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I"i ' Publzkbecl by the gS167flZU7f Clam of North York High School 1950 -VOLUME VII h The PANTHER XISTING Within this, the seventh Volume ol the "Pan- ther," is the sincere Wish that it Will serve as a milestone along our road ot lite. We Will need a tortitied courage as we meet the complex problems of our world, tor man is discouraged readily enough. ln resulting moods ot depression may We return to our "land marker" and in leating through it relive our zestiul high school career. From our memories may We have gained enough energy to conquer the miles ahead. Editor-in-Chief Business Manager MARIAN L. RISHEL IOAN M. GENTZLER Faculty Editorial Adviser Faculty Business Adviser ELWOOD L. FAUTH WILLIAM N. CRALEY FORWARD .... DEDICATION . , , THEME ..,.,.................... BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS FACULTY .,.,....,.............. SCHOOL PERSONNEL .,.. SENIORS Formals , ..... . Class Officers . . , Class Song Class Poem Class Motto . ,. lnformals ..,.. Baby Pictures . . . Class Will .... CAMPUS SHOTS ...... , UNDERCLASSMEN Iunior Class Officers ......, Sophomore Class Officers Freshman Class Officers ,... Iunior Class ............. Sophomore Class ...,... Freshman Class . . . Eighth Grade Seventh Grade .... CAMPUS SHOTS .... ACTIVITIES Editorial Staff . .. Business Staff ...., Senior Play Cast Iunior Play Cast ,,.. Senior Chorus ,..., Iunior Chorus . . . Librarians . ..,.. . Senior Y-Teens ...,., Iunior Y-Teens ....... Future Homemakers .... ATHLETICS Athletic Council , . . Soccer .....,,,.,.. Boys' Basketball Senior High ...., Iunior High .,... Girls' Basketball TeamA. ..,. .. TeamB Cheerleaders Senior High , . . Iunior High . .. ADS .,,.... EARNEY G. FISHEL kg N APPRECIATION of the time service rendered by Earriey G. Fishel in his twenty-eight years as a member ot the faculty ot North York High School, We, the graduating class of 1950, dedicate to him this, the seventh volume ot the "Panther" 'tl t HIGHWAY -795 ROUTE OF LIFE We are starting along a new highway-new drivers, we. Experience?-A some as an observant passenger and now and then as a driver on a side road, but never on the main road alone. . We are startled, but not fully stunned. Our tense hands grip the steering wheel. We are stiff, frozen. Coordination seems unknown to our movements. An almost impenetrable fog has rolled in upon and enveloped us. Staring ahead our eyes focus upon what seems to be a marker, perhaps here is some- thing we can rely upon. But no-it is only a billboard with its gaudy colors and distracting advertisement. We must beware of the "chuck" holes of disunity, ruts of self-satisfaction, hills of disillusion, and detours of ignorance and despair. The fog, which once clung to us, is now slowly lifting. We are able to determine the dependable markers of cooperation, forethought, and humility. We have attained the .qualification of a skilled driver by our experience in our trial run with hills of uncertainty and curves of sharp practice. Remember your hills-so hard to climb-a moment of satisfaction and then a swift descent on the opposite side. So intriguing in that apex moment that those who have overcome the first incline will ever be attempting and accom- plishing others. No longer frightened, we have become experienced drivers, aware that success does not follow a straight road and ever conscious of the white line of hope stretching before us. 5 Wilbur L. Everhart President Eugene R Patterson Vice President George H Leckrone Treasurer Melvin S. Rxle Secretary William G. Schwab Associate Member 6 i ii " cow. W fl AL if 1' ,Q fa! I W1 ' f f ff VQ L . ! 7 U 'V V L UV bu X AQ JJVV XM U L I 'f4!.7,x.4 nw, V bd i X , li XIYXN Q V X' 5 V Q V ' L ' X f yMW ga W N V 'MA' ,L " 1 f X ttf ml?-n 'W A-f NN if 7 IRVIN R. SNYDER. M.S. Supervising Principal Millersville State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Elizabethtown College Gettysburg College the standards that have inspired you to attain your present achievement and that your name, placed on the .alumni record may be an in- spiration to those young men and women who have yet to complete their high school training. The success you will attain in your several stations in life will in no small measure be proportionate to the inspiration you have re- ceived from your school and from the effort and desire expended to attain to your ability a knowledge ot the principles inherent in our school and its teachings, On behalt of the Board of School Directors I congratulate you upon your graduation -and Wish for you the greatest satisfaction that can come from .a wisely directed plan of service. Sincerely yours, IRVIN R. SNYDER Supervising Principal of Schools C70 tlze Csjenior Gfass o 1950: You are graduating at .a time when the services for worthwhile leadership are in great demand. In our complex society your oppor- tunity for success depends upon your prepa- ration and the extent to which you Will put forth your efforts to bring to fruition the prin- ciples your high school training has made possible for you. lt is the hope of the school authorities that you will find your place of greatest service and that you will give your best not only to your chosen occupation but also to the community in which you live. In joining the widespread number of alumni of North York High School, you will have the opportunity to carry forth the traditions and teachings of your school, lt is our sincere hope that you will endeavor to help maintain C. CLINTON RUBY, AB. Principal Mathematics, Social Studies, Director of Athletics, Coach at Soccer, Baseball, and Volleyball Pennsylvania State College Gettysburg College ROY T. BITZER, B.S. Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Millersville State Teachers College BERYL R. ABEL. B.S. Mathematics Gettysburg College ' Millersville State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania WM. N. CRALEY. B.S., M.Ed. Director of Health Physical Education Science Coach of Sr. High Basketball, Track Team Business Adviser to "Panther" East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College DOROTHY A. ELGIN. B.S. Home Economics Director of F.l-LA. Pennsylvania State College Millersville State Teachers College 9 MARION E. BROWN, B.S. Mathematics Social Studies Adviser to Jr. Y-Teens Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College MARGARET L. DOTTERER B.S Commercial Education English Adviser to Sr. Y-Teens Elizabethtown College Thompson Business College ELWOOD L. FAUTH, B.S. Commercial Education Head of Commercial Department Editorial Adviser to "Panther" Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College Temple University GLADYS R. GABLE. Cert. of D. H. Dental Hygienist University of Pennsylvania EVELYN G. EMIG, R.N. School Nurse Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing EARNEY G. FISHEL Social Studies Millersville State Teachers College York County Academy ROBERT L. KOONTZ. B.S. Social Studies Coach of Jr. High Basketball Director of Senior Class Dramatics Augustana College Shippensburg State Teachers College Temple University Pennsylvania State College I0 LOUISE G. HARNISH. B.S. Health Physical Education Social Studies Coach for Volleyball, Basketball, and Track Adviser to Cheerleaders Lock Haven State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College HENRY A. MITCHELL. B.S. Science East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Franklin 84 Marshall College DORIS M. LAUGHM1-KN. BJ-X. English History Bucknell University Bucknell Jr, College Pennsylvania State College DORIS W. SMITH. B.S. Art Supervisor Kutztown State Teachers College ARTHUR E. WARFIELD. B.S. ' Music Supervisor Director of Band, Senior-Junior Choruses, Christmas Choral Pro- gram, Operetta Edinboro College Millersville State Teachers College Temple University S. RHOBERTA WOLF. I-LB. Englisli Supervisor of Library Pennsylvania State College H MYRA S. WHITE. A.B. French Latin English Director of Jr. Class Dramatics Lebanon Valley College University of Vermont DR. CHARLES H. MAY School Physician Gettysburg, A.B., A.M. Johns Hopkins University, M.D. Internship at Presbyterian Hospital Pittsburgh, Pa. DAVID E. FINK Janitor DORIS C. BOTTERBUSCH School Secretary North York High School NORMAN DOLL Janitor HARRY STRAYER Janitor 1 Q WILLIAM H. 