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I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I Hal XQQCGS DOROTHY FINK Edito1finfChief E. L. FAUTH Editorial Adviser RICHARD GABRICK Business Manager C. C. RUBY Business Adviser Y QGCOCY The X9 5:6 ici V01. 3 EMINISCENCE is the best care for a sad and clisheartened sph-in as we face the complex problems of our latef life. In moods of felicity, as well as despondency, may we, the class of 1946, jimi through these pages a bit of the spirit and security that made om' school days happy and bright. 4 MR. ELWOOII L. FAUTH, WHOM WE SHALL ALWAYS REMEM BER WITH APPRECIATION FOR HIS UNTIRINO DEVOTION AND EXCELLENT AID GIVEN TO OUR CLASS AND THE SCHOOL, WE AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE THIS VOLUME OF 'LTHE PANTHERH. 5 We Entered T0 Learn Twelve years ago, we the class of 1946, entered the most important stage of our career, the stage of preparing ourselves to enter life successfully. During .the jirst six years we attended school without much thought of the future, but as we entered high school, we began to realize that education was essential for a successful life. Diligently we put our hearts and minds in our work, hoping to achieve a higher education through constant study and unfailing participation. Through this we developed mental, physical, and spiritual health which will enable us to meet lifels problems as they present themselves. 6 EX Lihris .. Advisers . . Foreword . . . Dedication . . Theme ......... Board of Education Administration .. Faculty ..... Seniors . . . Chronicle . . . Classes .... Activities . . . Sports' . . . Pinfups .o...... Advertisements .. Autographs .... Finis ..... MR. MR. MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. Board of Education RC7BERT L. VJOLFGANG MELVIN S. RIFE f MARY E. KAUFFELT EUGENE R. PATTERSON GEORGE H. LECKRONE WILBUR L. EVERHART IRVIN R. SNYDER f f President VicefPresiderit f Secretary f Treasurer Associate Nfember Associate Member 'Supervising Principal The Y acukq wee, NX S X Xwxs K. 5-A Smgcwxgmq, Ymmpa atafaackexs CoXXeg CQXXQQQ, - NHXQQSQ Ne, Sx ?600'5X1XY1?x0K'a. Swv: Gewgwmg CoXXe,q,e, Oowexskxq oi Yeooeqkzmxa mvlo COXXQQQ, YJXXWOQQO URING the time you have been enrolled in your secondary school curriculm many changes have taken place, economically, politically and socially. A aa- , .hgh We are faced with the preeminent fact that, if civilization 15 to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationship-the ability of peoples of all kinds to live together and work together in the same world, at peace. The changes that you have faced during your high school life have been anticipated by many of the best thinkers of our country. You were forced to make many adjustments in meeting unf forseen situations and conditions as they arose. It is the hope of your school that something has been accomplished in your training that will more fully enable you to cope with the many varied and complex problems as they are presented to you for solution, and that your life has been enriched to the point that you will be capable of adjusting yourselves to new situations and conditions as they arise which we, as members of a democratic society, will be expected to solve. Never before has so much been expected of our high school graduates. America, today, looks to you for future leadership in the prosaic task of peace and reconstruction. Those tasks require a great measure of intelligence, and understanding, and of unseliish devotion to the common good. You are going to be called upon many times during the coming years to give of your time and talents so that the principles of a democratic society for which our brave men and women so gloriously and honorably fought and died to maintain might become a heritage for our posterity. Our young people have a passion to create, to learn, and to do. Our school has attempted to find methods and devise plans to make our students understand that they form an integral and vital part of our democracyg that this democracy is not only a belief and a thing that can be described and not seen, but that this actually is our way of lifeAthe only way of life for free human beings. We must clear our conception of democracy by realizing that personal liberty is not and never can be democracyg but that democracy is, and must be, for the good of' all the people. It must have proper leadership interested in the total welfare of the mass. Concrete evidence has shown us that to make democracy succeed we must adopt and apply the philosophy and teachings of the lowly carpenter of Galilee. I. R. SNYDER ll BIQRYL R. Aisiai., B.S Mathematics lvlillersville State Teachers Gettysburg College University of Pennsylvanii LAURA E. BURKIIT, B.S. Social Studies Pennsylvania State College .Bucknell University ETI'II'fL L. ANS'1'INI41, B. S. Health, Physical Ecl., Science College Temple University Pennsylvania State College Coach of Girls Basketball and Volleyball . , . 3 1' rlxwer lo Sen er C rl lxeserves WILLIAM N. CRALEY, B. S. Health and Physical Education East Stroudsburg Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Millersville State Teachers 'College Coach of Senior High Basketball Supcrviser of Library 12 lVlARION E. Bizoxvw, B. Mathematics, Social Studies Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania Stale College Adviser to junior ,Girl Keserve - MARUARET S. DEITIQR, A. B. English, Civics Elizabethtown College Director of Iunior Class Dramatics ELwoon L. FAVTH, B. S. Commercial Education Elizabethtown College Pennsylvania State College Head of Commercial Department Editorial Adviser to "Panther' Mmmm A. Fmx, M. A. 