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e. jI 5' ' f wgg, JW? THE 957 l'4P,.-.4.. . 4 . H 1' f' -- 4'5 A., ' , , 1' if9,gL'Hl1,. - '- w v 1 , 'Q Q 4 - 1, .at V. Y KW' ., " , . 'A -h '- gi - ' . V. 1. any , ,NJQQQE -1, .1v ',,'. 7 V - i- ,J ' j' ,Q ' 'L - F h Q 4. A : ,LA - 71 b?z. P:,:,Vg::1 ..-'Q , PM Q: 5 A U K . 4. I ,' 'sygf - i ggi.. t . A I, -,QAM "Q - 1 . ' V "2 m 5 . f , 1 5,51 .Q ig' "Ji-' K . 'L 'mai A 4 , all 5 7' "" "'- '51 . X 5' I -,.a- A 'U " i?21L5.'f1 ' 1, - . . Qfffivli VA X-, J A .JN K,-J: , if Iv , I ' . L Q , 4 V V J A , . V .v qfq-1...,.f . J Q -' ,gl 'T' ' , - , . 'ge , , ' f,',,,g,f.Q.4- -. -- -, ' " ' 'jf ' 1 f 1- .1 M4 1 vs , ' ' "' . -A . fa. P , -f ' V -ff D, . , jf 'f 1' 2- -' L ' . M " Q " 'f' " fTf,'ff:v"1: N W - "f 'ff - ff. , i, A g' " - J 1 4 ' lf, JV, . ' 'V .cuff " , 4 ,I ' -gi' 'if' f 4, ' Q' I fi' .. ' 1,,,,g" f ., x j-: Ev ' Y ' 7 , , ,G A A., H , I ,. V V ,., - , M , y 4 , fu, F, , -- ,A , - V-V V - . .- J '. 'Q 4 ij, . . ,f . . nv 145. -Q .w 1 . , , 5 3,4 -,: ,.', 'f 1 4, 1 -, F .A ' 3 f- - : Qi , , Q x - .' ' .f ' " ' V f' ' V' - nf!" f. 1 4- 'TLB -' - . ' -' , "' ' H ax 'J' NL x If fr 94. -' ' b 1 W - L' 'f ml' ,gf-'-41. if : 1- . ' 1' 1 43 - --1-J " A .4-5 . ,, , -- 3 .-ff, ,pf 4, 1 15 . 5 A .. '-15. wg-1 - .gn D : , ' 4 Q - ,. -.' -, f- ,II f-.T '5 " ' A ' ' f 5 c' 49 2 'f"- - .M fb I' 'A "4" ' . f ' " - ' ' lc-1- T"'+f 4'IE"f' , :fl ' " W?" '. .- af I f " ""'-' " " 15: Z ' if " ' - ' .' A .51 S4 fffgr 4- . ,- Efiiiiijji ' -' .f . , A . . V , ,. 1' 1 ff'iZ'5" 2' ' T if V A ,1,1-135, i?A?:i:f 'I J ie JUNIOR I-IIOI-I SCHOOL Table of Contents STaTT - Seniors - Under Classmen Curriculum - Clubs - AcTiviTies SporTs - - - PaTrons and AdverTisemenTs page page page P599 page P599 page page mpleaadaa Foreword I'IeIIoI Those were my IooTprinTs you saw on The cover. As rnascoT of The '57 class I have been everywhere - in class. aT all acTiviTies. and aT sporT evenTs. I've seen The sTudenTs sTudying hard, prepar- ing Themselves Tor a successful TuTure. I've seen Them having Tun TogeTher. Yes. iT's been a rewarding year, one To be proud of. Come, ToIIow me as I reTrace The golden days. page Two WOLF ANNEX an l?57 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL l 5 ' :- gwmlilllj 3 we page Three Volume XLlll published by The Senior Class of Norfhamplon Area Joinl' High School 1 Pl in Norlhampion, Pennsylvania .A.: , feigi . MRS ARLENE SWEET For years Mrs SweeT has oTTered her Time and eTTorT Tor The beTTermenT oT This school sysTem. For her dedi- caTed servi-e and consTrucTive and worThy conTribuTions To dramaTics and The AmpTenman we wish To express our sincore aopreciaTion To Mrs. SweeT. beTTer known To us as We missed these familiar faces F . Miss Kocner. We wish her success and happiness in The Two new roles in which she is currenTly sTarring. MISS LOTTIE MOYER During our TrequenT healTh check-ups aT WolT Building we have all come To know Miss l.oTTie Moyer, our school nurse. This Trim, sTaTely lady in whiTe was always There To welcome us wiTh a Triendly hello and a warm smile. Now. aTTer years oT compeTenT service, Miss Moyer is leaving us. WiTh her go all our sinceresT wishes for a long and happy TuTure. MR. LESTER YEAGER Knowledge oT Tlowers and ouTdoor liTe is only one phase oi Mr. Yeager's liTe. Traveling abouT The UniTed STaTes enabled him To make his classes inTeresTing and popular. As principal oT WashingTon Building, NorThampTon, and laTer shop and maTh Teacher in The high school. Mr. Yea- ger served his communiTy and his school TaiThTully and compeTenTly Tor 33 years. MR. BYRON SHUPP Mr. Shupp, Tormer principal oT BaTh ElemenTary School and sevenTh grade social sTudies Teacher. used his inTeresT in sporTs To enliven his classes. By acTually parTicipaTing in sporTs wiTh his sTudenTs. he made a lasTing impression upon Those who were in his classes. page Tour These men decide Sealed: Dr. George A. Eichler, Superinlendent Sfanley Easierday, Roberf L. Jones, Eugene Milharn, President Howard Raubenhold, Is'r Vice-President Charles Newhard, Treasurer: John Dreisbach. Siandingz Russell Becker, Joseph George, Roberr Schaffer, Kennefh Haidle, 2nd Vice-Presidenfq George Newhard, Jerome Burlcepile, Jr., Solicilor: Arfhur Schaffer. The School Board members and rheir wives enioy an informal dinner. page six The School Board is responsible 'lor direcring our learning, esiab- lishing educalional policies, and improving our schools. They de- vore long hours ro rhe serious busi- ness of educaiion. Their consrani' improvemenr of our laciliiies en- able us ro enjoy rhe besl' advan- rages of a public educarion and prepare us for higher insrirurions of learning. Recenily Jrhe Board has been working on plans for our new high school. This capable group oi men srudies our problems. solves Them, and esiablishes a sys- rem of school adminisirafion ihai srrives for The besr in eclucaiion. They carry through NORMAN A. LAUB, B.S., M.A. Principal Mr. Laub. our principal, unravels The problems oT our complex cur- riculum. l-le draTTs The scholasTic and exTra curricular programs in order To provide a well balanced educaTion Tor us. DR. GEORGE A. EICHLER A.B., M.A., Ed.D. SuperinTendenT of Schools This amiable overseer oT our eolucaTional sysTem is Dr. Eichler, a man wiTh a deTiniTe adminisTra- Tive genius. To The complex Task oT co-ordi- naTing The curricula oT our ioinTure. he brings wiTh him 26 years oT suc- cessTul service and experience PBQB SSVSD Thoughts for today H guidance for tomorrow EDWIN A. BERG. A.B. Assisfanl' Principal "Monday, July Fourlh. On lhis day in l776..." Thus slaris anolher morninq's announcernenl as pre, senied by our assisiani principal, sage, and philosopher, Mr. Edwin Borg. lnlerrogalinq lale comers and choosing appropriaie selec- iions for 'rhe mornings musical in- 'rerludes are buf a few of Mr. Berg's varied daily responsiloililies. Can we ever forget "And now in closing, a 'fhoughi' for Jrhe day?" 'a iff? E X 1 -'25 ji 5 g i. 'QQ ,, V - gjj 5 Wir , .gui fm Q ALBERT M. LERCH B.S., M.Ed. Guidance Direclor Need advice? See Mr. Alberi lvl. Lerch, our Assisi- ani Adminislraior, Guidance Direclor, and friend. He is inleresled in your pasi rec- ord, your immediale needs, and your fuiure plans. Cap- able, experienced, "Doc" solves our problems and helps prepare us for success- ful careers. page eighl Cur business is their business Our incluslrious secrelaries lceep our school offices running smoolhly. Abilily, efficiency, and a sublle sense of humor enables our slall fo perform lheir faslqs. large or small, wilh compelence and ease. Mrs. Jean l-larlman shows Miss Janel Harharl lslandingl how lc 'rake care ol our complicafed finances, l Miss Berdell Marchalc llelfl and Miss Slella Wanlco add up our monfhly ailendance lig- ures. page nine Miss Phyliss Vander- qrill llelll and Miss Racheal Nicholas pre- pare anolher reporl' for fhe slale. y-'lin 54, ss fl 3 -in -c is , .l A: ..-V Q: . , E W My ' if Q lsr' ' l MK They cared enough to serve II's lime our as a few members of our capable facully garher ro hear and discuss Ihe Iaresl news. Our Iaculry now boasrs 57 mem- Ioers, each using his perricular skills Io help us belfer our educarion. Hals off ro fhis comperenr group of eclucalors as They relurn io rhe realm of leaching. ANDERSON BARR, B.S. Geography, Social Sludies RAYMOND S. BECKER, B.S., M.A. Junior and Senior Bands, Insirumenral Music, Boys' Chorus, Spring Concert Chrislmas Ves- pers, Commencemenf Music WILLIAM F. BENNETT, Ph.B. Malhemalics, Home and School Visilor CLAIRE E. CASTAW, A.B. Malhemalics page len very best BARBARA M. CLAUSER, B.S. English, Ampfennian, Forensics JEROME K. CLAUSER, B.S. Biology, English, Forensics VIVIAN M. COBLE, B.S. Marhemafics, Tri-I'Ii-Y ROBERT G. CRAWFORD, B.S., M.A. ' I-Iealfh, Social Sluclies, Driver Training BARBARA de SCHWEINITZ, B.S. Home Economics HOWARD W. DOTTER, B.S. Mafhemalics LBERT EPDOSY Ph B B S A x , . ., . . I-Iealfh, Physical Educalion, I-lead Foorball Coach, Clinic ALEK L. ERDOSY, B.S.. M.A. Wood Shops, Cralf Club, Siege Scenery ALVIN N. FEGELY, B.S. Malhemaiics, Priniing, School Prin+ing NELLE Y. FLUCK, B.S., B.S. Library lnsrruciion, P r o d u c ri 0 n Make-up, Library Club WILLIAM S. GARRETT, B.S. Meral Shop, Track Coach, Assisranr Foorball Coach ELIZABETH M. GEIGER, B.S., M.Ed. Shorrhand, Typing, Secrefarial Praciice, Amp- 'Iennian Business Adviser, Guidance Commiflee KERMIT GREGORY. A.B. German, English, Junior Speaking Conresl Y ',,v. V' ROBERTA F. HABERERN, B.A. English, Drama Club HARRIET HALLMAN, B.S. Shorfhand, Typing EVAN HANKEE, B.S. I-lead Teacher, Marhemaiics MARY BAILY HARNED Home Economics MAGDALENE R. HAUKE, B.S. Business Trainin Consumer Livin Boolclcee HL, ,,.,3, fa .li .v,,5,w,.W,1, A N ' QQ. 1 5, - ,Aga-uv . gl g, p' . ing, Ivlafhemarics, Senior Class Play Propenlies .... .A , , .. Q- ' V V5 I ' 1-:, page 'rwelve 57 leaders VIRGINIA HERMAN, B.S. HeaII'h KATHRYN W. HERRICK Arl ROBERT HILYARD, B.S. American I-Iisfory, Geography RALPH H UNSICKER, B.S. I-lisIory MELVIN G. KLEPPINGER, B.S. Arl', Arf Club, Amplennian Ari Adviser, Pro- ducfion Slage Seflings, Arr Exhibilion LEROY KRESSLY, A.B. Hislory LEON C. KUNTZ lnslrumenfal Music, Spring Concerl EDWARD LAHOVSKI, B.S.. M.A. English ALFRED LAUBACH, Pl1.B., M.A. Visual Eclucafion, Facully Afhlefic Manager, Senior Sludeni Council, Special Supplies MARION I. LAUBACH, A.B., M.A. English, Lalfin, French, Senior CIass Play, Com- mencernenI Pageanl Direclor, Tri-Hi-Y, Nafion- aI Honor Socie+y WILLIAM N. LAUBACH, Ph.B., M.A. Guidance, Junior Sfudenf Council, U.S. His- Iory, Guidance Commiflee MICHAEL LISETSKI, Ph.B. Problems of Democracy, BasebaIl Coach, Fish- ing CIub IVAN R. MECHTLY, B.S., M.Ed. Social Sfudies, Science MAY G. MECHTLY EngIish DAVID W. MILLER, B.S. Science, School Supplies ROBERT C. NEUBAUER, B.A., M.S. Social Sfuclies, Junior High Fishing CIuI'J GERALD NEWHARD, B.A. Science FLORA L. OBRECHT, B.A. English, Tri-I-Ii-Y OI' our '57 followers ERNEST A. PAPP, B.S., M.S. Chemislry, Physics, Senior Class Adviser, Amp- fennian Pholographer, Pholo Club HARRY G. REIFF, B.S. Malhemalics, Slage Lighling RICHARD H. REIMER, Pl1.B., A.B. Social Sludies, Assislanl Foolball Coach THELMA S. SANTEE, B.S. Vocal Music, Junior and Senior Girls' Choruses, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, Chrislrnas Vespers, Forensics, Spring Concerl, Commencemenl' IVAN P. SCHNECK, B.S. Bookkeeping, Office Machines PETER P. SCHNEIDER, Ph.B., M.A. Social Sludies, Varsily Baskelball Coach, As- sislanl Foolball Coach, lnlramurals LEE R. SIEGER, B.S. Geography, lniramurals, Junior Varsily Bas- lcefball Coach NELLE R. SLOYER, Ph.B. English ROBERT J. SNYDER, B.S., M.A. Biology, Physics, Usherelles S. WALTER SNYDER, B.S., M.A. Malhemafics, Science RALPH E. WAGNER, B.S., M.A. Guidance, Science, Assislanl' Wreslling Coach RAY F. WAHL, Ph.B., M.A. Safely Educalion, Driver Training HARRY B. WALL, Pl1.B., M.A. English, "N" Club, Weigh? Club, Concrefe Courier Adviser, Wreslling Coach HELEN M. WANISKO. B.S. Physical Educalion, Gym Demonslralion, Infra- murals, Cheerleaders, Girls' Gym Team LAURA l. WEED. Ph.B. English, Girls' Counselor HENRY WEIR, B.S. Malhemalics, Rifle Club, Sophomore Class Aciviser HARRY WITEMEYER, B.S. Hislory page 'lhirleen The candid camera catches E 2 1 Mr. Al Laubach sels up The pro- l'lere's our supply man, lvlr. David leclor for anolher film. Miller, in his slorehouse. Our laculfy members exchange news during lunch. page lourleen off guard shots Anollwer Amp1'ennian piclure is in Mr. Roberl l6ershwinl Snyder lakes flue making in Mr. Ernesl' Papp's clarlz- a few liol licks al llwe keys. room. The perennial guesiion -- A loig car or a fur coal? Miss Laura Weed and Charlie Slwimer clebalre. page filleen To "round out" our education Sealed: E. Lerch, fx. Smilh, A. Shelloclc. E. Gardner, S. Young, M. Billy, C. Tarnow. Sfandingz R. Farber, M. Kohler, H. Repperl, H. Ruch, M. Newharcl, K. Deiberl, M. Gerhef, M. Kohler. If has oflen been said Tha? man cannof live ,by bread alone. Neifher can siudenis exisi eniirely on "brain" food. Therefore, if was wiih lceen delighf Thai we anlicipaled every noon hour 'ro saiisfy our craving for "s+omach" food. and 'ro review 'rhe day's happenings wirh our classmafes af lunch. Mrs. Mary Zirinslcy, diefilian balances +he menu and her secrefary, Miss Phyllis Kocher, balances 'rhe books. .pf Mrs. Nevvhard, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Mes lunch al 'ihe Wolf Annex. page sixleen senlehner and Mrs. MacAdam prepare 6 The unsung heroes Mr. Alfred Lauer and Mr. Joseph BreiTTeller The sTage is seT by Mr. RoberT STuber and lvlr. Tix The peer venTs . . . again! Pearly Druckenmiller. Around The clock, ThroughouT The enTire year, The school buildings are under The consTanT mainTenance OT our cusTodial sTaTT. These amiable, hard-working people provide prompT and eTTicienT service which keeps The insTiTuTion operaTing on a smooTh and organized basis. We saluTe and Thank These per- sonnel Tor Their conTinued eTTorTs To keep This school a comTorTable and enjoyable place. LJUI UWII Uubl L,C1Ik,HUla, IVIID. I lclcll Taschler and Miss Emma Snyder, have a never-ending iob. To add To our comTorT, Mr. F. Laury and Mr. C. Mr. l-larry Rehrig repairs a Frack keep The Tiery furnaces Ted. broken door laTch. page sevenTeer1 Cough - say ah - listen ro. ,kt Dr. Mahlon Miller checks one of our "Cubs" while lvlrs. Dorolhy lfrdosy records lhe resulls. Our medical slall pracrised and believed lhal physical lieallh goes hand in hand wilh menlal heallh. Checking leelh, giving physicals, and adminislering hearing lesls was only a srnall parl ol lheir iob of caring 'lor us. They are 'lhe unspoken necessilies ol our school. Lell: Dr. George l-lrishko, Dr. Charles Morilz, Dr. Sidney Parrnel, and Dr. Charles Sieger. Miss Lillian Slelller breaks lhrough lvlilce's sound barrier wilh lhe audiorneler. page eighleen YES E Hwy CLASS SONG I ' 12 M ' 5 g,e::oihjy5chO11 Giga 'lla-nes Q.JjjijIiHj,l .Pjldji We hailed due quick-I pass-ing years 'With jfj- ous head and har fQ1:f1L1gFf4VCsmF'EFrw giiidihi if '3 ai HLQPPHPUM wg? Anal now our hearts have wouncf about For Jownthe pathwys of lhejears Our memories bright and clear Somecllay all turn Of evezy hall and palh we knew In memoy of the laapgj diiys Ana, 10vec1 while we were here. Wlh colors -Orange anal Black. :len Bawkmvihi +Do1-is Siuber We proudly present . . . Class Mello: The Fulure Belongs To Those Who Prepare For ll. Class Colors: Red and While Class Flower: Red Rose SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sealed: Joy Fox, secrelaryq Daniel Kochenash, presideni. Slandingz Richard Sanlo, Treasurer: Mr. Ernesl Papp, adviser: Roberl Reimer, vice-presidenl. May we presenl lhe officers heading our lenglhy column of seniors - Danny, Whiskey, Joy, and Spike. These leaders kepl us informed on all "lron+s" of NAJHS and enlhusiaslically campaigned during our necessary operalions - The Class Play. Washinglon Trip, and Dinner Dance. Their slraleg , perseverance, and leadership guided l7l upperclassmen lo achieve 'lheir goal, lheir high school diploma. The officers were ably assisled by Their chief-of-slafl. Mr. Ernesl Papp, The incomparable senior class advisor. page lwenly-one HELEN JANE BANKOWSKI 3l3 Easi 23rd Sireer I-lelen defies The saying. "BeauTy and brains don'T mix." Being presidenT ol SodaliTy, vice-presidenT ol NaTional Honor SocieTy. and singing in Girls' Ensemble are among I-lelen's accomplishmenTs. Our elemenTary Teacher will charm some lucky school children in The TuTure. Colle e Pre arafor . Girls' En- semible I, 2? 3, Mixed Ensemble I, 2, 33 Girls' Chorus I, 2,131 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Forensics 2, 3: Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 37 Ari ExhibiT I, 2, 3, AmpTen- nian 3. JANICE R. BECKER NorTharnpTon, R.D. I See Those dimples. You know They belong To Jan. l-lurrying from chorus To band keeps Jan on her Toes. She's an ardenT horseback rider arid shows leadership in choir and 4-H club. She slill Tinds Time To dream of an office in The Tu- Ture. Secrelarial. Chorus I, 2, 33 Band l, 2, 33 AmpTennian 3. STANLEY E. ANTHONY 22l6 Main STreeT "NewT" boasTs a big smile and a TalenT Tor Teasing The 'lair sex. Being a loyal woods- men and an explorer in The scouls helps STan prepare Tor a TuTu'e in ToresTry. College Preparaiory. Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, Track I, Gym Exhibifion Ig Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3. EVELYN CAROL BACHMAN Walnuloorf, R.D. I Gyer The bridge and Thru The "Lee" goes "Goody" and her guiTar. Besides being an auThoriTy on hillbilly songs, Evelyn is acTive in Tri-l'li-Y. NexT she will Trade school bells Tor wedding bells. Clerical and Sales. Tri'Hi-Y l, 2, 33 Ampfennian 3. Q G O- 0 Our hopeful T' JAMES H. ATTRILL, JR. BaTh, R.D. 2 Jim, one ol: The boys from The I-loagie Club. can be seen regularly aT The Blue LanTern. Fishing and hunTing are Tops wiTh him. Jim will be a Tine ad' diTiori To The Navy aTTer gradu- aTion. IndusTriaI Arls- Fishing Club I, 2, 3, Rifle Club I. NORMA L. BACHMAN NorThamplon, R.D. I Norma enioys boTh church and hillbilly music. A good book, Sunday School Teaching, and The Order of The Rainbows Tor Girls, keeps "ShorTy", our TuTure secreTary slrepping. lm- mediaTe plans include business college. Secrefarial. Tri-Hi-Y I, Z, 3, Amp- Tennian 3. G G 5- pa ge TwenTy-Two before us looms, WAYNE D. BARTHOLOMEW DanieIsv'Ile, R.D. 2 Wayne, who is heading Tor a career as a scienfific farmer, is kepT busy as 'l'opTer's ace liTeguard. Fishing and hunTing raTe high wiTh "Curly". Some college will welcome Wayne aTTer graduaTion. Indusirial Arls. Fishing Club Ig STudenT Council 2. OLIVIA B. BEERS Danielsville, R.D. I Blonde and bubbling is "Beersy." Miss Do-lTAAll's in- Te'esTs lie in Teaching Sunday School, aTTending church, and going on moonlighT hayrides. The TuTure will find Olivia as a busy secreTary or housewiie. SecreTariaI. Ampiennian 3, RAY A. BEIL Danielsville Wanl lhe lalesl lowdown on lhe Phillies? See Ray, our ex- perl on lhe maior leagues. l-le's ready lo lake his place in any discussion on his pel lopic - hunling. An aclive member ol lhe Pelersville Church lvlen's League, Ray will carry on aclivilies wilh a "Lealherneck" Degree. Induslrfal Arfs. DAVID K. B1LHE'MER 250 Easl Zlsl Slreel Hidden lalenls, comedy pre- lerred, keep "Blidge", our Eagle Seoul, pool shark, and lileguard on lhe go. Employed by lhe AXP, Dave divides his lime belween checking sales and allending drive-ins. Le- high's "brown and while" is in line lor our lulure engineer. College Preparatory. Arl Club Ig Pholo Club lg Track lg Amplen- nian 35 Gym Exhibilion I3 Chris?- mas Vespers 3. new tasks and dut now ROBERTA M. BLUM Danielsville, R.D. I Brighl, cheerlul, energelic - l h e s e adieclives describe "Berlie." This sporls lan enioys roller skaling. A secrelarial or homemaking career appeals lo her. Clerical and Sales. ELSIE V. BORBACS Walnulporl, R.D. 2 Looking lor Elsie? Our na- lure lover lakes lime oul from walking in lhe woods lo "lry" loods in lhe kilchen. Being a lailhlul Tri-Hi-Y member and honor roll sludenl prove her dependabilily. The lulure will ring oul wedding bells lor Elsiel Clerical and Sales. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 31 Amplennian 3. 3SSlIl11E. page lwenly-lhree MARYANN E. BENNINGER Danielsville Here comes our blonde gum chewer, lalking aboul lasl nighl. Maryann, a loyal choir member, is known lor saying "Whal lhe HARRY." Talk aboul Edgemonl Park and Maryann lakes her parl. Her abilily in leller wriling should increase her chances as suc- cess as a privale secrelary. Secrelarlal. Tri-I-li-Y l, 2, 3, Na- lional Honor Sociely 3, Amp- lennian 3. ROBERT A. BIRD Walnulporl, R.D. 2 As his name implies, "Birdy" loves lhe ouldoors. Give him a rille or a lishing pole, and lhe quiel lellow proves his abilily, The neighbor's will miss lheir prize larm hand when "Birdy" ioins lhe US. Mililary. Induslrlal Arls. Gym Exhibilion I. CHARLES B. BODNAR Norlhamplon, R.D. 2 "Anyone 'lor lhe movies?" is Charles' lavorile queslion. "Basil", our gridiron specialisl, is kepl busy wilh hunling and lrapping. Aller gradualion il will be lhe Air Force blue lor "Basil". Induslrial Arls. Foolball I, 2, 33 Clinic I, Z, 316-ym Exhibilion Ig N Club 3. LEONARD J. BREITFELLER Norlhamplon, R.D. I Gangwayl Here comes Len- ny, our speedy hallback, scor- ing anolher louchdown. This bonebender demonslrales his abilily on lhe mals loo. The Navy will make good use ol Lenny's Energy. Induslrial Arfs. Foollaall I, 2, 3: Wreslling I, 2, 33 Clinic I, 2, 33 Weighl Club I, 2, 35 Gym Exhi- bilion lg N Club 3. LESTER DERHAMMER Bafh, R.D. 2 Quief Les loves fo spend his spare 'lime hunfing and fishing. I-Ie's a champion rabbif raiser foo. Les builds his hopes for fhe fufure on a sign saying "Derharnmer and Son, Con- fracforsf' Indusfrial Arls. KATHLEEN J. ENGLER Bafh, R.D. 2 Kafhy, a loyal roofer af all sporf evenfs, is one of fhe Blue Lanfern's mosf faifhful pafrons. And when swimming season comes around, Kafhy is fhe firsf one in and fhe lasf one ouf. The fufure offers a choice -bookkeeper or airline hosf- ess. Clerical and Sales. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Gym Exhibifion Ig Girls' Cho- rus I. RUTH ANN BURIANIC Norfharnpfon, R.D. I Rufh's big brown eyes and ever ready grin will make any sick room brighfer. This eques- frian lends fun and laughfer fo Tri-I-Ii-Y, Courier, and fhe prinl shop. Vlfifh Rufhy as R.N., who'll mind being sick? Colleqe Preparatory. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Courier 2, 33 Vespers 2, 3, Science Fair Z1 Gym Exhibifion Ig Chrisfrnas Vespers 3. RUTH E. DECH 256 Penn Slreef, Bafh "Baby Rufh" is fhe Acrne's besf cusfomer. Nighfly walks fo f"e mailbox accounf for fhaf slim, frim figure. Square danc- ing, Youfh Fellowship, and church choir are Rufhie's favor- ife pasfimes. "Number please" is whaf she'll be saying in The fufufe. Clerical and Sales. Tri-I-Ii-Y I, Z, 31 Ampfennian 3. Q G O- ' , In music, scho page fwenfy-four DALLAS DANN ER Dan'eIsville Looking for "Tex"? Try Edgemonf Park, fhe second home of fhis shy lad. Our avid coin collecfor is also a virfuoso on fhe piano and accordion. His fufure is cuf ouf as a bar- ber. Induslrial Arls, Fishing Club I, Z3 Rifle Club I, 23 Art Exhibif Z. RICHARD DECKER I32O N. Van Buren Sl., Allenfown Dreaming abouf flying is Dick's favorife pasfime. Work- ing af Dairyland, repairing his hof-rod car, and riding his moforcycle fakes up his free fime. Dick will be a fine addi- fion fo fhe U.S. Air Force. Indusfrial Arfs. Rifle Club I, 2. , sports, and art, DALE D. EDELMAN Bafh, R.D. 2 Who's fhaf coming across fhe field? You're righf if's keen-eyed Dale, "Cross Roads" number one aufhorify on wild- life. Working on fhe farm and going fo square dances ac- counf for his affer school hours. Dale will fly wifh fhe Air Force affer graduafion. Indusfrial Arfs. DIANA M. FALMAN I47 Main Slreel' Oh! how she hafes fo gef up in fhe morning, buf menfion The word polka and wafch her eyes lighf up. Diana will never refuse french fries, peanuf sun- daes, or dances. The clicking of fypewrifer keys is nexl' on fhe agenda for fhis wizard from behind Whelan's soda founfain. Se'refariaI. Tri-I-liAY 33 Ar? Club Ig Nafional Honor Soclely 31 Ampfennian 3. SHIRLEY B. FATZ NGER Walnulporl, R.D, 2 A cheery smile and a brighl hello inlroduce you lo our slencil-happy lriend. Baby sil- ling and allending Tri-I-li-Y meelings occupy lhis girl's lirne, A secrelarial iob comes riexl. Clerical end Sales. