her beaufi- cian's shingle. Acfivifiesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Fash- ion Show I: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf l, 2, 3. CAROL F. ENGLER Bafh R. D. 2 Secrefarial "Have any food?" This sfafe- menf goes in coniunclion wifh Carol's name. Mischievous, fun- loving, friendly, and popular de- scribe 'Ihis avid sporfs fan. Lei- sure fime finds Carol reading, parficipafing in sporis, or af fhe sife of her parf-fime iob. A sec- refarial vocafion is in siore for Carol. Acfivifies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Infra- mural Volleyball 2: Fashion Show I: Ampfennian 3. .S- CHARMAINE EDELMAN Nazarefh R. D. I Secrefarial An adorable, energiic gym- nasf and cheerleader is our brainy, blue-eyed half pinf. She is offen found af fhe Dairy Bar. The fufure sees Charmaine as a beaufician or secrefary. Acfivilies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Cheerleading I, 2, 3: Fashion Show I: Naiional Honor Sociefy 3. .-Ilya, DENNIS EDWARD FALAT Walnufporf R. D. I Trade Fun-loving and quiei are 'Ihe unmislalxable qualifies of "Den- ny." Model airplanes, hunfing, fishing, and cars false up his leisure fime. The fufure sees him "flying high" for The Air Force. VIRGINIA EDELMAN Norfhampfon Secrefarial This friendly, well-poised girl can be found af Ihe Roxy - mainly because she worlxs fhere. lf's rumored 'Ihaf she eafs a lof of candy while she's reading and sewing. As of now, her fufure is undecided. wih- RUDOLPH FRANK FAUSTNER Bafh Secrelarial A whiz in shorfhand and a gracious smile mark our "Rudy," wifh an A plus personalify, which none can imifale. Many sporfs occupy his fime, buf pool is his favorife. The fulure sees Rudy in Easfon Business College. page 23 RALPH T. ENGLE, JR. Walnufporf R. D. I Trade Experf baseball manager, foof- ball manager, and a fop-nofch proiecfionisl, +haf's Ralph! Wa- fer skiing and skin diving for "iewels" in fhe Lehigh are also Ralph's inferesf. He will affend Naval Officer Training School in fhe fufure. Aclivifiesz Visual Aids 2: Pro- iecfionisl Club 3: Baseball mana- ger I: Foolball manager 3. ANNA MARIE ERSCHEN Walnufporf R. D. 2 College Preparafory Lois of fun, loads of laughs, "busy as a bee" -- +haf's Annie. This sparlrling maioreffe is found marching af Ihe head of her squad. Her flashy smile adds fo her bubbling personalify. An English maior af Sfroudsburg will be fhis girl's fufure. Aclivifiesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Major- e'He I, 2, 3 lheadl: N-Club 3: Ampfennian 3: lnframural Vol- leyball 2: Senior Class Play 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3. 1 if wr ROBERT FENSTERMAKER Norfhampfon R. D. I Trade Bobby can usually be found af Jaclc's or under fhe hood of his car. His hobbies include huniing and sloclr cars. Our fufure me- chanic plans fo join fhe "U.S. Air Force Blue." Q' apes 'CNR' MARIE H. GASPER Baih Secrefarial Blond hair, blue eyes, and love of excifemenf infroduce our "Bubbles." Marie lilies dancing, romancing, and boolrlreeping. Her nexf dream is fo become a secrelary for some luclry execu- five. Acfiviiies: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Fashion Show I: lnframural Volleyball 2: Ampfennian 3: Nalional Honor Sociefy 3. 'IP' KAREN FOX Balh R. D. 2 Secrefarial Long shiny red hair, sparliling eyes, and a sweel' singing voice describe Karen. Whefher Karen is horsebacIc'riding, singing, or heading a volleyball feam, she excels in all. Karen hopes 'lo brighfen an office as a secreiary. Acfivifiesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: Mixed Ensem- ble 2, 3: Disfrici Chorus 2: ln- lramural Volleyball 2: Class Sec- refary 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3. CAROL ANN GALGON Norihampfon R. D. I College Preparafory Carol, our fine gymnasf, is fly- ing on 'Ihe rings again. Happy when playing baseball and bas- lieiball, Carol's ambifion is Io become a physical educafion feacher. Aciivifies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Chorus I: Inframural Baslrefball, Baseball 2, 3: Vespers I. page MARVIN FRACK Norfhamplon R. D. I Trade "Fraclrey" -- fhe life of mafh class. There is never a dull mo- menf when he's near. He enioys building model cars. The fufure - Uncle Sam and a home for fwo. FRANCES L. GALLER Ncrfhampfon R. D. 2 College Preparafory Tallzafive and energefic "Cis- co" enioys swimming, drawing, and reading. An acfive member of Youfh Fellowship, she is found af Cherryville and Hillside. Her fufure lies in eifher leaching or designing. Acfivifiesz Tri-Hi-Y I: Courier 2, 3: lnframural Volleyball 2. 24 ROBERT C. FLYTE Balh R. D. I Trade "FIi+," a self-safisfied fellow, fakes everyfhing in his sfride. This faclrler malres 'the scene in foofball and wresfling wifh ace performance in each. His fufure lies in 'Ihe Armed Services. Acfivilies: Weighf Club 2: Pro- iecfionisf Club 2. 3: N-Club 3: Wres+ling I. 2, 3 lDisfricIsl: Foofball 2, 3: Track I, 3. gmail' fi' f ie. .fig fr" Q 1-a-,, GAIL L. GAUKLER Walnuiporf R. D. 2 College Preparafory Cheerful, fun-loving, and fall:- afive -- +ha+'s Gail. Her spare fime is 'ralren up by sewing and worlring al the Paris. Her warm hear? and quick fhinlring will boosf Gail fo her dream - nurs- ing school and an R.N. Acfivifiesz Chorus I, 2: Vespers I, 2: Spring Concerl I, 2. PATRICIA A. GENOVESE Norfhampfon College Preparafory Food? Jusf menfion il, and "Jelly" is drawn by an irresisf- able magnef. Along wifh pizzas and cheeseburgers, Pal' enioys reading, dancing, and T.V. Looks like Easf Sfroudsburg is nexf on her agenda. Acfivifiesz Tri-Hi-Y I: Courier I, 2: Ampfennian 3: lnframural Vol- leyball, Baseball 2. .With JAMES H. GRAVER Walnufporl' R. D. 2 Trade Five fool' six and full of fricks, Ihaf's Jimmy, fhe classroom ioke- sfer. He excels in roller skafing and breaking fesf fubes in chem- isfry class. Jim has frophies fo feslify for his skill in skafing. In fhe fufure, he'II be wearing a sailor's uniform. Acfivifies: Track 2: N-Club 3. 'T 'Sa RUTH A. GILBERT Norfhampfon R. D. 2 College Preparafory Cufe, quief, and friendly de- cribe Rufhie. Her inferesfs in- clude music,,sewing, and church acfivifies. To work af Wesfern Elecfric or Io go fo Easf Sfrouds- burg is nexf in line for Rufh. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 33 Girls' Ensemble I, 2: Amp- fennian 3. JAMES GONTAR Norfhampfon R. D. l Trade Where fhere's laughfer, 'Ihere's Jim. If he's noi grappling on fhe wresfling mafs, he's sinking 'rhe eighf-ball al fhe pool room. Jim seeks a career as an advenfurer and plans 'fo visif every corner of our earfh. Acfivifies: Wresfling I, 2, 3 lDis- fricfs, Regionall: Weighl' Club 2: N-Club 3. WILLIAM J. GOGLE, JR. Norfhampfon R. D. 2 Trade A big roar of laughfer, a blonde crewcuf, and a modesf smile describe Willie. Wresfling champ and field and sfream man, afhlefic-minded Willie will be fhe Sfafe Police's gain. Acfivifies: Class Vice Presidenf I, 2, 3: Foofball I, 2, 33 Wresf- ling I, 2, 3: N-Club 2, 3. WAYNE R. GOSSLER Bafh R. D. 2 Trade Thud! "Goo" has iusf pinned anofher for fhe Black and Orange. Always ready for laugh- fer and mischief fhis iokesl'er's life is filled wifh cars and girls as well as all Iypes of sporfing evenfs. As for fhe fufure, only lime will fell. Acfivilies: W re s I I i n g 2, 3: Weighf Club 2, 3g N-Club lpres- idenfl 3. ln- "TT"- page 25 NANCY A. V. GILBERT Norfhamplon R. D. 2 General "Anyone for pizza?" asks Nan. If doesn'f make any difference. Nan's firsf in line. Her inferesfs cover an amazing span - cars, reading, church acfivifies, and horses. The fufure sees Nan as a slore defecfive. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I. r...,., 'T"fP sf if I DENNIS JOSEPH GROL Norfhampfon College Preparafory Talkafive, carefree, and hap- py-go-lucky - +haI's Dennis, our class clown. Whefher he's crack- ing his mosf prized ioke or enfer- faining a group, Dennis ranks as a greaf comedian. This fine Iad's fufure looks quife promising as a successful businessman. Acfivifies: Pholo Club I. -vn""' sd' VERNELL MAE I-IAHN Norlhamplon R. D. 2 Secrefarial An excellenl singer is our "NeIly." She's greal fo gel along wifh. Her snappy person- alily exlends fo dancing and lis- fening fo fhe Ialesl' pop records. The fulure sees her as a wife or a secrelary. Acliviliesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: Gym Team I: Fashion Show I, 2. JOAN HANTZ Norlhampion Secrefarial A sound of Iaughier infro- duces fun-loving Joan. Worlring al Newberry's, she wins many cuslomers wilh her gracious smile. This secrefory will be an assef lo any office. 'lf DAVID A. HAGEMES Balh Trade Dave's +wo real Ioves are pool and riding his molorcycle. Per- haps Ihis explains his conslanl' presence al 'Ihe Bafh pool hall. The Navy will offer Dave an ex- cellenl career. Aclivifiesz Sludenl' Council I. SALLY ANN HAGER Cherryville College Preparafory Congenial, fun-loving, and slu- dious is our compelenf Amplen- nian Co-edifor who enioys sew- ing and singing. She belongs 'Io lhe Zion Choral Sociefy, she ad- vises a Lulher League, and she belongs Io Youlh Fellowship. She can be 'Found a+ LIoyd's or Mil- ler's Diner. The 'Fulure sees Sally as an R.N. Aclivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Ampfennian I, 2, 3 Ico-ediforlg Vespers I, 2, 3: N-Club 3: Senior Class Play 3. swf? Nr' DALE D. HARTZELL Balh Trade "Corky," lively and lalkalive, always finds lime lo lease lhe girls. Dale enioys collecling coins and driving around Iown. He can be found al lhe Balh pool room or Caslle Roclr. The Navy will caplure lhis real lively chap. Acfivifiesx Weight Club 2: N- Club 3: Wresfling I, 2, 3: Base- ball I, 2, 3. PAUL W. HASSLER Norfhampfon R. D. I College Preparaiory Whefher playing lhe drums, shooling pool, or conducfing his dance band you'II always find Paul laughing. College and fhe Navy are nexl on 'lhe agenda. Acliviliesz Band I, 2, 3: Chorus I: German Club 2, 3: Lighling Crew 2, 3: Wresfling 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Amplennian 3: Senior Class Play 3. page 26 JON K. HALL Norlhamplon College Preparalory An all around aihlele, fha+'s Foolball, baslcelball, and Jon. fraclr all provide an ouflel for his energy. When he's noi al Chip's, he-'s hunling or fishing. Albrighf College is Jon's nexl slep, and fhen only fhe fufure will fell. Acliviliesz N-Club 3: Foolball I, 2, 3: Baslcefball I, 2, 3: Traclr I, 2, 3. MARGARET A. HARTINGER Norlhampfon Secrefarial Our fun-loving "Margie" al- ways has a smile fo greel you. Margie spends her 'lime reading inleresfing novels and painfing picluresque scenes. The 'iulure sees her as an X-ray Iechnician. Acfivifies: Amplennian 3. l' at-' RICHARD C. HEBERLING Norfhamplon Trade "Hebs" can usually be found driving his scoofer or in his yard repairing if. He spends much of his Time relaxing af George's Resfauranl. Dick has Ihree weak- neses: cycles, swimming, and girls. The fulure? Only lime will fell. RICHARD F. HEFFELFINGER Danielsville Trade "Richie" is good-nafured and somelimes mischievous. He has a love for +he oufdoors and likes working a+ Dee Ville. He can usually be found ai' Owen's Gar- age. Will if be mechanical work or Ihe Armed Forces for Richie? JEFFREY M. HAUCK Walnufporf R. D. 2 College Preparafory A mischievous smile and hap- py-go-lucky praclical ioker de- scribe our boy "Hawk." Engi- neering awaifs Ihis mechanical whiz. Aclivifiesz Lighling Crew I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Cancer? I, 2, 31 Track I, 3. f-AM tw-nv' iisi ' . a SL ' I ii T' I :iii DAWN SARAE H EI NTZELMAN Walnufporf R. D. 2 Secrelarial Talkalive, eyes of blue, and hair of brown describe Dawn. Never a dull momenl wifh 'rhis cufe Miss. Playing 'rhe piano and reading fill her leisure hours. A warm smile and sparkling person- alify will make her a wonderful assef lo any office. Acfiviiiesz Am plennian 3. KAREN HAYNE Balh Secrelarial Karen is an enfhusiasf in Girl Scoufs and also enioys her Sun- day School Ieaching. This gal spends her fime af Sparr's. Our crysfal ball sees her as a privaie secrefary or a hairdresser. Acfivifies: Library I, 2, 3: Cour- ier 2, 3. 0'-X NANCY SUZANNE HESS Norfhampfon R. D. I Secrelarial Wilh her iel black hair and pleasanf smile, you can'I' miss "Hessy" af Spengler's Drive-ln. She's a ready, willing, and able worker. ln 'Ihe near fulure, you'll be sure fo find her behind a Iypewrifer or I. B. M. machine. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 37 Gym Team Ig Amplennian 3: Vespers I, 2, 33 Spring Ccncerf I, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Socieiy 3. page 27 PAULINE G. HECKMAN Balh R. D. I Secrefarial Blue eyes sparkling wilh laugh- fer, a sweef smile, and a person- alily fhal' can'I' be beai idenli- fy Pauline. Success in any en- deavor is predicled 'for her. ELAINE EVONNA HEFFINTRAYER Bafh Secrelarial A Ialkalive gal who loves Io go fo 'Ihe movies is Elaine. For leisure, she likes good books and ielevision. A secrelarial posifion is her nexf goal. Acfivifiesz Ampfennian 3. METRO JOHN HUCALUK Norfhampfon General "Huck," fhe very seldom quief guy, always has a smile ready for any of his friends. This avid baslrefball fan can be seen driv- ing his yellow Plymoufh +o school. Affer school, and his parf-fime iob af Sinafore's Mar- luef, if will be anchors away for +his guy. Acfivifies: Hi-Y I: Baslrefball l, 2. . . . , X .3.7....Q:wg. . . e , va ,- tru' JANE LOUISE JONES Bafh College Preparafory Flirfing eyes, a cheerful smile, and a complefely charming man- ner all add up fo Jane. Wrifing. singing, church acfivifies, and Honor Sociefy rafe high wifh our Ampfennian Iiferary edifor. A hospifal Iaborafory awaifs Jane. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: Gym Team I: Ampfennian 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: N-Club 3: Mixed Ensemble 3: Inframural Volleyball 2. NP' "Q-g, CHARLES HUMPHREY Cherryville College Preparafory "ChucIc's" leisure fime is spenf hunfing and fishing. This happy- go-lucky guy' is a member of Phofo Club. Affer graduafion, some Iuclxy college will gef Chuclr. Acfiviiiesz Lighfing Crew I, 2, 3: Phofo Club 2, 3. DELL J. IASIELLO Bafh R. D. I Trade A crew cuf, and a quiclx smile describe Dell. His spare fime ac- fivifies focus on hunfing, fishing and archery. The fufure sees him up +o his elbows in prin+er's ink. -2. Yr PATRICIA HUTTERER Norfhampfon College Preparafory Cheerful Pai can always be seen wearing a big smile and helping someone else wifh fheir problems. Aciive in many clubs and on fhe volleyball feam, she can offen be seen behind fhe Roxy's candy counfer. The fufure sees her af I. B. M. school. Acfivifies: Inframural Volleyball 2: Ampfennian 3. DONALD D. JACOBY Bafh Trade Don, who is an experf wifh rifle and pisfol shoofing, enioys hunfing and fishing. He can fre- quenfly be seen af fhe pool hall in Bafh. Don's fufure sees him wifh "Uncle Sam." Acfivifies: Wresfling 2. page 28 DORIS M. HUMMEL Bafh R. D. 2 College Preparafory Cufe, friendly, and mischiev- ous describe our Doris. Found af Cherryville, she Iilres anyfhing fo do wifh music or gymnasfics. She will be an assef fo fhe nursing profession. Acfivifies: Vespers I, 2, 3: Chor- us I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3. IX V' wr MARYLOU EILEEN JONES Walnufporf R. D. 2 Secrefarial 5' 2", brown eyes, and a wild laugh always give Marylou away. "Jonesie" is Irnown for her crazy anfics. I. B. M. school and a sec- refarial posifion are in fhe fufure for Marylou. Acfivifies: Science Fair I: Band I: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Gym Team 2, 3: Fashion Show I: Inframural Vol- leyball, Baseball 2. JEAN LOUISE KELLER Bafh College Preparafory Blond wifh dimples, ambifious and sludious, is Jean. She enioys wafer skiing, swimming, and eaf- ing pina. Her leisure 'lime is spenl af a piano or an organ. The fulure sees Jean as an ele- menlary feacher. Acfivifies: Vespers I. 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Infra- mural Volleyball 2: Girls' En- semble I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: German Club 2. ... Q - 1:18310 wanna 3' Q63 CAROL ALMA KLOIBER Danielsville R. D. l College Preparalory A ready "hello" and a pleas- ing personalify describe Carol This Miss enioys sporfs and arf in her leisure lime. On a Safurday nighl, Carol can be found af Cherryville. Kulzfown and a 'reaching profession awaif Carol. Acfivifies: Science Club 2, 3: Courier 2, 3: Amplennian 3: Nafional Honor Sociely 3: Arl Exhibil I, 2, 3: Inlramural Volley- ball, Baseball 2, 3. H .':.."'