'Home Economics Shippensburg State Teaclie Duke University Elizabethtown College - New York University Future Homemakers Cluh EARNLY G. Fisiiizt Social Studies rs College Millersville State Teachers College York County Academy GLADYS R. CABLE, Cert. ol D. H. MARY ELLEN K'XL'Fl"liL'l' NELSON j. Kiwi. M. A. Dental Hygienist School Secretary Commercial Education University of Pennsylvania North York High School, 1936 Susquehanna University Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Columbia University University of Hawaii 13 KATHRYN C. KISE, B.S. Commercial Education Shippensburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College HENRY A. MITCHELL, B. S. Science East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Franklin and Marshall College CHARLES C, LEBER, A. B. DR. CHARLES H. MAY Science, Physical Education School Doctor Lebanon Valley College Springfield College Coach of ,lunior High Boys Basket' ball team and coach of Junior Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Senior Track Gettysburg, A. B., A. M, John Hopkins University, M. D. C, CLINTON RUBY, A. B. I AMY M. SHAMBAUGH, R. N. Mathematics I School Nurse Philadelphia General Hospital Philadelphia School of Social Health and Work Pennsylvania State College Home and School Service Pennsylvania State College Assistant Principal Business Adviser to "Panther" Coach of Soccer and Baseball 1X4 Internship at Presbyterian Hospital, Doms M. THOMAS, B. A. English, History Bucknell University Pennsylvania State College ARTHUR E. WARFIELD, B. S. Music Superviser Millersville State Teachers College Eclinboro College Director of Band, Christmas Choral Program, Senior and junior Choruses, Girls' Trio, Boys' Octet, Operetta, and North York Night of Music 'FACULTY IN THE SERVICE DEAN B. ARMOLD, M,A. S. RHOBERTA WOLF, A., B. English Pennsylvania State College Director of Senior Class Dramatics 15 MYRA S. WHITE, A. B Erench, Latin, English Lebanon Valley College University of Vermont 4 Sedum The cfs X9 M6 . ww ,Sf DELORIS BECK Commercial Steno graphic NORMA M, BENDER General JOSEPHINE L. BIER Classical BETTY L. BLICKENSTAFF ESTHER R. BOERNER BETTY R. BOYD ROBERT L. DEARDORFF Commercial - Commercial General Classical Stenograpliic Steriographic L - Scientiyic 18 JOHN L. DEHOFF JANE E. DELLINGER DOLORES A. DIVELY LAURA A. DIVELY General Gommercial General - Commercial Sterzographic Stenographic DONALD F. DULL General PHILIP C. EISENHART Classical Scientific CHARLES B. EVERHART General 19 DOROTHY E. FINK Commercial Stenographic ROBERT W. FOX General RICHARD E. GARBRICK General JULIA N. GINGERICH HARRY GLADFELTER JANET L. GLASSICK LARRY V. GOODLING General Classical Classical General Scientific Scientijic 20 PEARL R. HARMAN Commercial Stenograplfiic BETTY S. HOSTETLER MARIAN j. Kona GERTRLDINE A. KROUT Commercial Commercial Commercial Steriograpliic Stenographic Stenographic GLORIA M. KROUT Commercial Stenographic MARY I. KROUT Classical Scientific ELIZABETH A. LEHICH Classical Scientific 21 JEAN E. LEHR General MARGARET R. LE HR Classical Scientific JEANETTE L. LINEBAUGH General DOLORES A. MESSERLY JAMES L. NICHOLAS HARRY O. PETERMAN GEORGE M. PFLEIGER General Classical General ,General Scientifc 22 EDITH M. POFE PRESTON E, ROHRBAUGH JEAN M. RUBY VIVIAN E. SEBRIGHT Commercial Classical Commercial Commercial Stenographic Scientific Sterzographic Stenographic GEORGE E. SPANGLER General LESLIE V. SPENCER Scientific VIRGINIA R. STOUGI-I Scierztifc 23 Y i' .ELG O ff ' MARY E. UPDEGRAF1? Commercial Steriographic PHYLLIS M. WALLACE Commercial Steriographic DOROTHY R. WILT Commercial Steriographic GLORIA E. WOLFOANO AUDREY V. ZEIGLER DOROTHY L. ZIRKLE THELMA ROHRBAUGH Classical Classical Sciemifc Scientific V Scientific Orie more Unfortunate Weary of breath, Rashly importunate Gone to her death! Take her up terzclerlyg Lift her with careg Fashioned so sleriderly, 'Young and so fair! -THOMAS HOOD Doloris Beck's correspondence wth the ser' LAST WILI, AND TESTAMENT of THE SENIUII CLASS The Senior Class of the North York High School, of North York, County of York, State of Pennsylvania, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills and codicils by the Senior Class at any time heretofore made. ' We, the Class of 1946, will the following: Marian Kohr's silliness to Miss Burkett. vicemen to Rosie lnnerst. Norma Bender's late hours to Philip Poll. josephine "Lem" Bier's love for men to the ash can. Betty Blickenstaff's love for shorthand class to the junior shorthand students. "Betz" Boyd's shortness to Bill Stover. "Boogie" Deardorifs fish to Room ll8's ZIQULIYILIITI. john "Birdie" Dehoff's bashfulness to Billy Ketterman. jane Del1inger's sailors to anyone'who wants a great responsibility. - "Dory" Dively's love for a certain sailor to Doris Leckrone. "Lolly" Dively's love for "Has" to Ethel Hahn and Victor Starz.. "Don" Dull's pumpkin pies to any junior who needs a new game. ..- Phil" Eisenhart's blonde wig to Betty, so she doesn't have to put her hair up every night. Byron Everhart's "Navajo I Trail" to Roy Rogers. "Dot" Fink's ability to get along with Mr. Pauth to Anna Hostetler. "Bob" Fox's vocal chords to the junior Class to swoon over. "Dick" Garbrick's careful driving to Donald Wolfgang. "Red" Gingerieh's "Arch" to the Brooklyn Bridge. "Has" Gladfeltcr's neat appearance to Don DeBurkarte. janet Glassick's sweet smile to Marian Bortj ner. gl, Larry Goodliiig's physique to "Mousie" Wliorl. Pearl Harman's love for "Rus" to anyone x.ho likes to hght. Betty Hostetler's toothpick hgure to Patsy Everhart. Geraldine Krout's love for the Manchester boys to "Speck" Wherley. Mary Krout's quietness to Ruth Oberdick. Gloria Krout's power to blush to Patsy fSmithj Hoffman. i'Liz" Lehigh's sharp curves to the Lincoln Highway. "jeannie" Lehr's bangs to the Atomic Bomb. jeanette Linebaugh's staring out of the window during devotional period to any dreamer, "Del" Messerly's love for Byron Everhart to joan Kanen. "jim" Nicholas' intelligence to Herman Stough. Harry Peterman's excess fat to make sweet smelling soap. "Sonny" Pfleiger's troubles with Miss Brown to the eighth grade's "Big Three". Marie Poif's gum chewing to Mr. King who forbids it. Preston Rohrbaugh's manners to the Fresh' man class who push you down the hall. jean Ruby's quiet sneeze to Mr. Leber. "Viv" Sebright's hot temper to Lois jean Senft. "Sticky" Spangler's nickname "Honey" to anyone who wants to be loved. "Les" Spencer's broken test tubes to any old glass collector. "Ginny" Stough's troubles at the York City Laundry to anyone who wishes to spend the rest of their life in agony. Mary Updegraifs nickname "Icky" to Dick Tracy's comic strip. Phyllis Wallace's war paint to Norma Schroll. "Dot" Wilt's flirting eyes to Lois Miller. Gloria Wolfgang's double dates to anyone who wants a lot of trouble. "Boo" Zeigler's swing to anyone who wants to take a ride. 