Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA)

 - Class of 1929

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-uv-.-F THE I 929 AIVIPTENNIAN NORTHAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL IIV I9 'NORTIINIVII ION I ININSYI XANIX I'L'rsl-1sH1iu m' THE SENIOR CILASS or Q .X RIQVOIQID OI' IIIGII QCIIOOI, I'I'Y Q 1 . . Y. 1 . Iqomnx ORD Dunn XFION 911 rlux rrxm 1 1 1 Srmcms I Ol 1 Motto I'IlSlOI'Y Pcrgonali W1 Prophecx LJNIJFI-lCLXSbIS Class of I93I 'XCTIXITIFS Athlf tice D1 xm xtlc Nlusm I UIJIIL SPC lklflf., Amptanm in Om Axlzxrloxs fur HIS or VII 'Xl Umxl ADXII!IISFN1lNIS Contents I 9 7 , 1 'J Q . . . . -I .f In LQ QNT . . . A . . . 6 FA' I fm' . . . . 9 .' , ' , . . , . . . I 3 ' -xx . . . I4 , , . . . . , I5 -' , , . . . I6 . . , . . . I8 "ll . ..., 36 j , . . 40 'J - I .- , , . . . 43 Class of I930 A . , 44 '. .... 46 .I ' . I . . . , 40 - ' . . . . 50 'Q 2 "S . . . . 58 J" . . . 62 j I' I 'z I j , . , . 65 ' Ai . . . , . . 67 1 A , , 69 7 1 f X ' . . . . BI ,I , A , , . . . . 88 'Q . . . . QI -I Foreword IT the rdpld and c1StOIllSlllI1U pxovrm ss that has bun mace recentlx ln the held of dero1mL1t1u, lmw Lomm thc lLdllLdl1OI1 of dreamb Clredmi thlt ucrc onu thought IIUQJO'-Sllili VW also ID our school have felt thl plllt of IHLIIASKC1 fioxt -nn llllfXlIl5, auompllshmcnt F ur vous hun lnouvht mumlx QIQIVAFILLIDL xt as uldllx thl91dStXLdlXXltl'1ltSI1LM mc w nu . 1 lkl 1 xlndvm tlon WL hdxp nmnx morn .xnconmplxxlunumtw to m. xml now Q must pause to rexlus our mngnt xtt ummmx l 4 IQSLIIIIIIH, next lxp of our Hlght 1 1 the jov thit Loma of sh um III tx mc vmntulc cl ogrcss thi class of X-IIILUQII x my mu f NI xx IDI V 1 r K 2 yx, T x , , V -.K.. ,I V , . -- ' W ' 'ss V' ' cb ' 1. lgf j r 1- Ix. . O -y,1 -K1 , 4 , - T . . . 1 , ,I , V' ' 7 's - 'Q I 'z f-fl'1:L'frk-S. ,'X ' 7 - ' - ' '- ' 5' v' it - Q 'lkvz ' W- ' ' 'f " ' ' " ' ' L z A - .' me-.o:'c A bf the - e ' . XVAU ' N 2 ' 'S 1- z 'h gh I 1- xv z 'l lvs url ' "' ntl pr x - ' ' Q . H - -- T xv j- I 1- pu-sm-rats the- :XMI IIiNf TEACHER ADVISER FRIEND THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED TWENTY NINE DEDICATES THE Amptennzan M To RUTH BARNES P To the Class of 1929 Rll NDS Before taklng off the avlator must glve his plane a final survey to ascertain exactly how much he may expect of It Thls done he can step up into the cockpit with confidence ln hls equipment knowing the power of his englne the amount of fuel he lb carrylng and the weather condltxons wlth whlch he IS to work A graduates you too must pause before your next take off It IS only by makmg a survey of your power and your llmltatlons that you are justxfled ln looklng lnto the future wlth conhdence It IS by an undcrstandlng of your ablllty that you can plan your work and go forward to noteworthy action And having estlmated thls power you will not be com pletelv happy or wholly satisfied unless you are contlnually and unstmtlngly using xt toward the expression of the hlghest that lb ln you for O all the dull dead werghts man ever bore None wears the soul wzth cllsconlenl L1 e consciousness of power unused ln accordance with the very nature of human exlstence you must make good use of what you have lf you want any Joy any peace Since sprlng of l9Z7 l have been glad to know you as students and as friends and although the coming months may separate us by distance and silence l shall continue to be grat ful for the courtesy and friendliness you gave me whlle we worked together That you wxll go on to fuller and fuller achievement IS my hope for you ln the great adventure you wlll undoubtedly encounter storms and fogs and alr pockets but just as surely there will be moments of glory above the sunset clouds My heartlest vushes go wlth you as vou gllde clown the runway RUTH BARNES 19 . t, . , EQ ' ' ' . - 1 v Q . . c , , r s ' S ' c . , " , , , - , rt f . , . ,- L , , . . f- . , . - , Y . Supermlendenl of Schools dl 6 P CLYDE S, FR,xNKr.N1-'ua1.u, Ph. B., Nl. A A Message rom Our Superintendent HIL AMPTLNNIAN IS one of those milestones whxch mark the progress of the varlous groups and classes ln our hlgh school Those records of which the class of l9291s especially proud have been gathered lnto this ISSUE It IS both a pleasure and a prlvllege to be able to endorse the various actlvltles herein recorded They serve to glV6 to the readers of this volume a good cross sectlon of the VBYIOUS actlvltles that take place during the course of a hugh school educatnon Much of the lore of these pages may seem to represent knowledge never learned of books but Interpreted ln the llght of the lmpresslons that some of these so called extra currlcular actlvltles have made upon the class of l929 as portrayed hereln we can hnd ample evidence to justify thls part of the tramlng of youth lnhat the students of the school have profited by them IS evident ln the faithfulness and enthusiasm Wllll whlch these records have been gathered ust how much of worth these actxyltlcs may have been to each and every one who shares a pant of the'-.e chnomcles cannot now be determined That they may help to brlng to all an abundant share of the world s happlness and keep allve the cherished memories of the years of a high school course spent ln Northampton l-hgh School IS the sincere wlsh of your superlntendent CLYDE S FRANKENIFIELD -i7 f . - n .l 1- - v y V Z .' ' . , ,., . .,. . . . , J , , Y , , , , , , . . . . HQ! If Alma Mater Honor to the Block ind Ora Slng the glad refraln Loyal to our Alma Mater Ever we ll remaln Alma Mater' Almi lVl'1ter' All our vows renew Hall to thee Northampton Hlgh School We Wlll all he true Days wlth her we Il e er remember Though our llves be long Here s to her whoee nime we ll ever Cherish ln our song I 8 Il S ff TI-IE FACULTY XX x l N Xlxk X The Faculty CLYDE S PRANKLNIIIID Fh B Nl A Super nlendcnla Schools IRA. L SHEAHMIHR M A Prmupal QCICHCC 11 1 P ' f R-.LPH I- SMITH Socrul Screncca X 1 Ill X I 4 Lvum L MARTIN , U STANLEY BEERS IVIILDRED Y HEIMBACH RUTH BARNES Y Nrxxx I x Rl'-I RN Languages Il C ommcrczal Subjects Commcrczal Sufzjecls English ' Nun 107 N X111 M mm Rx 'Ill llfxkwrs RIT Hxk xx The Faculty ROBERT T HARRIS I'f'I2lISh and HIslory 1 I I ' ALVIN N FEGELY 'llathcrrulzcs Pl'll,SlLS X l 1 1 IXX PAUL CI YMER Phqmml I ducatmn HFLFN PFROM Phuauul I'dUCGflOH MARIE CROMIS 'llusIc rllll HELEN SEIDIL Domestzc Arts X l I HEIEN Pl-RON! XlXI-AIP l :III-I . , RIN .XI 'I N IfII.I-.IN VXI I, 1" ',IER Im. II., xII II-IIII.-I-L In,II.Iu., In Im ' ' ' lgI--QIIIIII-SIIt-YIrIII1IINl1.,IIl Il'l'liIg ll 5 l1I.I:Ilxl,.I,IIIIl R...I-II,IIl l Illlvm- A l L l'lI lli, XlllllvlllwlllfII.UllI.llI'Xxvwllx,5IIIIII4l'lIl1IQ 'lF.III.-IX lull- I.-V I 4 -li. S , III llI'.IlllI lfIlIIv.III1III. 5llrIl14l-llllll 'I'I'.II ll- IN lull' L- IUHI, l A 1411--IIIIJIIIIIL Shall- XI .IlS-IIIIIIIQ xlll-I1'lLIIRlI4l' lll ..I II 4 MII-I II.IIIII'. A KI- QIIIII---SI: I - YIIIIILI1 N l,IIIIIg I4 NQIJII-,.l ,IIINIIIIII-V, f.I.I1lII,III-XYIIIIL lJIIxI-l IIIXIIIIIII- 1 I- f A , , I RIAIIX lll.I.I.N 514.1111-.1 Tl N I' Xkll x NIU N The Faculty CUNTON A BILHNMFR Manual Trammg and Drawmg xwtone 51111 r 4:1 ll' 1 xx 1 I 9 U 1 L MNRTl1A MYERS r mul 4 LOTTIF A MOYER Home Nurszng 'X xx rm 107 Nlulr B HART: ll n Illllltl U 1 mm.: . N 1 N1llhl1Il 14 Iullu X 'Xlmxl 'WWII U21 I ' VLIX my .X, 1411.111-3 ,xr-.R B7 ' 1. . '-ik Kvj: 1 .' A ' N1 rmzal Sdn lg,l'1-1111QylQ'1min Sfzxu- ilmllvw- D14-lkilg BI -. Ii.. I'4-xlxlfjlvzxx iz flim- lh ll -11-. , , . . A , , A I Nlxuxstivlxl Sum- Nm'1x11n1Sn'lmn1gSllyn-rvief-rs' Kkuursu in Drnwiuu: ,Xrl llmrse, Thwnms Nornu1lTrninim4 Svl .IJn-iruit. Nli -hiu.m. R. I.:u1kn'u:u11 H4 'pi1ul'I'ruinirig Srh l JH, - 4 Su I'4-lmmylxunllizx Stull- ll' ll -m-gvSu IfI:xrx'11'nl Unix' 'I 'ilvg Swhu 1! uf lirllln-ali.-11, . f I -rg. , L I , A A -Q li.lIAxR'1'1.1r.1s IHF' X-.A-f T541 my! ff I5 JE- ,1 75? 5 ww as , E Wrnfafmh 15 -X ' I' wi W' fm Xi A W WWW " M -2 X Ill U I l Ill ll EEF. H54 I au, 1 I ' nn f ,QQ unnnn nl! 'l if . MQW B IU us mm . Qffgggill U 'U Q65 "" ,W.,.I -- -- I! Mai?-TFT-'f'-U V, WMA .U Ill! ,W i f U Zz giJ isa' iv f mb ff NPN X, X X xg .S i , 7 f , ff --157' B hh x X Lln-, x - W 4 ' -lf! - -ff , f i - , J K Q Wifi , 1 Q , , ,f Pl fi- T V K f ' - f , Y 9' L -- 1 - F H . 1 Y , KX Yr , X ' il i . Agijin X272 X -Wh V f Y ,141 7121 g f-ZA'SL-'w2 X ky ' 43 ii ,. ,ff?3 I 'f Y A,?E'5W f - 4 Y , , . A x 'fm , ggi 3 ' -55,1 ,.,!'5y XX f gi' ' W Y Ni, , 41, e' ' uuzrn H, 1. f W Q, iii I RQ Q-, Q, 137 4 I ,A fx- -, 'Ia un: l I - , 511' f f , I ' , g J, nf" -lf, ' W 'Q , IIIU H V .14 JJ!-121 '.- "' V ,gf-L, 37 571 U" '2'Z"'f""1 'H-fi" .ff Af ' 'I PJ "U ,li-'E f-JY 1 -1 . ' ' '-2 M W' 'f'," 512 N ' ' ' 1 . .-gfifzn ,f K - ' fy- , ffffl -.2 xx-.. , , , ,,.. -' U, , . BQ" fw f' "" ff "'- "" ' ' 'lf' ""'I'f"' '::nus:a"v' l'u I 1 - .1 V' Q f 1 rrrrr H... I "" .fi-, fl .. M '- - --L fL - ff'.',nf " J Hug: Win, ' ff ,y Cf Ill ,Lrg 0 V, x i A 'I' "'.'ua'fG "' "' nur! urlfosglein F 'fu 'W' ', 'I 'nl': ,'.A6f1ff1,l,ff ' llullvsurrrruuu 'Hr' :I H::: I ur rrvrnrr .nun ' " ypllluign ' ' D :I"""' P ponnf- .A I! uii n u n n nu -'I 'I " nl fl il' " ' .:' ici! - 'ul ml N' W' ' 'F ll 'f 5' nuooauvnnr gl' ,ifl "::' n ::': Y 1 -u if E." 7 ' CII 'N uma . :lnnnnnoe 'gn , 1 gl ' "-A' I ' I x I Il ,vin :g,:'i'."D i :::: I "N ,:: : :ln ' l :ll V I wu z. ,gf" , 0 :neun ' 'I Q I ,I " ' ul. wt i Q. lfl s I., I,. ' U N A. . rc gl f , - -- I ,V Dwnl ,Q ll'Jl ,,,l.. u nv un , pun --. we -.--. 11,-I- I I In M , r- Cf-,. , IB - ""'i na Bl I Ill Q Nu --1 -4 I-.Q -s " Al' gun, U ' , jf Im' U '1 f......?....: ' cn: : a L VI p ...J: 1 Iiipuzijz . -W -' ,'- i X 1 " abit - .- .: - :vw 2 -HIL .- . a x ' -. M Qu. A,-,Q ' " f ,I gl ,, : u Q , ,. ' "' 5 4- 'f 5 run n 41 xxx! I H .. --4' A' W N 'f - nga' n 4' 4' :LI . " 'bl-1 ""' U 7 f fi .x ,, " ' 1, I ' ' L ' ' 'l, , nf -1 -frfrrvf. ' " -' N PV? Afzzff' -1' ' 15' " - 0 F ' b , 1 ."f- l , 1 In wx rw Url ' fglmf : 12 , f - . J .,... 221 1242 'I ' ' V' I T- ,Y , 'V f ' ' :1 ' - D' - gf 'Q1j,"J?j W X' Jig-1 7 V ,N - 'A ll 1. f 1 'H 1 ,X -' , A J ' 'l V ' " -- fn - -fvfsg' -if . 1 w ,f 1 -' Af f ,- fh . f . 7 -- .'ut..'-'f - '--. .f. ', 5 -1 ,l 5 A UV- J.. . 1" ,ff f AQ, ff w r 2 W 1 Q 41 ' R Commencement S oulx sloxxlx we spin the vroun longing to rise through the fur l motions rise with the humming sound Of the motor purimg there l lke ill the eountix s restless youth We lonv to guide our plane Oxer the Qtr md mountains to soothe ur restless frctixe hrfiin The honds that held us fire dsunder We .ue told to pilot our plane And nom with burning hearts we wonder Vi hich course will lead to fame Vve long to feel the thrill of worship At the shrine of the goddess of fame VK hlch lefrds to an honored name Xve th ink Cod for this happv day i it starts us cross tie xx me o wht rc sueetss shines on our new Our cc king mind to sdxe To m ilte good u e of what me heme iis motto me orc us he un c xl I min-fs sr ru to speed the brue lou ml the elouds of dre rms Cxruuxiisi Rwvs rl '41 We will not flinch from meeting hardship l .h ' .N .1 . T A I' I ie ' N' F . . S , , ' K, ' K.. , ,. -Ar i ' x ,V S 5 V Z v? r V x": 'lil l -f '- Q -z s, Anlal s '- X a" We Try io Make Good Use of What We Have 24-5 vi X CL ws COLORS Cardmdl and Cray Cr xss I LOVLI It AXIILTIL m Betutx Rose he diss motto wa nfltptul from Coloncl Imdbc rglm s words I hope I made good use of wh xt I tl xd flu 'X' Q" A my ' , h x x -'v: I X tk ,Km Q N I T 'asa 2 - ' - .' :LV ' Q: U A 'r Hzslory ofthe Class of 1929 ITH l bLlppllC itlOIl to our pltron MLfLlllX and the burnlng of IDCCUSC to our brothers who wlll go on the voy lge at the end of thelr school career our band of lllustrlous heroes heaved l he lvy slgh ls they emblrked LIDOII the unknown trlll of the Senlor ye lr lo us the l ltlll fogs and the eloud banks of selence were lllke unforeseen lnd we knew not wh lt nlolnellt our erlft Hllgllt be stoved ln a Ll1CfIllbtI'5 exam As freshmen we came we slw we scrapped wlth everythlng that elme along As sophs we erowned the Clrdlnal lnd Cray Vkllll lastlng laurels C III ally of us ever forget that llghter slde of our Freshman and Sophomore years the exeltlng hlklng expedltlons the strenuous class debates the football games whleh seemed worthy of CIJICS to us ID those days and the lntense cl lss splrlt whleh flrcd our book many a tlmel At the beglnnlng of the ulllor year the lge of tCdblIlg wls passed and we determlned to buckle down ln everythlng for we were upper elassmen now Our athletes debaters scholars were Wlth us yet lest you forget lest any one forget ln the Glee Club we are well represented but and we are glad to say lt thls lb not all that can be attrlbuted to our fully adapted junlors The genlus of 29 IS manv slded and ln soelal elreles IS not at all out of the wav The malden his charms the JUIIIOY has arms and ln Cllpld dashed he always leads the fleet Of course the maldens know a good thlng when they see lt At the end of our thlrd term we resolved to take ONLY the dlgnlhed derby benlors' Ah the m lglf of the wold' We ll ld just begun to enjoy the IIHPOTI ance and wonderful fCCllI1Q' of thls lofty st ate when the work so well dehned lb belonglng to thls POSIUOII deseended upon us ln the II'llClSl of all thls work we manage to squeeze ln some plelsure lhls was the year of org lnlzatlons The Dram ltle C lub Freneh C lub Deb ltlng C lub Comme rclal C lub C,-lee C lub lVlusle Club RdCllO C lub Current l vent C lub lnel Art C lub lll sprlllg up this year wlth the Class of Z3 Whell lt last the tlme his shortened lrld we are lbout to le-lve our Alma Mate: let us look baek md repe lt thls llttle motto We trled to make good use of what we h ld N H S our N H 5 has grown under our very eyes we feel a part of lt we take prlde ln It lt ls our herltage Wltll pleasant antlelpltlons of eomlng -H6 . . . i k Z Z . ' x ','. i ' ' ' s f V - 6 . I . . W I ,. , . J l- ,- K- .1 . E .i . i - , . Z . E x e 'E . C, ,Z A I ' x ' i ' -- V, Z N- . Z V. , Z , s Z x - ' - - 1 - f . K- - . . f lv V, K-i b 1 . K- Z s - - l. H .. - , , , .. , . C . . . , , , . . e . ' ' e e H . . . . . . , . , , S. Q , , , . K. , . , ' ' Q, ' f . , . , , . , t . . ., f C, , , , Ea. , V , , . , KI ,, . Z , . ik. , , , V. , . , N v , . l v s v l , , , , , ., , , , , . , , , C . v Y , , -. . , . fe .1 , . , f.- . . . Q. , 2 , ' ' ' . ' i U 'gf ' ' . . i . . ls K- i . f . . K- . . i s , , 3 K, , , E is ,U . . . . ,. ki . , -' ' Z . ' ' . ' E . . T ' . " . J ' . ' . ' L ' .Z . i U 2 ' ' , ' , ' . .. ' I ' . Y , ' V - . . , , 1 Y L , Q le L f C i .2 2 ' " ' ' ' ' i ' 'Z ' ' . U . H . ' , C . f 1 , E ' . . L ., . . e., ' C ' ' x ' '-'I ' ' ' v , , , . , . , ,, , Q . , . . 1 C1111 x1 I11 N lthl 111 Q s 111 7911l11lg1s1tsl11x1l1x to 111151 1111111s for xx 111111 lt s11I111'1 ll 1 NI M I Il S 11 Axx x fx111 111 11A Vale 111 211151111 p1s 11 1 1 1Jl01lg111 1 111111111 'Xmong LIS s11t111r111 1'1CT1 V11 11 lfI1LC1 11111 soug 1 110 1111 1111f 1 111 1r111111s11111s 1111111 1111111 K1 ll 1 111s 1111 11 Jl 111r1fo11111 111011 111111111 W1 11 11111 111111 111 1 xx 11.11111 1lVL 111 1 1111111 1 'X 1151 S1lLli,L,1L 11111 1 fl 11111 111,11 Su111ws 111 111'-1 U111 soul 11111s1 -11111 111 51lUI1Lg A 11 IILNLI 111 1 1111111 111 IL lL 1 1 IL 1 1 ur 1 111 S11 1 1 1 1 Ill 111111 JNL 11 1111 11111 1 1 1 1V lg 1 11111 1 111111 tog11111r 111 LIL 11 11111rs 1 18111 1 11111 s V11 1f1v1 xou our 1111111 X1111 1 11111111 1111rt11 or 8011111 111 1, Nort111mp1o11 w111 111 11111 1171 111111 1 ' -'-111' to our .-X11 1 1 11 1 - 111.11 '.. - -. l Q .'1 x' 1 '- Du.-113-L 11. .1311 QA" 11Q111w11L Q11: 11111 F1O'v"2'Q1i 1.'s-1111v- ' 1'1 k- -1 - 1 5 k11tt11- 1 -'11, Xl"- 1- '-1-11 11-1 111lIJIJy 110111811111 1 xy 1 ll'S 111:11 W1- 1111 v1- 111111 J1,f1'111l'l' 5111111 111-v1-1' 1 ' 1 , ' . 1111. N1 1 -' -1111 11 - '-'1 1lCI'. U111' goal YA'111C1l we 1111VC 11411-11 111 1511111 1s1 -' A-1, 1-v1-r -ur. XY' -. '1 - '-1-1 - 1 -5- 1111- 1 111111. .1-1--yy-' 1'-'-1-'-3 17114 ' ' is 5 - ' '- 751. 11 1 ' '-'-1-1 111- 11111 XY11' '1 's 11 g 1111. 111 '91 1 1'1'111 11-11111-11 v1- ust my CV1 -15' JD -1 J1l'l'I 111 111 111- Illillly 11 11 V zjz 111 L3 A w- -- A - - . H -A -'51 ik t 1-1 '1 - '11 111 ff 1- V - -' 5 'f jo .1 1 " - -. A. M. smIle for every one MARJORIF ANTHONY MARGE NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Marge IS one of the carefree happy members of our class Yes she certalnly looks happy here well she always IS And true to the PICIUYC has a mnschlevous look Marge has the reputatlon of belng one of the most qulet glrls of the class Although QUICK and modest she IS always ready and wIllIng to help others Marge has always been a htm supporter of our teams She IS muslcally as well as scholastuzally Incllned havmg been member of oIIr orchestra for three years Marge Intends to become a schoolma am and we are sure Orrhcslra Q2 3 4 Frenrlr Club Q-lj Radio Club Q41 MISS Bob Vllule QID Rose 0 Tolvzo 3 Flucrcllc Q2 7l'Ial s Tha! Q47 The Admlrablc CrIcl1lon 4 smIle smlle smlle Becky ' USF . . ' . ' - . ' . l A a she will capably teach the young idea how to shoot. ' U -' ' f Q Q Pr 7: J Q 7- J . f . ' , i ' .' . 