... MARIE HELEN KI NTZ Walnufporf General A one-word descripfion of Marie is fun-loving. She can usu- ally be found al' a dance or in her car. During her years in high school, Marie has been an acl'- ive member of fhe Dramalics Club. Marie plans fo be a sales- clerk, and she's sure lo be a good one. RONALD M. KISH Norlhamplon College Preparafory Ron, good man on fhe lrack feam, enioys repairing his own car. His plans for lhe fulure seem a bif hazy, buf fhe Air Force is coming fhrough nice and clear. Acfivifies: Track I, 2, 3. Ei,-:'d CAROL A. KISH Bafh College Preparalory A radiafing smile and a pair of sparkling brown eyes infro- duce "Fish," our personalily plus gal. An avid sporfs fan, Carol can very aplly be called "our number one roofer." The fufure holds a college educafion and elemenlary school 'leaching for Carol. Acfivilies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: N-Club 3: lnframural Volleyball, Baseball 2: Ampfennian 3. CHARLES T. KLEINTOP Walnulporf College Preparafory "Gufen Tag," is a familiar ex- pression lo lhis member of Ger- man Club. Besides being greaf af Deufsch, "Chuck" enioys baskel- ball and frack. A member of fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy, Chuck is sure fo make Iofs of friends af Lehigh. Acfivifies: German Club 2, 3: N- Club 3: Nafional Honor Sociely 3. Baskefball Manager I, 2, 3. page 29 BRENDA BETTY ANN KEMMERER Cherryville Secrefa rial Brenda is fhe finy, sweef gal we can usually find in fhe halls of N. H. S. Weaving and collecf- ing leaves are fun for Brenda, who hopes fo become a good secrefary. Acfivifies: Courier I, 2: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Amplennian 3. ed 12? CASSANDRA MAE KLOIBER Danielsville R. D. I College Preparaiory "Cass," wifh her flashing hazel eyes and winning smile, is an ef- ficienl, scholarly, and helpful girl. Skafing, sewing, dancing, and swimming occupy fhis gal's lime. Kufzfown and secondary arf insfrucfion are nexf in line for Cass. Aclivifies: Courier I, 2, 3: Amp- fennian 3: Arf Exhibif I, 2, 3: Inframural Volleyball, Baseball 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociely 3. EI LEEN S. KOEHLER Norlhamplon Secrelarial Giggles, gossip, and guys in- lroduce lhis lall, dark-haired lass who always has lime for lun. Al- lending band praclices, and sporls evenls, going lo lhe movies, and ealing keep Eileen busy. The lulure sees her as a privale secrelary. Aclivilies: Fashion Show I: lnlra- mural Volleyball, Baslrelball 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Band I, 2, 3: Amp- lennian 3: Nalional Honor Soci- ely 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3. PHYLLIS J. KRAYNICK Norlhamplon College Preparalory Gay, well-dressed Phyl enioys dancing and corresponding wilh "mademoiselles." A lealure wril- er lor lhe Courier and a zealous member of lhe Amplennian liler- ary slall, lhis gal's lulure lies in lhe leaching profession. Aclivilies: Fashion Show 2: lnlra- mural Volleyball, Baseball 2: Amplennian 3: Vespers 3: Cou- rier I, 2, 3: Slage Crew 3. ROSEMARIE EILEEN KNAPPENBERGER Norlhamplon Secrelarial Cheerful and pleasanl de- scribe "Rosie," lhe gal wilh lhe cule smile. Rosie enioys swim- ming, baseball, and roller slcal- ing. The lulure lells us lhal she will be an ellicienl secrelary. MARY LEA KOCHER Danielsville R. D. l General Long brown hair and big brown eyes describe Mary, who enioys reading and dancing. Mary's fulure sees her as a beau- lician or a housewife. Aclivilies: Gym Team I: Fashion Show 2, 3. Q1v""" Nav PETER S. LALI K Norlhamplon Trade Here's Pele who's also lrnown as "Roe." Pele can be 'Found aclive in sporls al Newporl play- ground or swimmin in lhe Le 9 . high River. Nexl slop lor Pele - lhe Army. 493' lk 'invas- CHARLES E. LERCH Norlhamplon General "Moose," a line mechanic, en- joys linlrering wilh cars. Also a heavyweighl wresller and sporls- man, his free lime is spenl al lhe Cue Room. A lulure in car de- signing or mechanics awails Moose. Aclivilies: Wreslling 2, 3. page 30 LINDA L. KOEHLER Norlhamplon College Preparalory A big smile, lols ol laughler, and a never-ending slream ol challer all describe "our lillle Jose." No grass grows under Linda's feel lor she's always on lhe go wilh school aclivilies. The cryslal ball says Linda is going lo be an ellicienl nurse. Aclivilies: Sluclenl Council I: Gym Team 2: Chorus 2: Vespers 2: Band I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 3: lnlramural Baslrelball 3. CLARK W. KUNTZ ll Norlhamplon College Preparalory Fun-loving and lallralive wilh a marvelous lenor voice lhal Ireeps lhe girls running in circles is Clarlr. He loves swimming and sporls of all lrinds. A lulure al college is Clarlr's nexl allempl. Aclivilies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble 2, 3: German Club 2, 3: N-Club 3: Junior Speaking Conlesl lsecond placel 2: Disl- ricl Chorus 2, 3: Regional Chor- us 2: Baslcelball Manager I. 2, 3. PAUL G. MADEA Norihampfon R. D. 2 Trade Paul, our shy gun collecior, enioys hunfing and fishing. He can usually be found af Mike's Sleek Shop. The fufure sees Paul wearing fhe Air Force Blue. CATHARINE M. MARSH Walnufpori R. D. 2 College Preparaiory Mix an innocenf smile, a flirfa- Iious eye, a lo? of wif, and brains: puf in music and you ge? Calhy. If noi found faking voice lessons, you can bel she's prac- Iicing her piano lesson. Cafhy is off Io college upon graduaiion. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: N- Club 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concert I, 2, 3. SYLVIA J. LUBENESKY Norihampion College Preparafory A friendly smile, cufe expres- sion, and always Ialking infro- duce "Luby." She is in+eres'Ied in ar+ and crazy abou? sweafers. Luby is offen found ai Caslle Rock, bui a'Her graduafion she may be found a+ Penn Shale. Aciivifiesz Band I, 2, 3: Courier I, 2: Junior Speaking Confesf 2: Arf Exhibi+ I, 2, 3: Spring Con- cerf I, 2, 3: Amp'Iennian 3. THOMAS R. LUISSER Norfhampfon General Tom, whose hobby is asfrono- my, is a member of Ihe science club. He would rafher be home fhinking in asiro-phofography or geology Ihan looking siarry-eyed af 'fhe moon. Tom hopes 'Io be- come a greaf science 'Ieacher some day. Ac+iviIies: Science Club 2. 3. 1: SR Vital' Y BONNIE LOU McCANDLESS Norfhampfon General Who's Ielling Iravel sfories again? - lf's "Bon Bon." She enjoys bike riding, swimming, and colleciing picfures. The fu- fure sees Bonnie as a hairdresser. Acfiviiies: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Fashion Show I. Uh' la-7' RUTH ANN MICHAEL Norihampion R. D. 2 Secreiarial Rufh, or "Bullwinkle" as she is known by her friends, is a cheer- ful, pleasani girl, who is quife easy Io gel' along wilh. Rufh also enioys swimming and boafing. The fufure sees her working for an airline. THOMAS MARAKOVITS Norihampion Secrefarial Happy-go-lucky Tom is con- fanily smiling and making oihers smile. He is kep+ busy working af Coplay Furnifure Mari. To enfer I.B. M. school or ioin Ihe Air Force is nexf in line for Tom. Aciivifies: Vespers 3. MERION M. MARSH Danielsville R. D. I General "Junior," a shy, quief guy, en- ioys ice skafing and swimming. His hopes for Ihe fufure lie in a iob as a diesel mechanic. 'Q-ee 7 3115- page 3I RUSSELL C. MIKOVITCH Balh Trade A slam l!!l Io Ihe mal and anofher pin by Disfricl' champ Russ Milcovifch. BaIh's pool sharlr was also co-caplain of Ihe fool'- ball Ieam and a fasf pilcher on Ihe baseball mound. His plans for fhe 'fufure are undecided. Acfivifiesc N-Club I, 2, 3, Gym feam I, 2, 37 Weigh? club 2: Class Treasurer 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Foofball l, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2, 3: Baslrelball I. .if-15 MERCEDES JEAN MIQUEL Danielsville Secrefarial Pleasing personalily and a lov- er of Ihe ouf-of-doors, "Cede" is usually found af The movies or Hillside. The 'fulure sees Merce- des as an efficienl' secrelary. Aclivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Gym Ieam l. -sm tp, FRANK G. MILLER Norlhampfon College Preparalory Movies, Broadway hifs, or any- Ihing else fhal is shown on 'Ihe screen is seen by Franlc. Being a member of chorus and an ardenf hi-fi ian, you can guess records are his hobby. The liulure holds a B.S. in malhemafics and a 'reaching career for Franlz. Acfivilies: Chorus I, 2, 37 Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Council 2: Ampfennian 3. WALTER MILTENBERGER Balh R. D. 2 Trade "Tiny," our handsome, blaclr- haired lad can be seen slcaling or hunfing. Wall is 'found wifh his precious car, and al every sporfs evenf. The fulure sees an elecfrical Irade or a branch of Ihe service for Walf. RUTH M. MILLER Bafh R. D. 2 Secrelarial A cule, gay, 'fun-loving girl is "RuIhie". She spends her 'Iime Iyping for Teachers, dancing, and Iraveling wilh "The girls." Brighf and bubbling, Rulh will be an excellenl secrelary. Aclivifiesz Courier 2, 3: Ampfen- nian 3: lnlramural Volleyball 2: Ari Exhibif l. ROBERT C. MINNICH Norlhampfon R. D. I General Shy smile and friendly "hello" are The oulslanding qualifies of "Bobby". Cars, hunfing and wresfling Ialre up his sparefime. The crysfal ball shows him in his Air Force uniform serving our counfry. Acfivifies: Lighling Crew I, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2, 31 Weighl' Club 2, 3. Ro...-v page 32 ANITA M. MILKOVITS Norfhampfon College Preparalory "May I help you" describes "Milk," our number one waifress al Ihe M X1 N. Cure, iovial, and flashing green eyes are Ihe manifeslafions of Anifa. Wilh a 'Flare for fashions, our gum craclc- ing girl is always displaying The lafesl sfyles. The fulure holds college and a B.A. degree 'for Anifa. Acfivifies: Courier I, 2, 37 Fash- ion Show 23 Junior Spealring Conlesf 2, Spring Concerl' 23 Amplennian 3. .ad-in-V EUGENE MIRRO Balh R. D. I College Preparafory Quiet srudious and a keen mind for eleclronics 'I'haf's Eu- gene. Being Chairman of Ihe Science 8: Malh Club and Treas- urer of 'fhe Honor Sociefy occu- py much of his fime. An ardenf parficipanf in Ihe Science Fair, Eugene plans a career in re- search physics. AcI'ivi'I'ies: Science and Ma+h Club 2, 3 iChairmanI: Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3 l'freasurerI: Science Fair I, 2, 3: Junior Speaking Conlesf 2. CURT A. MOYER Norlhampfon College Preparalory One of our promising 'foolball alhleles, Curl, also enioys Iaclrl- ing ouf-of-'lhis world science problems. He's Ihe Lehigh Val- ley Science Fair Reserve Cham- pion for I962, and also a mem- ber of Science Club and Na- Iional Honor Sociely. Curl's plans include a college degree. Acfivifies: Science Club 2, 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Fooi- ball I, 2, 3: Science Fair I, 2, 3. ,I-0' RONALD ON DREJCA Norfhamplon Trade Tall, darlr and handsome de- scribe Ron, who is usually 'Found a+ 'lhe Roxy. Greai on lhe grid- iron, he laclrles anyone in his way. Ron is aclive in "N" Club. He is also lrnown for his laugh- ing, singing, and iolre craclring. His fulure? Pennsylvania Sfafe Police. Acliviliesz N-Club 3: Foolball I, 2, 3. STEPHEN E. NEDEROSTEK Norlhampfon Trade Such ambilionl Sieve is always running -- eilher fo Boy Scouls or Io Chip's. Archery, hunling and fishing also occupy S+eve's lime. A fufure in lhe navy is Sfeve's nexl goal. LAWRENCE OBERLY, JR. Norfhamplon R. D. I College Preparaiory The class funny man, 'lhal's Larry. His waclry mind produces a side-splilfing array of ioles +ha'r keeps everyone roaring. Band, chorus and siage crew keep Larry jumping. The Air Force or college commands Lar- ry's fulure. Acfiviliesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerl' I, 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble I, 2, 3: Boys Oclef 2: Wreslling I, 2: Dislricl Chorus l, 2, 3: Sfudenl Council 2: Weighf Club 2: Band 3. df we SANDRA KAY NEWHARD Norlhamplon General Long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cule smile describe Sandy. She enioys dancing and drive-in movies in her leisure fime. San- dy's fulure sees her as a house- wife and mofher. Acfiviliesz Courier 2: Fashion Show I, 2, 3. PATRICIA A. ONCHECK Walnufporl R. D. I General Big, brown eyes and always laughing describe Pal. You'lI 'find her af Beclry's drive-in. Pal's fufure plans are wedding bells. Acliviliesz Fashion Show I, 2, 3. page 33 MADALINE NEBEL Norlhamplon College Pre parafory Tying up lhe phone is "Neb's" favorile paslime. When hilling 'lhe boolis, chemislry comes firsl. Helping oul in 'lhe school li- brary, reading, and enioying sfudy periods ra+e high wiih her. She can be found af Miller's Diner. Fulure -- Rider College. Acliviliesz Library Aid I, 2: Sci- ence Fair I, 2. ROBERT JUSTIN ONUSCHAK Norlhamplon General "Onie," mischievous drummer boy is found af mosl' of his dances on Friday nighls, or up ai "LiI SI'inlrer's." Hope 'Ihose lelfers from C.C.H.S. do some good in fhe fulure for if will be lhe Air Force lhal will also cap- lure Bob. Acfivilies: Band I, 2, 3: N-Club 3: Ampfennian 3: Courier 2, 3: Baslelball I. ROBERT CARL OPLINGER Norlhamplon College Preparalory Tall, +haI"s noi all! Suggesf "cen+er" lo Bob and he's already on his way, cenler of foolball Ieam, diamond, Sludenl Council, and of course 'lo lhe cenfer of Weaversville on his lilile red moforcycle. The fulure sees Bob in some lype of sporls aclivily. Aclivifiesz Class Treasurer lg Gym Team 2: Lighling Crew 2, 3: Sludenl Council 3 lpresi- denllg Foolball I, 2, 31 Baseball I, 2, 3. JUNE PAYNTER Walnulporl R. D. 2 General Ailracfive, darlr-haired June enioys slcafing and swimming. You can usually find her af Ihe Green Lanlern. Her cryslal ball +eIls her she will conlinue her plans 'lor becoming a model or housewife. Acliviliesz Band I, 2: Fashion Show I, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, Vespers I. M4 JANE L. OPLINGER Norlhampfon College Preparalory Popular, laughing, fun-loving Jane is our head cheerleader. Jane will grace lhe while halls of Allenlown General Hospifal as a regislered nurse. Acfiviliesz N-Club I, 2, 3: Slu- denl Council I Isecrelaryl, 2 Ivice-presidenflg Amplennian I, 2, 3: Gym Team I, 2: Courier I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3, Cheerlead- er I, 2, lco-caplainl, 3 leap- fainl, Fashion Show I: Junior Speaking Conlesl l2nd placel 2: Inlramural Volleyball, Baslcelball 2, 3. LOIS J. OPLINGER Norlhamplon R. D. 2 College Preparalory A warm smile, 'friendly h II and a glinl in Ihose blue eyes qualifies of reading and be found af 90 are unmislalrable Lois. She enioys lcnifling and can Hillside. All 'rhese Ihings will be leff behind when college. Lois enrolls in Aclivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I, Amplen- nian 3. I .Er .,,,,,.f Ji".-1 ja...-as PHYETTA BETTY PRAETORIUS Norfhampfon R. D. I Secrelarial A halo of shining hair, a pleas- anf smile, and a "cool, calm, and collecled" airg fhese are "Phy's" lrademarlcs. The fufure sees Phy- efla modeling for Max Hess, dancing for Arfhur Murray, or faking diclalion al Belhlehem Sleel. W-in SALLY J. RAU Norlhampfon College Preparalory A+ band pracfice, our "Rau" is a glowing success. Besides and chorus, sludies Ireep her busy. Wifh her mousie laugh, Sally becomes a hil wilh her friends. In her spare +ime she enioys drawing. The fufure holds cosmelology school for Sally. Aclivilies: Band I, 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: Ari Exhibil' I, 2, 37 Vespers 3. band page 34 , i A-en. GLORIA JEAN PARASTINO Walnu+por+ R. D. I College Preparalory Cheerful, energefic, and fun- Ioving describe our failhful chor- us member. Though she is an avid 'Foolball and wreslling fan, her sludies aren'l neglecled. Nexf fall Gloria will grace some college campus. Aclivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: N- Club 3: Amplennian 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3. DENNIS S. PRAEDIN Norlhampfon College Preparalory Courleous, conscienlious, and always smiling are all 'lraifs be- longing Io "Poncho." Hunfing, fishing, and sporls occupy his free lime. I+'s off Io college and a degree in civil engineering for Dennis. Aclivilies: Wreslling I. we CON RAD REYER Norlhampfon College Pre parafory Conrad, lhe SPCA of Fourlh Slreel, spends his leisure lime af Hillside or al home, gardening. College is al lhe lop of Con- rad's agenda. JOHN ROGUSKI Norlhamplon Trade John lilies fo spend his summer days waler slriing and boaling on Lalre Wallenpaupaclr. During lhe school year, he spends his leisure fime al Chip's. The Army comes nexl for John. WILLIAM REDDINGER Balh R. D. 2 Secrelarial Bill can be found af Hillside or driving around lown in his '57 converlible. The 'fulure sees Bill in an Air Force uniform. ELAINE ANN REENOCK Norfhampfon Secrelarial 5 fool 2, eyes of blue, and a conlagious giggle-lhal's "Ree- nie", our high-slepping drum maiorelfe. This fun-loving gal always has a cheerful word for everyone. Elaine's plans include a secrelarial iob. Aclivilies: Maiorelle I, 2, 3 ldruml Nl-sg 'wud' - M am. 2 , is sy , 5 -I 'E . , - , . Q . 4 - 1 3. 5. - . mf- j 1 .Q f , L , 4 M 2, I .:l?!i-Fi 3 uf ff ' A , ' ,R f. New Rfk'-i " 1 f' 'ff'f,f,t. 5 4, 1 1 Ne 'Ak 5 ' 9 ' ff. . I T 7 ' I Q I A Axvkgg L Ayfix- s gg: -A .. X.: . - A . 1 fs- s if .i 'se-+I -W f J. V' is . S FLORENCE ROTH Norlhamplon R. D. I Secrelarial Pelile "FIossy" is fhe lhrifliesl and mosl energelic girl you've even seen behind a lypewrifer. We all lcnow she'll be a whiz as some 'iorlunale businessman's secrelary. Aclivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Gym Team lg Amplennian 3: Fashion Show l. DORIS ROTHROCK Walnulporl' R. D. 2 College Preparalory Blue eyes and a smile describe Doris. Chorus and sludies lreep "Chub" busy. Graduafing from Kulzlown wifh a B.S. in ele- menlary educaiion is in ihe fu- lure for Doris. Aclivifies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 35 Vespers l, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: lnlramural Vol- leyball, Baseball 2, 33 Amplen- nian 3. page 35 EARL W. RICE, JR. Norlhamplon Trade A huddle of guys and a roar of laughler - lhal' was anolher iolce by Earl. Expecl 'rhe unex- pecled and you have 'lhis guy "labbed." Rice is an ardenl lover of lhe ouldcors and scoul life. Tallring when he should be quief and laughing when he should be serious. Wha+'s nexf for N.H.S.'s lop discus hurler? Acfivilies: Band I, 2: Track I, 2, 3: Wreslling Club I, 2, 3: N- Club 3. NICHOLAS ROMANISCHEN, JR. Bafh R. D. I General "Nick", a quiel guy, enjoys music, reading, and nalure af ils fullest His fufure plans include a lrip lo Alaslra. ANNA ALICE RUCH Belhlehem R. D. 2 Secreiarial Brown hair and brown eyes de- scribe Anna. Dancing, ice slcal- ing, and bowling occupy mosi of her lime. The fulure sees her as a secrelary, beauiician, or model. Aclivifies: Ampiennian 3: Fash- ion Show I. on-4' DARRYL SCHAEFFER Norlhamplon R. D. I College Preparaiory Small bul mighly wiih a ready smile describe Darryl, Mr. Kress- ly's sidelriclc. His hobbies are huniing, fishing, and cars. He sees college or a job in his 'Fu- lure. Aclivifies: Lighling Crew I, 2, 3: Gym Club 2, 3: Gym Exhibi- Iion 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Conceri I, 2, 3. -E: LINDA K. SALTER Norfhampion College Preparaiory A smile and a while uniform depicl Linda, our waiiress a+ Newberry's. Quiel and conserva- iive in school aciiviiies is Ihis Miss. Fulure 'for Linda holds "Mrs." +iI'le or business school. Acliviiies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Ampien- nian 3: Ar+ Exhibii I, 2, 3. LINDA LOU SANTEE Norlhampion General Long wavy hair and "Oh boy, here we go again!" announce Linda's arrival. "Lynn" enioys dancing and malh class. She can be seen ai Miller's Diner. Her lmaclc 'For sewing and coolcing will make our "sIrawberry blonde" fops in homemalcing. Acliviiies: Courier I: Fashion Show I, 2. , . 