'LDot" Zirkle's love for her brothers who need a happy home. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Senior Class set their hand and seal this 3rd day of june, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fortyfsix. SENIOR CLASS IN this third edition of the Panther, We strive to keep the reader upftofdate on the highf lights, events, and activities throughout the 1945f 1946 school term. It is throughout this portion of the year' book that the reader may understand more thoroughly what the extrafcurricular activities contain. We, the graduates of 1946, have co' operated with the underfclassmen in making these a real success. May the different repetitions keep progressing in the future. 26 T06 The 'I' he 'l'h e 'I' he The 0i'i'ieers Ju niors Sopholnores Eighth Grade Seventh Grade CXASS TB fx' fv-14' -2 'J 4 fffxffid T GP x. .1 1 z NJ R J 2,52 fx s.l -vs f .4 ROBERT Fox - RICHARD GARBRICK ELIZABETH LEHIOH DOROTHY FINK GENE KING f WILLIAM KETTERMAN LOIS SENFT f DORIS LECKRONE RICHARD PFLEIGER JAMES SHINDLER MILLARD GLADFELTER KENNETH EVERHART ROYCE MARTIN f ADONA LOU SNYDER DORIS WOLFGANc: PHILIP JACOBY f SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 28 f President VicefPresidei1t Vice Vice Vice Secretary 'Treasurer President President Secretary Treasurer President 'President Secretary Treasurer President President Secretary Treasurer Allunn. L. .lmeph Bear, H. Virginia Bear, Margaret .l. Bimrtner. lviariimn Biiwer. Edxmrd li. Bnyd. Flnrenee D. Chsipinun. Hilda M. Dzilheirner. Hiircwltl DeBurkz1rtC. Dnnzlld Doll. Dnrezw L. Einig, Esther L. Everhart. .luyce B. Ex'erl'mrt, Vxiilliznn H. , . Eyler, Clizirinznne L Fetruve. Huxx'1ii'd S. Fink, Florence Flimry. Bernettzi E Frmgle, Wvllliillll A Cflzisiiek, Cmlleen Ulntllelter. Cliarlek Hahn. Ethel M. Hale. Harold E. Hers. Phyllia Hinkle, Viviun E. Hcwifzielier. Giiillnid Hiike, Paul Hiiuvely Ethel hd. Hiistetler. Annu fl. Innerft, Rune lullCS. Duliwree Keesey. Rnheli H. Ketterinzin, XXlYllllll!ll King. Gene D. Leekrnne, Doris A. Lehr. Ellen V. March. Lnis M, Melhimrn, Betty L, Miller. Edward E. fvliller. Luis G. Miller, Patricia M. Mundis. Vfilliziiii l lvlyerf, Gloria hd. Oherdick. Ruth D. Oliver. lvlgiry hllllld Poet, Mae Pnif. Philip E. Rezlrieh. Charles L Rishel, Bernard L. Rishel. Regina Nl, Sehzieler, Paul L. Sehrull. Nnrinu .l. Senlt, Lim Shelly. Flnyd D. Shundel. Fred A. Shire, Grace A. Shilll. Darlene V. Smith. Glenda L. Snyder. Henry R. Sflydcl-. NL5l'IIlll J. Stxirtz, Vietur H . Stetler. Ivlarizin L. Stevenson. D4 irrithy V Stiwer. Geraldine L. SII'l1l1Sl'7i1l1jll1. Dori- N1 Strine, Leon Strine. Robert P. Sweitzer. Donald E. Vw'eire. lviary C. Xlfherley, Phyllis Vsfhitiner. Dolores E. Wnlfgzing. Donald F Vx'ullgz1ng, Paul C. 29 Anstinc. lean Boar, jean Bixler, Blaine Bixler, Evelyn Bixler, Thelma Bocrncr, Doris Bortner, Zelda Brcnnernan, Nancy Chapman, Nadine Dcllinger, Charles Dcllinger. lvlorgan Dern, Nancy Dietz, Ruth Evcrlwart, Kcnnctli Eyler, Charles Fink, Gladys Flinclilwangli, Arlene Fullerton Anna Fulton, Boyd Sarlvriclc, Paul V Singericlx, Norma Gladlielter, lvfillare Heiner, Dolores Hess, Norma - Hinklc. Gloria Hoflinan, Patricia l lrlollcrlauslw, Nancy Hull, Lenora lacolwy, Wziyiwc Kciser. Male Kettcrman, Thom: King, Doris Kister, Gcorgc Klcpper Clair Krout. Vxfayne Lclir, Charles IS Lelir, Gloria Martorana, Ivlaria McGarrel, ,lean Myers. Nancy Ann Newman, .loc Petcrman, .lane Pflcigcr, Richard Plowman, Lamar Plynicr, .lolin Reigle, Nancy Ann Repman, Hubert Rolwler, Paul Rolwbaiiglw, Gloria Schaefer, Chauncey Sclilecter. Beverly Slialler, Ruth Shelley Berdclla Sliindler. james Since, Clwyd Snellbakcr, Delores Stamluacli. Rulli Stevenson, Lonella Stover, Lewis Strauslwaugli. Donald Strine, lean Strine, Lorraine Suinrncrs. Lois Thomas, Mac Updegrall, Robert Weaver, Miriam W'liitmcr, Rohcrt Vsfolgamutli, David Vvlolgainutli, Mile Wailganiiitli, Vwlillwnr Zirkle, Betty 30 W Fresh :non flass Ralph Bllllllllpl. llwrclmx Blxlcr, Glurzal Bmvcra Umcc limxscrnmn. Ruth Buycr. Frcdcrrclq l51'uycr. Lmx Bryan. Dorn CTLIIHIUN. .luzmn fllulrlcstcm. GCI'illklllIC flrunc, Curzx Dulhcllncr, ,lwvhn lDlClilI1sUll. Carl Dull. vlzrnxcf Eifcnhznrt, Ray EYNIQ. Dawn Enemingcr. Maxine Ensmingcr, Ycrn EQhclnmn, Durwllmy Exurlmrt. Ralph l:ct1'mx', Ralph lfxwclr David Furtncy, llxchurd Czrrnlncr. Phihp G11lLl4lC1ll. Nancy Hull. Stcxuuw Hartman. Em Hclwrg, Dale Hcrtcl. lanct Hellman. Mildred Hunpur, Rlllllilllllll Hcmvcr. Edward Husluns, Srxru lnncrst. Phylhf Il'XX'lIl, Phillp lluuhy, Ucurgc liunvn. -Ilhlll Kllllxfli. ljllfly Kzlnn, Lurny Kggrlllmgm, -Idgk Kgqxgy. -Imgph Kgmpgr-A CI,ryWn Kllldlg. Kenneth Krmll, Rlllllllliliil Kroul, Ruthqlnnu Lchr, Luc Lcntz, Rcmycc Martin, Glnwrizm N1Cl..lINI. Arlcnc IVICIIIIIVC, Phylllf Nlclhurn, Alia Mycrw. Vfallgrcc Nunn. Rc-hcrt Ulwrdicli. Rul'-crt RC1Qllk'. Glddyx Rhhcl. Ruth Ruhy. Bcrtha Ruppert, .luunn Rutter. Batty Scltzcr, 'l'lunn.14 Scltzcr. llatsy Scilcrl, Rwhcrt Slwrlcr. Lluygl Slnnllbr, Gcnrgc Shcllcy. Gerald Shupp, Rusicll Srpe, l Hcrhcrt Smith. Cfcrclla SI'lClll'IlliC1'. .'Xdun.1 Lnu Snyder. Gene Snyder. cll1lll'lUllC Spencer. Dale 5fZ11I1lWilLlgll1, Gurdrmn Stmmxhiulglw, Ruhcrt Slzxmlmuglm. 'lucqurlinc Stcwnmn, Xxlllllillll Stm'c1'. Richard Stump, Clm1'lrf Slllllllly. Alauncs Tmnc, Edward Vs'a1lti1nycr, Esther XX'YCl'11lIXgI. kl2ll1lCS vNvlN'l'l. Mimc Xxlllllllllli. Dnrh Xxlillllgilllg. Faye Vfnlfgzlrwg. Phrllp ZClQlCl'. Lcnn Zcrhc. 