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if N -""v-2... Q 1 ffff f f f fir f 'M X P 'flaw ill! f W W 5 78 Gum Km If X I , N V! I ,ji gif X, f I 2 '. 1 ,I 'Q f' 1, I f , , ' 'Y Q f , ff , ,n ff fx 'ffwpl rl 1 7 1 V VV fl! yhzlfs , ff I ' 1 -il 1 ' ' if ' . W' 4 ' , "r I. I - If I f1f"f"9 V H ' ' - -A IM' :gf 1 . X- . gifffsf, 7 1, ,ffl UML, warg, 'J 1,111 V , I ,I nk A U':i!if:'y 'wwzfzf -' X in-, 'i?M1f,!af:f:.f!: ,,,fm.4 1 1 V, p 51, MW ff.: 1, 0 V NWI' '?1fi:Wf55gf:fg1M. N ,. V J.. Q F AM fi ' ':f'i?'n f'vf"f'n P 1 ' 0. M wffif! 'Nu af- 43' , ' , ' 'VH , , 152440 M I 3 1 . ,I N tl 'A w 5 W f L -gZ'!fi'!:fWj 'J ff - f Ulf -A ,ly 1 'LIIIIIIME ' ,'1",'!g,"itu z',,ff -, 'J WWW. W 'O vr fr, n WTI l! 71 J In X 1f,l6!7h, 'lt ,fig gfylmu, THE PMITHE Wuhlished L3 THE SENIOR CLASS o F ow H YUR K? Hmm-1 scuoox. 4' volume X il SJ 5 553 ff' .NI I '.,if,,,.n - W sw se, -1 41. ,VN U f QA? V 6, tw. V 5' 2, , E Y a X ,, .1 --.'if..j5wg.fiQq1,f g . - W av 'f ,-Q. :sw , YM ' 'Zigi' ,K 3 ,wi ' 1-8, 5 'V A f, it ,f M' f R Q ff , 'wr' 4- .. ,,., , ' ff' 'M v M X k r ff p f W' . ' ' """ 'ii' ' IIWTAI V ??"'ni211- mu im-11 ,A A L 4' Y'WY q A " N 0.5 3 sw ' f fm-f"'f??ulfl '14" M N ' , f '55-'L A , . - Mmm. ,, - , ini 1-1 "1 , if-"4 'i ' -if W . .1 ,,., M ,E 1 , , m , L,.,,, .,kL, ,, M 45, -. V VL ,,,Y L Q AL,,,WzA4 mAAA V Vqyr V ,. ,. .,,, A ,,,,V1 L ,.,..V 'vhlr 7 ' ".' "-"' I K ' ' uJ5..f,,qs',fwm-I L-,, 1 ..,, ' ' 'N' "'W 'AV'A ' Vfi "" "" 7 Lif f--,w wm :.".'54-""i"3'3- ' W' ,-x PEER. fs-W ,K A K 7 ,. K W., V, V .W V , . f f . , ,. 7 , w,,,,,,, fp? v 1.5,-gf , ., ,,, , L Lm,,L,,m,N , v.,WM, W ,m53,lgqmk,,.A. ff-'ff-M.,4W+n - f ,-,.. -,,, . , , -,, ,MLM fm,,. ,. .,,, L - L, ' H- ' N J ' 1 ' ff,f i k k ,V k Lv-1,fp:A.' -M wi-W' '. ,"' V' ' ' , W, ' ' -W' L '-' f""m7 "" K ' 'M 2+ A . ' i"'- Q' -., Y, , I . 1 A T'Q"iWf7qf3Qf1,wWV ' WH -'Kwan-5.Q,fZ':ufAsAQQi Q H .,,A . Vf ' P h"' ll. High School-1902. 41 First graduation class in 1904-4 members. 11 In 1906 there was no graduation class because the school was changed from a two to a three year course. ll. In 1909 the courses were changed from three to four years. IL Between 1911-1913 the school went back to a three year course. ll. Baseball was first started in the high school in 1914. il. In 1915 the school was changed to a four year course and this change was final. There was no graduation class in this year. ll. In 1915 the first yearbook "The Messenger" was published. il. Commercial work was installed in the school in 1924. l1'Basketball was introduced to the school in 1925. il. The teaching of music was introduced in North York High School in the fall of 1926. Miss Emma Matz was the musical director. ll.The High School Glee Club and Orchestra presented its first selection in public on No- vember 10, 1926. It was an Armistice Day program. Cl. The North York School Newspaper was founded October 1, 1927. ll. On February 23, 1927, the male student body of North York School met to elect a business manager, Clifford Gunnetg Cheerleaders, Samuel Campbell, Gerald Zeigler, and Cath- erine Senft. This was the first step which broke ground for a ball diamond. il. The First annual concert in the history of North York High School was given by the Glee Club and Orchestra in the United Brethren Church, March 21, 1927. ll. A debating team was started in the school in 1930. ll. For the first time in North York High School a Boys Glee Club was organized in 1932. ll. A Dramatic Club was organized in 1934. il. The Latin Class of 1934 was the first class in the history of the school to organize a club. ll. A Booster Club was organized in the school on December 14, 1934. 11 The Mathematics Club met and organized on December 15, 1934, under the instruction of Mr. C. C. Ruby. IL A Library Club was organized in the school on September 20, 1935. ll. A Handicraft Club was organized in the school on November 20, 1936. ll. The Hi-Y Club was organized September, 1937. il. Soccer was re-organized in 1937 after a lapse of seven years. Il. A Cheering Club was organized by Charles Leber in 1937. ll. Fencing was introduced to North York High School in 1937. 41 The Senior Girls Reserve Club was organized September 11, 1940. 11. The Junior Girls Reserve Club was organized October 9, 1940. ll. A service plaque was bought and placed in the main hall of the school building in Novem- ber, 1942. ll.A Girls' Trio composed of Lois Senft, Doris Leckrone, and Joyce Everhart was formed during the school year of 1943. ll. The first president of the York County F.H.A. was Delores jones from North York High School. lLThe Northmen Club, a group of vocal male singers, was dissolved in the school year of 1947 and the Male Chorus was organized in its place. CL The schools of North York borough, Springettsbury Township, and Manchester Township joined together in the fall of 1952 to form the Central Joint School System of York County. ll. Plans are now being made to build a new Senior High School Building. ,. , 7 f. 'NX11 'N X - , . 1 ' ' X, I fff' fl' 53? X x T' M, if 3 X gf, Q A l ,gag , ' I Y I , M N X.. ff U ,323 -an N dig? A ll Y ,' xl ". l i QQ 1 uf! ll 'N X W J' 'll , X- X ' ' . I - ' A qi W N23 , I xr. "' fi li- i' ' ff 1 7 f 5 lx c f X Xi' i 46 k J ,Y is 1 it Publication ................... Then, Now, and Future Schools . . . Historical Facts ............... Dedication .... Appreciation ........... Education Will Progress . . . School Board .......... Faculty Title Page ...... Former Faculty Members . . . Faculty Snapshots ....... Messages to the Class . . . . . . Faculty ............................... Former Graduation Classes, 1904-1922 .... Senior Snapshots ................... Senior Formal Title Page . .. Seniors. ..... ......... . . Irmtraut Koch ...... Senior Class Officers ................... Former Graduation Classes, 1923-1938 .... Campus Shots ......................... Senior Statistics ...................... Former Graduation Classes, 1939-1952 .... Then and Now ........ ........... .... Page .. 1 .. 2 .. 3 Q l Former Sophomore Class .... . . 64 Sophomore Class ....... .. 65 Freshman Class Officers . . . . . 66 Former Freshman Class . .. . . 66 Clair Ness Memoriam . . . . . 66 Freshman Class ..... . . 67 Eighth Grade .. .. 68 Seventh Grade . .. . . 69 Classroom Scenes . .. .. 70 Do You Remember? .. 71 Campus Scenes ........... . . . . . 72 Title Page for Activities ..... 4 ...... .. 73 .. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .. 8 .. 9 10 .. 11 .. 12 13-17 18-19 .. 20 .. 21 22-37 .. 38 .. 38 39-40 .. 41 .42-45 46-47 .48-54 Class Song, Poem, Motto, Flower, Colors.. . 54 Last Will and Testament ............... Cafeteria ............... Maintenance . . . . .......... . North York Borough School . . . Manchester Township Schools .... Springettsbury Township Schools . . . Title Page for Underclassmen .... junior Class Officers ......... Former Junior Class .... Junior Class ............ Sophomore Class Officers .. ..55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 62 63 64 Former and Present Editorial Staffs . . . . . 74 Former and Present Business Staffs .. 75 Former Activities ................ .. 76 Senior Class Play . .. .. 77 Junior Class Play . .. .. 78 Operetta .......... .. 79 Senior Chorus . . . . . 80 Junior Chorus ...... .. 80 Intermediate Choir .... .. 81 Band ............... .. 82 Majorettes .... . . 82 Campus Shots .... .... 8 3 Clubs ......... .... 8 4-87 Campus Shots .... .... 8 8 Sports Title Page ... .... 89 Cheerleaders ..... .. 90 Soccer ..... .... 9 1 Wrestling ............. .... 9 1 Senior Boys' Basketball . . . . . . . 92 junior Boys' Basketball . . . . . . . 92 Boys' Volleyball ...... .... 9 3 Boys' Baseball ...... .... 9 3 Senior Boys' Track .... .... 9 4 junior Boys' Track .... .... 9 4 Senior Girls' Track .... .... 9 5 junior Girls' Track .... .... 9 5 Girls' Basketball . . . . .. . 96 Girls' Volleyball ... . . . . 96 Former Sports .... 97-98 AdTitlePage .....99 Advertisements . . . . .100-119 Patrons ...... .... 1 20 - ' 'TQ ,, - f jw-in-wif'-f - WT f--- 1.x 1 ' A f n by n W' 3. 1. , " f u 'm - i idis K ' fs " it P f - N I W 4 - " ' X N. - W ' l m a! M, 'lily N if 1 M M, if Wa. lil' MK , .l , 1 W . it '+ Il ' . , yi ' itll 25 1 ul ' y l lv ' gi' 1-fl I-as .. K 1, ELWOOD L. FAUTH. B.Si.. M.Ed edzcatzon EN YEARS of devotion to North York High School as an in- structor and friend merit Elwood L. Fauthlthe dedication of the 1953 Panther. He has served our class as advisor in our junior and Senior years and as editorial advisor of our yearbook. Because of his friendliness and helpfulness to us, we, the class of 1953, pay tribute to Mr. Fauth. 5 Ervin Lehr, Advertising Manager: Charlotte Dull, Circulation Managerg Donna. Hoffmaster, Business Manager: Patricia Bear, Editor-in-Chiefg Margaret Stambaeh, Associate Editor: Robert Shindler, Asso eiate Editor. Mr. William N. Craley, Business Advisor. Mr. Elwood L. Fauth, Editorial Advisor. qkdiflk You . . . EVERYONE WHO HEIQPED TO PRODUCE THE 1953 PANTHER We especially wish to express our thanks to Mr. Fauth, whose assistance as editorial advisor was invaluable, to Mr. Craley, who efficiently supervised the management of the business staffg to the faculty and students, who all helped by their support to publish our yearbook. To those outside of school who assisted us, we wish to express our thanks -especially to those who contributed pictures of their high school days, mak- ing possible this anniversary edition. We express our thanks to all the merchants, companies, and business houses whose advertising appears in this book. Their support is greatly appreciated. We urge the student body and our other subscribers to patronize these adver- tisers whose contributions have assisted us financially. Last, but not least, We thank the citizens of the community, our mothers and fathers, who provided for our education and thus made possible the pub- lication of the book. 6 Erz'umi1'o1z W1'll Progrcff As ihe years roll on in ihis march fhrough lime, we musi remember lhal' educaiion will always progress. From ifs similar beginnings in ihe older counfries, if has progressed info wha? we have foday. Lei' us briefly follow if Through ifs various slages of develop- menr. The firsl schools of Asia and Europe were connecfed wilh lhe lemples of worship. If was probably fhe invenlion of wriling which sfarred regular schools and subiecls olher than religion. The early Romans 'raughr Ywo languages: Laiin, iheir na+ive +ongue1 and Greek, which was fhe key fo cullure and knowledge. Aihenian boys siudied music and gymnaslics ai lhe age of seven. Schools increased in numbers and kinds afler IIOO A. D. The Crusades broughl' a+- leniion ro chivalry. This led io a form of educalion which laughf graces, mililary skills, and moral virlues. Also, about rhis lime, universi+ies were sfarfed as a means of higher educafion. During ihe Reformarion Period, fhe firsl slaps foward public educaiion were iaken. The church and lhe s+a+e worked fogelher io supporl' lhe schools. Buf if was in The midsf of 'the Revolulionary War fha? public educaiion was born in fhe Unifed Slales. Wilh public educalion came many problems. The problem of aflendance was solved by fhe passing of laws which made aliendance compulsory. Taxafion was agreed upon as ihe meihod of financing public educalion. All persons who owned faxable properly supporled ihe schools. The governmenl' 'fhen passed laws perlaining lo fhe lengih of school days. kinds of schoolhouses lo be buili, and ofher mailers perlaining 'io educaiion. Ai firsf when high schools were sfaried, il' was ihoughf 'thai only people who in- iendedlo go 'lo college should aliend. Thai soon changed and now high schools prepare 'people for all palhs of life. Allhough educafion is very common, we musl noi forgef lhal much ol ihe world is illilerale. Work'is being done fo educaie lhese paris oi 'lhe world. Educalion 'lends fo 'lf?Ijlng.all. peoples of ihe world closer iogelher and io improve fheir living condi'rions,.' H as-.F ,. Z 'Tir' '-511 nunsunzuy . gf .fcbool Baum' 0f190 -190 To the 1953 Graduating Class Congratulations to you for this fine edition of the Panther. A job of co-ordination and planning is evident for this issue which commemorates the Fiftieth Anniversary of our High School dur- ing the school year of 1952-53. It is interesting to note that, on the eve of this Anniversary, our Jointure-started operations with the present school year. It is also a coincidence that history will have been made by the groundbreaking of a new modern high school during this anniversary year. This new building will include all the latest developments for modern education. Your -Board of Directors is diligently striving to improve our facilities and to provide equal op- portunities for everyone in our system. These advantages will make better citizens and a better community in which to live. Board of Directors, Central Joint School System MELVIN S. RIFE, President First row: Wilbur L. Everhartg George H. Mundis, Vice Presidentg Leslie Clough, Jr., Sears-taryg Melvin S. Rife, President: George H. Leckrone, Treasurer: Earl F. Garbrickg Ralph C. Charleston.pSecond Row: Eugene R. Pattersong C. Eugene Beshore3 Roy J. Rentzelg George H. Hummelg X'Villiam G. Schwab: John C. Yates: Luther W. Kochenourg Henry C. Rishel. smnumnmam- --M--f ' mr-wvfw- J, x 'J 70: -src' 'ra QQQO wx am FORMER FACULTY MEMBERS CALEB W ALTLAND CARRIE RUTTER LAURA LIGGITT INIA BILILET EFFIE MYERS , A ' VIRG 1904-05 FACULTY KENT HAYES l 10 c 90 SNATCHER MUTT a JEFF Wh, WELL PREPARED CAUGHT You THAT TIME ' 'II"A 1' WELL BALANCED WATCH THE BIRDIE VERY FUNNY - VERY BUSY m ALMOST READY -mm fb I x 1 5 u ! 