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Arl Club lg Amplennian 3. BURTON J. FEIDLER I502 Main Slreel Vifell-buill, sharp dresser, rugged alhlele, - lhal's Burl, our praclical ioker. From chiel baskel-boy al lhe swimming pool, he converls his lalenls inlo playing guard on lhe "Konkrele Kid" lineup. Nexl on lhe agenda is lhe Air Force blue. College Prepa alory Foolkall I, 2, 31 Foolball CI nic 2, 33 Wresl- ling 3. all of our cl O- a eg took a part. ' f, 0 O BEATRICE C. FOCHT 2325 Washinglon Avenue A hearly giggle announces Bealy's arrival. Our gum chew- ing experl is lops in roller skaling, swimming, and looking lor handouls al lunch lime. Working al Lerner's keeps our lulure secrelary slepping. Secrelarial. Pholography Club I, 25 Gym Exhibilion Ig Amplen- nian 3. JOY FOX Balh, R.D, I Anolher one ol lhe senior leam is red-haired Joy, pilch- er lor lhe Balhelles. She is seen al all alhlelic evenls, cheering lhe black and orange onward. "Bulchie" holds lhe lille ol secrelary lor our iunior and senior class. Slie'll probe lhe unknown as an X-ray lech- nicien. College Prevaralory. 6'rls' Cho- rus I, 2, Miyed Chorus I, 23 Con- crele Courier I, 2, 31 Temple Press Tourriamenl 2, 3: Science Fair 25 Gym Team 3, Cheerlead- er I, 2, 3, Class Secrelary 2, 3, Senior Class Play, Amplennian 3. ROBERT R. FIELDS II9 N. Cheslnul Sl., Balh Where lhere's lun, lhere's Bobby. Going lo Nazarelh, old lashion square dancing, and chasing girls are his hobbies. Parlicipaling in Sludenl Coun- cil may lead lo a brillianl ca- reer lor our lulure execulive. Cleknicfal and Sales. Sludenl Coun- c RICHARD R. FREDERICK Norlhamplon, R.D. I ll's service wilh a smile when "Richie" is behind lhe counler ol lhe Beersville General Slore. Sporls-minded Rich loyally backs the Phillies and plays a good game ol minialure goll. Is il college or Navy nexl? Cleri'al and Sales. Pholo Club I, 2, 31 Sludenl Council 3. page lwenly-live ROBERT A. FEHN EL Danielsville Serious? Nol "Bob." This happy-go-lucky blonde bomber wears a grin on bolh lhe dia- mond and lhe mal. The mighly mile's hobbies include horse- back riding and hunling. The Air Force will lind Bob deserv- ing ol his wings. Clerical and Sales. Rifle Club lg Gym Exhibilpn Ig "N" Club I, 2, 33 Wresllinq I, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, Weighl Club I, 2, 3. JOAN FEIDLER I502 Main Slreel Where's lhal friendly, ever- ready. happy-go-lucky miss again? Baby-silling and pholo- graphy occupy mosl ol Joan's spare lime, She hopes lo be- come a governess. Clerical and Sales. Pholo I, 21 Council l. PRISCILLA J. GILBERT Bath5 R.D. 2 Out of our "57 Variety" we introduce to you a newcomer from the "Blue and White." l-ler pleasant smile and crisp voice go far in Youth Fellow- ship and choir. The ending re- veals Priscilla, having reached her goal. a "Private Secretary." Secretarial. Art Club 25 Tri-I-li-Y 35 Amptennian 3. JOHN J. GRABARITS 942 Dewey Avenue There-'s "Grabs" grabbing the pigskin again. Our high jumper on the track team came dawn to earth to prove his ability as a gridiron end and an ardent angler. This future mechanical engineer utilizes his talents now by keeping the Hungarian I-lall bowling alleys in shape. College Preparatory. Football I, 2, 35 Football Clinic 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Gyrn Exhibition I5 N Club 2, 3. EDWARD L. FRISCH 2236 Main Street "Anything else?" Ed's prac- ticing his salesmanship by clerking in a grocery store. Off hours are spent eating at Chips or working on Fords. Ed's hoping for a iob at lvlacks next year. Clerical and Sales. PRISCILLA L. GARDNER Cherryville Gossip, giggles, and gum... fhat's Pris. A Studebaker whizz- ing by means Pris is bound for the Coplay Skating Rink. Our Newberry's clerk and Courier reporter will liven some bosses office in the future. Secretarial. Concrete Courier 2, 3. O- G O- pa ge twenty Dances, paft ALICE GALLEGOS Bath, R.D. I Quiet, witty Alice uses her spare time corresponding with her pen pals and designing her own wardrobe. The future is indefinite as she debates be- tween a career as secretary or housewife. Clerical and Sales. Concrete Cou- rier I, 2. ANN T. GASPER 227 Broad Street, Bath Ann, our bashful blonde with the flashing blue eyes, devotes her efforts to tennis. Sodality, choir rehearsals, and movies keep Ann occupied. There's a bright future ahead for our grade "A" secretary. Se:retariaI. Photo Club I5 Tri-I-lie Y 35 National Honor Society 35 Amptennian 3. G G O- -six and romances, RONALD L. GOUGHER l435 Washington Avenue Ron is our scientific sports- man. From hunting and fishing to wrestling and track, Ron's an expert in them all. And when Science Fair comes around, he's there too, taking the awards. Muhlenberg will help him attain that career in biol- ogy. College Preparatory. F'shing Club I, 25 Wrestling I, 2, 35 Track I, 2, 35 Science Fair I, 25 National Honor Society 2, 35 Concrete Courier 35 N Club 3. PHYLLIS J. GREEN Walnutport "Have any food for me?" identifies Phil, the brown-eyed beauty. She can be found working at the Green Lantern or writing letters to the Air Force. Wedding bells will ring for "Phil" in the near future. Secretarial- Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. JUDITH C. GREENE 5l8 Easl Elh Slreel l-lere's Miss Fashion. New- hard's Drug Slore, alhlelic evenls, and dancing al Arlhur Murray keep lhis maiorelle busy. Judi will be checking gym suils and sneakers al E.S.S.T.C. College Preparalory. Maiorelle I, 23 Gym Eyhibilion I, Chorus I, 2, 3, Tri-I-li-Y lg Pholo Club lg Gym Team I, 33 Senior Class Play. HERBERT GUSS 2l8O Vllashinglon Avenue Zoom! There goes "Gloomy" on his red molor scooler. Sporlsminded l-lerb is an ar- denl cenler on bolh lhe grid- iron and hardwood. This lanky six looler will lloal his way inlo lhe lulure wilh lhe Uniled Slales Navy. College Preparalory. Foolball I, 2, 33 Bazkelball l, 2, 31 Foolball Clinic I, 2, 35 Fish'ng Club I, N Club 33 Track 2, 3 Arl Club lg Gym Exhibilion I: Chr slmas Vesa per 3. we remember wflliackwa rd DAVID H. HARTZELL Sll Easl Main Slreel, Balh Horseback riding! Hunlingl Fishing! This busy round ol ac- livilies keeps our sporlsman hopping. No maller how busy Dave is, he can always lind lime lo crack iokes. Our loss will be lhe Armed Force's gain. Clerical and Sales. Rifle Club If Gym Exhibilion I. PAUL E. HEINY Walnulporl, R.D. 2 Looking lor Paul? Look al Eurl's Diner. "Hans," our quiel, skilllul larmhand, spends his spare lime cycling and leasing lhe girls. Agricullure will be Paul's occupalion. College Preparalory. Gym Exhibi- lion I. 2-3'9" SDSL ' 222: a 1, . gee? .. ... ,af as O- glances 7 O O 6 O page lwenly-seven EDWARD GUNTHER Penn Slreel, Balh l-lere's lhe Doger's mosl en- lhusiaslic lan. ln addilion lo baseball Ed's sporls inleresls include hunling and lishing. I-lis hi-li records also provide many enioyable leisure hours. Big business is nexl on lhe agenda. Cler'cal and Sales. RONALD J. HAINES IAS? Newporl Avenue Menlion boals or guns and walch "Vel's" eyes brighlen. Praclice on lhe parallel bars keep Mr. Wresller in lop con- dilion. Our gym leam's loss will be lhe Frogmen's gain. College Preparalory. Gym Team l, 2, 31 Wreslling I, 2, 3. ROBERT R. HAYDT Walnulporl, R.D. 2 A squeal ol lires and "Be- bop's" oll lo anolher drag race. Fixing and cuslomizing cars is Bob's lavorile paslime. His lilelime dream ol sunny Florida will become a realily when he leaves lor lhal special iob wailing lor him aller grad- ualion. lnduslrial Arls. Fishing Club 3. JEAN B. HENNING l22 Washinglon Slreel, Balh Sparkling hazel eyes, and a sweel smile, belong lo Jeannie wilh lhe lighl brown hair. She enioys Youlh Fellowship, choir rehearsals, and baby silling. ln lhe lulure Jeannie will make a line bookkeeper lor "Mr, Boss." Clerical and Sales. Amplennian 3. CHARLES HOFFMAN 610 Main STreeT "I-loTTy's" hisTory runs in Threes. This Three-leTTer man excels in TooTball, baseball, and baskeiball. On Three diTTerenT occasions he held The TiTle "lvlr. PresidenT," - as class Pre-xy in our sophomore and iuriior years and now presidenT OT The N Club. ProTessional sporTs will welcome Charles. College Preparaiory. N Club I, 2, 31 FocTbaIl Clinic I, 2, 33 Baseball I, Z, 3, FooTbalI I, Z, 31 BaskeTball I, 2, 31 Gym Ex- hibition I, Class PresidenT I, 23 FooTball Co-CapTain 2, 3, Bas- keTbaII Co-CapTain 3. HARVEY J. HUTH Danielsville, R.D. I When iT's Time Tor work "BaIbo" is There, helping ouT in The band and his church ac- TiviTies. Look high and you'll see our mounirain climber sTalking game on some loTTy peak. ATTer graduaTion Harvey will make The big change Trom model airplanes To Air Force ieTs. Clerical and Sales. Band I, 2, 3. DOROTHY A. HENNINGER Bafh, R.D. 2 A quieT smile. a soTT voice, and lovely wavy hair inTroduce DoTTie. Sprucing up The church and paTronizing The Blue Lan- Tern keep DOT on her Toes. l'lere's To our TuTure lady in whiTe. College Preparatory. Girls' Cho- rus l, 2, 3, PhoTo Club I, 2g Gym Team 3. DIANE HIRSCHMAN 476 EasT IITh STreeT WiTh her weekly checks Trom Kroope's CoTTon Shop. Diane fills herselT aT l-lillTop and Then hurries across The sTreeT To The skaTing rink. l-ler dream oT The TuTure - To be a WesTern ElecTric co-worker. Clerical and Sales. Tri-I-li-Y l, 2, 33 Ampfennian 3. 5 0 0- ' 0 0 Q- 0 ROBERT HERZOG Danielsville, R.D. I A devilish, daring gridiron hallback is Bob. Working aT The Penn l:ruiT, caTching Tor The Danielsville nine, and Tak- ing Trips To SlaTingTon Take up "Smokey's" Time. The monTh of "Jan" is preTerable Tor our Tufure Marine. lndusTrial Arh. Track Ig Gym Ex- hibiT'r-n I3 FooTbaIl I, 2, 33 Fish- ing CI-eb I, Z, 3, Clinic I, 2, 3, N Club 3. WARREN R. HOCKMAN I5l6 Wash'ngTon Avenue Vtfheiher making The honor roll in school or sundaes aT The MXN. This Dodger Tan, phoTo bug, sI'amp collecfor. and liTe scouT has all The info needed. Business college is ahead Tor Warren. Clerical and Sales. PhoTo Club I, Z, 3: ArT Club 3. G O O- What joy a we lend used to be, page TwenTy-eighT WALTER HUCALUK I672 Railroad STreeT I-locky and Those Two spiT curls are inseparab'e. Our bas- keTball sTar and cinder man Tinds Kosc's Trading PosT The source of his Tamous iokes. VValT will be riding high in The Air Force. C o I I e g e Preparafory. Foofball Manager Ig N Club 2, 3, Track 2, 3, BaskeTbaII I, 2, 3. BARBARA ANN HUTNICK WalnuTporT, R.D. 2 Looking Tor Barb? Our llTh grade spelling champ can usu- ally be Tound working in The library. This neaT and easy- going girl Trom Brooklyn, is a whiz in shorThand and book- keeping. We know she will be an assef in some business as a secreTary. Secrefarial. STudenT Council 23 NaTionaI Honor SocieTy 35 Amp- Tennian 3, Library AssisTanT I, 2, 35 Chrislmas Vespers 3. ROBERT D. JOHNSON Cherryville Roberf is a man of many moods. His hobbies range from hunfing and fishing fo 'lropical fish and choral music. Look ouf Fred Asfaire, here comes a new rivall College Preparafory. Boys Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3. JOSEPH J. KANAS Walnufporf, R.D. I A whiz af The easel and a masfer in mechanics is Joe. Frequenf Irips fo Slafingfon in his well-pampered car enable Joe fo keep fabs on fhe Iafesf movies. Having radio or TV frouble. Call Joe - fufure re- pairman. Indusfrial Arls. movies, picnics, I.A.C DIANNE D. KEMMERER Cherryville Our fun-loving classmafe wifh a soff voice and friendly smile is an acfive Tri-Hi-Y member. You can offen find her adding new ifems fo her sal'l and pepper collecfion. Dianne looks forward 'lo a life as a busy secrefary. Clerical and Sales. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3. LARRY J. KERN II9 Wesf 27fh Sfreef Pins, poles, sficks, and shells - "Kerney's" assorfmenf of sporfing equipmenf. Bofh fhe pool ball and fhe bowling ball rack up scores for Larry. Rabbifs, fish, and nurses are his prize cafches. "Kerney" hopes fo "sfrike" success in business school. Clerical and Sales. Rifle Club Ig Sfudenf Council 23 Wrestling I, 3. Q 6 O DAVID L. KERN Walnuf Sfreef, Bafh Medio, a nalural Liberace, is a iovial fellow who is always handy wifh a ioke. David furns serious when doing church work or singing Ioass in chorus. College is nexf on fhe agenda for Dave. College Preparafory. Chorus I, 2, 3. PATRICIA A. KIRCHESNER Walnufporf, R.D. 2 Paf, our Legion Award Win- ner, is always welcome wifh her warm and friendly personalify. Nafional Honor Sociefy, band, eighf penpals, and 4-H infer- es'ls keep fhis energefic gal on fhe go. Paf's fhoughffulness and sincerify will be wonderful assefs 'lo her feaching career. College Preparalory. Band l, 2, 3, Courier 2, 31 N Club 2, 3, Na- fional Honor Sociefy 2, 3, Sci- ence Fair I, 23 Arl' Exhibif I, 23 Gyrn Exhibifion lg Chrisfmas Vespers. page fwenfy-nine CLAIRE E. JONES 274 Easf Main Sfreef, Bafh Music, Music, Musicl Whefher accompanying 'l'he ensemble, playing af Sunday school, or enfering Forensics, nimble-fingered Claire finds her nofe behind a Sfeinway. This gaI's an ardenf Dodger fan, a lover of cafs, and a loyal Girl Scouf. If's a music degree for fhis lass. College Preparalory. Girls' Cho- rus I, Z, 33 Mived Chorus I, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3, Na- fional Honor Sociefy 3, Forensics I, 2, 33 Accompanisl l, 2, 31 Ampiennian 3, N Club 3. R. THOMAS KELLER Main Sfreef, Bafh "Safch" is a "bimuscular" mari. His vocal muscles are sfrengfhened by "bari'Ioning" in school and disfricf chorus. His body muscles are kepl' in shape by wresfling and exer- cising on fhe parallel bars. Tom's black and orange band uniform will be fraded for one of Lehigh's brown and whife. College Preparalory. Band I, 2, 31 Boys' Chorus I, Z, 33 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble l, 2, 33 Wfesfling I, 2, 37 Science Fa'r 2, Disfricf Chorus 2, 33 Na- tional Honor Sociefy 3, Foren- sics I, 2, 3. DANIEL M. KOCHENASH 20I Wesf Main Sfreel, Bafh Mr. Presidenf. This gridiron guard is fhe capable leader of bofh our senior class and fhe Nafional Honor Sociefy. The Lehigh River is Danny's favor- ife spof for wafer skiing and mofor boafing. I'Ie'II soon be fackling fhose engineering problems af Lehigh. College Preparafory. Wresfling I, Foo+baIl I, 2, 3, Clinic I, 2, 3, Science Fair 2, Nafional Honor Sociefy 2, 3, Class Presidenf 3, N Club 3, Amplennian 3, Gym Exhibilion I, Weighl' Club I: Chrisfmas Vespers 3. CAROL ANN KOHLER IB54 Washinglon Avenue Our iunior class freasurer sfrikes a preffy chord no mal- 'Ier whal she does. This afhlefic fan includes G-irl Scoufs, church aclivilies, and ensemble in her exfra curricular program. The bells af Weslminsfer will ring a welcome for Carol. College Preparalory. Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3, N Club 3, Ampfennian 3, Gym Exhibifion I, Class Treasurer 2, Band I, 2, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3 CLAYTON KLEPPINGER 2386 Washingfon Avenue Equally af home afield or in fhe shops is Clayfon. Anyfhing wrong wifh your car? Klep can repair if. I-Iunfing, hiking, and weighf-Iifling will keep Ihe mighfy-mife busy unfil he lands fhaf permanenf mechan- ics iob. Indusfrial Arls. TYRONE R. KNELLER Bafh, R.D. I Make way for "Crazy-legs", fhe foofball flash. Besides be- ing a sfellar afhlefe, Ty is an aufhorify on woodwork and building. Will fhe sea and ships replace fhose hammers and saws? lndusfrial Arfs. Baskefball I, Gym Exhibifion I, Foolball I, 2, 3, Clinic I, 2, 3. Q Q Q 7 'v Mad Q 0 PEGGY ANN KLINE Walnufporf, R.D. I Being an acfive Tri-I-Ii-Y member doesn'I sfop Peggy from singing in fhe choir or skafing af Eclgemonf. The vel- vefy voice fhal carried This blue-eyed charmer fhrough 'Ihe Speaking Confesl will nurse many of her fufure pafienfs fo a speedy recovery. College Preparafory. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Gym Exhibifion I, Junior Speaking Confesf 2, Chrisfmas Vespcrs 3, Amplennian 3. RONALD KOCH 235I Main Sfreef "Bufch" is Mr. Lisefski's righl hand man on The dia- mond. Fishing and carrying bags af fhe AXP keep him in form, Ron will miss fhose sfrolls down Washingfon Ave. when he enfers a Sfafe Teachers' College. College Preparafory. Fishing Club I, 2, 3, Baseball Manager I, 3, Amplennian 3, Gym Exhibi- Iion I, Foolball I. 6 O O- 7 dashes to buse ' ere fun to view Q page fhirfy NANCY E. KOEHLER 52I Easf 2nd Sfreef I-Iigh-sfepping, honey-haired "Nance" sef fhe pace for fhe corps of maioreffes. When she's noi' slapping, she's spin- ning - recorcls, fhal is - af Lerner's. Whaf'II be, Nance, housewife or social worker? CIer'caI and Sales. Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, Gym Team 2, 3, Gym Exhibifion I, 3, Tri-I-li-Y I, Ampfennian 3, Band lMaiorelIel I, 2, 3, Red Cross Rep, 2, 3. JAMES W. KOHLER 2437 Cherryville Road Jim displays leadership as he fulfills fhe dufies of Lufher League and vice presidenf of Sfudenf Council. Models, mafh, and girls keep "Fudd" confenf- ed in his spare lime. Teaching shops or mafh af NAJI-IS will suif Jim fine. College Preparafory. Boys' Chorus I, 2, Sfuclenf Council 2, 3, Amp- fennian 3, Gym Exhibifion I, Chrisfrnas Vespers 3, Band I, Iigllixed Ensemble I, Senior Class lay. JEANETTE E. KOHLER Balh, R.D. 2 Jeanelle, our brain in book- keeping, is a lypical redhead wilh lreckles. Besides her work in choir and sodalily, she en- ioys dancing and drawing. The swilch lo an ollice desk suils "Nellie" line. Secreiarial. Arl Club I, 2, Amp- lennian 3. MARGARET M. KOZERO I63I Main Slreel Modern arl, Beelhoven's mu- sic, amaleur psychology, mur- der mysleries, and a keen dis- like lor malhemalics combine lo give us Margie. This cap- able girl reveals her lacl and poise in everylhing she does. Ivy covered halls will welcome lvlargie. College Preparalory. Arl Club I, 2, 35 Science Fair I, 2, Arl Ex- hibil lg Nalional Honor Sociely 33 Ampfennian 3. Q Q we eagerly wai tgssee "Who's Who." v' ,O Q .1 MA QM. KRAYNICK I37 Wes? l7lh Slreel A llair lor lashion and a gill ol gab belong lo our spiriled head maiorelle. I-lowever, Mar- cia has a serious side loo. As our school Red Cross repre- senlalive she proved her lead- ership abilily. Il's a leaching degree lrom Indiana S. T. C. nexl. College Preparalory. Maiorelle I, 2, 31 Concrele Courier I, 2, 33 Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3 lOfficers Train- ing Zlg Red Cross 2, 33 Chrisl- mas Vespers 2, 33 Gym Exhibi- lion lg Gym Team 2, 3, N Club 3, Amplennian 3. RONALD A. KUCHARCZUK 7l I Lincoln Avenue A ball sails lhrough lhe air. Il's received and once more we lincl Chubby crossing lhe goal line. Fun-loving Ron is never a side-liner where lhere's mischiel-making. I-le'Il swap lhose cuslom-buill cars lor Uncle Sam's planes in lhe lu- lure. lnduslrial Arls. Fishing Club lj Baseball l, 2, 35 Foolball I, 2, 33 Gym Exhibilion lg Baskelball lj Foolball Clinic I, 2, 3, N Club I, 2, 3. LOUIS C. KREMUS l232 Newport Avenue "Swishl" Walch oull There goes "Lou" zooming inlo class iusl in lime. A popular lellow wilh a good sense ol humor, Louie has made a lop nolch homeroom secrelary. Fulure dream? A high llying Air Force career. Induslrial Arls. Rifle Club lg Fish- ing Club lg Amplennian 3. SHIRLEY ANN KULP I7 Vxlesl lOlh Slreel Quiel - only lill you gel lo know her, Young People's Meelings, sporls, and Ieller wriling keeps "KuIpie" occu- pied. Shirley can always be lound al dances - square or modern. I-Ier dream is lo be a lulure housewile. Clerical and Sales. Pholo Club Ig Ar? Club I, Amplennian 3. page lhirly-one MARYAN N E KOWALYSHYN 2005 Siegfried Avenue Big brown eyes, a launling smile, and a love lor excile- merzl inlroduce "Mary." Be- longing lo our vocal ensem- bles, lhe local music club, or parlicipaling in school aclivi- lies keep her busy. ll's a loss- up belween nursing or leach- ing in lhe lulure. College Preparalory. Girls' Cho- rus I,2 33 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Cvirls' Ensemble I, 2, 35 Mixed Ensemble 25 Amplennian 33 For- ensics 2, 3, N Club 35 Gym Ex- hibilion Ig Senior Class Play. RONALD V, KOZERO 436 Easl I2lh Slreel "Have lun while you can" is Ronnie's own privale mollo and he manages lo live by il lhoroughly. Collecling sporl- shirls and driving around in a big yellow car lake up much ol his lime. This lun-loving ioksler, however, lels absolulely nolh- ing gel in lhe way ol his hobby which is hunling. The lulure lor Ronnie remains slill unsolved. College Preparalory. ANTHONY LUBENESKY I809 Lincoln Avenue Looking Through a cloud, iT's a sure bel' ThaT you'll see "Lu- by", eiTher chasing airplanes or a long Tlyball. Tony Tunes up his acTiviTies wiTh a hoT sax. Toss a coin, Ski! Will iT be Tor- esiry aT Penn STaTe or The Air Force? College PreparaTory. Fishing Club i, 2, 3, Band i, 2, 3. RONALD LUTTE I7I7 WashingTon Avenue Whiz! There goes Chiz on his Cushman. Our shoT puTTer, dis- cus Thrower. and gridiron guard is a Tour sTar paTron OT The STeak House. Flipping newspapers and bowling will be leTT behind when Ron dons The Navy's blue. College Preparafory. FooTbaIl I, 2, 31 Track I, 2, 31 FooTball Clinic I, 2, 31 N Club 2, 3. PERRY KUTZLER 732 WashingTon Avenue NorThampTon l'Iigh's answer To The compTomeTer is "KuTz". Add, subTracT, mulTiply, or di- vide - l1e's goT The answer. ATl'er school his nickel puTs Dave's pin ball machine inTo acTion. The TuTure may see an- oTher Admiral Perry when "KuTz" ioins The Navy. lndusTriaI ArTs. AmpTennian 3. BRUCE A. LAUB 2130 Lincoln Avenue Need any inTormaTion on ships or guns? Ask "WyaTT", our walking naval dicTionary. This sTaunch Republican Takes Time ouT Trom campaigning To be The righT hand oT The "LiT- Tle GianT." Lehigh will have TirsT claim on our admiral. College PreparaTory. Boys' Cho- rus I1 ChrisTmas Vespers 31 Sci- ence Fair 31 Track 31 Gym Exhi- biTion I1 Senior Class Play. G O O' Ihe' Senior ISABELLE LAPP BeThlehem, R.D. 2 Big, brown eyes, and a Tall, Trim appearance describe our color guard commander. Friendly lssy haunTs "The SpoT", dashes ,To AllenTown, and gives Those ever-popular parTies. lssy will keep The Tele- phone lines a-buzzin in The Tu- Ture. College PreparaTory. Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, 31 Mixed Chorus I, 21 Chfsimas Vespers 31 Color Guard fcapT.l I, 2, 31 Gym Ex- hibiTion I1 Science Fair 2. LEO L. LIVENGOOD WaInuTporT, R.D, 2 A roar oT The muTTler, a squeal oT The Tires, and iT's "ShorTy" oTT To PalmerTon in his red and whiTe speedsTer. ATTer graduaTion comes The choice - mechanics or con- TracTing? Whichever iT is, suc- cess will Tollow. You can "BeT" on iT. lndusfrial ArTs. Riile Club I1 Fish- ing Club l, 2, 31 Ampfennian 3. Class Play. pa ge ThirTy-Two I never forget, JOSEPH LUCIANO 254 WesT 25Th STreeT STage lighTsI House lighTsl Our smiling sTagehand is lighT- ing up our producTions. "Roc- ko", The Trailblazer, can always give you The run down in spor+s, especially iT iT concerns NoTre Dame. Which will iT be, The Air Force or an lvl.D.? College PreparaTory. FooTbaII I1 STage Crew I, 2, 31 Track I1 AmpTennian 3. ALFRED S. MARAKOVITS l369 NewporT Avenue From The Lehigh woods comes The call oT Aliy. CollecT- ing knives is This sporTsman's hobby. Those days of hunTing and Tishing and The nighTs OT wedding recepTion and parTies will soon be Traded Tor duTy in Uncle Sam's Navy. Indusfrial Arts. Gym ExhibiTion I. BARBARA MARSH I8 Easl lBlh Slreel A swish ol blond hair, a ready smile, and a ridiculous laugh lell you lhal Babs is in your midsl. Allending Young PeopIe's meelings, leaching Sunday School, and working al Newberry's keep her spare rnomenls occupied. A financial ollice career looms ahead lor Barbara. Clerical and Sales. Girls' Chorus I, 2, 33 Ensemble Ig Mixed Cho- rus I, 2, 3, Amplennian 3. JOAN MAZU R I375 Ne ,aporl Avenue Joannie's many lalenls find oullels in Nalional Honor Soci- ely, lhe Courier Slall, and sales girl al Coleman's. Spare lime spenl Ieller wriling will pay oil in lhe lulure when Joannie will be busy laking Iel- lers lrom some lucky employer. Sesrelafal. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Cou- rier I, 2, 3, Amplennian 35 Na- tional Honor Sociely 33 Arl Club I wonder who was irilaat dingy closet. O MARLEN E E. MERTZ 924 Washinglon Avenue Vlfhelher il's sewing her own clolhes, playing lhe piano, or allending meelings al lhe Jun- ior Auxiliary Legion, Marlene finds her work enioyable. A secrelarial posilion would suil lhis quiel and conservalive girl. Secrelarial. Tri-Hi-Y 3, Amplen- nian 3. ANTHONY G. MESSENLEHNER I637 Main Slreel "Did you hear lhis one?" Tony's always ready wilh a new slory. This music-minded mis- chiel-maker shows his serious side as an Eagle Scoul and a lileguard. We prescribe a de- gree in pharmacy lor Tony, College Preparalory. Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 31 Dislricl Chorus I, 37 Amplennian 3: Forensics I, 2, 31 Band I, 2, 31 Mixed Ensemble I, 2. JOANNE C. MESICS Walnulporl, R.D. I "The Blonde Bombshell" is singing again in homeroom, girls' chorus, and on lhe church choir. Praclicing linger exer- cises on her accordian and col- Iecling records are her lavor- ile paslimes. Joanne will make a line lypisl in any man's ol- lice. Sesrelarial. Girls' Chorus I, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Amplen- nfan 3. SHIRLEY ANN MEYER Walnulporl, R.D. I "Your order please?" Edge- monl Park's capable wailress is on lhe iob. Our prelzel ealer puls some lun in her life by skaling al I.aRose's, being ac- live in Tri-I-Ii-Y, and keeping on lhe honor roll. Shirley will be some business coIIege's gain. Secrelarial. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Amp- 'fennian 3. page lhirly-lhree 0- v 0- ' 0 Q o. 0 FRANK J. MARTH 526 Easl I2lh Slreel A llashy hallback on lhe gridiron and a speedy miler on lhe cinders describes "Moe", our iunior class vice-presidenl. I'lis second homes, lhe Spol and Edgemonl Park, lake up mosl of "Romeo's" lime. The flying wings ol lhe Air Force come nexl for Frank. Induslr'aI Arls. Gym Exhibilion lj Chrislrnas Vespers 2, Class Vice- Presidenl 2, Clinic I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 31 N Club I, 2, 33 Foolball I, 2, 3. DELORES M, MELTSCH 503 Easl 9lh Slreel Vivacily lurks behind lhal serious exlerior. "Eee-yo!" and "IvleIl'schy" go logelher like pie and ice-cream. Our loyal band member loves lo pro- mole sales lor Newberry's. De- lores looks lo lhe lulure as a medical secrelary. Secrelarial. Band I, 2, 31 Amp- lennian 3. PATRICIA A. MILLER I5 WesT l9Th STreeT Blonde and blue-eyed is This "bookkeeping brain," ATTer working as a denTisT's assisTanT, PaT wriTes leTTers To The Air Force. This soTT-spoken miss will make a Tine "number please" girl someday. Clerical and Sales- Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 AmpTennian 3. WILLIAM J. MOONEY 227 WesT Main STreeT, BaTh IT There's an argumenT abouT The Yankees Bill is sure To be There deTending Them. His in- TeresT in church acTiviTies is shown by his loyal supporT oT The LuTher League and The darT baseball Team. Muhlen- berg will be The TirsT sTep in helping Bill acquire The TiTle oT "Reverend" Clerical and Sales. Mixed Chorus I, Z, 33 PhoTo Club l, 23 Boys' Chorus I, 2 33 Mixed Ensemble 23 Amplennian 3. BARBARA A. MICHAEL BaTh, R.D. 2 Who iusT wenT sailing pasT? ThaT's "Babs". always on The go. This TransTer sTudenT Trom NazareTh is a greaT square dancer and roller skaTer. She is never laTe Tor Sunday school or 4-H club because her "hoT- rod" is always ready To move. We know Barbara will like The oTTice. SecreTarial. Tri-Hi-Y 3. ALICE RUTH MILLER BI3 Lincoln Avenue See a bob OT black curls and hear vivacious laugh? . . . ThaT's Alice as she rushes Trom Tri-Hi-Y To The Gym Team and Then To Miller's where she sells and desgins shoes. She's soon To enTer The world oT book- keeping. Secrefarial. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 33 Gym Team Z, 33 ArT Club I3 Gym Ex- hibiTion I3 Band I3 Ampfennian 33 NaTionaI Honor SocieTy 3. HENRY MILANDER I54l WashingTon Avenue Make Way! Here comes "Ape" in The hoT '39' Dodge. Our iesTer and smooTh dancer is a hard-working man. Home is only Tor eaTing and sleeping when Henry is on The move. LaTe hours, waTer skiing, hunT- ing, and Tishing suiT This busy man Tine. Muhlenberg will pro- TiT when This scholar enTers iTs porTals. College Preparalory. Ampfennian 3, Ico-ediTorl3 Chrisfmas Ves- pfzrs 3. PATRICIA ANN MILLER BaTh, R.D. 2 Crack! Crack! and Tall, Trim PaT is on her regular Trip To The wasTe baskeT To deposiT her gum. Swimming and curly hair are naTurals wifh PaT. Her in- TeresTs include "ArT," dancing and sporTs, The "CrysTal Ball" holds a secreTarial TuTure Tor PaT. Secrefarial. Girls' Chorus l, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 33 Ampfen- nian 3. Q O- 0 G O- D- 7 7 'I At games we chee 'Cl with one accord O O page ThirTy-Tour HENRY W. MILLS BaTh, R.D. 2 TrouT and deer haven'T a chance againsT Henry's sTraTe- gy. HunTing and winTer sporTs provide real Tun Tor This ouT- door enThusiasT. WhaT's nexT Henry -- a draTTsman or The draTT? Induslrial Aris. Fishing Club 3. JOSEPH J. MILISITS IB47 Lincoln Avenue "Zeke" is Tops in The class- room and on The sporTs Tield. His prize winnnig, spine-Tingl- ing original oraTion made Speaking ConTesT hisTory. Na- Tional Honor SocieTy, sTage crew, and sporTs keep Joe husTling during school hours, while elecTrical iobs Take up his spare Time. Upon gradua- Tion he hopes To become a specialisT in The U.S. Navy. College Preparafory. FooTbalI I, 23 Track 23 N Club 2, 33 STage Crew I, 2, 33 Clinic I, 23 Na- Tional Honor SacieTy 33 AmpTen- nian 33 Junior Speaking CONTEST: Gym Exh'biT'on I. DIANE K. MORITZ I266 Main Street Diminutive and delighttul, that's our competent Louella Parsons ot the Courier Statt. Energetic Miss Cosmotology is also treasurer ot the National Honor Society. Penn State will get a real bundle of pep with Diane. College Preparatory. Chorus I, Courier I, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition I, Junior Speaking Contest, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, Amp- tennian 3, lco-editorl, Senior Class Play, Christmas Vespers 3. JOHN J. MULASITS l448 Washington Avenue Meet "MuIly", Mr, LisetsIci's champion 'ily tyer and Mr. Sage's right-hand man, John is the quiet type who tinds much enioyment in reading. Trade school will give "Mully" his start as an auto mechanic. Industrial Arts. Fishing Club I, 2, to urge our pl ay :Zfor the top award. -2 O ' O O O 6 0 0 JOHN E. NEETZ, JR. Northampton, R.D. I With the gas pedal tlat, "the Petersville Terror" is on his way. Crouthamel Grocrey's right hand man is a whiz at working on cars. Man your bat- tle stations, Navy, here comes "Neetzie". Industrial Arts. Rifle Club I, Stu- dent Council 2. LORETTA KAY O'BRIAN 2825 Cherryville Road Need any shoes? See "Lor- ry", top-notch sales girl, with the attractive smile and cute dimples. As tor the tuture, a little white ranch house would make "Lorry's" dream come true. Clerical and Sales. Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Amptennian 3. GARY NICHOLAS 0 305 East 20th Street Happy-go-lucky "Nick" en- ioys catching tish and small game. Besides being head bag- ger at the AXP, our iovial, wise- cracker, "Nick," is the schooI's top-notch drummer. Filling prescriptions is next tor Gary. College Preparatory. Fishing Club I, 2, 3, Gym Exhibition I, Christ- mas Vespers 3, Band I, 2, 3. PHILIP D. PETRICK Walnutport, R.D. I Mention motorcycles and watch that glint appear in PhiI's eyes! Whether he's re- pairing sparkplugs or razzing the girls, our Junior Speaker concocts excitement. The tu- ture tinds Phil tlying high in the Air Force. College Preparatory. Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, Junior Speaking Contest. page thirty-tive CRAIG MOYER 2I36 Washington Avenue Big, brawny and brainy de- scribes our defensive ace on the tootball tield. A winner trom clowning to classwork. "Tank" is another honor gradu- ate ot SpangIer's Palestra. Our baseball expert hopes to land a tront ottice iob with his ever- loving Phillies. College Preparatory. Football I, 2, 3, Clinic I, 2, 3, Gym Exhibi- tion I, N Club 3, Stage Crew I, 2, 3, Amptennian 3, Sr. Class Play 3, Sc'ence Fair 3, Track 3. SHIRLEY AN N NACHESTY I922 Northampton Avenue Slim and trim Shirl is invari- ably the last to arrive at en- semble rehearsals, TAC board meetings, or band practice. Our "Miss Color Guard" will be up in the clouds as a tuture airline hostess. College Preparatory. Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 3, Arnpfennian 3, Mixed Ensem- ble 2, Band 3, Mixed Chorus I, 2. 3, Forensics 2, N Club 3, Gym Exhibition I. KENNETH REPH Danielsville, R.D. I Did you say somelhing aboul hunling and fishing? Kenny's sure 'lo be in lhal conversalion. Melal and wood shops serve as lhis handy man's second home. l-le's gol lhe lulure nailed in lhe Uniled Slales Army. lnduslrial Arls. Fishing Club l, 2, 3, Rille Club l. GEORGE A. REPPERT, JR. I934 Lincoln Avenue Do you have car lrouble? Call up Reppy, lhe curly- haired aulo mechanic. Where is he? Eilher working al Brelz Cleaners, allending Lulher League meelings, or building model cars. This mechanical genius will be a lulure garage owner. College Preparatory. Fishing Club I, Amplennian 3, Boys' Chorus l. MARY PETRUCELLI Wesl Slreel, Balh l-low we envy lvlary's dark, wavy hair. Teen-age dances, Sodalily, and choir rank high willl our blushing arlisl. lvlary's sell voice is sure lo soolhe her palienls in lhe lulure. College Preparalory. Tri-Hi-Y 3. SYLVIA RECKER Norlhamplon, R.D. I A wild hair-do, conslanl challer, and an engaging smile are lhe lrademarks ol Sylvia. A member ol lhe Arl Club and aclive parlicipanl in lhe Tri- l-li-Y, she expends her energy during wreslling season as an avid enlhusiasl. ln lhe lulure we see a "Bill" 'lo be collecled in June. Cgerical and Sales. Trirl-li-Y I, 2, 0 O 5- DOROTHY A. RAYD EN 707 Washinglon Avenue "Do-Do", lhe slim, shy pilol of lhe green Buick, likes 'lo lis- len lo dance music. A iob as a secrelary and lhe lille "lvlrs." suil Dorolhy line. Clerical and Sales. Arl Club I. ROBERT L. REIMER I6bO Washinglon Avenue Thal llash darling across lhe goal line is "Whiskey", lhe laslesl lellow on lhe lield. Bob's sporling achievemenls include lhe mosl valuable play- er award in lhe Easl-Wesl American Legion game and lhe school's represenlalive lo lhe All-Slale Foolball Team. Our iovial vice presidenl and baseball shorlslop is sure lo be successlul as a physical ed. leacher. College Preparalory. Foolball I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 3, Baskelball I, Gym Exhibilion I, Class Sec- relary I, Clinic l, 2, 3, N Club I, 2, 3, Clas ice Presidenl 3, Arl Club I, riswas Vespers 3. blues, field trip? page 'lhirly-six the Science Fair, ROBERT REPH Danielsville, R.D, I No, you're nol double. ll's iusl Bob and his "good seeing brolher. Roberl's a skale", when working on his lalher's larm, and palronizing lhe Edgemonl Roller Rink. Wilh his bow and arrows lhis modern day Robin Hood will "shool" lo success wilh Uncle Sam. lnduslrial Arls. NANCY JANE RICE Treichlers Shyness and sweelness de- scribe Nan, our bookkeeping expel. Molorcycle riding, skal- ing, and dancing are lops wilh lhis "neal as a pin" dresser. Nancy will brighlen some busi- nessrnan's ollice debiling "bubble gum" and crediling "smiles" lor her lulure work. Secrelarial. Arl Club I, Girls' Chorus I, 2, Mixed Chorus I, 2, Amplennian 3. DTANNE M. RINKER NorThampTon, R.D. I Have shampooing, seTTing or sTyling problems? Call on Di- anne, our hair-dressing experT. Dianne uses her leisure Time Tor sewing or dancing aT The Teen- age cenTer. The TuTure Tinds Dianne operaTing her own beauTy salon, Clerical and Sales. Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus I, 2, 31 Tri-T-Ii-Y Ig DramaTic Club Ig Courier I. SYLVIA ROCKOVITS 22l2 WashingTon Avenue An unexpecTed giggle an- nounces The arrival OT This live wire. Sylvia donaTes some of her energy To cheering Tor our Teams and working Tor The Tri- Hi-Y. This prize winning Junior Speaker will soon pep up some oTTice. Se:reTar?al. Junior Speaking Con- Tesfg ConcreTe Courier I ,2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y I, Z, 35 Ampfennian 33 Oificers Training 33 Senior Class Play 3. G w 'Es-aimed these 6 JUDITH SANTEE i465 Main STreeT ElirTaTious eyes and a Triend- ly smile inTroduce our song- bird, Judy. Singing on The church choir, working wiTh The LuTher League, and aTTending square dances occupy Judy's spare Time. OperaTing a Type- wriTer or a switchboard is her idea OT a successTul TuTure. College Preparafory. Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, ConcreTe Courier lg Mixed Chorus I, 2g Ensemble I, 2g ChrisTmas Vespers I, 23 Color- guard 3, Forensics 25 Ampfen- nian 31 Gym ExhibiTion I. GERALD H. SCHEFFLER 243 Penn STreeT A blond crew cuT and an ear Tor humor describe "Cheb", The prinTer's devil oT secTion IZO. This sporTs minded Sunday school secreTary preTers moTor bikes, Tishing Trips, and The Brooklyn Dodgers. Engineering aT Penn STaTe or an Air Force career? Cgllege PreparaTory. FooTball I, Q Q tasks wh? the RICHARD SANTO I4l WashingTon STreeT, BaTh "Spike" is boTh a Terror on The maTs and a whiz in leTT Tield. Our BaTh Legion hiTTing champ also scores high wiTh The Tair sex. WresTling The books aT The UniversiTy oT Maryland is nexT Tor our TuTure Physical Ed. Teacher. Indusrrial ArTs. Gym ExhibiTion Ig WresTling I, 2, 37 Baseball I, 2, 33 N Club 3, Senior Class Treas- urer 3. JAMES SCHEFFLER ChesTnuT STreeT, Barh This TalenT show winner is a sTar in his maTh and English courses, Too. Our "Lawrence Welle" is equally aT home play- ing his accordian or manipu- IaTing a TypewriTer. Jim will make an eTTicienT clerk in some large deparTmenT sTore. Clerical and Sales. Band I, 2, 3. page ThirTy-seven RICHARD ROBERTS 332 EasT IOTI1 STreeT News Flash: "Blue Mercury exceeds speed oT sound. Dri- ver - "Reds" RoberTs, well- known "man-abouT-Town." A connoisseur of sTeaks, a lover oT The dance, and an admirer of The Tair sex, Rich will Toss a coin Tor The TuTure. IndusTrial ArTs. AmpTennian 3. CAROL SALTER 931 WashingTon Avenue A crown oT wavy hair is Tall, aTTracTive Carol's Trademark. J. J. Newberry's super sales- girl rushes Trom NaTional Hon- or SocieTy meeTings and class- es, To Chorus, Girls' Ensemble. and voice lessons. ln The TuTure experT sewer Carol will Tollow The paTTern oT elemenTary Teaching. College Preparafory. Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 33 Courier Ig Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 33 NaT'onal Honor Sociefy 2, 3, ArT Club 2g Gyrn ExhibiTion Ig AmpTennian 31 Forensics 2, 31 ArT ExhibiT I. greatest ca re. DOROTHY A. SCHOLL 364 'Nesf Main Sfreef, Bafh "Anyone for fennis?" Do'l's firsf in line. This loyal Sunday school 'leacher and Lufher Lea- gue secrefary also finds fime fo prepare for her fufure by helping as a Nurse's Aid. College Preparafory. Girls' En- semble I, Girls' Chorus I, 2, Mixed Chorus I, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, N Club 33 Science Fair 21 Arf Ex- hibil 2, Chrisfrnas Vespers 3. JOHN SHIMKANIN I362 Vienna Sfreef I-lave you noficed fhose hufs along fhe Lehigh? Chances are John helped build fhem. "Nip", fhe wild flower king in Biology class, fopped every- body wifh 2II wild flowers. John will like a navy bunk. lndusirial Arfs. Foolball 2. PATRICIA ANN SCHELL I534 Main Sfreef Sparkling eyes, and an in- feclious smile accompany "Paf" wherever she goes. Man's besf friend is Paffie's foo? her large collecfion of miniafure dogs proves if. Our faifhlul churchgoer's fufure would be complefe wifh a black and whife frailer. Clerical and Sales. Sfudenf Coun- cil Ig Arf Club Ig Phofo Club I1 Ampfennian 3. PATRICIA ANN SCHMIDT Walnufporf, R.D. I A long shadow, a slow gaif, and dimples - Ihaf's Paffy. A "fall sfandingu member of her church choir, acfing Secrefary oi fhe Alpha Tri-I-Ii-Y, and lef- fer wriling keep our fufure Sec- re+ary in frim. Sefrelar al. Tri-I-li-Y I, Z, 3, Sfu- denf Council I, Amplennian 3, Officer's Training 2, 3. Q G O- dance, the JULIA R. SCHMIDT 4lI Easf 8fh Slreef JuIie's leadership abilify is exemplified by her successful reign as presidenf of fhe Tri- I-Ii'Y for fhree years. Being sfu- dious and sincere has been fhe key fo her popularify. Julia will brighfen some office as Miss Secrefary. Secrefarial. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Sfu- denf Council 2, 37 Ampfennian 3, Nafional Honor Sociefy 33 Offi- cer's Training 2, 3, Senior Class Play 3. JOHN J. SCHNEIDER I27 Sfark Sfreef "Schnifz" is quiel unfil you know him. Then come fhose fa- mous fall fales. This mafh whiz kid is "I'aiIored" fo help in his dad's shop. "Schnifz" plans fo conquer fhe sonic barrier nexf. lndusfrial Arfs. Rifle Club lg Gym Exhibifion I. G O O- prom, page fhirfy-eighf ,Wa shington trip, CHARLES LEWIS SHIMER 3IO Easf IOIh Sl'reeI "Bips" is our fhree leffer wonder boy - a hard charging fullback on fhe gridiron, a sharpshoofer on fhe hardwood, and a firsf-class cafcher on fhe diamonds. The Spol' and fhe Bafh Legion won'+ be fhe same affer Charlie dons fhose khakis. Indusfrial Arfs. Gym Exhibilion lj Chrisfmas Vespers 2: Foofball I, 2, 3, Baskefbali I, 2, 3, Baseball I, 2, 33 N Club I, 2, 33 Clinic I, 2, 3. GLENN WILLIAM SHOEMAKER Balh, R.D. I Befween hunfing and fishing Glenn sfill finds fime for bike frips and French lessons. l'le's sure 'ro gef ahead - eifher in fhe cafeferia lunch line or in fhe world of business. College Preparalory. H u n fi n g Club lg Fishing Club I, 2, 31 Science Fair 2. EVELYN M. SILFIES Ba+h, R.D. 2 Sedale in school, bul lhe chiei spokesman for lhe Balh crowd is lhis "Miss Johnny on lhe Spolf' Youlh Fellowship. 4-H Club, swimming and square dancing keep Evelyn happy as she dreams of a fu- 'lure office iob. Sesrefarial, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 35 Amp- fennian 3. RICHARD J. SIMCOE 9l7 Main Slreef "Zingo" - 'lhal's lhe by- word ol "Rich," our milkman and animal lover. Whelher il's English or Bookkeeping, he al- ways has lhe righl answer. Some firm will be very happy wilh his accuracy in accounl- ing. Clerical and Sales. All that our O- O- soc al 'e would permit. ' '. : Q, JOHN SKRAPITS I27 Wesf l4lh Sfreef Our loss will be lhe Air Force's gain when Johnny lrades his iasl aclion on 'lhe hardwood 'for a fasl flying iel. Along wilh dufy comes pleas- ure, and 'lo John pleasure angling in a cool means slream. Happy landing, John- ny! Clerical and Sales. Fishing Club 3, Arl Club I. DORIS SPADT Walnulporl, R.D. 2 Tri-l-li-Y aclivilies fill quiel, good-nalured Doris's school lime. She keeps busy oul of school wilh plenly of baby- silling. ln lhe summer lime she can be found dishing oul' re- ireshmenls al' Becky's Drive ln. Housewife and deparlmenl slore saleslady vie for firsl place in Doris's fulure. Clerical and Sales. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 31 Amplennian 3. DIANE N. SMITH 243 Easl' Main Slreef, Balh Thar absurd laughl Who else loul our lall, lrim, lalkalive blonde, "Smill'y", from Balh. Vlfhelher il' is winning lrophies, singing wilh 'lhe choir, or square-dancing, Diane is al- ways oulslanding. As lhe fu- lure unfolds, we see "Smill'y" walking down lhe corridors of Sl. Luke's Hospilal, College Preparafory- Girls' Cho- rus I, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 33 Amplen- nian 3. GREGORY LEE STEFANY I650 Lincoln Avenue "Greg" is Pepsodenl's besl cuslomer. Our smiling sludenl council presidenl loves lo chase "puellae" and eal hoag- ies, His sense of humor has given many classes land 'leach- ersl an exlra lifl. Baseball. lrack, and lhal lil'l'le yellow safely sign have kepl' Greg physically fil. This Junior Speaker leaves for Penn Slale nexl. College Preparafory. Track I, 2, 33 Sluden? Council I, 2, 3, Sci- ence Fair 23 Junior Speaking Conleslg Baseball lg Senior Class Play. page 'lhirly-nine HELEN SILFIES 34l Vlesl Sfreef, Balh Ever spiriled "Googy", our square dancing miss, 'Finds lime for Tri-Hi-Y meeling, Youlh Fellowship, nighlly walks lo Kalie's Reslauranl, and weekly choir rehearsals. Helen's nexl slep is lo become a clerk in one of our local deparlmenl' slores. Clercal and Sales. Tri-Hi-Y 3: Amplennfan 3. MARGARET I. SIPOS 463 Easf Vlh Slreel' Thal smilel lhal soil voicel Thal llalian hairdol Thal's "Our Lilile Margie." Dancing, Tri-Hi-Y, and Whilehall alum- ni keep her slepping. ln lhe near iulure Margie will lrade a class ring for a wedding ring. Clerical and Sales. Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, Amplennian 3. JOSEPH STEPHEN SUTO I338 NewporT Avenue Small bur mighTy, "Dini" dazzles The Tans aT baskefball games wiTh his Tancy dribbling. Traveling Trom NorThampTon To CaTly consumes much ol: Joe's Tree Time. Sharp sporT-cloThes and parTies appeal To him. IT will be "Anchors Aweighll GTTSF graduaTion. Clerical and Sales. BaskeTball I, 2, 33 Fishing Club 23 N Club 2, 3. ANNE SZEP 45l EasT IOTh STreeT Need a baby siTTer? Call on Anne. Our secreTary oT The Tri- Hi-Y enioys going To Allenrewn and Trying ouT new hair sTyles. ln The luTure we see WesTern ElecTric or working in a diner. Clerical and Sales. Courier lg Tri- Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Ampfennian 3. SHIRLEY A. STERMER Mafn STreeT, BaTh The TirsT one Tinished in Typ- ing class is none oTher Than our TirsT-class Tri-Hi-Y chaplain. ATTer school, Shirley is one oT BaTh's besT baby siTTers. Her sparkling diamond indicaTes, wiThouT a doubT, whaT she plans aTTer graduaTion. Se'treTariaI. Tri-I-li-Y I, 2, 3, STu- denT Council Ig AmpTennian 3. SANDRA ANN STROH 734 VVashingTon Avenue Sandra always looks as if she iusT sTepped ouT oT The pages of a Tashion magazine. This All-American girl is a loy- al Tri-Hi-Y member. She dreams ol a liTe as a medical secreTary. SecreTariaI. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Gym ExhibiTion lg ArT Club Ig Band Ig A1npTennian 33 OTTicers Train- ing . G G JOAN STIMPFL 230 WesT l4Th STreeT AmbiTious and hard working Joannie likes noThing beTTer Than eTliciency. ResulT? A Na- Tional Honor SocieTy pin. Joan hopes To Tind Time To painT, dance, and swim aTTer she gains a 'iooThold in a law ol:- Tice. Secretarial. ArT Club I, 2, ArT Exhibil I, 21 Tri-Hi-Y 31 Amp- Tennian 35 NaTional Honor So- cieTy 2, 3. DORIS STUBER l666 Lincoln Avenue An unTorgeTTable "Angel Unaware" in The Speaking ConTesT, and a disTincTive Tech- nique in oils are Two oT Doris's arTisTic achievemenTs. Our Na- Tional Honor SocieTy SecreTary Tinds Time Tor singing wiTh The ensemble and mainTaining a perTecT Honor Roll record. Bob Jones UniversiTy will claim This Menno YouTh PresidenT. College PreparaTory. Girls' En- semble I, 2, 31 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 33 Mixed Ensemble lg Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Junior Speaking ConTesTg NaTional Honor Sociefy 2, 3g Ai-T Exhibif I, 27 Ampfen- nian 3: DisTr' Forensics 2, 33 Disfricl Ch N Club 3. teachers we ha , page TorTy friends we met, LESTER G. SUTTER Main STreeT, BaTh Les, a husTler on The maTs, enioys hunTing, Tishing, and miniaTure golfing. BuT as his Nalional Honor SocieTy pin shows, he'll readily Trade These acTiviTies Tor books and sTudy- ing. Les will surely be an asseT To The Air Force. Clerical and Sales. WresTIing I, 2, 31 Band I, 2, WeighT Club 3: NaTional Honor SocieTy 3. JOSEPH G. SZERENSITS 723 Dewey Avenue "PeanuTs" is The happy liTTIe guy oT The class. Pool, swim- ming and Tollowing The sporTs keeps our guy Joe occupied. "The V'v'ild Blue Yonder", is his choice Tor The TuTure. Indus'I'riaI Arls. Gym ExhibiTion I: Ampfennian 3. LORETTA A. TANZOSH 957 Washinglon Avenue Tops in bookkeeping and shorlhand is Lorella, an honor roll sludenl. Afler school she sells and models Zollinger's clolhing. And whal would The Courier do wilhoul lheir cap- able, reporler? Il will be lhe Air Force or secrelarial work. Secrelarial. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 31 Cone crefe Courier I. 2, 3, Nalional Honor Sociery 35 Amplennian 3. NADINE TRACH Balh, R.D. 2 Calm, cool, collecfed-'Ihal"s Nadine. Tease her aboul' her 4-H achievemenls and she re- mains calm and serene. She offers a soil voice and quiel smile io all concerned. Nadine is sure lo make a fine nurse. College Prepafalory. Tri-Hi-Y 3, Dancing Club 3. these are the we can t forget. 0, Q Q O O JOSEPH J. TURBEDSKY l5l0 Laubach Avenue We bring lo you "The Spic," head man al lhe AXP and owner of The Yellow Slreak. Aside from being a True lady's man. he is The besl mechanic al Spic's kennels. l'r's a lug boal nexl for 'lhis sailor man. College Preparatory. Foolball lg Arr Club I. ARNOLD M. VOGEL Danielsville "Mel," Danielsvilleis Sl'ar oulfielder and INlorlhamplon's speedy lracksler, is dislinguish- ed by his black shiny shoes and impersonaiions ol 'leach- ers. Ailer school he works in a blouse Taclory. Arnold plans lo ioin lhe Marines ai'l'er gradua- lion. Clerical and Sales. Track 2, 33 Rifle Club lg N Club 3. P599 JOHN P, VALCOVEC Balh, R.D. I Silenl, solemn, sleepy-eyed John knwos how 'ro win friends and influence people. The "Magic Touch" is his in 4-H and scouring aclivilies. A regu- lar nimrod, he has well earned The rifles, "Crockell" and "Wallon". The "Bull" is cerlain lo succeed al Penn Slale and agricullure. College Preparalory. Ampfennian 3. DIANE D. WHITE Balh, R.D. 2 "See a runaway horse?" Slim bul peppy "Whil'ey" and her clogs are off on an early morn- ing chase. Diane displays a beaming smile, a wardrobe of sporls clolhes, and square dancing abilily. Muhlenberg College is in The Tulure. College Preparalory. Ar? Club l, 23 Pholo Club lj Gym Team 35 Chrisfrnas Vespers l. 'iorly-one RODNEY W. TARAS Walnufprof, RD. I Menlion hunling, rifles and dogs and 'lhal sleepy look dis- appears. The Hassislanl' mana- ger" al De Ville's can always find lime Io run his beagle. Rodney has nailed a place in lhe fulure as a carpenler. lnduslrfal Arts. Rifle Club l. JOHN T. TROXELL 252 Wes? Main Sfreef, Balh Who's lhal coming oul of lhe Acme? ll's Jackie, leaving aller a busy day's work. .Iohn's spare lime is spenl on church aclivilies, lennis, bowling, and American Legion baseball. A career in 'rhe service will be a dream come lrue for Jack. Clerical and Sales. Mixed Chorus l, 2, 31 Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, Pholo Club I, 2, 3. DIAN NA Y. YANDRISCHOVITZ Danielsville "Five toot two, eyes ot blue," identity this neat honor roll student. Hess Brothers shopping tours and miniature golt are Dianna's 'favorite pas- times. As a secretary, hair styl- ist or a tashion designer, Di- Fnna will do her work etticient- y. Secretarial. Mixed Chorus I, 21 Girls' Chorus I, 2, Amptennian 35 National Honor Society 3. JOSEPH J. YURISH l358 Washington Avenue ..loe's ready smile and his gitt ot gab attract many te- male admirers. Ask Joe any- thing about chewing gum: he's an expert on the subiect. Driv- ing and repairing his dad's car are his tavorite pastimes. Navy spells the tuture tor Joe. Industrial Arts. Gym Exhibition Wrestlisng I, 37 Student Council I, 2, . JOAN D. WIEAND Northampton, R.D. I Quiet, tun loving "Franze" is Pennsville's star swimmer. Attaining tour years ot pertect church attendance, singing on the choir, and participating in Luther League are among .loan's church accomplishments. The FBI holds in store a Secre- tarial tuture. Secretarial. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 33 Amp- tennian 3. DONALD L. WUNDERLER East Main and Broad Streets, Bath ll's the "wild blue yonder" next tor "Kid," Atter deliver- ing his papers. Don can usually tind a dance or party to at- tend. This loyal Phillies' tan gets his own training playing on that sandlot team. Clerical and Sales. Art Club I, 2, 3, Science Fair I. O- G O- MARVIN M. WRIGHT I647 Main Street Introducing our Rock 'n' Roll enthusiast. Marv's trademark, a western haircut, identities him as he takes those short iaunts to Lincoln Avenue. An all- rouncl athlete, he excels in track and tootball. lvlarv's tu- ture as a mason is only a stone's throw away. College Preparatory. Football I, 2, 3, Basketball I1 Gym Exhibi- tion lg Track I, 2, 3: N Club 2, 37 Football Clinic I, 2, 3. DOLORES B. YANDERS 434 East l2th Street l-lear the clickety-click ot a typewriter? That's Dolores speeding across the keyboard. Swimming at the "Y", and whipping up tine sodas at Whelan's keep this polka tan stepping. The tuture shows vi- sions ot a secretarial career tor this ambitious girl. Sezretarial. Art Club I, 2, Tri-Hi- Y 31 National Honor Society 31 , Amptennian 3. G O O- truth of our mot page torty- two we now admit DOLORES MARIE YOST 523 Penn Street, Bath Dark wavy hair and big brown eyes mark our avid Yan- kee rooter. Honor cards, and the latest tashions are distinct- ive trade-marks ot giggling, gay Delores. A tuture secre- tarial career is detinitely in view. Secretarial. Photo Club lg Cou- rier 3, Amptennian 3. KENNETH PAUL ZADER Northampton, R.D. I Gangwayl "Chup" and his hot-rod have arrived. Servicing cars at Jones' gas station takes up his atter school hours. Ken- ny is known to take daily ex- cursions to Catty. In the tu- ture it's the Air Force tor Ken. Industrial Arts. Ritle Club Ig Weight Club I. J. ANDREW ZAHARCHUK 644 Easl 2Olh Slreel' Laughs galore! Noi a dull momenl wilh lhis 'lop-nolch slage comedian around. Eagle Scouls, Dislricl Band, Forensics and assembly performances are among "Piiou's" achievemenls. This compelenl' luba "lool'er" won"r find lime for Hroughing il" while sludying engineering al Lehigh. College Preparalory. Band I, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Mixed En- semble 2, 33 Nafional Honor So- cielv 33 Boys' Chorus 2,31 Dislricf Band 23 Junior Speaking CONTEST: Science Fair 23 Fishing Club I3 Forensics 23 Dislricr Orcheslra 33 Dislricl Chorus 33 Senior Class Play: Forensics 3. JULIE ZIATYK 2226 Washinglon Avenue A quiel concenlraling head of blond curls buried in a book of Shakespeare poinl oul Julie This combinalion of ace Ger- man sludenl and arlisl is a member of lhe Nalional Honor Sociely. Julie will 'lurn 'Io nurs- ing as a career. College Preparalory. Arl Club 23 Nalional Honor Sociely 3. "The GENE ZARAYKO I606 Newporl Avenue "Junior" never hils a sour nole. The Norlhamplon High School band is where he excels. Genes a busy guy whose seri- ous side, which leans foward bookkeeping, is ollsel by his keen inleresl' in baskelball. Bolh lhese aclivilies run for firsl' place in his lulure. Clerical and Sales. Band I, 2, 33 Amplennian 3. u ge is theirs who prelfar ior it" O. 0. We Pause to Remember WILLIAM HILDENBRANDT June I2, I939 - July I6, I955 And know 'rhal oul of dealh and nighl shall rise The dawn al ampler life. -Anonymous page lorly-lhree A Dun'1my???f7 Gur album Behind The scenes al Chrislmas Vespers. Those broad shoulders had us fooled. We could have danced all niqhl. l+'s lighl up lime. l-ley! Look who's here. page forly-four of antics Lucky Soda! Mr. Laubach, have you been a good boy? The mos! popular spof af our Clarisfmas parlry Lofayolfo - hero wo como. A Carol for Doffy. Going down. i page forfy-live y .zvf Q'-2' 5 Q Aw cm. 5 Junior Traditions Badge of imporiance - our junior dass rings. Modern clay Demodhenes - Speaking Con+es+ Jrryoufs again page fcrfy-eighlr Class Colors - Green and While Class Flower - While Rose Class lvlollo - Knowledge Come Wisdom Lingers Back seat drivers Junior class officers plan a sales campaign for The speaking conlesl. Slanding: Charles'l'zleman, presidenlg Mr. Roberl Snyder. advi- ser: Richard lllrovils, vice presidenl. Sealed: Lois Evefell, secrelary: Theodora Hall, freasurer s Bul In lheir firsl exposure lo fhe spol'lighl', our confi- worlhy of and plan- denl unclerclassmen proved Themselves lhe lille, Juniors. Class rings, class 'l'rips. The lille, juniors. Class rings, class lrips, and plan- new experiences. Junior Speaking Conlesl and learner's permils were lhe highlighls of l'he iunior year. .Eg jf "QI V '55-j ig' -:gf E H illllv Row I: E. Wunderler, L. Luclurg '."' I 7. . .,,. fm -i? ,:2.:"i a, L. Smilh. S. Sfeiner. L. Work- .' E :: Q :f.g5g2::5:g :,.. f ,.., . :xr 5' -31.5 - x , C '5ji1"Q'. ,": jff :" ...g lf., . ,rf is -2'-f i' ' heiser, F. Heflelfinger, A. Hand- ..f- ,-'- - '---.,.... --f'-'-' . .. :.-fs -, - -"-.-' sz.. .s-,iff 5 " - . V -gag.. - - . -:zg .-fig. ik ..,, in I ,-, .... 4 - A ,... -3- 1-Q I -I :gpg-g,, :: x , wer-ki Webber. K 5 ,. E A - --.,.,.. --., I , ,, A it .1 I ' g i .555 l 2 ROW 2: G- Henfllflgl C- Helnille' I 3 ...E . A ifglg -'.'j EL.- W A4 ' ' 1fQL ..-Q. -1, ma n, J. Nederoslelc. R. Person, 1 J- Mohfev- R- Tamaw- C- Ban- f A l:" V 5 in iiillifigl I kas, N. Finley. 5. I I , K , K E . ' ---: Row 3: P. Knopf, S. Derr, R. Wer- 'i l' W .. las' , AQ 5 A Q.: A f Hef- 6- HOHWI K- Niflkischef. ,il 7 - V :iii "'.: ,H - - 21, I lvl. Seyer, K. Hollle, R. Hilde- lln . . I f lil in X I 3. l. brands - . ' Q2 '..' I ' "'l I ., . , Row 4. M. uheflck, c. Reph, E. , -r. . . . B- N. B'-fn ' "-T242 V I 'I li-' ::"' '--- l Q "',,. '-"'.. M- Bdfrall. J- Huflerer. R. Han- , .,.,.' in E is -I "'li E - Zarik- Q ,Z l" ,. 357-ffm Y .1-. ' ,,, I A Q page lorly-nine Nlext year these juniors page fifly Row I: M. Jandris, V. Wereiia S. Beers, D. Zuriclcl, R. Bird B. Paynler, J. Sclilolfler, P. Mills, Row 2: B, Mills, R. Beers, F. Tan- zoslw, B. Binder, M. Hussar, L Calafranceslci, S. Graver, P Beers. Row 3: E. Temmel, P, Bruchalc R, Iflcoviis, J. Shafer, R. Tanzosh T. Davis, J. Gavura, J. Spaniiz. Row 4: J. Marlcs, C. l-leckman, B Bodo, C. Belfzner, B. Williams L. Everefi, T. Reenoclc, D. Rod- gers. Row S: D. Tuiko, N. Rau, G. Bar- Jrliolomew, A. Ferrel, G. Kellner M. Clwuss, P. Keschl, L. l-lorvaili. Row 6: R. Heffellinqer, R. Phil- lips, N. Rolli, R. Decli, N. Sclweefz, S. Rucli, S. Szilayqi, S Coren. Row 7: C. Danner, B. Brolwsl, P Kuriz, V. Buiz, C. Minniclw, M Lopsonzslci, L. Cole, L. Kern. Row 8: D. Correl, P, DalPezzo, J. Saniee, P. Clwrisfman, D. Mara- koviis, R. Pefrucelli, G. Farkas E. Haas. Row 9: G. Wefzel, J. Schall, D Seller, D. Balmiulc, S. Herd, G. Taras, S. Gelz, J. Uldnak, Row IO: E. Heisler, J. G-rulzze, A. Sclwisler, E. Kocher, W. Beil, S. Kopfer, A. Heflellinger, J. Smifli. will take the wheel page filly-one Row I: P. Lallula, G. Buss, A Afflwur, J. Zaun, B. Recfor, T Skrapils, G. Sommers, S. Shoe maker. Row 2: T. Half, P. Fogel, S. Ger ney, B. Moser, T. Sencenbach J. Clwernanslcy, L. Bollman, D Baclnman. Row 3: S. Dreher, S. l-leckman R. Sclwweclwlen, R. Hoffman, G Buss, N. McMurray, J. Milcsifs. M. Billy. Row 4: R. Reimer, A. Miclwalzylc C. Lisefski, H. Chimarys, E Siegfried, M. Smilh, R. Groff F. Maroski. Row 5: S. McCandless, J. Hirlle C. OH, S. Billweimer, L. Derlwam- mer, R. Marfh, J. Recker, M Churelfa. Row 6: J. Cruz, J. Tanzosh, S Jones, R. Werner, R. Socll, F Sclwoellhammer, J. Clwrislman. S Oplinger. Row 7: J. Huflerer, J. Crowell E. Lucky, M. Spadl, W. Oplin- ger, C. Kunlzleman, 6. Haycll D. Kohler. Row 8: J. Meyers, S. English, T ur Sinies, M. Shunk, R. G-roller, A. Franlcl, J. Eisenreiclw, V Ulwnalc. Row 9: P. Ridgely, L. Cogossl. E Green, R. Minnich, R. Miller, M. Ruflw, J. Kerbocher, R. Douglnerly. Row IO: P. Krafzer, L. Person, P Rolln, A. Minnich, R. Knopf, B Newhard, J. Milfenberger. Lo Two years to sovereignty The sophomore class officers hold fheir lirsl meering. Slanding: Mr. Henry Weir, adviser: Donald Vogel, Treasurer. Sealed: Thomas Chuss, vice presidenlq Jusline I-lufnick, secrefary: Brion Bell, president The shorl summer belween fresh- man and sophomore years broughr abou? many changes. The fledg- ling frosh became a sedale sopho- more, working hard a+ collecling a herbarium, declining Lalin nouns, and surveying 'rhe mechanics ol' journalism on a MORNING CALL held lrip. Our favorife English class - rhe Trip lo The Morning Call. The finished producl - our daily newspaper. pa ge lilly-'rwo The sophomores prepare The sophomore loiolgisls examine i'l'eir insecl colleclions. page 'liffyefhree Row I: N. Shoemaker, B. Horn J. Nero, P. Tanczos, D. Hall L. Schell, M. lvlulasils, B. Gri- scholl. Row 2: R. Dreisbach, G. G-asper D. Fauslner, R. Derlcils, T. Chuss, P. Temos, E. Spengler, F. Hobel Row 3: G. Ballief, J. Kenf, F. Mike sils, H. Wolf, M. Derhammer, D Smifh, J Falk, J. Harfman. Row 4: M. Smallen, E. Longely, S. Gilbert C. Becker, C. Yolo S. Herschman, J. Messenlehner P. Schneider. Row 5: J. Woginrich, N. Andrews R. Slrohl, A. Reimer, B. Bell B. Fields, E. Miller, S. Saller. Row 6: D. Vogel, J. Wieand, D Chehuly, N. Moyer, J. Labish l. Remaley, P. Hall, D. Feicller Row 7: G. Smolich, B. Miller, E Frack, B. Kosc. Their first year in senior high page filly-four Row I: S. Almond, J. l-lirlle, S Sclwaranzalc, J. Scheqal, A. Mile- lics, E. Schleiclwer, M. Pondell P. Trach. Row 2: R. Markuliclcs, S. Flylula, D. Anlhony, D. Yandrischovilz M. Pondell, B. Kopler, A. Biery W. Welrzel. Row 3: C. Benson, G. Miller, R Gerencer, B. Sherba, R. I-lanfz, J. Snyder, K. Paulcovifs, R. Gra- ber. Row 4: R. Marlculiclcs, P. Arndl R. Edelman, D. Fry, D. Derlcifs. E. Whifehouse, M. I-lollick, T Barnes. Row 5: K. Kocher, A. Spilzer, P. Pefriclc, F. Mack, A. Befz, R Luiz, D. Scholl, R. Boylco. Row 6: K, Gilbert L. Green, G Kohler, G. Olesalc, H. Farlcas D. Mooney, J. Graver, F. Maeici. Row 7: G. Banlcos, J. Gabriel, R Anlhony, A. Shellocli, M. Orus- clwalc, R. Vogel, A. Onchalc, R Ponlician. Row 8: W. Miller, J. Waloclco- vils, P. Krazley, E. Pellxo, M Kern, J. Derr, D. Diclcerman, G Sullon. Row 9: A. l-lummel, J. Milkovils B, Mislfmko, P. l-leckman, L. Edel- man, S. Radcliffe, J. Fola, A Smilh. Row IO: D. Jacoby, D. Dreher M. Seier, A. Unnaclc, J. Graver P. Rehrig, C. Mills, P. Werner provided many new experiences page lilly-live Row l: M. Gunlcar, D. Dranchalc R. Heinzleman, G. Wanislco, J Reese, R. Bowen, W. Beidelman F. Nemelh. Row 2: J. Smilh, J. Correll, C Dllcher, l. Rissmiller, L. Brown miller, M. Welly, A. Asbalh, R Miller. Row 3: L. Kopchalc, P. Miko, D Kosher, D. Tarnow, S. Hummel L. Graloerilz, S. Barna. Row 4: B. Bulz, P. Haydf, R Thomasifz, M. Mummey, D. Mil- ler. M. Lovelace, S. Cowling D. Kuba. Row 5: R. Mohrey, G. Balfz, H Hummel, L. Kaslik, R. Niclclsher P. Ferrel, R. Hess, P. Slelller. Row 6: M. Kidd, S. Tolh, T. Her- man, R. Crier, l, Sorferberg, B Kluzarilz, L. Morilz, P. Siclconic Row 7: H. Bachman, D. Zelinslcy M. Mondriclc, F. Michael, J. Topler, B. Wuchler, E. Fehnel. K. Chrislol. Row 8: J. Lower, P. Zlafylc, R Galgon, J. Dech, R. Slroh, C. Sleqer, J. Spadls, R. Remaley. Row 9: M. Nicholas, S, Flylufa W. Cole, S. Koch, S. Bell, G Pruhman, M. Schwarlz, S. Bar- lholomew. Row IO: E. Messenlehner. J. Huf- nlclc, H. Dlefer, G. Schelller. C- Hess, B. Schaffer, E. Hdnzel, L. Kurfer. Fresh upsta rts The ninfiw grade Tri-Hi-Y Jrradifionelly press,-nfs +i've Thanksgiving assembly program. The ciulo officers pose proudiy wifh Their guesi speaker, Reve.enc1 Bergsiresser The niriiiw grade mixed ciworus reiwearses wiiiw Mrs. Sanfee for 'fiweir big spring conceri. page fiify-siz The pride of junior high page filly-seven Row I: M. Zaun, P. Zellner, L Surnolsky, G. Michael, L. Cacci- ola, S. Novak, M. Wenner, J Marlin. Row 2: D. Reenoclc, T. Klofz, J l-laldernan, T. Enqler, R. Polgar J. Naeliesly, D. Billweimer, R Mann. Row 3: R. Mills, R. Rinlcer, S Vlfagner, D. Beers, E. DeLong, E Breidinger, l. Berlin, J. Deemer Row 4: F. Maralcovils, R. Chima- rys, G. Reimer, D. Minniclw, R Heisler, R. l-landwerlc, R. Gard- ner, C. Grube. Row 5: T. Reclcer, G. l-lellelfinger, D. Schneclc, D. Riiler, J. Domi- lrovils, R. Bieclc. G. Barlholo- mew, J. Kales. Row 6: F. l'lul'rerer, N. Einfali. A. Benninqer, R. Burils, J. l-lanlcee R. Kocher, S. Frilz, B. Silvius. Row 7: R. Delucia, P. Gonlar, G. Kosher, M. Selco, J. Seier, A Siclconic, C. Koehler, G. Lube- fleshy. Row 8: P. Snyder, C. Eisenreiclw M. Rienerl, A. Longely, R. Da- vidson, B. Moser, R. Liendeclcer M. Lellco. Row 9: J. Yarsevilch, K. Geiger J. Delucia, W. Macflxdam, R l-laydl, R. Mesics, B. Barrall, L Slrieclcler. Row 10: L. Temcs, S. l-leimer, R Horvalh, N. Bealer, G. Weber C. Laub, D. Moyer, G. Barlhol- OITIEBW. The ninth graders were introduced '22 . I - .EIL 2 ig, A. I ,. My .,.,., A M . . 3 page fiffy-eighf Row I: N. Burkhardr, M, Vasnow- sky, S. Libey, D. Yaremchak, R Uherchuk, A. Mirmich, D. Trau- gher. Row 2: J. Kohler, B. Szilaqy, M Mdkovifch, K. Mffler, E. Brobsf 6. Rudfhdge, B. Lower, T. Liv- ewqood. Row 3: C. FrabTe. M. Nemefh A. Criace, H. Sihties, A. Garqer, R. Sheflock, J. Bachman, R. Sil- Hes. Row 4: L, Lalcafash, K. Milfer, E Yalcovilrch, B, Ziegenfuss, L Hiesfand, P. Smifh, L. Ardvini, J. Jones. Row 5: J. Mingle, B. Reenoch, A. Eloner, C. Dishinat J. Marchak, J. Kohler, R. Lerch, J. Wiend. Row 6: J. Geh, D. Snyder, D. Kolb, K. Kunfz, A. Crisce, D. Green, E. Moroque, M. DeLu- cia. Row 7: J. Yehanlcs, S. Melfsch, K. Iasello, K. Sager, L. Laufik, C. Roclcovifs, J. Bennis, M Refers. Row 8: T. Vanaffa, P. Kovach, E. Heffelfinger, E. Krafzer, R. Keg- lovilrs, D. Vogel, C. Arherholf, C. Derhammer. Row 9: L. Barfhofornew, M. Lad- Fck, C. Virovifch, J. Remaiey, J Deufch, M. Ve+ovi'rz, D. Spohn E. Johnson. Row IO: M. fdenzarfck, J. Weber L. Shimosky, R. Nickisher, J Bar+hoNomew, R. Beil, R. Longe- fy, R. Blum. to Latin and algebra page lilly nine 'N A Row I: D. Barfhol, G. Reph, M Perlco, M. Sleiner, M. Newhard P. Zellner, G. Gruber, D. Roclcel. Row 2: L. Snyder, J. Achey, D Hucalulc, N. Kern, M. Kralzer C. Frilz, L. I-leclcman, R. Bird Row 3: T. Miller, G. Haines, L Buchman, D. Gardner, A, Cher- ry, S. Mack, T. Tamandl, E. La- bish. Row 4: B. Kochen, K. Smilh, A Marakovils, M. Flemish, M Reimer, L. Laudenbach, J. Fal- lay, L. Dauberf. Row 5: C. Slelller, D. Longen bash, J. Schaffer, R. Fogelman E. Graberils, G. Fauslner, L Heffellinger, M. Pefers. Row 6: E. Swafl, 6. Spangler, J Rehrig, F. Zamadies, J. Nalin- burger, W. Knopf, R. Beniamin D. Schaffer. Row 7: J. Genovese, D. Beck. R Heckman, S. Lovelace, N. Flyle H. Hummel, M. Kelly, R. Franfz Row 8: W. Repperl, J. Zadzora B. Will, E. Corell, B, Graff, L Kroninger, S. Wisner, D. Beers Row 9: R. Weber, F. Kremus. and civics and Caesar page sixly Row I: H. Ferisfermalcer, C. Sieg fried, D. Schulles, C. Spengler R, Meixner, R. De-rkifs, R. Wein- holler, J. Schneider. Row 2: S. Hayne, J. Wagner, E Kleppinger, F. I-lelfehfinger, D Berger, W. Reyer, M. Prozonic, J. Reclcer. Row 3: M. Schmidt A. Sayulc, E Nicholas, Y. Farkas, N. Lopson- slci, S. McCaffer+y, C. Nush, D. Dobbs. Row 4: S. Wall, N. Edelman, F. Mullner, R. Ladiclc, J. Graver, J. l-lorvalh, B. Nederosfelc. Row 5: C. Erdosy, S. Zaharchulc, R. Klipple, G. Bolcma, N. Koch- er, D. Moser, K. Deiberl, J. Kleinshusfer. Row 6: C. Miller, E. Hvazda, J. Ba rlholomew, B. Dalpezzo, S. Vlfieng, R. Schoelihammer, B. Koch, M. Hills. Row 7: N. Laubach, K. McCand- less, D. Schaeffer, M. Roman, L. Kurler, R. Bachman, M. Moy- er, B. Smilh. Row 8: D. Roherls, J. Oclenweld- er, W. Handwerk, l-l. Soll, J. Lulle, D. Paly, D. Cusler, V. Marsh. Row 9: D. Beers, D. Kochan, D. Kern, L. Laudenbach, C. Sieg- fried, J. Dornbach, D. Dieler, W. Malhern. Row IO: R. Oncheck, A. Rolh, J. Miller, M. Chrislman, J. An- fhony, R, Greener, W. Schaef- ler, J. Mesics. J g A date at eight The elglwfh grade Scienfisfs find Hwaf projecfs make science fun. The inframural baskefbail games provided SHN comoefifion for The eig!1'H1 grade championship. ,mNfr'H - .- -,v,. .,.- , . ' W -:-V,,V ,. V, - "" ' Z I 3 ,1 21 "" ,Z .,.. .113 gi ' A - 1' ,... Row I: L. Waldmann, F. Fox 5: Q ,,., , Z vw? MINSN D- We H721 J- RICE ' "". ,, , Weber, B. Arndf, R. Krause ' F24-IZ.,.:.:.:f::!: v,.- - -:gcv 125 ..