31 Tth GRADE Hinlile. Mardclla L. Callahan. Marilyn E. Bathurst, Norma Kepner, Earl C. Callahan. Norma Bixler, Doris E. Leonard, Patty E. Daekux. David M. Black, Richard W. Linehaugh, Vsfalter G. Dallmeyer, ,loyec E. Black, Rohert VJ. Long, -Ioanne E. Demniitt. Margaret. S. Bomen, Melvin W. Luckenhaugh, 'lohn H. Darn, Gloria L, Burkins, Marilyn M. Miller, Gene C. Dern, Phyllis Y. Crimmins, Patsy M, Mummcrt. Ivan S. Dressel, Doris A. Demmitt, George F. Poll, ,loan N. Eekenrode, Patricia A. Erh, Philip L. Rhodes, Mary E. Everharl, Patricia A. Everhart, Neil E. Shindlcr, Ronald M. Fox. Barhara A. Fissel, Harry L. Stare, Ronald E, Geisler, jack L, Fogle, Carroll R. Slough, Herman Glatfclttr. Donald E. Ccntzler, Philip Straushaugh. .loann Hollnian. Gloria C. Gladfelter, Nancy C. Znn, james E, Holce, Lester M. Goldstein. Barhara R. Kauffman. Dolores M. Hale. Catherine E. Sth GRADE Kottzneycr, Nancy L. Heiner, Lorraine M. Bacehcl, Robert A. Lehr, Faye D. Hildebreeht, -loan Black, Richard E. Lehr. Victor H. Linehaugh. Harriet Luekenhaugh, Ronal Martin, Romaine E. E. cl R. Martorana, Victoria xl. Miller, Rhea Neff. Alfred Poll. Joseph H. Shull. Vv'illiam G, Slaugh, Rohcrt R. Smith. Margaret A. Smith, Robert H. Snyder, Dolores M, Stine. Rohcrt L. Stongh. Margaret Cl. Swartz, Donald L, Wl1e1'ley, Richard H. Yingcr, Rohert T. Zartnian. Williziin I' 32 I' u Illi Plays Mu sic flu bs 1 ltlllllk Editorfir1fChief Associate Editor Art Editor 'f Girls' Sports Editor Boys' Sports Editor Photography Editors Copy Editors f Faculty Adviser Business Manager Circulation Manager Advertising Manager f Panther Staff EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT BLIsINEss DEPARTMENT BE DOROTHY FINK JAMES NICHOLAS GLORIA WOLFGANG MARGARET LEHR PHILIP EISENHART MARY UPDEGRAFF DOROTHY ZIRKLE DELORIS BECK TTY BLICKENSTAEE BETTY HOSTETLER GLORIA KROUT EDITH POFF PHYLLIS WALLACE ELWOOD L, FAUTH RICHARD GARBRICK JANET GLASSICK AUDREY ZEIGLER Other members of the statl include: Josephine Bier, Esther Boyd. John Deholf. Robert Deardorff, Dolores Dively, Laura Dively, Harry Gladfelter, Larry Goodling, Pearl Harman, Geraldine Krout, Mary Krout, Elizabeth Lehigh, Jean Lehr, George Pfleiger,'Vivian Sebright, Leslie Spencer, Virginia Stough, Jean Ruby, and Dorothy Wilt. Boerner, Betty Faculty Adviser f f -f f 1 C, CLINTON RUBY 34 "lNTROluL'CIN' SLTSANMY :I Lhrecfaet farce by jay Tobias, was presented by the junior and Senior Classes under the supervision Of Mrs. Margaret Deiter and Miss S. Rboberta Wcblf. On November 30 and December l, in the Higli School Auditorium. SENIORS JAMES NICHOLAS . GLORIA WKJLFCQANKL PHILIP EISENHART BETTY HOSTETLER LESLIE SPENCER ,. EDITH POPE ....., ELIZABETH LEHIOI-I DONALD DULL AUDREY 'ZEIGLER . ROBERT Fox ..... HARRY GLADFELTER LARRY GOODLINI: . ROLE i'Dick Hcatbei-by" ... . .. 'iSuscm" ... "Buddy Chalmers" . . "Babs Boswellu . . . "HillingtOn Ross" . Diana Mayfield" .. "Violet" .. "Cyclone" I i '-'Aliiiit 'Cordelia Quuclrenbuslis' . ..,. 'jim Donovan .... . .. "Mike" . .... Ike ... XX'I'.I. JUNIORS WILLIAM EVERHART ....DOLOREs JONES IAM KETTERMAN, IR. ...... LOIS JEAN SENFT . WILLIAM MUNDIS .. DORIS LECKRONE . BERNIETTA FLORY .. FLOYIJ SI-IELLEY .. NORMA SCHROLL .. HENRY SNYDER . PAUL WOLEc:ANcs .GENE HOFFACKER GENE KING 35 The Senior Chorus numbering 94 rung as it gowncd choir, Decemher llth, iii the auditorium: at which time they presented the Christmas Mmic from Handelk Messiah. Several times during the year they participated in zisscmhly pmgrurns: they were represented in the York County lvlusic Festival: sung lm' cuinmenccinent: and gave the zirmual Senior High School uperettu. 36 The vlllllllll' Cfl11,11'11N p111'11c111:111-Ll 111 1l1c Cl11'1ft11111N FQ511x':1l nl' M11s1c, Dcccmbcr 12. lm smging ll g1'1111p cal' l'11111'11'c11Il1'cc11tl11'y Qz11'11ls. Tlwy :cnt cl1111'11s 111c111lM'1's 111 1l1f 1'k flllllllfy Muxxc l:1w11x.1l lIllLl mug .1N ll gmup 111 'l11111111' H1gl1 Sclwol z1sFc111l1l1es lla nd lf111lc1' tl11' z1lvl1' 5.111111 ul :X1'1l1111' Vs'111'i1cld. Il1llS1C NllPCl'X'l441I', 1l1c l'WLll1Ll played ll large p.11'1 111 11111Q11' .1c11v111cf 111 N111'1l1 Y111'l-1 Hlgll. Pl11y111g ill .1fsc111l1l1cf .111d pz11't1c1px1t111g 111 tl1c York County 11111515 lcstivul, then 1'111111g 11111-1c11111- 1.x'111'lw1.l l1z11'c.l 11111l fl11111l1l l,Lll'Illwl1 excellent 111z1tc1'111l for next ycafs band. 37 1 N0l'1lllll0ll Aiwrlifi Lc1'111 ill Nuirh Yiirk High lAULlI1Ll thc Nu1'Ll1111un llglllll p1'11Lccti11g Lhuii' hm' 11111s1QL1l 1'cpl1t11t1u11, Appcziring at z1ssc111l'1lics. P.T.A. xncctiiigs. :md thc limril Liuifs Cluh minstrcl uw. they yuuim 111211 111z1dc 11116 sl1c1xx'i1111s The Girls Trio The Girls' Trio is coinposcd of three junior girls: 'loycc EVCI'l1iiI'I, Doris Lcckmiic. and Lois Scnft, Thcy are under the sllpervisicm of Arthur Vv'z1rl1clCl. They sang at the L1o11's Club Minst1'cl Show and at qmthcr Qchool activities. 38 The Senior Girl Reserves, under the supervision of Mrs. Ethel Anstine, sponsored many activities during the term of 19-15146. Dances were held every two weeks, and parties on different occasions. They also participated at the meeting of the Red Cross organization of York, At the close of last years session there was an election of officers which are as follows: K H President f DOROTHY FINK VicefPresident GLORIA WoLFczANr: Treasurer JANET GLASSIFK Secretary DOLORES joNEs .39 JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES During the past year the Junior Girl Reserves participated in many social and service activities, among which are: a Chrstmas Party at the Y.W.C.A.: Recognition Service, at which time mothers were entertained: Fathers Day Program: CoveredfDish Socialg Doggie Roast, at the home of Mrs. Eva Steigelman, memiber of the committee of the Girl Reserve Group of Y.W,C.A,: picnic at the close of school: made menu folders and favors for Junior Red Crossg had charge of sale of war bonds and stamps: folded Christmas Seals for York County Tuberculosis Society. President f 1 DoR1sWoLFczANci Adviser f - MARION E. BROWN STUDENT LIBRARIANS The Student Librarians, acting as regular librarians under the supervision of Miss Laura E. Burket, School Librarian, take care of the circulation, charging, and mending of the school's reading material. They are also responsible for the checking and distribution of the library permission blanks. 