'FHANTZ Janitor P7 l Q S, 5 1..:.,"x N if I ,GX R 5 cf + X ff ,XA XY' XX K 71 JACQUELINE L. BACON ll Wilson Ave, York Classical-Scientific "Iackie," the girl from Lightner's, just loves to get the goats of certain teachers. She can keep anyone in his place with her reprimanding "Here-!" Iackie can be seen at almost any basketball game selling tickets for Mr, Ruby. Her dreams of nursing will ma- terialize in the future at Church game and Hospital, Baltimore, AUDREY J. BOECKEL R. D. l, York Haven Classical-Scientific The girl to whom all underclass- men come to have their lockers opened is our own "Audie" She always has a cheery smile for everyone. As yet she has no definite plans, but with her ambi- tion we know "Audie" will suc- ceed in any undertaking. JAMES B. BIESECKER l3U5 N. George St. York General "lim," North York's contribution to the Vaughn Monroe fan club, is Norm.a's pet. To Mr. Craley he is the perfect gentleman and to Baylor's a "pool shark." Iirn hopes to enter college after graduation to become a social studies teacher. PEGGY A. BOYER ll4l N. Duke St. York General "Pe " who is the best su porter Q' P of all candy factories, is usually found with the other girls of the general section. In the future she hopes to become a beauticiang here's hoping that she succeeds. '4 WILLIAM C. BURDETTE 1882 N. George St. York General "Hopalong," the whiz in mechan- ical drawing class, is the Food Fair's right-hand man. Any teach- er will tell you he is an adept comedian, too. To "Hopalong," who hopes to become a butcher, go our sincere Wishes for "cut- ting up." RAMONA R. CONNELLY 'Emigsville Commercial Want to iind "Connelly"'? lust hunt a guy named "Bob" and there's Ramona. She has part interest in 106 ttyping rooml. ln the future she will probably be- come somebody's stenographer. NORMA I. CALLAHAN 1054 N. Duke st. York Classical-Scientiiic "Hunt," as the name implies, is the smallest person in the Senior class. Her favorite companion is a guy named "Iim." Although Norma's plans tor the future are indefinite, we Wish her "Good Luck." ' GLORIA Y. CRONE R. D. 4, York General Here is the girl with a sweet disposition. "Red," the brain ol the senior science class, spends much of her time at Iceland Lakes. Here's Wishing you suc- cess in your career as an airline hostess, Gloria. '5 JOYCE E. DALLMEYER 119 E. Sixth Ave. York Classical-Scientific Best Wishes go to "Peroxie," Whoseiuiure lies in nursing. ln the meantime she receives her training by nursing "Hennie's" aches and pains, which he gets from riding in a car driven by Ioyce. SHIRLEY T. DUNKLEBARGER R. D, 3, Dover Commercial One of the quietest girls of the senior class can usually be seen with "Billie" "Shirl" occupies some oi her time by being cash- ier at Playlcmd. To her we Wish success in any venture. VERA M. ESHELMAN CORWELL E. DEISINGER R. D. 4, York General "Ding-Dong" or the "Concord Kid" is always tormenting the girls. His lavorite song is "Mag- gie Dear." Although "Ding- Dong's" plans are indefinite, we Wish him luck in whatever he does. Emigsville X "Esh," who likes to have a lot oi tun, dreams all of her spare time of "Flob." Her temperament is aroused by Miss Wolt's shouting .at her. To an ambitious young lady who wishes to be an in- terior decorator, go our compli- ments. PATRICIA A. EVERHART lllO N. George St, York Classical-Scientific "Pat," the roly-poly girl of the senior class, in the future hopes to be the female Perc Westmore. Tops on any good humor list will be "Pat," the girl with a spar- kling personality. Good luck, "Patsy," A. ROBERT FLORIU, JR. Emigsvillo Clarsiiccrl-Scientific Bob, who formerly lived in New Iersey, but who now hails from Emigsville, has a taxi service to and from Emigsville, Bob's main interest is a commercial girl. In the future he hopes to attend college and with his scholastic ability We are sure he will CHARLES W. FISSEL, JR. R. D. l, Manchester Classical-Scientific Behold "the jack-in-the-box." "Fis- sel" is .a swell photographer. He may be found anywhere you hear a prolonged chuckle. We're Wish- ing you the best in your engi- neering career. succeed. BARBARA A. FOX 926 N. Duke St. York Classical-Scientific Q Here is our "just-made-it" girl. "Barby" can be seen breezing into school at the ringing of the last bell. Her errors in Latin class will never be forgotten. "Barby's" ambition is to be a telephone operator. We wish her luck. disposition. JOAN M. GENTZLER R. D. 5, York Commercial "Mick" is the outstanding girl athlete ol our class. Being Mr. Craley's secretary occupies most of her spare moments. "Mick's" desire is to become a physical education teacher, and we know she will succeed. CARL E. GETTYS R. D. 4, York NORMA L. GEISER R. D. 5, York "Nornie," North York's own Mar- garet Whiting, loves to jitterbug. Norma displays a diamond and alter school she hopes to be a very good wife to "Ham," Best wishes to a girl with a cheerful FREDERICK A. GENTZLER 37 W. Eleventh Ave. York General "Fat-boy,' Baylor's outcast, is a good sport and a good athelte. He is the smallest boy in the senior cLass??? After college Fred is headed for the teaching pro- fession. Good luck, Fred. Commercial Q "Romeo," North York's own Man- drake the Magician, is the ladies' man? Carl has drawn an honor on a commercial essay that he had written this spring. Although Carl's plans are indefinite, we wish him the best ot luck. GLORIA C. HOFFMAN 9 E. Ninth Ave. York Classical-Scientific "Honey," the sweetest little kid in the senior class, always has a pleasant smile for everyone Ccer- tain teachers exceptedl. Her heart belongs to "Kelly," with Whorn she spends most of her spare time. Best of luck to a fu- ture medical secretary. LESTER IVI. HOKE IOO4 N. Duke sr. York Scientific All of us Will remember "Hokie" as "Iunior" in the senior play and as "the mightiest little tenor" of Mr. Warfield's senior chorus. His free time is spent with a beat up Ford, To "I-lokie" go our "safe iourney Wishes," for he plans to hit the road as one of the truck drivers of America. "lake," aside from being class GLENN C. JACOBY R. D, 8, York MYRON S. HOFFMAN R. D. 5, York General This lean and lanky pest is one of Stew's boys and is part owner of Hoffman's Furntiure Store, l'Ioe" loves to recite Shakespeare in shop, not to mention his senti- ments for a certain freshman girl, To Myron, who desires to become a business man, go our sincere wishes. president, is class humorist also. He is usually seen Writing poetry or telling jokes. ln the future Glenn plans to continue school- ing but his vocation is indefinite. Here's wishing you success, Glenn. EARL E. KEISTER R. D. 3, Dover General "Smilie"is another one ot"SteW's" boys, who lives beyond God's knowledge. After school Earl is going to be a farmer. Good luck, Earl. GLORIA A. LEHR 73 Woodland Ave. York Commercial Gloria loves music, but her pet peeve is shorthand. She has part interest in Grant's 5 6: 10, but dreams of a clerk at Wiest's. We're betting