-. " , -'2512:1-511,5.':?:- , .q cvfggf-QM., ,Q I :,- A , l K hi . v I ga' -A ,Ea il fha 4' page Sindy-one Our eighth grade had a split personality pa ge sixty-two Row I: R. Reph, J. Mauser, E. Falat. P, Rublno, H. Warcola, M. Hennlnqer, B. Nolt, P. Gross. Row 2: L. Schwartz, N. Werkhels- er, B. Shearer, B. Wanltslcy, R. Schatter, G. Edelman, J. Hettel- tlnger, W. Lapp. Row 3: G. Martnlck, B. Rodgers, C. Geary, G. Derhammer, N. Selvaqe, K. Sensenbach, R. Bed- narcik, L. Hansler. Row 4: B. Kocher, R. Rehrig, B. Gruloe, C. Person, P. Kulp, R. Spaclt, l. Solt, M. Fritz. Row 5: C. Fehnel, D. Green, M. A. Achey, S. Busklrlc, J. Marku- lics, A. Opllnger, K. Sorteberg, A. Kozero. Row 6: J. Tomecselc, J. Binder, J. Slpos, P. Klement, L. Wambelcl, M. Erschen, D. Muschko, R. Bod- mar. Row 7: G. Heckman, R. Eberly, M. Suranotslcy, ll. Kern, J. Bin- der, K. Kohler, D. Koeher, J. Salter. Row 8: A. Falat, D. Farber, R. Oncheclc, L. Schweitzer, P. Nyce, R. Miller, L. Miller, G. Smith. Row 9: J. Meltsch, P. Moyer, J. Genovese, B. Miller, L. Kocher, B. Grube, B. Fritz, C. Zellnslcy. Row IO: B. Brownmiller, D. Deutsch, D. Mann, D. Fi-ack. R. Eckert, B. Gasper, B. Mesics, S. Gogel. Some were in the junior high if E .E A X .AA, , . V iii page sixly-'rhree Row I: G. Zellers, J. Rifler, W. Frack, J. Kochenash, B. Roberls, A, Fenslermaker, G. Miller, E. Buslcirlc. Row 2: R. Miller, L. Belfz, R. Wahl, J. Rodgers, R, Schlegel, N, Frable, J. Cole, R. Green. Row 3: R. Simon, L. Brown, L. Kline, C. Bealer, P. Sullivan, C. Binder, H. Newhard, C. Yan- ders. Row 4: F. Silfies, R. Deiberl, R. Spengler, J. Kunfz, R. Seier, R. Schwechlen, L. Rice, C. Deppe. Row 5: J. Benjamin, C. Hahn, S. Buslcirlc, D. Heimer, S. Schaffer, A. Miller, R. Miller, K. Rockel. Row 6: J. David, B. Choronzak, S. Smover, P. Gieslce, E. Waylen, P. Reinhard, D. Zeigler, J. Hill. Row 7: R. Davis, F. Harder, E. Geiger, A. Rumsey. D. Merlz, D, Coleman, R. Moyer, S. Rader. Row 8: J. Kohler, L. Creyer, D Werkheiser, L, Mills, C. Miller, D. Haas, D. Newhard, L. Kafz. Row 9: R. Marsh, J. Brefz, R Kocher, R. Frifz, R. Anfoniulc C. Fleck, E. Fenslermaker, D Fehenel. Row I0: N. Snyder, D. Rodger J. lvlefchoe, J. Frankel, J. Fran- ya, D. Grube, A. Praelorius, J Heckman. others were in the Wolf Annex page sixfy-four Row I: S. Riegel, B. Yanders, R Green, F. Kiine, S. Trach, L Thomas, A. Schaffer, A. Hann Row 2: L. Hunsicker, B. Meckes G. Graver, R. OH, K. Bloss C. Chrisfman, R. Halfosfer, G Koruiz. Row 3: R. Sheiiock, A. Milander G. Reph, D. Ro+l'1, H. Meyers C. Ebert N. Rice, N. Zarayko Row 4: D. Shickland, D. Edeiman D. Sfrohl, W. Heiser, M. Wolf J. Tracii, L. Miller, C. Michael Row 5: S. Kufz, D. Neff, A. New- hard, F. McMurry, J. Heckman E. Kleppinger, N. Kopchak, J Moreiz. Row 6: J. Rader, M. Schwarfz, R Herrzog, D. Walkovifz. N. Sny- der, S. Hummel, R. Brunnel, T Csensi'rs. Row 7: S. Siegfried, J. Sciwranh R. Kern, J. Moyer, R. Jacoby R. Chimich, F. Smiih, J, Ward. Row 8: K. Kern, R. Klippie, G Riffer, D. Neff. B. Scheefz, S SuHon, W. Opiinqer, C. Kuip. Row 9: S. Kinsiier, R. Fensfermak- er, B. Zeilers, J. Godiska, R Solderich, C. Brobsf, E. Heck- man, K. McKiHrick. Row IO: E. Silfies, S. Barfer, G Fixl, R. Repperh L. Bahner, J Klipple, C. Spangler, L. Mi ciiaei. A Voyage to Lilliput The sevenlh graders presenled a real gone assembly program. page sixly-live Row I: S. Asbelh, D. Loch, D Chrislman, B. l-lirschell, A Vlfrighl, l-l. Plu'l'zlco, N, Kunkle D. l-lendrilgy. Row 2: L. Hunslourger, D. Der- hammer, J. Brown, T. Ruch, F Herzog, E. Heffinlrayer, J. Min- nich, M. Rice. Row 3: G. Reese, T. Smilh, V Barlholomew, E. Burger, P. Shoe- melcer, M. Guss, L. Kleppinger J. Polgar. Row 4: D. Deck, J. Miller, D Beers, R. Vogel, C. Kremus, C Wenlzel, C. Druclcenmiller, D Hall. Row 5: L. l-lellelfinger, W. Burns S. l-leckler, E, Felix, E. Oslenick D. Luck, C. Miller, C. Eric. Row 6: L. Pelers, R. Michaels, S Eberls, R. Shushinsky, G. Grol- ler, R. Wedcle, R. Minnich, K Graver. Row 7: W. Smith, 6. Slrohl, D Micio, R. Werlman. page sixi'y-six The seventh graders Row I: J. Zellers, S. iflcovifs, G. Sfevens, L. Liberio, S. Kaiser, D. Newhard, M. A. Flick, S. lf- kovils. Row 2: A. Roflw, E. While, B. Koh- ler, C. Sieger, B. Fenslermalcer, N. McKee-ver, M. E. Livenguilw, VV. Zalcos. Row 3: F. Frack, W. Traclw, M. Krafzer, R, Kromer, M. Drake, E. Morefz, L. Ailwerliolf, J. Sclwelly. Row 4: T. Wallers, L. Reimer, L. Werley, J. Benneff, C. Cl'1ris+- man, J. Hnaflw, D. Green, S. Reimer. Row 5: J. Cole, R. Krafzer, J, Sfrolwl, M. Flick, J. Waylan, E. Wright D. Deck, W. Mauser. Row 6: M. Green, T. Weber, J. Legallw, B. Williamson, R. Ber- nell, R. Saul, J. Longenbaclw, R. Corfrighl. Row 7: C. Kopler, L. Suranofsky, B. Legler, J. Kurfz, E. Hahn, S. Remaley, P. Heyer, D. Beers. Row 8: W. Zalcos, E. Sullivan, V. Declw, M. Bielil, P. I-lulli, F. Bah- ner, M. Coover, S. Moyer. Row 9: J. Arncll, L. Bender, S. Snyder, B. McCari'y, B. Bird. T. Schwarz, W. Drelwer, F, Maclces. Row IO: 5. Brerman, M. Rehrig. J. Billweimer, E. Van Buslcirlc, K. Douglweriy, G. Heclcman, M. Smalleri, H. Sfulz. had their own residence page sixfy-seven Row I: H. Rupinski, C. Silfies, R Horvalli, G. Beers. D. Ballief L. Acluey. J. Wunderler, R. Ben- SOD. Row 2: D. Daley, K. Smiflw, A. Bal- Iiei, L. Ruclw, L. Lamberf, A Molwrey, R. Grube, R. Hansler Row 3: R. Gill, J. Sclseckler, L Clwrisfofl, M, Danner, K. Heffel- linger, J. DeVardo, N. Gray, M. Werner. Row 4: C. Dransclwalc, S. Hilberf A. Monlaniure, N. Sclmeller, J Kish, S. Moyer, N. Mann, L Sparrow. Row 5: A. Becker, C. Kuniz, K. Heni+zleman, E. Buskirk, N. Beck- er, M. Hieslancl, C. Hall. C. Reimerl. Row 6: Hechman, R. Becker, J. Zialyk, L. Meyers, D. Green, R. Rehrig, D. Zialyk, W. Rehrig Row 7: R. Gilbert R. Dech. G. Welslw, R. Reinlwarl, G. New- hard, R. Newlwarl, R. Spengler, R. DelPezzo, D. Amy. Row 8: D. Micio, R. Grube, M. Sillies, B. Longenback, J. Phil- lips, J. Sfruckland, B. Mooney, M. Smillu. Row 9: E. Hammer, A. Eclleman, M. Fraclx, A. Baclwman, W. Kirslnner, W. Baclwman, W. Kick- line. Row IO: J. Peynler, L. Beil, R. Hochman, M. Mifchell, J. Kra- mer, G. Mafhern, H. Merfz, B. Kleppinger. n in the Wolf Annex page sixly-eighl' Row I: J. Beil, K. Sillies, H. Gov- er, W. Solderich, J. Schadusky P, Fenslermalcer, W. Koclc'er,'D Surarfsky. Row 2: T. Ahern, M. Kochenash, A. Derhammer, R. Heffelfinger, L. Lamberf, N. Yohn, L. New- hard, D. Snyder. Row 3: R. Gill, J. Arlhur, D. Ehr- ig, K. Hubert J. Dufe, J. De- Narclo, C. Geary, G. Werkhels- ef. Row 4: L. Smllh, C. Cusler, L. O'Brian, M. Scheller, D. Hen- ninger, D. Reph, N. Buss, S. Lapiack. Row 5: C. Minnich, B. Laslro, S. Berman, K. Berger, L. Wambold, P. Berman, L. Roberis, R. Kern. Row 6: S. Ruff, L. Wahl, J. Ziafylc, S. Berman, J. Siegfried, S. Cho- ronzalc, R. Keiser, J. Schlegel. Row 7: D. Koch, B. Neff, D. Berg, B. Galgon, D. Jasciello, C. Shar- kazy, W. Rice, K. Graver. Row 8: R. Hahn, D. Sawlca, W. Heclcman, J. Gunfar, C. Selfzer, C. Green, H. Zellner, C. Mein- harl. Row 9: W. Messenlehner, R. Kern R. McCowan, F. Fraclc, E. Fausf J. Dreisegrneyer, T. Fehnel, C Lower. Row I0: J. Nierer, E, Weber, W Praelorius, L. O'Briern, C. Mack es, W. Zialyk, W. Rogers, R Manogue. .,-.....W. " wwwww 1' wiv, S ww mam 'QQ V N ,fly 3 4- VJQM' .6 ,w ,, s.-.,. . , 'ffhw ' ' 'f A ,, f'v."Hw,,' gg WK , 4:59, . , .:gq1.,aw, V X WSI5 23,52-fh55.,42ifQf 1 Q 'fwsagww M'?wafl.QQ'jH 112 gil' aw WfM?f2 52? 6 L "Wf4ffeV cixxlwmgfffgf W sw Mfcm.,,. :ww , Am- hx? Cars and Books - Bound for Adventure umm erik Take off lhe handbrakel Driver lraining is a special course in our curriculum, designed io produce safer, more capable drivers on our crowded highways. The beginning drivers received The rype of lraining lhal eliminaled worry and nervousness behind fhe wheel. Our inlrepid inslruclor rrained us lo cope wilh all lypes ol driving and mechanical problems and gave us confidence ro become skillful drivers. Daily, The lirsl morning e broughl a large group of sludenls 'ro The library lor various pur poses - To check lhe newspaper headlines, lo gel informahon for homework assignmenls or lo find a lavorile book. Miss Fluck and her crew of eflicieni assislanls kepr our well-equipped library in smooih working order. 7 Tongue twisting techniques Languages are the cornerstones ot our knowledge ot civilizations ot other nations. Learning to speak and read other languages is the gateway to universal under- standing. There are tour lang- uages - English, Latin, German, and French - taught at NAJHS. Everyone had studied English since the beginning ot his schoe lastic career. A solid comprehen- sion ot this, our native tongue, opens the door to many untamiliar subjects and enables us to speak intelligently with our tellow man. Latin, which can be called the basis ot all languages was the next step. "Puellae et pueri" studied the lite and history ot one ot the world's toremost leaders, Julius Caesar, and compared our lite with that ot a Roman teenager. The German class studied the backgrounds ot many ot our own tamilies and tound their customs, tolklore, and gay carols, tamiliar and tascinating. Parlez vous trancais? Learning to converse with a true Parisian ac- cent and to understand the lang- uage were two main goals ot our French course. By better knowing and compre- hending the people ot the world through their languages, perhaps we can make the world a triendlier and sater place in which to live. Anyone want a ticket to the Globe Theater7 Caesars recruits in Latin class page seventy-one Joyeux Noel a tout le monde r. Wizard's Proteges To one chemis'I"s TesT Tuloe add one iovial proTe:sor, 35 would-be scienTisTs, a conglomeraTion oT ap- paraTus, unidenTiTiable odors and Tumes, and early morning hours used Tor memorizing valence sheeTs - The resulT - one senior chemisTry class. VJIII wonders never cease? Aquariums, Terrariums, and her- bariums keep The sophomores in shape as They masTer The biologi- cal cycles OT planT and animal liTe. Mr. Snyder and Mr. Clauser, our Tlora and Tauna connoisseurs, direcT The annual wild-Tlower saTaris and insTrucT These amaTeur enTomolo- gisTs on The secreTs of insecT liTe. Young caTalyTic agenTs speed up Their reacfions DensiTy . . . specific graviTy . . . aTomic weighT . . . This scienTiTic jargon Transformed The neophyTes To novice scienTisTs. Observing various enlighTening experimenTs and demonsTraTions, lisTening care- Tully To direcTions, and Then aT- TempTing experimenTs, provided Them wiTh The menTal Tools Tor cre- aTing Tufure scienTisTs. The annual Science Fair provided a beneTicial opporTuniTy Tor our EinsTeins To ex- hilaiT Their abiliTy and gain recogni- Tion in scienTiTic Tield. Higher primaTes invesTigaTe lower coelenTraTes page sevenI'y-Two Funn numbers GOT iT now, SchniTz? ff A il Nssipgf s-- N, - il NK Was iT This rough 'lor EinsTein, Too? Burning The midnighT oil came naTurally To our seniors when solid geomeTry and Trig noTebooks were due. STudenTs in business maTh and bookkeeping had Their prob- lems Too - oh, Tor The good old days when TracTions and algebra were The hardesT lessons we had. As sophomores we Tacklecl equa- Tions and enTered Tu'rTher inlo The mysTeries oT higher maThemaTics. TT This wasn'T enough, The die was casT when plane geomeTry classes gave us our mosT Trying iunior memories. MaThemaTicians beware when These graduaTes of The slide rule and compass Take Their place in The TuTure! page sevenTy-Three From Social Laments to Current Events These could cause phobophobia. SouTh America . . . TvienTal healTh . . . lncome Tax . . . Civil War. . . Each one oT These Topics as well as scores oT oThers were Tully covered as The classes concenTraTed on The "persons, places, and Things" in The news. The sophomores Tound Themselves surrounded by cavemen, Romans, and many oTher races aTTempT- ing To make Their marlc in world hisTory. The sTruggle and rise oT America broughT many problems To our juniors. They soon learned ThaT even Though America was small, iT had many im- mense and inTricaTe problems. By being parlor psychologisirs in social living class, The senior sTudenTs Tound ThaT The human being wiThin iTselT was in as much Turmoil as in The world around him. Analyzing The social liTe of some sTu- denTs provided much inTormaTion Tor Those who had been in doubT abouT daTes, manners, and appear- ance problems. In problems of democracy our sTudenTs became amaTeur auThors as They spenT innumerable hours Toiiing over Their noTeboolcs. The problems of demo- cracy sTudenTs and The local newspaper became inseparable when currenT evenTs were concerned. Also included in This course were sTudies of world neighbors, The governmenTs, and Tiling income Tax reTurns. And so, by means oT social sTudies we hope To Turn The misTal4es oT The pasT inTo The successes oT The TuTure. Mr. Ramsey explains foreign relaTions To The P. of D. sTudenTs. page sevenTy-Tour Keys to the Business World The surn is equal To The ToTal oT The parTs. ,?"i"ff- 6 -5-:V .-1' rf' ..,. : 'U f' ., " Q i W Tl VA, 4 , C jd' .:' is "'1 : 'T I ' -. " Tag 9' Q: "Time", signiTies The end oT an- oTher speed TesT and our girls in The pen and pencil seT cross Their Tingers Tor ThaT coveTed 70 W.P.M. cerTiTicaTe. These gals noT only Took dicTaTion louT had To TranslaTe shorThand lhieroqlyphics To us.l Remember accuracy before speed. The pride and ioy oT The TacuTTy. our TuTure secreTaries, ma5Tered The diTTo machine as They prepared our six weelcs TesTs and oTher schooT maTerial. Boolclceeping, Enq- Iish, and commercial ariThrneTic, all in The line oT business, rounded ouT The curriculum Tor These busi- ness-minded sTudenTs. Balance ThaT budgelx Mrs. Geiger - our mosT popular dicTaTor From lurninq melal on a lalhe io making end 'fables - lhal is whai our iulure machinisls and carpenlers did wiih ease. Our skilled crallsmen learned how To operare saws, lafhes, planes, and various drill presses. During lhe course of lhe year ihey demon- sfrared Jrheir skill af draiiing and leafher craii. The boys made fur- nilure of all kinds and helped in conslruciing slage scenery. Afler lraining in ihis vocaiion our crafis- men will be prepared To handle larger consrrucfion proiecis. Print - hop Qur lulure prinlers did every- lhinq from sorlinq rype io running ihe lillle Giani. The rolary press. Their favoriie implemenis, ihe iob s+ick, line gauge, and job case, page sevenly-six were as familiar io Jrhem as our own pens and pencils are 'ro us. The priniinq siaff was called upon io make programs and Jrickeis for praciically all social funciions in Jrhe school. Domestic Domain Onels sense of smell is siimulal- ed as one walks pasi ihe Three rooms Thai comprise our Home Economics Deparimenf. Wiihin ihese rooms, Mrs. l-larned and Mrs. de Schweinilz display Jrheir Jralenls of sewing and cooking To iheir many classes. Packing lunches for our fooiball players, baking Chrisi- mas cookies, making chocolafe Easier eggs, and sewing Easier oui- fils provided The girls wilh a prac- iical and educalionally rewarding experience. Sew - This is how io save money on a wardrobe. -----gg than Double, double loil and Trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble. page se .fenfyeseyen 41 Note Our Music Staff Our TlaTs are cerTarnly sharp. Our promising young prodigies are schooled in The laTesT TooTin' Techniques during Their weekly in- sTrumenTal classes. Mr. Raymond Becker is Their capable Teacher. From The TluTe and piccolo To The Tuba, TrumpeT, and Trombone, any musiceminded sTudenT can Tind ex- perT advice behind The door oT The band room. The Tinal rounding ouT oT our musical culTure is accomplished by our Theory classes in junior high school. ln addiTion To sTudying lcey signaTures and chord Torma- Tions, lvlrs. Thelma SanTee gives us insTrucTion in wriTing our own sim- ple Tunes. Because music is The only lang- uage The whole world speaks and undersTands, iT is a viTal parT of our curriculum, Mrs. SanTee explains The science of music. page sevenTy-eighT welcome change from classes ln lceeping wiTh The old adage "a sound mind in a sound body" The school has creaTed a compre- hensive physcial educaTion pro- gram. This gym program provides an ouTleT Tor emoTions and energy and malies Teamworlq and coopera- Tion a realiTy. Under The supervi- sion oT lvlrs. l-lelen Wanisko The girls enioy a diversiTied program which includes baslceTball, baseball, soccer, Tield hockey. and dancing. The boys parTicipaTe in gymnasTics. TooTball, baseball, baslceTball, box- ing and cannonball, under The guidance oT lvlr. Al Erdosy. ln order To beTTer inTorm The public oT The purpose and goals oT This program The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT sponsors an annual gym exhibiTion. We all have our ups and downs These girls are head over heels abouT gym class. page sevenTy-n E ne An application and appreciation of aesthetics 5 Try a dab ot red here . . . Dark- en the slcy in this section . . . Cor- rect the perspective . . . These were all very tamiliar remarlcs ex- pressed by our instructor, Mr. Mel- vin Kleppinger, as he attempted to bring out the creative potentiali- ties in our school's talent Rem- brandts. Our very complete art course ottered a media tor every persons taste and provided toun- dations tor protitable hobbies. Our art room became the crux ot all activity when the call tor scenery and decorations was ex- tended by directors in Christmas Vespers, Senior Class Plays, and Spring Concerts. The climax ot the year was real- ized in early May in the torm ot an Art Exhibit. The students beamed with pride as they ushered their appreciative parents among their tinished products. This oc- casion was highlighted by several students displaying their accom- plishments and techniques in the ditterent media. Our art curriculum provides experiences in many media. page eighty Z'-'S NAJHS Trusteeship Council Senior High STudenT Council SiTTing: S. Graver, J. Morey, F. I-lobel, C. Mills, J. T-luTnick E. Hensel. STanding: D. Frey, G. Buss, J. Yurish, R. Fredick, G. STephany. J. Schmidt J. Koehler, J. KenT, G. l-iaydT A Laubach lsponscrl IT iT's a visiT To The U. N. ThaT you wanT. iusT sTep inTo room :H:4I and wiTness The aTTernoon session oT our House oT RepresenTaTives. Mr. AI Laubach. TaculTy advisor, presided over The home-room en- voys as They developed governing and leadership skills. Junior Red Cross looxes. The saie oT our school pennanTs. and The wonderTui ChrisTmas Ball were all planned and arranged by These husTling school leaders. In The lower house Tloor leader Mr. William Laubach Took charge oT The Junior l-ligh School repre- senTaTives. The Tall and spring dances were The social evenTs on Top oT Their calendar. Junior High STudenT Council SiTTing: B. Zellner, S. Zaharchik, C. RockoviTs, M. Wenner, N. Snyder, D. WalkoviTs. STanding: M. Moyer, B. Reph, N. Werheiser, R. Davis, W. Laubach lsponsori, D. Rockel. page eighTy-Two Character - Service - Leadership - Scholarship Look whal Sania broughl Miss Laubach ai 'rhe Honor Sociely Chrisimas parfy. These siudenls, leaders ol lheir class who excelled in scholarship, characler, leadership, and service, comprised The Nalional l-lonor So- ciely. Under The direclion oi Miss Marion Laubach lhey slrived lo promoie slandards oi good cilizen- ship and good scholarship. A+ lheir monlhly meelings lhese sludenls planned aclivilies ihal would benea iii The eniire school. ln order lo carry our deeds ol service, lhe members conducled a 'ruloring syslem lhal provided lhe sludenl body wilh help in various subiecis. The sociely sponsored lhe "Valen- iine Rendezvous." a dance which was held in February. Their lasl gel-logelher oi Jrhe year was The annual picnic where everyone re- viewed +he year's happenings and acquainled Jrhe new members from The junior class wilh The purposes and slandards lhey would have lo uphold. Nalional Honor Sociely Sealed: l-l. Banlqowslci, D. Sluber, D. Kochenash, D. Morilz, B. l-luiniclc Isl row: J. Schmidi, M. Benninger, J. Zialylc, J. Mazur, A. Miller, C. Jones, D. Yandrischovilz, D. Yanders, J. Slim l D. Falman. 2nd row: T. Keller, J. Milisils, R.Gougl1er, P. Kirchlcesner, C Saller, L. Tanzosh, A. Zaharchalc, L. Suller, A. Gas er Miss Laubach, adviser. page eighly-ihree TRI - Trying to uphold school standards Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Beck lo Fronl: Isl row: B. Klulzarilz, S, Seller, M. Tanzos, J. Grover, M .Mummey. J. l-lulniclc, J. Spaihls, E. Messenlehner, P. Pelrick, G. Fruhman. 2nd row: E. i-lensel, M. Poandl, B. Horn, K. Dilcher, P. Trech, D. Mooney, G. Smilh, R. Tomasciiz, P. Temos, P, Zialylc. 3rd row: J. Pole, S. Berne. 4th row: D, Kocher, E. Miller, Slh row: S. Cowling, S. Raclclille. blh row: P. Miko, B. Wuchler. Big business - Bela Tri-Hi-Y sold relreshmenls al baslcelball games. The Bela Tri-l-li-Y group Their walchword, lhey pre- wes kepl lousy selling refresh- Senged qgfis +0 Jfhe needy menls el lhe school baslcel- bell games and wresllinq melches. Using "service" as children al Chrislmes and Easier lime. page eighly-four L01 . ' ff, Hl - High ideals are our goal F 1. 4 I. A I ' ... 1 Bela Tri-Hi-Y Back lo Froni: Isl row: M. Meriz, P. Green, E. Beichman, D. Kemme er, 2nd row: R. Dech, J. Viffeand, M. Kremmerer, D. Faiman 3rd row. M. Pelmcelli, D. Soadt P. Kline, S. Siermer, S. Rockoviis, P. Schmidl, A. Miifer, J, Schmidt R Burian 4+h row: S. Me Sih row: N. B 6+h row: J. M 71h row' ic, L. Tanzosh. N. Trach, E. Siiiies, P. Miiler, E. Borbacs, S. Faizinger, Mrs. Obrechi, adviser, P, Giiberi, D. Scho yer, M. Benninger. achman, S. Recker, S. Siroh, D. Yanders. azur, B. Michael, J. Slimpfl, A. Gasper. M. Kraynick, A. Szep, D. Hirschrnan, K. Engler. Wishing won'l do Hg Saving will - The Alpha Tri-Hi-Y provided us wirh +he opporlunify of buying saving siamps each week. key Day" game by selling chrysanihemums. They help- ed siress good grooming and good manners during Janu- ary by sponsoring a Couriesy Week. The Alpha Tri-l-li-Y served ihe school by selling savings siarnps 'fo The siudenl' body ihroughouf ihe year. Al Thanksgiving Time ihey add- ed more color 'ro our "Tur- page eig h lyfive - To prepare us for the future Zela Tri-Hi-Y Back fo Eroniz Isl 21d 3rd 4lh 51h bllw 71'h 8,h FOWI FOWI TOVH 'OWS FOWZ FOWZ FOWI FOWC Mrs, l-lauke. adviser, D. Zwiclsle, R. Bird, P. Lahu B. Mills, P. Mills, R. Phillips, N. Rofh. J. Smilh, T. Slcrapifs, G. Vifelzel, M. Shunlc. P. Knopf, D. Kohler, M. Sever, E. Wunderler. S, Rush, J. Schloller, S, Graver, A. I-landwerk. R. Pelrucelli, B. Moser. S. Koran, F. Tanzosh. P. Chrisiman, M. l-lussar. Preparing for Turkey Day - Zela Tri-Hi-Y sold "rah-rah" shakers for The big game To enliven our foo+ball afieniion 'ro lheir good 4350195-llle Zela TVl'l'll'Y Sold neighborly proiecls al'Chr1sl "rah-rah shakers" 'ro The sfu denis. The girls gave muc Ig mas lime. page eighfy-six Any News is Good News Concrefe Courier lsi' row: P. Kirchkessner, J. Fox, M. Kraynick, D. Morifz, R. Burianic, S. Sieiner, S. Beers, G. Wefzell. 2nd row: L. Morirz, S. Gerney, S. Kopier, J. Mazur, P. Gardner, L. Tanzosh, D. Yosi, P. Werner, D, Kill. 3rd row: C. Hess, B. Fields, P. Sickonic, R. Nickischer, J. Smiih, S. Rockoviis, T. Skrapiis, B. Paynfer, S. Radcliffe, P. Trach. 4+h row: P. Hall, E. Messenlehner, P. Rehrig, S. Shoemaker, S. Dreher, J. Schloifer, P. Dal Pezzo, N. Rolh, B. Mills, G. Fruhman, M. Mulasiis. 5lh row: R. Gougher, Mr. Harry Wall ladviserl. "A++en+ion Courier sialic", says The voice over The infercom, "Facul+y advis- or Harry B. Wall announces ihai all as- signmenis are due iodayf' Once again rhe wheels are sei inio moiion as srafl' members make ihai' final eiforr io mee+ fhe deadline. Reporrers busily weave 'ro- geiher ridbirs oi iniormaiion, puffing ihe finishing Jrouches on lheir ever popu- sprinkling of aihleiic jargon 'ro round off reporis on 'rhe varied evenis. The pa- per's four ediiors refwriie porfions of column maierial, keeping in mind Jrhe many helpful poiniers 'rhey gleaned while ariending ihe Temple Press Tournament an annual iournalisfic highlight Assign- menis in, checked, prinied, and anoiher edifion of ihe Concreie Courier reaches lar "Gleanings" column. Sporis wriiers all homerooms. scan rheir back page spread, adding Aspiring reporlers. Original canelidaies for The Press Tournameni page eighly-seven The AMPTENN AN Staff The TalenTs of nearly a hundred busy people were employed in un- Tolding The annual Tale oT a Typical high school year. While The ediTors wroTe, re- wroTe, and perTecTed Their copy, The business sTaTT pursued iTs cli- enTs Tor The necessary Tinancial supporTs. The viTal iob of arranging The maTerial ThroughouT The book be- longed To The layouT sTaTT. ETTicienT secreTaries Typed The approved draTTs, while The arTisTs added Their special Touch To The pages. Our phoTographers cap- Tured and developed The year's sTory in picTures. IT was maddening, someTimes exciTing, buT always saTisTying -- The producTion of The l957 Amp- Tennian. EdiToriaI Sfaff Upper leTT-SeaTed: D. MoriTz, H. Mi- lander lCo-ediTorsl. STanding: C. Jones, C. SalTer, W. Moo- ney, D. Kochenash, T. Messenlehner M. Kraynick, B. Huiniclc, C. Moyer J. Fox. Absen+ J. MilisiTs. Lower leTT, Home Room SecreTaries- SeaTed: S. Meyer, D. Yanders, D, Yan drischoviTz, P. Miller, P. Gilbert STand' ing: Mrs. Geiger. Lower righT-D. SpadT, E. Bachman, H Silfies. page eighTy-eighT Central Intelligence Secrelarial Slaff Umper riglwl, sealed-Isl' row: S, Meyer B. Foclnl, J. Schmidt S. Roclcovils, A Miller, S. Slroh. 2nd row: Mrs. Geiger, N. Baclnman, O Beers, L. Tanzoslw, S. Slermer, M. Merlz, N. Rice. 3rd row' D Yosl A Gas er M. Ben- . . , . p , ninqer, J, Becker, P. Sclwmidl. 4-Hi row: J. Mesics, D. Falman, J. Kohler D. Yanders. Ari Sfaff Cenler riqhlYSealed: D. Slimpfl. Sluber, J Slandinqz M. Kozero, Mr. Kleppinger, H. Banlcowslci, Business Sfaff Lower riqhl--Isl row: E. Sillies, J Wieand, P. Gilbert D. Yandrisclwovifz J. Henning, J. Mazur. 2nd row: S. Falzinger, P. Schell, S. Kulp li. Borbacs. R. Decli, A. Gallegas. 3rd row: D. Mellscln, P. Miller, M. Sipos 4H'w row: D. Billweimer, J. Valkauee, J Kohler, L. Kremus. Sllw row: J. Szerensils, P. Kulzier, R Roberls. Missing from piclure: G. Repperf, J Luciano, B. Marslw, D. Smiilw, L. O'Brien, G. Zaraylco. Layoul' S+a'Ff l.el+fSlar1ding: G. Sleiany, N. Koehler S. Neclwesly, J. Sanlee, C. Kolriler A. Szep, D. Hirsclwman, P. Kline. Sealed: M. Kowalysnyn, I. Lapp, R. Koch page eiglwly-nine Contests, Concerts, Clinics Girls' Ensemble Ist row J Chernanslcy, L. Bollman, B. Rector, L. Everett, E. Miller, B. Miller, S. Cowling. 