40 tillllllfil Socvcr Ilalskel ball flue:-rleaulc-rs 521065 Athletic Council Without the planning and cooperativeness of these nine persons our athletic calendar would be a blank paper instead of one jamfpacked with sports of all sorts. These gentlemen are responsible for the line entertainment which the public enjoys and for the physical development which the participants fain. But their job doesn't stop with planning: not by a long shot. At the time we go to press they have sufficient funds to purchase an electric score board and new uniforms for all the athletic teams except baseball. The abovefmentioned articles cannot be had at present, but as soon as they are available the council will obtain them. The athletic council is composed of: president, Eugene R. Pattersong vicefpresident, C. Clinton Ruby: secretary, Nelson 1. King: treasurer, Henry A. Mitehellg other mem' bers are George H. Leckrone, Willizim N. Craley, Mrs. Ethel Anstine, Prof. I. R. Snyder, and Charles C. Leber, I 42 Soccer Tealll Again this year, under the supervision of Coach C. C. Ruby, the North York soccer team gained the county championship. In doing so, they suffered only one setback which came after the championship had already been neatly tucked inside the shoes of the Panthers. ' During the season of league competition, the Learn ran up a total of 18 points against their opponents 5. Of the 18, Don Dull sparked the attack with 6, while the Garbrick brothers picked up 4 apiece. jim Nicholas dumped 2 across the line while Bill Mundis and Eddie Miller each got one. - Besides the 8 league games the North Yorkers journeyed to Lancaster for a tusslc with the team of the Red Rose city, which ended in a scoreless tie. The return engagement in North York proved fatal for Lancaster, as they were defeated to the tune of 2 to l. Season scores are as follows: 1 North York ,...., 5Codorus . North York . . 2Dover . . North York . . 2Manchester North York . . 2Dover . . North York . . 2Dillsburg :f:North York .. 0Lancaster North York .. 3Codorus . North York .. 2Lancaster :5'North York . . 2Di1lshurg North York .. 1Manchestcr 'lt Denotes exhibition games 43 Senior lligh ilanskelball Alter returning from four years service in the United States Army, coach Vv'illiam N i Craley DL in lourt had an unusually small numhei' ol' candidates lirom which to pick his Varsity squad. iring league competition the Grange and Black won live antl lost seven to end the seaso h place. They also played nine exhibition games ol which they won all. Dick Garhriek was high scorer with 165 points while Boh Fox and Tom Kettcrman were runners-up with 163 and 125 respectively, Tl l l ie senior iigh reserves payed seven games during this season and won four while loosing three, This years squad was composed ol' the following: Seniorsfllichartl Uarhricla. Rohert Fox, Donald Dull, George Plleiger. and Harry Glatlicltcr. juniors Mac Poet. Vfilliam Munclis. and Gene Hoiiaclcer. Sophomores--Thoina.: Ketterman, llichartl ljlleiger, Vwfayne slacohy, james Shintller, anti Paul G arlwrick. Junior ll igll llaskel ball W'itli a rool-tie team coach C, C, Leher put the junior High haskethall team into league t conipet ition. They iinishetl lilth out ol' the eight teams competing. Their league average was 500, winning seven and loosing the same numher. Beside the l4 league games they played 7 exf hihition contests winning lour and loosing three, The team started the season with six straight losses hut by this time had acquired much experience and then won ll out ol the remaining I5 tilt- 5, 44 I1 Girls Tea nl Through hard work and sellfdetermination the girls came through to hand Dover a stunning sethaek on the neutral Vfest York floor to eaptore the York County Girls' Scholastic Basketball league ehampionship tilt. Dover and North York ended the regular fea-on tied at live winx and one defeat. with each setback heing dealt out hy the other. Alter an exciting and hardfought game, they defeated Dover. laSt year's defending ehampionf. hy a score ol' 2448, The girls handed Hallam and Vfest York eaiy deleatx hy -eoref ol- 3Sf1 1, 4-123. and I-VIS, 3946. reipeetively. They alfo defeated Dover on their home lloor hy a score of 3146. only to lose on their home lloor hy a -core ol' 31-16. only to lose on their opponentl lloor hy a score of 2919. llIl08l'l0illl0l'S Faithfully leading the -glwool en eheerf ihzs year were Xxvlllllllll Ketterman. Gladye Fink. Doris Leekrone. oloyee Eveihart. Los -lean Senlt. and Thelma Bixler. This group representf the senior high fehool. W l 3 The jonior high grorm wax riimpoed el' C,har1:ne Spencer. laby Seifert, Dorw Veollgang, Doris Brxler. and ,loan Straoehzrogh. 45 YXWQQS Gm Seiixoie The x I g I ' llllf ' fig J ! Fla' " C' 2" , WW T- Q 51515 Plz X Axf, A' I . 'x'. ' ..,' avh' ' 1 ' E DELoR1s BECK Panther Staff 4 Librarian lfl-3' NORMA BENDER Junior Chorus l JOSEPHINE BIER Panther Staff 4 Operetta 3f4 Chorus 3f4 BETTY BLICKENSTAFE Panther Staff 4 Basketball 4 Opcretta 3f4 Chorus 4 ESTHIER BOERNER Volleyball 2 Girl Reserves 1 Operetta 3f4 Panther Staff Chorus 2f3f4 BETTY BOYD Panther Staff 4 Chorus 3 Girl Reserves lfl-3 ROBERT DEARDORFF Chorus 2'3 Panther Staff 4 Operetta 2f4 4 Class Play 4 JOHN DET-1oEE Panther Staff 4 48- t., 41 2 21 .1 .."2x1Q52E5EaE5E2E5:2:?:'if 94 ' -. -'-v1-:-:v:,:,:-f---1f:- Q 41 ,.:-1-sf-,Q :z :v .111 . 12122: if 29 1. . , .,.1.g.g:g.v tl ' .-151:-" 5-' ff'53:?". ' ,4-25:3:3"'E1E22'gI EQ Q 2 :SS C M ,st, - 5 C L. . .