9 K , , ' . : 1 I ' 1' - ARI FNF ALTEMOSE LEANIE NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL TIs not often Leanle can be found frownlng for she takes a cheerful though serious outlook on llfe GIVC her a duty to perform and she wlll do t conscientiously Arlene wlth her cheerful dlsposltlon has become a favorIte among her frlends We do all wIsh we could be as cheerful as Leanne So far she has never been known to be dlsagreeable and always has a Arlene has always been a faxthful student and the Class of 29 predlcts a brlght and prosperou future for thxs noble lass Commercial Club Q43 'Vins Bob lflflule l FDITH BFCK BFCKY NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL Well frlends you remember the glrl wlth a twmkle ln her eye and the smxle that drove away so many blue Mondays for you Ye eh you ve solved the puzzle lt surely IS Becky Edlth IQ one of the walkmg SPICCS of lxfe IH the Class of Z9 ust pack up your troubles wIth your old frxend Speaks and Echth has captwated many frIends by her keen sense of humor ff? and clever wlt She uses these qualxtles In everythmg she under X takes and has accompllshed much In her school work Becky Intends to become somebody s stenog Here s luck to you Qlcc Club Q3 -O Commcrual Club 4 Class Basfqclball 3 4 M155 Bob Wlutc Fleurclle lhal s Fllzal CHARLES ELMER BERC. BERGIE NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Thus untellectual lookung unduvudual dustunguushed humself as an orator by wunnung a pruze un our annual oratorucal contest Hus dramatuc abuluty was dusplayed un the two latest hugh school productuons That s That and Rose of Tokuo As a deft wuelder of the shears and razor Bergue has been honored wuth membershup at that well known recreation center called Ted s Place He us on quute untumate terms wuth the faurer element and never lacks company Charles ambutuon us to become a play producer He expects tb pursue the course offered by the ohn B Rogers Producung Company The most earnest wushes for success are extended ta hum and we bud hum Auf Wuderschen SludenlCounc1lU 2 3 4, Amplennuan Slaj C4, junuor Ora lorxcal Conlesl Debalmg Q2 3 4, Dramaluc Club 14, Class Bas elball Q3 4, Current Fvenl Club 14, German Club Q4, Rose of To ua Thais That The Admurablc Cruchlon 14, VIVIAN COBLE us NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Vuvuan us one of the shortest gurls un our class but she fulfulls the old sayung Great thungs come un small packages Vuvuan belueves there us tume for work and tume for play and seldom muxes them She has made the best she could out of her four years un hugh chool and we know she has mastered all well Sus shows marked skull un languages and mathematucs She us an extraordunary gurl and takes all thungs hard or other She has never partucupated un athletucs but hasbeena staunch supporter of the teams Vuvuan expects to enter West Chester un the fall and contunue her study un mathematucs We know she wull succeed for the class feels that her unutuatuve abuluty and tenacuty wull spell success Currenl l:.Lcnls Club 4, French Club 4, Arl Club fl 4, Flcurelle Muss Bob Wluute RALPH COLE Cou.uE NORTHAMPTON CoMMERcuAu. Here us a chap who belueves un gettung away wuthout excess work Colue us never worrued and never hurrued by anvthung whats ever If only he could settle down to hus studues he would undoubtedly be a success but somehow he has a dusluke for unanumate ob1ects4especually books All un all however Colue us a fine chap and popular among hus assocuates Hus future has not yet been determunedgor at least has never been expressed but good luck to you Colue un whatever vou may decude to do Amplenruuaru Sla Hu Y 2 3 4, Treasurer 4 Orcheslra f 1 7 I 2 3 4 Band 3 4 Commercual Club Presudenl 14, Class Baskelballfl, Trac O, Muss Bob Wluule Rose of To eo Pleureltc 4ll9l 053 A k : -' ' i as ., wise, in a calm manner: . . v - 1 lf J f J . J . . . . Il . " ,v V I 5 v ig: e- ' , . ' . : ,W ,iA v In f- - - ,J C- ,: A U , A Q : li J : If, ,' . W A , , A :M .. ARLENE CORA DEIBERT SHORTY LINE NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL Heres a little friend of ours who characterizes to a T the old adage Short but sweet When she first enterel the high school portals she was a shy quiet little girl but four vears In high school make a dxfference don t you know She no longer IS only the victim of jokes but she IS Just as ready to make some one else her vlctlm So beware' Arlene has been earnest and faithful In her school work for books and crooks hold no terror for her She IS very pro hcient In typing too In fact she may yet become the world s champion typlst She s the mcest little girl we do now confess what we think of her we can never express Crlchlon 4 MAGGI L DERR CURLY -IIGGS NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL This curly haired maiden lS very shy She IS one of the few who remained so during her high school career However we have all found In Curly a true loyal friend We often hear her smgmg When You and lWere Young Maggie but then we can t blame her for that Iggs IS a member of the Kleppmger s Corner Trio During her spare time Maggie can be found displaying her abxlity as a saleslady at Newberry s We feel sure that jiggs will capture some enviable position after graduation Good luck Curly Commercial Club 4 Mrss Bob While U The Admlrable EMMA I FOGLE PAT DIMPLES NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL Behold our typing WlZBI'd Dimples Thls lady certainly can make the typewriter talk however she can talk as fast as she types If silence were golden he would surely be pennlless In old age. Pat IS also a member of the Giggles Club and we wouldn't be surprised if she were the president of it. But that's all right, Emma: a smile is far better than a frown. Emma seems to be rather interested in the opposite sex- especially in the lunch room? Pat is unceasingly trying to make other people happy. Her alluring smile and happy face make her one of the best known girls of the class. Cood luck. old pal! Commercial Club f4Q,' Miss Bob While UD. JI 201 ,V , , " :I Q. i'u,J71r1' Li", iv' 1: .A GEORGE GEOSITS GFQITO KRESGEVILLE COMMERCIAL Let us lntroduce C-eslto the man of HHQBITS from Kresge Vllle To whomever lt may concern we wlsh to lmpart the lnformatlon that durlng hlS stay wlth us thls debonalr fellow has wlthout the least dlfflculty succeeded ln whatever he has undertaken George IS a good student and has also dlsplayed hls athletlc ablllty on our varslty football squad Everythlng would not be related unless we sald that Geslto IS fond of the ladles just as they are fond of hlm We Wlll not venture to say what the future has ln store for hlm but we predlct for hlm heaps an heaps of success Amptennlan Sla QD Orchestra fl 2 31 H1 YHD Commerclal Club Q-0 Foolball C3 45 M 3' GRACE D CROVF GRACIOUS NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Does she look talkatlve3 Well she IS rather Thls young Olga Samaroff IS a mastel of all trades as It were Crace IS our school planlst a scholar and a competent debator ln Spllc of the great amount of energy she wastes by talklng lh classesl Popular3 Well l should say Why wouldn t she bei Some day we expect to see her lh a lllgll schcol or maybe a college passlng to the puplls her knowledge of Engllsh Heaps and heap of luck Clrac Naflanal llonor Soclely Amplcnnlan 'gin unlor Oralorlcal Conlcsl Deballnq 3 4 Orcllcslra 3 -0 Glu- Club I 2 3 4 llluslc Club Q-0 French Club -I Currcnl ElCnlS Club C4 Mlss Bob I4 llllc Fleurctlc Thlll s Tlldl The Aclmlrable CTICII nn 4 MYRTLE M W HALL HALLY NORTHAMPTON ACADFMlc Thls pleasant lass IS no other than Hally a staunch member of the SCPIOI' Class She IS a patlent and qulet glrl a good llstener That doesnt mean however that she rever talks for everybody experlences a streak of talkatlveness once ln a llfetlme at least Consequently she can be heard rooting fcr ol.r sturdy athletes at all sorts of athletlc meets We don t exactly know what Myrtle s ambltlon IS We mlght guess though SIDCC for one thlng she IS always readlng novels and for another she IS a member of both the orchestra ancl the band Whatever lt may be however we re all wlth you Myrtle Orcllcslra 3 4 Band 3 47 German Club 47 Currcnlfwnfs Club 44p 42' I NORTH XMPTON COMMERCIAL PAULINE LUCILE HEFFNER Por.r.v Polly rs one of the most popular grrls rn the Commercral Class She looks very quret doesn t she-1 She rs especrally rn typrng class' J That school grrl complexron f Pollys rs the envy of most grrls Paulrne seldom rf ever takes an actlve part rn actrvrtres Notwrthstandrng every one rs only too glad t' to call her frrend for she has that rare grft of makrng lastmg frrendshrp smrle wrll brrng her good luck Glee Club Ql1 Commercral Club 4 JOHN M HFRMAN Hrmvrrr NORTHAMPTON ACADFMIF Anythrng wrong wrth your rar'lro3 Behold our frrend Hermre who can efhcrently restore rt to rts former state of efhcrency Probably thrs accounts for hrs vocal abrlrty for rndeed Hermre can warble any popular song you ask hrm to Although john drd not partrcrpate rn athletrcs he has been an ardent rooter for hrs Alma Mater Hermre rs a good sport and rs popular among hrs fellow classmates ohn seems to have brrght prospects for a successful career rn radro Some radro school wrll clarm hrm after hrs graduatron May he tune rn on success ll YQ41 Ra1l1oClub 2 41 Rosen To ro 31 Current Events Club Q41 German Club 41 The Admrrable Crrchlon 41 RALPH HESS NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC fellow from uptown l 22 lr Paulrne has proved to be a farthful and earnest student ust what she wrll do we cannot tell yet we know that her merry Hrzssrs Know hrm3 Surely rts Hessre that quret and studrous By playrng the cornet Hessre has been a valuable asset to our orchestra for four years and a band member for two years Hessre s everlastrng smrle and good nature have won for hrm the respect of all of hrs classmates Ralph rs very bashful unless a certarn dark eyed sophomore appears Hessre was a sub on our basketball team for two years and our star center on the class team Durrng hrs four years rn school Hessre has paddled along successfully and assuredly We feel cerlarn that wrth hrs talent and hard working sprrrt Ralph wrll succeed rn hrs lrfe project Student Councrl I 2 3 4 unror Contest Q3 Hr Y Q2 3 4 Orchestra Ql 2 3 41 Clue Club Q2 3 41 Musrc Club Q41 French Club Q41 Band Q3 41 Current Events Club Q41 Basketball Q3 41 l Mrss Bob lfVh1te Q11 Fleurette Q21 The Admzrable Crrchton Q41 . D D' I 'J : ' 67. i- ,' ' , 5 f ' 5 i J Qin' ' ll Q- i 'CZ - -Q-'.l ' .PJ '- -. .1.' LEORA HEYMAN PINKII NORTHAMPTON Ac 'KDEMIC Behold one who has the reputatxon of being late almost every day for four years But what could we have done wnthout our Plnkle the leader of varlous undertakings Her Interests are varxed C-we her an algebra or plane geometry and she will falrly eat the contents' 3 Then too Pnnkre IS one of the professional talkers of the class Her great forte ns art and she rs wlllmg to slt by the hour dabbhng wlth oils and water colors However when we see the flnxshezl product of days of heat and labor we no longer wonder but only admire thus promlslng young Raphael We know that she cannot help but succeed We gave as proof the art work of the AMPTENNIAN Student Councrl l 2 3 4, Class Treasurer 4D Cancrele Table! Slaj GJ Amplenman Slajf Debalmg U 2D Clee Club fl 23 Ari Club Currenl Evenls Club My French Club Q-D Fleurclle UD Miss Bob Whzze QD The Arlmrrable Crzclzlon MJ JOHN T HILBERC onmw Nonrnmvu 1 ON ACADFMIC On the side you see the vlsage of ohnny the hrst memLer of the Nonsense TYIO of the Enghsh class He takes a deep interest ln all school work earning hugh grades and the admlra tlon of hrs classmates and teachers ohn takes an active part ln school actlvxtles having been elected to several ofhces among these vice presldent of the class The fact that he IS one of the orchestra leading vlollnlsts and also the alto ln the band shows clearly hrs mu ical ablllty Although john has not definitely decided on a career he rs interested ln archntectural work and we know that he wlll succeed rn hrs future professnon Club GD Music Club President Currenl Fuenls Club Prcsrdenl -O ARTHUR R HILL Hu.Lv NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC And here lS the second member of the Nonsense Trlo of the English Class The fact that Hxlly IS a member of the Natxonal Honor Society proves that he also has a great deal of time for study He IS a member of the band and orchestra He does all of his jazz practicing at orchestra rehearsal much to the mlsery of the director Hllly has taken an active part ln baseball having been a member of the varsity during his thlrd and fourth years H spends most of has spare time rummg the typewrlters ln the com merclal room Arthur expects to follow a business career and the class wishes hum the best of luck Nalronal Honor Socrelu Class Vrce Presulenl UD Preszdenl Q42 H YQ3 45 Orcheslra 3 4 llluslc Club 4 French Club -0 Band Q3 41 Class Bas elball U 2 3 -0 Baseball Q3 -lj Thats ThalQ4J 1231 4 Class Bas clball l 25 fhc Admzrablc Crzclrlon 4 V' c. f I y c f . .' ' . ' " . W g l sl . . . .. . . V. ' . Class Vice-Prcsiclenl Q05 lli-Y Q-U: Orclreslra Ukl 3, 4,5 Clec J - ' - ' C D: -r f - i - l ' f J T ' ' l 5' f- . J . if pg 7 cn: ' c f f -' . : k , , , : . : ' 'A1'+,h . NFSTER HLUSCHAK Nas NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC And allow us to present to you the thlrd member of the Non sense TYIO Thls falr lass IS one of our staunch supporters DUflUg her stay wlth us Nes has won many frlends because of her wlnnlng ways whlch she frequently dlsplays ln the Engllsh classroomf Nes IS qulte fond of talklng and danclng and has also proved to be a falthful student Nester thlnks a hlgh school career IS just the beglnnlng of llfe and therefore lntends to enter Kutztown Teachers College ln the fall Best wlshes Nes Crlchlon Prcnclz Club 4 CLAUDE S HOFFMAN l-lorrlla COPLAY R li D l COMMTRCIAL Behold frlends the prlde of Laurys Hoflle IS the smallest fellow ln our class but hls SIZE IS no hlndrance to hls work He has always been an excellent worker and whenever we hear a cllcklng ln the typlng room we know It s Home Claude dld not partlclpate ln any of our school athletlcs although he dld play basketball for the Laurys outcast farmers durlng hlS senlor year Hofhes ambltlon IS to become a successful poultry man and we feel sure that he Wlll be one as he has always hurrled to reach home after school so that he mlght gather all of the eggs before dark Engllsll Club UD Commcrclal Club 4 llluslc Club HD Dramallc Club 43 Currenl Fvcnfs Club 47 ,lIIS9 Bob Whlle lllals lllal Rose o 7010 The Admlrablc HFLEN HOOSIER Bun NORTHAMPTON Colvlml RCIAL uack quack' What s that3 It sotnds llke a Hock of wlld geese But lf you look around you ll hnd that lt s only Bud and her pal gosslplng about certaln frlends Bud entered hlgh school as a shy llttle malden but alas she was soon wlthln the clutches of that well known talkers club However we all llke thls happy go lucky malden Then too Helen has accompllshed s methlng that very few others have namely horsebacklng We hope our readers wlll all PBIYODIZC Helen s garage for we feel sure that she ll have one as she ls already lnterested ln a mechanlc Commerclal Club Q45 Class Basliclllall f3D Rose of To IO Mlss Bob lfVl'llle Flcurclie Tha! s lllal l24l jOHN E KOPENHAVER JOHNNIE CHERRYVILLE GENERAL Let us now present johnny to you Cherryvnlle s only shelk ohnny entered our portals ln September and proved to be a studlous and very earnest young man Wnth reference to the ladies johnny has a very low ratmg We do not know what consumes all of hrs txme but It certamly IS not love affairs Among the silent members of our class ohnny ranks hugh and seldom says much nn the classroom He expects to enter a hugh mstltutnon next year to further hrs education ln the manual tralnmg llne and with hlm goes 29 s best wlshes Radio Club Q43 BERTHA Nl LAROS BERT NORTHAMPTON ACADFMIC Bert s klnd hearted thoughtfulness unselflshness and consclentlous attentlon to her work are evident to even the most casual acquaintance and on further knowledge her virtues are mtenslfied Bert seems to delight IH arguing and often dxsplayed her debatnng abrllty m varnous debates By her persxstence to her lessons she attalned an honcrable p0SltlOD m all her classes and holds the respect of all her teachers and classmates With her pleaslng personality we feel sure that Bert will make frnends ln the world Good luck and best wishes for a successful career Nallonal flonor Socrclq Class Treasurer 3 Sludenl Council I 2 5 -0 Amplenman Sla Q25 Edzlor Q45 Concrcle Table! Glce Club QI 2 3 4 French Club Q4 Dramal1cClub 45 Roseo T ro QU Mrss Bob While QU Fleurclle Q23 Thais Tha! 43 Curran! Evenls Club Q45 The Admlrable Crrchlon 4, ROBERT H LENTZ LENTZY TREICHLFR ACADEMIC Behold Lentzy the ambltxous lad from Trelchlers lt dldn t take long for hum to make friends Why shouldn t h have lots of friends especially smce no one can resist his pecullar little sm1le3 Robert IS a very restless fellow can t keep still ln hrs seat for hve mmutes We suppose the reason for that IS his love for the great open spaces He s the bug 3 trapper of the class We are all gomg to stay on the good slde of Lentzy so that we may secure our furs free Lentzy s nnclxnatlons however are many sided His chief mterest ln school lies ln sclence and mathematics So we see he ll have several vocatlons to choose from Good luck Lentzy Currcnl Euenls Club Q43 Foolball Q3 -0 Radio Club Q-0 H1 Y Q3 43 French Club Q43 Class Baskelball Q3 45 Track Q3 4, The Admrrable Cnchlon Q4J -i291 . . .,hI 4 ur ' YYY , . 