2nd ro F Greene, C. Jones, H. Banlcowslci, J. Christman, N. McMurry, C. Lisetslci, C. Kohler, N. Moyer, H. Wolt, C Hess 3rd ro D Stuber, A. Michalgylc, S. Bilheimer, D. Smith, C. Salter, Mrs. T. Santee ladviserl, D. Seiler, M. Kowalyshyn, S Nachesty J Miltenberger, T. Hatt. Selected trom the larger chorus were twenty seven ot our top songsters to torm the Girls' Ensemble. These girls, identitied by their blue shirtwaist dress- es, worlced hard at pertecting tone gua- lity and developing a time singing per- sonality. Our singers were proud ot their Forensics ratings and were in much de- mand by civic organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley. Perhaps one ot the most popular mu- sical organizations in the school, the chorus. under the direction ot Mrs. Thel- ma Santee and Mr. Raymond Becker, page ninety boasted a membership ot nearly one- hundred and titty voices. The chorus per- tormed outstandingly in the Christmas Vespers and in the Spring Music Con- cert. In addition to these two programs the chorus attended the annual choral clinic at Latayette, where the group pertorm- ed under the leadership ot John Ray- mond. Selected chorus members later attended district and state choruses. The program calendar was completed when the combined choruses ot Northampton and Catasauqua participated in a tinal choral clinic. For our musicians Boys' Chorus lsl' row: G. Slelany, E. lielwnel, C. Replw, C. OH, D. Tarnow, R. Galgon, J. Messenlelnner. 2nd row: L. Vlferlclweiser, D. Kern, P. Pelriclr, A. Relmer, R. Johnson, D, Hall. 3rd row: J. Declm, R. VVerner, J. Marks, S, Anllnony, J. Kenl, J. Troxell, J. Reese. 4+h row: A. Messenlelwner, A. Zaclwarclwulc, Mr. R. Becker, adviser, W. Mooney, T. Keller. Girls' Chorus lsl row: Mrs. T. Sanlee, adviser: H. Vfoll, N. McMurrry, C. Jones, C. Kolwler, H. Banlcowslcl, D. Sluber, A Hummel, C. Heclcrnan, P. Zialyk, S. Cowling. 2nd row: P. Hall, J. Lablslw, G. Smollclc, J. Spailxls, J, Smlllm, E. Sieglried, E. Koclwer, J. Ferrel, V. Bulz. 3rd row: N. Koehler, B. Vxfilllams, J. Greene, R. Hellellinqer, P. Kurlz, B, Schafer, D. Mooney, P. Werner P. l-laydl. 4ll'1 row: M. Sclwwarlz, S. Gilbert L. Kaslilc, L, Derluammer, E. Fraclc, P. Slclconlc, D. Clwelnuly, M. Smallen T. Half. 5ll'1 row iD. l-lerlnlnger, T. Sillies, M. Lovelace, S. Jones, S. Bell, L. Kern, D. Zelinsky, B. Marsh. bllm row: J. Becker, J. Mesics, P. Relwrig, D. Yandrischovils, L. O'Brlen, P. Mills, S. Oplinger, S. Gelz. 7l'l1 row: J. Chrisfman, A. Miclnalgylc, C. Saller, B. Reclor, D. Seller, C. Llselski, B. Miller, S. Herd. Slanclingz C. Hess, M. Kowalyslnyn, L. Everefl, J. Millenberger, N. Moyer, S. Naclwesly, S. Billwelmer, D. Smilh L. Bollman, J. Clwernanslcy, E. Miller, F. Greene. page nlnefy-one Our band t s Exlreme lerl: Mr. Raymond Becker, adviser. Column I: Column 2: Column 3: Column 4: Column 5: Column 6: This group of accomplished musicians. under The guidance of our capable di- reclor, Mr. Raymond Becker, enlerlained us in assemblies, pep rallies, and con- cerl's. Precision marching and fancy for- malions were lrue speciallies Thar held Band T. Messner, J. Becker, C. Reph, D. Rogers, R. Hanfz, R. Hoffman, J. lvlellch, A, Ferrei. J. Schelller, T. Keller, M. Smallen, P. Lerch, P. Kircheshner, L. Person. R. Person. R. I-lefflefinger, M. lNel+y, E. Seiqlried, L. Scholl, B. Newharl. R. Derkils, N. Moyer, D. Smilh, C. OH, R. Creyer, H. Hulh. R. Galgon, B. Reclor, S. Barlholomew, J. Messner, B. Kocher, D. Koehler, M. Losonski. A. Lubenelsky, D. Seilier, J. Newharl, J. Topfer, R. Bowen, L. Werkheiser, R. Fehnl. page ninefy-Two our inferesl al foolloall half-lime. Every iwo years il's members enjoy a l'rip lo New York Cily and each June fhe band climaxes 'rhe year's acfivilies wi+h a con- cerf al Dorney Park. chea per by the dozen MajoreTTes LelT To righT: M. Barall, J. Greene, L. EvereTT, P. Hall, F, Greene, S. GeTz, M. Lovelace, L. Kaslik, B. BrobsT, 5. Herd, N. Koehler, M. Krayniclcl Head MaioreTTel. was Their rendiTion of The CharlesTon A colorTul TwenTy, The N.A.J.H.S. do'ie To The music OT The VarsiTy Drag. maioreTTes and colorguards. seT a lively pace Tor our band. A Time group oT loyal misses paraded our colors Through vari- ous parades and TooTball game halT- Time refiews. Especially eye caTching The squads. capTained by Marcia Kray- niclc and Isabelle Lapp, were under The leadership of Raymond Becker, band direcTor. LeTT To righT: S. NachesTy, l. Lapp, E. Messenlehner, L. Derhammer, A. Michalgylc, S. Gerny, K. Dilcher, S. Koptfer. page nineTy-Three Accenting the lights Slage Crew Sealed: B. Laub, J. Luciano. Slandingz J. Turbelslcy, J. lvlilisils. The laslc ol ellicienl handling and operaling of slage equipmenl' was delegaled lo lhe slage crew, who in realily were lhe men behind 'rhe scenes. Their volunlary lime and elliorls made assemblies, ves- pers, concerls, and various olher programs lar more enjoyable lo lhe viewing audience. . ' 1 hppiiie ' " ,W ,- h a f , ,M f ' T "ff"-":.f:..1"".4?7, -U ati. , T ,, ,M xx ri.. fi ' ,-W'--g,-,M f v 1 - : ' 1 l-IB " " -. -,. f "M l 1 Pholography Club Isl row: D. Tarnow, P. Chrislman, B. Bodo, J. Hirlle, B. lvliller. l 2nd row: B. Williams, C. Dilcher, B. Fields, S. Scharanzalf, M. l-lolliclc, P. Lahula, J. Schegal. 3rd row: Inslruclor lvlr. Papp, G. Vlfanislco, J. Troxell, W. lvlooney, lvl. lvlondficlc, J. Kenl, W. l-loclcman, D. Tullco. The Pholography Club, which was localed down deep our Amplennian piclures in lhe dark room and displaying in lhe basement aimed lo develop piclures 'rhal would lhem in lhe showcase was one imporlanl phase of 'rhe win prizes in The spring pholography conlesl. Developing club's worlc. page ninely-four www in f ...... -Y R Row Row. Row Row Row Row Badge of Merit - the "N" Varsify 'N' Club Kochenash, J. Mlllsllss, lvl. Kraynlck, I. Lapp, P. Kirchlcesner, D. Scholl, T. Chuss, A. Vogel. Grabarils, J. Eruchak, R. Fehnel, R. Reimer, C. M oyer. lvlessenlehner, J. Recker, L. Brellfeller, R. Gougher, C. Hoffman. Billy, J. Spanlfz, A. Zaharczuk, C. Bodnar, C. K unrzlemen. Kucharczulc, M. Wrighl, W. Hucalulc, S. Anlhony, J. lvlllcsils, L. Suffer. Shimer, H. Guss, F. Marlh, B. Feidler, G. Nlckolas, Mr. H. Wall, adviser page ninefy-five The N Club under The sponsor- ship of Mr. Harry Wall supporfed all school aclivilies. During 'rhe loofloall season, They backed lhe learn by selling palron names, pro- grams, and boosler rags. They handled The prinlinq, dislribufion and selling of Hclcels, poslers, and schedules. Whislcey measures Holly for his swealer. Our Sportsmen share outdoor life Fishing Club Row I: J. Schell, J. ATTrill, R. l-laydi. Row 2: R. Tanzos, J. Gavura, L. Livengood, A. l'-leTTelTinger, l-l. Mills. Row 3: J. SkrapiTs, A. Lubeneslcy, M, Uhericlc, A. Chimarys, K. Reph. Row 4: R. Koch, G. Shoemaker, R. GroTT. Rifle Club Row l: D. Diclcerman, A. Reimer, D. Frey, J. Derr, Row 2: Mr. Henry Weir, adviser, M. Kern, C. Benson, G. Miller, E. Pellco, J. Snyder. pa ge nineTy-six The ouTdoor minded sporTsmen parTicipaTed in Fishing and RiTle Clubs. Fish- ing club, direcTed by The MasTer Angler, Mr. Michael LiseTslci, dealT wiTh all The various phases oT Tishing lore. Tying flies. c a s Ti n g, and sToclcing fish were included in The year round program. The marlismen oT The Class were in RiTle Club. This group under The guidance oT Mr. l-lenry Weir discussed The inTricacies oT good shooT- ing and gun handling. Fol- lowing The rule, "A good shooTer is a saTe shooTer," They acquainTed Themselves wiTh various weapons and demonsTraTed saTeTy in using Them. Beauty and Brawn Gym Team Sfanding: C. Danner, J. Chernanslcy, D. While, D. Srnilh, D. Henninger, inslruclor Mrs. Wanisko. Sealed: P. Kline. Girls physical educaiion was no'r al a slandslill af N.A.J.l-l.S. This selecl group. +he gym leam, was challenged conslanlly b mals, rings, rhyihm danc- ing, parallel bars, calisfhenics, and The Trampoline. Weighf Club Kneeling: Adviser H. Wail, L. Breilfeller, R. Fehnel, F. Marlh, J. Yurish, R. Sanlo, T. Keller, R. Gougher Slanding: K. Niclcscher, M. Billy, G. Ballz, G. Barlholomew, l. Rissmiller, D. Frey, T. Chuss, J. Spanilz C. Kunfzlernan, M. Gunlher, M. Chuss, B. Bell NlVeigh+ Club is an original and inferesling club spnosored by Mr. l-larry Wall. Composed of 'rhe wreslling squad and olher body building enlhusiasls. 'rhis group meels every Monday and Thursday 'ro build physique and body co-ordinalion fhrough a conirolled program of exercise and weighllillring. page ninely-seven Fight Black and Grange ! ! ! Cheerleaders SeaTed: J. Chernansky, D. Chehuly, L. Bollman. STanding: J, Fox. B. Kopfer, C. Lisefski. PracTice shouTs Tor laTer bouTs - our cheerleaders give us praclice Tor The Thanksgiving Day game DespiTe wind and weaTher This small group OT sp2riTod gals leT loose wiTh The cheers on The Tield and The courT. T1 mid-TooTball seaso'i They compleTed Their uniTorrns by receiving heavy black sweaTers sporTing orange acTiviTy leTTers. Headed by iTs only senior member, Joy Fox, They exuberanTly represenTed us ThroughouT The baslceTball and Toolball seasons by Their spiriT, rhyThrn, and pep. page nineTy-eighT 1 uf- wr- . .,,, 5 ,Q . - 1: ' .Eigm ,V 9 ww: .., H ' V. nf a 'Nw W 1 4 I ., if 54 1 ' .X f QQ 3 , .... m x w asf 6 5 1, aff 2 'safe -:. :.:,,.w' ff 4 - - - --.-.2.:.1.:V:......,.2..1E:-:-,,- .::.:....,. . 1- M ia 1- Q :-:::,g: 1 a- : 54 V, fag, , as 4 ' September Summer was over: school was in session. Some sTudenTs were glad, some sad. Walking Through our school, we saw new Taces - Teachers' as well as sTu- denTs'. Someone always managed To geT losT Those TirsT Tew days. The Teachers checked and recheclced The lisT oT names given To Them To see ThaT everyone was in class. All proceeded well Through a monTh OT readiusTmenT. IT will noT be many SepTemloers Trom now beTore all members oT senior high school will wallf up new sTeps To enTer Their class room. T ,,A4' , LP x ii:l,i'5f' . .: el ffl mr 9. 85 'X' Qi me page one hundred The old adage oT a "Time and a place Tor everyThing" is especially True oT school where schedules ar- range Tor all acTiviTies To The min- uTe. Seasons are likewise caTa- logued. FooTball during The monTh oT OcTober was very much in Tull swing. However, wheTher iT was TooTball or any oTher sporT, The TaiThTul Tollowers oT NorThampTon Area JoinT High School sporTsmen were on hand To cheer Them on To vicTory. During The middle oT The monTh The Teachers congregaTed in The school Tor Their annual workshop. Discussing The various phases oT school acTiviTies were leading pro- Tessors Trom surrounding colleges and universiTies. They discussed proper Techniques To be used in Teaching Tields. These workshops were dedicaTed To The purpose oT improving The school's curriculum and producing wholesome harmony beTween Teachers and sTudenTs. An evenT which Took place every six weeks and which was anTicipaT- ed by all, was The issuing oT reporT cards. The monTh oT OcTober was no excepTion. The resulTs were noT always pleasing, buT iT was some- Thing To look Torward To. October page one hundred one November page one hundred Two November was The monTh oT Thanksgiving and The annual Turkey Day game wi+h our mosT ardenT rival, CaTTy. As usual The sTudenT body sTaged a pep rally The day beTore The big game To boosT school spiriT and To hang The CaTTy dummy in eTTigy. Also during This monTh The sen- iors were TiTTed Tor Their com- mencemenT gowns. These gowns broughT ThoughTs To The seniors' minds oT The day in June when They would graduaTe Trom high school. November was also The monTh oT dance classes which were held in The gymnasium under The super- vision oT Mr. A. Laubach and Mr. Laub. ln These classes The sTudenTs learned everyThing Trom The mosT modern To The oldesT dances known. IT was a good way oT spending a spare sTudy hall. December page one hundred Three As The approaching ChrisTmas spiriT descended upon us, The decor oT The school reTlecTed The holiday Fashions. Even Mr. Papp's chem lab had iTs TesTive Touch wiTh his scienTiTically decoraTed ChrisT- mas Trees. The icebox monTh Tound mosT oT The sTudenTs prepar- ing Tor ChrisTmas Vespers wi+h all oT iTs usual conTusion. ATTer a very successTul program The sTu- denT body was again exciTed over The coming ChrisTmas prom. All during The week preceding The holidays The homerooms cele- braTed Their various ChrisTmas parTies in a iovial mood. The Ger- man class had The auThenTic Ger- man Toods and cusToms. ATTer a week oT TesTiviTies The sTudenTs re- ceived The words oT The alumni now aTTending various colleges and universiTies. The NaTional Honor SocieTy had Their annual parTy. The sad parT oT The Tinal days oT December was The announcemenT oT Mrs. SmiTh's reTiremenT. January page one hundred Tour January dawned brisk and cold, buT This provided no barriers To our school's populaTion. This Type OT weaTher was ideal Tor Those sTu- denTs who had received ice slcaTes Tor ChrisTmas. Everyone was de- lighTed when The borough permiT- Ted ice slcaTing on The Trozen com- muniTy pool. Ice slcaTing provided The much needed relaxaTion Tor our senior salesmen who sTopped aT The pool aTTer They canvassed The area sell- ing class play TiclceTs. All The sen- iors responded well To The call To sell Ticl4eTs and The play was en- acTed beTore a capaciTy audiences We also learned ThaT The sTu- denT's minds were as sharp as The blades on Their slcaTes as They maTched wiTs To deTermine The homeroom spelling champions. A conTesT of The champs was Then held and The grade TinalisTs were selecTed. These TinalisTs represenT- ed us in The Tinal oT The conTesT sponsored by The Call Chronicle Newspaper. Februar page one hundred Tive February provided a welcome brighT spoT during The waning win- Ter season wiTh iTs valenTine prom- ise oT hearTs and Tlowers. Febru- ary I6 Tound The sTudenT body TloaTing along on a romanTic cloud as everyone had a wonderful Time aT The "ValenTine Rendezvous" dance. Our ThoughTs Turned To more serious maTTers when c:ollecTions Tor The Red Cross began, and shiny red and whiTe "l gave" buTTons were visible everywhere. The girls had Their day, Too, as rivalry ran high during The girls' baslceTball compeTiTion Tor Top in- Termural honors. March page one hundred six School "Marched" inTo The sea- son oT spring. GusTy March winds blew merry Tunes Through The air when mixed choruses oT NorThamp- Ton l-ligh School and CaTasauqua High School meT aT CaTasauqua To sing under The olirecTion oT John Raymond Trom LaTayeTTe College. The choral clinic was a success in creaTing good will beTween The schools as well as being a wonder- Tul creaTive experience. BeTore The sTarT oT The LenTen season. The girls OT secTion IZ4 Tul- Tilled The TradiTion oT FasTnachT Day by Taking Time ouT To eaT a Tew delicious doughnuTs. They also sponsored a "Business Weelc" during which They pracTiced The habiTs oT good secreTaries boTh in dress and in oTTice assignmenTs. They climaxed Their acTiviTies by Talcing a Trip To New Yorlc CiTy. The monTh ended wiTh The annu- al Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League DisTricT ConTesT. Again NorTharnpTon was hosT To The schools parTicipaTing in The con- TesTs. Mingling wiTh sTudenTs Trom diTTerenT schools and discuss- ing The conTesTs provided us wiTh an opporTuniTy Tor making many new Triends. pril page one hundred seven April, wiTh iTs EasTer TesTiviTies, produced many surprises Tor our classmaTes. As everyone prepared Tor The EasTer holidays, some oT our conTemporaries s e e m e d Taken abaclc by The beauTy, arTisTic abili- Ty, and The paTience ThaT is needed To produce an exquisiTe Ukrainian EasTer egg. Preceding and Tollow- ing The holiday season, our musi- cally inclined sTudenTs conscien- Tiously rehearsed Tor The annual Senior l-ligh School Musical ThaT was presenTed on April 24. The producTion Te a T u r e d selecTions Trom The Senior Band, The Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Girls' En- semble and Mixed Ensemble wiTh Tour senior soloisTs highlighTing excerpTs Trom The selecTed Theme, "Carousel" May page one hundred eighf For Jrhe graduaiing class of l957, May was lhe busiesl and mosl ex- pensive monih of our lasl school year. One of Jrhe highlighlrs of Jrhe senior agenda was +he annual class lrip +o Washinglon, D.C. Tapping The savings accounf for Jrhe necessary six dollars was pain- ful, bul' exlrernely worlhwhile. As Jrhe long-awaiiecl day ap- proached, we eagerly fried on our caps and gowns. The girls looked lovely in whireg lhe boys looked dislinguished in gray. These lasl weeks were spenl in sending an- nouncemenis and perfecling fhe commencemenl pageant "Blue- prinl' of Progress." Before we knew il we marched Jro our sears and lis- Jrenecl lo 'rhe Baccalaureale Serv- ice. had one las? fling ai The din- ner dance, and finally received our diplomas, June 5, l957. A Night of Enlightenment The classrooms ot NAJHS wore a special glow the night ot Novem- ber 6 as its doors swung wide open to admit the many interested par- ents. This was the date ot the annual Open House visitation. Mom and Dad met and consult- ed with our teachers and observed samples ot our worlc. Knowing the role ot the school and the place it occupies in com- munity lite will aid everyone in dee veloping and promoting an ettects ive, better understood institution. An "Earnest" discussion 4 Mr. Papp talks with parents "Next, please" - the waiting is the worst part, as many parents discover. page one hundred nine Better Business through Better Education The Chamber ot Commerce shows the teachers how their meetings are run. Qne day out ot every school year is set aside tor the businessf man-teacher conterence, B-E Day. This is the day the teachers aslc the questions, not answer them, The Chamber ot Commerce comes to school en masse to discuss and ex- change school and industrial prob- lems. The activity ot the day is highlighted by a luncheon. The teachers played host to the businessmen page one hundred ten "We could have danced all night" Slffinq Jfhis dance cur. Cur own Fred Asraire. Having a ball! Prepararion, prepararion, preparafionll Hecfic days are spem' befween Hwe work of planning com- mirfees and Ticker collecfors To insure everyone's fine Hrnes at our dances. Our qrea+ variefy of dances - prom, club, and square - fill in our social schedule. Noi' a "square" dandng. page one hundred eleven Cavalcade of stars Our neighbors from Nazareiin enferfain us for an affernoon. A Tense momenf in our exchange program Traveling Jrroupers -V VVe rerurn Nazareins visit Cnmeback! We were glad 'ro see These familiar Traces from '56 af our annua' Homecoming Assembiy. page one Hundred fweive Variety time Mil!er'5 Deparimeni Sfore spone sored a fashion show Time win+er sfyles. Our maies acfed as models. A giimpse of iomormw' Mr. Ramsey discusses world Topics previewing ovm ciass- paqe one hundred Thirieen Day of reverence r page cne hundred loaarleen ....,..4 A big even? eagerly awaifed by sludenls of NAJHS was The annual Chrisrmas Vesper program Jrhal was held in Jrhe school audirorium December ninrh and renlh. Chrisl- mas Vespers has become a lavorire rradirion in our school. ln rhis year's program The mir- acle of Chrislmas unfolded as over lwo hundred parlicipanls fold The in song and story slory of Jrhe birlh of The Chrisl Child. The music was under The direce lion ol Mrs. Thelma Sanlee. Miss Black and Mrs. Obrechl coached and direcled fhe speakers and fhe lableaux. Mr. Kleppinqer and Mr. Alec Erdosy supervised Jrhe slage selling. Mr. Reill was in charge of lhe lighling Crew. e one hundred lille Irene, This is Hercules Jones, The smarTesT Taxi driver I ever meT. Calm down Jenny, iT's only Mr. CuTTer and his baby boTTle. You didn'T have To hiT him ThaT hard, did you? Come out l wonder IT Jenny will mind sleeping on This soTa. AnoTher year - same problernl Where in The world could The senior class Tind a class play To please everyone - a play ThaT had a generous share OT comedy, a sprinkling oT romance, and a mysTeri- ous TwisT Tor The Sherlock Holmes' Tans, Too. Sound like a big order? Well, iT was, bu+ This year's producTion, Come OuT of The CloseT, by Roland Coyle solved The problem. EveryThing sTarTed, innocenTly enough, when Three 5ecreTaries Trom Ohio - namely Hilda Hawkins, Irene Gleason, and Jenny PoTTs - moved To New York and renTed an aparTmenT Trorn lvlrs. Malone, a Triendly landlady. The Three girls are ioined by George Hanson, lrene's Tiance, and Hercules Jones, a muscle-bound Taxi driver. TogeTher They meeT Mr. CuTTer, a "gal- loping" young TaTher, Miss Phillips and Mr. Rose- waTer - Two "respecTable" counTerTeiTers, and Sweeney, a very, very nearsighTed policeman. WhaT did all This confusion add up To? Two eve- nings oi Tun and enTerTainmenT Tor all. TwenTy-dollar bills! New, crisp Twenly-dollar bills! of the closet ! ! ! Tl1al's nol a young man, officer Sweeney? you're loolcing al a floor lamp. SENIOR PLAY CAST Alobie Phillips - lvl. A. Kowalyslwyn Gullwrie Rosewaler - A. Zalmarclwulc Irene Gleason - D. lvlorilz Jennie Polls - S. Roclqovils l-lilcla Hawkins - J. Fox Policeman - J. Kohler Ammonia - J. Greene Hercules Jones -- C. Moyer Mr. Culler - B. Laub George l-lanson - G. Slepliany Mrs. Malone - J . Sclwmicll Look. Goggle Eyes! Vwlanl me lo 'rear you inlo a llwousand pieces? Don'l anyone move - or l'll plug you! Belwincl The scenes f- painls and preparalions. The juniors speak SeaTed: Judy Chernansky, Sylvia Shoemaker, Susan English, CynThia LiseTslci. STanding: Earl Heisler, John SpaniTz, Mr. KermiT Gregory, adviser, Charles KunTzleman, Phillip Ridgley. On Thursday evening, February Zi, The NAJHS audiTorium was Tilled wiTh The sound oT whispers and soTT music. The sTage was seT Tor The 3IsT annual Junior Speaking ConTesT. As The curTain rose, a hush Tell over The audience. Earl Heisler sTepped To The TronT oT The sTage and gave a powerTul Talk on TuTure decisions enTiTled "Americans aT The Crossroads". Sylvia Shoemaker Tollowed wiTh a breaTh-Taking Tale oT "The Black CaT". NexT, Phillip Ridgely delivered his second prize winning rib-Tickler, "The Big Game". Also a second prize winner, Judy Chernanslcy changed The pace a biT wiTh "The Children oT God". a Touching glimpse inTo The lives oT Two young people. "ExTracTs Trom Adam's Diary" proved To be a TickeT To TirsT place Tor Charles KunTzleman, wiTh iTs unique humor and audience appeal. Susan English as The well- inTormed young lady oT "Jane EnTerTains The Minis- Ter" broughT The house down and walked oTT wiTh TirsT place honors. John SpanTiz's ingenious sugges- Tions concerning The arT oT snoozing unnoTiced, drew gales oT laughTer. John's selecTion - "The GreaT American SporT". "BeeThoven's MoonlighT SonaTa". a moving insighT inTo The personaliTy oT The Tamous composer, was rendered by CynThia LiseTslci as The closing selecTion oT The program. Several musical and vocal groups added Their Tal- enTs To The program, and The Tinal selecTion oT win- ners by judges ClayTon WaTring oT Cedar CresT College, ProTessor Thoburn Baker oT Lehigh Univer- siTy, and Ronald McAdam oT WhiTehall l-ligh School finished The very enjoyable evening of enTerTain- menT. page one hundred eighTeen Our scientists display their talents Exhibits galore! Where? The eleventh annual Le- high Valley Science Fair held April IO, I I, I2 at the Muhlenberg Field I-louse. Our own Mr. Papp headed -the organization as president. Some lucky winners went away with S9000 in awards. These students contributed hours ot work to malce it the largest and most successtul Lehigh Vailey Science Fair held so tar. A glimpse into the tuture - D. Dranchalc. The "haII" ot' tame - D. Hall and exhibit. Honest all I used was water he tooth, the whoIe tooth, and nothing R GaIgon and hydroponics but the tooth." - L. Moritz, page one Hundred n neteen Deanna Sciler Top nolch llulisl in slale compelilion. It all depends On March 29'rh 'rhe halls of 'rhis building absorbed slrange and melodious offerings. The occasion was The annual Easlern Pennsylvania Dislricl Music and Forensic Conlesl. Our school was again honored by being chosen as +he sile for This evenl. Pupils from I4 schools parlicipaled in 80 differenl conlesls. Bringing Tirsl place laurels al Norlhamplon High were: Bass - Tom Keller, Allo - Helen Jane Wolf: Girls' Ensernbleg Flule -- Deanna Seller: and 'rwo inslrumenlal ensembles. We offer our congralulalions lo all 'rhe parlici- panls who offered Their seleclions in This affair. Saxophone Sexlel-l. 