1 -2 .- , 5 swf - xx :.:..j 'gy - 'pi -I " -I filliiilzl 's -Q 'if ' 5-1.11-Q 2 Ag, K if 4, ' K i4'iI'1.' sftw .I - -i mm- .273-:J -R: T.-"QQ I Jug' w,.1:.:'3.'-5-fgf a.,'-c. '- N,-. f.. '---N ,K sian,-fhir I 4 . :?iil',':, it ,vwx --."-1.-I'-x' ' 'n, 1' ,V 1.i,""1-v.'Q bf N Ni.-X . "-.'1'5'.' 1' + - - is gmt'-:.,,Nx,3x-f,Pxss,Q .f I1,,??j.,l: Q.. .gi 1-QI -'v -' x" Nm' f e Af wif 1 I 1-rlff!-73.-iv'.w1'.-N.-GQ ',"ZfJ.'flm.'f." - page GERALDINE MAY SAMUELS Bafh R. D. 2 Secreiarial Quiel, poised, ambilious, and friendly help Io describe Geri. Her hobbies include sewin m 9- U' sic, and reading. Now iI"s ihe Nafional Honor Socieiy for her, in Ihe liuiure iI's a secreiarial iob. Acfiviiiesz Fashion Show I: Na- Iional Honor Sociely 3. MARGARET E. SAYUK Norfhampfon College Preparalory Need a waiiress7 "Margie" is fops. Ealing al "Fireside" is her favoriie pasfime. She confribufes her ialenls fo Ihe church choir, coolcing, and concerfs. She plans Io aliend fhe Nalional School of Aeronauiics. Aciiviliesz Tri-Hi-Y I, 2: Ari' Ex- hibif I, 2, 3: Phofo Club 3: ln- Iramural Volleyball, Baseball 2. 36 LESLYE RUTH Norihamplon College Preparalory Progressive iazz comes firsi wiih long lbrownl haired "Joyce." Pain? and clay accom- plish exfraordinary feels in her slrillful hands. Rainbow and club meeiings complefe her busy schedule. The fufure sees a feacher's iob or an arIis+'s life. Aclivifies: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: German Club 2: Courier 2, 3: Ampien- nian 3: Science Fair I: Dislrici Chorus 2, 3: Ari Exhibil' 2, 3: Senior Class Play 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Re- gional Chorus 3. FAYE LOUISE SCHAFFER Norihampfon R. D. I College Preparafory Sparlcling eyes, cufe smile, de- scribe Faye. Music sheeis and painl brushes are offen seen in her possession. She is an ardenf foofball and baseball fan. Faye loves Io sew and has earned many blue ribbons in 4-H. Acfivifies: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: Mixed Ensemble I, 2, 3: Chor- us I, 2, 3: Ari Exhibil I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Conceri I, 2, 3: Disiricl' Chorus 2, 3: Courier 2, 3: Ampfennian 3: N- Club 3: Regional Chorus 3: ln- Iramural Volleyball 2, 3. ROBERT B. SCHAFFER Bafh College Preparafory Besides being an informafion cenfer on mechanics, Bob is a regular si hf af fhe local as sfa 9 9 ' fion. Bob also enioys hunfing. Affending nighf school now oc- cupies his fime. College and a career in mechanics are included in Bob's plans for fhe fufure. JAY ROY SHOEMAKER Cherryville Trade Shy, buf energefic, 'rhaf's Jay Roy. A fascinafing hobby of col- lecfing picfure posfcards and af- fending Youfh Fellowship meef- ing occupy his free fime. When noi in school, he can be found af Andy's Service Sfafion. For Jay, fhe fufure holds fhe Armed Forces. Acfivifies: Phofo Club 3. CARLOTTA L. SCHOLL Bafh R. D. I College Preparafory Carloffa, wifh golden voice. brighfens fhe school wifh her congenial smile. Always on 'ihe go, she enioiys foofball and bas- lcefball games. Carloffa, an ac- five parficipanf in Scoufs and Lufher League will malre a per- fecf business woman. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: Mixed Ensem- ble 2: Disfricf Chorus 2, 3: Re- gional Chorus 2: lnframural Vol- leyball, Baseball 2. KATHRYN R. SEIPLE Bafh R. D. 2 Secrefarial Oufsfanding square dancer and 4-H member, Kafhy enioys all gym acfivifies. Her favorife pasfime is making new friends and refaining her old ones. Kafhy's crysfal ball is hazy. Acfivifies: Gym feam l, 2: Tri- Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I: Ves- pers 3. P699 NANCY SEIER Ncrfhampfon R. D. 2 Secrefarial Our fallcafive, blonde Nancy enjoys fwisfing af Casfle Gar- dens Safurday nighfs. She can be found af Swiff Arrow affer ihe dances. Our crysfal ball finds her as a secrefary in a big of- fice. Acfivifies: Courier 2. KENNETH C. SEYER Norfhampfon R. D. 2 College Preparafory Quief and shy, yef friendly describe Kenny. He enioys ice skafing, fennis and fishing affer school. Kenny can be found af Nicholas Cify Service. The fufure sees Kennefh feaching a Hisfory Class. 37 DANIEL W. SCHLEGEL Bafh R. D. I College Preparafory Anyone for shoofing pigeons? He's an ardenf hunfer and sporfsman and has won a leffer in wresfling as well as many frac- for driving confesfs. Our Class Presidenf enioys farming and grave digging. His scholasfic achievemenfs should help in his choice of engineering. Acfivifiesz Ampfennian 3: Wresf- ling I, 2, 3: Vespers I: Sfudenf Council 2: Class Presidenf l, 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3: Weighf Club 2. 44" vi' LEE W. SHOEMAKER Norfhampfon Trade "Shusfer", full of pracfical iolues, gains enioymenf from ice slrafing, fennis, and driving his scoofer. Thaf pumping sensafion from Nicholas Cify Service is famous for his faifhful delivery of fhe Morning Call. Righf now fhe fufure is hazy for Lee. Acfivifiesz Lighfing Crew 3. ro' "1" CINDY SILFIES Danielsville R. D. I General Cule, wilh a warm smile and long darlr hair, Cindy enjoys movies and dancing. This Iass's fufure includes an aifracfive modeling career or a Mrs. lifle. Acfivifies: Gym Team I: Color- guard 2: Fashion Show 3. JOAN KATHRYN SILFIES Bafh R. D. 2 General Joan, wifh a perl' and friendly smile, enioys dancing and swim- ming. She can be found af Roufe 45 Drive-ln. The fulure includes fhe fille of Mrs. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I, 2, 3: Amplennian 3. SCOTT E. SHOEMAKER Norlhampfon College Preparafory Tall, good loolcing, and vibranl -l'ha+'s Scoff. Whelher in fhe baH'er's box or in fhe classroom, our Courier sporls edifor has a lrnaclr for success. His laughfer always adds zesf fo any evenf. Nexf in line - Kulzfown and a feaching career. Aciivifiesa Band I, 2, 3 lpresi- denil: Sfudenf Council 2: N- Club 3: Courier 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Baslcelball I: Senior Class Play 3. RICHARD M. SICKONIC Norfhampfon College Preparaiory "Rich", our foofball and bas- as diligenf af lrefball ace, is sludies as he is af sporis. Worlr- or driving fhe ing in Coplay "Bug", falre up mosf of his leis- ure fime. Some college will find Rich a valuable campus. addifion fo ifs Acfivifies: Sfudenf Council I: Foofball I, 2, 3: Baslrefball I, 2, 3: Baseball I: Vespers 3. EILEEN SIPOS Norfhampfon General Happy-go-luclcy Eileen can easily be seen a mile away wilh fhal beaufiful head of red curls. Besides being an aclive member of Tri-Hi-Y, she is offen seen al Miller's Diner. Her plans for ihe fufure include a iob af Wesfern Elecfric. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I, 2, 3: Ampfennian 3. JOANN RUTH SNYDER Danielsville Secrefarial Blue eyes shining, curls a bob- bing, and leading lhe color- guards describe Joann. "Cookie" can be 'Found eafing pizza, Clanc- ing, or roller slcafing. She will brighfen any business office wifh her confagious laugh and pleas- ing personalify. Acfivifies: Gym Team I: Fashion Show I: Colorguard I, 2, 3 lser- geanll. page 38 'X .,,.av-IP' JEAN SILFIES Balh R. D. 2 Secrefarial A smile and a iolce characfer- ize Jean. Wrifing Iellers and swimming occupy much of her spare fime. She can be found al lhe "Swirly Top." The fuiure sees her as a recepfionisf or swifch- board operafor. Acfivifies: Fashion Show I, 2. RUTH E. SIMMONS Norfhamplon Secrefarial Hear fhe cliclrefy-click of a 'lypewriler - fhal"s Rufhie speeding across fhe keyboard. She is a pleasanf girl wifh a winning smile. The fufure sees her as a secrefary or beaufician. Acfivifies: Chorus I: Vespers I: Ampfennian 3. GEORGE SODL Norlhamplon Trade "Rack 'em up." Our good- lcoking guy wilh lhe gleam in his eyes has iusl arrived al lhe Cue Room. Wherever lhere is lun and laughler, you can lind George. He does have serious momenls and lhese are when l1e's on lhe gridiron or lhe diamond. Aller gradualion, Uncle Sam will cap- lure George. Aclivilies: Baseball I, 2, 3: Fool- ball l, 2, 3. SHARLA SOLT Norlhamplon R. D. I College Preparalory Exlending a 'Friendly "Hi ya," lhis ardenl sporls fan is seen al mosl alhlelic evenls. Her music- al lalenls are displayed on lhe piano, organ, and in choral work. A lalenled seamslress, Sharla sees lhe lulure as a leacher. Aclivilies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: lnlra- mural Volleyball, Baseball 2: N-Club 3: Amplennian 3. SANDRA SNYDER Norlhamplon General "Sandy" is a regular clown wilh a cule smile. She enioys dancing and swimming. She can be seen al Miller's Diner. The 'fu- lure sees Sandy as a beaulician. Aclivilies: Fashion Show I, 2, 3. JOSEPH R. SOBIESIAK Cherryville College Preparalory Sludious and ambilious de- cribe Joe, our baskelball mana- ger. Spare lime 'finds him col- lecling slamps and painling. Senior Class Play and lhe Amp- lennian keep Joe on lhe go. Joe's nexl goal is a college de- gree. Aclivilies: Baskelball lmanagerl I, 2, 3: Junior Speaking Conlesl 2: Vespers 3: Amplennian 3. "QED: 'iQi' DO LO RES STROH L Danielsville Secrelarial Need cheering up? See "Dol- ly." This brunelle is lhe girl lo see when you need a good laugh. Besides lyping 'For leach- ers, she keeps herself busy wilh dancing and gossip. There will be opporlunilies knocking lor lhis spiriled personalily and lop- nolch secrelary. Aclivilies: Gym Team ll: Courier 2, 3: Amplennian 3: Fashion Show I: lnlramural Volleyball 2. x V' BRlAN L. TARAS Walnulporl R. D. l Trade Personalily along wilh a warm hear-l describe N.H.S.'s lop drummer. Some hobbies he en- ioys are coin collecling and ski- ing. He also enioys doing new dance sleps like lhe "Limbo." Afler gradualion, Brian anlici- pales lechnical lraining or lhe Armed Forces. Aclivilies: Band I. 2, 3: N-Club 3: Wreslling 3: Baseball lmana- gerl 3. page 39 'Ol 'lf-L 'I LARRY SOLT Balh R. D. 2 College Preparalory Singing, raising sleers, and reading keep Larry on lhe go. Allhough shy wilh girls, he dis- plays his masculinily on lhe N. H. S.'s wreslling mals. Will il be college or lhe Air Force? Aclivilies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers l, 2, 3: Spring Concerl I, 2, 3: Wreslling 2, 3: Band I: Slu- denl Council 2: N-Club 3. GLENN S. SPENGLER Norlhamplon General Cheerful and chally - lhal's Glenn. Half shy, half bold - Glenn's an easy-going guy and oulslanding on lhe gym leam. Ask Uncle Sam aboul his fulure. Aclivilies: Gym Team 2, 3: Track 2, 3. N-quo ix-I THOMAS W. UNGER Norfhampfon College Preparalory Smash! Tom has iusf sfopped fhe opposilion for a I0 yard loss. "T-Texas," is oulsfanding whefher on fhe gridiron or in fhe class- room. The cinder feam also claims him as a lop-nofch per- former. He spends his leisure lime af Bob's Gas Sfafion. Col- lege is nexf for Tom. Acfivifiesz Foofball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. DOUGLAS E. WALDMANN Bafh R. D. I College Preparafory Where fhere are parallel bars ihere is Doug, our fall, dark, easy-going nighl' owl, and "Alas- ka Traveler." This handsome fel- low enioys sporls, hunfing, and working on cars. The fufure sees Doug as an experf engineer. Acfivilies: Gym Team 2, 3: Sfage Crew 3: Wresfling I, 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3. BERNARDI N E R. VITOVITCH Norfhamplon Secrefarial "Deenie" wifh long blond hair and blue eyes is full of iokes and laughler. She enioys swimming, ice skafing, boafing, bowling, and golfing. The fufure sees her al' a desk in a business firm or on fhe slage as a model. Acfivifies: Tri-Hi-Y 2. DOLORES A. WAGNER Norfhampfon Secrefarial Dolores, our red-head, likes reading, swimming, and skafing. She belongs fo fhe Gym Team and is falenfed on 'I'I1e rings. She can be seen al MiIler's Diner. The fufure finds Dolores as a re- cepficnisf or Wave. Acfivifies: Gym Team I, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y I: Fashion Show I. BARBARA P. VOGEL Danielsville R. D. I College Preparafory Quiel' and sfudious, Babs has a cule smile for all. She prefers reading a good novel, singing and dancing. A nurse's cap will adorn her head. Acfivifiesz Chorus I, 2, 3: Ves- pers I, 2, 3:'Spring Concerf I, 2, 3. SANDRA ANN WAGNER Norfhampfon R. D. I College Preparafory A cheery smile plus dimples are only Iwo of Sandy's many charms. Praclicing new dance sfeps in her free fime brighfen her pleasing personalify. The fu- 'lure sees curlers and bobby pins in lhe hands of Sandra, an able beaulician. Acfivilies: Tri-Hi-Y I. page 40 MARY VALKOVEC Bafh R. D. I College Preparalory Wavy brown hair and a cufe smile - +hal's Mary hurrying from classes Io clubs. Despife scads of acfivify, she manages fo find fime fo sfudy. Everyfhing is imporfanf fo fhis fufure mafh Ieacher. Aclivifies: Gym Team 2, 3: Chorus I, 2, 3: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Concerf I, 2, 3: Sfudenf Council lvice-presidenfl 3: Na- Iional Honor Sociefy 2, 3 ivice- presidenfl: Ampfennian 3: Infra- mural Volleyball, Baseball 2. NANCY LAURA WALDMANN Bafh R. D. I College Preparalory Vivacious personalily and cheerful smile symbolize "Nan- nie." Life saving occupies fhe summer fime of one of N. H. S.'s high-sfepping maioreffes. Will- ingness 'Io serve olhers will en- hance her fulure business career. Acfivifies: Chorus I, 2, 3: Gym Team I, 3: Maioreffe 2, 3: Amp- fennian 3: Sludenf Council 3: Inlramural Volleyball, Baseball 2: Vespers I, 2, 3: Spring Con- cerf I, 2, 3. DAVID WARE Balh R. D. I General Engines, lires and axles all en- gross Dave in his spare lime. In school, sporls are imporlanl from lhe gridiron lo fhe 220 in lraclr. Nexl in line is college. Aclivilies: Gym leam I, 2, 3: N- Club 2: Foolball I, 2, 3: Traclr I, 2, 3. A 'lm' HELEN J. WERETTA Norlhamplon College Preparalory A pug nose and a willy humor, lhal's "Nalasha". Whelher lry- ing somelhing new in arl class or hurrying lo pholo slaff, she slill has enough energy lo cheer al foolball and baslcelball games. College is lhe nexl slep in Hel- en's brighl lulure. Aclivilies: Tri-Hi-Y I: Arl Exhibil I, 2, 3: Amplennian 3. HELEN WHITE Norlhamplon R. D. 2 General "Has anyone seen Helen?" She can be 'found al her girl- lriend's house. Helen keeps busy will-I sewing and embroidering. Modeling her own crealions in show brings lhe school 'fashion her pleasure. Her fulure plans are based on a iob. Aclivilies: Fashion Show I, 2. 'Tis well lhe organ's solemn sighs Should soar and sinlr around her resl, And almosl in her ear should rise The prayers of lhose she loved lhe besl. Undaunled by lhe clouds of fear. Undazzled by a happy day, She made a Heaven aboul her here, And loolr how much! wilh her away. Richard Monclrlon Milnes 'O' 1:22:- SALLY ANN WETHERHOLD Balh R. D. I Secrelarial Lilre lo meel a girl who lalks wilh her eyes? Thal's Sally Ann, a high-slepping maiorelle and co-edilor of Courier. Since lhis long-lressed culie's inleresls in- clude bolh cosmelics and model- ing al Zollinger and Harned, her lulure plans are uncerlain. Aclivilies: Courier I, 2, 3 Ico- edilorl: Maiorelle 3: N-Club 2, 3: Fashion Show 3: Colorguard 2: Amplennian 3. CAROL WEIDMAN Ball: R. D. I College Preparalory An aclive, serious-minded slu- denl, Carol is co-edilor of Cour- ier and Layoul Edilor of lhe Amplennian. A maiorelle and leader in 4-H and Girl Scouls, she is also an avid sporls fan. Nexl for Carol college and a ca- reer in iournalism or adverlising. Aclivilies: Courier I, 2, 3 Ico- edilorlg Colorguard 2: Maior- elle 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 2, 3 Ipresidenll: Amplennian 3: Sludenl Council 3: Vespers 3: In- lramural Volleyball 2, Baslrelball 3. JOANN GLORIA MIKO A f, ww, ' V T H '---.-gp 3' I 3 fa X 'X January I8, I946 - December 3. I957 page 4I We The Senior Class of l963 pass on To The Junior Class The responsibiliTies which were besTowed upon us in The Tall of l962. You Juniors will be The Seniors nexT year. You will be loolcecl upon by The underclassmen Tor leadership and guid- ance. We Truly hope ThaT The members of The Junior Class will adhere To These responsibilTies. 