-St X JANIZ DELLINCIER Panther Stall: 4 Operetta 3 Chorus 3 DELORES DIVELY Panther Staff 4 Basketball 3f4 LAURA ANN DIVELY Panther Staff 4 Basketball 2f3f4 Volleybal 2f4 Chorus 4 Operetta 3f4 DONALD DLJLL Chorus 4 Class Play 4 Operetta 3f4 Basketball 1-2f4 Soccer lf2-5f4 Baseball l"Zf3f4 PHILIP EISENHART Panther Staff 4 Soccer 3f4 Baseball l'2f3f4 Basketball 1-2. Track 1f3f4 Class Play 3f4 Operetta 2f3f4 Chorus lf2f3-4 Octct 4 CHARLES B. EVERHART Baseball 1 Band 112 Orchestra lf2 Donormr FINK Panther Stall' 4 Class Officer lf2f3f4 Operetta 2f3f4 Chorus 2'3'4 Girl Reserves l'2f3f4 ROBERT Fox Basketball 1-2'3f4 Soccer lf2-3-4 Track 3f4 Operetta 2f3f4 Class Play 3f4 Octet 2-3f4 Chorus 2f3f4 Class Officer 3'-1 Band 2 ' w gi" , 351533 "-Alzggfsggggair? "' 915355531 - -..3:4 v.,1'3 'zfiii' i1 E gflfrfl: ff' . H' 5 ,fi - ' E A' 5 " .::::,:,.:: "' Wiiiziiiiiiii '21gagsgg:i'51g. , 1'ig2gigagzgzgz21 ' .A :Q 35' - ,Wi ,12i25.:, 1 .51357 1.. 12521 f-',-'-'Ql:213f- " "i125'f2Q2EiEi.3'?i'5: -14 .2225 ' ff"1-'ff' "" ' jf' I an lik 5' 'A fx RICHARD GARBRICK Panther Staff 4 Basketball 1f2f3f4 Baseball 2f3f4 Soccer 1f2-3f4 Track 1f3f4 Operetta 3 Chorus 4 Octet 4 Class Officer 2f4 JULIA GINGERJCH 'Cheer Leader 1-2 Basketball 3f4 Girl Reserves 4 HARRY GLADFELTIZR Panther Staff 4 Baseball 2-3f4 Basketball 1-2f4 Soccer 1f2f3f4 Track 1'2f3'4 Band 1f2f3'4 Orchestra 1f2 Octet 2134 Chorus 2f3f4 Operetta 2f3'4 Class Play 4 JANET GLASSICK Panther Staff 4 Girl Reserves 2f3f4 LARRY GOODLING Panther Staff 4 Basketball 1 Soccer 4 Class Play 4 Operetta 3 PEARL HARMAN Panther Staff 4 Girl Reserves 1f2 Chorus 1f3f4 Operetta 3f4 Librarian 2'3f4 Chorus 1'3'4 BETTY HOSTETLER Operetta 2-3 Panther Staff 4? Chorus 1f3'4 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2 Librarian 3f4 Band 2f3'4 Orchestra 2 Girl Reserves 1'4 Operetta 2-3f4 Class Play 4 MARIAN KOHR Basketball 3'4 Operetta 2f3f4 Chorus 1-2f3f4 Volleyball 2 Girl Reserves 112-4 50 new w"'f, as -til ' ,'s:sgz- .1-: '--- qv :aff Mi. . r .- 3:2524 :gf gx Ziifi . V, ' H., 1 wr? . .,. ,: . ,,:.1g:5 : i::: .-me 2 5 s A 5- Qw Qi 51 Z E .. gllllllllw R F Af fl A- " 55' 1 ' 6 1 G IZRALDINE KROU r Panther Staff 4 GLORIA KROUT Panther Staff 4 Chorus 3-4 Librarian 4 Girl Reserves 3-4 MARY Kaour Panther Staff 4 Chorus 3-4 Girl Reserves 3-4 Librarian 3 ELIZABETH LEHIGH Panther Staff 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Volleyball 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Operetta 3 Girl Reserves 1 Class Oflicer 1-2-3- QIEAN Lei-IR Panther Staff 4 Girl Reserves 1 Basketball 3 Chorus 1-2 Volleyball 2 Operetta 3-4 MARKSARET LEHR Basketball 1-2-3-4 Panther Staff 4 Volleyball 2-4 Operetta 3 Girl Reserves 1 JEANETTE LINEBAUGH Chorus 1 DELORES MESSERLY Girl Reserves 1 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Operetta 2-3-4 Librarian 1-2 gf' f 1 r 1 -1,111-fji I 2211- ,- . vi ,. e F 1 557' , ful? v Q' ,,:f2ii?23' 45 1: xii- if El ziiz: J, .,., 12' ,, -. 5 '24-541-1:5 -3'.1:1'f 515-g:g:g:-gf., ig, 25 -:L I y :ag sri ggi..-1.,.- -.1,gi3 -1- ., - -1-.P 22- V :, 42223221 'ffl 5 ' ' 'V 4 gw r-Eva' 51 Axxxllllw E IF .MF 7 1-I i ii! 5 at C' x fx-'E' X .1 6 I JAM ES NICHOLAS Panther Staff 4 Band 1f2f3f4 Orchestra l'2 Octet 2f3-4 Soccer 1f2f3f4 Track 1f2 Chorus 1f2f3f4 Operetta 2-3f4 Class Play 3'4 HARRY PETERMAN Baseball 1 GEORGE PELEIGER Panther Staff 4 Soccer 4 Basketball 2f3'4 Track 3f4 EDITH POEE Panther Staff 4 Chorus l'3f4 Operetta 2f3f4 Class Play 3f4 Grl Reserves 1 PRESTON ROHRBAUGH Baseball 2f3'4 Soccer 1-2f4 Track 1f3f4 Band 1f2-3f4 Orchestra 1f2 JEAN RUBY Panther Stall' 4 Girl Reserves 1f2 VIVIAN SEBRIGHT Panther Stall 4 Girl Reserves 1- 4 Librarian 1'2f3'4 Operetta 2'4 GEORGE SPANGLER Chorus 1 52 'Q' '?5???Qr25if'f3f1,, C . . .. .... .. .,,,.,, gg: . . ,.1: : A 14'.- -.::l:1::::::t.:::,::.,.-.- .1 - :A 1 .. . 4. 1- -:.'44,y 232535144-' I H A ., .,., , ' A' ' 55123: " Ja' . x 11- '1-.4 ' l x 4 1 , W f .773 E Q LESLIE SPENCER Panther Staff 4 Class Play 3-4 Octet 2f3f4 Operetta 3f4 Soccer 4 Chorus 3f4 VIRGINIA STOUGH Panther Staff 4 Chorus 1f3f4 MARY UPDECIRAFF DOROTHY WILT Panther Staff 4 Basketball 2-3'4 Operetta 2f3f4 Chorus 1'2f3 Girl Reserves 1 GLORIA WOLEGANI: Panther Staff 4 Operetta 2f3f4 Class Play 3f4 Girl Reserves 1'2-314 Chorus 1f3f4 AUDREY ZEIGLER Panther Staff 4 Class Play 3f4 Basketball 1-2f3f4 Volleyball 2f4 Girl Reserves 1 Operetta 3'-4 Chorus 1 DOROTHY ZIRKLE Panther'Staff 4 Band 2f3f4 Chorus 2f3f4 Operetta 2f3-4 -L D . Orchestra 2 Panther Staff 4 Chorus 1f2'3f4 Operetta 2f3f4 Band 1f2f3f4 A Orchestra 1f2 Girl Reserves 1f4 Librarian 3-4 EE? .Q ' ":15Z2jQEQ25iQf3i53 Q' P H Y L LIS W AL LACE P if 1, if -Q Panther Staff 4 l12agggfg2iE3a.: 'i Gm 2 Class Play 3 " .livgrzz-azz, ,:,..:::E:-:- ',v- 11- fy N, V P7 "" ' tiff" ' 53,1 ,"' 3""f5'5? 53 We A- 2 me A f ,... 1--' ,W- Q CLASS Pll0PlIECY New York at last! I had been sailing on K'The Pennsvlvanianu for the past nve days. As the ship entered the harbor, the Statue of Liberty loomed before me like a guarding angel, welcoming me home after four years tl occupation duty in Germany. While I waited for the boat to dock, I bid farewell to some of my navy friends who would remain on the boat. There were Seaman Zfc John Dehoff and Ships Cook Zfc Harry Peterman. As I was about to leave the boat, Harry called me and said hesitantly, "Give this message to a well' known friend, Jeanette Linebaugh, when you get back to York." By this time everyone had disembarked. My orders stated that I would have two days liberty before reporting to Indiantown Gap. Since I had a little time to myself, I decided to take a sight'seeing tour of Fifth Avenue. I strolled down the avenue admiring the window displays. Noticing a familiar name on one of the windows, I entered a shop bearing the name, "Wallace and Wolfgang, Interior Decorators." Before I had time to speak, I heard someone say, "Hi Lieutenant." I looked in the direction from which the voice came. There stood Gloria designing patterns for furniture. She immediately called Phyllis who was making dinner in the little kitchenette which adjoined the shop. They invited me to stay for lunch and I accepted. After dinner I bid adieu and resumed my tour. Suddenly I heard the clanging of fire bells, and in the distance I could see smoke pouring from a building. I rushed to the scene, and in answer to terrifying