1 To Graduates, Students and Friends of North York High School Fifty years ago, the School Board of North York Borough organized a high school. Since that time many problems have faced the various school boards-among them the erection of two high school buildings, the founding of a junior high school, the addition of a commercial course, a home-making course, and an industrial arts course, as well as a physical education program. No doubt they were told these adventures would not be successful, but they proceeded bravely and met the challenges. To a very large extent the undertakings were successful. In forty-six commencements 1,365 persons were graduated. The class of 1953 consists of 63 students to be graduated in June. Many North York graduates have made valuable contribu- tions to society. Most important, they have established them- selves as respected members of our communities. Now it is your turn as members of the graduating class to do the same. Your goal should be two-fold: a desire to live a normal life in a peaceful world, and freedom to pursue the profession or occupation of your choice. North York High School can feel proud that it has given to society individuals who have had the following goals in mind: C' CLINTON RUBY A. B. Executives whose interest in their employees as fellow i men and women is not destroyed by a lust for profitsg Sales- men who serve their customers with truth and integrityg State College Teachers fired with the will to inspire their students to a life of accomplishmentg Ministers whose love of people is ex- ceeded only by their love of Godg Lawyers whose profes- sional conduct will be based upon right and justice, and not legal trickery. Supervising Principal Gettysburg College: Pennsylvania Engineers who have given to us the benefit of scientific progress: Nurses whose creed has been loving serviceg Laborers with the thought of helping all mankind rather than only an interest in self: Men and Women who have built homes for our generation and also future generations, whose first interest always was the rearing of a family that would bring honor to the community: Graduates who have a desire to put more into life than they ever expect to get out of it. If, fifty years from now, we can see the graduates from North York High School leave with the same freedom of choice that has been preserved for us, we can indeed feel proud. The road to your goals is hard and difficult. In high school you have been laying only the founda- tion. In building this foundation you have developed two of the most important phases of your per- sonal lives-personality and character. The true purpose of high school is to teach you to shape these two attainments, so that you can get along in the world. You haven't yet achieved your goalsg you have yet to be tested. Looking back at your community, your school, and your teachers, you should feel thankful for all that has been done for you. With such advantages, you should be ready to accomplish something in life, to achieve success in the fullest sense of the word. WILLIAM N. CRALEY, B. S., M. Ed. Principal East Stroudsburg Stale 'l'uaeher's College achievement or of intermittent successes only, it cannot be PBm'SY'Vf1"iH Siam Culloge altered. Like the spoken word or the spent arrow, it is not to be recalled. Your high school days here are all but over. Your record has been written. Whether this record is one of satisfying To go forth from high school satisfied with past results, however splendid, would be a grave error. Let your future course be set with a determination to exceed all accomplish- ments in the past. If your stay here has provided the ele- mental-basis for such future striving, the time spent has not been spent in vain. - Good luck to you as you leave high school and face the greater problems, responsibilities, and opportunities which lie ahead in a turbulent world. Ioseph B. Biros, A. B. Health Physical Education Coach of Jr. High Basketball Coach of Baseball Advisor to Sportsmen Club Advisor to Varsity Sports Club York Junior College Gettysburg College Beryl R. Abel, B. S. Mathematics Advisor to Crafts Club Gettysburg College Millersville State Roy T. Bitzer, B. S. Industrial Arts Advisor to Arts 8: Crafts Club Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College New York University an S. Boddington, B. S. Home Economics Art General Science Advisor to F. H. A. Indiana State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Teachers College University of Pennsylvania. Janet P. Booz, B. S. Mathematics History Advisor to Social Clubs Elizabethtown College Willimantic State Teachers College University of Connecticut Millersville State Teachers College Dorothy A. Bontreger, A. B. English Advisor to Library Club Class Advisor to 10th and 12th Grades Lebanon Valley College Home Economics Advisor to P. I-I. A. Pennsylvania State College Millersville State Teachers College Elwood L. Fauth, B. S., M. Ed. Bookkeeping Typing' General Business Training Advertising Salesmanship Head of Commercial Department Senior Class Advisor Editorial Advisor to "Panther" Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State Marion E. Brown, B. S. Margaret L. Mathematics Dotterer, B. S. Dorothy A. Elgin, B. S. Social Studies Typing I sn 11: Advisor to Jr. Y'-Teens Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania College Stenography I 8a II Secretarial Training Oflice Practice Advisor to Sr. 'Y-Teens Thompson Business College Elizabethtown College College Temple University Earney G. Fishel Ruth Johnston, A. B. Margaret B. SOCi2.1 Stl1l11eS English Lehman, S. Advisor to Hi-Y Club Li'bra.rY Business English M'11 111 st 1: D' ctor of - - frfgggerf coaeze 15-in class Dramatics Commercial Mathematic: York County Academy Advisor to Sr. Dramatics Club Pennsylvania State College Commercial Geography Assistant Advisor to Sr. Y-Teens Elizabethtown College E . . bf 5.-3 Clytie G. Lehr, B. S. Social Studies Assistant Advisor to Jr. Y-Teens Shippensburg' State Teachers College Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College V1rginia A. Ressel, B. S. Pennsylvania History U. S. History Advisor to Social Club Millersville State Teachers College Henry A. Mitchell, B. S. Science East Stroudsburg State Nancy A, Myers A, B Teachers College English y Franklin Sz Marshall College Herbert E. Schmidt, Industrial Arts Coach of Wrestling Coach of Soccer Advisor to Hi-Y Club Advisor to Varsity Sports Club Millersville State Teachers College Advisor to Sr. I'. I-I. A Assistant Advisor to Sr. Class Play Lebanon Valley College Louise H. Poet, B. S Health Physical Education Coach of Jr. 8: Sr. Volleyball KG-irlsl Coach of Jr. 8a Sr. Basketball fGir1sl Coach of Jr. 85 Sr. Track KG-irlsj Advisor to Cheerleaders Lock Haven State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Robert L. Myers, B. Science A Mathematics 1 , Temple University 15 Arthur E.Warfie1d, B. S. Music Supervisor Director of Instrumental Group Senior Chorus Intermediate Choir Junior Chorus Advisor of Jr. Dramatics Club Edinboro College Millersville State Teachers College Temple University Homer P. Weaver, B. S Social Studies Geography Advisor of Nature Club Millersville State Teachers College Myra S. White, A. B. French English Latin Director of Sr. Class Dramatics Lebanon Valley College University of Vermont 16 Doris W. Smith, B. S. Margaret A. Art Supervisor Wales, A. B. Kutztown State Teachers Social Studies College English Millersville State Teachers College Dorothy B. Burkhart, B. Dietitian of Central Joint School System Member of American Dietetics Association Pennsylvania State College Assistant Director of Jr. Class Dramatics Advisor of Intermediate Y-TeenS Lebanon Valley College Cornell University Evelyn G. Emig, R. N. School Nurse Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing' David E. Fink Vxlilliam H. Frantz Custodian Custodian Doris R. White Harry Stf3Yef School Secretary Custodian North York High School Gladys R. Gable Dental Hygienist Certificate of Dental Hygiene University of Pennsylvania Dr. Charles H. May, B. A., A. M., M. D. School Physician Gettysburg College John Hopkins University, M. D. Internship at Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa. Jean J. Smith School Secretary North York High School 17 GRADUATION CLASS OF 1904 Graduation Class Members were Earl Herman, Irvin Smyser, 0 5 Ruth Myers, and Laura Culbertson. The living members are Irvin Smyser and Laura. Culbertson. 1 1907 1903 1910 1911 1912 1913 U! 'Q P wiv MATCH ING PENNIES Tilt lx WE RE JUST A LITTLE TIRED eff' 4436 gs OUR GLAMOROUS TEACHERS 3 .41 ,, H, eo we Qvgfk e 2,5470 .J xg at E V , l 2 BOY, IS THIS GUY HUNGRY , ,,..f ,E , nv ,V .. ,, :fr af 'K LOGK! WOW!!! if f A. rf yffyx g ADH. D fi Q g -H 125 .,-5.1 IQKII 1.65 VV Q k , z NG 'FW' Q.'fz', QE ' H015 K , G' RA 'ff ,IQY Z. ugh , 311,113 ALO Q . Ng THESE ARE FOR You "I L" ri K ' I K ' , 'F A L O I .gp-. , 55"-.f ' ,kph X' U m 1' " L"L ' ' , , "ak ,, Q 2 , S - 'S .1 S ? 1 ,. 1 b ' ""' Q -, J I ? L,Lkk,,,. ii, . ' Q L-- ii ,'L- I 0 m My ,,- - eniors U! f I K a 1245 'Sini- Ni 4427? 7? . TQ? f Shirley A. Badeker Emigsville Commercial Stenogtaphic Y-Teens Basketball Volleyball Track Chorus Operetta Magazine Campaign Editorial Staff Marlin L. Aughenbaugh 2701 North George Street General Varsity Sports Club 4 Social Dancing 4 Basketball 1 Soccer 1, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Business Staff 4 ,3,4 1,2 ,3,4 1 , 3, 4 , 3, 4 3, 4 4 S L tyyl I H Pafriciu A. Bear R. D. No. 4, York Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Operetta 2, 3, Class Play 3, 4 Magazine Campaign 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 Joanne E. Benizel 1892 Susquehanna Trail General F. H. A , 2, Chorus Business Staff 'L Wh 2,4 L 22 l 19','0x Lols E. Boyer 1141 North Duke Street General F. H. A. 1, 4 Business Staff 4 1 .ei Beverly A. Brothers 45 West Ninth Avenue General Y-Teens F. H. A. Chorus 2, Operetta Business Staff Barbara L. Brown 515 North George Street Commercial Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 2, 3 Volleyball, Boys' Manager 2, 3 Track 1, 3 Chorus 1, 3, 4 Operetta 3 Magazine Campaign 4 Business Staff 4 Jay K. Crisi' 41 East Ninth Avenue Scientific Varsity Sports Club 4 Dramatic Club 4 Basketball Manager 1 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Track Manager 1, 2, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 23 Gale L. Emig R. D. No. 5, York Academic Varsity Sports Club Social Dancing Club Track Band Chorus Operetta Editorial Staff 1,2, 3,4 Charlo'l"I'e V. Dull Emigsville Commercial S tenographlc Y-Teens Chorus Operetta Magazine Campaign Business Staff 4 4 2 3,4 3,4 4 Elwood M. Fake 317 East Fifth Avenue Classical Scientific Dramatic Club Baseball Chorus Business Staff Charles L Fuhrman 23 West Eighth Avenue General Varslty Sports Club Baseball Basketball Soccer Volleyball Busmess Staff 24 55453 fasts Johann M. Fullen R. D. No. 1, Manchester Commercial Stenogtaphic Social Dancing Club Magazine Campaign Business Staff 111 Wilson Avenue Wayne D. Gingerich 29 East Sixth Avenue General Varsity Sports Club Basketball Soccer Volleyball Track Band Class Play Business Staff 4 1,2, 3,4 1, 2,4 3,4 1,2 1 3 4 L c A Donald L. Gingerich 31 West Eleventh Avenue General Basketball Business Staff Lloyd W. Gingerich, Jr. General Varsity Sports Club 4 Social Dancing Club 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Business Staff 4 Gi Iii 25 Sylvester C. Gladfelter, Jr. 2704 North George Street ' General Varsity Sports Club 4 Game Club 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Staff 4 Jack O. Gladfelter 38 Laurel Street General Varsity Sports Club Basketball Soccer Volleyball Track Librarian Business Staff .1 Ruth N. Godfrey 41 West Ninth Avenue 4 1, 2, 3,4 1, 3,4 2,3,4 1, 2, 3,4 4 4 lX Q General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3 Class Play 4 Librarian 1, 2 Editorial Staff 4 L Linda J. Griffin 139 East Seventh Avenue Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens , , F. H. A. , 2, , Basketball Magazine Campaign , Editorial Staff 26 .I Af' cm QQ ff? Q.-is Emily M. Groif 1405 North Pine Street Academic Y-Teens 1, 2 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Red Cross 3 Volleyball 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Editorial Staff 4 Shirley M. Hinkle Emigsville Commercial Stenographic Social Dancing Club Chorus 1, 2, Operetta Business Staff Lina M. Hively R. D. .No. 5, York Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Magazine Campaign 3, 4 Business Staff 4 L .I Donna R. Ho'lfmas'I'er 2727 Clear Springs Blvd. Commercial Stenogtaphic Y-Teens 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Magazine Campaign 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Staff 4 27 Patricia A. Jones 136 Lightner's Avenue Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens F. H. A. Librarian Magazine Campaign Business Staff , General Game Club Soccer Volleyball Wrestling Track Business Staff A 4 1 1 4 Richard C. Hollinger 1133 North Court Avenue 4 1, 2, 3,4 1,2, 3,4 3 1,2 4 WK 4 Raymond A. Kqnn, Jr. R. D. No. 4, York General Varsity Sports Club Game Club Volleyball Business Staff 4 4 1,2 4 Harry E. Knepper 29 West Ninth Avenue General Game Club Track Manager Business Staff 28 4 3 Mabel E. Krone R. D. No. 4, York General 4,-, :fs Y-Teens Qi 19' F. H. A. xlfx Magazine Campaign Ervin E. Lehr, Jr. R. D. No. 4, York General Varsity Sports Club Game Club Baseball Basketball Manager Soccer Volleyball Track Business Staff Business Staff Shirley L. Leedy R. D. No. 4, York Scientific F. H. A. Class Play Editorial Staff 4 4 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4 3, 4 1, 2 4 29 Q. 1 3,4 4 4 Sferling J. Kroui' Emigsville General Varsity Sports Club Game Club Baseball Basketball Soccer Volleyball Track Chorus Operetta . Class Play Editorial Staff 3,4 3 4 Lois E. Lehr Y-Teens Red Cross Chorus Operetta Magazine Campaign Editorial Staff Mary Lou Lehr 1024 North Duke Street Commercial Stenograplzic F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 2 Magazine Campaign 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 30 East Tenth Avenue Commercial Stenograpliic 4 3 2, 3,4 2,3,4 3,4 4 Wayne E. Linebaugh 42 Laurel Street General Varsity Sports Club Social Dancing Club Basketball Soccer Track Business Staff i2 in 4 4 1,2,3 1,2,3 2 4 f"'N my rr 4kl Mary E. Lobeody 60 East Ninth Avenue Scientihc Social Club Chorus Operetta Librarian Editorial 30 Staff 2,3,4 2,3,4 3,4 A 4 4 23:53 19, x f ennc fl? K--, 4: -.w .l Marian L. Myers A Barry L. Muriin R. D. No. 2, York Classical Scientific Dramatic Club Soccer 1, 2, Volleyball 1, Track Manager 1, Band Chorus 2, 3, Operetta 1, 2, 3, Class Play 3, Business Staff Class Officer 1, 2, 3, Pufricia M. Miller Emigsville Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens 1, 2, Chorus Magazine Campaign Business Staff 1010 North Duke Street General Y-Teens F. H. A. Basketball Track Chorus Librarian Magazine Campaign Business Staff 1,2,3 1, 2, 3,4 1,2 2 1,2 3,4 4 4 4 3 2 2 1 4 4 4 4 4 Carole A. Miller Emigsville Commercial Stenogtaphzc Y-Teens 2 Chorus Magazine Campaign Business Staff 3, 4 1 3, 4 4 31 Q. , . 4- Q 455 , , . ,. , 4, .f . 3, f .., y 1 Marvin S. Myers R. D. No. 4, York General Varsity Sports Club Game Club Baseball Track Business Staff 4 4 Y ' slll l . I elre LEM ell llb Ronald D. Reigle 5 Sigsbee Avenue General Varsity Sports Club Game Club Basketball Soccer Volleyball Track Business Staff 52 4 4 1, 3,4 1,4 4 1,4 4 Nancy M. Rhoads Emigsville Scientific Arts 8: Crafts Club Chorus Operetta Editorial Staff .Q 1, 2, 3,4 4 4 1,2, 3,4 4 4 fx L 'Z' NN Janice M. Rhodes 1138 North George Street General Y-Teens 1, 2, F. H. A. 3, Chorus 3, Operetta 3, Business Staff 32 3 4 4 4 4 A 4 fair?