4 NJ y, . C ' Q If , I c 1,1 T s121gkl.'2, 33, junior C0naes1,Dcba1fAgq1,2. sp, Orcheslra 41. 2, ni ' . . - J: D: ' R C : ok' : ' ' ,' : ' Q : J . . 4 Q l l l 'H . I . l . l : C PAUL S LUDWIG PAULIE NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL During the first two years of Paulies studentship in our high school he was very bashful and spent most of his time studying H did not participate in many extra curricular activities as his studies claimed most of his time Paul is a member of the Commercial Club and has always done his duty for the benefit of the organization Even if Paul is so very studious like most people he believes in the old adage All work and no play makes ack a dull boy Consequently we often find him playing tricks on some other fellows throwing erasers for instance Commercial Club 4 MARGARET IRLNE MARSH PEGGY NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL Let us introduce you to another member of the Kleppmger s Corner Cang Oh no' Peggy isn t late She never is for we usually find her one of the first to arrive at school She looks very shy doesn t she3 She was when she first entered high school but you should hear her giggle However we like her best as she is now We are somewhat Jealous of Peggys ab1l1ty to handle a typewriter with much speed and accuracy but with this gift she has been liberal and aided her classmates over many difficult places We don t know Margaret s plans for the future but here s wishing her good luck in whatever she may do Clee Club UD Commercial Club Q41 Class Basketball Q35 Paul is interested in commcercial work Who knows but that some day we may come across him in a publishing concern assuming the pos1t1on of head bookkeeper DFLPHINE KATHRYN MILLER Do1.LY NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Dolly has a keen sense of humor and is a good sport besides being a friend worth having Cenerosity is her middle name for Dolly is ever ready to give a helping hand Dolly is one of those unpretentious girls who go about their work with zest and enthusiasm. Although she never says much she thinks a great deal, so that when she does venture to speak she says something worth listening to. "Dolly's" ambition is to be a teacher, but we are convinced that she was made for an opera singer. Whatever she may undertake, her friends wish her the best of success, Nalional Honor Soclclyg Glue Club U, 2, 3, 455 Music Club 4j' Frcncli Club C4D,' Class Secretary 1455 Rose of To io GJ' Thais That Q-OA Currenl Events Club Q-0' The Admirable Crichton 141. l26l WARRFN S MILLER IVIICKII' NY NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Here he IS the happy go lucky fellow who IS a product of the very renowned thlrd ward HIs greatest ambItIon In IIfe some day to be In competItIon Wltll the edltor of College Humor Ask the teachers they know' IVIIckIe IS quIte an accompllshed vIoIInIst In the orchestra and a promlnent DOISC maker In the band He IS also a good sport and an ardent supporter of all actIvItIes both athletlc and socIaI Because of hIs happy spIrIt and jolly personalnty he has galned a host of frIends among hIs schoolmates and we all JoIn In wIshIng hIm the best of success In years to come Amplenman Slaf 0fCh6StYl1Q7 3 41 French Club Q41 Class Bas elbal1Ql 21 Rose of To I0 Q31 Tha! s Tl1alQ41 The Admzrable Crzchlan 41 LILLIAN I W NAGLE LILLY ANN NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC LIIly Ann IS just a Ilttle bIt of a gurl but she doesn t pass unnotlced for her gentle ways have made her a frlend of all A very very qulet Iassle IS thls Lllly Ann of ours but beI'IInd tI'llS qunetness Iles a steadfast loyalty to her frnends that brmgs to her loyalty In return Besldes bemg an asset to our class LIIIIan IS a great help to Newberry for she IS Indeed a successful young saleswoman LIlIy Ann was one of our most faItI1fuI orchestra members She IS qulte an accompllshed IIttIe flddler LIIIy Intends to enter the nursmg professIon Good luck' Orcheslra QI 2 3 41 ClcC1ub QI 2 3 4 German Club Q41 Curran! Evenls Club 41 CHARLES W NICHOLAS CI-IAz STRAWBERRY NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL The old saylng that all good thlngs come In small packages IS an exceptIon In this case for Chaz 13 one of the most helpful members of our class He dlstnngulshed Inmself by coIlectIng money at our games and none of us could get by hIm wlthout payIng eIther Strawberry IS a good student but recently we were Informed that the wIIes of the opposlte sex appealed to hIm more than an Engllsh book If we hear a shrIII honk of a horn we know that ltS only Chaz out joy rIdIng In the Hudson May N H S be endowed wIth more IIke hIm Commercml Club Treasurer Q41 HI Y Q41 'I 27 I I . ,Q ' If' ' " .V . 4 t . . . : e ,. . 1: I 4 . test the bow ln the orchestra efforts Plcurcllc A1193 Bob IVhll0 ROBERT OPLINCER DFU'rscH NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Do you see that llttle smlle on Deutschs face3 Thats a permanent characterlstlc of hlS RoI,ert s a fine good natured fellow from Twenty hrst Street In splte of Ills robust stature Deutsch has not PBTIICIPHICJ for the boys Robert doesn t seem to show a speclal lnterest ln the OPPCSIIC sex but Ile sure IS a heart breaker Deutsch IS very fond of anlmals especlally horses That ls the reason we suppose for hls IWICHIIODS of becomlng a VCICTI narlan Currenl Events Club Q-0 Radlo Club Q-lj name ln the hall of fume Crlcllfon C4 IZSI 7 Q I 54 , . . pg ' in any of the school athletics. I He needs all his energy to root Q1 1' J 'J.- 'I lr cf J: c RACHAEL NICHOLAS RAF NORTHAMPTON COMMFRCIAL Rae one of the brlght llghts of the commerclal group known for her talklng and glggllng ask the teachers Rachael made good use of her speaklng ablllty by taklng an BCIIVC part ln debatlng and ln the unlor publlc speaklng con 'gm' Her talents do not cease Wlth the art of good speech Indeed she IS qulte an accompllshed vlollnlst You should see her Wleld Rae expects to contlnue her studles at some hlgher 1hStltU tlon to take up commerclal teachlng slnce her whole heart and soul are ln that work We know success wlll surely crown her flcc Club I 2 5 4 DUIYIIIIHQ I 4 Commcrclal Club 4 STI ISHI N NI PII RVAI I A SIMP IXIORTIIAMPTUN COMMFRK l xl. We are all assured of the fact that Slmp IS one of our con slstently good football players He also was the orlglnator of many clever ldeas ask hlm about the Catty game Steven IS a favorlte Wlth all lncludlng of course the falr sex He IS one of our most falthful and never falllng students and we must not forget that he was also our property manager ln our class play Not onlv did Slmp and us on the grldlron but also on the basel lll dlamond ln the orchestra and tIle band Wllll thls .xblllty we feel cert un we Wlll some day flnd Stephen s 0fChP9fYU Q-U Banff Q-U Commercial Club Q-U Class Baskelball 4 loolbull Q4 lruc 3 4 lllals Thu! 41 1,16 Admlrable EMIL J PISCITELLI MIMI NICK NORTHAMPTON Acxmzmlc Fvery one steps aslde to see thls young man come struttl lg along ls there any wonclcr for he IS our patent leather shelk True to hls reputatlon Mlml IS popular amolg the falr sex Frequently he can be found on the dance floor wlth some malden lVllml IS an asset to our class and IS qulte a shark ll mathc matlcs and chemlstry We expect to hnd hlm as head chemlst ln some large labratory ln the near future lVlay the hest wlshes of the Class of 29 spur vou on to the noblest achlevemcnts Emll H1 Y Q2 3 41 Clcc Club 3 41 'Vluslc Club 41 PYCIICII Club 4 Dramallc Club 41 Baseball C5 41 loolbull 3 4 Rose 0 To I0 Tllal s lllal Curran! Lvcnls Club 4 SHIRLEY RLINERT Sum NORTliAMPTON AQADLMIC Shlr has never stopped laughlng talklng or chewlng gum slnce she entered our portals She IS the true sunshlne glrl and can be a loyal chum as has been proved for you see she IS a memloer of the lnseparable trlo Shlr IS qulte lndustrlous especlally ln chemlstry Thls mlss lntends to e'lter Kutztown and become a school marm Some day we hope to hear her lecturlng to the N H S students on How to Become a Successful Teacher Go to It Shlrley the whole class wlshes you luck' Dcbalmg C21 FfCHCh Club 41 Dramallc Club C41 A1158 Bob H llrlc U1 Plcurcllc 21 ,IIC Azlmlruble Crlclllon 4 ALICE ROY LR CHERRYVILLE GENERAL Here lS one of the quartet of ldSSlES from Cherryvllle Thls glrl wlth the curl IS very pleasant and kind Although she has only spent one year Wlth us we have found her to be a good pal and she lS ever ready to help some one Al IS a very studlous young lady, but why shouldn t she be. as she soon intends to impart some of this acquired knowledge to others -that is, after her graduation from Kutztown Teachers' College. We all feel confltlent that Alice will make a good teacher because of her patience and perseverence. Tllafs Tllal' Dramatic Club. l 29 l' ISABEL E ROY ER lSABEL CnrRmv11.Lr GENFRAL Despxte the fact that lsahel drd not become one of our class mates 1 ntll our senior year she has adapted herself to her sur roundlngs so readily that she really seems hke an old buddy of ours Isabel I9 extremely ambltlou ln her school work and 15 always prepared We are sure that our instructors often wlsh that there were more students like her lsal el lntends to enter Kutztown State Teachers College ln September to learn the art of sharmg with others her wealth of thls kmd of phllanthropy Dramatic Club C41 CATHERINIL RYAN Ku-rv Cmzmn x ll LE C-:wr RAL Kitty IS another of those country lassles who have just been with us one year bhe has presumahly taken the course of study that IS she may have taken lt Reading novels forms the greatest part of Catherme s eilucatlon Her motto IS Never do today what you can put off tlll tomorrow Catherlve has made many frlends durmg the short tnme she has leen wlth us Kitty expects to he an actress some day and with her wonderful stage personality we feel conhdent she Dcbalzng C4 Clcc Club C41 Dramulrc Club C4 knowledge We know that she will be very capable of practlclng a CATHI RINF X SICHER IKIITX SCOTTY NORTHAMPTON AcADEM1c Scotty one of our sweetest and most attractlye glrls IS jolly and pleasant always happy We often wonder what woul'l happen to Kitty rf there were no hells for she usually walks into the classroom about 8 40 Probably lt IS because she llves SU lflr fruln tlle school 3 Scotty IS musically mcllned being almost able to compete with Krelsler bCSldCS being able to tickle the IVOYIES Kltty IS loved by all who know her and has quite a variety of male admirers but watch out boys she s very partlcular To a good friend and a boon companxon we offer hest wlshes Class Sccrcluru C3 SluzlcnlCounc1lCl 2 5 41 Amplennran 41 Orchestra I 2 3 41 llfluszc Club 41 French Club 41 Dramallr Club C41 Rose o To IU 31 'llzss Bob ll I1IlC C2 Fleur cllc C11 lhul s Tha! Q4 lltc Admzrablc Crichton 4 UU? Q V f Q ' 3 '. will have many curtain callsl ' 1: : ' ' 1- trl-iv' Z V' . V1 .D c1.,v 1 .I C V' ' C r -X C . . - I -' C r ' C : 'C : 1: ' ' C 1- DAVID CALVIN SMITH SCHMITTY BARON NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Here you have hlm DavId Calvm Smxth who became famous for hls scholastlc abxlnty and for 'ns part In athletlcs basketball and track He IS also promInent In dramatlcs havlng taken part In That s That and The Rose of Toklo beSldCS bemg the Admlrable Crlchton In the senlor play A Preat talker he convmced the faculty that he should be a contestant at the unI0r oratoncal contest DaVld played the trumpet In both the band and orchestra ln fact he IS one of our most versatxle boys Here s luck to anythmg he may attempt NatIonal Honor Soclcty Prcsrdent Student Coun zl Preszdent QI 2 3 45 Amptcnman Staj Q43 Concrete Tablet Stag' Ql 2 35 jun or Oratoncal Contest Debatmg QI 45 Orchestra Q-0 Clce Club Q42 Muszc Club Q10 French Club Presrdent Q43 Band Q4D Radlo Club Ql 21 Dramatzc Club 45 Class Bas etball QI 2 33 Varszty Q41 Trac Q2 3 4D Current Events Q42 Rose of 'lo 10 That s That The Admlrable Crichton Q42 ESTHER SM ITH E SCHMITTY NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL Esther IS one of our blg glrls not only bIg physlcally but also Intellectually for through hard work she malntamed a leadmg place In her class When Es entered our portals four years ago she was very bashful seldom uttermg a word Now If you ever hear a loud shout followed by a roarmg laugh you know lt s Schmltty Although Esther never made the varsIty team In basketball she was an ardent supporter and her cheerlng spurred the team on to manv vIctorIes Es wIll some day become the stenographer to a great man because she IS fast on the way to success Natxonal Honor Soczctq Debatmg 3 4 Clcc Club 2 3 4D Comrnerclal Club Q-0 Rose of To za Miss Bob Whzte Ihal s fha! Q32 The Admrrable Crichton Q-0 RAYMOND C SMITH HANDSOME SMITTY NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Look out' Keep all mirrors asldel For If thIs handsome young man catches slght of one oh well no use saynng any more But IS there any wonder for thls because the faIr sex are contmually bothermg Smltty We are Indeed proud to own hIm as one of the members ot our class for he has been a conslstent worker In every lIne of endeavor that he has undertaken A determxnatxon to stand by his frlends and a wIllIngness to help others are Raymond s sterlmg charactenstlcs Thls fellow promnses to be a second Lmdbergh Go to lt Smltty You can do It H1 Y Q2 3 41 Current Events Club Q10 Class Basketball Q43 Baseball Q2 3 41 Rose of To 10 Q35 That s That Q41 l3ll . h, , , f L, . I I I , I v I f - : . : : .' : . ,' : . : Q ,' la . . ,' : k . . : : li: : , , s. I- U .' ' K: D: Q . . .' : lt , r . . - . . : : .1 : BFATRICE MAE SNYDER Bal: NlJRTHAb1l 'ION ACADEMIC lilllS IS a very popular member of our class She IS a good worker and always Wllllhg to do what IS asslgned to her When Bee flrst entered hlgh school she was very qulet but as the years rolled by she became better acquainted and now she 19 one of our best talkers Due to her splendid ablllty to argue Bee was a debater last year and recelved enough credlts to be admltted to the Natlonal Forenslc League She IS golng to enter Keystone Teachers College ln fall and the Class of Z9 wlshes her success Klmplennran gla Debalmg 37 Clee Clulv QI 2 3 43 llfuslc Club Q43 French Club -0 Drumallc Club 45 Rose 0 lo IO Flcurclle MISS Bob Wlllle Currcnl Evcnls Club Class Buskclball Q35 The Admzrablc Crzclllan Q42 ARLI NL L STLTI LER Buns NORTHAMPTON COMMFRCIAL Caze upon the lovely mldget of our class She IS wee but room Buhs also has dramatic ablllty whlch she dlsplayed Thats That What would we have done wlthout herl She IS such a good sport and just bubbles over Wlth fun Then too you should just hear Bubs slng We all feel sure that we wlll End her ln opela before long To know her IS to love her IS a saylng whlch exactly characterlzes our class mate Bubs Clcc Club Q3 -O Drumallc Club Q-lj Commcrclul Club Q4 Tha! s lllal Q45 MAMIE SALOME STOUT IVIAMIE SHoRTv NORTHAMPTON COMMILRCIAL lVlam1e lb the Ihldget of our class but slle llves up to the old saylng Cood things come ln small packages Nlamles shortness however IS not slgnlhcant of the quantlty of work she can accompllsh for indeed she ha been qulte accurate ln shorthand as well as typlng Nlamle enjoys readlng and can usuallv be found Wlth a book ln her hand Then too thls llttle lass IS usually smlllng and IS full of pep and fun thus belng a fllend worth havlng We feel certaln that wlth these characterlstlcs Nlamle wlll surely obtaln a worth whlle pOSltlf!"l ln some large ofhce Commercial