screams, I entered the house and rescued the victim. In spite of the thick screen of smoke, I thought the victim looked familiar, I carried the girl out of the flaming house. An am' bulance was waiting to take us to the hos' pital. The ambulance driver turned out to be none other than Donald Dull. The nurse who assisted us looked familiar and sure enough, it was Josephine Bier. I asked Don and Josephine if they recognized the injured girl, and they told me it was Jean Ruby. She was employed as a stenographer in one of the large department stores. At the hospital, Dr. James Nicholas treated me for my third degree burns. XVhile I re' ceived my nrst aid, we talked about the good old days at North York High School. Since I was in New York, I thought a trip to Radio City would be very interesting. I hailed a taxi, and the driver was none other than "that man about town," Leslie Spencer. I reached my destination after the wildest ride I had ever experienced. I tipped the driver and made my way toward the building. Upon entering the building, I secured a guide, Esther Boerner, who pointed out the interesting facts connected with the building. In one studio, the familiar voice of Robert fFrank Sinatraj Fox was thrilling millions of girls across the nation. After the broad' cast, I pushed my way through a mob of autograph seekers. I recognized Mary Upde' graff among the anxiously waiting girls. Robert and his accompaniest, Vivian Se' bright, immediately recognized me. Skillfully eluding the autograph seekers, we made our way to Robert's car and met his charming wife, Dorothy Wilt. They drove me to the station where I boarded the 11:35 p. m. train to Harrisburg. I secured a seat and was practically asleep when someone sat down beside me. Slowly I opened my eyes and a smile greeted me. Lo and behold, there was Elizabeth Lehigh sit' ting in the opposite seat. We exchanged greetings. I learned that she had become an actress and was on her way to Philadelphia, where she would play the part of "Maggie" in the new hit, "Bringing up Father". Eliza- beth informed me that Dorothy Fink was in .he d1n'ng room. Since I had had nothing to eat for a few hours, I thought a midnight snack would aid my appetite. I seated myself opposite Dorothy and gave my order to the waiter, Richard Gabrick. Dorothy was returning to York after a business trip to Boston where she had wit' nessed the Fashion Show of 1971. She ex' plained that the knowledge of the latest fashions would aid her in her new position, manager of Stillman's Department Store in York. I heard the I said good'bye to Dorothy, grabbed my bags, way to a waiting bu: that conductor call "Harrisburg", and made my would take me to Indiantown Gap. After a brief ride, I arrived at the Gap. After three days of waiting, I received my discharge and was nnally York. I arrived on the 3:15 Climbing down the steps, I noticed Laura Ann Dv-ely anxiously waiting for someone. I strolled over and spoke to her. She was waiting for her dear friend, Harry Gladfelter, who was returning home from Penn State. At the college, Harry was pursuing a course in electrical engineering. I hurriedly said good' bye and proceeded to the bus stop. on my way to p. ni train. It was good to see a North York bus again. A screech of brakes, a quick get'away, and I was on my way to North York. I chatted with the driver, Larry Goodling, and learned that a wedding would take place that even' ing. Philip Eisenhart, a graduate of Gettys' hurg Seminary. and Marian Kohr, a clerk at Brenneman's Grocery Store, were being mar' meet many old ried. Realizing I would friends there, I decided to attend the wed' ding. Wanting to look my best, I stopped in at a barber shop that had been established while I was away. A cordial "hello" greeted me. To my surprise, I recognized Preston Rohrbaugh. Preston had turned out to be a very successful barber. No wonder! I had Class Prophecy - Continued received my shave and haircut within ten minutes. However, it was a fairly good job. In the meantime, Janet Glassick had en' tered the shop. She was advertising manager for the "'.Farmer's Wife". As she was going to attend the wedding, she asked me to accompany her. I consented and agreed to call for her at 7:00 o'clock. We entered the church and found seats in the last pew. The bridal party soon en' tered and the ceremony began. The brides' maids were Betty Blickenstaff and Geraldine Krout. The best man was George Pfleiger. I learned from Janet that Betty was editor of a loveflorn column for a local newspaperg Geraldine assisted her father at his place of business, and George was driving a delivery truck for Wolfgangs Candy Store. We congratulated the newlyweds and wished them all the success in the world. The next day found me looking diligently for a job. I inquired at the personnel oflice of York Shipley, Inc. I was amazed to hnd -lane Dellinger seated behind the desk typing personnel reports. On the way out, I heard the charming voice of Gloria Krout saying, "Good morning, York Shipleyf' as she answered the calls coming through on the switchboard. Failing to secure a job here, I crossed the street and entered the building of York Cor' porations. I was gretted by the receptionist, Dolores Dively, who led the way to the personnel manager. He also turned me away. Several days of job seeking found me changing my mind about securing employ' ment in York. I decided to take advantage of the government's offer to finance four years of college education. As I was anxious to study chemistry, I chose the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia. After several weeks of necessary prepaf ration, I arrived at the college. As I made my way to the registration building, I saw two familiar figures approaching me. Heavily burdened with an armful of books, Ivlary Krout and Deloris Beck greeted me with a friendlv "hello". They informed me that Robert Deardorif was also enrolled as a senior. I planned to contact him at my first opportunity, as he was an old friend of mine during