-5' fi-fi x James R. Schneider 63 Woodland Avenue Classical Scientific Varsity Sports Club Dramatics Club Baseball Basketball Wrestling Track Chorus Operetta Class Play Editorial Staff Dale K. Rohrbaugh 44 East Ninth Avenue Scientific Dramatics Club Chorus Operetta Business Staff 4 3,4 3,4 4 Roy W. Rohrbaugh 201 Woodland View Drive General Varsity Sports Club 4 Social Dancing Club 4 Soccer 4 Qi Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Business Staff 4 William L. Schmid 8 Latimer Street Scientific Varsity Sports Club 4 Social Dancing Club 4 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 4 4 1, 2, 4 1 4 4 3, 4 3, 4 4 4 33 Q. . Robert L. Shindler , V,h V ... , E A, 915.North.Duke Street ' Y" ' jf' Classical Scientific A 2 l . Varsity Sports Club 4 1, Game Club 4 ' rlsel eeer 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ' Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Avei f i ' Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4 - ' E l f Track 3, 4 4 - Band 1 A. A -4 H 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 ,., ,,,,, Operetta 1, 21 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 ,zflrffl-I Editorial Staff 4 fll " 'lli'e' lll' ' Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4 BeH'y M. Siders 42 Woodland Avenue Commercial Stenograplzic F. H. A. 1, 2 Social Dancing Club 4 A Chorus 1, 2 Magazine Campaign 3,4 Editorial Staff 4 Donald C. Slaugh 38 East Ninth Avenue General Varsity Sports Club 4 Game Club 4 Soccer 1, 4 Wrestling 4 Chorus 1, 2 Class Play 4 Business Staff 4 Joan C. Spangler 811 North Duke Street Business Staff 34 935 NM General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Librarian 3, 4 4 I' L . I1 E36 4534 19' 'ox 4.5.-N Lois A. Sievenson R. D. No. 5, York .. ... 1 A Margaret A. Siumbach R. D. No. 1, Mt. Wolf Classical Scientific Y-Teens 1, 2 F. H. A. 3, 4 Basketball 1 Band 1 L A Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 Grace A. Siambaugh R. D. No. 4, York Commercial Stenographic Social Dancing Club Librarian Magazine Campaign Business Staff Joseph A. Siarz 1311 North George Street General ' Varsity Sports Club 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 4 Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens Chorus Operetta Magazine Campaign Business Staff 1,z, 3, 4 3,4 3,4 3,4 4 35 Q.. Ruih A. Sunday R. D. No. 1, York General Y-Teens F. H. A. Librarian Business Staff Mary P. Sirausbaugh R. D. No. 4, York Commercial Stenographic Arts 81 Crafts Club Chorus Magazine Campaign Business Staff 1 3,4 4 4 Lamar A. Tracey 1412 Bannister Street General Game Club Business Staff 36 QRNXXQ f"'X Paisy L. Traver 551554 Leah May Warner 1041 North Duke Commercial Stenographic Street 193 'lx Shirley M. Zirkle R. D. No. 3, Dover F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Chorus 4 Librarian 4 Magazine Campaign 3, 4 Editorial Staff 4 Beify Lou Whife R. D. No. 1, Manchester Commercial Stenographic Y-Teens 2, 3 Red Cross Chorus 2, 3 Operetta 2, 3 4 Class Play 3 Librarian Magazine Campaign 3 Editorial Staff Douglas L. Zerbe 1885 North Beaver Street General Basketball 1 Wrestling 3, 4 Business Staff 4 Commercial Stenogtaphic Y-Teens F. H. A. Chorus Operetta Class Play Magazine Campaign Business Staff 2, 3,4 2,3 2, 3,4 2, 3,4 3,4 3,4 4 37 Q ! 3 3 july 29, 1951, found a strange girl in a strange land wondering just what her "American family" would be like. She did not wonder long, for soon Dale and Eva- mae Crist arrived at New Windsor, Maryland, to take their Exchange Student home with them for one year. Irmtraut Koch, a seventeen-year-old German girl, came to live with the Crists under the Exchange Student Program sponsored by the Church of the Brethren Service. It was planned that she would live as one of the family. With three little Crists, she often served as "baby-sitter." She attended North York High School where she M3 was a member of the junior Class. Her achievements ,L were many, and she did excellent work in school. She was especially fond of art and handicrafts. Irmtraut loved the students at NYHS and was made to feel that she was one of them. She helped as an usher at the graduation exercises and had a part in My the operetta and in assembly programs. IRM-I-RAUT KOCH While she was here in America, she spoke to many civic and church groups in our city. To all of them she told of her terrible experiences during the war when bombs fell in her garden and she lived by bread and potato peels. But yet she loves the American people andpis forever grateful for the opportunity she had of living and studying here and discovering that America is not ua land of "Indians and hot-rods" as she was led to believe from the American made movies she had seen. Irmtraut sailed for her homeland, Hohr Greushausen, August 6 from New York City. To those from York there to see her off, it was a sad experience, but yet quite joyful when one stops to realize that this has been one great step in bringing peace on earth. Senior Clan' i0jicer.v President ...... ........................ R obert Shindler Vice President . . . ............. Jay Crist Secretary ...... ..... D onna Hoffmaster Treasurer ................. ....... B arry Martin 0 C F L F I C 5 E 5 R 5 A as 'f ,ix I +3 Qggi 'f-25?-231 1931 3 1932 1933 3 33 1934 1935 1936 1937 193 3 HECK THAT ENOUGH 59 9 '4l""'3Zi11H'-3IP"U Pi I M 2 P-4 O I '-3 O 'TJ O G 'KJ F" IP U2 v-3 'U T' P '4 CD2-1wO 7UO'11 mmmwgwg 'TIC' FIU!!-5 U5 ww? x INC OPZW U-'N mzHHHv2 O Uk FUTOR E.P FRIENDS 4515, WE WON AGAIN PALs:zz m7UFHI2f'iZ31'U LEISURE TIME OF THE JUST WALKING TA FF l11Nf-'bdsm 'UCI MO RE BAGS QQ Name Aughenbaugih, Marlin Badeker, Shirley Bear, Patricia Bentzel, Joanne Boyer, Lois Brothers, Beverly Brown, Barbara Crist, Jay Dull, Charlotte Emig, Gale Fake, Elwood Fuhrman, Charles Fullen, Johann Gingerich, Donald Gingerich, Lloyd Gingerich, Wayne Gladfelter, Jack Gladfelter, Sylvester Godfrey, Ruth Griffin, Linda Groff, Emily Hinkle, Shirley Hively, Lina Hoffmaster, Donna Hollinger, Richard jones, Patricia Kann, Raymond Knepper, Harry Krone, Mabel Krout, Sterling Leedy, Shirley Lehr, Ervin SENIOR Alias NOX!! "Shir1" Hpath CKJ'0!7 CK Tommy" i'Bev" "Barb,' U "Cristy" "Sis" "Chub" "Woody" "Chas" liJ'0!l "Stick" "Bill" "Horace', lCJ'igS9, "Sonny" "Ruthie" "Lynn" "Emmy" "Hink" "Lina" "Donna" "Dick" "Pat" "Kannie" .1 ClMabe77 "Sterl" "Shirl" "Ervie" 42 Napoleon" Autograph gabdA1 3-ff-SIL Bomb Altima Qwwa Ju glam 'irgw 384,-L-U L +31 Lila-ynl, ' EAM if yew """'? fill ,.,.,.. Sw-r S I'11 be darned!! For gosh sakes!! For Pete's sake! Oh yeah?? You know Don't worry yourself Down, Boy!! Oh, prune juice!! Great day!! Holy Ham!!! Ho, ho, that's rich! Makin' out??? Crisis!!! Un mine gollies! Like to know, wouldn't you! Let's quiet down!! Oh, boy!!! Let's go, boys! I think he's cute You know it!! Oh, gee! Oh, heck!! You know what? ?? You know it!!! Simmer down!!! None of your fbusiness Aw, shut up! Really? ? Couldn't prove it by me! Hi, Dad!! Oh, Shhhhugar!! STATISTICS Favorite Expression Want To Be Usually Found State Police Playland Secretary Hoffmaris Secretary Shindler's Secretary Bon Ton Beautician Playland Housewife. With Janice Secretary With Dick Dairyman Rutter's Secretary With the twins Dairy Farmer With the cows Teacher Capitol Theater Serviceman Ol1er's Secretary With Pat and Betty Mechanic Dime1ow's Dairyman Manchester Carpenter . With Eddie State Police With Donna Baseball Player Hilkers Model With Raymond Secretary 'With Lucy Dancer Dottie Roffe's Secretary Murphy's Secretary With Neil Gym Teacher With jack Mechanic With Doug Secretary Y. M. C. A. Truck Driver With Finkie Farmer At home Nurse With Ruth Vocalist Strick's Nurse At home Mechanic With Butch I wouldn't say that! 43 Lehr, Lois Lehr, Mary Lou Linebaugh, Wayne Lobody, Mary Martin, Barry Miller, Carole Miller, Patricia Myers, Marian Myers, Marvin Reigle, Ronald Rhoads, Nancy Rhodes, Janice Rohrbaugh, Dale Rohrbaugh, Roy Schmid, William Schneider, James Shindler, Robert Siders, Betty Slaugh, Donald Spangler, Joan Stambach, Margaret Stambaugh, Grace Starz, joseph Stevenson, Lois Strausbaugh, Mary Sunday, Ruth Tracey, Lamar Warner, Leah White, Betty Lou Zerbe, Douglas Zirlrle, Shirley SENIOR l Alias "Professor" "Lucy" "Skip" "Liz" "Doc" "Carole" "Patsy" "Bert" "Marv" "Trees" CC Nancy" CKJan!, "Rohrbaugh" "Shorty" "Bill" ttRed79 uRoCkyn csBettyn ccslugn sz Spang" Cipeggy!! "Shorty" KCAndy7! "Lois" HMaryl, ccRuthys9 uBuCkn scpennyva KKBeb9! KKDoug!7 cfzirki! 44 N A utograph flffifb -4 - Zifafg'-M' A0 HMM Wa, 525.3317 RLQQQIV ,, Qffffaaa -9.45- 5' WR 0621, a WC '45-WW' 50574 95616-J7!?fL2'fl Pyfgfra, STATISTICS Favorite Expression Holy cow! Good??? Get off it!!! Oh, Brother!! He ain't got too Oh, my word My word I betcha! Where's your brungin's Morning, Governor!! You know it!! Why??? Yah!! I got news for you! Let us went!!!! What I mean is !- Hi, Stupid Oh, my gosh!! Ain't so smart, are you? I don't know!! Gee whiz!!! Oh, my gosh!! How do?? Oh, my gosh!! Oh!!!! You know it!! I got it!! For craba nettie!! Egads!! None of your business Natch!!! many brems ! up? Secretary Secretary Mechanic Fashion Illustrator Doctor Secretary Secretary Undecided Gas Station Operator Sailor Missionary Typist Dentist Musician Engineer - Commercial Artist Mortician Secretary Draftsman Telephone Operator Teacher Secretary Mechanic Secretary Secretary Typist Railroad Brakeman Secretary Secretary Undecided Secretary 45 Usually Found At Gingerich's With Linda With Jo In red Pontiac Strick1er's With Patsy With Carole With Joan Bright Star Chick's At home With Bev De Molay Legion Post Wolfgang's Bob Hoffman's Zions View With Johann Boring's With Bert With J ay Peoples In his Nash Pleasureville With Grace Most anywhere Capitol Theater At school Woo1worth's With Dick At the movies vga? . 1... ., , qnxmi, , 'X' 'P 'HW '. ..-"V'2fL:2 "J57'52?f5wq. . - Ll "?1't'i-imL,Q?X11,iT345-1 -, 1 .- i1i"w 4'i- "fm 'vt 'Rf F36-xiii? f 'L . ,M ing-f,m . gfifgiqvfig5f'?:..4"E'I'?T'i',..L'f.5?5'1:5':,'WL'2.flig'31'Sf?2323Q'7f53'3':f9'TY3j3E',-T-2-E 't J". 5' :EI 7 , M-H' mv. .., +5-2-E1':.g+ ' Q . ' 3 V r- ala A fi 31 1 5 K: ' V 2' 3' ff: 3 444 'fi if 1 . Ly I '1 'xv f?'j'f1iSg R Q " N , flf ,, Q "L.q'i- 5, :QW if 5: f ,ML Wxw f lbqwig sf -V -k v-E n v u k. if g f Q an , f A 4 A L -W 'V - ' A- , A51 'if ' 9 ' Y - 4 ' f ' - "rf ' ' . M ' ,tiff ,"'.i4., .3 i D- ' M if -I 1939 1940 1941 194 ' F' 1, ' 5 v m , 1- -H ..1 - ,ws ws www1wwm,.,mw' ' , I - X- . 'X at-an -wfm..,1...., g.....x,,.,,L-k ' 1..,.c14i,.,1:,,.:m,5?, .gk5y,wg.mmQgmf:.n 3 +m'1 rg : 1 2 ' ,, -: P23 Q FW ' f "':' 5 M ' A H:wm,f'w:pu,,,fI' P 5 T- H' ' 2 15 , 1 52'W?Wp::,i,Q axis? -. yfw ' .V - ' ':- Y mf ' . j M W""'.,g,'R,5, 3eGq5i , 1 , 1 ,W V 1, I . ,., ,M , , , 1 M W, 1 M., gm ' ' Y , A v M, L, , A .-wg M. 1 b , -- ,- v - ., 53 ' 1 ' ' ,W W .W 1 1. -SJ' 14 LA 1 Z6 Y we ,- H rr - .- , , W W-mg ,sea . , A 11. S ,vt P- A. 1 U V fl '3 ' ' , , gi 1 , J , ,J P in f I 'bf : -g E ' ' 5 -f V "' iii,- 2. " -1 " Vf' f f L V A ' X -5" if ' g M' 'ffrig 5' ,,, E 4451 E A - 4 , '9', W' V V 'Wy !k,, Y N au- Y l ,N pn, Qu s ,X.. Y mm, ' ,I N7 f ,' . V. 1-1,5 -v -f U if P 4- Q 4 f egxf? 1' 9.1, f ,,, fuv!,,, "5f'?'f1.2l-'- F ' ,,'1.x.,F-fy H W WN K il Q Q M 1944 194 1946 pn 'IQQQWTQ 1947 1943 1949 1950 1951 1952 WQgpM 5 1153? 2. 1' ffff 4 Z vm -P -4 ts-. ,, 1 9 --- , K ff: f, X x . ,..- . - . 4 0. . Q,-,,, ,. Q 'H vgm -fi. Lge ra F7 A THEN NOW THEN NOW MARLIN AUGHENBAUGH BEVERLY BROTHERS SHIRLEY BADEKER BARBARA BROWN PATRICIA BEAR :fi I 1. K '1 . infix- -ii 1.4. A . Tj 3 -sz UM ' i 'Klan Wynn rr.-..,.A WR Hs JAY CRIST JOANNE BENTZEL CHARLOTTE DULL LOIS BOYER GALE EMIG 48 THEN NOW THEN NOW -uf my 6 Q 1 JUNK 1 .bf WAYNE GINGERICH , H' ' CHARLES FUHRMAN JACK GLADFELTER JOHANN FULLEN SYLVESITER GLADFELTER DONALD GINGERICH RUTH GODFREY T T LLOYD GINGERICH LINDA GRIFFIN 49 THEN NOW THEN NUW EMILY GROFF 'I' iii PATRICIA JONES SHIRLEY HINKLE RAYMOND KANN LINA HIVELY HARRY KNEPPER DONNA HOFFMASTER MABEL KRONE . RICHARD HOLLINGER STERLING KROUT , 50 THEN NOW THEN N UW T T SHIRLEY LEE DY MARY LOBODY ERVIN LEHR w BARRY MARTIN f xt LOIS LEHR CAROLE MILLER MARY LOU LEHR PATRICIA MILLER WAYNE LINEBAUGH MARION MYERS 51 THEN NOW THEN NOW MARVIN MYERS dd ROY ROHRBAUGH RONALD REIGLE WILLIAM SCHMID NANCY RHOADS Q NY' JAMES SCHNEIDER K 453' OA O D,-.j....V-fm JANICE RHODES Q ROBERT SHINDLER DALE ROHRBAUGH A BETTY SIDERS 52 OW DONALD SLAUGH LOIS STEVENSON JOAN SPANGLER MARY STRAUSBAUGH M ARGARET STAM BACH RUTH ANNA SUNDAY GRACE STAMBAUGH LAMAR TRACEY JOSEPH STARZ PATSY TRAVER 53 THEN N UW THEN N 0 1 - ,I - Clem .Yong We are the class of '53. Though we now part we'll remember thee, Of the lessons you taught daily, Of the plays we had so gaily, Of the games we fought to win, Of the dances in the gym. So thanks, dear school and teachers, too, We often shall remember you. We are the class of '53. Though we now part we'l1 remember thee, Of the math that gave much wrath, Of the English that made us laugh, Of the science in the lab, Of the history, now and past. So thanks, dear school and teachers, too, We often shall remember you. We are the class of '53. Though we now part weill remember thee We now walk the stony path, But the best will come at last. For this life that ends so fast Ius full of blessings that will last. So thanks, dear school and teachers, too, For wisdom that came to us from you. LEAH MAY WARNER DOUGLAS ZERBE BETTY LOU WHITE SHIRLEY ZIRKLE The Future This is Finished, half is done, Part of life's battle has been won. But who can see what is to be In this our land that is so free. Our view is bright, but can it be We dread to plan our destiny? We "hem and hawn and hope and pray That fear is stayed another day. What shall we do to gain this peace? Not loaf at the jobg dream life away, But work with might, pray things come right, Combine our efforts to see the light. Now that we have seen the light, We shall win this bitter Hght. For this way has proven true, Democracy, red, white, and blue. by MARY LOBODY Molto "GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVESN Flower WHITE ROSE C0l0VJ GREEN AND WHITE sat ill and 'ilitstamtnt mf, tht OSEIHUI' Climb of North York High School, being of sound mind, body, and mem- ory, do hereby create, publish, and publicly declare this testimonial to be our last will and testament. Any individual, heretofore, fortunate enough to become an heir to any of these, our most cherished possessions, please care for and use them to the very best advantage, for they are herein bequeathed