'ro r.: C. Reph, G. Zarayko, R. Saigon, A. Lubenesky, R. Derlcils, R. Hellelfinger. Brass Sexlel-l. lo r.: T. Keller, J. Scheifler, A. Zaharchuli, J. Sanlee, R. Hoffman, T. Messenlehner. page one hundred lwenly upon the judges 2 ' mv' ,rx l Pal' presenls a Jrrlal run of "Crea'rion" as inslruclors and fellow oralors loolc and llslen. Glamour galore-Sandy l-lercl and balon. A blendlng of voices, The Hnkllng of lvories. Sfandinqz vocal soloisls C. l-less, S. Cowling, l-l. Wolf Sealed: piano soloisl C. Jones. page one hundred lwerwfy-one Reverend Daniel Newharf, an alumnus of N.l-l.S. wilh 'rhe class of l938, was lhe speaker on June 3, when 'rhe graduaiing class of I956 assembled in The Norlhampfon High School audilorium lo allend Jrheir commencernenl Vesper Ser- Woes The following evening +he grad- uaiinq seniors allended Jrheir din- As the future .x ner dance al rhe Norlhamplon Cornmunily Cenler. Wednesday niqhi, June 6, lhe seniors ended lheir aclivilies wifh Jrhe presenlafion of fhe 55'rh annual Comrnencemenl Pageanl, "As Jrhe Fulure Unfoldsf' Direcfed by Miss Marion Laubach, fhe en'rire gradi- ualing class parlicipaled in Jrhe evenl. page one hundred lwenlyelwo unfolds According To TradiTion The page- anT was wriTTen by The seniors Themselves. A crysTal-ball gazer revealed The class members as They mighT appear in I976. The seniors Then assembled on The sTage where RoberT SchaTTer, presidenT oT The school board, pre- senTed Them wiTh Their diplomas. And so closes anoTher chapTer in The hisTory oT NorTharnpTon l-ligh School. One hundred and TiTTy-Two new alumni oT N.l-T.S. began To unfold Their TuTures. page one hundred TwenTy-Three Our predecessors Row lg Borlom-R. Tamandl, S. Sanlee, B. Marchalc, 6. Bennis, J. Jones, L. Siifies, J. Sager, K. Sipos, D. Dornloach, E. Brunner, B. Andrews, H. Milisils, D. Moll, K. Miller, L. Hrycyszyn. Row 2: M. Danner, J. Rossi, J. Harharl, N. Messner, J. Wuchler, K. Zellner, J. Bensing, P. Slewarl, B. Wagner, F, Grossbauer, E. Filipovils, J. Mellsch, R. Moll, G. Newhard. Row 3: N. Talcacs, S. Smilh, A. Bauer, R. Millenberger, D. Finn, B. l-lilberg, B. Huber, M. Marhellca, P. Feidler, G. Onkofz, M. Schneck, J. Deiberl, l. Wefzel. Row 4: J. Kunlzleman, C. Weiss, R. Greener, E. Masai, K. Hobel, N. Bulz, E. Kleppinger, E. Molchany, M. Smilh, D. Lovelace, H. Reph, P. Reinerl, R. Uhericlc. Row 5: B. Rickerl, M. Lilly, R. Minnich, D. Rosencranz, R. Kulp, S. l-lifdenbrand, M. Geosils, R. Krayoslcy, A. Hiesland, S. Kepler, J. Schisler, E. Onchcclr. Miss7ng Anne Babyalc and Madeline Walberl. . ,fe-fs. Row l: Boflom-E. Tanczos, A. Frilchey, L. Schall, S. Seyer, D. Simmons, R. Phillips, S. Kofch, R. Smiih, M. Hulniclc, 6, Simcoe, J. Regils, P. Bollman, C. Brownmiller, D. Marsh. Row 2: R. Rice, R. Pelers, N. 'vVambo, S. Knappenloerger, J. l-landwerk, R. Sullifl, R. Turanchilc, M. Srnilh, D. I-lall, D. Schaeffer, R. Siclconic, D. Sanfo, D. Thomas. Row 3: J. Miksils, M. Mafula, J. Groller, W. Derr, N. Rice, S. Remaley, R. Cherry, M. Kunlz, C. Becker, C. Wunderler, D. Barlholomew, R. Meyers, D. Diehl, L. Bury Jr. Row 4: F, Mesics, W. Grube, R. Reimer, A. Fox, S. Remaly, E. Gassler, K. Waylen, G. Day, P. Miller, C. Kleinlop, E. Miralcovifs, J. Felix, R. Naipauer, R. Leslcowich, R. Creyer, B. Ervin, S. Eisenreich, F. l-lanzl, W. Greene Jr., G. Anlhony, D. Minnich, J. Koch. Row 5: W. Balcer, A. Kunlz, G. Schlosser, R. Dieler, M. Bach, A. l-lenifs, W. Szupper, J. Marx, S. Serensiis, L. George, M. Schlosser, C. Gra- bariis, A. Fixl, 6. Anlhony, A, Lalcalosh, A. Lolli, E. Weinhofer, D. l-lenninger. Missing P. l-lann. page one hundred iwenly-four "l?'T'K? "vw 5 aw 3? 1 If 3 f if Fl. 1x ?i?S,52:?3i"7?,!4 b A f A 'i 5 l mg 2 Q'hQr Q4 QNX .sf Q44 A . fm :Mm ,A ,Sri 35 4 3 x fwef f ww gk 'yy A k H Y x ifcznpfm 3 Q """V J 'jx' Q,-WHA 'MGM if " dk Qi 4' ' A x M KL J ,x' at j Vg.. vm M I ' 'f U-1 nf ,, wh Wg -H4319 Q 1- ,A Q in A f X K N. 5 M, ,M , F A W Ns tw A Y. at gi sf - C11 ,M Mtg ,N L W .H M, I K A V ..E. at ri, it :Q A iw' is' N2-L if by X WA fs we qzgyw w, 4 3 x E Q 'H 135 wi 9 gm SA Q31 ,ff , 'Mx , W! Q KJ . :M j if ,. 1 ' Q .1 ' " 'if , ' W ' -W'Z'L A ,V 4 :apo suv Nl lk MJ iw A 1 X R I 3 Fm' Qs Q 'N rm "Af "1 Q M ,Q 5 5 E Kiwis Ami Ki 4 ,fwfr siffgrg lS "gif1: 'H W N5 ws- 'Q f .,,A 21.21" M, Haig ff X" QL? fm K ' f 'ig N A"fw N . 'B ' gi . 'sf' A - X n X M ag if 2 ,Wg ,' ' 1 f x A 1,,, f' ,Q W f 'E ' '-1 ,,Q:- -b , ff -- . - A Ms " -- R xg sf k 'Q'--- fx ' ,M Wil M' Q fi M V N eggs , ' N ' ' M ii 5 Q , sh . A gy 1 Q: 3 K A v' FXR Dur Konkrete Blockbusters Row I: J. Graberifs, C. Moyer, D. Kochenash, L. Breiffeller, F. Marfh, C. Shimer, R. Reimer, C. Hoffman, T. Kneller, R. Luffe, C. Bodnar B. Feidler. Rov 2: Assf. Coach P. Schneider, H. Guss, R. Morey, W. Beidleman, S. Hirschrnan, R. Sodl, E. Lucky, R. Schwencfon, C. Kunfzleman, D. Kuba J. Miksifs, G. Farkas, R. Herzog, Head Coach A. Erclosy. ow 3: B. Biery, D. Bahniuk, F. Miksifs, R. Dreisbach, K. Paukovifs, G. Kohler, M. Billy, L. Brownrniller, F. Nernefh, R. Ponfician, J, Pri D. Tulko, A. Schisler. Pl-HLLIPSBURC5 Norfhampforfs shorf punf formafion, maneuvered by a shiffy backfield, helped fhe Konkrefe Kids by- pass fhe P-burg squad by a 27-7 scorein fhe kickoff game of fhe l956 season. The pigskin saw plenfy of acfion wifh Bob Reimer scoring affer a 90-yard march, followed in quick succession by TD's of Shi- mer and Hoffman. Playing fo a crowd of 8,000, Norfhampfon's line execufed precision blocking fo lead fhe elusive backs foward fhe goal. The Sfafe- liner's single fally came on a long drive in fhe fhird guarfer, buf fheir hopes were complefely sguelched by fhe fouchdowns of bofh Reimer and Kucharzuk in fhe final period. EMMAUS The NAJHS gridders charged info league com- pefifion wifh an eye-opening exhibifion of ball- handling as fhe Green Hornefs fell vicfims fo an easy win. The senior backs sfeam-rolled over an enfhu- page one hundred siasfic Emmaus line for 409 yards, enough for six fouchdowns. Affer nine plays Reimer scored fhe firsf TD: Shimer scored 7 plays lafer. Emmaus's seven-poinfer came when Ron Brey refurned fhe kickoff wifh a sparkling 85-yard run. Hoffman and Kucharzuk sef fhe halffime mark af 27-7, buf fhe hard-driving Norfhampfon linemen plowed fhrough fhe Emmaus forward wall, enabling fhe backs fo score again. The final minufes found fhe Green Hornefs on fhe Kid's four yard line, buf fhe bucking line broughf fhe game fo an end. Final score: 40-7. WHITEHALL Seven fouchdowns and fwo infercepfed passes by Hoffman and Shimer broughf gloom fo numerous Whifehall fans. The Maroon and Gold played a faulfy game. buf came across wifh fwo fouchdowns in fhe fading minufes of fhe confesf on a pass play and a fumble. "Whiskey" Reirner's PAT broughf his fofal fo a record 5l poinfs. The I4fh sfraighf win for NAJHS was decided by a 45-I3 score. fwenfy-six :api npr cf. C+. 'c+. Poi. OV. OV. OV. on the field I957 FOOTBALL SCHEDU LE NAJHS Opponenfs 27 Phillipsburg 7 40 Emrnaus 7 45 Whirehall I3 68 Slaringron O 38 Palmerion O 47 Lehighion 6 65 Bangor O 39 Siroudsburg 6 3I Carasaugua 6 12Sf!B!iN1 Siandingz P. Schneider, assisiani' coach: C. Hoffman and F. Mar+h, co-capfains A. Erdosy, head coach. Kneeling: R. Reimer and C. Shimer, coecapfains page one hundred iweniy-seven Row I: C. Dischinar, T Klofz, K. Paukovifs, M Biliy, D. Tuiko, B. Biery G. Balfz, R. Poniician D. Marakoviis, M. Gun far, F. Nemefh. Row 2: Assf. Coach Wm Garrefi, J. Marchak, J Seyer, M. Shirnoslcie, R Dreisbach, R. Graver, R Keglovifs, G. Rudelifsch' J. Priffeo, R. Luiz, R Derkifs, F. Kremus. Row 3: W. Ryer, R. Morey R. Reenock, M. Vedivi+s F. Miksifs, R. Klipple, D Hall, D. Bachnick, D. BH heimer, J. Schneider. Row 4: R. Meixner, L Buchman, J. Mesics, G Lubenesky, F. Michael R, Shellock, R. Mesics, J Wagner. Preparation SLATINGTON The "KonlcreTe Kids" penT-up scoring punch bursT iTs bounds Tor IO TD's and 8 RATS as The "SlaTing- Ton SlaTers" underwenT a drubbing aT SlaTingTon's VicTory Parlc. EighT NorThampTon players helped To raise The Tally. Shimer led The parade wiTh Three TD's, which included a 70-yard run. Scoring in every period, The "Kids", led by an ouTsTanding Torward wall, held The "SlaTers" To Two TirsT downs and only 52 yards gained. Reimer's well-placed poinT-aTTer-Touchdowns spliT The uprighTs eighT Times To bring our game To a 68-O ending. F. lvTarTh, R. Tension lvlounTs. D. Kochenash, R. LuTTe, B. Fiedler, R. Herzog, H. Guss. PALM ERTON The orange and blaclc powerhouse proved iTselT in Top Torm by clipping The wings oT The PalmerTon Blue Bombers on The Wolf Field. Charles Shimer and Bob Reimer paced The NorTham Ton aTTaclc wiTh six Touchdowns beTween Them - Tbur by Shi- mer and Two by Reimer. Scoring in every period, Coach Erdosy's boys rolled up a 26-O score by halT- Time. Trom Bob Reimer's 85-yard lciclcoTT reTurn To l-loTTman's pass To Marv WrighT. In The lasT quar- Ter, The game was a "Typical" KonlcreTe Kid exhi- biTion ending in a 58-O score. M. WrighT, L. BreiTTeller, C. Bodnar, C. Moyer, T. Kneller, J. GraberiTs. LE!-TIG!-TTON The rambuncTious KonlcreTe Kids compleTely over- whelmed The l.ehighTon Indians on Their home Tield wiTh a crushing ground aTTaclc ThaT neTTecl 442 yards. To sTarT The chain reacTion oT Touchdowns, Shimer bolTed across The goal line on The TirsT play OT The game. Tollowed by l'loTTman, Reimer, and again Shimer To bring The halT-Time score To 4O-O. Knell- er's power drives seT up NorThampTon's lasT TD, scored on a plunge by Kuharczulc. LehighTon's TuTile aerial aTTempTs broughl' Their lone score in The lasT quarTer when indian back, l-loTTord, Tossed To Ernie ChrisTman in The end zone. NorThampTon's sixTh sTraigh+ vicTory ended wiTh a 47-6 score. Reimer, C. Shimer, C. HoTTman, R, Kucharzuk. page one hundred TwenTy-eighT Performance BANGOR AnoTher game, anoTher record, and anoTher win Tor The unbeaTable KonlcreTe Kids as Bangor High underwenT a 65-O seTbaclc aT The SlaTer's Memorial Park. A new scoring marlc oT 26l was reached by halT back, Bob Reimer, aTTer compleTing Three Touch- downs. The ouTclassed Bangor eleven could noT halT The march oT The pigslcin in The hands oT The NorThampTon bacl4Tield whose scoring eTTorTs paid oTT in Tive TirsT-halT TD's. WiTh precision Torm The linemen opened The paTh and The NorThampTon goal resembled Grand CenTral STaTion. Three more scores, Two in The Third and one in The Tinal period, ended The rouT Tor The CemenT-Boro lads. STROUDSBURG NorThampTon l-ligh boosTed iTs perTecT record b branding STroudsburg wiTh a 39-6 deTeaT. WITB Three Touchdowns Shimer seT a new school record oT I8 goal line excursions. The Kids marched 55 yards The TirsT Time They had The ball, and Shimer plunged Trom The Tive Tor The TirsT TD. SevenTy Tive yards laTer Hoffman wenT over Tollowed by Reimer on a 50-yard run. The Poconos' only mo- menT oT glory came on an 85-yard lcickoTT reTurn by EveriTT. The second halT broughT drives, inTer- cepTions, and more black and orange Touchdowns as Kuharczulc and Shimer seTTled The score wiTh The Two Tinal TD's. HoTTman OTT To pay dirT as Kucharczuk clears way aT Bangor. RoberT Reimer carries pigslcin and CaTTy player. The whole Emmaus ll aTTer RoberT Reimer. CaTTy and NorThampTon players, "Come do To earTh," aT Muhlenberg Field. CATASAUQUA Snow, psychology, and The Torce oT The CaTTy Rough Riders was noT enough To sTop The mighT oT The KonlcreTe Kids as NorThampTon clinched .iTs sec- ond consecuTive unbeaTen season by a 3l-6 score. A blocked punT, converTed inTo paydirT by Shimer, gave NAJHS an early lead. Shirner sorced again in The second period wiTh a Tour-yard run, buT CaTa- sauqua l4epT in scoring disTance wiTh a TD on a pass play Trom STeclcel To l-lilT. l-loTTrnan and Kucharzulc sparlced The second half drives which senT Reimer and l"loTTman over The goal line Tor TD's. ln The lasT period The Blaclc and Orange line opened The way Tor MarTh To cross The end zone and close The I956 Turlcey Day game and TooTball season in NorThampTon. ln a posT-game period Coach Erdo- sy received a new car as a well-earned giTT Trom appreciaTive Tans. page one hundred TwenTy--nine Beat the clock Kneeling: G. Ballz, L. Breilleller. Row I: Coach l-l. Wall, T. Keller, G. Barlholomew, J. Spanilz, R. Sanlo, l.. Suller, C. Kunlzleman. Row 2: R. Fehnel, R. Gougher, J. Recker, F. Hellellinger, C. Sleller, M. Billy, F. lvlarlh. Sanlo gels a new lwisl lrorn Belhlehem opponenl. Spanils applies a key lock lo Belhlehem man. "-'sim - NWS-.MW-:V-M vzafefmwgawfawawwewagg A prospeclive season greeled our NAJHS "bone- benders" and a look inlo lhe cryslal ball would have showed our malmen ending league play in second place wilh a record ol nine wins and lhree losses. The loss ol len yarsily wresllers lailed lo slow' down menlor Harry Wall's young cohorls. Early season records showed lhal lhe slarling "I l" was a polenl lighling machine. Veleran-laden P-lourg pinned ils hopes in lhe league-opening malch bul lhe Kids look home a 28-I6 yiclory. Soulhern l.ehigh's "green" leam lol- lowed in like manner by undergoing a 49-O while- wash. Nexl came lhe Allenlown Canaries who, aller a lense nighl on lhe canvas, won b a 28-25 nod. Joe Recker slrelched his number olileague pins lo I7, while Suller, Breilleller and l-lellellinger re- mained unbealen. Traveling lo Belhlehem, lhe mal- men rebounded inlo lhe winning column wilh a 23-I8 viclory. The Easlon "Red Rovers" could nol hall lhe im- proving NAJHS grapplers and losl by a score ol Us N121 f. sf ,J Mad scramble lor a pin. to pin your man 27-2i. The blaclc and orange squad. led by co- capTains BreiTTeIIer and SanTo, made The record Tive Tor six by shading NazareTh 4I-IO. For Their second meeTing oT The year, The P'burg "I I" was decisioned inTo submission and IosT by a 38-I6 score. Records Tell, and The KonlcreTe Kids had a Tield day by beaTing SouThern Lehigh 60-O. The lineups looked good and an upseT was in The making. buT AIIenTown rallied in The heavyweighT divisions and sTormed baclc To Take a 23-I7 vicTory. Joe Reclcer sTreTched his pinning sTreak To 24: I-Iefr Telfinger and BreiTTeIIer remained unbeaTen. NexT visiTing BeThIehem surprised The Kids and overcame blaclc and orange resisTance before damage could be done. NAJI-IS won only Three bouTs and IosT The maTch 26-9. EasTon and NazareTh were again IoeaTen in IaTer bouTs. The big evenT oT The year was The DisTricT XI meeTs. While NAJFIS came TourTh in Team placernenT. iT did enTer Three boys in TirsT place posiTions, Len BreiTTeIIer, I-IeTTeITinger, and SchaTTer. ITIe'TTeITinger was IaTer deTeaTed in The STaTe semi- Tinals. SuTTer believes in rock 'n roll. I957 WRESTLING SCHEDULE NAJI-IS Opp. Dec Phillipsburg I6 Dec SouTh. Lehigh O Dec AIIenTown 28 Jan. BeThIehem I8 Jan. EasTon 2I Jan. NazareTh IO Jan. Phillipsburg I6 Jan. SouTh. Lehigh O Jan. AIIenTown 23 Feb. BeThlehem 26 Feb. EasTon I2 Mar. I-Iill School IO Feb. NazareTh O BarThoIomew goes head over heels Standing: IVI. GonTav, T. Chuss, D. Fry, D. Vogel, M. Chuss, assisTanT coac Wagner. Kneeling: R. Boen, I. Rissmiller, R. STroh, R. ToTh, R. SiITies. Sealed: D. Micio, B. Kremus, D. Ivlicio, A. WrigTiT, J. Genovese page one hundred ThirTy-one Around the rim Row I: R. Anfhony, J. LegaTh, O. Kochan. Row 2: C. Shimer, co-capTain: J. MilcsiTs. J. SuTo, J. Crowell, P. Ridgely. Row 3: G. Kellner, W. Hucalulc, L. Ludwig, H. Guss, C. Hoffman, co-capfainq Coach P. Schneider. Rea ch, boys, rea ch l - Hoffman makes a Try. Following early season predicTions, our varsiTy baslceTeers came Through To provide anoTher season of chills and Thrills for our baslceTball fans. Coach PeTe Schneider had his hands Tull wiTh The loss of four seniors buT Shimer, Guss. Hoffman, Hucalulc, SuTo. and MilcsiTs apTly filled Their sneakers. STarTing The season in an exhibifion game againsT Parkland. The KonlcreTe Kids losT To The Trojans by a score of 74 To 53, buT made The scoreboard even wifh a 76 To 58 win over The Coplay Wildcafs. WiTh Walf Hucaluk seTTing The early season pace, our Team Travelled To Phillipsburg and won a hard foughf duel by a score of 60 To 47. ln anoTher ouT-of-Town exhibiTion we losT To Founfain Hill 43-56. Behind The brillianT rebounding of Hoffman and Guss The NAJHS quinTeT bounced The LehighTon indians from The ranlcs of The unbeaTen by a 54-32 league-opening vicTory. The visiTing STroudsburg lviounTainmen were subdued in similar fashion by a 65-50 mark. Cn The road again The black and orange losT To a surprisingly good Emmaus Team, 46-37, buT re- gained Their Touch by Toppling The WhiTehall Ze- phyrs wi+h a 65-53 score. Wal+ Hucalulc, Herb All hands -- Kelner and Ludwig gef ThaT ball. ' page one hundred ThirTy-Two A Two-way sTreTch. Guss and Charlie Shimer led The scoring wiTh T8, I6, and I5 poinTs. ConTrolling The baclcboarcls, HOTT- man and Guss puT The damper on a sTubborn 5laT- ingTon Team by a score oT 65 To 53. WiTh high hopes and a good record To baclc Them. The KonlcreTe hoopsTers prepared To meeT The undeTeaTed PalmerTon Blue Bombers in our iam- packed gym, buT lvlllcvy's 25 poinTs and The deadly Tree Throws of The bombers senT NorThampTon inTo a hearTbrealcing 45-43 deTeaT. NexT. Shimer and l'lucaluk Teamed up Tor an inside-ouTside oTTense and shook CaTasauqua Tor 33 poinTs in The 3rd per- iod and gave NAJH5 an 83-66 vicTory. Guss' baclcboard monopoly provided The necessary clinch- er which allowed our reserves To Tinish The game. STarTing The second half wiTh a bang, The NorTh- ampTon Tive easily deTeaTed The LehighTon Team 67 To 52 on our home courT. Taking advanTage oT shorT-handed STroudsburg, The Kids belfed The Po- conos 70-52 wiTh Tour oT our sTarTers hiTTing double figures in The scoring column. Following Their winning ways The cagers avenged Their early-season loss by sTinging The Emmaus hor- neTs 65-4l. Hucalulc remained high man wiTh 20 poinTs. J.V. scramble. 2' ..N' 'A.E. u.nU1- Junior hoopsters Row I: J. IvlarTon, J. Ivlarchak, J. Schneider. Row 2: S. Gasper, T. Herman, S. I-Iirshman, D. Kuba, G. Koeher, D. Bilheirner. Row 3: F. MiksiTs, I-, Brownmiller, W. Beidleman, R. Uherchik, J. Wagner, T. KloTz, 5. PonTician Coach L, Seiger. A big IeTdown was in sTore Tor The Kids as The WhiTehaII Team displayed accuraTe shooTing and good ball-handling To deTeaT us by a 60 To 47 score. Tuning up Tor The big game, The red-hoT hoopsTers led by Guss's 20 poinTs and I-IoTTman's Top-noTch rebounding, Took SlaTingTon over The coals and ended wiTh a 70-63 vicTory. The black and orange quinTeT was one OT The IasT breakers in The paTh oT PaImerTon's march Tor The crown and The boys were deTermined To sTop Them, buT The Bomber's TirsT-haIT scoring bursTs proved To I956-57 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NAJI-IS OpponenTs December 4 53 Parkland 74 " 7 76 Coplay 58 " I I 43 I:ounTain Hill 56 I4 ao Phillipsbuig 47 " I9 46 BeThlehem CaTholic 48 January 4 54 LehighTon 32 " 8 65 STroudsburg 50 " II 37 Emmaus 46 I5 65 VVhiTehall 53 I8 65 SIaTingTon 53 22 43 Palr'nerTon 45 " 25 83 CaTasauqua 66 February 5 70 STroudsburg 52 " 8 65 Emmaus 4I I2 47 WhiTehalI 60 I5 70 5laTingTon 63 I9 67 PalmerTon 8I 22 74 CaTasauqua 77 24 67 Lemmon 52 Won -- II LosT - 8 be Their winning margin. An unusual PalmerTon deTense succeeded in holding our scorers Through- ouT The game, buT The Kids pulled up wiThin IO poinTs in The closing minuTes of The game. The Tinal score sTood aT 8l To 67. Unable To geT back inTo The groove, The cagers could noT overcome The roughriders OT CaTTy. Ivlik- siTs, Shimer, and I'!oTTman kepT NI-IS in The close, dispuTed game wiTh Their deadly shooTing, buT a Technical Toul ended IT by a 77 To 74 score. I956-57 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NAJHS OpponenTs December 4 5I Parkland 62 " 7 37 Coplay 49 " II 57 FounTain Hill 53 I4 68 Phillipsburg 59 " I9 59 BeThIehem CaThoIic 47 January 4 47 LehighTon 53 " 8 72 STroudsburg 37 " I I 45 Emmaus 46 I5 60 WhiTehalI 5l I8 54 SlaTingTon 36 22 60 PaImerTon 75 " 25 85 Calrasaugua 60 February 5 78 5Troudsburg 60 " 8 58 Emmaus 55 'I I2 52 WhiTehalI 59 I5 6I SIaTingTon 58 I9 76 PalmerTon 79 22 50 CaTasauqua 75 24 69 LehighTon 39 Won - ll LosT - 8 page one hundred ThirTyfIour N Sta r-studded diamonds Row lr W. Beidleman, R. Kucharczuk, C. Hoffman, R. Fehnel, R. Reimer, R. SanTo, C. Shimer. Row 2: 6. Kohler, S. Koch, R. Schwenden, M. Chuss, D. Vogel, l.. Shamonski, J. SchaTTer. Row 3: L. Brownmiller, J. Marchak, R. Bowen, J. Tanzos, R. Tanzos, R. Werner, Coach M. l.iseTski. Row 4: J. PeTko, W. Oplinger, O. Kochan, M. VedoviTs, F. NemeTh, G. Baliz. AT The sound of The dismissal bell, sporTs-minded sTudenTs Tollowed The crowd and walked down To WolT field To wiTness anoTher Tine exhibiTion oT base- ball skill and power hiTTing. WiTh Coach "Mike" LiseTski aT The helm, our NAJI-TS Diamond Dynamos warmed up before Taking The Tield againsT anoTher capable Toe. PiTching was The weakesT poinT in The baTTery, and HoTTman, Chuss, and Shimonsky did Their besT To make up Tor iT. Coming To baT were our power-hiTTing inTielders - Kucharzuk, Fehnel, Reimer, and SanTo. Backed by ouTTielolers Beidle- man, SchwecTen, and Tanzos These Sluggers baTTed The opposiTion Tor 24 runs in The TirsT Two games. Behind HoTTman's homer and SanTo's double The KonkreTe Kids hammered Parkland I4-I. CaTcher Charlie Shimer baTTed in a run, and Kucharczuk Tripied as Mike Chuss won his TirsT game againsl' CaTasaugua IO-3. All ThaT goes up musT come down, caTcher Shimer recalls. Spring brings ouT our baseball players for Training April May 5--WhiTehaIi l I-Parkland I2-CaTasauqua I6-Coplay 23-PalmerTon 26-WhiTehall 30-SlaTingTon 3-LehighTon 7-STroudsbu rg IO-CaTasauqua I7-Emmaus Carrying' on the olympic tradition ,T f ri- ' Row I: D. Dranchalc, R. STroh, D, Frey, J. Reise, l. Rissmiller, R. Galgon, A. Schisler, S. Gasper. Row 2: Coach GarreTT, R. l.uTTe, H. Guss, B. Laub, J. Topfer, E. l-leisler, R. Minnich, G. Zaraylco, R. Ta rnow. Row 3: T. Chuss, C. Moyer, G. Farkas, A. Chernaras, R. Gougher, J. Spani'l'z, G. l-laydT, l., Werk- heiser, R. Spengler. Row 4: W. Hucaluk, F. lv1arTh. D. Kochenash, C. KunTzleman, G. Kellner, D. Kuba, A. Shellock, A. l.egaTh. Row 5: J. KleinschusTer, M. Hills, T. KloTz, R. KegloviTs, E. Johnson, R. DerkiTs, J. LuTTe, J. Wagner. R. Mesics, R. SilTies, R. Genovese. WiTh a splash OT cinders and The shoT oT a. pisTol The I957 season began Tor our pace-seTTing Track- sTers. Defending The league championship didn'T prove Too hard alThough ouTdoor pracTice sessions were lirniTed because oT The usual inclemenT spring weaTher. ln Their TirsT showing, The Black and Orange cindermen ioITed LehighTon by a score OT 63-32. Rolling up seven TirsT places, The veTeran speedsTers ran oTT wiTh all buT one oT The running evenTs. Charles KunTzleman was a double winner in The dashes, and l-lerb Guss posTed Two places in The Tield evenTs. MenTor GarreTT has rounded ouT The Team wiTh leTTermen l-lucalulf, MarTh, LuTTe. Kochenash, Gougher, and Zarayko who have apTly gualiTied Tor Team posiTions in