Club Q49 -l 32 l' . '-ff-' J . .Q :Q if : f ft I J' A . . D , mighty -you should just hear her talk, especially in the class- in gg' 1 .uv , . Z , ,. ' f ' -A ' lf , " . S . . MARTHA BERNICE SWALLOW MA-rz NORTHAMPTON COMMERCIAL When we first accepted Martha as a classmate she was a shy young mxs But stIll waters run deep and Martha lS no exceptxon to the rule We fmd that she has quIte a great deal P P 8 p Although she IS never seen In school after the dIsmIssal bell she has made a success Of her commerclal studIes-especlally calculatlon Martha seems to be greatly Interested In corre spondence We often wondered why' If lt werent for the We know she will make a good nurse Success to you Matz Student Counczl 3 4 Commcrczal Club 43 Rose o To 10 3 Q 9 Q f lt Q 7 Mzss Bob Wlule QD Fleurelte Q22 Tha! s Tha! Q41 PETER J TASHNOVIAN PIERRE NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Plerre entered the InstItutIon with us In September l925 He Immedlately began to work for he was one of those meek mild eyed unassummg young men who would rather be seen than heard In his sophomore year however Plerre dellghted In chattmg wIth the falr maldens and hlS studles suffered some Although Peter dld not partIcIpate lh athletlcs he was always a Wllllhg and active worker He has the honor of belng the only boy of the class who has taken four years of Latln PIerre expects to study law and we are sure that success IS HI Y Q43 French Club Q42 Radzo Club Q45 Currcnl Evenls Club Q41 Rose of To I0 Qil The Admrrable Crrchlon 4D STEPHEN ,I SZUPPER STEPHIE NORTHAMPTON ACADEMIC Now we come to the young man who has risen from obscurnty to the helghts from a comparatlvely unknown posxtxon to a place In the stars A keen wlt a ready laugh a strong wnll and an aCtlVe mmd all belong to Stephen Stephen has gamed the admIratIon of hIs classmates as a result of hIs prohclency In football and baseball He IS very quxet In the classroom but we warn you hIs seeming quletness lS Often a very convenIent mask Stephen s love affanrs are stIll unknown but one can never tell He IS Interested In technlcal work and takmg Into account the blg hlt he has made thls year as baseball captam there IS but one obvious result He s sure to reach the home plate In hIs struggle around the cllamond of llfe Nallonal Honor gocmlq Amplcnman Sla-1fQ-0 Concrcle fable! Slaf Q35 French Club Q47 Currcnl Evenls Club Q4D Class Bas el ball I 2 3 4 Baseball Q2 3 42 Foolball 4 1331 : A nfl: D if li:- C--.Dr V.: QP- : -: Q- 1 MILDRED TOLAN MIM CHERRX VILLE GENERAL Mlldred was graduated from one hlgh school you may End lt ln Berllnsvllleb and then became one of our classmates Durlng the short tlme Mlm has been wlth us she has acqulred many frlends To be sure outward appearances make Mlm a very qulet looklng glrl but appearances are decelvlng for underlylng thls qulet attltude there IS a really Jolly personallty We ve heard that when Mlm lsnt ln school or at home she can usuallv be found ln Danlelsvllle vlsltlng certaln frlends 9' Mlm IS a very good student and we all feel that success wlll be wlth her ln the future LINA WERNER Ll-APINC. LENA PENNSVILLF ACAD! MIC Llna IS one of our champlon talkers Her ldlklllg has rot been ln valn however for she was a member ofthe heb ltlng Club for two years partlclpatlng ln several class debates One of Llna s most lovable tralts IS her sunny dlsposltlon and Pebecco tooth paste smlle Smlle and never let the sun set on your troubles set on them vourself IS the phllosophy of thls optlmlstlc senlor algebra class It must not be forgotten that Llna lb also of that sextette of country lassles and lb alone ln belng the onlv representatlve from Pennsvllle Dcbalmg Club 2 3 French Club 4 Current hncnls Clubf-1 Dramullc Club Q '5 Ina! 5 The! ll ANNA N ZADUBFRA ANN NORTHAMPTON ACADP.-.MIC A pleasant dlsposltlon and a good nature descrlbe Anna She s funny she s sweet she s brlght shes very klnd hearted Ann used to be rather QUICI but now she can be as nolsy as the rest Anna nevertheless lb one of our most studlous ZIYIS Ann has very prolnlslng dramatlc talent and her pleaslng soprano VOICC has often dellgllted many IISICHCTS These are but a few of Anna s dbllllleS however for she also dellghts ln argulng and usually can wln her polnt Anna lIlt6l'lClS to become a nurse and we are sure that she wlll help many a patlent on to recovery Nallonal Honor Soclelu Debalmg 39 Glen Club U 2 3 4 Nlusrc Club -U French Club Sccrelarq Q43 Rose of To 10 3 'Wrss Bob Vllulc I Plcurellc 2 711:11 s lhal Q-0 fha Admlrable CTICIIIOII C-lj t34ll , , l , ., . I W , Lina is a good student and excels in "juggling numbers" in ' Q C - Vli Y ' C lf 1 w' 1 J. Class Offzcers l927 1928 President EDWARD SIEGER Vzce Prcsrdenl ARTHUR HILL Secretary CATHERINR SICHER Treasurer BERTHA LARO5 IH R 1928 l929 Presldent ARTHUR HILL Vxce Presldenl ol-IN HILBERC. Secretary DELPHINE MILLER Treasurer LEORA HEYMAN Dhl.PH1xr1 XIILLER Ip Rx Ilyx 1351 . P: 5 I 4 2 :-' 'ij -I 3 V " it ' 4 '- ,XR1 IIILI. juux lIl1, ' - ' , .U . i 'MAN Class Wzll of l929 E the members of the class of l929 nearmg the completlon of our hugh school career and stlll of sound mmd memory and thorough understanding whxch fact IS as dlfflcult to comprehend as ElnStClh s Theory do hereby make and publlsh thus our last wxll and testament All property real and personal IS to be disposed of ln the followlng manner to wlt ITEM To our Alma Mater we bequeath all the Joy and happmess one may feel who has done a noble deed ln axdlng others to achieve success ITEM To the faculty we bequeath our smcere gratitude for the ceaseless efforts of nts members to prepare us for future occupations also for the moral guidance recerved during our scholastic career ITEM To two ambxtlous future chemistry students we bequeath a bunsen burner Qfound ln the chemlstry lab on the table of Charles Berg and David Smith to be used for producing a mmlature hreworks dxsplay by the and of lron flhngs borxum salts etc Thxs display I8 to pro vlde entertainment for the entxre chemlstry class during dull and uninteresting lab experiments ITEM To Carl Frantz we bequeath the nanny goat laugh of ohn Herman This IS glven however with the agreement that It be practiced and developed to perfection ITEM To some needy sophomore we bequeath I..eora Heyman s punctuallty Leora has made quite a record for gettmg to school before the first period has ended ITEM To some backward academlc jumor we bequeath the entlre collection of test tubes flasks graduates and other lab equlpment collected by the Berg Smith partners throughout the year ITEM To Thomas Berg we bequeath Warren Mxller s ablllty to speak French Miller speaks French so raplclly and Huently that he cannot be understood by the other French students The Unlverslty of Paras IS on the lookout for men such as Miller ITEM To Mrldred Richards we bequeath some of the shyness and quietness of Mlldred Tolan We feel sure that much static ln the hrgh school halls will be ehmmated by thls act ITEM To the jumor gurls we bequeath Raymond Smith s permanent wave to be used only on festive occaslons ITEM To the faculty we bequeath an automatic grading machme to be used ln gradmg the students papers at mldyear and hnal exam periods ITEM To the junlor typing class we bequeath Emma Fogle s ablllty to rattle the keys so that the hugh school typing record may continue to be broken ITEM To the cheerleaders we bequeath Warren Mlllers collection of weird nolses and cat calls to be used ln composlng new cheers and yells for football games I3fI' . . A .. . A . . . . . J . I I . - Z A . I 1 J D D . . 2 ' ' - C . . V . J : ' ' ' " . C ' . . . . ' I, . - J arf ,J " sw x s.-. -ix I'ls .gn Class Wzll of 1929 CConl1nuec1l ITEM To some shv shrinking violet of the unior Clas Cif any can be Ioundl we bequeath Lillian Nagle s ability to vamp the boys This gift however must be used carefully and dis creetly to avoid complication ITEM To some desperate suitor we bequeath Charles Berg s ability to sing Beloved to be used in gaming the hand of his fair lady If this measure fails we advise him to pass it on to some radio announcer to be used in Silent Night at the Broadcasting Station ITEM To some down todden sophomore we bequeath Catherine Ryan s ability to bawl out a teacher This is an achievement which we have all desired but somehow have never been quite able to attain ITEM To Miss Myers Art Class we bequeath Leora Heyman s art abllity hoping that so efficient an artist as the one our class was fortunate ln having will be developed for future AMP TENNIAN work ITEM Lastly we bequeath the intelligence and knowledge gained during our four years used in answering such complicated questions as why can Ralph Hess usually be found in Third Ward with his machine3 and what becomes of the heat generated by Arthur Hill s blushes which we see so frequentlyi 'I he Juniors are hereby appointed executor of our last will and testament lSignedl DAVID C SMITH Witnesses LREIFNLAW Mluas ONE EYE CONNELLY JEAN VALJFAN KLY TO BABY PICTURES PAGE 37 Cleft to right, Bertha I..aros Shirley Reinert Margaret Marsh john Kopenhaver Arlene Delbert Arlene Stettler Ralph Hess Esther Smith Lillian Nagle Robert Oplinger PACE 39 Qleft to right Leora Heyman Nester Hluschalc Marjorie Anthony Charles Nicholas Alice Royer Isabel Royer Lina Werner Claude Hoffman Grace Grove Delphine Miller PAGE 4l Qleft to rightl Mamie Stout Catherine Ryan Emil Pnscarelli Raymond Smith Stephen Piervallo Qcenterb David Smith Robert Lentz Paul Ludwig Myrtle Hall Vivian Coble David Keener NSI I 1 . . . J . 3 . of High School experience to some General Information Bureau. This abundant supply will be il. 'lm-lf W' 'hs Qu Jw WU'- 'wr lrwgl l-I MU +66 '5- I' I Class Prophecy F I recall correctly It was on the 27th of uly l932 that my frlend Rachael Nlcholas and I pald a vlslt to the alrport at Schoenersvllle Pa It was Il 30 A M and the large school of avlatlon was just dlsmrssmg for lunch We glanced down the driveway and whom should we see coming toward us ln a brlght red Oldsmoblle roadster but Davld Keener Ralph Cole Paul Ludwig Charles Berg and Raymond Smlth all mstructors of the school They wore aviators togs and were rldlng ID Davld s roadster They seemed happy slttlng wherever they found room laughlng and talklng When they saw us Davxd stopped the machlne to talk to us We asked the boys how they liked their jobs and they could not find words enough to tell us how much they enjoyed lt They were eager to show us the grounds but we sald we wanted dinner first So we went lnto the school cafeterxa On enterlng the cafeteria we were surprised to see slttlng at a small table our Three Musketeers of hlgh school days Esther Smlth Shirley Relnert and Beatrice Snyder We ran to them and asked them what they were dolng here Esther sald they too wanted to fly hugh lnto the spacious frrmament therefore they were takmg a course ln avlatxon Our attentlon was next arrested by some nolse at a larger table ln the center of the dlnmg room We lnvestlgated to find a crowd of our hrgh school frlends dlscussmg Llndbergh s latest fllght and suggesting that Colonel Hllberg also try to achleve such fame and honor as Lindbergh Colonel Hllberg superintendent of the flylng lnstructors corps was teachmg Claude Hoffman to fly a plane with a llttle sample alrplane He was standing on a bench demonstrating to Claude whlle the latter stood on tlp toes to catch all the movements of the Colonel Thls caused much laughter on the part of the other students among whom were ohn Kopenhaver VIVIHH Coble Arlene Stettler Nester Hluschak and Robert Opllnger We were just ready to Join rn thelr fun when a large bell clanged loudly and ln a few seconds the room was empty wlth traces here and there of a hurrled departure Before Colonel Hllberg had left the dmlng room he promised to glve Rachael and me the first real alrplane thrlll of our lives We walked about a block when we found hmm examlnlng an airplane and he Sald he was ready to take us p ust then we heard a loud crash Looking down the Held we saw a great plane with a broken Wlng l grabbed Rachael by the hand and we started toward the place of the accident We heard the loud slren of an ambulance dlrectly behind us and dashed out of the way to let lt pass When we reached the plane the mechanics Robert Lentz Stephen Szupper and Peter Tashnovlan were preparlng to tow the plane to the repair shop Colonel Hllberg sald he would take us over to the hospltal to see two fellows who were hurt The attendants on the ambulance were john Herman drlver and Charles Nlcholas and George GCOSIIS stretcher bearers the nurses were Myrtle Hall Llllxan Nagle Maggle Derr and Margaret Marsh HOP ,I 1 y 1 , , . . 1 1 y . . . , 1 1 - . . . . , . . t . , 1 - 1 . . t , . H ,, . . . . 1 1 1 - s 1 1 1 1 , . . . . , . . . - 1 . . , . . - 1 . . 1 , . J 4 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q WJ Silvia S. fr Class Prophecy CCont1nuedD On reachmg the hospxtal we were met by several other nurses lncludlng some of our old hxgh school churns Catherine Slcher Arlene Delbert Arlene Altemose lsabel Royer and her beloved sister Allce We asked to see the doctor and were lmmedlately mtroduced to Dr Davld Srnlth of Northampton Pa We asked hlm how Emll PlSCltClll and Ralph Hess the boys who hgured ln the mishap were gettmg along and he replled there was hope for both l-le told us that Ralph had a broken flnger nall and a bloody nose and Emll had mussed halr and a dlslocated t1e l-le Sald the boys were mlghty lucky to get away wlth so few hurts Dr Smlth sald he would get the head nurse and tell her to take us ln to see them So ln a few seconds Mildred Tolan head nurse was escortmg us to thelr rooms A group of nurses then took us all through the hospltal and from there over lnto the bulldlng next to the hospital whlch was a morgue Here we were mtro duced to Undertaker Warren Mlller and his asslstant Miss Martha Swallow While talkmg to Martha we met the doctor S two secretarles Emma Fogle and Mamie Stout After talkmg to them for a whlle we returned to the school grounds On passmg over the grounds we notlced a bulldmg that we had not seen before and learned xt was the beautlful law ofhce of Mlss Bertha Laros lawyer of the school We next pald a v1s1t to the hangars ln a small repair shop we met a lrttle who deslgned and palnted the airplanes Leora lnslsted that we accompany her to a small restaurant owned by Llna Werner our old frlend from Pennsvllle Here we had a free feed l..1na always was good natured and generous ln Lma s employ were several glrls who worked for her after school hours Here we met some more of our frlends for Helen HOOSICT Marjorxe Anthony her dear cousln and Paullne l-'leffner were supposed to be working here But at the time we entered the store they were domg any thlng but worklng ln fact they were all eatlng gedunk sundaes and enter talnmg the mechanlcs ln the evening there was a play ln the audltorlum and who should we see taklng the leadlng role but Anna Zadubera wlth Arthur H111 playlng opposlte her After the play we were favored wlth a poem called Commencement recited wlth much fervor by our poet Catherlne Ryan It was after a great deal of applause that the audience quleted down to hear Mlss Delphlne Mrller render ln her mlmltable style that so much loved song Drink to Me Only Wlth Thlne Eyes After thls number we heard our great music master Stephen Pervallo play our beloved Alma Mater asslsted by Grace Grove our noted plamst Everybody stood up and sang once agaln the preclous words of thls old yet never tired of song EDITH BECK Class Prophet l 42 lr ' Y 1 - , , . . , y . ' . , girl in overalls who turned out to be our dear friend, Leora Heyman, the girl , . . . , . , , . ' ' . ' ll Il - n yy 1 , I Class of 1931 HE Qophomore Class has the dlstlnct honor of belng the first class to enter the Senlor High portals from the new unlor Hlgh School As an organ lZCd class we have done a conslderable amount of work ln school aCtlVltlCS Some who were wlth us ln September have left school but we are determined that the class wlll be graduated Wlth a large number It took some time for us to accustom ourselves to many new methods but finally we have become so enthuslastlc about all the aCtlVltlCS that we have at last galned the real school splrlt Our basketball season demonstrated the ablllty of a number of our classmates and every one knows that without them the team would never have been so successful Our tall forward Nell Fluck and our center Doc Rlchards were on the varslty also Sonny Swartz and Blll Hess were subs We were proud to see some of our boys represented on the basketball team ack Wolf Albert Lerch and Paul Frantz although not regulars aided the team greatly as subs Qur class was xlso well represented ln all of the other actlvltles of the year many belonglng to the Clee Club band orchestra Debatlng Club Student Councll Art Club Dramatlc Club and other social organlzatlons When any cheerlng was needed for our boys and glrls basketball teams we just had to open our ears and eyes and see three masterful cheerleaders from the Sophomore Class namely Nllldred Roush Jackson Hartman and Edward Plervallo Many tlmes they helped the teams to conquer We feel sure that ln our following years wxth our dear Alma Mater we will look toward our Sophomore year as the startmg polnt of our career 4471 V . J . - , , J . . , , , , Characlerzslzcs of the unzor Class Shvest Cutest Alvxays lnseparable Most School Splrxt Best All around rl eachcrs Blessmg Most C oncelted Most Llkely to Succeed Best I ookmg Biggest Best MU9lCldHS Buslest Most Silent Biggest Knockers Most Sober Most gtL1dlOllS Most Demure Cleverest Class Do Most Athletic l east Athlctlc Class bherks l:.xpert Typlst Most Popular Most Energetic Most Farnest Blggest Glggler Marlon Laubach Theodore Xvedde Clark Kuntz Hlld 1 Stroh Glorla Sleger Evelxn Coleman Exclyn Colem an C h xrlcs lNuxh nd Sarah Schall Leonard lhom is Dorothx Keener Allen Box er Elmer Lutte Nelda Smlth Kenneth Remert Mirgrrct Berg Rav Wthl l x xn llanket Herman Snyder C rtherlnc C-uth Margaret Budlhaus Omegenc Fehncl Mary Jane Frantz ohn Vvarvk Kennc th Vandegrlft Arlene Hlestand Stcphen l lsetskl Hrld x Stroh I xelyn Sassaman Harry Shnk Anna Mlller Etlonl Chernanskx l llliljl th XX!lllldIT1b Herbert 5 rntu Mnkt I lsetskl Esther Rlce une Hall Cllfford Rabenold Arlene Kochcr John Homer Kenneth Relnert Arlxne Remert 1481 , ' , , I ,,.. ' , . . . C t C. q - ' " , . . t z . r ' ' 1 as ' 5 , 1 - ' , L ge ' x R , t t ' . ' l 2 , f 'z ' '- " ' . , - z t ' . 