with that intent uppermost in thought and spirit. SENIOR Marlin Aughenbaugh Shirley Badeker Patricia Bear Joanne Bentzel Lois Boyer Beverly Brothers Barbara Brown Jay Crist Charlotte Dull Gale Emig Elwood Fake Charles Fuhrman Johann Fullen Donald Gingerich Lloyd Gingerich Wayne Gingerich Jack Gladfelter Sylvester Gladfelter Ruth Godfrey Linda Griffin Emily Groff Shirley Hinkle Lina Hively Donna Hoffmaster Richard Hollinger Patricia Jones Raymond Kann Harry Knepper Mabel Krone Sterling Krout Shirley Leedy Ervin Lehr Lois Lehr Mary Lou Lehr Wayne Linebaugh Mary Lobody Barry Martin Carole Miller Patricia Miller Marion Myers Marvin Myers Ronald Reigle Janice Rhodes Nancy Rhoads Dale Rohrbaugh Roy Rohrbaugh William Schmid James Schneider Robert Shindler Betty Siders Donald Slaugh Joan Spangler Margaret Stambach Grace Stambaugh Joseph Starz Lois Stevenson Mary Strausbaugh Ruth Sunday Lamar Tracey Leah May Warner Betty Lou White Douglas Zerbe Shirley Zirkle His Her Her Her Her Her Her His Her His All His Her His His His His His Her Her Her Her Her Her His Her His His Her His Her His Her Her His Her His Her Her Her His His Her Her His His His His All Her His Her Her Het His Her Her Her His Her Her His Her WILLS hot "Chevy" laugh front porch light gabbiness skating ability poodle cut Walk money horse tail single-footed heifer his love clothes quietness Ford laziness shortness snibby name love ahfairs rosy cheeks dancing ability job at Murphy's chewing gum athletic abilities wrestling ability typewriter physique smile driving ability singing blouses short hair secretary jobs for the school cheering duck tails glasses treasure reports rapid speaking love for school love for Mr. Schmidt talk height long hair quietness paper route trumpet jokes muscles the deer he shot husband long legs men nose "giggles" Nash "I don't know if I can" pet goat ability to gossip ability to irk slimness ice skating ability football ability understanding of shorthand 55 TO Kliney's Junk Yard The horses Edison Some future Congressman Richard Ebbage The poodles Aldenia Walton U. S. Mint The horses The side show True Confessions Harry Truman's haberdashery Donna Spurrier Smitty, the cop Faye Dallmeyer Mr. Ruby The roarin' twenties The pussy cat Rita Hayworth Nancy Hively Janet Sipe Anyone who needs it Mr. Craley Miss Johnston Gorgeous George Maureen Clark Charles Atlas Roxanne Sipe Pa. State Police Eddie Fisher Alice Kocher Fred Linebaugh The next in line The cheerleaders The ducks Any optician Mr. Mitchell Mr. Peepers The hookey players The wrestling team Billy John Brant Elaine Attig Jr. Girls Phillip Hamme Harry James Red Skelton Roger Black The Indians All the old maids Gary Krout The draft board Rudolph The Hershey Park fun house All bathtubs Sandy Everhart Robert Fogle Mrs. Lehman Mrs. Wales Pat Wehr Sonja Henie "Doak" Walker Anyone who wants it K, A ., v 3 ER TALKING yr oyfmv 2 , .,,,. U-MH Goog r- A, 4 I - H H 'f'f' f--L H ": A GETTING READY STIRRING TH ' ALWAYS FRESH E SOUP mimv To SERVE I MA ' WERE STA RVED HE WSJ" LP YOURSELF Q oil IS DON E 5 Q Si fe? i . ff 551 Q i f,E,1Q LEARNING THE FUNDAMENTALS 41 HARDW RW KNO O '29-9 uf? WILSON BUILDING I FUTURE SCIENTISTS??? WAITING FOR THE E READING TIME MW E5-TE RMP 'Wx x L LAINS -H - -Q , Q M., ,,...-f- K A ry V,f, ,. W , MMM , iii Ill lll Ill lll 5, Ei FF! 'Il 'I' N .f,. - :I - ,. W-f-'15 nf , - ,., w....- jjg W ,gm 'S sw- 5 M . w W- f A- 2' T QE . QQ . E EM N! W--51 if S5 QE L, .2 LIGI-ITNER'S ,L ",A ROUNDTOWN EMIGSVILLE THREE RS LESSONS DONE, ucz ?, um 55 S50 SPRINGE. WAITING FOR THE BUS Y TOWN H CHGQLS T ' i KTM 'W-Q.. rm 'firm UH N M 11, N mm my H 11, 3, ' 'J ull!! I 3,5 USKQ: :sz-i, "'f'f""" ,T-1 L"' L"? ,-W-1 H .- . .W N' la K : wif A. 9 , 4 ':-" 3 W 5 g AATV r , K. J 2- - ?------- gm - 53: , 5 ,V 1.. T L ,N 2 1. Z., ,.. -if w:,.::,f..,.,:1,.f-Aff--TF, ii g, ug: ' - 5-'E 1 1 ' ' .,- ' 15' 1 " ' I .... .:':u:vw?'u'r2 N- gl" V 'f' L ,. , - 12 1 T T f T, 1, MM- -A - ,xfflf lil -'1- .igsffiii.,i'vzu2s,, 5 , 1 f ' .1:. X. - - L, ,K,' 1 g- 11. q , ,5t?fr:Tffj-5'!-'-a'.- TT NNNTT ,,,.. TTTT 1 T T ' 'T ' "" ' " "" DROP THE HANKIE xx I'M NEXT .Ass NEW SCHOOL GETTING H ELP 2 5 i if WATCH THE BIRDIE STUD10USg?? i1?"iN,, T I 0 M S E E T G O O O G D O O H L O D M E D A Y S 1-anne. N ,. ,,,- , xx 0 A105 4. 6 Q X00 funior Clam Ojicerr President ...... . . . Ronald Fink Vice President . . .... Carl Rishel Secretary . . . . . . Wilma Kepner Treasurer . . . . . . Nancy Ruby Advisers .................... Mr. Mitchell Mrs. White, Mrs. Boddington The Junior Class, composed of sixty-two students, has had a busy year sponsoring the annual Halloween Party and lending their aid in social organizations such as cheerleaders, band, and chorus. Members of the band and chorus participated in the County Music Festival. A play, "Miss Mischief," was presented by the class of '54 under the direction of Miss Johnston and Mrs. Wales. TOP PICTURE OPPOSITE PAGE First row, left to right: Janet Alfano, Faye Dall- meyer, William Koller, Raymond King, Robert Fogle, Richard Gilbert, and Ronald Fink. Second row, left to right: Patricia Kissinger, Mary Jane Garbrick, Janice Hartman, Maureen Clark, Larry Billet, Ray- mond Kann, Nancy Bear, and Marian Eshelman. Third row, left to right: Patsy Harry, Joanna Dietz, Barbara Hess, Ronald Gibbs, Jo-hn Brant, Roger Black, and Arlene Boetteher. Fourth row, left to right: Shirley Knight, Shelva Dunklebarger, Loretta Garbrick, Priscilla Bishop, Wilma Kepner, Jean Decker, and Rachel Good. funior Clair of 1935 BOTTOM PICTURE OPPOSITE PAGE First row, left to right: George Myers, Sydney Shaffer, Richard Lauer, Carl Rishel, James Lamber- son, Richard Ebbage, Harry Ryan, and David Ott. Second row, left to right: Aldenia Walton, Nancy Snyder, Orvilla Myers, Roberta Sauerwald, Susan Steffee, Barbara Scott, Nancy Ruby, and Yvonne Wertz. Third row, left to right: Carmelita Shetron, Norma Urey, Flora Miller, Shirley Zimmer, Norma May, Patricia Wehr, Joan Latterman, Maris Mum- mert, and Janet Wherley. Fourth row, left to right: Francis Williams, Mary Luckenbaugh, Claudine Roper, Sharon Rickrode, Martha Myers, Ruth Strausbaugh, Patricia Stambaugh, Verna Miller, and James Bentzel. Q M ,E,? 1 J K . iigi ,agL 7--l W gigg KW: ju IOR CLASS 63 H fu 23-mi .1 ' " 'f-sai- 1 Sophomore Clan Officer! President ...... . . .Raymond Sweet Vice President . . .... Terry Strine Secretary . . . . .Nancy Hykes Treasurer . . . .Donna Spurrier TOP PICTURE OPPOSITE PAGE First row, left to right: Thomas Butler, Garey Flury, Michael Lightner, Lester Fink, Donald Herman, Don- ald Boyer, Philip Brenneman, Carl Fry, Joseph Al- bright, Nelson Gladfelter, Raymond Chevaux, Ronald Keasey, Edith Lobody. Second row: William Latter- man, Ronald Billet, Kenneth Kann, Gary Amsbaugh, Nancy Hively, Mae Delp, Sandra Fry, Beverly King, Larry Hollinger, Jerry Dunklebarger, Samuel Allo- way, Roger Heindel. Third row: Mary Drews, Nancy Hykes, Dorothy Godfrey, Alice Kocher, Shirley Cun- ningham, Lorraine Keller, Sandra Everhart, Virginia Black, Norma Geist, Sara Lutz, Margot Gross, Mar- tha Lehr. Fourth row: Mabel Fissel, Virginia Garrod, Frances Jacoby, Treva Lehigh, Nancy Cunningham, Marlene Jones, Saundra Griffin, Shirley Billet, Helen Aldinger, Shirley Hauer, Mary Jane Beaverson, Thelma Lower. Sophomore Clan of 1927 BOTTOM PICTURE OPPOSITE PAGE First row, left to right: Melvin Singer, Elvin Miller, Earl Rinehart, Michael Rutter, Donald Wiles, Charles Myers, Terry Strine, Jonathan Owen, Charles Yeaple, Dennis -Smith, Fred Peters, Robert Rhodes. Second row: Kay Myers, Saundra Schaefer, Beverly Rine- hold, Ruth Poff, Vergie Stermer, Jacqueline Yost, Barbara Wallick, Patsy Shaw, Marjorie Sleeger, Joyce Nickle, Lois Snyder, Lee Perry. Third row: Mary Patterson, Bonnie Miller, Betty Schneider, Vivian Snyder, Ruth Warner, Mary Lou Rohrbaugh, Mary Jo Meckley, Ruth Nunn, Patricia Pfleiger, James Miller, Raymond Sweet. Fourth row: Roger Nickol, William McCauslin, Royce Walters, Donna Spurrier, Kay McKinley, Arlene Smith, Cora Swei- gart, Maxine McDermott, Connie Oller, Nancy Steele, Norma Stambaugh. -'Hi-M 'E E, , ., , iv SGPHGMORE CLASS 65 Although the freshman class did not have many activities, we are sure that they will have more in the coming years. This was the first year that this class chose officers. During the regular activity periods in the first period every Wednesday, they chose teams and played the various ball games, such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Individually, they took part in assembly programs throughout the year. They planned a dance and a skating party. 66 Freflaman Clam Ojjicerf President .................... Fred Smyser Vice President . . .... Pearson Hinkle Treasurer .... .... C harles Markle Secretary . .. .... Gloria Melhorn Freflaman Clow of 1926 95B-P55-55?95?'P??9599??-3??'755G46444'64i'G46466646G6G44-646 In Mzmurg ni CLAIR EUGENE NESS Date of Birth JULY 5, 1938 Entered Into Rest FEBRUARY 6, 1953 God hath not promised skies always blue, Flower-strewn pathways all our lives through God hath not promised sun without rain, Joy without sorrow, peace without pain. But God hath promised strength for the day, Rest for the labor, light for the way. Grace for the trials, help from above, Unfailing sympathy, undying love .... 95?'???955-?5995'5999-?9?-52'5?5Q266GE'G6C'G4'G4-K4-4G6G66i4' First row, left to right: Jason Bene- dick, Larry Bean, Joanne Dietz, Ray- mond Emig, Donald Bentzel, Barry Emenheiser, Carl Ferree, Richard Butler, Barry Beakler, Richard Beck. Second row, left to right: Treva Erb, Jane Charleston, Ann Floyd, Deanna Boring, Nancy Boring, Michael Ea- ton, George Falvey, Lester Billet, Eugene Fortney, Norma Fry. Third row, left to right: Joanna Fife, Louise Dietz, Charlotte Dill, Carol Frank, William Denues, Adam Croumer, John Cunningham, John French, Richard Bear, Grover Fink, William Chalk. Fourth row, left to right: Joanne Beaverson, Ada Draw- baugh, Harlean Brothers, Josephine Black, Nancy Blosser, Bertha Felton, Jo Ann' Abreght, Beverly Bruaw, Faye Crone, Velma Fife, Nancy Eisenhour. 6 VNV. ,W . - First row, left to right: Daniel Reese, John Pittman, Clair Ness, Robert Rinehart. Dean Russel, Fred Smyser, John Sweitzer, Dale Sipe, Larry Shaull, William Warren, second row: Delores Spangler, Sue Ann Ruby, Shirley Urey, Shirley Zeck, Sylvia Pearson, Dorothy Tyson, Hilda Rhoads, Robert Ryan, Roxann Sipe, Janet Whitcombg third row: Tyrone Sheri- dan, George Shaffer, Michael Rich- crick, Roger Wagner, Clinton Ramer, Roger Williams, Eugene Reever, Don- ald Rhodes, Charles Robson, Larry Snellbakerg fourth row: Patricia Spangler, Sara Williams, Janet Sipe, Sandra Sureth, Caryle Steffee, Pa- tricia Painter, Patricia Ruppert, Phyllis Stambaugh, Elizabeth Phil- lips, Patsy Rentzel. sm'- af , First row, left to right: Clair Kendig, Pearson Hinkle, Edward Naylor, Bryan Landis, Frederick Linebaugh, John Hykes, Robert Gibbs, Lester Hamme, Ronald Lehman, Linda Jones, Gloria Melhorn: second row: Donald Kann, Henry Korte, Richard Hoke, Edward Herman, Richard Kly- man, Robert Kehr, Edward Hilde- brecht., Charles Markle, Jack Gotwalt, Ray Lehr, Richard Martin, Mary McAfeeg third row: Nancy May. Mary Haines, June Horst, Doris Lease, Margaret uladtelter, Joyce Myers, Sally Krause, Janet Luckenbaugh, Joyce Hake, Janice Hilker, Miriam Gable. Margaret Miller: fourth row: Ronald McGuigan, Vincent Lloyd, Carol Myers, Donna Kauffman, Gloria Myers, Hazel Kinard, Joan Kemper, Mary Hale, John McCoy, Joanne Hauer, Loretta Hess. M' , 'IE H EIGHTH GRADE First row, left to right: Charles Neff, Robert Keasey, Harold Kline- young, Clinton Myers, David Kann, Donald Kahler, James Livingston, Douglas Kelford, Larry Hykes, and Wilbur Lehr. Second row, left to right: Paul Kohr, Ruth Lucabaugh, Susan Hykes, Beatrice Houck, Law- rence Kessler, Robert Markel, John Hunt, Dennis Nace, and Philip Hamme. Third row, left to right: Joan Knouse, Mary Naylor, Mary Lehigh, Kay Miller, Olga Matthews, Barbara Landis, Suzanne Myers, Lorma Murphy. Margo Lehr, and Joanne Just. Fourth row, left to right: Shirley McCauslin, Barbara Kline, Patricia Heiner, Norma Jones, Carol Heilman, Delores Hare, Mar- garet Korte, and Dianne Krebs. First row, left to right: Ronald Eichelberger, M u r r a y Garbrick, George Figdore, William Eisenhart, Gary Black, Douglas Baker, Philip Beaverson, Lance Collins, Roger Gingerich, Lance Arvin, and Linda Collins. Second row, left to right: Beverly Eisenhour, Barbara Diehl, Elaine Attig, Virginia Burdette, Su- san Chevaux, Betty Clever, Nancy Blauser, Janis Bentzel, Barry Brown, Kenneth Everhart, and Kay Druck. Third row, left to right: Susan' Elstrodt, Joyce Fettrow, Vance Ep- pley, Connie Gettle, Ray Blosser, Sandra Chronister, Sue Griffin, Cath- arine Baer. Nancy Blauser, and Joseph Aubel. Fourth row, left to right: Carol Axe, Sandra Brandt, Nedra Corwell, Gwendolyn Garber, Joan Chapman, Patti Eaton, Mae Beaverson, Suzanne Gingerich, Doris Alloway, Truda Bruaw, and Dona Badeker. EJ . . is . 'Effie i 3 D. iiiliw as x XJ JUFWW F1rst row, left to right. John Straus baugh Barry Wyle Donald Wie- meyer Kenneth Sipe Nancy Plymire, Hope Sweet, Judy Snyder Donald White. and Barry Ruppert. Second row, left to right: Kathleen Reever, William Venable, Joyce Russell, Barbara Shimmel, Karen VVhiteford, VVillia'm Tremitiere, Ronald White, John Saul, Connie Witmer, and Sid- ney Zorbaugh. Third row, .left to right: Charles Strayer, Barry Wolfe, Laverne Sipe, Ronald Olsyewski, Thomas Treat, Robert Wineholt, Sid- ney VVhorl, Neil Sauerwald, and Gary Peeling. Fourth row, left to right: Barbara Spangler, Geraldine Reever, Charlotte Zimmer, Barbara Wales, Mary Jane Snyder, Doris Spangler, Bonnie Sipe, Aloma Trimmer, and Loretta Ruth. 68 at S First row, left to right: Ruth Ruby, Sylvia Bean, Kathryn Watson, Judith Blauser, David Brenneman, Patsy Reigle, Norma Jean Hoffman, Peggy VValters, Frances Chaney, Mary Auchey, Mary Bailey, Anita Dahr, Doris Kuhn, and Donald Jacoby. Second row, left to right: Charlotte Shenberger, Patsy Frey, Jo Anne Rohrbaugh, William Just, Fred Schaefer, Gary Bartell, James Boring, Richard Spangler, Jack Rinehart, Marvin Fink, Richard Kuhn. William Aldinger, Carl Rife, Ronald Lehr, and Jerry Rentzel. Third row, left to right: Ronald Mohler, Thomas Hess, Jerry Rutter, Shirley Diehl, Brenda Bruavv, Leona Stambaugh. Faye Keller, Sandra Linebaugh, Romaine Fake, Patty Klinedinst, Lynda Bitner, Joyce VVolford, Jacqueline Cummings, and Yvonne Hake. Fourth row, left to right: Joyce Stough, Larry Gingerich, Joe Doll, Robert Dile, Charles Diehl, Irvin Straw, YVilliam Kepner, John Sweitzer, Richard Bell, Bonnie Heidlebaugh, Barbara Crouse, Barbara Anderson, Nathan Miller, and John Kann, Fifth row, left to right: Harry Hinkle, Larry Richcrick, Robert Clark, John Lehr, Richard Knight, Ronald Perry, Edward Kessler, VVayne Kemper, Larry Sheridan, Patsy Myers, Susan Fink, Linda Grove, and Brenda Croumer. EVE TH GR DE First row, left to right: Richard Myers, Glenn Lehr, Donald Mummert, Arthur Wire, Larry Bixler, Henry Boerner, Dale Kitzmiller, Marlin Cannon, Richard King, James Frey, Daniel Good, David Hughes, Roxanne Beshore, Sandra Snyder, Joan Burdette, Doris Hartman, Glenda XVertz, and Patty Chalk. Second row, left to 'rightz Norma Gass, Philip Keeney, John Grim, George Sleeger, John Geubtner, Eurna Rider, Ray Knaub, John Shue, William Heck, Delvin Miller, Paul Crone, Joan Wetzel, Deanna Halterman, Judy Kann, Bonnie Snyder, Brenda Kohr, Darlene Kerrigan. Robert Herman, and Mary Yost. Third row, left to right: Kay Fink, Dorcas Hollinger, Gregory Holtzapple, Bonnie Cunningham, Gail Venable, Shirley Fahs, Pauline Garner, Barbara Sipe, Carol Sipe, Judith Flickinger, Dorothy Bubb, Judy Nickol, Carolyn Bubb, Bette Pittman, Lovedy Gilbert, Mary Fetrow, Rosella Becker, and Carolyn Gingerich. Fourth row, left to right: Carroll Master, Jack Barnhart, Rob- ert King, Robert Zeck, Charles Byers, William Rickrode, Bruce Miller, Barry Updegraph, Carol Strine, Kemble Bauman, Ronald Burhans, Charles Just, Charles Rose, David Suereth, Barry Markle, VVinifred Longhran, Jo Ann Black, and Jeane McKinley. ii .....,.,,,. 