'We feel ThaT The Junior Class has reached a level ThaT will enable Them To carry ouT Their duTies TaiThTully and aolequaTely. The Senior Class has waTched The Junior Class develop inTo a well-lcniT group, and we are conTidenT ThaT They will meeT The challenge which we have placed before Them. As you are chrisTenecl "Seniors" nexT year in The Tall of I963. you will have Then reached The plaTeau of your scholasTic career. Do noT shirlc your responsi- biliTies, buT lead The underclassrnen capably. ln conclusion, The Seniors wish To The Juniors greaT success as They shoulder Their new TiTle, "Seniors" Daniel Schlegel PresidenT. Senior Class 14 Medwqe '70 '7fae f ' .fy nf-:iff CLASS COLORS Lavender and WhiTe C-Y -151. rf Q!" X' Aj, CLASS FLOWER WhiTe Rose N K X T 'Q i H V: 'Ai .S- C x. I Qi i if 1.Si- V ' ' '- 'Cl' L--f' 4 A -- A - ' l .Puls . s -V 2-s.,,,- - 4., - -Y .KV , , sf -s. AXQ. xy. 3 '3 I - U ' .5 I . I- f ' 4- :fu N 4. .U . '.. i. ' AX xx n ' 4 4 X Q N '94, page 42 Sealed: John Erdosy, vice presidenlg Mr. Roberf Snyder, advisor: Joan Schranlz, secrefary. S+anding: Michael Lisefski, president Joseph Eberhardf, ireasurer. anim 6 au Ufficmd CLASS MOTTO They Can Conquer Who Believe They Can page 43 eau poem ln lhis. our Junior year a'r school. We've endeavored To do our besfg Assisfance we have always given, The hope we'll pass 'lhe 1'esl'. We've had enioyable social affairs. ln which we all look perl: The Speaking Confesf - a big success. Our new class rings ---- very smart And so This year is pasl and gone. Jusl where, 'lis hard fo fell: Buf il has been a prolilable one. And lors of fun. as well. by Hannah J. Kilgore ,P . M-141 l HOMEROOM l05 - Row I: Kalhryn Bealer, Holly Horn, Cynlhia Koons, Hannah Kilgore, Sally Cole, Mary Bundy, Harriel Reinhardl. Row 2: Nancy Kidd, Carol Burbes, Linda Wunder, Randi Belh Sage, Karen Kochenash, Sandra Sleirer, Nan Newhard, Dianne Kisl, Row 3: Curlis Renner, Sherwood Silfies, Joseph l'-lammel, William Bauer, Dean Berg, John l-lanzl, Linda Kern. Row 4: Joseph Shelalc, Daniel Laury, Marvin Schleicher, Allen Scheelz, Vincenl Gasper, Paul Polcorny, Thomas Kocher, Rich- ard Benlz. Row 5: Queniin Dimmick, Willard Kocher, Larry Frederick, Larry Graver, Barry Loch, David Schmidl. HOMEROOM I06 - Row I: Barbara Saeger. Eva Kopchalr, Kaihleen Kozero, Evelyn Broslcy, Kalhryn Paraslino, Sandra Koehler. Susan Dech. Row 2: Sharon Billenbender, Judiih Beers, Alice Kohler, Jacqueline Lilly, Karen Yenser, Linda Newhard, Pafricia Werner, Diana Wuchler. Row 3: Dennis Hughes, Edward Weider, Charles Leindeclcer, John Pail, Glenn Kichline, David Smilh, Bruce Newhard. Row 4: James Blaschalc, Dennis lvlaralcovils, William Rinlcer, Donald Eickholl, John Milandcr, John Cesanelc, Koberl Brown, Dennis Bruder. Row 5: James Wagner, Dennis Krill, Alberl Gazjulc. page 44 vrsiifgf' HOMEROOM II3 - Row I: Jean Harlzell, Jean Handwerk, Sharon Hoover, Marqarel Temos, Cynfhia Zaharchulc, Diane Woodrinq, Donna Thomas, Row 2: Enid Reimerl, Anila Schindler, Lucille Holliclc, Linda Reimer, Marianne Puchyr, Alice Holfle, Carol Huslon, Keilh Barlhold. Row 3: Becky Meclmes, Bruce Shelloclc, Richard Mann, Michael Marfniclc, Donald Asbaih, Max Achey, Rufh Brobsl: Row 4: Roberl' Oclenwalder, Carson Jones, Richard Slermer, Dennis Hall, Richard Funk, John Schlo- ler. Slephen Nachesly, Slanley Rushalz. Row 5: Dale Schrey. David Rowlands. 5 Q3 S'-Qu 'RE "2 s :- ,J 3, wi I , HOMEROOM 2Ol - Row l: Marlha Maralrovifs, Iona Mann, Diane Fehnel, Virginia Helfellinger, Jean Correll, Janel' Snyder, Kalhleen Parr. Row 2: Palricia Barrall, Shirley Mann, Grace Moser, Sandra Druclcenmiller, Nancy DeLucia, Linda Bogarosh, Lucinda Merlz, Sandra Ruch. Row 3: Nicholas Husalc, Barry Fehnel, Peler Wanagel, Frank Nichischer, Harry Chessbrough, Franklin Mummey, Linda Barler. Row 4: George Chabalc, Roberf Wilson, Jere Silcorslcy, Frank Holland, Ernesl Breyner, Jeff Malles, Michael Liselslci, Werner Greb. Row 5: William Burlchardl, John Klulzarilz, page 45 HOMEROOM 202 - Row I: Sharon Peilco, Joan Schraniz, Sylvia Schmalzer, Connie Diehl, Roseanne Flamish, Elizabelh Schaf- fer, Adele Beniamin. Row 2: Sharon Noli, Elaine Slrohl, Jean Hilbert Julie Nieves, Cynfhia Marx, Sandra Dech, Beverly Miller, Linda Dreher. Row 3: William Flyie, Roberi Weinhoier, Roberr Nyce, Donald Nush, David Vifall, Roberr Schwenk, Paulelie Geiz. Row 4: Rodger Berg, Charles Buslcirk, Lee Spaniiz, Franklin Soll, James Smifh, Dennis Dreisbach, Roberf Yosf, Thomas Neeh. Row 5: Kennerh Longley, Donald Siegfried, Charles Mcllhaney, Glen Miller, Frank Harharl. 3 i HOMEROOM 205 - Row I: Cynfhia Simcoe, Mary Ann Binder, Bonnie Bird, Diane Miller, Judi+h Miller, Maryann Drofilz, Karen Anfhony. Row 2: Bernadeiie Paly, Karen Pinler, Jane Gogel, Claudia Kleppinger, Francine Groif, Pauline Laky, Maryann Gabrylulc, Barbara Shelloclc. Row 3: Donald Spadl, Fred I-leffellinger, Michael Perdick, William Roclcovifs, Kenneih Wolf, Ted Sylvesier, Pafricia Tomasiiz. Row 4: Charles Erlcinger, Paul Connally, Dale Miller, Daniel Heiielfinger, Ronald Hugo, Dennis Newhard, Ronald Asbaih. Row 5: Michael Burns, Donald Reimerf. page 46 lv 'X HOMEROOM 207 - Row I: Faye O'Brien, Diane Pefro, Bernadele Bilcler, Mary Ellen Hilberq, Elaine Hall, Lois Moll, Lor- raine Sleirer. Row 2: Lorraine Ruch, Jusfine Franya, Madelin Gower, Brenda Hahn, Linda Ward, Diane Kohler. Row 3: Brenda George, Larry Spaidis, Carl Schaeffer, Daniel Nilcisher, Guy Rice, Barry La Barre, Michael Madea. Row 4: John Harhardf, Alan Silfies, Bernard Flory, Richard Demchylc, Roberl' Henning, John Schmicll, Kennefh Hackman. Row 5: Roy Schaeffer, Dale Afherholl, Charles Miller, Timofhy Lubenesky. Allen Borda, Janel Snyder, Barry Grube, Richard Funk make lheir respecfive cornmenis abou? 'rheir new class rings: "ll"ll never fill", "Gee, il's all minel", "Humph! Jusi some more money oul' of my pocke'r!", "Waif 'lil my mom sees +hisl" page 47 1 ... .' 'HV - Q, ,..j5r:, 1 l Nw Lefl lo righl: Alan Silfies lFirsl placel, Linda Wunder lFirsl placel, Maryann Gabrylulc lSecond placel, Carl Schaeller lSecond placel anim Speaking eanfedl' On Feb. l3, I963. lhe 37lh annual Junior Speaking Conlesl was held. This is lhe oldesl aclivily in lhe high school. The girls parlici- paling were Claudia Kleppinger, Maryann Gabrylulc, Marlha Mara- lcovils. and Linda Wunder. The boys parlicipaling we re Carl Schaeller. Dennis Krill. Alan Sillies. and Roger Berg. Mr. Arlhur Roney was lhe advisor. Alan Sillies's win- ning speech was a comedy enli- lled, The Day ol lhe Big Game. Carl Schaefler's s e c o n d place speech was a drama enlilled, Joy Ride. Linda Wunder's winning speech was a comedy enlilled. ln Quesl ol Tea. Maryann Gabrylulcs second place speech was anolher comedy enlilled, Where Did You Gel Thal Hal? Sealed: Claudia Kleppinger, Maryann Gabrylulc, Marlha Maralrovils, Linda Wun- der. Slanding: Carl Schaeller, Dennis Krill, Mr. Roney ladvisorl, Alan Sillies Roger Berg. page 48 'L . . .1 ,. 'x a -L' SL -,Z ,- ' x ' ,. 'jf' 1 ff -525' A-. gf gy: s .. .. H" "T: 'M' -. jf . 'jj , I! 0 V - . ,, , A 05 XLR -Vf' . A af .- :' ,GZ U 1' - ' lr ' " , ,f -" -:pr , -523' r Nfl? UF, . , rf bf gf- ,5 W .. 25' - 5 in D' -i f Q -'sf' 3" b . E 15' , Qi.. H , Q, ' 5 R - . Hwy: -il K . 'E t 4 NL' ' ' . il ' . 5:5-U '57'55'. iiif f':Q:LQf-331' " '35, f 595-:7'4 f:f"' F ' .i-5 ff . I , , - f 6 ,' Q. . ., ' , ': '- , U. ,fm , h f-.' ' V . pci' q ,Z-, , " , . --'fd ' f ' 2:21. ',. f 5 1 rg? - - ' ' ,JL 1'1" 'DY A 5,1 ,2- A ' ,,f:,A"' ' , 4 ,H ,. -14' -.mtgg if-sf 4 ff '-f 7 M L 'Q K '1f.-f..q- . "rg: X 75' f 2 . lm wif ' if? t jx A ,-425 -- ff . if? ' QKXX, ' " 242293, A 1: -X f -,-gig, , -if ,. ' . , , sf ,fff-pg- - . ff?--7-2 . 1' . ' - +f-H111 A 4- - - lf 1 we La, Q . - V- - 'Q ZH ..f' . ' " ,lf ,, E , . 1272i , Z:,I""'-,. W -ff. .L -- --r t' Ji - LJ x.L.'- C.M.K. fffxx Sealed: Karhy Kulp, secreiaryz Mr. Roberf Druclcenmiller. advisor: Joan Mifchell, Treasurer. Sfandingz Brian Lloyd. vice-presidenfg Gregg Amore. president lileuaqe '70 7!ze Sopfnomaaed The class of I964 exlends a hearly welcome 'ro you who have puf aside Jrhe happy and carefree iunior high days l'o venlure forlh info fhese sfrange halls and meel +he challenge of senior high school. We +rus+ The acliuslmenl To lhe new subiecls, Teachers, and sched- ules was made wilh +he leasl' amounl' of difficullry, and 'lhal you are now enjoying your new scholasfic life in addilrion To 'raking parl' in 'rhe many exlra-curricular acrivilies which are offered fo you. To you who will lake our place on The elevenlh rung of fhe ladder in lhe coming year go our besl wishes for conlrinued growlh in wis- dom. and our sincere desire for your conlinued co-operalion and parlicipalion during your remaining years al NASHS. Michael Lisefski Presiclenl' of 1'he Junior Class page 50 HOMEROOM lOl - Row l: Harvey Gehrel, Slephen Siffel, Joseph Herschman, Joseph Falarek, Roberr Fausfner, John Borbacs. Row 2: Michael Gavuro, Dennis Laury, Michael Wagner, John Fox, Phillip Shunlc, Claylon Reimer, Kennelh Meinharl. Row 3: Paul Marfh, Anlhony Kohlhauser, Dennis Morgan, John Gasper, Francis Wagner, Frank Seier. Pi -rfb 49 wat? A HOMEROOM 200 - Row I: Phyllis Manogue, Joan Keller, Pafricia Honfz, Sandra Marlh, Nan Shuey, Sharon Weber, Donna Edelman. Row 2: Conslance Bird, Connie Chrislman, Gail Kramer, Jean Vallcovec, Linda Praeforius, Vicforia Srnifh, Geraldine Kocher, Lillian Mirro. Row 3: Dennis King, Phyllis Schaeffer, Shirley Schweilzer, Phyllis Barfhold, Jane Edelman, Carol Radcliffe. Margarel' Tofh. Row 4: George Milander, Donald Sferrler, Gregory Csencsifz, James Feldman, Gregg Amore, Glen Eberls, Dennis Rice, Dennis Valo. Row 5: Larry Valo, Daniel Fenslermaker, Jacob Gruber, Richard Whilehouse, Mark Rolh, Larry Kocher. page SI HOMEROCM 204 -- Row I: Linda Bariholomew, Linda Snyder, Carol Peiers, Fay Fensiermaker, Susan Walp, Dolores Gaulker, Carlene Spengler. Row 2: Sandra Minnich, Linda Arey, Carol Kereb, Lucille Creyer, Bonnie Hahn, Caroline Greener, Judy Berger, Carol Sillies. Row 3: Richard Wohfel, Bonnie Kuklinski, Kaihleen Becker, Joan Krock, Mary Rank, Alice Mills, Paul I-lumenik. Row 4: Allen Foqel, Leonard Heckman, Curfis Moser, Raymond Anfhony, Dennis Flamisch, John Sawka, Larry Silfies, Joseph Sugra. Row 5: Larry Sfrohl, Frank Filipovifs, Jeffrey Bail, Peier McMurray, Roy Remaly, Edward Weiss, Thomas Barihold. 4 -ig HOMEROOM 206 - Row I: Nancy Treichler, Elaine Kleinschusfer, Barbara Ben Venuii, Cheryl Diehl, Elaine Heckman, Cynfhia Siliies, Linda Geiling. Row 2: Kaihleen Mohry, Belly Lakey, Palricia Keeler, Linda Creyer, Joan Waliers, Loreifa Masf, Rose Flick, Janei' Gabryluk. Row 3: Brenda Edelman, Pairicia Lalik, Lynne O'Brien, Doroihy Friiz, Judy Sprigle, Suellyn Pefers, Sandra Smilh. Row 4: Philip DeNardo, Erwin Huseman, Paul Frack, Edward Dischinar, James Gardner, Keifh Longenbach, Dennis Sieg- fried, Frances Farkas. Row 5: LeRoy Brobsl, William Marencik, Eric Reineri, Barry Wagner, Frank Laufik, Roger Pagafio, Joseph Sickonic. page 52 HOMEROOM 208 - Row I: Ann Asbaih. Dianne Griesemer, Shirley Edelman, Karen Long, Anne Schmoyer, Linda Oberly, Linda McCafferly. Row 2: Kalhryn Kulp, Jean Zialylc, Eva Frable, Kafhie Kohler, Calhy Gable, Alice Wambold, Cafhleen Sam- uels, Nancy Marsh. Row 3: Darlene Sommers, Marlene Leiby, Chrisline DaMore, Sharon Andrews, Nancy Rau, Linda Heckman, Diane Slrohl. Row 4: Wayne Harding, Frank Asfl, Michael Klipple, John Asbafh, Roberl' Reph, Charles Graver, Roberf Dralce. Row 5: Richard Hellellinqer, Brian Lloyd, Ray Walker, Roberl Nilcisher. Q? HOMEROOM 209 - Row I: Linda Slrohl, Virginia Maclces, Slella Lerch, Diane Folland, Jean Onkolz, Sandra Yelenics, Michele Williamson. Row 2: Carolann Derr, Alicia Marlh, Darlene Bralcer, Lynn Gogel, Nancy Kralzer, Jean Newhard, Pamela Ware, Doris Rice. Row 3: Dolores Rudelilsch, Sharon Spangler, Barbara Fenslermaker, Helen Sodl, Paulelfe Groff, Sandra Wagner. Gerald Engle. Row 4: Jerome Slimpfl, Lorin Arfhefer, Daniel Bulz, Larry Kern, Charles Kern, Adam Newhard, William Yosf. Row 5: William Gieslne, David Lerch, David Kline, Richard Snyder, Slephen Sayulc, Slephen Genry. Donald Feafherman, page 53 HOMEROOM 2I xv 0 O 2 Row I: Maryann Sickar, Bonnie Fenslermaker, Judy l-lauck, Sandra Milisi+s, Joanne Tassie, Marie Maikiis, Row 2: Charlolie Oplinger, Gayle Smiih, Carolyn Marsh, Carol Reddinqer, Brenda Dieler, Joann Krell, Paul- Juliann Augusrine. elle Paukovifs, Maclelyri Barrell. Row 3: Darlene Creyer, Alexis Erdosy, Mary Ann Marakovifs, Shirley Gilbert Charlolfe Topier, Linda Heflinfrayer, Linda Leindecker. Row 4: Russell Davis, Roberl Meckes, John Sfevens, Thomas Lahovski, John Vilushinsky, Andrew Marlnick, Paul Knopf,-Dennis Barfhol. Row 5: Mark Herman, Leonard Ellis, Chris Schearer, Norman Graver, Francis Becker, Larry Reilz, Dennis Fauslner. HOMEROOM 213 - Row I: Palricia Weiql, Carol Sloudf, Jeridy Laub, Diane Fedorishen, Annefle Meckes, Loreiia Marcks. Linda Rehrig. Row 2: Janice Herd, Palsy Bowman, Deborah Mohn, Joyce l-lofile, Lucille Person, Linda Williard, Susan Fogle, Lucy Miller. Row 3: Diane Binder, William Silfies, William Frey, George Wuchler, Larry Miller, Diane Beers, Vicki Romanow. Row 4: Roberf Handwerk, Ronald Bird, Gary Reph, Wainwrighl Beal. page 54 HOMEROOM 2I4 - Row I: Audrey Remmel, Veronica Merlz, Leona Mann, Eloise Deily, Veronica Chimarys, Janice Nee+z, Jeanne Frederick. Row 2: Berfha Davidson, Dawn Miller, Rebecca Kilgore, Dawn Wallcer, Susan Schlegel, Joan Mifchell, Brenda Hoch, Manuela Sasper. Row 3: David l-lanqen, Sandra Weider, Lorraine While, Jacalyn Belfzner, Joanne Filipovifs, Sandra l-leffelfinqer, Raymond Lindenmoyer. Row 4: Anlhony Smiqowski, Larry Kefnmerer, William Borqer, John McCandless, Paul Rodgers. Keilh Piescienslci, Jan Billy, Wayne Blocker. Row 5: Roberl Geller, James l-lodges, Slerling Hodges, Dennis Shoemaker, Wayne Remaly. 'W l ' A 533 ' 'A ' L 3335555353355 X xsliiuzau- Vfialzmr - .l " - 'X 'fr gh .X 4 1 S HOMEROOM 2l5- Row I: Brenda Shoemaker, Cheryl Whilehead, Rila Schneider, Paula Gerqel, Rifa Miller, Diane Suflifl, Palricia Marlin. Row 2: Marilyn Pelriclc, Belly Frey, Ramona Hreqician, Rila Gomes, Bonnie Benninqer, Karen l-lcilzman, Nancy Marsh. Diane Edelman. Row 3: Raymond Edelman, Linda Koch, Barbara VVir1h, Mary l-lorsl, Pal Nissley, Sue Ellen Nolhslein Keilh Henrilzy. Row 4: Glenn Chamberlain, Ronald Klipple, William Richie, Bernard Coleman, Richard S+-ellie, Donald Renner: Dennis Dreisiqmeyer, Bruce Anlhony. Row 5: Roberf Henry, Ronald Murphy, John Chimics, Ricky Umslead, Ronald Meixsell, Larry Temos, Ralph Eberly, Larry Saylor. Page 55 'T' --sg Q ,J "' . 51 , I 1 . 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S vc:-m c-4 ' f ' ' :' .5 "4" - ' M ,. ' 'h tk rw - E ' ri - f'N :::. kiigffa 4 X I ' if-', i' XX - ug , I, I A I w yn M A N 1, - , 'qw wfig. --.HS , K h. 5 'z-wa mmrifsni I i.- A Vt: Q. TLT -A-A I 'I In jzlr, , In 2 , -, N L: V- N -' 'A :ju ' - f .- U , 'g-'QE' ,-'f:"',:1.:,,:: , I J -Y -f"- F' J M A- diihvdi? . 1 H .5-aa.--.n-raserrs. if " 5 kim swf s N . 9' V4 1.3, "And in This corner, Peoria, Illinois." Mr. Merkle informs his Tenfh grade geography class. Mr. Kindf expaTiaTes on The principles of wave machines. S . The applied uses of science malce our world a more enjoyable place To inhabiT. ExperimenTs and formulae lead To pracTical producTs for our TasT- moving socieTy. These fuTure producTs will be cre- aTed by sTudenTs now in our chemisTry, physics, earTh science. and physical science classes. ChemisTry class. TaughT by Mr. Frailey. is filled wiTh valences. afomic numbers, formulae, symbols. and experimenTs wiTh pungenT odors. brillianT colors. and fizzing gases! Though They may never be Curie's, chem sTudenTs do Their besT To emulafe Those who have made feasible modern Theories of ionizaTion, nuclear sTrucTure, and The conservaTion of energy. Mr. R. Snyder has a double assignmenT. l-le is re- sponsible for earTh science and physics classes. Earfh science encompasses subiecTs from sTars To rocks. Physics. The sTudy of The principles and laws of in- animaTe obiecTs of our world. includes sTudies of sTaTionary obiecTs, Theories oT waves. and vecTor diagrams. The physical science course is direcTed by Mr. BallieT and Mr. KindT, who also has physics classes. This parT of The science curricula Takes in The sTudy of elecTriciTy, leverage, geology. and The universe. Geography is Mr. Merlcle's specialTy. This course incorporaTes sTudies of naTural land barriers. conTi- nenTs. rivers, lakes, and oceans inTo one complefe sTudy of our earTh's surface areas. Seniors say, "Oh, whaT fun and fumes we have in chem. class." FuTure scienfisfs, under Mr. R. Snyder's direcfion. sTudy The earTh's revoluTions. page 58 Mr. Weir says, Your sfoclcs are bound 'ro go up if you fake +he advice of our seniors. lfhilifzemwliicd Maihemaiics is The fool oi ihe iulure. ll is 'lhe basis for progress in The fields ranging from nuclear sciences 'ro asiro-dynamics. A slapped-up program in our pre-se-ni high school maihernalics will culiivaie 'rhe inleresf of siudenis and induce 'rhern io enier advanced 'rechnological fields. Under The guiding hands of Mr. Fegley and Mr. Lindenmulh, lhis will be achieved. In addiiion io advanced maihemaiics, ihere is a need for everyday business maih. Mr. Weir and Mr. Kindl provide fhis faci and figure knowledge for lheir working sfudenis. - L. N ' Mr. Fegley says, "I+ goes in. goes out and so - far info "li you use 'lhe correcl frig funciion, you're bound fo gel' if." fha night" +o 'rwo puzzled maihemaficians. says Mr. Lindenmufh. r- Mr. LiseTslci helps his scholars wiTh anoTher "lnTernaTional." "PiclceTT's charge deTermined GeTTysburg's ouTcome." Mr. Kressley informs budding hisTorians. Social Siucliea To undersTand The presenT, we musT consulT The pasT and learn Trom iTs errors. lvlr. WiTemeyer and Mr. Druclcenmiller season The sophomores wiTh World CulTures Class. Teaching Them To inTerpreT relaTions beTween pasT and presenT Times. Mr. Pany and Mr. Kressley explore The subiecT of American l-lisTory wiTh Their junior classes. WiTh conTinued sTudy. These juniors come To undersTand American principles, ideologies. and ideals. Democracy, a governmenT of, by. and Tor The people, and iTs problems are The focal poinT of