'z ' ' Wittiest Darrel Hartman. lVlargaret Snyder a . - - 1 . v -y x n t . , 3 ' 7 q , ' ' A ll , , . . . ' D " 7 ' 7 . x Y A CHE 'IMF l'JlWI1iIfl1WE YN Athletzcs Football EVERSINC- last years season and topplng all others of former years our past season can now be consldered as the best ln our history Wlth the outlook toward experlenced men very dark Coach Clymer lssued an early call for candldates Of the thlrty five that turned out only four had played on the team before The players together wlth the coach worked hard and two weeks later the team defeated the alumni 6 0 Our first lnterscholastlc game was with Pen Argyl at home After a hard battle agalnst a team which outwelghed us and had more experlence the game ended IH a 6 6 tle E. Lutte scored for the Black and Orange on a forward pass The first game away from home brought us the taste of defeat After Lehlghton had rolled up a 25 I8 score the Northampton team showed 1tS co o by gomg over the goal three tlmes and glvlng Lehlghton but one first down E Lutte Rabenold and Szupper scored for our team The team fought hard to wln by a I3 0 score on touchdowns by E. Lutte Rabenold and the point by Shur We brought home our easiest vlctory of the sea on when we defeated Emaus 20 0 The boys played hard but the great advantage of welght and experlence against them answer for the defeat IZ 0 Agaln our team showed that the llfe was stlll ln them when they defeated Palmerton on our home held I3 O on touchdowns by E Lutte and Rabenhold Wlth but two more games to play Coach Clymer worked hls squad harder ln order to end the season wlth a vlctory The reward came when we defeated Nazareth on our home Held by a 6 0 score The game was hard fought and ln the last quarter through a reverse play we were able to garner the only touch down and victory It was Turdy Sleger who took the ball for a touchdown To brlng about more Interest ln the Cata sauqua Northampton game and to put more Hghtmg Splflt lnto the team the Ampton Club spon ored a banquet On the day of the game N H S was represented by ltS band The crowd was the largest that ever wltnessed a game ln thls sectlon ln the first half Catasau Q qua scored two touchdowns and a thrrd 1n the second half Regrettably the game was stopped ten mlnutes early when a fight began among the fans after one of the opposing team had struck a Northampton player Although the defeat 20 0 was chalked against us we returned vlctors ln good sportsmanshlp and clean playing A banquet tendered by the Athletlc Asso Clatl0H ended our most successful season J Q! Cllfford Rabenold was then elected to captam next year s eleven l50l I , . , , . " u ' l Y ' 5 7 l - ' , ' - - ' - , ! rs - , , , . s , - . , . ' ' ' , ' , . . I Y - . .. ,. . . . . - X ., ' v , s . 1 ' . . ' if 2 ' 1 s , . 5 lk 'V - 2' Q . ' l. 1 ' ' f 3 , . A , Alumni Pen Argyl Lehlghton Bang Emaus Stroudsburg Palmerton Nazareth Catasauqua GAMES PLA YED Home Home Away Away Away Away Home Home Away Boys Basketball NDING a most successful season ln football our hopes were hlgh to do the same ln basketball Wlth but one varslty man who played regular the last season Coach Clymer soon developed a fast hardworking team Gur first game with the Alumnl ended as a vlctory for the Hlgh School with a 26 22 score The Fmaus game was fast and from the very beglnmng of the game the Emaus team seemed to set our team off balance rolling up a I4 2 score ln the first quarter At the end of the game the score stood 37 Z3 ln favor of Emaus Our boys met wlth the same fate ln the next few games losing to Stroudsburg by a 34 23 score and to Catty by the close score of 23 22 Then we were agaxn defeated by Stroudsburg but by a 34 28 score All thls tlme Coach Clymer worked hard to correct the mls takes of the team and on our next meetlnz, with Ernaus we defeated them by a two polnt margln the score at the end of the game standmg 26 24 ln favor of Northampton Defeats were chalked agalnst us by Slatlngton and also by game only to lo e out ln the last mlnutes of play by a two polnt margln Never theless these defeats dld not break the sp1r1t of the team The boys fought every mlnute usually playlng a tle the first half and loslng ln the second We defeated Qoplay thereby endmg the season wlth a vlctory Hlgh scorer for the Black and Orange was Cllffy Rabenhold who pla5 ed the forward posltlon and close on his heels was Captain E Lutte who played guard posltlon The pivot posltlon was held down by D C Smlth the only varsxty player who IS bemg lost to next year s team through graduation Our other able forwards were L Thomas and M Llsetskl the latter also playing guard posltlon Our other guard was Wolf who stepped from the side llnes into a varsity berth and played a flne game ,ly Qi 1521 1 . 1 x 1 1 - ' . . Hcattyn in our booster game. Hard work put the boys in real trim for this 7 l r l Player RMU NHOLD I llTTl IVI I ISI Tsl-cl TIICDNIAS SMITH MOR Us LISETSKI WOLFE LF RCH FR xNTz I ANE VARSITY LIVE UP I oszlmn I orward C udrd I orward I orward Center I orward I orward Cuard Forward Center Cuard Games Poznls RECORD OF CA VIES 7eam V II Alumni Emaus Stroudsburg Catasauqua Stroudsburg Fmaus SIat1ngton Catasauqua Whxtehall Lehlghton Palmerton SI:-xtlngton Coplayg I eI'11gI1ton VVI1lteImII Palmerton CopIag. Z ID3I Opp v7 , . . . It . . I C, Q . 7 ' I7 97 V C. . Q 1 I I6 so mf Y . . fi Q 5 ' I6 48 L. , 7 I6 33 D. . I5 ZI I I ' 5 6 I7 X S. , . 6 , -' 8 4 A V J. . 8 I I f H. 1 . 3 I I K. ' , , , 5 I ' R. HESS , Center 2 0 H. , . , . 1 ' I 0 I 26 Z2 23 37 23 34 Z2 23 28 34 - A 26 24 Z3 45 v . , Z3 25 V , . I I4 24 ZI ZZ I 25 so . IZ Z7 Q f 30 I3 - A Zl 26 ' 23 38 I4 62 ' - 24 I4 Gzrls Basketball HEN the team pulls together much can be done ThlS was shown by our team thls year of course you want to meet them Heres the captain Cora Richards Cora has held the posltlon of guard for two years Ethel Chernansky has been a member of the Semor varsity team for two years and has hved up to her prevlously established reputatlon She IS one of the dreaded duet of guards Mlldred Rlchards our center greatly helped to wln our games Mlldred played on the umor varslty last year and smce she IS only a sopho Q more we feel confident that she Wlll be an expert before she hnlshes Of course every one knows Mary Jane Frantz our plucky llttle slde center Mary was a substltute on last year s team playlng guard Although she changed her posltxon she drd not change her reputation for excellent playlng You re rlght thls IS Mary Chrlstman also Christy a wonderful forward Mary also played on last year s umor Hxgh varslty Qur Christy IS golng The other forward Nellle Fluck has completed thls year a glorious season of basketball Often the gym rocked wlth Come on Nellle Flucky has two more years to play You must know our substltutes Ben Coleman a good player with plenty of pep Of course Glorla Selger IS here as usually near Ben And here IS Mary Swartz another guard who will soon get above her present station Blll Hess Hllda Stroh and Edlth Beck also dld thelr blt for thelr Alma Mater J 1541 . , 1 Y Q . uv I , g -I 1 , o I Y 54 1 I! ' ' . over big and we have hopes of her being the star forward of the League. v 11 yy y s 41 n ii il U! ' , v y I I 44 ' YY S o Y , I H X g X Alumnl Emaus Stroudsburg Catasauqua Stloudsburg Emaus Slatlngton Catasauqua Whltehall Lehlghton Palmerton Slatlngton Coplay Lehlghton Whxtehall Palmerton Coplav RECORD OF GAMES VN.: Wh e PI U d Opp Home Away Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Away Away Home IIS Baseball HE call for candldates for baseball brought out a group of thirty Hve and from among them only two varsity members f om last year s team were mlsslng Coach Clymer put all to work and soon whlpped a strong team lnto shape In the beglnnln of the season the only questlon was to develop a good moundsman Cn Aprll 19th our team played at Coplay and behlnd splendld hurllng on the part of Maslany we won by a 6 2 score Ylnk Mas lany proved hlmself another Susco pxtchlng alrtlght ball throughout the season but lacked the latter s hlttlhg ablllty only sllghtly St6V1C Szupper captaln of the team was asslgned hls old Job behlnd the bat Wlth a year s varslty experlenee he pro Jed valuable for thls posltlon and was one of the best catchers the N H S ever had Croak Lutte play ed first base and havlng one vear s experlence as a varslty player he played a fine game throughout the season and helped along wlth hrs bat He stlll has one year ahead of hlm played a fast and snappy game at thlrcl and also proved hlmself to be a dangerous hltter He also has one year comlng MlCky LlSCtSkl played fine ball on the keystone rock Hls fine twlrllng as well as hrs hlttlng helped N H S to wln several games H stlll has one year before hlm Josle Moran form rly from Coplay played shortstop Belng a varslty player the year before hls experlence proved valuable to hlm throughout the season The outflelders were Ylnk Maslany Arthurmometer H111 Max Goldsteln Sklnny Crovosky Shur and Hartman Com petrng for berths ln the lnfield were Dolly Lodder Aussle Lutte and Heffner and for the outfield were Stevie Plervallo Stevxe Llsetskl and Lorenz 4196? Y r b N 2. V . . . . U ' : , . .. ,, . , . V 7 v , "Cliffy" Rabenhold was assigned the job at the bat corner. He ' ' ' ' ' . . . ' . e . , e ' , ' . , , 1 - s y 1 ' ' , y J, y .. . ,, - .. . ,, Y Y Y , . SZUPPER 29 Ccaptaml SHUR 33 MASLANY 30 S LISTSKI 30 M LISETSKI 30 E LUTTE 30 LODDER 33 A LUTTE 32 Coplay Catasauqua Whxtehall Emaus Catasauqua Allentown Emaus Whltehall Nazareth Nazareth Allentown Varszty Line up Catcher Catcher Pltcher Pitcher Fnrst Base Flrst Base Second Base Second Base MORAN 30 RABENHOLD 30 HILL 29 GOLDSTEIN 30 CROYOSKY 3l PIERVALLO 29 HARTMAN 30 LORENZ 33 Record 0 Games 1571 Shortstop Third Base Left Fneld Le t Fxeld Center Field Center Fneld Rnght Field Center Field NHS pp . . . 0 . Coplay . . . . . 6 2 . . . Z2 4 . . . . . I0 2 ' ..... I4 4 , , , . . I6 2 . I3 l . . . I2 That s That HE scene of the production That s That presented In the High School Auditorium on the evenings of October I lth and l2th was the Palm Beach Hotel during the autumn season A fine group of young artists displayed their ability and helped to make the play a success The fIrst act opened In the beautiful patio of the Palm Beach Hotel at which Kenneth Nielson a son of a multi mIllIonaIre was a guest He was however posing as a life guard to deceive his father Martin Morris a woman hater was a devoted friend of Kenneth Kenneth despite his role was greatly Inter ested In the beautiful niece of Mrs Margaret Suthweld a society matron HIS Interests however took a precipitated change for In but a short time he became greatly Infatuated with beautiful Eloise Reswick Mrs Suthweld did not approve of a life guard for a nephew and tried to make Eloise forget her foolish love affair with Kenneth But their love was too great to be cast aside and so Kenneth and Eloise talked of lt to each other But just as Kenneth had reached his supreme moment M ohn Neilson and his Hlrtatlous daughter Nanette arrived on the scene He did not know that his son whom he considered to be lost was posing as a life guard In the very heart of Palm Beach It took but a few moments for Kenneth to realize that his father was so near to him Nanette soon recognized the life guard as her brother and also learned that he was greatly Interested 1n Eloise She went Immediately and told her father of the occurrences of the last two weeks lVlr Neilson being a close friend of Mrs Suthweld was greatly disturbed Nanette told of Kenneth and Eloises love affair and of Mrs Suthwelds disapproval She added that she herself was deeply In love with Martin Morris and would be delighted to have her dad himself has been the one In love Immediately sought Mrs Suthweld who finding that her future nephew would be Kenneth Neilson son of the multi mIllIonaIre consented at once to a hasty weddlng So finally their love was revealed to the entire world and all were the happiest beings ln Palm Beach even Martin Morris the woman hater And That s That All who took part In the production deserve well earned credit especially Mr Van lderstlne director and Grace Grove pianist The CaSt Willie Hopp dancing bell boy WILLIAM SWALLOW Letitla Brownell a social clIml:er DOROTHY KEENER ane Bronson her friend ANNA MILLER Kenneth Nielson posing as jones a life guard ARTHUR HILL Martin Morris his woman hating friend DAVID SMITH Mickie Sullivan from Avenue WARREN MILLER Mamie Rimer his skoxt ARLENE STETTLER Mrs Margaret Suthweld a society matron ILSTHER SMITH Elosie Reswick her niece ANNA ZADUBERA Eddie Dewey from the sticks CHARLES BERG john Nielson a multi mIllIonaIre EMIL PISCITELLI Nanette Nielson his flirtatious daughter lV1lRlAM NICHOLAS Miss Information MARTHA SWALLOW Lotta Questions GLORIA SIEGER Goody Nuff ARLENE REINERT Prunella KARL PRANTZ l58l H 1 U approve of both her choice and Kenneth's. Mr. Neilson, happier than if he xm Lx 'I he MUNI 1 vt wax tx 9,1590 V in Tha , L11 01 Uxu il Th U A JOHN B RU f.: I RS IRQIH I I R!-Sp! H H NOrf x I The mx .L nw Nm' X .