69 Q2 ' ,, 1 1 -. Mx D' FUTURE CHEMISTS WORKING THE MACHINES AN H v zxzaxs TJUZIES! THE WOR THE OFFICE GIRLS KEEP EM ROLLING KSHOP BOY 1--1:2 OOPS! MY MISTAKE 6' ?,,: E EW' STUDYING THE WORLD FUTURE ARTISTS X-ff --7 I 5 1 I MILLER'S ' GLAD E'S Q fir: .. ,, V ... -..- - 356 W 531.34 ' f. ., I gf:-figs 1 ,fy ,,s:,,, I ff-2 K AUGHENBAUGIFS V HAKE's YORK Ou Smem em . STONY BROOK LIGHTNER'S ' 'f "":, f-5.5, iifigh -'ff 5 V X AR li, f N: A" PA 1 4 ..., if '-Q. N a dia lg. '1 " ' V-'. ., .. ' i 1 , ,Q 1' 13 if ' 1 " "5" " i' "" -Q1 l "ff " . K . w e l..:. A .,.. -N ,. .A.., .,.., , ..,,N.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,, MT. z1oN ii 3 SPRINGDALE A fex-A-QQ 4 as: .: i, 1 K , .: 4 .- ,NH . I -f ' V k . t . N -..d . , L, - elf? 1 if 'Wig A Q i g Q b ,ax Q .. ,L ki, fl. i n 5, " ' 1 , ,,,,,, 1 ' " T . ' K ,rw " '-n y . - L S A I.Q,.A,1.'v , D ..- . - J-1,5 ' ':."'7--2-iT's11':f I 'I' 5... -, 2 "TJ, wiiry--5 " WITMER'S GRAND VIEW W - J::s:f 35:13 j - . , ,. rg .:. if ' ' Q I . : Sy f 'E3.:,. f , l L F :H 5 -,-iii k N... .F -- L- -gf j" nf! . . . '5" 72i 355??55"' , ., f .- 1 , ,M M K, , PLEASUREVILLE E 5 Q ? i H ! A FoUsT's S Ja!- fv 3 Mx,A, 2 4 f -Jw-Amps rm-4 '-Wm mov-WS MGH MHUWHW g.. .2 R l R wi .I D 3, 'Huang s . ,M 'rf -, my -V' W wp .wr-E, I- fLW,wV - :lf wi" ' f -A 1- 2 :H M f'2w2w 5 9 3 In Q f 4 f X A A - , K 3 r M ,Q Q f , , -S . THE RANGERS BUDDY,BUDDY .c N. Q Q MM , - --, A BEFORE 'WW Y f ,J X fi . - r s 1 Q 1-E AFTER tlirm-v'ZJ'U'A1Ciw .ik X xv +-wang HWHWH EQE + 5 ' MW' E 1, ' EWNWQY ffQWm+ww 5' 1: wr -1 I I 111 Q rd an Z O nv S 2 ffi2faf'N"2x4z,Q g E., 'hav PU wit, ,.,, J , ?!"'5 EE "if f ,L , A . ' 'U mx, Q4 ffwizaaflfw iv ' IVWAN 'Z7 W 2 5 5 H m P1 :: so f: wa E ww E 33 0?-on , if X K an , 9. Wim , ' QV' 0 005' 1 C1 'O za f-1 5 P4 Z O P rf L-' I J,- C vuy X- Q, f-,L-.ZZ L.-If ff 1 '17 H' 2n!': E ,g-f x v . Y" f Nike QT f A Y ' Sfdf of Ruth Godfrey This year the Panther editorial staff has had a tremendous job as compared to previous years. The reason is that the year- book is commemorating the anniversay of the fiftieth year of existence of North York High School and a much larger book has been published than in previous years. The staff's work is continuous from September to June. Mem- bers of the staff were given the job of securing write-ups from teachers, pupils, etc. Three hundred more copies of the yearbook were published this year in order to accommodate the demands of the alumni, who want copies of this anniversary book. The staff has three main officers along with several others who hold less important jobs. The job of the editor-in-chief is to superintend, revise, correct, and prepare the book for publica- tion. The job of the associate editors is to help the editor-in- chief in any work that has to be done. Mr. Fauth is advisor to the staff and we wish to thank him for his kind help and patience. 1 Ei MFPAK rx 1 ,i 'af ,K G. 332.3 W1 Business Manager Donna Hoffmaster Circulation Manager Charlotte Dull A dvertising Manager Ervin Lehr A dvertisement Sales Persons Marlin Aughenbaugh Joanne Bentzel Lois Boyer Beverly Brothers Elwood Fake Charles Fuhrman Johann I'u11en Donald Gingeric h Lloyd G-ingerich Wayne G-ingeric Jack G-laclfelter h Sylvester G-ladfelter Shirley I-Iinkle Lina I-lively Richard Hollinger Patricia Jones Raymond Kann Harry Knepper Mabel Krone Wayne Linebaugh Carole Miller Patsy Miller Marian Myers Marvin Myers Ronald Reigle Janice Rhodes Dale Rohrbaugh Roy Rohrbaugh Donald Slaugh Joan Spangler Grace Stambaugh Joe Starz Lois Stevenson Mary Strausbau Ruth Sunday Eh smjjf of 1926 This year the Panther business staff has had a tremendous job as compared to previous years. The reason is that the yearbook is commemorating the anniversary of the Fiftieth year of exist- ence of North York High School and a much larger book has been published than in previous years. The staff's work is continuous from September till June. Members of the staff were given the job of securing advertise- ments from local business concerns to help finance the yearbook. Three hundred more copies of the yearbook were published this year in order to accommodate the demands of the alumni, who want copies of this anniversary book. The staff has three officers. The Business Manager acts as chairman at meetings, handles all money, and approves all busi- ness contracts. The Circulation Manager takes all money from the sale of yearbooks and patron tickets and also distributes the yearbooks. The Advertising Manager supervises the sale and distribution of all advertisements. Mr. Craley is advisor to the staff and we wish to thank him for his patience and kind help. Lamar Tracey Douglas Zerbe Shirley Zlrkle VE "N w E Q THE TIGHTWAD ' We a n wgv . 'QS as Qs? O , . , - ' A 5 + 4 ' fl O O J W , if if Q f OH 31" S11 X ORCHESTRA OF 1927 GLEE CLUB OF 1927 76 Stmnger zn the Night The Senior Play, "Stranger in the Night," was produced October 24 and 25, 1952, at the North York Playground Auditorium. The play, written by Paul S. McCoy, was under the direc- tion of Mrs. Myra White and Miss Nancy Myers. CAST Sylvia Lee-The owner ofthe hotel gift shop ..... ......... P atricia Bear Mable Crane-Co-owner of the shop ..... . ....... . ...Margaret Stambach Grant Terry-A young newspaper columnist ..... ..... R obert Shindler J. T. Rutledge-A retired executive ........... ...... B arry Martin Velda Stevens-His secretary ............... .... . Ruth Godfrey Clifford Newkirk-A law student .,.,... ........... J ay Crist Nona Pollard-An elevator operator ....... .... B etty Lou White Eddie Beach-A hotel bellhop ...,........... ..... S terling Krout Rose Jordan-A successful business woman .... ...... E mily Groff Sam Fisk-The hotel detective ............... ..... D onald Slaugh Marcella Bender-A physical culture teacher .... ....Donna Hoffmaster Sandra King-A lady wrestler ................ ....... S hirley Zirkle Director ................................., ..... M rs. Myra White Assistant Director ........... . . . .... Miss Nancy Myers Student Director ........ . ............................................. . .James Schneider Sylvia Lee and Mable Crane are owners of a gift shop located just off the lobby of the Boulevard Hotel. The shop appears on the surface a most unlikely place for a mystery-until Grant Terry suddenly arrives at the hotel. Terry is a former New York reporter who has es- tablished himself as a newspaper columnist. While eating in a secluded New York restaurant, Terry overheard two men discussing an order of gift items which has just been shipped to the Boulevard Shop. In,one of the gifts they had hidden a slip of paper on which was written the name of a person-a resident of the hotel-who was to be murdered. The murderer was sup- posed to purchase this gift, this way knowing whom he was to murder. Everyone was sur- prised to find that the victim was J. T. Rutledge, but in the end all were happy and the murderer got his punishment. 77 1 it fl P seccc as r J . rr .... 3 r "Mzky Mischief " The Junior Play "Miss Mischief," was produced under the direction of Miss Ruth Johnston and Mrs Margaret Wales. The play, written by Jean Provence, was presented April 10 and 11, 1953 at the North York Playground Auditorium. CAST Helen Sansome . . .Sharon Rickrode Marian Blake ..... . . . .Mary Jane Garbrick Dotty' Harris .... Wilma Kepner Joe Wilson, M. D.. .. ...... Raymond King' Imogene Thomas . .... Janice Hartman Larry Montgomery. . . .. .Ronald Fink Ann Kingsley ...... Rachel G-ood Ed Vinson ......... . . .Carl Rishel Barbara Carter .... Faye Dallmeyer Ronald Parker .... . . .Ronald Gibbs THE STORY At Clamp Foresthaven Dotty Harris, a, teenage terror, is spending the summer out of the hair of her wealthy mother but into the hair of the camp's owner, Barbara Carter. Marian Blake, the camp counselor, does her best to keep Dotty out of trouble. Dotty's teenage friend, Helen Sansome, also tries to help her, but Dotty is really too much a huraiaridfiremlin folriany mortal to control. No matter what Dotty does, it always turns out o e e ' ' ' ' .wrong t ing at the wrong time, and pandemonium is Dottys pal. To begin with Dotty is at camp only on her good behavior. She makes a long list of resolutions and really tries to keep them. Of course, this is impossible for Dotty. Imogene, who considers herself the camp siren, and her shadow, Ann Kingsley, discover that all the boys at the camp across the lake are not tenderfeet. In fact. when they get Nthe field glasses, they discover one of the boys is Ed Vinson, the handsome captain of the high school football team. Not to be outdone, Dotty gets the telescope and a fight ensues. The unexpected arrival of Miss Blake makes them panicky, and they tell her they were study- ing birds. VVhat birds? Dickiebirds!! Once again Dotty promises she will do better next time, and she does. She promptly rushes out, falls into the lake and nearly drowns-all to attract the boys across the lake. Dotty had hoped to be rescued by the popular football captain, but has a relapse when she discovers she has been rescued by Ronald Parker, the smartest boy in school and the homeliest. Nevertheless, Dotty makes another attempt to reform and begins to study nature by getting a. rattlesnake into a box. Upon discovering the snake, Miss Carter faints -and Dotty is on her way home-Well, almost. One good resolution after another gets Dotty and Helen deeper into trouble. There is a mad race to see who will be invited to the campfire across the lake. Imogene and Ann feel certain they will be the honored guests: and if Dotty is invited, it will be by horn- rimmed spectacled Ronald. So they haven't a worry in the world-they think! Somehow Dotty wrecks the romance between Marian and Doctor Joe and nearly causes Miss Carter to have a nervous breakdown. Miss Carter sends for the sheriff to take Dotty away because she feels just one more day around Dotty and she will be ready for a padded cell at the nut ranch. h . Just as everything looks blackest for Dotty, she becomes a heroine. When Dotty is packed ready for the county jail, she discovers she is a Cupid with exceptionally accurate arrows. 78 'Mrk the Pro error " An operetta, "Ask the Professor," was presented in the North York Play- ground Auditorium May 9 and 10, 1952, by the High School Senior Chorus under the direction of Mr. Warfield. Student directors were Mayetta Hull and Barry Martin and Miss Susan Neuhauser, ' ' Maryida 0'Neal ..............., June Sweitzer Emily I-ee . ................. Barbara Brown CAST a faculty member, was pianist. trica Bear, Joan Spangler, Margaret Stam.. L h and Betty bach, Lina. Hively, Lois e r Professor Will Breakeasy. . .Bradley Nicholas I-011 White h A' th ............. R b t Sh' dl Queen and I-Ier Court June I-Ioke Queen' Mary JO n mswor y O er m er Ann Bear and Maxine Tysorl, Pagesg Lois June Ainsworthy ......... .... R uth Godfrey Stevenson, Beverly Brothers, J'anet,Ness, gzgyoillfeei """"' ' ' 'gg'-:gg 555131123133 Shirley Hinkle, Nancy Rhoads, Florence ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - Keister, Shirley Rutland and Miriam Tommy Freshman .,.. . . .Sterling Krout Gettys Honor Attendants , . ivnfbp Neal """"' "" ."Tam?g geiry Square Dancers fTaug'ht by Mrs. Poetj, Nancy s ntl. . . ........ .... S 1r1ey a e er Gass, Roy Rohrbalughy Irmtraut xeeh, 2nd Gflrl' " "" Mary. Fobqay Dale Rohrbaugh, Arlene Bentzel, William 3rd G-1r1. . . ............... , . . .Patricia Sipe Schmid, Arlene Zimmer and Paul Lauer Majorette ..................... Nancy I-Iykes Drummers. . .Robert Markle and Ronald Billet Gypsy Dancer, Emily Grotl' fCoach of Dancersj Bird Dancers, Sue Anne Ruby, G-ale Bmig and .Tay Crist Dancers, Janice Rhodes, Charlotte Dull, Pa. Accordionist .................. Ronald White Faculty Advisor for Tickets, Mrs. Beryl B. Abel Wardrobe .... Patsy Traver and Shirley Zirkle Set Constructed ............ Mr. Roy T. Bitzer Stagehands, . Daniel Kinard and Richard Everhart The story takes place on the campus of a fashionable Girls' School on Commencement Day. The usual crowd of relatives and friends is present to witness the crowning of the Queen and to join in the festivities that follow. John Ainsworthy, who comes to see his sister, June, graduate, meets Maryida, the sister of his room-mate at college, and is much attracted to both her and her friend Emily Lee, who is a student and an assistant teacher ,rc to help Red, her son, through college and to keep Maryida in night school. she does not want it known that Red belongs to Maryida and her, fearing it XVlll.hl1I't Red's standing in college. Red, who is helping all he can, thinks she is foolish and rebels, but to no purpose. John has a discussion on heredity with Professor Breakeasy of the Girls' School and to prove that heredity is all "bunk," as he has always believed, decides to send Maryida to the Girls' School and give her the same chance that girls from wealthier families enjoy. Maryida, promises her brother, Red, h 'll t a e t the offer of charity from John However when she that s e W1 no cc p . , learns that John's old aunt is the one who makes the offer and that the Pro- f ' he forgets her promise fessor thinks she is an ignoramus, in a fit 0 pique s to her brother and gracefully accepts John's offer before the whole school. Act Two takes place on the same campus on Commencement Day one year later. Maryida surprises everyone with her splendid work during the year. She has been crowned Queen and everybody is waiting for the finishing event of the day, the Commencement Ball, when it is learned that John's aunt is not coming and according to an old rule of the school, Maryida cannot attend the ball as she has no chapcron. Then events follow one another rapidly. Maryida learns that instead of an aunt, June and John have paid her way through school. Miss Stone, the President, angered by their subterfuge, will not allow June to chaperon Maryida, and recalls John and June's invitation to the ball. Maryida indignantlydeaves for home. In the meantime Red and his mother arrive, They were summoned by Tommy, the comedian of the play. Tommy is sent post-haste after Maryida V496 49 if mi 931 gh -1 A jk on his motorcycle and she is brought back. The Professor is quite overcome by the beauty and poise of Maryida's mother and declares that the source of Maryida's good breeding and fine mind is at last made plain and in spite of John's seeming proof to the con- trary, he still believes in heredity. Red who has found a fine job and won a wonderful prize for at? inventiion, so pays Maryida's debts in full. The President forgives John and une an the washlady's son and daughter make good and all ends happily. 79 in the school. ' ' ' ' ' h l , Because Maryidas mother does laundry work for the girls 1n the sc oo W i . it .i 1 N .4 , SENIOR CHOR US First row, left to right: Janet Alfano, Shirley Zirkle, Gary Krout, Richard Gilbert, Faye Dallnieyer, Emily Grotl', Yvonne VVertz, Nancy Rhoads, Maris Mummert, Lois Lehr, Roberta Sauerwald, Mary Lobody, Arlene Boettcher. Second row, left to right: Janice Hartman, Maureen Clark, Nancy Snyder, Marian lflshelman, Or- villa Myers, Susan SteIl'ee, Shirley lladcker. Lina Hively. Patricia Bear, Ruth Godfrey, Barbara Brown, Leah May XVarner. Flora Miller, Elwood Fake, Nancy Bear. Shirley Hinkle. Third row, left to right: Patricia Kissinger, Mary Jane Garbrick, Ronald Gibbs, Roger Black, John Brant, Patsy Harry, Joanna Dietz, Mar- garet Stambach, Betty Lou XVhite, Lois Stevenson, XVilma Kenner, Joan Spangler, Beverly Brothers, Janice Rhodes. Fourth row, left to right: Shelva Dunklelwarger, Rachel Good, Martha Myers, Janet Luckenbaugh, Sharon Rickrode, Claudine Roper, Joanne Bentzel, Pa- tricia Stambaufrh, Janet VVherley, Ruth Strausbaugh, Priscilla Bishop, Charlotte Dull, Norma May, Patricia lVehr, Loretta Garbrick, Shirley Leedy. Fifth Row, left to right: Sterling Krout, James Schneider, Roy Rohr- baugh, Richard Ebhage, Dale Rohrbaugh, Barry Martin. NVilliam Koller, WVilliam Schmid, Jay Crist. Robert Shindler, Ronald Fink, George Myers, Carl Rishel, Gale Emig. Under the capable and patient leadership of Mr. A. Edwin Warfield, the Senior Chorus has provided much delightful musical entertainment throughout the year. This year, for the first time, Mr. Warlield has had a regular class period to rehearse with the chorus, and participants get credit for choral work. Senior Chorus is limited to music students of grades 11 and 12. During the year the Senior Chorus has participated in assembly programs, P. T. A. meetings, School Christmas Cantata, and the annual operetta. Several of its members have been partici- pants in the York County Music Festival. OFFICERS President ........ . . . Robert Shindler Librarians, Vice President. . . . .Janice Hartman William Schmid, Maureen Clark Secretary ..... . . .Patricia Bear Pianist ................ Nancy Rhoads This elective group, made up of unchanged voices from grades 7 and 8, spent most of their year in studying various types of choral literature. They participated in assemblies and sang in the Spring Festival. Because of the large membership, they were divided into two groups according to grade and practiced on alternate Tuesday mornings. Membership in the junior Chorus is a requirement for later enrollment in the Intermediate Choir, the exception being made for students entering our school in grades 9 and 10. First row, left to right: Douglas Baker, Mary Naylor, Catherine Baer, Jeane McKinley, Norma Jean Jones, Shirley Fahs, Yvonne Hake, Sandra Snyder, Roxanne Beshore, Barbara Anderson, Barbara Crouse, Norma Hoffman. Brenda Kohr, Dorothy Bubb, Judith Flick- inger, Carl Rite, Robert Herman, Douglas Kefford, Carroll Masters, John Geubtner. George Sleeger, Charles Diehl, Ronald Perry, Edward Kessler. Second row, left to right: Sidney Zorhaugh, Irvin Straw, Pauline Garner, Barbara Sipe, Barbara Spangler, Olga Matthews, De- anna Halterman, Joan VVetzel, Judy Snyder, Joyce Russell, Constance Gettle. Susan Elstrodt, Joanne Just, Patti Eaton. Linda Collins, Susan Hykes, Janis Bentzel, Lorna Murphy, Gwendolyn Garber. Third row, left to right: John Saul, XVilhur Lehr, VVilliam Eisenhart. Harry Hinkle, Norma Gass, Charlotte Zimmer. Sandra Linebaugh, Beverly Eisenhour, Truda Bruaw, Mae Beaverson, Doris Alloway, Barbara Shimmel, Connie WVitmer, Virginia Burdette. Mary Jane Snyder, Carol Axe, Sandra Chronister, Shirley Diehl, Sylvia Bean, Patricia Myers, Joan Burdette, Romaine Fake. Fourth row, left to right: Dale Kitzmiller. Donald White. Richard Bell, Ronald Lehr, Jo Ann Rohrbaugh. Mary Yost, Jo Ann Black, Connie Blosser, Joyce Fetrow, Mary Lehigh, Joan Chapman, Kay Miller, Aloma Trimmer, Doris Spangler. Nancy Blauser, Kenneth Everhart, Mary Fetrow, Doris Hartman. Fifth row, left to right: NVilliam Tremitiere, Paul Kohr. Martin Can- non, Barry Updegraff, Ronald lVhite, Philip Hamme, Neil Sauerwald, Sidney VVhorl, Dianne Krebs, Sandra Brandt, Beatrice Houck, Barbara XVales, Carol Heil- man. Delores Hare. Bonnie Snyder, Patricia Klinedinst, Lynda Bitner, Patricia Frey, Rosella Becker, Brenda Bruaw. Lovedy Gilbert. Sixth row, left to right: Fred- erick Schaefer. Gary Black, Barry Brown, Paul Crone. Barry Vifolfe, Ronald Burhans, Kemble Bauman. Donna Strayer, Bonnie Cunningham, Patricia Chalk, Barbara Kline. Suzanne Myers, Elaine Attig. Lynda Rinehart. Dona Badeker. Ray Blosser, Charles Strayer, Lance Col- lins, James Livingston, William Venable, Kathryn Wat- son, Carolyn Bubb, Bette Pittman. First row, left to right: Delores Spangler, Bertha Fel- ton. Gloria Melhorn, Sue Ann Ruby. Jane Charleston. Nancy May, Hazel Kinard. Richard Martin, Charles Sweitzer, Carl Feree, Treva Erb, Mary McAfee. Second row, left to right: Charlotte Dill, Dorothy Tyson, Sylvia Pearson. Mary Haynes. Shirley Zeck, Louise Dietz, Sarah Williams, Sally Krouse, Donna Kauffman, Bev- erly Bruaw, Janet Weitcomb. Third row, left to right: Joanne Beaverson, Joyce Myers. Ann Floyd, Deanne Boring, Janet Luckenbaugh, Joyce Hake, Harlean Brothers, Mary Hale. Joanne Dietz, June Horst, Doris Dietz. Fourth row, left to right: Patsy Rupert, Gloria Myers, Faye Crone. Ada Drawbaugh, Miriam Gable, Caryle Steffee, Sandra Suereth, Joanne Hauer, Carol Myers, Patricia Spangler, Loretta Hess. NZM' WTB 4 0 '13 2,-15 5'o cn .'i.:r':"'UQ'5-nf .--UQm'5"" 2"'E'9.53"i CUQUQD3 O 5553? E! 'ffgilff Q.'f,.-S: S25 E' 2.5-2 sgffme- wwe' rw w"'.o' UQ'U6"':sf,2 '-1'-H1 N -+ -1 -1 'D v-4.93 A-4, mb' OQAHUUQH New N :g B on-ami. me :s -fb G ru V, mmm 'r:"",2.0rn::S 'lashes ""ee2.f'q 'FUWWZ 'QQ EFEHOU ,gow UHIN ,B Wm gg'-5-.gQ9.eJU 'ogg-03 gg n,,,,m -1 'J' me lem gm wofvoif- Iwmsmfgge :edge SD ,..,-. rf- . w'Q:p2',f42,Ps:m.g. 25095 m',:tg3:iW'q,Q-'Ulm mmf-r qq . U1 ' 'gijggmggbd D251 l-1 . ...,.""',:!J OED- fr- 5 fr - ::.---L:-53. 'Ulla .... 15:2 HUQ 53:5 M , ,. .2 fo.-.. f+ 'I' 1- 522 5 ' I 2 E Q UQ FI' su E: S H- U' T-'F' ..-. 5- 3 T, D' 5 23" -s Ji 'D .Q S- 2 P3 o 5. vi 9- o Q N O- H- n 5 V' PY' r-P E' E D' H. fb 2. U .O ro o' fa -2 5 P-3 VL W U' 3 rn 4 ,., '4 9. 3 2 3 fc IIIZIIIZI 0 V' ff r-an-s u-may-1 D-' 5 S xosouooouoooo 5' "' -- gr S E. Q, S B na Y: UQ rn B 'U sn en 'P Music students of grades nine and ten are eligible for this chorus. This group concentrates LI O I .R First row, left to right: Nancy Hykes, Nancy Hively, Mae Delp, Mary Patterson, Beverly Rinehold, Patsy Shaw, Shirley Billet, Lois Snyder, Barbara Wallick. Mary Drews, Saundra Schaefer, Edith Lobody, and Shirley Cunningham. Second row, left to right: Mar- lene Jones, Mary Rohrbaugh, Ruth Warner, Jacque- line Yost. Marjorie Sleeger, Sandra Fry, Alice Kocher, Joyce Nickle, Sandra Everhart, Lorraine Keller, Ruth Poff, and Dorothy Godfrey. Third row, left to right: Mary Jo Meckley, Mary Jane Beaverson, Nancy Cunningham, Ruth Nunn, Betty Schneider, Virginia Black, Kay Myers, Patricia Pfleiger, Connie Oller. Vivian Snyder, Martha Lehr, Margot Gross, and Kay McKinley. Fourth row, left to right: Arlene Smith, Nancy Steele, Thelma Lower, Cora Sweigart. Treva Lehigh, Shirley Hauer, Bonnie Miller, Saundra Griffin, Virginia Garrod, Norma Stambaugh, Mable Fissel, Maxine McDermott, Vergie Stermer, and Bev- erly King. Fifth row, left to right: Royce Walters, Dennis Smith, Fred Peters, Terry Strine, Elvin Miller, Gary Amsbaugh, Roger Heindel, Helen Al- dinger. Donna Spurrier, Sara Lutz, and Roger Nickol. NORTH YORK HIGH SCHOOL BAND This has been the band's most active year. It made its initial appearance in connection with the pep rally held in the auditorium on December 4, at the start of the basketball season. The band played at many home basketball games and also participated as an active unit in the Spring High School Night of Music. It also played for assemblies and the P. T. A. It had representa- tive members in the York County Music Festival band. Part of the enthusiasm was due to the fact that every other rehearsal was on school time, which enabled many students to attend and participate when formerly that was impossible, due to the transportation situation. The band is under the baton of A. E. Warfield. OFFICERS OF THE BAND President ....... .... W illiam Schmid Librarians, Vice President . .. ...... Ronald Fink Roy Rohrbaugh, Larry Shaull Secretary ..... ...Margot Gross Stage Manager ......... Dennis Smith F 11-.,1x4S,M, ss. . s a.. .Q .- . V . "iw 1 - - -- f ff - " ' Q 7 f-' 'we' -f 3 82 W e re an it nv, S- Y, W 3.1.1 'K u p-ff M A, ,-Oi., - , ' ' ,4 .... f 'ri N , .. f Jiffi' . e ' ' ,:' iffy " r," : ' 1 or 1 ..- .gm ., 2 V, 5' xx Q ,. 1 am- ,.,. ..'-'RFQ , - l Q., , -.xg U. ' W W. Q ,xr fa id.. 5, ,,, 1:5,.,,,l ,,i:f fy SENIOR Pre sident, Betty Lou WVhite Vice President, Faye Dallmeyer Secretary, Charlotte Dull Treasurer, Lina Hivel y Advisers, Mrs. Dotterer, Mrs. Lehman JUNIOR President, Patti Eaton Vice President, Mary Yost Secretary, Roxanne Beshore Treasurer, Bette Pittman Chaplain, Jo Ann Black Advisers, Miss Brown Mrs. Lehr JUNIOR President, Judy Snyder Vice President, Margo Lehr Secretary, Hope Sweet Treasurer, Sue Grifiin Historian I Norma Hoffman Advisers, Mrs. Boddingfton Mrs. Abel INTERMEDIATE President, Y Donna Kauffman Vice President, ' Mary Patterson T Secretary, E Nancy Hykes Treasurer, E Lorraine Keller N Adviser, S Mrs. VVales SENIOR F President, Marian Myers 'Vice President, Margaret Stambach H Secretary, Shirley Leedy Treasurer, Linda Griflin Reporter, Mary Lou Lehr A Parliamentarian, .Ioan Spangler Historian, Emily Groll' Song' Leader, Joanne Bentzel Adviser, Miss Myers JUNIOR SOCIAL I President, Raymond Sweet D A Vice President, Michael Lightner N Secretary, Treasurer, C Advisers, Arlene Smith N N Mrs. Poet Mrs, Booz G Miss Ressel SENIOR SOCIAL President, D A Secretary, N C Adviser' Mrs. Booz I N G Mary J. Luckenbaugh Loretta Garbrick GAME CLUB Adviser, Mr. Mitchell SPORTS M Pearson Hinkle Vice President, E Larry Shaull Secretary Raymond Chevaux N Treasurer, Frederick Smyser Adviser, Mr. Biros VARSITY S President, P Sterling Krout Vice President, 0 Ervin Lehr Secretary, R Robert Shindler Treasurer, T Thomas Heilman Adviser, S Mr. Schmidt Mr. Biros SENIORiARTS 81 Mr. Bitzer SENIOR Pre sident, Jay Crist Vice President, Patricia Vfehr Secretary, Treasurer, Shirley Knight Adviser, Miss Johnston President, Sidney VVhorl Vice President, Neil Sauerwald Secretary, Gary Black Treasurer, Jerry Rutter Advisers, Mr. Schmidt, Mr, Fishel President, Joyce Russel Vice President, Mary Snyder Secretary, Catherine Baer Treasurer, Norma Jones Adviser, Miss Bontreger To aid students who visit the library daily are groups of students appointed as librarians. These boys and girls are trained by Miss Johnston in fundamentals of library work, such as finding' books for students, keeping the card catalogue in good order, helping' to check books in and out, and seeing' that the 'books are replaced on the shelves. President, Beatrice Houck 'Vice President, Dianne Krebs Secretary, Truda. Bruaw Adviser, Bliss Smith President, Larry Hollinger Vice President, John McCoy Secretary, Richard Martin Treasurer, Barry Beakler Adviser, Mr. VVeaver AFTERNOON SNACK T WINTEN AT N.Y.H.s. ' ALL READY? f ,,..,4, 0 f.: ,,,. ,.. : ,EVEK . I if W an 5 O . H f S V.,V kt Vg ff. f .rf VI I 'KM-QE E B x L X E LOOK PRETTY w I: .geiiiflsmx ,,: W LOAFERS ANOTHER WIN! V GETTING THE DETAILS HANDSOME ?? NERVOUS?? GETTING INSTRUCTIONS Z MUSCLES! KN P5 C9 we-0815 WEL OOON T xg. FASH ,, , 11 5,-1-fl. ....,..,,t-,,,'h,, Y SR. HI This vigorous octet was responsible for the cheers and spirit at the basketball games. With their pep and personality these lassies have been a. great help in winning our games and keeping spirits high when losing. They have done a splendid job in their work and we hope they will keep it up. Arlene Smith, Donna Spurrier Mary Jane G-arbrick, Faye Dallmeyer Janice Hartman, Ruth Warner Wilma Kepner, Patricia Pfleiger Qt Al' A-7 CHEERL 41' EADER5 gf 4, 90 get JR. HI This peppy group of cheerleaders has been a, great support to our Junior High Basketball Team. With their ability to organize new cheers we know 'they will be successful in their future years of cheering. Sandra Suereth, Caryle Steiee Judy Snyder, Elaine Attig' Jane Charleston, Patricia Frey Carol Myers, Patricia Spangler First row, left to right: Raymond Sweet, VVayne , f--M...