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l V W N V SM G 6 QQEL PRINTED IN THE N.A.J,H.S. PRINT S HOP A 5 The 7.952 mptennian OIGWOI Hello, everybody! Let me introduce myself. I am Ampy, the spirit of Northampton, Pennsylvania. fSee picture at left., My part in this hook began last fall when I heard that the seniors had chosen HOur Town" as their yearbook theme in commemoration of our soth Anniversary as a borough and Northampton County's Qoofh Anniversary. It was then I decided to help my young friends, for who knows more about this Town than I do. In brief, here,s the story. This ls The Thirty-Eighth Volume ol Northampton Area Senior High School Pulnlishefl lay the Class ol 1952 ln Northampton Area Joint High School Northampton, Pennsylvania The mptennian Northampton Area Junior High School DQLQRES REICHLEY : Ectitor in Chiet MARY KQTQRIS : Managing Eciitor SARA JANE MCKNIGHT : Literary Eciitor It all be an ahout two and a half centuries ago, when I was just a hit of a spirit. It seems odd now to remember that from Twenty-Seventh Street to the lower end of town all one could see was an endless expanse of forests. Here and there paths among the trees and whispers of Campfires disclosed the camps of the Minisi Indians situated on the loanlcs of the Hoclcen- dauqua Creek. This was the stronghold of that "Honest Old lndianf, chief Lappawinzo, and his trusted sachem Tishcahon. William Penn was greatly respected by these Red Men. The last time I saw him, he was arranging land walking treaties with them. Unfortunately he died loelore the plans were completed. Finally in 1757 chief Lap- pawinzo signed a treaty stating that the white strangers could have as much land as a man could wallq in a day and a half. But these white men were land hungry. They lolazed a trail through the wilderness for their three speediest runners and arranged to have all supplies carried on horsehacli. The journey started at Vvrightstown, then led through woods, across meadows, and over streams. Soon I saw the men ford the Lehigh River a mile loelow Bethlehem. Here Solomon Jennings dropped out. The other two continued until they reached the Hoclcen- dauqua Creelc. Here they fell to the ground exhausted and hrolce camp on what is now our Universal Atlas property. The following morning James Yeats collapsedg lout the third man, Edward Marshall, reached his destin- ation at noon. The long walk was over, per- manently crippling one runner and killing another, only part of the price paid for our homeland. Three years after our famous Hvvallin a hand of white people entered Minisi land. The leader, as 1 later found out, was a stoclcy, lorislc-tempered lrishman named Hugh Wil- son. With the help of Chief Justice Allen, he acquired the land from the Penn family in 1740 and at once built his home and a grist mill. These were the days of terrifying Indian attaclcs. and VVilson,s Settlement was not .spared hy the frenzied Red Men. We appealed to Col. Benjamin Franlclin for protection in 1755 hut were refused due to laclc of troops. Hugh VVilson,s young son Tom was now in charge of the flour mill. To protect his family against lndian attaclcs, he huilt an octagon- shaped hloclchouse overloolcing the Hoclcen- dauqua Creek. Here it is today, on the Uni- versal Atlas property, a grim reminder of the past. N ow came peaceful, happy, years and many new faces appeared at VVilson's Settlement. ln 1761 a group of German Mennonites louilt the first church on West 21st Street. Then Archibald Laird, the Provincial Tax Collec- tor, settled at the 'slower end!! of the village. John Siegfried estahlished ferry service across the Lehigh at the Hupper endu. ln 1770 he huilt a tavern and home at the foot of Twenty- First Street. His home today is a prominent tavern. Aloout this time another family of fu- ture prominence arrived, the Levans. We were growing. Now came thrilling years. 1775 hrought our first local post route and 1776 the Declaration of Independence. Gen. George Washington urged his friend Col. John Siegfried to organize "Flying Campf' Dressed in the hlue and hull we answered the call to duty. This was the time of "Yankee Doodlen and the hrilliant new Hag of red, white, and blue, and Hunionn meetings at Siegfriedss Tavern where we car- ried on the war to preserve the value of our Continentals. EJ By 1795 the upper end of the Minisi Terri- tory, now lcnown as Siegfried, was a thriving village with its own Light Horse Militia, its grist mill, its tannery, and hest of all its first school. Established lay Col. John Siegfried, Aloraham Levan, and Michael Beaver, it was called Levan's School. This same year We lost a great man. Col. John Siegfried died. The lower end of the territory had now he- come the hamlet of Lauhachsville, named after its leading citizen, Peter Lauhach, a real man of enterprise. He huilt a store, a hlaclc- smithy, a distillery, managed a grist mill, founded a coal yard, and was instrumental in the building of the canal. This hecame the life line for this area. By 1800 the Levan family gained the lead- ing spot in Siegfried serving as postmasters and operating a paper mill. 1828 marlced the completion of a fine covered bridge which re- placed Siegfrieds Ferry, and this same year VVilson's old grist mill was sold to the Howell family. With the completion of the, Canal in 1829 came the biggest discovery of all. We strucli high-grade limestonel By 1850 we had our first cement plant,-fGlace's Mill. This was the heginning of an industry that soon put us in the nation's geography hoolcs-"The greatest cement region in the worldf' Town Hall . . 8 Post Otiice 1 E61 G ement National BcmK Travel between Siegfried and Lauhachs- ville via the Canal road caused another hamlet to appear, and soon 1 was visiting friends in Newport. But all this peace and prosperity again was disturhed hy war, and in 1862 we sent Ahe Lincoln our 155rd Regiment headed hy Captain Theodore Howell of Company D. 1866 marked the completion of the Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad, now called the Central R.R. This resulted in the development of a little hamlet calted Stemton which ap- peared in what is now our Third ward. Found- ed hy George Stem, it thrived on industries such as the Lehigh Car Manufacturing Com- pany. Stemton even acquired street railway service to Allentown hy 1895. A tew years of peace, and then We went off to war again. This time we joined Teddy Rooseve1t's Rough Riders and settled that Spanish-American prohlem. Coming hack to our growing community, we reaiized something had to he done. Stem- ton, Lauhachsviite, Newport, and Siegfried had grown into one another and were now joined hy other tiny settlements,-Hosensack, Figtown, Brooklyn, and Rosendale. Yes, we had come a Iong way from VVi1son,s Iittte settlement, and we needed to unite. May 6, 1901, was the proud day when we hecame the Borough of A11iance. Through the inter- vention of the Atlas Cement Company and many good friends, the name was changed April 12, 1909, to Northampton. That suited me, too. See you Iater. AMPY. In Memory of . Classmate DANIEL KOCHAN 1954- 1949 Classmate JEAN SHHVIKANON 193 4- 1 95 1 Generously they Gave of Their Friendship We are such stuff as dreams are made on, And our little life is rounded with a sleep. r-SHAKESPEARE. .., ,., ' ELEANOR ROBERTS CLINTON BILHEIMER 1898-1951 1876-1951 Homemaking Instructor Woodstzaps Instructor Unfaiting and sincere . . . she gave abundantly Quietly and notoly, he dedicated his life to our of her treasures. school. E81 We Dedicate This Book . . TO THOSE WHO HAVE HUMBLY DEVOTED THEIR LIVES TO MAKE THIS TOWN, OUR TOWN. WE SALUTE OUR CITIZENS FROM THE EARLIEST SETTLERS TO THE PRESENT CIVIC-MINDED PEOPLE AND BOROUGH AD- MINISTRATORS. CONSTANTLY THEY GAVE AND ARE GIVING OE THEIR TIME, TOILING AND LABORING, TO BUILD OUR HOMES, OUR PLACES OE WORSHIP, OUR CENTERS OF BUSINESS, EDUCATION, AND RECREATION. MAY WE FIND OURSELVES EMULATING THEM IN SPIRIT AND STRENGTH AS WE DO OUR PART IN AD- VANCING . . . OUR TOVVN. 2? ff , rg fIfif - A wwf! 7 ii V i', !, iz g, I f ,l - o ki we ' f'Ail :ffl'5l:I!:u :a:r, - ' ' oo-or fo The Blackand Orangc5SingThoqlad ro-frain, W . . ' xx ' ' ' 1 b J -1 9399513 1. Y A Q19 :Li 5 I! i B, 1 K Hdfmlgoija 'if' F Loo-al To. ow Al-ma Ma- or Ev-er we'lI oe main. 4 . . . . Q mo f bb'9j'jQj:Q.ijj:Jl1j1j'fl Al-me IVIaQter!AI-me Ma-1er!AIl our vows ro- now. 6 . . t . 1 V E . J Ebb ? g . o 2 D ,Q Q ., - .. an 9 1 3 ' :rg '. I - 5 Hail To 1hQeNon1hGmpion Hn'ghSchool,Wowill all bQ Foe. V 4 I bop I Iifw TIT T ' fll I - ' I DG S wsfh hoo wc'll all remember , 9 . Lhcmsh m ooo song M Though our lnvas be long. Q HQre's to hoo whose nemo we-'Il QVQB ub- In This Issue lntroctuction Foreworcl . . . History ..........,.. Nortlaampton Toclay .... ln lVlemoriam ....... Dedication .. Alma lVlater . Tlzey Govern Council ........... Scliool Boarcl ......... Sclmool Administrators . Faculty ........... Special Staffs Flamingo Room The People Seniors ..... Class Gfticers Class Song Jointure lVlap .... Juniors ........... Sopliomores ......... Junior Higli School ..... Batll Junior Higli .... Elementary ........ To Work Curriculum . . . We Belong National Honor Society . . . Stuclent Council ........ Amptennian Staff ..... Tri-Hi-Y .......... Hi-Y ...... "N" Club ... Courier .. Rellector . W3 Debate .......... Dramatic Clulns .. Art and Forensics . Vveiglit ........ Fisliing .. Rifle . . . Cliorus .. Band ...... Kepler ....... Pliotograpliy . . . F. H. A. ...... . Visiting Clulos Having Fun Evaluation ..... Open House ...... Cllristmas Vespers ..... Senior Class Play ........ Junior Speaking Contest Dances ................. District Band ........ Proudly We Present .... Assemlolies . . . . . . . Alumni . . . TIITQS CIIGQFS Footlnall ..... Baslcettmall ..... Junior Varsity .... Wrestling . . . Traclc ..... Baseloall ..... ......... lntramurals .............. Stroudsburg Gym Exliiloition Meet Qur Sponsors Donators Patrons . . They Guide Us -IN OUR TOWN Officers seaieoi from left: Manager Hale Guss, Burgess Vvilliam Anthony, President George Bennis, Treasurer Forrest Hunt r and Secretary Claude Fogelman. Standing are Councilmen J. Roland Thomas, Floyd Kenner, LeRoy Scholl, Martin Bulmvina, , Associate Solicitor Russell Kowalyshyn, Counciirnen Alvin Gardner, Cart Loch, Stephen Radakovitz, John Beit, Alex Rajki, James DeLucia and L. A. Greenawalci. ,Health Board . . . Water Authority . . . . . . Health Officer .,.... Community Nurse ............ Community Nursing Association . . . Chief of Police ............... F ire Chief ..... U21 DR.M. G.MILLER CHARLES YOUNG, Chairman of Board EDGAR KERN IDAS. BENNER .. GEORGE COLE, President PETER Srour . . . . ELWOOD NEWHARD to Good Government -IN OUR SCHOOLS NORTHAMPTON AREA JOINT SCHOOL BOARD IN SESSION Seated: Rennarci Sutiifi, Howard Raubenimoici, First Vice-President: Russel Nioycr, President: Charles Newirarci, Secretary: Claude Troxeii. Treasurer. Standing: G. A. Eiciriicr, Supcrintcncienlg Eugene ixiiiimnr, Paui Bacirman, Russell Becker. Sec- onfi Vice-Presicient: Robert Schaffer, Stanicy Easterday, .Ioim Spanitz. .ieromr Pxurkepile, solicitor. Tax Collector . . Postmaster ............................ Northampton iwemoriai Community Center . . . . . Golden Iutzilee Committee ..... Teen Age Center .,....... President of ivlinisterium .... Community Chest ...... Chamber of Commerce . . U51 . . . . . CIIARLES BORGER . . . . . . RALPH BARTHOLOMEXV . . FRANKLIN SILFIES, President . . . . . . E. A. BOYER, President FJAUL E. LENTZ, Senior Director . . . . . REVEREND SIDNEY SMITH .. GEORGE SCHISLER, President .. . . . . . . .. HAROLD SCHISLER Our Top Executives . . NGRMAN A. LAUB BS., MA. Principal Through his Wise consuisiiip, he cares for time interests of our school citizens and 'offers us untold opportuni- ties in education. GEORGE A. EICHLER AB., MA., EDD Superintendent of Schools He administers juciiciousiyg and we ttle citizens of this scimooi community reap rich dividends. U41 'H-ws., . and Expediters RACHEAL NICHOLAS and Pl-IYLLIS VANDERGRIFT handle with dispatch the thousands of tedious prohlems connected with the Superin- tendentys office. Vvith it all they lceep a-smiling. ALBERT Nl. LERCH, BS., lVl.Ecl., Assistant Administrator and Guidance Director, and our two secretaries, MILDRED KRAFTICIAN and GLGRIA BACHMAN, keep records -records,-and more records all aloout us. They help us to solve that UKnow Thyselfn prohlem. EDVVIN BERG, AB., Assistant Administrator, and our two secretaries, GRACE MILLER and PHYLLIS KOCHER, lceep the wheels running' smoothly in the Principalys office and in the cafeteria. Theres always time here to tallc about our school prolalems. D51 ALL HISTORY NT PROGRAM IC O9 6 OLQSV1 An-wfiean H Suffer Yforlff uisfor osic. 1 '1 rouems og Democrucu! DIA amend LJ Almer edu ?aSkS Vin Seknmder 31 ' ' AA'-- .,:1A .A., I . A.:....... . A A Q. :,.f ,:,.,. , AV -V : Piffify zz g- ' ,,,',' "5-, 5 ' C - A '5 1 ffm ::- 'T ' 2 AEZ: M "' ' :-V V,....,,41 -' , " A "' ' '5 M ,-v' 2 352,If'-2r5rf1V'::,, KV , Ag A'x' in ' L'- I J lb' Awrfed l.oOl3QcH Pl1B.,M.A. payer Schneicferg PAB., Jgnnie F SmiH1,PHB, Euqene Horn, Vcfygcsy i 'L K A X Hisfor-.1 G'EOC1fG,PLL' Consumer Economics, ' , K . EC.Geoc'roPYn1, m U.S. Hisiorq 3 ' 1 ':' E '-,' --" .::- 0 0 0 i 2 :'iA1 .A., l Y Paul Burafli, BA. marionI.LaubachB.fl,H.A Laura. Weedflw English? German, French, Lawn, English E nq I QSL, S5 01' ki V uNow,I Prefer Oliviefs Hamxei' Spike Jones! S0113 Mc M10-H1 , . , :s: : ,s:'-g3::gzgQ. .,::,, - -.,. , z a, .. 5115: f V - '---' K , I E? -Eff gg- :.,.: ,... A " A .- A " ' Q ':g1QgQy:QQ2?55 'P ' T "" : ::" :' - 55- : ' 75- L Eff5E:e.ff: , ,.,. . 2 32551. " " WW 7Q5:. ':.' :i'-,. , 4, "FI" 1:51 ' a ny L: Q K V -, - A 3 . Q, , Q f - . ' W K : ' X7 51, Mgff gfgir 3 Q MLW, 5 -'A if rvj'fQ 1 . Qi' -17 f---- -'- ,,,,g,, , ,gg .... ,. ,M wg fl 7 p - K ' c 2 ,swwgn V2 - ei , 1 ., 1 B-uv' I ,jL:3'.:TZiIi5SfiMmf - : W' ' 2:55,.,...' ' ' X , V ,mmmwf , . .. 3b wh J f, gif ff ' Fei 'Z'X33ii'5'5 f- W 6243? , . ,,,, z 1 , A mvwff ,WL 5533? , . Q H W' A ,5j,,,+ Q f Q w, -V Roberjr Neubauerj BA. Reed BUG kmqham,BS,I'1.A. Arfene G K0cke,3B3.,N.A. HQWWQI PMB EnqlisL,5ociQ!S4uclies. Enqkshlspeechcorredion E,-nail isfm Enqxisxx N OW 1'-a E D R E U N T3 - 'V - ,,:- , "" 55- ' , .,E.E,E::- ..,,:: ,, .....' . Q - . 5 ' l N f riv 5 . 3 . -Z "" -'1 " k Li "'E' : ,.,, A A A . 551 ' ,,-f :.E .. A I V I :zzaa A Q Q Ivan Scfwneck, E 1 6 Qabeik !'1.GesqenB.S.,MEl. Minka el Mal he som, Qookkee Pina, S!1Of'+x'1Cl.fid.,Tg,i?Snq I3u5ineSSLu.W, Mm+hemn4ic5 Business Ar'aHwme4'ic' Secrefariai prachce Business Tw-winif-q O??,qeM01Chmea Smiesmanship New Huaxis wxwal I can a M, Sclmeck A an imyresswe Chrndmos we +wo mem bers as Quota Ciuxa, Miss Wee A Gnd Schockl pfesgdenf-3 Ppeggnhfrmq 0 b8GU+f'pul SAVE? service fo omr sckooi as a Qrihvi-e fo Miss Efenngtwcflefti 0- !0l40x QQGCIWQY' and Yrnerdfmiss Arleneminer ancegiifslh 'bbff'4iVQ og We SC oo ' X ' ' . A 492 'ff -f " THERE'S MAGIC IN NUMBERS A ,,L. K V X . . . - 9' 'if-, 155 A . Z A V: cgi, A ,. ,V,,,:. R ::VV-,, . . X 2. :F-'I ,,..,. ' ,7 A'YiI'D Faqs! AV ' Coueqe PFBPOf:1+Dfli Q , Mafhemojics, - 'h - R-inhnq V' ' I , K iv. - , f f. Q ,A ,, M 4 5 3 K 8 if f f Q , "1 ,ug -' Zv: 3. xQ :":t.,.52 , . - f b Vivian M.CoNe,B.SQ grlu:Hsemo.f'ics ' V' K. 1 Our nex"' Projecl' -NWOQSS and Ricefsl How To A m 5? sf 'K ,O Y , 5 x Nclle Y.FiuckB.S. .Sk ,B Liam., ,ETQW , 31 . S :J z . ' -. zx. ,.,,, , ., A. M, . W. V- V -' 55:-Z-:lg :gg ' fi ,- . Raq Wahl ,Pk.jBLAl ,A A , C ivitt, E'JoCjA':4l:Ini K ,, ,, . DrxverTraibnir.q' 1 Y h ',h,w 5 your Problems are our Prolzlemsx suq our spectra! jreoclxers. .. .l ., kleppinqer, BS. Tnfiseillm K' KH.. , CU-4' 0 L Mosse Y manBS Off! 2 CUUUNSICS RM41, as, Turk, BS.. E r.on0miCS THEY BRING PLAY D TO OUR SCHOOL ' :s:::-EJ'-, 1 ' w f5ehi d The Scenesi 5 Taq Maru, Cancixi Barska--j-' sag Dr MP1 f Cha. MISS Moxie? 3 -2,55-gvf:4a.: f - WWE, R EM MQ Q 1 1 gs , 4, .-.:f:-:6-. . ' ' " , fa s ig' , ,V ' L " Q ,X,. 4 E 1 ' -.S 'L 35 ' .. f ' W .,A, Z M . ii ggzgz gfz Q' -' X 'S .www ,.,. ..,. . . , .,,.. . Hs: gi ,Q AW ,,,x ww I v gag: 3"'fvv Ma X Q f . Q., FRN. Q 1? . xr . 1 5: 27 xxg:-.1.:i e- -zamf ,CH Q 7 :Az iwaxfgw' fi' - M5 i - - W F -xr' fx , . ' D.: W Dwmkeiier K Y W Q - - Ziff 2' ..,. IE,::.::..:.1.:f.5i?,z:z: :.v5 f :IE z ""' U,cm...+f,, X536 Hris g " .:,.H.,,v1!r-.ik ,s : - , .... . I. Q4 F iw C 1353 ,gf . ,I ,..,..,. , ' A Q .. 