that alter school We'll be buying rice for George and Gloria. Best wishes. VICTOR H. LEHR ll5l N. Duke St. York "Chub" loves his Saturday night Q work as ideal baby sitter. He is a quiet guy most of the time. An outstanding athlete, he boasts ot muscles "he ain't ever used yet." IDear English teachers, please disregard preceding sen- tence structurel "Chub" is plan- ning to be one of Uncle Sam's "Gobs," FAYE D. LEHR 1027 N. Duke St. York Commercial "Lucy," the girl with the giggle, can' usually be found with "Bil- lie" Wales. Although she has pursued the commercial course, Faye is undecided about her tu- ture. To cr swell kid go sincere Wishes for success in any under- taking. yi l RONALD R. LUCKENBAUGH 922 N. Duke St. York Commercial "Lucky," the speed demon of typ- ing class, is always racing "Dor- rie" White in their thrilling speed tests. He drives his dad's Frazer Manhattan as if he were a king. Can often be found in the SOO block South George Street. His desire in the future is to become an accountant. FRANK G. OBERDICK ' R. D, 4, York General "Pago," another class clown, is also a photographer, On a beat up motorbike he chases a certain junior girl. Frank's aim is to Work with television. HAROLD G. MILLER R. D. 1, Mt. WOM General "Hot Rod," the class chauffeur sporting a wrecked up Chevrolet, drives the car around corners on two wheels to save tires. As yet Harold has made no plans for the future. JOSEPH A. POFF 801 N. Duke St, York Commercial "Ioe," another one of our basket- ball players, is one of the few boys in the commercial section. He is a leading member of a legendary "Arr-Barr Club" and promoter of good humor. When- ever you hear "lust checkin'," loe is sure to be around. Although he has no definite plans, We Wish him luck. 21 CHARLES W. RICHARDS III R. D. 4, York Classical-Scientific "Bozo" is North York's roving lover boy. At present he is cap- tured by Molly. His driving ex- cells that of Iimmy Lynch. After school "Bozo" is headed for Car- negie Tech to become a chemical engineer, With his initiative we are sure he will succeed. MARIAN L. RISHEL R, D. 5, York Classical-Scientific "Choo-Choo," the right hand girl on her dad's farm, is never too busy to help us see through a tough problem. Anyone seeing a blur in front of him will know immediately it is the Rishel Cad- illac with Marian at the controls. She plans to enter Lebanon Val- ley College in the fall. Sincere wishes for your success, Marian. RODGER E. ROHRBAUGH 44 E. Ninth Ave, Scientific "Lefty," the Food Fair's salesman, can usually be found with "Fissel" or "Slaughie," who are known as the big Rodger, whose career will be in some field of medicine, is not cer- tain where he will go for further study, We wish him luck. N York super three. ROBERT H. SCHAFFER R. D. l, Manchester Commercial "Bob," one of Mr. Fauth's con surner boys, hopes to be a sales man, Anywhere you find "Ke1s ter" and "Buttons" you are sure to find "Bob," Best wishes "Bob I 22 GENEVA C. SHAFFNER R. D. 3, Dover General Geneva, one of the Bluejay Trio, spends her time trying to dis- prove the law that two persons can't occupy the same space at the same time. This ambitious young lady wants to be either an artist or a singer. Whatever her choice we wish her luck. RICHARD D. SNYDER R. D. 5, York Scientific "Davy," who is North York's Wolf, can be seen at any corner Where there is a congregation of girls. His attitude towards the opposite sex is "love 'em and leave 'em." After school "Davy" wants to join the Navy and see the world. Smooth sailin', sailor. ROBERT R SLAUGH 38 E. Ninth Ave. York Scientific "Slaughie," one of the boys from "Mule Train," is known as the strong and silent type. You can find him working at Wiest's Dept. Store. Best wishes, "Bob," in your career of pharmacy. VIRGINIA J. STARE R. D. 5, York Commercial Another quiet girl in the senior class is "Ginny" Anytime she may be found with Ramona, Lois, Vera or "Nornie." Since "Ginny" has pursued the commercial course, she wants to be a stenog- r.apher. We're sure she will be a good one. 23 DORETHA J. STOUGH R. D. 4, York Classical-Scientific "Dee-Dee," our feature editor can often be found at Everhart's. She and "lackie" are known for get- ting into the oddest experiences. Doretha, whose favorite saying is "Holy health for Hippocrates' sake," is headed for ta career in nursing and with her pleasing manners, she should be an excel- lent one. RAMONA I. WALES 737 N. George St. York Commercial "Billie," the Vera-Ellen of our class, is some dancer. Shirley is her constant companion. Ra- mona's future lies in the field of entertainment. To "Billie" goes enough good luck to put her on top of Broadway, JOHN F THOMAS R. D. 4, York General "Buttons," a member of the gen- eral section, is another outcast of Baylor's. "Buttons" keeps the manufacturers of Camels in busi- ness. In the future he w.ants to be an airplane pilot. Happy landing, Iohn. LOIS L.. WALLACE Emigsville Commercial Lois, one of the Emigsville gang, can usually be found in the typ- ing room. She is one of Miss Zeigler's diligent singing stars. Best of luck to a "swell" kid. 24 RICHARD H. WHERLEY 112 W. Sixth Ave, York Commercial "Pete," an all around good guy, spends his time running to school ta good Way to keep in shape lor trackl. "Pete" is 12-3's walk- ing dictionary. In the future "Dick" hopes to become a teach- er. Good luck. JAMES H. WHORL 101- W. Sixth Ave. York General "Mouse," the sleeping beauty of the class, is I. W. Gitt's right hand man. He also runs errands tor Mr. Bitzer. After graduation he wants to become a"swabbie." N DORIS R WHITE R. D. 1, Manchester Commercial "Dorrie," an all around good sport, is a willing worker. Her school activities show only too well her ability as a secretary. With a personality that shines a mile, "Dorrie" has many friends and is sure to be a successful secretary. Officerr President ..,,. . . A . .Glenn C. Icxcoby Vice President. . , . . , . . .Richard D. Snyder Secretary ...i.., ..... D oris R. White Treasurer ...... Frank G. Oberdick 26 We, the Class ot '50, Hail thee, North York High, We will ever stand by you, As your banners meet the sky. Many other classes Have before us gone, But we will ever stand by you, CLASS SONG The picnics, the parties, The hayrides, what lun! The teachers, the classes Have all made us one. So loyal and true We will always be to you, Old North York I-lighl As we travel on. - ' fBy Doris R. White Class Motto: l'Per Aspera Ad Astra" CLLJ--"Hard Roads Lead to the Stars" Class Flower: White Rose Class Colors: Blue and White Oh, is there .a man Who lives today, Who loves to live, And lives to pray- A man who fears Of only onee This is his God With grace undone? Oh, is there a man Who loves his name, But hunts not wealth And seeks not fame, Who loves his brother, And loves his toes, Who loves his God, To whom lite he owes? Q IS By Glenn C, Iacoby Oh, is there a man Content to give, Who tears not death Nor tears to live, Who knows the way The right path goes, For he reads the word And thus he knows? Oh, is there a man In this human race Who praises not fools And gives not disgrace? Show me that man Who teaches to make The youth alert And the nation great, 27 Who cares not for The fancies of men, But seeks with love A greater Friendg With trouble around him Like a great Wall, He does not weaken, For the weak may tall. Who is this man Ot whom we speak, Who loves to live, And knows not defeat? This may be you, My doubting friend, If you your life To God will lend. E I Jacqueline Bacon Chorus 1, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, Z, 4 F.H.A. 1 Librarian Z, 3, 4 Business staff 4 Norma