-wws. .. . ,, L,,.. M. ,,fW-- Gingerich, Thomas Heil- man, Lloyd Gingerich, Roy Rohrbaugh, Raymond Kann. Richard Hollinger, Raymond King, Jack Gladfelter, Charles Fuhrman, and Pearson I-Iinkle. Second row, left to right: Samuel Alloway, John Brant, Ervin Lehr, Richard Lehr, Donald Slaugh, Robert Shindler, Joseph Starz, Gary Flury, Sylvester Gladfelter, Jay Crist, and Gary Krout. Third row, left to right: Herbert Schmidt, coach: Sterling Krout, ass't coach: Michael Lightner, manager: Vincent Lloyd, Dennis Smith, Michael Rutter, Carl Fry, Melvin Singer, Ronald Reigle, Marlin Aughen- baugh. Lester Fink, George Myers, Frederick Smyser, Ronald Fink and VVilliarn Schmid, managers. , , .. . , ' GN S . . . . - ..u'kb.1n. in , A hard-fighting Orange and Black squad of North York High booters created a highly successful season with a total of eight victories, one tie, and' three setbacks. The Panther team, under the direc- tion of coach Herbert Schmidt, battled its way to the top and held that position until the last and deciding game when Dover upset the Panthers 1-0. Jack Gladfelter and Ervin Lehr led the team as high scorers with four goals each, while Charles Fuhrman, Raymond Sweet, Pearson Hinkle, and Raymond King each contributed two. Robert Shindler tallied one. Vile had very fine protection in the goal by Dawson Kann, NORTH YORK,S GAMES WERE AS FOLLOWS: 1-North York vs. Manchester -0 0-North York vs. Manchester -0 0-North York vs. Dover --1 2-North York VS. Spfillg Grove -1 0-North York vs. Lancaster -3 fl-North York vs. St. Francis -0 2-North York vS.Di11Sburs -1 2-North York vs. Spring Grove -1 TOTAL 3-North York vs. East Berlin -0 3-North York vs. Dillsburg -1 North York-17 Opponents-10 0-North York vs. Dover -2 3-North York vs. East Berlin -0 "Exhibition Game. This year, for the first time in the history of North York High School, the sport of wrestling has been introduced. To participate in wrestling you must be in very good physical condition. It requires many long hours of hard and strenuous training. This year, not having entered in league competition, the team participated on an exhibition basis. Our team is under the direction of coach Herbert Schmidt. There were twenty-seven boys reporting for practice the first night. Exhibition matches were held with West York and Hanover. The team also participated in the District 3 P. I. A. A. and York County Novice Tournaments. First row, left to right: Vincent Lloyd, Tyrone Sheridan, and Lee Perry. Second row, left to right: James Schneider. Donald Slaugh, Dawson Kann, Syd- ney Shaffer, Richard Eb- bage, Lester Fink, Robert Gibbs, and Douglas Zerbe. Third row, left to right: Wilbur Lehr, Marvin Myers, Manager, William Latter- man, Edward Naylor, Don- ald Kann, and Daniel Good. 91 SR. HI Front row, left to right: Michael Lightner, manager! Raymond King, Robert Shind- ler, Ronald Reigle, Jack Glad- felter, Thomas Heilman. Charles Fuhrman, Ervin Lehr. manager. Second row, left to right: Gary Krout, Wayne Gingerich, Lloyd Gingerich, Joseph Starz, Sylvester Glad- felter, Raymond SweetL Gary Flory, John Brant. Third row, left to right: William Craley. coach: George Myers, Richard Lauer, Michael Rutter, John Rollen. Samuel Alloway, Den- nis Smith, Larry Billet. The Senior High five took the first half of the York County League undefeated, then in the second half lost to Dallastown. In a play-off game to decide the winners of the second half, the Panthers bowed to Dallastown 46-43. The Panthers came back in the league playoff and beat Dallastown 51-43. This made North York the York County Champions. This is the first time in thirty years that North York captured the title. Q After winning the York County Championship, the Panthers played Camp Hill at Lancaster High in the District 3, Class B, P. I. A. A. eliminations. Camp Hill won 57-46. The experience and skilled work of Coach Craley took the team to every game in championship style. The Panthers were led in points by jack Gladfelter., Raymond King, and Tom Heilman. SR The scores were as follows: . JR. North York 53 Dover 21 North York 48 Dover 26 North York 44 Dallastown 43 North York 21 Mt. Rose 28 North York 46 Susquehannock North York 34 Dallastown 18 North York 55 Red Lion North York 45 Susquehannock 9 'kNorth York 66 "Alumni North York 58 Red Lion 46 North York 53 Spring Grove North York 33 Spring Grove 19 North York 53 West York North York 33 VVest York 37 North York 45 North York 50 North York 67 North York 40 Kennard-Dale Vtfrightsville Manchester Dover North York 37 North York 22 North York 45 North York 40 Kennard-Dale 29 Mt. Wolf 39 Dover Mt. Rose North York 53 Dallastown North York 63 Dallastown North York 67 Susquehannock North York 40 Susquehannock 36 North York 57 Red Lion North York 48 Red Lion 41 North York 77 Spring Grove North York 37 Spring Grove 29 North York 57 West York North York 32 West York 31 North York 44 Kennard-Dale North York 44 Kennard-Dale 26 North York 52 Wrightsville North York 42 Mt. Wolf 47 North York 59 Manchester "North York 43 ""'DallastoWn MNorth York 51 "'tDallastoWn ""North York 46 'f"Camp Hill 'Denotes exhibition games. ""'Denotes play-off games. This year the Junior High Team played the season only losing four games, Mt. Wolf, Mt. Rose, West York, and the second time to Mt. Wolf. Coach Biros' men put in hard practices enabling them to capture second place in the league standing. The team was led in points by Larry Shaull, Pearson Hinkle, and Fred Smyser. ez wr- Q 5 JR. HI Front row, left to right: Neil Sauerwald, Charles Fry, Fred- erick Smyser, Larry Shaull, Pearson Hinkle, Charles Markle. and Richard Snyder. Second row, left to right: Jerry Rut- ter, manager: Sidney WVhorl, Robert Rhinehart, Barry Wiles, Ronald White, Carl Rife, Barry Reakler, and Joseph Biros. coach. 92 First row, left to right: Janet Burkins, manager: Richard Ebbage, Richard Hollinger, VVayne Ginge- rich. Sterling Krout, Jay Crist, John Rhodes, and Louis DeHoff. Second row, left to right: Barbara Brown. manager: Yvonne Sell, manager: Ervin Lehr, Robert Shindler, Raymond King. Jack Metzel, Edward Blankenstein, Jack Glad- felter, Charles Fuhrman. Marlin Aughenbaugh, and Mr. Craley, coach. The volleyball season which is very short, since it is sandwiched between the end of basketball and the beginning of baseball, found the Panthers winning exhibition games preparing for the District 3 Volleyball Tournament at Y. J. C. The tournament was the highlight of the season and, as in previ- ous seasons, the team performed in true championship style. All the players that participated in the tournament were given medals for capturing second place in the tournament after being defeated by their "Waterloo," York High. This is the second time that North York held this position, being defeated by the same team, York High. We are all hoping that the team can turn the tide in next year's tournament and take top honors. The scores of this year's tournament were as follows: VOLLEYBALL SCORES North York Manchester Forfeited North York Mt. Penn North York Mt. Penn 6 15 16 14 1 6 14 3 15 15 9 15 10 North York York High North York York High 12 15 14 16 5 15 14 16 The 1952 season's record may not be too impressive, but there was never a dull moment during the baseball season. During the month of April coach Joe Biros was working the boys hard, and the team was shaping gradually. With Kinard and Young doing the pitching he felt as though they were ready to start the season. They opened the season April 1, against Manchester, when North York's Dan Kinard and Manchester's Lee Rentzel deadlocked, in a pitchers' duel, both allowing only four hits. But Manchester edged the Panthers 3-1. The Panthers fought hard the entire season and then defeciitled the league leaders the last game of the season 7-2, when Kinard allowed Red Lion two scat- tere its. 1952 BASEBALL SCORES Oliponent North York Opponent North York Opponent North York Manchester 3 1 Dallastown 2 0 Dallastown 9 3 SUSCluehannock 0 3 Red Lion 9 0 West York 6 1 VVest York 8 0 Manchester 4 0 Red Lion 2 7 Kennard-Dale 1 20 Susquehannock 0 6 First row, left to right: George Myers, Jay Yinger, Ervin Lehr, John Brant, Gary Krout, Sterling Krout, John Rhodes, and Marvin Myers. Second row, left to right: Charles Fuhrman, manager: Robert Shindler, Sylvester Gladfelter, Ray- mond King, Daniel Kinard, Edward Blankenstine, Louis DeHorf, David McCandless. Thomas Young, and Joe Biros, coach. SR. HI First row, left to right: Sterling Krout, Harry Knepper, manager, and Richard Lauer. Second row, left to right: Mr. Craley, coach: Michael Oberdick, Raymond King, Raymond Sweet, Richard Everhart, Jack Gladfelter, Gale Emig, Robert Shindler, and Mr. Myers, coach. i North York's nine man track and Held squad coached by William Craley won two triangular meets during the past season. The lighting Panther team captured victories from Red Lion, West York, and Biglerville. The squad competed in the annual Shippensburg Track and Field meet, placing tenth among 16 schools. The nine man squad participated in the annual York County Scholastic Track and Field meet. Red Lion-West York-North York Red Lion . ............ .......... 4 2 West York .. ....19 North York .... .... 4 7 1952 RESULTS Biglerville-North York North York .... Biglerville ................... . . .37 K d-D 1 H, North York ....... . ....... . . .54 ennar a e West York .... York County S , G Dallastown ...... . ...... . . .50 prmg rove ' " Red Lion . , .. .27M Susquehannock .. . 225 185 18 8 5M The Junior High track team was used mainly to prepare the junior High men for the big grind and hard workouts that they will get while participating in Senior High track. The team had an exhibition meet with Mt. Rose. Our team put up a good fight, but the Roses were a little stronger. The Junior High team participated in the York County Track and Field Meet. The results were as follows: Mt. Rose .. ...:im Dallastown .. JR. HI First row, left to right: Clair Ness, manager, and Charles Strayer. Second row, left to right: Pearson Hinkle. Fred Smyser, Sam- uel Alloway, Raymond Che- vaux, Frederick Linebaugh, Michael Rutter, and Mr. Myers, coach. 94 Kennard-Dale .. ... 7 Red Lion .. .. West York .... .. . 6 North York . . 4 3 R. HI The Senior High girls are: Wilma Kepner, Rachel Good, Leah May Warner, Ruth Godfrey, Barbara Brown, Arlene Zimmer, Donna Hoffmaster, Faye Dallmeyer, Maxine Tyson, Mrs. Poet. coach, and May- etta Hull and June Hoke, managers. The annual York County Track Meet was held May 9, 1952, at Small Athletic Field. North York wasn't as fortunate this year as they had been in past years. Although they placed only fourth, quite a few ribbons were won. In junior High events a relay team composed of Donna Spurrier, Dorothy Godfrey, Patricia Pileiger, and Ruth Warner won second prize. In the 50-yard dash Donna Spurrier placed second. In Senior High events Maxine Tyson placed first in the basketball throw, setting a record of 90.92 feet. Donna Hoffmaster took fourth place in the baseball throw and Ruth Godfrey placed fifth in the 50-yard dash. JR. HI The Junior High girls are: Sue Griffin, Patricia Pfleiger, Donna Spurrier, Ruth War- ner, Dorothy Godfrey, Judy Snyder, Nancy Hykes, Mary Louise Drews. Mrs. Poet, coach, and Mayetta Hull and June Hoke, managers. '95 ,,gnu-1wwww wmz-wmsammwaf.:1ffowf I.wsfmmmwmmunzewsiw-a...scene-el'-Nemwwww First row, left to right: Rachel Good and VVilma Kvpner. Second row, left to right: Leah XVarner, Lois Snyder, Donna Hollmaster. Faye Dallmvyer, Nancy Snyder, Patricia Ptleiger. Connie Oller. Third row, loft to right: Orvilla Myers, manager: Hazel Kinard. Virginia Black, Sandra Everhart, Sue Ann Ruby, Roberta Sauerwald, Doro- thy Tyson, Ruth VVarner, Louise H. Poet, coach. The North York Girls' Basketball team under- the direction of Louise H. Poet turned in a highly successful season, although getting off to a poor start by losing to Dover in their first game. After showing considerable improvement and high spirits they came back to defeat Dover on our own floor to place second in the York County Girls' Basketball League, with Dover taking first place. The improvement of the girls' basketball team can be attributed to the ability of the girls to play as one unit with fine team spirit and cooperation. The team will be losing two good players this year. They are Leah Warner and Donna Hoffmaster, the latter being the captain of our team. 27 North York Dover 41 27 North York Susquehannock 29 40 North York West York 29 41 North York Dallastown 29 34 North York Kennard-Dale 19 28 North York Susquehannock 28 37 North York West York 19 38 North York Dover 27 22 North York Kennard-Dale 15 30 North York Dallastown 25 The Girls' Volleyball Team, although they played only a few exhibition games before going to Wrightsville to participate in the semi-final contest of York County, aroused a good bit of excite- ment the evening of the contest. They won all their games but one in the contest. Even though they lost in the last quarter of the game, they never became discouraged when the opposing team began to score more pointsg instead, they continued to show their good sportsmanship throughout the game. The game which they lost disqualified them from the finals which were to be played at West York High the following week. Although the following seniors, Ruth Godfrey, Donna I-Ioffmaster, and Shirley Badeker, will be leaving the team this year, we all know that with the fine team coming up, they will go as far as to score a victory in the finals next year. First row, left to right: VVilma Kepner, Donna. Spur- rier, Rachel Good, Virginia Black, Barbara Scott, Lois Snyder, Pat Kissinger, Mary Jane Garbrick, Nancy Snyder. Second r0W, left to right: Barbara Brown, manager, L o u i s e Poet. coach: Shirley Badeker, Ruth Godfrey, Donna Hoff- master, Faye Dallmeyer, Norma May, Orvilla Myers, Shirley Zimmer, Nancy Ruby, manager. 96 wuz.wnmnwm .fa V Volleyball Uf 1926 Bafleetbvll l Uf 193 8 Bmleetlml l Uf 1915 Tmcle 0f 1935 Tmcle Of 1934 .mms , mmm f s 1 X rl X ki 5 34,37 f 'll ff: !1f QA X I N N f " w fnQ.. i if -A-umm 5.3 fr N 8 , Nw Q? ik? SW 'M A S fx QU f 'Mix--!'.'x XV, Nw gflv ' ' A111 , W 2 Ti Bayleetlaal l Of 1928-29 Baselaall Of 1924 Bafleetlaal l 1 Uf 1915 Soccer Uf 193 8 Bafeba ll ef 1915 T racle 'ff 1935 ' I 5 s Q, , - , 11,,,', , N w n,fg.wwW.:1fem4m..fua,1.. X x W 4 -ff I M XPSCIAL T501-55 , W :I W H i?av r s f L W -1 l 5 Q5X.:if5f1fZff4--'ky gg ,l 5 J Vg, 7 KA A'f5mTHY E A g S- x gl , M A + 4+ M 'VQXWQQ " -ws? 0 JM" Ll L-ylfv ffvf flffj L A,' ,i xfF,,, POV' f --QQ! ' KM REPmP.5 ' we wx 'LTWSFMO '. 