dis- cussion in Mr. LiseTslni's P.O.D. classes. UndersTand- Rio de Janiero was The capiTal of Brazil. Mr. Druclcenmiller aslcs, "Where is iTs new capiTal locaTed?" WriTe, lisTen and wriTe is Mr. Pany's advice To his sTudenTs. page 60 ing TuncTions and duTies of local. sTaTe. naTional. and inTernaTional aTTairs gives The pupil an excelIenT background Tor undersTanding This complex world. Psychology. The sTudy of human behavior, is for The sTudenT inTeresTecl in learning more abouT The how's and why's oT his life. Under The direcTion of Mr. Schneider. sTudenTs learn abouT Their develop- rnenT from imcancy To adulThood. in a course well supplemenTed by moTion picTures. lTs prime obiec- Tive Though is To produce well-rounded individuals who can live happily in our consTanTIy-moving. com- plicaTed socieTy. "Schizophrenia, wiTh Paranoia Tendencies. can'T be caused by Too much homework," Mr. Schneider assures worried observers. "Only your fingers, nof your noses." advises Mrs. Geiger in anoTher Timed TesT. .avi "Greek? No, i'r's Greg's meThod!" Mrs. Hallman answers confused amanuenses. Secvzefaaial Typing. shorfhand. bookkeeping - These are The subiecTs which make up The schedule of our secre- Tarial sfudenfs. Trying To obTain Their goals of speed and accuracy. our fuTure secrefaries work diligenfly. WiTh shorThand. The abbreviaTed language of sec- refaries. our scribes learn To perform fasf, accurafe work. While sfudying bookkeeping. They are Taughf To balance budgefs, keep records, and carry ouT any . f-Q, "Plug if in - if will work much beTTer!" Mr. Schneck advises Theresa. oTher necessary office Tasks. Training in The use cf office machines, including filing and payroll. aids in giving our fuTure secrefaries The experience need- ed To become assefs To any business world. Mrs. Geiger and Mrs. Hallman insTrucT These sTu- denfs in Typing and shorThand. while Mr. Schneck handles The bookkeeping and office machine prob- lems. "Remember Those receipf and expendifures are supposed To balance," advises Mr. Schneck. page 6I 1? . iff' 9 X ' ss, C X -f li 1 1 1 ib' 1- ff 3.1 - ,. -'-"' - ' ' -1 - 7. If N Mi' . iv or s r -4 . sy. y M I s, , ,. H I -inf' i l Despile Mr. Gunl:le's help, William Wordsworlh and Herr Roney says, "Dasl' esf Berlin." Roberl' Burns can become uninleresling al limes! iAs if his linguisls did noi knowll .fanguagea Occasionally a beal', beal' of a drum may be heard as one passes Senor Younes' class. l'le has incorporaled lhese lessons wilh regular Spanish grammar and recilalion. Cullural readings, gram- mar, and Tapes are offered by l'lerr Roney lo give a +rue piclure ol Germany and ils language. Fre- quenl melodical sounds can be heard drilling from his room inio nearby halls. Mademoiselle Laubach aslcs her sludenls. "Parlez-vous francais?" Besides lhe grammalical pari ol This course, singing offers an inleresling break. ol all, ihe mosl' imporianl language of our socieiy, English, is iaughl' by Mr. Gunlcle. Mr. Wall, Mrs. Baiman, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. l'laulce, Mrs. Obrechi, and Miss Laubach. They manage +o acquainl' iheir sludenls wilh Engish and American liieralure, grammar, composilion, and vocabulary siudies. "Que pasa?" I+'s Senor Younes' new Spanish language lab. "Are all French senfences lhis hard +0 +ransla're?" page 62 inquire lhese sludenls. "So ThaT's whaT makes me iumpl" Brian exclaims "HearTs!" says Mrs. Baiman. "Yes, even Teachers have Them." as Mr. Oplinger explains The nerve cells. ,Health 51 Phyezael gcfucallian "The radius and The ulna comprise The Torearm, and - ThaT is a sample of whaT goes on in The boys' and girls' healTh classes under The direcTion oT Mr. Oplinger and Mrs. Baiman, respecTively. Learn- ing abouT how and why The body works as iT does is The assignmenT Tor The year. Miss Kremus and Claudia assisT wiTh a handsTand while The group waTches in amazemenT. P age "Touch Those Toes, climlo To Thal' raTTer, sink iT Tor Two more," are a few of The cries you hear emanaT- ing Trom The gym. l-leld Twice weekly. These classes. give sTudenTs a needed break from classroom rou- Tine. Miss Kremus and Mr. Al Erdosy insTrucT Them so sTudenTs learn To perform TeaTs which will beneTiT Their physical TiTness. AlmosT over - wifh a liTTle added push he'll make iT! 63 Mrs. Huber wonders if They will ever be 'lomorrow's homemakers. ?,.....n.... an -,. 'X 8 eollwed 9- A liHle less inking and much more 'lhinking will produce belrfer producfs! 'Turn fhe lcey. Now slowly and smoolhly lef - never mind lel's slarf again." Rf'T'Ski.K , I" - s ,l0l?lVEllf0l!l7AN!7llL'Al?,'l s 1? New l Ksssizg' .gfigixsx SX xxx O's"lOv nev el' or fheory page 64 ,-an-awk fr cOUl'5e! ,nil-Sic S a Q' our uife Anofher Mona Lisa in fha making? Onl Mr. Kleppinger knows lhe real lrulh. Mr. Erdosy wonders whose home lhis piec of I J craffsmanslfp will adorn in The fufur , ,J ,,,, Q 5. '.g , . , -J' 41 +145 . - - , X . 2' .12-1 312,-3. ' Tj 22 Alf. E5 , I :I N y '12 1 7' .4 V' . X . ,. 'E -D'-3 " 7:1352 JD f? w ,gg ., ' rf U I ' 'fhxy , 1 A I 4. 1 F -It Y , I K ' Q' ,X X fi . ' --'15 'v -' :ff V V 1: . I 55. f. fa - X ., ,V - I,- X -lk Y nj . ' :il -:: , 1. -A ' ' 'EX .4 1. -' ':i ' .. '-. - f- ' , ' ' v .- ,C up 1 '. 5 1. AS- fr - '- ..- 1 - - '- 1 1 . A A323 2 ,-'if-,I if f - . , A, in Q 1,3 as A TL -1 Q X - 'N . bb-,, Q 7153 Q . ffr' :ji 0 8 if ' A JL .4 - 122 4 . 1 3, .- li 5 A:xsA.,,1 Z ' "si- f - an LR , , 'if-1 gtg' 15 'fi-gf SiHing: Vicforia Smifh, RuTh Ann Correll, Nancy VValdmann, Mary Rank, Sandra Kohler. Cynfhia Zaharchulc, Carol Weidman, Mary Vallcovec, Joan MiTchell, Linda BarTer. Sfanding: Raymond Edelman, Roger Berg, STeven Sayulx, Phillip Dehlardo, Thomas Lahovslci, RoberT Oplinger, VincenT Gasper, STeven Tanczos, Alan Borda, Richard Heffellinger. Alex Hradlcowslci. Simian! Gamma! 'sauce .fini A Q. . Nd. Members preparing STudenT Council bulleTin board in The main lobby. Comprised oT delegaTes Trom each homeroom, The STudenT Council represenTs sTudenT parTicipa- Tion in school governmenT. Under The leadership of Mr. Alfred Laubach, advisor. and RoberT Oplinger. presidenT. The Council endeavors To improve school pride and spiriT by displaying posTers ThroughouT The school. by sponsoring pep rallies. and by soliciT- ing paTrons Tor The NorThampTon-CaTTy Program. Members also acT as guides Tor various allied school acTiviTies. To add To school acTiviTies The Council sponsors a ValenTine Record l-lop and Spring Semi-Tormal in The gymnasium. The members are also responsible Tor paclcing Red Cross boxes which are senT To Tor- eign naTions. By performing These many proiecTs well, The Council sTrives To beTTer Themselves as well as The enTire sTudenT body. page 56 Row I: Lois Davis, Mary Valkovec, Jane Jones, Rulh Ann Correll, Eileen Koehler, Carol Enqler, Linda Koehler, Theresa Dorn- bach, Nancy Hess, Charmaine Edelman. Row 2: Daniel Schlegel, Barbara Bahner, Carol Weidman. Geraldine Samuels, Marie Gaspcr, Carol Kloiber, Leslye Rulh, Cassandra Kloiber, Eugene Mirro. Row 3: Miss Marion Laubach, Joseph Sobiesiak, Thomas Unger, Curr Moyer, Charles Kleinfop, Scorf Shoemaker. diana! Alanna Saciel' Fifleen percenf of The Senior Class comprises +he oldesr school organizalion, Nalional Honor Sociely. The merifs of a member are scholarship, service, leadership, and characler. Miss Marion Laubach 'rhe advisor, helps The members To beller These qua lilies. Presidenl Carol Weidman presides over meer- ings which are held, whenever necessary, in mem loers' homes. The Sociely mainlains ils high sland ards of academic achievemenl by sponsoring a fu Jroring sysfem. page Nm Pin.- 67 A new Honor Sociely member gels "pinned." Nafional Honor Sociefy has "brawn" as well as "brains." Charles Klenniop Roberi' Onuschalc Mr' Wllemeyigmes Gilllrfn Beldleman Egjjsraeizigfr Clark Kunfz Rufh Ann Correll Sally Hager Anna Marie Erschen Werner Grab Jon Hall Francis Csencils Jane Jones Gloria Paraslino Roberl Opllnger Dale l-larlzell Larry Sol! SCOH Shoemaker Caiherine Marsh Carol Kish Faye Schaffer Roberf Flyfe Daniel Creyer Jane Oplmger Sllarla Sol! . Diane Buchman Earl Rice Ronald Ondrelca Wayne Gossler William Gogle Karen FOX Sally Wefherhogglrry Borger IV-Gui Anyone for a boosfer fag or rah-rah shaker!!! The N-Club is responsible for promoling school spirir which is of deep concern af N. H. S. Under +he direclion of l-larry Wifemeyer and Presidenr Wayne Gossler. fhe N-Club. meefing Thursday firsr period. sponsors The sale of boosler 'rags for all sporls evenrs. Charrering roofer buses for away foolloall games is anolher of lheir proiecis. The N-Club. due +o 'rhe enlhusiasm 'rhey creale, conlrib- ufes 'ro 'rhe success of many school aclivilies. page 68 i l Row I: Guy Rice, Barry LaBar, Margaref Sayuk, Charles Humphrey, Dennis Rice. Row 2: George Chabak, Sfephen NachesTy. Paul Connely, Donald STeTTler, John Milander, Mr, John Frailey, advisor. Jay Shoemaker. Charles Miller. phaiagaapizq Glad The PhoTo Club. under The direcTion of Mr. John Frailey, advisor, and Charles l-lumphrey, presidenT. is responsible Tor capTuring in picTures The evenTs OT The school year. The Club prinTs The picTures Tor AmpTennian, The ConcreTe Courier, and any infer- esfed sTudenTs. As a school proiecT. The PhoTo Club Takes The homeroom picTures Tor The yearbook. No maTTer whaT The evenT. our "NorThampTon shuTTer- bugs" are There, camera in hand. These Tlash-bulb happy phoTographers are busy all year long learning The TundamenTals OT phoTography. PhoTo Club pro- vides excellenT experience Tor Those sTudenTs inTer- esTed in phoTography as a TuTure vocaTion or avoca- Tion. Carefully Those precious neqaTives are devel- oped because They know "a picTure is worTh a Thous- and words." "pracTice makes perTecT." and "good picTure-Taking Today will make our yearbook a Tiner book Tor Tomorrow." lndusTrious phoTographers in The dark room. page 69 16s,"""' Row I: KaThleen Becker. Carolyn Marsh, Donna Thomas, Bonnie FensTernaker. Susan Walp, Brenda Shoemaker, Connie ChrisT- man, Eva Erable, Sandra Wagner, CaThy Gable. Row 2: Mr. fXrThur Roney, Diana WuchTer, ChrisTine DaMore, Paul T-lassler, Nicholas l-lussak. William Buskirk, David Rowland, Charles KleinTop, Jean Newhard, Sue Ellen NoThsTein, Dolores Rudeliirsch. eamcm Glad "GuTen lv1orgen" is The familiar phrase wiTh which Mr. ArThur Roney, advisor, begins anoTher session oT German Club. PresidenT David Rowland leads Them every Friday morning TirsT period as They work, plan. and prepare Tor Their Tu'rure proiecTs. Behind all This diligence can be deTecTed a deTiniTe purpose: To presenT assemblies Tor The "Evening in Germany" and correspondence wiTh German sTu- denTs. Science 8 lualfz Hear The Turning of wheels and grinding oT gears? lT's Mr. Snyder's Science and MaTh Club deep in ThoughT concerning a problem in science. Where could our TuTure EinsTeins and Galileos geT beTTer Training Than in This club wiTh Eugene Mirro as iTs presidenT. So Think hard. ye members of Sci- ence and MaTh Club, and Try To solve The deep mys- Teries of our universe! Row I: Ralph Dech, John Mauser, Donald ReimerT, KeiTh Longenbach, RoberT Drake. Row 2: Frank FilipoviTs, Ray AnThony, David Usher, Eugene Mirro, William Sillies, Thomas Luisser, RoberT Wilson. page 70 - :ie-Aww? i wk ,-- - Row I: Cynthia Zaharchuk, Jane+ Snyder, Nanelle Dech, Sandra Kohler, Nancy DeLucia. Brenda George. Row 2: Margaref Temos, Madeline Gower, Lucille Holliclc, Elizaberh Schaffer. Diane Pe+ro, Pauleile Gefz, Pal' Earrall, Shirley Mann. Row 3: Alice Koehler, Judy Beers, Diane Miller, Mary Ann Gabryluli, Karen Kochenash, Lorraine Ruch. fbelfa- 7ai-JH-Q The Della Tri-Hi-Y, under The supervision of Mrs. Bollman and Presideni' Nanelrle Dech, has under- raken various charirable proiecrs 'lhis year. Using "service" as lheir walchword, 'rhey presenl gifrs 'lo needy families a+ Chrisfmas and Easier. Two spe- cial feafures of lhe organizalion include fhe presen- iaiion of scrapboolcs 'ro rhe Osreopaihic l-lospiial and fhe malcing of srufled animals for The Good Shepherd Home. A successful Harvesr Moon Dance. wifh Nor'rhamplon's Top D. J., Bob Onuschalc. was sponsored by The girls. Our ladies of service, 'lhe Tri-l-li-Y, have always carried our fheir purpose. "To creafe. mainrain, and exlend lhroughoui' The school and communily high slandards of Chrislian charac- fer." Tri-Hi-Y members busily prepare 'lhe club scrapbook. page 7I V- . A,..ig,f,,.-.- . ,nw f".iiIl:B-Z: iv 'Q- ,:.-.:n-41--,-.f 1: I -1- . I fv- . - F' ' Zi .5 Y ' , -1 . 5-S 5?f, A - .A A VE ' J H X 2 75 .iff f i ifiggiig ql' -f -r'- . '.,q:Lw i T 5 gl, I, H0 MGH! 1 X arn1iTf" a ,Ag E M Q my fl er' -5"'1.72-11'-1 'f ' 'f 1'-"ff g gg Eff ? ,. , V" 6W?5w l f gEf?5?fagg?XjxWkX'iSkw, V M A xk fmfl ' 3. at-'5' ' -1 1-Q30 XWMXN A NOV MBER 1 1 . . f -, 45..,,.-f w I b , X ,K MW, . CTOBER ? i4WHww5f i ff ' km!mbAff AEM? A ': .- J U a'f'E"" ' , A .,, Y- b I, ,- .:r"1. ,n ,- DE M5594 . S C O iw Mlf f f"'C'5 wi' at , . l I Q - wwf Q , ,v 1 f QESQE O O Q O 0 1 39 ' H - ' 5 ' J J Q O O C 72' .' Tl Q ' Q , , U-n I fv4,,. 1x 4 u do O ' A D , U E5 is A E I 5, .,.--,.... J., I h S rr. 1 S gk J ' ' G 0 'I K rf' i x 1 f ' . 5 , 0 . U x , U L -N-,J . ff, '4 LfJf ffM f W Mbq.- vue- ' A .- rs 0 '---S., ' -A' ' ' ' ' 'Z ' b XQN 'N Q Q L: Q 1 Q l ' Y . " ,Q ,,.-4' t 1, if -N Y vs, ., ' O ,,,-..,- 3 Ai 'z E W K o Nw C , . Y 2 na"-vu-ig' Q C, in U U 'A N X ez- ,,, ,N F 2, -25 :l' H ag- - ff 2, , !0rk f w:gE z ,.--"s.- I- -- R, ,.,..n4fo-"""' I- ' ' --: N : .. 1-4' 0 , Q Z 1 . -v i " 1 3 N 2? f f'f"3i 5 66 2 323 MAY M JUN wcf' SCE? A :A M -V E 492721 Q 9 4 HB Wmn, fWWQWWAe!!, x I ASL .QV f5i?SiEiFL f ,xv A gwll 1 ,V Iv 4 . F X I 8. A001 I P . - Q 6 T ig l CD QQ 'Q MARCH .Y N , K X3 ,Z i55"35' CASSANDRA KLQIBER PAYE SCHAFFER SVLWA L.uB'aNESQQY J 6 . ..J :Q Y! i' 2' IL 5 ' ii? -:Qin ' . it U I: . f fda ! A ,,:1, 1-4 ,ig ,gy ,,1,i, '1: flvfwe-lg f W5 . "Whit ,l 1' G ' 6 ,"' K- ., v " i..R. Ndaum Siffing: Mr. John Frailey, phofography advisor: Mrs. Eliza' befh Geiger, business advisor: Mr. Melvin Kleppinger, arf advisor. Sfandingz Rulh Ann Correll, co-edilor: Mr. Charles Gunkle, edilorial advisor: Sally Hager, coeediior. mfzlennian Sled Who did ir? We did! Afler monfhs of hard work and fun foo, ihe produclr of our labors is com- pleied - "The I963 Ampiennianf' The Ari Siaff, under Mr. Melvin Kleppingens walchiul eye, crealed Ben G. Bookworm as a guide for you fhrough ihis book. The Phoiography Sfafl, guided by Mr. John Frailey and prodded by Layour Sraif, look The pic- lures which enhance our Amp'rennian's pages. Liier- ary Sfafl, wiih Mr. Gunkles criiical assisfance, wrole messages, caprions, and senior wrire-ups. These were seni io The Secrelarial Siaff who lyped Jrhe Liierary SJrall's crealions. Finally Layoui Siaif, armed wiih piciures, wrire-ups, rulers, and paper, assembled fhe whole "work of genius"l To The priniers if goes - anolher complered Ampfennian. Bur wifh head. hand, and hard work Jrhe iob is nor complefe. The Business Sfaff, wilh chief banker Mrs. Geiger, soli- cirs pairons who help forward ihe monelary end of our publicarion. .faqoui Siffingz Eileen Koehler, Carol Weidman, edifor, Carol Kloi- ber, Pai' I-lulferer. Sianding: Pal Genovese, Nancy Wald- rnann, Anna Marie Erschen, Doris Rolhrock, Ruih Simmons, Margarel i-larfinger, Gayle Smiih, Dianne Griesemer, Nan- efle Dech, Hannah Kilgore. SiHing: Linda Koehler, Marie Gasper, Jane Jones, ediror: Mary Valkovec, Carl Schaeffer, junior ediior, Standing: Maryann Puchyr, Pafricia Nissley, Phyllis Kraynick, Lois Op- linger, Alice Mills. page 74 Row I: Pal Genovese, Virginia Edelman, Doreen Barlholomew, Doris Rofhroclc, Rulh Gilberr, Florence Rolh, Theresa Dornbach, Joan Sillies. Row 2: Judith Beers, Mercedes Miquel, Dolores Wagner, Marqaref Sayulc, Barbara Bird. Gloria Parashno, Larry Oberly, Rufh Simmons, Sylvia Lulaeneslcy, Sharon Beidleman, Larry Solf, Pal l-lufferer, Elaine l-leflinlrayer, Dawn l-leinlzleman, Geraldine Samuels, Rulh Michael, Nancy l-less, Anna Marie Erschen. '7qffzin9 SiHing: Eileen Koehler, Florence Rolh, Carol Enqler. Sfand- Sifling: Helen Werefla, edifor. Sfanding: Marqarel Sayulc, ing: Rulh Miller, Sharon Beidleman. Frank Miller, Roberf Onuschalc, Sharla Solf. sf!