Callahan Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, Z, 4 F.H.A. 1 Editorial staff 4 Basketball 1 Favorettes 1, Z, 3 James Biesecker Business staff 4 Ramona Connelly Chorus 4 Y-Teens 4 Editorial staff 4 Play 3, 4 Shirley Dunklebarger Vera Eshelman Chorus Z, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 Business staff 4 Barbara Fox Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Opcretta Z, 3, 4 Play 4 Y-Teens 1 F.H.A. 1 Editorial staff 4 Favorettes 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 Gloria Hoffman Chorus l, Z, 3, 4 Opcretta 2, 3, 4 Y-Tee':s 1, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, Z Business staff 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Track 1, 2 Favorettes 1, Z, 3 F.H.A. 4 Business staff 4 Norma Geiser Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 Librarian 3, 4 Editorial staff 4 Myron Hoffman Chorus 3 Band l Business staff 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Audrey Boeclcel Chorus 1, 4 Y-Teens 1 Business staff 4 Gloria Crone Business staff 4 Palricia Everharf Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 4 Y-Teens 1, 4 F.H.A. 1, Z Business staff 4 Librarian Z, 3, 4 Class officer Z Favorettes 1, Z, 3 Fred Genfzler Chorus 2, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Business staff 4 Class officcr 1 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4 Track 1, 3 Les'ler Hoke Chorus Z, 3, 4 Band 1, Z, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Editorial staff 4 Basketball l, 2 Baseball 1 Soccer 4 29 Peggy Boyer Y-Teens 4 Librarian Z, 3 Busi'xess,staff 4 Basketball 1 Volleyball 1, 3, 4 Track 1 Joyce Dallmeyer Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Opcretta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1 Editorial staff 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Track 1, Z, 3, 4 Class officer 1 Favorettes 1, 2, 3 Charles Fissel Chorus 4 Operetta 4 Band 4 Editorial staff 4 Track 3, 4 Joan Genfzler Chorus Z, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Librarian 2, 3, 4 Business staff 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Basketball Z, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Boys' Volleyball Mgr. 3, 4 Glenn Jacoby Chorus 2, 3, 4 Business staff 4 Class officer Z, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Baseball Z Track 1, 3 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Soccer 1 William Burdeffe Business staff 4 Corwell Deisinger Business staff 4 Roberl' Florio Editorial staff 4 Carl Geifys Track 1 Band Z, 3, 4 Chorus 3, 4 Editorial staff 4 Earl Keisfer Business staff 4 30 Faye Lehr Chorus 4 Y-Teens 4 Librarian Z Business staff 4 Frank Oberdick Track 1 Basketball 1 Chorus 4 Editorial staff 4 Class officer 1, Z, 3, 4 Roberl Shaffer Business staff 4 Dorefha Siough Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Operctta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Y-Teens 1 Editorial staff 4 F.H.A. 1 Gloria Lehr Chorus 4 Band 1 Y-Teens 1, Z, 4 F.H.A. 3, 4 Business staff 4 Volleyball I Joe Poff Band 1, Z, 3, 4' Basketball 1, 3, 4 Business staff 4 Class officer 3 Geneva Shaflner Chorus 1 Editorial staff 4 John Thomas Business staff 4 Viclor Lehr Chorus Z, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 3 Business staff 4 Class officer 3 Basketball l, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4 Track 1, Z, 3, 4 Charles Richards Play 4 Business staff 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Volleyball 3, 4 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Roberf Slaugh Chorus Z, J, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Business Staff 4 Basketball 1 Ramona Wales Chorus Z, 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 Librarian 3 Editorial staff 4 Ronald Luclrenbaugh Harold Miller Basketball 1, 3 Editorial staff 4 Marian Rishlel Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Operctta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Y-Tcens 4 F.H.A. Z, 3, 4 Editorial staff 4 Richard Snyder Chorus 4 Operetta 4 Business staff 4 Class officer 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 3, 4 Soccer 1, Z, 3, 4 Track Z Lois Wallace Chorus Z, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 Editorial staff 4 Play 3, 4 Doris Whife Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Z, 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Y-Teens 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Librarian Z, 3, 4 Editorial staff 4 Class officer Z, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Volleyball 2, 3, 4 James Whorl Basketball 1, Z Baseball 1, Z Soccer 1, Z Business staff 4 Business staff 4 Rodger Rohrbaugh Chorus 3, 4 Operetta 3, 4 Play 3, 4 Librarian 4 Business staff 4 Virginia Sfare Chorus 1 rj.H.A. 1, z Y-Teens 4 Business staff 4 Richard Wherley Business staff 4 Basketball 1, 3 Baseball 1, Z Soccer 3, 4 Track 3, 4 uf ww M 5 A' f Wg-W, fi N A N .. . R., 'OM 4. SW New 2'P:F4:+k s mf.. 16, V V "if 06 Qiwwl' vsmfggz 3 Q , 1 1' y k Q ,R N x 5 A +5 x 8 it ..L:, .. , 1 , V, W W ,. ww my W M ..,-.- ' ,vw Qv ,Q We, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty, of North York High School, York, Penn- sylvania, being of sound mind, and not influenced by fraud, menace, or undue pressure brought by any person whomsoever, do hereby make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, and thus revoking and annulling any and all will or wills made by us heretofore. First, we leave Iacqueline f"I.ackie"l Bacon's love of literature to William Shakespeare. We offer Iames f"Iim"l Biesc-cker's temper to Leo the Lion of M.G.M. To anyone who wants to get ahead, we will Audrey C"Audie"l Boeckel's love for school. Peggy f"Peg"l Boyer reserves her waddle for Donald Duck. William C"Hopalong"J Burdette presents his P. O. D. reports to .any information bureau. Norma C"Runt"J Callahan gladly gives hor petiteness to Patricia Wehr. Ramona f"Monie"J Connelly sends her love for black coffee back to the Chase G Sanborne Com- pany. We pass on Gloria f"Red"l Crone's quietness when in company of boys, to Shirley Speicher Ioyce C"Peroxie"J Dallmeyer bequeaths her nat- ural blonde tresses to the bottle blondes of the junior class. Corwell f"Ding-Dong"J Deisinger cheerfully gives his bells to Santa Claus and his reindeer, May the fatman acquire the physique of Shir- ley C"Shirl"J Dunklebarger. To Ianet Burkins, Vera f"Esh"J Eshelman wills her long hair. Patricia C"Pat"l Everhart passes on her under- standing of solid geometry to anyone who wishes to flunk, Charles C"Fissel"l Fissel leaves behind his speed to Thomas Wolfgang. Robert C"Bob"l Florio willingly gives his hair- cut to any penitentiary inmate. We offer Barbara f"Barby"J Fox's love for chemistry to anyone who wants to blow up the school. Norma t"Nornie"J Geiser reserves her singing in typing class to anyone who needs rhythm in typing. Will George Boring fbutcherl please take care of Fred C"Fatboy"J Gentzler's excess fat. Ioan C"Mick"D Gentzler leaves her ability to play basketball to Mr. Koontz's Iunior High team. Anyone needing an extra eyebrow may have Carl f"Romeo"J Getty's moustache. May Barry Wanbaugh acquire Myron f"Ioe"l Hoffman's art of aerial pool. We will Gloria C"Honey"J Hoffman's freckles to Van Iohnson. Lester f"Hokie"J Hoke's Ford is to be given to Cohen's junk yard. Glenn f"I.ake"l Iacoby reserves his love for Miss Wolf to any eligible bachelor. To anyone who wants to be cremated, Earl f"Keister"J Keister passes on his smoking. Faye f"Lucy"l Lehr's talk about boys is to be presented to the "Voice of America" program. We will Gloria Anne f"Gloria"l Lehr's guitar playing to the "lOl Ranch Boys." Victor