1112-OLD " .EL:f2-rb:lE5 1,51 52 5700- wx nwnlsosfitmki N 1 'V v' 'mvmmyw' M , ' xy ALso MAKES ,' yf' Q wv OWU Wffwvwf 0 ,Q 7f7x9'4"r-XM X V All fd f ff XZ X I f f 7 ff f Z ff ff X 4 'Ze- is f Sm .life Wwcomace o F c: A N A D A ROBERT L. KOONTZ 'L 11 Easi' Markei' Sfreei' YORK. PENNSYLVANIA PHONES-YORK 7228 AND DOVER 3602 100 HOME DRESSED MEATS BORING FOOD MARKET Jfzmh, and Smoluwl Wleata. FROZEN FOOD-FRESH VEGETABLES 1033 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phone 81753 OIYLIQAIYLQHEJ .CJLOWL THE GENERAL BOYS OF 1953 Marlin "Ox" Aughenbaugh Richard "Dick" Hollinger Charles "Chaz" Fuhrman Raymond "Raym" Kann, Jr. Lloyd "Bill" Gingerich Harry "Penn" Knepper Donald "Stick" Gingerich Sterling "Peanut" Krout Wayne "Horace" Gingerich Ervin "Erv" Lehr, jr. Jack "Shorty" Gladfelter Wayne "Skip" Linebaugh Sylvester "Sonny" Gladfelter, Jr. Marvin "Marv" Myers Ronald "Mohum" Reigle Roy "Shorty" Rohrbaugh Donald "Slug" Slaugh Joe "Andy" Starz Lamar "Buck" Tracey Douglas "Doug" Zerbe 1 101 MAC TOOLS RICHARD F. JONES Tops In Tools Telephone 91793 R. D. 1, YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MAZIE'S Card and Giff Shop Phone 49349 Compliments of STAGE MYER jAWOF 537 NORTH GEORGE STREET Telephone 5840 Phone 47305 MT. ROSE GARAGE and SERVICE STATION GEO. W. TAYLOR, Prop. General Repairs S'l'a'l'e lnspecfion Kelly Tires Cars Washed Cars Polished Cars Waxed 901 Mount Rose Avenue YORK, PENNSYLVANIA SPRENKLE'S POTATO CHIPS R. D. 4 YORK, PENNSYLVANIA SWElTZER'S STORE GROCERIES, FROZEN FOOD SOFT DRINKS Borden's Ice Cream R. D. No. 3 DOVER, PA. Phone Manchester 2677 Compliments of BOB'S RESTAURANT ZLL' I LL 1030 NORTH GEORGE STREET J-00 Phone 64338 COUSLER'S FOOD MARKET Groceries - Frozen Foods PLEASUREVILLE 2805 NORTH GEORGE STREET PENNSYLVANIA Phone 92212 HERBERT'5 HUMBLE-MUNDIS "York's Profit Sharing Store" WE GIVE AND REDEEM S 8: H GREEN STAMPS MANCHESTER GRANGE EMIGSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Coal - Feed GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 56201 COMPANY 1536 North George Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Distributor of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OF ALL KINDS DELCO HEATING EQUIPMENT "Say It With Flowers" JOHN DAUBER Q... yjlgrigjf Compliments YORK COUNTY GAS COMPANY 1705 North George Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 5817 Congratulations and Best Wishes from Your 1953 Class Photographers HENRY M. BLATNER WAOCOQPCLIQ QI' 153 EAST MARKET STREET YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 7173 AT THE BROWNSTONE HOUSE 104 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "53" YORK Ummtzhn, BIBML Knmpanq. "York's Own Cusfom Made Blinds" REPAINTING RENOVATING RETAPING Phone 82935 219 SOUTH GEORGE STREET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 from WE RTZ Modern Cleaners, Inc. 1811 North Susquehanna Trail YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of D. E. HORN 81 CO.. Inc Manufacturers of HORNCO POULTRY - DAIRY -- STOCK FEEDS Lincoln and West Streets YORK, PENNSYLVANIA MUNDIS-MILLS INCORPORATED GOLD-BAND FEEDS WHITE LILY FLOUR YORK, PA., R. D. 5 NASHVILLE, PA., R. D. 5 WM. N. JACOBY 81 SON '77'Lmt,'WZaMp.L 1951 N. SUSQUEHANNA TRAIL Opp. State Highway Dept. Phone 79903 CHICK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE LUBRICATION - CAR WASHING 1111 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phone 39410 SEITZ MUSIC CENTRE "The Best in Musical Merchandise" 29-31 North Beaver Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA NANCY JANE'S BEAUTY SALON NANCY BRENNEMAN, Prop. EMIGSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 53010 Compliments of KOHR BROS. Frozen Cusfard Corner Philadelphia and Queen Streets YORK, PENNSYLVANIA M. E. CASSEL WEATHER STRIPPING Calking and Insect Screens 1811 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phone 6295 Compliments of GREEN'S DAIRY MILK O ICE CREAM Compliments of DR. LYLE M. CRUSE AMERICAN BAG 81 BARREL CO. 530 Vander Ave. York, Pennsylvania Always Buying Waste Paper-Newspaper-Magazines Corrugated Iron and Steel-Metal Call Us and Out Truck Will Call for Same PHONE 6231-7764 YORK MAGAZINES CANDY BAYLOR'S 1119 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phone 39110 SODA FOUNTAIN BREYER'S ICE CREAM CIGARS - PIPES FILMS - DRUGS TOYS BEST OF LUCK TO ALL Compliments of The HOB-NCB Kvilw 511142 1100 North George Street NORTH YORK, PENNSYLVANIA "Thanks for Your Pattonagen BOB 0LLER'S BARBER SHOP At NORTH YORK HIGH SCHOOL Phone 35231 "Under New Management" GLENWOOD CLEANERS CALL FOR AND DELIVERY 1124 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phone 37261 Supervisor, George W. Gingerich EAT . DRINK . . MEET YOUR FRIENDS at the RAMONA GREGORY? ONE OF PENNSYLVANIA'S FINEST MEN'S STORES GREGORY? WM. G. SCHWAB Dispensing Optician 22 North Beaver Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 35166 HARRY'S PLACE R. D. 5 ROUTE 111 MORGAN E. FREY FURNITURE FUNERAL SERVICE 1420 NORTH GEORGE STREET 1223 NORTH GEORGE STREET Phones 85406-5720 GEORGE W. HILKER. JR. ATLANTIC WHITE FLASH GAS AND OIL Phone 65812 2609 NORTH GEORGE STREET HARE'S AMOCO SERVICE WASHING GAS - LUBRICATION - OIL Phone 35345 At Foot of North York Hill PETE BURGARD "Happy Motoring" Compliments of A FRI END The Wolf Supply Co. "The Place to Shop for a Home" 465 Prospect Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA MOUNT WOLF WRIGHTSVILLE GETTYSBURG RUTTER BROS. DAIRY INCORPORATED fgafifeurizeol lair? fqfoclucfzi QUALITY ICE CREAM NORTH GEORGE STREET EXTENDED YORK PENNSYLVANIA Ph 82035 110 We Specialize in Afhlefic and Sporfing Foofwear WOLFGANG'S Shnm, and Spnlztahq, Hnnda. 1121 N. GEORGE ST.. NORTH YORK A FAMILY SHOE STORE Operated by a Family with 30 Years Fitting Experience A Complete Line of Sporting Goods--also Keys Made While You Wait NORTHERN RADIO SERVICE aumampgnndm EVERY HOUSE NEEDS WESTINGHOUSE Westinghouse Refrigerators -- Home Freezers - Stoves Automatic Washers - Ironers - Hot Water Heaters and Roasters RECORDS - TELEVISION TOYS AND JUVENILE FURNITURE KEM-TONE AND A FULL LINE OF PAINTS AND BRUSHES 111 C. J. BESHORE 17 jefferson Avenue YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 45202 Home Appliances Fluid Heat- Oil Burners Standard Plumbing Fixtures Roberts-Gordon Gas Burners SALES 8: SERVICE PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR Compliments of GENERAL GIRLS of "1953" Joanne "Bubbles" Bentzel Beverly "Bev" Brothers Lois "Tommy" Boyer Ruth "Ruthie" Godfrey Mabel "Mah" Krone Marian "Bert" Myers Janice "Ian" Rhodes Joan "Io" Spangler Ruth "Ruthie" Sunday NACE'S Gas-Groceries LUNCH - FOUNTAIN SERVICE just North of North York Phone 79630 Compliments of EPPLEY'S CUT RATE 1059 North George Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA D. E. WOLFGANG'S CANDIES 8-12 Latimer Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA DRIVE our SA TISFIED SHILOH GARAGE YORK R. D. 1 York Phone 63606 GAS - o1L - ACCESSORIES J. C. HOLLERBUSH Builder CLEAR SPRINGS Phone 65912 New Homes E. GORDON LONG A11 Types of Insurance 14 Latimer Street, York, Pennsylvania Phone 45310 LIFE - AUTO - FIRE, etc. York Phone 5670 1 IRVIN F. MUNDIS fohn Deere - Massey-Harris FARM EQUIPMENT General Merchandise EMIGSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Your Headquarters for ARROW SHIRTS GINGERICH'S 1016 NORTH GEORGE STREET "SHOP FOR MEN AND BOYS IN YORK'S NORTH END" McFALL'S QUALITY STORE FOR MEN IN YORK For Quality . . . FRUITS and VEGETABLES SEE H. EVERHART SONS Phone 51118 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "53" HOFFMAN'S FURNITURE STORE BETWEEN NORTH YORK and EMIGSVILLE JOHN H. MYERS and SON Incorporaied Lumber-Millwork Builders' Supplies Painf-Hardware 1285 West King Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MIDLAND-WESTERN Incorporated 380 Norway Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA NORTH YORK 5JzilL Home of ELECTRIC COOKING O 1057 NORTH GEORGE STREET PAINT and DECQRATE-i+ pays! ROBERT R. OBERDICK 81 SON ,ynlferior lbecorafing PAINTER AND PAPER HANGER R D 4-YORK PENNSYLVANIA J. M. SHINDLER 81 SON gunera! ,gzruice FURNITURE ' FLOOR COVERINGS Ph es 7192-43375 909 15 NORTH DUKE STREET, YORK, PENNSYLVANIA 115 J. FOSTER STAMBAC H uildah, PHONE 82-206 GEORGE F. MOTTER'S SONS iefuuhq, gnduwzg, glam, Hum, EL Lientwuf, IN ns REPAIRS and MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS 132 SOUTH PERSHING AVENUE TELEPHONE 5581 MOTTER ELECTRIC COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS LIGHTING SPECIALISTS 815 NORTH GEORGE STREET TELEPHONE 81561 "Top of North George Street Hill" CONVENIENT PARKING FACILITIES 116 Thompson College YORK. PENNSYLVANIA HARRISBURG. PENNSYLVANIA Member of American Association of Commercial Colleges and National Council of Business Education HARVEY E. SHUE Groceries-Produce 1060 North Duke Street NORTH YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of MOTOR FREIGHT ' EXPRESS 550 East King Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 5541 Phone 40219 for Appointment ROSS W. BLACK Baabm Shop, 1134 NORTH GEORGE STREET Air Conditioned P L J. FRANK REESE and SON 21118 8145 WATCHES. DIAMONDS. SILVER. TROPHIES See the WYLER WATCH-the only watch guar V See the unbreakable balance demonstrated. Phone 37390 1012 NORTH GEORGE STREET YORK, PENNSYLVANIA KREBS 81 MEARS 530 North George Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA SHOE REPAIRERS Agents for CHARLES CHESTER and ORTHO-VENT SHOES Compliments of PENN DAIRIES. Inc. Pensupreme- Dairy Products Golden Guernsey A, Vitamin D, Pasteurized, Regular, Homoge- nized Milks, Butter Milk, Cottage Cheese, Chocolate Milk, Reddi- Whip Cream. All Products LABORATORY CONTROLLED 118 WHEN THERE IS A DAY TO REMEMBER THE WAY TO REMEMBER IS .Slaffwzf JEWELER-SILVERSMITHS 6 East Market Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA MERCHANDISE OF QUALITY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of C. L. SCHAEFER YOUR LOCAL PH1LcO DEALER Phone 67611 , EMIGSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of LEONA'S LUNCHEONETTE 899 Prospect Street YORK, PENNSYLVANIA STARZ BROS. 81 FRITZ 1781 VVesf hdarkef Sireei BODY 8: PAINT SHOP USED CAR LOT 1309-11 NORTH GEORGE STREET 2355 EAST MARKET STREET York, Pennsylvania Fred K. Aldinger Mrs. Fred K. Aldinger Mr. G Mrs. Ioseph Alfano 51 Ianet Richard 61 Donald Arnold Mr, 61 Mrs. William Badeker Barb 5 Dick Mr. .61 Mrs. Arthur Bathurst Norma Iean Bathurst Mr. 51 Mrs. Iames E. Bear Mr. 5- Mrs. Luther L. Bear Patricia Bear Mr. G Mrs. Parke Bentzel "Betty Lou" 6: "Sterl" Doris Bixler Mr. G Mrs. Paul Bixler Robert W. Black Patricia Ann Bloss Dorothy A. Bontreger Ruth A. Bryan William Burdette, Ir. Boys of lU-1 Baby Charlene Billy Poet di Ioyce Charleston Mr. :S Mrs. Ralph Charleston Iay Crist Mr. 51 Mrs. L. W. Crist "Doug" Alan Dallmeyer Faye Dallmeyer Mr. di Mrs. Herbert Dallmeyer Ioyce Dallmeyer Mr. 5- Mrs. Clair E. Desenberg 61 family Donna 5: "Mike" Mrs. Margaret L. Dotterer Mr. 6: Mrs. Iohn Dravk dr Peggyanri Charlotte Dull s Mr. G Mrs. G. H. Dull Ioyce Elaine Ehrman Mr. G Mrs. George Eveler, Ir. Mr. 61 Mrs. Iohn W. Everhart Mr. 51 Mrs. Martin Everhart, Sr. Mr. Sf Mrs. Martin L. Everhart, Ir. Mr. 6 Mrs. Wilbur L. Everhart Mr. 51 Mrs. Charles Falk Mr. 5: Mrs. Elwood L. Fauth George Frey A friend A friend A friend Mr. 61 Mrs. Charles Fry Mrs. Elmer H. Gingerich Mr. 61 Mrs. Lloyd Gingerich Lloyd, Ir., 61 Larry Gingerich Miss Norma Iean Gingerich Girls of 12-3 Mr. :S Mrs. Geo. Gladfelter 6: family Mr. G Mrs. Sylvester Gladfelter Sylvester Carl Gladfelter Mrs. Elizabeth Godfrey Mr. 51 Mrs. Ivan Griffin Florence Gross Rev. 6. Mrs. Lloyd K. Haag Mr. G Mrs. Harry Halterman :Si family Mr. 61 Mrs. A. L. Hamaker Mr. :S Mrs. Stewart Hartman G Ianice Mr. 6: Mrs. Charles Heilman 61 family Mr. 61 Mrs. Harold Heps Mrs. Al Hershner Mr. G Mrs. George L. Himmebright P TRONS Mr, G Mrs. Harry Hinkle Shirley Hinkle Mr. Sf Mrs. Morgan Hively Mr. Sf Mrs. Paul Hively Mr. William Hively Mr. St Mrs. Oscar L. Hoffman Mr. :S Mrs. Roger E. Hoffman G family Mr. G Mrs. Stuart E. Hoffman Mr. 51 Mrs. Charles Hoffmaster Donna Rae Hoffmaster Frances Iacoby 61 Raymond King Mr. 61 Mrs. Dwight Iones, Sr. Peggy Iones Kenneth E. Mr. G Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. 5: Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. Charles H. Kann Raymond Kann Paul L. Kauffman Wm. M. Kauffman 51 Nedra Robert Kennedy Howard Kerns Krone Mabel Krone Mr. 51 Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. Paul C. Laucks Carl Leedy Shirley Leedy Mr. 61 Mrs. Charles R. Mr. G Mrs. Ervin Lehr Faye Lehr Ioseph Lehman Lehr Ervin Lehr , Ir. Lois Elaine Lehr Iohn L. Lehr Martha Lehr Mrs. Myra Mrs. Nora Mr. QS Mrs. Lehr I. Lehr Herman Lenthurst G Rickie Eddie Leonard Lina 61 Nei Mr. 51 Mrs. l Stewart Lloyd Arm Lobody Mary Lobody Mr. 51 Mrs. G. P. Lobody Miss Ioann Long Miss Iean McGarrell Barry Martin Mary Io G Mr. G Mrs. Carole Mil Connie Wilson Matheson, Ir. ler Patricia Miller Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. Sf Mrs. Paul Miller Robert Miller Verna P. Miller Mr. 6 Mrs. C. Kenneth Metzel Sf family Mr. QS Mrs. Warren Mundis Mr. St Mrs. Wm. F. Mundis 61 Linda Edith, George :S Gloria Myers Mr. 6 Mrs, Elmer R. Myers Robert L. Myers Mr. 51 Mrs. Ioseph Newman Mr. 5- Mrs. Kenneth Ogle Mr. :Sf Mrs. Ralph I. Ohsiek Norman Overmiller Mr. 61 Mrs. Charles Oyler 51 son Mr. 51 Mrs. George Pfleiger, Ir. Mr. 51 Mrs. Iohn Rauch Dr. Dorothy A. Reider Dian Resh Mrs. Margaret Rhoades Mr. 5: Mrs. Henry Rhoads 120 Mr. 51 Mrs. Iohn H. Rhoads Beverly Rinehold Carl Rishel K Mr. 51 Mrs. Steward L, Rohrbaugh Mr. 6: Mrs. H. Keith Ruby 51 family Leo Rutter William "Bill" Schmid Mr. G Mrs. William H, Schmid Betty I. Schneider Iames R. Schneider Mr. 51 Mrs. Ralph N, Schneider Senior High Cheerleaders Mr. G Mrs. Iames W. Shindler Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Warren Shindler Robert L. Shindler Mr. and Mrs. "Al" Shirey Shirl G Myron Ivan Shue Betty Siders Mr. G Mrs. Elsworth Siders Mr. G Mrs. Frank L. Slaugh Mr. 61 Mrs. R. M. Slaugh Mr. :Sf Mrs. Ray Smith Mr. :Sf Mrs. George Spangler Mr. George E. Spangler Ioan Spangler Mr. 61 Mrs. Raymond Spangler Mr. 5: Mrs. I. Foster Stambach Peggy Stambach Mr. 51 Mrs. Charles Stambaugh G family Mr. E. E. Stambaugh Grace Stambaugh Mr. 51 Mrs. I. A. Starz, Sr. Yvonne Stauffer Mr. 61 Mrs. Franklin Stevenson Mr. G Mrs. Edgar T. Strausbaugh 5- family M. H. Strickler Mr. 61 Mrs. William A. Strickler Ruth Anna Sunday Mr. G Mrs. W. P. Sunday Mr. 61 Mrs. Clarence Sweitzer AflC Paul H. Sweitzer Mr. G Mrs. Robert Sweitzer G Son Sandra Sweitzer Mr. 6- Mrs. Donald Thompson G Barry Mr. 6: Mrs. Luther E. Toomey :Sf family Robert S. Toomey Mrs. Margaret Taylor C. F, Tracey Mr. 51 Mrs. Edward Tusing G Iimmy Mrs. Margaret Wales Mr. 61 Mrs. Steward A. Walters Mrs. Ruth Wantz Leah May ci Ruth Warner Mr. cSr Mrs. Russell Warner Mrs. Dorcas Weaver Ianet Wherley Mr. 51 Mrs. Luther Wherley 61 Linda Mr. 51 Mrs. Floyd R. White Sydney Whorl Miss Doris Wolfgang Mr. 61 Mrs. D. R. Wyle Mr. ci Mrs. Blaine P. Yost Mr. 61 Mrs. L. R. Zerbe Betty Zirkle Ioseph E. Zirkle, F. N. Robert Zirkle Shirley Zirkle

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