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Porfer, Spellboundl ful! House. nmefo rekix and Henri e a 63 gossip. B, N ma K3 Wx The if Q People of our town are the right kind of folks. There are about 9,559 of us now. We came mainly from North Central and Eastern Europe. Theres nothing fancy about us. We pay our taxes, enjoy the things you do, and periodically help to fight a war. U71 Cm fy. NANCY RENAE ANDREWS 1685 Newport Ave. Secretarial Nan's letter writing loolsters the war effort. Remem- laer those souvenirs from Japan? Peppy and petite-1 this stenog suddenly turns shy when center stage is hers. Need money? See Nan, Room 1's Ampten- nian Secretary. Tri-H-Y 1, 2, 5, lChaplain 51: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 53 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Girls' Ensemble 2, 5: Student Council 5: Amptennian 5: Forensics. RICHARD ANTONIUK 1644 Lincoln Ave. Clerical and Sales 'Service with a smile" introduces HFlul:1lJsy," our soda jerk. There's time in his schedule for a third- laase position, intramural haslietloall, and managing wrestlers. Our T. A. C. president is out for a lu- ture luusiness career. Hi-Y 2: Weight Cluln 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Sopho- more Class Vice-Presidentg Wrestling Manager 2, 5. JOHN BAHNICK BERNADINE BECKER FREDERICK M. BEIL 956 Dewey Ave. Industrial Arts Cheolc that motor scooter, stop at Klotz's store, visit the stock car races. or shop in Emmaus and you'll have Fritz on your trail. He's the quiet one in school--dodging grammar and dreaming electricity. GERALD D. BIERY Northampton, R. D. 2 College Preparatory Jerry's trademark is his friendly smile. Need data on raising tlowers for lnalny larothersl? Ask Jerry, our class horticulturist. Business stall worlc, church alzfairs, and grange activities keep Jerry lousy. Biology 1, 25 Photography 5: Amptennian 5. NANCY RICHARD ANTONIUK JOHN BAHNICK 2569 Washington Ave. Industrial Arts Potter County deer. luewarel Room l's ahsentee slip shows Jolly JumlJo's gone a-hunting. A dead shot with his rille and a dandy Woodcraltsman is John- our president of the Junior Sportsman's Clulo. Super contractor next. Rifle Cluln 1: Fishing Clulo 2, 5. BERNADINE C. BECKER Box 92, Bath Secretarial Sketch a dancing figure, rut: in some Drawing Room Theatre drama, highlight the red ol her hair. Shade with seriousness and secretarial efficiency. Finished and framed-it's Bernadine, all set for a lnusiness or art career. F. H. A. 1 lpresident ll: Thespian 2, 5, lsecretary 555 Art 5: National Honor Society 5: Amptennian 5. E251 FREDERICK BEIL GERALD BIERY PAUL BUQRY ALFRED BIROSIK MARY ELIZABETH BLACK 725 Main St. Clerical and Sales Drives like tire winfl, spealcs witl'1 an accent, possesses personality plus, tells long tales about Pittslnurgll, tailors ller clotlles, arrived tlris year from tiie Smolcy City-fwllo is it? UBlaclcie." Mary llas smiled tier way into N. H. S, Amptennian 5: Tri-Hi'Y 5: Girls' Chorus 5. FRANK BOCHNOCK 2599 Dewey Ave. College Preparatory Roguisli lnlue eyes ancl a magic pencil introduce lun- loving Franlc, our class Rembrandt. Baslcetlnall, lmil- liarcls, ancl lnoolcs fill iris leisure lrours. Vvlmom will you tease on time high seas, sailor? Art 1: Kepler Society 5: Amptennian 5. PAUL W. BIERY 1905 Washington Ave. Industrial Arts 'Klzaalc Vvaltonn Paul lxelieves in tllis motto, 'Learn to he quiet." He will travel lar anal wicle to follow luis hunting anal lislling interests. A laugh and a jolce suit lbutclmer Biery, our future golcl prospector. Fislxing Clulv I, 2, 5. ALFRED A. BIROSIK 250 West 26tl1 St. Industrial Arts Tlwse blonde wavesl HKeel" is tl1e picture ol hand- some reserve witlx enough miscliiel tlrrown in lor goocl measure. A Roxy Tlxeater man ancl a man of nature lay lleart is "Muscles" wlro wonders wlmt dame future lurings. Rille Clul: l, 2: Fislling Club 5. JOHN BRUCHAK FRANCES BRUNGARD t If 291 MARY BLACK , FRANK BOCHNOCK JQHN BRUCHAK 1525 Cedar St. Clerical and Sales Room l lloasts a super Amptennian salesman. He is .lolmny-on-tile-go at ilu: T.A.C., at sclwol dances, at N.H.S. allairs, and at a local socla fountain. Ambition and lrienclliness will luring .lolm tllat line restaurant some clay. Footlaall 1 lmanagerl: Baseball 1, 2, 5 fmanagerlz Amptennian 5: Rille 1: Boys Cliorus 1, 2, 5: Senior Class Play. FRANCES J. BRUNGARD 1717 Main St. College Preparatory No clull moments witll Fran around! Another Yanciy's lan is Frances lancl our truant ol:l:icer,s Pet Peeve.l Vlllat crop ol sliurt loclis covers gray matter that leans towarci nursing or designing lasl1ions that are excitingly ncw. Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Courier 1, 2: Reflector 1, 2: Amptennian 5. JOHN CHRISTOFF RENAE CROCK STEPHEN FRANK CSENCSITZ 219 East 9th St. Clerical and Sales As assistant manager of the Csencsitz Market, career- minclecl "chief" can give you the low-clown on food prices. intramural sports anal the T.A.C. are good recreation for Room 1's tease, who will ily his com- mercial plane over our chimneys someday. Council lg Rifle Club lg Hi-Y 55 Amptennian 5g Agriculture Club 1. MARIE CZAPP 1556 Neport Ave. Secretarial Numloer 4 occupant of the "bench" at Yanf1y's is our husky-voiced Marie, waiting for an Allentown car. Definitely clate minciecl is fashion-wise frislcy Marie who will talce things in her stride as some man's stenog. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 53 Courier 2, 55 Amptennian 5. JCI-IN P. CHRISTOFF 456 East 11th St. Clerical and Sales John is the casual liinclf-'hut with a clitference. The print shop, the Coplay Bakery, and chaufieuring the 11th Street gang keeps him stepping. Want prow- ess? Watch John on the cliamoncl or the harcl wood. Pontiac operations keep Mr. Mechanic in training. Baseball 2, 5: UNH Club 5: Amptennian 5. RENAE B. CROCK 560 East 10th St. College Preparatory A Hash of reel hair, the crack of bubble gum, and- Uoopsl 1 lost my wallet!" introduces UReen", our snazzy assistant head maiorette. Renae's zest and eloquence wears us out. Business College and Vil- lanova, loewarel Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5 fsecretary ll: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Ensemble 2: Band 2, 5 fAssistant head major- ette 51: Forensics 2: Mixed Chorus 2: Amptennian 5. DALE DECH LEONA DEMKO E501 STEPHEN CSENCSITZ MARIE CZAPP DALE R. DECH R. D. 2 Clerical and Sales Sweet sounclsl That's Dale, our hlonrle Trumpeteer from Seemsville. Hi-Y work, especially Hi-Y laaslcet- ball, keeps him stepping, lout there's always time to help construct a new home or dream about a super office job. Fishing Clula 1: Band 1, 2, 5: Hi-Y 2, 5 tTreas- urerlg Amptennian 5. LEONA E. DEMKO S. Walnut St., Bath College Preparatory Demlio the daydreamer has iust finishecl another novel in classl A very "frank" lass is Leona. Her experience in the Home Making Club shoulcl malce her a tip-top wife for some luclcy man. F.H.A. 1: Dramatic Club 2, 5: Amptennian. 5. LUCILLE JUNE DEIVIKO 2151 Northampton Ave. Secretarial President of tI1e Nationai Honor Society is demure, determined HIVIitzi." Tease our enscmimie Soprano aInout Ursinus and sI1e remains calm and serene. Office or Iwomc-ftI1ere,s Iuounci to be Ilarmony witI1 I.ruciIIe tiiere. Nationai Honor Society 2, 5 tprcsicient 51: Giris' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Tri'I'Ii-Y 1, 2. 5 fsecretary 2, 5I: Ensemiuie 1, 2, 5: Ciuiy 5: Amptennian 5: Forensics 2, 5: Mixed CI10rus 1, 2: Art 5. VINCENT DIETER CI1erryviIIe. Clerical and Sales BasIcetIJaII Iuarn styIe is wI1at Room 1's sI1y guy IiIies. Niotor scooters, a new jeep, time CI1erryviIIe Garage are on Vinccnt's reguIar sciieciuie. He rates scI10Iastic Iionors, too. VVC predict'-fa Iuture manager oi Dieteris Foundry. Riiie CIuim 1: Baseiiaii 2, 5. FRANKLIN DOIVIITROVITS RICHARD ECKHART JOHN C. FALIVIAN 419 East 12tI1 St. Industrial Arts Gab, gaib, gaIJI 'I-Iiat tamiIiar sound means tiiat PI1iI is conducting a I9uII session again, Hunting anci fishing come naiurai to PI1iI--flI1cn Iac reIaxes at ihe 'II.A.C. Itis tIie Navy Biues for Joiin. Riiie CIUIQ 1: Fisiiing CIUIJ 1. RICHARD F. FEGELY IVIaxatawny Industrial Arts RicI1arcI, our Iive wire printer, Iias tire patience oi JoIJ. His masterpieces in piastics are proof. Our IVIaxatawny eiectrician sI1ouIcI "IJrigI'1ten" tI1e lives of Iris customers as Iae cioes that certain corner oi Room I. Fishing 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. LUCILLE DEMKO VINCENT DIETER FRANKLIN J. DOIVIITROVITS 429 East Fourth St. Industrial Arts Neeci a cacIciy? Call "DeeIcH and watcii Iris speeci on tile goif course. OrcIinariIy time quiet type, Frank out-taIIcs time Iaest oi tI1em defending tile CarcIinaIs. His scrapbook is a prize possession. Riiie CIUIJ 1, 2: Fisiiing CIuIJ 1, 2. RICHARD ECKHART CI1erryviIIe. Clerical and Sales Reci Iiair, IrecIcIes, and pIenty of misciiiet-tI1at's our CI1erryviIIe Kid. UDicIc" is a fieIcI and stream man witI1 IoaseIaaII in Iris mimi ftile Iieart is reservedIi UncIe Sam wiII pick Dick up at Joe's Service Station. BaseIJaII l. 2. 5. IMI JOHN FALIVIAN RICHARD FEGELY JOHN F. GABUYLUK 120 West 16tI1 St. Clerical and Sales Introducing tI1e IVI.C. of tI1e Towpattl Terrace CIuI:v, Yoncti, Imrewmaster par excellence fcider or wine?J This FieIcI and stream man takes Iiis I:asIcetIJaII seri- ousIy. CIasstime finds uYoncI1" dreaming about tI1e Army. After cIass JoI1n is oft to ttie AtIas woods. SHIRLEY ANN GARDNER 1745 Washington Ave. Clerical and Sales That Mona Lisa smiIe means SIrirIey is Iistening- Iuut Iier green-cI1evy fh0lIgIlIS are miIes away. "Lefty" JOHN GABRYLUK SHIRLEY GARDNER is so peppy in sports and Ietter writing. but so sIow in coming to cIass. Happy daydreams. Tri-I'Ii-Y 1, 2. 5: Amptennian 5. CATHERINE IVI. GASPAR 107 LauImacI1 Ave. Clerical and Sales uI'Ii IcidIH Iarings smiIing CatI1y into our midst. HGassy", our IaowIing IueIIe, is neat as a pin. SIim, trim, and tireIess'-fCatI1y steps I1igIi as a snappy maiorette for tI1e Northampton BugIe Corps. BioIogy CIuIJ l: Amptennian 5. DORIS ELAINE GEHRET 2454 Main St. Clerical and Sales Hop-aIong Doris is in a Iiurry again. DimpIes sImw- ing, cheeks gIowing, Doris is chattering about Irer Iatest adventure. or movie, or ucattyn, or Sunday ScIrooI CIass. The switcI1IJoarcIs wiII Irum when Doris CATHERINE GASPAR DORIS GEHRET sends Iler jokes round tI1e worId. M Tri-Hi-Y 5g Amptennian 5. 1520 Washington Ave. Secretarial Right answer,-fwitI1 a different angIeI Section l24's IemaIe counterpart of Mr. Anthony Iras a reserved IJootI1 at tI1e Uspotn. GentIe Anne foIIows tI1e terp- sicI1orean muse at nigI1t. By day sI1e is a definite asset in a IocaI office. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Junior CIass Sec- retary 2. JUNE GOLLATZ 1715 Washington Ave. College Preparatory A pert package of animation is Junie. our Vogue girI, a daytime career girI and an evening dazzIer fespe- ciaIIy in BetI1IeI1em.J Constant cI1atter and a Hair ANNA GQBER JUNE GOLLATZ for imitation compIete tI1e picture of June. Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 5: GirIs' Chorus 1. 2, 5: IVIixed Ciioms lg Amptennian 5. D31 SHIRLEY GROSS KENNETH HANDVVERK ANNE L. HANKEE 2149 Main St. College Preparatory The cliclc of cleats, and "Hey, wait for mel" intro- duces Hank lorealilasting while she's dashing. At the swimming pool, in class, on the clance Hoor- anywhercf-fshevs the lilc of the party. Kindergarten will he fun-hut no Mpaclcllesf' Anne. Amptennian 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 5: Thespian 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 1: Girls, Chorus 1, 2, 5: N-Clulo 5: Reflector 1, 2, 5 lEditor-in-Chief 5l: Ensemble 1, 2: National Honor Society 5: Forensics 1, 2: Con- crete Courier 1: Junior Speaking Contest: Junior Class President: Senior Class Play. ALBERT K. HANTZ 2121 Main St. Industrial Arts 'sVVhat flavor?" asks Al, our sunclae pal. AI has lcnotty problems'-'tying llies, stuclying Hollywood "styles," parsing sentences, finding new ways to tease the girls, lalowing "gussiesu hehincl the morgue. lt,s nAnchors Awcighn for Al. Fishing 1, 2, 5 lvice-presiclcnt 55: Weight 2, 5: Rille 1: Agriculture 1. KAY HAYDT R MIRIAM HELLER SHIRLEY ANN GROSS Walnutpiort, R. D. 1 Secretarial 'l'liere's zest in the picture when this high-stepping rv'-'if-rf-ltr swings ilown the field. Keeping ahreast of "Club 5" gossip keeps Shirley lousy, hut therels always time out for two-tone Olzlsmoloiles. Eh, Miss Stenogl Majorette 2, 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Amptennian 5. KENNETH H. HANDWERK Vvalnutport, R. D. 1 Industrial 'Arts' Silent? Reserved? You thinlc so? Wise words on agriculture or the latest hoe-clown techniques are friend Kenny's stock in trafle. Grange work and the Drive-ln-Theatres won't keep Kenny olzl the farm. Agricuture Cluh 1. ANNE HANKEE ALBERT HANTZ KAY F. HAYDT Vvalnutport R. D. 2 Secretarial A silver whistle anal Kay leacls forth our high steppers. As a singing tap rlancer. Kay livens "Club 5" meetings. This stenog with the winning ways has a hope chest filled with typing and shorthand awards. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Ensemble 1, 2. 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Majorette 2. 5 lheacl majorette 5,1 Mixed Chorus 2: National Honor Society 2. 5 ftreasurer 51: N-Club 5: Amptennian 5: Sophomore ancl Senior Class Secretary. IVIIRIAM L. HELLER Chestnut St., Bath Secretarial Chatty, cheerful, and charming is ou: Songbird from Bath. HlVlim," our clelegate to the Lehigh Valley Girls' Chorus, also uses her voice to urge on our "letter men" or the "Big 5." Singing or modeling, Mim is a joy to heholcl. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Ensemble 1, 2, 5: Cheerleading 2, 5: Thespian 2, 5 ltreasurer 2l: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Amptennian 5: N-Club 5: Dis- trict Chorus 2, 5: Forensics 1, 2, 5. HARRIET I-IILBERG DORIS HOLOTA RICHARD L. HOIVIOLA 2152 LincoIn Ave. College Preparatory CompIete integrity-fthatls President Dick. Our cIass IeacIer pIays terrific hasIcetIJaII, has time for fun, and cops scholastic honors. Dick forgets his shyness at the T.A.C. A goocI man coIIege hounct. Fishing 1, 2, 5 fvice-Pres. 1, Pres. 2, 5,: Science 1, 2, 5 fvice-Pres. l, Pres. 2,: Art: Reflector 2: National Honor Society 1, 2 fVice-Pres. 1, 2J: President fsophomore Classj, Vice-Pres. fJunior lCIass9, President fsenior CIass,, Fiag Contest t2nci rize . MARY JANNY 1786 Newport Ave. Clerical and Sales Gum, giggIes, and guys introduces "Tootsie", a future "Number, pieasen career girI. "Miss Newport Avenue" inciuiges in pIain anci fancy dancing any- where and anytime. In her sparetime IittIe "Jenny VVren" Icnits, too. Tri-Hi-Y 5: Amptennian 5. HARRIET J. HILBERG Northampton, R. D. 1 College Preparatory IVIissingI One short crop of waves and a clrawiing voice. HiIIJerg's ahsent again. "Tootie" from Naz- areth has prohlems QmaIe and otherwisel. Square dancing and 4-H work take much of her time. Penn State and a home economics future suits Harriet. Photography CIuIo 1, 2, 5 fpres. 51: Tri-Ti-Y 2, 5: Thespian 5: Reflector 5: Amptennian 5. DORIS A. HOLOTA 1421 PopIar St. Secretarial Doris fLouelIa Parsons, Holotar-'proud owner of hookkeeping and American Legion awarcIs--'rates with us. When not reading movie magazines, she is attenciing "Big 5" meetings. As a sweet, neat sec- retary she'II manage some office weII. NationaI Honor Society 5: Amptennian 5. BETTY KEISER JOHN KELLER I54fl l RICHARD HOIVIOLA MARY JANNY ELIZABETH I. KEISER 507 Main St. Secretarial With penciI, paper, and patience she's an artist: acIcI to that cuiinary artist, too. Why such kitchen interest, IVIiss Secretary? AIthough active in church and schooI, Betty has time to watch Plymouths go Ioy. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. JOHN JOSEPH KELLER 511 Washington Ave. Clerical and Sales Side hy side, my, myI Isn't the aIpI1ahet woncierfuI? Other interests of John's are amateur photography, coaI trucks, target shooting, and trolIey trestIes the dives from themIJ?? John shouIcI have a goocI head tor business. Wood Shop 1: Photography 5: Amptennian 5. MARIE KISS 1545 Washington Ave. Clerical and Sales A come-liitlier smile, iiirtatious eyes, a color guard uniform, a feminine Rolnin Goodiellow, a grammar wizard, and a Bethlehem rooter'-fyes, Marie is all of tliese. Slielll have lier own lmeautician salon, too. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5: Band 2, 5: Amptennian 5. JAMES R. KLOTZ 1756 Vvasllington Ave. industrial Arts Hop-along-Jim in liis engineer's boots wakes tile avenues witli his Hollywood mul-Hers. N green Ford, a knowing grin, and treasurer of Local 122 is off to tlie stock car races. Sailor Jim has an eye for every port. Band 1, 2: Fishing Clula 1: Rifle Club 5. JACK KNAUSS JACQUELINE KNAUSS MARLENE E. KNECHT S. Walnut St., Bath College Preparatory Friendly HReds" is first to class, a wluiz at jig-saw puzzles, and an avid reader. After scliool hours finds Marlene active in Youth Fellowship work and tier cliurcli clioir. Tliere are receptionist plans aliead. F.H.A. 1: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. JOAN M. KOHL 1417 Canal St. College Preparatory uset the stage," sliouts Joanie wliose major en- tlmusiasms are tile tlmeatre, pollcas, and lmer future nursing career. A smile and lulusli travel everywllere witlm busy Joan. Her passport to l1appinessf-fday- dreamsl Tri-Hi-Y 1. 2, 5 fvice-president U: Craft Club 1 fsecretaryj: Reflector 2. 5 fassistant editor 5J: Tiiespian 2, 5 ipresident 5J: Amptennian 5. 'IVIKRIEJCISS JAMES'KL0rILZ JACQUELINE KNAUSS Northampton, R. D. 1 Clerical and Sales Beluold the gentle half of tl1e Knauss twins. This gal "Jackie" reads and reads, and writes sliort stories, too. We Want autographed copiesl Someday Jaclcie will send a song hit across tlie wires with uNumlJer please?" Girls' Cliorus 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 5: Amptennian 5. JACK KNAUSS Northampton, R. D. 1 College Preparatory "That T.V. cl1air's got me," says Jack after the dayis worlc on the dairy iarm is finished. O1 course, ama- teur photography, printing, and sports take time, too. Any candy or jokes today, Jack? Agriculture Club 1: Printing 1. 2. 5: Photography 2, 5: Amptenmlan 5. MARLENE KNECHT JOAN KOHL JEAN E. KOHLER 2457 Cherryville Rcl. Secretarial Jean is "Johnny-on-the-spot" in or out of school. Long hilces lceep her in trim for those hahy sitting moments with little Johnnie. This receptionist is a whiz at figures--hut clown with French hornsl Band l, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5: Amptennian 5. ALFRED KORUTZ 147 Vvest 17th St. Clerical ancl Sales Here's a "Navy Blues" boy with a hearty laugh and a roving eye. Hchummyn is our sharp shooter on the harclwoocl, a capable weight litter, ancl a smooth dancer. Ally helieves in curls-corner philosophy. Weight Cluh 1: Baslcetloall 2, 5. MILDRED KOTCH MARY KOTORIS EDWARD W. KRATZER Northampton, R. D. 1 lnolustrial Arts Speecly tall: Ed is just as fast with the rille and the fishing rocl. Eclclie shows up to clo art worlc for usl Neecl any information about Local 122 or Beersville grove? Ask Veepl Engineer Ed has the answers. Rifle Club l, 5: Amptennian 5. ROLAND F. KRATZER Northampton, R. D. 1 Industrial Arts Rollie is the "Mark Trail" of the class. With hunt- ing. fishing, and trapping as a sicleline, our gentle- man tarmer should he happy. Baseball, Beersville Parlc, anal Drive-ins are regulars on Rolancls calen- dar of events. Rifle Clulo 1, 2, 5: Baseball 2, 5. JEAN KOHLER ALFRED KORUTZ MILDRED KOTCH 155 West 14th St. Secretarial Milclrecl with the hancl-span waistline is another hench warmer at Yancly's. Our Vogue girl is a whiz in shorthand anal in casting Hirtatious eyes. With temper uncler control, Mildred will show office efficiency. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5 lr-lqreasurer 5,1 Amptennian 5: Stuclent Council 2. MARY KOTORIS 2165 Main St. College Preparatory Explosive laughter ancl laoisterous tallcing means "Maruch", our capable assistant eclitor, is at hancl. Flowers are her passion. Selling shoes and relating print shop tales comes easy, too. Mary RN. will talk her patients to health. Printing 2: Amptennian 5 lassistant editorl: Senior Class Play. D61 EDWARD KRATZER ROLAND KRATZER CHESTER A. LAPP Bethlehem, R, D. 2 industrial Arts A new day, a new girl fttiose sliirtslll and Lester Ctiapp is in paraciise. Mastermind in printing or l10f-I'0d ciesigning is misctliet man wittl tile Borneo haircut who relaxes on iris tractor. College or Uncle Sam comes next. Rifle Cluio I, 5: Amptennian 5. GERALD W. LAUB P. P. L. Sub. Station Clerical and Sales Our trumpet tooling president ot the Hi-Y wears his N with pride. Jerry sees all-and sings, too. Stamp collecting, telling tales out ot camp, and playing ctrautteur keep tilis future Army Air Force man txusy. Band 1, 2, 5: Boys' Ctlorus 1, 2, 51 Mixed CIIOFUS lg Hi-Y l, 2, 5 tpresicient 53: Photography l, 5. ANNA LAKY ' Aeii .i'iii- "4v,5,": ..,. "'f' V g 1 CATHERINE LEGENZA AMAONICA LELKO A E571 CHESTER LAPP JACK EDWARD KUTZ Walnut St., Bath College Preparatory Jack, woncter tact, is tile versatile one. "Ampy", Hyman Kaplan, unique French translations, person- alized spelling, soloist honors, Drawing Room Tire- atrc roles-Dearie. i10W ctost dot? Music and de- signing suit our class tease. Banct l, 2, 5: Boys' Chorus 1. 2, 5: Mixed Ctiorus l, 5: Forensics 1, 2, 5: Junior Speaking Contest: Senior Class Play: District Cilorus l, 2: State Chorus 2: N. Cluin 5: Refiector 5: Art 1, 2, 5: Amplennian 5. ANNA M. LAKY 1548 Vvastlington Ave. College Preparatory "Muscles" in dungarees or R, N. gario ioolcs goofi to us. Tominoy Ann's chewing gum iiavoreci commands keep tile playground or drugstore crowd stepping. With a swisti ot smooth locks and a teasing grin, Nurse Ann passes lay. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 5: Kepler Society 2: Ttiespian 5: Amptennian 5: Senior Class Play. ,rin-,.,. W4 ,, ,... . . ,Yam T - fl fl - l:v .,. I 55i e e V4 ..,., .:-- : iei ' 5t t " , ".' - -.V'V X ,.. GERALD LAUB CATHERINE LEGENZA 1504 Main St. Secretarial Vvtwelller stlevs tmetmincl tire eiglmt bull or tire piniaall, Casey remains cool and calm. licr Hwlml?" expres- sion, tollows tier. even to Yamiys inencslr. Tluis slcnog llas a Hair for Dociges ancl ricles lo Allentown. Cratt I: Ptxotograptry lg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Courier 2, 5. MONICA ANNE LELKO 1755 Newport Ave. Secretarial "Kao clear-fK50 right." Our pert Junior Speaker ot W'hite Cliffs tame makes use ol tier velvety voice in Vespers, Forensics, and tier part time cats joiJ. Psychiatrists, lzretiolcil A secretary with tile voice that ctrarms. Student Council l, 2, 5 tTreasurer 21: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5 tvice-president 51: Deioaie I, 2, 5 tsecre- tary 5,9 Courier 2. 5: Tilespian 2, 5: "N" Club 5: Amptennian 5: National Honor Society 5: Senior Class Play. X54 -:55E:3Z,:' J f g , .. .1 - 551 H - gi. at - , E:13ff25:E',::- . -tt ff "' ::f' Pre-Jussi: 53: 35 ff .,-e2Ei" tl A. sv, 3110142 Zwlirs ' ' , ,Q.3' S: -, rfmeigmsay :::.:-:55,q.:..z. " T:'i?FPffEi1fQV 3 12: - 31' ':J" -1 '- PATRICIA LORENZ STEPHEN HELEN R. LUCKENBACH 26 East Seventh St. College Preparatory Pert, peppy, anrl petite describes uLoolcie"-our prize winning "Jo" ot Little Women. I'Ier choir worlc, Luther League altairs, ancl many school activities lceep loyal "I.oolcie" lousy. Happiness to our lacly- in-white. Tri-Hi-Y, I, 2, 5: Courier I. 2: Reflector I, 2, 51 Girls' Chorus 2, 59 Tlicspian 2, 5: lvice Presiclent Tal: Junior Speaking Contest: Amptennian 5: Na- tional I"lonor Society 5. RENAE A. IVIANN Northampton, R. D. 2 Secretarial A whiz at handling lnuclgets is the pert treasurer ol the Young Peoplels Guilcl. Grange Hall worli, square dancing, that shiny Huclson, anal school lceep clepenclal:-le Renae stepping. Whether Home malcer OI' secretary'-'Renae succeed. F. H. A. Club 1: Tri-Hi-Y l. 2. THERESA IVIARAKOVITS LUBENESKY PATRICIA A. LORENZ 2262 Washington Ave. College Preparatory 'ANlocleling?U ponrlers tllis stately lass. Patls taste for lashions, perlume, color-comluinations, ancl jewelry lenci themselves xxell to sucli a luture. Nvitli a llair lor fun, a pair ot dancing lect, ancl shopping trips to Allentown'-Pat lxeeps lbusy. Tri-l'li-Y I, 2, 55 Science Clulm 21 Fl-hespian 5. STEPHEN J. LUBENSKY 1809 Lincoln Ave. Industrial Arts Get HBig Steve" started on his gun collection, hunt- ing clogs. the lorest rangcrls service, or any tielcl ancl stre uf-gion, and lie wdl out-lzililauster anyone. Nvith his clacl's alole instruction he will master tlic lioc-clown calls, too. Biology 1, 25 Boys' Chorus. I, 2, 5: Rifle I, 2, 'jg lVIixecl Chorus 1. IRENE IVIARTON was HELEN LUCKENBACH RENAE IVIANN THERESA C. IVIARAKOVITS 467 East 10th St. Secretarial Trying to attain a perlect score in lnowling cloesnlt stop Theresa from winning Shorthand awarcls. An avid tan ol Perry Como, tliis ucoy gall' can lac seen clancing at the Hrlocysfl Vvlith her Hair lor writing. Theresa shoulcl he a goocl secretary. Girls, Chorus lg Nlixed Chorus lg Tri-Hi-Y l, 5: Amptennian 5. IRENE IVIARTON 445 East 12th St. Clerical and Sales uNumlner please?" says "Iggy" as she claydreams about the Air Force, clancing at St. .loe's, or locat- ing those vanishing P of D lnoolcs. "Pepper Mar- tonh can hold her own in any verloal lnattle. The eyes have it. Cratt Clula lg Tri-I'li-Y 5: Amptennian 5. SARA JANE MCKNIGHT Northampton R. D. 1 College Preparatory From down Africa way comes thoroughbred "SaIIy". An artist at the keyboard, slcetchlaoolc, or yearlaoolc, olzliiciating as Tri-Hi-Y State Council Secretary, and interested in Vvestminster Fellowship work-that's Sara Jane. Home Economics and Penn State come next. Girls' Chorus l, 2. 5: Ensemble I, 2. 5: Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5 fpresident 2I: Student Council I: Mixed Chorus 2: Forensics 2, 5: Reftector 2, 5: Courier 2: Thespians 2. 5: Chorus Accompanist 2, 5: N Cluh 5: National Honor Society 5: Amptennian 5 Editori. KENNETH MICHAEL Bath, R. D. 2 Clerical and Sales Unless Uncle Sam's long arm grains him, 'ACannon- hall" intends to become a truclc driver with a little time out tor hunting, fishing, hilcing, and square dancing. The farm claims some ot Kenny's extra time. too. Vvrestling 2: Amptennian 5. MARY LOU MILANDER DONALD MISSIMER PATRICIA MITCHELL 2588 Washington Ave. Clerical and Sales Pat majors in Hollywood coitteur styles but Iceeps an interested eye on a bookkeeping position. Delin- itely the career girl is our serene Christmas Mary. Dancing, skating. and our Monday night layout sessions rate with Pat. Tri-Hi'Y I, 2, 5: Thespian 5: Arnptennian 5: F. H. A. l. JOSEPH MOLCHANY 1551 Dewey Ave. Industrial Arts Asleep or awalce, the Navy will like Joe with his lnig grin and even bigger laugh. A right-hand man in the print shop, on the Uspotn or loading dresses on N. Y. hound trucks is Joe. He's a fashion expert, tool Rifle Cluh I: Student Council 1: Amptennian 5. SARA JANE MCKNIGHT KENNETH MICHAEL MARY LOU MILANDER 1541 Washington Ave. College Preparatory A sott voice, a quiet smiIe, a worried look, and all A"t"s--thatvs Nlary I.ou-showered with scholas- tic honors and medals and attentions from Lehigh. A Philadelphia hospital will Isenetit when Mary Lou turns R. N. Girls' Chorus l, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus I. 2: Girls' Ensemble I, 2, 5: Band I, 2: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 5: Kepler Society 2 fsecretary 5,1 National Honor So- ciety 2, 5 tsecretary 5l: Reflector 5: Amptennian 5: Forensics 2, 5: N. Clulo 5. DONALD R. MISSIMER 1605 Newport Ave. Ctericat and Sales Xfve recommend Hlvleezzyf, the Iivest ot wires in school, on the baseball diamond, and at the T. A. C. where he's general repairman. Atter long hilces Don- ald dreams ot tair ladies and a tuture business all his own. Hi-Y, I, 2, 5: fvice-president 5J: Baseball 1, 2, 5: Weight 2, 5: Rilie Club l: Amptennian 5: N Clulo 5. rm T PATRICIA MITCHELL JOSEPH MOLCHANY BETTY MAE NACHESTY 1922 Northampton Ave. Clerical and Sales Vampiresl Lost islanclsl Can you lure Betty from that mystery hook? 0nly il' you are a hungry cus- tomer. Come to Chip's where this reserved, future receptionist will hat her lashes in your clirection. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Photography 5: Thespian 5: Amp- tennian 5. KATHRYN W. NEWHARD Northampton, R. D. 1 Secretarial A hen in here? Just "Kathy" caclcling again. A rarity at N. H. S. is Kathryn-she plays the violin. Bravol Singing with the ensemhle, dahhing in oils, tickling the ivories lells us this secretary has fine arts tastes. Bancl l, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 5: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 5: Ensemhle 1. 2, 5: "N" Cluh 5: Ampten- nian 5: Forensics: Senior Class Play. SHIRLEY NEWHARD -'MARGARET NICOTERA DAWN I. O'BRlEN 2502 Dewey Ave. Secretarial 'lsoftl What light",-'tis the Dawn. Ol course. sometimes she does "Come up like thunder!" What- ever her moocl, we lilce Dawn. And she likes clanc- ing, clining, and her part-time ioh: however heing a good secretary woulcl he tops. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. IRENE ORANCZAK Northampton, R. D. 2 Secretarial Charming "Reenie", one of the famous "Big 5". pleases us with her a' la mode fashions and gentle manner. A voice filled with music, eye-appealing looks-Irene has them. No finishing touches neecled on this future model. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Mixed Chorus l, 2: Ensemble 1, 2, 5: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 5: Thespian 2, 5: MN" Cluh 5: Amptennian 5: Cheerleading 2: Forensics: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Senior Class Play. BETTY NACHESTY KATHRYN NEVVHARD SHIRLEY M. NEWHARD Northampton, R. D. 1 Secretarial Extra! Extral Shirley ancl her hilce hring the news to Weaversville. "Rainbow Girl" has enough energy to whizz through an active clay at N. H. S., lead her church group at night, and go hayricling. Def- initely a goocl secretary. Mixed Chorus 1: Band I, 2, 5: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. MARGARET R. NICOTERA Bath, R. D. 2 Secretarial saucy Marge can tell you the latest on the record -Decca, Columhia, or N. H. S. Pert Niclcy has a yen for T.V. ancl convertihles l'47 varictyl. Some office will seem hrighter when Marge flashes those climples. F. H. A. Clulo 1: Amptennian 5. L401' DAWN O'BRIEN IRENE ORANCZAK ELEANORE PAIL ' JOSEPH PALKOVITSY PHYLLIS A. PETHO 1803 Canal St. Secretarial Miss Innocence, defending the fair sex again? Just watch Phyl and the Ford talce the high road to Lehigh. Amhitious and energetic, here is a private secretary with charm and wit galore. Girls' Chorus l: Concrete Courier 2, 5: Debate 2, 5: Thespian 5: Amptennian 5. RONALD IVI. PHILLIPS 1718 Lincoln Ave. College Preparatory Coecaptain of the football team, a grappler on the mats, a hustler on the cinders-yes, Ronald is sports-minded tand girl-mincIedIJ The "Shack" and food rate high with our Inlonde Adonis. I'Ie's elo- quent, too. Weight Clula 1: Printing 1, 2: Kepler Society 2, 5: "NU Cluh 2, fTreasurer 51: Football 1, 2, 5: Wrestling 1, 2, 5: Track 1, 2. 5: Senior Class Play. JAMES POLLARD RONALD POROTSKY ELEANORE A. PAIL 966 Washington Ave. Secretarial HYour pepl Your pepln shouts Elly, who has plenty to spare. Determined in howling, conscientious in studying, Eleanore relaxes with her needlework and day-dreams. Here's a secretary with a flair for Home Making. Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 5: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 5: Girls' Ensemble 2, 5: Cheerleading 2, 5: UN" Club 5: Forensics I, 2. JOSEPH PALKOVITS 516 East Ninth St. Clerical and Sales Spldtuchusu, our selling wizard, has rung up an- other sale at Miller's. Mr. Tall and Handsome en- joys howling, Ioaslcethall, and amateur photography. Joe will join the Merchant Marines and own a duilIe bag lull ol peanut hutter sandwiches. Reflector 2: Photography 5: Amptennian 5. PHYLLIS PETHO RONALD PHILLIPS JAMES FRANK POLLARD Treichlers College Preparatory Goodl A party at Pollards againl Lanlcy Jim is the Elsa Maxwell of our class and Mr. Papp,s right hand man, He is active in DeMoIay. an ardent racing lan, and a hoe-down regular. Pho- tography is in the stars lor Jim. Photography 2, 5: Kepler Society 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Art 5. RONALD T. J. POROTSKY 1466 Main St. College Preparatory Mix an innocent smile, a Hirtatious eye, a lot ol wit, sincerity, and Iarains, too. Stir in art, music, drama-f you get Ronny, the Harry James ol our class, and a line future pharmacist. Boys' Chorus 1. 2, 5: Band I, 2. 5: Hi-Y 2: Amp- tennian 5: Student Council 1: Art l: Mixed Chorus 5: Senior Class Play. E411 ' GLORIA RABENOLD SHIRLEY RUCH Northampton, R. D. 2 College Preparatory Swing your partners and do-si-do, and off goes RucI'1ie with Iier favorite lneau. A loyal church worker and a math wizard, too, wI1o dreams of reci' tile theatre, and-'guess wI1o? Reflector 1, 2, 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Tliespian 2, 5: Photography 25 Amptennian 5. DOLORES IVI. REICHLEY 2517 Dewey Ave. College Preparatory Here's Il'1e magic tlmt molds our yearbook, controls council, and keeps us slrouting, Wll0 but HDD Do," soft-eyed and gentle. demands so mucli from a mine ute. Steady tllere, Miss R. N., when you reacli time "inside" track. Concrete Courier I: Refiector 1, 2, 5: fAssistant Editor 21: Girls' Ciiorus I, 2, 5: Ensemlole I, 2, 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5 tpresident 51: Mixed Cliorus 2: Cheerleading 2, 5: National Honor Society 2, 5: Science Club 5: UNH Club 5: Student Council 5 tpresidentlz Amptennian 5 tEditor'in-Clliefl. DONALD REPH GEORGE RUPINSKI PAULINE SALASH 1421 GLORIA JEAN RABENOLD 1458 Washington Ave. College Preparatory Top-ranking accompanist, indispensable to time mu- sic department, Girl-of-tire-IVIontl1 way laaclc in '50- tl1at's Gloria. Reserve gives way to giggles and a lnolirered lvlusli when GIoria's on a verbal tirade. Nloravian College or Indiana T. C., alieadl Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. 5: En- -semble I, 2. 5: Senior Band 1, 2, 5: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Cliorus Accompanist 1, 2. 5: Amptennian 53 Viational Honor Society 2, 5: UN" Club 5: Forensics . 2, 5: Senior Class Play. DONALD E. REPH Clierryville Clerical and Sales Donald is a Canasta fan until tire hunting or fishing seasons Ioegin. Youtllr Eiawslripr problems, Berlins- viIIe escapades, or carpentry as a vocation are his pet subjects for talk. Ordinarily Don is the quiet type. Riiie Clulo I, 2. SHIRLEY RUCH DOLORES REICHLEY GEORGE RUPINSKI 1675 Newport Ave. Industrial Arts Readyl O. K1 Hip I-2-51 Rosie's magic words snap time ball into action. President of Local 122 winters in I1is mansion on tile Leiligii Riviera and sum- mers at the AIIen House Curia. Steeplejaclc George is our class philosopher. Footloall 2, 5 tco-captain 51. PAULINE SALASH 1761 Canal St. Clerical and Sales Snappy, singing Polly with Iner lcnaclc for Icitten caring are signs oi our dashing pollca fan. May you Find happiness airead, Pauline, in your clerlcing, skating, Iuoolcs, or whatever you choose. Tliespian 5: Ampiermian 5. BARBARA ANN SAYLOR 702 Vvasilington Ave. Clerical and Sales Time perfect saies iaciyi Bains iias tilat neat, pieas- ant, "May I iicip you?" iooii. Off duty, knitting, and practicing tier do-rc-rnivs iiii iier time. Being a District Forensic soloist was a real tiiriii for Bar- bara. Oil, tirat iaugili Giris' cixorus I, 2, 3: yiixeci ciiorus I, 53 Tri-Hi-Y l. ELVIN L. SCHLEGEL, JR. 1817 Canal St. Clerical and Sales MBUHH takes to time iowiancis and 'tilE towpatii for hiking and irunting. Our jovial sports eciitor is at Iromc with Looks anci his pencil. A memiaer of the U. S. Naval Reserve, Elvin ilopes to see time world, courtesy U. S. N. Riiie Club 1, 2: Weight Ciuin I, 2: Vvrestting Man- ager l, 2, 5: Amptennian 5. EVELYN SCHLEICHER LUTHER SCHLEGEL JAMES SCHGCK 502 E. 10ti1 St. Industrial Arts Zoom! Termite Jim and his long Qicis convertiioie are enroute to a Union 122 Meeting. Meet Secretary Sciiock. Hiviuci Carrier" is an important print silop man, too. Briciciaying or song making, Sciiocicy wiii have fun. Art 1: Amptennian J. JOSEPH F. SCHWARTZ 476 10ti1 St. Industrial Arts Curves? .loc iras tiiem. Tiiis ace ilurier for tile Kon- crete Kids also pitcircoi time Coplay Legion team to a 1951 cirampionsilip. Our Perry Como fan is a regular hail walker, mountain climber, and future pitcher, we hope. HN" Club 1: Baseball t, 2. 5. BARBARA SAYLOR LUTHER SCHLEGEL Broadway, Bath Co liege Preparatory The classic cacicic of '52 ineiongs to Sciliegei, our sounci effects man. He's tile tact with tire inside story on Raipil Kincr and tile Pittsburgh Pirates. Joiiy Luther simouici give time worici a iiit with his iinotype. Vveigirt Club lg Kepler Society 2. 