K"Chub"J Lehr offers his love for cider to anyone who wants a hangover. Ronald f"Lucky"l Luckenbaugh wishes that his auto sales talks be given to W. F. Grove fauto salesmanl. May Mr. Craley acquire Harold ful-lot-rod"l Miller's driving ability. Anyone who wants a quick trip to the hospital may have Frank f"Fago"J Oberdick's motorbike. loe C"Mick"l Poff desires that his ".arr-barr" be given back to the club. Charles C"Bozo"l Richards waistline is to be given back to the ladies' fashions of the early l900's. We will Marian f"Choo-Choo"J Rishel's "choo- choo" back to the Pennsylvani.a Railroad. Rodger f"Lefty"J Rohrbaugh desires that his curly locks be given to the "Toni twins." We offer Robert f"Bob"J Shaffer's hair to Mr. Mitchell's dog. - To the I. C. Murphy 6: Company we will Geneva f"Ienny"l Shaffner's diamond ring. Robert C"Slug"J Slaugh returns his horn-rimmed glasses to the wise old owl. May Kenneth Ogle .acquire Richard f"Davey"J Snyder's love for the opposite sex. Will Iacqueline Snellbaker accept Doretha f"Dee-Dee"J Stough's pleasing manners. Virginia C"Ginny"J Stare offers her quietness to Patricia Hollerbush. Iohn C"Buttons"J Thomas presents his buttons to the D 61 D Sewing Factory. We offer Ramona f"Billie"J Wale's tap dancing to Fred Astaire. Lois f"Lois"J Wallace wills her typing jobs for Mr. Koontz to anyone who wishes he would "drop dead." To the Pepsodent ads, we give Richard C"Pete"l Wherley's beautiful white teeth. Doris f"Dorrie"l White bequeaths her type- writer to Mr. Ruby's future secretary. And last, we give Iames C"Mouse"J Whorl's paper route to any Gazette and Daily fan. Signed, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 33 F0 Ewen Urlderclassmen , X f lTr Yi xfff, Nfl 1 yv' 4 5 - Y Y RCU K Gum x XS+ x F ' X ,f 2' Q! Kfttfnbf Jjfflfd Kg 0 A X' X fax 5 A K 350 ff , 'J swf wg NS A 6 Y bak f A Q: W e Q5 x 1 if Q. Q of x EV' mx I W W I B ee Qavl I1 1 CLASS GPI-PICERS IUNIOR President ,.,, . . ..,. . ,Earl C. Kepner Vice President. . . . . .Thomas T. Yinger Secretary ,.., . . , . .Marilyn M. Burkius Treasurer. . . . . .Iohn H. Luckenbaugh SOPHOMORE SOPHOMORE President SGCYGUIYY Bradley E. Nicholas 5hif19Y M- Wagner Vice President Treasurer Iune M. Hoke FRESHMAN President ....... .... R obert L. Shindler Vice President .... .......... I ay K. Crist Secretary ..... ..... D onna R. Hoiimaster Treasurer. ..., Barry L. Martin 30 G. Daniel Kinard First Row, left to right: Patty Leonard, Delores Leedy, Mabzl Fuller, Charlotte Aughetzbaugh, Patricia. Hollerbush, Jo Ann Lease, Mardella Hinkle, Catherine Hale, Joan Hildebrecht, Norma Bathurst, Annamae Cunningham. Second Row: Marguerite Jones, Janet Mundis, Marilyn Burkins, Doris Bixler, Joanne Long, Nancy Gladfelter, Mary Jacoby, James Burdette. Thind Row: William Badeker, Eugene Hively, Gene Miller, Wayne Heindel, Earl Craley, David Hamme, Tom Dermes, John Luckenbaugh. Fourth Row: Neil Everhart, Richard Black, Paul Hoffman, Earl Kepner, Oram Boyd. First Row, left to right: Phyllis Sipe, Phyllis Willxide, Arlene Stevenson, Dorothy Sweitzer, Jacqueline Snellbaker, Arlene Treat, Joann Strausbaugh, Arthur Stambaugh. Second Row: Helen Smyser, Mary Zim- mer, Norma Jean Sebright, Barbara Strine, Delorian Schaefer, Shirley Steffee, Mary Rhodes, Shirleg' Speicher. Third Row: Ronald Shindler, James Zinn, Leo Rutter, Barry Wanbaugh, Clair Poff, Stewart Baer, Marlyn Russell. Fourth Row: Thomas Yinger, Melvin Fink, Jr., DeWitt Zuse, Thomas Wolfgang, Robert Baeckel, Kenneth Ogle, George Eyler, Jacob Stover. Beatrice Hess and Dwight Jones were absent when the picture was taken. I 37 X First Row, left to right: Shirley Wagner, Yvonne Sell, Maurine Roper, Mary Dietz, Janet Perry, Ruth Bryan, Janet Spangler, June Sweitzer, Juanita Whetzel. Second Row: Donna Miller, Michael Oberdick, Arlene Zimmer, Mary Ann Bear, Patricia Spencer, Maxie Tyson, Miriam Gettys, Patricia Sipe, Gary Raffensperger, Ralph Luckenbaugh. Third Row: Harold Rishel, Bradley Nicholas, Ronald Sheckenbaugh, Jack Metzel, Donald Waltimyer, Edward Zirkle, David McCandless, Johzi Rhodes, William Ogle. First Row, left to right: Ralph Hoover, Romaigne Irwin, Claudia Gemmill, Carolyn Baer, Janet Burkins, Flor- ence Keister, Gladys Christine, Doris Christine, Barbara Hodkinson, Barbara Gzldstein, June Hake, Donald Billet. Second Row: Dale Halle, Donald Bahn, Leo Fink, Richard Evcrhart, Nancy Herman, Arlene Bentzel, Lorraine Heiner, Mayetta Hull, Paul Lower, Robert Lehr. Third Row: Donald Beaverson, Daniel Kinard, Chester Douglas Florio, William Druck, Elwood Eyler, Robert Black, Louis DeHoff, Thomas Fry. Absent when the picture was taken were Jean Smith and Virginia Hershey. 3 8 First Row, left to right: Robert Dellinger, Wayne Gingerich, Lina Hively, Beverly Brothers, Evelyn Irwin, Ruth Godfrey, Barbara Brown, Patricia Miller, Carole Miller, Joanne Bentzel, Georgia McKenzie, Charlotte Dull, Lois Boyer. Second Row: Kenneth Eshelman, Lloyd Gingerich, James Gembe, Jay Crist, Sylvester Gladfelter, Fred Hallett, Edwin Billet, Marvin Myers, Donzna Hoffmaster, Robert Hetrick, Shirley l-linkle, Mary Lou Lehr, Linda Griffin, Charles Grimm. Third Row: Lois Lehr, Joyce Ehrman, Shirley Badeker, Emily Groff, Barry Martin, Jack Gladfelter, Charles Christine, Patricia Jones, William Bupp, Richard? Hollinger, Marlin A-ughenbaugh, Ervin Lehr, Robert McCoy. First Row, left to right: Richard Smee, Barbara Brandt, Mildred Phillips, Yvonne Smith, Ruth Sunday, Mar- garet Stambach, Janice Rhodes, Leah Warner, Rena Phillips, Lois Stevenson, Grace Stambaugh, Raymond Kann, Jr., Robert Shindler. Second Row: James Treat, Dale Rohrbaugh, Geraldine Sweet, Shirley Rutland, Gloria Snell, Mary Ruppert, Joan Spangler, Charmaine Updegraff, Mary Strausbaugh, Betty Siders, William Schmid, Marion Myers. Third Row: Dorothy Lehr, Mabel Krone, Shirley Leedy, Mary Speicher, John Zinn, Mary Lobody, Donald Slaugh, Richard Gilbert, Ronald Reigle, Donald Rohrbaugh, Marlin Spencer, Galel Emig. Fourth Row: Nancy Rhoads, Douglas Zerbe, Martin Snell, Dawn Rinehart, Norma Cannon, James Schneider, Wayne Linebaugh, Joseph Starz, Jr., Charles Russell, Roy Rohrbaugh, Donald Gingerich, Preston Doyle, Sterling Krout. Shonna Becker, Nancy Helwig, and William Aldinger were not present when the pictures were taken. 39 First Row, left to right: Francis Williams, Sharon Rickrode, Patricia Stambaugh, Norma May, Norma Urey, Flora Miller, Nancy Bear, Marilyn Weigle, Ruth Strausbaugh, Donna Spurrier, Bonnie Miller, Claudine Roper. Second Row: Norma Mundis, Shirley Zimmer, Susan Steffee, Patricia Wehr, Roberta Sauerwald, Nancy Ruby, Barbara Scott, Orvilla Myers, Carl Rishel, Bobby Poff, H. James Larnberson, Dean Russel. Third Row: Sydney Shaffer, Eugene Trout, Robert Cannon, Kenneth Lauer, Thomas Wagaman, Harry Ryan, Lester Aldinger, Leroy Grove, David Ott, Eugene Geesey, Richard Geisler. Colette Wesley and Ronald King were absent when the picture was taken. First Row, left to right: Richard Lauer, Jerry Dunklebarger, Robert Devlin, Janice Lease, Wilma Kepner, Shelva Dunklebarger, Mary Luckenbaugh, Sandra Howe, Theda Lehr, Michael Everhart, Donald Colburn, John Brant. Second Row: Rachel Good, Shirley Knight, Dixie Diehl, Jeanette Fink, Raymond King, J. Thomas Heilman, Faye Dailmeyer, Joan 'a Dietz, Sara Dunkel, Richard Ebbage, James Bentzel, Ronald Gibbs. Third Row: George Demmitt, Roy Beck, Ronald Druck, Richard Emswiler, William Koller, Richard Bower, Claude Black, O. Vaughn Euteneuer, Janet Alfano, Robert Fogle, Joan Hughes, Roger Black. an in 40 First Row, left to right: Mable Fissel, Robert Ryan, Ruth Warner, Michael Rutter, Robert Burdette, Edward Naylor, Paul Fissel, Raymond Chevaux, Margot Gross, Patricia Pfleiger, Connie Oller, Diane Poet, Donald Rhodes, Larry Hollinger, Roger Wagner. Second Row: Goldie Wallick, Sandra Griffin, Virginia Black, Mar- lene Jones, Ruth Poff, Dorothy Godfrey, Mary Hale, Sandra Everhart, Vivian Goodlimg, Mary Rohrbaugh, Samuel Alloway, Petrona Wallick. Third Row: Donald Herman, Dorcas Grimm, Nelson Gladfelter, Michael Lightner, Donald Stough, Charles Myers, Edith Lobody, Kenneth Black, Marie Kretchman, Wayne King, Gwendolyn Miller, Frederick Linebaugh. Fourth Row: Ronald Keasey, Lincoln McKenzie, Terry Strine, Betty Schneider, Vergie Stenner, Mary Patterson, William Chevaux, Raymond Sweet, Melvin Singer, Richard Stough, Glenn Trout, Richard Butler. Virginia Helwig, Patricia Williams, and Donald Wiles were absent when the picture was taken. 