- W Nu vw ,rx x QX fl amPf0n Thai 1 ll h Um 1. X lh Xl ln 'um ' 1 ,nic , X I ' I I 'll imma 1L X lfxlxlx. RSD X C YOB HHH! 0 0 I r The Admzrable Crzchton N AprIl 24th the class of l929 presented as the annual SenIor play The Admlrable Cnchton by ames Matthew Barrle The Admlrable Crlch ton tells of Lord Loam an earl wlth theorles about soclal equalIty who IS wrecked wlth hIs three daughters hIs nephew and a young clergyman besides two servants on an Island IH the PHCIHC Here he IS gIven ample opportumty to test hlS theorles but as Crlchton the butler has known from the begmnmg In all ClVlllZ6d communltles there must be a master and servants one to com mand others to obey Through hIs resourcefulness and natlve ablllty Crlchton becomes the natural leader on the Island where soclal barriers are swept away The rescue of the marooned party after two years of llfe In the TTOPICS occurs only a few moments after Polly the once haughty Lady Maryj has promlsed joyously to wed Crlchton the Gov When the fourth act reveals them agaln In England the old soclal order has been restored But Crlchton although once more the butler looms above them all no longer the Gov but always a man To glVC pralse wherever lt IS due would be to commend practlcally the entlre cast Especially IS DaVld to be lauded for hIs splendld portrayal of a dIfhcult role HIS Crlchton was a figure of strength and dIgnIty Bertha gave a dellght ful Interpretatlon of Lady Mary and Leora admlrably displayed the mlngled humor and pathos of Tweeny s character As Lord Loam ohn gave a strong presentatlon of the pompous old earl Charles wIth hIs easy stage presence thoroughly succeeded In makmg Ernest IIVC for the audlence Anna and Grace charmlngly played Catherlne and Agatha We shall not forget Ralph as the handsome clergyman nor Esther as the susplclous old terror Lady Brockle hurst The productlon staff deserves IIS share of the praIse especlally do those who created the Island Home E.mIl Stephen and Davld The dlrectors were MISS Ruth Barnes and MISS LydIa Maft1H who gave gladly their best efforts toward a worthy presentation of Barrle s play Crlchton Ernest Woolley Lady Catherme Lasenby Lady Agatha Lasenby Lady Mary Lasenby The Rev George Treherne Lord Loam Lord Broclclehurst Mrs Perkms Fleury Rolleston Tompsett Flsher SImmons Jeanne ohn ,lane Gladys Tweeny George A page Naval Ofhcer Lady Brocklehurst DAVID SMITH CHARLES BERG ANNA ZADUBERA GRACE GROVE BERTHA LAROS RALPH HESS JOHN HILBERG WARREN MILLER DELPHINF MILLER OHN HERMAN PETER TASHNOVIAN ROBERT LENTZ NESTER HLUSCHAK CATHERINE SICHER BEATRICE SNYDER GEORGE GEosITs SHIRLY REINERT ARLENE DEIRERT LEORA HEYMAN STEPHEN PIERVALLO MARJORIE ANTHONY STEPHEN PIERVALLO ESTHER SMITH ,'. . y., J . '.' .4 I . .' . - J I 4601 The Urchestra HE N H S orchestra of l928 29 had a greater varlety of Instruments than rn any former year Although at the beglnnmg of the year the absence of numer ous graduates of the orchestra of last year was notlced wlth several prac tl es under the tutelage of Mr Harry R Newhard lt regained ltS former pres tlge The orchestra was engaged to play on varlous occaslons during the year such as the commencement CXCYCISCS at lndlanland local graduation and at plays held at the Hugh School Thus year the orchestra wlll lose fourteen talented members whose places wrll be dlfhcult to refill as capably PERSONNILL OF ORCHESTRA Special Solo Vrolrn Ralph Cole Catherme Sucker Rachael Nicholas David Keener lohn Hrlberg Solo Vrolrn Herbert Santee Warren Muller Mary Schaffer Sarah Scholl Lrlllan Nagle Oblrgalo Vlolln Arlene Relnert Edward Plervallo Stephen Plervallo lohn Hower Robert Stewart Marjorie Anthony Norman Anthony Thomas Berg Kenneth Remert George Scoble CarlI..1ndeclier Flulc Dorothy Keener Clarinet Luther Brownmrller Frank Miller Myrtle Hall Mandolin Arlene Kocher Lllllan Wolf Sara Rector Drum Ray Wahl Trumbone Eleanor Smith Luther Cougher Trumpels Malcolm Snyder Ralph Hess David Smlth Saxophone Arthur Hull Elvm Crau thamel Wllfred Farber Carl Shoemaker Plano Grace Grove Cathryn Spltk0 16215 , x,,,r..,. . LA V ., . . , - y y , . - 1 ' . f . , . 1 , - v . . - , . Nga we f 35'-fu The Band HE N H S Band though yet very young has a reputatlon of belng equal to almost any muslcal organlzatlon 1n the vlcmlty Its success ln most respects IS clue to the careful supervlslon of Mr Harry Newhard and the co operatlon of the members Wlth hlm Though qulte a few of last year s mem bers were lost by graduatlon the Splflt was stlll there when the tlme came for reorganlzlng One great event ln whlch the band played an Important role was that of the Thanksglvlng clash ln whlch the results of falthful practlce were reacllly shown On other occasions the band serenacled and entertained the public Basketball games were enllvened by ltS presence which Increased the Splflt of the team and rooters The honor of belng drum major went to John Hower who has become very efhclent ln that posltlon The sprmg concert also an xmportant event was rendered to an appreclatlve audlence 1631 t ' ,ff - is are "fl M3511 'ang ' 4 A 'far YW . ,Z .gg N 'X XX . ' . ' -5 'r , Aka "L Girls Glec Club HE. Girls Glee Club one of the most popular organlzatlons of the school has completed a most successful year under the capable dlrectlon of the supervisor of muslc Miss Cromls BCSldCS havlng been a club for entertainment It has been a means of creatlnfr better slnglng ln assembly The glrls entertamed the Quota Club and the Rotary Club at thelr respectlve spreaclmg the Christmas Splflt and dellghtlng many young hearts wlth the rendltlon of carols The club has been greatly developed and thls year lt has QIVCH an operetta called Plekles or ln Old Vienna Thls was the flrst effort of its kind by the Glee Club and o all felt gratified by the success that resulted from the hard work and fo operation of the partxclpants 1641 l , 1 g . meetings during the yuletide season. They also visited the schools of town, Debatzng Club HE Debatlng Club was reorgamzed for the l928 29 term Bertha Laros was elected presl dent Clorra Sxeger vlce president Wllllam Swallow secretary During the year four debates were held two varsity and two sophomore The first debate was with Catasauqua on the questlon Resolved That the Chlnese and apanese should be admitted to cltlzenshrp of the Unlted States The afhrmatlve team was composed of Bertha Laros captaln Gloria Sleger and Esther Rice with ohn Warylc alternate C Smith alternate Both teams were unfortunate losing by a two to one declslon The annual trxangular debate rn whlch Nazareth Pen Argyl and Northampton debated was held on Aprll l2th The questxon for thrs debate was Resolved That the five day week be adopted by the mdustrles of the Umtecl States ln thrs debate the negative team captamed by Grace Grove and upheld by Glorxa Sxeger and David Smith with John Hllberg as alternate won the decxsxon at Nazareth The afhrmatxve team composed of Evelyn Coleman captam Helen Fekety and Anna Zadubera wlth Arthur Hrll as alternate lost by a two to one declsxon lfvl , A : ' ' - - J - - Upholding the negative were Grace Grove. captain: Evelyn Coleman, Rachael Nicholas, David unlor Publlc Speakzng Contest HE unlor Class was 1n the llmellght on Tuesday evenlng February I2 I929 when elght members of the class contested for forensic honors on the occasion of the thlrd annual speaking contest ln the Hugh School Audltonum There was an atmosphere of serenity as the con testants declaxmed their selectlons a serenity broken only by the hearty applause after each speaker concluded Each one of the participants had an lnsplratlonal subject carefully prepared under the mstructlon of Miss Barnes and MISS Martin of the Hugh School Faculty The eight speakers and thelr selections were as follows Herbert Santee Heroes of the Land of Penn Arlene Hlestand The Fatherland Charles Moyer The Unknown Soldxer Gloria Sleger The Church with the Overshot Wheel Harry Shlrlc Memorial Address ln Honor of Woodrow Wilson Arlene Kocher The Sin of Bishop Modensteln Allen Boyer National Apostacy Anna Muller Nanette s Rude The first prize of SIO 00 for gxrls given by the N H S Alumnl Assoclatlon was won by Anna Nllller and the second prlze S5 00 for gurls offered by E J Royer was won by Gloria Sleger To Allen Boyer was awarded the flrst prize of SIO 00 donated by the N H S Alumni and the second boys pnze donated by H A Muller was awarded to Harry Shlrk The Judges were Mrs Mnldred Iohnson Dean of Moravnan College Prof Solon Fegley Raub JUHIOI' Hugh School and Prof C O Wnlllams of the extension department of Pennsylvania State College l66l .l . . . . . . . . . , Amptennzan Staff Edrlor m Clue BERTHA LAROS Buslness Manager DAVID SMITH Adverltslng Managers GEORGE GEOSITS RALPH COLE CHARLES BERG MARTHA SWALLOW Crrculalxon Manager Personals Humor Music Dramalzcs Alhlclzcs fBoysJ Alhlchcs CGIYISB Advlsers Miss RUTH BARNES MR ROBERT H 1 67 I JOHN HILBERG GRACE GROVE WARREN MILLER CATHERINE SICHER RACHAEL NICHOLAS STEPHEN SZUPPER BEATRICE SNYDER ARRIS ' I In ' , 1 ' ' -' - 'f .I...,. Art Editor .,..... LEORA HEYMAN IIN Natzonal Uratorzcal Contest TN Xplll lfhh Xllcn Boxu xcprugntccl North impton lllgh School ID tht N ill0I1 xl Gr IIOIIL xl Contut Competing xg, nn-xt lcprc-.2 nt ltlVL'N from Allen xn incl C nt as run 1 Ihr tltln of hls or lt1OIl xx rs C OI1SllllIll0nil l hx oso J mx rcpuscntccl lqhc nxxdrd xxhuh xx dS the prlxllcvc of compntmg at Hdrrlbhurg xx is xxon hx tht A112 ntoxx n Lontut mt SKH XX XRD lhcrt comes 21 Habh of sllxu xxlngs A motor -, sxxelllng dronn 11115 c nth hound xxdtchcr s Qoul I9 xxh1rlLd To iwful lulghts xxhc rc hc' hd flown Ong momgnt s hrotlurhood xxllh lxlm Bum,-x scnsg of omc LllNll'lC'I pl rn lVlC1x l lx ll! mx llttlft xox nge Llkc lllI'I1 21 hero and 1 man Jlfvbl Q8 fi Y ,, AL. lgUYI4.R li 'H ' Al 5 5--A -x xx-x 2 E 'ky nwx A . 2' 2 2 "2 i -' ZVYZ-I '- 2" - tox' 2 iz 2:2 lla, ' - ' x 'g '2 ' 'zxu 1 ." 2 3 ll J - I I Although Allen clicl not win lor us. Northampton can fccl that she was capablx' ' ' , , . , . .' , , ,' x 1"-2' -W " '. "1 2 5, ' ' - 1 ' s . ' YC 5 - Q5 - ' 9 ' 2 . ' N7 x' ' bv I x 7 .vi 'w ' x 4 1 . i f ' X Z ,f Z V Wwwffxm , 1 I f L yn 1 Z' Z QQ Z g I Z' , l I A X g fx J W 'Hn H Student Counczl Presxdenl DAVID SMITH Secrelary APLENE KOCI-IER Vzce Preszdenl MARION LAUBACH Treasurer Tmsonom: Wanna Faculty Advzser MR ROBERT T HARRIS HE Student CouncIl I5 the oldest and probably the most Important orgamzatlon In the Nor thampton HIgh School lts members are chosen by the faculty advxser assIsted by the presIdent and hls cabmet Each member of the orgamzanon represents ten students of hIs own class The dutles of the councll are to solve school problems Interest the students In school 8CtlVltlCS promote school Splflt and regulate traffic In the halls The members and ofhcers of the councIl at thIs tnme talce the opportumty to thank the student body and faculty for theIr co operatmn Termnnatmg a successful year we pass the government of the student councIl Into the hands of ltS present underclass members knowmg that they wIll uphold the standards of the councll and strxve to lIve up to IIS reqmrements 4701 ! 1 The Nalzonal Honor Soczety HE Natlonal Honor Soclety IS the most promment natlonal hugh school orgamzatlon North ampton Hngh School was granted nts charter m une I'-926 Smce then much attention has been turned to that orgamzatlon Its purpose IS To create an enthusnasm for scholarship to stlmulate a desire to render service to promote leadership and to develop character among the puplls of the hugh school Membership nn the society IS based upon these four prmclples Not more than fifteen per cent of the Senior Class ns elngnble to membership Eve per cent being admitted at the close of the unlor year and the other ten per cent at the begmnmg of the Senior year The present members are Grace Grove Arthur Hull Bertha Laros Delphme Mlller Esther Smnth David Smlth Stephen Szupper and Anna Zadubera The officers for the Hrst semester were President Stephen Szupper vxce presldent David Smlth secretary Bertha Laros The ofhcers for the second semester were Presldent Davxcl Smxth vlce presldent Delphme Muller and secretary Esther Smlth Meetings are held the first Monday m every month Each member of the National Honor Society xs entltled to wear the emblem adopted by the orgamzatlon It xs our smcere deslre that the members who succeed us wlll strxve to uphold and further the prmclples that we have endeavored to be directed by UI? L l l I I ' 1 ,.21Qg.,f - 7 ' ' A A ' . . J - - . 1 vu ' 4 . . - v . . 1 ' . : f- ' . ' 1 , . : . : - , : . . The H1 Y Club Preszdenl DAVID KEENER Treasurer RALPH COLE Vzce Preszdenl HAROLD LANE Facully Advlser MR RALPH SMITH HE H1 Y Club when properly gulded meets a real need ln hugh school life It alms to lnculcate ln its members and through them ln the general student body xdeals of loyalty helpfulness understanding of one another sym pathy and common servlce Slnce these vlrtues are baslc ln the religious life under whatever name or creed It CXlStS thelr espousal by the H1 Y Club ln lts student actlvltles can only result ln good to all students 11721 Q f 1 s .- - , . n n 1 1 x ' , . , - The Czrl Reserves Preszdenl EVELYN COLEMAN Secretary ETI-IEI. CHERNANSKY Vzce Preszdenl MARION LAUBACH Treasurer ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Faculty Advzser MISS RUTH BARNES ARLY In the year the ,Iunlor glrls orgamzed as a Glrl Reserve Club Besldes regular meet lDgS In whlch fellowshlp was stressed the actIvIt1es of the year Included the Christmas chapel program sellIng of Chrlstmas wreaths and candy a movle benefnt and a gypsy hIke for As younger members of the Young Women s Chrnstlan Assocnatxon the Curl Reserves express their deslres to uphold the purpose of the assoclatlon through the followmg code As a Girl Reserve l wlll try to be Gramous In manner lmpartlal ln judgment Ready for servlce Loyal to frlends Reachmg toward the bes Earnest In purpose Seemg the beautlful Eager for knowledge Reverent to God Vlctorlous over self Ever dependable Smcere at all txmes I wlll do my best to honor God my country and my communIty to help other gIrls and to be In all ways a loyal true member of the C-Irl Reserves U31 t the faculty. 1 , Dramatzc Club Busmess Manager CATHERINE SICHER Secretary DELPHINE MILLER Drrcctor Miss RUTH BARNES HE Northampton Hugh School Dramatxc Club began nts career thxs year with the purpose of developmg and dlrectmg the dramatic mterests of the hugh school students It plans to do thls through the presentatlon of plays worthy of productxon by an educatlonal mstltu tnon by conductxng at meetmgs mformal dnscussnons of these plays by encouraging play wrntmg of drama and producing The work of the club this year was mainly with the one act play Plays studied were Two Crooks and a Lady by Eugene Plllot Enter the Hero by Theresa Helburn and a dramatlza tlon of Stevenson's Slre de Nlaletrolt s Door The club members are conscxous that thls year s work IS only a beglnnxng and that endless achievement hes ahead for those who are wlllmg to hold thelr enthusiasm and to work 474i among its members, and by conducting a systematic study and discussion of the many phases The Czrcle ofthe Scops Preszdcnt JOHN T HILBERG Vrcc Presldent JOHN HOWER Advrser M1 s MARIE CROMIS HE MUSIC Club was orgamzed at the begmnmg of the school year under the dlrectlon of Mnss Cromls wlth the purpose of developing apprecxatnon for muslc among the students The name of the club suggests the mlnstrels of old Anglo Saxon times who traveled about slngmg songs and ballads The Clrcle of the Scops program gnven m january m the chapel carrled out the Idea of broadcasting Allen Boyer was the station announcer The program displayed the various talents of the members The club as a whole showed lts abxllty nn boys and girls chorus work The program also mcluded the followmg numbers Plano trlo Grace Grove Catherine Spxtko and Nelda Smnth banjo solo Sarah Rector and a musxcal dxalogue Anna Muller and Emil PIS catelln The program was closed with our Alma Nlater Later m the term the club sponsored a harp concert by local talent whxch was enjoyed by all those who attended It 1751 1 r I . '-s : . 3 . - La Soczetc Francazse PresIdenl DAVID SMITH Secrclmre ANNA ZADUBERA VIcc PYBSldCH' ARTHUR HILL Tresozrere RALPH HEss Conselllcr MIss MARTIN HIS senlor organlzatlon has become one of the most actxve and popular clubs of the school ducted In French the first part of the meetmg belng the regular bUSlh6SS procedure the second a program COl'lSlStll"lg of songs readmgs chalogues and games The readlngs are securezl from a French publlcatlon entItled Le Petlt ournal A promlnent feature of the clubs actlvlty was IIS play French WIthout a Master The club IS acqulrlng facIlIty not only In the art of speakmg French but also In wrltmg The advnser has planned for the members corre spondence Wlfh some of thenr French contemporanes thxs commumcatxon to be contlnued after the close of school U61 ' I ' . ff, X ,V, , 9' . I t X ' A' . P 1 Its interests are in French life. manners. and lingua The semi-monthly meetings are con- ,- u Art Club Preszdenl MARIAN LAUBACH Secrelary LEORA HEYMAN Vzce Preszdenl GERALDINE GREEN Treasurer ARLENE KOCHER Faculty Advzser Miss MEYERS HE Art Club was agaln organlzecl ln October and the above officers were elected for the year Meetxngs of the club were held on Tuesday evenmgs at which tlme the members of the club engaged ln making varlous artxstlc designs and articles among whlch were purses baskets desk covers tooled leather stencxllng and flowers The work of the club was displayed at the sprmg exhlbltxon and showed so much efflclency that most of It was sold to the public i771 ' V S . N . I V Q? if Y' kt , . -mx .w ff! ,. 