5 fsecretary 53: Amplenniun 53 Printing l, 2, 5. EVELYN M. SCHLEICHER I655 Canai St. Clerical and Sales Site CHIHC in DUI' SDDIIOIIIOFC YCHI HIld COYIQIICTCLI US Cilllfly HHII guilt, NXJCVIC FOI' EVCiylI, HIILI Si'lC'S for tile Niarincs. HVXfancterer" knows ati tile streets IICTC and in Copiay. Ice skating, swimming, and basketball are tops with Evelyn. Amptennian 5 E451 JAMES SCHOCK JOSEPH SCHWARTZ ROLLAND R. SHOEMAKER Cllerryville. Clerical and Sales "Pee VVee", tlie Iooy witlfi tlre Inig ioleas, Ioves jolces but doesn't get tliem. Easy going Rolland is active in cI1urcI1 anal Boy Scout affairs. Drive-ins and re- laxing at ,Ioe's, keeps our future rlairy farmer Iiappy. Rilie Club 1, 2: Amptennian 5. DALE P. SMITH Colonial Acres, Batli, R. D. I College Preparatory A bulging red jeep Iorings Hslcippern Smitty, our jelly Iaean Santa Claus, to N. A. J. I'I. S. Dale Iias the Ioolc we Iilce-well-Iorecl, clistinctivet-fwitli tliat s1.iIotIe'AIEoHTI'Ie'll mold tIE fiflreras a ceramic en? gineer. Science 2. 5: Photography 5: Art 2, 5: Ampten- nian 5: Senior Class Play. ROLLAND SHOEMAKER DALE SMITH JOAN SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH EARL W. SPENGLER Bath, R. D. 2 College Preparatory A sleepy man in the classroom, a speedy end on tI1e gricliron, a wI1iz with Iiot rods, active in Luther League. a man ol nature, a purveyor ol "Pop" tunes and jolces-yep, tI'1at's Earl, college Izouncl. Weight Club l: Printing 1, 2: HN" Club 2, 5, lSecretary 51 Football 1. 2, 53 Kepler Society 2, 5. EDWARD SPITZER 844 Washington Ave. Clerical and Sales "Elf", our indispensable sports eclitor, is nature Izvoy Irimsell on the quarry trails. Ol: course, lnoolcs ancl .IoI1nny's are important, too. Happy Ianciing, Mr. Paratrooper, and coulcl you Izre on time, EII? Amptennian 5. JOAN R. SMITH 2520 Washington Ave. Secretarial A sprinkle of treclcles across a pert nose, provoca- tive climples. and a tell-tale lnlusli Iaelong to Htlaln- Iaerwoclcyn. Joan'-so little Iout oli so speecly witli tongue, Plymoutlis, or tlie Navy. A peppy stenog Ior sure. Craft Clulo 1 tSecretary ll: Tri-Hi-Y I. 2, 5 lpfreasurer Il: Amptennian 5. SHIRLEY M. SMITH Northampton, R. D. 2 College Preparatory The Iilvrary fascinates Smitty, our renowned story teller. Slie also enjoys Imer piano, golf, and a wee bit 0' ilirting. Due to outstanding 4'I'I work, Sliirley representecl Pennsylvania 4-H Clubs on WOR. Calling Airline Stewarciess Smith. Craft 1: Reflector lg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Kepler So- ciety 5: Photography 5: Amptennian 5. 5443 EARL SPENGLER EDWARD SPITZER PATRICIA STEFANY RICHARD STINE NANCY JANE STROHL I9 West 27th St. College Preparatory A ciash ot cymhaisi Meet HlVIiss Mischief." Happy- go-Iuciiy HStrohIie," is an accomplished authority on the suiaject of Htiohnsen or "How To Create Some Interesting Adventures." Nurse Nancy, my tempera- ture. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5: Senior Band 1, 2, 5, Girls' Chorus I' Craft Ciuh 1 Kepler Societ 2 5 Photo ra h Cliuio 5: Ampterinian 5. y 1 Z g P y THERESA H. SZUPPER 559 East 10 St. Secretarial Uum. that smiiei Here is a secretary who is as po- Iite as she is Ioeautifui. Theresa not only reads noveis Iout coiiccts them, too. Filing those howling scores on the deivit or credit side, Theresa? Giris' Craft I: Student Councii 2: Amptennian 5. PATRICIA STEFANY 1650 Lincoin Ave. College Preparatory A swiri of Ioionde curis, an absurd Iaugh. a dancing ciarinet-prestoI music-minded Pat. Rhythm giri was prize winner in Sammy Kaye's "So You Want To Lead The Band" contest. Lucic to our "Cover" giri. Band l, 2. 5: Giris' Chorus l, 2, 5: Mixed Chorus I, 2, 53 Tri-Hi-Y I, Q, 5: Science 2: HN" Ciuh 5: Amptennian 5: Girls' Ensemioie I, 2, 5. RICHARD KARL STINE 2149 Lincoin Ave. College Preparatory Agtive brains has "Mighty Mouse" whose pride is his antique watch. The ticic-tocic icept us awake two years. Hunting Stiney? Checic the inasiietiaaii court Iuehind the morgue, or the Acme cash register, or the T. A. C. Luci: to Dick. Student Councii I, 2: Printing 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Band lg Junior Speaking Contest. t., NANCY JANE STROHL THERESA SZUPPER PAUL TANZOSH DANIEL TARAS E451 PAUL J. TANZOSH 957 Washington Ave. industrial Arts HTicI4ets, pieasein Thatls "Meats" at the Roxy. In schooi Paui is a right-hand man in the print shop. Atter schooi he toiiows the Izaaic Walton trails. Next it's the U. S. Navy ior Locai 122's news commentator. Riiie ti, 5: Amptennian, 5. DANIEL TARAS 107 East 4th St. Clerical and Sales A booming voice, a deviiish grin, wisecracits, mis- chief-Top with a heart of goici and it's "Boots," our hard-smashing tacirie. Danny practices his high pressure saiesmanship in his favorite haunts-ceme- tery corners. His desi: is a museum extraordinary. Footinaii 1, 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Senior Ciass Play. CATHERINE TROBETSKY CARL C. WAGNER Northampton, R. D. 1 Industrial Arts You'll travel a long way to find hair as red or a smile as Iaig as Carl's. Reds is easy to spot in school or in any field or stream. No amateur woodscratts- man is our future Air Force man. Fishing Club 1: Agriculture Club 1: Rifle Cluh 2, 5 tpresident 51: Junior Speaking Contest 2. J OSEPHINE WANKO Northampton, R. D. I Secretarial Day-dreaming or date dreaming, Jo? Her piano, Oldsmobile, the City of Bath, and the Army are Jo's major interests. .lo plans to hecome a fine private ustenogn until Dan Cupid comes her way. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 5: Amplennian 5. ELLA UIVARY CATHERINE TROBETSKY VV. Main St., Bath Secretarial Give "KittyH a tennis racquet and send her to Mountain Lalce, New Jersey. Result? One happy girl. Our capalole Ustenogu will trade N. H. S. for Bloomshurg State Teachers College. Success to a future commercial teacher. F. H. A. l: Tri-Hi-Y 5: Thespian 5: Amptennian 5. ELLA ANN UIVARY 1451 Main St. Secretarial Proudly we present statuesque Ella with her Hair for fashion, her yen for good hooks, and her love for high drama fas she proved in the Junior spealc- ing contest., El's ambition is to he a top-notch secretary. She Willa-, 7 7 . Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. 5: Junior Speaking Contest 2: De- loate 55 Thespian 5: Amptennian 5: National Honor Society 5. SHIRLEY WASSER DOROTHY VVHITE -as E461 45: . , J CARL WAGNER JOSEPHINE WANKO SHIRLEY ANN WASSER 2022 Washington Ave. College Preparatory Who lout Shirley can look so proper yet he such fun? We welcome VVasser's dramatic cheers, her evcreready advice. her enthusiasm at the T. A. C., her leadership in Luther League. Another Home Ec. girl is Shirley. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 5 fchaplain 25: cheerleader 2, 5: Amptennian 5: Kepler Society 5. DOROTHY WHITE Northampton, R. D. 2 Clerical and Sales That "you're oliay in my hook" smile, hrings to focus the youngest memloer of the senior class. Dot lcccps everyone informed alaout the latest song hits. Knitting or dancing lceeps Miss Saleslady happy nights. Tri-Hi-Y l, 2. 5: Amptennian 5. .. . . DOLORES YOB ROBERT ZHVIMERMAN MARY T. WINKELBAUER 626 Lincoln Ave. Secretarial Happy answer to a prosperous business man's stenog problem is our bit of old-fashioned, Victorian sweet- ness. "VVinliy" centers lier attentions on lzzoolcs, tire Soclality, ncattyu. ancl tlie Hspotn. Luclcy VVorlfi. we give you Mary. Tri-Hi-Y lg Craft Club lg Amptenmlzn 5. DOLORES M. YOB East Main St., Bath Clerical and Sales "YolJl9y" piclcs up clever sales strategy from her regular visits to tlie Nazareth Auction. Chat-happy Dolores ticlcles the ivories at home: then turns seclate at the church organ. Visions of green Fords and dream lmouses dance in lier head. Band I. ROBERT E. ZIMMERMAN 1441 Vvasllington Ave. College Preparatory Our triple-wonder larll nBalcIy" is a walking sports encyclopedia, a zesty current events commentator, and a wiry wrestler cWBiCl'l it, Robert'-too many caloriesll Our T. A. C. fan will be our pharmacist or chemist oi tomorrow. Vveigiit Club l, 5 fpresicient att Clinic 2, 5: Kep- ler Society 2, 5 fvice-president 2, president 51: UN" Club 2, 5 lpresident 5,1 Amptennian 5: Wrestling l, 2, 5: Football 1, 2, 5: Track 2: National Honor Society 5. Meet the VIP? Here are time Very Important People of tile Senior Class: Kay Hayclt, sec- retary: Ronaicl Porotsiqy, vice-pres- iclentg Frank Boclunoclc, treasurerg Riciiarcl Homola, presiclentg ancl stand- ing, Ernest Papp our dynamic class adviser. Tainulating votes, looosting ticlcet sales, planning class trips, spon- soring tiie senior dinner comprises part of their work. Many tlianlcs to all of you for a join Well clone. E471 .J.,E,ZFS'Ci,20r CLASS SONG SQUSIZT MH JIJJ' J J EQIJJ YOUTH AND FRIENDS WE WI RE'-ITEMBER THJQHTHASE DAYS DJRAW TO A LMZJI Z LTVELVTTF IITPT A mfg A JDJ Tb CLOSE NEIIRIES NOW? EMBERWHERETHEIIQL J 2' J J -TD NO NE KN W NOW IT? TIME 'TO GO OUR I wf-we I-IENTHE TARWELL some wa START I x7 45 . , ., 1-N Jn . , . THOUGHTS OF AL A MAT R DAYS BRIN JOY EIO ALL OUR HEARTS. o o . s- ' H B XIV I I IEEILQNEJJJILJO XJ UNVJJI A341 VFVVl IfJJfLJJJJI..JE I OEIJVTIA VEJPJET GIWJIJJVJJJJJJJJ WVTVTVJ' IJJAIIJJ IVY DOORS WE CLOSE BEHIND UQ, 'TO FOLLOW DOWN LIFES ROAD. SOWELL RAISE OUR FINAL CHORUS, IN ATOAST TO DAYS WE VE KNOWN. ONE MORE GLANCE IS ALL WE ASK ANDTHEN WE'LL BID GOODBYE TO DEAREST FRIENDS AND WELL LOVED TASKS ANDTO NORTHAMPTON HIGH SJJI HERE we Corus! ws-:ERE FROM? su!-T f"' f .1m.,, ' ' X: A , 1 nm r. G 'ga A W x 12, Y V 3 'P Defi sa-Q. ' W X-it 1, , A Dflmeh 1,1 5 Fam? YNW D C f? 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'Wifi '59 W' 1 sb 5 .V T izv 3 B if' ,, W A ' Wi J . , fff-H Vf2"f , I 'I , fxiib Wa nn Barfholomew Hufchffon Ha il Zffa K' W2: Ibex-f Hvcffci! gedf-iarcfx NerrzCfxfK Mage ry Andrew, w , . V ' W ' .. 71-nf "'- w A ' A , ,.,, if-:.,,g 2 A- , -' 5 , ' - "" i L ' , , ,.' : :' , , as W - , . ,. M f 1 ff M 22' , , ., ""I I MM: ,. f ,ily M15 3 f , ,f ., gg? , , A.,..:. 6 . ,T6f'i'??fe'Fcn M 1 3 le r 511 nies Und!! 6 Kwan- 5 fmffilnm PT! Nw .S"f'o df VL: Hdizfss' firwfmfwr Shffgf W Las? X 5 if av W 1 ?"'s 4"fi'?".l ?m'?' fa ,mv ww K M-N '.25L:Q' lm, WSW NH Q -Z' y V' wl,1g,,wi N- 4-:Q A STUDIOUS SEVENTH Row If-Vveclcle, Eclelman, Bellas, Brearman, Graver. Row 2-Deiter, Fox, Keeler B., Hen- ninger. Keller. Row 5--Keeler S.. Silfies E., Bohun. Lauloaclw. Replr R.. Troxell. Row 4--1 Suranolslcy E., Koclrennaslr, Kern, Sillzies C., Slrocmalccr. Row 5-Kleinscllustcr, Stcrrner. Mil- ler, Bauer, Replrr K., Hartzell. Row 6-Rinlcer, Jones, VVentz, Altrill, Nlooney, Butz N. Row 7- Traclw, Hutlr, Greene, Hellfintrayer, Baclwman, Koclrer. Row 8-Declr, Butz M., Sutler, Blum, Beers D, Row 9-Smith, Sclrall, Gouglrler Derlrammer, Hilclelcranclt J.. Beltz, Hilcleleranclt VV. Row IO-Gauglrler D., Mann, Talorcslnylc, Henning. Sclrrelller, Romanislran, Bartholomew. Row Il-Silfies H., Gallegos, Hirtle, Suranolsliy R., Transue. Vallcovic, Beers O., Purscll, Becker. Row I-Hartzell L., Miltenberger, Henningcr, Fenstermalrer, Eclcrotlr. Row 2-Smitlr. Funk, Kuntzleman Hartzell C., FOX. ROIU 3'-'B!Iill6I', Bollrnan, WVCTHCY, Koclrer B., XA'lCdd6. ROLU 4'-'lX!Ial'Sl1. FSIIHEI, Finn Fry, Moretz. Row 5'-Longley, Heyer, Vverlclueiser, Greener, Mccandlcss. Row 6-Heclcman M. A., Vallo 7 7 Werley, Becker, Huber. Row 7'-Ncwlrarrl, Butz, Creyer, Kepler. VN einer. Row 8HRemaley, Shoemaker, Hilloerg, Hugo, Moser. Row 9-Gauglulcr, Onlcantz. Grube, Hclllleltinger, Kocller R. Row 10-Vvetzel Kerlaacller, Herron, Ervin, Filclmer. Row ll-Meyers, Hcllfintraycr, Sillzies, VX7illiams, Petlco, Bensing. Row 12'-Hann, Dornlnactr, Milisits. Sager, Zellner, Person, Eberts, Milisits, Houser. E571 BATH STYLE and GTI EAGER EIGHTH 'vm E ff' Wm mHsi5w.- W1 'Wm Www? we 1Q3?3 4199? 'ibm-334, WW-1 aw wwf ,ww 449' N. W' .W ,mm W, ,Q ,A-f aw an J f Q . gl FM' 1 7' gaoj , . .M 2 .. -. 3 Q 'r' 'W if' V .Air 8 Sw, ' 35: qw. , mm . .sv pi, wwf an I :Wa 11 Q iw. 151' 'QUT' f' em' iw H""'x 15: 'ii- X A ff ' , as Q we S 4 2 56555 wfw-. QW uf' :- f 'V me if ff -.Y ws- .1 , .., Q.. X my ,, gf Q ,WW ' I .rr 1-M-f-ww T-Q, GOOD CITIZENS 0411014 OL Mrs.Guss'FourHx Gracie: Five ebrvivors len! .5 min41o'H w6nHwe eyeninqbge Neff mrs.5cLxisier's Seanad Grade: Head fo usffeucher 1 Mrs FUnKesS K!nderqar+En: gov +kree new fgfucten'i'sb Mrs. Sanlfeels hrs? Gr-0661 How Hxemi lusfened in m a+ :Mo Hue fjwinq oi: Hfxmqs +0165 Qbguf an Baa Black Shes 3 A M7 One iwo buck! Li slam: MIK" 1.19, P7 " -1 '- fm rs? gn es Enderqarfgg Dmwmhmk ,rMw,iwkSMe+? Mrsmxllers l7ws?GrnJe vTme8?oUmGUhisome HALLOWE EN Mrs.B-ennisfournwGraJe1'Tha+SSgf Q Nr:'eQS+e'S1 Miss Odenweidefs FMR Grendel e G m Here if isi NOY'+hOmPlYO0 onfhe mo? Y 1 - 3 Same, Time Susie, 1, ' J :"'T, 5 Nye Und 'Y HecKmonSUurdGrc1de mah H16 mon form? Mr Hcmkees Surf VG e is lskodh Agencies I worifed mq ,I waq ihrouqh Wal? .3 W 'S A 7 M FRANKLIN Mrs, Berqs Second Grade mosqbffaeaww iss WSYOYA and her Ne and Q ' mg bsq V moufhil O we Rear abou? like wiseowl ,. 3 . iw Mrs. Cows fourHxGracle soqs sh .X , X Y I-IAPPY CITIZENS cJfAZO!'6 Mrs. KIePFinqerk Kinderqorkn does some injferior decorojrinq. Mrs Gr s ucIies In us rm n ineerm rd Q36 I I IEI 1 A I Zi 0?ME593iI,IfI,,, is Y'f,bf+ 1 QI I WHSI11 HQIOHI WA SH I IXIGION Miss Berq3I:ourII1GmcIe - See me 'I'uIorinq II1e IooIors 'I'oI'ooI . , Gwes me a Icsson Massgoqers IMI Grade 1 in WOO? readmq ISS SmIII1's Second GracIe 4?:EI?3:iiiaI+Q2saq TO WORK is to progress,-'even in Our Town. VVe've grown from VViison,s first grist mill to toctayis gigantic cement and textile industries. Northampton boasts her share of uioutcilers and bakers and",-1 ail the shops and trades that man needs to make life pleasant and complete. THE DRAGON CEMENT COMPANY. INC. formerly the LAWRENCE PORTLAND CEMENT COMPANY.-Established 1887 The Lawrence Quarry E661 THE UNIVERSAL ATLAS CEMENT COMPANY-Established 1889 Sea me "X" in the Atlas Quarry More Major Industries In Our Town Cross Country Clothes, Inc. Universal Pants Co., Inc. Clyde Shirt Co., Inc. D. and D. Shirt Co. Lehigh River Mill Sylvania Sportswear Cydell Fashions, Inc. Tama Manufacturing Co. Northampton Dress Co., Inc. R. and G. Sportswear, Inc. Lorrainp Manufacturing Co. X67 1 4 Sntrii An Q mm P,,.,...,,. ....-..1- --. -. .L I .1..,,.L, J. i i -rt . .. I ..,. 1.0. J-Ln L..-,,,. . I . 1 .ix n 1 was sure GZ." was on the riqhi qesterdati. Zoumlsl E681 Businessmen Beware Business Worid, ioetter he on your toes when these peopie graduate. Here we have the future hook- iqeepers, cashiers, clerics and demonstrators of to- morrow. Last week i went from ciass to ciass with them. What a variety of subjects they havei Going into the Sales and Advertising Classroom, I found saiesmanship ioeing demonstrated without the usuai high pressure. They couid proioahiy seii a dead man a new suit. Next door were the Office Machines. I never saw such complicated apparatus --'and such good operators. They say it is easy to do math when you can use machines which do aii the adding, dividing, or what have you. They train comptometor operators there, too. Commercial Arith- metic was next in order. This wasnit the piain math t used to iearn. Here they iearn math in the business sense of the word inciuding hanicing and checicing. I saw them doing some neat fiiing, too. They have toads of ruies ahout where to piace this card and how to piace that one. I think a few of them might become expert fiie cierics. Later we went to Ciericai Qccupations and Com- rnerciai Law. Vvhen these ieiiows huy homes, no one wiii he ahie to cheat them. They iearn aii ahout contracts, mortgages, ahstracts of titie, deeds, and financing. Ahhi Here we come to one that I iiice-Social Living. This one teiis you how to pian your iife so that you wiii he happy. I know a iot of people couid use this. This completed the day aiong with subjects like English and Prohiems of Democracy. You know what though-even in the 10th grade they start to get ready for the iausiness vvorid. Gne of the giris toid me that she had typing and Busi- ness Training and then in llth grade she had Bookkeeping and Consumer Economics. These peopie shouid he in demand when they graduate. Noe. XQOQVJ QC: Xlqnobxngix JUST WorKinq OW Sfe n , mxdb gov, iv exixiwok some Bircliefn The Cuqb 'P we . H Sxscesfsxoab in H16 QJAVESSUQVQPXT qive me lrelep numbers, Hao? fi rpm Colle e Ahead Next as Spirit, BS., IVLA., Ph.D., I visited my academic friends. Here are your future teachers, en- gineers and chemists, your nurses and doctors.-fyes, they have hig pians ahead. Try to get a word in edgewise and youyii find them buzzing aii over the piace. Just taice their schedule as an example: First I went with them to Solid Geometry and Trigonometry ciass. There I was introduced to Poi- hydrons, Cosines, and Tangents. Too deep for this spiriti I heard them talking about the woric they did in their sophomore and junior years. sounded something like Aigehra and Plane Geometry. Soon I paddled along to Chemistry ciass. What equationsi Like-4HClfMnCl4fMn02f2H20 fAre you sure thatys haiancedm. I asked fquite politely, if theyyve always had Chemistry. What an out-hursti I was informed that Biology and Physics were musts with them, too. Then a strange thing happened? The class spiit. I thought mayhe it was a game. Some went to German class and some to French class. fl, nat- uraiiy, went to ioothf. In these classes they iearn to speak the language, and they taice an active inter- est in the country and its people. In German ciass they hranched off into a study of the Penna. Dutch, while in French class I heard one of many dis- cussions on art and cuiture. Speaking of cuiture, these students hoast a firm foundation in Latin, too. Aimost iost the way, hut I caught them going into Typing next. This is their first year of typing, hut they are coming along. They seem quite husi- ness-iiiceg as a matter of fact, iast year they had husiness training. Vvho said they were strictly Academics? Hey! wait for me to go to English cias-s. Some work theyire doing'-grammar, iiterature, composi- tioni Thats the spirit, Sswriting makes an exact manly' Did someone mention P. of D. next? Being a hrave spirit, I decided to try P. of D. imagine my surprise when I found it meant Prohiems of De- mocracy. Learning to he a good citizen is quite a task and takes some discussion. Here our young friends iearn to interpret the world of today'-'include ing the newspaper. Speaking of news, they tried something new this year. A Home Economics ciass with giris and hoys sewing, cooking, and family relations. Even I learned something. I must rememher to put on the gas heiore I can start to iooii wateri Good idea, even Ph.D.,s must eat. E701 A e sew, 117 fi Y' CEQA Bn PN . A XQQQYXN Yiikcfre M..Vi--- l--lL--.T-,,lf':- I.. AM. 