-Oftlld 14111 new P9 Joe Sobiesialc, Susan Dech, Danny Schlegel, edifor, Jane Linda Koch, Dawn Walker, Sylvia Lubeneslcy. Leslye Rufh, Oplinger. Cassandra Kloiber, Faye Schaffer, edifor. page 75 ,X wms Row I: Mr. Becker, direcTor, KenneTh Wolf, Larry Oberly. Paul Hassler, Brian Taras, Sherwood Silfies, Carson Jones, Jean Ziafyk, Paul Pokorny. Row 2: Carol HusTon, Barbara Bahner, Sally Rau, Karen Yenser, Cynfhia Sillies, Sylvia Lubenesky, ChrisTopher Shear, Diane Buchman. Row 3: ScoTT Shoemaker, William BurkhardT, Eileen Koehler, William Frey, Leonard Ellis, RoberT Wilson, Roger Berg, Dennis Krill. Row 4: Paul Humenik, Donald Renner, Ronald Hugo, Jerry Sekorski, Frank FilipoviTs, Bernard Flory, Mark Herman, Dawn Miller. Row 5: CurTis Renner, William Gieske, Barry Fehnel, Danny BuTz, Larry STrohl, Dean Berg, Leroy BrobsT, William Buskirk. Helen Sodl Nancy Rau Alice HoTTle Linda PraeTorius Sandra Druckenmiller Cheryl Weiner Sharon Hoover NaneTTe Dech Joann Snyder Bam! One and Two and Three - and our band is on iTs way To anoTher halTTime rouTine. Under The direc- Tion oT Mr. Raymond Becker and his assisTanT, Mr. RoberT Heim, The black and orange music-makers presenT a picTuresque scene as They march down The gridiron in perTecT sTep To snappy Tunes. As spring comes, The band is seen pracTicing dili- genTly Tor The annual spring concerT. The dance band enTerTains us aT The Senior Class Play and The Junior Speaking ConTesT. You can Tincl our marching band aT any parade in The Lehigh Valley. Galaaquaacf PresenT arms! This command is Tamiliar To The Tlag bearers, The vanguards OT The band. These marTial girls work diligenTly To perTorm in parades and on The gridiron. Their eTTorTs. Tollowed by success, were accrediTed To The enTire band TronT. WiTh Joann Snyder as Colorguard SergeanT, These girls have shown precision in execuTing Their drills. An illusTra- Tion oT Their rewards Tor Toil is The Third place Tro- phy which was won in The BoyerTown CompeTiTion oT Bands. page 76 'T' I II B, ff f""'- STanding: Janice Herd, Pamela Ware, Lucille Miller, Carlene Spengler, Linda Yanders, Lucille Holliclc, Linda BarTer, Carol Weid man. Sally Welherhold, Nancy Vlfaldmann. Kneeling: Anna Marie Erschen, Elaine Reenoclc. efzeeafeacfmd By Tumbling. jumping, and shouTing 'Til The sTands resound wiTh cheers To convey enThusiasm To The boys playing on The gridiron or courT. These ener- gefic girls really expend Their energy. Loolcing perT and preTTy in Their new black and orange jumpers, our good-will ambassadors greeT all Challengers. Miss Joan Kremus, coach. and Jane Oplinger. cap- Tain, worlc To perTecT our "N.l-l.S. Nine" aT all games in all kinds of weaTher. f luafaaeffed Sharp, high sTepping, and baTon Twirling describe our comely maioreTTes. As parT ol: The band TronT These girls can be proud oT Their eTTorTs in securing The Trophy aT BoyerTown band compeTiTion. Wilh Anna Marie Erschen, head maioreTTe. and Elaine Reenoclc, drum maioreTTe, seTTing The pace. our maioreTTes achieved Their deserving reward. Victoria Srniilw, Charmaine Edelman, CaThy Kulp, Barbara Shelloclc, Eloise Deily, Jane Oplinger, Sharon Beiclleman, Sally Cole Connie Diehl, page 77 Seeiedz Sally Cole, Rufh Miller, Sally Wefherhold, Dolores STrohl, Nan Newhard. Sfanclingx Pal Werner, Carl Schaeffer, Linda BarTer, Elaine Hall, CynThia Simcoe, KeiTh BarThold. 41 RoberT Onushak, PaT Genovese, Anila Millcovifs, Carol Weid- mann, PaT HuTTerer, Frances Galler, Cassandra Kloiber, Leslye RuTh, Mr. Harry Reiff. eancaele Gawain AnoTher deadline To meeT! Mr. Harry Wall and his able-bodied sTaTT. headed by Carol Weidman and Sally WeTherhold, work TranTically To compleTe The nexT ediTion oT The "Courier". Room 2 I 3, where The sTaTT meeTs on Thursday and Friday mornings, is a scene ol: diligenT worlc. WriTe, rewriTe. draw. layouT and iT's finished. Page one - school news and big evenTs: page Two - inTeresTing edilforialsg page Three - more news and The hilarious "Kon- lcreTe Korn", page Tour - sporTs jargon and sched- ules. AnoTher ediTion of The "ConcreTe Courier" is ready Tor The press and Then delivered To all homerooms. Sealed: Linda Koehler, Doreen Barfholomew, Carol Kloiber, ScoT+ Shoemaker, Phyllis Krayniclz, Karen Hayne, Jane Oplinger. Sfanding: Jean ZiaTyk, KaThleen lvlohry, David Wall, Maryann Gabrylulc, Cynlhia Zaharchuk, Cheryl Diehl, Karen Kochenash, Carolyn Marsh, Joann FlipoviTs. page 78 ,u B EE i V Q Willie - -41 ' x , . f 1 ' f " -' A Af 2 , , I if K ww' .I .Q --2 - lv- V L"' 4' x ' in ,J ' , 1 I ' .4 V. ' it y 4- . Quzjl' " ff 44 b ' ",.,, . 'img' ' g l , . 9 ' 'Cr V, , .3i!341 , Q Q., fif - 25 -V I f 2 'ff 6 W , ,sf 2 J- 'TL .fl 3. 'Viv g '-JJ?" -.3 iff Jo -AF?-'HT tv I g - if 4, X -1-?"T51:E"'g. 15" L: I H J. - .V ,fqzffffd X1 ,, .- 0 ep ' . " "' f 03' W2 ffl' -1 J S - , f . ,, ,.,' 9' ,' ,- ,A f,,., '- ' 5 '.- QE rf' ' ' 1 ... , Q, 51 ,rf " wi Nm jizz., ,Q 4 512 U if k L -, s . v dp af. XL. gg .5 25. 53 ff" ' 1 42, fe? 1, 4-1 Yi ww' :SJ - A, , ,D l X' N f N ,X , - . i-J, - -.h. , -iff 4 lieu' ' 'fx rg ,AGT ' 'r L L - - L -- -N '--, .,,. , 'ifyx 3, N 1 xx A rg . ,Q 1 up 1 . XRJQX Q 471, 2':i'A?.iA . ., - 'ff 'f l , 6 M cs - 1, ,-- , . - ,P-J'-1' fi- -X 14 4, A X Q. X r. x Q 'J' " X P' I X J Q . .A 1 M, W. ! .. Q lmfi' l' . -- u A' ' .-is hz ' .2 -f E 55, ' 47562. 1. v " , 'P' rv.. v ' ' " '- tg '.-. w' I 5 : g -Q -sf 1 'If -Q, .1 1- f l' I , 1 - ' eaewd Chrislmas Vespers. Senior Class Play, Spring Concerl, and all olher aclivilies would be incomplele wilhoul 'rhe capable sludenls who worlc behind lhe scenes. The lighling crew, under lhe compelenl direc- lion of Mr. l-larry Wilemeyer, sels 'the mood for lhe occasion. Mr. Edgar Balliel' and his proieclion crew preview and show The movies we see in assembly: in addilion lo lhis, lhey are assislanls in classroom pro- ieclion. Audio-visual aids are an imporlanl lealure in our educalion. Wilhoul The work of our baclc slage crew, aclivilies would be far less inleresling. Proiecfion Crew - Silfing: Allen Lerch, Ralph Engle. Sfanding: Thomas Neelz, Gary Reph, Ralph Dech, Donald Fealherman, Larry Reilz, Larry Harlzell. F8 Lighling Crew - Slanding: Darryl Schaffer, Charles Humphrey, Rob- Sfage Crew - Larry Oberly, Daniel Schleqel, erl Galler, Raymond Anfhony, Sleve Sillil, Franklin Mummey. Kneeling: Phyllis Krayniclc, Douglas Waldmann. Alberl Gazyuln, David Usher, Michael Wagner. page B0 Mr. David Gordan 'felis of his +rip fo ihe Canadian wilderness. Sherwood Silfies, our fine drummer boy. 1444-BIZAAZJ The s'ruden+ body enioyed many fine and varied assemblies 'rhroughouf fhe year. Mr. David Gordan regaled The srudeni' body wifh fales of his exciring advenfures on his +rips +0 The Canadian wilderness. Our band. under 'lhe di- recrion of Mr. Becker, enreriained wi'rh a well pre- senred concerf of varied music. Our fine drummer. Sherwood Silfies. displayed his falenrs. Tex Cham- bers showed us rhe capabiliiies of his 'rrained dogs. as one of ihem goes Through his rouiine. The animal performed This near iriclc. and Then weni' on +0 +ear some shirrs. These assemblies were well received by rhe enrire school. page BI "He flies fhrough fha air wiih 'ihe greafesf of ease Seniafz. glad play 'Wal fad Safe " Mable Harding Bob Harding -- Connie Gilberl .... .... Eliza belh Ca rler ----------------Barbara Bahner M-- , -----Charles Baker Rulh An n Correll --- ....... Sally Hager Amelia Sunker ,.... ,,,,,,,,,,, ' Leslye Rufh Slella Graham - Homer Davidson - ........... Clark Kunlz Harrier Hipple -- Barry Slrum - -- Nick ......... Mark ....... -- - ,.... Theresa Dornbach --,--Anna Marie Erschen - ...... Scolf Shoemaker ---------Paul Hassler -------- -----Joseph Sobiesiak "I have my reward righf here!" page 82 -l. 1 The lasf minule iouch-up before performance. "Oh no you don'l!" shouis Liz as she plunges forward "BuT The buTTon is on My panTs!", cries Bob. GeT ThaT insecficide ouT of here Amelia, my husband haTes fha smell of perfume." says Liz. "l didn'T land on my NECK!" cries Bob, as Connie Tries To sooThe Mable. To begin wiTh. The chair was noT for sale. buT iT would be Bob l'larding's luck To have iT sold To him by misTake and find himself involved in a ring of smarf smugglers who employ The upholsfery in chairs as a cache for TransporTing world-famous painTings looTed from The Louvre during The lasT war. lT all happened quiTe gradually. Mable. Bob's young wife, anTicipaTing a sizeable inheriTance from her AunT Claudie's will, joins The popular CollecTors' Club and Takes To collecfing anTiques displayed aT The new anfique shop operafed by a Mrs. Hipple while her younger sisfer, Connie. is seffling The aunT's esTaTe. Bob is furious because his living room is be- ginning To look like a museum wiTh Mable's collec- Tion. As The play opens. Mable has graduaTed To anTique furniTure. Connie arrives To make her home wiTh Mable and Bob and To forgeT Homer. her home-Town Romeo who is Too firmly knoTTed To his moTher's apron sTrings To be a mafrimonial prospecf. Mable comes home wiTh a new chair which is Ieff in The hall and raves over iTs magnificenT anfique fea- Tures. Bob wanders inTo The hall, siTs on iT and HCRASI-ll" iT collapses inTo a pile of kindling. Mable is livid. insisTs upon Bob replacing iT immediaTely. She is so demanding Bob gives in and goes To The new shop for anoTher chair. When he reTurns wiTh one. Mable's appraising eye discounTs iT as an an- Tique, buT Sfella, Mrs. l-lipple's clerk. arrives on The scene and pleads wiTh Bob To reTurn The chair. IT is "noT for sale." she claims and Tries To reT,urn Bob's check. l-le refuses To accepT iT and informs Sfella he will reTurn The chair if Mrs. l-lipple will buy back all of The "JUNK" she has sold To his wife. Mable hiTs The ceiling and declares a cold war. Bob's ulTimaTum proves To be more Than he had bargained for. and when he holds To his Terms The smugglers move in on him. I-lomer. hoping To change Connie's mind. ar- rives in Time To be mixed in The fracas as do Liz Car- Ter, a buTTon collecTor and Amelia Sinker. a perfume shaker. IT is Their hobbies and Connie's Romeo who Turn The Tide of affairs in The Harding living room and drop a 525,000 reward inTo Bob's lap. "TwenTy-four hours: ThaT's all!" warns Barry STrum. page 83 Snow While and lhe Seven Pisfons regale lhe Seniors wilh Their versions ol "409" and "Loop-cle-Loop." Seniavz Gkaabnaa flaalq A+ +he annual Senior Chrisfmas Parfy everyone enjoyed himself immensely, dancing To +he music provided by Alan Borda's records and eaiing delicious refreshmenls. Exhibiiions by slcilled "'rwis+ers" and "limbo-isis" added io +he fun. The evening climaxed as our senior "deers"go1ra worlcouf pulling San- ia Claus lalias Tom Marakoviisl info lhe gym on his sleigh. The gifis received gave heariy laughs and a few red faces. Along wiih presenls and souvenir decoraiions. every- one carried home many "momen+s io remember." Sania and his eighf "l'iny" reindeer. page 84 xx' 4 ws Gene Kay and Bobby Onuschak fake lime our from D.J. dufies To pose for our cameraman. idea lcmced Hear The music? - - - l'r's lhe Tri-Hi-Y's "l-larvesl Moon Dance." l-losfs Jay Sands. Gene Kay, and Roberl Onuschak wilh 'rhe Tri- l-li-Y's assislance made 'rhe nighl one lo remember. Roberf Oplin- ger and Jane Oplinger reigned as King and Queen for 'rhe exrra- vaganza. Delicious relreshmenrs, dreamy walizes, hor 'rwis+s, and preHy pumpkins made fhis dance one which all seniors, iuniors, and sophomores will remember. November 'rime - Turkey Day Games! For +he lirsl lime, we had our own Vicfory Dance. The swinging affair sponsored by Naiional Honor Sociery, was well-arlended by sludenfs. friends. and alumni. A Jrumulluous viciory 'rhai morning, despile all +he mud. sei fhe rollicking mood for +ha'r evening. Gay and fesfive Kids, nor really hard-hearled, did nor spare one minufe 'ro sympa- Thize for defeafed Carly. Special guesfs Gene Kay and Jay Sands crown Harvesf King N0 Home OYV5" in OU' "P0PeYe" Clan! and Queen lRoberf Oplinger and Jane Oplingerl as "Helpful" Bob looks on. Page 85 Mixed chorus under lhe direciion of Mrs. Thelma Row I: M. Vallcovec, J. Barlholomew, J. Milchell, G. Parasfino. C. Marsh, S. Biiienbender, E. Deily, M. Puchyr, N. Hess. J. Jones, A. Fogel. P. Humenik, L. Teily. B. Fehnel, R. Berg, L. Reimer. K. Bealer, A. Mills, M. Horsf, S. Lerch, G. Kramer. C. Kilsh, J Kroclc, J. Hauclc, F. Schaffer, M. Hilberg. D. Rofhroclc. Row 2: J. Ellz, M. Maralcovils, C. Scholl. I. Mann. E. Slrohl. R. Gilberl' V. Hahn, D. Hummel, B. Vogel, A. M. Erschen, S. Temos, N. Waldmann. C. Kunfz. W. Geiske, S. Sillies, J. Cesanelc, D. Greise: mer, R. Kilgore. A. Holile, J. Miller, J. Keller, S. Rau, G. Smilh, S. Hoover, J. Keller, D. Kohler, S. Dech, J. Schraniz. Row 3: H Kilgore. J. Beers, D. Walker, R. Correll, B. Hahn, L. Dreher, M. Droiifz, D. Berg. A. Silfies, L. So'+, P. Plkorney, R. Funk, E. Filch- ner, L. Ellis, D. Krill. C. Baker, R. Meixell, N. Marsh. D. Kisf, B. Hahn, B. Edelman, S. Cole. Row 4: K. Fox, S. Nolhslein, S. Fogel N. Newhard, L. Slrohl, R. Schwanlc, D. Buiz, L. Spaihfs, L. Brobsi, L. Oberly, M. Rolh, 6. Reph, Dimmicic, R. Miller. A. Lerch B. Borger, F. Miller, J. Smiih, J. Viiushinslcy. P. McMurry, D. Rudelifsch, L. Rulh. L. Ward, L. Praelorius, S.xSolf. S. Hager. lwmsecf efzafuu groups. Mixed ensemble involves 7 boys and 7 girls Sanlee. is comprised of all 'rhe sludenl vocalisis who pariicipale in choral presenlalions. The smaller choral groups are all a parl of mixed chorus. A Tal- enled group of 30 girls, ihe Girls' Ensemble enler- 'rain noi only l'he sludenl' body buf also oufside Daniel Bulz, Mariha Marakovifs, Barry Fehnel. Faye Schaffer, Clark Kunlz, Jane Jones, Larry Soil, Mary Ellen Hilberg. Dean Berg, Linda Ward, Allen Lerch, Doris Rofhroclc, Larry Oberly. who enjoy harmonizing logelher. The boy's oclel of underclassmen specialize in harmonizing barbershop sl'yle. Tenlh-grade girls' chorus complele 'ihe organi- zalion. These promising vocalisis will complemenl lhe mixed chorus in following years. LeRoy Brobsl, Larry Sfrohl, Daniel Bufz, Dean Berg. Peler McMurry, Quenfin Dimmiclc, Leonard Ellis. Allen Lerch. Page 86 Na Row I: Faye Schaffer, lone Mann, Mary l-lorsf, Jane Jones, Joan Keller, Joan Sclwranlz, Susan Dech, Doris Roflwrock. Row 2: Sharon Biflenbender, Mary Ellen Hilberg, Karen Fox, Marllna Marakovifs, Mrs. Tlwelma Sanlee, Slella Lerch, Gail Kramer, Kafh- ryn Bealer, Linda Reimer, Row 3: Joan Milclwell, Carloffa Scholl, Nan Newhard, Susan Fogle, Leslye Rulln, Brenda Edelman, Linda Ward, Jean Keller, Bonnie l-lalwn, Slwarla Solf. Row I: M. Horsf, B. Fensfermaker, B. Shoemaker, C. Whilelwead, E, Kleinschusler, B, Deifer, E. Delly, K. Poland, J. I-lauck, J. Krock, S. Sclwleqel, A. Mills, S. Marfh, A. Meckes. L. Mann, M. Pefrick. Row 2: P. Ware, D. Walker, C. Clnrlslman, V. Romano, J. Mifclnell, S. Lerclu, S. Temos, D, Fedorislwen, P. Nissley, B. Ben Venuli, R. Kilgore, D. Griesemer, G. Smi+h, J. Onkofz. Row 3: J. Keller, K. Kulp, L. Praeforius, C. Sfoudl, N. Marslw, C. Da More, K. Becker, N. Rau, L. Koch, N. Krazfer, P, Barfknol, A. Mar+l1, L. Leindecker, L. Mirro. Row 4: J. Valkovec, M. Rank, A, Sclnmoyer. L. Oberly, S. Nofhsfein, N, Treiclwler. S. Fogel, D. Rudelifsch, G. Kramer, L. Miller, S. Andrews, B. Edelman, D. Sulllff, M. Maikifs, B. Lakey, B. Hoclw. page 87 Our chorus raise +heir voices fo celel Tableau - The Legend of fhe Cherry Tree. Vesper speakers narrafe ihe wonderful sfory of 'the Chrisf. OUT dilig i . ,aw gr X V "No room in The inn." One wiseman's gif? - a foy dog. page 88 sefs fhel Qs X s 9 "BirThday of our King." ' is A commiTTee SoloisTs, pianisTs and organisfs praise Him in song. Tableaux. Gnu Zndem I LeT us have music Tor ChrisTmas . . . Sing ouT The carols of old. Rejoice in The birTh of The ChrisT Child. The mosT wonderful sTory e'er Told. Sing of The sTar and wise men. Too. And angels waTching above . . . Bring once again To The homes of men The giTT oi wondrous love. LeT us have music Tor ChrisTmas . . . Sound The Trumpei' oT ioy and rebirTh LeT each of us Try, wiTh a song in our hearTs, To bring peace To men on earTh. Mildred L. Jarrell Paqe 89 23 "And They presenled unTo Him gold, franliincense and myrrh." 4 gi., 0 ,wi f tsl inf Q ri' JL fslyi Angels guard The Holy Child's sleep Row I: Brenda Kemmerer, Palsy Bowman. Cynfhia Silfies, Miss Kremus, advisor, Charmaine Edelman, Nancy Waldmann, Doris Rorhrock, Mary Vallcovec. Row 2: Sandra Dech, Sandra Ruch. Sandra Milisifs, Elizabeih Shafer. Row 3: Mary Lou Jones. Rira Schneider, Karhy Kulp, Sandra Smirh. Row 4: Diane Kohler, Veronica Meriz, Doreen Barfholomew, Bonnie Hahn. Row 5: Barbara Bird. Jendy Laub, Cheryl Whiiehead, Connie Diehl. Row 6: Julieann Augusline, Madelyn Barreff, Vicroria Smilh, Pauleffe Geiz. Row 7: Carol Galqon, Cynfhia Koons, Alice Beal, Diane Slrohl, Dolores Wagner, Diane Fedorishen, Claudia Kleppinger, Qiafd' Q 7eam Precision and perfecrion are The key words in This year's Girls' Gym Team. Un- der +he direclion of Miss Kremus, ihe new girls are 'raughf slcills on 'rhe horse, Swedish box, rings, uneven parallel bars. and ihe rrampoline. Agiliry is puf +o 'rhe res? in cal- islhenic drills, in wand exercises. and in locker-room anricsl Their long, slrenuous hours of praclice are iusrified when The girls display fheir 'ralenis in 'rhe Annual Gym Exhibiiion. "Millie" Edelman poised 'For aclion! page 90 "Frank falls head over heels." "Poih+ your +oes and smile." A ser of parallel bars. a high bar. a frampoline - any Type of gym equipmenl and The afmosphere is ser for our +alen+ed Boys' Gym Team. Challenge 'rhem To do somelhing and before you realize il. rhese ingenious boys have if perfecled beyond your 3 4, Q grandesf expeclafions. Sessions are held firsf period oq W on Thursday and Friday, wifh addilional hours of work afier school, under The compelenl' direclion of Mr. Erdosy and Mr. Oplinger. Displays of masculine agilily and dexlerily al The Annual Gym Exhibifion are rheir producls crealed from foil. Training, and lremendous lun. , , 7, ,Mg A I i William Gogle. David Ware, Ronald Asbalh, Richard Sleflie, John Erdosy, Alberl Gaziulc, Gregg Amore, John Pail, Jan Billy, Darryl Schaffer, Dennis Sigfried, Raymond Edelman, Bruce Newhard, Frank Nikisher. Michael Marfnick, Frank Holland, Joseph Eberhardf, Roberf Nyce, Thomas Lahovslci, David Chrisfoff, Douglas Waldmann. Leonard Heclrman, Russell Mikovifch. page 91 P' Science aah A+ our own Science Fair and lhe Lehigh Valley Science Fair, a+ Muhlenberg. iunior scienlisls have a chance +o display The proiecls which Jrhey have worked on and perlecled over 'rhe preceding monlhs. Many inleresling exhibils in such fields as chemisiry, aslronomy, biology. analomy, and elec- Where did Thar fly gef fo? lronics are displayed by lhe sludenls all eager 'ro become 'rhe Grand Champion. Wilh These sludenis as +omorrow's scienlisls, malhemalicians. and engi- neers, we can be sure our counlry will be in good hands. Car 54. Where are you? page 72 IN Ny ..,. .355 . 