41 fi ' 5 if wie ,W A PXQT IVI TIES 285: I JJ Ji J 'U NJ Y EDITORI L STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . Associate Editor .... Feature Editor . . . Art Editors ........, Girls' Sports Editor. Boys' Sports Editor. Photography Editors .,.. Copy Editors. . . Faculty Adviser ..,. r Panther fmff ....Marian Rishel ......Barbara Fox ...................Doretha Stough .....Geneva Shaffner, Robert Florio .....,...loyceDallmeyer ........,..........,,.Lester Hoke . . . . .Norma Callahan, Charles Fissel Carl Gettys, Frank Oberdiclc . . . .Ronald Luckenbaugh, Ramona Connelly Norma Geiser, Ramona Wales Lois Wallace, Doris White ......,,,Elwood L. Fauth -44 BUSINESS STAFF Pmzlbeff fmff Business Manager .. , ,.,.,. .... I oan Gentzler Circulation Manager . . . .... Patricia Everhart Advertising Manager .,....,......, .,.. C harles Richards Other members of the staff include: Iacqueline Bacon, Audrey Boeckel, Peggy Boyer, Iames Biesecker, William Burdette, Gloria Crone, Corwell Deisinger, Shirley Dunklebarger, Vera Eshelman, Fred Gentzler, Gloria Hoffman, Myron Hoffman, Glenn Iacoby, Earl Keister, Faye Lehr, Gloria Lehr, Victor Lehr, Harold Miller, Ioe Poff, Rodger Rohrbaugh, Robert Shaffer, Robert Slaugh, Richard Snyder, Virginia Stare, lohn Thomas, Richard Wherley, Iames Whorl. Faculty Adviser, . . . . . . , ,...,,. William N. Craley 45 SEN1oR PLAY AST Qaby Cglltter M A Comedy in Three Acts Dramatic Coach .,... Bob fWho breaks a datel .....,,. by Perry Clark . CHARACTERS Mother fWho makes him break itl ..... Father CWho agrees with motherl. ,. Iunior CA holy terrorl ..,.,......... lane fBob's sister? ....,..., Helen 1Bob's sisterl .,............ Carrie CBob's one and onlyl ....,.,......... Eunice CWho tries to take Carrie's placel. .. . Carl fHelen's boyfriendj ..........,.,....,.. Lefty CAnother holy terrorl ...... Dot fWho raids the ice boxl ..... Midge CWho raids the ice boxl .. Mr. Gordon KIunior's fatherl ....,, Mrs. Gordon Uunior's mothe-rl ,,.. Baby Sounds ......,..,...,.. Prompters ..... .46 . . , . .Robert L. Koontz . .Charles Richards . . , .Patricia Everhart . . .Glenn Iacoby . .,,... Lester Hoke . .Norma Callahan . . .loan Gentzler . . .Ioyce Dallmeyer . , . .Barbara Fox . . . . . . ,Robert Slaugh . . . ,Rodger Rohrbaugh . , . . . .Doretha Slough Ramona Connelly . . . , . .Doris While . . . .Fred Gentzler . . -. .Marian Rishel ,Wayne Gingerich and Lois Wallace UN1oR PLAY CAST won t Qarken Q mom' Comedy in Three Acts by Anne Coulter Martens Dramatic Coach .,.. CHARACTERS Rodger Kent CA bachelorl ,.,.,.....,,.......,....... Rosemary Kent CI-lis romantic niecel ......,. Tom Garrick CRosemary's persistent suitorl ,,.. Poppy Foster CMaid-of-all-Workl ......,.... Alec Stubbins fPoppy's devoted swainl .,... lane Perkins CA writer of romancesl ....... Louisa Featherstone fMaiden Ladyl .... Susie Featherstone CMaiden Lady? .... ....,......... Mrs, Myra S. White . . . ,Thomas Yinger . . , . .Ioanne Long 4 . . .Earl Kepner . . , . .Arlene Treat . , . .Robert Baeckel . . , .Marilyn Burkins .. . . . , .Ianet Mundis . . . .Norma Sebright Prornpters ,......,........... , .,,.,.. ,... D oris Bixler and Mary Iacoby 47 Under the coipoble lectdership ol A, Edwin Worlield, the Senior Chorus ol the North York High School hots provided molny moments ot delightful enter- tolinment. During the yeor the Senior Chorus hos pdrticipdted in osseinloly programs ond the York County Music Festival. lt hos, ctlso, presented dn operetto ond hos sung ot commencement. O F F I C E R S President . . . . . .Fred Cfentzler Librcrrictns . .Iodn Gentzler Vice-President . ..,.. Lester Hoko Victor Lehr Secretary .,.. .... G loriol Hollmon Piolnist .... ..... D oris White 46 The lunior Chorus, under the direction of A. Edwin Warfield participated in Assembly programs, Parent-Teacher Association meetings, the annual Christ mas program, and the York County Musical Festival. O F F I C E R S President . . , .... Margaret Stambach Librarians . . . Wayne Gingcrich Secretary ,. ...... Wilma Kepner The band, directed by Mr. Arthur E. Warfield, participated in assemblies. As you see above, for some reason or other, the band is not as big as it was at one time. The members of the band are as follows: First Row, left to right: Peggy Stambaugh, William Schmid, Mayetta Hull, Barry Martin, John Zinn, Robert Shindler, Wayne Gingerich. Second Row: Maxine Tyson, Roy Rohrbaugh, Earl Kepner, Lester Hake, Charles Fisscl, Bradley Nicholas. Third Row: Thomas Yingcr, Joe Pail, Barry Wanbaugh, John Luckenbaugh, Carl Gettys. 49 The student librarians are as follows, left to right: First Row: Mary Dietz, Phyllis Wilhide, Yvonne Sell, Doris White, Norma Geiser, Joanne Dietz, Miss S. Rhoberta Wolf. Second Row: Carolyn Bear, Mayetta Hull, Arlene Bentzel, Norma Jean Sebright, Joyce Ehrman, Patricia Hollerbush, Ruth Godfrey. Third Row: Janet Alfano, Marilyn Burkins, Janet Mundis, Patricia Jones, Rodger Rohrbaugh, Patricia Everhart, Joan Gentz- ler, Jacqueline Bacon. The library is under the supervision ot Miss S. Rhoberta Wolf. Students vol- unteer to do library Work during study periods and before and after school. Their chief duty is to check books in and out and replace them on the shelves. Another duty is to check the slips ot students who prefer to spend their study period in the library. 50 The Senior Y-Teens sponsored most ot the schools social activities, These activities included a hay ride, a Halloween party, a Christmas party and dance, one Hobo Dance monthly, and a Spring Prom. The organization also partici- pated in activities sponsored by the YWCA. O F F I C E R S President .,..,.., ,... G loria Hoffman Treasurer .. .,.....,. Ioyce Dallmeyer Vice President ,.... ,... P atricia Everhart Advisers. , . .,,, Mrs. Margaret Dotterer Secretary ,....... .... N orma Callahan Mrs. Doris Laughman The Iunior Y-Teens sold jello for the Y. W, C. A. Building Fund, contributed money for the chocolate bar campaign tor Y-Teens overseas, and gave Christmas gifts tor Belgium Y-Teens. They also held a Christmas party, ,a Valentine dance, and a party for the Y-Teens' mothers. O F F I C E R S President ........,,,. Margaret Stambaugh Adviser ......,.... ..... M arion E. Brown Vice-President .....,.,,...,.. Linda Griffin Treasurer ..,......., , ..., Wilma Kepner Secretary ..,...,.. ,.... F aye Dallmeyer The F.H.A. is sponsored by the Home Economics Department and is connected with the State and National F. H. A. The motto ot the organization is "Toward New Horizonsug colors -red and whiteg flower-red rose, The F. H. A, sponsored two dances and held a Christmas party. O F F I C E R S President ..,,... .,,.. D oris White Historian ..,.. ..... I oan Spangler Vice-President .... ..... I oan Gentzler Reporter ......... ...... M arian Rishel Secretary ....... ...... G loria Lehr Parliarnentarian .... ....... I oanne Bentzel Treasurer .,.. .... V era Eshelman Adviser ........ .... M rs. Dorothy Elgin 52 -S QM ATHLETICS ATHLETIC CoUNciL One ot the most important and interesting of all the school committees to plan entertainment tor the student body is the Athletic Council. Besides sup- plying the school with a tull sports schedule, the Athletic Council has many other duties and responsibilities. 'This year the Athletic Council has pushed forward another full program which includes bus transportation for the players to the basketball games and an arrangement to buy new uniforms for the girls' team. i 733' Members of the Athletic Council are Eugene Patterson, president, C. Clinton Ruby, vice- president, Melvin Rite, secretary, Henry A. Mitchell, treasurer. Other members are Wilbur Everhart, president ol school board, Professor I. R. Snyder, Supervising Principal, and athletic coaches, Miss Louise Hamish, William Craley, and Robert Koontz. 54 The North York High School soccer team, under the supervision of Coach C. C. Ruby, finished in last place this year in the York County Soccer League. They were topped by Dillsburg, Manchester, and Dover, in first, second, and third places respectively. Showing unusual iight, the boys scored 16 points against their opponents' 20. Twelve of these 16 points were scored by ,"Chub" Lehr, the outstanding center ot the league. The team won 2 games, tied 3, and lost 5. The scores are as follows: North York Opponent 1 ....,....,...... Dillsburg .. . . .,...,.. . . .2 l ...,.. .,,,, D over ..... ..,... 3 U ,.... ..... M anchester ., .... .U 2 ...,. ..... D over ,, ..,.. .2 3 ..... ..... L ancaster . ...... l 1 ..... ..,,. D illsburg 4 .... ,.... L ancaster . .,.... 3 U .,.... ..,.. M anchester . ,,,... O 3 ...,. ..... S t. Francis . . ..... .4 1 ..... ,.,.. S t. Francis , ...,.. 2 55 This year the Senior High basketball team, coached by William N. Craley, started the season by winning their first three games from Dover, Manchester, and Spring Grove respectively. Later, however, they were forced to bow to West York, Wrightsville, and Red Lion. Starting the second half of the season by beating Dover, the team appeared to be moving once more to first place, but was set back as the remaining league games were losses. Ending in fifth place in the league, North York scored 843 points against their opponents' 853. The difference in points shows that the team was outscored by ten points. This year the team won nine games and lost nine with a percentage ot .500 The scores were as follows: North Opponents" North Opponents' York Score York Score 47 New Oxford ..,,,.., 30 38 Mount Rose ...... .. 21 39 Mount R055 , ,,,, 26 41 :'tWrightsville . 66 37 Hallam ,,,, 51 42 tRed Lion 59 67 :tDover .,,.. ..., 3 l 43 mDOVer -"'4' ---' 3 3 63 a:MQnCheSter In l'l4 58 33 i:Manchester ,. . . 37 ee Hallam . .... .... 4 9 32 ispfing Grove --" 37 . 30 :'iWest York .. . . . . . 45 Zi fiiliimliittgir 5 if igi ii 40 jwfighwff it '--t 73 39 tSpring Grove .... 35 fi Red Llon ""' "" E 42 tkWest York ..... ..... ..,, 4 6 843 853 tDenotes league games. 56 - 4 KI Back with the Iunior High team tor the second year, Coach Robert Koontz led the team through a tough season. The team, outscored l00 points by their opponents, Won tour ot the fourteen games played this year The scores are a follows: North York Opponents 38 Dallastown . . . ....... . . Z2 Z8 Mt. Rose . , . .... 46 Z9 Dover ..., .... 2 3 48 Mt. Wolf ..,.. .... 2 5 28 Spring Grove . ,.., 43 25 Mt. Wolf 30 30 West York .... .... 3 8 16 Mt.Rose... ..,.43 42 Dallastown . . . . . . . 34 30 Red Lion 44 22 Dover ....,, ,,., 3 l 24 Spring Grove ...,, 45 l8 West York ,. . .. . 43 32 Red Lion 43 410 510 57 This year, during league competition, the Senior High girls' team Won five of their six games. Losing only one to Dover by a score ot thirty-eight to thirty-nine, the girls tin- ished in a tie for the County Championship. The senior girls who will leave this year are Ioan Gentzler and Ioyce Dallmeyer. Heres hoping the team comes out on top again next year. SCORES North York Opponents 4l West York .,... .,...,.. 1 9 31 Stewartstown , ...,., l5 38 Dover ..,..... ,... 3 9 38 Stewartstown . . ..., 26 30 Dover ,,..... ,.,. l 3 38 West York 27 216 139 Miss Harnish's B-Team finished the season with two wins and two losses. Since she started with an altogether new team this year, we are sure they will do better next year. 'V IJ f 1, CHEER LEAD ERS Backed by the cheers of these tive lassies, our Senior High basketball team had a fairly successful The girls are Doris Bixler, Catherine loanne Strausbaugh, and ' season. Hale, Yvonne Sell, Shirely Wagner. 'l he girls Wh o led the cheers for the lunior High were Faye Dallrneyer, Wilma Kepner, Bonnie Miller, Donna Spurrier, and Ruth Warner. 59 Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. PATRQNS Lester I. Abel Walter M. Arter Reginald Bahn Arthur W. Barrett Arthur F. Bathurst Roy Beaverson . Clair I. Boeckel . R. F. Boeckel William C. Burdette William C. Burdette, Ir. Charlotte Iones Granville I. Kohr Baby Ierry Knokey Robert L. Koontz Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Lease Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Lehr Mr. and Mrs. E. Gordon Long M F. C"Mack"J McCartney Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mundis Ruth Oberdick Mitzel and Toni Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callahan Louis Cedar Gloria Crone Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crone Faye Dallmeyer Ioyce Dallmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dallmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Deisinger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunklebarger Shirley Dunklebarger "lim" Eisenhart Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Eshelman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Everhart Robert P. F aircloth Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feeser Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Florio Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gentzler Frank Oberdick Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Poli C. W. Richards Charles Wentworth Richards, III Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, Molly Ruby Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Rishel Keith Ruby M. Ebert Rutter William E. Rutter E. E. Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shatiner Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shelley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shelley Richard Slaugh Stewart Snyder Ioe Stough Alfred Strine Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gentzler Ioan M. Gentzler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Gettys . George W. Gingerich A. L. Hamaker Stewart E. Hartman Lois Elaine Summers Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Thomas "Billie" Wales Mabel and Louie Wales Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wallace Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Walter Mrs. Gertrude Hoffman David Hake Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hoke Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Iacoby Mr. Roy L. Iacoby Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Iames Whorl Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wherley Floyd White lmbro R. Yastrebinatz WHERE THE GANG MEETS Hob- ob Coffee Shop 1100 N. George St. North York Air Conditioned SAN DWICHES SUNDAES 61 HARVEY E. SHUE Yorlctowne Grocery 1060 N. Duke St. "Service with a Smile" STARZ BROS. 85 FRITZ 1781 W. Market St. 1309-11 N. George St USED CAR LOT 2355 E. Market St. J. A. St' V Il bl H. J. F1-ilz 6 