'J E721 Local I 2 Calling ali hoysi Calling all hoysi Come with me to Local 122 if you need a good mechanic, car- penter, hricic layer, electrician, painter, radio repair- man,-for what have you. Starting on the rounds I followed them first to metal shops. Who minds ali the noise when master- pieces are in the making? Here metal crafts and leather work are in evidence everywhere. In another part of the room electric wiring steals the show. Next door in wood shops they sharpen their skills in carpentry. Wood projects are fine. Take a piece of wood, and prestoi it is transformed into an eye- catching hooiccase or cedar chest. fYes, these fel- iows are hoping, toon Architecture and drafting have their beginnings here, too, as the hoys draw hiue prints and make models of machinery and huildings. But craft work is only part of the work of these master minds. Chemistry finciuding the equationsij takes much of their time. Consumer Mathematics gives them the low down on interest, installment and credit huying, and the like. They sample cul- ture in English ciass, hut their own discussions are more entertaining than the hooks. And that's not ali. In their free periods these hoys keep the print shop presses whirring, practise driver training, or turn to ceramic arts. Never a dull mo- ment here. ecretaries and Projtcienc And now, caiiing ali girisi I wish aii you peopie could have foiiowed me on this next visitation. it was educational as weii as entertaining fwhy not -with all those gaisfff. Here are your future typists, secretaries, receptionists. These giris toid me that to be an efficient secretary takes iots and iots of practice as weii as the know-how. I tagged aiong as usuai to see just what they meant. I found it went something iiice this: Typing seems to be number one on their iist. it didn't iooiq easy to mei Awards and certificates in speed and accuracy make them work with objectives in mind. I was informed that the average giri types 40 to 45 words per minute. Look at that one speed -at 55 w.p.m.i Here's another thing that's important to these girls-shorthand. Do you think you couid take dic- tation and then be abie to read aii those funny iittie symbois? They can, and do, at 100 words per minute. Looks iiice spirit taiic to mei Time to move about and so we'ii go to Com- o is Lttiie Monroe Presents Q Pfobiarn merciai Arithmetic. Last year the struggle concerned debits and credits. This year imagine woricing on bank statements, social security tax, gas and eiectric biiis, stocics and bonds, and income tax forms. Quite a practicai course, I wouid say. And then I discovered an interesting fact. Each giri is assigned to one teacher to do his or her work. fbi-his is caiied secretarial practice, in case youyre wonderingj Being trusted is part of the course. They type aii nine-weeks, tests and other conilidentiai material. in this woric they use that much needed information on ditto and mimeograph machines. Problems of Democracy and English help to iliii the girls, schedules. Take English for instance. it,s ali designed with their career in mind. I saw them composing concise, streamiined business letters for any and aii occasions. May i report to you that although the giris do a great deai ot important work, they enjoy every phase oi iti at We have to 3 c earn once i L 741 Xxsn a white Flilhq 5 Nmaxdsjrf fix Whajfs new on UIQ? Bcfilpfwne 'Sounds H fikf-3 CQNBGK and Anubis QHBQK 'huvewriferr 20W.E?N C czlcufcxvlinq h Mn De Samkos in Qonijerence Sec Mon liar Q T8 S OhqS+G wmm has secrefaries. QS f5HfYfQm. 1 .- . mr' w"""'P-M321 9+ mm 'fe 52. ,,Y. . 32. :sos 7b'?::."'vn4ul":SX Aqhxrros-R" aavmvlvp a 9 sjjli 'f A4 A QF 2 A vlws lwffzf -N '51 , ' It W 1 fi ' A v,vWA X cfm A Yftafw Q ful' ,I V QQ WL W , S. A 55 ' ' 'fgfffiwf' Eg iml. ,ff , 3 6,9 ' 4, 4- -dlsu 'Q Q' M A gl X X EU Q , AQ bm 5 WE B EL ON religious, social, mififarq, poliiical, dawn 'fo 'Funolamenhxl ihinqc' Qur woq of lift, and jvif' fo have and Reformed Hue Blessed Vie-Qin Orihodox Luuwerun manq orqanizndions, , ,. -.. purpoee ? WGN, if boils aommunifq, +o improve. our weigh bars. Our Ladq of Hunqarui HON Trinii' .-....... Nennolvife Brefherrrf In Chrisi - awk? ii ' F 74'AVA 2' ' .4 ff Si. Nichaalk Paliah Cafholie I av Hoh1Trini-hi 5iovaKEvanqdice1 Luhlweran M ' Church af' Hn. 4Vir1in Grace Eyanqshw and Rehrmed 'X Xb? 4-4. I W wK3fWh',4',, yQQfgf5s.rffgh eb 1 jf,-'Ay r 'L .Ea A rf, 44, 2. 2 552 55 fl S Q fi'-Q? Xffqn.. ,ff Q -,, "wasp," - "'ffaf,.,ME,.w 6 WW X , If xxqhg , 1 y' vll jg! if .E N ,- 1.. -s-af f W A A , V ff 'V f, .si 55 f ' fX m n Standing Leiko Vvasser, Porotsky, Stetany, Lauhach. Stine. Uivary, McKnight, Becker Hoiola Luck enhach Kneeling Reichiey, Hayfit, Demico, Homola, Milander, Rahenoici. The ational Honor ociet Inducts OFFICERS President ...... ............... . . . LUCILLE DEMKO Vice-President .... ...... R ICHARD HOMOLA Secretary ....... MARY Lou MILANDER Treasurer ..... .......... K AY HAYDT Adviser .,............................... MARION LAUBAC1-x What have We here? The Northampton Area Joint brains? Vvhafs that you say, Miss Lauhach? This is the National Honor Society? I see, these are the honor students chosen on the merit of their char- acter, scholarship, leadership, and service. w Do you mean to say that only ISLXJ of the senior class is eligible for membership? Everyioociy has a Hghnng chance isuppose hutitseenw asifthese stucients must have heen on their toes to he Where they are. Under ciassrnen, here is a star you can reach. Now what about a hit of activity? Just taice an out-door get together, or perhaps a school dance sponsored hy these people and the sum is sure to he a Wonderful time. itys been Woncierfui talking to you, Miss Lauhach and all the members, hut fm afraid my meager I. cioesnyt permit me to stay In this realm. U81 Back Roiuwixfiiiier, Pioxa, Rice, Sipos, Brunner, Sieger. Front Row'-Biiheimer, Bruchaic, Haif, Luttc, Bamford, Heil, Winkiehauer, Druckenmiiier, Miller, Feidier, Stewart, Reichiey, Mr. Alfred Lauhach, adviser. tudent Council: Democrac at Work OFFICERS President .... .................. D oLoREs REICHLEY Treasurer .. ............. ..... P Arsr STEWART Secretary ...,.............................. Louise FEIDLER Adviser .....,........................... ALFRED LAUBACH Vvouid you like to see a working exampie of rep- resentative schooi government? Some Monday after- noon Visit Room 59 and Watch N A J H S Student Council in session. These activated memhers of councii are seiected hy popuiar vote in each home- room of the junior-senior high schooi. Meeting with their president, Doirores Reichiey, and their adviser, Mr. Alfred Lauhach, they put democracy into prac- tice. U91 Their meetings are often the scene of heated de- hates on student prohiems. The questions under fire reiate to the every-day problems of the students. After dissection and discussion, a soiution is pro- posed hy council and then suhmitted to the students in their homeroom meetings. Throughout the year councii projects inciude spon- soring the annuai prom, estahiishing a iost and found department, fiiiing Red Cross gift boxes for Euro- pean chiidren, and conducting student forums. As far as i can see, these students are practising the good neighbor policy. ,,, ,-of ff I 4 +26 lll I -Qyw Q-A. So I 2- 4:4 7-5 lJOlAm?cl H19 The lilhlfmnq I coulgl l l-lilelll 0,5 iffy EGU mq IC! l'T'l0U Oqdlh Wheels M Koloms Busmess l"lo.naqzr' Arlen: Koalmr Fqcullnz fldvlaeq mul , , , Dolores Raicl1lui,Edol'crln Ch-ef3 Sam'emrq Edfior Slave drivers, everq one ol? -llwml 'Change Hue olummq lnerel Nora copq lherel , Deadlinesl Deadlinesl Olx ldlefn Pffnlin 'uf' Alvnn Veqglxs lprmlmq Aivsaerlx Lsclmleqo li P Tanzoslw R, Slime , Jqlhrvalofl, J.l1olclmnL1, J. Knavss, C LQPP, R Feqellf ,J Schoclf l l"lBr8,X 'llwoucilwlj 'Hua Pressevi wall do all 'l"l1l'3 works. lfla 'Clweclf llml' qalleq proof:-l Sal' 'llxal paqel Walclw qour' malfe-readql Prool: reacll Inlf qour Pm Qfedoll Clleom qouv Presses! One Pqqg.. do WorK levers., lvlonzlaq nlql'-ln Croplluia, Silhovelfle 'llwalr Eoeq on lflxe qop Bu excel! Use wow T Sqyaraf xlusl 10 more lmiuvls hz dal' Plwolm qrowplsq Slall W- 55+-nilh, s.w...,s,, mm lddvlasrjq D. Smlifln I If Pallard.. Pic.l'urec,Pzclvre:e everq dag. Climlvmq mounl-uma, clmqqmq Hu-ooqh lorkar palnlws, cloppmq lrdfic ...... All 'Por apicfvre. Now develop ll! ssesl Speeoll neaflmpql K' lv Gyoul' 'f--'V S+aa-xdmqi B Homola. S.Csencsl-la, R,PcrolsKLx, R,An'l'omuK. Sealed: R Zimmerman, A.Korul1.5WaQsor and E l"l1'l'-:hell bersm, Ernesl' Ani soil wen! from Sepjfembev fo Maui, Las? Hxe booK as fmished.Funnq! I fee! sorfof reeiless... noihinq fo do. Maul be mex? year ........ 9 EiQfiCf?'ii1I! """" Sfandmql A Hanxeeb P Sfcfun Mifofch, Seofedz Wlefgo, N.S?roM, H Luchenfmch, F Brunqar ,vfaopuiow-more capv.iQ X-Jriie-ups dug Q revise Abe spa Mi - wir He buihaf . ff 'f Nmqhfmaresi ffibsen? irof Picfurev x5.KoH,E. Spfrzeq Eschfeqei EDSBWSSS 'ha' Sfandmql 'If Szupper, A Lolfq, U. Knauss, J.paXKsvnU , B Naclseshl, J.BruchuK1,NoLrfon, D,Whrfe, Gi Bien? M Kr-ec'h'L,1.. DemKo. Sewfeclt f1.G'as Per, G' chref, 5. Garaner, M.Jann-1,PScx!cxSs1,M.K56-s,M.Bfac K, Eilzabefiw G sxqerfgusiness Pxdvilserj, M Helier, E Scmasdmert Secreulafid S4aff'H'-' armani: o.H.,1.+q, K NMMA S. Grows, Mfzexff, M.WinKhH:4uor,T. Marnyovzhx C,-YKYOEGQSKK1, I.0fanazaK, R Pe? 310, Mmsofera, Keis ar, Q envied? d.SmiH's S. Ne'swhard,JAWnr1K0, Nlkndrewsx 15, Goben L.UsmKo A ff' EKraI', Jxujrz, Neivm nge 31 3 W F,Boc.hnocK, BBecKer, and N frobk WIYISQ3fQ+k0f5! WO+CL1q0L'T CUYYXPOSKQWOD. MGP Qh C OSS SODQ overdue. EQSLI onH1eleHerknq,w Business Silly? Sen' Sail' more pmtrcn more dondors Coda qoinq ugl X'vlQ+C!'1L,1Ov!' indqdf nS9CY'Q+QfiES,+L'P6H1kBlh+WO rmnufee. Sei' upfha ax e7 Z 1 Three copies, Pnmac. Linohifaefk nleaslhm Fr A L, Pro fre A' ,wi Tfl'-m-- Yami If- Y United for ervice Did you icnoxv that NAJHS houses the iargest Tri-Hi-Y in pennsylvania? Look at ati the girisi There are 206 of them divided into seven smaiier groups. Although the ciuhs are under separate of- ficers, they have the same purpose, platform, prin- ciples, and motto. They teii me this is a service or- ganization, a branch of the national YMCA estah- iished for high schooi girls. This year the iocai ciuhs united for severai of the state and schooi projects such as sending representa- tives to attend the week-end conference at Nazareth, joining the students from different schoois at a youth raiiy at Bethlehem, inviting guest speakers to the Teen Talk programs and student discussions, filling Red Cross hoxes, and presenting an exceptional Thanksgiving assemhiy. The individual ciuhs iceep husy from the time of the special officers training camp in the summer to the iareweii picnics in June. The Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, composed of the senior giris and their advisor, Mrs. Nellie Sioyer, started the school year off with fun for ati hy sponsoring a jean dance . . . The Vvestern Swing. To make the holiday season sparicie, they presented the 'Snow Fiurryn, a senior ciass party. The juniors, the Epsilon and Alpha divisions, under the guidance of Miss Marion Lauhach and iviiss Neue Fiucic, with one year of experience under their ioonnets, kept a iiveiy pace seiiing refresh- ments at the schooi wrestling matches and hasicet- haii games. To add to their Iaureis, they held a ioveiy valentine dance, the "Heart Twiriu. The up-and-coming douioie sophomore groups, under the supervision of Mrs. Elizabeth Geiger and Miss Niaioei Jenkins, chose as their principai project for the year to make favors for the patients at Sacred Heart Hospital and supply the kiddies with coioring hooks. Setting stamps was another activity for the Zetas. The N.A.I,H.S. Tri-Hi-Y En Masse E821 Hky In Qession Siarsdinqi Kohler, Sanieei Bilhekmvq Csencsifs, Mn Burq!hUiciviser'3, Sheiihammar Kohter, Lavb. Sewhedf Mkssimmg Csencsiis, ZQGQQK, Denim Skier Tri'Hi'7 Preaidenjfs mee? mf Qarickner Kiappknqor iBe5m5, N icderaOMg5m1D,Reic51fBqcG'ammoQ Mn Cminhne-3 OPiinqeri?l?4donQ3NxKssharflehslj ' Kolvmbvrllefalil, N. Rehri q ff3e'?c1ZZj K 21 :Z z z' A 2 ff OW io Hue ezeke Seulnq ., D3-SKGUSB1 A Sfamps for A The freshman twins, Beta I and Beta ii, with their counselors, Miss Vivian Cohie anci Miss Fern De Turk, couici he found seiiing hoiiy ciuring the Christ- mas season, supervising savings stamps saies throughout the school term, or puhiishing the foot- haii programs for the home games. Yes, this has been a mighty husy time for aii of these high schooi misses. HI-Y OFFICERS President .. ..... ........................ G ERALD LAUB Viceapresideni . . . . . . DONALD MISSIMER Secretary .... .... E DXVARD SITLER Treasurer . . . . . . ............ DALE DECH Adviser .................................... PAUL BURALLI HiVir. Jones, have you got a iaeci to spare?H This is the Hi-Y theme as the memioers strive to house the 138 musicians of the District Banci. Serving re- freshments at the hand Festival, seiiing iiowers, and presenting an Easter program are aii in iine of ciuty for these ieiiow hrothers to the Tri-Hi-Y. The Hi-Y Basicetinaii League is their speciai joy. Fifth Row'-fiVir, Wahl faciviscri, Feiciier, Sicrapits, Lawrence, Crock, Niissimer. Miiisits, Biiiy, Gorsicy. Stranzi, Fourth . Row--Zimmerman, Fieicis, Stuhits, Hacirowsicy, Moore, Taras, Niiiancier, Rahenoici. Third Row-Shwartz, Christoii, Kohl, Christman, Newharci, Pail, Helier, Haycit. Second Row-Laury, Lawrence, Szep, Miietics, Oranczaic, Reichiey, Strohi, Dcmico, McKnight, Smith, First Row'-Kuip, Hanicee, Kromer, Stephany, Hankce, Kish, Gross. Club: Morale Booster OFFICERS President ..... ................ R OBERT ZIMMERMAN Vice-President . . . ............ ,....... D AVID LAURY Secretary ...... ...... E ARL SPANGLER Treasurer . . . . . . ,..... RONALD PHILLIPS Faculty Adviser ............................ Hrxiufg B. WALL D0 you enjoy paging through your Catty-vsf Northampton annuai ioothaii program? Do you iiice to sport a coioriui hooster tag on your iapei? Then thanic the N Ciuio memioers and their aciviser, Mr. Harry B. Wait, for your enjoyment. E841 These ambitious souis reaiiy earn their 8 inch ietters hy aii-out participation in schooi activities. When their ietters are avvarcieci in Aprii, they vviii represent Woric Weii cione. These students have gooci times too. Take, for in- stance, an N Ciuh ioanquet with Johnny Van Sancit as the guest speaicer. They were the prouci sponsors of the Strouoisiaurg Gym Exhiioition, too. 0n the ioaii, iid say-cionit you agree? preadin the ews Back Row-Kegiovits, Miller, Vwyoociring. Stuiiits, Niissimer, Lakotosii. Miss Fiucic tAciviserJ, S. Konek, O. Konek, Graff, Henning. Sitting-Luckenisacii, Hiibcrg, Danner, Feidier, Nemeiiiic, Xveaver, Haniiec, Kohl, iWcKnigt1t, Rucii, Miiander. Hear yet Hear yet Vvarlt the latest fashions Of up of this compact periodical. The editor-in-chief, SOSSIP? We are kept IU-tI'1C-kf10W'-'by OUT OWU Anne Hankee, guides this staff with the indispen- literary magazine, The Reflector. Sports articles, Sable help of Miss Pluck, adviser. short stories and TV. reviews also go into the maide- Bacie Row-Lakoiosii, Nusii, S. Konek, Konek, Henning, D. Spaclt, Hvciinmn, Onciicii, Graff, Simcoe. Second Row'-f yiissinicr, Xvoociring, Stuiaits. Practurius, Ropii, J. Spacit, Zciinsixi, Tiaras, VX'ayicn, Niiller, Nioiciiany, Steiner, Stiimicanin, yiiietics, ylarzikoviis, Yurasits, Sitting'-Harry Xvutli tAdviscri, Vfaiczak, Ylissimcr, Petiio, Sickonic, Feiciler. SCIIHCCIC, LHUCO. Czapp, Lcgenza. React all about the school newsi See our junior- reporter himself, supervises this energetic staff. The sized newspaper, The Courier. Mr. Harry Vvaii, a editor-in-chief is Louise Feidier. wsu From the Green Room SENIOR THESPIANS President ..................................... JOHN Komi Vice-President . . . . . HELEN LUCKENBACII Secretary .... .. BERNADINE BECKER Treasurer , , , ..... NANCY STROIIL Adviser , , , . . ARLENE Kocinan Since im quite an actor, I joined time Tiiespians and reaiiy went ioeitind tire scenes. i didn't mind studying voice and ioody movement, or stage positions and scenic designing, but wilen Miss Kocirer gave me costumes and make-up to dot Ugixi Ncedics and gooi Assisting Miss Fiuck vvitir make-up, and training speakers and Taivieaux ior Cirristmas Vespers was iun. Of course we produce our own piay and perform at community sociais and attend tireatricai productions anywiiere and everywircre. Our iuiggest tilriii tiris season was a visit tu Temple University to see Sally Rotir fr-iqiiespian President, 1048i star in Niaxweii Andersonvs Yvingiess Victory. From us to you, Saiiy, a solid gold Oscar-iJetty yet, Ampyi SGPHOMORE DRAMATISTS President. ........ .. NANCY KOLUMBEH Secretary . . . . . . , DOLORES BOSSARD Adviser ......... . , . ........................ NELLIE SLOYER Pssli Core over to time auditorium door and peep in. Tire sopilo- more dramatists are reiiearsing for tileir newest piay, See Airs, Sioyer in tin' wings? Sim is tileir adviser. Vililii ciuij keeps active presenting assi-mimiy programs and suppiying time Costumes for tim tairieaux in tile Cisristmas Vespers, and studying aii pimses oi tiieatre productions. Vtfiien tile curtain rises for one oi tileir plays. i am sure of pieasant entertainment. STAGE CREW MAGIC Xfvirizi Quick ciiangei New ftoiorsi Tirese are time men responsiinie for time univeiievaiwie. instant transformation irom evening iaiue to rosy dawn. Like me. tiley are never seeni But irom time first beam oi' iigimt in ti1e auditorium, to tile closing oi time curtain, you can be sure Wir, Horn and iris stage crew are tirere witir everytiiing under control Hioeiiind time seen:-s." THE ALPHA PRO-CONS President ............,,..................... JACK KRoBoTH Secretary-Treasurer ., .... PHYLLIS PETHO Adviser .............,.... .... ..... , . . . REED BUCKINGHAM ii I want to iue a Senator, I must be aioie to speak iiuentiy, to discuss and anaiyze time proiriems oi time time inteiiigentiy, and to stand up under verinai fire. So I joined time Aipiia Pro-Cons. Tiiis season we deixated tire topic: UResoived that we siiouid iuave eonscription oi aii American citizens in time of war." 'I,ilCl'C were two round-roiuin iieixales, two scrarnioie debates, and timen time ixig momentf-Forensics. i got around and deimatr-ii irotir sides so vweii tirat no one knows xxiwre i stand-incinciing myseiii But ti1ere's a dinner dance to Pllti iilC SCHSOH'-'EtHfi SVC Silltii ililVC flltl. Koxxaiysim, Simcoe, Hess, Yandcrs, Temus, Perdick, Fir. Buckingiiam fadviseri, Siciionic, Hankee, Kroixotiu, Fiiiier, Peliro, Uviary. Leiko. E861 3 KLNOW fade oui Hue rouqef saga Tiwespicm 3. lylcffniqfwzi as ska demonsirrufea on fX.HanKee. R SQ1Qar1,,z1Tfosm+5s-:k,,n.wahx,m,s+ewQfy mnHorne qives iasf minufe fnsilruajrions Jro S Crew man -- Sofa fujilra, DrvcKenmii?e,r,Qnd Q-aqe Q,Nico4'eraVane1 N.S4'roH !acK on. ' ugfeaciq on Hwe eqesf saga U-aes Qian presic1emLxlKoH.I.OrcxnczaK ilufiqfwfenfs D Mkuafs filfafl. Lsclwmafzer, Hnrkz, Hlwchenbacfx, Koehierland B,Nac,hesi'q wa'T'aim Th espicms ChecK cosjrumesi C.TrobeJfsKx4, Sfiuch L, DemKe, PmH'Ch6H, !AX,KDCh8V'CAdV'lS6f3, Emvarq, K'neelinq1B.BecKer, P Time Sophomore Dfamahsfs sefed' a Ping! B.5hoemaKer, E.HilAreH'x,N.NicKisheg ' Y MVGYQVGYZ N.KO!UmL8f, Gikx!Ui'!'1'l, V J.SPc1nil's,J. Eama, Pa,Ga.ovra, D. Bosidrd, R, VieCunz1iess,rJ. Dash, N,5loqerfMviseQ' , P 5iovif . X s NJe SPeaK at Forenmcs We Piaq......,... We Simi .,4.A,,., Y E881 A Capital Contest Victory for NA.iHSi Yes. we came out on top with the winning oi nine iiirst places in the Eastern Dis- trict Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League con- test, which was held for the eighteenth consecutive year in our school on ixiarch 29. Severai hundred stu- dents from the surrounding Counties oi Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, Nionroe, Northalnptori, and Schuyiiciii were represented in the 1032 contest. The thirty-six event program hegan promptiy at nine a. m. and continued until three in the afternoon. The events were judged hy seiected teachers from area schoois and coiieges. The type and suhject of the con- tests ranged widely from dramatic presentations of Shakespeare, to musical selections played by school hands in iuii regaiia. Ati events proved exceptionally interesting. The Northamptonians who placed first in their own groups were as ioiiovvs: Ann Perdicic, Aiioert Miller, Patricia Tempielon, Jack Krohath, and Theodore Kovvaiyshyn, memioers oi the debate team: Monica Leiico, in the poetry reading contest: Ronald Porotsicy, Vvarren Stuioer, Raymond and Kenneth Kohler, the hrass quartelteg Rosemarie Santee, Hutistg Ronald Porotsicy, trumpelg Xvarren Stuher, French horng Leon Sicweir, snare drum: Jacif Kutz, haritone vocaiistg and the Girls' Ensemhiep-Barhara Kieppinger, Lucille Demico, Jane Niusseman, Niiriam Helier, iviary Lou Miiander, Sara Jane Bicifnight, Doris VVahi, Dolores Reichiey, Roioerta Kieinschuster, Kay Haydt, Kathryn ivewhard. and Patricia Steiany. Vvith the District Forensics over lor this year, the hard Worii and competition does not end. Those who placed first in any oi the district events are now en- titied to enter the State Forensic and Musical Con- tests conducted in Harrishurg, April 24. Good Iucii, gangt VX7e,re rooting for you. See Pier rirr 1 S in Ilefr OUR SPEAKERS: Standing-fA. Pcrdicif, T. Kovaiyshyn, A. Niiiier, P. Templeton. Scaled'-J. Hanicec, H. Lucircnhach, J. Kutz, M. Leiico, E. Uivary. OUR lNS'l'RUiVlEN'I'ALlSTS: Standing-K. Kohler, R. Porolsicy, R. Kohicr, H. Engicr, VV. Stuiocr, L. Sicweir. Seated'-G. Rahcnoid. R. M. Santee, L. iwiiicr, D. Dottcr, P. Koch, F. Lisetski, P. Stefany. OUR VOCALISTS: Standing'-fS. J. McKnight, D. Reichiey, K. Haydt, M. iieiier, R. Kiincschustcr, G. Rahenoid, K. Ncwhard. Seated'-L. Dcrnico, Nl. L. Miiandcr, D. NVHIII, P. Stctany, B. Kit-ppinger. J. MIISSCUIHII. WEIGHT CLUB. MUSCLE BOUND President .,.... .. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Vice-President . . . ,... DONALD IVIISSIIVIER Secretary ...... . . . JAMEs LAVVRENCE Treasurer ..,.......,.. ...,.....,..,.....,......., D Avro LAURY Adviser ......,.,.....,.,....,......,......... HARRY B. VVALL UpI UpI Higt1erI I'IigI1erI TInat's it. XfX'yI'l8t'S that you say. Wir. Vvait? TI1ey're Iearning ttie tundamentats ot weigitt Iitting. To me, tixis Iooks like Atlas wxitI1 tI1e world on Ilis stioulders, I think Iyd Ioetter Ive going Before one ot ttrose Ioig dumtnetls taIIs and someiaody gets Iiurt, meaning me. Basie Row'-'Coach Harry VVaII, Laury, Croetc, IVIuIcI1aney, Zimmerman, Confer, Fietds, BiIIy, G. Laury, Haines. Second Row'-fLawrence, Nemetir. Barttrotomew, Hantz, IVIann, Missimer, IVIiIIer, Hankee. Third Row-KoI1I, Strotit, Leindecker, Lawrence. Kneebone, VV. Kutp, P. Kutp. Kneeling'-4 Augustine, Fujita. Luciana, pany, Guzara, Myers, Busicirk. NAJHS' COMPLETE ANGLERS President ...... .... R ICHARD Hoviom Vice-President . . . .... ALBERT HANTZ Secretary ....,. .... I AUTHER KROMER Treasurer .... . . . FRED GoLLATz Adviser ..............................,....... IVIICHAEL LISETSKI uBut you sI1ouId see tire one that got aWayI" I said amid much joking. These feIIows know txow to catch their fisI1. They sponsor good sports- manstiip, conservation, and anti-stream pottution. Stocking our streams is part of tI1eir job. too. Seated'-Hantz, Baimnick, Birosik, HomoIa, Fujita, Lutzcnesicy, KowaIysI1yn. Standing-Suto, FegeIy, Kremer, Cote, Snyder, Biery, Krobatti, Vvanoert. Haines, IVtiIIer, IVIiIIer, Center, Rocicas, Bodnar, Gaspar, GoIIatz, Kteppinger. RIFLE CLUB: SHOOTS THE WORKS President .............. ......................... C ARL VNIAGNER Vice-President .... .. CHESTER LAPP Treasurer ...... . . . JAMES KLOTZ Adviser ....,..................................... HENRY VVEIR Vvtlat do you caII this? A riIIe range right in ttie middie of N. H. S. So this is Mr. VXleir,s reIoading station. Here we can get acquainted with ati Icinds of firearms and Iearn the safety ruIes, too. VN7itI1 att ttiis ex- perience, tI1ese Boys are sure to be superior martcsmcn when Uncle Sam sends Isiis ugreetingsf' Front Rowfdspengter. Kteppinger, Csensits. Buskirk, Gasper, Kist, VN7aI1I. Second Row'-fIVIiIcitz, Ktotz, Hotota, Decti, Fietds. Tirirrl Row-Kratzer, Haines. Standing-'Rejician, Mattes, Opiinger, Fujita, Mann, Potzer, Sny- der, Meyers, I'IatteI, IVIisI1Ico, Kratzer, Wagner, Movogratz, Lapp, Winkle- Itsauer, Mr. Vveir, Adviser. I I E I 2 s I I 12891 In Chorus: Harmon Is Their Remed A rattie of chairs, the Hing of music copies . . . the upraiseci arms of the . . . rehearsals hegin. I sit aione in the rear to ali this melody. You chatter of voices, the shuf- then the word s'Quiet,' . . . ciirectress . . . aii is hushed of the auciitorium listening see, rm a non-singer. But I ciream of the awe-inspiring Christmas Vespers, the exacting perfection of the Forensic music, and the refreshing music of the spring songs. There are three chorai organizations here. The first is a group of seventy giris ioienciing efforts and voices in Girls' Chorus. If you prefer the deep, clear tones of the male population, Visit Boys, Chorus. Then to get an essence of sweet harmony we have the Mixed Chorus. Drop into Room 7 at 5:15 and iisten to our care- fuiiy seiecteci ensemble. These twenty-three heauties are always in ciemanci. Our school, town and neigh- boring communities feature them constantiy. indispensable to these choristers are two people'-1 Nirs. Uwiomn Santee, our inspiring ciirectress, and Gioria Rahenoici, our taienteci accompanist. Row Nine'-Vogel, Opiinger, Minnich, Berg, Andrews, Beii, Rahenoici, Santee. Row Eight'-Hecinnan, Reichiey, Lucicenhach, Niiiancler, Vvahi, Niciinight, Newharci, Bowen. Row Seven'-'iVIast, Pail, Goiiatz, Hanicee, Crock, Feiciier, Hess, Lorenz. Row Six-Spacit, Zeiinsky, Kunlz, Nickischer, Burkharcit, Kolurnhcr, Teacia, Smith. Row Five'-Knauss, Ancirews, Flick, Lehish, Faiman, Santee, Black, Sayior. Row Four--Kieinschusler, Ncwharci, Miller, Engier, Steciw, Miller, Young, Huns- herger. Row Three-Eckhart, Bunfira, Burkharzit, Boyer, Trohelsicy, Trohctsifcy, Schnecic, Vvanko. Row Two-fixfiiitenherger, Stcfany, Hiii, Hanzei, Roberts, VX7eiJer, Roberts, Graver. Row One-Spanitz, Seagcr, Templeton, Huciick, Haycit, Helier, Demko, Oranczak. E901 Q :ary '1 qsdwa EJNK . 'Agia Qian Q 1 6 V Q ,X wixx XLQJAE X 35 QXQVY in 0. ofa Q. 6989, I X i"LxUX X B. . Sprirxci ConcerVlG155+ 3010546 Miriam Helfen Jac? Kuhn and NWN marsh i'H?fi32ff +0 mage ijfaqafa Ms! evening of mos ic. QQ fa dm 'WZ 1? M' Siandmql Llfqidier, DXJQM, Ct Arulrowg N4NiVzanberqQrQ Y Hudicii, RT2mglei'on, xlmusselmanf KA Hoberh, R.5axvYee, Seadedl F! Sie ami, S.McKniqh+, M.Ns1M4er, Mheiier, Hrs G'.Robe.enhCJs:i, K N Bwhurd. WM shams . A. I H S Band: Attention ati, the Northampton Area Joint High School Band is on parade! Here they come now, I can see the wavering Hags presented hy the stately coiumn of smoothly-marching coior-guards . . . next come the hevy of high-stepping majorettes, contrih- uting to the air of iestivity with their haton twiriing and tricky steps . . . and then our hand appears. Notice that precision marching, hear that snappy heel ciicic? Whether in action or at ease, you can he sure these seventy-tive, black and orange uni- formed members are on their toes. Besides marching in area parades, the hand at- tends many other events. Vvithout its pep songs and show at half-time, the foothaii games would lose a tot of the exciting coiorg without its merry music, the county fair would he minus a great deal of its gaiety. With all this activity, the hand finds Picture in Precision time to present its annual Spring Concert, give special concerts at Dorney Park on Northampton Day, or provide musicai entertainment at the Muni- cipal Swimming Pooi during the summer. Because of the Golden Anniversary Ceiehration in June, the junior and senior hand wiii comhine to form one large unit for the community parades and concerts. This year Northampton played host to the District Band, sponsored hy the Pennsylvania Music Educa- tors. Four of our students participated in this group, Ronald Porotsicy, Pat Stefany, Francis Lisetsici, and Leon Sicweir. No hand can function without directors. Whether on the podium, or marching aiong with the hand, or guiding the notes into place . . . our two excellent co-directors, Mr. Leon Kuntz and Mr. Edwin Berg, are the hest. Northampton Area Joint High School Band E921 These High Voltage Cheer- leaders send mei Theysve got spirit, rhythm and pep. Theres no room for the blues when these iassies sound off. Vvasscr, S. Wanko, L. Feidler, i Q Beauty On Parade-B. Smith, D. Vvaixl, N. Hess, C. Berg, N. Slroirl, B. Yanciers, P. Templeion, G. Roberts, V. Hudick, S. Gross, R. Crock. K. Haydt KHQ-:ad Majoreitel. E951 Standing-D. Reicimley, Ni. Helier, E. Pail. Kneeling-N. Koiumber, J. Bama, S. ' 941 FUTURE HOIVIEIVIAKERS President ......................................,, JOYCE ECKHART Vive-President - - . . DIANE ANDREWS SUCVCWVY r - A ..., MARGARET PLOXA Treasurer ..................,..,.................... ALICE ERVIN How to make a I1ome more comtortatate? How to conjure an appetizing IIILTEII? TIIese are ttie proI9Iems tI1at puzzte our young misses of IIIC Future t'IoIIIr-IIIzIIcer's CIuIo. They won't Ive puzzted Iong, not with IVIrs. IVIusseIman on Imnct to IIeIp tI1em. These twenty-two detve into ttie mysterious art ot IIOIIICIIIHIQIHQ witI1 tI1e fervor ot veteran Ilousewives. Third Row-Anctrews, EcIcIIart, Ervin, Taras, Spactt, IVIIIIS, Kratzer. Second Row-Kereto, Vvantio, Repti, Steirer, Spactt, Zetinstii. First Rowf-fPrae- torioas. MOICIIHHY, BTOSCIIHIC, Ptoxa, Gross. I'IecIcman, Mrs. Mussetman. KEPLER SGCIETY: COOKING AGAIN President ,.................................. ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Vice-President .. ...... DALE SMITH Secretary ,. . .... LUTHER SCHLEGEL Treasurer . . . LUTHER SCHLEGEL Adviser ......................................,.. EARNEST PAPP SniIII SniItI IVIy, tIIere's a strange odor in I1ere. Is it any wonder? Look at all ttwose fancy Izmtttes contaminating the atmosphere. AIHII VITIICFCIS Mr. Papp right in the micIcIIe ot the experimentation. I'Ie's protnatnty trying to maIce anottier Ben FranIcIin out ot lI1at young tettow. Say, I Iitceci your science assembly program and I Iwear you IeIIows are extiitniting at tIIe East Penn Science Fair. Gooct I..ucIiI Reading From Left--SmitI1, IVIiIancIer, Vvasser, Reictltey. StroIII, Spengter. Boctmoctc, Cote, VVaI1I, Smith, IVIiIIer, ScI1IegeI, Vvintctetoauer, Bitcter, Spengter, Pottarct, Ziatytc, BusI4irIc, KowaIysIIyn. SNAP-HAPPY PHOTGGRAPHERS President ...................................,... HARRIET I-IILIIERG Vice-President . . . . . MICHAEL SKWIER Secretary . . . . . . I .... JOAN KREMUS Treasurer . . ALFRED BARTFIOLOMEW Adviser . .......... ............................ E RI-:EST PAF? Let me outI Let me out of tI1is cIarIC pIuceI Where am I? OII, its you, IVIr. Pappt Vvtwy dicIn't somebody teII me tI1is was tIIe cIeveIoping room and ttlese tI1e expert ptIotograpI'Iers. Ttiey realty Icnow all about this Inusiness, cIon't tI'Iey?f-fctevetoping, nega- tive printing, and entargingf-'just about all tI'lCl'C is to Imow. You must Iae proud to Imve tI1ese Ixusy and wiIIing workers using tI1eir talents to matte all tIIe lIIriIIing moments of tI'Ie year Iive again. Back Row'-fGuzara, Knauss, PoIIarcI. Smitti, Biery, Strotlt. Second Row -rSIIoeIIIzIIxer. Kremus, IVIiIIer. Lauta, KeIIer, BartIIoIomew, SIcwier, Pat- Icovits. Spengtcr. First Row-Vveaver, Luciana, Str0I'II, Santee, NemcIIicIc. Cote. Cote, IVIarstI. WELCOME VISVVORS Sm.-per infenderis' Ula? rid' ?'5ee?snq KW' pox 5 X055 X9 go bag fy 5Q0'5de?15Yx 4390 506,430 B KXGBQ, .XR six B022 . 62, 9I12j!?!2gaefe0ff3 '- o 'Q 5 92 og eb? Us i 330,-Q, 'PMG Standing--Eugene E. Mccicrary, Harry Yoder, Howard M. Nasc, Dr. Rohert VV. Jacks, Robert A. Rosencrantz. Seated- Margaret Randt, Bessie Pengeiiy, Nlaynard Reinhold, Lester Vvoiie, Dr. Bouteiie E. Lowe fchairmanf, Dr. Chester A, Dissinger, John Bosco, Ida Ehiing, Frances V. Etten. We Commend . . October 17. 18, and IO mariced three very impor- tant days in the iiie of N. A. J. H. S. An evaluating committee sent ioy the Commission on Secondary Schoois visited us at this time. This committee has as its primary purpose the improvement of the indi- vidual high school in the service it is rendering to the youth of the community which it serves. To he an accredited high schooi on the roster of the Middle Atlantic States, all schoois must he property evai- uated. Needless to say, these three days were interesting for everyone-'faculty as Weil as student ioody. But we were on our toes. The visiting evaluating committee of highly seiect- ed teachers and administrators from fourteen high schools awed us at first. They visited aii classes, observed students and teachers in action, sampied our ciuh woric, attended assemhiy, and heid inter- views with students, teachers, and hoard memioers. t98l They inspected every inch of our school plant. We were examined thoroughly, and we liked our examiners. After the evaluation, a complete report was sent to our school highly commending the foiiowing: our rich program of studies, our diversified pupil activity program, our excellent student participation, the cooperative attitude of the Board of School Directors and the Community as a whole, and our experienced faculty and administrators. There was one major criticism,-fnThe chief limiting factor in this school effecting adversely practically all of the services is the inadequacy of the school huiid- ing in view of its present and anticipated enroii- mentf, We say Hchecicn to that criticism. Over-crowded classrooms and usuitcasei' teachers are not conducive to a good educational program. There's a new high schooi in our dreamsi TX A A Liou Sou., use A-fqlfxfenniun is Prinlecl lwere? Q,Yi N, O5 C a Q XW'?5v' 6 " 0 ,S qsgx-wp' Q. ex 'X I I 0' "Er+.mQ+e1Li,+Le f O O S GYICQ in now, M I And the glory of the Lord shone round about When it comes to singing, live heard some oi the ioestg iout I franiciy admit the 1951 Christmas Ves- pers was sheer inspiration. From the moment the prophecy iioaleci into the darkened auditorium and the giorious singing rose in a steaciy crescenoio, I was in a trance. 