19, K - 1 , y y , , , - Bzology Club Preszdenl ALBERT LERCH Secrelary ANDREW NACHSTY Vzce Presrdenl CARL SHOEMAKER Treasurer JACK ON HARTMAN Facully Advxser MR ALDERFER HIS IS one of the new orgamzatlons of our Hlgh School In splte of nts newness however lt has proved ltself worthy of recognltlon ln thls book At its regular meetings VHIIOUS biological subjects are dlscussecl Its work IS carried on not only ln the classroom but xt extends into the open fxelds ln the sprung the membere take hxkes to wlden their knowledge of hotany and entomology U31 o . - . YW S v a ' v , . The Commerczal Club Preszdenl GEORGE Gr-:osrrs Secretary ARLENE DEIBER1' V :ce Preszdenl EMMA Focuz Treasurer CHARLES NICHOLAS Facully Advzser Miss HEIMBACH HE year of 1929 wnll be remembered by the students for the varxous new organizations among whxch we find the Semor Commercial Club lts membershnp includes the entlre Commercial group of the Semor Class The work of this club has been extensive ln that It has not only carried on nts regular busmess at nts meetings but also has displayed Its progress at a program held ln chapel On thls particular event one of its members took a speed test ln typmg before the school assemblage She typed seventy one words a mmute with only three errors The rest of the program consisted of musical selections a demonstratlon of how dlctatlon I5 taken and a sketch entitled Somebody s Stenog We feel proud of our accomplishments and we heartily hope that the success of the oncoming Commercial Clubs shall be steadily mcreased as the mstltutlon ages 4791 W w a f . Radio Club HE purpose of the Radio Club IS to give the members an opportunlty t experiment wlth radio and electrlcal apparatus The physlcs laboratory belng well equlpped wlth electrlcal lnstruments of different kinds offers SUH:lClCHt materlal to carry ou varxous experiments Fundamentals of elec trxclty applled to radlo were there studled equlpped wlth push pull amplrhcatxon was bullt ln the laboratory Other sets were bullt also Several members of the club brought sets from thelr homes to have servlced The names of the members of the club follow Paul R Bell Thomas A Berg Wilfred D Farber Wllllam S Fogelman Evan Hankee Darrel H Hartman ohn M Herman ohn Kopenhaver Harold K Lane Stephen Llsetskl Walter A Scheetz Carl lL Schlndler Owen L Sleger Herman P Snyder Wllson C Snyder Robert C Stewart Peterj Tashnovxan Theodore S Wedde JISUIL V, ' L' Q , r ' M ,Q . . . , 0 I s L . w Y During the past year an all-electric Browning-Drake screen grid receiver, LITTLE FLIGHTS CDF WIT X . X 5 X X V I . X 'H ' f X TX I X f lf I Who ohn Kopenhaver Margaret Marsh Delphme Muller Warren Miller Lllllan Nagle Charles Nlcholas Rachael Nicholas Rolvert Opllnger Stephen Plervallo Emnl Pnscatelh Shlrley Relnert Catherine Slcher Esther Smith Raymond Smlth Beatrice Snvder Arlene Stettler Mamie Stout Martha Swallow Stephen Szupper Peter Tashnovlan Luna W erner Mildred Tolan Anna Zaduhera Alice Roy er Isabel Roy er Who s What W hal A good boy lnventor of a patent Curllng PYOCCSS Songster Unconscious Field mouse Pat ron of Allentown Theatres Wlsecracker Pferdortz A unlor Hlgh admirer Dude Champmn gum chewer Record talker Most talkatlve Chauffeur Sweetness Our Happer Smallest Ad getter Seah V1r91l shark Card shark Mull: maid Our model The glrl wlth the curl Sober Where Found Mr Smxth s room Down town Home reading Muggle s or Ted s Newberry s Pennlco With VIVIBD Whal Saying Ach' now Gee wlz What dad you say3 Cool coo' Challey Sa a y l ll slap you one Oh gosh Out ln a held operating CNoth1ngD on a dead nanny goat First Ward wlth Ludwig I m waltmg At Dlebert s Catasauqua Fllttlng here and there ln a rumble seat Dnvmg around m a Ford Wlth Shxrley Wxth Helen Hoosier Home Dnclunson Poltzer s Dutte s Movies ln a certain Chevv Home wxth johnny ln the garden Cherryvnlle JI32l All blondes are snakes And where were you-l Gee' well be late Not much brxght Mostly eyes Sue yaert such w1e buttermlllch That s what l meant Oh You' O o oh' You make me sick l must study Gee you re dumb C-omg to the movles3 Oh gee' Walt l must see johnny hrst O o oh' Oh gee' , J .... ' . ' ' . David Smith . . ..... Class Hampden Boiler room Habe sie - , , . . . Who Catherine Ryan Arlene Alremose lVlarjory Anthony Ednrh Beck Charles Berg Vivian Coble Ralph Cole Arlene Delbert Maggle Derr Emma Fogel George Geoslts Grace Grove Myrtle Hall Paulme Heffner ohn Herman Ralph Hess Leora Heyman ohn Hllberg Arthur Hull Nester Hluschak Claude H Hman Helen Hoosxer Davld Keer-er Bertha Laros Robert l entz Paul Ludwxg Who s What Whal Lazy lady Spasmodlc talker The silent one Class wlt Teacher teaser The mvlnclble Frlend of the garage man s daughter Efficiency Curly locks Best senior typlst Silent student Lngllsh enthusiast Wlllowy doll Bashful gxrl Sleeper Gene Tunney Early blrd Scotchman Bashful boy The perfect permanent P of D expert Admnrer of mechanlcs lvlovle fan The class s conscience Algebra scab Alley trotter Hfhere Found Home reading novels Newberry s Behind a book Mr Kutz s ofhce Ted s MOVIES Sxeger s Hotel Room No 24 At a hve and ten ln typmg room Colomal Theatre ln Room No Z2 Church Kleppmger s corner Newport Third ward At her easel Greenawald s Greenawald s At home Room No I3 Drlvxng around ln a Ford Keck s garage On the farm Room No I3 l9th and Lincoln 1831 Vr hal Sauxng Wnll you kmdly turn around Oh gee' lVllsery Well lguess ehJ Velelcht vur wolle moll sehne wa das boss sagt I ll gxve ya Osh' Gee wlz Oh darn It Won tcha walt for me Og gee' Get out Don t be dumb Do we leave out early Gewalt Yea see lf I care See you after chapel How cu u te For crymg out loud Huh3 Oh misery You know lfnmlnv Man alive Off the Ice Drd you catch a skunk toclay3 Have any dopes-' J - . J ' ' A Bzts o Humor You wouldn t knock the Jokes we use If you could see what we refuse Teacher Ed where IS vour bram3 Puprl l m sitting on lt P of D Teacher Who elects the presxdent dlfECflW J C H 29 The electric voter Lalm teacher What IS the translatlon for Duco fmeamng leadli Pupil Palnt Gul TCCIIITIQ chemlcal terms 'Ur .Sheajfer Drd vou hear that ohn3 ohn who was slttmg at the other end of the room? A llttle 'Vlr Smzlh Where do our naval officers come from3 C N 29 From the U S Military Acad emy r Harris What was Snr Thomas Browne s occupat1on3 C B 29 Real estator 1 P 29 l wrote to a company and told them lt was unbelxevable to educate folks R L 29 Talklng about a good shock m a speech 'Ur Harrzs What do you call good shock 3 R L llCSlt8llY'Ig, When ld bleger get a passlng grade ID I ngllsh D S 29 mal-ung a speech m English When a person smokes a coatlng of nlcotlne forms on hls lungs and the lungs ln order to get rld of thl coughs I T ll 29 making a speech ln Engllshj Ye terday l came across an advertisement which l glanced over Flrpp 30 Qdurxng a football game That yard they didn t gam any thmg Englzsh Teacher You are makmg a bad lmpressxon by laughing at such cheap humor P C 31 I didn t laugh at you fllr Harris Claude sit down on that chair and face the corner Claude slts clown and faces the class Mr Harrzs What s the matter Claude are you made baclcwards3 Mr Harris Qcallmg on E B 293 Where was Lincoln shot? E B He was shot two places ln the back and ln the theatre Mr Harrrs Tomorrow we will have an Imaginary banquet of busmess men Charles will be the toastmaster C N 29 Must l brmg a bread toaster3 B commumcatmg qu1ckly3 R C 29 Telephone telegram and tela woman C S 29 Oh' Charles ljust got my head shmgled C B 29 What was the matter dxd the roof lealc3 F G 30 ftallung about a certain girl Oh she s all right lf she IS ln the right humor Teacher jack use your pencxl I don t got none Teacher Why Jack' Wheres your gram mar3 Oh' She s dead Sczence Teacher When do the leaves begun to turn? Student The nlght before exammatlons 1841 J c U " ' . 4 S S S FW. ': ' ' R ' 'A Mr. Harris: Ralph, what are the ways of S S Q I. . . , Nfl- .. 5 Q 5 . . .' ' a S S 9 . . Q ' -' .'4l: jack: ' . ' ' As .. jack: . ' . s ' ' f Wzse and Otherwise R H 30 What dxd Newton thmk when the apple fell on has head3 C S 29 Glad that It wasn t a bnck Mr Fegely Well Charley how much do you know? C B 29 Oh nothing slr Fegelu You re honest at least Charley 'llzss C Vxola do you know Nlarxon Tulley 3 V 'VI 51 Yes she comes from the Last Sade of New York flfflss C No Vlola you re thmkmg about Al Smlth Teacher What IS an elght sxded figure called3 C1arenceH An octopus Teacher Which 13 farther away England ohnny England Teacher EngIand3 What makesyou thmk that3 ohnny We can see the moon and we cannot see England Scnxor Wanna flyl umor You betcha Senior Walt I ll catch one for you The world s softest job bemg shoemaker for Lindbergh The gum chewing pupil And the cud chewmg cow Are somewhat alll-te Yet dlfferent somehow What dxfference3 Oh yes I see lt now It s the thoughtful look On the face of the cow Tweeny Wnll you jom me ln a cup of tea3 Ernesl You get ln nf there s room I ll follow A1155 Sezdel What IS a wafflel E if A waffle IS a pancake wxth a nor skid tread Now when Lindy does not arrive on Sched ule we need not worry It wlll Le safe to assume that he postponed hrs lllght for the morrow From unxor composltlon class He heard a conversatlon walking down the street Lalm Teacher Clve me a simple condl tnonal sentence Ray If I go away I ll take my Latin book wlth me Gloria That S not slmple condltxonal xt s Nlamma lVIy son has very orlglnal Ideas has he not? Teacher Yes especlally lh spellxng In geography claw the teacher explained Iceland IS about as large as bxam ohnny carrled the mformatxon home Ice land s about as large as teacher 'Ur Shea-Her Ralph your recltatxon mlnds me of uebec R H 29 Why3 Wr Sheajfer It s built on bluff Ifr Smith What IS the m1ddIeman3 C H 29 The man between D S 29 translating French to I ngllsh He What wall Lmdy be to morrow! He drank the wme dry Qhrleamng He She Son ln law drank the wme wxthout water J ISP? . . Q 4 Q x x x . V .' , , A . ' g' . A' . .,. .' ' . . . I 5 5 5 ' ' s s s -' ' ' or the maonp I contrary to fact. i b . ,I : . 9 9 S 5 5 S ' ' , , . .' . : . ' ' re- ? S 25 ' Q , 4 , I - -I ff 5 I 1: Cl Nix Iwfm 'H 1.- wf x ,H- f"'4'4r". lf! rv" r,,.. r""' ft. 7' WK ffl' 4.4 'S Sense and Nonsense Why dxcl he Hunk you nn chemnstry3 Because of my cruelty to animals How S that3 Excesswe use of my pony Bub Wnll your people be surprlsed when you graduate3 George S N0 they ve been expectlng t for years lnslruclor l take great pleasure m glvmg you a 90 ln geometry Sludenl Why not make lt a l00 and have a real good t1me3 lnqulszlwe Old Lady Where dnd those large rocks come from3 Tired Gurde The glaciers brought them down Lady But where are the glaclersl Guide They have gone back after more rocks Lets run over a few thmgs together saxd the automoblle instructor to his pupil London Curro Dealer Yes slr this IS the very handkerchnef used by the father of Wnl ham Penn Tourlsl Hm the orlglnal pen super Pro ln whlch of hrs battles was Kmg Gustavus Adolphus lulled3 Sleepy Fresh I rhmk nt was the last one It was sand that Hercules was the strongest man ln the world He could llft himself up by the back of hls neck and hold hlmself out at arm s length for hours at a time Small Boy What IS college bred pop, Pop wlth son m college, They make co elge bred my boy from the flour of youth and the dough of old age 'U Harris Who was Reyrclds7 L N 29 An artist Mr Harris What dd he draw flies-' Mr Smxlll Cto R O 293 Robert will you be a farmer some day3 You re fond of horses R 0 Why you don t farm horses P B 30 Today xs a great pre 1:le1t bemg maugurated Mr Slweafer Can you dlstlngulsh good sllk from lmltatlon s1lk3 L N 29 Yes you burn It Mr Sheajfer How can you tell then5 L N Good sllk smells like slngemg a chicken whlle other doesn t have a sme C N 30 CUC Nl 301 Wnatsrn t am dumb or l are dumb3 C W 30 lam dumb C N l knew that all the txme VV U 29 They say Sheaffer didn t sleep for ten days C B 29 How s that W W He sleeps at night 'Vlr Sfe.1jfer chemlstry classl Le a prove that sunlight turns starch tn sugar L H 29 l don t know Wr Sleljfer What about a peach the sloe turned toward the sun lS rel a'zd the cther yellow L H Ch' an apple he Au revolr He What does that mean! qlle That s goodbye n Fr 'xc 1 He Hydro hl nc acl.l She What does that ncear J He That s goodbye Vx any la gua e Ur Harms Do you belleve ln the hereafter-W C S 29 Ye nr Mr Harrxs Well hereafter come prepared 4571 , - - , v . S g S , . . .. : ' sf . ' . ' A ' ll. . I 5 5 5 . A . .. l . ,, ' ' 2 I ' 'gh Al Q Q 5 .l r., .' . h .1 : ' ' ' 'I ' V ' 1 . 1 fin ' : Cr , r . 'Y . E I . C . ' " ' - : ' U ' ' H I er l. I .' " 1- '. '11 'Q . 9 S S P 5 Q Q ' ' 1 l- Q ' ' 2 , , . .,' : 3, sf. Overheard NOT THAT KIND Raslus I got two cats I want to name after great men Who do you suggest! Samba Why not name them for Byrd and NobIIe poIar explorers Raslus But big boy these aln t no poIe Cats PALE FROM LINDY S DIARY Panama yesterday Miami today Engaged to MORROW HARD ON THE LUNGS MUSIC Leader Every one take a deep breath The windows are open Now throw out your chests QUAINT QUALIFICATIONS Pennsylvania paper POSITION WANTED with hoteI cIub or First class restaurant aIso experienced In other Innes grabbing from streets or platforms with an Intelligent per sonality Willing to demonstrate Write WWB care Tribune office IVIeadvIIIe EVER MEET HIM? Englishman just returned from America They have some fine roads over there I rode on the Lincoln highway and the Roose veIt highway smooth as a fIoor But that Frenchman Detour doesnt know how to build roads at all Farm products cost more than they used Yes repIIed the farmer When a farmer IS supposed to know the botanical name of what he s ra1sIn an the entomological name of the Insect that eats It an the phar maceutical name of the chemical that will kIII It somebody s got to pay A BOYISH IDEA OF FUN Rambling through the park one afternoon a gentleman took a seat on one of the numer ous benches and while ID this restful posi tion he noticed a boy lying close by What s the matter young man3 kindly asked addressing the youngster Why don t you play with the other chII dren3 I don t want to pIay answered the boy But why don t you want to pIay3 insisted the gentleman I m just waitin was the startIIng response A feIIer painted that bench about I5 minutes ago and I want to see you when you get up BEWARE OF DRAFTS Heard you were sick m Yea I had the chimney disease Chimney dIsease3 What s that3 u Pallenl So I shaII have to take an anes thetic How Iong wIII It be before I know Doclor Now don t expect too much of the anesthetic CONVINCING TESTIMONIAL The young salesman for a weII known typewriter caIIed on a party to whom he had just sold a machine and asked him how he Iiked It Why It s wonderful enthusIastIcaIIy replied the man Really I don t know how I ever got along without ll Thats fine said the salesman weII pleased Would you mind giving me testImonIaI to that efIect3 Why I would be onIy too glad to returned the man and going to his type writer he pounded out the following After Using thee automatig Bavk action atype writ er for thre emonthsS an d Over I unhessitattmgly prono nce It to be aI ad even more thzn thee Manufacturers claim? for It During the time been In our possesslo e I th ree monthz' Id has more th an paids for It5seIf In Savemg oF time an d Iabrr3 john I Smith ISSI : V - ' - - .. , ' he - - I I. - ' H . . ' , .. . . .. . UF-I I 5 5 9 25 i Chef with 20 years' experience wishes position anything? I ll . - P In v - . I ' ll I 11 - - ' . ' . " ' ' ' a . ll I 7' torn . . . N H S A1UmnlASSOCl0fl0n Actzvztres URING the fast year the Alumnl AssocIat1on of Northampton Hugh School has been more actlve than ever before The two outstanding actlvltles of thIs AssocIatIon have been a card party and dance and a play Her Song CARD PARTY AND DANCE ThIs card party and dance was held durlng the Chrlstmas holldays when the majority of the alumnl members attendlng dlfferent schools and colleges through out the country were back In the old home town for thelr Chrlstmas vacations Hess s Orchestra furnlshed the muslc for the danclng on the thlrd floor of the MIller Bulldlng vwhlle card playmg was In progress on the fourth floor The affaxr as a whole was not a bIg flnanclal success but was nevertheless a success soclally HER SONG On Wednesday and Thursday nxghts February 27 and 28 l929 the North ampton Hlgh Sclool Alumm AssocIatIon presented Her Song a romantlc muslcal comedy and also ohn B Rogers Productlon In the HIgh School Audltorlum Thls muslcal comedy was produced under the dlrectlon of Mr Austln Tlnker and the accompanlst was MISS Ellzabeth Newhard 25 The play was a huge success attractlng large crowds of alumnl members and thelr frlends who filled the house to capaclty both evenlngs CAST OF CHARACTERS Emil lxronlem the muslc master GARRET CONOVER Fntz a pupnl of the master FRANKLIN C-ERGITZ Rufus O Hara wealthy pop manufacturer FRANKLIN RICE Mrs O Hara Rufus master NELLIE HENRY Harry theIr son RUSSEL REICHARD Chnstme Kronlem EmIl s daughter LILLIAN MILLER Crang Randall Chrrstme s lover KENNETH MENSINGER The Summer Clrls Harry s fnends IRENE ECKERT 24 VERNA LERCH 2 MIRIAM PRAETORIUS 25 BEATRICE HEss Property Man stage hand of a New York theatre FRANKLIN KOCHER Carpenter stage hand of a New York theatre RUSSEL MARSH uIce stage hard of a New York theatre WILBUR MARSH Tragedy an old Shalcespenan actcr dccr man THOMAS FLUCK Porter assrstart manager DR CALVIN MILLER Cortm temperamental actor PAUL LINDENMUTH MISS Fontalne Broadway actress MARGARET MEIGHAN Blossom stage dnrector SAUL KIVERT Adele Despare Chrlstme s mother LoIUsE MILLER MISS Van TIne leadmg lady HILDA BACHMAN I8 EmIl Kronlem a muslc master deserted by hrs Wlfe twenty years before the opening of the play has endeavored to place hls sadness to muslc lnsplred by her memory he has composed a marvelous and haunting melody or at least all but the last few bars But hIs bleedmg heart cannot qulte brmg the song l89l H J ' I . . J- . . I . . . ' ' ' . C - ,'23 ' , ' , '22 Anne Kelcy, Christine's friend GRACE OSMAN, '55 . ' v . 