shoTpuT, discus, broad jump, and high iurnp. In The sprinTing evenTs our relay Team lGougher, MarTh, Chuss, and KunTzle- manl led The league in Their prospecTive Tields. Ivlinniclq, Kellner, and Chuss Tilled in Tor The iunior class as The season progressed. l-'lucalulc Tries wiTh all his mighT. Guss Tries Tor disTorz:e in a broad iump eTTorT April May LehighTon I7-Parkland 24--WhiTehall 26-BeThlehen'1 29-VVilson Boro -PalmerTon 4-BeThlehem Relays -l-lellerTown -Ernmaus -l..V.l.A.A. --DisTricT Xl 2 BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUBS Four Star Donations tiff Call-Chronicle Newspapers, Inc. Norihamplon Exchange Club Cross Coun'I'ry Clofhes, Inc. NHS Alumni Associalion Dee Ville Blgugel Inc, Norrhamplon Lions Club Dragon Cemen-l Company Norlhampfon Rolary Club Division of ihe American-MarieH'a Company No'-1-hamp-I-on Sani-l-a ry Dairy Firsl' Naiional Bank of Ba+h R. 8, 5. prin-le,-5 Jolmls Siucllo Rainbow Arena - Eclgemon+ Park Kemmefer PGP'-9" C0mPanY Sanclers-Reinharcll' Co. KeyS'l'0I'le POI"l'lahd Cemenl' CO. Universal Al-lag Cemenl' CQ, Lehigh Valley Dairy Universal Panls Co., Inc. Newhard's Drug S'rore Three Star Donations nlriri' The Cemen+ Naiional Bank Dairyland Teen-Age Cen+er Joseph L. Fischl, Disl., Barh, Pa. Hill-Top LuncheoneHe Kornfeincl's Meal Markel Norlhamplon and Baih Railroad Co. P8zM Modern Plumbing 8: Healing Schneck's Marker Sol+ Chevrolel p g one hundred lhirly- g 'r BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUBS Two Star Donations it A8:P Tea Company H. A. Miller 81 Sons Ace Holel Bar 8: Supply, Inc. M. G. Miller, M.D. Ackerman Chevrolel Russell S. Moyer Alliance Sand Company Newhard Funeral Home Barry's AuI'o Supplies Norlhampron Home Furnishers George C. Brong, M.D. Norlhamplon Lumber Company Crossroads Mobile Home Cenler Pennsville Holel Dr. Harold E. EvereH' Joseph N. Pusfai, MD. Genner Brofhers Company, Ba+h, Pa. Qualify Service Slalion Warren L. Henning, General Hauling Roberl Rabenold, Plumbing and Healing Johnny's Gulf Service Roxy Thealre Jones Esso S'ra+ion Schisler Funeral Home H. W. Kocher John Sipos Excavaling Kruper Bros. Appliances Marlin Smilh Garage Lehigh Valley Sporling Goods C. E. S+ahIey's Garage, Bafh, Pa. Leniz Molor Co., Inc. William J. Swallow Funeral Home Lerch Service S+aI'ion Williams S'Iudio Lerner's Depl. Slore, Inc. Geo. C. Wi'H' 8: Sons Miller Bros. Zimmy's Sinclair Service One Star Donations AKG Meal' Marlcel' Bre'rz Cleaners Allen House Dr. and Mrs. Rollin Brior American Ho'I'el AH'orney and Mrs. Jerome W. Burkepile, Jr. Amey's Service SI'a+ion CaroIine's Beauly Shoppe H. E. Barlholomew Chapman Quarries Rod and Gun Club R. H. Barlholomew Chapman Slale Corporalion Ba'I'h Hardware Chip's Lunch Balh Holel Mike Chris'I'o'H, Beer DisI'. Balh Service S+a+ion Clyde Shiri' Co. BenneH"s TV CoIeman's Dep'I'. S+ore Bensing Funeral Home Irving Coleman, Esq. AH'orney George Berg Crusaders Car Club Blue Lanlern Drive Inn Dal Pezzo S'I'ealc House Blue Mounlain Res'I' Danny's A'I'lan'I'ic Service SI'a'I'ion Bob's Flower Shop Dave's LuncheoneH'e page one hundred lhirly-nine BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUBS Cne Star Donations fconfdj F. A. DeChrisfopher Deppe 84 Hall Harold Doffer, Insurance Dreher's Radio 84 TV Dr. Wallace G. Drumheller L. Eberhardf 8: J. Mazur Eberhardf's Economy Markef Ebner's Cuf Rafe Elecfric Cenfer EImer's Markef Anfon Erdosy's Dry Cleaning and Repair Henry S. Ersche-n, Bus Transporfafion 8: Excavafing Walfer E. Effwein, Plumbing Dr. Arfhur L. Feldman Fella Sfudio Phofographers 81 Camera Sfores Fens'I'y's Aflanfic Service Firs'I' Ward Fire Co. Fosfer Jewelers Frederick's Sfore Georgian Resfauranf Gillespie Jeweler Gravely Tracfor Agency F. S. Graver, Piano Tuning Gross's Ru'I'h L. Hall's Beauf Sho Harly Boffling Co., Inc. Y ppe HarfzeIl's Luncheoneffe George Henninger and Son Herd Mobile Homes, Inc. Hilda's Beaufy Salon Sue E. Hoffman Howell News Agency Dr. and Mrs. George Hrishko J. C. Hu'Herer's Texaco Service Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Hvazda Irene's Beaufy Shoppee Jack's Resfauranf Alberf Karc, Aufo Parfs KinfzeI's, Inc. Kish's Mobil Service, Bafh, Pa. Klecknersville Service Sfafion Franklin A. Kocher Kornfeind's Bar 8: Grill Bob Kosc Trading Posf Afforney Russell Kowalyshyn Kozero Amoco Service Kroope's Lahovski Cleaners Walfer Lahufa Ornamenfal Iron Works Howard H. Laubach page one hundre M8rN Mac's Diner Main Sfreef Supply Moser's Sfore Mummey's Sfudio Nafional Finance Company J. J. Newberry Nicholas Cifies-Service Norfhampfon Floral Shop Norfhampfon VFW Posf 47I4 Norfhampfon Business 81 Professional Women's Club Norfhampfon Quofa Club John Onuschak 8: Son, Beverage Disf. Dr. and Mrs. Sidney B. Parmef Pe'I'e's Markef Pefroka's Grocery Sfore Dr. and Mrs. Pefruccelli Poinf Phillips Sfore Pumpkin-Lunch-Box Regal 81 Blum Jewelers Reifz Jewelry Sfore George A. Repperf's Garage Rocky's Inn Rofh Bros. Inc. J. S. Reinisch Insurance Agency Dr. W. H. Richards, D.D.S. Rudy's Markel' Sacks Sales 8: Service Joseph and Maria Seier Russel Seip, Trucking Curfis A. Selfzer, Sr. Shomper's Cup Sid's Markef Dr. and Mrs. Charles Sieger Joseph F. Simcoe, Beer Disf. Sinafore's Markef Frank Sipos Trucking Roscoe P. Snyder, Insurance Spifz Hardware Swallow Funeral Home Trach Plumbing and Elecfric 2Isf Sfreef Clofhing Umsfead's Gulf Service VaIo's Shell Service Sfafion, Bafh, Pa. Vince Aufo Sales Weber 81 Fleck VVisner's Esso Sfafion WunderIer's Markef Dr. and Mrs. Norman A. Zevin d lor'l'y Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Abel Rebecca Abel Richard Ackerman Alpha Tri-Hi-Y '57 Mr. and Mrs. George Amey, Jr. Amptennian Sales Cham s l24 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Andciews . and Mrs. Harold Angeney . and Mrs. Mark Anthony Mr Mr Richard Anthony '59 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anthony Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Anthony Stan "Newt" Anthony '57 Arlene and Leo Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Bachman Bill Baker '56 Roland Bamtord '55 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bankowski Anna and Shirley Barna Mary Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bauer Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer Al Beck Mrs. Ray T. Beck William Beck Mr. and Mrs. William Beck Carl Becker '56 Rosa and Lester Becker and .EH .dn Mrs Truman Dllcher Mrs. Stephen Dogmanlts Mrs. Walter C. Donovan Mrs. Leon Dreher s Catherine A. Druckenmiller . and Mrs. Francis Eberly . and Mrs. Allen Eberts ris Ann Edelman .Sn . and 0 Patron List Mr. . ' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer T. Dilliard Mr d ' Mr d Mr d Mis Mr Mr Do Mr Mrs. Kenneth Eickhoff Mrs. Mary Eickhoff Nelson L. Engle '56 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erschen Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eslinger Mr. and Mrs. John Falman Mr. and Mrs. John Fandl William Fara Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fatzinger Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Faustner Al and Betty Fedko Claudia and Mary Ellen Fedko John T. Fedko Mr. and Mrs. Alvin N. Fegely Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fehnel Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fehnel Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Feidler Joan Feidler John Fiedor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. . Bednarcik Mr. and Mrs Russell C. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Howard Beers Dale W. Beh A. S. Bennett ringer Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Benninger Mr. and Mrs . Delbert Bennlnger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Benninger Grace Mary Bennis Miss Jean Berger '55 r ' Ber er Lor anne 9 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beslanovits Beverly and Earl Carl S. Bickert Mr. and Mrs. Ed ar Biery Mr. and Mrs. K. Bilheimer Beverly Binder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Binder Kathleen Black Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Bonnie '59 Mr. and Mrs. John Borbacs Mr. and Mrs. Alex S. Borda Ray Brader Amelia R. Brinker Lawrence Fiedor Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ffnelli Mrs. Susan Florey Jean Flick '54 Nelle Fluck Mr. and Mrs. John V. Fodor Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fogel Mrs. Charles R. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fox David C. Frederic Mrs. Hettie Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Lester D. Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Norman Frederick A Friend A Friend Friends Mrs. John Frisch Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Fritzinger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fruman Mrs. Sallie Frye Gabby and Elaine Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Gabel Mr. and Mrs, Alvin Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Roy Heffeltinger George Heffintrayer Mr. Frank Heftner Hazel Heffner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heist Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Helfrich Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Heller Bob Henninger '54 Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Henninger Mr. and Mrs. Harold Henry Donald Hess Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hess Mr. Martin Hess Mr. and Mrs. Max Hess Mr. and Mrs. Preston O. Hess Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hilberg Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hirschman Helen Hlatky '58 Kathleen Hobel Mr. and Mrs. David Hoffman Midge Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Preston Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Warren Holland Mr. and Mrs. John Hottle Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Houser Mrs. Jessie Howell Betty Huber '56 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Huber Mr. and Mrs. William Huber Danny Hummel Humphrey '55 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hufh Edward ltterly Mr. and Mrs, William Jandrasits Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jandriesevits Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Jones, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jones Frank Jordan Josey '60 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kaintz Louis Katz Stanley Kay Joseph F. Keefer Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keller Thomas Keller '57 Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Kenny '55 Mr. and Mrs. Byron Kemmerer Kemmerer Thomas Kemmerer Gilbert E. Kern Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kern Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Kern Allen Kester Donald Brown A.H.S. '55 John R. Garger Miss Minnie A. Kibler Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brown Earl Brunner Mr. and Mrs. George Bryfogle Dr. Edward J. Budihaus Frederick Gottlieb Buehler ' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burianlc Pat Burkhardt Miss Lena Chapman Bob Cherry '56 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Christman r nd Mrs Norman Christman M . a . Peggy Christman Mr. . and Mrs . and Mrs. Leroy Cole Russell Cowling M Mi. and Mrs. Stelwyn Coyle Mr. and Mrs. Peter Crayosky Mr. and Mrs . Bert Czensits Carole Danner Mr. and Mrs. William Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gasper Mr. and Mrs. Hubert E. Geiger Mr. and Mrs. William Geiger Mr. John George Mr. and Mrs. Barthol L. Gilbert Ginny and John H. Mr. James Godiska Miss Phyllis Gogel Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gougher Mr. and Mrs. Albert Graver Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Green Gloria M. Greene Ruth Greener '56 Francis Grossbauer '56 Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm O. Grow Earl M. Haas Mr. and Mrs. William Haberern Rob Mr. Mr. Mr. ert Kimak Robert S. Kincaid, Jr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Kirchkesner and Mrs. James Kish Mrs. Anna Kiss Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Klein and Mrs. Melvin Kleppinger Calvin Klinger Dallas Danner '57 Dave and Nancy Dickie Dech Elmer Dech Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Dech Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dech Ruthann Dech '58 Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Deibert Reverend and Mrs. Deibert Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. Cha Mr Mr Mrs. Thomas Deibert Mrs. Vance Deibert Mrs. Burton Deichman Mrs. Alex DeLucia rles DeLucia . and Mrs. Gerald Demko . and Mrs. Michael Demko Mr. and Mrs. Richard Demko Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Deppe Mr. and Mrs. Owen Derhammer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Carl Haines Mr. Edward Haines Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haines Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Hall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hall Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hallman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Handwerk Mr and Mrs. Evan J. Hankee Rev. and Mrs. Herbert P. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hartzeli Mr. and Mrs. Kermit O. Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hauke Mr. and Mrs. Will'am Haydt Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heberling Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Heckman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heftelfinger Doris Hetfelfinger '56 Ida Heftelfinger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hetfelfinger page one hundred forty-one Rev. and Mrs. Roy H. Klingman Stanley Knappenberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kneas Mr. and Mrs. John Koch Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kochenash Phyllis Kocher Mr. and Mrs. Granville Koehler Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Koehler and Daughter Miss Sandra Koehler Mr. and Mrs. Russel Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kopfer Shirley Kopfer Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Koseman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kosman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kowalyshyn Magdeline Kozera Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kozero Floyd Kratzer Rosemarie Krayoslry '56 Mrs. Michael Kraynick Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Kresge Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Kroboth William Kucharczuk, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Kucharczuk Dorothy Kuder Miss Luella Kuhns Alan Kuntz Jayne Kuntzleman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kurtz Mr. Walter Kutzler Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Laub Mr. and Mrs. lra Laub Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Laub Mr. and Mrs. Asher A. Laubach Mr. and Mrs. Roy Laubach Mr. Clarence Leibensperger Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lentz and Robbie and Mrs. Howard Lerch n Lerch Mr. Martin Lesher Roger Licini C.H.S. '56 Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lindenmoyer Mr. Joh . and Mrs. Harvey Livengood and Mrs. Robert Longenbach Mr Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Loch Mr Mr Warren Longenbach . and Mrs. Donna Rae Lovelace Louise Luchko Mr d Mr: Mr. an Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Rocco Luciano William MacAdam Francis MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Madea Mr. and Mrs. William Mann Miss Berdell Marchak Mr. and Mrs. James Mark Mr. and Mrs. Alvin O. Marsh, Sr. Luther Marsh '54 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Frank Marth Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mauser Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meltsch Mr. and Mrs. David A. Mertz Mr. Paul Messina Mr. and Mrs. August Meyer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Michael Mr. John Micio Mr. and Mrs. Edward Miksits Mr. George Milander Mr. and Mrs. Martin Milander Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miletics Mr. and Mrs. John Miletics Mr. and Mrs. Al Miller '54 Eugene Mllham Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Miller Mrs. Arlene Miller Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Jack Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller Patricia Miller '57 Thelma Miller Mr. and Mrs. William D. Miner Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mizgerd Lillian and Teresa Mizgerd Mr. and Mrs. William Mizgerd Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Mohrey, Jr. Priscilla Molchany, C.C.H.S. '57 Mr. and Mrs. John Molnar Mr. and Mrs. William Mondschein Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mooney Mr. and Mrs. William Mooney Mr. Charles Moore Rev. and Mrs. Clarence C. Moore Mr. and Mrs. William Morety Margaret O. Morgon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgon Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Moritz Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moyer Grace E. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. John Mulasits Mr. and Mrs. John Musseman Mr. Andrew Nachesty N Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Nachesty Frederick Nederostek Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newhard Mr. and Mrs. George Newhard Ned Newhard '55 Mr. and Mrs. John Nissely Mr. and Mrs. George O'Brien Elizabeth Oncheck '56 John Onuschak and Son Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Oplinger Sally Oplinger Gerald Overcash '39 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Paley Patron List Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peckitt Miss Esther Peters Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Petko Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Petrucelli Mr. and Mrs. James Phillips Phyllis and Sonny Edward Piervallo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pratorious Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rau Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Raubenhold Mrs. Margaret Rayden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Recker Rev. John H. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Rehrig Mr. and Mrs. lrkie Rehrig Mr. and Mrs. Lester Reimer Miss Janice M. Reinhard Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Reinhard, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reiter Ralph H. Reph Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reppert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ribakosky Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rice Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Rice Richard '57 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rieqel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Rinker Mr. and Mrs. John S. Rinker Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ritter Rosie '58 Miss Anna Royer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ruch Oneida Ruch 'Sl Mr. and Mrs. William Ruch Dion Rummage Mr. and Mrs. George Rupinski Mr. William J. Ruth Connie Sager '54 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Salter Mrs. Thelma Santee Mr. and Mrs. William L. Santo Mr. and Mrs. Alex F. Saras Barbara Ann Saylor '52 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schadler Mr. Earl G. Schafer Eva M. Schafer Mr. and Mrs. Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Allen Scheffler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scheffler Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schell John Schimonshitz Anna Schmidt C.C.H.S. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schmidt Emma Schneck Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Schneck Maryanne Schneck Catherine A. Scholl Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schubert Dolores Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. John Sencebach Nellie Sensenbarh Pearl Sepman '38 Roger E. Seremula '55 Mr and Mrs William Serenesits Miss Renee D. Shellhamer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shimnskie Mr. and Mrs George Shingler Mrs. Hazel Shoemaker Mr. Shuck and the Roxy League Priscilla Sickonic Mr. and Mrs. Truman Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Carl Silfies Mr. and Mrs. Claud Silfies Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Silfies Mr. Heber Silfies Mr. and Mrs. Ravrnond Silfies Mr. and Mrs. William Silfies Mr. and Mrs. Anto Silvious and Mrs. Julius Simcoe Mr. Steve Simock Harold Simons Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sipos Kathleen Sipos '56 Margie Sipos '57 page one hundred torty-two Mr. and Mrs. Steve Skrapits Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Skweir Michael Smallen Family Mr. and Mrs. Clark P. Smith Diane N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith Judy Smith '58 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith Rodney Smith '56 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Smith Mr. Eugene Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Bob Soldridg Margaret Sommer Mr . and Mrs William Snyder e Ralph Spadt Mr. and Mrs.. Elias Spengler Mr. and Mrs. George Spengler Mr. and Mrs. R. Gordon Sp.tko Mr. and Mrs. John Stangl Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Sterany Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Steier Stella '54 Linda Stermer Richard Stermer Wellington Stermer Mrs. Bertha Stimpfl Stephen Stanley Stimpfl Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stroh Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stuber Warren Stuber Mr. and Mrs. John Sutter Mr. and Mrs. James Szakaly, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. James Szakaly. Jr. Joseph and Stefani Szerenits Mrs. Stephen Szilagyi Mrs. Lucy Tanzosh Mr. Matt Tanzosh Marilyn Taras '55 Nancy Taras Mr. and Mrs. Steve Taras Mr. Andy Temos Michael Terleski Joseph P. Tito Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Trach Mr. and Mrs. Harold Troxell Marlene Troxell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Uherick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Urban Mr. and Mrs. John Valkovec Mrs. Letha Vandegrift Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rae Marie W Harry Wagner Willis Wagner ahl Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Harry Wall Waltz Mr. Stella Wanko Mr. Harold Warnke Mrs. Harry F. Weaver Miss L. Weed Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Weiss Al Weitknecht '47 Mr. and Mrs. Albert West Mr. and Mrs. Arthur West Charles Wetherhold Mr. and Mrs. Earle D. Whfte Tony Winkelbauer Pat Wlttman 'Sl Mr. and Mrs. Luke Woltel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wonderly Jane Wuchter Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wuchter Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wunderler Mr. and Mrs. John Yanders, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Yanders, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Yandrischovitz Janet Yelenics Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yost Miss Theresa Yost Mr. and Mrs. William Yost Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zader, Sr. Catherine Zakos '55 Mr. and Mrs. William Zakos Mr. and Mrs. W. Zarayko Richard Ziatyk '54 Mr. Bruce Zimmerman Well, here we are ai' ine end of my year. Excl?- ing, wasn'+ ii? Going back is a pleasanf Jrask when so many wonderfui memories are 'rlnere +o greef you. Bulr now, if is Jrime for me +0 say goodbye +o all of you by closing The cover on Hwe Ampiennian - my digeslr of happenings and even+s in I956-57. MK

Suggestions in the Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) collection:

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