1 was sur- rounded hy ioeauty-heauty in music, readings, and tahieaux. How wonderful to have an this at NAJHS. The sincere appreciation of the 1,500 peopie who caught the spirit the nights of December 9 and 10 macie it worth ali the Work. Mrs. Santee and Mrs. Sioyer hegan to pian way hack in Septemher. By November we Were ati in on it. Mrs. Santee and her choruses-Mrs. Sioyer and her speakers were rehearsing ciaiiyg Mr. Reiff and the Iooys were building stagesg Mr. McGill was erecting platforms: Mr. Kieppinger and his artists were painting scenery. Miss Derfuricys and Mrs. iVIuss1eman's girls were designing costumesg Nliss Kocher's Thespians were arranging taioieauxg Miss Pluck was training her make-up crew: Mr. Fegeiy was printing programs: and Mr. Horn and his stage crew were experimenting with iight geiatins. In some little Way We all helped to give a special Christmas message from N. A. J. H. S. to an of you. Uooj SM , s C',rqxw's Lgaivq QJQQ-iii Qmxuarv ci: ban' sv 3403 om -Qwha re 'iT hs fiioon Hqnqa Q-Ha ifh Over The 51021 fwstalces at the Blalces THE FAST Gilfy Blilkl' ..... ..,.......,. riitiill Igiiliif' ...... KtDlIl'ky lqllfkyu l,.Ell'S0ll Rohm-rta Sims ..... Airs. Pc-riuns llc-rman fart:-r Billiiiins ... ivirs. Crt-criwi Niiiic . , , lla- ....., . Virs, Carter yirs. llinliie NUTSI' ..... . . .. Dale Smith . . . . .lacic Kutz Nionica Leiico . . IFCIIC Oranczaic . . . . ..... ADDR HaHii0S Ronald Phillips Ronald Porotsiiy iviary Kotoris . . . . Daniel Taras , , . . .iohn Bruchalc Anna Laicy Kathryn Ncwhard Gloria Raioenoid .ianuary 23 and 24 weie ioig nights lor all of us. I had a hox seat lor Mistakes at the Blaiees, that wonderful three- act comedy hy G. Lepeliey. The Seniors were in top form, dramatically speaking. Hereis the story oi the play. Two aspiring young writers, Gary and Tom Blake, are about to he evicted from their hoarding house by their rent-hungry landlady, Mrs. Pericins. And then the unexpected happens'-Wir. Carter, a law- yer, arrives with the news that a rich eccentric uncle has just died and bequeathed 350,000 to Tom, and to Gary he entrusls UChariie,U this favorite sheep dog'-the iooys thoughtii Nou' the only shadow on Tomys horizon is his ex-sweet- heart, Ducky Lucky Larson, who threatens to sue him for breach of promise or have Biiiilcins. her pugiiistic hrother, inring him to terms. However, ioeautiiui Roioerta Sims arrives on the scene and reveals that she is the Hchariieu mentioned in Uncle lviacis will. Complications thicicen when hoth Tom and Gary outwit one another to ioecome guardians of the young lady. Each tries to prove that the other is a wee ioit men- tally unloaianced. The arrival of a canine Charlie oi the wildest sort hrings general confusion to the hoarding house and almost results in Tomis death. Roberta finally chooses Gary as her man. Ducicy Luclcy gets her Tom, and Nlrs. Perkins gets her rent. Behind the Scenes Backstage at intermission time I saw some very lousy people. there was our ever-smiling, always dependaloie director. Miss Lauioach-also, her efficient stage crew, Richard Stine and .iacic Knauss. No show could go on without these loyal ioehind-scene woricers. Nlore Behind the Scene Vxforieers Nancy Strohi, Doris Gehret. Niary Lou hiiiander, Delores Reichiey, Sara ,lane fXicKnight, Joan Kohl, Shirley Smith, Shirley Xvasscr, Helen Luci:- Pllililfil. ixiary Black. Patricia Stelany, Shirley Ruth. Buck Row-Mr. Buraiii. coach: James Hankcc, Steven Einiait, Aiimert Miiier, Theodore Kowaiyscimyn. Front Row-Judy Simcoe, Constance Hiii, Ann Perdicic, Sylvia Durs. he M' ht of February 21 The curtains wiii be going up in a few minutes. This is the nigilt-tire nigiit of excitement and ten- sion for eight Junior speakers. Bacicstage fwilere iim chief stirrer of time puncil anci dispenser of cooiciesi four ioveiy ieaciing iadies and four iiancisome IICIOCS are trying ciesperateiy to iue cooi and casuai. Oniy one person reaiiy is'-ftileir coacii, Mr. Buraiii. Cur- tain now and on with the siiow. Steven Einfaitf-'Tile Speech Iudge's Nightmare'-Joirn Marlin Constance Hiii--Sixteen--iviaureen Daiy James HBHkCCf'My LIGYIIJIOTJ'-'StCpi'leIl Leacocic Ann Pcrciicio-'Ioan of Lorraine--iviaxweii Anderson Theodore KOWBIYSIIYH'-Tlldf Damned Tiling'-Ambrose Bierce Juditir Simcoe-Tire Little Horse-Neiia White D041 Aiiaert Miiier-The Big Parade-Wesley Cartey Syivia Durs'-Iune Night--Aiiaert Van Antwerp Vvonfierfui siiowi Now for tire big momenti First prizes go to Connie and Jim. Second prizes to Ann and Aibert. Congratuiationsi Doctor A. H. Erskine of Niuiuienberg Coiiege, Heien Ridgiey, instructor at Ceciar Crest Coiiege, and F. E. Funk, instructor at Leiiigil University serveci as judges. To maice time evening compiete there was music by Miriam Helier, Raymond K0iliCF, Ronald Porotsicy, Kenneth Koirier, Warren Stuixer, Francis Lisetsici, Pat Stefany, Princess Kocil, and tile Junior En- semble. Fe33ar'uor1j'5 Hear? W' MOFC?!,S Rhapsody In Blue Apr3E's Pcpri! Slwowers. Mags, Rose Rendejvcsua Mcujs Coumfr-9 golf tTurwe'5 Senior Farewell Danna Welcome astern District Grand Central Stationw? No, same old high schoot halts. But why so many new faces, such pites oi tuggage and musical instruments? Ah, itys Aprii 5rd, and these Man of the Hour MR. PAUL YODER Our eminent Guest Conductor is known are the one hundred thirty-seven picked musicians ttrom 56 different high schools in tive neighboring counties, arriving tor the big Eastern District PMEA Band Fes- nationally as a Composer, Conductor, and Eval' critic. He is a member ot the American Busy people everywhere! Upon arrival' Banctmasters Association and Music Editor visiting students were swept ott to their for the Neil A. Kjos Music Company, new weekend homes by Hi-Y guides and Chicago. student Ucabbiesf, only to be hurried back again tor a quickie rehearsal and a tirst chance to meet their famous conductor, Mr. Paul Yoder. Thursday atternoonys strenuous rehearsais gave promise ot exciting times ahead. Our teet were already dancing. Then came the time tor some ot us to meet the music experts. Thursday night the gym was transformed into a HRhapsody in Biuen with its mooiit sky- tine, its buoyant eherubs, its crepe paper-blue skies, and over ati the dreamy music ot Matt Giiiespfs orchestra. The "John Paut Jonesu soon served its purposet Friday morning we hailed Hotdu friends as our adopted musicians poured into schooi tor a tong day ot rehearsals. This was a good day tor us, too. At last the auditorium doors were opened. Gerunds and participles, history dates and bookkeeping problems surrendered to HVViiiiam Teiiu and Usiiveru as they went riding through the storm. The woodwind section ot the band had a. special treat tate Friday atternoon. Some ot us crept into the top gatiery to watch the nationaiiy famous ciarinetist ot New York City, Mr. Robert Vviiiaman, teach uguinea pigu Jack Kutz how to ptay the clarinet in one easy iesson. Mr. Vvyiiiamanys ciarinet knowledge was awe inspiring. Then carrie the Friday night concert. How proud we were to hear such beautitut music rendered with such perfection. The seiections HRumbaiero," Mr. Yoder's own composition uGet on Boardf' and the uvviiiiam Teit Overturen were obviousiy the tavorites with the huge audience just as they had been with us. Saturday brought more rehearsals tor the young musicians, then a 'Black Light" demonstration by Elliot and Weller ot Cleveland, Ohio. The Teen Age Center was the tocai spot tor an atternoon ot tun. After that came the big banquet in our Flamingo Room. it was a coiortut affair with one hundred thirty-seven smart looking band unitorms on dispiay. The Saturday night concert was the high point ot the three-day event. The music was more thritting than ever. There were special schoot marches presented as a iinai act ot team-work: there was the presentation ot a gift to Ntr. Yoderg and a last Hthank-you" to N. H. S. Host, Mr. Kuntz, and testivai chairman, Mr. Berg. Vxlith sighs ot regret, we eiosed the curtains on the Eastern District PMEA Band Festival. Besides the beautitui music and the time new friendships we formed, we Witt iong remember the tun and troiic these musicians brought to our hatis. The "Hail Caesar" Union with its symbolic monkey caps and toy hornsg the "Hail .iohnn iocai with its raiiroaders' caps and red handkerchiets iivened intermission moments. it was a good three days tor att of us. Band ' D061 Anelrews in WEDNESDAY Lutaeum No. lfflsi' ronomlcaf Wonder Tlgllqers Claw- A +hnH PacKeclrmi51'erq'frorn our Iibrafsarfs collecfion. 1 i In Memory 0 yy . fy. , S - J. RODNEY LUCKENBAC11 , :'f en l 0 rs 1952-1051 , 1 The comrade that OnCe marctied with I ",' :Tr l IIV V me, Y 21" Or dared adventure keen, Nty spirits comrade still shall be 'lzv 1, '-"A YW , Though silence intervene. A - XV. J. Frost VA . Q Ei 111 1 1 Row Five'-Kotctl, Stiimkanon, Cedar, Landis, iwilier, Kline, Bactnnnn, 'lxermc-nu, Koclner, Xvarcl, Svlxeirer. Row Four-Geosits, Purastino, Sedora, Radio, Buctinetx, Aim, Btarsll, Rosser, Brelsford, Bach, Biankini. Row Tlxrve-Fr-icller, Lvngyl, liil?l:FClFiIlgCl', Cryer, Schaffer. Dem- czulc. Lewis, Nlicio, Opiinger, Kramlicli, Stcrner. Row Two-Garfly, Dc-mrzuk, Lizuk, Dcmlio, Kmtzer, Rush, Ntarsctl, Lcrctl, Niiner, Rehrig, Ructl, Zacler. Row one-Krmner, Billy, Lucky, Koeties, Smolick, Gray:-r, Anthony, Kulp, Santo, Ratienolcl, Kuntz, Pecklicli, Xvalczuk, Row Five'-Frederick, Fogci, Zellner, Kuntz, Newtlarot, Hutton, Geosits, Lutz, Spengler, Bartneri, Lautmeli, Kirk, Koch, Hummel, Klatz. Row Forirf-Fatsinger, Hess, Vvagner, Hoffman, Bcnetsky, Dirnrniek, Smith, Stewart. Row Tlmree-Boyer, Smith, Nlishko, Mickley, Reimer Marcttxak, Boyer, Zatmrezuk, Dotter. Row Tulo-'Hawk Kraynick, Trinkle, Miksils, Miller. Spenglcr, I.LlCkCIllJElC!l, Porotsky, Beit, Scixwenk Row One,-Klingzuuan, Hoffman, Sliarga, Yost, Vvauo, Heiney, Snyder, Crock, Reply, Burtlmlurnew. D101 com ME NCEMENTEX- coLoEN ws PAGEANT-HSI GONE BY 1 , u THREE CHEER8 'For Hue flour- seasons which bring fun and frolic, fo qounq cmd oici an Our Town. Pool 'For summer swsmmmq .M KW wo 6 and ww 0 a ,fa a Nexjr' Sprinq plaqs hos? fo qoffanq-and s+ocKmq our slrreoms, rv NORTHAMPTON AT EMMAUS Fifth Row'-R. Ru-ch, E. Uherchitc, E. Dech, A. Moser, D. Lutte, A. Kressman, T. Buttner, M. Kneehone, R. Bach, B. Haines. Fourth Row,-R. Miiier, E. Pany, R. Newharct, K. Newharci, F. ittioviis, G. Mitter, D. Christman, A. Stutzits, A, Uherchitc, P. Dech, J. Mitetics, E. Bruchaic, P. Reimer, Kteppinger. Third Row-Assistant Coach R. Crawford, E. Miiisits, P. Kutp, F. Szep, J. Ntatanich, Hracltcowsky, R. Moore, F. Hershman, J. Optinger, P. Mishko, R. Kotumtrer, T. Gorstiy, Al Geosits. Second Row'-Assistant Coach P. Schneicter, P. Biity, C. Feitfis. D. Laury. D. Taras, E. Spengter, G. Rupinsici, R. Phillips, R. Zimmerman, C. Stirapits, VV. Stranzt, VV. Feidter. First Row-Head Coach A. Erctosy, M. Kromer, Marak- ovits, R. Reimer, R. Ptliitips, B. Koons, S. Hrycyszyn. H. Hucaiick, Date September 21 September 29 Octoher 6 Octoher 15 Octoher 20 October 27 November 10 November 22 Gridiron Kids 1951-1952 Foottzatt Schedule Opponent Northampton Phitiipstxurgf-'52 0 Emmausr-'52 6 Whitehall-'14 14 Siatington-159 0 Paimertonf-'52 0 Lehighton--12 25 Strourtshurg--'19 0 Catasauqua-6 28 A tive yard gain'-fa pass to iV1ish1co-and it's overt Touchdownt Yeaht Vvhat a game this Turkey-Day thriiier has hecome. The oniy sad thing about it is that itss the enci ot the season'-my tnig season. How 1 stuciiect plays and signals and toitowed orcters to a VVhat's that you say? You want to know what position 1 ptay? Why, 1 am N. A. J. H. Sfs Water-Boy. Therets Taras signaiting for a drink. 1 gotta go. "Elf" Spitzer and Elvin Schiegei wiii fake over the sportsters' news from here. See you ater. AMPY 1:1151 NORTHAMPTON AT PHILLIPSBURG P,tJurg cioes it againt The Jerseyites' aerial game was too powerful tor our N. H. S. griciciers headed by the new co-captains, Rupinstci, Phittips, Speng- ter, and Stranzt. The half-time score was 12-0 in favor ot the Garnet and Grey . . . one touchdown coming from a pass thrown hy Lutz, and another as a resuit of a fumtote on our part. The statistics were in our favor, tout the team trom across the Delaware won 52-0. The Kicts, in their initiat teague contest, faited to hit pay ciirtg' toesictes that they iost a Veteran player, Phillips, through injuries.. E. H. S. had a 20-0 hati- time teact via three iong runs . . . 70, 75, and 90 yarcts. They scoreot two more in the second half toy the same methoot. Finatty Paul Niishtco posted the tone touchdown tor N. H. S. after a .70 yard drive. This was the first ieague cteteat for the Black anct Grange since Turkey Day of 1945. The Green Hor- nets were victors hy a 52-6 score, their seconci vic- tory over N. H. S. in 25 years. 59 . an... NORTHAMPTON AT WHITEHALL The Maroon and Grey tried to avenge last year,s defeat hut could only settle for a tie. The Zephyrs scored twice before the Kids could retaliate, once by George and then by Tracy. The N. H. S. grid- ders took to the air as southpaw passer Moore passed to Gorsicy, completing a touchdown. This was foilowed hy another resulting from a ten-yard race lay half-hacic Niishico. Laury iciclced that impor- tant point to maize the final count 14-14. SLATINGTON AT NORTHAMPTON Buddy Kemmerer played a dazzling game and led his team to victory against the N. H. S. eleven. On the first-play, Kemmerer ran 51 yards for a touch- down. Two more runs, aided hy passes from Ross, helped to tally the first half score for Slatington. A fourth and fifth touchdown hy Kemmerer and an- other hy Fenstermaicer put the Slaters out front with a score of 59-0. NORTHAMPTON AT PALMERTON The Palmerton Blue Bombers, using a potent aerial attacic, smothered the Black and Grange grid- ders for their second victory of league competition THEY PLAYED THEIR IAS J VV. Stranzi, and G. Rupinski. with N. H. S. The Kids, with co-captain Spengler aiding the pigsiiin passage, rolled up a pair of first downs, only to tumble and have it recovered hy Shiner ol P. H. S. A pass and three more runs tooli it to the one yard line from where Vvasilicowslci howled over. Three more fumhles plus an inter- cepted pass spelled a victory ol 52-0 lor the Blue and Vvhite. PLEHIGHTON AT NORTHAMPTON The Konlcrete Kids won their first league victory this season hy defeating the Lehighton indians. Op- linger. assisted hy the effective hloclcing of Zimmer- man and Rupinslci, struck first alter a 45 yard drive scored from the seven yard line. The Black and Orange tallied again from two yards out in the second period. The third quarter presented the icids on a searing march. Mishko scored from the six yard line, followed hy Roth,s touchdown for the indians. In the final period, Stranzl snagged a 55 yard pass from lxioore, thus ending N. H. S. scor- ing. immediately after the lciclcotli, lxiengle ran 90 yards for the L. H. S. team. settling the score to 25-12. GAME FOR N. A. I. H. S. Rupinski Phillips Taras Zimmerman Spcngicr Assistant Coach Peter Schneider and Head Coach AI Erdosy fright, discuss signals with Co-captains-fR. Phillips STROUDSBURG AT NORTHAMPTON Stroudshurg Highss grid team defeated Norti1-- ampton hy resorting to aeriais, hut even the Pocono Crew found it difficult to penetrate the Kids' forf ward wail'-Laury, Billy, Taras, and Feidier. in the third period the Poconos scored twice on two aeriais ,-one a pass from Vveingartner to VX7iHiams, the other'-a pass from Weingartner to Shook. The Biacic and Orange put on two drives only to see them hack- fire. Garavanti intercepted an N. H. S. pass and raced 90 yards to a victory ot 19-0. NORTHAMPTON AT CATASAUQUA Turkey Day X Revenge for six straight Turkey-Day ioeatings was one thing the Brown and Whites were waiting tor, and it iooiced as if they had the chance this year. But thanks to our hoys and their inspired game, it was a never-to-he-forgotten event. To add to the occasion, Phillips, who was out since the first game of the season hecause of injuries, returned to piay his last game for N. H. S. To start the chain of ac- tion Mishko went over for the first scoreg Legget returned the kickoff hut tumbled and lost the hail to Spengier. Mishko again huciced over after a pass and two plays. Then Hershman scored after Taras blocked a C. H. S. punt on their 5 yard line. The fourth tally came as Mishko carried four times from the twelve and over. Catty scored their only touch- down in the last period from an aerial pass which resulted in a scoring piay. It was a victory over the Rough Riders-and 28-6 scorei Since the team loses only tive players through graduation this year fcompared with the 22 last yeari, there ought to he a good foothaii season ahead in 1952. See Pictures at Right l. Who has the hail in the Turkey Day Game? 2. Caught hy the shoe strings at the Catty Game. 5. Cover-up men come to investigate at the Siatington game. 4. Zimmerman gets the hail carrier in Whitehall thriller. U15 f 6 Standing'-J. Oplinger. VV. Alhert, D. Gorslty, S. Einlalt, Co-captain VV. Stranzl, Coach Peter Schneider. Kneeling'-fR. Druclc- enmiller, R. Vvagner. D. Shellhamer, R. Kolumhcr, Co-captain R. lvloore, Z. Hradlcowslcy. Seated-B. Lauh, S. Kotch, S. Herysyszyn. W. Hucaluli. A. Kuharczulc. Konlcrete Hoopsters 1951-52 Baslzethall Schedule Opponent Northampton Opponent Northampton Phillipshurg 40 52 Palmerton 94 70 Coplay ' ' 50 Catasauqua 101 56 Quakertown ,- 43 Lehighton 60 40 Easton uv 39 Stroudsburg 61 62 Bethlehem 88 49 Emmaus 54 46 Phillipsburg 37 34 Whitehall 70 47 Catasauqua 79 42 Slatington 55 47 Emmaus 64 47 Palmerton 74 68 Emmaus 59 51 Catasauqua 82 41 Whitehall 69 58 Lehighton 83 56 Slatington 45 49 Stroudsburg 65 43 Win or lose. we lilce hasltethall: and we're proud as punch ol the spirited quintet that performed lor N. A. il. H. S. this season. it was a tough stretch lor our Konlcrete Kids, hampered as they were hy the loss ol such seasoned vets as Michley, Mishho, lVlil-:- sits, Hoffman, and Ludroil. Under the guiding hand of Coach Pete Schneider the Kids developed the spirit to provide us with many thrilling moments. The Stroudshurg and Catasauqua games remain as the out' standing tilts ol the Season. The hrst was a nip ano t-uclc aiiair all the Way which lcept the crowd on its toes. Vvith expert shoot- ing hy Moore, Gorslcy. and Hradlcowslcy, and line hall handling hy Stranzl, the Kids edged out S. H. S. hy one point, the final score heing 62 to 61. Catasauqua furnished a line display of control and shooting. Wlith its outstanding height, they showered us with one hundred and one points to our lilly-six. Don Leggett ol: C. H. S. was high with twenty-nine points. The Rough Riders offered the highest hid in League competi- tion this year, talcing Lehigh Valley honors and hattling through to the semi-finals in P. I. A. A. state championship playoffs. Con- gratulations from all ol us to a great team. The HBig Gun" for N. A. J. H. S. was Co-captain Dick Moore, who dropped in a total of three hundred and twenty-tour points. Co-captain Boh Vvagner will he rememhered for his fiery push shots, along with Gorsliy. Fine hall handling was displayed hy Einlalt, Stranzl, and Hradlcowslcy. Kolumher and Shellhamer also contrihuted their share ol fine play. Except lor Wagner the entire squad returns next year: so we are already loolcing forward to a rosy season on the hardwood. Their experience gained this season, we should have some exciting entertainment from our hustlers. 