4 . ' . ' , '2I . ' , '22 . . . Y ., v .23 ' . ' ' ' . , '28 ' , " ' . ' 1 . ' 4: . ' : . '26 . , 'IB , ' , '26 bl ' , I ,'24 . ' , '25 , ' I . , '22 ' , , '25 ' ' , , '24 . ' . '26 , ' A ' . :27 to a close though he has trled through all these years Hls wlfe Adele had run away to go on the stage and Emil had never heard of her agaln Chrlstlne Fmlls daughter quarrels wlth her childhood sweethexrt Craig Randall Mr O Hara has a plan for presenting Annt and C hrlstlne to Broadway ln tht pro ductlon of his frlend Adolph Blumberg Lmll has been notlng wlth uneaslne s that Chrlstlne has long fostered thrs ambldlon but says nothlng So Christine and Anne go to New York and the first act ends with Emxl alone wlth hls memorles and hls uncompleted song SIX months have passed and the second act takes place back stage of the New York theatre In the mldst of things Blumberg IS Informed that the leadlng lady has deserted The play 19 only three days off and IH desperatlon he seeks out Adele Despare An lntensc moment lb the meetlng on the stage of Chrlstme and Adele who lb Qhrlstlne s mother whom she never knew The act closes wlth a typical Broadway stage finale The thlrd act features the reeonelllatlon of Chrlstlne and Cralg her lover and the eompletlon of HER SONG by Emll Plans are belng made to present another play next year and the assoclatlon hopes that alumm members and frlends wlll eo operate wlth them and glve them the same support as durlng the past year H l B I8 1901 y . - - fy y , , ,, . , . . , . 4 v s , .4 , .. - . 1 , . . v . . . . . 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Q 2-I 2 Z ' 5 ,I 5 I 0 J O Z I g S : ' : 3 -lf' T! 5' .... 5 '- "' ' 1 2- ' Z' :A Q 57, 0 : :A 2' T ' : TU' E " ' .. . S4-. ' 3 z 5 0 9, ' . nv -4 0 o : - 1' ' 5 2 1 C a ' ' IC : T ' ? - n U7 -U i : ? E I I , u ! ' v - - 1 'U U - ,. . , 2 ' 3 . P1 , - 0 I . I E . I L.. H . . E - ll 5' . : 1 z ll C 5 u , , I' 4 H CII vo . g II 1 2 E Q Q 'U 3 -I . M . O 3 ' 2 'I - 2' QU :P I , ' ' ' ll -, .. 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Ollltlllg the way to Quality Pflllflllg, Statlon ery Engravlng College Annuals a Specxalty 'l' 'I' 'I' Consultatlon Solxclted l9DlL BERKEMEYE KECKSQ COL an is-3 ESP .J ALLENTOWN P E NNAQ , . . . . ' , I nlumlllgw I 1JL---111:01:-1:flux-'11-111.9111-'11-9-191,301-fiT101--1 1-rx-'11-in..--:I :nz-,101 BERT C. SNYDER Kreidersville Hotel COPLAY, PA.. ROUTE I CLYDE E. HOFFMAN General Merclzandise and Farm Implemenis BANQUET5 AND SPECIAL DINNERS Fertilizers and Seeds PAUL A. LINDENMUTI-I WATCHMAKER ENORAVER PUCH S OPTICAL SHOP 924 MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON Lei Us Help You Make Your Ebery Meal More lnlereslmg W J KLOTZ BAKER l736 XVASHIRGTON AVENUE Phone 777 W PETERSVILLE 6: HOWERSVILLE MRS CHRISTIANNA PYE CREAIVIERIES Hemslziclung and Plealmg Baller and Eggs l73l Wx HIN TO AxE 63' R 12 I0 NORTHAMPTON P 4961 y 1 - - - - - A , PA, v A A . . . Y - r S 'G N ' NUE Phone - - PAUL KOCH, Pre . v, A' :U:..:..-..-..:.,-..-..:.,-. :: :U- Open Evenlngs Phone PHONE 43" Ray C Sheckler' J F Horn Ca' Bro EWELER GIFTS THAT LAST FLORISTS 32 NORTH SIXTH STREET I752 M IN ST NORTIAMPTON P ALLENTOWN PA PHONE 258 MACHINES TO HIRE FOR ALL OCCASIONS J J S VV A I. I. 0 VV FUNERAL DIRECTOR I7TH AND NEWPORT AVE NORTHAMPTON WALTER K GEYER AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE LINCOLN jg-',0fC, FORDSON NORTHAMPTON, PENNSYLVANIA Alliance Sand Company INCORPORATED Qualify Sandfor All Purposes NORTHAMPTON, PENNA. Sand Plaft - - - Palmerton, P Coal Yard and Office 24th and Main Sts.. Northampton, P OLD LEHIOH COAL DOMESTIC SIZES Quality and Service-Give us a Trial -ag I-'I--f 1--0-1.1030---zuzui 3. 11. RETZLER'S SUPERIOR ICE CREAM AT Your' Dea1er'S Q -f.- I-. 1--1. :nz :1-:z I97I Flowers for All Occasions A . I. , A. , l O I Q . 1:01. Panini:-:png--1 vznluinx ALBERT MATHERN I-01,115 I-UCKS F A df? JM NORTHAIVIPTONS 'CS an mokf can LEADING CLOTHIER U89 NEWPORT AVENUE IZZZ MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON, PA. NORTHAMPTON, PA, PHO I: 390 NORTHAMPTON MICHAEIQS GARAGES Buic Dodge Plymouth Wzllys Knzghl Whzppei MOTOR CARS diy A f r I at l7l7 23 MAIN STREET 24 WEST ZIST STREET DR VV H RICHARDS DENTIST NORTHAMPTO I PENNSYLVANIA JOHN KISS A S MILLER Funeral DlfCCtOf STEAMSHIP AGENCY IOJ7 MAI STREET NORTH M,-I-0 P Pho 792 NO THAMPTO P i931 N . It 1 o f' a Kin rrange 0 Demons r 'on - and ' . . . K -pnr -1 nv . . AAA Q ' N A , N, A. ne R N, A. -. :..-.,:.,:..: :nz fin:--.E is 1--guzaiuiuxnz 1:-:nil-guqpuxuxui U 01010141 - -I .I .. 1,1-.1-,gnu-11'--1.14. 1 1. .1 1 I --1 -.: Commercial Engraving Department ALLENTOWN CALL PUBLISHING C0 Copper and ZINC Lme and I'IaIItone Plates DCSIQHIHQ CALL BUILDING SIXTH d LINDEN STREETS ALLENTOWN PA I99I , . C H WEITKNECHT JOSEPH A FEIDLER General Merchandzse LIGHT LUNCH an REFRESHMENTS BEERSVII LE PENNSYLVANIA Meals and Grocerzes I466 MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON P PHONE 207 Joseph Kalusky BOTTLER l34Z NEWPORT AVENUE NORTHAMPTON P PENNSVILLE HOTEL THOMAS H WERNER Prop Llght Lunch and Refreshments Speclalty of Banquets and Partles PENNSVILLE EYE FOR BEAUTY A man strolling aIong a Clty street one day paused to watch a slgn palnter put the hnlshlng touches On his masterplece whlch read Ladle s AND Gent s Restaurant Pardon my Inqulsltlveness sald the pedestrlan but why do you put the apostrophe before the S5 The whlch before the what3 asked the palnter the e and the t It s called an apos trophe you know Posserphe IS Ita WeII young feller I seen and I make that dmgus a hundred tlmes and I never knew that lt had a name PO serphe' That s a good one I ll have to sprmg lt on the gang Some palnters always palnt lt after the s but I always put It before the s because I thlnk that lt Iooks more artxstlc there Other WISC lt don t make dlfference where you put It PHONE 618 R PHONE 7735 Newport Hotel S LAHOVSKI STEPHEN HLUSCHAK Prop CUSTOM TAILOR I357 STEWART STREET CLEANERS AND DYER NORTHAMPTON PA I66I MAIN ST NORT Mr-TON P 41001 ,E..:..:.,-.,:. - .: : .:..-.,-..:..:.,:.,:.,: . . . , A ' , A. 7 4 , , H . . . .' ,, . . , ,, KA f . r IV , A. ' 1 "The Iittle curly-tailed mark after , ,, , . ,. . . , ' ! ' 1 . S . , G , . , . - , . . 1 , no - ,, . , . I S , . . HA , A. ing.-311010101011-in111011if Z nzninivioz-I: 1 1 1 1 zu: -101112 :ui BEERSVILLE HOTEL THE SHAFER BOOK STEPHEN LOOS Banquets a Specially BOOKS and STATIONERY Refreshments 33 NORTH SEVENTH STREET BEERSVILLE, PA. Phone 68l-R-22 ALLEN-I-OWN, PA, PLUMBING HEATING SHEET lVl ETAL WORK STOVES l"l. E. lVlUSSEL.lVlAN l9l6 MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON PA BRANCH OFFICE Zll North Eleventh Street Allentown Pa Bell Telephone FREIGHT STATION SIEGFRIED GRADUATION COMES BUT ONCE Secure a portrait that wrll be lastlng and appreclated Our years of servlce assure satlsfactlon VVINT STUDIO 6l7 LINDEN STREET ALLENTOWN P C R COBI-E JOSEPH ASSED GENERAL MERCHANDISE Df"'c"'1 HOME DRESSED MEATS GENERAL MERCHANDISE l460 MAIN STREET 112 W l7th St nd l692 N wp0fIA e NORTHAMPTON PA Bell Phone 658 j NORTHAMPTON P 11011 . , , PA. 396 - - - - - , A. Q . . 8 C V . I - ' . A, 1 1-ng-,umm-nm-gn1n1..1uqpo1-rinxuzv 10:03-1014111vxuzoxniuiui-:going-1 I KEMMERER PAPER COMPANY MILI- AGENTS and WHOLESALE DEALERS School Supplies STATIONERY, WRAPPING PAPERS, PAPER BAGS, ETC. 355-357 HAMILTON STREET - - - - ALLENTOWN, PA H. W. YOUNG GENERAL MERCHANDISE LAURYS PENNA A. VARGA Ladies and Cents Tailoring a Specialty Cleanlng Presslng Repairing and Alterlng t 927 M N ST JOHN STOLSITS ICE CREAM AND CANDY JOHN J KLEPPINGER Dealer in ALL HOME DRESSED MEATS PH NE O L R CEI o ATTFNTIO 3I4 E 9TH ST NOR H MPTON ket IQZ6 M , 2 A THOUGHT FOR THE FUTURE THE tlought that we wish to leave wlth you ln this message IS that your mterests and ours are mutual When you are confronted wlth banking questlons refer them to us To be successful ln llfe you must be thrifty Save and put your savlngs ln the Bank THE ALLEN TRUST COMPANY 41021 Y 1 , , , Suits Made O Order " ' " - AI . - NORTHA TON, PA . o RDER5 W1 L E VE PR MPT . N ' A ' T ' PA' lVlar -- A N ST. Phone I9-R Y. . . . . . 7 . . lfilfllg lllQ1Il'2l'-lilililiiCl-lIll1llTOl3lllQlZlIllIbllbll2l'llC3lZ l libliiiui-Z I USE IVIAUSERS "BEST" AND BANNER FLOUR IVIAUBER IVIILLING CO. - - NORTHAMPTON P Mme. G KHISCF' IDEAL DRESSMAKING and IVIILLINERY I020 IVI mmel 68, Rupp se buy I se a flmanage properly Gel il al lhc NORTHAMPTON SWEET SHOP Super ualzlyo HOMEMADE CANDIES 754 john Schnfnder' MERCHANT TAILOR Dry Cleaning Presszng Repalrzng F P I gl and Dyeing 3 054 BUILD WITH CONCRETE MONROE MILLER 8m SONS CONTRACTORS NORTHAMPTON PENNSYLVANIA 41031 A , A Q ' f AIN ST. NORTH PTON, PA. I MAIN ST. JAMES PSAROS, Prop Re ' We ll. , ea n We Sell ire. Life, la e Glass and Bur ary - Insurance I II IVIAIN ST. NORTHTI PTON, PA. I MAIN ST- NORTHAMPTON- PA ,301 ini- 3.ti-,iv-1.134I1-.1-Timing.-as 1.3011vi-lun'-11-1-yi-'111o1-11n1o1- 11,1-1 CLAUDE G. FOGELMAN ELECTRICAL WIRING AND EQUIPMENT AUTOMATIC DUO-DISC WASHERS LYRIC RADIO RICE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION I36l WASHINGTON AVE. - - - NORTHAMPTON, PA PHONE 62IAM UNITED CIGAR STORE WM. N. DUTE Restaurant Clgars Con eetzonery ana' Ice Cream OI5 M Northampton Recreation HERBERT DEIBERT, Prop. BILLIARDS AND BOWLING ZOI3 MAI STREET NORTHAMITO P IVIUSI-IKO S BAKERY Wheat and Rye Bread l396 98 STEWART STREET NORTHAMPTON P GEORGE MYCI-IUDA t Ve b na' v l52J NEWPORT AVENUE NORTHAMPTON P OLDSMOBILE KECK BROS 41041 . N 2 AIN ST. NORTHAMPTON, PA. ' I N' A' , ff Choice Mea s, Beef, al, Pork, Lam a Pro isions , A. y A. 12301914121 1 :nz ::1n::1::::::n:.:.11-1:-1 1.14111 -:nz liceizl 1: .,...5 Timing: PM 603 RoTH BROTHERS HOME FURNISHERS We furnish the home complete. Your credil is good wilh us. We carry a full line of Floor Coverings, Ranges and Healers. 1702-04 MAIN STREET ---- NORTHAMPTON, PA. THE MEIXSELL REXALL STORES Stop and llstenl Your eyes Wlll gllsten ThlS slgnal IS meant for all There s joy and health the best of wealth ln shopplng at the Rex all store Good cheer and good splrlts are treasured Good fare for your frlends and yourselves You never can measure the health and the pleasure Stored up on our wonderful shelves We blend the best with Careful palns In sklllful Comblnatlon And every slngle buy Contalns Our buslness reputatlon The wlsh we wish IS a VlSlt or two By you and your frlends a day Wlth a cllck a rap and a thank you Indeed Youll return wlthout a delay Submztlcd by NELDA SMITH 30 N H S T R EVANS To rzslocrai QRQCERIES AND ICE CREAM PAR EXCELLENCE R 2 U Q P I OIT CONFECTIONERY swap SRX rs-rf The Slore That Appreczales J Ri fyflrplucrafay Your Palronage N 1..- IIOSI I ll I ,.-- I I . l . . Vi J - U ' ' . , I T - -' ' F 1 . J , T 1 . . . I . f . T . . I , , 3 , , 6 . i . I : , , . . . I U U I ' . . U . E e . :I : -f fsmbp-.t, ' Hy- ' X QSW:--Q IL' T- ay-fAN'w6o l ,-1: - ,,,, ,, , , . ,,.I Ik, .,.'.,..,A??9. I. - , 4, I 'Tl I ' 1 ad : '1 "1 ,xfij-11' 2' '. If .3 at qmfsa I- .fs-J jf, ,.1..3..1..:-114 1.'11.1--2-1.Iznesuupnini-I..-.11-11in1--1 I1 .11 1. :ni 1-. 1: 1 1 -4z--14.:-r1.-qp-.g- 1--1--14.1-,in iniuqguqnnq-M.1.I1o1-I1o14,q.- 1- 11.101 ,qu Timing "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" WHY NOT WITH OURS? Fi' NEW YORK FLORAL CO 5 I 5 HAMILTON STREET ALLENTOWN PHONE 657 R JOHN ONUSCHAK BOTTLER I6l8 NEWPORT AVENUE NORTHAMPTON PA PHONE 3lI IVI Northampton Garage Ll'-IAb G DIMLER Prop Aulomobzle Accessorzes and Supplies p 5 W h NOR H IPION P R A KLOTZ BARBER I3TH AND MAIN STREETS Kay jewelry CO 706 H N ST A Select a Snap WATCH Por me Boy GRADUATE YOLR PROMISE TO PAY IS GOOD WITH fave while you may No mornmg sun lasts a whole day Iqhmk of the power of IIIIS sermon Then determlne to save all you can and put your savmgs In the COPLAY NATIONAL BANK COPLAY PA from I - - - - , PA. Q I P" Garage and Re air Thop . , . I7I6 as ington Ave. 'I' AIN ' . A. AIVIILTO T ., LLENTOWN, I : A f NORTHAMPTON, PA. KAYH YOUR -IEXVELER .I . N 1 , H , . -...U-. :: : :I :I :f :Z :E :: :::: gn-I1--11,11-4:1-as-11011-1-I1I.qp. 1- if1-IQIIQQI-1U:uunuq.1-3-T34-141101-'ap -1--1 EASEL FRAMES FRAMES MADE TO ORDER CONRAD STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES 213 NORTH TWELFTH STREET - - - ALLENTOWN, PA. S. W. SNYDER Sc SON PHONE BLM I866 MAIN ST., NORTHAMPTON. PA. Electrical Conlracling GEO' M' SEIGER' PMP' Meadows Washers M I AND ZIST STREETS F d I NO THAMPTO P EDWA R D STE RN PHO TOGRAPHER CHARLES S STECH CO OAKLAND PONTIAC AUTOMOBILES IOD3 MA' ST EEI 23 NVE r T NTH STREET N0 TI MPT0 P NO THAMPTON PA PHONE 360 M NORTHAVIPTON SANITARY DAIRY OHN C SIMCOE P p Wholesale and Reiazl PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM 940 WASHINGTON AVENUE NORTHAMPTON P 11071- A N Day an, Fada, and Ra io a Radios R N, A. w PHONE 601 K f v r - N R S. E . R IA N, A. R , . R , r I . L J . , ro . ' ' -' , A. -:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:.,:::..:-.:..:..:..:..:..:..:-...: :..:.-..:..-..:,:..-..-..1..:..: 9 1 ll 1 1 111111111111111111111111111111111 11 11:11 1- - -- 111 1 11111111 1 1111111 1 11111111 111111 1 1 11 for 'Cm ' UENTAXLS 1 WANT To C Move 1111 .6011 DNN S 1"'Y., 4- Poem 71511411 " 111 .- ,J DOUGLAS MALLOCH THF PROPER I IIAIR 1 11 1 11 11 Llfllll 111 11 11 1 111. 11 111111 1st 1111111111 11111 1 11111 1111111111 1111 11111 X O11 1111111 1 111111 111111111 1 1111 115111 11111 11111 111 lust 111111 is 1111111111111 11111111 ll 1 1 11111 r1 1 111 11111 1 N 11 bl 1 11l1l1Il1, 1111111111111 11111 I11 1111111111: r1111111 111 1111111 X111 111111 111 11 1.111 111 1111 1.111111 B111 II1L1x 1111 111111111 111 111' Ill 111 11 111111111 1 1 1 11 11111 11 1 11 1 1 YL 1 11 11I'111111' 111 1 1 1111111 11111111r11111l111111 11 1 1111 1111 1111 KI A C ELECTRIC SE1s fully equipped wzth Magnetic or Dynamlc Speakers Arrange or Free Demonstration CHARLES OPLI GER I6 20 E 19TH STREET NORTHAMPTON PA SAMUEL F L UBACH Dealer ln COAL WOOD SAND HAY STRAW ETC PHONE. 239 M NORTHAMPTON HOME FURNISHERS II5 LAUNCH AVENUE l1v1.ryth1n11f11r 1h1 Hume. Storm 11 1N11rth.1mp11111 and P1lm1r111n NORTHAMPTON P 1288 'XII 11 PORT 111 NLI N1lR'llI1'1II'11J'N P 1 111 11 11081- 1 ll E' ' : rxf ll 1- . f 7 U 1 f 11 'T U ML Q N -. 1 VA '- - U -1 - J ' U U . . K' U ' . . ll Il II 11 4 1 f ' ll . 1. 11 'X X 1 U Gu - . ' -.--'I 2' 1 1 . ll . r1F..1.1: 1 f'?'-1-141 1 if gl by ' 51 I ' 1.51 , 1 - I . 2' 'E J 1 Ejlzl? f l X 1.1! , 1 Sly 11111' 1111111151111 lll 111" '1111'11, 1 T1 - 11 1 S111- 111: j 11'11. 1 - .XII1 111111111-1111'11 1111111 L1 " '11 XIL1' 1 5 1 '11 11111-. ,XII 1 H' 1 11111 111'11ss ,Z Y 1 1 S-1' '1 11,111 011. 11'll 1111-. 11'11111'11 is 111-111111' 1111111113 v O11-' ' 1 '111'111111' 11111, U W' 77 ' 11111 11 j H1181 1151-11' fll' 1 11111 5 XV1 ' 'S111L 1 111: ' S11, 1111111 11111-11 11111511 1'1111 , 1'11, ' ! ,111f1 ' 11111 11111111- in 111111111 11111 1'1'11. T1 - ' '-111111111111.111-111-1111, 'I'11-r'111'111111' Ill1lSl21111111'115 1'1'11. 011 -1 j 1"11 11' Llfl '1'11'111'11111'1'111111 's11111l11- 111111. T1 - 1 1111111111115 1 -1 -. :XII 1, -' 1 1 111-111 2111. F1 -' . - 11 1f'C11z1ir. K- ., I ' . . 1 , , A. :1::1:11:11n11111u1:11:-11111111-1:11c11111:1:1 11:11 1 1:1::1:11'::e-1 1: 11 1:1 U 10101 1 101 1 VISIT OUR SPORTING GOODS DEPARTMENT The newest and best equzpmenl for FOOTBALL TRACK BASKETBALL TENNIS BASEBALL GYM THE MILLER STORES H A MILLER 8: SONS 2008 I4 MAIN STREET NORTHAMPTON P PHONE 6704 WHOLESALE RETAIL ALLENTOWN SPORTING GOODS COMPANY I23 NORTH SIXTH STRI LT EVERYTHING FOR THE ATI-ILETE ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS FOR SCHOOLS COLLEGES 8: CLUBS SPLCIAL PRICIS TO STUDENTS LENTZ MOTOR CO Inc SAI ES AND SERVICE Atlanlzc Cas and 0115 Pzreslone and Goodyear Tires and Tubes DUCO PAINTING I540 50 MAIN STREET NORTHANIPTON Px PHONE 697 11091 : , ' . I I - I U . . . - , A I li I I Il I I I U . Li. I I I I I ! T 2 . I I I g I, O I Q HUDSON ESSEX CHEVROLET I Q 4 . I I . . 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Suggestions in the Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) collection:

Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Northampton Area High School - Amptennian Yearbook (Northampton, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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