my high school days. ' Luckily, Robert's roommate had been transferred to another dormitory and I was invited to room with him'. Although Robert was a senior and was pursuing a course in biology, I accepted the invitation. He was working part time in a largefish hatchery in Philadelphia. After I had adjusted myself' to college life, I decided to attend, one of those great foot' ball games between Navy and Pennsylvania. The game was progressing smoothly when suddenly one of the Navy men was hit hard on the 40 yard line by a Pennsylvania tackle. As the Navy man failed to get on his feet, time was called and the team doctor rushed to the scene. The doctor found the player unconscious, but a closer examination proved that the player had died from a broken neck. After the coroner's investigaf tion, the undertaker was called. Using my bin' oculars, I discovered that the undertaker was Byron Everhart, who had recently established his place of business in Philadelphia. At Robert's suggestion we decided to spend one Saturday in Philadelphia. After eating lunch in a small Chinese restaurant, we at' tended the matinee performance of the vaudef ville show at the Fleisher auditorium. As the orchestra accompanied the opening chorus, I recognized the baritone player as Dorothy Zirkle. Later on in the performance, Dorothy rendered a baritone solo which we enjoyed very much. The chorus girls received much applause. This was only to be expected for three for' mer North York graduates were among them. They were Audrey Zeigler, Jean Lelir, and Betty Boyd. Boy, they were really in the groove! A Following the show, we entered Gimbel Brothers department store. While passing through the store, we saw Betty Hostetler in the act of buying a girdle. We walked over and talked to her. She was still an old maid and was living with her sister in Philadelphia. Turning from the counter, we saw a speciality stand in the rear of the store. A crowd was gathered and everyone was listening intently to the speaker. For curif osity sake, we joined the crowd and recogf nized the lecturer as Delores Messerly. Her assistant was Norma Bender. They were employed by the Ry-Krisp Cracker company and were advertising the product. Their figures had changed a great deal since they used the product advertised, This fact alone made them good salesladies for the company. We returned to the college, After two weeks of exams, the first semester ended. Having four days to myself, I decided to spend them in Baltimore. Since bowling was a favorite sport of mine, I spent the first evening at the bowling alley. The alley was owned and operated by George Spangler. George called his wife, the former Edith Poff, and we bowled several games. I spent that evening with George and Edith. The next night found me at the roller skating rink. Here I met Virginia Stough, Pearl Harman, and Julia Gingerich, They were enjoying a week in Baltimore. Virginia and Pearl worked in a laundry in York, and Julia was happily married. After two more days of sightfseeing, I ref turned to college. Entering my room, I saw Robert looking through the 1946 Panther. Together we recalled those memoriable days back at good old North York High. It was not until then that I realized I had met every' one of my fellowfgraduates since my return from Europe. 56 f I gsjif595gs!?f?ff?i' s I ,ss:,,1a:fgfsffsfff.',:. fmfiff- .g.,g,,3 'eafsfgszsaeazazsisisf ' - -5- 5. 0 .f.",' 5s'efss!Efaz3'55fs5f'f! iff!-faffzfaffff--F515 1-I-:api Lifix, 'fiffffsgiffissf 4 ,5,g,.f.r5f:!sg,fsf ., -sin siiiifsmi-r'f455f ' fZ'n'5'5JF?!i!5's!'Sf, iffyfgg-hrg' is his iq ' 'a : 5 . ag.,1e'::,:,... fiwisfsisisifisiffif 0Ull GOAL ACIIIEVEII AND now we leave the glowing past and enter thc uncertain future. Education, the training and instruction of individuals, has given us a feeling of certainty by which we can face the problems confronting us. May we, the future generation, make use of our knowledge in building a better world. 58 aw Qi QGXGQ tp f ' M5 X f 'Q .2 J Qige If X SINGER RRGS. I GARAGE 20 Yectrs ot Service lust North of North York Phone 52410 MANCHESTER GRANGE Cooperative Community Store York Phone 56201 Cool, Fertilizer, Gen'l Merchandise Grinding ond Milling Our Specialty Compliments of HGKE EAKING CG C. J. RESHGRE Shop: 512 North George St. Home: 1147 North George St. Phone 31237 PLUMBING ci HEATING DR. LYLE CRUSE Optometrist 1018 N. George St. North York, Penno. Wm. N. Jocohy Gi Son HoME-DRESSED MEATS Opposite State Highway Gcrroge Phone 52901 Compliments ot KOHR BROS. Manufacturers ot FROZEN CUSTARD S'l"UMP'S CAFE lU5O N. Geo. St., North York Home-Made Turtle Soup Light Lunches Beer, Wine, Liquors Phone 64l38 Tables for Ladies Central Pennsylvania's Largest Furniture lndustry Phone 5715 C. F. Hoover Furniture Company l32-34 W. Market St. YORK, PENNA. CARES NEWS STAND E. CARL CASSEL, Prop. Phone 5789, York, Pa. The Newsstand ot Personal Service" KINGS o1L sERv1cE Dist. 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PN N N 0 we vuwxsu N NR .1 ONES mm wwe vvxowoa fxvwc O 0 A x. xi Nl . 75 GO TO COLLEGE IN YORK YORK JUNIOR COLLEGE "The Community lunior College" Two full years of college courses leading to college degrees. For Information - Apply to Register - College Avenue and Duke Street THE SENIOR BOYS Robert "Boog" Deardorlf Iohn "Birdie" Deholl Donald "Don" Dull Philip "Phil" Eisenhart Byron 'lChub" Everhart Robert "Bobby" Fox Richard "Dick" Garbrick ifrvir Harry ul-las" Gladfelter, Ir. Larry "Goody" Goodling Iarnes 'llim" Nicholas George "Sonny" Pflieger, Ir Harry "Sadie" Peterman Preston "Pret" Rohrbaugh George "Sticky" Spangler Leslie "Death" Spencer 76 NORTI-I YORK L I O N S C L U B LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE OUR NATION'S I SAFETY QUALITY FEED Compliments ot I Stgrting Marsh - Egg Mash Dairy Feed G d S d F ld S d Fertilizer ALTMANS BUS CASI-I FEED STORE COMPANY 337 W. King Street YORK, PENNA. ' 77 fi M OuR Off 1Yalew'fS W A G V R A P H S U T 0 r V 1

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