51163 0 11 po nent P-Burg Coplay Quakertown Easton Bethlehem P-Burg Emmaus Whitehall Slatington Palmerton funior Baslceteers The 1951-1952 Basketball Schedule Northampton Oppanent 29 54 Catasauqua 46 59 53 Lehighton 32 38 57 Stroudsburg 70 63 42 Emmaus 58 42 9 Whitehall 44 26 13 Slatington 34 36 30 Palmerton 53 59 55 Catasauqua 37 30 32 Lehighton 40 62 28 Stroudsburg 35 Nartlmmplmz 36 34 41 34 38 41 33 48 59 52 Our Junior Varsity Team, in some respects the Lehigh Valley League Midgets, proved small but mighty. Under the expert guid- ance of Coach Robert Crawford, the inexperienced .l.V.,s com- pleted a fairly successful season on the hardwood. Dropping four of their six pre-season contests, tlie youngsters gathered enough slcill and self-confidence to win six out oi four- teen tilts in league competition. Probably the most outstanding game ot the season was played on January ll, when the tl.V.'s defeated Slatington 52-30 in a thrilling and hard-fought game. Ed Bruchalc spearheaded the at- tacli for the ltids Csencsits and and 155 points Szep, Chrlstman, with 9 points. Newhard paced the team with a total of 160 respectively. The quintet was rounded out by and Bruchalc. Besides the regulars, Sutols dribbling and Reimerys fiery drive-in plays showed promise as did the other tive reserve players. The .l.V.'s should provide us with some spectacular entertainment next SCaSOI1. 1 Standing,-R. Reimer, lVl. Bcndclcovitz, R. Csencsits, K. Ncwhard, D. Christman, D. Lutte. Coach Rob- ert Crawtord. Kneeling-F. Szep, E. Bruchalf, E. Suto, R. Chabalc, J. Luclty, J. Roguslti, and Manager, W. Reimer. Fourth Row,-R. Crock, Captain Rohert Zimmerman, J. Molcliany, D. Laury, P. Billy, VV. Fielcl, A. Bartholomew, G. Laury, J. Hanliee, B. Haynes, Coach Harry Yvall. Third Row'-A. Strohl, C. Augustine, VV. Kulp, H. Buslcirli, P. Kulp. Second Row,-H. Fujita, L. Luciano, E. Pany, Cvuzara, J. Myers, H. Leinfleclqer. First Row-R. Kohl, .l. Lawrence, J. Lawrence. D. Missimer. .I H S Bone Benders 1951-1952 Wrestling Schedule Qppongnp Northampton Opponent Nartlmmpimz Nazareth 11 31 Nazareth 19 17 Allentown 7 43 Allentown 10 34 Bethlehem 33 19 Bethlehem 27 12 Eagfon 22 22 Easton 19 17 Phillipsburg 20 16 Phillipsburg 19 17 Easton 19 46 Vvith only three varsity wrestlers lost through gracluation-flVlar- vin Vvagner, Alvin Hottman, anol Lamar Kirk'-four 1952 "Grunt ancl Groanersh were ott to a goocl start this season, aloly coached hy Harry B. Vvall and captainecl hy Rohert Zimmerman. The hright spots on the wrestling carfl this year appeared when the Konlcrete Kids heat Nazareth 51 to ll, won over Allentown twice at 42 to 7 ancl again at '54 to 10, anrl tiecl Easton 22 to 22. The latter held the District 11 lvlat Title tor 1951. The Kicls also heat Easton in an exhihition match, with the score encling 45 to 12. The Hgrapplersn lost two close matches this year'-one Lusj to Nazareth at 19 to 17 nncl one to Easton, again 19 to 17. The total points scorerl hy N,A.J.H.S. Muscle lVlen was 250, against their opponents 191. Xve have real reason to teel proucl ot our wrestling team. .lim anol John Lawrence, Paul Kulp, Paul Billy, Rohert Zim- merman, and Davicl Laury won in the semi-finals at the District 11 P.l.A.A. matches on Fehrunry 29 ancl lvlarch 1. Harvey Buslcirlc lost in the semi-finals in the 98 lh. class. All ot the semi-tinalists lost in the tinals except Rohert Zim- merman, who eoppecl the 137 Ili. class title from Hooper ot Naz- areth. Northampton enrlccl with n total ot 29 points. only 9 points from Bethlehenfs 58 whirh won the title. The squacl will lose only one senior this year through graclua- tion, Captain Rohert Zinnm-rnian. This tact gives promise ot' a clnarr1pionsl1ip season ahcacl next year. Third Row,-R. Phillips, J. Lawrence, G. Laury, P. Kulp, J. Lawrence, F. pany, R. Fry. Second Row-A. Stuhils, J. lvlushlco, E. Vwlundler, H. Fujita, R. Lieoleclfer, S. Einlalt, A. Bartholomew, G.Whi1e. First Row'-A. David, E. Keglovits, E. Nlaralc- ovits, H. Busliirlc, J. Minor, E. Farkas, J. Marth, Coach, Rohert Crawford, R. Kohl, C, Lutz, J. David, VV. Stranzl, VV. rom the Cinder Trail Kulp. 1952 Track Schedule Date Opponent Northampton April 9 Lehighton 78 12 April 17 Nazareth . . . . April Z3 Whitehall . . . . April 30 Palmerton May 7 Emmaus .. May 10 LVIAA Meet . . May 13 Bethlehem . . . May 17 Dist. 21 Meet . . .. The 1952 tracli season gets under way as this hook goes to press. The team, coached hy Rnhert Crawford, is green hut eager. Returning cinder fellows from last year are Captain, Alex Stu- hits, 880 yard dasher and high jump man, and Rohert Kohl, our one-ruiler. 51191 Other traclcsters on this year's roster include Allnert Bartholo- mew, discus and high jurupg Alhert and Joseph David, hoth in 880 yard: Stephen Eintelt, discus thrower and hroad jumpg Rola- ert Fry in the 100, 220, and 440 yard dashes: Edward Kegloviis, the mile rung Paul Kulp, the 100, 220 yard dash and hroad jumpg Vvillard Kulp and Gene Laury in 440 dash: Lawrence in 880 yard dash and hoth James and John Lawrence doing the mile rung Raymond Leindeclier, pole vault man: Carlton Luiz, high jumpg Edward Nlaralcovits, 100 yard dash: and Bill Stranzl chuclc- ing the shot put ancl discus. There is space reserved for the scores as you follow the team. Good luclc to our cinder fellows for a successful 1952 traclc season. Fourth Row,-Hucalilc, Bilheimer, Fiedler, lvlann, Kneeluone, Coach lvlilce Lisetsld, Falman, Sutlilt. Third Row-Reimer, Hradlqowslcy, Erncriclc, Dech, Christman, Cscncsits, Drucltenmilfer. Second Row'-Hcrschmann, Bruchalc, Christolil, Kolumlner, Moore, Schwartz, Szcp, Meckes, First Row.-Billy, Kochan, Dieter, Eclihart, Kratzer, Schwartz, lVlissimer. Date April 7 April 9 April 15 April 18 April 22 April 25 April 29 May 2 May 6 May 9 May 16 Dynamitetfrom the Diamond 1952 Basehall Schedule Opponent Coplay Allentown Palmerton Slatington 4 Whitehall . . Lehighton . . Stroudsburg Catasauqua Emmaus Palmerton . . Whitehall . . BASEBALL Nartlmmplon 3 5 0 2 11 5 2 Vxlith the coming of spring all heads are turned once more to the BBSEIJHH CllaITlOl'lCl. Here ODE CEH1 SCC OHI' capalule COElCll, Lisetslti, husily inspecting and piecing together the 1952 N. H. S. luasehall team. IIZOJ The loss ol many top-notch players such as John lvliltley, Ed Nliltsits, and ilacli Nlishlco. has left our haselaall mentor with in- experienced lout, never-the-less, willing players. Returning from last yearls team will he .lohn Christolit, right field, Donald lvlissimcr, left lield: Richard Moore, center lield: Richard Eclchart, catcher, .lee Schwartz, pitcherg and Vincent Dieter, lelt liield. Other prohahle starters will he Ed Bruchalc, lceystone saclcs: Dicli Schwartz, shortstop, and Ronald lvleclces at the initial saclc. Out ol the eleven game schedule this year. seven will he league games. The highlight in the second game ol the season was a on-hitter hy Ulaeltyn lvloore. Vvelll he rooting for the Konlcrete Kids and would lilcc to extend hest wishes to the 1952 team. Don't lorget to record the remaining scores in the reserved space on the ahove schedule. Pwthin Uur Walls Autumn brought to N.A.J.H.S. the beginning of the little-publicized intramural sports program. Here is the proving ground where our athietes of tomorrow develop prowess in sports. Fiist on the agenda was touch football in which 150 junior high school hoys participated. The cham- pionship was finally snatched hy the fighting boys of 9 V.C. See Picture Upper Right-Q9 VS. CHAMPSD. Standing-fA, Roth, K. Soiters, R. Reimer, Kneeling'-R. Miller, D. Lutte. With the coming of the first snowfall, haslcethali made its advent. From November until April the homerooms of both junior and senior high schools battled furiously for the coveted title. Coming out on top as second-time champs were the valiant boys of 9 V.C. in junior high school. The senior high school UTrojans,U however, emerged as victors in hoth schools. See Picture Lower Riglit-XTROJAN CHAMPSJ. Standing-V. Dieter, J. Christoizf, J, Bruchalc, R. Antoniuk. Kneeling-R. Eck- hart, J. Schwartz. The junior high school girls were still contesting for the basketball championship at the time of this writing. Spring and softball appeared simultaneously, and again the battle was on in N.A.J.H.S. A total of 500 students took part in these hard-hitting games from April to June. Vvith the close of another season of fun for all in intramural sports, we salute the unsung heroes and "Behind the Scenesu workers. Directors of In- tramurals, Albert Lerch, was capahly assisted hy Mr. Dotter, Mr. A. Lauhach, Mr. VV. Lauhach, and Mr. Crawford who refereed the games. U21 4 ARL FEET MEMORIES R fbfmkc T6 Ehrikc S5 Us 'N' Tor-as 5 So ionc51Nonc,3 2 Wr-We Q Us Tu L: i?SXTQCILjmTecxwm Exlfxibiig f:lm5lund fqqxkllfj firm p4xCL,CGY'Y'i Chem X21 Goesi, See New Vw' WO+8V We We? Huh fresh Losses Cr A Jugg ng 'To QHQQ T, me Dogs AT wow! in n Aclcnowled ments We have crossed the last Mtn and dotted the last in our 1952 Amptennian Dummy. Now We reai- ize more than ever how much we have learned in the realms of hooicmaicingg and We reaiize, too, how much we owe to other intezested people. As a Staff we would iiice to express our cieepest gratitude to those who have helped to make this yearbook possiiimie .... to our administrators for their cooperation and guidance: to the faculty and students for their hours of patient Work: to our pa- trons, suhscrihers, and cionators for their invaiuaioie financiai support: to Wir. Ray Wahl for the vveaith of historical information gained from his hook, Northampton The Town That Wants Youg to Mr. E. Albert Boyer for his aid in securing information ahout the inciustries- and businesses oi Northamru- tony and iast, a heart-felt Thank You to HAmpy'y, our iovahie sprite, for his inexhaustiioie supply oi wisdom and icnowiecige about HOur Townn. DoLoREs M. RHCHLEY Edizorfin-Chief SPECCAL TRIBUTE WHO HAVE Monroe Niiier Shi? mai BUSINESS , PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUB Four Star Donators 'k'k'k Call-Chronicle Newspapers, Inc. First National Banli of Bath, Bath, Pa. John's Studio Joseph L. Fisehl, Distriloator, Bath, Pa. Kemmerer Paper Co. Keystone Portland Cement Company Lawrence Portland Cement Company Lehigh Valley Cooperative Farmers Newhard Drug Store Northampton Area Joint High School Alumni Association Northampton Exchange Clulo Northampton Rotary Clnh St. Joseph Sioli and Beneficial Society Sanders Reinhardt Co. Universal Atlas Cement Co. Witwer-Jones Company L1241 BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUB Three Star Donators The Cement National Bank, Northampton, Pa. Hill-Top Lrrneheonette Klipple Bus Lines Krrrper Bros. Lappawinzo Fish 8- Game and Twin County Fair Asso. J. J. Newberry Co. Northampton and Bath Railroad Company Northampton Motors A. J. Sehneoli 21st Street Wholesale Clothing Store 51251 BUSINESS, PRGFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUB Two Star Donators Alliance Sand Company VV. D. Beers Coplay Bakery Dai Pezzo,s Steak House Ellis Funeral Home Harty Bottling Co. Jeffersonian Democratic Ciuh J. M. Kegtovits Lamherts Square Deal Garage Lentz Motor Company, Inc. Monroe Miller Monocacy Sportswear, Bath, Pa. Moyer,s Ntartcet Northampton Auto Exchange Northampton Home Furnishers Northampton Lumber Company Quality Service Station Roxy Theatre Martin Smith Garage The Spot United Cement, Lime and Gypsum Vvoricers, International Union, Local No. 4, Bath, Pa. Verhovay Fraternal Insurance Assn. No. 216 WKAP, Inc. 51261 BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, AND SERVICE CLUB Une tar Donators A Er G Maricet A. Er P. Super Market Acme Market Ethel Aiich Beauty Shoppe Aiien House AIIent0wn Business Coiiege American I'IoteI Atias I'IoteI Dr. and Mrs. Paui C. BaIze Bath Hardware Bath Hotel Bob's Fiower 'Shop Bretz Cieaners Dr. and Mrs. RoIIin I'I. Brior .Ierome VV. Buricepiie, Jr. C. G H. Market Cement Boro Cab Mike Christoff, Beer Distributor CoIeman,s Dept. Store Mr. Irving VV. Coieman Copiay Nationai Bank GrouthameI's Grocery Csencsitz Economy Market D G D Shirt Co. Danny,s AtIantic Service Deppe S' I'IaII, Buiiciing Contractors Foster .IeweIers I'IaroIcI Dotter Dr. W. G. Drumhelier Joseph Eberharcit F. Electric Center CharIes R. Fox IVID. Johnny Gauvra GiIIespie Jeweier Franic S. Graver, Piano Tuning I'Iarry,s Esso Service I'IartzeII,s Luncheonette I'IeberIing,s Seif Service HeIen's Yarn Shop M. VV. Hess Garage Sue E. Hoffman I-IoweII News Agency Dr. anci Mrs. Wassyi LI. Hvazcia A. J. Kemmerer KIotz,s Store FranIcIin Kocher Kornfiencis Meat Market Kreidersviiie Generai Store D271 Kroope,s Cotton Shop CIarIc Kuntz f Lahovsici Custom Taiiors anti Cieaners Charies I.ancIis Farm Bureau Insurance Companies Howard I-I. Laubach, Reai Estate ancI Insurance Lawrences, Aima-Beauty Shoppe Lehigh VaIIey Sporting Goods I..erner,s Department 'Store Vvm. B. LerchenmiIIer MeixseII's Cut Rate LI. M. Moore MichaeI,s Service Station Henry M. Miiander Miiier Brothers Dr. and Mrs. Charies F. Moritz Newhard Cycie Shop Vvm. E. Newharci, Funerai Director Northampton Business 5' Professionai VVornen's Club Northampton Cab Service Northampton Giri Scouts Lone Troop Asso. Northampton Sanitary Dairy Northampton Quota Ciub Paramount Sound Service PauIine,s Beauty Saion Pennsviiie I'IoteI Radio Brothers Service Center Regai G Bium .Ieweiers Reitz .Ieweiry Store Charles Remmei, Insurance Roth Brothers, Inc. Rt. 45 Drive-In Schwartz,s Restaurant Drs. LIoycI anci Marea Seiier Siciys Market Dr. and Mrs. Charies Sieger Joseph F. Simcoe, Beverage Distributor Spengier Er Marton John Stangi, Jeweier SwaIIow I:'uneraI Home Syivania Sportswear Co. Tama Tony's Market Town Pastry Shop Weber 8 Fiecic Vvuncierieras Market Dr. Norman A. Zevin Robert Ziegenfus, Jr., BuiIcIer Mr. and Mrs. Roy Aclcerman and Son Mr. ancl Mrs. Joseph Ahelovslcy, Jr. Mr. ancl Mrs. Joseph Anclrews, Jr. Burgess and Mrs. Vvilliam A. Anthony Miss Gloria Bachman U5l" Ensign and Mrs. .lohn L. Bartholomew Mr. ancl Mrs. Ralph E.. Bartholomew Joe uBennyu Benclelcovits Mr. and Mrs. Eclgar C. Biery Rev. tl. Alloert Billy Mr. ancl Mrs. Milton Brown Sr. MT. EITICI MTS. FTCJ CHTKIICHC, JCTOIHC CIHUSCT Mrs. D. Crandell MT. and MTS. EUQCHC CTOCR Reverencl Demitrovics MT. and MTS. HHTOIJ Demlco MTS. HCICII DCTIIIQO Mr. and Mrs. Michael Demlco Richard E. Demlco WHTTCH DOWTIS RCV. JHITICS DIIX Rev. ancl Mrs. Henry E. Eisenhart Mr. ancl Mrs. Wallace Franty Mr. ancl Mrs. Harvey Gehret Mr. and Mrs. Frecl VV. Greenawalcl Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gross Mr. ancl Mrs. Warren Hangen Mr. ancl Mrs. Russell Hantz, Sr. Mr ancl Mrs. Donald Hartzell Mr. and Mrs. Truman Hartzell Mr. ancl Mrs. Arie Hayclt Joe Hayiclc Virginia Heclcman.-50 MT. SHCI MTS. Roy HCTITY Mr. ancl Mrs. Martin Henzel Vvillarcl E. Hess Mrs. Vvillarcl E. Hess "42U Mr. ancl Mrs. Marcus Hilherg Mr. ancl Mrs. Eugene L. Keller "Uncle,' .lim Kissner Rev. and Mrs. Ray H. Klingaman Mrs. Russell Knauss Mr. and Mrs. Warren Knecht Mrs. Carrie Kocher Mr. and Mrs. William Kohler Mr. Joseph Krolnoth Mrs. William Lauloach Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lellco, Sr. R. R. Lerch "49" Patron List D231 Mr. and Mrs. William MacAclam, rlr. Mr. ancl Mrs. Elwoocl C. Mann Mr. ancl Mrs. John Maralcovits Mary C. Maralcovits Nlr. and Mrs. Alvin Marsh, Sr. Rev. Joseph F. May Agnes Milisits Bill Milkovits "53" Mr. Ralph Missimer Anna M. Mitchell MT. ZITICI MTS. MT. EITICI MTS. Vvilliam J. Molchany John Molnar, Sr. and Son Auclrey S. Moser uso" MT. HTICI MTS. MT. and MTS. Earl M. Moser Charles Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Newhard Billy Nichalos Miss Josephine E. Nicotera MT. and MTS. MTS. AHT18 MT. E1Tld MTS. MT. Eilld MTS. MT. Hfld MTS. MT. Ezlfld MTS. Mary Reges Allred upupu MT. and MTS. MT. HTICI MTS MT. Hfld MTS. MT. and MTS. MT. HHCI MTS. Vvilliam Oranczalc Pavlov Charles Petho Stephen Porotslcy George M. Prem, Sr. Anson C. F. Reichley Regits Anthony Renalclo Marcus Rosencranz Arthur Ruch Davicl Ruch William Ruch Vvoloclimer Sayalc Mrs. Daisy 'Seems Rev. and MTS. SCTIHCHCT Rev. Bronislaus J. Sienlciewiez Dale P. Smith 0513, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. HTICI MTS. Eifld MTS. and MTS. Bild MTS. Elfld MTS. Paul Smith Warren J. Smith Fred Ll. Stefany George Strohl, Sr. Anthony Szupper Catherine Tarafas Mr. and Mrs. Anclrew Uivary Mrs. Anna Vvallo Annetta Wasser "LIS" Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vvasser Alfrecl Weitknecht "47" Mr. and Mrs. Alloert Werner Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Vvinlcelhauer Rudy Zastlco -wk 4 X ,,.-zzz.-.. 1 1.1-ii , X 7-ki 4 5 I ,G ! v K:egni1e'gF3"1+fx alnve. Am Ps' M

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