CLETUS ERB --Auto - Class---- INSTALLED WHILE YOU WAIT REPLACE NEW CHANNELS 1147 N. Duke St. York - 59321 NORTHERN RADIO SERVICE 9544 North George Street ALL MAKES OF RADIOS Every House Needs Westinghouse Westinghouse Refrigerators - l'Io'me Freezers - Stoves Automatic Washers - Ironers - Hoi Water Healers 81 Roasters RECORDS - TELEVISION TOYS AND JUVENILE FURNITURE Kem-lone and a Full Line of Paints and Brushes 63 MORGAN E. FREY Furnifure Funeral Service 1420 N. George St. 1223 N. George St. Phones 854106 - 5720 CARL'S NEWS STAND E. CARL CASSEL, Prop. 536 S. George St. York, Pa. The News Sluml of Personal Svrvic BLUM AWNING CO. Awnings, Tents, Truck Covers and Canvas Goods 7 East Seventh Avenue York, Perma. Compliments of FROZEN CUSTARD Cor. Phila. and Queen Sis. York, Penna. Compliments of EPPLEY'S GROCERYS 1401 N. George Sl. STAGEMYER Flower Shop 'GF lowers Whisper What Words Can Never Say" 537 -54-3 N. George St. York, Penna. Tclcphozlc - 5840 C MANCHESTER GRANGE Emigsville, Pa. COAL - FEED GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone 56201 To Be Sure - Insure with ROYCE KOHR INSURANCE BUNDING -- NOTARY PUBLIC 10 N. Beaver St., York, Pa. Phone 7227 IOHN H. MYERS AND SON, INC. Lumber -A Millwork Builders' Supplies Paint - Hardware 1285 West King St. York, Pcnna. Ice Cream Bar-B-Q , FOR QUALITY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES See H. EVERHART purgbs AND SONS Out Queen Street at Spry Look for the New Trucks on the Streets, and the Stands in the Markets 1153 N. Duke- St. Phone 51118 HAMILTON GIR ARD-PERREGAUX ELGIN BULOVA LUN CIN ES UMEGA Fm 6 Wal icbef S H A F F N E R'S JEWELERS 6 EAST MARKET STREET Compliments of PLAYGROUN D ASSOCIATION Phone 51286 TREMONT SEA FOOD Sea Foods of All Kinds EDW. M. SHELLY 10 North Tremont Sl. York, Pa. L. B. STOUGH General Merchandise Roundtown 66 PERRY'S BARBER SHOP 1134 N. George St. All work by appointments Phone 40219 WM. N. JACOBY 81 SON HOME-DRESSED MEATS Opp. State Highway Garage Phone 79903 Compliments: 'of GREEN'S DAIRY DR. LYLE CRUSE OPTOMETRIST MILK 1018 N. George St. ICE CREAM North York, Penna. Home Dressed Meals BOB,S BCRING 1030 N. George St. Phone 64333 Fresh and Smoked Meats 1033 N. George St. Phone 534-54 Nationally Known A Local Leadcl THE GAZETTE AND DAILY A Real Honest-to-Goodness Newspaper "THE PANTHER" Composed and p rinted by The Gazette Print Shop . HARRY'S PLACE Gas - Oil - Light Lunch R. D. 5 HARRY M. HARE Compliments of MAZIE'S CARD 81 GIFT SHOP HUMBLE - MUN DIS COMPANY 1536 N. George St. York, Pa. Distributor of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OF ALL KINDS Delco Heating -Equipment OGLE'S GARAGE Zlfg Miles N. of York on Trail General Repairing and Specialize in Motor 'Tune-up Phone 63303 "SHINDLER'S" FUNERAL DIRECTING FURNITURE 909-15 North Duke Street Pllone 7192 GEO. E. KELBAUGH GARAGE 81 MACHINE WORK 11th Avenue, North York R. D. 5, York, Penna. Phone 79133 "Say it with F lowersv IOHN DAUBER FLOR IST 1705 N. George St. York, Penna. Compliments of VEST EPPLEY 1050 N. George St. GLENN H. WOOD Cleaners We Now Make 'Tailored-to-Measure Ladies' and Men's Clothes 1124 N. George St. Dial 37261 Magazines Candy Papers 1 BAYLOR'S 1119 N. George St. PHONE 39110 Soda Fountain Breyer's Ice Cream Cigars - Pipes Films - Drugs When you think of Dry Cleaning- think of FORMPREST . .Cleaners - Tailors - Dyers. . 106 North George St. Phone 2489 M. l.. MEYER Groceries - Lunch Meal Refreshments - Cas and Oil Thomasville, Pa. Phone 70959 Congratulations to the . Class of 6.50" HOFFMANS FURNITURE STORE Between North York and Emigsville Excavating - P'wi"g ssnz Mus:-c CENTRE The Best in Musical Merchandise" I' 85 29-31 N. Beaver St. York, Penna. GENERAL CQNTRACTING - R. D. 4, York, Pa. NACE'S GAS - GROCERIES LUNCH - FUUNT AIN SERVICE Just North of Norlh York Phone 70965 - 41524-9 I Phone 79630 COHEN BROS. Everything for Every Sport 104 South George Street York, Penna. Compliments of WERTZ MODERN CLEANERS, INC. Phone 79530 1811 North Susquehanna Trail York, Penna. WM. G. SCHWAB DISPENSING OPTICIAN 22 N. Beaver Street York, Pa. Phone 35166 YEAPLE'S AUTO TOP SHOP Rear 119 E. 7th Avenue Auto Tops - Upholstering Compliments of D. E. HORN 8: COMPANY Manufacturers DIAMOND POULTRY DAIRY STOCK FEED Lincoln and West Street York, Penna. Phone 59112 Prompt Service O. C. FREY ELECTRICIAN Phone 67168 l 1806 N. George St. York, Pa. ALCORNS GARAGE 1225 North Ceoree Street D York, Penna. Compliments of NORTH YORK DRY CLEANERS 1131 N. Duke St. York, Penna. PETE BU RGARD "HAPPY MOTORING" York Phone 56701 IRVIN F. MUNDIS John Deere - M assey-Harris Drive Uut Satisfied SHILOH GARAGE York R. D. 1 Farm Equipment General Merchandise York Phone 63606 Emigsville, Pa. Gas - Oils - Accessories BUCK'S D. E. WOLFGANGWS TEXACO SERVICE Washing - Lubricating CANDIES Tires - Batteries Personally Supervised Service 8 - 12 Latimer Street 1600 N. George St. Phone 59512 Y0l'li, Pa. Rutter Bros. Dairy Pasteurlked Dairy Products NORTH GEORGE STREET EXTENDED YORK, PENNA. Phone 2035 74 O xx I o ll! 0 as 'Q' S E X X X 1 jj ...P . - RX I UM LU C,-GR .f,-,U M- ,X at 1012 North George St. North York Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of"50" EQ' BEARS PGRTRAIT STUDIO YORK, PENNSYLVANIA 75 Compliments of HOKE BAKING CO. "York,s Quality Bakers" 1317 - 19 N. George St. York, Pa. Phone 2698 - 65439 HERBERTS Yorkis Profit Sharing Store We Give and Redeem S Sz H Green Stamps AMERICAN BAG 85 BARREL CO. 530 Vander Ave., York, Pa. Always Buying WASTE PAPER NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES CORRUGATED RAGS IRON 8: STEEL METAL BAGS BARRELS Call Us and Our Truck Will Call for Same Phone 6231 York Compliments YORK COUNTY GAS COMPANY 77 CON GRA, TU LA TI ONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1950 from the - N -Aa .XY '. f' so ,' of North York IBERTY NTELLIGENCE UR ATION'S AFETY Place of Meeting North York Playground Auditorium Time of Meeting lst and 3rd Thursday 6:30 P. M. SENIOR Carl "Romeo" Gettys Charles "Bozo" Richards Ronald "Luckie" Luckenbaugh Fred "Fat Boy" Gentzler Richard "Pete" Wherley Iohn "Buttons" Thomas' Robert "Bob" Shaffer Iames "lim" Biesecker Richard "Dave" Snyder Victor "Chula" Lehr Earl "Smiley" Keister Robert "Eagle" Florio CLASS BOYS William "Hopalong" Burdette Glenn "lake" Iacoby Frank "Fago" Oberdick Rodger "Gums" Rohrbaugh Lester "Hokey" Hoke Charles "Fissel" Fissel Harold "Hot Rod" Miller Robert "Slaughy" Slaugh Corwell "Ding Dong" Deisinger Ioseph "Mick" Poff Myron "Ice" Hoffman Iames "Mouse" Whorl 78 BOECKEDS STEBBINS' GROCERY GROCERY GROCERIES, DELICATESSEN il? and FRESH AND SIVIOKED RIEATS Corn:-r of Beaver Street and and Jefferson Avenue VEGETABLES Yorklowne Service Store if O Phone 43175 A. G. STORE 923 N. Duke St., York, Pa. MUN DIS-MILLS THOMPSON INC. COLLEGE York, Pa. - Harrisburg, Pa. GOLD-BAND FEEDS jk WHITE LILY FLOUR ik York, Pa. Nashville, Pa R. D. 5 R. D. I Member of AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Of COMMERCIAL COLLEGES and NATIONAL COUNCIL Of BUSINESS EDUCATION WE SPECIALIZE IN ATHLETIC AND SPORTING FOOTWEAR M. H. Wolfgang, Sr. Donald E. Wolfgang M. H. Wolfgang, Jr W O L F G A N G'S Shoes and Sporting Goods 1121 N. George St., North York A Family Shoe Store Operated by a Family with 30 Years Fitting Experience "NOT A BANK BUT A GOOD PLACE TO SAVE MONEY" NORTH YORK C. BESHORE GRILL 17 Jefferson Ave., York, Pe. Pllone 45202 ie Home Appliances Fluid Heat - Oil Burners 56110,-ne of Elect,-ic Cogkingn Standard Plumbing Fixtures Roberts-Cordon Gas BIIPIICIS il? , 1057 N. George St. SALES 81 SERVICE Plumbing and Heating Contractor

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