13 ' ,f . ix-N N ' 34 IPLE or Q Um insfrumcnf K B gm oncnfs o W x af1i,i,.i 3 Dffofomulhpflfr ,..a ,mefoomcnf bf Curf Moyer and his "Applicafion of Elecfronics in Asfronomyu awaif' ff1e Iudge's resuffs. H e '?axS5"f1f13ggfiQs e Q 3 gf ' ,.X.xXx h f - - ix. Y -jg V. X555-x .. fs- 'N 1 kv 1 ,Uk W Q ig. ,, . ' Q legge- g Q?-:ax 1. -33.',fTlONig1 in mv, - v IK. lx. I 1 Eugene Mirro - finally finished affer hours of fedious foil on flwe "Applicafions of fha Phofoelecfric Effect" page 93 M9-I Jane and Quenfin diligenfly supply ihe chorus wi+h melodies. Spun? eanceal Our frumpei' soloisfs fake Hme ou? for a "shot" Our band enferfaining an audience. Clark croons, "If I Loved You." page 94 Anifa demonsTraTes waTer color To a young child. JaneT models her preTTy shirTwais'f. 14412 Zxhi ' Displayed aT The Annual ArTs ExhibiT in The NorTh- ampTon CommuniTy CenTer were sTudenT's proiecTs from The lcindergarTen To senior high school. ArTs and craTTs, Mr. Melvin Kleppinger: Wood and Mefal Shops. Mr. Henry FuiiTa and Mr. Alek Erdosy: Mechanical Drawing and PrinTing, Mr. l-larry ReiTT. 2 ff m-,1f y! Q. if L-' H! . msd! One of The many fine accomplishmenfs from wood shop. a mahogany desk wifh plasfic accessories. page 95 Each evening sTudenTs of The arT deparTmenT gave der'nonsTraTions oT various arTisTic skills, processes and Techniques. Also. a Tashion show was presenTed each evening by our Tine searnsTresses in The Home Economics DeparTrnenT under The direcTion of Mrs. Huber. MeTal shop displays one of iTs Tine wroughT iron producfs. AS KETQA LL N ,. ff . .fA-421-. 46. , I., lj'-,l5ffn . Z , ,x f ' SQ ., , .QF IL 1,1 ,fx . . x K ' - 53 Q WR' N A. ,,,.N-, ,fra V - , fl if-5, A I I X ' , I - I Q 1 R4 v UM 4' -.A' V ' ' ' F V x xr 75 ' -, . ,xp I' ,..,, A M5 Y l f A ' 12" 1 . f : Q RX Q 1 nf ,. fl- fi- . '- . -GV X 7169? A Q- K f x , 5,235.1 j .R T ' S 191 ,jf f, , : 1 S 1 -1 .X ' ' 'i' """ X K h E Y-tfiifk' Ar. 'ax 'fgg T 'lf YJ-7' Q' 'Q'. , M H' ,ff .-Vu l :xi A it-5 .A h ,-au--:-o-a-- ,H A ..,..,,..,,... Af ' ' 'N' ' -. ' ..--F A ,W E -" - 5? n:g,,,,,, W . U , , - 'K" Q L ,," ' A if 7 F5 2' 1 i ff' IJ" ' " b " ' : . f' -' ' " ' Row I: AssT. Coach P. Schneider, R. Sickonic, J. Hall, C. Moyer, R. FlyTe, T. Unger, R. Oplinger, G. Sodl, D. ChrisToT, G. Eber- hardT, D. Ware, R. Ondreica, Head Coach A. Erdosy. Row 2: Mgr. J. Wagner, R. AsbaTh, D. Laury, D. STrouse, M. LiseTski, J. Erdosy, L. SpaniTz, J. STimpTl, W. Greb, J. Gvasper, T. Lahovslci, R. YosT, Assf. Coach J. Oplinger. Row 3: Mgr. B. Borger, M. Madea, J. Herschman, J. Shelloclc, A. Hradlcowslcy, R. HeTTelTinger, R. Klipple, G. Amore, W. Roclcovifs, M. Perdiclc, J. Pail, D. Meyers, R. STerrner, J. Eberhardt Mgr. G. Mooney. 4 The KonlcreTe Kids opened The l962 TooTball sea- son wiTh an exciTing game againsT P-Burg. They rolled over Emmaus, WhiTehall and SlaTingTon unTil They yielded To The pressure QT The PalmerTon Blue Bombers in an O-I3 decision. Recovering quickly, The anTicipaTed vicTory of 9-0. The Kids Tinished The league season wiTh a 6 Tor 7 record. Tying Emmaus Tor The League Championship. Seniors included on The squad were: Rich Siclconic. Dave ChrisToT, Bob Oplinger, "BeaTTy" EberhardT, Kids Toolc LehighTon, NazareTh and STroudsburg. The annual Thanksgiving Day baTTle ThwarTed The expec- TaTions oT The Roughies as The Kids rallied To an Ron Ondrejca, Dave Ware. George Sodl, Tom Unger, Bob FlyTe, CurT Moyer, and Jon Hall. s,.......A fl MMT e-1-W -.s. . . I5 . T' W Row l: Coach A. Erdosy, W. STranzl, G. Oplinger, A. Lubeneslcy, D. Morgan, R. Fafzinger, J. Billy, J. Wargo. J. Erclosy, J Hershman, M. Perdiclc. Row 2: R. STermer, R. Murphey, C. Harding, T. SmiTh, P. Schneider, W. Richie, J. Eberhardh A. Colarus- so, J. Chimics, l.. Miller, W. Gogle. Row 3: T. YosT, A. Kohlhauser, F. Herschman, J. NederosTelc, W. Remaly, D. Onl:oTz, F. Mile- Tics, S. Sayuk, J. Szilagyi. F. Wolfel, R. STeTTie, R. MikoviTch. page 98 Kneelmg A. Erclosy, W. Sfranzl. Sfandingz J. Oplinger, Kneeling: R. Oplinger, G. Socll. Sfandxng D Ch o P. Schneider, Al Erdosy. Head Coach Al Erdosy, T Unger Norfhamplon Phillipsburg Norfhampfon Emmaus Norlhampfon Whifehall Norfhampfon Slafinglon Norfhamplon VARSITY SCORES Palmerfon Norfhamplon Lehighfon Norlhampfon Nazarefh Norlhamplon Sfroudsburg Norlhamplon Cafasauqua The 'ream scrambled madly for fhe ball. page 99 al i E This is no place fo fake a nap, Rich. All alone wi1'h only one place fo go. and +ha+'s where Hall is headed. "Mo+her lold me 'rhere'd be days like fhis. Sloshh!" "Please, l'd ralher do if myself," says Mike. page l00 You Iusf can'1' qe+ a good man down and fhafs Johnny 'ro a "T "WhaT a Time This kid picks fo piay leap frog!" Dave groans. 'iv 'lf I , H ' "Sparkles" does If again. page l0I Row I: R. Sickonic, 6. Mooney, M. Liserski, M. Perdick, W. Greb. Row 2: Coach H. Doffer, G. Eberhardt J. Hall, J. Klufzarifz, D. Eickhoff, F. Csensifs, Mgr. C. Kleinfop, Missing: Mgr. J. Sobiesiak. B Row I: R. Paly, S. Mayoruk, J. Mishko, G. Hufferer, B. Burkhardf. G. Oplinger. Row 2: Coach R. Crawford, D. Meyers. R. Druckenmiller. D. Onkofz, L. Miller, P. Schneider, J. Wargo, D. Hanqen. page l02 NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorTharnpTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon NorThampTon Oh! -To be a liTTle Taller. B.T.'s up lor anoTher one. Dieruff l:ounTain l'lill Bangor BeThlehem CaTholic Phillipsburg CenTral CaTholic Coplay CaTasauqua LehighTon 5Troudsl:aurg Emrnaus WhiTehall SlaTingTon PalmerTon CaTasaugua LehighTon STroudsburg Emmaus WhiTehall SlaTingTon PalmerTon The KonlcreTe Kids. led by Gerry EberhardT and Rich Siclconic, Tinished The season wiTh a 5 Tor I4 league record. The loaslceTeers were off To a slow sTarT losing The TirsT six games Then winning againsT Coplay in a non-league game. 68-62. Again The Kids Tell back inTo The ruT and losT The nexT six league games. The Blue Bombers oT PalmerTon Then Tell vic- Tims To The Kids in a 55-52 sTruggle. The Kids wenT on To rally againsT LehighTon, 64-49. STroudsburg, 56-38. Emmaus, 84-7I, and WhiTehall, 5l-38. Gerry EberhardT Tinished The season wiTh 275 overall poinTs: Rich Siclconic, 244: Don Eiclchoff. l84p Gary Mooney. l54: Mike LiseTsl4i, l43: and Franlc Csen- siTs, IOO. The junior baslceTeers were less TorTunaTe and Tin- ished The season wiTh a 2 Tor 2l record. Joe Wargo led The squad wiTh I36 over all poinTs. page IO3 if Q ,- 4' ,, I r ' v 5, I ,4,. , ' A I A f ,W lf. , 3 ' , Z 31 I 'Q .uf ' L Y e r. gi , X ly I i. A, 1 'Z IL' 5 f, 'jf' tl i , , ' fga2?4Wf Y ' f f . K Q F 21 F' ' I", ' " -, - fy' - 1 fiifif "" ' ' ' .D V W r f ' ' v , P , ' . fr f x ,Q .WNW 1 WJ , X -- 1 , ,,,.:' L- kv I . .vrivfl a , ' ' QT F, l W ,. nl" ik V z-.,,, . F r - V ' rl ,'. X ' -Q3 1 ff -' N ay :Q -i.. , Q. A . F f x .ilglx Y xx 9 ,Y V 1 1 1 I , ! 1 Eu H' X . 'I .v I I . - 1 r X gif ' , :ie 2 4 Y . XM q i 1? U , Al f V vu 1 U Wfffif ' . 1' 5 QV 1 K QQ I I ' , I Q , , :P ' : I 5 ff" K 4 E 'viii 'ff fn ' . p 4' ' . 'IX 'MQ Q- ' rf, I 'u ', A QQ ff:-X Q Q Q QQ IQJQ fr .' l-ff' QSM f in Q. 'PE .V .N Rf- ' ' .Vw y , gt, 1 . ' V H ' 'cw Q-+' !f7'AL2M mfi.g?f . "' 4. , 5 :lbs ' f W' QQQ Q' Q QQ -QQ QQQ J Q1 Q ,,4, Qi Q -mwid, QQ QQQIQ Q ' ' 7 r Q X Q I -I Q I' . x QQ Q Q' I . - QQ QQQ M :f QQQQQQGQQQQQ ,-1 Q RQ I Q Q Q . , 7 2 'IEW ,K . A f .X ' J 4 N 'l -gin 1 iggiu ' , f J aj 1 ' , ' .,1.f' -N '-if 7 f 1 QQ QV1: 'SL' QQ Q ' - Q. Q Q QQ!!! I 5 -.Q . 'iffy iff 'if-9, QW. , if 'lf H , U gy , Xxx f " "M Q df if +14 cam-f, - tu, gh 'A X QQ , 'K , ' ' Q"':r1 f .fa Q5 5 X ff f QQ -4,11 p Ny 'q'rQ,. QP Q Q- QQ QQ ., Q D Q Qf, , Q . I ' '1 J .n""' r .Y N . ' . f fl f I' Q: Urn- 4 ,. 'qu' Q ' 1 -, A ' - I V ,W Q , . rf: , .Tsai J .qw jj' ' 1Q ", ': 11? f ? Q Q i JW -' 'rf 3-5 .' !"f"i. 1- -Q' ' 5 5' , 1. . 'fx ' M ' 2? .Mi N " A Rv as - Q QI JI' 'A Q ' 'W 'C' Q, "yr, Q A 15 'W u siisi Q I ies! I ' 'VCV' x 1 . - faa,E'f1:f4'?' ' J?" Q 2 :W ww- I I I M - 1 ' 'I ' 1 ' , 4 ' V' .0 i V- 15425. 5' lik I . .1 'Q . . , ' ' FS Row I: J. Sobiesiak, D. Schlegel. D. Creyer. G. Amore, R. Minnich, E. Rice. J. GonTar. R. FlyTe, D. Laury. W. Gossler, D. Wall, R. Henry. Row 2: L. SolT, P. Hassler. R. Heffelfinger, L. SpaniTz, D. Waldman. B. Taras, R. Fensfermalzer, C. Lerch, S. DougherTy, R. Bond. Zdaeuflin WiTh The loss of Three disTricT champs and six oTher sTarTers. Coach Harry Wall Taced a Tremen- dous rebuilding job. The Team. led by seniors Dan Schlegel. Dan Creyer, Wayne Gossler. Bob Min- nich, Bob FlyTe. Earl Rice. and Jim GonTar, did a crediTable iob. They nailed down Third place in The WesTern Division of The Lehigh Valley WresTling League wiTh a 5-2 record. Dave Wall and Jim Gon- Tar were DisTricT ll champs aT l23 pounds and heavyweighT respecTively. They also won NorTheasT Regional crowns while Dave wenT on To gain second place in The sTaTe Tinals aT Penn STaTe. Harry Wall, assisTed by STeve Micio and Al HoTTman, loolc Tor- ward To a good season nexT year because of eighT reTurning leTTermen. The varsily squad warms up before a big mafch. page IO6 ,,- ,ai W, A w ,xx 1 -ff 415.9 .ww Uevftfi C 1. rm it .fl iiswssre i '- Sen or of llwe squad, Coach Wall, R. Flyle, D. Creyer, D. Sclilegel, J. Gonlar, J.V. Coach Al Hollman, Head Coach Harry E RICG W GOS5l9f- Wall, Assf. Coach Slove Micio. Norflwampfon Norllwamplon Norlhamplon Norllnamplon Norllmamplon Norlhampfon Norfliampfon Norllwamplon Norllwamplon Norllwamplon Norllwamplon Gonfar pins anofhef. Waeduinq page IO7 Nofre Dame Emmaus Easlon Wlwifelwall Slalinglon Plwillipsburq Dieruff Hill School Parkland Belhlehem William Allen 5 l3 23 3 3 36 28 3I 7 24 27 Row I: R. Lapp, C. Druckenmiller, D. Siegfried, R. Mishko, A. Colarusso. G. Oplinger, S. Sayuk. Row 2: D. Meyers, J. Hummel, D. Chrisfof, P. Delxlardo, D. Onkorz, J. Wargo, P. Schneider, Mgr. B. Taras. Row 3: Mgr. R. Engle, D. Bilous, M. Liselski, W. Grab. R. Yosf. J. Crock, G. Mooney, J. Eberis, Assl. Coach J. Oplinger. Row 4: Head Coach M. Liselski, Mgr. B. Borger, G. Sodl, C. Cinemella, R. Oplinger, D. Eickhoif, S. Shoemaker, Mgr. R. Bond. Bcadeiafl Norlhampron 5 Parkland 2 Our baseball ieam, well drilled and experienced, Hgglngynqpigg gogigl wen? undeleaied in rhe 'ren games played 'rhus far. Nomrhampfon Ngdhwuqsj Led by ihe pifching of Chesfer Cinamella and Bob Nor+hamp+On Emma es rn Oplinger. our boys seem sure To win lhe league fro- NOrH1amp+On Syroudussbur phy. Coach Mike Liserski, assisfed by Jim Oplinqer, Nodhampmn Whiyehall Q is +0 be complimenred on his fine job of shaping up NOr,rhamp+OF Slayin ,r The Jream. We are looking forward +o anorher fine Nodhamgfori Lehigggs Season nexl Year' Norfhampron Cafasauqua Norrhampfon Palmerfon E 5, f N 5 Zrgiails .W r psmvw . M.. a t.yQ1.1ggwg-, wage. f ax 1: ff..e3eiQS'?ifaa522sLi.s1-wiQzizaiefmwi.. .. - . Casey af The baf. page I08 ..- .-.1 c x.......1.....,- I . 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The leam. hampered by laclc of experience and nalural lalenr, was unable 'ro win any major lilles or compere elleclively for The league lille. Earl Rice, compeling in The shol pujr and discus evenls, was lhe high scorer for The leam. Lahovslci, Spaniiz. and Heydl won several of rhe running evenls in various meels. Coach Richard Reimer, assisfed by Harry Wall. is conlidenl of improving This young Team for nexf year. This year's Team posled a I-9 won-losl record. Norihamplon Norflwampfon Norllwampion Norlhampfon Norfhampfon Clwabalc and Spanilz give lheir all for N. H. S. Slrouclslourg Lelwighfon Dierull: Wl1i'rel'1alI Palmerfon Norlhampion Norfhamplon Norllwampion Norfhamplon Norllwamplon Wilson Boro Emmaus Beilwlelwem William Allen Slalingfon S- "OH" "For a lifile more push." page III W 5 1 sw A L w P r , A as v . ,. , ,iv "AV if ..' , 35 7 ,xi I ' A - . I s.' ' :ay JT H 'K - Y 5 .. 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We have memories 'rhal long will lasl. Commencemenl - beginning - 'rhe world lies before, Bur noi' alone, we pass lhrough +he door. From high school days rhe knowledge we Take Will gird us wiih srrenglh for rhe laslcs which await Jane Jones 1' i L, , a Marge wonders if "fha sheepskin" is worfh Awailing The las? momenfs was The worsl perl of all fwelve years of worlc. page II6 We had a good lime. loo! King Arfhur and Queen Joan malce a maiesfic couple. We could have danced all nighf. 7!ne pawn Sayonara, a Japanese farewell, was fhe grand beginning of final acfivifies for lasf year's seniors. This semi-formal, sponsored by fhe Sfudenf Council, was fhe firsf fo be held in fhe school gymnasium. Wifh fhe help of many slcillful hands, fhe gym was fransformed info an Orienfal garden. Enfranced couples, when nof seafed af cafe fables. encircled lhe floor. A unique founfain served as The cenfer of affenfion wifh ifs ever-changing colored wafers. Fascinafing flower designs, dangling mobiles, curious Japanese lanferns. and Sfan Keiser's Orchesfra com- plemenfed 'rhe Orienfal afmosphere. Crowning fhe King and Queen was fhe climax of lhe perfecf evening. King Arfhur lEdelmanl and Queen Joan lWunderlerl headed fhe comely courf comprised of Charles Wogenrich, Roberf Kern, Franlc Herzog, James Banlcos. Mariorie Kochenash. Chrisfine Sharlcazy, Lyneffe Roberfs. Earlene Whife. and fheir dafes for 'rhis gala affair. Al fhe sfrolce of midnighf "Sayonara" ended only fo become a parf of long-lasfing memories of an- ofher senior prom. page II7 Wslflz 5555 "CN: Q . ...,.....-....-, . V ,..-, ,,,f -X Y ...--.,...-........ ...-..........-,.-.. ..... ...--................... ri-24,3-4Qar.f'. .ri Ny., QI: El I VF.: V 1 1-5-..-T. A 1 fl 5. " I 'ia 135. '- '17' V- Q' ", .7 nga A if 14. - gf -A sip 1 "-. :E ' -' ll I 'g ' - if' V1 ,P ' 55 51 ' s' : . ' Ya '9 .ri 1 1 "1 W -' . i . , v try- .ET X U ui. Q.. ,v E. ,K . N v pn L. 4, .,n' f '! 1. 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KEMMERER PAPER DIVISION HILL-TOP LUNCHEONETTE JOHN'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY KEYSTONE PORTLAND CEMENT COMPANY KORNFEIND'S MARKET LEHIGH TOWNSHIP LIONS CLUB TEEN-AGE DANCE COMMITTEE THE M 84 N MEDICINE CO. MAKOVSKY BROS. TRUCKING SERVICE STONE . COAL . SAND E. BROOKE MATLACK, INC. N H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION J. J. NEWBERRY CO. AARON NEWHARD, DRUGGIST NORTHAMPTON ROTARY CLUB NORTHAMPTON SANITARY DAIRY, INC. R 81 S PRINTERS ST. STEPHEN'S SICK AND BENEFICIAL SOCIETY R. A. SMITH MILLING CO. UNIVERSAL ATLAS CEMENT DIVISION OF uss CORPORATION WAS-DEN "GUNS" 3 Sled fbanaliand Ace Hoiel 8: Bar Supply Co. B 81 L Formal Wear Gilboy Ford Mercury, Inc. Hei'rzman's Economy S'I'ore H. Hochberg Manufacluring Co. Klecknersville HoI'eI Klecknersville Sunoco Service Ray A. Leibensperger School TransporI'aI'ion H. A. Miller 8: Sons Naiional Honor Socieiy James Ro+I1, General Con'IracI'or .2 Sim fbanaliana ik A FRIEND AMEY'S SERVICE STATION BATH GARMENT, INC. BENSING FUNERAL HOME - Mooreslown, Pa. GEORGE C. BRONG, M.D. CHAMPION SALES 81 SERVICE CROSSROADS MOBILE HOME CENTER DELTA TRI-HI-Y DREHER'S TV - LAUNDRY VERY REVEREND ANDREW DWORAKIVSKY EICHLER WOOD PRODUCTS, INC. DR. ARTHUR FELDMAN GOURMET INN HARHART FUEL SERVICE HELLERTOWN BAKING COMPANY INDIAN TRAIL PARK H. W. KOCHER - Roofing, Spouiing, Sheei' Me'I'aI Siding, Hoi' Air Healing Chapman Quarries, Baih, R.D. 42, Pa. KREIDERSVILLE GENERAL STORE Dallas S. Fries, Proprielor Roufe 2, Box 24, Norlhampfon, Penna. DR. and MRS. JOHN B. KUCHARCZUK LAPPAWINZO FISH 8: GAME PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION LEHIGH VALLEY SPORTING GOODS LERNER'S DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. MAUSER MILL CO. MILLER BROS. NEWHART FOODS, INC. NORTHAMPTON 81 BATH RAILROAD CO NORTHAMPTON BRAKE 81 ELECTRICAL SERVICE - Aufo Glass Complefe NORTHAMPTON LUMBER COMPANY CHARLES REMMEL, INS. SACKS SUPPLIES JOHN J. SIPOS - Excavafing and Grading FRED A. SNYDER POST 53353 SOLT CHEVROLET 49 SouI'l1 Broad S+., Nazare'I'I1, Pa. TOWN SUPPLY CO. S. J. TURK - Roofing 8: Siding WEBER and FLECK WUCHTER POULTRY 81 FROZEN FOODS page I20 I Slain fbonaliom Acme Counfer Top Co. Wm. Adams. Elec+rical Con'l'rac+or Ahwa Visfa Farms Alliance Coal Co. American Holel American Hofel, Balh, Pa. Anfhony's Rest A1'lan+ic 8: Pacific Tea Co. Barry's Aulo Supplies Bar'I'ex Mills of Allenlown, Inc. Bafh American Legion, Posl' 470 Bafh Hardware Shopping Cenrer, 424-25 Walnuf S+. Balh, Pa. - Alex L. DeH'mer, Prop. Bafh Hofel Bafh Service Sfa'l'ion Bafh Shoe Repair Service Blue M'I'. Rest, Danielsville, Pa. Brefz Cleaners Dr. and Mrs. Rollin H. Brior AH'y. Jerome W. Burkepile, Jr. Chi 's Lunch Collis Used Cars and Aufo Paris Crock's Floor Covering 4I6 Easf Fourfh Sfreef, Norfhampfon, Pa. Danny's Allanfic Service Mayor and Mrs. John Daumer Derhammer's General Sfore Harold DoH'er Agency Eloerhard+'s Economy Markel' Elmer's Markel' Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eslinger Farkas' Markel' Fella Sfudio, Phofographers Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Fogle Fosfer Jewelers Charles R. Fox, M.D. Gable's Garage Gillespie Jeweler Gogel's Aufomolive Paris Franklin M. Graver Woodrow Greene and Sons Greenzweig and Bird Cesspool Cleaning Gross's lElmer Grossl Paul E. Hall Rufh Hall's Beaufy Salon, Berlinsville, Pa. Hampfon Lanes Harly Bo'Hling Co. Har+igan's Cul Rafe Hassler's Slore Les'l'er R. Herman George Hershman Trucking Sue E. Hoffman Howerlown Rose Nursery J. C. HuH'erer, Texaco Service Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Hvazda Jack's Resfaurani' Jeffersonian Democrafic Club Joe and Ada's Tavern Jones Esso Srarion Keiser's Sfeak House 2I I0 Canal S+., Norlhamplon, Pa. Franklin A. Kocher Al Koruh Woodcrafl' Bob Kosc Esso Trading Posl' AHy. Russell Kowalyshyn Kruper Brofhers A pliances Adolph Kucharczuf Clark W. Kunh Lahovski Cleaners A. A. Lapp Agency Laufik Jeweler Laury's Service Sfalion, R'l'e. l45, Laurys S'l'a'l'ion, Pa Kennefh Bilheimer, Prop. Len-L Hair Fashions Lenfz Mofor Co., lnc. Dr. William J. Lloyd page l2I I Slain fbonczliond Lloyd's Resf. Carl D. Loch Agency IFormerly H. H. Laubach Agencyl Lou's Drive-In Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Mack Leon Marsh Rev. Michael Messaros Me+ro's Coal Yard Miller's Diner Miller Wholesale Company, Befhehem, Pa. Rev. and Mrs. Edwin J. Mi+chell Moores+own General Sfore Moyer's Marlcel' Mr. Soffee Newhar+'s Supere++e, Treichlers, Pa. NASHS German Club Norfhampfon BPW Norlhampfon Dress Co. Norfhampfon Memorial Co. Nor+hamp+on News Agency Nor+hamp+on Quoia Club Norfhampfon Varsily N-Club Mr. and Mrs. Edward Novograh Oil Burner Sales and Service Co. P 8: M Modern Plumbing and Hea+ing Palmerfon Beverage Co. Dr. and Mrs. S. Parme+ Pa+'s Drive Inn Pennsville Ho+el Pe+e's Lunch Poinl Phillips General Sfore Qualiiy Service Sfafion, Inc. Raccoon Club William O. Redline, Nafionwide Insurance Agenf Regenl Discoum' Jewelers Geo. H. Rehrig, Dodge, Dodge Dari' Reinisch Insurance Agency Willard H. Richards, D.D.S. Al+hea Rinker's Beaufy Shop Ro'l'h Bros. R+e. 45 Drive-ln Thea+re, Roufe 2, Walnufpori' Roxy Theafre Rubino's Barber Shop Rudy's Marker S+. Nicholas Ukrainian Home Associalion The Rev. and Mrs. Lufher N. Schaeffer Truman R. Schaffer, Na+ionwide Insurance Schisler Funeral Home Belly Seidel Shops Dr. B. Marea Seiler Cur'I'is A. Selfzer, Sr. Sickar's Garage Joseph Simcoe, Beverage Disfribufor Sina'rore's Markef Frank Sipos Coal Slale Exchange Ho+el Smi+h's Barber Shop Kennefh Spiilco Sign Service Clarence J. S+e'H'ler S'l'eve's Flying A Service Wm. J. Swallow Funeral Home Tama '26 Triniiy E. C. Youfh Fellowship, Berlinsville, Pa. Wallcer's Pharmacy Wanlco's Marlcel Weiner's Appliances Weiner's Mobile Service Whi+ehall Building Supply Co. George C. WiH' 81 Sons, Florisf Wunderler's Markel' Variefy Bargain Cenfer page l22 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Acker Rev. and Mrs. Carl R. Adams AIber+ Bros.. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Florisls Daryl Amey Ja Arnold - Y Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Afherholl' Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Augusline Alberi L. Bachman Hilda l. Bachman Arlene M. Bailey Mrs. Baiman Edgar J. Balliel' Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bankos Dennis Bankos Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bankos Mrs. Kay Bannerman Jennie Heiney Barlholomew '26 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Barfholomew John C. Becker Richard Becker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Becker, Sr. Bill and Cindy Beidleman Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Beidleman Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Beil Mr. and Mrs. Craig Bellzner Mr. Clarence Benninger Jean L. Bensing Barbara BenVenu+i Mr. and Mrs. Charles BenVenul'i David Berg Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Russell Bergenslock Nelson Berger Lesler Besl Donald Bilder Asher Bilheimer Charles Billig Mr. . Rev. J. Allaerl Billy Diane Binder Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Binder Barbara A. Bird Mr. and Mrs. William Bird Sharon Billenbender Don Blank James M. Blaschak Mr. and Mrs. William Bock 8: Family Barbara Bond Mr. Clark Bond Florence Bond Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bossard Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Brown 8: Son flaiaona Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brunner Mr. and Mrs. John Bryfogle John and Mary Jane Bryfogle Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bunk and Family Mr. and Mrs. Alberf Bulko A Ca++y Friend Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Chimarys Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Churella Cindy and Rich Mr. and Mrs. Chesler Clauser Rev. H. D. Clauss Mr. and Mrs. Ted Colarusso Miss Sally Cole Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Correll Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Cowling Daniel Creyer Mr. and Mrs. Kennelh Creyer Linda and Allan Creyer Mr. and Mrs. Anihony Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cusier Mrs. Frank Cwilkowifz Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. DaMore Efhel Danner Michael Danner Mr. and Mrs. Sranley R. Danner Russell Davis Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Deilaerl Mr. and Mrs. Allon H. Derr Dicky '6l and Cindy '63 Breezie Diehl fWhi'rehall 'bll Mr. and Mrs. C. Leon Dieler Mrs. Clarence Dillard Mr. and Mrs. John Dornbach, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dougheriy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dreher Mlrs. Emma Dreher Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Dreisbach Mr. and Mrs. Pearly Druckenmiller Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Eberls Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eckharl Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ehrmann Clemenlina Eisenreich Eleanor and Vera Pasior and Mrs. William Ellsworlh, Jr. Cecilia B. Emerick il947l Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Engler Carol F. Engler Pamela and Edward Engler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Engler Mr. and Mrs. Daniel English Mr. and Mrs. Pefer Erschen page IZ3 Rufh Farber Sfeve Fedorak Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Fegley Vernon Fehnel '62 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fehr Joan M. Feidler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feidler Thomas Fehnel Jim Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flanigan, Jr. Nellie Y. Fluck Frank Fox '6I Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Frable Mr. and Mrs. John M. Frailey Miss Johanna Frankel Pasfor Mark H. Franfz A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Walfer R. Frey Dorolhy Frilz Mr. and Mrs. Waller Fye Fuzzy '64 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gabryluk, Jr. Anna Marie Garger Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Garlner 81 Family Pal Garlnar Mr. and Mrs. Huberr E. Geiger George and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Howard George, Jr. Frank Gerbasilz Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gilberl Mr. and Mrs. William Gilberi Mr. and Mrs. William Gogle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Graver Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Gray Pappy Graybill Mr. and Mrs. Werner Grebb Fannie Greene Charles E. Gunkle Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Guss Donald W. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Haffl Mr. and Mrs. Elwood S. Haggerly Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Hahn. Sr. Miss Elsie M. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hall Mrs. Harry Hallman Ronald Handwerk Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hanlz, Sr. Miss Dorolhy H. Harlinger Mr. and Mrs. William Harlinger Quenlin Harlzell Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hassler Mr. and Mrs. J. John Hauclr Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hayne Mr. and Freddie Mr. and Richard Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heberling Heffelfinger Mrs. LeRoy Heffelfinger Heffelfinger '63 Mrs. Lee H. Herman Mrs. Earl E. Hess Palaana Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' A. Knappenberger Miss Rosemarie Knappenberger Mrs. Sadie Knappenberger Mr. and Mrs. Waller Kochenash Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Koehler Linda Koehler '63 Mr. and Mr. Louis Koehler Miss Barbara Kohler Harvey "Ben" Kohler Joyce Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Kolralus Carol Ann Kopfer Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl' Hess Mr. and Mrs. Kervin R. Hess Marge Hollicl: Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Holliclr Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoover Mrs. lva Hoppes Mr. and Mrs. James Hoppes 81 Family Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Horvalh Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hozza Mr. and Mrs. Waller Hradlrowshy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Joan B. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Palricia A. La Roberl J. Kosc Kowalyshyn Charles A. Kramer John Kremsner and Son Fred Kremus Kremus Wm. Kucharczylr Clarlr Kunlz Sleward Kunlz hula Mrs. Emma Marsch Kalherine Marsch Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Marsh Mis: Rulh Marsh Mr. and Mrs. John Marlh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maslany Nancy McBride '67 Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' McBride 81 Family Barry McCarly Mr. and Mrs. Keilh L. McKiHriclr Mrs. Mary Megges Mr. Merlcel Mr. and Mrs. David Merlz Shirley Ann Meyer Mr. Larry E. Michael Mrs. Elizaloefh P. Milrlus Mr. and Mrs. John Miles Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Miller Arlhur Miller 'bl Mrs. Calherine Miller Mr. and Mrs. Franlr Miller Dr. Geo. Hrishlro Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudiclr Mrs. Harold Hummel Jerry Hussar '73 Joni Hussar '70 Mr. and Mrs. Franlr Hullerer 81 Tim John Huflerer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Jacoby "Chirp" Janci Gerald Janci Mr. and Mrs. Slephen John Mr. and Mrs. David E. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Jones Mr. and Mrs. Roberl H. Jones Mr. and Lillian R. Mrs. Slanley Jones Kalz 'bl Spilre Keglovils Diane Kemmerer Franklyn Mr. and Mr. and L. Kemmerer Mrs. Barlon W. Kesler Mrs. James Kilgore Mr. Kindl Dennis King Rose Kish Chuclr Kleinlop Mr. and Mrs. Kermif Kleinlop Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kloiber Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kluslro Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lamberf Charles T. Landis Mr. and Mrs. Donald Laub Mrs. lra W. Laub Jendy Laub Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Laubach Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lauer Fredericlr B. Laufilr Don and Rose Laury '47 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lauser W. J. Lebish Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Legafh Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Lerch Mrs. Ella Lerch Mr. and Mrs. Preslon Lerch Elwood Lilly Margarel' J. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Longenbach 81 Family lrene Luisser "Sieve" Luisser Lufher '62 Mr. and Mrs. Willard Lul'1 Madeline and Tommy Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mann Mr. and Mrs. Franlr Maralcovils, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maralrovils Mr. and Mrs. John Marheflra Mr. and Mrs. James Marlow Cindy Marsch page l24 A Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Miller, Sr. Mr. Harvey Miller Judy Ann Miller Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller Mr. and Mrs. "Till" Miller Mr. and Mrs. Waller Miller Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Minnich Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Miquel Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn Mohr Mrs. Anna Molchany Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Molchany and Son Slephen D. Mondovich, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mondschein Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore Janice Morefz Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Morgan Dr. and Mrs. Charles Morilz Miss Audrey S. Moser Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Moser Dennis N. Moyer Judilh Moyer Mary and "Burch" Moyer Joy Musselman Nancy and Bobby The Nebel Family Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Nederoslelr Mr. and Mrs. John Nederoslelr Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Newlon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Oberly, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Olarechl' Rosemarie Oncheclr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Onuschalr Audrey Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oplinger Roberf Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Willard Oplinger Willard S. Oplinger, Jr. George Pahula Mr. and Mrs. Alex Paly Mr. and Mrs. Sfephen Paly Jean Pany '45 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Parr Mr. Leon Pafferson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Pefers Michael Pefriclr Mr. and Mrs. Peirolra Mr. and Mrs. Franlr Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piervallo Dolores Poandl Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur S. Praeforius Mr. and Mrs. Charles Praeforius Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Praeforius Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Praelorius Mr. and Mrs. John Puchyr Mary Raba Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rabe Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabe Theresa Radalroviis Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh Reimerf Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reifer Mr. and Mrs. John H. Reph Mr. and Mrs. John A. Reph, Jr. George Repperf George Roclrel Marlr Roberfs Mr. and Mrs. William Roberfs. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Rofhroclc Mr. and Mrs. William Rowlands, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sfanley Royer Dale Ruch Mr. and Mrs. Herberf J. Ruch 8: Children Mr. and Mrs. William Rudelifsch Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rudelifsch Mr. and Mrs. William Rudelifsch Mr. and Mrs. Norman Rufh Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sage Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Salfer Sandra Salfer Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Samuels Pacuu Rufh M. Saylor Elaine D. Sanfee Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sayuk Mr. and Mrs. Sfephen Sayulr Lillian Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Lufher Schaffer Mr. Samuel Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Truman Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. William Schaffer Margaref Helen Scheller Mr. and Mrs. Alberf G. Schisler Arfhur R. Schisler Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schisler '2 I Mr. and Mrs. Barfon Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. Lufher Schlegel Rev. and Mrs. Charles C. Schlifzer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Schmiclcly Leon Schuclcer Richard M. Schuler Mr. Thomas Schwarfz Mr. and Mrs. Dr. B. Marea Warren Schwa rfz Seiler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Semler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Shannon George Shingler Mrs. Hazel Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shoemalrer Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Shoemaker '52 Joan Silfies '63 Mr. and Mrs. Sfanley Silfies Mr. and Mrs. William Silfies Gerald J. Simcoe Lillian Sinafore Mr. and Mrs. Pafsy G. Sinafore Charles R. Sipos BSC-62 Eileen Sipos '63 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sipos and Son Mr. and Mrs. John Sipos Margaref Sifler Mrs. Bud Smifh Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Sodl Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Edward Clifford Snyder Harvey Snyder Leonard Snyder 60 Michael Soffera Rudolph Solfis Raymond Spangler, Sr. George J. Spengler Kennefh Spiflco Joseph Sfeiner Sfeifz page l25 Mr. and Mrs. George Sfevens Sophie Sfevens Beulah E. Sfeward Allen N. Sfouf Mr. and Mrs. Pefer Sfoul' Mr. and Mrs. Max Sfrubinger Mr. and Mrs. John Syslro Sfephen Tarnoclr Jo Anne Tassie "Ted" Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Termena Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tofh Roberi Transue Mr. and Mrs. Harold Van Buslrirlr Mr. and Mrs. John Vallrovec. Sr. Edward Vandergriff Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Vogel Mr. and Mrs. Granf Vogel Mary Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wagner Mr. Ray Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Earle C. Walberf Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Walfers Mr. and Mrs. William J. Walfers Eileen Walfz Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Walfz Mr. and Mrs. William Wambold Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Howard Weidman Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Weiflrnechf Jim Werbiclry Mary Werbiclry Mr. and Mrs. Charles Werner Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wefherhold Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wefherhold Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Whifalrer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whife Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Williams, Jr. Roberl C. Wilson l Barbara Wirfh '65 Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Wifemeyer Marfha A. Wuchfer Mr. and Mrs. Leon Yale Mr. and Mrs. William Yandersifs Edifh and Nancy Yohn Mr. Younes Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Young Mr. and Mrs. Lufher P. Young T. G. Young Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zelinslri Mr. and Mrs. John Zuberlra fquiaqaaplm 140109449114 .1 3 . .,:42.Q:.F3?c. 2- ,--Q11 , .:- --f-'rw -. .. ,figs . 'T 2- :'..'Z5"'fIfL 'j L' J .3-.7393 5- , . r-59- fa - -, -Q n,-:uf-' - " 'X .'-2211 x. 14-T-Q, 2' -1- i x . ,'f'.','!f': Y ' 1. Y I+ "5 .,,A. , 15 ' .1 ,xg . 1 'I 1 .',"'2Q1.. '5:g'fQ. ' . 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Suggestions in the Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) collection:

Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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